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On the Road with the 
Susquehanna Universityq_j_jqjj^ 

5 President Cunningham to Leave 
9 Stadium Project Launch 


A quarterly publication of Susquehanna University 




Volume 68 Number 1 


Gwenn E. Wells 

Associate Director of Publications 

Director of Alumni Relations 

Shari Trembulak '93 

Director of Public Relations /Publications 

Betsy Koons Robertson 

Sports Information Director 

Michael S. Feriazzo 

Graphic Design 

Newton Advertising. Inc. 

Susquehanna Today Online: 

Susquehanna Today, {USPS 529-960) is published 
quarterly by Susquehanna University, 514 
University Avenue. Sehnsgrove. PA 17870-1025. 
Periodicals postage paid at Selinsgrove. PA. and 
additional mailing offices. POSTK4ASTER: Send 
address changes to Susquehanna Today, 514 
University Avenue, Susquehanna University. 
Selinsgrove. PA 17870-1025 

Nondiscrimination Policy 

It is the policy of Susquehanna University not to dis- 
criminate on the basis of race, color, religion, nadonaJ or 
ethnic origin, age, sex, or handicap in its educational 
programs, admissions practices, scholarships and loan 
programs, athletics and other school-administered activi- 
ties or employment practices. This policy is in compli- 
ance with the requirements of Tide VII of the Civil 
Baghts Act of 1964, Tide IX of the Educational 
Amendments of 1972, Section 504 of the Rehabibtation 
Act of 1973. the Americans with Disabilities Act of 
1990, regulations of the Internal Revenue Service, and 
all other applicable federal, state and local statutes, ordi- 
nances and regulations. 


Statement of Ownership. Management and Circulation 

Publication Title: Sutquthannit Ti'rf.i)- • Publicanoii Number 529-VAn • Filing 
Date 9/29/'» - Imuc Frequent'. Q.iartctly • Number oflauCT Published 
Annually: Four • Annuil Subscription Price Free • Mailing Adtlrc« 514 
University Avenue. SclinigrovcSiiydct County, PA 178711-1025 • Publiiher 
Sutquehanna Unntniry • ErJitot Gurmi Evam Well* • Owner; 
Sutquehanna Unii-cnity *Thc purpow, fiincrion and nonprofit stanu of thi* 
or^mzation and the exempt iOlus for Federal income tax purpom has not 
changed during ihc preceding twelve monthi. 

Average Number of Copies Each l«uc Hurmg Preceding 12 Monihs 
Total Copies - 18.463; Free Distribution by Mail - 17.243;Total Free 
Diiiribunou - 17.243;Toial DiJttibunon - 17.243; Copiw Not Distributed 
(campus use. left ovcr.cic) - 1.219. 

Actual Number of Copic* of Single Issue PuMiihcd Neatest to Filing Date: 
(luninicr 1999} Total Copies - 18,100: Free Distribution by Mail - 17.185: 
Total Free Distribution - 17,185.Tolal Dittribunon - 17.185; Copies Not 
Dtstributcd (campus ute. left over, etc) - 915. 



WINTER 2000 


4 Forum 

5 Campus News 

7 Service Learning Goes Abroad 

Director of Career Services 
Bill Regester and 
Susquehanna University 
student Andrea Noel 'oo 
help construct a playground 
at a Central American 

10 Sports 

12 Class Notes 


Cover Story 

Voices on Tour 

32 Tine Story Behind tine Story 


2 Susquehanna Today 

New Century, NeW LOOk 

We're marking the new cen- 
tury with a new look for 
Susquehanna Today. 
The first major design change in eight 
years, the new design reflects some of the 
suggestions we received in a 1 999 readership 
survey sent to 500 randomly-selected alum- 
ni. The vast majority of those responding 
expressed satisfaction with the current for- 
mat, but several readers also took nme to 
offer ideas for improvement. 

In the previous several issues you have 
seen the addition of color photographs and 
illustrations to the cover. We have also 
moved to an easier-to-handle, slightly nar- 
rower size publication with a stapled bind- 

ing and crisper trim. 

With this issue you will also see a fresh, 
more elegant page design, along with a new 
masthead and cover layout. A center spread 
cover story now also features full color for 
photographs and illustrations. A redesigned 
calendar includes alumni and admissions 
special events along with highhghts of cam- 
pus activities and off-campus sporting 

We hope it will be easier than ever to 
read what clearly surfaced as your favorite 
feature - class notes. And that coming issues 
will bring more opportunities to provide 
news truly reflective of the University today. 

Our online version of Susquehatnia Today 

will also be getting a new look in coming 
months. Watch for new online forms that 
will make it a snap to send information 
about what's going on in your life, letters to 
the editor, or suggestions for fijture topics. 
Let us know what you think. 

Susquehanna People 

The Difference You Make 

What does it take to make a difference in 
the world? 

Lifetime achievements, pioneering lead- 
ership or extraordinary acts of courage may 
be one measure. But at their foundation are 
quabties such as perseverance, pursuit of 
excellence, selflessness, and volunteer service 
— the actions of everyday heroes that impact 
the hves of their colleagues, families and 

Making a difference is not an exclusive 
contest, but an inclusive alliance. And at 
Susquehanna, the examples of the bond are 
easy to find. 

They are stories that validate the success 
of the University's mission: to prepare tal- 
ented students for hves of achievement, 
leadership and service - one of the many 
reasons why prospective students continue 
to seek out — and alumni to take pride in - 
a Susquehanna education. 

Consider David Day, an 1S74 graduate 
of the Missionary Institute, and his wife, 
Emily, a former student of the 
Susquehanna Female C'ollege, who served as 
missionaries in Liberia for more than 23 
years during which their alma maters 
evolved into the current Susquehanna 

Stanford University Professor Emeritus 
Claude Buss '24, a distinguished career 
diplomat in the Far East; Roger Blough 
'25, retired chairman of the board of U.S. 

Steel; and the Rev. John Garcia Gensel 
'40, minister to New York's jazz community, 
are a few more who come to mind. 
Numerous others have been honored since 
1955 with annual awards for achievement 
and service by the Alumni Association. And 
they are just a few of the examples. 

In recent issues of Siisquehatwa Today you 
have read about many more Susquehanna 
alumni who are also making a difference 
one day at a time. Just a few are Bob Derr 
'70 and his million-dollar bear campaign to 
combat cystic fibrosis; Amy Murphy 
Nolen '85, co-founder of a non-profit the- 
atre company in Philadelphia; Faye R. 
Lewis '52, named "Educator of the Year" 
by the Panther Valley, Pa., Chamber of 
Commerce; and Harleysville Group 
Executive Vice President Mark Cummins 
'78 who is also active in community groups 
including the North Penn United Way. 

This issue adds more examples, including 
Fulbright Scholar and retired German 
teacher Sam Adams '58. who has been 
recognized for volunteer service, and Alf 
Bashore '70, a critical care nurse at 
Geisinger Medical Center in Danville, who 
preserves and expands the musical repertoire 
for the Appalachian Mountain dulcimer. 

A new $3,000 graduate fellowship hon- 
ors 14 years of service by Susquehanna 
Dean of Students Dorothy M.Anderson 
'62 to Alpha Lambda Delta, an academic 

honor society for first-year students. Jason 
Wolfe '99 has joined the staff of 
Enterprise Works Worldwide, an anti-poverty 
organization, and 18 students, staff and fami- 
ly members recently returned from the 
University's second international service 
learmng trip to Costa Rica and Nicaragua. 

Sadly, we also include tributes by Bill 
Lewis '68 and Assistant to the President for 
University Relations Emeritus George 
Tamke to the late Professor of Political 
Science Gene Urey and theatre director 
Axel Kleinsorg who made a ditTerence m 
the lives of so many Susquehanna students. 
And on page 31, Susquehanna parent 
Vincent Magnotta shares thoughts about his 
son, Vincent Mark Magnotta '02, who 
planned efforts to raise awareness of cancer 
and mental illness before he died at the age 
of 20 in November. 

What does it take to make a difference in 
the world? 


We hope you will find in these pages a 
source for inspiration and an outlet for your 
own suggestions about alumni who are 
making a difference. Help us to discover the 
examples of the next century. 

Please send your stories of Susquehannans 
who are mal<ing a difference to 
Susquehanna Toijay, 514 University Avenue, 
Selinsgrove PA 17870, or by email to 

Susquehanna Today 3 

Remembering Gene Urey: 

Engaging Students with Wit, Insight and Interaction 


By Bill Lehls '68 

(suppose every student in college has one 
particular professor they can readily 
name who made a profound difference 
in their life. For me, that person was Gene 
Urey, who recently died as Susquehanna was 
beginning its current academic year. For the 
first time in 35 years, new students at 
Susquehanna will not have the opportunity 
- indeed the privilege - to be in Dr. Urey's 
classes in American Government and be 
captivated by his wit, humor and insights 
into our system of checks and balances. 

It seems like only yesterday that I was sit- 
ting in Dr. Urey's Constitutional Law class 
in 1966-67. There were only ten students in 
the first semester; the class increased in the 
second semester to 15. It is not surprising to 
me that Dr Urey produced nine lawyers out 
of those 15 smdents in the class. He taught 
the class by adopting the same process used 
by the U.S. Supreme Court Justices to 
decide their cases: he would work his way 
around the table and engage each student 
with regard to their position on the case(s) 
in question, usually posing challenging and 
thought-provoking queries. It was not a 
good idea to come to class less than fijlly 
prepared! After he was satisfied with the 

classroom debate, he would call for a vote 
and each student would have to e.xplain 
how he/she reached their final decision. It 
was high level analysis and discussion, no 
doubt aided by top flight students like Sam 
Clapper ('68), who later clerked for a 
Federal Appeals Court Judge later named to 
the Supreme Court, Dick Poinsett ('68), 
and others. Dr. Urey kept the atmosphere 
competitive, fast-paced, and exhilarating! 

I have returned to Gene Urey's classes 
many times since my graduation. Sometimes 
it was to talk about legal issues, sometimes 
to share experiences from my law school 
years m Boston, or to provide insights and 
anecdotes from my years on the Senate 
Judiciary Committee or as an assistant dis- 
trict attorney in Philadelphia. Whatever the 
reason, it was always an enjoyable experi- 
ence, and it was always fun to watch Gene 
interact with his class, as only he could. 

This year, like years past, I was looking 
forward to my next visit to see Dr. Urey — 
to say hello, hear about the advanced pro- 
jects the political science juniors and seniors 
were working on, and to discuss current 
events with Gene, Dr. Blessing and their 
colleagues in the office. Regrettably, I won't 

Professor Gene Urey 

get that chance now, but I just want to say. 
Dr. Urey, you exemplified the very best of 
the teaching profession during your 34 years 
at SU.You made a difference in my life and 
to thousands of other students you taught 
and advised during a crucial part of our 
lives. You inspired your students, developed 
their thirst for knowledge, and simply made 
learning fun! From my viewpoint, that is the 
highest compliment any teacher can receive, 
and Susquehanna and I will truly miss you. 

Bill Lewis '68, a former Susquehanna University 
political science major and graduate of Boston 
University hiw School, is director of the Office of 
Employee Concents for the U.S. Department of 
Energy. A member of the Susquehattna i hiiversity 
board of directors, he lives in Bethesda. Md. 

...and Axel Kleinsorg: 

Friendship and Remarkable Professionalism 

By George R.F.Tuike 

Axel R. Kleinsorg, who died on Dec. 
28 at age 86 in his home on 
Selmsgrovc's Isle of Que, made 
enormous contributions to the cultural and 
educational life of the Susquehanna Valley. 

The Philadelphia native and Temple 
University graduate first came to Selinsgrove 
in 1946 after earning a master's degree from 
the University of Iowa. He joined the facul- 
ty of Susquehanna, teaching courses in 
drama, public speaking, theatre and business 
English. He directed dozens of pl.ays and 
other productions, and was the originator of 
Susquehanna's annual Shakespearean 
Festival, performed for periods of 10 days to 
two weeks and seen by thousands of high 
school students who came by the busload 
from numerous communities in central and 

eastern Pennsylvania. And, he took student 
performances "on the road," visiting high 
schools throughout this and neighboring 
states. When Selinsgrove celebrated its cen- 
tennial in 1957, Axel Kleinsorg directed its 
historic pageant, performed outdoors. 

He left the university in 1957 to pursue 
his teaching and directing career at 
Bensalem High School in Philadelphia until 
retiring in 1979, when he returned to 
Selinsgrove and to Susquehanna. He taught- 
part time, directed a number of plays, usually 
one each year, up to and including 1999, 
and served as an advisor to theatre majors. 
He also directed plays sponsored by several 
local Rotary clubs and other community 
groups - even playing an occasional cameo 

Many recognized him as the dean of local 
theater directors. 

A genial, talented bachelor and consum- 
mate host, he made many friends in the 
Valley and around the world. He was gener- 
ous to a fault, outgoing and endlessly per- 
sonable. His character and personality were 
outstanding. And he influenced positively 
the development and maturation of genera- 
tions of aspiring actors. The contributions 
and friendship of this remarkable profession- 
al are remembered and revered by countless 
persons. His like do not cross our path 

George Tamke, a.<sislant to the president emeritus for 
University Relations at Susquehatma, lives in 

4 Susquehanna Tciuay 

Campus News 

President Cunningham to Leave Susquehanna 

President Joel L. Cunningham, 
who has led the University for 
more than 15 years, will leave 
Susquehanna in July to become vice chan- 
cellor and president of the University of the 
South in Sewanee.Tenn. 

Cunningham began his tenure at 
Susquehanna as vice president for academic 
affairs in 1 979, serving also as professor of 
mathematical sciences and dean of the facul- 
ty until 19H4 when he was appointed acting 
president. In 1985, he was elected as the 
University's 13th president. 

"We are grateful to President 
Cunningham for his leadership, dedication 
and vision which has helped Susquehanna 
University achieve the level ot excellence it 
enjoys today," said Samuel D. Ross Jr. '54, 
chair of the Susquehanna board of directors. 

The Cunningham administration has been 
marked by steady growth in the academic 
quality of the institution and the students it 
serves, increased enrollments, and good 
financial health. During that time, 
Susquehanna's endowment has grown from 
$4 million to $91) million, and $6(1 nullion 
has been committed to new and renovated 
facihties. Many guidebooks to selective col- 
leges now recognize Susquehanna as one of 
the best small universities in the Northeast. 

The University of the South is a co-edu- 
cational institution with 1 ,300 undergradu- 
ates and a graduate theological school of 
100 students. It is ranked among the top 
colleges of liberal arts and sciences in the 
nation. Located on 10,000 acres on the 
Cumberland Plateau in southern Tennessee, 
It was founded in 1 857 by leaders of the 
Episcopal Church. Cunningham will suc- 
ceed Samuel R.Williamson who retires in 
June after serving 12 years. 

"It is painful to leave an academic com- 
munity such as the one that my wife, Trudy, 
and 1 have loved at Susquehanna University 
for more than 20 years," said Cunningham. 
"But it IS also e.xhilarating to think of being 
able to contribute to the continued devel- 
opment ot excellence, innovation, and com- 
munity- at Sewanee, an institution of very 
special character and promise." 

"As a result of the hard work and gen- 
erosity of many people, Susquehanna is 
thriving," added Cunningham"! believe the 

President Joel Cunningham 

University' will be able to choose its ne.xt 
president from among an outstanding group 
ot prospects." 

Raised in Oak Ridge, Tenn., Cunningham 
received his B.A. in mathematics and psy- 
chology from the University of Chattanooga 
(now the University ofTennessee at 
Chattanooga) in 1965. He earned his M.A. 
in 1967 and Ph.O. in 1969 in mathematics 

from the University of Oregon and was a 
mathematics faculty member at the 
University of Kentucky from 1969 to 1974 
before returning to the University of 
Tennessee at Chattanooga as a faculty mem- 
ber and dean of continuing education for 
five years. In 1976-77, he served as an 
American Council on Education Fellow in 
Academic Administration. 

His wife, Trudy Cunningham, is in her 
21st year at Bucknell University where she 
is currently associate dean of the College of 
Engineering. At Sewanee, she will assume 
responsibilities similar to those she has at 
Bucknell, including advising students and 
prospective students. 

You can read the text of President 
Cunningham's announcement to the cam- 
pus community and follow the progress of 
Susquehanna's search for a new president 
on a new page in the University's Web site 

Search Committee Members Announced 

Samuel D. Ross, Jr. '54, chair of the 
Umversirs's hoard of directors, has appointed 
a search committee to begin a nationwide 
search for Susquehanna's 14th president. 
The 17-member search committee is 
composed of four faculty members: 
Associate Professor of Management David 
Bussard, Associate Professor of Psychology 
Tom Martin, Associate Professor of 
Biology Margaret Peeler, and Assistant 
Professor of Philosophy JeflfWhitman; one 
adnuiustrator.Vice President for University 
Relations Sara Kirkland; two students: 
environmental science major Garrett 
Bissell '01 and English major Alma 
DeRojas '02; and ten members of the 
board of directors: Sidney Apfelbaum, 
Cheryl Chatman, Gail Hanson, 
Nicholas Lopardo '68. Terry March '67. 
Dawn Mueller '68. Peter Nunn '57, 
Harold O'Connor, Samuel Ross '54, 
and Stephen Shilling '80. Lopardo will 
serve as chair and Mueller as vice chair. 
Executive Assistant to the President Philip 
Winger will provide the committee's 

administrative staff support. 

Susquehanna has retained the services of 
Educational Management Network, an 
executive search firm specializing in the 
education and not-for-profit communiry, to 
assist the search committee. 

"Everyone who has had the pleasure of 
working with Joel Cunningham on 
Susquehanna's behalf recognizes what an 
outstanding job he's done to help make SU 
one of the best small universities in the 
nation," said Lopardo. "Our job now is to 
move as quickly and thoughtfully as possible 
to find a successor who will build on that 
legacy of success. It's no small task, but one 
that 1 know the committee and the campus 
communitv' is well prepared to accomplish." 

Inquiries and requests for a copy of the 
Position Specification may be directed in 
confidence to Nancy A. Martin at 
Educational Management Network, 98 Old 
South Road, Nantucket, MA 02554, or by 
phone: 508-228-6700. or e-mail: 

Susquehanna Today 5 

Susquehanna Recognized for Building Character 

A college guidebook released nation- 
ally in the fall of 1 999 recognizes 
Susquehanna University for leader- 
ship in the field of student character devel- 
opment. Designed for students, parents, and 
educators who believe that character mat- 
ters. The Templelon Guide: Colleges that 
Encourage Character Development profiles 
exemplary college programs at more than 
300 four-year public and private colleges 
across the country. It cites college presidents 
and institutions that are comrmtted to 
inspiring students to lead ethical and civic- 
minded lives. 

The book profiles Susquehanna 
University's nationally recognized Project 
House System, the Service Scholar Program 
and Service Learning Resource Center. 
Approximately 1 , 1 50 students - nearly rwo- 
thirds of the student body — volunteered 
during the 1 998-99 academic year. The 
Center for Service Learning and Volunteer 

Programs tracked more than 40,000 hours 
of service, including 19,600 hours by mem- 
bers of Susquehanna's award-winning 
Project House system. Sorority and fi-aterni- 
ty members were active in the community, 
volunteering approximately 18, 500 hours. 
Three hundred students also earned acade- 
mic credit in 18 service learning courses. 

"We are proud of the many Susquehanna 
students who are involved in community 
service," said University President Joel 
Cunningham. "Their volunteer experi- 
ences provide valuable help to the commu- 
nity and help shape the students' values and 
view of the world." 

In addition to volunteer service, the 
book recognizes outstanding college pro- 
grams in nine other categories including 
academic honesty, substance-abuse preven- 
tion and student leadership. 

"Susquehanna University's strong com- 
mitment to character development and the 
strength of its program make it a model for 

colleges and universities nationwide," said 
Arthur J. Schwartz, Ed.D., director of char- 
acter development programs at the John 
Templeton Foundation. "With [this guide], 
we hope to help prospective college students 
and their parents who want to know what 
colleges are doing to promote the core val- 
ues of honesty, self-control, respect, and ser- 
vice to those less fortunate. The Templeton 
Guide identifies colleges that encourage stu- 
dents to understand the importance of per- 
sonal and civic responsibility, which wiU 
help them succeed in college and beyond. 
Susquehanna's work in this area is most 

For more information about 
Susquehanna's service programs, please call 
Deborah Woods, director of service learn- 
ing and volunteer programs, at 570-372- 
4139, or e-mail For 
more information about the Templeton 
guide, please call 610-687-8942 or refer to 
the Web site: 

Trembulak Appointed SU Alumni Director 


Lore Degenstein, widow of Susquehanna 
benefactor Charles Degenstein, presided over 
ribbon-cutting ceremonies mari<ing the official 
dedication of the University's new Business 
and Communications Building on October 30. 
The ^6.7 million facility includes high-technol- 
ogy classrooms, computer laboratories and 
presentation rooms. The building also includes 
numerous small group study rooms designed 
to encourage teamwork and student/faculty 

Shari Trembulak '93 has been 
appointed director of alumni relations 
at Susquehanna University, having 
served as acting director since July. She 
replaces Chris Markle '84 who was recent- 
ly named director of admissions. 

"We are delighted that Shari will be lead- 
ing the alumni relations program," said Vice 
President for University Relations Sara 
Kirkland."Her skills, enthusiasm and com- 
mitment to Susquehanna will help guide the 
University's efforts to build stronger connec- 
tions among alumni and with their alma 

An accounting major at Susquehanna, 
Trembulak earned an MBA with a market- 
ing emphasis at Wilkes University. She 
worked as a senior auditor at Blue Cross of 
Northeastern PA m Wilkes Barre and as a 
staff auditor at Ernst & Young LLP of 
Harrisburg. In October 1998, she joined the 
University's Development Office as associate 
campaign director. 

Trembulak's responsibilities will include 
acting as a liaison between alumni and the 
University, strengthening alumni volunteer 
networks and organizing alumni events both 
on and off campus. 

Summer Theatre Program Receives Grant 

The Degenstein Foundation recently award- 
ed Assistant Professor of Theatre Pamela 
Chabora a three-year. $55,748 grant to 
develop a summer theatre progr.)m at 
Susquehanna. The six-week program will 
benefit children from the community and 
will also serve as a laboratory for SU theatre 
and education majors. This project features 
day camps for children and an evening 
workshop for University students and select- 
ed community members that will result in a 
summer theatre production of Shakespeare's 
Romeo and Juliet. 

"At Susquehanna, we feel it's important 
to combine theory learned in the classroom 
with opportunities for hands-on experi- 
ence," Chabora said. 

Chabora is a specialist in children's musi- 
cal and classical theatre, with a doctorate in 
theatre from Michigan State University. She 
has previously developed successftil children's 
theatre and summer theatre programs at the 
University ofToledo (Ohio) and at the 
University of Maine at Fort Kent. For more 
information, contact Chabora at 570-372- 

6 Susquehanna Today 

From left, Erin Prebil 02, Andrea Noel '00, Katrina Ennery '02, 
Lauren Egger 'oo, Angela D'Alessandro '00, Cara Rosenberger '02, 
Nicole Dagenhart '02, Stephanie Davis '01, and Sarah Orgass '03 
begin work on the playground in Aserri, Costa Rica. 

AFTER; The completed playground is 
being put to good use. 

Megan Boggs '03 with two residents of an 
orphanage on Isia Ometepe in Lake 

su Service Learning 

Thrives in Central America 

essica Daly '03 wasn't planning to join Susquehanna University's 
second international service learning trip over winter break. "I did- 
n't have the money and I didn't want to ask my parents for it." 

Daly, a freshman music major, says she received an e-mail from 
University Chaplain Mark Wm. Radecke two weeks before winter 
break telling her of one more space on the trip to Costa Rica and 
Nicaragua and suggesting ways to raise money. She decided the trip was 
meant to be. 

It turned out to be a fortuitous decision. Daly learned only days 
before leaving that a summer trip she had planned to Kenya was can- 
celed. Then, in Costa Rica, she was offered the opportunity to return 
tliis summer to establish a church music program. She jumped at the 

Daly is one of 13 SU students who participated in the 1 2-day January 
trip, which is sponsored and coordinated by the Chaplain's Office and 
run through the Central America Service Learning/Mission Project. 
Chaplain Radecke, Administrative Director of Health Services April 
Borry-Black, Director of Career Services Bill Regester, faculty spous- 
es Tami Radecke and Nancy Nermann, and Dr. Richard Daly, 
Jessica's father, a physician from Dallastown, Pa., joined the students. 

The group delivered more than $14,000 worth of donated vitamins, 
medical and school supplies, and children's underwear to the mission 
sites. Last year, 14 members of the SU conimunity traveled to El 
Salvador, Costa Rica and Nicaragua. 

The group included a medical team and a construction team, said 
Radecke. The medical team had a physician, two registered nurses, a cer- 

tified emergency medical technician, a pre-med major, and a Spanish 
major serving as translator. They staffed medical clinics in a Costa Rican 
precario, a hospital on Isla Ometepe m Lake Nicaragua, and a remote mis- 
sion outpost far up the Sarapiqui and San Juan rivers. 

"We lived without electricity or hot water, in a hand-made house. It 
was amazing being able to experience life in those conditions," said Daly. 
"This experience made me reahze how unimportant material things are." 

The construction team built a playground, installed new fencing, and 
constructed room partitions at a church in Asern near the Costa Rican 
capital of San Jose. "We worked alongside residents of the community, 
building relationships with them as we worked together," says Radecke. 
The team also lodged and worked at an orphanage on Isla Ometepe, 
shoveling tons of rock and soil to prepare a site for a new concrete patio, 
and spending evenings with the orphans. 

According to Angela D'Allesandro '00, a senior Spanish major, that 
was one of the best parts of the trip. "I will always remember experienc- 
ing the overwhelming love given by the kids in the orphanage." 

The project emphasizes both service and learning. The academic com- 
ponent included visits to clinics and mission sites, and presentations by 
professors, pastors and missionaries. Students read two texts, kept a jour- 
nal, wrote a paper, and did a presentation upon return. 

"It IS exciting to see the students grow and mature m their perceptions 
of life, faith, and service as they live and work with people whose lan- 
guage, race, socio-economic stams and culture differ from their own," 
says Radecke. 

— Betse Humphrey 

Si;sQUEHANNA Today 7 


Alpha Lambda Delta Academic Honor 
Society has honored Dean of Student Life 
Dorothy Anderson '62 for her 1 4 years of 
service on the National Council (1983- 
1997) and six years as national president 
(1991-1997). The organization has created a 
$3,000 graduate fellowship named for 
Anderson. The fellowship will be awarded 
annually beginning in the spring of 2000. 
During her term as president, 16 new chap- 
ters were added and the honor society's 
Perpetual Fellowship Fund reached one mil- 
lion dollars. 

Assistant Professor of English Tom 
Bailey edited a new textbook, Oh Wrilirig 
Short Swrics.The book is a collection of 
original essays by seven professional writers 
including Bailey, Francine Prose, Joyce 
Carol Oates, Frank Conroy, Andre Dubus, 
Robert Coles and C. Michael Curtis, with a 
foreword by Tobias Wolff. Bailey's short 
story, "Snow Dreams," first published in the 
winter 1998 issue o{ Double Take magazine, 
has been included in Pushcart Prize Stories 
2000,3 collection featuring "the best of the 
small presses." 

Mendel University' in Brno, Czech 
Republic awarded the Honorary Medal to 
Associate Professor of Economics Antonin 
Rusek. Bestowed in September during the 
40th anniversary celebration of the Mendel 
University's School of Economics and 

Business, the medal recognized Rusek's 
extensive help in curriculum reconstruction 
and the creation of new programs and 
courses. While in Brno, Rusek presided over 
one of the main anniversary events, the con- 
ference of Business and Economic 
Education and the Future of the Czech 
Economy. In October. Rusek served as a 
panelist at the North Adantic Treaty 
Organization (NATO) operational seininar, 
"Open Road 99 - Exploring Emerging 
Transnational and Asymmetric Challenges to 
NATO," in Norfolk,Va. 

As part of its 30''' anniversary season, the 
Susquehanna Valley Chorale recently gave 
two complete performances of Feli.x 
Mendelssohn's oratorio "Elijah." Since the 
founding of the chorale m 1969, 
Susquehanna University faculty and students 
have played a significant part in its develop- 
ment and success. The performances of 
"Elijah" at Zion Lutheran Church in 
Sunbury featured SU voice faculty members 
Professor Cyril Stretansky (bass-baritone) 
singing the role of Elijah and Lecturer 
Jeflfrey Fahnestock (tenor) in the role of 
Ahab.The chorus of 1 15 voices included 
many SU alumni as well as faculty members 
Professor of History Donald Housley, 
Associate Professor of Biology Jack Holt 
and Lecture in Music Ron Bixler.The 45- 
piece orchestra included Associate Professor 

'^^^ Weekend 

Assistant Professor of Psychology Ira Blake, center, greets parents 
and students at the traditional Family Weekend meet-the-faculty 

Victor Rislow (principal trumpet). 
Assistant Professor Valerie Martin (princi- 
pal clarinet). Lecturer Donald Stanley 
(tuba). Lecturer Kevin Henry (principal 
trombone). Director of Service Learning 
and Volunteer Programs and Lecturer 
Deborah Woods (oboe), and Associate 
Professor Emeritus David Boltz (viola). 
Susquehanna University music alumni also 
participating in the orchestra were Priscilla 
Conrad '79 (viohn), Roberta Garlock 
'78 (cello), Mark Gehret '99 (principal 
string bass), Michael Trego '81 (trumpet) 
and Robert LaBarca '78 (trombone). 

Visiting Assistant Professor of Anthro- 
pology Susan A. Reed attended the 28th 
Annual Conference on South Asia and a 
meeting of the American Institute for Sri 
Lankan Studies (AISLS) at Madison, Wis. 
She currently serves on the board of direc- 
tors of AISLS. While in Madison, she gave a 
lecture on "The Berava and the State: 
Dancing the Nation in Sri Lanka," at the 
Department of Anthropology of the 
University ofWisconsin. 

Professor of Music Susan Hegberg 
served as a faculty member for the 
September 25. 1999, Church Organist 
Workshop at Elmhurst College, Elnihurst, 
Illinois. She presented information at two 
sessions, one on Organ Literature for the 
Church Service by Women Composers and 
the second on Playing Non-Traditional 
Hymnody on the Organ. In February of 
1999, she gave a lecture/demonstration for 
the Indianapohs, Indiana, chapter of the 
American Guild ot Organists on Music for 
Organ by African-American Composers. 

A portion of Professor of English Gary 
Fincke's poem, "The Eternal Language of 
the Hands," published by 77ic Paris Rci'icw, 
will be transferred, along with an image of 
his hand, to The Poet's Quilt, a project to 
raise awareness about AIDS. He is one of 
50-some poets from the U.S. invited to con- 
tribute stanzas and hand likenesses. 

Associate Professor of Accounting Rick 
Davis had an article published in the 
August 1999 edition ofjournal of Taxation. 
He co-authored the article, which is titled 
"Proposed Long-Term Contract 
Regulations Avoid the Toughest Issues," with 
W. Eugene Seago, R.B. Pamplin professor of 
accounting at Virginia Polytechnic Institute 
and State University, Blacksburg,Va. 

8 Susquehanna Today 

stadium Groundbreaking Heralds Start 
of ^14 Million Sports/Fitness Project 

Susquehanna's $14 million expansion 
and renovation of sports and fitness 
facilities shifted into high gear on 
November 6 with groundbreaking for the 
University's new Nicholas A. Lopardo 
Stadium during the last home football game 
on the tornier Amos Alonzo Stagg Field. 

Within SIX weeks, contractors had com- 
pleted demolition of the existing stadium 
and had begun site preparation for the new 
football and track stadium. The facihty, to be 
located on a new Stagg field, will be com- 
pleted in time for the fall 2(H)0 football sea- 
.son.A new 51, ()()() square-foot field house, a 
new fitness center, and renovations to the 
existing O.W. Houts Gymnasium will follow 
the stadium project. 

Sixty of the IIH) top football players for 
the past 100 seasons (see page 10) were on 
hand as Nicholas A. Lopardo '68 turned 
the first shovels of earth. Lopardo's wife, 
Diane, and six-month-old grandson Kyle 
joined University President Joel 
Cunningham, Board of Directors Chair 
Sam Ross '54, Athletics Director Don 
Harnum. and varsir^' athletes Karyn Kern 
'00 and J.R. Reynolds '00 in the ceremo- 
ny behind the home bench. 

The new football and track stadium will 
provide seating capacity for 3,500 spectators, 

a concession stand, a press box, and an 
eight-lane, quarter-mile track. It will be 
constructed just northeast of the former sta- 
dium on the site of the former baseball 
field. New baseball and practice fields have 
been created at the southwest part of cam- 
pus behind West Hall and will be first used 
in the spring 20(10 season. Relocation of the 
stadium will also require the construction of 
three new outdoor tennis courts. 

Two major additions and renovations to 
the O.W. Houts Gym will follow the stadi- 
um project. The Jacobs Fitness Center, to be 
constructed on the west front of the gym, 
facing Bogar Hall, is scheduled for comple- 
tion in November 2000. The new field 
house and a connecting link will be built on 
the east side of the gym on the site of the 
former Stagg Field. It is scheduled to open 
in August 2001. 

A member of the University board of direc- 
tors since 1 992, Lopardo played football and 
baseball at Susquehanna. He is a member of 
the University's Sports Hall of Fame and the 
Crusaders Top 100 Players of 100 Seasons 
Football Team. Recipient of the 1999 
Alumni Award for Achievement, he is vice 
chairman of State Street Corporation in 
Boston, Mass., and chairman and chief e.xec- 
utive officer of State Street Global Advisors. 

A construction crew cleared former stands on Amos Alonzo Stagg Field to prepare the site for the 
sports fitness project that will include the new Lopardo stadium, the Jacobs Fitness Center and a 
51,000-square-foot field house. 

For more information about renovations and additions to University sports and fitness 
facilities, log on to 

Nick Lopardo '68, right, got some help from 
his grandson Kyle at the November 6 ground- 
breaking for the University's new Lopardo 
Stadium, which will open in the fall of 2000. 
Athletic Director Don Harnum, University 
President Joel Cunningham and Sam Ross '54, 
chair of the board of directors, were among 
those who assisted in the ceremony. 

The e.xpansion and renovation is the first 
major improvement to the University's ath- 
letics facilities in 23 years. The project is one 
of the remaining priorities in the 
Suiqiichanna 2000: Tlw Next Challenge capital 
campaign. As of December 31, 1999, gifts 
and pledges to the campaign totaled more 
than $44.9 million on an original goal of 
$35 million. Susquehanna is working to 
meet the terms of a $1 million challenge 
grant from The Kresge Foundation of Troy, 
Mich., to support to the new sports and fit- 
ness complex. 

"Without Mr. Lopardo's leadership in 
moving us forward on the sports and fitness 
comple.x, we wouldn't have been able to 
break ground on the schedule we're plan- 
ning," President Cunningham said. "We are 
grateful for his substanti,il financial commit- 
ment to this project, as well as the gifts he 
has made to other campaign priorities, 
including the new business and communica- 
tions building." Lopardo's gift commitments 
to the Susquehanna 2000 campaign exceed 
$1.5 million. 

Susquehanna Today 9 


Last Game on Stagg Field Honors 
Top 100 Players of 100 Seasons Team 

Row 1: Ben DIFrancesco '62, John Luscko '63, John Yanuklis '60, Jim 
Hazlett '52, Rich Young '54, Chester 0. Rowe '52, James B. Peters '49, Rob 
Sochovka '87, and Matt Caretti '91; Row 2: Mike Fabian '74, Jeff Goria '71, 
Whitney Gay '72, Nick Lopardo '68, Larry Erdman '65, Larry Kerstetter 
'64, Gene Fenstermacher '52, Andy Watkins '93, and Keith Henry '91; Row 
3: Tom Shoemaker '87, Rich Close '88, Joe Witt '89, David Battisti '91, 
Wayne Liddick '68, Bob Pittello '51, Matt Wichlinski '00, Pete Stoma '88, 
and Cosmo lacavazzi '89; Row 4; Gerald Huesken '77, Rick Fike '80, Bob 
Fessler'8o, Dan Distasio'82, Chris Pemberton '83, Tom Lagerman '84, 
Dick Purnell '58, Roger Wiest '97, and Don Green '64. 

Sports Updates 

Field Hockey, Football 

Score Freshman Ail-Americans 

Two Susquehanna freshmen — football cornerback Antonio Nash '03 
and field hockey inner Leah Bailor '03 - have joined the ranks of 
all-Aniericans foUowmg outstanding performances in fall of 1999. 

Nash, an accounting major from 'Washington, D.C., is the 1999 
Division III Defensive Back of the Year and a First Team All-Amencan 
by Don Hansen's Foothall Gazette, also earning first-team honors on 
the Hewlett-Packard Division 111 All-Amencan Football Team. He was 
the lone freshman selected to the two All-American first-teams. 

A transfer from Division II Cheyney University, the 5-9, 170- 
pounder tied the SU record for single-season interceptions with 10. 

"■We've had a lot of guys come through here, but I don't think 
we've ever had any make a bigger impact than Antonio. He did a lot 
of things for us and is a big reason why we repeated as league champi- 
ons," said lOth-year head coach Steve Briggs. 

Bailor IS a 1999 AstroTurf/National Field Hockey Coaches 
Association NCAA Division III Third Team All-Amencan - the first 
field hockey All-Amencan in school history. She started all 19 games 
and led the team in scoring with 12 goals. 9 assists, and 33 points, 
marking the second-most points and assists in a season at SU. 

"I'm just really delighted and think Leah is very deserving. Right 
from the get-go in the preseason, she was just on fire and really 
opened everyone's eyes," said head coach Connie Harnum. "Once 
the games actually started, she definitely led us offensively and set the 
tone m many of the games. She's a tremendous inspiration, not just to 

jIXLV members of Susquehanna's Top 100 Players of 100 Seasons 
Football Team returned to campus on Saturday, November 6, for a 
Crusader gridiron reunion during the last game played on the original 
Amos Alonzo Stagg Field. 

Scheduled for the home finale vs. Lycormng College, the day 
included a pre-game ceremony honoring members of the special 
anniversary team and a halftime stadium groundbreaking ceremony. 
(See page 9.) Participants in the groundbreaking. Top 100 players, their 
families, members of the new Susquehanna Football Alumni Assoc- 
iation, and special guests also gathered for a post-game reception. 

Crusader football was played for 100 years on the site, with the cur- 
rent layout debuting as University Field in 1923. In 1981, the 
University renamed the site Amos Alonzo Stagg Field in honor of 
Stagg Sr. and Jr. - the famous father and son who co-coached the 
Susquehanna football team from 1947 to 1952. 

The anniversary team honors the top 100 players of the first 100 
seasons of Crusader football. The team includes all football players pre- 
viously inducted into the Susquehanna Sports Hall of Fame plus 27 
additional players nominated by alumm, boosters and the sports infor- 
mation staff and selected by the Hall of Fame Committee. 

For a complete list of players on the lop 100 team, log on to the Utiiversity 
Web site at htmUTEAMlOO 

the other freshmen, but the upperclassmen as well." 

A liberal arts major from Richfield, Pa., Bailor helped Susquehanna 
achieve its best field hockey season in school history. The Crusaders 
finished 15-4, 6-1 and second in the MAC Commonwealth 
Conference. They broke school records for wins (15), consecutive vic- 
tories (7, twice), and goals in a season (44). 

Women's Basketball Coach Hribar 
Winningest Coach in Susquehanna History 

Women's basketball head coach Mark Hribar became Susquehanna's 
winningest basketball coach on November 26 with his team's 82-68 
victory over Denison - giving him 202 career wins. He passed current 
Director of Athletics Don Harnum, who had 201 wins in his 14 sea- 
sons as men's basketball coach (1969-71, '76-87, '88-89). 

Now in his 13th-year, Hribar's record includes II straight winning 
seasons, 10 straight trips to the Middle Atlantic Conference playoffs, 
three MAC championship game appearances, and four NCAA tourna- 
ment bids. 

"1 have to give a lot of the credit to the great assistant coaches and 
players I've had through the years. We've worked really hard around 
here and the win record was an e.xceptionally bright moment for me," 
said Hribar, who coaches part time at Susquehanna, working full time 
as a reading and spelling teacher at East Juniata High School. 

As of February 3, Hribar's record was 211-110 (.657) - directing 
this season's team to a 12-6 mark despite losing senior tri-captain and 
star center Karyn Kern '00 to a season-ending injury in the fifth 

10 Susquehanna Today 

Susquehanna Universi7ySPRING2000 Calendar 

Ad missions Events Athl etics/Away'' Spe cial Events 

April 8 

Accepted Student Open House 

April 15 

Junior Open House 

"Choosing the Right College" 

Alumni Events 

February 2.6 

Cocktail hour at Pic-a-deli 

from 5 to 6 pni followed by Wilkes-Barre/Scranton 
Penguins Hockey Game at 7:05 pm 

April 2 

Jewish Cuisine Demonstration 

"From Borscht to Bagels" 
by Laurence Roth and Gabriel Fmder 
Klem Bridge Jewish Community Center 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

April 8 

Rafting trip with Lycoming College 

Pennsylvania Grand Canyon 
Wellsboro, Pa. 

April 29 

Christmas in April Volunteer Project 

Washington. D.C. 

Day of Caring Volunteer Project 

Christ Lutheran Church. Upper Darby. Pa. 

June 2-4 
Alumni Weekend 


Mets vs. Yankees baseball game 

New York Cm- 

For further information: 

consult or the following: 

Atimissions at 570-372-426(1 or 

Alumni Relations at 570-372-4U5 or 


Sports Information at 570- .172-41 19 or 

Public Relations at 570-,'S72-41 19 or 

or the Arts Events Information Line at 

*For a printed calendar of events, including home 
.sporting events, please call or write the Office of Public 
Relations. 514 University Avenue. Selinsgrove PA 


Jan. 29 - 

Mar. 29 


2:00 pm 

Feb. 27 

Apr. 1 

at Messiah 

1:00 pm 

Apr. 6 

at Dickinson 

5:00 pm 

Apr. 8 

at Lebanon Valley 

1:00 pm 

Apr. 12 

at Scranton 

4:00 pm 

Apr. 20 

at King's 

3:00 pm 

Apr. 24 

at Moravian 

1:00 pm 

Feb. 25 

Apr. 26 

at Western Maryland 

3:00 pm 

Feb. 28 


Mar. 3 

at Cocoa Beach. Fla. 


Mar. 18 

at Elizabethtown 

1:00 pm 

Feb. 29 

Mar. 23 

at Dickinson 

3:00 pm 

Apr. 8 

at Lebanon Valley 

1:00 pm 

Mar. 17 

Apr. 9 

at Lock Haven 

1:00 pm 

Apr. 10 

at Blooinsburg 

3:30 pm 

Apr. 13 

at University of Scranton 

4:00 pm 

Mar. 18- 

Apr. 24 

at Albright 

1:00 pm 

Apr. 16 

Apr. 26 

at Bucknell 

3:30 pm 

Apr. 29 

at Juniata 

1:00 pm 

Mar. 29 


Mar. 20 

at York Invitational 


Mar. 29 

Mar. 25 

at W. Md, Invitational 

12:00 pm 

Apr. 4 

at Lafayette Invitational 

1:00 pm 

Apr. 5 

at Ehzabethtown 
Blue Jay Classic 

12:00 pm 

Mar. 31 

Apr. 8 

at Glen Maura Invitational TBA 

Mar. 31 

Apr. 14 

at Moravian Invitational 

1:00 pm 

Apr. 16 

at Hershey - Dist II 


Women's Lacrosse 

Apr. 7 

Mar. 23 

at University of Scranton 

4:00 pm 

Mar. 31 

at FDU-Madison 

4:00 pm 

Apr. 1 

at Drew 

11:00 am 

Apr. 6 

at Lycoming 

4:00 pm 

Apr. 8 

Apr. 1 1 

at Kings 

4:30 pm 

Apr. 18 

at Rowan 

4:30 pm 

Apr. 12 

Apr. 20 

at Dickinson 

4:00 pm 

Apr. 26 

at Muhlenberg 

7:00 pm 



Apr. 13-1 

Mar. 22 

at Dickinson 

4:00 pm 

Mar, 29 

at York 

4:00 pm 

April 1 

at Widener 

2:00 pm 

Apr. 14 

April 12 

at Drew 

7:00 pm 

April 19 

at Lycoming 

4:00 pm 

April 26 

at Messiah 

4:00 pm 

Apr. 16 

Men's Tennis 

Apr. 17 

Mar. 18 

at Ehzabethtown 

1:00 pm 

Mar. 21 

at York 

3:00 pm 

Mar. .30 

at Dickinson 

3:30 pm 

Apr. 8 

at Lebanon Valley 

1 :00 pm 

Apr. 27 

Apr. 13 

at University of Scranton 

4:00 pm 

Apr. 1 8 

at Albright 

3:30 pm 

Apr. 29- 
June 4 

Men's & Women's Track 

Mar. 1 1 

at Washington & Lee 


Mar. 18 

at Franklin & Marshall 


Apr. 30 

Apr. 1 

at Messiah Tri-Meet 


Apr. 8 

at Messiah Invitational 


May 2 

Apr. 15 

at Bucknell Invitational 

9:30 am 

Apr. 22 

at Widener Invitational 


May 14 

Apr. 28 

at Penn Relays 


June 2-4 

Apr. 29 

at Mlllersvdle Metrics 


Winter Exhibition: 

John Fischer Electronic Paintings 

Lore Degenstein Gallery 

Hours:Tucsday through Sunday, 1-4 pm 

and {Wednesday, 12-4 and 7-9 pm. 

For special appoitKments and more 

information call 570-372-4058. 

University Jazz Ensemble 8;00 pm 

Degenstein Center Theater 

Visiting Writer: 7:30 pm 

Tony Hoagland 

Isaacs Auditorium 

Jazz Poetry Night 8:00 pm 

Charlies Coffee House 

Artist Series: 7:30 pm 

River City Brass Band 

Weber Chapel Auditorium 

Early Spring Exhibition 

Selections from the 

Gallery Collection 

Lore Degenstein Gallery 

Brown Bag Lecture 12:10 pm 

Lore Degenstein Gallery 

Visiting Writer: 7:30 pm 

Dagoberto Gilb 

Degenstein Center Theater 

University Chorale 8:00 pm 

Weber Chapel Auditorium 

"Changing Tides: 

Nuevos Horizontes" 

Fifth Annual Latino 


Artist Series: 8:00 pm 

Peter Ostroushko and 

Dean Magraw 

Degenstein Center Theater 

Percussion Ensemble 8:00 pm 

Weber Chapel Auditorium 

Sigmund Weis 7:30 pm 

Memorial Lecture 
Benjamin Apple Lecmre Hall 
Bogar Hall 
5 Theatre Production 8:00 pm 

A Country Wife 
Degenstein Center Theater 
Woodwind Chamber 8:00 pm 


Isaacs Auditorium 

University Choir Concert 3:00 pm 
Weber Chapel Auditorium 
Visiting Writer: 7:30 pm 

Dinty Moore 

Weber Chapel Auditorium 
Greta Ray Lounge 
Chamber Singers 8:00 pm 

Weber Chapel Auditorium 
Spring Exhibition 
"Quilts and Folk Art from 
the Mahantongo Valley" 
Lore Degenstein Gallery 
Symphonic Band Concert 3:00 pm 
Weber Chapel Auditorium 
Chamber Orchestra 8:00 pm 

Degenstein Center Theater 
Baccalaureate & Commencement 
Alumni Weekend 

Susquehanna Today ii 

AlLLmni News 
LLASS Notes 

Sharl Trembulak '93 

Dear Alumni: 

Almost seven years ago I left Susquehanna, a new 
graduate ready to face the world. Working in both 
public and private accounting I had a variety of 
great experiences and learned a lot about life after 
college. In 1998, with an MBA under my belt, I 
began the fun process of job-hunting when I heard 
that Susquehanna had an opening in development to 
help with the University's capital campaign. Working 
on the campaign was fijn and rewarding, I was inter- 
acting with people and helping a university that I 
care about. Last July when Chris Markle '84 left 
the akimni office, I took on the challenge of filling 
in for him. In September, I became the new director 
of alumni relations. (See page 6.) 

Now I'd like to say hello to everyone! I'm proud 
to be serving our alma mater in this capacity, and 
hope to provide fun and meaningflil ways for you to 
stay in touch with Susquehanna. Because this is our 
alma mater, I would like your help. What kinds of 
events would you like to attend? What types of 
activities would you like to see at Alumni Weekend 
and Homecoming? Share in my enthusiasm and help 
me to build an effective and continually growing 
alumni program! 


Shari Trembulak '93 

Class Notes 

Please send your alumni news and 
class updates to the Class Reporter 
for your year or to the: 

Office of Alumni Relations 
Susquehanna University 
5 1 4 University Avenue 
Selinsgrove, PA 1787U-1()25 
Fax; 570-372-2777 
Material received on campus by 
March 1 will be included in the 
spring issue. 



Class Reporter: 
Jaml narlum Harhim 
437 Mcer Airmw 
iVyckoff.NJ 07481 





Class Reporter: 
Willmm H. Gchron Sr. 
747 Arch Sirecl 
H^illiamsporl, PA 17701 

Mary Catherine Mack *40 
Pendered, ofGreenville. N.C.. and 
Naomi Bingaman '40 Shafer. of 

Albuquerque, N.M., attended Alumni 
Weekend in June. Since both were 
four-letter athletes while attending 
SU. they looked forward to the meet- 
ing for the recognition of the 
Women's Athletic Program. Miss 
Irene Shure. women's athletic director 
ftom 1937 until the mid- 1940s, 
accompanied them to the meeting. 


Class Reporter: 
Mary Emma Voder Jones 
R.R. 6, Box 718 
Alloona, PA 16601 



class Reporter: 

Rlllh Eleaitor McCorlull 

418 Or,mi;v Sirnl 

Nortlmmhaland. PA 17857-1531 



Class Reporter: 
Ethel ll'ilsoti Kvrscliiier 
R.R. I, Box 1843 
Dnims, PA 18222 




Class Reporter: 
Louise Krcsge Isaacs 
201 Rlioads Avenue 
Selinsgrove, PA 17870 


Class Reporter: 

Robert F. iVohlsen 

145 Herman Boulevard 

Franklin Square. NY 11010-2725 


The Juniata Cultural Arts 
ComnTittee (JCAC) sponsored a free 
"Concert in the Park" m July featur- 
ing the Greenwood Conimunir>' 
Band, which was organized in 1977 
by Barrier S. Swartz MO The 
JCAC has recently established an 
Endowment for the Arts Award to be 
given to Juniata County high school 
seniors who will pursue higher edu- 
cation in an art-related course of 
study. The awards will be given this 

year for the first time. Joyce Bottorf 
'49 Sheafier, a retired Juniata 
County music teacher, has had great 
interest in this project and worked 
toward its culmination. When Joyce 
retired from teaching, her work was 
taken over by Brent D. Snyder '88, 
a former student ot hers. After 
Susquehanna, both returned to 
Juniau County to teach. 




Class Reporter: 
Richard G. iVestervell 
700 Scarsdalc Avenue 
Scarsdale, NY 1058J 


Jesse H. Stone *51 was recently 
tcatured in Harrisburg's Tlw Patriot- 
News m the section "Volunteers - 
Profiles of Mid-State Residents Who 
Help Others."Two days a week. 
Stone spends time as a mentor in 
Karen Peters' multi-agc class of 6-. 7-, 
and 8-year-o!ds at Hillside 
Elementary School in New 
Cumberland. Pa. He reads to them, 
helps with classroom activities and hs- 

12 Susquehanna Toij/ 

tens as the children read. "This is by 
far the most important thing I do." he 
said. "I sometimes think I get more 
out of it than the kids." 


Class Reporter: 

Fayc Kostcuhmtder Willhtmon 
2S.U Saiidyford Amwi- 
Phitaddphm, PA 19152 

Gilbert E. Davis '54 received a 
IMi.l), degree 111 psychology' from 
Haniilton College. Clinton. N.Y. A 
retired psychologist, Gilbert lives in 
Everett. Pa. 




Class Reporter: 
Lpui Htissin^vr Askew 
25 CAadys Avvmw 
\Umvil\v, NJ 0H835-2347 

Dr. Max J. Herman '57 passed 
the boards ot the American 
Veterinarian Dental College and is 
now a diplomat ot the college, a 
select group of 47 members. 



Tlie Rev, Stanley E. DeCanip 

'58 has retired and now lives in Little 
Egg Harbor. N.J. 


C'lass Reporter; 
Jack Cismy 
4802 Boff Street 
Beiiwood, WV 2603 1- lOOH 




Class Reporter: 
Donald E. Colcnuw 
I28]inhi Road 
Leiinsbin^. PA 17837-8747 

Samuel Adams 



of a 


Ttie summer 1999 issue q/" Susquehanna Today reported on a prestigious Fulbright 
Award to Kathry'U Spence '99, but mistakenly ideiuifxed her as the University's first 
Fulbright Scholar. Fortuitously, the story helped us gel back in touch with Samuel Adams 
'38, a non-traditional student who irai>eled 10 Germany as a Fulbright Scholar three 
years after he graduated from Susquehanna. 

n 1*^^3(1. Samuel Adams '58 decided not to graduate with his high school 
class in order to pursue a business opportunity. He built the opportunity 
into a successful locksmith and leather goods business in Sunbury, but his 
passion was always to teach. 

At age 45 Adams enrolled at SU and began a routine of jugghng classes and 
his business, sometimes leaving campus as many as three times a day to tend to 
work. Four years later, in 1958. he graduated and began teaching science and 
German at Selinsgrove Area High School and enrolled in the graduate program 
at Bucknell University. In 1961 received his master's degree in secondary educa- 
tion administration. One month later he was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to 
study in Germany. 

Adams joined German teachers from all over the world at the Goethe 
Institutes, in Wolfenbuettle and Nurnberg. "It was the most marvelous thing," he 
remembers. "The only thing we had in common was that we would all have to 
speak German." 

Fourteen weeks later Adams returned home to his wife. Eleanor. Mrs. Adams 
was. unfortunately, ill for most of their married life and unable to travel with 
him. His next trip to Germany was in 1971 when he took a group of high 
school students abroad. 

He retired from teaching in 1976. Today at 87 and in good health, Adan\s 
continues to pursue many of his interests, mcluding making his own clothes. He 
has chronicled his life in a tidy three-ring binder, with plastic sleeves protecting 
hundreds of newspaper chppings that cover his professional, academic and per- 
sonal life. 

He is an avid volunteer and former president for the Nortlminberland 
County Historical Society. He continues to teach Sunday school and is also 
teaching English to a woman who recently arrived m this area from Germany. 
The Snyder Counry Chapter of the Pennsylvania Association of School Retirees 
recognized his service with an award last year and Adams is currendy making 
plans for a trip to Germany this summer; his third in three years. 

— Mary Cammarara Markle 



Helen Rhoads *61 Bingaman 

was recently feted at a surprise part\' 
when she retired after 26 years as 
director of the Grace Notes, a female 
a capella singing group in Greenwich, 
Conn, The group performed twice at 
the White House, at the Waldorl" 
Astoria, at the Empire State Building, 
onWCBS-TVs'This Morning" 
show, at Shea Stadium, and at numer- 
ous venues in Greenwich. Helen lives 
in Riverside. Conn., with her hus- 
band, Harold E. Bingaman '60, 
Their son, Jonathan '96, is also an 
SU graduate. 

Maurice H. Bobst '61 was 

recently featured in the Central Penn 
Business Journal article "6()-Second 
Interview." He is president of E.K. 
McConkey & Co..York. Pa., multi- 
line insurance agents and brokers sell- 
ing products including business, prop- 

ert\' and casualr\^ insurance. He lives 
in York, 

Harriet Gearhart '61 
Bresenhan is marketing director for 
Susquehanna Valley Visitors Bureau, 
Lewisburg, Pa. She lives in Lewisburg. 

The next time you're in Paris... 



Be sure to stop by Harrys New-York Bar 
^V^M>;V^ at 5 rue Daunou and check out the recendy 
V added Susquehanna University pennant. The leg- 

endary watering hole of Ernest Hemingway and other 
American expatriates features pennants of American and 
Brinsh universities. Susquehanna jomed the decor courtesy of 
A.G.Terry Shaffer '61 and his wife who visited the Paris bar last 
year and followed up with a gift from the campus bookstore. 

Susquehanna Topay 13 

Sharing the Stage — Lynn Manning '62 
Malakin, left, and Kristen N. Gipe '96, 
performed together in Follies at 
Theater Harrisburg. Follies teWi the 
story of musical stars reliving their 
lives. Lynn plays Stella Deems and 
Kristi plays the young Stella. 


The Alpha Lambda Delta 
Academic Honor Society for First- 
Year Students has named one of its 
new graduate fellowships in honor of 
Susquehanna University Dean of 
Students, Dorothy M.Anderson 
'62. Anderson served continuously on 
the Alpha Lambda Delta National 
Council for 14 years from 1983 to 
1997. Her term as the 14^" president 
was from 1991 to 1997. 

William H. Kahl *62 is finance 
director of Barney Neighborhood 
House, serving the District of 
Columbia smce 1901. He Hves in 
Washington, D.C. 


Class Reporter: 

Irene Etter Sclimeb! 
3194 Etter Road 
Chambersbui^i, PA 17201 



Oliver H. London *64 is director 
of training and learning. 
Congressional Management 
Foundation. Washington, D.C. He 
lives m Arlington, Va. 




Class Reporter: 

Susan C. Petrie 

8917 Graffs Mill Drive 

Owings Mills. MD 21117-61.16 

Helen L. Bachman *65 retired 
from the Great Valley School District 

Friendships Endure - A recent weel<- 
end getaway for three alumni couples 
found them sharing and celebrating. All 
three couples graduated in 1966, just 
turned 55 and have been married 33 
years. Here are Dick '66 and Lynn 
Oelkers '66 Talbot, Sharon Olsen, 
Richard Olsen '66, Pnscilla Clark '66 
Bashore and Larry Bashore '66. 

after 34 years of teachmg elementary 
school. She lives in JVIalvern, Pa. 

Lawrence J. Galley '65 is presi- 
dent/owner. Herman Jackson Dry 
Cleaning in Jacksonville, Fla. His 
wife, Patricia Craig '67 Galley, is 
director for Accounting Intuition 
Inc., Jacksonville. They live in 



Class Reporter: 
Carol IVetilZi'l Felix 
30 South 11'^' Street 
Sutibury.PA 17801-2952 

Larry D. Bashore '66 was 

recently featured in the Central Pemi 
Business Journal in their "6()-Second 
Interview." Larry is president of 
Edwin L. Heim Co.. an electrical 
construction company in Harrisburg, 
Pa. Larry and his wife, Priscilla 
Clark '66 Bashore, live in 
Mechamcsburg. Pa. Their daughter, 
Jill C. '92. IS also an SU graduate. 
Wayne H. Fisher '66 writes. 

New Year's Cruise — Several Susquehanna University couples enjoyed a Royal 
Caribbean cruise from Miami to Nassau over New Year's Eve 1998. They Included 
Carole Sloan '67 Pursell and her husband, Dick; John A. '67 and Bonnie Stewart '67 
Frommeyer; Kenneth R. '68 and Betsy Klose '68 Selinger; and John J. '67 and Linda 
Grill '69 Stankiewicz. 

"After hving and working in Zurich. 
Switzerland, for three and one half 
fascinating years, we're now back in 
the U.S. Still working with Zurich 
Financial Services, but now in 
Schaumberg. 111., . . . where the tallest 
hill IS a landfill, not an Alp!"They live 
in Inverness, 111. 

Carol Meek '66 Whitfield is 
director of music and organist at 
Living Lord Lutheran Church in 
Bradenton. Fla. Carol is also a candi- 
date for the associate interim minister 

Worthington/Scranton campus serv- 
ing as an instructor and internship 
coordinator for the campus' four-year 
bachelor's degree in business pro- 
gram. Yevitz was most recendy presi- 
dent and owner of Citcom Inc. in 
Scranton, Pa. 




Class Reporter: 
Virginia Biniek 
296 Andouer Street 
Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702-4541 

Virginia Biniek '67 sent a clip- 
ping from the N.Y. Daily News featur- 
ing the late John Garcia Gensel '40 

as a "classic New Yorker." John was 
famous as pastor to the musicians in 
New York City. Ginny remembers "I 
think It was Alumm Weekend 1%6 
that John brought jazz to S.U. under 
the tent. Blew me out of the water!" 

Ronald J. Yevitz '67 has been 
appointed to the (acuity at Penn State 

Class Reporter: 
Samuel D, Clapper 
254 Barrister Drive 
Somerset, PA 15501-9361 

Lester E. Goodman '68, presi- 
dent of Red Lion Controls in York. 
Pa., has been promoted to managing 
director of Servomex, a recently 
acquired Fairey Group company, in 
Crowborough, England. Les and his 
wife, Susan, will relocate to 
Turnbridge Wells, England. Fairey 
Group is the parent organization of 
Red Lion C-ontrols. 

Robert W. Hadfield '68 has been 
promoted to general manager of spe- 
cial projects for Armstrong World 
Industries' building products group m 
Lancaster, Pa. Hadfield joined 
Armstrong in 1968. Smce 1994, he 
had been vice president of global 
sales and marketing for an Armstrong 

Joan Frocks '7^ Maskell, Matt '92 and Jane Petersen '92 Curran, T.J. Young '94, 
Elizabeth Crane '90, Alumni Director Shan Trembulak '93, Ann McAuliffe '66 and 
Lewis '65 Darr, Susann McAuliffe '66 Lucas, Pete Jones '94, Steve Melching '66 and 
Larry Galley '65 attended the first Northeastern Florida alumni reception in 
Jacksonville, Fla., on October 24th. 

Donna Ake'67 Burkholder, Karen Smith 
'66 Fry, Jeff Fry "67, Frank Trembulak 
'69 and his wife, Elaine, w/ere among 30 
guests at Bube's Brewery in Mount Joy, 
Pa., for a Medieval Feast sponsored by 
the Office of Alumni Relations in 

14 Susquehanna Today 

joint venture, WAVE. He lives in 
Jean Sawyer *68 TWombly has 

been named to Marquis' li^w's Wlw. 
She IS co-director of Ensemble SoHel, 
an early music performing group 
which received recognition by the 
I.R.S. as a non-profit organization in 
1999. The groups multi-media per- 
formances incorporate art images on 
large screens with live music, dance, 
singing and narratives. 


Robert F. Balliet '69 is working 
for Carolina International Trucks m 
North Charleston, S.C. He lives in 
Summerville. S.C. 

Robert O. Jesberg *69 retired 
from his teaching position and took a 
new position with K'NEX Industries 
Inc. m Hatfield. Pa. Bob is the educa- 
tion product and trainmg specialist, 
offering professional development 
workshops for teachers and making 
convention and conference presenta- 
tions. He hves in Chalfont, Pa. 

Richard A. Workman *69 mar- 
ried Rosemary Hoover, July 24, 1999, 
Ward Presbyterian Church, Altoona, 
Pa. Rosemary is a nurse m the inten- 
sive care unit at Clearfield Hospital. 
Richard is with Sports Center 
Advertising. They live in Altoona. 



Class Reporter: 
Kathryn Zierdt Gmbb 
171 Riverbend Road 
Berkeley He{i>hls, NJ 07922 

Sharon L.Johnson '70 is return- 
ing to her native New Jersey after 
over 20 years in Ohio. For the past 
four years, she has played bagpipes 
with the MacCallum Highlanders 
Pipes and Drums, which hosted the 
Ohio Scottish Games at Oberlin 
College in 1996 and 1999, She will 
live in Ringoes, NJ.. with her hus- 
band. Parke Flick, who works for 
Amersham/ Pharmacia Biotech, and 
her two sons, Aaron and Mark. As a 
doctor of veterinary medicine, she 
will work at the Branchburg Animal 
Hospital m Somerville. NJ. 

Bonnie Hiker '70 Lightcap is 
director of advancement services and 
donor relations at Hood College. 
Frederick, Md. 

Alf Bashore 


to Lincoln 

Twenty-five years ago, a Christmas gift introduced Alf Bashore *70 to 
the Appalachian mountain dulcimer. Today, the award-winning musician 
plays to audiences whenever he can find time away fi"om his job as a 
critical care nurse in the special care unit at Geisinger Medical Center. 

One often finds Bashore at music festivals throughout Pennsylvania, New 
York, Ohio, and New Jersey, performing and teaching. A top-prize winning 
performer at the Ole Bull Music Festival in Galeton, Pa.. Bashore has earned 
the EarlTarbox Award two years running, winning the right to perform in 
Lincoln Center. 

In addition, Bashore writes much of the music he performs, "composing 
alternative melodies that have injected a little 'oompf" into the music," he says. 
During his June, 1999 Lincoln Center performance he played two original 
compositions - "The Tapping Tune," which is a contemporary composition 
using nontraditional techniques, and "Kelly's Waltz," a tune he wrote for a 
friend. "I played solo. I was very comfortable, it felt like I was at home," he says 
of his first performance. 

Of all the venues he's played, Lincoln Center included, Bashore says his 
favorite place to perform is the PP&L Montour Preserve, a nature preserve in 
Danville, Pa. "This year wiU be my tenth performance," says Bashore. "I play at 
the Visitors' Center every March." His second performance at Lincoln Center is 
planned for sometime this spring as well. 

In playing, Bashore employs a variety of techniques, including traditional 
noter style, simple strumming, flat-picking, finger-picking, clawhammer-picking 
and a two-handed tapping style to evoke everything from delicate melodious 
tunes to foot-tapping dance music. 

A charter member of two dulcimer societies, Bashore attends monthly meet- 
ings "to play and share techniques," with other dulcimer musicians. He is most 
active in The Frosty Valley Dulcimer Friends of Danville, which also includes 
Professor of Economics Warren Fisher. The group performs at community 
events and private gatherings. 

— Betse Humphrey 

\\ 1971 




Class Reporter: 

Wliitney A. Gay 
5 North Gateway 
WiiichcsUT. MA 01890 

Denny Packard '71 teaches 
English at Ecole Centrale and Institut 
National des Communications m the 
Pans area. He also teaches courses in 
software at the American University 
of Pans and does freelance interpret- 
ing. Denny lives in Paris. 

Bruce E. Kennedy '72 is minister 
of the Unitarian Universalist 
Fellowship of Sonoma County, Santa 
Rosa, Calif. They live in Santa Rosa. 

Wade D. Saycr '72 serves as 
director of the 21^^ Century Teachers 
Network, a national network of K-12 
teachers integrating technology into 
teaching. Sayer oversees the develop- 
ment of strategic partnerships, the 
development of chapters and mentor- 
ing communities, and member 
recruitment. The group has grown to 
nearly 10,000 members in its first 
year. He lives in Fairfax Station, Va. 




Steve Dubs ^70 received the Orioles 
"Heavy Hitter" award, presented to 
Susquehanna for bringing a large group 
of 150 alumni and friends to the game 
on September 10th. 

William R. Goyne '72 married 
Janet E. Biernaski, March 19. 1999. at 
their home in Trenton, N.J. William is 
an assistant supervisor for the state of 
New Jersey Temporary DisabUicy 

Class Reporter: 
S.Johii Price 
108 North 9''' Street 
Ashland, PA 17921-1233 

Joyce A. Brown '73 is a person- 
nel analyst with Pennsylvania 

Susquehanna Today 15 


By Del) Kline '99 

There is a murmur, then a whisper, then silence as 55 young 
men and women m tuxedos and velvet gowns stride down 
the aisle and take their positions. Applause, perhaps an intro- 
duction, and then Professor Cyril Stretansky takes the podium. The 
Susquehanna University Choir is about to perform. 

The audience sees a polished, smiling group of young musicians 
following a tradition that was begun more than 30 years ago. They 
don't see the notes scribbled in the music, the expressions on 
Stretansky's face as he coaxes exactly the right sound from each indi- 
vidual, the hours of rehearsal or the off-stage preparations. 

From the first moment of the annual spring-break tour, there is a 
routine. Students, luggage, programs and recordings travel on a bus, 
followed by a rental truck with risers, tympani, congas, music stands, a 
podium, other percussion equipment, and often a keyboard. All first- 
year members are responsible for making sure equipment is in the 
right place at the right time. 

The long bus rides are relaxed, but once the group arrives at a 
location, all equipment and luggage is unloaded and set up in a span 

Brian Rothfuss 'oo accompanies the 

University Choir during a spring 1999 

concert at Grace Lutheran Church in 

Lancaster, Pa. 

of about 15 minutes. The group assembles for a brief warm-up — 
usually the first opportunity members have to try out the acoustic 
setting in each location. The height of the ceiling, the amount of 
sound-absorbing carpeting and upholstery, and even the presence or 
absence of a balcony can determine which optional pieces will be 

The host church serves dinner and spontaneous four-part har- 
monies are often heard as the group sings a traditional pre-meal bless- 
ing. Soon members change from jeans and sweatshirts to tuxes and 
gowns, and finally, it's time to line up. The choir manager and director 
both carry walkie-talkies to coordinate entrances and handle any last- 
ininute changes. 

As each person steps through the door, an amazing transformation 
occurs. Gone are any thoughts except those pertaining to perfor- 

My own thought process usually went something hke this: Don't 
step on Amy's dress. Slow down - Amanda has a bad knee. Match her 
pace. Smile. Folder in your right hand. Don't drop your music. Watch 

16 SuscjuEHANNA Today 


out for the cord. There's an alum - (smile, subtle nod). Don't trip on 
the podium. Still matching Amanda? Don't trip on the risers. Wait, 
don't open folder. My nose itches. Can't scratch. Can everyone see? 
Here's Cy. Everyone's clapping, smile. Listen for the pitch. Cy's on the 
podium. Now open your folder. Watch for the downbeat. Think 
pitch. Don't take your eyes off Cy. 

Sometimes there are unexpected challenges. The Shrine of Our 
Lady of Czestochowa in Doylestown, Pa., has been an annual stop for 
the past four years. It is beautiful but also very large. Echoes can be a 
problem and there is a significant sound time delay between the 
singers at the front of the church and the organ in the back. Staying 
together is the hardest part, even with the help of a conductor. 

In 1999, a snowstorm made for disconcertingly smaller audiences 
at the Shrine and a concert that evening in PhoemxviUe, Pa., but the 
choir continued to perform with its usual enthusiasm. By the next 
morning, enough snow had fallen to cancel a school performance. 
The choir spent the morning helping church members shove! out 
and having snowball fights. 

After every concert has been sung, every meal has been eaten, and 
every good-bye has been said, members pile back onto the bus. There 
is often a sense of sadness at the end of the five-day tour. Although 

Hear for Yourself 
Choir Tour 2000 

Friday, March 3 

8:00 p. m 

First Lutheran Church 
Waterbury, Conn. 

Saturday, March 4 

8:00 p.m 

South Congregational Church 
St. Johnsbury, Vt. 

Sunday, March 5 

3:00 p.m 

Christ Congregational Church 
Brockton, Mass. 

8:00 p.m 

Immanuel Lutheran Church 
Attleboro, Mass. 

Monday, March 6 

7:30 p.m 

St. Matthew Lutheran Church 
Moorestown, N.J. 

Tuesday, March 7 

7:30 p.m 

Jordan Evangelical Lutheran 
Church, Orefield, Pa. 

Saturday, March 18 

8:00 p.m 

Abington Presbyterian Church 
Abington, Pa. 

Sunday, March 19 

3:00 p.m 

Shrine of Our Lady of 
Czestochowa, Doylestown, Pa. 

8:00 p.m 

St. Matthew's Evangelical 
Lutheran Church, Perkasie, Pa. 

Friday, March 24 

8:00 p.m 

Calvary United Methodist 
Church, Dillsburg, Pa. 

Saturday, March 25 

7:30 p.m 

Asbury United Methodist 
Church, Harrisonburg. Va. 

Sunday, March 26 

3:00 p.m 

St, Paul's Evangelical Lutheran 
Church, Carlisle, Pa. 

8:00 p m 

Derry Presbyterian Church 
Hershey. Pa. 

Sunday, April 16 

3:00 p.m 

Return From Tour Concert 
Weber Chapel Auditorium 

Compact disk recordings of "Aeternam," the 14th volume in 
the choir's series, are available tor S12, plus S2 shipping and han- 
dling from the Campus Bookstore. For further informanon 
about the tour schedule or recordings, please contact Mark 
■Verger, choir manager, at 570-372-4295. 

Director of the University Choir 
Professor Cyril Stretansky and Mark 
Yerger 'oo, student manager for the 
choir, work closely together to 
arrange tour logistics. 

Don't step on Amy's dress. 

-Amanda has a bad knee. 
Match her pace. 

Folder in your right hand. 
Dont drop your music 
Watch out for the cord. 
There's an alum - smile, subtle nod. 
Don't trip on the podium. 
Still matdting Amanda ? 
Don't trip getting on the risers. 
Wait, don't open folder. 
My nose Itches. Can't scratch. 
Can everyone see? 
Here's Cy. 
Everyone's clapping. 

intense and sometimes fi-ustrating, participating in the tour gives one 
an overall feeling of accomplishment. 

Many students look forward to the season-ending campus concert 
— the chance to perform for their friends and professors and to be 
greeted by familiar faces. The applause rings in Weber Chapel as if 
firom far away, then slowly fades as the stage door opens. Professor 
Stretansky appears, bows, and turns to the choir. Fifty-five sets of eyes 
are fi,\ed, music at the ready, starting pitch in mind. And with a sim- 
ple motion of his hand, the choir begins to sing. 

Deb Kline, '99, ii thrcc-ycar member of the University Choir, mrrently 
resides in Arlington, Va. She is the public relations coordinator for the non- 
profit Center for the Study of Services and "Consumers' CHECKBOOK" 

To readl imcure 
albort ttne 
Uirnrivwrsiitty Onoiiir 
ttoiuir,, ttuinni ito 

Benjamin Boyer'oi assists in unloading equipment 
and materials. 

Susquehanna Today 17 


Memorial Day 1999 found a mini-reunion of SU grads at the honne of Michael '74 and 
Alice Mane Shue '73 Boustead in Yorl<, Pa. Pictured from left to right, front row: 
Roberta Laudenslager '75 Blasdell, Barbara Albright '73 Renda, Diane Kulp '74 Krueger, 
and Vicki Metz '74 Wilson; middle row: Ann Marshall '76, Alice Marie, Paul Wilson 
'76, and Cynthia Flemmens ' 75 Neise: back row: David Main '76, Michael, and Roy 
Wilson '74. 

Department of Transportation, 
Hamsburg, Pa. 

Robert G. Edgerton Jr. '73 is 

vice president. First Heritage Bank in 
Wilkes-Barre, Pa. He lives m Dallas, 


Class Reporter: 
Susan Lang Martin 
12 Prince Henry Drive 
Randolph, NJ 07869 

Kenneth C. Gift '74 is president 
of Gift Lumber Company in 
Boyertown, Pa. The company buys 
standing timber and manufactures the 
rough-cut hardwood. Middlemen sell 
the green wood to cabinet and casket 
makers, flooring companies and pallet 
manufacturers. Ken's brother, Tom 
*82. IS office manager. Environmental 
concerns prompted Gift to employ a 
full-time forester to bid on timber at 
the site and design harvest plans to 
maintain sustainable forest growth. 



Class Reporter: 

William Clark Snyder 

Apt. 1 

111 Glenwood Avenue 

Binshamton, NY 13905-1944 

James T. AUing '75 is senior pro- 
grammer, Kendle International Inc., a 
chnical drug research firm. He lives in 
Waterford, Conn. 

Lawrence E. Behning '75 is 
with Kilpatrick Stockton in 
Charlotte. N.C. He lives in Charlotte. 

William Clark Snyder '75 was 

music director of Gilbert and 
Sullivan's "The Sorcerer," produced 
by the Summer Savoyards of Broome 
County, N.Y.. summer 1999. It was 
Bill's 17*" production as music or 
stage director for the Savoyards. The 
company includes talented high 
school students, community members 
and singers fromTnCities Opera's 
Resident Artist Training Program. Bill 
is classical music director of NPR 
affiliate WSKG and lives in 
Binghamton, N.Y. 

Suzanne Patchell ^75 Stewart 
celebrated her 20-year anniversary 
with the Vanguard Group of 
Investments. She lives in Berwyn, Pa. 

A Trio in Wales — Wayne Hill 70, 
Stacy Brechbiel '88 and David Rohrer 
'76 toured Wales m the summer of 
1999 as performing members m the 
Cymru Chamber Ensemble. Here they 
are outside Caernarfon Castle. 

Curtis Strunk '76. a baritone, 
presented an evening of musical show 
tunes at a meeting of the Women's 
Club of Palmyra. Pa. He lives in 
Hershey, Pa. 




Class Reporter: 
Brenda Zhoray Klinger 
968 Bluejay Road 
Harrisburg, PA 17111-5005 

Scott D. Harris '76 is senior vice 
president. Bank of America. He hves 
in Charlotte, N.C. 

J. Michael Stranz '76 is senior 
acquisitions editor, computer sci- 
ence/math. Jones & Bardett 
Publishers, Sudbury, Mass. He lives in 
Cummaquid, Mass. 

Class Reporter: 
Lynn Sarf 
844 High Point 
Claretnont, CA 91711 

James G. Gamut '77 is regional 
sales director for Precision 
Therapeutics Inc., Pittsburgh, Pa. Jim 
and His wife, Cathie McBride '77 
Gamut, live m Johnstown. Pa. 

James A. Hall '77 recendy 
returned to Dallas. Texas, as the finan- 
cial reporting manager for Exxon 
Corporation. He is actively involved 
in the proposed merger of Exxon and 
Mobil, leading the transition team 
merging the companies' worldwide 
financial reporting systems. Jim 
resides in Coppell, Texas, with his 
wife, Annie, and three children, 
Lianne, Lauren and Brian. 

Joseph A. LoCastro '77 is direc- 
tor of sales. Trans Freight Systems Inc. 
He IS responsible for developing and 
managing international and inter- 
modai relationships with import and 
export companies in the tri-state 
area. He lives in Cherry Hill, N.J. 

Grant "Chip" Schoonmaker '78, right, cooks up a feast for the alumni barbecue party 
that he and his wife. Merry, hosted at their home in Charlotte, N.C, m October. 
Alumni relaxing at their home included Melanie Williams '93, Sam Gross '90, Phyllis 
and Harvey Jeffers '53, and Elizabeth Hagerty '81 Tiedemann. 

Michael L. White '77 has been 
promoted to vice president of the 
residential mortgage deparmient of 
National Penn Bank. Boyertown. Pa. 
He hves in Reading, Pa. 



Class Reporter: 
Judy Rile 
2-F Olympic Drive 
Reading, PA 19607-3333 

"Church Organist Plays Good 
Samaritan" was the headline after 
James B. Cochran '78 rescued a 
woman from her car that was forced 
off the road into a canal. Jim saw the 
hit-and-run occur and stopped to 
pull the woman from her sinking car. 
Jim IS director of the Philharmonic 
Center Chorale, resident organist at 
the Phil and director of music/organ- 
ist atVanderbilt Presbyterian Church, 
North Naples, Fla. 

Karen L. Hackman '78 serves on 
the board of the Pennsylvania 
Appalachian Capiul Alliance, a non- 
profit organization founded to help 
advance the growth of small and 
micro-business enterprises in com- 
munities where business loans are 
becoming hard to find. Karen, an 
attorney and partner in the firm of 
Rudnitsky and Hackman. is president 
of the Central Susquehanna Valley 
Chamber of Commerce and a part- 
ner/innkeeper in Potteiger House 
Bed and Breakfast in Selinsgrove, Pa. 

Thomas L. Schaefer '78 stepped 
down from his administrative post at 
Penn State York to devote time to 
complete his book, York County at 
250: Vie Patterns of Our Past. This is 
the first book written about York 
County's past that is both compre- 
hensive and analytically-oriented. Its 
structure and themes are academically 
based, but it is written in a popular 
style. Now a writer and historical 
consultant, Schaefer continues to 
teach and lecture. 

Dean H. Springman '78 is the 
business manager. Philadelphia Plant 
Rental Company. He lives in 
Philadelphia. Pa. 


Class Reporter: 

Sue Odjakjian 
22745 Miranda Street 
IVoodtand Hills, CA 91367 

David R. Odenath '79 is senior 

vice president. Prudential 
Investments. Prudential Global Asset 

18 Susquehanna Today 

Tammy L. Trotman '79 married Robert 
K. Core, February 13, 1999, First United 
Methodist Church, Catawissa, Pa. 
Sherry Rohm '79 Woodward was the 
matron of honor. Tammy Is a business 
education teacher at Governor Mifflin 
High School, Shllllngton, Pa. Robert is 
a senior purchasing specialist with 
Lucent Technologies, Reading, Pa. They 
live In Fleetwood, Pa. 

Managements, Newark, N.J. Dave and 
his wife. Ellen Schmidt '79 
Odenath. live m Mendhani, N.J. 



Class Reporter: 

Robb IVftitmoyer 

21 1 Baldwin Boulevard 

Orchard Hilb 

Selmssirow. PA 17 870-95 11 




Class Reporter: 
Christopher Kiessling 
24} Hill Road 
Groton,MA 01450-1607 
CkiessUng@jeast.stm . (om 

Rhonda L. Bowen *81 is self- 
employed as a business trainer, 
Bowen's English Language Learnuig 
Services - Bells. She lives in 
Meerbusch. Germany. 

Kim M. Hane '81 married 
William J. Snyder. September 4, 1999, 
Catawissa Avenue United Methodist 
Church, Sunbury, Pa. Kim is a social 
worker at the Selinsgrove Center. 

Gary L. Kurtz '81. senior direc- 
tor for mformation technology at 
Penn State Geisinger Heahh System, 
has been named chairman of the 
Healthcare Information and 
Management Systems Society. HIMSS 
is a not-for-profit association repre- 
senting more than 12,000 healthcare 
professionals in the areas of clinical 

systems, information systems, manage- 
ment engineering, and telecommum- 
cations. He and his family live in 
Danville. Pa. 



Class Reporter: 
Ann Stanzione Tlxompson 
7714 Briarslone Court 
Ellicolt City, MD 21043-7050 

George C. "Chuck" Clarke '82. 

a sixth-grade teacher at Soehl Middle 
School in Linden. N.J.. was named 
District Teacher of the Year. A former 
Westfield police officer, he received 
the State of New Jersey Department 
of Education 1999 Governors 
Teaching Recognition Award. He 
lives in Westfield, NJ. 

Lori R. DiLonardo *82 is man- 
aging director, eastern regional global 
sales. Federal Express Corporation. 
New York City. 

Michael S. Donahue '82 is 
senior vice president. Fimat-Societe 
Generale, with foreign e.xchange and 
futures derivatives. New York City. He 
lives in Millington, NJ. 

Sally Edling *82 is executive 
director. Columbia-Montour Tourist 
Promotion Agency. She lives in 
Bloomsburg. Pa. 

Born to James and Nancy Grohs 
'82 Eaman. a daughter. Megan Lyn, 
May 2. 1999. She joins siblings. Andy 
and Katie. Nancy teaches at Louisville 
Middle School in Louisville, Colo. 
Thc\' live in Broomficld. Colo, 
Allan R. 
Estrin '82 was 
promoted from 
lead engineer to 
principal engineer 
at Lockheed 
Systems in 
Moorcstown. N.J. 
Allan has been the lead engineer in 
developing a planning and assessment 
model that is being used by the Navy 
to help defend against on-coming 
theater ballistic missiles from a hostile 
country. He and his vvite. Stephanie 
Berner '82 Estrin. live in Mount 
Laurel. N.J., with their three children. 
Jonathan, Michael and David. 

Born to Rosemanc and 
Christopher Munafo '82. a daugh- 
ter. Juhe Elizabeth. September 12. 
1999. Chris IS first vice president and 
branch manager, Janney Montgomery 
Scott, Media. Pa. They live m Glen 
Mills, Pa. 

Allan Estrm '82 

Maria Wamken *82 is director of 
professional recruiting and human 
resources for Warburg Dillon Read. 
Stamford, Conn. She lives in Darien. 


Class Reporter: 
Sue Frekot Doty 
160 Joan Drive 
Colkgevilk. PA 19426 

Born to 
^ Thomas and 

Lori Walther 
-1 '83 France, a 

J daughter, 

'^^';-i;^ Lindsey. August 
ii^-?/:^ 13. 1998, She 

Christopher and joins big broth- 

Lmdsey France er, Christopher. 

They live in 
Farmington Hills. Mich. 

Born to Thomas R. '83 and 
Carta Shreiner '85 Johns, a son. 
Jack Michael. June 13. 1999. He joins 
brothers. Tommy and Matthew. They 
hve in Chalfont. Pa. 

Robert J. Long '83, former 
director of music at the Cathedral of 
the Blessed Sacrament in Altoona, Pa.. 
IS now director of music at the 
world-famous Saint Patrick Cathedral 
in New York City. As director of 
music, he will oversee the work of 
two organists and an administrative 
assistant, and conduct the music for 
all services. The Cathedral's Easter and 
Christmas celebrations are nationally 



class Reporter: 
Randi Keller Sagona 
1 1 129 Bay Breeze Court 
milmglon.FL 33414 

Born to Tony and Sacha van 
Riemsdyk '84 Altadonna. a son. 
Anthony Michael, May 17. 1499. He 

Have an idea 

? Share your 
with the 
office of 
Alumni Relations at 
or 570-37i-4ii5- 

joins brothers. Joseph and Andrew. 
They live in Mahwah, N.J. 

Born to Lisa and Rodney J. 
Bamford '84. a son. Griffin Cole. 
August 24. 1999. Rod is a partner 
with KPMG in Radnor. Pa. Lisa is an 
account manager with Rosenbluth 
International in Philadelphia. Pa. They 
hve in Southampton. Pa. 

Born to Mark and Laura Young 
'84 Smith, a son, Brian Edward. 
August 21. 1999. He joins big sister. 
Alison Nicole, born April 21. 1998. 
They live in Easton, Pa. 




Class Reporter: 
Tracy Gerard A kner 
200 Lincoln Avenue 
Rockrille Centre, NY 11570 

Born to James and Marjorie 
Rosini '85 Bublin. a daughter. 
Victoria Rose, March 6, l99H.James 
is president of a telecommunications 
firm. Long Island Communications 
inc.. and Marjone does some part- 
time bookkeeping for the firm. They 
live in Huntington. N.Y. 

Lambda Chi Brothers from the mid-1980s gathered in Flanders, N.J., in September. 
Left to right are: Kevin Akner '85, Bob Maguire '86, Tim Brown '85, Jeff Bulick '85, 
Mike Alberse '86, Bobby Lytle '86, Chris Donate '86, Jeff "Duck" Garrigan '86, Andy 
Ajello '86 and Glen Fandl '86, 

Susquehanna Today 19 

New Hope Reunion - Members of the Class of 1986 gathered for a weekend of fun 
in New Hope, Pa., in November. Pictured are, from left to right, standing: Anne Buffa 
Pierce, Donna Hansen Dougherty, Suzanne Rose Morgis, Dianne Hoeg Hollyer, Amy 
Bauman Bartlett, and Karen Studebaker Cappelli, and seated: Ingnd Gordon Nevins, 
Phyllis Lee Connor, Cathy Jones, Jenny Alexlon Steiger, and Lisa Porter Corsetti, 

Karen Keenan '85 Dietrich is 

account manager, CiE Capital 
Mortf^age Services Inc.. in Cherry 
Hill, N.J. Her daughter. Courtney 
Keenan, was born March 18. 1^98, 
and joins big brother. Brian Quinn, 
born February 1 1, 1996. They Hve in 
Medford. NJ. 

Born to Karl and Patricia Moran 
'85 Palmer, a son. Ryan Thomas. 
August 16, 1998. They live m Long 
Valley, N.J. 

Richard R. Ryan '85 recendy 
left the National Institutes of Health 
to join the Analgesics Research 
Group at the R.W.Johnson 
Pharmaceutical Research Institute as 
staff scientist in Spring House. Pa. He 
lives in Lansdale. Pa. 

Christopher A. Thorsheim *85 
IS managing director of Stonendge 
Investment Partners in Malvern, Pa. 

Laura Troy '85 provided flute 
accompaniment for Chuck Easter's 
poetry reading at the Beaver Pond 
Poetry Forum this fall at St. Phihps 
Chapel near New Hope, Pa. 

Born to Frank and Pamela 
DeVito *85 Venturella. a son. 
Christian. April 16, 1999.They live in 
New York City. 



Class Reporter: 
Karat Doty Clemens 
7 Amu'ttv Driiv 
Limerick, PA 19468 


David W. Bradley '86 is an 

account executive with First Sierra 
Financial Inc.. 
Hatfield, Pa. 
Born to Todd 

^^ \ Hid Karen Doty 

JT ■* . , * , Clemens '86. a 

/^ ", ^on. Bradley Allen. 

^ ' May 20. 1999. 

Both Todd and 

Bradley Allen Karen are 


employed by the Vanguard Group in 
Malvern, Pa. They live in Limenck, 

Caroline J. Cueman '86 married 
Walter S. Parkins, September 1 8, 
1999, at their home in Hampstead. 
Md. Caroline is an account manager. 
Aon Risk Services Inc.. Baltimore. 
Md. Walter is self employed as a 
kitchen cabinet dealer. 

Andrew R. Gekoskie '86 is the 
head band director tor the Angleton 
ISD in Angleton. Texas, which is 
located south of Houston. He will 
conduct the entire band program. 

Laurie Turns '86 Grover is dean 
of admissions. Philadelphia College of 
Textiles and Science. She lives in 
Lafayette Hill, Pa. 

Daniel S. Helwig '86 is director 
of capital campaigns at Elizabethtown 
College, Elizabethtown, Pa. 

Thomas von Hillebrandt '86 
has been living in Puerto Rico for 
the past twelve years. He married 
Maria Cecilia "Ceci" in 1988 and 
they have three daughters, Monika, 8; 
Claudia, 7; and Katherina, 5. He is 
president of INRUMEC. an industri- 
al distribution firm. His address is: Via 
Bernardo #9. Urb. Monte Alverma, 
Guaynabo. Puerto Rico 00969. and 
his e-mail is t\' 

Jill Critchley '86 Weber is a sys- 
tems analyst, Merrill Lynch, 
Somerset. N.J.Jill and her husband. 
Robert. Hve in Chatham, N.J.. with 
their two sons, Robert and Brian. 



Class Reporter: 
Cytiiliia L. Cooke 
H46 Grccii Pond Roaii 
Rockiiu'iiY. NJ 07866-4403 

Born to Robert and Tracy 
Wonsidler '87 Bridges, a daughter. 
Lauren Smith. February 20. 1998. 
They live m Great Meadows, N.J. 

Steve Curran '87 is business 
manager, Weatherly Area School 
District. Weatherly, Pa, 

Born to Greg and Linda 
Lamberti '87 Davian. a daughter. 
Paige Michaela. October 24. 1999. 
They live in Naples. Fla. 

Karen McKenna '87 Doherty 
received a masters degree in educa- 
tion from Lesley College, Cambridge. 
Mass. She teaches English in the sev- 
enth grade at the Roosevelt 
Intermediate School. Westfield. NJ. 
She and her husband. Brian, live in 
Chatham, NJ. 

Born to Raymond and Leslie 
Heller '87 Porambo. a daughter. 
Olivia Lauren, April 29, 1999. Leslie 
IS a stay-at-home mom. They live in 
Southampton. Pa. 

Born to David and Laura Perner 
'87 Rutan, a daughter, Elizabeth 
Rose. July 30, 1999. Laura teaches 
music in Mine Hill, N.J. They live in 
Franklin, N.J. 

The Schweitzer family performed 
a concert at Trinity Lutheran Church 
in Hazleton, Pa., to celebrate the 
church's 125 anniversary. Family 
performers who attended 
Susquehanna are: Stephen C. 
Schweitzer '87. on trumpet; Paul 
C. Schweitzer '88, on organ, piano 
and keyboard; and Julianne M. 
Schweitzer '93. on keyboard and 

Born to Kevin '87 and Gail 
Friars '87 Sinnott. a son, Sam 
Richard. September 3, 1999. He joins 
sisters, Jennifer Joan and Carly 
Catherine. Kevin is with Maersk as 
the New York sales manager. Gail is a 
full-time mom. They live in 
Millmgton. N.J. 



Class Reporter: 

Mark Thorsheim 

Apt. 9-E 

200 Riverside Drive 

Sew York, NY 10025-7248 

Born ro Mark 
'88 and 
Formosa '90 
Basilii. a son. 
Nicholas William. 
August 21. 1999. 
They live in 

Born to William and Michelle 
Zuniga '88 Bors. a daughter. 
Kathryn Victoria. April 3. 1999. They 
live in Upper Saddle River, N.J. 
Douglas B. Carlson '88 married 

Nicholas William 

Susan Pang, May 22, 1999. Christ 
Church, New York, N.Y. Doug and 
Susan are both vice presidents for the 
Deutsche Bank Group in New York 
City. They live m Bednunster, N.J. 
Sandra Mull '88 Hornberger 
teaches French and English at 
Hughesville High School m the East 
Lycoming School District. Sandy lives 
in Selinsgrove, Pa. 

Bonnie Herb '88 Kosman has 
been promoted to director of finance 
at Harsco Corporation "s Reed 
Minerals unit, headquartered in 
Camp Hill. Pa. The company pro- 
duces slag abrasives and roofing gran- 
ules for the maintenance and residen- 
tial roofing industries. 

Sarah Nickey '88 Longenderfer 
has been elected to the board of 
directors of the Citizens' Scholarship 
Foundation of Lancaster County, 
known for its "Dollars for Scholars" 
loan program. 
..-. ... ^ •«.'.... .. Born to Brad 

'88 and Susan 
Berdela '90 
Sahler, a daugh- 
ter. Sabrina Irene. 
June 21. 1999. She 
|Oins big brother, 
Brandon. Brad is a 
vice president of 
treasury manage- 
ment sales at the 
Bank of New York. They live m 
Basking Ridge. NJ, 

Major David Salter '88 and his 
wife. Charlene Davies '88 Salter. 
will be in Korea for the next two 
years as David takes comniand of C 
Company, 52"*^ Aviation Regiment, 
U.S. Army. 



Class Reporter: 
Sharon Henderson 
477 Baxter Avenue 
Wyckoff.SJ 07481 

Tracy A. Lawrence '89 married 
Brian D. Lloyd. September 26, 1998. 
Shiloh Baptist Church. 
Fredericksburg, Va. Tracy is a software 
developer. Capital One. Glen Allen, 

Born to Richard and Melanie 
RafTa '89 Mahurter. a daughter, 
Caroline Theresa. March 22, 1999. 
She joins big sister, Alexandra 
Kathleen. They live in Mantua, N.J. 

Lance Wagner '89 is boys" basket- 
ball coach, Ehzabethtown School 
District, Elizabethtown. Pa. 

20 Susquehanna Today 



Class Keporter: 
Angela J. Johnson 
1331 Town Colony Drive 
Middlcfown. CT 06457 

Lauren Fatigati '90 Brown is a 

manager with AT&T in liridgewater. 

Born to Mindy and James P. 
Crawley '90, a daughter. Kathleen 
Victoria, October I. 1999. She joins 
older brother, James Conner. Jim is an 
information technology analyst for 
the humanities department at Johns 
Hopkins University. They live in 
Mechanicsburg, Pa. 

Born to Lisa Fern '90 Bell and 
John D. Bell '91, a son. Timothy 
John, April 9. 1999. John is director of 
network services for MC2 
Corporation in Warren, N.J. Lisa has 
taken an extended leave of absence 
from her senior procurement special- 
ist position with AT&T to be home 
with Timothy. They live in 
Morristown, N.J. 

Victoria R. Fulton '90 married 
Barry E. Rankin. October 31. 1998. 
St. Mary Magdalen Church, 
Wilnungton, Del. Victoria is an 
accountant, Santora Starr & Baffone. 
Newark, Del. Barr^' is a tax supervi- 
sor/CPA in Wilmington. They hve m 
Bear, Del. 

Jennie Giasi '90 married John R. 
Wallace. July U. 199H, St. Elizabeth 
Church, Columbus. Ohio. Donna 
Major '90 Edwards was m the wed- 
ding party. Jennie is a product manag- 
er for BancOne Investment 
Management Group. She received her 
M.B.A. degree from Ohio State 
University. John is a systems architect 
for BancOne Corporation. They live 
in Powell. Ohio. 

Kristen D. Growney '90 is pur- 
suing an M.B.A. degree at Stanford 
University Graduate School of 
Business. She lives in Palo Alto, Cahf 
Born to Scott 
and Dtanne 
Lundy '90 
Heeter, a son, 
Jacob Lundy, 
February 1. 1999. 
He joins older sis- 
ter, Sarah 
Elizabeth. Dianne 
is a fuU-nme 
mom. Scott is the 

Alumni In the New York Financial group welcomed Jim Brock, dean of the 
Sigmund Weis School of Business, to a Susquehanna event in New York on 
November n. Alumni and students joining Brock, left, included Chris 
Thorshelm '85, Bill Quinn '91, Paul McFeeley '80, Terry March '67, Heidi 
Heikenfeld '00, and Ralph Purpur "66. 

senior sales executive for Heeter 
Printing Company. They live in 
Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Robert F. Herr '90 is associate 
director of admissions. George 
Washington University. Bob and his 
wife, Peggy Bobb '92 Herr, live in 
Germantown, Md. 

Beth Rindge '90 Higgins is a 
tradeshow coordinator forTexwipe, 
Upper Saddle River, N.J. Beth and 
her husband. Robert, live in F^iver 
Edge, N.J. 

Born to Paul and Renee Greene 
*90 Kanaskie, a daughter, Rebecca 

Joan. July 1, 1999. They hve in 
Tamaqua. Pa. "Big sister, Caroline 
Rachel, is four this year and is look- 
ing forward to starting pre-school. 
I'm enjoymg being a stay-at-home 
mom, raising our kids on 83 acres out 
in the country where wild turkeys 
and whitetail deer are common sights 
outside our windows and we fish for 
trout m our pond. Not exacdy what I 
studied at S.U., but I do read a lot {of 
books to my four-year-old)..." 

Matthew W. Karasch *90 teaches 
Enghsh in Tokyo. Japan 

Judson K. La Londe *90 married 

Sports Hall of Fame 

Inductee Bill Laswetl "83, far 

right, shares a Homecoming 

moment with his family in 

the Campus Bookstore. 

Highlights of the weekend 

also included a fifth-year 

reunion for the Class of 1994 

at Selins' Grove Brewing 

Company, and an "SU Trivia" 

contest organized by 

University Archivist and 

Professor of History Donald 





Susquehanna Today 21 



Namibia Reunion — Lynn Hasstnger '57 Askew, right, visited with Robert Kalomho '91 
and his wife, Esther, during a recent visit to Namibia. Robert is working at the 
Ministry of Works, Transport and Communication, responsible for the immovable 
assets of the government of Namibia. He refers to himself "as the estate agent acting 
for and on behalf of the government." He and his wife are parents of a daughter, 
Rusta Ndahafa. 

Zoe J, Dix.July 10. 1999, Plumbush 
Inn, Cold Spring, N.Y. Judson is assis- 
tant vice president. Deutsche Bank. 
New York City. Zoe is senior travel 
consultant. British Tourist Authority. 
New York City. They live in 

Born to Scott G. *90 and Nancy 
Truran *90 Mangold, a daughter. 
Bryn Ehzabeth. March 24. 1999. She 
joins big brother. Jack. They live in 
Glen Allen.Va, 

Elizabeth Van Tuyl *90 Mitchell 
is president. Pathfinder Group, Fort 
Collins, Colo. 

Kirsten C. Monier *90 married 
Edward Riley, September 26. 1998, 
St. George -by- the- River, Rumson. 
N.J. Kirsten is an associate at 
Cushman and Wakefield Inc., New 
York City. Edward is a vice president 
of the Bank of Ireland Asset 
Management in Greenwich, Conn. 

Janis Blandy *90 Morris reached 
her goal of finishing the Pittsburgh 
Marathon on May 2, 1999, in four 
hours and 52 minutes. She ran five 
miles for the first time in December 
1998 and decided to start training for 
the marathon at the end of January 
1999. Jams is the senior computer 
applications developer at 
Lumbermans Merchandising 
Corporation in Wayne, Pa. Her hus- 
band, Keith W. Morris *91, started a 
fitness company in Frazer, Pa., called 
SomeBody Fitness. He is co-owner of 
the company, which features personal 
training, nutrition counseling and 
Manuevers Physical Training, a mili- 
tary-style physical conditioning pro- 
gram. Keith and Jams live in 
Downingtown, Pa. 

Sean B. O'Keefe '90 married 
Winifred Atterbury.June 26, 1999. 
Church of Our Savior. New York, 
N.Y. Sean is a government bonds 
trader at Donaldson. Lufkm & 
Jenrette. the New York investment 
bank. The bride is the manager of 
press relations at Lifetime, the cable 

television network. They live in New 
York City. 

Mark Rank *90 is director of the 
development and stewardship pro- 
grams. York College. York, Pa. 

Born to K. 
Eric '90 and 
Sarah Shofran 
*92 Schmidt, a 
son. Aldan 
Nathaniel, May 
23, 1999. Eric IS 
co-owner of 
Service Wholesale 
Inc., a wholesaler 
of exterior build- 
ing products. Sarah is a financial ana- 
lyst for First USA Bank in 
Wilmington. Del. They hve in 
Kennett Square, Pa. 

Raymond D. Ziegler '90 mar- 
ried Beatriz Aprighano, May 8, 1999, 
at the Opera Guild Home in New 
Orleans, La. Ray just started a new 
company in New Orleans, RZI 
Lighting. Bea owns the Fairchild 
House Bed and Breakfast. 

Britt W. Mowery '91 married Lisa Ann 
Gaito, September 19, 199B, Shiloh Bible 
Chapel, Almedja, Pa. Brjtt is a senior 
network engineer with Sprint in 
Reston, Va. The bride is a senior budget 
planner with Teligent Inc. in Fairfax, 
Va. They live in Ashburn, Va. Pictured 
from left to right, back row: Caryn 
Kline Jakubik, Jeffrey Jakubik '90, 
Gretchen Magnusan '92 White, David 
3, White '90, and Brock W. Mowery '91 
along with the bride and groom. 

Class Reporter: 
Brett Ballctjger 
22 New York Auenue 
Uualktte, NJ 08735 

Born to Mark D. *91 and Linda 
Ofensend '89 Cote, a son. Matthew 
David. December 18. 1998. They live 
in West Chester, Pa. 

Carolyn L. Fuss '91 married 
Richard G. Browder. April 17. 1999, 
St. Davids United Church of Christ. 
Hanover, Pa. Carolyn received her 
master's degree from Virginia 
Commonwealth University m 
Richmond. Va., and is employed by 
Earth Tech Inc. in Richmond. 
Richard is employed by the Virginia 
Department of Environmental 
Quality in Richmond. They live in 
Maidens, Va. 

Born to Bradley and Melinda 
Heck *91 Heiges. a daughter. Mason 
Alexis, November 28, 1998. They live 
m Harrisburg. Pa. 

Kimberly D.Johnson '91 mar- 
ried Craig Carchidi. August I. 1998, 
St. Elizabeth Seaton Church. 
Falmouth. Mass. Susquehannans in 
the wedding party included Robyn 
L. Jones '91, Kimberly Janis '91 
Shah, and, as reader, Laura 
Murdoch *91 Mayerhofer. 
Kimberly is a second-grade teacher, 
Brockton, Mass. They hve in 
Whitman, Mass. 

Heather Smolke '91 Krebs is a 
teacher in Holy Spirit School in 
Mount Carmel. Pa. 

Tammy Stamm '91 Long is a 
senior accountant with Synertech 
Health System Solutions, Harrisburg, 
Pa. Tammy and her husband, Tom, 
hve in Camp Hill, Pa. 

Born to Richard and Susan 
Porter *91 Marotta, a son,Jason 
Richard. July 21. 1999. They live in 
Medford. N.J. 

Curt T. Miller *91 is a financial 
advisor, Morgan Stanley Dean Witter. 
Erie, Pa. 

Kevin Pyle '91 has been promot- 
ed to group production editor, 
Australian Consolidated Press, techni- 
cal pubhshing chvision. He has 
responsibility for the range of book, 
magazine and related odes in the 
computer publishing division of one 
of Austraha's largest publishing hous- 
es, which is based in Sydney. 

Kelly A.Wood '91 was featured 
in a publication for the Temple 
University School of Social 
Administration concerning the master 
of social work program. 



Class Reporter: 
Julie Heckmati Muilin 
26 Wilson Boulevard 
Norrisioum.PA 19403-1418 

Theodore F. Bongiovanni '92 

has been appointed director of pro- 
duction. Morningside Ventures Inc.. a 
for-profit initiative formed by 
Columbia University to develop a 
new media strategy and create an 
online learning network for global 
higher education 

Born to Richard and Diane Paul 
'92 Duker, a son. Jack Richard. 
Diane resigned from Capital Blue 
Cross in order to stay at home to care 
for Jack. They live in Harrisburg, Pa. 

Stacy L. Koppenhaver '92 was 
promoted to the position of branch 
manager for the Navy Depot Branch 
of Members 1^^ Federal Credit 
Union. She hves in Mechanicsburg, 

Born to Eric and Elizabeth 
McGonigle '92 Larson, a daughter, 
Mary Elizabeth. September 2. 1999. 
Eric IS the facihty manager of the BP 
Amoco Terminal - South 
Bend/Granger. Liz is a stay-at-home 

Anne M. Rank '91 married fljchard D. Johnson M, July 18, 1998. Anne received her mas- 
ter's equivalency degree In education and teaches second grade at Myers Elementary 
in Muncy, Pa. Richard is a food service supervisor at Allenwood Penitentiary. They live 
in Williamsport, Pa, Pictured from left to right: Alice A. Gilbert '91 Schilling, Amy K. 
Rocereto '91 Scott, Jodi D. Henry '91 Hoover, Danielle Sammarco '91 Bortz, Anne, Lori 
A. Yoder Heaton '91, Debra A. Jachovsky '91 Grant, Kelly A. Locovare '91 Laubscher, 
and Beth A. Cobberly '90 Olsen. 

22 Susquehanna Today 

Matt '92 and Jane Petersen '92 Curran 
and Elizabeth Crane '90 attended the 
alumni reception in Jacksonville, Fla., 
on October 24th. 

mom. They live m Granger, Ind. 

Robert A. Labus '92 married 
Rebecca S. Caito. April 17. 1999, St. 
Mark's Church, Mysnc, Conn. Robert 
IS vice president. Operations Control, 
Gillette. N.J. Rebecca is employed at 
Stevens institute ofTechnology, 
Hoboken. N.J, They live in Hoboken. 

E. Paige Malin '92 is assistant 
athletic trainer atWellesley College, 
Wellesley. Mass. 

Tracy S.TinsIey '92 married 
Timothy J. Inall, February 27. 1999. 
St. Thomas' Anglican Church, North 
Sydney. Australia. Tracy is the head of 
business review for N.M. Rothschild. 
Australia. Timothy is a senior product 
manager for Monsanto. Australia. 
They live in Mosman, New South 
Wales. Australia. 

Born to Michael 
and Dina Vagg 
'92 Warick. a son. 
Brandon Michael. 
May 4. 1999. Dma 
received tenure 
teaching first 
j;rade m Green 
iirook, NJ.They 
live in South 
Brunswick, N.J. 

Brandon Michael 


Born to 
Romayne and 
Joseph Babcock 

'93. J daughter, 
li.irbara "Bobbi" 
Elizabeth. June 4. 
1999. Joe IS a cor- 
porate controller. 
Sitera Inc.. 
Longmont. Colo. 

They live in Golden. Colo. 

Born to Robert '93 and Crystal 

Shiko '93 Donlan. a son. Ethan 

Taylor. September 10, 1999. They live 

in Sunbury. Pa. 



Barbara "Bobbi 

Robert C. Ferris '93 married 
MarieT. DiFrancesco. May 15, 1999, 
Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic 
Church. Scotch Plams. N.J. Robert is 
a managmg director of investor rela- 
tions for the MWW Group, a pubhc 
and investor relations 6rm in East 
Rutherford. N.J. Marie is an account 
supervisor at the GCI Group, a public 
relations company in New York City. 
They live in Hoboken, N.J. 

James W. Filipovits *93 is a soft- 
ware analyst with GMA Inc. He lives 
in Allentown, Pa. 

Williatn L. Forsythe *93 is prin- 
cipal of Line Mountain High School, 
Trevorton, Pa. Previously, he served 
Line Mountain School District as 
athletic director, attendance officer 
and middle school principal. 

Cassandra "Sandy" Crawford 
'93 Gibson works for Temple 
University. She and her husband. Jed, 
live in MornsviUe, Pa. 

Juiianne Perfilio '92 married Martin 
Vargas, December 26, 1998, Church of 
St. Helen, Westville, N.J. Parents of the 
bride are Joseph Perfilio '63 and Lynn 
Vekassy '63 Perfilio, Julie has taught 
kindergarten at the Edison School in 
Union City, N.J. Martin is a builder in 
the architectural and construction firm 
of Design by Tendenze, Pottersville, 
N.J. They live in North Plainfield, N.J. 

Matthew P. Branca '93 married 
Katherine M. Meola '93, September 4, 
1999, Independence Park, Philadelphia, 
Pa. Mother of the bride is Ethel 
McGrath '52 Meola. Katherine is a 
counselor for the United States 
Department of Labor Job Corps 
Program, Philadelphia. Matt is owner 
of the Philadelphia Rock Gym in Oaks, 
Pa. They live in Philadelphia. 


From the 
Campus Bookstore 

Cherry Bookends - hand crafted in solid wood with pewter 
accents fi-om Old Forge. Set of two, $44.99 + tax. 

Jefferson Boivl - brushed interior and a high-polished exterior 
highlight this solid pewter bowl from Old Forge. $29. 99 + fax. 

Collage Picture Frame - a brushed, solid pewter collage frame 
with SIX different openings from Old Forge. $19.99 + tax. 

Queen Ann Tankard - a shapely, 1 1 oz. tankard in solid pewter, 
imported from the Sheffield Mint m England. $49.99 + tax. 

Also iii'ailahle: 

Glass-Bottom Tanicard - a 12 oz. classic straight-side tankard 

in solid pewter, from the Sheffield Mint in England. $42.99 + lax 

All items feature the Susquehanna University emblem 
and include a gift box. 

For more items, check out the merchandise section 
of the Campus bookstore web site at 

Phone: 570-372-4232 
Fax: 570-372-2824 

Susquehanna Today 23 

Bourbon Street Treat - Lisa M. 
Robinson '93 and friends, Jessica A. 
Fisher '93 and Jodilyn Tofts '93, met in 
New Orleans, La., over Memorial Day 
Weekend. Lisa is a respiratory therapist 
in the U.S. Air Force stationed at Biloxi, 
Miss. She will be starting a nursing pro- 
gram in thefalL 

Stephanie A. Koch '93 married 
Joseph L. Guzzo.July 1 1..1998. St. 
Marys Church, Alexandria. Va. Their 
reception was held on the U.S.S. 
Sequoiii. the presidential yacht. 
Susquehannaiis in the weddnig party- 
were Katherine Koeppen *93 
Machaj and Julie C. Nipoti '93. 
Stephanie is business manager, inter- 
national group. Techmatics Inc.. 
Arlington, Va. Joseph is m legislative 
aflairs.They live in Alexandria. Va. 

Jennifer L. Kodak '93 was pro- 
moted to chnical coordmator for 
Edgewater Children's Services. She 
will assist the clinical director with 
resolving clinical dilemmas and inter- 
vening during crises, as well as facili- 
tating clinical meetings and trainings. 
She will also serve as a liaison with 
other mental health agencies and 
school districts, along with continu- 
ing to provide some therapy to chil- 
dren. She hves in Harnsburg. 

Kristie Maravelh '93 is women's 
basketball coach at John Carroll 
University. Cleveland, Ohio. 

Brett D. Miller '93 is inside sales 
manager/mid and south west. Eastern 
Research Inc. Moorestown. NJ. 

Benjamin T. Murray '93 is with 
Fuji's Restaurant, He lives in 
Pordand, Maine. 

Timothy J. Murray '93 was 
recently promoted to manager ot 
accounts receivable at Atlantic 
Research Corporation in Gainesville, 
Va. In addition. Tim is also responsi- 
ble for the implementation ot the 
company's PcopleSoft Financial 
System. He lives in Herndon.Va. 

Born to Peter R. '93 and 
Rebecca Goodspeed '92 Rendina. 
a daughter, Tessa Mane. May 26. 
1999. They live in Conshohocken, Pa. 

Jeffrey M. Smith *93 married 
Michelle E. Mayhew, May 29. 1999. 

Jennifer C DIccianni '94 married Joseph 
S. Geller, May 30, 1999, at the Sheraton 
nternational Crossroads, Mahwah, N.J. 
Knsten J, Wiilix '94 was the maid of 
honor. Jennifer teaches at Maple Hill 
Elementary School in Middletown, NY. 
Joe IS a financial analyst with KPMG in 
Montvale, N.J. They live in 

in the garden of the bride's parents' 
home in Dillsburg, Pa. Jeffrey received 
a Ph.D. degree in molecular biology' 
at the University of Pittsburgh and is 
a research associate for renal/elec- 
trolyte division. University of 
Pittsburgh School of Medicine 
Michelle is a physical therapist at the 
West Penn Harmerville Outpatient 
Clinic in Pittsburgh. Pa. They live in 

James A.Vitez '93 married 
Kathleen A. Wolowski, St. Ignatius 
Loyola Roman Catholic Church, 
Reading. Pa. Jim is employed by 
KMX International, Hamburg. Pa. 
Kathleen is employed by Kegel Kelin 
Abiiy 6c Grimm in Lancaster, Pa. 
They live ni Reading. Pa. 

Jonathan L.Williams '93. a tal- 
ent agent in the movie and television 
industry, works with Judy Schoen 
Associates. He lives m Los Angeles, 

Carolyn M.Yencharis '93 is 
operations manager of College 
Outreach Programs at King's College 
and part time ESL instructor with the 

Larry Galley '65, Pete Jones '94 and TJ. Young 
reception in Jacksonville, Fla. 

ALTA program at Luzerne County 
Comnninit>' College. She lives in 
Edwardsville. Pa. 

Born to Knsten and Eric S. 
Zizelmann '93. a daughter. Evelyn 
Jane, July 10. 1999. They live m 
Tamaqua, Pa., where Eric is m train- 
ing to become a funeral director. 

'94 shared SU stones at the alumni 



Class Reporter: 
Attilrca S. Hti^hcy 
905 Sheridan Street 
Wmmmyorl.PA 17701-3639 

Elizabeth H. Bischof '94 is a 

program aTialyst, intbrmation tech- 
nologies group. SEDA-Council of 
Governments, Lewisburg, Pa. She 
lives m Selinsgrove. Pa. 

Stacey E. Clement '94 is m pub- 
he relations with Agnew. Carter. 
McCarthy Inc. She lives in Brookhne. 

Amy E. DePerro '94 is working 
for Jones Apparel Group as an assis- 
tant sweater designer tor the Jones 
New York Sport Division. She lives in 

John E. Yonosh '94 married Heather M. Mintz '96, July 31, 1999, St Paul's Lutheran 
Church, Orwtgsburg, Pa. Heather is an actuarial assistant with Provident Mutual in 
Berwyn, Pa. John Is a computer consultant with First Consulting Croup in Wayne, Pa. 
They live in Phoenixville, Pa. Pictured are, left to right, row one: Brian J. Romeo '94. 
John P. Kronlnger '95, Stacey Bahn '97 Kroninger, Ehrin Barker, Chris Van Scyoc '94, 
Cheryl E, White '96, Heather, and Lorl A. KochanskI " 96, and row two: Dan Murdock, 
Steve Buck, Jeremy K. Maseiko '97, Jeff Paige, and John. 

Sparta, N.J 

Born to John '94 and Tara 
Payne '94 Hendricks, a daughter, 
Alexandra Kendell. April 22. 1999. 
They live in Atlanta. Ga. 

Kelly A. Herncane '94 is region- 
al account manager, Acsys Inc., in 
Philadelphia, Pa. She lives in 

Joy K. Ondo '94 is associate pro- 
ducer, C"BS Newspath, New York 

Susan C. Neihart '94 is associate 
director of admissions at St. Timothy's 
Boarding School in Stevenson, Md. 
St. Timothy's has 130 snidents in 
grades nine through twelve. 

Michael Rick '94 married 
Jennifer Hook, September 25, 1999. 
New Hope Lutheran Church. 
Columbia. Md. Jennifer is the direc- 
tor of products management. 
Receptor Biology Inc.. Beltsville. Md. 
Mike IS the public information coor- 
dinator for the Investment Company 
Institute. Washington, D.C.They live 
in Columbia, Md. 

Scott D. Scibert '94 was named 
supervisor in the accounting and 
audit services group by Beard & Co., 
Reading, Pa, Scott lives in Lebanon, 

Born to Gustavo and Alanna 
Prouty Veioz '94, a daughter, 
Natalie Beatriz, February 6. 1999. 
Alanna teaches elementary school 
Spanish in Aniesbury, Mass. They live 
in Nevvburyport, Mass. 

Yvonne L.Young '94 married 
Scott Esworthy, May M), 1999, at the 
Susquehanna Club, New 
C'uniberland, Pa. In the wedding 
parry from Susquehanna was 
Rebecca Page '94 Young. Yvonne 
IS chief financial officer, Mifflinburg 
Bank and Trust, Mifflinburg, Pa. Scott 
is with Brown, Shultz, Sheridan, 
Fritz. They live in Harnsburg, Pa. 

24 Susquehanna Today 





Class Reporter: 
Korie Traver 
nO- Box 15 

SpTwgml!c,PA 18844-0015 

Erica L. Allen '95 married D. 
Scott Black '95. July 3. 1999. 
liucknell Hall, Bucknell University. 
Lewisburg, Pa. In the wedding party 
from Susquehanna were Jennifer E. 
Hampton '95, Kristen A. 
Trtbendis '95, William M. Lekas 
'95, John P. Green '95. Steven 
"Doug" Donohoe '95. Henry 
"Steve" Denzel '95 and Kenneth 
M. Hefifner '92. Erica is a project 
manager. American Skandia. Shelton. 
Conn. Scott i** with Arthur J. 

A Day at the Beach — Terry Chesmar- 
Bertuccl '95, left, sent us the photo of 
"friends forever" celebrating Labor Day 
weekend in Corpus Christi, Texas. 
Joining Terry are Leigh Smythe '95, 
Christina Sauder '95, and, reclining, 
Bntt Hall '95. 

Gallagher & Company, Hartford. 
Conn. They Uve in Glastonbury, 

Matthew Baumoel '95 works for 
Porter Novelli m New York City. 

Matthew T. Bennett '95 is mar- 
keting coordinator. Tracking Systems 
Inc. He lives in Carlisle. Pa. 

Peter J. Borriello '95 married 

Michelle Eng '95 married Andrew Patton, October 11, 1998, at the Ardenwood Historic 
Farm, Fremont, Calif. The couple met in the People's Republic of China, where 
Michelle was serving as a Peace Corps volunteer. Today, Michelle is employed at 
Refugee Transitions in San Francisco, Calif. They live in Oakland, Calif. Pictured are, 
left to right: Ryan R. Jones '95, Leigh H. Smythe '95, Bntt A. Hall '95, Theresa R. 
Chesmar '95 Bertucci, Tony BertuccI, Michelle and Andrew, Tyrone D. Milburn '95, and 
Sherry M. Young '95. 

Jennifer E. Jones '95 married Jeffrey T. Minnich, November 21, 1998, Edgeboro 
Moravian Church, Bethlehem, Pa. Jennifer teaches in Forks Elementary School in 
Easton, Pa. Jeffrey is a steel salesman, Thypin-Ryerson Corp. They live in Bethlehem, 
Pa, Pictured from left to right: Linda M, Payonzeck '94, Alanna J. Prouty '94 Veioz, 
Stacy E. Clement '94, Karen R. Edsell '94- Jennifer and Jeffrey, Carla M. Answini '94, 
Betsy Neibert '95, and Kristin Colello '95. 

Jessica A. Mastracchio '95. May 8, 

1999, St. James Roman Catholic 
Church, Neptune. NJ. Jessica is a pro- 
fessional sales representative for Glaxo 
Welcome Inc., out of Research 
Triangle Park. N.C. Peter is a vice 
president with Stickel Packaging 
Supply, Lakewood. N J. They live in 
Shrewsbury-. NJ. 

Susan Bryan '95 received her 
doctor of medicine degree from the 
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic 
Medicine. She is living in Columbus. 
Ohio, where she is doing her 

Brian D. Derrer *95 is pastor. 
Hope Lutheran Church, Bowers, Pa. 
He and his wite. Ashley, live in 
Topton. Pa. Brian received a master ot 
divimty degree from Trinity Lutheran 
Theological Seminary in Columbus, 

Corey A. Godd '95 is the head 
football coach and an assistant basket- 
ball coach at Wyoming Seminary, 
Wilkes-Barre. Pa. 

Jennifer Hampton '95 is a spe- 
cialty representative, Abbott Labs, 
Pharmaceutical Sales. She lives in 
Summit. NJ. 

Lisa A. Howarth '95 married 
Stephen M.Wheeler '96. 
December 27. 1999. Miller Chapel 
Princeton. N.J. Lisa teaches first-grade 
at Deans School. South Brunswick. 
NJ. Stephen is a territory manager 
for Parke Davis. 
They live in 
Cranford, NJ. 

Born to David 
and Tara Lee 
Pfirman '95 
Humphrey, a 

Gabnelle Morgan Morgan, 

February 1 1, 1999. They live in 
CamiUus. N.Y 

Ellen Balzer *95 lorio is a loan 
officer with PNC Mortgage, 
Princeton, NJ. She lives in Hamilton 
Square. NJ. 

Kyle D. Kelly '95 married 
Jennifer Georgvich, June 5, 1999, St. 
Paul's United Church of Christ. 
Selmsgrove. Pa. Jennifer teaches 
chenustry at Lewisburg High School. 
Lewisburg. Pa. Kyle is a youth coun- 
selor at North Central Secure 
Treatment Unit, Danville. Pa. They 
live in Selinsgrove, Pa. 

Marraine Kettell *95 is working 
on a master's degree in French 
through Middlebury College in Paris, 
France. She will be there until the 
end of June. 

Tracy Hebding '95 Kuhnel is a 
middle school French teacher at 
Ramsey Public Schools. Ramsey. NJ. 
Her husband. Kyle T. Kuhnel '95. is 
an account executive with Karl 
Associates inTotowa, NJ.They live in 
Glen Rock, NJ. 

Thomas G. Nester '95 is pursu- 
ing a master's degree in history from 
Temple University. He lives in 
Collingdale, Pa. 

David B. Perry '95 has returned 
home to Mendenhall, Pa., after teach- 
ing English at Gujo-Kita High School 
in Japan for two years. 

Kristen J. WiUix '95 has accepted 
a job at Chubb & Son, corporate 
headquarters, as a product support 
technician for the Commercial 
Business Service Center (CBSC), 
located in Warren, NJ. She is also 
pursuing her master's degree in 
English education at Rutgers 

Timothy Thomas '95 married Megan Masonius'96, April 17, 1999, St. Rose Church, 
Belmar, N.J. Timothy is a senior site inspector. Freehold Soil Conservation District, 
Manalapan, N.J. Megan is deputy court administrator, Manasquan Municipal Court, 
Manasquan, N.J. They live in Brick, NJ. Pictured from left to right, back row: 
Anthony Volpi '97, Jonelle Pall '96, Knstian Shappell '95, Jon Thomas '95, Joseph 
Kaczmarski '95, George Stanley '93, Stephen Leggett '95; middle row: Brooke 
Bartholomay '97, Mandy DiPolvere '96, Amy Peters '96, Stefanie Rohner '96, 
Kourtney Kaczmarski '96, Erica Reed '96, Amanda Bergh '96, Kim Stanley '96, Megan 
and Tim; kneeling: Chris Kocher '95 and Matthew Bennett '95. 

Susquehanna Today 25 



class Reporter: 
Margaret Pierce 
Kensington Arms Api. 18-B 
22 Yorkshire Drive 
Hightsioum, NJ 08520 

Marcy L. Adams '96 received 
her juris doctor degree from the 
Dickinson School of Law of the 
Pennsylvania State University. She is 
employed by the Pennsylvania 
Deparmient of Community 
Economic Development in 
Harrisburg, Pa- 
Jason W. Bailey '96 is employed 
with the U.S. Secret Service. 

Melissa Becker '96 received a 
masters degree m history from the 
University of Alabama. Her research, 
"American Defeat on the Delaware, 
1777." was awarded the 1999 
Colonial Dames of America Essay 
Award. She teaches world history m 
the BoUes School in Jacksonville, Fla., 
where she lives. 

Ralph A. Blessey '96 received his 
juris doctor degree from St. John s 
University Law School. He resides in 
New York City and is practicing at 
the law firm of Camhy Karlinsky & 
Stein in Manhattan. 

Wendy A. Bratton *96 married 
Shawn S Senne, March 27, 1999, 
First United Methodist Church, 
HoUidaysburg, Pa. Wendy is manager 
of the Comfort Inn. Shawn is 
employed by G.M. McCrossin, 
Bellefonte, Pa. They live in 

Ruth D. BuUwinkle '96 was 
soloist last spring at the American 
Guild of English Handbell's area three 
massed ringing concert in Lansdale, 
Pa. Eleven choirs performed for an 
audience of more than 200 at Trinity 
Lutheran Church. This was the third 
year she had been invited to play. She 
also played for a Women's Day service 
at a church in Philadelphia, Pa. Ruth 
lives in Nornstown, Pa. 

Kevin R. Burd '96 is director of 
marketing, Extendicare Health 
Services Inc. He hves in Harrisburg, 

Heather J. Klingler '96 married Sean C. Dalton, June 12, 1999, St. John the Baptist 
Catholic Church, New Freedom, Pa. Heather is a human resources generalist with PHH 
Vehicle Management Services in Hunt Valley, Md. Sean is employed by MedStar 
Physician Partners in Maryland. The couple live in Cross Roads, Pa. Pictured from left 
to right; Molly R. Martin '96, Meredith Libby '96 Pridham, Nicole Moraski '96, 
Heather Klingler '96 Dalton, Andrea M. Weaver '96, Laurie M. Hare '96, and Melissa 
A, Becker '96. 

David J. Loonils'96 married Heather J. Stout '97, August 15, 1998, Gouldsboro United 
Methodist Church, Gouldsboro, Pa. David is a secondary guidance counselor for 
Loyalsock Township School District and is pursuing a master's degree m education 
from Bucknell University. Heather is the coordinator of promotion and recruitment 
in the department of music at Susquehanna University. They live in Lewisburg, Pa. 
Pictured from left to right: Cher/I LeVan '98, Andrea Trombley '99, Debbie Carter '97, 
Heather and David, Dwight Heller, David Fryling '96, and Nate Buonviri '97. Soloist 
for the wedding was Doreen Scott '96 Fryling, 

For Clickable 
Class Notes i 


Christina M. Casperson '96 is 

an administrative assistant. 
Abracadabra Booksearch 
International. She lives in Denver, 

Lynn M. Castaldo *96 is a finan- 
cial analyst for Nextel 
Communications. She hves m 
Garwood, NJ. 

Amanda J. DiPolvere '96 is pur- 
suing a law degree at Rutgers Law- 
School in Camden, N.J. She hves m 
Philadelphia. Pa. 

Leonard A. Ebel *96 is a senior 
accountant with Strategic Weather 
Services in Wayne, Pa. Lenny hves in 
Lancaster, Pa. 

Lynnie Gabriel '96 lives in 
Haskell, NJ.. and is working for 
Integrated Communications Corp., in 
Parsippany as group supervisor of 
account coordination. She also runs a 
small craft business called Kar-N-Lyn 
Kreations, which creates handmade 
crafts for all occasions. 

Kristen Gipe '96 is child 
accounting and administrating tech- 
nology computer operator with 
Central Dauphin School District. 
Kristi lives in Harrisburg. Pa. Kristen 
recently peribrmed with Lynn 
Manning '62 Malakin in Follies at 
Theater Harrisburg. (Sec photo, page 
14.) Follies tells the story of musical 
stars reliving their lives. Lynn plays 
Stella Deems and Kristi plays the 
young Stella. 

Sarah J. Herchik '96 married 
Robert T.Tomlinson, May 30, 1999, 
St. Mary's of the Mount. Mt. Pocono, 
Pa. Sarah is a manager of finance for 
Caliber One Indemnity Co.. in 
Langhorne. Pa. Robert is an attorney 
with Mylotte, David and Fitzpatrick 
in Philadelphia. They live in 
Warminster, Pa. 

Kevin M. Hiestand '96 married 
Jennifer L. Banyas. May 29. 1999, Old 
Zionsville United Church of Christ. 
Allentown, Pa. Kevin is employed by 
Maillie, Falconero & Co. Jennifer is 
pursuing a doctorate from Temple 
University School of Psychology. 
They live in Telford, Pa. 

Emmett I. Kirwan '96 is the 

dining room manager at the Spring 
Valley Country Club in Columbia. 
S.C. He received his second bache- 
lor's degree in hotel/restaurant man- 
agement specialization from the 
University of South Carolina 

Lori Kochanski '96. a graduate 
student at Yale Divinity School, will 
serve as an intern for one year at St. 
Peter's Evangelical Lutheran Church 
in South Bethlehem, Pa. 

Jennifer M. Lukach '96 of 
Cressona, Pa., received her juris doc- 
tor degree from Villanova Law 
School. Philadelphia. Pa., graduating 
cum laude. She had been a legal 
extern for the district attorney's office 
in Philadelphia and worked for the 
Delaware County Public Defender's 

A new opera based on "The 
Scarlet Letter" by Stacey A. 
Mancine '96 and Daniel C. Koloski, 
had its first professional workshop in 
Washington, DC. in June. More than 
100 people attended to hear the new 
show and participate in an audience 
feedback session. Katie Ziegler '97, 
AUison E. Trice '97 and Craig M. 
Housenick '98 were among the 20 
members of the cast and production 
staff. Plans for a pubhc concert read- 
ing for 2000 are underway. Other 
Susquehannans who attended and/or 
participated m the feedback session 
were George P. Culhnan '96, J. 
Tom Hnatow '99, Jason S. Milner 
'96, Amy L. LeBrun '00, Deborah 
E. Kline '99. Jason M.Wolfe '99, 
Peter A.Vanderburgh '93 and 
Michelle D. Durham '97. 

Megan Masonius '96 married 
Timothy Thomas '95 {see 1995) 

Catherine R. Mesnick '96 
received a master's degree in publish- 
ing from Pace University. She is an 
editor, Congressional Information 
Services. She lives in Chevy Chase, 

Heather Mintz '96 married John 
Yonosh '94 ( see 1994) 

Margaret Pierce '96 is the 
administration manager for the Opera 

i6 Susquehanna Today 

Festival of New 
Jersey, Princeton. 
NJ. Meg lives in 
Highcstown. N.J. 
Born to Darin 
and Meredith 
Libby Pridham 
*96. a son. Jack 
Dean, December 
13. 1998. They 
live in 
Farniington. Minn. 

Patricia Vermillion '96 received 
a master's degree from the 
University of London where she is 
reading for a Ph.D. degree in the 
field of linguistics. Her research area 
is on prosodic features. 

Jeffrey R. Welch *96 is with 
Securities hidustry Automation 
Corp.. Brooklyn. N.Y.Jeff Hves in 

Stephen M.Wheeler '96 mar- 
ried Lisa A. Howarth '95 (see 

Stacey D.Yellen '96 is post-pro- 
duction assistant at Henmnger 
Capitol in Washington, D.C. 

Tyrone Croom 



Class Reporter: 

Lisa Barella 

Apt. 2 

2021 BTidjiftoum Pike 

Feasterinlle, PA 19053 

Allen W. Arndt '97 is commu- 
nications speciahst with the 
Mechanical Contractors Association 
of Eastern Pennsylvania, Plymouth 
Meeting. I*a. He is responsible for all 
publications, including newsletters, 
brochures, conference materials, and 
the association's web site. He hves in 
Norristown. Pa. 

Kevin R. Barley '97 married 

Tyrone Croom '97, left, greets Jay Z, the 
rapper, at a recent Fleet Center concert. 

Job for a 
Sports Fan 

A response to an Internet job posting landed sports fan Tyrone 
Croom *97 a dream job as promotions coordinator for the National 
Hockey League's Boston Bruins and Boston's Fleet Center. 

"It's great to get to know these athletes, but it's still a job. and at the end of 
the day you have to love the work," says Croom. "What I really enjoy is the 
huge variety my job offers." 

Any given day might 6nd him ushering radio contest winners around 
backstage, organizing personal appearances for athletes or coordinating events 
with promoters. "At game time my job turns much more technical; I'm han- 
dhng things from P.A. announcers' scripts to everything appearing on the jum- 

Croom adds that it is a particularly exciting time at the center because 
Fleet and the Bruins are in the process of merging. "I knew this would be the 
right job for me now. 1 know I have the energy to dedicate the hours it 

For a year following his graduation, Croom taught at his alma mater, the 
Faye School in Southborough. Mass. He ioved his job and the students, but 
always planned to pursue something more in hne lA'ith his degree. As a com- 
munications and public relations major and former wide receiver for the 
Crusaders. Croom hoped to parlay his college background into a sports-related 
field. He interviewed with the Boston Red Sox and the Celtics before joining 
the Bruins and Fleet. 

While attending sporting events and concerts and restaurant lunches and 
dinners are what most people do for fijn. for Croom, it's business. He takes a 
much more low-key approach to his own social hfe. "I live on Newberry 
Street here in Boston, so a great afternoon for me is. literally, sitting on my 
front steps and watching the people." 

— Mary Catnmarata MaTkle 

Amy J. Kastner '97, October 9, 
1999. Trinity Lutheran Church, 
Ellwood City, Pa. Susquehannans m 
the wedding party were Anna M. 
Hazlett *97. Todd I. Frantz '97 
and Ryan M. Dutnont *95.Amy 
teaches H) -grade science and 
physics. Leechburg, Pa. Kevin is a 
law student at the University of 

Todd Hain '97 married Kimberly K. Tracy, June 5, 1999, First Presbyterian Church of 
the Covenant, Erie, Pa. Todd is an international sales coordinator at Kinetico Inc., 
Newbury, Ohio, Kimberly is a physical therapist at Keisel Physical Therapy Inc., 
Ashtabula, Ohio. They live in Mentor-on-the-Lake, Ohio. Pictured are, left to right, 
surrounding the bride and groom: Emily Czarnecki '00, Emma Thompson '00, 
Damian Wachter '97, Joe Dolinich '97, Lisa Mackenzie '98, Jen Phillips '98, Jennifer 
Alvarez '09 and Jennifer Mosko '98. 

Pittsburgh. They live in Oakmont, 

Brian M. Bonder '97 is a 
research analyst. National 
Broadcasting Company (NBC) in 
New York City. 

Samantha J. Buley *97 married 
Reade B. Roberts '97. May 22. 
I'^nW.Watsontown, Pa. Sam is the 
advocacy coordinator at The Arc of 
Davidson County. Nashville, Tenn., 
and IS a graduate student at the 
University of Tennessee. Reade is a 
graduate student atVanderbilt 
University in Nashville. They live in 

Janine Leah Capsouras '97 is a 
student services representative for 
the Program in Buimedical Sciences 
(PIBS). Universit>' of Michigan 
Medical School. Ann Arbor. Mich. 
She lives in Saline, Mich. 

Eric A. Connor '97 is engineer- 
ing, operations and logistics coordi- 
nator as part of the White House 
pool for Fox News. He lives in 
Washington. DC. 

Thomas Dempsey '97 is the 
head basketball coach at Wyoming 

Seminary. He will also be an assis- 
tant baseball coach. 

Maribeth E. Fives '97 is an 
assistant consumer loan officer, Bank 
of the Somerset Hills. Bernardsville. 

Jill K. Flango '97 married John 
M. Cower. September 1 1, IVW, 
Montgomery Baptist Church, 
Colnias, Pa. In the wedding party 
from Susquehanna was Ruth D. 
Bullwinkle '96. Jill is an associate 
scientist. SmithKline Beecham 
Pharmaceuticals. King of Prussia, Pa. 
John IS controller, Lansdale School 
of Business, Kutztown, Fa. They live 
in Harleysville, Pa. 

Peter R. Grover '97 is a consul- 
tant, Lehman Brothers. He hves in 
Hightstown, NJ. 

Aaron S. Jayman '97 is a third- 
year law student at Widener Law 
School. He works in the Office of 
the Chief Counsel for the 
Pennsylvania L^epartment ot 

Kristen M.Jones '97 is a pro- 
ject coordinator with Stubbins 
Associates, an international architec- 

SusQUEHANNA Today 27 

Tony Durborow '97, Francine Cesan '97, Nicole Moraski '96 and Molly Martin '96 
enjoyed the Alumni Association Medieval Feast at historic Bube's Brewery In Mount 
Joy, Pa- 

tunl and interior design firm in 
Cambridge. Mass. 

Holly J. Kanagy '97 married 
John D. Oksen '97. August 21. 
19W, St. John Lutheran Church. 
Belleville. Pa, John is assistant branch 
manager, Valley National Bank. 
Secautus. N.J. They live in North 
Brunswick. NJ. 

Michelle Kokolis '97 is at 
Phytoplankton Laboratory, 
Department of Biological Sciences. 
Old L^oinimon University. Nortblk, 

Jeffrey T. Puglia *97 is with 
Merrill Lynch in Rehoboth Beach. 
Del. He passed a four-hour test 
sponsored by Merrill Lynch and the 
College ot Financial Planning and 
earned the certified financial man- 
ager designation. He lives in Ocean 
View. Del. 

Carrie Regan '97 is a trade 
show coordinator at Hanover Fairs 
USA. a German trade show compa- 
ny in Princeton. NJ. 

Carrie Stanton Scott '97 is a 
program control specialist with 
Comsat Laboratories Inc.. in 
Clarksburg. Md. She lives in 
Columbia. Md. 

Jennifer P. Snyder '97 is a cus- 
tomer service representative for 
Sunhnk Inc.. Sunbury, Pa. She lives 
in Dornsife. Pa. 

Heather J. Stout '97 married 
David J. Loomis '96 (see 1996) 

Brad Swinsburg '97 is a finan- 
cial analyst with Goldman, Sachs & 
Co., and lives in Miami. Fla. 

Peter J. Throndson '97 is a 
financial consultant. Merrill Lynch. 
Morristown. N.J. He lives in 
Bridgewater. NJ. 

Melanie Truckenbrod '97 was 
promoted to be the membership 
de\'elopment representative for Fort 
Worth Federal Credit Union. Fort 
Worth. Texas. Also, in August, she 
closed a two-month run as stage 
manager for the hit show Hystmcal 
Blindness... and Other Southern 
TMiycdivs that Have Phuiucd My Life 

Tints Far 3t Fort Worth's Circle 

Jessica M. ZuUinger '97 is pur- 
suing a master's degree at Boston 
University. She lives in Brighton, 



Class Reporter: 
Heather Newhcrfivr Dray 
411 Penmyhama Ai>emic 
McDonald, OH 44437 

Jennifer L. Alvarez '98 is .^n 

account coordinator with Jack 
Horner Communications Inc., 
Pittsburgh, Pa., a full-service public 
relations and marketing communi- 
cation firm. She lives in Turtle 
Creek, Pa. 

Brian Auten '98 is in the Peace 
Corps in Honduras in Central 

Sherrie L. Bauer '98 is teach- 
ing in Ephrata, Pa. She lives in 
Lititz. Pa. 

Born to 
Anissa S. 
DeCapria '98. a 
son. Aadyn 
December 12. 
1998. Anissa is 
employed by 
Aadyn Michael Keystone Service 
DeCapria Systems and lives 

in Northumber- 
land, Pa. 
Krystina M. Filipiak '98 is a 
case manager with the Salvation 
Army in their Wilmington, Del., 
office. She will be working with 
teenagers, from welfare- to- work 
families in an effort to break the 
cycle, "It sounds very challenging, 
but. potentially very rewarding." 
Bradley J. Graham '98 is an 
operations supervisor, ABF Freight 
System. He lives in Maple Shade, 

C. Adam Harris '98 is a 

research analyst for the Pennsylvania 
House of Representatives. 

Benjamin Millspaugh *98 is 
vice president of development. 
Synergy Corporate Technologies, 
Westport. Conn. He lives in 
Waterbury. Conn. 

Ashli K. Riggs '98 is in infor- 
mation systems management with 
EDS. She lives in Glen Gardner, NJ. 

Shayna B. Santoro '98 is work- 
ing as a marketing coordinator at based in 
Framingham. Mass. "Yes. people can 
even buy an entire house full of fur- 
niture over the internet! It's a fast- 
paced market and a whole lot of 

Jennifer A. Voigt '98 completed 
a year of study at City University in 
London. England, in their arts poli- 
cy and management program, with 
special emphasis in museum and 
galler\' management. 

Kevin P. Wilson '98 is a busi- 
ness analyst in the asset finance 
group.J.P. Morgan. He is part of a 
12-person team that negotiates 
multi-million dollar purchases of 
receivables and issuances of com- 
mercial paper with Fortune 500 


Jessica H. Brown '99 married 
Michael A. Boyer.June 29, 1999, 
Jessica is an employment specialist. 
Team Effort. Manhattan, Kan. 
Michael is a second lieutenant in 
the armor division, U.S. Army. They 
live in Manhattan. 

Christopher L. Kerstetter '99 
married Jamie L. Koch. June 19. 
1999, Christ C^onimunity United 
Methodist Church, Sehnsgrove. Pa. 
Christopher is an accountant with 
KPMG L.L.P, Harnsburg. Pa. They 

live in Hummelstown, Pa. 

Kelly A. Meier '99 married 
William J. Barkafski, May 21. 1999. 
Angel-by-the-Sea Bed and 
Breakfast. Cape May, NJ. Both are 
employed by Lancaster Laboratories. 
Lancaster. Pa. 

Jamie Miller '99 married 
Michael Moyer.June 12. 1999. 
Community Baptist Church, 
Montoursviile. Pa. In the wedding 
party from Susquehanna were 
Judith Carletta '99. Fawn A. Day 
'99 and Melissa A. Templet '99. 
Jamie is a customer serviie and 
training specialist for Weis Markets 
in Baltimore. Md., and the sur- 
rounding area. Mike is with Kronos 
Inc. They live in Catonsville. Md. 

Lisa Pirie Ncff '99, mother of 
four children, graduated sumnia 
cum laude this May. It was a faniilv 
celebration as her mother, Margot 
Giauque Pirie '52. attended 
Susquehanna, as did her father, the 
late Warren Pirie '49. Warren 
taught general psychology and led 
the counseling center at 
Susquehanna. Margot's mother. 
Alice Giauque, taught at 
Susquehanna for 26 years. The sum- 
mer issue of SU Today incorrecdy 
identified Lisa's mother. 

Jason Wolfe 
'99 has joined 
the start" of 
Enterprise Works 
Worldwide, a 
leading small 
business develop- 
ment anti-p<wer- 
ty organization 
based in 
DC, as program assistant for its 
monitoring and evaluation unit. The 
organization designs and manages 
programs promoting self-reliance 
among farmers and entrepreneurs in 
Africa, Asia and Latin America. 

Jason Wolfe 9y 

Christy M. Graham '98 married Adam Willard, June 12, 1999, St. Matthew's Episcopal 
Church, Maple Glen, Pa. Christy is a purchasing associate. Library Video Company, 
Wynnewood, Pa. Adam is a carpenter/remodeler, Meyers Constructs, Philadelphia, 
Pa. They live in Plymouth Meeting, Pa. 

28 Susquehanna Today 


Peron W. Snyder *23, 

Middleburg, Pa.. August A. 1999. He 
taught for several years before open- 
ing the Snyder and Wagenseller 
Electrical Supply Company in 
Middleburg, Pa. After the Depression. 
Peron was employed by the 
Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board as 
the manager of a store in Selinsgrove. 
After his retirement in 1966. he oper- 
ated a small antiques business. He was 
an active hunter and fisherman and a 
founding member ofVan Horn 
Hunting Camp. Shade Mountain and 
a member of Snyder County 
Historical Society. 

Lucy Metz *24 Hanks, l^elmont. 
Pa.. September 15, 1999. A retired 
teacher, she was the oldest member of 
the Saiem Lutheran Church of 
Delmont. For many years, she was a 
member of Holy Trinity Lutheran 
Church. Jeannette, Pa. She was pre- 
ceded in death by her husband, the 
Rev Or Edgar B. Hanks '23. 

Lucy Herr '26 Smith. White 
Rock, S.C. She also studied at the 
University of Chicago and the 
University of Virginia for library sci- 
ence. She was head of the extension 
deparmient at the Richmond County 
Public Library in Columbia, S.C. 

Elizabeth Stong '28 
Eichelberger, Martinsburg. Pa, 
December 29, 1998. She uught music 
at Saxton, Pa. from 1926 to 1927 and 
was choral director in Altoona. Pa., 
from 1929 to 1941. She directed a 
church choir from 1941 to 1956 and 
the community chorus. 

Edna Tressler *30 Conrad, of 
Sunbury. Pa., September 7. 1999. She 
studied for one summer at the 
JuiUiard School of Music and was a 
music teacher at the Vermont 
Conservatory from 1930 to 1932. She 
did office work at the J. H. Drass 
Investment Co.. Sunbury, and then for 
the Sunbury Daily Item. She was a 
member of Zion Lutheran Church. 
Order ot the Eastern Star, and Sigma 
Alpha lota. She retired as an associate 
with her husband m the Neil Conrad 
Plumbing and Heating Co. 

Alma Bowersox '31 Clark, 
Wukford, R.I. .July 12. 1999. Before 
her marriage, she was a schoolteacher 
at Shilhngton and Sunbury high 
schools. She was secretary to the pres- 
ident ofWesterii (Connecticut State 
College for seven years before retiring 
in 1975. She was a member of First 
Baptist Church. Wickford. and its 
Women's Guild. 

Anna Losch '31 Mylin, 

Lancaster. Pa., October 1. 1999. 
Before retiring in 1948, she uught 
typing and shorthand in the commer- 
cial department at the former Stevens 
High School and later McCaskey 
High School. She was a former mem- 
ber of First Presbyterian Church in 
Lancaster. She enjoyed flower garden- 
ing, and in 1966 her gardens were 
featured on the Marietta Garden 

Mary Potter '32 Copp. of Jersey 
Shore. Pa.. June 13. 1999. She earned 
a degree in elementary education 
from Mansfield University and a mas- 
ter's equivalency in library science. 
Credited with starting a combined 
school and public library in Jersey 
Shore more than four decades ago, 
she retired in 1975. She was a mem- 
ber of Jersey Shore Presbyterian 
Church, Antes Fort DAR. Jersey 
Shore Women's Club. Jersey Shore 
Historical Society, Jersey Shore 
Garden Club.Wilhamsport 
Coimiiunity Concert Association, and 
the Jersey Shore Library Board. 

Irene Mengel *33 Botdorf. 
Middletown, Pa. October 20, 1999. 
She taught music at Greenwood 
School District in Millerstown, Pa., 
from 1959 to 1973. She assisted her 
husband with the Botdorf Funeral 
Home, also in Millerstown. She was 
active in the Order ot the Eastern 
Sur and was former choir director at 
Highland Presbyterian Church. 

Mary Z. LaHaza '33. Kulpmont. 
Pa.. October 16. 1999. She was a 
retired school teacher, having taught 
both music and English m the 
Kulpmont and Mount Carniel 
schools. She taught at FD. Roosevelt 
High School from 1933 to 1977. 

Aberdeen Phillips '34 
Hutchison, Westlake, Ohio, formerly 
of Camp Hiil. Pa.. August 1. 1999. 
Abby was a business teacher at 
Biglerville High School. York Springs 
High School, and the West Shore 
School District. She was a member of 
Trinity Lutheran Church, Camp Hill 
Civic Club and Camp Hill Women's 
Club. She was preceded in death by 
two sisters. Matjorte Phillips '30 
Mitchell and Adeline Wingard '33 
Vought, Among the survivors are her 
husband. David Edgar "Ted" 
Hutchison '34; one son, David E. 
Hutchison III '61: and one grand- 
son. Lawrence David Hutchison 

Paul R.Wagner '34, Lake Worth. 
Fla.. November 4, 1994. He was 

retired superintendent of building for 
the state of Alaska. 

Luther K. Boyer '35, 
Doylestown. Pa.. August 19. 1999. He 
received a master's degree fi-om 
Bucknell University. He began his 
teaching career at Mt. Carmel High 
School in 1935. moving to 
Doylestown in 1942. When the new 
Central Bucks High School (now 
C.B.West) opened in 1952. he was 
appointed science deparmient chair- 
man. In addition, he was in charge o( 
school bus transportation. He was 
instrumental in improving the safety 
of the buses and received an award 
from the governor. He later was an 
assistant business manager for the 
Central Bucks District, retiring in 
1976. He was a member of St. Pauls 
Lutheran Church and numerous civic 

Millie Hines '35 Lingerman, 
Escondido, Calif , July 7, 1999. She 
earned a master's degree in childhood 
education from Columbia University. 
She taught in Pennsylvania and New 
York, and at Kings Road School in 
Madison. N.J. She did private teach- 
ing/tutoring at Light &; Life Christian 
School in Escondido. She was a 
member of various educational asso- 

Mary K. Gelnett '36, New York. 
N.Y.. January 19, 1999. She was 
involved in the securities industry in 
New York City, working for Storb- 
Irvine & Co. Inc.. mutual fund shares 
and plans. Among the survivors is one 
brother. Arthur A. '30. She was pre- 
ceded in death by another brother, 
Clarence H. '26 

Roy R. Leitzel '36. Richland, 
Pa. .June 15, 1999. He attended 
Susquehanna and graduated from 
Bucknell University. He was a veteran 
of World War II, havmg served as a 
captain in the Army Air Corps. An 
auto dealer for 45 years, he owned 
and operated the former Leitzel Ford 
Dealerships at Klmgerstown, 
Newport and Myerstown. retiring in 
1981. He was a member of the 
Friedens Lutheran Church. 
Myerstown Rotary, Freemasons and 
various fire companies. 

Ernst Mahr '36. Ingelheim am 
Rhein.Tinncnweg, Germany. June 5. 
1999. He was Susquehanna's first 
exchange student. In 1935-1936. he 
exchanged with Erie I. Shobert '35 
at the University ot Giessen. He was 
deputy superintendent in charge ot 
personnel tor the schools of the city 
of Ingelheim am Rhein. 














June 2-4, 

SusQUFHANNA Today 29 


ftom page 29 

Richard E. Ditzler '38. 
Selinsgrove, Pa.. November 21. 1999. 
He served w^ith the Army during 
World War II. He was employed by 
Gulf Oil. in Philadelphia and 
Houston. Texas, as an accountant for 
over 31 years, retirmg in 1977. He 
was an avid musician. speciaHzing in 
the saxophone. After his retirement, 
he became active in many area bands. 
He was a member of St. Paul's 
United Church of Christ. Among the 
survivors is his son. Daniel E. '77. 

Margaret **Honey" Sheesley '40 
Donley, Lykens. Pa.. July 5. 1999. 
She was a retired schoolteacher and 
bookkeeper. She was a member of St. 
Christopher Evangehcal Lutheran 
Church. Lykens. 

The Rev. G. Robert Booth '41. 
Buder. Pa.. April 22, 1997. He 
received a bachelor of divinity degree 
from Moravian Theological Semmary 
and a master of sacred theology 
degree from the Lutheran 
Theological Semmary in 
Philadelphia. A retired pastor, he 
served churches including Trinity 
United Church of Christ in 
WUkinsburg and St. Peters Umted 
Church of Christ in Zelienople. In 
1956. he delivered 66 head of cattle 
to refugee farmers in Germany under 
the sponsorship of the Heifer Project 

Dr. John W. Matthews '41, 
Houston. Texas. November 7. 1999. 
He received a M.D. degree from 
Jefferson Medical College in 1944. 
He served as a captain in the U.S. 
Medical Corps in Italy from 1946 to 
1948. He went into general practice 
in Edinburg. Texas, from 1948 to 
1959 and practiced anesthesiology in 
the Houston area until he retired. He 
played varsity football all four years at 
Susquehanna and in 1965 was nomi- 
nated as a candidate for the Silver 
Anniversary All-America awards pre- 
sented by Sports Illmlralvd magazine. 
Among the survivors is his wife, 
Evelyn WiUiamson '43 Matthews. 

Or, Robert A. Updegrove '41, 
Wiliiamsport, Pa., November 13. 
1999. He received a M.D. degree 
from Jefferson Medical College in 
1944. He served in the US Army 
Medical Corps from 1945 to 1947. 
He was a specialist in otolaryngology. 
head and neck surgery. He was active 
in Calvary Baptist Church. Roury 
Club. Seratoma Club and the 

Edward S. Rogers *42, 
Greensboro. N.C., formerly of 

Selinsgrove, Pa.. August 18, 1999. He 
earned a masters degree in physics 
from Case Western Reserve 
University in 1943. Durmg World 
War II. he was a member of 
Columbia University's division of war 
research and was involved in anti- 
submarine warfare using underwater 
sound. In 1945, he joined RCA labo- 
ratories and the David Sarnoff 
Research Center of Princeton. N.J., 
where he pioneered research in the 
field of acoustics, ultrasonics, man 
machine interaction and synthesis of 
speech, which led to the original syn- 
thesizer that now resides m the 
Smithsonian. He received three RCA 
awards for outstanding achievement, 
numerous patents and authored pub- 
hshed papers. A former president of 
the Susquehanna University Alumni 
Association, as well as serving on the 
University board of directors, he 
received the Alumni Award for 
Service in 1975. From 1983 to 1991. 
he served Susquehanna as a visiting 
professor of physics. An active mem- 
ber of the United Methodist Church, 
he IS survived by his wife. Blanche 
Forney '42 Rogers and a daughter, 
Ellen Rogers '68 Mearns. 

James W. Hall '43. Rochester, 
N.Y.June 17, 1999. He served in the 
U.S. Army from 1944 to 1946 work- 
ing m the laboratory as a chemist in 
Los Alamos. N.M. He earned a mas- 
ter's degree in physics from Clarkson 
College ofTechnology. He taught sci- 
ence in the Rochester city schools 
from 1961 to 1981. then taught pan 
time at Rochester Institute of 
Technology from 1983 to 1993. 

Doris Trainer *44 Hohmann. 
Fresno. Calif, June 1. 1999. She 
taught little theater in Philadelphia 
and was editor of the Tower Tall Club 
newsletter. She lived in Fresno since 
1950 and was active with the Fresno 
Art Museum, the La Comida Guild. 
Friday Club and Friends of the 
Fresno County Library and the Good 
Company Players. 

Ervin G. Hamme '45. Hanover. 
Pa.. September 26. 1999. He served 
in the U.S. Army in World War II, 
earning numerous awards and medals. 
After the war. he served in the 3rd 
Infantry Division Band. He was 
owner and operator of the former 
Hanover Maternity Shop. He was an 
active member of St. Matthew 
Lutheran Church. A former Penn 
Township commissioner, he was a 
charter member of the Hanover 
YMCA and past president of the 
Hanover Kjwanis Club. 

C. Richard Sellers '45. 
Lewistown, Pa. August 17. 1999. 

The Rev. John B. Bergstresser 
'48. Royersford. Pa. August 5, 1999. 

He served in the Army in World War 
II. He graduated from the Lutheran 
Theological Seminary in Philadelphia 
in 1951. His first calling v/as as a cir- 
cuit pastor at Hamilton Parish in the 
Poconos. He served Holy Trinity 
Evangehcal Lutheran Church. 
Northampton; Grace Lutheran 
Lutheran Church. Royersford; and 
Freedom Lutheran Church. Upper 
Providence. He was on the board of 
East Stroudsburg State Teachers 
College ftom 1952 to 1955. He 
served as World Mission Chairman 
for the Eastern Pennsylvania Synod m 
the early 197ns and was active in 
instituting a fijll family of Boy Scout 
programs in all his churches. He was 
Red Cross disaster chairman for 
Montgomery County from 1977 to 
1979. Among the survivors are his 
wife, Dawn Ebert '48 
Bergstresser. a sister, Rachel 
Bergstresser '49 Gray, and two 
brothers, Phillip '41 and Stephen 

Mary Ellen Wood '48 Persan. 
Reading, Pa.. October 17, 1999. 

John A. Reuther '50, Charleston. 
S.C.. January 26, 1996. He earned an 
M.B.A. degree ftx)m the University of 
Bridgeport. Formerly with Avco 
Corp.. he was a retired plant con- 
troller. Robert Bosch Corporation in 

The Rev. Lester C. Heilman '52. 
Camp Hill, Pa., November 19, 1999. 
He was an Army veteran of the 
Korean War. He had been a sales rep- 
resentative with Westinghouse, sales 
manager with Rite Aid Corp. non- 
food director with PA. & S. Small 
Co., owner of Charles Chip franchise, 
and divisional manager for National 
Utility Service in New York City. He 
received a master of divinity degree 
from the Evangelical School of 
Theology. Myerstown, Pa., in 1983. A 
retired minister, he was a former pas- 
tor at Wormleysburg Church of God, 
Lawnton Church of God. Enola First 
Church of God and Cornerstone 
Evangelical Free Church ot Enola. 
Among the survivors are his wife, 
Helen Thomas '57 Heilman. and 
his brother, Donald E. Heilman 

Wayne P. Lupolt '52. 
Chambersburg. Pa., July 18, 1999. He 
was ordained into the ministry in 
1956 at Gettysburg Theological 
Seminary. He served in the Army m 
peacetime. He served St. Mark and 
St. John Lutheran Churches in the 
Elysburg area; St. Luke Lutheran 
Church m Sunbury; Emmanuel 
Lutheran Church m Middleburg; St. 
Paul Lutheran Church in Quincy. and 
Trimty Evangehcal Lutheran Church 
in Rouzerville. After retirement, he 

worked parttime as visitation pastor at 
Evangelical Lutheran Church. 
Waynesboro. At the time of his death, 
he was preaching pastor at St. Peter 
"Beards" Lutheran Church near 
Hagerstown, Md. Among the sur- 
vivors are his wife, Beth Runk '69 
Lupolt, his daughter. Cynthia 
Lupolt *74 Walter, and his son. 
Christopher K. '84. 

Samuel Porter '52. Natrona 
Heights. Pa.. February 20. 1999. 
Porter attended the University of 
Pittsburgh, majoring in organic 
chemistry. He was manager. Original 
Finish Automotive Coatings, in the 
Research and Development 
Department at the Allison Park, Pa., 
laboratory facilities of Pittsburgh 
Plate Glass Industries Coatings and 
Resins Division. 

Mary Walker *59 Pace, Coral 
Springs. Fla.,June 22. 1999. She 
taught at Cochran Junior High 
School in Johnstown. Pa,, then at 
Harrisburg. Pa. She taught history 
and biology at Coconut Creek High 
School from 1979 to February 1998. 
She was active with the Junior 
League in Pennsylvania and Florida 
and was a Sunday school teacher and 
council member of Lutheran 
Ministry in Christ in Coral Springs. 
She was preceded in death by her 
father. General Ernest F. Walker 
'21. Among the survivors are her 
husband. Peter P. *59. and her broth- 
er, Ernest "Mike" Walker '53. 

Elaine Turner '61 Melley. 
Langhorne, Pa., August 18. 1999. She 
earned a master's degree in elemen- 
tary education from Bloomsburg 
University and taught business cours- 
es at Neshaminy High School from 
1961 to 1964. She returned to the 
district in 1973 and during the next 
18 years taught kindergarten through 
grade four in the district schools. She 
was a member of the Roman 
Cathohc Church of St. Andrew in 
Newtown Township and was a 
Eucharistic minister to residents of 
nursing homes. She was a weekly vol- 
unteer at St. Francis Inn. a 
Franciscan-operated soup kitchen in 

Dianne StauHer '64 Gimbi, 
Weatherly. Pa.. June 13. 1999. She 
earned a masters degree in education 
from Lehigh University. She was a 
German and Enghsh teacher at 
Weatherly High School for more 
than 24 years. A member of Zion 
Evangelical Lutheran Church, she 
served on the church council and the 
call committee. She was also a poet 
and had several of her poems pub- 
hshed. Among the survivors are her 
brother. Ernest M, Staufier '68. her 
son. Craig R. '89, and her daughter. 

JO Susquehanna Today 

Christa Gimbi '95 Podgers. 
Cathleen W. Mackey ;65, New 

York, N.Y.. November 2, 1999. She 
taught seventh grade in Pittsgrove, 
NJ, She became an mvestment analy- 
sis tramee with Rehance Insurance 
Company m Philadelphia. Pa. She 
then became assistant portfoUo man- 
ager. Bank of America, San Francisco, 
Calif. Returning to the East Coast, 
she became investment officer for 
Standard &c Poors. Gulf & Western 
and Fred Alger & Co. In 1981. she 
opened her own business, C.W. 
Mackey Associates Inc. In 1984. she 
joined First Manhattan Co. as senior 
securities analyst and in 1987, became 
vice president of the research division 
for Smith Barney. She was named 
senior vice president, Grontal & Co., 
New York City in 1991 and vice 
president with John Hancock Equity 
in 1993. 

Larry L. Shaffer *71. Mount 
Pleasant Mills, Pa., August 5, 1999. He 
vras a mathematics teacher in the 
Selinsgrove High School for 28 years. 
He was an active member ot St. 
Peters Lutheran Church, Freeburg. Pa. 
Among the survivors is his brother, 
Jimmy A. *72. 

Chery! Williams *76 Laverty 
Nesbitt. Bethesda, Md..July 22. 
1999. She earned a master's degree in 
early childhood special education 
from George Washington University. 
She taught for 21 years, starting in 
Montana. She taught in Prince 

George's county in the late 1980s and 
at JClopper Mill Elementary School in 
the 1990s. She was a member of the 
Montgomery County Education 
Association and Fourth Presbyterian 
Church. Bethesda. Md. 

Russell F. Klahre *79.Apex. 
N.C.. October 1 1 . 1 999. Russ was 
national display coordinator for the 
eastern region, Time Inc. Among the 
survivors are his wife. Susan Krouse 
*79 Klahre, his sister, Karen Klahre 
*80 Munzer, and his brother. 
Douglas '87. 

Edward M. McNamee '79. 
Brigantine. N.J.July 2. 1999. Ed was 
a store manager at Hermans Sporting 
Goods. Cardiff. N.J. 

Stephanie T, Christopher *84, 
Austin, Texas, August 3, 1999. 
Stephanie had been with 
Metropolitan Life Insurance, then 
Olympic Insurance Associates from 
1987 to 1989. In 1990, she became 
director of telemarketing. Professional 
Insurance Agents of Texas. Among the 
survivors is her sister, Diane 
Christopher '75 Rapport. 

Richard A. Cossari '84, of 
Norristown, Pa., August 29, 1999. He 
was a Fortune 500 CPA, a member of 
the Pennsylvania and American insti- 
tutes of Certified PubUc Accountants. 
He was a semi-professional tennis 
player, an avid long distance runner 
and a sports enthusiast, 

William Conrad Severson 
H*85, Saint Louis. Mo., January 6, 

1999. An internationally known 
sculptor, he designed several pieces of 
sculpture on display at the University, 
including the "Creation" pattern in 
the brick wall in Messerh Atrium in 
the upper floor hving quarters of 
Seibert Hall. Severson donated the 
work to the University as a favor to 
his long-time friend, former 
University President Jonathan 
Messerh. A second Severson piece. 
"Explosio," stands outdoors in front 
of the University's Art Studio. A third 
sculpture, "Centre." was donated to 
the University by the sculptor's family 
following Severson's death. It will be 
installed outside the Susquehanna 
Scholars' House. Born in Madison, 
Wis., Severson earned a B.S, from the 
University ofWisconsin at Madison 
and an M.FA. fix>m Syracuse 
University. His sculptures can be seen 
in 28 states as well as abroad in Saudi 
Arabia. Singapore and Moscow. 

Kelly A. Sincavage '96, 
Bainbridge, Pa.. October 31, 1999, 
from injuries suffered in a car acci- 
dent. A graduate of Southern 
Columbia High School and cum 
laude graduate in biological sciences 
from Susquehanna, she was a member 
of the University's first varsity 
women's soccer teani and had a 
standout year as a semor goalkeeper. 
She was employed by Wyeth Pharma- 
ceuticals, Marietta, as a supervisor m 
the pharmaceutical laboratory. 

Marilyn Wirt '96, Northumber- 
land. Pa.. December 8, 1999. A gradu- 
ate of Sunbury Senior High School 
and a former employee of Pinebrook 
Homes in Danville, she had been a 
secretary in the University's Office of 
Development for nine years. 

Professor of Political Science Gene 
R. Urey. August 31, 1999, in 
Selinsgrove after collapsing in class in 
Steele Hall. He had been a member 
of the Susquehanna University faculty 
for 34 years. (See page 3.) He earned 
his bachelor's degree in political sci- 
ence from Allegheny College in 
1961, where he was elected to Phi 
Beta Kappa. He received his master's 
degree in 1965 and a Ph.D. in 1975 
in social science, both from Syracuse 
University. An expert on the 
American constitutional system, he 
was the pre-law advisor and coordi- 
nated the Legal Studies program. In 
1981. he received the Lindback 
Foundation Award for Outstanding 
Teaching at Susquehanna. He also 
served the University in numerous 
other ways including as former facul- 
ty representative to the board of 
directors. Among the survivors are his 
widow, Margaret, and sons Glen and 
Craig R. Urey '86. 

Axel R. KJeinsorg, a former fac- 
ulty member. December 28, 1999, at 
his home in Selinsgrove. (See page 3.) 

Vincent M. Magnotta '02: 1979-1999 

The dates are not fair, but, unfortu- 
nately, they are correct. Vincent 
Mark Magnotta '02, unfortu- 
nately, died at the age of 20 on November 
16, 1999, following complications from 
adrenal cancer. But the example he set in 
dealing with his illness continues to provide 
inspiration to his family, friends and others. 

A graduate of Emmaus High School, 
Magnotta was an information systems major 
at Susquehanna. He was a member of Phi 
Mu Delta fraternity and played rugby dur- 
ing his freshman year. He was the son of 
Vincent and Debbie Magnotta of 
Wescosville, Pa., who also have two younger 
children, Lauren, IH and Zach, 9. 

With the help of Susquehanna alumnus 
Rich Sutter '99, Vince started a Web site 
to share his experiences with his friends. 
Today the site also includes, "Gifts from Our 
Angel," Vince's father's story of his son's ill- 
ness, including a poem by Adam Cole '02. 

It IS one family's candid story of living 
with cancer — from "the traumas of bad 
news after bad news," to the laughter shared 
by Vince, who could joke as easily about his 
50-stitch incision as the antics of his pet 

Vince's illness began last summer with a 
broad spectrum of physical and psycho- 
logical symptoms that eventually led to 
diagnosis of adrenal carcinoma in 
September. This cancer overproduces natural 
hormones, including cortisone, which 
influence behavior. 

Ironically, Vince told his father, "the emo- 
tional pain I felt during the mental illnesses 
far exceeds any physical pain I have experi- 
enced - including the 5(l-stitch major 
surgery to remove the tumor." In the last 
weeks of his hfe, Vince made a passionate 
plea for greater understanding and effective 
medical treatment tor people suffering from 
mental illnesses. He made plans to volunteer 
in hospitals and talk to community groups 

about cancer and mental illness. "He wanted 
to use his experience to help others," writes 
the elder Magnotta. 

It was just one example ofVince's strength 
and determination in the face of seemingly 
impossible odds. "He didn't want pity. In 
fact, he worked hard to keep people at ease," 
writes his father. 

Vince was also able to make a difference 
as an organ donor - donating his corneas - 
and as the inspiration for a fund that has 
raised nearly $6,000 for adrenal cancer 
research at Memorial Sloan-Kettenng 
Cancer Center. The family has asked that 
further fundraising efforts be directed to 
Susquehanna in Vince's memory to the 
Office of Development, Susquehanna 
University, 514 University Avenue, 
Selinsgrove, PA 17870. 

TItc complete text of Vincent Magnolia's arti- 
cle, "Gifts from Our Angel" is available at the 
following URL on the World Wide Web: 

Susquehanna Today 31 

Singing is only part of the worl< on tour for Sara 
Royer '02 and other choir members. 


CoiJtiuiivct from center spread 

The Quest for Feelingfulness 

There's a word Susquehanna University Choir Director Cyril 
Stretansky uses to express the result of intense participation 
in any applied fine art: Feelingfulness. 

"It's the humbling of one's self, the complete submission of one's 
self to the art." 

When the art is singing, the result can be sublime for the vocal 
artists and their audiences. And one of the best ways for Susquehanna 
alumni and friends to experience the music is through the Choir's 
annual tour — one of the premier outreach programs for the 
Susquehanna Department of Music. 

This year's tour will take choir members on a six-state trip from 
St.Johnsbury.Vt.. to Harrisonburg in southern Virginia. Along the 
way the group will perform in 1 3 different venues, including a first- 
ever performance in the prestigious artist series sponsored by 
Abington Presbyterian Church outside suburban Philadelphia. 

Their audiences will hear a repertoire of religious and secular 
choral literature composed over the past five centuries. In previous 
years, the Choir has performed at the National Cathedral in 
Washington. D.C.. and the Cathedral de Cuernavaca in Me.xico, as 
well as in locations throughout Europe including Austria's Salzburg 
Cathedral, England's Coventry Cathedral, Notre Dame de Paris, and 
St. Mark's Cathedral in Venice. 

The choir has also been featured nationally on National Public 
Radio, the Satellite Radio Network and the worldwide Armed 
Forces Network. Members recently recorded "Aeternam," the 14th 
volume in the choir's recording series. 

The group's accomplishments of the past 28 years have been 
under the baton of Stretansky. A professor of music and the director 
of choral activities at Susquehanna, he is widely known in the greater 
Northeast as well as Canada, Mexico and Italy as a guest conductor, 
choral music educator, and bass-baritone soloist. He recently com- 
pleted an extended tenure as music director and conductor of the 
Susquehanna Valley Chorale and Orchestra. 

Currently 55 voices strong, the group ranges in size from 50 to 56 
students selected by audition. "Part of what is so exciting about the 
program is that it exists for everyone - music and non-music majors 
alike," stresses Stretansky. To allow members to also participate in 
other arts orgamzations and activities on campus, rehearsals and per- 
formances are deliberately limited - the choir turned down 13 con- 
cert invitations this year alone. The group performs at Family 
Weekend and the annual Christmas Candlelight Service in the fall. 
Members give up their spring break and two other weekends during 
spring semester for the annual tour. A back-to-campus concert wraps 
up the season each April. 

Sharing the experience makes for a tight-knit group. "There's an 
intrinsic growth to committing yourself to the group and a common 
objective and then realizing and reveling in your accomplishment," 
says Mark Yerger '00, a business and economics major who is a 
member of the chamber singers and manager of the choir. "There's 
also a feeling that you are doing a service for the University." 

The annual tour has become a prime way to connect and com- 
municate with alumni. It is also important in helping recruit prospec- 
tive students who often receive personal invitations to hear the group 
sing or even join members for a meal on the road. Many choir mem- 
bers and alumni cite tour performances by the choir and Stretansky 's 
frequent appearances as a guest conductor at high school choral festi- 
vals as positively influencing their decisions to attend Susquehanna. 

And for current students, the tour translates into a very big learn- 
ing e.xperienc'e, says Stretansky. The challenge is "to be in the actual 
recreation process - to bring music to life in different acoustic set- 
tings and in multiple performances, with the same e.xacting discipline 
and commitment," he says. "That's what we're about." 

Along the way it can make for some logistics that go way beyond 
making music. Scheduling, publicity, and transportation arrangements 
for people and their instrumental accessories are time-consuming 
necessities. Concert proceeds cover the costs of the annual trip. And 
for Stretansky, "other duties as defined" have included a 2 a.m. stint 
waiting for the tour bus to get pulled out of a ditch during a snow- 
storm. "It's all part of what it's hke to be on tour," he says. 

Tour host organizations donate meals and lodging for choir mem- 
bers. "Meeting and staying with the host families was definitely a 
highhght," said Steve Bishop '02, who toured with the group for 
the first time in 1 998. "It was great to meet people who were part of 
the audience and see their reactions to the performance." 

Concert goers often include alumni who have sung with the choir 
in the past. "Sitting in the audience, 1 always feel very proud." says 
Cheryl LeVan '97. "It tugs at my heartstrings slightly to know that I 
am no longer a part of it." 

- Gwaiii Hi* and Dd> KIwc '99 

32 Susquehanna Today 

Choir Manager Mark Yerger '00 
helps load the tour bus. 





Joel Cunningham 

Enduring Legacy, New CHALLENGE 

3 AACSB Reaffirms Business School Accreditation 

4 Fulbright Recognition 

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Newton Advertising, Inc. 

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Nondiscrimination Policy 

It IS the policy ot Susquehanna University not to dis- 
crinunate on the basis of race, color, religion, national 
or ethnic origin, age, sex. or handicap in its educational 
programs, admissions practices, scholarships and loan 
programs, athletics and other school-administered activ- 
ities or employment practices. Thi^ policy is in compli- 
ance with the requirements ofTideVU of the Civil 
Rights Act of 1964. Title IX of the Educational 
Amendments of 1972, Section 504 of the 
Rehabihtation Act of 1973. the Americans with 
Disabilities Act of 1990. regulations of the Internal 
Revenue Service, and all other applicable federal, state 
and local statutes, ordinances and regulations. 


SPRING 2000 


3 Campus News 
5 Sports 

6 Class Notes 

12 Cover Story 

Enduring Legacy, 
New Challenge 

For up-to-date news on the search for Susquehanna's next 
president, log on to 

Letters to Editor Policy 

- Susquehanna Today welcomes letters from readers. Letters 
received by June I will appear in the Summer issue, by 
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If you wish to reply directly to another alum, please contaci the 
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for the address. 


24 Commencement 2000 

i Susquehanna Today 

Campus News 

AACSB Reaffirms Business School Accreditation 

AACSB -The International 
Association for Management 
Education - reaffirmed the accredi- 
tation of the Sigmund Weis School of 
Business in April. 

"This news enhances the value of a busi- 
ness degree from Susquehanna and carries a 
message of quality for the entire University," 
said James Brock, dean of the school. 

Susquehanna is one of just a few private, 
undergraduate-only institutions to receive 
AACSB accreditation, which is based on 
such factors as quality of faculty, quality and 
rigor of the curriculum, facihties, financial 
resources and mission. 

The report of the 2000 visiting team 
specifically commended the: 

• outstanding new classroom and office 
space in the University's $6 million high- 
technology Business and Communica- 
tions Building opened in 1999, 

• energetic and dedicated faculty, 

• outstanding leadership by the dean, 

• strong and enthusiastic support of the 
business community, 

• very effective internship program, and 

Next Generation 
Concert Conies 
to Degenstein 
Center Theater 

WITF-FM's Next Generation Festival pre- 
sents internationally-known pianist 
Awadagin Pratt and friends at Susquehanna's 
Degenstein CenterTheater on June 13. 

The Ne.\t Generation Festival affords 
chamber music lovers the opportunity to see 
a new generation of classical music talent. 

Pratt, the first student at Baltimore's 
Peabody Conservatory of Music to receive 
simultaneous degrees in piano, violin, and 
conducting, will also play his second instru- 
ment of choice, the violin. Performing with 
Pratt are Carla Krhlstedt, viohnist; Helen 
Callus, violist; and Zuill Bailey, cellist. The 
program features a Dvorak piano quartet, a 
Schubert string quartet and a new improvi- 
sational component. 

Admission is free but tickets are required. 
Seating is limited. General admission tickets 
may be ordered (torn WITF-FM by calling 
The Box at 7 17-2 14- ARTS starting May 1. 

• innovative and popular study abroad pro- 
gram m London. 

Brock credited the contributions of faculty 
as well as members of Sigmund Weis School 
Advisory Board and other Susquehanna 
alumni who have helped support the school 
and its students as speakers and mentors, 
sources of internship and job opportunities, 
and their financial contributions. 

"The two most important things AACSB 
looks for are programs that are mission-dri- 
ven and an attitude of continuous improve- 

ment," says Brock, "We're proud of what 
we've done, but this is a nulepost, not a des- 
tination. There are areas where we can con- 
tinue to work to improve." 

Issues which the AACSB has asked the 
school to pursue include continued devel- 
opment of faculty publishing in refcreed 
academic publications, assurance that all 
majors take at least half their work outside 
the business school, introduction of new 
programs including the new information 
systems major, and continued hiring of new 
business faculty with doctorates. 

Centre, a sculpture by the late William Severson H'85, has been installed on the lawn adjacent 
to the University's Scholars' House. The sculptor's family donated "Centre" to the University follow- 
ing his death in January. Severson himself had donated previous work to the University as a favor to 
his long-time friend. President Emeritus Jonathan Messerli. Family and friends of both who gathered 
for an April 9 dedication included, left to right, Timothy Messerli, David Clausen, Elizabeth Severson 
Clausen, Elizabeth Messerli, Jonathan Messerli, Lauren Messerli, Raymond Clausen, Martha Severson, 
Jennifer Clausen, Martha Severson's daughter, Hannah Messerli, Betsy Nimock and Ronald Schlegel. 

Photo by Peter Hall '00 

University Sets 2000-2001 Tuition, Fees 

Susquehanna University's board of directors 
has approved an increase in tuition and fees 
for the 2000-2001 academic year. 

Comprehensive fees for the year — which 
include tuition and fees, room and board - 
will be $26,2 10. The $990 increase is 3.9 
percent of current fees. 

"As the costs associated with providing a 
first-rate education for our students have 
risen, we have made every effort to keep 
tuition increases as low as possible," said 
University President Joel Cunningham. 
"Susquehanna University has never been a 

stronger institution. The past decade has 
brought steady growth in acadeinic quality, 
increased enrollments, and enhanced facili- 
ties. We are gratefijl for the outstanding suc- 
cess of the University's current capital 
fiindraising campaign, which is helping to 
provide valuable new resources for teaching 
and learning." 

Over the past five years, the increase in 
Susquehanna's comprehensive fees has aver- 
aged 3.58 percent annually, which is modest 
in relation to many other colleges. 

Susquehanna Today 3 

Fulbright Taps SU Senior for Second Straight Year 

A Susquehanna senior has earned a 
prestigious Fulbright Grant for the 
second year running. Ryan Szuch 
'00, an ecosystems analysis major from 
Apollo, Pa., will travel to the University of 
New England in Armidale, Australia, in 
January where he will join a team of 
researchers led by Dr. Andrew Boulton. 

Boulton has received a federal research 
grant from Australia to conduct a three-year, 
comprehensive study of nutrients, water 
flow, sediment characteristics, microbes, and 
macroinvertebrates of the hyporheic zone of 
streams, the zone where groundwater and 
surface water interact. 

Szuch is the third Susquehannan to 
receive a Fulbright award. Katherine 
Spence '99 earned a grant to teach and 
swdy in South Korea last year. Samuel 
Adams '58 studied in Germany several 
years after his graduation. 

Szuch was awarded a Susquehanna 
University assistantship as a first-year stu- 
dent. The assistantship program provides 
$10,500 annual scholarships and a 10-hour- 

^F* ^^^IS^^^I 3-week profes- 

B« ' .*» .^ "iJ ^T^B sional work 
■■HJ|^HHhJ^ ^^M experience with 
Ppl^^^^^^Bf ^B a member of the 
▼ 'Jft IVt "" University facul- 

n or staff. Szuch 
t -^ ' , spent his first 

-^ »r»g three years 

fll^H '"' M ^^ working with 

^^^K 2L^«^ Professor of 

^^^^ft ^HAkl Environmental 

^^^^^B ^^^^^^m Sciences Frank 
^^^^^^ Fletcher on a 

wetlands envi- 
research project. 
He recently completed a year-long aquatic 
ecology research assistantship directed by 
Associate Professor of Biology Jack Holt. 
A member of the Susquehanna Honors 
Program, Szuch is also a Presidential Fellow, 
recipient of the Wainwright Family 
Scholarship for environmental science 
majors, annual events chairperson for the 
Student Activities Committee, co-captain of 
the men's volleyball team, and a member of 

Fulbright-winner Ryan 
Szuch 'GO 

the biology and geology clubs. 

He spent last summer on an internship 
studying denitrification in wetland soils for 
the Smithsonian Environmental Research 
Center (SERC) m Washington, DC. "The 
wetland soils that I worked on last summer 
and will be working on at SERC again this 
summer are similar in nature to the 
hyporheic sediments in Austraha," says 
Szuch. "My expertise fit very nicely with 
Dr. Boulton's plans." 

"To be funded for a year of independent 
research as a recent undergraduate is phe- 
nomenal," says Szuch. "I will be gaining the 
ideas and practices of several foreign scien- 
tists, as Dr. Boulton has recruited a team of 
international experts for his project." 

Szuch plans to attend graduate school 
after his Fulbright work, hkely for soil sci- 
ence or water resources. "Eventually, I want 
to work in wetland mitigation and construc- 
tion. My specific goal is to design wetlands 
that improve water quality. Such wetlands 
act as natural filters of agricultural or urban 

Faculty Obituaries 

Construction Update 

Demolition has prepared the west entrance 
of the O.W. Houts Gymnasium and Physical 
Education Center for the construction of 
the University's new Jacobs Fitness Center. 
The project, slated for completion in 
November, is one component of a ^14 mil- 
lion enhancement to sports and recreation 
facilities. The package also includes the new 
Nicholas A. Lopardo Football and Track 
Stadium to open this fall and a 51,000 
square-foot field house to open in the fall 
of iOOI. 

N.J. C. Vasantkumar 

Professor of Sociology and Anthropology 
Nallamotu J. C. "Kumar" Vasantkumar. 

died January 28, 2000, at his Selinsgrove 
home following a brief illness. A member of 
the Susquehanna University faculty for 18 
years, he earned his bachelor's degree in 
chemical technology from Andhra 
University, India, the master of divinity 
degree from Princeton Theological 
Seminary, and the master of arts and Ph.D. 
in sociology from Princeton University. He 
was awarded National EndovvTiient for the 
Humanities grants enabling him to attend 
programs at Duke and Harvard universities 
and he received a Fulbright grant to attend a 
summer seminar in China m 1988. In 1994- 
1995, he taught at Miyazaki International 
College in Japan and was a visiting scholar at 
the East- West Center of the University of 
Hawaii in Honolulu. His scholarly interests 
included social change, postmodernism, and 
the social and cultural contexts of humor. 
Over the years, he also served as advisor to 
the Sociology Club and was a frequent read- 
er at services in Weber Chapel. Among the 
survivors are his widow. Joan, and his son. 

Bruce Nary 

Professor Emeritus ofTheatre Bruce L. 
Nary, died February 4, 2000. at his 
Selinsgrove home following an extended ill- 
ness. He was a member of the Susquehanna 
University faculty for more than 30 years, 
before his retirement in 1991. He served in 
the U.S. Army Air Corps and then earned a 
bachelor of science degree from Ithaca 
College, and the master of arts and Ph.D. 
from the University of Michigan. He devot- 
ed his career to advancing recognition of the 
arts at Susquehanna. He directed scores of 
theatre productions, including children's the- 
atre productions which toured the 
Selinsgrove area. Nary also taught "History 
of British Theatre" in the Susquehanna at 
Oxford Program in 1977. He was an active 
member of Susquehanna's Artist Series 
Committee and the local unit of the 
American Cancer Society, serving as campus 
coordinator of "Daffodil Days" each spring. 
He is survived by his widow, Dorla, and 
other family members. 

A transcript of selected remarks from 
Bruce Nary's March 1 memorial service in 
Benjamin Apple Lecture Hall is available at 

4 Susquehanna Today 


Swimming Scores Two Conference 


Steve Fischer '00 and Luke Peterson '03 became the first 
Middle Atlantic Conference champions in the 21-year history of 
the Susquehanna University swimming programs - topping the 
Crusader performances as Susquehanna hosted the February championship 
event for the first time m its history. Fischer won the 200-yard butterfly, 
shattering the school record in the process with a time of 2:01.92. He also 
finished second m both the 100-yard butterfly (:55.07) and the 400-indi- 
vidual medley, setting another school record in the IM (4:28.61). Peterson 
won the 100-yard backstroke - also shattering the school record with a 
time of :55.07.The Crusader swimming teams had some of their best sea- 
sons in years under 2 1st- year coach Ged Schweikert, who is also an asso- 
ciate professor of psychology at Susquehanna. The women recorded their 
best finish ever at MAC championships — placing third after going 7-3 in 
dual meets. The men had their first winning dual meet record since 1992 
— finishing 5-4 before placing fifth at the conference championship meet. 

Luke Peterson receives congratulations after shattering the school 
record in the lOO-yard backstroke with a time of :55.07 at the MAC 
championship in the Susquehanna pool in February. 

Photo by Jason Behnken 

Javelin Newcomer Qualifies 
for Nationals 

Coaches and teammates alike already 
knew senior Adam Ressler '00 
was one of the best athletes on the 
Crusader track and field team - one who 
was going to make a bid to become the 
school s first national qualifier in the 
decathalon. Still, Ressler's true event was the 
high jump, winning the 1 999 MAC indoor 
championship and qualifying for the 1998 
NCAA Division III Outdoor 
Championships as he tied the school record 
with a leap of 6-9. That WAS his best event 
- until this season that is. While he's still the 
team's top high jumper with a season best of 
6-6 twice (NCAA Div. Ill Provisional 
Quahfymg Height: 6-7), he's become the 
school and one of Division Ill's top javelin 
throwers. Ressler broke the school modern 
era record and automatically qualified for 
nationals while winning the javelin on April 
8 at the Messiah Invitational with a throw 
of 206-1 l.That throw ranks him second in 
Division III this season - pretty good for an 
athlete who didn't even throw the javelin 
for most of his first two years in college, and 
only threw it in his senior year of high 
school. He's already won the event twice 

Adam Ressler 'oo qualified for nationals with 
a record-breaking 206-11 javelin throw on 
April 8. He Is also the Crusader track and field 
team's top high jumper. 

Photo by Peter Hall "oo 

this year — also throwing 190-2 to initially 
provisionally qualify for nationals at the 
Roanoke Invitational. The national champi- 
onships will be held Thursday through 
Saturday, May 1 8-20, at North Central 
College in Naperville, III. 

Pitcher Kristen Hogan '01 made Susquehanna 
Softball history and broke the 14-year-old 
school record for career strikeouts In an April 
15 game against Albright. (Old Record: 323, 
Judy Sholtis, 1983-86). Hogan, an MAC 
Commonwealth All-Star in each of her first 
two seasons at Susquehanna, had 327 strike- 
outs with several games remaining In the sea- 

photo by John Ferko 

Susquehanna Today 5 

. umni News 
LASS Notes 

Shari Trembulak '93 

Dear Alumni: 

I hope everyone is having a great Spring! Its a hectic time of year for 
all of us and it's no different in the alumni office! Regional events 
and Alumni Weekend are keeping Ethel and me on our toes. There is 
never a dull moment and we love it! I would hke to take a minute to 
mention a few things coming up, please mark your calendar: 

♦ Alumni Weekend is scheduled for June 2-4. This is a special invita- 
tion to all classes from years ending in a or 5 to attend your 
reunion, however all alumni are invited back! This is a great time to 
check out what's new, visit with your classmates and friends and will 
also be the time to say farewell to President and Mrs. Cunningham. 

• We're planning regional events into the summer, check out the 
upcoming events section on page 21 to see what's going on in your 
area. If there isn't an event in your area and you'd like to see about 
planning one please contact the alumni office and we'll be happy to 
help you make that happen. 

• Save the date: Homecoming 2000 is scheduled for October 7th. 

CaUing all class memben 5x)m the Class of 1995. you will be cele- 
brating your 5th reunion at homecoming! If you are interested in 
helping out. planning the reunion or being on the reunion commit- 
tee please let me know. 

Also, thanks to all alumni who took the time to send me ideas for 
future events, reunions and homecoming. It always helps us to know 
what you think and what you'd Uke to do - keep the ideas coming! 
As usual, if the alumni office can do anything for you, just drop us a 

Here's to a terrific spring! 


Shan A. Trembulak '93 

Class Notes 

Please send your alumni news and 
class updates to the Class Reporter 
for your year or to the: 

OfEce of Alumni Relations 
Susquehanna University 
514 University Avenue 
Sehnsgrove, PA 17870-1025 
Fax: 570-372-2777 
Material received on campus by June 1 
will be included in the summer issue. 


Jennifer Miller '90 Sheckells, 

who just began a new position at 
Meadowood Continuing Care 
Retirement Community in 
Worcester, Pa., shares good news: "On 
my first day 1 was visiting with some 
of the residents and found out that 
one of them is a SU grad! Walter 
Metzger is a resident in our health 
center and graduated from 
Susquehanna in 1933 We shared 
some memories and I can't tell you 
how at home it made me feel. Now 
we visit regularly and even go over 
the Alumni News together. Just 
thought you'd hke to hear more 
proof that it's a small world when it 
conies to being a Susquehanru 


Class Reporter: 
janct Earhari Harkins 
437 Meer Avenue 
Wyckoff. NJ 07481 




Class Reporter: 
William H. Gehron Sr. 
747 Arch Street 
WiUiamsport, PA 17701 

Robert A. Gabrenya *40 was 

recently recognized by the Slovenian 
Savings and Loan Association for his 
many years of dedication and service 
through the estabhshment of a schol- 
arship fund in his name and honor. 
Bob joined Slovenian m 1940 and has 
been executive vice president and 
CEO since 1970. 


Class Reporter: 
Mary Emma Yoder Jones 
R.R. 6, Box 718 
Altoona, PA 16601 


Class Reporter: 

Ruth Eleanor McCorkill 
418 Orange Street 
Northumberland. PA 17857-1531 


Class Reporter: 
Ethel IVibott Kerschner 
R..R. i, Box 1843 
Dnims, PA 18222 



Class Reporter: 
Louise Kresgc Isaacs 
201 Rhoads Avenue 
Sehnsgrove, PA 17870 


Class Reporter: 

Robert F Wohben 

145 Herman Boulevard 

Franklin Square. NY 11010-2725 



Class Reporter: 
Ricliard G. Westervelt 
700 Scarsdale Avenue 
Scarsdale, NY 10583 

Robert A. '40 and Thelma Gabrenya 

6 Susquehanna Today 

Dr. James Riunbaugh '50 has 

retired as a family practitioner m 
Newport after 42 years of service. He 
lives in Newport, Pa. 



Correction: Joy McCahan '51 

Sheaflfer, a retired Juniata County 
music teacher, has played a key role m 
the establishment of an Endowment 
for the Arts Award by the Juniata 
Cultural Arts Committee (JCAC). 
The award will be given this year for 
the first time to Juniata County high 
school seniors who will pursue higher 
education in an art-related course of 
study. When Joy retired from teach- 
ing, much of her teachmg schedule 
was taken over by Brent D. Snyder 
'88, a former student of hers who 
also returned to Juniata County to 
teach. Susqueluvma Today misidentified 
Joy in the winter 2000 issue. 

Joy also recently was honored as 
Volunteer of the Year by the Juniata 
County Chapter of the Pennsylvania 
Association of School Retirees. 



Class Reporter: 
Fayc Kostenbauder IViUiamson 
2832 SandYford Avenue 
Philadelphia, PA 19152 

Irene Oldt *54 Huss retired in 
September, 1999. from IMS Health, 
after 20 years of employment with 
the company. She lives in Dresher. Pa. 

Ruth Osborn '54 spent the 
month of October cruising French 
Polynesia including Tahiti, Bora Bora. 
Huahine, Raiatea, and Moorea. Ruth 
also enjoyed New Years in Los 
Angeles followed by reserved seats at 
the Rose Bowl parade and then a 
cruise down the west coast of 
Mexico. She Uves in Absecon, N.J. 



Melva Schmeltz *55 Vogler has 

been re-elected to the board of 
trustees of the Pennsylvama Public 
School Employees" Retirement 
System (PSERS). She teaches mathe- 
matics at Wallenpaupack Area School 
District. She and her husband, 
Harold Vogler '54, live m Hawley, 

Raymond Lauver 







Even after many yean of service to Susquehanna Umversity, including serving as a 
member ot the board of directors, capital campaign volunteer and a Sigmund 
Weis School of Business partner, Raymond Lauver *50 says he is surprised and 
completely humbled at being named this year's recipient of the Association's Service 

Lauver, who also won the Alumni Association Achievement Award in 1986. has made 
volunteer service an integral part of his life. "Few of us have reached our age without 
being on the receiving end of someone else giving their time," he says. "I think ser\ice is 
necessary to repay what we have received as well as create a whole person. 1 have gained 
so much from these experiences, working alongside people from all walks of life, learning 
from their backgrounds, knowledge and insights; that's the frin part." 

Lauver has been a part of many different organizations, including the American 
Institute of Certified Pubhc Accountants, but it is his connection to the United 
Methodist Church and Susquehanna that remain the strongest. "As I began to recognize 
more keenly the challenges SU faced, it was important that I do all I could to help meet 
those challenges." 

Lauver grew up in Richfield, just 15 miles from campus. Proximity, his cousins who 
preceded him, and a strong accounting program all factored into his decision to come to 
Susquehanna. Shortly after his graduation Lauver was drafted and served in the army 
during the Korean War. Two years later he began working for Price Waterhouse in New- 
York City and married Kay LaRue *52. Lauver became a partner in Price Waterhouse 
and retired in 1983 when he was invited to become a member of the Financial 
Accounting Standards Board, the organization responsible for estabUshing the financial 
reporting standards for corporate America. 

He retired a second time in 1990 and five years later he and Kay moved south to 
Chapel Hill, N.C. His oldest daughter, Diane, is on the faculty of the University of 
Wisconsin. Daughter Joan and granddaughters Kimberly and Katherine live outside of 

Lauver has taken advantage of Hving in a "two-university area" by enrolling in several 
philosophy courses through Duke University's Institute for Learning in Retirement. He 
and Kay also enjoy golf, bridge, and traveling. Plans for this spring include a trip to 
Sehnsgrove for his 50th class reunion. "Susquehanna has already given me more acknowl- 
edgment than I deserve, far more than I will be able to repay." 

— Mary Cainmarata Markle 

Maurice Feldman '56 was 

named president of the Baltimore 
Symphony Associates, the fund-raising 
arm of the Orchestra. He is the first 
male president in the organization's 
57-year history. Maurice lives in 
Baltimore, Md. 

Dr. Max J. Herman '57 passed 
the boards of the American 
Veterinarian Dental College and is 
now a diplomat of the college, a 
select group of 47 members. 







Class Reporter; 

Lynn Hassinger Askew 
25 Gladys Avenue 
Manville, NJ 08835-2347 

Class Reporter: 
Jack Cisney 
4802 Eoff Street 
Benwood.WV 2603UW08 


Class Reporter: 

Donald E. Coleman 
128 Verna Road 
Leimshurg,PA 17837-8747 

Alan R. Shaw '60. vice president 
with Salomon Smith Barney and one 
of the most highly respected research 
professionals on Wall Street, spoke to 
Susquehanna students as part of the 
University's Execudve-in-Residence 

Susquehanna Today 7 


Richard E. Caruso 

Achievement Award 2000 


eceiviiig the 2000 Aiunini Associatioa Achievement Award prompts Richard E. 
Caruso '65. to evaluate what such an award truly means. "I think achievement 
^should be measured on a weighted basis." he says "All of us are given varying 
degrees of gifts. "Maybe I haven't accomphshed a whole lot in proportion to what I've 
been given." 

Caruso came to Susquehanna from Adantic City. New Jersey, and found out early on 
what it was like to be part of a winning team. A member of the University's sports Hall of 
Fame, he was an offensive and defensive guard and team co-captain for the Crusaders dur- 
ing one of their most successftil eras under Football Coach Jim Garrett. 

After graduating with a degree in accounting, he went on to become a C.P.A. and 
receive a master's degree in business administration from Bucknell in 1966 and a Ph.D. 
from the London School of Economics in 1990. He worked for Price Waterhouse in 
Philadelphia from 1966-69 and is frank when he discusses the success of companies he's 
pioneered since then. 
In 1969 he joined Lease Financing Corp. and developed it into one of the largest financial corporations of its kind. 
He is proud of the book he authored. Mailoring and the Business Envirotimetit. and the organization he founded 15 years 
ago. the Uncommon Individual Foundation. In 1989 he founded Integra LifeSciences - a leading developer of implants 
and biomatenals. And Caruso candidly refers to his latest endeavor. Interactive Investor International, as "the best finan- 
cial web site in Europe." He was a finaUst for the Newjersey state Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 1995. 

Caruso is married to Sally Feitig '68 Caruso with whom he has two sons, Jonathan and Peter. His volunteer ser- 
vice includes being a trustee of the Baum School of Art in Allentown, Pa., and an active member in the American 
Insntute of Certified Public Accountants. His Susquehanna activities include his 25th reumon committee and the 
SigmundWeis School of Business Partners and Advisory Council. He has been a member of the Umversity's board of 
directors since 1986. 

"There is some satisfaction when you reach a certain level in a particular area, but for me that's always been the time 
to move on to the next thing. There's always something more to do. I'm never finished." 

— Mar)' Cammarata Markle 



Class Reporter: 
Irene Etier Schtuehl 
3194 Eller Road 
Chamhersbiii^, PA 17201 



35^:h REUNION 

Class Reporter; 

Susan C. Petrie 

8917 Groffs Mai Drive 

Owings Mills. MD 21117-6136 

The Rev. Barry Bence '65 is 

now serving at Christ Lutheran 
Church, of Montgomery, Pa. He and 
his wife, Clarice, bve in Montgomery. 

Richard T. Fenstermacher '65 

and his brother. H J. "Sonny," co- 
owners of Hadesty's Hardware Co., 
Pottsville andTamaqua. Pa., received 
the G. Earl Stephenson 
"Distinguished Citizens Award" for 
their outstanding community service. 

M. Kent Leid '65 has been 
appointed acting state fire comrms- 
sioner for the Commonwealth of 
Pennsylvania. He had been adminis- 
trative officer for the state fire com- 
missioner's office. He hves in 
Harrisburg, Pa. 





Class Reporter: 
Carol Wentzel Felix 
30 South 11'^' Street 
Sunbury.PA 17801-2952 

Class Reporter: 
Virginia Biniek 
296Andover Street 
Wilkes-Barrc, PA 18702-4541 

Ronald Chalmers *67 has been 
elected to a four-year term on the 
board of directors of The 
Connecticut Business & Industry 
Association. He currently is executive 
vice president of operations for Royal 
Precision Inc.. and lives in 
Torrington, Conn. 

Fred Dudley *67 was named vice 
president of operations at the Dover. 
Ohio, corporate headquarters of 
Marlite. In his new position, Fred will 
be responsible for the manufacturing 
operations at Dover and is expected 
to develop and implement programs 
to improve competitiveness, respon- 
siveness to customer needs, and prof- 


itabihty. He hves in Delroy. Ohio. 

Elizabeth Shintay '67 
LeAnderson is working at the 
American Commumty School at 
Beirut in Beirut. Lebanon. 

Judge William Harvey Weist 
served as guest speaker for the 
Veteran's Day program at Southern 
Columbia Area High School. He has 
practiced law m Sunbury. Pa., for 27 
years and was elected judge of the 
Court of Common Pleas in 
Northumberland. Pa., in 1997. BiU 
lives in Dalmatia. Pa. 



Class Reporter: 
Samuel D- Clapper 
254 Barrister Drive 
Somerset. PA 15501-9361 

Robert Forse '68 has been elect- 
ed to the board of directors of the 
Pennsylvania Association of 
Community Bankers. He hves in 
Muncy. Pa. 

After a merger of HCM Benefits 
Inc., andABD Insurance and 
Financial Services, Jim Hall '68 was 
named president ot the merged com- 
pany's Employee Benefits Division. 
Jim hves in PalosVerdes Estates. Calif- 
Suzanne Yenchko '68 is manager, 
regional public affairs. International 
Paper, Camp Hill, Pa. 



David M. Dumeyer '69 is the 

executive director of the House 
Education Committee. House of 
Representatives, Harrisburg, Pa. He 
lives in Landisville. Pa. 



Class Reporter: 
Kathryn Zierdl Gnibh 
171 Riverhend Road 
Berkeley Heights, NJ 07922 

Wayne Hill '70 has been named 
to the board of directors of Peoples 
State Bank. East Berhn. Pa. Wayne 
and his wife, Sue, have three daugh- 
ters and reside in Gettysburg, Pa. 

William C. Metz '70 is vice pres- 
ident and general manager of the 
industrial chemicals and solvents divi- 

8 Susquehanna Today 

ing link in the chorale scene in 
Central Pennsylvania." She hves in 
Carhsle, Pa. 

A weekend in New York City, dinner at one of the city's best restaurants, a show on 
Broadway, brunch or a penthouse terrace, a relaxing day catching up with each 
other, reminiscing about days gone by into the wee hours of the night makes the 
'turning-half-a-century-old' pill a lot easier to swallow for old friends of the class of 
'70. Pictured are, from left to right: Mary Lotspeich, Jane Shoemaker-Aretz, Susan 
Smith Clawe, Kathy Van Order Bowen, Harriet Burger Griffith, Marci Graeff Bell, 
Barbara Latsha Stern, Sharman LeVan Ebbeson, Cheryl Huleatte Rennsberg, and Betty 
Jane Swartz Larsen. 

sion of Ashland Distribution Co., 
Columbus, Ohio. He lives in Dublin. 


Class Reporter: 
Whitney A. Gay 
5 North Gateway 
Winchester, MA 01890 

James Cotner *7t has been elect- 
ed to the West Branch Valley Chapter 
o( the Pennsylvania Sports Hall of 
Fame. Jim, who lives in Lewisburg, 
Pa., was the boys' varsity basketball 

coach and golf coach, and has been 
the athletic director at Lewisburg 
High School since 1990. 

Patricia Kilshaw *71 McAteer is 
middle school and high school prin- 
cipal in the AnnviUe-Cleona School 
District. Pat and her husband.James 
'70. hve in Lebanon. Pa. 

Randall Yoder '71 performed 
with other local pianists at the 
Strand-Capital Performing Arts 
Center in York, Pa., as part of the 
"Mil2{)00ium. a spectacular multi- 
piano extravaganza." Randy is choral 
director at William Penn Senior High 
School in York, conductor of the York 
County High School Honors Choir 
and performs with the York-area 
group "A Touch of Class." 


Michael Huth *72 is business 
manager for Midd-West School 
District, Snyder County. He lives in 
Freeport. Pa. 

Theodore H. Maack>i, right, owner of 
the Pottstown Plating Works Inc., 
accepts the Governor's Award for 
Environmental Excellence from 
Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge. 
Pottstown Plating was honored for cut- 
ting its water use by more than half. 
The company uses large amounts of 
water along with zinc, tin, copper and 
nickle to electroplate automobile parts, 
hardware and electronic components. 


Class Reporter: 

S.John Price 

108 North 9''' Street 

Ashland, PA 17921-1233 

Teresa Rhoderick '73 Bowers is 

the artistic director and founder of 
The Harrisburg Women's Chorale, a 
group that she says will fill "the miss- 


4c ^^^^^^^^^Dt 

class Reporter: 
Susan Lang Martin 
12 Prince Henry Drive 
Randolph. NJ 07869 

The Rev. Dr. E. Wayne Dreyman 

*74 is pastor of St. John's Lutheran 
Church, Summit. N.J. He came fix)m 
Plymouth. Minn., where he was pas- 
tor at St. Philip the Deacon. 

Darrell Willis '74 

Willis '74 has 

received the 
Services Awaid 
from Brookdale 
College, where 
Darnell has been 
employed for 
the past four- 
teen years. As both an administrator 
and instructor. Darrell has been able 
to help and instruct many students to 
achieve both academic and personal 
excellence. He has worked tirelessly 
with the BCC Black Student Umon. 
Student Activities Office. Center for 

Susquehanna University 

Alumni Association 

The Susquehanna University Alumni Association will hold its annual 
meeting and election on Saturday, June 3, 2000. The nominees are: 

For one-year terms as officers of the Alumni Association: 
Jack K. Bishop '57 - Hershey, Pa. 

First Vice PresidetU 

Samuel D. Clapper *68 - Somerset, Pa. 

Second Vice President 

Margaret Anne Finley '85 Floumoy - Allentown, Pa. 


Dorothy S. Wesner *81 — Dauphin, Pa. 


Chester G. Rowe '52 - Selinsgrove, Pa. 

For three-year terms as members-at-large to the Alumni Association 
Executive Board: 

Douglas B. Carlson *88 - Bedminster, N.J. 
Robert E Herr '90 - Germantown, Md. 
Christine Bukowski '92 Johnson - Orwigsburg, Pa. 
Virginia Lloyd '82 - Mount Laurel, N.J. 
Stephanie Haase '60 Moore -Wilton, Conn. 
Carol Scherb '70 Ray - Midland Park. NJ. 
Suzanne Yenchko '68 — Lemoyne, Pa. 

For a three-year term as an Alumni Representative to the University 
Board of Directors: 

Jack K. Bishop '57 - Hei^hey. Pa. 

Mary T. Coughlin '82 - Brant Beach. NJ. 

Susquehanna Today 9 

Holocaust Studies. Interface. Holiday 
Feast and the African -American 
Family Festival. Darrell and his wife. 
Gail, have two children. Darrell, Jr. 
and Joy. and they Lve in Howell. NJ. 



Class Reporter: 

William Clark Snyder 
Apt. 1 

J ] 1 Glenu'pod Ai'enue 
Binsluwuon. SY 13905-1944 

Readsboro.Vt.. with her two sons. 
Stephen and Hank. 


Jazz pianist Eric Doney *75 per- 
formed at the maugural concert of 
the Mentor Series at the Fine and 
Performing Arts Center of East 
Stroudsburg Umversity. In 1993. 
Doney returned to the Poconos and 
formed Pacific St. Records. He has 
produced 18 releases for his label to 
date. Eric Uves m Pen Argyl. Pa. 

Robert G. Jarjisian '75 has been 
promoted to circulation director of 
the Daily Local News. He lives in 
Cochranville. Pa. 

Benjamin Stinner *75 has been 
named the first holder of the 
Endowed Chair of Agricultural 
Ecosystems Management in the 
College of Food. Agricultural and 
Environmental Sciences for Ohio 
State Umversity. Ben and his wife. 
Debbie, have two children and Uve in 
Smithville. Ohio. 



Class Reporter: 

Brcnda Zboray Klinger 
968 Bluejay Road 
Harrisburg, PA 17111-5005 

Kurt H. Kohler *76 is president 
of the Reading Association of 
Insurance and Financial Advisors for 
the 1999-2000 year. Kurt, who is the 
Berks County-area manager for the 
Aid Associanon for Lutherans, is 
responsible for overseeing operation 
of the chapter, appointing conuiiittee 
chairmen and acting as a Uaison 
between the local, state and national 
associations. He lives in Reading. Pa. 

David W. Long '76 is on a two- 
year assignment to assist in the start 
up of a new sterile antibiotic facility 
near the town of Mirabel. France. 

Helyn Strom-Henricksen '76 is 
a school -to -work coordinator for the 
Windham Southeast Super\'isor>' 
Union in Wilmington. Vt. She lives m 



Class Reporter: 

Lynn Sarf 
844 High Point 
Claremont. CA 91711 

Our Lady of Lourdes Regional 
High School featured Victor Boris 
*77 in their third annual Coffee 
House. He is the leader of the Vic 
Boris Trio and Sing Along with Vic 
and he lecmres at Susquehanna 
University and teaches piano. 
Born to 
Dorothy Ann and 
Ronald L. Brett 
'77. a daughter. 
Alexis Ann. 
November 9, 
1999. She joins 
sisters. AUison 
Damelle. age 4, 
and Amanda 
Leigh, age 3. Ron 
is an account manager for Anheuser- 
Busch Inc.. in Philadelphia Count>'. 
Dorothy Ann is a computer techni- 
cian tor Abington Hospital. They Uve 
in Horsham, Pa. 

Scott L. Klinger '77 is manager 
for SSC Accounting, Shared Service 
Center for Tyco Electromcs 
Corporation {formerly AMP) in 
Harrisburg, Pa. 

Alexis Ann Brett 


Class Reporter: 
Judy Rik 
2-F Olympic Drive 
Reading, PA 19607-3333 

Rick Bailey '78 has been elected 
a Snyder County Commissioner. He 
bves in Winfield Pa. 

Ed Clancy '78 is the senior vice 
president, accident & health for Ace 
International in Philadelphia Pa. Ed 
and his wife. Sally, have two children. 
Dan and Erin, and reside in ViUanova. 

Martha Keesler Miller '78 is a 
caseworker for Marworth in Waverly. 
Pa. She and her husband. Larris. live 
in Olyphant. Pa. 

Todd Rossel '78 and his wife. 
Jentufer, traveled to Russia to adopt a 
baby girl (born March 1 1). named 
Louisa Anastasia Rossel. They traveled 
to Pskov, in western Russia, whicli is 
where Louisa was hving m an 
orphanage. They spent a day m 

Moscow finalizing the adoption at 
the U.S. embassy and four days in 
Prague. Czech Repubhc prior to fly- 
ing home. Between 1993-1996 Todd 
was director of human resources for 
Deloitte &: Touche Eastern /Central 
Europe and Todd and Jennifer wanted 
their friends in Prague to have the 
chance to share in their joy and be a 
part of their experience. Because of 
the time they spent in Central 
Europe, it was important to Todd and 
Jennifer to adopt a child fi-om that 
region of the world. Todd is currendy 
the national director of human 
resources for Management Solutions 
& Services, the middle market con- 
sulting group for Deloitte &: Touche. 
He was admitted to the partnership 
of the firm in June. 1999. Todd. 
Jennifer and Lousa live m Trumbull, 



Class Reporter: 
Sue Odjakjian 
22745 Miranda Street 
Woodland Hills. CA 91367 

Ellen Roush '79 DiDomenico 

is the new executive director of the 
Lycommg-Clinton Mental Health- 
Mental Reurdation Joinder Board. 
She bves in SeUnsgrove. Pa. 



Class Reporter: 

Rohh liluimoycr 

211 Baldu'in Boulemrd 

Orchard Hilh 

Selinsgroue. PA 17870-9511 

Born to Katherine and Gary R. 
Beveridge '80. a daughter. Heather 
Katherine. February 2. 2()00. She 
joins big sister, Chnsta.They live m 
Northumberland, Pa. 


Class Reporter: 
Christopher Kiessling 
243 Hill Road 
Groion.M-i 01450-1607 
Ckiesshng@/easl.sun . com 

Scott L. Silar '81 is an associate 
with Marshall, Deennehey. Warner, 

Coleman 6c Goggin in their 
Wilmington. Del., office. He will 
concentrate his practice in the work- 
ers' compensation area. 

James R 
Stetler *81 has 
been named a 
principal by the 
board of direc- 
tors of The 
.'';-^^, Vanguard Group. 

j^B ^^. He lives in 

Havertown. Pa. 

James P. Stetler "81 


Class Reporter: 
Ann Sianzione Jliompson 
7714 Briarstone Court 
Ellicott City. MD 21043-7050 
Jim A nn T(a^rols. com 

Rick Alcantara '82 was elected 
president of the Philadelphia Chapter 
of the Public Relations Society of 
America. In December, he received 
the association's A-nthony J. Fulginiti 
Award for Outstanding Contributions 
to Public Relations Education. He is 
president ofTara Conmiunications 
and lives in Sicklerville, NJ. 

James R Olson '82 is corporate 
sales manager. Nomad Networks Inc., 
Newark. NJ. 

The Rev. Pamela Werner '82 is 
pastor ot St. James Evangelical 
Lutheran Church. Brogue, Pa. She 
hves in Red Lion, Pa. 


Class Reporter: 

Sue Frekot Doty 
160 Joan Dnve 
Colleget'ille, PA 1 9426 

Have an idea 

lOran alumni 

Share your 


with the 

office of 

Alumni Relations at 


or 570-371-4115. 

10 Susquehanna Today 

Cris '82 and Cindy Rooke hosted a beer-tasting party at the Bernardsville 
Stone Tavern in Bernardsville, N.J. in April. Young alumni and guests joining 
the group included, left to right, Michelle Hoffman '98, Brian Hoffman, 
Mindy Haake '99, Jennifer Chaikivsky '99 and Judy Carletta '99. 



Class Reporter: 

Randi Keller Sagona 

3734 Moon Bay Circle 

West Palm Beach. FL 33414-8806 

Robert S. Nickey *84 is vice 
president and regional manager of 
Drovers Bank. Rob currently serves 
on the board of directors as president 
for the Weinburg Center for the 
Performing Arts, and he is a member 
of the board of directors of the 
Tourism Council of Frederick 
County. Additionally, he is active with 
the Chamber of Commerce and 
serves as chairman of the Steering 
Committee for Leadership Frederick 
County. Rob hves in Middletown, 

Lcroy O'Neill '84 is the head 
football coach at Pine Grove High 

Andrew Reilly '84. managing 
partner of the Media branch of the 
law firm Swartz. Campbell and 
Detwiier, is the newest member of 
Delaware County Council. He lives 
in Media, Pa., with his wife and three 




Class Reporter: 
Tracy Gerard Akner 
200 Lincoln Avenue 
Rockmlle Cenlre.NY 11570 

Leah G. Fahsbender *85 married 
Robert F.Whalen. October 16. 1999, 
St. Teresa of Avila Church, Suiruiiit, 

N.J. Leah is an assistant vice president 
and surety manager of Chubb &' Son 
in Bridgewater, N.J. Her husband is 
vice president of equity operations at 
Prudential in Newark. NJ.The cou- 
ple resides in Summit. 

Born to Steve and Ann Hubley 
Fehr '85, a son, Brian George, 
December 5, 1999. He joins brother, 
Stephen, age 8. and sister, Caroline, 
age 5. They live inTrappe, Pa. 

Carolyn J. Oberholtzer '85 mar- 
ried Edmund M. KeUy, May 1999. 
They live in New York City. 


Class Reporter: 
Karen Doty Clemens 
7 Annette Drive 
Limerick, PA 19468 

Daniel K. Patterson '86 and his 

wife. Diana, had their second child on 
October 1. 1999. His name is Conner 
Kenneth. Conner's older sister. Bailey, 
is almost 3 years old. The Pattersons 
live ni Boxford. Mass. 

Alice Brown '86 Weiler has put 
the final touches on her first full- 
length CD album We Don't Monkey 
Around. The 13-song children's album 
was released in December. Alice Hves 
m Montoursville. Pa. 



Class Reporter: 
Cynthia L. Cooke 
846 Green Pond Road 
Rockaway. NJ 07866-4403 

David M. Kcenich '87, Burbank, 
Calif.. IS an animator for Disney stu- 
dios. He worked on Tarzan, Hercules 
and Fantasia 2000. 

Born to Michael and Adriene 
King Plath '87. a son, Kevin James, 
July 16, 1999. He joins brother, 
Michael Patrick, age 4. They Uve in 
Fredon Township, N.J. 

Camille M. Smith '87 married 
Trevor S. DeLew. November 6. 1999. 
St. Joseph's Church, Babylon. N.Y. 
The groom is a software sales consul- 
tant. The bride is employed in phar- 
maceutical services. The couple 
resides in Fairfax, Va. 

graduate of the Dickinson School of 
Law of Pennsylvania State University. 



Class Reporter: 

Mark Tliorsheim 

Apt. 9-E 

200 Riverside Drive 

NeivYork, NY 10025-7248 

Doug Chamberlin '88 has 

received honors as one of the princi- 
ple writers on the new hit movie, Toy 
Story 2. Doug has been involved in 
several other film and television pro- 
jects, including two films for Steven 
Spielberg {Casper II and Small Soldiers 
If), and Tlie Rocky and BuUuHnkle 
Movie starring Robert DeNiro. He 
hves in Beverly Hills, Calif. 

Patrick M. Kennedy '88 was 
recognized by the Financial Analysts 
of Philadelphia Inc.. for his research 
on the municipal bond market. 
Patrick's research paper earned first 
prize tn the Financial Analysts of 
Philadelphia's yearly research contest 
- the Philadelphia Prize. Patrick is 
vice president and fixed income port- 
folio manager for Pitcairn Trust 
Company, Jenkintown, Pa. 

Christine Clewell '88 Santos 
recently performed in an organ recital 
presented by the music deparmient at 
Indiana University of Pennsylvania. 
Christine is a visiting instructor at 
lUP and lives in Mohnton, Pa. 
Born to Margot and Mark 
Thorsheim '88. a son. Max David. 
December 30, 1999. They live m 
New York. N.Y 

Born to 
JjXXbtJUi PaulVolk '88 
and his wife, 
/ m Carol, twm 

^^Tfe, "^ ''Ons, Hayden 

^ Vi ,^ ? and Matthew, 
born March 
jgj^ 27. 1999. The 

i_i j«« •.r.A R-^v. David 

Hayden and 

Matthew Volk Volk 52 IS the 

proud grandfa- 
ther. Paul. Carol and the boys hve in 
Colts Neck. NJ. 

Wendy P. Witt '88 has joined the 
Selinsgrove. Pa., law firm of 
Rudmtsky & Hackman. She is a 



class Reporter: 
Sharon Henderson 
477 Baxter Avenue 
Wyckoff.NJ 07481 

Born to Mark D. '91 and Linda 
Ofensend '89 Cote, a son, Matthew 
David, December 18, 1998. They live 
in West Chester, Pa. 

Born to Andrew '89 and Linda 
Knutsen '89 Fiscus, a son, Daniel 
Allen, May 14, 1999. Andy is an 
investment accounting specialist for 
Public School Employees' Retirement 
System (PSERS) and Linda is on a 
one-year maternity leave from her 
position as a mathematics teacher at 
New Oxford High School. They live 
in Dillsburg, Pa. 

Kristen Garfield '89 is the East 
Coast manager of IMPAC Medical 
Systems, Cambridge, Mass. 




Class Reporter: 
Angela J. Johnson 
1331 Town Colony Drive 
Middletown, CT 06457 

Cindy Cook '90 married Jason 
Pietarinen.June 19, 1999, Braddock's 
Tavern, Medford, N.J. Susquehannans 
in the wedding were Cathy Cook 
'82 Davis and Jennifer Miller '90 
Sheckells. Cindy is an operating 
room materials manager at Cooper 
Hospital in Camden, NJ.The couple 
resides in Marlton. NJ. 

Born to Mindy and James P. 
Cawley '90, a daughter, Kathleen 
Victoria, October 1 , 1999. She joins 




Cene Cautillo '90 hits the phones to 
call classmates at a reunion-planning 
meeting on February 26 to begin 
preparing for Alumni Weekend 2000. 

toininued on page 14 

Susquehanna Today 11 

Joel Cunningham 

Commencement 1997. 

■ hey were hot, tired, exhila- 
m rated, and apprehensive. The 

^^L- last thing incoming class of 
1999 students and their parents expected 
when they filed into Weber Chapel for 
opening convocation in August 1995 was 
51 -year-old University President Joel 
Cunningham making his pubhc debut 
on the cello as an "audio-visual aid" to his 
welcoming remarks. 

But play he did, and the performance 
has resonated ever since. 

In sharing his own experience, "he 
made it okay for every kid here to uke a 
risk, to try something new," said Dean of 
Student Life Dorothy Anderson '62. 
"It was pretty bad - he told us it would be 

Chamber Orchestra Rehearsal, 1998. 

Enduring Legacy, 

New Chauenge 

bad," recalls Abby Byrnes '99. "But it 
was the first time I had ever seen him or 
heard him speak and it was pretty cool. We 
were wondering if he was going to play at 

Five years later and a bit more 
accomphshed as an amateur cellist, 
Cunningham will leave Susquehanna in 
July to become president and vice chan- 
cellor at the University of the South in 
Sewanee,Tenn. His wife, Trudy, who has 
played her own key role in Susquehanna 
campus Ufe in addition to being an associ- 
ate dean of engineering at nearby 
Bucknell University, will join Sewanee as a 
senior consultant for admissions and advis- 
ing. Both will serve as speakers and receive 
honorary degrees at Susquehanna's 2000 
commencement. (See story, page 24) 

The move is in many ways a return to 
roots for the Cunninghams, who have 
known and loved Sewanee for most of 
their bves. Joel, a native of Oak Ridge, 
Tenn., will be at the helm of a nationally 
ranked Uberal arts college with 1,300 
undergraduates and 100 graduate students 
in a theological school affiliated with the 
Episcopal Church. He will also serve as 
mayor for the town of Sewanee which 
encompasses the 10,000-acre campus on 
the Cumberland Plateau. 

"Our twenty-plus years at Susquehanna 
have been great ones for us and for our 
daughters," Joel wrote to campus fi'iends. 
"The choice for us between staying here 
and going there was a nearly impossible 
one between strongly attractive alterna- 
tives. In the end, we have decided to 
accept the new challenge." 

"A University That Knows Itself" 

The Cunninghams first came to 
Susquehanna in 1979 when Joel was 
named vice president for academic affairs 
and professor of mathematical sciences. He 
became the University's 13th president in 
1984 and has buUt an enduring legacy in 
the past two decades. 

Under Cunningham's leadership, the 
University endowment has increased from 
$4 million to more than $92 milhon, an 
accomphshment that has involved "friend- 
raising as well as fijnd-raising," in the 
words of Harold O'Connor, former 
chair of the University board of directors. 

The percentage of faculty holding doc- 
torates has grown from 65 percent in 1985 
to 91 percent today. Nearly ten percent of 
the faculty are members of minority 
groups and 38 percent are women. The 
size, quality and diversity of the student 
body has also grown. In 1985, there were 
1,400 students; today there are 1,639. 
Strategic planning is in place to support 
and encourage a gradual growth to 1 ,800 
students by 2004. 

The period has also seen new academic 
programs, including the 1999 realignment 
creating the School of Natural and Social 
Sciences and School of Arts, Humanities 
and Communications. The SigmundWeis 
School of Business, formed in 1983, has 
recently had its accrechtation reaffirmed by 
the AACSB - The International 
Association for Management Education. 
Library holdings have increased, and new 
information technology has enhanced 
teaching and learning. Fully wired since 
1 994, Susquehanna was among the first 
colleges of its size to install a campus-v^ade 
network. "Joel had a desire to improve the 

12 SusQlJEHANNA Today 

institurion's academic reputation in a way 
that would be fiscally sound," says 
Associate Professor of Accounting Jerrell 
Habegger. "1 think he has done the cor- 
rect balancing of the deinands of various 

Cunningham has led two highly suc- 
cessful capital campaigns, the still unfin- 
ished current campaign has already raised 
more than $46 million on an original goal 
of $35 million. Campaign gifts have 
enabled the University to invest nearly $60 
million in new and renovated facilities 
touching virtually every aspect of campus 
- from academic and residence halls, to a 
new gallery and theater and a major 
sports/fitness complex currently under 
construction. Today Susquehanna is recog- 
nized in many guidebooks to selective col- 
leges as one of the best small universities 
in the Northeast. 

"Joel's legacy is a stable, well-estabhshed, 
growing university that is fiscally sound 
and well-positioned for the future," says 
O'Connor. "We are a University that 
knows itself well and Joel really helped to 
establish that very firmly." 

President's Opening Dinner, 1995. 

"A Much, Much Better School" 

"When I graduated in 1978 I felt very 
well prepared," says Selinsgrove attorney 
Karen Hackman '78 Mendonca. "But I 
think Susquehanna is a much, much better 
school today," she adds. Mendonca also 
expresses pride in the way Cunningham 
has encouraged close ties between the 
University and the community with initia- 
tives such as volunteer programs and the 
annual Latino Symposium. 

He has also enlarged the University's 
visibility to the world with activities 
including past presidencies of the Society 
for Values in Higher Education and Sigma 
Chi fi^ternity (international), and the 
estabUshment of academic exchange pro- 

grams with Yaroslavl University in Russia 
and Senshu University in Japan. 

Drowiiini; in Mnil 

"Just the volume of mail alone that comes 
into the ofiice would be enough to drown 
most people," says Philip Winger, who 

has served as assistant to the president for 
the past ten years. 

"Iti the course of a day Joel can go 
from being a tough negotiator with 
architects and contractors to speaking at 
Rotary to chairing a hospital board 
meeting to giving a eulogy to listening 
to students' concerns during open office 
hours to playing the cello with the 
orchestra," says Winger. "All that after 
running on the Isle of Que in the 
morning, eating lunch in the cafeteria, 
and stopping to pick up trash on his 
way across campus. " 

"Allergic to Ret! Ink" 

His reputation for attention to detail and 
carefiil planning has paid off. The 
University has had a balanced budget for 
2 1 years - including several in the early 
1990s when the dechning pool of college- 
age students forced an uncomfortable dip 
in enrollment. "He established fiscal con- 
servatism," said Hal O'Connor. "We were 
allergic to red ink." 

The approach has led to what many see 
as one of the hallmarks of Cunningham's 
presidency. "We haven't had crises," says 
Phil Winger. "And it's not because we 
hved in some sort of magical time. It's 
because it is his leadership style to provide 
a margin of safety." 

Eclectic Activities 

The style is enhanced by his precise, artic- 
ulate communication skills and often self- 
deprecating sense of humor. And by Trudy 
Cunningham, who has embraced the role 
of Susquehanna's "first lady" with warmth, 
enthusiasm, and friendship to countless 
students, faculty, sufF and alumni. "She has 
a way of finding people in need and 
responding with shelter or food or a kind 
word," says Winger. 

And despite the administrative duties, 
Joel has "never disappeared fiom the stu- 
dents," says Dean Anderson. His eclectic 
activities have included rowing with the 
University crew, carving turkeys for stu- 
dents at the annual Thanksgiving dinner, 
crowning homecoming queens, and vol- 
unteering in community service with 
first-year students. Early in his tenure as 

Alumni Fun Run, 1991. 

president he also continued to teach, and 
has admitted to personally visiting a resi- 
dence hall room to wake at least one stu- 
dent late for an 8 a.m. Fundamentals of 
Math class. 

"He is a very good listener," sums up 
Abby Byrnes, a former student member of 
the board of directors who is now a grad- 
uate student in immunology at the 
University of Pittsburgh. "When I talked 
to him, I always felt that he was thinking 
about what I had to say." 

Joel and Trudy with daughters Susan, left, and Nancy. 

Susquehanna Today 13 

continued from page 1 1 
older brother, James Conner. Jim is an 
information technology analyst for 
the humanities department at Johns 
Hopkins University. They live in 
Mechamcsburg, Pa. 

Nicole Lefchak '90 married 
Matthcv^ Western. May 22, 1999, 
Tunkhannock United Methodist 
Church, Scranton, Pa. Russ Lefchak, 
'89 was an usher. Nicole is a semor 
account manager for Unicare in 
Springfield, Va. Her husband is an 
account executive for Pegasus 
TransAir in Dulles, Va. The couple 
resides in Fairfax, Va. 

Born to David and Leslie Doll 
'90 Maillie, a son, Nicholas, June 10, 
1999. Leslie is a stay-at-home mom. 
They live in Reading, Pa. 

Jennifer L. Miller '90 married 
Stefan S. Sheckells, October 23. 1999, 
Holy Trinity Church, Narberth. Pa. 
The groom is a management consul- 
tant with UMC Consulting in 
Adanta Janis Morris '90 was a 
bridesmaid. The couple vv^ll reside in 
Bryn Mawr, Pa. For more about 
Jennifer, see page 6. 

Born to Laurann and Steve Stepp 

Noel King 

*90. a daughter, Nicole, July 8. 1999. 
Steve earned an MBA degree from 
Temple University. He is an engi- 
neering manager with UPS. They live 
in Mechamcsburg, Pa. 



Class Reporter: 
Brell Ballenger 
22 NewYoik Avenue 
Uvalleiie.NJ 08735 

Tarrin Belluce '91 married Gary 
Martz, September 19,1998, 
Barrington, NJ. She is a drug and 
alcohol admissions counselor, the 
Seabrook House, Seabrook, NJ. Gary 
IS a financial analyst. They live in 

Tim Demko '91 is a sports 
writer for the Republican and Herald. 
He lives in Mahanoy City. Pa. 

Born to Sharon and George Derr 
'91. a daughter. Natalie Michelle. 
January 12. 2000. George teaches i" 
grade for Centreville Elementary 
School. They live m Windsor. N.C. 

Andrea A. Alta '93 married Scott C. Furlong, September 25, 1999, St. Paul Catholic 
Church, N.J. Andrea works in the business office at the Reading Hospital and Medical 
Center. Scott is self-employed. The couple lives in West Reading, Pa. Pictured, from 
left to right, are: Julianne Schweitzer '93, Becky Gonyer, Cyndi A. Sidoti '93, Andrea 
Furlong '93, Debbie Donzeiser '92 Vespucci, Tami Brokenshire '93 Pellegrino, and 
Meghan M. Carty '93- 


Deborah Tachovsky '91 Grant 

is assistant facihties manager for Bryn 
Mawr CoDege. She hves in 
Harleysville. Pa. 

Born to David and Laura Passaro 
'91 Pomrinca. a daughter. Emily 
Ehzabeth. December 14, 1999. Emily 
joins her older brother Ryan who is 
now 3 years old. They hve in 
Annandale, NJ. 

Thomas J. Rattay '91 has joined 



ezzo-soprano Noel King *92 has proven that she can sing, Hterally, with 
the best of them. 


Last April, King captured the Encouragement Award at a New York-based interna- 
tional competition sponsored by the Licia Albanese-Puccini Foundation, which fosters 
the talent of budding opera stars. 

"It s like an honorable menrion ," explains King, who vied against approximately 300 
top-flight vocahsts. "This was the third year I participated, and the first rime I won any- 
thing, so I'm improving. It's a matter of the older you get, the better you get." 

King, who look her first formal singing lessons at Susquehanna University, is a 
member of the Central Florida Lyric Opera, a training company in Orlando, where she 
also serves as the arts admimstrator. However. King hopes to leave administrative work 
behmd soon, supporting herself entirely by singmg. "Hopefully, that's what I'll be doing 
full time." she says with determination. "Nothing else." 

Singing professionally takes more than talent and persistence, though, King notes. It 
also requires substantial money for travel to auditions. "An opera singer can live any- 
where," she jokes. "As long as it's near an airport." Happily. King says, the Albanese- 
Puccini Foundation award, a monetary prize, will help further her goals. 

She adds that last year's win was not her first major success in competition. In 1998, 
she placed third at the regional level of the Metropolitan Opera National Council 
Auditions. "That was quite an accomplishment and something that very few singers 
do," she says, adding that winners at the national level generally secure a contract to 
sing with the Met - which happens to be King's dream. 

Meanwhile, King will continue to practice, compete and, on Sundays, share her tal- 
ents with a Leesburg, Fla., congregation, as part of her work with the Lyric Opera. 

Singing in church. King explains, has its own rewards. "It's something I've always 
done," she says. "It's kind of satisfying." 

— Beth Kaszuba 

the Morristown, N.J., law firm 
Porzio, Bromberg & Newman as an 
associate. Tom lives in Gillette, N.J. 



Class Reporter: 
Julie Heckman MuUin 

26 Wilson Boulevard 

Norristown.PA 19403-1418 

Born to Thomas and Laura 
Viozzi '92 Haldis, a son, Luke 
Thomas, January 16, 2000. They live 
in Danville, Pa. 

Kenneth M. Heflber '92 has 
attained the designation of Certified 
Financial Analyst. He is employed by 
W.R. Huff Asset Mannagement. He is 
also a member ofTaller. He lives in 
Morristown, NJ. 

Elizabeth Paige Malin '92 is the 
assistant athletic trainer forWellesley 
College. She lives in Salem, Mass. 

Born to Brad and Melissa Yelland 
'92 Murlless, a daughter, Karsen 
Elisabeth. December 7. 1999, They 
live in Paoli, Pa. 

Kelly O'Mara '92 is currently 
employed as a special agent for the 
Criminal Investigation Division of 
the Internal Revenue Service. She 
lives in Ellicott City. Md. 

Pat Patte '92 was recendy named 
head football coach at Coughlin 
High School. He hves in Wilkes- 
Bar re. Pa. 

Charles F. Shay Jr. '92 married 
Brooke E. Levy, November 14, 1999. 
Old St. Mary's Cathedral, San 
Francisco, Cahf Scott Mclntyre '92 
was a groomsman. Brooke is manager 
for Octagon, Olympic Division in 
San Francisco. Charles is vice presi- 
dent of J.H. Marsh & McLennan, Inc. 
The couple Uves in San Francisco. 

Susan ReiUy '92 Watlington 
completed her master's degree in 

14 Susquehanna Today 

human resource management at 
Rutgers Umversit>'. She is the human 
resource manager for Schering- 
Plough Research Institute in 
Kenilworth. N.J. Her husband. Keith 
*91. teaches 6fth- and 'sLvth-grade 
music in South Brunswick. N.J. 


Jusdn T. Binstead *93 married 
Christina A. Campbell, October 2, 
1999. Breezes. Cable Beach, the 
Bahamas. He completed premed 
course work at Pennsylvania State 
University and will continue his stud- 
ies at Philadelphia College of 
Osteopathic Medicine. Christina is a 
staffing manager at Officeteam in Mt. 
Laurel. N.J. They live in Narberth. Pa. 

Born to Michael and Suzanne 
Quackenbush *93 Dinsmore, iden- 
tical twin daughters. Morgan and 
Maggie. December 22, 1999. They 
join big brother, Michael. They bve in 
Saint Marys. Pa. 

Christopher Jeanes *93 is a real 

^^' *-r 

estate broker with Dougjas EUiman in 
New York Cit>'. 

Born to Da\id and Lisa Bobb '93 
MacDougall, twin daughters. Larissa 
Marie and Caitlin EUzabeth, May 27, 
1999. Lisa is currently a ftill-time 
mom. Da\id is a manufacturers repre- 
sentative for John Modey Associates, 
[nc.The family resides in Denver, Pa. 

Jennifer Lynne Norkus *93 mar- 
ried Daniel Marionni *94, October 
16. 1999. St. James Church, Basking 
Rjdge, N J. Jennifer is an admimstra- 
tive assistant with Fortress Investment 
Group in New York City. Darnel is 
director of Internet development for 
WIN Systems. Inc., in the New York 
City. The couple resides in 
Weehawken. NJ. 

Damon Reynolds *93 made his 
feature film debut in Martin 
Scorcese's Bringing Out Tlic Dead. He 
hves in Mill Valley, Cahf 

Julianne M. Schweitzer *93 is an 
apphcation software trainer for 
Pentamation Enterprise. She Uves in 
Quakertown, Pa. 

Born to Robert and Stephanie 
Re '93 Sheridan, a son, Austin 

Former Director of Campus Activities and Lacrosse Coach Andrea Dowhower married 
Philip Vollmer on Nov, 27, 1999, In Harrisburg, Pa. Andrea is currently working on a 
Ph.D. at Ohio State University. Philip, a graduate of Juniata College, is a sales repre- 
sentative for Shaw Industries. They live in Columbus, Ohio. Pictured are, from left to 
right, back row: Sports Information Director Mike Ferlazzo, Associate Professor of 
Psychology Ged Schweikert, Leonard Ebel '96, Kimberly Dun(<le '95, Gedd Schweikert 
'95, former Women's Soccer Coach Kwame Lloyd "93, former Assistant Director of 
Admissions Karii Grant '92; front row: Director of Campus Activities Gail Sutton 
Ferlazzo, Mary Louise Schweikert, former Associate Director of Annual Giving Allison 
Grebe "94, former Admissions Counselor Meg Johnson '96, Andrea, Laura Michielli '95, 
Paige Malm '92, and former Athletic Trainer Amy Everitt. 

Riley. January 28. 2000. They live in 

Rebecca Valentine *93 is a chem- 
ical engineer for Battelle. She bves in 
Powell. Ohio. 



Class Reporter: 

Andrea S. Hnghey 
905 Sheridan Street 
WilUamsport, PA 17701-3639 

Carla M. Answini '94 is a mar- 
keting project manager for The Eden 
Communications Group. She bves in 
Chatham, NJ. 

Ernest P. Fronzuto '94 is an 
associate with the law firm ot Piro, 
Zinna. Cifelli &' Pans. He has joined 
the litigaDon deparmient, speciaUzing 
in product hability and medical mal- 
practice matters. Ernest hves in 
Montclair. N.J. 

Leonard Glick '94 is at Babcock 
Graduate School of Management. 
Wake Forest University. He lives in 
Winston-Salem, N.C. 

Timothy W. Herbine '94 mar- 
ried Mehssa J. Levan, United Church 
of Christ. Muhlenberg Township. 
Reading, Pa. Mehssa is employed by 
Twin Valley School District. Timothy 
works for Blue Marsh Laboratories m 
Douglassville. Susquehannans in the 
wedding were Sara Herbine '92 
and Christopher Herbine '91. The 
couple lives in Wernersville. Pa. 

Mark William Knepper '94 
married Amy Jo Delewski, August 29, 
1999. at the Historic Cloister. 
Ephrata. Pa. The bride is employed by 
Tutor Time in New London, Conn. 
Mark is employed by Merrill Lynch 
in Princeton, NJ.The couple lives in 
New London. 

Daniel Marionni '94 married 
Jennifer Lynne Norkus *93 - see 



Tom Lull '94^, Dan & Barbara Samuel '77 Loftus and their daughter, Caroline, were 
among 25 alumni and friends who attended the Wilkes-Sarre/Scranton Penguins 
hockey game on February 26. 



Class Reporter: 

Korif Travel 

P.O Box /5 

Springi'ille, PA 18844-0015 


Cheryl Craig *9S Barna and her 

husband. Michael, relocated to Hong 


Make Your 
Curtain Call 




2, 3 &4 


SU-SQl/EHANNA Today 15 

Natalie A. Fadrowski*94 married MarkC Cresitello, July 17, 1999, St. Rose Catholic 
Church, Belmar, NJ. Natalie is an actuarial consultant and associate manager at 
Prudential, Newark, NJ. Mark is a corporate attorney with Simpson, Thatcher, and 
Bartlett in Manhattan. They live in New Providence, N.J.. Pictured are, from left to 
right, row one: Jessica Fadrowski '01, Natalie and Mark, Julie Mayer "94; row two: 
Jeffrey Fadrowski "92, Debbie Stone '01, Becky Page '94 Young and Jeffrey Young '94. 

Kong in October, 1997. Both are 
working for ACNielsen. Michael is a 
graduate of the Citadel, and is a 
regional financial controller for Asia 
Pacific. Cheryl is a marketing com- 
munications manager for North Asia. 

Seth D. Baublitz *95 married 
Laleh S. Radfar, May 30. 1999, First 
Baptist Church of Pittsburgh. 
Pittsburgh, Pa. Susquehannans in the 
wedding party were Jeflfrey 
McDonald '95. Christopher 
Bowen *94 and Brad Shofran '96. 
They live in Media, Pa. 

Michael T. 
Blazick '95 is an 
associate in the 
defense litigation 
law firm Marshall, 
Dennehey, Warner, 
Coleman & 
A ^^^B Goggin. He ^vill 
Michael T. Blazick '^''"""t™^ his 
•gr practice in the 

insurance cover- 
age/bad faith area. 
Michael lives in Philadelphia, Pa. 

The Rev. Megan Gail Brown 
'95 was installed as associate nunister 
of Bausman Memorial United 
Church of Christ. She Uves in 
Wyomissing. Pa. 

Jamie D. E. Ott '95 married Natalina 
Peluso, September 4, 1999, West Essex 
Baptist Church, Livingston, N.J. 
Natalina is employed as an elementary 
teacher in Madison, N.J. The couple 
resides in Morris Plains, NJ. 

Christopher R. Bryan '95 is a 

business analyst and portfolio manag- 
er for PaineWebber. He lives in 
Denville, N.J. 

Rodrigo Bustamante '95 is in 
charge of the subscription and 
Internet deparmient of Editores 
Nacionales S.A., in Ecuador, which 
publishes five magazines each month. 

Kristin Colello '95 is a first- 
grade teacher at Fanny Killer 
Elementary School. She lives in 
Westwood, NJ. 

Michael Gerhart '95 is the oper- 
ations manager for the credit card 
banking division of First USA 
Bank/Bank One. He and his wife, 
Erin, live in Heathrow, Fla. 

Kurt Gustafson '95 has been 
promoted to principal in the Private 
Asset Management - Advisory 
Strategies Group of State Street 
Global Advisors. He is also working 
towards his MBA degree at Boston 
University. Kurt lives in Brookline. 

Tracy A Hayes '95 married 
Michelle Diebold. October 23. 1999, 
United Methodist Church of Beach 
Haven. Beach Haven, N.J. 
Susquehannans in the wedding were 
Andrew Cosgrove '95 and Lambi 
Coroneos '95. Tracy is a textile 
agent with the International Textile 
Workshop in New York City. 
Michelle is studying for a masters 
degree in social work at Rutgers 
University in Newark. They live m 
Summit, NJ. 

Kelly Marks '95 Heim is thera- 
peutic staff support for Keystone 
Service Systems of North Central 
PA. Sunbury. Pa. 

Brandon Naples '95 played out- 
field for the Allentown Ambassadors. 
AUentown, Pa. 

Kristine Sgrignoli '95 married 
John Davison. May 29, 1999. St. 
David the King, West Windsor. NJ. 
Mary Lennon '95, was in the wed- 

ding parry. Kristine teaches first 
grade. The couple live in Ewing, N.J. 

Paul J. Sidoti '95 is an Oracle 
database administrator for Onhne 
Retail Partners, a new internet start- 
up company. He lives in Nanuet, N.Y. 

Kristie Marie Spangenburg '95 
married Eric Todd Ravert. September 
25. 1999, Pine Street United 
Methodist Church, Williamsport, Pa. 
Kristie is employed by the Small 
Business Administration. Eric works 
for United Rentals Inc. They live in 
Raleigh. N.C. 

Kristen Willix '95 is a product 
support technician for the 
Commercial Business Service Center 
of Chubb & Son at the corporate 
headquarters in Warren, NJ. She is 
also pursuing her master's degree in 
Enghsh education at Rutgers 
University, New Brunswick, NJ. 


Class Reporter: 
Margaret Pierce 
Kensington Arms Apt . 18-B 
22 Yorkshire Drive 
Hightstoum, NJ 08520 

Shannon R. Bowersox '96 mar- 
ried Brent R. Guthrie. September 18, 
1999. Rooke Chapel, Bucknell 
University, Lewisburg, Pa. Shannon is 
a marketing coordinator with PCS 
One/Omnipoint, Lancaster, Pa. Brent 
IS self-employed. 

J. Evan Boyd '96 is studying at 
West Virginia University to get his 
masters inTE.S.L. (Teaching English 
as a Second Language). He lives in 

Jane S. Brown '96 teaches sev- 
enth-grade science at Lincoln Middle 

Anne M. Kern '95 married Karl S. Gussow, July 31, 1999 at Schuylkill County Council 
for the Arts, Pottsville, Pa. Anne is a graduate student at the University of Florida. 
Karl is a high school teacher with the Maricopa Unified School District, Arizona. They 
reside in Mesa, Ariz. Pictured are, from left to right: Tom Welch '99, Karen Petock'oo, 
Karl and Anne, and Kristine Mutchler '95. 

U-r J ^s,m.y 

W.. -^m- 

Matthew J. Lenahan '96 married Cherie A. Ainsley '98, June 26, 1999, St. Peter's 
Lutheran Church, Middletown, Pa. Mathew is an intern pastor at Grace Lutheran 
Church in Lancaster, Pa. Cherie is a sixth-grade teacher for the Cornwall-Lebanon 
School District in Lebanon, Pa. The couple now resides in Manheim, Pa. Pictured are, 
from left to right, standing: Ann Schmiel '97, John Sheldon '97, Andrea Reidel '98, 
Jennifer Mariano "98, Jeremy Hartman '97, Mathew Gilbert '98, Kwame Lloyd '93, 
Courtney Wachter '98, Melanie Leech '98, Ellen Milardo '98, Sherrie Bauer '98, Kristel 
Yudt '98, Danielle Beam '98, Ann Schwalm '97, Margaret Matovich '98; kneeling: 
Jason Carrier '97, Allison Record '97, Jacob Waybright '98, Mathew and Cherie, Mark 
Ruzicka '98, Mark Cehret '99, and Kimberly Sell '98. 

16 Susquehanna Today 

School, Passaic. N.J. 

Heather Klingler '96 Dalton is a 

human resources generahsi for PHH 
Vehicle Management Services. She 
lives in Cross Roads, Pa. 

Dr Richard T. Fanella '96 has 
begun his chiropractic practice by 
opening Fanella Chiropractic Clinic 
m Indiana, Pa. He lives in Indiana. 

Nichole M. Fureman '96 plans 
to participate in the 2000 Disney 
Marathon in Orlando. Fla. In honor 
of alJ those that suffer from leukenua, 
she has committed to raise $3,000 to 
support the Leukemia Society. 
Nichoie lives in Grant\'ille. Pa. 

Anita Gnan *96, who works as an 
actress in Los Angeles, has recently 
wrapped up filming a movie caDed 
Coffee lo Go, and has fihiied a pdot for 
a PBS-type woodworkmg show. 

Barbara M. Grasech *96 is an 
assistant director/media buying. 
MediaVest World Wide. She lives in 
Astoria. N.Y. 

Jon C. Markey '96 is working as 
a banker for J. P. Morgan. He hves in 
Wilmington. Del. 

Robert M. Meckley '96 is work- 
ing as a commercial banker for Bank 
of America. He hves in McKinney. 

Robert J. Pellicone '96 married 
Gail A. Dombroski. September 1 1 . 
1999. St. Gabriel's Roman Cathohc 
Church, Marlboro. N.J. Robert is an 
operations specialist with Paine 
Webber in Weehawkin. N.J. Gail is a 
mental health chnician at Cathohc 
Community Services in Jersey City. 

Amy L. Schnau0er '96 is an 
assistant vice president at Merrill 
Lynch working on the trading floor 
of the stock exchange on Wall Street. 

She hves in New York City. 

Jennifer Wohiy '96 earned a mas- 
ter of science degree in biology from 
Old Dominion University in 
Norfolk. Va,, in December 1999. She 
is currendy employed by the State of 
Florida as a phytoplankton biologist 
for the Florida Marine Research 
Institute, in St. Petersburg. Fla. 


Class Reporter: 

Lisa Barella 

Apt. 2 

2021 Bridgekmm Pike 

Feasteruilk; PA 19053 

Lisa A. Barella *97 received her 
MBA degree in international business 
fromVilianova University in 
December 1999. She is employed at 
the Unisys Corporation in Blue Bell, 
Pa. in the Strategic Marketing 
Department, Computer Systems. Lisa 
hves in FeasterviUe. Pa. 

Our apologies to Tyrone Groom 
'97. for misreporting his former posi- 
tion with the Crusader football team 
in a Susquehanna Today winter 2000 
profile story. Croom served the foot- 
ball team as a halfback. 

Tom Dempsey *97 has been 
named the boys' basketball coach at 
Wyonung Seminary. He hves in 
Kingston. Pa. 

Michelle, Durham '97 is a docu- 
ment converter/typesetter for Bowne 
ofWashmgton DC. She lives in 
Greenbelt. Md. 

Ginger L. Good '97 married 
Steven J. Wayde, October 23, 1999. 

Todd Main '97 married Kimberly K. Tracy, June 5, 1999, First Presbyterian Church of 
the Covenant, Erie, Pa. Todd is an international sales coordinator at Kinetico Inc., 
Newbury, Ohio. Kimberly is a physical therapist at Keisel Physical Therapy Inc., 
Ashtabula, Ohio. They live m Mentor-on-the-Lake, Ohio. Pictured are, left to right: 
Chelsea M. Kuzma '97, Markus Fentz '97, Carrie Stanton '97 Scott, Kimberly Main "00, 
Brett Marcy '98, Todd and Kimberly, Charles R. Salter '97, George M. Needham '97, 
Lisa A. MacKenzie '98 and Joseph Dollnich '97. 

Annville Christ United Church of 
Christ. Annville. Pa. Elizabeth West 
*97 was maid of honor. Ginger and 
her husband are computer analysts at 
Rite Aid in Harrisburg.They live m 
Ehzabethtown, Pa. 

Peter R. Grover '97 is now with 
the benefits department of Lehman 
Brothers. He lives in Hightstown, NJ. 

Anna Hazlett '97 is assistant food 
services director with ARAMARX at 
Susquehanna University. She lives in 
Danville, Pa. 

Steven E. Hostinsky '97 married 
Kelly A. Bubnis. August 14, 1Q99. Our 
Lady of Peace R.C. Church. North 
Brunswick, N.J. Steven is employed 
by Evolution Health Initiatives. 
Woodbridge. His wife is employed by 
the North Brunswick Board of 
Education. They hve in North 

Sarah Jane Herchik '96 married R. Tyler Tomllnson, May 30, 1999, St. Mary's of the Mount, Mount Pocono, Pa. Sarah is with Caliber 
One Indemnity Company as a manager of finance. Tyler is an attorney with Mylotte, David, and Fitzpatrick. Pictured are, standing, 
left to right: Amanda M. Hancock "97, Lisa M. Fulton "96, Jeff R. Rumbaugh "96, Cassandra A. Henry '96 Rumbaugh, Johanna L. 
Zizelmann "98, Steve P. Ulkny '98, Dave H. Leeds '97, Meg Bogar '96 Leeds, Tyler and Sarah, Ken M. Peffer '96, Shannon L. Boyd '97, 
Cheryl E. White '96, Jennifer A. Grisan '96, Jennifer R. Hollenbach '95, Anthony M. Hackett "97. Kneeling, from left to right, are: 
Rachel Anderson '97, Emily Miller '97, Donna Klug "97, Mustaque AM '96, Andrew Frutiger '94 and Heather Ranck '95 Frutiger. 

Matthew Logan Johns '97 mar- 
ried Noel Marie Ulikowski '97, 

November 20, 1999. St. John 
Neumann Cathohc Church, 
Lancaster. Pa. Susquehannans in the 
wedding were Jill Carty '97, Julie 
Cook '96. Michael Walkiewicz 
'97, Jonathan Moore '97. Michael 
Hardy '99. and Jason Ulikowski 
'99, Matt IS employed by the 
Manheim Township School District, 
Noel 18 a human resources representa- 
tive for StaufFers of Kissel Hill. They 
live in Lancaster. 

David Tabares '97 has been salut- 
ed by Big Brothers Big Sisters by 
being named the College Big of the 
Year. He lives in Lancaster, Pa. 

Damian J. Wachter '97 has been 
promoted to executive director of the 
House Tourism and Recreational 
Development legislative committee. 
He lives in Pottsville. Pa. 

Ann M.Walter A'97 married 
Wayne M. Enders.July 4, 1999, Itahan 
Lake. Harrisburg, Pa. Ann is the busi- 
ness manager at Sehnsgrove Dental 
Arts, Sehnsgrove. Pa. Wayne is safety 
manager, Henkels & McCoy Inc., 
York, Pa. Their combined family con- 
sists of five daughters and they live in 
New Cumberland. Pa. 



Class Reporter: 
Heather Ncu'bcrger Dray 
41 J Petinsyh'ania Aueinte 
McDotiaU. OH 44437 

Cherie A. Ainsley '98 married 
Matthew Lenahan '96. (See 1996). 

Jennifer R. Ferraro '98 married 
Michael G. Piazza '98. September 
18. 1999, Hall of Springs. Sarasota 
Springs. N.Y. Both work for 
American Management Systems. 

Susquehanna ToPAY 17 

Christy Mae Graham "98 married Adam Willard, June 12, 1999, St. Matthew's Episcopal 
Church, Maple Glen, Pa. Christy is a purchasing associate with Library Video Company. 
Adam IS a carpenter/remodeler with Meyers Constructs. The couple resides in 
Plymouth Meeting, Pa. Pictured are: Emily Czarnecki '00, Emma Thompson '00, 
Damian Wachter '97, Joe Dolinich '97, Lisa Mackenzie '98, Jen Phillips '98, Jennifer 
Alvarez '98, Jennifer Mosko '98, and Adam and Christy. 

AmyJaneen Kastner'97 married Kevin Lee Barley '97, October 9, 1999, Trinity 
Lutheran Church, Ellwood City, Pa. Amy is a science teacher at Leechburg High 
School. Kevin is a law student at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law. They live 
in Oakmcnt, Pa. Pictured are, left to right, back row: Robert Whitmoyer '80, Loren C. 
Fortna "97, Chris MacVicar '97, Margaret Pierce '96, Christine Bowman '98, Professor 
of Physics Richard W.H. Kozlowski '75, Rodney Ries, Maureen Ries '62, Ryan Dumont 
'95; middle row: H. William Welliver III "97, Andrew Renauld "97, Mary Kate Scally '97, 
Kevin and Amy, April Woodward '98, Brian Ludwig '98, Heather Moody '96 Sargeant; 
front row: Krista Near97, Laura Desrosiers'oo, Anna Hazlett '97, Todd Frantz'97, 
Heather Vorhauer '98, and Jeremy Maseiko '97. 

Johanna L Zlzelmann "98 married Stephen Ullcny '98, February 18, 2000, St. John's 
Evangelical Luthern Church, Tamaqua, Pa. Johanna is a human resource assistant with 
KidsPeace. Stephen is a social studies teacher at Stroudsburg Middle School. The cou- 
ple live in Bethlehem, Pa. Pictured are, from left to right, row one: Andrea Zlzelmann 
'91 Baxter, Johanna and Stephen, Brent Baxter '91, Eric Zlzelmann '93; row two: James 
Gross '96, Megan Bogar '96 Leeds, Michael Falat '97, Jeff Angelo '97; row three: Dyan 
Lepley '98, Amy Skaudis '99, David Leeds '96, Josh Martin, Ann Williams '01, Adam 
Drapzuk '98, Jeremy Snyder '98, Shannon Boyd '97 Peffer, Kenneth Peffer '96, Lisa 
Fulton '96, Chad Bonchak '94, Brett Michaels '98, Lew Wolfgang '95, Diann Bryan '99, 
Jennifer Grisan '96, Emily Miller '97, and Sarah Herchik '96 Tomlinson. 

Jennifer is a business analyst and Mike 
is a staff accountant. They live in 

Matthew P. Gilbert '98 is a med- 
ical school student. He lives in Saco, 

Melissa S. Hahn '98 is manager 
of communications for Berks County 
Community Foundation of Reading. 
Pa. Recently, Dr. Jane Goodall came 
to Albright College to give a lecture 
on "Chimpanzees of the Gombe 
Stream National Park and 
Conservation Education Worldwide." 
and Melissa handled the public rela- 
tions efforts for the lecture. Her 
responsibilities included press releases, 
the media conference, photography 
arrangement and designing lecture 
materials. Melissa bves in Reading, Pa. 

Melanie A. Leech '98 has been 
promoted to the position of eastern 
region distributor sales manager for 
Hormel Foods. Lebanon, NJ. She 
lives in Princeton, NJ. 

Heather S. Orndorf '98 married 
Brent Korman. October 15, 1999. St. 

Melissa S. Hahn '98 welcomed Dr. Jane 
Goodall to a recent benefit lecture 
sponsored by the Berks County 
Community Foundation. 

Luke's Lutheran Church. State 
College. Pa. Heather is employed at 
Northwestern Human Services in 
State College. They hve in Pleasant 
Gap, Pa. 

Catching Up With ... 

The Classes 

of 1990 and 1995 

How are alumni doing in their lives and work and how do they relate their 
activities to their Susquehanna University education? A new survey project 
aims to find out. Last year the alumni office sent out surveys to the classes of 
1990 and 1995 to begin gathering data, Thanks to the more than 36 percent 
of the members of these two classes who took the time to fill out and 
return the questionnaires. 

So what were the results? 

Here are some of the details: 

Class of 1990 

Class of 1995 

Employed full time 



In graduate school 

fijll time 



part time 



Caring for a home or family 



Satisfied with occupation 



Occupation closely related 

to Susquehanna major 



Overall 90% of all respondents have very positive attitudes toward 
Susquehanna and 97% of all respondents said they would recommend SU to 
a prospective student. 

Thanks again for taking the time to send in your responses! Next up: the 
classes of 1991 and 1996. The survey may be heading your way later this 

l8 Susquehanna Today 


1999 Report 

Danielle M. Ablamsky is pursu- 
ing an advanced degree at Boston 
Univenity, Boston. Mass. 

Susan C. Albert is a math teacher 
with the Clifton Board of Education, 
Cbfton. NJ. 

Kelly D. Alexander is pursuing a 
master of social work degree at 
Marywood University, Scranton, Pa. 

Daniel R. Allen is a stockbroker 
with Olde Discount Corporation in 
Princeton, NJ. 

John J. Amoroso is a claims 
intern with CIGNA Property and 
Casualty m Glen Allen. Va. 

Katie A. Anderson is employed 
with Merck in Allentown. Pa. 

Alyssa M. Andreadis is a web 
site specialist for the Milton Academy 
in Milton. Ma. 

Mark J. Andrusis is a financial 
representative in the mutual fund 
department at Le^ Mason Warren 
York in Dallas, Pa. 

Gary P. Armish is the area coor- 
dinator at Susquehanna University in 
SeUnsgrove. Pa. 

Kimberly J. Aurand is a lab tech- 
nician at Nittany Pharmaceuticals in 
Lewistown. Pa. 

Kimberly A. Aviles is an intern 
in the ministry at Harrisburg Church 
of Christ m Harrisburg, Pa. She also 
works at the YMCA West Shore in 
Camp Hill. Pa. 

Amanda J. Baker is a first-grade 
teacher with the Hamburg Area 
School District in Hamburg. Pa. 

Megan Simcox Ballesteros is 
employed vnth the Pequannock 
School System in Mountain Lakes, 

Kelly Meier Barkafski is 
employed with Lancaster Laboratories 
m Lancaster. Pa. 

Charles E. Barley, Jr. is employed 
with Ernst &' Young in Vienna, Va. 

Michael S. Barrette is employed 
with Rhone Poulenc in Dunmore. 

Timothy E. Barth is a laboratory 
technician with Queensboro Farm 
Products in Canastota, N.Y 

Adam Z. Bassano is a promo- 
tional coordinator with Curtis 
Circulation Company in Park Ridge, 

Livia K. Baublitz is pursuing a 
doctorate m osteopathic medicine at 
the Philadelphia College of 
Osteopathic Medicine, Philadelphia, 

Jessica Brown Bayer is an 
employee speciaUst with Team Effort 

in Manhattan, Kan. 

Brandon S. Beaver is a student 
intern coordinator with COR^ 
Susquehanna AmeriCorps in 
Sehnsgrove. Pa. 

Aklile Berhanu is studying 
immunology at the University of 
Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Stephanie A. Bifien is pursuing a 
master of music degree at Cincinnati 
College Conservatory of Music, 
Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Brett A. Bloom is employed with 
Cox Communications in 
Williamsport, Pa. 

Robert J. Bolton is a social reha- 
bihtation coordinator with the 
Northumberland County Juvenile 
Court, Sunbury, Pa. 

Jennifer L. Botchie is a sports 
editor with Tfte Gazette in 
Chambersburg, Pa. 

Jan Botts is an environmental sci- 
entist with KCl Inc., Cockeysville, 

Jennifer L. Bourque is an online 
editor for American Lawyer Media 
Inc., New York, N.Y. 

Jennifer A. Bradbury is pursuing 
a master of arts degree at Bucknell 
University, Lewisburg, Pa. 

Sally A. Brady is a reporter for 
Public Opinion in Chambersburg, Pa. 

Sean H. Breckley is pursuing a 
degree in dentistry at Temple School 
of Dentistry. Philadelphia. Pa. 

Courtney M. Brenner is pursu- 
ing a paralegal certification at Bendey 
College. Waltham, Mass. 

Nicole L. Brown is an imple- 
mentation associate with Towers 
Perrin in Philadelphia. Pa. 

Diann M. Bryan is a benefits 
coordinator with Zany Brainy in 
Norristov^i, Pa, 

Charles H. Bull is an organist 
and choir director at the First 
Reformed United Church of Christ 
in Sunbury, Pa. 

Kristie L. Buriak is an account- 
ing assistant with Wood-Mode Inc., 
Kreamer. Pa. 

Kristen E. Buss is student teach- 
ing at Susquehanna University, and 
pursuing a teaching certification in 
secondary math. 

Abigail L. Byrnes is pursuing a 
master of science degree in genetic 
counseling at the Univenity of 
Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Dana A. Capobianco is an actu- 
arial administrator for The Vanguard 
Group in Valley Forge, Pa. 

Michele G. Cardlello is pursuing 
a master of arts degree in 
industrial/organizational psychology 
at Fairleigh Dickinson University, 
Madison, NJ. 

Judith A. Carletta is an assistant 
to the chief operating officer and 

traffic manager at Shadow 
Broadcasting in Rutherford, NJ. 

Kimberly A. Carson is a case 
administrator with American 
Arbitration Association in San 
Francisco. Cahf. 

Steven L. Castagna is employed 
with The Glenmede Trust Company 
in Philadelphia. Pa. 

Matthew R Cerimele is 
employed by the City of Alexandria, 

Stacy L. Cerula is a research 
assistant with Argonex Inc., 
Charlottesville, Va. 

Jeimifer L. Chaikivsky is a dis- 
trict administrator with EMC^ 
Enterprise Systems in Murray Hill, 

Brian D. Chapman is an associ- 
ate agent with Nationwide Insurance 
in Hamlin. Pa. 

Michael A. Checco is employed 
by LaSalle College High School in 
Philadelphia, Pa. He is also pursuing a 
master of music degree from 
Westminster Choir College in 
Princeton, NJ. 

Jessica A. Chichester is pursuing 
a doctor of philosophy degree in 
microbiology and molecular virology 
at Thomas Jefferson University in 
Philadelphia. Pa. 

Jeffrey M. Chiskowski is 
employed with Earth Engineering 
Inc., Blue Bell. Pa. 

Kevin M. Cielinski is a staff 
accountant with Barbacane. Thornton 
& Co. in Wilmington, Del. 

Adam M. Clark is employed 
with CIGNA Insurance in 
Wilmington, Del. 

Kathryn E. Cleveland is pursu- 
ing a master of science degree at 
Northeastern University, Boston, 

Lee S. Cohen is pursuing a juris 
doctor degree at Vermont Law 

Travis W. Colbert is employed 
with U.S. Filters in State College. Pa. 

Ronald H. Coleman is pursuing 
a master of arts degree and a doctor 
of philosophy degree in social work 
at the Marywood School of Social 
Work, Scranton, Pa. 

Sabrina Comarnitsky is pursu- 
ing a juris doctor degree at the 
University of Pittsburgh School of 
Law, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Kamika D. Cooper is the inter- 
im director of multicultural affairs at 
Susquehanna University, SeUnsgrove, 

Maxi £. Corkins is a resource 
coordinator with Deloitte &Touche 
in Philadelphia. Pa. 

Geofirey R. Cramer is employed 
with Cramer, Swetz, McManus, and 
Roach, East Stroudsburg, Pa. 

Katie J. Crowley is a pension 
analyst with Price, Waterhouse, 
Coopers, Stafford Springs, Conn. 

Brandy L. Crum is pursuing a 
master of science degree at Beaver 
College, Gienside, Pa. 

Erin N. Curran is pursuing a 
master of science degree in virology 
at New York University, New York, 

Christian L. Curry is employed 
with Towers Perrin in Virginia. 

Julie L. Danho is pursuing a mas- 
ter of fine arts degree in creative 
writing at Ohio State University. 

Todd A. Darlington is employed 
with Bell Adantic in Levittown. Pa. 

Nathan T. Davidson is a social 
studies teacher at the Carson Long 
Military Institute in New Bloomfield. 

Fawn A. Day is employed with 
the Montgomery County Public 
Schools in Maryland. 

Giuseppe DeBartolo is a carpen- 
ter with the Forestburgh Playhouse, 
Forestburgh, N.Y. 

Denya L. Decker is an auditor 
with Arthur Andersen in Lancaster, 

Rebecca L. Deetz is a residential 
childcare worker with the Forsyth 
County Youth Shelter in Gainesville, 

Shaun R. Derek is a general 
manager at K&G Foods in Sunbury, 

J. Paul Detweiler is a bio-tech 
vaccine manufacturer with Merck in 
West Point. Pa. 

Kara A. DiCamillo is an account 
associate with Morgen-Walke 
Associates in New York. N.Y 

Damon R. Dillman is working 
at Pottsville Broadcasting in PottsviUe, 
Pa., and plans to get a master's degree 
in broadcast journalism. 

Alyssa M. Ditzler is currendy 
doing an internship in Germany. 

Cory B. Doeringer is a business 
analyst/consultant with American 
Management Systems in East 
Hartford, Conn. 

Karen G. Doyle is a teacher's aide 
at Carrie E.Thompkins Elementary 
School in Croton, N.Y. 

Melissa R. Doyle is a research 
technologist with St.Jude Children's 
Research Hospital m Memphis, Tenn. 

Kelly L. Ecker is pursuing a doc- 
torate in osteopathic medicine at the 
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic 
Medicine, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Stacia M. Edmondson works in 
customer service with Lowe's Home 
Centers Inc., West Hazleton, Pa. She 
IS also the music director at Marian 
High School in Hometown, Pa. 

Kenneth R Eitenhard is a claims 
adjuster with CNA Insurance in 

Susquehanna Today 19 

Emmaus. Pa. 

Angelique G. Elser is pursuing 
a master of arts degree and a doctor 
of philosophy degree in German at 
Penn State University. College Park, 

Amber M. Emery is a client 
server specialist and tactical speciahst 
with JP Morgan in Newark. Del. 

Liana E. Evans is a lead devel- 
oper with SQV Systems in 
Houston. Texas, 

Kirk R. Ferkett is workmg with 

Christine Hughes Fischer is a 
third-grade teacher at Hoover 
Elemenury School in North 
Mankato. Minn. She is also pursuing 
a master of science degree in cur- 
riculum and instruction at 
Minnesota State University, 

Laura L. Fitzgerald is a rela- 
tionship manager with SEI 
Investinents Corp. in Oaks, Pa. 

Eric G. Flowers is an invest- 
ment manager with JP Morgan in 
Wilmington. Del. 

Kelly J. Fogel is a marketing and 
advertising director at B&B 
Communications Inc.. Lancaster, Pa. 
Joanna P. Fox is training to own 
the business. Essentials Unhmited. in 
Freeport. N.Y. 

Amy L. Frank is a copyeditor at 
77if Patriot- Ncii'i in Harrisburg. Pa. 
David R. Frazier is a program- 
mer for Lockheed Martin Mission 
Systems in Gaithersburg. Md. 

Christina M. Furry is employed 
atXamaqua High School. Tamaqua, 

Jamie D. Gafifga is an assistant 
with Ken Robins in Cotchogue. 

Theresa A. Gerrity is a social 
worker with CTT and Homeless 
Managed Care in Harveys Lake. Pa. 
She will be attending the University 
of Georgia- Athens in the fall of 
2000 to pursue a master's of arts 

Corrin M. Gibbs is employed 
with Structural Finance Advisors 
Inc., Umonvxlle. Conn. 

Amy E. Gillam is a second- 
grade teacher at Paul School in 
Sanbornville. N.H. 

Mark G. Goodhart is a market 
research recruiter withTVG in Fort 
Wa.shington, Pa. 

Emily K. Goodling is a legal 
assistant \\ith Wilmer, Cuder & 
Pickering in Washington, DC. 

Di'Ane M. Gore is employed 
with QuickTest/Heakin Research in 
Huntingdon. Pa. 

Alison R. GriflSe is a waitress at 
the Market Cross Pub in Carlisle, 

Lauren E. Gubner is pursuing a 
master of education degree at CW 
Post College, Huntington, N.Y. 

Kimberly D. Guyer is a staff 
assistant m student affairs at Penn 
State University, University Park, Pa. 
Mindy M. Haake is an adminis- 
trator with Robert Half in 
Mahwah. N.J. 

Joshua S. Hall is an investment 
accountant with PFPC Worldwide 
in Wilmington. Del. 

Angela M. Happel is pursuing a 
master of science degree in forest 
resources with a graduate option in 
watershed stewardship at Penn State 
University, University Park, Pa. 

Brent L. Harrison is employed 
by Hickory City Schools in 
Hickory, N.C. 

Jason A. Hartelius is a produc- 
er/writer with WBP^ TV in 
WUkes-Barre. Pa. 

Anne M. Hartman is a flight 
attendant with Delta Airlines in 
New York. N.Y 

Emily E. Hartman is a human 
resources generalist with Mattress 
Discounters in Upper Marlboro. 

David J. Hausman is a charac- 
terization engineer with Quantum 
Epitaxial Designs in Bethlehem. Pa. 
Kristen M. Haviland is a cus- 
tomer service specialist/ trader with 
Fidelity Investments in Boston, 

Katie L. Hemmendinger is 
pursuing a juris doctor degree and a 
master m business administration 
degree at Seton Hall University. 
Newark, N.J. 

Lori M. Hendricks is employed 
by the Mid- West School District. 
She lives in Middleburg. Pa. 

Brooke R. Henning is a credit 
analyst with Aerotek m Columbia. 

Alexandra S. Henry is a man- 
agement trainee at Enterprise Rent- 
a-Car in York, Pa. 

Karrah A. Henry is a payroll 
accountant with The State System 
of Higher Education of 
Pennsylvania in Harrisburg. Pa. 

Linda M. Herring is a research 
programmer with The CNA 
Corporation in Alexandria. Va. 

Amy L. Himmelberger is a lab 
technician and assistant to the direc- 
tor at Merck in Strausstown, Pa. 

J. Thomas Hnatow is employed 
by Arena Stage in Northampton. Pa. 

Kathryn M. Homsher is a 
teacher with the West Shore School 
District in New Cumberland, Pa. 

Daniel Horner is employed 
with Country Squire in SeUnsgrove, 

Adam J. Horst is a lab techni- 

cian with Lehigh Valley Hospital. He 
hves in Allentown. Pa. 

Glendon B. Hunsinger is 
employed with Advanced Land & 
Water Inc., in Maryland. 

Corey R. Hunter is a chemistry 
teacher with the Johnsonburg Area 
School District in Johnsonburg, Pa. 
Christopher M. Hutchins is a 
sales consultant with Career Mosaic 
in New York. N.Y 

Leora A. Jacobsen is a second- 
grade teacher in Durham, Conn. 

Marissa E. Jadrosich is a sales 
representanve with Dataram in 
Princeton. N.J. 

Lori M. Jakielo is employed 
with the Glastonbury School 
District in Glastonbury, Conn. 

Jennifer A. Jester is a mutual 
fund accountant with PFPC in 
Wilmington. Del. 

Barbara A. Jones is employed 
with Fidelity Investment in 
Newton, Mass. 

Christopher R.Junkin is 
employed with The Vanguard Group 
in Malvern. Pa. 

Joseph R Kamnik is pursuing a 
juris doctor degree at the University 
of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. Pa. 

Michele R. Kaskie is a chemist 
with Lancaster Laboratories in 
Lancaster, Pa. 

Karen E. Kaufiman is a case- 
worker with Northumberland 
County Children andYouth in 
Sunbury, Pa. 

Matthew R Kazmierczak is a 
volunteer with the McCain 2000 
campaign. He lives in Oakland, NJ. 

Jay F. Keener is an actor and 
company member at the Thunder 
Bay Theatre m Alpena, Mich. 

Charles M. Keeports is doing a 
water quality internship with 
Environmental Careers 
Organization in Battle Mountain, 

Erin E. Kennedy is the gallery 
registrar at Susquehanna University. 
She IS also a restorator at Albert 
Micheals Restoration in Harrisburg, 
Pa. She IS pursuing a master of busi- 
ness administration degree at 
Bucknell University. Lewisburg, Pa. 
Christopher L. Kerstetter is a 
junior accountant with KPMG in 
Harrisburg. Pa. 

Deborah E. Kline is the public 
relations coordinator for the non- 
profit Center for the Study of 
Services and "Consumers' CHECK- 
BOOK" magazines in Washington. 

Eric L. Knepp is the webmaster 
for Susquehanna University, 
Selinsgrove. Pa. 

Colleen M. Kohan is an infor- 
mation technology consultant with 

AMS in Fairfax. Va. 

Jamie L. Krauss is pursuing a 
doctor of philosophy in molecular 
and cellular pathobiology at Wake 
Forest University, Graduate School 
of Arts and Sciences in Winston- 
Salem, N.C. 

Michael S. Krcil is a board 
operator at WJPA Radio Station in 
Washington. Pa. 

Alison D. Kucich is pursuing a 
degree in medicine at New York 
College of Osteopathic Medicine in 
New York, N.Y 

Denelle M. Lahr is employed 
with the Highland Park School 
District in Highland Park. NJ. 

Lance L. Lahr is employed with 
Unisys inTrevorton. Pa. 

James W. Lane is employed with 
American Systems Corporation. 

T.J. N. Lane is an early interven- 
tion coordinator with Eckard Youth 
Alternatives Inc., Clearwater, Fla. 

Mark T. Lanks is a master elec- 
trician and sound technician at the 
Allenberry Playhouse in BoUing 
Springs, Pa. 

Timothy R LaPointe is pursu- 
ing a master of arts degree at 
Northeastern University. Boston, 

Cheryl J. Larson teaches gifted 
and talented students with the 
Beverly City Board of Education in 
Beverly, N.J. 

Melinda I. Leone is pursuing a 
master of arts degree in art therapy 
at Marywood University. Scranton. 

Amber R. Leshock is pursuing 
a physicians assistant degree at 
Beaver College in Glenside, Pa. 

Lauren H. Lezak is pursuing a 
juris doctor degree at Cornell 
University School of Law. ithaca. 

Chris Lightcap is the drummer 
for the band Strangers With Candy. 
The group recently won MTVs 
Ultimate Cover Band contest. He 
hves in Wiikes-Barre, Pa. 

Howard E. Lilly III is an infor- 
mation systems technology assistant 
with Litchfield Financial 
Corporation in Williamstown. Mass. 
Christina R. Logozzo is a new 
hire agent with AXA Financial 
Advisors in New York, N.Y. 
Jennifer L. Loomis is an 
administrator with Ans Corporation 
in State College. Pa. 

Lynda R Maniscaico is 
employed with CMP Media Inc., 
Manhasset, N.Y 

Gregory A. Mantz is an auditor 
with KPMG in Harrisburg. Pa. 

Jennifer L. Marshall is a techni- 
cal assistant with PharmaNet Inc., 
Blue Bell, Pa. 

20 Susquehanna Today 

Joel K. Marshall is a technical 
support engineer with Sun 
Micp3systerm in Buriirfgton. N.H. 

Carrie A. Mardn is pursuing a 
degree in dentistry- at the School 
of Medicine and Denristr)' of New 
Jersey in Newark, N.J. 

Mary E. Matus is a staff 
reporter and photographer with 
Standard-Journal Newspapers in 
Milton. Pa, 

Lynn M. McLachlan is 
employed with Brown Brothers 
Harruiian in Marshfield, Mass. 

Anthony S. Mennito is pursu- 
ing a degree in dentistry- at Temple 
Dental School in Philadelphia, Pa. 

Matthew D. Menold is an 
assistant manager at Sherwin- 
WiUiains Paint Inc.. Haddon 
Heights. NJ. 

Jessica M. Miles is employed 
with the Milton Area School 
District in Milton, Pa. 

Scott C. Miles is pursuing a 
master of arts degree in art history 
at American University' in 
Washington. D.C. 

Adam S. Milgrub is employed 
with Bell Atlantic Mobile in 
Clearfield, Pa. 

Suzanne C. Moore is a sec- 
tional sales coordinator with CBS 
Television Network in New York, 

James M. Morgans is 
employed with ADX 
Communications Company in 
Center Valley, Pa. 

Shannon L. Morgovnik is a 
marketing agent with Eagle Rock 
Golf and Ski Resort in Hazleton, 

Kerry A. Moser is a Spanish 
teacher with the Danville Area 
School District m Danville. Pa. 

Jamie Miller Meyer is a cus- 
tomer service and training special- 
ist with Weis Markets Inc. She lives 
in Catonsville, Md. 

Joshua A. Muchler is a pho- 
tographer with Tlie Daily Item in 
Sunbury, Pa. 

Capri A. Nance is employed 
with Salomon Smith Barney in 
New York. N.Y 

Jody M. Nelson is a sales asso- 
ciate with Old Navy in Clearfield, 

Kimberly R. Ogbin is an 
associate software engineer with 
Lockheed Martin in Moorestown, 

Melenie L. Orendorf is a cor- 
porate analyst with Nine West 
Group m White Plains, N.Y. 

Lindsay A. Pahl is a corporate 
conmmnications coordinator with 
The Eastridge Group inc., San 
Diego, Cahf. 

Chad M. Parsons is a supervi- 
sor at Prart &' Whitney in North 
Haven, Conn. 

Jon G. Paterson is a financial 
analyst in the architectural hard- 
ware group at Ingersoll-Rand 
Company in Woodcliff Lake. N.J. 

Nicole A. Payne is a business 
consultant with Arthur Andersen 
in New York, N.Y. 

Emily J. Pcrretti is a pediatric 
administrative assistant at 
Memorial SIoan-Kettering Cancer 
Center in New York, N.Y. 

Kimberly K. Pesce is a com- 
munications associate with The 
Vanguard Group in Malvern, Pa. 

John J. Petlock is a district 
conservation technician with the 
Bradford County Consen-ation 
District in Towanda, Pa. 

Charles M. Pfeifer is a fijnd 
accountant with T Rowe Price in 
Baltimore. Md. 

Martin L. Pinter is an opera- 
tions purchasing agent withTilcon 
of New Jersey in MiUinton, NJ. 

Christopher A. Pollack is a 
salesman for Keystone Copier in 
Mahanoy Cit>'. Pa. 

Neil A. Popovich is employed 
with ENSR Inc., Glen Burnie. 

Stephen M. Przybylski is an 
assistant stage manager with the 
Northern Lights Playhouse in 

Dorothy C. Ranch is a terri- 
tory manager with The Wine 
Group Inc.. Los Angeles, Calif 

Lance T. Rauh is the director 
ofbands with the Delaware Valley 
School District in Milford, Pa. 

Stephen A. Redeker is 
employed with Car Temps USA m 
Pompano Beach. Fla. 

Gregory J. Rhodes is a grants 
administrator with the US Soccer 
Foundation in Westfield, NJ. 

Amy M. Rill is a physics 
teacher with the Pequea Valley 
School District in Kinzers. Pa. 

Wendy Shaffer Rissinger is 
pursuing a medical degree in fami- 
ly medicine and geriatrics at 
Jefferson Medical College in 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

Juliana Rizk is a market 
researcher with RELOCATE in 
New York. N.Y 

Amanda J. Roenigk is an 
event coordinator for QVC in 
West Chester. Pa. 

Noelle K. Romanzo is 
employed by Sinmions Elementar>' 
School in Ambler. Pa, 

Donna E. Ross is a public 
relations coordinator with Penn 
State Geisinger Health System in 
Danville. Pa. 

Co ming Events 

May 18 

Farewell to the President 

The Civic Club of Harrisburg, Harnsburg. Pa. 

May 20 

Philadelphia Phillies vs. Colorado Rocl<ies 

in Philadelphia 

May 30 

Farewell to the President 

The Williams Club. New York City 

June 2-4 
Alumni Weekend 

June 7 

Philadelphia Financial Alumni Group 

Kick-off event 

at the Union League on Broad Street in Center City 

June 2.5 

Reading Phillies vs. l-iarrisburg Senators 

in Reading 


New York Mets vs. New York Yankees 

at Shea Stadium 

July 22 

Pittsburgh Pirates vs. Philadelphia Phillies 

in Pittsburgh 

For more information, call the Office of Alumni Relations at 570-372-4115 
or e-mail alunmi@siisqn.e(lu 

Melinda S. Ross is employed 
with HCR Manor Care in 
Sunbury, Pa. 

Scott G. Rushanan is pursu- 
ing a master of science degree in 
occupational therapy at Thomas 
Jefferson University in 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

Patrick M. Ryan is employed 
with Silberhne Inc.. Hometown, 

Adam R. Saylor is a target 
analyst with ADVO Inc., 
Columbia, Md. 

Michael L. Saylor is a third- 
grade teacher with the Eastern 
Lancaster County School District 
in New Holland. Pa. 

Michael A. Schaefer is a cadet 
with the Baltimore County Police 
in Towson, Md. 

Daniel S. Scheib is a consul- 
tant with lEA Business Solutions 
in Chadds Ford. Pa. 

Suzanne Schelble is a lab 
technician with Mass. General 
Hospital Cancer Institute. 

H.Will Schmidt is an analyst 
with American Management 

Systems in Fairfax. Va. 

Daniel A. Schofield is a pro- 
ject manager at Diihstone Systems 
Inc. Jersey City. N.J. 

Ryan W. Schofield is a 401-K 
account representative with 
Merrill Lynch in Fort Washington, 

Lauren C. Schraudner is a 
research data assistant at Johns 
Hopkuis School of Medicine in 
Baltimore. Md. 

Gabriel S. Schwartz is a phar- 
maceutical sales representative for 
Hoechst. Marion, Roussel in 

Matthew K. Scout is 
employed with Hughes Network 
in Gaithersburg. Md. 

Amy E. Seroska is pursuing 
higher education at the University 
of Scranton, Scranton. Pa. 

Brett M. Shank is pursuing a 
master ot science degree in envi- 
ronmental engineering at the 
University' ot Minnesota-St.Paul. 

Jeremy W. Sharpe is employed 
with Edelman PR Worldwide in 
Hummelstown, Pa. 

Susquehanna Today 21 

Tennille L. Shenk is a comput- 
er specialist with the Navy Fleet 
Material Support Office in 
Mechamcsburg. Pa. 

Cortney G. Shipe is a consul- 
tant with Arthur Andersen in 
Lancaster. Pa. 

Jason R. Shober is a HR asso- 
ciate with Hayes Construction in 
Wyormssing, Pa. 

Elina M. Simpson is a junior 
computer consultant with Access 
Temp Free Agencies of Philadelphia. 

Amy M. Skaudis is a treatment 
coordinator at Turning Point m St. 
Clair, Pa. 

Margaret B. Slocum is the 
assistant to the director of marketing 
at Victoria & Company in New 
York. N.Y. 

Amy V. Smith is a district 

adnunistrator with 3Com in West 
Conshohocken, Pa. 

Jessica L. Smith is a first-grade 
teacher with the Milford School 
District in Milford. Del. 

Merle Smith is a counselor with 
the Pennsylvania State Correctional 
Center in Coal Township, Pa. 

Jennifer L. Snyder is a systems 
speciahst with Merck 
Pharmaceuticals in West Point, Pa. 

Kathryn M. Spence received a 
Fulbright Fellowship. She is an 
English teaching assistant with the 
Korean-American Education 
Commission in South Korea. 

Fawn F. Staneruck is a chnical 
production coordinator with 
Clinical Trial Services in Audubon, 

Todd W. Stem is pursuing a 
master of science degree in biology 

AND Contact Persons 

Boston, Mass. 

Julie Morrison '98 

Sue Colby '98 - 

Harrisburg, Pa. 

Brenda Zboray Klinger '76 - {h) 717-566-8693 

Jacksonville, Fla. 

Stephen Melching '66 - (w) 904-285-6924 

Johnstown, Pa. 

Robert Gabrenya '40 - (h) 814-255-3846 

Lancaster, Pa. 

David Dumeyer '69 - (h) 717-898-8529 - 

Lehigh Valley 

Meg Finley '85 Flournoy - (h) 610-336-4366 

Pam Marino '81 Weiss - (h) 610-434-2637 

Miami, Fla. 

Carlos Albertotti '97 - (h) 305-379-0109 - 

New York City 

Julie Nipoti ' 

North New Jersey 

Jeremy Bouman '96- (h) 201-369-0621 

Douglas McKenna '89 - 

Orlando, Fla. 

Matt '92 & Jane Petersen '92 Curran - 

Rob '80 & Liz Kennerly '80 Vicira - (h) 407-268-8097 - 


Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Chris Praul '93 - 

Washington, D.C. 

Stacey Mancine '96 - stacey@bachurski,com 

Please contact the leader(s) in your area regarding 
alumni event ideas and suggestions. If you would 
hke to volunteer m an area that does not appear 
here, please contact the Office of Alumm 
Relations at 570-372-4115 or by email at 

at Old Dominion University. 
Norfolk. Va. 

Nicholas L. Stephenson is an 
admissions counselor at 
Susquehanna University in 
Sehnsgrove, Pa. 

Jamie A. Stiely is a chemist 
with Keystone Research & 
Pharmaceuticals in Cherry Hill, N.J. 
and IS the assistant volleyball coach 
at the University of the Sciences in 
Philadelphia. Jamie is also pursuing a 
master of science degree in polymer 
chemistry at Drexel University, 
Philadelphia. Pa. 

Julie R. Stover is an investment 
accountant with PFPC in 
Wilmington, Del. 

Richard L. Sutter is employed 
with Bertelsmann Inc., Clifton. N.J. 

Jennifer £. Swope is a quahty 
control analyst unth Micron 
Technologies in Exton, Pa. 

Melissa A. Templet is a ski 
instructor in Vail, Colo. 

Bryan D. Thistlethwaite is a 
financial analyst with Lockheed 
Martin in Sunnyvale, Calif. 

Rebecca Todd is a volunteer 
coordinator with the United Way of 
the Central Susquehanna Valley in 
Shamokin Oani, Pa. 

Corey R.Troxell is pursuing a 
degree in osteopathic medicine at 
the Philadelphia College of 
Osteopathic Medicine. Philadelphia, 

Kevin L. Updegrove is a mer- 
chandise manager with J. C. Penney 
in Hummels Wharf, Pa. 

Lauren K. Urquhart is a finan- 
cial analyst with IBM in 
Poughkeepsie. N.Y. 

Dalene M.Varney is a water- 
shed technician with Dutchess 
County Environmental 
Management Council in Millbrook, 

Kathleen M.Veety is traveling 
in Germany with a fellowship pro- 
gram, and will be attending Penn 
State University in the fall of 2000 
to pursue a doctor of philosophy 
degree in chemistry. 

Bryan W. Waagner is a reporter 
with 77ic Express-Times in Easton. 

Kelly M.Wallace is an assistant 
manager with Banana Republic in 
East Hampton, N.Y. 

Brent J. Wayne is a producer- 
editor with Rob Somes in Ivyland, 

Brian D. Williams is a market- 
ing coordinator with 
Planco/Hartford Life in Paoh, Pa. 

Kimberly S. Wilson is an assis- 
tant buyer with We're 
Entertainment Inc., Flemington, 

Carrie A. Wilt is an environ- 
mental trainee with the Department 
of Environmental Protection in 
York, Pa. 

Katharine A. Winship is a fifth- 
grade teacher with the Holland 
Township School District. 

Erica L. Wisler is a communica- 
tions associate with the Vanguard 
Group in Valley Forge, Pa. 

Kurt V. Wolf IS pursuing a doc- 
tor of philosophy degree m physi- 
cal/analytical chemistry at 
Princeton University, Princeton, 

Jason M. Wolfe is a market and 
information program officer with 
Enterprise Works Worldwide in 
Washington, D.C. 

Tonya L. Wolfe is employed 
with the Sehnsgrove Area 
Intermediate School, Sehnsgrove, 

William J. Wolfe is an associate 
consultant with CSC Computer 
Consulting in King of Prussia. Pa. 

Jennifer M.Wright is pursuing 
a master of hbrary science in library 
and information services at the 
University of Maryland. College 
Park, Md, She is also a student 
worker at the National Archives in 
College Park. 

Sarah E. Wright is a portfolio 
accountant with T. Rowe Price in 
Baltimore, Md. 

Jenny Wunderle is a sound 
engineer with Re-creation USA 
Inc., Port Trevorton. Pa. 

April E.Yacko is employed 
with Cit)' Year in Boston, Mass. 

Jana M.Yenser is an analyst 
with Paine Weber in Weehawken. 

Annelisa M.Young is a person- 
nel assistant with Lutron Electrics in 
Coopersburg, Pa. 

Colleen M.Young is pursuing a 
juris doctor degree in public interest 
law at Temple University School of 
Law. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Sheava T. Zadeh is pursuing a 
master of arts in psychology, with an 
emphasis on behavior therapy at the 
University of the Pacific in 
Stockton. Calif 

Patrick S. Zagrodnichek is an 
investment accountant with SEI 
Investments in Wayne, Pa. 

Jennifer S. Zaring is a first- 
grade teacher at Newport 
Elementary School in Newport, Pa. 

Tanya M. Zelger is an associate 
environmental scientist with Cyn 
Corp. I&ET m Alexandria, Va. 

Andrea G. Zettlemoyer is a 
government relations administrative 
assistant with Eastern Industry Inc., 
Center Valley, Pa. 

22 Susquehanna Today 


Dorothy Allison *19 Stone, 

Spartanburg, S.C., January 4. 2000. 
She also attended Columbia 
University where she received a 
master's degree m Latin. She taught 
both history and Latin until 1930. A 
longtime resident of Warren 
County, Pa., she was a member of 
the Warren Branch of American 
Association of University Women, 
Warren County Art League. 
National Federation of Women's 
Clubs and Warren County Girl 
Scout Council. 

Gertrude V. Walker *27. 
Hanover, Pa,. November 11. 1999. 
She was a social studies teacher in 
the Northumberland School 
District, a senior high librarian in 
the Hanover School District, and 
worked in the Baltimore County 
Public Library System. One of her 
hobbies was extensive traveling on 
every continent. 

The Rev. Heber H. Hummel 
*28, Lebanon. Ohio, December 27, 
1996. He gave 44 years of service to 
the Evangelical United Brethren 
Church. He also served as president 
of Conference Christian Endeavor 
Union, was a trustee of Quincy 
Orphanage and Home, was a mem- 
ber of the National Board of 
Pensions, and worked with various 
ministerial associations. 

The Rev. Charles E. Fisher *29, 
Birdsboro, Pa.. January 1. 2000. He 
was in the U.S. Merchant Marines 
from 1929 to 1930. He earned a 
bachelor of divinity degree and a 
master of sacred theology degree, 
both from the Lutheran Theological 
Seminary at Philadelphia. He served 
Trmity Lutheran Church in 
Allentown. Pa..from 1933 to 1939 
and St. Mark's Lutheran Church m 
Birdsboro. Pa„ from 1939 to 1953. 
He served as institutional chaplain 
in Lehigh Valley from 1953 to 1972. 
when he retired. 

J. Richard Mattern '30, 
Jacksonville. N.C.. Februar>' 1. 2000. 
He taught physics in West Pittston 
High School and math at State 
College High School. He was an 
associate protessor of chemistry at 
the Hazleton campus of Penn State 
University and retired in 1970 after 
serving for 25 years. He was a 
member of the Freemasons and the 

Mary Elise Spiggle *34, 
Homasassa Springs, Fla., December 
22. 1999. She was a teacher and 
high school principal. For a time, 

she served as president of Delta 
Kappa Gamma, participated in the 
American Association of University 
Women, and was active at St. 
Timothy Church. She also traveled 
extensively. With a close friend, she 
fulfilled her dream of opening a 
small bed and breakfast. The Trott 
House Inn. in Newton, N.C. 

The Rev. Charles R. Loss *40. 
York. Pa.. February 10, 2000. He 
was a chaplain in the U.S. Army 
from 1942 to 1949, serving in New 
Guinea, the Phihppines and Japan. 
He began his ministry in 1929 at St. 
Paul's Evangelical Church and con- 
tinued as an Evangelical United 
Brethern pastor during the merger 
of the Evangelical and United 
Brethern in Christ, then as a United 
Methodist pastor after that merger. 
He retired from fiill-time ministry 
in 1969 trom Trinity United 
Methodist Church. Dallastown, Pa. 
He wrote sermons for the then- 
national weekly family newspaper, 
Tlic Grit, for 28 years. 

John R Powell '41. Lancaster, 
Pa., January 11.2000. He served in 
the U.S. Army during World War II. 
He retired in 1982 from Schramm 
Inc. .West Chester. Pa., after 36 years 
as a regional sales manager and sales 
trainer. He previously worked for 
DuPont and General Motors. A 
member ofTnnity Lutheran Church 
in Lancaster, he was a past building 
fund treasurer for Calvary Lutheran 
Church, West Chester. Among the 
survivors is his wife, Mathilda 
Neudoerflfer *39 Powell. 

Paul A. Lantz '42. Selinsgrove, 
Pa.. February 2. 2000. He served in 
the U.S. Navy in World War U. He 
was employed by the U.S. Navy as 
an electrical engineer and by the 
National Aeronautics and Space 
Administration before retiring in 
1974. He was a senior life member 
of the Institute of Electrical and 
Electronic Engineers and a member 
of the Antenna and Propagation 
Society, the International Union of 
Radio Science, the Northumberland 
County Historical Society, the 
Pennsylvania Archaelogical Society, 
the Pennsylvania Folklore Society, 
the Mifflin County Historical 
Society, and the Snyder County 
Historical Society. He was a very 
active member of Sharon Lutheran 
Church and a member of the 
Upper Susquehanna Synod 

George Morris Smith '44. 

Indialantic, Fla.. February 9. 2000. 
He graduated from the Lutheran 
Theological Seminary at 
Philadelphia in 1947. He served as 
assistant pastor in Flushing. N.Y., 
and Philadelphia, Pa. from 1947 to 
1949. He then became pastor of St. 
Paul's Lutheran Church in 
Strasburg.Va., until 1967. He earned 
a master's degree in history at the 
University ofVirgima m 1970 and 
began his second career, in history, 
with the National Trust for Historic 
Preservation. He was an administra- 
tor of properties for Belie Grove 
Plantation in Middletown.Va; 
Woodlawn Plantation in Alexandria, 
Va.; and James Madison's home, 
Montpeher, in Orange County, Va. 
He retired in 1989. He was the son 
of the late G. Morris Smith, former 
president ot Susquehanna 

John Cow in '50. Milton. Vt.. 
December 13. 1999. He was a 
senior engineer for IBM, where he 
had miscellaneous patents for elec- 
tronic components. He was also an 
assistant district comnussioner of the 
Boy Scouts of America, and served 
in the Army Corps of Engineers in 
World War n, 

Jane Trouttnan '50 Maddocks. 
Haddonfield. NJ..July 30. 1998. 
She had taught for 25 years at 
Haddonfield Memorial High 

Scott E. Anderson *57, Coal 
Township, Pa.. December 30. 1999. 
He earned a master's degree in edu- 
cation from Bucknell University. He 
had also been a star player on the 
1953 Coal Township High School 
Eastern Conference football cham- 
pionship team. A biology teacher in 
Shamokin High School, he was 
freshman football coach at 
Shamokin Area for 37 years. A 
member of St. John's United 
Methodist Church, he was active in 
many chanties. 

Marion D. Drumheller '57. 
Rebuck, Pa.. January 14. 2000. A 
retired school teacher, she had 
taught business courses at various 
schools for 31 years. She owned 
Drumheller's Genera! Store and 
Restaurant in Rebuck, and enjoyed 
traveling and reading. She was a 
member of the Idellah Rebekah 
Lodge, the Northumberland 
County Pennsylvania Association of 
School Retirees and the American 
Association of Retired Persons. 

Lois Miles '62 Curtis, 

Huntington Beach, Calif, formerly 
of New Cumberland, Pa.. 
November 20, 1999. After receiving 
a degree trom the Columbia 
Presbyterian School of Nursing in 
New York City, she was the supervi- 
sor of administrative services for 
surgery at the Presbyterian Hospital 
for 17 years. She was a former 
member of Baughman Memorial 
United Methodist Church and of 
the Little Ships Fleet. She sailed in 
many regattas and was an avid gar- 

Dorothy Dann Bullock H*68, 
Glendale. Calif.. April 2, 1999. She 
received a Doctorate of Humane 
Letters from Cornell University, and 
an honorary degree from 
Susquehanna in 1968. She was the 
director of the National Federation 
of Music Clubs, and former presi- 
dent of both Pennsylvania and 
National Federation of Music 
Clubs. She was also a member of 
the National Music Council, the 
Chautauqua Women's Club and the 
National Grass Roots Opera 
Foundation. She was an accom- 
plished pianist and vocalist, as well 
as a widely known performer. 

Bassim S. Dabbeekeh *70, 
Phoeni.wille, Pa., November 29, 
1999. He was born in Jerusalem and 
came to the United States in 1953. 
After receiving a degree in biology 
at Susquehanna, he studied account- 
ing at Drexel University. He was 
employed as an auditor for the U.S. 
Naval Audit Service in Philadelphia 
for the past 27 years. He was a vol- 
unteer for the Boy Scouts of 
America, and enjoyed volleyball. 
Softball, and was an active member 
of the Centennial Evangelical 
Lutheran Church in Kimberton. He 
is survived by his wite, Madeline 
Blankenhorn '70 Dabbeekeh. 

G.Wayne Gallagher '70. 
Seatde, Wash. .January 3. 2000. 

Mark J. Gerrity '87, 
Harrisburg. Pa.. February 1.2000. 
He entered the U.S. Marine Corps 
in 1967 and served in the Vietnam 
War. He earned many medals for his 
service and was honorably dis- 
charged in 1 970. He completed his 
associate degree m 1987. He was a 
member of St. Michael's Russian 
Orthodox Church in Mount 
Carmel. Pa. 

For more deaths, see page 4. 

Susquehanna Today 23 

Just off the 

tops of our 


...A collection of favorites 

from commencements 

of the 1990s. 

Commencement 2000 

Cunninghams to Address Graduates 
and Families on Sunday, May 14th 

Outgoing Susquehanna University 
President Joel Cunningham and his 
wife, Trudy Cunningham, will address 
graduates and their families and join a field 
of six honorary degree recipients at the 
University's 142nd commencement activities 
on Sunday, May 14,2000. 

Trudy Cunningham will speak at the 
baccalaureate service in Weber Chapel. 
President Cunningham will deliver the 
commencement address. Both will leave 
Susquehanna at the end of the academic 
year for the University of the South in 
Sewanee.Tenn., where Joel has been named 
president and vice chancellor and Trudy will 
be a senior consultant for admissions and 
advising. (See story page 12) 

An expected 391 students will receive 
baccalaureate degrees and 15 will receive 
associate degrees at the traditional ceremony. 
The University will award honorary Doctor 
of Laws degrees to both Cunninghams, 
Lawrence M. '43 and Louise Kresge '45 
Isaacs of Selinsgrove, Pa., Dr. Clyde H. 
Jacobs P'65 of Northumberland, Pa, and 
German Mironov, a distinguished educa- 
tor fi-om Yaroslavl Umversity in Russia. 

Louise K. Isaacs is an active leader in the 
Wesley United Methodist Church and the 
Heifer Project International and a past presi- 

dent of the SU Women's Association. She 
has served as advisor to the campus chapter 
of the Sigma Alpha Iota International music 
fi-aternity for many years. She received the 
Alumni Association Award for Service In 
1990. The University named Isaacs 
Auditorium in Seibert Hall in honor of 
Louise and Larry Isaacs in 1992. 

Also a graduate of the Wharton School 
of Business, Lawrence M. Isaacs retired in 
1982 as executive vice president of 
Federated Department Stores. Vice chair 
emeritus of the University's board of direc- 
tors, he is an advisor to the Sigmund Weis 
School of Business and has led major fijnd- 
raising efforts for Susquehanna. He is one of 
only four alumni who have earned both the 
Alumni Association Award for Achievement 
(1976) and the Award for Service (1999). 

Retired ophthalmologist Dr. Clyde H. 
Jacobs is a graduate of Loyola University 
School of Medicine. He directed the 
Department of Ophthalmology at Geisinger 
Medical Center for 14 years before opening 
his practice in Sunbury in 1954. He has 
won five senior world tennis championships 
for doctors since 1980 and one national U.S. 
Tennis Association senior championship in 
1992. Susquehanna's new fitness center addi- 
tion currently under construction is being 

named in honor of Jacobs and his wife, Alice 
Ann Patterson '58 Jacobs. 

Educator German Mironov is a distin- 
guished teacher as well as a respected 
admimstrator who has been instrumental in 
fostering the ongoing exchange relationship 
begun in 1990 between Susquehanna and 
Yaroslavl University. A doctor of science in 
chemistry, he specializes in organic chem- 

Trudy Cunningham is in her 21st year at 
Bucknell where she has served as a mathe- 
matics faculty member, acting dean of the 
College of Arts and Sciences, and since 
1983, as associate dean of the College of 
Engineering. She has a doctorate in mathe- 
matics education from the University of 
Tennessee at Kno.xville. She serves as a 
member of the board of directors of 
Susquehanna Bancshares, Inc., The First 
National Trust Bank and Susquehanna Valley 
Women in Transition. 

Joel Cunningham has been president of 
Susquehanna University since 1984, having 
served as vice president for academic affairs 
from 1979 to 1984. His years at 
Susquehanna have been marked by steady 
growth in the academic quality of the uni- 
versity, stable enrollments and good financial 







4 Kirkland Named Acting President 

5 iS7-5 Million Grant for New Music and Art Center 

A quarterly publication of Susquehanna University 



Volume 68 Number 3 


Gwenn E. WeUs 
Associate Director of Publications 

Director of Alunmi Relations 

Shari Trembulak '93 

Director of Public Relations/Publications 

Betsy Koons Robertson 

Sports Information Director 

James Miller 

Graphic Design 

Newton Advertising, Inc. 

Susquehanna Today Online: 

wvy^.susq u .ed u/today 

Susquehanna Today. (USPS 529-960) is published 
quarterly by Susquehanna University, 514 
University Avenue, Selinsgrove. PA 17870-1025. 
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additional mailing offices. POSTMASTER: Send 
address changes to Susquehanna Today. 514 
University Avenue, Susquehanna University, 
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Nondiscrimination Policy 

It IS [he policy of Susquehanna University not to dis- 
criminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national 
or ethnic origin, age, sex. or handicap in its educational 
programs, admissions practices, scholarships and loan 
programs, athleocs and other school-administered activ- 
ities or employment pracnces. This polic)' is in comph- 
ance with the requirements of Title VII of the Civil 
Rights Act of 1964, Title IX of the Educational 
Amendments of 1972, Section 504 of the 
RehabiUutlon Act of 1973, the Americans vvidi 
Disabilities Act of 1990. regulations of the Internal 
Revenue Service, and all other applicable federal, state 
and local statutes, ordiiunces and regulations. 


Letters to Editor Policy 

- Susquehanna Today welcomes tenets from readers. Leners 
received by June 1 will appear in the Summer issue, by 
December 1 in the Winter issue and by March 1 in the Spring 

- We may edit letters for length or clarity. If unable to publish all 
lelteis received, we will strive lo present the views of as many 
different writers as possible. 

- Please sign your letter and include a phone number for verifica- 
tion. Address (he letter and envelope to Editor. Susquehanna 
Today. 514 Univeisity Avenue, Selinsgrove, PA 17870-1025. 
You can also send your lellcis via fax at 570-372-4048 or 
e-mail at supubreli^sus^ 

If you wish lo reply directly lo another alum, please contact the 
Office of Alumni RelaUons at 570-372-41 15 or 
for the address. 


SUMMER 2000 


4 Campus News 

6 Sports 

7 Calendar 

8 Class Notes 


Cover Story 

Two-Way Street 

Kristi Gipe '96, Giuseppe 
DeBartolo '99, Stacey 
Mancine '96, Deb Kline 
'99. Jason Wolfe '99 and 
Craig Housenick '98 are 
among SU alumni carry- 
ing on the service tradi- 
tion in communities near 
and far. 

24 Spring Photo 

Check out our new web look 

.set to go live in late summer 2000! 


2 Susquehanna Today 

The University's web site has a new look produced through the efforts 
of a redesign committee, the campus webmaster, and the ofBces of 
public relations and pubhcations with the aid of Robert Rytter and 
Associates, a Maryland firm specializing in printed and online commu- 
nications. The new site includes a more consistent and easy-to-navigate 
design as well as features including an interactive campus tour. Let us 
know what you think! 


Athletic Legacy 

Dear Editor; 

In the Siisqiiehaiitia Today cover story about 
President Joel Cunningham (spring 200(1 
issue), you left out one of his more infamous 
enduring legacies. Dr. Cunningham is the 
president credited with dismantling the 
wrestling program, and with it thirty years 
of wrestling tradition at SU. What did that 
decision do for SU students, other than take 
away opportunities? 

Thomas J. Dodd, MA 
SU Class of '92 

P.S. Please publish this letter in your next 
issue. 1 did not notice any Letters to Editor 
in the spring 2000 issue. According to the 
Letters to Editor policy you will strive to 
present the views of as many different writ- 
ers as possible. Please present this view. I'm 
not the only alumnus who feels this deci- 
sion was a terrible mistake. 

A reply from Smquvliatma Director ofAlhletics 
Donald Harnum: Tlw decision to drop wrestling 
was the result oj many discussions regarding a 
multitude of issues. No one person pushed the 
agenda to the final decision. Susquehanna and 
several other MAC schools simply had a difficult 
time fielding a complete wrestling squad for sever- 
al years - as did many other AMC colleges. Since 
Susquehanna's decision, Juniata and Moravian 
have also dropped the sport. 

Remembering Bruce Nary 

Having graduated from SU in 1967, I spent 
many hours with Bruce Nary. He was truly 
one of the impact players in my hfe... I am 
sorry to hear of his passing. He opened up a 
whole new world to me (theatre), and the 
days I spent in his classes and on stage under 
his direction have been cherished over the 

Allen Cohen 

VP-Sales,AmQUEST, Inc. 
Atlanta, GA 

Keep 'em Coming! 

Susquehanna Today 

welcomes letters 

from readers. 

See page i for our Letter to Editor Policy. 

Fulbright Redux 

Dear Sir: 

I've just completed reading your spring 
2001), issue and was surprised to note that 
my name was omitted from the article (p. 4) 
on Fulbright recipients. 

I graduated from S.U. in 1954 with a 
degree in Latin and Enghsh. In 1961 I 
received a Fulbright grant to study at the 
American Academy in Rome, Italy. This 
period of study was covered by my article in 
the July 1 962 issue of the Susquehanna 
Alumnus. I believe that I was S.U.'s first 
Fulbright recipient. 

Ruth E. Osborn 
Class of 1954 

Dear Ms.WeUs: 

I have been following the stories about the 
Fulbright Scholars that have been appearing 
in Susquehanna Today with great interest and 
thought perhaps you might be ready for 
another one. 

My husband, Leonard Carlson, graduated 
from Susquehanna University in 1953 with 
a B.S. Degree in Music. Upon graduation, 
he enrolled at Union Theological Seminary, 
New York City, in the Master of Sacred 
Music Program. This was a two-year degree 
program from which Leonard received an 
S.M.M. Degree in May of 1955. 

During his second year at Union 
Seminary he applied for and won a 
Fulbright Scholarship to study organ and 
harpsichord at the Stathche Hochschulefur 
Musick, Fr,inkturt-am-Main, Germany. 

Upon Leonard's return from Germany 
he decided to build pipe organs and estab- 
lished his own company m East Greenbush, 
New York. In the last 40 years he has built 
180 organs, including one in 1999 at St. 
Matthew's Lutheran Church in Shamokin 
Dam, Pennsylvania. 

An amazing twist in the Fulbright story 
took a second generation turn when our 
daughter Anne was awarded a two year 
Fulbright Scholarship m 1996 to do research 
on Patas monkeys in Kenya. Upon her 
return from Kenya, she was awarded a Ph.D 
in Zoolog)' from the University of 
Wisconsin-Madison; and has subsequently 
been invited to be aVisitmg Scientist at 
Cambridge University in England for 3 
years. Her University was intrigued to learn 
that her father had also been a Fulbright 
Scholar and included that information in 
their publicity concerning Anne. 


We have 3 sons who complete the rest of 
our family. Their professions in Organ 
Building, Industrial Engineering and 
Wildlife Biology make for an interesting 
mix. The "frosting on the cake" are two 
grandchildren who add a special dimension 
to our lives. 

Leonard has always maintained that the 
excellent education he received at 
Susquehanna University laid the ground- 
work for, and was the stepping stone 
toward, his successful career in his chosen 

I eagerly await the next issue of 
Susquehanna Today to see how many more 
Fulbright Scholars have turned up. 

Sincerely Yours, 
Carol Ahr '54 Carlson 

Editor's Reply: 

We are delighted to know that now we have at 
least five Fulbright winners. Ruth Osborn '54 
and Leonard Carlson '55 join Samuel Adams 
'58, Kathryn Spence '99 and Ryan Szuch, 
Class of 2000 as Susquehanna Vniversity grad- 
uates who have also won Fulbright award win- 
ners. Any more out there, folks? We would love to 
hear from you. 

The Rev. Raymond E. Shaheen '37 and 

his wife, Winifred, catch a ride to 2000 
commencement ceremonies. The cou- 
ple marked their 6oth wedding 
anniversary, the 60th anniversary of 
his ordination as a Lutheran pastor, and 
their 85th birthdays at special celebra- ^ 
tions on May io-21. 

Photo by Lynn Askew 'SI 

Susquehanna Today 3 

Campus News 

Sara Kirkland Named Acting President 

Sara G. Kirkland has been appointed 
acting president of Susquehanna 
University pending selection of a per- 
manent replacement for 16-year president 
Joel Cunningham who left in July to 
become president and vice chancellor of the 
University of the South in Sewanee.Tenn. 
Kirkland has served as Susquehanna's vice 
president for university relations since 1985. 
Her appoinmient took effect on July 22. 

The executive committee of the board 
announced the appointment of an acting 
president in May when it became likely that 
a new president would not be in place by 
the beginning of the fall semester. 

"Sara Kirkland has been an important 
part of Susquehanna University's success 
story over the past 15 years," said Samuel 
D. Ross, Jr. '54, chair of the board of 
directors. "Her knowledge and experience 
make her an excellent choice to lead the 

Search Update 

Susquehanna's Presidential Search 
Committee continues to make good 
progress and by August had narrowed the 
field of about 100 candidates to several indi- 

The committee staged informal visits and 
formal interviews with candidates over the 
summer and is now conducting in-depth 
reference checks on top choices for the 
post. The campus visit process is expected to 
take place in September. 

"Our goal is to have an outstanding can- 
didate to present to the board of directors at 
its meeting on October 30, and 1 am confi- 
dent that we will meet that goal," says 
Nicholas A. Lopardo '68, chair of the search 

The University has retained the services 
of Educational Management Network, an 
executive search firm specializing in the 
education and not-for-profit community, to 
assist the 17-member committee. 

For up-to-date news on the 
search for Susquehanna's next 
president, log on to 

Sara Kirkland 

university during this time of transition." 

Kirkland is a native of Charleston, South 
Carolina, and earned her bachelor of arts 
degree in history fi-om Duke University and 
master of arts degree in southeast Asian 
studies from the University of Hawaii. 

From 1976 to 1985, she was a member 
of the Development Office at Bucknell 
University where she served as director of 
development for the latter five years. As vice 
president for university relations at 
Susquehanna University, she has been 
responsible for the areas of alumni relations, 
development and public relations, as well as 
serving as a member of the President's 
senior staff. 

She is a member of the board of direc- 
tors of Evangehcal Community Hospital, 
Lewisburg, and of the corporate board of 
directors of First National Trust Bank. 

Board Elects New Chair, Members 

At its May meeting, Susquehanna 
University's board of directors elected as its 
next chair Nicholas A. Lopardo '68, vice 
chairman of State Street Corporation, 
Boston, and chairman and chief executive 
officer of State Street Global Advisors. The 
election will take effect on or before 
October 30, 2000. Lopardo will replace 
Samuel D. Ross, Jr. '54, retired board 
chair of Highmark, Inc., who has led 
Susquehanna's board since 1997. 

The board also ratified the faculty's elec- 
tion of Assistant Professor of Biology David 
Richard for a three-year term effective 
September 1 , 2000, and the Student 
Government Association's election of 
Katharine Koch '02 of Wernersville, Pa., as 
a student member for a two-year term. 

Lopardo earned a bachelor of science 
degree in marketing and management. He is 
currently vice chair of the board. He also 
chairs the advisory board for Susquehanna's 
Sigmund Weis School of Business. 

He is also chair of the board at the 
Landmark School, a premier secondary 
school for dyslexic students, and a member 
of numerous other externa] boards including 
the Salvation Army, Boston Partners in 
Education, and the Hockey Humanitarian 

Richard has taught at Susquehanna since 
1993. In 1997, he received a three-year 
research award fi'om the National Institutes 
of Health to continue his work on the 
reproductive development of Drosophila, the 
fi-uit fly. He is the 1999 recipient of the 
University's John C. Horn Award for distin- 
guished scholarship. 

Koch is a junior public relations major, 
vice president of the Public Relations 
Student Society of America campus chapter, 
and a member of Sigma Kappa Sorority. She 
has also served on the Orientation Team and 
as a teaching assistant for the College 1 1 

Yahoo! We're Number 2! 

on V;i/icic>.' Internet Life's online year 2000 list of 100 "most wired" Baccalaureate 11 Colleges. 
The magazine conducted its annual survey earlier this year with Peterson's educational services 
to determine the level of technology resources available to students on college campuses. The 
survey measures such criteria as percentage of wired classrooms, recent computer purchases, web 
space per student, electronic library resources, and technical support available to students. 

4 Susquehanna Today 

^7-5 Million 
New Music 

The Degenstein Foundation in 
Sunbury has awarded the University' 
a grant of S7.5 million, payable over 
the next five years, for the construction of a 
new music and art center. According to the 
foundation, the award recognizes the 
accomplishments of former President Joel 
Cunningham, the distinguished career of 
Professor of Music and Choral Director 
Cyril Stretansky, and their commitment to 
bringing the fine arts to Susquehanna stu- 
dents and residents of the region. 

In addition to combining music and art 
programs under one roof, the new center 
will provide contemporary teaching facili- 
ties, room for growing numbers of students, 
and more flexible practice and performance 
space, including a new 320-seat concert hall. 

Help Celebrate 

100 Years of 
Music at SU 

The Deparmient of Music will mark its 
100th year with a Centennial Celebration 
Luncheon at noon, followed by an alumni 
recital at 1:30 on Sunday, October 8, in 
the Campus Center as part of Susquehanna's 
Homecoming 2000. For reservations or fur- 
ther information, please call 570-372-41 15. 

Grant Will Fund 
and Art Center 

The project will include renovation of the 
core of the current music facility, Heilman 
Hall, removal of its current practice wing, 
and the addition of new structures to its east 
and west sides. 

Music courses were added to 
Susquehanna's curriculum in 1881. and an 
early emphasis on performance was later 
complemented by the development of music 
education programs to prepare public school 
music teachers and supervisors. First certi- 
fied by the state in 1928. these programs 
remain one of the Department of Music's 
strengths today. 

Art was first offered around the turn of 
the 20th century. The addition of art and art 
history majors in 1989 and 1990. construc- 
tion of the Lore Degenstem Gallery in 
1993, and ongoing acquisition of gifts to the 

permanent collection have all helped bring 
art to a new level ot interest and awareness 
on campus and in the community. 

The new center will facilitate collabora- 
tions between performing and visual artists 
and create additional opportunities for com- 
munity outreach. Art facilities will occupy 
the east-face addition, providing first-rate 
space for instruction in photography, graphic 
design and drawing, as well as art history. 

Plans for the Department of Music, 
which will occupy the west-face addition, 
include new practice rooms and studios, 
renovated classrooms and technology labs, 
and the new performance and rehearsal hall. 

Construction of the new facility is antici- 
pated to begin within the next two to three 
years, and possibly as early as spring 2001. 

Campaign Tops $58.5 Million 

The Susquehanna 2000: The Next Challenge capital campaign climbed this summer to $58.5 mil- 
lion, more than $16.5 million past its $42 million goal. 

As of June 30, 2000, the capital campaign had raised a total of $58,545,804, including $20.6 
million for scholarship endowments to bring the University total endowment value to more 
than $93 milhon.The campaign has funded construction of Shobert, Isaacs, and Roberts resi- 
dence halls and construction of a high-technology center for the entire campus and home of the 
Sigmund Weis School of Business and the Department of Cominunications. On July 20, the 
building was formally named Apfelbaum Hall in honor of Sidney Apfelbaum, a member of the 
University board ot directors and a long-time fi"iend of Charles Degenstem. 

It has also fijnded an ongoing $14 million construction and renovation of sports and fitness 
facilities, including the new Nicholas A. Lopardo Stadium, scheduled to open m September; the 
Clyde P.Jacobs Fitness Center, set to open in November; and a new 51.000 square-foot field 
house to open in fall 2001. (See page 6.) 

Campaign celebrations slated this fall include the September 23 dedication of the Lopardo 
Stadium and an October 28 Campaign Celebration coinciding with Family Weekend and dedi- 
cation of the Jacobs Fitness Center. 

Constitutional Law students David 

Wonderlick '01, left, of Shenandoah. Pa . and Abby Myers '01. right, of 
West Chester. Pa., are the first recipients of the Gene R. Urey Memorial 
Scholarship Award recendy estabhshed by gifts from former students, fami- 
ly and fi-iends in honor of the professor of political science who died in 
August of 1 999. The new Urey Scholars argued an appellate case centered 
on the right to privacy in a competition judged by former students of 
Professor Urey: Bruce Ficken '70; John Klemeyer '70; Lorella Puglielli 
'82 Struzzi, Charlie DeBrunner '74, Bill Lewis '68 and Sandy Rocks 
'75. Political Science department faculty members Jim Blessing *63, Bruce 
Evans, and John Muncer '81, who taught the Constitutional Law course, 
planned the program. Awards will continue to go to outstanding 
Constitutional Law students each year. Contributions to the fiind can be 
made through the Susquehanna University Office of Development. 

Joining the Urey scholars in this photo are, left to right. Ficken; Prof 
Urey's widow, Margaret Urey; Klemeyer; Struzzi and DeBrunner. 

Susquehanna Today 5 


Stadium and Fitness Center Open this Fall 
Field House to Follow in 2001 

Susquehanna will dedicate its new 
Nicholas A. Lopardo Stadium on 
Saturday, Sept. 23, at the Crusaders' 
home season openmg football game vs. 
Dickinson. The stadium will be the first 
completed component in an ongoing $14 
iTullion expansion and renovation of sports 
and fitness facilities at Susquehanna. 

Construction continues on the Clyde P. Jacobs 
Fitness Center. 

Designed to serve both football and 
track, the new stadium will provide seating 
capacity for 3,500 spectators, an eight-lane, 
quarter-mile track, a concession stand, and a 
press box. The new Clyde P.Jacobs Fitness 
Center wiU open in November of 2000. The 
glass-fi-onted, 9,300-square-foot, two-level 
addition to O.W. Houts Gymnasium will 
feature selectorized weight-training 
machines and aerobic fitness equipment. It 
will also include a new student lounge with 
cafe dining. 

Construction is also underway for a new, 
51,000-square-foot field house with a six- 
lane, 200-meter indoor track, four multi- 
purpose playing courts for basketball, tennis 
and volleyball, and indoor team practice 
space for field sports. The facihty is slated to 
open in August of 2001. 

The Nicholas A. Lopardo Stadium will be 
dedicated on September 23. 

For more information about the sports 
project, including photos of the latest 
progress, log on to 

Sports in Brief 

Missing: information 
about 18 Football Greats 

Susquehanna continues to seek information 
on locating family members of 18 members 
of the University's 1999 gridiron anniversary 
team honoring the top 1 00 players of the 
first 100 seasons of Crusader football. 

Sixty of the top 100 players returned to 
campus last fall for a reunion and ground- 
breaking ceremony for the University's new 
Nicholas A. Lopardo Stadium. 

All received certificates honoring their 
contributions. Additional team members 
received certificates after the ceremony, but 
Susquehanna still has certificates available for 
the following players or their descendants: 

Larry Baker '22, Ken Cassell '28, 
George Gassier '20, Russ Eisenhower 
'35, P. Richard Fisher '34, Sam Fletcher 
'41, Wilfred Groce '30, Blair Heaton 
'42, Milt Herman 1899, Dick Kauffitian 
'09, John Meyers "33, Bob Pritchard 
'36, William Rearick 1894, Chet 
Rogowicz '24, H. Donald Sweeley '21, 
Harry Sweeney '23. William Swoope 
•18, and Earl Thomas '25. 

Anyone with knowledge regarding how 
to reach families of these players is invited to 
contact the athletics office at 570-372-4270. 

The anniversary team honors the top 100 
players of the first 100 seasons of Crusader 

football. The team includes all football play- 
ers previously inducted into the 
Susquehanna Sports Hall of Fame plus 27 
additional players nominated by alumni, 
boosters and the sports information staff and 
selected by the Hall of Fame Committee. 

Field Hockey, Volleyball Set 
Homecoming Alumni Matches 

Homecoming will take on a special meaning 
for former members of the field hockey and 
women's volleyball teams who will be par- 
ticipating in alumm matches during the fes- 
tivities on Saturday, October 7. 

Field hockey head coach Connie 
Harnum expects approximately 1 5 former 
players to play the current junior varsity 
squad at 12:30 p.m. following the current 
Crusaders' Commonwealth Conference 
match against Albright College at 1 1 a.m. 
There will be a tailgate party following the 

Women's volleyball will be holding its 
seventh annual alumni match at noon in 
Houts Gymnasium, with 10 to 12 former 
players expected to take part in a five-game 
match. Head coach Bill Switala noted that 
the alunmi match has tradinonally been 
played just before the start of the regular 
season, but this is the first year that it will 
take place during Homecoming. 

Another National 
in the Javelin 

Susquehanna senior Adam Ressler '00 
became the 2000 NCAA Division III 
national champion in the javelin in May as 
he set a new school modern record on his 
second throw of 221-6 to win by nearly 14- 
feet at the outdoor championships at North 
Central College in Naperville, lU. 

Despite not throwing the javelin for most 
of his first two collegiate seasons, Ressler 
became the seventh Crusader men's track 
and field national champion and the school's 
second javehn national champion in three 
years. Janee Shaner won the women's title 
in the event m 1998. Both earned their 
medals under Jim Taylor, who has been 
head coach for men's track and field for 22 
years, and is also an assistant coach in the 
women's program. 

Former Susquehanna standout Oris 
Delbaugh '92 is in his mnth year as the 
Susquehanna throwing coach and has now 
coached two national champions and four 
All-Americans in the javelin. Delbaugh has 
had men's javelin throwers qualify for 
nationals in each of the last four seasons. 

6 Susquehanna Today 


Alu mni Events 

September 23 

Dedication of the Lopardo Stadium 

1:00 p.m. 

October 6-8 


October 27-29 

Family Weekend 

Dedication of the Jacobs Fitness Center 

12:30 p.m. 

November 5 

Northeastern Florida Alumni Reception 

Hosted by Steve Melching '56 m Jacksonville, Fla. 

Athl etics/Away-'- 


Sept. 16 at King's 

Oct. 14 at Widener 

Oct. 21 at Lebanon Valley 

Nov. 4 at Lycoming 

JV Football 

Sept. 25 at Lycoming 
Oct. 23 at Juniata 

Field Hockey 

Sept. 12 at Univ. of Scranton 

Sept. 16, 17 at William Smith Tourney 

Sept. 23 at Widener 

Sept. 30 at Villa Julie 

Oct. 4 at Messiah 

Oct. 14 at Moravian 

Oct. 19 at Muhlenberg 

1:30 pm 
1:00 pm 
1:30 pm 
1:00 pm 

3:30 pm 
3:00 pm 

4:00 pm 
1:00 pm 
1:00 pm 
3:30 pm 
12:00 pm 
4:00 pm 

4:00 pm 
2:00 pm 
2:00 pm 
4:30 pm 
4:00 pm 
1:00 pm 
4:00 pm 

For additional event information: consult 
ww^ or the following: 


at 570-372-4260 or 

Alumni Relations 

at 570-372-4 1 1 5 or 

Sports Information 

at 570-372-41 19 or 

Public Reladons 

at 570-372-4119 or 

Arts Events Information Line 

at 570-372-ARTS. 

*For a printed calendar of events, including home sport- 
ing events, please call the Office of Public Relations at the 
number above, or write to 514 University Avenue, 
Selinsgrovc PA 17870 

Men's Soccer 

Sept. 5 at Gettysburg 

at Franklin & Marshall 
at Elizabethtown 
at Western Maryland 
at York 
at Widener 
at Juniata 

Sept. 9 
Sept. 15 
Oct. 2 
Oct. 10 
Oct. 14 
Oct. 25 

Women's Soccer 

Sept. 7 

at Wilkes 

4:00 pm 

Sept. 9 

at Franklin & Manhall 

11:00 am 

Sept. 12 

at Lycoming 

4:00 pm 

Sept. 23 

at Widener 

1 :00 pm 

Oct. 3 

at Ehzabethtown 

4:00 pm 

Oct. 14 

at Albright 


Oct. 20 at College of Notre Dame 4:00 pm 

Cross Country 

Sept. 9 at Lebanon Valley Invitational TBA 

Sept. 16 at PSU Invitational TBA 

Sept. 23 at New York University 10:00 am 

Oct. 7 at Dickinson Invitational TBA 

Oct. 14 at Allentown Invitational TBA 

Oct. 21 at Gettysburg Invitational TBA 

Oct. 28 at MAC Championships TBA 

Nov 1 1 at NCAA Regionals TBA 

Nov 18 at NCAA Nationals TBA 

Women's Volleyball 

Sept. 8-9 at Coast Guard Tourney 5:00 pm 

Sept. 12 at Juniata 7:00 pm 

Sept. 14 atAlvernia 7:00 pm 

Sept. 18 at Marywood 7:00 pm 

Sept. 23 at Dickinson 12:00 pm 

Sept. 30 at Ehzabethtown 11:30 am 

vs. Villa Juhe 

Oct. 4 at Ehzabethtown 7:00 pm 

Oct. 18 at Widener 7:00 pm 

Oct. 27,28 at Ehzabethtown Tourney 5:00 pm 

Women's Tennis 

Sept. 9 at Moravian 

Sept. 12 at Allentown 

Sept. 23 at Widener 

Sept. 28 at Messiah 

Oct. 4 at Lycoming 

Oct. 10 at Univ. of Scranton 

Men's Basketball 

1:00 pm 
3:30 pm 
1:00 pm 
3:30 pm 
3:30 pm 
4:00 pm 

Nov 20 
Nov 29 
Dec. 2 
Jan. 3,4 

Jan. 6,7 
Jan. 13 
Jan. 20 
Jan. 30 
Feb. 1 
Feb. 6 
Feb. 14 


Nov 21 
Nov 29 
Dec. 2 
Dec. 28,29 
Jan. 5,6 
Jan. 13 
Jan. 15 
Jan. 20 
Jan. 30 
Feb. 6 
Feb. 14 

at York 7:30 pm 

at Messiah 8:00 pm 

at Widener 3:00 pm 

at Franklin & Marshall TBA 

at Univ. of Scranton Tourney TBA 

at Ehzabethtown 3:00 pm 

at Albright 8:00 pm 

at Moravian 8:00 pm 

at Mt.Aloysius TBA 

at Lebanon Valley 8:00 pm 

at Juniata 8:00 pm 

's Basketball 

at Ursinus 

at Messiah 

at Widener 

at Lutheran Univ. Tourney 

at Gettysburg Tourney 

at Ehzabethtown 

at Muhlenberg 

at Albright 

at Moravian 

at Lebanon Valley 

at Juniata 


6:00 pm 
1:00 pm 
1 :00 pm 
7:00 pm 
6:00 pm 
6:00 pm 
6:00 pm 
6:00 pm 

Dec. 9 at Albright 2:00 pm 

Jan. 20 at Drew 1:00 pm 

Jan. 27 at Ehzabethtown 1:00 pm 

Jan. 31 at Juniata (women) 7:00 pm 

Feb. 3 at Widener 2:00 pm 
Feb. 16 MAC Championships 

at Scranton 7:00 pm 

Feb. 17-18 MAC Championships 10:00 am 

Spe cial Events 

Sept. 9 - 

Lore Degenstein Gallery 

Oct. 8 

Dwayne Franklin paintings 
Call 570-372-4058 for details 

Sept. 13 

Woodrow Wilson Lecture 
Henry Molhcone 
Isaacs Auditorium 

7:00 pm 

Sept. 18 

Poetry Reading: Gary Fincke 
Greta Ray Lounge 

7:30 pm 

Sept. 23 

Nicholas A. Lopardo 
Stadium Dedication 

1:00 pm 

Sept. 28 


Fall Theatre Production 
Degenstein Center Theater 

8:00 pm 

Oct. 2 

Visiting Writer: 

7:30 pm 

Oct. 7 
Oct. 21- 
Dec. 3 

Oct. 19 

Oct. 21 
Oct. 26 

Men's and Women's Swimming 

Nov. 4 
Nov 18 

at Albright Relays 
at Western Maryland 

1:00 pm 
2:00 pm 

Christina Garcia 

Degenstein Center Theater 


Lore Degenstein Gallery 

Lewis Wickes Hines 

"Crusade Against Child Labor" 

Artist Series: Zephyros 8:00 pm 

Degenstein Center Theater 

Adrmssions Open House 

Visiting Writer: Tom Perrotta 7:30 pm 

Degenstein Center Theater 
Oct. 27-29 Family Weekend 

Fall Musical: Guys and Dolls 8:00 pm 

Weber Chapel Auditorium (Sun.) 2:30 pm 
Oct. 28 Sttsquelmtwa 2000 Campaign Celebration 

Clyde P.Jacobs Fimess Center 12:30 pm 

Nov. 10 Native American Festival 4:30 pm 

Degenstein Center Theater 
Nov. 17 SU Chorale Performance 8:00 pm 

Degenstein Center Theater 
Nov. 19 Faculty Recital: Susan Hegberg 3:00 pm 

Weber Chapel Auditorium 
Nov. 29 Artist Series: Tlie Nuicracker 7:00 pm 

Weber Chapel Auditorium 
Dec. 3 Chamber Singers concert 3:00 pm 

Weber Chapel Auditorium 
Dec. 5 Chnsmias Candlehght Service 7:00 pm 

Weber Chapel Auditorium 
Dec. 8 Annual Kwanzaa Celebration 6:00 pm 

Degenstein Campus Center 
Jan. 20- Lore Degenstein Gallery 

Feb. 18 "Magnum Cinema" 
Jan. 24 Fiction Reading: Tom Bailey 7:30 pm 

Greta Ray Lounge 
Jan. 25-27 Chancel Drama: Codspcll 

Weber Chapel Auditorium 
Feb. 1 Martin Luther King, Jr. 7:00 pm 


Degenstein Center Theater 
May 13 Baccalaureate and Commencement 
June 1-2 Alumni Weekend 

Susquehanna Today 7 

Alumni. News 


Shannon Klagholz'oi 

Dear Alumni: 

I am pleased to announce that ni fall 2000, the Susquehanna 
University Student Alumni Association will institute a momentous 
change - it will, in fact, no longer exist. In its place will debut the 
S.U. Ambassadors, a group of highly motivated and outgoing 
Susquehanna students working for both the offices of Alurrmi 
Relations and Admissions. The Ambassadors will be a merger of the 
Student AJumni Association (SAA) and the Susquehanna University 
Recruitment Effort (SUP^). 

A prestigious group of students, the Ambassadors will pursue both 
alumni programs and recruimient of aspirmg SU students, thus 
building bridges among alumni, current students, and the future of 
Susquehanna and her legacy. 

Included in Ambassador plans for Fall 2000 are Homecoming 
Weekend, Fall Open House, and the dedication of the new Nicholas 
A. Lopardo Stadium. Other programs planned for the year 2000- 
2001 include the Return-To-My- School program (instituted by 

SURE), and Real World 101 (instituted by SAA). Both showcase the 
goal of the Ambassadors: to engage knowledge and wisdom from 
alumni, experience from current students, and fresh ideas from 
mcommg students, thus enriching Susquehanna. 

The S.U. Ambassadors will have great opportunities in the years 
ahead, and in my last year at Susquehanna. I hope to see the group 
take flight. And. if you'll pardon my pun, i am thrilled to help get it 
off the ground! Many thanks for the continued support from all 
alumru - your encouragement is much appreciated by all who will 
become S.U. Ambassadors. 

Best wishes for a wonderful season. 


Shannon Klagholz '01 

S.U. Ambassador 

Vice President and Acting President. 

Susquehanna University Student Alumni Association 

Class Notes 

Please send your alumni news and 
class updates to the Class Reporter 
for your year or to the: 

Office of Alumni Relations 
Susquehanna University 
5 1 4 University Avenue 
Selinsgrove, PA 17870-1025 
Fax: 570-372-2777 
E-mail: received on campus by 
December 1 . 20(10, will be included in 
the winter issue. 



Class Reporter: 
Jmel Earhun Harkim 
4M MecT Avcmw 
IVyckoff, \J 07481 


Class Reporter: 

William H. Gehron 

747 Arch Street 

Williamsport. PA 17701-5659 

Donald *40 and Lois Yost Ml 
Critchfield, of Somerset. Pa., cele- 
brated their 50th wedding anniversary 
this past winter. Both are members of 

Trinity Lutheran Church where Lois 
has been organist. Don enjoys reading 
and corresponding with friends. Lois 
enjoys playing the organ and piano. 

60th REO^ 


Class Reporter: 
Mary Emttia Yoder Jones 
R.R. 6. Box 718 
Altoona, PA 16601 

Dr. Warren Herrold *41 was 

featured in an article in the York 
Dispatch. He was honored for his 
more than 40 years experience as 
family doctor in the Mount Wolf 
area. He lives in York Haven, Pa. 


Class Reporter: 

Ruth Eleanor McCorkill 

418 Orange Street 

Northumberland, PA 17857-1531 

"Congratulations to Larry Isaacs 
'43 (and his wife, Louise Kresge *45 
Isaacs) for receiving an honorary 
doctor of laws degree from 

Susquehanna at conmiencement 

Four classmates attended Aluinm 
Day on June 3. 2000. Present were 
Emagean Pensyl '43 Whitmoyer, 
Fern Lauver '43 Zeigler, Larry 
Isaacs '43 and Ruth Eleanor 
McCorkiU '43 

Eileen Boone Winter '43 in 
Avon. Conn., still gives piano lessons. 
She and her daughter took a trip to 
Russia last year. 

Ruth Eleanor McCorkill '43 
keeps very active serving as a volun- 
teer at the Joseph Priestley House 
Museum m Northumberland, Pa. 1 
am sure some of you must be active 
in volunteer endeavors or church 
activities, or have traveled. Please send 
some news about yourself ," 


Class Reporter: 
Ethel Wilson Kerschner 
R.R. l.Box 1843 
Drums. PA 18222 


Class Reporter: 
Louise Kresge Isaacs 
201 Rhoads Avenue 
Selinsgrove. PA 17870 



55th R 




Class Reporter: 

Robert F IVohlsen 

145 Hernnm Boulevard 

Franklin Square, N\ 11010-2725 


Class Reporter: 
Richard G. Westervelt 
700 Scarsdale Avenue 
Scarsdale. NY 10583 




8 Susquehanna Today 

Fran Hazeltme, left, joined husband Fred Hazeltme "50, Lydia Oliver '80 
Hazeltine and William A, Hazeltme "So for a family outing at Alumni week- 
end 2000 celebrations. 



Class Reporter: 
Faye Kostetitumdcr Williatttsott 
2832 San(i)foTd Avenue 
Philadelphia. PA 19152 

Irene Oldt '54 Huss retired in 
September. \^i^)*-), from IMS Health, 
after 20 years of employment with 
the company. She hves in Dresher, Pa. 

Ruth Osborn '54 spent the 
month ot October cruismg French 
Polynesia including Tahiti. Bora Bora. 
Huahine, Raiatea. and Moorea. Ruth 
also enjoyed New Year's in Los 
Angeles followed by reserved seats at 
the Rose Bowl parade and then a 
cruise down the west coast of 
Mexico. She hves in Absecon. N.J. 






Class Reporter: 
Lynn Hassin^er Af^kew 
25 Gladys Awtim- 
Manvilh: \J 08835-2347 

Or. Max J. Herman '57 passed 
the boards of the American 
Veterinarian Dental College and is 
now a diplomat of the college, a 
select group of 47 members. 



Class Reporter: 
Jiicb Ciiitty 
'11102 Eoff Sinn 
B,mivod.l\'\' 26I)M-I008 



Class Reporter: 

Donald E. Coleman 
128 Icnia Road 
Lemsburg.PA 17837-8747 




Dr. Richard Derrick '61. of 

Mendhani, N.J.. received the 
Susquehanna University Russell W. 
Gilbert Award in recognition for his 
long-standing support of the 
University athletic program and his 
dedication to commumty service. 
Derrick, a 1%5 graduate of the 
University of Pennsylvania School of 
Dental Medicine, serves as a member 
and past chairman of the Mendham 
Township Tree Protection 
Committee. Derrick has also devel- 
oped a "dentist's show and tell" pre- 
sentation, which he and his staft give 
to approximately 400 preschoolers 
every year. He was chairman of the 
Phi Mu Delta alumni board during 
the construction of the new fraternit\ 
house on Susquehanna's campus in 
WH8 and instrumental ni organizing 
the 1999 reunion honoring former 
Susquehanna University football 
coach Bob Pittello '51. 



C'lass Reporter: 
Irene Elter Schnwhl 
3 1 94 Elter Road 
Chamhershiirs. PA 17201 

Peggy Thotnan *63 Luscko is 

the president of Marketing Directions 
inVoorhees. N.J., where she lives. 



James R. Bramer *64 is now 

serving as pastor of the Lutheran 
Church of the Good Shepherd in 
Liverpool. Pa. He lives in Liverpool. 

United Chanties Inc. and United 
Children's Homes Inc. 





Class Reporter: 

Susan C. Petrie 

8917 Groffi Mill Drive 

Owittgs Mills, MD 21117-6136 

Art Bowen '65 and Bill Bowen 

'69 were recognized as No. 6 of the 
nation's top broker teams by global 
real estate leader ERA Franchise 
Systems Inc. at its annual conference 
in Miami Beach. Fla.They were hon- 
ored at the leadership awards dinner. 
Both live in Selinsgrove. 

Paul Waher '65. president and 
publisher ot the Hazleton Standard- 
Speaker, IS a member of the board of 


Class Reporter: 
Carol Wentzel Felix 
30 South 1 Ith Street 
Sunbury.PA 17801-2952 

Fred W. Kelly '66 has been 
named chairman of the board and 
chief executive officer of Sun 
Bancorp Inc. and Sun Bank. He has 
been with the company for 33 years. 
He lives in Selinsgrove. 

Patricia Bradway '66 
Valentine, of Charlottesville, Va., was 
elected president of the Virginia 
Chapter, P.E.O, Sisterhood, an inter- 
national philanthropic and education- 
al organization. 



Susquehanna UmversUy Homecoming 2000 
October 6-8 



Barbara Smith 68 Norton 

Home to 



class Reporter: 
Vir^hiia Bitiiek 
29 South Waym Street 
Robesortia.PA 19551 

The Rev. Virginia M. Biniek 

*67 is the pastor at Zion-St. Johns 
(Reed's) Lutheran Church in 
Stouchsburg, Pa. The congregation 
predates Henry Muhlenberg's arrival 
in Philadelphia. It was founded by a 
group of Germans from the Palatine 
area of Germany who came through 
New York and then traveled cross 

A pilot program to offer children from broken families "a sense of normalcy 
in their lives" has earned Barbara Smith '68 Norton of Brunswick, 
Maine, the Y2K Achievement citation from the Maine American 
Association of University Women (AAUW). 

The award recognizes her role as co-founder of "Home to Home, " which pro- 
vides a safe place for divorced or separated parents to exchange children for visita- 
tion without face-to-face encounters. The project has become a model for addition- 
al programs in Maine and other parts of the country. 

"It's actually very simple." explains Norton. "We have separate parking lots and 
separate waiting rooms, fiilly manned by volunteers who take children from one 
parent to another." The Brunswick Naval Air Station donates space for the program, 
which is funded through grants and operates on a "lean and mean budget" vnth 
only one paid part-time employee. 

The bi^est challenge has been the idea that we took a completely new idea and 
made it work through volunteerism, says Norton. "Watching that happen and seeing 
it continue to happen is the revrard." 

The wife of John A. Norton *67, a senior development officer at Bowdoin 
College. Barbara Norton has played an active role in cultural, economic and charita- 
ble projects in mid-coast Maine for more than 20 years. Her extensive volunteer 
work includes a term as past president of the Maine State Music Theater. She has 
also taken her energies abroad as part of a team that built a medical clinic and camp 
cabin in two villages in Honduras. 

Heavily involved with the Home to Home program for its first three years, 
Norton still assists with grants and fund-raising while she pursues her career as part- 
time marketing consultant. She is also completing a historic home renovation. 

— Gufenn Weils 

country from Schoharie. N.Y., down 
the North branch of the 
Susquehanna River to the 
Tulpehocken Creek region. She lives 
in Robesoma, Pa. 

Frederick L. Dudley *67 mar- 
ried Suzanne Spahr, January 14. 2000, 
Naples, Fla. The barefoot ceremony 
was performed at sunset atVanderbilt 
Beach. Suzanne is a shift coordinator 
at Union Hospital. Frederick is vice 
president of operations at Marlite. 
They live in Dellroy. Ohio. 

Sandra Growl '67 Walker is a 
teacher and chairperson of the for- 
eign language department at North 
Penn Senior High School in 
Lansdale. Pa. She resides in L^insdale. 



Class Reporter: 
Samuel D. Clapper 
254 Barrister Drive 
Somerset. PA 15501-9361 

Richard Spotts '68 is treasurer 
and chief financial officer at 
AmeriQuest Corporation in Cherry 
Hill. N.J. 



More than 40 SU alumni and friends went rafting in the Pennsylvania Grand 
Canyon on April 8th. 

Class Reporter: 

Barbara Hitchem DePcrro 

Apt. 1-A 

333 East 80th Street 

New York, NY 10021 

Edward H.Vermillion '69 has 

been appointed assistant vice presi- 
dent at Investors Trust Co. (ITC), a 
subsidiary of National Penn 
Bancshares Inc. He is responsible for 
the sale of ITC s personal invesmient 
management and trust services in 
Bucks. Lehigh and Northampton 
counties. He lives in Whitehall, Pa. 



Class Reporter: 
Kathryn Zierdt Gnibb 
111 Riverhend Road 
Berkeley Heights. NJ 07922 

Wayne Hill '70 pertbrmed at the 
chapel of the Lutheran Theological 
Seminary at Gettysburg as part of 
"Music, Gettysburg! "The perfor- 
mance was a tribute to President 
Darold and Marlene Beekman for 
their service to the church and semi- 
nary and for their long-running sup- 
port for the seminary musical series. 



30th REUNjON 

Class Reporter: 
Hliitney A. Gay 
5 North Gateway 
Wiruhester MA 01890 

Peggy Haas Howell '71 gave an 
organ recital at the chapel of the 
Lutheran Theological Seminary as 
part of the "Music, Gettysburg!" pro- 
gram. Peggy is the organist and 
choirmaster at St. Johns Episcopal 
Church, Lynchburg, Va., and leads the 
concert choir of Randolph-Macon 
Women's College. 

Randy Yoder '71 was recently 
awarded an Emmy for Outstanding 
Music Composinon forWITF-TV's 
production of "Historic Penn- 
sylvania. "Yoder resides in York. Pa. 



Alan M. Bennett *72 has been 
appointed to the board of directors at 
Gaylord Hospiul Inc., in Wallingford. 
Conn. He is vice president and cor- 
porate controller of Aetna Inc. He 
lives in Madison. Conn. 

Joseph X. Garvey '72 is vice 
president of finance and administra- 
tion at Keystone College. He lives in 
Scranton. Pa. 

Dalton "Buzz" Savidge '72 
recently celebrated his 50"^ birthday 
with his wife, Mary "Polly" 
Mitchell '71 Savidge and other 
family members, including his broth- 
er. Roderick '78, Buzz has many 
Susquehanna ties. His aunt is Joan 
Sechrist '53 Thompson, his broth- 
er-in-law IS Couldron "Buzz" 
Phillips Mitchell '67. and his late 
mother-in-law was Marjorie 

10 Susquehanna Today 

Phillips *30 Mitchell. Buzz is senior 
analyst for the Susquehanna Division 
of PPL at Montoursville. Pa. He and 
Polly hve in Sehnsgrove where she 
teaches English at Selinsgrove High 

Jane L. Schnader *72 married 
Philip Webber. Februar>- 1^. 200(1. 
Jane is an employment coordinator 
for D&E Communications in 
Ephratd. Pa. They live in Stevens. Pa, 

Barbara Suter '72 starred m the 
Pulitzer Prize-nominated play, 
Colkcted StOTH-i, by Donald 
Marguilies, at the Shopland Theatre of 
the Scranton Cultural Center. Barbara 
lives in New York City. 

Anteon Corporation, a leading 
information technology and engi- 
neering services company, announced 
that Dr. Scott C. Truver '72 has 
been promoted to vice president. 
National Security Studies. He will 
remain the head of the Center for 
Security Strategies and Operations. 
He IS based in Arlington, Va. 



Class Reporter: 
S.John Pna- 
108 Norih 9'^' Street 
Aihland,PA 17921-1233 


Class Reporter: 

Barbara Dairympk Dunn 
403 Pmi- Creek Road 
r.xfon. PA 1^341-1432 

E.Wayne Dreyman '74 is the 

new pastor at St lohnV Lutheran 
Church in Summit. NJ. He and his 
famiK live m Madison, N.l. 

Paul Nolte '74 represented S.U. 
at the Luther College Fair thi*. June 
in Arlington. Texas. He lives in Piano. 

Bill Trousdale '74 has been 
appointed senior account representa- 
tive tor WSOX-FM. covering 
Harnsburg and York, Pa. He has been 
involved m broadcasting, advertising 
and marketing in Lancaster, York, and 
Harnsburg since 1*^7. He has also 
been hostmg dances that relive the 
'50s and "fiOs music in central 
Pennsylvania. He lives in Harrisburg. 

Class Reporter: 

William Clark Snyder 

Apt. 3 

111 Glenu'ood Avent4e 

Binghamion. \'Y 13905-1944 

William P. Hughes '75 is a 

teacher at the Carbon Count)' Area 
Vocational-Technical School in Jim 
Thorpe. Pa., where he lives. 

The Rev. Kevin Kanouse '75 
has been elected to be bishop of the 
Northern Texas/Northern Louisiana 
Synod of the Evangehcal Lutheran 
Church in America. He will be 
instated m September by ELCA pre- 
siding Bishop H. George Anderson in 
Dallas, where the Synod Headquarters 
are located. Kevin and his wife, Billye 
Miller '75 Kanouse, hve in 
Arlington. Texas. 

John T. Kolody '75. a vocal 
coach in New York City, has been 
making cabaret appearances at the 
LaMama Experimental Theater in the 
East Village. 




Class Reporter: 
Brenda Zboray Klinger 
968 Bluejay Road 
Harnsburg. PA 17111-5005 

Randall Bogar '76 won the gold 
medal in competing in Division C 

(ages 46-50) of the U.S. Veterans 
National Freestyle Wrestling 
Tournament in Las Vegas. Nev, 
A Beavertown, Pa., resident, Bogar is 
a former wrestling coach at 

Joseph C. Michetti Jr. '76 was 
named BuMuessperson of the Year by 
the Line Mountain Chapter of the 
Future Business Leaders of America. 
Michetti is solicitor of the Herndon 
Borough Council, [ordan Township. 
Riverside Borough. Lower Augusta 
Township and the Northumberland 
County Agriculture Preservation 
Board. He and his familv reside m 
Herndon, \'.\ 

Ronald Roth '76 and Laurie 
Jones *76 Roth live m Easton. Pa. 
Ron IS the director of the Career 
Institute ofTechnoiog\- in Easton. 
Laurie is the assistant director of 
Learning Services at Moravian 
College in Bethlehem, Pa. 

Charles A.Yoder '76 has been 
appointed vice president and manager 
of First National Bank, Shamokm 
branch m Shamokin. Pa. He lives in 
Paxmos. Pa. 


Class Reporter: 
Lynn Sarf 
844 High Point 
Claremont, CA 91711 

Our Lady of Lourdes Regional 
High School featured Victor Boris 
'77 in their third annual Coffee 
House. He is the leader of the Vic 
Boris Trio and Sing Along with Vic 
and he lectures at Susquehanna 
LJniversity and teaches piano. 

Born to Dorothy Ann and Ronald 
L. Brett '77, a daughter, Alexis Ann, 
November 9, 1999. She joins sisters. 
Allison Damelle, age 4, and Amanda 
Leigh, age 3. Ron is an account man- 
ager for Anheuser-Busch Inc.. in 
Philadelphia County. Dorothy Ann is 
a computer technician for Abington 
Hospital. They hve in Horsham, Pa. 

Scott L. Klinger '77 is manager 
for SSC Accounting, Shared Service 
Center for Tyco Electronics 
Corporation (formerly AMP) in 
Harnsburg, Pa. 


Class Reporter: 
Judy Rile 
2-F Olympic Dni'C 
ShilUngion, PA 19607-3333 

H Karen 
Hacktnan '78 
Mendonca was 
named one of 
"Best 50 Women 
m Business." A 
partner in the 
Hummels Wharf 
law firm of 
Rudnitsky and 
kman. she serves as chief execu- 
ti\e officer and chairwoman of the 
board of the Central Susquehanna 
Chamber of Commerce. She also 
serves on the board of the SEDA 
Foundation and on the SEDA- 
Council of Ciovernments. Karen and 
her husband own and operate 
Potteiger House, a bed and breakfast 
in Sehnsgrove. 

Karen Hackman '78 


Have an idea 

.or an alumni 

Share yotSf 
iwith the 

>ff ice of 

lumni Relations at 
fOr 570-372-4115 



Class Reporter: 
Sue Odjakjian 
22745 Miranda Street 
Woodland Hills, CA 91367 

Don Mann '79 was promoted by 
the Brown-Forman Wine Group to 
the position of New Jersey area man- 
ager for Fetzer Wines. He hves m 
Woodstock, N.J. 


Class Reporter: 

Rohb Wfiitmoyer 

211 Baldunn Boulevard 

Orchard Hills 

Selinsgrove. PA 17870-9511 

James A. Moyer *80 is account 
executive in the higher education 
division ot Apple Computer. He is 
responsible for sales and support of all 
college and university accounts in 
northeast Pennsylvania and the state 
of New Jersey. He lives in Easton, Pa. 





Class Reporter: 
Christopher Kiessling 
243 Hill Road 
Groton.MA 01450-1607 

Linda Post Bushkofsky *81 

edited the sixth edition o( How Shall 

continued on page 14 

Susquehanna Today 11 

Two-way Street iii2 \ 

How CampiAS-CommumitLj Coyimections tnnch the Regio/i 

and Enhance the Value of a Susquehanna Education 

by Betse Humphrey 

■HIIU WUIIIII yilwww the first Saturday of a freshman's college days would be 
spent helping out at the local food bank, cleaning a homeless shelter or visiting nursing 
home patients? But this year, as m the previous six, incoming Susquehanna University 
students will spend half a day during orientation volunteering in Selinsgrove and neigh- 
boring towns. 

"It helps introduce our students to the community and vice versa right off the bat," 
says Deborah Woods, Susquehanna's director of volunteer programs and service learning. 
The day also introduces them to the many opportunities and advantages of volunteering, 
a philosophy consistent with life at Susquehanna. Typically about two-thirds of the stu- 
dent body participate in community service in any given academic year. Their efforts help 
to strengthen the ties between the University and the community, and at the same time, 
positively impact the value of an SU education. 

"Volunteering adds a dimension to campus life here that otherwise kids miss out on," 
says Brian Bush '02 who was named the University's 2000 Volunteer of the Year for his 
work with the Computer Consultants and Arts Alive volunteer projects. "It gives students 
and educational community members the chance to be able to meet people and have 
experiences that you can't replicate." 

L-'jwW^^ •;'•■■<''*.. '^^^SJ? 

Photo by Jonathan Paroby, Pottsville Republican 

"Volunteering adds a 
dimension to campus 
life here that other- 
wise kids miss out on.' 

Photos, this page: Paul Barusich 'oi, left, and Assistant 
Professors of Environmental Science Daniel Ressler, center, and 
Benjamin Hayes take temperature and soil moisture measure- 
ments for a study of the extreme environment created by 
underground mine fires in Centralia, Pa. Several fire depart- 
ments are among the local agencies benefiting from Freshman 
Community Service Day. Susquehanna students help design 
activities for local middle school pupils in an ongoing Saturday 
Science program. 

12 Susquehanna Today 

A Guiding Value 

The experience is consistent with the 
University's commitment to serving as "a valu- 
able resource for its community and region, but 
also connected to the larger world," as clearly 
stated among the guiding values outlined in 
Planning Priorities for Susquehanna University 
1 998-2004. 

"I don't know how many colleges were 
founded where the local townspeople built the 
walkway that connected the first building to the 
town," says Sara Kirkland, acting president. "It 
isn't accidental that we stiU have a pretty strong 
presence in this community. The feedback we 
get is that the community appreciates that and 
welcomes it." 

Susquehanna is also fortunate to have found 
many strong supporters within the community. 
Among the strongest is The Degenstein 
Foundation, which has provided fijnding for 
many recent initiatives including development 
of SU4U, a mentoring and scholarship program 
for regional students with substantial financial need who are the first in their families to 
consider college. The partnership between Susquehanna and the foundation will encour- 
age area middle school students in the pursuit of higher education and provide significant 
scholarships to five graduating high school semors each year. 

"Part of the reason the foundation is interested in us is because we're interested in this 
region," stresses Kirkland. 

A Learning Resource 

Susquehanna is also interested in providing learning resources for audiences other than 
college students. Continuing Education programs include a variety of experiences 
designed for children through senior citizens, including non-credit Susquehanna SPEC- 
TRUM courses. Special initiatives, supported by the Degenstein Foundation and others, 
provide additional opportunities. 



This summer, area students aged 7 to 18 
obtained hands-on learnmg in the arts in three 
week-long non-residential seminars taught by 
SU theatre majors. Susquehanna student per- 
formers and technicians, selected workshop par- 
ticipants, and others also staged a semi-profes- 
sional summer repertory performance of Romeo 
and Jiilicl. The performance featured a cast that 
included, among others, an area minister and a 
local high school sophomore. 

In another example, the Degenstein Foundation is fijnding a mobile environmental lab- 
oratory that wall be used to help elementary, middle and high school students in area 
school districts study and help preserve the Susquehanna River Basin and the Chesapeake 
Bay watershed area. 

The development of cross-cultural initiatives, such as Susquehanna's ongoing Latino 
Symposium, is another way the University serves as a resource. The event features an annu- 
al series of workshops, panel presentations and performances for area Latino high school 
students. "It's an attempt to build bridges between the different constituencies and provide 
a strengthening of ties on campus between Latino and Anglo students," says Associate 
Professor of Spanish Leona Martin. 

Faculty as Service Role Models 

Collectively, these efforts help Susquehanna to create and support a community that wel- 
comes, involves and engages students while providing additional opportunities for learning. 
Many faculty and staff serve in community leadership positions and extend the boundaries 
of their classrooms into the community, where students explore issues, conduct research, 
and exchange information. 

One of the newest examples is a collaborative study of the extreme environment creat- 
ed by the underground mine fires in Centraha, Pa. Partly funded by a $95,000 grant by the 
Merck Foundation, the project involves students and faculty from different scientific disci- 
plines. "The students participating will, by the very nature of the project, be introduced to 
fundamental relationships between biology, chemistry, geology, and the environment," says 
Assistant Professor Chris Janzen, head of the chemistry department. 

Another group of students, working with Degenstein Professor of History Donald 
Housley. is assisting a local Selinsgrove committee to identify structures of historical sig- 
nificance. "The students do the legwork, driving to the counry courthouses to search the 
deeds of all of the properties," says Housley. "They're getting a lesson in exhaustive 
research, since Snyder County has gone through four county changes and deed searches 
must be done at all four county courthouses." 

Other Susquehanna students gain experience as they help design and conduct the activ- 
ities for a highly successful "Saturday Science" program, created by Associate Professor of 
Biology Jack Holt and former Associate Professor of Education Pat Nelson. The project 
encourages parental involvement with their elementary and early middle school-aged chil- 
dren in the science labs on Susquehanna's campus and in nearby fields, streams and woods. 

Carrying on the Tradition 

Many Susquehanna students carry on the tradition of service after graduation. According 
to 1997 statistics compiled by the Office of Alumni Relations, 7.7 percent of 13,000 alum- 
ni of record make their homes in the Susquehanna Valley. Many take active roles that fijr- 
ther strengthen the ties between the University and the region. 

"We have deep roots in this region. We're a major employer with valuable resources in 
people and facilities. We have benefited greatly from the generosity of this region, and we 
recognize that we have an obligation to share what we have with our neighbors," says 
Kirkland."lf you're going to be of service it just makes sense to start in your own back 

Project House 25tli 

The Project House system at 
Susquehanna University will celebrate its 
25th anniversary this year. Alumni and 
friends are invited to a special 
Homecoming reception on Saturday, 
October 7, at 10:30 a.m., in Seibert 
Hall's Messerli Atrium. A tour and open 
house of all the current Project House 
residences, including Seibert, Shobert Hall 
and all University Avenue homes, will 

Photos, this page: Dancers perform at the 
University's annual Latino Symposium. Project 
House members meet in Seibert Hall's Messerli 
Atrium. Project House volunteers at the Selinsgrove 
Senior Center. 

Susquehanna Today 13 

conlinuedfiom page 1 1 

They Hear: A Handbook for Religioi4i 
Commmiicalors. She ]S the associate 
executive for coniniunication and 
interpretation for the Synod of Lakes 
and Prairies of the Presbyterian 
Church, U.S.A. She hves in 
Bloomington, Minn. 

Brian J. Fitzpatrick '81, of 
Medford, N.J., has been appointed 
executive vice president and chief 
financial officer of in 
Princeton, N.J. The firm remotely 
delivers total network solutions to 
small businesses m office buildings 
within the eastern United States. 
These services include a complete 
outsourcing of the firms' IT depart- 
ments and are delivered and main- 
tained via the Internet. 

David Johnson '81 was promot- 
ed to vice president of product mar- 
keting, Laerdal Medical Corporation. 
David and his wife. Paula Bachman 
'81 Johnson, live in Hopewell 
Junction, N.Y, with their two daugh- 
ters, Kate and Leigh. 

Dave Lucas '81 is president of 
Cruise41 l.coni, a leading Internet 
cruise company based in Newtown 
Square, Pa. He is relocating to 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

David R. Small '81 married 
Leanne E.Jisonna, September 11, 
1999. Southport Congregational 
Church, Southport, Conn. David is 
with Warburg DUlon Read in 
Stamford, Conn. They live in 
Norwalk, Conn. 

John J.Vay '81 has joined the 
law firm of Kelly, Hart & Mailman in 
Austin, Texas, concentrating his prac- 
tice in environmental, natural 
resources, and governmental law. He 
previously served as general counsel 
of the Texas Water Commission and is 
a former special agent with the FBI. 



Class Reporter: 

Anti Slanzkinc Thompson 

7714 Briarslotie Court 

EUicoU City, MD 21043-7050 

Bryan Rynearson *82 is a sales 
associate with Design Weave, a car- 
peting/floor covering manufacturer. 
He handles the Northern New Jersey 
territory. He and his family hve in 
Riverside, N.J. 



Class Reporter: 
Sue Frekoi Doiy 
160 Joan Drive 
Colleiimlte, PA 19426 

Raymond StasuUi '83 is section 
manager. BioWhittaker Inc., in 
Walkersville, Md. 



Class Reporter: 

Randi Keller Sagoiia 

3734 Moon Bay Circle 

West Palm Beach, FL 33414-8806 

Marcie A. Barber '84 was pro- 
moted to senior vice president. First 
National Bank of MitDinburg. She 
lives in Lewistown. Pa. 

Suzanne Leach '84 Magrowski 
and her family recently built a new 
home in Mohnton, Pa. She is still 
employed with Thomas Advertising 
Communications in Exton, Pa. 

Chris Markle '84, director of 
admissions at Susquehanna, and Julie 
Stover '99 pitched in to spruce up 
the grounds at Christ Lutheran 
Church in Upper Darby, Pa., during 
their April 29 spring Clean-Up Day 



class Reporter: 
Tracy Cerard Akner 
200 Lincoln Avenue 
RockviWe Centre, NY 11570 

Robin L. Brown '85 is a child 
abuse coordinator for the Office of 
the District Attorney. Westchester 
County. N.Y. She lives in Ossinmg, 

Born to Nanette and Robert M. 
Chappelear '85. a son. Adam Joseph, 
February 15. 2001). Robert has been 
promoted to first vice president of 
Mellon Private Asset Management in 
Philadelphia. They live in Devon. Pa. 

Born to Ed and Carolyn 
Oberholtzer '85 Kelly, a son. 
Edmund Murphy. February 4. 2000. 
Carolyn is .i vice president with 
Deutsche Bank in New York and Ed 
is a vice president and managing 
director of Stem. Rogan and Partners, 
an Internet advertising agency, also in 
New York. They live in Manhattan. 

Born to Terrence and Amy 
Murphy '85 Nolen. a son. Liam 
Murphy, December 30, 1999. They 

Jim Brock, dean of the Sigmund Weis School of Business, talks with Michelle 
Geiger '89 Kennedy, Paul Kopey '89 and Patrick Kennedy '88 at the kick-off 
event of the Philadelphia Financial Alumni Group at the Union League Club 
on June 7. 

live in Newtown 

Square. Pa. 
Born to 

Nicholas W. '85 

iiid Nancy 
p^lB -^. Edson '89 

^^^gllif""^ Silenok. a son. 
•-., 5C , Nickolas. March 
NIckolas W. 24, 2000. He joins 

Silenok, Jr. big sister, Sarah 

Grace. Nancy is a 
senior account executive in sales for 
Merion Pubhcations in King of 
Prussia, Pa. Nick is a vice president 
for Bank ofTokyo Mitsubishi in New 
York City. They live in Langhorne. 

Ken Willis '85. a houseparent at 
the Milton Hershey School in 
Hershey, Pa., has announced that he 
will run the Mayor's Midnight Sun 
Marathon in Anchorage, Alaska, in 
honor of a local leukemia patient. 




class Reporter: 
Karen Doty Clemens 
7 Annette Drive 
Umcrick.PA 19468 

Amy Bauman '86 Barlet is a 

regional manager for Ovid 
Technologies m New York City. She 
and her husband and son live in Toms 
River, N.J. 

Faithann M. Grigalunas '86 
married Jeffrey P. Mustovic, October 
9, 1999, St. Peter's Roman Catholic 
Church, Ehzabethtown, Pa. Both are 
pharmacists and own Evans Ciry 
Pharmacy and Gift Shoppe. Evans 
City Apothecary and Wellness Center, 
and The Medicine Shoppe in Grove 

City. They live in Evans City, Pa. 

Born to Nick and Elizabeth 
Biehl '86 Hiriak, a son. Gregory 
Nicholas, December 20. 1999. They 
live in Pottstown, Pa. 

Scott Jorgensen '86 married 
Laurie Poole. September 4, 1999. 
They live in Beaconsfield. PQ, 

Mary Beth Sine '86 married 
Peter Simon, October 30, 1999, 
Westminster Mayfair Church, 
Philadelphia, Pa. Cynthia Logan '88 
was vocalist at the wedding. Mary 
Beth IS an order depamnent coordi- 
nator for Congoleum Corporation in 
Mercerville. N.J. Peter is a building 
services mechanic at the University 
of Pennsylvania. They live in 
Glassboro. NJ. 

Born to Stephen '86 and Kelly 
Hackenberg '95 Walter, a son. 
Andrew. February 23, 1999. He joins 
brothers Matthew and Austin. 
Stephen is with Buff'alo Valley 
Telephone Company in Lewisburg. 
Pa. They hve in Mifilinburg, Pa. 



Class Reporter: 
Cynthia L. Cooke 
846 Green Pond Road 
Rockmvay. NJ 07866-4403 

Brian D. Kleckner '87 is a dis- 
trict sales representative. Ettline Food 
Company He lives in Hanover. Pa. 

Kathleen Kloss '87 has been 
promoted to director of planning at 
J. Crew Inc.. in New York City. Kathy 
has been with the company three 
years. She hves in Summit. N.J. 

Todd C.Yates '87, in addition to 
being vice president of sales and 
operations of Northeast Controls 
Inc., Upper Saddle River, NJ., has 
created a website design company. 
Vital Web Design. It is a total Internet 

14 Susquehanna Today 

solutions provider. Todd and his wife, 
Sonja Wong *87 Yates, live in 

Warwick. N.Y.. with their daughters, 
Lindsay and AUyson. 



Class Reporter: 

Mark Tliorsheim 

Apt. 9-E 

200 Riverside Drive 

New York. XY 10025-7248 

Andrew H. Bowman '88 was 

appointed to vice president/relation- 
ship manager in National Penn Bank's 
newly created manufacturing group 
in Boyertown. Pa. He resides in 
Reading. Pa. 

Alicia M. DeFelice '88 married 
Michael A. Chuba. November 6. 
1999. St. Jerome Cathohc Church. 
Norwalk. Conn. Alicia is a research 
analyst at Gartner Group in Stamford. 
Conn., where Michael is vice presi- 
dent and director of research. They 
live in Norwalk. 

Born to Wendy Goodspeed *88 
Witt and Joseph T.Witt '89. a son, 
Andrew Robert. September 24. 1999. 
He joins sisters Natasha and Kira. 
Wendy is a wealth strategies attorney 
with Rudnitsky and Hackman in 
Selinsgrove. Pa. Joe is a physical thera- 
pist at Brookline Manor Nursing 
Home and Retirement Village in 
Mifflintown. Pa. They live in Port 
Trevorton, Pa. 



Class Reporter: 
Sharon Henderson 
477 Baxier Avenue 
Wyckoff.Nj 07481 

Born to Bill and Karen Nestor 

'89 Ceh. a boy. Matthew John. 
August 14. 1999. He joins older 
brothers. Connor and Jonathan. They 
live in Coiishohocken. Pa. 

Lisa Daecher *89 married 
Michael G. Butash. May 27. 2000, 
Clearwater Beach. Fla.They live in 
Palm Harbor. Fla. 

Jamie Forshey '89 is the head 
coach of the Lady Blue Devils basket- 
ball team at Bel Kvood- Anns School. 
She lives in Altoon.i. Pa. 

Andrew M. Hardy '89 recendy 
graduated from the Army's Primary 
Leadership Development Course at 
Fort Indiantown Gap. Hardy, an 
employee of the Geisinger Health 
System in Danville, is a specialist in B 
Co., 3/l()3rd Armor Regiment. 
Sun bury. 


,~ V 

Born to 

lacavazzi '89 and 
Nicole Sheetz 
*93. a son. Sam 
Sheetz lacavazzi. 
October 5, 1999. 
They live in 
Bridgewater. N.J. 
Born to 
■ •■ ^^ Kimberly and 

■^^ii^. Scott 

miT McWiUiams '89. 

rL.>i ^ .. a daughter, 

;' \ , , Gabrielle Marie, 

September 30, 
1999. She joins 
big sister. 
Savannah, age 3. 
They live in 
Gaithersburg, Md. 
Katherine E. Murphy '89 is the 
director of fine arts and the high 
school choral director with the 
Ipswich Public Schools in Ipswich. 

Born to Nicholas A. *85 and 
Nancy Edson *89 Silenok, a son - 
see 1985. 

Born to Peter and Karen Caputo 
'89 Stokes, a son, Peter Anthony, 
February 21. 1999. They live in 
Summit, NJ. 

Gabrielle Marie 

Jennifer M. Milter '90 married Stefan S. Sheckells October 23, 1999. at Holy Trinity 
Lutheran Church in Narberth, Pa. Jennifer is a nursing home administrator in 
Meadowood, Pa. Stefan graduated from Emory University and is a management con- 
sultant for Growth Consulting based in Atlanta, Ga. They live in Bryn Mawr, Pa. 
Pictured from left to right; Cynthia Cook '90 Pietarinen, Janis Blandy '90 Morris 
(bridesmaid), Keith Morris '91, Jennifer, Wendy BIser '90 (reader), and Kristine 
Marconi '90. 

Born to Joseph '89 and 
Wendy Goodspeed '88 Witt, a son 

- see 1988. 



Class Reporter: 
Angela J.Johnson 
1331 Town Colony Drive 
Middletoum. CT 06457 

Kristen Costenbader 

Born to Thomas and Deborah 
Pilla '90 Bowden. a daughter. Sara 
Jacquehne. December 31, 1999. They 
live in Wyckoff. N.J. 

Born to Reid and Dee Tacconi 
*90 Cheyne, a daughter. Madeline 
Rose. June 22, 1999. She joins big 
brother. Dale Christopher. They live 
in Ramsey, NJ. 

Jeflfrey M. Jakubik '90 is the 
senior project director at Data 
Development Corporation in New 




Krister Costenbader Vi 




imerudi mpaka Amerika. I have returned to America." writes Kristen ^ 
Costenbader '92 who recently completed a two-year stint as a teacher^ 
in Kenya with the Peace Corps. We're sharing excerpts of a letter from ^ 
Kristen, who is now teaching in Virginia. '} 

"If you look on a map of Kenya and go west to the shores of Lake Victoria, you'll ] 
see where I hved.The viDage was called Nyang'ande, surrounded by rice fields and 
mud huts... My kids ranged in ages from 14 to 23 years of age. They were the children j 
of either rice farmers or fishermen, so 1 was always promised a big 'ngege' fresh from \ 
the lake and plate of "wali" from the family's farm whenever 1 had lunch at a students ^ 
house. The tribe was Luo - the third largest tribe in Kenya and by far the frientiJiest / 
(granted. 1 am a litde biased). J 

"So what made my two years in Africa so wonderfijl? My students because when Vl 
made them laugh, the whole clas.sroom was illuminated by their smiles. The mamas — '1 
if anyone bothered me, a mama was always there to wag her finger at him and make -; 
sure 1 was okay... My cat - she killed aJl the snakes that slithered into my house and 
the rats that would try to eat my potatoes. The sunsets - you have to see them to 
believe them. Bike taxis - best transportation in Kenya... Letters from my friends 
and family back home - thanks to you all. Watching the mzungu (white lady) read ] 
her letters outside the village "post office" was a favorite past bme for the local chil- -\ 
dren.They especially liked it when I came across something amusing and began laugh- \ 
ing — they would join in as well. :^ 

Still. I am enjoying being back amongst bagels. Snapple, running water and electrici- 

ty. I have spent coundess hours flipping switches on and ofFjust to watch the light." 

Susquehanna Today 15 


Susquehannans, future Susquehannans and four more in the making were on liand for 
a recent birttiday party for Timotiiy Jacoutot, son of Sliari Reis '91 Jacoutot. Pictured 
are, bacl< row: Rob Gude '90, Deb Weissman '90 Zucl<erman, Betii Rindge '90 Higgins, 
Teresa Considlne '90 Kehoe; middle row: Llam Intemann, Donna Neal '87 Intemann, 
Stian, Timothy, Deb WItkowsId '90 Gude, Renee Ciiodack '90 Castoral, Roger Castoral 
'89, Emily Castoral; front row; Brian Intemann. 

York City. He and his family live in 
Scotch Plains, N.J. 

Born to Jeflrey and Michele 
Leuser '90 Leedom. a son, Nicholas 
Scott, May 12, 20(X).They live in 
Bethlehem, Pa. 

Pete Palladino '90 married Paty 
Trovitch, October 2, 1999, 
Philadelphia, Pa. They live in Franklin 
Lakes, N.J. 

Cynthia Smith '90 is the store 
manager ofWilliams-Sonoma in 
Rjdgcwood, NJ. She hves in 

Edward J. Stuart '90 joined the 
sales and marketing stafT of the Arena 
Football League s New Jersey Red 
Dogs. His responsibilities include 
ticket marketing and sales, team and 
player marketing, public relabons, and 
game day event management. He 
lives in West Caldwell, NJ. 

Sean Tighe '90 married 
Maurisha Smith, April 29, 2000, St. 
Thomas ofVillanova.They live in 
Narberth, Pa. 

Pamela A. Zadnik '90 is a cus- 
tomer service representative in the 
comtmction services division of Aon 
Risk Services of New Jersey in 
Papiippany, NJ. 

Dave Gottlieb '92, Julie Stewart '92 
and E.J. Pavlik '92 joined 20 other 
alumni at Rogo's in Hoboken, N.J., 
for a young alumni party. 




Class Reporter: 
Brett Ballenger 
22 New York Avenue 
Lamlktt€,NJ 08735 

Born to Susan 
and Phillip 
Amarante *91, a 

daughter, Monica 
Carol. April 25, 
1999. They hve in 
DanviUe. Pa. 
^ a« '■ Born to Glenn 

Monica Carol '92 and Jennifer 

Amarante Miller '91 

Anderson, a 
daughter - see 1992. 

Kristin A. Beccaria '91 married 
Jason A. Gambler, July 24. 1999. 
North Wales. Pa. Joanne Ward '91 
Huffine was m the wedding party. 
Kristin is an account manager for in Bala Cynwyd. Pa. 
Jason is an operations manager for 
National Analysis Research and 
Consulting. Philadelphia, Pa. They 
live in CoUegeville. Pa. 

Jjyn F. Benson '91 is a graphic 
designer for Bae Systems in 
Eatontown. N.J. Bae Systems is a 
worldwide aerospace and defense 
company that designs advanced aero- 
space products and intelligent elec- 
tronic systems for the government. 

Carolyn Fuss '91 married 
Richard Browder.Apnl 17, 1999. 
United Church of Christ. Hanover, 
Pa. Carolyn is a project 
manager/environmental scientist for 
Earth Tech Inc., Richmond, Va. Rick 
IS an environmental analyst for the 

Rebecca S. Harvey '93 married John Gonyer on October 2, 1999, at Chalfont United 
Methodist Church in Chalfont, Pa. Rebecca is senior consultant at Grant Thornton LLP 
In Philadelphia. Pictured from left to right back row are: Kristina Back '96 Gruver, Ric 
Reaman '93, Chris DeNardo '93, Heather Kipping '93 DeNardo, Dave Sottile '93- 
Julianne Schweitzer '93. John, Tami Brokenshire '93 Pellegrino, Bob McLaughlin '93, 
Karen Skopal '93 McLaughlin, Tim Kratzer, Kathy Kovatch '93 Reaman, Christine Trout 
'93 Sottile, Becky, Cyndi Sidoti '93 (maid of honor), Nicole Wess '93 Kratzer. 

Virginia Department of 
Environmental Quality. They live in 
Maidens, Va. 

Born to Bradley and Melinda 
Heck '91 Heiges, a daughter. Mason 
Alexis, November 28. 1998. They live 
in Harrisburg, Pa. 

Born to Keith '91 and Ashley 
Sheridan '93 Henry, a son. Jackson 
Sheridan. April 6. 1999. They live in 
Warrington. Pa. 

Donald J. Padgett '91 is assis- 
tant professor of biological sciences at 
Bridgewater State College tn 
Massachusetts. His previous position 
was assistant professor at Southwest 
Missouri State University in 
Springfield. Mo. 

Linda Rowe '91 received her 
masters degree in educational admin- 
istration from Arizona State 
University. She is director of student 
activities at Flagler College, St. 
Augustine. Fla. 

Mark A.Walter '91 is assistant 
district attorney in the Middlesex. 
, Mass., district 
attornev's office. 


Born to Karl 

and Janna Leith 
'91 Wianecki. a 

son. Max. 
September 2. 
1999. Janna is a 
mom and Karl is 
a vice president at 
Goldman, Sachs & Co. They hve in 
Convent Station, NJ. 

Scott M. Witman '91 is a sales- 
man with Coldwell Banker/Landis &: 
The Professionals in Wyoniissing, Pa. 

Max Leith 



Class Reporter: 
Julie Hechnan Mullin 
26 Wilson Boulemrd 
Norristoum. PA 19403-1418 

Born to Glenn '92 and Jennifer 
Miller '91 Anderson, a daughter. 
Oracle Kenna. March 22, 200U. Glenn 
is a human resource manager with 
Freudenberg NOK.They live in 
Manchester, N.H. 

Born to James 
and Keri-Ann 
O'Connor '92 
Byrne, a son. 
John Connor. 
April 23, 1999. 
^— ^^.^B l^^r>-Ann is a fijll- 
j^M_^^0^^Kf time mom and 
James is a senior 
engineer and 
technical leader 
for Pratt & 
Whitney. They 
live in Vernon, 

Born to 
Matthew '92 and 
Jane Petersen 
'92 Curran. a 
daughter. Emily 
Grace, March 26. 2000. They live in 
Oviedo. Fla. 

Born to Richard and Diane Paul 
*92 Duker. a son, Jack Richard. July 
21. 1999. They live in Harrisburg, Pa. 

Jay M. McMeekan '92 \s a 
senior manager with Merck and 
Company in Garwood. NJ. 

Kelly L. Thomas '92 married 
David Fleckenstein, November 13, 
1999, Sts. PhiHip & James Catholic 
Church. Exton, Pa. Marni 
Pietrowicz *92 McDermott was in 

Jack Byrne 

Emily Curran 

16 Susquehanna Today 

the wedding party. Kelly is in sales. 
Weyerhaeuser Paper Company, 
Wayne. Pa. David is With Morgan 
Stanley Dean Witter, Conshohocken. 
Pa. They live in Exton. 

Melissa Vartholom *92 is a loan 
account manager with CIT Small 
Business Lending. Parsippany. N.J, She 
hves in Piscataway. N.J. 


David S. Ashman '93 is a health 
care consultant for Ernst andYoung. 
He lives m Fairfax, Va. 

Born to Keith '91 and Ashley 
Sheridan *93 Henry, a son - see 

Born to Cosmo lacavazzi '89 
and Nicole Sheetz '93. a son - see 

Wendy L. Blackburn '93 mar- 
ried Robert A. KJeckner.July 24. 
1999. St. Matthews Episcopal Church, 
Horsham. Pa. Wendy teaches first 
grade in the Colonial School District, 
Conshohocken, Pa. Robert is a PGA 
Golf professional, Worcester Golf 
Club. Skippack, Pa. They live in 
Fairvicw Village, Pa. 

Born to Brian and Kathleen 
Lanzaro '93 Masterson, a son, 
William Patrick. September 14, 1999. 
They live in Freehold, N.J. 

Tim Murray '93 was promoted 
to director of finance for Adantic 
Research Corporation s (ARC) 
Automotive Air Bag Division, in 
charge of the financial and MIS oper- 
ations for arc's Tennessee. Arkansas 
and Italian manufacturing plants. Tim 
and his wife. Shana Larkin *94 
Murray, have relocated to Knoxville. 
Tenn,, from Herndon.Va. 

Patricia Ann Perk '93 rnarned Chris 
Caponigro '93 on Saturday, September 
is, 1999 Sharon Foight '93 was one of 
the bridesmaids. Chris ts an assistant 
vice president for St. Paul Re in 
Mornstown, N.J. Patricia presently 
works for the National Association of 
Securities Dealers Regulation, but will 
be attending law school in the fall of 
2000. They live In Basking Ridge, N.J. 

Kim Oaks *93 was promoted to 
major accounts sales with Automatic 
Data Processing in Lafayette Hill, Pa. 

Born to Allan C. '93 and 
Melanie Stoyer '93Valunas,a 

daughter. Alexa 
Shea, October 1 1, 
1 999. Allan is 
with Vanguard in 
ViUey Forge. Pa. 
Melanie is with 
SunGard Data 
Systems in 
Wayne, Pa. They 
live in West 
Reading, Pa. 

Alexa Shea 

Share Your Experience 
w^th current students at the 

Career Fair 

Friday, October 6, iooo 

3-5 P.M. 

Mellon Lounge, 

Decenstein Campus Center 

To lei us know yon 're 
coming or for further 
iiiformatioti, please call the 
Center for Career Services 
at 570-372-4146. 


Class Reporter: 
Andrea S. Hughey 
905 Sheridan Street 
Williamsport, PA 17701-3639 

John M. Bukowski '94 married 
Tern Voelpel. September 11, 1999, St. 
Andrew's Catholic Church, Milford, 
Ohio. Christine Bukowski 
Johnson '92 was a bridesmaid. John 
and Tern are scientists with Idaho 
National Engineering and 
Environmental Laboratory. They live 
in Shelley, Idaho. 

Karen J. Cottrell '94 earned a 
master of education degree in special 
education from Loyola College in 
Maryland. She works at Bel Air 
Middle School and hves in Bel Air, 

Leonard Glick, Jr. '94 works for 
the Babcock Graduate School of 
Management at Wake Forest 
University in Winston-Salem, N.C. 

Lawrence W. Gonnello '94 mar- 
ried Cara S. Steinert. October 9, 
1999. Holy Cross Roman Catholic 
Church, Rumson, N.J. Larry is a 
financial consultant for Salomon 
Smith Barney, Staten Island. N.Y. 
Cara is a pharmaceutical sales repre- 
sentative for Abbott Laboratories. 
They hve in Rumson, NJ. 

Stacey Mahalchick '94 was 
notified by the Pennsylvania State 
Board of Nursing that she passed her 
examination and is a registered nurse. 
She lives in Minersville. Pa. 

Alden K. Thomas '94 is vice 
president for AXA Advisors, 
Lancaster. Pa. 

The Susquehanna University 
Center for Career Services cur- 
rently maintains credential files for 
the first five years after graduation. 

If you are a member of the 
Class of 1995 and you do not 
want your file destroyed, please 
contact the center at 570-372-4325 
or via e-mail at 


5th REUWtON 


Class Reporter; 

Konc Traver 

P.O. Box 15 

Sprhigi'ilk, PA 18844-5015 

Andrew H. Cosgrove '95 is 

employed with Rehrig Pacific and 
resides in Powder Springs, Ga. 

Jason J. Harchuck *95 is a sales 
executive with Coldwell Banker Real 
Estate Inc. in Monroeville, Pa. 

Brook E. Hebert '95 received a 
masters degree in public health from 
George Washington University. She is 
the corporate health promotion coor- 
dinator at Inova Health Source, 
Fairfix.Va. She bves in Arlington, Va. 

Born to Joseph '95 and Kourtney 
Lanzaro'96 Kaczmarski. a daugh- 

Shannon Boyd '97 married Kenneth Peffer '96 on July 17, 1999, at the Clinton United Methodist Church, Clinton, nj. Kenneth Is 
marketing manager at Peirce Phelps, Inc. In Philadelphia and Shannon is a long-term substitute teacher at Morrisville School 
District, Morrisville, Pa. Pictured are from left to right back row; Stephen Ulicny '98, Bill Forbes '95, Bob Pellicone '96, David Leeds 
'97, David Llewelyn '97, Sue Albert '99, Sarah Herchik '96 Tomlmson, Gavin Smith '97/ John Kronlnger '95, Stacey Sahn '97 
Kronmger, Todd Frantz '97, Leslie Koziar '76 Shaw; middle row; Johanna Zizelmann '98 Ulicny, Becky Jonas '97. Heather Hamlin '97 
Litchfield, Jennifer Grisan '96; front row: Amanda Hancock '97, Lisa Fulton '96, Megan Bogar '96 Leeds, Tom Fraim '97, Doug 
Goldblatt '97, Ray Foerster '94, Steve Porter '97, Stephanie Vermillion '97, Margaret Pierce '96, Matt Dean '96, Ken and Shannon. 

Susquehanna Today 17 

Mary Paige 

ter, Mary Paige. 
October 3. 1999. 
They live in 
Cranford, N.J. 
Cheryl M. 
Norkin *95 mar- 
ried Kevin 
Tedesco. St. Mary 
of the Lakes 
Church, Medford, 
N.J. Cheryl is in 
marketing unth Matte!, Mount 
Laurel, NJ. Kevin is concessions 
manager with Aramark-Meadowlands 
Sports Complex, East Rutherford. 
NJ.They live in Caldwell, NJ. 

G. Edward Schweikert IV '95 
is an attorney with the law offices of 
Markian & Slobodian in Harrisburg. 
Pa. He lives in Harrisburg. 

Leigh H. Smythe '95 is the 
communications manager for the 
Transportanon Intermediaries 
Association m Alexandria, Va. 

Julie Stansfield '95 is a special 
agent with the Diplomatic Security 
Service (DSS), U.S. Department of 
State. Starting in September, she will 
be serving a two-year tour as the 
assistant regional security officer in 
Kinshasa, The Democratic Repubhc 
of Congo. 

Born to Stephen '86 and Kelly 
Hackenberg '95 Walter, a son - see 

Andrew Wilkinson *95 is an 
operations specialist for the NAS- 
DAQ Stock Market in Maryland. 

Jerry Wolfe '95 reared from the 
U.S. Army after 23 years of service, 
including active duty in Bosnia. He 
now works managing the safety and 
risk program, workers compensation 
and assisting with human resources, 
for a local contractor. He hves in 
Herndon. Pa. 



Class Reporter; 

Margaret Pierce 
Kemmgton Arms Apt. J8-B 
22 Yorkshire Drive 
Hightstomi. NJ 08520 

Amanda Bergh '96 is an 

account representative for Otis 
Elevator Company in Philadelphia. 
Pa. She lives in Moorestown, N.I. 

Joni L. Fleck '96 received an 
MBA degree from Butler University. 
She is an accountant at Electronics 
Data Systems (EDS) in Indianapolis. 
Ind. She lives in Plainfield. Ind. 

Kristi Gipe '96 is membership 
development execudve m the 
Patriot's Trail Girl Scout Council's 
Boston field office. She wUl be the 

point of contact for the volunteers as 
weU as ambassador for the Girl Scout 
organization for city meetings and 
fijnctions. She lives in Medford, Mass. 

Michelle Liechty '96 Hoffinan 
joined the Wilmington firm of 
Wheeler, Wolfenden & Dwares as a 
semor accountant in the tax depart- 
ment. She hves in Wilmington, Del. 

Margaret E.Johnson *96 
received a master's degree in student 
personnel and higher education 
administration from Kent Sute 
Umversiry. Meg is assistant director of 
annual giving at Kutztown University. 
She hves in BreinigsviUe, Pa. 

Born to Joseph *95 and 
Kourtney Lanzaro '96 
Kaczmarski, a daughter - see 1995 

Amy S. Leiter '96 married Chad 
A. Kauffinan, November 20, 1999, 
Aldersgate United Methodist 
Church, Mifflmtown. Pa. Lisa D. 
Clapper '96 was the maid of honor. 
Amy is employed in therapeutic staff 
support at NHS of Montgomery 
Counry. Chad is a process metallurgist 
at Bethlehem Lukens Plate of 
Conshohocken, Pa. They hve in 
Limerick, Pa. 

Jennifer M. Lukach '96 was 
admitted to the bar of the courts of 
the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania 
on October 29, 1999. She is currendy 
the assistant district attorney for 
Berks County and hves in King of 
Prussia, Pa. 

Margaret L. Pierce *96 is a 
marketing and public relations man- 
ager with the Opera Festival of New 
Jersey. She hves in Hightstown, N.J. 

Meredith Libby '96 Pridham 
received her D.V.M. degree fi^om the 
College ofVeterinary Medicine of the 
University of Minnesota and is 

Noel Ulikowski '97 married Matt Johns '97 on November 20, 1999, at St. John 
Neumann Catholic Church in Lancaster, Pa. Noel is the assistant human resources 
manager at Stauffers of Kissel Hill and Matt is a high school social studies teacher at 
Manheim Township School District in Lancaster. Pictured, from bottom left up to top 
right: Cory Rider '95, Brian Schroeher '97, Kristen Dame '97, Chris Arthur '98, 
Shannan Guthrie '96, Jill Carty '97, Noel and Matt, Mike Hardy '97, Barb Graseck '96, 
Julie Cook '96, Joey Rider, Michelle Hoffman '98, Mike Walkiewicz '97, Amy Allen '97, 
Brian Altimare '97, Steph Dowling '97, Tina Parks '96 and Jonathan Moore '97. 
Andrew Johns '99 was also a member of the wedding party. 

employed at the Brewer Veterinary 
Chnic in Brewer, Maine. She hves in 
Orrington, Maine 

Jason A. Troutman '96 is in 
sales, Curtis Industries. He lives in 
Ashland, Pa. 

Patricia A. Vermillion '96 is 
working on her Ph.D. at the 
University of London. England. She 
presented her research results at her 
first conference presentation at the 

University of Aalborg. Denmark, in 
November. She spent one month in 
Sardima. Italy, during her hoUday 
vacation. She was accepted to 
become a guest researcher at the 
University of Nijmegen. Holland, in 
September 2000 for one academic 
year. She won the International 
Federation of University Women 
recognition award for her research in 
April 2000. 

Diana Plerson '97 mar-i-d Patrick Kader97 on July 31, 1999, at King of Kings Lutheran Church m Mountain Lakes, N j Pictured, from 
left to right are, bottom row: Amy Lasurdo '96, Brian Young '96, Amy Vogel '96, Kristen Dame '97, Jennifer Tietgen '97, Erich Maerz 
'97, Rebecca Audet '96, Wendy Turriziani '97, Jaquie Lisa '97, Doreen Walsh '97, Michelle Mazzucco '96, Eric Conner '97; top row 
right to left: Amy Yagodich '97, Christy Hudson '97, Alison Belli '97, Kwame Lloyd '93, Darren Cregan '96, Mark Alofs '96, Tim 
Suchanek '98, Jake Dinsmore '96, Nate Davidson '99, Michael Barrette '99, Steven Richel '99, Patrick, Tammy Shutters '96, Kim 
Tavares '96, Diana, Megan Donahoe '97, Stephanie Dowling '97, Todd Lynady '96, Jill Carty '97, Data Cutrone '97 Blood, Karen King 
'97 Simms, Cindy Keating, Justin Melody, JP Blaise, Greg Ancona, Dina Nabet, Daren Fedde, Kyle Fedde. Jonathan Bingaman '96 and 
Dennis Beaudet '96 were also in the wedding party. 

18 Susquehanna Today 

Jacqueline A. Sgrol '97 married William 
P. Piccolo in a joint Catlnolic/Lutheran 
ceremony on February 19, 2000, in 
Tolland, Conn. Jacqueline is a second- 
year kindergarten teacher in Stafford 
Springs, Conn., and Bill is a project 
manager for New England Mechanical 
Services. They live in Coventry, Conn. 
Heather Parent '97 was a bridesmaid. 



Class Reporter: 

Lisa BarcUa 

Apt. 2 

202 1 Bridgetown Pike 

Feasterville, PA 19053-7209 

Peter Amme '97 married Tanya 
Zelger '99. May 6. 2000, St. Patrick 
Shrine Church, Carhsle. Pa. 
Susquehannans in the wedding party 
were Brad Swinsburg '97, Kathryn 
Cleveland '99 and Angela Happel 
'99. Tanya is with DynCorp l&ET in 
Alexandria, Va. Peter is with American 
Management Systems Fairiax.Va. 
They live in CentrevUle.Va. 

John Bardsley '97 married 
Heather Jaegers. March 17. 1999. 
Quakertown, Pa. they live in 

Dulcie L. Bishop '97 was pro- 
moted to an inventory analyst for 
Rite Aid Corporation in Camp Hill. 
Pa. In addmon to work, she has kept 
very busy with Theatre Harrisburg, 
the resident company of the Whitaker 
Center in Harrisburg. Pa. Most 
recendy she completed co-chainng 
props for Proposab. Prior to that, she 
produced Jdttf Eyre, stage managed 
Moon Over Buffalo, and was on the 
costume crew for Follies. In June, she 
was on the costume crew for La Cage 
atix Folles. 

Brian M. Bonder '97 is current- 
ly enrolled in the NBC sales associate 
training program in New York, N.Y.. 

to become an account manager. He 
has also recendy completed firefighter 
1 and firefighter II classes at the 
Bergen County, N.J., Pohce and Fire 
Academy, and serves on the Saddle 
River and Ramsey fire departments. 
He lives m Saddle River. N.J. 

Kevin P. Elbertson *97 married 
Nicole Petrovay '98 — see 1998. 

Donna M. Klug '97 married 
Walter Hungarter. October 23, 1999, 
Christian and Missionary AUiance 
Church, West Pittston, Pa. They Uve in 
Norristown, Pa. 

Kenneth Peffer '96 married 
Shannon Boyd '97 — see 1996. 

Chris Persing '97 is the head 
coach of the Muncy High School 
baseball team. Muncy. Pa. 

Brendon A. Renouf '97 is a 
human resource supervisor. Allied 
Tube and Conduit, a Tyco 
International Ltd. Company in 
Philadelphia. Pa. He lives in 
Pennsauken. N.J. 

Angela Stefanini '97 is complet- 
ing a year-long fellowship at the 
International School ofTriest.Triest, 
Italy. She taught general music and 


Ready to share your SU spirit 

with an official Susquehanna University 

Pennsylvania auto license plate? 

\pplk.ilniii liinii>. .iiv iVoiii iIk' (Hl'm- cil Almniii 
Ki-I.iiioiis - |UM I. ill .S7li-.i72— 1 1 IS. r.i\ .^7(i-.i72-2777. or cni.iil. 
Ci)iii| loriii'. .iiul ihci ks Icir S2i i p.ix.iliK- ro ilio 
( onimonwxMlt!) ot IVniis\lv.uii.i sluuild be slmu liircitK to llu' 

)t Minor VcliKk-N 


created the schools first chorus since 
the school's opening in 1965. In the 
fall of 2000 she will teach general and 
vocal elementary music in the 
Massepequa School District, 
Massapequa. N.Y 

Jonathan Zlock '97 is a reporter 
for the Daily Record, Parsippany, N.J. 
He lives inVoorhees, NJ. 



Dave Welner 

Class Reporter: 
Heather Newberger Dray 
411 Pennsyhania Avenue 
McDonald, OH 44437 


David Weiner '98 performed with 
Steve Vai on the "Ultra Zone" world 
tour in Helsinki, Finland, 

Nice Guy 
w^ith a 

After wrapping up a world tour with guitar legend Steve Vai, Dave | 

Weiner '98 has two things at the top of his "to do" Ust: getting back to 
his own band and staying a nice guy. Vai himself reinforced the impor- 
tance of the latter. "He taught me a lot about touring, how to act around press 
and how to treat fans and locaJ crews. The whole lesson is to be warm and nuke 
people feel appreciated." says Weiner. 

Weiner has been playing guitar since he was 8 years old. At age 15, he was 
determined to attend the Guitar Institute ofTechnology (GIT) in Los Angeles 
after high school. His parents, Jane and Meyer Weiner ofWyomissing. Pa., struck i 
deal: college education first, then GIT. In college, Dave spent a semester abroad 
studying international finance, earned his SU degree in accounting, and then 
headed to Los Angeles in 1998. 

While interning at an entertainment management firm, Weiner met V;u, who 
heard the Susquehanna graduate's demo tajv and phoned one Fritliy atternoon. 
"I'd like you to play guitar on my tour. Show up on Monday with these (18) 
songs ready and your guitar," recalls Weiner. The tour took Weiner and the band 
to Japan, New Zealand, and Europe, but perhaps the pertornunce that had the 
most impact on Weiner was much closer to home. "When I played Philly and mji 
friends and family came and saw I was living my dream, that's when it hit me." 
Back in LA, Weiner is focusing on his own band. "My dream now is to hear 
my own music on the radio, see my own video, make my own record." 
Songwriting and rehearsing don't pay all the bills so Weiner teaches guitar. And 
that degree that mom and dad were so insistent on him getting, it seems to be 
coming in handy: Weiner now also works in the accounting department of 
Favored Nations Records. 

~ Mary Cammarata Markk 

Susquehanna Today 19 

Nicole M. Petrovay '98 married Kevin P. Elbertson '97 on May 29, 1999, at Zion 
Lutheran Churcfi of Harrisburg, Pa. The honeymoon was in Ochos f^ios, Jamaica. 
Nicole is the director of marl<eting at, an Internet advertising agency. 
Kevin is a postal carrier for the U.S. Postal Service. They live in Harrisburg, Pa. 
Pictured are, from left to right, front row: Laila Haddad '98, Maggie Becker '98, Kevin 
and Nicole, Candice Brown '98; back row: Joe Brownell '98, Marty Pinter '99* Karyn 
Kern '00, Alison Hess '98, Mike Barbarito '98- Ashli Riggs '98. 

Jennifer R. Ferraro '98 married Michael G. Piazza '98 on September 18, 1999, at the 
Hall of Springs m Saratoga Springs, New York. Jennifer Is a business analyst with 
Pinnacle Technology Solutions in Troy, N.Y. Michael is the senior staff accountant for 
Clough Harbor 8( Associates in Albany. They live m Halfmoon, N.Y., with their dog. 
Max. Pictured are, Andrew Buccaro '98, Thora Westock '99, Eric Ciaverelli '98, 
Jennifer and Michael, Todd Henches '98 (best man), Jennifer Rojek '98, Martin Pinter 
'99, Adam Drapczuk '98, Ashli Riggs '98, Bryan Waagner '99, Joe Balint '98, Joe Farley 
'97 and Michael Barbarito '98 (groomsman). 

Carol Bucanelli *98 married 
Joseph Krajewski. March 13. 2000. 
Nags Head. N.C. 

Adam Drapczuk *98 passed the 
Pennsylvania exammation to become 
a certified pubbc accountant. He is 
with KPMG in Harrisburg, Pa. He 
lives in Harrisburg. 

Ryan T. Flynn '98 is a senior 
analyst in the invesmient banking 
division. Salomon Smith Barney in 
Manhattan. He lives in Brooklyn, 

Ginger L. Hartman '98 

received a masters degree in civil and 
environmental engineering from the 
University of Maryland. She is a 
water resources engineer at Camp 
Dressier and McKee Inc., at their cor- 
porate office in Cambridge. Mass. She 
bves in Brookline. Mass. 

Jill Hengey '98 is a strategy ana- 
lyst for Rosenbluth International, a 
travel management company. 
Philadelphia, Pa. She lives in 
CoUingswood. N.J. 

Karen Jones *98 is working as a 
production assistant with Princeton 
University Press. She lives in 
Cranbury. N.J. 

Jennifer A. King '98 received 
her N.J. state teaching license and 
certification through Ramapo 
College in French and elementary 
education. She is the world language 
teacher and curriculum coordinator 
for grades kindergarten through sixth 
grade at Green HiUs School in 
Greendall. N.J. She is working 

Jamie Miller '99 married Mike Moyer, June u, 1999, Community Baptist Church, Montoursvilie, Pa. Jamie is a systems consultant 
for Cendian Employer Services in Columbia, Md. Mike went to Lycoming and now works for Kirnos, Inc. m Calverton, Md. They live 
in Catonsviile, Md. Pictured are, left to right, back row: Shane Kagan, Andy White '98, Adam Saylor '99, Kenny Eisenhard '99, 
Steve Simms '97; row two: Kelly Wallace '99, Karolyn Sadowski '00, Brooke Henning '99, Melissa Templet '99 (bridesmaid), Jamie, 
Victoria Long '99, Mindy Haake '99. Erin McCauliff '99- Jen Chaikivsky '99, Amber Emery '99, Karen King '97 Simms; row three: 
Sarah Wright '99, Corrin Gibbs '99, Denelie Lahr '99- Laura Fitzgerald '99- Fawn Day '99 (maid of honor), Shawna Trout '00; row 
four: Judy Carletta '99 (bridesmaid), Amanda Roenigk '99, Emily Hartman '99, Maxi Corkins '99; row five: Mike Moyer (groom). 

towards her master's degree in teach- 
ing at Marygrove College. She lives 
in Sussex, N.J. 

Ingrid B. Kloss '98 is a recep- 
tiomst. 101 Productions, New York 
City. She hves m Weehawken. N.J. 

Melanie Leech *98 is an eastern 
region distributor sales manager with 
Hormel Foods in Lebanon. N.J. She 
lives in Princeton, NJ. 

Brett Marcy '98 is a municipal 
and education reporter with Tfie 
Patriot-News in Harrisburg, Pa. He 
hves in Harrisburg. 

Tamara J. Musumeci '98 is a 
graduate student at Shippensburg 
University. She hves in Shippensburg. 



John Amoroso '99 is a claims rep- 
resentative with ACE USA m Glen 
Allen, Va, He lives in Richmond. Va. 

Alyssa M. Andreadis *99 relo- 
cated and accepted a position as web 
site specialist for Milton Academy in 
Milton. Mass. She is responsible for 
the redesign and maintenance of the 
site, writing and organizing content, 
and working with faculty, staft and 
student*, to improve the school's 
Internet presence. She is also starting 
a freelance web design business. She 
In'es in Randolph. Mass, 

Mark Andrusis '99 is 3 regis- 
tered investment representative in the 
mutual fund department of Legg 
Mason Wood Walker in Inner Harbor, 
Baltimore. Md. He lives m Columbia, 

Natalie Beckley *99 married 
Jeffrey Fleischer. September 26, 1999. 

20 Susquehanna Today 

'nW ir^kii 

Sherry Jewett '98 married Steve Theriault '98 on August 18, 1999- 3t The Rocks 
Estate in Bethlehem, N.H. Sherry is a study supervisor and teacher at Nashoba 
Brooks School, Concord, Mass., and Steve Is a lead fund accountant with First Data 
Corp., Westboro, Mass. They live in Boxboro, Mass. Pictured, from left to right, back 
row; James Snook '94, Jill Hengey '98, Renee Lathrop '00, Kristen Haviland '99, Jen 
Ekiund '98, Shelley Lathrop '98, Matt Gilbert '98; front row: Christine Bowman '98, 
Glen Hunsinger '99, Sherry and Steve, 2oe March '98, Margaret Matovic '98. 

in an outdoor ceremony at the 
Radnor Valley Country Club. 
Villanova. Pa. Rebekah A. Hart 
•99 and Jennifer K. Ellsworth '00 
were bridesmaids. Jeff is an aeronau- 
ncal design engineer. Cessna Aircraft 
Company. They live in Wichita, 

Jennifer Bourque *99 is a mar- 
keting communications producer for 
Barnes &' Noble, com in New York 
City. She lives m Wantagh, N.Y. 

Brian Chapman *99 has joined 
the staff of the Donald Chapman 
Nationw^de Insurance Agency in 
Hamlin. Pa., as an associate agent. 

Steven L. Castagna '99 mar- 
ried Nicole Breczewski. May 6, 
20()(). LefQer Chapel. Elizabethtown 
College, Elizabethtown. Pa. Steve is 
employed by Glenmede Trust Co., 
Philadelphia, Pa. Nicole is employed 
by Assessment Solutions Inc., 
Philadelphia. They hve in 

Fawn Day '99 teaches first 

grade in Rosemont Elementary 
School, Gaithersburg, Md. She lives 
in Gaithersburg. 

Corrin Gibbs '99 is an ABS 
analyst with Structured Finance 
Advisors in Farmington, Conn. She 
lives in Unionville, Conn. 

Heidi Glatfelter '99 is the 
marketing coordinator for MICPEL, 
Baltimore, Md. She lives in New 
Freedom, Pa. 

Kimberly D. Guyer '99 is the 
head cheerleading coach at Juniata 
College. She hves in Huntingdon, 

Christine Hughes '99 married 
Andrew Fischer, August 7. 1999. 
Holy Name of Jesus Church, 
Mulhca Hill. NJ. Lori Jakielo '99 
was in the wedding party. Christine 
teaches third grade, Hanover 
Elementary. Mankato Pubhc 
Schools. North Mankato. Minn. 
They live in North Mankato. 

Jennifer A. Jester '99 is an 
investment accountant, PFPC 



an invitation to 


27-29, 2000 

Global Fund Services Inc., 
Wilmington, Del. She lives in 
Newark. Del, 

Christina Logozzo *99 is a 
sales assistant. Imperial Capital, a 
broker dealer in New York City. She 
lives in Brooklyn. N.Y. 

Merle E. Smith '99 married 
Sharon Roush. April 15. 2000. 
Walkers Lake.Troxelville, Pa. Merle 
IS employed by SCI Coal Township 
as a drug and alcohol treatment spe- 
ciahst, Sharon is a store manager. 
West Coast Video. Lewisburg. Pa. 
They live in Beaver Springs. Pa. 

JuHe R. Stover '99 is an invest- 
ment accoununt. PFPC Global 
Fund Services Inc.. Wilmington, 
Del. She lives in Newark, Del. 

Thora Westock '99 is an edito- 
rial assistant for the Offtaal Hotel 
Guide in Secaucus, NJ. 

Jeniffer S. Zaring '99 married 
Christopher A. Bates. December 4. 


1999. Highland Presbyterian 
Church, Newport, Pa. Jeniffer teach- 
es first grade, Newport Elementary 
School. Christopher is a machinist 
at H&H Precision Wire, Newport. 
They live in Newport. 

Tanya Zelger '99 married 
Peter Amme '97 - see 1997. 



fVant to know what your 
classmates are up to? Check out 
the Winter 2000 issue of SU Today 
for the Class of 2000 Report. And 
be sure you send us your current 
stats soon so we can tell all your 

Alumni volunteers Julie R. Stover '99 and Chris A. Markle '84, director of admissions, 
pitched in to spruce up the grounds of Christ Lutheran Church in Upper Darby, Pa., 
driving the April 19 spring clean-up day. 

Senior Men and Woman 

Mark Yerger '00, Luke Eddinger '00 and Elizabeth Dollhopf '00 shared 
Alumni Association honors as senior men and woman most typifying 
the ideals of Susquehanna University. For the first time in history, the 
committee has chosen three outstanding seniors. For a complete 
description of the recipients and their activities, log on to Susquehanna 
Today online at www.susqu.edU/T0day/summer2000/0o.htm# 

Susquehanna Today 21 


Esther Cressman *20, 

Lewislown. Pa.. March 24, 2000. She 
received a masters degree in mathe- 
matics from Columbia University 
and Wis a math teacher in 
Lewistow/n Senior High School. She 
was a member of St. John's 
Evangehcal Lutheran Church, 
American Association of Universit)' 
Women. NEA and Pennsylvania 
Association of School Retirees. 

Sara Lenker '25 Wiest. 
Herndon, Pa.. April 28. 2000. She 
taught in the Herndon and Dalmatia 
school districts for 25 years. She was 
a member of retired teachers' associ- 
ations and Zion Lutheran United 
Church of Christ in Herndon. 

Walter C. Metzger '33. of 
Glenside. Pa., March 24. 2000. He 
was employed by the Central Iron 
and Steel Company for a short time 
before joining the Commercial Trust 
Company. In 1942 . he joined the 
U.S. Navy as an inteUigence officer, 
serving four years. Beginning in 
1946, he served for 13 years as civil- 
ian manager of the Navy Exchange 
Stores in the state of Pennsylvania. 
In 1959 he founded the Eastern 
Service Company which he owned 
and operated until his retirement in 

Brdene EUmore '35 Burket. 
Roaring Spring, Pa.. March 26. 
2000. She was a member of St. 
Luke's Lutheran Church, Roaring 
Spring, where she was a former 
pianist, organist, choir director and 
head ot the nursery department. She 
taught piano, voice and organ in 
Blair County for more than 50 years 
and formerly was employed as a 
proofreader for the Blair Press. A 
member of the Order of Eastern 
Star, she was a charter member of 
Roaring Spring Busmess and 
Professional Women's Club. She was 
preceded in death by a sister. Flora 
EUmore '33 Shilling 

Ralph C. Geigle '35. Lucerne. 
Cahf .April 4. 2000. He was a Navy 
veteran of World War II and later 
served as staff consultant and section 
hand of the Armed Forces Security- 
Agency in the Department of 

Defense. Washington. D.C.. from 
1946 to 1950. He received his mas- 
ter's degree from Teachers" College 
at Columbia University in 1940 and 
his doctorate from George 
Washington University in 1950. He 
was superintendent of the Reading 
School District from 1956 until his 
retirement in 1974. The district 
honored him by naming an addition 
to the Reading High School after 
Geigle. He was an intercollegiate 
baseball player and played third base 
in the Philadelphia Phillies farm sys- 
tem. Geigle served as president of 
the Susquehanna University Alumni 
Association and was active in 
Susquehanna affairs. 

The Rev. Dr. William A. 
Janson '44, Phoenixville. Pa.. April 
13, 2000. He received a bachelor of 
divinity degree trom the Lutheran 
Theological Seminary- at Gettysburg, 
and a master's and doctorate in 
christian education from Union 
Seminary and Teachers' College at 
Columbia University. He had hon- 
orary degrees from Muhlenberg 
College and Susquehanna. He 
ser\'ed Lutheran churches at New 
Jerusalem Parish in LovettsviUe.Va.; 
Holy Trinity in New York City; 
Trinity Lutheran in Springfield, 
Ohio; First English Tiffm. Tiffin. 
Ohio; and Trinity Lutheran, 
Lansdale, Pa. He was also a professor 
of religion at Cedarville College. 
Cedarville, Ohio. He was an editor 
of family materials at the board of 
parish education of the Lutheran 
Church in America and was presi- 
dent and bishop of the southeastern 
Pennsylvania Synod of the Lutheran 
Churches in America for three five- 
year terms, retiring in 1983. He was 
a member of St. John's Evangehcal 
Church. PhoenixviUe. and an avid 
Red Sox fan. Among the survivors 
are his wife, Margaret Gemmill 
'44 Janson. and his sister. Doris 
Janson '50 Meerbach. 

S.Jane Gundrum Hillegas 
'47, Sahsbury, Pa.. May 1 . 200(i, She 
retired from Meyersdale Area School 
District, where she taught commer- 
cial courses, having also taught in 

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the SaUsbury-Elk Lick School 
District for a combined total of 27 
years. She was an active member of 
St, John's United Church of Christ, 
serving as choir member, Sunday 
school teacher and superintendent, 
and on the church council. She was 
also active in various civic organiza- 
tions. She was an avid golfer. Among 
the survivors are her brother. 
Eugene Gundrum '48, and sister, 
Helen Gundrum '37 Sprout . 

The Rev. Warren Outerbridge 
'49, West Kendall. Fla.. December 
12. 1999. Ordained in Wales. United 
Kingdom, he served as an 
Episcopalian clergyman in Wales and 
Canada. In the United Slates, he 
served St, Barnabas Episcopal 
Church m Franklinville. N.Y. He 
was married to the late Margaret 
Latta '49 Outerbridge. 

Margaret Latta '49 
Outerbridge. West Kendall. Fla.. 
April 23. 2000. After high school. 
Peg contributed significantly to the 
war effort during World War II as a 
member of the WAVES. She was a 
cryptographer and coded message 
specialist with the Ofrice of Naval 
Intelligence Communications 
Annex, and was ultimately awarded 
a commendation from President 
Harr\- S.Truman for her work. She 
taught high school English at 
Albion. N.Y.; Kenmore, N.Y; and 
Franklinville. N.Y She was married 
to the late Warren Outerbridge 

Paul B. Buehler '50. Paupack. 
Pa,, June 7, 2000. He served in the 
U.S. Nav\- during World War 11 from 
1944 to 1946. He was owner of a 
small summer resort, Buehler 
Idlewild Inn. He liked to travel, hunt 
and fish. He is survived by his wife. 
Virginia Blough '50 Buehler. 

Barry B. Bealor '60. 
Haddonfield, NJ.. May 9. 2000. He 
served in the Air Force from 1 952 
to 1956 and taught m Sunbury. Pa., 
from I960 to 1962. He was a math 
and chemistry teacher and was 
mathematics department chairman 
at Audubon High School, where he 
worked from 1962 until he retired 
in 1992. The high school yearbook 
was dedicated to hmi on three sepa- 
rate occasions. He was a member of 
Haddonfield United Methodist 
Church and coached sports in 
Haddonfield youth organizations. 
Among the survivors is his wife. 
Nancy Phillips '60 Bealor 

H. Brentwood Henzel '65. 
Mayfield. Ky. May 21. 1999. He 

taught instrumental music and was 
band director in the Graves County 
Schools. He previously taught 
instrumental music m Cocolamus, 
Pa., and Norristown. Pa. 

David E. Lynn '65, Liberty. Pa.. 
May 2. 2000, He served as a lieu- 
tenant with the Ninth Division 
Signal Corps in Vietnam where he 
earned a Bronze Star. He was 
employed by the Rochester 
Telephone Company as an accoun- 
tant and was employed by the 
Buffalo Valley Telephone Company, 
Lewisburg. Pa., from 1970 until 
retiring as vice president in 1998. 
He was treasurer for the Union 
County Bicentennial Committee 
and a member of the advisory board 
of the Ben Franklin Foundation. He 
enjoyed hunting, fishing and all out- 
door activities. He was a member of 
Trinity United Methodist Church, 
New Columbia. 

William J. Cody '72. New 
Berlin. Pa.. April 24. 2000. He 
served in the Army in Korea from 
1973 to 1975. where he was a cryp- 
tographic equipment repairman. He 
was a salesman and area director for 
Medibag Corp. He enjoyed camping 
and hiking. Among the survivors are 
his wife, Nancy Musser-Cody '76, 
and a brother, Richard '68. 

Matthew W. Baylor '85. Santa 
Fe. N.M.. January 29, 2000. Matt 
attended the Manhattan School of 
Music in New York City for one 
year. He worked for John Gingrich 
Management Inc., in New York 
City. He was associated with the 
Santa Fe Opera at their New York 
and Santa Fe offices. In 1993. he 
moved to San Francisco where he 
worked at Pro Health, a company 
that was involved with HIV/AIDS 
education and treamient advocacy. 
His last job was with the Tobin 
Foundation where he was a member 
of the board of trustees and was in 
charge of program development. The 
Foundation administers theTobin 
Library* and a large theatre arts col- 
lection. Matt became ill last spring 
and in July was admitted to Johns 
Hopkins Hospital where he was 
diagnosed with a ver\- virulent form 
of lymphoma. He improved enough 
to be discharged and treated as an 
outpatient, returning to his home in 
New Mexico in September. 

David N. Pritchard '91. for- 
merly of Bangor, Pa.. Las Vegas. 
Nev.. March 2. 2000. He worked as 
a ski lift mechanic for Cable Litt 
Tram in Las Vegas. 

22 Susquehanna Today 

Five Earn SU Alumni Sciiolarships 

Matthew Gaul 

Heather Hafer 

Ellen Mull 

Devon Persing 

Bret Stamy 

Five incoming freshmen will receive Susquehanna 
University Alumni Scholarship awards designated for children, stepchil- 
dren and grandchildren of alumni. 

The Alumni Association Executive Board Recruiting Committee 
selected Matthew Gaul of Fairport. N.Y., Heather Hafer of Reading, Pa., 
Ellen Mull of Northumberland, Pa., Devon Persing of Catawissa, I'a., and 
Bret Stamy of Douglassville, Pa., based on their exceptional academic 
and extracurricular accomplishments. The $2,000 awards are renewable 
annually if minimum grade point requirements are achieved. 

Matthew, son of Marjorie Brouse '76 Gaul and Mark Reese Gaul 
*76, IS a graduate of Fairport High School. He was a member of band, 
the Spanish Honor Society, drama club and has a black belt in karate. 
Matthew plans to major in computer science. 

Heather, great granddaughter of the Rev. Charles E. Fisher '29, is a 
graduate of Exeter Township Senior High School where she was 
involved in chorus and orchestra, and was a member of the National 
Honor Society. Heather plans to major in music education. 

Ellen, daughter of Wendy MuU '80 and William Albert Mull Jr., is a 
graduate of Shikellamy High School where she was involved in key club, 
student council, track and field and cross country, and was a member of 
the National Honor Society and the German Honor Society. Ellen plans 
to major in science. 

Devon, granddaughter of Gladys Persing '30, is a graduate of 
Southern Columbia Area High School. She was involved in competition 
marching band, chamber choir, brass ensemble, and w,-is a member of the 
National Honor Society. Devon plans to major in Enghsh. 

Bret, great grandson of Abram Caleb Stamy '26, is a graduate of 
Daniel Boone High School where he was involved in student govern- 

ment. National Honor Society, and was the captain ot the golf team. Bret 
plans to major in finance. 

Funds for the five scholarships were generated through numerous 
alumni gifts and a generous challenge grant fi'om the Wright-Bentley 
Foundation of Chattanooga, Tenn. 

For more information about the alumni scholarships or the Legacy 
Early Action Program for alumni families, please contact the admissions 
office at 1-800-326-9672. 

Enrollment sets New Recorc 

for Sixth Straiglit Year 

Marking the University's largest enrollment for the sixth year in a row, 
Susquehanna opened the 2000-01 acadentic year with about 1,660 full-'l 
time students, topping last year's record total of 1,639. Five hundred 
twenty-two new students, including 492 first-year and 30 transfers, 
began Susquehanna's 143rd academic year with a traditional convocation 
on August 24. - 

Our new students are well qualified academically and include 17 stu-1 
dents who were the valedictorians or salutatorians of their high school | 
classes. More than 40 students, or 8 percent of the incoming class, are j 
members of minority groups and 13 are international students who join] 
the campus community either as four-year degree seeking students or ; 
under non-degree exchange programs. The Honors welcomes '• 
40 new students. i 

Do you know a high school student who should get Information about Susquehanna? 

Please complete the following form and drop it in the mail to the Susquehanna University Office of Admissions, 5 1 4 University 
Avenue, Selinsgrove, PA 17870-1040. Or fax it to 570-372-2722 and we will respond with a wide range of information. 





School Location 



. State 


. E-mail . 

Possible College Major 
Other interests 

High School . 

Year of Graduanon 

Person completing card 

Susquehanna TonAY 23 



• Jo Ann Hort '50 Moyer greets a class- 
mate at their 50th reunion celebration 

• Class of 1990 members staged an alter- 
native impromptu photo 

• Rudy Gelnett '37 plays as members of 
the class of 1950 gather around the 
piano to sing the alma mater. 

• Former Susquehanna President Joel 
Cunningham and his wife, Trudy, at one 
of the many farewell events marking 
their departure for new posts at the 
University of the South in Sewanee, 

• Joel Cunningham played the cello as part 
of his final commencement address at 

SEP 6 2000 




4 SU Moves to New Carnegie Classification 

5 Jewish-Christian Dialogue Features Musical World Premiere 

A quarterly publication of Susquehanna University 





Volume 69 Number 1 


Gwenn E. Wells 
Associate Director of Publications 

Director of Alumiu Relations 

Shari Trembuiak '93 Mangels 

Assistant Director of Alumni Relations 

Joanne Marquardt '00 Troutinan 

Director of Public Relations/ Publications 

Betsy Koons Robertson 

Sports Information Director 

James Miller 

Graphic Design 

Newton Advertising, Inc. 

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Nondiscrimination Policy 

It IS the policy of Susquehanna University not to dis- 
criminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national 
or ethnic origin, age, sex. or handicap m its educational 
programs, admissions practices, scholarships and loan 
programs, athletics and other school-administered activ- 
ities or employment practices- This poUcy is in compli- 
ance with the requirements ofTideVlI of the Civil 
Rights Act of 1964, Tide IX of the Educational 
Amendments of 1972, Section 504 of the 
Rehahihtaaon Act of 1973. the Americans with 
Disabilities Act of 1990. regulations of the Internal 
Revenue Service, and all other applicable federal, state 
and local sututes, ordinances and regulations. 


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-Susquehanna Today welcomes letters from readers. Letters 
received by June I will appear in the Summer issue, by 
December 1 in the Winter issue and by March I in the Spring 

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If you wish to reply directly to another alum. plea,se contact the 
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for the address. 


WINTER 2001 


4 Campus News 

8 Sports 

9 Calendar 
io Class Notes 
i8 Cover Story 

L. Jay Lemons 

Susquehanna's 14th president 
takes the helm. 

36 Campaign 

■ »K»i-sij siliKaeesaKA 

2000 Donor Report Corrections 

Our "End of an Era" story mistakenly referred to Gustave Weber as the 
University's 12th president. Weber was actually the 11th president of 
Susquehanna. Jonathan Messerli served as the University's 12th president 
from 1977 to 1984. 

Missing from the Susquehanna 2000 campaign list of leadership gift 
donors was the late Chester G. '52 and Alice Fisher Rowe. 

Linda Scovell McGrory was hsted with the wrong class. She is a 1 977 

Contributors included Robert T. and Gail E Brunnet, parents of Jennifer 

2 SusQLiEHANNA Today 


Harry Potter Lessons 

A Defense Against Dark Arts 

By Anne Collins Smith 

Tlie follotinng opinion piece by Assistatil Professor of 
Philosophy and Classical Studies Anne Collins Smith 
appeared in seven newspapers in four states following 
distribution by the Scripps Howard News Service. 

I W^ he Harry Potter books have cap- 
^^^E tivated children, yet can be chill- 

J^^~ ing to adults. Within the context 
of the stories, magic is real and may be used 
as a force for good or evil. In the course of 
Harry's studies at Hogwarts School of 
Witchcraft and Wizardry, we read about 
curses, spells, hexes, and other negative 
forms of magic known collectively as the 
Dark Arts. 

Adults may take heart in knowdng that 
the Harry Potter books vehemendy discour- 
age the darkness they describe. More impor- 
tant, the reference to darkness is actually 
necessary as an integral component of their 
powerfiil moral lesson. 

These disturbing elements clearly depict- 
ed as evil are necessary because the Harry 
Potter books are more than just the adven- 
tures of a boy studying to become a wizard. 
They contain an allegorical struggle 
between the forces of good and evil. In the 
course of this struggle, the reader learns 
many things; the importance of loyalty, 
integrity, and courage; the usefiilness of 
book knowledge, experiential learning and 
hard- won wisdom; and the power of love. 
These qualities do not simply make Harry 
Potter a well-adjusted individual - they save 
his life. 

It is understandable that parents want to 
shield their children from representations of 
evil. But children already know very well 
that there are dark and scary things in this 
world. They need to hear that these dark 
and scary things can be overcome. As C.S. 
Lewis observes, "by confirung your child to 
blameless stories of child Ufe in which noth- 
ing at all alarming ever happens, you would 
fail to banish the terrors, and would succeed 
in bamshing all that can ennoble them or 
make them endurable." Readers are cheated 
of the message they need to hear when the 
hero defeats only a straw man. In order for 
the message to be effective, in order for the 
batde between good and evil to be decisive 

and convincing, genuine good must conquer 
genuine evil. 

I agree that evil and death are not a nec- 
essary component of children's hterature in 
general. The Hundred-Acre Wood does not 
need a bear-slaying demon, nor do 
Madeleine and her friends need to fall into 
the clutches - or cookpots - of Hannibal 
Lecter. But in a certain class of hterature, for 
a certain age of children, both the presence 
and the satisfactory vanquishing of genuine 
evil are necessary. Stories such as C.S. Lewis' 
Chronicles of Narnia, Lloyd Alexander's 
Chronicles of Prydain, and Susan Cooper's 
Dark is Rising sequence draw their power 
from a battle between good and evil. 
Because the evil to be defeated is powerful 
and cunning, the hero must inevitably grow 

HHHHIiP^'^ - 

^^^-: fl^^^HHj^l 


■ 'Mr '^^...-^b^^'^^^^H 


r jP^l^^w^yrB 



Assistant Professor of Philosophy 
Anne Collins Smith 

and become a better person in order to fight 
it successfiilly. Thus, while reading an excit- 
ing adventure, the reader also absorbs lessons 
of virtue and maturity. Moreover, it is a 
common pattern in such books for the hero 
to be an orchnary person, an Everyman (or, 
in the cases under discussion, an Everychild) 
with whom the reader can identify. Thus the 
abstract message "Good can overcome evil" 
is enriched and personalized, becoming 
"Someone like me can overcome evil." 

These are important moral lessons for 
our children to learn and apply to our 
everyday world. After all, what are Lord 
Voldemort's weapons? Prejudice, intolerance, 
and contempt for those who are different; 

abuse of the weak by the strong; greed, fear, 
and ignorance. Lord Voldemort's weapons 
exist in our world as well as in the world of 
the Harry Potter books. A child who has 
read the Potter series is not only forewarned 
against these evils, but better-equipped to 
handle them. 


Fulbright Exchange Teacher 

Not as a Fulbright Scholar, but a Fulbright 
Exchange Teacher, 1 spent one of the most 
satisfying periods of my life, the academic 
year 1987-88, near Glasgow, Scodand. 
Happily, it was French I taught at Loudown 
Academy, because for the first four months 1 
struggled to understand the pupils' broad 
Irvine Valley patois. Indeed, a fellow 
Fulbright Exchange Teacher from the U.S. 
whom I met during a student field trip to 
Normandy and Brittany wondered what 
language my colleagues were speaking. 

After more than 30 years as a high school 
French teacher and foreign exchange pro- 
gram advisor, I retired in 1993. 1 spent five 
of the last seven years as a volunteer mis- 
sionary (ELCA) at the Theological Seminary 
in Bratislava, Slovak Republic. My first tour 
was as lector of English; most recendy I 
served for two and a half years as 'spiritual- 
ka,' or spiritual counselor to the seminarians. 
I returned this past July, needless to say, with 
rich memories of very special students, with 
memorable experiences and relationships 

Yours sincerely, 
Judith Brndjar '62 

Keep 'em Coming! 

Susquehanna Today 

welcomes letters 

from readers. 

See page 2 for our Letter to Editor Policy. 

Susquehanna Today 3 

Campus News 

SU Named a ''Best College" for 7th Consecutive Year 

New Carnegie Classification May Affect Ranking 

As Susquehanna welcomed the 
largest student body in its history to 
campus this fall, the UmversiCy also 
ushered in another academic year with a top 
ranking in U.S. News & World Report's "Best 
Colleges" guidebook. For the seventh year 
in a row, Susquehanna is ranked number one 
among regional liberal arts colleges in the 
northeastern United States. As Acting 
President Sara Kirkland noted in her 
Family Weekend address, however, "we're 
not counting on an eighth year." 

That's because the Carnegie classification 
system upon which U.S. News traditionally 
has based its ranking categories just under- 
went a major revision. The Carnegie 
Foundation for the Advancement of 
Teaching released the 2000 Carnegie 
Classification of Institutions of Higher 
Education in the fall. The new classification, 
which will be finalized in 2004, divides 
schools by number and types of degrees 
awarded, while the old system also attempt- 
ed to include selectivity of admissions for 
liberal arts colleges. The classifications were 
developed in 1970 and last updated in 1994. 
About 650 colleges and umversities 

changed categories in the new classification, 
mcluding Susquehanna University. 
Susquehanna moved from a Baccalaureate 11 
college in the 1994 edition to the newly 
named Baccalaureate Colleges-Liberal Arts 
category (known as Baccalaureate I colleges 
in the 1994 version). The main difierence 
between the two categories is that institu- 
tions in the Baccalaureate Colleges-Liberal 
Arts category award at least half of their 
bachelor degrees m Hberal arts fields while 
schools in the other category award less than 
half in the hberal arts. 

Susquehanna's situation is unusual. 
"Because the percentage of degrees we've 
awarded in the liberal arts over the past few 
years has been so close to 50 percent, the 
founcbtion gave us the opportunity to 
choose which category we wanted to be 
in," said Kirkland. "It was a subject of much 
discussion on campus and with the board. 
We concluded that Baccalaureate-Liberal 
Arts is an appropriate reflection of our spe- 
cial blend of strong liberal arts programs 
enhanced by equally strong professional pro- 
grams in areas hke business, education and 

Pine Lawn 

Pine Lawn, the universiiy |j,,_j,ochl > liumcr built in 1929, underwent significant renovation last 
fall when two, two-story wings were added to create more functional living spaces and addi- 
tional entertainment space for university events. The home's infrastructure was also upgraded, 
to include new wiring, telecommunications, plumbing and a new furnace. SU's board of direc- 
tors began discussing the need to renovate nearly a year before the announcement by then- 
president Joel Cunningham that he intended to leave. The Cunninghams' departure in July pro- 
vided an opportunity to make the needed changes before the January 2001 arrival of new 
President Jay Lemons, his wife, Marsha, and their family. 

The change in Susquehanna's classifica- 
tion will most likely cause the University to 
be placed in a different category in US. 
News "America's Best Colleges" guidebook, 
although the publishers have not indicated 
how their ranking system will reflect the 
Carnegie changes. It is possible that 
Susquehanna will join a larger pool of liber- 
al arts colleges, which in the past the guide- 
book has ranked as Narional Liberal Arts 
Colleges. "It's anybody's guess where 
Susquehanna might fall in fiiture U.S. News 
rankings, but we felt it was more important 
to define the University as it is and expects 
to be, rather than focus on how it might 
afiect our rankings in a college guidebook," 
Kirkland said. 

There are 228 colleges in Carnegie's new 
Baccalaureate Colleges-Liberal Arts category, 
compared to 166 in the comparable 1994 
grouping. In addition to Susquehanna, other 
Pennsylvania colleges in that category 
include Allegheny, Bryn Mawr, Bucknell, 
Dickinson, Franklin & Marshall, Gettysburg. 
Muhlenberg and Swarthmore. 

Thomforde Named 
St. Olaf President 

Former Susquehanna University Chaplain 
the Reverend Dr. Christopher M. 
Thomforde has been named the tenth presi- 
dent of St. Olaf College, a four-year liberal 
arts school with 2,950 students in 
Northfield, Minn., afiiliated with the 
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. 

Since 1996, Thomforde has served as 
president of Bethany College, another 
ELCA college, in Lindsborg, Kan. 

Thomforde earned an A.B. degree in 
medieval and Russian history from 
Princeton University in 1969 and a master 
of divinity from Yale Umversity in 1974. He 
completed studies for his doctorate in min- 
istry from Princeton Theological Seminary 
while at Bethany College. 

Thomforde has accepted Susquehanna's 
invitation to dehver the Baccalaureate ser- 
mon on May 13, 2001. 

4 Susquehanna Toimy 

Musical Premiere Concludes 
Jewish-Christian Conference 

Jewish .ind Christiiin scholars and music 
lovers converged on the University 
campus Nov. 8 for a one-day conicr- 
ence on the Hebrew narrative known as the 
"Akedah" and the world premiere of a 
Susqiiehanna-commissioned musical work 
by well-known Jewish composer, conductor 
and teacher Simon Sargon. 

"The Search Unending: Jewish-Christian 
Dialogue and the Binding of Isaac" explored 
issues that have inspired and haunted the 
imaginations of artists and intellectuals for 
more than two milleiiia. In the Akedah nar- 
rative, told in The Bible's Genesis 22, God 
asks a father to kiU his son, and the father 
presents himself as willing to obey. The story 
raises a number of issues for study - God, 
death, family and sacrifice — that are central 
not only to both Judaism and Christianity, 
but to Islam as well. 

For modern scholars and readers, the var- 
ious attempts to unravel and understand the 
Akedah have also revealed the differences 
between religious traditions and between 
contemporary interpreters of the Bible. 
Those disagreements have flared recently 
into sometimes rancorous debate, according 
to Assistant Professor of English Laurence 
Roth, coordinator of Susquehanna 
University's Jewish Studies program, who 
co-chaired the event with Assistant Professor 
of Music Peter Dennee. 

Conference attendees heard four eminent 
scholars fi-oni Jewish and Christian traditions 
discuss competing interpretations of the 
Bibhcal te.xt. Morning session panehsts were 
Carol Delaney, associate professor of cultural 
and social anthropology at Stanford 
University and author o{ Abmham on Trial: 
The Social Legacy of Biblical Myth, and Rabbi 
Reuven Firestone, professor of medieval 
Judaism and Islam, and director of the 
Louchheim School of Jewish Studies and 
the Department of Graduate Studies at 
Hebrew Union College -Jewish Institute of 
Religion, Los Aiigeles and author o{ Journeys 
ill Holy Lands.Tlie Evolution of the Ahraham- 
Ishmael Legcnils in Islamic Exegesis. An after- 
noon session featured Judith Banki, author 
and director of special programs at the 
Tanenbaum Center for Interreligious 
Understanding in New York City; and Dr. 
Eric Gritsch, emeritus professor of church 
history at Gettysburg Lutheran Seminary 
and author, editor and translator of 20 books 
including Liilheranisni and Martin: God's 

Court Jester. An open dialogue followed. 

University Chaplain the Rev. Mark 
Wm. Radecke, Assistant Professor of 
Enghsh Karen Bloom and Assistant 
Professor of Religion Karla Bohmbach 
served as moderators for the sessions. 

The conference concluded with the pre- 
miere performance of "The Search 
Unending," a musical dramatic work for 
chorus, soloists and chamber ensemble com- 
missioned by Susquehanna University from 
Simon Sargon, director of music at Temple 
Emanu-El in Dallas, Texas, and professor of 
composition at Southern Methodist 
University. The text is taken from the 
Akedah with additional lyrics by the com- 

The 45-minute dramatic scene, per- 
formed by the Susquehanna University 
chorale and chamber ensemble under the 
direction of Peter Dennee, meditates on the 
search for understanding and faith that the 
story of the binding of Isaac continues to 
incite. Sargon 's next composition project is 

Composer Simon Sargon conducted the world 
premiere of his Susquehanna-commissioned 
musical dramatic work, "The Search 
Unending," in Degenstein Center Theater on 
November 8. 

to be a work based on the Psalms for the 
300th anniversary ofYale University. 

Funding for the conference was made 
possible by a generous gift from Sandra M. 
Rocks '75, a member of the University's 
board of directors, and by the University 
departments, programs and ofBces of 
Academic Affairs; the Chaplain; Philosophy. 
Religion and Classical Studies; Music; 
Diversity Studies; Jewish Studies; Genocide- 
Holocaust Committee; and the School of 
Arts, Humanities and Communications. 

Make Way 
for the New 
Caped Crusader 

There's nothing like a new mascot 
to get the fans roaring! 

And at Susquehanna, the Caped Crusader is becoming a 
crowd favorite as students and friends cheer the 
University's Crusader athletes on to victory. 

Susquehanna teams have been without a cosmmed ofE- 
cial mascot for many years, although they have been known as the Crusaders since the 
1920s when Susquehanna atliletic director, the late Luther Grossman, led a "crusade" to 
keep collegiate sports on an amateur basis. 

Introduced to a very responsive crowd at October's homecoming football game, the 
Susquehanna Caped Crusader is depicted as an orange tiger with black stripes, wearing a 
maroon cape. A graphic depiction of the mascot also includes a mask and a belt with the 
Crusader logo. 

The new mascot is the brainchild of a student-run organization, the S.U. Ambassadors. 
Members plan and participate in recruiting efforts as well as alumni events for the 
University. The group conducted a student poll and a drawing/idea contest for the project. 
A Crusader tiger was the most popular concept. The group then won approvals for the 
design from the University's aluinni board and administration. The mascot has been 
launched with the permission of DC Comics, which holds the trademark for the Batman 
comic book character, a.k.a. The Caped Crusader. 

Susquehanna Today 5 


An opinion piece by Assistant Professor of 
History George Wei about the "Ironies of 
Sino-American History" appeared in the 
Peoria (lU.) Journal Star, Roanoke (Va.) 
Times, and Sunday Times (Central Contra 
CosU, Ga.). His 1999 article, "The Cold War 
and Taiwan's Reconstruction: The Changing 
Economic Pohcy of the Economic 
Cooperation Administration of the U.S. 
toward the NationaUst Government" (in 
Chinese), appeared in The Theses on Taiwan 
by Chinese Historians in the United States, 
Hong Kong: Asian Press for Science. 

Professor of EngUsh Gary Fincke's essay 
"The Canals of Mars" has been awarded a 
2001 Pushcart Prize which recognizes the 
best nonfiction, fiction, and poetry published 
each year. The essay appeared originally in 
the magazme Shenandoah. During the sum- 
mer. Fincke's opinion piece on the Bobby 
Knight controversy was broadcast on the 
syndicated radio show, "The Best of Our 
Knowledge." He also recorded three person- 
al narrative essays for the National Public 
Radio affiliate in Harrisburg,WITF-FM. 

Other Voices, the Uterary magazine of the 
Umversity of Illinois at Chicago, has accept- 
ed Assistant Professor of English Tom 

Bailey's short story, "The Archaeological 
Society of Dancing Rabbit Creek," for pub- 
lication in its spring 2001 issue. Tom holds 
the Winilred and Gustave Weber 
Professorship in the Humanities. 

Assistant Professor of Commumcation 
and WQSU station manager Rod Metts 
presented a paper, "The Embodied Camera, 
Spectator, and Videographer: Toward an 
Existential Aesthetic," at the National 
Communication Association's convention in 
Seattle, Wash., on November 10. Another 
paper, "Scriptwriting, Video Production, and 
Everyday Life: Toward a Semiotic 
Phenomenology," appeared in the fall issue 
of Feedback, one of the journals published by 
the Broadcast Education Association. 

Associate Professor of Philosophy Jeflfrey 
P. Whitman recently had a paper, "Civil 
Society and Government: A Dispatch From 
the Frontlines," accepted for early 2001 
pubUcation in Tlie Public Affairs Quarterly. 

Assistant Professor of EngUsh Laurence 
Roth has signed an advance contract with 
Rutgers University Press to pubhsh his 
book. Inspecting Jews : American Jewish Detective 
Stories. The book is scheduled for pubhca- 
tion in 2002. He also presented an excerpt 

Help shape the future of SU! 

By volunteering for APAN, the 
Alumni/Parent Admissions 
Network, you will enable the 
University to expand the size and 
scope of its recruiting efforts. APAN 
members help prospective students 
and their families gain a better 
understanding of the opportunities 
and advantages offered at 

Activities include: 

• Representing SU ot high school-sponsored 
college fairs. 

• Identifying strong students from your 
local area and referring them to SU. 

• Adopting admitted students by contacting 
them to offer congratulations as well as 
any assistance in their decision making. 

• Hosting and/or attending admissions 
receptions in your area. 

• Interviewing prospective students. 

To learn more about APAN 

and how you can become involved, 

please contact Katie Cavanagh, 

associate director of admissions. 

Phone: (800) 326-9672, 

..^ (570) 372-4260. 

Fax: (570) 372-2722. 

from the book's first chapter in a paper, 
"Taking American Jewish Detective Stories 
Seriously," at the Association for Jewish 
Studies conference in Boston on December 

Assistant Professor of Political Science 
Andrea M. Lx>pez presented a paper, 
"Intervention and Legitimacy: Military 
Intervention in Civil Wars," on November 9 
at the Joint Conference of the Northeast 
PoUtical Science Association and 
International Studies Association-Northeast 
held m Albany N.Y. 

A manuscript entitled, "Benchmarks for 
Evaluating the Research Productivity of 
Accounting Faculty," co-authored by Tressler 
Professor of Accounting Ed Schvran, James 
Hasselback (Florida State University), and 
Alan Reinstein (Wayne State University), 
was accepted by The Journal of Accounting 

The most recent pubhcation of Assistant 
Professor of Sociology Simona Hill enti- 
tled, "All I Can Cook Is Crack On A 
Spoon: A Sign For A New Generation Of 
Feminists," will be released by Roudedge in 
October 2001 in the forthcoming second 
edition of This Bridge Called My Back, 20 
Years Later, an anthology. She also presented 
at the American Studies Association annual 
conference held in Detroit, Mich., on 
October 12- 15. The roundtable discussion 
was entided, "Where Do We Go From 
Here? Entering the New Millennium." 

Visiting Assistant Professor of History 
David Imhoof received the Jumor Scholar 
Award for best paper presented at the Fifth 
Congress of the History of Sport in Europe 
in Madrid, Spain. His paper was titled "Guns 
of Tradition, Guns of Change: Sharpshooting 
Clubs in Interwar Germany, The Example 
of Goettingen." He also recendy deUvered a 
paper, "Old and New, Local and Inter- 
national: Interwar German Culture in the 
City of Goettingen," at the Annual German 
Studies Association Conference. 

Assistant Professor of French Adam 
John presented a paper, "Oveneeing the 
Intellectual Field in Overseas France: 
Writers and the Mass Media m 
Contemporary Martimque," during the 
22nd annual meeting of the Association of 
Caribbean Studies, July 26-28, in 
Guadeloupe, French West Indies. 

Assistant Professor of Accounting Rick 
Davis co-wrote an article with Dennis 
Gaffiiey, professor of accounting at Le 
Moyne College in Syracuse, and Maureen 
Smith, a consultant in Okemos, Mich. The 
article was entitled, "Taxpayers Face New 
Burdens In Overcoming 482 Reallocations 
By The Service," and was pubhshed in the 

6 Susquehanna Today 

August edition o{ Journal of Taxation. He also 
had an article published in the November 27 
issue of Tax Notes. 

Assistant Professor of Music David 
Mattingly performed the opening concert 
for a three-day festival celebrating the music 
of Pulitzer-Prize-winning composer George 
Crumb at Brandon University, Manitoba, 
October 23-25. Mattmgly performed 
Crumb's theatrical "Makrokosmos for 
Amplified Piano," the premier of his own 
Book of Changes for solo piano, and joined 
Crumb in a piano masterclass. Mattingly per- 
formed further recitals at Concordia College 
in Moorhead, Minn.; Minot State University, 
N. D.; and Idaho State University. In 
December, his original composition 
"Lullaby" for solo piano was published by 
Universal Edition, as was "1938-1945 
Reminiscences" by Czech composer Karel 
Herman, a suite of piano pieces edited by 
Mattingly with notesetting assistance by 
Patrick Long, assistant professor of music. 

The paper, "Information Type of Goods 
and the New Paradigm Economy," written 
by Antonin Rusek, associate professor of 
economics, and Alan R.Warehime Professor 
of Business Admimstration William A. 
Ward, was published in the December 2000 
issue of the Atlantic Economic Journal (AEJ). 
AEJ is the peer refereed official publication 
of the Adantic Economic Society, the world- 
wide association of economists dedicated to 
the analysis of the global economy of the 
21st century. 

Schedules Family 
Concert Tour 

The Susquehanna University Orchestra will 
be on tour from March 9 through 1 1 per- 
forrmng a family concert, "Composer 
Encounter," for the Lmden, N.J., school dis- 
trict, the Montclair State University Music 
Preparatory School, and the Montclair 
Unitarian Universalist Church. The family 
concert will also be performed m the 
Degenstein Center Theater on campus on 
Monday, March 12 at 7:00 p.m. The orches- 
tra has commissioned senior composition 
major David Little to write a new piece of 
music for the tour. 

For farther mformation, please contact 
Assistant Professor of Music Jennifer 
Sacher Wiley at 570-372-4290. 

Choir Tour 2001 


alumni, prospective students and friends 
will be able to hear members of the 
Susquehanna University Choir take 
their talents on the road for a four-state 
concert tour beginning in March and 
ending in April. Professor of Music 
Cyril Stretansky directs the 50-member 

Three concerts will be presented in 
North Carolina for the first time this 
year Previous tours have taken the choir 
to Maryland, Virginia, Massachusetts, 
Connecticut, Rhode Island and Vermont, 
as well as regular stops in Pennsylvania, 
New York and New Jersey. 

The 2001 tour schedule includes con- 
certs at the following locations: 

For further ir^mmatum' 
ZZk regarding the tour, 

■|i please contact choir manager 


Adam Staub at 570-372-4295. 


Susquehanna University 

Friday, March 2, 8:00 pm 
Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church 

Winchester, Va. 

Saturday, March 3, 7:30 pm 
5(. Mark's Lutheran Church 

Asheville, N.C. 

Sunday, March 4, 3:00 pm 

Sharon United Methodist Church 

Charlotte, N.C. 

Sunday, March 4, 7:30 pm 
Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church 

Salisbury, N.C. 

Monday, March 5, 7:30 pm 

First Lutheran Church 

Norfolk, Va. 

Tuesday, March 6, 7:30 pm 

Zion Lutheran Church 

Harrisburg, Pa. 

Friday, March 23, 8:00 pm 

Christ Hamilton United Lutheran 


Stroudsburg, Pa. 

Saturday, March 24, 7:30 pm 
First Presbyterian Church 

Morrisville, Pa. (Philadelphia area) 

Sunday, March 25, 3:00 pm 

The Shrine of Our Lady of Czestochowa 

Doylestown, Pa. 

Sunday, March 25, 8:00 pm 
St. Michael Lutheran Church 

Unionville, Pa. (West Chester area) 

Friday, March 30, 8:00 pm 
First Lutheran Church 

Altoona, Pa. 

Saturday, March 31, 7:30 pm 
Trinity Lutheran Church 

Ishp, N.Y. (Long Island) 

Sunday, April 1, 7:00 pm 
St. Paul's Lutheran Church 

Doylestown, Pa. 

Sunday, April 8, 3:00 pm 

Annual Return from Tour Concert 

Weber Chapel Auditorium 

Susquehanna Today 7 


Wonderlick Named Football 
Academic All-Amerlcan of the Year 

Susquehanna Universiry senior center 
Dave Wonderlick of Shenandoah, 
Pa., has been named the Verizon 
College Division Football Academic All- 
American of the Year after earning first-team 
Academic AU-American honors for the sec- 
ond consecutive season fi-om the College 
Sports Information Directors of America 

Wonderhck, a two-time Middle Atlantic 
Conference second-team All-Star on the 
offensive line, is a public relations major 
with a legal studies minor and is the top- 
ranked student in the senior class with a 
perfect 4.0 cumulative grade-point average. 

He is the second Susquehanna football 
player to be a two-time first-team College 
Division Academic All-American, which 
consists of players from NCAA Division II, 
NCAA Division III and NAIA Division II. 
Tackle Gerry Huesken '77 was a member 
of the 1975 and 1976 Academic All- 
America squads, while linebacker Dan 
Distasio '82 was named to the 1980 team. 

Honors Speak for Themselves 

Wonderlick received one of 16 National 
Football Foundation and College Hall of 
Fame Scholar-Athlete Awards at the 
Foundation's 43rd annual Awards Diimer at 
the Waldorf-Astoria in New York City on 
December 12. 

"What a tremendous accomplishment for 
a young man hke Dave," said 11 -year 
Susquehanna head coach Steve Briggs."! 
have been extremely fortunate to have had 
an opportunity to coach him over the last 
four years, and I can't say enough about his 
work ethic on the field and in the class- 
room. The honors that he has received over 
the last two months speak for themselves." 

Wonderhck helped the Crusaders wan 
two consecutive Commonwealth League 
championships m 1998 and 1999 and 
helped the Crusaders clinch their 15th con- 
secutive non-losing season this year. 

Letterwinner Times Three 

The 5-10, 245-pound Wonderhck, a 2000 
tri-captain and a three-year letterwinner, 
was a repeat selection to the MAC 
Commonwealth second All-Star team as he 

helped the Crusaders rank second in the 
MAC in total ofi'ense at 391.4 yards per 
game, third m passing yards per game at 
257.4 and fifth in rushing offense at 134.0 
yards per contest. 

Earher this season, the offensive Hne was 
recogmzed by as members 
of Its "Team of the Week" after Crusader 
backs gamed positive yards on 36 of 39 run- 
ning plays and sophomore quarterback 
Mike Bowman threw for a then career- 
high 306 yards in a 24-13 win over 
Dickinson on September 23 in the first 
game at Susqueharma's new Nicholas A. 
Lopardo Stadium. 

In his first season as a fiill-time starter in 
1999, Wonderhck became one of the top 
performers on a line which helped 
Susquehanna finish second in MAC rushing 
offense (163.5 yards per game) and fifth 
overall (345.7 yards per game). Wonderhck 
did not allow a sack in 289 pass plays, giving 
up just three-and-a-half hurries. 

Success off the Field 

In addition to his perfect academic record, 
Wonderhck is a University Scholar and a 
member of Alpha Lambda Delta, the 
University's freshman honor society. He is a 

SU Football Coach Steve Bnggs, All-American 
Dave Wonderlick 'oi, and Director of Athletics 
Don Harnum chose black tie for the New York 
award ceremonies. 

four-year recipient of the Ambrose and Ida 
Fredrickson Foundation Scholarship and in 
the spring of 2000 became one of the first 
two recipients of the Gene Urey Scholarship 
for legal studies. 

He IS active in the campus chapter of the 
Pubhc Relations Student Society of 
America and has been a corresponding 
sports writer for both The Pottsville 
Republican and the Reading Eagle-Times. He 
was also one of five students chosen for a 
Susquehanna All-Star team for College 
Bowl - "the varsity sport of the nund." 

Alumni Women 
Volleyball Game 

at Homecoming 2000 

The 2000 Susquehanna University volley- 
ball team took on women's volleyball 
alumni for a reunion game during 
Homecoming activities. Nine alumni 
returned to play. The varsity women won, 
15-10, 15-8, 15-5. The varsity team returned 
to the MAC Commonwealth League play- 
offs for the second time in three years and 
hosted the first ever Conference playoff 
game in school history after a successful 
17-12 record. Coach Bill Switala was named 
the 2000 Commonwealth Conference 
Coach of the Year. 

8 Susquehanna Today 

Susquehanna Universi7yjPRING2001 CALENDAR 

Alumni Events 

March 4 

SU Choir concert and reception 

Charlotte. N.C. 

March 6 

SU Choir concert and reception 

Harnsburg, Pa. 

March 11 

Liberty Science Center 

Jersey City. N.J. 

March n 

Harlem Globetrotters 

Hartford. Conn.. Civic Center 

March 25 

'Picasso at the Lapin Agile' 

Arden Theater. Philadelphia, Pa. 

March 27 

New York Financial Alumni gathering 

New York. N.Y 

March 31 

Penguins hockey game and cocktail hour 

Wilkcs-Barre. Pa. 

April 20 

Annual alumni dinner 

Johnstown. Pa. 

April 28 
Longwood Gardens 

Kcnnctt Square, Pa. 

Christmas in April Volunteer Day 

Washington, D.C. 


Little League Museum 

Wiilianisport, Pa. 

May 19 

New York Philharmonic 

New Jersey Performing Arts Center, Newark, NJ. 

June 1-3 

Alumni Weekend 

Netd more information? 

Check out our searchable web site at 

*For further inforniadon: consult or the following: 
Adnus.sions at S7(l-372-426() or 
Alumni Relations at 570-372-41 15 or 
Sports Infornution at .S70-372-41 19 or 
Public Relations at 570-372-41 19 or 


or the Arts Events Informabon Line at 

*For a printed calendar of events, mcluding home sport- 
ing events, please call or write the OiEce of Public 
Relations, 514 Umvenity Avenue, Sclinsgrove PA 17870 

Ad mission Events Spe cial Events 




Accepted student open house 

Feb. 24 - 

Early Spring Exhibition: 


Bead International 2000 

April 21 

Lore Degenstein Gallery 

Open house for high school juniors 

Hours: Tuesday through Sunday, 1~ 

4 pm and 

Wednesday, 1-4 and 7-9 pm. Closed 

.Mondays. For more information 



Feb. 25 

caU 570-372-4058. 
Visiting Writer: Ha Jin. 

7:30 pm 

National Book Award Winner 


Degenstein Center Theater 

Mar. 19 

at York Invitational 


Feb. 28 

Jazz Poetry Night 

8:00 pm 

Mar. 24 

at Western Maryland 


Charlie's Coffee House 

Apr. 5 

at Elizabethtovvn 

12:00 pm 

Mar. 12 

SU Family Orchestra concert 

7:00 pm 

Apr. 21/22 at Glen Maura 


Degenstein Center Theater 

Apr. 15 

at Hcrshey Dist. 11 Invitationa 

1 TBA 

Mar. 14 

Brown Bag Lecture 
Lore Degenstem Gallery 

12:10 pm 


Mar. 15 

Artist Series: 

8:00 pm 

Mar. 3 

at Salisbury State 

1:30 pm 

TJte Diary of Anne Frank 

Mar. 5 

at Christopher Newport 

1:00 pm 

Weber Chapel Auditorium 

Mar 7 

at Chowan 

1:00 pm 

Mar. 16-17 Shakespeare Conference 

Mar. 10 

at Western Maryland 

1:00 pm 

Mar. 21 

Women's Heritage Month 

7:30 pm 

Mar. 13 

at Lycormng 

2:30 pm 


Mar. 18 

at York 

1:00 pm 

Isaacs Auditorium, Seibert Hall 

Mar. 24 

at Widener 


Mar. 26 

'Visiting Writer: 

7:30 pm 

Apr. 3 

at Ehzabethtown 

2:30 pm 

Toi Derricotte 

Apr. 12 

at /Ubright 

3:00 pm 

Isaacs Auditorium, Seibert Hall 

Apr. 17 

at Wilkes 

3:00 pm 

Apr. 1 

WQSU concert 

Weber Chapel Autiitorium 

1:00 pm 


Chorale concert 

3:00 pm 

Mar. 19 

at Lock Haven 

3:00 pm 

Degenstein Center Theater 

Mar. 24 

at Widener 

1:00 pm 

Apr. 5 

Artist Series: "Salsamba" 

8:00 pm 

Mar. 30 

at King's 

3:00 pm 

Degenstein Center Theater 

Mar 31 

at Messiah 

1:00 pm 

Apr 6 

Latino Symposium 

Apr. 16 

at Moravian 

1:00 pm 

Degenstein Campus Center 

Apr. 19 

at Wilkes 

3:30 pm 

Apr 7 

Percussion Ensemble 

8:00 pm 

Apr 30 

at Gettysburg 

3:30 pm 

Weber Chapel Auditorium 

Apr. 8 

University Choir concert 

3:00 pm 

Women's Lacrosse 

Weber Chapel Auditorium 

Mar. 10 

at Western Maryland 

1:00 pm 

Apr. 19-21 Spring Theatre: Macdrt/i 

8:00 pm 

Mar. 15 

at Goucher 

4:00 pm 

Degenstein Center Theater 

Mar. 17 

at Widener 

1:00 pm 

Apr. 22 

SU Masterworks Chorus & 

3:00 pm 

Mar. 24 

at Cathohc 

1 :00 pm 

Orchestra performance 

Mar. 28 

at Messiah 

7:00 pm 

Weber Chapel Auditorium 

Apr. 3 

at Lock Haven 

4:00 pm 

Apr. 23 

Visiting Writer: 

7:30 pm 

Apr. 16 

at Philadelphia 

4:00 pm 

C. Michael Curtis 

Greta Ray Lounge, Weber Chapel 



Apr 25 

SiginundWeis Memorial Lecture 

7:30 pm 

Mar. 15 

at Shenandoah 

4:00 pm 

David Liebrock '78 

Apr. 4 

at King's 

4:00 pm 

Isaacs Auditorium, Seibert Hall 

Apr. 12 

at Eastern 

3:00 pm 

Apr. 26 

Chamber Singers spring concert 

8:00 pm 

Apr. 21 

at DeSales 

1:00 pm 

Weber Chapel Auditorium 

Apr. 28 

at Scranton 

3:00 pm 

Apr 28 - 
June 3 

Spring Exhibition: 

"Hans MoUer: Retrospective of 



Paintings 1943-1995" 

Mar. 24 

at Widener 

1 :00 pm 

Lore Degenstein Gallery 

Mar. 27 


3:00 pm 

Apr. 29 

Symphonic Band concert 

3:00 pm 

Mar. 31 

at Messiah 

1:00 pm 

Weber Chapel Auditorium 

Apr. 9 

at King's 

3:30 pm 

May 13 


10:00 am 

Apr 16 

at Moravian 

1:00 pm 

Weber Chapel Auditorium 

Apr. 19 

at Wilkes 

3:00 pm 

Seibert lawn 

2:30 pm 

Men's and Women's Track & Field 

Jun. 1-3 

Alumni Weekend 

Mar. 17 

at Washington & Lee 


Apr 21 

at Messiah 


Apr. 27 

at Penn Relays 


Apr. 28 

at MiUersviUe Metrics 


May 4 

at Messiah MAC 


May 23 

NCAA National Championshi 

ps TBA 

Susquehanna Today 9 

Class Notes 



HloB l%\ 



i^^^^H^B ^^^n!JXA-^SS9 



H» i 


Frank '69 and Elaine Trembulak shared wedding 
celebrations with newlyweds Jake and Shari 
Trembulak '93 Mangels. 

Class Notes 

Joanne Marquardt 
'00 Troutman 

Dear Alumni: 

Happy 2001! I can't believe that 
another year has passed, and what 
a busy year it was. This past fall 
brought a few changes to the 
alumm office, and we're looking 
forward to an active spring. 

First, I'd like to introduce 
Joanne Marquardt '00 

Troutman- Joanne joined the alumni office as the 
new assistant director in October. She majored in jour- 
nahsm and spent the last two years workmg as a 
reporter for The Daily Item in Sunbury. Joanne hves in 
Selmsgrove with her husband. Dave, and son Max. 
Ethel and I are thrilled to have Joanne as a part of our 
team and are looking forward to getting Joanne out to 
meet our alumru. 

The schedule of alumni events for the spring is 
growing, please see page 9 or check it out online at spring, we're heading to 
Liberty Science Museum in North New Jersey, 
Longwood Gardens near Philadelphia and the Little 
League Museum in WiUiamsport, Pa., just to name a 

Alumni Weekend planning is underway. Classes 
ending in a 1 or 6 will be celebrating their reunions 

this year, along with a special reunion for members of 
Bond and Key Fratermty. If you are interested m help- 
mg out with reunion planning, please contact the 
alumni office. 

Finally, on a personal note ... On November 1 Ith, 
my father, Frank Trembulak '69, walked me down 
the aisle to my new husband, Jake Mangels. Our wed- 
ding was magical, and we were surrounded by many 
family and friends. Other SU alumm at the weddmg 
were: maid of honor Erin Stitcher '93, Suzy Morris 
*93, Jason Coxall '93, Joanne Marquardt '00 
Troutman, Bonnie Johnson '65, and Jim Nace 
'70. Karen Fitzgerald, SU's director of annual giving, 
was also a bridesmaid. Many of my University 
Relations colleagues were also in attendance, and I 
w^nt to thank them for getting me through the busy 
pre-wedding plannmg. 

We -wish you all a happy and healthy New Year and 
hope to see you on campus or at a Susquehanna alum- 
m event! 

Kindest regards, 

Shari Trembulak '93 Mangels 

Please send your alumni news and 
class updates to the Class Reporter 
for your year or to the: 

Office of Alumni Relations 
Susquehanna University 
514 University Avenue 
Selinsgrove, PA 17870-1025 
Fax: 570-372-2777 
Material received on campus by March 
1, 2001. will be mcluded m the spring 



Ruth Bond '24 Steininger cel- 
ebrated her 95th birthday m July 
with her family She taught in 
Dubois, Wihnerding and Knoch High 
School from which she retired in 
1969. She directed church choirs and 
taught Sunday school classes in 
Monesscn, Pitcairn. Spring Hill and 
Grace Lutheran Church in Buder, 
Pa., where she is a member 

10 Susquehanna Today 


The Rev. Lewis R. Fox *32 cele- 
brated the 65th anniversary of his 
ordination as a Luthei-an pastor. 
Followmg the completion of his 
studies at the Lutheran Theological 
Seminary at Philadelphia, Fox spent 
two years as a missionary in San Juan, 
Puerto Raco. He then remrned to 
Erie. Pa., to pastor Mount Calvary 
Lutheran Church, where he remained 
for 10 years. In 1946, he moved to 
Knox and served the Knox parish 
until his retirement m 1976. He has 
been active in many civic and church 




Class Reporter: 
Janet Earhart Harkins 
437 Meer Avenue 
Wyckoff.NJ 07481 



Class Reporter: 

William H. Gehron 

747 Arch Street 

WiUiamsport. PA 17701-5659 

For Clickable 



Checkout Susquehanna Today onlin^ 






Class Reporter: 
Mary Emma Yoder Jones 
R.R. 6, Box 718 
Altoona. PA 16601 



Class Reporter: 

Ruih Eleanor McCorkill 

418 Orange Street 

Northumberland, PA 17857-1 SM 



Class Reporter: 
Ethel Wilson Kerschner 
263 West Butler Drive 
Drums, PA 18222 

The Rev. Herman G. 
Stuempfle '44 was admitted to the 
Acadcnoic Hall of Fame of 
Hughesville High School. He gradu- 
ated from the Lutheran Theological 
Seminary at Gettysburg. S.TM. 
Union Theological Seimnary in New 
York, and Southern Cakfornia School 
ofTheology at Claremont. His pro- 
fessional hfe has included pastor from 
1950 through 1959, He was associate 
director of social action, board of 
social missions, Umted Lutheran 
Church in America, and professor of 
preaching. Lutheran Theological 
Seimnary at Gettysburg, where he 
served as dean and president from 
1977 until his retirement in 1989. He 
has written numerous pubhcations. 


Class Reporter: 
Louise Kresge Isaacs 
2721 Golfstde Courl 
Naples, FL 34110-8676 




Janet Rohrbach *46 Robinson 

served as chairman of the nominating 
committee at the triennial convention 
of Sigma Alpha Iota, international 
music fraternir>', in Dallas, Texas. 
August 3 to 8, 2000. Janet was imti- 
ated bv Sigma Omega at 
Susquehanna in 1943. Her husband. 
Dr. Lavan Robinson, former faculty 
at Susquehanna, Phi Mu Alpha 
Sinfonu governor for province 36. 
attended the convention in Dallas. 
Texas. August 8 to 13. 2000, Lavan 
received the Robert J, Rogers 
Lifetime Service Award for his count- 
less contributions to Brotherhood and 



Glass Reporter; 

Robert F. Hvhheti 

145 Herman Boulei'ard 

Franklin S<pum; XY 11010-2725 



Former N4illersburg resident 
Douglas E. Arthur '49 and his 

wife. Lucille, were honored at 
Susquehanna University's 
Homecoming football game on 
Saturday. October 7. with the naming 
ot the football team's new practice 
facihty.When completed next sum- 
mer, the new Douglas E, Arthur Field 
will be located northeast of the uni- 
versity's new Lopardo Football and 
Track Stadium at Stagg Field, which 
opened m September. 

A dedicated volunteer and sup- 
porter of the Susquehanna football 
program for many years. Arthur 
played Crusader football under leg- 
endary coach Amos Alonzo Stagg, Sr.. 
and his son, Amos Alonzo Stagg, Jr. m 
the late 1940s. Arthur served on the 
Susquehanna board of directors from 
1973 to 1993, and was awarded an 
honorary degree by the umversity m 
1996. He and his wife. Lucille, created 
a scholarship fiind at Susqucharma 
several years ago that supports stu- 
dents from the Millersburg, Pa., area. 



Class Reporter: 
Richard G. Westerwelt 
700 Scarsdale Avenue 
Scarsdale, h'Y 10583 



Fancher E.Wolfe '51 earned a 
Ph.D. degree in adult mathematics 
education from the Umversity of 
Minnesota. He is a professor of statis- 
tics at Metropohtan State Umversity, 
MinneapoUs, Minn., where he has 
been on the faculty since 1975. 



Margretta Thomas 'S3 Bailey 

retired as librarian in the Williamsport 
School District. She Uves in 
Williamsport, Pa. 

Clayton '56 and Lucian Smith '54 Leach joined their daughter Sue Leach '84 
MagrowskI and her family - husband, Nick, and son Benjamin - at the 
Reading Phillies game on June ijth. 

Ivars Avots '55, of Arlington, Mass., fulfilled a long-time wish - high perfor- 
mance driving. He participates In BMW club events on various tracks In an 
M-3. Ivars Is president of Trans-Olobal Management Inc. and has also recently 
set up an E-commerce web site; 















June 1-3, 

Susquehanna Today ii 

William Ecenbarger 61 



illiam Ecenbarger '61 earned a 1979 Pulitizer 
prize as part of a Philadelphia Inquirer team covering 
the Three Mile Island nuclear accident. Recently, he 
turned his investigating talents on the misunderstood boundary 
between the North and South in a new book, Walkiii ' the Line: 
A Journey from past lo present along the Mason-Dixon, pubhshed 
by M. Evans and Co., Inc., New York, New York. 

A history-travelogue, Walkin ' the Line interweaves the story of 
the Hue's people, legends, and myths while following the 
progress of EngUsh surveyors Mason and Dixon from 1763 and 
1 768 as they draw one of the most unusual boundaries on 

"History is the realm of interesting people, good and evil, 
and they make fine travehng companions," says Ecenbarger, 
who spent nearly a year walking the line and collecting stories 
to illustrate his research. 

Reviewers have lauded the result. "A fascinating trip into the 
past that illuminates the present.. .A tasty feast of heroes and rascals, myths and legends" says The Inquirer Publishers 
Weekly cites it as a "well-written and dramatic examination of history, geography and race." 

Ecenbarger was a reporter in several bureaus for United Press International (UPI) from 1961 to 1970, includ- 
ing a stint covering the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago fix)m the streets. For the next 10 years 
he served as Harrisburg bureau chief for the Inquirer 

Over the past 12 years, he has written nearly 100 travel articles for newspapers and magazines, and his writing 
assignments have taken him to more than 40 countries around the world. He was named "Lowell Thomas Travel 
Writer of the Year" by the Society of American Travel Writers in 1996. 

Today, he lives with his wife in Lancaster, Pa. "I've never worked for a Uving. I've just had fun," he was quoted 
in an Inquirer article about his new book. "If I were independently wealthy, I'd probably do exactly what I'm 
doing now." 

William Ecenbarger at marker #i on the Mason 
Dixon Line. 

Walkin' the Line 





Class Reporter: 
Faye Kostenbauder Williamson 
2832 Sandyford Auenue 
Philadetphia. PA 19152 

Class Reporter: 
Lynn Hassinger Askew 
25 Gladys Avenue 
Manuille.NJ 08835-2347 







Linda K. Leonard '61, retired 
elementary teacher in the East 
Lycoming School District, recently 
spent SIX months as a volunteer in 
mission in Cordova, Alaska, through 

the American Baptist Churches. 
While there, she helped with the 
music programs in the church, pre- 
school, and after-school children's 
clubs at Cordova Community Baptist 
Church and Christian Center. She 
also did rypmg, stuffed envelopes, 
washed dishes, and helped in their 
Homeport Galley restaurant. "Had a 
great time!" Linda hves in 
Hughesville, Pa. 



Lynn £. Snyder *62 is a vice 

president with Providian Financial. 
He hves m Martinez, Cahf 



Class Reporter: 
Irene Etter Schmehl 
3194 Etter Road 
Chambershurg, PA 17201 

Highly respected musician, band 
director and commumty leader. Lynn 
Lerew *63 received the Bravissimo 
Award for his work in the 
Cumberland Valley arts conunumty 
for nearly 40 years. Starting in 1963, 
Lerew was director of bands for 
Chambershurg Area Semor High 
School until 1990, when he moved 
to his current position as district 
administrator (human resources). He 
has performed m the Hagerstown 
Municipal Band since 1964 and 
became director m 1975, a position 
he still holds. He performs with other 
groups and is active on various 
commumty boards. 

Carl M. Meyer '63 has been 
named director of the Fund for Johns 
Hopkins Medicine for Priority 
Projects. He previously served as 
director of development of Johns 
Hopkins Oncology Center. In this 


Evelyn Herbstrith '56 Ruffing 

continues to teach German at St. 
Vincent College in Latrobe, Pa., as an 
on-site instructor for local companies. 
Other actmties include director of 
Derr)' Area Historical Society, presi- 
dent ot the Unitarian Umversahst 
Fellowship of Ligonier Valley. 
Naoonahty Room Committee for 
the Svnss at the University of 
Pittsburgh. Swiss-American Society 
ot Pittsburgh, and the Scandinavian 
Societ>' ofWestern Pennsylvania. She 
lives in Loyalhanna, Pa. 

Class Reporter: 
Jack Cisney 
4802 Eoff Street 
Benwood, WV 26031-1008 



class Reporter; 
Donald E. Coleman 
128 lima Roa,l 
Lnmhurg, PA 17837-8747 

Half of the Northeast Florida alumni group braved the chill in the air during 
a harbor cruise of St. Augustine, Fla., on November 5th. They are: Janet and 
Steve '66 Mekhing, Jane Petersen '92 Curran, Pam Terry '63 Gordon and 
Elizabeth Crane '90. Back row, Matt Curran '92 writh daughter Emily, Maria 
and Chuck '56 Bailes. 

12 Susquehanna Today 

position, he will work with several 
Johns Hopkins medical divisions, 
including Johns Hopkins Bayview 
Medical Center. Howard County 
General Hospital, the cardiovascular 
program, the Children's Center and 
the Oncology Center. 

For 35 years. Sandy Troutman 
*63 has shared the art of music with 
her many students young and old. In 
her home near Herndon. Pa., her stu- 
dents continue to work hard to 
improve their skills on piano, organ, 
wind instruments and violin. Sandra is 
an organist at St. David's United 
Church of Christ in Hebe, Pa. 


Class Reporter: 

Susan C, Pelrie 

8917 Graffs Mill Drive 

Owings Milb, MD 2U17-6136 

Bonita Schafier *65 
Hettenbach recendy appeared in 
Rockwell Productions' "Gigi" at the 
Grand Candlelight Theatre, Niilton, 
Pa. A former elementary vocal music 
educator. Bonnie has performed in 
numerous productions at Milton, as 
well as performing with the 
Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble, She 
lives in Lewisburg, Pa. 

E David Pennypacker *65, of 
Wellsboro, Pa., has joined Century 21 
Wilkinson- Dunn Company as a sales 
associate. He specializes m the sale 
and leasing of commercial, industrial 
and investment real estates. 


35th REUl^lON 

Class Reporter: 
Carol WetUzel Felix 
.W South 11th Street 
Sunhur)',PA 17801-2952 

Marilyn E. Eck '66 recendy 
reared from a position as techmcal 
account manager for Coca-Cola. She 
lives in Seatde,Wash. 

Robert Schuettler '66 is self- 
employed as a financial planner. He 
hves in King of Prussia. Pa. 

Gretchen Gochnour *66 Thiele 
teaches sixth grade in Fairfax County. 
She Uves in Vienna. Va. 

ACTS Retirement-Life 
Commumbes Inc., has promoted 
Jane Hunter '66 Young to execu- 
tive director for Lima Esutes, an 

ACTS community 

in Media. Pa. Jane 
has a Pennsylvania 
bccnse as a nursing 
home administra- 
^. ^ ^^_ tor and is a mem- 

Ip^^Hv ^^^1 berofthe 

American College 
of Health Care 
Admimstrators and 
the National Remotivation Techmque 
Orgamzation and an evaluator for the 
Continumg Care Accreditation 
Commission in Washington, D.C. She 
Uves in Wallingford, Pa. 

Jane Hunter '66 




Class Reporter: 
Virginia Biniek 
29 South Wayne Sireel 
Robesonia, PA 19551 

Thomas Rutishauser '67 is a 

paper merchant/broker for Redhause 
Paper Inc., Matawan, NJ. 

Dick Talbot '66 admires Larry 
Bashore's '66 aerobatic plane at the 
Mt. Pocono Airport. Larry was com- 
peting in an aerobatic competition 
with the International Aerobatic 

Robert A. \Pisegarver '67 

retired as Spanish teacher in the 
Mifflin County School District. He 
lives in Lewisto\vn, Pa. 

Robert Snyder 67 

Class Reporter: 

Samuel D. Clapper 
254 Barrister Drive 
Somerset, PA 15501-936} 

Richard Eppehimer '68 was 

inducted into the Pottstown Area 
Chapter of the Pennsylvama Sports 
Hall of Fame for his basketball talent. 
He scored 2,546 points while at 
Susquehanna, a mark that stood for all 
Pennsylvania colleges for more than 
20 years. Pack hves in Pottstown, Pa. 

After bvmg in New York City for 
five years and workmg as a psy- 
chotherapist. Elizabeth Ekner '68 
Kaufinann is now church life direc- 
tor for Harbor Presbyterian Church 
in downtown San Diego, Calif., 
where she hves. 

Trudy Miller *68 Miner was 
nominated by a former student to 
"Who's Who Among America's 
Teachers. 2000." Trudy is an ESOL 




Robert Snyder, right, and Galen Deibler 

ome people spend their Uves searching for a talent that sets them apan. 
j A fortunate few will even learn that they are blessed with several gifts. 
Dr. Robert Snyder *67, however, is that rare individual who identi- 
fied his own special abiUties - not one, but two areas of personal expertise ~ at 
an early age and made them hfelong pursuits. 

"Ever since I was btde," he explains, "I wanted to be a doctor." 
And by the age of four, Snyder says, he had also discovered a second love. 

"I kept begging for lessons for a year." he recalls. "But I didn't really play 
until second grade." 

Today, Snyder is chairman of the Depamnent of Pathology at Holy Cross 
Hospital in Silver Spring, Md., and a semi-professional pianist who often 
returns to Susquehanna Umversity to perform four-hand recitals with 
Professor Emeritus of Music Galen Deibler. 
"We've been playing together for about 25 years," notes Snyder, who counts among his other musical mentors SU 
Professor Emeritus of Music Frederic Billman and Tchaikovsky Silver Medahst Susan Starr. He has also performed with for- 
mer Metropohtan Opera singer Marilyn Codow and members of the Philadelphia Orchestra. However, his partnership with 
Deibler is a special one, he says. "We've performed in Philadelphia, at Susquehanna - every year or so since about 1974." 

Their most recent campus performance on Nov. 8 was a memorial to Matthew Baylor *85,an outstanding pianist and 
former student of Galen's, who died in January of 2000. It also recognized the gift fix)in Baylor's estate of a restored seven- 
and-a-half foot Stemway grand piano, which has been placed in Isaacs Auditorium. 

"It's a good relationship," says Deibler of his affiUadon with Snyder "1 enjoy working with him because he's not one to 
take It hghdy.We have similar musical values and similar goals." 

Deibler adds that he never tried to steer Snyder away fi-om medicine and tov^rjrd music during Snyder's time at SU. "I 
never discussed it with him, because he knew what he wanted to do." 

Music and medicine are very difiercnt. yet complement each other, Snyder adds. "They are two separate parts of my life, 
but they both require a great deal of care and study. I work equally hard at both of them. When I come home from work and 
sit down at the piano - I give it the same kind of attention." 

— Beth Fantaskey Kaszuba 

Susquehanna Today 13 

resource teacher for Pasco County 
Schools in Florida. She is also an 
adjunct instructor in ESL for St. 
Petersburg Junior College in 
Clearwater. Fla. She hves in Oldsmar, 

Kathleen Livingston *68 Peck, 
a wardrobe consultant with the 
Doncaster collection in Lancaster, was 
recognized at Doncaster's annual con- 
ference. She was inducted into the 
Henuge Circle, Doncaster's highest 
achievement award for sales and man- 
agement excellence. She hves in 
Lancaster, Pa. 

Richard D. Spotts '68. in his 
capacity as chief Snancial officer ot 
AmeriQuest. recendy attended a lun- 
cheon in Cherry Hill, NJ.. with pres- 
ident, Doug Clark, to accept the 
Philadelphia Business Joimiah award as 
South Jersey's fastest growing small 
business. AmeriQuest is a two-year- 
old company based in Cherry Hill 
that provides E-comnierce. trans- 
portation and logistic services to an 
international group of truck rental 
and leasing conipames representing 
more than 65.000 vehicles in more 
than 300 locations. 



Class Reporter: 
Barbara Hiuhens DePerro 
}}} East SOih Street, Apt. 1-A 
New York. NY 10021 

Michael J. Barrile '69 is a pro- 
fessional liability supervisor, 
Philadelphia Insurance Company. 
Bala Cynwyd. Pa. 

Patricia Peltier '69 Russell 
retired as a counselor, Tressler 
Lutheran Services. She hves in 
Wilhamsport. Pa. 



Class Reporter: 
Kathry'ii Zierdt Grubb 
111 Riuerhetid Road 
Berkeley Heights, NJ 07922 

Donna Zierdt *70 Elkin per- 
formed a recital with her daughter. 
Kathryn Elian, to benefit St. 
Anthony's Center in WiUianisport, Pa. 
St. Anthony's Center does many 
things to help the needy in the area 


Make your gift to the 



University Fund 

•^ • • 

from our new secure 
server donation web site. 

Log on at 





Catch Karen Fitzgerald, 


director of annual giving. 


at 570-372-4107 

University Fund 

or e-mail at 


including providing meals, clothing 
and a free medical chmc. 

Bonnie Eiker '70 Lightcap is 

the director of advancement services 
and donor relaQons for Hood 


30th iSKlON 

Class Reporter: 
Wltittiey A. Gay 
5 North Gateway 
Wimhester. MA 01890 

Dr. Margaret C. Fisher *71 has 

been named chair of the department 
of pediatrics at Monmouth Medical 
Center, Long Branch, an affihate of 
the St. Barnabas Health Care System. 
Prior to joining Monmouth, she was 
associate chair of education for the 
department of pediatrics at St. 
Christopher's, and headed the pedi- 
atric clerkship of MCP Hahnemann 
School of Medicine. Philadelphia, 
Monmouth Medical Center's teach- 
ing affihate. Fisher is a professor of 
pediatrics at MCP Hahnemann 
School of Medicine, fi-om which she 
received the 1999 Dean's Special 
Award for Excellence in ChnicaJ 
Teaching- She hves in Long Branch, 
N.J. She IS the daughter of Miriam 
Miller '39 Fisher-Coryell and the 
late Robert Fisher '40 

Jean McEvoy '71 Llewellyn is 
executive director of the office of 
university' commumcations. New 
Jersey Institute of Technology. The 
office of commumcations is responsi- 
ble for the Yahoo "Most Wired" rank- 
ings, media relations, pubhcations, 
advertising, Web and special events. 

in Marietta, Ga. 

Michael S. Ramage *72 is a 

self-employed attorney and genealo- 
gist, Bala Cynv^7d, Pa. 


James R. Gable '72 retired from 
the Air Force, having served more 
than 22 years as a chaplain. He is pas- 
tor of St. Paul Lutheran Church, 
Lititz, Pa. 

Joseph X. Garvey '72 was 
named vice president/finance and 
admimstration at Keystone College 
where he will be responsible for 
developing, managing and strength- 
emng the college's business and fiscal 
operations. He hves in Scranton, Pa. 

Michael C. Oakes '72 is the SE 
regional manager for the standards 
and evaluation division within the 
Defense Security Service as part of 
the Department of Defense. He Uves 


Class Reporter: 
S.John Price 
108 North 9th Street 
Ashland, PA 17921-1233 

Andrew Haller '73 was appoint- 
ed president of the Houston opera- 
tions for Kvaerner. a global market 
leader in technology, engineering and 
construction services, Houston. Pa, 

Dr. Carol Bringman '73 Luce 
was appointed chair of the depart- 
ment of psychology, Geneva College. 
She taught as an associate professor of 
psychology at Geneva since 1989. She 
has a private practice at Beaver 
County Psychiatric Services in 
Beaver. Pa., where she hves, 

Linda Saldukas '73 Payne was 
honored by the American Chermcal 
Society for techmcal achievements m 
organic chemistry at the national 
meeting this summer in Washington, 
DC. She discussed her contribution 
to the development of efavirenz, 
Stocrm (Sustiva DMP-266), a nonnu- 
cleoside HIV-1 reverse transcriptase 
inhibitor. Her talk included a discus- 
sion ot the development of targets for 
drug mter\'cntion. Linda and her hus- 
band, Walter Payne '73, hvc in 
Lansdale, Pa. Linda is senior research 
associate cheimst with Merck and 
Walter is a hydrologist with 
Pennsylvama Department of 
Environmental Protection. 


Class Reporter: 
Susan Lang Martin 
12 Prince Henry Drive 
Randolph. NJ 07869 

Born to Louise and William 
Atkinson '74, a daughter, Carohne 
Rose, September 5, 2000. She joms 
big sister, Catherine. Bill is the west- 
ern region sales director for AT&T 
Wireless. Louise is vice president and 
general manager of Colorado for XO 
Commumcations, formerly Nextlink 
Commumcations. They hve in 
Englewood, Colo. 

John R. Heyman '74 is a self- 
employed training consultant and 
Uves in Doylestown, Pa 

David W. Rittler '74 is a semor 
vice president with First Union 

14 Susquehanna Today 

Bank. He lives in Newtown, Pa. 

Alan J. Upperco '74 is a cost 
and schedule engineer, Merck & 
Company Inc. He lives in Titusville. 
N.J., with his wife, Janet Bauer '74 


Class Reporter: 

WiUiam Clark Snyder 

Apt. 1 

1 1 1 Glenwood Avenue 

Binghamton, NY 13905-1944 

Terri £. Benincasa '75 is self- 
employed doing web design and 
Internet services, CP Source. She lives 
in Absecon, NJ. 

Marion Hilsher '75 Borr is a 
teacher in the HoUidaysburg Area 
School District. She Uves in 
Holljdaysburg, Pa. 

Faith Christensen '75 Maricic. 
a sales associate with Burgdorff EB^ 
Westficid. N.J.. office, was awarded 
the prestigious Burgdorff EPJ\ 
President's Council Award. The award 
IS the company's highest and most 
distinguished honor, recognizing the 
company's top 17 percent or 825 sales 
associates throughout New Jersey and 
Pennsylvama, She has been recog- 
mzed as one of the top sales associates 
in the state and the number one sales 
associate in the Westfield office for 
five consecutive years. She hves in 
Cranford, N J. 

Richard Sauers '75 is the direc- 
tor of the Superior Public Museums 
m Superior, Wis. He and his family 
hve in Lake Nebagamon,Wis. 

William Clark Snyder '75 con- 
ducted a musical theater workshop 
for the Wyoming County 
Bicentenmal Singers in Perry, N.Y. 



Class Reporter: 
Brenda Zboray KJinger 
968 Biuejay Road 
Harrishurg, PA 17 U 1-5005 

Nancy Musser '76 Cody was 

invited to the opemng of the movie. 
Remember the Titans, in Washington. 
D.C. Nancy was a cheerleader at the 
school that was portrayed in the 
movie which concerned the court- 
ordered combimng of three schools 
and the appointment of a new foot- 

ball coach for the integrated team. 
She said the movie was remarkably 
faithfiil to the way she remembers 
events happening. Nancy hves m 
New BerUn, Pa. 

Constance Ingenbrandt '76 
Condict teaches music parttime at 
Central High School. Hopewell, NJ. 

Thomas £. Dertouzos '76 is 
chief financial officer, Prodesco Inc., 
Perkasie, Pa. He lives in North Wales, 
Pa., with his wife, Barbara Keller 
*76 Dertouzos. 

The Rev. Richard Schoenly '76 
is pastor at Blam Lutheran Parish, St. 
Paul's and Zion. Blain. Pa. 

Richard J. Thomas '76 is a pay- 
ment systems consultant, Umsys 
Corps. He lives in Schuylkill Haven, 


Class Reporter: 
Lynn Sarf 
844 High Point 
Claremont, CA 91711 

Born to Drina and Daniel 
Ditzler '77, a daughter, Carohne 
Grace, October 24, 2000. She joms 
brothers. Thomas Richard, age 13, 
Phihp Cameron, age 9, Peter 
Matthew, age 2. They hve in 
Norristow^n, Pa. 

Tonimarie McGlynn-Long '77 
works for the Spring Branch 
Independent School District as a 
technology curriculum specialist. In 
this position, she conducts trainmg on 
how to mcorporate the use of tech- 
nology into the curriculum, helps the 
teachers develop lessons involvmg 
technology with the state "TEKS" 
curriculum and set their technology 
goals, and conducts computer training 
as needed. Toni also teaches computer 
courses at a local community college 
and has her own computer graphics 
company m which she works mainly 
on busmess and real estate brochures. 
She and her husband, Gil, live m 
Houston, Texas, 

Bryan Polk '77 was featured in 
The Philadelphia Inquirer magazine in 
an article describing the parttime pro- 
fessor who teaches on more than one 
college campus. Bryan hves in Fort 
Washington, Pa., and commutes to 
four campuses. 

Susan M. Reisch '77 is a student 
recruiter at Montana State Umversity, 
Bozeman, Mont. 

Lizbeth Baird '77 Visone is in 
finance with Mandee/Anme Sez in 
Totowa, NJ. She hves in Millburn, 
N.J.,with her husband. Thomas, and 
two children. Gregory and Kate. 


Commemorate your 
alma mater with a 
new, personalized 
SU ring featuring 
landmark Selinsgrove Hall. 

Presented by Jostens. 

Introductory prices available until June 30, 2001, 

include optional graduation year and up to three degree 

letters and/or three initials or signature. 

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For questions, information about trading in 

your current SU ring, or orders, 

contact the Campus Bookstore at 570-372-4232 

You may view the rings at 

p5 Susquehanna University 

Susquehanna Today 15 



Clais Reporter: 
Judy Rile 
2-F Olympic Drive 
Slulhn^lofi, PA 19601-3353 

Mark Cummins *78, chief 
investment officer for Harleysville 
Asset Management LP, recently 
spoke at the 105th annual convention 
ot the Narional Association of Mutual 
Insurance Companies in Nashville. 
Tenn. Cuinnuns and the Harleysville 
Group were ranked in the top 6 per- 
cent on the Nelson s "Worlds Best 
Money Managers" hst for large-cap 
equity managers for both a three- 
and five-year period. Mark and his 
wife. Sharon, live m Harleysville. Pa. 

Margaret Thorns '78 Govelitz 
IS busmess director. St. Mary's Health 
System. She hves in Chnton.Tenn. 

Scott A. Grimm *78 is dehvery 
manager, ApphedTheory Corp.. in 
Syracuse. N.Y. 

Larry Hutchison *78 is the chief 
financial officer with Double Star Inc. 
in West Chester. Pa, He and his wife, 
Marcia Weaner '82 Hutchison, hve 
m Spring City. Pa. 

Richard J. King '78 is a bank 
loan officer. First County Bank, 
Doylestown. Pa. He hves in Hatboro, 

Patricia Sost *78 Lantz is assis- 
unt school principal of Five Points 
and Washington elementary schools 
of the Bangor Area School District. 
Previously, she worked at the 
Knowlton Township school, serving 
as a music teacher and counselor. She 
hves in Nazareth, Pa. 

William B. Wescott '78 is with 
American General Financial 
Company and hves in Lynchburg. Va. 

Flutist Donna Wissinger '78 and 
Eroica Classical Recordings have 
announced the release of Donnas 
CD Amazmg^ Grace: A)\ American 
Tapestry. T\\Q CD has been aired 
nationally and reviewed by several 
national pubhcauons, It is available at 
the Susquehanna University book- 
store as well as at the Eroica website 
and most major Internet retailers. 
Donna is active in arts-in-education 
programs in Florida and can be 
reached at 


Alan A. Babp '79 joined PPL 
Corporation as credit risk manager 
for wholesale power and gas trading 
acnvities. He bves in Easton. Pa., with 
his wife. Lynnc. and three daughters, 
Megan, Emma and Amanda. Alan 
stays active in conmiunity music 

Gail GrifBn '79 married 
Timothy J. Ryan, March 25, 2000, 
Holy Trimr>' Roman Cathohc 
Church, Wcstlicld, N J. Susan 
GrifBn '80 Miller, sister of the 
bride, served as matron of honor. Gad 
IS a human resource apphcation con- 
sultant. Lawson Software, Litde Falls, 
N.J.Tim IS director of bilhng systems 
development. Quest Diagnostics. 
They hvc in Rutherford, N.J. 

Dr Samuel B. Hoff '79 was 
named recipient of the annual Faculty 
ExccUeiice Award for University/ 
Commumry Service at Delaware 
State University. He was also unani- 
mously elected as chair of the 12- 
member Department of History, 
Pohtical Science and Philosophy at 

David E. Lindquist '79 was 
named director in the assurance prac- 
tice department of KPMG, 
Harnsburg. As director, he speciaLzes 
in manufacturing, retalhng and distri- 
bution services. He hves in 
Harnsburg, Pa. 

Our apologies, David Odenath 
'79 IS still president of Prudential 
Investments mutual fund and annuity 
busmess. David and his wife, Ellen 
Schmidt '79 Odenath, live in 
Mendham, N.J. 



Class Reporter: 
Sue Otijakjiatt 
22745 Miranda Street 
Woodland Hills. CA 91367 

Class Reporter: 

Robh li'liitmoyer 

211 Baldwin Boulevard 

Orchard Hills 

SehnsgfOve.PA 17870-9511 

Alice Farrell '80 is with Sinus 
Satellite Radio in New York City. She 
hves m Brooklyn. N.Y 

Deborah Fletcher '80 Stock 

works for the Missouri Department 
of Social Services, Division of Family 
Services, in Jefferson City, She recent- 
ly got transferred to a new office - 
FAMIS - Family Automated 
Management Information System, a 
new computer system used to deter- 
mine eUgibility for different pro- 
grams. She works on the Help-hne 
desk and assists caseworkers from all 
over the state of Missouri 

Robert N. Whitmoyer '80 was 
elected national vice president of Phi 

Mu Alpha Sinfonia. Robb was initiat- 
ed in Susquehanna Universiry's 
Lambda Beta chapter in 1977. Robb 
gives special thanks to those class- 
mates who served on their 20th 
reunion committee. The class of 1980 
had a fantastic turnout at Alumni 
Weekend 2000. 






Class Reporter: 
Christopher Kiessling 
243 Hill Road 
GroroM, A14 01450-1607 

Gregory Bonawitz '81 is the 

store manager. Sports Authority, 
Lancaster, Pa. He hves in Lancaster. 

Born to David '83 and Alison 
Berger '81 Boor, a son. Samuel 
Dorsen, May 16. 2000. He joins big 
brother. Christian, They hve in 
Bethlehem, Pa. 

Kent H. Bostic '81 is a financial 
consultant. First Umon National 
Bank. He hves in Lutherville, Md. 

Debbi J. Dilliplane *81 married 
Michael A, Wolfe. Aprd 17. 1999. 
Debbi IS a technology contractor and 
her husband works for Bethlehem 
Steel- They hve with their blended 
family of four children in Marion 
Heights, Pa. 

Gary L. Kurtz *81 married 
Judith A. PaohneUi, April 1. 2000. 
Trimty Lutheran Church. Danville. 
Pa. Gary is semor director of infor- 
mation services for Geisinger Health 
Systems. They live in Danville. 

David G. Lucas '81 is president 
and chief executive officer of 
Cruise4I He lives in Malvern. 

The Rev Beth A. Schlegel '81 
IS associate pastor, Christ Lutheran 
Church in York. Pa. She lives in 
Dallastown, Pa. 

Jo-Ellen Malloy '81 Schutz is 
an office administrator. Atlantic 
Mutual Insurance. Plymouth 
Meeting, Pa. She and her husband. 
Jeffrey, hve in Chalfont, Pa. 

Born to William and Kim Hane 
'81 Snyder, a daughter. Brianna 
Elizabeth. August 6. 2000, They hve 
in Sunbury, Pa. 

Since the creation ofVenzon 
Wireless, Diane Croft '81 Wesche 
has served as execunve director ot 
network for the Washington/ 
Baltimore andVirgima regions. 

Class Reporter: 

Ann SlanzioneTliompson 

7714 Briarslone Court 

Ellicoll City, MD 21043-7050 

Rick Alcantara '82 is chairman 
and founder of the Delaware Valley 
Communications Leadership 
Council, a group of nine pubhc rela- 
tions and advertising associations in 
the Philadelphia region. He is presi- 
dent ofTara Comniumcations and 
hves in SicklervUle, NJ. 

The Rev Thomas G. Bruner 
'82 is pastor of St. John's Evangelical 
Lutheran Church. Tom and his wife. 
Ruth Hebel '82 Bruner, hve in 
Berrysburg. Pa, 

Jean Campbell '82 teaches math 
and science at Wescott Junior High 
School. Westbrook. Maine. She hves 
in Portland. Maine. 

Marc W. Gutleber '82 was 
awarded as one of the top ten 
employees of the year for the US 
Commumcations Electronics 
Command. This 10,000-person orga- 
mzation is responsible for the R&D, 
acquisition, and sustainment of all 
commumcations, inteUigence, and 
electromcs equipment for the US 
Army. He lives in Point Pleasant 
Beach. N J. 

Michael Havay '82 is the assis- 
tant manager for the Nashua 
Symphony Association. He hves in 
Nashua. N.H. 

Born to Leslye and Scott Heller 
'82, a daughter. Kimberly Anne. 
October 27. 2000. She joins big sister, 
Erin. They hve m Norristown, Pa, 

Charles Landis '82 is the 
CEO/managing director of a start-up 
company called Integrated Mineral 
Technology based in Brisbane. 

Audrey Schwarz '82 
Molettieri is a self-employed CPA in 
Drcxel Hill. Pa., where she hves. 

Jack Weber '82 is a semor chent 
manager for CIGNA HealthCare in 
the Washington. D.C.. area. He hves 
in Ellicott City. Md,. with his wife. 
Laura, and their three daughters. 



Class Reporter: 
Sue Frekot Doty 
160 Joan Drive 
Collegemlle. PA 19426 

l6 Susquehanna Today 

Bom to David '83 and Alison 
Berger *81 Boor, a son - see 1981. 

Born to Dorothy and Kenneth 
Brightclifie *83, a son, Kenneth 
Padrajg, March 2. 1999. He joins 
brothers, Danny and Michael John. 
They bve in Philadelphia, Pa. 

Bonna Conner *83 Brooks is a 
salesperson, Coldwell Banker 
Homesale Services Group, 
Elizabcthtown. Pa. 


Class Reporter: 

Randi Keller Sagona 

3734 Moon Bay Circle 

West Palm Beach. FL 33414-8806 

Born to Sue and Daniel L. 
Gallagher *84, a daughter, Katherine 
Ann. June 8, 2000. Katie joins her sis- 
ter, Mary, and her brothers, John and 
Danny They Uve in Bridgewater, N.J. 

Jane Fichner *84 Hungarter is 
media director for Godfrey 
Advertising. She is responsible for 
consumer advertising planning and 
placement for selected accounts. She 
hves in Lancaster. Pa. 

Lori ZwirbUs *84 Kennedy has 
been elected to the board of directors 
of SHARE, a New York City-based 
non-pro6t support services organiza- 
tion that serves women, their famiLes 
and friends affected by breast and 
ovarian cancer. She has been a volun- 
teer for seven years and as a board 
member she will be primarily 
involved in fundraising and pubhc 
relations. She recently appeared in Self 
magazme and in a breast cancer spe- 
cial on ABC-TV. Lon and her hus- 
band, Bart, and their daughter, 
Peyton, hve m Weehawken. NJ. 

William C. Krohn *84 married 
Karen A. Weikel, May 26, 2000, 
Himmel's Church, Rebuck. Pa. Kaien 
is employed at PhUips Industries. 
William is a technical support special- 
ist for the Central Susquehanna 
Intermediate Unit, They hve m 
Montandon, Pa. 


Class Reporter: 
Tracy Gerard Akner 
200 Lincoln Avenue 
Rockville Centre, NY 11570 

Eric Boehme *85 is senior sys- 
tems manager, OHS Safety Series. 
MDL Information Systems Inc. He 
hves in Frankhn.Tenn. 

Henry L. Cline '85 is general 

manager, U.S. Cellular. Rocky 
Mount, N.C. 

Born to Karen and Scott 
Erickson '85, twin boys, Brendan 
and Connor, June 6, 1999. They join 
big brother, Bradley, age seven. They 
hve inYardley, Pa. 

Christopher W. Grote '85 is a 
head research chemist for Kodak. He 
hves in Rochester, N.Y. 

Robert McDermott *85 is w^lh 
the Med CAT Fund, Commonwealth 
of Pennsylvania. He hves in 
Mechanicsburg, Pa. 

Brian W. Molnar '85 married 
Martina Korff,June 3, 2000, Kiedrich, 
St. Valentines, Germany. Brian is vice 
president, German mstitutional 
mvestors, BAF-BANK.They hve in 

Cindy Luer *85 Pellegrino 
received a bachelor of science degree 
in nursing from WiUiam Patterson 
University. She was inducted into the 
Sigma Theta Tau national honor soci- 
ety of nursing. She works as a regis- 
tered nurse for Valley Home Care in 
Paramus, N.J. 

Born to Thomas and Beth 
Mallison '85 Ripperger, a daughter, 
Jessica Ann, September 19. 2000. They 
hve m Westfield, NJ. 

Born to Michael and Beth 
Naegeli *85 Smith, a son, WiUiam 
Michael, June 2, 1999. They live in 
Bethlehem, Pa. 

Andrew J. Takach *85 is with 
the Legend Group Inc., Palm Beach 
Gardens, Fla. 

Cheryl Wiley *85 Venezia is 
with PaineWebber in Weehawken, 
NJ. She hves mWestfreld. N.J. 

Crystal Lepley '85 Wray is 
director of patient frnancial services at 
Sunbury Community Hospital and 
Outpatient Center, Sunbury, Pa. She 
hves in Beavertown, Pa. 


15th rPotTon 

Class Reporter: 

Karen Doty Clemens 
7 Annette Drive 
Umerick.PA 19468 

Michael J. Alberse '86 was pro- 
moted to director, fleet planning. 
Hertz Equipment Rental. He hves in 
Buder, NJ., with his wife, Amy, and 
children, Megan and John. 

Timothy S. Bilger '86 is direc- 
tor of major gifts, Moravian College 
and Theological Seminary in 
Bethlehem, Pa. 

Born to Oris and Carol Kepner 
'86 Drummund, a son, Ian 
Matthew, September 27, 2000.They 
hve in Arlington, Va. 

Dawne Fritz *86 married 
Michael Veet , September 2, 2000, 
Metuchen, NJ. Dawne is a district 
representative. Aid Association for 
Lutherans, Harrisburg, Pa. Her terri- 
tory consists of Harrisburg. 
Middletown, Steelton and Highspire 
churches. Michael is a technician with 
Executive Image Solutions in 
Mechanicsburg, Pa, They hve in 

Andrew R. Gekoskie '86 is the 
supervisor of instrumental music for 
the Angleton Independent School 
District located just south of 
Houston, Texas. He will continue to 
conduct the Angleton High School 
Wmd Symphony while overseeing 
the districts instrumental music pro- 
gram. He hves in Angleton, Texas. 

Born to James and Brenda 
Laubach '86 McFarland, a son, 
James Thomas III, February 13, 1999. 
Brenda is senior vice president/ direc- 
tor at Taylor Nelson Sofres, White 
Plains, N.Y. They hve in Rye, N.Y. 

Born to Jim *87 and Gail 
DiLonardo '86 McNulty, a son — 
see 1987. 

Phyllis D. Mowery *86 married 
Michael S.Van Gavree, August 26, 
2000, in the formal gardens at the 
Hotel Hershey, Hershey, Pa. Phyllis is 
regional sales and marketmg represen- 
tative for Corvel Corp. Michael is 
safety and security manager for 
Ingram Micro. They hve in 
Mechanicsburg, Pa. 

Born to Mark and Debra Beck 

*86 Ronan. a daughter. Charlotte, 
April 3, 2000. They hve in Denville, 

Timothy C.Vile '86 is head of 
the credit band management, 
Deutsche Asset Management, 
London, England. 

Born to JiU and Andrew A. 
Zimmerman '86. a son, Chester 
Phihp. May 17, 2000. They hve in 
PhoenixviUe, Pa. 


Class Reporter: 

Cynthia L. Cooke 
846 Green Pond Road 
Rockaway, NJ 07866-4403 

Stephen Bentz '87 has been 
promoted to the rank of major in the 
U.S. Army, medical service corps. He 
is the administrator for the depart- 
ment of surgery at Brooke Army 
Medical Center. San Antomo, Texas. 

Carolyn S. Finkler '87 works 
for Tyco International Ltd. She hves 
in Frankhn Park, NJ. 

Born to Neil and Amy Fuller 
*87 Grubb, a daughter, Caidyn 
Ohvia, February 16, 2000. She joins 
brother, Tyler. Amy is a pediatric 
occupational therapist working in 
local schools and with early interven- 
tion children. Neil is the owner of a 
beer distributor. They hve in 
Glenmoore, Pa. 

John T. Lafierty *87 is director, 
risk management, Bristol-Myers 

continued on page 22 

Kenneth P. Newman '87 married Denise Dudajek, April 8, 2000, Assumption 
Church, Moorestown, N.J. Ken is marketing manager, Falcon Safety Products 
Inc., Branchburg, N.J. Denise teaches kindergarten in Florham Park, N.J. They 
live in Madison, N.J. Pictured from left to right, back row; Chris Eble '87, 
Randy Pozsar '87, Rob Sochovka '87, Jeff Rehling '88; middle row: Dave 
Savino '87, Carrie Bishop '89 Savino, Pete Joachim '87, Dave Oczypok '87, 
Denise Guastella '89 Rehling, Ron Kennedy '86; front row: Dave Kells '87, 
Deirdre Vaughn '87 Kells, Father John Allen, Denise and Kenneth, Wendy 
Jacobs '86 Sochovka and Denise Symonds '86 Kennedy. 

Susquehanna Today 17 


.m.-jcv^ ■ 



yt-i r . -rs';!^/] ■■ - 

L. Jtiy Ixmoiii joined tlic Susquehaniui 
(oiiniuiiiily m the I 'iih'crsily J / 4lli 
president on I-'ch. I following; more 
than eight years as chancellor oj the 
University oJ Virginia at Wise, a public 
liberal arts college imth 1,500 students, 
225 employees, and an $18 million 
budget in southwestern Virginia. 
Lemons; his wife. Marsha Schone 
Lemons; and four children, Olivia, age 
8; Maggie, age 6;Tliomas, age 3; and 
Meredith, age 1; took up residence in 
Pine Lawn, the Susquehanna presi- 
dent's home, on January 15. 

by Gwentt Welh 

/I sk students at UVa-Wise 

/ I what they recall about Jay 
.^ -A. Lemons and you're hkely to 
get three answers. 

The way he remembers your name. 

His lunches - every student on campus gets invited at least once. For 
those who accept, the conversation invariably comes around to three 
questions: Why did you come here? What do you hke about the school? 
And, if you could change one thing about this campus, what would it 

And then, of course, there's the magic wand. 

Liberated from his daughter Maggie's fourth birthday party and ever- 
so slightly bedraggled, it is the perfect visual aid to pass around the room 
during the "If" question. 

"A lot of the things students request do actually happen," says M.J. 
Dixon, student government association president and senior business 
administration major. "Students are included in some capacity in every- 
thing that this college does," says Dixon. "Our voice is really heard and 
it's a wonderful opportunity." 

Accomplishments at Wise 

As one of the youngest college chief adnunistrators in Virginia, Lemons 
led the University otA^irginia's only branch campus to redefine the insti- 
tution's mission and strategic objectives. Under his watch, the college 
invested $4(1 million in capital improvements and raised nearly $20 mil- 
lion against a $12 million goal in its first capital campaign. He worked 
with faculty to implement a selective admissions policy, created a com- 
prehensive student life program and worked with the state's governor 
and legislature to increase faculty salaries more than 41) percent in a 
four-year period. Lemons also has played a key role in recruiting new 
faculty and building a faculty support system, including the addition of a 
sabbatical program, says George Culbertson, provost and senior vice 
chancellor who is serving as interim chancellor at UVa-Wise. 




"A tough act to follow," says an edi- 
torial in the Bristol, Va., Herald Courier 
that cites Lemons as "a leader, an 
inspiration and a catalyst" in the 
process that led U.S. News & World 
Report to rank UVa-Wise as the num- 
ber-two public liberal arts college in 
the South in 1999 and again in 2000. 

The school has also come a long 
way from its beginnings in 1954 as 
Clinch Valley College in buildings that 
once housed the county poor farm. 
Lemons, a gifted storyteller, frequently 
shares the thumbnail history. And 
whether you get the three-minute 
version or the 30-minute version, you 
will hear firsthand a tale of extraordi- 
nary determination to put a four-year 
education within the financial and 
geographic reach of residents in the 
Central Appalachian Mountains. 

Nebraska Native 
A native of ScottsblufF, Neb., Lemons 
is the son of two educators. As a student at Nebraska Wesleyan, he 
earned a B.S. in physical education and health education, both with 
teacher certification, coupled with a B.A. in philosophy. The latter came 
during the fifth year he spent at the university to compete in varsiry 
track while serving as a full-time employee in student affairs. 

He followed up with a master's in education from the University of 
Nebraska with concentrations in educational psychology and college 
student development and a Ph.D. from the University ofVirginia in 
higher education and management through the Darden Graduate School 
of Business. 

He gained experience as a hall director at Nebraska Wesleyan; gradu- 
ate assistant to the director of admissions at the University of Nebraska, 
area coordinator at Texas A&M University, graduate assistant to the dean 
of the University ofVirginia's Curry School of Education, and an intern 
at the Curry School Foundation. Then came a three-year term in 
Charlottesville as assistant to University ofVirginia former President 
Robert M. O'Neil and current President John T. Casteen III. 

The assignment and subsequent appointment to UVa-Wise as chan- 
cellor provided Lemons with a "crash course in the issues that currently 
confront colleges and universities," says Casteen. "He has seen recession 
and recovery, the process by which major capital funds campaigns begin 
and reach maturity, a series of developments with regard to faculty self- 
governance, various crises involving student behavior and relations 
between students and faculty, and the means to manage a program of 
ongoing institutional improvement at the College in Wise." 

In both Charlottesville and Wise, adds Casteen, Lemons has emerged 
"as a friend and champion of faculty interests and has also brought stu- 
dents and faculty closer together than they might have been otherwise." 

Susquehanna Today 19 

Susquehanna University Welcomes 

Susquehanna Board of 

Directors Chair 

Nick Lopardo '68, left, 

greets Olivia Lemons 

at a welcome 


Painting His Way Through College 

Lemons, who describes his upbringing as "rich in all kinds of ways, but 
of modest means," learned firsthand about financial aid and creative col- 
lege financing when he selected Nebraska Wesleyan, the most expensive 
institution in the state. "I painted my way through college," he recalls. 
"During the summer after I graduated fiom high school, my mother and 
1 worked side by side, probably 60 to 80 hours a week." 

At 41 -years-old, he is still paying ofi^ student loans."! look forward to 
retiring that debt, but there's no quesQon that 1 will never make a more 
personal investment than those student loans," he says. "For me, at age 
18, to sign those promissory notes was a pretty powerfiil thing to do. I 
can absolutely, in clear conscience, say that it dehvered me to class on 
some Friday afternoons when I may not otherwise have been inchned 
to participate, and that firiends of mine chose to make optional." 

A Te acher First and Foremost 

From the perspective of both a student and an administrator, he has 
gathered broad experience at both pubUc and private institutions, large 
and small and in areas including admissions, development, senior admin- 
istration, and especially student life. And that student-centered perspec- 
tive provides Lemons with a background well-suited to a college presi- 
dency, says Rick Artman, one of Lemons' earbest student life mentors 
who IS currently president of Siena Heights University in Adrian, 
Michigan. "Our loyalty wasn't to a discipline, it was to an idea and con- 
cept toward the development of the whole student." 

"I truly think of myself as a teacher first and foremost," stresses 
Lemons, who attributes much of the success at Wise to his administra- 
tion's shared values and trust with faculty in their roles as teachers, 
scholars and advisors. "While we hve in a world of constant change, 
there are important aspects of the institutional soul that must constandy 
be nurtured, protected, and celebrated," says Lemons. "Faculty members 
have become the 'keepers' of the flame for the institutional soul." 

"Some of my most important experiences were those found in my 
own undergraduate education at a private liberal arts college," says 
Lemons. "Frankly much of the fun that 1 had at UVa.- Wise was making 
available for our students the educational experiences most often found 
in private hberal arts colleges but at a pubhc institution." 

A Student of Higher Education 

A student of higher education. Lemons literally has trouble chiving past 
another campus without stopping to take a look around. He is, in fact, 
so enamored of academe that he created two courses on the theme. The 
Academic Novel, a collaboration with a faculty colleague, focuses on fic- 
tion and non-fiction writing with higher education as the setting. The 
Academic Life is a primer in higher education, created pardy to encour- 
age students to consider academic careers. "One of the things that 1 fun- 
damentally see as part of our role is putting a httle air under students' 
wings," says Lemons. And he has seen success with students hke Laura 
Faye MuUins, a recent Wise graduate who began graduate school in edu- 
cation and law at the University of Tennessee this winter. "He challenges 
you to be the best person that you can be," she says. 

Intellect without Pretense 

Lemons is a voracious reader whose taste in books ranges from the fijll 
gambit of C.S. Lewis to Wilham Bennett's The Book of Virtues. "He loves 
an intellectual discourse," says UVa.-Wise Vice Chancellor for Student 
Affairs Gary Juhan. 

This is also a man who once named his fantasy basketball team The 
Jeffersonians and yet, who is well known for his lack of pretention. He 
regularly joined the freshman leadership experience for an off-campus 
retreat designed to help new students connect with the school and each 
other. And incoming students who have known him to take an 
impromptu swim in a cold mountain stream are not surprised to see him 
volunteer for the wet end of the dunkmg booth at campus events. 

He is also not above a practical joke - even at his own expense - or 
donning a costume to play a Santa's elf nicknamed "Wahoo" cUstributing 
Christmas gifb to staff members. 

Leadership Style 

"Jay has been so valuable to this college because of the rehtionship he 
developed and maintained with faculty. He has served as a leader who 
truly values each of us - personally and professionally," says Sheila 
Schmuck, chair of the UVa- Wise faculty senate and an assistant professor 
of nursing. "He beheves firmly in shared governance, and has always 
included faculty in decision-making processes - academic and otherwise. 
We did not always agree - but we always shared mutual respect." 

Gary Juhan describes Lemons as "extremely in tune to the academic 
process," and a good example of "grace under pressure" - the latter 
demonstrated amply during the controversial 1999 name change from 
Clinch Valley College to the University ofVirginia at Wise. Even at a 
point when it appeared the effort might fail, faculty and staff welcomed 
Lemons and then-Provost and Senior Vice President George Culbertson 
at a progress meeting with a stanchng ovation. 

"He's always wilhng to talk through things," says Juhan. "I don't have 
any idea what kind of campus culture you have or what kind of envi- 
ronment," he adds. "But I'll guarantee you that in a year it will be bet- 

"His whole experience has come out of an ethic of care and concern 
and strong people skills," says Siena Heights University President Rick 
Artman. "You should feel very blessed that he waited for the right 

Lemons meets with 

Rachel Knight '02 

in West Hall. 

20 Susquehanna Today 

14th President 

His first day on campus 

found Lemons attending a 

welcome reception and 

several classes with students! 

Fund-Raising and Friend-Raising 

At 6-feet-4-inches tall. Jay Lemons towers over most people, yet he has a 
way of putting folks at ease - from a young guest who accidently fell m 
the mud at a recent UVa-Wise sports hall of fame mduction to 97-year- 
old Leila Maude Richmond, numbet one football tan who, with her two 
sisters, provided fiinds for the college's first endowed professorship. 

It's even evident when he meets alunuii who graduated long before 
Lemons arrived in 1992. At a recent reunion of classes from the 50s, "by 
the time he had his first meeting with them, you could just see they 
were feeling closer ties to campus," says Dawn Gilbert, president of the 
UVa.-Wise alumni association. "He's one of our best cheerleaders." 

A Community Resource 

The good will has flowed beyond the campus. Lemons has built UVa.- 
Wise into a resource for the entire region with projects including the 
launch ofWISE-FM, the first public radio station in southwest Virginia, 
and providing a campus home for a regional office forVirgima's Center 
for Innovative Technology. Both Jay and Marsha Lemons have also found 
time to support community projects such as a new, volunteer-built play- 

The community, in return, has reacted with "genuine love" for the 
chancellor and his family. More than a few tears greeted the announce- 
ment that they would leave in January for Susquehanna. The reactions 
have ranged from a local service club roadway sign proclaiming, "We 
Love Jay Lemons," to spontaneous recognitions at events such as a Wise 
production of A Christmas Carol. 

"They're good, community-minded people," stresses Joseph Smiddy, 
UVa-Wise president emeritus. "They just blend right in." 

Role Reversal Benefits 

The couple has been leapfrogging academic studies and careers in pur- 
suit of graduate degrees since they met at Nebraska Wesleyan. "We have 
reversed roles on a lot of different occasions in terms of what we've been 
up to professionally," says Jay Lemons. "What it means for me at this 
point is a wonderful friend and an astute professional person who I can 
consult with on a daily basis." 

A native of Omaha, Neb., Marsha Lemons earned a B.S. in 1984 from 
Nebraska Wesleyan University, and an M.Ed, in educational admimstra- 
tion from Texas A&M University, where she worked as senior advisor in 
the student programs office. In 1990 Umversiry ofVirginia President 
John Casteen and his wife hired Marsha to manage their household and 
plan events - a formidable task for an office where a typical academic 
year includes 140 events - sometimes two and three a day. Later, she put 
the experience to work at UVa.-Wise where the chancellor's duties 

Meet President L. Jay Lemons at upcoming aiumni 

events: an SU Choir reception and concert in Harrisburg , Pa., on 
March 6; a tour and picnic lunch at Longwood Gardens in Kennett 
Square, Pa., on April 28; and at Susquehanna's Alumni Weekend on 
June 1 and 2. For further information, call the Office of Alumni 
Relations at 570-372-4115 or e-mail alumni^ 

included frequent entertaining from small dinner parties to major events 
hosted at their home. 

As a governor-appointed member of the Virginia State Commission 
for the Arts, Marsha Lemons helped to allocate funds appropriated by the 
legislature. She was also a member of Wise organizations including the 
Pro-Art board of directors, the UVa-Wise Wesley Foundation Board, and 
the Hospice Advisory Committee. She has also been treasurer of the 
local chapter of the American Association of University Women and a 
member of the Trinity United Methodist Church of Wise Administrative 

While at Wise, the busy family tried to break away about once a 
month or on holidays to a private, vacation retreat in North Carolina, 
recendy sold in anticipation of their move to Pennsylvama. "We love to 
be outdoors, love to hike. We all love to read," says Marsha Lemons. "Our 
life is so intense that usually when we go away there isn't a lot of time 
for hobbies," she says. "We just try to be together whatever we're doing." 

Why Susquehanna , Why Now 

Originally billed as a "short-term assignment," the nine years Jay Lemons 
spent at U.Va-Wise have included much time on the road, particularly 
meeting with the Umversity ofVirginia's Board ofVisitors in 
Charlottesville. He has also been astute at lobbying for Wise interests at 
the state legislature in Richmond - 375 miles from Wise with no easy 
way to get there. "More often than not, you have a whole new slate of 
folks every four years," explains Lemons. "I will not miss the amount of 
time that I have had to spend, if you will, dancing with the bureaucracy." 

Though he had been invited to become a presidential candidate by 
several larger institutions, he finds in Susquehanna what he has been 
looking tor: a small university environment and a strong comnutment to 
hberal arts education. "Bound up in that is really a judgment about what 
IS important to me," says Lemons. "And that is to be in the sort of place 
where you can get to know your colleagues and students and know 
them well, a place with a coherent educational philosophy, and a com- 
mitment to student life and having the highest quahty student experi- 
ence possible." 

"What 1 really want out of hfe is meaningful work, the sense that my 
work IS making a difference, and every now and then a sense of appreci- 
ation for the efforts." 

Susquehanna Today 21 

I'M ^« \'-l^ 

■I ..^^'\ 

Caleb and Morgan 
Mackenzie Mullen 

continued Jrom page 1 7 

Squibb Co. He lives in New 
Providence, N.J. 

Jim '87 and Gail DiLonardo 
*86 McNulty announce another 
"heir" to the ice cream parlor, 
Matthew Joseph, born on April 10, 
2000. He joins in the scooping wnth 
his brother, James Anthony! They hve 
in Miller Place. N.Y 

Born to 
Pjchard and 
87 Mullen, a 
r daughter, 
May 3, 2000. 
She joins 
brother, Caleb. 
They hve in 
CherryviUe, Pa. 

Born to David E. '87 and Janet 
Hammond '90 Skarbek. a son, 
Brandon, September 6, 2000. He 
joins big sister, Jacquehne. They hve 
in Cinnaminson, N.J. 

Born to Eric '87 and Laura 
Forbes '90 Ibcker, a son. Aidan 
Forbes, June 14. 2000. He joins big 
sister, Emma. They hve m Aberdeen. 

John D. Underkoffler '87 
received a masters degree in business 
administration from the Umversity of 
Delaware in innovation and technol- 
ogy management. He is a corporate 
account executive for prophet21 in 
Yardley, Pa. John and his wife, 
Leanne Kott '86 Underkoffler, Uve 
in Wihnington, Del. Leanne is an 
instructional designer for Deloitte 

Born to Phihp and Ellen Daley 
'87 Wagner, a daughter, Sarah, 
December 9, 1999. She joins big 
brother, Peter, born April 24, 1997. 
They hve in West Chester. Pa. 

Earl Zingani '87 owns and 
operates Roosevelt's Pub in 
Philadelphia, Pa. He hves in West 
Chester, Pa. 


Class Reporter: 

Mark Thorsheim 

Apt, 9-E 

200 Riverside Drive 

NewYork, NY 10025-7248 

John P. Cherkauskas '88 is a 

chenust with Riiodia Inc., and hves 
in Burhngton, NJ. 

Born to Ron and Bobbi Rosdac 
'88 Fernandez, a daughter, Cassidy 
Madlyn.July 11. 2000. She joins big 
brother, Andrew Nelson, They hve in 

Hopatcong, NJ. 

Frederick P. Gaither '88 works 

with IBM and hves in 

Mechamcsburg, Pa. 

Born to Ed 
and Karen 
Madden '88 
Gasque, a daugh- 
ter, Reese 
Madden, April 1, 
2000. Karen is a 
sales representa- 
tive. Advantis 
They hve in 

Reese Madden 

Anchorage, Alaska. 

Paul E. King *88 is a sales man- 
ager for Computer Associates, New^ 
York City. He hves m Maplewood, 

Born to Jessica and Timothy 
Laubach '88, a son, Cameron 
Andrew, April 28. 2000. They hve in 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

Frank J. Molitaris '88 works for 
Highmark Inc., and hves in 
Harnsburg, Pa. 

Christopher Parker '88, of 
Green Cove Springs, Fla., is saihng 
along the US East Coast on his 30- 
foot sailboat Dragon Lady with his 
partner and his cat. They will be 
headed to the Bahamas from 
Thanksgiving through spring of 

Norris Pearson '88 is director 
of conferences, Houston Field House 
at Rensselaer Polytechmc Institute. 
He hves in Troy. N.Y. 

Born to 
I Jeflfrey '88 and 
Denis e 
Gaustella '91 
Rehling, a son, 
I Jacob Michael, 
I June 27, 2000. Jeff 
IS director of mar- 
ketmg at Sesame 
Workshop, the 
makers of Sesame 
Street, in New York City. They Hve in 
Morris Plains, NJ. 

Stephen M. Schneeweis '88 is a 
software developer for MBNA 
America. He hves in Newark. Del. 
Born to Joseph and Maureen 
Hassett '88 Tahmoosh, a daughter, 
Lauren Damelle, September 6, 1999. 
They hve m Totowa, NJ. 

Mark D. Thorsheim '88 joined 
Waller Capital Corp. as semor vice 
president. Waller Capital is an invest- 
ment bank serving the media and 
telecommunications industries. The 
firm, which serves as advisor on 
mergers and acquisitions, as well as 
private equity placements, was 
involved in transactions representing 
more than S13 billion in value in 

Jacob Michael 

John W. Wolfe '88, regional 
director with Excel Commumcations, 
helps people start their own busmess 
in the communications industry. He 
hves m King of Prussia. Pa. 



Class Reporter: 

Sharon Henderson 

440 West West Main Street 

Wyckoff,NJ 07481 

Born to Thomas and Amy Baran 
'89 Band, a daughter, Lexxy Toy, 
May 19, 2000. They hve in West 
Chester, Pa. 

Sharon L. Henderson *89 is 
with Goldman, Sachs & Co., New 
York City. She hves in Wyckoff. N.J. 
Patrick R. Housen *89 is part- 
ner of Andersen Consulting at the 
Florham Park office. He hves in 
Lincroft, NJ, 

Sarah Walter '89 Johnson is the 
associate director of admissions and 
coordinator of technical operations at 
Gettysburg CoUege and Uves in 
Gettysburg, Pa. 

Born to Elizabeth and Kenneth 
G.Jones '89, a daughter, Catherme 
Ehzabeth, September 20, 2000. They 
hve in Durham, N.C. 

Born to Steven 
and Elizabeth 
Dawson '89 
i I^F Krenik, a daugh- 
ter, Paige. Ehzabeth 
IS a technical 
recruiter, Zebra- 
Sidney Douglas Net, Irvine. Cahf. 
MauttelV They hve m 

Foothill Ranch, Cahf. 

Born to Sidney and Virginia 
Greenough '89 Mautte, a son, 
Sidney Douglas IV, July 20. 2000. 
Virginia is a retired executive assistant 
and Sid is a programmer 
analyst/ engineer at Computer 
Association in West Haven, Coim. 
They hve m Wallingford, Corm. 

Gregory J. Moraski '89 is a 
claim director with Nationwide 
Insurance, North Syracuse, N.Y. He 
hves in Cicero, N.Y. 

Carrie Neff '89 married Bill 
Mitchell. May 12. 2000, St. Lukes 
Presbyterian Church, Atlanu, Ga. 
After successfiilly pursuing an mter- 
national relations career with the fed- 
eral government and a multinational 
corporation, she is following her call- 
ing by studying to be a minister at 
Princeton Theological Seminary. Bill 
IS directing the launch of an Internet 
product to small busmess chents with 
Bell South. They hve m Princeton, 

Born to Joseph and Meechel 
Morgan '89 Sanzotto, a son. Joseph 

Dayne, August 9, 2000. They hve in 
Herndon. Pa. 

Thomas W. Wolfinger '89 
teaches French at Kensington High 
School of Philadelphia. Pa. 


Class Reporter: 
Angela J. Johnson 
1331 Towti Colony Drive 
Middleloum. CT 06457 

Wendy L. Biser *90 hves in 
Littleton, Colo., and is director of 
quahty for TeleTech in Denver, Colo. 

Born to Raymond Joseph and 
Nancy Heyer '90 Blajda, a son, 
Timothy Kyle, April 16. 2000. He 
joins big brother, Joey. They hve in 
Bridgewater, NJ. 

Born to Joseph Crevino and 
Laura Butler '90, a daughter, 
Katherine. April 4, 2000. Laura was a 
fourth-grade teacher. They hve in 
Long Beach, Calif 

WiUiam Carter '90 is semor 
manager of the call center operations 
for Adelphia Communications. Bill 
hves in Buff"alo, NY 

Diana DeFrate '90 has been 
promoted to vice president of mar- 
keting and strategic planmng for 
TDS, a Time Warner company. She 
hves in NewYork City. 

Born to 
Matthew and 
Laurie Volpe *90 
Densen, a daugh- 
ter, Elizabeth Ann, 
July 26, 2000. 
They hve in 
Dumont. NJ. 

Elizabeth Ann J*" Minar *90 

Densen married Joseph B. 

Welsh. May 1, 

1999, Newtown Church, Newtown, 
Pa. Jan is director of support services, 
Prevention Education Inc., 
Lawrenceville, NJ. Joseph is in infor- 
mation services, Conseco Direct, 
Philadelphia, Pa. They Uve in Bristol, 

Born to Philip "PJ" '90 and 
Julia Verdesca '90 Lucivero, a son, 
Mark Phihp, March 17, 2000. They 
hve in Randolph, NJ. 

Born to Donald '90 and Erin 
Higgins '91 McLoughUn, a daugh- 
ter, Catherme Mane, August 15, 

2000. They hve m Glen Rock. NJ. 
Born to Dennis '90 and Lori 

Parker '91 McManus, a daughter, 
Courtney Parker, September 5, 2000. 
She joins big brother, Brett WiUiam. 
They hve in Bridgewater, NJ. 

22 Susquehanna Tc:)Dav 

Linda Rowe '91 married Patrick Catullo. Linda is the associate director of stu- 
dent affairs at Florida Atlantic University and Patrick is the head tennis 
coach at Broward Community College. They live in Coconut Creek, Florida. 
Pictured from left to right: Allen Rov^/e '60, Pamela Rowe '87 Emery, Linda 
and Patrick, Carol Sheslar '63 Rowe, Julie Stewart '92 and Megan 
McCutcheon '91. 

Stephanie Miller *90 Patton 

received a doctor ot philosophy 
degree in pharmaceutical sciences 
from the University of Maryland. 
Baltimore. Md. She is now a post- 
doctoral tellow and biomedical 
researcher at Penn Sute Umversity 
College of Medicine in Hershey, Pa. 
She lives in Lebanon. Pa. 

Born to David '87 and Janet 
Hammond '90 Skarbek, a son - 
see 1987. 

Born to Angebna and Douglas 
Stuart '90, a son. Jack Douglas. 
March 6, 2000. They live in 
Maywood, N.J. 

Born to Laura Forbes Tucker 
'90 j^nd Eric R. Tucker '87. a son - 
see 1987. 

Kelly A.Vardon '90 married 
Bjch?rd A, Bemash.July 8. 2000, 
United Church of Christ in Beacon 
Falls, Conn. In the wedding party 
from Susquehanna were Kristen 
Langenfeld '90 Dumont. Denise 
M. Ambrogio '90 and Virginia 
"Ginger" Schultz '90. Kelly is a 
mental health chnician on the home- 
less outreach tcam.Waterbury 
Hospital. Waterbury. Conn. She is 
pursuing a master's degree m social 
work at Southern Connecticut Sute 
University. They hve m Naugatuck. 

David B. White '90 is assistant 
sales manager, Geisinger Health Plan, 
Harnsburg, Pa. 

Born to Michael and Debra 
Weissman '90 Zuckerman. a son, 
Sean Cole. September 17. 2000, They 
live in Westwood, N.J. 


Julie L. Brewer '91 is a recruiter 
for Accounting Solutions, Boulder, 
Colo. She hves in Boulder, 

Born to Alan D. '92 and Jan 
Wilcoxen *91 Brown, a son. Samual 
Harrison, July 12, 1999. He joins big 

brother, Zachary 
Wolfe. They hve 
m Raleigh, N.C. 

Born to 
Matthew J. '91 
and Jill Schropp 
'92 Detwiler, a 
daughter, Abigail 
Grace. January 
23. 2000. They 
Uve in Shamong, 

Kimberly A. 
Evans '91 
recendy com- 
pleted a run of 
^^ _ Heartbeat - it's a 

-d^i^^ ♦^ Loi'cbeal at the 
Triad Theater in 
New York City. 
The show won a 
1999 Bistro Award for best new musi- 
cal. With her trio "SwingSet," she 
sang the national anthem for the 
Liberty and for the Chase Women's 
Tennis Championship at Madison 
Square Garden, appeared at Lincoln 

Abigail Grace 

Centers "A Midsummer Night's 
Swing" and performed at Ozzy 
Osbourne's 50th birthday party in 
Beverly HiUs. CaUf. 

Vincent E. Furey *91 is a vice 
president, business development man- 
ager. Bank One. He Uves in 
Wilmington. Del. 

Born to Bradley and Melinda 
Heck '91 Heiges.a daughter. Avery 
Grace. June 20, 2000. She joins older 
sister. Mason. They live in Rochester, 

Born to Jon and Sandy Nichols 
'91 Howard, a son, Connor 
Alexander, July 12, 2000. He joins big 
brother. Ryan. They Uve in 
Columbus, NJ. 

Cory Mabry '91 is head football 
coach at Nativity High School, 
Pottsville. Pa. Cory was recendy 
inducted into the PottsviUe All-Sports 
Hall of Fame. He excelled in football, 
basketball and track while at Pottsville 
High School- While at Susquehanna 
University, Cory was four-time All- 
American in football and two-time 


Legal Eagles Times Four 


Diane Meyers '88 and Bonnie Lanzel '91 in the 
Pittsburgh office of Ecl<ert, Seamans, Cherin 8c 


hen Terry Bossert '68 was hired as an attorney for 
the law firm of Eckert, Seamans, Chcim &: McUot in 
their Harrisburg cnviromiiental department in March, 
it started a chain reaction that uncovered an incredible coincidence. 
After he was hired. Bossert's biographical information was sent 
through the office. It was then attorney Tom Isenberg '92 realized 
they would have plenty to talk about. Because they work together 
on many cases, they have, over and over again, discussed what 
Susquehanna was Uke in the 60s compared widi the 90s. 

"I like to regale Tom with how primitive the campus was when I 
was there," Bossert said. 

Not long after Isenberg and Bossert connected, Bossert sent an 
email to Diane Meyers '88, an attorney in the firm's Pittsburgh 
office, to congratulate her on becoming a partner in the firm. 

"He said, 'Its nice to see someone fixjm Susquehanna doing so 
well,'" Meyers said. "I then kind ot realized there were four of us at 
the firm." 
The fourth is Bonnie Lanzel '91. Lanzel is a legal assistant in the intellectual property department of the Eckert Seamans' 
Pittsburgh office, the same department Meyers was hired into. During her interview, the chair of the department told Meyers 
about Lanzel. 

"He thought it was remarkable that not only did the two of us end up Uvmg in the same place, working for the same firm, 
but workmg in the same department," Meyers said. 

And it was not the first time that Meyers and Lanzel had crossed each others' paths. Lanzel worked for a small patent firm 
in Greensburg. Pa., when Meyers interviewed there in 1992. Meyen decided to take another route, and it was not until a few 
years later that they ran into each other again. 

"I ended up at Eckert Seamans, and shordy there after, she ended up at Eckert Seamans," Lanzel said. 
Lanzel and Meyers don't have much interaction with the attorneys in the Harrisburg office. However, as communications 
majors only one year apart, Lanzel met Isenberg when they were at Susquehanna together. 

Although coincidental in nature, Isenberg said it may not be a complete fluke that all four ended up working for the same 
law firm. 

"To have four attorneys from a relatively small school working for one of the largest and best firms in Pennsylvania speaks 
well for Susquehanna," he said. 

-Joanne Marquardt 'OOTmutman 

Susquehanna Today 23 

William ). "Jay' Bosanko '92 was recognized by President Dill Citnton for his 
work on behalf of the Interagency Security Classification Appeals Panel on 
September 29, 2000, during an Oval Office ceremony. Bosanko is an analyst 
with the Information Security Oversight Office (ISOO), which oversees the 
President's security classification programs in both government and industry. 
An administrative component of the National Archives and Records 
Administration, ISOO receives its policy and program guidance from the 
National Security Council. He lives in Bowie, Md., with his wife, Heather 
Schoner *92, and their daughter, Rebecca, age 2 1/2 . They are expecting the 
birth of a second child early in 2001. 

All-American in track. 

Born to Donald *90 and Erin 
Higgins '91 McLoughlin, a daugh- 
ter-see 1990. 

Born to Dennis *90 and Lori 
Parker *91 McManus.a son - see 

David B. Meglaughlin *91 is a 
retirement specialist for the com- 
modities trading firm, Louis Dreyfus. 
He administers the corporate pension 
plans for the domestic U.S. employees 
as well as for the Canadian locations. 
He lives in Gramle Springs. N.Y. 

Brock W. Mowery '91 married 
Lisa M, Smith, April 8, 2000, Salem 
Umted Methodist Church, Manheini, 
Pa, Brock received a master's degree 
in business administration fi-om 
Lebanon Valley College. He is a sales 
representanve with Schering-Plough 
Pharmaceuticals, Lancaster, Pa. Lisa is 
a sales representative with Janssen 
Pharmaceuticals, Lancaster. They live 
m East Petersburg. Pa. 

Steven '91 and Michelle 
Neumann '92 Nickerson own and 
operate the Nickerson Vending 
Company. Michelle also does free- 
lance work with Razorfish. a media 
entertainment company, and works 
with children at a Montesson school. 
They live in Hunnngton, N.Y. 

Born to Sean and Suzanne 
Murphy '91 Power, a son. Peter, 
August 1. 2000. They hve in Litde 
SUver. N.J. 

Born to David and Ann 
Rupprecht '91 Rayboen, a son. 
Michael Lawrence. January 6. 2000. 
They live in Bel Air, Md. 

Brent M. Rebuck '91 is in the 
U.S. Army 

Born to Jeflfrey '88 and Denise 
Gaustella '91 Rehling.a son - see 

Christopher and 
Kelly Weigle 


Born to Brian 
and Susan 
Holmes '91 
Weigle. a son, 
William, May 25, 
2000. He joins sis- 
ter, Kelly 

Elizabeth. Susan is 
a stay-at-home 
mom and Brian is a systems engineer 
with D&E Commumcations.They 
live in Mount Joy, Pa. 

Born to Christopher '91 and 
Laurie Pankuck '91 Weyrauch, a 
daughter, Samantha Margaret, June 
29, 2000. She joins big sisters, Alex 
and Chris. They Hve in Bridgewater, 

G. Price "Trip" Wilson '91 
relocated from Willow Grove, Pa., to 
Salt Lake City, Utah, to become an 
account manager with Johnson & 
Johnson Medical. 

Scott M. Witman '91 is a real 
estate salesman, Coldwell Banker- 
Landis.Wyomissing, Pa. 


Class Reporter: 
Julie Heckman Mullin 
26 Wilson Boulevard 
Nomstowtt.PA 19403-1418 

Theodore F. Bongiovanni '92 

is director of production. FATH- 
OM. com. Ted hves in Brooklyn. N.Y. 

Born to Alan D. '92 and Jan 
Wilcoxen '91 Brown, a son - see 

Born to Matthew J. '91 and Jill 

Scott and Patti Sheehan '91 Albee and Bill and Marie McLaughlin '91 
Thompson get together once a year to remember old times and share new 
stories. Marie teaches first grade in the William Penn District and is also 
working on her master's degree. Bill works at Comcast as a cable installer. 
Along with their children, Billy, born January 20, 1996, and Samantha, born 
November 18, 1998, they live in Clifton Heights, Pa. Patti has recently become 
a stay-at-home mom after being a head teacher in a child care center for 
more than eight years. Scott is a network administrator for AAA. They live in 
West Hartford, Conn., with their children, Ashleigh, born June 20, 1997, and 
Bryan, born March 9, 2000. Pictured from left to right: Billy, Marie and 
Samantha Thompson, Patti, Bryan and Ashleigh Albee. 

Schropp '92 Detwiler, a daughter - 
see 1991. 

Je&ey M. Fadrowski '92 is an 

auditor for the treasury department 
for the Commonwealth of 
Pennsylvania, He Uves in Harrisburg, 

Mary E. Garrett '92 is assistant 
principal in the Lebanon School 
District. She completed her certifica- 
tion as an elementary principal at 
Penn State Umversity. She worked 
the past five years as teacher and spe- 
cial education consultant. She hves in 
Richland, Pa. 

Melissa J, Givens '92 is a semor 
financial analyst. G.E. Corporation. 
She hves in Stamford, Conn. 

David Gottlieb '92 is a semor 
account executive with Gillette 
Global Networks in New York City. 
He hves in Hoboken, N.J. 

Patricia Saunders '92 married 
Thomas Burns, May 8, 1999, St. 
Cecilia's Church, Kearny, N.J. 
Patricia is an import coordinator 
for The Children's Place in 
Secaucus, N.J. Tom is a senior 
financial analyst for U.P.R.R., a 
small consulting firm in Secaucus. 
They live in Westwood, N.J. 

Scott Hartman '92 completed 
his residency training at Penn 
State/Hershey Medical Center in 
June. He served as chief resident in 
family medicine and also performed 
volunteer services in Micronesia. 
Now he IS an adjunct faculty physi- 
cian in the Department of Family 
Practice, Cook County Hospital, 
Chicago, 111. He hves m Chicago. 
Mark R. Houston '92 is the 
deputy director of shelter and out- 
reach services, The Open Shelter Inc., 
in Columbus, Ohio. He hves in 

Born to Ed and 
Bukowski '92 
Johnson, a son, 
Andrew John, 

r^J ' M May 20. 2000. He 
S'^T^^^^^ joins big brother, 
JH^^ Stephen. They hve 
in Orwigsburg, 

Robert W. 
Knupp '92 is a visiting instructor of 
organ and piano at Mississippi 
College m Chnton, Miss, 

Jennifer Mezynski '92 married 
Ehas S. Kakesh, October 3. 1998, 
Holy Family Cathohc Church, 
Marietta, Ga. Jennifer is an adnunis- 
trative assistant, Langford de Kock & 
Co.. Atlanta, Ga. 
They live in 
Powder Springs, 

Born to Mark 
'92 and Julia 
Pearce '92 
Niness. a son, 

Jackson and >*^1"°" P^**^" 

Madison Niness Nmess. February 

Andrew John 

24 Susquehanna Today 

Lauren Mary 

14. 2000. He joins big sister. 
Madison. Mark is an account execu- 
tive for Wilmington National 
Finance in Plymouth Meeting, Pa. 
Julie has an in-home business as a 
Creative Memories consultant. They 
live m Glenmoore, Pa. 

Kellie D. Porter *92 is assistant 
buyer for Charming COrp. She Uves 
in Doylestown. Pa. 

Born to Rebecca Goodspeed 
*92 Rendina and Peter Rendina 
'93 a daughter -see 1993, 

Eileen M. Ries *92 is a business 
analyst and hvcs in Chicago. III. 
Born to 
Matthew '92 
and Rachel 
SolebeUo '93 
Schrufer. a 
daughter, Lauren 
Mary. April 10, 
2000. She joins 
big sister, 
Meredith. They 
hve in Reading, Pa. 

April Smith *92 is relationship 
manager. Chase Manhattan Bank. 
She hves in New York City- 
Born to John '92 and Angela 
Shumate *92 Van Eck, a son, 
Peter, February 23, 2000. He joins 
sister, Robin. Angela is a senior sys- 
tems analyst with Silversteen 
Mullens in Washington, D.C.They 
bve in Gaithersburg, Md. 

WUham H. 
f^ Wallace '92 is 
operations offi- 
cer, PFPC Inc., 
in Wilmington, 

Born to Eric 
and Jennifer 
Brown '92 
Zajac, a daugh- 
ter, Courtney. 
September 21, 
2000. She joins 
big sister, 
Amanda, born 
June 15. 1999. 
They live m 

Villanova, Pa. 
Amanda Zajac 

Courtney Zajac 



Born to Robert and Kimberly 
Labarbera '93 Abbott, a daughter, 
Angehnj Catherine. June 14,2000. 
They hve in Boonton. NJ. 

Michelle M. Buriak '93 teach- 
es social studies on a secondarv* level 
in the Shamokin Area School 
District. She lives in Shamokin, Pa. 

Born to Nathan and Christine 

Ann Goodrich *93 Darling, a 

daughter, Claudia Carol. September 
20. 2000. Christine Ann teaches 
French in the Center Area School 
District, Monaca, Pa. Nathan is in 
sales, diabetes monitors, Bayer 
Corporation. They hve in 
McDonald. Pa. 

Born to Kenneth and Ronda 
Knorr '93 Fuenty, a son, Connor 
Sheffield. January 25. 2000. They 
hve in Cordova, Tenn. 

Ellen M. Gallagher '93 is a 
paralegal with D'Agostino Law and 
hves m Pleasantville. N.Y. 

Born to Deborah and Trenton 
L. H. Gingerich '93, a son. 
Nicholas Andrew Sagedy.June 10, 
2000. He joins sister, Jennifer Ashley. 
Trenton is a systems analyst at 
To%vson University. They hve in 
Dallastown. Pa. 

Rebecca Harvey '93 Gonyer 
is a business appUcations consultant 
for SAP America Inc.. Newtown 
Square. Pa. 

Craig A. Jones '93 is a banker, 
Wingspan in 
Wilmington, Del. 

Born to Stephanie Koch '93 
and Joseph Guzzo, a daughter, 
Armahse, May 7, 2000. They hve m 
Alexandria. Va. 

Jennifer L. Kodak '93 married 
Joseph E. Blaney, May 27, 2000, 
Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, 
Hershey, Pa. Jennifer is chnical coor- 
dinator and therapist for Edgewater 
Children's Services in Harrisburg, 
Pa. Her husband is a post-doctoral 
research fellow for the National 
Institute of Health, Bethesda. Md. 
They hve in Frederick. Md. 

Robert W. Mark '93 is with 
Chase Manhattan Bank and hves m 
New London, Pa. 

James £. Mikolaichik '93 is an 
accountant and hves in DenvUle. 

Juno Mahevo Nashandi *93 is 
a semor medical smdent at the 
Medical Universiry of Southern 
Africa. He hves in Medunsa, 
Repubhc of South Africa, 

D. Scott Novak '93 works for, a higher-education 
internet company focused on pro- 
viding colleges and umversities vnth 
eLearmng solutions such as onhne 
courses and other internet based 
learning initiatives. He hves in 
Matthews. N.C. 

Kimberly R. Oaks '93 is the 
major accounts district manager. 
Automatic Data Processing in Fort 
Washington. Pa. 

Ruth Spitzig '93 Potter is 
production coordinator. Reprint 
Management Se^^^ces, Lancaster. Pa. 

Born to Peter '93 and Rebecca 

Tayah, Tessa and Tyler Rendina 

Goodspeed '92 Rendina, a 

daughter, Tayah Rose, July 28.2000. 
She joins brother. Tyler, and sister, 
Tessa. Pete was promoted and now 
works for the U.S. Postal Inspection 
Service as an operations technician. 
He coordinates projects and com- 
mumcations for Washington State, 
Oregon, Idaho, southern California 
and the Philadelphia metro area, 
which mcludes Harrisburg, New 
Jersey and Delaware. They hve in 
Conshohocken. Pa. 

Heather Heath *93 Rowe was 
promoted to credit analyst. Sun 
Bank. She hves in Selinsgrove, Pa. 

Born to Matthew '92 and 
Rachel Solebello '93 Schrufer, a 
daughter — see 1992. 

Erin Stitcher '93 completed 
training as a flight attendant and is 
working for American Airhnes based 
m LaGuardia. New York City. 

Jodilyn Tofts '93 is director of 
pubhc affairs for AAA of South 
Jersey. She hves in Haddon Heights. 

Jennifer Perrotte *93 Viens is 
a personal banker, Banknorth Group 
Inc. She hves in South Burhngton, 

Andrew T. Watkins '93 mar- 
ried Judith Meimck, September 18, 
1999. Sacred Heart of Jesus Church, 
Dupont, Pa. Andrew is a 
Pennsylvama state trooper in 
Bethlehem. Pa. Judith is a nurse 
practitioner at Sacred Heart 
Hospital Pediatric and Adolescent 

Services. They Uve m Wilkes-Barre. 

Holly Whitesel '93 married 
Larry Sayre. October 23, 1999, 
Grace Lutheran Church, Camp Hill, 
Pa. Renea Gummo '93 Harbert 
was in the wedding party. Holly 
received a masters degree in educa- 
tion from Shippensburg University 
and she teaches in the West Shore 
School District. They hve in Camp 

Jonathan L. Williams '93 is a 
talent agent for Judy Schoen 
Associates and hves in Burbank, 


Class Reporter: 
Andrea S. Hughey 
905 Sheridan Street 
Williamsport, PA 17701-3639 

Jason S. Barnes '94 is a finan- 
cial analyst, GMAC Home Services, 
Liberty Corner. NJ. He hves in 
Madison. N.J. 

Born to Tara and Brian 
Beecham *94, a daughter, Kyra, 
April 27, 2000. Brian is a senior 
environmental technician for the IT 
Group in Somerset. N J. Tara is a 
reporter at Bloomberg News. 
Prmceton.They hve in Monmouth 
Junction, NJ. 

Born to Carmine '94 and 
Michele Smith '94 D'Avino, a 
son, Andrew Joseph, July 22, 2000. 
Carmine is an associate portfoUo 
manager, Pinnacle Associates, New 
York City. They hve in Princeton, 

Leonard GUck '94 is pursumg 
a masters of business admimstration 
degree at Wake Forest Umversity. 
He hves m Winston-Salem, N.C. 

Jason V. Hackett '94 is a third- 
year medical student at Ross 

__ Jt' 



A group of young alumni were part of the group watching the Orioles game 
on August i8th. Front row, Dan Raffensberger '99 and Mark Andrusis '99. 
Back row, Dena Hahn '00, Sarah Costello '00, Michelle Bryan '00 and 
Jennifer Ashton '00. 

SusQiJEHANNA Today 25 

University. South 
N4iaini Beach, Fla. 
Born to 
^^ Christopher and 
Denise Ernst '94 
f ^ Julio, a daughter, 
Kayla Rose, 
August 17.2000. 
Kayla Rose Julio Christopher is a 
software engineer 
in Herndon.Va. 
Denise is taking a year off from her 
position as a first-grade teacher at 
Dominion Academy in Leesburg.Va.. 
to be with their daughter They hve 
in Purcellville.Va. 

Lori Karahuta *94 is an ESOL 
instructor. Lado International 
College. She hves in Washington, 

Debra L. Krall '94 was promot- 
ed to assistant actuary w^ith 
Nationwide Financial in Columbus, 
Ohio, She recendy completed her 
ASA designation (Associate of the 
Society of Actuaries) and obtained 
her N4AAA designation (Member, 
American Academy of Actuaries). She 
hves in Columbus. 

Thomas Lull *94 received a 
master's degree in business adminis- 
tration from the Umversity of 
Scranton. He is the marketing man- 
ager for Diamond Manufacturing 
Company in Wyorrung. Pa. Tom hves 
inWilkes-Barre. Pa. 

Stephanie Lunt '94 married 
John R. Lundy January 9, 1999. Light 
and Life Chapel, WiUiamsport. Pa. 
Lauri Bellows *94 Fisher was m 
the wedding party. They live in 
Cogan Station, Pa. 

Justine Posencheg '94 married 
John J. Conte,Jr. '95. July 10, 1998. 
Justine teaches second grade for the 
Wye kotf Board of Education. They 
live in Pompton Lakes. NJ. 

Michael J. Rick '94 is the man- 
ager of media relations. American 
Speech-Language Hearing 
A.ssociation. Rockvillc. Md. 

Born to Jason and Sarah Glass 
'94 Russo, a daughter. Emma Grace. 
August 19, 1999. She joins big sister, 
Abigail Anne, Thev Uve in Belford. 

Peter '94 and Vanessa Orosz 
'94 Sobotta returned to the US in 
August of 19')9 after two wonderilil 
years stationed in Yokohama, Japan. 
Pete was the food service officer 
onboard the ( ^S\S Bhe R%'. While 
on this tour, Pete had the opportuni- 
ty to travel throughout Asia, Some 
memorable ports included 
Vladivostok, Russia, and being on the 
first US naval ship to visit Hong 
Kong after the July 1997 turnover. 
Pete has been promoted to Ucuienant 
and upon departing the USS Blue 

Ridge, was awarded the Navy 
Commendation Medal. While m 
Japan. Vanessa was president of the 
Yokosuka Officers' Spouses Club, 
taught Enghsh and traveled extensive- 
ly. She had the opportumty to attend 
cooking school in Bangkok, Thailand, 
and to meet Pete's ship in Hong 
Kong. Phuket. Bah and Singapore. 
Pete IS now stationed in NAVSEA in 
Crystal City.Va., where he is partici- 
pating in a naval contracting intern- 
ship, Vanessa is a stay-at-home mom 
to Phoebe, born July 8. 2000. They 
hve in Hyattsville, Md. 

Born to Thad and Michelle 
Leister '94 Zarkovich, a daughter, 
Kaylee Alexa.July 31. 2000. They hve 
in the Camp Hill, Pa., area, where 
Michelle works 
for Highmark/ 
Pennsylvama Blue 
Shield and her 
husband is a case- 
worker for 
Dauphin County 
Children and 
Youth Social 

Kaylee Alexa 


Class Reporter: 

Korie Trauer 

PO Box 15 

SpritigviUe, PA 18844-0015 

Jill M. Broome '95 married 
Wilham C. Dunty, October 14. 2000. 
Holy Trinity Catholic Church, 
Columbia. Pa. Jill is pursuing a doc- 
toral degree at the Umversity of 
North Carohna.They hve in Chapel 
Hill. N.C. 

John J. Conte,Jr. '95 married 
Justine Posenchug '94, (See 1994) 

Born to Steven and Christina 
Joyce '95 Daczkowski. a son. 
Garrett Michael. August 28. 2000. 
They hve in Great Mills. Md,. having 
relocated from Cahfornia, Steven is a 
naval aviator, 

Carly Donnelly '95 married 
Jonathan Doughcr. September 23. 
2000. Nativity of Our Lord Church, 
Scranton, Pa. Carly is an ophthalmic 
scribe at Chenango Eye Associates in 
Norwich. Pa. They live in Taylor, Pa. 

Gregory H. Foster '95 teaches 
high school Enghsh at WiUingboro 
High School, Willingboro. NJ, 

Born to William and Kelley 
Kometa '95 Friemann, a son, 
Wilham George III, September 27. 
2000. They Uve inYardley Pa. 

Thomas M. Goas '95 married 
Melame Wentzell, March 18.2000, 

Kristin N. Colello '95 married Joseph Terzdiio, October 7. zu^o, i^t, John s 
Catholic Church, Hillsdale, N.J. They live in Bogota, N.J. Pictured are Sally 
Shaw '95 Lockhart, Evan Boyd '96, Rachel Tilden '95 D'Altrui, Kristin, Amy 
Cashman "95 Dressier, Jenn Campbell '95 Marks and Bill Masten '96. 

Colleen P Fisher, May 6, 2000. St. 
Margaret Mary Cathohc Church, 
Lower Burrell, Pa. In the wedding 
party from Susquehanna were 
Matthew G. Markunas '95, Jason 
A. Fox '95 and Chad Diviney '95 
Jason IS a Realtor VAth Coldwell 
Banker in Murrysville, Pa. Colleen is 
an Itinerant pediatric physical thera- 
pist for Westmoreland Intermediate 
Umt and a home care physical thera- 
pist for WESTAPJVl Therapy Services 
in Lower Burrell. They hve in 

Anne Heisey *95 works for 
Johnson Matthey and is account 
manager of ACT Industrial Products 
for North America and Mexico. A 
world leader ot precious metal mar- 
keting and manufacturing, the com- 
pany is based in London with numer- 
ous plants in North America and 
Mexico, She hves in Lititz, Pa. 

Allison Hoegg '95 is the co- 
host ot a daily noontime live news 
magazine show ennded"35 Live" on 
WYLN. a local tele\ision station in 
Hazleton. Pa. The show covers local 
news as well as events and happenings 
in the area. She hves in Hazleton and 
works full time as the coordinator of 
residence life at Penn State Hazleton 

Christopher B. Houser '95 
married Debra J, Snyder. June 24, 
2000. Wesley Freedom United 
Methodist C'hurch, Baltimore. Md. 

Sherry M. Young '95 married 
Christopher P. Colwell, July 15, 
2000, United States Navy Chapel, 
Washington, D.C. Charlene Fravel 
'95 was the maid of honor. Sherry 
is a CPA with the office of inspec- 
tor general, Social Security 
Admmistration. Christopher Is with 
Harrah's Entertainment. They live 
In Kansas City, Mo. 

Wilnungton. Del. He is a manager. 
Vanguard. King of Prussia, Pa, They 
live in Wilmington. 

Jeflfrey M. Gribben '95 is a sales 
manager with Fmley Fine Jewelers 
and hves in Coatesville. Pa, 

Jason J. Harchuck '95 married 

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Chris is a Baltimore City police offi- 
cer. Debra is a computer programmer. 
They Uve in Baltimore. 

Born to Thomas 
and Ellen Balzer 
'95 lorio. a son, 
Kyle Thomas, 
September 6, 
2000- They hve in 
Hamilton Square. 
NJ. ^ 

Melissa D. 
Juniper *95 is a 
quahty enhance- 
ment speciahst for Wake County 
SmartStart m Raleigh, N.C. 

James M. Kahle '95 married 
Lisa L.Adams. October 20. 2000. 
Laurel View Country Club. Hamden, 
Conn. Jim is a senior software devel- 
oper. Unilever North America, 
Trumbull. Conn. They live in 
Milford. Conn. 

Jason Linsey '95 was promoted 
from semor to manager in the audit 
and business advisory group, Arthur 
Andersen, Lancaster, Pa. 

Michael Malocu '95 is a special 
agent with the federal government. 
He hves m Pittsburg, Calif. 

Molly j. Phillips '95 is the 
Philadelphia regional administrator 
for Christie s International Inc., Fme 
Art Auctioneers, Bryn Mawr. Pa. She 
Uves in Merion, Pa. 

Biyan A. Richie *9S married 
Pamela M. Foulds, August 26, 2000. 
Our Lady of Hope Church, 
Shamokin, Pa. Bryan is a chemical 
technician with Air Productions/ 
Intel. They hve in Colorado Springs, 

Paul J. Sidoti '95 married 
Chcrie Sprenkel, September 12, 1998, 
Grace Episcopal Church, Nyack, NY. 
Paul is with Onlme Retail Partners 
Inc., in New York City. They hve m 

Leigh Smythe '95 is a commu- 

nications manager, Transportation 
Intermediaries Association, 
Alexandria. Va. 

Robert Stem '95 married Jamie 
Elhngton. August 4, 2000, Palmer 
Moravian Church. Easton. Pa. Both 
are employed by the PhiUipsburg 
School District. They hve m Palmer 
Township, Pa. 

Douglas O.Wilson *95 received 
his Ph.D. degree in biochemistry and 
molecular biology from Ohio 
Umversity. He is a post-doctoral fel- 
low at the National Eye Institute. He 
hves in Germantown, Md. 

Jill Lesher *95 Zeiders was 
awarded a Ph.D. degree in pharma- 
cology from Duke University. She is a 
study director of pharmacology and 
toxicology smdies at Calvert 
Prechnical Services Inc.. in Olyphant, 
Pa. She hves in Mountaintop. Pa., 
with her husband, Ryan, and daugh- 
ter. Shannon. 





Class Reporter: 
Margaret Pierce Frantz 
Kensington Arrtts Apt. 18-B 
22 Yorkshire Drive 
Highlslown, NJ 08520 

Marcy L. Adatni '96 is an attor- 
ney with the Department of 
Community and Economic 
Development, Harrisburg, Pa. 

Jason Bailey '96 is a secret ser- 
vice agent with the goverimient, 
presently on presidential detail at the 

Stefanle Rohner '96 married Wallace F. PIckard, August 26, 2000. Stefanie Is 
a government mortgage counselor and Wallace is a speciality product mort- 
gage counselor, both with Cendant Mortgage in Mt. Laurel, N.J. They live in 
Marlton, N.J. Pictured from left to right: George Stanley '92, Kimberly Walsh 
'96 Stanley, Carole Jones '96 Sleeper, Erica Reed '96, Stefanie Rohner '96 
Pickard, Amy Peters '96, Mandy Dipolvere '96, Timothy Thomas '95, Amanda 
Bergh '96, and Megan Masonius '96 Thomas. 

Michael J. Bradley '96 married Jennifer M. Lukach '96, June 10, 2000, St. 
Ambrose Church, Schuylkill Haven, Pa. Mike was awarded a doctor of osteo- 
pathic medicine degree from Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine in 
Philadelphia, Pa. He is an intern at St. Joseph's Hospital in Philadelphia, pur- 
suing a career in family medicine. Jennifer Is an assistant district attorney for 
Berks County. They live in King of Prussia, Pa. Pictured from left to right 
front row: Denise Evans '96, Kristan Keyes '96, Nicole Gaghan '96 Eckholm, 
Erica Reed '96, Mike and Jen, Chris Burns '96, Seth Robbins '96, Sara Davis 
'98, Lisa Howarth '95 Wheeler; back row: Kevin Wilson '98, Jason Gregory 
'96, Ira Robbins '96, Melanie Leech '98, Rob Brechka '96, Tim Leone '96, 
Jacey Greider '98, LisaWeinler '98, Kevin Sinn '98, and Steve Wheeler '96- 

Kimberly Kane '96 married Stephen Benson, July 1999, Doylestown United 
Methodist Church, Doylestown, Pa. Susquehannans in attendance from left: 
Ashley Smith '96, Doreen Scott '96 Fryling, Megan Bogar '96 Leeds, 
Courtney McDaniel '96 and Jennifer MacNamara '93 Bailey. 





1 i 


'w^Kk ^^y^m 


'jt^ \ 





\M) ' 

^^^^Hw*^.*. .** '^H 

Brad Shofran '96 married Michelle Lewandowski '97, June 16, 2000, Sacred 
Heart Church, Forest City, Pa. Brad is an accountant with KPMG in 
Philadelphia, Pa. Michelle received an associate's degree in occupational 
therapy from Penn State University and is employed by Bryn Mawr 
Rehabilitation Hospital as an occupational therapist. They live in 
Philadelphia. Pictured from left to right, back row: Dan Creegan '96, James 
Avigliono '97, Jonathan Moore '97, Mike Walkiewicz '97, Jeffrey McDonald 
'95; middle row: Rebecca Beltzner '97, Sarah Shofran '92 Schmidt, K. Eric 
Schmidt '90, Michelle and Brad, Maggie Sheehy '97, Meghan Quinn '97, 
Rachel Weist '97; front row: Chris Bowen '94, Seth Baublitz '95, Michael 
Hardy '97, and Kimberly Santillo '97. 

Susquehanna Today 27 

Robert M. Brechka '96 married Melanie A. Leech '98, September 2, 2000, Derry Presbyterian Church, Hershey, Pa. Rob 
is a realtor with Re-Max. Melanie is the eastern distributor sales manager with Normal Foods. They live in 
Hillsborough, NJ. Pictured from left to right, back row: Stacey Sperling '98, Seth Robbins '96, Sarah Davis '98, Joe 
Hayek '95, Brian Burchell '96, Jen Locke '98, Steven Wheeler '96, Lisa Wheeler '95, Kent Rife '97, Sarah Mango '96, Mat 
Torgeson '94, Jennifer Bradley '96, Paul Callahan '95/ Jeremy Bohman '96, Dylan Gallagher '97; middle row: Ira Robbins 
'96, George Stanley '94, Kim Stanley '96, Matt Lenahan '97, Cheryl Tedesco '95, Eric Ritter '96, Aaron Bergenti '96, 
Mike Bradley '96, Steven Wheeler '96, Jason Gregory '96; front row: Tara Wolcott '98, Cortney Shipe '99, Shelley 
Marshall '98, Rob and Melanie, Cherie Lenahan '98, Jacey Greider '98. 

Tammy L. Sawyer '96 married 
Matthew E. Jones, July 29, 2000, 
St. John Lutheran Church, Sayre, 
Pa. Tammy is the elementary 
school librarian for the Towanda 
Area School District. Matt is a 
buyer for Mills Pride Ltd. They live 
in Ulster, Pa. 

White House. He lives in Alexandria, 

Melissa Ann Becker '96 is coor- 
dinator of housing operations, Le 
Moyne College. Syracuse. N.Y. 

Daniel M. Cregan '96 is a coun- 
selor. Presbyterian Children's Home. 
He lives in Norristown, Pa. 

Karen P. Danskin '96 does social 
work at the Latham School in 
Hyannis, Mass. She hves in Amherst. 

Denise Evans '96 is a cUnical 
research associate for Texas 
Biotechnology Corp. She lives in 
Houston, Texas. 

Sarah Maus '96 Pagan is a gen- 
eral music teacher, Adirondack 
Central High School. She hves in 
Newport, N.Y. 

Melissa G. Fetsko '96 is the 
senior accountant for Gaylord 
Container Corporation m Newark, 
Del. She lives in Wilmington, Del. 

Dorothy L. Hall *96 married 
Jeffrey M. Riddle. August 21, 1999, 
Camden Amphitheater, Camden, 
Maine. They live in Cape Ehzabeth, 

Sheryl Hirsch *96 launched a 
business in Brookline. Mass. called 
PICTURE 123 focusing on web 
development, graphic design and 
technical support. 

Kristan A. Keyes '96 received a 
Ph.D. degree in cancer biology from 
the School of Medicine at Wayne 

Sute University in Detroit, Mich. She 
is employed at EU Lilly and Company 
in Indianapolis, Ind. 

EUse Knappenberger *96 Kish 
completed her doctor of veterinary 
medicine degree at the University of 
Georgia in Athens. She is a veterinari- 
an at Animal Clinic of Friendly 
Center in Greensboro. N.C. Her hus- 
band, David L. Kish '98, is pursuing 
a masters degree in instrumental con- 
ducting at the University of North 
Carolina at Greensboro. They hve in 

Brian L. Knepp *96 is controller 
of SUN BANCORP INC. and Sun 
Bank. He began his career as a finan- 
cial accountant and has worked as a 
staff accountant since he began his 
employment with Snyder County 
Trust Company three years ago. 

Stacey Ann Mancine '96 married 
Daniel C. Koloski, August 19, 2000, 
St. Bartholomew Roman Catholic 
Church, Cape Elizabeth, Maine. In 
the wedding party from 
Susquehanna was Kristen Gipe '96. 
Stacey is an account manager/ 
fundraising consultant for 
Bachurski Associates Inc., opening 
the first Boston office this fall. 

Deena M. Leary *96 is a senior 
planner for the County of Morris in 
New Jersey. She Hves in Hopatcong, 

Timothy P. Marks *96 married 
Kathryn M. Homsher '99, 
November 4, 2000, Leacock 
Presbyterian Church, Paradise, Pa. 
Timothy teaches in the South Eastern 
School District in Fawn Grove. 
Kathryn teaches in the Central York 
School District. They live in York, Pa. 

Wendy K. Mashburn *96 mar- 
ried Roger V.Wiest "97, April 29, 
2000, Christ United Methodist 
Church. Northumberland, Pa. 
Susquehannans in the wedding were 
Pamela R. Devine '96, Amy J. 
Vogel '96, Kimberly A. Tavares 
'96. Allison KoUar '96. Eugenis 
Theuerkauf *96. Gina Lamana '96, 

Six friends continued the tradition of a turkey dinner the week before 
Thanksgiving in 1999 in Boston, Mass, Pictured from left to right back row: 
Elayne Saladuchin '96, Colleen Odonnell '96 and Terrie Freeman '96; front 
row; Jen MacDonald '96, Kerry Rosen '96, and Andrea Skinitis '96. 

Ed Spayd '96, Allison A. Egger '97 
and Jason Fritz '97 "reliving times 
from good old SU" during an alum- 
ni get together in Allison's apart- 
ment in Corvallis, Ore. Allison is 
pursuing a master's of arts degree 
in teaching from Oregon State 
University. Ed also lives in Oregon 
and Jason was visiting from 

28 Susquehanna Today 

Cheryl Crooker '97 married Ray Holsberry, April 29, 2000, Farmville Baptist 
Church, Farmville, Va. Pictured at the wedding are, from left to right, Rachel 
C. Anderson '97, Lisa A. Barella '97, Rebecca I. Brown '97, Ray and Cheryl, 
Amity L. Lavella '97, Laura A. Krisniski '97 and Stacey Bahn '97 Kroninger. 
Cheryl is an application engineer with HCA The Healthcare Company, in 
Nashville, Tenn. Ray is a sales manager. Carpet Bargain of Dalton, Nashville. 
They live in White House, Tenn. 

Peer Mediation Team in the middle 
schooL She Uves in Sweet Valley. Pa. 

Margaret L. Pierce '96 married 
Todd I. Frantz '97, September 3, 
2000, Luther Memorial Lutheran 
Church, York, Pa. Meg is the director 
of marketing and pubhc relations for 
the Opera Festival of New Jersey, 
Princeton, N.J.Todd is an environ- 
mental consultant v^ath Harding ESE, 
Edison, N.J. They hve in Hightstown, 

Carrie A. Pires '96 is pursumg a 
master's degree in elementary educa- 
tion at Sarah Lawrence College in 
Bronxville, N.Y. 

Seth A. Robbins '96 received a 
juris doctor degree from George 
Mason University School of Law. He 
IS an attorney v/ith QuagUano & 
Seeger in Washington, D.C., speciaUz- 
ing in construction and government 
contracts law. He lives in Falls 
Church, Va. 

Kerry Rosen '96 is a corporate 
recruiter. Darwin Partners, Wakefield, 
Mass. She hves in Brighton, Mass. 

Heather Sheldon '96 is a regis- 
trar, Sotheby's 110th Street 
Warehouse, New York City. 

Kimberly Tavares *96 is an assis- 
tant vice president in the commercial 
credit and risk department of Summit 
Bank in Fort Washington. Pa. She 
lives in Bethlehem, Pa. 

Christina M.Vocaturo '96 
received a master's degree in social 
work from Marywood Umversity. She 
hves in Emmaus, Pa. 

David B.Wagner '96 is an 
inside wholesaler. Fidehty 
Investments, Smithfield, R.I. 

Born to John D. and Nicole 
Burkland '96 Wahl, a daughter. 
Shannon Elizabeth, October 15, 
1999. They hve in Chambersburg. Pa. 

Jayanthi Jayawardena '96 Wolf 
was selected by the faculty for an 
honorific graduate fellowship for her 
last year of study at Princeton 
University- She was awarded the fel- 

Carrie Regan '97 married David 
Harkness, August 12, 2000, 
Morrisvrlle Presbyterian Church, 
Morrisville, Pa. Jennifer Steever '97 
was in the v^'edding party. Carrie is 
a search specialist, International 
Schools Services, Princeton, N.J. 
They live in Langhorne, Pa. 

JoelWiest '95, Jeremy Wells '98, 
Mark Zogby '96. Robert Stem 
'95 and the Honorable William H. 
Wiest '67, who served as organist. 
Wendy is a credit analyst at First 
National Trust Bank m Sunbury, Pa., 
and pursuing an MBA. degree at 
Bloomsburg Umversity. Roger 
received a juris doctor degree from 
Widener Law School and is an attor- 
ney at Wiest, Saylor, Muolo, Noon, 
Sw^nehart in Sunbury. They live near 

Matthew L. McKenzie '96 
received a master of arts degree with 
higliest honor from Saint Vincent 
Seminary. He also attended 
Franciscan University of Steubenville. 
He hves m Harrisburg, Pa. 

Jonelle L. Pall '96 teaches writ- 
ing to the 6th, 7th and 8th grades at 
Dallas Middle School. Dallas. Pa. She 
is pursuing a master's degree m edu- 
cational development and strategies at 
Wilkes Umversity. She also coaches 
varsity field hockey for Dallas High 
School, produces the yearbook for 
the middle school and advises the 

Margaret L. Pierce '96 married Todd I. Frantz *97, September 3, 2000, Luther 
Memorial Lutheran Church, Yorl<, Pa. Meg is the director of marketing and 
public relations for the Opera Festival of New Jersey, Princeton, N.J. Todd is 
an environmental consultant with Harding ESE, Edison, N.J. They live in 
Hightstown, N.J. Pictured from left to right front row: Maggie Arbogast, 
Margaret and Todd, and Sandra Robinson '94; middle row: Kelly Ryman '93 
de Mets, Chuck Bischof, Anna Hazlett '97, Kevin Barley '97, Amy Kastner '97 
Barley, Heather Vorhauer '98, Melissa Ulatowski '00; back row: Peter de 
Mets '93, Mary Kate Scally "97 MacVicar, Chris MacVicar '97, Robb 
Whitmoyer '75, Emmett Kirwan '96. 

lowship by President Shapiro at the 
opemng ceremomes for the incoming 


Class Reporter: 

Lisa Barella 

Dotcast Inc. 

1808 North Shoreline Boulevard 

Mountain Vieu^, CA 94043 

Justin Aglialoro '97 received an 
MBA degree from Rutgers 
Umversity. Justin is a sales executive 
vnth the Salt Lake Buzz professional 
baseball team, the AAA affihate of the 

Anaheim Angels. He hves in Sandy, 

Amy S. Allen '97 married Brian 
P.Altimare '98, June 17.2000. 
Sacred Heart of Jesus Church, 
Lancaster. Pa. In the wedding party 
from Susquehanna were 
Christopher Arthur *98, Alison J. 
Belli '97, Karen King '97 Simms 
and Jennifer L. Tietgen '97. They 
hve in Lancaster. 

Lisa A. Barella '97 is a business 
analyst for Dotcast Inc., Mountain 
View, Cahf. 

Kevin L. Barley *97 received a 
juris doctor degree from the 
Umversity of Pittsburgh School of 
Law. He is an associate with the hti- 
gation services group of Babst, 

Angela L. Hoover '97 married Christopher E. Brouse, June 24, 2000, Zion 
Lutheran Church, Sunbury, Pa. Angie is coordinator of community relations 
at Evangelical Community Hospital, Lewrisburg, Pa. Christopher is a produc- 
tion manager, American Selected Products, Milton, Pa. They live in Sunbury. 
Pictured from left to right, back row: Bill Sordoni '97, Dana Pfeil; middle 
row: Chris Persing '97, Kristen Yunaska '97, Lisa Cardella '97, Melissa Zelenski 
'97, Staci Cesari '97, Catherine Scott '97, Gail and Mike Ferlazzo; front: Angie 
and Chris. 

Susquehanna Today 29 


•e P 






Andrew Renauld '97 married Laura Desrosiers '00, July 8, 2000, First United 
Methodist Church, Burlington, Vt. Andy is a financial analyst at ITT Industries 
in White Plains, N.Y. Laura teaches at Greenwich Country Day School, 
Greenwich, Conn. They live in Mount Vernon, N.Y. Pictured from left to right, 
back row; Kathy Hodder '97, Colleen Young '99, Ken Borthwick '96, John 
Renauld '96, Andy and Laura, Elizabeth Dollhopf '00, Janei White '00, Sarah 
Lindwell '00, Bhrea Strand '99; front row: Josh Affrime '99, Jason Wolfe '99, 
Brian Pezza '98, Bill Welliver '97 and Josh Brown '00. 

Kevin McGuire '97 married Dana Friedman, June 10, iooo, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Kevin is a Ph.D. candidate in forest hydrology in the Department of Forest 
Engineering, Oregon State University. They live in Corvallis, Ore. Pictured 
from left to right. Josh Billings '95, Tran Le Baker '96, Pete Grover '97, Dana, 
T Craig Watkins '97, Greg Ewanitz '97, Mike SIgnoriello '97, Kevin, Anthony 
Buda '98 and Colleen McGuire '01. 

Calland, Clements & Zomnir in 
Pittsburgh. Pa. His practice includes 
construction, corporate and environ- 
mental litigation. He lives in 
Oakmont, Pa. 

Christine Beaver '97 married 
Jevan Beaver. September 16, 2000, 
Umted Church of Christ, Turbotville, 
Pa. Susquehannans in the wedding 
parry were Kimberly A. Bierman 
*97. Kristen M. Anderson '97 and 
Amy M. Rill '99. Christine is a case 
manager with Northwestern Human 
Services. They Uve in Selinsgrove, Pa. 

Tracy L. Benninger '97 is a 
member of the techrucal staff at 
ComCept Inc.. Rockwall, Texas. She 
earned her master of science degree 
in physics from the Umversity of 
Texas at Dallas. She lives m Mesquite, 

Dulcie L. Bishop *97 has been 
keeping busy at the Theatre 
Harrisburg at Whitaker Center, 
Harrisburg, Pa. She pbyed Emilie m 
Les Liaisons Dangereuses, chaired the 
props for Picasso at the Lapin Agile, and 
will be stage managing Joiep/i and the 
Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoai in the 
spring. She lives in Harrisburg. 

Brian Bonder '97 is the new 
interactive account manager for, the interactive website 
for WNCN. the NBC O&O TV sta- 
tion m R^eigh, N.C 

SamanCha Buley '97 and Reade 
Roberts '97 are both graduate stu- 
dents and hve in Chapel Hill. N.C. 

Jill K. Carty '97 is a business 
development manager for 
Doubleclick. New York City. 

Staci Cesari '97 is a district 
manager of outside sales team. Sprint 

Yellow Pages, Lebanon, NJ. She lives 

m Phillipsburg. N.J. 

Denine Cimtnons *97 is a sales 

and catering manager. La Valencia 
Hotel m La Jolla. Calif. 

Kristen P. Clark '97 married 
Matthew C, Patzman.June 24, 2000, 
Cedar Grove Brethern Church, 
Mifflintown, Pa. Kristen is a systems 
analyst at PHICO Group Inc., 
Mechanicsburg, Pa. Matthew is 
employed atTeddWood Inc. They Uve 
in Millerstown, Pa. 

Natasha A. Cooper '97 leaches 
second grade m the Litde Red 
Schoolhouse in New York City. 

Martin Matthew David '97 
married Regina Fischer, July 28, 
2000, The Chapel, Akron, Ohio. Matt 
is employed by the U.S. Postal 
Service. Regma is employed by Head 
Start. They Uve in Akron. 

Ryan Dougherty '97 is an e- 
business consultant with IBM Global 
Services in Boston, Mass. He Uves in 
Brookline, Mass. 

Maribeth E. Fives '97 is an 
assistant loan officer with the Bank of 
the Somerset Hills and she lives in 
Bedminster, N.J. 

Dina A. Fornataro '97 is the 
recreation director for the Borough 
of Middlesex in New Jersey. She lives 
in Piscataway, N.J. 

Thomas S. Fraim '97 is director 
of sales at Summerfield Suites by 
Wyndham in Waltham, Mass. He Uves 
in Somerville, Mass. 

Margaret L. Pierce *96 married 
Todd I. Frantz '97 (See 1996) 

Nicole Garnher '97 received a 
master's degree in business adminis- 
tration from Hood College in infor- 
mation systems. She is a quality assur- 
ance analyst at Deltek Systems Inc., 
Mclean, Va. She lives m Arlington, Va. 

Suzanne K. Gaylor '97 is pur- 
sumg an advanced degree in educa- 
tion at Fordham University Graduate 

School. She lives m New York City. 

Peter Grover '97 is with 
Lehman Brothers in New York City. 
He lives m Hoboken, NJ. 

Amanda M. Hancock '97 mar- 
ried Douglas O. Hummel, August 5, 
2000, East Troy Baptist Church, Troy, 
Pa. Amanda is a case worker for 
Northumberland County Children 
and Youth and is enrolled in the 
School of Social Work at Temple 
University. Douglas is a supervisor for 
Northumberland County Juvenile 
Probation. They Uve in Coal 
Township, Pa, 

Aaron S. Jayman '97, a cum 
laude graduate ofWidener University 
School of Law, passed the 
Pennsylvania State Bar exam. 

Sara R. Jesse '97 married Chip 
J. Pettapiece, September 23, 2000, 
Pachmond Congregational Church, 
Richmond, Vt. Lynn M. Castaldo 
'96 and Rebecca Jonas '97 were in 
the wedding party. Sara is a chemical 
analyst, Endyine Laboratories. They 
live in Burlington, Vt. 

April L. Kantz *97 married 
Robert J. Petrovsky, January 17, 1998. 
Joseph Kantz '94 was in the wed- 
ding party. April teaches English and 
journalism at Graceville High School, 
Graceville, Fla.They live in 
Cottondale, Fla. 

Michelle Kokolis '97 is with 
KCI Technologies in Richmond, Va. 

Katrina A. LaVien *97 is a 
teacher in the West IsUp School 
District and hves in West IsUp. N.Y. 

Michelle Lewandowski '97 
married Brad Sho&an '96. (See 

Joshua N. Lininger '97 received 
his secondary education social studies 
certification from Pennsylvama State 
University. He is an emotional sup- 
port teacher in special education at 
Northern York County High School. 
He coaches varsity football and 

Six Susquehannans found each other at the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival in 
Hillsdale, N.Y., last summer. In the back are Tami Musumeci '98 and Amanda 
Kimble '98. Seated in the front are Ann Courtley '00, Amy LeBrun '00, 
Deanna Shumaker '00 and Heather Devine '99- 

30 Susquehanna Today 

wrestling and is the strength and con- 
ditioning coordinator for the district. 
He is pursuing his master's degree in 
special education at MiUersviUe 
University and hves in Camp Hill, Pa. 

Katy Mackin '97 is a techmcal 
writer for Bluestone Software m Mt. 
Laurel. NJ. 

Erich P. Maerz '97 is owner of 
Liberty Financial Group Inc., and 
hves in Perkasie. Pa. 

Emily Miller *97 is a budget and 
forecast analyst in the planmng and 
analysis/ program management 
department at PJM, Interconnection 
m Norristow^n, Pa. She hves in West 
Chester, Pa. 

Shawn M. Novatka '97 is presi- 
dent of the teacher's umon in the 
Shenandoah Valley School District, 
Shenandoah, Pa. 

Rex R. Oleson '97 is a comput- 
er programmer and hves in Salem, 

Meghan Quinn *97 sells 
403b/401a plans for Fidehty 
Investments in San Francisco, Cahf 

David L. Rudd '97 is the pro- 
gram coordinator, Austraha, Center 
for Education Abroad at Beaver 
College. He hves in Cherry HiU, N.J. 

Christina J. Rushing '97 is the 
adnunistrative assistant ot Grace 
United Methodist Church in 
Baltunore, Md. 

Paul T. Rushton *97 received a 
juris doctor degree from the 
Dickinson School of Law of the 
Pennsylvama State University. 

Steve Schuler '97 is an indepen- 
dent IT consultant under contract 
with RDA Inc., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Steve says "I'm loving every minute 
of it, as I spend 90 percent of my 
time working/ telecommunicating 
from home." 

Catherine A. Scott '97 is opera- 
tions assistant/new media producer 
for News Broadcast Network in New 
York City. 

Todd J. Shafier '97 received an 
MBA degree from Rader University. 
He is the porcfoho apphcations spe- 
ciahst for Bloomberg Financial 
Markets. Princeton, N.J. He hves m 
Bridgewater. NJ. 

Dennis E. Simms '97 is a 
trooper with the Pennsylvama State 
Police, He lives in Perkasie, Pa. 

Joy Ann Smith *97 is a training 
facihtator, Johnson &.' Johnson, Sales 
iV Logistics Co.. Brunswick. NJ. 

Kimberly Smith '97 is a chnical 
rescjrch coordinator, Northwestern 
University-. She lives in Chicago. 111. 

Jennifer Snyder '97 is advertis- 
ing coordinator for Witter Pubhshing 
in Flenungton. N J. They publish 
trade magazines for industrial compa- 
mes. She hves m Frenchtown, N.J. 

Kevin D. Spotts '97 is a project 
coordinator, ASI Busmess Solutions. 
He hves in Blue Bell. Pa. 

Jeremy Tomaschik '97 is an 
assistant vice president in investment 
consulting services, Paine Webber m 
Weehawken, NJ. He hves in 
Edgewater, N.J. 

Roger V. West '97 married 
Wendy K. Mashburn '96. (See 

Jessica ZuUinger '97 is pursuing 
a master's degree m historical preser- 
vation at Boston University. She hves 
m Brighton, Mass. 



Class Reporter: 
Heather Neivberger Dray 
411 Pennsyluattia Auenue 
McDonald, OH 44437 

Jennifer L. Adams '98 married 
Mark J. Strocko,June 3, 2000, Church 
of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, 
Mount Carmel, Pa.Jenrufer is a 
semor financial analyst with Geisinger 
Health System, Danville, Pa. Mark is 
SPC manager at Doorcraft of PA, 
Sunbury, Pa. They hve in Elysburg, 

Brian P. Altimare '98 married 
Amy S.Allen '97. (See 1997) 

Jennifer Alvarez '98 is market- 
ing coordinator for Cavanaugh, a 
promotional products distributor 
located just north of Pittsburgh. 

William D. Barton '98 is man- 
ager, Falmouth Flowers and Balloons, 
Falmouth, Mame. 

Sherrie L. Bauer '98 married 
Timothy Ainsley,Ju!y 8, 2000, 
Glenside/Abmgton United Methodist 
Church, Glenside, Pa. They hve in 
LiDtz, Pa. 

Shane C. Blake '98 married 
April L. Wynick '00, July 29, 2000. 
Harrison Valley Federated Church, 
Harrison Valley, Pa. April is a graduate 
student at Temple Umversity. Shane is 
a dental student at Temple Umversity 
School of Dentistry. They live in 
Philadelphia. Pa. 

Dominique A. Bond '98 is an 
intern therapist. Child Guidance 
Center. Jacksonville, Fla. 

Sarah Davis '98 teaches second 
grade in Arhngton Traditional School, 
Arhngton County. Va. 

George H. Diehl '98 is the 
choral music educator in the Central 
Dauphin School District and he hves 
in Halifax. Pa. 

Julie Edmister '98 is with J, L. 
Smipson Middle School, Loudoun 
County Pubhc Schools. She hves in 

Candice Brown '98 married Joshua 
Myers, June 30, 2000, Epsom Bible 
Church, Epsom, N.H. Candy is a pro- 
ject manager for Standup Gardens 
Ltd. in Portsmouth, N.H. They live 
in Lee, N.H. 

Heather FoUett '98 married 
Wilham Harvey, July 17. 1999, 
Umtarian Church of Harrisburg, 
Harrisburg. Pa. Heather and her hus- 
band are medical students at Penn 
State College of Medicine. Amy 
Fortier-Wargo '98 was in the wed- 
ding party and Courtney R. 
Wachter '98 played the piano. They 
hve in Hershey, Pa. 

Amy Fortier-Wargo '98 is a 
graphic designer. Conference 
Management Associates, Hanover, 
N.H. She hves in Enfield, N.H. 

Andrew M. Hardy '98 is an 
information technology associate for 
the Pennsylvania Department of 
Corrections, Bureau of MIS, in Camp 
Hill, Pa. Andy was promoted to the 
rank of sargeant m the Pennsylvama 
National Guard and earned Top Gun 
honors this summer during gunnery 
exercises with the MlAl batde tank 
at Fort Drum, N.Y. 

Ginger L. Hartman *98 
received a masters degree in civil 

engineering from the University of 
Maryland. She is a water resources 
engmeer with the firm of Camp, 
Dresser and McKee in Cambridge, 
Mass. She Uves in Brookhne, Mass. 

Linda Hoover-Teats '98 is an 
enviromnental consultant, Light- 
Heigel & Associates in Montandon. 
Pa. She hves m SeUnsgrove, Pa. 

Gail Y. Hunsinger *98 is an 
enviromnental scienust with IT 
Corporation, New Rochelle, N.Y. 
She hves in Mount Vernon. N.Y 

Rebecca H. Karess '98 married 
Christopher George, May 20, 2000, at 
the Gourmet Chalet, Northampton, 
Pa. Rebecca is a sales consultant with 
the Coca-Cola Botthng Company in 
Bethlehem, Pa. Christopher is an 
advertising consultant for Tfie 
Morning Cail in Allentown.They hve 
in Allentown, Pa. 

Larissa Kerpchar *98 married 
Raymond M. Lemp, October 20, 
2000, St. Edward Church, Herminie, 
Pa. Larissa is an earth science teacher 
m the Stafford County Pubhc 
Schools, Stafford, Va. 

Amanda Kimble '98 is the pre- 
miums editor for Organic Gardening 
Magazine. Rodale Press. She hves in 
Beltzville, Pa. 

Melanie A. Leech *98 married 
Robert M. Brechka '96. (See 1996) 

Peter Long '98 married Kelly 
Carta, May 13, 2000, Our Lady of 
Hope Church, Coal Township, Pa. 
Peter is a revenue enforcement agent 
for the Commonwealth of 
Pennsylvania. They hve m Coal 

Byron Mikesell '98 married 
Malinda Gitt '00, July 22,2000, 
Evangehcal Christian Church, 
Carhsle, Pa. Malinda teaches fifth 
grade in the Eastern Lancaster county 
School District. Byron teaches music 
and is the band director at Pequea 

Sara L. Muhvlch '98 ran for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of 
America's team in training in the Suzuki Rock 'N' Roll Marathon. She lives in 
Wayne, Pa., and is a unit manager for PFPC Global Fund Services in King of 
Prussia, Pa. Pictured left to right are Tyler Tanner '98, Daniel Andrus '96, 
Sara and Jennifer Elkins '98. 

Susquehanna Today 31 

Valley High School. Kiznicrs. Pa. 
They live in New Holland. Pa. 

Benjamin Millspaugh '98 is 
director of development services. 
Synergy Corporate Technologies. 
Wcstport. Conn. He hves in 
Norvvalk. Conn. 

Aric A. Passmore '98 married 
Dianna M. Litchard. July 8, 2000, St. 
John's Lutheran Church, 
Northumberland. Pa.Aric is an IT. 
engineer at Hewlett Packard 
Company in Atlanta. Ga They live in 
Duluth. Ga. 

Lynnea Reflfher '98 is a mentor 
teacher for Tcsseract Private School in 
Paradise Valley, Ariz. 

Mark E. Rohrback '98 is a 
financial specialist with First Union 
Direct m Reading. Pa. The Wilson 
High School volleyball team that 
Mark coaches won its first county 
champi<inship. Mark lives in 
Lancaster, Pa, 

Kimberly Sell '98 is the volun- 
teer coorduiat<ir for Whitakcr Center 
for Science and the Aits, Harrisburg. 

Prayer Solanky '98 works for 
Washingtonville Central School 
District. Washingtoiivdlc. N.Y 

Khoo Guan Soon '98 received a 
master of science degree in mccham- 
cal engineering from Lehigh 
University. He is an engineer in a 
higli technologs' refrigeration compa- 
ny in Allcntovi^n. Pa.. Julabo USA Inc. 
He lives in Bethlehem, Pa. 

Troy Swartz '98 is in manage- 
ment with UPS He lives in 
Sclinsgros'e. Pa. 

Jay E.Tierney '98 is pursuing a 
l,iw degree at Rutgers University. He 
lives m Oaklyn, N.J. 

Robert Wagner '98 is associate 
project ^clentlst with Roy F.Weston 
Inc.. West Cliester, Pa. He lives in 
PhocniNViUe. Pa- 
Wendy Wesoloskie '98 works 
for Merck in Blue Bell. Pa. She lives 
in Philadelphi.i. Pa- 
Jacob A. Waybright '98 is a 
first-year student at Chicago 
Theological Scnunary, Chicago, 111. 
Dorothyjo Yankoskie '98 was 
promoted to manager for wireless 

Kimberly Bethea 'oi, Bradley Minto '99 and Orvllle Reynolds '99 joined a 
group of 150 alumni and friends at the Mets-Yankees baseball game on July 7. 

education programs for the Cellular 
Telecoiranunications Industry 
Association in Washington. D.C. Dee 
will be the spokesperson for CTIA's 
wireless education campaign "Safety 
Your Most Important Ctll." She wUl 
promote the industry's efforts in edu- 
cating the pubhc that when driving 
with a wireless phone, subscribers 
should use their phone responsibly 
and make safery their first priority. 


Kurt Wolf^99' J^yanthl Jayawardena 9^ 

i I Princeton Ph.D. -Bound 

n just 18 months following his 1999 graduation from Susquehanna, Kurt Wolf 
'99 received an MA. m cheinistry from Princeton Umversiry. In doing so. he 
joined an elite group of Princeton's alumni to achieve this in an unusually brief 
amount of tune. Wolf is proud of this accoinphshment but quick to claim that "it's 
no big deal" at Princeton. What was a big deal to Wolf, was becoming the first col- 
lege graduate in his family. 

Next on the hst, a Ph.D., of course. And Wolf hopes to earn his by 2002. He's 
sharing that quest with his wife, Susquehanna valedictorian Jayanthi Jayawardena 
'96, who is also pursuing a Ph.D. at Princeton - in molecular biology. 

Jayawardena recendy earned her own honors at Princeton, receiving a prestigious 
graduate fellowship for her final year of study. Nominated by faculty, she lunched 
with Princeton President Harold T. Shapiro and received her award at the 
University's opening ceremonies. 
Wolf apphcd to the Princeton graduate program after intcrmng at Princeton. 
"I had good research practices from SU. a lot of research under my belt and two papers already pubhshed." He says that the 
toughest obstacle that first year was getting through five cumulative exams. "You can literally be asked absolutely anything per- 
taining to your area of study." Two days after he passed his last cumulative, Princeton did away with that master's degree 
requirement. Wolf works hard to keep his sense of humor about this piece of irony. 

Wolf plans a career in the pharmaceutical or environmental industries. The environment is also an area of interest in his 
personal Ufe. This fall he was accepted into a wildhfe preservation program at Princeton's Institute for Advanced Study. 

Jayawardena is considering either a fellowship in molecular biology or pursuing the option of working as a 
technical speciahst lor a law firm. 

Wolf concedes that school, work and research do eat up nearly all of his and Jayanthi's tune. So dinners out, movies and 
weekends .iwayjust aren't part of this young couple's married life. "Even if it's just something as mundane as shopping, if we 
can do it together, that's great for us." 

— Mary Cammarata Markle 

Kurt Wolf in the Bernasek 
Laboratory at Princeton University 


Karie A. Anderson *99 uKirhed 
Brian D. Reese, June 3. 2000, memo- 
rial Church otthe Brethern. 
Martinsburg. Pa. Katie is a senior ana- 
lyncal chemist at Merck 
Manufacturing Division. West Point, 
Pa, Brian is employed at Moravian 
College. Bethlehem. Pa. They Uve in 
Allentow^n. Pa. 

Jennifer L. Botchie '99 was 
promoted from assistant web editor to 
staff reporter for Transport Topics, the 
American Trucking Associations' 
newspaper. She is the head cheerlead- 
ing coach at Marymount Umversity 
in ArUngton.Va., and she coaches the 
Power Ehte Youth All Stars cheerlead- 
ing squad in ChantiUy.Va. She Uves in 
Alexandria, Va. 

Kimberly A. Carson '99 is a 
semor account manager. 
WiseConnect Inc.. San Francisco, 

Stacy Cerula '99 is a research 
techmcian, Magee Women's Research 
Hospital, She hves in Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Kara A. DiCamillo '99 is an 
account executive for Stanton 
Crenshaw Communications in 
Stamford. Conn, 

Jason Dickson '99 is an associate 
producer. G ree nleaf Technologies Inc. 
He hves m Austin. Texas. 

Liana Evans '99 is with Pipeline 
Interactive in Lebanon, Pa, 

James B. Felter '99 is a sales and 
marketing analyst with Maxima 
Technologies in Lancaster. Pa. 

Kelly Fogel '99 married 
Michael Saylor '99, July 8, 2000, at 
the Mount Pisgah Altar. Beaver 
Springs, Pa. Kelly is employed by 
Welsh Mountain Medical and Dental 
Center, New Holland, Pa. Michael is 
employed by Eastern Lancaster 
County School District. They Uve in 
New Holland. 

Joanna P. Fox '99 is a design 
consultant for Workbench, 

3Z Susquehanna Today 

Ronkonkoma, NY 

Alison R. Griffie '99 is a second 
lieutenant in the US. Air Force in 
Minot, N.D. 

J. Tom Hnatow '99 is informa- 
tion systems assisunt. Arena Stage. He 
lives m Arlington, Va. 

Kathryn M. Homsher '99 mar- 
ried Timothy P. Marlu '96 (See 

Marissa Jadrosich *99 is a sales 
representative for Baltimore 
Technologies. She hves in Needham 
Heights, Mass. 

Michael S. Krcil '99 is an export 
cargo momtor for Hyundai America 
Shipping Agency in Chicago, 111. He 
bves m Bensenville, lU. 

James W. Lane '99 works for 
American Systems Corp. He Uves in 

Erin McCauliff *99 is a product 
support speciahsl with SEI 
Investments in Oaks, Pa. She hves in 
Conshohocken, Pa. 

Sarah A. McCracken '99 
returned m July 1999 to Brighton. 
Mass.. from hving and working in 
Germany for a year through a gov- 
ernment sponsored program. She 
worked in a German advertising 
agency, Thomsen Ag in Kiel, 
Germany. She is now a marketing 
assistant for LendingSide Inc.. in 
Cambridge, Mass. 

Gregory J. Rhodes *99 is a 

grants administrator for the U.S. 
Soccer Foundation, and he Uves in 
Arlington, Va. 

Amy M. Rill '99 teaches physics 
at Pequea Valley High School. She 
Uves in Christiana, Pa. 

Donna Boardman '99 Ross 
was promoted to assistant director of 
system development for Geismger 
Health System. She was previously a 
specialist in the pubUc relations 
department of Geisinger. She Uves in 
Selinsgrove, Pa. 

Melinda S. Ross '99 married 
Walter A. Celsky, May 6, 2000, 
Halifax United Methodist Church, 
Halifax, Pa. MeUnda is Heritage umt 
manager at HCR Manor Care m 
Harnsburg, Pa. Walter is office man- 
ager at Capital City Counters. 
Steelton, Pa. They Uve m Halifax. Pa. 

Brett M. Shank '99 competed 
in the Midwest Multi-Sports 
Triathlon Series (Minnesota, Iowa, 
Wisconsm) and placed 9th overaU 
male in points, 3rd in the 18-24 age 
group. The series was composed of 
eight races (five of which counted, 
and totals added) and for each addi- 
tional race competed in, 20 additional 
points were awarded. In addition to 
this. Brett was accepted to compete 
held in November of 2001 m Panama 
City. Florida. This includes 2.4 mile 
swim, 1 12 mile bike ride and 26.2 

mile run. 

David C. Solomon *99 is a web 

designer, ChoicLinx and Uves in 
Boscawen, N.H. 

Joshua Steffen *99 joins the high 
school staff as an EngUsh teacher for 
grades nine-1 1 in AmeUa.Va. 

Rebecca Revenis *99 Todd is a 
program designer. Golden Corrall 
Corporation, Durham, N.C. 

Brian Williams *99 works for 
Delaware Investments in Philadelphia. 
Pa. He Uves m Lansdowne, Pa. 

Sheava T. Zadeh '99 is a gradu- 
ate student at the Umversity of 
Pacific and Uves m Stockton, Calif. 



Class Reporter: 

Kimberly J. Hain 

Apt. B 

4252 Heathrow Court 

Harrisburg, PA 17109 


Susie M. Burd *00 married 
Martin R Hill '00. August 5.2000, 
St. Mark Lutheran Church, 
WiiUamsport. Pa. Susie is a junior at 
the Lutheran School of Theology at 
Chicago, lU. Martin is a pipe organ 
techmcian, Berghaus Organ Co., 

Chicago. They Uve in Chicago. 
Laura Desrosiers '00 married 

Andrew Renauld '97 (See 1997) 
Malinda Gitt '00 married 

Byron Mikesell '98 (See 1998) 
Kelly A. Kobel *0D married 

Nathan A.Young. May 20. 2000. St. 

Peters Umted Church of Christ. 

Lykens, Pa. They Uve m Port 

Trevorton, Pa. 

Born to David and Joanne 

Marquardt '00 Troutman, a son, 

MaxweU David, May 4, 2000. She is 

the assistant alumni director at 

Susquehanna and 
hves in 

Selinsgrove, Pa. 
April L.Wynick 
*00 married 
Shane C. Blake 
'98. (See 1998) 

Born to 
Michael and 
Jennifer Yuricich 
'DO Spotts, a son, 
Ethan Tyler, 
August 8, 2000. 
fciinifer is a press 
aide for the 
Department of 
Harrisburg, Pa. 
They Uve in Coal 

Ethan Tyler Township, Pa. 


Maxwell David 


Clockwise, from lower left: Margaret Matovic '98, Ryan Dumont '95. SU's Assistant Director 
of Annual Giving Dani Beam '98 and Jill Hengey '98 take a break at the Selins' Grove 
Brewing Company. Former Millersburg resident Douglas E. Arthur '49 and his wife, Lucille, 
received a football to commemorate the naming of the football team's new practice field in 
honor of Doug. An Alpha Delta Pi sister takes a cream pie in the face at the sorority's 
fundraiser for the Ronald McDonald House. The varsity field hockey team welcomed alumni 
for a homecoming picnic. 

Susquehanna Today 33 


Harry R. Burd '27.Aaronsburg, 
Pa.. 1995. He taught school for 13 
years. For many years he served as 
Centre County register of wills and 
clerk of orphans' court. He also was 
chief clerk to the Centre County 
commissioners, and a member of 
many community and civic organiza- 
tions and St, John's Lutheran Church 
in Miliheim, Pa. 

Elizabeth Hauser '28 Kinsel, 
Belfast. Maine, July 12, 2000. She had 
been a church orgamst and music 
teacher when she hved in Pennsyl- 
vama. She was a member of First 
Church in Belfast, the Newtonville 
Women's Ciub and the Eastern Star. 

Rebecca Foster *29 Burtnette, 
Pittsburgh. Pa.. May 22, 2000. She 
was a member of Trimty Lutheran 
Church. Jumata. Pa., and had attend- 
ed St. Matthew's Lutheran Church in 
Pittsburgh. She was a member of 
Eastern Star. 

Eleanor Coons '29 Crouse, 
New Bern, N.C., formerly of Dry 
Run, Pa., August 6, 2000. She had 
been a schoolteacher in the 
Bellefonte and Dry Run areas of 
Pennsylvania. She was a member of 
Upper Path Valley United 
Presbyterian Church, Sprmg Run, 
Pa. She was preceded in death by her 
husband. Robert W. Crouse '29 

Walter D. Strandquest *32, 
Johnstown, Pa. .July 28, 2000. An 
accomphshed artist and pianist, he 
played with several dance orchestras 
during the Big Band era and com- 
posed many origmal scores. He 
retired as an inspector at Bethlehem 

Mildred Griesemer '33 
Snyder, Bedford, Pa., formerly of 
Sehnsgrove, Pa.. September 15. 2000. 
She taught at Hustontown in Fulton 
County and then Bedford High 
School until her retirement m 1973. 
She was an active volunteer with 
Retired and Senior Volunteer 
Program and also worked as a volim- 
teer at Homewood Retirement 
Center in Martinsburg, Pa. She was a 
member of St. John's United Church 
of Christ m Bedford and various 
educational organizations. Among the 
survivors is her sister, Mary 
Griesemer '35 Searer 

Bruce E Worthington '33. 
Vemce, Fla.. May 24, 2000. He 
earned his master's degree from New 
York Umversity. He was a chemistry 
teacher m Yonkers, N.Y., torn 1934 
to 1963, and m Cocoa, Fla., from 
1963 to 1968. In 1964. he was one of 
50 science teachers in the U.S. and 

Canada to receive the Shell Oil 
Company Fellowship to CorneU 
Umversit>- in Ithaca, N.Y. He was a 
professor of science at Brevard 
College m Cocoa from 1968 until 
his retirement in 1976 when he was 
designated professor emeritus. While 
at Brevard, he developed a course in 
meteorology required for certam 
members of NASA. He served as a 
heutenant commander in the U.S. 
Navy during World War II. He was a 
member of Grace United Methodist 
Church in Vemce, Fla. Among the 
survivors is his wife. Marian 
Walborn *33 Worthington. 

Hugh Handford '34, 
Connellsville, Pa., July 18, 2000. He 
served m the U.S. Army during 
World War II. He was a retired vice 
president of Gallatin National Bank 
where he worked fix)m 1954 to 
1973. He had also been affihated 
with the Second National Bank of 
Connellsville, the First National Bank 
of Irwm and the Boardwalk National 
Bank of Atlantic City, N.J. He was a 
member of the Freemasons, the Irwin 
Kiwanis, the Connellsville Rotary, 
the Chamber of Commerce and the 
Connellsville Industrial Enterprises. 
He was a member of Trinity 
Lutheran Church in Connellsville. 

Gwendolyn Schlegel '36 
Kramer, Landenberg. Pa., November 
2, 2000. Her pohtical and commumty 
activity was essential to the estabUsh- 
ment of the White Clay Conserva- 
tion Area in southern Chester 
County. She received the first annual 
White Clay Watershed Association 
Award. She was preceded in death by 
one brother, Marvin W. Schlegel 

Helen Gundrum *37 Sprout, 
Picture Rocks, Pa.. June 27, 2000. 
She taught Enghsh and Latin at 
Picture Rock High School from 
1937 to 1940, and French and Latin 
at Otto Township from 1940 to 
1942. She retired in 1977 after teach- 
mg French and Latin at HughesviUe 
High School for 20 years. She was 
preceded in death by one sister, Sara 
Jane Gundrum '47 HiUegas. 
Among the survivors is one brother, 
Eugene H. Gundrum '48. 

Janet A. Long '40. Port Royal, 
Pa., July 19. 2000. She earned a mas- 
ter's degree in busmess fix)m Colum- 
bia Umversity. She was a commercial 
teacher m Mifflintown, Pa. 

John R Adams '42,Westlake, 
Ohio. August 28. 2000. He served in 
the U.S. Army m the European the- 
atre of operations during World War 

II. He was employed in the account- 
ing division of U.S. Steel Corpora- 
tion for 32 years at various locations. 
He was an active member of Prince 
of Peace Lutheran Church m 
Westlake. Among the survivors is his 
wife, Dorothy Williamson '43 

June Jerore '43 Sivick, Camp 
Hill, Pa., June 16, 2000. She was a 
member of Grace Evangehcal 
Lutheran Church in Highland Park, 
Pa. Among the survivors is her hus- 
band. Dr. Edward M. Sivick '39. 

Maryruthe Sell '44 Brobyn, 
Bioomsburg, Pa., September 20, 
2000. She was a 50-year member of 
Wesley Umted Methodist Church, 
Bioomsburg, and had been active in 
many volunteer organizations. She 
was a member of both the 
Bioomsburg Hospital and Geisinger 
auxihary and was the first president 
of the Bioomsburg Junior Women's 
Club. Among the survivors is her 
daughter, E. Lynn Brobyn *77. 

Sister Edna McVicker '45, 
Gladwyne, Pa., September 10, 2000. 
From 1945 to 1947, she was a gener- 
al parish worker at St. Matthew 
Lutheran Church in Philadelphia, 
Pa., and then from 1947 to 1951 at 
St. Matthew Lutheran Church, m 
Bioomsburg, Pa. She served Moxham 
Lutheran Church in Johnstown, Pa., 
from 1951 to 1961. She then served 
the Lutheran Social Missions in 
Colorado, S.C, and Wisconsin. She 
retired in 1978. 

Charlotte Smith '46 Harrison, 
Morrisville. Pa., October 31. 2000. 
She was employed as an administrator 
of plasma at Princeton University 
Physics Lab for 25 years. She was a 
member of the Morrisville United 
Methodist Church. She was also a 
volunteer at the Morrisville Free 
Pubhc Library. 

Donald R. Leach *46, 
Selinsgrove, Pa., September 23, 2000. 
He served in the Army in World War 
II with the 648th engineers in 
Austraha and the Phihppines. He was 
employed for Tlte Daily Item in 
Sunbury, Pa., for 37 years before 
retiring in 1987. He was a member 
of the American Legion, the Sunbury 
Social Club and DH&L Fire 
Company. Among the survivors are 
his brothers.John R. '47 and 
Clayton E. '56 

Louis P.Apriceno '48, Staten 
Island, N.Y, September 20, 2000. He 
served in the Army s 30th Infantry 
during World War II and was award- 
ed the Purple Heart. He was an 

accountant before retiring in 1987. 

Frank A. Zeidler '48, 
Homosassa Springs, Fla., May 16, 
2000. A World War II veteran, he 
served as a Navy frogman. He was 
retired as personnel manager of 
Oakite Products. He was preceded in 
death by his first wife, Ruth 
Williams *47 Zeidler. Among the 
survivors is his sister-in-law, Elaine 
Williams '49 Barner. 

Marland R Boyer '49, Pottsville, 
Pa., October 28, 2000. He was a 
Navy veteran ofWorld War II, serv- 
ing in the Pacific and PhiUppines. He 
formerly hved m Lafayette, Ga., fix)m 
1964 to 1993, relocatmg to Potuville 
in 1993. He was manager at the for- 
mer Phihps-Van Heusen shirt factory, 
Pottsville. He was manager of Pubhc 
Shirt Co., Myerstown, and retired as 
manager of Pennsylvama Shirt facto- 
ry, Macon, Ga. He was a former 
member of Trinity Lutheran Church 
and a former member of AMVETS, 
both of Pottsville. 

Irma Strawbridge '49 
Hallenbeck, Alexandria, Va., July 20, 
2000. As president of the local sorori- 
ty Omega Delta Sigma, she played a 
major role in mtroducmg the first 
national sorority to campus by paving 
the way for conversion of ODS to 
Alpha Delta Pi. Prior to marriage, 
she was a staff member of the 
Pennsylvania Joint State Government 
Commission. She accompanied her 
husband on mifitary assignments m 
the U.S. and overseas. 

John E. Diehl *52, Shepherds- 
town,WVa., October 5, 2000. He 
earned his master's degree in science 
in 1954 and his doctorate in 1960 
fix>m Perm State. He served in the 
Army from 1954 to 1956 as a bio- 
chemist, including service in the 
Korean War. He was a senior research 
biochemist at theVirgima Institute 
for Scientific Research in Richmond. 
Va., and an assistant professor of 
chemistry at Dickinson College in 
Carlisle, Pa. In 1965, he became 
chemistry professor at Shepherd 
College, and later, department head 
of chemistry until his retirement in 
1991 . He was a member of New 
Street United Methodist Church, 
Shepherdstown. He was preceded in 
death by his wife, Maxine 
Chambers '52 Diehl 

Chester G. *Chet" Rowe '52, 
Sehnsgrove, Dec. 1 1 , 2000. After serv- 
ing in the Navy during World War II, 
he received his bachelor of arts 
degree from Susquehanna followed 
by his masters fixim Bucknell 

34 Susquehanna Today 

University in 1959. He completed 
graduate work at Lehigh Univenity 
in 1960. He taught for one year and 
served as chairman of the guidance 
department at Selinsgrove High 
School for 40 years, retiring m 1993. 
Rowe was a member of several pro- 
fessional organizations and the 
Susquehanna Umversity Alumni 
Association, where he had served as 
treasurer. At the time of his death, he 
was president of the board of the 
Upper Northumberland and Snyder 
County American Heart Association. 
He was a past commander of the 
American Legion Post 25 of 
Selingrove, as well as a member of 
the Selinsgrove Rotary Club, the 
Susquehanna Valley Country Club, 
and the Last Man s Club. A volunteer 
with Big Brothers/Big Sisters, he had 
served as a coach at various tunes for 
golf, varsity and junior varsity basket- 
ball, varsity baseball, and as an assis- 
tant football coach at SeUnsgrove 
High, as well as a PIAA basketball 
official for 25 years. He was a mem- 
ber and church council member of 
Sharon Lutheran Church in 

James M. "Mike" Rising '54, 
SeUnsgrove, Pa.. August 29. 2000. 
While at Susqueharma, he played 
football on the undefeated team 
coached by Amos Alonzo Stagg Sr. 
and his son, Amos Alonzo Stagg Jr. 
He was inducted into the university's 
Sports Hall of Fame. He served in 
the Army Air Corps durmg peace- 
time. He was employed as the direc- 
tor of construction and properties for 
Weis Markets, retirmg in 1994. He 
was a member of the SeUnsgrove 
Borough Council and a past member 
of the SeUnsgrove school planning 
board. He was active wath Habitat for 
Humanity and was the past 
Democratic chairman for Snyder 

Elsie Gruber '56 Gormley, 
Philadelphia. Pa., September 6. 2000. 
During her four years at Susque- 
hanna, Elsie was active in almost 
every campus organization, and she 
graduated at the head of her class. 
Elsie did some substitute teaching. 
She was active with the Philadelphia 
chapter of the Alumm Association. 
She estabUshed the Gruber Library 
for the Endowment for the 
Humamties. Among the survivors is 
her husband, James *55. 

Joseph J. Scully '57,Wenonah. 
NJ..Apra 9.1999. He was a veteran 
of the Korean War. He was retired 
from IMPAC Ltd., as vice president 
of operations- North America. He 
had been a consultant with Hill 
International, vice president of man- 
ut'actunng with Rodale Manufactur- 

ing, vice president with General 
Engines, bb technician with SheU 
Laboratory Chemical Company and 
an agent with MetropoUtan 
Insurance. His wife. Betty Ann 
Ormond '58 Scully, died July 21. 

Betty Ann Ormond *58 
Scully, Wenonah. N J.. July 21 , 2000. 
She was tax coUector. chief financial 
officer and business manager for the 
Borough of Wenonah for 19 years. 
She was a member of the Women's 
AuxiUary of the American Legion 
Post. Wenonah Historical Society and 
the Underwood Hospital AuxiUary. 
She had been a secretary at Allen- 
town Sacred Heart Hospital, a secre- 
tary with State Farm Insurance, and a 
business teacher at Deptford High 
School. She was preceded in death by 
her husband. Joseph J. Scully '57. 

Leonard R. Betkoski '62, 
Wanamie, Pa., May 12, 2000. In 
1962, he went to Hawaii to be a 
Peace Corp trainee. From 1963 to 
1970, he taught social studies in 
FrankUn, NJ. He earned a master's 
degree in guidance from Marywood 
College. From 1972 until 1998, he 
was a guidance counselor at the 
Greater Nanticoke Area High 
School. He also was a counselor and 
evening administrator at Luzerne 
County Community CoUege from 
1984 to 1998. He was a member of 
the Tri-Parish Community of St. 
Dennis Church m Glen Lyon, Pa., 
and a Ufe member of Pennsylvania 
State Education Teachers Association. 

James A. Gibney '65, Ambler, 
Pa., June 19. 2000. He signed a pro- 
fessional baseball contract with the 
Kansas City Athletics and pitched for 
their rookie league team at Shelby, 
N.C. He then taught science at 
Arthur L.Johnson Regional High 
School in Clark. NJ., and was the 
varsity Une coach. In 1970, he 
became a systems speciaUst with 
R.C.A, m East Orange, N.J. In 1981, 
he was the marketing manager, 
Sperry Umvac, Blue BeU. Pa. Among 
the survivors is his wife, Sally 
Stephenson '65 Gibney. 

FrankJ. Tharp '65. Reston.Va., 
October 22. 2000. He had been 
employed by Sperry-Rand Co., 
Eastman Kodak and, at the time of 
his death, by Computer Sciences 
Corp., Falls Church, Va. He had been 
the West District executive of the 
Susquehanna Valley Area Council, 
Boy Scouts of America, from 1965 to 

Thomas R. Buell '66. formerly 
of Genesco. N.Y.July 23. 2000. He 
was president and owTier of Buell Oil 

Peter J. Lang '70, Green Lane, 

Pa., October 4. 2000. Most recendy, 
he was employed as a salesman by the 
Goodyear Tire Store m Norristown. 
Pa. Prior to that, he worked as a car 
salesman for various area agencies. 
He also worked in sales at Gimbles 
Department Store in King of Prussia 
and Philadelphia and the Clover 
Store in Center Square. He attended 
Finland Mennomte Church. 

Richard C.Abbott '72,Etters. 
Pa., October 30. 2000. He was a 
steelworker in the Steelton plant of 
Bethlehem Steel Corp., and a mem- 
ber of the steelw^orkers umon. 

David W. Nesbit '75. 
Fayetteville. N.C, June 20. 2000. He 
had been a respiratory therapist. 

Rodney J. Bamford '84, 
Doylestown. Pa., October 12. 2000. 
He was a partner and consultant with 
K.P.M.G. Consulting in Radnor, Pa. 
He was a member of St. Paul s 
Umted Church of Christ in North- 
ampton, Pa. He was an active mem- 

ber of Habitat for Humanity and the 
Alzheimer Association. 

Douglas £. McKenna '89. 

North Plamfield, N J.. July 9, 2000. 
He was a 6nancial consultant, MerriU 
Lynch, Somerset, NJ. He was also an 
insurance representative for Met Life 
Insurance Company. He was an Eagle 
Scout and served as the assistant 
scout leader He was a member of 
the Watchung Avenue Presbyterian 
Church of North Plainfield. 

Alexander W. Dunn '92. 
Alexandria, Va., August 25. 2000. 

Dr. Raymond J. Buchko, of 
Gibsonia. Pa.. Aprd 14. 2000. He was 
principal of Deer Lakes High School. 
Russellton. Pa. Formerly of 
SeUnsgrove, he was a music teacher 
in the SeUnsgrove Area School 
District from 1970 to 1985 where he 
supervised numerous student teachers 
and interns from Susquehanna 

Chair Emeritus John C. Horn 

John Chisolm Horn, chair emeritus of Susquehanna University's board 
of directors, died December 7, 2000. He was 85 years old. His 16-year 
tenure as board chair was instrumental in leading Susquehanna 
through a period of remarkable growth and development during the 
1960s and 70s. 

Born m New York City, Horn earned a bachelor of arts degree in 
1936 from Cornell University where he later did graduate work in 
admimstrative engineermg. He began his career as an mdustrialist at 
John R.Wald Company, a maker of prison industrial equipment. In 
1939, he moved to Prismo Safety Corporation in Huntingdon, Pa., 
where he served for 30 years, the last seven as president. He was also 
president ofWald Industries, Inc. from 1951 to 1970. That same year, 
he founded John Horn Associates, consulting management advisors, 
and became executive director of Church Management Service Inc. in 

He was very active in professional, civic, education and church 
affairs, and was a leader in promoting industrial development in the 
Huntmgdon area. He served on the executive board of the Central 
Pennsylvama Synod of the Lutheran Church in America. He also 
served on the National Council of the Boy Scouts of America and was 
president of the Umted Fund of Huntingdon Country for 10 years. 

He was first elected to Susquehanna's board of directors in 1950, 
and served as vice chair from 1955 to 1962 and chair until 1979. 
In 1965, he was awarded an honorary doctor of laws degree from 
Susquehanna and in 1978, he received a citation from the SU Student 
Government Association in recognition of his service. The executive 
committee of the board established the John C. Horn Distinguished 
Service Lectureship in 1979, in honor of his accomplishments as board 

Among the survivors are his wife, Carol, and his surviving children, 
PhylUs, John '64, Eric '68, Thomas, and Dorothy, and their famiUes. 
Horn's first wife, Solveig Wald, and son James perished in a fire in 
1979; sons Stephen and Robert are also deceased. 

A gift from the Horn family m memory of son Stephen helped 
fund the construction ofWeber Chapel in 1966 and led to the nammg 
of Horn Meditation Chapel. In 1986. another gift m memory of 
Solveig and James supported purchase of a pedal organ m the chapel. 

Susquehanna Today 35 





and a 


of a 

in the 


Alumni, parents, faculty, friends 

and students came together on 

October i8 to celebrate the 

accomplishments of the 

Susquehanna 2000: 

The Next Challenge capital 

campaign during an extended 

Family Weekend. 

Clockwise, from upper left: 

Former Susquehanna University 

Board Chair Sam Ross '54 and his 

wife, Dorothy Apgar '53 Ross, 

joined guests at the evening 

dinner; Assistant Professor of 

Management Sirapat Polvi/itoon 

meeting with students earlier last 

fall in Apfelbaum Hall; Miles 

Wheat '01 demonstrates new 

environmental science mobile lab 

equipment for his father; 

Unveiling of a portrait of President 

Emeritus Joel Cunningham by Jeff 

Martin '75; Dedication of the Clyde 

H. Jacobs Fitness Center; Student 

musicians entertaining at the 

fitness center dedication; Clyde H. 

Jacobs P'65 and Australian Tennis 

Pro Colin Dibley on the 

Susquehanna courts; Assistant 

Professor of English Tom Bailey 

reads from his work in the 

Blough-Weis Library. 


3 Vanguard Founder Bogle to Address Class of 2001 
5 Javelin Standout Bound for NCAA Championships 

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Volume 69 Number 2 

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Associate Director of Publications 

Director of Alumni Relations 

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Assistant Director of Alumni Relations 

Joanne Marquardt '00 Troutman 

Director of Public Relations /Publications 

Betsy Koons Robertson 

News Services Manager 

Sam Alcorn 

Sports Information Director 

James Miller 

Graphic Design 

Newton Advertising, Inc. 

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SPRING 2001 


A construction crew lays the foundation 
for a second Sassafras Avenue housing 
complex to be completed in time for the 
fall semester. The three-building, ^4.7 
million complex will provide suite and 
townhouse-like accommodations for 87 
students. Turn to page 5 for another con- 
struction photo. 

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Liberal Arts for the 

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21 Coming Events 

23 Class of 2000 Report 

i Susquehanna Today 

Campus News 

Vanguard Founder Will Address Grads 
and Families at Commencement 2001 

John C. Bogle, founder of the Vanguard 
Group, one of the nation's largest 
mutual fund companies, will be the 
principal speaker at Susquehanna 
University's 1 43™ conunencement cere- 
monies on Sunday, May 13. Three hundred 
and seventy' students will receive baccalaure- 
ate degrees and seven will receive associate 
degrees at the afternoon event. 

Bogle, 72, will receive an honorary doc- 
tor of laws degree from the University. 

Former Susquehanna University 
Chaplain The Rev. Christopher 
Thomforde, who recently became presi- 
dent of St. Olaf College in Northfield, 
Minn., will dehver the baccalaureate address 
and receive an honorary doctor of divinity 

Sean Matthew Deibler '69, founding 
artistic director of the Music Group of 
Philadelphia, will receive an honorary doc- 
tor of fine arts degree. 

Investment Guru 

At Valley Forge, Pa., based-Vanguard, Bogle 
was chief executive officer from its founding 
in 1474 until 1996. He served as chairman 
of the board until 1998 and senior chairman 
until retiring in 1999. Inmiediately there- 
after. Bogle, a resident of Bryn Mawr, Pa., 
became president of the Bogle Financial 
Markets Research Center, where he contin- 
ues his work on behalf of investors in the 
fund industry. 

Fortune magazine recognized Bogle as 
one of the four "Giants of the 20th 
Century," and Bloomberg Personal Finance des- 
ignated him as one of "12 Minds That Made 
the Market," depicting Bogle as among 
those who've had the greatest influence on 
how American families invest today. 

His current book,Jii/in Bogle on Inventing, 
was published late last year by McGraw-Hill 
as the first volume in its Great Ideas in 
Finance series. Bogle's other books are Bogle 
on Mutual Funds, which has sold more than 
250,000 copies, and Common Sense on 
Mutual Funds. 

In addition to having served as the 
Henry Kaufhian visiting professor at New 
York Umversity's Stern School of Business, 
succeeding former Federal Reserve 
Chairman Paul Volcker, Bogle also serves as 

a director at The Mead Corp., Chris-Cratt 
Industries, and the Conrmercial General 
Union insurance companies. 

A 1951 graduate of Princeton University, 
Bogle has been a frequent challenger of the 
traditional financial estabhshment and, a 
heart transplant recipient himself, he actively 
promotes organ donor awareness. 

Former Chaplain 

Thomforde followed a ten-year stunt as 
chaplain at Susquehanna with the presiden- 
cy of Bethany College, another ELCA col- 
lege, in Lindsborg, Kan., in 1996. He has 
also served as a parish pastor at St. Paul's 
Lutheran Church m Dansville, N.Y. 
Previously he had been an assistant chaplain 
and instructor in philosophy and reUgion at 
Colgate Umversity, Hamilton, N.Y., and 
taught western languages and medieval 
European history at Tunghai University in 

A basketball standout in both high school 
and college, Thomforde earned an A.B. 
degree in medieval and Russian history 
from Princeton University in 1969 and a 
master of divimty from Yale University 
Divinity School in 1974. He completed 

studies for his doctorate in ministry from 
Princeton Theological Seminary while at 
Bethany College. 

Conductor and Performer 

Deibler, who graduated from Susquehanna 
as John B. Deibler with a degree in clarinet 
and voice, earned a diploma in conducting, 
chamber music, clarinet and voice from the 
Franz Liszt Academy in Budapest, Hungary. 

In 1978, he established the Music Group 
of Philadelphia, a mixed vocal chamber 
ensemble dedicated to performing great 
choral repertory from all musical periods 
with a special emphasis on new, seldom per- 
formed and virtuoso works. From 1982 
until 1996 he served as founding artistic 
director of the 160-voice Choral Arts 
Society of Philadelphia. 

An internationally recognized conductor, 
performer and lecturer, he is also director of 
musicianship studies at the University of the 
Arts in Philadelphia. 

In 1998 the Ministry of Cultural Arts of 
the Repubhc of Hungary honored him with 
the Medal Pro Artibus, Artist of Outstanding 
Merit for promotion of diversified 
Hungarian music abroad. 

Save this Date 

Sunday, September 23, 2001 

to Celebrate 

The Inauguration 
of L. Jay Lemons 

as our I4th President 

Watch for more details in your summer 
issue oi Susquehanna Today. 

Susquehanna University 

SusQiJEHANNA Today 3 

Faculty Retirees: Memories and Plans 

Join us in sharing a brief snapshot of activities and 
fond farewells for members of the Susquehanna fac- 
ulty who are retiring this spring. 

A Robust Internship Program 

Professor Emeritus of Management and 
Coordinator of Business Internships Ken 
Fladmark is retiring for the second time. He 
left in 1992 after 31 years of teaching, then 
returned in 1994. first to serve as acting dean 
of the Sigmund Weis School of Business, then 
as business internship coordinator. 

"He taught, mentored, challenged and 
encouraged literally thousands of SU stu- 
dents," says James Brock, dean of the busi- 
ness school. "As the first director of the 
school's internship program. Dr. Fladmark 
built the most robust program I've ever seen." 
While some business schools boast a 20 per- 
cent student participation rate in summer 
internships. Brock says Susquehanna's is nearly 
80 percent. "His efforts have made a huge dif- 
ference in the growth of our students and in 
the opportunities they face upon graduation." 

Friends can reach him at 

A Rapport with Students 

Retiring, too, this spring is Associate Professor 
of Mathematical Sciences Karl Klose, who 
leaves Susquehanna after 16 years. Before 
arriving here, he taught 1 3 years at Missouri 
Western State College in St. Joseph, Mo. 

A speciahst in numerical computing, Klose 
earned a bachelor's degree fi'om Bucknell; a 
master of arts, master of science and a Ph.D. 
fi'om the Umversity of Alabama, and a master 
of science m computer science from Kansas 
State University. 

"Karl has always had a great rapport with 
students," says Kenneth Brakke. professor of 
mathematical sciences. "He is very informal - 
even asking them to address him as 'Karl.' 

"His solicitude for them even extends to 
letting a deserving student or two use his 
office when he is not in. Our students will 
defimtely rmss him when he retires." 

Blue Highways Beckon 

Associate Professor of PoUtical Science Bruce 
Evans is eyeing the road less traveled. 

His hst includes Haystack in Oregon, 
Yellowstone and Acadia National Park. "Not 
the mam park, but Schoodic, because no one's 
there," he says. 

"We like to tramp," he says. "What got us 
into this was Blue Highways, a book by 
Wilham Least Heat-Moon. When he got 
fired, he got into his van and drove. He avoid- 
ed interstates and took old county roads. He 
called them blue highways." 

Evans came to Susquehanna in 1967, after 
teachmg two years at Crowder College in 
Neosho, Mo. He holds a bachelor's degree 

Among faculty officially retiring this spring are 
Paul Klingensmith, Bob Tyler and Bruce Evans. 

fi-om Purdue University and master of arts 
fi'om Indiana University. 

"When I got here, I shared an office," he 
recalls. "We had a departmental typewriter 
and one building secretary. There were psy- 
chologists. Rat labs. White plastic covered the 
lights. Once, I looked up and there was a 
white rat that had escaped. It was running 
back and forth m the Hght." 

"I won't miss grading. I will miss getting in 
fixjnt of a class and talking," he says. His class 
on film in politics, for example, is cathartic, he 
adds. "I'm doing war and movies. One is 
Saving Private Ryan. I wasn't there, but I 
remember D-Day. I ask, 'Who are these peo- 
ple who went in on D-Day? Most were 18, 
19, 20 years old. Like you [students] are.'" 

Another favorite class is cbta analysis. "It's 
fijn when you see things chck and I like 
independent research with kids. That's where 
you get down to whatever it is you're doing." 

Alumm and friends can reach him at 
ecurbO 1 

A Library to Organize 

After 36 years. Assistant Professor of English 
Paul Klingensmith will enjoy the fall colors 
of Maine and begin orgamzing his home 
Ubrary of 1,100 or so volumes. 

"I've got to take the books out of this 
office. That's going to be the hardest thing," 
he admits. "English teachers don't like getting 
rid of books. Books are special." 

Among his favorites is Wuthering Heights, 
which he has taught 1 5 times, and still finds 
exciting. "It is miportant not to be bored. 
Students are quick to pick up on indifi'erence. 
I like an emotional as well as an intellectual 
conmntment to what I do," he says. "Students 

who develop, change and grow up. That's one 
of teaching's great pleasures." 

Klingensmith arrived at Susquehanna in 
1 965 after earning a bachelor's degree firam 
Princeton and a master of arts from the 
University of Pennsylvania. 

And, even today, he still uses a typewriter. 
"Students ask what that noise is and they 
look at it with amazement," he says. "It's a 
manual Olympia that my mother gave me 
when I went to Princeton in 1953. 1 got used 
to thinking as I type. 1 am the last dinosaur." 

He recalls the department's move from the 
Enghsh Cottage on the site of Apfelbaum 
Hall. "The offices were cramped. The heating 
wasn't efficient. It was hot in summer. It was a 
fun place. But moving to Hassinger Hall in 
1993 was Hke going to heaven," he says. 
"Suddenly, I had reUable heat, air condition- 
ing and an office where I could shut the 
door. It was marvelous. I had bookcase space." 

Friends can reach him at 

Writing Ahead 

Associate Professor of Mathematics Robert 
Tyler plans travel and new projects after 32 
years teaching, but he'll put those plans off for 
one more year to fill a one-year vacancy in 
the math department. 

"I want to go to Europe. I have a daughter 
in New Zealand and three granddaughters 
and I've only met one," he says. 

Tyler joined the Susquehaima faculty in 
1969 and holds bachelor, master and doctor- 
ate degrees from Syracuse University. His 
retirement plans include trying on a new hat 
as a writer of children's tales. "I used to tell 
my kids stories," he says. "One hero was 
Althea Antlers, a deer. Recently, it occurred to 
me that female deer don't have antlers. 
Details. I have Albert Antlers now, with Althea 
as his wife and I am thinking how to put 
math into it. Victor Vector, perhaps." 

Tyler says he has seen many changes in stu- 
dents in three decades of teaching. "They are 
more worldly. They understand more about 
life and have questions about values. It used 
to be easier to teach. 

"Math is the thing I like. Students and soci- 
ety are going more toward computers and 
that's affected mathematics. I teach abstract 
algebra. The common cry is 'Why do we 
learn proofs?' Axiomatic reasoning. This is 
how knowledge is created." 

His SU memories mclude a special campus 
rock concert: "I'm a broken down drummer 
and I had the chance to play," he recalls. And, 
of course, the students: "When students have 
an, 'ah-ha,' when they're having trouble and 
they're enhghtened, they're big moments. 

Friends can reach him at 

- Sam Alcorn, News Services Manager 

4 Susquehanna Today 


Throwing Machine 

Javelin Standout Bound for NCAA Div. IN Championships 

Susquehanna University sophomore 
Matt Deamer '03 continues to 
own the longest throw in NCAA 
Division III in thejavehn this season, with a 
top throw of 212 feet, 1 inch in a quad 
meet at Nicholas A. Lopardo Stadium on 
March 24. 

Bound for the 2001 NCAA Division III 
Outdoor Track and Field Championships at 
Millikm University in Decatur, 111., from 
May 24-26, he is attempting to become the 
eighth national champion and 33 All- 
Anierican for Susquehanna men's track and 
field Coach Jim Taylor in his 23 seasons at 
the helm of the Crusaders. 

Deamer, a busmess major and graduate of 
Indian Valley High School in Lewistown, 
Pa., has surpassed the 200-foot plateau on 
three occasions this season. He also owns 
three of the top four distances in Division 
III during the 2001 season. 

He opened the outdoor season with a 
flourish by throwmg 209 feet, 8 inches at 
the Washingiton & Lee Invitational on 

Matt Deemer prepares for a warmup throw at 
the SU Track and Field Invitational meet. 
Photo by Ron Schmicl<, courtesy of The Daily Item 

March 17 to automatically qualify for the 
NCAA Division III Track and Field 
Championships, and followed one week 
later with his Division-lII best throw agamst 
Gettysburg, Messiah and Jumata. On April 
10, Deamer easily won the event in a tri- 
meet against Messiah and Ehzabethtown 
with a throw of 203 feet, 5 inches. 

The only other Division III athletes to 
surpass 200 feet this year are Carroll (Wise.) 
jumor NickWeitor at 203 feet, 10 inches 

and Middlebury's Bryan Black at 200 feet, 7 
inches. The NCAA Division III automatic 
qualifying distance is 200 feet, 5 inches. 

Last season, Deamer was seeded second at 
the NCAA Division III championships at 
North Central College after a regular-season 
throw of 21 1 feet, 6 inches, but he finished 
ll'" as teammate Adam Ressler '00 took 
home the gold with a Susquehanna mod- 
ern-record throw of 221 feet, 6 inches. 

Susquehanna has qualified at least one 
athlete in the men's javeUn at nationals for 
five consecutive years, and Deamer will look 
to become the third Susquehanna national 
champion in the event in the last four years. 
Besides Ressler's title last year,Janee 
Shaner claimed the women's national tide 
in 1998 as a freshman. 

All three have been coached in the event 
by former Lewisburg High School and 
Susquehanna standout Cris Delbaugh, 
who has had four All-Americans in addition 
to two national champions in his 10 years as 
an assistant coach. 

Construction is nearing 

COnnpi6LlOn on Susquehanna's new field house, which 
will be open In time for Alumni Weekend on June 1-3, 2001. The 
field house is the final phase of a ^14 million enhancement to 
sports and recreational facilities including the new Nicholas A. 
Lopardo Stadium, the Clyde H. Jacobs Fitness Center, extensive 
renovations to O.W. Houts Gymnasium, and a new baseball field. 

First-place Crusaders 

Freshman Lesley Sciarrillo (20) finished the regular season tied for 
third on the team with 18 goals to lead the Crusader women's 
lacrosse squad to an 11-4 record and a first-place finish in the Middle 
Atlantic Conference for the first time in the program's 11-year 
history. Photo by David Applegate 'oi. 


Alumni. News 

Class Notes 

Shari Trembulak '93 

Dear Alumni: 

"What does the alumni office do?" I've been asked this question a 
few times during my SU travels so I thought I'd take a moment to 
answer it here. Some of the obvious things that we do are to plan 
events and reumons- But do you reahze that we've planned 20 
events smce January {in Philadelphia, Harrisburg, New York, 
Hoboken, Connecticut, North Carolina and locally) and are m the 
process of planmng 10 reumons for June? Events being planned for 
the rest of the spring and sunmier are hsted on page 21. If we're 
gomg to be m your neck of the woods, we'd love to meet you! 

Alumm Weekend 2001 will bring the classes ending m a 1 and 6 
back to campus the first weekend in June. The reunion committees 
have been working hard and have planned many (un activities to 
keep alumni busy. But don't forget the number one reason to come 
back m June... to rekindle old fi-iendships, and there will be plenty 
of opportumty to do that this reunion weekend. 

There are so many not-so-obvious activities that the alumni 
office participates in. Just to name a few: Homecoming Weekend 
(October 5-7), SU Today, The Alumm Career Team, and our new 
student group, The SU Ambassadors. Please check out our web site, if you have any questions about what we 
do and for a hst of current alumm events and reunion activities. 

So yes, we're busy, but we'll always make tune for our alumm. If 
there is ever anything we can do for you or if you have an idea for 
an event or reunion, please let us know. Wishing you the best - 
from Joanne and Ethel too. 

Happy Spring! 

Shan Trembulak '93 Mangels 
Director of Alumm Relations 

Class Notes 

GoodbyCy Ethel 

Over the last 26 years, there have 

been five alumm directors, four alumni offices and 
four umversity presidents at Susquehanna, but one 
thing has remained constant. As of June 1, that, too, 
will change when Ethel Foot closes the alumm 
office door to join the ranks of retirement. 

Ethel, or Ethelbelle. as her dear friends hke to 
call her, has been the person to welcome people to 
the office since April 1, 1975. Her position here 
was her first full-time job, when she began work- 
ing with Dee Wesner *81 and Buss Carr *52, 
who hke to tease that they Uught Ethel everything 
she knows. 

"She was the one who started havmg balloons 
(at events)," Buss says. "I can see now that she was 
right (to decorate). Of course, I'd never tell her 

Throughout the last few decades, Ethel has won 
the affection of her co-workers. Because of the 
deep friendship they share, they have no reserva- 
nons about also sharing fiinny stories. 

Sandy Wolf and Linda Skinner '85, former 
members of the SU development staff, recendy 
reminisced about some of the things Ethel has 
done during her tenure, including the day she 
walked around with pink hair after a mbe of hp- 

stick had opened in her purse and stained her 
comb. They also recalled some of the beloved 
habits Ethel has developed, mcluding post-it notes 
for everything, everywhere. 

"... she always has a smile ... 

and a cheery ^Good morning, 

sunshine ../*' 

As she imparts stories about the many alumni 
she remembers, she says, "I've made many dear 
friends working here and learned a lot, too . . . 
There have been a lot of fianny moments and a lot 
of special people." 

Ethel's friends, and many alumm, say her sense 
of humor that has always brightened the office and 
the registration table at Alumm Weekend will be 

"It doesn't matter if I'm having a bad day or am 
depressed, she always has a smile for me and a 
cheery 'Good mormng, sunshine' or "Hey, kiddo,'" 
says Judy Newcomer. Umversity Relations secre- 
tary and one of Ethel's closest friends. 

While she says she'll nuss adding to the memo- 
ries and friendships of her 26 years, Ethel is look- 


/■ .'Ax&Jit: ..^.E*,.- 

Ethel Foor 

ing forward to gardemng, and more tmie to spend 
on her knitting and art projects as well as with her 
daughters and grandchildren. 

— Joanne Marquardt 'OOTwulman 

Join us as we say farewell to Ethel during 
Alumni Weekend's "Conversation with the 
President" session beginning at ii a.m., 
Saturday, June 2, in Benjamin Apple Lecture 
Hall, Bogar Hall. 

6 Susquehanna Today 

Please send your alumni news and 
class updates to the Class Reporter 
for your year or to the: 

Office of Alumm Relations 
Susquehanna University 
5 1 4 University Avenue 
Selinsgrove. PA 1 7870- 1 025 
Fax: 570-372-2777 
Material received on campus by June 1, 
2001, Will be mcluded m the summer 


Class Reporter: 

Janet Eatharl Harkins 
437 Meer Avenue 
Wyckoff.NJ 07481-1837 



Class Reporter: 

WiUiam H. Gehron 

747 Arch Street 

Williamsport, PA 1770^5659 

Michael F. Wolf 4I 


Michael J. Wolf '69 displays a 
photo of his uncle for whom the 
bridge over Little Pine Creek in 
Waterville, Pa„ will be renamed. 

for a Hero 

The bridge over Little Pine Creek on Route 44 in Waterville. Pa., will be renamed in 
honor of a Susquehanna hero on Saturday. June 23rd. 

The first SU casualty ofWbrldWar II, Army Air Corps 2nd Lt. Michael F. Wolf '41 
was wounded in the Battle of Bataan in the Philippines in April 1942. He was captured a 
month later and tmraculously survived the infamous. 65-mile "Bataan Death March." only 
to lose his life m December 1 944 when American forces mistakenly bombed a Japanese 
ship in Subic Bay. The Japanese had failed to display markings identifying the ship as carry- 
ing prisoners of war. 

The youngest of eight children and just six years old when his father died. Wolf was the 
only one of four brothers to attend school past the fifth grade, says nephew and namesake 
Michael J. Wolf '69, a retired accountant who is currendy a tax collector in Riverside. Pa. 

Carrie Campbell, the wife of a Sunbury physician who had a summer home in 
Waterville. recograzed his uncle's potential and arranged transportation so he was able to 
graduate fi-om Jersey Shore High School in 1937. She later enrolled him in Susquehanna 
and provided an apartment in Sunbury and an old car to drive to classes. A member of the 
German Club, The Lanlhom staff, and ROTC. he graduated summa cum laude with a 
bachelors degree in business administration. 

The June 23 bridge-naimng ceremony will recognize WolTs extraordinary accomplish- 
ments at home and abroad, says his nephew, who decries the current stereotypical portrayal 
of men as "bumbling buffoons" in TV commercials and sitcoms. "They do a dreadiiil disser- 
vice to the tens of thousands of men and boys who made the ultunate sacrifice in foreign 
wars to defend our freedom," says Wolf. "My uncle is a real American hero and truly 
deserves the honor." 

To read more about Michael Wolf, log on to 



Class Reporter: 
Mary Emma Yoder Jones 
R.R 6. Box 718 
Altoona, PA 16601 



Class Reporter: 

Ruth Eleanor McCorkill 

4 1 8 Orange Street 

Northumberland. PA 17857-1531 


Class Reporter: 
Ethel Hlbon Kersthner 
26} West Butler Drive 
Drums, PA 1S222 


Class Reporter: 

Louise Kresge Isaacs 
2721 Goljside Court 
Naples. FL 34110-8676 




Class Reporter: 

Robert F Wohlsen 

145 Herman Boulevard 

Franklin Square, NY 11010-2725 

On April 26, 2001, in Gettysburg, 
Pa., four Susquehannans. the Rev. 
Dale S. Bringtnan '48. the Rev. 
David E. Bomboy '48, the Rev H. 
Lee Hebel '48, and the Rev 
Augustus V. Tietbohl '48, celebrat- 
ed the 50 anniversary of their ordi- 
nation to the Lutheran ministry on 
May 25, 1951, in Messiah Lutheran 
Church, Philadelphia, Pa. Joming the 
celebration were their wives, Mary 
Moyer '45 Btingman. Betty 
Smith '48 Bomboy, Edith Wegner 
'49 Hebel, and Eleanor Steele '48 
Lady, widow of the late Rev. 
Charles L. Lady '48 Subsequendy, 
Bringman and Hebel served on 
Susquehanna's board of trustees. 

Jack Thorp '50 and Gabrielle Speyer 
'49 Thorp of Norw/alk Conn., 
recently renewed their wedding 
vows at the Little Church of the 
West in Las Vegas, Nev. They were 
originally married on Dec. 9, 1950, 
in New York City. In attendance 
were Thomas and Phyllis Raulerson. 
They are the parents of three 
daughters: Pamela Thorp of New 
York City, Mrs. Seneath Bostrom 
and Mrs. Gabrielle Thorp-Crippes, 
both of Phoenix, Ariz. They have 
three grandsons: Jack Bostrom, and 
Austin and Kyle Crippes. 



Class Reporter: 
Richard G. Weslervelt 
700 Scarsdale Avenue 
Scarsdak, NT 10583 

Helen Polk '50 Peitz reports: "The 
Alumm Society of Haddonfield (N.J.) 
High School announced that the 
Teacher Achievement Award has been 
awarded posthumously to Jane 
Troutman '50 Maddocks to honor 
her outstanding and inspirational con- 
tributions to the students she taught 
at Haddonfield. 

Jane, a dedicated high school social 
studies and history teacher for more 
than 30 years, was nominated by stu- 
dents from the class of 1974 who 
remember her as their patient, kind, 
'yet no pushover' class advisor. 

Jane, who retired in 1990. became 
ill in 1994 and passed away in 1998. 
She IS survived by three daughters 
and three great grandchildren." 




The Capital Region Mental 
Health Association recenUy honored 
Hazel Brobst '51 Brown with the 
association's first Shirley Freedman 
Award. The award recogmzes a volun- 
teer who has devoted at least 10 years 
to the field of mental health. A pro- 

SusQUEHANNA Today 7 


Samuel D. Ross, Jr. 54 


is years of cormnitment to service are simply extraordinary, yet Samuel D. 
Ross Jr. *54, himself, says his foray into volunteerism was quite the opposite. 
"I started out the way I think most everyone with a young faimJy seems to, 
with the PTA." Soon thereafter he moved on to scout leader, and now, more than 30 
years later, Ross is the recipient of the 2001 alumni association award for service. He won 
the associations award for achievement m 1989. 

Ross, retired president of Highmark, Inc., the parent company of Pennsylvania Blue 
Shield, says that very often a person's profession guides them mto a certain area of volun- 
teering and that the position he held when coming to Pennsylvania Blue Shield in 1970 
went hand-in-hand with his volunteerism. "When you become an executive in a compa- 
ny you simply have to take an interest in the community. I always encourage people who 
work with me to get involved and be a part of things hke the Umted Way. They have 
fabulous ways to get people excited about making an impact in their community." 

Ross has lent his time, expertise, and generosity to dozens of causes mcluding the 
Harrisburg AreaYMCA and The National Multiple Sclerosis Society. He contmues to be 
a part of the Pennsylvama State Chamber of Business and Industry and along with his 
wife, Dorothy Apgar '53 Ross, a member of the Umted Way's Alexis deTocqueville Society. 

Ross insists that he is the fortunate one to be able to volunteer at this level and is generous with volunteering advice. "It's 
good to go into to an organization and get the lay of the land. Then set up some specific criteria as to what you'd hke to 
accomplish." He says this was particularly important to him durmg his time on Susquehanna's board of directors, including 
leadership as chair firom 1997 to 2000. "I obviously wanted to see through to the success of the [Susquehanna 2000) cam- 
paign." He faced an unexpected second goal: to find a successor to President Joel Cunmngham. Ross was thrilled that Nick 
Lopardo '68, who would succeed him as board chair, agreed to head the search committee."! knew he would do a great 
job. Also, watching him steer the search took care of all my concerns about ieavmg the board, knowing it would be left in 
such capable hands" 

Since retirmg in 1997. he and Dorothy are traveUng more and spend several winter months in Florida. They will return to 
campus for the alumm weekend award ceremony, though he admits speeches are not a favorite chore. "I'll have to look mto 
my files. Maybe my achievement award speech will work again," he quips. 

- Mary Cammarata Markle 

Samuel D. Ross, Jr. 

fessor emerita of psychology at 
Harrisburg Area Community CoUege 
and hcensed psychologist. Brown cur- 
rendy serves on boards including the 
Mental Health Association, the 
Cumberland/Perry County MH/MR 
Program and the Masonic Learmng 
Center for Dyslexic Children, and is 
a member of the strategic plaimmg 
committee of the Holy Spirit 
Hospital. Honored by Susquehanna 
Umversity with the Alumm 
Association Service Award m 1998. 
she Uves in Camp Hill, Pa. 






Class Reporter: 

Faye Kostenbauder Williamson 
2852 Sandyford Aivnue 
Philadelphia, PA 19152 

45^=h REUNION 

Eleanor Dively *56 married 
John Hoffinan. Oct. 7, 2000, St. James 
Lutheran Church, Philadelphia. Pa., 
where she works part tune as special 
ministries coordmator. She retired 
fi-om J.B. Lippincott Pubhshing 
Company in 1997, where she had 
been employed 20 years as a develop- 
mental editor. In 1997, three authors 
{Taylor. Lillis, Lemone) dedicated the 
third edition of their book. 
Fundamentals of Nursing, to her. The 
couple hves in Philadelphia. 

Class Reporter: 

Jack Cisney 
4802 Eoff Street 
Benwood,lW 26031-1008 

Harry "Bucky" Clark '59, prin- 
cipal of Log College Middle School 
in Warminster. Pa., has been elected 
to the Hatboro-Horsham Hall of 
Fame for his outstanding contribu- 
tions in education. He also serves as 
mimster of music at Gloria Dei 
Lutheran Church in Huntingdon 
Valley, is vice president of the 
Hatboro Borough Council, and is a 
board member at Warminster General 



Class Reporter: 
Lynn Hassinger Askew 
25 Gladys Avenue 
Manville. NJ 08835-2347 

Class Reporter: 
Donald E. Coleman 
128 Verna Road 
LeunsbuTg.PA 17837-8747 






The Rev. James A. DeLong '62 

married Ruth Ann Slonaker, Oct, 8, 
2000, St. Matthew Evangehcal 
Church, Lebanon, Pa. He is pastor of 
St. Matthew. 



Class Reporter: 
Irene Etter Schmehl 
3194 Etter Road 
Chambershurg, PA 17201 



Class Reporter: 
Marjorie Brandt Waltman 
317 Yorkshire Drive 
Harrisburg. PA 17111 

Dr George A. Kirchner '64 has 

been named president ot the 5,000- 
member Permsylvama Dental 
Association. He has served on several 
American Dental Association com- 
mittees and chaired the Council on 
Dental Care in 1991 and 1992. He 
serves on the dental staff of the 
Lehigh Valley Hospital. In his personal 
life, he is a member of the cornet 
section of the Allentown Band, 
America's oldest concert band. He is 
a registered soccer official for USFF, 
PIAA for high school games and 
NISOA for college games. At the 
Lutheran Church of the Holy Spirit 
m Emmaus, he smgs in the semor 
choir and is an assistant minister. He 
and his wife. Carol Cox '65 
Kirchner, hve in Allentown, Pa. 



Class Reporter: 

Susan C. Petrie 

8917 Graffs Mill Drwe 

Owings Mills, MD 2111 7-6136 

8 Susquehanna Today 





CUss Reporter: 

Carol Wentzel Felix 
30 South U^^ Street 
Sunbury.PA J780U2952 
CarolfeUx@hotmail. com 

Jane Fiedler '66 Madio is presi- 
dent of the trustees of the Alpha 
Delta Pi Foundation. The mission of 
the foundaoon is to provide resources 
for educational, leadership and phil- 
anthropic opportunities for women. 
The foundation seeks to improve the 
hves of women and the commumties 
in which they hve. 

Stephen D. Melching *66 is 
alumm chapter chair for Northeast 
Florida. The group has had two suc- 
cesstul alumm events - the last one in 
the nation's oldest city, St. Augustine. 
A third event is being planned for this 
fall. Steve is extremely active in 
Rotary and still active in real esute 
development in the Jacksonville area. 
Steve and his wife, Janet, are avid 
Jaguar fans. They Hve in PonteVedra 
Beach, Fla. 

Diana Youngblood '66 
Scroggins is the executive director, 
The Theatre of the Repubhc Inc.. 
Conway, S.C. 


Class Reporter: 
I'lrfiinia Bititek 
29 South Wayne Street 
Robesonia, PA 19551 

William Harvey Wiest '67 is one 

of two judges of the Court of 
Common Pleas of Northumberland 
County and handles all of the juve- 
nile court proceedings as well as a 
share of all other matters that come 
before the court. He is m his 43"^" 
year as organist at Trimty Umted 
Church of Christ in Dalmatia, Pa. He 
IS in his 18^" year of coaching 
Odyssey of the Mind at Line 
Mountain Schools. The problems 
encountered by the teams often 
involve musical activities. He is also 
actively mvolved with the Mahanoy 
and Mahantongo Historical and 
Preservation Society, as well as 
numerous other historical and 
genealogical organizations. 

Class Reporter: 
Samue! D. Clapper 
254 Barrister Drive 
Somerset, PA 15501-9361 

Richard D. Spotts '68, m his 

capacity as CFO of AmeriQuest, an 
Internet purchasmg aggregator for the 
trucking industry, made several finan- 
cial presentations to the annual 
AMTRALEASE Convention at St. 
Thomas in the Virgin Islands. 
AMTPuMEASE is one of the coun- 
try's largest trade associations repre- 
senting the truck rental and leasing 

Warminster, Pa., and began a new 
career as the education product and 
trainmg speciahst for K'NEX 
Industries in Hatfield, Pa. Bob's new 
position takes him to every corner of 
the country as he presents profession- 
al development workshops and repre- 
sents the company at major education 
conferences and convenaons. He hves 
in Chalfont, Pa. 

The Rev. W. Stevens Shipman 
'69 is pastor of First Evangehcal 
Lutheran Church in Watsontown, Pa. 




Class Reporter: 

Barbara Hitchens DePerro 

Apt. 1-A 

333 East 80^^ Street 

New York, NY 10021 

Robert Jesberg *69 retired from 
the Centenmal School District in 

Class Reporter: 
Kathryn Zierdt Grubb 
171 Riverbend Road 
Berkeley Heights, NJ 07922 

Marcia Graefif '70 Bell is the 

coordinator of smdenl services at the 
Lutheran Theological Seminary at 

Steven Dubs '70 married Barbara 
Pritz, Feb. 3, 2001. St. Paul's Wolfi 
United Church of Christ, York, Pa. 
Steve is a manufacturer's representa- 
tive for ten fiirmture manufacturers in 
eastern Pennsylvama. Barbara owns a 

restaurant in York. They hve in Red 
Lion. Pa. 

Jelhnghaus & Associates Inc., is 
entering its third year of busmess as a 
"marriage broker" between corpora- 
tions and nonprofit institutions. The 
firm was founded by Fritz 
Jellinghaus '70 whose 30-year career 
workmg with major corporations and 
leading arts, cultural, educational, and 
humamtanan ms&tutions shaped the 
firm's mission - to create finkages 
between nonprofit and corporate 
worlds that advance their individual 
needs and the common good. Among 
Its most recent assignments are: devel- 
oping a comprehensive corporate cit- 
izenship program - business rationale 
and strategic focus - for the pharma- 
ceutical leader Purdue Pharma; raising 
corporate sponsorship for a PBS film 
on American Impressionism; develop- 
ing multi-year partnerships for the 
international bUndness orgamzation 
ORBIS with leading global compa- 
mes including FedEx and 
McDonald's; posiriomng Save the 
Children's global programs for corpo- 
rate support; and estabhshing a top- 
level advisory council for the bi-state. 
Long Island Sound education- 
research -advocacy group Save the 
Sound. Fritz fives in New York City. 


Glenn Ray Showalter 59 


ome three decades ago, Tennessee resident Glenn Showalter '59 set the 
I stage and began staging the sets for ... the stage. The one that bears his name 
and IS the centerpiece of the Signal Mountain Playhouse, a thriving "family 
theater" that Showalter helped to set in motion on behalf of the once-idle youth 
in his suburban-Chattanooga community. 

"The kids in our area had tmie to kill and money and cars, and kept getting in 
trouble," recalls Showalter, a purchasing manager for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of 
Tennessee. "A bunch of us tried to come up with different ways to keep them 

Drawing upon his background as an SU art student and set designer for uni- 
versity productions, Showalter suggested recruiting young people to put on a play 
- The Tortoise and the Hare. 

"We did that for a summer," he says. "And the kids came back the next year 
and wanted to do it again." 

Thus was a tradition launched. Today, thanks in large part to Showalter's enthu- 
siastic support, the Signal Mountain Playhouse is a sophisticated - but still volun- 
teer-driven Chattanooga-area institution, staging two plays each year for crowds of 
up to 600. 

"At this year's production of The Wizard of Oz, we'll have 150 munchkins on 
stage m fiill costume," says Showalter, explaining that casts are often "stretched" to 
allow more local children to participate. "We're also going to try to 'fly' the witch and the house. We've come a long way" 

Showalter, who still designs sets and programs, was recendy rewarded by the community he's served, when the playhouse 
stage was named in his honor"! thought maybe they did it to get rid of me," he jokes. "But I keep coming back." 

Showalter was also nonimated by the playhouse board of directors for aJ.C. Penney Golden Rule Award, recognizing his 
long-time commitment to the theater 

"We're getting a region-wide reputation," he adds proudly. "The town likes us." 

- Beth Fantaskey Kaszuba 

He Sets 
the Stage 

Susquehanna Today 9 


Dawn Grigg 68 Mueller 


Tsfl _ 

awn Grigg *68 Mueller insists she was "absolutely floored" at the 
I news she would be this year's recipient of the aluinni association 
award for achievement. "With all the wonderful SU alums that I 
know, It's hard to beUeve I was even a bUp on the radar," says Mueller. And 
this is not a person full of false modesty. 

A retired director of neonatal intensive care and associate professor of pedi- 
atrics at the Medical College ofVirgima Commonwealth University (MCV), 
Mueller is very maner of fact relaying the details of her involvement in 
groundbreaking leaps made in her field. She explains that in the early 1980s 
4^ *.!^^^^^^^^^^H^B^R@bi? MCV was one of only five mstitutions utihzing a then- experimental, but now 
^llJf ^^^^^^^^HPP^^^^ -"^l standard, technique called extracorporeal membrane oxygenation, a type of 

4'y^^^^^^^^^B? '^^ extended heart-lung bypass used in critically ill infants. She also proudly 

ne ^^^^^^^^^HB'i ' recalls being involved in the early clinical trials of surfactant replacement ther- 

.ipy, a treatment for premature infants with respiratory problems. The year fol- 
lowing Its FDA approval, Mueller says the mortahty rate for premature infants 
significandy declined. 
Mueller came to SU in 1964 for a fairly common reason. Since the tenth grade she had known she wanted to be a physi- 
cian and she was looking for a sohd science education fi-om a small Hberal arts university. She opted for a major in chemistry 
for a less common reason - to avoid botany. She fondly remembers Professor Bruce Presser's incredible embryology lectures, 
his colored chalk everywhere, but says it was probably Professor Tom McGrath who had the greatest influence on her pursu- 
ing medical school."! did well my fi-eshman year but struggled the following year with a heavy course load." She adds that 
McGrath "consoled" her by reassuring her that she probably wouldn't have been a very good doctor anyway. Mueller says that 
was just the kick she needed. She chose MCV in Richmond, Va., for medical school and hasn't looked back (or anywhere else) 

She retired in 1998 after a 21 -year career and now spends time taking courses m French and photography, continuing to 
attend medical conferences, and devoting much more time to Susquehaima, her "true labor of love." She adds that she has 
especially enjoyed catching up on time with her husband, attorney Alan Fleischer. They're planning a trip to Switzerland this 
summer. While Mueller admits she doesn't miss the stress of her career, she does miss her colleagues and patients and their 
families. "My greatest sense of satisfaction came from being a support to the parents. I believe I did that well; that's where I 
feel I made a difference." 

— Mary Cammarata Markle 



Class Reporter: 
HfiilticyA. Gay 
5 North Gateitfay 
Witichesler, MA 01890 

Peggy Haas '71 Howell, organist 
and choirmaster at Saint John's 
Episcopal Church m Lynchburg, Va.. 
was feamred in the Fine Arts Series of 
First United Methodist in 
Martinsville, Va. The concert was 
given in memory of Jack and Jesse 
Hodges. In 1985, Jesse Hodges gave 
the church its organ in memory of 
her late husband. Jack. Peggy is a 
well-known orgamst in this country 
and has made many European tours. 

Irving A. Miller '71 has been 
appointed to group vice president. 

external affairs, Toyota Motor Sales 
USA Inc.TMS states, "Miller's twen- 
ty-plus year career with TMS makes 
him an excellent choice for the com- 
pany's top communications position. 
He has a unique understanding of the 

automobile busmess having worked 
in all facets of the mdustry fi^om 
regional management to laying the 
foundation for Toyota's entry into e- 
commerce." Irv lives m PalosVerdes 
Estates, Calif. 


William I. Magruder '72 is 

senior vice president, the Clark 
Construction Group Inc., Bethesda, 



Class Reporter: 
S.John Price 
108 North 9'^' Street 
Ashland. PA 17921-1233 

Andrew P. Haller *73 is semor 
vice president and general counsel of 
Pacificorp in Portland. Ore. 


Class Reporter: 
Susan Lang Martin 
12 Prince Henry Drive 
Randolph, NJ 07869 

Marsha A. Lehman *74 is an 

executive vice president, operations, 
for Resource Opamizaaon Inc., 
KnoxviUe, Temi. 


Class Reporter: 

William Clark Snyder 


Ill Glenwood Avenue 

Binghamtan, NY 13905-1944 

James BagUn *75 was selected to 
receive the 2000 Northeast Region 
coach of the year for the sport of 

Susan Lang '74 Martin reports: "Eight BEST friends got together in Vermont at the vacation home of Christine Schmidt 
'74 Smith. They spent time touring Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Factory, hiking, shopping and 'catching up.' Pictured, left 
to right: Ellen Doran '74 Reilly, Susan Lang '74 Martin, Marilynn Blend '74 Carstensen, Jeannie Kauffman '74 Kreiser, 
Vicki Freeman '74 Bomberger, Susan Zierdt '74 Kirshenbaum, Joanne Thomas '74 McCard and Christine Schmidt '74 
Smith. Sorely missed were Meg Shaw '74 Ellacott and Chere Wise '74 McDermott who had other obligations. The 
group tries to get together as often as they can and are looking forward to their next reunion this coming September." 

10 Susquehanna Today 

Boys Basketball from the National 
Federation Coaches Association. The 
Northeast Region includes 
Connecticut. Maine. Massachusetts. 
New Hampshire. New Jersey. New 
York. PJiode Island, and Vermont. 
Baghn coaches in West Morns 
Mendham High School, Mendham. 
Nj. He hves in Dunellen. N.J. 





Class Reporter: 
Brenda Zhoray Kiinger 
968 Bluejay Road 
Harrisburg, PA 17111-5005 

Sherry Sheafier '76 Breton 

teaches private voice and piano in her 
home studio. She sings operatic selec- 
tions as the soprano soloist of the 
New Holland Concert Band and also 
performs as a member of theYuletide 
Singers, a hohday quartet entertaimng 
at Longwood Gardens. She and her 
family hve in West Chester, Pa. Her 
son, Nathan, 10, is an up and coimng 
pianist and accompamst for his school. 

Scott M. Granet *76 is a psy- 
chotherapist with Palo Alto Medical 
Foundation, Pilo Alto. Cahf Scott and 
his wife. Nancy, hve in Redwood 
City. CaUf , and they have a daughter. 

Dennis A. Shoemaker *76 is a 
logistician for the Naval Air Warfare 
Center- Aircraft Division in Patuxent 
River, Md. Dennis was the leader of a 
Multi-Place Life Raft Replacement 
Team which recently was awarded 
one of only ten 1 999 awards for 
excellence presented by the Defense 
Standardization Program Office for 
the entire Department of Defense. 
Dennis and his vnt'e and daughter hve 
in Leonardtown. Md. 

Class Reporter: 
Lynn Sarf 
844 High Point 
Claremotit, CA 91711 

Douglas C. Hornberger '77 is 

managing director of Merrill Lynch 
Raleigh Complex (seven Merrill 
Lynch offices in North Carohna). 
Doug and his wife, Betsy, and their 
three children. Jennifer, Allison, and 
Wilham, hve in Raleigh. N.C. 

Cordelia Rust '77 Mann, teacher 
of K-5 music in Princeton Regional 
School District, Princeton, N.J., was 
recogmzed by the Vermont AUiance of 
the Arts for excellence in arts educa- 
tion 2000. 

Kenneth R.Vomacka '77 is a 
CPA in Laconia, N.H. He hves in 
Belmont. N.H. 

Gill Redpath '76 reports "Jeff 
Yates '77 is doing great things at St. 
Edwards School in Vero Beach. Fla. 
Jeff IS in the music program of the 
school and with his high standards 
and high expectations of his students 
has made a tremendous impact on the 
character of all students who learned 
from his discipUne and his direction." 


Class Reporter: 
Judy Rile 
2-F Olympic Drive 
ShUUngton, PA 19607-3333 

Kevin M. Fitzpatrick '78 has 

received an International Fulbnght 
Scholar Research award. Fitzpatrick, 
who was recendy promoted to ftill 
professor at the Umversity of Alabama 
at Birnungham department of sociol- 
ogy, studies the effects of risk-taking 
behavior on the mental health and 
social development of minority youth. 



Don '70 & Darcy Jones '72 Hamlin join friends Janean Clare 72 and Bill Bloom 
at The Arden Theater in Philadelphia on March 25 for an alumni reception and 
play. Amy Murphy '85 Nolen, a co-owner of the theater, hosted the event. 

Mix It Up! 

Susquehanna University Alumni Weekend 

JUNE I, Z& 3 

Reunion Brick Plaza Dedication 

Opening of the New Field House 

Bond and Key Reunion 

Alumni Seminars 

Magic Show, Petting Zoo and Pony Rides 

Susquehanna Today 11 

As a Fulbright Scholar, he will be on 
faculty at the Albert-Szent Gyorgyi 
Medical University in Szeged. 
Hungary, where he will continue his 
research on adolescent risk-uking 
behavior. He resides vvith his wife. 
Mary, and son, Michael, in 
Birmingham. Ala. 

William N. Garrett '78 partici- 
pated in Odyssey 2000, a yearlong, 
worldwide bicycle trip. 250 bicycUsts 
from the U.S.. Canada, Europe, and 
South America rode over 18,000 
miles on six continents. The trip 
started and ended in Pasadena. Calif, 
and had them riding in the 
Tournament ot Roses Parade. Garrett 
hves in Princeton Junction, N.J. 

Robert Irwin '78 is semor direc- 
tor, information technology support. 
West Chester Data Center. He Hves 
m King of Prussia, Pa. 

Helen Ely *78 Kauffinan is 
acquisitions hbrarian at the U.S. Army 
Medical History Institute in CarUsle, 

Fidelity Investments Executive Vice 
President David L. Liebrock '78 
was the featured speaker at 
Susquehanna Umversity s Annual 
Sigmund Weis Memorial Lecture on 
April 25, He spoke on the impact of 
technology on retail and wholesale 
investing and investment manage- 
ment. Liebrock is responsible for 
Fidehty s Large Plan Services Group, 
which services the Fortune 700 
defined-contribution market. It cur- 
rendy administers S250 biUion for 
more than four miUion accounts at 
more than 140 companies. Before 
joining Fidehty in 1991, he worked 
for SEI Corp. for 14 years. 

The Rev. Wayne T. Lupole '78 
has joined Hospice Samt John of the 
Greater Hazleton Area as chaplam/ 
bereavement coordinator. In this role, 
he will provide support and encour- 
agement to termmally ill patients and 
their famihes, as well as commumty 
education and volunteer traimng. He 
hves in Sugarloat" Township, Pa, 

Karen Hackman '78 Mendonca 
has been named to the board of 
directors of Evangehcal Commumty 
Hospital, Lewisburg, Pa. Karen is an 
attorney and partner in the firm of 
Rudmtsky and Hackman and she and 
her husband, Leo, own and operate 
the Potleiger House Bed and 
Breaktast Inn, Sehnsgrove, Pa. 

J. Scott Mitchell '78, reared Lt. 
Colonel in the U.S. Marine Corp., is 
systems engineer with Logicon 
Technology Solutions, Alexandria, Va- 
Scott and his wife, Julia Brown '81 
Mitchell, and their two teenage sons. 
Andrew and Wesley. Uvc in Sufford, 



Michael, Ashley, and Marianne and Steve Schongar '83 joined alumni at the 
Harlem Globetrotters game at the Hartford Civic Center on March li. 



Class Reporter: 
Sue Odjakjiati 
22745 Miranda Street 
Woodland mis. CA 91367 

Ellen Roush '79 DiDomenico is 

human services director for the 
Lycoming Chnton Joinder Board, 
WiUiainsport, Pa. In that capacity, she 
oversees the Lycoming Chnton 
County MH/MR Program and 
Lycoming County Children and 
Youth Services. She has been 
involved in local and statewide system 
reform initiatives to improve service 
dehvery and outcomes for children 
and famihes. She lives in Selinsgrove. 



Class Reporter: 

Robb Whitmoyer 

211 Baldunn Boulevard 

Orchard Hills 

Selinsgrove, PA 17870-9511 

Dobber@sunUnk. net 

Born to Alice A. Farrell '80 and 
Ian Poots, a daughter. Maeve Jean, 
March 22, 2000. Ahce is a property 
specialist, Sirius SateUite Radio, New 
York City. They hve m Brooklyn, 

Thomas C. O'Neill '80 has 
been named semor vice president- 
investments for A.G. Edwards & Sons, 
Inc., a national brokerage firm based 
in St. Louis. O'Neill is a financial 
consulunt in the firm's Sagemore 
Complex, Marlton. NJ., office. He 
and his wife, Lisa, hve in Shamong, 
NJ., with their three children. 

Timothy J. Stasko '80 is a certi- 
fied financial planner for American 
Express Financial Services. He hves in 
Drums. Pa. 




Class Reporter: 
Christopher Kiessling 
243 Hill Road 
Groton,MA 01450-1607 

Born to Mike and Sally 
Cherrington '81 Beggs, a son, 
Nathan James. June 26, 1999. Sally is 
chair of the music department, assis- 
tant professor of music and college 
organist at Newberry College, an 
ELCA college in Newberry, S.C. She 
re-located there fix>m the Chicago 
area, where she had been fiilltime 
director of music at St. Luke's ELCA 
Church m Park Ridge, an assistant 
professor of music and college organ- 
ist at Elmhurst College, and an active 
fi-eelance performer and workshop 

David A. Johnson '81 is vice 
president, medical education, Laerdal 
Medical Corporation, Wappmger 
Falls, N.Y. 

Born to Keith '81 and Beth 
Nacinovich '82 Shuey, a daughter, 
Laura Kathleen, Oct. 25, 2000. They 
hve m Harnsburg, Pa. 

Born to Kenneth and Diane 
Croft *81 Wesche. a daughter, 
Nicole Catherme, Sept. 25, 2000. 
Diane is executive director, 
MD/DC/VA Network.Verizon 
Wireless, Laurel. Md. Ken is vice 
president, internanonal programs. 
International {a 
Christian eco- 
nomic develop- 
ment organiza- 
tion), Fairfax. 
Va.They hve in 
r*^^' Bcltsville. Md. 

Nicole Catherine 

Class Reporter: 

Awi Slanzione Tttompson 

7714 Briarstone Court 

EUicott City, MD 21043-7050 

Born to Jamce and Robert 
Deitrick *82, a son. Jonathan 
Robert, May 17, 2000. He joins big 
sister, Kiniberly.They hve in Ponca 
City, Okla. 

Correction: Our apologies for misre- 
porting the home tow^n of Leslye and 
Scott Heller *82, who are parents of 
a new daughter, Kimberly Anne, born 
October 27. 2000. and joimng big sis- 
ter, Erin. The Heller family hves m 
Convent Station, just outside 
Morristown, NJ. 

Jeflfrey D. Morgan '82 is chief 
operating officer. Futures Industry 
Association, Washington, D.C. 

James Olson '82 is deputy direc- 
tor global sales, TyCom Global Sales. 
Jim lives in Sparta, NJ., with his wife, 
Toni Pall '84 Olson, and their chil- 

Born to Keith '81 and Beth 
Nacinovich '82 Shuey. a daughter 
-see 1981. 



Class Reporter: 

Sue Frekot Doty 

160 Joan Drive 

Collegei'ille. PA 19426 

Marc L. Godino '83 is an attorney 

with Stull, Stull & Brody in Los 

Angeles, Calif., where he hves. 

Brian McCabe '83 has opened a 
second, larger version of Cote & Co. 
Specialty Foods in the Village Square 
at Blue Bell, Pa. Brian was m adver- 
tismg m New York for nine years 
before opemng his first store in 
Doylestown, Pa. The gourmet shop 
feamres domestic and imported 
cheeses and serves a lunchtime menu. 



Class Reporter: 

Randi Keller Sagona 

3734 Moon Bay Circle 

West Palm Beach, FL 33414-8806 

Joseph F. Clark '84 is with the 
department of neurology, Umversity 
of Cincinnati, Cincinnati. Ohio, 

Born to Adrienne and Stuart 
Fornoff '84.a daughter, JiUian Leigh, 

12 Susquehanna Today 

June 2, 1999. She joins older siblings, 
Hayley and Alexander. Stuart is con- 
troller, C.P Keico Inc. They live in 
Kennett Square, Pa. 

Born to Nick 
and Suzanne 
L«ach '84 
Magrowski, a 
son. Max 

Nikolaus, Sept, 26, 
2000, He joins big 
\ brother, Benjamin. 
\ '' " They Uve in 
Max Nikolaus Mohnton. Pa. 
Magrowski Born to Mike 

'84 and Kim 
Gormley '86 McCavera, a son, 
Jeremy Michael, June 14, 2000. He 
joins big sister, Emily Katherme.They 
hve in Morris Plains, NJ. 

Christopher W. Poverman *84 is 
senior coverage counsel, the St. Paul 
Companies, Baltimore, Md. 


Class Reporter: 
Tracy Gerard Akner 
200 Lincoln Avenue 
Rockville Centre, NY 11570 

Jeflfrey S. Nudehnan *85 is a 

financial counselor. Asset 
Management Group, Parsippany, NJ. 
He and his wife, Cynthia, hve in 
Cranford, N.J. 



Class Reporter: 

Karen Doty Clemens 
7 Annette Drive 
Umerick, PA 19468 


Jennifer Dodge '86 Blanchard is 

a sales associate for Duphn Winery in 
Rose Hill, N.C. She hves m Rose 

Born to Michael and Patrice 
Carrigan '86 Byrne, a daughter, 
Hayley Ehzabeih, Oct. 12, 1999. She 
joms brother. Conor. They hve in 
Berkeley Heights, NJ. 

Andrew R. Gekoskie '86 will 
make his Carnegie Hall debut leading 
the Angleton (Texas) High School 
Wind Symphony in a concert at the 
New York Cit>' venue in 2002. The 
65-member orchestra will perform in 
Mid-Amenca Productions' 

"Instrumental Debut Series." 
Gekoskie is the supervisor of instru- 
mental music for the Angleton 
Independent School District located 
just south of Houston, Texas. 

Born to Russell and Elizabeth 
Kazar '87 Hendricks, a son, John 
Robert, Oct. 16, 2000. They hve m 
Rumson, N.J. 

Born to James and Janet \(^llie 
'86 Lambert, a daughter. Jennifer 
Ann, Aug. 26, 2000. She joins big sis- 
ter Rachel. They hve m Fanwood. 
NJ. Proud grandparents are Robert 
'53 and Margaret Brady '56 

Born to Mike '84 and Kim 
Gormley '86 McCavera. a son - 
see 1984. 

Josephus Claud Ste^vart '86 is 
coordinator of employer relations, 
SUNY College at Brockport, N.Y. 

Rachel Plakos '86 Stoddard is 
the choral director at Scottsdale 
Christian Academy teaching seven 
choirs from grades 5 through 12. Her 
husband, Marie '89. is the drama 
director at Phoenix First Assembly 
Church and is the artistic director for 
Moon Valley Productions Theater 
Company. They Uve m Phoenix, Ariz., 
with their three sons, Phihp, Stephen 
and Zachary. 

Scott K. Wilderman '86 is exec- 
utive director for Career Resources 
Inc., a large non-profit organization 
m Bridgeport, Conn., that serves eco- 
nomically disadvantaged youths and 
adults. Scott hves in Chnton, Conn., 
with his wife, Lisa, and daughters, 
Morgan and Amanda. 

Born to Lisa and Michael G. 
Wolford '86, a son. Jacob Nathaniel, 
Feb. 22, 2001. They hve in 
Sharpsville, Pa. 

Patrick B. Wooden '86 is a reac- 
tor operator, Atofina Chemicals, 
Bristol. Pa. 

President Jay Lemons talks with Mark 
New York Financial Alumni gathering 
keynote speaker for the session. 



Class Reporter: 

Cynthia L. Cooke 
846 Green Pond Road 
Rockaway, NJ 07866-4403 

J. Clayton Gossett '87 is a sales 
manager for Weyerhaeuser. He hves in 
Basking Ridge, NJ. 


Thorsheim '88 and Bill Quinn '91 at the 
on March 27. John Strangfeld '75 was 

On the staff at Rensselaer Polytechmc 
Instimte, he tried to raise $3,200 to 
participate. He presented the 
Leukemia and Lymphoma Society 
wath a check for $6, 200 because the 
sororities and firaternities at PJ*I 
helped him raise the money. It was 
great, positive coverage for the Greek 
societies for their fiind-raismg efforts. 

Paul A. Rybecky '88 is chief^ 
financial officer for Confort & 
Company, a commercial prmting 
company in New York City. He Uves 
in South Orange, NJ. 

Class Reporter: 

Mark Thorsheim 

Apt. 9-E 

200 Riverside Drive 

New York, NY 10025-7248 

Robert S. Miller '88 married 
Mary Karen Holhngsworth.JuIy 22, 
2000. Myers Park Baptist Church, 
Charlotte, N.C. Robert is in residen- 
tial sales for Bradco Supply Corp., 
Charlotte. Mary is in real estate. They 
hve in Charlotte. 

Norris Pearson '88 ran m the 
Walt Disney World Marathon in 
Orlando, Fla., for a leukemia patient. 


Class Reporter: 

Sharon Henderson 
440 West Main Street 
Wyckoff.NJ 07481 

Five Crusaders toured Germany with the Buss Jones Big Band Millennium 
Tour in July 2000. Shown outside the Heidelberg Castle are, left to right: Gail 
Sigafoos '72 Hoke, Dale Hoke '75, Dave Rohrer '76, Stacy Brechbiel '88 and 
Dale Orris '75. 

Born to Michael and Lisa 
Daecher '89 Butash, a son, 
Christopher Michael, Dec. 23, 2000. 
They hve in Palm Harbor, Fla. 

Claudia Calich '89 is an emerg- 
ing markets analyst, Latin America, for 
the Oppenheimer Funds Inc., New 
York, N.Y. She hves in New York 

Born to Roger *89 and Renee 
Chodack '90 Castoral, a son, Ryan 
Scott, July 7, 2000. He joins big sister, 
Emily. Roger is a CPA at Merrill 
Lynch in Princeton, N J, They hve m 
Plainsboro, NJ. 

Born to David and Heidi Perry 
*89 Gardner, a son, Samuel Thomas. 
Jan. 9, 2001. Heidi received a juris 
doctor degree from the Umversity of 
Florida College of Law. They hve in 
Orange Park, Fla. 

Born to Stephen '89 and Michele 
Tansey '90 Haas, a daughter, Casey 
Jordan. Dec. 29. 2000. She joins big 
sister Lindsay Anne, born Aug. 27, 
1998. They live m Pjdgewood. N.J. 

Katherine E. Murphy '89. choral 
director at Ipswich High School, was 
appointed fine arts director for the 

SusQL/EHANNA Today 13 

Teach students 

vocational or 

professional skills and 

they will be 

prepared for jobs. 

Teach them the liberal 

arts to fully develop 

their thinking skills 

and they'll be 

prepared for life. 

Rtni T7«r l^e 

Intellectual Toolkit for Life 

does both. 

A solid Core curriculum pro- 
vides a broad background of 
general knowledge and intellec- 
tual skills collectively known as 
the liberal arts. This foundation 
also enhances strong majors in 
the humanities, natural and social 
sciences and equally strong pro- 
fessional programs in areas such 
as business, commumcations and 

Associate Professor of Philosophy 

Jeffrey Whitman teaches a medical 

ethics class. 

Content, Methodology and Engagement 

Rooted in medieval university studies of grammar, rhetoric, logic, 
mathematics, music and astronomy, over the centuries the liberal arts 
have expanded to include fields of literature, history, science, and, more 
recendy, the social sciences. 

But, more broadly speaking, liberal learning is not limited to partic- 
ular fields of study. What matters in liberal education, according to the 
Association of American Colleges and Universities (AACU) is "sub- 
stantial content, rigorous methodology and an active engagement with 
the societal, ethical and practical implications of our learning." 

It is an approach to education most often found at private residen- 
tial campuses where small class size and close student/faculty mterac- 
tion are paramount. Susquehaima alumni know firsthand the advan- 
tages of such a community of learners. But many prospective students 
and their parents tend to see hberal arts as synonymous with higher 
education in general. "The irony is that liberal arts institutions have 
not done a good job of educatmg the consuming public," says Dean of 
the School of Natural and Social Sciences Terry Winegar. 

Neither Liberal nor Arts 

"One of the things that makes it difficult is that the liberal arts are nei- 
ther liberal nor arts," says Dean of Arts, Humanities and Communica- 
tions Laura deAbruna. As for the arts, she explains, while the study of 
art history or music literature courses are included in the theoretical, or 
knowledge-based realm of hberal arts, the practical, hands-on courses 
in creating art or music are not. And despite the tide to the contrary, 
the "liberal" arts actually represent a "very conservative and traditional 
approach to what should be taught in institutions of higher education," 
she says. 

Preparing for Change 

"Paradoxically, the way you provide the best education for a rapidly 
changmg world is by directing a fair amount of your education toward 
things that don't change," says Dean Winegar. 

Studying the hberal arts offers recognized advantages to do just that. 
"One benefit is to expand our knowledge and understanding about the 
world and pass it on to the next generation," says deAbruria. "A second 
IS to provide certain skills that are necessary to understand and inter- 
pret that knowledge base." For example, courses in mathematics and 
sciences foster analytical and reasoning skills. The humanities, including 
Enghsh, history, philosophy and languages, promote critical thinking 
skills. These and a wide variety of other disciphnes mcorporate writing 
and speaking skills used to summarize and present ideas. 

Xfaking Informed Choices 

While modern technologies have changed many aspects of our lives, 
the skills and knowledge base required to be an effective employee and 
citizen remain much the same as in the past. We still utdize the critical 
thinking skills fostered by a hberal education to understand and analyze 
information and make informed choices, even though we might be 
using the Internet instead of a book to gather that information. 

And with the U.S. Department of Labor predicting that today's col- 
lege graduate may work for as many as 12 to 15 compames in as many 

14 Susquehanna Today 

Associate Professor Rick Davis 
explores the legal environment In 
an accounting class. 

as three different professions, the pace of 
change will demand flexible workers who 
are good at problem solving — a prime 
opportunity for liberal arts institutions 
and their graduates. 

Transferable Skills 

"The number one skill that employers look for are interpersonal 
communications skills such as writing and speaking. Who is better 
trained in that area than the liberal arts graduate?" says John Ryder, 
director of career services. 

Because the connection between the bberal arts and specific jobs is 
not always as obvious as in more vocational areas such as business, the 
career center has special initiatives geared towards liberal arts majors. 
"We spend more time with them individually and make a special 
effort in the career planning class," says Ryder. "The opportunities are 
there, but liberal arts majors need to be more proactive, and highhght 
a little more pointedly their transferable skills on their resumes and 
cover letters," he adds. 

Biology major Maureen 

Stefaniak 'oi prepares to load a 

DNA sample into the UV/visual 


is especially important in a global econo- 
my," says Doug Carlson '88, a vice presi- 
dent at Brown Bros. Harriman & Co. m 
Boston. "You can leverage that and spark 
conversations and connections that provide 
inroads to potential cUents." A finance 
major with an information systems minor. 
Carlson credits the flexible, diverse back- 
ground he received at Susquehanna with 
helping to prepare him for enormous 
changes in the financial service industry 
brought by technology and the era of con- 

Exploring Ideas and Choices 
Meg Finley '85 Flournoy earned a mas- 
ter's degree at Lehigh in counseUng and is 
now an independent college advisor for 
high school students - a far cry from her 

'*One benefit is to expand our knowledge and understanding 
about the world and pass it on to the next generation. A second is 
to provide certain skills which (^lA^M^^aaujiam^j^igiiij^^ and 

interpret that knowledge base. '^^^^^^^^^^^^^^B 

Adding Value 

To help students take advantage of those opportunities, traditional hb- 
eral arts disciplines such as EngUsh, history, and philosophy are adding 
value with active components such as mternships and study abroad. 
Susquehanna faculty are also increasingly using computer-assisted 
learning that helps students to develop skills in managing digital infor- 

Another advantage is created by the integration of liberal and pro- 
fessional studies - the focus of the Associated New American 
Colleges, of which Susqueharma is a charter member. A new interdis- 
ciplmary health care minor at Susquehanna includes courses in human 
health and disease, medical ethics and a popular business of health care 
course, along with practical internship experience. 

And in the Sigmund Weis School of Business, Associate Professor of 
Accounting Rick Davis adds value to his legal environment class by 
taking a bberal arts approach - covering not only what the business 
rules and regulations are, but how they are constructed and how they 
change over time. 

Flexibility in a Global Economy 

Today the Sigmund Weis School requires majors to take half their 
credits outside the busmess departments. "We want students who can 
relate to philosophical or cultural or historical aspects of anything that 
we look at here," says Dean James Brock. "Busmesses are looking for 
people who are going to be aware of what's gomg on in the world, 
who can communicate, who can think m abstractions and who are 
not narrowly trained with a limited range of vocational skills." 

"Learning about another country's culture or pohtics or economics 

Moving up to the Major League 

In its recent reclassification of American 
colleges and universities, the Carnegie 
Foundation for the Advancement of 
Teaching has now placed Susquehanna 
in the newly named Baccalaureate 
Colleges-Liberal Arts category. 

One result will be that the University 
will no longer be at the top of the 
regional Uberal arts colleges in the 
North category in the annual U.S. News 
ranking. It is cause for celebration not 
worry, says University President 
L.Jay Lemons. 

"What it really means is that we have 
gotten 'the call up to the major league' 
by moving into the national Uberal arts 
college group," says Lemons. "This 
group is constituted by the 228 best 
institutions for undergraduate learning 
across the country." 

undergraduate major in political science. "I 
never had an interest in law school or pub- 
lic government work, but I loved reading 
about pohtical theory and international 
relations," she says. "And I would still 
choose pohtical science all over again. I 
learned so much. And there were so many 
transferable skills, like debating, that I use 
today in so many other areas of my Ufe." 

The hberal arts choices in the 
University's Core curriculum also provide 
the opportunity to explore a variety of dis- 
ciplines. "Maybe you think you're just a 
math/science sort of person and you go to 

an English class and you really find you get something out of it," says 
Kyle Wilson '01, who will graduate with a double major in English 
and philosophy after starting as a biology major. 

Shifting Career Paths 

Associate Professor of Philosophy Jeff Whitman describes himself as a 
"living example" of the value of a hberal arts background. A graduate 
of the U.S. Mihtary Academy, Whitman drew upon required hberal 
arts components of his education to find a new cUrection after a dis- 
ability cut his mihtary career short. 

"Very few of us have the same career paths in our entire hves," he 
says. "Even if you start out in ajumor management position, as you 
work your way up in the organization, you become less and less 
focused on the nuts and bolts and more and more focused with the 
larger issues, like utihzmg the human resources to make a more effi- 
cient and better company. 

"And there's a lot more to the good life than making money or 
gaining prestige and honor," he adds. "What makes hberal arts study so 
valuable is that it helps us to deal with those questions about our 
places m the umverse and our obhgations as human beings. It provides 
students wath a context for their work and for their hves." 

- Gwenn Wells 

SusQLiEHANNA Today 15 

Assistant Professor of English 
Amy Winans teaches an 
English seminar class. 

Ipswich Public Schools. Also, she is a 
soloist at Temple Israel in Brookline, 
and minister of music at First Church 
in Ipswich. She Uves in Ipswich. Mass. 



Class Reporter: 

Angela J. Johnson 

1331 Toiini Colony DnVe 

Middleloum. CT 06457 

Born to Roger '89 and Renee 
Chodack *90 Castoral, a son - see 


Born to Kelly '90 and Christine 
Fitzgerald '90 Dencker, a daughter. 
Nicole AngeUna.AprU 29, 1999. She 
joins big brother, Tyler. They Uve m 
Scotch Plams, N.J. 

Born to Mark and Sarah Luithle 
*90 Ellis, a daughter, Cheyenne 
Louise. Dec. 17, 2000. They live m 
Langhorne, Pa. 

Born to Stephen *89 and Michele 
Tansey *90 Haas, a daughter - see 

Patricia Hostler '90 married 
Kevm Burnham. Dec. 16. 2000. 
Ledyard, Conn. She is a semor claims 
represenudve. Connecticut Hospital 
Association, Walhngford, Conn. They 
hve in Durham. Conn. 

Born to Karyn 
andjeflfrey M. 
Jakubik '90. a 
daughter, Audrey 
Clyne, Nov. 6, 
1999. They Hve in 
Scotch Plains, N.J, 
Judson K. La 
Londe '90 was 
promoted to vice 
president in the 
Global Securities 
Services division 
at Deutsche Bank, 
New York City. 
He hves in 
Hoboken, NJ. 

Born to Brian 
and Diane 
Rogers '90 
Meyer, a son, 
Peter Robert 

Chase Theodore 

Audrey Clyne 

Peter Robert 

Henry Meyer 

Henry, Sept. 24. 1999. He joins sisters 
Sarah, Ashley and Kirsten.They Uve 

Born to Janis 
Blandy *90 
Morris and 
Keith Morris 
*91 a son. Chase 
Theodore, on 
June 30. 2000. 
i Jams is the senior 
computer apphca- 
tions developer at 
Corporation. Keith owns a fimess 
company. They hve in Spring City, 

Douglas R. Pietsch '90, mstru- 
mental music instructor at Hamburg 
Area Middle School, Hamburg, Pa., is 
the assistant high school marching 
band and percussion instructor. He 
also serves as pit conductor for 
Wyomissing (Pa.) musical produc- 
tions, performs with the Macungie 
Community Concert Band, and \vas 
appointed co-conductor of the 


Janet Hammond 9O Skarbek 


s she approached motherhood, Janet Hammond '90 Skarbek began 
reahzmg things were different for women in the workforce. 

"1 just started writing things down and eventually there was enough for a 
book," Janet said. 

That book, PlanningYour Future: A Guide for Professional Women, went on sale 
in March. In it, Janet details the results of a recent study of young professional 
women and talks about everythmg from what makes women happy to gaining 
the resources women need to achieve their goals. 

Janet stopped at Susquehanna in January to talk to female students about 
planning their futures. 

"We can be anything we want to be, but we can't be everything we want to 
be." she told the young women. "That's a major issue facing professional women. 
Often we try to do too much." 

A major concern of Janets is that the majority of young professional 
women eventually want children. Because of that, she says women only have a 
small WTndow of opportunity in which to attain the careers they want. 

"We only have so much time to turn things on," she says. "If you make the 
investment, you can create the friture you want." 

Janet could be considered an authority on working motherhood. She is 
married to David Skarbek '87 and has two small children. An accounting 
major at SU, she earned a master's in taxation degree fromVillanova Law School 
and IS currendy a tax specialist for West Coast-based Willamette Industries, Inc. 
Today she is able to work from a home office - a simation many workmg moth- 
ers would say is ideal. 
Janet, who hves m Cinnammson, N. J., spent die fall travehng to several colleges and universities presenting her seminar and 
distributing her book. 

Planning Your Future is available through The Professional Women's Institute in Cinnaminson, NJ.. at, and It can also be found at local bookstores. 

-Joanne Marquardt 'OOlroutman 




Reading Philharmonic Orchestra. He 
hves in Macungie, Pa. 

Born to Katherine and Gerald T. 
Pryor '90. a daughter, Emily Kate, 
August 11. 2000. They hve in 
Westwood, NJ. 

Edward J. Stuart '90 is a senior 
marketing and operations manager 
for the Arena Football League's New 
Jersey Gladiators. He was previously a 
marketing manager for the AFL New 
Jersey Red Dogs and the NFL 
Cleveland Browns. He is also a certi- 
fied strength and conditiomng spe- 
ciahst and owner/producer of The 
Solubon, a sport-specific strength and 
conditioning instruction service. He 
hves in West Caldwell, NJ. 

Todd G. Truedson '90 is a mar- 
keting manager for MediFit 
Corporate Services. He hves in Glen 
Gardner, N J. 




Brent Baxter *91 is a project 
manager for the multimedia/video 
technology department of Siemens 
Corporate Research in Princeton, 
NJ. Baxter, who also has a master's 
degree in computer science fix>m the 
University of Pittsburgh, was featured 
in a recent Careers and Colleges article 
on career choices for the new millea- 

Born to Craig and Kimberly 
Johnson '91 Carchidi, a daughter, 
Megan Kathenne.Jan. 26, 2001. They 
hve in Whitman. Mass. 

Born to Pam and William 
Corcoran '91, a daughter, Sydney 
Campbell, Oct. 1. 2000. They hve in 
Havertown, Pa. 

Kimberly J. Klein '91 married 
Kevin Mulvehill. Sept. 30, 2000, 
Ginter Park Umted Methodist 
Church, Richmond, Va. 
Susqueharmans in the wedding party 
were Suzanne Murphy '91 Power 
and Jennifer Duflfy '91 Zollo 
Kimberly is a benefits manager, 
McGuire Woods in Rachmond,Va. 
Kevin is an assistant manager for TD 
Watcrhouse Investor Services. They 
hve m Mechamcsville.Va. 

Kimberly Kurtz '91 is a cus- 
tomer marketing manager to the 
direct team at Day-Tmiers Inc. She is 
responsible for new customer acquisi- 
tion through the direct channel. She 
hves in Morganiown, Pa. 

Born to Janis Blandy *90 Morris 
and Keith Morris '91 a son, - see 

16 Susquehanna Today 

Jennifer W. Duffy '91 married Gregg Zollo '91, July 29, 2000, Prtnceville 
Resort in Kauai, Hawaii. Jay Saunders '91 and Kim Klein '91 Mulvehill joined 
them for the wedding. They live in Santa Monica, Calif., where Gregg runs 
NT Management, a firm representing talent, literary, and new media clients. 
Jennifer has a master's degree in education from St. Joseph's University and 
is a teacher. 

Michael Roberts 

Born to 
Michael and 
Carrie Ratkus 
'91 Roberts, a 

son. Alexander 
Michael, June 
30, 2000. He 
joins big brother 
Anderson. They 
bve in Madison, 
Richard Sapek *91 married 
Maryann Butkosky, Nov. 4. 2000, St. 
Joseph's Church in High Bridge, N.J. 
Rjchard is a senior accountant wath 
Party City Corp, Rockaway, NJ. 
Maryann is a speech -language pathol- 
ogist at Mountainside Hospital, 
Montclair. N.J. They hve in Frankiin, 

Victoria Wilt *91 is vice presi- 
dent. Advantage Fund-Raising 
Consulting Inc., Telephone Outreach 
Programs. Fairfield, N.J. She Uves in 
Maplewood. NJ, 

Mark P. Zimmerman *91 was 
promoted to general manager of 
FootAction USA at the Susquehanna 
Valley Mall, Selinsgrove. Pa. He Hves 
in Pottsgrove, Pa. 


Class Reporter: 
Julie Heckman MulUn 
26 H-VtsoH Boulevard 
Nomslowtt, PA 19403-1418 

Born to William Jay Bosanko 
'92 and Heather Schoner-Bosanko 

*92. a daughter, Elizabeth Yale. Feb, 6, 
2001. They live in Bovine, Md. 

Deanne Cochran *92 is a sales 
assistant, Merrill Lynch, New York 
City. She is pursuing a second degree 
in nursing at Wilhani Paterson 
University. Wayne, NJ. She lives in 
Livingston. NJ. 

Meghan A. Dlnneen *92 married 
John D. Picotte, Dec. 16, 2000, 
Convent of the Sacred Heart, New 
York, N,Y Meghan is a registered 
nurse in the obstetrics umt, Newport 
Hospital, Newport, R.I.John is an 
apprentice at the International Yacht 
Restoration School, Newport. They 
live in Newport. 

Jill Francavilla *92 is a director 
with Donna Karan. She lives in New 
York City, 

Kris KJehn *92 received an 
advanced degree in advertising from 
UCLA. She is a semor account exec- 
utive at Fraser Commurucaoons in 
Santa Momca, Cahf She Uves in 
Hermosa Beach, Calif. 

Randall W. Miller '92 married 
Lon A, Edmiston, Oct. 28, 2000. 
Strodes Mills Baptist Church, 
Lewistown, Pa. Randall is employed 
at E.R. Rhodes and Son in 
Lewistown. Lori is with Prudential 
Insurance Company, Lewistown. 

Eugene P. Pavlik *92 married 
Jeanne M. Mendler. Oct. 21. 2000, 
Christ Church of Short Flills, Short 
Hills, N.J. Eugene is with 
Price WaterhouseCoopers, Totowa, 

Annmarie Innamorati '92 
Poslock is national merchandising 
[nanager. Pride Mobihty Products 
Corp., Exeter. Pa. She Uves m 
Nanticoke. Pa., with her husband, 
Douglas, and her son. Drew. 

Jill Satneth '92 is national account 
coordmator, InterCall. She Uves in 
Hoboken. N.J. 

Gregg Sherman '92 is dlirect 
access marketing manager for and hves m Verona. N.J. 

Born to Christopher and Janet 
Meyers '92 Trzaska, a son, 
Christopher James. Nov. 8, 2000. 
They Uve in Staten Island, N.Y. 

Scott Bechtel '93 and Brigid Reilly had their wedding featured in Modern 
Bride magazine. The couple exchanged their Celtic vows Aug. 4, 1999, in the 
church where the bride's great-grandfather was baptized in County 
Longford, Ireland. Scott is employed by Daou Computer systems in San 
Diego, Calif. Brigid is a corporate travel director at I.T.A. They live in San 


Jennifer McNamara *93 Bailey 

received a Ph.D. degree m Enghsh 
from Lehigh University. She Uves m 
Perkasie, Pa. 

Born to Ryan and Katy Apple 
'93 Christiansen a son, Jack Ryan, 
Dec. 7, 2000. He joms big sister 
Annie Katharme. They Uve m 
HoweU, N.J. 

Mary Ann Classic '93 teaches 
middle school at St. John's Episcopal 
School. She Uves in Damascus, Md. 

James E. Goehrig *93 married 
Tracey Rothman, Oct. 23. 1999, 
Hotel Inter- continental in New York 
City. Susquehannans in the wedding 
party were Bart Ecker *92, Todd 
Geraci '92 and Steve Polestak '92. 
James is director of information tech- 
nology for network operations, 
WilUams & ConnoUy, Washington, 
DC. Tracey is a legal executive assis- 
tant for Covington & BurUng in 
Washington. They Uve in Alexandria, 

Kathryn E. Haughey '93 mar- 
ried WiUiam Fleming. Nov. 18. 2000. 
St. Francis Cabrim Church, Ocean 
City, NJ. Kathryn is employed by 
Graphic Images, Balumore. Md. 
Wilham IS a computer technologist at 
Johns Hopkins Umversity AppUed 
Physics Laboratory. 

Born to Kini and Soeren Huba 
'93. a daughter, Jane, Oct. 12, 2000. 
Sean is a principal with MASfin 
Consulting Inc.. Jersey City, N.J. They 
Uve in Verona, NJ. 

Christopher B.Jeans '93 is in 
real estate with Douglas EUiman. He 
Uves in New York, N.Y 

Born to Tom '93 and Lois 

Heckler '94 Lander, a daughter, 
EUzabeth Kelsey. Aug. 28. 2000. She 
joins big sister Emma. Tom teaches 
math at St. Johns CoUege High 
School in Washington, DC. Lois is 
the director of the helpline and a 
genetic counselor at the Genetic 
AlUance. a non-profit organization in 
D.C.They Uve in Severn, Md. 

Allyson Lukasavage *93 married 
Gary J. Swartz.June 24, 2000, Dallas, 
Pa. AUyson earned a masters degree 
in business admimstration fixim 
Wilkes University. She is a senior 
financial speciaUst. First Union, 
Exeter, Pa, Gary is a branch manager 
for Morgan Stanley Dean Witter. 
Wilkes-Barre, Pa. They Uve in 
Trucksville, Pa. 

Born to Je&ey and Katherine 
Koeppen '93 Machaj, a daughter, 
Sarah OUvia, Oct. 12, 2000. They Uve 
in Chicago. 111. 

Born to Sean and Julie Bentz '93 
McCuUough, a daughter, Haley 
Nicole, May 20, 2000. 

Susan A. Sawicki '93 has been 
promoted to director of health infor- 
mation management for Shamokm 
Area Commumty Hospital, where she 
has worked since 1996. She hves in 
Mount Carmel, Pa. 

Born to Matthew and Corrina 
Riley '93 Scaturo, a daughter, Emily 
Anne, Feb. 1 2, 200 1 . She joins big 
brother Jared Matthew, born July 24, 
1998. They Uve m Andover, NJ. 

Jennifer R Shaub '93 is a reserva- 
tion manager at Olympic Village Iim, 
ViUage Inn Owners Association, 
Olympic Valley. Cahf She Uves in 
Truckee, Cakf. 

Jennifer Perrotte '93 Viens is 
assistant manager at the Howard 
Bank. She Uves in Bristol, Vt. 

Susquehanna Today 17 



Wendy Garrison '94 and Dave and Marjorie Brandt '64 Waltman enjoyed an 
evening at the Appalachian Brewing Company in Harrisburg on January 27 
with 20 other Susquehanna alumni. 

Mark '95 and Kim Hoover '94 Elicker, Stacey Koppenhaver '92 and Geoff 91 
and Tammy Frailey '92 Shearer were among the 30 alumni that attended the 
Meet the President reception and the SU choir concert in Harrisburg on 
March 6. 



Class Reporter: 
Andrea S. Hughey 
905 Sheridan Street 
WiUiamsport. PA 17701-3639 

Michele Cooper '94 graduated 
from the Lutherjn Theological 
Senunary at Philadelphia with a mas- 
ter of divimty degree in May. 2000. 
She was ordained on Sept. 9, 2000. at 
Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in 
Newington. N H.Jennifer Talbot 
*94 Kay presented Michele tor ordi- 
nation, Michele is pastor for youth 
and family. Redeemer Lutheran 
Church. McLean, Va. She lives in Falls 
Church, Va. 

Wendy Garrison '94 is a senior 
accountant. Ahold Financial Ser^nces, 
Harrisburg, Pa. 

Born to Tom '93 and Lois 
Heckler '94 Lander a daughter - 
sec 1993. 

Brian Romeo '94 is chief finan- 
cial officer, MASfin Consulting Inc., 
Jeney City, NJ. 

Born to Dale 
and Rebecca 
Glassman '94 
Payne, a son, 
Joshua David, 
Oct. 6. 1999. 
Rebecca is a 
county casework- 
er with Luzerne 
Counry Children 
& Youth Services. 
WUkes-Barre, Pa. They hve in 
Kingston. Pa. 

Born toVille and Jennifer 
Goodwin '94 Saalinki a daughter, 
Enya.Jan. 16, 2001. She joins big 
brother Lucas, born Sept. 24. 1998. 
Jennifer works as a Finmsh/EngUsh 
translator for Scandix Translation 
Firm in Turku. Finland. 

Alden Thomas '94 is regional 
vice president of the Eastern 
Pennsylvama Region of the AXA 
Advisors. He has management 
responsibdity for the Lancaster district 

Class Reporter: 

Korie Traver 

P.O. Box 15 

SpringuiUe. PA 18844-0015 

Heidi L. Davenport '95 married 
Kirk E. Smith, Sept. 23. 2000, Trinity 
Lutheran Church. Pottsville, Pa. Heidi 
IS pursuing a master's degree in edu- 
cation at Shippensburg University. 
She IS employed as an emotional sup- 
port teacher, Lincoln Intermediate 
Umt 12. Dover Elementary School. 
Kirk is pursmng a master's degree in 
business administration at Lebanon 
Valley College. He is an accounting 
supervisor. Keystone Peer Review 
Orgamzation in Harrisburg. Pa. They 
hve in New Cumberland, Pa. 

Michelle Eng '95 is youthhne 
director. CHALK. Michelle and her 
husband, Andrew Patton, Uve in San 
Francisco, Calif 

Michael L. Fetterolf '95 married 
Dawn Russell, Sept. 9. 2000.Trimty 
Evangehcal Lutheran Church, 
Somerset, Pa. Michael is chief 6nan- 
cial officer, Tiche Capital Strategies in 
Pittsburgh, where they hve. 

Peter T. Kiebort '95 married 
Mehssa A. Zeller, Sept. 15. 2000, 
Mans Stella Church, Avalon. N.J. 
Peter is self-employed as a manufac- 
turer's representative. Mehssa is 
employed by the Center for Health 

Care Education Inc. They hve in 
Wayne, Pa. 

Christopher M. Kocher '95 is an 
environmental scientist, Wildlands 
Conservancy He lives in 
Northampton, Pa. 

Amy Dempsey '95 Lauterborn 
is an assistant child care provider, 
Perry's Child Care. New Windsor, 
N.Y. She hves in Bloomingburg. N.Y. 

John E. Loefifert '95 is m micro- 
scope/camera/software-hardware sales 
of Olympus products, B&B 
Microscopes. He hves in Lakewood, 

Michael T. Malocu '95 married 
Browyn Zubris, Oct. 28. 2000. Sacred 
Heart Church. New Philadelphia, Pa. 
Michael is a special agent for the U.S. 
Department of Justice, DEA, San 
Francisco. Cahf 

Timothy G. Mathason '95 is 
account supervisor, advertising, Bozell 
Worldwide. He hves in New York 

Jeflfrey A. McDonald *95 is a 
program trader, Banque Nationale de 
Pans Paribas Group, Pans. France, 
where he hves. 

Born to Lawrence and Victoria 
Reiflf '95 Meli, a son. Luke Anthony, 
Nov. 28, 2000. Victoria received a 
master's degree in elementary educa- 
tion firom Neumann College. They 
hve in Ridley Park. Pa. 

Thomas Mertz '95 is an applica- 
tions speciahst, Apphed Biosyslems, 
Foster City, Calif. He hves in San 
Francisco. Calif. 

David Perry '95 is instructional 

MS r\ f^. 




\,tk C\h \ 


Aaron Shurtleff '95 married Jennifer Wolny '96, Nov. 18, 2000, Good 
Shepherd Lutheran Church, Point Pleasant, N.J. Aaron received a master's 
degree in entomology from the University of Georgia. They both work for 
the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources at the Baruch Marine 
Laboratory. Aaron is a marine resource technician and Jennifer is directing 
the Harmful Algal Bloom research program. They live in Georgetown, S.C. 
Pictured, back row, left to right: Jane Brown '96, Michelle Kokolis '97, Cara 
Muscio '97, Aaron Shurtleff '95, Jennifer Wolny '96 Shurtleff, Joni Fleck '96, 
Christine Williams '96 and Jennifer Wilhelm '96. Front row, left to right: 
Tara Martz '96, Matthew Wolny 'oo, Kevin Cawblick '96, Michael Wilson 
'95. Jill Hengey '98 and Jennifer Harris '96 Bird. 

18 Susquehanna Today 


Mary Papp '96 married Michael Checco '99, Aug. 13, 2000, St. Joseph's Roman 
Catholic Church, Kings Park, N.Y. Mary is a music teacher for Middletown 
School District. Michael is a music teacher for LaSalle High School College 
Prep. They live in Shillington, Pa. 

Timothy P. Marks '96 married Kathryn M. Homsher '99, Nov. 4, 2000, 
Leacock Presbyterian Church, Paradise, Pa. James B. Wooster '96 wras the best 
man. Kathryn is a middle school math teacher in the Central York School 
District. Tim is a special education teacher. They live in York, Pa. Pictured, 
back row, left to right: Jarred Harris '96, Allison Hatch '97 Edgecomb, Amy 
Swift '98, Kathryn Homsher '99 Marks, Timothy P. Marks '96, Kirk Ferkett 
'99, James B. Wooster '96 and Paul Harrison. Middle row, left to right: Amy 
Smith '99, Christina Rushing '97 and Cheryl Larson '99. Front row, left to 
right: Christine Eagan, Gerald Eagan '97, Michael Leasure '97, Kristen 
Hackenberg '95- Dianne Kerstetter, Ginny Kerstetter, Amanda Sera '97 
Warner, Robin Ford '98 and Britton Warner. 

materials editor for Amencah 
Management Associabon.AMA is 
America's largest business seminar 
consulting and education company, 
with branches all over the world. 
Dave also works parttune as a 
model, represented by Models- 
Actors. com in New York and On- 
Tract Modchng in Philadelphia. He 
hves m New York City. 

Born to Rob 

'96 and Lisa 
Schlader '95 
Rhoads, a son, 
KohJ Peter, Oct. 
2S. 2000. Lisa IS 
J spacecraft con- 
troller with 
Technologies at 
NASA's Goddard 
Space Fhghl 
Center. Rob is an account manager 
with Office Depot. They bve in 
Pasadena, Md- 
Bryan A. Richie '95 married 

Pamela M. Foulds. Aug. 26, 2000, 
Our Lady of Hope Church, 
Shamokm, Pa. Bryan is a chermcal 
techmcian for Air Products/Intel. 
They hve in Colorado Sprmgs, 

Paul J. Sidoti '95 is semor data- 
base consultant. Cheshire 
Technology, New York City. He hves 
in Nanuet. N.Y. 

Shane W. Steiger '95 received a 
juris doctor degree from Widener 
University School of Law. He is a 
technical analyst, Internanonal 
Home Foods/Con Agra Foods Inc. 
He hves in Sehnsgrove. Pa, 

Heather Maerhofer '95 
Wildgust 15 a full-time mom and 
part-tinie freelance medical viTiter. 
Her husband. Mark, is the manager 
of medical writing at Advanced 
Chmcal Commumcations m 
Lamberrville, N.J. They hve in 
Newtown. Pa., with their son. 
Andrew, who will celebrate his third 
bu^thday m June 200 1 . 



Class Reporter: 
Margaret Pierce Fratitz 
214 Morrison Avenue 
Hightsloum, NJ 08520 

Amanda C- Bergh '96 is a mar- 
keting coordinator. P^/MAX of 
New Jersey, Moorestown, NJ. 

Daniel W. Deitzel III '96 was 
promoted to an administrator in 
training, Extendicare Health 
Serv'ices Inc. He hves m Roslyn, Pa. 

Lenny Ebel '96 is the semor 
manager of general accounting for 
RJte Aid. He hves in Lancaster, Pa., 
with his w^ife.Yolanda. 

Melissa G. Fetsko '96 is a 
semor accountant, Gaylord 
Container, Newark, Del. She hves in 
Wihiimgton, Del. 

Joni L. Fleck '96 is an accoun- 
tant, EDS. Indianapohs, Ind. 

Christina M. Hollenbach *96 
married Darnel L. Greak, Oct. 21, 
2000, in the Sehnsgrove Gazebo, 
Selinsgrove, Pa. Christina is 
employed at M&T Bank. Dan is a 
self-employed contractor of Dan 
Creak's Home Improvement and 
owner of Dan Greak 's School of Tae 
Kwon Do. They hve m Sehnsgrove, 

Blue Line Arts Inc. of New 
Haven, Conn., announces that the 
new musical, Tfie Scarlet Letter, writ- 
ten by Darnel and Stacey Mancine 
*96 Koloskie will have its world 

premiere at the Edinburgh Fringe 
Festival in Scodand m August 2001. 
Craig Housenick '98 has joined 
the artistic staff in the role of pro- 
duction designer. 

Jennifer Kondracki *96 is a 
rehab sales admimstrator. Pride 
Mobiht>' Products. She hves in West 
Pittston, Pa. 

Gary Landis '96 is a sales execu- 
tive. EZ Worldwide Express. He hves 
in Rutherford. NJ. 

Jason S. Milner '96 is rental 
manager, Artistic Concepts Group, 
Chantilly.Va. He hves in Alexandria. 

Raymond J. Minarovic '96, 
after three years as a geologist/pro- 
ject coordinator at Hull and 
Associates Inc., in Toledo, Ohio, 
moved back to Whitehall, Pa. He is 
a semor geoloist at Hydrocon 
Services Inc., in Allentown, Pa. 
While residing at Toledo, he played 
senu-pro football for the Glass City 
Grizzhes located in Toledo. 

Elizabeth Welther '96 Norton 
is director of Mulberry Child Care 
and Preschool in Mount Arhngton, 
NJ. Betsy hves in Morristown, NJ. 

Born to Rob '96 and Lisa 
Schlader *95 Rhoads, a son - see 

Born to Jeffrey '96 and 
Cassandra Henry '96 
Rumbaugh, a daughter, CaUie 
Jessica, June 17, 2000. They hve m 
Lancaster. Pa. 

Julie Fenton '96 Shearer is an 
office assistant, Susquehanna Center, 
Lewis burg. Pa. 

Kirk Stauffer '96 is a teacher 
and coach at Agoura High School 
in Agoura Hills, Calif. He hves in 
Van Nuys, Cahf. 

Patricia A. Vermillion '96 has 

Amanda M. Hancock '97 married Douglas O. Hummel, Aug. 5, 2000, East 
Troy Baptist Church, Troy, Pa. Susquehannans in the wedding party were 
Anna M. Hazlett '97 and Lynn M. Baker '97. Amanda is a caseworker with 
Northumberland County Children and Youth Services. Douglas is a supervi- 
sor for Northumberland County Juvenile Probation. Pictured, left to right: 
Anna M. Hazlett '97, Douglas O. Hummel, Jennifer Raker '95 Hollenbach, 
Sarah Herchick '96 Tomlinson, Tara Mccourt '97, Lynn Baker '97. Front cen- 
ter; Amanda Hancock '97 Hummel. 

Susquehanna Today 19 

been awarded a three-year research 
grant on the intonation of speech in 
New Zealand EngUsh. She will be 
carrying out her research in 
Wellington, New Zealand, beginning 
in June 2001. 

Jeflfrey Welch '96 works for SIAC, 
designing computer network systems 
for the New York Stock Exchange. 
He hves in Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Amanda H. Williams '96 mar- 
ried Kevin B. Ryan, June 10, 2000, at 
the Sagemore Resort in Lake 
George, N.Y.Amanda works in pubUc 
relations and Kevin works in pharma- 
ceutical sales. They hve in East 
Windsor, N.J. 

Jennifer Wolny '96 married 
Aaron Shurtleff '95 {See 1998) 

Caroline D. Zayas '96 is a pro- 
ject manager, nanonal operations sup- 
port and new product planning and 
implementation, Verizon Advanced 
Dau. She Hves in Caldwell, N.J. 


Class Reporter: 

Lisa Barella 

Apt. 15 

305 Easy Street 

Mountain View, CA 94043 

Matthew P. Ackley '97 marked 
his second year with the Baltimore 
County Pohce Department with a 
promotion to officer first class. He is 
currendy working in the Dundalk 
precinct and hves in Baltimore. Md. 

Aileen Borders '97 married 
James D. Matthews, Oct. 21. 2000, 
Baldvnn Memorial Umted Methodist 
Church, Baldwin, Md. Susquehannans 
in the wedding party were Victoria 
Ralph '97 Fortna and Lisa Sidley 
'97 Speece. Aileen is a budget ana- 
lyst, Johns Hopkins Bayview 
Physicians, Baltimore, Md.They Hve 
in Glen Burme. Md. 

Caroline Bradley '97 received a 

Susquehanna University 

Alumni Association 

The Susquehanna University Ahtmni Association will hold its annual meeting and 
election on Saturday, June 2, 2001. The nominees are: 

For one-year terms as officers of the Alumni Association : 


Samuel D. Clapper '68 - Somenet, Pa. 

First Vice President 

Margaret Anne Finley '85 Flournoy - Allentown, Pa. 

Second Vice President 

Douglas B. Carlson '88 - Boston, Mass. 


Dorothy S.Wesner *81 - Dauphin. Pa. 


Leonard A. Ebel *96 - Lancaster, Pa. 

For three-year lertns as memhers-at-large to the Alumni Association Executive 

Charles Barley, Jr. '99 - Camp Spring, Md. 
Charles DeBrunner '73 - Harnsburg, Pa. 
Jeffrey Gicking '79 - Sugarloaf, Pa. 
Jeflfrey Morgan '82 - Crownsville. Md. 
James P. Olson '82 - SparU, N.J 
Carole Sloan '67 Pursell- Norristown, Pa. 
Orville "JR" Reynolds '00 - Bronx, N.Y. 

For a tivo-year term as member-at-large to the Alumni Association Executive 

Janice Trojan *76 Lessman 

doctor of chiropractic degree fixjm 
Life University of Chiropractic in 
Marietta. Ga., and is now a doctor 
pursuing a master's degree in chiro- 
practic sports medicine from Life 
Umversity in Atlanta, Ga. 

Jason R. Carrier '97 is director 
of youth programming. Lake 
Chautauqua Lutheran Center. He 
hves in Buffalo. N.Y. 

Stephanie A. Dowling '97 is 
with Trans States AirUnes, She hves in 
Madison, NJ. 

Gerald T. Eagan *97 married 
Christme M. Clark. July 22. 2000. 
Ives Park, Potsdam. N.Y. Gerald is 
employed by Inter Varsity Christian 
Fellowship, Plattsburg, N.Y. Christme 
is employed byTemoinsa Corp,, 
Plattsburgh.They Uve in Plattsburgh. 

Jason M. Fritz '97 married 
Daphme R. Reed, Sept. 30, 2000, 
First Evangehcal Lutheran Church, 
Mifflinburg, Pa. Jason is an environ- 
mental scientist and works at U.S. 
Filter Ground Water Services. State 
College, Pa. Daphine is a registered 
dietitian, currently self-employed as a 
consultant dietitian and employed 
part time by Wood Co. They hve in 

Born to Thomas and Stephanie 
Houser '97 Kramer, a sOn.Jayson 
Andrew, Oct. 2, 2000. Stephame is a 
supervising semor accountant, KPMG 
in Baltimore, Md. Thomas is a poUce 
officer in Baltimore. They hve in 
Owings Mills. Md. 

Lynn A. Nicholas '97 is elemen- 
tary music speciahst for the Milton 
Area School District and hves in 
Lewisburg. Pa. 

Christopher A. Persing '97 mar- 
ried Betsy J. Clark. Oct. 7. 2000. 
Clark's Grove Umted Methodist 
Church, Paxinos, Pa. Christopher is a 
sales associate with First National 
Trust Bank and is head baseball coach 

Lisa Sidley '97 married Joseph R. 
Speece '97, June i4, 2000, First 
Lutheran Church, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Susquehannans in the wedding 
party were Aileen Borders '97 
Matthews, Heather Newberger '98 
Dray and Melinda Speidel '00. Lisa 
teaches music in the Shaler School 
District, Glenshaw, Pa. Joseph is an 
attorney with Voelker & Associates, 
Pittsburgh. They live in Pittsburgh. 

at Muncy High School. Betsy is a lab 
assistant at Geisinger Medical Center. 
Danville, Pa. They hve in Sunbury, Pa. 

Amy L. Prosser '97 works for 
the American Cancer Society and 
hves m Montpeher.Vt. 

Erica Reed '97 is a sales adminis- 
trator, Synygy Inc., Bala Cynwyd, Pa. 

Carrie E. Regan '97 married 
David S. Harkness. Aug. 12. 2000, 
Morrisville Presbyterian Church, 
Morrisville. Pa. Carrie is an educa- 
tional search speciahst at International 
School Services in Princeton. N.J. 
David IS a marketing analyst for 
Information Resources Inc., Ft. 
Washington, Pa. They hve in 
Langhorne. Pa. 

Paul T. Rushton '97 is an attor- 
ney in the business counsehng group, 

Christopher MacVicar '97 married Mary Kate Scally '97, Oct. 7, 2000, Our 
Lady Queen of Peace, Boothbay Harbor, Maine. Susquehannans in the wed- 
ding party were Margaret Pierce '96 Frantz, Todd Frantz '97, Kevin Barley 
'97, Amy Kastner '97 Barley and Deirdre Newbold '97. Christopher is director 
of technical services, Ramesys Corp., Woodbridge, N.J. Mary Kate is a refer- 
ence librarian at the Pingry School, Martinsville, N.J. They live in Edison, N.J. 

20 Susquehanna Today 

Coming F\/ent$ 

Dan Schofield "99, Luke Eddinger '00, JR Reynolds '00 and Kevin Auten '00 
joined a group of more than 125 young alumni who attended a party hosted 
by Brad Minto '99 in Hoboken, N.J., on March 24. 

McNees, Wallace & Nurick, 
Harrisburg. Pa, 
Kimberly M, Santillo *97 is in 

human resources. J. P. Morgan Chase- 
She hvcs in New York City. 

Born to Erie Swenson and 
Melanie Truckenbrod '97, a daugh- 
ter, Emma Victoria, Jan. 12. 2001, 
They hve in Fort Worth, Texas. 

Matt Tacelosky *97 is the regional 
transportation manager for the Lowe's 
Pennsylvama Regional Distribution 
Center, MinersviUe. Pa. 

Melissa Zelensky '97 married 
Thomas BeUino, Oct, 28. 2000, 
Immaculate Conception Church. 
Washinton, Pa, MeUssa is a math 
teacher at the Magruder High 
School. Rockville. Md. Thomas is a 
sales manager for Sevin Corp., 
Rockville, Md.They Uve m 
Germantown. Md. 


Class Reporter: 
Heather Newhager Dray 
411 Pennsyivania Avem4e 
McDonald, OH 44437 

Anthony R. Buda '98 received a 
masters degree in science in forest 
hydrology at Penn State University. 
Tony IS a teacher's assistant at Penn 
State while searching for a fiall-time 
position deahng v^th watershed man- 
agement and restoration. 

Michelle L. Clark '98 married 
Brett W.Troutman. May 20. 2000. St. 
Johns Lutheran Church, Berrysburg. 
Pa. Michelle is a rehabUitation special- 
ist. Keystone Commumty Mental 
Health Services in Harrisburg. Brett is 
the head grower/ manager, Rose Hill 
Farm Greenhouse, New Cumberland. 
Pa. They hve in Dauphin. Pa. 

Stacey A. Depew '98 married 
David J. Sickler. Dec. 23, 2000. First 
Presbyterian Church, Athens, Pa. 
Stacey is a mortgage originator for 

M&'T Mortgage m Athens. 

Melissa D. Dobrzyn '98 married 
WiUiam J. Wolfe '99. April 29. 
2000. Mother Cabrim Church, 
Shamokin, Pa. Both are information 
technology consultants with 
Computer Sciences Corporation, 
Berwyn, Pa. They hve in Rjdley Park, 

Craig M. Housenick '98 is pro- 
duction manager. Artistic Concepts 
Group, Chantilly.Va. Craig played the 
lead character in Helkab by Will Kern 
m Its East coast premiere. He also did 
the hghting design for the lUinois 
State Society's Inaugural Ball. The 
guests include Dennis Hastert and 
Oprah, He hves m Alexandria.Va. 

Jennifer M. Jones '98 is a gradu- 
ate student at Georgetown Umversity 
and lives in Washington, DC. 

Brett Marcy *98, nev/s reporter at 
The Patriot-News in Harrisburg, covers 
suburban commumties and school 
districts, as well as Harrisburg 
International Airport. 

Jacob D. Mclntire '98 is a soft- 
ware engineer. Logican Inc. He lives 
m Arhngton,Va. 

Erin K. McNeice '98 is a provi- 
siomng supervisor, ATX. a Corecom 
Company. She hves in Drexel Hill, Pa. 

Karen E. Melia '98 is a webmas- 
ter for an independent consultant. She 
hves in Sleepy Hollow, N.Y. 

Jeflfrey Nuss '98 received a juris 
doctor degree, Thomas M. Cooley 
Law School, Lansing, Mich. 

Kristin L. Paterson '98 is a mid- 
dle school teacher, New Found 
School District. Bristol, N.H. She 
hves in Lacoma, N.H. 

Born to J. Jason *99 and Aline 
Thompson '98 Petlock, a daughter. 
Mallory Lynn, July 31, 2000, Ahne is 
a social worker at Heritage Nursing 
Home in Athens, Pa. Jason is a district 
technician at Bradford County 
Conservation District, Stohll Natural 
Resource Center, Towanda, Pa. They 
live in Waverly. N.Y. 

Gregory J. Ritter *98 is an envi- 
ronmental pohcy analyst, ASE (Booz- 

May 19 

New York Philharmonic 

Newark, NJ. 

A night out with the New York 
Philharmonic at the New Jersey 
Performing Arts Center. 

June 1-3 
Alumni Weekend 

Alumni with class years ending in 
a " 1 " or "6" will be celebrating 
their reunions! We'll also be dedi- 
cating the Reunion Plaza. 

June 16 

Bring the Family to 
Camden Waterfront 
Camden, NJ. 

Free adimssion to the NJ. State 
Aquarium and Camden Children's 
Garden followed by a 5:30 p.m. 
picnic at Campbell's Stadium and 
the Camden Rjversharks vs. the 
Lehigh Valley Black Diamonds 
courtesy of Steve '80 and Doria 

June 24 

Harrisburg, Pa. 

Jom us as the Senators challenge 
the Akron Aeros for this afternoon 
game and picnic. Thanks to Dee 
Wesner *81 for her help in plan- 
nii^ this one. 23 

June 30 
Arena Football 

Cartstadt, NJ. 

It's a true rivalry as the New Jersey 
Gladiators fight the New York 
Dragons in the 2001 Arena 
Football season. Thanks to Ed 
Stuart '90, a member of the 
Gladiators marketing team, for 
planning this event. 

July 14 

Rafting on the Delaware 

Barryville, Pa. 

Bring the family for whitewater 
rafting and a post-trip barbecue 
with Susquehanna alumni at 
Kittatinny Canoes' BarryviUe base. 
The ramdate will be July 21. 

July 14 
Pirates Baseball 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Join us for the Pirates vs, Kansas 
City Royals m an afternoon game 
at PNC Park. Tickets are SIS for 
deck seating. 

July 15 

Reading, Pa. 

It's an afternoon ot tainily fun 
when the Reading Phillies take on 
the Altoona Pirates. Cost will be 
$15 per person, which includes 
seating on the stadium's left field 
deck and a two-hour lunch bufiet. 

July 15 
Women's Soccer 

RFK stadium, 
Washington, D.C. 

Bring the family to see the leg- 
endary Mia Hamm perform as the 
Washington Freedom takes on the 
New York Power in its inaugural 
season as a charter team of the 
Women's United Soccer 
Association. Special thanks to Jeff 
Morgan *82 for helping us plan 
this one. 

July 19 

Murder Mystery Cruise 

Harrisburg, Pa. 

Help solve an "all-in-ftin" murder 
aboard the Pride of the 
Susquehanna Riverboat. We're 
planmng an elegant dinner cruise 
and a great opportumty to connect 
Harrisburg alumm with their col- 
lege roots. 

July 28 

Bridgeport, Conn. 

Join us for a picnic and baseball as 
the Bridgeport Bluefish compete 
against the Lehigh Valley Black 

Save the Date 
October 6 
Homecoming 2001 

For more information, 

call the Office of Alumni Relations 

at 570-372-4115 

or e-mail 

Susquehanna Today 21 

Debra K. Brandt 'oo married Andrew D. Musselman, July 15, 2000, Harmony 
Bethel Church of God, Dillsburg, Pa. Debra is an erosion and sediment control 
technician for Adams County Conservation District. Andrew is employed by 
Musselman Wholesale Foliage. They live in York Springs, Pa. Front row, left to 
right: Christina Buckley '01, Susie Burd '00 Hill, Debra Brandt '00 Musselman, 
Theresa Shirk '00 and Sarah Curley '00. Back row, left to right: Craig Wright 
'00 and Mark Yerger '00. 

Allen @ Hamilton subsidiary). 
McLean. Va. 

Shana L. Ruhl *98 joined the 
staff of the Coast Press and the 
Beachcomber as an advertising clerk. 
Rehoboth Beach. Del. 

Ryan R Timmons '98 is a sys- 
tems analyst for York International 
and lives in York, Pa. 

Judd Wright '98 married Ronda 
Sabatim. Aug. 1 1 , 2000. Harry 
Savory Ballroom, Wilmington, Del. 
Judd IS supervisor of the invesmient 
accounting department at PNC 
Bank, Wilmington. Ronda is super- 
visor of the internal audit depart- 
ment at the same bank. They hve in 


Alyssa M. Andreadis '99 is a 

web designer, Persumma Financial. 
Newton. Mass. 

Kimberly J. Aurand '99 mar- 
ried Jason C.WiUiams, April 22. 
2000. Kish Valley Grace Brethern. 
Lewistown. Pa. Kimberly is m the 
physician assistant program at Lock 
Haven University. They hve in 

Jennifer Botchie '99, assistant 
editor for Transport Topics' Weh news 
team since July, has joined the print 
staff's ranks as a reporter to cover 
the state news beat. She hves in 
Alexandria, Va, 

Jennifer L. Bourque '99 is a 
coordinatmg producer, Barnes & in New York City. 

Jessica Brown '99 married 
Michael A. Boyer. Oct. 14. 2000. St. 
Margarets Roman CathoHc 

Church, Reading, Pa. Lauren 
Gubner '99 was m the wedding 
party. Jessica is a test coordinator for 
the Army Education Center, 
Michael is a first heutenant in the 
U.S. Army. They hve m Ft. Riley, 

Kimberly A. Carson '99 is in 
high-tech sales. Wiseconnect Inc. 
She hves in San Francisco, CaUf. 

Michael Checco '99 married 
Mary Papp '96. (See 1996) 

Kathryn E. Cleveland '99 is 
assistant residence director at 
Northeastern Umversity. Boston, 

Jennifer M. Cohick '99 is 
Bridge Housmg case manager for 
Centre Counry Women's Resource 
Center. She lives in Pine Grove 
MiUs. Pa. 

Christian L. Curry *99 is a pro- 
grammer with Fidehty Investments 
and hves m Brighton, Mass. 

Giuseppe DeBartolo *99 is 
assistant project manager. Kennedy 
Center for the Performing Arts in 
Washington, D.C. He hves in 
Alexandria. Va. 

Liana Evans '99 is a computer 
web designer, Pipelme Interactive, 
Lebanon. Pa. She hves m Frackville. 

Eric A. Frihart '99 is store 
manager.WH. Smith Co, He hves 
m Hamilton Township, N.J, 

Jason A. Hartelius '99 is a tele- 
vision news producer, Newschannel 
8. Springfield, Va, He hves inVienna. 

Jennifer L. Loomis '99 is 
administrator for corporate commu- 
nications and pubhc relations, ARIS 
Corporation of America, She hves 
m State College. Pa. 

Sarah A. McCracken '99 is 

corporate commumcations coordi- 
nator. Harvard Busmess School 
Pubhshing, Boston, Mass. 

Born to J. Jason '99 and Aline 
Thompson '98 Petlock. a daugh- 
ter-see 1998. 

Charles M. Pfeifer '99 is a fund 
accountant, T. Rowe Price. He hves 
in Ov/ings Mills. Md. 

Geoffi-ey G. Rohrer '99 is a 
market research consultant, G. 
Bhalla &c Associates. He hves in 
Gaithersburg, Md. 

H, Will Schmidt '99 is a busi- 
ness analyst, American Management 
Systems. He hves m Arhngton,Va. 

Daniel A. Schofield '99 is with 
Dilhstone Systems (US) Inc.spe- 
ciahst software for executive search. 
He hves in West Milford. N.J. 

Ryan M. Schomber '99 is with 
accounting, auditing, international 
funds for PFPC. He hves in New 
Castle. Del. 

Jeremy Sharpe *99 is in pubhc 
relations, Edelman Worldwide. He 
hves in Arhngton.Va. 

Jessica L. Smith *99 is a teacher 
and hves in Schaumburg. 111. 

Nicholas L. Stephenson '99 
married Erica Weaver '00, Sept. 2, 
2000, Seibert Hall, Susquehanna 
Umversity. Selmsgrove, Pa. Nick is 
assistant director of admissions at 

Susquehanna and Erica is area coor- 
dinator. They Uve in Selmsgrove. Pa. 

Corey R. Troxell '99 is a sec- 
ond-year medical student at 
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic 
Medicine. He hves in Philadelphia. 

William J. Wolfe '99 married 
Melissa D. Dobrzyn '98. (See 

Jennifer L.Wolfgang '99 teach- 
es fourth grade at Mount Airy 
Christian Day School. She hves in 
Oreland, Pa. 



Class Reporter: 

Kimberly J. Hain 

Apt. B 

4252 Heathrow Court 

Harrisbmg, PA 17109 


kimhain@}iotmail .com 

Danielle Ross '00 married 
Dustin Schwab, Dec. 1. 2000, 
Lincoln. Neb. They hve in Beatrice, 

Erica Weaver '00 married 
Nicholas L Stephenson '99. (See 


Alumni Career Team 

The Alumni 

Career Team 

finally a way to connect alumni 

with students and alumni with alumni! 

The Office of Alumni Relations has partnered with the Center for 
Career Services to provide an interactive online database where 
alumni can register to become career contacts for current stu- 
dents and alumni. It's also a place where students and alumni can 
search for alumni who have career advice, internships or extern- 
ships and jobs. Log on now at to become 
part of the ACT! 

i2 Susquehanna Today 

CLASS OF 2000 Report 

Rebecca I. Abel is pursuing a 
master's degree in social work at the 
University of Pennsylvania. 
Philadelphia. Pa. 

Jeremy Adams is with Vantage 
Partners in Cambridge. Mass. He 
hves in Concord, Mass. 

Jennifer L. Albright is a mer- 
chandising analyst. Weis Markets, 
Sunbury. Pa, 

Jennifer M. Allen is an adrmnis- 
trativc assistant with the American 
Himalayan Foundation in San 
Francisco, Calif She hves in Pacifica. 

Pete B. Almond is pursuing a 
master's degree in business admims- 
tration at Temple University, 
Philadelphia. Pa, 

Matthew J. Anderson is pursuing 
an advanced degree m psychology at 
Kent Stale University. He hves in 
Akron, Ohio. 

Nicole Anderson is a tactical spe- 
cialist with J, P. Morgan in 
Wilnungton, Del. 

Edmund R. Antoszewski is 
studying athletic traimng at West 
Chester University. Philadelphia. Pa, 

Benjamin J. Apfelbaum is pur- 
suing a juris doctor degree from 
Penn State Dickinson School ot Law, 
Carhsle, Pa. 

Eileen M. Arcangeli is with 
N.W Ayer & Partners in New York 
City as a group assistant on 
Continental AirUnes advertising 
account. She hves in Stanilbrd, Conn, 

Jennifer E. Ashton teaches third 
grade in Flower Hill Elementary 
School in the Montgomery County 
Pubhc Schools. Gaithersburg. Md. 

Christina Dincher Aukema 
works at the United Methodist 
Children's Center. Wcllsboro, Pa. 

Aaron O. Aukema teaches histo- 
ry at Mansfield High School. He hves 
in Wellsboro. Pa, 

Kevin W. Auten is an analyst wnth 
Citigate, Carlsudt. NJ. 

James I. Bartlett will be pursuing 
a master's degree at the Lutheran 
Theological Seminary at Gettysburg, 

Beth A. Bartony is pursuing an 
associate degree in interior design at 
the American Intercontinental 
Umvcrsity in London, England. 

Jennifer Becker teaches second 
grade in Monte Vista Elementary 
School m Phoenix, Ariz. She hves in 
Tcmpe, Ariz, 

Elizabeth A. Benson is an 

employment facilitator, Sarah Inc., 
Old Saybrook. Conn. 

Leonard Bentivegna is with 
Merrill Lynch, New York City. 

Jennifer Black is a legislative 
assistant for State Senator AllysonY. 
Schwartz in Harrisburg, Pa. 

Beth A. Bloom teaches musjc at 
St. Ann's Day School, Annapohs, Md. 

Emily C. Bodfish teaches math 
at Hopi Jr/Sr High School, Keams 
Canyon, Ariz. 

Allina D. Boutilier is an assistant 
director for Score! Company, owned 
by the Washington Post Company, 
Washington. DC. 

Whitney Boyle is pursuing a 
master's degree in physician assistant 
studies at Chatham College in 
Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Ryan S. Boyles is production 
coordinator, MiShar Productions 
Inc., in New Cumberland, Pa. 

Elizabeth Branch is with Beeper 
Pen Company and hves in Brick. N.J. 

Debra Brandt is an erosion and 
sediment control techmcian, Adams 
County Conservation District, 
Gettysburg, Pa. 

Dana M. Brannigan is studying 
to become a physician's assistant. 
USP/PCOM. Philadelphia. Pa. 

Dawn M. Brannigan is pursuing 
a master's degree in social work at 
the Umversity of Pittsburgh. 
Pittsburgh, Pa. 

DeAnn J. Brickley is with pro- 
duction. Great Valley Pubhshing, 
Spring City, Pa. 

Aaron S. Brock is a reporter with 
the Times-News. He hves in Hurley, 

Sandra L. Bromborsky is an 
account executive, DJ. Storch & 
Associates Inc.. Summit. N.J, 

Joshua H. Brown is pursuing a 
master's degree in music at 
Northwestern Umversity, Evanston, 

Michelle L. Bryan is an associate 
scientist, TEVA Pharmaceuticals 

Janice K. Bubeck is a researcher 
for special projects for NBC in Bala 
Cynwyd, Pa. 

Jennifer Bucks teaches instru- 
mental music at Big Sprmg Middle 
School, Newn/iUe. Pa. She hves in 
Mechanicsburg, Pa, 

Erin Callahan is associate rela- 
tions manager for Shop 'n Save 
Supermarkets, Lowell. Mass. She hves 
m Nashua. NH. 

Gilberto Carrillo Jr. is a man- 
agement trainee. Enterprise Rent-A- 
Car, Chiton, N.J. 

Jennifer A. Carroll teaches fourth 
grade. Hemlock Park Elementary. 
Brentwood Umon Free School 
District, Bay Shore, N.Y. 

Suzanne Carroll is a representa- 
tive for Brinkman Instruments. She 
hves in Bayport, NY 

Christine Catalfamo is pursuing 
a master's degree in education at 
Marymount Umversity. Arhngton.Va, 

Torrance Cleveland is in the 
U.S, Army and lives in St. Petersburg, 

Sarah Costello is a sales represen- 
tative with Ceridian, a software pack- 
age company in Columbia. Md. She 
hves in Gaithersburg, Md. 

Ann E. Courtley teaches high 
school music, Keansburg, N.J. 

Jennifer Cressman is employed at 
the Centenmal School of Lehigh 
Umversity and is pursuing a master's 
degree in school psychology. She 
hves in Fogelsville, Pa. 

David F. Crider is a producer, 
Clear Channel Commumcations, 
Syracuse. N.Y. 

Sarah J. Curley is a hydrographer 
with Dewberry & Davis in Fairfax, 
Va. She hves in Lorton.Va. 

Jason W. Custer is audio techni- 
cian/engineer for Events Staging, 
Potts ville, Pa. 

Emily Czarnecki is the provost's 
admimstrative assistant. New England 
Conservatory, Boston, Mass. 

Jennifer L. Daily teaches music 
in grades slx, seven and eight m the 
Parkland School District, Allentown, 

Angela A. D'Alessandro is 
studying to be a paralegal at 
Montclair State University, Montclair, 

Carolina L. D*Avino is a pubhc 
relations assistant, Weichert Realtors, 
Morris Plains, NJ. She hves in 
Madison. NJ. 

Melissa M. DeFinnis is an aide, 
Berwick Area School District, 
Berwick, Pa. 

Jason DeGroat is pursuing a mas- 
ter's degree in mathematics at SUNY 
at Buffalo, NY. 

Jose M. Delgado is a 
counselor/teacher at Glen Mills 
Schools, Concordville, Pa. 

Gail Derrer teaches music in the 
Shawnee Middle School in the 
Easton Area School District, Easton, 

Pa. She hves in Pocono Summit, Pa. 
Scott R. Dey is in investor rela- 
tions. T, Rowe Price. He hves m 
Lutherville, Md. 

Keith W. Dianis is pursuing a 
juris doctor degree at Qummpiac 
Umversity School of Law, Hainden, 

Lynda K. Dickens is in customer 
service, Monumental Life Insurance 
Company. Baltimore, Md. 

Kirsten Dohner is an assistant 
manager. Abercrombie S< Fitch, She 
lives in Stamford, Conn. 

Elizabeth Dollhopf is assistant 
director ot the annual fiind for De 
Pauw Umversity in Greencasde, Ind. 

Tiflfany Dugan teaches fourth 
grade in the Derry Township School 
District, Hershey, Pa, 

Robert T. Dungey is pursuing a 
master's degree m secondary educa- 
tion at Towson Umversity. He hves m 
Baltimore, Md. 

Lauren M. Easterly is a project 
director associate, A. C. Nielson Bases, 
Westport, Conn. 

Luke R. Eddinger is an associate 
manager for Prudential Investments, 
Newark, NJ. He hves in Bloomfield, 

Lauren M. Egger is an auditor 
for the Pennsylvania Department of 
the Auditor General, Harrisburg. Pa. 
She hves in Ridgeway, Pa. 

Jennifer K. Ellsworth is an elec- 
tronic marketing associate, Weis 
Markets Inc. She hves in 
Hummelstown. Pa. 

Chad C. Emerich is a consul- 
tant/sales associate for Paine Webber. 
PhUadelphia. Pa. He hves m King of 
Prussia. Pa. 

Brandi J. Engdahl works for the 
Pubhc Library for Union County. 
Lewisburg, Pa. 

Kara L. Erdman is a caseworker. 
Children's Choice Inc. Lewisburg, 

Jerry A. EvangeUsta is an associ- 
ate apphcanon software engineer, 
Lockheed Martm, King of Prussia, 

Sarah E. Farbo is a coordinator 
for hteracy with Americorps! Read 

Jennifer L. Fasnacht is an assis- 
unt account executive, Ruder Finn, 
Washington, DC. She hves in Fairfax, 

Cheryl A. Fell is an international 
tax team associate, 

Susquehanna Today 23 

Philadelphia. Pa. 

Samantha L. Feula is pursuing 
an advanced degree in nursing. Seion 
Hall University, South Orange. N.J. 

Steve J. Fischer works at Hershey 
Medical Center. Hershey. Pa. 

J. Eric Fisher is studying at the 
City University of London, England. 

Kimberly G. Fisher is a coun- 
selor/therapist. Livengrin 
Foundation, Fort Washington, Pa. 

Justin A. Flexer is with Bankers 
Life &' Casualty. WiUiamsport, Pa. 

Glennis E. Flint teaches elemen- 
tary music in the Ridgefield Park 
Public Schools. Rjdge6eld Park, N.J. 

Thomas G. FoUert is in account 
service, Video Momtoring Service. 
He hves in Montrose. Pa. 

David Fontes is an assistant in the 
music department at Boston 

David B. Forbes is a manage- 
ment intern, DoorCraft. Sunbury. Pa. 

David Forgione is pursuing a 
master's degree at the Umversity of 

Nicole L. Forino is employed by 
Forino Company, Spring Township, 
Pa. She hves in Sinking Spring, Pa, 

Rebecca Frazer is a sales person 
with Monumental Insurance, 
Baltimore, Md. 

Bridget Clopper Frey is a hbrar- 
lan at Hood College. She Uves in 
Waynesboro, Pa. 

Je65'ey K. Funk is pursuing an 
advanced degree in chemistry at 
Penn State University, State College, 

Toby Gearhart is a teacher, Long 
Reach High School, Columbia, Md. 

Kara R. Girdwood is a suff spe- 
ciahst. ENSR Consulting and 
Remediation, Langhorne. Pa. 

John Glanville is a counselor for 
Devcreax, Kids m Crisis, a non-profit 
orgamzation in Malvern, Pa. 

Robert A. Glass is a professional 
accountant. Lucent Technologies, 
Warren, NJ. He hves in Rumson. 

Mark Gray is pursuing a master's 
degree in business admmistration at 
the Harrisburg branch of Penn State 

Tymia R. Green is studying at 
the American Music and Dramatic 
Academy in New York City. 

Sarah E. Gregonis is a news 
TCpoTter, Journal ItiqiiireT newspaper, 
Manchester. Conn. 

Julie A. Greth is a buyer for 
Macy s, San Francisco, Calif. 

Sarah Grogan is pursumg an 
advanced degree at Simmons 
College, Boston, Mass.. to study stu- 
dents with mtensive special needs. 
She also teaches in Melmark School. 

Michael Guilford is a research 

scientist, Origene Technologies Inc. 
He Uves in Silver Spring. Md. 

Jana R. Guthrie is an associate 
account executive, AEC Software 
Inc.. Sterhng.Va. She lives in Fairfax, 

Jennifer Haas is a counselor, Phil 
Haven Hospital, Mt. Gretna, Pa. 

Christopher Hagtnan is a pur- 
chasing manager, E.O. Habegger Co. 
He hves m Wayne, Pa. 

Dena K. Hahn is an administra- 
tive assistant. Professional Marketing 
Products, Timomum, Md. 

Kimberly J. Hain is a legal assis- 
tant for Kilhan & Gephart in 
Harrisburg, Pa. 

Peter A. Hall is a reporter for 'Hie 
Express-Times in Easton, Pa. 

Heather E. Hamilton is a day 
treatment supervisor. Bethesda Day 
Treatment Center, MiSUntown, Pa. 

Amy B. Handelsman is a thera- 
pist, Wesley Institute, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Douglas J. Harris is pursumg a 
masters degree in secondary coun- 
sehng, Shippensburg Umversity. He 
Uves in Lemoyne, Pa. 

Kristi J. Hauck is a toddler 
teacher in Sunflower Childcare, 
Lewisburg, Pa. 

Jeremy Heidenreich is webmas- 
ter/office manager. Swatara Farms, a 
thoroughbred horse breeding tarm. 
He Uves in Lebanon, Pa. 

Heidi M. Heikenfeld is a jumor 
analyst in the fixed income group, 
Oppenheimer Funds Inc., New York 

Brian K. Heller is a recruiter for 
Systems Planmng and Analysis, 
Alexandria, Va. 

Gavin Hess is athledc trainer at 
Hartwick CoUege. He Uves in 
Laurens, NY. 

Martin R Hill is a sales represen- 
tative, Encson Christian Organ. 
Chicago. 111. 

Suzie Burd Hill is pursuing a 
master's degree at the Lutheran 
School of Divinity at Chicago, lU. 

Elizabeth Hodes is a proofi-eader 
forWordsimth Pubhshing. She hves 
in Hurley, NY. 

Amy J. Ho6^an teaches fifth 
grade m the Warrior Run Middle 
School, TurbotviUe, Pa. 

Gretchen L. Hofiman teaches 
kindergarten, Morongo Unified 
School District, Twentymne Palms, 

Angela J. Hoot is property man- 
ager, Weis Markets Inc., SeUnsgrove, 

Courtney A. Hoover is an 
admissions counselor at La SaUe 
Umversity and she is pursuing a mas- 
ter's degree in professional comnium- 
cation. She Uves m Philadelphia, Pa. 

Dina A. Hovanessian is an 

account executive. OgiJvy & Mather, 
New York City. 

Heather A. Howard is an 
account executive with Sprint, 
CarUsle. Pa. 

Kelly Hunt teaches kindergarten. 
Deans School, South Brunswick, NJ. 

Stephanie L. Jancewicz is an 
assistant manager, Abercrombie & 
Fitch. Towson, Md. 

Andrew Johns is pursuing an 
advanced degree in agricultural eco- 
nomics, Virginia Tech., Blacksburg, 

Brian B.Jones is a financial rep- 
resentative. Northwestern Mutual, 
Pittsburgh. Pa. 

Rebecca A. Kagan is pursuing a 
doctor of veterinary medicine degree 
at Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa 

Sheri C. Kelly is a biochemist, 
Merck & Co.. West Point. Pa. 

Scott R. Kempes is pursuing a 
teaching certificate in art education, 
Kutztown Umversity, Kutztown, Pa. 

Rebecca L. King is an elemen- 
tary instrumental music teacher, 
Southeast Delco School District, 
Folcroft, Pa, 

April A. Kline is doing an intern- 
ship in stage management at the 
JulUard School. She Uves in Forest 
HiUs. N.Y 

Kelly Klinger is pursuing a mas- 
ter's degree in counseUng at BuckneU 
Umversity, Levnsburg, Pa. 

Barbara L. Koontz is a market- 
ing coordinator. Prentice 
HaU/MerriU Education, Columbus. 

Melissa Kuruzovich is an analyst 
with Curran Care. She Uves in 
Gaithersburg. Md. 

Brianna M. Kuzma is a systems 
speciaUst with Merck Inc., West 
Point, Pa. 

Jennifer M. Kuzma teaches sixth 
grade. Midd-West School District, 
Middleburg, Pa. 

Michael Lamagna works for 
Charles TamporeUa, stock broker, in 
Smithtown. N.Y. 

Susanna Lamey is an admimstra- 
tive assistant. Boston Umversity. 

Tara A. Laskowski is a news 
assistant. Tlie Times Leader, 'W]\ke^- 
Barre, Pa. 

Renee Lathrop is pursuing a 
doctorate in physics at the Umversity 
of Nebraska Lincoln. Lincoln, Neb. 

Thomas E Lavella is a techiu- 
cian, SpeciaUry Minerals, Bethlehem, 

Amy L. LeBrun is an adimmstra- 
tive assistant, Acentech Inc., 
Cambridge, Mass. 

Richard D. Lehman is director 
of music at the Jersey Shore Area 
High School, Jersey Shore, Pa. 
Jamie B. Lemisch is the Cobbs 

Creek field supervisor, Fairmount 
Park Commission, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Donna £. Lepp is an auditor in 
the state auditor generals office for 
the Commonwealth of Pennsylvama. 
She hves in Lansdale, Pa. 

Glenn R. Lester is a consultant, 
American Management Systems, 
Fairfax, Va. He Uves in Falls Church, 

Robyn A. Lettich is with thera- 
peutic staff support. Northwestern 
Human Services, Schuylkill 
Mountain Center, Pme Grove, Pa. 

Sarah G. Lindwall is a service 
coordinator. Liberty Resources, 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

Suzanne M. Long is 
marketing/ sales executive. Fox 
51/UPN35.Westbrook, Maine. 

Arnaud Loos is an information 
technology speciaUst. XiTech. 
Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Gary A. Lubisco Jr. is with the 
enrollment support umt, Guardian, 
Little Falls, NJ. 

Steven C. Madden is a recruiter 
forTek Systems. He Uves m OradeU, 

Adam Magaletta is with guest 
services, Mohawk Mountain Resort, 
New Paltz, N.Y. 

Nadja A. Mair is an admimstra- 
tive assistant, Nabisco Inc., 
Parsippany, NJ, 

NoeUe Marconi is an assistant to 
the director of government relations 
for the Association of Trial Lawyers 
of America in Trenton, NJ. 

Stuart A. Margerum is a sales 
representative. Swab Wagon 
Company Inc., Ehzabethville. Pa. 

Matthew^ Marowski is in sales, 
Family DoUar, Mt. Carmel, Pa. 

Matthew M. Martinez is a 
claims representative, Rehance 
Personal Insurance Company. Camp 
HiU. Pa. 

Kerri E. Mattern is a coinmuni- 
canons administrator wdth 
Pennsylvama Medical Society 
Liability Insurance Company, 
Harrisburg, Pa. 

Amy E. Matzuk is a staff accoun- 
tant with KPMG in Harrisburg, Pa. 

Christa A. McBride is a Ufe skills 
worker. CorncU Abraxas, Danville, 

Sarah E. McConlogue is mar- 
keting and pubUc relations coordina- 
tor. Stepping Stones Museum for 
Children. Norwalk, Conn. 

Kathleen M. McFarland is a 
project manager. American 
Management Systems, New York 

Michael T. McGill is pursuing a 
master's degree m commumcations, 
BowUng Green State Umversity, 
BowUng Green, Ohio 

24 Susquehanna Today 

Meghan A. McGinnis is a sales 
representative for Hershey Foods 
Corporation, Charleston, S.C. 

Erik McKinney is an assistant 
account executive with Bates USA 
Advertising in New York City. 

Robert McNamara is a coun- 
selor to teens at risk, Summit 
Achievement, Fryeburg, Maine 

Jennifer Messimer is with 
Border's Bookstore. She lives in 
Bethlehem. Pa. 

Christopher Meyers is a sales 
assistant, Simth Barney. He lives in 
Jersey City. N.J. 

Malinda Gitt Mikesell teaches 
fifth grade in Eastern Lancaster 
County School District. She hves in 
New Holland. Pa, 

Brad T. Mikolajczyk is a mutual 
fund analyst. SEl Investments, Wayne. 

Lisa M. Miller works for MBNA. 
Wilmington, Del, 

Jennifer L. Mitman is a teacher's 
aide at Pcnnridge School District. 
Perkasie, Pa., and is pursmng a mas- 
ter's degree in elementary guidance 
counseling. Villanova Umversity. 

Kristy Montalbano is an ele- 
mentary school band teacher, 
Merrick Union Free School District, 
Merrick. N.Y. She hves in 
Farmmgdale, N.Y 

Rodney M. Moorhead works for 
AMS, Fairfax, Va. 

Amy J. Meyer is a research tech- 
nician, Wyeth-Ayerst Labs, Marietta, 

Jeffi-ey W. Meyer is a production 
supervisor for Northtec in Bristol, 

Kristen M. Nackley is a sales 
associate. Automatic Dau Processing, 
Melville, N.Y 

William R. Neumeyer is pursu- 
ing a juris doctor degree at Penn 
Stale Dickinson School of Law, 
Carlisle. Pa. 

Lucas D. Newcomer is produc- 
tion manager, Doorcraft of 
Pennsylvama, Sunbury, Pa. 

Christy Newfield is a contract 
speciahst for NAVAIR, Department 
of the Navy, Patuxent Rjver Naval 
Air Station, Md. She hves in 
Lexington Park. Md. 

Nannette I. Ney is a program 
coordinator. Clancy Social 
Rehabilitation Program, Sunbury, Pa. 

Douglas B. Noble is a research 
assistant and pursuing a masters 
degree in biology at Yale Umversity, 
New Haven, Conn. 

Andrea R. Noel is youth minister 
at St. James Lutheran Church, 
Gettysburg, Pa. 

Loren North is pursuing a mas- 
ter's degree in hydrogeology. 

University of South Florida, Tampa, 

Erin C. O'Donnell is an auditor. 
Arthur Andersen. Philadelphia. Pa. 

Katherine E. O'Hara is a veteri- 
nary techmcian, Princeton Animal 

Jonathan C. 0*Harrow is a 
webmaster, Penn State/Altoona, 
Altoona, Pa. 

Je&ey W. Orlando is pursuing a 
master's degree in psychology at 
Columbia Umversity in New York 

Amy E. Palmer is in pubhc 
affairs, PEO Surface Strike with the 
Navy. She hves in Alexandria. Va. 

Joseph D. Palmieri is pursuing a 
master's degree in nursing, Thomas 
Jefferson Umversity Hospital College 
of Health Professions, Philadelphia, 

Karen Petock is a member of 
assurance practice, Ernst & Young, 
Harnsburg. Pa. 

Mackenzie Pfeifer is a math 
teacher with the Peace Corps, 
Guinea, West Africa. 

Benjamin Phillips is a drama and 
music teacher, Shakespeare School, 
Bronx, N.Y 

Rachel Phillips is a commumty 
project coordinator, Hahnemann 
University School of Medicme. She 
matches medical students with vol- 
unteer opportunities in the commu- 
nity. She lives in Philadelphia, Pa. 

Catherine P. Pierce is pursumg a 
master's degree in creative writing at 
Ohio Sute University, Columbus, 

Susan E. Pisaniello is assistant to 
the executive producer, Helen Hayes 
Performmg Arts Center, Nyack, N.Y 

Michael J. Pugliano is an 
account executive, Print-o-Stat. He 
hves in York, Pa. 

Rachel M. Quackenbush is an 
account executive, Yellow Book 
USA, Norwalk. Conn. 

Eric Ramsdell is with Naval 
Electromcs and Surveillance Systems 
for Lockheed Martin Corporation. 
Moorestown. N.J. 

Janelle L. Reed is assistant field 
hockey coach. College ofWooster. 
Wooster, Ohio. 

Amanda J. Reigle is in advertis- 
mg billing space. Cahners Publisher, 
Newton. Mass, She hves in Concord. 

Richard C. Reinhardt works for 
Steamboat Ski & Resort. Steamboat 
Springs, Colo. 

Laura Desrosiers Renauld 
teaches at Greenwich Country Day 
School, Greenw^ch, Conn. 

Adam Ressler is in information 
services with Cimnet Inc. m 
Robesonia. Pa. 

Meredith A. Rightmire is sales 
and marketmg assistant, Reading 
Bakery Systems m Robesoma, Pa. 
She hves in West Lawn, Pa. 

Ryan R. Ritchey is sell- 
employed as a video producer. R- 
Cubed Productions, Lewistown. Pa. 

Brian C. Robinson is a conimu- 
mcations associate. Vanguard Group. 
Valley Forge, Pa. He hves in 
Westtown, Pa. 

Janelle M. Robinson is a child 
care worker. Board of Child Care, 
Balnmore, Md., and is pursuing a 
master's degree in counseling, 
Umversity of Baltimore. 

Todd R. Rombach is an auditor 
for the Pennsylvama State Auditor 
General, Harnsburg, Pa. 

Osvaldo Rosario is an associate 
account executive, XO 
Communications Inc., New York 
City. He hves in Roselle Park, N.J. 

Danielle C. Ross is a teller, 
Beatrice National Bank, Beatrice, 

Bryan C. Rothfuss is pursuing a 
master's degree in music. Westminster 
Choir College, Princeton, NJ. 

Andrew N. Rumbaugh is an 
account executive, Duncan Data Inc., 
Fairfield, N.J. He hves in Randolph, 

Katie Rumore is electronic mar- 
ketmg coordinator for Cendant 
Corp.. in Parsippany, NJ. 

Melissa Ruozzi is events and 
pubhcations coordinator for New 
England Waterworks Associaaon, 
HoUiston, Mass. She hves in 
Braintree, Mass. 

Stephen J. Russo is a credit man- 
ager trainee, Wells Fargo Financial. 
Harnsburg, Pa, 

Kamil L. Rustin teaches third 
grade at Rocky Run Elementary 
School. Stafford. Va. 

Karolyn R. Sadowski is a busi- 
ness analyst. American Management 
Systems, Roseland. NJ. 

Shelley K. Sanders is an analyst. 
Outran Care. She hves in Boston. 

Bethany J. Schilling is an intake 
counselor, Nassau County Coahtion. 
Levittown. N.Y. 

Casey Segen is a graphic artist. 
Third Federal Bank, Newtown, Pa. 

Beth A. Shade is i teacher in the 
Midd-West School District. She lives 
in Burnham, Pa. 

Jennifer A. Shields is a doctoral 
candidate student at the University 
ofVirginia. She hves in 

Matthew R. Shorb is an execu- 
tive- in- traimng, Elderlee Inc. His 
home address is m York, Pa. 

Keelie E. Shultz is an event plan- 
ner. Journal Pubhcations Inc.. 
Harrisburg. Pa. 

Deanna F. Shumaker is an 
admimstrative assistant. Child At Pask 
Hothne/Judge Baker Children's 
Center, Boston, Mass. 

C. Susana SUva is an account 
executive, Young &' Rubicam, New 
York City. 

Jennifer L. Sissler is an account 
coordmator with Porter Novelli, 
Washington, DC. She hves m 

Devon M. Slack is a scientist, 
Roche Molecular Systems, 
Branchburg. N.J. 

Grace A. Smith is an environ- 
mental scientist, Scott, Stevens & 
McCoy. She hves in West Lawn. Pa. 

G. Wayne Sorrels is a journalist, 
Denton Record Chronicle, Denton, 

Allison A. Sparks is office man- 
ager, Leading Edge Media, 
Manchester, N.H. 

Class of 2000 Placement Results 

• Ninety-six percent of the class of 2000 reported employment or enroll- 
ment in graduate or professional school within six months of commence- 
ment in the annual survey conducted by the Umversity's Center for 
Career Services. 

• Seventeen percent of all 2000 Susquehanna graduates - 28 percent of stu- 
dents in the School of Natural and Social Sciences and 17 percent from 
the School of Arts, Humamties and Communications - are pursuing fur- 
ther education in graduate or professional school. 

• Seventy-mne percent of the class took advanuge of opportumnes posed by 
a strong job market. Starting salaries are competitive with national averages 
- typically at the median and often higher. The average startmg salary was 

• Once again, several Susquehanna graduates have opted for experience in 
the non-profit sector with organizations such as the Peace Corps. 
Americorps or other international and domestic service agencies. 

Susquehanna Today 25 

Melinda Speidel is band and 
choral director. Andes Central 
School, Andes. NY. 

Danielle R. Speziale is an 
account manager, AT*.: T. New York 
City. She hves in North Salem, N.Y. 

Lisa M. Stack is an environmen- 
tal specialist, Borton-Lawson 
Engmeenng.Wilkcs-Barre, Pa. 

John Steigerwald is with J. P 
Morgan in Newark, Del. He Uves in 

Erica Weaver Stephenson is area 
coordinator in the office of residence 
hfe at Susquehanna University. 

Joseph T. Stoshack is a cold 
fusion programmer. Converter 
Accessory Corp., Wind Gap, Pa. He 
hves in Sunuint Hill. Pa. 

Heather Strawser is a youth 
ministry coordinator, Nappanee 
Missionary Church, Nappanee, Ind. 

John B. Stroud Jr. is pursuing a 
master's degree in choral conducting 

at Temple Umversity, Philadelphia, 

Jason A. Stuhler is a flind 
accountant, Investors Bank & Trust 
Company, Boston, Mass. 

Dustin E. Suri is a scmor adver- 
tising analyst, Channel One 
Network, New York City. 

Ann M. Surrette is a Uving sec- 
tion stafl~ writer for the Journal 
httpiircr in Manchester, Conn. 

Lisa M. Swanhart is a research 
assistant in the department of molec- 
ular biology at Princeton University, 
Princeton, N.J. 

Katherine J. Swift is a marketing 
manager with AT&T. Morristown, 

Lisa A. Swinsburg is on the 
ISAAS staff, Ernst & Young, 
Harnsburg, Pa. 

Ryan P. Szuch is working toward 
a graduate degree in natural 
resources and conducting research at 

Science Career Fair 

Bill Laswell '83, bottom right, and Melissa Ulatowski '00, top 
right, were among alumni who returned to Fisher Science Hall to 
participate in a Science Career Fair on April 30 sponsored by the 
University's Center for Career Services. Laswell is a senior release 
coordinator for Merck & Co., Inc., in West Point, Pa., and 
Ulatowski is a staff scientist for Harding ESE/Chevron Products 
SAR Group In Edison, NJ. 

the Umversity of New England's 
division of ecosystem management in 
Armidale. Austraha. 

Wendy E. Taylor is director of 
executive recruiting. Synergy 
Corporation. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Amanda M. Thistle is punuing a 
master's degree in molecular and 
human genetics. Hahnemann 
Medical Center, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Emma Thompson does mission- 
ary work with youth through music 
at Youth Encounter, Mmneapohs, 

Garrett Thompson is an admis- 
sions counselor at Susquehanna 
Umversity and is planning to enter a 
master's degree program in film in 
the faUof200I- 

Gina M.Trapani is a staff auditor. 
Arthur Andersen, Baltimore, Md. 

Melissa E.Trego is pursuing a 
doctorate degree m optometry at the 
Pennsylvama College of Optometry, 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

Shawna L. Trout is an advertising 
representative, Sim-Gazette, 
Williamsport, Pa. 

Joanne Marquardt Troutman is 
assistant director of alumni relations. 
Susquehanna Umversity. She hves in 
Sehnsgrove with her husband. David, 
and her son, Max 

Melissa E. Ulatowski is a staff 
scientist, Harding E.S.E., a Mactec 
Company/ Chevron, Perth Amboy. 

Gregory Underdahl is videogra- 
pher/editor for Bass Pro Shops in 
Springfield, Mo. 

James A. Wachter is a resident 
treatment counselor,Villa Maria, 
Timomum, Md. 

Karen L. Waibel is pursuing a 
master's degree in education, 
Umversity of Pennsylvania. She hves 
in Philadelphia, Pa. 

Sara L. Waite is pursuing an 
advanced degree at Marywood 
Umversity, Scranton, Pa., and is a 
family development speciahst, 
Huntingdon Child Development 

Jason Weller works for Silver 
Creek Supply. He hves in 
Middleburg, Pa. 

Brooke Welsh is with 
Americorps. She lives in Hillside. 

Stacy L. Weston is sports infor- 
mation director. Old Domimon 
Athletic Conference, Salem. Va. She 
hves in Roanoke, Va. 

Janel C. White is a business sys- 
tems analyst, Hewitt Associates, 
Norwalk Conn. She hves in East 
Norwalk, Conn. 

Melissa White is a project 
accountant, Paradigm Companies, 

Washington, DC. She hves in 
Arlington, Va, 

Ryan E. White is a production 
manager, Pella Corp., Pella, Iowa. 

Felina D. Will is pursuing a mas- 
ter's degree in social work at Temple 
University. She hves in Philadelphia. 

Talmus L. Williams is pursuing a 
master'*; degree in communications at 
Bloomsburg Umversity, Bloomsburg, 

Jason L. Wilson is a research his- 
torian for the Pennsylvania State 
Capitol Preservation Committee, 
Harrisburg. Pa. He is also pursuing a 
master's degree at the Harrisburg 
branch of Penn State University. 

Brenda M.Woland is a life skills 
worker, Cornell Abraxas, Danville 
Center for Adolescent Females, 
Danville. Pa. 

Matthew Wooley is a software 
engineer, Lockheed Martin, 
Rockville, Md. He hves in Falls 
Church, Va. 

Craig Wright is a web developer, 
Doublestar Inc. .West Chester, Pa. 

Leah Wyar is assistant beauty edi- 
tor with Health magazine in New 
York City. She hves in Hoboken, N.J. 

April L. Wynick is pursuing a 
master's degree in creative writing at 
Temple Umversity, Philadelphia. Pa. 

Christopher M.Yearicks is a 
jumor varsity soccer coach. Gateway 
Regional High School, Woodbury 
Heights, N.J. 

Mark E. Verger is a systems spe- 
cialist, Merck & Company. Blue Bell. 
Pa. He hves in Nornstown, Pa. 

Eric D. Voder is a mental health 
speciahst, Cove Forge Behavioral 
Health Systems, WiUiamsburg, Pa- 
Jamie P. Voder does advertising 
design for Parker Advertising in 
Lancaster, Pa. 

Christina Zarro is an assistant art 
buyer tor Robert A. Becker. She hves 
in North Plainfield, NJ. 

Dylan Zeigler is a customer ser- 
vice engineer, Ucentric Systems, 
Maynard, Mass. 

Amanda C. Zentz is pursuing an 
advanced degree in counsehng at 
Pacific Lutheran Theological 
Seminary, She hves in Berkeley. Calil. 

Melissa Zerr is a research special- 
ist, Umversity of Pennsylvania, 
Philadelphia. Pa. 

Heather C. Zimmerman is a 
staff accountant, Arthur Andersen, 
Lancaster, Pa. 

Gina Zuretti is pursuing an 
advanced degree at the University of 

26 Susquehanna Today 


Margaret Schmiermund *26 

Bruce, Covington, La,, July 3, 2000. 

Dorothy Strme *30 Bowers, 

York. Pa., April 19, 1998. She 
received a masters degree from 
Columbia Uruversity. She retired m 
1960 after 25 years of teaching m 
Red Lion, Pa where she had been 
head of the business department. In 
1955, she received "Teacher of the 
Year" award. She was a very active 
member of Bethany E.U.B. Church 
m Red Lion. 

Elizabeth Watkins '30 
McMillen, Upland, Cahf , Dec. 24, 
2000. She was a teacher from 1930 to 
1939 at Hartman Jumor High 
School. Then she taught eighth grade 
and was also a school hbrarian and 
then retired m 1972 as a reading spe- 
cialist, El Monte, Calif She was active 
in Jumor Women's Club, Eastern Star 
and Retired Teachers' Association. 

Robert G. Hartman *32, Wayne, 
Pa., Dec. 3, 2000, He taught algebra 
and physics at WiUiamsport High 
School, Williamsport. Pa., from 1933 
to 1935. He taught math and physics 
and coached football and basketball 
at South WiUiamsport from 1936 to 
1944, He was a product engineer at 
Sylvania Electric from 1944 to 1945. 
He was head of the math department 
and a coach at Lower Menon School 
District from 1945 to 1971, when he 
retired. He was a member of St. Luke 
Lutheran Church in Devon, Pa. 

The Rev Robert R. Sala *34, 
Richmond,Va..Jan. 15. 2001. He 
graduated from the Lutheran 
Theological Senunar>- in Gettysburg. 
Pa. His service in the church was 
mainly with young congregations. 
He served Resurrection Lutheran 
Church in Detroit, Mich., from 1938 
to 1946; was mission developer for 
St. Matthew Lutheran Church in 
Lancaster. Pa., from 1946 to 1947. 
and Grace Lutheran Church in Oak 
Ridge.Tenn-.from 1947 to 1952. 
Then he served Epiphany Lutheran 
Church in Richmond. Va., from 1952 
until 1977 when he retired. He was a 
member ot the executive board of 
the Virginia Synod of the Evangehcal 
Lutheran Church in America for 
mne years. 

Francis C. Miller *36. Dalton. 
Ga.. Dec. 24. 2000, He taught French 
in the York County schools from 
1947 to 1966, then at Dalton. Ga., 
from 1966 to 1976. Fran cultivated a 
life-long interest in the French lan- 
guage and the people of France. He 
and his wite traveled many times to 
France, often accompanying local 

French students during their summer 
vacation periods. Member of First 
United Methodist Church in Dalton, 
he was a dedicated member of the 
chancel choir. He was author of HE 
WHO CANNOT, A Teacher's Ument. 

James F. Higgins *38, 
Montgomery. WY. Nov. 17. 2000. 
He had been a music teacher at 
Montgomery High School for 37 
years until his retirement. In honor of 
his many years of service, the school's 
band room was named the James 
Francis Higgins Band Room. He was 
a member of Immaculate 
Conception Church, where he was 
orgamst for 50 years and served as a 
Eucharistic minister, lector, acolyte 
and daily commumcant. He was a 
substitute organist at other local 
churches and performed volunteer 
work at local nursing homes and 
Mount Ohve State Correctional 

Charles W. Snyder '48. 
Myerstown. Pa.. Dec. 19, 2000. He 
served in the U.S. Army during 
World War II. He was an insurance 
salesman for MetLife, Lebanon. Pa., 
for many years, and then was office 
manager for Eastern Industrial 
Insulation. Reading, Pa., for 19 years. 
He also worked for BH&T Inc., 
Myerstown, for seven years and 
retired from IMC Inc.. Lebanon. He 
was an active member of Zion 
Evangelical Congregational Church 
in Myerstown, where he was treasur- 
er for 20 years, a Sunday school 
teacher for many years, and served on 
the church council, 

Norman L. Gray *49, Leisure 
KnoU. Lakehurst. NJ„ Feb. 6. 2001. 
He was employed by Lockheed 
Electromcs in Plainficld, NJ.. as a 
senior industrial relations representa- 
tive for 16 years, retiring in 1982. 
Prior to that, he worked in the per- 
sonnel department for Triangle 
Conduit Cable Company in 
Brunswick. NJ. He was a council- 
man and pohce commissioner for 
Dunellen from 1960 to 1966. and 
was a deacon of First Presbyterian 
Church in Dunellen, N J. Among the 
survivors is his wife.Jane Malkames 
'46 Gray. 

William L. Plock '49, 
Sehnsgrove, Pa. .Jan. 26. 2001. He 
served in the U.S. Army from 1941 
to 1945. He was a hospital admims- 
trator m the U.S. Air Force from 
1949 to 1966, serving in Cheyerme, 
Wyo.; Honshu. Japan; Rome, N.Y.; 
Fort Sam Houston, Texas; Chanute, 
Ill.;Washmgton. DC. PJiem. 

Germany. He retired in 1966 at the 
rank of Ueutenant colonel. He then 
was associate administrator for hospi- 
tals and clinics. Medical College of 
Georgia. He was last employed by 
the Georgia War Veterans Nursing 
Home, retiring in 1970. 

Richard L. Schuster *68, St. 
Peter's. Pa., Dec. 14, 2000. A graduate 
of Dickinson Law School, he was in 
private law practice in West Chester. 
Pa. He attended Robeson Lutheran 
Church, Mohnton. Pa. 

Rodney Jay Bamford '84, 
Doylestown. Pa.. Oct. 12. 2000. A 
native of Lehigh County, he grew up 
in Northampton. Pa., and was a 
member of St. Paul's United Church. 
He majored in computer science 
while at Susquehanna and was a 
managing partner for KPMG 
Consulting in Radnor, Pa, He was 
very involved in Habitat For 
Humamty while at KPMG, He was a 
hnebacker for the Crusaders from 
1980-1983 and played an integral 
role on the 1983 M.A.C. 
Championship team. In 1999, he was 
honored as one of the "Top 100 
Football Players in 100 Years" at 
Susqueharma. He is survived by his 
wife, Lisa, daughter. JiUian, and son. 

Bradford R DeNoce '93, 
Millville. Pa., Dec. 7. 2000. He 
received a master's degree in social 
w^ork from Marywood University, 
Scranton. Pa, He was a self-employed 
counselor, hcensed social worker and 
CAC diplomat, doing business as 
Opportunities Counsehng. He was a 
member of the National Association 
of Social Workers, the National 
Association of Alcohohsm and Drug 
Abuse Counselors, and the National 
Association of Interventialism 

Matthew K. Black '03, February 
26, 2001. of apparent asphyxiation in 
his residence hall room. A business 
admimstration major. Matt graduated 
from Huntingdon (Pa.) Area High 
School in 1999 where he served as 
president of the Student Council and 
as a class officer for four years. He 
also lettered in golf, baseball and bas- 
ketball and was the recipient of the 
Laura Newton Student Council 
Leadership Award and the 
Huntmgdon Area Fligh School 
Service Award. 

Nicole Lea Dagenhart '02. April 
12, 2001 , as a result ot an automobile 
accident in Perry County. A 1998 
graduate of Newport (Pa.) High 
School, Nicole majored in religion 

and minored in psychology, Spanish 
and classical studies. She was a mem- 
ber of Alpha Lambda Delta freshman 
honor society. SU International. 
Umversity Chorale, Sigma Alpha 
Iota, and Students for the Value of the 
Environment, She was also a resident 
assistant and mailroom assistant. 

Frances L. MacCuish. 
Sehnsgrove, Pa., Jan. 18, 2001. She 
received a bachelor's degree from 
Boston Umversity. She was employed 
for eight years as a placement coun- 
selor at Sloan House YMCA in New 
York and for two years as a place- 
ment counselor of Commercial 
Placement Agency in New York. In 
1966, she became the first fiillcmie 
director of placement at Suquehanna 
Umversity, retirmg in 1980. In her 
youth, she was a highly ranked ama- 
teur tennis player in Massachusetts. 
She was a member of Sharon 
Lutheran Church, Sehnsgrove. She 
was married to Dan MacCuish. who 
preceded her in death in 1966, Dan 
was director of public relations at 
Susquehanna Umversity. Among the 
survivors is her son, Douglas R 
MacCuish '67, of Sehnsgrove. 

James A. Herb. WiUiamsport, Pa., 
March 16.2001. He earned bache- 
lor's and master's of science degrees 
in physics from Bucknell University, 
which he attended from 1953 and 
1958. He also pursued post-graduate 
studies at Pennsylvama State 
University and the Massachusetts 
Institute ofTechnology. He taught 
mathematics and physics at 
Susquehanna from 1960 until 1986. 
He was most recendy employed by 
the Mumcipal Authority of 

Have an idea 

or an aiumni 

[ -^^l ^ f I ■ d 

Share your 


with the 

office of 

Alumni Relations at 


or 570-372-4115. 

Susquehanna Today 27 

Susquehanna Among Scholarship Target Schools 

Susquehanna is among 10 Pennsylvania 
colleges targeted by a new education 
foundation that is awarding four-year 
scholarships to young entrepreneurs. 

The McKelvey Foundation, founded by 
Andrew McKelvey, chief executive officer and 
founder of TMP Worldwide Inc., is a non- 
profit foundation awarding full, four-year 
scholarships to rural high school seniors 
demonstrating financial aid need and entrepre- 
neurial spirit outside the classroom. 

Sixteen graduating high school seniors 
from the class of 2001 have been selected to 
receive the first McKelvey Foundation scholar- 
ships. Two of the sixteen have already con- 

firmed their intentions to attend Susqueharma. 

"Being an entrepreneur comes from the 
heart, and doesn't always reveal itsell through 
traditional classroom activities," says McKelvey, 
65, whose New York-based company owns 
such properties as the Internet career portal "I've been fortunate in the 
opportunities I've explored to have built a 
truly entrepreneurial company with TMP. 

"Now 1 want to use my own success to 
help others learn and achieve as well - espe- 
cially those who might not otherwise get such 
an opportunity." 

The foundation, which announced the 
scholarship program in early February, imtially 

Arne Selbyg Joins Board 

Arne Selbyg, director tor colleges and universi- 
ties in the Division for Higher Education and 
Schools of the Evangehcal Lutheran Church in 
America (ELCA), has been appointed to the 
Susquehanna University board of directors for 
a three-year term effective February 13, 2001. 
Selbyg has a degree in economics from the 
University of Oslo. He came to the United 

States in 1967, and was awarded the Ph.D. in 
sociology from the University of Chicago in 
1975. He served on the faculty at the 
Umversity of North Dakota fi-om 1973-1988, 
ending his tenure there as a professor of sociol- 
ogy and department chair. He became dean at 
Augustana College in lUinois in 1988 before 
taking his current position in 1998. 

Lore Degenstein Gallery 

Hans Moller, Purveyor of Color: 

The Essence of a Vision 

The German-born Moller produced critically acclaimed work in Surreahst and 
Abstract Expressionist styles for more than half a century firom studios in New York 
City, Monhegan Island, Maine; and Allentown, Pa. The major retrospective exhibition 
org-anized by the Lore Degenstein Gallery features more than 60 paintings. 

The MoUer exhibition wiU run through Sunday, June 10. Gallery hours during the 
acadenuc year are Tuesday through Sunday, 1-4 p.m. and Wednesday 1-4 and 7-9 
p.m.; closed Mondays and university holidays. For information, call 570-372-4058 or 

targeted rural Pennsylvania school districts 
with the lowest average income and popula- 
tion ratio in the state. 

In addition to Susquehanna, partner schools 
are Bucknell University, Dickinson College, 
Lehigh Umversity, Lock Haven University, 
Mansfield University, Shippensburg University, 
Seton HiU College, Wilkes Umversity, and 
Westminster College. 

The school districts selected for 2001 are 
Turkeyfoot Valley. Northern Potter, Galeton, 
Oswayo Valley. Montrose, Blue Ridge, 
Ferndale, Union, and Forbes Road. 

Tuition Set 
for 2001-2002 

Susquehanna University's board of directors 
has approved an increase in tuition and fees for 
the 2001-2002 academic year. Comprehensive 
fees for next year - which include tuition and 
fees, room and board - will be $27,270. The 
$1,060 increase is four percent of current fees. 

"Recogmzing the financial burden that 
many Susquehanna famihes face, the board and 
administration have worked hard to keep 
tuition increases as low as possible," said 
University President L. Jay Lemons. "This 
cost-conscious attitude is balanced by the 
recognition that above all. we cannot sacrifice 
educational quality. We are committed to con- 
tinuing the steady growth in academic quahry 
and enhanced facilities that has been achieved 
over the past decade." 

Over the past five years, the increase in 
Susquehanna's comprehensive fees has averaged 
3.6 percent annually, which is modest in rela- 
tion to many other colleges and universities. 

Watch for Our 
New Colors! 

Alumni and friends who show their SU pride 
with the special Susquehanna version of the 
official Pennsylvania hcensc plates will auto- 
matically be getting redesigned plates m com- 
ing months. The new plate will feature a blue, 
white and yellow motif recently introduced for 
all official Commonwealth license plates. 
Alumni who do not already have a 
Susquehanna plate can request an appli- 
cation from the Office of Alumni 
Relations at 570-372-4115. 




S U S Q U„E H V^ N 


3 New Center to Focus on Law and Society 
^ Inauguration Ahead 

A quarterly publication of Susquehanna University 



Volume 69 Number 3 


Gwenn E.Wells 
Associate Director of Publications 

Director of Alumni Relations 

Shari Trembukk '93 Mangels 

Assistant Director of Alumni Relations 

Joanne Marquardt '00 Troutman 

Director of Public Relations /Publications 

Betsy Koons Robertson 

News Services Manager 

Sam Alcorn 

Sports Information Director 

James Miller 

Graphic Design 

Newton Advertising, Inc. 

Susquehanna Today Online: 

Susquehanna Today, (USPS 529-960) is published 
quarterly by Susquehanna University, 514 
Univenity Avenue, Selinsgrove, PA 17870-1025. 
Periodicals postage paid at Selinsgrove, PA, and 
additional mailing offices. POSTMASTER: Send 
address changes to Susquehanna Today, 514 
Umversity Avenue, Susquehanna University, 
Selinsgrove. PA 17870-1025 

Nondiscrimination Policy 

It IS the policy of Susquehanna Umversity not to dis- 
criminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national 
or ethnic origin, age, sex, or handicap in its education- 
al programs, admissions practices, scholarships and loan 
programs, athletics and other school-administered 
activities or employment practices. This policy is in 
comphance with the requirements ofTideVlI of the 
Civil Rjghts Act of l%4.Tide IX of the Educanonal 
Amendments of 1972, Section 504 of the 
Rehabilitation Act of 1973. the Americans with 
Disabihdes Act of 1990, regulations of the Internal 
Revenue Service, and all other appUcable federal, sute 
and local statutes, ordinances and regulations 


Letters to Editor Policy 

Susquehanna Today welcomes iellers from readers. Leuers 
received by June I will appear in the Summer issue, by December 
I m the Winler issue and by March 1 in the Spring issue. 

We may edit letters for length or clarity. If unable to publish all 
leiieR received, we will strive to present the views of as many 
different writers as possible. 

Please sign your letter and include a phone number for verifica- 
tion. Address the tetter and envelope to Editor, Susquehanna 
Today. 514 University Avenue. Selinsgrove, PA 17870-1025. You 
can also send your letters via fax at 570-372-4048 or 
e-mail at 

If you wish to reply direcUy lo another alum, please contact the 
Office of Alumni Relations at 570-372-4115 or for the address. 


StiW making 
student loan 


^j^eck out options to 

page ^l- 

SUMMER 2001 


3 Campus News 

6 Sports 

8 Alumni News 

io Alumni and Emeriti Snapshots 

William Garrett 78: Round-the-World Cyclist 
Professor Emeritus Tom McGrath: Inspired Scholarship 
Stacy Mancine '96 Koloski and Co.: On the Edinburgh Fringe 


Cover Story 

China Sojourn 

Writers' Institute Director Gary Fincke shares reflections of his 15-day trip to 
China with Susquehanna students and faculty. With photos by Dean of Axts, 
Humanities and Communications Laura deAbruna. 

At left: An artful dragon greets visitors in Repulse Park, 
Hong Kong. 

On our cover: Mt.Tai, known as the gateway to heaven, 
was among the most memorable stops on the 
Susquehanna study groups 15-day tour of China. 
Photograplis by Laura deAbruna. 

24 Inaugural Plans 

2 Susquehanna Today 

Hot Broadway Tickets 

Looking for tickets to The Producers^ 

The Office of Alumni Relations has some! 
Take in an afternoon matinee with us on March 20, 2002. 
Tickets are $40 per person and are available on a first-come, 
first-served basis. For more information about other alumni 
events, turn to page 19. 

Campus News 

Honoring Judge Arlin Adams 

New Law and Society Center Announced 

Anew interdisciplinary Center for Law 
and Society at Susquehanna 
University will provide a major addi- 
tional learning and experiential resource for 
students, faculty, visiting lecturers and the 
community starting in the fall of 2001. 

The family of Sigfried and Janet Weis and 
the Degenstein Foundation of Sunbury have 
established the center which will be named 
for Arlin M. Adams H*85, a prominent 
jurist and long-time friend of Susquehanna 
University. His distinguished career includes 
17 years on the bench of the 3rd U.S. Circuit 
Court of Appeals and years of involvement in 
professional, charitable and educational orga- 

He currently serves as counsel at Schnader, 
Harrison, Segal & Lewis, one of Philadelphia's 
largest law firms. Judge Adams was a visiting 
Woodrow Wilson Fellow at Susquehanna in 
1981 and in 1985, received an honorary doc- 
tor of laws degree. 

"The university is honored to attach Judge 
Adams' name to this center in recognition of 
his lifetime of achievement and service," said 
university President L. Jay Lemons. "The 
center will strengthen the intellectual dialogue 
at Susquehanna by raising issues where there 
are rich intersections between and across our 
academic disciplines and important societal 

"We hope also that the programs and 
activities of the center will enrich and inform 
civic life both here in the Central 
Susquehanna Valley and in the nation." 

The center will strengthen the university's 
legal studies, pre-law and interdisciplinary 
program offerings for students. A core com- 
ponent will be a lectureship designed to 
attract prominent leaders and scholars to 
speak on topics such as ethics, technology, pri- 
vacy issues, taxation, constitutional law, and 
death and dying. 

The center will support opportunities for 
students through internships, field experi- 
ences, and independent study research projects 
in social and criminal justice. 

It also will be a catalyst to develop and 
expand relationships with law schools, medical 
centers, businesses, courts and social service 
agencies, while providing students with both 
experimental and educational exposure to the 
theory and practice of law, 

"Susquehanna's emphasis on undergraduate 

liberal arts education and pre-professional 
studies places it in a strong position to con- 
tribute to the understanding of law and its 
impact on institutions and people," said Vice 
President for Academic Affairs Warren Funk. 
"The interdisciphnary nature of the center 
wiU make it an excellent resource for faculty, 
students, visiting lecturers and members of the 
community who wish to meet, exchange 

ideas, and take advantage of expanded learn- 
ing opportunities." 

Faculty from the poUtical science, commu- 
nications, accounting, philosophy, and sociolo- 
gy and anthropology departments are devel- 
oping programs and activities for the ArUn M. 
Adams Center for Law and Society. The inau- 
gural lecture is anticipated during the fall 

Breaking New Ground 
:^'s for Music and Art 

Construction proceeds on addi- 
tions and renovations to Heilman 
Hall funded by a ?7.5 million grant 
from The Degenstein Foundation 
to create a new center for music 
and art at Susquehanna. The pro- 
ject will include a new 320-seat 
concert hall to be named for 
Director of Choral Activities Cyril 


Dear Editor: 

I have no idea the process that was followed to 
pick the top 100 Susquehanna football players 
of the 20th Century, but two of the best were 
left off the hst. 

I was a 1950 graduate of S.U. I saw just 
about every game played from 1946 through 
the fall of 1949. Four seasons. These were very 
exciting years at S.U. Amos Alonzo Stagg 
Senior came aboard and S.U. became a 
nationwide phenomena. 

When the "Old Man" (as everyone called 
him) arrived, he took over the offense and put 
in the "spread" formation with wide-outs, etc. 
Bob O'Gara was installed as his passer from 
the shotgun. They passed on just about every 
down and was it ever excitmg. 

The three outstanding players of that four- 
year period were Jim Peters, Doug Arthur and 
Bob O'Gara. The three of them could have 
played on most college teams in the country. 

Jim Peters has been placed on the top 100 

list. Doug Arthur and Bob O'Gara have not. 

Doug Arthur was the best interior lineman 
by far of that period. He started from day one 
and he never missed a down. A doimnating, 
talented, dedicated player that didn't back 
down one inch. 

Bob O'Gara led the entire country, repeat, 
the entire country in passing one year and was 
outstanding in every aspect. Leadership. 
Toughness. Smarts. He was the whole package. 

I have no quarrel with the 100 players who 
were picked. However, I would strongly rec- 
ommend making it the top 102 Susquehanna 
University players of the 20th Century and 
add Doug Arthur and Bob O'Gara to the 

They belong. Boy, do they ever belong. 


Jack M. Thorp '50 

Editor's Note: Bob O'Gara will join the SU Sports 
Hall of Fame in October. See page 6. 

Susquehanna Today 3 

Commencement 2001 

Three Faculty Recognized for Teaching, Service 

Three Susquehanna faculty members 
have been named recipients of two 
annual teaching awards announced at 
the 2001 commencement ceremonies. 

Associate Professor of Spanish Robert 
Mowry received the John C. Horn 
Distinguished Service Lectureship. Associate 
Professor of Biology Tammy Tobin- 
Janzen and Professor of EngUsh Gary 
Fincke, director of The Writers' Institute, 
were recipients of the Susquehanna 
University Teaching Award. 

Mowry began teaching at Susquehanna 
in 1962, having received a bachelor's degree 
from Oberhn College and a master's and 
doctorate degrees from Middlebury College. 

"He has had a passion from the time he 
expressed interest in a faculty position here 
to be a mediator to students, colleagues, and 
others of the subjects that have been at the 
heart of his teaching and scholarship for 
almost 40 years: Spanish language, Uterature, 

and culture," said Warren Funk, vice presi- 
dent for academic affairs. 

Named for John C. Horn, a long-time 
member and chair of the board of the direc- 
tors, the award recogmzes a faculty member 
for outstanding scholarship and conscien- 
tious service. The recipient offers a public 
lecture m the following academic year. 

Tobin-Janzen jomed the faculty in 1994 
and holds a bachelor's degree from Cornell 
University and a doctorate from Texas A & 
M University. 

"Since coming to Susquehanna, she has 
estabUshed a reputation for exciting and 
imaginative teaching that has earned enthu- 
siasm and accolades from her students and 
the admiration of her colleagues," said Funk. 
"Across a wide range of subject matters, 
unusual in this day of highly speciaHzed 
research, she has taught effectively and col- 
laborated with student researchers in her 
area of genetics and also in immunology and 


Fincke joined the faculty in 1 980 and 
holds a bachelor's degree from Thiel 
College, a master's degree from Miami 
University, and a doctorate from Kent State 

Funk called Fincke a "proHfic, working 
writer, widely recognized among both his 
author peers and a growmg reading pubhc 
for his poetry, short fiction, and essays." 

Founder of the Visiting Writers Series at 
the Umversity, Fincke is known as a "deeply 
committed, effective teacher of writers," said 
Funk. Since 1984, Fincke has pubUshed 11 
collections of poetry, three collections of 
short stories and a novel and his poetry has 
been published in more than 50 venues. 

Awards are determined by open nomina- 
tions from faculty and, in the case of the 
Teaching Award, also from the Student 
Government Association. 

Kirkland, Cohen Assume New Roles 

Sara G. Kirkland was named to fill a new 
University position as executive vice presi- 
dent for administration and planning and 
Ronald A. Cohen was named vice presi- 
dent for umversity relations in an adrmnis- 
trative restructuring following the May 
board of directors meetmg. 

Kirkland, who was acting president of the 
university from July 2000 until February 
200 1 , will oversee operations of support 
areas of the university, including finance and 
administrative umts, enrollment and financial 
aid services, and development and university 


She also will have responsibilities for 
assisting the president in guiding and leading 
important mstitution-wide efforts such as 
strategic planning. 

Kirkland served as vice president for um- 
versity relations since 1985. Prior to joining 
Susquehanna, she was director of develop- 
ment at Bucknell University. A 1970 gradu- 
ate of Duke University, Kirkland also holds a 
master's degree firom the University of 

As vice president for university relations. 

Cohen will be responsible for securing gifts 
and grants, enhancing the umversity 's repu- 
tation and visibility, and sustaining support- 
ive relations with its alumni and friends. 
Hejomed Susquehanna in 1991 as director 
of development and was made associate vice 
president for development in 1997. Prior to 
joining Susquehanna, Cohen was senior 
development officer at Clark University in 
Worcester, Mass. 

He is a 1982 graduate of Syracuse 

Reunion Brick Plaza 

President Jay Lemons and Stephen Shilling '8o unveil 
the University's new Reunion Brick Plaza dedicated to 
Shilling during Alumni weekend 2001. More than 1,000 
alumni, parents and friends purchased individually 
engraved bricks to support the Susquehanna 2000: The 
Next Challenge capital campaign which raised more 
than ^58.5 million, including ^14 million for sports and 
fitness enhancements. The plaza connects the new SU 
field house to Nicholas A. Lopardo Stadium. 

4 Susquehanna Today 

Celebratory Weekend Will Mark 
Inauguration of SU's 14th President 

Remarks by special guest John T. 
Casteen III, president of the 
University ofVirginia, will be among 
the highlights of the official pubUc installation 
ceremony when L. Jay Lemons will be 
inaugurated as Susquehanna University's 14th 
president on Sunday, Sept. 23 at 2 p.m. in 
Weber Chapel Auditorium. 

The ceremony, followed by a reception in 
the Susquehanna field house, will be the cul- 
minating event m a weekend of celebration 
expected to draw more than 1 ,000 visitors to 
campus. Guests will include representatives 
from the nation's colleges and universities, 
members of Susquehanna's board of directors, 
alumni, faculty and staff, students, and fi-iends 
of the university. 

Lemons, 41, came to Susquehanna in 
February 200 1 from The University of 
Virginia's College at Wise, where he served as 
chancellor since 1992. He succeeds Joel 
Cunningham, president of Susquehanna 
University for 16 years, who left m July 2000 
to become president and vice chancellor of 
the Umversity of the South in Sewanee.Teim. 

A native of Scottsbluff, Neb., Lemons 
earned both a bachelor of arts and a bachelor 
of science degree from Nebraska Wesleyan 
University m 1983. He was awarded a master 
of education degree from the University of 
Nebraska in 1985 and a doctorate in higher 
education administration from the University 
ofVirginia in 1991. 

The inaugural weekend starts Friday 
evening, Sept. 21, with a series of events espe- 
cially for students. They include an ice cream 
social in Mellon Lounge, a dance in Evert 
Dining Hall, a "Susquehanna Squares" game 
show in Degenstein Center Theater and an 
outdoor movie. 

Visitors can stop by downtown Selinsgrove 
Saturday, Sept. 22, for the annual Market 
Street Festival from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. On cam- 
pus, the Susquehanna women's volleyball team 
plays Wilkes University at 10 a.m. and 
Lycoming College at 1 p.m. in O.W. Houts 
Gymnasium. At 1:30 p.m., the Susquehanna 
Crusaders take on Delaware Valley College in 
football, with a special half-time program 

Other public events include "In 
Performance at Susquehanna Umversity," a 
musical showcase by Susquehanna students, 
which is scheduled for 8 p.m. Saturday night 
in Degenstein Center Theater. 

In addition, an exhibition of Gaston 
Lachaise's sculpture and drawings wall be on 
view in the Lore Degenstein Gallery on 
Saturday frx)m 1-4 p.m. and 7-10 p.m. and 
again on Sunday fi«m 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

On Sunday, Sept. 23, at 10 a.m., University 
Chaplain MarkWm. Radecke wall lead a spe- 
cial worship service in Weber Chapel 
Auditorium. The installation ceremony will 
begin at 2 p.m. followed by a 3:30 p.m. recep- 
tion in the field house. Further information is 
available on Susquehanna's web site at: 

p A special invitation 
for alumnif 
see page 24. 

SU Names New 
Director of 
Center for 
Career Services 

Michael Rheiner has joined the 
Umversity 's Center for Career Services as 

He comes to Susquehanna most recently 
from Elon College in North Carolma, 
where he was interim associate director m 
the Career Center, and Volvo Commercial 
Finance, also in North Carohna, where he 
was a university relations and trainmg spe- 

In 1995, Rheiner joinedVirginia 
Polytechnic Institute and State University as 
a career advisor and in 1998, he served as 
associate director of the Career 
Development Center at the University of 
Albany m New York. 

RJiemer earned a bachelor's degree from 
the Umversity ofWyormng m 1992 and a 
master's degree in student development and 
admmistration from Appalachian State 
Umversity in 1995. 

Barbara Feldmann: Hanging up Many Hats 

Barbara Feldmann 

A woman of many 
hats at Susquehaima 
for 31 years, Barbara 
Feldmann will be 
retiring late this sum- 
mer from her current 
University posts as 
director of tutorial ser- 
vices. Act 101 coordi- 
nator, and managing 
editor and assistant 
director of the S.U. Press. 

Feldmann, who holds a B,A. from Carlow 
College and a M.A. from University of 
Maryland, both in English, began at 
Susquehaima in 1970 as a part-time instructor 
in English a year after her husband, Hans, now 
a professor emeritus, joined the fiill-time fac- 
ulty. As the school evolved, she took on a vari- 
ety of other positions, including advisor to The 
Crusader for seven years. 

"In some cases I've been doing things that 
were kind of a stretch, but they were fim to 
learn about," she says. "But what I have really 

enjoyed is working with the students - I think 
I will really miss a lot of the informal contacts, 
like the pizza parties and the tutor picnics, as 
well as the more formal times," she adds. "It's 
been very satisfying to see how kids make the 
adjustment to college and learn how to study 
and do really well." 

She is taking early retirement pardy to be 
able to assist her oldest son and his wife, both 
doctors, with care for their young family 
while her son completes a one-year fellowship 
in sports medicine at the University of 

She and Hans, who will retire at the end of 
the year as cUrector of the S.U Press, also look 
forward to more time to travel, attend the the- 
atre, and keep m touch with their other two 
children — a son who is a pilot for American 
Airlines and cbughter, an editor with M.I.T. 
Press. And Barbara also hopes to try her hand 
at writing children's Uterature. 

Selinsgrove, she says, will remain their home 
base. "We have fond memories and have made 
a lot of good friends here over the years." 



The Coach's Wife: Stella Stagg Remembered 

By Gerald Moorhead '51 

Excerpts from a column Teprinti'd with 

permission of the Altoona (Pa.) Mirror. 

The new miUennium has 
produced many histori- 
cal reviews of the great 
sports figures of the 20th centu- 
ry. From personal experience, let 
me recall an outstanding football 
coach of the last century, Amos 
Alonzo Stagg Sr. More than 
that, I want to give credit to 
Stella Stagg, the coach's wife for 
71 years. 

The NCAA has never credit- 
ed Coach Stagg Sr. with the 21 
wins while coaching 
Susqueharma, because they say 
he was only an assistant coach 
under his son Amos Jr. 

I know differendy, as do the many players who played under him. 

My focus in this column, however, is to put the spotllight on Mrs. 
Stagg. Stella was a co-ed at the University of Chicago when she met 
Amos Alonzo. He had just become the nation's first fiill-time collegiate 
football coach. According to her grandcbughter, Barbara Stagg ('52) 
Eccker, a classmate of mine, the young Stella Robertson was a very fine 
tennis player and an accomplished pianist. They were married in 1894, a 
union that would last 71 years. 

As time went on, Stella got more involved with her husband's pro- 
gram, and they worked almost as a unit. She kept voluminous records. 

Stella Stagg keeps score in the Crusader 
press box, circa 1949. 

handled correspondence, and was her husband's best press agent. While 
other ladies of her day may have knitted or crocheted or quilted, Stella 
learned to diagram plays and attended every practice. 

She became Amos Alonzo Stagg's most dependable scout. 

In the fall of 1950, 1 was chosen sports editor of the Susqueharma 
school paper. This put me in the press box for the games. During the 
Oct. 28 game with CCNY (City College of New York), who would 
come and sit down beside me but Mrs. Stagg, then 75 years old! While 1 
made copious notes about every play, Stella Stagg was busy diagramming 
plays, with the Xs and Os.That day she made a play diagram the first 
time CCNY ran a different play. If it were a running play, she would 
indicate the blocking assignments where the running back would go. 

At the end of the game, she handed me 12 sheets, representing the 12 
basic plays which CCNY used that day. She asked me to post them in 
the locker room, and the players, in looking at them, could hardly beheve 
that "Stella did the diagrams." 

Amos Alonzo Stagg Sr. is the "grand old man" of football, coaching in 
the collegiate ranks until he was 98 years old, a football gemus and leg- 

His beloved wife, Stella, often the unsung hero and play designer, 
needs to be known, at least in this manner, as a one-of-a-kind sports per- 
sonaUty of the pervious century. 

As everybody who knew her would agree, she was "one great lady." 

The Rev. Gerald Moorhead '51, a retired director 0/ development for Allegheny Lutheran 
Home and Social Services, lives in Martinsbitrg, Pa. A longer version of this column orig- 
inally appeared in the Altoona (Pa.) Mirror'5 Voice of the Fan section. 

Read the whole column about Stella Stagg and find out more 
about the iooi Hall of Fame Inductees at 

Susquehanna's Sports Hall of Fame Taps Six 

The Susquehanna Sports Hall of Fame will grow to 149 members on 
Saturday, Oct. 6, with the induction of six new members at halftime of 
the Homecormng football game vs.Widener. 

Jim Hall '68, a four-year member of both the baseball and football 
teams, was a First Team MAC All-Star second baseman as a junior. He 
committed just 14 errors in 317 career defensive chances for a .956 
career fielding percentage. In football at defensive back, he led the team 
in tackles during his semor season with 42 (25 solo), and was fifth as a 
junior with 44 (14 solo). 

Baseball standout Bill Hart '78, an All-MAC catcher, holds the SU 
record for career home runs (18) and is ranked among the leaders in 
career slugging percentage (.575), walks (53) and runs batted in (90). He 
is the only player in school history to hit five or more homers more than 
once in his career - and he did it three straight years (1976-78). 

A four-year field hockey player, Kelly MacDonald '85 helped the 
1984 squad post the school record for fewest goals allowed in a season 
with just five as the team posted its first winning record since 1974 by 
going 9-3. MacDonald had a nucroscopic 0.42 goals-agamst average and 
stellar .941 save percentage. She also had seven shutouts, a school record 
at the time, and made the National Field Hockey Festival in 1981, 82 and 

Bob O'Gara '51 set football career records for passing yards (2,229) 
and completions (194) firom 1947-49, and still ranks in the top 10 in 
both categories. He led SU to a 7-7 tie in the snow against Allegheny on 
November 15, 1947, after tossing a touchdown pass with less than 10 
seconds remaining. In 1947, O'Gara ranked fourth in the nation among 
small college players in passes completed. 

A four-year starter m both basketball and Softball, Jen Winter '92 led 
the women's basketball team to back-to-back MAC Northern Division 
championships and NCAA Division III Championship Tournament 
berths as its starting pomt guard. She finished her Softball career as the 
school's all-time leading hitter. She presently ranks second in career hits 
(109), runs (93), batting average (.419) and stolen bases (56) and holds the 
career record for walks (40). 

Rocky Rees served as head football coach from 1985 to 1989, com- 
pihng a 36-15-1 record (.701 percentage) in five seasons. He tied an 
NCAA Division 111 record for the greatest single-season improvement 
with an 11-1 mark in 1986 and the first trip to the Division III playofis 
in school history. MAC Coach of the Year for 1986, he led the Crusaders 
to one outright MAC title (1986) and two co-championships (1986 and 
1989) before becoming the head coach at Division II Shippensburg 
University m 1990. 

6 Susquehanna Today 

Susquehanna UniversityFALL2001G\LENDAR 

October 5-7 


October 26-28 

Family Weekend 

Ath letics/Away' 


Sept. 8 at Western Maryland 

Sept. 29 at Albright 

Oct. 13 at FDU-Madison 

Oct. 20 atjuiuata 

Nov. 3 at Moravian 

JV Football 

Sept. 24 at Lycoming 

Oct. 22 at Juniata 

Field Hockey 

Sept. 6 at Notre Dame (MD) 

Sept. 12 at Juniata 

Sept. 15 at William Smith 

Sept. 20 at King's 

Sept 22 at Albright 

Sept. 25 at Wilkes 

Oct. 3 at Lebanon Valley 

Oct. 13 at EUzabethtown 

Oct. 18 at Muhlenberg 

Oct. 20 at York 

Men's Soccer 

Sept. 1 1 at Dickinson 

Sept. 15 at Albright 

Sept. 18 at Lycoming 

Sept. 22 at Lebanon Valley 

Sept. 25 at King's 

Oct. 17 at Messiah 

Oct. 20 at Moravian 


Sept. 1 
Sept. 5 
Sept. 11 
Sept. 15 
Sept. 22 
Oct. 4 
Oct. 12 
Oct. 18 
Oct. 20 

's Soccer 

at Ur^inus Tourney 

at Misericordia 

at Dickinson 

at Albright 

at Lebanon Valley 

at Juniata 

at King's 

at Ehzabethtown 

at Moravian 

1:00 pm 
1:30 pm 
1:00 pm 
1:30 pm 
1:00 pm 

3:30 pm 
4:00 pm 

4:30 pm 
4:00 pm 
1:30 pm 
4:00 pm 
1:00 pm 
4:00 pm 
4:00 pm 
11:00 am 
4:00 pm 
1:00 pm 

6:00 pm 
1:30 pm 
4:30 pm 
12:00 pm 
4:00 pm 
7:00 pm 
1:00 pm 


4:00 pm 
4:00 pm 
11:00 am 
2:30 pm 
4:00 pm 
4:00 pm 
4:00 pm 
3:30 pm 

For additional event information, consult or the following: 


at 570-372-4260 or 

Alumni Relations 

at 570-372-4115 or 

Sports Information 

at 570-372-4119 or 

Pubhc Relations 

at 570-372-4119 or 

Arts Events Information Line 

at 570-372-ARTS. 

*For a printed calendar of events, including home sport- 
mg events, please call the Office of Public Relations at the 
number above, or write to 514 University Avenue. 
Selmsgrove PA 17870 

Cross Country 

Sept. 8 at Bloomsburg Inviutional 10:00 am 

Sept. 15 at Penn Sute Invitational 10:00 am 

Sept. 22 at Messiah Invitational 10:30 am 

Sept. 29 at Dickmson Invitational 10:30 am 

Oct. 13 at DeSales Invitational 10:30 am 

Oct. 20 at Gettysburg Invitational 10:30 am 

Oct. 27 at Conf. Meet - Messiah 1 1:00 am 

Nov 10 at NCAA Regionals - MD TBA 

Nov 17 at NCAA Nationals - IL TBA 

Special Events 


Sept. 1 at 

Sept, 4 at 

Sept. 7 at 

Sept. 1 1 at 

Sept. 13 at 

Sept. 19 at 

Sept. 28 at 

Oct. 3 at 

Oct. 17 at 

Oct. 20 at 

Oct. 25 at 

Oct. 26 at 


Franklin & Marshall Tourn. TBA 

Western Maryland 7:00 pm 

St. Vincent Tournament TBA 

Messiah 7:00 pm 

Haverford 7:30 pm 

Lebanon Valley 7:00 pm 

Ehzabethtown Tourney TBA 

Albright 7:00 pm 

Moravian 7:00 pm 

Scranton & Muhlenberg TBA 

King's 7:00 pm 

Ehzabethtown Tourney TBA 


Sept. 6 
Sept. 15 
Sept. 22 
Sept. 25 
Sept. 27 
Oct. 6 
Oct. 13 
Oct 20 

's Tennis 

at King's 

at Albright 

at Ehzabethtown 

at Wilkes 

at Lebanon Valley 

at Juniata 

at Fall Team MACs 

at Individual MACs 

4:00 pm 

11:00 am 

12:00 pm 


4:00 pm 

1:00 pm 



Men's Basketball 

Nov. 29 at Messiah 8:00 pm 

Dec. 2 at Widener 3:00 pm 

Jan 3,4 at F&M Tip Off the New Year Tourn. 

Jan. 6 at University of Scranton Inv. 6:00 pm 

Jan. 13 at Ehzabethtown 3:00 pm 

Jan. 20 at Albright 8:00 pm 

Jan. 30 at Moravian 8:00 pm 

Feb. 14 at Juniata 6:00 pm 

Women's Basketball 

Nov. 21 at Ursinus 7:30 pm 

Nov 29 at Messiah 6:00 pm 

Dec. 2 atWldencr 1:00 pm 

Dec. 29 Lutheran Brotherhood Tourn. 4:00 pm 

5 Gettysburg Tournament 6:00 pm 

Ian. 13 at Ehzabethtown 1:00 pm 

Ian. 15 at Muhlenberg 7:00 pm 

Ian. 20 at Albright 6:00 pm 

'an. 30 at Moravian 6:00 pm 

Feb 6 at Lebanon Valley 7:00 pm 

Feb. 14 atjumata 8:00 pm 

Men's and Women's Swimming 

Nov. 4 Coaches Relays at Albright 

Nov. 1 8 at Western Maryland 

Dec. 9 at Albright 

Jan. 20 at Drew 

Jan. 27 at Ehzabethtown 

Feb. 3 at Widener 

Feb. 16-18 MACs at Scranton 

1:00 pm 
1:00 pm 
1:00 pm 
2:00 pm 
1:00 pm 
2:00 pm 

Sept. 8 - Lore Degenstein Gallery 
Oct. 21 "Sculptures and Drawings 
by Gaston Lachaise" 
Sept. 17 Poetry Reading: 7:30 pm 

Karen Holmberg 
Shearer Dining Rooms 
Sept. 23 Inauguration of President 2:00 pm 

L.Jay Lemons 
Weber Chapel Auditorium 
Sept. 29 Faculty Recital: Patrick Long 8:00 pm 

Degenstein Center Theater 
Sept. 30 Visiting Writers Series: 7:30 pm 

Susan Mitchell, poet 
Degenstein Center Theater 
Oct. 4 Solo and Chamber Recital: 8:00 pm 

Jennifer Wiley and Andrew Rammon 
Isaacs Auditorium, Seibert Hall 
Oct. 5 SUNME Concert 8:00 pm 

Degenstein Center Theater 
Oct. 6 Hotnecoming 

Oct. 8 Poetry Reading: Gary Fincke 7:30 pm 

Shearer Dining Rooms 
Oct. 10 Woodrow Wilson Visitmg 7:30 pm 

Fellow Lecture: Stephen G.Vetter 
Isaacs Auditorium 
Oct. 1 1 Faculty Music Recital: 

Jay Umble and Jack Fries 8:00 pm 

Degenstem Center Theater 
Oct. 20 Admissions Open House 
Oct. 21 Commonwealth Brass Quintet 3:00 pm 

Degenstein Center Theater 
Oct. 22 Archiglas 7:30 pm 

Degenstein Center Theater 
Oct. 23 Artist Series: Koresh Dance Company 

Degenstein Center Theater 8:00 pm 

Oct. 25 Visiting Writers Series: 

Andre Dubus III, Novehst 7:30 

Degenstem Center Theater 
Oct. 26-28 Family Weekend 

Fall Musical: Titanic 8:00 pm 

Weber Chapel Auditorium (Sun.) 2:30 pm 
Oct. 27 - Lore Degenstem Gallery 

Dec. 9 "Photo Microscopy by David Scharf" 
Nov 3 Chorale Concert 8:00 

Weber Chapel Auditorium 
Faculty Recital: Susan Hegberg 3:00 pm 
Weber Chapel Auchtorium 
Jazz Ensemble Concert 8:00 pm 

Degenstein Center Theater 
Symphomc Band Concert 3:00 

Weber Chapel Auditorium 
The Lydla Winds with Galen 8:00 pm 
Deibler Concert 
Isaacs Auditorium 

Chamber Orchestra Concert 8:00 
Weber Chapel Auditorium 
Percussion Ensemble Concert 4:00 pm 
Weber Chapel Auditorium 
Christmas From Dubhn 8:00 

Weber Chapel Auditorium 
SU Fall Theatre Production, 8:00 pm 

T7ie Uttk Foxes 
Degenstein Center Theater 
Chamber Singers Concert 3:00 pm 

Weber Chapel Auditorium 
Alumni Weekend 


Nov. 4 

Nov 8 

Nov 1 1 

Nov 16 

Nov 18 

Nov 26 

Nov. 29- 
Dec. 1 

Dec. 2 

May 12 
May 31 
-June 2 





SusQLiEHANNA Today 7 

Alumni, News 
Class Notes 

Assistant Director Joanne Marquardt 
'00 Troutman, Director Shari 
Trembulal< '93 Mangels, and secretary 
Jodi Swartz. 

Class Notes 

Dear Alumni: 

How has everyone been this summer? I hope fantastic! If 
you're like me, there wasn't a dull moment during your 
summer. Busy with work and family, hopefiilly you man- 
aged to take a vacation to relax! Soon the leaves will be 
changing, kids will be going back to school and the alumni 
office will be planning Homecoming Weekend, October 5- 
7. We 're jam-packed with fiin activities this year. Some of 
the special events taking place are: 

• the 5th Reumon of the Class of 1996. 

• a barbecue for all multiculmral alumni, parents and stu- 

• the 50th Reunion of the 1951 undefeated football team, 

• alumni cheerleaders joimng the current squad on the 
sidehnes at this year's football game. 

• the annual Networking Career Fair for alumm and stu- 

• Biology Alumni Association career networkers for stu- 
dents, alumni and faculty, 

• Dave Binder entertainment for Saturday evening, and, 

• a Zero- Year Reunion for the Class of 2001. 

Check out the Homeconung brochure in mailboxes this 
month, or the web- 
site for details on these and other events! 

There has also been a new addition to the alumm office 
this summer. Please welcome Jodi Swartz as she takes over 
the role of alumm relations secretary from Ethel Poor, who 
retired in June after 26 years of service. Jodi jumped right 
in to our office over Alumni Weekend and is enjoying get- 
tmg to know her new responsibihties and meeting alumm. 
Joanne and I are thrilled to have her on board. 

Have a wonderfiil August, as well as a great fall season. 
Hope to see you at Homeconung or at one of the many 
alumm events m your area (see page 19). 

All the best. 

Shari Trembuiak '93 Mangels 

Please send your alumni news 
and class updates to the Class 
Reporter for your year or to the: 

Office of Alunmi Relations 
Susquehanna University 
5 1 4 University Avenue 
Sehnsgrove, PA 17870-1025 
Fax: 570-372-2777 
Material received on campus by 
January !5. 2002. will be included in 
the winter issue. 


Class Reporter: 
Janet Earhart Harkins 
4M Meet Avenue 
Wyckqff.NJ 07481 


Class Reporter: 
WiWiam H. Gehron St. 
747 Arch Street 
Williamsporl, PA 17701 

Barner Swartz *40, and his wife. 
Wilma Jean, were honored as 
Comniumty Citizens by Perry Valley 

Grange. Barner taught school for 37 
years, directing two bands and three 
choruses. He orgamzed the 
Greenwood Community Band and 
was named director emeritus when 
he retired several years ago. He was 
named Outstanding Volunteer by the 
School Retirees of Region 4 and 
Citizen of the Year by the 
Millerstown Jaycees. 



Class Reporter: 
Mary Emma Yoder Jones 
R.R. 6, Box 718 
Altoona.PA 16601 




Class Reporter: 

Ruth Eleanor McCorkill 

418 Orange Street 

Northumberland, PA 17857-1531 



Class Reporter: 
Ethel Wilson Kerschner 
263 West Butler Driue 
Drums, PA 18222 


Class Reporter: 
Louise Kresge Isaacs 
2721 Golfside Court 
Naples, FL 34110-8676 



Nancy Myers '47 Landis and 

her husband. Dick, celebrated their 
50^" wedding anmversary on June 
24, 2001. They hve in Ft. Pierce, Fla. 



Class Reporter: 

Rohert F Wohlsen 

145 Herman Boulevard 

Frankhn S<juare, NY 11010-2725 



Class Reporter: 
Richard G. Westervelt 
700 Scarsdale Avenue 
Scarsdale, NY 10583 






Class Reporter: 

Faye Kostenbauder Williamson 
2832 Sandyford Avenue 
Philadelphia. PA 19152 

8 Susquehanna Today 

The annual Johnstown dinner was hosted by Bob '40 and Thelma Cabrevna 
on April 20. 

Penney Graham '67 Oustafson, of Marshfield, Mass., visited Virginia Beach 
ya., with other Susquehannans. Left to right: Joseph M. Dollnich '07 Lisa A 
MacKenzie '98, Penney and Kurt G. Gustafson '95 





Class Reporter: 
Lynn Hassinger Askew 
25 Gladys Avemte 
Mmwille, NJ 08835-2347 

Lynn Hassinger '57 Askew has 

been elected to serve a one-year term 
on the Alumni Association Executive 



Class Reporter; 
Jack Cisney 
4802 Eoff Street 
Benwood, WV 2603 J- 1008 

Class Reporter: 
Irene Etter Schinehl 
3194 Eticr Road 
Chamhershurg, PA 17201 

Judge Joseph P. Perfaio '63 has 

been confirmed by the New Jersey 
State Senate and will take his seat on 
the Superior Court He is a partner 
in the Hobokcn, NJ., firm. Perfilio & 



Class Reporter: 
Donald E. Coleman 
128 Vema Road 
Ltwiihurg,PA 17837-8747 

Class Reporter: 
Marjorie Brandt Wallman 
3 17 Yorkshire Drive 
Harrisburg, PA 17111 



Carole Sloan '67 Pursell was 

elected to a three-year term on the 
Alumni Association Executive Board 

Class Reporter: 

Susan C. Petrie 

8917 Graffs Mill Drire 

Owings Mills, MD 21117-6136 






Class Reporter: 

Virginia Biniek 

29 South Wayne Street 

Rohesonia, PA 19551 

Jeannette Moyer '67 Kowell's 

son, Andrew Preston Kowell, graduat- 
ed from the Umversity of 
Pennsylvama with his bachelor of arts 
degree in mathematics and economics 
on May 21,2001. 

Class Reporter: 
Samuel D. Clapper 
254 Barrister Drive 
Somerset, PA 15501-9361 

Samuel D. Clapper '68 has been 
elected to serve as president of the 
Alumni Association Executive Board. 

Richard Michael '68 is a pastor, 
Trimry Lutheran Church, Staten 
Island, N.Y. He hves in Staten Island. 



Class Reporter: 
Barbara HiKhens DePerro 
333 East 80'>' Street, Apt. 1-A 
New York, NY 10021 

Susquehanna Today 9 


William Garrett 78 


illiani Garrett '78 has been around the 
world - on a bicycle. 
Odyssey 2000. a year-long, world-wide cycling expedi- 
tion, took him and 250 other intrepid riders from the 
U.S., Canada, Europe and South America across six con- 
tinents and 47 countries. 

Garrett, 45, of" Hainilton, N.J., cranked more than 
18.000 miles on the trip that started Jan. 1, 2000. at the 
Rose Bowl Parade m Pasadena, Calif, and ended Jan, 1, 
2001, at the same parade. 

He remembers a trip ad and thinking "only crazy 
people would do that." But a year or so later, he saw 
another ad. Intrigued, he started to figure the finances — 
It cost $34,000 - and decided, "I'm just going to do it." 
An experienced cross-country cychst, Garrett knew^ 
what he was getting into. The tour averaged 79 miles a 
day. Some days riders would crank out centuries — 100 
miles or more. 

"It was the trip of a hfetime," he says. "To be able to 
see so many sights in the world was just a wonderfiil 
experience. Experiencing it fi-om the seat of a bicycle, 
you get a chance to absorb it." 

Asia was a highlight. "It's certainly different than what 
we are used to in the western world," he says. "Wherever 
we stopped, the locals gathered around us. They were fi"iendly, open, and curious. That was a unique experience." 
New Zealand, too, had "just gorgeous scenery and friendly people." 

But then there was Cosu Rjca. It was on the Mountam of Death - a day-long, granny-gear cranking climb that took rid- 
ers up 7,000 feet in elevation - that he thought, "Lord, what am I doing to myself?" He got off and pushed. 

The next day was just as tough and he thought, "1 have to go home." But he says, "I got back on the bike. I got through 

Would he do it again? "For sure. I'm ready to go tomorrow," 

His advice to those eyeing a similar trip: "Don't get caught up in the planning. It's a trip that evolves as it goes along. 
Remember to enjoy the moment." 

Garrett is ready to hit the road again. A cross-country trip in 2006 will mark the 20th anniversary of his first cross-country 
cycle trek, 

He can be reached at 

- SamAlcom 

Cyclist Garrett at the summit of Haleakala, Hawaii. 

on a Bicycle 

Barbara L. Ballard *69 is retir- 
ing from public school music teach- 
ing after 32 years. She lives in 
Perryville, Md. 

Janice Brown '69 Fisher was 
awarded 2001 Clutstanding Educator 
of the Year (Secondary) in the Penn 
Manor School District. Millersville. 
Pa on May L She joins Barry 
Kauffman '63 receiving this award 
from Penn Manor. 




Class Reporter: 

Kalhrytt Zterdt Gmhh 
111 Riverbcnd Road 
Berkeley Heights, NJ 07922 

Lewisburg, Pa., dentist, John 
Ruhl '71. has participated m several 
Pittsburgh Pirates fantasy camps in 
Florida, This past year, as a pitcher, he 
faced seven Pirates. None got a hit 
and SIX were retired. Only an outfield 
error kept his slate from being per- 
fect. "It was probably the most excit- 
ing thing that has ever happened to 
me in baseball," Rulil said. 

Christine G. Ziem *71 graduat- 
ed from Pittsburgh Theological 
Seminary with a master of divinit>' 
degree and was ordained on Aug. 12, 
2000. She IS pastor of the First 
Presbyterian Church in Waterford. Pa. 

'*ac»>t^»-*-jJk'" Ti:.-" 


Carol Sensenig '72 Klein is the 

president of The Writing Center, Inc. 
The company recendy launched an 
online technical writing program. 

The Rev. James R. Gable, Jr. 
'72 IS a retired Lt. Colonel from the 
Air Force Chaplaincy. He lives in 
Lititz. Pa. 



Class Reporter: 
S.John Price 
108 North 9^^ Street 
Ashland. PA 17921-1233 

Charles DeBrunner '73 has 

been elected to a three-year term on 
the Alumni Association Executive 

Jordan Shenefield '73 has been 
promoted to marketing manager for 
AT&:T Local Service serving the 
Southern and Western Region of the 
U.S. While the job reports to the 
New Jersey headquarters, he and his 
\vife will be staying in Adanta, Ga. 



Class Reporter: 
Susan Lang Martin 
12 Prince Henry Drive 
Randolph. NJ 07869-1257 

Ben Smar '74 received his doc- 
tor of philosophy degree in educa- 
tional admimstraDon fr^om the 
Umversity ofToledo. He hves in 
Amherst, Mass. 


Class Reporter: 

William Clark Snyder 

Apt. 3 

111 Glenwood Auenue 

Bittghamton. NY' 13905-1944 

Charles R. Antanavage *75 

married Natalia G, Popelova, August 
26. 2000, St. Nicholas Russian 
Orthodox Cathedral, Washington, 
D.C. Natahe is from St. Petersburg, 
Russia. They hve in Lorton,Va. 

William A. Wray,Jr. '75 has 
recently opened a piano and key- 
board store in New Cumberland. Pa. 
The Scott Wray Piano Gallery has 
been recognized as one of the top 40 
Yamaha Disklavier Piano dealers out 
of more than 400 in the US. for their 
year 2000 performance. 



Class Reporter: 
Bretida Zhomy Klitii^cr 
968 Bluejay Road 
Hartishmg,PA 17111-5005 

10 Susquehanna Today 

W. Talbot Daley '76, senior vice 
president. Legg Mason Wood Walker 
Inc.. and director, Legg Mason Funds 
Marketing, was the keynote speaker 
in March at InvestFest 2001 at the 
Renaissance Ausan Hotel, Austin. 
Texas. Daley is a frequent speaker at 
firm-sponsored investment seminars. 
He bves m Baltimore, Md. 

Janice Trojan *76 Lessman has 
been elected to serve a two-year term 
on the Alumm Association Executive 



Class Reporter: 
Lytitt Sarf 
844 High Point 
Claremont.CA 91711 

Frederick L. Hickman *77 was 

appointed president and chief execu- 
tive officer for North Penn Savings 
and Loan Association, headquartered 
m Scranton. Pa. Prior to his appoint- 
ment, he served for 12 years as presi- 
dent and chief executive officer of 
Umon National Bank of Mount 
Carmel. He hves in Sugarloaf, Pa. 


Class Reporter: 

Judy Rile 

2-F Olympic Drive 

Shillingtott, PA 19607-3333 

Phil Herzon '78 received his 
bachelor of science m busmess 
adnumstration and markecing fix)m 
Susquehanna University. 

David Liebrock '78 is executive 
vice president of Fidelity Investments 
in Boston, Mass. 


Class Reporter: 
Sue Odjakjian 
22745 Miranda Sireel 
Woodland Hills, CA 91367 

Jennifer Gamble '79 AUebach 

15 an educator at the Schwenkfelder 
Library and Heriuge Center in 
Pennsburg. Pa. She hves m East 
Greenville. Pa. 

Jefl&«y Gicking '79 has been 
elected to serve a three-year term on 

the Alumm Association Executive 

Samuel B. Hoff '79. George 
Washington Distinguished Professor 
and chair of the Department of 
History. PoUtical Science, and 
Philosophy at Delaware State 
University, received the 2001 DSU 
Student Organization Advisor of the 
Year Award. Hoff earned the honor 
for his supervision and coachmg of 
the DSU Model Umted Nations 
Team, which has won delegate or 
delegation awards at four of six con- 
ferences attended. 



Class Reporter: 

Robb H'liitmoyer 

211 Baldmn Boulevard 

Orchard Hills 

Selimgrove, PA 17870-9511 



Class Reporter: 
Christopha Kiessling 
243 Hill Road 
Gralon.MA 01450-1607 

Judith Manz '81 McNall is the 

chief financial officer for Houston 
Eye Associates. She lives with her rwo 
children in Katy, Texas, just outside of 

Kevin A. Shaffer '81 is a manu- 
facturing manager at R R. Donnelly 
& Sons, Bloomsburg. Pa. He hves in 
Milton, Pa. 

JeffV. Sheard '81 has joined 
Newton Interactive in Pennington as 
vice president and chief financial offi- 
cer. Most recendy he served as senior 
vice president and divisional con- 
troller of National Westminster Bank 
Group's commercial and investment 
banking divisions. He hves in 
Plainsboro, N.J., with his wife, Lyim, 
and their children, Adrienne, 14, and 
Glenn, 10. 

Born to Wayde and Cynthia 
Biever '81 Weston, a daughter, 
Kadierine Ehzabeth, Oct. 24, 2000. 
She joins big brother, WiUiam. Cindy 
IS a semor scientist for Glaxo 
SmithKime and hves in Collegeville, 

Dee Wesner '81 has been elected 
to serve as secretary to the Alumni 
Association Executive Board. 


As the Center for Career Services opens the first "Career Corner." we 
welcome our new director, Michael RJieiner! 

We value our relanonship with alumm and offer the following: 

• resume critiques to help you tailor your job search correspondence, 

• career counsehng as you re-evaluate your career options, 

• a web page to assist your search for position openings and valuable 
hnks, and 

• career fairs for your participation as recruiter or candidate: 

• on-campus fall networking fair, and 

• spring science career fair, and 

• three off-campus consortium fairs (refer to our web page 
events section for dates and info). 

If you would enjoy talking about your career field 
with current SU students, join us for the 

Career Fair 

October 5, 2001 

11 AM-2 PM, Mellon Lounce, Decenstein Campus Center 

To lei us know you're coming or for further 
information, please contact the Center for Career Services at 





Class Reporter: 
Ann Stanzione Thompson 
7714 Briarstone Court 
EUicott City. MD 21043-7050 

Matt Kelchner '82 is head foot- 
ball coach at Christopher Newport 
University, Newport News,Va. 

Vincent McFadden '82 received 
an MBA from La Salle University on 
May 13, 2001. He is also a member of 
the Beta Gamma Sigma honor society 
in the MBA program at La Salle 

]e&ey Morgan *82 has been 
elected to serve a three-year term on 
the Alumni Association Executive 

James Olson '82 has been elect- 
ed to serve a three-year term on the 
Alumni Association Executive Board. 

Born to Maureen and Jim 
Radvany '82, twins, Valerie and 
Brian. Nov. 30, 2000. They jom big 
sister, Jaclyn, and big brother, James 
Patrick. They hve in Lawrenceville. 
N.J.Jim is president of Source One 
Personnel of Princeton, which is a 
permanent and temporary staffing 
firm specializing in administrative, 
accounting, information technology, 
scientific, human resources and hght 
industrial placements. 

Rich Shermer '82 is a senior 
development officer at the Children's 
Hospital of The King's Daughters m 
Norfolk, Va. 

Valerie L. TroUinger *82 
received her doctorate in music edu- 
cation from Indiana University, 
Bloomington, Ind. 

continued on page 14 

Susquehanna Today ii 

By Gary Fincke, professor of English and director of the 
usquehanna Writers' Institute 

JJ C A I -^-^^ -'■>^' where our Susquehanna 
tour group of 15 sctlaents and six faculty land, 
lies on the same latitude as Pennsylvania, yet 
the temperature on May 16 is in the low 90s. 
A strong wind carries a steady torrent of grit. 
The smog is similar to what you'd expect 
while sitting in traffic inside the Lincoln 
Tunnel. "Be glad you weren't here yesterday," 
the guide says. "There was a gale that brought 
in sand from the desert." 

I squint to keep the dust out of my eyes 
and wonder what wind speed qualifies as a 
gale. "The Gobi Desert?" I say. 

"Yes, " the guide says. "We are not far from 

We are standing in Tian'anmen Square, an 
open space so large the stone expanse seems 
to be a man-made desert. I try to imagine 
tanks and soldiers and tens of thousands of 
political protestors standing where perhaps a 
thousand foreign tourists and an equal num- 
ber of Chinese "vendors " scurry around. 

"Hello?" at least 20 vendors have already 
greeted me. "Postcards?" 

They swarm around all of us. "Hello? You 
Like?"They hold up stuffed pandas, plastic 
Buddhas, and cigarette lighters featuring a pic- 
ture of Mao. 

"A miUion trees," the guide says. "We are 
planting a million trees each year to stop the 
erosion and improve the air." The Gobi desert 
IS hundreds of miles away. He raises a powder 
blue pennant above his head and begins to 
stride across the square. All 21 of us follow. 
Twenty-six hours after we boarded a bus at 
Susquehanna University, our two weeks in 

China has begun. 

That first hour, fortunately, is the low point 
for me and the rest of the group. The follow- 
ing day we tour The Forbidden City, learn 
that all the enormous open space inside the 
walls was constructed to cUscourage assassins. 
Our guide discovers I write poetry and takes 
me aside to say, "We are honored to have you 
visit our country." When I tell him most peo- 
ple in the United States feel difierendy about 
poetry, he thinks I am being modest. 

On the 1 8th, we leave the extraordinary 
trafiic jams of Beijing behind and travel north 
to the Great Wall. We're accosted by a host of 
down-on-their-luck farmers who pair up 
with each of us to act as guides. The old 
woman who follows me repeats the word 
"careful" each time the ancient steps turn 
treacherous. After nearly two hours, she ofrers 
picture books, postcards, and scarves ("You 
Uke?"), all of which I refiise. I'm supposed to 
bargain and then buy, and finally I relent, 
choosing a "Great Wall" cap, paying her 50 
yuan (about $6) instead of her 60-yuan asking 
price. Nearly everyone in our group is accu- 
mulating such bargained-for souvenirs. 

Nearly two hours fiirther north, after our 
bus driver has terrorized all of us by passing 
repeatedly into oncoming traffic, trusting, 
apparendy, his horn to drive approaching cars 
onto the shoulder to give us room, we come 
to Chengde, which feels like the last outpost 
before the wilderness takes over. The map 
confirms it. It's the place where my resolve to 
try every kind of food placed before me fal- 
ters. When I spit out something so chewy it 
seems inedible, George Wei informs me I'm 

Twenty-Six hours after we boardei 
two weeks in China has begun. Mt 

you don't want to go to sleep because y^ 



A Suzhou University official, center, 
welcomed Susquehanna faculty for 
a tour of his campus and discus- 
sions of possible future academic 
exchange programs. The SU contin- 
gent is, from left to right: Associate 
Professor of History George Wei, 
Professor Emeritus of Management 
Ken Fladmark, Dean of Arts, 
Humanities and Communications 
Laura deAbrufia, Assistant Professor 
of Political Science Andrea Lopez, 
Associate Professor of Economics 
Olugbenga Onafowora and 
Professor of English and Writers' 
Institute Director Gary Fincke. 
Photo courtesy of Laura deAbruha 

refusing duck's feet. Webbing, I think, and try 
to carry on. When thick cubes of meat with 
the fat and consistency of boiled bacon arrive, 
they become the one thing unanimously 

But the food seems irrelevant here. We 
watch a paper artist create extraordinary 
designs with a pair of tiny scissors. Three days. 
It takes her, to cut a repUca of the Buddha with 
43 arms we've just seen in an active temple, 
and I pay her the equivalent of $18 for her 

The students buy more than the faculty. 
More important, many of them try to engage 
the people in conversation. A kind of sign lan- 
guage develops — pointing to things, smiling. 

"USA" is under- 
( ( . stood by every- 

Our gU ide one, and without 

discovers I write exception the 

poetry and takes me Pf °pi^ g'^^t our 

' . , ' identincaoon 

aside to say, ^varmly 

'We are honored to Only on 
have you visit our *^ ^^' ^° 

y days later, do I 

country. encounter suspi- 

mienltellhim "T^^'h?' 

students and I are 

most people in the housed m a 
United States feel sleeping com- 
differently about ^ZTu"' "* '" 

•'■ I I • I r "''^ Chinese cou- 

poetry, he thmks I pie. They point 

am being modest. " to our shoes and 

^. El then to sUppers 

Ciary riiicke ^ i 

on the floor, let- 
ting Kyle and I 
know we should exchange one for the other. 
But when Kyle and I swing our slipper-clad 
teet onto the bunks, they gesture and chatter. 

We shde off the slippers, but moments later, 
the conductor listens to their complaints, 
returns with a umformed man who's joined, 
shortly after, by another uniformed man and 
Cieorge, who's arguing in Chinese. Everything 
settles down, but George tells Kyle and me 

we're on a "very Communist tram," that the 
first uniformed man said, m reference to us. 
"They sent the spy plane." 

A few hours after that mild confrontation, 
we reach the base of Mt. Tai and the cable cars 
that will dangle us a thousand feet in the air 
while they haul us more than a mile up to the 
summit. I'm astonished one of the students is 
more afraid of heights than I am. She survives 
and so do the rest of us, and the group 
applauds her. On the way down, she even 
glances out the window, a small triumph. 

Mt.Tai is thought of as the gateway to 
heaven, and I can't argue. It's one of those 
places where you don't want to go to sleep 
because you'll waste some of the hours you 
have there. We rise and walk to an overlook to 
watch the sunrise at 4:50 a.m. None of the stu- 
dents complain. All of us wear the Red Army 
overcoats supplied by the hotel against the only 
cold weather we encounter. The monks in the 
Daoist temples chant nonstop from 6 to 10 
a.m. "It's like an Indiana Jones movie here." a 
student says, and I agree. 

In the railroad station, before we reboard for 
an overnight trip, George leads the students in 
Tai Chi. It's part of what they are doing for 
credit, and though for the most part they are 
awkward and self-conscious, they're game. They 
listen and learn, discovering, perhaps, what 
might come of acquiring the rhythm and grace 
that George demonstrates. This time the train is 
packed with Chinese passengers who pay us no 
mmd.When I wander away from the group 
and shoot pool for an hour in Zhouzhuang, 
every ball I pocket is cheered by the crowd 
that gathers to watch. 

We visit Shanghai University, which is brand 
new. All of it. Every building for 30,000 stu- 
dents has been erected - for two bilhon dollars, 
according to an official - in the past five years. 
The students are seduced. Word-of-mouth for 
an exchange program here or in Suzhou, visit- 
ed two days earher, will be positive. The 
adnumstrators we meet at both schools seem 
open and receptive. The students, when they're 
paired with their Chinese counterparts, take to 

i'^s at Susquehanna University, our 

'ii IS thought of as the gateway to heaven... 
' 11 waste some of the hours you have there. 


-^1. M' 

the task of conversing for an hour or more. 

That night, in a bar a block from our hotel, a 
woman slides into a booth beside me. She's 
overdressed and seems fascinated that I am a 
teacher. I know, after a few minutes, I'm in the 
company of what our guide calls "a lady of 
pleasantry," and I haven't been this socially awk- 
ward since my last eighth grade dance. The 
dean of my school, sitting nearby, keeps track of 
my embarrassment until I rescue myself by slap- 
ping down a tip and heading for the door 

Which is what this trip has been all about - 
seeing the world new. A student has taken her 
first plane ride, soaring to China. A student has 
had her luggage mistakenly shipped to 
Manchuria and managed to recover All of us 
have struggled with strange language, sanitation, 
customs, and food, yet we have managed, for 
the most part, to communicate and keep our 
health. This is education. 

Page 12, upper right: Fifteen students and six fac- 
ulty members traveled to China for a 15-day study 
tour in May. Highlights of the trip included a visit 
to the Summer Palace, the largest and best-pre- 
served royal garden in China. 
Photo courtesy of Andrea Lopez 

Page 12, upper left: A young embroiderer meticu- 
lously copies a design in thread at a silk factory in 
Suzhou; middle left: a standing Buddha in Hong 
Kong's Repulse Park; a sign post near the 
Summer Palace outside Beijing: bottom left: An 
ornate pagoda greets visitors at Repulse Park in 
Hong Kong. 
Photos by Laura deAbruna 

Page 13, middle right: Felecia Wellington '04 gets 
advice from the group's tour guide in a pedestri- 
an shopping area in downtown Shanghai. 
Photo by Laura deAbruna 

continued Jtom page i 1 



general counsel for Massachusetts' 15 
community colleges, specializing in 
employment, contract and discrimi- 
nation law. They hve in Westford, 

Class Reporter: 
Sue Frekot Doty 
160 Joan Drive 
Collegeville, PA 19426 

Kevin J. CuUinan '83 is business 
development manager for Koch 
Modular Process Systems, Paramus, 

Martin Ortenzio '83 is presi- 
dent of Select Rental Corporation, 
Beltsville, Md. 

Mark Sims '83 recently com- 
pleted coverage of his 10th regular 
session of the Connecticut General 
Assembly as capitol correspondent for 
the Connecticut Radio Network. He 
is also a weekend news anchor at 
WTIC AM- 1080 in Hartford. 

Born to Stephanie and Kenneth 
A, Tashjy *83, a son, Kenneth 
Fredrick, March 23, 2001. Ken is 



hood music education school. They 
live in Harrisburg with their two 
children, Hannah, age 6, and Samuel, 
age 4. 

Born to Tim and Cathy Sieben 
'84 Taylor, a son, Mark Christopher, 
Feb. 27, 2000. They hve in Mount 
Airy, Md. 

Class Reporter: 

Randi Keller Sagona 

3734 Moon Bay Circle 

West Palm Beach, FL 33414-8806 

Thomas J. Banks '84 received 
his Ph.D. in human development and 
education admimstration from 
Marywood University following his 
master's degree in education admims- 
tration from Temple University. Banks 
is currently head of the middle 
school at the Harrisburg Academy, a 
private day school. He is married to 
Celeste Nowosielski '87 Banks, 
who owns and operates The Early 
Years Music Circle, an early child- 



Class Reporter: 
Tracy Gerard Akner 
200 Lincoln Avenue 
RockviUe Centre, NY 11570 

Margaret Anne Finley *85 
Flournoy has been elected to serve 
as the first vice president of the 
Alumni Association Executive Board. 

William J. Kennedy, Jr. *85 is a 
managing director of Falcon 
Investment Advisors, LLC, a private 
equity firm he helped found in July 
2000. Falcon specializes in structurmg 


Tom McGrath: Inspired Scholarship 


Tom McGrath with former students Jane 
Wissinger '81 Cornille and Davim Grigg '68 

n 1963 Tom McGrath, a semor research chemist for American 
Cyanamid, was at the top of his game, with several patents under his 
belt, including one for active ingredients in Breck Shampoo and 
Cepacol mouthwash. But he had grown dissatisfied with the amount ot 
time he was spending in meetings instead of in the lab or working with 
people. He asked his wife. Jenny, how she felt about him taking a 50 
percent cut in salary, giving up his established career and moving their 
four young children fi"om their home in Stamford, Conn., so he could 
take a stab at teaching at a school called Susquehanna University. Jenny 
was wilUng to try. 

Thirty years later this beloved, humble professor emeritus of chem- 
istry has become the honoree of the Thomas McGrath Chemistry 
Scholarship Fund, established by his brother-in-law, the Rev. Herman J. 
Helfi^ich, in memory of McGrath's sister, Jean. The scholarship will sup- 
port students majoring in chemistry or biochemistry. "Of course I hope 
the scholarship will attract more chemistry students to SU," says McGrath. "It's also an opportunity for science alums to con- 
tribute in more personal way." 

As McGrath reflects, he is without doubt that he and Jenny made the right choice all those years ago." I'm proud of my 
work at American Cyanamid, of my patents, but it's nothing compared to how I feel when I hear of the success of one of my 
students." McGrath is particularly proud of the students who were part of the research group he ran every summer, like Jane 
'Wissinger *81 Cornille who now teaches organic chemistry at the University of Minnesota. 

"Tom IS a wonderfiil mentor and firiend.What made him such a great teacher was that it was simply obvious he loved 
what he taught. He also brought his industrial experience to the classroom and showed us its application to the real world," 
says Cornille. 

McGrath is now retired fi-om teaching, their five children have relocated, and he and Jenny hve six months of the year in 
Palmetto, Fla. But from May to October, it's common to spot the McGraths walking around Selinsgrove, or Tom in his office 
in the admissions house where he continues as special assistant to the dean of academic services. He is coordinator of the 
assistantship program and an organizer of Susquehanna's In-Action Days. Last fall, when a Selinsgrove High School chemistry 
teacher resigned abrupdy, McGrath helped out by taking over a class. Despite his knack for downplaying it, his generosity in 
the community is widely known. He volunteers his time tutoring and is an avid blood donor having given nearly 20 gallons. 
McGrath comes closest to boasting when he states that he is "willing to try anything." 

— Mary Cammarata MaHele 

and financing leveraged buyouts, cor- 
porate acquisitions and balance sheet 
recapitalizations. He hves in 
Needham, Mass., with his wife and 
their four children. 

Chris E. Sarsony '85 is a senior 
scientist. Alpha-Gamma Technologies 
Inc., R^eigh, N.C. He hves in Apex, 

Born to Frank and Pam 
DeVito Venturella *85, a son, Adam 
Anderson, on March 7, 2001. They 
hve in New York, N.Y. 



Class Reporter: 
Karen Doty Clemens 
1 Annette Drive 
Limerick. PA 19468 

Deb Holt '86 married Mark A. 
Taylor, Sept. 17. 2000. They have a 
son, Graham George, born on Feb. 9. 
2001. They hve mTarrytown, N.Y. 
Other SU alumm in attendance at 
their wedding were Debbie 
Wengryn '86 Bensel and Mark 
Bensel '88 and their two children. 

Brenda K. Bollinger '86 mar- 
ried Michael Scott McDermott,Jan. 
13, 2001. They went to Aruba for 
their honeymoon and hve in 
Danvers. Mass. 

Born to Thomas P. '86 and 
Doima Hansen '86 Doherty, a 
son. Christian Hansen, on Sept. 17, 
2000. Christian joins big sister, OUvia. 
Tom IS employed by the French 
bank. Societe Generale, N.Y, as 
director, network technologies and 
infirastrucmre.Tom and Doima reside 
in Ramsey, N.J. 

Born to Russell J. '86 and Ann 
Bu£fa '86 Pierce, a son, Cohn 
Samuel, on July 21, 2000. CoUn joins 
two older brothers, Brendan and 
Austin. They hve in Chatham, N.J. 

Born to Jonathon '86 and Lea 
Ann Horn Perrego '86, a son, 
Glenn Raymond, on Sept. 6, 2000. 




Class Reporter: 
Cynthia L. Cooke 
846 Green Pond Road 
Rockaway, NJ 07866-4403 

14 Susquehanna Today 

Celeste Nowosielski *87 Banks 

owns and operates an early childhood 
music school. Sec 1984. 

Born to Greg and Linda 
Lambert! *87 Davian, a son, Evan 
Gregory, June 5, 2001. They Uve in 
Naples, Fla. 

Thomas A. Haines '87 received 
his master's degree m taxation at 
Villanova University. He is a tax 
researcher for Dryden Matrix 
Technologies, LLC. Highspirc, Pa. He 
lives in Newport, Pa. 

Born to John and Leslie Wells 
'87 O'Malley, a son, Patrick John. 
Feb. 4, 2000. They hve in Lancaster. 

Born to Joseph and Marjorie 
Guckes '87 Basta. a son, Timothy, 
on March 7. 2001 . Mar)orie is taking 
a leave from the teaching profession 
to raise her son. They live m Chester 
Springs, Pa. 

Born to 
Christina and 
Joseph Flynn 
'87. a daughter. 
Kelly Mane. 
Aug. 25,2000. 
She joins big 
brother, Ryan. 
They live in 
Orlando. Fla. 
Joseph is con- 
troller for Mesh 
«^ Networks m 

^^^^^ ^||pfe^ Maitland, Fla. 
~^^^^^ ^^ Born to 

Margo and 
Martin R. 
'87, a daughter. 

Kathleen, Nov. 
Martin is the 
administrator at Villanova University 
School of Law. They Uve in Sanatoga. 

Ryan Andrew and 
Kelly Marie Flynn 

Megan Kathleen 



Class Reporter: 

Mark Ttwrsheim 

Apt. 9-E 

200 Riverside Drive 

New York. NY 10025-7248 

William G. Parker '88 is direc- 
tor of investments for Met Life. He 
lives in Wayne, NJ. 

Douglas Carlson '88 is a vice 
president for Brown Brothers 
Harriinan in Boston. Mass. Doug has 
been elected to serve as the second 
vice president for the Alumm 
Association Executive Board. He and 
his wife, Susan, Uve m Boston, 

Born to John 
and Lynda 
Butler '88 
Sabochick, a 
Christina Anne, 
on Aug. 7, 2000, 
The proud grand- 
father IS Leslie 
Richard Butler 
'62. Lynda is the 
Business Manager 
for Readiness Management Support. 
They hve in Panama City Beach, Fla. 

Christina Anne 


Class Reporter: 
Sharon Henderson 
440 West Main Street 
Wyckoff,Nj 07481 

Thomas C. Kocaj '89 is senior 
vice president, financial institutions, 
CNA Fmancial Corp., New York 
City. He and his wife. Kimberly 
Norton *89 Kocaj, hve m 
Hoboken, NJ. 



Joseph, Marjorie Guckes '87 and 
Timothy Hall Basta 

Class Reporter: 
Angela }. Johnson 
I3M Town Colony Drive 
Mnidlelown. CT 06457 

Born to Janice and Christopher 
L. Biddle '90, a son, Christopher, on 
March 14. 2001. Chris is a managing 
underv-Titer at ECS, Inc., a pollution 
insurance company m Exton, Pa. 
They hve in Bryn Mawr. Pa. 

Born to Mark and Melissa 
Challice '90 Casamassina, a daugh- 
ter, Stephanie Mane, on Jan 3 1 , 200 1 . 

Alumni Award Nominations 

We're looking for 
extpjvopjdinary alumni. 

The Office of Alumm Relations is accepting nominanons for hoth the 
Alumm Association Award for Achievement and also for a position on 
the Alumm Associanon Executive Board. If you or someone you know 
would make a great candidate please send back the form below to the 
Office of Alumni Relations, 514 University Avenue, Sehnsgrove. PA 
17870 or email us at 

Name of Candidate: 

Class year: 



They hve in Wayne, NJ. 

Born to Christopher '90 and 
Marcia Fryklund '91 Elvidge, a 
son - see 1991 . 

David N. Kearney '90 is in 
sales. Donna Karan, He hves in New 
York. NY. 

Jill Morrissey '90 is assistant vice 
president for Credit Suisse First 
Boston in New York City. 

Born to Scott and Janice 
Gessner '90 Pence, a daughter, 
Samantha Morgan, on Nov. 1, 2000. 
Samantha joms big sister, Madison 
Nicole. They hve m Huminelstown. 

John Stonaker *90 married 
Robm E. Brogan. March 24. 2001, 
Itahan Club, Tampa. Fla. John is pro- 
ject manager at AT&T Wireless in 
Redmond.Wash. Jon Ditmars '98 
served as best man. They reside in 
Redmond, Wash. 

Born to Wes and Jill Zabransky 

'90 Quails, a daughter, Ohvia Reese, 
on Dec. 18, 2000. They hve in 
Cordova, Tcnn. 

Born to Douglas *90 and 
Maura Sheehan '91 Wheeler, a 
son. Andrew Frank, on Oct. 8, 1999. 



Class Reporter: 
Scott Grant '91 
1071 Kingscote Drive 
Harleysville, Pa. 19438 

Brent Baxter '91 was featured in 
a recent edition of Careers & Colleges 
magazine. He is the project manager 
in the multimedia/video technology 
department, Siemens Corporate 
Research, Princeton, NJ. Brent and 
his wife, Andrea Zizelmann *91 

SU alumni shared their musical talents with a Reggae band at the Parker 
House at the Jersey Shore In Sea Girt. Left to right: Jennifer Dunlop '93, Julie 
Steward '92 and Megan McCutcheon '91. 

Susquehanna Today 15 

Head Men's Lacrosse Coach and Assistant Football Coach Ron Miller '93, third from left, helped celebrate his upcoming 
wedding to Jennifer Young, daughter of Rich '54 and Marsha Young, with a walk in the Selinsgrove Area Relay for Life 
on June 9 on the grounds of Nicholas A. Lopardo Stadium on the Susquehanna campus. Among the members of the 
wedding party decked out in wedding finery is Mark Boughner '93. fourth from left. 

Baxter, live in Plainsboro, NJ. 

Born to Scott and Krisrin 
Lurowist '91 Busch, a son, Jacob 
Reed, March 24, 2001. They live in 
Bloomsburg, Pa, 

J. Scott Campbell '91 married 
Marlies Ouv^nga,Jan. 7, 2001, on 
Kualoa Beach, Hawaii. Scott is a 
housewright and owns Maine 
Mountain Post and Beam, specializing 
in the dismantling, re-erection and 
restoration of historic post and beam 
structures. Marhes is the director of 
cUent services for Glen Group 
Advertising. They live in Brow^nfield, 

Born to Christopher '90 and 
Marcia Fryklund '91 Elvidge, a 
son. Brendan George, on May 22, 
2000. They hve m Collegeville, Pa. 

Sarah Galbraith '91 recendy 
joined Hershey Resorts as national 
sales manager. She represents The 
Hotel Hershey and the Hershey 
Lodge and Convention Center and is 
responsible for national association 
accounts located in New York City. 
She hves in New Cumberland. Pa. 

Yvonne Hackl '91 is a massage 
therapist. She lives in Stockton, N.J. 

Charlene Wells '91 Jones 
received a masters degree in special 
education from Delaware State 
University. She and her husband, 
Tom, hve in Milton, Del. 

Douglas J. Lankow '91 has 
completed his MBA from the F.W 
Olin Graduate School of Business at 
Babson College. Wellesley, Mass, He 
recendy joined the InternaQonal 
Division of Putnam Investments in 

Megan McCutcheon '91 is a 

sales manager for sprint PCS in New 
York City. She hves m Hoboken. N.J. 

Born to Rob and Sangeeta Lai 
'91 Pal, a daughter, Amsha, May 22, 
2001. They hve in WiUiamstown, N.J. 

Born to Mark and Amy 
Calafiore '91 Tercek. a son. Luke, 
born on July 27, 2000, Amy received 
her master's degree in human 
resource management/ industrial rela- 
tions at St. Francis College. They hve 
m Sahx, Pa, 

Jill Beck '91 Thompson is an 
educational standards analyst, She hves in Rjchmond, 

Mark Walter '91 is an assistant 
district attorney, Middlesex, Mass. 
While he loves the job, it does not 
leave much time for catching up with 
old college friends. He says hello to 
all his classmates and friends from SU. 

Born to Sean and Lauren 
Schumacher '91 Will, a daughter, 
Sarah Margaret, on Feb. 26, 2001. She 
joins a big sister. Morgan. They live in 
Allentown, Pa. 

Born to Douglas '90 and 
Maura Sheehan '91 Wheeler, a 
son, Andrew Frank, on Oct. 8. 1999. 
Doug IS market area director in the 
Middle Adanoc and Southeast 

regions for Aon 
Surety. Maura is 
director of devel- 
opment for the 
American Supply 
Foundation. They 
Andrew Frank l^^e m Radnor, 
Wheeler Pa. 




Class Reporter: 
Julie Heckman MuUin 
26 Wibon Boulevard 
Nonistoitm. PA 19403-U18 

Karen Bartashunas '92 is a 

busmess planner. The Pepsi Bottling 
Group, Somers, N.Y. She hves in Rye, 

Audrey Stearns '92 married 
John Bolyard. April 7, 2001. St. John's 
Church. Leesburg.Va. Audrey is a 
telecommumcator at Winstar 
Commumcations in Herndon, Pa. 
John graduated from West Vinginia 
University and is a telecommumcator 
at MCI in Ashburn.Va. Kelly Engel 
'93 CrisweU was in the wedding 
party. They hve in Leesburg.Va. 

Denise Fauci '92 married 
Vincenzo Di Natale, August 7, 1999, 
Immaculate Heart of Mary Church, 
Scarsdale, N.Y.Vincenzo is a civil 
engineer in Bridgeport, Conn. Denise 
IS a third-grade teacher m 
Wallingford, Conn. They recendy had 
a son, Dec. 1 1. 2000,Vmcenzo Peter, 
They hve mWalhngford, Conn. 

Bob Knupp '92 received his 
doctor of musical arts degree, 
Umversity of Alabama. He is an assis- 
tant professor of music at Mississippi 
College. He hves in Chnton. Miss. 

Danielle Delia Pella '92 mar- 
ried Keith Reilly. Danielle works in 
corporate communications for G£ 

Card Services in Stainfr>rd, Conn. 
Keith is an assistant vice president for 
ISI Mutual Funds in New York, N.Y. 
They hve in Tarrytown. N.Y 

Cynthia Connell '92 Storer is 
president and CEO of CS&A Pubhc 
Relations Inc., Denver. Colo. After 
working in pubhc relations for eight 
years, Cynthia started her own 
agency. With four employees and ten 
local to international chents, the 
company is growing quickly. She 
started the firm to cater to mosdy 
high-tech dot-coms, but diversified 
after the NASDAQ drop. Chents 
include telecom, travel and tourism, 
tech consulting, real estate, interior 
design and two successful dot-coms. 

Howard Teitelbaum '92 mar- 
ried Shana Baer, Nov. 13, 2000, m 
New York, NY Howard is m com- 
modities, Natsource Inc. They hve in 
New York City, 

John D.Van Eck '92 is systems 
admimstrator, Silverstein and Mullens, 
a division of Buchanan Ingersoll. 
Washington. DC, 

Born to Charlene and Andy 
Wingfield '92. twin boys, Matthew 
and Andrew, on January 10, 2001 . 
Andy is an associate manager with 
Prudential Property and Casualty 
Insurance Co. They hve in Frankhn 
Lakes, N.J. 

Born to Alex *92 and Kim 
Lanni '93 Shirk, a son, Dylan 
Thomas, Nov 6, 2000. See 1993. 



Michael G. Ettlemyer *93 is an 

account executive with Robert 
Marston & Associates in New York 
City. He hves in Rye Brook, N.Y. 

Michael T. Farina '93 joined 
Fulton Bank as branch loan and 
operations manager at the West 
Heinpfield branch. He hves in 
Lancaster, Pa. 

Born to Paul and Ehzabeth 
Stuyvesant '93 Kelly, a daughter, 
Elise Rose, Dec. 6, 2000. She joins a 
big brother, Alexander Phdip, They 
hve in Erie, Pa. 

Andrew Krpata '93 is pastor of 
Lincoln Park Coniinumty Umted 
Methodist Church, Lincoln Park, Pa. 
His wife. Melinda McClure '94 
Krpata, is director of the bell choir 
at the church. 

Kwame T. Lloyd '93 is head 
women's soccer coach and assistant 
director of support services for 
Christopher Newport University, 
Newport New^s.Va. 

Janine Claycomb '93 Miller is 
a professional product representative 
for Roche Labs in Suie College, Pa. 

16 Susquehanna Today 


^^ Alumni 
•^^ UleekeiMl 

,00 .»\\^ success story! 

^^^^■^ m ^W^ ^ Thanks to everyone who attended Alunini 
^^^^^#\ ^^ » Weekend 2001! More than 400 alunmi 
^W* "^M \0 came back to campus to celebrate a 

^^ reumon, reminisce with old friends and to 

check out the campus. The Classes of 1951 
and 1956 had the highest percentage of their classmates back with 25 per- 
cent each. With more than 50 alumm who came back, the Class of 1976 
had the highest alumm attendance. If you'd hke to see more Alumm 
Weekend details check out the web site at 
would also hke to thank the reumon committees for all their hard work in 
planning and encouraging their friends to attend. 

Attention alumni m the classes of '92. '87, '82, '77, '72, '67. '62, "57 and 
'52... save the date for Alumm Weekend 2002, May 31 to June 2. 

Tammy MuU *93 is a human 
services senior practitioner. Wake 
County Human Services, Raleigh, 
N.C, She also graduated from 
Campbell Umversity. Buies Creek, 
N.C, vnth a master's degree in com- 
mumty counsehng. 

Jamie Swank '93 married 
Lawrence Robert Pilot. April 28, 
2001. Mother Cabrini Cathohc 
Church, Shamokin, Pa. Jamie is direc- 
tor of education services at American 
Society of Pension Actuaries. 
Lawrence graduated from University 
ofVirginia and is an assistant vice 
president. First Virginia Bank. Other 
Susquehanna graduates in the wed- 
ding party were Heather Heath *93 
Rowe, Stacy L. Ross '93 and 
Cassandra Crawford '93 Gibson. 
John Shave *93 was named vice 
president, investor relations, of 
Reynolds and Reynolds Company. 

Born to Tim '93 and Shana 
Larkin '94 Murray, a son, Ethan 
Paul, Oct. 18, 2000. See 1994. 

Born to Alex 
'92 and Kim 
Lanni '93 Shirk, 
J son, Dylan 
Thomas, Nov. 6, 
2000. They hve in 
River Edge. NJ. 

Dylan Thomas 


Class Reporter: 
Andrea S. Hughey 
905 Sheridan Street 
mUiamsport.PA 17701-3639 

Patrick J. Hynes '94 is a politi- 
cal consultant for Russo-Marsh- 
Copsey in Washington, D.C. 

Penn D. Ketchum '94 was 

named director of Lancaster County 

Mental Health/Mental Retardation 


Born to Sean and Julie Bentz 

'94 McCuUough, a daughter, Haley 

Nicole. May 20, 2000. They hve m 

Wyomissing, Pa. 

John D. Menditto '94 is an 

investor relations manager, 

Inforgrames Inc., New York City. He 

hves m Hoboken. N.J. 

Joshua Yohe '94 
IS a self-employed 
musician and hves 
in Pittsburgh. Pa. 
Born to Matt 
'95 and Deb Sohn 
'94 Blanchard, a 
son. Mason Charles, 

Mason Charles Feb. 5, 2001. Deb 


v<n]l continue to work as an indepen- 
dent contractor for the Pa. 
Optometric Association. They hve in 
Palmyra, Pa. 

Born to 
Jeflfrey '94 and 
Susan Rendle 
'94 Cooper, a 
daughter, Sarah 
Rebecca, July 26, 

2000. She joins a 
big brother, 
Benjamin. They 
hve in 
Wynnewood. Pa. 

Born to Mark 
and Natalie 
Facrow^ski '94 
Cresitello. a 
ii.iughter, Megan 
Lindsay, Jan. 1 1, 

2001. They hve in 
New Providence. 


Sarah Rebecca 

Megan Lindsay 


Stacey Manclne 96 KoloskI 
8c Company 

On the Edinborough Fringe 

The talent of Susquehanna University alumni will reach half- 
way across the globe this summer with the world-premiere 
of Tfie Scarlet Letter on stage at the Edinburgh, Scotland, 
Festival Fringe. 

Stacey Mancine '96 Koloski, along with her husband. 
Darnel Koloski, composed the show, which is based on the American 
classic by Nathaniel Havi^orne. 

"It stays pretty true to the original book, although we pull out 
some characters a htde more than in the book in places," Stacey said. 
"We have had several concert readings and workshops over the last 
five years, but this will be the very first time it will be staged with 
cosmmes, hghting. and an orchestra, so we "re really excited." 

Other Susquehanna alumm have been involved with all aspects of 
the show. Craig Housenick *98 serves as the production designer, 
having designed the entire show. He will travel with the Koloskis to Scotland for five weeks, three of which will encompass 
the ennre run of the show. 

Kristi Gipe '96 is the recrmting coordmator for the show. She has pubUcized and organized the auditions and interviews 
with the directors and producers for cast members. She also produced a concert reading of the production on June 30 in 
Boston, in which Kerry Rosen *96 was a featured performer. George Cullinan '96 has recendy joined the group as a key- 
boardist m the orchestra and as assistant musical director. SU students who have helped in the past with the show include 
Katie Ziegler '97 and Allison Trice '97. 

In addition, Stacey said the show's orchestrator is a highly-regarded London West End music director, the music director is 
the assistant conductor of the National Opera of Paris and the cast includes professional Equity actors, many of whom are 
coming fix)m successfiil Broadway tours. 

"We feel very fortunate to have this opportumty to work with such incredible people," Stacey said. "It is an incredibly 
kinetic experience. Doors are opemng everywhere for us and we are getting to work with such a high-caUber of artistic staff." 

Dan Koloski, Stacey Mancine '96 Koloski, Colleen 
O'Donnell '96, Travis Hoxie '96, Andrea Skinitts, 
Kristi Gipe '96, and Kerry Rosen '96. 

Tiie Scarlet Letter opens Aug. 5 at the festival m a theater called Augustine's Sanctuary. 

-Joanne Marquardt '00 Troutman 

Susquehanna Today 17 


^> J k 


Kerri Spurr '94 married David F. Callaway, Oct. 21, 2000, Grace United 
Methodist Church, Carlisle, Pa. Kerri is a supervisor for D & H Distributing 
Company, Harrisburg, Pa., and David is currently attending Shippensburg 
University pursuing a degree in history. David served as a corporal in the U.S. 
Army Armored Cavalry. They live in Carlisle, Pa. Pictured, left to right: Karrin 
Phillips '94, Cristie VanOrden '94 Bruhn, Deb Sohn '94 Blanchard and 
Matthew Blanchard '95 (seated). Bill Forbes '95. Kyle Kuhnel '95, Tracy 
Hebding '95 Kuhnel, Wendy Garrison '94, Kerri and David, and Matthew 
Bennett '95. 

«Born to Tim 
*93 and Shana 
Larkin '94 
Murray, a son, 
Ethan Paul. Oct 
18. 2000. They 
bvc in Knoxville, 
Tcnn., where Tim 
Ethan Paul „ director of 

'^"^^^y finance for 

Atlantic Research 
Corporation and Shana is a. suy-at- 
home mom 



Class Reporter: 

Korie Traver 

P.O. Box IS 

Springmlle, PA 18844-OOlS 

Krista Steinhart '95 Breeding 

IS doing a long-term sub position at 
Southern Columbia Middle School, 

Mark Bressi '94 along with Jeff 
Pascoe '96, achieved ADP's 
President's Club. Both went on an 
all-expense paid trip to Ireland in 
August 2000. Both Jeff and Mark 
will qualify again in 2001 and will 
go to Maui in August. Mark is a 
regional sales manager. Jeff is a dis- 
trict sales representative covering 

teaching fifth- and sixth-grade band 
and general music. She moved back 
to the Selinsgrove area last summer. 
Her husband. Jay. was hired as a man- 
ager for BJ's Restaurant Theu^ daugh- 
ter, Abigail, just celebrated her 4th 

Kristen Preuss '95 Drake is 
director of social services for the 
Bethany House, Rome, N.Y. 

Robert M. Schwarz Jr. '95 was 
recently promoted to customer ser- 
vice supervisor for Merrill Lynch 
Online in Somerset, NJ. He hves in 
Freehold, NJ., with his partner of 
two years, Michael Kowalczyk. 

Amanda Williams '95 married 
Kevin Ryan. June 10. 2000. Lake 
George. N.Y Amanda is in pubbc 
relations and they hve in East 

Erica Allen 95 married Scott Black, July 3, 1999, Bucknell Hall, Bucknell Univ., Lewisburg, Pa. They are living in 
Glastonbury, Conn. SU alumni attending their wedding included: John Green '95, Julie Stansfield '95, Shannon 
Gaughan '95, Tracey Corrigan 95, Julie Skelton 97, Kristen Tnbendis 95, Chrissy Joyce '95 Daczkowski, Jennifer 
Hampton '95, Wendy Hollander 95, Bill Lekas 95, Shannon Lang 94, Jennifer Snook 94 Cochran, Ron Cochran 94 
Steve Denzel '95, Jeff McDonald 95 and Kenneth Heffner '92, Jake Markezin '95, John Kilkeary '95, Sal Tuzzeo '95 
Russ Palermo '93, Todd Kiebort 95, and Doug Donohoe '95. 

■Windsor. NJ 

Born to Megan and Douglas 
Wilson '95. a daughter. Maura 
Catherine, on March 20. 2001. They 
lis'e in Gcrmantown. Md. 

Born to Matt '95 and Deb Sohn 
'94 Blanchard, a son. Mason 
Charles, Feb 5. 2001 See 199-) 

Born to JeSrey 
and Jennifer 
Raker '95 
HoUenbach. a 
son. Jordan Dean. 
M.irch 4.2001. 
They live in 

Jordan Dean 





Class Reporter: 
Margaret Pierce FrartU 
214 Morrison Avenue 
Hightstown. NJ 08520 

Thomas A. Acciardo *96 is an 

account executive for Exodus 
Commum cations. He hves in 
Waltham, Ma&S- 








r^ i 


SU alumni moms got together for a 
mini-reunion in Philadelphia to 
introduce future Crusaders to one 
another. From top left: Jen O'Neil 
'94 Andra with daughter, 
Mackenzie (son Tyler was napping); 
Shana Larkin '94 Murray with son, 
Ethan; Michelle Smith '94 D'Avino 
with son, Andrew; Sue Rendle '94 
Cooper with son, Benjamin, and 
daughter, Sarah. 

18 Susquehanna Today 

The Susquehanna University 
Center for Career Services cur- 
rently mainuins credential files for 
the first five years after, graduaaon. 

If you are a member of the 
Class of 1996 and you do not 
want your file destroyed, please 
contact the center at 570-372-4325 
or via e-maij at career@$ 

Tran Le Baker '96 is a project 
manager for Cabletron Network, She 
lives m Hoboken. NJ. 

Born to Melissa Bordogna *96 
and Adan Weeks, a daughter, 
Mackenzie Elaine. November 3, 2000. 
Melissa completed her master's degree 
in human commumcation fi"om the 
University ot Denver, She is working 
on her Ph.D. in human conmiumca- 
tion and is taking some courscwork at 
the University of Sydney. Australia. 

Knute T. Brayford *96 married 
Dcnise Labosh. Aug. 5, 2000. 
Mechanicsburg, Pa, Knute is a special 
education teacher at the MarUn 
Center for Exceptional Children. 
Marhn. Pa. They hve in FrackviUe, Pa, 

Born to Yolanda and Lenny Ebel 
*96, a daughter. Annabella, April 18, 
2001. Lenny has been also elected to 
serve as treasurer of the Alumm 
Association Executive Board. They 
live in Lancaster, Pa. 

Kristen Gipe '96 was recently 
named Umted States recruitmg coor- 
dinator and Boston producer for Blue 
Line Arts, Inc, a theater company 
involved with Tfie Scarlet Letter, a 
musical composed by Stacey 
Mancine '96 Koloski and her hus- 
band. Dan Koloski, The musical is 
going to Scodand this August for the 
largest theater festival in the world: 
The Fringe Festival m Edinburgh. 
Please feel free to contact me for 
more information. Other alumni 
include Craig Housenick '98 See 
profile, page 17, 

Alison B. Jedrick '96 received a 
masters degree in social work fi'om 
the University of Georgia. She has 
also been nominated for Phi Kappa 
Phi Honors Society. She lives in 
Athens, Ga. 

Allison L. KoUar '96 is an 
account represenuave, GBC. She hves 
in New York City. 

Steven T. Meyer '96 is president. 
Advisors Mortgage Group. He Uves in 
Red Bank. NJ 

Carrie A. Pires '96 received a 
masters degree in elemenury educa- 
tion ft-om Sarah Lawrence College in 
Bronx\-ille. N.Y. She is planmng on 
moving to Boston, Mass. this summer. 

N.John Salazar '96 has become 
a quahry assurance speciakst for 
NeoseTechnologies Inc., a biotech- 
nology company in Horsham, Pa. This 

is a promotion from his last position 
as a regulatory compUance coordina- 
tor with Glaxo-Smith Khne. He Uves 
in Blue Bell. Pa. 

Jennifer J. Shaffer '96 is com- 
mumty hving supervisor. Impact 
Systems Inc. in Harrisburg, Pa. 

Heather S. Sheldon *96 works 
at Sotheby's. New York City. N.Y 

Colleen M. Supinski '96 is an 
equities associate. Sandler O'Neill & 
Partners. New York City. 

Patricia A.Vermillion '96 was 
awarded a three-year grant to conduct 
research in New Zealand. She will be 
investigating the use of mtonation in 
the New Zealand dialect of Enghsh. 
James B.Wooster *96 is pursu- 
ing a master of divimty degree at 
Asbury Theological Seminary in 
Wihnore. Ky. 

Coming Events 



Kristen Dame '97 is a graphic 

designer at Kronos Incorporated. 
Chelmsford, Mass. She hves in 
Somerville. Mass. 

Gregory P. Ewanitz '97 is an 
environmental scientist in Denver. 

Todd Hain '97 was recently pro- 
moted to the position of international 
marketing and distribution manager 
for Kinetico Incorporated, a leading 
manufacturer of water treatment 
equipment located just outside of 
Cleveland, Ohio. 

Debra HoUinshead '97 received 
a master's degree in physical therapy 
from Sprmgfield College m Mass. 
She'll be working at Rehab 
Cormection in Barrmgton. N.J. and 
hving in Laurel Springs, N.J. with her 

Adam C. Millard '97 received 
his master's degree in computer sci- 
ence from Umversity ofWashington, 
Seattle. He is employed as a software 
design engineer for Microsoft. Adam 
hves in Bellevue.Wash. 

Scott E. Osborn '97 is a 
water/ wastewater treatment techm- 
cian at Valley Puver. Inc. in 
Lagrange ville. N.Y. 

Todd A. Pavlovich '97 is a 
pharmaceutical representative for 
GlaxoSmithKhne. He hves m Enola. 

Born to Betsy and Christopher 
A. Persing '97, a son. Peyton Allen, 
March 23, 2001. Chris is a social 
studies teacher in the Muncy School 
District. They Hve in Sunbury, Pa. 

Meghan E. Quinn '97 is a 
retirement counselor for Fidehty 
Invesmients Tax-Exempt Services 
Company, a division of Fidehty 
Investments InstituDonai Services 

August 11 
Phillies Baseball 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

The PhiUies take on the Dodgers 
the day of the Phillies Alumni 
Weekend Home Run Challenge. 
Tickets are $20 per person for 
Susquehanna group mght.The 
game begins at 7:05 p.m. 

August 11 
Orioles Baseball 
Baltimore, Md. 

Join SU alumni and friends at an 
Orioles game. Tickets are $15 per 
person and the game begins at 1 

September 29 
Lancaster Wine Tasting 
Lancaster, Pa. 

Tour and tasting at Nissley Winery 
near Lancaster. The tour is expect- 
ed to take about an hour and a 
half and is free to alumm and 

September 29 
Lights of Liberty Tour 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

Take the tour through Philadelphia 
with Susqueharma alumm. Look 
for the invitation in the mail. 

October 5-7 



October 6 
Alumni Association 
Executive Board Meeting 
Susquehanna University 

9:00 a.m. Shearer- Weber Diiung 
Rooms - Campus Center 

October 12-14 
Northeast Florida 

It's the annual Florida trip! We're 
planmng to be m Naples, Tampa 
and Jacksonville. Mark it on your 
calendars for now and look for 
more information by mail. 

October io 
Galen Glen Winery 
Tour and Tasting 
Orwigsburg, Pa. 

Come at 3:30 for this event free to 
all alumni. 

October 21 
Family Hay Ride 
Mlddieburg, Pa. 

Bring the family for a fall hayride 
and roasnng hot dogs and marsh- 
mallows over a fire at A Patch 
Orchards. This event is free for 
local alumm and their families. 

November 4 
Civil War Museum 
Visit and Lunch 
Harrisburg, Pa. 

Visit this new museum. Cost is 
$10 per adult for admission and 

March 20, 2002 
The Producers 

New Yorl< City 

Looking for tickets to Tlte 
Producers? We've got 'em. Take the 
day off to take in an afternoon 
matinee. Tickets are $40 per 
person and are available on a first- 
come, first-served basis. 

For more information, 

call the Office of Alumni Relations 

at 570-372-4115 

or e-mail 

Susquehanna Today 19 

Company Inc., Lot Angela, Cilif. 

Emeft Rchrig '97 u a youth 
nurkri director. American Heart 
Auocution in AnnandaJe.Va. 

Jeremy Zeitloft '97 mamed 
Kara Rick. July 8. 2000. Wesley 
United Mcthodiit Church, 
Blootmburg, Pa Jeremy u employed 
by Daru Commercial Credit, Kara is 
with Unison Behavioral Health 
Group They bve in WaterviUe, Ohio. 


Class Reporter: 

Heather Newberger Dray 
411 Pennsylvania Avenue 
McDonald. OH 44437 

Cheryl E. Bauer '98 u a sec- 
ond-grade teacher, St. Joseph School. 
She lives in Tunomum. Md. 

Dominique A. Bond '98 
received her master's degree in coun- 
sehng psychology, University of 
North Florida. She is currendy work- 
ing as an assistant director at the 
YMCA-Jacksonville. Fb. She hves in 
Jacksonville. Fla. 

Eric R. Davis *98 is a chemistry 
technician at PSEG s Salem/Hope 
Creek nuclear plant m South Jersey. 
He continues to serve with 

CentcrtoD Volunteer Fire Company, 
where he was re-elected treasurer in 
January. He lives in Pittsgrove, N.J. 

Robin D. Ford *98 is a 
preschool teacher. Good Shepherd 
Christian Daycare. She bves in 
Somerville. N.J. 

Rebecca Karess '98 George is 
an mdepcndent beauty consultant, 
Mary Kay Cosmencs. Allentown. Pa. 

Army First Lt. Jeremy D. Loeb 
'98 returned to the U.S. after a two- 
year tour in the Repubhc of Korea 
on May 29, 2001 He served as a 
UH-60 Blackhawk Pbtoon Leader 
with C Company, 1st Battabon, 52nd 
Aviation Regiment m Seoul and 
Taegu He is going to Fort Rucker, 
Ala., for the aviation captain's career 
course and will be promoted to cap- 
tarn on Dec. 1.2001. 

Julie Morrison *98 was recendy 
promoted to semor account executive 
at Weber Shandwick Worldwide, a 
high-tech pubbc relations agency in 
Boston. She currendy works on the 
Hewlett-Packard account. 

Jennifer Phillips '98 is a thera- 
pist for Tioga Counseling Services for 
the Tioga County Human Services 
Agency. She Uves m Troy. Pa. 

Scott Sagar *98 is an assistant 
curator, National Watch and Clock 
Museum, Columbia. Pa. 

Andrew Charles Spears *98 

received a juris doctor degree from 
The Dickinson School of Law of The 
Pensylvania Sute Um\TTsity May 

Tara A. Wolcott '98 is a media 
buyer for Zemth Media. She lives in 
Hoboken. NJ. 

Cathryn Yurasits *98 is a school 
teacher. St- Judes Catholic School m 
ChaJfont, Pa. She Uves m Lansdale. Pa. 

Michael C. Zisa *98 received his 
juru doctor degree, Seton Hill Law 
School. After taking the Maryland 
and New Jersey bar exams, he will 
begin at the law firm of Qua^ano & 
Seeger. Washington, DC. 


Charles E. Bariey Jr. *99 has 

been elected to serve a three-year 
term on the Alumm Association 
Executive Board- 
David Bo6r '99 IS assistant men's 
basketball coach at Keystone College. 
He lives m Dunmore. Pa. 

Katie J. Crowley '99 is a busi- 
ness analyst for Unifi in Fort Lee. N.J. 
Kristen Haviland *99 is a finan- 
cial advisor at UBS PaineWebber in 
Boston, Mass. 

Sandra Hrasdzira *99 is a mar- 
keting associate, HarperCollms 

Pubhshers. New York City. 

Heidi Clatfelter '99 is the mar- 
kecmg commumcaQons manager. 
Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. She 
Uves in Sparks, Md. 

Christine Logozzo *99 is a 
busmess information specialist, 
Goldman Sachs. She Uves m 
Brooklyn. N.Y 

Terrence Martin '99 is a talent 
coordmaior for SeUgmeni 
Entertainment, Los Angeles. Calif. 

Adam S. Milgrub '99 is in 
inside sales for Verizon Wireless, 
Warrendale, Pa. 

Suzanne Moore *99 is a project 
manager, techmcal services for Harris 
Internet Services, While Plams, N.Y 

Matthew Scout '99 is a staff 
accountant and financial analyst. 
Broadcast Inc., Gaithersburg, Md. 

Julie R. Stover *99 is a portfolio 
accountant, Deutsche Banc Alexander 
Brown, Baltimore, Md. 

Rebecca Revenis '99 Todd is a 
program designer for Golden C'orral 
Corp., Raleigh, N.C. She is pursuing 
a master's degree in training and 
development from North CaroUna 
State University. She lives m Durham, 

Brian D. Williams '99 is an 
internal marketing consultant, 
Lmcoln Financial Distributors, 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

A Fine Day in Camden 

Three hundred alumni and friends enjoyed the day at the New Jersey 
State Aquarium and a picnic and Camden Riversharks baseball game cour- 
tesy of Steve '8o and Doria Shilling on June 16. Clockwise, from upper left: 
A Susquehanna group shows their colors; Celebrating Charlotte Sandt '56 
Erdley's birthday are husband. Ken '55, daughter 
Megan, Charlotte, son Derek and daughter-in-law 
Jeanne; SU President Jay Lemons, left, visits with 
Steve Shilling; Marty '91 and Melissa Herbster '91 
Schweiter with kids, Logan, Parke and Bailey, and 
Keith Wenrich '91 with his wife, Jessica, and kids, 
Brittney and Peyton; Pete Rendina '93 huddles 
under an umbrella with daughter Tessa. 

20 Susquehanna TocMY 



Senior Man and Woman 

Class Reporter: 
KimberlyJ. Haiti 
Apt. B 

4252 Heathrow Court 
Harnshurg, PA 17109 

Emily Bloom '00 has joined 
the art department as a production 
artist at AJter Communications Inc., 
the parent company of the Baltimore 
Jeii/ish Times and Style Magazine. She 
Uves in Westminster. Md. 

Kristi Hauck '00 married Eric 
Harpster. Nov. 18. 2000, at the lake- 
side at R,B. Winter State Park. They 
live in WaLsontown, Pa. 

Susie Burd Hill '00 is pursuing 
a master of divinity degree at the 
Lutheran School of Theology at 
Chicago in Chicago. 111. 

Martin Hill *00 is a pipe organ 
technician with Erikson. Christian 
&' Associates in Chicago, 111. 

Trisha Krusman *00 is pursu- 
ing a master's degree in experimen- 
tal and biological psychology at 
American University, Washington. 

Sarah G. Lindwall '00 married 
David C. Dalzell.Jan. 6. 2001, St. 
Paul Lutheran Church. East 
Longmeadow. Mass. Amy Gillam 
'99 assisted with communion and 
Joshua Brown '00 played the 
organ. Sarah is a service coordinator 
with Liberty Resources in 
Philadelphia where David is attend- 
ing the Lutheran Theological 

GarreR Bissell '01 of Manchester, 
N.Y.. and Charlotte Murray *01 of 
Hummelstown, Pa., have received this 
year's Alumni Association awards for 
the senior man and woman most typi- 
fying the ideals of Susquehanna. 

An environmental science major 
with a minor in philosophy and legal 
studies. Bissell served as S.G.A. presi- 
dent his senior year, president of the 
Student Association for Cultural 
Awareness his junior year, and presi- 
dent of both the Alpha Lambda Delta 
and Omicron Delta Kappa honor 
societies. He has also been active in 
the PEP Team, the O-Team. the 
Brotherhood, the pre-law society, 
SURE, and Diversity Council. 

He is a four-year University 


Douglas Noble '00 is the 

owner of Dnoble Marketing. He 
Uves in Prospect, Conn. 

Stacey Park '00 is a program- 
mer analyst at Highmark Blue 
Cross/Blue Shield. She hves in 
Camp Hill. Pa. 

Rachel Quackenbush '00 is an 
operations analyst at Heim Bearings 
m Fairfield. Conn. She hves m 
Norwalk, Conn, 

Orville "JR" Reynolds '00 has 
been elected to serve a three-year 
term on the Alumni Association 
Executive Board. 

Beth Ann Shade *00 married 

Urey Memorial Scholarship Competition 

Two outstanding constitutional law students argued a right-to-priva- 
cy case before a panel of former students of the late Professor of 
Political Science Gene Urey in the second annual Urey Memorial 
Scholarship Competition in April. Garrett Bissell 'oi (see Senior Man 
story above) earned first prize. Second prize honors went to Amy 
Purcell '02, a political science major from Shamokin, Pa. Assistant 
Professor of Political Science Michele DeMary and John Muncer '8i 
organized the event. Participating were, left to right, front row: 
Melissa Urey, Lorelta Puglielii '82 Struzzi, Purcell, Dorothy Urey, 
Margaret Urey, and Charlie DeBrunner '74; back row: John Klemeyer 
'70, Craig Urey "86, Sandy Rocks '75, Bissell, and Bill Lewis '68. 

Scholar and a four-year employee of 
Charhe's Coffeehouse, where he fin- 
ished as general manager. He will 
attend Northwestern School of Law 
of Lewis & Clark College to pursue a 
law degree and certificate of special- 
ization in environmental law. 
Murray, a biology and German 

Matthew Rowles, Jan. 6. 2001, Ellen 
Chapel Church, Le\vistown, Pa. 
Beth is employed at the Midd-West 
School District. Matthew is 
employed by Granville Township. 
They Uve in Le\vistow^n. 

Casey D. Segen *00 recendy 
accepted a position as a graphic 
artist for Harrah's Entertainment at 
one of their Adantic City properties. 

Lisa Stack '00 joined the civil 
department or Borton-Lawson 
Engineering as an environmental 
speciahst. She hves in Swoyersville, 

Gina Trapani *00 married John 
S. Allard. Dec. 2, 2000, Fairview 
Umted Methodist Church, Phoenix, 
Md. Gma is an auditor for Arthur 
Andersen m Baltimore, Md.John is 
a golf professional. They hve in 
Columbia. Md. 

At the Pennsylvama Newspaper 
Association's Keystone Press Awards 
Joanne Marquardt '00 Troutman 
received a second place award in the 
series or special project category for 
the news series "Lyme Disease in 
the Valley" in the Sunbury Daily 
Ilem.The series outlined the causes 

double major, is a four-year assistant in 
the alumni office and four-year mem- 
ber and junior and senior captain of 
the swim team. A member of the SU 
Honors Program, she won the 
Outstanding Sophomore Essay award. 

She has also been active m Chapel 
Council, Sigma Alpha Iota, handbell 
choir. Arts Ahve. the stadium band and 
O-Team. She is also a member the 
Alpha Lambda Delta, Beta Beu Beu, 
Omicron Delta Kappa, and Phi Sigma 
Iota honor societies. 

During the summer of 1999. she 
studied in Germany at Goethe 
Institute and followed with a semester 
in Lancaster. England. During the 
summer of 2001 she is completing an 
internship at the Hershey Gardens. 

and effects of Lyme Disease, focus- 
ing on local victims and the ongo- 
ing disagreement in the medical 
commumt>' about treatment. 

Chad M. Walters '00 is cur- 
rendy working as a substitute 
teacher in the Shikellamy School 
District and as an assistant baseball 
coach for Susquehanna Umversity. 

Melissa Zerr *00 was accepted 
to the Penn State College of 
Medicine and will be moving to 
Hershey, Pa., in August when she 
begins her trairung. 



Class Reporter: 
William N. Tltomas 
1 Dahn Drive 
Sparta, NJ 07871 

Want to know what your class- 
mates are up to? Check out the 
Winter 2002 issue of SU Today for 
the class of 2001 Report. And be 
sure you send us your current stats 
soon so we can tell all your friends! 

Matt '91 and Jill Schropp '92 Detwiler and Frank and Colleen Carroll '92 Campbell 
joined more than 80 other Susquehanna alumni and friends at Longwood Gardens 
in Kennett Square, Pa., on April 28 to meet SU's new President L. Jay Lemons. 

Susquehanna Today 21 


NeUic Shue *31 von Dorster, 

New London. Conn.. April 24, 
2001. She received 2 masters degree 
in library science from Drexel 
Universiry after teaching high school 
Laun and English in Hyndman, Pa. 
During World War II. she was the 
6rst execuove secretary of the 
Lancaster County Civdian Defense 
Council. She later moved to 
Alexandria, Va.. and worked at the 
Department of Agriculture, She later 
worked as a cataloguer at Oberlin 
College unul 1968 and at 
Millcrsvillc State University Library 
until her retirement in 1977 

Elizabeth C.Wetzel *32. 
Lewisburg, Pa., June 1. 2001. She did 
graduate work at Pcnn State, 
Bloomsburg and Buckncll universi- 
ties and was a Snyder County corre- 
spondent for The Sunbury Daily 
Item- Most of her working years 
were spent tciching elementary and 
secondary grades in Middlcburg and 
West Snyder schools. She retired m 

1973 from teaching. She served as 
the secretary of the Snyder County 
Chapter of the American Red 
Cross, was a member of Emmanuel 
Lutheran Church. St. Paul's Umted 
Methodist Church, and numerous 
clubs and organizations mcludmg 
the Snyder County Historical 
Society, Snyder County Retired 
Teachers and the Women's Auxiliary 
of Susquehanna Umversity. Among 
the surMvon is her daughter. 
Barbara Wetzel '71 Bressler. 

George J. Kiminel *38. 
Ashland, Pa.. March 15, 2001, He 
received his master's degree m 
Enghsh from Bucknell University 
and later did doctoral studies at the 
Umversity of Pennsylvania. In 
WWII he served with the Army Air 
Corps and the Army Counter 
Intelligence Corps as a special agent 
in Australia. New Guinea. 
Philippines and Japan, receiving a 
bronze star. He taught English, Latin 
and German in the former Butler 

ERLE I. SHOBERT II '35: 1913-2001 

Erie I. Shobert II '35, an outstanding graduate, honorary degree recipi- 
ent, achievement award winner, benefactor, and chair emeritus of 
Susquehanna Umversity 's board of directors, died May 31, 2001. 

Born November 19. 1913, in DuBois. Pa.. Erie earned a bachelor of 
arts degree suinma cum laude from Susquehanna. Followmg graduation, 
he earned a physics ceruficate at the Georg August Umversiuet m 
Gocttingcn. Germany, and a master of arts degree in physics from 
Princeton Umversity. He married Marjorie SuUivan in 1939, and they had 
two children. Judith Ann and Margaret Marjorie passed away three years 

Eric's professional career began in 1934 as an engineer with Stackpole 
Carbon Company of St. Marys. Pa. He continued to serve that firm 
throughout his career including a term as vice president of technology 
from 1971 until his retirement in 1979, In 1974. he received the Hohn 
Scientific Achievement Award, and in 1985, the Armington Recogmaon 
Award for his significant contributions to the field of electromc conucts 
aside fixim those involved in engineering and research A member of 
numerous professional associations, corporate and scientific boards and 
advisory councils, he held 25 patents and authored some 50 technical 
papers and three books. 

In 1957, Erie received an honorary doctor of science degree from 
Susquehanna and was commencement speaker. He was elected to the 
Umversity's board of directors in 1961 and served as chair fix)m 1978 to 
1986 - a tenure nurked by a spirit of coUegiahty enhanced effective plan- 
ning and decision- making during some challenging msdtuuonal tmies.The 
board csubhshed the Erie I. Shobert II and Mar)orie S. Shobert 
Scholarship Fund in recogmtion of their mvaluable service to the umversi- 
ty. Erie was a recipient of the SU Alunim Association s Achievement 
Award. ser\'cd as national campaign vice chair for Susquehamia's Window of 
Opportunity capital campaign and as honorary chair of the Susquehanna 
2000 campaign. In 1995, a new residence hall - Shobert Hall - was named 
in honor of Erie and Marjorie. 

Township School E>istrict and in 
1958 became supervising prmcipal 
and chief school adimnistrator until 
1%2 when Ashland Area School 
District was formed. In 1966, he 
became district assistant superinten- 
dent of the newly created North 
Schulykill School District, retiring in 
1974. He was married to the former 
Dorothy Shutt '40 Kiminel for 
47 years until her death in May 
1988, Among the survivors is a 
daughter, Ruth Kimmel '79 

Harold H. Benion '39, Milton, 
Pa.. April 1.2001. He majored in 
busmess adinimstration at 
Susquehanna and was a member of 
the Bond and Key Fratermty. He 
served as a Sunday school teacher 
and a church council member at 
Trimty Lutheran Church, Milton. 
Pa., and later became a member of 
the Follmer Lutheran Church. He 
was a former member of the Milton 
Rotary Club, the Free and Accepted 
Masons chapter of Milton and had 
been a RepubUcan Committee 
chairman for Turbot Township. 
Among the sur\avors are two 
daughters, Barbara A. Benion'73 
Reed and Janet A. Benion '75 

Richard S. Hummel '40, 
Northumberland, Pa., March 19, 
2001. He attended Susquehanna m 
1937 and received his undergraduate 
degree fix>m Bloomsburg State 
Teachers College m 1951. A talented 
athlete, he played baseball and bas- 
ketball at Susquehanna and baseball 
at Bloomsburg and later was an 
active coach of recreational baseball, 
the Northumberland Jumor and 
Senior High School basketball and 
baseball teams and the Susquehanru 
baseball teams in 1956 and 1957, He 
played in the Minor Class "B" 
League during the 1940s, on teams 
including the Sunbury Senators and 
Indians. A veteran ofWWII, he 
served as a drill instructor in the 
Army. He was a teacher in 
Sehnsgrove in 1951 and later taught 
in the Northumberland Schools for 
30 years where he also served as an 
elementary principal before retirmg 
in 1981. He was a member of the 
Free and Accepted Masons and 
Christ United Methodist Church, 
Northumberland. Pa. 

Thomas R Helvig '61, 
Pcachtree City, Ga., March 31, 2001. 
He was a member of Christ Our 

Shepherd Lutheran Church. 
Peachtrre City. 

Ray H. Beyer '73. Hampden 
Township.. Pa .April 20. 2001. He 
was a former employee of Merrill 

Paul R. Nardoni '90. 
LambertviUe.N.J.. April 17.2001. 
He was executive chef with 
Windstar Cruise Lines and previous- 
ly with Four Seasons Hotel. Maui, 
Hawau. He graduated frt>m the 
Cuhnary Institute of America. 

Paul's tamily has established a 
foundation in his honor to provide 
fimding for patient and family com- 
fort as well as for research in the 
field ot lymphoma. Donations may 
be made to the Paul R, Nardom 
Charitable Foundation. 35 
Clearview Road.Whitehouse 
Station. NJ 08889. 

Russell C. Hatz. April 2001. 
Mt, Gretna, Pa. He had been an 
instructor and associate professor of 
music at Susquehanna from 1939 to 
1969, serving as chairman of the 
music division from I960 to 1963. A 
graduate of Lebanon Valley C-oUege 
and thejuilliard School of Music, he 
earned a doctorate in music educa- 
tion from Columbia University. 
He played principal second vioUn 
and principal viola for 23 years with 
the Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra 
and was also active in numerous 
other performing and professional 
groups as well as volunteer organiza- 
bons, including a 50- year member- 
ship in Rotary International. 

James A. Milford '47, April 2, 
2001 . Camp Hill, Pa. A naave of 
Hazleton, Pa., he served as a first 
officer in the U.S. Merchant Marine 
during World War II. 
At Susquehanna he majored in busi- 
ness admimstration and was active in 
Phi Mu Delta fratermty. He was a 
retired marketing manager for 
Pennsylvania Power and Light at the 
time of his death. He had been 
active in numerous civic organiza- 
tions including the Harrisburg 
Chamber of Commerce, the 
Cumberland County Cancer 
Society, and the West Shore YMCA. 
as well as the Masomc Lodge. 

22 Susquehanna Today 

SU Expects Record 

for 2001-2002 

Five Earn Alumni 

Marking the University's largest enrollment for 
the seventh year in a row, Susquehanna is 
expected to open the 2001-2002 academic 
year with about 1,800 full-time students. The 
record-breaking incoming freshman class is 
drawn from the Umversity s largest applicant 
pool in history. About 570 freshmen and an 
expected 29 transfers will arrive to kick off 
Susquehanna's 144th academic year with 
opening convocation on August 23. 

The new class is once again well-qualified 
academically and includes about 25 students 
who were valedictorians or salutatorians of 
their high school classes. Close to 90 percent 
of the new freshman class represented the top 
two-fifths of their high school classes. 

Five entering members of the Class of 2005 
will receive Alumni Scholarship awards for 
children, stepchildren and grandchildren of 

The Alumni Association Executive Board 
Recruiting Committee selected Pamela A. 
Doehner of East Windsor, N.J.: Charles D. 
Flack 111 of Dallas, Pa.; Abigail L. Harvey of 
Mifflinburg, Pa.; Lindsey J. McClenathan of 
Lititz, Pa.; and Matthew C. Stahl of Bristol, 
Pa., based on their exceptional acaderruc and 
extracurricular accompUshments. The $2,000 
awards are renewable annually. 

Pamela, a graduate of Hightstown High 
School, is the daughter of Alyce Zimmer 
'73 Doehner. Her grandfather. Dr. Albert A. 
Zimmer, was dean of students at 
Susquehanna from 1952-1962, and her broth- 
er, Theodore Zimmer '02 is currendy a 
senior. She plans a major in elementary educa- 

Charles, a graduate ofWyoming Seminary, 
is the son of Kathi Stine '76 Flack and 
Charles D. Flack, Jr. '76. He plans to major 
in business. 

Abigail, a graduate of Mifflinburg Area 
High School, is the granddaughter of Gloria 
B. Mincetnoyer '60. Abigail plans to major in 
music education. 

Lmdsey, a graduate of Manheim Township 
High School, is the daughter of Katharine 
Beard '68 McClenathan. She plans a major 
in public relations. 

Matthew, a graduate of Harry S. Truman 
High School, is the son of Dr. Linda 
Michaels '78 Stahl. He plans to major in 

Travel to London with SU 

/\l U m n I ! December 29, 2001 to January 5, 2002 

The Office of Alumni Relations is happy to present a 
travel program to London, the site of the SigmundWeis 
School of Busmess London Program, the week of 
December 29. 2001 to January 5, 2002. For the 
price of $1,200 per person, the trip includes: 

• airfare firom Newark to London Heathrow (other 
departure cities are available), 

• accommodations in a London flat, near the MaidaVale 

• shuttle service between airport and apartment, 

• seven-day unlimited tube pass, 

• a full-day tour to Shakespeare country and surround- 
ing areas, 

• a fiill-day tour of historic and modern London includ- 
ing a pub lunch and a cruise on the PJver Thames, 

• a theatre pass to the world famous London Theatre. 

A non-refundable deposit of $150 per person is due September 15. 

The balance will be due by November 9. 

Call or e-mail to reserve your space. 

570-372-4115 or 

For more information, check out the London site at 

Loan Consolidation Opportunities 

Time To Review luur 
Student Loan Portfolio 

The Susquehanna Office of Financial Aid proutdes the 
following information for graduates who may wish to take 
advantage of opportunities to consolidate student loans in 
times of lowering interest rates. 

Each July, the federal government resets the interest 
rate on student loans. Effective July 1, 2001. rates 
on Federal Stafford Loans will drop 2.2 percent 
from 7.59 to 5.39 for loans in an in-school status 
and from 8.19 to 5.99 for loans in repayment. 
Federal PLUS loan rates will also drop from 8.99 to 

If you are already in repayment and have 
Stafford loans taken out after 1992, or a PLUS loan, 
your mterest rate dropped automatically and should 
have been reflected on your monthly billing state- 
ments from your lender or service provider. 

With interest rates dropping, recent graduates 
should take a good look at federal loan consolida- 
tion. If you consohdate within six months of leav- 
mg school you could save an additional 0.6 per- 
centage pomts (the difference between the in- 
school and in-repayment rates). 

Loan consohdation means that you combine all 
the different federal loans you took out while 
attending school and collapse them into a single 
loan at a new interest rate. The interest rate is 
determined by a weighted average of all of the 

loans that you are consolidating. 

Many lenders and the U.S. Department of 
Education offer federal loan consolidation. If you 
consohdate through the governments direct loan 
program before September 30, 2001, you can 
receive an additional rate cut of 0.8 percentage 
points. However, to continue to receive the 0.8 
reduction you would have to make all of your 
monthly payments on-time for the first 12 months. 

You may also be able to save an additional .25 
percent if your lender provides an incentive for 
automatically having your monthly payments with- 
drawn from your checking or savings account. 

Some private lenders provide interest reduction 
incentives ranging from 1.0 to 2.0 percent for on- 
time payments like the government does. 

There is also no penalty for pre-payment of any 
of your federal smdent loans, so if you took advan- 
tage of loan consolidation, you would still have the 
ability to pay off your loans earher than expected 
which would also reduce your educational debt. 

For more information on federal loan consoli- 
dation, contact one of the lenders who currently 
holds your student loan(s) or their service provider. 
You can also visit the following websites: or 800-557-7392, or 800-343-1809 and or 888-272-5543. 

Susquehanna Today 23 



The Board of Directors 

OF Susquehanna University 

Requests the Honor of Your Presence 

AT THE Inauguration of 

THE Fourteenth President of the University 

L.Jay Lemons 

Sunday, the Twenty-Third of September 

Two Thousand and One 


Weber Chapel Auditorium 
Susquehanna University 

Reception Immediately Followitii^ the Ceremony 

Class Year_ 
Name ___ — T'ZZ^^^^^^^iJ^^^^^ ceremony. 

_ Number m party to STO-J'^-*^^*' 

' Please respond by Septemb- > by p ^on ^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^ ^„. 
e-,naU to al*""""^'"'?"' " maugural Committee 
^-^-nrrnr euS"ove,PA t7870-t02S 
514 University Avenu , ^ 


Past and Future 

Photos above from the spring of 2001 show alumni 
and friends returning to campus for events includ- 
ing Alumni Weekend and dedication of the Reunion 
Brick Plaza. Come back to campus again this fall to 
help celebrate the official installation of L. Jay 
Lemons as Susquehanna's 14th president. 



3 Good Debt to Achieve Dreams 

6 Yahoo! We're ^Wired' Again 


39 Memorial Garden Will Honor Alumni Lost in WTC 

A quarterly public.uion of Susquehanna University 


today \ 

Volume 70 Number I 


Gwcnn E.WcUs 
Anociacc Director of Pubbcadons 

Director of Alumni Relations 

Shari TrcmbuUk '93 Mangel* 

Attiftmnt Director of Alumni ReUtioni 

Joanne Marquardt "(K) Troutman 

Director of Public Relations /Public* dons 

Becsy Koons Robertson 

Newt Services Manager 

Sam Alcorn 

Sports Infortnation Director 

James Miller 

Graphic Design 

Newton Advertising, Inc. 

Susquehanna Today Online: 


Susquehanna Today, (USPS 529-960) is published 
quarterly by Susquehanna University, 514 
University Avenue, SelinsgiDvc, PA 17870-1025. 
Periodicals posuge paid at Sctinsgrove, PA, and 
addibonal mailing offices. POSTMASTER: Send 
address changes to Susquehanna Today, 514 
University Avenue, Susquehanna University, 
Sdinsgrove.PA 17870-1025 

Nondiscrimination Policy 

It is the policy of Susquehanna Univenity not to dis- 
criminate on the ba.i» of race, color, retigion, national 
or ethnic origin, age, sex. or handicap in its educational 
programs, admissions practices, schoUnhips and loan 
programs, athletics and other school-administered activ- 
ities or employment practices. This policy is in compli- 
ance with the requirements ofTitleVIl of the Civil 
Rights Act of 1964, Title IX of the Educational 
Amendments of 1972. Section 504 of the 
Rehabiliution Act of 1973, the Americans with 
Disabilities Act of 1990. regulations of the Internal 
Revenue Service, and all other applicable federal, state 
and local statutes, ordiiunccs and regulabom. 


Letters to Editor Policy 

Susquehanna Today welcome^ letters from readers. Letters 
received by June I will appeir in tlK Summer is&ue. by December 1 
in the Winter i«ue and by March I in the Spnng issue 

Wc may edil lct^cr^ for lenph or claniy If unable to publish all lei- 
icrs received, wc will sinve to prescnl the views of as many different 
writers a& pusMbk. 

PkaM sign your kucr and include a f^KHie number for verifica- . 
tion. Address the letter and envelope to Editor. Sustjuehanna Today. 
514 Univcraty Avenue. Sclinsgrove, PA 17870-1025. You can also 
send your Icttcrt \ia fax at 570-372-4O48 or 
e-mail at supubcel<^«uqd edu 

If you wish to reply directly to another alum, please contact the 
Office of Alumni RelaboosM 570-372-41 IS or 
for the address. 


2 Susquehanna Today 

WINTER 2002 


3 Forum 

4 Campus News 

7 Sports 

8 Calendar 

9 Class Notes 
20 Cover Story 


On our cover: 
Afghan-born Baktash 
Ahadi '05 is among 
members of the campus 
community who share 
post-September n 
experiences and 
reflections in our 
cover story. 

40 Chemistry That 
Makes You Smile 

Donor Report Corrections and Additions 

The following donors were inadvertently omitted or tnisreported in the 2001 Honor 
Roll of Donors. 

Saul and Florence Putterman are members of the President's Associates. 

Danielle Beam '98 is a member of the Benjamin Kurtz Society. 

Thomas VoU '83 is a member of the 1858 Society, with 10 years of consecutive 

Robert M. Chappclear '85 is a member of the Maroon Club. 
Mark Yerger *00 is a member of the Orange Club. 
Erica Weaver '00 Stephenson was omitted in the Other gifts category for the 

Class of 2000. 
Terry L. *67 and Pauline March made a gift in memory of Noah March Dole 

whose name was misspelled in the honor roll. 

We apologize for these errors. Susquehanna University sincerely thanks these and other 
donon for their contmucd and important support of the Umversity. 


Good Debt to Achieve Dreams 

By L.Jay Lemons, president of Susquehanna University 

'Ihe following opinion piece by Susquehanna 
President L.Jay Lemons, written in response to 
the January 2002 Lumina Foundation on 
Education Report on the accessibility of colleges 
and unifersities, appeared in the Harrisburg, Pa., 
Patriot-News. 'Lite foundation's report classified 
more than 2,800 institutions nationwide accord- 
ing to "affordahihty" and "admissabihty," 
concluding that many colleges and universities — 
public and private - are "unaffordable. " Details 
of the report can he found at 

Thank goodness the Lumina 
Foundation's report on college 
accessibihry did not appear when 
my family and I were making decisions 
about college. Its conclusion that only a 
small number of the nation's private colleges 
are accessible for most families surely would 
have discouraged, if not derailed, my hopes 
of attending a private liberal arts college. 

A particularly disturbing aspect of the 
report is the assumption that loans - which 
help make college affordable for millions of 
college students - are an evil to be avoided. 

Yes, the cost of a college education has 
risen and has been an increasing concern for 
prospective students and their parents. 
Adding to this worry is the federal govern- 
ment's steady shift in its financial aid empha- 
sis from grants to loans. I concur with the 
authors of the Lumina Foundation report 
that governmental commitments to keep 
college within reach of all Americans should 
be a critical public policy objective. 

But significant institutional, state and fed- 
eral money is available to help most students 
attend the school of their dreams, and the 
notion of borrowing to pay for something 
of value IS familiar to most famihes. While 
few like the thought of increasing their 
debt, many wouldn't own their car, house, 
or even their business without first taking 
out a loan. 

Borrowing money to pay for an educa- 
tion that can allow young people to achieve 
their career aspirations is a worthy invest- 
ment. In addition to providing valuable per- 
sonal benefits, higher education contributes 
to the pubhc good. College graduates have a 

higher earning capacity, are less likely to be 
unemployed, less hkely to require govern- 
ment assistance and are more likely to 
participate as engaged citizens in their 
communities. As Mort Shapiro, president of 
Williams College, has said, the only thing 
more expensive than going to college is not 
going to college, both for individuals and for 
our society. 

The commitment that comes from bor- 
rowing gives students a sense of ownership 
for their education. It may give them the 
motivation to care for their investment - 
much as they would their first car - making 
their educational experience even more 

That was my situation when I left home 
in ScottsblufF, Nebraska, in 1979 to attend 
Nebraska Wesleyan University. In that rural, 
farming community the notion of debt was 
undesirable. It was a momentous decision 
for me to borrow to go to school, and yet I 
could not have gone to my first choice col- 
lege without student loans. 

There was no question that at the age of 
18, having the responsibility of signing a 
promissory note brought me a new level of 
maturity and purpose. The fact that I had to 
borrow and work every semester did not 
detract from my college experience, but 
enriched it. Having loan responsibilities fijr- 
ther motivated me to meet the requirements 
to graduate. 

A cursory analysis of my situation would 
have concluded that a private college would 
be beyond my means. Yet, it was at a nation- 
al liberal arts college similar to Susquehanna 
University where I now serve, that I found 
the best fit academically and personally. So, 
my family and I figured out a strategy to 
make my enrollment possible - and loans 
along with governmental grants, instiwtional 
scholarships, and campus employment made 
my dreams possible. 

I took out additional loans to complete 
my graduate degrees. Having just paid off 
the last of those loans last year, I know per- 
sonally that the experience was worth the 

A young person's dream school should 
not be dropped from consideration simply 
because of price and the misperception that 

L. Jay Lemons 

students will have to pay that bill exclusively 
through loans. At most private schools, the 
majority of students pay less than the fiill 
cost thanks to financial aid that comes 
through institutionally funded scholarships 
and scholarship fiinds established by gener- 
ous donors. While pubhc colleges appear to 
cost much less than private colleges, the 
median federal loan debt for students who 
graduated from public colleges in 2000 was 
just $1,875 less than for students who grad- 
uated from private colleges that same year. 

Despite the Lumina Foundation's conclu- 
sions, America's higher education system 
remains the envy of the world because of its 
diversity and its accessibility. It remains one 
of the best investments any student can 
make. Equally important, it remains one of 
the best public policy investments that fed- 
eral and state governments can make in the 
future of our democracy. 

L.Jay Lemons became president of Susquehanna 
University in February of 2001. He started mak- 
ing payments on his college student loans in 
1986 and paid them off in 2001. 

Keep 'em Coming! 

Susquehanna Today 

welcomes letters 

from readers. 

See page i for our Letter to Editor Policy 

Susquehanna Today 3 

Campus News 

Center for Law and Society 

Arlin Adams to Lecture March 18 

The Honorable ArUn M. Adams will 
deliver the inaugural lecture at the 
official March launch ofThe Arlin 
M. Adams Center for Law and Society at 
Susquehanna University. 

Adams, a pronunent jurist from 
Philadelphia whose distinguished national 
career includes 17 years on the bench of the 
3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals and life- 
long involvement in professional, charitable 
and educational organizations, will lecture 
on religion and the law Monday, March 18, 
at 7:30 p.m. in Degenstein Center Theater. 

The center, established in June by the 
family of Sigftied and Janet Weis and the 
Degenstein FoundaQon of Sunbury, with 
support (mm The Annenberg Foundation, is 
intended to strengthen the intellectual dia- 
logue at Susquehanna by raising issues that 
intersect acadenuc disciphnes and important 
societal questions. 

The center complements the university's 
legal studies, pre-law, and interdisciplinary 
offerings and ser\'es as a resource to the 
greater community. As its work becomes 
known, it is hoped that the Adams Center 
will grow to be recognized regionally and 
nationally as an authoritative resource. 

In delivering the inaugural annual lec- 
ture, Adams wiU set the stage for an ongoing 
lectureship that will attract prominent lead- 
ers and scholars to speak at Susquehanna. 
His lecture's topic, drawn from a life-long 
interest in religion and the law, will open an 
exploration of future issues as diverse as 
ethics, technology, privacy issues, taxation, 
constitutional law, and death and dying. 

Already, the Adains Center is making a 
mark on student development and commu- 
nity outreach in the form of funding for 
two fall- and spring-semester Susquehanna 
student interns at North Penn Legal 
Services in Sunbury. The interns work five 
hours a week and earn two semester-hour 

The Legal Services student interns "not 
only answer the phones, they greet everyone 
who comes in the door - from scheduled 
clients to other attorneys to prospective 
clients coming in off the street," says Pete 
Maclcy, the agency's supervising attorney. 
They gather prehminary information on 
law-related problems ranging fiom landlord 
and employment to child custody and 
domestic violence issues. 

"Many, many people call us," says Macky. 
"These students really work the fixint hnes. 
They really see how people are affected by 
the law. They're in the hot seat all the time." 

In addition, the Adains Center and Legal 
Services are slated to embark on a joint 
video-dubbing project that will translate a 

Adams' lecture, draumfrom 
a life-long interest in religion 
and the law, will open an 
exploration of future issues 
as diverse as ethics, technolo- 
gy, privacy issues, taxation, 
constitutional law, and death 
and dying. 

Peter Macky, supervising attorney for North 
Penn Legal Services in Sunbury, Pa., works 
with Susquehanna interns, including political 
science major Rachel Brown oi. 

number of legal "how-to" videos from 
English to Spanish for the growing Latino 
population in the Central Susquehanna 

Susquehanna Spanish-fluent students will 
create subtitled text for the videos and, 
eventually, record complete voice-overs in 

"The dubbing will be helpful in this area 
where Spanish seems to be growing," says 
Macky. Topics covered by the videos that 
will be used in the agency's 20-county ser- 
vice area of Northeastern Pennsylvania 
include domestic violence, mediation, land- 
lord-tenant issues, custody, unemployment 
compensation, and district justice court. 

Adams, who remains active in the law 
firm of Schnader, Harrison, Segal & Lewis, 
one of Philadelphia's largest, served as the 
secretary of public welfare for the Com- 
monwealth of Pennsylvania. President 
Richard M. Nixon appointed him to the 
Court of Appeals in 1968, a position he held 
for 17 years. He also served five years as an 
independent counsel for the investigation of 
the Department of Housing and Urban 

Adams was a visiting Woodrow Wilson 
fellow at Susquehanna in 1981 and, in 1985, 
received an honorary doctor of laws degree 
from the university. 

4 Susquehanna Today 

Musical Chair 

SU Establishes Cy Stretansky 
Chair In Choral Music 

Susquehanna University has announced the 
estabhshment of the Cyril M. Stretansky 

Distinguished Professorship m Choral Music, 
the first chair created to benefit the universi- 
ty's fine arts program. 

The endowed chair, which will fund the 
director of choral activities position, was estab- 
hshed through the combined generosity of 
Cyril Stretansky and his wife, Lee, and anony- 
mous donors who wanted to honor his 30 
years of service as professor of music and 
director of choral activities. 

"This gift IS an expression of our passion 
and love for the choral arts and the opportu- 
nities Susquehanna has given us," says 
Stretansky. "Without the contributions of oth- 
ers, this chair would not exist." 

The Stretanskys hope that the chair will 
promote greater awareness and appreciation of 
the fine arts as studied, created, rehearsed, 
exhibited and performed at Susquehanna. 

Ice Cream Guru 

Will Dish Up Weis Lecture 

Jerry Greenfield, the co-founder behind one 
of the most-talked about and least convention- 
al success stories in American business, Ben & 
Jerry's Homemade Inc., will give the annual 
Sigmund Weis Memorial Lecture on Tuesday, 
April 2, at 7:30 p.m. in Weber Chapel 

The lecture, titled "An Evening of 
Entrepreneurial Spirit, Social Responsibility 
and Radical Business Philosophy," is open to 
the entire Susquehanna community. 

Brooklyn-born Greenfield and business 
partner Ben Cohen took a store-fi'ont parlor 
based on a $5 Penn State mail correspondence 
course and built a multi-million dollar, pub- 
hcly-held ice cream empire by making social 
responsibility and creative management 
strengths instead of weaknesses. 

He, along with Cohen, is the author of the 
best-selling Ben €-'Jerrj''s Double Dip: Lead tvith 
Your 1 'alues and Make Money, Too. 

The co-founder of the company that has 
given the world such ice-cream flavors as 
Chunky Monkey, Cherry- Garcia, Phish Food, 
Chubby Hubby, and Concession Obsession, is 
a tribute to the American entrepreneurial spir- 
it and full ot hilarious anecdotes and radical 
business philosophy. 

The evening will end with a Ben & Jerry's 
tradition - ice cream. 

Choir Tour 2002 

President Jay Lemons joins the Susquehanna 
University Choir for an impromptu meeting fol- 
lowing a recording session for their 15th record- 
ing "The Promise of Living." The recording 
includes music performed at the inauguration of 
Lemons as SU's 14th president in September 


Making Music 
Across Four 

Members of the Susquehanna University 
Choir will travel to locations in Connecticut, 
Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania dur- 
ing their annual spring tour from March 1 
until April 1 4. Music Director and 
Conductor Cyril Stretansky will lead the 
50-member group, which has recently recorded 
"The Promise of Living," the 15th volume in 
its recording series. 

_ For information on the 

BK choir's tour, contact Student Choir 
Jj"™* Manager Francis Anonia 
HB at 570-372-4295. 

p5 Susquehanna University 

Friday, March 1 , 8:00 p.m. 

Saint Joseph's Slovak Roman Catholic 


Nanticoke. Pa. 

Saturday. March 2, 8:00 p.m. 
Grace United Methodist Church 

Wilmington, Del, 

Sunday, March 3. 3:00 p.m. 

Shrine of Our Lady of Czestochowa 

Doylestown, Pa. 

Sunday, March 3. 8:00 p.m. 

Calvary Lutheran Church 

West Chester, Pa. 

Monday. March 4, 7:30 p.m. 

First Lutheran Church 

Waterbury, Conn. 

Tuesday, March 5. 7:30 p.m. 

Zion Lutheran Church 

Pordand, Conn. 

Friday. March 15,8:00 p.m. 

Jerusalem Lutheran Church 

Schuylkill Haven. Pa. 

Saturday, March 16, 8:00 p.m. 
Our Lady of the Mount Catholic Church 

Warren. N.J. 

Sunday, March 17, 3:00 p.m. 

Saint Mary of the Immaculate 

Conception Church 

Wakes-Barre. Pa. 

Sunday, March 17, 7:30 p.m. 

Saint Paul's Lutheran Church 

Dallas, Pa. 

Friday, April 5.8:00 p.m. 
Saint Peter's Catholic Church 

Coplay, Pa. (Allentown Area) 

Saturday, April 6, 7:30 p.m. 
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church 

Southampton, Pa. (Philadelphia Area) 

Sunday, April 7, 3:00 p.m. 
Highland United Presbyterian Church 

Ne'wport. Pa. 

Sunday. April 7, 7:30 p.m. 

Trinity Lutheran Church 

Camp Hill. Pa. 

Sunday. April 14.3:00 p.m. 

Annual Return From Tour Concert 

Weber Chapel Auditorium 

SeUnsgrove. Pa. 

Susquehanna Today 5 


Jim Smillie Acquires Retirement 

After building a library 
career specializing in 
the book trade, com- 
puteni, and music, Jim 
Smillie retired in 
December of 2001 from 
his position as acquisi- 
^L ^B tions and computer sys- 

^^V ^H terns hbrarian at the 

^^" '' -* ^^ Blough-Weis Library. 
>'"" ^"""'^ SmiUie earned a 

B.A. from Haverford 
College and an M.L.S. from Rutgers 
University. He also attended the Union 
Theological Seminary and had previously 
worked at Dickinson College before joining 
Susquehanna as director of the Blough 
Learning Center from 1970 to 1987. He was 
named acquisitions librarian with associate 
professor rank in 1988. 

The first job he ever had was in the 
library of the Presbyterian Historical Society 

during high school- Later, as a student at 
Union Theological Seminary, he assisted in 
hbrary acquisitions. "About 40 percent of 
our budget was spent overseas and 1 spent a 
lot of time looking up exchange rates." he 

A curiosity in computers in the late 
1960s led to his firsthand experience in the 
technological advances that have revolution- 
ized hbrary science over the course of his 
career. Online search tools and electronic 
databases have become the stock in trade to 
locate, select, and fill requests for materials 
ranging from electronic journals to out-of- 
print texts. "You can do so much more than 
you could do when you were dealing with 
paper," he says. 

Because Smillie has a longstanding inter- 
est and expertise in music - at Haverford, he 
performed with the Philadelphia Orchestra 
in a tri-college choir - he also handled the 
orders for sheet music and recordings. 

His plans for renrement include a possible 
relocation, and until then, more time to 
enjoy the home he shares with his wife, 
Barbara. One-and-a-quarter acres on the side 
of a ridge outside Salem, the property has 
proven an ideal place to enjoy wildlife, Tlic 
New York Times Sunday crossword puzzle, and 
favorite opera recordings. "I have a tendency 
to put it on loud enough to hear wherever I 
am in the house," he says. 

They also plan to travel, including trips to 
California to visit son Benjamin, a graduate 
student at the University of Southern 
Cahfornia, and continue their habit of fre- 
quent long weekends in New York City for 
culture and cuisine. "I will be going to more 
operas," says Smillie. "I am also planning to 
expand the repertoire of foods that I cook." 

Also on the list: more time to read, and 
maybe write too, "though not my memoirs," 
he quips. 

Board Names Two 

Michael E. Collins '73, an executive with 
the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, 
and the Rev. Ruth B.illard, a Lutheran pas- 
tor from Millersburg, Pa., were recently 
elected to the University's board of directors 
for three years. 

Collins, who is senior vice president in 
charge of the Department of Supervision, 
Regulation and Credit of the Federal 
Reserve Bank, serves as an alumni represen- 
tative. He earned a B.S. in economics and 
marketing. C^iUins began his career with the 
Federal Reserve in 1974 .is an assistant 
examiner, and moved through the ranks, 
attaining his current position in 1994. He 
chairs the Federal Reserve System 
C'ommittee on Stafl^ Development/ 
Utilization and System Performance, and is 
a member of the Business Advisory Council 
ot both Villanova University and 
Susquehanna's Sigmund Weis School of 

The Rev. Ballard has served as pastor of 
St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Millersburg 
since 1991. She has been active in the 
Lower Susquehanna Synod of the 
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America 
and joins the board as a synod representa- 
tive. She has served on the synod's Executive 
Committee, Synod Council, Leadership 
Support Comnuttee and the Reference and 
Counsel Committee. She has also served on 
the board of Lenoir-Rhyne College in 
North Carohna. 

Service Learning 

Ten SU students, three faculty/staff, and one 
spouse traveled to Costa Rica and Nicaragua 
for 14 days in December and January as the 
University's Central America Service 
Learning/Mission Team 2002. Coordinated 
through the Office of the Chaplain, 68 mem- 
bers of the University community have 
served and studied for two weeks in Central 
America since the program began in 1999. 
They have delivered a combined total of more 
than in materials and contributed at 
least 3,500 hours of volunteer labor. 

Yahoo!: We're Wired! 

Yahoo! Internet Life's online magazine has 
again ranked Susquehanna University as one 
of the nation's "most wired colleges." 

Susquehanna appears as 45 on a list of the 
nation's top 50 small colleges with an overall 
score of 81.80 in a survey conducted with 
Peterson's educational services. 

The 2001 rankings, posted on Yahoo! 
Internet Life's web site in late December, can 
be found at ww^ 

The survey measures six weighted cate- 
gories - infrastructure, student resources, web 
portal, teaching and e-learning, technical 
support, and wireless capabiUty - each con- 
sisting of four to 1 8 factors. 

About 1 ,300 institutions participated in 
the 2001 survey which ranked the top 200 
wired colleges, the top 20 two-year institu- 
tions, and the top 50 small colleges. 

Susquehanna has been a leader among 
small colleges and universities in providing 
access to information technology. Its campus- 
wide local area network completed in 1994 
connects all residence halls with faculty and 
staff offices, classrooms, laboratories, the 
hbrary and other teaching and learning 
spaces, in addition to the Internet. 

Susquehanna's web address is 

6 SuscjUEHANNA Today 


New Athletic Complex Named For James W. Garrett 

Two Susquehanna alumni who played 
football in the 1960s under coach Jim 
Garrett helped pay special tribute to 
him during Homecoming 2001 with the 
naming of Susquehanna's new sports complex 
in his honor. 

Richard E. Caruso '65, Ph.D., a member 
of the Susquehanna Athletic Hall of Fame, 
founder of the Football Alumni Association 
and a member of the board of directors, pro- 
vided the leadership gift. Susquehanna Board 
Chair Nicholas A. Lopardo '68, also a 
member of the Hall of Fame, provided addi- 
tional major support, with other gifts coming 
from former players and friends. Robert A. 
Pittello '51, Susquehanna's offensive line 
coach for 35 years, championed the effort to 
honor Garrett. Alumni, players and friends 
also recognized Pittello with the naming of a 
new football locker room in his honor. 

Garrett compiled a 39-11-1 record at 
Susquehanna from 1960-65, including unde- 
feated seasons m 1961 and 1962; an unbeaten 
string of 22 games, longest in the country at 
the time; and a stunning 22-18 win over 
highly-ranked Division 1 Temple University in 
1963. "They were amazing football teams," 

Garrett said of his players. "And they were 
amazing young men." 

He later served as head football coach at 
Columbia University and as head coach of 
the Houston Texans franchise of the World 
Football League. He spent 38 years in the 
National Football League as an assistant coach 
with the New York Giants, Dallas Cowboys, 
New Orleans Saints and Cleveland Browns; 
and as a scout with the Cowboys. 

Susquehanna completed a $14 miUion ren- 

ovation and expansion of athletic facilities in 
2000-2001 . The James W. Garrett Sports 
Complex includes O.W. Houts Gymnasium, 
physical education facilities, and new compo- 
nents such as the Nicholas A. Lopardo 
Football and Track Stadium, Clyde H.Jacobs 
Fimess Center, Harold Bollinger Baseball 
Field, a 51,000-square-foot field house, rac- 
quetball courts, new oflSces and meeting 
spaces, and a student lounge with cafe dining. 

Goodbye Grass, Hello Field Turf 

Football, field hockey and men's lacrosse varsity teams will be able to compete on a new, high- 
tech field surface on Susquehanna's Amos Alonzo Stagg Field starting in mid-2002. The field 
will also be available for intramural and recreational activities as well as a potential practice 
venue for varsity soccer and women's lacrosse teams. 

The synthetic product, called Field Turf, "has proven to be natural in its performance and 
produces a lower rate of injury than even natural grass," says Don Harnutn, the University's 
director of athletics. "The new surface v«ll allow us to have multiple activities on the same or 
successive days including intraniurals and other recreation." The current natural grass field sur- 
face will be moved to the Douglas Arthur Practice Field. 

The project will also include the addition of hghting that will allow use of the field after 


Cheerleading Coach 
Christa Snyder, 
upper left, joins in a 
practice of alumni 
cheerleaders Amy 
Leiter '96 Kauffman, 
Roberta Oaetz '48 
Palmer and Jenn 
Botchie '99- 


Barb Weigle '89, Jennifer E. Ashton '00, Tracy 
Cillin '89, Jennifer L. Mitman '00, Melissa 
Fetsko '96 and Janeen Kruse '79 Wadzita were 
among those on hand for a volleyball match. 



Alumni with sports connections turned out in 

full force for Homecoming 2001 festivities. 

Field hockey, softball, volleyball and men's 

soccer all held games with alumni. 

Members of the undefeated 1951 football team were honored 
with lunch and a special pre-game ceremony. Those present 
included Buss Carr '52, Gene Brouse '53, Ed Danyluk '55, Gib 
Davis '54, Bill Prichard '52, Jim Dell '54, Gene Fenstermacher '52, 
Sam Ross '54 and Rich Young '54. 

Men's soccer alumni who returned for a spirited match with the varsity team includ- 
ed, front row; Bill Cleary '01, John Steigerwald '00, Chris Herdman '97, Sal Saladino 
01, Steve Russo '01, Chris Yearicks '00, Jeff Shields '94 and Tim Bardar '00; back row: 
former Assistant Coach Justin Dively, Josh Steffen '00, Greg Rhodes '00, Brian 
Williams '99, Eric Flowers '99, Andy Jacob '01, Paul Detweiler '99, Nick Hoffman '01, 
Ryan White '01, Jeremy Zimmerman '01, Steve Harkins '01, Assistant Coach Terry 
Brennan and Head Coach Jim Findlay. Soccer alumni meet for games together each 
fall and spring. Anyone interested, contact Findlay at or 570-372-4277. 

Susquehanna Today 7 

Alu mni Events 

See page 13 for details 

March 9: Dave & Buster's 

March 10: Penguins hockey 

March 16: Bruins hockey 

April 5: Johnstown alumni dinner 

April 14: Whitewater rafting 

April 19: Culinary Institute of America 

April 19: Spirit of Philadelphia Cruise 

April 27: Bus trip to Atlantic City 

May 31- June 2 
Alumni Weekend 

June 15: Blue Rocks baseball 
June 15: Ravens baseball 

Need more informauoti? Check out our searchable web site 
at utint'. /alumtii /AlumniEi/eilts. htm 


Ad mission Events 

April 5: Honors Open House 

April 6: Accepted Students Open House 

April 20: Junior Open House 

Athl etics/Away"^ 

Golf, 25 at York Invitational 1:00 pm 

Apr, 1 at Kings Invitational TBA 

Apr. 4 at Gettysburg Invitational 1:00 pm 

Apr. 10 at Blue Jay C'lassic Invitational noon 

Apr M at Hershcy District II Inviutional TBA 

Apr. 20 at Glen Maura Tourney TBA 


Mar 1-2 

at Methodist University Tourney TBA 

Mar. 6 

at Methodist University 


Mar. ') 

at NC: Weslcvan 


Mar l.'S 

at King's College 

2:30 pm 

Mar, 1() 

at Albright C^oUcge 

1:00 pm 

Mar 17 

at Muhlenberg College 

1 :0n pm 

Mar 24 

at Moravian College 

1 :0(l pm 

Apr 1 1 

at (iettysburg College 

3:30 pm 

Apr. \i 

at Lebanon Valley College 

1:00 pm 

Apr. 27 

at Eluabethtown College 

1 :00 pm 

Apr. .10 

at Dickinson College 

5:00 pm 


Mat 1'' at Messiah College 3:00 pm 

Mar. 23 at Lebanon Valley ( -oUegc 1 :00 pm 

Mar. 28 at Moravian t-ollege 3:00 pm 

Apr. t> at Albright C^oUegc 1 :00 pm 

Apr. •> at York College 4:00 pm 

Apr. 13 at Elizabcthtown College 1 :00 pm 

Apr. 19 at Widcncr University 3:00 pm 

Apr. 27 at Juniata College 1 :00 pm 

Apr. 29 at King's College 3:00 pm 

Women's Lacrosse 

Mar. 1 2 at Dickinson College 4:00 pm 

Mar. 1 6 at Scranton University 1 :00 pm 

Apr. 2 at EUzabethtown College 4:00 pm 

Apr. 17 at Messiah College 7:00 pm 

Apr. 20 at Rowan Umversity 1 :00 pm 

Apr. 24 at Muhlenberg College 7:00 pm 

Apr. 27 at Drew University 12:30 pm 

Men's Lacrosse 

Mar. 20 at College of Misericordia 2:00 pm 

Mar. 23 at FDU-Madison University 2:00 pm 

Apr. 6 at King's College 1 :00 pm 

Apr. 10 at Lycoming College 4:00 pm 

Apr. 13 at Widener University 2:00 pm 

Apr. 23 at York College 4:00 pm 

Apr. 27 at Drew University 3:00 pm 

Men's Tennis 

Mar. 19 at York College 3:30 pm 

Mar. 23 at Lebanon Valley College 1:00 pm 

Mar. 28 at Elizabethtown College TBA 

Apr. 3 at Lycoming College 3:00 pm 

Apr 10 at Albright College TBA 

Apr. 18 at Wilkes College 3:30 pm 

Men's and Women's Track & Field 

Mar. 16 at Washington & Lee Invitational TBA 

Apr. 6 at Muhlenberg Invitational 10:00 am 

Apr. 13 at Messiah Invitational 10:00 am 

Apr. 25 at Pcnn Relays -Women TBA 

Apr. 26 at I'cnn Relays - Men TBA 

Apr. 27 at Millersville Invitational TBA 

Spe cial Events 

Through Feb. 24 Winter Exhibition: "Urban Fusions": 

Photography by Leo Mendonca 

Lore Degenstein Gallery 
Hours: Tuesday throui^h Sunday, 1-4 pm and Wednesday, 
1-4 and 7-9 pm. Closed Mondays. 
For more information, call 570-372-4058. 
Feb. 22. 23 Opera Workshop 8:00 pm 

Mozart's "The Magic Flute" 

with the SU Orchestra 

Degenstein Center Theater 
Feb. 25 Visiting Writer: 7:30 pm 

Jill McCorkle. Novehst 

Degenstein Center Theater 
Feb. 26 September 1 1 Panel Discussion 7:00 pm 

Degenstein Campus Center 
Mar. 15 Latino Symposium 

Degenstein Campus Center 
Mar. 16 - Early Spring Exhibit: 
Apr. 21 Wilhamson/Pre-Columbian 

Lore Degenstein Gallery 
Mar. 16 Lutheran Youth Day 9:00 am 

Weber Chapel 

Faculty Recital: 3:00 pm 

Kevin Henr>'. Trombone 

Degenstein Center Theater 
Mar. 18 Arlin Adams Center Inaugural Lecture 

Speaker: Arlin Adams 

Degenstein Center Theater 7:30 pm 

Mar. 19 LangstonTrio 8:00 pm 

Featuring Gail Levinsky 

Isaacs Auditorium 
Mar. 20 Visiting Writer: 7:30 pm 

Edward Hirsch. F'oet 

Isaacs Auditorium 

8:00 pm 

3:00 pm 

Mar. 20 Artist Scries: Nexus 

Weber Chapel Auditorium 
Mar. 24 Faculty Studio Recital 
Featuring Judith White 
Isaacs Auditorium 
Apr. 2 Weis Memorial Lecture 7:30 pm 

Jerry Greenfield of Ben & Jerry s 
Weber Chapel Auditorium 
Apr. 4 Womynkind Performance 8:00 pm 

Degenstein Campus Center 
Apr. 6 Accepted Student Open House 8:00 am 

Apr. 9 Artist Series: 8:00 pm 

Death of a Salesman 
Weber Chapel Auditorium 
Apr. 12 SU Chamber Orchestra Concert 8:00 pm 

Weber Chapel Auditorium 
Apr. 13 Percussion Ensemble Concert 3:00 pm 
Weber Chapel Auditorium 
SU Chorale Concert 8:00 pm 

Weber Chapel Auditorium 
Apr. 14 University Choir 3:00 pm 

Return from Tour Concert 
Weber Chapel Auditorium 
Apr. 16 Jazz Ensemble Concert 8:00 pm 

Weber Chapel Auditorium 
Apr. 18 SU Spring Theater Production 8:00 pm 
- 20 Tlie Grapes of Wrath 

Degenstein Center Theater 
Apr. 20 Junior Open House 8:00 am 

Apr. 22 Visiting Writer: 7:30 pm 

Colin Harrison, 
Editor of Harper's Magazine 
Degenstein Campus Center 
Apr. 25 SU Chamber Singers 8:00 pm 

Spring Concert 
Weber Chapel Auditorium 
Apr. 27 - Late Spring Exhibition: 
Jun.9 Winslow Homer Wood Engravings 
Lore Degenstem Gallery 
Apr. 28 Symphonic Band Concert 3:00 pni 

Weber Chapel Auditorium 
May 4-5 Susquehanna Valley Chorale 7:30 pm 

Pops Concert (Sun.) 3:00 pm 

Weber Chapel Auditorium 
May 12 Baccalaureate Service 10:00 am 

Weber Chapel Auditorium 
Commencement 2:30 pm 

Seibert Lawn 
May 31 - Alumni Weekend 

Oct. 4-6 Homecoming 
Oct. 25-27 Family Weekend 

For additional event information, consult 

or the following: 

Admissions • • 

at 570-372-4260 or suadmiss@susqu,edu 

Alumni Relanons 

at 570-372-41 15 or alumnil^susqu.cdu 

Sports Information 

at 570-372-41 19 or 

Public Relations 

at 570-372-41 19 or 

Arts Events Information Line 

at 570-372-ARTS. 

*For a printed calendar of events, including home 
sporting events, piL<isc call the Office of Public 
Relations at the number above, or write to 514 

Univcnity Avenue, Selinsgrovc PA 17870 

8 Susquehanna Today 

Alumni. News 


Shari Trembulak '93 

Dear Alumni: 

This past fall, we were all stunned by the September 1 1 tragedies. 
Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of our lost alumni 
- Colleen Supinski '96 and Chris Vialonga '93. The cover 
story in this issue of Suiquehaiwa Today shares some of the ways 
the tragedy has affected other alumm and members of the campus 

Now. as hfe goes on. we hope that you all had a joyous holiday 
season and have setded in to a happy, healthy and prosperous 
new year. 

This spring look for upcoming event invitations in your mail- 
box. We've got a full alumni calendar planned, see page 13. Some 
highlights include: events at Dave & Busters m Philadelphia; 
heading to Boston to see the Bruins play; having dinner at the 
Culinary Institute of America; and, a bus trip to AUantic City 
from Harrisburg, Pa. Don't forget to check out the event calendar 
online at 

Also on the calendar is Alumni Weekend 2002! We're gearing 

up for a great weekend. Classes endmg in a "2" or "7" will be 
invited back to campus to celebrate. We'll also be having a special 
reunion for Theta Chi fraternity brothers, a 50th anniversary of 
the Crusader Golf Team, a dedication of the new James W. Garrett 
Sports and Fitness Complex and a party for Dean of Students 
Dottie Anderson '62. who is retiring after serving our alma 
mater for more than 35 years. We hope you will be able to join us 
for Alumni Weekend, May 31 to June 2, and for alumm events in 
your area! 

Joanne, Jodi and I hope to see you soon! 



Shari Trembulak '93 Mangels 

Class Notes 

Please send your alumni nev^^s and 
class updates to the Class Reporter 
for your year or to the: 

Office of Alunini Relations 

Susquehanna University 

514 University Avenue 

Selinsgrove, PA 17870-1025 

Fax; 570-372-2777 


Material received on campus by March 

15 will be included in the spring issue. 



Martin Luther Grossman 

celebrated his 98th birthday on 
December 24. 2001. He lives in 
Huntersville, N.C. 



Class Reporter: 
Janel Earhart Harkim 
437 Meet Avenue 

James Grossman *36 and his 

wife. Gail, made their annual trip to 

Califorma. He is busy with his long- 
standing interest and participation in 
Masonic functions, e.g., the Shriners, 
Consistory and Tall Cedars. 

Janet Earhart *36 Harkins keeps 
active in a variety of organizations 
including membership in American 
Association of University Women, 
Daughters of the American 
Revolution, and Women of the 
Evangelical Lutheran Church in 
America. She continues teaching 
church school, as she has in four 
Pennsylvama and New Jersey church- 
es for 72 years. One of her special 
privileges has been her annual atten- 
dance at the George and Janet 
Harkins Lectures at the Lutheran 
Theological Seminary at Gettysburg 
for the past ten years. 

George Phillips '36 is fortunate 
to have his children nearby. His older 
daughter, who hves at home, recendy 
took a new position. His younger 
daughter, a retired schoolteacher, lives 
nearby, and his sons are not far away. 
He Uves in Huntington Mills, Pa. 

Dorothy 'I\u'ner '36 moved to 
an independent living unit at a retire- 
ment village in the Pittston area to 
continue her activities: The Food 
Bank, Meals on Wheels, and The 

Mozart Club. She travels to New York 
City to attend operas and plays. She is 
planning a trip to Spam in February 
of 2002. 



Class Reporter: 
William H. Gehron Sr. 
747 Arch Street 
Williamsport, PA 17701 



Class Reporter: 
Mary Emma Yoder Jones 
R.R.5,Box 3718 
Altoona, PA 16601 





Class Reporter: 

Ruth Eleanor McCorkill 

418 Orange Street 

Northumberland, PA 17857-1531 


Class Reporter; 
Ethel Wilson Kerschner 
263 West Butler Drive 
Drums, PA 18222 


Class Reporter: 
Louise Kresge Isaacs 

2721 Colfside Court 
Naples, Ft 34110-8676 

William '48 and Joyce Jenkins 
'45 McClure spend their time uking 
care of Bill's apple trees and grape 
arbor and volunteer work. They do 
day-trips with their church and the 

Susquehanna Today 9 

"Gad-Abouts " Bill plays golf and 
Joyce attends Bible study groups and 
Needlecraften.They live m Carlisle. 

Joseph F. Migliarese '45 is active 
as a member of the Investigaoonal 
Review Board at Martin Memorial 
Hospital, Stuart. Fla.. which reviews 
and approves all clinical research pro- 
grams. Joe received a Ph.O. and M.D. 
and has been primarily in medical 
research He still writes songs under 
the name of Michael Rics. He lives in 
Jensen Beach, Fla. 

Robert Surplus '45 and his 
wife. Jean, traveled to Italy in April 
2(K)I They staned in Rome and trav- 
eled to Sorrento. From Sorrento, they 
did day trips to the Amalfi Coast. 
Naples, I'ompeii and Capri. They 
went to Montccatini Terme in 
Tuscany. Lucca. Florence, Pisa and 
Siena. An interesting event was the 
Good Friday religious processions in 
Sorrento. Bob was profiled for being 

president of the Kentucky Music 
Educators' Association, the Southern 
Division of the Music Educators 
NaDonal Conference and for being 
founder and first president of the 
Kentucky AUiance for Arts Education 
for Who's Who in America. 





Class Reporter: 

Robert F. Wohhen 

145 Herman Boulevard 

Franklin Square. NY 11010-2725 

The Rev H. Lee Hebel '48 \«s 

honored at a luncheon celebraong 
the 50th annis'ersar^' of his ordination 
held at Shepherd of the HiUs 
Lutheran Church. He and his wife, 
Edith Wegner '49 Hebel. live in 
Karthaus, Pa 

William McClure '48 - see 



Class Reporter: 
Richard G IVestervell 
700 Starsdak Avenue 
Scarsdalc, NY 10583 



Hazel Brobst '51 

Hazel Brobst 
'51 Brown has 

been appointed to 
J three-ye.u term 
on the 

Commission for 
Women. Formed 
m 19W. the com- 
mission was creat- 
ed by comnussioiiers to advise them 
on issues that affect women. Coals of 
the group include compiling a direc- 
tory of current resources available to 
women, improving prenatal care and 
research to improve the economic 
future for women. 


The Wissinger Tribe: All Roads Lead to SU 

Diane Wissinger '84 Hodgson, Jane Wissinger 
'81 Cornille, Donna Wissinger '78, and Scott 
Wissinger '76 

Don '50 and Flossie 
Barnhart '51 Wissinger 

Like their parents. Don '50 and Flossie Barnhart *5l Wissinger, sibhngs 
Scott Wissinger '76. Donna Wissinger *78, Jane Wissinger '81 
Cornille. and Diane Wissinger '84 Hodgson, planted their collegiate 
roots at Susquehanna and continue to develop highly successful careers and lives. 
Today they are a professor of biology, a flutist, a professor of chemistry and a coor- 
dinator for international smdent programs respectively, and all educators. No one 
can say this family is under-accomphshed. 

Scott, the eldest and a professor in the biology and environmental science 
departments at Allegheny College, is currendy at the University of Canterbury in 
New Zealand doing research on the effects of introduced trout on native species. 
The five-month trip is courtesy of a prestigious Fulbright scholarship, one of 
more than a dozen grants he's received throughout his career thus far. But he says 
It 5 not the recognition that makes his job worthwhile. 

"Most of my students can teach themselves the book-learning stuff", but the 
process of discovery is more often kindled by emulanon and inspiration, and that 
IS accomplished in my field by working toe-to-toe m the field or at the lab with 

Concert flutist Donna, of Lutz. Fla.. received the 2001 Doris Lcepcr Award for 
Arts Education and has been nominated for the Honda Arts Recognition Award. 

She has been recognized, in part, for dedicating so much of her time to commU' 
nity projects, including serving on the steering committee of the National Arts 
Marketing Project and writing and receiving a grant from the Community 
Foundation ofTampa Bay to work with disadvantaged adults and youths. On top 
of all this, she has recorded a CD and conrinues to perforin for schools, govern- 
ment agencies and Fortune 500 companies through Creative Leaps International, ^ 
an ensemble of solo artists acting as worldwide consultants on leadership I 

and creativity. 

"Through the example of my parents, I have acquired the integrity of partici- 
pating in the hfe of my community," Donna said. "It is my goal to become an elo- 
quent arts advocate and to model the artist as an integral part of the community." 

Jane, the organic laboratory coordinator and occasional lecturer in organic 
chemistry at the University of Minnesota, has been recognized for outstanding 
teaching and has recendy completed a laboratory manual for the organic laborato- 
ry course. "SU gave me a solid basis of knowledge and self-confidence to pursue 
my career," Jane said. "Education is a strong value in our family, and Susquehanna 
has contributed to that value in so many ways." 

The youngest of the four, Diane, was al-so trained as a scientist, but found a dif- 
ferent caUing while working at the Southern Illinois University international 
office during her graduate education in geology. By 1994. she had earned her 
doctorate in higher education, traveled to Russia and China and presented at con- 
ferences for the National Association of Foreign Student Affairs. In 1995, she was 
invited to coordinate a pre-departure orientation program for Russian graduate ^ 
students traveUng to the United Sutes by the International Research and 
Exchanges Board. 

Since the birth of her first son in 1996, Diane has chosen to suy home and 
raise her family, what she calls "the most rewarding and challenging of careers, " 
while continuing to volunteer coordinating the international spouses group and 
other activibes at SIU. 

"You know the phrase, 'All roads lead to Rome?'" she said. "Well, in my family, 
all roads lead to Susquehanna. Over fifty years ago, my dad. the football player, 
met a quiet music education major at SU ... Their commitment to a well-round 
ed education has impacted all of their children. In a few years, we hope there 1$ a 
third generation finding the value of a sohd education." 

— Joanne Manquardt '00 Troutman 


10 Susquehanna Today 

Members of the Class of 1950 who gathered for their 50th reunion in June 
2000 established The Class of 1950 Endowment Fund for the Sports and 
Fitness Complex. The fund now supports improvements and programming 
within the newly renamed James W. Garrett Sports Complex. See story page 7. 




If you want to join your fellow class- 
mates to help plan your reunion, 
please contact the alumni ofBce. So 
far the committee is Charles "Buss" 
Carr. Vi Dietz Carr, Ann Guise 
Settle, Jim Hazlett, Faye Lewis. 
Walter Mazura. Lorraine Rarick 
Liddington and David Volk. 


Class Reporter: 
Fayc Kostcnhaiider Williamson 
2832 Satidyford Avenue 
Philadelphia. PA 19152 

Irene Oldt '43 Huss welcomed 
a new grandson, Jake, on June 25. 
2001. He was born to her daughter, 
Amy. She lives in Dresher. Pa, 


Marvin "Ted" J.Yoder '55 was 

recognized for a lifetime of commu- 
nity service when he was presented 
with the annuar'Jo" Award by the 
HunUngdon County Human Service 
Council. He lives m Huntingdon, Pa. 



Class Reporter: 
Lynn Hassinger Asketv 
25 Gladys Avenue 
ManvillcNJ 08835-2347 

If you want to join your fellow 
classmates to help plan your reunion, 
please contact the alumni office. So 
far the committee is Jack Bishop. 
Barbara Boob Sha6fer. Lynn 
Hassinger Askew. Pete Nunn. Earl 
"Max" Kleintop. Thiry Reamer 
Olbrich, Carole Sadosuk Morgan 
and Erhard Werner. 



Class Reporter: 
Jack Cisney 
4802 Eoff Street 
Benwood.WV 26031-1008 

Jack E. Cisney '59 retired after 
35 years of college teaching. He 
began his teaching career at West 
Liberty State College in Wheehng. 
W.V.and retired from West Virginia 
Northern Community College. 



Class Reporter: 

Donald E. Coleman 
128 Vema Road 
Lcivishui^, PA 17837-8747 



Barbara Pontz '61 Tolbert has 

been appointed to the Patient 
Advisory Board of the Pennsylvania 
Medical Society. A charter board 
established by the Medical Society m 
Harrisburg. the board consists of 18 

members from across Pennsylvania 

with a variety of personal and profes- 
sional backgrounds. Barbara is a 
retired marketing coordinator and 
church liaison for the Samaritan 
Counsehng Center. Lancaster. Pa. 

into the Souderton Area High School 
Hall of Fame. He is a criminal trial 






If you want to join your fellow class- 
mates to help plan your reunion, 
please contact the alumni office. So 
far the committee is Dottie 
Anderson, Judith Arnold 
Mclntyre. Judith Blee, Pat Goetz 
Brenan,Joan Haefle. Bob Smith 
and Maria Wernikowski 

Paul Tressler *62 was inducted 

Class Reporter: 
Irene Elter Schmehl 
3194 EtterRoad 
Chambersbi4rg. PA 17201 

Jim Campbell '63 retired from 
Bucknell University, where he was 
director of the Bison Club {athletic 
department) for 12 years, and contin- 
ues to keep busy as a freelance writer. 
He recently contributed a biographi- 
cal entry of former SU co-coach, 
Amos Alonzo Stagg, Sr. to Scribner's 
Encyclopedia of American Lives 
(SEAL) — Sports Volume.The reference 
work cites "the 600 most influential 
figures in American sports." In addi- 


Plug in Your 
Life-Long Job Search 

by Michael W. Rheiner, director of the Center for Career Services 

These are challenging economic times that we are facing! For our 
younger alumni this may be the first employment slowdown that 
you have ever personally faced. 1 certainly have felt the sting as 1 
had my "position eliminated" while working at Volvo Commercial 
Finance. The challenge these times present is not in trying to figure out 
if your company is going to struggle or if your position will be "ehnii- 
nated"The challenge is being prepared to make a transition either by 
choice or when forced to do so. 

Being prepared to "transition" means conducting what I call a Lfe- 
lon^joh Sfdrc/i. What do I mean by this? Job searching has always been 
fimdamentally about making connections. Each connection opens us up 
to new opportunities and insights. Often this insight inspires us to 
acquire new skills, develop talents, or use our current skills and talents in 
different ways. These new connections can then potentially lead to new 
employment opportunities. Connections are not "want-ads" but rela- 
tionships that can be drawn upon during times of forced transition or 
transitions of choice. Thus, conducting a Life-Ion^ Job Search is about hfe- 
long learning and making connections ... our teachers and connections 
being the people that we meet and the relationships we build. 

How do you "connect"? On airplanes or the subway, at parties, dur- 
ing conferences, while at the gym, when watching your children play at 
the park, PTA meetings, through alumni networks and other SU events 
... and the list goes on. Ask people what they do, why they like it, and 
how they got into it. 1 promise that you will be amazed by the many 
different things people do and how that information can affect your life! 

In bad times and good, be prepared with the Life-long Job Search. 

Susquehanna Today ii 

don to "the Grand Old Man of 
Football,"Jim wrote 31 other entries 
on legendary sports figures ranging 
ftom Buckncll's Christy Mathewson 
to Joe Louis, subject of one of Jim's 
previous books. He has also con- 
tributed to volumes 1-5 of SEAL. 

F. ThoniM C»«*y '63 is the vice 
president of finance and chief finan- 
cial oflBccr at Cardiac Assist, Inc.. 
Pittsburgh. Pa. 

Clark Mofier '63 competed in 
the Delaware Senior Olympics with 
his basketball team and went on to 
the Nabonal Senior Olympics at 
Louisiana Sute University. His team 
won the silver medal. 

Joxph PctBlio '63 was appoint- 
ed a fiilltinie superior court judge in 
the stale of New Jersey in April 2001 . 
He IS the presiding judge of the spe- 
cial civil part in Union County. 
Joseph and Marilyn Vekauy '63 
Perfiljo visited Guam on a recent 
vacation and were in touch via email 
and phone with a long-lost SU 
fi'iend. "Charlie Guam '62." 
"Charlie." Elias Okamura, would love 
to reconnect with Susquehanna. If 
you would like to be in touch, please 
feel free to contact Charhe at Joe and 
Lynn are planning another visit to 
Guam this summer for the birth of 
their grandchild and are planning on 
visiting Charhe while they are there. 



Class Reporter: 
Maijone Brandt Waltman 
} 1 7 Yorkshirr Drive 
Harrisbutji, PA 17111 

Ronald C. Hendrix '64 is presi- 
dent of San Diego Parkinson 
Corporation. He Uves in San Diego. 



Class Reporter: 

Susan C. Pftrie 

8917 Graffs Mill Drive 

Owings Mills, MD 2U 17-61 }6 

Nancy Corson '65 Carter has 

been re-elected for a second term as 
moderator/ president of Presbyterians 
for Restoring Creation, a national 
grassroots organization of more than 
500 members that cooperates with 
the Office of Environmental Justice 
of the Picsbyterian Church (USA.). 
At the 2! 3th General Assembly in 
Louisville. Ky., in June, she chaired 
the PRC annual luncheon meeting 
and also testified on behalf of the 
overture. "Preserving Biodiversity and 
Halting Mass Extinction," which was 
approved by an 85 percent vote. 
Nancy continues as professor of 
humanities at Eckerd College in St. 
Petersburg. Fla. Nancy and her hus- 
band, Howard, will be on sabbatical 
fiom teaching at Eckerd for the 
2001-2002 academic year Nancy will 
be a visiting scholar at Duke 
University School of Divinity and 
Howard will be visiting professor in 
social medicine at University of 
North Carohna - Chapel Hill. 

Peter A. Freimanis '6S was 
inducted into the South Jersey Soccer 
Hall of Fame. He lives in Vineland, 




Russell Brown 72- 

Life Does Begin 
at Fifty! 

The story I ani about to tell you happened between my 49th and 50^" 
year of hfe. Up to this time. I had lived a rich and wonderful life. Little 
did 1 know my Hfe was going to become even richer. 
For the past 19 years I have been a business education teacher at Pittsburgh 
Central Cathohc High School. I also teach mtroductory computers for the 
Community College of Allegheny County and during the summers I am a 
technical intern for the Busmess Information Services Division of Federated 
Investors. During this time, everyone was trymg to marry me off. but i never 
found the right woman. Well, things changed in the spring of 1999. 
One night at a class I was auditing, this stunning woman introduced henelf; 
her name was Cindy Deramo. Her sister had married my neighbor and she thanked me for helping her nephew to get a job. 
I could not pet her out of my nund. I finally got up the nerve to call her. Cindy and I went out on our first date on May 14 
to a Pirate game, and the Pirates won! 

After the first date. I knew in my heart and soul I had found someone special. At the end of October. I proposed, and we 
were married in the Coraopohs United Methodist Church on November 18. 2000. The wedding and reception were wonder- 
fill - you can ask other Susquehannans who were there: Whitney *71 and Claudia Gay, Ron *72 and Karia Pahi '72 
Pag^no, and Dave '72 and Linda Salvitti. 

But the story doesn't end there. After a wonderful honeymoon in Hawaii and celebrating our first Christmas, Cindy and I 
discovered that we were going to be parents. The announcement floored a lot of my fi-iends. 

On June 26. 2001 . Anela Roberta Brown vas born. Anela. Hawaiian for angel, has been an absolute joy. Each day this gift 
from God brightens our lives, and personally. I look forward to all the trials and tribubtion of parenthood. 

My parents raised my brother and me with an old Scottish saying,"Whats meant for you won't go past you."WeU, a simple 
act of kindness by Cynthia Lynn Deramo changed my life. A change for the better, and all at the age of 50. 

Russell Brown '71 with wife, Cindy, and 
daughter, Anela Roberta. 

Class Reporter: 
Carol [Venlzel FflLx 
30 South i 1th Street 
Sutihury.PA 17801-2952 




Class Reporter; 
Virginia Biniek 
29 South Wayne Street 
Robesonia, PA 19551 

If you want to join your fellow 
classnutes to help plan your reunion, 
please contact the alumni office. So 
far the committee is Carole Sloan 
Piinell.John Norton and Terry 

Andrea Schumann '67 Keim 
represented Susquehanna as a dele- 
gate at the inauguration at Newberry 
CollegeonSept. 7. 2001. 


Class Reporter: 
Samuel D. Clapper 
254 Barrister Drive 
Somerset. PA 15501-9361 

Evelyn Herbstrith *56 
Ruffing, director of Derry Area 
Historical Society, awarded a histori- 
cal marker to Carol Slezak '68 

Dinco, trustee of Old Salem Church, 
Derry Township. Pa. Evelyn and 
Carol met when the historical society 
formed in 1995. 

Patricia Corbin *68 
Holligsworth is a retired English 
teacher. She lives in Brooktondale. 

Lou Greenberg *68 has assumed 
the position of president, and ts also a 
partner, of Health Business Systems. 
Inc.. a leading developer of pharmacy 
management software to many sectors 
of pharmacy including retail, chain, 
institutional and mail order. Lou lives 
in Penn Valley. Pa,, enjoys summers at 
a beach home in Margate. N.J.. and 
has three grandchildren, 

Peter Jarjisian *68 is a professor 
of music and director of choral activi- 
ties at Ohio Umversity, where he 
conducts the University Singers, 
Chamber Singers, Women's Chorale, 

12 Susquehanna Today 

Co ming Events 

You Can't Be Too Careful Department: While vacationing in St. Martin, Gary 
Ulrlch '70, left, and Steve Dubs '70, right, ran across Jeff Wayne '70, center, 
whom they had not seen since graduating from SU 31 years ago. 

Choral Union and Chamber Chorale. 
David S. Unger '68 was featured 
in the PottsuiHc Republican & Eveninj^ 
Herald for teaching social studies 34 
years. He lives in Leesport, Pa. 



Class Reporter: 
Barbara Hitchens DePerro 
333 East 80th Street, Apt. 1-A 
New York, NY 10021 

Robert Jesberg '69 retired 6x)m 
the Centennial School District in 
Warminster, Pa., and began a second 
career with the education department 
of Kinex Industries in Hatfield, Pa. 
He began in 1999 as the education 
product and training specialist. He 
was promoted to director of market- 
ing for the education deparmient. He 
travels extensively, training teachers 
and promoting Kmex products at 
conferences and trade shows. 


Class Reporter: 
Kalhryn Zierdl Grubb 
171 Riverbend Road 
Berkeley Heights, NJ 01922 

Bonnie Eiker '70 Lightcap rep- 
resented Hood College as a delegate 
at L.Jay Lemons inauguration on 
Sept. 23. 2001. She also represented 
Susquehanna as a delegate at Hood 
College on Oct. 20,2001. 


Class Reporter: 
Whitrxey A. Gay 
5 North C^ateu'oy 
Winchester, MA 01890 

Michael Ostermayer *71 is a 

vice president and chief investment 
officer at Penn Security Bank & Trust. 



If you want to join your fellow 
classmates to help plan your reumon, 
please contact the alumni office. So 
far the comrmttee is Russ Brown. 
Linda Kline Bugden, Louise 
Hower Costello. Janet Haigh, 
Darcy Jones Hamlin. Carol 
Sensenig Klein. Chris Lodewyks, 
Susan Seaks McLaughlin. Jack 
Villela.June Ross Coyle, Doreen 
Bolton Rehrig and Pamela Miller 

Ellen Presty '72 Ashworth 
retired and moved with her husband. 
Bill, to their 17-acre farm m 
Montrose, Pa. After owning a circa 
1858 home there for almost 15 years, 
they decided to make it their fulltime 
residence. Although they don't actual- 
ly farm the land, they do enjoy the 
quiet, simpler life of the country. 

Alan M. Bennett '72 is the 
senior vice president and chief finan- 
cial officer at Aetna. He lives in 
Madison, Conn. 

Russell Bro^vn '72 married 
Cynthia Lynn Deramo. See profile 
page 12. 

Steven M. Hoffinan '72 is man- 
aging partner of KPMG Peat 
Marwick, Harrisburg. Pa. 

Christine Rogers *72 Kindon 
was selected as Pennsylvania School 
Press Association s journahsm teacher 
of the year. She has taught English 
and journalism at Montoursville Area 
High School since graduation fiom 
Susquehanna. She Uves with her hus- 
band, Bobby Kindon '72 and their 
four children: Kyra, Christianna, 
Byron, and Joe, in Linden, Pa. 

March 9 

Dave & Buster's 

Philadelphia, Pa. 

We've reserved space at Dave & 
Buster's, 325 Columbus Boulevard, 
Pier 19, in Philadelphia fix)m 8 to 
10 p.m. Come for the refresh- 
ments, the billiards and shuffle- 
board, or the friends! 

March 10 
Penguins Hockey 

Wllkes-Barre, Pa. 
It's an evening out with the 
Wilkes-Barre- Scran ton Penguins. 
Tickets to see this popular hockey 
team in action are hard to come 
by, so don't miss your opportunity. 
The game is a 5:05 p.m. start. 

March 16 

Bruins vs. Redwings 

Boston, Mass. 

Join us when the Boston Bruins 
take on the Detroit Red Wings at 
the Fleet Center. Face off is at 3 
p.m. and tickets are $38 per per- 

March 20, April 10 and 
April 28 

*The Producers* 
New York, N.Y. 

"The Producers" - Sorry, all per- 
formances are sold out. 

March 30 
Easter Egg Hunt 
Selinsgrove, Pa. 

Local alumni and their families are 
invited to join Susquehanna 
University faculty and staff at the 
armual Easter Egg Hunt on 

April 5 

Alumni Dinner 
Johnstown, Pa. 

Join us for the annual Johnstown 
alumni dinner, hosted by Bob '40 
and Thelma Gabrenya. 

April 14 

Whitewater Rafting 
Wellsboro, Pa. 

Spend the day with SU and 
Lycoming alumni rafring with 
Pine Creek Outfitters. 

April 19 

Culinary Institute 
of America 
Hyde Park. N.Y. 

Tour the Cuhnary Institute at 5:30 
p.m. and sit down for dinner at 
Rastorante Caterina de" Medici 
featuring regional Italian cuisine at 
7 p.m. 

April 19 

Dinner and Cruise 

Philadelphia, Pa. 

Hop aboard the Spirit of 
Philadelphia for an evemng of din- 
ing and cruising the Delaware 
Rjver from 7 to 10 p.m. The event 
includes an eight-entree buffet, 
music by a DJ, a 15-minute musi- 
cal performance and a special area 
for SU alumm and friends. 

April 27 

Atlantic City Trip 
Harrisburg, Pa. 

Get on the bus and head to 
Atlantic City. The bus leaves at 8 
a.m. from the Harrisburg East Mall 
and returns around 9 p.m. 

June 15 

Blue Rocks vs. Warthogs 

Wilmington, Del. 

There will be fireworks when the 
Wilmington Blue Rocks challenge 
the Winston-Salem Warthogs at 
7:05 p.m. Fireworks right after the 
game will celebrate Independence 
Day a few weeks early. 

June 15 
Ravens vs. Mets 

New Haven, Conn. 

Join other alumni when the New 
Haven Ravens take on the 
Binghamton Mets at 7:05 p.m. 


Hershey, Pa. 

Have lunch with other alumm and 
spend the day on the rides with 
your family. 

For more information, 

call the Office of Alumni Relations 

at 570-372-4115 

or e-mail alumni@susqu,edu 

Susquehanna Today 13 

Mix It 




Special Events 
M iMi S<Mi AMJ¥«n«y 

RttiraMMrt rwty rar Dmi 
Dtttit Ah^wsm '62 

MAV 31- 

Sandra Douglas '72 Sheridan 

IS entering her 30th year of teaching 
in elementary vocal music at 
Parsippany-Troy Hills School District 
in New Jersey. Her daughter is a 
dean's list student at Cornell 
University and her son will anend 
Rutgers University as a freshman in 
the fall. Sandra is a choral accompa- 
nist at Trinity Lutheran Church in 
Dover. N.J. 




Class Reporter: 
S.John Price 
108 North 9th Street 
Ashland, PA 17921-1233 

Thomaf Sliker '73 is the execu- 
tive vice president and chief financial 
officer of Pechiney World Trade 
(U.S.A.), Inc., Stamford, Conn. 



Class Reporter: 

Suiati Lang Martin 
12 Prince Henry Drive 
Randolph. NJ 07869-1257 

William Atkinson '74 was pro- 
moted to sales vice president at 
AT&T Wireless for the western 
region of Denver. 

Marsha Lehman '74 has Been 
named the director of financial aid at 
Mar>'ville College, a small private lib- 
eral arts college near her home in 
Knoxville.Tenn. A former executive 
with Eastman -Kodak, and former 
vice president of operations of 
Internet Pictures Corp., (iPIX). she 
recently served as executive in resi- 
dence at Susquehanna's SigmundWeis 
School of Business during the fall 

Pamela Gehron '74 Robey is 
the chief biologist at the National 
Institute of Health. Bethesda. Md. 

Class Reporter: 

William Clark Snyder 

Apt. 3 

111 Glenwood Avenue 

Binghamion, NY 13905-1944 

Eric Doney *75 and his wife. 
Vicki, run Pacific St. Records. Pen 
Argyi. Pa. They are in a jazz group 
called The Eric andVicki Doney 
Quartet. Eric plays piano andVicki is 
the vocalist. 

William Clark Snyder *75 was 
stage director for the Summer 
Savoyards for a production of Gilbert 
& Sullivan's "The Gondoliers." Bill 
has been music and/or stage director 
for the Summer Savoyards since 
1981. where he has directed the G & 
S canon. Emily Warheit '05 was in 
the production as a member of the 
chorus and dance ensemble. She 
made the connection after seeing Bill 
wearing his collection of SU t-shirts 
to rehearsals. Bill is also classical 
musical director at NPR affiliate 
WSKG-FM in Binghamton. N.Y 



Class Reporter: 
Brenda Zboray Klinger 
968 Bluejay Road 
Harrisburg. PA 17111-5005 

Scott Harris 

'76 was hired as a 
new market man- 
ager for Provident 
Bank in the 
Washington, DC, 
Metro region. He 
lives in Silver 
Spring, Md. 

Janice Trojan 
*76 Lessman 

joined Susquehanna Trust & 

Investment Co. as president and chief 

executive officer. 

Scott Harris '76 

Any Excuse for a Party: This recent "celebration" - Juiie Ld/^rence '75's 
divorce party - brought together Ed Schaeberle '75, filch Tolsma '75, John 
Kolody '7S, Julie and Karen Willis '75 at Julie's home in Forked River, N.J. 

Laurie Morgan '76 Roth is the 

director of learning ser\nces at 
Moravian College. She lives in 
Easton, Pa. 


Claxs Reporter: 


Lynn Sarf 
844 High Point 
Claremonl. CA 91711 

If you want to join your fellow 
classmates to help plan your reunion, 
please contact the alumni office. So 
far the committee is Gerry 
Huesken, Rod Kerr, Ann 
McAuliSe Minton, Lynn Sarf. 
Dan Ditzler.Jiin Gamut and 
Hadley Brown. 

James A. Hall *77 was recently 
named by Exxon Mobil Corporation 
as the financial director and controller 
of the Exxon Mobil Companies in 
Malaysia. Jim now resides with his 
family in Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia, 

Robert J. Ivers '77 is a project 
manager at Dialog Semiconductor. 
Clinton, NJ. He lives in 
Hillsborough. NJ. 

Nan Raphael '77 is solo pic- 
coloist of the U.S. Army Field Band. 
She lives in Washington, DC. 



Class Reporter: 
Judy Rile 
2-F Olympic Driue 
Shillingtoti. PA 19607-3333 

Philip Herzog '78 is a director 
of brand strategy at Horton Lantz 
Marocco. He lives in Seattle, Wash. 

Thomas L. Schaefer '78 pre- 
sented a program to the Stewartstown 
Historical Society about the history 
of Camp Security, a prisoner of war 
camp in SpringetLsbury Twp, He was 
involved in the archeological excava- 
tion in 1979. He hves in York. Pa. 


Class Reporter: 
Sue Odjakjian 
22745 Miranda Street 
Woodland Hills, CA 91367 

14 Susquehanna Today 

Babene Cockley '79 Wenerd 

presented a workshop for children in 
grades 2-8, "Fall Into Music with 
Games and Fun." with the 
Chambcrsburg Area Council for the 
Arts. She is a music instructor with 
the Waynesboro Area School District. 



C^lass Reporter: 

Rohh liltttttwycr 

211 Baldwin Boulevard 

Orchard Hills 

Selinsgrovc, PA 17870-9511 


Peter Compton '80 performed 
the dediCJtion recital lor the new 
three-manual organ in St. Albans 
Episcopal C;hurch, Sinking Spring, 
Pa., where he is also the choirmaster 
and organist. He lives in Reading. Pa. 

Thomas W. MacAvoy '80 is an 
assistant pastor and administrator at 
the First Baptist C'hurch of Damascus 
and the Damascus Christian Academy. 
His wife, Wanda Hummel '81 
MacAvoy, will work with music in 
both the church and school. They bve 
in Damascus, Pa. 

James A. Moyer '80 performed 
as xylophone soltjist with the 
AUentown Band, established in 1828, 
Americas oldest civilian band. He is 
the adnumstrator/chair of music at 
Marywood Umversiry, Scranton, Pa., 
and he lives in Easton, Pa. 

Robert J. Vile '80 is a managing 
director for Trainer Wortham & Co. 
He lives in New Hope, Pa. 



Class Reporter: 
Christopher KiessUng 
243 Hiii Road 
Gwton.MA 01450-1607 
Chris. kiesslini;@suti. com 

Sally Cherrington *81 Beggs, 

organist, performed a concert at 
Christ Lutheran Church, York. Pa. She 
IS a college organist, chair of the 
music departnicnt and assistant pro- 
fessor ot music at Newberry College. 

William E. Devine *81 works at 
Salomon Snuth Barney. New York. 
He is married to Renae and they 
have four children: Danielle, Erin. 
James and Thomas. They live in 
Wayne. N.J. 

Brian Fitzpatrick *81 is manag- 
ing director at Harvest Advisors, LLC. 
He bves in Medford, NJ. 

Patricia Welty '79 Walter, right, of Irving, Texas, spent a day reuniting with 
Nancy Madara '79 Secor, of Dillon, Colo., in nearby Vail, in July 2001. With 
Nancy are her three children, Peter, Kelly and Amy, and with Patricia, her 
two children, Alexandra and Christina. The children met for the first time and 
had to be dragged out of the pool by their respective mothers at the end of 
the day. 

And Baby Makes Six: Born to Kevin and Cathlene Chew '80 Cuy, a daughter, 
Kristine, Jan. 7, 2001. She joins older sister, Sara; triplets Emily, Elizabeth and 
Antero; and brother, Erik. Cathlene is currently employed as CFO for Astek 
Corp., Colorado Springs, a privately held engineering consulting firm. They 
live in Monument, Colo. 

far the committee is Mary Kaiser 
Finlay, Karen Clarke Bunsa, Scott 
Heller, Laura Ho&nan Hanrahan. 
Bryan Rynearson. Eric Sauer.Jim 
Olson. Lynne Warmerdam 
Harlow. Jeff Morgan. Rich 
Watkins. Rich Shermer and Cris 

Wanda Hummel '81 MacAvoy 

-see 1980. 




Class Reporter: 
Attn Siamione Tfiompson 
7714 Briarstonc Court 
EUicotl City, MD 21043-7050 
Jim A tin T@erols. com 

If you want to join your fellow 
classmates to help plan your reunion, 
please conuct the alumni office. So 

Coughlin *82 and 

her husband, 
David Shanker, 
adopted a daugh- 
ter. Georgia, a 
healthy two-year- 
old from Guangxi. 
China, in 
September. They 
hve in Winnetka, 111. 

The Rev. Guy S. Edmiston 

Georgia Shanker 

H*82 retired from his duties as a 
Lutheran bishop at the Lower 
Susquehanna Synod ot the 
Evangelical Lutheran Church in 
America. He will be involved with 
the development for the Lutheran 
Theological Senunar>; Gettysburg. Pa. 
m his retirement. He and his wife, 
Barbara, live in Camp Hill. Fa. 

Catherine Cook *82 Davis is 
the director of student relations at the 
Princeton Theological Seminary, 
Princeton. N.J. 

Tammy E. Pick *82 is a financial 
consultant in Waypoint Bank's broker- 
age department. She lives in 
Harrisburg. Pa. 

Jeff Morgan *82 is the chief 
operating officer at Futures Industry 
Association. Washington. D.C-. 

Mary Sprowls-Kaadi '82 is the 
vice president for human resources at 
Marvel Entertainment Group. New 
York. N.Y. 



Class Reporter: 
Sue Frekoi Doty 
160 Joan Drive 
Collegemlle. PA 19426 

Born to Dorothy and Ken 
Brightcliflfe '83. a son. Sean 
Brendan, July 8, 2001. He joms 
brothers, Danny. Michael, John and 
Kenny. They live in Philadelphia, Pa. 

Born to Bob '83 and Bette 
Funkhouser '83 Higley, a son, Pete, 
Jan. 19, 2001. He joined Liza, Jane 
and Caroline. They live in Lebanon, 

Charlie '83 and Ann Milheim 
*84 Jordan, along with three other 
couples, have founded a charitable 
foundation entided "The Heart In 
Hand Parmership" to assist disadvan- 
taged children and famiUes in the 
Chester County area and to help 
instiU the values of charity, giving and 
caring for others in children. They 
live in Downingtown, Pa., with their 
two daughters, Abigail and Charlotte. 

Curtis E. Rimler '83 received 
his M.B.A. in general studies from 
Dowling Coliege. Oakdale. N.Y. He is 
a marketing coordinator with New 
Jersey Transit. Newark. He lives in 
Morrisville. Pa. 

Born to Ashleigh and Tim W. 
Ryan '83. a daughter, Grace 
Catherine, Dec. 8, 2001. They live in 
Pacific Grove. Cahf 

Philip A. Salinardi '83 is an 
insurance broker at Stewart Smith 
Insurance. He Uves in Chatham, N.J. 

Susquehanna Today 15 



CU« Reporter: 

Randi Keller Sajiona 

3734 Mocn Bay Circle 

West Palm Betuh. FL 33414-8806 

Thomas Banks '84 i^ the head 
of the middle school aiThe 
Harrisburg Academy. He lives in 
Harnsburg. Pa. 

Robert J. Campbell *84 was 
promoted to internal auditor at NJM 
Insurance Group. He lives in 
Newtown. Pa. 

John A. Condno *84 married 
Tara Mane Schoenly. March 31, 
2001 . Strand (;ountr>' Club. Naples. 
Fla.Thcy live in Naples. Fla. 

Eric Gruseke *84 is a vice presi- 
dent/publisher for Reader'i Dij^cst 
magazine. New York. N.Y. He lives in 
Cos {'ob. C]onii. 

Mary Wolf '84 Hartman is an 
associate in ministry at ('hrist 
Lutheran Church, Dailastown. Pa. 

Ann Miheim '84 Jordan - sec 

Frederick OUvari *84 is an advi- 
sor/branch development at Raymond 
James and Associates. Bala C^ynwyd. 

Rick Strauss *84 is a loan work- 
out officer at Fidelity Deposit and 
Discount Bank. He lives in Archbald. 

Joanne Lubben '84 
Yotnakparian was promoted to 
senior account representative for the 
Engineered Adhesives Division of the 
3M C'ompany.West Caldwell. N.J, 
Joanne has been employed with 3M 
for U> years. She and her husband. 
Michael, have been married for 13 
years and live in Cranford, NJ. 

Doug '85 and Maureen Cosgrove 
and their children enjoy the after- 
noon with 20 other Susquehanna 
alumni and friends on the Hudson 
River Cruise in Kingston, New York, 
on October 14. 

A picnic and baseball game was the attraction for a small group of 
alumni and their families who showed up for a Bridgeport Bluefish game ir 
Connecticut July 28. Pictured are, front row: Lorella Puglielli '82 Struzzi 
with children, Matthew and Laura, and husband, Peter; back row: Joanne 
Marquardt '00 Troutman, the assistant director of alumni relations, Mark 
Sims '83, and Diane Struzzi. 



C^lass Reporter: 
Tracy Cerard Akner 
200 Limoitt Avettt4c 
Rockuille Ccnire, NY 11570 

David E. Bingaman '85 is the 

director of curriculum and instruc- 
tion at Carbon-Lehigh (Counties) 
Intermediate Unit, He lives in 
Mechanicsburg, Pa. 

Doug Cosgrove *85 owns an 
e,xecutive search firm. Masterstaffing, 
in Totowa. NJ. 

Born to Mark and Claire 
Waltking '85 Fiebiger, a daughter. 
Alyssa Rose, Nov. 10. 2000. They live 
in Cranford. NJ. 

Ramsdell '85 is 
an attorney with 
Kaphn Stewart 
Meloff Reiter & 

Haddonficld. NJ. 
She pracnces 
Kelly Ramsdell commercial and 
'85 appellate htigation. 

She lives in 
C:herr>- Hill, NJ. 

Born to Karen and Robert 
McDermott '85, a son. Michael 
James, May 25. 2001, Michael joins 
sister. Erm. and brother, Kevin. They 
live in Mechanicsburg, Pa. 



Class Reporter: 
Kdferi Doty Clemens 
7 Annette Drive 
Umenck. PA 19468 

Julia Elizabeth 

Tyler Joseph 

Born to Todd 
and Karen Doty 
'86 Clemens, a 

daughter, Julia 
Ehzabeth.July 19. 
2001. She joins 
big brother. Brad. 
They live in 
Limerick, Pa. 

Born to 
Stephen and Lisa 

Porter '86 Corsetti, a daughter. 

Sydney Porter, March 4. 2001. They 

live in N. Reading. Mass. 

Born to David 
and Karen Fern 
'86 Hadley, a 
son, Tyler Joseph. 
April 19,2001. 
Tyler joins a sister. 
Kane, and broth- 
ers, Billy and 
Brian. David is an 
account manager 
for EMC and 

Karen is at home. They live in 

Summit. NJ. 

Jim Harris *86 is a manager of 

learning and development at 

Schindler Elevator Corporation. 
Born to James and Brenda 

Laubach *86 McFarland, a son. 

Maximilian Bnce.June 25, 2001. 

They live in Rye, N.Y. 

Born to John 
and Lisa Pego 
*86 Leyman. a 
daughter, Sarah 
Nicole. June 2. 
2001. She joins 
big sister, Amanda, 
age 4- They hve in 
Carlstadt. NJ, 

Patricia Ann 
MitcheU '86 

married Eric N.Wagner, June 20. 

2001. St. Matthews Lutheran Church. 

Shamokin Dam. Pa. They bve in 

Mifflinburg, Pa. 

Sarah Nicole 

Born to Paul and Patricia Munn 
'86 Nichini, a son. Nichobs Charles. 
July 10. 2(H>1. He joins big sister, 
Katie. Patricia has been promoted to 
professional development manager at 
Arthur Andersen LLP, Pluladclphia. 
She IS responsible for training and 
professional development for 800 
auditors and consultants in the nud- 
Adancic region. She lives in Lansdale, 

Paul J. Pavlishin '86 is a dia'ctor 
for new product development .11 
Fannie Mae, He lives in Aurora. HI. 

Born to Peter and Kimberly 
Rubio '86 Reist. a daughter. Abigail 
Elizabeth. July l.S. 2001. They live "in 
Jackson. NJ. 

Charlene Heller *86 Shannon 
is a senior systems engineer at 
ManTech. Nortblk.Va, She lives m 
Chesapeake. Va. with her husband. 
Robert, and their two sons. 
Christopher and Corey. 

John '87 and Leanne Kott '86 
Underkoffler adopted a two-year 
old boy.J.ison Weber, in Ecuador, June 
14. 200 I.Jason was born in 
Guayaquil. Ecuador on April 6. 1999. 
They live in Wilmington, Del, 

Christopher Wilkens '86 is a 
vice president for The Bank of 
Tokyo-Mitsubishi, Ltd. and has 
recendy been transferred ft"om Hong 
Kong to Singapore. He is living in 
Singapore with his wife. Kim. daugh- 
ter. Kelly and son, Brian. 




Class Reporter: 
Cynthia L. Cooke 
846 Creen Pond Road 
Rockaway, NJ 07866-4403 

If you want to join your fellow 
classmates to help plan your reunion, 
please contact the alumni office. So 
far the committee is Jim and Sue 
Bracken Harris and Gail Murphy 

Born to Jeff and Julie Bradford 
*87 Brand, a son, Matthew Granger, 
February 25, 2001. Matthew joins big 
sister. Etmly Tracy, and big brother, 
Luke Bradford. They live in New 
Canaan, Conn, 

Joanne Timulty *87 Burger is 
the owner of Horizons. She lives in 
Yardley. Pa. 

Karen Buchanan '87 married 
Kenneth Giberson. Sept. 1. 2000. 
They live in Glen Mills. Pa- 
Born to Michelle and James 

16 Susquehanna TonAV 

Faust '87. a daughter. Madison 
Michc-llc. Sept. 1 1. 2001. They live in 
Chambcrsburg. Pa. 

Linda Jean Hagelgans *87 mar- 
ried PhihpVertiL-clh.Junf 30.2001. 
Wayne United Methodist C^hurch, 
Wayne, Pa. She is a math teacher at 
Ridley School District. Folsom. Pa. 
They live in Newtown Square, Pa. 

Born to Doti .nid Allyson 
Glembucki '87 HeUer. .i son. Jason, 
Nov. 29. 2001. He joins big sister, 
Kailcc.They live in Belhnghani.Wash. 
They enjoy plenr>' of kayaking, boat- 
ing, hiking and skiing. 

Born to Ray and Leslie Heller 
'87 Porambo. a daughter. Abigail 
Lynn, May 30, 2001. She joins big sis- 
ter. Oil va. They live in Southampton, 

The Spud Foundation for 
Children's C'haritics, a completely 
volunteer run. non-profit organiza- 
tion, completed the 2001 fundraising 
campaign recently at the Shawnee 
Golf Resort in Pennsylvania. SPUD 
{Special Projects for the Underprivi- 
leged &■ Disabled), was named after us 
founders. Theta C"hi Fraternity 
Brothers (C:lasses of 84-87) from 
Susquelianna University. The ^th 
annual SPUD (iolf Outing, featured 
26 golfers and 32 banquet participants 
for a three-day golf event. The event 
netted a record $18,000. The proceeds 
were split between two very worthy 
charities. Rich McCourt '87 is pres- 
ident of the SPUD Foundation. 

William Scherf *87 is an emer- 
gency services police officer in North 
Castle. N.Y. 

John Underkoffler '87 - see 



C'Liss Reporter: 

Mark Tlwrshdm 

Apt. 9-E 

200 Riverside Drive 

New York, NY 10025-7248 

Gregory Adams '88 is senior 
vice president of business services at 
Bank of Lancaster County. He lives in 
Leola, Fa. 

Born to Mark '88 and Christine 
Formosa '90 Basilii. a son, James 
Patrick. Aug. \9. 2U01. He joins big 
brother. Nicholas. They hve in 
Downingtown, Pa. 

Born to Carol and Matthew 
Boynton '88, a daughter. Olivia 
Faith. April 4, 2001. She joins older 
brother. Christian Jacob They live in 
Marlton, N.J. 

Born to Susan and Doug 
Carlson '88, a son. Brian. Dec. 28, 

Mini-Reunion: Children of four friends from the class of 1988 - Sarbra Cooke 
'88 Nelson, Sharon Tirpak '88 Collins and Michelle Zuniga '88 Bors -joined 
their moms in a mini-reunion at the home of Joanne Kling '88 Healy in 
Holmdel, N.J: Along for the ride were: Matthew Nelson, Brian Healy, Kevin 
Healy, Mitchell Nelson, Amanda Nelson, Allison Healy, Megan Healy, 
Caroline Collins and Katie Bors. 

Saratoga Swings: hn annual SU get-together at Saratoga Racetrack, Saratoga, 
N.Y., attracted, left to right: Doug Stuart '89, son Jack and wife. Angle 
Stuart; Courtney Forberg, Jean Meyer '90 Forberg, Brian Forberg '89, Alexa 
Forberg, Oraydon Yoder, Crystal Voder, Addison Yoder, Doug Yoder '90 and 
Zane Yoder. 

Brian Carlson 

2001, They live in 
Boston. Mass. 

Stewart '88 
Cockreham is a 
full-time private 
piano instructor. 
After 7 1/2 years, 
she left her job 
with AmeriSteel 
to pursue her love 
of music and private teaching. She is 
currently teaching 6ve adult piano 
students and 13 children, ages 5 to 
16. On Feb. 11. 2000, she and three 
of her more advanced piano students 
performed for a two-piano, four-hand 
ragtime parry. They dressed in the era 
and played for about 60 people. 

Christian H. De'Wald '88 is on 
the Williamsport Hospital board of 
managers. He is also vice president of 
Montgomery Plumbing Supply Co. 
Inc., Montoursville, Pa. 

Lars D. Frank *88 is a business 
consultant with Aeon Corp., Tokyo. 
He lives in Saiuma City, Japan. 
Born to Patty and Karl D. 
Gordinier '88, a son, Charlie. Sept. 
13. 2001. He joins Evan, Jamie and 
Qumn. Karl is an account executive 

at Givaudan. New York. N.Y. They 
live in Monmouth Beach. N.J. 

Karen J. Ledebuhr '88 married 
Evan D. Spohn. Reformation 
Lutheran Church, Exeter Township. 
Pa. They live in Reading. Pa. 

^^^^ V i Bortl to Karen 
^^^^^^^ and Robert S. 
^P^mVK^ Miller '88. a 
W f^^ Robert 

P HoUingsworth. 

%^mi-'.iti May 9. 2001. They 
^^^^ **^|{ live in Charlotte, 

^% J N.C 
Robert Patricia 

HoUingsworth Schickram '88 
Miller married Thomas 

October 14. 2000, St. Catherine of 
Siena, Cedar Grove. N.J. Other SU 
alums in the wedding party included 
Sylvia Buck '88 Biglin. Thomas 
Nolan '88. Kathy O'Brien '88 
O'Connor. Lynne Schoepe '88 
Bensarghin. Patricia is a self- 
employed pubUc relations consultant. 
Her husband is a television producer. 
They live in New York, N.Y. 

Born to Mark Thorsheim '88 
and his wife. Margot Bright, a son, 
Benjamin Bright, July 2, 2001. He 

joins big brother. Max. They live in 
Manhattan on the upper west side. 
Mark is a senior vice president with 
Waller C-apital Corp.. a boutique 
investment bank serving the 
media /telecom industry. 

Jeffrey Ulmer '88 moved back 
to Pennsylvania to take a tenured 
position as associate professor tif soci- 
ology and crime, law and justice at 
Penn State University. He had worked 
as a sociology professor at Purdue 
University for the past six years. He 
lives in State C;ollege. Pa. with his 
wife, Gail, and their two children. 
Jacob and Kathryn, 

Jennifer Floge '88 Yori is a tax 
collector for Lower Southampton 
Twp.. Pa. She lives in Langhornc. Pa. 



Class Reporter: 
Sharon Henderson 
■t4{)lVesf Main Street 
iVycL-off.SJ 07481 

Born to Anthony and Betsy 
Scielzo *89 Amoroso, a daughter. 
Juha Lynne. Aug. 2^. 2001. Julia joins 
big brother, A J. They live in Drexel 
Hill. Pa. 

Born to Keith '89 and Eileen 
Riley *90 Baumann, a son, Parker 
Riley. March 29, 2001. They live in 
Bloomsbury. N.J. 

Born to Michael and Deborah 
Hite *89 Clark, a son, Alexander 
Michael. November 4. 2000. They live 
in Aberdine. NJ. 

Born to 
Brian '89 and 
■■ Jean Meyer 
*90 Forberg, a 
Courtney Jean, 
May 29,2001. 
Alexa and Courtney She joins big 
Jean Forberg sister, Alexa 

Kendall. Brian 
works at CCS, a computer clearing 
firm in Hauppauge, N.Y. and Jean 
works at Daimler Chrysler Motors 
Corp. covering a Long Island district. 
They live in Huntington, N.Y. 

Born to Wayne *89 and Nancy 
Armacost '89 Geils, a son. Cooper 
Elliott. Aug. 1 8, 2000. He joins 
Delaney Christa and Clayton 
Mitchell. Wayne is president and 
Nancy is the office manager for Geils 
& Son Builders, Inc. They hve in 
Easton, Pa. 

Marc A. Moscatello *89 is the 
director of platform operations at 
Realeum, Inc., Alexandria. Va. He bves 
in Arhngton.Va. 

Born to Kathy and Brian S. 

Susquehanna Today 17 

Stettler '89. a daughter, Uuren 
Dannjcllc.Jin. 2(Xll. Bnan is com- 
mmioncd is > pasioral care lay-minu- 
tcr by the First Reformed Church, 
UC;C. Sunbury. Pa. He is also a med- 
ical information systcm-s technician 
for the Northumberland County 
Mental Health/Mental RcUrdatlon 
office Thev live in Siinburv, Pa 


Class Reporter: 
Angrla J.Johnson 
5 Wild Apple Une 
Old Saybmok. CT 06475 

To the Hounds: Keith '89 and Eileen Riley '90 Baumann host a tailgate party 
each year with Kristen and Pete Shearer '90 at the Essex Fox Hounds Race 
Meeting, Far Hills, N.J. Alumni pictured are left to right, bottom row; 
Annmarie Oakley '89 Kopey, Keith Baumann '89, Mike Drummond '89, 
Lurlene Harrison '92, Robin Windels '90 Ancipink and Jennifer Shearer '87; 
top row: Paul Kopey '89, Eric Lande '87, Diana Murray '88 Lande, Eileen 
Riley '90 Baumann and Pete Shearer '90. Not pictured are Jeff Catt '88 and 
Matt '91 and Jill Schropp '91 Detwiler. 

The Schmidt Family; 

EB Foundation Advocates 

Christine Formosa '90 Basilii. 

a son. sec 1988. 

Eileen Riley *90 Baumann, see 

Born to John and Lisa Fern '90 

Bell, a son. Daniel Joseph. Feb. 20, 
1991. They live in Mornstown. N.J. 

Ted M. Doman '90 married 
Nauhe Setzer. Oct. 27. 2001. First 
United Methodist Church. Tiiey live 
in Wynnewood. Pa. 

Jean Meyer *90 Forberg. a 
daughter. See 1989. 

Born to L.uira 

and Alexander 
Gallov^'ay HI 

'90, d daughter. 
Caitlin Elizabeth, 
Oct. 2, 2000. 
Alexander is a 
partner with the 
law firm of 
Moore, Ingram. 
Johnson & Steele. Marietta, Ga. He is 
practicing in the area of insurance 
defense litigation and workers' com- 
pensation defense. They hve in 
Kennesaw. Ga. 

Clary Dawn Clark '90 Herman 
is a stay-at-home mom. Her husband. 
Mike, has joined the staflfof East 


Caitlin Elizabeth 


Eric '90 and Sarah Shofran '92 
Schmidt with sons, Connor and 

hey 're not new to parenting, but for the last-one-and-a-half years Sarah 
Shofran '92 Schmidt and her husband, Eric Schmidt '90 have had to re- 
learn how to dress, pick up and hold their fragile second-born son. 
At just three days old. Connor Schmidt was diagnosed with Epidermolysis Bullosa, 
"EB." a rare incurable genetic skin disorder. Due to a malfunctiomng protein in his 
body Connor's skin is extremely fragile, causmg it to blister with the slightest bit of 
(fiction. "He gets blisters from his highchair, car seat, bathtub, even a healing bUster 
can cause more blisters," explains Sarah. Even big brother, two-and- a- half-year-old 
Aldan, knows not to touch Connor's hands or feet when they play The only treatment 
IS lancing Connor's blisters and bandaging his legs and feet, which has become part of 
the family's bedtime rourine. 

Despite it all, Connor is a pretty typical one-year-old, very active and happy, espe- 
cially when he's pestering his big brother, says Sarah. He has some stranger anxiety and 
while he wants to crawl and pull himself up, the bUsters on his hands and feet keep him from doing so without pain. 

Because EB is such a rare condition, affecong only 25.000 people in the United Sutes. funding is nunimal.The only feder- 
al money about $3 million annually, comes from the Department of Defense. Sarah explains, "The government believes the 
symptoms of EB to be similar to what we could expect from chemical warfare, and most of that money goes to the research 
centered on more severe types of EB." 

To aid families dealing with EB. Sarah and Eric are working for passage of a Wound Care bill that would require insurance 
to pay for all bandages. They also speak at preschools and churches to promote awareness of EB. Advocacy for the Connor T. 
Schmidt Foundation has become part of their everyday Hfe."When we are out with Connor the questions people ask arc, 'Is 
there a cure?' and 'Will it ever go away?' Unfortunately the ans\ver is a simple "no."' 

The only hope for a cure or treatment for EB is advancement in gene therapy through stem cell research. To learn more 
about EB visit or For more information or to make a donation, contact the Connor T. 
Schnudt Foundation. The Lincoln Building, 28 W Market Street, West Chester, PA 19382. phone 610-696-821 1 or fax 610- 

— Mary Cammarata Markle 

Clary Dawn Clark 
'90 Herman with 
husband, Mike, and 
daughter, Evelyn 

Andrew Michael 

Universitv" as 
ui architect. 
She enjo\*s 
■vpending time 
with her 
■icvcn -year- 
old daughter. 
Kvelvn and 
.It Evelyn's 
school. Clary 
.md her fami- 
ly live m 
Lcwi^burg. Long-lost friends can 
e-mail her at herman(ifi^dweb.coin 
Born to 
Muh.iel and Patty 
KJoss '90 
McKay, a son, 
April 9. 2001. 
Andrew Michael. 
They live in 
Sterling. Va. 

Born to Tim 
'90 and Jodi 
Knepp '92 Mee. 
a son, Luke 
Wilham.June 17, 2001. He joins 
brothers. Mason and Jonathan, and 
big sister, Emily. Tim is a State Farm 
agent and they live in Melville. N.Y. 

Ann Clohessy '90 Lawson is 
the vice president, import operations 
at Hachi International. Inc. She lives 
in Springfield, NJ. 

Born to Eric '90 and Melinda 
Cuddy '90 Mueller, a son, Matthew 
Ronald. March 27. 2001. Melinda 
received tenure in the political sci- 
ence department at Eastern iHmois 
University as an associate professor. 
They live in Charleston, III. 

Gary Owens '90 has earned an 
MBA. with an international business 
emphasis from Loyola College. Md, 
Gary graduated with honors, having 
been inducted into Beta Gamma 
Sigma, the honor society for AACSB- 
accredited business programs. 
Membership in Beta Gamma Sigma 
IS the highest national honor that a 
student in a school of business or 
management can achieve. She lives in 
Columbia. Md. 

Cindy Petrucci *90 married 
Mark Rigby May 20. 2001 , St. 
Genevieve's Roman Catholic 
Church. Elizabeth, NJ.They hve in 
Scotch Plains. NJ. 07076. 

Lara K. Primak '90 had an essay 
pubhshed in the March 2001 issue of 
Respiratory Care Clinics of North 
America medical journal. She is in her 
final year of a four-year pediatric 
intensive/critical care fellowship at 
P^ainbow Babies and Children's 
Hospital in Cleveland. Ohio. 

Born to Eric *90 and Sarah 

18 Susquehanna Today 

Kristme Marconi '90 married Doug McGee, Nov. 3, 2001, First Presbyterian 
Church, Levittown, Pa. Pictured left to right, front row: Bob Herr '90, Keith 
Morris '91; second row, Janis Blandy '90 Morris, Christine Riedy '88, Peggy 
Bobb '92 Herr, Jennifer Ott '90 Montrose, Cindy Cool< '90 Pietarinen, Kristine, 
Kristen Langenfeld '90 Dumont, Noelle Marconi '00, Jennifer Miller '90 
Sheckells, Robin Hastings '90 Sheedy, Kelly Vardon '90 Beniash, Midge Keelin 
'90 Hauser and Joella Mclvor '90 Grube. Kristine and her husband both work 
for Princeton University. 

^^^^^^^^^^ Shofran *92 
^^^^^^^l^H Schmidt, a 
[ y ^J Oct, 24. 2000, 

B -^ * * ^ Connor Theodore. 
^^ ■<^' ^ ~m \ Connor joins big 
^r ^^ ' ^^^^ brother, Aldan. See 

J/^^^ «^ ^x^' story, page 18. 
Aldan and Joseph D. 

Connor Schmidt Wending '90 

married Teresa D. 
Ward in their home in Scottsdale, 
Ariz. He is employed by East Penn 
Manufacturing Co. Inc., Phoenix, 


Class Reporter: 
Scon Grant '91 
107i Kingscole Drive 
HarkysviUe. Pa. 19438 

Laura Odenwald *91 Belle is a 

human resources manager at Charles 
Jourdan, She hves in WyckofF. NJ. 

Lyn Benson *91 is employed by 
Symbolic Systems. Inc. as a graphic 
artist for the U.S. Army's Command. 
Control and Communications 
Systems in Fort Monmouth, N.J. Lyn 
provides essential artisbc and market- 
ing direction for the operation, which 
is responsible for developing the digi- 
tized Army. 

Born to Bill *91 and Danielle 
Bortz '91.3 son, 
Sebastian Cole, 
Feb. 23. 2001. 
Debra S. 
Daniels '91 mar- 
ried Michael B. 
Lerew. Dec. 15, 
2001. Trinity 
UCC. Millersburg. 

Sebastian Cole 

Pa. She IS a social worker at New 
Hope of Pennsylvania They live in 
Dillsburg. Pa. 

Robert F. Doto *91 is a manager 
of merchandise control atTitfany &: 
Co. He lives in Montclair, NJ. 

Sarah T. Galbraith '91 is a sales 
manager for the Hershey Resorts 
sales and marketing division. She lives 
in New Cumberland, Pa. 

Born to Scott '91 and Deb 
Tachovsky '91 Grant, a son. Kyle 
Thomas, Sept. 7, 2001. He joins Tyler 
and Miranda. Deb works for Bryn 
Mawr College as assistant director of 
faciJities and Scott is a Microsoft cer- 
tified system engineer and is 
employed at The Medical Phone 
Company. They bve in Harleysvillc, 

Robert S. Huggard *91 is an 

Jttorney at Voice Stream 
Communications. He hves in 
Rochester. NY. 

Jennifer Kirkner '91 married 
Shawn Sheptock, June 1. 2001. St. 
Mark s Lutheran Church. Elysburg. 
Pa. They live in Marion Heights, Pa. 
Born to 
Brandon and 
Cindy Falck '91 
Klus, a daughter. 
Erin Grace. 
August 10.2001. 
They live in 
Born to 
Thomas and 
Tammy Stamm 
'91 Long, a 
daughter, Taylor 
Elizabeth, June 6, 
sweatshirt was a 
gift from Tammy's 
cousin. Tiffany 
Snyder '03. 
Tarruny works part-time as the assis- 
tant to the director of information 
technology in the School of Business 
at the Harrisburg campus of Perm 
State Umversity.They live in Camp 
Hill. Pa. 

Born to 
Steven '91 and 
Neuman '92 
Nickerson, a 
daughter. Casey, 
AprU 28,2001. 
They hve in 
Huntington, N.Y. 

Taylor Elizabeth 

Casey Nickerson 

Keith Morris '91 and his son take a 
break at the Baltimore Orioles 
game on August 11. More than 85 
alumni and friends attended the 

Debra Feaster *91 Rapson, a 

music teacher at the Mifflinburg Area 
Middle School, has received the 
Pennsylvania Music Educators 
Association District 8 Citation of 
Excellence Award for middle-level 
music educators. She lives in 
Mifflinburg. Pa. 

Daniel G. Rattay '91 is a defen- 
sive coordinator at Georgetown 
University. He hves in Washington. 

Eric Chris Sarsony *91 is a 
senior scientist at Alpha-Gamma 
Technologies Inc.. Raleigh. N.C. 

J. Neal Shawver *91 is the vice 
president and community office man- 
ager at Juniata Valley Bank, 
Lewistown, Pa. He lives in ReedsviUe. 

T7if Central Pennsylvania Business 
Journal has selected Geofl&ey 
Shearer *91 as one of the top 40 
business people under the age of 40 

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rlOW UYC UlUtnni UOing m their lives and work and how do they relate their activities to their 
Susquehanna University education? An ongoing survey project, started in 1999, aims to find out. In September 2001, 
the alumra oflBce sent out surveys to the classes of 1992 and 1997 to gather data. Thank you to the more than 31 per- 
cent of the members of these two classes who look the time to fill out and return the questionnaire. 

So what were the results? Here are some of the details: 

Class of 1992 

Class of 1997 

Employed full-time 
In graduate school 
Caring for a home or family 
Satisfied with occupation 
Occupation closely related 
to Susquehanna major 

2% fuU time - 3% 



'o part time 

6% full time - 11% part time 



Overall 88% of all respondents have a positive attitude towards Susquehanna and 92% of all respondents said they would 
recommend SU to a prospective student. 

Thanks again for taking the ome to send m your responses! In the next issue of SU Today see the results of the 
young alumni survey sent to all other classes in the last decade, which discusses programming done by the Alumni 

Susquehanna Today 19 

t i'» 




as 0/ so 

At left, the American flag waves 

over a fall field hockey game 

on campus. Luminaries greeted 

motorists along Routes n and 15 In the 

days following the attack. 

ATF agent Steven Rhoads '86, right, 

assisted in the response efforts at 

Ground Zero. 


by Gwettn Wells 

J UST 1 O DAYS into their fall semester, first-year students in the class 
of 2005 faccxi September 1 1, 2001 - an event with the potential to define not 
only their college experience and their lives, but also the hves of the country and 
the world for generations to come. 

"My first thought was, especially for the fi-eshmen.'How will we ever get 
through this semester?' " recalls Assistant Professor of Sociology Simona Hill. 
"But the students got back on track. I attribute that to resiliency." she adds. "If 
they can bounce back, there's hope for us as a society." 

Fa^ei And f^Mties 

Shock turned into grief as hours and days passed and the enormous tragedy took 
on faces and names. Though physically insulated by 200 miles, the Susquehanna 
community lost some of its own: CoUeen Supinski '96. an assistant trader for 
Sandler O'Neill on the U)4th floor of the south tower, and Chris Vialonga '93, 
who worked in foreign currency exchange at Carr Futures on the 92nd floor of 
the north tower. Among others with losses we know of: Diane Mead '86 Wall 
lost her husband and the father of their two daughters. Glen, who worked for 
Cantor Fitzgerald. Erich Maerz '97 lost his brother, Noel, who worked for 
Euro Brokers on the 84th floor in tower two. 

But there was hopeful news too. Peter Grover '97. who worked at Lehman 
Brothers, was not in the oflice that day. Other alumni who worked at the World 
Trade Center were reported safe: Claudia CaUch '88 and Heidi Heikenfeld 
'00 at Oppenheimer Funds: Peter Kamford '76 and Jill Beachell '98 at Guy 
C.irpenter & ("o. Inc., Stacey Peters '90 Lopis at Cantor Fitzgerald, and Kevin 
McCaflTery '87 at Garban PLC. 

At grotuuC Zero 

McCafTcry, a bond broker, was on the 26th floor of the north tower when the 
first plane struck. "We proceeded fairly calmly to the stairways," he says. "We had 
no way of knowing the second tower had been hit, but later I figured I was 
probably on about the tenth floor when it did," he adds. "Outside, it looked like 
a scene from a movie. Because the buildings were so tall, it was still very far away. 
We were looking up 800 or 900 teet at something surreal and unfathomable." 

Steven Rhoads '86. a special agent for the firearms trafficking unit with the 
nepartmcnt ofTreasury's Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF), was at 
a makeshift command post a few blocks away. His wife. Kara, also an ATF special 
agent, miraculously survived the collapse by taking cover inside a parked vehicle. 
"Things went from bright daylight to pitcli black - you couldn't see two feet in 
fixint of yourself," a'calls Rhoads. 

KoUer Coaster EvM>tions 

Terry March '67, chief execuuve officer of Midwood Securities and vice chair 
ot the SU board ol directors, was in his offices on the 2()th fltior ot One Batter>' 
Park Plaza, which faces the World Trade Center site. Midwood's 3.T employees, 
including Terry's wnte, Pauline, and son, Edward, came through the ordeal safely. 

"But our thoughts immediately were of what happened to the somewhere 
between 30,000 and 50,000 people who work in the buildings every day," he 

"There was a whole range of emotions, fiom fear at first, to concern about 
the safety and security of those in our company and those who we know," says 
March. "That very quickly went to thoughts of compassion and security and 
anger as we started to find out what had happened - it was a horrific roller 
coaster ride of emotions." 

Across the globe in China, Mary Coughlin '82. chief investment officer for 
Barnegat Bay Investment Advisors and a member of the University board of 
directors, and her husband. David Shanker. were eagerly anticipating the arrival 
of the two-year-old they were to adopt. 

"While people on the East Coast were just beginning the workchy. we were 
in the hotel room in bed, because there's a 12-hour difference. The only English- 
speaking station was CNN," says Coughlin, whose niece, Colleen Supinski, was 
among the missing. "I knew where Colleen was. I was in immediate panic and I 
made a ton of phone calls and we just waited and waited," she recalls. "To have 
that much joy and that much pain at the same rime was unbehevable." 

CouKtut^ Blessings 

Among those counting special blessings is Susquehanna Board Chair Nick 
Lopardo '68 who had just been in one of the the buildings the day before the 
attacks. "I'd often been to receprions at Windows on the World in the World 
Trade Center and would marvel at the private aircraft flymg below." he says. "I 
remembered growing up as a bd on Long Island during the 60s and seeing that 
building project - how incredible it was right fiom the start . . . and how incredi- 
ble It felt to fly back recendy and not have the two towers there." 

A senior attorney and government ethics speciahst in the office of the secre- 
tary of detense. Gail Mason *70 was attending a conference in Norfolk. Va., 
when the plane crashed into the Pentagon. "It was like the building was wound- 
ed," she says. "There was this gaping hole." A civilian, as are most of the people 
working in the Pentagon, she returned to a workplace that was also a crime 
scene. "You were greeted by several military persons with Uzis as soon as you got 
ofi^ the train, then you got to the turnstile and there were more - at every point 
along the way there were armed guards." 

FcutuUar Faces 

Beth Sullivan '02, a marketing major from Long Island, was fresh from a sum- 
mer internship at Basehne Financial Services on the 77th and 78th floor at 2 
World Trade Center Four of the company's 250 employees lost their lives. "It hit 

A uteittoyialaardetv U ploKKed to konor 
Collee*v Supinski a*ui Chris Vlalonaa'. Jcc-^mmC' 39- 

Susquehanna Today 21 

Beth Sullivan '02 had just completed a summef internship at the World 
Trade Center. 

nic really hard." she says. "A month earlier I was working there, going in every 
morning at 7:30 or 8. 1 didn't know a lot of people or a lot of names, but by 
going m at the same time every day, everyone's faces on the subway had become 

At home that morning in Manville, N.J., Red Cross volunteer Lynn 
Hassinger '57 Askew was assigned by 1 1:30 a.m. to a Jersey City shelter. "We 
took two-hour sleep shifts and sat up all night and watched it burn." she says. 
But It was a "very different kind of shelter experience" for Askew, a veteran of 
disaster sites including Oklahoma City and Hurricane Floyd, when Qoodwaters 
were literally in her own neighbor's backyard. "1 have never seen so many ambu- 
lances and first aid vehicles sitting in lines and lines waiting to be used. Of 
course, they expected a lot more victims to be survivors." 

Ouipcuruw ofSufH>crt 

"People stepped forward and did what they had to do," says Steven Rhoads."It 
showed to not only the people in this country, but the people around the world, 
that even if something as devastating as this happens you can still pick yourself 
up and keep going." 

On campus, the student life staff — especially residence bfe, the counseUng 
and health centers. Director of Multicultural Affain Brian Johnson, Chaplain 
Mark Wm. Radecke. and Dean of Students Dorothy Anderson — were 
tracking and stiying in touch with at least 20 students early on. "We really 
worked, with help from the computer center, to discover as quickly as possible 
studentN who had family and friends in New York City and DC." explains 
Anderson. Several smdents were trying to get in touch with parents who worked 
.U the site. One student lost a cousin and had another cousin seriously injured; 
one lost her future stepfather, a transit policeman; two are related to Mary 
Coughlin and Colleen Supinski. But on the whole, says Andenon,"We had 
more good news than bad as the day unfolded." 

The da>'s were particularly strcwftil for Americans of Middle Eastern descent 
such as BakUsh Ahadi '05 who was just two-years-old when his family fled 
Alghamsun m I'JH-t during the Sovnct invasion. After a harrowing six-day ride 
over the mountains and slx months m a Pakisun refugee camp, the family emi- 
grated to the United Sutes with a sponsorship from St. Paul Lutheran Church in 
Carlisle, Pa."l received so many phone calls on September 11 th, asking me if I 
was okay, lerang me know if 1 had any troubles where 1 could call," says Ahadi. 
"I newr had even met these people, they were just there." 

For others. carr\'mg on meant continuing with classes and activines. "There is 
no place 1 would rather have had our students during the course ot this wx'ck 
than in the company of the mature, thoughttul, and wise members of our facul- 
ty'," said President L. Jay Lemons at the service lor prayer and rcmembr.ince. 

Relief efforts blossomed on campus as well. Among them: the football team 
contributed $2,560 from the Lycoming game to the disaster tund. Alpha Phi 
Omega and Chapel Council donated pmfits from a Penny Wars competition to 
the American Red Cross. Phi Mu Dclf.i hired .1 bus to transport members to a 
blood drive in Williamsport. And Kate Skivington '05. an elementar\- educa- 
tion major fixsm Scottstown, N.Y., spearheaded campus efforts to collect frinds 
for President Bush's Fund for Afghan Children. Meanwhile, churih pastors and 
members of Lutheran communities in Costa Rica that benefit from an annual 
Central American service learning project sponsored by the Office of the 
Chaplain sent a powerful and moving Letter of Sohdarity. 

CfuuutBlui^ Hope^ 

By Thursday. Sept. 13, students in Assistant Professor of Sociology Simoiu Hill's 
Social Problems class were laying the groundwork for "Voices of Concern," an 
on-campus forum on the tragedy. "The focus of a liberal arts education is to 
make sense of events, not only in our everyday lives, but in a global sense." 
explains Hill."l am so proud of my students. They took some of that initial 
pamc, dread, fear and uncertainty and channeled it into an academic endeavor." 

Seeking his own way to honor his brother's memory. Erich Maerz trained in 
just three weeks and ran with his father in the New York City marathon with 
his brother's race number and picture on the front of their shirts. The two also 
discussed their family's loss on television shows," The O'Reilly Factor" and 

"You wonder how could God do this?" he says. "But think about how many 
people stayed home irom work that day. How many people went in late or went 
out to get coffee. How many people got down the steps." 

"It makes you realize that every day you have is a gift." 

tAc- Near Normal 

Four months later and just blocks away from the WTC cleanup site. Terry March 
and his firm are trying to return to what he describes as "the new normal."They 
have dealt with short-term issues such as air quality and supplies of fire extin- 
guishers, and now face larger, longer-term issues such as adequate insurance and 
the possible chilling effect on business posed by a threatened urban environment. 

"There is a much greater feeling of vulncrabUity and the security issues that 
come with that," says March. "But we're going to work here. We're not leaving. 
We will not be driven away by the barbaric acts of terrorism." 

"Some of my attimdes might change," says Gail Mason, recalling reports of 
people in the World Trade towers who went back to work instead of evacuating. 
"I'm one of those people who will work through the fire alarms — and wish 
they'd shut it ofT Or 1 will be the first one back at work," she says. "And 1 don't 
think any of us can afford to do that any more. They're not false alarms, nor just 

Amid it all is an air of uncertainty succincdy expressed by the University's 
Director of Computing Services, Roozbeh Tavakoli, who had lived under the 
dictatorship in his native Iran until he emigrated to the United States at the age 
of 25. "I spent the first 25 years of my life living in fear, the next 25 living in 
times of great opportunity, and now I'm not sure what's next." 

Mort' Cautious Trca/zL 

For those who travel in the most vulnerable metropolitan areas, longer com- 
mutes and security checkpoints are the new order of the day. And many in the 
Susquehanna community admit to being more cautious in plans for travel, par- 
ticularly during high-profile times, such as the holidays. 

"I spent 15 to 20 years traveling 150.000 to 200.000 miles a year, even on 
airlines hke Aeroflot and China Air." says Lopardo. "Now I have second thoughts 
about getting on an American Airhnes flight." 

Five of the 26 smdents planning study abroad during spring semester post- 
poned or cancelled their plans, according to Scott Manning, coordinator of 
international study programs. But, he adds, interest in study abroad for next year 
actually appears to be higher than usual, with students citing an increased need 
to understand the mternational arena or interest in careers oriented toward gov- 
ernment and international issues. 

22 Susquehanna TotMY 

Kate Skivington '05 collected funds for Afghan children. 

The events have provided fertile ground for discussions on topics from the 
Islamic faith and personal freedoms to morality and the meaning of hfe. "It 
comes up all the time in quite a few of my classes." says first-year student Kate 
Skivington. "Something draws us back to that day." 

"I am always looking for new ways to present material, but this is an oppor- 
tunity that I didn't want," says Simona Hill. "It will change how I teach minori- 
ties," she says. There have also been some calls to focus on issues dealing with 
Arabs and Jews m the capstone course in diversity studies, which she coordinates. 
"It is a good sign," she adds. "It's important that we go outside of ourselves," she 

In late November, Baktash Ahadi declared a major - psychology with a poha- 
cal science minor - definitely influenced by post-September 1 1 events. 
"Psychology is great. People are interacting day in and day out. You can't get 
bored. And 1 thmk it's the same thing with pohtical science, especially where the 
two disciplines intersect. Just think about how strong someone's views are that 
they might strap a bomb to their chest and blow themselves up along with 20 
other innocent people for a cause they think is just." 

Lessons LearKed 

From a business owner's perspective, the events have in many ways prompted a 
renewed commitment, says Terry March. "Each and every one of us will be re- 
channeling resources - perhaps from increasing efficiency and growing the exist- 
ing business to improving security and looking at doing business in more creative 

"I think the biggest lesson is we've got to have better intelligence in this 
country, because we should have known about this." feels Mary Coughhn. And 
Coughlin. a former New Yorker, also stresses the need for better evacuation plans, 
especially after experience gained from the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. 

"We need to be more careftil. more observant. The terrorists were here a long 
ame trying to blend in." says Gail Mason. But, she adds, we also need a carefiil 
balance of questioning more without going to the extreme of labeling people. "I 
was a small child during the McCarthy hearings - some of the rhetoric we're 
hearing almost reminds me of that. It terrifies me that that could happen again." 

Our Part uv the global Com^Kumty 

"This opens Americans' eyes and minds to what the government is doing and to 
how other people are suffering day in and day out." says Baktash Ahadi. "In this 

Erich Maerz '97 ran in the New York City marathon in memory of his 
brother, Noel. 

Look arotifui 

041/1 recoafiize^ eueryday 
heroes «^ ave^tnAkma o/ 
^ differeHjce^.,, 

country we can think about things like life. food, computers, free time and a col- 
lege education, when many of the people in the world, especially in Afghanistan, 
can't even read," he says. "All of a sudden, people want to know about these 
things," he adds. "1 feel Hke I have a moral obbgation to help people under- 

"One of the lessons President Bush has learned is that we can't just stand 
here alone as a nation and think somehow we are self sufficient and everything 
is going to be just fine." says Associate Professor of Philosophy Jeff Whitman. 
"For better or worse, we're part of a global community and things that happen 
on the other side of the globe affect us in the United States. 

"If we're going to win the war against terrorism, the military effort is going 
to be the least important part of the equation," he stresses. "We need to change 
conditions in certain areas of the world that breed terrorism - that's the hard 
part - that will take sacrifice because it will cost money." 

"I have always been an optimist - a glass half frill kind of person," says Nick 
Lopardo. "Unfortunately, there is a lot of good in the world that goes unnoticed 
while evil gets the attention," he says, urging people to look around and recog- 
nize everyday heroes who are making a difference in the hves and institutions 
around them. 

"The lesson that's most important is to be thankfial for every day that you're 
here, even if things don't go right ... In the bhnk of an eye, as the Bible would 
say, those precious days can go by." 

ForcuH^ to EKfUore^ 9/11 ButKts oMzi KesMKse^ 

The University's Jewish Studies and Holocaust/Genocide Studies 
programs will sponsor a public panel discussion, "Responding to 9/11: 
Before and After," on Tuesday, Feb. 26, from 7 to 9 p.m. in the 
Degenstein Campus Center meeting rooms. Faculty experts from a 
cross-section of the university will lead a panel discussion on the 
historical context of the September terrorist attacks, the consequent 
American responses, and international perspectives on America's 
place in a post-September 11 world. 

Susquehanna Today 23 

{ontmued fwm pagf 19 

Creetings from N'imibid Rusta 
Katomho, daughter of Esther and 
Robert H. Kalomho '91 greets the 
world from her home in Windhoek, 
Namibia, flobert is a deputy direc- 
tor, fixed asset management (real 
estate management) at the 
Ministry of Works, Transport and 
Communication for Namibia. 

Thomas J. Dodd '92 married Amy L. 
Heaton, June 9, 2001, St. Stephen's 
Catholic Church, Clenwood Springs, 
Colo. Todd Ericson '93 was In the 
wedding party and Chris Miller '92 
attended the wedding. He Is the 
vice principal at Aspen High School 
In Aspen, Colo. Amy Is a physical 
therapist at Aspen Valley Hospital 
In Aspen. They live In Wood Creek, 
Colo. See profile, page 25. 

for the Central Pennsylvania region. 
Heather R. Sheriff '91 is a dis- 
trict iiunjger for GAP. Inc./Old 
Nav-y Division. She lives in 
Indianapolis. Ind. 

Born to Keith 
'91 and Susan 
Reilly 92 
Wallington. a 
-^ ^^ daujiiuer. 

Mackenzie Rcillv. 

/ June 2.21)01. 




Susan is a human 
resource manager 
for Schering 
Plough and Keith 

IS a fifth- and si.xth-grade music 

teacher at South Brunswick 

Eleinentar>' School. They live in 

Dayton. N.J. 

Scott Watson '91 married Darcy 

Chamides. Aug. 8. 201)1. Newport. 

R.I. They live in Mount Laurel. N.J. 




Class Kcportcr: 
JuUe Hechnum MuUin 
Apt. 202, 223 i-mmis Caddai Pky. 
Harmhurji, PA 17111 

If you want to join your fellow 
cia-ssmatcs to help plan your reunion, 
please contact the alumni office. So 
far the committee is Tammy Frailey 
Shearer. Laura Viozzi Haldis. 
Karli Grant, Stacy Koppenhaver, 
Kelly Roberts. Christine 
Bukowski Johnson and Gretchen 
Magnuson White. 

Born to Mike and Andrea 
Bonita '92 Anthony, a son. Michael 
Joseph, Aug. 9. 2001. Michael joins 
big sister, Marisa.They live in Lincoln 

The Boys of 92: Christine Bukowski 92 Johnson, left, holds Andrew and 
Stephen; Keri-Ann O'Connor '92 Byrne, center, holds Kevin and Jack; and 
Laura Viozzi '92 Haldis holds Luke and Casey. 


More than 50 alumni and friends attended the 10th reunion of the 
1991 South Region Championship Crusader Football Team. Pictured are: Mike 
Rehrig '94, Jamie HIckey '94, Tom Leibensperger '94, Pete Rendlna '93 and 
Jim Fllipovlts '93. 

University. Pa. 

Karin Griffith '92 Brush is self- 
employed as a wedding floral design- 
er. Petals & Sweets. She lives m 
Somerville. NJ. 

Born to Tlionias and Patricia 
Saunders '92 Burns, a son. John 
(Jack) Moloney. Dec. U). 2000. They 
live in Westwood. N J. 

li(^rn to Jim 
and Keri-Ann 
O'Connor '92 
^* • ' Byrne, a son. 
Kevin. Oct. 
20110. Kevin 

Kevin and Jack J"'"* '"g ^'o^hu-r. 
Qy^n^ I.ick. Ken-Ann 

owns a Mary 
K.iy business. 
They live in 
Vernon. Conn. 

Born to 
Jennifer and 
Brian Celiberti 
^-^ '92, a son. 

William Munson William 
Celiberti Munson, May 8. 

2001. Brian is 
the managing director of SEBS of 
New York. Inc. They live in 
RJdgewood, N.J. 

Douglas DeStephano *92 is an 
ordained minister at Christ Lutheran 
Church. Doug has two children: 
Benjamin. 3 years, and lO-mo.-old 
Matthew. He hves in Yoe. Pa. 

Jeff Fadrowski *92 married 
Valerie Ann Natale, in the Hershey 
Rose Gardens, Hershey, Pa. They live 
in Harrisburg. Pa. 

Born to L^avid and Kelly 
Thomas '92 Fleckenstein, a son. 
Brian Thomas. Jan. 17. 2001. They 
live in Schwenksville, Pa. 

John Fudge *92 married Ellen 
C. Blank '93 - see 1993 

James Gilchrist *92 is pursuing 
dual careers in theatre/music industry 
and working as a technical writer in 
New York City. 

Born to Carl and Rebecca 
Harvey *92 Gonyer. a daughter. 
Morgan Kay-Lyn,July 5.2001. 
Rebecca is an internal business con- 
sultant for SAP America, Newtown 

Square. P.i. They 
live m 
Collegevillc, Pa. 

Born to 
1 hoin.i^ and 
Laura Viozzi 
'92 Haldis. a 
son, Casey 
Morgan Kay-Lyn w.tlker. April 2.S. 
^°"V^^ 2001. He joins 

big brother. 
Luke, They live m nanvillo. Pa. 

Thomas Hufline '92 is a teature 
producer at Home Box Office, New 
York. N.Y 

Born to Kelly and Thomas 
Isenberg Jr. '92. a daughter. Crace 
Olivia. Dec. 29. 2000. He is an .xssoci- 
ate in the litigation department of 
Duane, Morris & Hcckscher LLP. 
They live in Harrisburg. Pa. 

Robert Knupp *92 is an organist 
at CalUHv.iy Mi'iiional United 
Methodist Church and is an assistant 
professor of music at Mississippi 
College. Ho lives in ('lintoii, Miss. 

Elizabeth Paige Malin '92 is 
the head athletic trainer at Endicott 
College. Beverly. Mass. 

Marni Pietrowicz '92 
McDermott completed the St. 
Anthony "s Olympic distance triathlon 
m St. Petersburg. Fla. m April 2001 . 
This was a fundraiser for the 
Leukemia and Lymphoma Society 
through their "Team in Training" pro- 
gram. The race included a one-mile 
swim, a 25-iTule bike ride and a six- 
rmle run. 

Jodi Knepp '92 Mee, a son - see 

Rory O'Neil '92 married 
Behnda Maresi, Nov 3. 2001, Trinity 
Episcopal, Vero Beach, Fla. Rory is an 
account executive at Nielsen Media 
Research. They live m Larkspur. C^alif. 

Michelle Neuman '92 
Nickerson. a daughter, see 1991 

Matthew E. Stark '92 married 
Tonya St. Romain.June 24, 2001, Las 
Vegas. Nev. Matthew is a weekend 
sports anchor at WHBQ-TV. a Fox 
TV affiliate in Memphis. Tenn. Tonya 
also joined the station as a news 
anchor/reporter. They live in 

24 Susquehanna ToiMY 

Ford and Cole 

Memphis, Tenn, 

Anne Patterson '92 married 
Benjamin Stengle, August 21. 1999. 
Holy Cross Roman Catholic Church. 
Ovid. N.Y. Dana Mascioli *91 was 
the maid of honor. They have a 
daughter. Elizabeth Paige, born March 
2. 2001. They live in Ovid. 

Sarah Shofran '92 Schmidt, a 
son. see 1990. 

Born to Doug 
and Amanda 
LaBrecque '92 
Stevens, a son, 
ford Douglas. 
Mjrch 23.2001. 
Ic joins big 
brother. Cole. 
They live in Fair 
Haven. N.J. 
Born to Jeff and Eileen Thomas 
*92 Swanson. a son. Nicholas John. 
Oct. IH. 2000. They live in 
(lerniantown, Md. 

John R. Walter '92 is a group 
manager at DoorCraft of 
Pennsylvania. He lives in MifFlinburg. 

Susan ReiUy '92 Watlington, a 
daughter, see 1991. 

Born to Michael and Kristen 
Evans '92 Waughen. their third 
daughter. Jcnna Lauren. June 29. 
2001 . She joins older sisters, Kelsey 
and Amy, They live in Hummelsiown, 

Jen Winter '92 Zeitz was 
inducted into the Susquehanna 
University Sports Hall of Fame in 
2001. She lives in Warminster. Pa. 


Born to Philippe and Maijorie 
Gates '93 Adam, a son, Lucas 
Philippe. Oct. 1.2001. He joins a big 
sister, Alexandra Sabrina. Maijorie is a 
Realtor, They live in Charlottesville. 

Born to Rob and Amy Nolan 
*93 Aldrich. a son. Nolan Emmett. 
Aug. 10. 2000. They live in Smyrna, 

Edward S. Bardzik '93 is the 
owner/ operator of Auto Wise, a pre- 
owned luxury car dealership and 
European automobile repair facility. 
He lives in West Chester, Pa. 

Scott Bechtel '93 completed the 
Ironman Cahfornia, May 19,2001 at 
the USMC Camp Pendleton. He fin- 
ished the 2.4-nule swim. 112-mile 
bike and 26.2-niile run in 12 hours 
and 22 minutes. He lives in San 
Diego, Calif. 

Ellen C. Blank '93 married 
John A. Fudge '92. Sept. 29, 2001, 
Saint Catharine's Church, Spring 

Lake, NJ. Ellen is an account execu- 
tive with a catalogue agency in 
Manhattan and John is the co-owner 
of USA Funding, a finance company 
which generates government-backed 
loans. They live in Wall Township. NJ. 

Edward F. Christian *93 has 
been named branch manager of 
Cominerce Bank's Morns Plains 
office. He lives in Mendham, NJ 

John Crane '93 was elected pres- 

ident of the alumni board of the 
Sigma Phi Epsilon fiaternity. 

Todd Donovan '93 held a con- 
cert benefiting the Canada-US AIDS 
Vaccine Ride in August. 2001, at St. 
Matthew's Lutheran Church. San 
Francisco, Calif. Todd and his partner, 
Joe Sciortino. will be doing the Ride, 
a 400-mile bike ride fix>m Montreal 
to Pordand, Maine, to raise money for 
AIDS vaccine research. 

Michael G. Ettlemyer *93 mar- 
ried Annelies van der Wateren.June 
23. 2001. Rye. N.Y. They honey- 
mooned in Italy and now reside in 
Rye Brook. N.Y. 

James W. Filipovits '93 married 
Kimberly Faye Landes. April 7,2001. 
St. John's United Church of Christ, 
Northampton, Pa. James is a system 
analyst at CMC Inc. in Bethlehem. 
They Hve in Bethlehem. 

Ronald Miller '93 married Jennifer Young, June 9, 2001, Sharon Lutheran Church, Selinsgrove, Pa. Other SU alumni in 
the wedding party were Mark Boughner '93, Anissa DeCapria '98, father of the bride Rich Young '54, Coach Bob 
Pittello '51 (reader) and mother Marsha Young, a Susquehanna employee. Ron and Jennifer live in Selinsgrove. Pictured 
are, from left to right, first row: Mike Bowman '03, Jim Taylor, Jane Taylor, Anissa DeCapria '98- f^on Miller '93, Jen 
Miller, Rich Young '54, Bob Pittello '51, Karen Fitzgerland, Katie Cavanaugh, Heather Stout '97 Loomis, Frank Marcinek, 
Mike Keeney; second row: Don Harnum, Connie Harnum, Jeff Mattis, Chris Lodewyks '72, Tony Duborow '97, Mark 
Boughner '93, Shari Trembulak '93 Mangels, Steve Briggs, Alan Fitzgerald, Dave Loomis '96, Patty Lightner; third row: 
Dick Purnell '58, Tim Briggs, Mary Jane Purnell, Mike Fahnestock, Sean Noonan, Laurie Noonan, Chris Briggs, Dan 


Tom Dodd 92. and Todd Ericson 93 


tandout SU wresders Thomas J. Dodd *92 and Todd 

I Ericson *93 have continued their success on the mat while 
coaching wrestling together at Eagle Valley High School in 
Gypsum, Colo. 

Tom was a four-year varsity letter winner and two-time MAC place 
winner {4th at 275 lbs. m 1992, 5th at 190 lbs. m 1993) at SU.Todd 
was also a four-year varsity letter winner, and at one point held school 
records for most pins in a season and most pins in a career. Along with 
Andy Watkins *93 and Matt Schwank *93, they capumed the 1993 
team to a school record for most wins at 13-3, and the team's first ever 
national ranking of 23rd in NCAA Division III. 

Tom coached at Eagle Valley High School near Vail. Colo., fi-om 
1995-2001. After his fourth season in 1999, Tom, who also served as 
EVHS associate prmcipal, recruited Todd from Chile, where Todd was 
teachmg English and kayaking, to be a Spanish /English teacher and 
assistant wrestling coach at EVHS. 

Durmg Tom's six years at EVHS. including two with Todd as his 
assistant, Tom coached 43 state qualifiers, 16 state place winners, four 
state rurmers-up, two state champions and compiled a win-loss record 
of 69-28. Prior to EVHS. Tom was the graduate assistant coach at 
Adams State College in Alamosa, Colo., assisting the squad to 8th- and 
lOth-place finishes, with four AU-Amencans each year, at the 1994 
and 1995 NCAA Division II National Tournaments. 

Though Tom recendy left Eagle Valley to accept the vice principal 
position at Aspen High School in Aspen, Colo., he continues to help Todd, now head coach, with the wresding program 
when he can. The pair also continue to kayak together in the off-season. 

Former SU wrestlers Tom Dodd '92 and Todd 
Ericson '93 were reunited as wrestling coaches in 

Still Going to 
the Mat 

Susquehanna Today 25 

SU Alumni Bumper Crop: This traditional family reunion over the fourth of 
July produced a bumper crop of SU alumnt. Pictured left to right, are: Robert 
King '68, Maggie Heil '68 King, Shannon Ehret '05, J. Donald Steele, Sr. '33, J. 
Donald Steele, Jr. '73, Susan Volansky '93 King, Christopher D. King '93, 
Steven M. Simms '97, Karen King '97 Simms and Donald Steele King '66. 

Alex Smith '93 married Ashley Weis, Oct. 6, 2001, Presidio Golf Course, San 
Francisco, Calif. Alumni at the wedding included Dave Moretz '94, Lenny 
Click '94, Scott Novak '93 and Tom King '93. Alex manages the Enterprise 
Management Services team at DigitalThink, a firm providing e-learning busi- 
ness solutions. 

Sharon Foight *93 is a market- 
ing specialist at digiTRADE, New 
York. N.Y. 

Horn to Mama and Richard L. 
Keller '93, a daughter. Lauren 
Allison. July 12. 2(H)t They live in 
West Chester. Pa. 

Brandon Koehler '93 is a senior 
account manager at MBNA America. 
He lives in Timomum, Md. 

David Kopitsky *93 is a football 
coach and American history teacher 
at Shamokin Area High School. He 
coaches with his father. 

Sean Dakshaw '93 married Jeannme Campbell, April 8, iooo, St. Timothy's 
Catholic Church, Philadelphia, Pa. Other SU alumni in the wedding party were 
Stephen Bridy '94 and Thomas Nestor '95. Sean recently completed an emer- 
gency residency at University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. He 
accepted a position at Chestnut Hill Hospital as an emergency medicine 
attending physician. Sean and Jeannine live in Wyndmoor, Pa. 

26 SuscjUEHANNA Today 

Frank Krantz *93 earned a mas- 
ter ot science degree in information 
systems from Drexel Universit\'. He is 
the manager of technical services for 
The Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. 
Frank, his wife. Rebekah. and their 
daughter. Corah, live in CIark.s 
Summit. Pa. 

Frank Lane *93 was named head 
football coach at Salisbun,- High 
SchooL He lives in Easton, Pa. 

Lisa Moody '93 Litwn is the 
events and communications coordina- 
tor for the Chamber of Business 6: 
hidustry of Centre County. She also 
writes Henfa^c I newsletter and is a 
part of the team that produces the 
ChamberNet newsletter. 

Gina Macmillan *93 married 
Glenn D. Randall. Sept. 1, 2001. 
Church of St. James, Basking Ridge. 
N.J. Susquehanna alumni in the wed- 
ding part>' were Julie Nipoti *93 
Lloyd. Courtney Parisi '93 and 
Jennifer Watkins '93 Santosuosso. 
Gma is a public relations writer at 
Patrice Tanaka & Company, Inc., 
New York. N.Y. Gina and Glenn live 
in Madison. NJ. 

Daniel B. Murdock '93 is m the 
sports department ot 77ic Bcriicn 
Record. He lives in Hoboken. N.J. 
Born to 
Karen and D. 
Scott Novak 
'93. a daughter. 
Kaitlin Emily. 
November 1 1 . 
2000. They live 
in Mathew, N.C, 

Wendy E. 
'93 married 
Brad Williams. Sept. 15, 2001, St. 
Maria Goretti Church, Laflin, Pa. 
Wendy is a credit analyst at 
bioMerieux. Durham. N.C. They live 
in Hillsborough, N.C. 

Kimberly Oaks '93 is a sales 
representative for McNeil Consumer 
Healthcare, Fort Washington, Pa. 

Shari L. Zeger '93 Rice is a 
semor director in general accounting 
at Rite Aid Corporanon. Etters, Pa, 

Lisa Robinson '93 is a registered 
nurse in the Air Force, stationed at 
Keesler AFB in Biloxi. Miss. 

Brenda Schoenewolf '93 mar- 
ried Stephen J. Henry. July 7. 2001. 
St. Mark-s Roman Cathohc Church. 
Sea Girt. NJ. Colleen Dougherty 
'93 Motzel and Scott Schoenewolf 
'92 were in the wedding party. 
Brenda is a teacher. They live in 
Spring Lake. NJ. 

Heather Smith '93 married 
Jason Dumi, Oct. 2. 1999,Trimty 
Lutheran Church. Camp Hill, Pa. 
They live in Boiling Springs, Pa. 

Born to David *93 and 
Christine Trout Sottilc *93, a 

daughter, Koidyn 
Ann. June 8. 
2(K)l.They live 
in Langhoriie, Pa. 

Ally son 
Lukasavage '93 
Swartz joined 
Pennstar Bank as 
an area sales 
manager. She 
lives in 
Shavertown with her husband. Ciary. 
Christopher Sweeney '93 is a 
man.iger of a tine dining establish- 
ment. Q's Restaurant in the Hotel 
Boulderado. Boulder, Colo. He keeps 
busy in lus free time training for vari- 
ous marathons. He has a personal best 
of 2:41 in the Valley of The Sun 
Marathon in Phoenix, Ariz, in Feb. of 
2001. He completed his 10th 
marathon in Boston last April in 2:46. 
He lives in Boulder. Colo. 

Matthew Triaca '93 has been 
named manager of the Aviation, 
Transportation and Tourism Group of 
Burson-Marsteller in Washington. 
D.C. Matt was media relations man- 
ager of United Airlines. He lives in 
Alexandria, Va. 

Born to Joy and Christopher 
Vardis '93. a son. Matthew Joseph, 
May 22. 2001. They live in Apex. 
N.C. Christopher is president of 
Vardis Homes. Inc. 

Kevin Weinhoflfer '93 is an assis- 
tant vice president and commercial 
loan officer for Citizens & Northern 
Bank. Muncy office. He lives in 
South WiUiamsport. Pa. 

Jonathan L. Williams '93 is a 
talent agent at Judy Schoen & 
Associates. He lives in Burbank, Calif. 

Megan Shannon '93 married 
Stanley Hiadik, May 19, 2001, Our 
Lady of the Holy Angels, Little 
Falls, N.J. They live in Totowa, N.J. 

Courtney Steele '93 married Peter Kaprelian, Sept. li, 2001, Old 76 House, 
Tappan, N.Y. Pictured from left to right: Colleen Dougherty '93 Motzel, 
Wendy Blackburn '93 Kleckner, Brenda Schoenewolf '93 Henry, Courtney, 
Karen Stewart '93 Stewart, Ruthe Spitzig '93 Potter and Christine Nelis '93 


Class Reporter: 
Andrea S. Hughcy 
905 Sheridan Street 
Williamspori. PA 17701-3639 

Christopher Bowen '94 is the 
director of branch operations at 
TekSystems. He hvcs in Harrisburg. 

Born to Janet and William D. 
Bucher '94. twin girls, Katelyn Rose 
and Madelyn Ehzabeth. August 8, 
2001. They live in Charlotte, N.C., 
where Bill is a vice-president for 
Wachovia Securities. 

John Bukowski *94 is a manager 
in the geosciences department at 
North Wind Environmental, Inc. He 
lives in Shelly, Idaho. 

Christopher D. Cady *94 is an 
accountant for Coca-Cola. He lives in 
Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Brett Davis '94 is in his third 
year of a doctorate program in clini- 
cal psychology at Loyola College. He 
lives in Baltimore, Md. 

Karen Edsell '94 has accepted an 


Heidi A. Peterson '94 completed the 
Boston Marathon on April 16, iooi, 
with plans to run the Cape Cod 
Marathon in October 2001. Heidi is 
a literacy teacher and track coach In 
Oxford, Mass. 

invitation to serve in Cote d'lvoire. 
Douglas H. Forsyth '94 works 
for LandAmenca. He hves in 
Hoboken, N.J. 

Leonard Glick *94 is a brand 
manager for LEGO Systems, Inc. He 
lives in Enfield, Conn. 

Monica Hoyer '94 is a consul- 
tant for web production and hves in 
Brooklyn. N.Y. 

D. Troy Knauss '94 has been 
promoted to president and chief 
operating officer of Knauss Foods of 
Quakertown. He lives in Center 
Valley. Pa. 

Born to Jack and Pam 
Nickerson '94 Lucido. a daughter. 
Amber Rose, Oct. 2, 2001. They live 
in Holly Springs, N.C. 

John D. Menditto '94 is the 
director of investor relations at 
Novartis Corporation, New York, 

Tom Murphy 
*94 has joined 
the staff of 
College as assis- 
tant director of 
student programs 
and leadership 

-r AA u -„ development. A 

Tom Murphy 94 , ^ ^„, . 

member or Phi 

Mu Delta frater- 
nity, he will also be the advisor to the 
fraternities and sororities on campus. 
He was most recently a coordinator 
of residence life at Penn State-Berks 

Gretchen L. Musser '94 is a 
gallery manager at Foliograph Gallery. 
She lives in McLean. Va. 

Eric Michael Spahr *94 is a ter- 
ritory sales manager for Philip 
Morns, USA. Harrisburg. He hves in 
Camp Hill. Pa. 

Born to Jeflfrey *94 and Rebecca 
Page '94 Young, a daughter. Lillian 
Page, May 8, 2000. Jeff is a client 
manager for CIGNA. Jersey City, N.J. 
Becky is now the facilities manager, 
Westgate Corporate Center for 

Liberty Corner, 
N J. They live in 


Class Reporter: 

Korie Traver 

P.O. Box 15 

Springvitte. PA 18844-0015 

Krista Steinhart *95 Breeding 

is a music teacher at C.W Rice 
Middle School. Shikellamy School 
District, Northumberland, Pa. 

Born to Jilhan D. and Andrew 
Cosgrove '95. a daughter. Alexa 
Marion, May 13, 2001. They live in 
Powder Springs, Ga. 

Patrick Diamond '95 married 
Melissa Little,July 14. 2001. Christ 
United Methodist Church. 
Greensboro, N.C. They Uve in High 
Point, N.C. 

Christopher Dietz *95 married 
Donna Wertz, May 28. 2001, Mt. 
Pisgah Altar, Shade Mountain, 
McAlisterville.The Rev. Stuart H. 
Lengel Jr. '54, stepfather of the 
groom, performed the ceremony. 
They live in Glen Allen, Va. 

H. Stephen Denzel *95 is a 
manager at Dun & Bradstreet. He 
lives in Bethlehem. Pa. 

Born t