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in 2010 with funding from 

Lyrasis IVIembers and Sloan Foundation 


Philadelphia College 





Esl-ablishcd 1299 


eesr bsiisiidoisa 


PrtiiJem and Chirf Extmivt Offit, 
215-871-6814 fax 
fnBchure^pcom.cdu t-MAil 


June 2010 

Dear Class of 2010: 

The entire Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (PCOM) community 
joins me in extending heartfelt congratulations to you - PCOM's 119''' osteopathic 
medical graduating class. 

Your osteopathic medical education will enable you to heal, and in so doing 
will provide you with the greatest gift human existence has to offer • the knowledge 
that the lives of others have been made bnghter by virtue of your presence in them. 
As you touch mind, body, and spirit to promote heahng in others, I hope that your 
life will be filled with joy and purpose. 

Please know that you will always be part of the PCOM Family. We hope you 
wUl stay in touch and look forward to sharing many successes with you in the years 
ahead. Each of these successes will add to the venerable 111 year old record of 
achievement in fulfilling PCOM's teaching, research and service missions. With 
each new success, you will create new opportunities for the wonderful PCOM 
students who succeed you. 

It has been a great privilege walking life's journey with you, and no words 
can adequately describe the pride we feel in your extraordinary accomplishments. 

We wish you all the best, always. 

With warmest regards. 

Matthew Schure, Ph.D. 




Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean 
215-871-6781 FAX 
lienv@pcom.cdu e-mail 

Dear Colleagues: 

Each of you has changed over the past four years and you are no longer the person you 
were a few years ago when you walked on PCOM's campus as a first year student. 

The Class of 2010 Vision Statement reads that "We the Class of 2010, a mosaic of 
diverse individuals, establish ourselves as a community united by our pursuit of 
excellence, connected by our interest in learning and driven by our desire to ser\'e". 

A mosaic is comprised of many pieces and not one can stand alone, for it lakes all of the 
pieces to create a work of art. May each of you continue to be a pad of the mosaic called 
the art of medicine throughout your career. You will need the support of your 
classmates, colleagues, co-workers and families. Be sure to return that support to those 
individuals and, most importantly, to your patients, the community you sen-e and future 
osteopathic physicians. 

As each class leaves PCOM, I charge it with the challenge that each of you is to sene 
your patients well, for they have entrusted their well being to your care. You are to help 
them become stronger, prevail through illness and be determined to overcome their 
infirmities. They are your fellow mankind. They are your fellow citizens. 

As a member of the PCOM family, you are always welcomed back. As a class, you 
"affirmed your commitment to a path of many challenges and assumed those 
responsibilities to yourselves, your colleagues, your profession and your patients". May 
your commitment continue to help you in your quest to be a piece of the art of healing. 
We wish you all the best life holds for you. Be well and be happy! 


K^neth J. Veit, DO, MBA, FACOFP 

Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean 







■ • 1 

K\ sv-^ESSj^^- '^■^ 












— m 

Medical Office Buildine 

Board 0! TrustBCS 


Peter Doulis 


Vice President for Finance 

Chief Financial Officer 


Paul W. McGloin 

CPA. LL.D. (Hon) 

Cliairman of The Board 

Eugene B. Chailven 

LL.D. (Hon) 

Vice Chairman 

Matthew Schure Kenneth J. Veil 

Ph.D. D.0.,76, MBA 

President & CEO Senior VP for Academic Affairs 


Lavina Laffeil> 

Executive Assistant 

to (he 

President & Secretary 

Robert G. Cuzzolino 


Vice President for 

Graduate Programs & 


Florence D. Zeller 


Vice President for 

Alumni Relations & 


Joan McGettigan 

Assistant to the President 

& Assistant Secretary 

Bernard .1. Beraacki James H. Black 

DO. D.O.,'62 

J. Steven Blake John B. Bulger Lita Indzel Cohen 

D.O. D.O. J.D. 

Terry Coleman Joseph A. Dieterle Elizabclh 11. Cicniniill llionias J. diavuia 

J.D, D.O.'VO J.D. 

John P. Kearney 


Vincent Lobo 

Herbert Lotman 
LL.D, (Hon) 



Robert Maurer Louis P. Meshon.Sr, Wayne T. Sikc 



Carol A. Fox 

Associate Vice President 

for Enrollment 


fliumni Hllfli rs 


Florence Zeller. NfPA. CFRE. 
Vice President for Alumni 
Relations & Development 

Susan Kravilz 
Information Services 


John Carlin 

Director of Financial 


CliniEal Education 

Dehorah A. Benvcnger 
Director of Admissions 

Kaii i>/xnles\ 
Associate Director 

Marsha L. Williams 
•Assistant Director 

Madeline Law 
Administrative Assistant 

Mikki Pham 
Donor Relations Assistant 

Scott Righter 
Special Gifts Officer 

Betty Mack 
Accounts Payable 

Allan M. McLeod. 



Danielle Cavanaugh 

Gail Mania 
Administrative Assistant 

Sahrina Trapr 
Administrative Assistant 

Juhnathan Cox 
Adinissioas Recruiter 


Pamela Ruoff 
Campaign Director 


Flnancml Hid 

Nunc) Manorano 
Director of Financial Aid 


Etheldra Templeton, M.L.S 
Director & Chair 

OIIIeb oI the Dean 

& Sl ^'^^^ ^''^" 

Supei"^ isor 

Student Hllairs 

"Until a physician has killed one or tuo he is not a physician," -Kashmiri Proierb 

"If yon are too smart to pay the doctor, you had better be too smart to get ill," -African Proverb 

"No man is a good doctor who has never been sick himsel}." -Chinese Proverb 

"One doctor ntakes uvrk for another," -English Proverb ^j •■.■. lo-- 

EduEational media 

Stephanie Ferrctu 
Associate Director 

Karen Kelly 
Administratixc Assistant 

Tanya Ray 

Donna Feeney-Figaniak 

Monica Jones, R N. 

.I.icnucluie Heads 

Coordinaior , **' 
Career Dexelopment '. 

Mcshunea Fo\ '-^jf 

AJniinistrative A^■^l^Ianl 


Tage Kvisl, Ph.D. 
Professor & Chair 

Patrick Coughiin. Ph.D. 

Michael P. McGuinness. Ph.D. 
Associate Professor 

Joseph Guaghardo, D.O. 
Clinical Associate Professor 

BioEhemistry &c moIsEUIar Bioloay 

Ruth D. Thornton. Ph.D 

Chair &Professor 

Ruth Carter Borghaei, Ph.D. 

EmBrg&nEy HlBdiEinB 

John W. Becher. D.O. 
Professor & Chair 

Bohdiin Minczak, Ph.D., M.D. 
Clinical Professor 

Family and GeriatriE HlBdiElnB 

Harrj' J. Morris. D.O.,MPH. 
Professor & Chair 

Michael Becker. D.O. 
Associate Professor 

Julia Helstrom. D.O. 
Clinical Instructor 

Katherine E. Galluzzi, D.O. 

Professor and Chair 


Canirllc DiLullo. Ph.D. 

Chnstoplicr S. .Adam'i. PhD 
Associate Professor 

Marina D'Angelo, Ph.D. 
Associate Professor 

Michael Shank, D.O. 
Clinical Associate Professor 

David Cavanaugh. B.S. 

Farzaneh Daghigh. Ph.D. 

Dianzheng Zhang. Ph.D. 
Assistant Professor 

"Wlien fate arrives the physician becomes a fool, " -Arabic Proivrb 

"Medicines are not meat to iii'e f^'. " -German Proverb 

"Where a man feels pain he lays his hand, " -Dutch Prot'erb 

"The doctor is often more to be feared than the disease." -French Proierb 

Larry M. Finkelstein, D.O. 
Associate Professor 

Todd D. Vladyka. D.O. 
.\ssociate Professor 

David Kuo. DO. 
Assistant Professor 

Nicol E. Joseph 

Clinical Instructor 


Kristen A Berry, D.O. 

Clinical Instructor 


Intsrnal mBdicInQ 

John P. Simclaro, DO. 
Professor& Chair 

Dj'.id A. Be\an. D.O. 
Divisional Chair 

Rocco .1- Crescenzo. D.O. 

Divisional Chair 
HematolosN & Oncologv 

Jeffrey S. Freeman. DO 

Di\ isional Chair 

Endochrinoloev & Metabolism 

WillKini J ciilhool, D.O. 
Di\ isional Chair 

Bruce Komberg. D.O. 

DiMsional Chair 


Pal. A Lannutii. DO. 

Divisional Chair 
Prevenii\e i General 

Joseph S. Lubeck. DO 

Divisional Chair 


William A. .\ickey. D.O. 

Di\ isional Chair 



Stephen M. Piircell. D O. 
t Divisional Chair 
' Dermaiology 

Michael A. Vendiiio. DO. 

Divisional Chair 

Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine 

Theodora K. Bemardini. D.O. 


Michael L. Levin, DO 



Daniel J. Parenu. D.O. 


Pulmonarv & Critical Care 

Richard A. Pascucci. DO. 



"Varicose veins are the result o{ccn inxpropcr scLstion oj grandpavLnts." ■Wdlidm Osier 

"\ever go to .; doctor whose office plants have d:cd." -Erna Bombeck 

"He's the best physicuri that kr.ons the uorthlessrxess o: the • -.ost medicines," -Beiijam!". 

IlEurosciEnEE, Physiology & Pharmacology 

RichaidM K:ieKI. Ph.D 
Professor & Chair 



Obstetrics &c GynQcoIogy 

S;iul Jcck, D.O. 

Lev J. ik-kler, D.O. 
Cliiiiciil Hrofe.ssor 

"'HovcaAa-^s i\\£ clinical historj/ too o/ten uei^fis more t/wn the man, " -.\1urti?i H. Fischer 

"The onK' u'c'rtpon u i(h it'hich tlw unconsciows patient can immeJifltely retjiiiitc uticii the 
incompetent surgeon i.s hernorrhage, " -William Stetfan Halsted 

OstEopcithiE niiinipuIntiuQ HlGdicInQ 

^^ ^ 

Alexander S. Nicholas, D.O. 
Professor & Chair 

Michael Kiichera. D.O. 

U\an Nicholas. D.O. 
Clinical Professor 

Darren McAuley. D.O. 
.•\ssistanl Professor 

Michelle B. Hobson. DO. 
Clinical .-Xssi-.tant Professor 

Pathology, microbiology, and Immunology 

Brian J. Balin, Ph.D. 

Gregor)' McDonald, D.O. 
Associate Professor 

Kerin L. Fresa-Dilon, Ph.D. 

Lindon H. Young. Ph.D. 
Associate Professor 

Susan Hingle\. Ph.D. 

Ram Bnghi. M.D. 
Assistant Professor 

Roben .\1. Fogel. D.O. 
Visitins Clinical Professor 

Dawn M. Shell. Ph.D. 
Assistant Professor 

Chnsiopher S. Little. Ph.D 
.Associate Professor 


Rosemar>- E. Vickers, D.O. 
Associate Professor & Chair 

Larissa C. Fernando Dominy. D.O. 
Clinical Assistant Professor 

Izola David, D.O. 
Assistant Professor 

Carl Pullen. D.O. 
Clinical Instnictor 

Stewarl Cooler. M.D 
Assistani Prolessor 

"W\uxx. \i the student huX a loi'cr coiMmg a fickli: mistress who eier eludes his 
grasp!" - William Osier 



William Clinlon. MA. 


Aiirlliur Iicciiian. 1 J.D. 

Yuma Tomes, Ph.D. 

"Surgeons must be vei~y careful 

When they take the knifel 

Underneath tfii.'ir fine incisions 

Stirs the Culprit ■ Life!" 

Emily Dickinson 

Gerald Dworkin. D.O. 

Madelyn Snie-Karasick, D.O. 


Arthur Sesso, D.O. 
General Surgery 
Department Chair 


Leonard Finkelstein. DO. 

Richard Kanoft. D.O. 
Neurologieal Surgery 

not Pictured 

Abraham Zellis, D.O. 

Andrea D. Pedano, D.O. '90 

Dean S. Gray 

Eugene Mochan, Ph.D.. D.O. '77 

Frank H. Windle 

James. A. WiUiams, M.S. 

Jane Z. Dumsha, Ph. D. 

Michael A. Venditto, D.O. 

Richard A. Kralle 

Rita C. Forde, M.B.A. 

Wendy W. Romano 

Rocco M. Crescenzo, D.O. 

Stephen S. Levin, D.O. 

Sherman Leis, D.O. 
Plastic Surgery 

John McFhilemy, D.O. 
Orthopedic Surgery 

15 A-5CteH.ce pf u ncertMntu cin^^n i\,rt of ynihiKhvlitii, "- Wiltin^tn Osle-r 


.-. ^A 

^^ 1^ 



Our \3isBst TcachBr 

HndrBisj Taylor Still, DO, ITID 

T/le 6tructure^ function 

T/ve Unit'H pfTunction 

Tkt "hoAM VcttKU Itsdf 

'Of lifHSHMue is a mind when placed in the brain of a coward? 

If mind is a gift of God to man for his use, let him use it. A 

mind is not in use when doing no good. " 

R Short History ol mBdicinE: 

2DD0 B.C. - "Rbfe, Eat this root." 

lOQD B.C. - ''That root is hBathen, 
say this prayer." 

IS50 fl.D. - "That prayer is 
superstition, drink this potion." 


I94D fl.D. - "That potion is snake 
oil, swallow this pill." 

1925 H.D.- "That pill is 
inellectiye, take this antibiotic." 

2000 fl.D. - "That antihiotic is 
artilitial. Rere, eat this root." 

''Tpfin({ ke^(\ltk skout^ W tke- ohje^ct pftfve ({octor, Anvjone^ c(^nfin^ ^t5eA.5e, '' 


"You wonder what osteopathy is; you look in the medical dictionary and find as its definition 'bone 
disease'. That is a grave mistake. It is compounded of two words, osteon, meaning hone, pathos, 
pathine, to suffer. Greek lexicographers say it is a proper name for a science founded on knowledge 
of bones. So instead of 'bone disease' it really means usage." ■ A,T, Still 

frrjt V'l 'f \i^r't^y ^h^ 

m U, cty J^e. i-^U 

Philadelphia was renowned in the field of the healing arts- allopathic 
and homeopathic. Thus no wonder that in 1899. two students from the 
Northern Institute of Osteopathy in Minneapolis, Mason Wiley Pressly, 
DO and Oscar John Snyder. DO founded the Philadelphia College and 
Infirmary of Osteopathy (PCIO). It opened two rented rooms, one for 
teaching and clinical demonstration, and the other for practice, in the 
Stephen Girard Building at 21 South 12th street in the heart of 
Philadelphia's business and professional district. The first year class was 
comprised of seven students, including two of Dr. Pressly's patients. 
One year later. PCIO graduated it's first class-one man and one woman. 

The next year, with an enrollment of 1 1 students and more faculty, the 
college relocated to 1 2 rented rooms on the 6th floor of the new 
Witherspoon Building at 1321 Walnut St. The college had 5 operating 
rooms, 2 large lecture halls, a private office and a reception room. Dr. 
Snyder, first president of the' college, became a mobile information 
center on Osteopathic Medicine. A.T. Still's chief interpreter at 
Kirksville, and ASO Journal editor. He lectured nationalty and lobbied 
for osteopathic recognition in the state of New York with author Mark 
Twain. He also continued to teach.. 

i<){h -^.f*r U't ijA fi- St 

In 1903, the college occupied a rented gas lit-Stone mansion at 33rd 
and Arch Streets in the suburban Powelton Village Section of West 
Philadelphia. At the end of 1904, Dr. Snyder recognized the growing 
demand for general practitioners and led him to campaign vigorously 
for legal recogriition of the osteopathic profession in tite ■ ' - ' 
Commonwealth of PA and throughout the country. He also pressed the 
graduates to complete their degrees in two years, then three years in 
1905, and four in 1911. This helped meet the educational requirements 
of allopathic and homeopathic medicine. There was opposition from 
the allopaths in 1900-1920 which translated to harassing osteopathic 
physicians for allegedly practicing without a license. The trials results 
in dismissal of the charges or in the failure to take the accused before 
the judge or jury. An "August Revolution" over faculty remuneration 
resulted in the resignations of Drs. Pressly and Snyder, and the college 
"was" governed by the board presidents and deans until 1953. 

In 1906, the college occupied a 
commodious three story gas-lit 
building at 1715 North Broad Street, 
near Temple University. In 1909, as 
a result of Dr. Snyder's lobbying 
efforts, the Pennsylvania Legislature 
granted osteopaths the license to 
practice and established a Board of 
Osteopathic Examiners. Surgerj' was 
a major disputed area of practice and 
the laws were amended in 1915. 
1917, and 1923. But it was not until 
1957 that the Pennsylvania 
legislation passed and unlimited 
Osteopathic practice. 

In 1912 the college moved to 832 
Pine Street, across from* 
Pennsylvania Hospital. The first 
osteopathic hospital to be charted in 
Philadelphia was established in 1912 
in a row house at 410 S. 9th street, 
around the comer from the Pine St. 
College in the Society Hill area. 

In 1916, college raised $60,000 to 
buy and build its -first property, a 
mansion at the comer of 19th and 
Spring Garden streets, the former 
home of Hon. John E. Raybum, 
mayor of Philadelphia from 1907- 
191 1. The structure was renovated 
to create offices, classrooms and 
laboratorieSj and added a 50 bed 
hospital and 1 50 seat surgical , 
amphitheater. Two years later, two 
adjoining buildings on Spring 
Garden streets were purchased and 
used for a clinic and nurses' housing. 

"^gg tj- ' g^& y". ^ "^ V»« St '=^-**^ 


When Congress declared war on 
April 6th, 1917, the Army Medical 
Corps refused to commission the 
675 DO's in service, mostly for 
medical units. At the same time the 
college started a nursing school 
under the clouds of war, and it 
graduated its first class of three 
nurses in 1919. Women comprised- 
almost half of the student body. The 
nursing school operated until 1960 
when budget problems forced it to 
close. During 1918-1919, a severe 
influenza pandemic arrived in the 
US. The osteopathic physicians had 
notable success in treating flu 
patients than those treated with 
nostrum dmgs and panacea semms. 

In 1921, PCIO officially changed it's 
name to the Philadelphia College of 
Osteopathy (PCO). In 1928, the 
PCO estabhshed the nation's first 
osteopathic residency program in 
radiology. 1 940-Urology . 1 942- 
Surgery, 1946rlntemal Medicine, 
1947- Orthopedics, OB/GYN, 1948- 
Pediatrics, 1979-OPP. 

In 1929, PCO moved to 48th and 
Spmce in West Philadelphia. 
Despite the Great Depression, fund 
raisers and contributions helped 
finance the construction of a SI 
million building, which housed a 
college, hospital, and administrative 
offices which sened as the college's 
home for 45 years. The collegiate 
Gothic building designated by the 
Philadelphia ,\rt Commission was 
"the most beautiful building erected 
n the city in 1929."" 







i ^^/ 




fiTj-t c^^„\ Jf-y't'l l>«-""t''" ^')5^ 

fti 5ii*« K-iirr' ^^i* 't ^^t'' "'' V'"1 *"■'" ^•••fs 

The college purchased the former Women's Homeopathic Hospital of Philadelphia at 20th and Susquehanna Ave in North Philadelphia thus adding 
145 beds, a nurses' home and living area for the interns and residents. 

In 1936, Dr. Ira Walton Drew, a Vermont Republican jokingly ran as a dark horse independent candidate for Congress from the 7th District of 
Pennsylvania. He won and served a two year term during which the Drew-Burke Bill passed, insuring national recognition and legal rights for the 
osteopathic profession. 

In 1957, the College purchased the baronial 16 acre Moss Estate at City Ave and Monument Road, the location of the present campus. The first 
building constructed on the site, the Hospital of PCOM, was built by the General State authority of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The only 
existing building on the property, the Moss House, was renovated for the office use. A 250 hospital bed was opened in 1968 on the Moss Estate. 

In 1970, contracts were awarded for the library and classroom building at a cost of $6 million. Evans Hall, the college building, was completed in 
1972. In 1973, PCOM officially left its home at 48th and Spruce, although two basic science departments stayed until 1980-1981. It was named in 
honor of H. Walter Evans, DO, class of 1917, distinguished faculty member, professional director, professor, chairman of OB/GYN and a member 
of the board of trustees. In 1970, the rural primary health center was opened in Laporte, PA to serve isolated areas of Appalachia.In 1977, five story 
building at 4190 City Ave was purchased and named Rowland Hall after Thomas M. Rowland, who devoted himself to PCOM for 34 years. 

In Spring 1990, Lenoard H. Finkelstein, D.O. '59, became president and CEO of PCOM. During his early presidency, he pushed to increase the 
number of programs offered for internship and residency. This was accomplished by acquiring Parkview hospital, a 214-bed community hospital 
and by joining affiliation with Germantown Hospital and St. Agnes Hospital. In July 13, 1993, PCOM sold two hospitals to Graduate Health 


In 1999, the PCOM hospital closed and shut down. It was later razed in 2001. That same year, Matthew Schure, Ph.D became the President and 
CEO of the college. In 2005, the college opened a branch campus in Suwanee, GA to help fill the need for more physicians in Georgia and the 
surrounding states. The first GA-PCOM class of 78 students graduated on May 17, 2009. Looking to the future, the college is looking to enroll it's 
first class in the newly-created school of pharmacy in Suwanee, GA in fall 2010. 


= A 


"JLook wise, say nothing, 
and grunt. 
Speech was given to 
conceal thought, "- W. 
Osier, MD 

Around 1944 Angus Gordon Caihie, DO (1931) provided each student 
with.a set of bones prepared in the work room of the department. By foot 
by car, or by trolly, students carried the specimens home in the "bone"" - 
box. He would admonish students, "Please do not use the femur to prop up 
your window, because if I see that, you flunk" 


J-^^, .-«. ,!j;y.- -^ 


Finally goof off with the faculty! Humor Is the 




TimB Line 

From 2006 to 2010, you studied, you psrtiBd, and somQtimBS 
you slBpt...But the Y3orId did not snooze lor a moment. 


Tib. 5: The Pittsburgh Steelers defeat the Seattle Seahawks m Super 
Bowl XL to win their fifth franchise chaittpioTiship. 
Feb. ID: The 2006 Winter Olympics begin in Turin, Italy. 

Apr. 1 1: Iran president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad states that Iran has 
enriched uranium. 

3un. 6: The Anaheim Ducks defeat the Ottawa Senators in the 

Stanley? Cup Finals. 

3un. 14: The San Antonio Spurs defeat the Cleveland Cavaliersjn the 

NBA Fmals to wan their fourth franchise championship. 

3un. 21: President Bush uses a presidential veto against embryonic 

stem-ceU research. 

Hun. 27: Gordon Brown replaces Tony Blair as the prime minister of 

Great Britain. 

Hun. 19: The Carolina Hurricanes defeat the Edmonton Oilers in the 
Stanley Cup Finals. 

3un. 20: The Miami Heat defeat the Dallas Mavericks in the NBA 
Finals to win their first franchise championship. 

3uL 13: Hezbollah, a Lebanese militant group, fires rockets into 

Hug. 2: An outbreak of 0157:H7 E. Coli (EHEC) bacteria in spinach 
kill s at least three people and sickens 199 others in 26 states. 

Sepl. 4: Steve Irwin, "Crocodile Hunter" is killed by a stingray barb. 

OiL 2: Gunman Charles Carl Roberts IV kills 5 young girls and 

wounded 6 more at an Amish school in Pennsylvania. 

Oil. ID: Google purchases YouTube for $1.65 billion. 

Oil. 27: The St. Louis Cardinals defeat the Detroit Tigers in the 

World Series to win their tenth franchise championship. 

rioy. 23: Former KGB spy Alexander Lit\dnenko dies in a London 
hospital after he was poisoned with polonium-210. 

Del. 23: U.N. Secunt}- Council resolution bans the Iranian import 
and export of materials and technology used to enrich uranium. 
Del. 3D: Sadaam Hussein is executed by hanging in Baghdad. 


r^' ") 

Han. 9: Apple Inc. presents the iPhone during Macworld in San 
Francisco. Apple stock rises by 7% that same day as a result. 

Ffib. 4: The Indianapolis Colts defeat the Chicago Bears in Super 
Bowl XLI to win their second franchise championship. 

mar. 6: Chief of Staff to the Vice President of the US Lewds Libby is 
found guilty of obstructing the course of justice in the Valerie Plame 

Apr. 16: Seung-Hui Cho shoots and kills 32 people at the Virginia 
Tech campus in Blacksburg, Virginia. 

SEpt. 6: Italian opera legend Luciano Pavarotti dies at age 71. 
Sspt. 3D: Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych wins the Ukrainian 
Parliamentary Elections. 

Dtl. 9: Albert Pert and Peter Griinberg win the 2007 Nobel Prize in 


Drt. 12: Al Gore and the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate 

Change win the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize. 

Oct 28: The The Boston Red Sox defeat the Colorado Rockies in the 

World Series to vAn their seventh franchise championship. 

Dee. 19: Russian President Vladimir Putin was chosen as the Time 
magazine's 2007 Person of the Year. 



nan. 22: Heath Ledger is found dead in his fourth-floor loft apartment 
at 421 Broome Street in the SoHo neighborhood of Manhattan. 

Fsh. 3: The New York Giants defeat the New England Patriots in 

Super Bowl XLII their third franchise championship. 

Ffih. 17: Kosovo declares independence from Serbia. 

FEh. 1 8: Fidel Castro resigns as president of Cuba. His brother, Raul, 

takes over. 

IHar. 2: Dmitry Medvedev is elected President of Russia. Putin would 
become Prime Minister. 

niar. 4: Senator John McCain (R-AZ) secures the Repubhcan 
nomination for President of the United States. 

Apr. 3: Texas law enforcement raids the Yearning for Zion (YFZ) 

ranch on suspicions of physical and sexual abuse. 

Apr. 3: The price of rice rises worldwide by 30%. 

Apr. 3D: Russia accuses Georgia of planning to invade Abkhazia. 

Apr. 26: Police in Austria arrest Josef Fritzl, who had kept his 

daughter locked up in a specially designed cellar for 24 years, 

fathering seven children by her. 

niay. 2: Cyclone Nargis hits Myanmar, Burma. 

may. 12: China's worst earthquake in 32 years strikes in Sichuan 

Province (central China). 


may 28: Nepal abolishes 240 years of monarchy. 

3un. 3: Senator Barack Obama [D-IL) secures the Democratic 

nomination for President of the United States. 

3lin. 4: The Detroit Red Wings defeat the Pittsburgh Pirates in the 

Stanley Cup Finals. 

3un. 1 7: The Boston Celtics defeat the Los Angeles Lakers in the 

NBA Finals to win their 17th franchise championship. 

3ul. 26: The U.S Senate passes a landmark housing bill that offered 
up to $300 billion dollars in loans for troubled homeowners and 
established a recovery plan for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. 

Hug. 8: The 2008 Summer Olympics begin in Beijing, China. 
Hug. 17: U.S. swimmer Michael Phelps sets the record for most 
Olympic gold medals obtained during a single Olympiad. 

Sepl. 1 3: Lehman Brothers Holdings files for Chapter 1 1 bankruptcy. 

Oil. 29: The Philadelphia Phillies defeat the Tampa Bay Rays in the 
World Series to win their second franchise championship. « 

Oil. 3: The U.S. House of Representatives backs the $700 billion 
doUar Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008. 

noB. 4: Senator Barack Obama defeats Senator John McCain in the 

2008 Presidential Election. 

Uav. 18: Ford, GM, Chrysler ask for $25 bUlion dollars in baUout 



JlgjI. IS: Chelsey B. "Sulley" Sullenberger guides a U.S. Airways 
jetliner with 155 passengers to safety on the Hudson River. 
3an. 2D: Barack Obama is sworn in as the 44th President of the 
United States and the nation's first African American president. 

Ffih. I: The Pittsburgh Steelers defeat the Arizona Cardinals in Super 
Bowl XLin to win their sixth franchise championship. 
Feh. 17 : President Obama signs the $787 billion American Recovery 
and Reinvestment Act of 2009 into law. 

Feb. 27 : President Obama announces plans to withdraw mdst U.S. 
troops from Iraq by the end of August 2010. 

may. 31: 228 passengers aboard Air France FHght 447 en route from 
Rio de Janerio to Paris are kiUed when the aircraft crashes in the 
Atlantic Ocean. 

aun. 1 1: The World Health Organization raises the swine flu (HlNl) 

alert to it's highest level, and declares it a global pandemic. 

aun. 12: The Pittsburgh Pirates defeat the Detroit Red Wings in the 

Stanley Cup Finals. 

auit. 13: Tens of thousands of Iranians protest the country's 

contested presidential election of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. 

Hun. 14: The Los Angeles Lakers defeat the Orlando Magic i; 

NBA Finals to win their 16th franchise championship and four.:. 

championship of the 2000's. 

aun. 25: Michael Jackson, at the age of 50 dies after suffering cardiac 

arrest at his Neverland ranch. The death is ruled a homicide on 


aUn. 29: Bemard»Madoff, the convicted mastermind of the largest 

Ponzi scheme in U.S. history is sentenced to the maximum sentence 

of 150 years in federal prison. 

Hug. 8: Sonia Sotomayor is sworn in as the 111th justice of the 
Supreme Court, and the first Hispanic to hold a seat on the court. 
Hug. 25: The "Lion of the Senate", Senator Edward Kennedy (D-MA), 
at the age of 77 dies at his home in Hyannis Port, MA. 

Sep. 9: President Obama in a joint speech to Congress appeals to fix 
the nation's ailing health care system. 

Sep. 26: Oscar winning film director Roman Polanski is arrested in 
Switzerland on a warrant stemming from a sex charge in California. 

Oct. 9: President Obama wins the Nobel Peace Prize. 

ntV. 4: The New York Yankees defeat the Philadelphia PhiUes in the 
World Series to win their 27th franchise championship. 
nou. 5: Fort Hood, Texas is stunned when Nidal Hissan opens fire on 
a processing center, killing 13 people and wounding others. 
Rob. 27: Tiger Woods is treated and released from a hospital after 
suffering minor injuries following a car accident in Florida. 

Dee. 1: President Obama announces the deployment of 30,000 

additional troops to Afghanistan. 

Dee. 24: The United States Senate passes a sweeping health care 

reform bill 60-39. It was the second longest Senate debate in U.S. 


Dee. 25: Umar Faroiik Abdulmutallab ignites a small explosive device 

on a Northwest Airlines ffight shortly before landing in Detroit. The 

attempt is foiled by another passenger and crewmembers. 


aan. 12: A 7.0-magnitude earthquake occurs in Haiti. The confirmed 

death toll is over 230;000. 

aan. 13: Singer Teddy Pendergrass passes away. 

FEh. 3: The New Orleans Saints defeat the Indianapofis Colts in 

Super Bowl XLIV to win their first franchise championship. 

Feb. 1 1: Fashion designer Alexander McQueen passes away 

FEb. 12: The 2010 Winter Olympics begin in Vancouver, Canada. 

FEb. 18: Niger president Tandja Mamadou is overthrown. 

Feb. 27: An 8.8 magnitude earthquake occurs in Chile. The 

confirmed death toll is 800. 

mar. 7: Kathryn Bigelow becomes the first woman to win an 

Academy Award for Best Director. 

mar. IS: 25th anniversary of the advent of "" addresses. 







mm J 



S» 1 "' 





eiybi and 

Cifher fan Manfed ta belang, pttf-fwir 
mind fa sometfiing, get iniialiied, get anf 
aff the librarv, fnlfill a finrpasB! and in the 
end. theie are faur smiles. 

Asian Pacific American Medical Assaciaf Ion 

NIUS C.'.Vmt;l'« X<'Oh 




Medical & Dental 

Changing Hearts in Healthcare 



T^ Ko» -t ^'^ 

Bridging The Capi 

-^ National 


WnrK IT yt^s timi to cet some 



HAVrSOME piO HERn$_WHERE : ) f^ 

Among the PCO tennis legends wfrt the Fischer 
^brahers, Herbert(T923yand Carl(1925). Carl .^ _ 
ixought^CO victory in 7 923. Intercollegiate Te^om^ =- 

you TURNEDl 

,. ^^ Championship wk^-he won Hie singles eve;^ in-d 

-J' fldumament wAh Yale, H^n^ard^ Stanford, the 

__ ; _ - Vniversity (f California,- Oxford, and Cambridge. In 

V^- S^i^Js^fi^^rf^^ - 1924 he was4nvitedH^play at Wimbledon where. he 

t> plafe'd douiles with AHstfa'li&ri'NQrnianBrwkes. ~, 











4^. '• 


(.^r«iii-<l V'il«yV->H 

^J^efc«ll U^rjiriivr/I^ 





' v-H'*''''-'*''. ' 



r<:^o^ ^.cc^ T«-. 



fl*^ f"tt*ll l-^r^rtn/rTtj ^ 


'fTis.ffw JuJ> dj Qi^ry-iiudem^to thif\k of mind; body, an(i aSUiudc. Sports ixitl assist trcmefdoSJIj in developing necessary chetfoctevvraits for '. 
future ■its. e'speciaU^ iri'ilu fiel<tof pra(Siee.'''-Dr.'M:fTiincois D'EUscu. dnector of athletics and stxid^ 1935.' -' ' '' 'J" 


^v' Aloha Parties 

So where to wear that Hawaiian shirt? Mow 
about to an all out event at the Frat House? 

fL^fV ^'l"*" fu, Be^« C-Urt* f'»»>^ ^'5*^ 

C." I rv-v i'^ ly^vt? 

fu ^'l** 6>«*^. 2>t-' <s.L.rt«- f'">J ^'5"7 




f 5« 


B,1 5iy, MT C..f« 

JeMlih Medical 





Rudemic and Educatioflal Clubs 

Anesthesia Club 

Biomedical Sciences Club 

Business in Medicine Club 

Dermatology Club 

ENT/Otolaryngology Club 

Emergency Medicine Club 

3enetics in Medicine 

3eriatrics Club Geriatrics Club 

Internal Medicine Club 

Nutrition in Medicine 


Oncology Club 


PM&R Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 



Physician Assistant Club 

Physicians for Social Responsibility 

^syD Clinical Psychology 

P'sychiatry Club 

.Radiology Club 

iurgery Club 



R.unner's Club 
soccer Club 
V^oUeyball Club 

Orgaoizatiofls and Chapters 

ACOFP American College of Osteopathic Family 


AMA American Medical Association (AMA) 

AMOPS Association of Militar>' Osteopathic Physicians 

and Surgeons 

AMSA American Medical Student Association 

AMWA American Medical Women's Association 

APAMSA Asian Pacific American Medical Student 


CMDA Christian Medical and Dental Association 

CNS Clinical Neuroscience Society 

Kappa Sigma Phi - Women's Osteopathic Association 

Medical Students for Choice 

Muslim Medical Association 

NLHO National Latino Health Organization 

Phi Sigma Gamma - Men's Osteopathic Society 

PHR Physicians for Human Rights 

PSR Physicians for Social Responsibility 

SAOASM Student American Osteopathic Academy of ^ 

Sports Medicine 

SNMA Student National Medical Association 

SOMA Student Osteopathic Medicine Association 

Sigma Sigma Phi - Osteopathic Service and Honor Society 

UAAO Undergraduate Academy of American Osteopaths 



VIedical Association 
COM East 
i)Vildemess Medicine Club 

"J have no desire to he a cat, which walks so lightly that it 
never creates a disturhance,"'William Osier 



W^ the. Cia/iA ol 2,010, Cu mj^i^mc oldiAj^/u^ mjdkUdux2jL, eAtoMuJi ooAAeli/eA. oa a cx^nnAnnA>i*)iii^ 

We, uMU'iJyiU^ to-: _ 

o- 'Quilioj^ ouA- a/ie/iteAt fDoieAitlcU took doA^. 

o- MfjAATicUn and ly^te/i oua uaiUj4a&, InteMAtA, wJu/JtOM. luATjdcLrm^ntal to- cuAo- lue. a/ve^. 

o- T^cAcu^ a hcdance. hetu/^£Avjg>uA- oom^ rize/Jk- arud ths^e, ol Oix/i cx^mmuynitA^. / 

-Or-{joricicoot ou/u>zlu^eA, AoruyioAiu,. outA mtejOA/tu and the, deM/ve. to dee oua 

o 'Rgyrnain nj^AltkA^, po^uUu^, Oyindtrnpat/iztix:,, ^venli/^iruL that a^ om, pejople, ca/un^ ^ pejople.. 

o SejeA ouX, and a£Ano<ji/Jiejda£, tJuy pa^^ 

o RtacA out u/UA ouAr harudL to tococA tfw paXk^^ rmnd, hod(^ and 6pc/iit. 

o i^nd lonaMf, uM, widl e/)oeymypiclu 
and ^£Apex>t. 


7^4- fjMxJk^ dodjyiA todoA^ Oynd odtj^opoiAuc, pAuMciaynA tonax^mow-, 
w^ oJli/iAn ou/i coriXTYiotrneAit to a patA ol ryia^iu, cAalceAiaeA'. 
\ Wt Au/mMu- OAAooniz, tAeAe. ^leAponMhiiotceA- to ouamMma,, ooA- cjolltox^/AjeA,, 
ou/i p/vo^A^oon, and ou/i, patctntd,. 



'* "Ti 


/ ' 



1' ^M 






'/ ' 


;- 1 





M 1 



f ^:: 





.-'^ '35 


iTH .^ 





' JKB ^^B^ ' '. 




"In seddng dxolu^ truth ue aim 
at ihe unaoainahle and must be 
content liiilh hrohen pcntkms," 

-WiRhm ay 

Orientation Week 

Little did we know... 

where this journey will take 


and the friendships it would 

form along the way 


57 -jr 

White Coat Ceremony 



We were anxious, We were proud, We were ready 





Jt w^<2A tirm^ to- ^Aoru^! ...xind not orJa. on 2yi. KsyirJIse/ia! ^ d^- 


We S u r V i V e 
Fit 8 1 Year 



"The philosophies of one a^e have become 
ihe absurdities of the next, and the 
joolishness of yesterday has become the 
wisdom of tomorrou-, "■ . 
W. Osier 



DO Day on the Hill 

Washington D.C. 

TKe very first step towards SHceess m any occupation is to become interested in it." -\\". Osier 

Locks of Love 

Make a YM Fbimdatioii Date ]luGtion 


Just Another Excuse to Loosen that FfliS€i«i 

Maffoween^ WlXttev jp^alidags, §J. Patty's. @oi.p Pros £ Tbmmis 

! C t. 

5-1 >^^ 

^ "Humility ai)d l^pou/led^e ip poor clotl^es excel 

?ride ai)d i^porai^cc ip costly attire.-- U/illam Pci) 






Tu l^(»j I 



Vm a ifttlQft/ 

55 ^ 

"There" is a blacc far the fair sex in the practice of Osteopathy ■ a place as hinh'and noble as tfiut occupied fry men." -O.h Snyder, DU 

When it's time to kick some faculty butt!!! 



Listen PCOM, 'cause he is it 
„* 4.I.-* ^g.j.g bajigiji' is Fogelicious! 

I m Sony, the devil made me do it. 

They want his dollar, Make them holler, Make their brain feel hazy 
You can't stump him. Gotta love him %h 

He am t easy, He ain't cheesy ; 

Got 11 reasons for SLE-sy 
■ 'wg'whaiLvQii got just by your sneezy i 

Yes. the gentleman in the green hat, loud pie 

In llic l'^)30's. the students started 
an annual Christmas Show 
resurrecting the song and dance 
talent that had flourished in PCO's 
peiforniing arts int eh 1920s and 
'30s -only this time laced with 
satirical humor. The Christmas 
Show evolved into the Flounders 
Day(eventually "Follies"), which 
premiered January 25, 1980. We 
dedicated our Follies (and this 
page) to our beloved Dr. Fogel. 


I EH! Fin A 11 


This IS not the War of 1812, 
this is your life's work! 

Can someone bring down those ' 
slides? I 

Lack B12 be suspicious, Your anemia ain't fictious 

Aaaaatelectasis, And septic shock shock 
We be lining City block just to watch what he's got 

Fogelicious (He's hot hot) i 

Fogelicious (He makes our minds rock rock) 
Fogelicious (3 piece suit is what he's got) 
Fogelicious (c-c-c-c-c classy classy) 

Fogelicious def, Fogelicious def, Fogelicious def, Def def def def def 
Fogelicious definition: Make med students wobbly 

They always claim they know him, In his office call him Bobb 

He's the R to the 0-B-E the R the T 

And can't no other prof put it down like he 

He's Fogelicious, Knows myeloma is so vicious 

He be up in the gym just workin' on his fitness. Sixers - his witness 

Got that treadmill on lock lock 

We be lining City block just to watch what he's got 

Fogelicious (He's hot hot) 
Fogelicious (He makes our minds rock rock) 
' Fogelicious (3 piece suit is what he's got) 

Fogelicious - Hold... hold... hold up. Check it out... 

Thrombocytopenia, Palpable purpura 
Honey get some patients, Maybe then you'll get a chance 4 
Don't be hasty hasty, With time don't be wastey, Never lazy la' 

This is called stunning of the 

heart; you know hke I stun 

somebody upside the head with a 

2x4 plank of wood stunning. 

Anybody confused? 

Or you'll make him crazy 

-Y, He's so classy 

To the F, to the 0, To the... the... the... the... He's FOGEL!! if 



This humble country doctor 

"He who studies medicine without hooks sails an uncharted sea, but he ivho studies medicine without patients does 

not go to sea at all,"-W. Osier, MD 

Robert Beip;D.a 
Clinical Learning & Ai^essDHotCoier 

Siiimiy Giiisbffls 
Robotic SiiuiiationSoile 

"Who ever thought up the word 
"Mammogramr' Every time I hear it, / 
think I'm supposed to put my breast in an 
envelope and send it to someone. " )an 




"The only weapon with which the 
unconscious patient can immediately 
retaliate upon the incompetent surgeon is 
hemorrhage." William Steu'art Halsted 

Anatomv of the white coat 

Pens: 7 of them if you're a third yeari^lf you're a fourth yeartone for yourself and one for your attending). Index cards: filled with vital information about 
your patient which your intern found out days before you did. Pocket manuals: one for the conscientious student; two^ypore if you're really compulsive. 
Stethoscope: all that money and still no murmurs. Antimicrobial Handbook: courtesy of a drug rep which probably would come in handy if it took less than 20 
minutes to use. Unrmished H&P. Opthalmoscope: unused instrument that often serves as a penlight in a pitch. Reflex Hammer: used to entertain yourself 
when rounds get a little long 

"And lo, The Hospital, grey, 
quiet, old, Where Life and 
Death like friendly chaff erers 
meet." William Ernest Henley 

f^.flv 's ^f-^t "'I "^ 



»t/6y. wi^b br. Jett 

"A drug is that sutistance iihich, uhen injected into a rat 
uill produce a scientific report. " -Author Unlcnou'n 

tk ruilly 5t:rl' 


CLiniCJIL RDTflTIOn GROUPS -^auinn Hues sinEE 2DDS H.D 

[^«*c*^l^ -^e«« 4|e*l^Lt«re C.*«t- 


"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, I took the one less 
traveled by, And that has made all the difference. " 
-Robert Frost 


Meriset \i^ 

>^/ ]Vlanu^ 

"Release of the Tfimnsic healing of the body 
can happen u'hen ue use manipulation, our 
birthright nxodality."- David Hedig, DO 




Ht"i ■""^ •• "it^f't^'' 

U.S. Armed Forces At PCOM 

In November 1942, the US Manpower 
Commission announced that osteopathic 

physicians would be deferred from the draft 

where civilian need warranted.Finally in 

1943, federal officials advised the college 

that osteopathic physicians were 

recognized as essential and were 

commissioned in the armed forces. 

Despite FDR's acceptance of DO's, 
the Armed Forces were not ready to 

embrace them as commissioned 

officers. Instead, the draft board gave 

osteopathic physicians 2-A 

deferments to care for the civilian 

population whose MD's have gone 


In 1966, Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara 

issued a directive ordering the military to accept 

qualified DO's who volunteered for active duty 

commissions in the Medical Corps. The AMA House 

of Delegates, which had always fought the inclusion of 

DO's in the draft, unanimously supported the notion. 

The first 1 1 1 DO's were drafted in February 1967. 

Hugh P. Scott, D.O. '64, promoted to Rear Adminral 

in 1990 was among them. 


4i» f 

'7 « 









^ippoc/iatk, OaiA 

UcitOA. hu. -Apatlo- the, PAutidjan, and iffickplui. and cMuniua- a^Pcmacwi, OAnd oM the, (pdA., cuid ^ocMeMieA, maAuu^ the^n rru^ uMtniMeA., that 9 um/1 ^u^Ut accondin^ 

to- mu oAdotu. a^ndiccdpne^ thii- odtA a*u£ thiA, owiAiant: 

lo AoM Aom wJm hoA- tcumht me, thcA, a/it OA. tqwilto- rmj, pciM,ntti, and to- ioM, mu, tik, in pa/tineAiJUp uMtAAim,, and i^ nt. it. in ne^exi o^ mone/^ to-(jwe. Aim a <Juj/ie, 
at mine,, and to- neaa/id AJa olLpnlnq, oa ejoucdto mu, lyuatheAA in mak. tiyr^tage, a,ndt» teaxJi t/wm tJuA S/ii-iJ tht^ ckisine, to ka/m it-uMthaai^ and co<Ae,nant; to- ^ine, 
a iJui/ve, ol pnejcejpiA, and onal imJAuction andailthe, othe/i kxmninq, to mu, ionA, and to the- tonA olAim ioJio AioA imjAuctid me. and to- pcopdb, uaJlo Acute, tuj^vatAe, 
ooiM/na,nt and A/hm. taJlMi the, oath acoyiding. to mediad Iom^, but to no one. e&e,. 

J uMllapplij, dktic meoAccngA. h^ the, he/neMi olthe, iuoi. acayidona, to mu abdotu. and fudgnte-nt; !) uMltketp. thzfn ^lonf, AoAm and inj<A^itice,. 

!) umM neithe/i. otM, a dtadtu, dhua. to OAvuhodu. iloAkzd lyi. it, no^ umM J mo/b, a iuMj/jeAiion to thii. e^^. SonutoAi^ 9 cmM not fii/e, to a ufoman an aiontun, itmexlif.. 

9n ptA/utu. and AioiinzAA J <mM (Ujxi/u£ mu. tik. a,nd mu, a/it. 

3 umM not uAe, the. knlk,, not e^eM, on tutk/teA/i. ^io*n iione,, hcot umM uuthd/ioat- in lawyi ol dMcA men OA a/ie. em^aijxxz in thit uMyiA. 

WAoJmm. AiouAtA. J mOAj, iUiui, 3 aUMooiru, k^ the. keATjelit ol tJu, iicA, nejruilnina. Itee, ol oM inijentijynal- injuAtice,, al aU miAc/uie.^ and in poAticuIaA o^ teMuaZ leJaiiom, 
uMth both LmoA, and mcJe, pe/iAom., be, theu Inee, o^ fJoA/eA. 

WAai J mOAj. tee, o^ Avean, in the. CJOu/iAe, oltmatment on, titi/n oUttide. olthe, t/ve/itnwnt on leaa/idto the. lik. olmen, ujAicA on no accotont one, mcott tpne/id oMoad, J 
Ufdt &zp. nuAAeM AxiMina tucA tAxAVjA th,anielid to be, tpo^ 

01 3 LdliM thiA oath and do not (Molate. it, moM. it be, a/uuited to me. to enfM LL Ofvlant, beimj, AionO'ted uaHA fame, amon/j. all men ^ ad time, to come,; i^ 
t/iantgAeAi, it and twea/i, laksilu., mau. the, oppotite. ol oil.tAuA be. mtj. ht. 


Tks; OiXkjOpaXIdc^ Odtlt 

ai piwpoied b(j FhomJc E. MacOiachtt, P.O. 

I do keMb(j cbffoun uMf loi^a£(^ to tlt^ piofeiiloti I OMohouZtb eACt&v. I ujU 

mA(df(d cdwoAfi ofmj ^fceatrnpomchclcl^ to pm&cve> tU Itmltkandtke, (ih ofmtf 

patlstvli, to >cetauc ti^ Mn/idM^aHd^Mthot^ ah a pk<jilcla4v and a fviMd u)ko 

vjMquimd tluMJUv imj^ wCtto icmpuiouh Ihomk, and flddl^, to p&vfoiM faZtkfuMif 

uMj p>u)fei!iloiud duUei, to CMnplotj oidff tkoie^HMognlzed MAtlwdi oftveatkMt 

(U)Hil[tmtwitk goodjudgtiiiMta^ u)Ctk uuf iluMatul 060(1%, IcMfUvg Ctc mtul atufaqi 

natlmi lawi OMdHub bodij i (AilmeMteapac^ foiHM/o\/&iAj. 

I wMb^ M&i v'vq'doMtln oldiAtg Ik tiub qMmal vimanA oftke^ (^imujuutif 

, iaitiUtdtiq (M uMi and vHitZtuUoni, notM^aglng In tko^e^ piacUc^ vilnlck wMln an^f 

uooff bilng ikoMifi, 01 dlACMdCtvbpon uu^mfoKj uuf pfioreiivon. I wiMgl^e^ no 

duigi foH, deoMif puxpoiei to ancf pmon, tltoagk Ctrna^ b& aihd of ma. 

I vJiMmkaA/oHj to wonJc In a/X/ml vJCtk uhaj (U)llmguM In aipOvCtofpiog'vSihlf/B^ 

toop&wUon and nev&t bg u)oKd oi b(j a/it(ui^Unputa(loni upon tkem 

01 tltCAA^ HlgkuuZ pKocUc^. 

I will look wCtk HMp&ctand eit&eMO upon aMtkoie^ wko Iwa/^ tmgktiuA maj ait" To 

uMj MliegC' I wMbc, logaiandiUklvt aiwagi foK, CU beitCntemt and fot tke^ 
Cntemt oftU itUdmU wko w'Mtowu^ aft&v m&. I wMbe, ev&t al&Cttb fwCtk&o tU 

appllcaUon ofbaivt biologic tuitki to t&£> haling a^andtb de^dop t&£> 
pilnclplei ofoit&opatig ujUck vj&vb flAitMundated bg AndvM Tagloi Still. 


Lynn Wen Acquaviva, D,L 

Temple University, B.S. 

Drexcl University School Of Medicine, M.S. 

Quakertown, PA 

"It is not the end 
When a lowel is thrown c 

My legs might be exhausted 

But my heart continues to beat 

M>' tears ha\e already dried up 

Niy hean is on tire 

Even if! am hit and I faU 

ou, who believed in my destiny.. 

Thank vou God for guiding me and giving me the knowledge and strength these past four years of medical 
school, please continue to guide me through this next, new chapter of my life. 

For those who believed in my destiny. 

-to my parents: Thank you for your unconditional love, support and guidance during those 

times of stress or uncertaint\'. I do not know how I could have made it during these four 

years without you both. 

-to my sister I have always told you that I am here for you. but thank you for always being 

there for me. Thanks for the various times of listening to me. going out on random 

adventures or food trips, and watching dramas. 

-to my friends: 

Kern, and Heather. My Jamaican twin and the "best ever" New York cheesecake baker. 

thanks for being there during both the good times and bad. keeping me sane and always 

beUe\ing in me. 

Ra\ya. Yein and Shannon: For my chocoholics, thanks for the advice and our trips into 

the cit\' for the naked chocolate store. Even though we are at different medical schools. I 

wish vou guys all the best in your future endeavors and look forw ard to our ne.xt hangout 

and cooking sessions. 

Krissy: Hey Jem girl, thanks for being truly outrageous ever since preschool. We are 

getting old. but it is great to have a friend like you to turn to for guidance or just hang out 

and watch our favorite SO's cartoon show. 

.-Vnd last, but not least, to my PCOM classmates: For those I have become close friends 

with and to Elton who will always be missed, it has been a ftm and craz>' rollercoaster ride 

these past four years. Congratulations to e\er\one and best of luck! 


Sclasc Yao Agbcnoto, D.O. 

Alabama A & M University, B.S. 

Duke University, M.S. 

Accra, Ghana 

First and foremost I thank God almighty for giving me 
life and strength to accomplish this great success. Without 
His grace and mercies all this wouldn't be possible. To 
my parents the late Maj. Roland (Rtd) and Mrs. Clotilde 
Agbenoto I owe most of my life credits of success to you 
for been there for me through the good and bad times, and 
to that I say a big thank you. Dad I know you are looking 

down from heaven proudly at me. To my brothers 

Mawuena and Setsoafia Agbenoto I say thanks for been 

there for me and making life bearable. Without my family 

I probably would not have made it this far. To my dear 

wife Susan Agbenoto, we made it and thank you for your 

love, support, comforting words, prayers, longtime 

friendship and patient understanding, to make this 

journey bearable and possible. Mr Charles Asare. Dr 

Conrad Bonsi. Mr Fo-Kofi Worlanyo. thank you folks for 

all your help and support. To PCOM, thank you!!! 

"The LORD is my shepherd: I shall not want thou anointesi my 

head with oil; my cup runneth over. Surely goodness and mercy shall 

follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the 

LORD tor ever." Psalm 23 




— w~^^ 


\ ■^ 








Olukayode Adebiyi Akin sola Jr., D. 

Xavier University Of Louisiana, B.S. 

Saint Joseph's University, M.B^ 

Stamford, Connecticut 

"If you can dream and not make dreams your master. " 

-Rudyard Kipling 

First & foremost, all glory is respectfully & graciously directed to my Lord & 

Savior Jesus Christ, for without him this memorable milestone is devoid of all 

meaning. Thank you Lord, for your grace, mercy & unconditional love. 

To my parents, Steve Olukayode Akinsola Sr. & Helen Omobola Akinsola. I 

love you both so much. Your guidance, support & lo\e over the \ears are 
appreciated & I do not take either one of you for granted. ."K son could not ask 

for a better set of encouraging & selfless parents. To my younger brother. 

Olusola Ayoola Akinsola a.k.a "Lu", WE ARE BROTHERS! Many thanks for 

being the best cook a big brother could ask for! Lo\'e you LB! 

To Mojirayo Adebimpe Sarumi. my virtuous woman of God, I thank the Lord 

everyday for bringing you into my life. Your presence has been a blessing in 

more ways than I can possibly imagine. I pray that we are able to make God 

smile together over and over in the fumre! 143! 

To SNMA. which has been a solid support system in my journey to become a 

doctor. I am indebted. I have gained a greater appreciation for the virtue of 

ser\'ice because of this wonderful entit\ . May it continue to cultivate clinically 

excellent, culturally competent & socially conscious physicians. 

To PCOM. the institution from which I earned my osteopathic medical 
education. I offer my sincerest gratitude. Dr. Blake. Dr. Fogel. Dr. Fresa. Dr. 

Coughlin. Mr. Cavanaugh thank you for your encouragement, guidance & 


To Mr. Elton Glenn Cosby, Jr, (1981-2008). may you rest in everlasting 
peace. You are loved & missed. See you when I get there. 

To my friends & colleagues. \'0U are treasured! Thank \ ou for your support! 

To the Class Of 2010. 1 pray for God's best in your future careers! 

Peace, love & blessinas to all.... 




Maamc Abena Akomaa 
Akomcah Boti, D.O. 

Wartburg College, BA. 

Saint Joseph's University, M.BA. 

Ejisu-Donyina, Ghana 

I can't even fathom where I would have been were it not for God who has 
granted many of my inner most desires. 

To my parents Kwadwo and Elizabeth Akomeah. my siblings and mv 
immediate family, you have been with me eveiy step of the wav . This journe\ 
will have been impossible were it not for you. You have encouraged and also 

supported me spiritually, psychologically, emotionally and physically 
throughout the years. You were and still are my greatest cheerleaders. Thanks 
for the sacrifices you've made for me. To the Philadelphia Ghanaian Seventh 
Day Adventisl Church. I am proud, privileged and count it a blessing to be a 
pan of such a loving, caring and nunuring community. To my friends and the 
acquaintances forged. I am grateful for the impact you've made during these 
To the class of 2010 "In our careers, we will meet many people. All are 
significant. They deserve our attention and care, even if all we do is smile and 

say hello." 
To every- and anyone who made this wild dream a reality thanks for enjoying 

the ride with me. 

After all is said and done "I hope that my achievements in life shall be these - 

that I will have fought for what was right and fair. .1 will have risked for that 

which mattered.... I will have given help to those who were in need, that 1 will 

have left the eanh a better place for what I've done and who I've been " 

C. Hoppe 


Mo ba. Mo nnua. mo wofasi. mo siwaa. mo na~na eni mo adanfo.. 

r 74 

Nicole Elana Albert, D.O, 

The Pennsylvania State University, B.S. 
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

MOM- Our relationship may seem odd to those on the outside, but we 

both know the mutual love and support that has helped us through 

many difficult times. No one could ever believe in me as much as you 

have. You are my role model and my best friend. 

DAD- You are the light that guides me w hen things seem too tough. I 

wish \ ou were here to see how far V\e come. You will be in my heart 


BILLY- You entered my life at a time when I needed someone like 

ou the most and have treated me like a daughter e\er since. We are so 

lucky to have you as part of our family. 

MOMMOM & POPPOP- Thank you for always staying so in\ol\ ed in 
my life and education. 

.\UNT HEIDI & UNCLE ALAN- Thank you for always caring, no 
matter how much you have going on in your own lives. 

CJ- Hey, thanks for putting up with me! Here's to many more Eagles 
games, TV show marathons, jiffy pop, and mind erasers. 

PENN STATE CREW-Thanks for never letting me lose the "shot 
Nazi" in me. 

PCOM FRIENDS- \\Tio would have ever thought we could have so 
much fun in med school? Continue to work hard and pla\ hard! 


Michael Altcrman, D.O. 

Rutgers University, B JV. 

University Of Medicine & Dentistry 

Of New Jersey, M.B.S. 

Marlboro, New Jersey 

To my Family: Mom and Dad you both made this 

possible. Without your unyielding support I could 

not have come this far. I am so grateful to have 

such wonderful parents. Cheryl and David I 

couldn't ask for better siblings, you both have 

made this journey a little easier. Now you all can 

finally call me Dr. Mike. 

To my Friends: Thank you for all the great 

memories over the past four years. I wish you all 

much success in your future endeavors. 

To Lynn: Over the past four years we have gone 

through so much together. You have been so 

supportive during these trying times. I am so glad 

to have you in my life, and look forward to 

spending many more years together. 


Frank Joseph Amico Jr., L% 

Hofstra University, B.S. 
Melville, New York 

Medical school, as we all know quite well, is 
difficult to say the least. It requires an almost in- 
human work ethic compounded with an internal 

drive for success and perfection. The level of 

success you achieve can only be attained with the 

support and help of those around you. I would like 

to thank my family, especially my mother and 

father. My first two years of medical school 

presented me with unforeseen and almost 

insurmountable obstacles that I was neither prepared 

for nor expecting. However, through the unlimited 

support and unconditional love of my parents. 

I have been able to attain levels of success I never 

thought possible. 

He who studies medicine without books sails an 

uncharted sea, but he who studies medicine without 

patients does not go to sea at all. 

-William Osier 

T/ta^i^ T 0/fru>c^ 1>V 


Richard Andres, D.O. 

Swarthmore College, BA. 

Saint Joseph's University, M.BJV. 

MilviUe, New Jersey 

f 7^ 

7^^J"XX>^^^^' /^ ^^' 

Karishma Amina Anik, D,0 

Bowling Green State University, B.S. 
Bowling Green, Ohio 

Thank you to even one who made these 
past four years amazing. I am truly blessed 
to be graduating from the Philadelphia 
College of Osteopathic Medicine, and I 
look forward to the future and all that it 
has to hold. 

^(ij\MA/m(L OruJcs v.O 


Elisc Attardo, D.O. 

Fordham University, B.S. 
Chester, New York 

To Mom and Dad; 

THANK YOU for your unconditional lo\ e and unwavering suppon. 
Thank you for always believing in me. Your love has been a much- 
needed constant in my life of flux. I am here because of your hard 
work and sacrifice. 1 lo\e vou! 

To Christine and Steven: 

Thank you for always dealing with me and my nonsense. You always 

come through for me - whether I need someone to talk to or a couch to 

sleep on. I am so lucky to have you as siblings and as friends. I lo\ e 

you, I love you, I love you. 

To my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins: Thank \ou. I have the 
best family in the universe. 

To my friends: Medical school was wonderful because of you. Thank 

you for maintaining my sanity, being a source of comfort, and 

ALWAYS making me smile. 

' ho 

Shan Babeendran, D.O. 

New York Institute Of Technology, B.S. 
New Rochellc, New York 

Mom and Dad - There is no doubt in my mind that I would not ha\'e been able 
to succeed without your guidance and un conditional support. Thank you for all 
that you have given up so that I may fulfill my dreams. I am so proud to be able 
to call you my parents. Our family could not be closer knit, and we all owe that 
to the love that you have provided. 

"B" - It would be impossible to ask for a better big brother. You've made me a 
stronger person, you've opened doors for me which I would never have been 
able to open on my own. Eventually we'll get that Aston Martin... one day. 

"D"- 1 never realized how great having a sister would be until you joined the 

family. I feel like I've known you my entire life. Thank you for always 

supporting me and being there when I needed a sister. 

Baby Lucas - My first nephew. You're only 3 months old and yet you've 

changed ray entire life. I will always be here for you and promise to be an uncle 

that other kids wished they had. 

To my uncles, aunts, cousins, and Brent - you have all helped to raise me. and 

have all taught me lessons in life that I will carry with me forever. Thank you 

for helping me become who 1 am today. 

Dr. Morello - My employer, my mentor, my friend. 1 truly believe that 1 will be 

a better doctor because of the time 1 was able to spend learning from you. You 

have certainly influenced the path I have chosen. 

To my friends: to say that the past few years have been challenging is an 

understatement. Lots of long nights, lots of post exam parties and lots of great 

memories. Class of 2010, its been a great four years! 



James W. BaUcy, D.O. 

University Of Scranton, B.S., BJV. 
Rio Grande, New Jersey 

Mary: Who would have thought that a community 

theater audition could have led us to where we are 

today? Your generous lo\e and support have eased me 

through the rigorous years of medical school. M\' 

gratitude for your many visits to Roxborough and for 

those late Sunday nights is immeasurable. I am blessed 

to have you as my wife and look forward to beginning 

the adventures parenthood and internship with you. 

Thank you again for putting the "other'" first, generoush'. 

I love you. 

Mom and Dad: Thank you for your continued 
educational motivation. Your love, perseverance, and 
encouragement through these many years of education 

have given me a foundation on which to pursue m> 

dreams. I would not be at this point in my life had it not 

been for your complete altruism. I love you both. 

My friends: It has been a long road of late study nights 

and endless laughter. May we all succeed to our fullest 

potential I 




Anastasia Bakoulis, D.O. 

Barnard College, BJV. 
Bronx, New York 



"Yes, there were times, I'm sure you knew 

When I bit off more than I could chew 

But through it all, when there was doubt 

I ate it up and spit it out 

I faced it all and I stood tall 

And did it my way." 

— F. Sinatra 

Mama, Mpampa, Chichi, all this... because of you. 

^^4't/^A'''E^/§A^-0M>^ , VO. 


Christine Basil, D.O. 

Miami University, B.S. 
Buffalo, New York 

Medical school has been an incredible journey. It has been four years filled 

with gallons of coffee, tons of textbooks, and impossible exams: years of 

opportunity to meet new people and friends who have forever shaped my life; 

years of increasing love and appreciation for the family that has encouraged 

and supported me for absolutely ever>' second of my life, no matter what. I 

have earned the title of "Doctor." but share the honor with many. With 

sincerest appreciation. 1 thank you! 

To my family: Mom. Dad. Chucky. and Jess. You are the glue that holds me 
together. Mom: thank you for your love and sacrifice. Those 3.-\M winter 

horse show mornings were a greater trial on the human spirit for endurance 
and determination than any night on call in the hospital will ever bel Dad: 

thank you for your lessons, especially "Good things happen to good people." 
Years of waiting beside you for a fish to bite the line were lessons in patience 

and perseverance. Eventually we catch one! To Max: my "rock." Thank you 
for your silly jokes, your wonderful smile that warms my heart, and \ our 

unwavering, infallible commitment to me. Our adventures have only begun! 

Thank you for taking this journey with me: my Buffalo & Miami girls; 

Hickory Run Farm. Penny, the Langs. Stacey & the horses; Dr. Lippa & 

Merrick; Nardin. Miami. Mrs. May. Mrs. Skoog & Dr. Sherman: you gave me 

the tools and confidence to succeed: all of the patients w ho let me into their 

lives: you taught me as much about life as medicine. 

"To whom much is given, much is expected." 

C{iy^L.^:^^.cioC , 'P.O. 

fT i4 


Brent Charles Beddis, D.O, 

The Pennsylvania State University, B.S. 
Lansdale, Pennsylvania 


275 words can't begin lo describe how grateful I am for the insanely supportive cast of 

those around me. Without them, getting through medical school would have been 

impossible. The debt of gratitude I owe these people far exceeds the debt I owe PNC 


- Dr. DeColli. Dr. Doroshow, Dr. Simelaro, and Dr. Woodruff: Your help was 
invaluable. Thanks for everything. 

-- Andrew. Clint, David. Jon. and Owen: Your friendship means the worid. Thanks for 
getting me through some lough times. 

--Jesse/Hoppe: Thanks for the help with this page. 

—The Sedam/Good family: Your support means so much. Thanks for welcoming me into 
the family... and for letting me date Kathr>'n! 

"The Beddis/Spano family: Tm extremely fortunate to have such a great famil\ . Thanks 
for the constant encouragement. 

--Bry: I consider myself verj' lucky to have you in my life. Thanks for being ever>ihing I 
could ask for in a brother. 

—Dad: It's hard to express just how much you mean to me. Thanks for being an amazing 

role model. . . I'll consider it a huge success if I end up even half as good of a father as 

you are. Eversday I sdive to make you proud of me. 

—Mom: I love you so much. I'm overwhelmed thinking of everjthing you do for me. 

Thanks for always being there with whatever I needed. You're a great mom and you'll 

never be underappreciated. 

--Kathryn: If you're reading this, then you already know... Nothing would make me 

happier than to spend the rest of my life with you. Thanks for being my rock, my home. 

mv best friend... mv ever\'thin2. 




Margaret Kathryn Bchr, D.O. 

Allegheny College, B.S. 
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

To my family: When it is all said and done, my family is my life. 

Nothing I do in life is without my family's input, love and constant 

support. 1 thank my parents for encouraging me to be the best I can be 

and supporting me in any way possible to make my dreams a realit> . 

You have all. in some way. been part of my inspiration to become a 


To my friends: There were so many times when 1 didn't think I'd 
make it through, but you guys were always there to remind me thai 
you felt the exact same way! I learned so much from each and every 

one of you and 1 believe that I am a better person for it. Stef, you 

taught me how to give of myself and expect nothing in return. Anuj. 

you taught me how to always find time for a nap. Kush. you taught 

me how to be optimistic and love myself in the toughest of times. 

Mega, you taught me how to always see both sides to a dispute. 

Christy, you taught me to be myself without regard to what anyone 

else thought. Rob. you taught me how to be cynically intelligent. Jon. 

you taught me how to be adventurous and live life to the fullest 

everyday. Paul, you taught me that Nascar and Jack Daniels are 

everything. "The Cat", you taught me to see the humor and simplicity 

in everything. And Lee. you taught me to never worry about 

anything, cause it's probably "not that important." I am so lucky thai 

1 can call you all both my friends and my colleagues. 

Love you guys... 





Caroline Biswangcr-Bera, D.O, 

Ursinus College, B.S. 
Havertown, Pennsylvania 

To My Family: At the age of four you smiled when I 
said I \\anted to be a doctor and have been there for me 

since even' step of the way. Your own personal and 
professional joume_\s have been inspirational in helping 
me pursue my dreams. Your encouragement for me to 
follow my dreams was my light when obstacles arose. I 
am truly blessed and thankful for your support and lo\e 
all of these years. 

To My Friends: Whether we have known each other a 

lifetime or only a few years, our connection has been 

e\erlasting. Our friendship has been my distraction. m\ 

ad\enture. and my strength throughout m\- pursuit to 

complete medical school. Our friendship means 
CNer) thing to me. and \ou are m_\' extended family. 

"...But when it comes to friendship. 

I hold that dearly. 

And > ours w ill alw a\ s be w ith me, 

I mean that sincerely." 

-- Ham,- "Bud" Sons 


Nccrali Shah Bernard, D.O. jj M tflMif 

The George Washington University, B.A. 
Trumbull, Connecticut 

To my family: Your love and support has made me 

the person I am today. I appreciate everything you 

have done for me and hope to make you as proud as 

you make me. 

To my husband: You are my world. From our first 

year apart, your love has made me realize that 

anything is possible. From now on we are the 

Huxtables. .strike that, reverse it... We will make the 

world proud. I love you. 

To my friends: Thank you for all your support and 

laughs. I realize that medical school has been a 

journey and not an event. I have learned so much 

from you and enjoyed every minute of it. 

"We must be the change we wish to see in the 
world." Gandhi 

Gina M. Blocker, D.O. 

University Of Pittsburgh, B.S. 

Mayo Clinic College Of Medicine, M.S. 

Lincoln University, Pennsylvania 

Congratulations to the Class of 2010!!! WE DID IT!! It "s almost 

impossible to believe that these 4 years have gone by so quickly! 

Together, as a class we have achieved our dreams of the 

future. . .and had the time of our lives doing it! To my family: 

Gram, Mom and Dad, and of course "the sibs" — you guys are the 

best!! Not sure how I would have made it this far without your 

TLC and patience. To all of you, 1 give the most sincerest Thank 

You: Cornelius, thank you for standing by me, and loving me 

through it alL.l look forward to the rest of our days together. To 

my dearest and closest friends: We had some great times!!! Here's 

a snapshot of my favorite memories: "It's a GRAND "OL Flag...". 

Wooden Car (Yes I said it! ! ), "California. . .no doubt about 
it... "/"Black time is the world..." (ha-hah); The Kurtz" Lake house 
2007; Me: "Have fun in AC Lam!!" Lam: AC? Huh? I'm going to 

AC??? ( much for a surprise!!); The numerous 
KARAOKE/Game NIGHTS!!!: Chicora Trip, J-5 Ski Trip. There 

are many, many more memories that I cherish, and I will carry 
with me forever. To M.K. — Thank you for being there, always..., 
and showing me how to be a better me. I.O.. — You're simply the 
best! Thanks for standing by me, no matter what. CM. — Keep on 
keepin' on kid!!. E.Cosby — RIP. You are gone but will never be 

forgotten. . . your legacy will live on forever. Lastly, To my 

classmates, my colleagues: I wish you peace and happiness, and 

many blessings in all that \ou do. 

Thank vou 2010! It's been REAL! 


Marisa Brazitis, D,0. 

James Madison University, B.S. 
Sparta, New Jersey 

We did it!! I can't believe this day has finally 

come. Four years has gone by so fast and I have 

you to thank for that. Your unending love and 

support throughout the past four years has been a 

driving force in my life without which I couldn't 

have made it this far. I am blessed to have you 

in my life to lift me up when I needed 

encouragement and to bring me back down to 

earth when I played the Dr. card too often. You 

have kept me sane and made this journey a 

magnificent one. I can't thank \ou enough for 

all that you do but I promise I will continue to 

try to make you proud each and every da\ . 1 

love you all so much. 





Robert J. Brunner, D.O, 

Allegheny College, B.S. 
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

First and foremost, I must thank God for He is my strength and without Him 

nothing is possible. I look forward to sharing the talent He has bestowed on 

me with my patients and colleagues and hope to make a difference, be it ever 

so small, in their lives. 

To my beautiful wife Emily: 

We did it! ! ! All of our hard work and dedication finally paid off and now we 

get to spend forever together. I can't wait to find out what the future has in 

store for us. 

Mom and Dad: 

You've never stopped believing in me and doing whatever it took for me to 

achieve my dreams. This is just as much your degree as it is mine. I can never 

thank you enough for all of the sacrifices you've made. Love you most! 

To my awesome family and friends: 

The trips to Shady Maple, the Diner. Christmas Happy Hours and Friday 

nights at Old Forge helped to make the weekend long study sessions at the 

library and months of Cell and Tissue bearable. I know I wouldn't have made 

it without the love and laughter you brought into my life. You're ahva\s in m\ 

thoughts and prayers, 

"The practice of medicine will be ver)' much as >'ou make it - to one a worry, 
a care, a perpetual annoyance; to another, a daily job and a life of as much 
happiness and usefulness as can well fall to the lot of man, because it is a life 
of self-sacrifice and of countless opportunities to comfort and help the weak- 
hearted, and to raise up those that fall." - Sir William Osier 


Emily Dilzcr-Brunncr, D.O. 

Le Moync College, B.S. 
Saranac Lake, New York 

^^^^m' "-^ 







1 Jr5f^ 







/,: . . 


r ^^^^^ 

i i 

Lite's great value comes not from llcctuig plL-.iburc or iiiomcntar\ s.itisl.i^iion: 

it comes from understanding the deeper meaning of life and our role as men and 

women for others. To ser\e others is a gift of unequi\ ocal exponential; sen'ice 

does not place us abo\ e or below our counterparts, but rather, it allow s us to 

walk beside someone, to share in their sufferings and offer solace and healing. 

We. as physicians, have been granted a sacred gift to promote healing, and in 

tribute to our successes, we must acknowledge those who have supported us 

along our journey: 

God strengthens my soul with every step that I lake. God's Goodness and 

Grace have brought me here, and I pray that His hands will continue to work 

through me so that I may offer a healing touch to all people and share my gifts 

with the world. 

To m) family: I love you with all my being. I am blessed to have such an 

incredible family: Mom. you taught me that there's no such thing as loving loo 

much: Dad. you taught me to love what I do and to do what I love: Alli-Cat. 

you laught me that laughter (and chocolate) is the best medicine. 

To my husband: Rob. you arc my best friend and m\ one true love, you ha\ e 

taught me to love more deeply and fully than I thought possible. I am so proud 

of you ! ! ! ! 

To my friends: Thank you for the countless laughs, words of encouragement 
and everlasting friendships. 

■■ And in the end. it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your 
years."-- Abraham Lincoln 

Peter A. Burke Jr., D.O. 

Hamilton College, BJV. 
Princeton, Nc\v Jersey 

We succeed only as we identify in life, or in war. or in anylhing else, a single overriding 
objective, and make all other considerations bend to that one objective. 

Dwight D. Eisenhower ( 1890 ■ 1969). speech, .^pril 2. 1957 

The past eight years of college and medical school have enlightened my mind, revived my 
spirit and strengthened my resolve. Of all that I have achieved in my life, graduating from 
medical school is the piimacle of my accomplishments. Through all of my struggles and 
hardship, accomphshing this task w ould have been impossible if it were not for the love 
and support of my family and friends. 

Mom and Dad: Thank you for supporting me over this challenging period in my life, your 

guidance is truly what kept my Uttie ship afloat when it could have easily sunk at any time. 

Your inspiration is and will remain a guiding light. 

Kathy and Ted: My home away from home. I know I must have been a pest over the past 
four years with my frequent visits and eating you out of house and home. If there ever was 
somebody to turn to in an hour of need I know I could turn to the two of you. Thank you 
for all that you have done for me. if there is anything you ever need do not hesitate to ask. 

Hamilton and home friends: Thank you for sacking by me all of these years. Your 
friendships and advice have kept me happy and healthy. Thanks for everything. 

PCOM friends and roommates: It has been a long and hand four years. Now that we are 

graduating and have anained what we have sought for so long, let us not forget why we 

chose to become physicians: the vocation to a life of sen-ice. I wish you the best of luck 

and success in the futtii«. 

KMN: Thank you for the past year. It has been the most fun and best time of my life. 

Thank vou for guiding me with all of my difficult decisions over the past year. You're the 

best and I look forw-ard to our future. 

His whole life was a million to a one shot- Nothing could be further from the truth. 

Pj^ a<J^, 0. 0. i. 

Samantha R. Burkhart, D.O. I 

University Of Pittsburgh, B.S. I 

Reading, Pennsylvania 


Charles Calais, D^O. 

Fayctteville State College, B.S. 

Central Michigan University, M.H.A. 

Kenner, Louisiana 

To God: You ha\ e alw a> s been the source of m} strength and courage throughout this 

incredible journey that I call my life. I give thanks to you for allowing me the opportunit> 

to ser\'e humanity again by providing care for the sick and ailing. AH praises are due lo 


To my loving wife Teyoka: You have been there for me through the valleys and mountain 

tops of my life. Your love and care has never wavered one bit. I am truly thankful for yc 

encouragement, sacrifice, and support throughout our marriage. I am excited about growing 

old with you. I love you! 

To Charles III (CJ): Lil Caesar, you are shaping into the fine young man that I always 

knew you would be. I appreciate your understanding and patience, and I will do ever\ihing 

in my power to guide you down the road to success. Remember, if you believe, you can 

achieve. Love, your dad. 

To Carter (Baby Carter): Your are a precious bundle of joy and inspiration for me. You 

loo have contributed lo this day far beyond what your little mind can imagine. One day. 

rU tell you a lil slor>' about me. Love, daddy. 

To my parents. Michelle. Amanda, and Cedric: There is so much lo say but know that each 

of you has contributed immensely to this day. I love you guys. 

To Friends and other Family: Thanks for your support over the years. I will always be 

there to help in any way I can. 

To PCOM and its affiliates: Thanks for the learning opportunities and awesome 

experiences. I will never forget some of the rotations and patients alike. 

He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almight\'. I 
will say of the Lord, "He is my refuge and my fortress, my God. in whom I trust." Surely 
he will save you from the fowler's snare and from the deadly pestilence. He will cover you 
with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge: his faithfulness will be your 
shield and rampart. You will not fear the terror of night, nor the arrow that flies by day, 
nor the pestilence that stalks in the daricness. nor the plague that destroys at midday. A 
thousand may fall at your side, ten thousand at your right hand, but it will not come near 
vou. You will only observe with your eyes and see the punishment of the wicked. If you 
make the Most High your dwelling, even the Lord, who is my refuge then no harm will 
befaii vou. no disaster will come near vour lent. Psalm 91. 1-10 




Ashley Elizabeth Caplan, D.O. 

University Of Pennsylvania, BJ\.. 
Mountainside, New Jersey 

"Go confidently in the direction of }'Our 

dreams! Live the life you've imagined." 


Thank \ ou to my famih . m\' husband Blake 

and all my friends who supported me every 

step of the way. 

I couldn't have done it without \our lo\'e and 

f 1' 

Abraham Chacko, D.O. 

Villanova University, B.S. 
Upper Darby, Pennsylvania 

First I want to thank God for giving me the 

opportunity to get into medical school and 

ultimately finishing. It is only by his grace that I 

was able to finish and move on to the next phase 

of my life. Secondly, I want to thank my parents, 

brothers and the rest of my family for their 

constant prayers and tears through these last four 

years. I am very thankful for all the friends that I 

have made in the last four years of my life 

especially my CMA brothers. My fellowship 

with you guys have grounded me in my faith and 

allowed me to thrive through the struggles of 

medical school. I believe ever}'one that I have 

become close to in the last four years have come 

into my life for a reason, and no matter where 

we end up in life, you will always be 


CiKh,.^ Ok\a.dki- 

Jennifer Cheng, D.O. 

University Of California, Los Angeles, B.S 

Drexcl Univ. College Of Medicine, M,M.S. 

Lafayette, California 

Michelle I. Cifone, D.O. 

Villanova University, B.S. 
Statcn Island, New York 

Mom, you are and always will be the wind 
beneath my wings. 

Maria and Melissa, keep reaching for your 
stars. Never settle for less. 

Carol, thank you for always believing in me, 

especially when I didn't have the courage to 

believe in myself. 

Frank, my Love, my Angel. You've made 
everything possible. 

Thank you to all my family and friends for 
their constant love and support. 




Timothy Clark, D.O, 

Colby CoUege, BA. 
Braintrec, Massachusetts 

Mom, Dad. Christy, Mike, Brian, Abby, Addison, Aidan, Nanny C, Nana, and 

everyone else- thanks for always making home a warm and inviting place to 

which I always wanted to return. As families go, I'd be hard-pressed to find 

one that is more fun and entertaining. 

Jim, Michelle, Mike, Steph, Kevin, and all the Colby Kids- you are all the best 

friends I could possibly imagine. Thank you for always putting a smile on my 

face, and reminding me where I'm coming from (and hopefully going back to). 

I could not have made it through the past four years without you. 

Jenny & Laura- in many ways this degree belongs as much to you as it does to 
me. For all the advice, concern, caring, time, love, understanding, patience, and 

endless hours on the phone spent listening to me complain, worry, vent, or 

babble about God knows what, I can never, ever, ever thank you both enough. 

1 would be nowhere, and nothing without you. (And, yes, Laura, I am aware 

there's a run-on sentence there.) 

Two things I always try to remember: 

"Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not: 

nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not: 

unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not: the world is full ot 

educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent." 

Pres. Calvin Coolidge 

"Uhm, I'd feel better if 1 had a needle in it." 


Up I" 

Dr. Robert Fogel 

Jesse Braden Conrad, D.O, 

Binghamton University, B.S. 
Vestal, New York 

Steph - Remember when we met in 

med school? That was fun. Thanks 

for being amazing. 

Mom and Dad - Thank you for the 

love and opportunity and for always 

believin2 in me. 


Ashley Conshuc, D. O, 

Kutztown University, B.S. 
Pottsville, Pennsylvania 

To my Mom <k Dad; TTiank you for your lo\ e and support. I 

am so grateful for all the sacrifices you have made for me. 

Thank you for believing in me. even when I did not. Thank 

you for instilling in me the values of hard work and 

determination. All the lessons you have thought me in life ha\ e 

gotten me to this point. I couldn't have done it without you. 

To Britt: Thank you for always being there w hen I needed to 

talk and never hesitating to take a trip down to Phiily when 1 

needed a friend. You are an amazing sister and best friend. 

Remember that I am always proud of you. 

To Chris: Thank you for being there for me through some of 

the toughest years of my life. You were always there for a 

much-needed hug, a good laugh, and a shoulder to cry on. 

Thank you for reminding me everyday how proud you are of 

me and that I can do an\thing I set my mind to. Thank you for 

being at my side through this journey and the next journey 

ahead. With you by my side, anything is possible. I am so 

lucky to have you. 

I love you all. 





Jonathan Eric Cooperman, D.O. 

FrankUn & MarshaU College, B.S. 
Jcnkintown, Pennsylvania 

To the love of my life, Claudia, there will never be enough room on 
any page to truly describe how much you mean to me. For better or 
worse, hopefully better, I look forward to the rest our lives together. 
You, Jake and Charlie are my inspiration and the reason I do all that I 
do. When my children are old enough to read this... you make me so 
proud, daddy loves you and mommy more than anything in the world. 

A special thank you to my family: Mom and Dad, Ali, Ris, Josh and 

Grandpa. Your continual support, in so many ways, has meant so 

much to me. Mom and Dad. you have instilled in me a strong work 

ethic and the motivation to succeed which has gotten me where I am 

today. I am forever grateful. 

To my friends, whether it's quoting lines from The Office or texting 

one liners, you have made my med school experience bearable. I wish 

you all much success in your future endeavors, to help you on your 

way I leave you with this piece of advice courtesy of Andy Bernard 

"I'll be the Number Two guy here in Scranton in six weeks. How? 

Name repetition, personality mirroring and never breaking off a 

handshake. I'm always thinking one step ahead. Like a carpenter that 

makes stairs." 

Finally, to all those who have believed in me; family, mentors, 
professors, and peers, I strive to live up to your expectations and 
become the best physician I can be. Thank you. 

Jonathan Cordova, D.O. 

The Pennsylvania State University, B.S. 
Lebanon, Pennsylvania 

Mom and Dad: 
Thank you for eventhing you have given me throughout my 
entire life. You have been amazing parents and have supported me 
through all my ups and downs. I couldn't ask for a better support 
team. You are both an inspiration and I love you both from the bottom 
of my heart. 
Perlita, Gordie, Luke, Lance and Levi: 
Thank you for all the support you have given me over the 
years. Without knowing it, you have all helped shape and mold my 
life and career choices. Thanks for always watching over me and 
allowing me to be such a huge part of your lives. I know times will get 
tough in the future but stay strong, have faith and know that 1 will 
always be there. Miracles do happen! 
What can I say; it's been a long ride. Thank you for everything 
you have done for me over the past few years. You have been my best 
friend throughout this entire process and I know 1 never could have 
gotten here without you. I know it wasn't the easiest road, but you 
always stayed by my side. You encouraged me when I wanted to give 
up and you always had such high expectations for me that you made 
sure I reached. I love you with all my heart and MLSTDWM! 
PCOM friends: 
We made it! Thanks for a great 4 years. I wasn't sure what to 
expect on that first day of classes but you all became such a close pan 
of my life. Good luck in the future with your careers and 
please keep in touch. 






David Lee DaHiU, Jr., D.O. 

Salisbury University, B.S. 

Philadelphia College Of Osteopathic Medicine, 

Certificate in Biomedical Sciences 

Salisbury, Maryland 

I would like to ihank the faculty and staff at PCOM of both the DO 

Program and Biomedical Science Program for their part in my 

becoming an Osteopath. I would like to give special thanks to Dr. Tina 

Woodruff and the staff of the Student .affairs for the understanding 

and compassion given me in my recovery and continuing in my 

clerkships. A "Big Thanks!" to Dr Larry H. Chou. MD and Charlone 

Solomon. PA for all their efforts in m\ reco\ery. And. a ""Thank You!" 

to Dr. David Kuo. DO. Dr. Julia Helstrom. DO. and Dr. Larry N. 

Finkelstein. DO for the great time I had at Roxborough Healthcare 

Center for my Urban Clerkship. 

Finally. I would like to give a special thanks to all my family and 

friends for their help and sacrifice, which were many, in ensuring that I 

continue with my education and goal to become a physician. Thanks to 

Shaun Gill, Justin Avera (whom I hope is as well recover, well from 

his injury!). Kevin Hollick. Shan Babeedran. and Danielle Ferraguti 

for all the great times we had and hopefully continue to have as we 

stay in touch with one another. 

Special Thanks to my mother (Carmen) and father (David Sr.). Giselle 

Joyce Altea. and Jonathan Neville, who all will forever be in m\ heart 

for all that we have gone through and sacrificed for one another. I am 

forever indebted to them and will strive to the best of my abilities to 

help them in all their endeavors. 

^'3 C 

Megan Joy Dambach, D.O. ^^ >^^^^ * . 

University Of Maryland - College Park, B.S. 
Middletown, Maryland 

Thank you to all my family and friends whose love 

and support made this long journey possible. 

Without you I would not have made it this far. 

Thank you to my Mom for her faith, to my Dad for 

giving me logic and practicality, and to my Brothers 

for making me strong. To all my friends that 

welcomed me into their hearts and homes (you know 

who you are) I will always be grateful. My doors are 

always open and my phone is always on. Love you 


"Standing on a hill in my mountain of dreams, 
telling myself it's not as hard, hard, hard as it seems' 

Led Zepplin, "Going to California" 



Daniel J. Dean Jr., D.O, 

Ursinus College, B.S. 
Warrington, Pennsylvania 

To m\ beautiful wife. Liz. my mother, father, brothers, 

and family, your unwavering support of my endea\ors 

has helped me become what I am today. 

To my friends, thanks for everything, from the study 
sessions to the nights out. 

To my Navy colleagues, it's a small family. I am sure I'll 
ha\e the pleasure of working with \ou in the future. 

To all my colleagues at PCOM: I wish you luck, fair 
winds and followina seas. 

"If one advances confidently in the direction of his 

dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has 

imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in 

common hours." 

Walden; or. Life in the Woods 
-Henry David Thoreau 



Richard S. DcPalma, D.O. 

Rutgers University, BJV. 
Brick, New Jersey 

I just wanted to thank my loving 

family for all their encouragement 

and support over the years. It's 

been a long road and I couldn't 

have gotten to where I am today 

without them. 



\<M^h^:(^. 'ho 


Lauren Ann DcVita, D.O. 

Lafayette College, B.S. 
Lewistown, Pennsylvania 

"Finish every day and be done with it. You 

have done what you could; some blunders 

and absurdities crept in; forget them as soon 

as you can. Tomorrow is a new day; you 

shall begin it serenely and with too high a 

spirit to be encumbered with your old 


— Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Chelsea M. DiDonato, D.O. 

University Of Scranton, B.S. 
West Chester, Pennsylvania 

Thank you to my friends and family, who. 

somewhere along the line became one and the 


Y cuando levante mis ojos a tu nombre. tu 

corazon de pronto dispuso mi camino. (Pablo 


Mom and Dad- Thank you for the opportunity 
and the inspiration. I love you always. 

Adversity is like a strong wind. I don't mean just 

that it holds us back from places we might 

otherwise go. It also tears away from us all but 

the things that cannot be torn, so that afterward 

we see ourselves as we really are. and not merely 

as we might like to be. (Arthur Golden) 

Nicholas DiGeorge, D.O, 

LaSalle University, BJV. 
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

Anthony C. DiNardo, D.O. 

Washington & Jefferson College, BA. 
Aliquippa, Pennsylvania 

The past four years of medical school has granted me 

more than an education and a degree. It has been a 

lifetime commitment to colleagues I honor as best 

friends and the prestige of excellence of PCOM I 

promise to exemplify through my career. 

I could not have asked for any better of a 
supportive family during my journey and I am truh' 
blessed to have such positive inspirations in my life. 
Thank you Mom, Dad, Lisa, Josh, Grandma Lisa, 
Grandparents Adelina & Sam, Uncle Vince, and the 
rest of my family. Although you are no longer with 
us, Grandpap Antonio, I know you are watching over 
us all, for you are my inspiration. 

As we lead our separate paths to a never-ending 

pursuit of knowledge and healing, 1 wish the entire 

class of 2010 to happy and successful lives. Your 

talent is God's gift to you. What you do with it is 

your gift back to God. 


Tamara Rausa Donatclli, D.O, 

Malboro College, BJV. 
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 

To all of my friends and family, thank you for your endless support. 

Euge, we all know that I would dedicate my career to you. May I 

always be so fortunate as to have you with me. Mae e Andrea, 

obrigadaportudo...fico orgulhosa do seu orgulho. Tio Sal. Tia 

Cookie, and Tia Tana; thank you for making sure that I always had 

everything I needed to succeed. . .and for calling before and after every 

exam! Thank you Justin and Sandy, you redefine the word family. 

Sharon, Tom, Dennis and Kathy; thank you for extending your love 

and support to me. Vo, Mara e Monica, voces me inspiram para ajudar 

neste mundo para que a vida seja melhor para outros. To my friends of 

old, thank you for giving me something to keep up with and someone 

to walk beside. To my PCOM friends, thank you for being such 

amazing people. Mike, Huy Do, and Precious: I wouldn't have wanted 

togo through this with anyone else! Keli, without you, I wouldn't 

even have known what to do with my white coat! 

Derek, people always ask how I can be a mom and in medical school 

and my answer is always, "Derek, I give him all of the credit in the 

world." I am the luckiest woman on the planet to have you by my 

side. You have exceeded my every expectation and hope of what a 

husband and father are meant to be. I owe you my greatest expression 

of respect and gratitude. Oh, and by the way, how's that for a "J-O- 

B!?!'?!" I love you! 

Angelina, minha linda, isto e para voce... 

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you've 

imagined. As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be 

simpler." -Henry David Thoreau 



Colin Lane Donnelly, D.O. 

Miami University, B JV. 
Dallas, Pennsylvania 

I am able to realize my goals and dreams only 

because of the overwhelming support from 

family and friends. Thank you to my family 

whose love and encouragement make every 

struggle manageable and every success 

rewarding. Your willingness to risk paralysis by 

allowing a first year medical student to 

repeatedly manipulate your spine has not gone 

unnoticed. Thank you to my friends who made 

a difficult four years enjoyable every step of the 

way. I will carry with me countless memories 

more valuable than any lecture or rotation. 

^ M 

c^ v^-^, p^ 

Kcli Anne Donnelly, D.O, 

Guilford College, B.S. 
Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania 

Mom and Dad, 

We did it! Mom may iiave readied tlie finisli line first, but I am not far 

beliind. And now I am finally moving out! Thank you for your 

continual love and support. All of the home cooked meals, laundry, 

errands, and countless acts of kindness enabled me to succeed. You 

taught me to reach for the moon and now I am graduating from 

medical school. 

Family and Friends. 

Everyone's interest in my success and constant support helped me 

achieve this dream. Meem and Pop, and MomMom and PopPop. 

thank you for your encouragement. Chadd. thank you for having faith 

in me. 


We did it! Thank you for your study guides, burritos. Chinese food in 

a cup, emergency ponchos, and most importantly, your friendship. 


Thank you for keeping a smile on my face. I am looking forward to a 

life of adventures together. 


Xt //W^), Do 

4<5 ^ 

Brendan Joesph Doucette, D.O 

University Of Virginia, B j\. 
Greenfield, Wisconsin 

Looking back upon the past four years, it's hard to beheve that I. as well as many of 

my fellow colleagues, have gotten to this point: standing on a podium ready to 

graduate into the world of medicine as a physician. Throughout all of the trials and 

tribulations one encounters in medical school — ranging from hours of studying in 

my apartment while attempting to juggle my reality television viewing mto my 

studies (a difficult feat, no doubt) — it is unthinkable to contemplate where I'd be 

without the support from my wonderful family. In fact, rather than extrapolating 

about myself. I think it is necessary to dedicate this space to the ones who have been 

with me the entire way: my parents. If there could be a Noble Pnze awarded to 

parents. Tim and Linda Doucette would have walked away with this award for 26 

straight years; needless to say, humanity owes them a great deal of thanks, if not 

solely for just keeping me out of trouble for all these years. While I was in college 

and more concerned with becoming the next Ryan Seacrest. they were there to 

support me. Subsequently, through the emotional rollercoaster that was medical 

school, they remained by my side, offering a listening ear when needed and 
financial support even when it wasn't solicited. To say that I wouldn't be where I 
am without the support of my family would be a drastic understatement and would 

be doing a disservice to the exceptional work they have done. They say that 

graduating medical school is quite an accomplishment and it certainly is: however. 1 

think the effort that my parents continually put into me is an achievement that can 

only be met by tmly remarkable people. And that, in a nutshell, is why 1 owe them 

all the gratitude in the world. For every on-call night that ends without sleep or any 

beauracratic obstacle I encounter in the medical world. I w ill be reminded of the 

tremendous sacrifice that my parents made to help me get there and suddenly, no 

inconvenience will deter me from my ultimate goal: to become an exceptional 

physician. The parenting aspect? Well, let's just say that if I'm even half the 

quality of my parents. I'll consider it a monumental success. Then again, that 

requires someone actually marrying me so let's just say I'm going to take it one step 

at a time. Mom and Dad. I am forever grateful! 

9 .^z^Szi 



Courtney Ann Downey, D.O. 

Widener University, B.S. 
Mahanoy City, Pennsylvania 

To my momma — you are by far the most amazing person I have ever met. The realm ot 

things you can do is simply incredible. You taught me so much, but most importanlly to 

always see the best in every situation. Thank you for always believing in me and for never 

giving up. I love you. Everything I am today is because of you. If I become half the 

woman you are I will be thankful. 

Gary — you stepped up the most when things were the worst and we are so lucky for that. I 
love you. 

Katie, Butch, Garry & Aubrey — the four of you cannot begin to imagine what you mean to 

me. You are my reasons. I look at my life and I could never imagine it without you. I 

love you with all my heart and I would do anything for you. Always remember to dream 

big! I'll be by your side forever. 

Linds — my PIC. It's crazy to think back over the last 4 years, who would have thought 

that anatomy partners could turn into the best of friends? Our adventures over the years 

have been amazing. You are the best friend I could ask for. Thank you for always being 

there for me. We may have tripped and stumbled through times but we never fell. We did 

it. here's to us. SF4L. Love you! 

To my Daddy — when I started med school. I just assumed you would be here the day I 
finished. I never thought it would be like this. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you. 
I miss you more than you could ever imagine. I think Kristina Comell's song "Little Red 
Balloon" sums it up best. "What I'd give to have you here to see my dreams come true." I 
love you Dad. I hope you have a big smile on your face in heaven & that I'm making you 
proud. Thank you for everything. Resi peacefully. 

To my love — it's been an adventure since day one but I couldn't imagine it any differently. 
Thank you for being by my side. I love you. 

Class of 2010 — we did it! Concratulalions docs! 


^<7 f 

Diana Drogalis, D.O. 

University Of Scranton, B.S. 
Old Forge, Pennsylvania 

To the Class of 2010: We made it! Congrats and best 

wishes to every one of you. I'm so proud to call each of 

you my classmates. I wish you all the very best in 

whatever life holds for you! 

To my friends: I couldn't have made it through med 

school without you guys. We share memories that no one 

else would ever understand--the well caffeinated, jittery 

study sessions, post exam parties, and frequent Lord and 

Taylor trips to name just a few. You will all always have 

a special place in my heart! 

Christina, James, and Michael: Best siblings in the 
world- plain and simple. Thanks for everything! Love 

you guys 

Mom and Dad: If I owe this degree to anyone, it's 

definitely the two of you. Thank you for the many words 

of encouragement throughout the years. You're the best 

parents in the world. Love you! 

6 (ii,i*n4 (\W*>, ^^0. 

■^^ « .% y,1>i T ^ i . T. i ^<r^/i/ PTiOH 2008 Denise Drohobyczcr, D.O, 

jTf k\^ ,T^ ^ESMMIBiliHI ^^j[ Amherst College, B A. 

St, Louis, Missouri 

The future 
■ 'ogs to thos^ 
^ ieve in the 
'of their j 
;, '^Eleandr 


Crystal Michclc Duffy, D.O. 

The Pennsylvania State University, B.S. 
Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania 

These past four years of my life have been a whirlwind, and as I reflect back on 

them, it is hard to believe I have accomplished so many great things in such 

little time! Medical school was a huge balancing act - one filled with both 

personal and professional growth. I have so many people to thank for helping 

me grow into the young professional I have become. 

To my husband Patrick: 

Thank you for your unwavering support and guidance during these past four 

years. Thank you for understanding the complexity of medical school and for 

tolerating our conversations during dinners! I love you, forever. 

To My Family: 

Thank you so much for all of your patience, understanding and support 

throughout these four years. Your constant presence in my life has been a 

blessing and one that I will continue to cherish as I enter the next phase of my 


To My Friends: 

Thank you for providing lots of laughter and good times during a very stressful 

four years! The common ground we share will forever be in my heart. I give all 

of you credit for my success - your support is appreciated more than you will 

ever know! I wish you all the success and happiness that this world has to offer' 

"Success is a journey, not a destination. " 
- Arthur Ashe 

® Cvj^WltW.'\)Ax|,))V|,0.o. 

Kevin Marshall DuPrcy, D.O. 

University Of Delaware, B.A. 
Lancaster, Pennsylvania 

To my family: Thank you for your genuine support 
and continued encouragement through all that I 
encounter. Dad, you have been my role model 
since I can remember. I always appreciate your 

advice and guidance especially now that I decided 
to follow in your footsteps a little more closely. 
Mom, you have shown me what it is like to be a 

truly altruistic and generous person. Sarah, thank 

you so much for all of your emotional support, I 

know I can always count on you. 

To my friends and classmates: Thank you for 

being such an amazing group of people who have 

filled medical school with so many memorable and 

enjoyable experiences. It is always refreshing to 

see a familiar face out in the hosphals as we have 

drifted away from the classroom. I hope that our 

paths continue to cross as our lives grow 

increasingly busy with new endeavors. 



Anna Dymarsky, D.O, 

Temple University, BJV. 
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

Thank you to my family, 

especially my parents, whose 

everlasting love and unyielding 

support have guided and nurtured 

me all of my life. 

And to B, whose willing shoulder, 
positive outlook, and kind heart 

have been steadfast through both 
the worst and the best of times. 

^ {ax 





■ ■' ^ ■■■■! 




■■ iA ■■■" 

,^ "^mr^^^m 



■ EggjlF ^ 


'y^tk « fli" 



i\nir« j& 


m WWS^ % 






mm' ^^ 

Katrina Raagas Elio, D.O. 

Tufts University, BA., BA. 

Philadelphia College Of Osteopathic Medicine, MS. 

Franklin Square, New York 

Mom, Dad, Karynn, and Jay-R - "Thank you" 
doesn't even begin to say enough. Your love, endless 
support, and unfaltering faith in me and in God have 
brought me to this point in my life. My achievements 
are as much yours as they are mine. Love you guys! 

Friends and Extended Family - Thank you for the 

laughs, memories, and encouragement during the last 

four years. It has been the ride of my life, and 1 am 

so happy 1 was able to share it with all of you. 

Brian - Simply put, I could not have done this 

without you. You've been by my side through the 

best and worst days, and for that I am forever 

grateful. I can't wait for our next chapter and 

adventure to come. I love you! 

Class of 2010 - Congrats and Best of Luck! 



Matthew John Fallstick, D.O. 

Saint Joseph's University, B.S. 
Bensalcm, Pennsylvania 

I want to thank everyone close to me for their constant help through 
the years. I would like to thank my wife Carolyn, without your smile 

to come home to every day none of this would mean anything. 

Looking at you makes me believe there is always the promise of better 

days and a more perfect world right around the comer. You are and 

always will be the best thing that has ever happened to me, and I love 


Mom, thank you for your constant love and support. Whether it 
was early morning hockey practices, medical school, or health issues 

you were always there to support me or give me words of 
encouragement. Life has always been easier and a little happier with 

you around. I couldn't have made it this far without you. 

Mom mom, I have always admired your unwavering love for 
everyone in our family. You've given so much of yourself to Kristin 
and I throughout the years. It's true that you're my grandmother but it 
has always seemed that you were much more than that. You gave up 

your golden years to take care of Kristin and L and you became a 

parent all over again for the fourth and fifth time in your life. Thank 

you for making home a place I look back on with fond memories and a 

calming comfort. To Kristin, my sister, thank you for turning into 

such a great friend and someone I can talk to when life gets a little 

hectic. I love vou all. 

6 'v^'^li'M^^^ 

Charles R. Fedcle Jr., D.O. 

Lc Moyne College, B.S. 
Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania 

First, I would like to thank my beautiful wife. Bemadette, 

for her constant love and support. Without \ ou. 1 

certainly would not be here today. We did it! 

To my Mom and Dad: Thank you for everything. You 

have always encouraged me to follow my dreams and I 

am grateful for that. 

To Kerr}' and David: Thank you for listening to all of my 

stupid medical humor. You are the best sister and brother 

that a person could have. 

To my beautiful daughters. Sydney and Samantha: I love 
you both. You are the reason that I get up e\er},da\! 

How far you go in life depends on your being tender with 

the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with 

the striving and tolerant of the weak and strong. Because 

someday in life you will have been all of these. 

- George Washington Cars'er 

Danielle A. Ferraguti, D.O. 

Temple University, B.S. 

Philadelphia College Of Osteopathic 

Medicine, M.S. 

Warminster, Pennsylvania 

To my Family: 

Words cannot express my gratitude for the sacrifices you 

have made in order to make my dreams come true. Thantc 

you for ail your encouragement, support, love, and 

understanding throughout the years. And most of all, 

thank you for standing by my side every step of the way. 

You have made every moment worth it. One day 1 hope 

to be able to repay all that you have so unselfishly given 

to me. I hope I have made you proud and I have made all 

your sacrifices worthwhile in the end. 

To my Friends: 

This was an unforgettable journey. I am thankful to have 

met such great people who I could share this experience. 

While the majority of our time was spent in the classroom 

and in the library studying, we still found time to have 

fun. Post-exam parties, holiday parties, get-togethers, 

dinners, movies.... these are some of the memories I will 

take with me. Wherever we end up, I hope we can still 

find time for each other and continue making those great 

memories. Thank you for always being there and good 

luck in all your future endeavors. 





Luisa Galdi, D.O. 

Drexel University, B.S. 
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

To my family and friends at home: 

Thank you for accompanying me on this crazy 

journey with your unyielding patience and support. 

To my PCOM family and friends: 

"It seems like only yesterda\' we started, (ooh) but 

soon we'll put away our books and pens. We'll go on 

with our lives once we ha\ e parted. But how can we 

sa)- farew ell to our friends?" Thank you for the 

laughs, the tears, the late study nights and. of course. 

the beers : ) 

"Some people come into our li\es and quickly go. 

Some stay for awhile and lea\e footprints on our 

hearts. And we are never. e\er the same." 





Heather Roehrs Galgon, D.O. 

University Of Pennsylvania, B JV. 
Havertown, Pennsylvania 

"Hands that serve are more sacred than hps that pray" 
-Mother Theresa 

Thank you to my family. Without your support, love and encouragement this 
would have been impossible. 

To my husband. Dave, thank you for unconditionally supporting my dreams 

and ambitions. Because of your flexibility and selfless contributions we 

survived med school. B-school, buying a home, getting married, birth and 

death, and we're only stronger for it. 

To my mom, Stacey, thank you for being my #1 babysitter, nanny, travel 
companion, landlord, and tireless supporter. 

To my Dad and my sister, thank you for instilling in me the belief that 1 can do 

an)'thing. leaching me to never lake no for an answer, and reminding me to 

continue to look beyond myself to make the biggest impact. 

To the OMM Department and my fellow Fellows (past, present & future). 
thanks for an amazing 5th year. You helped me to become a better physician. 

To my children, Bryce and Baby Galgon, may you always follow your dreams 
no matter what obstacles lie ahead of you. To be great, you must first tackle the 


I love you all. 



Nicole M. Gartner Spare, D.O. 

Carnegie iMellon University, B.S. 
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

... — iv Lord and Saviour, has given me a love for people and for life. My 

;e been changed by God's love and grace, and it is a joy to share that with 

every person He puts in my path. I am thankfiil for this jouniey. 

My parents have been my foundation to accomplish my goals and dreams. 

.\fter attending every- dance recital and tract meet driving hours to watch me 

compete for less than five minutes at NCAA Nationals, and planning a wedding 

with both of you being 700O miles away, I have no doubt that you will go to 

every end of this earth to be there for me when I need you the most 

Lindsay and Angela, as sisters we keep growing closer even though now we are 

living in different cities. .After wimessing the birth of my first niece during the 

first year of medical school, I am excited to watch our new families grow up 


Patrick, your heart and passion for our Lord has encouraged me throughout our 

relationship and will continue in our marriage. 2010 is an exciting year for us 

.'.ith our wedding and graduation all in the same week! I look forw ard to more 

adventures with you as we ski and travel to new places together. 

PCOM friends, I will cherish memories of nights in Manayunk, ski trips. 
Starbucks, stackable highlighters in class, and marathon training. 

Over the last four years in Philadelphia, I have been blessed with an amazing 

community of friends from my church who have lovingly supported my 

endeavors from taking classes, to going away on rotations, and completing two 

Boston marathon races. 

PCOM Class of 2010. 1 wish you the best in your future careers in medicine. 

TUcoiM^Jh/JyuJuD M 

i^i ^ 

Nina Sara George, D.O. 

Havcrford College, B.S. 
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

To my family, Mom, Dad, Neal, Prince, I certainly 

could not have done this without your love and 

support from day one. There were many times where 

I would have been satisfied quitting school and 

coming home to work somewhere locally. I thank 

you for giving me strength to carr)' on and excel in 

all that I do. For, "the key to happiness is chasing 

dreams- The key to success is making them come 

true." There is not one day that passes that 1 don't 

thank God for giving me the best family a person 

could ever ask for. I love you all from the bottom of 

my heart. To my family that has passed, Joshi 

Chachan. Preeth Chettan, Amma, Ammachi. 

Appachan, I keep you in my heart and hope you rest 

in peace and watch over me in this life journey. To 

my friends, thank you for sharing with me the some 

of the best times in my life. And to those who have 

taught me the power of knowledge, I thank you for 

bringing me to this day. 


Shaun David GUI, D.O. 

Millers ville University Of Pennsylvania, B.S. 
Abington, Pennsylvania 

I would like to thank my family and friends for all their support during 
medical school. Without \'ou. none of this would have been possible. I 
am grateful for the wonderful opportunities that PCOM has offered me 
during my medical education, and for the high level of excellence that 
accompanies being a graduate of our College. 

To my colleagues in the military, remember to stay the course, and 

hold dear the ideals of our osteopathic profession, as leaders and 

professionals. We are the future of military medicine, and we are 

embarking on a mission that is critical not only to the freedom of our 

country, but to the freedom of the world. Every generation has its 

Heroes, be strong in your commitment and let nothing cause you to 


To the Osteopathic physicians who have helped shaped our profession. 

Thank you for your dedication, and for forging the path for future 

graduates. We will continue to lead the wav. 

Finally. 1 would personally like to thank Dr. Murry E. Le\ \n. DO '46 

for introducing me to the field of Osteopathic Medicine. Thank you 

for \ our suidance. 



Lindscy Marie Govern, D.O. 

Shippcnsburg University, B.S. 
Mcchanicsburg, Pennsylvania 

Mom and Dad- Thank you for all of your guidance and support throughout the 

years. 1 don't know how I would have made it without all of your help. I may 

not have said this enough but I appreciate all that you have done for me to help 

me reach my dreams. WE DID IT! 

Allison- Thanks for your love and encouragement. We managed to get each 

other through these tough years. Thanks for always picking up my phone calls 

and being there with words to help me though my challenges. ...there will be 

many more now that you're my personal pharmacist! 

Jess- It took one random night for us lo end up at roomies. ...and now 3 years 

later we somehow survived Presidential City and I'm leaving with you as one ol 

my best friends. You are such a wonderful person and 1 wish you all the success 

in the world! 

My ship girls- Thanks for being a great source of strength and motivation 

through the past 8 years. I'm so glad our friendships survived the craziness of 

the past 4 years. 

PCOMers- You all have made my medical school experience so wonderful. 

Thanks for all the late nights in Philly. the laughter you brought to my life, and 

the friendships that will last. Best wishes in reaching your dreams. 

"The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort, 

but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy" 

-Martin Luther King Jr 


Bradley Grant, D.O. 

University Of Maryland - Baltimore 

County, B.S. 

North East, Maryland 

Tm going to miss PCOM. There's something wonderful about 

being a med student, being filled with a sense of awe and 

respect for the human body and mind, like \ou are gradualh' 

being made privy to a few of God's secrets. Or something cool 

like that. 

Thank you to m\ wife Chrissy, who has faith in me that defies 

reason but is appreciated nonetheless. The passion and 

con\ iction with which you teach young minds inspires me to be 

a better doctor. 

Thank you to my parents, who put my education before all else. 

and gave me opportunities that they never had. Mom. 
whenever I need to be compassionate, all I need to do is ask my 
self how you took care of \'our patients. Dad. when I was httle 

I told myself I wanted to know as much as you did about 
seemingly everx'thing. Fm nowhere close, but maybe one day. 

Thank you to my brother, who is m\' best friend and confidant. 

.■\nd finalh'. thanks to m\' classmates, whose altruism and 

intelligence is thankfully tempered by the ability to have a great 

time. I ne\ er suspected that my favorite thing about med 

school would be our friendships. 




Nathan Grcczck, D.O. 

Juniata College, B.S. 
Cresson, Pennsylvania 

To my Parents- Thank you for all of the support and 
sacrifices you have made for me throughout the years. 

You have always driven me to be the best. You have 

made me the man 1 am today and I am so proud to call 

you my parents. I love you both very much. 

To mN Brothers- Thank you both for always being 
supportive of m\' decision to become a physician. 

To my anatomy lab group- All of you made the first 
semester of medical school very enjoyable and I am 
thankful we had the opportunity to get to know each 
other. We had a lot of fun together like "I feel like 
makin" love!", the bone box. and of course TOT. I wish 
all of you the ver)' best! 

To Sarah- You have been the most amazing part of m\ 

life since I have met you. Your never ending support of 

me is always appreciated. I am so proud of you and all of 

your accomplishments. I love you so much and can't 

wait to spend the rest of our lives together. 

Colleen Guest Marchetta, D.O. 

LaSalle University, B.S. 
Yardlcy, Pennsylvania 

Mom & Dad: You have been the best two guides I could have 

asked for in Ufe. Not only have you both inspired me to enter 

the field of medicine, but you showed me how to do it \\ith 

compassion and purpose. I owe everything to you. 

Tony: 'Thank you' is not enough to express how much I 

appreciate everything you have done and sacrificed for me over 

the past four years. I would not have been able to do this 

without you. I love you. 

Megan & Lauren: Thank you for sharing your experiences with 

me and for your guidance throughout medical school. I could 

not have accomplished this without your faith and wisdom. 

Katie, Dennis, Kevin, & Matt: I would not be here without 

your unconditional love. Thank you for listening to me. 

challenging me. encouraging me. and for always knowing how 

to make me laugh. 

Marchetta Famih : Thank you for your love and support and for 
welcomino me into "la famialia". 




Daria Lin Guclig, D.O. 

University Of Virginia, BA. 
Wcllsboro, Pennsylvania 

w ^^^ 

JoMCf / JUjuIaj , ^^ 

Lee J. Guo, D.O. 

Boston College, B.S. 
Boston, Massachusetts 

hi- ' 

Infinite gratitude to m}' family, my friends, and my 

mentors. I am here today because of > ou and I will get 

there tomorrow for you. Thank you all for your enduring 

support, endless inspiration , and timeless wisdom! 

"Medicine is a marathon, not a sprint" 


""The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away; may the 

name of the Lord be praised" 

-Job 1:21 


"Good judgment comes from experience. Experience 

comes from bad judgment." 

-J.M. MD 


"Know thyself"" 


w ^\ 


Dawn Marie H. Gurican, D.O. 

Saint Joseph's University, B.S. 
Mount Joy, Pennsylvania 

I can't believe how quickly these last four years have past. 1 am 

excited to say that my life as a student has finally ended while 

my medical career has finally begun. 

First and foremost I would like to thank my family. 
Throughout these years you have sacrificed so much to help me 
achieve my dreams. You were always there for me through the 
application processes, interviews, board examinations, endless 
studying and moving countless times. I wouldn't be where I am 

today if it weren't for your infinite love, support, 

encouragement and prayers. I know that you are very proud of 

me and I hope to continue making you proud as 1 embark on 

my medical career. 

I also have to acknowledge my friends who throughout medical 

school have always been there to listen to me, to spend time 

with me and take me out of the medical school state of mind. I 

hope that we continue to always be there for each other. I love 

you all so much and cherish the time we have together. 

oOq^ f%^ fJ.(Qwuc.rKP^- 

|P \^h 

Staccy G. Hackctt, D,0. 

Miami University, BJV. 

Philadelphia College Of Osteopathic Medicine, M.S. 

Chesterland, Ohio 

Someone once told me that the only people who will always be there 

no matter what are your family. I caimot emphasize enough just how 

much my family has been there for me. 

Mom, Dad. Ash. Bry, & Danny: you have been so tremendously 

supportive of me through this life-changing endea\or called medical 

school. You are indeed my biggest supporters. It is impossible to 

express how grateful I am for you. ..I cannot thank you enough. 

Thank you for everything - for your endless encouragement, pep 

talks, shoulders for me to lean on. ears to listen to my oh-so-long 
stories, and jokes to make me laugh. Making it through this w ould 

simply not have been possible without you. I love you so much! 

To my amazing friends at PCOM: the time has tlown by so 
quickly...! can't believe we're DONE!!! This roller coaster of a ride 
has been SO much more fun and bearable with you. We had Couch 
Tomato. Starbucks and Friends to get us through, and of course we 
had each other. I am so blessed to ha\e had the opportunitv- to meet 
such wonderful people and form friendships that I know will last a 
lifetime. I will miss you. but we w ill be keeping in touch. 



*il ^ 

Richard T. Hale, D.O. 

The Pennsylvania State University, B.S 
State College, Pennsylvania 

The closing of one chapter only leaves us 
with excitement for what lies ahead in our 
yet unwritten future. As a class, similar to 

those before us, we have built a strong 

academic foundation at PCOM. Thanks to 

the PCOM community. I know we are more 

than qualified to continue as residents, 

fellows, and one day, as attendings. No 

matter where each of us will be in the years 

to come, I am more than proud to be a 
member of the Class of 2010. To my family 

and friends, thank you for all of your 

support, it has not gone unnoticed over the 

past four years. Good luck to everyone and 

never foraet our roots here at PCOM! 

@ l^r/fJ^, 



/ '"^ 


Jennifer E. Hanson, D,0. 

Saint Joseph's University, B.S. 
Cheshire, Connecticut 

Congratulations Class of 2010! 

Mom and Dad: Thank you for all of your 

encouragement. I couldn't have made it this far 

without your love and support. I hope I've made you 

proud. I love you so much. 

Ryan: I feel so blessed to have you in my life. The 

day I met you was the day I met my best friend. You 

have been so supportive and understanding. I can't 

wait to see what the future holds for us. 

Sep: Thank you for being such a great friend over the 

past 8 years! You never let me forget life beyond 
medical school and for that. I will always be grateful. 

My PCOM Friends: We made it! 1 never thought 

medical school could be so much fun. 1 couldn't have 

done it without you by my side. 1 wish you all the 


.- "^< ^ . t . ^ ^i««— < /y^L 


Misha HarreU, D.O. 

North Carolina State, B.S. 
Wilmington, North Carolina 

Nate Hcmerly, D.O. 

Drcxcl University, B.S. 
New Tripoli, Pennsylvania 

I'd like to thank all the people who made my journey 

through college and medical school possible. My 

parents were always there for me when I needed them. 

Melissa, my fiance, provided the breath of fresh air I 

needed when the bubble that is medical school started to 

close in around me. I thought of her smile when I 

started to feel the stress and everything became fine 

again. Dr. Fogel and other faculty members provided 

me with the knowledge I needed to succeed during 3rd 

and 4th years. 

My message to my classmates is to never forget where 

you came from. Whether you're a Penn State or Penn 

graduate, or you're from New Tripoli or New York City, 

be proud of who you are and remember that your actions 

influence people's perceptions of more people than just 

you. Make everyone in your life look good by 

succeeding with character. 

One last piece of business... Go Eagles, Drexel Dragons, 
Dale Earnhardt, Jr., Phillies, and Flyers. 



Joesph Hcrres, D.O. 

Saint Joseph's University, B.S. 
Wcllsboro, Pennsylvania 

To my Wife, Joanna, thank you for all the love, 

encouragement, and support. Without you, I would 

never have made it this far. We are a great team! 

To my Son, may you always follow your passions and 

never be discouraged, your Mother and I will always be 

there for you. 

To my Family, thank you for always believing in me 

and teaching me the value of hard work. I love you 

guys very much. 

To my Colleagues, may we all strive to remember what 
a privilege this profession is. 

If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it 

well enough. 

-Albert Einstein 


Christopher T. Higgins, D.O, 

DeSales University, B.S., B.S. 
Schnccksville, Pennsylvania 

To my family: Mom and Dad - you have always wanted the best for 

your children. Thank you for all of your hard work, dedication, 

support and sacrifice that got me to the position I am in now. I will 

strive to do my best knowing you made it possible for me. I love you. 

Scott - though we have had some sibling rivalry when we were 

younger, I believe we have become the best of friends since then. 

Thanks for everything and I wish you and AnnMarie the best in life 

and love as well as all your future endeavors. 

To my friends (that's you Class of 2010): Though we have seen some 
lows throughout our four years together, we have seen even more 
highs and I couldn't think of a better group to go through it all with. 
Go forth and take everything we learned and become as a class and 
spread it to everyone you meet because I believe the world will be a 
better place because of it. Never lose touch with each other though 
because although we have changed so much over these four years I 
can't wait to see what the future has in store for us. Later gators but 
don't be strangers!! ;>) 

"Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened." 
-Dr. Seuss 

Cku^a^ m^, D- 0. 


Phuong Thi Hoang, D.O. 

Muhlenberg College, B.S. 
Allentown, Pennsylvania 

Dear Lord, thank you loi dlwci\s watching over my entire 

family and blessing us with so many gifts. I know that I 

would not be here without your unconditional love, strength. 

and faith. Thank you for sending your angels to help me 

through difficult times, especially my family. Mamina 

Shelkin, Lee Guo, Georgia Fliakos. Nea Hargrove, and Susan 


Dear Mom and Dad, I love you both so much for being 

so supportive, loving, and giving me everything that I need 

even in times of poverty. Thank you for raising me to be a 

strong and independent woman. Thank you for always 

believing in me. especially when I think that I can't. Without 

you, I would not he here. I love you. Mom and Dad!!!!! 

Dearest Nick. I love you endlessly! You have shown me 

the true meaning of love. I am so blessed to have you and 

your family in my life. Thank you for your unconditional 

love and support. You are the only person who can make me 

smile when no one else can. I am counting down the days to 

May 29, 2010, when we will be married in front of our 

families and friends. I promise to love, respect, honor, and he 

faithful to you. I can't imagine life without you! 






1 sm. 

Susan Marie Holcncik, D.O. 

Bucknell University, B.S. 
Ramey, Pennsylvania 

To My Family: It is througli your endless love, numerous prayers, and 

unrelenting support that I have made my dreams come true! Through 

the hours of studying, seemingly infinite nights on-call. and dreaded 

board exams, it was thoughts of each of you that propelled me through 

every challenge. For giving me a moral foundation to stand on. for 

listening to me whine, for cultivating my sense of humor, and for 

simply being the people I love most in this world. I am now, and will 

always be, eternally grateful! 

To My Friends: As our journey together comes to a close, it is with 
much love and my unrelenting enthusiasm that I want to say "Thank 
You"!!! Thank you for allowing me into your lives to take this ride 
with you. Thank you for being some of the most intelligent, sincere, 
and caring people I have ever known. Thank you for being a shoulder 
to cry on and a buddy to laugh with. Most importantly, thank you for 

laughing at my stupid jokes. From hulk hands, to numerous meat 

festivals and luaus, to post-exam retail therapy, to 32 foot extension 

ladders, to lunches out that lasted until dinner, you are the crew who 

made these last four years the experience of a lifetime! 

God Bless! 
-Susan. Suz. Susie. Sue. Doodie 

^,^C*^*^ ^ 



Kevin S. HoUick, D.O. 

York College Of Pennsylvania, B.S. 
York, Pennsylvania 

Thank you Mom and Dad for 

being so understanding and 

patient. That goes for Pap and 

Weezy too. Thank you my dear 

wife, Lori. I couldn't have done it 

without your love, support, and 

sacrifice. We're almost there, just 

a little more to go. 

With all my heart, 

Robert J. Horn, D.O, 

Villanova University, B.S. 

Bryan K. Houseman, D.O. 

Northeastern University, B.S. 
Chattanooga, Tennessee 

The amount of gratitude I have for those that have supported me over 

the years is truly immeasurable. The hard work and countless hours of 

stress, growth, laughter, and tears have only opened the door to a life 

of service. 

Jessica, you have gone through so much with me over these years 
that I thank you for putting up with my schedule, my volatile moods, 
and keeping our house one step away from a circus. I look forward to 
the journey together that this process brings. 

Mom and Dad, really all I have to say is thank you. Thank you for 
working so hard to raise me in his image, teaching me right from 
wrong, and never allowing me to give up no matter how high the 
obstacle. I will forever be indebted. 

Brothers, Sister, The Lehman's, and The Nadeau's yall have been 
so helpful in supporting me through your actions of generosity and 
words of inspiration. This is just the beginning of a life we can all 

To my colleagues, I wish yall all the best and hope that we can all 
make a difference to those who seek our skills. 

What a ride. 


, Do 


^^^^He ,'■1^1/20081 

Courtney Huston Chellew, D.O. 

The College Of New Jersey, BJV. 
Vineland, New Jersey 

To My Family: Thank you from the bottom of my 

heart for everything that you are to me and 

everything you helped me to become. Without 

your love and support so many things in my life 

would not have been possible. My love for you is 

beyond words. 

To My Husband: You are my hero through and 

through. Everything a hero should be to a person 

you have been for me. You inspired me when I 

felt discouraged. You congratulated me when I 

triumphed. You took me on wonderous 

adventures. You held me in your arms when I was 

broken. Your love helped make all my dreams 

come true. 

To the Class of 2010: Best of Luck! Thanks for 
the all the laughs and support! We did it!!! 

p«w/ckA4j 7liL6-frr>"^'lAo Jo 


Alexandra Isakova, D.O. 

State University Of New York At Binghamton, B,S. 

Drcxel University, M.B.S. 

Brooklyn, New York 

The path that has led me here has been slippen and torturous pa\ ed with cobblestones of 

friends, adhered with cement of family and Hned by pillars of love and hope, transgressing 

a bouquet of places at home and abroad. My dreams of becoming an artist, actress, writer 

have been surpassed by my undying passion and desire for medicine - an obstinate 

fascination and an eloquent determination that defied al! obstacles since childhood. 

Thank you to my family for their patience of dealing with the unknown and blind support 
(which frequently came in forms of food stuffing mine and my friends' fridges,..). 

I think everyone of you(classmales) have touched me in a kind way. We've shared at least 

one moment together that has been imprinted in my memory. Thank you Scott for being an 

amazing friend and my partner in crime all over the US with COSGP and our trips to 

Nardi's!!! in LBI(thanx to Demetri of course ). Thanx Gil for our unique and crazy 

friendship. T^anx Nina for being my bestie! we've had amazing times together and I can 

share anything with you. Thank you Brandon. Brandan. and Gil for letting my crash at your 

place randomly for an entire year, thank you for all those that have given me rides at the 

end of my first year when my car died! Casey, you'll always justify my adventures! My 

spin partners in crime: Alissa, Misha, Serena, and Anne I miss our gid "shouts" in the gym, 

Kush -OMM partner 4ever. 

Thank you Sasha for your neverending friendship, your love and kindness-1 love you.Thank you to my 
Drexel peeps -Jillian, Jen, Halez. Kim, Erika, Adam, for helping me gel lo this place now., Sarah. Hetal. 
and Em you are my outlets lo the world, Kahner- you've made me feel that Philly was my home. Dima. 
you have been a Drexel and PCOM groupie and you are ihe mosl awesome and reliable friend anyone can 

ask for. Susan-we will always have India and much more crazincss to keep our minds in check. Eyal 

(whose shoulder I can always cry on) Jenny. Slava, Rich and Igor thanx for visualizing my dreams before 

I can even comprehend ihem. Al'ka. thanx for shedding light onto my toughest thoughts throughout these 

years. Hugs to my Binghamton crew for remmding mc that medicine is nol all, 

Olu. Lee. Kim, Chris and Jen-this book would nol be what it is without you. 

^ ,P0 

Aradhana Singh Ishwar, D.O. 

Indian Institute Of Technology - Bombay, B.S., M.S. 
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

Ankush K. Jain, D.O. 

University Of Maryland - Baltimore County, B.S. 
Gaithersburg, Maryland 

Life never seems to work out exactly 

like you've planned, but that's life. 

Never quit. Always keep your head up, 

the right attitude will take you further in 


Thank you to my family for all of their 
hard work and dedication to get me here. 

Thank you to my friends for teaching 

me to enjoy the journey while 1 am here. 

Thank YOU for giving me the 

f <s4 


KeUy Jo Janke, D.O, 

Messiah College, B.S.N. 
Denver, Pennsylvania 

My first visit to PCOM was the same da> that m> husband and I 

announced to our families that we were expecting our first baby. That 

year was marked by many transitions- my daughter OHvia joined the 

family, we all moved to Philadelphia, my husband got a new job, and I 

began medical school. During my first semester, 2010 seemed so far 

away. Now, four short years later, I'm writing the yearbook page to 

mark my graduation. The tiny baby who crawled around campus 

during our white coat ceremony is now four years old. and our family 

expanded during these years, welcoming our son Benjamin in my 

second year. 

It may seem strange that I should detail all these family milestones 
when reflecting on school. However, my family has been the influence 
that kept me grounded and balanced throughout the trials of medical 
school. My priorities center first on my faith in God to guide me, then 
secondly on my family, with my education and career coming in third. 
So, it is only natural that I offer thanks to the deserving people in my 
life. I thank God every day for the blessings he has given me. I thank 
my husband Bryan for his endless patience and support in helping me 
to fulfill my dreams. I would not be graduating without his help. My 
parents Bruce and Denise deserve many thanks for their love, support. 

and last minute babysitting. Fm also grateful to Dana, Tim. Carrie. 

Mom, Mama and Papa, and the Janke family for their undying support. 

I have a long road ahead of me but look forward to what the future 


ICu^U^jy^ (y^^-^^^^^ 


Benny Johnson, D.O. 

Villanova University, B.S. 
Olney-North Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

I would just like to thank my Lord and 
Savior Jesus Christ, without Him and 
His sacrifice for me on the cross, none 
of this would even matter. I also want to 
thank my Dad, my Mom, Binu, Beena, 
Roy, Baby Kayla and Lij. Without you 

all, this road would have been 
impossible to travel. I am so thankful 
for all your support, prayers and love 
over the years. Thank you for always 
encouraging me and strengthening me 
through every exam, practical and 
rotation. I would not be where I am 
today if it was not for each one of you. 

@ 3y9^^-'^ 


Courtney L. Jones, D.O. 

Juniata College, B.S. 
Portage, Pennsylvania 

To my family: Thank you for believing in me. As a 

child, and even now, you have given me every 

opportunity to achieve my goals. Thank you for your 

endless love and support. I am truly thankful to have 

such a wonderful family. 

To Ricky: You have been by my side through the 

worst and best of times. You have always 

encouraged me and made me a better person even 

though my approach to medicine and my career has 

often cost us personal time. I thank you for making 

me smile, even when I was most stressed, and I love 

you for that. I look forward to all that we have in 

store for the future. 

To my PCOM friends: Thanks for all of the good 

times and the great memories. Good luck in all of 

your future endeavors! 

Ycwah Jung, D.O. 

University Of Scranton, B.S. 

University Of Medicine & Dentistry 

Of Newr Jersey, M.P.H. 

FactoryviUe, Pennsylvania 

To my family: 
Dadd\ : I'm proud to call one of the greatest physicians I have ever known, my 

father. I think of you every day. 
Sunah. Jinah. and Miah: I wouldn't be who I am today without you. mommy 

and daddy. 1 thank God every day for being your baby sister. 
Matty and Sammy: Being your emo has made me so happy. Don't grow up too 


Mommy; 'Vou're the most amazing and beautiful person I know. Thank you for 

your example, the sacrifices you have made so that I could get to where 1 am, 

and most of all for loving me. I love you up to the sky! 

To my friends: 

Scranton U and Jersey friends: Despite my craziness during med school, you 

have always been my biggest cheerleaders. Thank you for believing in me. 

Thanusha: Simply, you're the best friend 1 could ever ask for! 

Micah: You're one of my oldest friends and have seen me through pretty much 

everything. Can't wait to see what else the world holds for us! 

...PCOM friends: The past four years have been a rollercoaster, but I wouldn't 

give up it up for the world because of the relationships I made and experiences 

I've had. You've seen me through thick and thin and at my worst and best. 

These are the memories I'm going to carry with me my whole life! Love you 


To God: For blessing me with an awesome life! 

"The LORD is my strength and my shield: my hean trusts in him, and 1 am 

helped. My heart leaps for joy and I will give thanks to Him in song." (Psalm 








^^B ^4 

ljl 1 


^^^^H '*' ^"^^j 



Monica Kanal, D.O. 

The CoUege Of WilUam & Mary, B.S. 

Drexel University, M.P.H 

Front Royal, Virgnia 

Mom, Dad. and Pami: thank you for your guidance and 

support in helping me to achieve my dreams! Your 

example of hard work and dedication continues to 

motivate me to think positively and keep working until 

I've reached my goal. I love you! Kelly: thanks for the 

late night phone calls of encouragement, the long trips to 

see me and cheer me up. and all the laughter. You're the 

best I could ask for. JL: you've been my best friend these 

past four years. Here's to dinner parties, adventures 

around Philly. over the phone boards reviews, and 

finishing each others" sentences (even after two months 

apart!). DD: here's to girls' nights and OMM practice 

sessions. AR: you were my first PCOM friend; we made 

it! I'll miss our runs on Kelly Drive and our coffee 

meetings that ended up as two hour con\'ersations in your 

car when you were dropping me off. DK: you've always 

been there to mellow me out — don't go too far away! I'll 

miss our nights out and having you as my temporary 

housemate. To all my other friends, thanks for the 






Dcmctri Karanzalis, D.O. 

Rutgers University, B.S. 
Moorestown, Pennsylvania 

I want to take this opportunity to express my gratitude 

to those who helped me make if through the 

formidable journey of becoming a physician. The 

guidance and encouragement I received undoubtedly 

helped me endure the tough times and relish the good. 

Needless to say the emotional and physical support 

provided by friends and family has placed me in a 

debt that cannot be repaid with material possessions. 

The guidance I was provided with was driven by love 

and the genuine desire to help an individual succeed. 

Support of this nature is ultimately priceless and hard 

to find. It is for these reasons that I want to dedicate 

this accomplishment to everyone who stood by my 

side along the way. Everyone deserves to celebrate 

for 1 could not have made it to the end alone. 



I ou 

JeA 4o Sa.-( g j> L.J ^^or A^ ^i/ /'^'^ 

"O rrxoTC' 


nr.T. L o ok u r 



0^ C Kr e dc\rA gT/\ .^^-Vi^'fe jO^^^ [ (c y( 


'bc \f\!;i 


Kn ucJ 

n ^. 5ge;(Vl x/ryt VSoy^ , hfr r A ^jfi^^ Wl^V 

01^ C c V\ do / i~ 



yfh< f\[ j 


oUeJ-QW ^AVj.W t^^j /^(^nrf^ 

Theresa J. Kaufman, D,0. 

The Pennsylvania State University, B.S. 
Elkins Park, Pennsylvania 

Diana MicheUe KeUy, D.O. 

University Of Maryland - College Park, B.S. 
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

Mom and Dad: 

Thanks so much for the love, encouragement, and support! 

I've always believed 1 could accomplish anything 1 set out to 

do and I owe a lot of that to you both believing it, too! 1 love 

you guys! 

Jason, Matt, Heather, and Charlie (aka my basement buddy): 
Thanks for being a great support 1 know 1 can always lean 

Med School Gang; 

Thanks for all the laughter and memories! Precious, you're 

the girl 1 could always depend on whether 1 needed a good 

laugh, a good cry, or just a good ear. Monica, you'll always 

be one of my favorite people. Thanks for all the random 

moments, especially the late night adventure through the 

maze of Lincoln Green! Gracie, it's been a joy experiencing 

medical school with you. Stevo, I'll always think of you 

when 1 think of the pancreas. Good luck everyone! 

^ca^ /^ /:M , <hO 


Benjamin M, Keyset, D,0, 

Bucknell University, B A. 
Lancaster, Pennsylvania 

Jiyoon Kim, D.O. 

University Of Pennsylvania, BJV. 

Drexel University, M.M.S. 

Andreas, Pennsylvania 

To my family, thanks for all of your support, 
love and encouragement during the past four 

years. To the friends I've made here at 

school, thanks for being a part of my life, it 

was fun studying and hanging out with you 

guys. I look forward to future trips to the 

casinos and winning our money back. 

Remember to always bet on black. 


^^-;r^^U^ , bo 

Justin Thomas Koch, D.O. 

FrankUn & MarshaU CoUege, BA. 
Schuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania 

Chadd Kenneth Kraus, D.O. 

Loyola College Of Maryland, B JV. 

Johns Hopkins University, M.P.H, Dr.P.H 

Saint Marys, Pennsylvania 

"We are here to add what we can to Hfe. not to get what we can from 

life... The practice of medicine is an art. not a trade: a calling, not a 

business; a calling in which your heart will be exercised equally with 

your head. Often the best part of your work will have nothing to do 

with potions and powders, but with the exercise of an influence of the 

strong upon the weak, of the righteous upon the wicked, of the wise 

upon the foolish. Obser\'e. record, tabulate, and communicate. Use 

your five senses. Learn to see. learn to hear, learn to feel, learn to 

smell, and know that by practice alone you can become expert."" 

William Osier. MD (1849-1919) 

TTiank you . . . 

To Kristin, your unwavering love, patience, and support, give me 

To Mom and Dad. Bradley. Damian. Vanessa. Lynette. and the rest of 

my family, your example instills in me a love of learning and an 
unparalleled work ethic, both to be used in the service of those in need: 

To my friends, your understanding, humor, and encouragement 
refresh me: 

To my many teachers and mentors. I see further by standing on your 

Maria Theresa S. Kurtz, D.O. 

Kansas State University, B.S. 
Military (U.S. Army) 

To my Lord, my Savior, my Counselor, my Friend - Thank you for the abundance 

of blessings you have graciously provided me throughout my life, for being my 

Rock during the challenges, and the Footprints when I needed you the most 

To m\ awesome husband, Dan - Thank you for your undying love and support as I 

cany out my dreams, for never making me feel guilt\' for spending more time with 

mv books than with you, for making life lighter and easier for me. I cannot imagine 

going through this journey called life without you. Love you! 

To Mora. Dad. Jr.. MJ - You have been my biggest supporters and cheerleaders 

since my joumey began with my first breath... and for this I thank you. Miss you! 

Love you! 

To the Shin's. Gamil's, Kurtz's. Dickson's - Thank you all for your love. 
encouragement, and prayers. 

To my friends and collegues (near and far) - Thank you for the memories, both 

laughter and tears alike. For the game nights, the potlucks. the karaoke nights, the 

all-nighters frill of delirious moments & episodes of insanit>', the birthday parties. 

the after parties, the dinner/lunch/breakfast/snack dales, for the memories at the lake 

house, on the slopes, and during the trips out-of-town and out-of-state. These 

memories have helped forge lifelong friendships during the toughest and best of 

times. I look forward to many more crazy limes together. 

My favorite verse, which has proved itself to be true a thousand times over : 

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all 

your ways acknowledge him. and he will make yoiu" paths straight." 

- Proverbs 3:5.6 



Joseph William Kusick, D.O. 

The Pennsylvania State University, B.S. 
Chicora, Pennsylvania 

To my family: I will never be able to thank you enough for 

your endless support. Through my years at Penn State and at 

P.C.O.M. you never questioned my decisions and were always 

there for me regardless of the circumstance. I don't know if I 

would be where I am today had I not been brought up in an 

environment with amazing role models in my parents, 

grandparents, sister, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Each and every 

one of you offered me an example of how truly powerful hard 

work and dedication can be. The fact that I am now walking 

across the stage to become a doctor is a testament to that very 

statement. Thank you all so much. 

To my friends: Regardless of how cliche it may be to say, it is 

true that I can't believe our four years have come to an end. 

We've had our rough times, but they were certainly 

outnumbered by the great ones. I wouldn't have gone through 

it with anyone else. I've learned so much from each of you, 

and can't imagine if I hadn't met you all. I look forward to 

spending time with you all in the future. 

Best of luck and God bless. 

^^^UJ^ DO 


Casey Elizabeth Lafferty, D.O. 

Rosemont College, BJV. 
Gloucester City, New Jersey 

"We are all inventors, each sailing out on a voyage of discovery, guided 

each by a private chart, of which there is no duplicate. The world is all 

gates, all opportunities." Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Classmates: Four years ago I never would have fathomed what an 
interesting experience PCOM has been. The twists and turns, the ups and 
downs of this rollercoaster ride have only strengthened and given us the 
tools to become the excellent physicians we are today. Thank you for the 
great memories and friendships that I will cherish throughout the \'ears to 

Dearest friends: I want to express my deepest appreciation for supporting 

me over the years. You were most flexible with your schedules and 
always tried to squeeze some time in when I was finally done with a big 
exam or a clerkship. You've seen me at my best, my worst, and my 
craziest yet still welcome me with open arms, accepting who I am and 
what I do without question. For that, 1 thank you once again and love 

To my family: Thank you so much for dealing with the trials and 

tribulations of medical school. You have always supported me 

throughout everything from moments when I thought I would never get 

through classes to Match Day when I called \'0u ecstatic over my 

placement at NAS Jacksonville. Thank you for understanding the 

moments when 1 could not be around. You truly helped me through these 

past four years and I don't think I would have made it without you. I 

lo\'e vou so ver\' much. 

Ashley M. Lakin, D.O. 

Dickinson College, BJV. 
Bowie, Maryland 

To my parents: Thank you. for the innumerable intangibles. You were m\ 

earliest teachers. It has been easy to reach for the stars, you are my footing. 1 

love you. 

To my sister: Happiness is being your big sister. You have been with me for 

every step of this journey; taking exams, seeing patients, catching babies. 

None of it would have meaning without you to share it with. I am so proud 

of you. 

To my (brand spankin' new) husband; It is as if we have always been us. 

Thank you for four years of Sundays (and making it so worthwhile to be 

productive on the other six days). I love you, and hope to hug on you for 

many years to come. Here's to the start of a great adventure. 

I play it cool 

And dig all jive 

That's the reason I stay alive. 

My motto. 

As I live and learn, is: 

Dig And Be Dug 

In Return. 

- Langston Hughes 

JLUmM^oK vo 

f <r 

Nicholas J, Lanciano, D.O. 

Saint Francis University, B.S. 
Reading, Pennsylvania 

The road has been long and difficuh. but with all the 

enthusiasm followed by sleepless nights, the joy and the 

frustration, I am about to end one chapter in my life and begin 

another. I would not have made it this far had it not been for 

the love and support of my friends, family, in-laws, and parents. 

They have given me motivation, encouragement, but most of 

all, whenever times got tough, they were simply there for me. 

But for all that I have accomplished, I have only made it this far 

because of my wife, Mehssa. She has been my guiding light 

and inspiration during the toughest times of my life. During 

times of celebration, she has been beside me without asking for 

gratitude or acknowledgement. She has given, without 
knowing what was going to be asked of her, and she has put her 

own needs aside, so that I may pursue my own dreams. 

Everything that I have learned, all the people that I helped, and 

all the people that I will be able to help in the future is because 

of her. I am forever grateful for the love and generosity that she 

has given me. So to my friends, family, in-laws, parents, but 

most of all Melissa, thank you very much for ever>'thing you 

have done. To Melissa, thank you for this wonderful, yet 
unique, journey and all that you have given me. I love you!! 



Joesph A. Laurcti, HI, D.O. 

The Pennsylvania State University, B.S. 
Shenandoah, Pennsylvania 

There were times during the last four years when it 

seemed like graduating would never come. 

However, we all have made it! I thank God and my 

family for helping me to get to this point. Without 

their support I would never have come close to 

making it to where I am today. Their support, 

guidance, and patience when listening to me 

complaining were invaluable to my success. 

To my grandparents who always told everyone. "I 

have a grandson going to be a doctor"...! am now 

that doctor. 

I enjoyed all of the good times with good friends 

during the last four years. I hope everyone keeps in 


I wish everyone the best of luck with all of their 
future endeavors! 

f ^7^ 


Janet Sallit Laflouf, D.O. 

Cedar Crest College, B.S. 
V AllentowTJ, Pennsylvania 

A dream is defined many ways: a condition or achie\enient that is 
longed for. a strongly desired goal or purpose, a state of mind marked 
by abstraction or release from reality. Four years later. m>- dream has 
become my reality. 

To m\ famih'. I would like to say that I would not ha\e been able to 

persist through medical school, the most challenging years of my life. 

without you. I owe all of my success to you for sticking by my side 

through the tribulations of medical school. Thank you Tony, my loving 

and loved husband. Dad and mom. Fayssal and Siham Sallit. you are 

simph' amazing. My sisters and brother. Joanne. John. Jennifer. 

Jehane, Liza, and my nieces and nephew Jazmin. Dalya. ,\va. Emma. 

and Jad- you were all truly supportive. And little Zain. ever\^ time I 

was down you kicked me right back up! Of course, above all I have to 

thank God. 

To my crazy group of girlfriends who motivated me to the end, 

.Audrey, Denise. Nilu, Char, Carla, Robyn, and Erin - love you guys! 

Without my hardcore study sessions, like my one- on-ones with Olga, 

and mnemonic night with Audrey and Denise. I don't know if I 

would've excelled as I did. 

Lastly, and most importantlv . I want to dedicate this page to the n.vo 

most important men in my life, who were the driving force in both m% 

decision to go to medical school and my achie\ements throughout: my 

husband and my father - thank \ ou and I lov e \ ou! 

Shayna Lcmkc, D.O. 

Purdue University, B J\.. 

Montana State University, M.S. 

Wausau, Wisconsin 

Now that I have achieved my goal there are some very special people 

that I would like to thank. First and foremost, I would like to thank 

my parents for all of their support and encouragement throughout my 

many years of school. Mom and dad. you have taught me how to love. 

laugh and live, but more importantly you have taught me to believe in 

myself, and that with hard work and dedication. I can achieve any goal 

that I set. Next, I would like to thank my siblings for all of their lo\ c 

and support over the years. Brea, my sister and my best friend, thank 

you for all of the big sister advice and endless conversations. Shem, 

thank you for keeping me humble and setting me straight but more 

importantly, giving our family the gift of laughter. Shad, thank you for 

all of your life lessons and exposing me to so many new things. 
Kasey, thank you for being my "go to man", it is wonderful to have a 

brother who will get any job done for you. I am very lucky to be 

surrounded by such amazing individuals and I would not be where 1 

am today if it were not for all of you. Last, but not least I would like 

to thank Spud. Thank you for being my advocate and traveling on iliis 

journey with me. I am ver\' lucky to have you in my life. 

"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path 
and leave a trail." 

-Ralph Waldo Emerson 

® ^CK^K^d^- bo *' 

Joleen Nadine Liburd, D.O, 

Cornell University, B.S. 
Queens, New York & Nevis, West Indies 


In Retrospect, it was all worth it and we desene it. 

Though it was more than rough and we went through so much. 

We stayed tough and we made it. 

In retrospect the times that we cried and we screamed. 

To simply let off some steam, all in realization of the dream. . . 

we made it. 

In retrospect I wasn't that hard, we went hard and we laughed hard 

From the very start to the end; we did not bend and we made it. 

In retrospect we conquered this journey with ease 

Nicole. Anita. Rob\'n. Stephanie. Shaila. Veronica. Moji and Marie 

You ladies will truly ne\er know how much you mean to me 

.•\udre\- and Kelh' our ""IMs" were the place to be. 

To m> mama and my sister and friends outside of school: 

Just know you kept me sane too. for all of you 

.\nd those not mentioned; know I wouldn't have made it without you. 

In Retrospect I am stronger and I am with an elite group that made it! 

I thank God that I made it 

- Joleen Liburd 

MjiA<.)f.Xhuh£i, DO 


Catherine A. Liebman, D.O. 

Gouchcr College, BJV. 
Williamsport, Pennsylvania 

To my friends and family thank you for 

teaching me to keep my path in perspective. 

Your varied passions have helped me to be 

faithful to my beliefs and goals, I'm grateful 

to you for adding color and stability to my 

life. And to Jason, you are an inspiration to 

me as well as a partner. I can't wait to see 

what adventures lie ahead for us! 

"I start out on this journey alone, with no 

compass except my reason, and if I fail, no 

one will suffer for the trip excepting myself." 

~ A.T. Still 

Nicholas Wayne Ligato, D.O. 

University Of Chicago, B.A. 

Tulane University, M.S. 
West Chester, Pennsylvania 

I would like to take this opportunity to 

thank my family, friends, and teachers for 

helping me to achieve my long standing 

goal of becoming a physician. The 

journey has been extensive and filled with 

many challenges that I was able to 

overcome with your support. I look 

forward to your continued encouragement 

as I move into residency and my 

forthcoming career. I have high 

expectations for the future and hope to 

continual make you all proud. 


Heidi L. Long, D.O. 

The Pennsylvania State University, B.S. 

Michigan State University, M.S. 

Philadelphia College Of Osteopathic Medicine, 

Certificate in Biomedical Sciences 

Chambersburg, Pennsylvania 

\\ hai an atiuzing journey the lasi several yeai^ have been. Toda> and forever I want to 
send my sinceresi THANKS AND LOVE. 

Scott- You have been there every step of the way and I am so grateful for your love and 

never ending encouragement. I am so fortunate to share my life with such a loving and 

caring person who is my soul mate and best friend. Thank you with all my heart for 

showing me true love and always believing in my end goals. 1 love you! 

Mom- To an amazing woman who I admire more than anyone in this world; you are my 

real life hero. Thank you for showing me what true courage and love is all about. Your 

big heart and compassion to help others makes you so special and 1 feel very blessed to 

have you as my mom. 

Granny and Pap- You are two people I care for deeply and I want to thank you for the 
wonderful smiles, love, and memories you've given me. P.S. I miss you. 

Friends- Diana. I respect you dearly and am so happy to have you in my life, thank you for 

always believing in me. My best friends (Joy. Alicia, and Brittany), you ladies are like 

sisters, a true inspiration and I can't thank you enough for your support, love, and 


Best wishes to all my classmates and future colleagues. May your future be filled with 
continued success, love, and wonderful memories. 

••LIVE.. your life to the fullest. LAUGH. ..each and everyday. LOVE. ..with all of your 

"You treat a disease, you win. you lose. You treat a person; I guarantee you win. no matter 
what the outcome" (Patch Adams). 


f 1/ 

Ibdo ^. (jpM. ,D.o 

Victor Longo HI, D.O. 

DeSales University, B,S., M.S. 
Center Valley, Pennsylvania 

I would like to thank my beautiful, loving wife for all of her support 

and confidence in me these past four years. I could not have done it 

without you. Angela, you mean the world to me, I love you. I will 

never forget what you have done for me. 

To my parents, my success has been possible through all of your love 

and support. I could not have asked for more caring and thoughtful 


Dan, what can I say, you always believed in me and never had any 

doubts that I would be successful in this endeavor. You are an 

amazing person, one whom I have looked up to for courage and 

perseverance. You have grown so much as a person, and I want you to 

know you can accomplish anything you put your mind to. 

Lou, you have been a great friend through all of this. I cannot thank 

you enough for your time and support over these past four years. You 

were always there when Angela and I needed you, thanks for 


To all my friends and family, thank you for your incredible support. 

"To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the Gift." 
- Steve Prefontaine 

r <?^^2£ZE^.^ . 


Jennifer Anne Lorine, D.O. 

Gwynedd-Mercy College, B.S. 
Lower Gwynedd, Pennsylvania 

Timothy P. Lowney, Jr., D.O, 

Boston College, BJV. 
Boston, Massachusetts 

First and foremost, I would like to thank my 

courageous, kind and supportive wife; 

without whom I could never have realized 

this dream. I would like to thank my 

daughter Elizabeth, as well. She always puts 

a smile on my face. 

I would also like to thank my parents and the 

rest of my family for their love and support 

throughout the years. . . 

"If you aren't in over your head, how do you 

know how tall you are?" 

-T.S. Eliot 

• W 


Anne Maguirc, D.O. 

The Catholic University Of America, B.S. 
Mount Laurel, New Jersey 

To the Class of 2010: Congrats! Thanks for being 

wonderful classmates. Good luck in all of your 

future endeavors, I know each and every one of you 

will make fantastic doctors. 

To my friends: Thanks for always being there for 

me. You guys have made these past four years 

unforgettable. I know we will stay close even 

though we might be far away. 

To my family: Thank you for everything you have 

done for me to help me get to where I am today. I 

could not have asked for better parents. If I owe my 

degree to anyone, it's definitely you guys. Love you 


Gary: Thanks for supporting me through these four 

years. I don't know what I'd do without you. Love 


y\/nrvvuu ACo^JjvA^ ^.O. 



fcf^J ^i^^^^H 

Kevin William Maguirc, D.O, 

Lincoln University, B.S. 

Philadelphia College Of Osteopathic 

Medicine, M.S. 

New London, Pennsylvania 

A couple of grey hairs, an extra chin, a few more inches 

on the waist line and presto... Fm a doctor. To call it a 

journey would indeed provoke ideas that one has 

traversed the harshest deserts, vanquished the most 
unrelenting mountain tops, navigated the tempestuous 

seas, and soared through the mmultuous skies, and I 
believe that is a brief summation of Medical School. I 

can only begin to fathom the perils that lie in wait in 

residency, and I can only hope knowledge expands at a 

comparable rate to that of the universe. 

In order to respect the fuUire I wish to thank the past and 

to thank those who have helped me along the way for it 

takes a village to raise a child. Special thanks to my 

Mom who still claims me as her son, and to my fiance 

who still claims me as her one. To my Father who shines 

light on the dark ahead and who has given me the tools to 

construct my own future. 1 am grateful. 

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where 
there is no path and leave a trail - R. W. Emerson 


David M. Mahon, D.O. 

The Pennsylvania State University, BJV., B.S. 
Elkins Park, Pennsylvania 

I can't honestly sa\' that ten or e\ en five years ago I envisioned 

myself at this juncture. As the reality of our collective 

accomplishment sets in, I think back on what I have gained 

over these past four years beyond just knowledge of facts- 

certainly new friendships and character-building experiences. 

but especially meeting someone who I want to spend the rest of 

my life with. V, 1 am so lucky to have had you by my side 

throughout this process. Your constant love and support have 

helped me to be the person I am today. Thank you. Mom, Dad. 

and Em- It seems like I have been down so many paths alread\ 

before I found the right one. Regardless of the circumstances. I 

knew I could count on \ou in all ways, every step of the way. 

Your unfaltering confidence in me inspired belief in myself that 

has allowed me to achieve my goals, and that is something I 

will be forever thankful for. I love you very^ much. I wish 

everyone future success and hope that we continue to find ways 

to give back. 

"Education is for improving the lives of others and for leaving 
your community and world better than you found it." 

"Never work just for money or for power. They won't save your 

soul or help you sleep at night." 

-Marian Wriaht Edelman 


9 iH 

Tara Kccfer Mangum, D.O. 

Messiah College, B.S. 
Mercersburg, Pennsylvania 

These past four years have brought many challenges and changes. Entering 
medical school, I had certain goals for my future and ideas of how to attain 
them. In the two didactic years, I clung to my first glimpse of what I would 
become, although I had to rapidly revise my methods. I needed to learn to 
study. Thankfully, I did so by my second year, just in time for boards and 

As I progressed through school, a myriad of self discoveries impacted my 
goals. Throughout this stress-filled period, I could always count on family and 
friends for support and laughter. From visiting me during breaks so I wouldn't 

have to travel, to grocery shopping with me while reviewing flashcards for 

boards, I knew where I could turn. My parents, sister, best friends and extended 

family became the sounding board I needed to realize my 'ideal career' was not 

for me. It is difficult to become a surgeon while detesting surgery. Through a 

great mentor and a fantastic pediatric e,\perience. I found my career in child 


During this period, I also encountered an unexpected romance with a good 

friend. However, just as the relationship developed, he deployed to Iraq for 

twelve months: his third tour in five years. My third >'ear was spent receiving 

calls at four a.m. while juggling core rotations and wedding plans. Again. I 

depended on friends and family. 

In the end. m\ fiance returned safely, our wedding was wonderful and I feel 

that I learned as much about myself as I did about medicine. Embarking on my 

profession. I know I will use this knowledge to better serx'e my patients. 


^b ^ 

Rebecca Donovan Margolis, D.O 

New York University, B JV. 
Huntington, New York 

My puzzle piece-thank you for 

your endless love, support and a 

lifetime of laughs 


1(tUco^ ,D. f/cu^^A^ , 'D.O 

Adam David Marish, D.O. 

University Of Pittsburgh, B.S. 

Philadelphia College Of Osteopathic 

Medicine, Certificate in Biomedical Sciences 

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 

Mom and Dad: Your love has been extraordinan-. I don't know where I'd be 

without you. but I do know that I'd be nowhere close to where I am now. 

Thanks for being there for me whenever I've needed it. . .1 couldn't have done 

this without your endless support. 

Grammy: I'll never get over losing you during medical school. I miss you very 
much and will continue to work hard with \ ou in my thoughts. 

Jason: You've given me the gift of Ska music, and it has brought me tons of joy 
throughout the years. I wouldn't listen to the Mighr\' Mighty BossToneS or 
play bass guitar without you and I can't imagine Hfe without either. . .thanks! 

Dr. Wertz: Thanks for helping save my life and for all of your guidance over all 
of these years. As I've said many times. I owe you. 

PCOM Buddies: Paul. Dave. Ashley. Victor. Justin. Nick. Scon. Steph. Frank. 

Rob. Jen, and the others whom I don't have room to name, it's been fun 

becoming a D.O. by your side... cheers! 

Peter, Ray, Egon, and Winston: The proton pack is not a toy. so don't cross the 
streams. . .it would be bad. Just like the Ghostbusters. I ain't afraid of no ghost! 

Toronto Blue Jays: 2010 WORLD SERIES CHAMPS? LET'S GO JAYS! 

Coming to PCOM was my dream and fulfilling that dream feels incredible. I 
couldn't be more thankful for this opportunity. 

JJ:^^'P. A^S^ ^^■ 


Krupa Daniel Mathew, D.O. 

Drcxel University, B.S. 
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

"TTiey that are whole need not a physician, but they that are 
sick." Mark 2:17 

We sought out medical training in the hopes of healing others. 
But we often times forget our own need for healing. 

"Our fear, when healed, becomes intuitive, empathetic 

compassion and sensitivity toward others. Our destructive 

anger, when healed, becomes a passion, a hunger and thirst for 

justice and righteousness. Our perfectionism, our compulsion 

to organize and dominate, when healed, becomes released. 

joyous power to build and create. Our intertia and our 

withdrawals, when healed, become increasing powers for peace 

and integrity. Our possessiveness. our jealousies, and our 

physical addictions, when healed, become growing released 

powers to become lovers and healers of the world around us." 

-Flora Slosson Wuellner 

Prayer, Stress and Our Inner Wounds 

To myself and my classmates at our graduation from medical 

students to physicians, I offer a prayer. I pray for our personal 

healing, that we may play our role in others' healing. 





Ashley McBrcarty-Hindson, D.O, 

Wilkes University, B.S. 
Hazleton, Pennsylvania 

As I sit here reflecting on thie last four years. I can't 
help but feel overwhelmed with gratitude, not only 
for having this opportunity, but also for having the 

love and support of my family and friends 

throughout it all. This has certainly been an exciting 

experience and now comes the time to turn the page 

and start a new chapter and I can't wait to see what 

lies ahead. 

All My Love, 



Keren Cecilia McCarthy, D.O. 

University Of Scranton, B.S., BA. 
Wyndmoor, Pennsylvania 

Dearest Mom. 

Thank you so verj' much for a lifetime of \o\t and support. You have 

raised me and guided me and you have always selflessly offered your 

whole heart to me. There is no other woman I admire more than you, 

for you are filled with hope, peace, beauty and joy and you are m\ 

rock and my role model. 

Jamie, my brother, my friend. 
I am so very proud of you. You have grown into a man 1 respect and 

trust. You have always believed in me and given me strength to 

believe in myself. You have filled my life with laughter and comfort 

and I look forward to many, many more years of celebration w ith \ ou. 


To m\ Family and Friends, abundant and wonderful. 

You have been the village that has raised me. Never have I felt alone 

or scared with you all standing beside me. Thank you from the bottom 

of my heart for the happiness you shared with me and the teachings 

you have offered along the way. I once read, "the world is a better 

place because of those who refuse to think they cannot fly." and many 

people have certainly helped me to find my wings as 1 have grown. 

■"Compassion is one of the principle things that make our lives 

meaningful. It is the source of all lasting happiness and joy. And it is 

the foundation of a good heart, the heart of one who acts out of desire 

to help others." -Dalai Lama 


Daniel Ray McCormack, D.O. 

Villanova University, B.S. 
Bloomington, Indiana 

I want to thank my parents Dan and Emma 

for being such a foundation of strength, 

courage, comfort and wisdom throughout 

my academic career. I want to thank my 

brothers Kevin and Ryan from whom I draw 

such powerful inspiration and sense of 

purpose. Without any of you I would not be 

where I am today, nor would I vow to 

continue achieving goals that exceed my 

own greatest expectations. I also want to 

thank the other members of my family and 

my friends that have always been there no 

matter what. Thank you so much for 
everything, I will forever be in your debt. 



Alison Rac McMaster, D.O. 

Dickinson College, B.S. 
New Oxford, Pennsylvania 

It's hard to believe that I am graduating from medical school. The past 
four years flew by and now I'm a doctor, which is an exciting and yet 
scary thought. But if I have learned anything during medical school. I 
have realized that my family and friends will always be here for me to 
help guide, support, and encourage me through anything. I have also 
learned many things about medicine, my patients, life, and myself in 
general. The experiences I encountered along the way helped me grow 
into the person I am today, but more importantly they have encouraged 
me to work hard and become the doctor I aspire to be. 

Throughout my rotations and medical school my patients ha\ e 
taught me so much about medicine and what it means to be a good 
doctor. The children remind me of how innocent we all once were and 
that no matter what they can always make you smile. The elderly ha\ e 

lived and sacrificed to make this world what it is today and one can 

learn so much by listening to them. There is no bigger joy than seeing 

a mother with her newborn baby and the love between them. From 

young to old, 1 enjoyed working with all my patients and 1 look 

forward to the great adventure of practicing family medicine and all 

the challenges and experiences it will bring, and most of all the new 

people 1 will meet along the way. 

The best way out is always through. 
- Robert Frost 

Alicia Renee Meadows, D.O. 

Boston University, BA. 
Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania 

Jeffre\" - \\"e ha\e endured so much more than medical school in the last four 

years. Thank \ou for not letting me quit, esen though I asked at least once a 

week and sometimes e\er\- da\'. There is no one that knows more about me 

than \ou. . .even me. E\er\' da\ I \\ ake up next to you is a dream come true and 

I can't wait to live the rest of our lo%e song. 

Mom - Where you lead. I will follow. There may be fancy cars and diamond 

rings but you know that they don't mean a thing. They all add up to nothing 

compared to you. Lo\e. \ our bab\' girl. 

Classmates - 1 can't think of a better group of people to become doctors. I am 

repeatedly amazed b\' \ our collective intelligence, compassion, and 

perse\erance. I want to congratulate you all from the bottom of m\ heart, you 

deserve it! 

Friends - 1 love how we can not see each other for months but when we finally 

get to talk it's as if we've never been apart. I am incredibly fortunate to have 

\ou all and 1 can't wait to experience the rest of life with you. 

My patients - even though you will never know it. you ha\ e changed my life. 

Every one of you taught me something important... and most of the time it 

wasn't about medicine. You have helped make me a good doctor and an even 

better human being. Sometimes I will remember one of you out of the blue and 

it brings a smile to m>- face. I am so deeply thankful that you have let me be a 

part of your lives. 

Robyn A. Medina, D.O. 

Albright CoUege, B.S. 

Philadelphia College Of Osteopathic 

Medicine, M.S. 

Elmont, NY 

Time has gone by so quickly I feel that if you 
blinked you missed it! So happy to be 
fulfilling a lifelong dream, and what better 
institution to graduate with a D.O. degree 
from but PCOM! I'd like to thank my family 
for their tireless support- My husband-Rick, 
Mom, Dad, Brother-Travis, Grandma, In- 
laws and all of my extended family. With 
your prayers, encouragement, and love I am 
where I am today. In a few months we will 
have a new addition to the family, our son, 
Soren Raul! We love him already. 
Congratulations to the Class of 2010! 

'M h^O., MS 

Matthew J. Meeker, D.O. 

Ursinus College, B.S. 
Orcfield, Pennsylvania 

Thank you to my roommates at 146 Kalos Street. Shriver and Anuj. for 

always keeping medical school fun. Without those ridiculous limes, I 

would have lost my sanity. You guys as well as Sheamus and Kalos 

were my family away from home for the first two years of school. 

Thank you to all my friends from Ursinus and AUentown for sticking 

by me through all these years, understanding when I was too busy to 

hang out, yet always keeping me in mind. I could count on all of you 

to be there to celebrate with me after every exam and rotation. 

Thank you to Katie. Andy. Terry. Nana and the rest of m\' family for 

keeping me grounded, for always supporting me. and for always 

reminding me what matters most in life. 

Finally, thank you Mom and Dad for your never ending love and 

encouragement, for never allowing me to give up and for always 

believing in me. You were right beside me the whole way. through 

my toughest struggles and my greatest triumphs. 

My dream has been realized and to all of you I am fore\'er grateful. 



"'Happiness, only real when shared"" Chris McCandless. Into the Wild 


Christopher Jesus 
Encamacion Meeks, D.O. 

Old Dominion University, B.S. 
Norfolk, Virginia 

These four years have gone by so fast. It seems like yesterday that we 
all were giving tours of PCOM to our family members and sitting in 
the auditorium listening to SPOM lectures. I am gonna miss you all 
dearly. I will miss the trips to the Poconos. poker games, late night 
food runs to WaWa. game nights, dancing in the city, and the soccer 
games! I have thoroughly enjoyed my brief time in PA. Congrats 
2010. we did it! 

Ofodile- Have the time of your life in Hawaii! Don't spend too much 
time in the sun. I don't want you to have to make an appt with Dr. 

Blocker- 1 hope you have twelve kids and get to do a lot of I&D's. 
Lam and Anita- Love ya lots. I will beat you in Settlers. day. 

Kurtz- Enjoy your time in Washington! 

TB. Marfan man, Old Man. and Dr. Shearer lets meet up in Asia after 

residency! Lets get some Mai Lai Wah soon. 

Nguyen's- Tarn Biet! 

Wise- Fishing down south is in our near future! 

Smith- No more glitter please. 

Thank you Mom & Dad for putting up with me. Te quiero. 



i ^ 

Beth Mcrlini, D,0. 

Loyola College Of Maryland, B.S. 
Wyncote, Pennsylvania 

Congratulations Class of 2010, we did it! ! The past four 

years have been an amazing experience. Through late 

night study sessions, post exam parties, various club 

activities, sports, PCOM EAST events, and so much 

more, I've come to appreciate how wonderful we are as a 

class and I am proud to be part of something so special. 

To all of my friends who have supported me through 

trying times and celebrated with me in joy. I feel truly 

blessed to be your friend and you will all always hold a 

special place in my heart. 

To my family and friends who have helped me get where 

I am today, I am forever grateful for your support. Thank 

you for always supporting my dream and giving me the 

strength and encouragement to pursue it. I love you ail 

with all my heart. 

All my love, 




. <^& 

*v % 

Nicole Lynn Mcrritt, D.O. 

Salisbury University, B.S. 

Philadelphia College Of Osteopathic 

Medicine, Certificate in Biomedical Sciences 

Girdletree, Maryland 

My life thus far has been a difficuU journex . Many obstacles ha\ e entered m\ 

path. Despite these obstacles. I still accomplished one of many goals I have set 

- graduating from Medical School. Even though I have achiev ed this goal. 1 did 

not do it alone. The only word that comes lo m\ mind is - grateful. 

Grateful to the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic .Medicine for allowing me 

to be a student in a highly accredited Osteopathic Medical School. I need to 

thank P.C.O.M. for the knowledge and experience that I gained as a student. 

Thanks to the professors, physicians and staff for allowing me to prove my 

ability in becoming a physician. 

Grateful to my familv and m\ boyfriend who have been beside me throughout 
mv entire joumev . You ha\ e been m\ foundation, my rock. m\ support system 
- You gave me the encouragement and the confidence to believ e in myself and 
lo continue to press on even when the road got bumpv . You alw ays lifted me 
up w hen I was down and have always had faith in me. 1 w ould not ha\ e made 
it this far without you. 

Grateful lo my friends - those I made before and after Medical School. I » am 

to thank you for the good and the bad times. When I needed a friend, I always 

had one. Whether it was to get lecture notes, to study, to confide in or to have a 

good time; I always had a friend. 

I am very lucky to have these people in my life but the biggest and most 

influential presence has been my Heavenly Father and lo Him I am 

Eternally Grateful. 


f ^1l 



Aubri Marie Milano, D.O. 

Georgetown University, BJV. 
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

It's been an education, this medical education. I've learned that God 
puts you where you belong (regardless of how much you kick, scream, 
and curse along the way). I've learned that I am the spitting image of 
my father — the good, the bad, and the ridiculous. I've learned that no 
one sees you quite as clearly as your mother — the good, the bad. and 

the ridiculous. I've learned that a sister can be your most vicious 

enemy or your fiercest friend, depending on your moods. I've learned 

that it's a special kind of friendship that forms over an open cadaver. 

or mid-OMM-practical-gone-awry. I've learned that love — no matter 

how unexpected, unsolicited, and even uninvited — is a blessing. I've 

learned that this is frustratingly true of most blessings. I've learned 

that campfires are magic. I've also learned how to start one. I've 

learned that however hard you think it is. it gets harder. I've learned 

that Starbucks saves lives. I've learned that there's nothing like a good 

margarita after a bad day. especially with your favorite people beside 

you at the bar. I've learned exactly how many of these margaritas is 

too many (and how drastically this number has dropped since college 

graduation). I've learned that you can always go home again. I've 

also learned that going home can be infinitely more liberating than 

going away. I've learned who I am. and who I'm hoping to be. and 

who I will carry with me on the way there, and who will carry me 

when I need it. Thanks for the lessons, the legends, the company, and 

the memories. All the best in all that comes next. 

(jU'^/K^ p& 


Erin E. MiUcr, D.O. 

University Of Scranton, B.S. 
Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania 

To my family and friends: 

Thank you! It has certainly not been an easy four 

years and I have no doubt I would not have made it 

through without all of your support. There were 
many endless nights of studying in the basement and 

library along the way, but also many nights of 

dancing and cover bands. It has been one of the best 

and most trying experiences of my life and I am so 

grateful you were all here to support me. I am who I 

am today because of all of you. 

Mom and Dad: 
Thank you for everything, I love you. 



Paul J. MiUer, D.O. 

Montana State University, B.S. 
Conrad, Montana 

I would like to thank all those who believed 

in me especially me family, friends and wife. 

Also I would like to leave you with a few 

word of wisdom. 

"Friendship is like peeing on yourself: 

everyone can see it, but only you get the 

waiTTi feeling that it brings." 

On that note I would also like to thank my 

friends in the class of 2010 for giving me that 

warm feeling. 

fjj^/m^, 9.0. 



Megan Marie Moran, D.O. 

LaSalle University, BJV. 
Lansdowne, Pennsylvania 

To my PCOM friends, 

I wish all the luck in the world to all of you in life, in 

relationships, in family, and in your careers. You will all 

make amazing physicians because you are all very 

genuine, good-hearted people! 

To the "S", 

I have maintained my sanity the last few years because of 

you. You girls have made this experience fun. and I will 

love you forever for it! I wish only the best for all of you. 

and I look forward to many more years of friendship! 

To my Family. 

You guys have been my strength throughout this entire 

journey. You kept me laughing with your wise cracks 

when I needed it the most. I would not be the person I am 

today without all of your support. I hope to make you all 

very proud. I love you all very much and I owe all my 

accomplishments to you! Thanks, knuckleheads! 

Q Ti^^f^ ff]mi1r\^ 0.0. 

^ 2.02. 





I ^J^.V 





Heather A. Mosca, D.O. 

University Of Delaware, BJV. 
Wilmington, Delaware 

I want to thank my friends and family 

for their care and support throughout 

this crazy journey. It has been such an 

enlightening experience and has given 

me the opportunity to meet so many 

wonderful people, including my 

amazing husband! I couldn't have done 

this without you Kev. Even,'thing 
happens for a reason. Congratulations 
and good luck to PCOM class of 2010! 

"A life without cause is a life without 



Kevin F. Mosca, D.O. 

Rutgers University & 

New Jersey Technical Institute, BA 

West Milford, New Jersey 

Lee Jacob Neubert, D.O. 

Allegheny College, B,S. 

Today's accomplishment is something that I wish to share with 
all of my family and friends. I would not be here today without 
all of you. I have grown immensely as a person through these 
last four years and can never thank you all enough for the 
encouragement and support you provided. I hope to never 
forget where all of my blessings come from and the town I call 

home. If I ever do, I know I can count on you all to quickly 

remind me. Specifically, I would like to thank my father Luke. 

mother Colleen, and sister Becky. You three are the cornerstone 

on which my character is built and you keep me strong 


A few words to my classmates: in the past four years we have 

grown immensely as individuals and as a group. I look around 

at the aspiring physicians in the fish tank and around the halls 

of Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine and a wry 

smile comes to my face as 1 think about the experiences we 

have shared. It is my hope that we continue to stay close even 

as our professional pursuits take us to all comers of the country. 

Good luck to all of you. I truly am proud to be part of the class 

of 2010. 





Laura Morton Newhouscr, D.O. 

University Of Notre Dame, B.S. 
North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania 

To my parents - Thank you for all of your unconditional love 

and support. You've given me room to grow but are always 

there when I need your help. I would have never gotten this far 

in life without your unwavering belief in me. I hope to always 

make you proud. 

Jen, Dan, Grandma and Pap - Thank you for all your trips back 

and forth across the state, help with moving from apartment to 

apartment and especially for my EZ Pass. I'm glad to be 

moving much closer to home! 

The girls - Tm grateful to have met such w onderful friends in 

Philly. I'm going to miss all of our dinner dates to the city's 

best BYOBs. Thank you for always being only a phone call 

away and sometimes even closer. Friends like you made the 

past four years the best yet. 

Last but not least... 

Shane - Meeting you was by far the biggest and best surprise of 

med school and I'm so much happier for it. Thanks for always 

being there to encourage me and listen. I can't wait to face the 

challenges and excitements of the years to come with you by 


my side. 


(J^^ajuju>^/''^/nto^ljUo4i^^ 1>- . 

Shane D. Newhouser, D.O. 

Washington &" Lee University, B.S. 
Carlisle, Pennsylvania 

First and foremost, thank you God for the chance to come to this 

wonderful place with these wonderful people. There were so many 

days that I could feel Your hand and knew that I was not alone. 

Mom and dad, thank you for your endless love! There is absolutely no 

way I could have achieved this without all of your support! Our 

relationship has grown and developed amazingly over the past four 

years, and I want to thank you for always trusting and respecting me. I 

consider myself blessed to have parents like you! 

Laura, the past three years have meant so much to me. Hax'ing 

someone like you to love has made medical school, and life in general. 

a beautiful experience. The challenge of residency looming ahead is 

made much easier by the thought of you being by my side. I love you, 

and I always will! 

To all of my friends, you really did make the last four years the 

absolute best of my life. I could not ask for a better group of people to 

go through school with. Whether it was the late study nights, the early 

morning classes (or in my case, naptime), lunch, post-e.xams, or just 

hanging out it was special to me. Having so man\ people to love so 

much is a great blessing! 

PCOM is a special place. From day one 1 could feel that we were all 
pulling for one another. Thank >'ou to everyone in the class and to 
ever\' doctor who took the time to make me the doctor I am toda\'. 

iL y '1^^, so 


Julian M. Ngo, D.O. 

Temple University, B.S. 

MCP Hahnemann University, B.S. 

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

Pho: We made it!! Can't believe it"s been four years since we decided 
to turn our lives upside down. What were you thinking?!! Hahaha. I 
can't express in words what your sacrifices has meant to me and our 

family, but thank you so much for keeping the insanity out of our 

home. Thanks for doing the hard part. Thank you for your wisedom. 

your love, and most of all your patience. You truly are beautiful in 

every way. I know I'll never be able to pay you back for everything 

that you've done, but I'll sure have fun trying. Love ya! 

Connor. Aiden, and Alannah: Daddy's glad that it only took about a 
year for you boys to let me near you. haha. Thanks for understanding 
that daddy has to "study", while mommy goes to "work". Thanks for 
always being the craziest, happiest little trouble makers and showing 
me there's more to life than studying. Daddy's gonna make it up to 
you. 1 promise! And to the most adorable, precious little lad\ thanks 
for completing our family. Daddy loves ya! 

Mom and IVlom: We wouldn't have made it through without your love 

and support. Thank you for always being there. Thank you for the 

precious little pieces of "down time" you've given Pho and me. And 

most of all. thanks for being such great grandparents. 

My Friends: I can't say enough about you guys. I'm just glad you're 

part of my life and thanks for all the fun memories... and the not so fun 

ones too. Good luck with all your future goals! 

Kim-Huong Thi Nguyen, D.O, 

Muhlenberg College, B.S. 
Allentown, Pennsylvania 

To My Family - Thank you so much for all your 

encouragement and support. This could not 
have been possible without you. Thank you for 

all the wonderful family gatherings, the Wii 

battles, and for Bubbles, the greatest gift ever! 

You guys are the best and I love you! 

To My Friends - This journey has been a long 

and stressful one and that is why I am so 

thankful to have you guys in my life. Thank you 

for all the random trips to find food, all the 

fabulous birthday parties, and, of course, the 

priceless girls" nights. Good luck to everyone! 

Lam T. Nguyen, D,0. 

University Of Delaware, BJ\.. 
Newark, Delaware 

First and foremost, I'd like to take this moment to thank God. Through Him. I 
was able to finish one of the most exciting and exhilarating years of my life. 

"1 can do all things through Him who strengthens me." - Philippians 4:13 

And as my Father would say. Family is second - Thank you Family for 

bringing me meals and doing my chores so that I could either study or sleep 

... most of the time it was sleep. 2nd to lastly, I'd like to thank Anita Yang 

for being there throughout the years and being a wonderful WOMAN. Lastly. 

my friends/classmates, you have made studying stimulating, tests elating, and 

most importantly amusing/fun. I want to leave with a few haikus; 

1 do sweat a lot. 

Might be hyperhidrosis. 

Endocrine problem??? 

And lastly, or rather, most important of all haikus... 

I was a student 

Graduated from PCOM 

I am a D.O. 

- Lam 



Minh H. Nguyen 

University Of The Sciences In Philadelphia, B.S. 

Philadelphia College Of Osteopathic Medicine, M.S. 

Lancaster, Pennsylvania 

Tung Nguyen, D.O, 

Haverford College, B.S. 

Kcll School Of Management, M.BJV. 

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

Dad & Mom: You are my strong foundation, my angels for life. I will 

never be able to repay for all you've done and the sacrifices you made. 

I can only hope that I can be like you for my own children someday. 

This is for you. 

Grandparents, aunts, uncles: Thank you for making everything so 

meaningful, colorful, & full of love. I am a better person because of 


Em Nhi: My right hand man in life. Thanks for filling in the gaps 

when I'm not around. You are a beautiful young woman & it's 

comforting to know that as time progress you will always be there to 

help me navigate. 

Anh Sang, Chi Re, Jason, Eric: My left. I can only hope to live up the 

expectations that you have for me. In my tribulations and darkness 

looms, you are my home & I am forever grateful. 

Somatic Four & my circle of friends: Thanks for the memories and 
time not wasted in studying. You are the best gifts of medical school. 

Class of 2010, make us proud! 

God help the patient. 

-Lord Mansfield, 1 7.^4 




Veronica Christina Nicholas, D.O. 

The Pennsylvania State University, B.S. 
West Chester, Pennsylvania 

"Other things may change us, but we start and end with family." 
Anthony Brandt 

To my father: Dad it has been amazing experience going through 
four years of PCOM seeing you almost every day and having you as 
my teacher. I am so incredibly happy to become the 4TH member of 
our family to earn a D.O. You have been an inspiration for me, and I 

hope you are as proud of me as I have been of you throughout my 
entire life. I love you so much!!! 

To my mother: Mom you are my best friend. I can count on you for 

anything and everything. Having you as my support and sanity has 

made these challenging four years much easier. Thank you for all 

that you do for me and the entire family. You are the most beautiful 

person inside and out and I love you ver)' much! ! 

To my brother: Alex you have always been there for me when I 

needed you and have been an amazing older brother. I love you so 

much and I am so proud of the great person you are. 

Dave: I can't imagine what these past few years would have been 

like without you. Your love and support is what I counted on so 

much. I am so glad we shared this experience together and I am so 

excited for the both of us as we start the next chapter of our lives. 

I love you! 


Stcfania E. Nolano, D.O. 

La Salle University, B.A. 

Philadephia College Of Osteopathic Medicine, 

Certificate in Biomedical Sciences 

Springfield, Pennsylvania 

Thank you to my amazing family for all your support and love. I am 
truly blessed to have such a great support group in my life. Mom and 
Dad, without you my childhood dream could not have come true. Vi 
ringrazio tanto per tutto quello che avete fatto per me! Bacioni! xoxo 

Thank you to the amazing PCOM faculty. Fresa-Dillon I am so 
grateful for all of your guidance. 

To the friends I made along the way, words cannot describe the bond 

we share and the memories we made. You have all shared in so many 

of my life changing debacles! I could not have made it through 

without so many of you! I would stand on a rooftop and shout "I 

LOVE YOU ALL". I could not have asked for a better four years of 

education or a better PCOM family to experience it with. No matter 

the distance, our friendship remains unchanged. These past four years I 

have grown and realized that everything in life has a reason; it is your 

choice to recognize it. 

My advice to my future colleague's: Never quit on something you 

believe in, nothing worth having ever comes easy and remember there 

is nothing in life that cannot be fixed with good food and a good 

family and friends to enjoy it with. My door is always open! 

Michelle Anne Noreski, D.O. 

Ursinus College, B.S. 
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

Mom and Dad: Thank you for realizing a childhood dream and helping 
me make it a reality. You have taken this journey with me, made all 

the necessary sacrifices and never let me forget that God has a plan for 

my life. I owe it all to the both of you. Love you more than you'll 

ever know! 

John: I know I can conquer anything in life with you b)' my side. 

Thank you so much for supporting me through all of these years and 

for knowing just what to do to make me smile. You are the love of my 

life and I'm so e.xcited to see what the future has in store for us! 

To my extended family: Oh how many of you there are! Thank >"0U 

for constantly cheering me on, for keeping me grounded, and for 

teaching me that in life, there's always a reason to celebrate! You 

guys are the best! 

PCOM Class of 2010: "Do not go where the path may lead, go instead 

where there is no path and leave a trail" - Ralph Waldo Emerson. 

Thanks to all of you for being a part of my life and for making the road 

much easier. Continue to follow your dreams. . . I can't wait to hear 

about what you accomplish! 

c><l(£h.cee«_ A- CW^ , ^ 


Nicole Kimbcrly Maria Nurse, D.O. 

University Of Pennsylvania, B.A. 
Philadelphia CoUege Of Osteopathic Medicine, M.S. 
Somerset, New Jersey & Yardley, Pennsylvania 

Dearest Class of 2010. 
What a journey! Trusty Webster's dictionary defines a journey 
as "an act or instance of traveling from one place to another", and our 
time together (and oftentimes apart I truly exemplifies much of what 

we have encountered on our respective paths to becoming bright. 

future physicians. We have gone from late nights in the anatomy lab 

not knowing one nerve innervation from the other to productive days 

in hospitals where staff, patients, and families have recognized our 

diligence, fortitude, and consideration. The roads and halls we have 

traversed have all made their imprints upon our minds and hearts, just 

as we may have left them changed in our own ways. Personally, I have 

been blessed to have sown and harvested, have left ways behind and 

many times stepped back just to laugh, and ultimately solidly built 

upon a foundation of purpose in our world, compassionate service, and 

parental teachings that I have held so deeply within my heart. 2010. 1 

am so appreciative for all of your footsteps next to mine. I am 

especially thankful to all who have taken my hand throughout this 

journey: Mommy. Daddy. Jonathan. Robbie, and many deep 

friendships and family ties that have been strengthened along the way 

and those bonds cultivated at PCOM. Finally, for those that 1 am 
missing now. Granny and Elton Cosby. Jr.. thank you for embedding 
your spirits within my life and know you'll always shine through me. 

One last thought Class of 2010. from one of my interns: 
"It is good to know. It is better to care. It is best to know and care." 
Peace, love, and blessinss to all! 


^ Xl 

H 31 32 33 34 35 36 3/ :£ 
G 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 5i 

MoUy E. O'MaUcy, D.O. 

Boston College, B.S. 
Gordon, Pennsylvania 

Ijcamaka Karyn Ofodile, D.O. 

University Of Delaware, BA. 

Philadelphia College Of Osteopathic Medicine, M.S. 

Pottstown, Pennsylvania 

So I'm done. I did it and my head didn't explode. It was sort 

of like being at an amusement park that you aren't sure 
passed all required safety regulations. The ride seems fun but 

slightly out of control like it could fall apart at any time... 

yes, exactly that. I'd like to say some names here, just people 

who I couldn't have done without these past few years, I love 

you all. Dad and Mom, thanks for all of your encouragement 

and support. Nkem, Uche. and Chuka. thanks for yelling at 

me whenever I used medical terminology at home... you kept 

me grounded, you people are amazing. Aidan. no words for 

what we've got! Kerryanne, still blue!! Gina. thanks for 

being there with me the whole way through and knowing 

exactly if we were up or down, in or out. Jesus, you and I are 

the same side of the same coin and we laughed through it all 

because let's be real, it wasn't that serious. Gil, you were 

usually the one we were laughing at... I'm kidding, you 

always had a hug and a song for me. Veronica, so glad we've 

spent these last years pretty much doing our thing. I value 

your friendship tremendously. Rinko. you're a fantastic 

friend, I'll see you for your surf lesson! Congratulations to 

2010, it's been a hoot! Good Luck with whatever it is you 

have going on! 

^^mcM. \< (y(f>dbh ^ 

^ Hi 

Michelle Leeann Oros, D.O, 

King's College, B.S. 
Mountain Top, Pennsylvania 

Thank you to my friends and family for listening to my stories, one 
after another, and being there for me throughout this journey. 

Mom and Dad, you two have taught me that anything is possible if 

I put my mind to it, work hard, and learn from my mistakes. You are a 

cornerstone in my life, whose constant love and support has made me 

the person I am. Without you two, I would not be where I am today. 

Thank you. I love you two verj' much. 

To my roommate Kristy, it has been a blast being your roommate. 
I will never forget our Philly adventures like the bat in our apartment. 

It truly was like being in "The Great Outdoors." I will miss 

rummaging through your wardrobe, but not nearly as much as I will 

miss your company. Good luck with all your endeavors. 

Alissa we started hanging out as study partners, but I feel like we 
ended school as best friends. I hope no matter where we end up we 
stay in touch and if you ever need another study parmer please don"t 
hesitate to give me a call. 

Michael, I am so glad I met you and can't imagine what my last 
year here would have been like without you. 

Finally to Lindsay, Serina, Suran, AJ. and all those I am forgetting 
it has been a pleasure and good luck with all your careers. 

y^iyic^ Oyv<y^. [>0. 


Ryan Ovcrbcrgcr, D.O, 

Lehigh University, B.S. 
Yardley, Pennsylvania 

Anuj M. Parikh, D.O. 

University Of Maryland, B.S. 
Mcchanicsburg, Pennsylvania 

Mom and Dad: Thank you for all the love and support throughout my 
entire life. You have instilled a set of values in me that I know will 

allow me to succeed in all facets of life. To say that you guys have led 
by example is an understatement. You have set the bar high but 
provided every opportunity to soar over it. Most importantly, you 

taught me how to be a good person and for that I am forever grateful. 

Ankur: All the memories we have growing up are priceless and I could 

not have asked for a better brother. You are also the reason for my 

competitive drive; I hated losing to you. I'm pretty sure I went into 

medicine just so you couldn't one up me. I look forward to our adult 

lives together and to not acting like adults. ...Gotcha last! 

The Philly family: The last four years have been incredible. Through 
all the ups and downs, we came out on top. It is because of you guys 
that I can look back at med school as one of the best times of my life. 

Shriver: What can I say'? The moment I saw you walking down Kalos 

Street with a futon mattress over your shoulder 1 knew we were in for a 

wild ride. Weekend Warriors for life! 

"a nap a day keeps the doctor away" 

-7t>^ p^u^iL^ p. 



Nicole M. Paul, D.O. 

West Chester University Of Pennsylvania, B.S. 

University Of Delaware, Dietetic Internship 

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

Sometimes I still can't believe Fm gonna be a doctor.. .it all 

seems so surreal. But yet here I am, about to graduate. This is 


The past four years have been some of the toughest I have ever 

had. . .long nights, countless hours of studying, a lot of tears, but 

I always knew it would be worth it, and it is! Still, my time at 

PCOM has been more rewarding than I ever could have 

imagined... I've made great friends, had a lot of fun, and let's 

not forget all the knowledge I've gained! 

All this would not be possible, though, without the steadfast 
support of all the special people in my life. To my parents, I 
hope you know how much I love you and that I will be forever 
grateful to you. To Dave, it all started after my neuro post- 
exam party and you've become such an important part of my 

life... I couldn't have done med school without ya! To 
Mommom, Poppop, Ricky and Matt, I'm so lucky to have you 
as my family. To Jax, I'll never forget you. To all my friends, 
thanks for being who you are and for never letting me give up. 

Congratulations to the Class of 2010! 



jJSr! Rene Augusto Perez, D.O, 

'^tBTS; Thomas Edison State College, BJV. 

W Northwestern California University School Of Law 

Miami, Florida 

Dum L. Piawa, D.O. 

Monmouth University, B.S. 
Piscataway, New Jersey 



Kclli Ann Quercctti, D.O. 

Franklin & Marshall College, BA. 
Kennctt Square, Pennsylvania 

Mom & Dad; There are no words to express the gratitude & 

appreciation that I have for all that you have sacrificed for me to be 

here today. Your ne\'er-ending love & support ha\e instilled in me 

the self-confidence and desire to achieve my goals. I would not be 

who I am today without your guidance and example. I love you more, 

your little girl forever. 

Ian: It is impossible to thank you for all of your support which has 

helped me to achieve my dreams. You have been by my side to share 

in my accomplishments and my shoulder to cry on when things were 

tough. I will never forget the meals >'ou cooked for me when there 

was no time for study breaks or the times you helped me study. I am 

so blessed to have you in my life and am excited for our future 

together. I love \ou more than words. 

Nicholas: Thank you for being the most amazing big brother 

imaginable: I do not think I would have sur^'ived these past four Nears 

without your encouragement. You have been more than just a source 

of advice and experience, you have been a friend. I am so proud to be 

your little sister. 1 love you. 

To m\' Grandparents: Thank you for all of your love and support. 
Granny. I promise to never lose my sense of humor. 

To my friends & classmates: Congratulations on all of your 
accomplishments. I wish you all the best of luck in your careers. 

Christina Raguckas, D.O. 

Franklin &" MarshaU CoUege, B.S. 
Daleville, Pennsylvania 


Erin Schreck Rains, D.O. 

Virginia Tech, B.S. 
Audubon, Pennsylvania 

My journey to become a doctor began as a curiosity inspired my mom. 

Over the years my parents have supported me in all my endeavors. 

from ballet & field hockey to academics. Even though my dad is no 

longer with us. my amazing mom continues to provide the love and 

support for both of them! Without a doubt, her strength and 

enthusiasm for life will continue to inspire me in all I do. 

From the moment he agreed to relocate to a new city and squeeze a 

wedding into winter break, my husband Luke has done whatever it 

took to help me achieve my goals. Together we have endured all that 

life threw our way. He has been everything from anatomy tutor to 

comic relief, and for the latter I cannot thank him enough! 

Although my path has been very different than I originally imagined 

my goals have remained the same. In the end ."Life has taught us that 

love does not consist of gazing at each other but in looking outward 

together in the same direction." -Antoine de Saint-Exuper) 

€fur\Jl>clhhtcM f^au^ 


David Aaron Rand, D.O. 

George Washington University, B.S. 
Scarsdale, New York 

To my friends, thank you for your support and all the awesome times 

To fluffy, for the happy, warm, fluffy burrito I won't forget. 

"Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we 
must do." 

Its time to move, time to get going 

What lies ahead I have no way of knowing 

But under my feet, babe, grass is growing 

Time to move on. Time to get going 

-Tom Petty 

Slow down, you move too fast. 

You got to make the morning last. 

Just kicking down the cobble stones 

Looking for fun and feelin' groovy. 

-Simon and Garfunkle 


Amanda Lee Ray, D.O. 

Hartwick College, B.S. 

Johns Hopkins University 

Herkimer, New York 

I find my greatest strength in my friends and family. You 

will always be very important to me, and I promise to 

keep you close and healthy. Thank you for helping me 

make my dream come true. 

To Nicole, Anne, Lynn, Mike and Nick: You are the best 

of friends, and I hope that the friendships we formed 

these past four years will be lifelong. 

To Aunt Jackie, Uncle Bob, Carey, Mike, and Chris: I'm 

so glad I chose a medical school close to Newtown, PA. 

Thanks for being my second family. All of your love and 

support will never be forgotten. 

To Mom, Dad, Alicia. Karlene, and Kimberly: Thanks for 
believing in me from the beginning when I told you I was 
moving from upstate NY to Baltimore to start chasing this 

crazy dream. I had no idea what I was doing, and for 

some reason you let me go anyway. I know sometimes it 

couldn't have been easy, but you were always there for 

me. I love you all very much. 



Christopher W. Reb, D.O 

Villanova University, B.S. 
Lebanon, Pennsylvania 

When looking back, my tnends otten note, "time tlew by". I 

respectfully, completely disagree. This project took every bit of time 

and effort that I had available to throw at it. but I am quite pleased to 

have done it right the first time. Some fun was encountered, which is 

an occupational hazard. I got by with a little help from my friends. 

Mom and Dad - it is unfair that your investment of so much time. 
money, support and love yields only my happiness and future 
opportunities. Thank you for being you and letting me be me. 

Mike - It was madness. Totally mv fault. Thanks. 

Jen - I've watched you persevere for years. I'm pretty sure you're 
amazing. Be proud with me. 

Sean - My hero. I couldn't be you. I don't have the plums. 

Puneet - You have paced this entire path at my side, expending nearly 
two strides for every one of my own. and yet you were tireless. You 

kept me fed. You kept me warm. You kept me laughing. You kept me 

sane. I have the pictures to prove it. The next time you read this, you 

will be mv lovely wife. 



O^/^/^ ^ /Ci^Ad 

Stephanie Tamara Reese, D.O, 

Florida Institute Of Technology, B.S. 

Long Island University - C.W. Post, M.S. 

AmityviUe, New York 

I owe all that 1 have to the Lord above who blessed me 

many times especially with love, family, friends, knowledge 

and faith. I have been most fortunate to be blessed with parents 

(mom, dad, and dadums) who love and support me and my 

irreplaceable siblings- Vanessa, Jacy, Ayana, Leslie. Ashton 

(r.i.p.) and my stepsiblings Ramee and Judy. My nieces and 

nephews have brought much laughter and love to my life- 

Mana, Heather, Jasmine, Alyssa, Janet, Shane, Gwen, Rashaun, 

and Ashantley. To my priceless aunts, uncles, and cousins no 

matter how far you are always close to my heart. Aunt Peggy 

thank you for always being you (I have so much to say it 

couldn't possibly fit on one page), to Aunt Cecily and Uncle Ed 

for the good old family get-togethers, and Uncle Vernon for the 

fishing trips and food, yum! I want to thank my friends, 

teachers, and my mentor Aunt Gina for giving me the 

inspiration and direction in the path to my goals. My little 

doggy Tumbrick (yes you get thanks) hopefully I can finally 

afford proper puppy support! I wish my grandparents 

Beresford, Rose, Clifford and Annie could have lived to see the 

day when their headstrong granddaughter graduated from med 

school. And last but not least thanks to my best friend (besides 

the Lord above) my mother who even when we don't agree I 

could never ask for a bigger blessing than the one that the Lord 

granted when he gave me you! 



Carla Rcnaldo, D.O. 

Cedar Crest College, B,S. 
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 

I am so very grateful for the gifts that 

God has given me and I count my 

blessings every day. With the love and 

support of my family, this journey has 

been incredibly fulfilling. Thank you 

dear family-my father, my siblings 

(Joanne, Julie, Janel, Tony and Lou) and 

Aunt Ellyn for keeping me grounded 

and sane by reminding me of what 

really is important in Life. The best is 

yet to come... 


Stephanie Christine Richard, D.O. 

Villanova University, BA. 

Philadelphia College Of Osteopathic Medicine, M.S. 

Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania 

Mom - Thank you for being my best friend and my 
#1 fan. I love you! 

Dad - Thank you for always believing in me. I have 
nothing but wonderful memories. 

JB - You made med school fun! Thank you for 

being my best friend, I can't wait to spend the rest of 

my life with you. 

To my friends who have become my family, thank 
you for being the wonderful people you are. 

Most importantly, thank you God for strength. 


Jonathan "Buddy" RiU, D.O. 

Lebanon Valley College, B.S. 
Annvillc, Pennsylvania 

V f k 

To My Family and Friends, 

Thank you for all your support and 
encouragement through the years. I would not be 
where I am today without each and everyone of you. 

My parents deserve a special thank you as you 
have taught me hard work and the importance of an 
education. I appreciate everything you have done for 

me and the sacrifices you have made. This is a 

reflection of your kindness and generosity. THANK 


To PCOM Class of 2010, 

Good luck with your careers as you will all be 
outstanding physicans. It was an honor to study and 
work with you. CONGRATULATIONS. 


/^ bo 

Rebecca Cori Rinko, D.O, 

University Of Maryland, B.S. 
Maple Glen, Pennsylvania 

Mom and Dad: I could not be where I am today without your 

encouragement and motivation. You have given me the strength and 

confidence to realize my dreams and taught me the importance of 

persistence. Thank you for your unconditional love, sacrifice, and 

endless support. I love you. 

Kendal and Tyler: I have always enjoyed our phone calls and 

occasions when we get to spend time together. Thank you for coming 

along on this crazy ride and for putting up with me. I am so proud of 


of you and love you lots. 

To My Friends: You have made medical school an enjoyable 

experience. Thank you for the laughter, wonderful memories, and 

extraordinary friendships. Here is to girls nights, cooking, kitchen talks 

in Sullivan County, study dates, the gym, runs, and nights out. 

Anytime I needed someone to lean on. I never had to go far. I wish you 

so much success and happiness in your future careers, CONGRATS! 

BBSB: So glad to have met you. Thank you for your patience. 

understanding, guidance, and unwavering support over the past four 

years. You have become a very important and wonderful part of my 

life and have shown me what is truly important. You deser\'e the best 

that life has to offer. I could not have done this without \ou. 

(j^JytCJCCL 63irrJ^ , DO 



Michel Amedco Ritcnuti, D.O. 

The Pennsylvania State University, B.S. 

Kennett Square, Pennsylvania J *^ 

It is hard to believe that four years have passed. The memories of 
those days seem like a lifetime ago and while I cannot immediately 
identify what is different, I can say with certainty a lot has changed. 

Our class seems far removed from those excited and apprehensive 

students who filled Ginsberg four years ago. It's gratifying to reflect 

on our recent accomplishments and thrilling to think about those that 

lie ahead. I am thankful to be a part of this class and I wish evers'one 

the very best in the years to come. 

I would like to express my appreciation to those whose 
contributions made this experience possible. Thank you family and 

friends because without your support I would not be where I am 

today. And to my wife, words cannot express how thankful I am for 

your presence over the last four years. 

Michel Amedeo Ritenuti 

"Efforts and courage are not enough w ithout purpose and direction.' 
John Fitzgerald Kennedy 


Lindscy K. Roach, D,0. 

Gannon University, B.S. 
Venango, Pennsylvania 



' » TI^B' '^^ 

^ ^tM^^ 


Mom & Dad you are truly the "wind beneath my wings." Thanks for being 

there e\er\- step of the way. All of the library te.\ts and 6 am talks to get me 

through. You taught me to be resilient and determined. Dreams come true! 

Love. Your Baby Girl 

Jess, thanks for being ray personal editor. You do the dirty work and I get the 

spot light, much of my success is because of youl Thanks for the support. Lo\ e 


My Brother, I'm one step closer to having that basement for you to live in! :) 
Thanks for being my buddy growing up. I believe in you. Love you. 

Coun. What an adventure these past 4 years have been from the anatomy lab to 

the Ritz. We might have came out with a few bruises but nothing that wouldn't 

heal. Thanks for always being there. SF4L. Love you P.I.C.! 

The Starks. Thank > ou so much for the encouragement and suppon! You are 

inspiring mentors and great friends. Thanks for making me a part of your 

family. Love you 

My Small Town Friends and Family, thank you all so much for always just 

being a phone call away, sending cards to brighten my days, and always 

welcome me home! "Countrv roads take me home to the place I belong!" I'll 

never forget any of you. 

Class of 2010. We made it! Best of luck with vour careers. 

•^.^ Z ^^, ^0 


Niloofar Vahid Roodsari, D.O. 

Goucher College, BJV. 

Philadelphia College Of Osteopathic Medicine, 

Certificate in Biomedical Sciences 

Baltimore, Maryland 

First and foremost. I want to thank God for guiding me and allowing 

this moment to be possible. Life is such a blessing and I am thankful 

for where it has taken me and have great hope for where it will lead 

me. Thanks to my parents for their love, sacrifice, and support. My 

success is a reflection of your time and energy. Thanks to my fiance 

for providing me with boundless love and encouragement. Thanks to 

my roommate who has been my other half throughout medical school. 

to my best friend at medical school, and "the five." I have created 

some everlasting friendships and am pleased to have kept my strong 

ties with past ones. Also, thanks to PCOM and Goucher for providing 

a strong foundation for my education. You are all an important part of 

my life and I love you all. 

"To accomplish great things, we must not only act but also dream. 
\nol only plan but also believe." -Anatole France 

Reflecting on my journey, I cannot imagine taking another path in life. 
Becoming a physician has been a lifelong dream and I am thankful to 

accomplish this. This is not the end of my journey, but only the 

beginning of a new chapter of my life, which I am ready to embrace 

and eager to pursue. In my pursuit of medicine, I have become more 

aware of the value of good health, which is the basic foundation of life 

What distinguishes humans is our ability to heal. I dream of the day I 

am blessed with this ability and can provide someone the means to 

live, both with regards to mind, body, and spirit. 


DanieUe Ryan, D.O. 

Temple University, BJV. 
Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania 

To my family: 

Your love and support mean the world to me. Your 

endless encouragement has never ceased to amaze 

me, and your humor has always allowed me to see 

the bigger picture. I couldn't have done this without 

you, and I am forever grateful. I love you all. 

To my friends: 

You have so quickly become some of the most 

important people in my life. You've made the past 

four years a more memorable time than I could ha\e 

hoped for, and I couldn't imagine going through it 

without you. I can't thank you enough for keeping 

me grounded and always making me laugh. From the 

dinner cruise to our nights out dancing, you've 

become my family. I love you, girls. 

[)awjUUjL%j^f^J^, bo 


Audrey Marie Ryckman, D.O 

Hope College, B J\.. 
Lancaster, Ohio 

To my friends and family - THANK YOU! ! ! I 

could not have done this without all your love 

and support; you have made the last four years 

tolerable and even fun! Dad - thanks for 

letting me rotate with you, you taught me 

medicine and I taught you how to use the 

computer! Mom - thanks for all the tough love 

and pep talks! Matty - get ready to give more 

pep talks! I can't wait to see where the next 

four years (and the rest of our lives) takes us. I 

love you! PCOM girls - thank you for all the 

memories (dinners, IM's, 'study sessions,' 

mnemonic making). I will miss you all next 

year and am so blessed to have such amazing 



Aziz Asad Sadiq, D.O. 

George Washington University, B.A. 

University Of Medicine And Dentistry 

Of New Jersey, M.B.S. 

Moorestown, New Jersey 

To Mom and Dad: For giving me inspiration, support and hope, I am eternally grateful. 

You have nurtured me, loved me, and provided me the best of examples on balancing a 

successful family and professional life. My accomplishments are credited to only you both. 

Thank you for giving me wings and teaching me to fly. 

To Apa and Zaki: Thank you for continuing to believe in me. You two always knew I 

would reach this point even when I thought I wouldn't. Thanks for the bookends of 

entertainment, reality checks and fashion advice. 

To my friends: From the MHS boys who have given me hours upon hours of laughs and 

memories: to the GW MSA that is willing to come to Philly at any time of day to visit me, 

but I know it was only for Saad's: to the NJ Shia community who is responsible for my 

faith today - thank you all 

To my classmates: Thanks for the late night study sessions, pimping and occasional hang 

outs. Thank you for pushing me to become a better student and giving me a life outside of 

school. I am excited to see your accomplishments, proud to call you colleagues, but most 

importantly lucky to have you as friends. 

To Nousheen: You are the comfort of my eyes. The one I have been searching for and still 
cannot believe I've found. Each new day with you is a blessing and I am forever gratefiil 

to have you in my life. Your unrelenting belief in me inspires me to become a better 

person and motivates me to always keep you happy. I look forward to our journey togetlier 

and to what our future holds. 


Adam D. Sadler, D.O. 

Muhlenberg College, B.S. 

Philadelphia College Of Osteopathic Medicine, 

Certificate in Biomedical Sciences 

Souderton, Pennsylvania 

As this journey comes to a close, thanks 

must be given to all those that have 

played a role. Whether that part was 

played in presence or absence, or their 

contributions great or small. I thank you. 

And to my mother, words could never 

express the depth of gratitude to which I 

owe for your many years of unwa\'ering 

love and support. I thank you from the 

essence of all that 1 am. we made it. 


.^ - 



^9b f 

•A f 

•^r--^^ ^4a 



^_ w k wBm^^^m^ 


:, ]fi^:^ V 

IP^Wi^S*^^ '^^ 

■^'i';" I'.'r^m -^ li' 

w ^ 

""■. '1 

^■a « r^ u-»i^^ - '^_' ' ■ -A 

■A 1 

IV v 




rk' -, " 

Paul F. Sahd, D.O. 

Elizabethtown College, B.S. 
Lititz, Pennsylvania 

I would like to personally thank my 

Mom, Dad, Joe, Al. Christina. 

Danielle, Mr. and Mrs. Fafard, and 

all of my close friends and extended 

family that have been with me and 

helped me throughout these four 




Melinda M. Schlenk, D.O. 

Virginia Tech, B.S. 
McLean, Virginia 

Many thanks to all those that were a part of this 
journey. Thanks to my family for their unwavering 

faith in my abilities from the start. I never 
questioned whether I could do it because you never 

did. Thanks to my far-away friends for always 
being there via email, text, phone, facebook and in 

person during my escapes back home and from 
reality. And last but definitely not least, to my girls, 

my Philadelphia family, your support, your 
understanding, the nights out, the nights in, the trips, 

the conversations, the studying and pretending to 

study...! just couldn't have made it through without 

you. Now let's finally graduate! 

And to all those just thanked, your continued support 

during my entry to the real world would be much 



All my love, Melinda 




^Hf '<M «o 

■^■•Ko «»^ 




»i "*' 




[«^i^^^P ^uM0 



OlLU'^iJ^yKSckJuu^^, o o. 

Theodore Schuck, D.O, 

Seton Hall University, B.S. 
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

I want to thank my mom, dad, girlfriend, family 

and friends for supporting me throughout 

my school years. Without their help, 

motivation, and prayers I would not 

have been able to accomplish any of 

my goals. So once again, thank you all. 



Andrea Sue Sebright, D.O. 

Muhlenberg College, B.S. 
Wcllsville, Pennsylvania 

Mom and Dad: Thank you for all of your support and care packages. 
You have taught me that a good sense of humor is the best way to deal 
with difficult situations and that advice has helped me to survive the 
last four years. Most importantly, you have taught me that self- 
discipline and hard work is the only way to achieve your goals. 

Jake: I haven't taken any step of this journey without your support and 

unconditional love. Thank you for all of the sacrifices you have made 

while in Philadelphia. All of the little things you do for me do not go 

unnoticed. I promise that I will learn to cook and clean someday! 

Tammy and Marc: I am not sure where my life would have led me if 1 

hadn't had you as role models. The standards have always been set 

high, but in the process you never let Jake and I forget the importance 

of family and having fun. It seems that you always have the best toys 

for every season and even better you always have enough for us. 

Thank you for the numerous meals and visits, regardless of where I 

was located. 

To the friends that 1 met early in medical school and to the friends I 

wish I had met sooner: Misery loves company! I am thankful to have 

friends that know how to work hard and play even harder. You have 

all truly made the past four years a remarkable adventure. 

Michelle Segalov Finkelstein, D.O. 

Ursinus College, B.S. 
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

To my loving husband. I would be lost without you... I 

can not imagine getting through these four years without 

you by my side. You have been my support, my sanity, 

my very best friend. I love you with all of my heart, and I 

am so excited for all the wonderful thin2S to come! 

To my family, thank you for sticking with me through all 

the hardships and all the tears. Mom. you are amazing! I 

love you so much! 

To my friends, we finally made it! It has been a long road, 

but so much fun in the process. To my person. I lo\ e you 

girl! So glad we were able to do this together. May our 

future journeys continue to be side by side. 

Most of all. to my father, who I know is looking down 

upon me with a smile. Your dream for me has finally 

come true. I just wish you could be standing here with me 

to see it. I will always have you with me in my heart. 

^loheCU JtAo/ov , W 


Brandon M. Shearer, D.O, 

The Pennsylvania State University, B.S., B.S. 
Mechanic sburg, Pennsylvania 

To my wonderful parents. Sam & Holly, I am 

forever indebted to you for your undying love and 

support. I cannot thank you enough. 

To my brother Ryan, thank you for your "words of * 
wisdom" over the years and your wisecrack humor- 1 
wish you were closer than 1 ,000 miles. 

To my Anna, thank you for your love, beautiful eyes. 

sense of humor, and last but not least, your zest for 


To love, to live life to the fullest, to achieve 
happiness, and to have no regrets. 

9 jg«*MUmff9*^*"'^^^'/P<? 

Mamina Shclkin, D.O. 

West Chester University Of Pennsylvania, B.S. 

Philadelphia College Of Osteopathic Medicine, 

Certificate in Biomedical Sciences 

Drcxel Hill, Pennsylvania 

My heartfelt thanks and love to my family and friends 
who have stuck with me for so many years of schooling. 

There have been some hard times and things have not 

always been ideal, but you have been there for me more 

than you could ever know. I would like to thank my Mom 

especially for keeping me going and sending the 

occasional "care package", listening to my various 

problems of the day. and being a welcoming shoulder to 

cr> on. I am ecstatic that I have finally come to the end of 

one journey and will be starting a new one next year as a 

real, honest-to-goodness doctor! It is hard for me to truly 

accept this new reality in my life, but I've sacrificed too 

much and worked too hard not to be proud of m\self. 

■"Success is to be measured not so much by the position 

that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he 

has overcome while tn. ins to succeed." 

Booker T. Washington 

Karen A, Shcmanski, D.O. 

Villanova University, B.S., BJ\. 
Ashley, Pennsylvania 

My journey to become a doctor has been incredible. 
It has been filled with times of success and times of 
struggle, moments of great joy and moments of great 
sorrow, and days filled with laughter and days filled 
with tears. Throughout my journey, the one constant 
has been the support and love of my family and the 
quiet strength of my faith. 

Thank you Mom, Dad, Mary, Adam, grandparents, 
aunts, and uncles. 

May God bless you and Mary keep you. 


Michael Silbcrman, D.O. 

Muhlenberg College, B.S. 
Doylestown, Pennsylvania 

Thank you for supporting me throughout 

both my medical career and this journey 

called life. Some friends change, some 

remain the same, but they will always be 

with me. 

I've never been much for words, so I decided 

to leave wisdom based on the insight of one 

of our greatest heroes. . . 

"Training is useful, but there is no substitute 

for experience. It's not who you are 

underneath, it's what you do that defines 

you." -Batman 



Sarah Sitoski, D.O. 

University Of Scranton, B.S. 
Moscow^, Pennsylvania 

Nate - We've had so many adventures over the past four years. . . troni 

exploring Europe and birthday surprises to surviving exams, 

inter\'iews, and April Fool's pranks. In just a few months, we'll be 

married, doctors, homeowners, and residents. It's crazy how time flies! 

Thank you for always supporting my decisions and traveling on this 

amazing journey with me. I've been fortunate to have you by my side 

every step of the way. I love you more than words can describe. If it 

wasn't for that bum outside of the Brew Pub, who knows where we 

would be today! 

Mom - What else can I say but thank you. If it wasn't for your 

encouragement, I would never be where I am today. Thank you for 

always believing in me, and always helping me to believe in myself. 

You will always be my best friend. Love you. 

Family - I've been blessed with an overwhelmingly large family. The 

support and guidance of both the family I grew up with and the family 

I am inheriting helps me to overcome each new obstacle that comes 

my way. Thank you for always being there. 

Friends - Wow! From late night study sessions to even later post-exam 

parties, I've never had so much fun! You've helped make medical 

school four of the most exciting years of my life! You have become 

my family and 1 love and miss all of you. I wish you all the luck in the 

world and hope all of your dreams come true! xoxo 

vJckJ, SciuiU, ho 

f lai 

Suzanne Marie Smith, D.O. 

Ursinus College, B.S. 
Southampton, Pennsylvania 

To my family: 

I appreciate your support more than words can 


Always trying to make you proud. 

To my friends: 

In between our goofy schedules, you are what I look 

forward to the most. Our jokes keep me laughing. 

To Steve: 

The world is its brightest when I am sharing it with 

you. Thank you for being next to me. 

Best wishes to the Class of 2010! 

^35 1| 

Anjali Solanki, D.O. 

University Of Delaware, Bj\. 
Newark, Delaware 

The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same- Yet our 
lessons come from the journey, not the destination. -Don Williams. Jr. 

It has truly been a long 4 year journey through med school. It wasn't always easy, but 1 

believe it has made me stronger and well equipped for the future. 1 know that I would 

not have been able to make it through this journey without the help of some key people 

in mv life and I'd like to thank them. 

Mom: You are everything to me. You have always been the one who has been there 

for me to cry with me when things were too much and to laugh with me and celebrate 

with me when during the good times. You are truly my rock and I can't thank you 


Papa: You are a great source of strength for me and I have found new respect for you 

because of everything you have had to go through this past year. You are an inspiration 

for our family and we are all so proud of you. 

Rahul: My big brother... your guidance and support has helped me tremendously 
..thanks for ever>-thing. 

My friends: I have had the honor of meeting so many great people while in med 

school, but it's my friends who have helped me gel through it. Through the good limes 

and the bad. you guys have always been there. You made me realize that 1 could have a 

life outside of med school. 1 love you guys so much and am so proud of us! can you 

believe it -we are doctors! 

d^'aZ^Xc^My^c^, bo 


Christine M, Stroka, D.O, 

Lehigh University, B.S. 
Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania 

To Mom and Dad: Thank you for your love and encouragement 

throughout this journey. I would not be the person I am today without 


To Jen, Tom, Mike, Kim and Jason: Thank you for the memories, 

laughter and phone calls. I am so proud to call you my brothers and 


To my friends: Some of you I have known my whole life and some I 

have met during the last 4 years. Thank you for listening when I 

needed to talk, smiling when I needed some encouragement and 

running with me when I needed some fresh air. 

To the rest of my family: Thank you for your constant support and 

To Art: Thank you for loving me as I am and making me laugh every 

To PCOM and the class of 2010: I will sincerely miss you. Good luck 
and best wishes always. 




Christine Elizabeth Strunk, D.O. 

Franklin & Marshall College, BJV. 
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

Thank you to my family and friends for all of your support 

through the years; to my Mom and Dad for the advice, 

reassurance, care packages, cards, a loving place to come home 

to, for knowing more about the Philadelphia weather 

predictions than I did, and of course for the countless Steelers 

updates. Thank you to my sister Laura for her patient phone 

calls and encouraging words, and to my sister Susan for always 

being there for me and for generously sharing some of mom's 

homemade treats as they were shipped off to Philly. 

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of my life 

throughout these past four years. The long days/nights of 

studying and early mornings of clinical years were made so 

much better by the grocery deliveries, study breaks, coffee shop 

quiz sessions, hikes through the woods, comfortable shoes, 

evening bike rides, fat kid dinners, mini getaway trips, olives, 

long talks, visits, homemade meals, gifts, flowers, music, 

inspiration and love that you have given me. 

Going forward I carry in me pieces of each of the places I have 

been and people who have helped me along my journey. 1 am 

forever thankful to them all. 



Alissa Mae Stull, D.O. 

Susquehanna University, B,S., BJL 
Spinnerstown, Pennsylvania 

I have ieamed a lot in medical school... but perhaps one of the most importanl things is thai 

I could have never gotten this far alone. Thank you God for allowing me to survi\'e through 

these challenging four years of medical school, giving me the abilit\' to achieve my dreams. 

and for constantly filling my future with opportunit)-. 

My Family: Mom and Dad. thank you for your never ending love and support I will never 
forget you always telling me to do my best or HI never know what my best is. You raised 
me with the strength and confidence to constantly reach for my goals. I would not be the 
person I am today without your encouragement and motivation. Tanya and Emily, thank 
you for always bringing me back to the 'real world' and for reminding me of what I can and 
cannot talk about at the dinner table. The many hours of laughter you provided will forever 
be cherished and 1 look forward to a future with many more. To my extended family, thank 
you and know that I love you all very much. 

HAP; Thank you for your understanding and reminders that no matter what happens or 

how many miles apart we are. you'll always be there for me and you'll always be my best 


Mark; You have always reminded me of what is really important. Your example allows me 

to know that with hard work and diligence any challenge can be overcome. Thank you for 

allowing me to realize all that is ahead and that the best is yet to come... 

My PCOM friends: I can't belie%'e we finally made it You were the only ones who were 
truly able to understand the everyday struggles of medical school. I will always remember 
our late night study breaks, nights out on the town, game night "body part that begins with 
P - pinky", standing up for what you believe in. golden delicious, delivering the bread, 
"what is that slob near the liver'?", being allergic to the scrubs. "I'm on a boat" and lastly 
finding one hundred dollars. Michelle. I will never find a better smdy parmer. listener, or 
friend. Thank you all for being apart of my journey and good luck next yearl 

"Be it ours to shed sunshine on their path, to lighten their sorrows by the balm of ssmpathy. 

to give them the pure joy of a never-tiring affection, to strengthen failing courage, to instill 

faith in hours of despair. " - Bertrand Russel 

Aiim jku^ 0.0. 


Meghan Leigh Sweeney, D.O, 

Lafayette College, B.S. 
Yardley, Pennsylvania 

Congratulations to all of my classmates on completing the last four 

years. We have all worked extremely hard and are very deserving of 

this day. Good luck in your journey from here forward. 


*My parents for your unwavering enthusiasm and encouragement. 

You have both modeled for me the kind of professional whom I aspire 

to be. Thank you for helping me maintain a "happy medium" between 

school work and my personal life. 

*Bucky, my support, my love, and now my husband. My four years 

at PCOM were happier because you were a part of them. Your 

support was endless; you made me laugh when I felt like crying. I am 

so excited to have you by my side as I begin the next part of my 

professional journey. Life is Short. Play Hard. 

*The rest of my family and friends for the laughs, tears, long 

conversations, yuengs and wings, parties, truth couches, tailgates, late 

nights and early mornings, home-cooked food, gourmet barbeques. 

road trips, football games and much more. I am blessed you are all in 

my life. 

Always take your job seriously, 
but never take yourself too seriously. 

Jennifer M. Swenski, D.O, 

University Of Scranton, B.S. 
Madison Township, Pennsylvania 

Mom and Dad: Words cannot express my gratitude for all the 

countless years of love and endless support you have given me. not 

only throughout my medical school career but for as long as I can 

remember. You have been there throughout the good and bad waiting 

with a smile, hug, and encouraging words. You have molded me into 

the person I am today and the physician I am about to become, and for 

that I am forever grateful. 

Dan: I would not have survived medical school without you. I cannot 
thank you enough for the countless hours you have spent listening to 
me on the phone, the knowledge you have shared with me when I was 
lost, and most importantly all the love and support you have showered 
me with. You are my best friend and m>' love. 

Anita, Lam, Minh, Andy, Anjali, and Val: You all have touched my 

life in your own unique and special ways. Thank you all for the 

support, the love, the laughter, the late night field trips, and for only 

ever being a phone call away. 

"We are so much stronger than we imagine, and belief is one of the 
most valiant and long-lived human characteristics. To believe, when 
all along we humans know that nothing can cure the briefness of this 

life, that there is no remedy for our basic mortality, that is a form of 
bravery." - Lance Armstrong 

(^mup^^jUmfhD ,V0 


Andrew Joseph Szabo, D.O 

Duqucsne University, B.S., M.S. 
Sharon, Pennsylvania 

Thank you to my endlessly supportive wife, Kathryn. These last four 

years flew by, as I am sure the next five will. Thank you for believing 

in me and standing by me through the good times and the trying times. 

There is no one I would rather make this journey with than you. 

I love you. 

Thank you to my mother Mary, and my father Joseph; who have 

supported my dreams since I was a child. You have done everything 

possible to help get me to this point in my life. I am eternally grateful 

and eager to start chasing down the next dream. 

Thank you to my sister. Ali. You always remind me that no matter 

how far away from home I travel, I still have a family and place to call 

home whenever I need it. I am very proud of you. Thank you for 

always being there when I needed you. 

I wish the most sincere success to all of my fellow doctors in the class 

of 2010. We have come a long way since the fall of 2006. There were 

a ton of great times, and a few sad ones, but each endeavor has helped 

to shape us into the physicians we are today. 

"Knowledge is good."" - Emil Faber 


Navid Tabibzadeh, D.O. 

Villanova University, B.S., B.S. 

Drexel College Of Medicine, M.S. 

Lower Gwyncdd, Pennsylvania 

To my Family: 

Thank you for your unwavering belief in me, and the sacrifices you have made 

for me to be where I am now and hope to be in the future. Thank you Father 

for inspiring my curiosity of life and love of knowledge. Thank you Mother for 

being my guiding light in good times and bad and instilling in me maturity. 

Thank you Brother for being a great role model, friend, and counsel. 

To my Friends; 
No matter what life throws at us we will alwavs ha\ e each other in this world 
and the next. I am blessed and thankful to know each and every one of you. 

To the PCOM Faculty- 
Thank you for bestowing onto me the great knowledge and tradition of 
Osteopathic medicine. I hope to do it justice. And I am especially grateful to 
the PCOM faculty who guided me to and through PCOM during these years. 
You are truly the treasures of this school. You already know who \ ou are. 
Thank you. 

To the Future: 

As future PCOM DO's know that you come from a great school, a greater 

tradition, and the greatest profession on this earth and \ou should be proud of it 

wherever you go. And always be true to yourself and those around >'0U. 

"The son's of Adam are the limbs of one body, created of one essence. WTien in 

time was pained one limb the others could find no peace. Thou who hath no 

sympathy for the troubles of others are unworthy of the name man." - the 

Persian Poet Sa'di (1213-1291 .\D) 

I'/ W^yi, 



Ryan Brett Taylor, D.O. 

The Pennsylvania State University, B.S. 
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

Thank you Mom, Dad and 

Adam for your continued 

support and love. 



Sarun V. Thomas, D.O. 

Muhlenberg College, B.S. 
Commack, New York 

I've been very blessed throughout my time at medical school and although a lot 

of hard work was put in, much of any accomplishments are due to the love and 

support of the following people: 

My parents: 1 know your prayers before (and after) my exams, your emotional 
support, your encouragement, and your unconditional love brought me through 
college and medical school. Although school wasn't easy for me. I think it was 
harder for you. You should be very proud: I could not have done this without 
both of you. 

Sherri: What a perfect sister, y'know my conversations with you always 

grounded me. You are incredibly down to earth and wiser than your age and 

your humor, support, and love have really heightened the joys in my life 

including this one. 

My father and mother in law and Robin, my brother in law. my extended 

family, and friends: You were all so caring and loving from the beginning that 

I'm privileged to call you all my family. 

My wife. Rubeena - Thank you! I have found the one m> hear t loves (Song of 

Songs 3:4) in perfect timing, if I met you earlier I might have failed out. I've 

never been as happy till you became a part of my life so here's to a lifetime 

together. I love you! 

And most of all. I need to thank God. I believe medicine is a divine field 

because you are involved in a healing process and get to unravel the beauties of 

science. To be a faint reflection of tlie greatest Physician Christ is beyond what 

I deserve. 



Millicent Owusu Tiwaah, D.O 

State University Of New York at Binghamton, B.S. 

Philadelphia College Of Osteopathic Medicine, M.S. 


I thank God Almighty for bringing this far. I 
also thank my family and friends for their 
support. I really could not have done this 
without the support of all my loved ones. 

To Dad: I wish you were here to see me 

graduate. Though absent from the body I 

truly believe you are present in spirit so this 

is for you Daddy. 

•> ^> ,«a 


t_ b-Q 

Gregory A, Tocks, D.O. 

The Pennsylvania State University, B,S, 

Philadelphia College Of Osteopathic Medicine, 

Certificate in Biomedical Sciences 

Camp, Hill Pennsylvania 

First, I thank my family for your support and love which has served as a fuel for my 
confidence and commitment. I truly desire to achieve future successes under the ideals and 

genuine beliefs my parents instilled in my character. I thank my sister for my open- 

mindedness and willingness to explore, even if she argues my wardrobe does not do much 


Though they are here in spirit to wimess my achievement, I thank my grandparents for 

granting me the opportunity to attain such a momentous accomplishment. I promise to do 

my best to maintain value and dignity in our family's name. 

Jess, thank you for all the support during the tough obstacles of medical school. Your love 

and warmth made it as easy as it can get. Hopefully we may share this endeavor together 

bevond medical school. 

TTiroughout my education. I thank my teachers, professors, and clinicians who had the 

patience and determination to encourage life's important principles, history, and 

explorations. I have become a man captivated with curiosit)'. 

Finally, I would like to thank all of my closest friends from home, college, and PCOM. 
You have formulated my friendly personality, smile, and capacity to enjoy the company of 

others. 1 will cherish ail the laughs and good limes, embracing them for moments of 

remembrance during tough times ahead. I wish you all the best in excellence and success. 

Hopefully, we will continue to engage in great future occasions together. 

,^*«>^^ ^locAa , Co. 


Jillian M, Trizna, D.O. 

Allegheny College, B.S. 
Conneaut, Ohio 


Elias Tsirakoglou, D.O, 

Arcadia University, B.A. 
Newtown Square, Pennsylvania 

Puncct K. Tung, D.O. 

Haverford College, B.S. 
Hanover, New Hampshire 

Mom and Dad: I knew when the first Barbie I ever 

received was a 'Doctor Barbie" that you both had 

high hopes for me! Thank you for all your support. 

love, time and guidance all these years-I will never 

forget it. 

Naps: I know the road has been bumpy, but you will 
fmd your way and we "11 be here to help you through. 

Navi: I am so happy you found your path and am 

very proud of you. We cannot wait for your 

graduation in 2013! 

Chris: How can I fmd the words to thank someone 

who stood with me through it all? Thank >ou to my 

best friend. 

ji^ :^ X wJT^ 

^ aa 


1^ <=?^ 



^» 5p 











Irina Tutunikov, D.O. 

Kharkov University, BA., MA. 

Villanova University, Prc-med 

Rosenaont, Pennsylvania 

Thank you to my loving husband, whose 

unconditional support, faith in me. generosity, 

inspiration and love made all this possible. 

A reminder to my daughter that no matter how 

young or old you are, how many times you 

stumble and how far away the dream seems to be, 

it's all possible at the end. Good things happen 

when you believe in yourself and do what you 


To many others - family, friends, colleagues. 

teachers, who helped along the way in both small 

and important steps, to those who belie\ed in me: 

I bow to each and everyone of you. 

AUa UHtsky, D.O. 

The Pennsylvania State University, B.S 
Ivyland, Pennsylvania 

Thank you to my mom, dad, 

and sister. I could not have done 

this without your support. 

® Q.Uld^k^ D.O 

Charlenc Ann Vestermark, D.O. 

Hood CoUcge, B.A. 

Philadelphia College Of Osteopathic Medicine, 

Certificate in Biomedical Sciences 

Denver, Pennsylvania 

Fear not, 1 am with you; be not dismayed; I am your God. I will strengthen you. 

and help you, and uphold you with my right hand of justice. 

Isaiah 41:10. 

I thank the Lord for being the sole reason for everything I do and for showing 
His presence daily in my life through countless blessings. 

To my family. You have all been my strength through this long journey. Mom 

and Dad: you have been the examples of a good marriage, instilled a strong 

work ethic in me and taught me faith in tough times. Thank you for your 

sacrifice to get me here. Neil, Leif and Michelle: keep working hard. I support 

and love you all. 

To my fiance Allan, my love; I love you. You have stood by me when it felt 

like the world was against us. You have proven to me that you truly want only 

the best for us. and that you trust that the Lord will guide us there. You are and 

always will be my Only One. I can't wait to be your wife. 

Thank vou. 

To my Bestest Roomie, Nilu. One word: Charlu, or NiluChar depending on 

who you speak to. From frantic rants on exam weeks to coffee drink at 2 am; 

post exam shopping to playing hairdresser, random road trips to having 

interpretive dance-offs: I've enjoyed it all. Thanks for being you. And with 

Bren: We will always be my favorite trio. To my other med school buddies: 

there were ups and downs, tears, and joys, but we made it. Let's live the dream 

and save some lives. God Bless You .'\ll. 



Serena Vidanage, D.O, 

Lehigh University, B.S. 
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 

As the past four > ears slowh' draw to a close. I am so \ er\ thankful for 
the wonderful people I have met and the amazing friends that I have 

made. Thank you to PCOM for arming me with the medical 

knowledge necessar>' to become a future physician, and to all of the 

physicians that played a role in teaching me how to be a "real life' 


To the truly great friends I ha\ e been so blessed to meet, thank you 

for all the special memories that I will carry with me through the years. 

you all have a very special place in my heart. Thank you for the 

memorable times we had panying in the city, expanding our palate 

with new places to eat. trekking through the snow together, late night 

chats, and endless entertainment while studying at the library . 1 w ill 

never forget them! 

The biggest thank you by far goes to my wonderful family, .\mmie 

and Thathi. words cannot even begin to express the enormous gratitude 

in my heart for your constant support and selfless love. I cannot thank 

you enough for your endless generosity and sacrifices that \ ou made 

for me. And thank you Nishika. for helping mom to both make and 

deliver my delicious "meals on wheels". 

Most importantly, thank you God for all of your blessings each da\ 
and allowing me to make it thus far. Thank you for guiding and 
leading me to where I am today. 


i^JUti/ruu'lAiJjCurwAa. DO 

Laurie Gwcn Waldron, D.O. 

Muhlenberg College, B.S. 
Newtown, Pennsylvania 

if sau ^^^ 

Mom and Dad - You are my inspirations. I would ne\ er be the person 1 am without 

your constant guidance and unconditional love, nor would I be here today without 

your unwavering support and encouragement. Thank you for always belicN-ing in 

your little girl - your Peanut loves >ou! 

Kevin and Kyle - Thanks for always looking out for your Big Sis. I am so proud of 

all your accomplishments and caimol wait to see what the future has in store for 


Mom-Mom and Grandmom ~ I have always admired your strength and the 
unconditional love and support you give to our family. I love you both so much. 

In Loving Memory of my Grandfathers - Although I wish you were here with us 

today. I know you are smiling down on me always. I couldn't ask for better 

Guardian Angels. 

Campfield ~ Or should I say. "Dr. Campfield"?? Who would've guessed eight years 

ago in freshman Biology that this is where we'd be today'? Thank you for being my 

best friend, my rock, and my constant reason to smile. I am so incredibly proud of 

you. and I cannot wait to see where this journey called life continues to take us 

together. I love you. Bri. BBS. xoxo. 

My Friends - Sweetly and simply - you guys are the absolute best. I never would 
have made it without all of you! 

Class of 2010 - I am so fortunate to have met each and everj- one of you. 
Congratulations - Now go gel 'em! 

To everyone else that has touched my life in some w ay. large or small - all my love 
and gratitude. 

Brian M. Walsh, D.O. 

Virginia Tech, B.S. 
Dover, Delaware 

Aubre A. Weber, D.O. 

Southern Methodist University, B.B.A. 

Harvard University 

Cedar Hill, Texas 

I would like to express my sincere thanks to PCOM 
for welcoming me in to the family. It was during my 
time as a PCOM student, that I married my fabulous 
husband, adopted my crazy puppy and now have the 
beginnings of a long and wonderful career! Thank 
you so much, again! 

khwA. luitw 


Nicholas Weber, D.O. 

Ursinus College, B.S. 
Mountaintop, Pennsylvania 

I would like to thank: 
Mom and Dad -For staying strong when tough times became 
harder. Ryan -Thanks for giving me something to look up to. 

Gramm\ and Pop-pop -For making the family complete. 
Grandma and Spike - for making a warm home when I needed 
it. 167: Sacco Belch Tysen Levi Schultheis -No Limits. Bill 
and Faith -Because if your going to take the trip you might as 

well be big while you do it. The Ranger. Fit gym: Dann\ 

Lamont Boogie Donald Rob Hank. statusBLUE: Joe Nathan 

Labin Ryan, The Holzbaur lab: Erika Mariko, Jigzy, Nikki 

Florida and Pop-pop, Ursinus: Albert and Steve, Crestwood 

Wrestling: Joe Jacobs Coach Joe Testa Gitano, Jeff Timmy and 

Chrissy Opiel and Jeep. Mountaintop: Liz Motel Janosco 

Jacquish Nitkowski Mr Janosco. The Crown Victoria. Nina 

-Cause life needs to be fun too. ESP. The French press and 

Monster. Millersville: Eugleslia and Mikulak Kendra and Funk. 

Kathy. Pearl Street Stabs. Biomeds: Jesse Katrina Steph and 

Ever\one Else. GMC. 4426: Dave and Matt, Jen Man, PCOM 

Admissions, Steve Patty Christine Candace. Jack Alice Alicia 

Christina, Jenny, Trosky, Ursinus Wrestling. Mark from 

Sicklers. and here's Kutz.... 

Thank-you for being my support, my friends, and my family. 

Lynn M. Wilson, D.O. 

Cedar Crest College, B.S. 
East Palestine, Ohio 

"Du not worry if you have buill your castles in the air. They are where 

they should be. Now put the foundations under them." 

-Henn' David Thoreau 

Mom and Dad- Thank \ou for \our belief in me, all these years. I 

never would have made it through the last twent5'-six years without 

\ our unconditional love and support. 

Lisa, Allison and Amanda- We are sisters by chance, but friends by 

choice. I love you each, and I cannot wait to see what life has in store 

for each of you. 

Anne. Amanda and my fellow PCOMers- Thank \ ou for being the best 

friends I could ask for during the last four years. We ha\e had some 

sreat times, and 1 will always remember them with fondness. 

Michael- You have become my best friend. Thank you for teaching me 

that University of Michigan and Ohio State can in fact live together in 

peace. I look forward to many more years with you by my side... 

"If you don't know where you are going. 

you'll end up someplace else." 

-Yogi Berra 

Jessica Lauren Wirth, D.O. 

Salisbury University, B.S. 
Baltimore, Maryland 

First and foremost. I want to thank my family for being ray foundation. 
I would not be the person I am today without the love and support of 

my family. Mom and dad, your hard-work and dedication is the 

reason I was able to pursue my dreams, for that I am forever in debt to 

you. Stevie and Justin, remember that I will always be right here to 

help guide you through life's trials and tribulations. Tricia, thank you 

for being the light that guided my path, it was comforting to know I 

could always come to you for advice. 

Greg, thank you for being my rock through all the stress and madness. 

Your patience and understanding are much appreciated: it was so great 

to have someone else right beside me throughout this journey. I will 

always love you. 

To all of my friends, thank you for the constant encouragement. Your 

support means the world to me and I could not have made it through 

the past few years without you. 

r-inally. to my PCOM crew, we made it! The past four years have 

been a crazy roller coaster and 1 loved every minute of it. 1 will always 

carry with me the memories we built together, you hold a special place 

in my heart. Good luck on all of your endeavors, I wish you nothing 

but happiness! 

f i7J 



Anita Daw-Rong Yang, D.O, 

University Of Pittsburgh, B.A., B.S. 
Richmond, VA 

I can't believe this day is here. Four years ago, it seemed so daunting. Today. 

because of the love, prayers, and support of family and friends, the impossible 

is no longer. 

Above all. I thank God for His grace in giving me this opportunity and the 

ability to finish. "For grace proclaims the awesome truth that all is gift. All that 

is good is ours, not by right, but by the sheer bounty of a gracious God. While 

there is much we may have earned ...all this is possible only because we have 

been given so much." 

This journey would have been impossible without my family. Daddy, you were 

the one who always believed in me. I wish with all my heart that you could be 

here to see all of this. Mommy, you have always been my rock. You love me 

unconditionally and 1 can never thank you enough for that. Mei. you are my 

biggest fan. Thank you for always being there whenever, wherever. 

To Lam, you've seen it all and never left my side. Thank you for loving me and 

for always understanding. To the Nguyen family, thank you for your 

unwavering love and support. 

To my non-medical school friends, thank you for understanding the demands of 

medical school - I know it wasn't always easy. To my medical school friends, I 

wouldn't have sur\'ived the past 4 years without your friendship. Thanks for all 

the laughs, tears, and sleepless nights. To the Class of 2010, it's been a great 

ride. We've overcome so much and I'm proud to be part of this class, 

"There's a blessing in every moment, in every mile..," 




Shavon Yannuzzi, D.O^ 

Dickinson College, B.S. 

Boston University, M.M.S, 

Aston, Pennsylvania 

I dedicate this page to my wonderful family and friends who have given their 

unconditional love, support and prayers to help make my dream of becoming a physician 

come true. 

Mom & Dad; I could not be where I am toda> without you. You have stood by me every 
step of the way. I hope ! can continue to make you proud. 

My Husband: Rich, you have been an amazing pillar of support for me since the day we 

met. I do not tell you enough how much I appreciate your love, devotion and 

consideration: nor how much I admire your strength, determination and perseverance. I 

know working together all our dreams will come true. 

My Family: You have always been there for me whenever I have called for home-cooked 

meals, rides to the airport or just to listen. Ever\- act not matter large or small was a 

substantial help. 

My Chi Friends: I enjoyed escaping my medical realm to celebrate job promotions. 
weddings and new homes. I hope we continue to share our life-long milestones together. 

My D-son Friends: We have had great times in DC, Philly. San Diego and the Jersey 

shore. With the stress of medical school. I looked forward to oiu- girl-time whether it was 

a weekend or month. Thank you for your hospitality. 

My PCOM Friends: We have developed a friendship that will last a lifetime. I enjoyed 

our exclusive dinner parties, group study sessions, sex-in-the-cily gossiping and dancing 

at after-exam parties. I could not have sunived the rigors of medical school without you 


God. please continue to guide and watch over me. It gives me comfon knowing you are 
alwavs there to listen. 

Jliojt/trr) ^^}<y>^vwj/^' c80. 

^ ;l&o 

Lindsay A. Yoms, D.O. 

Hartwick College, B.A. 
East Longmeadow, Massachusetts 

This was definitely not an easy path to take. 

But although hard, it is probably the most rewarding 

experience we will undergo. Not many people 

know what it is like to go through such a grueling 

process, but because of that we are blessed. 

Especially with everything that I have been through, 

I greatly appreciate all those who have been by my 

side. Mom and Dad, I love you so much, and will 

do anything for you as you have done for me thus 

far. Billy, I know you have been through all of this 

as well. Thank you so much for preparing me for 

the future and keeping me rational. Dan, you have 

helped me get through some of my hardest times. 

and for that I owe you. Anything you need. I will 

always be there for you. To all my friends and 

family, I would never be where I am today without 

you! You forever are and will be a part of my heart. 

I love you all so much. Here is to the next windy 

road to travel down! Congrats all. PS - The light 

was totally green!! 

ijwA/i f^X*/^' ^^ 


David Young, D.O. 

University Of Delaware, B.S. 

Philadelphia College Of Osteopathic Medicine, 

Certificate in Biomedical Sciences 

Cherry Hill, New Jersey 

I have been fortunate to have a family that 

has continuously supported and encouraged me 

throughout my life's endeavors. What I 

appreciated most was the occasional evening 

spent playing video games and the phone call 

making sure I was still alive. I am forever 

grateful for the small things that remind me there 

is always a loving family behind me. 

Between the long days of lecture and late 

nights in the library, there were beautiful 

mountain summits and pristine golf courses to 

balance my life. 1 am privileged to have shared 

these great many experiences with my good 

friends here at PCOM. 


Christie Ncssim Yousscf, D.O. 

Emory University, BA. 

Philadelphia College Of Osteopathic 

Medicine, M.S. 

Greenville, South Carolina 

To my family: I would like to thank you from the bottom of 
my heart, but for you all, my heart has no bottom. Your 
sacrifices, endless support, and continual guidance have 

allowed me to achieve my dreams of becoming a physician. 

I love you all so very much and can't wait to celebrate this 
wonderful accomplishment with you all. 

To my dearest friends: A friend is someone who understands 

your past, believes in your future and accepts you just the wa\- 

you are. You all have been with me every step of this journey 

and for that I am truly thankful. I will never forget your 

unwavering motivation and support. 

Most of all, I am thankful for God's grace and e^•erlasting 
mercy; for He said: 

"Be anxious for nothing, but in everything, by prayer and 
petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. .A.nd 

the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will 

guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. (Philippians 


Margaret Joan Zawisza, D.O. 

DeSalcs University, B.S. 
Orwigsburg, Pennsylvania 

Dave, thank you for celebrating my stepping stones with as much enthusiasm and 

excitement as you did the very first lime. The pre-rounds phone calls have meant so 

much to me. It is my honor and pnvilege to become your wife! 

Mommy and Daddy, thank you for your inspiration, example, and for the faith you have 

taught me. Daddy, you are a spectacular physician and my greatest mentor. Mommy, 

you always make sure we have an ear for conversation and a good meal. I always say. 

"medical school ages you." You guys have aged gracefully in this, your third bout. Your 

dedication to your children is easily evidenced by Father's Day 2008! 

Joe and Ang. you are strong role models for me. Joe. I have always been so proud of you 

as you paved the way for us kids. Thank you for your tips and for "making me feel 

better." Ang. thanks for the advice and talks about life and choosing a field of practice, 

Danny and Bethany, thank you for the prayers and support. Danny, you always managed 

to calm my nerves before the big tests. I admire your fine medical and surgical skills. I 

enjoyed my time with you in Western PA and I hope you have since obtained a calculus 


Irene, thank you for your prayers, encouragement, and for allowing me to "'practice 

medicine," I cherish our evening chats. We will finally be matched up as graduation 

buddies in 2013! 

Grammy and Pap. you always encc 
intercessor in Heaven. Pap. thank ; 

aged us to do uur best. Grammy, you are my 
1 for your prayers and for "taking care of me." 

I love you all! 

Jeanne Zukas, D.O. 

Loyola College, B.S. 
Frackville, Pennsylvania 

I would like to thank my husband, who is the onh- one who can motivate 

me when I momentarily lose self-discipline. Through these four years 

you have been supportive, patient, understanding, and encouraging and 

even learned some OMT along the way. 

To Jen. Shavon. Misha. and Ashle\ - 1 am etemalK indebted to \ou. You 

all made medical school the best part of my life. I had so much fun that I 

enjoyed it more than undergrad! All the study groups, all the post-exam 

dinners, all the weddings! What sticks out in my memor\- most are the 

silh' moments we had together hours into a study session and all those 

mnemonics we spent hours making up - like "alphas never sin". I am so 

blessed to have friends like > ou. 

To my family Mom. Dad. Mikey. Greg. Grandma. Grandpa. Grandma 
Jean. Frank and Nonie. Thomas - thank you for your generosity, support. 

and encouragement throughout all my studies. Thank \'0u Nonie for 
helping me stop crying the last day of second year, because I was so sad 

it was o\'er. My fa\orite part was seeing my friends all day everyday. 

To my anatomy lab group, you know who you are #34. "Oh Randy, stop 

being so randy". It is still my favorite class in all of medical school. 

Thank \ ou for making it so fun. and thanks Nick for all the original 


To m\ first roommate Nicole. We got through a lot of mini-crisis 
together before exams and had a lot of fun after exams. 

^^^S-t^t.^^ ^^^-«2tXti-^ T^O- 


Additional Members Of The Class Of 2010 

Quan Li. D.O. 



Jessica A\Tes. D.O. Mark Condoluci. D.O. Steven Elek. D.O. 

Kris Gordon. D.O. 

Eric Little. D.O. Patrick O Donnell. D.O. Christopher Pullion, D.O. 

Matthew Stanishewski. D.O. Jane Teng. D.O. 

Erik Thorell. D.O. Delores Tomambe. D.O. 



Matthew Trzcsniowski. D.O. 

Isaac X'argas, D.O. 

Tor^- Weber. D.O. .NL Scott Wise. D.O. 

Additional Members Of The Class Of 2010 

William Bambach, D.O. 

Helen Basyuk, D.O. 

Katherine Baugher, D.O. 

Michael Bickell, D.O. 

Olga Boychenko, D.O. 

Gregory Diorio, D.O. 

Huy Do, D.O. 

Phillip Elbaum, D.O. 

Christopher Halleman, D.O. 

Christopher Hibbard, D.O. 

Genevieve Hunkele, D.O. 

Alecia Hustler, D.O. 

Dannielle Hustler, D.O. 

Zachary Ichtcr, D.O. 

Kristen Jones, D.O. 

Vikram Khasat, D.O. 
Elizabeth Kwak, D.O. 

Mark Lee, D.O. 

Denny McDonald, D.O. 

Kathy McGill, D.O. 

Nadia Nashed, D.O. 

Mark Olaf, D.O. 

Mark Perenich, D.O. 

Jon Pomeroy, D.O. 

Jonathan Sutter, D.O. 

Kourosh Tavanaiepour, D.O. 

Christopher Tresnicky, D.O. 

Michael Washinsky, D.O. 

Charles Yourshaw, D.O.. 


^ fc- 

^ » ..%■ 




i fWi 



* > 





The Vhiladelphia Gollege Of Osteopathic 
(D.O. Glass Of 2010 

rememhers the life of . ■ '-^^^^ 

Clton Qlen Boshy, Jr., Wl.^ 

September I Q, I QS I - Wlay I /, 2008 

Son, IBrother, "Beloved, Fraternity IBrother, Wlentor,''' 
rriend & Glassmate ■ 

ay You TR^est In Cverlasting IPeace 

.^y/ie f/^/ii/mM/Jiia ^C^r/Zn/e ^ / ^^ ^^e^/xif/ifc .jl^^r/ichie 


20 /o 

6f/ //(e r/erfUfa/fjfa 


V jf ^/ ('((Jieer 



^ > 






Edition 4 



«^ OAfF 
lib ^SY«V 

Clinical Knowledge 


Rapid Review 
Boards pathology 

for SiudVi^ 




'"- Medi cal 


Adam Brochert 


■o --■.■^*^^^ 

Osteopathic Technique' 





"Medicine makes people ill, mathematics makes them sad, theology makes them sinful..." 

-Martin Luther (1 483-1 546) 



PCOM Class Of 2010 Officers 

Christopher Rcb, D.O. Regina Travis, MBA 

Class Chair Treasurer 

Ashley Caplan, D.O. David DahiU, D.O. KeUy Janke, D.O. 

Head Scribe Head Scribe Head Scribe 

Ifeanyi Olele, MBA 

Head Distributor 

Niels Synder, MBA 

Head Booth Operator 

Abraham Chacko, D.O. Ankush Jain, D.O. Michelle Noreski, D.O. 

Social Chair Social Chair Social Chair 

09-10 Awards & 

David Rand, D.O. 

2010 Mason W. 
Pressly Memorial 
Medal Recipient 

Richard E. Colarusso, DO Memorial Scholarship 

Jennifer Swenski, D.O. 

Ruth & Irving Komberg Internal 

Medicine Scholarship 

Ashley Caplan. D.O. 

Sara & Benjamin Lincow Pain Management 

Memorial Foundation Scholarship 

Emily Dilzer-Brunner, D.O. Bradley Grant, D.O. 

Alison Lee, D.O. 

Lambda Omicron Gamma Scholarship 

Rebecca Rinko, D.O. 

Mary F.T. Conroy Memorial Scholarship 

Courtney Downey, D.O. 

Bernard Master DO Scholarship 

Karishma Anik. D.O. 

Nicholas S. Nicholas DO Memorial Scholarship 
David Mahon. D.O. 

Rebecca Park Memorial Award 
Maria Theresa Kurtz, D.O. 

Rebecca Park Memorial Award 
Maria Theresa Kurtz, D.O. 

Ernest C. Johnson, DO Memorial Scholarship 

Alysa Bell, D.O. Debra Bjork, D.O. 

M. Scott Wise, D.O. Jeffrey Cashman. D.O. 

Joshua LaGrant, D.O. Crystal Terrill, D.O. 

Charlie Hilton, D.O. 

Parkview Hospital Physicians Scholarship 

Nicole Paul, D.O. 

Dr. Corinne Santerian Memorial 
Scholarship In Pediatrics 

Sarah Sitoski, D.O. 

Gina M. Simelaro Memorial Scholarship 

Julian Ngo, D.O. 

Lewis M. Yimginger DO Memorial Scholarship 

Alison Lee, D.O. 

Dr. Angus Gordon Cathie Scholarship Fimd 

Veronica Nicholas, D.O. 

Louisa B. Smith, DO Memorial Scholarship 

Alison Lee, D.O. 

Michael P. Szutowicz, DO 72 Memorial 


Janet Sallit, D.O. 

Hassman Family Scholarship 

David Young, D.O. 

2010 Graduating Programs 

M.S., Health Sciences -Physician Assistant 




M.S., School Psychology 

Additional Programs 

M.S., Biomedical 

M.S., Counseling 
& Clinical Health 

M.S,, Forensic 

^13 § 







Naval Medical Center- Daniel Dean 

Loma Linda University, Pediatrics- 

Couitnev Jones 

Loma Linda University. Pediatrics- 

Tory Weber 


University Of Connecticut, Family Med- 

MuIIv Dando 


Chmtiana Care Health System, Radiology- 

Denise Drohobvczer 

Christiana Care Health System, Radiology- 
Heather Mosca 

Christiana Care Health System, IMED- 

Kalhv McGill 

Christiana Care Health System, IMED- 

Peler Burke 

Christiana Care Health System, EM/FP- 

Elisa Allardo 




Christiana Care Health System, IMED- 
Aubre Mcdendon Weber 

AI duPont Hospital for Children, 
Pediatrics- Cr\^tal Dutfx 

AI duPont Hospital for Children, 
Pediatrics- Puneet Tung 

AI DuPont Hospital for Children, 
Pediatrics- Meghan Sweeney 


Largo Medical Center, Internship- 
Julian Ngo 

Largo Medical Center, Family Med- 

Chrislie Youssef 

Palmetto General Hospital - 

Rene Perez 

Naval Hospital JacksonviUe- 

Ca^ey Lafferly 

Broward Medical Center, IMED - 

Brendan Doucetle 

St. Petersburg General Hospital, Traditional 
Rotating Internship - Scoti Wise 


Medical College Of Georgia, General 
Surgery- Benjamin Keyset 

Medical College Of Georgia, General 
Surgery- Dana Guelig 

Morehouse School Of Medicine, IMED- 



University Of Hawaii, IMED- 

Jon PomeroN 

Tripler Army Medical Center, OB/GYN - 

Ijeamaka Otodile 


Lutheran General tiospital, Pediatrics- 
Jonathan Cordova 


Central Maine Medical Center- 

Shayna Lcmkc 


National Naval Medical Center, 
Transitional Year - Ankush Jain 

National Naval Medical Center - Steven EIek 

National Naval Medical Center - 

Steven Elek 


University Of Massachuseltes. Family Med- 
Paul Sahd 

BaysUte/Tufts University Medical Center, 
Pediatrics- Diana Drogalis 

Boston University, Family Med - 

Alexandra Isakova 


St. John's Health, Ophthalmology- 
Michael Allerman 

Providence Hospital, Family Med- 

Lvnn Wilson 


Kennedy Health System , IMED- 

Mark Condoluci 

UMDNJ-SOM, OtolaiyngologyA^acial 
Plastic Surgery- Karen Shemanski 

UMDNJ- SOM, General Surgery- Zach Ichter 


Ashley McBrearty 

UMDNJ-SOM, Orthopaedic Surgcry- 

Chnslopher Reb 

UMDNJ-SOM. Internship- Navid 

Cooper University Hospital, IMED- 


Cooper University Hospital, Pediatrics- 
Danielle Ferraguii 

UMDNJ Robert Wood Johnson Cooper 
University Hospital- Aubri Miiano 

UMDNJ Robert Wood Johnson Cooper 
University Hospital, IMED- 

Dawn Marie Gurican 


University Of New Mexico, Psychiatry- 
Michael Washinskv 



Winthrop University Hospital- l-rallk Amico 

SUNY Stonybrook, Pediatrics- 
Laurie Waldron 

des Medical Center, Intemship- 

Denise Drohobvc/er 

Lenox Hill Hospital. OB/GYN- 

Karishma Anik 

Maria Fareri Children's Hospital, Pediatrics- 

Stacey Hackelt 

SUNY Upstate- St. Joseph's Hospiul, 
Family Med- Amanda Ray 

Women & Children's Hospital Of Buffalo, 
Pediatrics- Chnsline Basil 

St. Barnabas Hospital, Neuiosurgcry- 

Kourosh Tavanaiepour 

Sl Barnabas Hospital, General Surgery- 

Anastasia Bakoulis 

Riverside Methodist, IMED - 

Jillian Trizna 

Wright -Patterson Air Force BaseAVright 
State University, IMED- Melinda Schlenk 

Grandview Medical Center. 
Ophthalmology- Daniel McComiack 

Ohio State University, Neurology - 

Nicholas Lanciano 


Lehigh VaUey Hospital, OB/GYN- 

Courtney Downey 

Lehigh VaUey Hospital, IMED- 

Jeanne Zukas 

Lehigh VaUey Hospiul, IMED- 

Janel Laflouf 

Lehigh Valley Hospiul. Family Med- 

Kim-Huong Nguyen 

Lehigh VaUey Hospital, EMED- 

Colin Donnelly 

York Hospiul, EMED- Justin Koch 
Yoik Hospiul, OB/GYN- Jessica Wirth 

Bryn Mawr Hospiul, Family Mcd- 

Christine Strunk 

Reading Hospiul & Medical Center, 
OB/GYN- Luisa Galdi 

Hospital, Anesthesiology- 

Lee Neuberl 

St. Joseph's Hospital (Reading), Family 
Med- Robvn Medina 

Memorial Hospital, EMED- Audrcj 

Drexel University, Neurology- Na\ id 


Lakenau Hospital, Surgery- Tai 

Donate Ih 

Lehigh Valley Hospital. IMED- 

Adam Mansh 

Lehigh Valley HospiuU IMED- 

Shavon Yannuzzi 

Lehigh VaUey Hospital. EMED- 

Chadd Kraiis 


high VaUey Hospital, EMED- 

Megan Dambach 

St. Joseph's Medical Center (Reading), 
Family Med- Chelsea DiDonato 

St. Joseph's Medical Center (Reading). 
Internship- Heidi Long 

St. Joseph's Medical Center (Reading), 
Internship- Theodore Schuck 

St. Joseph's Medical Center (Reading), 
Internship- Shan Baheendran 

Williamsport Hospiul, Family Med- 

Matthew Meeker 

Williamsport Hospital & Medical Center, 
Family Med- Margaret Zawisza 

Abington Memorial Hospital, IMED- 

Jennifer Hanson 

Abington Memorial Hospital, Family Mcd- 

Brenl Beddis 

Abington Memorial HospitaL Family Med- 

Phuong Hoang 

Temple University Hospiul, PM&R- 

James Bailey 

Temple University Hospital, PM&R- 

Heaiher Galgon 

Temple University HospitaL PH&R- 

Irina Tuluniko\' 

Temple University Hospital, Radiology- 
Theresa Kaufman 

Temple University HospiuL EMED- 

Colleen Guest Marchetta 

Temple University Hospital, PM&R- 

David Mahon 

Crozer Chester Medical Center, Pediatrics- 
Christopher Higgins 

Crozer Chester Medical Center, IMED- 

Sarun Thomas 

Crozer Chester Medical Center, Family Med- 
Keli Donnelly 

Crozer Chester Medical Center, Family Med- 

KeMn DuPrex 

Geisinger Medical Center, Med/Peds- 
Emily Dilzer-Bninner 

Geisinger Medical Center, Med/Peds- 

Robcrt Brunner 

Geisinger Medical Center, IMED- 

Kevin Masuire 

Geisinger Medical Center, OB/GYN- 

lenniler Swenski 

Geisinger Medical Center, IMED- 

Brian Walsh 

Geisinger Medical Center. IMED- Qian Li 

Geisinger Medical Center. IMED- 

Alicia Meadows 

Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center, 
General Surgery- Rrin Miller 

Geisinger Medical Center, Pediatrics- 
Megan Moran 

Geisinger Medical Center, Pediatrics- 
Sarah Sitoski 

Geisincr Wyoming Valley Medical Center, 
Family Med- Nathan Greczek 

Aria Health, EM/FP- Anne Maguire 

Aria Health, EM/FP- Ryan Taylor 

Aria Health, IMED- Michelle Segalov 

Aria Health, EM- Tung Nguyen 

Aria Health. FP- Michelle Noreski 

Pcnn State Hershey Medical Center, EMED- 

Jonalhan Rill 

Pcnn State Hershey Medical Center, 
Anesthesiology- Jesse Conrad 

Penn State Hershey Medical Center, 
Pediatrics- Stephanie Richard 

Penn State Hershey Medical Center, 
Radiology- Victor Longo 

Mercy Rtzgerald, Internship- 
Michael Ritenuti 

Albert Einstein Medical Center, Nemrology- 
Michael Ritenuti 

Albert Einstein Medical Center, IMED- Chris 

Albert Einstein Medical Center, EMED- 

Ryan 0\erberger 

Albert Einstein Medical Center, EMED- 

Joseph Herres 

Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, 
Anesthesia- Ashley Caplan 

Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, 
Neurology- Neerali Bernard 

Thomas Jefferson University HospitaL 
PM&R- Nicole Gartner 

Mercy Suburban Hospital, Traditional 
Rotating Internship- Nicole Merritt 

Mercy Suburban Hospital, Traditional 
Rotating Internship- Caiherine Liebman 

St. Luke's Hospital, Traditional Rotating 
Internship - Kevin HoUick 

Mercy Suburban HospitaL Family Med- 
Mar\ Merlini 

Mercy Suburban HospitaL Family Med- 

Jcnnifer Lurrinc 

Mercy Suburban HospitaL Family Med- 
Erik Thorell 

Mercy Suburban HospitaL Traditional - 

Stcfania Nolano 

Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital- Suzanne Smith 

Lankenau Hospital. OB/GYN- 

Veronica Nicholas 

Lankenau Hospiul, IMED- 

Samantha Burkhart 

Lankenau Hospiul, IMED- Nicole Albert 
Lankenau Hospiul. IMED- Erin Schreck 

Lankenau Hospital, IMED- 

Malthew Slanishewski 

Lankenau HospiuL IMED- 

Joseph Kusick 

Drexel University, Anesthesia- 
Nicholas Weber 

Drexel University, Pathology- Jessica Ayres 

St. Joseph's Hospiul (Philadelphia), 
Internship- Kelly Janke 

Latrobe Hospital, Family Med- 

Laura Morton 

Latrobe Hospiul, Family Med- 

Susan Holencik 

Latrobe HospitaL Family Med- 

Shane Newhouser 

Pennsylvania Hospital, IMED- 

Lindsey Govern 

Pennsylvania Hospiul, IMED- 

Jennifer Cheng 

St. Luke's HospiuL EMED- Alia Ulitsky 

St Luke's Hospital, EMED- 

Michael Silberman 

St. Lake's Hospiul, Family Med- 

Lynn Acquaviva 

St. Luke's HospiuL Family Med- 
Lauren DeVita 

Latrobe Hospital, Family Med- 

Margaret Behr 

Memorial Hospital, Orthopaedic Surgery- 
Bryan Houseman 

Memorial Hospital, Family Mcd- 

Alison McMaster 

Memorial Hospital, Family Med- 

Niloofar Roodsari 

Memorial Hospital, OB/GYN- 

Andrea Sebright 

Temple University, IMED - Nina George 

Pinnacle Health System, IMED- 
Ashlcv Conshuc 

Pinnacle Health System, Family Med- 
Minh Ngu>en 

Pinnacle Health System, Orthopaedic 
Surgery- Gregory Iticks 

Pinnacle Health System, General Surgery- 
Anuj Paikh 

Wesum Pennsylvania HospiuL OB/GYN- 
Gcncvicvc Hunkele 

Delaware County Medical Center, 
Internship- Charlie Fedeic 

Delaware County Medical Center, 
Internship- James Baile> 

Delaware County Medical Center, 
Internship- Nicole Gartner 



OcMn Sut* ^ 

Brown University Memorial Hospital Of RI, 
Family Med- Ashle\ L^kin 


Damall .\rmy Medical Center, EMED- 

Gina Blocker 

San Antonio Military Medical Center, 
Anesthesia- Dannielle Hustler 

San Antonio Military Medical Center, 
IMED- Chariene Vesiermark 

San Antonio Military Medical Center, 
IMED- Charles Calais 


Universit\' Of Virginia. Psychiatn'- 

Brad Gram 

Portsmouth Naval Medical Center, IMED- 

Nicholas DiGeorge 

Portsmouth Naval Medical Center, 
OB/G'^'N- Michelle Cifone 

Children's Hospital Of the Kings 
Daughter's. Pediatrics- Christopher Meeks 

Virginia Commonwealth UniveisiCy, 
i\nesthesia- Rebecca Margolis 


Madigan .\nnv Medical Center - 

Mana Theresa Kurtz 


Providence Hospital, IMED- 

Monica Kanal 2-^5 

Ibt A)tk Ascleprus is the god of Healing., a skilled physician who practiced in Gre&e' around 
1200 BC. He is the son of Apollo and the nymph, Coronis. WWleprtgnant with Asclepius. 
Coronis secretly took a second, mortal lover. When Apollo found out, he'sent Artemis to kill her. 
While burning on the funeral pyre. Apollo felt pity and rescued the unborn child from the corpse. 
Asclepius was taught about medicine and healmgbv the wise centaur. Cheiron, and became so 
skilled in it that he succeeded in bringini! one of his paiicniv hack from the dead. Zeus felt that the 
immortality of the Gods was threatened andlc^Si the he.ilcr with a thunderbolt. At Apollo's 
request. Asclepius was placed among th^gf^^ Ogfcjjjf hus. the serpent-bearer. 

eluded his daughters Meditrina, Hygeia 
healing (literally, "all healing") 
mer's Illiad as physicians in the Greek 

JHaditrioe, Hjigda ud Puacu: The chiidrel 

and Panacea who were symbols of media 

respectively. Two of the sons of Asclepi| 

army (Machaon and Podalirius). 

Note that the classic Hippocratice Oath is sworn "by Apollo the physician, by /Esculapius. Hygeia, 

and Panacea "' 

The pnblble medical Origm of QM ihl^ ttrpeat around a rod: in ancient times infection by parasitic 
worms was common. The filarial womi Dracunculus medinensis aka "the fiery serpent", aka "the 
dragon of Medina ' aka "the gyinea worm" crawled around the victim's body, just under the skin. 
Physicians treated this infection by cutting a slit in the patient's skin, just in front of the worm's 
path. As the worni crawled out the cut, the physician carefully wound the pest around a stick until 
the entire animal hVkJ been remo\ed. It is believed that because this type of infection was so 
common, physicians advertised their services by displaying a sign with the worm on a stick. 

The Greelf Hermes found his analogue in Eg\pt as the ancient Wisdom god Thoth. 

as Taaut of the Phoenicians and in Rome as the god Mercury (all linked with a ■ • 

magic rod with twin snakes). __ i.' 

The mythical origin of his magic twin serpent caduceus is described in the stdfy of 
Tiresias. Poulenc, in "Les Mamelles de Tiresias" (The Breasts of Tiresias) tells 
how Tiresias-the seer who w^as so unhelpful to Oepidus and Family- found two 
snakes copulating, and to separate them stuck his staff between fiiem. Immediately 
he was turned into a woman, and remained so for seven years, until he \\ as able to 
repeat his action, and change back to male. The transformative power in this story, 
.syong enough to completely reverse even physical polarities of male and female, 
comes from the union of the two serpents, passed on by the wand, Tiresias' staff, 
complete with serpents, was later passed on to Hermes,,, 

Occult Hermetic CouieC&lb An occult '^CSription of the Caduceus of Hermes 

(Mercury ) is that the serpents ma\ rtStt^iO^positive and negative kundalini as it 

moves through the chakras and aroMjjJjh«£nc (the staff) to the head where it 

coinmunicates with MIND by &telj tf|ij [gne domain' of Mercury [wings]. 

According to occultists, there arg tlWg^^^ g^ nadis (Sanskrit for channel i in the 

human body. The sushumna (th^pmal column through which the life-forces 

flow), by which means we enter and leave the body, the Ida (refreshment and 

stimulation of spirit), which is associated with the higher mind or manas and the 

Pingala, (reddish-brown), associated with kama or the force of desire. 

The caduceus aa a Medical symbok The link between Hermes and his caduceus and 
medicine seems to have ansen by Hermes links with alchemy. .Mchemists were 

referred to as the sons of Hermes, as Hermetists or Hermeticists and as 

"practitioners of the hermetic arts". By the end of the sixteenth cenmry. the study 

if alchemy included not only medicine and pharmaceuticals but chemistry, mining 

and metallurgy. Despite learned opinion that it is the single snake staff of 

Asdepius that is the proper symbol of medicine, many medical groups have 

adopted the twin serpent caduceus of Hermes or Mercury as a medical symbol 

during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, 

-ike the staff of .Asclepius, the caduceus became associated with medicine through 

its use as a printer's mark, as printers saw themselves as messengers of the printed 

word and diffusers of knowledge (hence the choice of the symbol of the messenger 

of the aiitient gods). A major reason for the current popularity of the caduceus as a 

medical symbol was its ill-informed official adoption as the insignia for the 

Medical DepanmenT of the United States Army in 1902. 

The PCOM's Medical School Nerd Scale 


Have you been spending too much time in medical school? Are you 

having adverse side effects due to prolonged exposure? Score one point 

for each statement that applies to you. 

4. You relype handouts giv 

5. You have not been able 

omelhing YOU wrote 

nber the normal term lor .' 

(i. You gel more sleep in lectiue than at home 

7. You havent" had a date since entering medical school 

S. You have ever asked a question in class 

y. The prof, didn't understand the question 

1 0. You didn't believe the answer given by the prof 

1 1 . You went to look it up to see if they were right 

1 2. You can't hold a conversation on anything other than i 

1 3. You skip class to study 

14. When you ask a question, a new prof, has said "Oh. I" 
l.'i. You can name more amino acids than past presidents 

1 6. You do not read PTA as parent teachers association, b 

1 7. You can remember the muscles in the forearm 

I iS. You can't remember what yoti had for breakfast 

19. You equate ■■morning stiffness" with RA 

20. Missing class causes you extreme stress 

2 1 . You have seriously asked someone "So how does that 

22. You identify with Benton on ■■ER" 

23. You have made a medical joke, no one laughed so yoi 
weren't that far in their studying 

24. You wear your stethoscope around your neck on mass 
2,'>. "SOB" means "short of breath" to you 

26. You have gone to student health with suspicion of a di 
about 3 days ago 

27. You have answered a question in class asked by a p 

28. #27 was a rhetorical question 

29. You can Hip your pen over your thumb 
.30. ...with both hands 

3 1 . You have corrected a professor in class 

32. You know how to calculate specificity, pos. prcdicli' 
anion gap: but you can'l balance your checkbook 

34. You don't' know ' 

35. You don't know V 

36. You actually talk I 

i like lor the past ' 

38. You have stressed about a pass/fail class 

39. You saw nothing abn. About '■Obsessive Compulsive i 

40. You draw all the of the slides not already provided in li 

41 . You score more than 95 on the Epidemiology final 

42. You own more than one while coal 

43. You sewed additional inside pockets on your while coi 

44. You started sludyina for the boards more than 5 month 

46. You have made plans to study on a beach during vacati( 

47. You have designated seal in lecture, and you have ever 
to move from "your seat' 

48. You sleep less than 4hrs a night, you think that is plenty 
thought about cutting back 

49. You study more than 35 hrs outside of class, and think \ 

50. You think everyone answers yes to most of these questii 

ot in Med School Go back to your pa 

11-17 Either Med school is a bi 
1 8-22 What was it Ihe career cc 

23-30 Well. I never really thought about DO/Phd. but i 
31-37 Your social life is shot 

38-45 Which surgery subspecialty did you say you liks 
46-50 All hail! great MEDICAL SCHOOL NERD 






%. I 

The PCOM 2010 Yearbook Staff would like to 

graciously acknowledge the following individuals and 

entities for their assistance and contributions to ensure 

the creation of this yearbook: 

Kimberley Maxwell, OMS-H 

Brian Regenye 

Denise Curran 

Bruce Fairfield 

Michael Durinzi 

Herff Jones 

Carl Wolf Studio, Inc. 

PCOM Office Of Student Affairs 


^. n 

A Letter From TTie Editors 

Our Dear Classmates: 

Congratulations! You have come to the end of one long, winding road and are catching your breath by the pillars of a new 
one; a new and intricate path lined with forests of excitement, curves of surprises, and even pebbles of disappointments. 
You will make new friends, new enemies, and you will struggle to achieve a balance between residency and whatever is left 
of your personal life, as the sun, stars, and rain patiently lead you on. 

But no matter what lies ahead- always remember that you are a PCOMer! You have survived four years with your 
classmates. You've shared bad exams. Dr. Fogel's humor, Dr. Romberg's spotlight, long drives to rotations around Philly, 
cutting mandatory classes, bringing food into the library, cursing at PCOM computers, changing in front of each other for 
anatomy labs, touching each other at OMM labs, sharing drinks at post exam parties, playing sports, eating cafeteria food, 
Dr. Morris' lectures, swiping your ID multiple times to get into the lots, stressing out over J groups, boards, residencies. 
You've come away from this Journey with wisdom, knowledge, and a PCOM family which, can be dysfunctional at times as 
any family, is still a family. 

We strongly believe in the cohesiveness and kindness among us and are proud to be part of the class of 8010. Thus, this is 
our tribute to all of you. May this yearbook capture our most intimate and ridiculous moments always reminding us that 
the Journey itself is more valuable than the destination. 

Thank you everyone for responding to our pestering e-mails and sending in your pictures and info.. .and a few smiles with 

Best of luck to you all in the future! 
Alex, Olu, Lee, Jen, Sarah & Chris 

Alexandra Isakova, D.O. 
Editor In Chief 

Olukayode Akinsola, D.O. 
Associate Editor 

Lee Guo, D.O. 
Associate Editor 

Jennifer Hanson, D.O. 
Associate Editor 

Sarah Sitoski, D.O. 
Associate Editor 

Christopher Reb, D.O. 
Associate Editor 


Tributes from Friends and Family 

We have all worked so hard and conquered many obstacles to achieve our goals and arrive where we 

are today. Our friends and families realize the time, effort, and dedication that has gone into our 

Ufetime of learning how to become a physician. Now, as we continue our education, striving to 

master the art of medicine, their support and encouragement is wholeheartedly embraced. 

The following pages truly reveal our families' pride in our accomplishments. While working with 

them to ensure that each tribute gets placed just right, it was easy to see how we are a reflection of 

their determination and values. This section is a perfect way to wrap up our four years together at 

PCOM and segue into our individual careers. 1 hope their kind words and enthusiasm strengthen 

your sense of self, ambition, and help you to remember the reason you became a physician as much 

as they did for me. 

Best wishes, 


As a three year old. you had a very big dream, a dream of 
oecoming a doctor when you grew up. Well, you made your 
dream come true and now we have the honor of having the first 
doctorin our family. What a tnjly great accomplishment! You 
nave always been able to do anything that you put your mind to. 

Stay true to yourself and keep following all your dreams. You 
will be a great asset to your medical career and an even greater 
asset to the U.S Navy because of your willingness to leam and 
your compassion for others. 

We are all so very proud of you! What a wonderful woman you 
have become 

We love you. 

Mom. Dad. Sean and Grandmom 

Congratulations to Sarah and Nathan on your amazing achievements! 

You have both 
sacrificed a lot over the 
past several years 
and now your dreams 

will come true 

Your hard work and 
dedication will be the 


of your success m both 

your professional 

careers as well as 

your marnaqe 

Your families are so very proud of you' 

May God bless you' 

We love you! 


Mom. Dad, David & Justin 


Dad & Sandy 

f.lom Dave kene & Cnst'n 

Dearest Anita, 

You did it! It hasn't 
always been an easy 
walk in the park, but 
you've gotten this far 
because of your 
relentless drive and 
determination. We are 
both extremely proud 
of you, and if dad 
were here, he would 
be too. 

As you prepare to enter this new role of doctor, 
let that compassion that you have always had for 
others follow you. And remember to always 
honor God in everything that you do, continue to 
persevere, and never stop dreaming big. 

With much love. 
Mommy and Mei 

My Dear Adam, 
On the day you 
were bom it was love 
at first sight. You 
have always been 
such a joy in my hfe 
and I have always 
been so proud to be 
your mom But today 
as you graduate from 
medical school, I am 
most proud.. 

You have worked so hard and with such passion to 
achieve your goal. I truly admire the man you have 
become and I know you will be a wonderful and 
caring doctor. 

You are my greatest gift in life, you are my joy, 
you are my heart, and you are my son. 
And now we all celebrate you. 
Congratulations Dr. Adam D. Marish! 
I love you. 

Our little girl Is a doctor!!! 


Congratulations on a job well done. 
We are so proud of you. 
We know you will be a wonderful doctor. 

Mom, Dad, 
Steve and Paul 

Hi Nicole, 

Congratulations on achieving your 

goal. Your passion and energy 

working toward this, truly deserves the 

highest commendation. Becoming a 

Physician is an outstanding 

achievement of great esteem, and 

equips you with the tools to go out 

into the world and heal the sick, and 

the less fortunate in society. We know you u ill be an excellent 


Love. Mom. Dad & Jonathan 

Kelly Sensenig Janke, 

What a tremendous accomplishment 

completing your Doctor of Osteopathic 

Medicine Degree. Being a wife and mother 

of two children, you have amazed us with 

your perseverance and desire to succeed. 

God has blessed you! May you use your 

talent and experience to serve Him! 


Mommy, Daddy, Dana, Tim, and Carrie 

Dear Ashley, 

Your determination, hard work, and self sacrifices 
has gotten you where you are today. A graduate 
from P.C.O.M, a doctor. A dream that you made 
come true. We are all bursting with pride. It was a 
great pleasure watching our little girl grow into a 
beautiful, successful, intelligent, young woman. 
Love You, 

Mom and Dad 

Well Ash, 

You are my sister, best 
friend, and you made it 
through medical school. 
Guess I owe you 20 
bucks. Love you lots, 
Big Sis! 


Jennifer E. Hanson, D.O. 

Dear Jen, 

We are so proud of your many accomplishments 
and now you are going to be a Doctor. You have 
always been our pride and joy. We wish you a 
wonderful medical career and a long, healthy and 
happy life. 

All our Love, 

Mom, Dad, Grandma, and Grandpa 



(Dear 'Matt, 

Jls as we Coo^Sac^on your fife, we rememBer the 
time when you were just a tiny fittCe Boy and a SuCCy 
graShecfyour toy onfy to see you quietCy waCh^away 
to find another to play with. %Ve recaCfthe many 
hours of quiet attention to cfetaiCyou e.xhiBitecC 
creating houses, towns, and uCtimateCy cities out of 
Lego's; the memories of you squatting poo [side Cil^e a 
frog whiCe testing the water at sb^years of age; and 
the thought of you reading a Booh^on the kitchen 
counter in that same frog-d^ position. 'We recoCCect 
the Senator ^BrightBiff good Citizenship Jiward 
unexpectedCy presented to you during your si^th 
grade eCementary schoof graduation ceremony; and 
the hindergarten soccer game, when recognizing you 
were somewhat Cess enthusiastic aBout winning at 
aCCcost, you eventuaCCy chose to pic^eCdJTowers 
rather than endCessCy chase that eCusive Bad around 
in circCes. Throughout it aCC, one thing was eindent; 
you were Cih^d By everyone: parents, siBfings, 
relatives, teachers, and other ^ids. fts you progressed 
through 'High SchooCyou earned perfect grades, and 
chose wonderfuC friends, maintained an active sociaC 
scheduCe, assumed leadership positions in numerous 
cCuBs and other organizations, respected your 
parents, and recognized the gifts god Bestowed 
upon you... Wow! 

Then it was off to colTege, and Mom and (Dcuf expected to 
Be [eft with Bragging rights aBout the great parenting and 
teaching joBs we didwhife raising our son. Isn't that how 
it 's supposed to Be? Tfowe-ver, it was cCear the taBCes 
somehow turned, and we hadaCso BeenpupiCs. 'We [earned 
so much from you: sefflbssness, tolerance, genuineness, 
sensitivity, integrity, and humi[ity. . . Wo-w, again! 'You 
p[ayedsuch a [arge part in mo[ding us into the peop[e we 
are today just By Being who you are, whi[e not even 
Rowing you were doing so. !Matt, you unintentiona[[y 
taught us weC^ and we than^yow 'You deserve the 
Bragging rights, not us! 

The future is yours, Matt; you're a remarl{aBle young man. J\[ways rememBer, 
what [ies Before you is a tiny matter compared to what [ies within you: 'Kow, go 
confident[y in the direction of your dreams, inspire others as you have us, andRve 
the [ife you have imagined. May god continue to B[ess you, fortify, and guide you 
as you emBar^on your medica[ career as a doctor, and through the rest of your [if e. 

'['Vith a[[our [ove and admiration, 
Mom qZ ^Dad 

To Mark Condoluci and his fellow 2010 graduates, 

Congratulations of your achievement! Best of luck 
to you and your classmates on the exciting future that 
awaits you. 

/ dont know what your destiny will be, but one think I know: 

the only ones among you who will be really happy 

are those who will have sought and found how to serve. 

-Albert Schweitzer 

Dad, Mom, Lauren and Reid 

Michelle A. Noreski, D.O. 

Wow! What a journey this has been! Whis is such a proud 
day for our family. You are a beautiful, fun-loving, 
wonderful daughter who has brought us so much joy and 
happiness. God has blessed you with a gift of unwavering 
determination. Continue to use this gift wisely and you will 
accomplish great things. We know you will make on 
outstanding physician. So, it is with great pride we say, " 
Congratulations, D. Noreski." 

All our Love, Mom and Dad 

The Office of Admissions: 

Carol Fox 

Deborah Benvenger 

Kari Szcntesy 

Marsha WiUianis 

Tiffany Pang 
Johnathan Cox 
Nancy McCullen 
Mark Chalmers 
Yolanda Chase 
Chris Lennon-Naulty 
Janice Tonkin 

extend best washes 

to the 

Class of 2010 

for all of your 

future successes. 


It seems like such a long time ago 

that our 6th grade son came 

to us with the dream of 

becoming a doctor. 

Shane, we are so proud of the man 

you have become and of the hard 

work you have put into the 

fulfilling of your dream. 

Both you and Laura will be caring 

and compassionate physicians. 

God bless you both. 


fvove- is tk(Kt tktir 

cl\itc['s dre.c\.in<> 

ccv^^e- true-. 

k^r^ to m-A^lce Hour 
<(re^^5 coyyye. true-i 

Love uau, 

Tke- v(\,$tfour tie-i^n 

We^re^n't i^lWiKVjS eA^5t^ 

puttketi Wtrt 


Wortk-Wkite.. I'yn. so 

vrou^ ofvjou for 


vjour dje.^yi\. 

d'Onar(\-tu t(Ktions / 

I love- nou so tn-uck! 


Someone loves you. somebody is watching over you. This was true the day you came into our lives. Special you were, and even 

beyond that. ..exquisite! With our love and support we encouraged you to reach for the moon. And on your own you not only 

conquered the moon, but you carried with you all the stars too. Selfish. ..was never in your character; thus, you have shed light on 

all those you have encountered. With your wisdom of light beaming through all the darfeness in this world, you have changed lives 

and conquered threatening challenges. With your sacred gift of intelligence, you have the power to heal and the soft caring hands 

to nourish all those you love. You are not only the daughter that anyone would be proud of but you're also the inspirational angel 

that God has brought into our lives. Just as God has accompanied you in all your journeys, we have too. 

We love you with all of our hearts and could never be more proud of your great achievements. 

All my Love. Mom & Dad 

Michelle, as an older sister it must have been difficult to set such great examples for us. However, you have conquered a lifestyle that many 

fear. With your leadership and courage you have paved your own way to success. Many people don't believe dreams can come true, but you've 

showed us that anything is possible, and dreams are worth achieving. Your strong soul and perseverance is something we truly admire. Your 

love, support, and great wisdom has given us the tools to follow you on your travels. And it is through your accomplishments by which we 

continue to follow you. As the days move on in our lives, you no longer have to pave the road alone because we are by your side, working 

together, to achieve all of our dreams. Remember, a sister is a gift to the heart, a friend to the spirit, and a golden thread to the meaning of life. 

We love you with all of our heart and we are so happy for all of your achievements! 

Love your Sisters, 

Maria and Melissa 

Michelle aka Dr. Michelle Bilbao, D.O. 

"And all the roads you had to walk were winding 
And all the lights that lead you there were blinding" 

Congratulations for the amazing physician 
and person you are! 

We are so proud to be along this journey with you. 

May all the Angels follow you in your path 

to light, guard and guide you 

with all that wholeness brings for yourself 

and all of those under your care. 

With all our love, blessings and support. 

Love Alwatvs. Frank. Matt. Chris and Mama B 

Dr. Courtney Huston Chellew 

Congratulations Dr. Courtney Huston Chellew! You have finally made it! 

What a quick and exciting four years it has been, watching you pursue and achieve your lifelong dream. 
You have effortlessly navigated this long and difficult journey, all the while excelling at every point along 
the way. 

But your success should come as no surprise to anyone who truly knows you. Those who truly know you 
know your boundless determination and your addictive personality, only two of the many great qualities 
that got you where you are today. 

"// had long since come to my attenlion 
that people of accomplishment rarely sat 
back and let things happen to them. Thc\ 
went out and happened to things." 
-Leonardo da Vinci 

I am so. so proud of you Court. Good luck in all your future dreams and I hope you know that I 

will forever be right by your side. Love you tons! 



I have known you your whole life, and we are destined to pass through this life together. 
Our relationship stands outside the constrictions of time, for we carry the memories of t 

always with us. We are bound to each other, and we bind each other to this earth. 

No matter what happens in this life, we will never shake ourselves of each other. There 
will always be a shadow in your life. It will always be me. I will always be there to hold the 

There is a pride too immense to ever be spoken, and a joy too bountiful to be contained. 
TTiese are the emanations that I release every time I think about you and all you have 

1 will always love you. I will never leave you. And nothing will ever diminish the intensity of the pride that I feel for you and your life 


So one adventure comes to an end, and the next begins. This graduation day, perhaps more than any 

other in your life, marks the beginning of your journey on the road to becoming a physician. 

Be true to yourself, your training, 
and to the reasons you decided to 
become an osteopathic physician. 
Allow yourself the opportunity to 
grow and develop so that you can 
fully enjoy and appreciate 
practicing the art of medicine. 

Perhaps most important of all, remember that your family is always there for you, that wc 

love you unconditionally, and that our support never waivers. 


-Mom and Dad 

We raised our Daughter to be the 

''Best that she could be'' and to be a 

strong and independent woman. 

She has fulfilled our expectations 

many times over. 


Congratulations on graduating from 
PCOM as a Doctor of Osteopathic 
Medicine. We love you and wish you 
the best in your Residency program. 

The Proud Parents of Megan Dambach 

Dave and Karen Dambach 







Dear Paul, 

Continue to 
hold close to you 
those core values 
that have brought 
you to where you 
are today. 

Let them guide you no matter where you go or 
what you do. And remember your faith and 
family will always be with you to share in your 
life's journey. We love you! 

Mom and Dad. 
Joe and Erica, 




Dr. Lynn M. Wilson 

"Success is waking up in the 

morning, whoever you are, 
wherever you are, however 
old or young and bounding 
out of bed because there's 

something out there you 
love to do, that you believe 

in, that you're good at - 
something that's bigger than 
you are, and you can hardly 
wait to get at it again today.' 
- Whit Hobbs 

We Love You Lynn 
Mom, Dad, Lisa, Allison and Amanda 

Dr. Kevin W. Maguire 

Life was so simple when you were young 

Endless possibilities of things to be done 

Music, concrete, art and sports 

Gave you pause to reflect on all sorts 

Medicine seemed to call you the loudest 

For what you've accomplished 

Makes us the proudest. 

We Wuf you. 

Mom, Matt, Mike and Kristin 

Our clearest Dr. Olukayode Adetiiji Akinsola, Jr. 

Since you were torn, we kave known GOD has been witL you. You took 

your first steps, sta^ered and tken retainea control You warned us 

earlier tkat nobody con take tke opportunity ol education away torn 

you. You stuck it out and now you are kere. You were created to gloriiy 

GOD. Keep your 5ame face on and your Eyes on tne Price. 

Our prayer is for GOD to be witk y ou in tbis life-saving devotioiL May 

the tools of your trade be sacredly ordained, may you glorify GOD in 

all of your successes and ckallenges. May you be fruitful in all life s 

cballenges, may you be satisfied in all God s blessings. And may tke 

grace of GOD ever be your guide in ALL tbat you do. We pray tbis in 

tbe precious name of our loving savior Jesus Cbrist, AMEN. 

From ijour mom and dad, 
Omobola and Steve O. Akinsola 

Tke Brotkers Oi Tke Migktvj RHO Ckapter of 
Alpka Pki Alpka Fraternitv), Incorporated 

send fraternal congratulations to 


Pkiladelpkia College Q( Osteopatkic Medicine 
Class 012010 

We pray tkat tke Lord guide your tkougkts, rule 

your keart and control your life, so you may 

kecome tkrougk tkee, a servant ol ALL. 


Vice President 




Class Of 2010! 


Congratulations to 
> the Graduating 
ei singer Campus Students 


Robert Brunner 
Daria GueLig 

Zachary Ichter 
Tara Mangum 

Lindsey Roach 


Richard Hale 

Benjamin Keyser 

Mark Olaf 
Jennifer Swenski 

Visit us at: 




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