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Full text of "Swetnam the woman-hater. 1620"

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Gufcor jfacsimile 

tnam t Homatt-later 

o/ ow/y known original edition 1620 

(Dyce Collection.) 
Reproduced in Facsimile 

Under the Supervision and Editorship of 



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This facsimile for convenience has been reproduced from the 
Dyce copy. There are other copies in the B. M. (C. 34, b. 48 ), 
and Bodley. 

Nothing new can be said as to the comparative merits of 
reproduction between this and the other plays of " The Tudor 
Facsimile Texts" admittedly pronounced as all-round excellent. 
The condition of original is generally good, with rather faded ink 
and considerable set-through in places, the paper being rather drab 
in tone. 






A new Comcdie, 

Aflcd at thc^Bwfl, by the late 
Quctncf Seruams. 


Printed for RicbardMeighen , and arc to be fold at his Shops 

at Saint Cltments Church, oucr-againtt Effex Houic, and 

4it Wepminfar Hall, i 6 a o. 

E*ter Lo IE 

They Will I* welcome: e*r c *re't nttfir them, 

Of thi* dyertrjAU : w< ?e off ofcttfed. 

H**> w*tjb*nclt*rg o*rft/*ft, there lyes the btAt. 

Tbemen, /^wr, vnUl^h, when titjMheir* 
K r*rd. artW*, *df*y> 'Tit well. 
We ^ll defers *{m*ck> Lef -vm.Uuh on 

* to At we nett* merjt$d. 

J <i a 're prcfo 
; tod thinkc-tij a 

A C T. L S C B N. I. 

Enter IAGO *nd Nxc AN OR , tyg 
i* private c 


lEe was a Tcruious and a hopefull Prince, 
And wehaue iuft caufc to lament his death, 
, For had he liu'd, and Spaine made war agcn, 
He would fa* prou'd a Terror to his Foe. 
A greater caufc of'gricfc was neuer know^e, 
Not oncly in his death, but for thclcfls , 

Of Prince Lori*** too, h : ,5 yoftger brother, 
Who hath bcenc mi (ting aimoft cighteene monetht, 
And none car- cell whether aliueor dead. 

Nit. How do's the King bcnre thefe affli&icms ? 

Enter 4notbtr Lord. 

l*g. Now yu (hall heare how fare* his Maieftie. 
Lord. Oh my good Lords,our forrowcs ftill incrcafe, 
A greater tide of woe is to be fcar'd, 
The Kings decay, mth gricfe for his two fonncs. 
J*. The god i forbid, let's in and comfort him. 

3. Lord. Alas, hfc forrcw's fcch 
He will not fufter YS to fpeake to him, 
But turnes aWay in rage , and fccrucs to tread 
The pace of one (if liuing) liuing dead. 
Set where he come*, 



__ _,, 

S W B t N A M, 

Lords, let TS all attend, E*t*r King % 
Vncill his grace be pleas' d to fpeake to TS. 

De*d March, 
tslttic. Death is the cafe of paic,and end of forrow, 
How can that be? Death gte my forrowes life, 
For by his death mypaineand gtiefe begun, 
And in beginning, neuer will haue end : for though I die, 
My lofle will Hue in future rpemorie, 
land (perhaps) will be lamented tco, 
And regiftrcd by fome, when all fhall heart 
jo/Mhad two formes,' yet hadnohcire. 
Ha! What a<c you? 

Who dares p re fume to interrupt vs thus ? 
What rneanes this forrow ? Wherefore are thcfc (Ignes? 
Or rnto whom are thcfe obferuances ? 
Nic. Vntp our King. . ^ 

5. Lords. Toyoiirny Seuerai^ne. 
/. Your Sublets all lament to fee you fad, 
t^ttic. You all arc Traytors then,and by my life 
1 will account you fo : 
Can you not be content with State and rule, 
But you nnift come to take away my Crownc? 
For folitude is forrowes cbiefeft Crowne. 
Griefe hath refign'd ouer his right to mee, 
And I am King of all woes Monarchic. 
You powers that grant Regeneration, 
What meant yon nrft to giuc him vitall breath ? 
And make larg,e Kiogdomes proud of fuch a Prince 
As my L*fypf*s was, fo good, fo vertuous : 
Then, in bis prime of yeares, 
x To take him from mcc by vntimcly death? 
Oh ! had my fpirit wings, I would afcend 
And fetch his foulc againe from 
Oh my fad forrowes I Whither am I driuen ? 
Into what maze of errors will you lead mec ? 
This MonBer (Griefe) hath fo diftrsufcd mcc 

Arraigned ly Wmenl 

I had tltnoft forgot inortalitie. (arc picas'^ 

lag. DeareLord hauc patience, thcughthc hcaueni 
To punifh Princes for their Subjects faults, 
In taking from vs fuch a hopefftli Prince, 
No doubt they will rcftore your yonger ibnnc. 
Who cannot be but ftay'd, and will,I hope 
Be quickly heard of,to recall your ioyes. 

Attic. No,T fhall ncuer fee Lernx* more, 
This eighteene moneths t haue uot heard of him, 
Jfcarefome Tray tors hand had feyz'd his life : 
If hec were lining, as that cannot bee ; 
I fooncr looke to fee the dead then hcc : 
For I am almoft fpent ; This heapc of age, 
Mixt with my forrow, foone will end my dayes, 

NIC. My Liege, take comfort, I (your Subieft) vow 
To goc my fclfc to feeke Lortnx.o for"th, 
And net returne vntill I find him out, 
Or bring fomc ncwes what is become of him. 

3. Lord. Thelikc will I, or ne'rcomcbickeagen. 

lag. Old as I aqp,I'le not be lad behind, 
And ifmy Soueraignc pleafe to let mee goe. 

Attte. I thanke your loacs, but Tie rcftrain your wils: 
If I fliould part from you, my daycs were done, 
For I fhould neuer hue till your rcturne, 

Enter Nicanor. 

NicAHtr my deare friend, /ago, 5/r**, 
One of you three, if I die ifluclcfle, 
Muft after meebe King of Sicilie. 
Doe not forfake mee then. 

Owner. Long Hue your grace: 
And may your ifTuc raigne eternally. 

Attic, As for our daughter hyte Leonid*, 
Her female Sexc cannot inherit here, Skottt 

One muft inioy both her and Sicilie. ;>/;>. 

What fudflcn fliout was that ? Sotr-e know the caufc ; 
Can there be io much ioy left in our Land, 

A i To 

To raife nacns royces to foihi gh a found? 

Or waft a flireckc of fome nsw raiferic? 
Far comfort cannot be e*pe&cd here. 

Happte,Sir,I hope* 
There is a Souldicr new arriu'd ac Cou.rt, 
Can tell fome tidings of the loop Ictt Prince : 

Sfir. Su, ihall he haue acceflc ? 

Itg. Oh ioyfull newcil 

Ante. Is it a queftion,,Syrx. ? Bring him in, 
As you would doe fome great Atnbaffad&ur ; 
He is BO lefle. Comes he BO: from a Prince ? 
Ho do's, if from Lornx* hee be lenc. 

t*fht in fy tbf LrA Sctnf&dit. 
Then Man of Warre, once play tb< Orator, 
Prouc Gricfe guiltic Thief, coodemnc my fcares, ' o 
And let my force wes fufifer in fhefe tearei : 
Haue I a foune or no ? Good Souldier fpeake. , 

Ctft. Sir, I arriu'd by chance rpon youi coafl, 
Yet hearing of the Proclamation 
Which promis'd trioufands yntaanyman 
That could bring newes to the Sicilian King, 
Whether Ltre*** were aliue or dead. 

Attic* Wcle double our reward what-c'r it be, 
If hee be liuing : Dead, we'le kcepe our word ; 
Then prethee Uy, What is become of him? 

C*ft. Not for reward, but loue to that brauc Prince, 
Whofememorie defcrues to out-liue time, 
Come I to tell what I too truely know ; 
In the Lepanthean bactcl not long fince, 
Where he was made Commander of a Fleet, 
Vnder Don lhm the Spanifh Gcnerall, 
He did demeane hirnfelfe fo manfully, 
That he performed wonders abouc bclicfc $ 



For when the the Ntuies ioyn'd , the Cannons plaid, 
And thundring clamors rang the dying knels 
Of many thoufand foules j He, void of fcarc, 

Dalli'd with danger, and puiiu'd the Foe 

Thorowabloudy ScaofVictorie : 

Whether there flainc, or taken pv ifoner 

By the too mercilefle misbclceuing Tuikcs, 

No man can tell : 

That whcnVi&orie fell to the Chriftian*, 

The conqucft, and the gloric of the day 

Was focneeclipft, in brauc ^rr*oVlo{Te; 

That when thebattel and the fight was done, 

Tbey knew not well whether they loft or wonnc. 
Attic. This newes is worfc then death j Happy were 1 

If any now could tell me he wet e dead ; 

Death is farre Tweeter then captiuitie : 

My deare .Z>r#,0 ! Was ittliydefirc 

To goe to Warre, made thce forfakc thy Father , 

Countric, Friends, Life, Libef tie ? and vndergoc 

Death, 01 Captiuitie, or fonie difafter 
That exceeds 'em both? Yet, howfo'er, 

Captaine, We thanke thy louc ; giue the reward 
Was promis'd in the Proclamation, 

C*pt. Tie not be nice in the refufall, Sir, 
It is no wonder t'fee a So ulciicr want : 
All good wait on yee ; may the Heauens be plcas'd 
To make you happy in your long loft fonne. 

Attic. My comfort is, whether aliue or dead, 
He brauely fought for Heauen and Chriftendome ; 
Such battels martyr men: their death's a life 
Suruiuing all this worlds fclicitic. 
Lords, Where's Z,?W4,Ourbcautious child, 
She's all the comfort we haue left Vs now j 
She muft not haue her libcrtic to match, 
The Girle is wanton, coy, and fickle too : 
How many Princes hath the froward Elfr 

A 3 Sec 


Sec at debate, defiringbut herlouc? 

What dangers may infue ? But to preuent, 

Jttitmr , wee make you her Gardian : 

Let her be Princely vs'd; but no accefTe 

By any to her prefencc , but by fuch 

As wee /hall fend, or giue commandment for: 

Ti death to any other dares attempt it. 

1 hcare.the Prince of Naples feckes her louc: 

Shcc (hall not wed with that prcfumptuous Boy, 

His father and Our felfe were ftill at odde, 

Nor /hall He thinke Wee will fubmit to Him. 

Certaine he knowes not of Ltfandras fu^e, 

For if he had, he would a come l.itr.fcife, 

Or fent Amb.ifladors to fpcake for him. 

Wc'le giue his anfwer ere to morrows Sunne 

Shall retch to his Meridian , wretched ftatc of Kings, 

What end will follow where fuch woes begins ? 

Ntf. Sctmfardoe? Exeunftmnes. 

Sf4n. My good Lord? Manet Nic. 

Nic. How lik'ftthou this? & Sc**f*rA9i 

I am made Gardian of my cwnc harts blifTe, 
The Prince(fr is my Prifoner, I her Slaue, 

I keepe her Body, but fhce holds my Heart 

Inuiron*d in a Chcft of Adamant. 
Scun. Is your Heart Iron ? 
Nic. Stcele,! thinke it is ; 

And liuc an Anuile hammcrd by her wrd, 

It fparkles fit c that neuer can bee quencht, 

But by the dew of her cocleftiall breath. 

Oft haue I courted , bin reietfed too, 

Yet what of that? I'lc tryc her once agen. 

What many Princes haue attempting fail'd, 

I by accede may purchafe, that's my hope; 

The King I'mc fure affects mce, nothing then 

Is wanting but her loue, that once obtain'd 

Sicill is ours \'ScAfarAc: ? if we win, 

Thou {halt be Lord N*canor t \ the King, Exennt, S c I i 



Ent:f MYS^GINOS fo/tu, 

if. By this, my thundering Bokc is preft abroad, 
I long to hcare what a report it bca res, 
I know 't will ftardc all our Citie Dames, . 
Worfe then the roring Lyons, or the found 
Of a huge double Canon, Sir/f4w/name, 
Will be more terrible in womcns cares, 
Then euer yet in Aftfogfyftj hath beene. 

Enter Cle*t. 

Cl*. PufFe, giucmefomcayrc, 
I am ahnoft ftifled. putfe, Oh, my fides ! (heate? 

Mi[. From whence comm'ft thou in fuch puffing 
Haft thou been running for a wager,,ftM/&? 
Thou art horribly imboft. Where haft thou beene ? 
My life, he was haunted with fome Spine. 

C/. A Spirit ? I thinke all the Deuils in Hell, 

Haue had a pinch at my hanchcs, 
Ihaue beene among the Furies, the Furies: 
A Pox on your Bookc ] haue beene paid i faith, 
You haue fet all the women in the Townc in in tprore . 
Mif. Why, what's the matter,.fru) ? 
fl"*. Nc'r was poorc Ssfa fo la(hc, and pafht, 
And craAit and daflu, as I haue beeste, 
Looke to your felfc,chey're vp id armes for you. 
Mif. Why, Haue they weapons,^ir>t ? 
C/. Weapon*, Sir, I, lie be fworne they haMe. 
And cutting ones, I felt the fnaart of *ero, 
From the loines to the legs, from the head to th' hams, 
From the Front to the foot, I haue not one free fpot. 
Oh, I can ftiew you, Sir, fuch ChVra&ert. 

Mtf. What doft thou mean,man,wilt (hame thy fclfc? 

Why, here's none but you and I, Sir, is there.' 
Geod, go<l,ifiitb.Thi was a briuc Rcucnge. 



C/nr. If 't be fo good, would you htd had't for me. 

M*f. And if I liuc, I will make all the World 
To hate, as I doc, this affli&ioa, Woman. 

Clt*. But we fhall be affli&ed in th' meanc time. 
Pray let's leaue this Lands if we flay heetr, 
We fhall be tome a-pi rces: would we hd kept 
In our owne Countrey,therc w'are fife enough : 
You might haue writ and raildyeur bellifoll, 
And few, or none weld coruradiA you, Sir. 

Mif. Oh, but for one that writ againft me, S'fr, 
Ide had a glorious Onqueft in that lie, 
How my Bookes tookc erTeoV. how greedily 
The credulous people fwallowed dowtie my hookes 
How rife debate (prang betwixt man and wife I 
The little Infant that could hardly fpeake, 
Would call his Mother Whore. O, it was rare ! 

CUw. Oh, damn'd Rogue! 
1 Ray but here, iA hope, to fee him hang'd, 
And carrie newcs to *|/4a^theal knw t 
The women there will aener fee mt want, 
For God he knowes, I loue rm with my heart, 
But dare not (hew it for my very cares. 
What courfe, Sir, (hall we take to hide ur feiuei? 

Mif, The fame we did at frtfrv,Frncing Bey; 
Oh 't ii a feaiefull name to Females,jNM/2> ( 
I haue bought Foiles alrcadie, fet vp Bils, 
Hung Yf> my two-haad S wot d.aod chang'd my rurte: 
Call me Mjf*icu9t. 

Enter S(**f*rJi. 
C/w. A fodden Nofe. 

Mtf. <~Mjf9{* t I fay. Rememlicr , S*fi 
cornea a Grntlemin. 

I know him well, he fcrue$ a Noble Lord. 
Seignior $c i*f*rd t happily cocountrcd. 

Sc**. I !ianks,my noble Gl ad iator.DoAor of Defence. 

//*/. A Ma!ler,Sir,of the ntoft OQigQaimU Method 



Suit. Ime glad I met with you. 
I was now commi'-g to be entred,Sir. 

Mtf. Tftac you (hall prefently. My Rapier, Swift. 
Come, Sir, I'll enter you. 
SC*H. What meanc you, Sir ? 
Mtf. You fay you would be entred, if you will, 
He put you to the p**tto prefently. 

Sc*. Your Scholler, Sir, I meanc. (Fees ? 

Mtf. O welcome, Sir, What, haue you brought yout 
Set*. Ye , Sir : what U'c ? 
Mtf. Twentie ?M/ftw, y our admittance Sir, 
And Hue, your quarteridge. 

Clew. Bcfidcs Vfliers Fees. 
There goes a garnifh and a breakc-faft too. 
SC*H. Well, I'm content, there 'tis. 
Cl9 t Come when you will,find you Pitftm, Sir, 
And we'll find you crackt crewnes. 
Mtf* Bookehiro,my beldVfhcr. 
Clow. That 1 will, your denomination, Seignior. 
Scott. Seignior Sctnftrb, DtlU Sanfla C*br*d. 
CloiSt\g.ScA* t Dcll4S**Ei* Cbrad1 a tcrnbic name, 
Mtf. Giue me your hand, Scholrr,fo lie cal you now. 
He make you one of the Sonnes of Art. 
S*Jb, giue my Scholer the Foyle. 
CUvf. Doe not take it in fcornc, 
I haue gi'n many a good Gentleman the Foyle, Sir. 

Mif' I was going this morning topracfcife a young 
That (hortly ^oes to fight at M Stndt. (Duellift, 
Come, Sir, to yeur guard. 

St4. Not here in publike, I am a young beginner. 
Come to ray Chamber, Sir, Ilepra&ifc there. 

Mif. Doe,and He teach you the rery myfteric of Fc?>. 
cing, that in a fortnight, youfhall be able to challenge 
any Scholer fader the degree of a Prouoft , and in a 
quarter of a ycerc, beic al I the Fencers in gtrmA*j.Q\\* 
Englifli Matters of this Noble Science would ha' gi'n 
frtic pound to haue knowne that tricke. 

B J SCA*. 


Sean. Say you fo, Sir? 

By this hand, Khali thinkemy money well bcftowed 
then: but totellyonthc troth, Sir, thereafonl would 
Jcarnr, it , bccaufc I am to bee marriecHhoYtly : and they 
Jay, Then or ncucr, is the time for a man to get the raa- 

Afif. How, marry, Scholer? thoy art not mid, I hope. 
Doe you know what you doe? * 

Sc". I know what I (hall doe,Ma(rer,thaVf as good. 

J /'/. Doe you know what (he If you are td marric> 

S'. A woman, I am fure a that, 

Afif. No, fhe'i a DeuiH,Harpie,Cclratrke. 
And you were not my Mattel 

Sclioler, be aduiled^they trt all 
M"lt vile and wicked. 

' How,Sii? ("indeed. 

M f. D-flemblerf, the t ery curfe of man , Monfters 

Clr*. That lie be fvvoroe they are,for I haue knownc 
fome of vm, that ha' deuoured you three Lordfhips, 
in Cullicc3 and Cndlcs before Breat-fafl. ' 

Mif. And creatures theaioftimperfeclrfor lookcycc, 
Th'arc nothing of chcrnfeluei, (Sir, 

Oncly patcht vp to coozcn and gull men, 
Borrowing their hairefro.n one, complexions from ano- 
Noching their own lhac s pi fafing.alldiflcmblcd, ((her, 
Nwtf) much, but their very breath 

phifticated with Amber-prllctf, arid !;i<fing caufes. 
Marry a worn in,SchoIer?thou vndergo'ft an harder task, 
Then thofe bold SprritMhac di Undertake 
To ileaie the great Turks into Chriftcndome. 
A womm! fhc'i an Angell ac ten, a Saint at fifteene, 
A Deuill at fortie, and a Witch at fourefcore. 
If you will narry, marry none of thefe : 
Neither the faire, nor the foulc; the rich , nor the poore ; 
The good, nor the bad. 

Stan. Who fliould Injirry ihea^Sii? 

. Marry none at all. Set*. 

by Women. 

SC*M. Proceeds this from Experience? 

Mif..rcn\ Reafon, Sir, the Miflris f Efpericncr. 
Happy were rr an, had woman ncucr bin. 
Why did not Nature infufc the gift of Procreation 
In man alone, without the hclpe of woman, 
Eucn as we fee one feed, produce 

C/os.Orasyoufceonc Knaucmake tweneie, Matter. 

Mtf. Thou faift true, Svufh : or why might not a ma 
Reuiue againe, like to the Elme and Oakc? 

Cltvf. Many Logger-heads doe, Sir. 

Aftf. When they are cutdownc toihc very rootc, 
Yet in fhort time you fee ,young branches fonng 

CUw. If 'twere fo at Tyburne, what a fine coo-pan'"? 
of Crack-rope* Would fprihg vp then ? 

Afif. Then we Oiould ne'r be acquainted with the c.e- 
ccitfulldeuicet oft womans crooked conditions, which 
are fo many ; that if all the World were Paper , the Sea, 
Inke, Trees and Plane.*, Pens, and euerymanl larkcs, 
Scribes,and Notaries :yet would all that Paper be Juib- 
led ouer, the Inke wafted, Pens wornc to the Humps, and 
11 the Scriucners wearie, before they could dcfcnbe the 
hundreth part of a womans wickedncflc. 

Set*. Me thinks you are coo generall: fome,no doubr, 
As many wen, are bad icondemne not all Tor fomc. 
What thinke you, Sir, of thofe that hade good wiucs ? 
I hope, you will confeflc a difference. 

Mif. And Reafon tootand here's the cfirTcrcncr, 
Thofe that haue good wiues, ride to Hell 
Vpoa ambling Hackneyes, and all the reft 
Vpon trotting lades to thcDcuill. 

ScAtj. Is that the difference? lie not mairie fure, 
He rather turne Whore-mailer, 
And goe a.foot to the Dcuill. 

f/f*.You'l hardly doe that,if you loue whoring, Sir. 
For many lofe a Legge in fuch feruice. 

Sc**. But doe you hf are, Sir? how long is 't Ance you 

B a 



became fueh a bitter Eneraie to women ? 

Mtf Since I had wifdorae. When I was a Foole, 
I doted on fuch Follici, but now I haue left vm, and doe 
vow to be the euerlafting fcourge to all their Sex : What 
rhereafon is, lie tell you, Sir, hereafter : rcadc but ihtt, 
^ haue arraign'd vm all, and painted forth 
Ihofe Furies to the life, 

That all the World mty know that doth it read 
I was a true Myfogenift indeed. ' Extent. 


tag. You haue not feenc the Coun then ? 

Lor. Not as yet. 

But I defire to bferuc the Fafhions^here. 
How doe you ftile your King ofSicilie ? 

l*g. Men call him, Sir, The iuft King Attitm\ 
And cruly to: for with an equall Scale 
He waighci the offences betwixt man and man, 
He is not footh'd with adulation, 
NormoU'd with teares,to wreft the courfeof lufticc 
Into an vniuft currcnt,to opprcflc the Innocent, 
Nor do's he make the Lawes 
Punifli the man, but in the man the caufe. 
Shall I in briefc giueyou his Character? 

Lor. A thingl couetmuch, 

lag. Attend mee then. 
His ttate is full of maieftie and grace, 
Whofe bafis is true Pietie and Venue, 
Where, vnderneath a rich triumphant Arch, 
That\)oes referable the Tnbunall Scat, 
Carded with Angels, borne vpon two Colurunes, 
luftice and Clcmencic, he fits inthron'd, 
His fubic&s ferue him freely, not perforce, 
And do obey him more for, loue, then fcarc j 


Being a King not of thcmfelues aUne, 
And their eMates, but their aflfe&ions: 
A foucraigntie that farre more fafctie brings, 
Then do's an Armic to the guard of Kings, 

Lor. You haue dcfcrib'd, Sir, fuel) a worthy Princt, 
That well I cannot fay, who is moft happic ; 
Either the King for hauing fo good fubic&s, 
Or elfe the fubie&s for fo good a King. 
But pray proceed. . 

/4f. The Hcauens to crovvne his ioy, 
With Immortalitie in his happic Iflue 
Sent him two Roy all formes, of whom the cldeft 
Was the fweet Prince Lufirpftii. Was ! oh roe, 

That euer 1 ftiould Hue to fay. he was: 

He was, but is not now, for he is dead. 

The yongcft was r#w*,for his yeeret, 

The pride and glory of Sicilians, 

And miracleof Nature, whofc afpc&, 

Eucn like a Comet, did attract all eyes 

With admiration, wonder and amazemdt, 

And he good Prince, is loft, or worfe,! fcare: 

But >r his Daughter fairc Leontd*, 

Her Fame not able to be circumfcrib'd 

Within the bounds, of Sicilie, hath gone 

Beyond the PireanMountaincs, and brought backe 

The chicfe Italian Princes , but their Louc> 

Were quitted with contempt and crueltie: 

And many of our braue Sicilian Youths 
. Haue iacrific'd their hue to her difdaine. 

Now topreuent the like euent hereafter, 

Twas thought fit her hbertie fliould be awhile reftraind. 

Tor whic^i intent, his Highnefle hath elected 
The Lord Ntcattor for her Guardian, 

Who, 'tis thought, ftull after his dcceafe, 
TJpoufe the Pnncefle, and be heirc of S till. 

Lor. You told Die of a Prince, you laid was loft, 

B 3 Which 

Which you pronotmcMfo feelingly , as if 
It had beene your loflc in particular. 

I4. Oh, it was mine, and euery good mans elfe, 
That it oblig'd to venue and defert. 

Lor. See how Report is fubie& to abufe. 
I knew the Prince I/#fwc*. 
/*. Did you, Sir? 

L0r. But neuer knew In him any one fparke 
Of worth or merit, that might thus "mflamc 
The zeale ofy our affection. 
I*f. Tray tor, thou lyeft. 
Which I will f roue eu'n to thy heart, thou ly'ft, 
I tell thee, thou haft committed fuch a Hone 
Againft his deare Report, that thy bafe life 
Is farre toe poorc to expiate that vvrong, 
Sir, will you draw I 

Ltr. Forbeare, iocenfed man. I doc applaud 
Thy noble courage, tod I tell you, Sir, 
The Prince *p* ^iu t man I lou'd 
As dearely as my fcffc : but pray rcfoluc me ; 

l*g. He lines, 

lo our eternall memorie he liues : but otherwifr, 
It's the generall feMrc of Sicily, 
That he is dead, or in Captiui t ie. 
For when D*m /*, the Spanifli Generall, 
Went with an Armie 'gainft the cruell Tufkes, 
In that ftill memorable fiattell of Lepsnto, 
Our braue Lire***, too too vent'rou*, 
J he-c loft his life, or wo,-fr, his fibertie. 

Lcr. Hath iot Time with his rude hand 
Dcfac'd the ImprcfTion of his Effigies 
In your memories y? 

/</. NI>, nor vili eucr be, (olocg 
As worth (hall be admir'd, a/ia v|fr<u^oued. 
You know Sim, if ybiJ fte HMn. 


d by Women. 

lag. My Lord ** I 

L*r. Rife, my worthy Friend, 
I haue made proofc of thy vnfayucd loue. 

lag. Th'cxcecding happinefle to fee you well, 
Is mote then ioy can vtccr : On my knees 
I beg y our pardon for tb'vnciuill ipecch 

Iknowthouloueftir>ee,and I muft mioym 

Thy louc vnto an a& of fecrefie, 

Which youmuft not dcnie. 

lay. Sir, I obey. r . , 

Lor. Then thus it is, I muft comurc your faith, 

And priuacie in my arriuall yet, 

To obfcrue the times and humors of the C 

iMg HowmeanesyourGrace?canyou 1 ndure to fee 

The Court cclipft with clouds of difcontent, 

Your father mourne your abfeoce, and allhea 

Ore. vMhelra'd with forrow.and you prefcnt,S: 

Lor. lago, I'merefolud: 
-Therefore whatfhapc or humor I aflume, 
Take you no notice that I am the Prince. 
. Sir, I confcnt, 

I haue forne tearcs to fpend vpoa hi 
We are the next vnto the Diadem, 
That's the occafionl obfcurcmy ielte. 
Happic'r.hacPrince.that ere he rules Ml know, 
Where the chiefc errors of his Stte doe gro 



S W E T N A M, 

ACT; It 

Lor. My Lord L/4</rtf,y'are met happily. 

Li/. Lr*f f* ! welcome, welcome as my life. 
How fares my dearcft Saint ? 

Lor* Like a diftreffed Prifoncr.wfiofc hard fate 
Hath bard her from all ioy in lofine you, 
A torment which (he counts infuffciSible. 

Lif. This fcparatico, like the ftroke of death, 
Makes a diuorce betwixt my foiilc and rnc , 
For how can I line without her 
In whom my life fisbfifts ? 
For neuer did the Load.ftone more rcfpe& 
The Northerne Pole, by natures kind inftin&, 
Then oiy arTc6tior, truly fympathize 
With her, the Starre of my fclicitie. . 

Lor. Therefore flice praycs you,henceforth to defift, 
Refpc6Hng your owne iafetie :vVorthic Prince, 
The times are croublcfome and dangerous : 
A for her felfe, (he's arm'd to vndergoe 
All malice that for you they can inflift. 
Lif. Oh my Lorett* \ thouappli'Mabalme 

VVorfe then the wound it felfe : It is impoflible 

For ms to liue'at all but in her fight. 

But was this all fhee faid, 

That I fhould leade her / Death could not ha' fpohc 

A word more fatall to my foule and mee : 

Let her inioync mce to forre other taske, 

Tho it were greater then the fonne of louc 

Did for his Step-dame Ittno cuer aft: 

Let it be any thing, fo I may not leauc 

Hcrfwect (ocieiie. 


Arraigned by Women. 

Lor* Then, here my Lord, read this. 
Lif. I kiflc dice for her fake, whofe beautious hand 
Hath here inclos'd fo mild and fwcec a doome. 
Sec what a ncgaiiue command fhcc hath 
Impos'd vpon my floth to vifit her, 
As if flic taxed my neglect fo long : 
But pardon, dearc Ltcntda,lcomc 
To intimate thy fauor for my ftay, 
Tho thou wert gardcd with an hoft of men. 
But how? 

I muft difguife me in fomc other fliapc, 
For this is noted, and too full of danger. 
Lfretta, Who's admitted beft acccffe 
Vntotby Lady? 

Ltr. Frier */4ntkottie t 
Her Graces Confelfor. 

Lif. As I could wi(h 1 1 know the Frier well , 
I muft aflurac that /hapc ; It i* the bcft : 
Lorttta, wcarc this Icwcllfor my fake; 
Nay,prcthcc take it, not as recompencc, 
But as a token of that future good 
Shall crownc thy merits, with fuch height and honour, 
Fortune fhall be afliam'd, and held a Foole, 
To fuffer poorc dcfctt to ouer-match her. Exit /,//. 

Lor. I humbly thankc your Grace : Why, here's a gilt 
Able to make a Saint turnc Oratrix, 
And pleade 'gainrt Chaftitie : I muit confcflfc, 
Lifandro is a Noble Gentleman, and ha's good gifts, 
And is, indeed, gracious with myLadic: Yet for al! 
that, wee poore Gentlewomen, thathaueno other for- 
nines but our attendance, muft now and then make the 
beft vfe of our places : wcc haue prciidcnc, and very lately 
too. But who comes here ? my Lord Kicaxor ? 

Enter Nicanor. 

Here's another Client- I muft deuifc fomc quaint dc' 
uice for him, to delude his froftie "apprchcnfiou 
' G iC 

S W E T N A M, 

,how is'c, wench > How ihriucs my i'uit, 
ha ? Haft broke with thy Lady yet ? 

Ler. He takes me for a Slice- Broker, buc I'!c fit him : 
I haue my Lord, but find her To obdure, 
That when I fpeakc, flie turnes away her earc, 
AS if her mind were fixton fomething cllc. 
The other day, finding nor Grace alone, 
I came and rnou'd your fuit ; told her how dearc 
She ftooci in your afTcdtion , and proteftcd, 
You lou'd her more <hcn all the World befide. 
NIC. Good, good: proceed. 
Lor. A: this me anfwer'd not a word, 
But kept her eye ftill fixt vpon me ; 
Then I begun agen , and told her Grace 
(As from ray fclfe)ho w much your Honour 
Had merited her fauour by dcfert j 
How great you flood ith' generall eye of all, 

And one fele&ed by the King her Father, 

(Since Prince LortH&s death) to pcrfonate 

Thriving of Sicill after his deceafe. 

NIC. Excellent good iTaith. Then what faid fhec ? 
L*r. At this, I might pcrceiue her colour change 

From red 10 pale, and then to red againc, 

As if difdainc and rage had faintly (troue 

in her confufetl brtft for vi&orie. 

At length, haning recal'd her fpirits, 

She broke forth into thefc word* ; What, wilt ihou 

Conipire with youth and frailtic, t inforcc 

The rule of my affection 'gainft my will? 

Tho'my body be confin'd hispriloner, 

Yet my mind is free. With that, fhec charg'd mcc 

That I neuer fhould hereafter rrge your fuit j 

And this was all the comfort that I could 

Vrom her with all my diligence attaine. 

Nic. Cold comfort, Wench , but 'tis the general! fault 

Of women make (hew of diflike 


Arraigned ty Women. 

To thbfe they rnoft affecl: : and in that hope 
Thou (halt to her againc : No Citie 
Eucryecldcd atfirft skirrwifti. Before, 
You came but to a parley, thou (halt now 
Giue an aflaulc : There's nothing batters more 
A womans refolution , then rich gifts; 
Then goe, Lorttta. 

Lor. 'Las, my Lord,yeu know (pearle 

T^tf. Fcarc nothing, Wench, giue her this chainco'' 
Wit hit my felfe. 

Lor. My Lord, He fee what I can doe with her. 

Nw, What,Lr*4 ?Ohjyou looke fora fee : 
Hcre,take this Gold : Andifthoiicanftprcuaile 

(Harkc in thine eare) When I am King 

Lor. I thankcyour Lordftiip : Ha, ha,ha Exit Lor n 
Nit. This woaians weakncfle was wcl wreughc vpon" 
Her words may take effcc^ : Tis often fecnc 
That women are like Diamonds j nothing cuts fo foone 
As their ownc powder : yet there is one nwc 
Will make a happy fecond, 
Frier A*tk0*it her Confcflbr ; fuch men as hce 
Can preuailc much with credulous Penitents 
Incaufcsofpcrfwafion. Hoe,within? 

Enter ScruMt. 
^4.Your Lordfhip call? 
Ntc. Bid Frier Antkwie 
Come vifitmec with all fpeed pofTible, 
I could not thinkc vpon a better Agent. 
Their feeming fanditie makes all their acls 
Sauour of Truth., Religion, Pietie, 
And proue that loue's a heauenly Charitie 
Without which there's no fafetie. Here he comes. 

Enter Lifandro hkg a Frier. 
Lif. Thebcnediaion of the blcfled Saints 
Attend your honour. 
HV- Welcome,holy Ffier. Ca 

S W B t N A M, 

Ltf. And crownc your wifhes to your hearts de/ue. 

NIC. Amen, A*tk9*i0 y 
I'lc fay Amen to that; butyetthcmeanes 
To raake mce happy, lies within thy power. 

Li/l Your Honour may command mee. 

Nic. Then 'til thus ; 

Thou kne*w*ft with what a generall confcnc 
Of all Sicilial was prelected 
By my dread Soueraigne , to cfpoufc the fairc 
Yet fond Ltonida ; granting me for dower 
The Crownc of Sicil, after his deceafe. 

Ltf. I hope, my Lord,thcre's none dares queftion thac. 

Mr. To which intent, how many hopefull Princes 
Haue bceue non.fuced, oncly for my fake? 
And to preucnt all meanes of the*r acccfle, 
Eftablim'd race her Guardian : Now, the Princeffe, 
Although I haue her Perfon, yec her Heart 
I find eltiang'dfrommcCjandallmyloue 
Is quitted with contempt. 

L</. TheHeauensfoibid. 

Nic. It is forbidden both by Heauen and Earth> 
And yet Shec do's it ; and thou know'ft then, Frier, 
My hopes are fruftrate. Therefore (holy Man) 
Thou art her Couflfel-Clofet,her Confeflor, 
Of reuerend opinion with the PrinccfTe. 

Ltf. I doe coocciue your Honour. 

NIC. Be my Orator. 

L/". In what I may,my Lord. 

J^ic. Ifthoupreuail'^, 
Tlemike thee MetropolitaneofSicif. 
Lif. It (hall be all my care. 

Nic. Then farewell, Father. Exit Ity* . 

Lif. All my Prayers attend yee. 
So 3 here's the fence throwne open ; now my way 
Is made before mee : Godamcrcy Cowle; 
It is no maruell tho'ihc credulous World 


Thought themfelues fafe from danger, when they were 

Inuefted with this habit, 'tis the beft, 

To couer, or to gaine a free acceflc, 

That can be poffible in any preie&. 

ftow finely I haue guld my Politician, 

That couets Loue, oneiy to gaine a Growne? 

But if my Loueproueconftaat, He withftand 

All his defires with a more powcrfuil hand. Exit. 

Enter L B o N I D A *nd L o R B T T A. 

Le. Tell me, Lorttta, Art thou furc 'twas he ? 

L*r. Madame, I liue not clfc. 

Lt. Thou do'ft delude 
My feares with fond impoflibilities: 
Prethec refolue me truly, I do long 
Moft infinitely. 

Lpr. Not a fyllable mere now, 
And 'twould faue your lifemot be-beleeu d? 

Trath, 1 doc helccue thee. 

Lor. Difcreditcd? 

I could fight with any liuing creature. 
In this quarrell 'tis fo iuih , 

Le. Haue I defer u'd 

No more rcfpcft, thcnO beCiM thuj? 
Come, prethee tell me. 

Ltr. Yes? to delude 
Yourfeare* witHfond impoflibilities? 

L*. Nay, now thott tortur'ft me, 

Lor. Well, I haue done. , , 

Butleaue your fighcs, your heigh.ho's.and 
For I haue newcs will warme you like ihc Sunne, 
And makeyou open likethe Marigold. 

Le. Why, now thou rauifh'ft me. 

Lor. I heard you not cry out yet. 

Lt> Thou takcfl fuch* delight in eroflmg me, 

C 3 



Lor, 'Faith, now you talkc of Crofles, He tell you, 
You hauc chofea a Husband, fo handfome, fo complete, 
As if he had beene pickt 
Out of the Chrift-Croflerow. 
Lt. AshoWjIprcthcc? 
Lr. Why,Madamc,thus: 

lie begin with A. and fo proceed to the latter end of the 
Alphabet, comparing his good parts as thus:for A. heeis 
Amiable, Bountiful! , Courteous, Diligent, Eloquent, 
Faiihfull, Gracious, Humble, louiall, Kind, Louing, 
Magnanimous, Noble, Patient, Quieti Royall, Secret, 
Truftie, Vigilant, Wittie,and Xceeding Youthful!. Now 
for, Z, he's zealous : fo I conclude, pray God hec bee not 

Lr. An excellent cbferuation. 
Lr. Who doe you chink's in loue with you ? 
The eld Dragon Nic**r y that watches the fruit of your 

L'. Oh, that n ewes is ft tie. 
Lor. He met but iuft now, and would needs know, 
What rcturne I had made of his Aduenture". 
But I deaifed fuch a Tale for my old Marchant, 
Ablo-to make a Bankrout at report, 
But he notwithrtanding fraughts me agen/ 
Wich that he was not able, but with this, 
ThisChaincof Pearlc. 

L#. Prethee, away with it, He not be chain'd to him. 
Lor. Faith, and 'tis true, aChainei* the worft Gift 
A Louer can fend his Miftris, 'tis fuch an Embleme 
Of bondage hereafter. Who's that ? 

Enter Lis ANDRO. 

Le. Father. 

L/y. How fares my worthy Daughter ? 

Lr. Eu'nasonc 


Arr&igntd by Women. 

Deuoted voto forrow, gricfc and mone. 

L//T Then I mutt blame you,Ladic, you doe iU, 
To blaft thofe Rofiall bloflomcs. Will yoa kill 
This gift of Nature, Beaatie in the prime? 

L<f. Father, I todcrftand not what you fty : 
The other day you talkt of Penitence, 
Commended Patience, Sorrow and Contrition, 
As Antidotes againft the foules decay : 
And now, me thinkcs , you fpeake of no fuchthing. 

Lif. Miftake me not, dcarc Daughter, I fpake then, 
Onely to mortific the finfull minde, 
But now I come with comfort, to rcftorc 
Your fainting fpirits that were grieu'd before : 
But Daughter,! muft chide you. 

Le, Father, why? 

Itf. For yur neglect, and too much crueltie 
To one that dearely loues you. 

L*. Whom in the name of wonder? 

Lar. On my life, 
This Frier's made an agent in my fuit. 

Lif. The hopt of Sicill, Map of true Nobilitie, 
Patterne of Wifdome.Grace and Grauitic. 

L#. You prayfc him highly, ha's he ne'r a name ? 

L//". Yes, is't my Lord Ntctutr. 

Le. Oh,is*the? 

His gray head faewes his wifdomes grauitie: 
And are you made his Agent, 
Hii Aduocatc,to play the fpokefman? Fie. 

Ltf. Daughter, this is a workeof Charirle, . 
A holy action to combine in one : 
Two different hearts in holy Vnion. 

Lr. Frier, no more. 
I doc not like of thcfe pcrfwafions, 
Either ya're not the fame you fceme to be^ 
Or all your Actions are Hypocrifie, 

My Faith is paft alrcadic, and my heart 




Ingag'd vnto t fttrc more worthy : 
Lt/andn is the Prince my loue bath vroiae. 

L/. Then here the Frier concludcsrmy taike is done. 
L*. l*if*ndr 3 my deare Loud 
L</. The fame, fweetPrincefle. 
L*. Oh, you were too tduentrous, deareft Louc, 
What made you vndertake this hard attempt? 

Lif. Your loue, fwcet Lady, 
That makes all things eafie. 

Lt. Oh, I m made immortal! with thy fight : 
Here let me euer liue : I feare not now 
The worft that Fate or Malice can afflict : 
I haue enough, hauing thy companie. 

Lif. And whea I leaue to loue y ou,vcrtuoui Madame, 
Vpon that minute, let me leaue to Hue, 
That loue and life may both expire together. 

Lr. Come,leaue your prating and protefling, 
And get you both in, and be naught awhile. 
Tis dangerous talking here in publike, 
Good Frier,look my Ladle dye no Nun, Exit Lt*& Lif, 
Heigho ! now could I wifh my Sweet-hcart 
Hecrc too, I feek fuch a tickling, fomewhere 
About me: if he were here nw, I would 
Neuer cafl Cuch an-vn willing deniall ypon him 
As 1 haue done, hauing fo good a president as I hauc. 
But ftay, who's this? 
As true as I liue, 'tis he. 
Oh, fweet Rogue, thouajtcome 
In tbe happieft minute. 

Enter Sc ANf At DO. 

SCA. Am I, LW/M? Mafle,! like that well. 
\Vhat,al I alone ? I like that better too. 
But whcrc'stheprinccffe? 

L#r. Oh, (he's fafc enough 1 

Arraigned by Women. 

SCMH. Is Hie indeed ? I like that beft of all. 

L*r. And To do's face, I warrant yce, 
Or any woman die, that's in her Cafe: ha, ha,ha ! 

SCM. There's fomething in the wind now, that you 
laugh at. 

Lor. Nothing indeed, fweet Lone: but ha, ha ! 
1 laugh at an od de left. 

Sc*n. Corae,Imuftknow't. 

Lor. 'Deed but yeumuft net. 

Sean. Why ? Dare you not truit aie ? 

Lor. Yes, I dare ; but 
At you are a man, reueale it not* 

Scan. In troth, Imc angry ,tht you fliould raiftru ft me. 

Lr. The Frier,thc Frier ; ha,ha,ha ! 
He that the Lord imploy'd to be his Agent, 
Who doe you thinkc it was ? 

Sctn. Father j4nthonit 9 w*Q. not? 

Lor. The Deuill it was:no faith, 
It was,ha,ha,ha! 

It was no other, then Lifandr* Prince of Aty/*/, 
That rtolc to my Lady in that Habit, 
And guld your Lord moft palpably. 

Scan. Is't pdflible? 
And where are they now? 

Lor. Why .'faith th'arc eu'n at, 
Ha, ha, ha, ha! 
But good Sweet-heart, be filcnt. 

Sea*. Notafyllablcl:it was a bold attempt, 
Knowing 'twas death, if but difcoucrcd on:e. 
Butcome,Sweet-heart, weele eu'n doe, 
As our betters haue done before vs, 
The example is eafly followed, 
Hauing fo good a Schoolemi(Ui$. 
Shall we to bed? 

Lor. Fye,feruant, how you talkc ? 
Troth you arc to blame, to offer to aflault 

D The 

S W E T H A M, 

The chaftitie of any Gentlewoman, 
Vpon aduantage. 

Set*. Pox,leauc thi forc'd modeftyrfor by this hand, 
I muft enioy you now before we part. 

Lor. I haue fo farre ingag'd my felfe,you know, 
'Tis now vaincto rcfift. 

Sc*. Why, now I like th<c well. 
Where fhall we meet? 

Lor. In the with-drawing Chamber, there I lyt. 
Set*. Goe then, He follow. 
Lor. lie put out tht light. 
Scan. No matter, I (hall find the way i'thc darke. 
Here was a ftrange difcouerie but indeed, 
What will not women blab to thofe they lout? 
I am very loth to leaue my fport to night, 
And yet more loth to lofe that rich reward 
My Lord will giue for this difcouerie, 
Chiefly to be rcueng'd vpon hit rtuall ; 
lie not forfake it, Venerie is fwect. 
But he that has good (tore of gold and wealth, 
May haue it at command, and not by Health. Exit. 

Enter Lifar.dro Mid Leonida. 
L//". 'Tis late, dcare Loue. 
Lt. You /hall not part from me, 
Good footb, you {hall not. Frier Anthixic, 
You fay, is faithfull : for Lorctta'j truth 
1 dare ingage my life. , 

Ltf. Why,fo you doe ; 

Should (he proue falfe, both yours and mine, you know . 
Are forfeit to he Law. 
Lt. You are fecurc. 

Milhuft not t' .CD : true loue is void of fear*. 
No danger can afflidaconftantmind. 
This is no durance, no imprifonment, 
Rather a Parat'ile in ioying theet 
My libciiie alone confifts in thee. 


Arraigned ly Wmtn. 

lif. That U the reafon, Jme To icaloui, Sweet, 
Since in my freedome both our liucs remainc. 
As for my felfe, what periil could be thought, 
I would not vndergoc to gaine your louc? 
Were it to fcale the .flaming Etna's top t 
Whofc fulphuroijs fmokc kils with infection, 
Cat through thcNorthernc Seas, or ftioote the Gulfe? 

Lr. Idocbclccucthce, Sweet. 

Lif. But yet this houre 

Is not frequented by yur Confcflbr, there lyes the dan- 

/>. I ha' confcft to thce, from mornc till night, 
From night till morne againe,all my tranfgrelfion, 
Enter Nicanor. 

Uf. Were I your Confcflbr, I know you would 
Both h*nne,and be conreft. 

Nif. Brcakcopethcdoere. 

Lif. ByHeauen,wcarebetrai'd. 

If. Oh rnv dear* Loue. 

L</. My thoughisprefag*d as much. Enttr Nicanot 
What (hall we doe ? ^J 4 

Le. Do not refift,L#i*fo, ftand : the worft, 
We can but dye. 
Oh, this Lorttt*. falfe, inhumane wretch ! 

Nit. Lay hands vpon them both. Is't fo indeed ? 
Is this thc'zealc of yottr Confeflion ? 
I fearc, death glues the abfolution. 

L*. Hence, doting Foole,rnore welcome far is death 
Then to bee linkt to Ages Leprofce. Exeunt. 

NIC. Bcarc Ttn away into their fcuerall Wards 
Let them be guarded ftrongly, till fuch time 
I ihall acquaint my Soucraigne with thii Plot. 
Rather then lofc the Roy all Dignitie, 
He ftriue to ruinc a whole Progenie. 




E*tt* ATTIC v* , I A G o , Ni c A N o R, f 
, and Attendants. 

A't. How full of troubles is the ftatc of Kings, 
Abroad with Foes, at h.>me, with faithlcflfc Friends, . 
Within with cares, wiihout,,a.thoufandfares ? 
Yet all fumm'd vp together, doth not make 
Such an irapreflion in our troubled thoughts, 
As thisorre Aft of difobcdicncc 
Inourownelfiue. . 

/*, Gracious Soueraigne , yet for that high rcfpetf , 
De fauourable: fhe ii your Daughter. 

i. 1*1. And the onely hope 
Of all Sicilic, fince L*rr*,*V loflc. 

X/r. Bring to the Barre thePrifonen : this offence 
Hath loft in TS a Father and a Friend, 
A'ld cals for luflice froin v$,as a King : 
Yet thinkenor, Lords, but 'tis with griefe of mind, 
Nor can a Father rafly forget a Daughter, 
Whom hec rnce fo df arely lou'd : 
Yet we had racher become IrTulciTc, 
Then Iraue it noted to Pofleritie, 
An Aft of fuch Iniuftice. 

i.Iitd. Yet, dread Liege, 
Oh, doc not tao much aggrauate the crime, 
Rather impute it to their cbildifhloue. 

Ait. Toloue, my Lords? if that werelowable, 
Wh it Aft io vile, but might be fo cxcus'd? 
T! e Murderer, thatfticddeth guiltlcfie blcud, 
Might plead , it was for loue of his Reuenge, 
The Felon likewifc might excufe his theft, 
With lour of fiottcy,and the Traytor, too 
M^ght fay , It was for louc of Soueraigntie. 
And indeed, all offenders fo might plead. A 'B^rre. 



\ArYAiffieA by Wo 

Therefore,y Lords, you that fit here to Judge, 
Lf t all refpedt of pcrfons be forgot, 
And dc ale vprightly,that you may refemble 
Thchighcft ludgc, whofc feat on Earth you hold: 
And for you know,thc Lawcs of Sicilie 
Forbid to pumfh two, for one offence, 
Let your care be to find the principall, 
The I'rtrxMs MM<- r that begun the caufe; 
For the effect (you fee) is but tlicifliic 
That one of them may worthily rccciuc 
Dclcrncd death ; the other, may be fcr-t 
(As Icfle offending) intobaoifhinent. ** King. 

The Pn fitters brottghtto Enter Lifandro, 

the Rtirrc by A Gard, and Leonida. 

i. lufy. Th'oftcncc wherewith you bothftand tax'd 
Appcarcs fo raanife(r in grofic, that now (withall, 

We need not queftion all particulars 
In pubiiquc here : yet your trial! fliall 
Be liODourablc, as your Perlons were 
Before this blacke ImprefTjoo. Therefore fay,, 
Which ofyou two begun th'occafion, 
By any roeancs, direct or indircdt ? 
Arid anf wer truely, as you looke for grace. 
Lif. 'Twas I, my honour'd Lords. . 
Ltc. My Lords^'twai I. i 
tif. Let not this honourable Court be fwaid 
By falfe fuggeftions ; that the fault was minc a 
Appearcs as manifeft as mid.dayes Sunne, 
'Twas I that firftawempted, fu'd, and prai'd, , 
Vs'd all the fubtile engins Art could inuent, 
Or Nature yceld, to force efre&ion, 
Ontly to gainc theroyall Princeflfc loue j 
For what can Women abouc wcakeoeffe ad ? 
Or,what Fort's fo ftrong,but ycclds at length 
To a continued fiegc ? 

Th'attempt , 1 knew, was hard and dangerous : 




Therefore more honourable in the conquefl ; 
Which ere I would haue left, I vveula ha' paft 
More dangers then ere /*/ivncicr-wcnt. 
Then, fince you Tee (my Lords) the guHt was mine, 
Pardon the Princcflc, Mee to death relignc. 

Lti. Pardon (my Lords) Ltpuulrf, let me dye : 
If eueryou'leperformc ctna&ofiuftke 
Shall make you truely famous, doe it here 
Here rpon me ; the guile alone is mine : 
Twas this alluring face, and tempting fmiles, 
That drew oo his affedioni. Say that Hee 
Did fir ft commence the fuit ; the fault was mine 
In yedding to it : Tii a greater fhanw 
For women to confent.chen men to atke : 
And yet, before be fpokc, I kad ingag'd 
My heart and loue to him, vnwk'd, rnpraid; 
And then (you know) how /bone our eyes difcouera 
The true affe &ion that we bear* our Louers : 
Then fince the guik alone rtmaincs in Mce, 
Let me be iudg d, and fee Lif**tlri free. 

2. /Wj. This knot is intricate. 


Who can alledge one Article 'gain ft her ? 
Th' offence was, breaking of the Kings command, 
That none, on paincof death, ftiould rifit her, 
Vnlefle appoynted by the King himiclfe ; 
And that alone was mine : Twas my deuicej 
J tooke the borrowed (htpe ; ] brokethe L*w 
And I muft fufifcr for't : Then doc not wrong 

4. I*dg. How, Chafthic ? 

L//. If any here conceiuekcrotherwiic. 
That very thought will damne him : 
She's as chafte 

As ere your MoAew in their cradles wwc* 
For any aft committed. 


Arraigned fy Women. 

a. ludg. Harder ftill. 

i. ludf. A confufed Labyrinth:we flial ne'r wind eut. 

Leo. My Lordtj belceuc him not ; the guile lies here : 

'Twas I chat fent htm that deluding fliapc, 

In which he got admittance ;The offence 

Refts onely here : And therefore (good my Lords ) 

Lee the condemning icntence paflc on mee ; 

Or elfe, I will protcft Co all the world, 


And take my death ypoiTf. 
Life Fic,Madam, how you wrong your innocence ! 

And iteming (Lady) to be pittifull 

To meC| you are moft cruel 1 ; for my life 

Should be a willing facrifice to death, 

To expiate the guilt of my offence. 

Remember what continual! paines I tooke, 

By meflages, intreaties, gifts, and prayers, 
To win your fauour,deare Ltonid*. 
Inftice in this will be Impietie, 
Vnlcffek here be ftiew'd. I beg it may. 

Lta. I beg againft him: He is innocent; 
The fadt alone was mine : I was the fir ft, 
The middle, and the end ; 
And luftice here mtt end, 

ie. Is the fentehce giuen ? 

a. Ittdg . Not y er, my Lord : We are as far to feeke, 
In the true knowledge of the prime Offender, 
As at the firft ; for they plead guilty both 5 
Both ftriue to aggrauate their owne offence, 
And Both excuie each other. On ourliuts, 
We cannot yet determine whcre'sihe caufe. 

Attic. Ids impoflTiblc 
That facred lufticefhould be hudwink't dill, 
Though (he be falfly pained fo j Her eyes 



Ateclcarc,and fopcrfpicuous,thatno crymc 
Can maskc it fclfc in any borrowed fiiape, 
But fhec'lc difcucr it. Let vm be returnd 
Backe to their fcucrall Wards, till we deuifc 
Some better coutfe for the diicoucry. 

NIC . Dread Soueraigne, I know no better 
Then to afiay by tcrture,to inforcc 
A free confcfllon, icuerall, one from other: 
For though they now, out of afFc&ion, 
Plead their ownc guilt,as if they (card not death ; 
Yet, when they fecle him fling once, then the care 
Or life, and fafetie, will difcouer all. 

lag. My Lordi^rcvutcr, this is iiladuis'd, 
Sauoring too much offeree and tyrannie. 
Ii't fit that Princes ftiould fubieft themfelues 
To any tortures, fuch as are prepared 
For bafe Offenders ? Tis ignobly done , 
So to incenfe the King. 
Nit. How, Sir! 
lug. Eu'n fo: 

You flic w a proud afpiring mind, my Lord, 
After a Kingdome, that would ruinate 
Two royall Louers for fo fmall a fa<3 : 
Bur,Markemy words, Nittner', Ere the Crowne . 
Impale thy Temples by Her timclefle end, 
Mine and fiuc thoufand liues (hall all expire. 
TS^/ri Iwcy thy words not this. 
l*g* Nor I thy frowne ; 
l*le incenfe one , (hall quickly pull you downe. Exit. 

tfttic. How's your opinion then, 
Tofcarchit out? 

i. fuJjr. My Liege,wc know no better way then this, 
Let there be publique Proclamation made 
Throughout the Kingdome, that there may be found 
Two Aduocates,to plead this difference 
In publique diiputaiion, Man ana Woman, 


Arrtigntd by Women. 

The wifeft, and the bcft experienc'd 
That can be found, or heard of in the Land : 
Or any fuch will proffer of themfelues 
Te vndertakcthcpleaj For, queftionleflc, 
None are fo impudent to vndergoe 
So great a controuerfie, except thofe 
That know thcmfelucs fufficient. 

Atttc. Weeartplcas'd. 

See it e fTctled with all the fpeed you can : Exeunt 

The charge be yours,my Lord.DiiTolue the Court. Out 
Enter lago **<i Lorenzo, 

Ltr. Has my poore Sifter then withftood a triall ? 
Ug t I, and behau j d herfelfc 
Moft royall, and difcreetly : Infomuch, 
Shee put the Judges to a non- plus, Sir ; 
Defending and excufing eythers caule, 
Vntill N*cA*9r, with his kind aduice, 
Dcfir'd the King they might be tortured, 
To fee if that would force confcflion. 

L*r. Was herheonely Tyrant? Well, ere long 
It may be in Our power to quittance him. 
1'me glad I know the Serpents fubtiltie. 
But how concluded they ? 

Itg. 1 was fo rext, 
I could not May a full conclusion. 
The Prifoners were difmift before I ctrae : 
But how they did determine afterwards, 
I long to'heare. But what intends your Grace 
In this difguife ? 

L#r. To t ifit the ficke Court, 
And free my Sifter from captiuitie, 
With that good Prince Uftxdrff. 

Enter Mifogynos a*A Scanfardo. 
iJMf. A Woman! 
Why the more 1 thinke of their wickedneffe, 

E The 


S W E T N A M, 

The more incomprehenfible' I find it ; 

For they are,coozening, cologuing^ngrateful.dcceitfu!, 

Waucring, wafpjfti, light, toyiih, proud, iullen, 

DifcourtcouSjCrucll, vnconltant ; and whatnot.' 

Yet, they were created, and by nature formed, 

And therefore of all men to be auoydcd. 

Lor. Oh impious conclusion ! What is hc ? 

/4. I ne'rhad conucrfation with him yet ; 
Bu t (by report) Me tell you, He's a man, 
Who's breeding ha* becne like the Scarrabee, 
Altogether vpon the excrement of the time ; 
And being fwalnewith poyfonous tapers, 
He breakes wind in publicjuc, to blaft the 
Reputation of all Women ; His acquaintance 
Has bin altogether amongft Whores and Bawds, 
And therefore fpeakes but in's o wnc element. 
His ownevnvvorthiefculc dcformitic, 
Becaufc no Female can aftc<ft the fame, 
Begets in him defpaire ; and Jefptirc, enuic. 
He cares not to defame ihcir very foules, 
But that he' i ofthcTurkes-opmion ;They hauenone. 
He is the Viper, that not cncly gntwes 
Vpon his Mothers f a;iic, but leekes to eat 
Thorovr all Womens reputations* 

Lcr. Is't pc-ffible ! that Sicilicfliould breed 
Such a degenerate Monftcr, (hameofmen ? 

la. Blame not your Countrie, he' an Englifliman. 

Lor. I will not fee the glories of that Sexe 
Bc-fpawld by tiich a dogged Humorift, 
And pafle vnpunifhr. 

/4rf. What intends your Grace? 

"Lor. To rndertakc this luft and honeft quarrell, 
In the defence of Vcrtuc, till Ihauc 
Seucrely punifht his opprobrious word, 
Commirted againfl Women, who's iuft fame 
Merits an Aogels Pen teregifter. 

Arraigned ly Women. 

Sean. Sir, you haue altcr'd me,I thanke you for'f. 

Mif. Oh ! they arc all the very pits of Sin, 
Which men,for want of wifdomc/all into. 

Scan. I fee it, Sir, and will proclaime as much. Exit 

L0r. Lcaue me, /<<g*. Set*. 

lag. Irnc gone, fweet Prince. 

Lcr. Tell me, thou iaogling Maftiffe, with what fearc 
Dar'ft thou behold that too much wronged Sex, 
Whofe Venues thou haft balcly flandei'd ? 

Mif. Ha, ha, ha. 

Lor. Laugh'ft thea, inhumane wretch? By my brft 
But that thy malice hath deferu'd reuerge (hope, 

More infamous, and publique, then to fall 
By me in priuatc, I would hew thy flcfh 
Smaller then Attomes. 

Mtf. What, hauc we here 
A Woman rampant ? ha ! 
Tempt me not, Syren, left thou doft inuoke 
A Furie worfe then Woman. 

l*r. Heihfh Fiend, 

How dar'ft thou ytter fuch blafphemous words, 
In the contempt of Women, whofe deferts 
Thy dunghill bafencflc neucr could difcernc? 
Affure thy fclfe,thy malice fiiall be plagu'd 
Seucrely, as in iufticc thou deferu'ft. (fons, 

Afif. I wey not your threats thil ; fpit out your poy- 
Till your gals doe burft, I will oppofe you all ; 
I cannot flatter, I : nor will I fawne 
To gainc a fauor ; Pray fc the hand and foot, 
And fwearc your face is AngeUhkc, and lye 
Moft grofly. No, I will not do't. 
But when I come, it (hall be in a ftorme, 
To terrific you all, that you fhall quake 
To hcare my name refounding in your eares : 
And Fortune, if thoubc'ft a dcitie, 
Giue me but opportunitie, that I 

E a May 



May all the follies ofyour Sex declare, 

That henceforth Men of Women may beware. 

4 Hir*tt.wtk* Proclamttio*. * Trumpet fa- 
fert him*, *grt*t rabbit f men fol 

lowing him-t. 

Her til. v4ttictis,Km of Sicilia, to all his louing Sub- 
icfts fendeth greeting : Whereas there is a doubtfull 
queflion to be decided in publique deputation, which 
concernes the honour of all men in generall,that is to fay, 
Whether the Man or the Woman in louc, ftand guilty of 
the greatcft offence : Know therefore, if that any man, of 
what eftate or condition focucr, will vndcrtake to defend 
theequiticofmen,againft thefalfe imputations of wo 
men, let v no repay re to the Court, they fliall be honou 
rably cntcrtayned, graciouOy admitted, and well re 

GoAfauc tiff King. 

Omntt. Heauen preferuc his Grace. 
Altf. Fortune, I doc adore thee for this newcs : 
Why, here's the thing! loekt for ; 'tis a prize 
Will make me euer famous. Htr*tt^ Ihy , 
I will maintaine the Challenge, and approue 
That women arc firft tempters rnto louc. 
Tic blazon forth their colours in fuch fort, 
Shall make their painted cheekeslooke red, for vm 
To haue them noted theirs, that all may know 
That women onely are the caufe of woe. 
Omntt. A Champion, a Champion ! Extant 

Enter A Wom*n with * PmkvtMti**, **d *t HMHJ 
Women M may be, wtth 4 Trumpet 

\.or. ^*relt* t Queene, by the efpcciall priuiledgeo^ 
ihe Maieftie ofSicilia,to all Ladies, gentle and other*,of 
ihe Female Scx ; fends greeting : Whereas there is quc- 

y Women. 

ftion to be decided in publike difputation before,an Ho. 
nourable Afiembly of both parts , that is , whether the 
man or the woman in lone corait the grcateft offence, by 
giuiijg the fir'J and principal! occafion of finning : there 
fore know, that if any woman will vndcrtakc to defend 
theinnoccncy of women, againft the falfe imputations 
of detracting men, let her repaire to the Court, fhcc fhall 
bee honourably cntcrtayned, gracioufly admitted, and 
well rewarded. God font the Qutcnt, 

Omnes. Heauens prcfcrue her. 
Lor. I doc accept it, tis a caufe fo iuft, 
In cquitie and vertue, in defence 
Of wronged women , whofe diftreflcd fames 
Lye buried in contempt , whofe Champion 
I doc profefle my fclfe, and doc dcfire 
No greater glorie,then to haue that name. 
What woman can indure to hcarc the Wrong! , 
Slanders, Reproches, and bafc Forgeries, 
That bafe men vaunt forth, to dimme the raycs 
Of our weake tender Sex ? But they fhall know, 
Tlicmfelues, not wotnen,are the cau.-: of woe. 
A Champion, a Champion. Extttnt Omnes. 

Enter Atticus, Mifogynos, two lufyet, Notarit, 
*4 Attendants - tdnd ^rwLifandro, and 

Hortenfia gittrded. 

4tt. That Equine and lufticeboth may meet, 
In paralels, like to Afillfs Twinncs, 
We hauc ordayn'd this Seflfon. In the which 
Let all vncquall and impartiaU thoughts 
Be laid afidc, with fuch regard of truth, 
As not the name of Daughter, or the Bloud 
Which we call ours, running in her veincs, 
May any way diucrt vs. Therefore goe on, 
And take your fcat,ftout Champion,*nd preuaile, 
As is the truth you dcalc fer, in this doubtful], 



S W 1 T N A M, 

And much ambiguous bufinerTe. 

Solwifh P*fttok*/i4titiTrttmptti t 

Enttrtoiktm Aurelia, /**<&* Atlanta, Lorctta,W 
;>r0 *r three mtrg women. 

^r.Braue Amazonian bcautie, learned Atl*Mt*, 
Now is it time your intr lleftuall powers, 
Of wit and iudgementfhou'd aduancc themfclucs 
Againft the forked tongues of Slanderers, 
That pierce the fpotlcffc innocence of women, 
And poyfon fweetnefle with the breath of Malice. 
So on, and take thy feat ! It is our truft, 
Th'euent will profper, for our caufe is iuft. 

AtU*. That makes me confident ---- Ptfctfthfttt. 
v4tt. Prepare the Court, 

(*} O yes ! O yes ! O yes ! If there be any man..or 

woman --- in thif Honourable Court that can pro 

duce ---- anylawfull caufe- againft either of theAd- 

uccates ---- why they fhould not bee admitted -- Let 

them now fpcake,or for euer hereafter hold their peace 

An. Tis well. Now fweare the Judges. 

Not. Yce fhall fweare by che facred hand of Attitw, 

no:iorerpeclthcpcrlbnofeitherof theOrTcndors : but 

juftly and truly to waigh and ballance the Reafons and 

Arguments of the deputed Aduocatcs , and thereupon 

to determine and proceed in iudgcmcnt,according to the 

Lawes of this Hand, as you tender the pleafure of Roy all 


Beth Indg. Toihii we freely fweare. 
Now thtn, to your Arguments. 
. Atl*ni4 t for poore innocent women. 

ft^ynts for the men. 

AtUa. It is an honour farre beyond my weakncfle, 
(Mcft cquall Judges) that I am accepted, 
I but a wcman,beforemen to plead, 
Dumbe feare and bafhfulncflc to fpcake befesc 


4rrajgneJ by Women. 

Bold Orators of State, men grauc and wife, 
That can at euery breathing paufe, correct 
The flipp'ry palTages of a womans fpcech: 
But yet withall ray hopes are doubly arm'd. 
. How doubly arm'd ? 

. Prefume not more then Reafon. (eufe, 

. Firft, that my bafhfull weaknefle claymes ex- 
And is to fpeake before fych tcnip'ratc Judges, 
Who in their wifdomc will, no doubt, coaniuc 
At fmall defe6h in me a Ally woman. 
. Smoothly put on. 
. A quaint insinuation. 
. Next, that the caufe I handle, is fo iuft, 
And full of truth, as were corruption fcated 
Vpon your hearts (as who can euer doubt 
Wifdome fhou'd fo decline) I wou'd not fcaic, 
Bui that my pregnant Reafon* foone ftiou'd purge, 
And clenfe your fccret bofomes from vntruih. 
\.Law. A promifing Exordium, 
-L.L*vf. ThefuccefTeisall. 
AtU*. I need not tell you what I come to proouc 
That rayling Woman- hater hath alreadie 
With his foule breath belcht forth into the Ayre, 
Ti>- fhimelcfle caufe in queftion, and doth charge 
The fupple wax, the courteous natur*d woman, 
A-a-Wamcfull for receiuing the imprrfHon 
Of Iron hearted man, in whom is grauen, 
With curious and deceiuing Art, foule lliapcs 
And ftamps of much abhord impietie. 
Wou'd any man, once hauing fixt his Seale 
To any Deed/thongh after he repent 
TheFa fo done.rayle at the fupplc Wax, 
As though that were 'lie caufe of his vndoing ? 
O idle leuitie ! Wsx hath's vfe, 
AtH woman eafly beares the mans abufe. 
. Herc*s a by-blo \v 

S W * T N A il, 

2.L*y. How can my Fencer ward it f i . , 

Stay: he comet on. 

/*// Hum. Doeyouwaxypenme? az if man 
Once hauing Hit the Scale of Armes of loue, 
On waxen- hirted worn&n, though another 
Came after him, and did adulterate 
The ft amp? imprinted on her, fhc,forfooth, 
Muft ftill be held excu'd.'Ti$ weake, and fond 
And woman-like: you flye on waxen wiags, 
That melt againft the Sunne. Therefore attend, 
And I will proue rnto this honour'd Court, 
In all their paflioni women are impetuous, 
And beyond men, ten times more violent. 

Atl** I grant you that. But wh begins the notion 
And is firft agent? for as I conceiue, 
That's the catifc in qucftion. 

Mif* Deluding woman. 

Ail*. Flattribg and periur'd anaa. 

Mif. Did not th'inticing beautie of woman 
Set Troy on fire? 

tAtUn. Did not man firft begin 
To tempt that beautie with the- fire of lufl ? 

Mi[. Beautie firft tempts to luft. 

AtU*. Luft temptcth Beautie: 

Witneffe the vowes, the oaths, the proteftations 
. And Crocadilc teare* of bafe diflcmbling men, 
To winne their fliamelcflc purpofcrWhereof ml/fine 
Then but obferne thrcir Gifts, their Meflages, 
Their wanton Letters, and their amorous Sonnets 
Whereby they rent the finokc of their afreaions/ 
Readic to blind poorc wcmen, and put out 
The Eye of Reafon. But if ftill they fa.le, 
Then come they on with vndermining cunning, 

And wiih our Maides, our J^aees and Attendants 
Corruptly worke and make iahnuation, 
Wh;illthcy at hand withfaiflcdlangirtthmeit, 

Mak c 


Make ftiew as if they meant to dye for loue, 
When they but fweltcr in the reekc of Luft. 
But heere's not all : for if this alt preuaile not, 
Then are they vp againe,and with pale chcekcs, 
Like fome poare Starueling, or feme Miniick Ghoff 
They ftalke into theprefencc of their Miftris, 
Fold vp their armes,hang dowse their wanton headj 
Caft loue?fickc glances, and as wofull Comma's, 
In this dumbe Oratorie, now and then they breathe 
A paflionatc figh, whereat the gentle nature 
Of milde compaflionatc woman once relenting, 
Straight they fall out into fuch fwcec complaints 
Of their fad fuffrings, tuning words of Art, 
Able to mclc a gentle Eye in tearcs, 
As they doc fpeake. Then with officious dutie, 
TheylickeaMpat off from her vpper garment, 
Duft her ^trl'd Ruffe with their too bufic fingers, 
As if feme duft were there : and many toyes 
They vfc to pleafe, till fide by fide they ioyne. 
And palme with paime fupplies the amorous heart. 
To pay a wanton kitfe on Loues faire lips, 
And then the Prize is wonne. Judge therefore,Lords, 
Whether the guilt doth lye on TS or them, 
And as your Wifdomcs find, faue or condemnc. 

A 'PUndite ty the vromtnwtk fiouis t crjmg % Atlanta, 

Atlanta, Atlanta ! 
Liftn. Truth hath fhefaidin all. 

Hrt. O,butthe Art of Woman 

i. lud. Silence I youhaueno voice in Court, (fpeake. 
iJud. You haue your Aduocates , therefore muft not 
. Thefc Allegations^re vnanfwerable. 
. The Court muft needs allow them. 

not too faft ! for all this glorious fpeech, 
Is but a painted Pageant, made to vfher . 
Some homely .Scaucngcp, and is borne vp, 

F Vpon 

S W E T N A M, 

Vpoii the back of Porters. It wants true worth 
To carric State, and vrtier learned Judgement 
jntothia Court. For what . foolifliWon 
Is it to fy, Luft tcmpteth girifti Peautie 
Rccaufc men court their wanton MiflrefTes ' 
In fundry formes of Complement ? There's noc 
A Cmc Tradcfman throughout all the Streets 
From the fiaft Chappell, to the Wefterne Pal ce 
But knowcs full well the garifti letting out 

Beautie in their (hops, willcillin QuftomttHH A 
To cheapen ware : Beautie fee forth to fale 
Wantons the bload, and is mans temptinc/S talc 
i.L4. How boldly he comes on? 
i.Uiv. Butmarkchiireafoni. ^ftr, ^ 

^ And chi. is woman , whe W ell *%& 

And tr.mmes her Beautie forth in blufliing Pride 
To draw as doth the wanton Morning SunnAl ' 
The eyes of men to gaze. But marke their natures, 
And from their Cradles you flialircc them take 
Delight in making Babies, deuiHng Chriftnings, 
Bidding of Coflipj, calling to Vp. fittings, 
And then to Feftiuals, id folemnc Churching 
, In imitation of the wanton ends, 
Their riper yccres will aymc at. But goe further, 
And lookc vpon thcvery Motherof Mifchicfc 
Who as her Daughters ripen, and doc bud 
Their youthful! Spring, ftraight fhe inftrua$ them bo\v 
To let a glofle on Beautir,addc a luftrc 
To the dcfecli of Nature, how to vfe 
The myfter^ of Painting, Curling, Powdriug, 
And with ftrangt Pcriwigf , pin knots, Bordrings, 
To deck them vplike to a Vintnera Bufh, 
For men to gaze at on a Midfummer Nighr. 
i.Lrfir. The tydc begins to turoe. 
2.L^>r. Women gocdowne, 

. This done, they arc inftrufod ty like Arr t 


n * 

Arraigned by Wotrien. 

How to giue entertainment, and kcepe diftance 

With all their Sutors, Friends, and Fauouritei, 

When to deny, and when to feed their hopes, 

Now to draw on, and then againe put off, 

To frownc and fmilc, to weepc and laugh out-tight, 

All in a breath, and all to trayne peore man 

Into his ruinc : Nay, by Art they know 

How to forme all their gcflure, how to adde 

A Vennt Mole on ciiery wanton cheeke, 

To make a graccfull dimple when (he laughcs : 

And (if her teeth be bad) to lifpc anH firnper, 

Thereby to hide that impcjfechon: 

And thefe once learn'd, what wants the Tempter now, 

To fnare the ftouteft Champion of men ? 

Therefore, graur ludgci, let me thus conclude : 

Man tempts not woman, woman doth him delude. 

Men witbfioutt , crying, 
Mifogynoi, Mifo^ynos, Mi- 
fogyas 1 

i.Z^nr. Women,looke to't, the Fencer giuds you a 


z.L*w. Bclcetie it,he-hits home. 

Mif. Nay,Iwou'dfpeakc. 
Women fland guiltic of: and which is more, 
What Cities haue becnc fackt and ruinate, 
Kingdomes fubuerted,Xands depopulated, 
Monarchies eaded? and all ihefc by women, (tongue, 

AtU*. BafefnarlingDoggc, bite out thy flandrous 
And fpit it in the face of Innocence, 
That at once all thy rancour may haue end: 
And doc not ftill opprobrioufly condcinne 
Woman that bred thee, who in nothing more 
Is guiltic of ciifhonour to her Sex : 
But that flie hath brought forth fo bafc a Viper, 

F i ' 


To tcare het reputation in his teeth, 
As thou haft done. 

JETS. O doe not fcold, good woman ! 

1-JnJ. Goctotheparpofe. 

A'ln. Iforgotmyfclfe: 
Therefore, grauc Judges, let thit bafc Impoftor 
Tell me one mm that cuer gaue his life, 
To keepe hif vow fafe and inuiolace, 
Againft the affaulti of Lufti and for that one, 
lie find a thoufand women,that to kecpc 
Their Ghaftities and Honours vndefil'd, 
Haue laid their hues downc at bafe Tyrants feet. 

A flwdtts by Wom*n t crying t Atlanta, At 
lanta, Atlanta ! 

. This is but a flourifli. 
. The Fencers Schoole-play beares it. 
M>f. What hath beenc is not now: TheKalender 
Of Women- Saints is fild vp long agec: 
For now a vniuerfall leprofie, 
Likctc an Ii-undarion^ouer-flowei, 
And brcakes vpon you all: fctrce one i free 
From wanron lightncflc and vaine leuitie. 
Atlan. None like to Ntr t and Hetttfribulw. 
Mrf. Yes, wanton Htffftt and Cle9p*tr* 
At Ian. I cou'd name more. 

I, ten for one, of Women. 
. Senfc-plcafing SWr<taM/4/if is beyond 
All Women that can be nam'd. 

fiftf. He name you one 
Beyond all M?n, th'infatiate Mtfftii**: 
Who when flic had to fatisfie KCT luft, 
Imbrac'd r he change of Lowers, and was weakened 
So farre, Hie could no longer hold it out : 
And being aikt if then fhe were fatisfied, 
She anfwcrcrjcd,No:for though (he then were tyr'd, 




Ko change could fitisfie her appetite. 

A flittl'tt fy the MM, *ry**g , Mifogynos, 

*AtU*. Omonftrousimpietic! 
A*r, Stop the Detractors mouth : Away with him. 
tf*mtn. Tearc him in pieces. 
Not. Silence in the Court. 

Attic. It is enough : my Lord^proceed to Judgement^ 
And lead away Afifiw t* his Chamber. 

Lawyers /M^Mifogynos AW*}. 

I. Itulp. Read the decree. 

JYf. We the fwarne Iudge8 of this prcfcnt Court, 
Jn equall ballancc hauing weigh'd the rcafon^ 
And allegations of both Aduocates, 
In their late Declamation!, doc adiudge, 
And here conclude that, 

AM* Readout. 

N*t. That women ate the firft and vvorft temptations 
To loue and luftfull folly : and to this 
We are here prefent, ready to fubfcnbe. 

Athn. You are impartiall, and we doe appealc 
From yu to Judges more indifferent t 
You arc all men , and in this wcightic bufincflc, 
Graue Women fliould hawc fate ai lodges with you. 

Aur. Ti* true, 'tis trues Let vs hauc iuftice. 

Ante. It is decreed already ; atterd the Judgement* 

Ar. Yet at the faft let your y**r*/wkneele, 
And for the Offpring of your loynes and mine, 
Bcege fauour. 

Attic. Peace. 

An. You alwaycs hauebin iuft 
In other caufes ; Will you in your owne 
Be fo vniuft, fcucre, nay tyrannous ? 
TbcveryBcafts,bynaturallinftina s 

S W B T N A M, 

Prcfcrue their iflue > and will you be then, 
More cruell and vnnaturall then they/ 

Attic. Arife ; and know, A King is like a Starr?, 
By which each Sublet, as a Mariner, 
Mn ft rtecre his courfe. lufticc i n Vs ii ample, 
From whom Inferiors will deriue example. 

tXr. Oh, be not fo obdurate ! 

Attic. I'lc hcarc no more. 

JLiUn. Yet, gracious Sir, for my indeuouring paines, 
(Though fraitlcflc BOW) let roee (a Strangr)beg 

Attif. But not the the frccdorae ef Letmd*. 

AiUn. Since (he muft die ; I beg (he may not bafcly 
Be hurried forth amongft rnciuilt men ; 
But that your Queenc, and I, and feme few others, 
With any one of your attendant Lords, 
May fee her execution. 

jtttic. Take your defire. . 

Leo. The bleflcd Heauens be thankfull to Atlanta. 

Ltf. And crownc her with allbleflings. (cced, 

Attic. Take my thanks too. And now,my Lordi,pro - 
And g iue your finall cenfure. 

Exit Attt. 

Ait. Copt >AtUt**, come; 

Teares Ell mine eyes, and Griefe doth ftrikeme dumbe. 
Exit A*r. Atl*n.4*d*ltk tftrnc*. 

i . Indtt. Leonid*, By the iudgement of this Court, 
You are found guiltie as chePrincipall, 
In the offence committed ; for which, we doome you 
(According to the LaVves of this our Hand) 
To lofe your Head. 

2. Ixdgt. And you withall. LiftHtlrf, 
By the like Law,mufl within nftee he daicr, 
Betake you to pcrpctiiall b*n1'hmenr. 
Welcome, fweet dctxh. 


Lif. Nothing can expiate 
The Kings feuere Decree, tnd Her hard fate. 

'" ActilllJ. 


Sfor. Health to your Honour. 

lag. Noble Sforz,*, thankcs. 

Sfor. Haue you not heard th*'nwc$ ? 

2*g. Of what, rny Lord? 

Sfir. L#WjandihePriiice0tr 

lag. Not as yet. 

Sfor. Then ricrefolue you. 

Int. Pray you doe, my Lord. 

Sfir. The Aduocwcs both vfed their vtraoft skill, 
To iuftifie and quit the Sex they ftood for, 
With arguments, and reafens fo profound 
O eyther fide, that it was hard t fay, 
Which way the fcale of luftice would incline. 

fag. I ioy tohearc it j Arid to fay the truth, 
Both Sexes equally fhould bearc the blame ; 
For both offend alike. But piaytproceed. 

Sfor. At length, the Ad uocate that ftood for ?s, 

Preuail'd fo farre,with his forc'd Ora,torie, . , 
The Lord7^r4ffr too, abetting him, 

That maugre all thc : Ama^onians wit, 
Which was (indec4) bey ondcxpreflion, , 

The fcntence paft agalnft the female Sex j 

/41 The Heauens forbid IThcPrinccflcdoom d ro die? 
5/f.Too truc,my Lord :I heard the words pronounc'd. 

Ing. A fcntence moflvniufl, and tyrannous. , 
Where's the Detractor ?. 

Sfor. Crown'd withViftorie, 
And inteiuin : d with Triumph, 


Ug* That iuft Hcauen 
Should fuffcr fuch an impious wretch to Hue ! 
I muft goc lookc the Princeffe ; when muft (he dye ? 

Sfor. To morrow's Sun beholds t daughters fall. 

/*. A Sunne nsuft rife to night, to dirnmc that Sunue, 
From the beholding fuch a horrid deed. 
Twas crucllinaKing, for fuch a fact; 
But in a Father, it is tyrannic. 

Enter M i fogynos, 

Sfor. Forbcare, my L*rd, the times ire dingcrotJs. 
See! here's the Champion. 
7^. Looke how the Slaue glories in his conqueft, 
How infolent he (hikes! 
Shall. we indure fuch faucie impudence ? 

Sfor. Putvp,putyp ; my Lord,. 
_He is not w6nh our indignation: 
Let vs a-whilc obferuc him for fome fporr. 
E*ttf Scanfardoe. 

St*n. My noble Fencer, 1 congratulate 
Your braue atchicucmcnrs in the laftdayes triumph. 

Afif. Ithanke you^Schoner. Was't HOC brauely d 

Sc**f. Done like thy fclfe : rhc fpirits <&M*nfit* 
And old Di^tvcs ctoubfcd in th'ee. 

Mif. I th'uikc^l h aue giuen 
The Female reputation fuch a wound, 
Will not be cured in hafte. 


l*g. Ha, ha, ha, ha j Pernicious flaue. 

i. Gtnt. Worthie Mifigjmj, 

^. <jtt. Noble Champion, 
We doc applaud 
Your the report 
Of your late cohq : ueW. 

Mif. Thankcyou,Gentlemen; 
Truth will preuaile, you fee. 
I fpcake not for my fclfe, in my owne quarrel^ 
But the genciaU good of all men in the world, i, Gt*t 


j. <?</. We know it, Sir. 
l*r. Degenerate Monfter, how he iuftifics 
His flandrous forgeries ? 
Mif. Bur, Gentlemen, 
How goes the rumour ? 
What do's the Multitude report of mee ? 

i.Gcnt. Oh Sir, the Men applaud you infinitely; 

But the Women 

Mtf IrefpeAnotthcm: 

Their curfes arc my prayers. 

/4g . Oh damn'd Rogue ! 

i. Gent. If yeu'lcbcrul'dbyrne,gofliewyour felfc 
Amongft them all in publique : O '(will fret 
Their very galls in pieces. 

Jag. That was well. 

Some body fecond that, and we (hall fee 
Excellent paftime j for they'le ne'r indure 
His fight with any patience, 

SCAM/. Doc i'faith, 
That they may fee you hm< conquer'd* ., 

Mtf. And 1 will. 
But fliould they grow ouiragious-.- 

3. Cjent. Fearc not that : wc'leall almgwhhye. 
Afif. Will you conduct me fafe vnto my Schoole ? 
Sc^. 1,1, we'le be your Card. Exciwi. 

Sfor, Oh what a Coward 'tis? 
lag. You doc him wrong : 
He fights not wjth his h;nds, but with his tongue. 
Why doe I trifle time ? i'leto the Court j 
This crucltic afflifts try very foulc. 
Good my Lord, ioyne with me ; we'le to th Kingj 
And fee if wee can alter this decree. 
Oh 'cis a royall Princcflc, fairc, and chaflc! 

Sfor. But her difdaine, my Lord, hath bin the caufc 
Of many hopcfull Youths vntimely end \ 
Tis has harden'd both the Commons hearts, 

G And 



And many a noble Peeres. 

/*/. Why, whit of that ? 
It is not Be affection (hould be forc'd : 
Let's kneelc rnto his Grace for her releafe. 
lufticc (like Lightning) euer /hould appeare 
To few rnens ruine, buc to all mens feare. 

*&. ThePriaceflefufferfthea? 

Gent. This Morning, Sir, 
Vnleflc thcsnercieoftheKing be found 
More then is yet expe&ed. 
^ Ttyf. Oh my hearr, 

Canfl thou incUre to hear* that heauie found. 
And wilt not burft wilh grieft ? 

Of it. Nay, goodmylof^: 

Mt. Oh, worthie Sir, you did not know the ioy es 
That we all loft in her. She was tht hope, 
And onely comfort of Sicilia j 
And the lift Branch waileftofikatfaireftockc- 
Which (if /he dye) is withered, quite decay'd. 

G**t. You haue indeed : 
Yours is the greateft of a particular : 
For vou haue loft abeautious Spoufe, my Lord ; 
And yet the rich hopei of a royall Crowne 
Might mitigate your forrow. You are next, 

Ni*. Doe not renew my griefe with naming that. 
Oh that it were to morrow ! happie day, 
Bcftow'd OB fome more meritorious, 
That might continue long, for 1 am old. 
I (hould be well content. 

Cent. Say not fo : 

There's no one merits t ha t rn ore then your felfei 
Yo are elected by the Kings owne howfe, 


And general! conicnc of all the Relri'e, ; 
For the Succeflwur after his deceafe : 
Whofc life pray Hcauen defend. 

Nic. Amen, Amen, 

And fend him long to raigne ; but not on earth. 
Sir, you are neere the King ; Pray, if you heare 
His Hi ghnefle aske for me, excufc me,Sir : 
You fee my forrow's fuch,I am vnfit 
To come into the prefence of a King. 

Cjcnt. I fee it, Sir, and will report as much. 

Nic. You will report a lye then ; ha, ha, ha. 
My Lungs will not afford m wind enough 
To laugh my palfions out. To gaine a Crowne, 
Who would not at a funerall laugh and (ing? 
All men of wifedome would, and fo will I i 
Yet to the worlds eye, I am drown'd in reares, 
And held moft carefull of the King and State, 
When I meane nothing leffe. Lrr**V/ dead : 
The fcornefull Princcffc, that refus'd rny loue, 
I? going to her death. The King, I know, 
Cannot continue long : Then may I fay, 
-As our Italian hcires at fathers deaths, 
tfid lnde y Rtine tA foK t 
The King alone made race the King : 
Me thinkes I feele the royall Diadem 
Vpon my head already j ha, ha, ha. xit* 

iA dumbf fine* 

Enter two L?M**werf t Atlanta with tht Ax* t Leonida 

all in white, her haire looft,hHng with rib Am ; 

for ted on ejtkcrfide ty two Ltdies, Aurelia 

Hg M chitfc Mourner. 

fofily oner the flag*. 


G i Lie 



Let the W 

Etchoe$ t 

And the Tenor e-f their Sfl, 

Be ding ding, ding, 

Mature nawJhtB heart HO iore y 
Of the riches c-fherSte-re, 
Since in this hirehufeft fr*, 
t/ltl the Stoskf tfbetutte diet ; 
Tht t what truelike*rl,t*M l*t 
Forfare tofmg thu'fad din% dong* 

tb*tb*Mn*tht frifltti f>ttdt t 
S*uagc Beejlt mntnutdtr then 
Tbi unrelenting httrts if mtn s 

rs ofe-ur mtne, 

with tftjlttf Mnjr deng t ding dng t . 
nvdonr, dong t 
dixgdo t 

Exeunt Omnct\ 

Enter MifogynoSj 
. Swajt. 

S*. Ac your Buckler, Sir? 
Afif. Pcrcciu'ft thou nothing, 
Svra. Howmcaneyou,Sir? 

. No ftrangcfignc of alteration ; hum. 
. Beyond imagination. 
. How, gooaSi'4/&? 

. Why, trotn a Fencer, you're turn'd Orator. 
, Oh ! Ccd*nt ttrmaTog*; that's no wonder. - 
Pcrcciu'ft thou nothing clfc ? Leofce I not pale f 



Arc not my atraes infolded ? ray eyes fixe, 
My head dciefted, my words paffionate, 
And yet perceiu'ft thou nothing t 

S*ft. Let me fee,rae thinkes,you looke Sir,like fowe 
Defpcrate Gamefter, that had loft all his eftacc 
In a dicing Houfc: you met not 
With thofc Money-changcrs,did you ? 
Or hauc you falne amongtt the female Sex, 
And they baue paid you for your laft dayes worke ? 

Mif. No, no, thou art as wide, as Chore in my difcafc: 
Thou neuercanft imagine What it is, 
Vnlcflc, I tell thee . SwMjfc, I am in loue. 

S*fb. Ha,ha,ha,inlouc? 

Mif. Nay,'tis fuch a wonder, $*/&, 1 force belceue, 
It can be fo, my felfc, and yet it is. 

Swtfo. ThcDeuill it is as foone, nd foener too 
You loue thc'Deuill,bettef then a woman, 

M'f. Oh, doe not fay fo^w^, I <}oe <*M- 

S.tfj . In loue? not poffiblc: 
This is fome tempting Syren-has bewitcht you. 
. Oh ! peace, good S*fi. 
fr. Some Cockatrice, the very CurTe of man? 
. No more,if thou doft loue me. 
vafa Your owne words. 
I know not how to pleafc you better, Sir, 
Will you from Oratour, turne Heretike, 
And finnc againft your owne Coftfcieocc ? 

C*/K</,Vhe little Fencer phyd his Prize, 
At feuerall weapons in ^//<<^eycs, 
He challenged me, we met and both did try 
* His vtmoft skill, to get the Viaorie. 
Lookes were oppos'd'gainft lookes, and rtead o word 
Wercbandcd frowne'gainft frowne , and wotds giri 
But cunning fnfMacab me to rccoilc : 
For when he plaid at fliarpe, I had the foyle. 



f ~ ~ 

S*fl. Nay, new he is in lone, I fee it plaine i 
I was infpir'd with this Pocticall vaine, 
When I fell firft in loue : God bo'y yee , Sir ; 
I muft gor looke another Mafter. 

Y'are a dead man : beleeue it, Sir, 
I would not giue two- pence fora Leafc 
Of a hundred pound a yccre made for your lift. 
Can you that haue bin at defiance with vrn ail, 
Abufed , arraigned tm, hang'd vm,if you could; 
You hang'd vm more then halte, you tookc away 
All their good names, 1'mc fure, can you then hope, 
That any will loue you? A Ladie, Sir, 
Will fooner meet a Tinker in the ftrcet, 
And cry what Mctall lyes within his Budget^ 
A Counteffe lye with roe, an Emperour 
Take a poore Milke-mdide, Sir, to be his Wife, 
Before a Kitchen- Wench will fancie you. 

eft/*/. Doe not torment me, misbelceuiog Dele, 
I tell thce-,1 doe loue, and muft enioy. 
S*Jb. Who,in the name of women, fliould this bee ? 
Mtf. What an obtufe Conception do'ft thou bcarc ? 
Did not I tell thec, 'twas Atl*t*, S*fit 

Swajb. Who, (he Amazonian Dame, your Aduocate, 
A Mafculine Fcminwie > 

Mtf. l,Sw*Jbi 

She murt be more thn Female,has the power 
To molliBe the temper of my Loue. 

Sw*(h. Why, (he's the greateft encmle you haue, 
(JMif. The greater is my glorie, Svr*jk> .in that 
That hauing vanquifht all, 1 attaine her. 
The Prize confifts alone 
In my eternall credit and renowne. 
OH, what a Race of wittie Oracours 
Shall we beget betwixt vs : Come, good Sftfbs 

3Jc write a Lcttc; to her prefcntly, 


Which thou (halt carry: if thou fpecdft, I fweare, 
Thou Aialt be Svtetntmi Hcirc. 

**#. ThtDcuilllfcirc, 
Will difpoffcflc me of that Heritage. 

W/r twt Gentlemen, 

i.gtut. But are you furc die is beheaded, Sir? 
i.Gcnt. Moft ccrtaine,Sir,both by the Kings Decree, 
And general! voyce of all, for inftaircc fee. 

i. <jent. The wofull'ft fight, 
That ere mine eyes beheld. 

i. Gmt. A fight of griefeand horrour. 
i.Cjint. It is a piece of the extremeft lufticc 
That cuer Memory can Regifter. 
i.Gtnt. I, in a Father. 
l.GfHt. Oh, I pray forbcare, 
. The time is full of danger cuery*where. 

Enter Lifander, ** 
Lif. Good gentle friends, before I leave the Land, 
Suffer me to take my laft fare- well 
Of my owne deareft deare LemiAi, 
Accept this poore reward : would time permit. 
I would more largely rccompcncc your loues. (bricfe. 
i,GtM. Youhaucpreuail'd, my Lord, but pray bee 
We arc inioyn'ci by ftri& Commiflion , 
To fee you fhipt away this prcfcm tyde. 
Lif. Indeed,! will. 
1.5**. Then here you may behold, 
All that is left of faire l&M*. 
Lif. Oh 
2. (7*4. How fare you, Sir. 
Z>if. Oh, Gentlemen, 
Can you behold this facrcd Cabinet, 
Which Nature once had made her Treafuric? 
But npw broVe ope by facrilcgious hands, 

And DOC It* fall * tnirt : JOB 

Not Marble but would wet at fucK a ftghr, 

And cannot you, ftrange ftupidkie 1 

Thou mcere Relikc of ray cleared Saint! 

Vpon this Altar I will facrifice 

This Offering to appeirfctthy mard'red Ghoft. 

I.GJM. Re(iraine,my LQio^hispaflion, wclamtnt 
As much atyouyand grieue vnUyocdly 
For her VDiimcly Joife.. 

Lif. As much as I? Oh, \is-cn poflfibic. 
You temporize with forrovv:mitvr * finccrCj 
Which I will manifoft to allth* World. 
See whai a beauteous forme fhe yet reiayncs, 
In the dcfpightof Fate^hartnenmay fee, 
Death could not feir.c but on her mortal! parts :. 
Her bcautic was diuine and heaveniy. (ftiqrr f 

i.Oti*. Nay , gOtfttwy.Lttrd^tfiirpatchjtbc.iiB^c'i but y 
Lif. Indeed, I will, to make an end of time: 
For I can liue no longer, fifitetlwtifiw, 
For vvhofe fake oncly, I held truce with twrjc, 
Haih left me defolare : rtto, diuijieftloue, ' 
What liuing was deny'd yt, weele enioy 
In Immortality, >vhf re fto Ctueltic, 

Vnderthe forme of lufticc, dare%ppeajc. 

Sweet facred Spirit, itwkc rvol tpo mucli bafle 

To the Eli/.ian Fields, ftay but av^hile, 

And I will follow tr^ee with fwifier fpccd/ 

Then meditation : thus I feale my vow. . 

Me thinkcs, I feelefrefh heat, as if her ffltf e 

Had rcfurrTd her former feaic agen, 

To folemnizc this blefled Vnion, 

In ourhOconfummation,orclfe jtfiayes, 

Away ting onely for my comp^nic: 

It dors, indeed, and Ibauedone thec wrong, 

To let thy heauenly c)'e$ wa#? me, 
now I com?, deire L,oe, Oi^, eh ! 

l.(jit4. Wfcse found was that ? 

i.Cjn/t. Oh, we ire all rndcrie, 
The Prince has flaioe himfelfe: what (hail we doe ? 

x .GUM. There is no way but one, let's Icaue the Land: 
If we ftay heere, we fhall be fore to dye, 
And futfer for cui too much Icnitie, 
Though we arc innocent. 

2. (7*4. The* haft* away: 
The doome wecle execute rpcn our fellies, 
And (hip with fpced for Holland, there, no doubt, 
We (hall haue entertayamerit* 
There are warres thrcatned "petwixt Spaineand them. 

i.Gu*. Then let vs hoyfe vp fay le, mercy receiue 
Thy foule to Hcaucn, Earth to Earth we icau. Extunt* 

; E*Ht AtltlKf. 

Allan. What fpcftacle is this ? A than new flaine, 
Qofe by the Princes Herfc ! Who is*t ? Oh^ me, 
The Noble Prince L#Wr*.CruellFate, 
Is there no hopeof life^ See, be looks vp, 
lie bcare him out of the ayre, and ftop his wound: 

If there be any hope, I haue a Balsne 

O~ knowne experience, is effecting cures 

AJmoft impofftbk, and if 'the wound 

Be not too deadly, will recouer him. Exit Lore**t. 

Enter Aurelia tut Tago. 

/f. Deare Queene,haue patience. 

Attr. How J lago t patience) 
Tis fuch a finnc, that were I guiltie of, 
I (hould defpayre of mercie.Can a Mother 
Haue all the l>le{Iings both of Hcauen and Earth, 
The hope full ifluc of a thoufand foules 
Extinct in one, and yet haue patience ? 
I wonder patient Heauen beares fo long, 
And not fend thunder to deftroy the Land. 


.nnoybothm.n andbeaft, 
Scd,t,ous Hell fliould fend black* Furie, forth, 


. , 'y ngt. 

Whae fay the peopl, ? <W tbty OO t* xc laie t 
AK I corffrchc fcruile yokc,i which th'arc b^d 
Vnder fo raercilefle aGouernour? 
lg Madane, in euery mouth is heard to found 

hmgbut raurmuriag, aodpriuate whifpeti. 
Tending to fcuerall ends; but tH conclude, 
.7 r Kmg was :oo f<ueu for fueh 9 Fa^. 

t wc ?^ e 3r child, my cbUd, 
the fmnmeof si; My aiferis! 

Gracious M4tMa c {>iittcM me fpeake. 



Somethittgl knev^roitigate my grief., 
/. Rather to adde so 

J tm the; Mefle^tr of heauie Newes . 
J^Wdr*,pfinct of NapJe 6 
^*r^ What of him? 

t^r/. Beholding the fad obiea of his JOMIV 
His violcntp^ondrauehwn^defjuyre,. 

J*g. Difaftrous chancpl 

^Tr/. 1 found him gafping for his Uteflb^fthi 
And bore him to my Lord iW/houfe, 
1 v\l my befl of skill to fauc his life : 
But ail, Ifcare, in raioe; the morttll wound. 
1 find incurable t^'ct Iprplong'd 
His life a little, that he yet drawes breath: 
Goc you and vifit hirp with vtmoft fpecd: 
The Qiiccne and I will follow; 


Arrtigiitd by Women. 

Aur\ Was eucr Father fovnracrcifuli, 
Buc for that Monfter that was caufe of this, 
That bloudie, cruell f and inhumane wretch, 
That flandcrous Dctraftor of our Sex \ 
That AftfogjHot, that blafphemous Slaue ? 
I will be fo reueBg'd. 

Enttr Chvmt, 

At/40. Madame, no more, 
He is not Worth your wrath : 
Let me alone with him. 

Clw. Whiit, doe ytfu heare ? 
fc/*i/4*. How now, what art thou ? 
Cbw. Not your Scruar c, and yet a Mcflenger, 
No Seraingraan, and ye\ an Vflier too. 
AtU* t What are you then, Sir? fpeakr. 
Cttw. That can refolue you, and yet cannot fpeake, 
I am no Foole, 1 am a Fencer , Sir. 

AMY. A Fencer, firrah ? ha, whtt Countrey-man ? 
C/*w. This Gountrey-rdaB,forfooth, butyec borne in 
England.^ . 

Aitr. How ? borne in Enland,& this Councrcy-man? 
Clow. I haue fcin borne in many CountreyeSjMadamc-, 
But I tliinke I am bcft be this Gountrey-man, 
For many take me for a filly one. 
Attr. Fr a.'filly one? 
. I, a (illy one. 

. Oh, Madame, t haue foch welcomcntffe ! 
35dme, what is's ? 
Atfan. The baytes of women haue preuenteii vs, 
And bee has intrapt hirnfelfe. 
A*r. How, by what Accident > 
Atl**. Loue, M*dame,iuc, read that. 
tsfur. How's this? 

To the moft wife and yertuous Amazon, 
Chiefe ptide and gierie of the Female Sex. 

Hi A 


A promifing induction : what's widrq > ' 
Magnanimous Ladie.marudlnot, '?.;M 7 < 
Thacyour once Aduerftry do's fubaiit hirnfeife 
To your vnconquer'd beatuie. 

AtU. Cunning Slaue. 4^U14^< ;>; 

Aur. Rather impute iuto the power cf Joue, 
Whofe hca'uenly influence hath wrought in cc, 
So ftrange a Mecamorphofis. **** 

tsttUn. ThcvcryquintcflenceoffUucrie. (ifaycs^ 

Attr. Info much ,1 TOW, hereafter , to fpcod aliray 
Deuoted to your fcruice, it (hall be 
To expiate my former blalphemi: 
My dcfirc is mortly c vifit you. 

AiUn. It flull be c your caft then . 

A*r. To make teftimonyof my hcsrty contrition, 
Till when and euerl willproteft my feife, 
To be the eantjcocftw^v/^;w//. 

^///i. Ha, hs, ha, why^thw i^ excellent ! 
Beyond imagination, 

^hr* Yott uwft f>pt flip this oportunitic. 

AtU*. He noj let pafle a minute : hrl owne man 
]lcmakeaninftruo>cnttofeedhi5 VO H .nnV 

Follies wit ha kind acceptance, and when he come*, 
Let me alone. topLot hifr puniiTimenr. mt } r-i 

Attr. Excellent AtUnt^ \ applaud thy wit. 

Atl.w. lie make him an example to all men, -tK 
That dares calumniate a womans fame. O> 

Attend an anfwcrc, lie reward thee well. 

Clow. I thanke your Madame-fhip,Ime glad o'thif. 
Tis the bcfthiuhaccwr Fencer gaue. -. Exeunt. 

Enter Articu$,Iago, Sforza, 4^Nicanor. 

Att. He w took the GrrJ her dettb? did (he net rie? - 
Exclaimc vpon me for the luftice done 
By a iufl Father? how tooke Naples (bnne 
His Exile from our Land? What, no man fpcake ? 



^fy Lords,wnenct %tfegs ihis alteration? 
Why ftand you thus amizVl? Mcthinks your eves 
Are fixt in Meditation ; and ail here 
Seeme likefo many fencelefle Statues ' 
As ifyour foules had fufftr'd an eclipfc 
Betwixt your Judgements and atfe&ions : 
Is it n<ft fo ? 'Sdeath, no roan anfwen ? 
!*, you can tell I'me fure you fa w 
The execution of LenU*. 
Not yet a tillable/ If once tgen " 
We doc but aske the queftion, Death tyes vp 
Your foules for ucr. Call a Headf-man there. 
If for our daughter this dumbe gricfc proceed 
Why ftieuld net We lament ai well as you ? 
I was her father; whofc deare.lifc I priz d 
Abouemineowne, before (he did transgrefie : 
And, could the Law haue fo bio fatisfi'd, 
Mtne./hould ha'paid theraiifiBe of her cryme. 
But, that the World fiiould know our equitie, 
WerefheathoufanddiPghtcrsfliefliould die. 

f*. I can forbeare no longer, Then (Sir) knew, 
It was about that time, when as the Sunnc 
Had newly climb'd oucr the Eafterne hils, 
To glad the world withhif diurnall heat, 
When the fad mmiftcrs >f Iuftic*e tooke 
Your daughter from the fcjofome of th*e Quesnc 
Whom now flic had inftrucd to rcceiue 
Deaths cold imbracet with alacritie : 
Which flic fo well had learn'd, that free did ftriut, 
Like a too forward Schellcr, to exceed 
Her Teachers doctrine, 
So cheerefully flic wen tvntotke Block, 
As if f!hee : d paft ynto her nuptiaUfced. 
/ftd as the trembling Bride when flic cfpics 
TheBridcgroomc haftilyrnclothc b wfclfe, 
And no^v beginning to apprch the bed. 

H 3 Then 




Then flic began to quake aod ftuinkc 

To (rtun the feparation of that head. 

Which is imaginary onely, und notreall. 

So, when (he law her Executioner 

Stand readie to ftrike cut that fatall blow, 

Nature, her frail tip, and the alluring world, <w;*fvt*| 

Did then begin to oppofr her conftancle : 

But (Vie, whofe mind was of a nobler frame, ; >nov %v 

Vanquifti'd all oppofitions, and imbrac'd 

The ftroke with courage beyond Womans Rrcngth ; 

And the laft words flic fpoke, faid, I rrioycc 

That lam free'd of Fathers tyrannic. 

^it tie. Forbeare to vtter more. We are not plea t'd 
With thefe vnpleafmg accents : Lcaue the world 
So cheerefolly, and foeakc of tyrannic: 
$ha was not guiltie lure. We'Jc heare no more. 

l*g. Sir, but you flia! U fince you inforc'd me fpeake* 
I will not leaue a fillablc TntoJd. 
You ask'd if Naples fonne were banifti'd too ^ 
Yes, he is banifh'd cuer from the ficht 
Of monall eyes agaiae: for he is dead. 

Mr. 'tiftn*r dead 1 By whit occafion ? 

1*1.1 fcornc to anfwer thec. The King (hall know, 
t was hit chantc rpoa that bapleffe hourc, 
To pafletbat way, conduced by his gard 
Towards his baniflinnent ; where he beheld 
The wofull obiccWthePriucaTc head: 
There might yeu fee loue, pittie. rage, dcfpaire, 
Aamg together in their feuerall (hapes \ 
That it was hard to Judge, which of all ihofc 
Were moft predomitfanr. At laft,dcfpaire 
Became fole Monarkc of his paffioos, 
Which drew him-to thiterror : Hawing got 
Leaue of his gard to celebrate his rowes < 

Vnto that precious reliquc of his Saint, 
Where hailing brcath'd a mournful! El?oi c , 
After t thoufand fight, ten thouftnd g^nei, Ml 

Still crying out, Lc*uiJ* t my loue ! 
Then, ts his death were limited by hers, 
He facrihVd his life vnto her loue : 
For there (rnluckily) he flew himfelfe. 
Sftr. The King's difplets'd, my Lord. 
Iflg. No matter : I me glad I touch'd hit confcicncc 
To toe quicke. Did you not fee 
How my relation chang'd his countenance, 
As if my words ingendred in his brcft 
Some new-bred pafftens ? 

Sfr. Yes, and did obferue 

How fcare fully hegaz'dvpon viall : Enter Q*e*9t. 
Prsy heauen it proue not ominous. lag. The Queenel 

J2*ff. Where is this King ? this King ? this tyrant? He 
That would becaU The iuft and righteous King, 
When in his a &ions he is moft vniutt ; 
Beyond example, cmcll, tyrannous? 
Where is my daughter ? Where's Lcwid* .' 
Where is L*fopw too, my firft borne hope ? 
And where is deare "Lorenzo ? dead? all dead ? 
And would to God I wereintomb'd with them, 
Emptie of fubftance. Curfe of Souerai gntie, 
That fccd'ft thy faocie with deluding hopes 
Of fickle ftiadowes ; promifing to one, 
Eternitie of fame ; And vnto all, 
To be accounted wife and vcrtuous, 
Obferuing but your Lawes and wft decrees ; 
That vndcr fhew of being mcrcifull, 
Art mqft vnkind,and crucll . nay, 'tis true. 
Goc where thou wilt r lHll will 1 folio w;hee, 
And with my fad laments ftill beat thy earcs, Ex.Kig> 
Till all the world of thy iuRicehcares. *dQt 

Mc.This Phyfick wotks too ftrongly.andmay proue a 
deadly potion. Sfr** y good my Lord,, if any anger be 
'twixt you and I> let it lye buried now; and let's dcuiic 
fomc pallime to iupnrcffc this hcauincfl'e. A melancholy 
King makes a fad Cour:. 1*1' 



I ncuer heard him fp ekc To carefully . flM> i 
Of the Kings welfare. I, with all my heart. 

Jfrr. Who'Ic rndcrtake this charge ? 

JV*. I will, my Lord: Let the deuice be mine. Ttrt 

la i- J'l* get the Amazon to ioyne with you : 
Her rare inut ntion, and experience toe, 
In forraine Countries may auaileyeu much, 
In fome new quaint conceit. 

NIC. D DC, go od my t ord t \ A 

I'de ha't affoone prefented as I could. 

l*t. Tonight, if it be poffible : farewell, 
Imuftgoclooke herouc. 1:1*431* H 

tye. Ha, ha, ha, ha. ^rfvai'f 

So by this meanei, I (hall cxpref e my ftlre 
Studious and cirefull. 

jl1oiTft ,fW 

SCEM. II. ^nnl 
" ^^ ; 


iom -* J>i$>L tA 

A*r. Bat doft tb*u thiokc hee'le coroc ? 

^/'. He cannot chute, . 
I fent him fucfc a louing anfwer backe 
By his Sollici tcr, able to make \ ttiroUHTt + -1 . 
An Eunuch to come wiih the conceit. xitiHo wit n:):f 
The houre's almoft at hand. Madam, command 
A banquet be fet forth : My charge ftia'll be 

ttr with A BAWjUtt,fftmtn. 
To giue htm intertamement : whilrt your Grace, 
L*r<tt* t tnd the Ladies of your traine, 
Or any others you friall pleafe to appoint, 
Be ready to furprife him. So 'tis well, to* : 
Now leaue thStefl to mee. 

Atr. My dcate AttoH* y l connnend thy care. 

Att. Call it my dutie^Madaai, and thejouc 
I owe to ftcrcdirtraat to defend 



The fame ofwomen. All withdraw awhile, 
1 thinke I hetre him comming. I, 'tis he. 


This is the place,. Sir, fhc appoywctJ you. 
. Is this the Orchard then, 
Where I rnuft pluck the fruit from that faire tree ? 

S*jk* I would it might proue Stone-fruit, 
And fo choke him. 

c/W/. Hal what's here? a banquet? 

Sw*. Banquet? Where?, 

M*f. Rcadic prcpfcr'd ? why, this is excellent ! 
What a kind creature 'tis ? 

Sir*. Did not I fay 
How monftroufly Hie lou'd you ? Come, fall to* 

Mif* Before my Miftreffe come ? 

S*. I'ftithSir,!; 
This is but onely t prouocatiue, 
To make you ftrong and luftie for the in counter, 

A/if. Andhere'i Wine too; 
Nothing but Bloud and Spirit. 

Sw*. Afweetthingisloue, 
That fills both heart and mind : 
There is no comfort in the world, 
To women that art kind. Here, Sir, He drioke to you. 

Mif. I wuld (he would come away once : Now,me- 
I could perfttrtne. Andfcelbutwiftiandhaue. (thinks, 
Etter Atlanta. 

Atl*** Oh, are you come ? I fee you keep your houre, 

Mf. IfhouWbefbrryelfe. 

M. Nay, keepe your place. 

Mif. Will you f downc then ? Sirrah ?Walke aloofe, 

jttl. Let him fee doing fomething. Here, take this. 

Mif. I hutftnadi bold to tafte your Wine and Gates. 
ht* y Uf leafe, w1c try the operation. 

. You know my min<J. 

Atl**. You men are all fo fickle, chat poorc we 
Doc not know whom totrutt. 
But doeyouloncmetrucly ? 
Mtf. Bytbiskitfc. 

eXr/. No, faue that labour, Sir t lie take yourword. 
Yet, how fhould I belccuc you, vhen fo lite 
You rail'd againft our Sex, and {lander' d YS? 

Mtf. Oh doe not thinke of that, that's done and gone. 
Doe not recall what's pad. 1 now recant: 
And (by this hand) I lue thec truly, Loue. 
A^L May I belccuc all this? 
Mf. Come hither, */&. 
How oftcnhaucl fwornc to thee alone, 
I lou'rf this Lady ; neucr none but (bee? 
Swa. Yes trucly, that he has. 
<JMtf. You may be proud, I tell you, of my lour, 
There is a thoufand Women in this Towne, 
To imbrace me, would clap their hands for ioy. 
And run like fo many wild Cats. 

S**. That they would, 
I dare be fworne for tm, ; ^, 

And hang about him like fo many Catch-poles, 
He would nc'r gee from vm, 
And yet this happineffc is profer'd you. now 

Ad. Which I cannot refufe, 
You haue, you know, fuch a prcuayJing tongue, 
No woman can deny you any thing. (meet/ . 

Mtf. Why, that was kindly fpoke. Where (hall wee 
At I. Hearke in your care, J'lc tell you. 
Mif. Beftofall. 

Ail. But... ^ 

Mtf. Doe you thinke mefuch a foole f 
Atl. Till then farewell : Tie fpecdily rctOrne. Ex.AtL 
Mtf. Why law novr.Swt/b,! told thce fhe would yetl^ 
No woman in the world can hold out long. 


L.*.. . 

' ' 


Oh beware when a man of Art courts a woman. 

$*. I, or a Fencer, Sir : W T e lay vrn flat before vs. 
But, pray you tell me, Matter, Doeyouleue 
This Laffe fincerely ? 

Mtfl Ha, ha, ha. Louc? that were a ieft indeed, 
Topafleaway the time for fport, orfo j 
Th'are made for nothing elfe : 
And he that loues vm longcr,is a foole. 

S*. Me thinkes 'tis pittie to delude her, Sir r 
Tfaith flic's a handfome weuch. 

Mif. Awy,yon Afle. 
Delude ? what are they good for elfe ? 

Enttr Atlanta. 

She comes tgaine. Out of the Orchard, Sw-f/fc. 
Welcome, Sweet heart. 

lAtl. Are you io priuate, Sir > 
Mf. There's not an eye tndcr the Horizon 
That can behold vs ; If Sufpicion tell, 
I'lc beat her blind as cuer Fencer wai. 

eX/ r . Sir, now you talkc of Fencing, I heare you 
Piofcfle that noble Science. 
Jlfff. Tis moft true. 

At I. I louc you, Sir, the better ; 'tis a thing 
I honour witl. my heart. If any one 
Should fcandaliy.c or twit me with yourloue, 
You can defend my fame, and make fuch men 

Jlftf. Creepe on their knees, aske thcc forgiuencflc, 
Or any othev bafe fubmi(fion. 

Atl. Oh, what a happinefle diall I inioy ? 
But can can you doe this ifoccafion ferue? 

Mif. Wou!d fomc were here to make experience, 
That thou mightft fee my skill. 
Ait. Sir, that will I. Stride him^. 

Ail. Impudent lie ie, 
How dar'ft thou looke a woman in the face, 

la Or 



Or'commcnceloucto any Specially lomcc? 
Thou know'fl I'mc vow'd .thy publiquc enemic, 
Which this, and this, and this (hall tcftifie. 

Mif. Oh that I had a weapon, thou (houldft koow, 
A thoufand women could not (hnd one blow, 
Frorum'y vnconqucrd arme. 

Atl. That (hall be tride. ., 
He fit you, Sir, in your owne element. 
1 thinke thou dareft not looke vpon a fword. 
Sc<r , thcrc*> a foyle : I will but thumpc you, Sir. 
Thy life** rcfcru'd vnto a worfc reucnge. PUj. 

Mif. O'n. Some Deuil'scnterd in this Idol Cure, 
Tomakemccmisbflicue. Oh. 

AtU Cowardly flaue. A Fencer? you Fidlcr. 
He cannot hold his weapon, 

Card his breft ; no, nor defend a thruft. An not tihim'd 
Thus to difgraccthtt noble cxcrcife? 

Mif. Oh : Hold, hold ; I yceld, I yecM. 

Ail. Has ourCouncrie meacj fed you fo high, 
You needs muft haue t (hie for your b*fc luft ? 
Tie faMate your fences ere I haue done : 
And fo much for your feeling : For your tafte, 
You haue had fufficientin your fwcet-mcatj, Sir : 
'Your drinke coo was pcrfum'd to pleafe your fmcll . 
Mif. I, bud haue hid but fowrc faucc to vm. (fight. 
vftl. Why then the Prouerbe holds. Now for your 
Madam, Come forth, and bring your followers. 

Mif, I'de rather fee fo many Coxkatricei. 
Oh that my eyes might be for euer (hut, 
So that I might ne'r behold ihtfe Crocadils. 

A*r. Where's this bawling Bandog. 

Omnes. Here, here, here, here. 

Aftf. Murder, murder, murder. I'mc 
I /hall be tornc in piecei. Murder, ho. 

. - 

Ay reigned by Women. 

\xr. Is this the dogged Hume-rift that cats 
Himiclfc the woman-hater? 

/*//. On my knees. 

A". Doft thou reply, vile Monfter?Binde him, come. 

Old &. Let me come to him, He fo mumble him. 

A *r. Remember fairc Ltonida my child, 
Whole innocence was made a Sacrifice 
TorK/ bafc Forgeries and Sophiftric. 

Om*cs . Out, you abominable Rafcall. 

Ar. This for your hearing, Sir: now all is full. 

UW</. Ladies, Gentle women, fwcet AtJ*tA, all, 
Heare me but fpeakc. 

Lor, No, not a fyllable. 

You hauc fpoke to match alreadic,you darnn'd Rogue. 
But weele reward you for't. Skrew his iawes. 

Mif. Oh, oh, oh. 

Attr. Now, thou inhumane wretch,what puniftimcnt 
Shall we inuent fufficient to inflict, 
According to the height of our reuenge? 

Omnts. Let's teare hi* limmei in pieces, ioynt from 


SroU. Three or foure pairc of Pincers, now red hoc, 
Were excellent. 

Lor. Will not our Bookings feme? 

Aur. Hang him,Slauc, fliull he dye as noble a death 
AsCrf/irdid?No,no:pinch him, prickchim. 

A Boy. I haue fmall Pins enow to feruc vt all. 

Scold. We cannot wi(h for better: take him rp, 
And bind himto this Poft. 

Lor, Faith, Poft and Pairtj 
As good a Game as can be. 

Aur. Come, let's to't, 
Shuffle the Cards; an<d leaue out all the Knauei. 

Atl. No,theKnaucsinatPoft,indoutatPaire. 

A*r. Shall it be fo? Agreed ? 
Dcale round. ., 

I 3 ; Jrf y* 



Scold. Firft,ftak. 
Mif. Oh, ob, oh, oh. 
Art. Paflfe. 
A*r. Paflc. 

Lor. Nay, He not pafleitfo. Mif. Ob, ok. 
tX 'Z?j. Faith,Ilcbc in too. 
. Oh! 

Enter two Old fame* **d Swap,. 

A*r. Againe, for me too, I will vyc it.Mif. Oh. 
Ail. And for me, He not deny it. Mif. Oh. 
Lor. He fee you, and rcty't ageo. Mif. Oh, oh. 
4fr/^.For your two,Ile put in ten. Mtf. Oh, oh, oh, 
Attr. Hovf now? iUy, vho'i this ? (oh, oh. 

Swap}. I could not find the way out of the Orchard, 
If I fhould ha'becnehaMg'd,butfell intothefe 
Old Women mouthes: but the beft is, 
They had no teeth to bi re me, but my Gran dame heere 
Scratches moft deuilli(hly. 

At I. Here's a Whclpe of the fame Litter coo. 
Corne hither Sirrah, doe you know thia man ? 

Sw*fl). Yes,forfoo(h, I know him, 
He was my Matter once, want of a better. 

Ler. Then you were one of his Confederates, Sir. 
Svmpt. I his Confederate? I defye him, 
He knowes I alwayes gaue him good counfcll, 
If he had had the grace to follow it : 
Here he it himfelfe, let him deny't if be can. 
Mif. Oh, oh, oh, 

Swjflj. Did not I euer fay, Matter, take heed, 
Wrong not kind Gentlewomen, 
Honeft louing women? Many a time 
Haue Ibeene beaten by him blacke and blue, 
For looking on a woman, is't not true ? 
. Oh, oh. 

feehis bringing rp, 


Arraigned fy Women. 

To make a mouth at all this companie. 

Aur, This is an honeft fellow; he fhall cfcapc. 
Sirrah, then lou'ft a woman? 

Swa/k. I, with all my heart. 

Scold, He lookes as if he did, 

Ad. Well, ftand afide,weelc imploy you anon* 
Forbeare your tortors yet, fomething is bid, . <nK 
That we muft haue rcueal'd, and he himfclfe 
Shall be his ownc accufcr : you all know, 
He hath arraign'd YS for inconftancic : 
But now wcclc arraigne huBj and iudge him too, 
This is womans counfcll : Madame, we makeyou 
Ladie Chicfclufticc of this Female Court, t,\j 

Miftris Recorder, l.Lmtta, you, *1 ,\\\ 

Sit for the Notarie : Crier, (he: 
The reft fhallbeare inferioj pfh<fei, ,v\il .t*K 
As KeeperSjScriants, Executioners. 

Swtfr. Ide rather be a Hangman then a Seriant: 
Yet there's no great difference, if one will not, 
T'other muft. 

Ail. Mother,goeyouandcallaluricfull, ,, 

Of which y'are the fore-woman. 

i.O/^. Yhankc you forfooth,llc fetch oncprcfcndy : 
*Tis fit he ftipuld be icratcht, and plcafc youi Grace : 

Sure, he is no man, - ;;%- 

Atl. WewantaBarrc.O,thefctwofoylcsihal\lerue: 

One ftuckc fchc Earth, and croffe it from this Tree. 
Now take your places, bring him to the Barrc, 
Sirrah, vngag him. 

Swtjb. Lcthimbegag'dftill : 
Then you arc fure what e'r you fay to him* 
He cannot contradict you. 

Atl PulUcouc.. 

S*jl). Doe not bite y'arc bcft. 

Mif. Oh.that I vvcre a Serpent for your.fckef , 
Bearing a thoufandlftings, - 


A*r. Worfc then th*u art, 
Thou canft not wift\ c be, abortiuc wretch. 
Bring him to the Barre. 

Swap}. You'ld not be tuPd by merl told you o'this, 
And now you fee what follower , 
Hanging's the leaft, what-eu'rfollowesthat. 

A*r. Clarke of the Peace, 
Rcade the Indictment. 

Sctld. Silence in the Court. 

Swap:. Silence? & none but women VThat were ftratJge! 

Ltr. Mifogy**i t hold vp thy hand. 

Swtjk. Hit name if 5Wf*i, aoc Mtfa*9 t . 
That's but t bonwel name. 

Mif. Peace, you Rogue, 
Will you difcouer me ? 

Aur. Svfttntm is hit name. 

S*Jb t I, /tfipb SwttiHK*, that's his uanje, forfootb, 
loftfh the lew was a better Gentile farre. 


i, How came he by all thrfe. names ? 
I haue heard many fay, he was n*u*r chriften'd. 

J>r.Thou art here iridi&ed by thefe names, that thou, 
Contrary to naturf.and the peace of this Land, 
Haft wickedly and rn-iliciouflyflandred, 
Maligned, and opnrobrioufly defamed the ciuill focictie 
Of the whole Sex of women : therefore fpeake, 
Guiltie,ornot guiltie? 

Mif. Not guiltie. 

Sw*/b. Hum. 

Omties. Not guiltie. 

Mif. No, not guiltie. 

Air, Dareft thou denie a truth fonaanifeft? 
Didfl tbeu not lately both by word, and deed, 
Publifli a Pamphlet m difgrace of vi, 
^nd of all women-kind? 


r emen. 

>, no, no, not I. 
,&. Hum. 

Atl. Calling vs tyrannous, ambitious,cruell? 

e/f#r. Comparing vs to Serpents, Crocodiles 
For Diflimulation, ciie*<*s for Sub tiltics, 

Lsr. Andfarreworfe: 
That we are all the Dcuils agents, 
To feduce Man agen? 

StiU. That all our fludies are but to delude 
Our credulous Husbands? 

Mtf. Idenieallthis. 

Sw*[h. Hum. ; . 

Lor. Nay more, 

ThoU doft aflfirme, without diftin<5Kon, 
All married Wiuci are the Dcuils Hackncyes, 
To carrie their Husbands to Hell. 

i/tur. Inhumane Monfter, haft thou ncu'r a Mother? 

S*fb* N<> forfooth, he is tSuccMbtu, begot 
Betwixt a Deuill and a Witch. 

Ufoif. If I did any fuch, let it be produc'd. 

Att". Bring in the Books for a firmc Euidcnce, 
Aad bid the Inrie giue the Verdict f p. 

Euttr two Old W99M*. 

- OfA W. Guiltie, guiltie, guiltie. 

Guiltic of Wdman-flander, and defamation. 
All. Produce the Bookcs, and readc the Title of ym* 
Ler. The Arraignment of idle, froward, . 

And yncoaftant women. 

A*r t What fay you, Sir, to this ? 

Mij\ Shew me my name, and then He yeeld rnto c, 

Aftr. No, that's your policic and cowardifc, 

You durft aot puUiAi, what you dar'd to write, 

Thy man is witneflcto't:lirran,confcffe, 

Or you (hall eu'n be feru'd of nhe fame fa wee. 



S#.i(b . No,no,no,no, lie tell you all, 
He is no Fencer, that's but for a (hew, 
For f:Jie of being beaten: die beft Clarke. 
Forcowardifc that can be in the World, 
To terrific the Fcmafc Champions, 
He was in England, a poorc Scholer firft, 
And came to Medley, to eate Cakes and Crcame, 
At my old Mothers houfe, flic truiled him: 
At Iratt Tome fixteene Shillings o'che (core, 
And hr perfwadcd ker, he would make me (leeu'd: 
A Scholer of the Niniuerfitic, which (he, kind Fooie, be- 
He neu'r taught me any Loflon.buttoraileagainftwo- 
That was ray morning and my euening Lecture, (men, 
And in one yccre he runnc away from thence, 
And then he tooke the habit of a Fencer: 
Acid fee vp Schoole at Brifio w .- there he liu'd 
A yecre or tw, tiii he had writ this Booke : 
And then the women beat himouttheTowrre, 
Ami then we came to London : there fbrfooth, 
He pir: liis Booke j'the Pr:(Te, and publiflicit, 
Ami madca thoufandmen and wiucs fallout. 
Till two or three good wenches, in meerc fpight, 
Lnul their heads together, and riil'd him out of th'Land, 
Then we came hither: this isallforfooth. 

^*r.Tis eu'n enaugh. 

M;f. 'Tis all as falur ai women. 

Qnwit. Stop his mouth. 

Atltn. Eithrr be quiet, ory'aregag'dagen* 

Aw. Proceed inludgi-menr. 

AlUn. Mada;iir, thus icis. 
Firtr, he fhill wcare th;s Mouzell, to cxpreflc 
His barking hiimour againft wonncn-kind. 
And he flu!) be led, and publike fhowne, 
In euery Scrcrt r'thc Citie, andbc bound 
In cerninc places to a Poft or Stake, 
And bay ted by all the riondi wwnen in 

JrraigneJ fy Women. 

if, Is that the worft ? ihere will not one be found 

Qmnes. Our,youlying Rafcall. 
Forbeare a little. 

Atl An. Then he (hal be whipt quite thorow the'Land, 
Till he come to the Sea-Coaft,and then be flilpt, 
And Tent to Hue amongft the Infidels . 

Omnes. Oh, the Lord prtferuc your Grace. 

Lr. Oh, oh, oh. 

Aur. CallinhisBooket, 
And let vm all be bura'd and caft away, 
And his Arraignment now put i'thc Preflc, 
That he may liue a fhame vnto his Sex* 

AiU. Sirrah, the charge be yourcwhicb if you failc. 
You (hall be vs'd fo too: it' well pcrform'd, 
You (hall be well rewarded. Breake vp Court. 

Ootnej. Away, you bawling Maftiffc. 

Ch Pifli, pifli. 

Enter Atticus, Sforzi, Nicanor, And gut or 
t*9 Ltrds mtrt. 

King. Wny doe you thus purfue roe ? Can no place 
v Shelter a King from being baytcd thus 
With Acclamations beyond fuffcrance 
Of Maicftic,or roortall ftrength to bcarc? 
We will indure'c no longer. Where's cur Guard ? 
Where is jlttrtM where s /Jg'gont? 
To ftudie new Inue&iucs ? Ifagen 
They dare but vttcr the leaft fy liable, 
Or fmalleft title of inuettncie, 
They (hall not breathe a minute. Muft a Prince 
Be checkt,atrd fchooled, purfued and fcoldcd ar, 
For executing lufticc? 

Nic. Roy all, Sir. 

Be plcafcd, to caft away thefe Difcontcn t s. 
!*&'* ferric for his bold offence. 

K a The 


The Queene repent* her teo, and all the Genre 
Is clowdcd o'r with griefe : your fadncffc, Sir, 
Fils cucry Subieds heart with hcauiucffe. 
Will'tplcafc your Highncfle to behold fomepaftime, 
There is a Maskc and other Iports prepar'd: 
Prepared to folaceyou, 
To locale away your forrowcs. 

King. Who'* that fpokc ? 
NjcMtor, is'i hcc? I thought as much: 
I knc A no other would be halfc fo kind, 
Nor carefuJl of our health : doe what thou wilt., 
We will deny nothing that thou deroandeft. 
My drareft Comforter, ftay to my age, 
Tne hope of Sicilie lyes now in thee. 
Corwc (it by vj, weclc fee what new deu'tce 

Thy diligence Nic t Mydutie. 

Kir.g No,thyloue 

Ha:h ftudicd to delight thy Soueraigne. 
Come fit,/\^/V4r. ^ 

NIC. Pardon, Sir, awhile, < 

He glue command to fee it ftraight perform'd, 
AivJ ioftantlyreturne. 

Kt. Make no delay: 
We haue nc ioy ht ir> thy compinie. 

Nic. Nor I no Hell, but thy continuance. 
He prefer.t that will fhortenit, 1 hope. 

Xug . Sforz,*. thou ieueft me ioo:come nccrct Vf: 
i^ut old 7^0 is a fro ward Lord, 
Honcft, bui lenattue, ore-fwaii too much 
With pitt e againft lufticc, that's net good: 
Indeed it is not in a Counfciler. 
And he has to much of woman, othetwife 
He might be Ruler of a Monarchie, 
for policie and wifdome. 5/r,<i fit, 
Take you ycur placet to behold this Matke, 


AnrigntA hf Wmen. 

Enter Nicanor. 

Me. Now they arc readie, 

King. Let vm enter then. 
Come lit by vs, Nictnor, and defcribc 
The rrieaning,as they enter. 

Enter la go, 4*<i ike Queen t. 

l*g. Heerc your Grace 
May vndifcouered fit, and view the Maske, 
And fee how 'tis affe<ed by the King: 
1 know/twili nip him to the yerie foule. 
The Maskers. 

Nit. He that leads the Dance* 
Is called wiltull Ignorance. 

King, The next that pryes on euery fide, 
As if feare his feet did guide, 
Is hdd a wretch of bale condition, 
He is titled falfe Sufpition. 

NIC. The third is of a balder Fa&ion, 
But more deadly, 'tis Detraction. 
The lafl is Crueltie, i King that long, 
In feeming good, did facred luftice wrong. 

King. This Moral's meant by me: by hcaucn it is<, 
By Heauen, indeed ; for nothing elfe had power 
Ta make me fee .my Follies. I confeiTe, 
Twas wilfull Ignorance, and Selfc conceit^ 
Sooth'd with Hypocrifie, that drew me fir ft 
Into fufpition of my Daughters loue, 
And call'd it Difobedieace: falfe Sufpecl, 
Twas thou poileft me, that Ltonid* 
Wasfpottcdand vnchafte. , 
Nic. So, now it workcs. 

King. And thcaDctraftion prou'd a deadly Foe. 
I knew 'twould take ee& 
Uo(\ happily. 

K 3 


King. I am that King did facred tuftice wrong, 
Vnder a fhew of lufticc, now *m plainc, 
I: wts my ciueltie,not her dcfcrt, 
That facrific'd my Child to pallid Death. 
Lif/tHtlro flrw himfclte, but I, not he 
Mutt anfvi^rc for that guihleffc blouU vvas fpilt: 
For I was Authour on'i, my Crucltic, 
Diuorcing two fuch Louers, was the caufe 
That drew him to defpayre. How they all gaic, 
Whitpcr together, and then point at me, 
A if they here had being ! vet they haue : 
But it fhall prcue a reftlr (ft bed for them. 
Why doe they not begin ? 

A'/r. Be like they want feme of their companie. 
K*g- But ftay, who's that deft-ends To profperoufly, 
VVith fuch fwcet founding Mufikc? AH obferue. 

* Seehowthefplcndorof 
That came from Heauen, bath difperft away 
Sufpition, Ignorance, and Crueltie, 
And inftantly o'rcomc Detra^ion top, 
Thofe enemies to Tcnue, foes to man, 
Arc ranifht from my light, and from my heart* 
But let Repentance Hay. Ha, (hallow Foelc, 
Doe I fo (lightly bid her ? On my knees, 
She muft be followed, call'd and fu'd vnto, 
And by continuall Prayers.woo'd, and wonne, 
Which I will neuer ccafe, if not too late. 
I doe repent me, let this Sacrifice 
Make fatisfaton for thofe forc-paft Crimes 
My ignorant foule committed. 

Kept*. Tic accepted. 

Imbrace me freely, rife: neuei too Utc , ' 

To call ypoa Repentance. 


Arrdgntd by Women. 

tfic. 1 am trapt. 

Oh, the great Deuill ! whofc rfeuke was this? 
Now all will be reucal'd. I neuer dream't 
Vpon Repentance,! : but now I fee, 
Truth will difcouer all mcns Trecheric. 

Kinr. Liue cuer in ray bofome. What meanes this? 

Enter Lorenzo, Lifandro, Leonida,.?/~ 
JM# Njmpb. 

Lr. If a Siluan's rude behauiour 

May not beere dcfpaire of fauour : 

Then to thee this newcs I bring, 

Thou art call'd the righteous King, 

And as Fame do's make report, 

Heere liues lufiice in thy Courc: 

Know, that all the Happineffe 

I did in this World poflcffe, 

Was my onely Daughter, who 

<p4n did on my age beftow, 

She was named CttrihSi 

Whom ?Alem loued well: 

And (he lou'd him as wellagaine ; 

So that nothing did remaine, 

But the tying fyrir*/Kiioc. 

But it chanced fo, God wt, 

That an old decrepit man 

Moft prepoftroufly began, 

With flatt'ring words to woo my Daughter, , 

But being ftilldeny'd, he after 

Turn'd his Joue to Riortall haw 

Ct.tribcII to ruinate, 

to o'rpreffc her fame, 
jfti Contcmpt.Rcproch, and Shame* 
r. Whit wouldttthouhaucVs doe? 

GoqdFa;her, fpeake. 

Lor. This fellow hath fubbarn'd a rout 


Of fomc bafe Villaines here- a bout, 
To take away my daughters life, 
Or elfc to rauifh her. To cad this ftrife 
Be plcas'd to ioyne thcfe Loueri hands 
Into facred nuptiall bands. 

Sf*r. Nothing but put ym both together, Sir. 
The good old Shcpheard would faint ha't a match. 
Km. We are content. Come giue Vs both your hands* 
Lor. You are a King ; yet they are Uth 
To take your word without an othe. 

Ki. A We are King of Sicil, 'tis confirm'^ 
F:rme, tobc rcuoked neuer, 
Vntill death their liuesdifleuer. 

Lor. princes, di 'coder : Here are whncflei 
Inow to vcftifiethi* royl! match. 

F.i*. My daughter, and Lt/**drt, liuing? 
Lor. Nay, wonder not, my Liege, your oath it part. 
Kiit. Which thus, and thut, and thus I ratifie : 
There is but one ftep more, and farewell all, 

Aur. Oh, I am made immortall with this tight : 
My daughter, and L/Wr, both aliue ? 

/4/. This is no nc wes to mce : yet teares of ioy 
O re- flow es mine eyes to fee this ynitie, 

Ki>t. Oh daughter,! haue done thee too much wrong : 
And, noble Prince, We now confcfle Our errcur : 
But heauen be prais'd chat you haue both efcap'd 
The tyrannic of Our vniufi decree. 

viur. What bappic accident preferu'dyourliucs? 
Whofc was the ptoietf f Was it thine, old man ? 

L$r. Madam, 'twas mine : Thofc that I could not faue 
By eloquence, by policic I haue. 

Ki*. Woxthic Alt***, thouhaft merited 
Beyond all imitation. We are made 
Toopctoretogranfiethyhigh defcrts. 
Lor. DreadSoueraigne, 

Allniy dcfens.rny felfe, and \\hat I hiue, 
^ Thus 

Thus I throw downe before your Highnefle feet, 

An . My Sonne ** \ Oh, aflfft, my Lords. 
The current of my toy's fo rioleat, 
It does o'r-come my fpirits. Worthy Sonne, 
Welcome from death, from bands, captiuitie. 

Aw. Welcome into my bofome as my foule. 

Tr/*fr. My princely Brother, could laddea loue 
Vnto that dutie that I owe for life, 
1 am ingag'd rnto't, you are toy lifts Protector, 
And my Brother. 

/>/. And for a life I fland indebted too, 
Which He detayne,onely to honour you. 

Omnts. And on our knees we muft this dutie tender, 
To you our Patron, and our Fames Defender. 

Ref. Behold the ioyes Repentance brings with her, 
Thy blcflings are made full in Heauen and Earth. 

An, Was euer Father happier in a Sonne, 
Or euer Kingdome had more hopefull. Prince ? 
But in a loy all Subieft, ncuer King 
More blcft then wo are: and the grace we owe, 
Though fanretoo pooreto quittance, (hall make known, 
Thy lue and merit. Now we can difcerne 
Our friends from flatt'rert.Ts^'c^tr, aifor you, 
But that this houte is facrcd vn to ioy , 
Thy life fhould pay the ranfome of thy guilt.' 

i^Jf. Your Grace frpardon/Twasnotpride of Hate, 
But her difdaine, that firft infpir'd in me 
This hope of Souciaigntie. 

Att. Well,\ve forgiue. 

Lcaroetoliuc-honeft rw>\v.Corr.c , beautyous Qyc 
We hope ihat all are plcas'd: and now you fee, 
In vainc we Ihiue to croflc, wharHeauens decree. 

F IK I 5. 



S wctnam m*s, 

Swer. T KJH 

tmdmred the tirtitrf / p)*rf-f9i*t* 


tbtrtfir* m*!t hixt 

Leon. Tbt grftttft rxg WM mi**\ kcfimgbt my bft 
Which f4& If"!} ptrik*. * 
H'omtn *rt ttithtr tyrjumom n 
Tbettghjo* rtfrt vs /. 


vfmlthu* *) 
Me thi*kf' t I 
Mtrcit and 'Bt.vtttt htl 
A>3. hertfr-9*fr 
1/fnd with ft Mil my fpftfMf **d fra/i 
si mL vow to let 9 time r ,i/^ efcifpf, 
i,i which my fa met m*y be flewne t yn*. 
jlnd this my b*d> w bicb did v/y (bume cnnH**ce, 
*Sh*ffith my Swird he vsd tn ' jwr Jcfe*ce. 


Swetnam the woman-hater 
Swetnam the woman-hater