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Author of The Ecclesiastical and Civil History of the Town and People of Nottingham," 2 vols., 8vo.; 
The " Life of George Vason, with a Preliminary Essay on the Origin and Customs of the South Sea 
Islanders, and the glorious success of Missionary Labours among them;" "Cottage Garden Land 
Allotment Advocate ; " "A Plea on Behalf of the Poor," Ac, Ac. 

" Write the Word, and make it plain upon tables^ that he may run that readeth it. — Hab. ii. 2. 






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B-ras-it, the first word of the Bible, is mistranalated "in the beginning,^' 
If it had related to tiimy it would have been hl-l, as Gen. vi 1 ; xL 6 ; 
ix. 20 ; xiii 3 ; xlL 64 ; iv. 26. Mas-un, first, is a leader, or captain, 
but ras-tt signifies not time, but thfi chief of, whatever is spoken 
o£ So of princes, cattle, fruit, sacrifices. Therefore b-ras-it here, and 
en-arche, John i 1, ought to be relidered "in the chief esswice,'' or 
rather, "by means of the chief one,^ Exod. xiv. 21, which is Christ, 
CoL i 16. There is an emphasis in the next words — a numerical dis- 
tinctness, to be c^refiUly noted ; the lingular verb hra, he created, goes 
before the plural noun Aleim, or sacred tri-unity, showing distinctly that 
creation is theye (Gren. L 1) ascribed to one of the Aleim ; peculiarly, 
Jesus, John L 3 

The Chaldee paraphrasts, the mpst ancient of the Jewish writers, are 
clear and distinct on this point. They generally use " Amr," the Word, 
where Moses puts Jehovah, The Word is second person of the blessed 
Trinity, and our Saviour. They are irrefragible witnesses of the senti- 
ments of their nation on this article, having lived before, or at the time 
of Christ ; and ^ they ascribe to M-all, Ra, dy-i, " the Word of Qod^^ 
all the attributes of Jehovah, evidently, then, they believed and held the 
persomdity and divinity of the; Eternal Word, 

It is our glory that " the Bible, and the Bible only, is the religion of 
Protestants ; but is it not virtually giving up our religion, indolently to 
overlook the complicated evidence contained in the Bible, and preferring 
as its interpreter the fabulous traditions and forced constructions of 
those who were reproved by our Lord for " making the word of God of 
none effect through your traditions]" — ^Mark viL 13. By adhering to 
them, we have translations misconstrued, inconsistent, or Mse, even in 
the descriptions of visible things. Hence the indifference of many to the 
Bible, and the ridicule cast on it by the licentious and profane. 

There are no innate ideas ; all ideas come by means of our senses ; 
neither can there be any words for spiritual uncreated things, but what take 
their signification from material objects ; therefore, all true divinity must 
be comparative, or hieroglyphical, as is the phydco-theology of the Hebrew 
Scriptures. There, a verb active is radical, and applied to the greatest 
operations in nature, and also it is carried downward to express lesser 
actions of the same kind. 

The Hebrew language is worthy of its omniscient Author — ris so formed 
as to convey perfect ideas, equally free from deficiency and from hyper- 

A 2 

Digitized by V^OOQIC 


bole. Not so is it with derived and modem languages ; in which, indeed, 
letters are employed to form sounds, but the words they compose are 
arbitrary, uncertain, and sometimes false. K our pious reformers had 
understood Hebrew as well as they did Greek — ^that much over-prized 
language of erring heathens — and, rejecting all translations and para- 
phrases, had kept close to the divine original themselves, they would 
have seen more clearly than they did the person and work of Jehovah- 
Jesus in the Old Testament, and of the Holy Spirit ; and there would 
have been less difficulty now in dispossessing the minds of the people of 
the contracted, perverted, and carnal notions which were sure to result 
irom their teaching, and which continue, to this day, extensively to prevail. 

If the Hebrew original text be consulted simply as it stemds, divested 
of the points, and every other human invention ; and, with the aid of 
a lexicon and concordance, the radical, true idea each word was intended 
by the Holy Spirit to convey, be properly investigated, the glories of the 
Creator and Eedeemer will shine forth with meridian splendour in every 
page, Irom Genesis to Malachi. 

Our translators have actually mistaken some general names of the 
material heavens and images of the godhead for angels, as the cherubim 
and seraphim, because they fancied that the cherubim were called on to 
pay such homage as material agents could not render. They might, with 
equal reason, have made the sun, moon, stars, rivers, trees, bircfij, beasts, 
and fishes, and all the viable creation, angels also — for all are said to 
praise Jehovah — as to have represented the cherubim and seraphim to be 
personal intelligences, and translated them angels. The heathen did so 
exactly, and worshipped sim, moon, and stars as personal intelligences. 

The learned Buxtorff asserts that "the ark,'' "the mercy-seat," and 
" the cherubim " were the heart and marrow of the Levitical service ; and 
they undoubtedly were so. The Hebrew Scriptures were dictated by 
Him that never errs, and every word is precious ; and as it contains a 
complete manifestation both of nature and grace, its right explanation 
must ever be with men of faith, not with unbelievers ; and whoever 
believes in Moses must necessarily believe in Jesus Christ Ludovicus 
Capellus, a brave Protestant, proved against Buxtorff that points are by 
no means a part of the text, nor at all suitable to the geniils of the text ; 
and that they had no being in the time of Jerome, who translated the 
Bible 400 years after Christ. He said (Capellus) : — 

" Though the Hebrew had never been pointed we need not be sent to 
the Church of Eome to fix the reading of it ; the letters alone, with the 
context, are sufficient, when we thoroughly understand the language, to 
determine us thereto." — See Dr. Prideaux, connect, vol. I. 361. The 
seventy translators were ignorant, if not worse. The Fathers imderstood 
not Hebrew, and the construction put on it by unbelievers is not entitled 
to much respect. Capellus was the daring champion to attack that hydra 
oi pointing y and triumphantly carried the cause against Buxtorff and the 
Masorites ; yet the practise still is, to consider the points as necessary 
keys to unlock the tresisures of the Hebrew tongue. Thus error draws 
the veil, and hides the " ark of the covenant," notwithstanding that at 
the crucifixion it was rent from the top to the bottom ! 

Language was the immediate gift of God to Adam, and that lai^age 




was the Hebrew, in which Moses wrote. Whatsoever Adam called every 
living creature, that was its name, Adam, Eve, Cain, Abel, Seth, Noah, 
with their etymological reasons, are as truly Hebrew as those of Peleg, 
Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Jacob, Levi, Moses, Joshua, or as David and 
Solomon, Isaiah and Malachi The Hebrew is not exclusively Jewish, 
but universal ; and as such it is the parent of all languages, and the 
common property of all mankind. An English dictionary, that construed 
every word by the Hebrew, would throw much light on the genius of our 
language, enlarge our ideas of the radical meaning of words, and prompt 
eloquence, volubility, and correctness of expression. 

There are no dipthongs in Hebrew, for where two or more vowels meet 
they must be sounded separately. The sounds of two or three vowels do 
not coalesce, as ai in rain, oa in coach, eau in beauty ; but must be read 
ra-iri, co-ach, he-a-u-ty. Let the student only keep this very simple axiom 
in mind — ^he must do so — that in reading Hebrew, every letter must be 
distinctly pronounced ; for here letters are syllables^ and often are entire 
words; it is a language of letters, brief, simple, ideal, expressive, 
beautiful. Divine, and is its own and only true interpreter. 

The method of reading by the vowel letters, wherever they 
occur, and by nominally inserting a few short vowels in the com- 
binations of consonants, recommends itself fix)m its simplicity. It 
preserves the original, and radical letters, of every word in that 
state of dignity and importance to which they are nati^rally entitled. 
The vowels which it supplies are employed for no other purpose 
than to facilitate pronunciation, but claim no title to determine the 
meaning, or to adjust the grammatical place of any word. It can be 
learned in a very short time, and retained with very little practice. It 
clears the grammar of an intolerable load of artificialities and minute 
criticisms, under which it has groaned for many ages, and restores the 
language to its native simplicity and purity. The Masoretic phui can lay 
no claim to any of these advantages. 

If the patrons of pointing are to be trusted, the points, say they, " fix 
in the most decisive manner what vowel sound is to be used in alliance 
with the consonants, and does not leave the reader to the uncertainty of 
what short vowel may be employed in union with the consonants, which, 
on the primitive principle, he will supply himself. They trace it to a 
remote antiquity. Moreover, they think it a matter of great importance, 
because it was invented by the Jews, who surely were the fittest persons 
to transmit to posterity that ancient pronunciation which they had 
received by tradition from their fathers. As an accumulation of its 
honours, they affirm that it determines the sense of many words which 
would otherwise be ambiguous ; and gives energy to the verb, by 
distinguishing two conjugations, or forms, which without points, have no 
existence." These are voluntary assertions, very easily made, and stand 
on no solid foundation. Though some were allowed to be just, yet all the 
boasted advantages of the vowel points can never counterbalance the 
injuries which the language has sustained by the application of them to 
the purposes of grammar. 

Had the friends of the points limited the use of them solely to the 
purposes of reading, there would have been little to object against 




employing them for such a purpose ; and persons miglit be found 
sufficiently laborious to adopt this complex ^air. But when, by the 
application of them to grammar, they new-model the langtuige, increase its 
declensions and conjugations, and, without any cause, defeice the original 
lettersy and expel in pronunciation essential parts of the word, so that a 
hearer cannot determine betvfixt the real letter and the fictitious sign, 
the matter becomes more serious, and requires a deeper investigation by 
all who wish to see Scripture criticism established on solid and ratiomd 
principles ; for example : — 

The verbs B-ra and G-le are pointed by the Masorites with a kametz 
below each of the two first letters ; the last letters in both are unpointed 
in their original state, and of course are quiescent. These words must, 
therefore, be read hara, gala. Any person who hears these sounds would 
naturally conclude that both words ended in a, whereas one ends in a and 
the other in e, both of which letters are radically and essentially necessary 
to determine the signification of th6 diflferent words ; yet by this scheme 
they are rendered useless and insignificant. 

B-ra is commonly translated " to create,'' " to make," and G-le " to 
reveal.-' But with the last letter in each word, expelled and con- 
founded, as they are respectively by the points ; Br is " df son,'' and gl 
"to roll" Wliat a massacre of language is this, and especially as 
applied, to the Word of "God ! The points are a medley of little dots, 
of no great antiquity, placed under Hebrew letters to give the same word 
quite different soimds, and by virtue of them different significations, by 
which the whole language is rendered vague and uncertain. It is agreed 
by all, that the ancient copies of the Hebrew books were written without 
being divided by pauses, or sentences ; nor is there any need for such 
distinctions : the words themselves easily divide,, and point out the parts 
of speech to which they belong. The principal thing that learners must 
attend to is the root, and in the Lexicon, the root is pointed out ; let him 
be careful first to learn the meaning of words, as Mr. Hamilton teaches ; 
and when that is acquired to some extent, the mastery of the Grammar 
becomes indeed easy. 

Even though we may admit that the original design of pointing might 
have been simply to preserve the traditionary pronunciation of ancient 
times, we have no certainty that it is the trtie symbol of this ancient 
pronunciation. How, for instance, do we know tzere (two horizontal 
points) was sounded as e long 1 or that segol (three dots set in a triangle) 
was e short ; when we do not know the exact sound of any letter in the 
alphabet, and are taught by these very persons that a is a consonant : or 
the spiritus lenis, of the Greeks, i.e., nothing at all? It is not much 
more credible, that the Alexandrian Jews, who translated the Old 
Testament into Greek ; the authors of the Chaldee Paraphrases ; the 
Jewish Kabbies, and the Masorites, were all equally ignorant of the true 
pronunciation of the Hebrew, which had ceased to be a living language 
many centuries before their time. 

The points are no certain indications to us, or to themselves, of the 
ancient orthoepy of the Hebrew as it was spoken when it was the living 
language of the nations upon earth. These sounds have vanished, like 
the breath of those who uttered them. "We are at liberty to invent familiar 




sounds for ourselves, and no objection can lie against this expedient, if 
we employ them only for purposes oi pronunciation ; but not to alter the 
radical parts of words, nor to determine their signification, nor to con- 
found the original principles of grammar, as the inventors of the points 
have done. 

It is asserted that, without the points, a number of words would be 
left in an uncertain state. But a very little reflection will show the 
weakness of this argument. It is the unavoidable fate of all languages 
to be liable to ambiguities, and the Hebrew is not more so than any 
other. Ambiguities must be resolved, by an investigation of the sense of 
the period — ^by considering the disposition and connection of the concomi- 
tant words 5 and not by points, or marks, which particular persons may 
impose. When, for instance, the word terra appears in any Latin sen- 
tence, it is capable of various interpretations, according as it is considered 
to be in the nominative, the vocative, or the ablative case. Some writers 
have invented a mark to detennine the ablative case, by a circuinflex 
accent on the last letter; but surely the right meaning of a word must be 
determined by circumstances altogether independent of this sign ? And 
so the pointing of the Masorets is in every respect equally deficient, and 
can be of no use in resolving ambiguities of words. 

The word D-rk, may be either the noun, " a way,'' or the verb, " to 
tread underfoot." To mark these different significations, two Segols show 
it to mean " a way," and a Kametz and a Patach, " to tread on ;" but 
what possible advantage can there be in this ] for if the concomitant 
words, or the general tenor of the sentence does not determine the mean- 
ing, the ambiguity still remains, despite the points. And it may often be 
discovered that the points aflfix to a verb the meaning of a noun, and to a 
noun, the action of a verb. The two conjugations of Pihel and Pihal are 
unnecessary encumbrances, and the absurdity of them so obvious, and the 
intention of them so groundless, as to stand in no need of confutation. 

The confusion and contradiction involved in the Masoretic plan cannot 
be questioned. For example, the Kametz-chatuph (their short o) and the 
Kametz (their longest a) have both the same mark exactly. When the 
former stands for short o, it is sometimes marked with a Shera, to 
distinguish it from Kametz, the longest a; but then, unhappily, the 
invention makes it the same as Chateph-Kametz, the very short o ! ! I 

The first and fundamental error in the contrivance of pointing is, that 
all the letters are reckoned consonants ; but while this conceit is persisted 
in, the points possess the magical virtue that they can transform a vowel 
into a consonant, and a consonant into a vowel ; and compel the same 
letter, moreover, to be both a vowel and a consonant at the same time ! 
This is, indeed, miraculous. Nor is this all the points accomplish. 
Dageshrforte makes one letter two ! ! and u and s are forced perpetually 
to change their phases ! ! ! 

Such complicated and frivolous rules and distinctions have discouraged 
many, and inspired thousands with disgust at the language and contempt 
for the inventors. To remove impediments in the way of Bible know- 
ledge in its Divine original, and to light up and smooth the path leading 
to that end, are objects that have been steadily aimed at throughout in the 
compilation of this work. The employment of the English character as 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


the vehicle of Hereto thought and mode of expression is not novel This 
letter, which is plain, recognised at a glance, read and written with ease 
and dispatch, recommends itself where confounding the letters and mis- 
taking one for another, as in Hebrew, is simply impossibley and constitutes 
a ffatn and an encouragement to its study of great advantage. Our excel- 
lent missionaries have adopted this mode in their translations of the Bible 
into heathen languages. The "Bible Society" also sanctions it, and 
prints and circulates many thousands of such copies every year ; therefore, 
in no sense can this mode of representing Hebrew be regarded as an un- 
warrantable innovation on established rule ! The chief object here con- 
templated is to promote and enlarge an acquaintance with Bible trtUh in 
its Divine original among our pious youths in the middle and lower walks 
of life, such as " Lay-preachers," " Sabbath School Teachers," " Clerks," 
** Apprentices," " Members of Bible Classes," and especially the members 
of those recently formed and very hopeful assemblies called "Young 
Men's Christian Associations ;" and trust that it will meet with their 
approval and acceptance. 

" The Primer " is elementary, and, by means of the instruction it con- 
tains, students may commence reading Hebrew prose and poetry, and 
translating short and easy passages, even where no instructer is at 

" The Grammar " is short, simple, and very plain, but copious. 

"The Lexicon" contains — 1. Scripture proper names, with trans- 
lations. 2. Every different common word found in the English 
Bible, with the corresponding word in Hebrew fix>m which each is 
translated. 3. Upwards of 5,000 words more than are found in Wood, 
Brown, or Cahnet, the best Bible Dictionaries we have. 4. Numerous 
corrected translations are given ; also, illustrative notes ; with more than 
6,000 Bible references ; and the root of all principal words. 

This work is the result of the labours of many years ; and the compiler 
trusts it may be favourably received, and prove very useful 

Many difficulties are here removed, and great inducements held out to 
acquire the knowledge of a language that alone contains Divine revela- 
tion. In comprehensiveness, this work considerably exceeds any Bible 
Dictienaiy hil^erto published. Although every possible care has been 
bestowed on its compUaticm ; and while passing through the press, errors 
and omissions may be discovered, but it is hoped they are not numerous 
nor material ; the compiler, therefore, respectMly solicits for the work 
the favourable consideration of those Bible students into whose hands it 
may £5dL 

250 Blackfriars Road, London. 


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Pbimbb, Book I. 

Chap. L Christ Creator of the^^^K 
World 1 

No mao hath seen t^e Father . 2 

Young Preachers advised . . 3 

Chap. II. Reason no Instructor, as 
Guide Unsafe .... 4 

Simplicity of Hebrew ... 6 

Addison commends its Study . 6 

Buxtorf proves its Divine Inspiration 7 

Chap. III. Hebrew and Oriental 
Alphabets .... 8 

Hebrew in English Type Unobjec- 
tionable 9 

Chap. IV. Alphabets, Hebrew and 
English 10 

Radical and Servile Letters . .11 

Vowels, A. Servile, Witch of Endor, 
Willing, Father ... 12 

Jehovah Jesus Walking in Eden . 13 

The Oak a Symbolic Tree of Mercy ; 
Emphatic, that, which, who, what. 
Ah! 14 

Chap. V. Vowels E. a Servile, In- 
terjection . . . .15 

U, do , a Conjunction, and, but, yet, 
that, when, although. Symbolic 
Trees 16 

David's Dying Charge, Slay not 
Shimei . . . ^ .17 

Jephthah*s Vow Misunderstood . 18 

I, do., Hemantic, desire, suitable, 
determine, consent, . Noah's 
Vision, not Drunk . . .19 

0, a Radical, serve, make, keep, 
dress, weave, fat, thick, He- 
brews what . . . .20 

Chap. VI. B in, when, of, against, 
with, to, by, above, Servile a 
Consonant, Preposition . . 21 

G, Radical, Great Redeemer, :^e- 
deemer, increase, rise, swell, 
grow, avenge, deliver, defile, 
roll . . . . . 22 

Daleth do., to fly, tempest, violence, 
a hand, place, dry, arid, hard 

Z, do., to flow, fly, slay, swell, pure. 

Wolf a noun, waste 

H, do., to hide, lay up close, beat, 
bind, rope, join . . .23 

F, aspirated th, a Radical, good, pa^gb 
cut, sweep, pleased, cheerful, 
slay, dip, sink . . . .28 

E, Servile Likeness, thou, thee, 
mar, married, beat, pierce, glory . 23 

L, le, do, a Preposition, to, in, for, 
at, mine, of, with, by, not, de- 
fect 24 

M, me, do, distribute, fh>m, by, 
without, before, in presence, 
against, of, for, for want of, ac- 
cording to, what ? strength, 
ability, vehement, very, most 
exceedingly, very many, great, 
blot, blemish, neglect, dissolve, 
plural 26 

N, ne, do, to fail, to annul, discou- 
rage, faint, earnest desire, assert, 
mad, foolish, distracted, strength, 
rest, serpent, brass. Leviathan 26 

V, «A, a Radical, to measure, a shoe, 
enclose, set in, turn about, go 
round, surround, drink hard, 
rave, riot, intervene, thicket, 
support, bear, carry, think, hope, 
be turned iMick, the dross, to 
bow down, gain . . .26 

P, do., a siege, extremity, trim, out 
ofif, adorn, a bough, tiara, bonnet, 
glorify, beauty, shining, where ? 
swelling, fail, faint, to meet, 
deliver pure, face, paint . . 26 

J, soft do., to shade, fruitful, flocks 
of small cattle, the neck, run 
upon, assemble, host of heaven, 
absolute swell, toad, tilt, elevation, 
pride, glory, reach, hold out, 
stripe, wet, jobber . . .27 

Q, do., vomit, pelican, curse, accept, 
take upon oneself, undertake, 
according to, because of, by rea- 
son of, by means of, with all 
respect, depress, collect, bury, 
bow, kindle, sparkle, the east- 
ward, east, set apart, holy . 2S 

R, rado.,to see, look, fear, experi- 
ence mirror, ray, first, poor, head, 
troops, pillow, wreath, weave, 
many, great, increase, nourish, 
mighty, prince, agitate, lie 
down, shake, tremble . . 28 


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S is a Serrile, who? which? that, 
for because, according to, draw 
water, roar, confounded, con- 
fused, lay waste, destroy, tu- 
mult, insult, despise, ask, con- 
sult, borrow, quiet, secure . 29 
T, do., to pine for, waste, consume, 
longing desire, hatred, abomi- 
nate, limit, bond, - restrain, 
goat, deer, embrace, twins, bit- 
terness of soul, mourning, con- 
trition, figtree, delineate, return, 
answer, shatter, waste, unformed, 
unprofitable, vanity, inanimate, 
mark, tremble, terrible, terrified, 
amazed, toss, hang . .80 
Thb Reader. 
Chap. VII. Order Hebrew Names 
of the Sacred Canon, with the 
Number and English Names, 
and a Literal Interpretation 

of each 31 

The Ten Commandments, with a 
Verbal Literal Kendering, 1, 2, 

3,4 32 

Ditto, 6, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 . . . 33 
Cliap. Vlll. Verbal Literal Twns- 
lationsi and the Hebrew Text of 
Zeph. iii. 8, Deut. viii. 11-14, 
19, 20 . . : . . 34 

Ditto, Psa, xix. 7-11. ... 85 
Ditto, Psa. c, XX. 7, xxiii. 4, xxvii. 

14 56 

Ditto, Psa. xxxiii. 16, 17, 18, 12, 

21,22 87 

Chap. IX. Hebrew and English, 
with Verbal and Literal Trans- 
lations, Psa. xxii. 4, 5, cxix. 
1, 2 . . . 37, 38, 39, 43 
Chap. X. The Easiest Method to 

Learn Hebrew . . .41 

The Present Difficult Babylonish . 42 
Chap. XI. Syllabarium Uebraicum 

Interlineary Tratsiation, Gen. i. 43 
The Tree of Fruit, bearing Fruit 44 

Fish and Fowls Made . . . 45 

Man Created, and Woman Made . 45 
Stanza on Sabbath Instituted . 47 

The Heavens a Symbol of the 

Trinity 48 

The Earth a Sphere, Psa. 1. 12 . 49 

The Worship of the Airs at Babel 50 
The Prevalence of Babel Idolatry 51 

Assyrian Cherubs, Egyptian 
Winged World, Corruptions of 
Truths .... 52 

Chap. XII. Interlineary Transk- 
tions of Gen. ii. 8, 9, 15, 16, 17, 

18 53 

Chap. XIII. Ditto, the Temptation, 
Gen. iii. 1-6 . . . .54 

Chap. XIV. Eden a Temple, Sacred 

Trees 55 

Eden's Sacred River and Bowers 56 

The Test of Man's Obedience . 57 

Chap. XV. The Serpent Cursed, 

Interlineary .... 58 
Jesus Inhabits the Cherubim . 59 

The New Way to the Tree, Lives 

through Christ . . . 60 

The Cherubim Emblems of Mercy 

through the God Man . . 61 

The Shekina of Glory above . . 62 
Salvation by Faith, Christ made 

Known 63 

Chp. XVI. The Promise of Christ 

as a Man to Save, Interlineary 

Gen. iii. 14, 15 . . .63 

The Shilo, Lion of the Tribe of 

Judah, ditto .... 64 
Balaam's Star of Jacob, Num. 

xxiv. 16 65 

Chap. XVIL Free Translations 

Emmanuel . . . .65 

Moses' Great Prophet, Deut. xviii. 

15-19 65 

Chap, XVI. A Virgin shall Bear a 

Son, Isa.vii. 10-14 . . . 65 
The Bod of Jesse, Isa. xi. 1-10 .66 
Chap. XVII. God is my Salvation, 

Isa. xii. 1-6 .... 67 

Who hath Believed our Report? 

Isa. liii. 1-12 .... 68 
Redemption hath he sent, Psa. cxi. 69 
My Portion, O Jehovah, Psa. cxix. 

67-64 69 

I thought on my ways, Psa. cxix. 

65-80 70 

Chap. XVIII Thy Law is my 

delight, Psa. cxix. 81-98 . .71 
How Sweet thy Words . . 72 

Chap. XIX. Time for thee to Work, 

Psa. cxix. 113-129 ... 73 
I cried unto Thee, Save me, Psa. 

cxix. 130-146 . . . .74 
Chap. XX. Consider my affliction, 

Psa. cxix. 147-161 ... 75 
Let come my cry, Psa. cxix. 162- 

176 .. . . . 76 

Chap. XXI. My son, my law not 

forget shalt thou, Frov. iii. 1-10, 

Jer. xxxiii. 5, 6 . . .77 

The Good Shepherd, Exod. xxxiv. 

23,24 78 

The Seventy Weeks, Dan. ix. 24, 

25,26 78 

Chap. XXII. Bethlehem Ephrata, 

Mich V. 2, 4, 6 . . . .78 
The Man the Branch ... 79 
The desire of all nations, Hag. ii. 

6, 7, 9 78 


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Chap. XXIII. Behold! thy King 

oometh, Zech. ix. 9-10 . 79 

Short Exereises for Self-tuition in 
Anj^el 01 the CoTeoant, Mai. iii. 

k\,%Z 79 

behold ! Elijah, Mai. iv. 5, 6 .80 

Hebrew into English, and En- 
rV»}y ',r^ff^ Hebrow, with Free 

Chap. XXV.— let. 
And the sound of Jehorah going 
in the garden, Oen. iii. 8 . .81 
And he inhabited the Cherubim, 
Gen. ill 24 . . . .81 

If th'>" doest well, accepted. Gen. 

iv.7 81 

Mj punishment is greater^ than I 

can bear 81 

Behold! then hast banished me, 14 . f8l 

And he drank wine and was drunk- 
en in his tent, Oen. ix. 21 . 81 
And all the earth" had one lan- 
guage. Gen. xi. 1 . .81 
Let ns build a tower for the hea- 
vens. Gen. xi. 4 . . .81 
Behold ! the people have one lip, 6 82 

And dwelt in the Oaks of Mamre, 

Gen. xiii. 18 ^ . . . .82 
And the King of Righteousness 

met him, Gen. xiy. 18, 19, 20 . 82 
That which cometh to meet me shall 

be the Lord's, Jud. xi. 31 . .82 
David's Charge to Solomon, not to 
slay Shemei, 1 Kings ii. 9 . 82 

I know my Redeemer is Life, 
Job xix. 25, 26, 27 ... 82 
Thy people shairi>e willing, Psa. 

ex. 3 83 

The Lord nestled with Me, I was chief 

of his way, Prov. viiL 22, 28, 27 83 
He hath made the Earth by His 
Power, Jer. x. 12 . . .83 
But His Bow abode in Strength, 
Gen. xlix. 24 .... 88 
Thick Clouds are a coyering for Him, 
Jpb xxiL 14 . . . .88 

It would pleasure Me were Job tried, 

Job xxxiv. 8 .... 83 
The Waters wore the Stones, Job 

xiT. 19 83 

At her Feet he Bowed, he fell, Jud. 

▼.27 83 

The Airs declare the Glory of the 

Irradiator, Psa. xix. 1-2 . .84 
There is no Speech, their Voice is not 

heard, Psa. xix. 3, 4, 5 . .84 
Chap. XXV. The Heavens are a 

Divine Symbol of the Triune 

Jehovah . . . . .84 
Worship of the Airs; a Universal 

Idolatry ; Orpheus ; Pliny ; Euri . 

pides ; Sidonius ; Pythagoras ; 

Lecrutius, are Witnesses . . 84 
Lock was disappointed in the Hebrew, 

as it was then taught . 85 


Contents of the Geammab. 
Book II. 
Chap. I. Of Letters, Names, and 

Sounds 3 

Those Radical and those Servile . 3 
Chap. II. Of Words and their Divi- 
sions 4 

Chap. IIL Of Nouns, undeclined . 5 
Chap. IV. Of Genders of Nouns . 6 
Feminine and Masculine Distin- 
guished 7 

Declensions of Nouns, Feminine and 

Neuter 8 

Chap. V. Of Adjectives and Parti- 
cles 9 

Chap. VI. Comparison of Adjectives 10 
Chap. VII. Of Nouns in Regimine . 11 
Particles in Examples . . . 12 
State of Regimine explained . . 13 
Chap. VIII. Detached Personal Pro- 
nouns . . .- . . .14 
Chap. IX. Of AflBxes to Nouns and 

Verbs 15 

Examples of Nouns with Affixes . 16 
Chap. X. Nouns with Prefixes and 

Affixes 17 

Chap. XI. Of Verbs, only one Con- 
jugation 18 

Chap. XII. Conjunctions, Character- 
istics of 19 

Chap. XIII. Moods and Tenses of 

Verbs 20 

Verbs Declined by Fragments of 

Pronouns . . ; .20 

Chap. XIV. Of Fragments Affixed, 

etimun 20 

Of Prefixes called Ji^an . . .21 


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Chap. XV. Of Verbs Perfect and 

Defective 21 

Chap. XVI. Of Perfect Verbs Active 22 
Chap. XVII. Of Contractions of 

Verbs 23 

Chap. XVIIL Of Verbs in Niphal, 

Hiphil, Hophil, and Hithpabel . 24 
Chap. XIX. Of Servile Letters in 

Verbs 25 

Chap. XX. Of Infinitive Mood . . 26 
Chap. XXI. Of Defective Verbs . 27 
Chap. XXII. Of Verbs Natural and 

Contracted 27 

Chap. XXIII. Of Yod, when first 

Radical 28 

Chap. XXIV. Of Irregularities in 

Middle Radical .... 29 
Chap. XXV. Of Enlarged Form of 

Kal 30 

Chap. XXVI. Hebrews could not 

sound 8h 31 

Chap. XXVII. Of Verbs with E, for 

last Radical .... 32 

Chap. XXVIII. Jehovah Sacred, 

Four Letters . . . .33 
, Chap. XXIX. Irregularities explained 34 
Chap. XXX. Of Brevity, and Use of 

Affixes 36 

Chap. XXXL Of Pronominal Affixes 36 
Chap. XXX IL Derivation of Nouns 37 
Chap. XXXIII. Use the Memanlic 

Letters 39 

Chap. XXXIV. Nouns had from 

Verbs 40 

Nouns that double their Radicals . 41 
Chap. XXXV. List of Cardinal 

Numbers 42 

•Chap. XXXVL Letters Used as 

Numerals 43 

Chap. XXXVII. List of Adverbs . 44 
Chap. XXXVin. List of Preposi- 
tions 45 

Chap. XXXIX. Of Conjunctions and 

Interjections .... 46 

Hebbew Syntax. 

Chap. I. Force and Brevity of Hebrew 47 
The Beauty of the Hebrew Style . 48 
Chap. II. The Hebrew clearly Reveals 
the Trinity in the Unity of God- 
head 49 

Chap. III. Singular Nouns have 
Plural Verbs, Adjectives, and Par- 
ticiples 50 

Chap. IV. Use of the Past and Future 

Tense 51 

Chap. V. Hebrew Beautiful idioms . 52 
Hebrew Highly Figurative . . 53 
Chap. VI. Compound Hebrew words 54 
The Cherubim Divine Symbols . 55 

Chap. VIT. How to find the Roots . 
Beauty of Descriptive Hebrew 
Chap. VIII. How Rads. Dropped and 


Chap. IX. How the Root found, Radi- 
cals Restored .... 
Chap. X. Analysis of both Verbs and 


Chap. XI. Characteristics of Radicals 

and Serviles .... 
Chap. XII. Roots in other Languages 
Chap. XIII. Identity of Languages . 
Chap. XIV. Examples from Greek, 


Chap. XV. Hebrew Words in Eng. 


Chap. XVI. Hebrew Primitive Divine 
Language first Taught to Man 
Chap. XVII. Babel, a Quarrel about 

Forms of Idolatry 
Chap. XVIII. Hebrew and Syriac, 










Chap. XIX. Jacob and Laban . 
Chap. XX. Hebrew and Egyptian, 


Proved by Recorded Facts 
Hebrew and Canaanitish, same 
Chap. XXII. Hebrew and Caphtorem, 

same ...... 

Chap. XXin. Hebrew, not con- 

Chap. XXIV. Hebrew Readings ^ and 

free Translation; The Creation, 

Gen. i. 12; Noah 
Chap. XXV. My Son Despise not 

Correction, Pro. iii. 11-26 . 
Chap. XXVI. Fear not Abraham, 

Gen. XV. 1-6 . . 
Chap. XXVII. I brought thee Ur of 

Chaldees, Gen. xv. 7-21 
Chap. XXIII. Shew me thy Glory, 

Ex. xxiii. 17-23, xxxiv. 58 . 
Chap. XXIX. Comfort ye my People, 

Isa. xl. 7 

Chap. XXX. He shall Feed his Flock, 

Isa. xl. 9 

Chap. XXXI. To whom will ye liken 

God, Isa. xl. 18 23 
Lift up your Eyes on High, do. 
Chap. XXXII. Then Jehovah an- 
swered Job out of the Whirlwind, 

Job xxxviii. 1-4 .... 
When the Morning Stars Sang, 6-18 
Chap. XXXIIL Where is the Path 

to the Abode of Light ? Job xxxiii. 

19 20 83 

Knowest Thou the Number of Thy 

Days ? 21-86 .... 84 
Who can multiply the Cloudy 

Vapours, or stay the bottles of 

Heaven ? Job xxxvii. 41 . .85 









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Chap. XXXIY. Hast ihoa giren to 

horse his strength, clothed neok 

with thunder, Job xxxix. 19-25 . 
Chap, XXXV. Jehovfdi said to my 

Lord, Sit thou on my right hand, 

Psa. ex. 1, 2 
I have begotten thee before all time, 

Psa. ex. 3-7 .... 
Chap. XXXVI. By the rivers of 

Babylon, there we sat down, we 

wept, Psa. cxxxviL 1-9 
Chap. XXXVII. There shall shoot a 

rod from the stem of Jesse, Isa. xi. 


Chap. XXXVin. Behold a King 





shall reign in Righteousness, Isa. 

xxvii. 1-6 

Chap. XXXIX. Oh I that it were 

with me as in months past, Job 

xxix. 1-13 

I put on righteousness, and it clothed 

me. Job xxix. 14-17 . 
Chap. XL. If I have despised the 

cause of my manservant^ Job 

xxxi. 13-22 .... 

Chap. XLI. Cry aloud, spare not, 

lift up thy voice, Isa. xl. 1-9 
If thou draw out thy soul to the 

hungry, and satisfy the afflicted 

soul, Isa. xL 10-1 4 . 






The English and Hebrew Dictionary is also An Index to the two former parts of 
the Expositor, and to the whole of the Hebrew Bible, with literal translations, and 
upwards of 25,000 Scripture references, and original notes on difficult passages, and 
numerous corrections of mistranslations in the Authorised Version. 


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The Bible is radient with His beams, who is the "first-born of eyery creatare;" 
** the image of the invisible God ; the brightness of the Father's glory ; the express image 
of His person, upholding all things by the word of His power, and by whom the worlds 
were made," Heb. i. 3. He made man, instituted the Sabbath for His praise, and revealed 
Himself to Adam in His proper humanity. He taught repentant man the way of life, 
and then He instituted a spiritual worship by sacrifice set forth in lively imagery. At the 
east of the garden He inhabited the cherubim, which implied an ark ; a mercy-seat with 
the Shekinah above ; "a living fire, involving on itself" and thus gave hope by opening 
" the new and living way " to the Holy of Holies, by the shedding of His own most precious 

Then, also, the law entered that the offence might abound, " and with it the Gospel, the 
antidote of sin, so that where that is at that time in the bowers of Bden, there grace did 
fHuch more abound," Rom. v. 20. A higher throne, a brighter crown, a sweeter song, and a 
purer bliss now await us than if Adam had never sinned. " In Me ye have life, and 
have it more abundantly," John x. 10. 

By faith Abel sacrificed, Enoch walked with God, Noah prepared an ark, Abraham 
offered his son, Sarah conceived, Isaac blessed, Jacob worshipped, Mosea was hid, forsook 
Egypt, " esteemed the reproach of Christ," Heb. xi. 26 ; Faith in Jesus is the way in which 
all the fathers trod ; in this alone and no other all were believers in Christ, who is " the 
lamb slain from the foundation of the world," Rev. xiii. 8. 

There is not a fresh truth in the New Testament. " Your father Abraham rejoiced to 
see my day," John viii. 56. "If ye believed Moses, ye would have believed Me, he wrote 
of Me," John v. 46. " And, beginning at Moses, and in all the Prophets, He expounded to 
them in all the Scriptures the things concerning Himself," Luke xxiv. 27. '' To him gave all 
the Prophets witness," and " testified beforehand of the sufferings of Christ, and of the 
glory that should follow," 1 Peter i. 11. 

The authorised version is a work of incomparable excellence, but translation is 
inadequate to convey the rich variety, brevity, force, and excellence of the Divine original. 
Printing the Hebrew in a type borrowed from Heathen idolaters, and all in capitals, 
the long lines across the page, and neither verses nor chapters marked, also to read back- 
ward, some letters silent, others doubled, putting different sounds on the same letters. 

These incumbrances hung about the Hebrew are most discouraging, seem pedantic, and 
demand a reform, presenting it simple, plain, modern in appearance, and properly divided 
into chapters and verses, with a necessary use of capital letters, like other languages, and 
no more ; and this is all I have attempted here. 
' Many weighty reasons might be assigned why it should be done : 

1. Much knowledge may be gained of Hebrew by reading only, and an accompanying 
translation in a short time. 

2. A child may be taught Hebrew on this plan as easily as Latin or Gh:«ek, and grown 
persons may teach themselves. 

8. The truths of Christianity and the duties involved in it will n it be properly known 
till the words which the Holy Ghost teacheth are better understood, than now generally 

The Hebrew Bible is a revelation from God ; it concerns man to know It, for life and 
salvation. But dead forms lie on it, and the accumulated rust of ages of neglect have 
gathered round it, " And the vision of all is become unto you as the words of a book that 
is sealed, which men deliver to one that is learned, saying : Read this, I pray thee ; and 
he saith : I cannot, for it is sealed. And the book is delivered to him that is nojb learned, 
saying : Read this, I pray thee ; and he saith, I am not learned," Isaiah xxix. 12. 

First, by transposing it into a new letter, the book is unsealed. Second, by teaching 
how Hebrew may be resA in modem type, the unlearned may understand ; these are the 
objects proposed to be attained by this manual. 

The Primer is primitive, plain, and contains instructions how to read and understand 
the Hebrew Scriptures. 

The Grammar is copious, and may be read with profit by learners. 

The Dictionary is plain, and much more comprehensive than any other ** Bible 
Dictionary " extant. The notes on difficult passages, and the Bible References, upwards 
of 25,000 ! direct from the Hebrew, will, it is hoped, be found useful to all Bible students 
who adopt the wise course in their interpretations of comparing spiritual things with 
spiritual, 1 Cor. ii. 13. 



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The Primer contains the Hebrew and Anglo-Hebl*ew alphabets, 
consociated with a Hebrew Nomenclature, adapted to the English 
alphabet ; instructions to read in English notation the " Chaldean 
Hebrew;" the succession of vowels and of consonants to each 
other ; and the power of each letter is plainly presented and illus- 
trated by numerous texts, to which is given a nteral translation iil 
every case. 

The "Anglo-Hebrew Reader** is the secoiid and easy ascent of 
the student. Here he meets with the "Sylbarium Hebralcum," and 
"Praxis," on selections of very easy Scriptures from Moses, the 
Psalms, and the Prophets, accompanied with interlineary/r«« trans* 
lations of the quoted passages; and also examples, showing how 
each selection is read, by the vocal sounds of the Hebrew con* 
sonants, with their companion vowels alone inserted 5 without the 
Masoretic points, which are not Hebrew, or necessary to its being 


" In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, 
and the Word was God." (Jno. i. 1.) " For by Him were all 
things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible 
and mvisible ; whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principali- 
ties, or powers : all things were created by Him and for Him ; and 
He is before all things, and by Him all things consist ** (CoL i* 16, 17*) 

Moses wrote (Gen. i. 1.), *^ In the beginning Messiah created the 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


substance of the earth, and the substance of the heavens." But He 
that created all things did not create the Gospel ! Jesus is its per- 
sonator, its embodiment. The Gospel never was created; it is 
above creation's immeasurable circumference; it is the everlast- 
ing Gospel, before man, or sin, or creation was; it is eternal! 
The Evangelist Mark styles it (i. 1.), ** In the beginning (before 
creation) was the Gospel of Jesus Christ our Lord." 

The Bible is the Word of Jesus. " No man hath seen the Father 
at any time" (John i. 18^, for "No man shall see me and live." 
(Exoa. xxxiii. 20.) " He dwells in light, inaccessible by men or 
angels." (Psa. civ. 2; CoL L 15.) " Clouds and darkness are round 
about Hira." (Psa. xcvii. 2.) " God is a Spirit, and they that wor- 
ship him must worship him in spirit and in truth." (John iv. 24.) 
But Messiah reveals him to us, "He that hath seen me, hath 
seen the Father." (John xiv. 9.) Not, indeed, as an only fear, "a 
consuming fire" (Heb. xiL 29), but as a God, "reconciling all things 
to himself by Jesus Christ." (2 Cor. v. 19.) 

Be this remembered, that the " New Testament '' is not a new 
revelation, or even a continuation of that Testament that went 
before it, but it is an exemplification and confirmation of the 
truths before delivered, — it is nothing less than an inspired com- 
mentary on the Old Testament, a Hebrew Book written in Jewish 
Greek; but both Testaments are inspired by the same Holy Spirit. 
Both point to creation and providence ; both dwell upon the 
glorious mystenr of Redemption ; this was the apostle's theme and 
the burden of the prophet's vision. 

When Jesus would establish the tottering hopes of his doubting 
disciples, whether or not indeed he were the Messiah and Saviour 
of the world. He calls not back their remembrances to the gratified 
visit of the Easterq Magi to the new-bom King; to the glad- 
dened visit of the astonished shepherds to the manger; to the 
" hymning seraphs " in mid air, or any of Bethlehem's wonders on 
his natal day. There is no allusion to the irrefi*agable evidences 
of his Messiahship, made patent to all by his miracles and public 
ministry ; even the darkened sun at noon, the quaking earth, and 
the astonished dead who left then their graves, nor to any of the 
fearful terrors of that dreadful day, when He himself expired on 
the cross! To nothing of this does the risen Saviour make his 
appeal^ but to the records of the Hebrew Bible, "that more sure 
word of prophecy : " "O fools, and slow of heart to believe all that 
the prophets have spoken: ought not Christ to have sufiered 
these things, and to have entered into his glory ? And beginning 
at Moses and all the prophets, he expounded imto them in all the 
scriptures the things concerning himself." (Luke xxiv. 25-27.) 

To the chief priests and scribes, who rejected Him, He makes 
exactly the like appeal to the Bible: "Search the scriptures; for 
in them ye think ye have eternal life : and they al-e they which 
testify of me." (John v. 39.) To this unerring test he had 

Digitized by V^OOQIC 


recourse when He opened his^ Divine commission : " The Spirit of 
the Lord God is upon me, because he hath anointed me to 
preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the broken 
hearted," &c. (Luke iv. 18, Isa. Ixi. 1-4.) To those who finally 
rejected him, and still boasted their obedience, Jesus utters this 
affectionate but faithful warning: "For had ye believed Moses, 
ye would have believed me : for he wrote of me." (John v. 46.) 

It has been said, that while in fearful agonies Jesus hung upon 
the cross he repeated the whole of the Twenty-second Psalm, in 
the blackness of that day when he died, and darkness reigned 
from the sixth unto the ninth hour. Oh I that fearful wailing, 
that bitter cry, "My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?" 
"After this, Jesus, knowing that all things were now accom- 
plished, that the scripture might be fulfilled, saith, I thirst. When 
Jesus therefore had received the vinegar, he said. It is finished: 
and he bowed his head and gave up the ghost." (John xix. 28 

That the testimony of the Holy Ghost, in the Bible, is so 
seldom adduced by some ministers when preaching is a complaint 
that is sometimes heard, and may be partially true, in these days 
of modern refinement We do not question philology ; and Bible 
criticisms, it is conceded, are made more of in the gospel ministry 
than used to be the case with the Fathers, who, in the aptness of 
their Scripture quotations, and in a familiar acquaintance with 
the Word of God, were much superior to many preachers now: 
" Go ye forth, and preach the gospel to every creature," " and lo, 
I am with you" (Mark xvi. 15): this is the message every preacher 
is charged to deliver, not to preach themselves, nor with the 
wisdom of words ; " We preach Christ crucified, to the Jews a 
stumbling-block, and to the Greeks foolishness ; but to them that 
are called, both Jews and Greeks, Christ the power of God and the 
wisdom of God." (1 Cor. i. 23.) Let young preachers heartily 
resolve to preach Christ alone, and always as Paul did, "For I 
determined to know nothing among you, save Jesus Christ, and 
him crucified." (1 Cor. ii. 2.) Say not that we despise human 
ability, and trample reason underfoot under pretence- of exalting 
Divine revelation, for that were untrue ; but reason is not know- 
ledge, it only rests on it. Reason stands in the same relation to 
understanding that the eye does to the body ; it can see, indeed, 
but not without light; and so reason can draw her deductions 
correctly, only so far as it is supplied by knowledge and under^ 
standing. If it be inquired, " But where shall wisdom be found ? 
and where is the place of understanding?" (Jobxxviii. 12), "It 
cannot be gotten for gold, neither shall silver be weighed for the 
price thereof." " The gold and the precious crystal cannot equal 
it." " No mention shall be made of coral, or of |)earls : for the 
price of wisdom is above rubies." " God understandeth the way 
thereof, and he knoweth the place thereof." " But unto man he 

Digitized byVjOOQlC 


saitb, * Behold the fear of Adonai, that is wisdom ; and to depart 
from evil, that is understanding.'" (v. 28.) 

There is another error very common, and quite as absurd as 
the idolatry of reason, — it is called ** natural religion!" Now, 
this is either a piracy from Divine revelation, or a myth alto- 
gether existing only in the imagination; the heathen, who have 
no other teaching, but are shut up to the unassisted instructions of 
nature, we might expect to be very "naturally religious," and 
excellent men in their way; but is that the fact? Certainly not; 
for they have "changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped 
and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for 
ever : amen." " And even as they did not like to retain God in 
their thoughts, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do 
those things which are not convenient Being filled with all 
unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, malicious- 
ness ; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity, whisperers, 
backbiters, Tiaters of God ; despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of 
evil things, disobedient to parents ; without understanding, cove- 
nant-breakers ; without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful : " 
" they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only 
do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them." (Rom. 
i. 25-32.) Such is the result in them who are " left to nature's 
voice to bid them know the Lord." "But the natural man 
receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God, neither can he know 
them, because they are spiritually discerned." (1 Cor. ii. 14.) "The 
law of the Lord is perfect, converting the soul ; the testimony of 
the Lord is sure, making wise the simple." (Psa. xix. 7.) "The 
entrance of thy word giveth light." "To the law and to the 
testimony, to which if they do not take heed, it is because there is 
no light in them." " For thou, O Lord, hast magnified thy word 
above all thy name." " For after that in the wisdom of the world, 
the world by wisdom knew not God, it pleased God by the fool- 
ishness of preaching to save them that believe." (I Cor. L 21.) 

Much time has been Wasted in ihe publishing of polyglots 
and collating of ancient manuscripts, which confuse and unsettle 
the mind in spiritual things, without obtaining one solid advantage 
by it. For only so far as regard is had to the drift and the 
spirit that pervades the whole Bible, is a man spiritually profited. 
And every manuscript of Holy Writ, any version, any edition, and 
every reading of it, is so entirely and richly imbued with the 
Spirit of saving truth, that the way of salvation by the faith of 
Christ, and not of works, is obvious in every one. The great 
salvation by Christ is the glory, the unsetting sun that shines in 
every page. No man can so render, or so badly translate, com- 
ment on, expound, paraphrase, or even consecutively read the 
whole Bible, and not see Jesus there, in every page, beaming with 
refulgence as " the only begotten of the Father, fiiU of grace and 
truth." (John i. 14.) 


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The Hebrew is an underived language^ a primitive language, — the 
only one that is so. It is the most ancient of any ; it lends to all 
languages, but borrows from none. It is an ideal language ; gives 
name ; and the nature and quality are included in the name. No 
other language does anything to a like extent ; no language is so 
brief, — it is a language of brevity, — it is a language of letters^ 
approaching to the spiritual and the sublime, — the language of spirits 
that need no utterances to convey their thoughts, is very nearly 
approached by the Hebrew, within a little. In its delineations 
accurate — in description precise, it is parent and teacher of all 
philosophy, both moral and natural. Nothing is known of the 
being and attributes of the Eternal, but what it reveals; — ^its 
history reveals Divine purposes before man, before the substances 
of the earth and of the heavens were made, before time began. 
Tiie successive epochs, each of vast duration, through which creation 
passed to its completion, are noted here alone; and an exact 
order of gradations up to the completion of created matter is here 
correctly noted and confirmed, and illustrated by the profound 
researches of modern geology. 

The simple grandeur and profound significance of the Hebrew 
can never be esteemed equal to its merits, and to which no parallel 
can be drawn. The great ease with which an acquaintance with 
this, the richest of all tongues, is acquired is obvious, as appears by 
the general observations following. 

1st. — It has few flexions, and they are very plainly distinguished 
from each other. 

2nd. — It has primitive words, called roots ; these roots are few in 
number, and never consist of more than two or three letters, form- 
ing the roots. 

3rd. — ^It is ideal, and descriptive in its names, or nouns ; — these are 
for the most part arbitrary m other tongues. Words construed 
by other languages, such as the ancient Latin or the Greek, sel- 
dom remove the difficulty; the word is still as arbitrary as before, 
which shows that the fountain has not been reached : but construed 
by the Hebrew, all is plain, and no doubt as to its real meaning 
remains. Its suggestions, precision, and natural tendency to pro- 
mote verbal exactness and an easy fluency of speech, does more 
to remove embarrassment in pulpit ministrations, than is eflected by 
years spent in conning logic aiid all the rules of rhetoric^ were 
they gotten by heart. 

4th. — The words follow each other in regular succession, without 
intricacy or transposition, like the English tongue. 

5th. — Hebrew has only one conjugation, which is divided into 
seven difieren t branches, each clearly designated and complete in itself. 

6th.— It has the happiest and richest fecundity of verbs, owing to 

Digitized by V^OOQIC 


the sufficiency of its conjugations, into which all the variety of sig- 
nification into which it is possible for verbs to be branched out, are 
effected, and are expressed by merely a simple variation of one 
or two letters ; many words are given in a single letter, and every 
word is short and expressive ; in this respect, Hebrew is inimitably 
simple, — a language of letters. 

7 th. — Hebrew is a language of brevity and of variety, arising 
firom its few prefixes and aflSxes, which vary its signification almost 
at pleasure. 

8 th. — ^Its nouns have no flexions, except a letter prefixed or added, 
to mark the gender and the number. The cases are distinguished 
in the same simple and obvious manner, as the gender and number 
are soon learned, quite easily distinguished, and remembered. 

9th.^ — ^Pronouns are still more simple than nouns, and consist of . 
a single letter affixed to a word, nothing more. 

10th. — Prepositions are the embodiment of obviousness, the 
essence of easiness itself, letter prefixed alL 

With respect to the elegance, and easiness, and value of the He- 
brew, Mr. Addison, in his" Spectator," No. 405, remarks: — "There 
is a coldness and indifference in the phrases of our European lan- 
guage, when compared with the Oriental forms of speech, and it 
happens very luckily, that the Hebrew idioms run into the English 
tongue with peculiar grace and beauty. Our language has received 
innumerable elegances and improvements firom that infusion of 
Hebraisms which are derived to it, out of the poetical passages in 
Holy Writ, that give force and energy to our expressions, warm 
and animate our language, and convey our thoughts in more ardent 
and intense phrases than any to be met with in our own tongue. 
There is something so pathetic in this kind of diction, that it often 
sets the mind in a flame, and makes our hearts burn within us. 
How cold and dead doth a prayer appear, that is composed in the 
most elegant and polite forms of speech that are natural to our 
tongue, when it is not heightened by that solemnity of phrase, 
which may be drawn from the Sacred Writings. It has been said 
by some of the ancients, that if the gods were to talk with men, 
they would certainly speak in Plato's style ; but I think we may say 
with justice, that when mortals converse with their Creator, they 
cannot do it in so proper a style as in that of the Holy Scriptures." 

If any one would judge of the beauties of poetry that are to be 
met with in the Divine Writings, and examine how kindly the 
Hebrew manner of speech mixes and incorporates with the English 
language ; after having perused the Book of Psalms, let him read 
a literal translation of Horace and Pindar ; he will find in these 
two last such an absurdity and confusion of style, with such a com- 
parative poverty of imagination, as will make him very sensible of 
what I have been here advancing. 

Some of the sharpest Pagan writers, inveterate enemies of the 
religion and learning of both Jews and Christians, have allowed 
the Hebrew tongue to have a noble emphasis, and a close and 

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beautiful brevity. The metaphors in that admirable book are op- 
posite and lively ; they illustrate the truths expressed by them, and 
raise the admiration of the reader. It would be no difficult mat- 
ter for a man of diligence and good taste to prove that the Hebrew 
Bible has every beauty and excellence that can be found in all the 
Greek and Roman authors, and a great many more, and stronger 
than any in the most admired classics. It would be a delightful 
exercise to enlarge here on the numerous instances of the sublimity 
and admirable beauties of the Old Testament, which are above 
imitation, and defy censure and criticism. 

The learned Buxtorf has proved that God himself breathed this 
language into the first parents of mankind. Melancthon said, ^^ I 
prefer the knowledge of the Hebrew to the wealth of kingdoms ;" 
and the reformer Luther said, '^ Although my knowledge of the 
Hebrew is but small, yet I wouJd not exchange it for all the wealth 
of the world." Mr. H. Ains worth, the translator of the Pentateuch 
and Psalms, observes, " that the literal sense of the writings of 
Moses is the ground of all interpretations of Hebrew." Tke Kev. 
James Hervey observes, in his " Meditations," " that the Hebrew is 
so pregnant and rich in sense that no translation can do it justice ;" 
the Rev. W. Romain, on the Song of Solomon, says, "Without 
being acquainted with the Hebrew tongue, no man can be a critic 
upon the writings of the Old Testament;" and the Rev. Dr. Ryknd 
observes, " that no man can be reckoned a scholar without a know- 
ledge of the Hebrew language : sound human learning cannot exist 
without a knowledge of it." The origin and structiu'e of the uni- 
verse, oiu: incessant dependance on the imiversal agency of God, the 
ultimate design of our immortal powers, and final consummation 
of all in the Divine ^lory, are revealed only there; m fact, the 
Hebrew has an emphatic energv, which it is not in the power of any 
version to equal. If we could understand the Scriptures without 
it, it would be a sufficient motive to study it, because it has been 
consecrated by the mouth of the Almighty. 

Learned men suppose that the prophets and Moses wrote in the 
"Samaritan" character. It may have been so, or it may not; 
neither is it of much consequence in what form of letter Revelation 
was first written. Probably the Hebrew was written in a picture 
alphabet, like the ancient Egyptian inscriptions on existing monu- 
ments in our museums ; but this slow and very expensive writing 
was gradually superseded from the time of the giving of the law on 
Mount Sinai ; till its use among the Jews was entirely done away. 
It might be old Samaritan, or other form of letter, that was employed 
in writing the Sacred Scriptures ; but no means exist of proving 
it now. It is known that the characters in which ancient Hebrew 
was written during part of the captivity were Ghaldee, and that this 
modern innovation on the old letter of the Hebrew was employed by 
that patriotic reformer of religion, "Ezra the Scribe," and continues 
in use to the present, without yielding corresponding advantages ; 
but the inutility of still employing a foreign, difficult, slo^y. and 

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expensive alphabet, instead of one familiar, easy, rapid, and cheap, 
in printing and circulating the Holy Scriptures, which every Christian 
ought to be able to read in the original, few would compiend, except 
its use were indispensable,-^and it is not 


Familiab as we are with the twenty-six letters of the English 
alphabet, they constitute one of the most felicitous of human dis- 
coveries. The cognate Greek characters, although equally expressive 
and convenient, oflFer no advantage to counterbalance the obvious 
utility of a type that is familiar to the greater part of Europe. The 
Hebrewand other Oriental alphabets represent the wants of a"leamed 
oligarchy," rather than the necessities of an educated community. 

It is said no native can read Persian or Sanscrit characters with 
the ease and fluency to which Europeans are accustomed. The type 
is compacter, more legible, and cheaper than any other. By this 
mode of representing the indigenous languages of the heathen, 
missionaries and other promoters of education have, for a whole 
generation, been endeavouring to reduce all the various languages 
and dialects to the same familiar notation. 

Of all the various plan$ that have been proposed to extend the 
influence of the Bible, this is the simplest and most effectual. 
Arabic, Chinese, Persic, Telegu,— the languages of Africa, New 
Holland, New Zealand, and of the nations of the Southern Ocean, 
are written and printed in English type : not a few for the first 
time ; they never had letters before. The Highlanders and Irish 
have, within the last century, received our notation. The local 
government, within the last twelve years, have applied our type to 
the " Phoenician- Arabic " of the Maltese with success. These 
islanders had been left by the "Knights of St John," and the domi- 
nant priest of that island, without a literature ; simply to an oral 
language, to sink down into primitive barbarism ; but this evil has 
been counteracted in the way before mentioned, by the English 
rulers of the island. 

The official Persian alphabet is as completely alien as our own. 
The Mohammedan conquerors naturally used their own language 
where it could be introduced ; and where it was necessary to in- 
troduce words from their subjects, they retained the use of the 
characters with which they were familiar. " The Deva-Nagri," or 
Sanscrit type, although more properly national, varies so widely in 
different parts of the country, as to be comparatively useless. Of 
some of the indigenous alphabets, it is sufficient to say, that the 
type-founder womd be compelled to provide several hundred forms, 
in place of the twenty-four Roman letters now used, and found 


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That eminent linguist and celebrated Oriental scholar, the late 
** Sir Wm. Jones," a century ago proposed this method of repre- 
senting the Oriental languages. Since that time, the Missionary 
and Bible Societies have, for the most part, adopted his system in 
their attempts to fix the innumerable heathen languages which they 
desire to consecrate to their own objects. " A religious newspaper " 
published in India, at Mirzapore, uses the type that is employed to 
emress equivalent sounds by the American missionaries in the 
" Sandwich Islands." 

In default of a universal language, a common set of characters 
tends, in some degree, to remove the impediments to intercourse 
among different races of mankind. If the system became general, 
Anglo-Indian writers could adopt a imiform system of spelling the 
names of persons and places, instead of the ten or twelve different 
names, now given to represent them, as if they were selected to 
constitute an orthographic puzzle. 

The most enthusiastic admirers of antique usages would find it 
difficult to create a grievance out of the introduction of a convenient 
alphabet; for it by no means follows that an Oriental education 
implies a facility of reading fluently at sight; and any unprejudiced 
person would certainly give his vote in favour of the easier alphabet. 

In applying these principles to the Hebrew Scriptures, the mode 
of introducing the reformed system of deciphering must, of course 
depend and be determined by the public. Even trained scholars 
and public instructors would fand their labours greatly diminished 
by the adoption of a more familiar type. The mconvenience of a 
strange character is well known to Englishmen who have had 
occasion to engage in a German correspondence; some travellers 
affect to write the current hand of the country, but the power of 
reading it with fluency and accuracy is a rare attainment among 

To the uninstructed, Hebrew letters are graceful in form but 
difficult to write, and the minute difference of certain letters from 
others very perplexing. Fortunately, no practical difficulty arises 
from substituting the English letter with a Hebrew nomenclature. 
The German Jew, reading Hebrew, is not imderstood by the 
Spanish Jew; the Masorets have failed in securing a uniform 
pronunciation. In a dead language this might well be expected. 
The most ancient and valuable manuscripts, those used by the Jews 
in their public worship, have never been disfigured by the applica- 
tion of the points, — ^which, in fact, are not Hebrew, but a conven- 
tional device, to be received or laid aside at pleasure. For there is 
no connection between sounds and symbols, — it is accidental, — and 
capricious pronunciation differs widely in different parts of the 
same country. It is so with every language, and the Hebrew forms 
no exception to the general rule, point it as you will ; therefore 
a modern type may as well take the place of that now obsolete. 


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Samech V 




























ah An ox, a leader ..... 1 

be A house, a temple .... 2 

ge A camel, reward, returning ... 3 

de A leaf, a door, poverty, poorest people . 4 

ee He, she, behold 5 

u W before a vowel. A hook, a nail . 6 

ze Weapons, arms 7 

ha Aspirated, ha. An animal, a quadruped 8 

th Aspirated, th. A curvature, a scroll . 9 

i Y before a vowel. A hand when shut . 10 

ka The hollow of the hand, a cavity, a cup 20 

le A spit, an ox goad ; to learn . . 30 

me A stain, a spot, unspotted ... 40 

ne A ^fish, a snake 50 

sh Aspirated sh. A basis, a support, a fulcrum 60 

o An eye, a fountain of water. . . 70 

pe The mouth, the life, sentiment . . 80 

je A huntsman, a pole, sides ... 90 

qu An ape 100 

ra A head, top of a pillar . . . 200 

sa A tooth, that tears .... 300 

te A cross, a terminus .... 400 

The open sounds, called vowels, unlike the Latin, Greek, and 
modem languages, are constituent and significant parts of every 
word in which they are found, and whenever they are found re- 
quire to be distinctly pronounced, whether they are isolated, or in 
groups of two, three, or four, with one or more consonants mingled 
with them, or standing alone, as they often do. 

They are five in number, A, E, U, I, O ; the significance and 
force of each vowel letter we shall consider separately. 

A. Heb. Ahphy sound of aA, No. 1. Aleph is a servile, or 
grammar letter ; in numerals it is 1. A forms a noun of itself, and 
is also an article to point out a noun ; so Aia is, " he will be, they 
will be," comes, ^w, " a being," often rendered a man (Gen. xxxii. 24.) 
" And Jacob was left alone, and there wrestled, ais, a man with him." 
Apn^ " a wheel" (Ezek. i. 16), from pne, ^^ to turn." A forms the first 
person of a WQvh^pqd, "visit," apqd^ "I will visit." Eleven in number. 

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that is, half the alphabet letters, are servile : they are, — a, 6, e, u, i, 
k, Z, m, w, «, t. Some servile letters are prefixed, postfixed and 
inserted ; but a, when a servile, is always placed at the beginning of 
a word ; when found at the end of a word, or inserted in it, then 
it is a part of the root of a word, and is always called radical. 

The Radical letters, those which constitute the roots of words, 
these also are in number eleven : g, d, z, li^ /, v, o, jt>, j, q, r. It is 
remarkable that the Hebrew alphabet should be thus equally divided 
between these two kinds of letters, servile and radical. A few words 
only, have more than ten letters, for the great majority consist of 
three or four only. But mark this, — whatever letters a word con- 
sists of, it must contain at least one that is radical. And this, be it 
remembered, that every one of the servile letters are radical some- 
times, but none of the radical letters are ever servile except three 

The servile, or grammar letters, by means of which the whole busi- 
ness of flexion, derivation, numbers, genders, persons, moods, and 
tenses, is accomplished, though all of them at times are a part of the 
root of words the servile power is somewhat limited, for only two 
of them, u and i, can be inserted and engrafted between the radical 
letters ; all the other servile letters must either be prefixed to the 
root or appended to it. 

Care must be taken to distinguish where the serviles are gram- 
mar letters, and where they are roots. A, e, u, and ^, are less 
obvious, in many situations to distinguish their real character, than 
the other servile letters are, especially at times the e and i ; and this 
difficulty lies here, that these letters, are, when radical, often dropped 
before another letter, without any apparent reason or rule by which 
to call for the absent radical. So the n^s in ntUy are often dropped 
with an affix, and without The usage of every language is its 
authority ; and if a letter be found in such a situation that it cannot 
be servile, or point out any part of speech, then it must be a radical. 
The e in AHem^ gods, must be radical, and so be different from 
Alirriy the mighty gods. Alim is indeed applied to God, as well as 
Aleim; and the em Ale^ the Most High, is often dropped mutabhe; 
but then Al, God, mighty, supreme, never occurs as a verb, there- 
fore comes not from ial, because ale may be its root. In every 
doubtful case the context is the best guide to find the root, for 
Scripture is best interpreted by itsel£ 

Abe, and ab : the e here is mutable, denotes affection, willingness ; 
pleasure and delight run through every application of the word. 
(Gen. xxiv. 5), " the woman, la-tabe, will not be willing." (Ex. x. 27), 
Abe, '* he would not be willing, to let the people go." (Deut. i. 26), 
Abitrriy ^' ye would not be willing to go up." 

Abi and ab p, abut, a father, " fathers from their affection toward 
their children." Also the bestowing care on others. (Gen. iv. 20), 
" He was rbi, father of such as dwell in tents (21), " The father of all 
the sons of Heber, that is, they that pass over, pass through a land. 

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the holy seed as such are " strangers and pilgrims on the earth." 
(1 Sam. X. 11), "Is Saul also among the prophets? And one 
answered. But who is Abkm^ their father ? — ^meaning God was their 
father, had imparted his Spirit to them, and he had wrought this 
change in Saul. 

Auhy one having a demoniacal possession; translated, — one that had 
a familiar spirit, a ventriloquist, because those persons thus in ancient 
days, that were thus possessed of an evil spirit, gave forth their 
utterances in a hollow sepulchral tone ; some say wim violent contor- 
tions, and the belly fearfiilly swollen. This word rendered familiar 
spirit from the affection he had to the person on whom he attended* 
(Lev. XX. 6 — 27.) " And the soul that tumeth after such ki ie-ie 
hem auby as have familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer 
(Deut xviii. 11), or a consulter with auh^ familiar spirits. The 
woman (1 Sam. xviii. 7) was a necromancer, who pretended to call 
up the dead to consult them :* "Behold, there is a woman, holt mib, 
who hath a familiar spirit at Endor (v. 8), divine unto me, b aub, by 
the familiar spirit, and bring up him whom I shall name unto thee. 
(y. 9), Saul hath cut oflF, at-e-aubut, those that have familiar spirits. 
Whom shall I bring up unto thee? And he said. Bring me up Samuel. 
And when the woman saw Samuel, she cried with a loud voice, and 
said unto Saul, Why hast thou deceived me, for thou art Saul ? " 
She saw with trembling fear what she had never seen the like before. 
I saw (v. 13) Aleim, gods ascending out of the earth, one or more men 
in glory ; and by that knew, and so did Saul, that the hand of God 
was with her : 

* " The virgin cries. The god — ^behold the god ! 
And straight her visaee and her colour change ; 
Her hair's dishevelleo, and her heaving breast 
And lab'ring heart are swol'n with sacred rage. 
Larger she seems, — ^her voice no mortal sound, 
As tne inspiring God, near and more near, 
Seizes her soul ." 

Ail Strength, power, virtue. Al ailim and alim are applied 
to persons who have power, virtue, robust and strong. 

AL God, Gen. xxiii. 20, Al-aUeil, Isral, God, the God of 
Israel, Alim, interposers, the mighty or strong ones. Ais, a man, a 
being ; Ase, sl woman. 

Ale, as a verb, is to curse, or denounce a curse (Jud. xvii. 2), *^ the 
elieven hundred pieces of silver that were taken from thee ; about 
which thou alit cursedst." (Trov. xxix. 24), " Whoso is partner with 
a thief, hateth his own soul ; he that heareth afe, cursing, and will 
not declare it, shall bear his iniquity." 

Neh. X. 29, " entered into a curse, and into oath to walk after 
the law of God." (Deut. xxix. 9), " And it come to pass, that He 
hearjeth the words of this curse, (v. 21), all, alut, the curses of the 
covenant." (Jer. xi. 3), "Thus saith Jehovah, the AUim of Israel, 
Cursed be the man that obeyeth not the words of this covenant. 

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that I may perform the oath that I have sworn to your fathers : 
then answered I, and said. Amen." 

Alei7n,^^Gods :" a name of the sacred Three Persons, the eternal 
Jehovah. A plurality of persons in the unity of the Godhead is 
taught from the first verse of the first chapter of Genesis, and 
throughout the sacred volume. As God appeared to Adam the 
voice or word of Jehovah- Aleim, walking in the garden (Gen. iii. 8) ; 
also to Abel, Enoch, Abraham, Jacob, Moses, Jehosua, and many 
others ; but as we know that " no man hath seen the Father at 
any time," it was Jesus the God-man, that appeared to man, and 
spoke with him on every of these occasions. 

The plural noun of Aletnif joined in every case with other nouns, 
verbs, and prepositions, all in the singular, exhibits the plurality 
in the imity of the one Jehovah, of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, 
and were in all ages believed on in the Church. The Aleim 
reveals the Divine character as Redeemer and Saviour of sinners, 
by the Everlasting Covenant or Purifier ; in other words, by the blood 
of atonement To the full accomplishment of this stupendous scheme 
of the Divine purpose and eternal decree, each of the Persons of the 
Godhead covenanted with the others to secure its full accomplish- 
ment ; — the Father to love, the Son to redeem, the Holy Spu'it to 
apply the blood to the heart of sinners, and by the fiat of his own 
omnipotence to regenerate and save them that were lost To this 
covenant of grace man was no consenting party; it was, and 
existed fi-om all eternity, with the Sacred Three. To all and every 
of its blessed provision, being accomplished in the salvation of 
man, and in bringing many sons to glory. They bound themselves to 
each other by an oath of denunciation and of execration ; and they 
are invested bv right with the ever-endeared, adorable, and august 
name of Saviours, by oath, — three Persons in one essential and 
indivisible unity, the Eternal, Almighty Aleim. 

AUy "an oak," so called firom its wide-spreading branches. 
(Gen. XXXV. 4), " they gave unto Jacob the strange gods which were 
in their hands, and JacoD buried imder the oak that was in Sechem." 
(Joshua xxiv. 26), "Joshua wrote these words in the book of the law 
of God, and took a great stone, and set it up there, under the oak 
that was by the Sanctuary of the Lord." This was at Sechem, 
and no doubt imder the same oak. (Jud. vi. 11), "There came 
the angel of the Lord;" not a created spiritual intelligence, but Jesus 
- Christ himself in human form. (Gen. xiii. 8), three men ; (xxxiL 24), 
*^ and there wrestled a man with him, and sat under the oak, 
which was in Ophra" (14), Ui-pn, aliu. This was the angel 
Jehovah ; "and Jehovah looked upon him, and go, in this (assurance) 
is thy might ; he went" Gideon then can do all things through 
Jesus, the man Jehovah ; His faith is exalted : (Heb. xi. 32), " the 
time would fail me to tell of Gideon." 

Alurty A species of sacred grove of oaks; in one of these groves, 
Abraham, as a Priest of the most high God, took up his residence 

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in Canaan. (Gen. xiiL 18), Abraham dwelt in; no mention of a 
plain, the words are b-alni, in the oaks of Mamre ; (xviii. 1), Jehovah 
appeared unto him b^ni, in the oaks of Mamre, and lo, three men 
stood by him — not by Abraham, but by the Jehovah — walking in the 
hallowed grove ; and full of joy, Abraham ran to meet them, and 
knowing the Divine visitants, did worship : and he bowed himself 
toward the ground (v. 8) : He stood by them under the oaks, and 
they did eat (Rev. iiL 20), " Behold, I stand at the door and knock ; 
if any man hear my voice and open the door, I will come in to him, 
and sup with him, and he with me." Deborah was buried in one 
of these sacred groves of oaks. " But Deborah, Rebekah's nurse, 
died, and was buried beneath the house of God, Beth-el, under an 
oak, and the name of it was called Alun-b-kuty the oak of weeping." 
(Deut ix. 30), " beside the A luni, the oaks of Moreh ( Jud. ix. 6), and 
made Abimelech king by Alun-^ky the oak of the pillar, which is in 
Sechem,"no doubt Joshua's oak and pillar. (Josh.xxiv. 26; Isa.ii. 13), 
" The day of the Lord of hosts shall be upon all, Aluni, the oaks of 
Bashan, where they set up their idols." (Ez. vi. 13), "And ye shall 
know that I am Jenovah, when their slain men shall lie among their 
idols round about their altars, upon every high hill, in all the tops 
of the mountains and under every green tree, and under every thick 
oak, the place where they did offer their sweet savour to all their 
idols." The oak is supposed to have been the emblem of mercy, 
appointed to our first parents in Eden ; that as the grace of God is the 
brightest of all his works, and the first in the counsels of the 
Divine mind, therefore the symbol of it was placed in the midst of 
the garden, perhaps a group of them. Adam did not flee from the 
garden, but rushed to his appointed sanctuary ; the oak in its very 
midst claims mercy as a sinner at the hands of Jesus, the Aleim, 
Jehovah. There Jesus met him, spoke peace and pardon through 
the sacrifice of himself. (Gen. iiL 15.) Hence it is easy to under- 
stand the origin of the sacred groves, and their universal esteem 
by all people, by the nations of the earth, and above all, the venera- 
tion of the oak. Of these the traditionary records of our country 
present to us an interesting example in the British Druids, and all 
the heathen in every clime. Phaedrus (fable hi.) rhymes, — 

*'In times of yore, the deities 
Chose each their tutelary trees. 
The spreading oak pleased mighty Jove, 
The myrtle green the queen of love ; 
The laurel Phoebus, and the pine 
Coniferous, Cybele, was thine. 
The poplar tall, and upright tree. 
Was sacred, Hercules, to thee." 


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E, is the second vowel, Heb. UJ sound ee, No. 5. This vowel is 
also a servile or grammar letter ; it is prefixed to words, and post- 
fixed, but never inserted in words, as * and u often are. E, pre- 
fixed, is emphatical, as our definite article, the, is ; — e^adniy " the 
man." E sometimes supplies the place of a radical n ; Gen. iv. 9., 
esmvy " What, the keeper of my brother am I? " It is an interjection, 
! Deut. xxxii. 1, "Give ear, e-smim-adbrey oh! ye heavens, and 
I will speak," or it might be rendered, " Let the heavens hear, and 
let the earth hear;" (v. 4), e-^ur^ the rock. It is used interrogatively, 
(v. 6), e-lieice and e-huZy "Is he not thy father ? " (v. 30), e is dropt, 
aike; the prefix e in this text is dropped, but clearly implied, 
"How should one chase a thousand I" These niceties depend 
greatly on the ear, just as a, an, and the do in the English. 

But when the e is postfixed, it is a feminine pronoun, " to her," 
" towards her." Gen. xiL 10, Abrm Mjrime, Abraham went down 
the way to Egypt ; he moved slowly, and was long in arriving 
thither, having flocks and herds to take along wim him; must 
travel slowly, and often stop to rest his cattle by the way. Ex. xiii. 
10 : " thou shalt keep this ordinance in his season, mimim imimey 
from year to year." JEJa ! ha ! an exclamatory particle. Gen. xlvii. 
23, ea-ikm zrOy ^^ Lo ! there is seed, for you shall sow the land." Ex. 
xvL 43, " Because thou hast not remembered the days of thy youth, 
ea, behold, therefore, I will recompense thy way upon thy head." 

Edvy to do honour to, Ex. xxiii. 3, " neither, t-edr, shalt thou 
countenance a poor man in his cause." Lev. xix. 15, "nor honour 
the person of the mighty.*^ Prov. xxv. 6, al-t-t-edr, " put not forth 
thyself; honour not thyself in the presence of the king." 

JEdr an edre, honour applied to dress, which adorns, and attracts 
honour and deference ; also a general term for anything worthy 
in a man. Lev. xxiii. 40, " ye shall take unto you the first day ; 
pri oj edr, the fruit of goodly trees, branches of palm tree, and the 
boughs of thick trees, and willows of the brook." The Targum 
explains edr, of the citron tree ; but here are no olive or pine trees, 
that is, ail trees, which, from Nehemiah, we know were used on this 
occasion ; nor myrtle trees, if edr be the citron ; nor does Nehemi^ 
mention the citron; and oj edr is, literally, the most valued, 
esteemed, and useful tree. The citron might be one ; but certainly 
the olive, cedar, pine, and myrtle — on account of the fi'agrance of 
its berries — were all among the class of goodly trees ordered to be 
used at the feast of the in-gathering at the end of the year, which 
was considered as a type of the end of the world, when every thing 
in the world must cease, all purposes and designs finished, and be 
no more. 

The commencement of a new year was the emblem of rest and 
peace, glory, honour, and immortality, in which the true Christian 

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Will then be clothed. The boughs of trees are respectable and 
symbolical, we learn from the usages of antiquity. 1, the olive is 
tne emblem of peace ; 2, the ced^r, the pine, and mjrrtle, of immor- 
tality ; 3, the palm, of victory ; 4, the oak, of protection ; 5, the 
willow, of thriving, of growing, and of health. The boughs of 
those trees were omy used in this feast that had their mellowed fruit 
upon them. Moses beautifully applies this to Ephraim, the first-born 
by adoption, and whose natural descendants we are. (Deut xxxiii. 17), 
" edr-lu, his honour, glory ; the firstling of his bullocks, and his horns 
the horns of unicorns." This word is of exaltation ; is applied to 
Jehovah, our Lord and Saviour ; 1 Chron. xvL 26, eur ieur^ " honor 
and glory are in his presence ;" (v. 29), ** worship the Jehovah.'* 
Ebu v-Jeue ebur smu, " Give unto Jehovah the glory of his name, 
worship Jehovah ; b-edr-^t, in the beauty of holiness." 

U, Heb. vouy sounded u; before a vowel, w; No. 6. Uis the 
third open sound in the Hebrew alphabet, and answer^ to the 
English vowel w. And it also is a servile letter ; and perhaps more 
used as a prefix to words, being in all such a complete word, than 
any other letter in the Hebrew language. In some very few 
instances, w is a radical ; but they are very few. It is used as a 
prefix very frequently; and is a connecting particle, and carries 
with it the sense of the noun. The u, before a word, usually 
signifies — 1. A conjunction, and. (Gen. i. 1), In the beginning 
God created the heaven ; e-^mim u-at e-arj. ; the heaven and the 
earth. 2, Z7 means also (Lev. vii. 16), "And on theumm, morrow, 
also, the remainder shall be eaten." 3. With, and together with ; 
(1 Samuel xiv. 18), eie-Arun e-Aleim bium e-eua u-bki Isral; "for 
the ark of God was at that time with the children of Israel." 4. U 
means or; (Exod. xx. 17), " Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's 
house; la-thmd ast rop u-obeduy not thou shalt covet the wife of 
thy neighbour, nor his man-servant" 5. But, and but yet; (Psalm 
xliv. 18., and Zeph. i. 13), " Their houses a desolation ; they shall 
also build houses, uibdy but shall not inhabit them." 6. Exegetical, 
means that ; (Gen. xlvii. 6), " The land of Egypt is before thee ; in 
the best of the land make thy father and brethren to dwell, in the 
land of Goshen uam-idot uis-bnty ansi-hely ttsmtm, sri, mqne ol asri-liy 
Goshen, let them be had ; and if thou knowest men that active, 
make them rulers over my cattle.'^ 7. Exegetical, even, to wit ; 
(1 Samuel xxviii. 3), "Now Samuel was dead, and all Israel had 
lamented him, and buried him in Ramah, uboiru ; even in his own 
city." 8. Eventual, so that ; (Isaiah liii. 2), "He is despised and 
rejected of men, so that when they shall see him, there is no beauty 
that we should desire him." 9. Because ; (Gen. xx. 3), ^^ For the 
woman which thou hast taken, ueau^ because she is a man's wife ; 
or, lity wife of a husband.^' 10. Illative, therefore; (Ez. xviii. 32), 
" For I huve no pleasure in the death of him dieth, saith the Jehovah, 
uesibu uhiuy therefore turn, and live ye.^' 11. So that; to the end 
that; (Num. xxiii. 19), " God is not man that he should lie, neither 

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David's charge to spake shimei. 17 

the son of man, uitnhniy that he should repent 12. When, if; 
Prov. iii. 28 : Say not to thy neighbour. Go, and come again, and 
to-morrow I will give ; uis, when, or if, thou hast it by thee. 13. In 
comparisons, as Job v. 7 : Although affiction cometh not forth of 
the dust, neither doth trouble spring out of the ground ; yet man 
is born to trouble, ubni, as the sons of burning fly upward. 
14. Although, Gen. xviii. 27 : And Abraham answered and said, 
Behold now I have taken on myself speak to the Adoni unki, although 
I but dust and ashes. 1 5. Then, Eccl. i v. 7 : Usbti, then I returned, and 
I saw vanity under the sun. 16. And lastly ; after a negative, or pro- 
hibitive particle, then the u signifies also negatively ; and is rendered 
and not, nor neither, Exod. xx. 4, Not thou shalt make to thyself, ukl, 
any graven image nor the likeness of anything which is in heaven, wasr, 
nor which is in the earth beneath ; uasr, nor under the earth. And 
this very common use of w as a negative particle gives us the true 
interpretation of one much interpreted, misunderstood, and disputed; 
bits ; of Scripture ; concerning the charge David on his bed of deatib 
gave to Solomon, concerning Shimei, the Benjamite, 1 Kings ii. 9 ; 
" And behold with thee Shimei, the son of Gera, a Benjamite, of 
Bahurim, which cursed me, with a grievous curse, in the day when 
I went Mahanaim ; but he came down to meet me at Jordan ; and 
I sware unto him by Jehovah, I will not put thee death with the 
sword. Now therefore, Uote al tnqeuy Id ais hkm ate, uidoty at asr 
tose, lu. ueurdt, at aibtu htm saul; from Ai to /m is a parenthesis 
inclusive ; and should be read : And now, al tnqeu, do not hold him 
guiltless ; for thou art a wise man, and knowest what thou shouldest 
do ; unto him ; ueurdt, but neither bring thou down his grey hairs 
with blood to the grave. That is for his past ofiences against him- 
self, let him be forgiven, and he was forgiven fully by both David, 
and by Solomon his son. Still he could not hold Shimei guiltless ; 
a man so wicked and rebellious. Accordingly Solomon put him on 
his dutiful behaviour, for the rest of his life ; that he might die in 
peace, according to David's express desire that Shimei should ; and 
the easy conditions were, that he should not go beyond the liberties of 
Jerusalem, under pain of death, as a rebel against his sovereign; and 
for that transgression he afterwards expiated with his blood ; on his 
own head. Judges xi. 31, Jephthah vowed a vow, unto Jehovah, 
and said ; ueiu ; if it should be so, that I return in peace from the 
children Ammon; that whatsoever cometh forth of my house to 
me, when I return shall be the Jehovah's, .;wid I will offer it up a 
burnt offering ! What a face of wilful folly, impiety, and madness 
this manner of rendering this passage puts upon it ! This is another 
of those bits of Scripture not very easy to understand, and deserves 
a passing notice under this, m, which constitutes an important ele- 
ment of the language. 

It will upon a careful examination of the passage in Hebrew be 
seen very clearly, that what really is said in the original, is this : 
Jephthah vowed a vow unto Jehovah, and said. If — iteie, if it be so. 

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18 JE hthah's vow. 

that I return in peace, then it shall be that which cometh forth of 
the doors of my house to me when I return in peace fix)m the 
children of Ammon, shall surely the Jehovah's, rme UJeue ueoltieu, 
and I will offer him ; Jehovah ; a burnt-offering, a sacrifice. But 
what has become of the perplexing difficulty ? — ^there is none here. 
Jephthah was a pious man, strong in faith and gave ^ory to God. 
No mention is made of his wife; — ^perhaps she was dead, and now he 
had none ; but he had one child, and only one, a daughter, of meek 
and humble spirit, ever obedient to the will of her illustrious fether, 
whom, next to her Redeemer and Saviour, she loved above all others. 
To her the father had given a blessing when they parted, and the 
earnest prayers of this lone child in her father^s absence would be 
for the success of his arms, and speedy and safe return from war. 
Jephthah well might assure himself, as no doubt he did, who if he 
did return, wotdd come, the first to meet him ; and then in gratitude 
to God for life and victory and peace, his dear child as weff as him- 
self should ever be the Jehovah's, in life and evermore I Then of 
all that the Lord had given, he give a tenth to the Divine service ; 
he would give him more than a tenth ; mindful of a dutiful obedience; 
would serve him with joy of heart and tongue, according to Divine 
instruction ; would (Lev. iii. 6.) offer him a peace offering. Tliis would 
be an exact rendering of the Hebrew. " Whosoever cometh forth at 
the doors of my house to meet me, shall surely be consecrated to thy 
service for ever." Oh thou Jehovah, and, oltieu; words equivalent 
to olU-eu, I will offer up to him a burnt sacrifice. 

She the daughter had the joy of meeting again her revered father 
after his return ; and the higher happiness too while young in years, 
of rising above the vanities of the world in its high elevation, and of 
being not indeed an Isaac, but a Samuel ; by a pious devotion to the 
worship and service of God. As the issue of this child, when of 
proper age, was the only hope her father had, that his family could 
be perpetuated in the world ; and as then, the coming of the Messiah 
was looked for by the Church in this age, as in every other, and as 
the mother-hood of Christ, was the especial desire of pious women ; 
these hopes were all dashed in the illustrious Jephthah's pious 
daughter ; at that very period, when worldly prospects shone the 
brightest on both parent and child ; and therefore for some years, at 
least, perhaps, while Jephthah ruled Israel, her virginity appears 
to have been lamented by certain of the virguis of Israel ; but it is 
likely that the statute promulgated then soon fell into disuse after 
his aeath : for nowhere in Scripture is it mentioned afterwards, — 
so fleeting are earthly honours. The w, inserted in the second order, 
is a participle, active ; as in eulk, going, and in the third order, 
passive, eluk, gone ; when postfixed to a verb, it is its plural form 
eUcu, they went f7, as a pronoun; it is always postfixed, and is 
the third person singular ; and masculine plural ; and sometimes it 
is feminine. 


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I. Heb. yod, sound t, and y before a vowel. 10. 

/, in numbers, is 10. /is a servile, much used ; it is prefixed, in- 
fixed, and postfixed. /is prefixed to verbs, without making a change 
of root / is, in some cases, a radical, but not often. lahtiy my 
desire; Psalm cxix. 131; — there i is a noun; a6^, desire, with a 
formative i ; iabe, my longing for thy commandments, /a/, to be 
self-willed, obstinate, rash, silly; 1 Samuel xii. 24, the Israelites 
were distressed that day for Saul ; ial, had been rash, with the 
people. Id, pi, irriy hand. The hand of man is the emblem of 
ability, his power, his work, his excellence above all other creatures; 
in a word, the hand to man is the glory of his being, and is so 
rendered ; Exodus xvii. 16, Moses built an altar, and called it 
Ueue nvi, Jehovah is my banner, for he said, id, hand, that is, 
monument ; by the tabernacle of Jah, is the word of Jehovah against 
Amalek from generation to generation; 1 Samuel xv. 12, Saul 
came to Carmel, and behold, mjib-id, he hath set him up a hand, 
pillar of fame. Giving the hand is surrendering power, and 
accepting authority; such is intended by lifting up both hands, in 
prayer. Ude, the time of being a child. Psalm cxviii. 3, from the 
womb, dawn of life ; ildtk, during thy childing time, thou hast the 
dew on thee, 

lin, wine, with a formative f, and comes from the verb ine, to 
deceive, impose upon, bring under; because it steals upon the mind, 
composes it to contemplation, and disposes to acts of generosity and 
kindness. Wine is taken in the house of God as an act of obedience 
and love ; in the New Testament, Mark xiv. 22, 26. Wine was also 
sacramentally taken, in Divine worship, by priests, prophets, and 
patriarchs, under the Old Testament; Genesis ix. 21, and he, 
Noah, drank of the wine, and felt within him the Divine afflatus in 
all the powers of a vast prophetic vision. He had gone, not to 
his house, to eat and to drink ; but Noah was a prophet, and like 
other prophets, he went into aele, the Tabernacle, the House of 
Jehovah, and drank the sacramental wine, and then prophesied ; 
Genesis xxvii. 25 ; and he, Isaac, said. Bring near to me that I may 
eat my son's venison, that my soul may bless thee. And he brought 
near to him, and he did eat, and he brought him im, wine, and he 
drank. After this done, the spirit of prophecy came upon him'; 
and he declared to Esau the blessings God had laid up in store for 
him, and also for his posterity. A deep sleep both preceded, and 
often co-existed with the Divine prophetic vision ; chapter xv. 12 : 
And when the sun was going down, a deep sleep fell upon Abram, 
and lo, an horror of great darkness fell upon him ; ana then came 
before his soul the prophetic vision, even all the sorrows of Egyptian 
bondage, and the final deliverance. The seven years of plenty and 
the seven years of famine were revealed unto Pharaoh in a deep, 
sleep. Chapter xl. 1: Nebuchadnezzar saw the glory of Babylon 
dimmed, and his kingdom pass away ; and other mighty empires, 


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20 noah's fearful vision. 

in his vision, he saw rise and flourish, and then pass away. Oh, 
what a fearful night vision ! Daniel ii. 1, 34 — 45. When Daniel 
saw the wide-spread ruin of kingdoms, and the dwarfing down and 
captivity of the Church of God in future years, he said, chapter 
viii. 18, 1 was in a deep sleep, on my face to the ground ; verse 27, 
I fainted and was sick, days. So here with Noah, he then was 
rapt in prophetic, fearful vision ; he, who had seen and wept over 
the guilt and ruin of a world, now in vision, and a deep sleep 
upon him, beheld the dreadful future of a world — all his own 
children — the famines, wars, pestilences, sorrows, tears, slavery, 
and death, in Ham's line. The history of man, to the end of time, 
was like some revolving diorama passing before his eyes in frightful 
vision. Oh I how must his holy soul have been convulsed then ; 
and, rolling in mental agony for his sons, and wallowing in the dust 
before God, what else could he ? But his garments he tore from 
himself in the wildness of agony and depth of his despair. Noah 
was not drunk, but in agony. 

O. Heb. oiriy sounded o. Number 70. 

is a radical letter, and of great significance in Hebrew ; o6, 
thick, dense, a cloud; Deuteronomy xxxii. 15, thou art waxen 
fat ; obity thou art grown thick ; Exodus xix. 9, lo, I come unto 
thee, bob (pronounced be-ob), in a thick cloud ; Judges v. 4, 
obirriy the clouds dropped water ; Jeremiah iv. 29, they shall 
go, obirriy into the thickets, and climb upon the rocks. 

Obd (pronounced o-bed), to serve, to work, to labour ; particularly 
applied to labouring the earth and servile bondage. Divine worship; 
Exodus V. 18, go therefore to, obdu, and work ; Genesis xv. 13, 
know of a surety that thy seed shall be a stranger in a land that is 
not theirs, and shall, uobdum, serve them, four hundred years ; 
chapter iv. 2, Abel was a keeper of sheep, but Cain was, obd (obedy 
a worker), a tiller of the ground ; Deuteronomy xxviii. 47, because 
thou, obdt (obed'te), servedst not the Lord thy God with joyfiilness 
and with gladness of heart for the abundance of all good. 

Obr; ober, to pass along, pass away. Gen. viii. 11, " God made 
a wind, to6r, ruhy to pass over the earth." A passenger, a 
traveller, a pilgrim, passing from earth to heaven. This word car- 
ried with it the name, character, and final rest sought by all the 
members of the Church militant in ages past, and is still. They 
were indeed in the earth, but not of the earth. They were stran- 
gers and pilgrims — were called so, by worldly men, as a term of 
reproach. They accepted of shame for his name. Gen. xliii. 32. 
" And they set on for him by himself, and for the Egyptians by 
themselves, because the Egyptians might not eat bread with the 
Hebrews, eoh^iniy pilgrims, for that were an abomination to 
the Egyptians.'* They accepted of persecution and reproach, and 
assumed the name, as well as bore the character, aliens. Hebrews 

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xi. 13-14, "These all died in faith, and confessed that they were 
strangers and pilgrims on the earth ; for they that say such things 
declare that they seek a country." 

Odn, rendered Eden, To live pleasantly and deliciously — plea- 
sures, delicacies in dress. Gen. ii. 8. *^ God planted a garden, 
bEdn, in Eden." A name given in Scripture, also, to other joys, 
besides Paradise. 2 Sam. i. 24, "Ye daughters of Israel, weep over 
Saul, who clothed you, om-odnim emole odi, in scarlet and 
other delights." Neh. ix. 25, "And they took strong cities, 
possessed houses full of goods, wells digged, vineyards, olive-yards, 
fruit trees in abundance, and were filled and became fat, uitod-^u, 
and delighted themselves in the great goodness/' 

Oqb: Jacob, Uhe heel.' Gen. iii. 15. "He shall bruise thy 
head, and thou shalt bruise oqb, o-qeb, his heel." Chap. xxv. 26, 
" His hand took hold , on Esau's, boqb, heel, and his name was 
called, Joqby Joqeb, Jacob, or heeler." Orb, o^eb, mix, mingle, 
pleasant Psalm civ. 34, "My meditation of him shall be 
iorb, sweet." Jer. xxx. 21, "Who is this that orb, who delights 
his heart in approaching me ? " Orb, the name of a country, and 
of its people. Arabia, means mixed people. Orb, the evening. 
Gen. i. v. Uiei-orb, " And there was evening, and there was 
bqr, morning, day the first." Ostrt, the bright circle, or bright 
stars, around us; hence astrum, Lat, and Eng., star. This 
was an idol, or Baal, an image of the light, sun, and stars. Jud. 
ii. 13. "And forsook Jehovah, uiobdu, Ibol ulostrut, and served 
Baals and Ashteroth," 


consonants; names, sounds, and powers op each. 

B. Heb. beih, sounded Be. 2. 

B, in numbers, is 2. It is a servile, only when prefixed, and sig- 
nifies, in that situation, in, on, among, for, upon, the account of. 
Gen. i. 17, " And God set them, brqio, in the firmament of the 
heavens." xi. 4, "Let us build a tower; and its top, bsmin, for 
the heavens." Sun, moon, stars, air, are called the host of heaven : 
that is, let us set up an idolatry on a scale of ensnaring pomp and 
magnificence. Ashteroth, Chemosh, Molech, Baal Zebub, and a 
host of Baals, sprang out of this gigantic scheme of idol-worship, 
"Act of Uniformity." Jehovah, however, turned their councils into 
confusion by confounding, not their speech, but their purposes. 
These incipient idolaters were engaged in a great' work very, viz., 
instituting a divine worship, as they would call it. But their 
knowledge of the person and attributes of Jehovah, and of the de- 




clared acceptable mode in which Divine worship was conducted by 
their fathers was simple, and they despised it, and persecuted the 
men of faith and obedience, and called them Hebrews, or pilgrims, 
who had no heart for idolatry. All this they knew well enough, 
from the teachings of their own pious fathers ; but a spiritual wor- 
ship, its altars of earth and unhewn stone, such simple purity of 
worship of an unseen Jehovah, a Spirit of whom no form or like- 
ness of an image was permitted, — away with. Gorgeous images ! 
A magnificent temple, with a pompous ritual, were, it seems, deter- 
mined on ; but the exact form of their emblematic figures, and 
other minor details of ritual, had to be finally agreed upon ; and 
they never did agree upon them ; hence the babel that ensued. 
God confounded, not Lsun, Le-sun, the tongue, the language; 
but Spe^ Sa-pe, the sentiment, the opinions, these were thrown 
into irreconcilable discord and variance, one with another, and 
hence the confusion, the babel, and the final dispersion ensued. 

G. Heb. gimel, sound ge. Numb. 3. 

G, numb. 3. G is never servile. Gae^ to lift, raise up, like 
a growing plant, or a wave of the sea. Eng. gay, comes from it; 
it is often rendered pride. Psalm xxxi. 4. "And plentifully re- 
wardeth, ose-^aue, the proud doer." Gal, avenge, redeem. 
Gen. xlviii. 16, "The angel which redeemed me firom all evil." 
- Exod. vi. 6, " I will redeem you." Job xix. 25. " For I know 
that my, Galiy Redeemer liveth." Gprit, sulphur. Gen. xix. 24. 
" God rained on Sodom gprit, brimstone and fire from heaven." 

D, the daUihy sounded de . Numb. 4. 

In numbers 4. D is a radical letter, and read de. 

Da, To fly with haste, as birds to the prey, and a driving storm. 
Deut. xxviii. 49, " The Lord shall brine a natioii against thee, from 
far, from the end of the earth, as the idae ensr, as the eagle 
flieth." Psalm xviii. 10, " He rode, ol krub (cherub) uioq utda, 
upon a cherub, and did fly hastily : yea, he did fly on the wings of 
the wind." A hurricane is the most tempestuous and impetuous 
motion in nature : it is the wind, or spirit, that drives the lightnings 
before it with that rapidity and violence, they may be said to ride 
upon the wings of the wind. 

Z. Heb. zain, sound ze. Numb. 7. 

This consonant is always radical. In numerals 7. 

Zab occurs only as a noun. Isa. xi. 6. " The zab, wolf, shall 
dwell with the lamb." Exodus iii. 17, " And I have said that I will 
bring you up out of the affliction of Egypt unto la-arj-zbt, flowing, 
gushing out, with milk and honey." 


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H. Heb. heth^ sounded Ao, soft Number, 8. 

This is one, and the first letter in the Heb. alphabet that is to be 
aspirated in reading Hebrew, in the same manner as it is in 
English. There are few, if any, exceptions to this rule, H is a 
radical letter, and in numerals, 8. 

Hbyheby or Hbby heb-be, ^'to lay up close, hide, or conceal one's- 
self." Josh. ii. 16, "And she said unto them, Get you to the moun- 
tain, lest the pursuers meet you, unhbtniy and hide there." Jer. 
xlix. 10, "I have made Esau bare. I have uncovered his secret 
places, and he shall not be able nhbe^ UyU hebe la, to hide.' 

> ^ 

F. Heb. teth, sounded th. Number, 9. 

There are only three letters aspirated in Hebrew. F is the second 
of them. There is no aspirate t in our language ; therefore, as we 
have no one English letter to correspond with this th ; but as our 
modem /has no Hebrew letter to correspond with it, F now sup- 
plies the place of the ancient ph in English. We have appropriated 
this jF as ^A in our Heb. nomenclature, and pronounce it in all 
places th in Hebrew reading. 

This jP is a radical letter, and yet is thrice substituted for (;, as a 
servile or grammar letter. 

Fb, thuby "good, perfect in its kind, regular, and in order." It is 
largely extended, as " fair, sweet, pleasing, profitable, commodious, 
causing joy." Gen. i. 4, "And God saw the light that it was fuh, 
good." Chap. ii. 12, "And the gold of that land is fub, good." 
(3hap. iv. 7, " If thou doest am-ttfib, well, shalt thou not be ac- 
cepted ? " This is spoken to Cain, in reference to the obedience 
of faith, in which he was defective ; not to the works of the law. 
Heb. xi. 4, " By faith, Abel oflFered unto God a more excellent 
sacrifice than Cain, by which he obtained witness that he was 
righteous." God testifying, Numb. xxiv. 5, " How fbu ; thubu ; 
goodly are thy tents, O Jacob." Josh. vii. 21, " When I saw among 
the spoils, aht fube, a good one, I took them, and behold, they are 
hid in my tent." Exod. xxii. 1, "If a man shall steal an ox or a 
sheep, and kill it, fbe, cut its throat" 1 Sam. xxv. 11, " Shall I 
then take my bread and my water, and my flesh that I have, fbhtiy 
cut the throat of^ and give them to men, I know not whence they 

K. Caphy sounded ka. Numb. 20. 

There are eleven grammar letters in all ; ka is one of them. It is 
prefixed, and postfixed, to words, but not inserted. When pre- 
fixed, it simiifies, " according to, like, at or about, in time ; " in num- 
bers 20. But when k follows the word, it signifies, *^ thou, thee, 
thine," both in masculine and feminine singular ; but in the plural it 
takes m, or n ; sometimes it is km ; in other cases kn : and 500 as 


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numerals, final. Kab^ a sore ; English, acahy Gen. xxxiv. 25, " And 
it came to pass on the third day, when they were kahiniy sore, that 
the two sons of Jacob, Simeon and Levi, took each man his sword." 
This word is the parallel of grief and sorrow to the mind. " His 
own wound, and mkabu, his own sore or giief." Prov. xiv. 13, " even 
by laughter shall the heart be ikab, pained ; or hurt." Isa. liii. 3, 
speaking of Messiah, " a man, mkabut, of sorrows, body and mind ; 
verse 4, " Surely he hath borne, umkabinu, our sorrows." 

L. Heb. lamedy sounded la. 30. 

L. It must be borne in mind that, in reading, Z, must be sounded 
Za, or Uy Hebrew, and not el^ as in English ; for the Hebrew alpha- 
bet takes all the short companion vowels of every consonant after its 
consonant in all cases; in English sometimes before as/, Z, m, n; in 
other cases after its consonants, as 6, d^ g, c, h, t, p, but always after 
Greek, Heb., and in all ancient tongues. iy is a servile, or gram- 
mar letter; 1st, when prefixed to a word, it is a preposition; and 
means " to, o/", belonging to, with respect, with regard to ;" and 2nd, 
sometimes, like 6, and m, and some other serviles, is incorporated ; 
Ion, means violent. Gen. i. 29 : " Behold I give you Ikm, to you, 
every herb that beareth seed, to you it shall be lakle, for food ; 
and Ikl, to every living thing, with the green herb for food." The 
meaning is, *^ from every herb, to every creature, have I given 
you all, for food." L, is often used inclusively." Gen. ix. 3, " Every 
moving thing that liveth shall be meat for you, even as the green 
herb have I give you all things." Lkl, to every beast. Psa. xci. 11, 
** He will give his angels charge Ik, concerning thee." Psa. cxiv. 1, 
" When Israel went out of Egypt, the house of Jacob from a people 
Ion, of violence." Isa. xxxii. 1, " Behold a king shall reign Ijrk, in 
righteousness ; and Isrim, as for the princes, they shall rule Imspf, 
in judgment," Prov. xvi. 1. The preparations of the heart ladm, 
in man. Cocceius explains the prepositions under thirteen dis- 
tinctions; but they are all comprehended in two ; " of" and "to" 
embrace them all. 

M. Heb. memy sounded me. 40. 

Only, remember that in reading Hebrew every consonant has its 
short companion vowel sounded after the consonant, me ; observing 
this necessary and natural pronunciation, no difficulty is encoun- 
tered in reading any Hebrew words, even when every letter in 
them is a consonant. M, in English, is em, but in Hebrew, W. In 
numbers, it is 40. M, is a servile, or grammar letter; but it is also, 
in many instances, a radical, and when it is radical, m is never 
dropped out or changed, in any person or number, mood, or tense. 
As a servile, when prefixed to a word, it means from, beyond, more 
than ; it is the sign by which a noun may be known. It is used 
actively and passively, denominating the instrument of the action. 




by or on, which action is done or sufiFered ; when m is final, it is a 
pronoun, them, their, and a plural sign, as in cherubim ; in nume- 
rals, final, 400. 

Mady strength, greatness in degree. Exod. i. 7, ^^ And the children 
of Israel were fruitful, and waxed mighty," b — mad, mad, ^' very, 
exceedingly" numerous, and strong. Deut. vi. 5^ " Thou shalt love 
the Lord thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and 
with all thy mad, k, thy might" Eng. mad, is Heb., and applied to 
insane persons, because in their fits they put forth superhuman 

N. Heb. Nun, sounded nu, 50. 

N, English, sounded with its short vowel first, not en» Heb. 
requires that it be sounded after its consonant, nu, ne, or any short 
vowel may be employed in reading Hebrew. N, in numbers, is 50, 
and when final, 500. N, is a servile in grammar; is prefixed, 
and postfixed, but never inserted ; n prefixed, is passive, and a noun, 
also, as the first person plural ; as a postfix, it forms a noun. N, 
is sometimes a radical, and is mutable, whether it begins or ends a 
word, as in ntn, natan, "to give," and many others. Use must direct 
here, some words retaining it always ; other words sometimes only, 
though seldom drop it ; as nelk, " we will walk ;" others as seldom, 
though sometimes retaining it, in deflection. It seems an abbrevi- 
ation of ne, or ene, or of anu, "his strengtli ','' we and ane, as a 
passive. Na, " to unsettle." Num. xxxiv. 6, " If her father, enia, 
disallow her, unsettles what she had settled by vow." The English 
negative, nay, is uricompliance, derived hence. Nbl, Nabal, vile, 
fallen, reprobate, abject, worthless. Deut. xxxii. 6, nbl, " O foolish 
people, and unwise'." 1 Sam. xxiv. 25, Nbl, Folly is his name, and 
nble ; with folly is Nh ; or nhe, to rest, settle down, leave, let rest ; 
as a noun, rest, ease, quietness of body or mind. Gen. viii. 4, " And 
the ark, tnli, rested on the mountains of Ararat." Exod. xx. 11, 
"And utnh, rested the seventh day." Nh, Noah, rest, the restorer of 
the human race. Gen. viii. 9, " The dove found no umnuh, rest, for 
the sole of her foot. Nhl, a valley. Joel iii. 18, " A fountain shall 
come out of the house of the Lord, and shall water nhl es,Jim, the 
valley of those who are gone astray ;" by recalling sinners to the 
way of truth. The grace of Jesus, and his blessings, flow down to 
sinners in floods of life and salvation. Nhs, a serpent, in ancient 
hieroglyphics, was the emblem of fire. Job xxvi. 13, "By his Spirit 
he spread out the heavens ; his hand, nhs, brh, nahas berah, the 
gliding serpent ; tn, tan, a serpent ; nhs, na-has, of brass, copper, 
and tin, mixed. 2 Kings xviii. 4, *^ And brake in pieces the brazen 
serpent, which Moses had made, and called it nehustan. Leviathan, 
a double serpent, a compound word, of Levi, double, or joined, LuV^ 
Gen. xxix. " Now will my husband, lui, be joined to me, and called 
him Levi," and tn, tan, a serpent, *^ a double serpent." Job xli. 1, 
En-tyhltu, " Canst thou draw out 'leviathan with a hook ?" 


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V. Heb. Samaehy sormd^ sh. 60. 

There is no letter in Hebrew answering to our v, and there is no 
aspirated shy answering to samaehy in the English answering to Heb. 
sh ; therefore^ as in the case above of tethy the Heb. aspirated thy fy 
is made to serve the purpose, so in this case, v is shy a. letter 
easily made with a single action of the pen, as in the case of/; this v 
discharges all the duties in Hebrew as the Chaldean samech could, 
had it been adopted, and is cheaper, easier, and better too ; because 
V is in every English font ; sVs are not ; that is a character known to 
all ; samech is not. V samech is only radical, answers to the sound 
of shy in whatever situation it is met with. VaCy a limit, sing, ratm, 
plural, and vatimy was a dry measure; the exact quantity that is 
intended by it does nowhere appear. Gen. xviiL 6, ^* Make ready 
quickly three vatm, measures, of fine meal ; knead it, and make 
cakes on the hearth." This was for the three men, who were come 
to Abraham, and must have been of an inconsiderable size. And 
very possibly it differed in size, according to the various commo- 
dities acted on, or measured. 1 Kings xviiL 32, " He made a trench 
about the altar, as great as would contain vatimy two measures of 
seed. " Isa. xxviL 8, ^^ In measure when it shooteth vavacy in 
measure:" controled, limited, vbby shebbay to be turned round. 
Gen. xlii. 24. "And he ivby turned himself about from them, 
and wept" 

P. Heb. Pey sound pe. 70. 

The short vowel in » follows its consonant in English pCy and 
has the same name ana sound as in Hebrew. P is a radical, in 
granunar. In numbers it is 70 ; but when a fiAal, 700. paCy " He 
scattered into comers," "exterminated." " A comer" He adorned, 
"beautified," "glorified," "vaunted," "went over the boughs;" 
ply pat. Exod. XXV. 26, "He put the rings in the four epaty 
corners, that are on the four feet thereof;" Lev. xiii. 41, ^^he 
that hath his hair fallen off" mpaty " from the comer that part, of 
his head toward his face. In Heb. the face is a comer of the 
head ; back of the head another comer, and the two temples the 
two other comers, par, an ornament, bonnet, turban, to do 
honour to ; it is applied to the green boughs and spreading tops of 
trees. Exod. viiL 9, " Moses said unto Pharaoh, Etpar oUy Thou 
wilt vaunt thyself against me." If the plague was removed, he had 
done so before, and hardened his heart Deut xxiv. 20, " When 
thou beatest the olive tree, hr-tpavy thou shalt not bough it after 
thee." Phdy to surprise or astonish, fill with dread and awe ; be 
amazed. Prov. xxviiL 14, " Blessed is the man that feareth always." 
Jer. xxxiii. 9, phduy " they shall fear, and tremble, for all the 
goodness, and all the prosperity that I procure tmto them." Pnimy 
* faces.' The faces or persons of the Jehovah were exhibited in the 
Cherubim in their glory, of Justice, Truth, and Sanctification ; 




united with our humanity, first exhibited to Adam after his trans- 
gression, to sustain the faith and hope of the parents in th e 
veracity of the promise then made to them. Gen. iii., " And I will 
put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed 
and her seed; he shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his 
heel." ^race,'is person, and* faces 'persons; the cherubim exhibited 
the personis and attributes of the Godhead of the Father, Just and 
Holy; of the Son, truth and life; and of the Holy Ghost, the 
comforter and sanctifier of his people. Very properly, these 
cherubim were of pure gold, Exod. xxv. 18, 19, 20, 21, 23, 
*'And thou make two cherubim of gold, of beaten work, on the two 
ends of the mercy seat ; and stood above it, covering it with out- 
stretched wings, looking down approvingly on the blood of atone - 
merit, sprinkled upon it before the faces, typically receiving the 
worship and the sacrifice : " " And there will I not in figure only, 
but in spirit and power, meet with thee, and commune with thee 
from above the mercy seat, from between the two cherubims." 
Gen. xxxii. 30, " Jacob called the name of the place Pnial, the face 
of God." 

J. Heb. Jaddi, sounded ^o. 90. 

J, is sounded soft, as heard in joy, journey; in numbers 90. J, 
is an essential letter, or Radical; it is twice changed for/. When 
final it stands for 900. 

Ja, and its derivatives, i/a, ^*to come forth," or come out Jal, 
Job xl. 21, " He lieth under the shady trees tht jalim,^ ver. 22, 
ivkeu-jalim. " The shady trees cover him with their shadow. " 
Jb, to swell, Isa. xxix. 7, ** All the nations of jbairriy that fight 
against Ariel, even all that jbicy that swell against her, in pride and 
anger." Zac. ix. 8, " I will encamp about my house, mjhey because 
of him that swelleth against it" 

Jb% and ^bie, the roe, or deer ; a creature remarkable for swelling 
about the neck, especially when excited. JJt, also men's glory, 
pride, delight, beauty. 2 Sam. i. 19, ejM Isral olrbmutik, " The 
beauty of Israel is slain upon thy high places," Isa. xiii. 19, 
Ueite Bbly jbi, ** And Babylon the glory of kingdoms." 2 Sam. v. 10, 
Jehovah Alei Jbaut, " The God of hosts was with him." Gen. xli. 
45, "Pharaoh called Joseph's name Jpnt-ponhy the treasure of 

flory and comfort." Jr and Jur, bound up strong, a rock. 
Ixod. xvii. 6, " I will stand before thee there ol-ejur Bhrby upon 
the rock, in Horeb ; " " and that rock was Christ." 

Q. Heb. Kophy sounded qu. 100. 

Q is not a grammar letter, but a radical, and constitutes a sub- 
stantial part of every word in which it is found. In numbers, it is 


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Qa, to vomit ; Leviticus xviii. 25, " And the land itself tyqa^ 
vomits out, her inhabitants." 

Qbo, " to vex, to fret." Proverbs xxii. 23, " For the Lord will 
plead their cause, and qbo at qboi em npsy fret those that fret 
them to the soul." Qbr, and qibre, and qbur, sl grave, or place of 
burial. Genesis xxxv. 20, " Jacob set up a pillar upon q,brte, . her 
grave, that is the pillar of Rachel's grave unto this day." Qidrn^ 
before, first, anticipate, prevent, the east, place of sunrising; 
Psalm Ixviii. 25, "The singers q,dmu, went before, the players 
on instruments after, among the damsels playing with timbrels." 
Genesis xxv., " portions, and sent them away from Isaac his son, 
q,dme al arj q^drriy eastward into the land of the east," into 
Arabia Deserta and Petrea. 

Q,dr, black. 1 Kings xviii. 45, "The heavens et,qd,ru, were 
black with clouds.*' Qds, to set apart from common use, to 
sanctify ; Gen. ii. 3, " God blessed the seventh day, and i,qds, 
sanctified it ;" Leviticus x. 3, Bqrbi aqds, " I will be sanctified in 
that come near me." Qds, QXiA, qdusy "Holy and Holiness;" Exod. 
iii. 5, ^'The place whereon thou standest is Admt qds, *holy 
ground;'" chapter xxvi. 33, "The vail shall divide unto you 
between eqds^ qds, eqdsim, "the holy place, and the most holy;" 
Joshua xxiv. 19, "Ye cannot serve the Lord, for Aleim qdsim eua, 
* He is God, the Holy Ones.' " 

R. Heb. Reah^ soimd re. 200. 

R, in English, takes its companion vowel before the consonant 
ar, r; but vowel is after in Heb. re, and so with every consonant. 
R is a radical; in number 200. Rae^ "to see," perceiving by 
sight, hearing, feeling ; a hawk. This name is, in Hebrew, given 
to the hawk, because of the piercing quickness of his eyes. Gen. 
i. 4, "God ira, saw the light that it was good." In many places, 
it means approving, providing, enjoying, despising. We look on 
objects loved, and frown on those we despise. Gen. xvi. 13, 
" She called the name of the Lord that spake unto her, Ati al rai, 
^ do thou, O God, look upon me,' for she said, egm elm, raiti ahri 
rai, * did I even for this look imto him who has looked upon me.' 
Did I expect mercy so great as is now promised to multitudes of 
my children? Be it unto thy handmaid according to thy word ;" 
" therefore the well was called. Lei rai, ^ the well of the living God, 
that looketh upon me.'" Mra, a sight, an appearance; Ruth i. 20, 
"Call me not Naomi, pleasant; but call me Mra, sl sight, an 
appearance, of sorrow, for the Lord hath dealt very bitterly with 
me." Ram, "a high and lofty beast, with large branching horns, 
perhaps the elk, or stag ; " Num. xxxii. 22, " He hath the 
ktuopt, ram, horns of a ram," unicorn's. Rb, to contend, make 
many words, strive for the mastery; Gen. xxvi. 20, "The herd- 
men of Gerar iribu, did strive with Isaac's herdmen, saying * The 

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water is ours.'" Rbe^ "multiply," great, large, many ; Gen. i. 
22, **Be fruitful, and rbu rbun, multiply;" chapter xxi. 20, "And 
God was with the lad, and he grew, and dwelt in the wilderness, 
and iei rbe qst, 'became great at the bow.'" JRuh, wind, spirit, 
breath ; the third Person of the Godhead ; Jehovah, the Holy 
Ghost, "the spirit in man;" Gen. i. 2, "And darkness was upon 
the face of the deep, and Uruh, the Spirit of God, moved upon the 
faces of the waters;" chapter vi. 3, "My Spirit Ruhi, shall not 
always strive with man ;" chapter xlv. 27, "And he saw the waggons 
which Joseph had sent to carry him, the ruh, spirit, of Jacob re- 

S. Heb. Sen, sounded se. 303. 

S, in English, is es, but in Hebrew, se ; in number, it is 300. 
S is a servile, or grammar letter, only when prefixed ; and signifies 
who, which. It differs from v, samecK, in that it is not aspirated ; 
carries with it the simple sound of se^ or sa, in nsa, to lift up, carry 
off, take away. Sab, to draw water out of a well ; Gen. xxiv. 
13, "The daughters of the men of the city came forth, kab, 'to 
draw water.' " 

Saul, being gone, missing, out of the way, the grave, insensible 
state, departed, for ever, to be sought for. The name of the first 
king of Israel, so greatly desired by the people, and soon answered 
to his name, being gone, missing; Gen. xxxvii. 35, "For I will 
go down al-bni abl sale, to the grave unto my son mourning." The 
word does not mean the place of future misery, nor should it be 
rendered hell, but out of the way, not found ; Job vii. 9, "He that 
goeth down to the haul, grave, shall come up no more to his house;" 
chapter xi. 8, " Who by searching can find out God ? it is deeper 
than saul, hell ; what canst thou do ?" The word is not hell, but 
depth underground, and so to be sought for. So again, chapter 
xvii. 16, "The pillars of Saul, of the grave, shall come down, and 
lay together in the dust ;" death itself shall be destroyed, — a noble 
testimony of the resurrection to eternal life, when death shall be 
swallowed up in life eternal. 

Sdi, "All-bountiful," a name of God, improperly rendered the 
Almighty. The Hebrew speaks here of his goodness, not of his 
power. It is rendered blessing; Gen. xlix. 25, "Blessings of 
the s-dim, of the breasts;" chapter xvii. 1, "I am Al-Sdi; I am 
God, all bountiful; xxxv. 11, Uiamr lu Aleim aki Al-Sdi, ^'I am 
God, the aJl-bountiful God." 

Sm, a name, a place, put, set. A word of great significance, is 
applied to the material heaven, " Man God." 

T. Heb. Tau, sounded te. 460. 

T, is the last letter in the Hebrew alphabet the short vowel ; 
follows the consonant te;' in Eng. and Heb. both same. Tis a 

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servile or grammar letter of very extensive use. T is prefixed, 
postfixed, and inserted in Hithpael, when it changes place with s. 
T forms a noun, and is used in declining verbs. (See grammar, 
appended.) T is often used as an abridgment of a^, and ut, at the 
end of verbs and nouns ; is of aut, which are equivalent So, te 
is an abridgment of ate^ also of ute and of aute^ and uti of auti ; e in 
reg is changed into t 

Ta, set boimds, limit. Num. xxxiv. 7, "from the great sea; 
ttauy shall ye set th6 bounds to you, at mount Hor." ver. 8, 
" from mount Hor shall ye set the bound to Hameth." 

Tam. Couple together, to pair. Gen. xxxviii. 27, "Behold 
taumin, twins, a pair, were in her womb." It is said of Rebekah, 
chap. xxy. 24, that " tumm were in her womb, and the first came out 
red." It may be the same word with taum; but tumm is male 
children, or the more perfect sex. Tane " the fig tree." Gen. iii. 7, 
"They sewed, ofe tane,fig leaves, together, and made them a girding." 
This act was significant of their instant and sincere repentance, and 
forgiveness of sm, and final salvation. But why select the leaf of 
the " fig tree ? " The name is grief, sorrow, bitterness ; its quality 
is rough, fretting, and painful. Young they were, but they had 
been to a good school, and had the Infinite himself as their 
august instructor. Isa. xlviii. 17, "I am thy God which teach thee 
to profit." Sin ever brings a sad reward; they sinned not 
in ignorance, therefore theirs was the greater guilt, which now over- 
whelmed them with regret, apprehensions, and sorrow. They had 
by sin been stripped bare ; their precious souls had had torn from 
them the last shreds of their beautiful garments of spotless white, 
in which divine array, hand in hand, they had praised their Lord, 
and meekly paced their lovely Eden with its trees, and fruits, and 
flowers. Adam training the vine, and Eve propping the rose, now 
had lost their garden, for ever blasted by their sin, felt exposed 
to Divine wrath without a sheltering palliation. " They knew that 
they were naked;" not of body, but of soul, " and they sewed fig 
leaves together, and made themselves aprons." But why fig 
leaves? Ole tane, "fig leaves together, and m^su lem hgrt, and 
made themselves a girding." This was a sacramental act on their 
part, a confession of guilt and penitence for sin, putting on these 
rough fretting leaves next their tender skin or flesh, which had 
sinned. Ane, signifies calamity, oppression, sighing, repentance; 
" to be great in sorrow." Isa. iii. 26, " her gates uanu, shall lament and 
mourn, (xix. 8), " The fishers uanu, shall mourn, and all they that 
cast angle in the brooks. " (xxix. 2), " I will distress Ariel, and there 
shall be heaviness, tanie,uanue, and sorrow." (Lam. ii. 5), "And 
hath increased in the daughter of Judah tanie uanie, mourning 
and lamentation." And by our first parents having taken tane ole, 
the " fig tree leaves," rather than any others, that tane was the 
appointed emblem of bitterness of soul, as its name implies. 


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The Readeb. 

Names and Order of Books in 

the Hebrew Bible. 




In the beginning 




And these names 




And he called 




In the Desert 




These words 




He will save 






1 Sam. 1 

2 Sam. j 


Appointed of Gk)d 


1 Kings 




2 Kings 






Salvation of God 




Exaltation of God 




Strength of God 




A Saviour 




He that wills 








Servant of God . 




A dove 








A Comforter 




A wrestler 




The sent of God 








Man of Jehovah 




My messenger 




Sacred praises 




Divine axioms 




Swelled with grief 




Song of Songs 








Oh I where thorn? 




A preacher 








Judgment of God 










1 Chron. . 


Words of days 


2 Chron. 


Words of days 


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1 Uider 

And spake * 






thy God 




a God 












the iniquity 

2 Anki 



of the fathers 






thy God 


the children 






have brought thee 


the third 


out of the land 


and upon 


of Egypt 


the fourth 


out of the house 


of hating me 


of servants 


And doing 






unto thousands 

3 La 



to loving me 


there shall be 


and keeping 


to thee 


my commandments 









7 La 



my face 


shalt thou take 


the name 





4 La 



thy God 


thou shalt make 


in vain 


to thyself 

Ki La 

'for not 


a graven image 


will hold guiltless 


or any 





at asr 





shall take 


in the heavens 


his name 




in vain 


or that 


in the earth 





8 Zkur 



or that 


the day 


in the waters 


the day of rest 




to keep it holy 


the earth 

9 Sst 


5 La 





thou shalt bow down 


thou shalt labour 


to them 


' and shalt do 


and not 




shall serve them 


thy work 



10 Uium 

But day 




the seventh 


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thy days 


to Jehovah 






the land 






thou shalt do 






thy God 








to thee 


or thy son 


or thy daughter 



or thy man-servant 

13 La 



or thy maid-servant 


thou shalt kill 


or thy cattle 



or thy stranger 


Not [adultery 



in thy gates 


11 Ki 










thou shalt steal 







the heavens 




and earth 


thou shalt answer 


the sea 


against thy neighbour 


and all 


a testimony 

asr bm 

that in them 


of falsehood 


and he rested 


on day 



the seventh 

17 La 





thou shalt covet 




the house 




of thy neighbour 


the day 




of rest 


thou shalt covet 


and hallowed it 


the wife 


of thy neighbour 




or his man-servant 


Honour thou 


or his maid-servant 

at abik 

thy father 


or his ox 




or his ass 


thy mother 


or any 






may be prolonged 


to thy neighbour 


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Zeph. in. 8. 






wait ye 

13 Ubqrk 


for me 









mitil the day 



of my rising 



to the prey 






my determination 



to gather 



the nations 



for my assembling 

14 Urm 


the kingdoms 



to pour 



upon them 



my indignation 

al Jeue 





the fierceness 

19 Ueie 


of my anger 






with fire 



of my jealousy 

al Jeue 


shall be devoured 






the earth 



vm. 11—14, 19, 20. 


11 Esmr 

Take heed 



to thyself 






thou fOTget 


at Jeue 




thy God 



so as to not 






his commandments 



- which 

20 Kguin 





command thee 



this day 


12 Kn 




thou shouldest eat 



and be full 



and houses 






shouldest build 

and shouldest dwell 

And thy herd 

and thy flock 

should multiply 

and silver 

and gold 

be multiplied 

to thee 

and all 


to thee 

be multiplied 

And^ould beliftedup 

thy heart 

and thou shouldest 

thy God 
And it shall be 

thou shalt forget 
thy God 
and shalt walk 

and shalt serve them 
and bow thyself 
to them 
I testify 
against you 
this day 

shall perish 
As the nations 
before your face 

ye shall perish 


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ye would be obedient 


shaU scatter it 


to tiiB Toice of 


the wind 



5 01-kn 




Teldi. Psalms. L 


they shall stand 

1 Asri 



the wicked 


the man 


in the judgment 




or sinners 




in the congregation of 


hath walked 


the righteous 


in the counsel 




ike ungodly 




and in the way 




of sinners 


the way 




of the righteous 


bath stood 


and the way 


and in the seat 


of the ungodly 


of scomers 


shall perish 




hath sat 

2 Ki-am 


III. Telim. Psalm XIX. 7-11. 


in the law of 


The law of 






bis delight 




and his law 




he will meditate 


the soul 




the testimony of 


and night 



3 Ueie 

And he shall be 




like a tree 


making wise 




the simple 




The statutes of 


. riyeis of 




of yfa^TB 








its fruits 


the heart 


will bring forth 


the oomLmandment of 


in its season 




and his leaf 


is clear 






shall wither 


the eyes 


and every 


The fear of 






he shall do 




shall prosper 










the judgments of 


the imgodly 








like the chaff 


f are proved to be 
\ righteous 





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altogether i 



10 Enlimdiin They to be desired | 




before gold 




even before fine gold 


and even to , 






also sweet 


and generation 


before honey 


his truth 


and the liquor of 


the honeycomb 

Telim XX. 

11 Gm 


7 Ale 



thy servant 


in a chariot 


is enlightened 


and some 


by them 


in horses 


in keeping them 


but we 




in the name 





our Gods 

Teum c. 


will remember 

1 Eriou 

Make a joyful noise 


to Jehovah 

Telim xxin. 4. 



4 Gm-ki 


2 Ob,du 

the earth 


I should walk 

Serve ye 


through the valley 

at Jeue 



of the shadow 


with gladness 


of death 






before him 


I will fear 


with a song 



3 Doa 

Know ye 










with me 




thy rod 




and thy staff 






hath made us 


will comfort me 


and not 


we ourselves 



his people 

14 Que 



and the sheep 




of his pasture 



4 Bau 

Enter ye into 


be firm [en 


his gates 


and he shall strength- 


with thanksgiving 


thy heart 


his courts 


wait then 


with praise 




be thankful 




unto him 



Telim xxxin. 


his name 

16 Ain 


5 Ki 



a king 




is saved 


zed by Google 




•by the multitude ' 

: ulhiutm 



of a host 


in famine 


a mighty 


Our soul 






shall be delivered 


for Jehovah 


by much 


our help 




and our shield 







21 Ki 



for safety 


in him 


and by great 


shall rejoice 


his strength 


our heart 






he shall deliver 


in name 






the eye 


we have trusted 



22 Jei 

Let be 




thy mercy 


them that fear him 




toward them thathope 




in his mercy 


according as 

19 Leja 

To deliver 


we have hoped 


from death 


in thee 


their soul 



Telim xxn. 


the keepers of 


In thee 


his testimoniea 




with whole 


our fathers 




they trusted [them 


they will seek him 


and thou didst (feliver 

3 Ap 



To thee 




they cried 


they do 


and were delivered 




in thee 


in his ways 


they trusted 
and not 


they walk 


4 Ate 



were confounded. 


hast commanded ua 

Telim A cxtx. 


thy precepts 

1 Asri 



to keep 


the perfect 




the way 

5 AWi 

01 that 


who walking 


might be directed 


in the law of 


my ways 




to keep 

2 Asri 



thy statutes 


zed by Google 


A antAmnot i am ra ns xabth. 

« Az 



as above 






I sball be ariiamed 




j wben I have respect 
1 unto 

15 Bpqudil 

: In thy precepts 
I will meditate 




and will have respect 


thy commandments 


thy ways 

7 Audk 

I will praise thee 

16 Bhqtik 

In thy statutes 


with uprightness of 


I will delight myself 


heart [learned 
when I shall have 





I will forget 


the judgments of 


thy word 


thy righteousness 



8 At-hqik 

Thy statutes 

17 Gml 

Bestow a recompense 


I will keep 






thy servant 


do thou forsake me 


I may live 




and may keep 



thy word 

9 Bme 

With what 

18 Gal 

Open thou 


shall cleanse 


my eyes 



and I shall see 


by taking heed 


wondrous things 


according to thy word 


out of thy law 

10 Bkl 


19 Gr 

A stranger 


my heart 


I am 


I have sought thee 


in the earth 






let thou me err 


hide thou 


from thy command- 


from me 


thy commandments 

11 Blbi 

In my heart 

20 Grve 

Is broken 


I have hid 


my soul 


thy words 


with desire 








thy judgments 


I may sin 

at ail times 


against thee 

21 Gort 

Thou hast rebuked 

12 Bruk 



the prouds 








the errings 


teach me 
thy statutes 


f from thy command- 
\ ments 

13 Bspti 

With my lips 

22 Gl 



I have declared 


from me 


aU ^ 




the judgments of 


and contempt 


thy mouth 



14 Bdrk 

In the way 


thy testimonies 


of thy testimonies 


I have kept 


have rejoiced 

23 Gm 



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I will run 



ki . 



against me 


thou shalt enlarge 


they spake 


my heart 


thy servant 



will meditate 

33 Eurni 

Teach me 


on thy statutes 



24 Gm 



the way 


thy testimonies 


and I will keep it 


my delight 


the end 


men of 

34 Ebinni 

Make to understand 


counsel my 


and I will keep 



thy law 

25 Dbqe 



yea, I shall observe it 


to the dust 


with the whole 


my soul 




quicken thou me 

35 Edr ikni Make to go mo 


according to thy word 


in the path 

26 Drki 

My way 


of thy commandments 


I have declared 


for therein 


and thou heardest me 


I do delight 


teach me 

36 Ef 

I incline 


thy statutes 


heart my 

27 Dtk 

The way 




of thy testimonies 


thy testimonies 


make to understand 


and not 


and I will meditate 




on thy wondrous 



28 Dlpe 


37 Eobur 

Turn away 


my soul 


my eyes 


for grief 


from beholding 


strengthen thou me 




according to thy word 


in thy way 

29 Drk 

The way 


quicken me 


of lying 

38 Eqm 





to thy servant 


from me 


thy word 


and thy law 




graciously grant me 

lir atk 

to thy fear 

30 Drk 

The way 

39 E-obr 

Turn away 


of truth 


my reproach 


I have chosen 




thy judgments 

igr ti 

I fear 


I have laid 



31 Dbqti 

I have stuck 


thy judgments 


unto thy testimonies 

fub im 

good very 



40 E ne 



not [shame 

tab ti 

I have longed 


do thou put me to 

Ip qud ik 

after thy precepts 

32 Drk 

The way 

bjd qtk 

in thy righteousness 


of thy commandments 

hi ni 

quicken me 


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41 Uib ani And let come to me 
hvdk thy mercy 

Jeue Jehovah 

tsu oik thy salvation 

kam rtk according to thy word 

42 Uaone And I shall answer 
hrpi him that reproacheth 
dbr^ki a word, for [me. 
bf hti I have trusted 

bd brk in thy word 

43 Ual And not 
tjl take thou 

m pi from my month 

dbr the word 

amt of truth 

ol-mad-ki utterly-for 

1ms pfk in thy judgments 

Ih Iti I have hoped 

44 Uas mre So I shall keep 
tur tk thy law 

tm id always 

lou Im for evey 

uod and ever 

45 Uat elke And I will walk 
brh be-ki at large for 
pqd ik thy precepts 
dra ti I seek 

46 Uad bre And I will speak 
bod tik of thy testimonies 
ngd before 

Ml kim kings 

ula and not 

ab us I will not be ashamed 

47 Uas toso and I will delight my- 

bmj utik in thy commandments 
asr which 

Ah btl I have loved 

48 Ua sa And I will lift up 
k-pi, al my hands to 

mju tik thy commandments 

asr which 

A-ebti I have loved 

u-A-sihe and I will meditate 
bbq ik in thy statutes 




thy word 


unto thy servant 


in which [to h(^ 


thou hast caused me 



my comfort 

nhm ti 


in deep afflictions 



amr tk 

thy saying 

hi tni 


The haughty 

eli jni 

have derided me 


with fury 

m turtk 

from law thine 




I have yielded 


I called to mind 

ms pfik 

thy judgments 


so enduring 


Jehovah [myself 
and have comforted 

uat nhm 

53 Zl ope 

Utter putridity 

ahz tni 

hath dissolved me 

m rsoim 

from the wicked 

oz bi 



law thine 

54 Zmi rut 


ei u 

have been 


to me 


thy statutes 

bbit ^ 

in the house 

m gun 

of my pilgrimage 

55 Zekr ti 

I called to mind 


in the night 


thy name 



uas mre 

and have kept 


law thine 


This sweetest comfort 

ei te 

was indeed 


to me ^spring 


because its hidden 


precepts thine 

njr ti 

steadily I have kept 


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The easiest way is to be preferred in learning to read Hebrew ; 
and the best way is that which is least artificial approaches closest 
to our natural instincts, and is therefore the easiest 

Every thing ought to be made very easy to beginners; and 
advancement m knowledge will be quickened in proportion to the 
student's confidence and delight Both these objects may be 
realized in the study of Hebrew ; and fluency in reading and in- 
terpreting acquired, by reading familiar passages first, without 
any attention being paid to the memay roots ; or to the grammar in 

The Paradigms are given in both characters, side by side ; also 
the sounds, any Englishman can easily pronounce ; and as each 
Hebrew letter has an Anglo-Hebrew equivalent beside it, the 
learner is not left in doubt as to what Hebrew letter is represented 
by the Anglo-Hebrew one. To make sure against mistakes, the 
type only is modernized ; but the names, order, force, and grouping 
of the letters in Hebrew, are exactly retained throughout Every 
quotation and page is here given verbatim as it is in the Hebrew. 
And as the Hebrew in names, and structure, is not interferred 
with, therefore merely removing from it this ^^ Babylonish garment/* 
and putting on it an European dress, is no more than removing 
incumbrances of obsolete fashion ; and exhibiting, in familiar habili- 
ments, its comely proportions and beautiful symmetry. Nothing but 
to modernize the inspired tongue, is attempted; and inasmuch 
as the Roman type is equally fitted to convey the mind of the 
Spirit in the Divine oracles, as the Chaldean, Samaritan, Phoe- 
nician, or any other forms or symbols of notation employed, it has an 
equal claim with any of the fermer to be regarded and designated 
as original Hebrew ! We shall not repeat that which has been 
previously adverted to, but proceed to give a few brief hints on the 
manner of reading Hebrew prose, and illustrate it by example 
from Moses and the Prophets. 

1st We begin every sentence with a capital letter, and all proper 
names of persons or things ; the rest of the letters are put in small 
type ; occasionally, a preposition, which is only a single b, k, m, Uy 
&c., prefixed to a noim, will be separated by a hy^en from its 
noun, as, lisraly^^ to Israel," will be t-Isral^ according to the practice 
in HoUaAd, who write not s-Gravenhaeg^ but s^Crravenhaeg — **the 
Earle's village.'* And then as to sounding imwritten short vowels, 
when reading or speaking Hebrew, we nave the example of the 
French and Italians, in their articles FAmiral, (TArcadie. 

The Hebrew has the same five vowels in the alphabet as the Greek, 
Latin, and other languages ; but previous to the art of printing, the 
process of transcribing was slow and expensive ; and as the writers 
charged for engrossing letters numerically, a sufficient reason is 


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obvious why only the long vowels, which entered into signi&^ation, 
were written, and the weU-known con9(»iant short vowels (neces- 
sarily sounded in reading and speaking) were not transcribed. 
Both long and short vowels are sul written and printed in all 
modem languages, because we print and write witn a facility and 
swiftness unknown in ancient times. This facility is not fully 
enjoyed to this day in writing Hebrew ; and while the Babylonisn 
characters are allowed to encumber it, Hebrew will never be 
naturalized anywhere ; never become popular, as it ought to be ; 
and never made cheap, as it might be. The learned wm continue 
to study the classical languages, and avoid Hebrew as bald, expen- 
sive, intricate, and perplexing, — consequently both they, and the 
multitude of nations, continue dependent on the insufficiency of 
translaticois, for all they know about it These difficulties of the 
tongue are chiefly two, — First, dress ; and second, structure. The 
first is easily removed: the second still more easily. First, the 
dress is Babylonish, consisting of nothing peculiarly ancient, or 
v^ significant, more than the English. The letters, so called 
Hebrew, but really Chaldee, are comparatively only old, — ^we 
regret that they are, but not very old; and we wonder why 
they are retained so long, except as Uterary curiosities in their way. 
Seeing that thought, manner, brevity, force, ideality, the chaste beauty 
and every excellence of the original Hebrew can be expressed as 
well, and better, in our own type than any other, why not employ 
it? Secondly, the writing, or printing, of the short cons(mant vowels 
is, for the most part, of no great advantage in any language : it is 
the custom ; and not much more can be advanced m mvour of 
retaining them. For example: Bakry MamVy Ncdry Pretty ^ Ros, &c. ; 
here, there is only the long vowel inserted ; but every one of the 
sounds of the short vowels is heard in reading, or speaking ; — ^and 
if all our consonants took their short vowels after them, as in 
Hebrew and Greek, then words composed all of consonants might 
be read as smoothly, and the short vowels heard as distinctly, as 
if they were written. 

The shape of letters, merely, is neither Hebrew nor any other 
language; — ^that is extraneous to language itself, and accidentaL 
Letters represent sounds; but combinations of letters represent 
language, and every different language has combinations of letters 
peculiar to itself; but no language is inseparably associated with 
any peculiar configuration of letters. 

The Hebrews inserted long vowels, but not even all these when 
the meaning of the word did not depend on them. 

In conclusion, to enable the student to read Hebrew without 
points,JB'irst, it is necessary that the consonants have one fixed sound 
attached to each, and only one wherever met with. Second, sound 
every written, or textual, letter distinct and long, even when three 
or four vowels are grouped together. Third, sound a short vowel. 


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a, 65 or i^ between «very consonant, however many of tliem are 

Souped togdJier. If a written vowel does not follow, sound the 
ebrew consonants long, and very distinctly; the rhythmus, or 
musical but imwritten consonant vowels, sound very short Hebrew 
thus learned and practised will read quite smooth and harmonious, 
which, indeed, is the whole secret of reading Hebrew without points, 
and may be known in a moment ; and practice will be succeeded 
by fluency and correctness, which are all that need be desired, and 
vastly mc^e than has been attained by the use of the points. 



A Pbaxis for self-instruction. By reading only, without a teacher, 
a familiar acquaintance with the meaning of Hebrew words most 
used may be almost insensibly acquired ; and also li knowledge of 
the idiom of the language, at the same time, is clearly to be under- 
stood, as the following examples show : — 

Genesis i. 

1. B-ras-it bra 

1. In the beginning created the 

Aleim, at enmiim, 

Aleim, the substance of the heavens, 

u-at e-arj. 

and the substance of the earth. 

2. U-e-arj, ei-te, ten, 

2. And the earth was miformed, 

u-beu, u-hsk, ol 

and hollow, and darkness, upon 

pni teum, u-£uh 
the faces of the deep, and ^irit 

Aleim, m-r-hpt 

the Aleim, brooded tremulously 

ol p-ni, e-mim. 

on the faces, of the waters. 

3. U-i-amar Aleim, i- 
3. And then said Aleim, There 

ei aur, u-i-ei 

shall be light, and there T^as 


4. U-ira Aleim, at 

4. And then saw Aleim, the 

e-aur, ki fub, u-i-bdl, Aleim 
light, that good, and divided, Aleim 

bin e-aur, u-bin 

between the hght, and between 

the darkness. 

5. U-i-qra Aleim, at 

5. And then called Aleim, the 

e-aur, lum ; u-l-hsk, 
light. Day ; and the darkness, he 

qra Li-le; u i-ei 

cdled Night ; and there was 

orb, u- i-ei b-qr 

evening, and there morning^ 

ium ahd. 
day the first. 

6. U-i-amr Aleim, i- 
6. And then said Aleim, There 

ei, R-qio, b-tuk 

shall be an Expanse, in the midst of 


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e-mim^ u-i-ei, m-b- 
the waters, and it shall be, causing 

dil; bin mim 

a division, between the waters, 

to the waters, 

TT U-i-os Aleim, at 

7. And then made Aleim the 

1-rqio u-i-bdl bin 

expanse, and he divided between 

e-niim5 asr mt-ht, 1- 

the waters, which under the 

rqio, u-bin e-mim 

expanse, and between the waters 

asr, m-ol 1-rqio, u- 
which, above the expanse, and it 

iei kn 

was so machinated. 

8. U-i-qra Aleim 1- 

8. And then called Aleim the 

f qio sm-im 
expanse heavens, {placers) {names) 

u-i-ei obr, u-i- 

and there was evening, and there 

ei bqr, ium snL 

was morning, day the second. 

9. U-i-amr Aleim, i-qu- 

9. And then said Aleim, shall 

u e-mim al m-qum a-hd, 
tend the waters, to place one, 

u- tr-ae e-ib-se ; 

and then shall appear the dry ; 

u- i-ei. 
and it was so. 

10. U-i-qra Aleim, 
10. And then called Aleim, 

1-i-bse, arj, u-l-mque 

the dry, earth, and the place of the 

, e-mim qra 1- 
tending of, the waters, he called the 

mim, u-i-ra Aleim, ki 
seas, and then saw Aleim, that 


11. U-iamr Aleim t- ' 

11. And then said Aleim shall 

dnsa e-arj d-sa 

shoot forth the earth, the bud 

o-sb mz-rio z-ro oj 
of herb, seeding, seed, the tree, 

p-ri, o-se, pr, Im- 
of fruit, bearing; fruit, for its 

i-nu, asr zro-u, bu, ol 
kind, which its seed, in it, upon 

e-arj, u-iei 

the earth, and it was so. 

12. U-tn-ja, e 

12. And then brought forth, the 

arj, d-sa, o-sb, mz-rio, 
earth, the bud, of herb, seeding, 

z-ro, Im-in e-u, u-oj, 

seed, for its kind, and the tree, 

o-se p-ri, asr, z-ro-u, bu, 
bearing fruit, which, its seed, in it^ 

Im-in-eu, u-i-ra, 

for its kind, and then saw^ 

Aleim, ki fob. 
the Aleim, that good. 

13. U-i-ei orb, u- 

13. And there was evening and 

i-ei, bqr, i-um slisi. 
there was, morning, day the third, 

14. U-i-amr, Aleim, 
14. And then said, the Aleim, 

u-iei, ma-rt, 

there shall be, instruments of light, 

b-rquio, e-sm-im, 

in the expanse, of the heavens, 

1-eb-dil, bin, 

for to cause a division, between, 

e-i-um, u-bin, e-li-le, 

the day, and between, the night. 


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u-e-ie, 1-at-t u- 

and they shall be, for signs and 

Imu-o-dim, u-H-im-im, u-snim. 
for seasons, and for days, and years. 

15. U-iei, Im-aurt, 

15. And they shall be, for lights, 

b-rquio, e sm-im, 

in the expanse, of the heavens, 

le-air, ol e-arj, 

for to give light, npon the eardi, 

u-iei kn. 
and it was so. 

16. U-i-os, Aleim, 

16. And then made, Aleim, 

at, sni, e-ma-rt, 

the, two, instruments, of light, 

egdlim ; at, em-aur, eg-dl; Im- 
great ; the, light great ; for the 

ms-lt; ei-um, u-at, em-aur, 
role ; of the day, and the light, 

eq-fii, Im-ms-lt, el-ile, 

little, for the rule, of the night, 

uat, ek-uk-bim. 
and the, stars also. 

17. U-i-tn, atm, Aleim, 

17. And placed them, the Aleim, 

b-rquio e-smim, 

in the expanse, of the heavens, 

le ol earj air. 
for to give upon the earth light. 

18. Ulm-sl, bi-um, 

18. And for to rule in, the day, 

ub-li-le, ul-eb 

and in the night, and for to cause 

dil, bin e-aur u- 

a division, between, the light, and 

bin, e-hsk, u-i- 

between, the darkness, and then 

ra, Aleim ki-fiib. 
saw, the Aleim that good. 

19. XJ-i-ei, orb, 
19. And there was, evening, 

ui-ei bqr, ium 
and there was morning, day the 

20. U-i-amar Aleim, 

20. And then said, the Aleim, 

i-sr-ju e- 

shall produce abundantly, the 

mim, s-rj n-ps, 

waters, the reptile, a creature, 

hie u-oup, i-oup-p, ol 
living, and fowl, shall flutter, above 

e-arj, ol p-ni rq- 

the earth, upon the faces, of the 

io, e-smi^l. 

expanse, of the heavens. 

21, U-i-bra, Aleim, 

21. And then created, the Aleim, 

at e-tn-inm,egd-lim; u-at, 
the whales, great; and the, 

khx ps e-hie, e-rm-st 
every creature, living, creeping, 

asr sr ju 

which, produced abundantly, 

e-mim, 1-min-em: u-at 
the waters, for their kind,* and the 

kl oup o-np, 1-min-eu, 
every fowl, of wing, for his kind, 

u-i-ra, Aleim ki fob. 
and then saw, the Aleim, that good. 

22. U-ib-rk, atm, 

22. And, then blessed, them the 
Aleim, l-anu*, pru 

Aleim, say to, be ye fruitful, and 

u-rbu u ml-au at e-mim, 
multiply ye, and fill ye, the waters, 

bi mim, u-e oup, 
in the sea, and the fowl, shall 

irb 1-arj. 

multiply, in the earth. 

23. U-i-ei, orb, u- 
23. And there was, evening, and 


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i-ei, bqr, nim,hm- 

there was, m<»DiDg, day, the 



24. U-i-amr Aleim 

24. And then said, the Aleim, 

tu-ja e-arj 

shall bring forth, the earth, the 
n-ps, hie l-mi-ne, b-e-me, 
creature, living, for its kind, cattle, 

u-rms, u-hi-tu 

and reptile, and wild beasts, of the 

arj 1-mine-, u- iei. 

earth, for its kind, and it was so. 

25. U-i-os Aleim, 

25. And then made, the Aleim, 

at hit e-arj, t-min- 

the wild beasts, of the earth, for its 

e u at, e-be-me, l-min-e, 
kind, and the, cattle, for its kind, 

u-at, kl, r-ms, e-ad- 
and the, every, reptile, of the 

me, 1-min-eu u- ira 
ground, for its kind, and then saw, 

Aleim ki fob. 
the Aleim that good. 

26. U-i-anir, AJeim^ 
26. And then said, the Aleim 

No-se Adm, B-jl-mn-u, 
We will make, man, in our image 

kd-mut-nu, u- 

to according our likeness, and 

ir-du bd-gt, 

they shall rule, over the fish, of 

him ub-oup e- 

the sea, and over the fowl, of the 

smim, ub-beme, 

heavens, and over the cattle, and 

ub-gl e-arj, ub-gl, 
over aU the earth, and over, every 

e-rms, e-rms, ol e-arj. 
thereptile,cr6eping,upon the earth. 

27. U-i-bra Aleim, 

27. And then erealed, the Aldmt 

e-adm, b-jlma b-jlrn^ 
the man, in his image, in the 

Aleim, Bra, ata, 
image, of the Aleim, created he him, 

zkr, u nq-be bra atm. 
male, and female, he created them. 

28. U-i-brk, atm, 

28. AjDd then blessed, them the 

Aleim, u-i-amr, lem 
Aleim, and then said, to them the 

Aleim,. p-ri, u-rbu, 

Aleim, be je fruitful, and multiply 

u-ml-au, at earj, u-kb- 
ye, and fill ye the earth, and sub- 

se, u-rdu, bd-gt, 

due it, and rule, ye, over, the fish, 

eim ub-oup e- 

of the sea, and over the fowl of the 

smim> ub, kl, hie, 

heavens, and over, every beast, 

er-mst, ol earj. 
moving, upon the earth. 

29. U-i-amr, Aleim, 

29. And then said, the Aleim, 

E-ne nt- ti, 1-km, at. 

Behold I have given, to you, the 

kl, osb z-ro, z-ro, asr 
every, herb, seeding, seed, which, 

ol, pni, kl, e-arj 
upon the faces, of all, the earth, 

u-at kl eoj asr bu 
and the every tree, which, in it, 

pri, oj, z-ro, zro, 
the fruit, of a tree, seeding seed, 

1km, ie-ie, 1-ak-le. 
to you, it shall be, for food. 

30. Ul-kl, hit, e- 
30. And to every, beast, of the 

arj, ul-kl oup, e- 

earth, and every fowl, of the 


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smim, nl-il ru-ms, 

heavens, and to eveiy, creeping, 

ol, earj, asr bu 
thing, npon the earth, which in it 

n-ps, hie, at kl, irq 
the breath, of life, the every, green 

o-sb, la-kle, u-iei- 

herb, for food, and it was 

kn. * 


31. U-ira, Aleim at 
31. And then saw Aleim the 

kl, asr ose, u- 

whole, which he had made, and 

ene, fub mad ; u- iei 
behold, good very ; and there was, 

orb, u-iei bqr 

evening, and there was morning, 

ium eSsi. 
day the Sixth. 

This first chapter of Divine revelation directs our thoughts to 
that long past when God gave being to the material universe. It 
was not ; He spake, and then it was ; is now ; and in undecaying 
vigour ever new remains, till He that gave it birth annihilates. 

In this brief but sublime portion of Scripture, the Divine goodness 
takes us by the hand, and sets us close by the fountain of time, ere 

J ret the seal of being was broken, and its stream of substance and of 
ife began to flow. No other data, or description oi that inuneasur- 
able past, but this, is given. ^*In the beginning," — from Revelation 
only we know it, — verse 1st, *^ created the Aleim the heavens and the 
eartlr:" here every word is precise, viz., creating, forming, and 
making, are distinctions in the acts of Almighty power and wisdom 
broadly marked, and perpetually observed. Uhap. ii., v. 3, " The 
whole of mla~ktUy the heavens. His material legate, are surveyed and 
blessed; also the earth, and every creature He had made." 

" The sacred scene a holy Sabbath closed, 
Amidst His works Omnipotence reposed ; 
And while He viewed and blessed them from his seat, 
All worlds, all beings, worshipped at his feet. 
The morning stars in choral concert sang ; 
The rolling deep with hallelujahs rang ; 
Adoring angels from their orbs rejoice ; 
The voice of music was Creation's voice." 

Verse 4th, ^* These are the progressive formations of the heavens 
and the earth, when they were created ; in the day that Jehovah, 
Aleim, made the earth and the heavens." Isa. xlv. 5 and 7, *^ I am 
Jehovah; there is none else; no God beside me; I form light, 
bura^ ^create darkness.'" Darkness was the state in which the 
heavens and the earth were created : small, variously shaped, indi- 
visible grains, called Spirit ; — darkness in motion ; this was the air 
in its first condition, and is the root and source of all visible creation. 
Man could not have discovered this fact; but God hath revealed it 
to him in His word. 

Out of these elements of matter, the whole stock of idolatry, with 


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its yarions idol forms5 have been elaborated ; and poets have sung 
their praise. Aratos is one of the poets that celebrate in song the 
elements^ as if they were a mighty divinity, and not unconscious 
matter, and only elements of Divine creation, — creatures of God. 
It is thought Paul refers to this Greek poet. Acts xviL 28. 

<< From Jove we sprang, shall be then unsung^ 
Jove I who, to sing, enables every tongue ; 
Where'er we mortals go, where'er we move, 
Our forums, cities, streets, are full of Jove. 
He flows ; the swelling ; ebbs the falling tide ; 
With him in harbour safe, the vessels ride ; 
We see him, taste him, breathe him ev'rywhere, 
And all, in common, his kind influence ijiare^" 

The Greeks call the sun Dionysos, ^^ the mind of Jove,*' which 
was their word for the heavens, or air. Virgil's axiom was, ^^Jovis 
omnia plencu*^ Lib. vii. p. 161, ^^ Jupiter est cether ; unde loqwndiy 
tub JovefrigidOf et suh DeoP 

Celestial matter, — ^fire, light, and spirit, or darkness in motion, are 
the sublime, material Trinity of principles and unity of substance, 
which fills heaven and earth, ana is present to, ana pervades the 
minutest pores of aQ material being. Nothing is hidden from its 
presence. The Hebrew is very express in all its deUneations of this 
material world, which is full of solid matter. The word <JZ, ** a 
sphere, a habitation for animal life," is that hollow portion of the air 
which is circumscribed by the convexity of the world, oriw. Psa. 
L 12, "The sphere is mine, and the fuhiess thereof;" also Ixxxtx. 
11, " The heavens are thine ;" earj ibly " the earth's sphere is thine; 
as for the world and the ftdness thereof, thou hast founded them." 

This ftdness (Heb. eboe mlua) describes the solidity and the con- 
tiguity of the atoms of which the diversity of bodies are made, and 
is pointed out. Gen. L 1: ^^Inythe beginning, God created at 
esmimy *the substance, ftdness of the heaven,' uaUu-e-^brj, ^and 
the fulness of the earth.' " 

The material heavens are not God ; but they are most lively and 
expressive symbolical representations of the power, wisdom, and 
love of Father, Son, ana Holy Spirit, the Triime Deity, and the 
exponents to our senses of the manner and essence of the Jehovah, 

St Paul (Rom. L 18-20), referring to the learned heathens as being 
utterly inexcusable, says, ** Because that which may be known of 
God IS manifest in them ; " for the being, power, and goodness of 
God; here called (ver. 20) "the invisible tmngs of Him, from the 
creation of the world, are clearly^ seen, being understood by the things 
that are made, viz., fire, light, spirit, even his eternal power and God- 
head; so that they are without excuse." (Job xxiL 12-14): "Is not E- 
la-Aluey ^the Mighty One,' in the height of heaven," viz., the airs ? 
"Thick clouds are a covering for Him; He walketh on the circuit of 


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the heaven" (Psa. cxiii. 5 and 6): "JWho is like Jehovah, Aleinu, 
who dwelleth on high ; who humbleth to behold in heaven, and in 
earth " (Psa. Ixviii. 4) : " Extol Him who rideth, bor,-buty ^ upon 
the mixture,' (ver. 7) of fire, light, and spirit, here rendered *^ upon 
the heavens" (Job xxiL 14): "He walketh upon Awjr, *the circula- 
tion" (chap. xxvi. 10): "He described a circle upon the faces of 
the waters," — the terraqueous mixture. 

(Prov. viiL 27) : " When He prepared the heavens, I was there : 
when he set a compass upon the face of the deep." Heb. teurn^ * a 
chaos of loose atoms,' and formed them into an orbicular shape 
( Jer. X. 12)': " He hath made the earth by His power ; he hath 
established the world by His wisdom." Heb. mkiny ^ framing the 
sphere, by His wisdom,' which Pagninus explains, "per lineam quce 
circuit ccelumJ* The same philosophy had Plato learned, and taught 
it; for in "Timoea," he asserts that the world must be ^^ sphairoeides 
prepon sungenes^^ a figure most becoming and congenial ; and there, 
too, he argues that it is "pq>er asmenos^ a suiafinibtis exactuSy^ of a 
limited extent 

In speaking of the heavens, the Hebrew does not at any time 
confound God with the works of God; nor the material heavens 
which shall perish, with heaven of glory (Psa. xx. 6J: "Now 
know I that the AleinUi saveth his anointed. He will hear nim fit)in 
amim qdsu, His holy heaven ;" which shall perish never. 

Vast and immeasurable indeed they are, but the material hea- 
vens are boimded in circumference (Psa. xix. 6) : " His going forth 
is from the end of the heaven, and nis circuit unto the ends of it ;" 
(Heb.) Its «m, light, going out is from one extreme of the heayens, 
and its revolution upon their other extreme or circumference. 

So with respect to us, the edge of the horizon is the extremity 
of the heavens ; and the diurnal turning of the earth toward the 
east, and its annular orbit to the southward, makes a quadrant 
division of its surface (Jer. xlix. 36) : " And upon Elam will I 
bring the four winds from the four quarters of the heaven, and 
will scatter them to all those winds ;" that is, the points of the 
heaven, where the situation of the earth annually varies by its 
more or less oblique inclination to the sun. When men had philo- 
sophized spiritual truth, made a god of each of the Divine attributes ; 
of every property of matter, and reduced every mystery of truth 
to a bald and grovelling materialism, revealed truths became 
obscured, neglected, denied, blasphemed ; — ^then darkness reigned, 
covered the earth 1 Having lost the knowledge of a limited con- 
dition of the material heaven, the absured hypotheses that heaven 
was a boundless emptiness was credited, and that the planetary 
orbs performed their various revolutions, by certain inate properties, 
of jarring and opposite tendences ; and that the result of this anta- 

fonism and ceaseless war of elements was quietness, order, and 
Smitn, names is the Hebrew for the heavens, and denotes the 

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presence of the subtle agents, — ^fire, light, and spirit; and distin- 
guishes them from the units that compose vegetable and animal 
matter, by the ceaseless radiating force of fire, and light shot forth 
by the sun, and by the chilled gross spirit returning and pressing 
into the rarefied centre ; thus by inevitable cause and effect, pro- 
ducing the visible motions in the phenomena of the heavens. Hebrew 
«m, is " substance ;" the root of smim ; the masculine plural includes 
in them all those powers, of this the host of heaven ; in which, 
instrumentally, the control of the gross materiality of the universe 
is invested. Hence they are variously, in Hebrew, denominated 
"the Shifters," « the Disposers," " the Placers," and " the Names," 
viz.. Indivisible Trinity in Unity. One of the distinguished condi- 
tions of airsy is light Hebrew smsy read se-mes; from «m, " the 
heaven ;" and mus " recedmg." It is surprising that this word is 
)erpetually rendered sun; it should have been rendered, "the 
ight," which proceeds from the sun; it is not the sun, but its 


(Gen. xi. 4) : " And they said. Go to now, let us build a city 
and tower, whose top may reach unto heaven ; and let us make us 
a name, lest we be scattered abroad." One would have thought that 
instead of choosing its site in a plain, the foundation of this tower 
would have been on the apex of the highest mountain ; if it was 
meant to protect them from perishing by a second deluge, or were 
only its top to reach very high toward heaven. And if both or 
either of these idle notions had been entertained, no doubt a moun- 
tain-top would have been selected ; but nothing of this kind is said, 
or hinted at, in the original: it is (Gen. xi, 1): Ui-ei kl-e^arj spe 
a-ht u-^brim Vredim : " And all the earth in lip, religious senti- 
ment, and in words ; mode of worship, was the same : Jehovah was 
the object, and the manner of worship simple, spiritual, sincere, and 
acceptable, and was uniformly offered in every tribe and family. 
This great apostasy originating in pride, that wanted something new 
in worship, is next described, (ver. 4.) Uiamru, " And they said, 
eJcCf * to action ;' nb-ne, leku, * Come let us build ; oir, * a city ;' 
UHmg-dly migdol, ^ and a tower ;' uras-u^ * and the top for the ;* 
b'Sm-im, * for the worship of the material heayens ;' " unase-lku sm, 
^ and let us prepare a name, or substance ; ' a palpable, emblematic, 
and visible image of the elements, which are the sustainers of all 
life and rulers of all things; but themselves are invisible. Not 
that they then intended to worship the name or image, but the material 
heavens, — the image was to be the visible syinbol of the names. 
Exactly the same excuse for setting up idols and image-worship 
is still put forth both by Pagans, and Pagan-Christians, to the pre- 
sent day. 

To mark with His vehement and irreconcilable displeasure all 
images, and will worship of every kind, once and for ever, Jehovah 
in wrath descends his throne (ver. 7) : E-be^ nr de, " Come now we 
will go down, ' unrbl-e, sm^ * and confoimd their name ; this dead 

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thing,' s-^t-im^ * their lips, sentiments,' asr la ia-mou ais s-pt ro^u, 
* and defeat this wicked design man has purposed ;' " but a confusion 
of tongues, language, is not implied. The worship of the heavens 
is the oldest and widest-spread idolatry that ever obtained, and 
embraces almost every other under a variety of names and external 
configurations of the iaols. The Cannites built a temple to the same 
idol ; Bit, * a house, ancient name for a temple ' (Josh, xv, 10) : 
" and went down to Bit Sms, * Beth Shemis,' and passed on to 
Timnah/' This Se7n was the Jupiter of the Greeks, Vossiud 
mentions an old inscription that was dug up in Mount Coelus, at 
best, the greatest, the eternal heavens, or air." 
Orpheus taught in verse the same idolatry: 

" Jove is the spirit of all Nature's frame, 

Blows in the wind, and blazes in the flame, — 
The deep beneath, the radiant sun above, 
The moon's reflected light, are parts of Jove 1 " 

This idolatry was also the chief tenet of the Stoics and other 
Grecian Sophs. The spirit, or chilled air, is the idol named Juno ; 
and by the Greeks (Era), was the causer of winds; — every part and 
principle in nature was debased to idolatrous worship. Such were 
the tenets that made up^ the much-vaunted philosophy and religion 
of the East, and descended in due course to Pythagoras, Plato, 
Aristotle, Seneca, Pliny, &c., as their works bear witness. 

Ennius sings, with confident assurance, — 

" Aspice hoc sublime candens, quem vocant omnes Jovem." 

Translated, is rendered thus, — 

" Behold this great sublime that glows above, 
Which all conspire to name — celestial Jove." 

Nebuchadnezzar, for the same sin, was struck with septennial 
brutishness : " After that thou shalt have known that the heavens 
do rule;" or, as it would be nearer the original, di sl-Jn mt-ia^ *that 
the heavens have no sufficiency, only as the creatures of God, who 
alone must be worshipped ' (Danl. iv. 26). This is the idolatry 
native to Babylon. The idol, Chiun, signifies * to design, contrive, 
constitute, establish ' (Prov. viii. 27) : " When He, E-churiy framed 
the heavens (Psal. civ. 5): He founded the earth upon ma 
chun-^e, ^the preparation,'" and a just disposition of all its con- 
stituent particles, " that it should not be removed for ever." This 
operation wrought by the Holy Ghost upon insensible ^ matter 
straightway was impersonated, and the mechanical action of the 
gross material spirit was invested with the wisdom and power of 
God, and made an idol of (Amos v. 26): ^^Have ye offered me 
sacrifices and offerings; but ye have borne the tabernacle of Moloch 
and Chiun your images, the star of your god, which ye have made 
to yourselves. 

E 2 

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The Zabeans, so named from Heb. Jba^ the * host,* or whole 
power of the heaven which they worshi^)ed ;^ later heathens 
classified them into troops (Isa, Ixv, 11): **But ye are they that 
forsake Jehovah, and forget my holy mountain, and prepare a table 
for Gady * a troop,' and that furnish drink-offerings to that number," 
of idols. 

The spirit, or dark portion of the air, was idolised under various 
names, Bol^ Bui, and Bl, bel, all which names express its agency 
in mingling, regulating, moderating, and controllmg the fire and 
light, and feeding both with renewed matter, — ^hence the heathen, 
temples to Baal had idols, personating spirit, called Jupiter Belus ; 
the same in 2 Kings, x. 25, " and went to otV hit e-Bol, * city of the 
temple of Baal.'" The Canaanites had a temple to the clouds 
(Joshua xix. 38) : Ubit o-nt, ^^ temple of the cloud." This power is 
symbolized by wings, as of a dove. In the Egyptian idolatry, the 
idol is a winged world f Gen. i. 2) : " The spirit of God brooded on 
the faces of Sie waters ; and it was thus symbolized by heathen 
philosophers too. " The winged world," of the ancient Egyptians, 
who called it Aeria; of which there are beautiful specimens given in 
the model Egyptian temple, in the Crystal Palace at Sydenham. 
In a fragment of " Sanchoniathon," Jupiter's wing is the spirit of 
God, the same that was symbolized by Divine command (Exod. xxv. 
18), " in the golden out spread wings of- the sacred cherubim." 
These were not images of worshipping angels, but of the Adorable 
Trinity inunitv, that receives the atoning blood, and is worshipped; 
dispenses pardon and every blessing from His mercy seat The 
magnificent, absolutely perfect one, Jehovah Aleim, so the word 
cherubim implies, — the mighty wings of the Assyrian cherubim, 
also seen in that most interesting model of the Ninevian temple, 
and in our Crystal Palace, in the long black curled hair of the 
beard, that on the body and tip of the tail, the calm benignant 
countenance, homed head, &c, none of which imitate animai life, 
but are highly philosophical, spiritual, and divine in their design, 
and deserve a far more attentive investigation of their symbolical 
purposes and teaching than as yet perhaps has been paid to them, 
especially by Hebrew scholars, — ^who alone are competent to the 
full investigation of these most interesting specimens of a remote 


GENESIS n. 8, 9. 15 — 18. 20—25. 

8. U-i-fo Je-ue Aleim, 
8. And planted, Jehovah Aleim, 

gn b- Odn m-qdm, u- 
a garden in Eden, eastward, and 

i-sm, sm, at e-Adm asr 
he put there, the man that he 

had formed. 

9. Uijmh , Jeue 

9. And made to grow, Jehovah 

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Aleim, mn e-adme, kl 
Aleim, from the ground, every 

oj n-hmd 1- mr-ae, u- 
tree pleasant to the sight, and 

ftib, 1-makl, u-oj e 

good for food, and the tree of 

hi-im, bt uk e-gn ; 

lives, in the midst of the garden ; 

u-oj e-dot , 

and the tree of knowledge, of 

fub u-ro, 
good and evil. 

15. U-igh Jeue Aleim, 

15. And took Jehovah Aleim, 

at e,-adm, u- inhe-u 

the man, and put him in the 

b-gn-Odn, l-obd-e, uI- 
garden of Eden, to dress, and to 

keep it. 

16. U-i-ju, Jeue 

16. And commanded Jehovah 

Aleim ; ol-e-adm ; lamr, 
Aleim ; concerning the man; saying, 

m-ke-oj e-gn, 

from every tree of the garden, 

akul t-akl, 

eating, thou mayest eat. 

17. U-moj e- D,ot 

17. And from the tree of Know- 

fub, u-ro, la t-akl 
ledge, of good, and evil, thou shalt 

m-mnu, ki b-i-um, 
not eat from it, because in the day 

ak-lk, m-mnu, mut, 
of thy eating of it, dying, thou 

shalt die. 

18. Ui-amr Jeue Aleim, 
18. And said Jehovah Aleim, 

la fub, e-adme ei-ut, 
not good, should be the man 

Ib-dkm, A-ose lu-ozr- 

alone, I will make for him a help, 

20. Ui-qra e-Adm sm-ut, 

20. And called Adam names, 
1-kl e-be-me, ul- 

to every tame beast, and to the 

oup e-sm-im, ue-ke 

fowl of the heavens, and to every 

hit. e-s,de, u-1- 

wild beast of the field; and for 

Adm la m- ja, ozr 
Adam not there was found a help- 

meet for him. 

21. U-i-pl, Jeue 

21. And caused to fall, Jehovah 

Aleim, tr-dme, ol-e-Adm, 
Aleim, a deep sleep upon Adam, 

ui-isn, u-i-qh, a, ht 

and he slept, and he took one 

m-jlo-ti-u, u-i-vgr 
from his ribs, and he shut up 

b-sr tht-ne. 

the flesh instead thereof. 

22. F-i-bn Jeue 
22. And he built Jehovah 

Aleim, at e-jlo, asr-l-qh 
Aleim with a rib, which he had 

mn e-adm, 1-ase, 
taken from the man, for a woman, 

u-i-bae , al-e-Adm. 
and He brought her to Adam. 

U i-amr-e-adm, Zat, hp-om 
And said the man, " This now 

ojm m-ojm-i, u-bsr 

a bone from my bones, and flesh 

m-u-bsr-i, 1-zat, i-qra, 
from my flesh ; for this, she shall 

Ase ki 

be called Female man, because 

m-Ais 1-qhe-zat, ol- 

from man was taken this ; there- 


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kn^ i ozb- ais^ at- Ab-iu 
fore, shall leave a man his father 

u-at Amu, u-dbq, 
and his mother, and shall cleave 

b Asitu, u-eiu 
unto his wife, and they shall be 

1-bsr ahd. 

to flesh one." 

25. U-i-ei-u sn-i-em, 
25. And they were both of them 

or-um-im, e-Adm u- 

withont covering, the Adam and 

ast-u, u-la i-t- 

his wife, and not they were con- 



Gen. in. 1 — 5. 

1. U-e- Nhs e-ie 

1. And the Serpent was more 

or-un m-kl h-it, 

malignant than every wild beast 

es-de- asr ose Jeue 
of the field, which made Jehovah 

Aleim, u-i-amr al, e-ase, 
Aleim, and he said nnto the woman, 

Ap-ki amr, AJeim 

^'Nevertheless hath said, Aleim 

Lea t-akl-e, m-kl oj 

Not ye shall eat, from every tree 

of the garden?'* 

2. U-at-amr, e-as-e, al-e- 

2. And said the woman to the 

N-hs, m-pri. 

Serpent, "from the fruit of the 

^j* c-g-ii n-akl. 

tree of the garden, we may eat." 

3. Um pri e- 
3. And from the fruit of the 

oj asr b-tuk 

tree, but which, in the midst of 

e-gn amr AJeim, Na 
the garden, hath said Aleim, "Not . 

^-akl-u, m nmu, u-la tn 
yci shall eat of it, and not ye shall 

ou bu pn tmt-un. 
touch in it, lest ye should die." 

4. Ui-amr e-N-hs al e- 

4. And said the Serpent to the 

ase La mat t-mt-un. 
woman, "Not dying shall ye die. 

5. Ki ido Aleim, ki b- 

5. For knoweth Aleim that in 

ium akl km m-nmi 
the day eating of your from it 

u-npqd oini km 
and your eyes shall be opened, 

u-ei-itm k-Aleim, id-oi 
and be shall, as Aleim, knowing 

fob u-ro. 
good and evil." 

Gen. ra. 6, 7—9, 10. 

6. XT- tra e-ase 

6. And when saw the woman 

ki fob e-oj Im-akl u- 
that good the tree for eating, and 

kl ta-ue e-ua, 1-oni-im 
that desirable was it to the eyes, 

u-nhmd e-oj le- 

and to be coveted the tree to make 

skil, utqh m- 

wise, she carried away from the 

pri-u ut akl ut- tn 

fruit, and she ate, and she gave 


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gm la-ise ome 

likewise to her husband with her, 

and he did eat. 

7. U-tp-q-hne, oini, 

7. And they were opened, eyes 

sni-em, u-id-ou 

of both of them, and they knew 

ki, oinnm^eiii,u-it-pru 
that, they naked, and they sewed 

ole tan-e, u-i-osu 1-em, 
leaf fig, and they made to them- 

selves a girding : breeches. 

9. Aleim Jeue u-lqra 

9. Aleim Jehovah, and called 

al-e-Adm, u-i-amr-lu 
to the Adam, and he said to him, 

Ai ke ? 
"Where thou?" 

10. Ui-amr at-q- 
10. And he said, "Even the 

Ik, smoti bgn 

sound of Thee, I did hear in the 

u-aira, ki, 

garden and I feared, because I 

o-irm Anki, u Ah be. 
exposed, and I hid myself. 


Adm-ef * man,' was made of the same kind of dust as the beasts ; 
with this superiority (Gen. i. 26) : *^ And said Aleim, let us make 
man, b-jl^mn-u, k-dmut-ni, ^in our image, after our likeness,' in 
power, wisdom, dominion, and majesty ; and he shall have dominion. '* 
And (Gen. ii. 7), ipe, ^ infused,' nsmt-ki-iniy ' a soul of lives :' temporal 
and eternal ; lives, this was the exact description of man's unex- 
ampled excellence and dignity of nature, above all other creatures 
God had made. Of his privileges, powers, and responsibilities, man 
was fiiUy instructed by the Divine wisdom and goodness. Trees, 
fruits, flowers ; birds, beasts, fishes ; springs, rivers,, mountains, 
valleys, plains ; the sun, moon, stars ; fire, light, heat, darkness ; 
were all consecrated to be the pictorial, efficient, and delightful instruc- 
tion administered: and this mode of instruction has always been con- 
tinued to the preset day. Neither verbal nor oral instruction is so 
direct and free from possible misapprehension as the pictorial is ; it 
is a universal alphabet. Verbal instruction requires long previous 
training and exercise to its successful employment, but pictures 
are never misunderstood ; and they are also the shortest method of 
instruction, for by them paragraphs and entire chapters are given 
at once ; and in this most effective of all modes did the Divine 
Aleim instruct our first parents in Paradise. 

Of the figurative institutions. Paradise, with its emblems, was 
planned by W isdom for perfect man : the remembrances of these 
emblems were perpetuated by posterity after the fall : the sacred 
groves, common alike both to believers and the heathen, is a proof. 
The ancients scarcely knew how to separate a temple from an 


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arbour; and they surrounded their altars with trees; they carried 
branches and fruits in all their solemn processions. 

The original of all this, we liave Gen. ii. 8 : *^ And Jehovah, 
Aleim, ifo^ 'planted' Gn^ ^a garden' in Eden, eastward, and there 
put the man whom he had formed." The word, sounded tt^o, 
" planted," is also expressly applied to the heavens (Isa. li. 16) : 
*' And I have put my words in thy mouth, and have covered thee 
in the shadow of mine hand, Info^ sm-im^ ^ that I may plant the 
heavens.' " (?7i, Heb., * a place surrounded with a fence/ like the 
system of the universe. And though Odn^ * Eden,' does not mean 
either pleasure or a circle, or annual revolution, yet these senses are 
given to it in the Lexicons, from the " Targums " and other old 
writings, and plainly show the tradition of its symbolical design. 
Eden was consecrated to spiritual instruction and Divine worship. 
Long afterward, gardens were the places of sacrifice (Isa. Ixv. 3) : 
** A people that provoke me continually to my face, and sacrificeth 
in gardens, and bumeth incense upon altars of brick,'^ for purifi- 
cation. (Ibid. Ixvi. 17): "They that sanctify themselves in the 
gardens, behind one tree, and eating swine's flesh." (Song iv. 12): 
" A garden enclosed is my sister, my spouse ; a spring shut up, a 
fountain sealed.'^ So Pliny (Nat Hist xiL 1), "Arbores fuere 
numinum templa ; priscoque ritu simplicia rura etiam nuc Deo 
praecellentem arborem dicant :" " Trees were the temples of the 
Deities ; and according to ancient custom, the simple countryfolk, 
even at this day, dedicate some prime tree to God." See also Dio- 
dorus Siculus, xv. 50 ; Quintus Curtius, iv. 7 ; and the seventeenth 
book of Strabo^s " Geography." 

(Ver. 9): "Jehovah Aleim, ij-mh, ^made to grow out of the 
vegetable matter, every tree,' nhmd, * pleasant and good for food,' 
SLna'cj ehi-hriy * the tree of lives,' also ' in the midst of the garden.'" 
In Scapula's hexicon^ phutios, "the means of germination," is an 
epithet of the sun, or Jupiter. Jesus, represented by the Light, is 
called Jme, "a branch" (Jer. xxiii. 5): "Behold, the days come, 
saith Jehovah, that I will raise unto David a righteous branch." 
Nkmd, " splendour " (Hag. ii. 8) : "I will shake all nations ; and 
the desire of all nations shall come" (Song v. 10): "He is 
altogether lovely ;" but rae includes much more than seeing, — it 
means " foreseeing, weighing, deliberating ; also an exemplar, type, 
image." Man had a soul of lives ; here was a tree that corresponded 
with it, — a tree emblematical of hi im^ " two states of living; this tree 
was a living remembrancer of Adam's future immortality." Here 
were " tongues in trees, sermons in stones, books in running brooks, 
and good in every thing," in Eden's bowers (ver. 10). " And, Ner, 
a river, went out of Eden, to water the garden, and from thence it 
was parted into four heads." The Heb. Ner, also signifies the flux 
of light ; (Job iii. 4) : " Let that day be dark, let not God regard it 
from above, neither let the ner-e, light, shine upon it ; " ( Psa. xxxiv. 
5) : " They looked unto him, and were mgurti, and were enlightened. 


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their terrors gone ; " (Psa. xxxvi. 8) : *^ Thou shalt make them drink 
of the river of thy pleasures," Heb., Odniek, of thy Eden ; ** for with 
thee " (in thy Eden above) " is the fountain of lives, in thy light 
shall we see light." It is clear that the river of Eden was an emblem 
of an eternal felicity, awaiting all mankind, and there were seen in 
this fountain emblems of present purity and future blessing ; (Isa. 
Iviii. 11): **The Jehovah shall guide thee continually, and satisfy 
thy soul in drought, and make fat thy bones ; and thy soul shall be 
like a watered garden, and like a spring of water whose waters fail 
not;" Also (Jer. xxxL 12): ^* Therefore they shall come and sing 
in the height of Zion, and shall flow together, for the goodness of 
Jehovah, tor the wheat, and for the wine, and for the oil, and for the 
young of the flock, and of the herd ; and their souls shall be as a 
watered garden, and they shall sorrow no more at all." 

(Ver. 15). ** And Jehovah Aleim took the man, and Inh-euy and 
put him in the garden of Eden L-obde, to dress it and to keep it." 
and Zr^mre, " to keep it" 

The garden was a pictorial Bible, and also a temple for spiritual 
contemplation, and divine worship, and joyftil praise. And thus 
cultivated, the Eden was indeed an Eden, desirable all its trees, 
fruits, flowers, fountains, and rivers ; it was a terrestrial Paradise, 
in which were adumbrated spiritual joys good for the food of soul. 
Thereis much more implied in Heb. Obd, * to serve,' than mere 
tillage ; the word is applied to religious service frequently; (Exod. 
iii. 12) : "-Ye shall serve God upon this mountain ;" (iv. 23) : " I say, 
let my son go, that he may serve me;" (vii. 16): "Let my people 

fo, that they may serve me ;" (Deut. vi. 13): "Thou shalt fear the 
iord thy God, and serve him;" ("Josh. xxiv. 15): " Choose you this 
day whom ye will serve ; as for me and my house we will serve the 
Lord ; " (Psa, xxii. 30): " A seed to serve him ; " (Ibid. Ixxii) : " Yea, 
all kings shall fall down before him ; all nations shall serve him." 

Verse 16 : " And Jehovah Aleim commanded the man, saying. 
Of every tree of the garden, eating thou mayest eat ; but of the tree 
of knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat ; in the day thou 
eatest of it dying thou shalt die." Here is a light test of obedience, 
and disobedience is warned against by a fearful pimishment, certain 
and instantaneous. A living death that never expires I a death 
conscious of death ; a death tnis more fearful than utterance can be 
given of; it is eternal death, here threatened in plainest words and 
strongest language known to mortal tongues. 

Verse 18 : " And Jehovah Aleim said. It is not good for man to 
be alone, I will make him an help-meet for him;'— his equal, his 
joy. " And he formed every beast of the field, and every fowl 
of the air, and brought them to Adam, to receive their names." 
Two or three examples alone show the vast circumference of the 
knowledge that Adam possessed: — The hawk rae, "eyes;" the 
spider, fiie, "weaver;" the moth, 05, "corroding;" the mole, 
nsniy " sightless ; " n^m, " desolate, dark, without order ; " the eagle. 





iwr, "conqueror, victory;*' the dove, yuw^, "one oppressed, from 
its mouminff ; " the dog, klb^ ** as one's heart, honest, faithftil, 
courageous; the goat, otud^ **a prince, prepared, ready;" the 
bear, db, ^^ mutterra, murmured, grumbled, slandered, malignant;" 
the horse, vuVy ** fearless, beautiful, gay ; " angel, raloJcy " mes- 
senger ; " ass, atrty " strong, humble, I will give ; lamb, ««, ** cold, 
meek ; " camel, gmly " reward, bountiful, recompense ; " lion, ari, 
** light, truth, life ; " man, admy ** image, likeness, ground ; " soul, 
nsniy "invisible, concealed, life in embryo." (Gen. iiL I): "Now 
the serpent " odurriy " was more cunning than any beast of the 
field." No mention is made of the species of serpent assumed; 
this was, Heb. srp^ " fiery," — ^it was emblematic of the light ; as 
also was lliis tree of knowledge. The apostle evidently has this 
circumstance of heavy woe in view {2 Cor. xi. 14), "Even Satan 
is transformed into an angel of light He assumed this opposite 
to his real character on this occasion, that he might the more 
readily throw Eve pflF her guard in his malicious design against 
her and all the race; and he thus craftily acting succeeded, she 
supposing him to be really an angel of light He could not have 
deceived her in his own character as the '* Prince of darkness." 


The first promise of Christ was 
immediately after theftzlL 

Gen. in. 14, 15. 

14. XJiamr Jeue Aleim 
14. And said Jehovah Aleim 

al en-hs, Ki 

unto the serpent, Because thou 

osit zat, arur ate mkl 
hast done this, cursed thou above 

hit esde, ol 

all beasts of the field, upon 

ghunk, tlk, 
thy belly thou shalt go, and the 

uopr, takl, 

dust of the earth, thou shalt eat, 

kl imi hi ik. 
all the days of thy life. 

15. XJaibe asit 

15. And will put enmity 

bink ubin ease, 

between thee and the woman, 

ubin zrok, ubin 

and between thy seed, and between 

zroe, Eua isupk 

her seed, He shall bruise thee 

ras, uate 

in the head, and thou shalt 

tsupnu oqb. 
bruise his heel. 

We are not to suppose that what is here related is all that 
passed between God and our first parents. Doubtless he made 
them fully acquainted with the whole mystery of redemption and 
salvation by his own incarnation, obedience, and death on the 


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cross^ to be fully accomplished in due time ; and the certain Ailfil^ 
ment of all the precious provisions of the eternal covenant of 

It is very plain that Adam understood all the rich and glorious 
promises, and showed the vigour of his faith, and of his assured 
confidence in the veracitj^ of God by the sacred and triumphant 
name he gave to his pemtent wife JEue, living one, because she is 
the mother of all the fiving, or of Him that ever liveih, which is of 
our Lord Jesus Christ; — ^that Eve herself also so understood the 
promise, for wh^i she brought forth her first-bom son she called 
his name Qtn, Lamentation, — ^perhi^ps in remembrance of the pain in 
her travail ; but she said, chapter iv. 1, Ut-amr qniti aia at Jeue, 
*^ And she said, I have gotten a male being, a man, together with 
Jehovah I " or, as she hoped, the ** promised seed," the Man Jehovah, 
that should bruise the serpent's head. 

Ver. 21 : *' Unto Adam and his wife did Jehovah Aleim make coats 
of skins, and clothed them." This was a symbolic action, and a type 
of that spiritual robe of "Christ's righteousness, which is unto 
and upon all them that believe" (Rom. iii. 22): (Job xxix. 14) "I 
put on righteousness, and it clothed me." Job had llie faitn of 
Christ as our righteousness. (Isa. xlv. 24) " Li the Lord have I 
righteousness ana strength." (Jer. xxiii. 6) " This is the name by 
which he shall be called. The Lord our Righteousness." (1 Cor. 
L 30): **But of him are ye in Christ Jesus, who of God is 
made unto us, wisdom and righteousness, and sanctification and 

Verse 24 : " So he drove out the man, and he placed at east of 
the garden of Eden, Cherubim, and a flaming sword, which turned 
every way, to keep the way of the tree of life." 

We have here a beautiful manifestation of the blessings of the 
** New Covenant to Adam and all his seed," of which the Cheru- 
bim are the most impressive and significant, as the emblems and 
memorials and records of salvation by Christ Jesus our Lord. 
The Cherubim are clearly described by Ezek. i. 1 — 28 : " I looked, 
and behold a great cloud, and a fire infolding itself, and a brightness 
was about it ; and out of the midst thereof as the colour of amber out 
of the midst of the fire, and out of the midst thereof came the like- 
ness of four living creatures, and this was their appearance : They 
had the likeness of a man; and every one had four faces, and 
every one had four wings. And their feet were straight feet, 
and the soles of their feet were like the sole of a calf's foot: 
and they sparkled like the colour of burnished brass. And they 
had the hands of a man under their wings on their four sides; and 
they four had their faces and their wings. Their wings were 
joined one to another, and they turned not when they went; 
they went straight forward. As for the likeness of their faces, 
they four had the face of a man and the face of a lion on the 
right side: and they four had the face of an ox on the left side ; 


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and they four had the face of an eagle: thus were their faces: 
and their wings stretched upward ; two wings of every one were 
joined one to another, and two covered their bodies." (Ibid. 24) : 
" And when they went I heard the noise of their wings, like the 
noise of great waters, as the voice of the Almighty, the voice of 
speech, and the noise of an host." 

** And there was a voice from the firmament, over their heads 
was the likeness of a throne as the appearance-stone; and upon the 
likeness of the throne, was the likeness of the appearance of a man 
above upon it. And I saw as the colour of amber, and as the 
appearance of fire." (Chap. x. 20): ^* I knew that they were ; not 
cherubs; but the Cherubim." Emblems of mercy always, and 
symbols not of angels, but of Jehovah Aleim of covenant-love ; and 
these fourfold embodiments of the invisible God are, first, in this 
chapter set before us. There is an absence of severitv and retri- 
bution in the whole chapter ; — mercy triumphs throughout The 
cherubs are not sentinels kee])ing guard, but proclaim Jehovah 
reconciled by the death of the God-man, seen in the lion and man, 
joined with the ox the Father, and the eagle the Holy Spirit, the 
emblem of the Eternal God. Keeping the way of or to the 
tree of lives ; keeping it open too, not closed ; — to preserve it still 
open and still accessible, — not indeed as a right, but as an act of 
grace, which was a new way to life eternal by faith in the blood 
and righteousness of Christ. (Heb. x. 19, 20) : " Having there- 
fore, access into the holiest of all by the blood of Christ by a new 
and living way, which he hath consecrated for us through the vail, 
that is to say, his flesh." 

The words cherub and cherubim are never used in Scripture for 
angels, or any created intelligence ; they do most clearly set forth 
or proclaim tne ** holy, holy, holy Ones, and symbolically set forth 
the Trinity of Persons in the Unity of the Godhead; they are a 
part of, and cover the mercy- seat, with which they are ever asso- 
ciated; they receive the atoning blood, and symbolically dispense 
pardon, but the cherubim worship never. And for this the 
learned give the following reason ; they tell us, — 

1. That the word is a compound of jK'a *' picture," and Rbiniy 
" Great ones," by emphasis, which belongs only to God. There 
is no other root in the Hebrew from which cherub can be derived. 
Ezek. L 1, calls them mraut Aleim, which we translate *' visions of 
God." And they really are so'; they are not figures of angels, but 
of God. Besides, the Hebrew mraut means more than visions, — it 
means visions exhibited of the Aleim, namely, "instruments of 
seeing the Aleim." (Verse 28^: "This was the appearance of the 
likeness of the glory of the Aleim;" and (viii. 4): "The glory of 
the God of Israel, according to the mrae that I saw in the plain." 
(x. 20): "These are the ehie, the creatures, which I saw tht Aleim, 
instead of, or the substitute of, the Aleim of Israel, by the river 
Chebar, and I knew that they were the cherubim." 


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The description has been given, page 59. The bull, lion, man, 
eagle united in One body, not by confiision of substance, but by 
unity of person, or faces: these creatures are each chiefs, and 
properly represent those who are exalted above all blessing and 
praise. The Holy of Holies was the place of the cherubs (Heb. ix. 
24), " The figures of the true heavens," — an undeniable proof that 
the cherubim were hieroglyphics of the Eternal Aleim. 

By the covenant of grace, one of the persons of the Divine Aleim 
was to take human nature upon him. This person was the blessed 
Jesus, represented in the plurality of the unity of the cherubim by 
the face of a lion, signifying light ; and be it observed, the face of 
the lion is on the same side, — ^the right side joined to the face of 
the man. This union is significant, very ; — for face and person are 
synonymous in all languages. It was so in hieroglyphical imagery; 
and as face is person, so the body represents essence : hence the 
cherubim, pointed out most clearly, far better than verbal descrip- 
tion is equal to, the Trinity of Persons in the Unity of Godhead, and 
also the Incarnation, by having only one joint body and three faces 
distinct from each other. Had the cherubs consisted of three men, 
who are the image of God, the incarnation could not have been 
foreshadowed here by it ; — ^had there been three lions, or three oxen, 
or any other beasts which might be supposed better entitled to be 
named chiefs than these, the distinction of the person to be incarnate, 
and of the parts appropriated to the other two persons, had been lost, 
which now is preserved with the utmost exactness in the cherubic 
bull, lion, eiagle, and man. The bull in all nations is the emblem 
of fire, and fire of justice ; the lion, of light, and light of life ; the 
eagle, of the Spirit, — the agent that breames in us, and preserves in 
life ; — so these sacred figures exhibit clearly the threefold personality 
of the Jehovah Aleim, and the peculiar part of each in the eternal 
covenant of human redemption. The first Person demands satis- 
faction for transgression (Ezk. xviii. 20), ** the soul that sinneth 
it shall die," — and the emblem is fire, which devoured the sacrifice ; 
lion, man, the emblem of light, the obedience and death of Jesus. 
He, the second person, by assuming our humanity, became capable 
of suflfering and death, and fed the fire, and was the Sacrifice, 
adequate and complete (Isa. liii. 10) : " When thou shalt make his 
soul an oflering for sin, he shall see his seed ;" and thus He, the 
lion in the cherubic apparatus, restores life to men (John viii. 12) : 
** I am the light of the world." 

In the vast circumference of nature, nothing exists which coidd 
give so evangelical, truthful and exact a delineation of the persons 
and attributes of the Aleim Jehovah, as to His infinite wisdom and 
mercy, as is there set forth in the cherubim, in which, also, it was 
clearly set before Adam, and all his posterity, to encourage their 
faith, and hope ; and showing how that in Christ, " God can be just, 
and yet the justifier of every one that believeth in Jesus." 

In this sense — ^not of forbiddence, but by a welcoming encourage- 




ment, not by shutting up, but by opening a new and living way in 
the sacred cnerubim. Associated with these emblems of forgiveness 
of sin, and tokens of the Divine love, was the Shekinah, or fiery 
pillar. Ezekiel i. 4 describes it as ** a fire infolding itself; a flaming 
fire, boimded, circumscribed, like a fiery furnace rolling back upon 
itself;" but here rendered, " a sword which turned every way." This 
is not exactly the meaning for the Hebrew aty lefehrb, * a fire burn- 
ing, in action.' Umtepkt is not a participle, * turning every way,' 
but is a noun substantive. Epk^ * to change,' the condition of any- 
thing from worse to better, or better to worse ; et-epk, in Hithpael, 
is simply * changing itself;' mt-epkt, is * having the power to change 
itself I" and such power was inherent in Divine wrath against man as 
a sinner, for He changed justice to mercy. The bol hmcy as described 
by the Naum (I. 6) : ** Who can stand before His indignation, and 
who can abide the fierceness of His anger ? His fury is poured forth 
like fire, and the rocks are thrown down by Him." Those who sup- 
pose that a sword is really here intended, should call to mind, — 1st, 
That if cherubs were merely armed sentinels set to keep back Adam 
from entering E2den, and guarding especially this one tree, that two 
swords woidd be indispensable, that either cherub might have one ; 
but, on the contrary, here are two cherubs, both supposed to be 
mounting guard over a tree, they standing, however, far away from 
it at the east of the garden of Eden ; away not only from this tree, 
but of the Eden too! How, then, could they be performing sentry 
over any particular tree in it? — 2nd, Beside this, one of the cherubs 
must have been be without a sword ; for here are two swordsmen, 
but only one sword for two of them. — 3rd, And it is not said that 
this one sword was in the hand of either of them ; it was a glory 
above, not a sword ; neither was it likely that this fire, or ^ory, 
should be in their hands, for its purpose was merciful. — 4th, Then, 

g;ain, we are told that Gk)d placed at the east of Eden, cherubim, the 
ebrew says more ; Uigrs at €-arfw uiskn m qdm tgn-Odn, ** And 
He sent away the man, and inhabited ^ eastward of the garden of 
Eden,' where Adam then was ; at'e-Kr^bim uat lef ehrb em-tep^kt 
I smr, at'drk oj e-hi-im, * the cherubim, and a fire that involved ; 
rolled back on itself; to preserve the way to the tree of the lives' " 
(Zack. xiii. 7): "Awake O sword against my Shepherd, against 
me man that is my fellow, saith Jehovah : smite the Shepherd, not 
the sheep." 

Adam was now instructed in the mysteries of the Gospel, and of 
salvation by faith alone in Christ He was taken from the law of 
works, and, as a sinner, was put imder the richer covenant of 
grace. The prophet Ezekiel (ch. i.) had visions of the cherubim, 
the ark, the mercy seat, the Shekinah, and the Man in glory, — above 
the cherubim overshaddowing the mercy seat ; he saw all ; and then 
they passed away from view, but not remembrance. Moses, while 
on Horeb forty days (Exod. xxiv. 18), had then the like vision, 
which also departed. Adam, it is likely, was similarly fevoured 
with visions of the Aleim ; and probably what he then saw east of 

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Eden of the cherubim and the glory, or Shekinah, above it, 
also the ark and mercy seat, and the man in glory above all, — these 
lively types of the sufferings, death, and triumphant resurrection of 
Him " who is exalted far above all principalities and powers," both 
on earth and in heaven ; the whole might have been exhibited : the 
cherubs and glory only are noted. The Jehovah Aleim was Adam's 
instructor ; and he having heard His teaching, and seen the like- 
ness of the Lord, — its grand outlines having been indelibly imprinted 
on his memory, this cherubic apparatus, described in me twenty- 
fourth verse, passed away like a waking vision. 

Adam was both patriarch and priest, and no doubt gladly formed 
a tabernacle, a sanctuary, an altar, an ark, a mercy seat, the cover- 
ing cherubim; and there would be above them the Glory, or 
Shekinah. Though all is not mentioned in the brief narrative 
before us, it is easy to suppose their presence, and how pleasant to 
both these accepted penitents would be service such as this, namely, 
providing for and setting up this temple service, exhibiting salvation 
by grace. 

(Uhap. iv. 3) : " Cain brought his offering to the Lord ; (ver. 4.) 
Abel also his offering ;" therefore, other things are implied by these 
facts : — 1st, That sacrifices were then offered ; 2nd, that they were 
customary ; 3rd, an altar ; 4fh, a priesthood ; 5th, a temple ; 6th, 
a propitiatory, or mercy seat ; 7th, the cherubim, looking down be- 
nignantly upon the atoning blood ; therefore, 8th, there was a Qds- 
Qda-iniy * a most holy place ;' and 9th, lastly, that the faces often 
put for the cherubim were not regarded as angels, or figures of any 
created intelligence, but of the ineffable Jehovah himself, is unques- 
tionable ; for in verse 3, it is said, " he brought his offering, not 
for, but to the Jehovah;'' nor was this a vain imagination, for 
Jehovah was there, and reproved him; and verse 14, "Behold 
thou hast driven (Heb. ^estranged') me frompni, *the face,' eadmey 
*of thy likeness,' u-mrpnik^ * and from thy face,' " favour, meaning the 
appointed emblems of the Divine presence, the cherubim of mercy, 
in the most holy place then known, and established as the only way 
of acceptance for sinners coming to the Father : thus we have a 
clear evidence of the evangelical character of the patriarchal 
worship which was by the faith of Christ. (Psa, Ixxviii. 60) Ael 
skn, b'Adm,^^ The tabernacle of the Dweller in Man." Finally, 1st 
(Exod. XXV. 9 — 21), the cherubim were made out of the same piece 
of gold as the mercy seat ; 2nd, they stood over it presidingly ; 
3rd (Lev. xvi. 14), " towards the mercy seat shall the faces of iJie 
cherubim be ; and take of the blood and sprinkle it on the mercy seat, 
and before the mercy seat, eastward, seven times, to make atonement. 

(Isa. xxxvii. 14) : " Hezekiah received the letter firom the hand 
of the messengers, went up to the house of the Lord, and spread it 
before {l-pni Jeue, * the faces of Jehovah '), and prayed, saying, * O 
Jehovah of Hosts, God of Israel, i-sby e-krhiniy * that inhabits the 
cherubim,' " the emblems of the Divine presence. (Exod. xxv. 22) : 
" I will commime with thee above the mercy seat, from between the 

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Jacob's blessing of judah m chbist. 

cherubim:" (chap, xxxiv. 34): ** But when Moses went up, it lyas 
l^prd Jeue^ * to the faces of Jehovah,' to the Pni JevSy * the atoning 
blood must be sprinkled ;' " and (I^v. xvi. 14) ** to come before 
them, the faces, without the atoning blood, was death." 

The names of the sacrifices, Hfa, * sin offering ;' Ourty * trespass 
offering;' /S-Zw, * perfection offering;' Oz-azly *me strong one that 
delivers;' B-rit^ * purifier;' Q-afy ^ truth ;' all point to Christ 


The first promise of Christy the 
blessed seed of the woman, who 
should destroy the works of the 
great enemy, 

Gbn. in. 14, 15. 

14. U-i-amr Jeue 

14. And then said Jehovah 

Aleim al-e-nhs, ki 

Aleim unto the serpent, because 

OS it zat, ar-ur ate 

thoa hast done this, cursed thou 

m-kl e-beme, u-m-kl 

above all cattle, and above all the 

hit e-sde, ol gh-u-nk 

beast of the field, upon thy belly 

shalt thou go, and dust shalt thou 

t-akl-kl i-mi hi-ik. 
eat all the days of thy life. 

15. U-a-i-be a-sit 
15. And I will put enmity 

bink u-bin e-ase, 
between thee and the woman, 

u-bin zrok u-bin 
and between thy seed and between 

zroe ; Eua t su-pk ras, 
her seed, he shall bruise thy head, 

u-ate t-su-pnu o-qb. 
and thou shalt bruise his heel. 

The prophecy of Jacob, concerning 
the ShUoj our blessed Saviour and 
PecKC-makerj who was of the 
tribe of Judah, 

Gbn. ilix. 8 — 10. 

8. le-ud-e, ate i ud- 

8. Judah, thou whom shall 

uk ah ik : id-k 

praise thy brethren : thy hand 

b-ourp a ib-ik ; i- 

in the neck of thy enemies ; they 

sthu-u bni ab- 

shall bow down the sons of thy 


9. Gur ari-e leude : 

9. The whelp of a lion, Judah, 

m-fr-p, bni, ol- 

from the prey, my son, thou art 

it: k-ro, r-bj 

gone up : he stooped, he couched 

k-ari-e, u-k-lbi-a ; 

as a Hon, and as an old lion; 

mi iq-im-nu. 
who shall cause him to rise ? 

10. La ivur s- 
10. The not shall depart the 

bf mi-Ieude, u-m huq- 
sceptre from Judah, and a law- 

q m-bin rg-li-u od 

giver fi-om between his feet, until 


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ki, i-b-wa Si-le, 
that, Shilo (our pedce) sHall 
u-lo, i-q-et, 
come, and to him shall be the 

gathering of the people. 

Balaam's star of jacOb. 

Kumbefs xxiv. 16 — 17. 
16. N-am, s-mo, 

16. He said a word, even he, 
amr-i Al, wi-do, 

hearing the words of God, he who 

d-ot Ol-ynn, 

knows the knowledge of the Most 

m-hz-e S-di, 

High, the vision of the most Bonn- 

i-hz-e n-pl, u-gl-wu, 

tiful, he beheld one who falleth, 

but the eyes open. 

17. A-ra-nu, U-la ot-e : 

1 7. I shaU see him, but not now : 
A-su-r-nu ula, 

I shall behold him, but not 
q-rub, d-rk, ku-kb, m- 
near, soon ttiere conieth a star from 
Yo-qub u-qm s-bf m 

Jaxjob, and a sceptre shall rise out of 
I-sr-al, u-m-hj, 

Israel, and shall, smite the cbmets 
p-at-i, Mu-ab, u-qr-qr 
of Moab^ and shall 

kl bn-i St. 

break down all t^e sonis of Seth. 


Deuteronomy xviii. 15—19. 
15. N-bi-a, m-qr-bk 

15. A prophet from the midst of 
m-ah-ik, k- 

thee, from thy brethren, like 

mu-ni, al-yu, t-smo-yu, 

unto me, to him ye shall hearken 

k-kl, asr, sal-t 

according to all which thou hast 
m-om, Ye-we Al-ik, 

desired from Jehovah thy Grod in 
b-Hu-rb, b-yum e-qel, 
Horeb in the day Of the assembly, 
1-amr la-A-vp, 1-sm-wo, at, qui, 
by saying, I will not add to hear the 

Ye-we Al-e-ij u-at, 

voice of Jehovah my God, and this 
e-as e-gd-ul-e e-zat, la a-ra-e 

great fire not let me see any more, 
o-ud, u-la a-mut. 
and not I shall diei 

17. Wi-amr Ye-we, al-i, 

1 7. And said Jehovah to me, they 
e-i-fab-u, asr db-ru 
have done gOod what they have 

18. N-bi-a, A-^im, 1- 

18. A prophet will I raise up to 
em ; m-qrb, ah-yem ; 
them from the midst of their bre- 
k-mu-k, u-nt-ti, 
thren like unto thee, and I will 

db-ri, b-p-yu, u- 

give my words into his mouth, and 
dbr, al-i-em, at kl, asr, 

he shall speak to them all that which 
I shall command him; 

19. We-ye, e- 
19. And it shall cbme to pass that 

aiS, a^r, la, i-smo 

the man who shall not hearken to 
al, asr dbr-i, 

my words which shall 
i-dbr, b-sm-i, Anki, ad- 

speak in my name, I will require 
rs m-om-u. 
it from them. 



Isaiah vii 10 — 14. 
10. Wi-u-vp, Ye-we, dbr 
1 0. And Jehovah, added, to speak 

al A-hz, 1-amr : 

to Ahaz, saying : 

11. ballk, a-ut, ra-om, Ye- 
1 1. Ask to thee a sign from Jeho- 





we, Al-ik, e-omq, sa-le 

vah thy God, make deep thy peti- 

au, e-gb-e l-in-al-«. 
tion, or make thou it very high 

12. Wi-amr, Ahz la, A-sal 

12. And Ahaz said, I will not ask, 
u-la A-nve at Jehovah, 
and not will I tempt Jehovah. 

13. Wi-amr, smO-u na, 

13. And he said, hear ye now, 
bit, D-ud, e-mof, m-km, 
house of David, is it little for you 
e-lat, a-ns-im ; ki, t-lau, gm 
to grieve mortal men, but will ye 

at Ai-e-i1 
also weary my God 1 

14. L-kn i-tn Ad-ni, 

14. Therefore the Saviour he 
e-wa 1-km, 

himself will give to you a sign of 
ii-at E-ne ! 

that which shall be done. Behold ! 
e-Ol-me, e-re , u- 

a vii^gin hath conceived, and she 

ild-t , bn, u-qra-t 
beareth a son, and shall call his 
sm-u 0-mn-u-al. 
name Immanuel. 


Isaiah xL 1 — 10 — 4. 
1. Wi-ja , h-fr, mg- 

1. And there went forth a rod out 
zo , Is-i, tua-jr 

of the stem of Jesse, and a branch 
m-sr-si-u i-pre. 

shall flourish out of his roots. 

2. U-n-he ol-yu , 

2. And he shall rest upon him ; 
Euh Ye-we, Euh 0-je 

the spirit Jehovah, the spirit of coun- 

u-gb-ure, Euh dot 

sel and might, the spirit of know- 

wi-rat Ye-we. 

ledge and of the fear of Jehovah. 

3. We-ri-hu, bi-rat, 

3. And his perfume in the fear of 
Ye-we, u-la Im 

Jehovah, therefore; not according to 

ra-e > oin-yu, is-puf 

the sight of his eyes shall he judge, 

u-la, Im-smo 

and not according to the hearing of 
a-zn-yu yu-ki-L 

his hears shall he reprove. 

4. U-s-pf b-jd-q 

4. And he shall judge in right- 

d-lim, we-u-ki-h, 
eousness the poor, and he shall plead 
b-mi-sur 1-onyu, 
with equity for the Ineiek of the 

arj, we-ke, arj 

earth, and he shall smite the earth 

b-8-bf p-yn 

with the batoii of his mouth, and 

Uyb-rUh jB-pt-yu 

with the breath of his Hps ishaU he 
i-mit rso. 
slay the wicked. 

5. We-ye j-dq 

5. And shall be righteousness the 
az-ur m-tn-yu, we-am-u-ne 
girdle of his loins, and faithfulness, 

az-ur h-lj-yu. 
the girdle of his reins. 

8. XJ-gr zab , 

6. And shall dwell the wolf with 
om, k-bs, u-n-mr om 
the lamb, and the leopard with the 
gd-i, i-r-bj u-o-gl, 
kid, shall lie down ; and the calf 
u-kp-ir , u-mr-yci, 
and the young lion, and the fatUng, 
i-hd-u, u-n-or q-fn, n-eg, 
together, and a little child shall lead 


7. U-pr-e, u-db tro- 

7. The cow, and the bear, the 
i-ne , i-hd-u , irb-ju 
shall feed, they shall lie down, 

ild-yen , u-ar-ye k- 

therr young ones, and the lion like 
k-bqr , i-kl t-bn. 
the ox shall eat straw. 

8. U-s<^)-so , 

8. And shall deHght himseK 
yu-nq , ol , hr 
a sucking child, on the hole of an 

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p-tn, u-ol , m-ai^*-t, jp-o-uni- 

aap ; and upon the den of a cocka- 
gm-nl , id-u e- 

trice a weaned cluld his hand shall 

9. La u-ro-u , u-la, 
9. Not shall they do hurt, and not^ 
is-hi-tii, b-kl, el* 

shall they destroy, iii all the moun- 

qd-si , ki, m-la-e 
tain of my holiness, for filled shall be 
p-arj , do-e at 

the earth^ with the knowledge of 

Ye-we , k-mim 1-ini, 

Jehovah, as with waters the sea is 

10. We-ye b-yum 

1 0. And shall come to pass in that 
e-e-wa, sr-s, Is-i, asr, o-md, 
day that, a root, of Jesse, shall stand, 

1-nv, om-in^, al-yu, 

for an ensign, to the people, and unto 
gu-im, id-rs-u, we-it-e, 
him, shall 1^e nations seek, and his 

m-nh-tu, kb-ud. 
rest, shall be glorious. 


Isaiah xti. 1 — 6. 
1. U-amr-t b-yum, 

1. And thou shalt say in tha^ 
e-e-wa, A-ud-k, Ye-we, 

4ay I will give praise, Q Jehovah, 

ki a-np-t, bi, i-sb 

for thou wast angry with me, turned 

a-pk, u-tn- 
away is thy ^ath, and thou shalt 
comfort me. 

2. E-ne ! Al is-wo-tL 

2. Behold ! God is n^y salvation. 
A-b fh, u-la A-p-hd, ki, 

I will trust, aud I will not fear, for, 
o-zi, u-zm-rt. Ye, 

my strength and my song is Jesus, 
Ye-we, wi-e, li, 1-is-wo-e 

Jehovah, he is become my salvation. 

3. U-sb-tm mim, 

3. And ye shall draw waters, 
bs-sun, m-mo-in-i, e-is- 

with joy, out of the wells of sal- 

wo-e . 


4. U-amr-tm, b-yum, 
4. And ye shall say in that day, 

e-e-wa, e-ud-u, 1- Ye-we qra-u b- 
praise ye, Jehovah, call ye upon 
sm-u, e-ud-yo-u 

his name, cause ye, him to be 


known among the people, his 

ol-ilt-yu, ez-ki-ru , ki, 

doings, make mention, for, ex- 
ns-gb, sm-u 
alted, is his name- 

5. Zm-ru, Ye-we, ki, ga-ut, 

5. Sing ye, unto Jehovah, for 
o-se, mi-do-t, zat 

excellent things He hath done, it 

b-kl e-arj. 

is known this, in all the earth. 

6. Jalri . , u-rn-i , 

6. Rejoice greatly, and shout for 

is-Bt , 

ye dwellers in the temple of 

Ji-un, ki gd-ul, b-qr-bk , 

Zion, for great in the midst, 

Qd-us I-sr-aL 

of thee The Holy One of Israel 
Pause 1. 

Isaiah Liii. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 11, 12. 
1. Mi, e-am-in, l-sm-ot- 

1. Who, hath believed, our re- 
nu 1 u-zr~wo Ye-we, 
port] and the arm of Jehovah, 
ol, mi n-gl-te 1 

unto whom revealed 1 

2. Wi-ol, k-yu-nq, 1-pn-yu, 
2. For he shall grow up before 





him as a tender plant, and as a root 
m ^rj, j-ye, la, 

out of a dry ground, lie hatli no form 

tar, lu, ula, 

nor comeliness, and when we shall 

e-dr, un-ra-e-u, u-la, m-ra-e, 
see him, there, no beauty that we 
should desire him. 

3. N-b-ze, u-h-dl, ais-im, 

3. He is despised and rejected of 
ais, m-ka-but, u-ed-wo, h-li, 

men, a man of sorrow^, and acquaint- 
u-k^mv-tr , pn,-im 

ed with grief, and we hid, as it were, 
m-mi^-u, n-bz-e , u-la , 

our fiices away from him, he was 


despised, and not, we esteemed him. 

4. i\-kn , h-lin-u, e-wa, n-sa, 

4. Assuredly, our griefs, he, did 
U-m, k-ab-in-u, vb-lm, 

bear, and pur sorrows, he hath car- 

u-an-l^-nu-h-sb-ne-u, ng-wo, 
ried, and we esteemed, him, stricken, 
m-ke, Al®"i^> u-m-on-e. 
smitten of God, and afflicted. 

5. We-wa m-hl-1 , m-ps-o-in- 
5. But he was wounded, for our 
u , m-dk-a , 

transgressions, he was bruised, for 

mo-un-u-ti-nu, mu-vr , 

our iniquities, the chastisement, of 

s-lum-nu, ol-yu, u-b- 

our peace, on him was, and through 

rt-u , nr-pa, 1-nu 

his woundings, healing, pa^ed to us. 

10. U- Ye-we, hjpj d-ka-u, 

10. And Jehovah, willed to bruise, 

, e-hl-i , am, 

him, he hath put him to g?ief, and 

t-sim ^sm, n-ps-u, 
truly make and placed his soul, an 

offering for sin ; therefore he shall 

zro , ya-rik 

see his seed, he shall prolong his 
im-im u-h-pj , Ye-we, 
days, and the pleasure of Jehovah, 

b-id-u , i-jl-h 

in his hand, shall prosper. 
11. M-oml 

11. Because of the sufferings of 
n-ps-u , i-ra-e, i-s-b-o, 
his soul, he sl^all see, and filled, 

, b-dot-u , 

with satisfaction, by his wisdom, 
i-jd-iq jd-iq o-bd-i 

shall my innocent holy servant jus- 
1-rb-im, u-o-un-tm 

tify many, because their iniquities 
he hath borne, 
e-wa, i-vb-L 

12. L-kn , A-h-lq 

12. Therefore I will divide tq 
lu , b-rb-im , u-at 

him, multitudes very great, an4 

oj-um-im, i-h-lq 

from the strong, himself shall take 
^ sl-1, t-ht, asr e-or-e, 

the spoil, because he hath poured, 
1-mut, n-ps-u J u-at 

out, unto death, his soul ; also with 
p-so-im, n-mn-e , 

transgressors, was he numbered, 
u-e-wa h-fa , rb-im 

because the sin of multitudes he 
n-sa , u-1- 

hath, taken upon himself and for- 
ps-Q-im, t-pg-yo 

transgressors, made prevailing intey- 


Pause 2. 

Psalm, cxi. 
1. A-ud-e , Ye-we , b-kl- 

1. I will praise Jehovah with all 
1-b-b b^vud , i-sr-im 

my heart, in the assembly of the 

, u-o-de 

upright, and in the congregation. 

2. Gd-lim, m-os-i, Ye-we, 
2. Great, the works of Jehovah, 

dru-sim, 1-kl , h-pj-yem 

sought out of all, that have pleasure 



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3. E-ud , we-dr 

3. Honourable ai^d glorious his 
p-ol-i^ u-jd-q-tu , 
works^ and his righteousness, en- 
Q-md-t, lod 

duretli, foi ever; 

4. Z-kr , o-se 

4. To be remembered, his works ; 
1-np-lat-yu, hn-un, u-rh-um 
wonderful, gracious, and compas- 

, Ye-we . 
^ionate is JehovaL 

5. F-rp n-tn, 

5. The prey hath he given, to 
li-rha-yu, i-zk-r 

them that fear him, he will remem- 

, lo-u-lm, br-it-u . 
^r, for ever, his purifier, 

6. Kh m-os-yu, e- 

6. The power, of his 'works, he 
g-id, 1-om-u It-t, 
showed, to his people, to give them, 
1-emnh-lt, gu-im 

the heritage of the nations. 

7. M-osi id-yti, am-t, 
T. The works of his hands, are 

u-ms-pf , na-m-nim, kl, 

truth, and judgment, sure are, all, 

8. V-mU'kim , lod, lo-ulin, 

8. They stand fast, for ever, and 
os-u-im, b-mat, u-isr 

ever, being done in truth, and up- 

9. Pd-ut , s-lh , 1-om-u, 

9, Redemption, he sent, to his 

people, he hath commanded, his 

lo-u-lm br-it-u qd-us u-nur-a 
purifier for ever, holy and reverend 

his name. 

10. The head of wisdom, is the 
10. Eas-it e-km-e, 

i-rat, Ye-we, s-kl 

fear of Jehovah, understanding 
fub, 1-kl, os-yem, 

good, to all, them that do them 

tel-tu, om-dt lod. 
his praise, endureth for ever, 

PsAi^M cxix. 57 — nS^, 

(H.) Heth. 
57. H-lq-i Ye-we 

57. Myrportion,0 Jehovah, I have 
Amr-ti l-smr dbr-ik. 

said I would keep thy words^ 

58. S-Jit-i ' - im-ik, by 

58. I entreated thy face, ^th 
lb Hn-ni 

whqle heart. Be n^erciful unto pie, 

k-amr-tk. = • ' 

according to thy word 

59. H-sb-ti ^ dr-ki u- 

59. I thought on mj ways, an4 
as-ib-e, rg-li , al od-tik, 
turned triy feet to thy testimonies. 

6i}. K-^irl ti-la , let-inem- 

60. Imadehaste, and not, delayed 
e-ti, l-smr, ' m-jut-ik. 

to keep thy commandmei^ts. 

61. H-bl-i rs-o-imj 

6 1 . The bands of the wicked have 
o-ud-ni , tU-i*t-k, la, 
robbed me, thy law, Aot have I 

hot forgotten. 

62. H-jut ' H-le, 

62. In the middle of the nigh^ 
A-qum le-iid-ut Ik, 

I will rise to give thanks unto thee, 

ol m-sp-fi, 

because of tl^e judgments of thy 

jdq-k. , ' 


63. H-br An-i, 1-kl, asr 

63. A companion I, to aU who 
ira-uk, u-lmr-i 

fear thee, and to peepers of thy 



64. Hv-dk Ye-we, 
64. Of thy mercy, Jehovah, 

mla-e earj hq-ik Imd 

is full the earth, thy statutes teacl^ 

ni : 
thou me ; 


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(F.) Tbth. 

65. Fub, OS-it , om, 

65. Grood hast thou done with 

obd-k, Ye-we, 
thy servant, O Jehovah, according 

k-dbT-£ = 
to thy word. 

66.. Fub, f-om u-dot 

6.6. Good judgment and know- 
Imd-ni, ki, b-mj-ut-ik, 
ledge teach me, for in thy precepts 
I have believed- 

67. F-rm, A-on-e Ani, 

67. Before I was afflicted, I was 
sg-g, ? u-otr-e, amr-tk, 

going astray, but now thy sayings 


kept I hava 

68. Fub, a-te, u-m- 

68. Good, then, art, and doing 
fiib; lind-ni-hq-ik . 

good ; teach me thy statutes. 

69. Fp-lu ol-i , 8-qr; 

69. E6tve forged against me a lie ; 
zd-im, Ani, b-kl, lb 

the proud, I, with my whole, heart, 

a-jr, p-qud-ik. 
will keep thy precepts. 

70. F-ps , k-h-lb 

70. Is waxed as fat, and gross, 
Ibm ; Ani, tu-rt-k, so-so-tL 
their heart ; I, in thy law, delight. 

71, Fub, H , ki , 

71. Good, for me, although, af- 
on-iti ; Im-on, A-lmd , 
flicted, that, I might learn, thy 


72. Fub, li, tu-rt, 

72. Good to pie, the law of thy 
p-ik ; m-al-pi , zeb, 
mouth ; before thousands of gold 

and silver. 

(L) YoD. 

73. Id-ik , os-u-ni , 
73. Thy hands have joined me, 

u-ik-un-nuni , eb-in-ni 
and flesh joined me, mak^e me to 

, u-Almd-e, m- 

understan^ and J shall learn thy 


74. I-ra-ik , i-ra-un- 

74. They that fear thee, will see 
i , u-is-mh-u, ki ; 1-dbr-k 
me, and be glad; because, in thy 

word, liave I hoped. 

75. I-do-ti, Ye-we, ki, j- 

75. I know, O Jehovah, that, in 
dq, m-sp-fik ; 

righteousness, are thy judgments ; 

u-a-mune on-it- 

and that, in faithfulness, thou hast 

afl^cted me. 

76. I-ei, na , hv- 

76. Let be I pray thee, thy 
dk, lu-hm-ni ; k-amr-tk , 
mercy to comfort me, according to 

thy word, unto thy servant. 

77. I-barun-i , r-hm-iku- 

77. i<et, come to me, thy mercy ; 
Ah-ye , ki^ tu-rt-k, so- 
and I shall live, for, thy law, is my 


78. Ib-su , zd-im, ki ; 

78. Let be ashamed, the proud, 
s-qr, , o-ut- 

for with lies, tl^ey have dealt, per- 

u-ni Ani, asi-h, 

veraely with me ; I will meditate, 

thy precepts. 

79. I-su-buT, li, i-ra-ik, 

79. Let turn, to me, them that 

u-i-do-u , 

fear thee, and those that know, thy 


80. I-ei, Ib-i, tm-im, 
80. Let be, my heart be sound, 

b-hq-ik, Im-on, la, 
in thy statutes, that, not, I, be 
A, bus . 


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(K) Kaph. 
81. Kl-te , 1-t-su-ot-k, 

81. Determined for thy salvation 
n-ps-i ; 1-dbr-k, i-Kl-ti. 
is my soul ; but in thy word, I hope. 

82. K-lu, oin-i, l-amr-tk, 

82. Fail, my eyes, for thy promise, 
l-amr m-ti, tn*hm-ni 1 
saying when wilt, thou comfort me 1 

83. Ki, e-yit-i , k-nad, 

83. For, I am become like a skin 
b-qi-fut; li<l-ik , 

sack, in the smoke ; yet thy statutes, 
la, s-kh-ti , 
not do I, foi-get. 

84. K-me , im-i, obd- 

84. flow many, the days, of thy 
k ? M-ti , t-os-e, 

servant 1 When award, wilt thou, 

b-rd-pi, m-spf 1 

on my, persecutors, judgment 1 

86. K-rii , U , 

85. Have digged, for me, the 
zd-im, si-hut, asr, la, k Xu- 
proudj pits, which are hot after thy 


86 Kl, m-jtit-ik , am- 

86. All, thy commandments, are 
u-ne, sqr , rd-pu-ni, 
truth, deceitftdly, they persecute, 

help thou me. 

87. Km-of, klu-hi 

87. Almost, they had consumed 
; b-arj u-Ani la , o-zb-ti , 

me ; on the earth, but I not, for- 

sook thy law. 

88. K-hv-dk , 

88. According to thy mercy, 
h-in-i , u-as-mr-e, 

quicken me, and I will keep, the 
6d-ut , p-ik. 

testimonies of thy mouth. 

(L.) Lamed. 

89. For ever, O Jehovah, thy 
89. Lo-u-lm, Ye-we, r-rk. 

n-zb, b-sm-im. 
word is settled in the heavens. 
90. L-dr , u-dr 

90. To generation, and genera- 
am-un-tk, K-un-nt, 

tion thy truth, Thbu hast laid the 

arj u-t- 

foundations, of the earth and it 


91. L m-pf-ik , 

91. According to thy ordinances, 
omd-i . ; e-yum ki e-kl, 
they continue to this day, for all, 

are thy servants. 

92. L-ii-li, tu-rt-k, so-so-i, 

92. Unless, thy law, my delight, 
az, : A-bd-ti b-ony-i 

then, had I perished in my sorrow. 

93. Lo-u-lm, la, A-s-kh, 

93. For ever, not, I will forget^ 
p-qd-ik, ki, bm, 

thy precepts, for, with them, thou 

hast quickened me. 

94. Lk, Ani ; e-ii-si-on-i, ki^ 

94. To thee, I ; save me, for, in 
p-qud-ik, d-rs-ti. 

thy precepts I have searched. 

95. JAj qu-u, rso-im, 

95. For me, waited, the wicked^ 
la-bd-ni od-ti-k, A-t- 

to destroy me thy testimonies I wHl 


96. L-kl, t-kl-e, ra-it4, 

96. Of all, perfections, I have 
qj, rh-be, m-ju- 

seen, an^ end, broad, is thy com* 

tk, mad. 
mandments, very. 

(M.) MEit 

97. Me, A-eb-ti, tu-rt-k, kl, e- 

97. How, I love thy law ! all the 
yum e-ya, si-ht-L 

day, it is my meditation. 

98. Ma-ib-i , t-hk- 
98. [More than my enemies thou 

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mn-i , m-julr-ik 

liast made me wis^r, tby command- 

ki, lo-u-lm e-ya, 

ments, for always they ai^, with, 

9d. M-kl . .> in-lmd-i, 

99. J^ore than all^ my teachers, 
. e-sk-1-ti , ki, od-ut^ik 

1 have understanding, for thy testi- 

si-he, li 

liionies Are meditation, to me. 

100. M-«i-iiim , A- 
1.00. More than the aged^ I 
tb-un-n,, ki , jH3[d-& ., 

Tinderstand, because, thy precepts, 

I have kept. 

101. M-kl, a-rh, fo, 

101. From every way evil have I 
k-i-ti , r-^l-i, 1-mon, A-sihr, 
J'efrained my feet, that I mi^ht keep 

. dbt-k. 
thy wof d. 

102. M>mv-pf-ik -. la 

102. From thy judgments not 
,vr-ti, ki, a-te, 

have I departed, for thou hast 

taught me; 

103. Me-nm-l-jii, Ih-ki 

103. Ho^ sweet to ttly taste are 
amr-tk, m-db-s 

^y Words, yoa, ihore than honey, to 

toiy mouth. 

104. M-p-qud-ik A- 
164. Through thy p^cepts I 

t-bun-n , ol, kn, 

shall get understanding, therefore, 
sna-ti kl-a-rh s-qr. 

I hate every way of falsehood. 

<N.) Nun. 

105. Nr, lr.gH dbr-k 
105. A lamp to my feet is thy 

ti-atif In-tib-fci. 

word, and a light to liiy path. 

106. N-sb-o-ti , u-aq-ime 

106. I have sworn, and am stead- 

ItSou* ; 

fastly, to him purposed j to keep 

m-sp-ti, . .jd-qd. 

the judgments of thy righteousness. 

107. ISTo-ni-ti , od , 
107- I am afflicted always, ex- 
mad , Ye-we, hi-ni, 

ceedingly,.0 Jehovah, quicken me 

according to thy word: 

m, j^-db-ut . 

108. The freewiU offerings of my 
pi : , r-je , . na, Ye-we, 

mouth, accept, I pray, O Jehovah, 
u-msp-fik , Imd ni. 

and thy judgtnents teach thou ine. 

109. isr-pfe-i b-kp-i tm- 

109. My soul is in pij- hands 
id u-tu-rt-k la, s-kh-ti. 

always, yet thy law do I not forget. 

110. N-th-u '^ rs-oim 

110. Have laid, the wicked, a 
ph, U j u-mp-qid-ik 

snare, for me ; yet from thy pre- 

la, to-it-i. 
cepts not I have erred. 

lil. is^-hl-ti 

111. I have taken as my herifeige 
o-iut-lk, lo-u-lm, ki, 

thy testimonies, for evermore, for, 
s-sun, Ib-i , e-me. 

the jqy of my heart, they are. 

112. kfi-ti ^ , Ib-i 

11^. I have inclined my heart to 
1-os-ut li<l-k, lo-u-lm, 

perform thy statutes, always to the 


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(V.) Samech. 

113. V-op-iln sna-ti^ ti-tU- 

113. Vain thoughts I hate, but 
rt-k, A-eb-ti. 

thy law I loVe. 

114. V-ti*-i , , u-mg-ni 

114. My hiding place, and my 
, a-te, 1-dbr-k , i-hl-ti. 

shield, thou, in thy word I hope. 

115. V-ur-u, In-mn-i, mr-o-im, 

115. Depart from me, evil doers, 
u-aj-re m-jut 

for I will keep the commandments 

Ale-i; t 
of God. 

116. V-ink-m, k-amr-tk 

116. Uphold me, according to 

, tt-A hi-e, u-la 

thy word, and I shall live, and do 

, t-Bis-ni, m-sb-ri. 

not let me be ashamed of my hopei 

117. V-od-ni , u-A- 

117. Hold thou me up, and I 
it8-o-e , u-A-so-e, . , 
shall be safe, and I will delight 

b-hq-ik t-mid. 

myself in thy statutes always. 

118. V-lit ,kl 
118. Thou hast trodden down all 
su-gim, m-hq-ik , ki, 

wanderers from thy statutes, for 

s-qr, tr-mi-tm. , 

a lie, is theii* deceit. 

119» Vi-gim, es-bt, kl, rs- 

119» Dross they, away, all, the*^ 

ai arj , 1-kn, A- 

wicked of the earth, therefore, I 
eb-ti, od-ti-k. 

love thy testimonies. 
120. V-mr, m-t)h-dk, 

1 20. Tremble for fear of thee, tny 
bs-ri, u-m-ms-pf-ik i-ra-ti. 

flesh, and of thy judgments. 

(0.) Oi^. 

121. O-sit-i m-8-pf u- 
121. I have done judgment and 

j-dq bl , t-ni-h-ni, 1-os- 
justice, do not leave me to mine 


i'22. O-rb J obd-k , 

122. Be surety, for thy servant, 
1, fub , al , i-ps-qn-i, 

for, good, and let not, oppress me 

zd im. 
the proud. 

liS3. Oin-i , k4u, l-is-u-ot-k 

123. My eyes fail for thy salva- 
u-1-amr-t, j- 

tion, and for the word of thy right- 


124. Os-eom, obd-k, 

124. Do with thy servant ac- 
k-hV-dk u-hq-ik, 
cording to thy mercy, and thy 

, Imd-ni; 
statutes, teach thou me. 

125. Obd-k , Ani, e-bin-ni 

125. Thy servant I, make me to 

, u-a-do-e , 

understand, and 1 shall know thy 


126. Ot, l^os-ut ^ 1- 

126. Time to work fot thee, 
Ye-we, e-pr-U, 

Jehovah, for they have made void 


thy law. 

127. Ol^kn, A-eb-ti m-jut-ik 

127. Therefore, I love thy com- 

m-zeb, u-m 
mandments hiore than gold, and in 

comparison of gold pure. 

128. 01-kJi, p-qud4 ^ kl, 

128. Therefore thy precepts, ah, 
i-sr-ti , kl a-rh, s-qr , 

I esteem right, every way false, I 



(P.) Pe. 

129. P-la-ut ad-ut-ik 
129. Wondrous thy testimonies, 

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al-kn, n-jr-tm, n-ps-i. 

therefore, keepetli them, mj souL 

130. P-th dbr-ik 

130. The entrance of thy word 
ya-ir, m-bin, 

giyeth lights giviiig understanding 

to the simple; 

131. Pi , por-ti u- 

131. My mouth I opened, and 
as-ap-e ki 1-mj-ut-ik i-A- 
panted after, thy coninialidm^nts I 

longed^ I 

132. P-ne , all , n- i 

132. Look thou upon me, and ' 
hn-ni, k-ms-pf , la-eo-i 
pity me according to thy want, 

, sni-k. 
toward them that love thy name. 

133. P-om-i, e-kn b-amr- 

133. Mf steps direct thou in thy 
tk u-la t-sl^bi , kl 

word, and do not prevail in me any 


134. I^-dni j m-ds-q, 

134. Deliver me from the op- 

adm, u-A-sm-re , 
pression of man, and I will keep 
thy precepts; 

135» Pn-ik ,e-ar b- 

135. Thy face make to shine upon 
obd-k J U-lmd-ni at, 

thy servant, and teach me thy 


136. Pl-gi, inim, ir-du, 

1 36 . Kivers of waters run down, 
oin-i, ol, la, smr-i, 

mine eyes, because not they, keep 


thy law. 

(J.) jAbbt* 

137. Jd-iq , a-te, Ye-we, 
1 37. Eighteous thou, O Jehovah, 

u-is-r , m-spf-ik. 
and upright thy judgments. 

138. J-wit j-dq, 

138. Thou commandest of right- 

od-tik, u-am-une, 
eousness thy statutes, and of truth 


139. J-mt-tn-i ^-na-ti j 

139. My zeal hath consumed me, 
ki , s-kh-u 

because they have forgotten thy 
dbr-ik, j-ri. 
^ords, my enemies. 

140. J-ru-pe amr-tk, 

140. Refined is thy word, ex- 
mad ti-obd-k , a-eb-e. 

ceedingly, and thy servant loveth it; 

141. Jo-ir, Anki, u-nb-ze 

141. Small I, and am, despised^ 
p-qd-ik, la, s-kh -ti. 

thy precepts not have I forgotten. 

142. J-dq-tk , j-dq 

142. Thy righteousness is right- 

lo-u-lm, u-tu-rt-k, 
eousness for ever, and thy law is 


143. Jr , um-ju-q , 

143. Afflictions and anguish have 
m-jau-ni , m-jiit-ik 

overtaken me : thy commandments 

my delight. 

144. J-dq od-ut-ik 

144. The righteousness of thy 
lo-u-lm, e-bin-ni, 

testimdilies is fot ever, make me to 

understand and I shall live* 

(Q.) Kaph; 

145. Qra-ti b^kl, lb, 

1 45. I cried with my whole, heart, 
On-ni, Ye-we, eq-ik, 

Hear me, O Jehovah, thy statutes 

I will keep. 

146. Qra-tik , e-Ua-i-oni, 
146. I cried unto thee; save me^ 

u-A-smre od-ti-k. 

and I shall keep thy testimonies. 

Digitized by V^OOQIC 



147. Qd-mt-i, b-ns-p 

H7- I went before, in the dawn- 
, U-aaw-o-e, L- 

ing, of the morning ; an(J cried, In 

dbr-ik, i-hl-ti. 

thy words have I hoped. 

148. Qd-niu, oin-i, 

148. Went before ; my eyes, the 
a-amr-ut, l-sih, b-amr- 

night-watches, to meditate in thy 


149. Qu-li, i^moe, k-hv- 
149. My voice, hear thou accord- 

dk , (^e-we, 

ing to thy mercy, O Jehovah, ac- 

k-msp-fk , e- 

cording to thy judgments, quicken 

thou me. 

150. Qr-bu ; rd- 

150, They draiy nigl^ j the fol- 
pi, zm-e , m-tu-rt-k, 

lowers, of mischief from thy law 

they are far dep^-rted. 

151. Qr-ub, arte. Ye- we, 

151. Near thou, Jehovah, and 
u-kl, m-jur-tik , ami 

ail, thy commandments truth. 

152. Q-dm, i-do-ti m- 

153. Of old I have ^nqwn, con- 
od-ti-k , ki-lo-u-lm 

oerning thy testipipnies, for ever 

thou bast foimded then^. 


(K.) Bbsh, 
153, Ea-e, oni-i u- 

153. Consider my affliction, an4 
h-lj-ni, ki, tu-rt-k, 1^ s- 
deliver me for, thy law, not do I 


154. Ribe, rib-i, u-gal-ni , 

154. plead thou my cause, and 

deliver n^e, ^ccqrciir^g to thy word 
quicken me. 

155. Bh-uq, n^-rs-oim, is-wo-e, 

155. For, Irom the wicked, sal- 
ki, hq-ik, la-dr-su. 

vation, for, thy stattjtes do they not 


156. R-hm-ik, rb-im, Ye- 

156. Thy mercies great Jeho- 
we, k-ms-fik , 
vah, according to thy judgments 

quicken me. 

157. Rb-im r-dp-i, 
157. Great, are my persecutors, 

ujr-i I n^-od-ut-ik 

and my enemies ; frqm thy testi- 

, la, n-tit-i. 

monies i^qt, I do decline. 

158. Ra-it-i, b-gd-im , 

158. I behel4, the transgressors, 
u-at quf-fe. asr, amr- 
and was grieved, because thy word, 
tk, la, smr-u. 

not, kept have they. 

159. Ra-e-ki, p-qud-ik, A- 

159. See how thy, precepts I 
eb-ti 1 Ye-we, k-hv-dk, 
love 1 Q Jehoval^ i^ccording to thy 

n^ercy quicken me. 

160. Ras, dbr-k, 

160. The entrance of thy words 
a-n^t u-lo-ulm, kl, m-spf 
is true, and for ever, every judg- 

ment of thy righteousness. 

(S.) Shin. 

161. Sr-im, rd-pu-ni , 
161. Princes have persecuted m j 


Digitized by V^OOQIC 



h-nm, um-dbr-phd, 

without cause, but of thy word 

standeth in my heart. 

162. Auki, ol , 

162. Eejoice I, on account of 
amr-tk, k-mu-ja , sl-l-rb. 

k-mu-ja sl-1- 

163. S-qr, sna-ti, u-at-ob-e, 

1 63 , Lying I hate and abhor, thy 
tu-rt-k, A-eb-ti, 

law do I loy^. 

164. S-bo, b-yum, el-lt-ik 

1 64 . Seven tigies in a day I prai^ 
, ol, m-sp-fi 

thee, because of tjie judgments pf 

thy righteousness. 

165. S-lum, rb la, eb-i tu- 

1 65, Peace gneat to, the lovers of 
rt-k U-ain, 1-mu, 
thy law j and nothing tg thepi, Ibp 

a stuml^ling bloc];, 

166., li-sup-tk , 

166. I have hoped for thy salya- 
Ye-we, u-ip.-ji;t-Lk, 

tion, Jehovah, a|id thy command- 

ments I h^ve done. 

167. Smr-e, n-ps-i, od-t-ik, 

167. Hath kept my soul, thy 

wa-ebm mad 

testimonies, and I love them exceed- 
ingly . ' 

168. Smr-ti , p-qud-ik, 

168. I tave kept, thy precepts, 
u-od-tik , ki, kl, dr-ki, 

and thy ' testimonies ; for, all my 

ways are before thee. 

(T.) Tau, 

169 T-qr-b, rnt-i, 

169. Let come my cry before thy 

1-pn-ik, Ye-WQ, k-dbr-k 

face, Q Jehovah, according to thy 

word make me to undei^tand. 

170. Tbw^ , t-hn-ti , 

170. Let come my supplications 
Lpni-k , k-amr-tk 

before thy face, according to thy 

word, deliver me. 

171. Tb-one, s-pt^i, 

171. Shall ppui; put my lips 
tel-e, ki t-lmd- 

praise, Tvhen thpu shi^lt Jiaye taught 
ni, h-qi-k. 
n^e thy statute?. 

172. Ton , Is-un-i 

172. Shall speak my tongue of 
amr-tk, ki, kl, m-jut-ik 

thy words, for, all thy con^mand- 
j-dq. / 

mepts are righteousness, 

173. Te-i, id-k, loz-ml, 

173. Let be, thy hand, to help me, 
' ki, p-qud-ik, bh-rt-i. ' 

for thy precepts have chosen. 

174. T-ab-ti , li,-sup-tk, 

174. I have Ipnged, for thy saU 
Ye-we, u-tu-rt-k 

vation, Jehov^ah, and thy law i^ 



175. T-hi , ^-p8-i , u-tel- 

175. Let live, my soul, and it 
Ik , u-ms-pf-k 

shall praise thee, and let thy judg- 

menl^ help me. 

176. To-it-i, k-se, a-bd, b-qs, 
176. I have gone astray, like a 

obd-k ki 
sheep, perishing, seek tlfou, for 
m-jut-ik la s-kh-ti. 

thy commandments do I not forget. 





Prov. m. 1—10. 
1. Bn-i tu-rt-i al t-skh 

1. My son, my law, not, vthou 
u-m-jut-t • , i-jr 

thalt Ibrget, and my pomman^ments 

keep, in thy h^art. 

2. Kl ark, im-im, u-sn-ut, 
^. For long d^ys, and years of 

hi-im u- slum, yu-vi-p^ 
life and peace, shall they add to 


3. H vd, u-amt, al, yoz-bk, 

3. Mercy, and truth, not, he will 
q-snn , ol, gr-gr-tik, 
forsake, bind,them^' about, fiiy neck, 

k-tb-m, ol, lu-h , 

engrave them, upon the tablet of thy 
Ib-k. • 

4. 'U-m-ja , hn, 

4. And find thou favour, and 
u-skl , fub, b-oin-i, 
tpderstanding good, in the eyes of 
Alem-im, adm. 

God, and of man. 

5. Bfh al Ye we, b-kl, 

^. Confide in Jehovah, with all 
Jb-k; u-al, bin-tk , 

thy heart ; and not thy understand- 
al, t-son. ' . 

ing lean to. 

6. B-kl, drk-ik, do-en-ii ^ 

6. In all, thy ways, acknowledge, 
we-wa, yi-si^ ' ar-ht- 
thou him, and he shall make right 

ik. ' ' 

thy paths. 

7. Al, te-i, p-km, b-oin 

7. Not, be,' wise, in thine own 
ik ira at, Ye-we, u-vur, 

eyes, fear before Jehovah, and depart 

m-ro . 
from evil. 

8. Erpa-ut, te-i , bsr-k 
8. Heal til, shall it be, to thy flesh, 
u-sq-wi , 1-oj-mut-ik. 

and marrow, to thy bones, 


9. K-bd, at Ye-we jn-un-k, 

9, Honour to Jihovah from thy 
• . , u-m-ras-it 

possession^ and from the best part 

kl, tb-wa-tk. 

of all thy increase. 

10 ;• IJ-im-la-u, , 

10. And they^shall be filled, thy 
av-mik, s-bo ' u-tf- 
barns, with abundance ^ and thy 
us, iiqb-ik' ' ' ' i-pr- 
presses shall overflow with new 

wine. ' 


Jeremiah xxiii. 5 — 6. 

5. E-ne ! im-im, ba-im, nam, 

5. Behold ! the days, come, saith 
YerWiB^ ue-qm-ti \ ' , 1- 

Jehovah, and I will raise up, unto 
D-ud, J-mh, Jd-iq, u-t 

David, a branch, righteous, and 

« M-lk, m-lk , , ue-sk-il 
a king, shall reign,' and he shall 
, ' u-Qse , m-s^ 

prosper, and he shall do, with 

i pf , u^jd-qo ■ /., '^ b. 
judgmei^t, and righteousness, in the 
aij. . '• : ■ • ' 

6. P-im-yu tu-so, Ye-ud-e^ 
6. In his ds^ys Judah shall be 

, ii^I'-^r-al, i-s-kn , 

saved, and Israel, he shall dwell^ 
1-bf-h , u-ze , sm-u , ' asr- 
in safety, and this, his name, which, 

i-qra-u '■■ , ' Ye-we 

he shall call him, Jehovah ou|! 

Jd-qn-u ! ! ! ^ 
Eighteousness ! ! ! 


Ezekielxxxiv. 23—24. 

23. We-qim-ti , ol-yem 

23. And I will raise up imtq 
, Roe, a-hd at 

them, one shepherd, my very 





^br-i, Durid, e-wa , i-roe, 
beloved servant, he sh^ll feed them, 
^-tn^ we-wa, Ye-ye, l-em, l-roe. 
and shall be to them a shepherd. 
24. U-Ani, Ye -we, A-e-ye, 
24. And I, Jehovah, I wiU be, tp 
l-em, 1-Ale-ini, u-obd-i , 

t>hev(h for a God, and my servant, 
D-ud , Ns-ya, b-tu-km, 

the beloved, a prince, in the midst, 
, Aiii, Ye- we, dbr- 

of them, I, Jehovah, have spoken 



Daniel i^. ?4, ?5, 26. 

24. Sb-o-iw , n-ht-k 

24. Seventy weeks, for they are 

j ol om-k, ' u- 

pletermined ; upon thy people, and 

ol, oir , qd-sk , 1- 

upon, the city, of thy holiness, to 

kl-a, ep-so , u-lh-tm 
absolve, transgressio4, and to seal 

, h-fi^-ut, u-l-kp-r , 

up, sins, and to make atonement for 

oun , u-le-b-wa , 

piiquity; ^d to bring ii^, rigbt- 

jd-q Q-lm-im , u-l-h-tm, 
eousness, everlasting, and to seal up, 
h-zun, u-nb-ya u-l-ms-e, 

the vision, and prophecy, and to 

, Q-ds Q-ds-im. 
anoint, the Holy of Holies. 

25. U-t-do u- 

25, And thou shalt know, and 
ts-kl m-n, m-ja 

thou siialt understand from the going 
, dbr, l-:es-ib , u- 

forth of the word to restore and 
1-bn-ut, I-ru-s-lim, od, M-si-h, . 
to build Jerusalem unto the Messiah, 

N-gid ^bo-im, »b-Q-e, 
a Prince, a Captain, seven weeks, 
u-sb-o-im, s-sim ; 

and in weeks, three score ; sixty, 
u-sn-im, ts-ub , 

and two, the street, and the wall, 
un-bn-te, r-bub, 

shall return, and built, ai^d in 
u-h-ruj, u-b-juq, e-ot-iuL 
trouble of the times. 

26. XJ-ah-ri e-sb-oim, 
26. And afterwards in the weeks, 

8-sim, u-sn-im ; i-kr-t 

sixty and two; shall be cut off 

M-si-h, u-ain, 1-u. 

Messiah, and npti for himself 



Micah V. 2, 4, /5. 

2, U-rat^e, ^it-lrhm A-j^T-tey 

2. And thou, Bethlehem, Ephata, 

j-oi?, le-yut, b-alp-i , 

little, to be, amoi^g the thousands 

Ye-ud-e, m-mk li i- 

of Judah, out of thee to me, he 

ja , le-yut, Mu-sl, 

shall cpme forth, to be a Governor, 

J)-I-srral, u-mu-jat-yu , 

to Jsrael, an4 lus goings forth are 

m-qdm, m-imi o- 

from of old, befo^-e the days of 


4. Uomd , u-ro-e 

4. ^i he shall staijd, and he 

, b-oj Ye-we, 

shall feed in the styeijgth of Jehovah, 

b-Ga-un Sm , Ye- 

in the Majesty, of Name, of Jeho- 

we, Aleryn , u-i- 

vah, the AJmighty God, and they 

sb-u , ki, o-te, i-Gd-1 
shall abide, for, now, he shall be 





, od, ap-vi e-alj. 

Great to the ends of the earth. 
5. We-ye, ze, 

5. And this man shall be the 



Haggai ii 6, 7, 8, 9. 

6. Ki, ke, amr Ye-we, 

6. For, thus, saith Jehovah of 
Jb-a-ut, o-iid, a-ht, m-of e-ya, U- 
Hosts, yet, once a little while, and 
Ani, m-ro-is, at, e-sm-im, u-at, 

I do shake the heavens and the 
earj, u*at e-mim, u-at, e-hrb-e. 
tearth, aiid the sesl, dnd the dry land. 
4. U-e-ros-ti , at, kl, 

7. And I will shake even all 
e-gu-im, li-mla-ti, at 

the nations, and I will fill even 
e-Bit, e-ze ; K-bud, amr 

the Tettiple, this, with glory, saith 
Ye-we Jb-a-Ut. 
Jehovah of Hosts. 

8; Ki , e-kvp ^ li-li ; 

8. To mo, the silver is, to me, 
e-zeb, nam, Ye-we Jb-a-ut. 

the gold, saith Jehovah of Hosts. 

9. Grd-iil, ye-ye, Kb-jid 

9. Greater shall be the glory of 
e-Bit , e-ze , e-ras-un 
the Temple, this one, mdre than 
, amr Ye-we Jb-a-ut, 
iirst-one, aaith Jehovah of Hosts, 
u-b-mq-um e-ze, A-til, S-lum , 
and in place this, I will give Peace, 

nam Ye-we Jb-a-ut. 
saith Jehovah of Hosts » 

The branch. 
Zechariah vi. 11, 12, 13. 

11. U-l-qh-t , kvp 

11. And thou shalt take Silver 
u-zeb , u-os-it , 

and gold. And thbu shalt make 
of-rut ; u-sm-t j 

crowns, and thou shalt set theitt 
b-ras, , Ye-us-o Bn 

upon the head of Saviour, Son, the 
Ye-u-J^iq, e-K-en fe- 

Lord of Justice, the Priest, the 
High Priest. 

12. U-amrt y alyil, 

12. And thou shalt speak to him, 
1-amui*, Ke-€imr, , , Ye-we, 
to say. Thus, saith, Jehovak, oi 
Jb-a-ut, 1-amr, E-ne ! Ais , 
Hosts, td say. Behold ! the Prince 
Jmh smu ; li-m-tht-yu, 
the Branch, his name, and from him, 

i-jmh , u-bn-e at 

he shall flourish, and he shall build 
e-iki , Ye-we. 
the temple of Jehovah. 

13. We-Wa , is4 , eud 
13. And he shall bear the glory, 

wi-sb , u-msl ol, 
and he shall sit, and and I'lile \ijk)ii 
Kva-U, we-ye. Ken , 
his throne, and he shall be, a Priest^ 

ol kva-u -, U-ojt , 
upon, liis throne, and, the counsel, 

S-lum, te-ye, bin, sn-yem. 
of peace shall be, between, them 




Zech. ix. 9, 10. 
9v Gil-i, mad feit, Jy-un 
9» Eejoice, greatly, daughter, 

er-yo-i ^ bit ^ 

of Zion, shout for joy, daughter 

I-ru-s-lm, E-ne ! M-lk-k) 

of Jerusalem, Behold, thy King, 





ib-wa Ik Jd-ig, u 
Cometh, to thee, Eighteous, and hav- 

Nu-80 , e-Wa , bni 
ing Salvation, this man, afflicted 

ti-rkbj ol^ hm-ur, u-ol 
and riding, upon, an aes, and upon 
oii*, bn at-nut. 

a colt, the £oal of an ass. 

10. We-kft-i , rkb , 

10. And I T^ill ciit off, the 

m-Ap-rim, u-vus , 

ciiaridt, flrdm Ephraim, add the 

m-Jru-s-lm, u-n-krt-e, 

horse, from Jerusalem, and there 

q-st, ml-hm-e, u- 

shall bfe cut off, the bow of war, and 

dbr, S-lum, 1-guinij 

ke shall speak. Peace, td the nations, 
u-jnsl-u mim , od, 

and his dominion is from sea to sea, 

iin-U-ni-nef, ■ od, a-pv-i, 
and from the river to, the ends, of 

the earth. 


kal. iii-l, 2, 3; • 
1. En-ni ! s-lh , Ml-ki 

Behold ! I do send, my messen- 
ger, and hia shall pl^epare my way, 

drk, 1-pn-i, u-pt-am ib-wa, 
before me, aild suddenly he shall 

, al, e-i-kl-u , 

come, unto, the temple, his, thfe 

e-Ad-un, asr, a-tm m-bq-sim. 
Lord, whom ye seek , and the 
u M-lak e-Brity asr, a-tm 

Angel of the jjurifiet, whom, ye, 

hp-jim. E-ne ! ba , 
delight iiL Behold, he cometh, 
ftmr, Ye-we Jb-a-ut. 
eaith Jehovah, of Hosts. 

2. U-mi ? m-kl-kl, at, yum 

2. But who 1 abide, the, day 
b-wa-u, u-mi ] e- 

of his coming, and who ] can stand, 
omd, b-e-ipa-.ut-u , ki e-wa, 
when he appearetli, fdr he is, like 
k-as , m-j-ip, u-k-bur-it^ 

firej a refiner, and, as purifier of the 

3. Wi-sb , mj-rp um-fer 

3. And 'sit a refiner and purifier 
kvp , u-fer at bn-i 

of silver, and he shall purify the sons 
L-wi, li-zq-q, atm, k-zeb, 
of Levi, and he purge them as gold, 
Uk-kvp wfe-ye 1-Ye-we 

and as silver, and they shall be 

, m-gis-i , m-nh-e, 
to Jehovah an offering, a sacrifice, 

in righteousness. 


Malachi iv. 5- 


5. E-ne! An-ki; s-lh l-knl 
• 5. Behold ! I do send to you 
at Al-ye, e-nb-wa 1-pn-i, b-Wa, 
Elijah, the prophet, before coming 

yUm Ye-we, e-gd-ul 

of the day of Jehovah, ieven that 

, we-hu-ra. 
gi'eiat and dreadful day. 

6. We-sib, lb 

6. And he shall tiirli the heart 
ab-ut , ol, bn-im u^ 

of the fathers to the children, and 
lb bii-inl, 61 ab-ut-m , 
the heart of the sons to the fathers, 
pn, ab-wa we-ki-ti, at earj 
lest I come I smite the earth with 

a curse (destruction) ! 


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Short exercises in translating Hebrew into English, with a free transla- 
tion for guidance in first efforts in self-tuition : 

Genesis iii. 8. And he heard the 
sound of the Jehovah God going 
in the garden in the spirit of the 

24. And placed them in a suburb 
of the garden, and inhabited in the 
east of the garden of Eden, the 
cherubim, and a glory as a living 
fire, involving in itself to preserve 
the way to the tree of lives, highest 
life, which is eternal life. 

IV. 7. If thou does right, thou 
shalt please ; and, if thou does not 
good, a sin offering is close to thee, 
even at the door. 


13. And said Cain to Jehovah, 
greater is my iniquity than can be 


14. Behold ! thou hast banished 
me this day from the upright, and 
from thy sanctuary shall I be hid, 
and I excluded ; and a fugitive and 
a vagabond be in the earth, and so 
will it be that anyone who findeth 
me shall slay me. 

IX. 21. And he drank the wine, 
and prostrated himself in the Taber- 


XL 1. And so it was, that all 
the earth had the same faith, and 
their mode of worship primitive. 

4. And they said. Come, how ! 
let us build a city, and a Temple, 
and dedicate it to the Heavens, and 
let us make thus a renown for us, 
or else we may become scattered 
on the face of all the earth. 


Genesis iii 8. Wi-sm-ou, at, qu-1, 
Ye-we, Aleim, mt-elk, b-gn 1-ruh, 


24. Wi-grs, at e-adm wi-s-kn, 
m-q-dm, 1-gn Oden, at, e Krb-im, 
u-at, 1-ef, e-hrb e-mt-ep-kt, l-smr 
at drk, oj e-hy-im, a. Lev. xxv. 34, 
Num. XXXV. 25, Jos. xiii. 18, 21, 
xxi 11, b Gen. xxviii. 13, 20, 
xviii 19, Deu. vii. 9, Job x. 12, 
Ex. xiii 10, Ps. xxxiv. 20. 

LV. 7. El-wa, am ti-fib s-atu-am 
la, ti-fib Ip-th, hf-at r-bj, wa-lik, 
ts-uq-tu wa-te, tm-sl bu. 


13. Wi-amr Qin al Ye-we Gd-ul 
o-u-ni m-ns-wa. 


14. En ! gr-st at-i, e-yum m-ol, 
pni e-adme u-m-pnik Av-tr, we-yi-ti 
no-u-nd, b-arj we-ye, kl m-ja-i ye- 

IX 21. Wi-st, mn e-yin, wi-skr, 
wi-t-gl bt-uk, Ael-e, xxvii 25, xl. 
1, Edk. xxvii 15, Dan. ii 1, 34, 45, 
Mark xii. 23, 1 Cor. xi 25. 

XL 1. Wi-ei, kl, earj, spe, aht 
n-dbrim, ahd-im, Neh. xiii. 24, ps. 
cxxxix. 4, Ezk. iii 5, 6. 

4. Wi-amr, Ebe ! n-bne-l-nu-oir, 
U'Mg-dl,-u-Ea8-u, b-Smim, u-n-ose, 
1-nu, Sm, pn-np-uj, ol, pni, kl, 
earj, a. Gen. vi. 4, Exod. vi 3, Isa. 
xviii. 7, Iv. 13, Ivi. 5. 





6. liVi-amr, Ye-we, En ! om, ahd, 
u-spe, aht, l-klm, u-ze, e-hlm, 1-osut, 
wo-te, Lev. xx. 3, xxii 2, xxL 32, 
Ezk. XX. 39, xxxvi 20, xliii 8, 
Gren. xiii. 18, Amos ii 7. 
XIIL 18. Wi-ael, Abrm, wi-ba, 
wi-sb, b-Al ni Mmra. 

Gen. xiv. 18, 19. TJ-Mlki, J^q, 
Mlk S-lm, e-ii-ji-a, 1-hm wy-in, we-wa 
Ken, 1-Al-Olyun. 

19. Wi, b-rke-e-u, wi-ainf, B-riik, 
Abrm, 1-Al, Olyun, q-ne, smim, 

20. U-bruk, Al-Olynn, asr mgn, 
jrik bidk, wi-tn-lu, m-osr m-kl, Ps. 
ex. 4, Heb. VL 20, vii. 1, 26, 

Judges XL 31. We-ye e-yu-ja, as?, 
ya, m-dl-ti, biti 1-qra-ti, b-sub-i, b- 
slum, m-bni, Omun, we-ye, 1- Ye-we, 
we-olit-yeu, o-ule, a, Lev. iii 6, 
1 Sam. i 11. 

1 Kings ii 9. U-ote, al, tn-qe-u 
(ki, aiso hkm, at-e, wi-dot, at asr, 
t-ose, lu) we-ur-dt, at, Sib-tn, b-dm, 

Job xix. 25. U-Ani, i-do-ti Gali, 
hi, ua-hr-iin, ol, oper, iqum. 

26. Wa-hr, o-u-ri, nq-pti, zat 
um-bsr-i, a hz-e Al-we. 

27. Asr, Ani, ah-ze, Ii, wo-in-i, 
ra-u, u-la-zr, klu kl-iti, bh-qL 


And then spake the Jehovah, Be- 
hold now ! hitherto the people have 
only one faith, all of them, but 
now ^they devise evil imagina- 


Xin. 18. And Abram removed 
his tent,, and came and dwelt in the 
Oaks of Mamre. " 

; lltii. 

Geii. xiv. 18, 19. And the K^ing 
of Eighteousness, and the King of 
Peace brought forth th^. br^d and 
wine; and He is ^really Priest of 
the Most High God. 

19. Ajid he blessed him, and 
said. Blessed be Abram of the 
Most High God, possessor of heaven 
and earth. 

20. And blessed be the Most 
High Godi' who hath delivered 
thine enemies into thy hand, and 
he gave him tithes of alL 


Judges xi. 31. Then it shall be, 
that which cometh forth out of the 
doors of my house to me, when I 
return in peace from the children of 
Ammon, shall surely be for Jehovah, 
and I wiU also offer to him a burnt 

1 Kings ii. 9. Now, for thou art 
a wise man, and knowest what thou 
oughtest to do ; hold him not guilt- 
less, but neither bring thou down 
his grey hairs with blood to the 


Job xix. 25. But I know tliat 
my Eedeemer is life, and that in 
the latter days, in dust, shall he 
arise (established). 

26. And though my skin be now 
cut up, yet in my fledi I shall see 

27. Whom I shall see for my- 
self, and my eyes shall behold, and 
not another, though now death 
rankles in my bosom. 


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Psalm ex. 3. O-mk, n-d-bt, b- 
yum hi-lk, b-ed-ri, qd-s, mr-hm, ms- 
hr, Ik, fl, M-tk. 

Prov. viii 22. Ye-we, qn-ni Eaa- 
it d-rk-u, q-dm, m-pol-yu, ni-az. 

23. Mo-ulm, nv-kti, m-Eas m- 
qd-mi, arj. 

27. Be-ki-nu sm-im, sm, Ajii bh- 
qu, h-ug ol pni, te-uni. 

Jer. X. 12. Ose, arj, bk-hu, m-kin, 
t-bl, bh-km-tu, u-bt-bun-tu, n-fe, 
Binmiin, 1 Sam. ii 8, 2 Sam. xxii 
16, 1 Chron. xvi. 30, Job xxxiv. 
13, xxxvii. 12, Ps. ix. 8, xviii. 15, 
xix. 14, xxiv. 1, xxxiiL 8, Ixxvii 
18, Ixxxix. 11, xciii. 1, Jsa. xiii. 
11, xiv. 17, xxi., xviii. 3, xxiv. 4, 
xxvi. 9, 18, xxvii 6, xxxiv. 1, Jer. 
11. 15, LanL iv. 12, Nah. xv. 

Gen. xlix. 24. TJt-sb, ba-i-tn, 
qs-tn, wi-pz-u, zro-i, id-yu, mid-i 
Ab-ir, lo-q bm-sm, Jloe, Abu I-sr-aL 

Job xxii 14. Ob-im, vtr lu, u-la, 
ira-e, e-hug, Sm-im it-elk. 

Job xxxiv. 36. Abi ib-hn Aynb 
od n-jh ol, t-s-bt, b-an-si aun. 

Job xix. 19. A-bin-im, sh-gu 
mim, t-8-pf vpi-h-ye opr arj-ut, gut, 
an-U8, e-ab, at Gen. vii 17, 18, 19, 
20, 21, 22, 23, 23. 

Judges V. 27. Bin, r-gl-ye k-ro 
n-pl, b-asr k-ro sm n-pl sd-ud. 


Psalm ex. 3. Thy people shall be 
willing in the day of thy power. I 
have begotten thee in the womb, 
before the morning, and thou hast 
thp dew of thy youth. 

Prov. viii 22. Jehovah nestled 
with me, I was the chief of his 
way, before his works, I was his 

23. Before his works I was 
anointed the head, from everlast- 
ing, or ever the earth was. 

27. When he prepared the hea- 
vens, I was there, when he rounded 
the fycQ of the deep. 

Jer. X. 12. He hath made the 
earth by lus power, he hath estab- 
lished the sphere by his wisdom, 
and hath stretched out the heavens 
bjr his discretion. 


Gen. xlix. 24. But his bow abode 
in strength, and the arms of his 
hands were made strong, by the 
hands of the mighty God of Jacob, 
by the name of the Shepherd and 
the Stone of Israel 

Job xxii 14. Thick clouds are 
a covering for him, that he seeth 
not, and he walketh in the circuit 
of the heavens. 

Job xxxiv. 36. It would pleasure 
me were Job proved to the utmost, 
that we might warn other wicked 

Job xiv. 19. The waters were 
the stones ; the dust of the earth 
swallowed up the fruit of it, and 
thou destroyest the hope of man. 

Judges V. 27. At her feet he 
bowed : he fell, he lay down at her 






Psalm xix. 1. E-sm-im m-vp-rim 
k-bud Al,u-inos-e id-yu m-gid e-rq-yo 

2. Yum 1-yum ib-yo, amr u-li-le, 
1-u-li-le, i-h-we d-ot. 


3. A-in amr, wa-in, dbr-im b-li 
nsmo qu-lm. 

4. B-kl, e-arj, ija, q-um, u-bq-je, 
tbl, m-li-em, 1-sms, sma-el b-em. 

6. M-q-je, e-sm-im mu-ja-u u-t-qu- 
pt-u ol, q-ju-tm wa-in, nv-tr m-hm- 

feet : lie bowed, he fell, where he 
bowed, there he fell down dead 
Psalm xix. 1. The airs declare 
the glory of the Irradiator, and the 
expansion shows his handiwork. 

2. Day after day indicates the 
command, and night succeeding 
night revealeth knowledge. 


3. There is no speech nor words, 
their voice is not heard. 

4. Their substance is gone through 
all the earth, and to the extremity of 
the sphere their indications in them 
hath he set a tabernacle for the 
light of the sun. 

6. From the extremity of the 
airs is its goings out, and its return 
at the ends of them, and there is 
nothing hid from the heat thereof. 

This sublime passage of sacred poetry is highly philosophical, and 
minutely accurate in all its descriptive annunciations. The inspired 
Psalmist sings with an enlightened knowledge and tuneful measure of the 
things and actions by which the celestial machinery shows forth the 
glory, power, and goodness of the Triune Jehovah. By Him all is carried 
forward with ceaseless energy, unwearied might, and in silent harmony ; 
there is no sound or utterance — their voice is not heard — **soft and 
sweet is the music of the spheres." 

The action of the plenum, which it sustains, guides, and urges onward 
the planetary world, and is here delicately touched by art divine. The 
smim, airs, are shown as spreading from the dreadful centre to the vast 
circumference. - " Wa-eb-yu, k-jat, e-sms b-gbr-tu." But let them that 
love Him, he as the sun when he goeth forth in his strength. The allusion 
here to the fluxes of light as they rush out from the solar orb, and the 
storkened spirit pressing inward to the sun, there to be itself renewed ; 
as the light streams forth, beautiful and adorned, is a figure of the divine 
poetess, equally beautiful and sublime, and dazzles with a splendour un- 
equalled by any imagery ever uttered or conceived by the mind of 

The metaphors here, like a bridegroom coming out of his chamber, and 
rejoicing as a strong man to run a race, are chaste and beautiful, and 
philosophically accurate. Maerobus describes it as Conversio Coelorumj 
the reverting of the light inward from the circumference. In Geoi'g. IV., 
Virgil says : 

" Deum namqe, ire per omne3." 


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A powerful Deity pervades tlie whole. 

Though the heathen applied the word infinite to their gods, it was 
not in the extension, but in the circulation of matter, of which the 
emblem was a ring, which is the import of Orpheus' verse : 
"O thou who, by the air's conversive force, 
Driv'st in a constant circulating course; 
Thou shining vortex, of the heaven's vast sphere, 
Jove Dionysiusy mighty father ! hear." 

Pliny, in his 2nd Book of Natural History, says : " The world, and 
that^ which men by any other name agree to call heaven, encloses and 
compasses everything within its sphere, and ought to be esteemed a 
Deity, eternal, immense, without beginning and without end." 

Wise Greece, what pride of speech, what ignorance is this 1 why 
should men adore thee 1 Her sons are all the same ; is there a wise man 
among them ? Hear Euripides, the Greek Tragedian : 

" This vast, this boundless aether you behold. 
Whose close embraces the whole earth enfold, 
This own the chief of Deities above. 
And this acknowledge by the name of Jove." 

This drivelling is common among them, and exactly agree? with the rest 
of those sophs. For example, again, Orpheus makes Jupiter sing or 

" Your cities, houses, selves, are full of me. 
For, to what place can air impervious be ? 
And He who's everywhere, above, below. 
All space possessing, needs must all things know.*' 

Orpheus here speaks of air^ read it instead, and the wisdom of this 
verse is exquisite. Sidonias, the poet, is another of them, and says : 

" The heaven is Jupiter's, he visits on high. 
Compels the black'ning cloud, and rules the sky." 

Pythagoras taught that souls were particles of the divinity, and was 
believed and admired, and has been honoured for it ever since : 
" The soul, freed from the body's dark above, 
Mingles with aether, and becomes a God." 

This writing gentlemen have dignified with the name of "Pythagoras' 
Golden Verses ! " Idiocy rather ; for either it is ignorance or blasphemy. 
But if it be foolish or wicked, or both, there is nothing new in any one of 
the heathen philosophers, Latin or Greek ; not a single new discovery of 
any truth by any of them, or principle, not previously taught in Divine 
Kevelation, from whence, as from a fountain, all truth issues in perennial 
streams. The unity of man's origin, their religion, customs, laws, tra- 
ditions, detached portions of the Bible, which were at all times numerous ; 
held as a valuable property by various families and private individuals; 
the translations of the Sacred Books, made by private hands, for indi- 
vidual profit ; and of the entire of the Sacred Canon, after its settlement 
by Ezra the Prophet, as in the case of " The Septuagint," all these 
probabilities conspiring, it was impossible that the cardinal truths of the 

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Bible evei^ were, qr could have been, entirely lost to man. Hence Lucre- 
tius says : 

" But tbis thin vapour issued by the sun, 
And Hgbt serene, doth not resistless run 
Through a mere Toid, but makes a passage thro' 
Resisting waves of air, aiid moves more dow ; 
¥6r go the atoms singly, but combined, 
Among each oiher move, in conflict join'd," 
Mr. Lock, and other qf hi^ associates, declared they could make nothing 
of Hebrew, after poring over it fpr years; none ever did, or ever will, 
who give loose to imagining, but tte heathen could make every thing, all 
things of Hebrew (^ee the stanza above)^ wbic)i is a parody of the teaching 
of the Holy Gh^st ip Psalm xjx. ; . ' 



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%nsiia-'§thxtixf €;rp0sit0r.— ^art €ioo. 



§.nsla-Mthvm ^tmmm, 











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The elements of all languages are simple sounds, which in writing are 
noted down in separate characters called letters, each being diverse from 
others, both in name, and form, and power. 

The letters in Hebrew are twenty-two, and the form of character 
employed said to be Chaldee ; certainly it is not the original Hebrew 
character, but that is not of the least concern, for the force and beauty 
of a language is unaffected by the mere form of the letter employed in its 

The Missionary and Bible Societies have employed the English 
character to the numerous languages of the heathen for fifty years with 
success ; it is now applied to Hebrew. 

The adaptation is simple and obvious. 

1. F is pronounced th, and V is sounded sh ; the English alphabet 
not having either an aspirated T or S. 

2. Every consonant sounds its companion vowel after the consonant, 
as be b, ce c, ge g, de d, zd z, ka k, ja j, pe p, te t, q qu. Observing 
this rule, L must be sounded le, M me, N ne, S sa, R is ra. Hebrew 
requires this deviation from our own method, and renders the reading and 
writing Hebrew very easy without the points ; every consonant has its 
own short vowel following, sounded very short, and unwritten. 


broad, as in fall, all, war. 

as in bee, bed, bread. 

as in give, get. 

as in day, do, dare. 

as in where, there, e're. 

as in you, due, sue. 

as in Zedekiah, zeal, zephyr. 

aspirated, as in how, heard, heavy. 


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D F Teth 9 th aspirated, as in thou, then, thisL 

^ I Yod 10 i as in high, right, might. 

p K Casph 11 k as in kind, kill, kid. 

7 L Lamed 12 le as in lent, leather, let 

D M Mem 13 me as in men, met, merry. 

^ N Nun 14 ne as in never, nettle, nest. 

D Y Samach 15 sh as in she, should, shaft. 

3^ O Gin 16 o as in old, sold, bold. 

B P Pe 17 p as in pet, pretty, pea 

S J* Jadda 18 j Jesus, join, journey. 

p Q Kopp 19 q as heard in queen, quench, quick. 

1 R Resh 20 ra as heard in race, razor, rattle. 

t^ S Sin 21 sa as heard in same, sad, Samuel. 

n T Tau 22 t as heard in time, take, twa 

The open sounds, vowels, must never be sunk, and when two or thre^ 
or even four vowels come together, as Ye, we (Jehovah), every one must 
be distinctly sounded ; in reading Hebrew they have each and every 
letter a separate value, and the significance of the word is utteriy per- 
verted i^ in reading, every letter in every word is not distinctly sounded. 
The vowels are a, e, u, i, o ; the consonants, b, g, d, z, h, fi k, 1, m, n, v, p, j^ 
q, r, s, t. The Radical letters^ eleven in number, and the Servile or grammar 
letters, eleven ; they are a, b, e, u, i, k, 1, m, n, s, t ; the Radical letters, g, d, z, 
h, :^ V, o, p, j, q, r ; these distinctions should be known at sight, which 
may be very easily committed to memory ; if even the Radicals are well 
impressed on the memory, so that they are recognised at sight, the 
Servile letters follow, as a matter of course, remembering also that no 
Radical letter is ever Servile, but every Servile letter is Radical at timeak 



Words in Hebrew are of three kinds: — 1. !N'ouns; 2. Verbs; 3. Par- 

1. A noun is the name of a substance or quality : Adm, man, and 
Tub, good 

2. A verb denoteth the action or state of being, or of a thing, as 
Wi-amr, Aleim, And said the Grodhead, Trinity, Wios, Aleim, And made 
the Godhead ; Wi-kl-u, e-sm-im, And were finished the heavena In 
these two. sentences, said and made, express the action or verb, and 
finished, the state or noun. 

3. Particles denote the connection, relation, distinction, emphasis^ 
opposition, in the circumstances, or of one's thoughts, or of the words by 
which we express them, as and, with, much, although, but, and others. 

4. Many particles are expressed by one or other of the Servile letters^ 
which for this reason may be considered as parts of the radix or roots of 
the words to which they are attached. B is a particle abridged from be> 
as K is from ke, or from bit, within ; so is M from mn. See Primer, page 
21, 23, 24, 25. 


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KouNS are of two kinds, substantive and adjective. A noun substantive 
is the naine of any substance, as Adm, man ; Oj, a tree ; Yo-qb, Jacob. 
Or of a quality or an action, passion or state, or anything we can conceive 
to exist abstractedly. Br, purity ; Mu-ja, coming forth ; Kl-me, shame ; 
M-lh-me, war. Adjectives are so called, because they are added to a 
substantive, to express some good or accident of the substantive to which 
they are joined ; as fub, good ; fe-ur, pure ; so in the phrases, Adm fub, a 
man good ; Zeb fe-ur, pure gold ; good and pure, are the adjectives. 

Nouns in Hebrew, as in English, are not declined by endings or cases, 
as we call them, which are different terminations denoting the particles, 
of, to, from, by, against, with ; as the nouns in Latin and Greek are. 

Most Hebrew nouns, not ending e or t servile, are masculine ; those that 
do end in e or t, are mostly feminine. It, is a feminine termination. 

The feminine singular is formed from the masculine by affixing e ; as 
fub, good, masculine ; fub-e is feminine. 

ISTouns ending in i, add t to mark the feminine, instead of e ; as from 
Mj-ri, an Egyptian man ; Mj-rit, an Egyptian woman. So when a letter is 
dropt out of a word, the feminine ends in t, as from bn, a son, bt, a daughter ; 
the n is dropt and t put in its place. A-hd, one, A-ht, feminine ; here 
d is dropt and t put in its stead. 

The plural of nouns masculine is formed by adding im to the singular, 
as Ale, God, Al-e-im, Gods, M-lk, a king, Ml-kim, kings ; sometimes 
only m forms the plural masculine, as Ml-km, kings. 

The plural masculine is often formed by adding in to the singular, as 
Ml-kin, kings, Prov. xxxi 3 ; Ml-in, words, Job iv. 2 ; Hy-in, lives, 
Job xxiv. 22, 


The plural of feminine nouns is formed by adding ut to the singular, 
as arj, land, arj-ut, lands ; sometimes e, or t, are substituted by ut in the 
plural, as intu-re, a law, plural, tu-rut, laws; ag-rt, a letter, plural, ag-rut, 
letters. It and ut are changed for iut in the plural; as 0-br-it, a 
Hebrew woman ; plural, 0-br-yut, Hebrew women ; M-lk-ut, a kingdom, 
plural, M-lk-yut, kingdoms. 

In plural feminines, the u is often dropped, as arj-t is often put, 
instead of arj-ut, and tu-rt written instead of tu-rut. 

Changing efor tim is another distinguishing mark by which the feminine 
plural is characterised, as R-hm-e, a damsel ; E-hm-tim, several damsels, 
Jud. V. 30. 0-jl-e, idler, 0-jl-tim, idlers, Eccl. x. 18. 

The plural of a few masculine nouns also end ut, as in Ab, a father ; 
plural is Ab-ut, and ari, a lion, ar-yut, lions, 1 Kings x. 19, 
2 Chron. ix. 19. 

Many plural nouns feminine end in im, as g-ml-im, she camels ; ns-im, 
wives ; pl-gs-im, concubines ; oz-im, she goats, Gen. xxx. 35 ; r-hl-im, 
ewes ; Gen. xxxii. 2. ; db-im, she bears, 2 Kings ii 24. 

A noun is said to bo in Regimine, or construction, when it is in a par-* 

B 2 


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ticular relation to another noun following it, or lias a pronoun suffix 
added, as in s-ny-em, they two ; a-in-nu, not he ; bm, in them ; ml-k arj, 
king of a country; Ml-ku, his king. Here, m-lk, king, is a substantive 
in regimine. 

Nouns masculine singular in regimine suffer no change, but plural ones 
drop their m, as Ml-kim are written Ml-ki, arj, kings of a country; 
Ml-ki-nu, our kings ; and so do nouns feminine plural, in, tim, as s-nt-im, 
two years, Gen ix. x., 41 ; i-a mt-im, two cubits, Exod. xxxv. 10, 17 ; 
v-at-im, two n^easures, 1 Kings xviii 32 ; ir-kt-im, two sidea^ Exod. xxvi 
23; m-at-im, two hundred, Gen. xi. 19, 32. 

^Feminine nouns sii^ular ending in e, when in regimine, change their e 
into t, as tu-re^ a law ; tu-rt> Ye- we, the law of Jehovah, and tu-rt-k, 
thy law ; but other feminine nouns, singular and plural, suffer no change 
when in regimine, except those ending in tim. 

Eeminines plural in ut, often affix i when in regimine, Beut. xxxii 13, 
2 Sam. i 19 ; and thoQe in tim drop the m. 



In Hebrew, all nouns are comprehended in two genders, masculine 
and feminine. Their cases are not distinguished by terminations, but by 
letters or prepositions prefixed, as in' English. The common signs of the 
cases are of the 

Gen. dh Dat L is itself a word, a preposition, and signifies to, for, 

by, in honour of, made by. 
Accusative, At. This very seldom admits of translation into English 

after a verb active, but when prefixed to a person, it 

u^a;Uy signifies with. ' ' 

Ablative, Al, to; 01, upon; B, in, by; M, or Mn^ from; after 

verbs of motion. ^ 
E is the definite article, often placed before nouns, as o,^ e, to, in Greek, 
and the, in English. 

Declensions of Noun Substantives, are only two : 

1. Masculines, which form their plural by adding im to the singular. 

2. Of feminines, which form their plural by ut, to the singular. 

Of Masculine Nouns, as in 

1. Names of men D-ud, David 

2. Offices of men M-lk, A king 

3. „ „ Su-p^ A judge 

4. Of rivers Pi-sun, Pi-son 

5. Of mountains Kr-ml, Carmel 

6. Nations 0-br-i, A Hebrew 

7. Of months Ni-vn, Ni-san 

Masculine nouns are distinguished from feminine by their ending in a 
radical letter, or else in i, m, n, as — 

D-br, a word ; 0-ni, an afflicted man ; P-dy-um, a ransom. This 
general rule is very useful, but there are exceptions to it. 


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Of Feminines. 

1 . ITames of women E-hl, Eachel 

2. Offices belonging to women Mi-iil-dt, A midwife 

3. Countries or provinces M-jr-im, "Egypt 

4. Cities Jr-i-hu, Jeridio 

Feminine nouns are usually distinguished by their ending very generally 
in either e or t, as in 

A-is-e A woman H-km-e Wisdom 

H-lq-e A part or portion G-pr-it Sulphur 

Tu-re Law, doctrine K-pr-t lid of a chest, a 

. cover 
Yet, Mut, death, is masculine, and there are other exceptions. 

Section L 
Example of a masculine Hebrew noun^ with prepositions or signs of 
cases prefixed : 

Singular. Plural 

Nom. M-lk 

A King 



G. D. L-m-lk 

0:^ to, for a King 



Ace. At-m-lk 

A King 



Voc. M-lk 




AbL B-in-lk 

In a King 



AbL M-m-lk 

From a King 



Sometimes the vocative has ^ before it, as E-ay-ub, 0, enemy. The 
signs of the cases are conjoined with the noun, as if they were a part of 
it, which perplexes learners ; but they must learn to strip the noun of 
these signs, and then the meaning of the word will appear : it is here 
done for him. 

It would appear uncouth if we wrote Aman, theman, toaman, withaman, 
fromtheking, intheday ; this is the Hebrew fashion to this day, but con- 
stitutes no necessary part. 

The conjunction u, and also the comparative letter k, which signifies 
as, like to, and the article e, the, are prefixed to nouns as if they were a 
part of these nouns. Vpr udbrim, A book and words ; Mlk uguim, A 
king and nations ; Koj, As a tree ; Karye, Like a lion ; Esms, lie sun ; ' 
Eaig, The earth. This involves the language in unnecessary obscurity, and 
has custom only to justify the perplexity. 

AU the servile letters used as prefixes to nouns are comprehended in 
the memorial j M-se, u-K-lb, " Call them Moses and Caleb." 

Examples to be declined as above ; 


A book 


A is 

A ma.n 



A man 



A prince 



An inn 



A kid 


A heart 
A neighbour 
A sluggard 
A boy 
A shield 
A forest 


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Declension of Nouns Famine. 

Singnlax. Plural 

Nom. H-rb A sword H-rb-ut Swords 

G. D. Irh-rb O^ to, for a sword Irh-rb-ut Swords 

Ace. At-h-rb A sword At-rb-ut Swords 

Voc. H-rb O sword H-rb-ut Swords 

AbL B-h-rb In a sword B-h-rb-ut Swords 

AbL M-h-rb From a sword M-h-rb-ut Swords 

Feminines which end in e or t in the singular, change these letters into 
ut in the plural 

Singular. Plural 

Ml-ke A Queen Ml-kut Queens 

Of-rt A Crown Of-rut Crowns 

K-bs-e A lamb K-bs-ut Lambs 

01-m« A Tir^ 01-mut Virgms 

M-ql-ot An engraving M-ql-o-ut Ei^ravings 

Sometunes e feminine of the singular is changed into t, and a plural 
masculine termination is added ; as, S-ne, a year ; S-nt-im, two years ; 
S-nim and Sn-ut, years. 

Some masculine nouns form their plurals after the manner of feminines, 
as : — 

Ab A father Ab-ut Fatiiers 

A-u-jr A treasure A-u-jr-ut Treasures 

Sm A name Sm-ut Names 

J-ba An army - J-ba-ut Armies, hosts 

On the other hand, some feminines form tiieir plurals as masculines by 
changing the final e, singular, into im, as the plural termination. 

Singular. Plural 

M-le A word M-lim "Words 

Ale An oak Al-im Oaks 

Yu-ne A dove Yu-nim Doves 

T^an-e A fig-tree T-an-im Fig-trees 

Some nouns have both a masculine and feminine terminatian in the 
pluial, but not in the singular. 

Singular. Plural 

H-jr A court ^ H-jr-im, alias H-jr-ut Courts 

£-i-kI A palace ' E-i-kUim, and £-i-kl-ut Palaces 



The singular feminine of adjectives generally end in e, ihe plural mascu- 
line in im, and the femenine always in ut. 

The singular feminine of participles end either in e or t^ and the plural 
in ut 


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The prefixes of the gubstantive, or its signd of case, are not repeated 
before the adjective, thus we have it : 

Iriii-lk=jd-iq To king just, not K-m-lk=l-jd-iq 

Jd-iq Justus Pu-qd Visitans-vir. 

Jd-i-qe Justa Pu-qd-e ) Visitans ) 

Pu-qd-t j femina J 
Jd-iq-ut Justae Pu-qd-im Visitantes, viri 

Pu-qd-ut Visitantes, feminae 

Adjectives and participles are very fi^uently used as substantives ; the 

participles most, however, of the present active verbs, which express not 

only an act, but habit and practice : 

Custo-diens, for custas; Su-mr, He that keepeth — ^a keeper; Scribens, 

for scriptor ; Yu-pr, He that writes, or a writer; Paseens, for pastor ; 

Eo-e, He that feeds, or a shepherd- 
When used in this sense, they have very often the definite article 

before them : 

E-ml-md, He that teaches, or the teacher. 

E-rd-d, He that brings into subjection, or the subduer. 

E-su-mr, I-sr-al, He that keepeth Israel ; the keeper of IsraeL 

The adjective eommonly, and the participle often, are placed after the 

Ais, fub, Vir bonus Bn, h-km, FHius sapiens 

Q-br, p-tu-h, Sepulchrum, apertum A-ns-im rs-o-im. Homines, impii 

A-is-e, o-zu-be, Femina, derelictse A-is-ut, 0-zub-ut, Feminae dereUctae 

A singular adjective is at times joined to a plural substantive. 
Al-e-im, jd-ig Dii Justus, A just Almighty. 
B-id, A-d-ni, q-se. In manum Dominorum durL 
Sometimes a plural adjective has a singular substantive : 
Al-ep, Ais, A thousand man ; for men, MiQe homo. 
0-sr-im s-ne. Twenty year; for years, Vigiuti annus. 
And very rarely the adjective has a feminine termination, and its sub- 
stantive a masculine ending : 

K-gl-im m-me-rut Swift feet 

Ab-n-im gd-ul-ut Lapides magnae, for mgni 

0-in-im rm-ut Lofty eyes 



The comparison of adjectives in Hebrew is very simple, and is mostly 
performed by adverbs or prepositions ; and sometimes by the repetition 
of the adjective. 

The degrees of comparison are expressed by yu-tr, more, and mad, 
most, very much ; yu-tr precedes, and mad follows the adjective. Yu-tr, 
jd-iq, more just, is comparative, and jd-iq, mad, most just. 




Sometimes to exaggerate, or enforce, these adverbs are doubled also, 
as yn-tr, mad mad. 

Comparison is frequently denoted by the preposition mn, or m, while 
the adjective remains in the positive degree only : 

Fub-e, h-km-e, m-pn-in-im Bona est, sapientia prae margaritis 

Fub, pr-yi, m-hr, nj, u-m-pz, Better is my fruit, even than fine 

utb-wa-ti, m-kvp, n-b-hr gold, and my revenue than cho- 

sen silver 
Fub a-rk, ap-im, m-gb-ur j Better is the man that is slow to 

anger than Hie strong; 
XJ-mu-sl, br-u-hu m-lu-kd o-ir And he who hath rule in his spirit, 

than the taker of a city 

The superlative degree is expressed by the positive doubled, thus : 

Fub, fab Good, good, ox the most good 

Gd-i gd-1 Greai^ great, most exalted 

Ardour of sentiment, necessitates repetition of sentiment : 

Ab-sl-um ! bn-i ! bn-i ! O Absalom ! my son ! my son ! 

Mo-i ! mo-i ! a-hu-lh ! My bowels ! my bowels ! I am 


Order of succession; or continuance, is expressed, in Hebrew, by repe- 
tition of persons, number, or division of time, as : 

Ais, ois Man, man, or man by man 

Sn-im, sn-im Two, two, by two and two, pairs 

Yum, yum I^ay, day, every day, day by day 

If tha coi^unction u intOTvene, either apposition or diversity is 
meant, as: 

B-lb, u-b-lb, i-dbr-u In a heart, and in a heart they 

speak, tlmt is, a double heart, or 

3a ye-ye, Ik, b-ki-vk, a-bn Not there shall be to thee in thy 

u-a bn, gd-u-le, u-qf-ne 1 bag a stone and a stone, a great 

and a small ; or. Thou shalt not 
have deceitful weights 

I^ ye-ye Ik, b-bit-k, a-ip-e, wa- Not there shall be to thee in thy 
i-pe, gd-u-le, u-qf-ne house an epha, a great and a 

small; or. Thou shalt not have 
false measures 

Instead of mad, very, the preposition b is prefixed to a noun collective, 
or to a plural noun : 

B-or-im, b-om Brutish among the people ; or. The 

most brutish among the people 

B-u-gd-im, b-adm The treacherous among men; or, 

The most treacherous of men 

The other methods of comparison, or of expressing the superlative 
degree^ will be explained in the next chapter. 


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"Whbn two nouns, different in their meanings, follow each other, the 
former is said to be in government or construction, that is, Eegimine, and 
commonly suffers a change of termination. But the second is the word 
governed, suffers no change, though it is virtually in the genitive, and is 
translated with the sign of that case, for it is really the genitive 

As this is the only change which Hebrew undergoes, excepting that of 
the plurals, it requires a particular explanation. 

Nouns standing alone are said by Hebrew grammarians to be in statu 
dbsoluto; but when these nouns are placed before other nouns of a 
different meaning, they are called in statu regeminis sive construoto. 

All words are absolute, if not appropriated, for example : the kings, 
ships, men, house, law, birds, beasts, fishes, standing alone define nothing ; 
any kings, ships, men, may be included, and, therefore, are nouns 

But if it says kings of the earth, kings ; Judah, British ships, men, then 
particular kings are referred to, and the absolute state is exchanged for 
the regimine relationship. 

But all words in regimine do 
not suffer a change of ending, and 
the state is shown by the juxta- 
position; for it is an invariable 
rule in Hebrew that a noun in 
regimine is placed immediately 
before the word, which is to be 
translated as in the genitiva 

ITouns in regimine : 

1. The M is dropt in the masculine plural, and ends in i 

2. The E, the sign of the feminine singular, is changed into T, while 
nt, its plural, is unchanged. 

Attention to the following examples will render this peculiarity of 
Hebrew syntax perfectly familiar : 

Nouns Absolute. 






A house 





The same Nouns in Eegimine : 

Ml-ki-aij King of the earth 

Ml-ki-I-sr-al King of Israel 

A-ny-ut M-lh-me Ships of war 

Bit Al The House Gk)d 

Tu-rt, Te-we The Law of Jehovah 

Dg-i, e-im Fishes of the sea 

Dg-i, e-ner Fishes of the river 

Learners should frequently read the following nouns in regimine, with 


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tlieir subsequent genitiTes. It will be of great fotme adyantage if ihey 
aie «11 committed to memoiy : 

Fowl of heaven 
Tbe instmction of wisdom 
The way of sinners 
The bounds of the earth 
A rod, or sceptre, of iron 
Sacrifices of righteousness 
The way of life 
The lips of a strange woman 
A witness of truth 
A witness of death 
The seat of the mockers 
The path of uprightness 
The God of Gods 
The streams of water 
The sons of the stranger 
A son of man 
The arm of Jehovah 
Canals of water 
The generation of the upright 
The desire of the wicked 
The house of God 
Kingdoms of the nations 
The host of war, or battle 
The gates of the nobles 
The tents of the wicked 
The days of heaven 
The foundations of the hills 
The fear of Jehovah 
The Judges of the earth 
The paths of judgment 
Section L 

Participles and adjectives are frequently placed in regimine, and by 

that means they are connected with tiie substantive that follows them, as 

I-ra^ Ye-we, One that feareth Jehovah, or a 

fearer of 
I-rd-i, b-ur They that go down to the pit, or 

the goers 
0-ub-ri, d-rk Those that pass by, or passengers 

A-vr, lb Void of heart — destitute of courage 

S-pl, ru-h Having an humble spirit — ^humble 

o:^ &C. 
D-ub-ri, lb. Upright in heart — of heart 

F-ma, s-pt-im Having unclean lips ; unclean of 

I-sr-i, lb Upright in heart ; upright of 

P-wo-li, a-un They that work iniquity ; doers of 

I-sb-i, g-jut Those that dwell in tike extreme 

parts, or the inhabitants of the 

Jp-ur, sm-im 
D-rk, h-fa-im 
A-pv-i, arj 
S-bt br-zl 
Zb-hi, j-dq 
A-rh, hy-im 
Bp-Uy z-re 
Od, amt 
Dr-ki, amt mut 
Mu-sb, ]j-im 
Mo-gl, isr 
Al-e-i, Al-e-im 
A-pi-qi, mim 
Bn-i, n-kr 
Bn, adm 
Zr-wo, Ye-wo 
Pl-gi, mim 
D-ur, 1-sr-im 
Ta-ut, rs-o-im 
Bit, Al 

M-ml-kut, gw-im 
J-ba, m-lh-me 
P-th-i, n-dib-im 
A-el-i, rs-o 
Im-i, sm-un 
M-uv-di, e-rim 
I-rat, Ye-we 
S-pf-i, arj 
N-ti-but, m-s-pf 


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Energy and elegance in the following are happily combined : 

Ais, dm-im A bloody man ; a man of blood 

Ais, Is-un A man of tongue 

Bt-i, f-if Houses of clay 

A-ns-i, Ib-b Men of heart ; courageous 

Ais, h-mv-im A man of violence 

M-ti, my-pr Few ; men of numbers ; counted 

M-ti, vu-di My privy councillors ; intimates 

K-mt-i, o-u-lm Like those long dead ; dead of ages 

Bn-i, t-mut-e Those that are near death ; con- 

demned j sons of death. 
L-hm, e-o-jb-im The bread of sorrows 

Section II. 

Sometimes the static regimirm is employed to soften the sound, or to 
vary the expression ; when the following word is not in the genitive 
of position, but is governed by a preposition, as in Hu-vi, bu, They who 
trust in him, for Hu-vim, bu. 

"When a substantive is in statu regiminis, and suffers a change on 
that account, the corresponding adjective suffers no change, but continues 
as if the constructed substantive were in an absolute state, as 

Gd-ul-im, m-os-i, Ye-we Great are the works of Jehovah^ 

dr-us-im, b-kl, h-pj-i-em. sought out by all them that delight 

in tiiem. 
Here gd-ul-im, great, and dr-us-im, sought out, are in the absolute 
state ; but mo-si, works, the substantive each of them agrees with, is in 
a state of regimine. 

Skction III. 
It was necessary to explain the state of Eegimine, in order to illustrate 
the propriety of the following comparison : 

To express the greatest or the highest quality, the noun is sometimes 
repeated, appearing the first in the state of Eegimine, and then in the 
genitive of position, as in : 

Sm-i e-sm-im The heaven of heavens, highest 

Q-ds q-ds-im Holy of holies, or, most hoHes 

Sir e-sir-im The song of songs, or, the best song 

E-bl e-bl-im Vanity of vanities, utter vanity 

Another mode by which a high degree of emphasis is attained, is by 
joining two words neariy synonymous, the first being in Eegimine : 

Sm-ht Gi-li My chief joy 

F-if ey-um Deep day 

The superlative degree of adjectives is^ffcen formed by adding to words 
in Eegimine the name of the Almighty, Al-e-im, Al-e, AL 

A-dz-i AI Cedars of God, loftiest cedars 

E-r-ri Al The mountains of God, highest, &<^, 

P-lg Ale-im, m-la, mim The river of God full of waters 

An elegant form of expression, denoting raiflu 


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The detached personal 


are these : 



Ani, OT, An-ki 


An-h~nu Nh-nu A-nu We 

M. Ate 


A-tm Thou, M. 

F. At A-ti 


A-tn Thou, F. 



Em Em-e They, M. 



En En-e TheyJ F. 

The signs of the cases are thus prefixed 
Singular, Ist Person* 
Nom. An-i An-ki I 
G. andD , li, of, to, for me, li, of me 
Ace. A-ut-i Me 

AbL Bi In me 

„ M-mn-i From me 

Masculine Singular, 2nd Person, 


At-e Thou 

G. and D. 

lA Of, to, for thee 


Au-tk Thee 


Ak In thee 


M-mk From thee 

Feminine, 2nd Person Siogular. 

NonL At Thou 

G. and D. Lk Of, to, for thee 

Ace. Au-tk Thee 

„ M-mk From thee 

3rd Person Singular, Masculine. 

!Nom. E-wa He 

G. and D. Lu Of, to, for him 

Ace. Au-tu Him 

AbL Bu In him 

„ M-mn-u From him 

Feminine, 3rd Person Singular. 

Kom. E-ya She 

G. and D. . Le Of, to, for her 

Ace. A-ut-e Her 

AbL Be In her 

„ M-mn-e From her 

Plural, 1st Person. 
An-h-nu We 

L-nu Ofi to, for ub 

A-ut-nu TTs 

B-ku In us 

M-mn-u From us 

Plural, 2nd Person, Masculine. 
Nom. A-tm Ye, you 

„ L-km Of, to, for you 

„ At-km You 

„ B-km In you 

„ M-mkm From you 

Feminine, 2nd Person PluraL 
At-n At-ne Ye, you 
Irkn Of, to, for you 

At-kn You 

M-mk-n From you 

3rd Person Plural, Masculine. 









Of, to, for them 


In them 

From them 

Feminine, 3rd Person PluraL 








Of, to, for them 


In them 

From them 

The accusatives of the personal pronouns have frequently the particles 
Al and 01 before them, or with an i, as ai-i, ol-i. Thus, al-ik, to thee ; 
pli-nu, upon or against us. ^ 

The ablatives have before them om, with, as omi, with me ; omk, with 
thee ; m-om-nu, from us, or with us. 

In these it is easy to distinguish the radical part to which the signs of 
the cases are prefixed. This radical part constitutes the afl&xes mentioned 
in the next chapter. 

The other pronouns are : 


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Is Iste, 

Ale, or Al HH HlfiB Dla 





Asr Indelinable Qui Quaa Quod 




Both singular and plural 


Hie et 


Mi Quis? 




Me Quisl 



The afi&xes, or sufi&xes, as they are sometimes called, are the personal 
pronouns subjoined to nouns and verbs. 

And when these personal pronouns are subjoined to nouns, they may 
be called possessive affixes ; and when appended to verbs, may be called 
verbal afl^es. 

1st. Possessive affixes, personal pronouns which are appended to 
nouns : 





Nu Our 




Km Your 




"Ktt. Your 



Mas. Em, M, Mu Their 



Fem. N, En Their 

2nd. Verbal affixes, or 

personal j)ronouns affixed to verbs only : 





Nu Us 




"Km You 




Ku You 

Nu Eu 


Mas. Em, M, Mu Them 

Ne E 

Her . 

Fem. En Them 

These affixes are joined to verbs, nouns, participles, and prepositions, 
which accounts for the great number of Hebrew words that have the same 

Feminine nouns ending in e change e into t before they assume the 
affixes ; and insert i, my, after the feminine plural termination ut, as it 
seems to soften the sound. 

M This masculine plural termination is expelled by the affixes. And 
when I, my, is appended to the plural, after the m is expelled, the i of 
the plural is dropped too, which avoids the hiatus of two i's coming 
togetiier ; and in these cases singular and plural are identical, but are 
clearly distinguished by the other words in the same sentence. 

It is seen that the difference between the possessive affixes, and the 
verbal affixes, is very slight indeed, for example : 

Possessive Afi&xes. . Verbal Affixes. 

I My M Me, to me 

U, eu His Nu, Eu, Him 

E, belonging to her Ne, or E, Her, personally 

Observe the Mas. Km, and the Fem. Kn, are> often subjoined both to 
nouns and verbs, but it must be remembered in reading and translation, 

Digitized by V^OOQIC 


tliat when either km or kn are affixed to nouns, it signifies your^ and 
when subjoined to verbs, then it means you. 

Also, that mu is also appended as a possessive and a verbal affix^ and is 
chiefly employed by the inspired poets, Moses, Job, David, Isaiah, and 
others, for and instead of em, or m, their^B, them. 


An example of a masculine and a feminine noun, singular and plural, 
with their affixes following them respectively. Take the V-pr, A book, 
for an example : 

Mas. V-pr, A book. 1st Person. 
Singular. Plural 

V-pr-i, My book V-pr-i, for V-pr-yi, My books 

V-pr-nu, Our book V-pr-i-nu, Our books 

Y-pr-k, Thy book. 2nd Person 
V-pr-k, Thy book Mas. V-pr-ik-m, Thy books 

V-pr-km, Your book Fem. Y-pr-i-kn, Your books 

Y-pr-u, His book. 3rd Person 
Y-pr-u, His book Y-pr-yu, His books 

Mas. Y-pr-m, or, Y-pr-mu, Their Y-pr-y-em, Their books 

Y-pr-e, Her book Y-pr-ye, Her books 

Fem. Y-p-r-n, Their book Y-pr-y-em, Their books 


H-rp-e, A reproach. 1st Person. 
Singular. Plural 

Fem. H-ip-e, A reproach 

H-rp-ti, My reproach H-rp-u-ti, My reproaches 

H-rp-t-nu, Our reproach H-rp-u-ti-nu, Our reproaches 

H-rp-tk. 2nd Person. 
Singular. Plural 

H-rpt-k, Thy reproach H-rp-ut-ik, Thy reproaches 

Mas. H-rpt-km, or, mu. Their re- H-rp-ut-i-km, Your re- 

proach proaches 

Fem. H-rp-tn, Her reproach Mas. H-rp-u-i-km, Your reproaches 

Fem. H-rp-tn, Their reproach Fem. H-rp-ut-i-kn, Your reproaches 

H-rp-tu. 3rd Person. 
H-rp-tu, His reproach H-rp-ut-yu, His reproaches 

Mas. H-rp-tm, or mu, Their reproach H-rp-ut-y-em, or, mu. Their 

H-rp-te, Her reproach H-rp-ut-ye, Her reproaches 

Fem. H-rp-tn, Their reproach H-rp-ut-y-en,Theirreproaches 


Nouns alone. Nouns, affixes, and prefixes. 

M-si-h Anointed M-si-hu His anointed, bSL u 

T-uk Middle, midst . £-t-uk-nu In the midst of us, pre£ of 

b and nu 


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Bit Contam, a house, a 

Lb A heart [temple 

T-Tik-he BepToof, admonition 
H-id-ut Hidden things 


A rock 






The right hand 


K-o-ur-im Youth 



A tree 



A word 






A name 



A path 


















A bow 



A head 




















Young child 
































Bt-i-nu Our houses, aff i-n-u 

B-lb-k In thy heart, pref. b, 

aff, k [aff ti 

L-t-uk-h-ti At my reproof, pref. 1, 
U-h-id-ut-m And their dark say- 
ings, pref u, afif. m 
The rock, pref e 
Their feet, aff y, e, m 
Liher right hand^ pref 

b, aff. e 
Her youth, aff. e 
And, as a tree, pref u, k 
My words, aff. i 
Your fear, aff. 
Thy name, aff. 
L From their paths, pref 

and aff. 
And my glory, pref 

and aff. 
Their transgressions, 

My life, or their lives, 

In thy anger, pref and 

According to my right- 
eousness, pref & aff. 
And his bow, prf & aff. 
On his head, prf & aff 
Our God,' aff 
From thy face, pref 

and aff. 
Their memorial, aff 
In thy salvation, pref 

and aff. 
Thy neck, aff. 
Thine eyes, aff. 
Thy little ones, aff 
Thy voice, aff. 
To thy father, aff. 
His brother, aff. 
Her father-in-law, aff. 
For my soul, pref &aff 
And like dew, pref 
Her pillars, aff 
And in his house, pref. 

and aff. 
And in his soul, pref 

and aff 
In his mouth 


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We-am-un-e And the truth, pref. 



U-b-im-yu And in his days, pre£ 
and aff. 



Ad-un-in-u Our Lord, aff. 



Jur-rik Thine enemies, aft 



Sm-ik Thy heavens, aff. 



Mu-vr-ut-im-u Their bands, affi 


Hot, anger 

U-b-hr-un-u And in his hot anger, 
pref. and aff 



XJ-1-om-k And to thy people* 
pref. and aff. . 



B-a-u-jr-ut-ye In his treasures, pre£ 
and aff. 



All verbs pass through the safne forms, are undeclinable, and have one 
conjugation, an(J that an easy one. The radical word remains unchanged, 
and the different inflection is carried on by single letters, aflSxed and pre-, 
fixed. These letters are properly denominated Servile, or grammar letters ; 
they are only eleven in number. Some of them perforhi the office of 
abb|"eviated pronoui^, others as characters of different forms, and two of 
them, ]i and i, as auxiliaries, inserted between the Eadical letters. ' 

The necessary modes or voices, called conjugations, are : — 1st. The Kal; 
2nd. TheMphal. Srd. Hiphal. 4th. Hophal, and 5th, The HithpaheL 

These names are not descriptive, but arbitrary, and are derived from the 
theme, P-oL 

1st. Pol, He wrought (KaL) 

2nd. D>r-pol, He or it was wrought (Mphal.) . 

3rd. E-po-il, He caused to work (Hiphal.) 

4th. E-pol, He was caused to work (HophaL) - .' 

5th. Et^pol, He wrought his own work, or he wrought frequently 
(HithpaheL) All these are 3rd pers. sing. mas. > 

By their points, the masorites create two other conjugations, and call 
them, 1st, Pihhel ; 2nd, PyhhaL 

The Pihhel is active, signifying, as they pretend, to perform the action 
diligently. The other passive, signifying that the action of the verb is 
diligently performed. The letters of these conjugations, except their pre- 
tended participles, are exactly the same with those of Kal, and the same 
with each other, only pointed differently. Pihhel has a chirek-breve under 
the first radical, Dagish-forte^ in the second, and a Tzere below it. 
Pylihal has Kibbutz under the first radical, Dagish-forte under the second 
radical, and below it a Patach, What egregreous trifling ! The noble 
simplicity of ancient Hebrew writers was incompatible with such distinc- 


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I^HE letters that are prefixed tq, or inserted l^etween, tlie radicals, are 
called the characteristics qf the conjugations, where they appear, viz., 
ist, n of the Niphal ; 2nd, e arid i of fliphal ; 3rd, e of Efophal ; 4th, 
e t of Hithpa^l. 

i The teohnical terms are no w^y descriptive or useful to the learner by 
assisting i)ie memory, but ^re purely arbitrary, fanciful, and quite con- 
trary from the ideal and descriptive character of the Hebrew, and ought 
to be discarded, and plain descriptive terms of the conjugations substi- 
tuted, thus : 

1st Kid, The Positive, as P-qd, He visited 

^nd Niphal, The Passive of do, as JE-p-qd, He was visited 
3rd Hiptdl, The Imperative, as E-p-qid, He caused another to visit 
4th Hophal, The Passive of do, as E-p-qd, He was caused to visit 
pth Hithpael, The Reflex, as Et-p-qd, He visited hiinself, ^nd 

often visited personally, not by deputy. 

The aix)v6 designations are plain, descriptive, and ideal ; and if these, 
or ^ny other more brief, plain, and exactly descriptive were to be adopted 
jay Hebrew grammarians, they would be entitled to the warmest gratitude 
of posterity, for a speedy, extensive, and more correct acquaintance with 
the divine original than is generally obtaihed, and woidd, by this means, 
be greatly facilitated. , c 

■file inconvenience of the present mode is, that they represent only 
the situation of the letters in the different mode&, or voices, but give no 
intimation of the meaning conveyed by these modes. But as these tech- 
iiical tebns have obtained long, possession of Hebrew grammar, their 
withdrawal must be ^adual, and- with consent of learned men. 

The parts of the verb . which require particular- attentipn are Kal, 
Niphal, and Hiphil. ' , ^ 

^ The principal tenses the past tense and the future tense. Some- 
times the participle present is used to denote present time ; and the 
substantive verb is understood or implied in the personal pronoun, 
' An-i pn-qd, I visiting. An-i, Pu-ol, I working. 

The substantive verb, E-ye, or E-we, I have been, is seldom used. 

E is introduced as an auxiliary, to forin compound tenses with parti- 
ciples, ap m Greek and Latin, but it often appears by itself. 

Is is used in the present tense for he is, or it is ; also for they are, and 
with afl&xes. As is used in the same maimer; and sometimes Ne-ye, is 
found in the passive Niphal. 



Hebrew verbs have only three Moods. 1st, The Indicative. 2nd, 
Imperative. 3rd, The Infinitive ; the last is called by Grammarians, 
M-qur, which means, th© fountain, from qur, to dig, or to gush out. The 
future is often used for the imperative, as in every one of the Ten 

Digitized by VEi@Ogle 


Commands, La ye-ye, Ik Aleim. Not, Thou shalt have any goda. 
Exod. XX. 3. La-t-os-e. Not, Thou shalt make, v. 4. La-t-sa, sm, 
Ye-we. Not, Thou shalt lift up the name, Jehovah v. 11. 

The Subjunctive or doubtful mood is expressed by a conjunction pr^ 
fixed to the indicative. Sometimes the future supplies the place of both, 
or the infinitive, with a prefix, does it. 

Kal, the positive, or simple form, has two participles , an active and a 
passive. The active, termed Benoni, is formed by inserting u after the 
first radical ; as p-qd, a visit ; pu-qd, visiting. The passive or pahul is 
formed by inserting the u between the second and third ; as p-qd, a visit ; 
p-qud, visited ; but the u is often expunged in the text, especially in the 
active, but may be retained in the pronunciation. The conjugations have 
also their participles formed by prefixing m ; as, m-p-qid, in hiphal, causing 
to visit ; and in hithpael, mt-p-qd, visiting his oion, or frequently. They 
are declined as adjectives. 

Yod, inserted before the last radical, denotes the effect produced by the 
action of the verb without reference to time, or it denotes only continu-' 
ance and establishment. Thus, m-se, to anoint ; mu-se, is the participle 
anointing ; m-su-h, anointed ; and m-si-h, establish^ in office by anointing, 
Kal, j-dq, to justify, to declare just, free of crime, alleged. The 
participles are, j-duq, justified ; ju-dq, justifying ; and j-diq, an habitually 
justified man. 

hAII verbs are declined by fragments of personal pronouns, either pre- 
fixed or appended to the thema or root. Observe that these fragments 
are affixed in the past or prseter of the indicative mood, and in the impe- 
rative also, but they are mostly prefixed in most of the persons of the 
future tense, and both affixed and prefixed in a few instances, 

In the past tense, the verb is set before the person ; L-ma-ti, Learn did 
I ; here, L-md, to learn, is the root, and ti is the sign of the person, and 
comes An-ti, or An-i, I. But, in the fuMre tense, the verb or root is set 
after the person, as A-l-mud, / will learn / as in English, the a being a 
fragment, Ani, T, the former part of the pronoun being prefixed generally, 
and the latter affixed to verbs. 



Singular. Plural. 

3rd Person E She 3rd Person U They 

2nd Person T Thou, M. and F. 2nd Person Tm Ye, M. 

1st Person Ti I 2nd Person Tn Ye, F. 

1st Person Nu We 
These letters may be called the Etimun personal postfixes of the 
prseterite or past tense. 

In the imperative mood, the postfixes are : 

Singular. Plural. 

2nd Person I Feminine 2nd Person XJ M. 

3rd Person Ne F. 


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but SQmetiines u inserted after tlie middle radical. These letters, luue, 
may be called the Yune, personal postfixes of the imperative mood 

Fragments of personal pronouns prefixed and afiSxed to ve:pbs iii th© 
future tense. 



3rd M. 

I Pref. He 

3rd M. 

I Pref. U Post 


„ F. 

T „ She 


T „ Ne „ 


2nd M. 

T „ Thou 


T „ TJ „ 


„ F. 

T „ I post Thou 

„ F. 

T „ Ne „ 



A „ I 


N „ 


The prefixes of the future, therefore, may be called the ItaUf and its 
postfixes June, and are identical with the postfixes in the imperative, see 

The entire inflexions of verbs are carried on by the assistance of seven 
letters only. This is very easy ; it is simplicity itself, and for beginiiera 
most encouraging : they are, a, t, u, m, i, n, e, and may be called the 
At-u-mine of the inflexions of verbs. Sometimes the i or e are added 
merely to mellow the sound ; letters thus employed are named paragogical 
or finishing letters, as deary, for dear. 

The letters a, e, u, i, may be substituted for each other ; 1 is often 
changed into u, and e into a or i 

E, as a prefix, or characteristic in verbs, and n, characteristic of the 
passive voice (Mphal) are generally superseded by the personal prefixes of 
the future of Niphal and Hiphil, and u and i are frequently superseded. 



When a verb retains all its radical letters through every mood and tense, 
it is styled a perfect verb. A verb is denominated defeotwe, not because 
it is wanting in any of its parts, for it is as complete in every way as the 
former, but because it rejects one or more of its radicals in some of its 

A verb perfect, P-qd, He visited, is both a perfect and an active verb ; 
but I-sb, He sat, or He dwelt, is a defective verb ; because, in the impe- 
rative and infinitive and future in Kal, it drops its first radical i, and is 
abbreviated Gl-e, He revealed, in like manner loses, in some of its persons, 
the final e, or it substitutes i or u, in its stead, therefore it is called 
irregular, or a defective verb. 

We are told that the radical letters are numbered from the thsnie, P-ol, 
P is the first, o is the second, and 1 the third radical ; and perhaps it is so. 

Defective verbs iu i and n, when either letter is the first radical, are 
said to be defective Pe-yod SLndPe-nun. Those that double the second radical 
are said to be Duplicantia-sive geminantia Ain, as Vb-b, He encircled. 
Those verbs that are defective in their third radical, e, are said to be 
defective in Lamed He, 


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P-qd, He visited^ is thus inflected : 
5aL The Indicative. Active. Past Time. 
Singular. . Plural 

SrdPers. P-qd, He visited 3rd Pers. P-qd-u, They visited 

P-qd-e, She visited 2nd „ , M. P-qd-tm, ite visitejd .' 

2nd Pers. P qd-t, Thou visitedst 2nd „ ' F. P-qd-tn, Ye visited 
lat Pers. P-qd-ti, I vkited Isi „ ^ P-qd-nu, We visited, 

'Participle, Present. Benpni. 

M. Pu-qd, ^ Visiting M. Pu-qd-im, Visiting 

F; Pu-qd-e, or, Pu-qd, t. Visiting F. Pu-qd-ut, Visiting 

Or without the u after the first radical. 
Participle. Preterita . PahuL 

M. P-qud, Visited M. P-qud-im, Visited 

F. P-qud-e, Visited F. P-qud-ut^ Visited 

Infinitive Mood. 
P-qd, or, P-qud, Tq visit. 
Imperative Mood. Present Tense. 
2nd Per. M. P-qd, or, M. P-qud, ,2nd Per. M. P-qd-u, Visit ye 
Visit thou 
F. P-q^d-i, Visit thou F. P-qud-ne, Visit ye 

Future Tense. 
3rd Pers. I-p-qud, He shall visit 3rd Pers. M. I-p-qd-u, TheyshaU 

3rd ,, T-p-qud, She shall visit „ F. T-p-qud-ne, TheyshaU 

. .; visit 

2nd „ M. T-p-qud, Thou shalt visit 2nd Pers. M T-p-qd-u, Ye shall visit 
2nd „ F. T-p-qd-i, Thou shalt visit „ F. T-p-qud-ne, Ye shall 

1st ,; A-p-qud, I shall visit 1st Pers. N-p-qud, "We shall visit 

I Regular, Active Verbs— ^the Future is formed from the Infinitive, by 
the addition of the prefixes and affijxes^ and generally by the iIl^erti6n of 
the u after the middle radical ; but u is not admitted in some persons : 
the 2nd pers. sing. F. ; also the 3rd and 2nd pers. M. plural Very often 
in writing, the u medial of the other persons is omitted, but may be 
supplied in reading, as in the present participle. 

The characteristic letters that form the Niphal (passive) are, n, prefixed 
to the root in the preterite and participle; and e, p(refixed to the infinitive 
and imperative moods, both. But in these last, n is expelled by e ; and 
e and n are both expelled from all the persons of !N"iphal future^' iaj the 
pronominal serviles; for this rule iS without an exception. That the 
letter that is characteristical of the tense, excludes the letter that is 
characteristical of the conjunction. 

This expulsion of the characteristical letters occasions an abbreviation 
of the verb, when it happens. 


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The contraction o^ yerbs results in this, that several pel-sdns in tlie 
passive fatufe are the same as in the active voice, both person and tense. 
But it can result in but small inconvenience, and is the same in other 
languages, without producing that confusion of ideas which, at first sight, 
we are apt to suspect ; for example : , 

' I. In Latin, 1st, Legit may be either the third person singular of the 
present, or of the past tense. 2nd, Legimus is the first person plural of 
both present and th« past tense. 3rd, Legere is both the present of the 
infinitive, and 3rd pers. plural of the preterite active ; also 2nd singular 
of the present, and 2nd pers. of the future passive. 4th, Prqdite, may be 
2nd plural, imperative of Prodo, or of Prodeo, ot the singular of the 
Vocative of Proditm. 5 th, Capite is the singular ablative of caput, and 
of the 2nd pers. plural of the imperative of capio, 6th, Domini may be 
either the genitive singular, or the nominative plural, or the vocative 
plural of dominus. 7th, Masculine nouns, 4th declension, have six 
casesr alike, three in the singular and three in the plural. 8th, Dative 
and ablative plural are' alike in all the five declensions. 

IL In the Greek, the ambiguities are of frequent recurrence; 

1st. Tupse is the third person lingular of the subjunctive, 1st, Aorist, 
active, and the second person singular of the future indicative, middle 
voice ; also the second person singular subjunctive, first Aorist of the 
same voice. And, moreover, it is second and third persons dual of the 
indicative ; present active, in all conjugations Bnd voices, are the same. 
' 2nd. Touptoisi is either the third person plural of the present of the 
indicative active, or the dative M. plural of the present active, or the dative, 
neuter plural of the same participle. 

III. The English abounds with ambiguities. 
. , 1st. / cut, I read, denote both the present and th6 past time. ' 

2nd. The present tense, and the participle perfect,, of the most part of 
English verbs coincide. 

• 3rd. Few persons of verbs a^e marked by terminations, and the adjec- 
tives hav6 no distinctions whatever of either number or of gender! 

4th. Labour, temper, love, trouble, and similar words, may be either 
nouns or verbs. 

5th. The word post may be an office, a station, a letter-carrier, a pillar, 
or part of the defence of a garrison. 6tL Bar, bear ; cut, deck, &c. 

But these ambiguities occasion but small embarrassments ; therefore, 
would it not appear very fantastical to invent points to distinguish these 
different significations ] Or are they liable to be mistaken or misunder- 
stood ? 


Niphal. Passive voice. 

Singular. Plural. 

Preterite, He Was visited. 

3rd M. N-p-qd F. N-p-qd-e 3rd M. N-p-qd-u F. N-p-qd-u 

2nd M. N-p-qd-t F. N-p-qd-t 2nd M. N-p-qd-tm F. N-p-qd-tn 

1st M. N-p-qd-ti F. N-p-qd-ti 1st M. N-p-qd-nu F. N-p-qd-nu 

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Sing. Participle, Visiting. Mural. 

M. N-p-qd ^. N-p-qd M. N-p-qd-ini 

F. N-p-qd-eorF. N-p-qd-t F. N-p-qd-ut 


E-p-qd, To be visited. 

SinS. Imperative. PluraL 

M. E-p-qd M. E'p-qd-U 

F. E'p-qd-i F. E-p-qd-ne 


3rd M. I-p-qd 3rd F. T-p-qd 3rd M. I-p-qd 3rd P. T-]p-qd-il^ 

2ndM. T-p-qd 2nd F. T-p-qd-i 2ndM. T-p-qd-u 2ndF. T-p-qd-ne 
1st M. A-p-qd let F. A-p-qd 1st M. N-p-qd 

Causal Form (Hipil), To cause to visit. Preterite. 

3rd M. E-p-qid 3rd F. E-p-qid-e 3rd M. E-p-qid-u 3rd F. E-p-qd-tn 
2ndM. E-p-qd-t 2ndM. E-p-qd-tm2nd 

1st M. E-p-qd-ti 1st M. E-p-qd-ti 1st 

Sing. Participle. PluraL 

M. M-p-qid F. M-p-qid-e, or M. M-p-qd-im 
„ F. M-p-qd-t F. M-p-qid-ut 

E-p-qid, or E-p-qd. 
Sing. Imperative. Plural. 

M. E-p-qd F. E-p-qid M. E-p-qid-u F. E-p-qd-nd 

3rd M. I-p-qid F. T-p-qidi 3rd M. I-p-qid-u 3rd F. T-p-qd-ne 
2nd M. T-p-qid F. T-p-qidi 2nd M. T-p-qid-u 2nd F. T-p-qd-ne 
1st M. A-p-qid „ 1st M. I^-p-qid 1st „ 

The Hophal (the passive) is exactly the same, in every respect, with 
Hiphil, only i medial is not inserted. 
This conjugation is used very little. 

The characteristic serviles of Hiphil are e before the first, and i before 
the third radical. 

The characteristic of Hophal is e before the first radical, ar distinction 
so slight as to be of little practical value. 

The Eeflex, or Frequentive form, Hithpael. The middle voice. Vox 
Media : 

3rd Per. K E-t-p-qde F. E-t-p-qd 3rd Per. E-t-p-qd-u 3rd F. 
2nd Per. M. E-t-p-qd-t „ 2nd Per. E-t-p-qd-tm 2nd F. E-t-p-qd-tn 

1st Per. M. E-t-p-qd*ti „ IstPer. E-t-p-qd-nu 1st 

Singular. Plural. 

M. M-t-p-qd F. M-t-p-qd-e, or M. M-t-p-im F. M-t-p-qd-ut 
F. M-t-p-qd-t F. 


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Infinitive Mood. 
Singular. Imperative Mood. tlnral. 

M. E4-p-qd F. E4-p-qd-i M. E-t-p-qd-u F. E-t-p-qd-ne 
Future Tense. 
3rd Per. M. I-t-p-qd F. T-t-p-qd 3rd M. I-t-p-qd-u F.^T-t-p-qd-ne 
2nd Per. T-t-p-qd F. T-t-qd-i 2nd M. T-t-p-qd-u F. T-t-p-qd-ne 
1st Pei^. N-t-p-qd F. „ 1st M. N-t-p-qd „ 

Tte characteristic of the Hithpahel is the syllable et prefixed to the 
radical letters. The e is sometimes dropped, according to the rule, see 
obseiVations of personal pronouns, page 4, paragraph 5. 



From the consideration of the preceding examples, it will be easy to form 
a judgment of the use of the servile letters, which have been before 
enlai^ged upon both here and in the Primer. 

They may be considered to assist memory, as divided into the following 
classes, very briefly thus : 

1st. The Serviles that are appended to the roots of words are six in 
number : et-i-m-u-n, pronounce them the Et-i-mun. 

2nd. The Servile letters that are frequently inserted in the root, some- 
times between the first and second, and at other times between the 
second and third radicals ; they are only two, u and i— call them wiy 

3rd. Serviles that are prefixed to the root, and these are only four, 
viz. : I-t-a-n, with e in the Hithpahel, and ni participial, six in all — call 
them the I'tan-em^ prefixes. 

4th. Servile letters that are denominators^ and characterise the different 
forms of: 1st. Niphal ; 2nd. Hiphil ; 3rd. Hophal; 4th. the Hithpahel, 
and the participle m (see ante). Thus these different conjugations, are dis- 
tinguished from one another : 1st N is the sign of the Niphal ; 2nd. E 
is the sign of the Hiphil ; 3rd. I is the sign of the Hophal ; and 4th. 
Et are the signs of HithpaheL These, however, especially n and e initialy 
are commonly ejected by the prefixed serviles. See ante page 11, Primer. 

The servile letters in verhs^ to ts^hich the genius of the language gives 
the preference, and on which the self-taught learner should bestow care, 
are those which represent the personal pronounSy and are named the Pro- 
nominal Serviles t They are : a, e, u, i, n, t, of these, I-t a n are prefixes, 
and lu-ne are postfixed. 

The inserted or medial letters, u and i, notwithstanding the i is a 
characteristical letter, are both treated with great indifference, and are 
frequently excluded in flection. 

N and e, though characteristic of fotir forms, are sometimes deprived of 
their places in these forms by the Pronominal Serviles, and also by the 
participle m. 


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Let it be borne in mind that of the characteristics of Niphal, n remains 
immoveable in ihepreterite suid. participle, and e in the infinitive andim^^a- 
tivey but in the/«^t«-^, both are dropped. 

E, the prefixed characteristic of Hiphil, retains its place in the Preterite 
Infinitive and Imperative, but in the participle and Future it is dropped. 

E, in Hophal, stands as a characteristic of the reterije and Infinitive, 
but it is dropped in the Participle and Future. 

Et, the prefixed syllable, keeps its place as characteristical of the 
Preterite, Infinitive and Imperative of Hithpahel, but is dropped in the 
participle, and m takes its place, and in the Future, by the pronominal 
serviles. T only remains as the characteristic of the whole form. 

The above observations are applicable to all verbs, whether they are 
perfect or defective, and mark a uniformity in their flexion, which will 
enable the learner very easily to retain them in his memory. 



The Infinitive Mood. 
This mood often admits the Prefixes of the Nouns, as if they were a 
substantive, nearly in the same manner as the infinitives of the Greek 
verbs assume the article before them, and as the Latin verbs admit of 
adjectives in the neuter gender ^: 

" To legein en to graphein tou poiesaL" 
Scire tuum To Imow thine own. 
Infinitive. P-qud, Yisitare. 
With the prefixes. 
L-p-qud, Visitatum, ad visitandum M-p-qud, A visitando 

ut visitaret K-p-qud, Quasi visitabat, visitaret 

B-p-qud, In visitando 

Sometimes it is converted into a feminine substantive by the addition 
of t, especially in defective in the first radical. 

Infinitive. KaL 
I-sb, Sedit, habitavit Sb, or, S-bt, To sit 

S-bt, To sit M-s-bt, From sitting 

L-s-bt, To sit K-s-bt, As sitting 

B-s-bt, In sitting 
Note. — ^Verbs ending in e change e into u before t 
G-l-e, to reveal, Gl-ut, to reveal, L*gl-ut, for revealing. 
The infinitive in this maimer possesses all the properties of a substan- 
tive, may be put in statu regiminisy and may even assume the ajB^es : 
"U-sb-ti, b-bit Ye-we 1-a-rk im-im 

" And my seat shall be in the house of Jehovah for length of days.*' 
"B-br-hu m-p-ni, Ab-s-lum, bn-n.'* 

** In his flying from the fece of Absalom his son." 
"L-yum q-um-L" 
" In the day of my rising up." 


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Op defective verbs, particularly such as in flexion lose their first radical 
of the thema or root. 

The greatest number of defective verbs consist of such as have either 
n or i for their first radical 

There is no great difference between these verbs and those called 
perfect. The defective verb simply drops its first radical from, 1st, the 
Infinitive ; 2nd, Imperative ; 3rd, the Future in Kal, The addition of 
t to the Infinitive was noticed last chapter. 

In verbs defective in Nun^ first radical, the N'un suflFers an eHsion, 
through the whole of Niphal, Hiphil, and Hophal. The motive might 
be to avoid the harsh sound of the conjunction of two ns, or of n with 
another consonant ; but of this nothing can be known now. But in the 
preterite, and in both participles in Kal, imitate the form of the verbs 
perfect, already exhibited. 

KaL Past or Perfect Tense. 
N-gs, N-gs-e, He approached. 
The defective parts. Infinitive — Gs, or G-st 
3rd Pers. N-gs, N-gs-e, Imperative. 

2nd ,, N-gs-t, M. Gs., Gs-u F. Gs-i, Gs-ne 

1st „ N-gs-ti, &a Future, 

Participla (Benoni)t Singular. Plural 

Nu-gs, 3rd Pers. I-gs, T-gs 3rd I-gs-u, T-gs-ne 

Participle. (Pahul). 2nd „ T-gs, T-gs i 2nd T-gs-u, T-g8-»e 

N-gus. 1st „ A-ns 1st N-gs 

Niphal (the passive) of these verbs coincides in many parts with the 

active, for n, characteristical of Niphal, eject the n, the first radical, and 

softens the sound. Observe that n characteristical and the e are dropped 

in their turn by the personal pronominal letters. 

Specimen of what Niphal would be in its natural state : 

1st, Natural State. 2nd Contracted State. 

Preter, N-n-gs, N-n-gs-e Preter, 3rd, N-gs, N-gs-e 

Infinitive, E-n-n-gs Infinitive, E-n-gs 

Future, 3rd Pers. Sing. Ye-n-n-gs, Future, 3rd, I-n-gs, T-n-gs, T-n-gs 
Te-n-n-gs 2n(i, T-n-gs, T-n-gs-i 

1st Plural, Ne-n-n-gs 1st, A-n-gs, &G. 

N, the first radical, totally disappears in the forms Hiphil and Fophal. 
The causal (Hiphil) The causal passive (Hophall 

He caused to approach I: e was caused to approach 

E-gis, E-gis-o E-gs, E-gs-e 

E-gs-t E-gs-t 

E-gs-ti, &c. E-gs-ti, &c. 

Participle Pres. M-gis Part. Past. M-gs 

Infinitive E-gis, or E-gs Infinitive, E-gs 

E 2 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Imperative. Caret, 

M. E-gs, E-gis-u 

F. E-gia^ E-gs-ne 

Future. Future. 

3rd Pers. I-gis, T-gi^ 3rd Pers. I-gs 

2ndPers. T-gis, T-gis-i 2nd Pers. T-gs, T-gs-i 

Ist Pers. A-gis, &c. 1st Pers. A-gs 

The Eeflex (Hithpahel) He frequently approached 
Et-n-gs, retains n, and is regularly declined. 



Verbs that have i as their first radical, drop it from the, first, Infinitive ; 
second. Imperative ; and third, the Future in Kal, exactly as n is dropped 
in the contracted parts of the verbs last described. And besides this, i of 
Kal is changed for u, gf ter n cTiaracteruUc, of Niphal, and the u is retaijied 
instead of i through both the forms of the causal (Hiphil) and in the 
passive causal of Hophal, and Hophal is distinguished fix)m Hiphil only 
by the absence of an inserted i before the last radical 

The perfect and the participles in Kal, of verbs defective in i, when it 
is first radical, very nearly asssimilate to thctorm of verbs perfect. 
Preterite. KaL 
I-sb, He sat, or He dwelled. 
Singulay. PluraL 

3rd M. I-sb 3rd F. I-sb-e 3rd M. I-sb-u 3rd F. 
2nd „ I-sb-t 2nd „ „ 2nd „ I-sb-tm 2nd „ I-sb-tn 

1st „ I-sb-ti 1st „ „ 1st „ I-sb-nu 1st „ „ 

Participle (Benoni) Yu-sb. Participle (Pahul) I-sub. Defective or 
abbreviated parts. Infinitive, Sb or S-bt. 


Singular. PluraL 

M. Sb F. S-bi M. S-bu F. Sb-ne 


3rd M. I-sb 3rd F. T-sb 3rd M. I-sb-u 3rd F. T-eb-ne 

2nd „ T-sb 2nd „ T-sb-i 2nd „ T-sb-u 2nd „ T-sb-ne 

1st „ A-sb Kt „ 1st „ N-sb 1st „ 

Niphal, or Passive Voice. 

3rd M. Nu-sb 3rd F. Nu-sb-e 3rd M. Nu-sb-u 3rd F. 

2nd „ T-sb-t 2nd „ 2nd „ Ku-sb-tm 2nd „ Nu-sb-tn 

1st „ N-sb-ti 1st „ 1st „ Nu-sb-nu 1st „ 

Participle Present, Nu-sb. Infinitive, E-u-sb. 


M. E-u-sb F. E-u-sb-i M. E-u-sb-u F. E-u-sb-ne 


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pp vEBBa 29 

3rd M, Yu-sb Srd F. Tu-sb 3rd M. Yu-sb-u 3rd F. Tu-sb-ne 
2nd „ Tii-sb 2nd „ Tu-sb-i 2nd „ Tu-sb-u 2nd „ Tu-sb-ne 
Ist „ A-u-sb 1st -„ Ist Nu-sb Ist „ 

' ■ Hipbil. The causal. Caused to sit. 

. , M. E^u-sib F. E-u-sb-e 

„ E-u-s-bt, &c. „ „ 
Infinitive, E-u-sb, or E-u sib. Participle Present, Mu-sib. 
M. E-u-sb M. E-u-sib-u 
F. E-u-sib-i „ E-u-sb-ne 
Yu-sib Ti-sub 

The passive of Hopbal is tbe same as its active Hipbil, except that it iq 
deficient in i, before the radical, but that is aU. 

The reflex, Hithpahel, is regularly inflected all through E-ti-sb, E-ti-sb-e, 

I-yr, to chastise, or to instruct ; I-do, to know ; T-kh, to reprove ou 
confute, ^acl; drop i, and assume u, after et : Et-u-vr, Et-u-do, Et-u-kh. 



There are in Hebrew two sets of verbs, which nearly resemble each other 
in flexion ; but, from their arrangements in Lexicons and Grammars, 
they are made to appear very different, and present an appearance of 
difficulty and irregularity. 

The one set consists of verbs which double the second radical, as Vb-b, to 
go round; En-n, to sing, Sd-d, to destroy, are example^. "Verba 
geminantia Aiu.'' 

The other set consists of verbs, with that most pliant letter u for their 
middle (second) radical As, Q-um, to rise ; K-un, to preparey to esta- 
blish ; Yur, to go hack ; E-uj, to run ; ** Verba defectiva sive quiesentis^ 
in Ain Vau." 

These last verbs are usually thought to have their roots infinitive third 
person, others of the preterite of Kal, which is by no means the case. As may 
be plainly seen, attention is to be paid to the following examples of similarity 
between verbs that douhle the second radical, and such are said to have u 
for their middle radical. The third person of the perfect of the indica^ 
tive Kal in these last ought also to be reckoned the root as well as in 
other verbs, and that the i is inserted .in the infinitive, according to the 
analogy of the language. 

The circumstances in which these two kinds of verbs so nearly resemble 
each other are : 

1st. They both seem to have a double Kal, the one full, and the other 

Kal, Full Contracted Kal 

Vb-b, or Vub-b Vb, To go round, 

Qm-m, or Qum-m Qm, To rise. 


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2nd. They both insert u before the Pnmominai 8&rv%U$j particolarlj 
before t in several parts of their flexions. U i^ this situation has 
obtained the name, " Vau euphonicum," because it softens th© sound. 
KaL HiphiL 

Vb, Yb-0 E-qim, E-qin^-e 

Vb-]it E-qim-ut 

Vb-ut-i E-qim-ut-i 

3rd. Jn the enlarged or full form of Kal, they resen^ble each other 
through the whole flexion ; in the contracted form, they resemble each 
other in, first, the infinitive ; second, imperative ; third, future. In the 
active and passive, Hiphil and flophal, they diffey very little indeed, and 
in the Keflejc Hithpahel, they are exactly alike. 

So that on the whole, it may be safely admitted they both belong to 
the same class, and are capable of very easy reduction to the same 
denomination and general analogy. 

K a necessary attention had been paid to the strong resemblance these 
verbs bear to each other, and had their roots been rightly stated in Lexicons, 
as in the preterite of Kal, either in its full or contracted form, very much 
superfluous trouble would have been spared. For then the learner would 
have had letters to guide him in his investigation of the root ; but on the 
present plan, he is necessitated to have recourse to a blind conjecture, 
which frequently ends in utter disappointment 

Example of the enlarged form of Kal, in the verbs just described : 

It has been said tlmt they commonly assume u after the fij*st radical, 
as the participle present of perfect verbs, and are regularly inflected. 
Vub-b, Vub-be Qum-m, Qum-me 

Vub-bt, Yub-bt-e Qum-mt, &c. 

Participle. Benoni Qum-m Vub-b, M is sometimes prefixed 

PahuL Yb-ub 
Infinitive. Vub-b; Qum-m 
Future. I-vub-b ; I-qum-m 
Example of the Verbs as they are contracted : ^ 
3rd Vb, Vb-e, Qm, Qm-e 3rd V-bu, Q-mu 

2nd Vb-ut, Q-mt 2nd Vb-ut-m, Vb-ut-n, Q-mt-m, Q-mt-n 

1st Vb-ut-i, Q-mt-i 1st V-bu-nu- Q-mn-u 

Participle Benoni, Qm Participle, Pahul, Q-um 

Infinitive. Vub ; Q-um 
I-vub, T-vub I-qum, T-qum 

Niphal appears in both, only in the contracted form, as the following 
example shows : 

Mphal, the Passive of KaL 

Preterite or Past Tense. 

N-vb, N-vb-e N-qum, N-qum-e 

N-vb-ut N-qum-ut 


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Infinitive. E-vub; E-qum 
I-vb, T-vb I-qum, T-qum 

Hipbil, the cauisal form, is also contracted : 
Hiphil Preterite. 
E-vb, E-vb-e E-qim, E-qim-e 

E-v1i-ut E qim-ut 

V ; Participle. M-vb % Mrqim 

> ;Hophal, the passive of Hiphal, assumes u between the prefixed 
serviles and the thema or root : 

HophaL Preterite. . 
E-u-vb E-u-qm 

3rd' Yu-vb 3rd Yu-qm 

2nd Tu-vb 2nd Tu-qm 

Ist Au-vb 1st A-u-qm 

Yet this vau is sometimes olnitted. 

In Hithpahel, or the Keflex of these verbs, 6t is prefixed to the 
enlarged form ; as : 

Et-vub-b Et-qum-m 



When the first letter of any verb is v or s, they exchange places with t 
in the syllable et of Hithpahel, from which it would apj>ear almost certain 
that the ancient Hebrews could not pronounce the sibilent sound of either 
V (sh) or of s after t, neither can any inhabitant of the South Sea Islands, 
or the Asiatics generally. 

Hence the Israelites, instead of Et-vub-b, read >E-vub-b ; and instead 
of Et-8-br, they read E-st-br, io break, transposing the t in the latter 
from its proper place, and dropping t altogether in the former. 

Qm is sometimes sounded with the vowels a and i inserted between 
the radicals Qam and Qim. The latter form is frequent in the Chaldaic 
and Eabbinical writings. 

Note here, also, that several Hebrew Verbs have the i for their middle 
Iradical, as : 

Verbs with i, Middle Eadical : 
A-ib To be an enemy H-ye To live. 

Ryo To ring Ru-h To breathe. 

Several nouns, also, which seem to be primitive words, have the i also 
for their middle radical, as : 

Nouns also with i, the Middle Radical : 
Iris An old lion Zit An olive 

Yin Wine Bit A house 

T-is A-he goat Qir A wall 

Q-in A spear Vir • A thorn 

L-il Night 


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A FAMILIAR knowledge of these verbs will be easily acquired by attending 
to the following circumstances which mark their character : 
. Ist E, their last radical, is sometimes changed into t, and sometimes to i, 
and at times the e is dropped before the pronominal serviles that aw 

2nd. Niphil, the passive of Kal, differs in nothing firom the indicative 
Kal, with the exception that it assumes n before the first radical in the 
Preterite and participle Benoni, and e before the infinitive and imperative, 

3rd The preterite, infinitive, and imperative of Hiphil (the causal) 
are formed by prefixing e to the corresponding parts of KaL And m, 
prefixed to the radical parts, constitutes the participle, both of Hiphil 
(the causal) and also of Hophal (the passive) which are the same in all its 

The following specimen of Kal (the simple form) will be sufficient to 
give a clear idea of the constitution of the whole verb : 
KaL The Preterite of G-le, to reveal 



3rd Per. M. Gl-e 

F. Gl-te. 

3rd Per. K Gl-u P. 

2nd „ „ Gl-it 


2nd „ „ Gl-i-tm „ Gl-i-tn 

1st „ „ Gl-it-i 


1st „ „ Gl-i-nu 

Participle (Bienoni). 
M. Gu-le F. Gu-le M. Gu-lim F. Gu-lut 
Participle (Pahul). 
M. Gl-wi F. Gl-wi-e M. Gl-wi-im F. Gl-wi-ut 
Gl-e Gl-ut 

Future of 
3rd M. I-gl-e F. T-gl-e 3rd M. I-gl-u F. T-gl-i-ne 
2nd „ T-gl-e „ T-gl-i 2nd „ T-gl-u „ T-gl-i-ne 
1st „ A-gl-e „ 1st „ N-gl-e 

NiphaL HiphiL HophaL HithpaeL 

Preterite, N-gl-e E-gl-e E-gl-e Et-gle 

Participle, N-gl-^ M-gl-e M-gl-e Mt-gl-e 


!teB NAME (sacred) OF FOUR LETTERS; I, E, 0, E. 

The name (Sacred) of four letters : i, e, u, e. The substantive verb, 
E-ye, or E-we, fuit (that is) is inflected in the same manner with Gl-e, or 
the other defective verb in e. 

From E-ye is derived Ye-we, the sacred name oi four letters, the 
peculiar name of the eternal, which may be paraphl^ased thus : first, i, 
he that was ; second, e, that is ; third, we, that ever shaU he. The sacred 




and incommuiiicable name is thresfold in its indivisible unity, like himself, 
three in one, "Father, Son, and Holy Ghost:" the "God over all, 
blessed for evermore, Amen/' 
The following extract from Exodus iii. 14, 15 verses : 

14, Wi-amr, Aleim al M-se, A-e-ye asr, A-e-ye, wi-amr. 
14, And said Aleim unto Moses, lam that lam, and he said, 
Ke, t-amr, 1-bni Isral, A-e-ye, s-lh-ni 

Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, lam hath sent me 
unto you. 
15, Wi-amr, o-ud, Aleim al M-se, ke, t-amr, 

15, And said, protestingly, the Aleim unto Moses, thus shalt thou say 
al bn-i I-sr-al, Ye- we, Ab-ut-i-km Al-ei, Abr-em. 

unto the children of Israel, Jehovah, the God of your fathers, the God of 

Al-ei I-j-W U-al-ei, Al-e-i, lo-qb, s-Ih-ni, al-i-km. 

Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob, hath sent me unto 

Ze mi, l-o-bn, u-ze, z-k-ri 

you, these now are my name for ever, and this is my memorial 

1-dur. dur, Sm-ut, G. Fu 

for generation unto generation. Exodus iii 13, 14, 15 verses. 

This name, Jehovah, is sacred to the Eternal God. It has been said that 
the full meaning and energy of it cannot be conveyed by any one word in any 
other language. The Seventy very improperly render it by Kurioa, A 
Lord, Sovereign power ; this is as^near a rendering of Ad-ni as can be ob- 
tained ; but it is short and faulty in every way, no correct translation of 
Jehovah. The Holy Ghost gives its exact and literal interpretation : 
" Grace unto you and peace from Him, which is, and which was, and 
which is to come." Eev. i 4. 

By my name, la, nu- do-it, was I not known fully. But it is not said that 
the name or title of Jehovah was not known ; for Gen. iv. 26, " A-nits, 
a% e-U'M, l-qra, h-sm, Te-we,'^ " Men at that time began to call upon the 
name Jehovah." G^n. ii. 4, " Ye-we, Aleim, arj-u-sm-im," "Jehovah, 
God, made the earth and the heavens." Jehovah's name occurs nine 
times in this chapter, and seven times in the third. I appeared to 
Abrab**n, to Isaac, and to Jacob, as B-al, 8-dt, Giver of plenty, when 
they were only outcasts, and needed it most. Then he vindicated his 
mercy ; but now, on a nation of blasphemers, his judgments should be 
executed, and thus vindicate his sovereign power as the deliverer of 
Israel "And ye shall know that I am Jehovah your God, which 
bringeth you out from the burdens of the Egyptians," Exodus vi. 6, 7 

Yerbs which terminate in a as their third radical, named by the Masorets 
quiescent in Lamed Aleph, are complete and perfect in every respect, and 
are inflected in a manner exactly the same as the other perfect verbs ; 
P-qd, to visit, and, therefore, require no separate illustration. 

Examples of verbs, whose last radical is a : 


To create 


To be thirsty 


To hate 


To be impure 


To be full 


To find 


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1st. From S-he, to how down, is fonned with the insertion of u after the 
middle radical ; Et-sh-we, permetathesin ; Es-th-we, to how oneself in 
worship ; this form of the verb very frequently occurs in the devotional 

2nd. Some few verbs that have e as third radical, retain it in declining, 
as gb-e, To be protuberent, high, and gb-e-e. 

The common form of this verb is g-be, gb-te, a bunch on the back. 

3rd. Verbs ending their radical in n sometimes drop it before a Nun 
Servile, as T-am-ne, is written instead, T-an-mn-e, feminine. 

They shall he supported or made firm, from Aran, fidelis fir mus credit it. 

4th. So verbs whose last radical is t, often dropped before a t Servile. 

Hence we read, Car-ti, for Ca-rt-ti, I cut, also, 
Mt-i, for Mt-ti, I die. 

5th. Observe, two letters of the same name are seldom found together. 
For not only serviles expel radicals, but serviles expel other serviles, 
whether of the same or of a different class. 

6th. Some few verbs, chiefly such as have either i or n for their first 
radical, and e for their last radical, are dotibly defective. 

Tg-yun, 2nd Pers. M. plural, and the Future, come from Ig-e, to afflict, 
the final n is only paragogical, but is no integral part of the word. 

E-ud-i-nu is 1st Pers. plural, M. Preter of Hiphil (causal).. Id-e, to 
east down. Hiphil, E-ud-e, to confess. 

If is 3rd Pers. M. singular, future of Kal. And comes If-e, to extend, 
if contracted for In-fe. 

Ak, is 1st Pers. singular, future Kal; comes from N-ak, to smite. 

Ak, is soitened for An-ke. 

7th. The N-tn, to give, is doubly defective, and in a peculiar manner ; 
for it not only loses its first n in a peculiar maimer, as N-vk, to pour, and 
other verbs in Pe and Nun, but it loses its third radical before the servile, 
t; as Nt-ti, for Nt-nt-i, / give. And also Nt-tm, instead Nt-nt-m, 
ye gave, and has its infinitive in T-t alone, to give, instead T-nt, to give, 
and is thought sometimes to assume e paragogical instead oft, and then it 
appears T-ne, dare. T-ne, in the 8th Psalm, which has perplexed critics to 
^ its precise meaning by their taking it for the Infinitive, and is probably 
nothing more than simply a contraction of T-tne, 2nd Pers. M. singular, 
Future in Kal, with e merely paragogical appended. Thus I-tn, T-tn, 
T-tn-e, contracta, T-ne, by rejecting either the first or the second t. 



Ist. It has been previously observed that Possessive Pronouns are sub- 
joined to Nouns, under the name of Affixes. The Personal Pronouns are 
subjoined to Verbs in the same manner, and, therefore, require the same 
kind of exemplification to render them easy and familiar. 


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A Verb with its Personal Pronouns affixed : 

P-qd, He visited, take, for examplo, 

P-qd-ni, Me P-qd-nu, Us 

P-qd-k, Thee P-qd-km, M. You 

P-qd-kn, F. You 

P-qd-u, Him P-qd-m, Them, eos 

P-qd-eu, Him P-qd-mu, Them, eos 

P-qd-e, Her P-qd-n, Them, eos 

2nd. E of the 3rd Pars, singular F. is changed into t before the affixes 
which follow, exactly the same as in feminine nouns. Analogous to 
the same rule, t of the 2nd Pers. singular, fern, t assumes the i before 
the affixes. For example : 

Affs. P-qd-e, She visited. 
P-qd-t-ni, Me P-qd-t-nu, Us 

P-qd-t-k, Thee P-qd-t-km, You, &c., 

as above. 

P-qd-t, Thou didst visit, F. 
P-qd-ti-ni, F. M. P-qd-ti-nu, Us 

P-qd-ty-eu, Him, &c. 

3rd. In the 2nd Pers. M. plural, and F. of Kal, M. P-qd-tm, and F. 
P-qd-tn, the m and n final are both dropped, and their place is supplied 
by the u inserted before the affixes. Example : 

P-qd-tu, Ye visited. 

P-qd-tu-ni, Me P-qd-tu-nu, Us 

P-qd-tw-eu, Him P-qd-tu-m, Them, eos 

P-qd-tw-e, Her P-qd-tu-n, Them, eos 

4th. Nu for liim, and ne for her, are generally affixed to the future, 
from the inserted Vau, but is expelled by the affixes. The Nun seems 
to be inserted or added to give the voice a resting-place, and avoid hiatus 

5th. The adding of the syllable on to the end of words, is a practice 
frequent among the Arabic writers ; and, in Greek, the Nu is subjoined 
to words which end a vowel, and the next word begins with one. Ex- 
ample : 

" Tup-tousin autous " 

" Bas-jl-eu-sin aga-tho-is." 

Here the nu is paragogical, exactly copying from the custom of the 
Hebrew inspired penmen of the Divine original ; thus : 

I-p-qud, He shall visit 

I-p-qd-n, with the Nun here is paragogical 

I-p-qd-ne-u, He shall visit him. I-p-qd-nu, Contracte 

I-p-qd-e, 1 He will visit her. 
I-p-qd-ne, j 

6th. Nun is sometimes inserted before k, tliee ; I-sa-u-nk, they shall 
hear, or carry thee, from N-sa, tulit, defend, is verb defective in Pe, Nun, 

Digitized by Cjt30QlC 





Sm, To place, to put Sm-tu, 

Thou hast put him 


To deceive 


F. Thou hast deceived me 


To see 


I have seen him 


To instruct 


She instructed him 


To find 


She found them 


To incline 


She inclined him 


To write 


Thou hast written them 


To despise 


Thou hast despised me 


To give 


F. Thou hast given him 


To lift up ; bear N-sa-tim, 

F. Thou hast borne them 

Pause 1st. j 


To curse 


I have cursed her 


To forsake 


They have forsaken me [ascend 
Ye have brought us up, caused us to 


To go up 



To forget 


We have forgotten thee 


To die 


F. It shaU kiU him 


To give 


Give him 


To take 


Take him 


To show favour Hn-ni, 

Have mercy upon me 


To see, to ask 


Ask ye me 


To pursue 


He will pursue him 

Pause 2nd. 


To sing 


He will sing of thee 


To go round 


, He will lead him about 


To destroy 


He will destroy them 


To embrace 


She will embrace me 


To affect 


Let us affect them for good or for evil 


To find 


They shall find her 


To cry 


They call upon me 


To see 


They shall see me 


To flee 


When he fled, in his flying, pref. 


To pursue, p. 


To pursue thee, pref. 

Pause 3rd. 


To open 


When I open, at my opening, p. 


To despise 


To despise them 


To seek 


To seek thee 


To approach 


When they drew near 


, To be hot 


When they grew hot 


To rise 


They that rise up against thee 


To bear 


When she brought forth 


To build 


When thou buildest, in thy building, p. 


To prepare 


When he prepared, in his prepara- 
To deceive me, p. tion, p. 


To deceive 


Pause 4th. ' | 


To circumcise 


When he was circumcised, p. 


To disperse 


When ye shall be dispersed 


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To cry, to call Qra-yu, 

They call upon him 


To do 


They that do them 


To advise 


She that counselled him 


To slay- 


His slain, those he slew 


To call 


Those called, invited by her call 


To afflict 


They that afflict thee 


To see 


They shall see me 



It is well worth remembering by Hebrew students that nouns are derived 
from verbs in five different ways : 

1st. By the abstraction of one of the radical letters from the verb. 

2nd. By the commutation of one or more letters for other letters. 

3rd By prefixing servile letters to the radix of the verb. 

4th. By the insertion of servile letters between the radicals. 

5th. By adding servile letters to the radix or root of the verb. 

But it must be borne in mind carefully this fact, in the above division, 
that by radical there is not intended any of the eleven letters which pro- 
perly deserve this distinction, because none of them ever desert their 
station in the verb, nor yet in the noun derived from it ; but only such 
servile letters as only occasionally become radical (especially in obedience 
to the genius of tiie tongue) but which are of right only servants to the 
noble and unchangeable radical letters of the Hebrew alphabet. 

Nouns which are formed by the prefixion of, or addition o^ servile 
letters, have received the technical name of Heem^ntic, because the letters 
which compose the Hebrew word E-am-nt-i (credidi) are employed in 
their formation. The letter vau, however, ought to have been added to 
the number as contributing its service to the same work, and then there 
would have been the exact same seven letters which carry on the whole 
inflexion of verbs, viz., " E-am-nt-i-u.'' Here, acting in another capacity 
altogether, viz., verbs to nouns, and thus amassing a vast store of words, 
from a stock seemingly narrow and circumscribed 

A list of Heemantic nouns placed in parallel lines, with the respective 
verbs from which they are derived : 

1st. Such nouns as are formed from verbs by the dropping of radical 
letters e final being sometimes added 


To know, 

Do-e, or Do, Elnowledge 


To be hot 

E-me,orEm, Heat 


To beget 

Irde, A birth 


To pledge 

N-he, A deposit 

Yod, ' 

To fix a place, or time 

0-de, A congregation ; a meeting 


To consult, advise 

0-je, A counsel [at stated times 



Yo-e, A going out 


To lift up 

S-at,orS-ya, Elevation 


To command 

Ju, A precept 


. M, one of the seven Heemantic letters (e, a, m, n, t, i, u) is some- 


prefixed to the verb, which drops its first radical, as : 


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N-sa, To carry M-sa, A load, mass 

N-ph, To blow M-ph, or Ph, Blowing, bellows 

3r(L Examples of verbs that are transformed into nouns by commuta- 
tion of radicals e into i ; 

0-ne, To afflict 0-ni, Afflicted, affliction 

B-ke, To weep B-ki, Weeping 

P-re, To yield fruit P-ri, Fruit 

I-pe, To be beautiful I-pi, Beauty 

4tli. Examples of nouns formed by either prefixing or appending of 
servile letters to the verb : 

A, Prefixed. 






To paint 

To rise, spring up 
To lie, to deceive 
To prosper 
5th. M prefixed : 
0-dn, To feel delight 
To gather 
To be grieved 
To be dark 
To be high 
To carry a message 
To judge 
To choose 
To possess 
To make 
To trust 
To keep 
To ride 

A finger 

A native Indigina 

A liar, a deceitful man 

A bunch of grapes 













A dainty, a luxury 

A congregation 



A tower 

An angel, messenger 


A chosen thing 

A possession 

A work 

Hope, confidence 

A watch 

A chariot 


6th. There is an interesting peculiarity in Hebrew that should be 
pointed out ; it will assist memory, and aid in discrimination hereafter ; 
it is that : 

Nouns of instrument are commonly prefixed by m ; as, for example : 
P-th, To open M-p-th, An opener, a key 

Z-re, To blow M-z-re, Bellows, fan 

Gn-n, To protect, to cover M-gn, A coverer, a shield 
A-vr, To bind Ma-vr-e, A binder, a band 

L-qh, To take Ml-qh-im, Tongs 

Tth. Let this fact be well impressed on the mind of the Hebrew 
student, that when i is the first radical of the verb, it is commuted often 
for m or t prefixed to the root in its transformation to a noun : 

M substituted for I, as : 


To know 


An acquaintance 


To sit 


A seat 


To fear 




To inherit 


An inheritance 


To go out 


An outgoing 


To ensnare 


A snare 


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T in the following examples is substituted for i, the first radical of the 
verb ; as in : 

Tu-ge, Sorrow 

Tu-re, Law, control 

Tu-re, Confession 

Tu-kh-e, Eeproof 
Tu-hl-t, Hope 

8tL N prefixed to the verbs, constitutes proper names ; it is a most 
interesting fact to become acquainted with ; see next Chapter. 


To make sorrowful 


To throw, aim at 


To confess 


To reprove 


To expect 


The manner in which nouns are derived from verbs continued. 
1st. N prefixed forms proper names : 

M-rd, To rebel Nm-rud, Nimrod, a rebel 

P-tl, To struggle Np-t-li, Naphthali, a prevailer 

2nd. On the contrary, n afiixed to the last radical in the verb, not 
only transform it to a noun, but it also produces appellatives or 
diminutives ; as : 

S-bt, Quievit S-bt-un, Sabatulum 

Ais, Vir A-is-un, Vir-unculus, vel pupilla oculi 

Q-rb, To approach Q-rb-n, An offering. 

Z-kr, To remember Z-kr-un, Memory 

3rd. There are some examples, of Mem, Heemantic, terminating m 
ending words ; as in : 

P-dy-um, A ransom Yum-m, By day 

P-tam, Suddenly H-nam, Freely, unreservedly 

4th. Observe that e and t final are commonly signs of the feminine 
gender. Somttmes u and i are inserted before t, as in Ml-kut, regnuniy 
Gpr-it, sulphur. 

Prom the verb to P-ar, to make fair, is the noun T-pa-rt, beauty , 
glory, with the Tau, both prefixed and affixed. 
5th. Examples of i prefixed and postfixed. 
1st. I prefixed to the verb forming proper names : 

0-qb, To supplant I-o-qb, Jacob, supplanter 

Hn-n, To show favour Wi-hn-n, John, favour 

J-hq, To laugh [come I-j-hq, Isaac, laughter 

E-w, I am, was, is to Ye-we, Jehovah 

Some common nouns are formed in like manner ; as : 

L-qf, To' gather I-l-qf» ^ knapsack 

N-sp, Darkness I-n-sup, The bird of night 

J-er, To shine I-j-er, Oil 

2nd. I postfixed forms patronimics, as names of peoples, and ordinal 
numbers ; by affixing Tau, or Heth, become feminine : 

0-br, A Hebrew 0-br-it, Hebrews 

Mj-ri, An Egyptian, Mj-rit, Egyptian, fern. 0-br-ye, Hebrews 





The afl&xing of Tau constitutes the feminine of ordinal numbers ; 


The first 



The first 
















































1st. Examples of e afi^ed to verbs — are mostly feminine : 


To love 




To fear 




To be unjust 




To hide, to conceal 01-me, 

A virgin 


To divide 


A portion 


To bless 


A blessing 


To make white 


The moon 


To lose, perish 


A last thing 


To ask 


A petition 

- H-km, 

To be wise 

. H-km-e, 


2nd. Nouns having a servile letter, both prefixed and affixed to the 

root, and sometimes a Vau or a 

Yod inserted. 

as witnessed in the foUow- 

iug examples 



To roll 


A volume 


To terrify 




To plot 


Wicked device 


To praise 




To pray 




To raise 


A highway 


To bore 


A beginning 


To shine 


A cave 


To move 


A door-post 


To straiten 


A strait 


To return 


A turning back 


To strive 




To mock 




To consider 




To slumber 




To fly to 


A refuge 


To hide 


A covert 

3rd. Nouns of four or five letters, mostly consonants, are formed by 
doubling one or more of the radicals, and frequently nouns thus con- 




stituted represent something rapid, or quick action repeated. The 
following examples show what is intended of their meaning : — 
i. Nouns that double the first two radicals ; 

Qq-qd, The scalp From Qd-d, Stooped, bowed his head 
Gl-gl, Awheel „ Gl-1, To roll fast 

Op-op, An eye-lid „ Op-p, Quick, flying 

2. Nouns that double the second radical only, as in. : 

Eg-ig, Meditation From E-ge, Connected thought 
Zn-un, Fornication „ Z-ne, To eject, cast forth 

3. Nouns that double the third radical only, and not the first or the 
second : 

San-n, Quiet From San, Resting 

Ron-n, Green „ Ron, Greening 

H-kl-il-ut, Redness „ H-kl, Reddening 

4. Doubling the first two radicals, and inserting a Vau. 
So-su-o, Delight From So-e, Astonishing 
Tu-tu-o, Error „ To-e, Transgressing 

5. Examples of doubling the second and third radicals, as in : 
H-lq-lq, Slippery From H-lq, Flattering 
E-pk-pk, Froward „ E-p^ Contradicting 
A-dm-dm, Very red „ Adm, Reddening 
Ja-ja, Offspring „ I-ja, Going out 

4th. Examples of nouns that are compounded, and are of some foreign 
or unusual extraction, and are found to consist of four or five radical 
letters, constituting the root of the verb, as : 

Zl-op, A storm Ok-br, A mouse 

Br-zl, Iron Pr-dv, A garden 

Jp-rd-o, A frog Ar-gm-n, Purple 

5th. Nouns of one syllable and two letters taken from imperfect verbs 
are very interesting, from their extreme brevity of constitution, and yet 
vast significance : 










A Mother 




A feast 


A side 


Fine gold 










light, not heavy 


A little chnd 


A drum 


The hollow of the hand 


A cup, a threshhold 


A garden 










A wine press 


A morsel 


The navel 


The heart 


A heap 




An arrow 






A tooth, a crag 





Pause 2nd. 


A standard 


A season 




A shadow 


A nest 


The end 


A bear 


A statute 



1st. The cardinal numbers as written in letters are : 

M. A-hd, 


F. A-ht, 


„ S-nim, 


„ S-tim, 


„ Sl-se=:t, 


„ S-ls, 


„ Ar-bo-e, 


„ Ar-bo, 


„ Hm-se, 


„ H-ms, 


„ Ss-e, 


„ S-s, 


„ S-bo^, 


„ S-bo, 


„ S-mn-e, 


„ S-nin-e, 


„ T-so-e, 


„ T-so, 


„ 0-sr, 


„ 0-sre-,orOs-ret, 


lie second division are tens, as : 

M. O-sr, 


F. Os-rt, 


„ Os-rim, 


„ Sl-sim, 


„ Ar-bo-im, 


„ Hm-sim, 


„ S-sim, 


„ S-bo-im, 


„ Sm-nim, 


„ T-60-im, 


3rd. The third division are hundreds : 
M-he, One hundred, M-at-im, Two hundred, S-ls Ma-ut, Three hundred 

4th. The fourth division are thousands : 
Al-ep, A thousand Al-pim, Two thousand 

S-ls, Al-pim, Three thousand S-ls-im, Al-ip, Thirty thousand 
R-ba, Ten thousand E-bat-im, Twenty thousand 

S-ls, R-ba-ut, Thirty thousand, or, three ten-thousands 

The cardinal numbers have been given. 

The ordinals above ten do not differ from the cardinals, and are written 
in the following manner : 

6th. Division is the manner of writing the ordinal numbers above ten, 
which have been given, page 40. 

A-hd, O-sr, One and ten, 11 S-nim, O-sr, Two and ten, 12 

Sl-se, O-sr, Three and ten, 13 Ar-bo-e, O-sr, Four and ten, 14 

Hm-se, O-sr, Five and ten, 15 Ss-s, O-sr, Six and ten, 16 

S-bo-e, O-sr, Seven and ten, 17 S-mn-e, O-sr, Seven and ten, 17 
Sm-ne, O-sr, Eight and ten, 18 T-so-e, O-sr, Nine and ten, 19 
Os-rim, Ten and ten, 20 Os-rim, Wa-hd, Twenty and one, 21 

7th. Hebrew writers usually, but quite unnecessarily, employ letters at 
the present time instead of numerals, in the same manner as the Greeks 
and ancient Romans, but this practice is chiefly confined to the writings 
of Jewish Rabbies and of the Masorets. 


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To the twenty-two alphabetical letters, k, m, n, p, j, the finals are 
added, in all twenty-seven letters, and these are divided into three classes, 
which consist of nine each : firsl^ units ; second, tens ; third, hundreds, 
as under : 


I, 10 






L, 30 

S, 300 



T, 400 


N, 50 



V, 60 


Z, 7 

0, 70 



P, 80 

P, 800 

F, 9 

J, 90 

J, 900 

In joining Hebrew letters, bear in mind that the letter of the highest 
numerical value is placed on the right hand before the letter of less value, 
contrary to our more brief plan and more expeditious mode of calculation 
by numerals, which increases the value to the left, and diminishes to the 



1st. I stands for 10 ; B for 2. Placed thus : lb is 12 ; La, 31 ; Jg, 
93 ; Q-e, 105 ; K-vu, 266. 

The number 15 should be represented E-ye ; but because these letters 
constitute part of Ye- we, Jehovah, the letters Fu, 9, 6, represent 15, to 
prevent the profanation of the peculiar name of God. For the same 
reason, F-z, 9, 7, 16, are employed instead of lu, 10, 6, 16. 

2nd. An acute accent above any one of the first nine letters multiplies 
its value by 1,000. A' is not 1, only 1,000; G' is not 3 units, but 3,000; 
though sometimes the number of thousands is represented by a common 
letter prefixed to a double accented A''. Example, Ba", 2,000 ; Ea'', 8,000; 
but if hundreds are added, the accented Aleph is omitted ; for example : 

Bq, 2,100; Ds, 4,300; An-pb, 1,782; all this is mystifying and 

3rd. But as the pages and chapters of Old Hebrew Bibles have no 
other numerals, it is necessary that the learner should acquaint himself 
with this mode of numbering. 

4th. Let him also attend to the following distinctions : 

K-eri and C'hetih. 1st. Keri is derived Q-ra, to read, and Chetib 
comes from K-tb, to write. These terms are frequently met in Hebrew 
authors, to express the difference between the reading of manuscript and 
reading from a printed copy of the Old Testament. The Chetib is the 
word adopted in the text, and marked with a small circle above it, which 
refers to a different readmg in the margin, which Ke-ri, and usually 
distinguished by a Koph below it; and this Ke-ri is often written in 
different letter from the text, called "The Kabbinical character." 

Digitized by 





Tjrt of; Ist, 

The Adverbs 

; 2nd, Prepositions; 

3id, Interjections ; 

4th, Conjunctions : 

Ist The Adverbs. 

A-i, Aye, 



Hence, thence 

A-i-ke, A-ip-wa, 








An, A-ne, 

Whither, where? Sm, 



Hither, here 












From above 


From above 








How long 


How long 

Pause 1st 



By day 




Yesterday [terday Tm-ul, 



The day before yes- M-lp-nim, 

Before this time 




Before that 










Is it so? 

Pause 2nd. 

Is it not ? 



Md-wo ? 

Wherefore ? 




How many ? how 




Truly [often? 


Yes, surely 











Do not 

Pause 3rd. 





In vain 



given B-lo-di, 




cause Ye-ud-it 

like a Jew 


At once, together I-hd-yu, 













Great [Ne. 


How much 

more, Ap-ki ? 
Pause 4th. 

How much less ? 




By little, scarcely 


Almost, as 

little K-in, 

Almost, if not 






Just so, note Mu is often 



In such a way S-nit, 

Twice, secondly 




Thirdly, thrice 










To note, I is often added 


At, near 


Before, over against 


Even to 


Even to 


Over against 


Opposite to 


Over against 


Opposite to 


Over against 








In comparison of 


Away from 



Pause Ist. 

At the face 








On this side 








Because of 






Upon account of 


Because of 



Pause 2nd. 

Instead of 


According to 


At, near by 



















Pause 3rd. 


L-bd, Besides M-l-bd, Only 

Zu-lt^ Besides T-ht, Under, for instead of 

KoTE. — ^The letters b, k, 1, m, are called inseparable prepositions, or 

K, Like, as, according B, In, according as 
M, From L, To, for, at 

• There is only one insepardble, past positive, and that is : 

E, Towards, as, V-du-me, Towards Sodom 

Arj-e, Towards the earth Luz-e, Toward Luz 









S (Asr) contrasted. Which, who 





Am la. 

If not 








If > 




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Even though 
Though it should 
Or [be so 

For, though 

For which cause 
For which cause 
For which cause 

Pause 1st 

Pause 2nd. 






Section 1st. 






For which cause 

For which cause 


Upon which account 


On Integections. 
These express sudden emotion, astonishment, delight, joy, gladness, 
ecstasy, irony, laughter, remonstrance, invitation, supplication, protest, 
longing of soul, hope, fear, despair, sorrow, as : 


Lo ! Behold 


Lo ! Behold 




Prithee ! 


Prithee ! 


I pray ! 








Woes me ! 


God forbid 1 


Irony, ah, sure ! 


Laughter ! 


Oh, that ! 


Oh, that 

Ah-li ! 

Oh, that ! 


Come now ! 





Amn ! 

Be it so ! 


So it is 

Amn ! 

It is established ! 

Section 2nd. 
Be it remembered that prepositions assume the affixes, I is very often 
inserted between the pronoun and the preposition, as it would appear with 
no significance, but only to soften the sound in reading. There are four 
prepositions, namely : 

0-di, To me 01-i, Upon me 

01-i, Toward me 01-i, Above me 

01-ik, To thee T-ht-yem, Under them 

The end of the Etymological Division. God be praised. 

The Third Division of the Hebrew Grammar is styled SYNTAX. 

Hebrew Syntax is remarkably interesting and instructive ; is very 
simple, and free from the elliptical and irregular phraseology which often 
perplexes the learner in other languages. 

The words usually stand in their natural order, therefore sentences in 
Hebrew admit of translation into English almost without any alteration 

Digitized by V^OOQIC 


of the arrangement The chief exception to this general rule is, that the 
nominatives very frequently follow their verbs, and the adjectives are close 
after their substantives. 


A SUBSTANTIVE nouu is often found alone in the body of a sentence, when 
it is neither a nominative to a verb nor governed by a verb, and has no 
preposition or sign of case before it. 

In this situation, it ^equently indicates the instrument by which the 
energy of some principal verb of the sentence is exerted, with a force and 
brevity of expression unattainable in any other language, and is one of the 
beauties and excellences of utterance peculiar to the Hebrew, when such 
passages are translated so as to connect them with the verb, after the 
manner and with signs that express the ablative of the Latin. Take 
the following examples : 

Section 1st. 

" Ls-u-nm i-hl-iq-un,'* Ps. v. 9. 

" Their tongue they flatter," t.6., " With their tongue they flatter." 

Ps. V. 12, "R-jun, to-fr-nu." 

" Favour shalt thou crown him," t.e., " With favour shalt thou, &c." 

MaL iv. 6, " Pn, A-bu-a, we-kit-i, at, arj, h-rm." 

" Lest I come and smite the earth curse,'* i.e., '* with a curse." 

Ps. xlv. 3, " H-gur, h-rb-k ol i-rk Gb-ur e-ud-k u-ed-rk." 

" Gird thy sword upon thy thigh, thou mighty (tw) thy glory and thy 

majesty," "m thy glory, &c." 

Idem, "We-d-rkj-lhr-kb." 

" And in thy majesty prosper — ride." 

The verb " m-la," signifies to be full, and in Hiphil (active) to fill ; as 

we say, " a vessel full of water ;" " fill this vessel with water," or " fill 

this sack with wheat" Now, a writer of Hebrew would put it, " a vessel 

full-water,'' " fill this sack wheat," and, with use, this mode of utterance 

is beautiful and emphatic, and not unsuited to the idiom of the English. 

1 Kings xviii 33, " Wi-amr m-la-u, ar-bo-e k-dim mim." 

" And he said, fill four casks-water," i.e., " with water." 

Hag. ii 7, "XJ-m-la-ti at e-bit e-ze k-bud nam, Ye-we j-ba-ut" 

" And I will fill this house-glory, saith Jehovah of hosts," t.e., " with 


Isa. vi 4. " We-bit i-m-la o-sn." 

"And the house was filled-smoke," i.e., "with smoke." 

^Section 2nd. 
Note. — ^The personal pronouns are often placed by themselves, the sub- 
stantive verb to be supplied. 

"AniAl Sd-L" 
"I God all-sufiicient," i.e. "am all-sufiicient" 
Psalm vL 2, " A-ml-1-A-ni." 
" I weak or sick," i.e. " I arn weak, or, I am sick." 


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Psahii V. 4, "Ki la Al h-pj rs-o at-e.'' 
"For not a God delighting in wickedness thou,*' t,e. "art thon." 

Section 3. 
Akin to the former, is another beautiful form of construction, in which 
the personal pronoun "Ani," is conjoined with a substantive, with any 
verb denoting a particular attachment in the person to what the substan- 
tive implies or expresses : 

Psahncix. 4, " U-Ani-t-pl-e." 

"But I prayer,'* i.e, "I devote myself unto prayer." 

Psalm cxx. "Ani-S-lunL" 

" I peace," i.e. " I am for peace.* 

Another beauty in the Hebrew writings deserves especial notice here. 

It is this : The pronoun is often repeated after the Eelative, in a way 

called a Pleonasm; a rhetorical figure, in which more words are employed 

than are necessary to express the principal idea, but diversifies, ramifies, 

and sheds upon it the brightest radiance. 

Psalm L 4, " Asr t-dp-nu, ruh." 

"Which the wind driveth it away," the it, is redundant. 

Psalm xciv. 12, " Asri e-g-br asr, ti-vr-nu-ye." 

" Blessed is the man whom thou shalt chasten him, O Jehovah ! " 

A similar construction is imitated by the Greek, derived from the 

Hebrew, its parent and source ; and occurs also sometimes in the Greek 

of the New Testament. 

Rev. viL 2, "Kai ekra-xi-e phi-o-ne me-ga-le, tois tes-sar-sin, ag-ge-lo-is, 
o-is e-do-the au-to-is a-di-ke-sai, t^n g^n kia t^n tharlas-san." 

Translation : " And he cried with a loud voice to the four angels, to 
whom it was given to them to hurt the earth and the sea." 

Rev. viL 9, "Me-ta, tau-ta, e-i-don, kia idou o-chi-los, po-lus, on 
a-rith-me-sai au-ton ou-de-is e-du-na-to." 

Translation : " After these things I looked, and, behold, multitudes 
which no man could number tY." 

A verb generally agrees with its nominative in gender, number, and 

But instances occur where a plural nominative is joined to a singular 
verb, this, however, is seldom. 



Gen. L 1, "B-ras-it bra Aleim." 

" In or by The First, or the Chief^ the Visible Head ; created the 
Aleim ; the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost ;" or as it may be briefly written, 
the " Holy Trinity, the heavens and the eartL" But here, instead of its 
being Gen. i 1, "In (jhrist," or rather "By Christ, the Trinity created 
the heavens and the earth." Here we have a tims given instead of a 
person ; nothing in the place of him whose fulness fills all in all. Ras, 
the word here employed, signifies, 1st, The head of an animal, &c. 

Digitized by V^OOQIC 


' Gen. iii 15, "He shall bruise thy (ras) Jiead.^^ 2n(l, A captain, 
Exodus xiv. 4, "Let us make a ras a captain/* 1 Chron. xL 42, The 
chief; 2 Sam. xxiii 8, "Sat chief among the captains;" verse 13, 
" Three of the thirty chief went down ;" excellent, Ps. cxli 5, " It shall 
be an excellent oil ; " Ps. cxxxiii 2, " On the head, that ran down upon 
the beard, even Aaron's.*' The same ras is used in all these places and 
many others, and this is its true interpretation. All meet in our blessed 
Creator and Eedeemer, but in none other. The word ras is rendered 
heginnitig in two other places, with very questionable propriety : Exodus 
xiL 2, " Beginning,*' i.e., " the first of months ;" Jud. viL 19, "Begin- 
ning," i:e., " the first part of the middle watcL" 

If timej and not person, had been here intended by the Holy Ghost, 
"E-hl" is the right word for beginning ; 1st, G^n. vi. 1, "When men 
began to multiply ; " Gen. x. 8, " Nimrod began to be a mighty ; " Gen. 
xliv. 12, " Searched and began at the eldest." 2nd. Was begun, Num. 
xvL 46, "The plague is begun;" 47, "Plague was begun." 3rd. 
Beginning of action. Gen. xi 16, "And this they begin to do." 4tli. 
First in time, 1 Sam. xiv. 3, " Saul built an altar to Jehovah, the same 
was the first altar that he built ;" Deu. iiL 24, " Oh Lord, thou hast 
begun to show thy greatness ;" 1 Sam. xxiL 15, " Did I then begin to 
enquire of God ;" iiL 2, " They began ;" Est. vi 13, " Thou hast begun ;" 
ix. 23, "Had begun/' Ezra. iiL 6, "They began/* v. 8, Neh. iv. 7 ; 
Jer. XXV. 29 " I begin/* in all these, &c., the E-hl, beginning, is employed ; 
here a season is meant, and said there ; Gen. L 1, a person is announced, a 
Creator creating, one of the God-head, and that person was God with us, 
Emanuel^ and corresponds with the Psalms amd all the Prophets, John L 
1, Paul, CoL L, all give witness to Christ as Creator, Eedeemer, Saviour, 
" God over all, blessed for ever. Amen." 

Section 1. 

Gen. L 1, bra is the radical term, before or behind which any nomina- 
tive may be placed, itself remaining indeclinable, as : " I loved," " Ye 
loved," "They loved," "Loved he them]" In all these instances, 
" Loved" is invariable. 

P-qd, ani, and q-qd, an-h-nu, may be said with as great propriety as 
p-qd-ti and p-qd-nu, only the last is more frequently used. 

Words that express highest dignity, power, dominion, majesty, espe- 
cially as applied to the ever Blessed Trinity, are put in the plural, but 
conjoined with a singular pronoun, and also a singular verb in every case. 
There is an accuracy, brevity, and a sweet beauty spread over this form 
of description that may be sought in vain elsewhere, and is one of the 
highest excellences the Hebrew itself can boast. Not a polytheism, but 
a pluraliiy oi persons and office in the unity of the God-head is invariably 
and unequivocally maintained throughout, from Genesis to Malachi. 

"Aleim," '' Oods /' Ad-nim," ''Lords/* "Bol-im," ''Husbands:* 

Though singular verbs, nouns, and affixes are conjoined, plurality in 
the unity of the God was plainly set forth by Moses, Job, the Psalmist, and 
all the Prophets. Every one of the inspired penmen wrote of the Father 
and of the Spirit, but, above all, glorified Christ I 




Isaiah liv. 5, "Ki bol-ik os-ik Ye- we, Jb-a-ut sm-u, u-Gal-k, Qd-us 
I-sr-al Ale-i kl e-aq i-qra.** 

"For thy husband is thy Maker, Jehovah of Hosts is his name, 
and thy Redeemer the Holy One of Israel. God of all the earth shall He 
be called." 

Here Boli, si, Alei, are plural, but Ye- we, u, Glal, Qd-su, are singular. 
Christ our glorious One is spoken of, Gk)ds, Makers, JehoTah, Redeemer, 
Husbands and Holy One, " I and my father are one," John x. 30. 
1st. A. singular adjective is sometimes joined to a plural substantive. 

Ps. cxix. 75, " I-sr m-sp-fik," " Right are thy judgments." 
2nd. Collective nouns, which are nouns singular, but comprehend many 
individuals, may have an adjective, a participle, or verb plural Cm, sm- 
him, populus laetantes. Rejoicing people. 

Cm, ra-im populus videntes, A seeing, wise people. 

Ps. Ixxxix. 15, " As-ri e-om yu-do-i tru-o-e Ye-we b-aur pn-ik ye-l-kun." 

" Blessed the people that know the joyful blast, O Jehovah, in the light 

of thy countenance shall they walk." 

Here, e-om (the people) singular ; yu-do-i, the participle ; and ye-l-kun, 

are both in the plural. 

Section 1. 

1st. Two or more substantives singular may have a verb, adjective, 
participle, or possessive afl^ in the pluraL 

Ps. Ixxxix. 11, "T-bl u-m-la-e, at-e i-vd-tm." 
" The globe and its ftdnesSi, thou has founded them/^ singular and pluraL 

Verse 12, "T-bur u-Hr-mun, b-sm-k i-dn-nu." 
" Tabor and Hermon, in thy name they shall rejoice," singular and plural. 
2nd. Property or possession is represented by Lamed, which is the sign 
of the dative case of from, by, to, the verb being omitted is a Hebraism 
of great pathos and beauty,- as, for example : 

Ps. cxviii 1, " E-ud-u, 1- Ye-we ki fub." 

" give thanks to Jehovah, for good." 


" For (because) for ever his mercy." 

Ps. 1. 11, "Kiliklhi-tuyor." 

" For to me every wild beast of the forest." 

Ps. Ixxiv. 16, "Lk yum u-lk li-le." 
" To Thee the day, and to Thee the night." 
Such dignified phraseology was imitated by the Latins, hence their rule, 
" Jist pro habeo, Tibi dies et tibi nox, &c." 

Section 2. 
Teamed, before substantive nouns, often appears as if it were redundant, 
orresponding to the dative of the thing in such Latin phrases as these, 
t rant au^ilio mihi," " Est mihi voluptatL" 

Isa. i 21, " A-i-ke e-it-e 1-zu-ne q-ry-e n-am-ne." 

" How is she become a harlot, the faithful city." 

" Quomodo facta est meretrici citivitas fidelis." 


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Isa. i 31, " We-ye e-h-vn 1-no-rt, u-po-lu l-ni-j-uj, u-bo-ru s-ni-em i-M u 

wa-in m-kb-e." 

" And the strong man shall be as tow (for tow), and his work as a spark 

(for a spark) and they shall burn both together without a q^uencher.'* 

" We-ye, Ye-we, li l-Aleim." 

" And be thou, Jehovah, to me a GocL" 

" Eritique Jehovah mihi Deo." 

" Wi-e-i, e-adm, 1-n-ps, e-ye.'* % 

" And be my, tixe man, for the soul to be.*' 

" Factusque est homo animse viventi." 


Instances of variety or irregularity in the use of the past and future 
tenses often are met witL But if they embarrass the learner at first, 
practice will render them easy and intelligible. Observe : 

1st, That whatever happens by citetom, habity or the course of nature, 
is commonly expressed in the /ti^i*/ 6 ^e?we. 

Psalm i 2, "B-tu-rt Ye-we ye-ne." 

" In the law of Jehovah doth he , meditate," i.e, " it is his constant 

Psalm xlii. 1, "Ka-il t-org ol a-pi-qi m-im kn n-ps-i t-org Al-ik Aleim." 

" Like as the hart crieth for (lit. shall cry for) streams of waters, so 
shall my soul cry for Thee, God." Speaking of God Job says. Job ix. 11, 
" En ! i-obr oli u-la A-ra-e wi-h-lp u-la A-bin lu." " Behold ! he passeth 
over me, and I see him not ; he tumeth again also, and I understand him 
not." Note all these verbs are in the future tense, 

2nd, The vau before the perfect tense, transforms it into the future ; 
and 'before a future throws back to the past tense, and bears in this 
character the title of " Vau conversivum.^* 

Section 1. 

Gen. L 3, " Wi-amr Aleim, Ye-i aur, wi-ei aur ! " 

" And God said. Let light be, and light was ! " Note lit. it is, " And 
God shall say,'^ &c. 

" U-sm-rt at hq-yu wat m-jut-yu." 

" And thou shalt keep his statutes and commandments." lit. "And 
thou hast kept all his statutes." 

Ist, The word Az has often the same effect of throwing back the future 
into the perfect tense. 

Deut. iv. 41, " Az i-bd-il M-se s-ls o-rim b-o-br e-Ir-dn, mz-rhe-s-ms.'* 

" Then Moses set apart three cities on this side Jordan toward the sun- 
rising." The verb " i-bd-il," is in the future, " ^ihall set apart." 

Exod. XV. 1, " Az i-sr M-se u-bn-i I-sr-al at e-sir-e e-zat" 

" Then sung Moses and the sons Israel this song," i-sr-i, is future. 

2nd. Verbs are often followed by nouns derived from the same root as 
themselves. . . 

Digitized by VjOOQlC 


Ezk. xviiL 2, " Me ! l-km at-m-m-us-lim at e-ms-1 e-ze 1 " 

" Wliy do taJce up this proverbs ? " " M-sl." "A proverb, a senten- 
tious saying, i,e, " M-sL" " To speak or use such a saying 1 " 

Isa. xiv. 23, " U-fa-fat-ye bm-fa-fa es-md ! " 

" I will sweep it away with the ewe&ping of destruction I " 

Psalm Ixxx. 9, " XJt-s-rs s-rs-yu."' 

" And thou didst cause it to take root." 

"Et fecisti ut radi-ca-ret ra-di-ces suos.** 

!N"oTB. — S-rs sometimes is used for uproot, or eradicate. 

In the same manner i-rs in Hiphil, e-u-ris signifies to put in possession, 
or to expel from a possession ; but there is no difficulty in determining 
in which sense it is to be understood, for the context shows that un- 

D-sn. 1st, To remove ashes; 2nd, To cover with ashes; and also, 3rd, 
To fatten, and to reduce to ashes. 

The verb to skin has opposite meanings; and let has many significations, 
and many others. 

Section 2. 

"Dn din oni u-ab-yun." 

" He judged the judgment (the cause) of the afflicted and the indigent." 


"Plead my pleading," i,e. "my cause." As if it were said, "Contende, 
contention em meam." 

As synonymous nouns are sometimes placed together, the first in statu 
regiminis, to express the superlative degree of adjectives ; so a noun and 
a verb, of nearly the same signification, are very often conjoined to convey 
an idea, not of a superlative like two nouns, but of a thing that is iinished 
and complete, entire and wanting nothing. 

"We-adm-e, te-sa-e, sm-me." 

"And the land he utterly wasted with desolation," i.e, "made utterly 



In the chapter concerning nouns in construction, page 11, some 
instances were there given of the peculiarities of expression which cast 
such a charm of sweetness and dignity that no other language caii boast ; 
a few more specimens are required here to illustrate this very necessary 
part of the work. 

Section 1. 

The Bn filius, a son, is often placed in regimin; thus related to, con- 
nected withy or produced by, the substantive which follows it is in the 

" Bn, os-rim-s-ne," "A son of twenty years, means 

A man twenty years old 


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Bn-q-st, A son of a bow 

An arrow 
Bn-i Bl-yol, Sons of Belial ^ 

Wicked men, base fellows 
Bn-i gr-ni, The sons of my floor 

Grain thrashed and winnowed 
Bn-i r-sp, Sons of the burning coal 

Sparks of fire 

Section 2. 

It may be expected with propriety that the Hebrew, undoubtedly the 
primitive language of man, the most ancient, most ideal, expressive, and 
sublime, and the parent of all, should be simple, direct, highly figurative, 
and metaphorical And so it is. But its simple grandeur exceeds all 
anticipation ; its vast mines of mental enrichment have not been half 
explored. Kemove the" barriers of a cumbrous, uncertain, idolatrous 
notation, and let it assume a plain and familiar guise, then may it be 
read fluently, understood, and loved. 

The Hebrew takes its imagery from the grandest and sublimest objects 
of nature; from springs and fountain-rills and flowing streams, fruits 
and flowers, and every sweet and lovely object ; also from man in 
every rank of life, from the hand, the eye, the head, the foot ; and the 
instruments of husbandry, and war, and the daily occurrences of human 
life, with which men are most familiar. 

The following illustrations are in point : 

L-sum, as. 

A tongue of fire, ie. 

A flame of fire 

Sn vl-o, 

The tooth of a rock, i.e. 

A sharp pointed crag of a rock 

S-pt im, 

The lip of the sea, i,e. 

The strand, the sea-shore 

H-rb pi-ut. 

A sword of mouths, i.e. 

A two-edged sword 

Mi i-tn 1 

Who shall give 1 

! that it were so ! 

K-bud-u m-ti r-ob. 

His glory are men of famine 

The men in whom he gloried are famished 

A is Aleim, 

Man of God 

A pious man, inspired, a prophet 

Qu-1 Ye-we 

The voice of Jehovah ! 

The pealing thunder 

Eu-h Ye-we, 

The breath of Jehovah 

The tempest roar 

0-un o-qb-i. 

The iniquity of my heels 

The wickedness of my persecutors 


The hand of the grave 

The dark confines of the tomb 

Sn-ut im-in ol-yun. 

The years of the right hand of the Most High 

Signal deliverances in times past 

Lb im-im, 

The heart of the sea, the lowest depths of misery 

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Op-op-i 8-hd, The eyelids of the morning 

The early dawn 
Dm o-nb, ^ The blood of the grape 

Best red wine 
An-ki e-u-lk, bd-rk, I go the way of all the earth, t.e. 

[e-arj I die as all cieatures most 
Wi-ft-kbomab-ut-yu, And he slept with his fathers 

He snrrendeied his soul to God 



A FEW componnd words are met with in Hebrew, which claim a notice 
here. They are such as : wise-hearted, hard-hearted, swift-footed, bare- 
foot, dim-sighted, book-seller, tin-worker, &c ; as in, 

1st Ah-miy Ab, father, rm, high, i, e, eminent father, a man of high 
character and exalted yirtue. 

2nd Ahrem. Here Ab, loving, soft, kind, tender of their of^iing ; 
and here r contracted from rm, high, and, lastly, em, ham, home, a town, 
a place of concourse of people ; and, as the Lord himself expounds Gren. 
xyiL 5, 6, *^ Thy name shall be Abraham, for a father of many nations 
have I made thee ; and I will make thee exceeding fruitful, and I will 
make nations of thee, and kings shall come out of thee." 

Jl-mut, A deadly shade ; from jl, a shadow^ and mut, death, I-sr-al, 
a Prince with Grod This word is prefixed with i, one of the E-amnti, 
styled by the learned, " HeemanHc letters ;" i, which with u added, make 
seven, and by the seven letters, the whole inflection of verbs is carried 
on ; and not only so, but by these Earantiu, (Heemantic) verbs are trans- 
formed to nouns, and thus a vast store of words are formed out of a stock 
apparently narrow and circumscribed Note. — It will greatly assist in 
the reading and translation if this important service if these seven 
Jieemanti letters are well impressed upon the mind 

But to return. I, as a prefix ; I-ge, To make sorrowful; I-re, To aim ; 
I-to, To reprove; I-de, To confess; I-hl, To expect; I-ab, To desire 
earnestly, Ps. cxix. 131, I-a-e, To be fit, Jer. x. 7; I-al, To wiU, determine, 
1 Sam- xviL 39 ; I-at, To consent, 2 Kings xii 9, Gen. xxxiv. 22, and 
I-bl, To bring, Psahn Ix. 11, Jer. xL 19, and xxxi 9. All these con- 
current examples present the dearest^ most reliable, and certain interpre- 
tation of the meaning of this Yod ; the first letter in the new name God 
gave to Jacob, to make, or be with fitness, stability, affection. Then, Sr, 
a prince, Al, God ; thus we have the fiill interpretation of " I-sr^ ; " 
Fit, Appointed, an Almighty Prince ! A prince with God, and prince of 
God ! ! ! H-pr-pr-ut, Moles, from h-pr, to dig-dig, Le, to dig hard, to dig 
deep, and to dig muc^ exactly describing as well as naming it ; and this 
is effected by doubling the two last radic^ pr-pr. This ingenious mode 
of brie^ simple, and Me-like description \a of surpassing beauty. 

Sbction 1. 

B-li-al, a worthless, bad man, comes from BL 1st Not in no wise, 
Isaiah xxvi 10, Psalm xlix. 13, and Genesis xxxL 20. 2nd Without, 

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Job viiL 11, Numbers xxL 35, 1 Samuel xx. 26. 3rd. To swallow up, 
destroy utteiiy, 2 Samuel xx. 19, 20, Job ii 3, viii. 18, Psalms xxi 10, 
XXXV. 25, liv. 10, Ixix. 16, EccL x. 12, Isaiah iii 12, xxv. 7, 8, Lam. 
ii. 2, 5, 8. 4tlL To ravage and lay waste, Isaiah xxi v. 1, NaL ii 11. 
And i-ol, to profit^ benefit, advantage, 1 Samuel xiL 21, Job xv. 3. Thus 
we have in this word, Belial, the negative of goodness, profit, advantage, 
and to be devoid of all good, is a state of unmitigated eviL 

Ga-yu-nim, proud oppressors ; from Ga-e, proud, and I-ne, to oppress, 
to afflict. T-lp-yut, 1st, An armoury, a place for hanging up weapons of war. 
2nd, A mormt of observation. 3rd, A " high place," on which sacrifice 
was offered, both to Jehovah by the pious patriarchs, and also by apostates 
to dumb idols. 

This word may come from T-le, to haiig up, elevation, and pi-ut, the 
edge of a sword, or point of a spear, or of any sharp weapon of war. Or 
tl means a mound, a hillock ; and py-ut, mouths, and also fcLces, which 
may be rendered temple of the Divine presence ! 

Kr-u-bim, and kr-bim, this word comes k, a figure, a likeness, a 
symbolic representation, agreement, comparison, according to which some- 
thing is compared with, likened to : 1st. As, as the days, Lev. xv. 25 ; 
as stones, Ps. cxliii 6, Isa. v. 4, Lam. iii. 12, Ezk. i 26 ; as crusts, Jos. 
ix. 5, 2 Sam. L 21 ; as if stricken. Lam. iv. 9. 2nd. Ldke unto, Euth ii 
13, 2 Sam. vii. 9, Ps. Ixxxix. 36. 3rd. As it were. Gen. xxi. 16, Jos. x. 2. 
4th. Such as. Job xii. 3, 26, Ezk. xvi. 57, xxvi 4. 5th. Like, Job xl. 17. 
6th. Like unto me, Deu. xviii 15, Lam. L 21 ; Like thee, Ps. Ixxxvi 8, ' 
Mic. vii 18, Ex. xv. 11, Ezk. v. 9 ; such as they, x. 14 ; like it, xi 6, 30, 
XX xii 33. And rub, the Divine Majesty — all admit that the cherub was a 
sacred hierogliph, imaged as it pleased Divine wisdom and love. 1st. If, 
then, they have a spiritual signification, they could not represent angels, 
because : 

1st. Angels have not four faces each 1 nor can any reason be assigned 
that they should. 

2nd. Because angels are not mediators with God, for man is a sinner. 
Do not receive the atoning blood of expiation. Do not co-partner with 
Jehovah in His mercy and grace, nor for His redeeming love is he a debtor 
to angels — that springs from Jehovah alone. 

3rd. The cherubs are plainly distinguished from angels, Eev. v. 11, 
vii 11. 

4th. On the great day of atonement, Ex. xxxvii. 9, Lev. xvi. 14. Then 
was the typical blood taken by the typical priest into the typical sanc- 
tuary, and there sprinkled upon the typical altar before the typical faces, 
i.e., presence or persons. Faces of whom ? presence of whom % In the 
cherubs. I see one body all glory, for it is gold, burnished gold ; it is aU 
light, for it is full of eyes — upright, for it has straight feet — swift as 
thought — ^has six wings — it fiUs immensity — ^wing touches wing, and 
reaches to the utmost extremity. It is one, but four faces, three Divine 
and human one — ^what kindling joy 1 It is double, too ! Yes, the 
superlative degree of all excellence, hxmian and Divine, here is shadowed in 
the cherubs. Are angels so much as all this 1 Nay, perish the thought for 
ever ! The High Priest entered the Holy place, the figures of the true 
priest, blood, sanctuary, altar, presence. Christ entered with His own 

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blood into heaven itself there to appear in the presence of God, of which 
the cherub was tJie Divinely appointed type, Hebrew ix. 7, 12, 
Lev. xvi. 14. 

Eub extendeth to, Ist. quantity ; 2nd. quality ; 3rd. time ; 4th. space ; 
and 5th. degree. This word signifies to multiply, to increase, to 
be very many, very much, very plentiful, very copious, and very abun- 
dantly. Are angels saints ; are all the creatures of equality to all this % 
The Trinity alone is our Shaddai, our Shammah, Jd-qnu, Adon, our 
Aliem, our Nissi, Melchezideck, our Jehovah, and in all there is inexhaust- 
less fulness. He is our Rubim, Cherubs, every type and figure fSalls down 
before the Divine presence. 

Nor air, nor earth, nor sun, nor stars, 
Kor heaven his full resemblance bears : 
His beauties you can never trace 
Till we behold him face to face ! ' 



In order that the primitives or roots in the Hebrew and other affiliated 
languages of the East or elsewhere may be found with facility, it is neces- 
sary to be pretty well acquainted with the division of the letters into 
radical and servile, because the latter must be rejected by the enquirer 
before the radicals can be distinguished, and the original significance of the 
word appear. 

Be this important fact well impressed on the mind, namely, that no 
radical letter is at any time a servile. Radical letters are : g, d, z, h, 
^ V, 0, p, j, q, r, and the servile letters, i.6., person, number, case, 
mood, tense, degree, &c., all these distinguishing and defining of exact 
meaning of Hebrew words, very properly styled Grammar letters, or 
application letters that appropriate and define the precise meaning of 
every word, are denominated by the low term of servile letters, but they 
are not mean, for they are the expressive letters, the appropriating letters, 
the leading, commanding, the captain letters. Princes of letters; they are : 
a, b, e, u, i, k, 1, m, n, s, t. These letters are servile, radical, radical and 
servile, like ethereal spirits, ever active and present ever. 

If the radix consist of pure radicals, usually only three in number, it 
may be easily found, and when discovered as easily divested of the 
appropriating serviles which necessarily accompany it. But remember 
that radical letters, which are never servile, wherever found, are quite 
unequal to perform all the radical business of the language. Therefore, 
the willing, elastic, ever active and direct serviles, come forward to the 
help of the inflexible radicals, and perform their own duties, and that of 
the radicals too, though the radicals don't help them even once. 

Therefore, servile letters very often are radical, and constitute a part of 
the root. And the beginner always finds some difficulty in distinguishing 
when the servile letters are any portion of them servile, and when radical, 
and when only partially radical and partially servile in the same word. 




Though this difficulty of distinguiahing the radix is most obscure in 
what are denominated Imperfect verbs, in some of whose parts, either by 
cordroGtion or change of one letter for another, called commutation, these 
verbs, these imperfect verbs, lose one of their radicals, and sometimes two 
of them, so that the word presents only one of its three radicals to main- 
tain its identity; and these two dropped radicals must, in the remembrance 
of the reader, be supplied, before the meaning of the word can be known. 

This may seem perplexing, but it really is not, or very little, if any. 
Frequent practice in reading only, leaving all grammar, and the artificwl 
rules, and exceptions to the rules, out of sight altogether, simply read, 
read offcen, and donH mind whether you understand all at first or not ; go 
on reading, and soon you will be as wise as your teachers, perhaps wiser 



To acquire dexterity in this matter, first divest the word in your mind 
of servile letters, and see then what number of the cardinal radicals 
remain ; or if not, having the connection of the particular word in mind, 
and knowing what part of speech it is, the radicals dropped will suggest 
themselves to the mind, and the consistency and beauty of the sentence 

This sober and direct exercise is the more necessary, as in almost all 
Hebrew Lexicons, words are (professedly) according to the alphabetical 
order of their roots, i.e. as the lexicographist had himself been told, and 
believing what was told, set it down. And these so-called roots are 
commonly printed in large character, and the derivatives printed in 
smaller character below the root. 

Upon this plan, neither the significance of any verb or noun can be 
understood tiU its root be investigated and defined. Therefore, the fol- 
lowing directions may be very useful in the investigation of the roots of 
all Hebrew words. 

And here, the chief things that should be attended to are these : 1st, 
What letters are commonly servile in verbs and nouiis ; 2nd, In what part 
of a word the servile letters in it usually appear ; and, 3rd, What is the 
most probable conjecture to be formed as to what are the radical letters 
that have been dropped by the abbreviated flexions, and must be found, 
and inserted, to show the literal and primitive meaning of the word, for 
upon this discovery and reinsertion, to correctly apprehend its meaning, 
eveiything depenck. 

This is by no means difficult, having regard, not to points, but to the 
connection in which the word is found, and to the use that is made of it 
in other parts of Scripture. 

First, then, servile letters in nouns substantive, nouns adjective, parti- 
ciples of verbs, and verbs in the infinitive mood when used as nouns, and 
gerunds, are such as form, 1st, The feminine gender ; and, 2nd, The plural 
terminations ; 3rd, The prefixes and signs of the cases of nouns ; 4th, 
The Heemantic, 

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Second. Servile letters, verbs, are, 1st, personal prefixes and postfixes, 
named the pronominal servUes— the cliaracteristics of the different forms 
of the verb ; 2nd, The verbal affixes. 

Third. Yau and Yod, whether inserted in nonns or verbs, must always 
be rejected in the investigation of the root 

Fourth. As the serviles generally are placed in the ending of words, 
the easiest method of discovering the root is, 1st, To begin at the end of 
a word, passing over the servile letters as they present themselves in your 
course l^kward to the beginning ; 2nd, Eeject the insert u and i ; Srd, 
Eestore or commute the dropped radicals, lost by abbreviation ; and, 4th, 
Eeject the prefixes, and the root will then very plainly appear. 



L I^ after rejecting the servile letters from a word, three pure radicals 
remain, that is the root 

n. K only radical letters remain after all the serviles have been 
rejected, and the inserted u and i, as is often the case in abbreviated 
roots, then prefix, either, Ist, n or i to the two radicals ; 2nd, or insert 
u between the two radicals ; 3rd, or, postpone e after the two radicals ; 
or, 4th, double the secondical, and in one or other of these changes the 
root will appear. 

To promote brevity in pointing out which are the serviles to be rejected 
in seeking for the root, let the words, 1st, a capUe, when they are to be 
removed from the head or beginning of a word ; 2nd, a medio, when they 
are to be removed from the middle; 3rd, a Jme, when the end; and 
these three words will abbreviate into four letters each, 1st, a cap ; 2nd, 
a med; 3rd, a Jin. Note. — E placed before a word intimates that is the 

Examples of the above : 

B^inning at the end, and running the words backwaxd, and casting out 
the serviles in coming to the beginning. 

1 A-p-qud, a med u, a cap a E, p-qd. 

2 M-p-qid-im, a fin im, a med i, a cap m, E^ p-qd. 

3 L-sb-ti, a fin ti, a cap 1, inde, sb, to which prefix i, E, i-sb. 

4 I-pul, a med u, a cap i, inde, pi, prefix n, E, n-pl, to ML 

5 E-qi-mu-nu, a fin, unue, a med i, a cap e, inde, qm. This might be 
supposed to be a root of two letters in the 3rd pers. sing, of 'Ksl ; but 
grammarians say u must be inserted to place the root in the infinitive 
qum to be fuU. See p verbs that have a peculiarity in their middle radical 

6 G-lu, a fin u, add e inde, "R, g-le. 

7 M-vb-e, a fin e, a cap m, E^ vd, or Yb-b. 

8 I-ku, a fin u, a cap i remains, only k, prefix n, and add e inde, 
E^ n-ke, to strike, E, n-ke. 


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That beginners; who have but little time they can devote to the acquisi- 
tion of Hebrew, and no living teacher to lead on in the acquisition of this 
most necessary accomplishment, to a correct acquaintance with the Blessed 
Word, the following very easy table is annexed : 

This table contains an analysis both of nouns and verbs ; by frequent 
recurrence to it, and exercise in it, the student will soon become accus- 
tomed to an expeditious investigation of the radical term, that he will 
discover the root of words at a glance, and Hebrew studies then, above 
all others, will be delightful. 

1st. M-sp-fik, Thy judgments ; a fink, the final possessive afl&x ; and i, 
the sign of the masculine plural ; a cap mr, s-p^ to judge. 

2iidL K-en-yu, His priests ; a fin u, afi&x i, sign of masculine plural ; 
r, ken, to serve in any office, high or low, civil or sacred. In this sense, 
every office-bearer is a priest, every servant is a priest, and every believer 
in Jesus is of a royal priesthood. 

3rd. U-ml-nh-mim, And for comforters ; a fin im, term plural and 
masculine ; a cap, heemantic ; 1, a prefix of the dative case, and con- 
junction ; r, n-hm, to comfort. 

4th. I-n-hm-ni, They shall comfort me ; a fin ni, verbal affix ; a cap i, 
prefix ; root, n-hm, to comfort 

5th. U-m-son-tk, And thy staff, prop, or thy support ; a fin k, posses- 
sive affix, and t termination feminine ; a cap m heemantic, and u conjunc- 
tion; root, son, to lean upon, 

6th. U-tp-lf-mu, And thou didst deliver them ; a fin mu, poetical 
verbal affix ; a cap t, person, and u converse ; root, p-lf, to rescuCy to 

7th. Wi-us-yom, And he saved them ; a fin m, verbal, affix, a med i, 
comment, u unto, i, reject ; a cap i personal pronoun, and u conversive, 
inde ; root, i-so, to save. 

8th. T-th-vd, Thou showest thyself merciful ; a cap t-t, Hithpahel ; 
root, h-vd, mercy, compassion. 

9 th. E-ud-in-u, We give thanks, we confess ; a fin nu, a med ; a cap u, 
commutable, and e, character of Hiphil, remains only ; d, to which prefix 
i, and add e inde ; root i-de, in Hiphil ; e-u-de, confeterL There are 
few roots so difficult as this. 

10th. M-vt-ul-1, Exaltiitg thyself ; a med n, transpose t and place it 
before v, reject a cap mt, the word is in the participle of Hithpahel of the 
root vl-1, elevavit. 

11th. Asr t-ar yu-ar, "He whom thou cursest shaU be cursed;" asr, 
pronoun radical ; t-ar, a contraction for ar-r, meledixit ; yu-ar, a cap i 
and u person. It is person singular, masculine of Hophal ; root ar, see 
the enlarged form of Kal and Hophal u, between the prefixed serviles, 
and root, page 31, future wi-vb and wi-qm. 

12th. M-mv-gr-ut-yem, " From their close places," t.e., "confinements 
e claustris suis ;'* a fin em, possessive affix ; i, expletive ; ut, termination 
plural, feminine gender ; a cap m, heemantic ; also, other m, a prefix 
root, v-gr, remains to shut up. In this word are three pure radicals, 
always first letters to be looked for, and seven serviles, of only two, m, 

I 2 

Digitized by V^OOQIC 


m, are prefixed, and five, m, e, i, t, u, are appended, the root is undivided 

13tli. M-m-wo-jut-yem, "From, or by their own counsels ;" a fin ut- 
yem, as above ; commute u into i, a cap m heemantic, and m prefix inde ; 
root i-oj, to consult^ to advise. Note. — This word has only two pure radicals, 
oj, and eight serviles. Well may Hebrew be styled a language, not of 
jpoints at all, but letters. 

14th B-so-rim, " In the gates ;" a fin im, plural termination, masculine, 
a cap b prefix R ; s-or is the root, a gate^ an entrance. 

15th. M-os-ye, "Her works ;" a fine, possessive feminine, afl&x i is the 
sign of masculine plural ; a cap m heemantic ; root, (hse fecit, to make. 

16th. B-nit, " Thou buildest ;'' a fin t, personal, and i commutable into 
e inde ; root, bn-e, to bmld. 

17th. Bit-k, " Thy house," "Thy temple ;" a fin k ; root, bit, witUn. 

18th. M-lak-tk, "Thy work,'' " Thy service," "Thy labour/' a fin k, 
possessive affix, and t feminine termination, a cap m, heemantic r root ; 
1-ak, to work^ to secure. Hence, M-lak-im, angels, i.e., servants or workers 
under Divine command. 



Note. — Before leaving this very important subject, let this thought be 
deeply impressed on the mind ; it is absolutely necessary that the name 
and office of every letter of every Hebrew word should be instantly 
recognised by the reader as the eye passes along the line, to aid his progress 
in acquiring a competent knowledge of the language, so as to accurately 
translate, compose, and speak in Hebrew on any subject, and that, too, at 
a glance. 

First The eleven radical letters — ^pick them out of every word you look 
upon. " It is so easy that a child might soon acquire this art They are 
here repeated, g-d-z-h-fv-opj-qr. 

Ist Is it a "royal robe ?" they are the gorgeous fabric. 

2nd. Is it a " royal chariot V the radicals are the fiery steeds. 

3rd. Is it a palace 1 the radicals are the stones and timber, &c. 

4th. Is it a statue of fame 1 the radicals are the faultless block of 
marble. But if these are formed, guided, reared, set up. 

Second. The serviles must do it alL They, too, are here again repeated ; 
they are eleven, abe-u-ik-1-nm-st ; surely no lesson could be easier to- 
master and remember, too, than this, and when this is done, the great 
battle of Hebrew is over, and he who has once secured this very easy 
victory, may pass with ease and safety through the field, and all sides 
round subduing every foe. 

To resume the metaphors above : 

1st. Is it the serviles shape, sew it, bestud with gems of priceless value, 
as becomes the king. 

2nd. Is it " a royal chariot," the serviles form the harness, the whip, 
and the charioteer. 

3rd. Is it a royal palace, the serviles are the masons, the artificers, and 
the builders. 


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4th. Is it a statue of fame, the serviles are the sculptors, the designing 
statuaries that give form and beauty to the breathing marble. In a word, 
the Hebrew is nothing without the serviles, but with them, the most 
accurate, comprehensive, emphatic, brief, and beautiful language under 
heaven ! 

1st. Kadical are, g-dl-h-fv-o-pj-zr. 

2nd. Serviles are, abe-u-ik-l-mn-st. 

3rd. Heemantic letters are seven, e-amn-ti, or more properly with the 
vau added, " e-amn-ti-iL'' These seven servile letters are worthy of a 
distinct classification and remembrance, because these seven letters per- 
form : 1st The whole ir^flection of verbs ; 2nd. Reduce verbs to nouns, 
and 3rd, Thus a vast store of words from a stock of primitive roots appa- 
rently narrow and circumscribe^. 



The investigation of roots is an excellency, but not a peculiarity of the 
Hebrew, but common to all languages, and is of singular advantage to all 
who would wish to attain to accuracy and propriety in writing. 

In such languages as do not admit of the distinction between radical 
and servile letters, the following may be observed as general rides for 
reducing words in any language to their first principles : 

1st. Let the part of the word which remains unvaried be considered as 
the rctdiccil term, and let the changes of termination be disregarded or cut 

2nd. Compound words must be resolved into their component parts, 
and the prepositions excluded. 

3rd. In words which then seem reduceable to Hehreio roots, consisting 
generally of consonants only, for the intermediate vowels emjioyed only 
for the purpose of their enunciation, are not to be considered as essential^ 
or as constituting any part of the meaning or root of the word. 

4th. A universal rule to be kept and invariably attended to in tracing 
oat radical words is, " literae ejusdem, organi facile interse commutabilesy'* 
i.e,, "Letters pronounced by the same organs of speech may easily be 
substituted for one another," and that irrespective of the varieties of 
language to which such words may belong. In proof of this axiom, the 
following examples are submitted taken from four different languages, 1st. 
Hebrew ; 2nd. Greek ; 3rd. Latin ; and 4th. English ; they show the 
truth of this assertion very clearly. 

1st. Labials 



Beth, Pe 




Beta Phi 



B-p, E, or ph, or v. 

Be, Pe, E. V. 



P-P-E, or ph, or v, 

Be, Pe, F. V. 

2nd. Dentals 


D-E-T, . 

Daleth, Teth, Tau 




Delta, Tau, Theta 




De, Te, th aspirate 




De, Te, th 


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Srd Gutturals Hebrew K-Q-G-H, Kaph,'Kop, Gimel, Heth 

„ Greek K-G-Cli, Kappa, Gamma, Chi 

„ Latin K-G-Chi, C hard, Ka, Ge, chi 

„ English C-K-G-Ch, C hard, Ka, Ge, ch 

By a careful attention to these letters, in these four languages, to the 
various changes and mutual substitutions of one letter for another, they 
soon perceive the root of words, be able to trace their ultimate 
etymologies, and see very clearly that there is a homogeneous in 
languages, into which all are assimilated. This fact becoming patent, 
coiifidence resting on clearest evidence, is assured that all languages 
spring from a common parent, and that parent is Hebrew ; and diflferences 
of languages is more nominal than real, and that the misinterpreted fact 
in the plains of Shinar was an apostacy from God, setting image worship, 
idolatry, and a disagreement of purpose, not tongue, which is not said; for 
that to this day we prove that the languages are essentially the same, and 
that confusion of tongues never happened, nor does the Hebrew any- 
where say it did. 



The following instances, from amongst multitudes that it were easy to 
adduce, will serve to illustrate the subject in hand, and show how words 
in different languages may be traced to the Hebrew original 

1st. Take Greek verb active " Tupto,^^ I am striking. In all the 
inflections and derivatives of this verb, through every person, number, 
mood, and tense, the radical part of that word tup, to strike, and comes 
from the Hebrew Tp, tap, to strike or beat. Hence, also, the English 
words tap, top, tup. The word in Hebrew explains itself, as being so 
called from the sound produced by heating, 

2nd. Latin, take the word Capio, " To take, to take by force, to seize, 
to take prisoner, to take by assault, to hold, or contain." This verb 
active, through every person, number, mood, tense, and all its derivatives 
or changes, lie radical part remains cap, from the Hebrew Kp, kap, the 
hollow of the hand. Hence, take in hand, is to overcome, subdue, force 
against the will by a superior force, Inde cativus, cavus, and many more, 
but is from the Hebrew. English capture, cave, cove, &c 

3rd. X-a-rat-to, Greek verb to carve, to engrave. The radical conso- 
nants are k-hrt, from the Hebrew K-rt, to cut, to engrave on wood or 
stone. The English words carpenter, carve, &c. 

4th. The Greek words "Be-mata" and " Be-ma-si " come from the 
radicals " Be-ma," and this is from Hebrew root B-me, a high place, and 
the English bames, an elevated common, usually a common-right, pasture, 
a public benefit ; there is a bames at Fairfield, near Buxton, Derbyshire. 

5th. The Greek Pherna, a dowry, is from the Hebrew P-m (Peran), 
to endow; i.e. literally English, prentice, one that is being endowed, 
present, a gift, and perquisite, &c. 

6th. The Greek E-ido, and the Latin Video, come from the root 
Hebrew I-do, to know. 

7th. Latin Ain, not, is from the Hebrew Ain, not. 


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8tli. The Greek Edo-ne and e-dion, pleasing, delightful, are both from 
the Hebrew 0-dn, Eden^ paradise. 

9th, Suffetes, Punic, Latin Suffes, Carthagenian magistrates, a chief 
authority ; the former, whether from the Punic of the Phoenician, both 
these words are from the Hebrew. Su-pf-im, supethim, judges, from the 
Hebrew root S-pfi to judge. 

10th. The Greek Se-ma, se-ma-in-o, to point out, to distinguish from, 
come from the Hebrew Sm, i.e. Sem, a name, any mark or sign of dis- 
tinction. Persons of renown in Hebrew are called A-nsi-sm, Men of name ! 

11th. Latin Cadus is from the Hebrew Kd (Jcad), a cask, a barrel. 

12th. Latin Modius, Modus, Moderor, are from the Hebrew Md (mod), 
a measure. 

13th. Latin Maveo, Motum, and English commotion, reject the 
preposition, and the termination remains mot; the radical part is from 
the Hebrew Muf, he slipped. 

14th. The Greek Mis-go, Latin Mixtura, Misceo. The radical consonant 
mrsg, from the Hebrew M-vk (m^shek), to mix. 


The following examples of words taken promiscuously from Greek, 
Latin, and Ebaglish bear so striking a resemblance, both in sound and 
signification, to their common source, the parent Hebrew, thdt their appear- 
ance here in juxtaposition may further illustrate this truth. It may exhibit 
the fact more clearly by inverting the order of arrangement, putting the 
Hebrew first. 

14. Obd, Obedeo, to serve 

15. Obr, Over 

16. Abv, Obesus, to be fat 

17. Kbl, a rope 

18. Sq, Saccus, sackcloth 

19. Mr, Amarus, bitter 

20. P-ra, rerus,Fer8e,wild,fierce 

21. Sq-wi, Succus, juice 

22. V-pr, Cypher, to count 

23. Qra, Cry, to crow 

24. Qrun, Cornu, a horn 

25. L-pid, Lapid, Gk. Lampas 

26. Lainpados, a lamp 

This table might be greatly enlarged. The above are a very few 
specimens, showing the close connection which all languages have with 
each other, and that the Hebrew is the source from which they all take 
their rise, by which they are all modelled, and it is the parent of them alL 
Once master the Hebrew, not a very difficult task, and the mastery of 
every other language is easy of attainment, for they are only modifications 
of the one great and Divine original, the Hebrew, which was inspired of 
God himself in our first parents in Paradise, that no Israelite has a right 
to arrogate its appropriation to himself, for that it is the vehical of Divine 
revelation and the common language of man. 







Awil, Auil, 
Gae, Gae, Gay, 
Gbe, Gibbe, 


Lifted up 














Dum, Dumb, silent 
Hul, To howl 
, Dema, Gk. Demas, like 
I-in, Vinum, Gk. Oi-non, wine 
Gk. Ageiro, Lat. Congrego, 
Gk. So-ros, A heap [gathered 
Lat. Aveo, To desire 



„ Lateo, To hide 
a dyke, A fortification 


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A COLLECTION of Hebrew words incorporated in the Englisli language^ 
wliich, from its close afi&nity in force and structure^ shows that it is only- 
one of the many dialects of Hebrew : 

Ewil, 0-wil 



To dash 




To abase 












To harass 








To sleep 

H-rt, or, H-rf 

To write 


A camel 












To howl 


Kard, spiknard 


To gaze 


To sweep 


To hang 


A shower 


A child 


J!o cypher 


To stop 


To annoy 


















To see 


A side 




A sparrow 


A sack 






A crow, a iaven 


Pure, bright 


To cry 






To break 




To mix 




A shield 




A dagger 


To shiviBit 


A kid 


To set 

Elk, or, 

Hk, To walk 


A belt 


A sceptre, a ] 


A knave 






To sink 




To assaje 


A leech 




A grave 







1. EzampleB of Ax^lo-Hebrew words, the last ktter we put first : 

At, The 0-rb, To ba^ain 

Zaty This 'Ny, A sign, an engine 

2. The second let^r in Hebrew, put the last in English : 

M-kr, Market Dsn, Cinders 

O-dr, Herd 


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3. Sometimes a letter in Hebrew is in English omitted : 

Hu-mr, Mire P-vh, To pass 

Lq-q, To lick E-gz, To rage 

N-pl, TofaU E-gl, To rain 

0-urb, A raven Sor, Hair 

P-jl, To peel S-qf, Quiet 

Kt-t, Cut HU, A hole 

H-gr, To gird 

4. To the Hebrew word, examples in English of new letter added : 

1st. New letter put before the Hebrew : 

0-ns, To punish Pr, An heifer 

2nd. The new letter inserted in the English, as : 

A-ns, Anguish Zrm, A storm 

B-wa, To blush Sur, To stare 

Rus, To thresh S-1-1, To steal 

Zre, To strow 

3rd. A letter in English added to Hebrew original : 
Gum, A gamer H-us, To haste 

Hup, An haven Pul, Pulse 

Kro, To crouch Rne, A ring 



The Hebrew ideal, descriptive, and sole primal language, not acquired, 
but inspired in man in Paradise by the Holy Ghost, and every tongue 
dependent on it. Their words are mostly arbitrary, and derived from the 
Hebrew. For example : 

1st. Sr, a prince, a captain ; hence sir, sire, sieur. 

2nd. K-1, kol, "to collect," assemble, Greek Kaleo, call. 

3rd. Q-dm, " the east," hence cadmus of the Greek is a Hebrew de- 
scription, but mistaken generally for a proper name. 

4th. Bur, " a hole," hence bore, bury, burrow. 

5th. Bur-e-mut, "a cave of death," hence the Greek puramis, pura- 
midos, which means, a pyramid ; the word in Hebrew, a cave for the 

6th. A-bas, " the father or inventor of fire." The Chaldaic A-basta, 
hence Dorice, E-pha-is-tos, Aphaistos, the Greek name of Vulcan. The 
term Vulcan comes from the Hebrew Tu-bl-qin, Tubl sounded Vul-qin, 
i.e., Vulcan. The term Vulcan comes from the Hebrew, but the character 
given of him by Moses of this person is a further confirmation of this 
fact. The passage in the original, Gen. iv. 22, is thus : 

" U-gl-e gm, e-ya, ild-e at Tubl-qin, Ifs Id hrs, n-hst, ni-br-zl. And 
Zillah she also bear Tubal-Cain, an instmctor (whetter) of every artificer 
in brass and iron." 

The last words, " kl h-rs n-hst, u-br-zl " would be better rendered a 
polisher of every copper (bronze) and iron. Bronze is a fusion of copper 
and tin, called also bell-metal and gun-metal ; it is hard, and carries a» 




keen an edge as the best steel swords ; spears, bows, arrow-beads, reaping 
books, knives, razors, and all edge tools were all made of this metal before 
tbe mannfiBicture of iron into steel was discovered. Thus Tubal-Cain, wbo 
invented tbe fluxing and smelting of ores by means of fire, .was one of tbe 
greatest of public benefactors. 

7th. Yul-dt, a midwife ; hence tbe designation of ULthyia given to Juno 
Lucina, the goddess that presided at births, mientioned in the ^ Carmen 
Seculare" of Horace : 

^' Eite maturos aperire partus, 
Lenis Bithyia tuere matres, 
Sive tu Lucina probas vocari, 
Seu genitalis " 

8th. Tp-vr, by transposition ; Satrap^ a name in Persian langus^, for 
a general or governor. See Nabum, cap 3 v. 17 ; satrapa, satrapes. 

9th. H-mm, " to be warm," hence tbe Arabic HummvmSy hot baths of 

10th. Trp, "prey," "food caught in hunting"; hence the Greek 
Tre-phio, tro-phie, English trophy, to feed, to nourish, food. 

llibL T-bl, hence Latin tabula, English table. Any flat surface, used 
also to express the habitable globe. 

12th. K-pl, English word couple. 

13th. Juq, to confine, straighten ; hence English, choke, check, 

14th. Mr or mur, bitter ; hence the Greek mur-ra and Latin myrrha, 
and tbe Ei^glish myrrh, Lat o/marus, bitter. 

Note. — ^Myrrh is a vegetable production of the gum or resin kind, 
issuing by incision, and sometimes spontaneously, from the trunk and 
large branches of a tree growing in Egypt, Arabia, and Abyssinia. Its 
taste is bitter, but its perfome deligbtftd. See Exodus xxx. 23 ; Psalm 
xlv. 9 ; and Canticles v. 5-13, 

15th. Mlq, " to wring or squeeze out ;" h^ioe tbe Latin mulgeo 
mulctum ; English mxM and milk. 

16th. Q-lo, "bending," "inclining;" hence the Greek koilos, hoUow^ 
Latin verb "ccelo," to ^Ttgrave, to hollow, scoop out. 

17th. T-kn signifies to direct, regulate by weight, measure, or rule ; 
hence the Greek te-chne, tek-ton, ar-cbi-tek-ton, also the English archi- 
tect, architecture, something under direction, regulated. 

18th. Tor, to divide, cut, cleave ; hence ib.e Greek tro-o, to wound, 
teirio ; and Latin tero, tritus ; English, tear, tore, torn, trite, contrite, con- 
trition, wounded, cut in spirit 

19th. T-m, settled, fixed ; hence the Greek thre-nus, a footstool, also 
thro-nos ; Latin, thronus ; Ei^lish, a throne. 

Note. — ^By careMly attending to the connection of languages, a correct 
acquaintance with them will be greatly facilitated ; and bear also in mind 
to investigate the radical terms, for example. 

1. Z-qn, old, by a small alteration, it k senex, old. 

2. Arj, earth, nearly in sound tiie same. 

3. M-sure, measurl, a measure; Latin, mensura; and the French, 


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Speech is imitative, and not a natural endowment, like seeing, tasting, 
hearing. Adam conversed with his Creator, the first instructor in 
language was its Divine author. The names of Adam and Eve, and all 
animal and vegetable existence, was Hebrew, is self-evident 

The confusion at Babel, a quarrel about things, not a staring ignorance 
of unintelligible utterance, or rather no utterance at all, which would not 
be quite a sufficient reason for the quarrel, or else it was more than suffi- 
cient, for if eeich one spoke a different language, they must each be the 
subject of two miracles, 1st, By instant inspiration with a new language ; 
and, 2nd, As instant an oblivion of his native tongue, which, as it is ;iot 
said in Scripture, ought not to be received. Beside, if every one spoke a 
language no one else understood, and no one could recal the name of any- 
thing, go where he might, the insuperable impediment would confront 
him — ^might they not better have remained than have separated, where 
they personally knew each, than separate and perish for want 1 But there 
never was such as annihilating one divinely-taught language, and then as 
miraculously inspiring rebels with each one a new language' for himself. 

We have the pure and primitive tongue in the Holy Scriptures, from 
Adam to Noah, from Noah to Abraham, from Abraham to Malachi — - 
given unto them by the inspired Proi)hets and Apostles, those "holy 
men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost, *' and that we 
have complete, entire, and perfect in Hebrew Bible, 

Koah took no part in setting up the carnal idolatry at Babel, for he 
was a preacher 'of righteousness. Shem and the Holy line through him 
by Arphaxed, Salah down to Terah and Abraham were not apostates, and by 
them was Hebrew and faith in Christ preserved untainted in the world. 

As to a mere confusion of tongues, had such a thing been, it would 
have been the gift of tongues, not to be confounded, but hundreds of 
tongues given instead, so it was not. 

It is allowed on all hands that Canaan, the son of Ham, had the same 
language as Abraham had, and also Isaac and Jacob, and in which Moses 
wrote the oracles of truth. 

This alone is a strong presumption there were no languages miraculous 
given to the idolaters at the building of the Tower of Babel. 


Syriac and Hebrew were the same ages after BabeL It would be, 
indeed, extraordinary upon the supposition that there had really been a 
miraculous multiplication of languages at Babel to find Asher, the son of 
Shem, and Nimrod, grandson of Ham — two rival princes of such different 
families — in opposite interests, and such constant opposers of each other, 
as their kingdoms were after them, should yet be confounded into 
the same language. 

Nimrod at Babel, and Asher at Nineveh, the greatest cities in the 
world, and heads of two vast empires, are so joined in punishment as both 

K 2 

Digitized by V^OOQIC 


to be forced into the same language at Babel, while fathers, mothers, sons, 
and daughters, every member of every petty family, are divided and sub- 
divided into as many languages as individuals ! 

On the hypothesis that the line of Ham should be separated by this 
wall of confusiony made necessary by their own iniquity, we should 
naturally have expected that they would not have been included among 
their lesser brethren, who left Babel and its wicked foundations, and thus 
repented and protested against this purpose of iniquity ; but the reverse 
of all happened. 

Aramith was the common language of Babylon, afterwards called 
Chaldean, the Assyrian and Syrian Empires. Balaam was a prophet, not 
of Baal-peor, or of Rimmon, or of Nisroch, but of Jehovah, within the 
latter, as low down from Babel as the return of Israel from Egypt, about 
781 after the confusion. Their religion was the opposite of Moab to this 
time, the langitage the same substantially so. 

The Arimith or Syriac differed in Hezekiah's time from the Hebrew ; 
but, if different nations had diverse languages from Babel, these distant 
and disagreeing nations must have had diverse tongues ; but were that so, 
one or other must have renounced their national language. And if one 
had changed, might not the other also ] 

Language changes gradually and insensibly — people of the same age 
have the same language, though it may differ greatly from the tongue 
spoken in the same place and people in ages past. 

The Hebrew, spoken by Nimrod and Asher, though then identical, 
must have suffered considerable modification from their day to that of 
Hezekiah, about 1507, and might very possibly have degenerated into what 
is called Syriac in that long space of time. 

Though Syriac, differed from Hebrew when Hezekiah lived, it did not 
differ in the time of Jacob and Laban, is very certain from the contract 
between them, Genesis 31, confirmed by the whole history of Jacob in 

1st. Jacob meets with the shepherds in the fields, at his coming, and 
talks with them, without an interpreter. Was Jacob inspired with Syriac, 
or the shepherds with Hebrew, or had Jacob learned Syriac before he 
came ] No mention is made of it if he had, and cannot be admitted. 

Rachael comes with her father's sheep. Jacob speaks and tells his 
parentage. No hint of an interpreter between them, or that Eachael 
understood any but her native tongue, nor that she spake in Syriac. 

2nd. The family names, Laban, Leah, Eachael, Milkah, Eebekah, 
Bethuel, Nahor, are all pure Hebrew in form and termination. 

3rd. The two sisters gave names to their children, Reuben, Simeon, 
Levi, Judah, and the rest ; all, again, of the Hebrew interpretation and 
structure, without any mixture of what Syriac afterwards became. 

4th. Setting the bounds between Laban and Jacob is a direct proof 
that there was no difference of dialect between them ; Laban the Aramite, 
and Jacob the Hebrew, give utterances the same ver. 43, " Laban said to 
Jacob, let us cut off a perifier between us, I and thou, and let it be for a 
witness; and they took stones and made a heap," ver. 47, "And Laban 
called it Lgr, 8e-du-ta,and Jacob called Gl-od," and ver. 49, We-mj-pe, 
"And Laban said. This heap be witness between me and thee this day ; 


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therefore he called the name of it Gl-od, the heap of witness ; '' and 
Mizpeh, a watch tower, for " Laban said, Jehovah watch between me and 
thee, if thou shalt afflict my daughters ; see Grod is witness between me 
and thee." 



Two names are given to this heap of stones : JIacob calls it "Gilod,'* and 
Laban calls it "Mizpeh;" both these names are Hebrew. And Laban 
clearly explains the first name he gave it, " I-gr-Se-du-ta," in the most 
exact accordance with the Hebrew etymology of the word, ver. 51, "Laban 
said to Jacob, Behold this heap, and behold this pillar y which I have cast 
between me and thee, that thou shalt not pass over this heap and this 
pillar to me for t^arm; ver. 53, "Xhe Goji of Abraham, and the God of 
Nahor judge betweeh us," meaning, let the judgment of the Almighty fall 
on either of them that should dare to pass the hound-stone for evil to the 

And this is precisely what is expressed in the first name that Laban gave 
to this lasting monument. " I-gr, /ear, S-ed, loitness^ at, both a noun and 
verb, for hounds, limits, see Gen. xlxix. 26 and Num xxxiv. 7, 8. "T-ta-u, 
Ye shall set your hounds at Mount Hor." 

The meaning is this, I-gr, fear, a pure Hebrew word for fear. The fear 
of the Divine judgment on the transgressor was annexed to the witness 
heap ; and S-ed, a witness, in Hebrew, and ta, hounds, which neither for 
harm to the other should pass. This simple and plain interpretation 
takes up and explains the reasons Laban assigns in verses 51, 52, also for 
the name he gave the place. 

It is indeed surprising that learned men should endeavour to give these 
two words, " I-gr, se-du-ta," in feeble evidence of a difference of language 
then existing between Jacob and Laban. Tliey seem to have thought it 
necessary to Jbhe purpose to make I-gr mean a heap, and se-du-ta witness, 
because Jacob expressed the idea in Gl-od, and that Laban also, in Syriac, 
expressed it as a witness heap ; but Laban said no such thing, but appeal- 
ing to the mutual piety, said, in their common tongue, more than "Gil-od," 
signifies. I-gr-se-du-ta ratifies the covenant by holy obedience in the 
sight of God, and solemnly invoked this heap as a witness, that both would 
fear to violate their sacred pledge. 

But it is said that I-gr, plur. I-gr-in, is a noun of the Chaldee 
form, made of the Hebrew verb A-gr, to collect. But why not it come ^ 
directly from the Hebrew I-gr, to fear % especially when here God is 
solemnly appealed to by both % Laban had expressed a heap in Gl-od, 
I-gr, fear, se-du, witness^ and ta, bounds. This is what was covenanted, all 
Hebrew ; and we maintain that I-gr, even in Syriac, is not the word for 

Still it is urged by those who choose ex ammo to accept the human, 
fallable interpretation, gathered around the Hebrew by the points, that 
4^-du-ta, a witness (not heap) is a noun of the verb S-ed, taking it for a 
simple word, and thus puts a look upon it, something like what in after 
ages Syriac. assumed. Still this dijQ6lculty presents itself^ and must be 




removed before tliat interpretation is accepted, it is this : Gl-od is Hebrew; 
Mizpeh also is Hebrew, given by Laban himself^ therefore he knew 
Hel»ew, and spoke it toa I-gr, which is also coupled with the other 
two, is not Syriac, but Hebrew, also spoken by Laban himself^ the elder 
and chief contracter, declares Se-du-ta, not heap, Gl-od, expressed that ; 
but, witness that pillar was their mutual boundary, beyond which, for 
harm to the other, neither of them should pass ; and this idea requires to 
be here expressed, and "heap of witness," "heap of witness," the same 
thing twice over, Syriac and Hebrew, as Baxter's Bibles foolishly have it ; 
for surely they understood now, after mutual residence, and understood 
each other at the first of Jacob's coming, and the shepherds and Eachael 
too. In a word, Laban, Jacob, and all Asia spoke li ebrew, and in those 
days knew no other tongue; as a compound Hebrew word, its etymology 
explains its meaning most clearly as above. The Vulgate says, indeed, 
that Laban and Jacob spoke to each other according to the propriety of 
their own langurge ; and which is plain enough ; but they spake not in 
different languages, but one only, and that propriety of meaning and utter- 
ance was in the Hebrew tongue. 

For how can S-ed, the only word out of five here used, be an Aramitish 
word, unless Job, the Arabian, also talked Syriac, or else that Syriac and 
Hebrew were the same % If Job were an Edomite, as it appears he was, 
his language must have been Hebrew, as a descendent from Abraham and 
Isaac and brother of Jacob, one of the parties before us. 



Ist That Abraham, who at the Divine command left his &ther Terah, 
and IJr of the Chaldees, and the inhabitants of Canaan among whom he 
come to sojourn as a stranger, spoke one and the same language, cannot 
be denied or doubted. 

2nd. That the children of Israel brought the Hebrew language with 
th^n out of Egypt, when delivered from their bondage, which was the 
same they had taken down with them into Egypt, 490 years before. 

3rd. This would have been naturally impossible they should have done^ 
if the language of the Egyptians had then difiered~:&om the Hebrew, 
which was their mother tongua 

4th. Consider their circumstances carefully. 

They went down into Egypt few in number, intermixed with Egyptians, 
were set over their cattle, and otherwise. And there were but few women 
among them when they went down, must have n^arried Egyptian women, 
as Joseph himself had done. 

These children must learn the Egyptian language of necessity from 
their Egyptian mothers and playmates, unless we are to suppose that 
these E^ptian women, when married, were immediately inspired with 
the Hebrew tongue, and forgat their own, Ephraim and Mannasseh under 
their Egyptian mother, Av-nt, Ase-nath, and Egyptian nurses and 
servants, Gren. xli 45, could not avoid hearing and learning the Egyptian 




tongue, had there been a difference between it and the Hebrew, which it 
IB believed there was not 

When Pharaoh set taskmasters over the children of Israel before 
Moses was bom, four years before their deliverance, and employed 
them to build cities, and making of bricks, Exodus v., and they 
grew so severe that it was resolved to extirpate the whole nation 
by immediately slaying every male child that should be bom, and 
wear out the rest with hard bondage. Such an intermixture of 
the lordly Egyptian and the obsequent Israelite, must have forced the 
latter to learn the i^ptian tongue, for their tyrants would not have con? 
descended to speak theirs, had it been different from the I^j^yptian. 

They lost their own language during the Babylonian captivity of 
fiseventy years, but retained it in Egypt more than five hundred years, and 
their service was immeasurably more severe in Egypt than in Babylon ! 

Can any sufficient or other reason be given why the Hebrew escaped 
confusion during this long state of vassalage in Egypt, and its being lost 
in Babylon than this : tiiiat there was no other tongue but Hebrew at that 
time spoken in Egypt to mix with and confound it, but there was in 
Babylon 1 

When the amiable daughter of the cruel Pharaoh found the sweet 
in&nt Moses weeping, as it floated down the rapid Nile in its buUmsh 
cradle-barque, and determined to save it at all risks, the loveliness of the 
babe overcame in her the ugliness of her father's mandate. But the 
mother's care, who sends an elder sister of the infent to watch and, if 
possible, prevent a fatal doont — Miriam did well her part ; she saw the 
royal princess receive the tiny ark and sobbing infant, for it wept, 
Exod. ii. 6, " Shall I go and call a nurse of the Hebrew women, that 
she may nurse the child for thee 1" said anxious Miriam, though but her- 
self a child. " And Pharaoh's daughter said. Go ; and the maid went, 
and called the child's mother,'* 8. "And Pharaoh's daughter said unto 
her. Take this child away and nurse it for me, and I will give thee thy 
wages," v, 9. "And the child grew, and she brought him unto Pharaoh's 
daughter, and he became her son. And she called his name Moses ; and 
she said. Because I drew him out of the water," v. 10. 

Passing all the tender and melting incidents of this graphic story, 1st, 
Observe the poor tattered girl goes up to the princess, Mid speaks to her 
court language, Egyptian, and fiie princess answers her in court language. 
Miriam understands, runs at the command of the charming princess, and 
calls the wife of a field-slavej the child's mother, who flies with all a 
mother's love again to embrace her lovely babe. The saviour princess 
speaks to the mother, who understands every word; and, to crown all, 
gives him an !E^gyp1aan name, M-se, draum otd, which is also pure 
Hebrew I 

The authors of "Universal History,' suppose Moses altered his own 
name firom the Coptic Mavse, Moi-rses, Mou, water, and ae, to preserve. 
But how do they know, surely Moses, who was taught in all the learning 
of the Egyptians, must know his own name I 

The titles of honour Pharaoh gave to Joseph's wife, Asenaihj and her 
father's name Potipherah, Priest of On, or Aven, are all pure Hebrew 
words, and express what the Egyptians understood by them, which could 

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hardly have happened, except that the Egyptian nation, at that time, 
spake the same language as all the rest of mankind, namely the Hehrew 

Ab-rk, " Before him : the reason follows TJ-nt-un a-tu " And he was 
set over all the land of Egypt, and without thee shall no man lift up his 
hand or foot in all the land' of Egypt,"Gen. xlL 41-44. Note. — Nouns 
are formed with e prefixed in Hebrew, as " A-pr-im,'' Ephraim. A-zr-h, 
and many others. Multitudes of proper names of persons compounded 
with Ab (see the Dictionary), that Ab, B-rk, and A. i.e. Father, Blesser, 
and a contraction of I, or Father, are very common in the Hebrew, that 
either one, or both, were appropriate to this pious patriarch, Joseplh 
He was appointed a father to the people, and also a Blesser to the nation. 
In him, first, was fulfilled the promise made to Abraham, " I will make 
thee a father of nations," Gen. xviL 4. "And in thy seed shall a}l the 
nations of the eapth be blessed," Gen. xxiL 18. 

Then the new name Pharaoh gave to Joseph, " Jp-nt-po-nh," Genesis 
xU. 46. This is Hebrew, and as common a word as any word in the 
language ; then po-u and nt are Hebrew in frequent use. Po-u and po-i 
are the name of a city where a king of Edom dwelt, whose language we 
are sure was Hebrew — Esau must speak his fathers tongue. 

This title of honour put upon Joseph was descriptive and appropriate 
of a revealer of secrets, or if j-pn be its root, then it is one " that is 
wisely provident, one that treasures up.*' , 

If "j-pn be a title of honour," then we understand it to mean one that 
is highly esteemed, like hidden treasure. Perhaps more fully translated, 
should be "treasure of glorious comfort." "I-po," splendid. SMne 
upon the counsel of the wicked, Job x. 3. " Shine forth*' in help, assist- 
ance, Ps. L 2, Ixxx. 2. 

Joseph's wife, Av-nt, Asenath, a Hebrew word ; av-un, misfortune, 
mischief — ^why her father called her by that name, belongs not to us. It 
is Hebrew, that is enough. 

Joseph's father-in-law, Pu-fi-pro, and the Pu-fi;pr, who bought Joseph 
for a slave, are common Hebrew words. Puf, the name of one of Ham's 
sons, beforey Gen. x. 6, and is compounded with al-o-zr, Ex. vi. 25. 

An and A-un, On and Aven, both of these are Hebrew ; there was a city 
of that name in Canaan, name of the Deity, an attribute of the living and 
true God. The names were bqth Hebrew and i^yptian at that time. 

Those who contend for a confusion of languages in Babel would find it 
vastly more difficult to show why, if there were a difference, it were small, 
than to prove that there was none, and could have been no confusion 
at alL 

Then it is worth while to consider the craft of the Gibeonites to impose 
a league upon, Jos. ix. 3-27. Every circiunstance is minutely related, 
and descends to their coats, shoes, wine, skins, sacks, and even their 
bread, but omits the first and most material of all. Difference of langtLage^ 
which would have been a stronger proof than all beside of the real dis- 
tance of their nation, as they artftilly pretended. But they speak as good 
Hebrew as Joshua himself, and converse in it as fluently, too. A strong 
presumption that the Canaanitish nations still spake Hebrew, as they did 
in the time and before the settlemet there, of Abraham. 


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It is certain that Egyptian and Hebrew were identical at the time and 
ages after the myth of Babel, and that Hebrew survived that affair, and 
continued to be the only one language of mankind, everywhere, is demon- 
strative. The Hebrew was, at one time, the vernacular of the " British 
Isles;" the words Brit^ "Britain," and Al-bon, "Albion," are, both of 
them, pure Hebrew, and so are the names of our ancient cities, towns, and 
parishes ; also hills. Valleys, rivers, and even the springs of water ; of all 
the words of Welsh, Saxon, and even the Norman, though the Saxon 
most prevails, and are all of them easily traceable to a Hebrew origin. 

The Philistines descended from a son of Mizaim, appears by their whole 
history, and the language of the son was the same as that of his father, 
which was Egyptian and primitive, namely, " wtan'« '* language, now 
called Hebrew, but really Shemic, Japhatic, Hamic, Nohic, Enonchic, 
Cainic, Sethic, and Adamic. 

The most strenuous asserters of a Babelic confusion of tongues are com- 
pelled to admit, " that language was not so different from that called 
Hebrew as to cause any difficulty for them to converse together, as will be 
perceived by their intercourse with -Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob." See 
Universal History, Vol. II., B. 1., Cap. 4. But, admitting that, how can 
they still assert it was siifficient to produce the dispersion, and to render 
it impossible to proceed with the building of a towei^ of Babel 1 

Abimelech, Gerar, Graza, Gath, Ekron, and every name of person, place, 
and thing in the history of the Philistines are all pure Hebrew, not origin 
only, Hebrew and notlung else — a proof of that, their language was both 
Hebrew and Egyptian. Beside this, Abraham went down into Egypt 
because of a famine in Canaan, and sojourned there, Gen. xii 10, and the 
frequent intercourse subsequently of Isaac, Jacob, and sons, afforded 
opportunity enough to have noted difference of language, if any were, 
but there was none. 

The Philistines and Caphtorim, Gen. x. 14, came out of Cashluhim, and 
were in possession of their country when Abraham came to sojourn among 
them. The Philistines and the Caphtorim were in union as one people, 
Jer. xlvii. 4. The Philistines, the remnant of the country (isle) of 
Caphtor, Amos ix. 7, "The Philistines from Caphtor." 

It has been said that Caphtor was Cappadocia. Be this so or not, they 
must have brought the same language into Philistine that they spoke in 
Caphtor is certain. The Caphtorim was a colony from Egypt, and after- 
wards migrated from Caphtor to Palestine — the language of which was 
Adamic, called Hebrew, and so was the language of this nomade people 
of CaphtorinL 

If, then, the confusion at Babel really was a confusion of l-sun, tongue, 
language, and not a disagreement ; s-pe, lip, sentiment, which it was, 
spite of all ; the l-sun, tongtie, came out of the confusion unscathed^ and 
the design of confounding it utterly failed. Grod does not fail often in 


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accomplishing his designs. Language never was swallowed up ! Never 
was confounded ! The Bible does not say it was ; it does not say that 
1-sun was confounded, which means language ; but the s-pe, lip or senti- 
ment, was, and Babel was put a stop to, not by inability, but by a quarrel. 

Living languages change imperceptibly, and the wider they are severed 
from communion with each other, the greater the difference will' be, as it 
is said, " times run on before tongues run wild,^^ But neither are hinted 
at in the confusion of Babel, and, until it can be shown that 1-sun, tongue, 
and 8-pe, thought, mean and are one and the same, that also confounding 
is the same as annihilating and multiplying, and that all mean one and 
the same thing, we cannot accept the interpretation that language was 
interfered with at the Tower of Babel. 

Beside, we have no reference to language having been ever confounded 
or in any way interfered with. This is very significant, indeed, against 
receiving the hypothesis ; from Genesis to Revelations no image is drawn, 
warning given, or any duty urged by any of the sacred writers at any 
time, in any part of Scripture, from the confusion of tongues ; but, if such 
an event had really happened, it would have been the most memorable 
miracle that ever was wrought. Adam's sin, Cain's murder, Enoch's 
translation, Noah's preaching, the Deluge, call of Abraham, offering of 
Isaac, destruction of Sodom, the Egyptian bondage, giving of ihe law, and 
every notable evenir that happened, is mentioned in other parts of Scrip- 
ture, how comes it to pass that this " confusion of tongues," either as 
warning, precept, or even admonition, is never mentioned by any of the 
sacred writers, or even hinted at in any part of the sacred volume of 
either the Old or New Testament. Let those account for it who can ! 
and confirm the vulgar interpretation if possible. 

After the confusion to the time of Hezekiah, there is no diversity of 
language in any part of the world ever mentioned, but after that period 
down to the Revelations, and in the Revelations, it is mentioned in almost 
every page. The fidelity required it should, but why did we not meet 
with it before, if it really existed, what sufficient reason could possibly be 
assigned — ^who can imagine % 

Tfiie prediction, Deut. xxviii 49, " that God would bring upon Israel 
a nation, whose tongue thou shalt not understand," as something very 
wonderful and distressing ; but where could be the pungency of such a 
threatening, when, if there had been a Babel of tongues, they were used 
to ; nothing more common, and could not understand their neighbours now 
for 500 years ] Ravil and all the writers on the subject admit the 
Hebrew escaped the confusion. It is most likely it did, for the disper- 
sion at Babel took place 115 years after the Deluge, but Noah himself 
was then living, for he lived 350 years after the Flood, and 245 years 
after the Babel apostacy. 

What could Dr. Chandler, late Bishop of Durham, exactly mean when 
he says : " the Hebrew might be no more than a plank of the shipwreck 
at Babel V Why, a word or two, or a phrase only of the primeval 
language is not enough ; and, beside, the Adamic was not a plank or beam 
only, but the entire ship, and if the Hebrew (rather the Adamic) was 
wrecked, all was lost. 

The text under consideration is supposed to say that tongues were 

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multiplied at BabeL Our translation has it, " confound their language," 
Gen. xi 9, " of all the earth," Noah's included. 

If for a moment this wrong translation were admitted, there is nothing 
said any where of making new languages, but if the Adamic was then 
destroyed, new languages must have been then made ; and, on authority 
or supposition, would any one aver that 1 Some say it was mixed ; the 
Scriptures here again are silent, and they may well ; what mixing of a 
wreck could there be when there was nothing, no other language to mix 
with 1 Then, again, it says, "confounded,'' but split and confounded are 
different things. Either how can a part of an old language be a new one, 
or, to use their metaphor, out of old plank make a new ship ] and there 
was nothing else to make it of ; surely a plank is not a ship. 

It may be said that God inspired every person with a new language, 
and erased his old,' but this is saying vastly more about it than the Bible, 
for confounding and Divine inspiration stand in antagonism, palpable 
and direct. 



Genesis Chap. I. 

1. B-ras-it bra Aleim 
e-sm-im, u-at e-arj. 


2. XJ-e-arj e-i-te, te-u u-be-u 
n-hsk 0-1 p-ni te-um u-ru-h 
Aleim m-rh-pt ol p-ni e-mim. 

Gen. ix. 8. Wi-amr Aleim al 
Nh u-al bn-yu at-u 1-amr. 

9. TJ-An-i en-ni m-qim at 
br-it-i at-km u-at zro-iin ah- 

10. U-at kl n-ps e-hi-e asr 
at-km bo-up b-bem-e, u-b-kl 
h-it e-arj at-km m-kl i-ja-i 
e-tb-e 1-kl h-it e-arj. 

11. U-eq-m-ti at Br-it-i, at- 
km, u-la i-kr-t kl bs-r u-od 
m-mi e-mb-ul u-la Ye- we o-ud 
m-bul Is-ht e-arj. 

12. Wi-amr Aleim zat A-ut, 
e-br-it asr A-ni n-tn bin-i 
u-bin-i-km u-bin, kl, n-ps, h-ye, 
asr, at-km, 1-dbr-ut, o-u-lm. 

1. By the Chieftain, the Godhead 
created the substance of the heavens 
and the substance of the earth. 

2. And the earth was unformed and 
hollow, and darkness upon the faces of 
the deep ; and the Spirit Almighty 
brooded tremulously over the faces of 
the waters. 

Gen. ix. 8. And God spake un'o 
Noah, and to his sons with him, saying, 

9. Behold, I establish my purifier on 
your behalf, and of your sons after you. 

10. And with every living soul with 
you, of the fowl and of all animals with 
you, from those which have come out 
of the ark, extending to every animal 
of the earth. 

11. I have established my purifier 
with you, that all flesh shall never 
more be cut off by the waters of a 
flood ; neither shall there be again a 
flood to desolate the earth. 

12. And this shall be a sign unto 
you, said Aleim, which I make between 
me and you, and every living soul with 
you, through all your generations for 


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13. At, q&-ti, nt-ti, bon-n, 
we-it-e, la-ut, brit, bin, u-bin, 

14. We-ye b-on-ni on-n ol 
e-aij, u-nr-at-e, e-qst b-on-n. 

15. U-zk-rt-i at br-it-i, asr 
bin-i, u-bin-i-km, u-bin kl 
n-ps, bi-e b-kl bs-r u-la, ye-ye 
o-ud e-mim 1-mb-ul, Is-ht kl 

16. We-it-e e-qst b-on-n 
u-ra-it-ye 1-zk-r b-rit, o-u-Im 
bin Aleim, u bin, kl n-ps b-ye, 
b-kl b-sr asr ol e-aq. 

1 3. I will set my sbining bow in tbe 
cloud, and it shall be for a sign of a 
purifier between me and the earth. 

14. So that when I spread a cloud 
over the earth, and a bright bow is seen 
in the cloud, 

15. Then I will remember my purifier 
between me and you, and all living 
souls among aU flesh; and the waters 
of a flood shaU. never again appear to 
destroy all flesh. 

16. For the bow shall be in the 
cloud, and I will look upon it for a 
memorial of the everlasting purifier 
between the Divine Aleim, and every 
living soul of all flesh residing upon the 


M-sL-i G. 

11. M-u-vr Ye- we bn-i u-al 
t-qj b-tu-cht-u. 

12. Ei at asr ya-eb Ye-we 
we-M-h u-kab at-bn, i-rj-e. 

13. Asr-i adm m-ja h-km-e, 
u-adm i-pig t-bu-ne. 

14. Ki fab vh-re m-vhr 
k-vp, u-m-hr-uj t-bu-at-e. 

15. I-q-re e-ya m-pn-in-im- 
u-kl h-pj-ik la^is-wu-u-be. 

16. A-rk im-im, bi-mi-ne 
b-sm-al-e, o-sr u-kb-ud. 

17. D-rk-ye dr-ki n-om u-kl 
n-ti-bt-ye s-lum. 

18. Oj hy-im e-ya 1-mh ziq- 

19. Ye-we b-hk-me i-vd aq 
^-un-n, sm-im b-tb-un-e. 

20. B-do-tu te-um-ut n-b- 
qo-u u-sh-qim i-ro-pu fl. 

Proverbs, Chap. Ill 

11. My son, despise not the correction 
of Jehovah, neither be weary of his 

12. For whom Jehovah loveth he 
reproveth, and correcteth the son that 
he favoureth. 

13. Blessed is the man that findeth 
wisdom, and the man that getteth hold 
of knowledge. 

14. For her merchandise is better 
than the merchandise of silver, and her 
produce than fine gold. 

15. She is more valuable than pearls ; 
and all the objects of delight cannot be 
compared unto her. 

16. Length of days is in her right 
hand ; in her left hand riches and honour. 

17. Her ways are ways of pleasant- 
ness, and all her paths peace. 

18. She is a tree of life to them that 
hold upon her. 

19. Jehovah by wisdom founded the: 
earth ; establishing the heavens by une 

20. By his knowledge the depths are 
broken up, and the clouds (skies) drop 


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21. N-jr t-u8-ye, u-mz-me, 
bn-i al il-zu mo-in-ik, 

22. Wi-e-yu hy-im l-n^ps-k ; 
u-hn, l-gr-grt-ik. 

23. Az t-lk 1-b-fh d-rk-k, 
u-r-gl-k la t-gu-p. 

24. Am t-S"kb, la t-p-bd, 
u-8-kb-t, u-orb-e, s-n-tk. 

25. Al t-i-ra, m-p bd p-t- 
am ; u-m-s-at xs-o-im ki t-ba, 

26. Ea Ye-we ye-ye b-kv- 
1-k ; u-s-mr r-gl-k, m-l-kd. 

21. Keep sound wisdom and dis- 
cretion; my son, let tbem not depart 
from tby view. 

22. For life sbaU tbey be to tby soul, 
and an ornament to tby neck. 

23. Tben sbalt tbou walk in confi- 
dence, and tby foot sball not stumble. 

24. If tbou liest down, tbou sbalt not 
be afraid ; yea, tbou sbedt lie down, and 
tby sleep snail be sweet. 

25. Tbou sbalt not be dismayed at 
sudden teryor ; nor at tbe desolation of 
tbe wicked wben it cometb, 

26. For Jeboyaii sball be on tby 
way; and sball keep tby foot from 
every snare. 


B-RAS-IT Lk-Lk Fu. 

1. A-br e-db-rmE-Al-e e-ye, 
db-r Ye-we al Ab-rm-b-mb-ze 
1-amr al ti-ra Ab-rm An-ki 
m-gn Ik s-k-rk e-rb-e, mad, 

2. Wi-amr Ab-rm A-d-ni 
Ye-we me t-tn, li u-An-ki e-ulk 
o-ri-ri u-bn m-sq bit-i e-wa 
D-ms-q-Al-yo-zr ] 

3. Wi-amr Ab-rm, En li-la 
nt-te zro we-ne bn bit-i, yu-rs 

4. We-ne, db-r Ye-we, al-yu 
l-amr; la yi-r-sk, ze ki am asr, 
i-ja m-mo-ik e-wa yi-r-sk. 

5. Wi-u-ja a-tu e-bu-je wi- 
amr E-bf na e-sm-im-e u-vp-r 
e-ku-kb-imamtu-kl 1-vp-r, a-tm, 
wi-amr, lu ke ye-ye zro-k. 

6. We-a-nm b, 
b-sb-e lu j-dq-e. 


Genesis, Chap, xv. 

1. After tbese tbings tbe word of 
Jebovab was directed to Abram in a 
vision, saying. Fear not, Abram ; I will 
be tby sbield, and tby exceeding great 

2. And Abram said, A-do-ni Jebo- 
vab, wbat wilt tbou give, seeing I live 
without sons, and tbe cbief director of 
my bouse is tbis Damascus Eliezer 1 

3. And Abram said, Lo, to me tbou 
bast given me no progeny; a servant of 
my bouse sball inberit my property, 
Cbap. xxiv. 2. 

4. And tbe word of Jebovab addressed 
bim, saying, Tbis person sball not be 
beir; but one wbo sball proceed from 
tbine own bowels sball be tbine beir. 

5. And be brougbt bim fortb abroad 
and said, Look now toward beaven, and 
count tbe number of tbe stars, if tbou 
art able to number tbem ; and be said 
unto bim, So numerous sball be tby 

6. And be believed in Jebovab, wbo 
reckoned to bim for rigbteousness. 


7. Wi-amr al-yu, Ani Ye-we, 
asr e-u-jat-ik m-Aur K-sd-im 
It-t Ik at e-aq* e-zat 1-rs-te. 

7. And be said, I am Jebovab, wbo 
brougbt tbee out of XJr of tbe Cbaldees, 
to give tbis land to inberit it 


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8. Wi-amr, A-d-ni Ye-we, 
b-me A-do ki A-ir-sn-e 1 

9. Wi-amr al-yu q-he, li 
o-gl-e m-sl-st u-oz m-sl-st, u-ail 
m-s-ls u-tr u-gu-zl. 

10. Wi-qh lu at kl al-e, wi- 
b-tr at-m b-tuk, wi-tn, ais b-tr- 
XI, 1-qr-at ro-e-u u-at e-jp-r la, 

11. Wi-rd e^o-if, ole-pg-rim 
wi-sb at-m Ab-rm. 

12. Wi-ei e-sm-s 1-bu-a u-tr- 
dm-e n-p-le, ol Ab-rm, we-ne 
a-im-e h-s-ke, gd-le n-p-lt ol-yu. 

13. Wi-amr 1- Ab-rm I-do-t- 
do ki gr ye-ye zro-k b-a^rj la 
1-em u-obr-im wo-nu, at-m ar- 
bo ma-ut s-ne. 

14. XJ-gm at e-gu-i asr i-ob- 
rb-u dn Anki u-ah-ri kn i-ja-u, 
br-ks gd-ul. 

15. U-at-e t-bu-a al ab-tik 
b-s-lum t-q-br b-sib-e fu-be. 

16. U-dur rb-yo-i, i-su-bu 
e-ne ki la s-lm, o-un ; e-A-mr-i 
od e-ne. 

1 7. Wi-ei e-sm-s ba-e u-ol-fe 
e-ye we-ne t-nur o-sn u-l-pid as 
asr obr bin e-gz-rim e-£d-e. 

18. Bi-nm e-e-wa k-rt Ye- 
we at Ab-rm br-it 1-amr Lzr-ok 
nt-ti at e-arj e-zat m-nr, Mjr- 
im od e-ner e-gd-ul ner Pr-t. 

19. At e-Qin-i, u-at e Qn-zi, 
u-at e Qd-m-ni 

20. U-at e-Ht-i, uat e-Pr-zi, 
u-at e-Rp-a-im. 

21. U-at e-Amr-i, u-at e-Kn- 
o-niu-at, e-Gr-gs-i, u-at e-Ib- 

8. And he said, Lord Jehovah, by what 
shall I know that I shall inherit it 1 

9. And he said, take me three heifers, 
three she-goats, and three rams, and a 
turtle dove, and a young pigeon. 

10. And he took unto him all these 
and divided them in the midst, and laid 
each piece one opposite another ; but 
the birds he divided not 

11. And when the fowls of prey 
attempted to light upon them, they 
were driven away by Abraham. 

12. And when the sun was going 
down, a deep sleep seized Abraham, and 
lo, a horror and great darkness came 
upon him. 

13. And he said to Abraham : Know 
for a certainty that thy progeny shall 
be strangers in a strange land, and shall 
serve the people of that land, who shall 
afflict them four hundred years. 

14. And also that nation whom they 
serve will I judge, and afterwards they 
shall come out with great riches. 

15. And thou shalt go to thy fathers 
in peace : thou shalt be buried in a 
good old age. 

16. But, in the fourth generation, 
they shall come hither again, for the 
iniquity of the Amorites is not yet in 

17. And sun went down, and it became 
dark : lo, a smoking furnace, and a 
burning lamp appeared to pass between 
those parts. 

1 8. In that same day Jehovah ratified 
a purifier with Abraham, saying unto 
thy progeny have I given this land, 
from the river of Egypt to the great 
river, the river Euphrates 1 

19. The Kenites, the Kenezites, and 
the Kadmonites. 

20. An^ the Hittites, the Perizites, 
and the Raphaims. 

21. And the Amorites, the Canaan- 
ites, the Girgasites, and the Jebusites. 


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Lg, Sm-ut Ms-pf-im Hg. 

17. Wi-amr Ye-we al M-se 
Gm at e-dbr e-ze asr db-rt 
A-os-e ki m-jat hn, bo-in-i 
u-ad-ok bnsm. 

18. Wi-amr e-ra-ni na at H- 

19. Wi-amr An-i a-ob-ir, kl 
fub-i ol pn-ik u-qra-ti, b-sm 
Ye-we 1-pn-ip u-hi-ti at asr 
A-hn, u rh-m-ti at asr ar-hm. 

20. Wi-amr la tu-H 1-rat 
at pn-iki la i-ra-ni e-adm u-hL 

21. Wi-amr Ye-we E-ne m- 
qum, at-i, u-n-jb-t ol h-jur. 

22. We-ye b-obr, k-bd-i 
u-sm-tik bn-q-rt, e-jur u-sk-ti, 
k-pi ol-ik od o-br-i 

23. We-vr-ti at k-pi u-ra-it, 
at ah-ri u-pn-i la i-ra-u. 

Sm-ut Chap. 34. 

5. Wi-rd Ye-we b-on-n wi- 
ti-jb o-mu sm wi-qra, b-sm 

6. Wi-obr Ye-we ol pn-yii, 
wi-qra Ye-we ! Ye-we ! Al ! 
rb-um u-hn-un a-rk ap-im, u-rb 
h-vd u-a-mt. 

7. N-jr h-vd 1-al-pim n-sa 
o-un, u-p-so u-hf-a-e, un-qe, 
la in-qe p-qd o-un, ab-ut, ol 
bn-im u-ol bn-i, bn-im, ol 
s-ls-im u-ol ro-bo-im. 

8. Wi-m-er M-se wi-qd arj-e 

Exodus, Chap. 23. 

17. And Jehovah said unto Moses : 
This thing also will I do that thou hast 
spoken ; for thou hast found favour in 
sight, and I know thee by name. 

18. And he said, I beseech thee, 
shew me glory. 

19. And he said, I will make all 
goodness to pass before thee, and I will 
proclaim Jehovah, my name, before 
thee ; and I will be gracious to whom I 
will be gracious, and will shew mercy to 
whom I "will shew mercy. 

20. And he said : thou canst not see 
my face, for no man shall see my face 
and live. 

21. And Jehovah said : behold, there 
is a place by me, and thou shalt stand 
upon a rock. 

22. And while my glory passeth by, 
I will put thee in a clift of the rock, 
and will cover thee with my hand while 
I pass by. 

23. And I will remove my hand, and 
thou shedt see what foUoweth me, but 
my face shall not be seen. 

Exodus, Chap. 34. 

5. Jehovah descended in a cloud, and 
stood with him there, and proclaimed in 
the name Jehovah. 

6. And Jehovah passed by before 
him, and proclaimed Jehovah ! Jehovah, 
Almighty, merciful and gracious, slow 
to anger, and abundant in goodness and 

7. Ketainiag mercy to thousands of 
generations; forgiving in iniquity and 
transgression, and sin ; yet, who will 
by no means hold as innocent, but will 
visit the ioiquity of the fathers upon 
sons, and sons unto the third and fourth 
line of descent. 

8. And Moses made haste and bowed 
his head toward the earth, and wor- 


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M I-so-YE Chap. xl. 

1. Nh-mu-nli-iiiu o-mi i-amr 

2. Db-ru ol lb I-rn-s-lm, 
u-qra-u al-ye ki m-la-e, j-ba-e, 
ki nr-je o-un-e ki, 1-qh-e mid 
Ye-we k-pl-im, b-kl, h-fat-ye. 

3. Qu-1, qu-ra b-md-br-p-nu 
drk Ye-we is-ru b-ot-be, in-vl^e, 

4. KI gi-a i-ns-a u-kl er 
u-gb-oe, i-sp-lii We-ye e-o-qb 
1-mis-ur we-r-kv-im 1-b-qo-e. 

5. U-ii-gle, k-bud Ye-w- 
u-raru kl b-sr i-hd-u ki pi Ye 

'we db-r. 

6. Q-u-i amt Qm; iX-amt 
me, A-qra 1 Kl e-bsr hjir u-kl, 
h-vd-u, kj-ij e-sd-e. 

7. i-bs h-jir n-bl, jij ki, rub 
Ye^we, n-sb-e bu a-ka, h-jir 

Isaiah Chap. xL 

1. Comfort ye, comfort my people, 
saith your Creators. 

2. Speak ye comfortably to the heart 
of Jerusalem, and tell her that her war- 
fare is accomplished; that she hath 
received from the hand of Jehovah 
double for all her sins. 

3. A voice of one crying, Prepare in 
the wilderness a way for Jehovah ; makd 
straight in the desert a highway for our 
Almighty one. 

4. Every vaUey shall be exalted, and 
every mountain and hill shall be made 
low ; the crooked shall be inade straight, 
and the rough plain. 

5. The glory of Jehovah shall be 
revealed, and all flesh shall see it ai 
once ; for the mouth of the Lord hath 
spoken it. 

6. A voice said, Ciy; and I said. 
What shall I cry] All flesh is grass, 
and all its comeliness like the flower of 
the field. 

7. The grass shall wither, the flower 
shall fade, when the breath of Jehovah 
bloweth upon it; surely the people is 


&. t)i er gib -we, ol-i Ik 
m-bsr-t Ji-un, er-im-i b-kh, 
Qu-lk m-bsr-t I-ru-s-lm; e- 
rim-i, al t-ira-i amr-i, l-ori, 
I-ed'e, E-ne ! Ale-i-km. 

10. E*ne1 A-d-ni, Ye-vr6 
b-h-zk ib-wa u-zro-u m-sl-e, lii, 
e-ne, ene, s-kr-u, at-u, u-po-lt-u, 

11. K-ro-e, o-d-ru, i-ro-e, 
b-zro-u, l-q-bj,fl-aim u-b-hi-qu, 
i-sa ol-ut i-ne-L 

12. Mi ! md-dd b-so-lu mim 
\i-sm-im b-zr-t, t-kn u-kl b-s-ls, 


9. Ascend to a high mountain, O 
though publisher of good news to Zion; 
taise thy voice aloud, thou publisher 
of good news to Jerusalem ; raise it, be 
not afraid ; say to the cities of Judah, 
Behold your Almighty God ! 

10. Lo! the Lord Jehovah shall come 
in strength, and his arm shall rule for 
him; his reward is with him, and his 
recompense before him, 

11. He shall feed his flock like a 
shepherd; he shall gather lambs with 
his arms, he shall carry them in his 
bosom, Mid gently lead them that give 

12. Who hath measured the wat«ra 
in the hollow of his hand ; who hath 





opr e-arj, u-s-ql, b-p-lv e-rim 
u-gb-ut, b-ma-zn-im l 

13. Mi! t-knat,RuhYe-we 
u-ais o-jt-u yu-di-o-nu 1 

1 4. At mi, nu-oj, wi-bin-e-u, 
b-ar-b, ni-sp-f] Wi-lmd-e-u, 
d-ot, u-drk, t-bu-nut, yu-di-o- 

15. En ! gu-im k-mr md-li 
u-ks-hq, ma-zn-im n-hs-bu En ! 
ay-im k-dq i-ful ! 

16. U -Lb-nun a-in, di b-or ; 
u-bit-u ; a-in di o-u-le. 

1 7. Kl e-gu-im ka-in, n-gd-u, 
m-a-pv ; u-te-u, n-bs-bu lu. 

meted tbe heavens with a span, or 
collected the dust of the earth in a 
bushel ; who hath weighed the moun- 
tains in scales, and the hills in a balance 1 

13. Who hath prepared the Spirit, 
Jehovah, and as chief man of his counsel 
hath made him to know ? 

14. With whom did he consult, or 
who made him to understand 1 who 
taught him in the path of judgment 1 
who taught him knowledge, or made 
him acquainted with the way of discern- 
ment ] 

15. Lo, the nations are reckoned by 
him as the drop of a bucket ; as the 
light dust of the balance. Lo, he 
poiseth the isles as a very little thing. 

16. And Lebanon is not sufficient to 
bum, nor the beasts of it sufficient for a 
burnt offering. 

17. All nations are as nothing before 
him : they are counted by him less than 
nothing, and vanity. 


18. U-al mi, t-dm-yun Al ] 
u-me dm-ut t-or-ku lu 1 

19. E-p-vl, n-vk h-rs, u-j-rp 
b-zeb, i-rqo~nu u-rt-qut, k-vp 

20. E-m-vk-n, tr-u-me oj, la 
i-r-qb ; i-b-hr h-rs h-km i-b-qs, 
lu 1-ek-in p-vl la im-uf. 

21. E-lu-a t-do-u ] e-lu-a 
t-sm-o-u 1 e-lu-a, ^gd m-ras ] 
1-km e-lu-a e-bin-u-tm mu-vd- 
ut e-arj ] 

22. E-i-sb ol h-ug e-arj wi- 
sb-ye, k-hg-bim e-nu-fe ; k-dq^ 
sm-im wi-mt-hm ka-el 1-sb-t ? 

23. E-nu-tn r-zn-im la -in su- 
■pf-i aij k te-u o-se 1 

18. To whom will ye liken the Al- 
mighty Gk)d 1 or what resemblance will 
ye compare to him ] 

19. A workman formeth an image ; a 
goldsmith overlays it with gold, and 
casteth silver chains. 

20. He that baa no oblation, chooses 
a tree that will not rot ; he seeketh for 
himself a skilful artificer to prepare a 
graven image that shall not be moved. 

2 1 . Have ye not known ? Have ye not 
heard ] Hath it not been told you 
from the beginning 1 (first) have ye not 
understood it from the foundation of the 
earth 1 

22. Who it is that sitteth upon the 
sphere of the earth ; while the inhabi- 
tants of it are as grasshoppers that 
stretcheth out the heaven as a curtain, 
and spreadeth them as a tent to dwell 
in? % 

23. That reduceth the princes to no- 
thing ; that maketli the judges of the 
earth vanitv. 


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24. Ap bl n-fo-u; ap bl, 
zro-u ; ap bl s-rs b-arj ; g-zom 
u-gm n-sp, b-em, wi-bs-u, u- 
vor-e, k-qs t-sam. 

25. U-al mi t-dm-yu-nu, u- 
As-we ] i-amr Qd-us ] 

26. Sa-u m-rum, oin-i-km 
u-ra-u mi bra ale, e-mu-ji-a b- 
m-vpr, jb-am 1-kl-m b-sm, i-qra 
m-rb a-un-im ; u am-ij kh, ais 
la n-od-r. 

27. L-me t-amr, I-o-qb u-t- 
dbr, I-sr-al n-vt-re, d-rk-i ; m- 
Ye-we, u-m--x\le-i, m-sp fi, 
y-obur 1 

28. E-la-ai-do-t am las-mo-t 
Al-ei, o-u-lm Ye-we Bur-a q-jut 
e-arj, la yi-go u-la yi-go a-in 
h-qr 1-t-bum-tu. 

29. N4n li-op kh, ,u la-in 
au-nim o-jm-e i-rb-e. 

30. Wi-op-u,n-or-im wi-go-u 
u~b-hur-im k-sul i-ks-lu. 

31. U-qu-i Ye- We i-hl-i-pu, 
kh y-ol-u abr k-ns-rim, i-ru-ju 
u-la yi-no-ii,i-lk-u, u-la yi-o-pu. 

24. Surely they shall not be planted ; 
surely they shall not be sown; surely 
their stock shall not take root in the 
earth ; he shall also blow upon them ; 
and they shall wither, and the tempest 
shall carry them away as stubble. 

25. To whom will liken me, and to 
whom shall I be equal, saith the Holy 

26. lift up your eyes on high, and 
see who hath created those who 
bringeth out their hosts by number ; 
who calleth them all by name : from 
the greatness of his might, and because 
he is strong in power, and one that 
Mleth not 

27. Why sayest thou, O Jacob, and 
speakest, O Israel ! my way is hid from 
Jehovah, and my judgment neglected by 
my God? 

28. Hast thou not known ; hast thou 
not heard that the God of eternity, 
Jehovah, the creator of the ends of the 
earth, fainteth not, neither is weary, 
and his understanding is unsearchable. 

29. He giveth power to the feint, and 
those of no might he multiplieth strength. 

30. Even young men shall feint and 
be weary, and choice youths shall utterly 

31. But they that wait upon Jehovah 
shall renew their strength; they shall 
have wings as eagles ; they shall run 
and not be weary, and they shall walk 
and not be feint 


Lh A-ub, Cap. 38. 

1. Wi-on Ye-we at A-yub 
mn e-vo-re wi-amr. 

2. Mize, m-hs-ik, oje b-m-lin 
b-li do-t ] 

3. A-zr na k-gb-r e-l~jik-u 
as-a-lk we-u-dy-on-L 

4. A-i-pe e-yit hi vd-i arj e- 
gd am i-do-t bi-ne 1 

Job, Chap. 38. 

1. Then Jehovah answered Job out 
of the whirlwind, and said : 

2. Who is this that darkeneth counsel 
by words without knowledge 1 

3. Gird up now thy loins like a 
valiant man, for I will ask of thee, and 
thou must answer me. 

4. Where wast thou when I founded 
the earth ] declare if thou knowest un- 
derstanding ? 


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5. Mi sm m-md-ye, ki t-do 
at mi n-fe ol-ye qu 1 

6. 01 me ad-n-y e e-f b-o-u au 
mi, i-re, ab-n pn-te 1 

7. B-rn i-hd ku-k-bi bqr 
wi, ri-ou, kl bn-i Aleim ? 

8. Wi-vk b-dl-tim im, b-gi- 
bu, m-r-hm, i-ja 1 

9. B-8u-mi on-n, 1-bs-u ; wo- 
ivpl h-tl4u 1 

10. U-as-br ol-yu b-qi, u-as- 
im br-i-h, u-dl-tm ! 

11. Wi-amr od pe t- ba u-la, 
tu-vip u-pa is-it b-ga-un gl-ik ] 

12. E-mim-ik ju-it^ l-qr, 
i-do-te s-br m-qu-mu ? 

13. La-b-nz b-kn-put, e-arj, 
wi-no-ru res-o-im m-mn-e 1 

14. T-te-pk, k-bm-r b-ut-m, 
iri-tj-bu, k-mji, l-bus 1 

15. Wi-mn-o, m-ris-o-im 
aur-m, uz-ru o, r-me, t-sb-r ? 

16. E-ba-t od n-bk-i, im, u- 
h-qr te-um, e-tel-kt ? 

17. En-gl-u, Ik so-ri mut, 
u-so-ri jl-mut, t-ra-e 1 

18. E-t-bn-nt, od r-hb-i arj, 
e-gd am, i-dot, H-e ] 

5. Wbo placed tbe measures of it if 
thou knowest, or wbo stretched his line 

6. Into what are the sockets of it 
sunk? or, who laid the comer-stone 
thereof 1 

7. When the morning stars sang to- 
gether, and all the sons of God shouted 
for joy. 

8. Who shut up the sea with doors, 
when it burst forth as if it had issued 
from a womb ! 

9. When I made clouds its clothing, 
and thick darkness its swaddling-band i 

10. When I established my decree 
over it, and fixed bars and doors 1 

1 1. And he said, Hitherto shalt thou 
come, and no farther, and here shall thy 
proud waves stay. 

12. Hast, thou commanded the morn- 
ing, since thy days, and caused the dawn 
to know its place 1 

1 3. That it might spread itself to the 
extremities of the earth, and make the 
wicked to run away out of its sight ] 

14. That by it the earth might as- 
sume various forms, like the impressions 
of a seal on clay, or appear like a gar- 
ment of diflferent colours. 

15. That their light might be with- 
drawn from the wicked, and the arm of 
violence broken ? 

1 6. Hast thou entered into the springs 
of the sea 1 or, hast thou walked over 
the bottom of the great deep ] 

17. H$ve the gates of death been opened 
unto thee ] or, hast thou seen the gates 
of the shadow of death ] 

18. Hast thou comprehended the 
breadth of the earth; declare if thou 
knowest it all 1 


19. Ai, ze e-d-rk, i-s-kn, aur, 
ti-hsk ; ai ze m-qu-mu ] 

20. Ki tq-h-nu, al gb-u-lu, 
U-ki t-bin n-ti-but, bit-u ? 

19. Where is the path to the abode 
of light ] and where is the path to the 
dwelling-place of darkness i 

20. That thou mightest go and con- 
duct it to the end of its course; and 
that thou shouldest know the paths to 
the house thereof 1 


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21. I-dot ki-az, tu-ld u-mv- 
pr, im-ik, rb-im 1 

22. E-b-at, al %j-rut, s-lk 
wa-jr-ut, b-rd t-ra-e 1 

23. A 8r,li-8k-ti 1-ot, jr l-yum; 
q-rb um-lh-ine 1 

24. Ai ze e-d-rk i-h-lq ; aur 
i-pj, q-dim ol-i arj ? 

25. Mi p-lg l-8vp t-ol-e, 
u-drk 1-hz-iz q-lut ? 

26. L-em-fir, ol arj, la-ais ; 
m-dbr, la adm, bu 1 

27. Le-sb-yo, s-wa-e, u-ms- 
wa-e, ul-ej-mi-h, mu-ja d-sal 

28. E-is l-m-fr ab au mi, 
e-ul-ik a-gl-i, fl 1 

29. M-b-fii mi ^a e-qr-h 
u-k-pr sm-im mi ild-u 1 

30. K-ab-n, mim i-th-ba-u; 
u-pn-i, te-mn, it-lk-du ] 

31. E-t-qs-r m-od-nut, Ki- 
mel aumu-sk-ut, K-vilt-pt-h ] 

32. E-t-jy-a Mz-rut b-ot-u ; 
n-o-is, ol bn-ye tn-hm ? 

33. E-idot h-qut, s-mim 
am t-sim m-sf-ru b-arj 1 

34. E-t-rim 1-ob qu-lk u-s- 
po-t, mim t-k-vk ! 

35. E-t-sl-h, b-r-qim wi-l-ku; 
wi-amr-u, Ik, En-nu 1 

36. Mi st b-fh-ut b-km-e, 
au mi n-tn I-sk-wu, bi-ne 1 

21. Knowest thou because thou wast 
bom; or because the number of thy 
days is great ] or, didst thou know when 
thou shouldest be bom, or whether the 
number of thy days should be great ? 

22. Hast thou entered into the trea- 
sures of the snow 1 or hast thou seen 
the granaries of the hail ? 

23. Which I reserve against the time 
of hostility, against the day of conflict 
and battle ? 

24. By what way are the flashes of 
lightening separated; or, how is the 
burning east wind spread over the 
earth 1 

25. Who hath divided the cunduits 
for the overflowing of waters 1 or paths 
for the flashes of thunder 1 

26. To cause it to rarn on the earth, 
where no man is ; or on the wildemess, 
where there is no inhabitant ] 

27. To satisfy the desolate ground ; 
and cause the bud of the tender herb to 
spring forth 1 

28. Hath the rain a father 1 and who 
hath begotten the drops of dew 1 

29. Out of whose womb came the 
ice 1 and the hoar frost of heaven, who 
hath gendered it 1 

30. Which causeth the waters to be 
hidden, and the surface of the deep to 
be fastened 1 

' 31. Canst thou bind the sweet in- 
fluences of Pleiades, or loose the bands 
of Orion 1 

32. Canst thou bring forth Mazamth 
at his season, or guide Arcturus with 
his sons 1 

33. Dost thou knoy the ordinances 
of the heavens ] canst thou set tjie 
dominion of them in the earth 1 

34. Canst thou lift up thy voice to 
the clouds, that abundance of water may 
caover thee 'i 

35. Canst thou send lightenings, that 
they may go, and say unto thee. Here 
we are? 

36. Who hath put wisdom in the 
interior part of man, or who hath given 
understanding to his mind 1 


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37. Mii-vp-r s-Kq-im ; b-h-k 
*me u-n-bl-i sm-im, mi ] is-kib 

38. B-j-qt o-pr 1-m-u-jq ; 
u-r-gb-im i-db-qu 1 

39. E-t-jur 1-lb-ya; f-rp 
«-hi-t, k-pi-rim, t-m-la ] 

40. Ki i-sh-u, b-mo-im-ut ; 
i-eb-u, b-vk-e, l-mu, a-rb ] 

41. Mi i-k-in l-o b j-id-u ki 
ild-u, Al al i-8-wo-u; u-to-u, 

37. Who can multiply the cloudy 
vapours ; or stay the bottles of heaven l 

38.* So that the dust may grow into 
hardness ; and ^ the clods cleave fast to- 
gether 1 

39. Wilt thou hunt the prey for the 
lion ; or lill the appetite of the young 

40. WJien they couch in their dens, 
and abide in the covert to lie in wait ] 

41. Who provideth his food for the 
ravens, When his young cry unto the 
Almighty for food ; when they wander 
for ^ant of meat 1 

xxxix. 19. Et-tn, 1-vuv gb- 
■Q-re, e-tal, bis 1 ju-a-ru, ro-me 1 

20. Et-ro-is~nu, k-rb-e e-ud 
n-hr^u a-i-me. 

21. I-hp-ru b-o-mq u-is-is, 
b-kh i-ja 1-qr-at, n-sq. 

^ 22. I-8-hq 1-p-hd u-la i-ht, 
u-la i-sub m-pni, h-rb. 

20. 01-yu t-m-e, a-sp-e 1-eb 
h-ni-t, u-k-id-un. 

24. B-ros u-r-gn, i-gm-a arj 
u-la, i-am-in, ki q-ul su-pr. 

,25. B-di s-pr i-amr ET! ah ! 
n-m-r-lm qi-ri-h,m-l -h,me-r-om 
sr-im u-t-ru-o-e. 

19. Hast thou given to the horse his 
strength 1 Hast thou clothed his neck 
with thunder 1 

20. Canst thou make him afraid as a 
grasshopper i the strength of his snort- 
ing is terrible. 

21. He paweth in the valley, and 
rejoiceth in his strength : and he rush- 
eth on to meet the armed men. 

22. He mocketh at fear, and his not 
affrighted; neither tumeth he back 
from the sword. 

23. The sheath of the sword rattleth 
against him ; he dares the shield and 
the flashing spear. 

24. He swalloweth ground with fierce- 
ness and jage ; neither believeth he the 
bugle to recaL 

25. He saith of the retreating bugle, 
Ha ! ha ! he smelleth the battle afar of^ 
the thunder of the captains and the 


Qi, Telim. 
IrD-ud, Mz-mur. 
L N-am Ye-we 1-Ad-ni, Sb 
1-im-in-i od as-it a-ib-ik e-dm 

2. M-fe o-zk is-lh Ye-we, 
m-Ji-un r-de b-q-rb, a-i-bk. 

Psalm, ex. 
A Psalm of David. 

1. The Jehovah said to my Lord, 
Sit at my right hand, till I make thy 
enemies thy footstool. 

2. Jehovah shall send the rod of thy 
strength out of Zion ; rule thou in the 
midst of thy enemies. 


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3. O-mdn-db-tb-yumh-lkbe- 
dr-i q-ds mr-hm ms-hr Ik fl ild- 

4. N-sb-o Ye-we ula-in-hni 
afc-e k-en, lo-u-lm 6L d-br-ti Ml- 

5. A-d-ni ol im-i-nk m-hj 
b-ynm a-pu ml-kim. 

6. Id-in b-gu-im m-la gu-i-ut 
m-hj las ol aij rb-e. 

7. M-n-hl b-d-rk ia-te ol kn 

3. Thy people shall be willing in the 
day of thy power. I have begotten 
thee in the womb before the morning, 
and as the dew are thy youth- 

4. The Jehovah hath sworn, and will 
not repent Thou art a priest for ever, 
according to the order of the King of 

5. The Lord at thy right hand shall 
smite through kings in the day of his 

6. He shall judge among the heathen ; 
he shaU fill places with the dead bodies ; 
he shall wound the heads over many 

7. He shall drink of the brook by the 
way, therefore shall he lift up the head* 


Q-LZ Tblim Q-br 

1. 01 n-hr-ut B-bl sm i-sb- 
nu gm b-ki-nu b-zk-r-nu at Ji- 

2. 01 o-rb-im b-tu-ke tli-nu 

3. Ki sm s-lu-nu su-bi-nu 
d-br-i; sir ut-ul-li-nu ms-he 
sir-u 1-nu m-sir Ji-un 1 

4. A-ik n-sir at sir Ye-we, 
ol adm-t n-kr 1 

5. Am a-sk-hk, I-ru-s-lm t- 
s-kh, im-i-ni 

6. T-d-bq 1-sun-i, Ih-ki am 
la az-kr-ki am la a-ol-e at I-ru- 
s-lm ol ras s-mh-ti 

7. Z-kr, Ye-we 1-bn-iA-dum, 
at yum, I-ru-s-lm e-am-rm 0- 
ru, 0-ru od e-iv-ud be 

8. Bt B-bl e-sd-ud-e asri si- 
s-lm Ik at gm-u-lk s-gm-lt 1-nu. 

9. Ashri si-a-hz u-np-j at o- 
1-lik al e-vl-o. 

Psalm, Chap. 137. 

1. By the rivers of Babylon there we 
sat down ; yea, we wept when we re- 
membered Zion. 

2. We hanged our harps upon the 
willow in the midst thereof 

3. For there they carried us away as 
captives ; required of us a song, and 
they that carried us away required of us 
mirth, saying, sing us one of the songs 
of Zion. 

4. How shall we sing songs of Jeho- 
vah in a foreign land 1 

5. If I forget thee, O Jerusalem, let 
my right hand forget. 

6. If I do not remember thee, let my 
tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth, 
if I prefer not Jerusalem above my chi^ 


7. Eemember, Jehovah, the chil- 
dren of Edom in the day of Jerusalem ; 
who said. Ease, it, raise it to the foun- 
dations thereof 

8. Oh! desolating daughter of Babyon, 
happy shall he be who visiteth thee for 
the recompense thou hast rendered to ua 

9. Happy he' who taketh thy litth 
ones and dasheth them against the stones. 


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I-A I-80-TB Cap. 11. 

1. U-i-ja h-fr m-gr-o, is-i u- 
n-jr, m-sr-s-yu i-pr-e. 

2. U-n-ke ol-un ru-h Ye-we 
iru-h p-km-e u-bin-e ru-h, o-je, 
u-gb-u-re ; ru-h, dot u-ira-t 

3. "We-ri-hu b-ira-t Ye-we, 
u-ls l-m-rae oin-yu is-p-uf, u-la 
l-m-sm-o a-zn-u yu-ki-h. 

4. U-s-pf b-j-dq dl-im we- 
n-ki-h b m-is-ur 1-on-wi, arj u- 
e-ke arj b-s-bf p-yu u-br-u-h s- 
pt yu, i-mit r-so. 

Isaiah, Chap. 11. 

1. And there shall shoot out a rod of 
the stem of Jesse, and a branch shall 
grow out of his roots. 

2. And the spirit of Jehovah shall 
rest upon him: liie spirit of wisdom and 
of understanding : the spirit of counsel 
and might : the spirit of knowledge : 
and the fear of Jehovah. 

3. And he shall delight in the fear of 
Jehovah, and shall not judge after the 
sight of his eyes, nor decide after the 
hearing of his ears. 

4. But with righteousness shall he 
judge the poor, and decide with equity 
for the meek of the earth ; and he shall 
smite the earth with the rod of his 
mouth, and with the- breath of his lips 
shall he slay the wicked. 


L-B I-so-TE, Cap. 32. 

1. En! 1-j-dq i-m-lk m-lk 
u-1 sr-im l-m-s-pf i-sr-u. 

2. U-e-ye ais k-m-hb-a rub 
u-vt-r, z-rm, k-pl-gi mim b-ji- 
un k-jl vl-o k-bid e-arj o-i-pe. 

3. U-la t-so-i-ne o-i-ni ra- 
im u-az-ni sm-o-im t-qs-bn-e. 

4. U-lb-b n-m-er-im i-bin 
1-do-t, u-l-s-un ol-gim t-m-er 
1-dbr j-hu-t. 

5. La i-qra o-ud 1-n-bl n-dib 
u-1-ki-li la i-amr su-o. 

6. Ki,n-bln-bl-ei-dbru-lb-n 
i-os-e, aun 1-os-ut h-np u-l-dbr 
al Ye-we tu-o-e 1-hr-iq n-ps 
rob u-m-sq-e j-ma i-hv-ir. 

Isaiah, Chap. 32. 

1. Behold! a king shall reign in 
righteousness, and princes shall rule in 

2. And an incomparable man shall be 
as a hiding place &om the wind, and a 
covert from the tempest as rivers of 
water in a dry place, as the shadow of a 
great rock in a weary land. 

3. And the eyes of them that see 
shall not be dim, and the ears of them 
that hear shall harken. 

4. The heart of the rash shall under- 
stand knowledge, and the tongue of the 
stammerers shall be ready to speak 

"5. The vile person shall no more b^ 
called honourable, neither shall the 
niggard said to be bountiful. 

6. For the vile person will speak 
villanously, and his heart project ini- 
^quity ; he will work wickedness and 
rebellion against Jehovah ; to starve the 
soul of the hungry, nor will he give 
water to one dying of thirst. 


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7. U-kl-i, kl-yu,ro-im, e-wa, 7. As for the niggard, his doings are 
zm-ut, i-oj, 1-h-bl on-wim, b- evil ; lie plotteth mischievous devices, 
amr-i, s-qr u-b-dbr ab-i-un, and will spurn at the poor, though he 
m-s-p£ speak^th right 

8. U-n-dibn-dib-ut,i-oj, we- 8. But the liberal deviseth liberal 
ye^ ol, n-dib-ut, i-qum. things ; and by liberal things shall he 

be established. 

Lb A-yub, Chap xxix. Job, Chap. xxix. 

2. Mi ! i-tn-ni ki-r-hi q-dm 2. Oh that it were as in months past, 
ki-mi Al-we, i-sm-r-ni as in the days when the Almity pre- 
served me. 

3. Be-lu n-ru, ol-i, ras-i, 3. When his candle shined upon my 
la-u-ru, a-lk, h-sk. head, and when in the light of his 

countenance I weilked though darkness. 

4. K-asr, e-yit-i b-im-i, h- 4. As I was in the days of my youth, 
rp-i, b-vud Al-we, ol-i, a-el-i, when the secret of the Almighty was 

upon my tabernacle. 

5. Bo-ud S-di, om-di, vb-i- 5. When the Bountiful Giver stood 
but-i, n-or-i. by me continually, and my children 

were round about me. 

6. Br-hj,e-li-ki, b-hm-e-u-jr, 6. When I washed my steps in but- 
i-juq omd-i pl-gL ter, and the rock poured me out rivers 

of oiL 

7. B-ja-tis-or oliq-rt,be-rk- 7. When I went out to the judicial 
ub, ak-in mu-sb-L bench, and took my scat upon it before 

the public, 

8. Ea-u-ni, n-o-rim, u-nh- 8. The junior magistrates hid them- 
ba-u, wi-si-sim q-mu, omd-u. selves, and rose to salute me ; justices 

much older than myself. 

9. Sr-im ojr-u b-ml-im, u-kp 9. The chieftains of theni refrained 
i-sim-u, 1-pi-em. from utterance in my presence, as if 

they had put their hand over their 

10. Q-ul n-gid-im nh-ba-u, 10. The nobles held their peace be- 
n-l-su-nim Ih-km, dbqe. fore me, as if their tongue clave to the 

roof of their mouth. 

11. Ki, a-zn, sm o-e, u-t- 11. When the ear heard me, then it 
ftsr-ni u-o, in ra-te, u-to-id-ni blessed me ; and when the eye saw me, 

it gavQ witness unto me. 

12. Ki, am-1^ o-ni m-su-o 12. Because I delivered the poor that 
wi-tum, u-la, o-zr, lu. cried, and the fatherless, and him that 

had none to help him. 

13. B-rk-t a-u-br, o-li t-ba 13, The blessing of him that was 
u-lb, al-m-ne, ar-nn. ready to perish came upon me ; and I 

caused the widow's heart to sing for 



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14. J-dq 1-bs-ti wi-1-bs-ni 
k-mo-il, u-jn-ip m-s-pf-L 

15. Oin-im ei-it-i, lo-ur u-r- 
gl-im, 1-pvh An-i ; 

16. Ab An-ki, 1-ab-yu-nim 
u-rb, lai-do-ti a-hq-re-u. 

1 7. U -A-sb-re m-tl-o-ut o-iil 

14. I put on righteousness, and it 
clothed me ; my equity was a robe and 
a diadem. 

15. I wsis eyes to the blind; Icet was 
I to the lame. 

16. I was a father to the poor ; and 
the cause which I knew not I searched 

17. And I brake the jaws of the 
wicked, and plucked spoil out of his 


Chapter xxxi. 

13. Am, A-mav m-s-pf o-bd-i, 
u-am-ti b-rb-m omd. 

14. U-me A-08-e, ki, i-qum, 
Al u-ki i-p-qud, me A-sib-nu ? 

15. E-la b-bf-n os-ni, os-e-u ; 
wi-kun-nu b-r-hm, a-hd 1 

16. Am A-mn-o, mh-pj, d- 
lim wo-in-i al-mn-e, a-kl-e ? 

17. U-A-kl, p-ti 1-bd-i; 
u-la a-kl i-tum m-mn-e ; 

18. Ki m-no-u-ri, gd-l-ni, 
k-ab : u-mb-fn, am-i, A-nh-ne. 

19. Am A-ra-e, a-u-bd m- 
bl-i, 1-bus ; wa-yn, kv-ut l-ab- 

20. Am la b-rk-un-i, hl-ju ; 
u-m-gz, k-bsi it-hm-m ; 

21. Am e-ni-pu-ti ol i-tum 
i-di ; ki Ara-e, b-sor o-zr-ti ; 

22. K-tp-i m-sk-me, t-pnl ; 
u-az-ro-i, m-qn-e, t-sb-r ! 

Chap. xxxi. 

13. If I have despised the cause of 
my manservant or of my maidservant, 
when they contended against me ; 

14. What then shall I do when the 
Almighty visiteth and rises up; and 
before him could I answer 1 

15. Did not he that made me in the 
womb make him ? and did not one fash- 
ion us in the womb 1 

16. If I have withheld the poor from 
his desire, or have caused the eyes of 
the widow to fail ; 

17. Or if I have eaten my morsel 
alone, and the fatherless hath not eaten 
thereof ; 

18. For from myyouth he was brought 
up with me a father, and from my mo- 
ther's womb I have guided her. 

19. If I have seen any perfeh for 
want of clothing, or any poor without 
covering ; 

20. If his loins have not blessed me ; 
and if he were not warmed with the 
fleece of my sheep ; 

21. If I have lifted up my hand 
against the fatherless, when I saw my 
power in the seat of judgment ; 

22. Then let mine arm faU from my 
shoulder blade, and mine arm be broken 
from the bone ! 


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C-H, I-so-TE, Chap, lviii. 

1. Qra b-gr-un, al t-lisk, k- 
su-pr e-rm, qu-lk we-gr l-omi, 
p-som, u-lb-it, Yo-qb b-fa-tm. 

2. U-au-ti, ymn, yum i-dr- 
sun, ud-ot, dr-ki, i-bp-jun k-gui, 
mi jdrqe o-se, n-m-sp-f, Ale-un 
la o-zb, isalu-ni, m-sp-fi, j-dq, 
q-rb-t Ale-im, i-bp-jun. 

3. L-me, jm-nu u-la ra-it 1 
on-inu, n-ps-nu, u-la t-do, En ! 
b-yum, j-m-km, t-m-jau, b-pj 
u-kl, o-j-bi-km t-n-gs-u. 

4. En ! 1-r-ib, u-m-je t-ju-mu^ 
ii-1-ek-ut, b-a-gr-up rso. La, 
t-j-um-mu, k-yum, l-es-mi^o, 
b-ni;r-uni, qu-l-kna. 

6. E-k-2eye-ye,j-uin> A-bb- 
re-u ; yum, on-ut, adm, n-ps-u, 
el-kp k-ag-mn, rasu, u-sq, u-a-pr 
i-j-yoe-1-ze; T-qra,j-um,u-yum, 
r-jun, 1-Ye-we 1 

6-. E-l-wa ze j-um A-bb-re-u 
p-tb, b-rj-bit r-so e-tr a-gd-ut, 
m-u-fe u-s-lb r-j-u-jim, b-p-sim 
u-kl m-u-fe t-nt-qu 1 

7. E-l-wa p-rv, 1-r-ob 1-b-mk 
u-on-yim, m-rud-im t-b-ya bit 1 
Ki t-ra-e o-rm u-kv-i-tu u-m- 
bs-rk? Lat-t-ol-m? 

8. Az i-b-qo k-s-hr, aur-k, 
u-ar-k-tk m-er-e t-j-mb u-e-lk 
1-pn-ik j-dq-k, k-bud 1 Ye-we 

9. Az t-qra u-Yewe i-on-e 
t-8-wo, wi-amr. En-ni, Am ! 
T-vir, m-t-uk, m-u-fe s-lb a- 
jb-o, U-dbr, a-un. 

Isaiah Chap, lviii. 

1. Cry aloud, spare not, lift up tby 
voice like a trumpet, and sbew my 
people tbeir transgressions, and tbe 
bouse of Jacob their sins. 

2. Yet tbey seek me daify, and delight 
to knovr my ways, as a nation that did 
righteousness, and forsook not the ordi- 
nances of their God : they ask of me 
the ordinances of justice ; they take 
delight in approaching God. 

3. Wherefore have we fasted, say 
they, and thou seest not 1 wherefore 
have we afflicted our soul, and thou 
takest no knowledge 1 Behold, in the ' 
day of your fast ye find pleasure ; and 
cease your humility to the exact moment. 

4. Behold, ye fast as if for strife and 
debate, and to smite with the fist of 
wickedness : ye shall not fast as ye do 
this day, to make your voice to be heard 
on high. 

5. Is it such a fast as I have chosen? 
a day for a man to afflict his soul ? is it 
to bow down his head as a bulrush, and 
to spread sackcloth and ashes under 
him 1 Wilt thou call this a fast 1 and 
an acceptable day unto Jehovah ] 

6. Is not this the fast that I have 
chosen 1 to unloose the bands of wicked- 
ness ; to undo the heavy burdens, and 
let the oppressed go free : and that ye 
break every yoke 1 

7. Is it not to deal thy bread to the 
hungry, and that thou bring the poor 
that are cast out to thy house 1 when 
thou seest the naked, that thou cover 
him ; and thou hide not thyself from 
thy own flesh 1 

8. Then shall light break forth as the 
morning, ajid thy health shall spring 
forth speedily, and thy rightecmsnesa 
shall go before thee ; the glory of the 
Jehovah shall be thy rerewMd. 

9. Then shalt thou call and Jehovah 
shall answer ; thou shalt cry, and he 
shall say : Here I am. If thou take away 
from the midst of thee the yoke, the put- 
ting forth the finger, and speaking vanity. 

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10. U-t-pq, 1-r-ob, n-ps-k u- 
n-ps n-on-e, l-sb-yo u-zr-li b- 
hsk, a-u-rk u-ap-1-tk k-je-rim. 

11. U-n-hk Ye-we, t-m-ik 
u-e-sb-yo b-jh-jb-ut, n-ps-k u- 
oj-m-t-ik, i-hl-y u-e-yit k-gn 
ruh u-k-mu-ja mim asr la i-k- 
zb-u mim-yiL 

12. U-bn-u m-mk h-rb-ut, 
o-ul-m, m-u-vd-i, dur u-dur, t- 
qum-m, u-qra, Ik Gd-r, P-rj, 
m-8-ub-b n-ti-but 1-sb-t. 

13. Am t-8-ib m-sbt r-gl-k, 
08-ut, b-p-jk b-ynm qd-si u-q- 
rat l-sbt ; on-g 1-qd-us Ye-we, 
m-k-bd u-k-bd-tu m-os-ut d-rk- 
ik m-mj-wa h-p-jk u-dbr dbr. 

14. Az t-to-ng ol Ye-we u- 
er-k bt-ik, ol b-m-ut-i arj u-e 
a-kl-t-ik n-h-lt. J-o-qb, ab-ik, 
ki pi Ye-we dbr. 

10. And if tbou draw out thy soul to 
the hungry, and satisfy the afflicted soul, 
then shall thy light rise in obscurity, 
and thy darkness shall be as the noon- 

11. And Jehovah shall guide thee 
continually, and satisfy thy soul in 
drought, and make fat thy bones ; and 
thou shalt be like a watered garden, 
and like a spring of water, whose waters 
fail not. 

12. And they that shall be of thee 
shall build the old waste places ; thou 
shalt raise up the foundations of Many 
Generations ; and thou shalt be called 
the repairer of the breach, the restorer 
of paths to dwell in. 

13. If thou cease to labour on the 
sabbath from doing thy pleasure on my 
holy day, and shalt call the sabbath a 
delight, the holy of Jehovah honourable, 
and shalt honour him by not following 
labour, nor doing nor pursuing thy 
pleasure, nor speaking vain words, 

14. Then shalt thou delight thyself 
in Jehovah, and I will cause thee to 
ride upon the high places of the earth, 
and feed thee with the heritage of Jacob 
thy father, for the mouth of Jehovah 
hath spoken it. 



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%n^-'^thxtk ^fp0sitar. — |part Cj^it. 





5n 3BngU»f) Cgpe. 













Cm ^^ommii Smpte^ "^dmmm. 

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AARON, A-em, lofty, Exodta tL tO 
Abag-atha, ab-gt-«^ fatiier of the wine 

press, Esther i. 10 
Abana, Ab-ne, rocky rirer, 2 Kings 

T. 12 
Abandon, o-zb, N-bl 
Abarim, Ob-rim, high places. Numbers 

xxyii. 12 
Abase, j-no, o-nh^ s-pl 
Abate, g-ro 
Abated, g-ur 
Abated, be shall, g-ro 
Abated, was, r-pe 
Abated, were, h-vr, ql-1 
Abba, ab-a, father 
Ab-da, ob-da, servant, 1 Kings ir. 6 
Ab-di, ob-di, my serrant, 1 Chron. vi. 

Abdon, ob-dun, servant of judgment 
Abednego, Obd-n-gu, servant of light 
Abdiel, Ob-dl, cloud of the abundance 

of God, Jer. xxxvi. 26 
Abel, E-bl, vapour, vanity. Gen. iv. 8 
Abel, A-bl, mourning, 1 Sam. vi. 18 
Abel, unto, it-bl-e, 2 Sam. xx. 14 
Abel, in, b-a-bl-e, 2 Sam. zx. 15 
Abel beth-mahachah, A-bl-bit-mo-ke, 

near the house, 1 Kings xv. 20 
Abel of the vineyards, A-bl-kr-mim, 

Judges xi. 33 
Abel, the great, Abl-e-gd-u-le, 1 Sam. 

vi. 19 
Abel-maim, A-bl-mim, waters of sorrow, 

2 Chron. xvi 4 
Abel-me-hoola, A-U-me-u-le, mourning 

of the feeble, 1 Kings xix. 
Abel-mizraim, A-bl-mj-rim, mourning 

of the Egyptians, Cfenesis 1. 11 
Abel-shittim, A-bl-e-sf-im, mourning of 

the shittim trees, Num. xxv. 1 
Aben-bohan, A-bn-b-wen, the stone of 

strength, Joshua xviii. 17 
Abhor, g-ol, n-aj 
Abhor, and, t-ob 
Abhor, shall, z-om 

Abhor, shalt thou, t-tob, Deu. xxiii 7 
Abhor, that, em-tob-im, Mic. iii. 9 
Abhor, they, i-tob-u, Amos v. 10 
Abhor, will, i-tob, Ps. v. 6 
Abhor, wa-tob-e, Ps. cxix. 163 
Abhor me, and shall, u-tob-u-ni, Job 

ix. 31 
Abhor utterly, shalt, u-tob, Deu. yii. 26 

Abhor it, shalt thou, f-tob-ntt, Z>eu. 

vii. 26 
Abhor him, shall, i-zom-we-u, Ftorerbs 

zxiv. 24 ; from Zom, to foam at the 

mouth, Isaiah xxx. 27 
Abhorred, b-hl, g-ol, n-aj, s-qj 
Abhorred me, tob-u-ni. Job xii. 19 
Abhorred, he that, insomuch, wi-tob, 

Ps. cvi. 40 
Abhorred, be to made hast and, ut- 

tob-i, Ezk. xvi. 25 
Abhorrest, q-j, Isaiah viL 16, from q-ty, 

Abhorreth, z-em, n-aj, m-ar 
Abhorring, an, d-ra-un, Isaiah Ixvi. 24 
Abez, a-bj, an egg, from b-ij,Jos. xix. 20 
Abi, a-bi, my father, 2 Kings xviii. 2 
Abiah, Ab-ye, Father, Jehovah, 1 Sam. 

Abi-albon, a-bi-ol-bun, most intelligent 

father, 2 Sam. xxiii. 31 
Abiathar, A-bi-tr, excellent father, 2 

Sam» viii. 17 
Abib, a-bib, green ears of com. Exodus 

xiii. 4 
Abida, Ab-ido, father of knowledge^ 

Genesis xxv. 4 
Abidan, A-bi-dn, father of judgment^ 

Numbers vii. 60 
Abial, A-by-al, my father God, 2jSam. 

xxiii. 31 
Abiel, A-by-id, iSam ix. 1 
Abide, h-ne, i-sb, 1-un, s-kn 
Abide, fast, d-bq 
Abide, can, k-ul, q-um 
Abide, may, b-wa, k-ul 
Abide, shall, g-ur, h-ul,I-we, 1-un, o-md 
Abide, still, s-ub 
Abide, will, g-ur 
Abideth, b-wa, i-sb, 1-un, o-md 
Abiding, i-sb, v-ph, q-we 
Abiezer, A-bi-o-zr, father of help, t 

Samuel xxiii. 27 
Abi-gabaon, A-bi-g-bo-un, father of the 

hill, 1 Chron. viii. 29 
Abigail, A-bi-g-il, joy of the fiather, 

1 Samuel xxiii. 15 
Abihail, A-bi-hil, father of strength, 

1 Chron. v. 13 
Abihu, A-by-e-u, he is my father, Ler. 

X. 2 
Abijah, A-by-e, Father Jehovah, 2 

Chron. xiii. 1 


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Abiiam, Ab-im> fatlier of the sea, 1 
Kings XY. 1 

Abla, Ab-el-s-tm, rocky waste 

Abimael, A-bi-m-al,faflier sent of God, 
Genesis z. 28 

Abimelech, A-bi-m-lk, my father the 
king, Gen. xx. 17 

Abinadab, A-bi-n-db^ father of willing- 
ness, 1 Chron. ii. 13 

Abinoam, A-bi-n-om, father of beauty, 
Jud. iv. 6 

Abiram, A-bi-rm, father of elevation, 
Numbers xvi. 

Ability, di, id, ku-h, n-sg, i-lt 

Abishag, A-bi-sg, my father has seized, 

1 Kings ii. 17 

A-bishai, A-bi-si, father of the present, 

2 Sam. xxYi. 7 

Abishalem, A-bi-s-lum, father of peace, 

1 Kings XV. 2 
Abishua, A-bi-s-wo, father of salvation, 

1 Chron. vi. 60 
Abisbur, A-bi-sur, father of upright- 
ness, 1 Chron. ii. 8 
Abical, A-bi-fl, father of the dew, 

1 Chron. iii. 3 
Abitub, A-bi-fub, father of goodness, 

1 Chron. viii. 11 
Abiud, A-bi-e-ud, father of glory. Matt. 

i. 13 
Abject, n-ke, smitten, Exodus xxii. 2 
Abjects, the, n-kim, Ps. xxxv. 15 
Abjured, ale 
Able, di, h-il. i-kl, k-el 
Able, am, i-kl 
Able, not, di, id, kul, m-ja, n-go, 

Able, is, ku-h, n-sg, n-tn, o-ir 
Able, were, o-jr 

Abner, A-bi-nr, father of light, 2 Sam. ii. 
Abode i-sb, s-^ 
Abode, behind, o-md, h-ne 
Abode, i-sb, to sit, Exodus xv. 17 
Abode, thy but, u-sb-tk, Isa. xxxvii. 28 
Abodest thou, i-sb-t, Jud. v. 16 
Abolish, h-lp, to pass. Job ix. 26 
Abolish, he shall, i-h-lp, Isa. ii. 18 
Abolished, be may, u-n-mh-u, Ez. vi. 6 
Abominable, z-om, p-gl, s-qj, t-ob 
Abominable filth, s-qu-jim, Nah. iii. 6 
Abominable idols, the, e-s-q-jim, 2 

Chron. xv. 8 
Abominable thing, s-qj, Lev. vii. 21 
Abominable, did he and, wi-tob, 1 

Kings xxi. 26 
Abomination, the and, we-s-qj, Isa. 

Ixvi. 17 

Abominations, the, e-s-qj-im, 2 Eongs 

xxiii. 24 
. Above, b, m, mn, o-le 
Above, far, r-um 
Above, for, ki 

Abound, rb-b, many, Jer. v. 6 
Abound, shall, rb, Prov. xxviii. 20 
Aboundeth, rb, Ptov. xxix. 22 
Abounding, k-bd, weighty, Jud. xviiL 

Abounding, n-k-bd-i, Prov. viii. 24 
About a-le, ir, k, 1, n-gd, vb-b, od, o-le 
About, the time, 1 

Abram, A-brm, high'father, Gen. xi. 27 
Abraham, A-br-hm, father of multi- 
tudes, many nations. Gen. xvii. 6, 6 
Abroad, e-lk, h-uj, i-ja, p-uj, s-f h 
Absent, we are, n-vtr, Gren. xxxi. 49 
Abstained, n-zr 
Abstracted, p-sf 
Abundance, e-mn, o-jim, rb-b, rb-e, 

s-bo, s-le 
Abundance, and, s-po 
Abundance, the, in, a-in, k-br, v-pr, s-rj 
Abundance, the, i-tr, o-tr, s-po 
Abundance, the, with, z-in 
Abundant, i-tr 
Abundantly, b-rk, i-rd, mad, r-ud, r-we, 

s-kr, s-ro 
Abuse, ol-l, to vex. Lam. iii. 61 
Absalom, Ab-s-lum, father of peace, 1 

Kings XV. 2 
Abuse, and, we-t-ol-lu, 1 Sam. xxxi. 4 
Abused, and, wi-t-ol-lu, Jud. xix. 26 
Abyss, te-um, accad, a-kd 
Accept, d-sn, n-sa, r-je, a pitcher 
Accept him, let, ri-h 
Accept, shall, 1-qh 
Acceptable, b-hr, h-pj, s-pr 
Acceptance, r-je, esteem. Lev. xxvL 

Accepted, also, n-sa 
Accepted, be, n-pl 
Accepted, been, i-fb 
Accepted, have, n-sa 
Accepted, was, i-fb 
Accepteth, n-sa 
Accomplish, q-um, k-le 
Accomplish, I, k-le, q-um, k-lh 
Accomplish, he, r-je 
Accomplish, shall, o-se 
Accomplish, tm-m 
Accomplish, to, p-la 
Accomplish, would, m-la 
Accomplished, e-ye, m-la, tm-m 
Accomplished, be, k-le 
I Accessary, h-br 


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Accident, m-q-re 

Acco, o-ku 

Accord, p-e 

According, asr, p-e 

According to, al-e, di, k, 1, m, mn, 

om, p-ne, mn 
Account, o-ne 
Account, the, in, v-pr 
Account, makest, h-sb 
Account, their, p-qd 
Accounts, f-om 
Accounted, h-sb, y-pr 
Accursed, h-rm, ql-1 
Accursed thing, h-rm, Jos. vii. 13 
Accuse, t-l-sn, Prov. xxi. 10 
Accused, a-kl, r-rj 
Accustomed, 1-md-i, Jer. xiii. 23. 
Achmetha, B-a-em-ta, engrossed roll, 

Ez. yi. 2. 
Accho, 0-ku, enclosed, from ouq, to 

squeeze, Jud. i. 31 
Aceldama, Hql-d-me, a field of red 

earth, blood, Matt, xxvii. 8 
Achan, 0-kn, a troubler, a snake, 

Josh. xyii. 38 
Achbor, Ok-bur, a well enclosed, Grcn. 

Achirm, H-hi-rm, brother high. Num- 
bers xxvi. 38 
Achish, Akis, thus it is, 1 Samuel 

xxi. 10 
Achmeta, A-hm, a court of state, re- 
cords, Ezekiel ii. 6 
Achor, trouble, 0-kur, trouble, Jo^-hua 

yii. 24 
Achsah, Ok-ye, adorned, Joshua xv. 16 
Achsaph, Ok-sp, poison, Joshua xix. 

Achzib, Ak-zib, the delays, Joshua 

xix. 29 
Acknowledge, i-do, nkr 
Acknowledge, thev, a-sm 
Acknowledged, n-kr, i-do 
Acksaph, ^-sp, that runs, Jos. xii 20 
Acquamt, y-kn 
Acquainted, i-do, y-kn 
Acquaintance, i-do, to know, Isaiah 

i. 3 
Acquaintance his of, been had that 

they, id-o-u, Job xlii. 1 1 
Acquainting, nhg (to lead), Eccl. ii. 3 
Acquit, n-qe, to be clean, Amos iy. 6 
Acquit, all, it, not, will, and, un-qe, 

Nahum i 3 
Acre, o-ne, a furrow and ridge, m-one, 

1 Samuel, xiy. 14 
Acres, j-md, to join, pairs, Isaiah xxi. 
17, jm-di. Is. y. 10 

Act, o-bd, o-se, p-ol 

Acts, his, ol-l 

Acts, mighty, g-br 

Acts, righteous, j-dq 

Acts, terrible, i-ra 

Actions, ol i-lt, 1 Samuel ii. 3 

Activity, h-il, power, strength. Gen. 

xlyii. 6 
Adam, A-dm, likeness, first, ruler, 

prince. Gen. i. 26 ; ruddy, Lam. iy. 

17, Isia. i. 18 
Adada, Od-o-de, an assembly, Joshua 

xy. 22 
Adad-rimmon, Ed-d-rm-un, the moun- 
tain breach or rocky pass, 2 Kings 

xxiii. 29 
Adah, de, adorned, (Jen iy. 1 9. 
Adaiah, Od ye, adorned for Jehoyah, 

1 Chron. vi. 41 
Adaliah, Ad-l-ya, preparedfor Jehovah, 

Esther ix. 8 
Adamah, Ad me, my excellent prince, 

Grcn. xvii. 8, image, Jos. xix. 36 
Adami, ad-my, my ruler, Jos. xix. 33 
Adar, a-dr, magnificent, Exod. xv. 1 1 
Adar-cononim, adr-ku-nim, golden 

Jjence or pieces, Ezod. viii. 27 
amant stone, s-mr 
Add, i-yp, n-tn, increase. Gen. xxxyiii. 

Add, ye, y-pe 

Add, they, i-vp-u, Hos. xiii. 2 
Add, thou shalt then, wi-y-pt, Deut. 

xix. 9 
Add to, le-y-ip, 1 Chron. xxviii. 13 
Add, will, yu-vp. Is. xxxviii. 5 
Added, he, j-vp, Deut. v. 22 
Addeth, he, yu-vp, Prov. x. 2-2 
Addan, A-dn, great judge, Ezek. ii. 59 
Adder, a-dr, serpent, power, grandeur, 

excellent, noble, illustrious, Exod. 

xy. 6 
Addi, A-di, my glory, Luke iii. 28 
Adder, o-dr,a flock, 1 Chron. yiii. 16 
Addition, 1-we, joined. Psalm Ixxxiii. 8 
Additions, and, u-l-yut, 1 Kings vii. 

Adida, od-id, witness of hand, 1 Mace 

xiii. 13 
Adiel, od-yal, witness of God, 1 Chron, 

iv. 36 
Aditha-im, od-i-tim, assemblies, Joshua 

xv. 36 
Adlaia, od-li, my witness, 1 Chron. 

xxvii. 29. 
Admah, Ad-me, red earth. Gen. xix. 24. 
Admatha, Ad-m-ta, silent glory, Est. 

i. 14. 





Admire, p-le, p-la, serer, Exod. ix. 4. 
Admired, t-me, wonder, Heb. i. 5. 
Admirable, p-la, manrelloiis. Judges 

xiii. 18. 
Adjure, s-bo, ended. 
Adjured, hj a curse, a-le, Hos. ir. 2. 

1 Sam. XI?. 24. ; the oath. Glen, xx tI. 

Admonished, z-er, o-ud 
Adna, Od-na, to pass to an eternal 

world, by seeking, desiriuff, ioying, 

from od, Abraham passed through 

the land to the place of Sichem, 

Gen. xii. 6 ; until thou come, 1 Sam. 

xyii. 52 ; everlasting, Is. ix. 6 ; for 

ever. Psalm Ixxxiii, 17 ; and na, to 

desire greatly, I pray thee, (Jen xvi 2 

Exod. ir. 18, Jud. xiii. 4, 1 Sam. xy. 

26, Ezek. X. 30. 
Adnah, Od-i-na, faith and prayer, 

1 Chron. xii. 20. 
Adom, A-dm, rule, Joshua ilL 16. 
Addon, A-dn, chief judge, Ez. ii. 59 
Adonai, ad-ni, my great judge, lord, 

Gren. xxxix 20, dii. 30 ; owner, 1 

Kings xri. 24 ; support, Exod. xxvi. 

Adoizedek, ad-ni-j-dq^ chief justice, 

Joshua X. 1 
Adoram, Ad-u-rm, their beauty, 2 Sam. 

xxiv. 2 
Adoraim, Ad-u-rim, their glory, 2 

Chron. xix. 9 
Adrammelech, Ad-rm-lk, king of glory, 

Isaiah xxxvii. 38 
Adriel, Od-ri-al, glory of Grod, 1 Sam. 

xviii. 19 
Adullam, Od-lm their strength, I Sam. 

xxii. 1, 2 
Adultery, n-ap, na-up 
Adulterer, m-n-ap 
Adulteress, n-apt 
Adulterous, m-nap 
Adummim, ad-mim, their greatness, 

Joshua XT. 7 
Ain, Oin, an eye, a fountain, Joshua 

XT. 32. 
Adorned, be shalt thou, t-od-i, Jer. 

xxxi. 4. 
Adorneth herself, t-od-e, Isaiah Ixi. 10 
Advanced, g-dl, n-sa, o-se 
Advantage, v-kn, storehouse, 2 Chron > 

xvi. 4 
Advantage^ will it be, i-v-kn, Job. 

XXXV. 3 
Adventure, to attempt, n-ve, Deut. iv. 


Adventure, would, n-r-te. Beat. xxriiL 

Adventured, s-lk, to fling. Job xr. 

Adventured his life, and, wi-s-DCy 

Exod. vii. 10. 
Adversary, ais, b-ol, j-ur, r-ub, s-fti 

Adversaries, jr-r, to tie a fhll bag. Job 

xxvi. 8. 
Adversaries, the and, u-jr-r|, Isaiah xi. 

Adversity, jr, Prov. xxiv. 10, j-lo, r-wo 
Advertise, a-un, g-le, y-oi 
Advice, i-io, d-br, h-bl, f-om, yoj 
Advise, i-do, aj-oj, r-he 
Advised, well, j-oj-m, deliberate, Jud. 

xix. 13 
Advised well, the, nu-o-jim, Prov. 

xiii. 10 
Advisement, upon, b-o-je, 1 Chron. 

xii. 19 
Afar, r-hq 
A-far, n-gd 
Affairs, d-br, o-bd 
Affecteth, ol-l, to vex, o-ul-le, Lam. 

iu. 51 
Affection, r-je, esteem, 1 Chron. xxviii. 4 
Affection, my set have I because, 

b-ij-ti, 1 Cnron. xxix. 3 
Affinity, h-tn, joined, Ezra ix. 14 
Afflict, o-ne 
Afflict, didst, r-wo 
Afflict, grievously, k-bd 
Afflict, shall, 1-hj 
Afflict, that, i-gh, j-rd 
Afflicted, are, d-ke, i-ge 
Afflicted, mv-v 
Afflicted, lightly, ql-1 
Afflicted, the, b-ne 
Afflicted, was, j-ur 
Affliction, ft-un, 1-hj, o-iq, j-ur 
Affliction, s-br 
Afflictions, o-ne, ridge, furrows, Hos. 

X. 10 
Afflictions, his, o-nut-u, Ps. cxxxii. 1 
Affording, p-uq, to draw, sujjply 
Affording, m-piq-im, Ps. cxfiv. 13 
Afraid, i-ra 

Afraid, am, b-el, d-ag, i-gr, p-hd 
Afraid, are, gur 

Afraid, be, h-rg, h-rd, ht-t, o-rj, s-or 
Afraid, made, b-ot 

Afraid, was, b-ot, z-hl, h-rd, ht-t, i-gr 
Afraid, were, h-ul 
Affrighted, a-hr, b-el, b-ot, ht-t, o-rj, 



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Afore^ 1% p-ne, q-dm 

Afore, time, p-ne, q-dm, r-aa 

After, a-hr, a-le, b, di, n, k, 1, m, mn, 

o-ud, o-le, ot-t, q-j, j, a-hr, l>4r 
After, that, pe 
Afternoon, until, n-fut. Judges xix. 

8 (n-fe) 
Afterward, a-hr 

Afterwards, a-hr, behind, Exod. xi. 1 
Aga^, Ag-g, high, roof, floor, Exod. 

xvii. 14 
Again, i-yp, o-ud, s-ub, s-ne, t-ne 
Against, a-le, at, b, e, u, 1, m, m-ul, 

mn, n-gd, n-ke, o-le, om, o-md, o-mt, 

p-ne, q-ra, ol, jd-d 
Agate, S-bu, precious stone, Ed-kd, 

Ezk. xxvii. 16 
Agagite, the, E-ag-gi, Esther iii. 10 
Agates, Kd-kd, sparkling, Isa. liv. 12 
Age, h-ld, short, Job, xi 17, Psalm 

Ixxxix. 47 
Age, for, z-qn, beard, Isaiah xr. 2 
Age, for, m-z-qn, Gren. xlriiL 10 
Age, for yery, im-im, multitude of days, 

Zech. yiii 4 
Age, from the, u-m-bn, from b-ne, 

adyanced. Num. yiii 25 
Age, full, a-in, b-kl-h, ripeness, Job y. 

Age, his of reason, by, m-si-bu, 1 Kings 

xiy. 4; hoary head, Ley. xix, 32, 

Deut. xxxiL 25, Psalm Ixxi, 18, Gen. 

xlii 38 
Age, mine, d-ur, one that dwells, 

Psalm Ixxxiy. 10, Isaiah xxxyiii. 12. 
Age, the of, 1-dr, generation, Job yiii 8 
Age, their of fewer in, mena-ns-in 

1 Sam. ii 33 
Age, old, am I, z-q-ne, rough, wrinkled, 

Psakn Ixxi 9, 18 
Age, the whole, h-ye, to live, Eccl. vi 6 
Age, the whole, He-yu, Gen. xlyii 28, 

Aged, was, z-qn, yery wrinkled, 2, 

Sam. xix. 32 
Agee, a-ga, yale, depth, 2 Sam. xxiii 11 
Agitate^ r-qz, h-me, y-or, n-os, zu-o, 

Agitation, me-u-me, zo-we 
Ago, q-dm, before this, Dan. ii 10, yi 

Ago, a^ne, e-yum, 1 Sam. ix. 20 
Agreed, r-je, j-at 
Agreeable, n-ht, ni-h-h, na-e 
Agreement, h-uz, h-ze, i-sr 
Ague, q-dh, kindled, Deut. xxxii. 22, 

Jer. xy. 14 

xe, burning with and, u-bq^ dh« 
ley. xxyi. 16 
Agur, A-gur, he that gathereth* Pror. 

XXX. 1 

Ah I ah ! E-na! A-e-e! A-ah! A-e! E-wi I 

Aha! Ahl E-ahl 

Ahab! Ah-ab, beloyed of father, 1 
Kings, xyi. 29. 

Ahar{£, Ah-rh» pleasant brother, 
1 Chron. yiii. 1 

Aharhel, Ah-r-hl, brother of a sheep, 
1 Chron. iy. 8 

Ahasbai, Ab-y-bi, brother that sur- 
rounds, 2 Sam. xxiii 24. 

Ahasuerus, Ah-su-rus, brother and 
prince, good prince. Est. i. 1, 2, 3 

Ahaya, Ah-we, fruitful, Ez. yii 16 

Ahaz, Ah-z, I enjoy, 2 Kings, xyiii 

Ahaziah, Ah-ry-eu, possess, Jehoyah, 

1 Kings xxii. 40 

Aher, Ah-r, the last, 1 Chron. yii 12 
Ahi, A-hi, my brother, 1 Chron. yii. 

Ahia. Ah-ye, brother of life, 1 Kings 

iy. 2 
Ahiam,Ah-y-am, homely brother, 2 Sam. 

xxiii. 33 
Ahian, Ah-in, brother of wine, 1 Chron. 

yii. 19 
Ahiezer, Ah-yo-zr, brother of help, Nu. 

vii. 66 
Ahio, Ah-e, a brother, 1 Chron. yiii. 

14, Gen. xxiy. 29; by profession, 

nation, Ley, xxy. 39; relation, or 

friend, Proy, xyii 17, xyiii. 9, Ps. 

XXXV. 14 
Ahiud,Ah-y-ed, united brother, 1 Cbroa. 

viii. 7 
Ahijah, Ah-ye, brother of life, 1 Kings 

vi. 11 
Aikam, Ah-y-qm, brother that rises, 

2 Kings xxii. 12 

Ahilud, Ah-y-lud, an only brother, 2 
Sam. yiii. 16 

AMmaaz, Ah-im-oj, brother, my coun- 
sellor, xv. 17 

Ahiman, Ah-i-mn, right hand brother, 
Nu. xiii. 22 

Ahimalech, Ah-i-m-lk, king my brother, 
1 Sam. xxi. 1 

Ahimot, Ah-i-mut, faithful brother to 
death, 1 Chron. vi. 25 

Ahinadab, Ah-in-db, liberal brother, 
1 Kings iy. 14 

Ahinoam, Ah-in-om, my comely bro- 
ther, 1 Sam. xiy. 50 

Ahion, 0-yun, fountain, 1 Chron. viii. 31 


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Ahira, Ah-i-ro, m^p shepherd, brother, 

Nu. ii. 29 
Ahisamach, Ah-ir-mk, my brother 

supports me 
Ahishar, Ah-i-sr, my brother, a prince, 

1 Chron. vii. 10 

Ahitophel, Ah-it-pl, brother of ruin, 

2 Sam. XV, 12 

Ahitub; Ah-i-fub, my good brother, 

1 Sam. iv. 11 
Ahihud, Ah-ye-ud, my brother of life 

and beauty, Num. xxxiv. 27 
Ahlab, Ah-lb, brother of heart, Jud. 

i. 31 
Ahlai, Ah-li, my strong brother, 1 

Chron. xi. 31 
Ahoban, Ah-bn, a brother's son, 1 

Chron. xi. 29. 
Ahohe, Ah-we, brotherhood, 1 Chron. 

viiL 4 
Ahohites, An-hi, living brother 
Aholah, Ah-le, pitched tent, ael, a 

tent, Ezk. xxiii. 36 
Ahobibah, A-e-lib-e, my tent with her, 

Ezk. xxiii. 4 
Aholiab, A-eli-be, tent of my father, 

Evod. XXXV. 34 
Aholibamah, E-el-bm-e, my tent is ex- 
alted, Gen. xxxvi. 2 
Ahumai, Ah-u-mi, water-meadow, 1 

Chron. iv. 2 
Ahuzam, Ah-zm, a brother that devises, 

1 Chron. iv. 6 
Ahurat, Ah-zt, brother of the olive, 

possession, (Jen. xxvi. 26 
Ai, to, 0-i, where ? how ? Jos. vii. 2 
Aided, h-zq 

Aiah, 0-yo, where is he ? 2 Sam. xxi. 8 
Ailon, A-il-un, strength, from ail 
Ajah, A-ye, I Jehovah, Gren. xxxvi. 

Aith, 0-it, a heap, Isa. x. 28 
Ajalon, A-il-un, strong city. Josh. xix. 

Aijeleth-Shahar, the morning star, Ps. 

xxii. title 
Aileth, Lk? what aileth to thee, Gren. 

xxi 17 
Ailed, what thee ? Lk, what to thee, 

Ps. cxiv. 5 
Ain, Oi-ne, fountain, Num. xxxiv. 11 
Air, Ru-h, S-um 
Akan, 0-qn, tumult, blowing 
Akub, 0-qub, that suppliants, Jacob 
Alamelech, Al-m-lk, strong king 
Alamametb, 01-mt, above death, 1 

Chron. vii. 8 

Alamoth, 01-mut, above death, Ps. xht. 

Alarm, h-il 

Alas I A-wi, E-wi, Aw-ye, A-e-c 

Ah I E-e, Eu 

Albeit, U 

Almug, L-gm, cypress, 1 Kings x. 11 

Aliant, an, U-n-kr-i, Ps. Ixix. 8 

Alien, an, gur, stranger, Exod. xviii. 3 

Alienate, shall, y-ob-ir, Ezek. xlviii. 14 

Alienated, n-kr 

Alike, a-hd, bd-d, i-hd 

Alive, a-ye, S-rd 

All, a-is, kl-1, rb-b, tm-m 

All, the other, kl-1 

All, and, m la 

Allan, ol-in, leaves, 1 Chron. i. 8 

Allon, al-un, strong, an oak, Jos. xix. 

Allied, q-rub, near, Neh. xiii. 4 

Alloivance, a-rh-t, journey, provisions, 
2 Kings XXV. 30; victuals, Jer. xl. 3 

Almah, ol-me, white, a virgin, Isaiah 
vii. 14 

Allush, ol-us, kneaded dough. Numbers 
xxxiii. 13 

Allure, will I, p-te, coax, Hosh ii. 14 

Almighty, al, ale, Al-e-im, al-e-ik, 
a-dun, sd-d, ye-we 

Almond tree, s-qd, to watch, white, 
Jer. i. 11., Num. xvii. 8., Eccl. xii. 5 

Almost, m-of 

Aloes, lign of trees, the, as. Num. 
xxiv. 6 

Alone, a-hd, bd-d 

Alone, let, h-dl 

Along, a-hd, d-rk, elk, m-la, q-um 

Aloaf, m-n-gd, Psl. xxxviii. U, before, 

Aloud, g, dl, ff-re, e, me, n-tn, q-ul, 
r-um, r-wo, h-il 

Already, k-br, multiplied, Eccl. i. 10 

Also, all, ak, am, ap, gm, e-im, u, ke 

Alter, a-re, to pluck, to tear, pull in 
pieces, to devour, Ps. Ixxx. 12, 
1 Kings iv. 6 ; z-bh, to slay, kill, Deut. 
xii. 15, Ish. xxxiv. 6, Ezk. xxxix. 
17, Exd. viii. 25, Gen. viii. 20, 
xiii. 4, Ex. xvii. 16; d-bh, wrath, 
muttered, grumbled, slandered, im- 
molate, Ez. vi. 3, vii. 17 

Almodad, al-mud-d, court of the well- 
beloved, Gen. X. 66 

Almon, ol-mun, forsaken, Jas. xxi. 18 

Almon-diblathaim, bad figs, forsaken, 
Jer. xxiv. 1, 2, 8 ; a station. Numb, 
xxxiii. 46 


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Altars, z-be, q-fr, to burn incense, fat, 

Exod. XXX. 7, Ley. i. 9 
Altars, the, e-m, q-fr-ut, 2 1 4 
Alter, a, re, to pluck, to tear to pieces, 

to devour, Ps. Ixxx. 12, 1 Kings i?. 6 
Alter, h-lp, s-ne, s-na 
Although, ki, Ex. xiii. 17; gm, ap 
Altogether, a-hd, e-ye, i-hd, k-le 
Alway, yum, o-lm, t-md 
Always, n-jh, ot-t-l-mid-r-le 
Alush, al-us, dough. Numb, xxxiii. 1 3 
Alvah, duke, ol-we, al-up, ascension, 

Gen. xxxvi. 40 
Alvan, ol-un, caves, xxxvi. 23 
Amad, o-mod, people of testimony, 

Jos. xix. 26 
Amal, o-ml, labour, 1 Chron. vii. 35 
Am, I, Ae-ye, e-we, Job i.l,Ezk xxxvii. 

1, Ps. 1. 3, Ish. Ixiv. 10, Numb. 

xix. 9, Gren. xvii. 4, 8, i. 16. iii. 

5, x. 8, xxiv. 60 ; Jehovah, (Jen, ii. 

4, 6, 7 ; the Jehovah, Ps. Ixxvii. 11; 

strong Jehovah, Ps. Ixxxix. 8 ; the 

tribes of the Jehovah, Ps. cxxii. 4, 

cxxxv. 4; Praise ye Jehovah, Ps. 

civ. 35, cv. 45 cvi. 1 ; O Jehovah, 

Jehovah, Ps, xciv. 12, cxxx. 3, flame 

of Jehovah, Cant. viii. 6 
Amalek, Om-lq, a cruel people. Gen. 

xxxviii. 12 
Amalekite, 0-ml-qi, Numb. xiv. 45 
AmamAm-ne, their mother. Cant. iv. 8 
Amana, Am-m, faithful. Josh. xv. 26 ; 

Cor. iv. 8 
Amariah, Amr-ye, spake Jehovah, 

1 Chron. vi. 7, 11 

Amasa, Om-sa, people forgiving, 

2 Sam. xvii. 25 

Atn8ai,0m-si, peoples' present,! Chron. 
vi. 25 

Amshai, oms-vi, people oppressed, 
plundered, Neh. xi. 13 

Amazed, b-el, ht-t, s-mv-t, me 

Amaziah, Am-j-ye, Jehovah, my 

. strength, 2 Kings, xiv. 7 

Ambassador, jur, closely beset, en- 
compassed, shut up as with a seal. 
Job xli. 15 

Ambassador, an, and,u-jir, Jer. xlix.l4 

Ambassadors, jir-im, Ish. xviii. 2 

Amber, hs-ml, a compound metal, gold 
with silver as an sdloy, or it is more 
likely it was bronze, a mixture of 
copper and tin, carries a very high 
polish; mirrors were made of it, 
Ezk. i. 4, 27, viii. 2 

Ambush, arb, to pass through,Prov.i. 11 

Ambush, an, au-rb, Josh. viU. 2 
Ambuses, the, e-a-rb-im, Jer. li. 12 
Amelec, E-m-lk, the king, 2 Chron. 

xviii. 25 
Amen, amn, true, faithful, certain, be 

it so, yes, I believe it, Numb. v. 22, 

Deut. xxvii. 15, 16, 17 
Amend, i-fb, only, whereas, Gen. xii. 

Amend, e-i-fib-u, make good, Jer. vii. 3 
Amended, h-zq 
Amend thoroughly, e-i-fb, e4-fib, in 

mending amend, Jer. vii. 5 
Amerce, they, and, wo-ns-u, Deut. 

xxii. 19 
Amethyst, a-hl-me, a violet gem, Ex. 

xxviii 19, from h-lm, to dream, G^a. 

xUi. 9 
Ami, A-mi, my people, mother, Ex. 

ii. 57. 
Amiable, id-d, beloved, Deu. xxxiiL 

12; 1-id-id-i, to my well-beloved, 

Ish. V. 1. 
Amiable, id-id-ut, Ps. lixxiv. 1 ; dearly 

beloved, Jer. xii. 7. 
Amiuadab, Am-in-db, prince of the 

(church) people. Can. vi. 12 
Amiss, o-we, s-le 
Amittai, Am-ti, faithful, Jon. i. 1 
Amizabad, 0-miz-bd, portion of my 

people, 1 Chron. xxvii. 6 
Ammak, Am-e, with her, 2 Sam. ii. 24 
Ammonites, 0-mu-ni, my people, 2 

Chron. xxvii. 5 
Ammiel, 0-my-al, the people of God, 

Num. xiii. 12 
Ammiud, Om-ye-ud, people of praise, 

Num. xxxiv. 20 
Amminadab, Om-in-db, a noble of the 

people. Num. i. 7 
Ammi-shaddai, O-mi-s-di, people of the 

Almighty, Num. i. 12. 
Ammon Om-un-bni, son of my 

people, Gren. xix. 38 
Amon-no, Na-am-un, the comely city 

of the people ; No-Amon, Nan. ii. 8 
Ammonites, Om-un-im, otherwise 

Meouites, afflicted people, 2 Chron. 

xxvL 8 
Amnon, Am-nun, faithful and true, 2 

Sam. xiii. 20 
Amok, om-uq, a valley, Neh. xii. 7 
Amon, Am-un, artificer, 1 Kings xxii 

Among, ale, at, b, bd, bin, gu, di, z-rh, 

1, m, mn, o-le, q-rb, t-uk 
Amongst, b, bin, z-rh, qub 


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Amos, Am-uj, strong, robust, prophet 
Amram, Om-rm, people of elevation, 

Exod. vi. 20 
Amramites, Am-rm-i, high people 
Amraphel, Am-r-pl, one that speaks 

with judgment, King of Shinar, Gren. 

Am-thar, em-tr, to delineate 
Amzi, am-ji, stout, robust, 1 Chron; vi. 

An, a-ed 

Anab, 0-nb, bunch of grapes, Jos. xi.21 
Anah, 0-ne, afflicted. Gen. xxxvi. 24 
Anaharath, On-h-rt, anger, Jos. xix. 19 
Anaiah, On-ye, answer of Jehovah, 

Neh. X. 22 
Anak, 0-nq, a chain of honour, Deut. 

XV. 14, in honouring him thou shalt 

honour him, supplying him liberally. 

The Anakims were wealthy, proud, 

and wicked, Ps. Ixxiii. 6 ; 0-nq-t-mu 

compasseth them about as a chain. 
Anakim, the as, K-o-nq-im, Deut. ii. 

Anamim, On-mim, fountains of water. 

Gen. X. 13 
Anammelech, On-m-lk, king's fountain, 

2 Kings, xvii. 31 
Anan, on-n, a cloud of smoke as sent 

up by diviners, Neh. x. 26 
Anani, On-ni, my augury, 1 Chron. iii 

Ananiah, On-ny-e, cloud of Jehovah, 

incense to Jehovah, Neh. x. 22 
Anath, 0-nt, poverty. Judges iii. 31 
Anathoth, Ont-ut, poor Anathoth, 

Ish. X. 30 ; Josh. xxi. 18 
Ancestor, r-as, the head, Gren. iii. 15 ; 

xl. 20 
Ancestors, their of, r-as-im, Lev. xxvi. 

Ancient, z-qn, is-s, o-lm, o-tq, q-dm 
Ancients, z-qu, the beard, Ish. xv. 2- 
Ancients, the from than, m-zq-nim, 

Ps. cxix, 100 ; Ezk. vii. 26 
Ancles, a-pv, remotest parts, Deut. 

xxxiii. 17 
Ancles, the to, a-pv-im, Ezk. xlvii. 3 
And, ap, asr, gm, 1, u, 
And, as for, u, Exod. xxx. 37; Jer. 

xxiii. 34 
Anem, 0-nm, their poverty, 1 Chron, 

vi. 73 
Aner, 0-nr, song of light, Gen. xiv. 24 
Angel, m-lak, messenger 
Angel, abr, powerful, miglity one, Ish. 

i. 24 ; 1-abr-ir, for the mighty God 

Angel, JehoTah, M-lak, ''ye-me, Gen. 

xvl 7, 9, 10. 
Angel, mine, M-lak-i, E&od. xxiii. 

Angels, than the, mal-e-im, Ps. viii 6. 

Sn-au, Ps. Ixviil 17 
Anger, a-np, k-om, p-ne, ru-h 
Anger, the, e-ap, Deut. ix. 19 
Anger, mine and, u-a-pi, Ish. x. 25 
Anger, according to my, k-a-pi, Ezk. 

XXV. 14 
An-ger, thine to according, p-ap-k, 

XXXV. 11 

Anger, in, i-hm-hot. Est. 1 12 
Anger, fierce, b-hr-i, Exod. xi. 8 
Anger, great, b-hr-i, Ish. vii. 4 
Angle, e-hk-e, her mouth, Prov. v. 3, 

Isa. xix. 8 
Angered, q«jp, tofoam, wroth, Gren. xli. 

Angered, they, also, wi-q-ji-pu, Ps. cvL 

Angry, b-ol, z-om, k-ov, mr-r 
Angry man, a-np, b-ol 
Angry, art, a-np 
Angry, be,* h-re, k-ov, o-sn, q-jp 
Angry, were, hr-r, n-hr 
Anguish, h-ul, j-uq, i-ur, q-jr, s-bj 
Ani, o-ni, poor, 1 Chron. xv. 18 
Aniam, o-ni-om, a poor people, 1 

Chron. vii. 19. Zeph. iii. 12 
Anim, 0-nim, the poor, Jos. xv. 50 
Anna, h-ne, gracious, merciful, Luke 

ii. 36 
Anoint, m-sb, v-uk 
Anointed, bl-1, to smear, bl-u-ti, I shall 

be anointed, Ps. xcii 8 
Anointed, was, n-m-se, oil poured on 

the crown of the head, 1 Chron. xiv. 8 
Anointed, thee I and, wa-vk-k, a sacri- 
ficial unction, Ezk. xvi. 9 
Anointed ones, b-ne, j-hr 
Auointedst, thou, m-sh-t, Gren. xxxi. 13 
Anointing, by reason of the, 1-m-sh-e, 

Exod. xxix. 29 
Another, a-hd, a-he, a-hr, Z-ur, ro-e, 

s-ne, da 
Another, against, a-he 
Another, and, a-is 
Another, one, o-mt, ra-e 
Another, over one, a-hd, j-lo 
Another, one to, o-mt 
Another, upon one, a-he 
Answer, d-br, o-ne, s-ub 
Answer thou, i-do 
Answer, shall, a-mr 
Answer, to, t-ub 


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Answer, will, ml-1 
Answer, would, a-nur 
Answered, a-mr, d-br, o-ne, t-ub 
Answeredst them, o-ni-tm, Ps. xcix. 8 
Answereth, i-o-ne, (Jen. xli. 16 
Ant, n-ml-e, to cut off, Prov. vi. 6 
Antiquity, q-dm, before, Mich. vi. 6 
Antiquity, q-dm-te, Isa. xxiii. 7 
Anvil, p-om, beaten, Isa. xli 7 
Anub, On-ub, a grape, 1 Chron. iv. 8 
Anus, B-op-Um, emerods, 1 Sam. v. 6 
Any, a-hd, a-is, kl-1, mi 
Anyone, n-ps 
Anything, d-br, n-se 
Any, thing, nor, a-in 
Any, not for, u-a-pv, 2 Kings, xiv. 26 
Apadno, A-pd-nu, palaces, Dan. ix. 45 
Apace, h-lk, to walk, Ezk. iil 15 
Apace, came, e-luk-e-lk, 2 Sam. xviii. 

Apothecary, r-qh, to compound, Exod. 

XXX. 33 
Apothecaiy, the, r-uq-h, Exod. xxx. 35 
Apothecaries, the, e-r-q-him, Neh. iii. 8 
Ape, qup, to skip, leap, Cant, ii 8, from 

q-pj, to constrain 
Apes, and, u-qp-im, skippers, 1 Kings 

X. 22 
Aphara, 0-pr-e, fruit-bearing, a young 

cow, Jos. xviii. 23, English trans- 
lation, Parah 
Apharsachites, A-pr-vt-kya, divides, 

peacocks, Ez. v. 6 
Aphek, A-pq, a stream, 1 Sam. iv. 1 
Aphes-dammim, Pv-dm-im, effusion of 

blood, 1 Sam. xvii. 1, 2 
Aphiah, Ap-i-h, that blows, ix. 11 
Aphaes, E-pj-j, diminishes, Jos. xix. 21 
Aphutei, aphekah, fat, strong, Jos. xv. 

Appaim, Ap-im, countenance, anger, 

1 Chron. ii. 30 
Apparently, ra-e, to see, Lev. xiii. 10 
Apparently, even, u-m-ra-e. Num. xii 8 
Apparel, h-gd, l-bs 
Apparel, his, s-ml 
Apparel, rich, b-rm 
Appear, h-sp, p-th, ra-o 
Appear, I, g-le 
Appear, that, g-ls. 

Appearance, their, m-ray-em, Ezk. i. 13 
Appearance, the as, k-m-ra-e, Ez. xli. 21 
Appearance, the and, u-m-ra-e. Num. 

ix. 16 
Appearance, the as like, k-m-ra-e. 

Num. ix. 15 
Appearance, their, m-ray-em, Ezk. x. 22 

^ppeareth, g-lh, s-qp 

Appease, k-pr 

Appeased, sk-k 

Appeaseth, s-qf 

Appertain, it doth, y-at-e, Jer. x. 7 

Appetite, n-ps 

Appetite, the, h-ye 

Appetite, hath, s-uq, sq-q 

Appetite, to given, b-ol 

Apple (of the eye), a-is, b-bt, b-ne 

A]»p!c-tree, an, t-ph. Cant. viiL 5 

Apijles, t-[m-hi, Prov. xxv. LI 

Apply. b-Wft, n-fe, s-ut 

Applied, Ib-b, n-tn, vb-b 

Appoiut, n-qb, n-tn, p-qd, s-um, s-ut 

Appfiint, and, o-md 

Appoint, shitU, b-hr 

Appoint, shalt, a-mr, s-lh 

Appoint, to, j-we 

Appoint, will, yod 

Appointed, a mr, z-mn,h-gr, yod, m-ne, 

n-tn, v-mn, p-qd, o-md 
Appointed place, p-qd 
Appointed time, j-ba 
Appointed to die, b-ne 
Appointed are, b-ne, h-lp, m-ne 
Appointed day, k-va 
Appointed, had, d-br, m-ne 
Appointed, he, hq-q, i-qd 
Appointed, they, q-ds 
Appointed, a time, yod, k-va 
Appointeth, o-se, q-um 
Appointment, yod, pe, amr 
Approach, q-rb 
Approach, shall, n-gs 
Approached, n-gs, close together. Job 

xiL 16, 20 
Approached ye so nigh, n-gs-tm, 

2 Sam. xi. 20 
Aprons, h-gr, to gird about the waist, 

Prov. xxxi. ^17 ; Ex. xxix. 9 ; Isa. 

XV. 3 
Aprons, h-grt. Gen. iii. 7 
Approved, r-je, pleased with. Lev. 

xxvi. 34 
Approve, shall, i-rj-u, Ps. xlix. 13 
Approveth, ra-e. Lam. iii 36 
Apt, o-se, workmen, 2 Kings xxiv. 16 
Ar, or, watching, Deut. ii. 9 
Ara, Ara, one that curses, seeing, 

1 Chron. vii. 38 
Arab, A-rb, locusts, Jos. xv. 52 
Arabah, Er-be, great, powerful, Jos. 

xviii. 22 
Arabia, 0-rb, mingle, Ez. ix. 2 
Arabia, E-o-rb, mixed, 1 Kings x. 15 
Arabian, the, 0-rb-i, Jer. iii. 2 
n 2 






Arabians, A-rby-im, from A-rb, 

evening, place for wild beasts, 

desert, mixture, sweetness, perfume 

Arack, A-rk, heal. Gen. x. 10 

Ar-ad, 0-rd, wild ass, zebra, Numb. 

xxi. 1 
Arab, A-re, curse thou, Ez. ii 5 
Aram, A-rm, elevation, Gen. x. 22 
Ar-an, A-m, an ark, sound, Gen. 

xxxvi 28 
Ararat, Ar-rf, light to go out, Gren. 

viii. 4 
Araunah, Ar-u-ne, ark, 1 Chron. xxi. 18 
Array, l-bs, o-fe 
Array, in, o-rk 
Array, in set, a-vr 

Arrayed, l-bs, to be clothed, Ps. Ixv. 13 
Arrayed, and, wi-l-bs, Gen. xli. 42 
Arbe, Or-bo, city of rest, Jos. xxi. 11 
Arbi, Ar-bi, locusts, 2 Sam. xxiii. 35 
Arbite, Ar-bi, multitudes 

Archer, d-rk, q-st, r-be 

Archers, a-ns. 

q-st, T-h 
, b-ol, d-i 

rk, hj-j, i-re, q-st, 

Arches, a-lm, to tie, bind, Gen. 

xxxvii. 7 
Arches thereof, the and, u-a-lm-yu, 

Ezk. xL 21 
Archevites, Ar-ky-wa, that cure 
Archi, Ar-ki, health, Josh, xvi 2 
Archi-ataroth, health of circles. Josh. 

xvi. 7 
Arcturus, or the bear Os, assemble 

yourselves, Joel iii. 4; north pole, 

and the stars that turn about it. Job 

ix. 9 ; o-us 
Archturus, or, 0-is, the moth. Job 

xxxviii. 32 
Arcturus, Os-se, is consumed, Ps. vi. 7 
Ard, or Ared, A-rd, who commands, 

Gen. xItI. 21 
Are, e-ye 
Are, there, i-se 
Areba, Ar-bo, mount of disputation, 

Jos. XV. 52 
Ardon, Ar-dun, the ark, 1 Chron. ii 18 
Arecon, Ir-qun, mount of lamentation, 

Jos. xix. 46 
Areli, Ar-ali, light of God, Gen. xlvi 

Areth, H-rt, 1 Sam. xxii. 5 
Argob, Ar-gb, a turf, fat land, Deut. 

iii 4 
Arguing, i-kh, to convince, e-u-kh. 

Job vi 25 
Arguments, with, tu-kh-ut, Job xxiii 4 
Arial, Ar-yal, lion of God, Isa. xxix. 1 

Aridai, Ar-id-i, lion abounding, Esi 

ix. 9 
Aridatha, Ar-id-ta, curse of the law, 

Est. ix. 8 
Ariel, Ar-yal, the altar of burnt 

offerings, Ezk. xl. 15 
Arieh, Ar-ye, light of Jehovah, 2 Sam. 

xxiii 20 
Aright, i-sr, k-un 
Aright, useth, i-fb 
Arise, n-sa, o-le, o-md, qu-m 
Arise, did, z-rh 
Ariseth, z-rh, s-hr 
Arising, qm 

Ark, a-m, a chest, Gen. vi 14 
Ark, the in, b-t-be, to swim in, Gen. 

viii 1, Exod. ii 3 
Arm, z-ro, k-tp 
Armholes, a-jl, id 
Arms, z-ro, h-jn, d-ro 
Armed, h-jl, h-ms, l-bs, n-sq 
Armed, he, r-iq 
Army, h-lj, h-il, o-rk, j-ba 
Army, the in, gd-dj h-il 
Armies, his, gd-d 

Armies, two, h-ne, in tents, a host be- 
sieging an enemy encamped, P«. 

xxxiv. 7; e-m-hn-im. Can. vi. 13^ 

vii 1 
Armour, z-un, h-gr, k-le, b-sq 
Armour, his, h-lj, mr 
Armoury, an for, a-lp, tl-1 
Armoury, his, a-jr 
Armoury, the, n-sq 
Arioch, Ar-uk, your lion, Gen. xiv. 1 
Arisai, Ar-iv-i, my spouso> Est. ix. 9 
Arki, or-gi, fugitive 
Armageddon, Armagedon, mountain 

of the Grospel, Rev. xvi. 16 
Arnon, Ar-nun, leaping for joy, Deut. 

ii. 24 
Arod, Ar-ud, enlightened, Num.xxvil7 
Aroer, Or-or, watch, watch, Num. xxii. 

Arose, o-Ie, q-um 
Arose early, s-km 
Arose, he, z-rh 
Arrogancy, ga-e, o-tq 
Arrow, b-ne, hj-j, q-st 
Arrows, b-ne, h-tj, r-sq 
Art, hy-it, Jud. xi. 35, to be 
Art, mo-se, to work, done, 2 Chron. xvi. 

Arpad, Ar^d, light of redemption, Ish. 

X. 9 
Arphaxed, Ar-pk-sd, one that heals. 

Gen. xi 12 


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Artaxerxes, Ar-t-hs-s-ta, that imposes 

silence, ioy in haste, Est. yii. 21 
Artificer, n-rs, carpenter, smith. Gen. 

iv. 22 
Artificers of, h-rs-im, 1 Chron. xxix. 5 
Artillery, kl-yu, weapon, 1 Sam. xx. 40 
Arumah, Ar-u-me, I will he exalted, 

Jud. ix. 41 
Arza, A-r-ja, oyer the land, steward, 1 

Kings x?i. 9 
As, asr, h, di, u, k, 1, o-le, om 
As soon, a-hr, ki 
As though, asr 

Asa, A-va, physician, 1 Kings xv. 8 
Asael, O-se-al, work of God, 2 Sam. ii. 

Asahiah, Os-ye, Prince of Jehovah, 2 

Kings xxii. 14 
Asaph, A-vp, assembles, 2 Chron. xxxiy. 

Asarelah, A-sr-al-e, a leader of 

strength, 1 Chron. xxv. 2 
Ascend, b-vk, o-le, to leap up 
Ascended up, o-le, Jos. viii. 20 
Ascending, ol-im, Gen. xxviii. 12 
Ascent, his and, w-ol-tu, 1 Kings x. 6 
Ascribe, y-eb, n-tn 
Ascribed, have they, n-tn-u, 1 Sam. 

xviii. 8 
Asenath, Av-nt, peril. Gen. xli. 45 
Aseroth, As-rut, the blessers' groves 
Ash, an am, coflfer, Ish. xliv. 14 ; a 
name respecting a use, but not the 
species of tree, ash, fire, Exod. iii. 
3, of which the ash-tree, a species of 
oak, was the emblem and sign, as 
the fig-tree was of penitence, the 
oak of pardon, so the ash of santifi- 
cation and happiness, Ps. i. 1 
Ashamed, b-wa, h-pr, k-lm 
Ashdod, As-dud, fire of love, Jos. xi. 

Ashdoth, As-dut, fiery law, Jos. xii. 3 
Ashes, a-pr, fruit of fire, Num* xix. 9 
Ashes, of fat, d-sn. Lev. i. 16. 
Ashes, dust of earth, o-pr, Gen. ii. 7 
Asher, A-sr, advancing, right way, 
happy, blessed, Prov. ix. 6 ; my steps, 
Job xxxi. 7 ; happy am I, Grcn. xxx. 
13 ; shall call him blessed, Ps. IxxiL 
17 ; her blessed, Prov. xxxi. 28 
Ashimah, As-i-ma, fire of heaven, 2 

Kings xvii. 30 
Ashkenaz, As-k-nz,fire scattering, Gen. 

X. 3 
Ashna, AB-ne, fire, diffused, Josh. xv. 

Ashpenaz, As-p-nz, fure of the mouth, 

spread out, Dan. i. 3 
Ashtemoh, As-t-me, fire of devotion, 

Jos. XV. 50 
Ashteroth, Ostr, fluxes of light from 

the sun, its emblem a flock of sheep, 

Deut. vii. 13 
Ashtoreth, 0-st-rt, fluxes, 1 Kings xi. 

5, 2 Kings xxiii 13, 1 Sam. xxxi. 

10, Jud. X. 6, ii. 13, Gen. xiv. 5 
Ashuth, As-ut, who makes, 1 Chron. vii. 

Ashur, 08-hur, fire, white, light 
Ashurites, As-u-ri, fire and light, S 

Sam. ii. 9 
Aside, n-vo, pull up, to remove, Jud. 

xvi. 3 
Aside, set shalt thou, t-vy-oi, 2 Kings 

iv. 4 
Asiel, As-yal, made by God, 1 Chron, 

iv. 35 
Ask, s-al, eager desire, Ezk. xxv. 15 
Asked him, have I, s-al-ty-u, 1 Sam. i. 

Askest thou, t-s-al, Jud. xiii. 18 
Asketh, and, UrS-alk, Gen. xxxii. 17 
Asking in, 1-sa-ul, 1 Sam. xii. 17 
Askelon, As-q-lun, fire of infamy, Jud. 

i. 18 
Asleep, i-sn-ti. Job iii. 13 
Asleep, fast was and, wi-r-dm, Jud.iv.21 
Asnah, Av-ne, a bush, Ez. ii. 50 
Asnappar, av-u-pr, bush of fruit, Ez. 

iv. 10 
Asp, p-tn, Isa. xi. 8, adders, Ps. Iviii. 4 
Asps, p-tn-im, Deu. xxxii. 33, perverse 
Aspatha, av-pa-ta, to consume, Est. 

ix. 7 
As-ry-al, captain of God, Num. xxvi. 

Ass, a-tn, strong, will give 
Ass, an the, e-a-tn, Num. xxii. 23 
Ass, thine, a-tnk. Num. xxx. 32 
Asses, the and, we-a-tn-ut, Job. i. 14 
Asses, she, a-tn-ut, Gen. xxxii. 15 
Assault, would that, e-jr-im, Est. viii. 

Assayed, i-al, n-ve 
Assemble, avp-j-ba, q-el, r-gs 
Assemble themselves, gd-d, z-oq 
Assembling, j-ba, on duty, Ex. xxxviii. 

Assembling, e-j-bat, Exod. xxxviii. 8 
Assembly, q-el 
Assembly, an, yod, o-jr 
Assembly, the in, i-sb 
Assemblies, a-vp, and the yod 


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Assemblies, her, q-ra 

Asemon, Hs-m-ne, noble, Num. xxxiii. 

Assent, pe, the mouth, 2 Chron. xviii. 2 

Assigned, they, n-tn-u, Josh. xx. 8 

Assir, Av-ir, fettered, prisoner, 1 
Chron. iii. 17 

Associate yourselves, r-u-o, Isa. yiii. 9. 

Astaroth, Os-tr-ut, fluxes of the light, 
a flock of sheep, the symbol, wealth, 
a female idol, with a crescent on its 
head, and adorned with the host of 
heaven, Deu. vii. 13 

Assoon, a-hr, asr, ra-e, s-km 

Assurance, amn, b-fh 

Assured, an^, q-um 

Assuredly, amn 

Assyrians, B-ni, children of, Ezk. xyi. 

Assyria, As-ur, blessed, id. 

Astarte, Os-tr-ut, fluxes of light, flocks 
of sheep or goats, Deu. xii. 13. 

Asswage, should, i-h-sk, restrain. Job. 
xyL 5 

Aswaged, i-h-sk, Job. vi 

Asswaged, and, wi-sk-u, subdued. Gen. 
viii. 1 

Astonished, d-em, sm-m, s-bs 

Astonished, sm-m, thunderstruck, Hos. 
il 12; desolate, Ezk. xxxv. 15; 
bereft, Psalm cxliil 4 

Astonishment, r-od, trembling, Ez. 
X. 9, Dan. x. 11; fearfulness, Isa. 
xxxiii. 14 

Astonishment, r-ol, to reel, stagger, 
giddy, violently shaken, t-r-ol-e, 
Psalm Ix. 3 

Astray, go, s-ge, to-e 

Astray, went, sg-g 

Astrologer, asp, a quiver, judge, pour 
out, lay low 

Astrologer, or, u-asp, Dan. ii 10 

Astrologers, the, asp-in, Dan. iv. 7 

Asunder, b-qo, g-de, n-tr, pur 

Asuppim, a-vp, take away, remove, 
gather, Gron. xxx. 23 

Asuppim, e-a-vp-im, congregation, 
church assembly, 1 Chron. xxvl 15 

Assuppim, toward, and, u-la-vp-im, the 
church assembly, 1 Chron. xxvl 17 

Aswell, m-tm, entirely, Jud. XX. 48 

Asylum, as-1, an oak, intervener, and 
emblem of a mediator in the God- 
man creator and Saviour. The great 
truth of human redemption by 
Christ was symbolized by the world- 
wide venerated oak. It was Adam's 

temple in the centre of Paradise^- 
the type of mediation ; thither our 
first parents fled, not from, but the 
midst of the garden, Gen. iii 8 

At, ale, a-jl, b, k,l, m, al 

At him, o-mt 

At his feet, o-le 

At thee, a-hr 

At the gates, 1-id, Prov. viii. 3 

Atad, a-fd, a thorn bramble, g-m, a-fd, 
threshing-floor of Atad, Gen. 1. 11 

Atarah, 0-fr-e, a crown, 1 Chron. ii. 26 

Ataroth, O-fr-ut, crowns, Num. xxxii 3 

Ataroth-addar, crowns of beauty, Jos. 
xvi. 5 

Ate, a-kl, b-or 

Ale, I, a-kl-ti, Dan. x. 3 

Ale, and, wi-a-kl-u, Ps. cvi 28 

Ater, a-fr, shut up, inclosed, 16 

Atach, 0-tk, your hour, your time, 1 
Sam. xxx. 30 

Athaiah, 0-ty-e, time of Jehovah, Neh. 
XL 4 

Athaliah, 0-t-ly-e, the time of Jehovah, 
2 Kings, xi. 1 

Athar, 0-tr, prayer. Josh. xv. 42 

Athirst, j-ma, vehement desire, Pa. 
xlii. 2 

Athirst, art thou when and, u-j-mt, 
Ruth ii. 9 

Atone, Jt-pr, to cover, obliterate, Isa. 
xxviii. 18; reconcile, u-kr-tm, recon- 
cile ye shall so, Ezk. xlv. 20; i-k-pr-ne, 
will pacify it, Prov. xvi. 14 ; u-k-pr, 
and shall be disannulled, Isa. xxviii 
18 ; k-pr, the ransom, Exod. xxx. 12, 
Job xxxiii, 24, Pa. xlix. 7, Josh, xliii.3 

Atonement, an make shall, u-kr, Exod. 
xxx. 10, Num. viii. 19, 1 Chron. vi. 
49, Lev. ix. 7, 2 Sam. xxix. 3 

Atonements, the, e-k-pr-im, Exod. xxx. 

Attain, n-sg, q-nk 

Attain, cannot I, a-u-kl, Ps. cxxxix. 6 

Attained, n-sn, q-nk, b-wa, n-Bg 

Attend, o-md, q-sb 

Attended, b-in, a-zn, v-kt 

Attendance, the and, u-mo-mr, 1 
Kings X. 5 

Attent, q-sb, hearken, Isa. xxxii. 3 

Attent, q-sb-ut, 2 Chron. vl 40, vil 15 

Attentive, q-sbt, Neh. I 6 

Attentively, s-mo, regard, obey. Job 
xxxix. 7 

Attentively, 'sm-wo, s-mo, in hearing, 
hear, Job xiil 17, xxxvil 2 

Attire, f-bl, 1-bus, s-ut 


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Attired, be, j-npj to whirl about vio- 
lently, as the arms in throwing a 
ball ; jn-up, in violently turning, he 
will violently turn, Is. xxii. 18; hence 
a turbant or tiara, a long piece of 
linen, muslin, or silk, turned round 
in wreaths, and worn on the head, 
A mitre, Bxod. xxviii. 4, 39, xxix. 6, 
xxx?iL 37, Zeck. iii. 5 ; a diadem, 
Isa. Ixii. 3, Job xxix. 14, Ezk. xxL 

Attracted, 1-gh 

Availeth, s-we, level, Est. iii 8; profit, 
Job xxxiii. 7 

Audience, a-zn 

Augmented, i-vp, au-nt, d-de 

Ava, 0-wa, iniquity, turning aside, 
2 Kings xyiL 24, Isa. xxxvii. 14 

Aven, A-un, vanity, Exod. xxx. 17, 
Hos. X. 8, Amos. i. 5 

Aven, Beth, Bit, A-un, temple of ini- 
quity, Hos. iv. 15 

Avenge, n-qm, n-tn, q-qd 

Avenged, i-so, n-qm, n-tn, s-pf 

Avenged him of thee, ' m-id, 2 Sam. 
xviii. 19, 31 

Avengeth, n-qm, n-tn 

Avenging, i-so, p-ro 

Avenger, gal, redeemer. Job xix. 25 

Averse, s-ub, turn away, Isa. v. 25, 
Na. ii 2 

Averse, as men, s-ub-i, M. ii. 8 

Avim, 0-wim, the wicked, Jos. x?iii. 23 

Avith, Ow-it, iniquity. Gen. xxxvi. 35 

Avouched, j-dg 

Avoided, m-no 

Aul, an with r-jo-bore, Exod. xxi. 6, 

Aunt, d-ud-i, beloved my. Cant, i 14 
16, V. 2, 4, 8. 10, xtL 6, 2, vii. 11, 

Aunt, thine, d-ud-tk, Lev. xviii. 14 

Avouched, a-mr, j-dg 

Avouched, thee hath, e-am-i-rk, Deu. 
xxvi. 18 

Avoid, p-ro, to cast off, uncover, 2 
Chron. xxviii. 19 

Avoid it, p-ro-e-u, Prov. iv. 15 

Avoided, vb-b, to turn about, Prov. 
xxvi. 14, Gten. xlii. 24, 1 Sam. xv. 
12, 27, m-no, id 

Avoided, wi-vb, and, xviii. 11 

Authority, r-be, sl-fun, t-qp 

Awake, i-qo, o-ur, q-uj, Ps. cxxxix. 18, 
Isa. xxvi. 9 

Awaked, i-qj, Ps. iii. 5 

Awaked, I, e-q-ij-u-ti, Jer. xxxi. 26 

Awakedst, thou when, b-o-ir, Ps. Ixxiii. 

Awaketh, he but, u-eq-ij, Isa xxix. 8 
Aware, wast, i-do-t, Jer. 1. 24^ from 

i-do, to know, Isa. i. 3, Ps. civ. 19, 

Jer. viii. 7 
Away, from, ma-hr, Isa. lix. 13, from 

a-hr, after the end, last. Gen. ix. 28, 

Eccl. X. 13 
Awake, q-ij, jg-j, o-ur 
Axe, g-rz, o-jr, qz-dm 
Axe, head, e-br-zl, 2 Kings vi. 5, from 

br-zl, iron, Num. xxxv. 16, Dent. 

iii. 11, viii. 9 
Axes, g-zr, gr-r, h-rb, k-sl 
Axle-trees, w-id-ut, 1 Kings vii. 32 
AxAe-trees, their, id-u-tm, 1 Kings vii. 

33 ; lit, hand of the wheel, id, the 

hand, power. Gen. xxxviii. 28, Exod. 

xiii. 3-14 
Aza, M-za, what is this ? Eccl. vi. 6 
Azaliah, E-jl-ye-u, deliver by Jehovah, 

2 Kings ii. 3 
Azaniah, A-zn-ye, arm of Jehovah, 

Neh. X. 10 
Azareel, O-zr-al, succour of God, Ez. 

X. 14 
Azariah, A-zr-ye, heard of Jehovah, 

1 Chron. vi. 9 
Azaz, Oz-z, very strong, 1 Chron. v. 8 
Az-8-zel, 0-za-zl, the scapegoat. Lev. 

xvi. 8, succour of God 
Oz-zy-e-u, strength of Jehovah, 2 

Chron. xxxi. 13 
Azbuk, 0-zb-uq, a goat, Neh. iii. 16 
Azekah, 0-zq-e, fenced town, Jos. xv. 35 
A-zel, 0-jl, separated, 1 Chron. viii. 37 
Azem. 0-jm, strength, Jos. xix. 3 
Azgaa, Oz-gd, strong army 
Azmaveth, 0-zm-ut, strength, or pain 

of death, Neh. vii. 28 
Azmon, Oz-m-ne, bone of strength 
Aznoth Tabor, Az-nt-t-bur, ears of 

purity, Isa. xix. 34 
Azor, Oz-r, encompass. Matt. i. 13 
Azoth, As-dud, fire of love, Jos. xi. 22 
Azotide, As-dud-yut, the fire of love 
, remains. Zee. ix. 6, Zeph. ii. 4, Amos 

i. 8 
Az-riel, Az-r-al, strength of God, Jer. 

xxxvi. 26 
Az-riel, Oz-r-al, strength of God, 

1 Chron. v. 24 
Azarikam, Oz-ri-qm, my establishing, 

1 Chron. iii 23 
Azubah, Oz-u-be, strength is in her, 

1 Chron. ii. 18 
'Az-ur, Oz-ur, that strengthens, Jer. 

xxYiii. 1 
Az-zan, Oz-zn, their strength. Numb. 

^^V- 26 Digitized by ^OOglC 





BAAL, Heb. B, ol, B-ol, husband, 
ruler, goreruor, master, lord ; and a 
priociple in nature, at power, sup- 
port, supply, defence, each was per- 
sonified, Bjmbolised, deified, under 
this one general appellation of B-oL 
Erery kmd of power was a BaaL 
To own or have anything, hair, 
hands, wings, feet — ^to be endued 
with any quality, bad or good — to be 
addicted to, or concerned in, any- 
thing — to hare dominion and aulAio- 
rity, as lord and proprietor— to be 
the lord and husband of a wife ; to 
marry, to do the duty of a husband, 
Deut. xxiv- 1, xxi. 13, Isa. xxtl 13, 
lir. 5, Ixil 5, Jer. iii 14 ; masters of 
covenant, B-ol-i, Gen. xiv. 23; 
U-b-ol-i, masters of horsemen, 2 Sam. 
i 6 ; B-ol-yu, his owner, Exod. xxL 
29, 36, Isa. L 3 ; L-b-ol-^e-u, that is, 
the mistress of a fanuliar spirit, 
1 Sam. xxvilL 7 

Baalah, B-ol-e, her idol, Jos. xr. 9 

Baalath, B-ol-t, the goremess, xix. 32, 

Baalath-beer, B-ol-t-b-ar, well of the 
goremess. Josh. xix. 8 

Baal-Berith, B-al-b-rifc, lord of the 
purifier, Jud. viii. 33, ix. 4 

Baal-gad, Bol-gd, the lord of armies, 
Jos. xi. 17 

Baal-gur, B-ol-gr, the god of wanderers 
1 Oiron. xxji. 27 

Baal-bek, B-ol-bk, Uie god of abun- 

Baal-hamon, B-ol«se-mun, the god of 
generation, increase, riches, Can. 
viii. 11 

Baal-hanan, B-ol=h-nn, the god of 
mercy, G^en. xxxvi 88 

Baal-hazor^ B-ol^h-zar^ the god of 
grace, gifts, 2 Sam. xiii. 23 

Baal-hermon, B-ol=hr-mun, god of the 
curse, Jud. iii. 3 

Baali, B-ol-i, my lord. Hos. ii. 16 

Baalim, B-ol-im, idols many, Jud. 
il 11, iii. 7^ viii. 33, x. 6, 10 

Baalis, B-ol-iv, the god of joy, Jer. 
xl. 14 

Baal-meon, B-ol=mo-yun, the god of 
settlement, liabitation, Num. xxxii.38 

Baal-peor, B-ol«>peor, abundance^ the 
open-mouthed baal, Num. xxxiii. 28 

Baal-perizzim, B-ol=p-ij-im, the god 

ci fruitfulness, 2 Sam. t. 20 
Baal-shallsha, B-ol=8l-se^ the triune 

god, 2 Kings iv. 42 
Baai-tamar, B-ol=t-nur, the god of 

purity, Jud. xx. 33 
Baal-zephon, B-ol=jp-un, the god of 

spirits, of the invisible power of the 

heavens, god of hosts, Ex. xiv. 2, 9, 

Numb. xxxiiL 7 
Baanah, B-one, in sorrow, iXings iv. 12 
Baanah and Eechab, Bone-R-kb,a 

charioteer, slew Isbosheth, 2 Sam. 

iv. 2 
Baara, Bore, in watcldng, 1 Chron. 

viii. 8 ^ 

Baaseiah, B-os-ye, the work of Jehovah, 

1 Chron. vi 40 
Baasha, B-o-se, in the work, 1 Kings 

XV. 1 

Babe, ol-l, entered, brought in, Ex. ii.6 
Babbled, db-b, prated, slandered, £ccL 

Babel, B-bl, schism, mixed, disagree- 
ment. Gen. X. 10 
Babylon, B-b-1, confusiou, the great 

city, 2 Kings xx. 12 
Back, gb, up, a-hr, e-la, o-rp 
Bacrites, bk-ri, divided, firstb(»-n 
Bacher, B-hr-im, B-hurim, young men, 

English, bachelor, 2 Sam. xvi. 5 
Backslideth, s-km, Hos. iv. 6 
Backbone, o-je, shutteth, Prov. xvi. 30 
Backbone, the, e-o-je, Lev. iii. 9 
Back parts, a-hr, after, train. Gen. ix. 

28, Exod. xxxiii. 23 
Backs, their, a-hr-ye-m, Ezk. viii. 1, 6 
Backbiteth, r-gl, feet, trample on, Pa. 

XV. 3 
Backbiting, v-tr-lo-hide, Ex. iii 6, Prov. 

XXV. 23 
Backslide, a-hr, Ex. iii 1 
Backsliding, vr-^*, sb-b, s-ub 
Backward, a-hur, Gen. xlix. 17, Pb. xL 

14, Is. i. 4 
Bacuth, b-ke, tears, Gen. xiv, 14, Hos. 

xii.4; springs, Jobxxxviii. 16, mourn; 

b^hi-ti, I weep. Job xxx. 25, Ps. 

Ixix. 10, Ezk. xxvii 31 ; b-ke, wept 

very sore, Bz. x. 1 
Bad, r-wo, b-as 
Badness, ro-o, to break, shake, and 

shatter all to pieces, make good for 

nothing. Is. xxiv. 19; 1-e-tr-wo-o, a 

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inan of fHends many will rain him- 
self, Prov. xviii. 24 
Badness for, li-ro, Gen. xli. 19 
Bad, from bid, a-mr, d-br, j-we 
Bad est, d-br-t, thou badest, Gen. xxvii. 

Badgers, t-hs, rubbing, watching, Ex. 

XXV* 5 
Bag, k-iv, k-le, jr-r 
Bags, h-rf, j-ur 
Balial-hanan, B-ol=e-nU 
BahUrim, B-hr-im, young men, 2 Sdm. 

ill. 16 . 

Bajth, E-bit, palace^ temple. Is. jv. 2 
Bakbakkr, B-qb-qr, vain, empty, 1 

Chron. ix. 15 
Bakbuk, b-qb-uq, empty bottle 
Bake, a-pe, heat 
Bake, did, b-sl, ripen, Joel iii. 4, Gren. 

xl. 10; ut, b-sl, 2 Sara. xiii. 8 
Bake, shalt, o-ug, gridit-on cakej Ezk. 

iv. 12 
Baked, b-sl, have baked, a-pe 
Bake meats, a-pe, o-se, Gen. xl. 17 
Baken, a-pe, r-bk, r-jp 
Baker, and, we-a-pe, Gen. Ix. 1 
Baketh, and, w-a-pe. Is. xliv. 15 
Bala, B-lo, swallowed up, Jos. xix. 3 
Balaam, B-lom, destruction of the 

people. Num. xxii. 
Baladan, Bl-a-dn, God the Lord, A-dun, 

the almighty sustainer and judge, 2 

Kings XX. 12 
Balak, B-lq, lays waste, Num. xxii. 
Balance, a-zn, m-az-nim 
Balances, the in, b-ma-zn-im. Job ti. 2 
Balancings, p-ls, differences 
Balancings, the, m-jJ-lsi, Job xxxvii. 16 
Bald, g-bh, q-rh, ile. Job vi. 16 
Baldhead, his in, b-q-rh-tu. Lev. xr. 55 
Baldness, q-rh-e, LeVi xxi. 5, Deut. xiv. 

11, Is. iii. 25 
Ball,k-dr, like a round thing. Job xv. 24 
Balla, k-dr. Is. xxii. 18 
Balm, j-re, flowing, j-ri. Gen. xliii. 11 
Balsam-tree, balsam, b-ol-s-mn, the god 
: of name, royal oil, Ez. xxvii. 17 
Bamah, B-me, a lofty hill, 1 Kings xi. 7 
Bamoth, U-b-mut, even the high places, 

Ezk. xxxvi. 2. Is. xv. 2 
Bamoth-baal, B-mut-b-ol, the high 

places of the baals, idols, Jos. xiii. l7 
Baild, o-bt, s-pe 
Bands, a-vr, h-bl, h-ne, h-q-jb, i-vr, 

m-uf, m-sk 
Band, a company, gd-d, h-il 
Bands, companies, h-ne 

Bands, the and, u-gd-tt-di, 2 Kng. xv. 20 

Bands, his, a-gp, a-vr 

Bands, the, r-as 

Bands, thy, a-gp 

Bani, B-ni, my son, Ez. ii. 10 

Banished, n-dh, violent blow, as of an axe 

or hammer with the niight, Deut; 

xix. 5 
Banished his, n-ah-u, 2 Sam. xiv. 13 
Banishment, of causes and j u-m-du-h-im, 

Lam. ii. 14 
Bank, vl-1, s-pe 
Bank, g-de, a kid of goat. Gen. xxxviii. 

Banks, gd-ut-yu, elevated, Jos. iii. 15 
Banner, dg-1, lifted up, Nuni. ii; 3 
Banners with as, kn-dg-lut. Can. vi. 4 
Banquet, k-re, r-zh, s-te, drunk, Dan.v.4 
Banquet-house, m-st-ya, Dan. v. 10 
Banqueting-house, yin, e-yin, house of 

wine. Cant. ii. 4 
Bar, V. them and, u-ah-ru, Nfeh. vii. 3 
Bar, n. b-rh, m uf 
Bars, bd, b-rh, m-fl 
Barak, B-rq, thunder, Jud. iVi 5 
Barachel, B-rk-al, blessed God 
Baras, Br ja, in poverty 
Barbarians, 1-oz, a stranger 
Barbed, s-uk, a thorn, Mich/vii. 4 
Barbed, irons with, b-s-kut. Job xli. 7, 

xl. 31 
Barber, g-lb. to remove, to rob 
Barbers, e-gUbim, the skull, Ezk. v. 1 
Bare, p-ro, q-re 
Bare, and, o-re 

Barest, n-sa, a burden. Num. iv. 25 
Barest, thou, n-s-at, 1 Kings ii. 26 
Bare a child, i-ld 
Bare, she, ere 
Bare, naked, p-ro, q-re 
Bare, and, o-re 

Bare, made, n-hmf-u, Jer xiii. 2^ 
Bare, make, o-ur 

Barefoot, i-hp, light-footed, 2 Sam; xv. 30 
Bare up, n-sa, v-bl 
Barhumite, Br-hu-mi, bright streams) 

2 Sam. xxiii. 31 
Baria, br-ye, in flavour 
Bark, n-bh, troubled 
Bark, cannot, 1-n-bh, Isa. Ivi. 10 
Barked, q-sp, to foam, wrath 
Barked, my fig-tree, 1-q-jp-e, Joel i. i 
Barley, s-ph, jut out, it, s-Or, hairy, 

rough, beard, s-or-e, Joel i. 11, Job 

xxxi. 40 
Barkos, br-kiiv, a son separated) Ezra 

ii. 53 


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Barn, n-rn, g-ur, g-rz, letel 

Bam floor, e-g-z, 2 Kings vl. 7 

Barns, a-vm, g-ur 

BaiTel,kd-d, great, pitcher, Gren.xxiv.l4 

Barrel, a in, b-kd, 1 Kings xvii. 14 

Barrels, k-dim, 1 Kings xviii. 33 

Barren, o-jr, o-qr, s-kl 

Barren land, m-lh 

Barren woman, o-qr, cut off,Lev.xxr.47 

Barren woman, the, o-q-rt, Ps. cxiii. 9 

Barrenness, into, 1-ml-he, Ps. evil 34 

Btlse, b-li, q-le, sm, s-pl 

Basest, s-pl 

Basket, d-ud, f-na, k-lb, t1 

Baskets, d-ud-ai, Jer. xxiv. I 

Baruch, Br-uk, is blessed, Jer. xxxvi.l4 

Barzillai, Br-zl-i, son of iron, 2 Sam. 

xvii. 27,8 
Bascath, B-j-qt, swelling, Jos. xv. 39 
Bashan, B-sn, in the crag, Num. xxi.33 
Bashmath, B-s-mt, perfumed, Gren. 

xxvi. 34 
Basiothai, B-zy-ut-ya, in gardens of 

olives, Jos. XV. 21 
Basmath, B-s-mt, in honour, I Kings 

iv. 15 
Bason, k-pr, vp-p 
Basons, a-gn, z-rq, k-pr, vp-p 
Bastard, redundant, no seed, no name, 

Deut. xxiii. 2, 3, Zech. ix. 6 
Bath, bt-rb-im, the great waters, Can. 

vii. 4 
Bath-shua, of, l-bit-s-wo> temple of 

bounty, 1 Chron. iii. 5 
Bathsheba, temple, plenty, Bt-s-bo, 

2 Sam. xi. 3 
Bathe, r-hj, to wash, Lev. viii. 21 
Bathe himself, and, u-r-hj. Lev. xvii. 15 
Bathed, well soaked, (r-we) Ps. Ixv. 10 
Bathed, be shall, r-u-te, Isa. xxxiv. 5 
Bat, the, of-lp, covered with a garment, 

encompassed, e-of-lp. Lev. xi. 9 
Bats, the to and. u-1-of-lp-im, Josh. ii.20 
Bath-kol, Bt-kul, daughter of the 

voice, silent inspiration 
Bathuel, Bt-u-al, house of God, Gen. 

xxiv. 22 
Battle, 1-hm, v-hn, o-rk, q-rb 
Battle-axe, n-pj 

Battle-bow, m-l-hm-e, Zech. ix. 10 
Battle, but the. we-ml-hme, Judg. 

XX. 34, from 1-hm, to be devoured, 

Deut. xxxii. 24 
Battles, in, em-1-hm-ut, 1 Chron. xxvi 27 
Battered, g-ht, mar, spoil, Jer. xiii. 7 
Battered, m-s-hi-tm, :J Sami xx. 15 
Battlement, o-qe, streaked, speckled. 

loopholed, bound. Gen. xxii. 9 ; the 

house top, g-gy Ps. cii. 7^ Prov.xxi.9 
Battlement, m-oqe, Deut. xxiL 8 
Battlements, n-fs, loose, Isa. xxxiii 23 
Battlements, her, n-fi-su-tim, Jer. v. 10 
Bay, a-mj, strong, spirit, courage that 

quails not, Isa. xk 10, Ps. lxxx.16,17 
Bay, the and, a-mj-im, Zech. vi 3, 7 
Bay, 1-sn, the tongue, language. Gen. 

X. 5 ; a creek of the sea, Jos. xv. 2 
Bay, the from, m-l-sun, Jos. xv. b 
Bay-tree, p, z-rh, arise, spring out, Ps. 

cxil 4, Isa. Ix. 1, 3, MaL iv. 2 
Bay-tree, green *a Hke, k-az-rh, Ps. 

xxxvil 35 
Bdellium, Bd-lh, tm, Gen.ill2, Nu.xl 7 
Be, e-we, e-ih 
Be, he, i-se 
Be, it, i-se 
Be, shall, e-wa, i-se 
Be, should, i-se 
Be, there, i-se 
Be, will, a-i 
Beacon, t-rn, a long pole erected upon 

a hill for signal, a ship's mast, Ezk. 

xxvii. 5 
Beacon, a as, k-t-rn, Ish. xxx. 17 
Bealiah, B-ol-ye, husband, Jehovah, 

1 Chron. xii. 5 
Bealoth, B-ol-ut, baal feminine, queen 
Beam, a-rg, k-ps, Jud. xv., 1 Sam.xvil7 
Beams, g-ub, k-rt, j-lo 
Bean, b-on, in affliction, Num. xxxii 3 
Beans, p-ul, black face, 2 Sam. xviL 

28, Ezk. iv. 9 
Bear, endure, i-ld, n-fl, n-sa 
Bear out, i-ja 
Bear the blame, e-fa 
Bear tidings, a-is, b-sr 
Bear up, t-kn 
Bear witness, o-ud 
Bear, shall, v-bl 
Bear, to, k-ul, v-bl 
Bear a child, i-ld 
Bear fruit, o-se 
Beareth witness, o-ne 
Beareth twins, t-am, coupled together, 

Ex. xxvi. 24 
Beareth twins, m-ta-um-ut. Can. vi. 6 
Bearer, tale, n-r-gu, Prov. xviii. 8, from 

r-gn, whisperer, Prov. xvi. 28 
Bearers, v-bl 

Bear, d-ub, growler, 1 Sam. xvii. 34 
Bears, like, k-db-im. Is. lix. 11 
Bears, she, d-b-im, 2 Kings ii. 24 
Beard, z-qn, s-pm, old, Gen. xv iii . 1 
Beards, their, z-qn, Jer. xli. 5 


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Beards, your, z-qn-km, 2 Sam. x. 6 

Beast, b-em, Ihor, h-je, kr-kr, n-ps 

Beast, swift, r-ks 

Beast, wild ^he and, u-ain, Ps. 1. 11 

Beasts, b-em, Im)!, b-je, kr-kr 

Beasts, fat, m-ra 

Beasts, her, t-bh 

Beasts, wild, ai, z-in 

Beat, d-uk, d-pk, kt-t 

Beat, and, n-kh 

Beat down, e-rv, n-tj 

Beat him, n-ke 

Beat in pieces, dq-q 

Beat ofiF, h-bf 

Beat to pieces, d-ka 

Beat, did, q-qo, s-hq 

Beaten, g-rs, kt-t, n-ke, q-se 

Beaten dpwn, ht-t 

Beaten in sunder, n-jj 

Beaten out, h-bf 

Beaten, have, e-lm 

Beaten, was, n-gp 

Beatest, h-bf, n-ke 

Beauty, i-pe, p-ar, ra-e, e-dr 

Beauty, the for, j-be 

Beauty, her, e-dr-e. Lam. i. 6. 

Beauty, his, e-ud. Hob. xiv. 6 

Beauties, the in, b-e-dr-i, Ps. ex. 3 

Beautify, p-ar, adorn, I§. Ix. 30, Ez. 

vii. 29 
Beautify, he will, j-p-ar, Ps. cxlix, 4 
Beautiful, fub, j-pe, j-be, r-he, t-ar 
Beaiitiful, how, Vwe, desire, earnestly 

long for, strong affection, Ps. cxxxii. 14 
Beautiful, how, n-aw-u. Is. lii. 7 
Beautiful, thy, t-p-ar-tk, Ez. xvi. 17, 39 
Bebai, b-bi, eye-ball, Ez. ii. 11 
Becah, half-shekel, b-kh, divided, Ex. 

XXX. 13 
Became, g-dl, e-ye, h-zk, h-fa, n-ae, y-ae, 

Became great, and, we-gd-il, Dan. 

viii. 4 
Became Jews, m-t-ye-dim. Est. viii 17 
Because, a-ua, ale, b-gl-1, d-br, d-rk, 

id, m, mn, mon, ki, yon, o-qb, au-dt, 

Bech, b-kr, separated, first-born. Num. 

xxiv. 35 
Bephorath, b-ku-rt, great grandfather, 

1 Sam. ix. 1 
Become, e-ye 
Become great, g-dl 
Become one, a-hd 
Become sin, h-fa, miss the mark, Jud. 

XX. 16; suffering. Job v. 24, Gen. 

xxxl 39 

Become sin, lh-fa-e,'P8. cix. 7 
Become, should, o-se 
Becoming, m-fe, o-rs, or-ge, mr-bo 
Bed, i-jo, n-fe, o-rg, o-rs, S-kb 
Bedchamber, m-of, small, Ps. ii 12 ;n-ef, 

extend, stretch, spread. Gen. xxxiii.l9 
Bedchamber, the, e-mf-ut, 1 Kings xi. 2 
Beds, n-fe 
Bedstead, his, o-r-su, Deut. iii. ll,ft*om 

o-rs, a couch, Amos iii. 12 
Bedad, Bd-d, in favour. Gen. xxxvi 35 
Bedan, B-dn, in judgment, 1 Sam. xii. IX 
Bedeiah, Bd-ye, the only Jehovah, Ex. 

X. 35 
Bee, d-br, to speak, tell, command, dis- 
course, Ex. vi 29 
Bee, the for and, u-1-db-ur-e. Is. vii 18 
Bees, db-rim, speaks, Jud. xiv. 8 
Bees, Uke, kAib-rim, Ps. ex viii. 12 
Befel, q-re, a-ne, q-ra 
Beeliada, B-ol-i-do, the god of science, 

knowledge, 1 Chron. xiv. 17 
Beel-teem, B-ol-fom, the god of reason, 

eloquence, taste, Ez. iv. 9 
Beel-zebub, B-ol-zb-ub, the ffod of 

hedth, of power, of the heavens, 2 

Kings i 2, 3 
Beer, b-ar, of light, a well, Jud. ix. 21 
Beerelim,B-ar=al-im,the light of purity, 

of the strong ones, Is. xv. 8 
Beerah, B-ar-e, in light or purity, 1 

Chron. v. 6 
Beer-ramath, exaltation of purity, Joh. 

xix. 8 
Beeri, B-ar-i, my well, purity, Gan. 

xxvi 34 
Beeroth, B-ar-ut, wejls, Jos. ix. 17. 
Beers-heba, B-ar-s-ba, well of the oath, 

Gen. XX. 31 
Beeshterah, B-a^-tr-e, ii^ Ws flock, Jos. 

xxi. 27 
Beetle, hr-gl, a moving multitude, 

desolaters, wasters. Lev. xi 22, 
Beeves, b-qr, the morning. Num. xxxi 

Befal, ane, m, ja, q-rs, q-re 
Befalleth, to make beams join, Ps. civ. 3 
Befalleth, which that, m-qr-e, Ec. iii 19 
Bef.illen, m-ja 
Befell, m-ja 
Before, a-le, a-np, at, b, b-la, f-rm, 1, la, 

m, mul, n-kh, o-in, o-le, om, p-ne, 

q-bl, q-dm, r-as, s-ls 
Before thee, a-np 
Beg, therefore shall he, u-s-al, Prov. 

XX. 4 
Beggar, to desire, a-be. Job xxxiv. 36 

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Beggar, the, a-by-u^, P?. pj. 18, Pa. 

Ixxii 4, 12 
Begging, b-qs, to seek, to ask, Hos. ii. 7 
Begging, m-b-qa, Ps. xxxvil 25. ■ 
Began, hl-1, ya-l, i-vd, s-ra 
Begat, y-eb, to supply, give, bring, 

Gren. XXX. l,PrpY. :^xx. 15,Ruth iii. 15 
Seget, ild. Gen. ir. 18, 20, Ez. xxiii. 

37, xviii lOf 14, Gen. xlviil 6 
Begin, hl-I,Gen. xl 1, xi 6, Jer. xxy. 29, 

Jud. X. 8, XX. 4, Dent. iii. 34, ii. 31 
Beginning, the, o-lm, r-as, t-h-lt, Pror. 

ix. 10, Ilos. }. 2, Ecci. X. 1? . 
Beginning, r-as, the head. Gen, iii, 15, 

xl. 20, xlyii. 31, xlviii. 14, xir. 17, 

Exod. xxix. 15, Ler. i 4, u-ras, 

and the heads, Jud. vii. 25 ; Deut. 

xxxii. 33, e-ras, a head. Lev. i 8, viii. 

20; hU, G^n. xiii. 3, iv. 26 
Beginning from, «i-ras-it, Deut. xvi. 9, 

xi. 12 
Beginning, thy, ras-i-tk. Job. yiii. 7 
Beginne^t, thou a^ time such fron), 

me- hi, Deut. xvi. 9 
Begotten, i-ld, i-ja 
Beguiled, n-kl, n-sa, x-vae 
Begun, was, e-hl. Num. xvi. 46, 47 
Behalf, his on, t-ht 
Behalf of, the on, at 
Behave, h-?q, n-kr, R-eb, s-kl 
Behaved, e-lk, a-we 
Behaviour, m-om, to taste. Job. vi. 6 
Behaviour, his, f-o-mu, 1 Sam. xxl 13 
Beheaded, v-ur, o-rp, r-as 
Beheld, n-bf, r-he, e-zt^ 
Behemoth, B-em, the beasts, b-te-rae, 

cattle. Gen. i. 24, vil 23 ; a beast, 

vi. 7, Exod, ix. ?5, Job xviii. 3, laa. 

Ixiil 14 
Behemoth, Be-mut, the beasts, Deut. 

xxxii. 24, Job. xii. 7 
B-emut, perhaps the elephant. Job. xL 

Behu^d, a-hr, a-le, o-ud 
Behold I E-a ! En ! E-ne I J-pe ! B^-e I 

Beholdeth, p-ne 
Beiug, o-ud, tp support, confirm, make, 

to stand, by power or by evidence of 

truth. Job. xxix. 11, Lara. ii. 13; is 

your father yet alive ; Gen. xliii. 7 
Being, a have I while, bo-u-di, Ps. 

civ. 33 
BeizA, bi-je, an egg 
Bekah, b-qo, hall a shekel. Is. 2^4-, 

divide, Ps. Lxxviii 13 
Bel, bl, from b-le, to grow old, Jer. I 2 

Bela, B-lq, that swallows, Qen. xiv. ^8 
Belch, n-bo, to bubble up, flow, Prov. 

xviii. 14 
Belch out, they, i-by-o-un, Ps. lix. 7 
Belga, Bl-^i, vajley of old age, Neh. x. 6 
Belial, b-ly-ol, who do np good, Judges 

xix. 22 
Belied, have, k-hs-u, Jer. v. 18 
Believe, a-mn, 2 Kings xvii. 14 
Believed, he and, e-am-in. Gen. xlv. 2Q 
Believeth, that he, a-ma-min, Is^, 

xxviii. 16 
Bell, p-om, to strike, to beat, anvil, 

Isa. xll 7, Exod.' xxviii. 34 
Bella, p-<)m-ni, ExojJ. xxxix. 25 
Bellow, j-el, loud voice, joy, Isa. xxiy. 14 
Bellow, and, u-t-je-lu, Jei*. 1. 11 
Bellows, n-ph, to breath, blow,Gei>. ii. 7 
Bellows, the, m-ph, Jer. vi. 29 
Belly, b-fn, g-hn, k-ra, mo-e, qb-b 
Belong to God, 1-Al-e-im, G^en. xl. ^ 
Belonged, m-ne 
Belongest, mi 
Belima, Bl-^m-e, reservoir 
Belma, B-al=mo-yun, master of the 

Beloved, d-ud, h-md, id-d, Ps. Ixxxiv. I 
Beloved, dearly, id-dut, Jer. xji. 7 
Beloved, the, id-id. Deut. xxxiil 12 
Beloved, well my to, 1-id, id-i, Isa. v. 1 
Bemoan, n-ud, to be shaken as a ree4 

in the storm. Job xvi. 5 ; mourq, 

Job ii. 11, Jer. xlviiL 17 
Bemoaning , himself, m-t-nud, d, Job 

xxxL 18 
Bemof^ned, they and, wi-n-du. Job xlii 1 1 
Below, f-ht 

B^n, Bn, ^on. Gen. xi. 31, xii. 5 
Benches, thy, q-rsk, boards, Ez. xxvii 6 
Bend, d-rk, k-pn, Jer. xlvi. 9 
Bendeth, he, i-d-rk, Ps. Iviii. 7 
Bent the, d-ru-ke, I^. xxi. 15 
Bene, in, B-on-e, young. Num. xxxiii.31 
Belshazzar, B-sa-jr, lord of pleasures, 

Dan. V. 1 
Beltesha?zar, Bl-f-sa-jr, lord of hidden 

treasures, Dan. i. 7 
Ben-abinad£^b, Bn=£^b-in-db, son of a 

prince, 1 Kings iv. 11 
Beuaiah, Bu-ye-u, pon of Jehovah, 

1 Kings i. 36 
Ben-amrai, Bn-am-mi, son of my people. 

Gen. xix. 38 
Ben-d-qr, son of the divider, 1 Kings 

iv. 9 
Bene-berak, Bui-b-rq, son of blessing, 

Jos. xix. 45 


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Benejaakin, Bu-i-yo-qn, sons of trouble, 

Num. xxxiil 31 
Benefiteth, mf-f, t-ht 
Benefit, g-ml, camels, Isa. xxi. 7 
Beuefit, deserving: the to according, 

u-g-mul, Jud. ix. 6 
Benefits, his, g-mul-yu, Ps. ciii. 2 
Ben-gaber, Bn=g-br, a strong son, 

1 Kings iv. 13 
Ben-hadad, Bn=ed-d, son beloved, 

1 Kings ix. 25 
Benhail, Bi;=h-il, son of health, 

2^Cbron. xyji. 7. 
Ben-hennon, Bn-e-un, 2 Chron. xxxviil 3 
Ben-hesed, Bn=h-vd, son of pity, 

1 Kings iv. 10 
Ben-hur, Bn=iiur, pon of light, 1 Kings 

17. 8 

Benjamin, Bn=im-in, son of ipy right 

hand. Gen, xxxvi. 16 
Benjamite, A-is, B-ne, i-mu 
Benjamites, B-ne, i-mu 
Beninu, Bn-iu-u, our spns, Neh. x. 13 
Beno, Bn-u, his son. Gen. iv. 17 
Benoni, B-a-u-ni, son of sorrow, Gten. 

XXXV. 17 
Ben-2oheth, Bn-ru-ht,son of separation, 

1 Chron. iv. 20 
Beon, B-on, in sorrow. Num. xxxii. 3 
Beracha, Br-He, benediction, 1 CUron. 

xii. 3 
Bera, B-ro, in eyil, Jud. ix. 21 
Bereave, h-vr, k-sl, to dash, to fall, 

strike against, Ezk. xxxvi 14 
Bered, B-yd, hajl. Num. xxxiv. 4 
Bereschith, B-ras-it, in the chief, the 
head, first, the uncreated one, in 
Christ ; bra, created, Aleim, Trinity, 
Gen. i. 1, from ras, the head, Gen. 
iil 15, ii. lOj xl. 13; first-fruits, 
Exod. xxiii. 19, I Cor. xv. 20, the 
first, ras-nit, Jer. xxv. 1, Col. L 15, 
16, 17, 18, 19, John i. 1, 2, 3, 4 
Beri, Br-i, my son, 1 Chron. vil 36 ; 
from br, a child, pure, clear, 2 Sam. 
xxii 21 ; an innocent, C^. vi. 8, 
Job xxxvji. 11 
Beriah, Br-yo-e, in evil, Gen. xlvi. 17 
Berith, Br-it, soap, Mai. iii. 2, not 
covenant, purifier, which is Christ 
alone ; give thee^ for 1-br-it, a purifier 
of the people, Isa. xlix. 8 ; I will the 
men that have transgressed my br-it, 
Jer. xxxiv. 18 ; with thee will esta- 
blish my br-it, Gen. vi. 18 ; this is the 
sign of my br-it. Gen. ix. 12; my 
purifier shall be in your fiesh, Qen. 

xvii 2-1 3 ; purifier of salt, br-it, m-lh, 

Niim. xviii. 1 ; purge out, Ezk. xxx. 

^0; chosen, 1 Chron. ix. 22; pure, 

Zeph. iil 9, Ps. xviii. 26 ; the choice 

one, Can, vi. 9 
Berodach-Bala^an, Br-a-dn, the p^^ie^j 

ness of judgment, 2 Kings xx. 12 
Berotb, Br-ti, the puriti^si, 2 Sam. viii. 3 
Berotbah, Br-ut-e, the pureness of Je- 
hovah, Ezk. xlviii. 16 
Berries, gr-gr-im, Isa. xvii. 6 
Beryl, T-rs-js, fiery, Exod. viii. 20 
Besir^, Bur-v-re, well of revolt, 2 Sam. 

iii 26 . .. '^ 

Beseech, h-le, s-he, na 
Beseeph, the I, a-ne, Ps. cifvi 14, Is^ 

xxxviii. 3 ' 

B^set, k-tr, vb-b. jur 
Beside, a-hr, a^le, a-jl, bd-d, b-lo-di, id, 

o-le, jd-d 
Besides, a-hr, a-ol, b-lo-di, 1, o-ud, on^ 
Besides me, a-pv 
Besiege, j-ur, to bind up close, Deut. 

jiJ. 25 
Besieged, was city the so aud, u-t-ba, 

2 King^ xxiv. 10, Jer. Iii. 5 
Besom, m-fa-fa 
Bpsmeared, k-pr, covered 
Besor, B-sr, to bring good tidings, Is%, 

Ixi. 1, xl. 9 
B^sofr, the brook, E-b-sur, of revolfe 

1 Sam. XXX. Q 
Besought, b-qa 
Best, h-lb, fub 
Best fruits, z-mr 
B^t, the in, i-fub. 

Bestead, hj^rdlv, n-qs-e, Isa. viii. 21 
Bester, H-rj, sharp teeth, Job. xU. 30, 

Isa. xli. 15, 2 Sam. v. 24 
Bestow, n-tn, o-se 
Bestowed, g-ml, i-nh, n-he, n-tn 
Belah, B-fb, confidence^ 2 Sam. viii. 8 
Besdeiah, B-vud-ye, counsel of JehoH. 

yah, Ne. iii, 6 
Beten, B-fn, belly, low, Jos. xix. 25 
B^th, Bt, the aucient name of a hous^e 

of sacrifice, divine presence an^ 

worship, G^n. viii. 28; a temple, 

Jud. xvii 5 
B^thabara, Bt-o-br, teniple pilgrim^, 

Jud. vil 24, John i. 28 
B^thachara,Bit-ek-rm, temple of know- 
ledge, Neh. iii. 14 
Bethagla, Bit-^g-le, temple of joy, Joa. 

XV. 6 
Betbanath, Bit-o-nt, ttmple of sorrow, 

Jos. xix. 28 


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Bethanoth, Bit-on-ut, temple of praise, 

Jos. XV. 29 
Bethanim, Bit-hum, temple of mercy 
B^th-ar-a-bah, Bit-e-orb-e, temple of 

the mixture, the ai^rs of fire, light, 

and spirit, the airs, a triune sub- 

stancej idolised, Jos. xv. 6 
Beth-aram, Bit-e-rm, temple of the 

mountain, pregnancy, Jos. xiii. 27 
Beth-arbel, Bitr-ar-bal, temple of in- 
crease, Hos. X. 14 
Beth-asteroth, Bit=os-tr-ut, temple of 

fluxes of light, 1 Sam. xxxi. 10 
Beth-aven, Bit=a-im, temple of the 

Almighty Ones, Hos. iv. 15, x. 5 
Beth-azmaveth, Bit=oz-mut, temple of 

silence, death, Neh. vii. 28 
Beth-haran, Bit=e-rm, temple of the 

mountain, near accouchment, Num. 

xxxii. 36 
Beth-aran, Bit~e-m, temple of song, 

divine praise, id. 
Beth-baal-meon, Bit = b-ol = mo-un, 

temple of future rest in Grod, Jos. 

xiii. 17 
Beth-barah, Bit=bre, temple of purity 

of life, Jud. vii. 24 
Beth-birei,Bits=bra-i, temple of divine 

creators, the chosen one, Ps. Ixxxix. 

3, 19, 1 Chron. iv. 31 
Beth-car, Bit=kr, temple of the lamb, 

emphatically divine lamb, 1 Sam. vii. 

Bcth-<dgon, Bit = d-gun, temple of large 

increase of harvest, the idol of, a 

merman, the nether part of a fish, 

Jos. xix. 27, 1 Sam. v. 2, 5 
Beth-diblathaim, Bit=db-l-tm, temple 

of the unseparated lump of figs, or of 

penitentSjbitter of heart, Jer.xlviii. 22 
Beth-eked, Bit=o-qd, temple of shep- 
herds, pastors, 2 Kings x. 12 
Beth-el, Bit=al, tempfe of the Al- 
mighty God, Gen. xii. 8, xxviii. 10, 

1 Chron. viii. 28 
Beth-emek, Bit=o-mq, temple of the 

divine judgment, 2 Kings x. 12 
Beih-r, Bt-r, temple of the opening day, 

craggy mountains. Cant. ii. 17 
Betherel, Bit=e-a-jl, temple of the 

divine deliverer ,Mic. i. 11 
Beth-gader, Bit=gd-r, temple of the 

great protector, 1 Chron. ii. 61 
Beth-gamul, Bit=gm-ul, temple of 

the reward, Jer. xlviii. 23 
Beth-hac=cerem, Bit-hk-rm, temple of 

the vineyards, Jer. vi. 1 

Beth-hannan, Bit=e-un, temple of 

mercy, I Kings iv. 9 
Beth-jeshimoth, Bit=e-is-mut, temple 

of constant secure protection, Jos. 

xii. 3, xiii. 20, Ez. xxv. 9 
Beth-lebaoth, Bit=lb-a-ut, temple of 

hearts, courage, affection of hearts, 

Jos. xix. 6- 
Beth-lehera,Bit=l-hm, temple of bread, 

spiritual supplies, Jos. xvii 7, Jud. 

xix. 1 
Beth-maaka, Bit=m-o-ke, temple of 

contrition, 2 Sam. xx. 14, 1 Kingq 

XV. 20 
Beth-maon, Bit = mo-un, temple of 

pardoned transgressors, Jer.xlviii. 23 
Beih-mark-both, Bit=mr-kb-ut, th^ 

temple of commutation of sin, Isa, 

xix. 5 
Beth-maus, alias meon, ante 
Beth-millo, Bit=ml-wa, temple of 

plenitude of grace, 2 Kings xii. 20 
Beth-nimrah, Bit=nm-re, temple of 

pardoned penitents, Jos. xiii. 27. 

Jer. xlviii. 34 
Beth-oannaba, Bit=on-bh, temple of 

humble mourners for sin 
Beth-ogla, Bit=hg-le, temple of joy, 

Jos. XV. 6, xviii. 21 
Beth-oron, Bit=hr-un, the temple of 

liberty, 2 Sam. ii. 29 
Beth-pale t, Bit=p-lf, temple of deliver- 
ance, Jos. XV. 27 
Beth-paz-zer, Bit-pj-j, temple of access, 

the opened way to divine acceptance, 

Jos. xix. 21 
Beth-peor, Bit=po-ur, temple of open- 
ing, of the Divine goodness, Deut. 

iii 29, iv. 4, 46, Jos. xiii. 20 
Beth-phalet, Bit=p-lf, temple of de^ 

liverance in childbnrth, Jos. xv. 27 \ 

Neh. xi. 26 
Beth-raph, Bit-r-pa, temple of the 

Divine healer, 1 Chron. iv, 12 
Beth-seta, Bit-s-fe, temple of conver- 
sion (turn thou), Jud. vii. 22 
Beth-shalisha, Bit=s-l8-e, temple of the 

captain, leader, 2 Kings iv. 42 
Beth-shan,Bit = 8n,temple of the turned, 

reformed, converted, 1 Sam. xxxi. 10 
Beth-shean, Bit=8-an, temple of ease 

and quit, Jud. i. 27 
Beth-shemesh, Bit=8-ma, temple of the 

ministry of the light, Jos. xv. 10, 

xix. 6 
Beth-shittah, Bit=s-fe, temple of the 

reformed, turned, Jud. vii. 22 






Beth-simoth, Bit=i8-mt, temple of 

silent worship, Jos. xii. 3 
Beth-tappua, Bit=tp-uli, temple of 

swelling, like growing fruits, Jos. 

XV. 53 
Bethuel, Bt-w-al, temple of the Al- 
mighty, Gen. xxiv. 50 
Beth-hul, Bt-ul, young woman, 1 

Chron. iv. 30 
Beth-zur, Bit=jur, temple of the rock, 

the immutable God of strength, 2 

Chron. xi. 7 
Betonim, B-fn-im, nut-trees, Jos. xiii. 26 
Betray, r-me, to hurt unaware, 1 

Chron. xii. 17 
Betrothed, a-rs, yod, h-rp 
Better, f-ub, i-tr 
Between, ale, bin, 1, t-uk 
Betwixt, bill. Gen. xxvi. 28 
Beulah, B-ol, to be a husband, Deut. 

xxi. 13 ; B^ult, of the married wife, 

Ish. iv. 1, Ixii. 4 
Bewail, b-ke, to shed tears. Job xxxviil 

16 ; we wept, Ps. cxxxvii. 1 
Bewail, shall and, u-bk-te, Deut. xxi. 3 
Bewailed, and, u-t-bk, Deut. xi. 38 
Bewaileth, i-ph, to break forth with 

vehemence, Jer. iy. 31 
Bewaileth herself, e-t-ip-e, Jer. iv. 31 
Beware, o-rm, s-mr 
Bewrayed, n-qd, q-ra 
Beza-i, B-vi, he that despises, Ez. ii. 49 
Bezaleel, B-jl-al, in the shadow of 

Grod, Exod. xxxi 2 
Bezek, B-zk, chains, 1 Sam. xi. 8 
Bezek-adoni, Ad-ni-bzq, my lord of 

Bezek, Jud. i. 7 
Bezer, B-jr, a strong fort, Ps. ix. 8 
Bible, m-gr-e, lesson, lecture 
Beyond, Wa, e-la, m, o-br 
Bibbers, v-ba, filled, Ish. Ivi. 12 ; Sa- 

beans, v-ba-im, xlv. 14 ; Ezk. xxiii 42 
Bichri, bk-ri, my firstborn, 2 Sam. xx. 1 
Bid, amr, db-r 
Bid, hath, q-ds 
Bidden, amr, q-ra 
Bidkar, Bd-qr, in sharp pain, 2 Kings 

Bier, n-ef, stretching, Gen. xii. 8, 2 

Sam. iii 31 
Bigthan, Bg-tn, in the press, Est. ii. 21 
Bigrai, Bg-wi, my body, Ez. ii. 2, 24 
Bildad, Bl-dd, old friendship, su-hi, of 

meditation and prayer, Job ii. 11 
BQeam, Bl-om, old age,Balaam,Nu.xxii 
Biles, s-hn, growing spontaneously 
Bilgah, Bl gh, gently taken 

Bilhah3-lh-h, spreads it8elf,Gen. xxx. 7 
Bilhan, Bl-en, troubled, 1 Chron. viL 10 
Bilshan, Bl-sn, old man, Ez. ii. 2 
Bill, v-pr, cook, letter, Deut. xxiv. 1, 3, 

Ish, 1. 1 
Billows, gl-1, to roll, Prov. xxiri. 27iPs. 

xlii. 7 
Bimhal, Bm-el, to circumcise, 1 Chron. 

vii. 33 
Bind, a-vr, h-bs, jr-r, r-tm, k-pt 
Bind, and, o-nd, q-rs 
Bind up, n-jr, j-ur 
Bind, shall, r-kv 
Bindeth up, h-bs, jr-r 
Bindeth it, a-zr 
Bindeth, he, a-vr 
Bindeth, that, o-mr 
Binding, a-lra, a-vr, s-pe 
Binnui, Bn-wi, my builder, Ez. x. 30 
Bird, b-ol, k-np, o-up, o-if, j-pr 
Birtli, ild, k-ur^ m-kr 
Birsha, Br-so, in evil, Gen. xiv. 2 
Birzaith, Br-zit, son of the olive-tree, 

1 Chron. vii. 31 
Bishlam, Bs-lm, in peace 
Bit, m-tg, control, Ps. xxxii. 9 
Bite, n-sk, oppress, Amos ix. 3 
Bitter, mr-r, m-re 
Bitterly, ar-r, mr-r 
Bittern, q-pd, to cut off, Ish. xXxviil 

12, xxxiv. 14 

Bethiah, Bit-ye, daughter of Jehovah, 

1 Chron. iv. 18 

Bithron, Bt-run, cleft mountain, 2 

Sam. ii. 29 
Biztha, Bz-ta-in, in the olive, pride, Es« 

i. 10 
Black, a-is, k-mr. s-hr 
Black marble, v-nr 

Black, h-sk, dark. Job xviiL 6, Lam.iv. 8 
Blackish, qd-r, black, Jer. viii. 21, Job 

vi. 16 
Blackness, k-mr, mr-r, p-ar, pr-r, qd-r, 

sh-rh-rt, q-dr-ut 
Blade, 1-hb, point of flame, Jud. xiiL 

20, iil 22, Job xii. 22, Joel ii. 5 
Blade, to rise early, Zep. iii. 7, Jer. vii 

13, Job xxxi. 22 

Blains, ab-ob-ot, Ex. ix. 9, from bo-e, 

to swell, Isa. xxx. 15 
Blamed, n-or 
Blameless, tm-im, n-qi 
Blaspheme, b-rk, bless, Gen. xxiv. 31 ; 

to take farewell, Job i. 5, n-az 
Blasphemed, g-dp, revile, Zep. ii 8, 

2 Kings xix. 22, Isa. xxxvii 23 
Blasphemeth, g-dp 


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Blasphemy, n-da-pe 

Blasts m-fik, n-sm, ra-h, s-dp-nii 

Bleroisb, bl-1, m-am, tm-m 

Blasted, s-dm, s dp 

Bleating, q-ul, a voice, Gen. ill 8, 

1 Sam, XT. 14 
Blessed, a-sr, advanced, b-rk 
Ble!$sedDe8S, as-ii 
Blessing, b-rk-e 
Blew. n-*b, n-sp, n-ph 
BUnd, o-ur 
Blinded, our 
Blindness, o-u-rt, v-nu-f 
Blood, dm-m, dm, n-ja 
Bloodguiitiness, dm 
Bloodthirsty, a-gs, dm 
Bloody, dm-im, Ex. iv. 25, Ps. v. 6 
Bloom, j-ir, a flower, Ex. xxviii. 36 
Bloomed, and, n-ph, wrj-ij-j, Nu. xvii. 8 
Blos.som, p-rh, to break out. Lev. xiv. 

43, Isa. XXXV. 2 
Blossoms, j-ij) Num. xviL 8, 23 
1 lot, m-ut 

Blotteth out, that, m-he, Isa. xliii. 25 
Blow, g-re, n-ke, m-ke, n-sp, t-qo 
Blow, and, n-ph, t-qo 
Blow, did, h-jr • 
Blow, to, n-vo, n-sb 
Bloweth, n-ph, n-sb 
Blown, n-pe 
Blue, t-kl 

Blue, marble, and, u-as, Est. i. 6 
Blueness, h-brr, streaked, spotted, Ex. 

xXi. 25j Jer. xiiL 23, Prov. xx. 30 
Blunted, qe-e 
Hush, k-lm 
Blush, they could neither, i-do, to 

know, Jer. vi. 15 
Boar, h-rr, to see, Pb. Ixxx. 17, Isa. 

Ixvi. Ii3 
Board, q-rfi t 

Boards, lu-h,j-lo, s-dr 
Boast, t-part, a-mi- 
Boasted, e, 11, p, ra, amr, i-mr, k-bd 
Bocheru, Bk-ru, his firstborn, 1 Chron. 

viii. 38 
Bochim, B-kim, willows, weeping, Jud. 

ii. 1 
Body, b-fn, b-r, gu, g-up, o-jm, n-sm, 

Body, dead, n-bl 
Body, his, i-rk 
Body, thy, s-ar 
Bodies, ffb, gu, g-up 
Bodies, dead, n-bl, p-gr 
Bohan, Ben, a stone, a sott 
Boil, bo-e, b-sl, r-th, b-th, 

Boiled, b-el, a >} 

Boiling places, u-m-b-d-ut, E«k.xlvi.23l 

Bold, b-fh 

Boldly, b-fh, confident, Prov. xiv. 16 

Boldness, oz-z 

Boiled, g-bol, Ex. ix. 31 

Bolsters, k-vt-ut 

Bolster, ra«, the head, 1 Sam. xlvi 1^ 

Bolt, b-ri-h 

Bolted, b-ri-h 

Bond, m-uv-r 

Bondage, k-bs, i-vr, o-bd-e 

Bondman, o-bd 

Bondwoman, sp-he, a-me 

Bondservant, o-bd, o-bd. Lev. xxv. 39 

Bond service, o-bd, 1 Kings ix. 21 

Bondwoman, s-ph, a slave, Deut. xxviii] 

Bone, g-rm, <>-jm, q-ne 
Bones, g-rm 

Bones, my, o-jmi, strong, Ps. ciL 5 ; . 
Bones, his broken hath, o-jm-u, Jen 

L 17 , 
Bones, their, o-jm-m. Lam. iv. 8 
Bones, thy and, u-o-jm-tik, Isa. Iviil 1 1 
Bones, thy to, 1-o-jm-ut-ik, Prov. iii 8 
Bones, yoiir, o-jm-ut-i-km, Ezk. vi. 5 
Bonnets, g^bo, p-ar, m-gb-o-e 
Book, v-pri declare thou 
Books, v-pr-im, Eccl. xii. 12 
Boaz, B-oz, in strength, Ruth iv. 9 
Booth, a, v-ke, to cover, Jonah iv. 5 
Booths, in, b-v-kt. Lev. xxiii. 42 
Booty, bz-z, 1-qh, sv-V, Zen. i. 13 
Booties, for, Im-sv-ut plunder, Hab. ii. i 
Border, gb-1, v-gr, q-je, s-pe 
Borders, gl-b, gl-1, id, v-gr, t-ur, t-ur 
Borders, his, q-rj 
Borders, the in, k-np, n-up 
Borders, their, i-jd 
Bore, n-^b, r-jo, vb-1, n-fl 
Bored, r-jo, n-qb 

Borith, b-rit, to plunge, MaL iii. 2 
Born, z-rh, ild 
Bom, one, bn-e 
Born up, v-mq 
Born, are, o-niv 
Born, be, n-sa 
Bom, hath, n-il 
Bora, have, v-bl 
Borrow, 1-we, m-of, o-bf, s-al. 
Borrowed, Was, s-al, to ask, 2 Kings vi.5 
Borrowed, have we, 1-wi^nu, Neh. v. 4 
Borrower, the with so, kl-we. Is. xxiv. 4 
Bosom, his, h-iq, tlie middlfe or inward 

parts, hearth of altar, 1 Kings xxii. 

25 ; 2, lap, 3, inward recesses of the 


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mind, Eccl. vii. 9, 4, very dear and 

intimate to us, 5,' tender care, 6, the 

heart, Num. xi. 12, Deut.xiii. 6, 

2 Sam. xii. 3, h-jn, j-lh 
Bosom, her of, h-i-qe, Deut. xxviii. 56 
Bosom, her in, b-i-qe, Ruth iv, 6 
Bosses, his, g-bi, eminences, Job. xv. 26 
Botch, s-hn, boil, Ex. ix. 10 
Botch, the with, b-sh-in, Deut xxviiL27 
Both, gm, i-hd, kj m, n-ad> s-ne . 
Bottle, b-qb-uq, h-mt, i-bm, n-bl, n-ud 
Bottles, aub, h-mt, i-hm, n-bl, n-ud 
Bottom, h-iq, i-vd, j-ul, qr-qo, r-pd, 

s-rs, ro 
Bottoms, the to, 1-qj-bi, utmost depth, 

Jon. ii. 6, 7 
Bough, amr, h-rs, b-ne, p-ar, s-uk - 
Boughs, vn-?n, vr-op, o-np, p-re, q-jr, 

o-np, thick, o-bt, s-bk 
Bought, k-re, q-ne, s-br 
Bound, a-vp, h-bs, j-md, gb-1, tu-li 
Bound, and, a-pd, o-qd, q-sr 
Bound, hath, jr-r 
Bound, have, i-?r 
Bound, were, r-tq, k-pt 
Bound up, z-ur, h-bs, dr-r, q-sr 
Bounds, gb-l, hq-q 
Boundary, gl-ul 
BoUuty, k-id, according to the hand, 1 

Kings X. 13 
Bountfful, su-o, fub 
Bountifully, g-ml, Ps. xiii. 16 
Bow, q-st - - 

Bowmen, q-st, r-me, n-fe, sb-h 
Bow myself, kp-p, s-he 
Bow themselves, k-ro, o-ut 
Bowels, mo-e, mo-im, q-rb 
Bowli gl-1, z-rq, v-pl, mz-rq 
Bowls, glb-o, gl-1, n-qe, vp-p 
Box, p-ke, trickle down, 2 Kings ix. 19 
Box-tree, the and, ashr, straight, Ish. 

xlL 19 
Boy, n-or, ild 
Boys, n-or, ild 
Boyl, s-kn, ulcer, Ex. ix. 10 
Bozer, bj-j, in him, the flower, 1 Sam. 

xiv. 4 
Bracelet, j-od, a chain, clasp, Num , xxxi. 

50, 2 Sam. i. 10, h-h, p-tl, j-md, s-ir 
Brake, e-ye, s-br, forth, gu-h 
Break off, p-rq 
Break through, b-qo 
Break down, n tj, p-rj, r-uj 
Bramble, a-fd, a thorn, Jud. ix. 14 
Brambles, h-h, clasp, hook, Ex. xxxv. 

22, Ish xxxiv. 13 
Branch, kp-p, n-jr, z-mr 

Branches, bd, b-ne, v-op, o-le 
Branches, vine the, z-mr 
Breach, b-dq, Imjo, n-wa, p-rj, a-br 
Brazen, n-hu-se 
Bozkath, b-jq-ut, distress 
Bozra, Bj-re, in trouble, Ish. Ixiii. 1 
Brand, a-ud, relating to, Zek. iii. 2 
Brands, 1-pd, a torch, Jud. xv. 4 
Brandish^ o-up, to whirl, Exk. xxxil 10 
Brass, n-hs, serpent, Gren. iv. 2, xlix. 17 
Brazen, e-n-hst, Ex. xxxv. 16 
Bravery, p-ar, to adorn, Ish. iii. 18 
Brawling, d-uz, to contend, Prov.xxi. 9 
Bray, k-ts, n-eq, foul noise 
Brayed, they, i-ne-qu. Job xxx. 7 
Bread, h-mj, 1-hm, mj, s-ar 
Breadth, d-rk, r-hb, p-te, foot, kp-p 
Break, e-r?v pu-h, pu-r, s-br 
Break away, p-rj, down, e-lm, n-tj 
Break forth, b-qo, p-jh, p-th 
Break in pieces, d-ka, n-pj, ru-o 
Break out, b-qo, i-ja> n-tj, p-rh, j-le 
Break wedlock, n-ap 
Break, let us, n-tq 
Break, nor, em-m 
Break, shall, hl-1, n-wa, o-bf, r-wo 
Breaker, p-rj, forced passage, Mic. ii. 13 
Breaketh, g-rYy o-le, p-rs, s-up 
Breaking, the as, s-br, abone, Isa. xxx. 14 
Break of day, a-ur, 2 Sam. ii. 32 
Breast, d-d, sd, h-ze, sd-d, h-de 
Breast-plate, h-sn, Exod. xxviii. 4 
Breath, n-sm-e, ru-h 
Breath, his, n-ps ' 
Breathed, n-ph, i-ph, n-sm, ru-h 
Breeches, k-nv, gather, wrap. Psalm 

xxxiii. 7, m-kn-vi, Exod. xxviii 42, 

xxxix. 28 
Bred, gd-1, rolled together 
Breed, s-ro, swarm. Gen. viii. 17 
Breed, b-ne, build, Deut. xx. 5 ; son, 

Gen. iv. 25 ; offspring, xxxl 43 
Brethren, a-he, ans 
Brethren, thy, anas, mortal. Job. iv. 17; 

life. Gen. xiii. 8 
Brethren, a-he, same sort, Gen. x. 21 
Briar, h-dq, v-ln, vr-pd 
Briars, b-rq, v-rb, s-mr 
Bribe, s-hd, k-pr, cover, 1 Sam. xii. 3 
Bribed, s-hd, present. Job. vi. 22 
Bribes, b-s-hd, Isa. xxxiii. 15 
Bribery, s-hd. Job xv. 34 
Brick, Ib-ne, white 
Bride, kl-1, all complete in beauty, 

Exod. xxxv. 26, Isa. xlix. 18 
Bridegroom, h-tn, to join, Ez. ix. 14, 

Isa. Ixii. 5 ; took away, Ps. xix. 5 





Bridle, h-ym, m-tg, m-hy-um, r-vn, to 

stop, to nose, or mouth, Ez. xxxiz. 11 
Bridaudlne, v-re, coat of mail 
Brigandine, his in, Bv-ri-nu, Jer. li. 3 
Brigandines, the, Ev-ri-nUt, xlvi. 4 
Brier, s-mr, a-fd 
Bright, aur, b-er, br-r, b-rq, ez-z, Ir^b, 

m-rf, m-rq, n-ge, o-et^ 4I-I 
Brightness, z-er, i-^, i-qr, n-ge, z-yu 
Brim, s-pe, q-je, timber 
Brimstone, g-pr, resin, strait, timber, 

Cren. xix. 24 
Brimstone, into, 1-q-pr-it^ Isa. xxxir. 9 
Bring, b-wa, i-bl, y-eb, i-ja, 1-qh, n-go, 

n-sa, n-gs, n-tn, q-rb 
Bring abont, vb-b 
Bring again, yb-b, s-ub 
Bring down, i-rd, k-no, sh-h, s-pl 
Bring forth, b-^r, gtt-h, d-sa^ h-iil, i-ld, 

i-ja, n-ub, o-6e, p-lh, p-re, j-mh, rb-b. 
Bring forth food, n-sa. Job xl. ^0 
Brinr forth thousands, m-ol-ip-ut, Ps. 

cxBv. 13 
Brinff forth abundantly, s-rj, Exod. 

viii. 3, Gen. i 20 
Bringer of good tidings, b-sr, Jer. xx. 

16, 2 Sam. ir. 10 
Bring^est tidings gpod,m-b8-rt, Isa.xL 9 
Brink, ^-je, s-pe, mu-rd 
Broad, id, r-hb, r-hb-e 
Broad plates, q-qo 
Broidered, r-qm, s-kj 
Broidered work, r-qm-e, Ezk. xvi 10 
Broke, n-pj, dash, Jud. vil 19, Ps. ii 9 
Broken, ka-e, m-rh, n-pj, p-ij, o-br, t-br 
Broken, abo, g-rv 
Broken down, n-tj, h-rv, t^-ur 
Broken down utterly, p-ur 
Broken-footed, r-gl 
Broken-heartcNl, Ib-b 
Broken to pieces, b-qo 
Broken utterly, o-up 
Brooded, r-h-pt, moved, fluttered* Duet 

xxxii. 11 ; made a space, Ps. xxii. 1, 

€l«n. L 2 
Brook, i-kl, n-hl 
Brooks, a-pq, y-ar, n-hl 
Broth, m-rq, clean, Prov. xx. 30, Jud. 

vi. 20 
Broom, r-tm 
Brother, a-he, ah 
Brother, father's, d-ud, beloved 
Brothernood, the, e-ah-we. Zee. xi. 4 
Brotherly, ah-im, Amos i 9 
Brother's wife, his, i-bm-tu, Deut xxv.7 
Brought, a-th, b-wa, 1-qh, n-gs, iveg, 

n-TO, n-sa, n-tn, o-le, at-t, ol-l 

Brought, and, i-ja 

Brought about, vb-b 

Brought back, sb-b 

Brought down, i-rd ^ 

Brought forth, ild 

Brought forth ripe, b-^1 

Brought him forth, i-ja 

Brought me forth, i-ld 

Brought to bondage, k-bs 

Brought through, o-br 

Brought to nought, a-py 

Brought u^, amn, r*be, r-um 

Brought up. one, a-mun, Proy. yiii. 30 

Brought salvation, i-so, delivered ; u-t- 
u-so, therefore brought salvation, Ish. 
lix. 16, bdii. 5 

Brow, m-ja, find, discoVer, forehead 

Brow, and thy, u-m-j-hk, Ish. xlviii. 4 . 

Brows, gb-t, a hill, above. Ley. xiv. 9 

Brown, hm. h-um, dark, Gren. xxx. 32 

Bruise, d-ka, dq-q, m-od, o-se, rj-j 

Bruised, d-kli, brake, humbled, crushed, 
Ps. Ixxxix. 10, cxliiL 3, Lam. iiL 34, 
Prov. xxii. 22 ; cut off. Job. yi. 9; in 
pieces, Ps. iv. 19 

Bruised, he was, m-dk-a, Ish. liii. 5 

Brush, m-fa-fa 

Brushed, f-af 

Bubalus, i-hm-Ur, a homed beast, M- 
low deer, Deut. xiv. 5 

Bubastus, Pi-bv-t, mouth of confusion, 
Ex. xxx. 17 

Bruit, s-mo, to hear. Gen. xi. 7 

Bruit of thee, the, s-mok, Na. iii. 19 

Brutish, b-ot^ a beast that eats and de- 
stroys indiscriminately, foolish, sen- 
sual, cattle. Num. XX. 4 

Brutish, b-or, Ps. IxxiiL 22, xdi. 6, 
Prov. xlix. 10 

Bucket, d-le, to draw, lift up, Ex. iL 
19, Proy. XX. 5, Ish. xl. 15 

Buckets, his, m-dl-yu, Num, xxiy. 7 

Buckler, gn-n, v-hr, jn-n, defence 

Bucklers^ e-m-gn, Can. iv. 4 

Bud, n-uj, p-rh, j-mh, i-ja 

Buds^ p-rh, to sprout. Job xiv. 9, Num. 
xvii. 8 

Budded, n-iy, a flower. Can. vi. 11. iL 

Bukki, b-qi, empty, 1 Chron. vi. 5 

Bukhiah, B-qy-eu, spirit, Jehovah, 1 
Chron. xxy. 4 

Building, b-ne, bn-in, sons, Deut. xx.'5, 
1 Kings vi. 2, vii. 1, ix. 10 

Builded, bn-u. Gen. xi. 5, Lam. iii 5 

Buildeth, and, u-bn-e, Jos. vi 26 

Built up, bu-ne, bn-e, Exk, xiil 10 






Bull, b-ol, old age, food, stock of a tree, 

Ish. xHy. 19, 1 Kings vf. 38 
Bull, sur, look with attention; sur-u, 

their bull. Job. xxi. 10 
Bull, wild, t-me, sullen, spiteful ; k-tw-a, 

as a wild bull, Ish. IL 20 
Bulls, a-br, b-qr, o-gl, p-r 
Bullocks, b-ne, b-^r 
Bul-rush, a-^m, a pool, I«h. xxxy. 7 ; a 

rush, Ish. IX. 14 ; bulrush, Ish. Iviii. 5 
Bul-rushes, gm-a, to attack fiercely, 

drink eagerly, Qen. xxiv. 17, Ex. li. 

S, Ish. xxxY. 7 
Bulwarks, h-il, m-jd, p-n, j-ur 
Bunah, Bu-ne, who uuilds, 1 O^ron. 

ii 25 
Bunch, ag-de, db-st 
Bundle, ag-de, jr-ur 
Burden, m-sa, r-bl 
Burdened, k-bd, o-n^Y 
Burial, q-br, q-bu-re, agraYe 
Bury me, i-q-br-ni. Gen. 1. 5 
Buried, he and, wi-q-lM", Deut. xxxIy. 6 
Burying, of them sh^l and,Ex.xxxix. 12 
Buryingrplace, q-br. Gen. xxiii. 4, 1. 13 
Buriers, the, e-m-q-br-im, Ezk. xxxlx.16 
Bum, lM)r, d-ur, ^-fir, s-^ 
Burn, and, n-sq 
Burn, e-re 
Bum, may, er-r 
Bum, would, j-it 
Burned, b-or, z-kr, i-qd, r-sp 
Bumeth, b-or, z-kr,i-qr, k-we,l-hf> v-rpj 


Burning, as, e-hl, b-or, g-hl, d-lk, i-qd, 

k-we,j[-rb, k-sp 
Burnings, i-qd, m,-i;(-^d-i, Ish. xzxiii. 14 
Burmshed. qUl, p^^^®^ ^E^. i. 7, 

Dan. z. 6 
Burnt, tH>r, m-^ n-sa, q-fir 
Bumt sacrifice, kl-1 
Burst, b-qo, n-tq 
Burst out, p-rj 

Bush, Y-ne, spread out, Deut. xxxiii 16. 
Bushes, n-hl, si-h 
Bushy, tl-1, OYC, ground, curled, Can 

Y. 11 ; ob-t, thick 
Busy, was, o-se, to do, 1 Kings xx. 40 
Busmess, d-br,l-ak, o-he, o-se 
But, a-bl, ak, a-kn, fr-lm, am, a;p, u, 

zu-l(L ki, k» rq 
But only, a-pv 

Butchered, z-bh, s-hf, f-bh, sM 
Butter, h-ma, desired, G«n. XYiii. 8 
Butler, sr, e-m-sq-im 
Buttock, p-60, s-ut 
Buy, k-re, 1-qh, &-br, q-ua 
Buzi, Bu-zi, my contempt, £2^. u 3 
By, a-rh, a-le, a-jl, at, by, I, m, o-br, 

od, o-le, oni, o-qb 
By himself, bd-d 
By me, id 

By Moses, DaYid, anl the proiphets^ id 
By themselYes, bd-d 
By reason, m 
Byways, a-rh, o-ql 
By-word, ml-1, m-sl, sn-n 
Byssus, B-ji, fine linen, 1 Cbcon. xy. 27 

CAB, qb, 3 pints, e-qb, 2 Kinga vi. 25 

Cabbala, q-b^ le, tradition 

Cabbal, artificial, forced explanation 

of words by fanciful combination of 

Cabbala, geometry, interpreting the 

meaning of words by the ariihmetical 

Yalue of the letters 
Cabbala, Notaricon, interpreting each 

letter of a word as an entire diction. 

B-ras-it is made into. He created the 

firmament, the earth, the heavens, 

the sea, and the deep ; varied also 

by taking the first letters of sentences 

to form a word 
Cabbins, H-ne^amp^ Num. xxxi. 19 
Cabbins, the, B-h-ny-ut, Jer. xxxvii. 16 
Cabbon, Kb-un, extinguished, Jos. xy. 


Cabul, K-bul, an aoc^tab^o gift, Josl 

xix. 27, 1 Kings, ix. 13 
Cad, Kd, pitcher, Gen. xxiv. 14 
Caduinim, Qd-mim, eastern waters^ 

Jud. 5. 21 
Caelcol, Ki-kl, who nourishes, 1 Kings 

iY. 31 
Cage, k-lb, vile, basket, house, Jer. y. 

Cain, Qin, possessioti, Gen. iv. 1 
Cake, d-bl, h-le, hl-1, o-ge, o-ug, jl 
Cake of figs, db-le 

Cakes, d-bl, hl-1, k-un, lob-b, mj, rq-q 
Calah, K-lh, old. Gen. x. 11 
Calamus, q-ne, a measuring reed, Ezk. 

xl. 3 
Calamity, aid, e-we 
Calamities, aid, e-we, r-wo. Job vi. 2 ; 

e-we, to fall, xxx. 13 


B 2 
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Calamus, q-De, bought, Geu. xlvii. 22, 

an aromatic root, Ezk. xxix. 6 
Caldron, a-gm, v-ir, q-lh 
Caldrons, d-ud, v-ir 
Calah, K-lh, naked, dry 
Caleb,K-lb, all heart, my dog,Num. xiii 
Calf, b-ne, b-qr, o-gl, s-kl 
Calves, b-qr, pr t 

Calkers, b-dq., h-jq 
Call, q-ra, q-ra 
Call back, v-ur 
Call together, s-mo 
Call to record, o-ud 
Call, shall, a-mr 
Called, d-br, z-oq, at-e 
Called together, j-oq, s-mo 
Called, be, a-mr 
Calledst, p-qd \ 

Calling, z-qr * 
Calm, es-qf 
Calmed, s-qf, s-tq 

Calneh, Kl-ne, a fortress, Cen. x, 10 
Calno, Ei-nu, consummated, Ish. 1. 9 
Calphi, Qul-pe, my utterance 
Came, b-wa, e-lk, n-go, i-ja, n-gs, o-le, 

j-le, q-rb, at-t, e^ufc, m-fa, v-lq, ol-l 
Camel, g-ml, reward 
Camels, a-hs-tr-nim, g-ml 
Camelion, e-kh, appointed. Let. xi. 30 
Camelopardus, z-mr,giraffe,Duet.xiv. 5 
Camon, Qm-un, His resurrection, Jud. 

Camp, m-hn-e, k-ne, rest, Ish. xxix. 1. 
Camps, your, m-hn-i-km, Amos iv. 10 
Camest, b-wa-ed, i-rd 
Camest forth, gu-h, i-jh. 
Camphire, K-pr, cover 
Can, i-kl-c, never, i-do 
Cana, Q-ne, real possession 
Canaan, K-non, merchant, trader. Gen. 

ix. 25 
Canaanite, K-no, bow down, bring low, 
humbling a wicked man, 1 Kings 
XXL 29, 2 Chron. xil 19 ; low. Job 
xL 12 ; down, Ish. xxv. 5 ; subdued, 
2 Sam. viii. 1, Jud. iv. 23 
Canaanite, K-no-ni, Gen. xxxviii. 2, 

Zee. xiv. 21 
Canst, i-kl 

Candle, n-ur, a light, 1 King!8 xi. 36 
Candles, with, b-nr-ut, Zeph. i 12 
Candlestick, n-ur, n-br 
Candlesticks, u-m-nr-ut, 2 
Cain, Q-ne, to buy, addition, Gen. iv. 1 
Cankerworm, i-lq 

Canneh, K-ne, honest, rectitude, Ezk. 
xxvil 23 - 

Cannon, m-sl, s-lf, r-de, r-ud, rule4> 
Canticles, Sir-e^ir-im, song of songs, 
Solomon's song, perfection of praise 
Captain, n-sa, p-he, ras, rb-b, sur, s-lf 
Captain, a, Im>1 fp-vr, s-ls, the, n-gd 
Captains, a-lp, tr, n-gd, p-he 
Captive, gl-1, jo^, »-be' 
Captives, b-ne, g-la » 
Captivity, g-br, gl-c, t-il, s-ub 
Caphar,k-pr,a field, village, Jos. xviii. 26 
Caphar-jame, K-pr-im, the young lions, 

Jabneel, Ib-nal, Jos. xix. 33 
Caphar-soreck, Bk-hl, Su-rq, in the 

valley 6f Sorek, Jud. xvi. 4 
Caraites, Q-ra-im, readers 
Carbuncle, kd-kd, a purple gem 
Carbuncles, a-bn, q-dh 
Carcase, gu, n-pl, h-ble, m-p-lt 
Carcases, n-bl, exhausted, Jer. vii. 33 
Carchemich, Kr-^-mis, circuit of the 

sun, 2 Kings xxiii. 29 
Care, d-ag, k rd, without, b-fh, s-um, 

Careful, d-ag, h-rd 
Careah, Q-rh, bold, frozen, 2 Kings 

XXV. 23 
Carmel, Kr-ml, vineyard of God, excel- 
lent, 2 Sam. xxv. ?, mount of the 
Lamb of God, 1 Kings xviii. Can.vii.6 
Carmi, Kr-mi, my vineyard, my lamb, 

Carmites, Num. xxvi 6 
Carnaim, Qr-nim, strength, horns 
Carnally, z-ro, n-tn, s-kb • 
Carpenter, h-rs, oj 
Carpenters, h-rs 
Carriage, k-bd, kl-e 
Carriages, kl-e, ns-a 
Carshena, Kx-s-na, lamb of a year, Est. 

i 14 
Carthage, T-rs-is, from Qr-te, a city 
Cart, e-og-lh, 1 Sam. vi. 7, 2 Sam. vi. 
3, f I om og-1, round, 1 Kings vii. 23 
Cart-rope, like as with, u-k-ob-ut, Isa. 
V. 18, from bb-t, to wreath, Ex. 
xxviii. 14 
Cart-wheel, aneither, u-ap-n, Isa. xxviii 

27, from a-pn, to turn 
Carved, h-fb, p-vl, p-th, q-lo 
Carved work, bm-h-qe, 1 Kings vi. 35, 

from h-qe, to portray, Ezk. viiL 11 
Carving, and in, u-b-h-rs-t, Ex. xxxi. 5, 

from h-rs, to cut 
Case, the, Deut. xix. 4, to name 
Case, at-a, in any, e-sb, Deut. xxii. 1 
Case, in any such, s-k-ke, Ps. cxliv. 15 
Casement, s-nb, Prov. vii. 6, a window 
Casiphia, Kv-pia, silver mines, Ez.viii.l7 


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Cassia, q4-d, q-jo, aromatic bark 
Cast^metal, did, i-f-qm 1 Kings yii 46 
Cast, verb, i-de, 1-uf, n-sa, s-lk 
Cast, and, n-go, n-pl, n-tn, s-lh, s-pk, 

t-qo, r-me 
Cast, and, f-il. 
Cast about, sb^b 
Cast abroad, p-uj 
Cast away, g-ol, zn-e, z-re, m ar 
Cast down, i-rd, p-la 
Cast down are, db-e, s-pl 
Cast down, shall be, k-sl 
Cast down, i-nh ' > 
Cast down, thou, sh* h 
Cast to down, k-sl 
Cast down to, n-dh 

Cast utterly, down, t-il,n-fl,Ps.xxxvu.24 
Cast down, n-tj 
Cast dust, o-pr > . 

Cast far off, e-la 

Cast forth, b rq, t-il, n-ko 

Cast her fruit, s-kl 

Cast in her up, v-le. 

Cast in, n-pl, s-uni 

Cast off, z-nh, m-av, n-fa, s-ht 

Cast out, ffd-s, irs, n-dh 

Cast out they, t-il, s-lh 

Cast out, are, gra 

Cast him out, riq 

Cast it out, gras 

Cast them out, id-s, n-dh, s Ih 

Cast me out, du-h 

Cast you out, n-de 

Cast out, I, t-il, s-lh 

Cast out, hast, g-r-s 

Cast out, hath, n-sl, p-ne 

Cast out, shall be, gr-s, i-rs 

Cast out, they, n-fl 

Cast out, will, ir-s 

Cast, will I and therefore, u-e-fil, Jer. 
xYi. 13, ixii. 26 

Cast out, ye, gr-s 

Cast their young, s-kl 

Cast up, gr-s, y1-1, o-le, s-pk 

Cast, he hath, i-re 

Cast, have, id-e, i-re, n-tn 

Cast, he, jur 

Cast theeforthjwill I,a-fil-k,Ezk.xxxii.4 

Cast, shall, n-sl, n-tn, sl-1, s-lh 

Cast, shall be, b-wa 

Cast, that n-sa 

Cast, they, m-uf, s-pk 

Cast, was I, e-s-Ik-ti, Ps. xxii. 10 
Cast down, it and, u-t-s-lk, Dan. tHj. 10 
Cast, ye shall, t-s-lik-e-u, Ex. i. xxii 
Cast them down, u-i-s-lik-um, 2 Chron. 
XXV. 12 

Cast down, wa9 she, e-s-lk-e,Ezk. xix. 12 

Cast, wast thou but,u-t-8-lk-i,Ezlc.xvi.l9 

Castest, ^ne 

Casting, n-pl 

Casteth, ir-e, n-pl, g-rp, s-kl 

Casting down, ht-t,, i-se, p-kb 

Casluhim, Kv-lh-im, Gen. x. 14, the 

Caspian, Kv-piu, silver sea ; great num- 
bers of Ephraimites were settled in 
these parts; merchants came this way 
into Europe, and as9umed the name. 
Isaac, or dropping the jod ; prefix ; 
" Saac 'ites, and Saac-sons ; Irom 
them c&me the Saxons ; theirs is the 
pirthright, the double portion, "Eph- 
raim is my firstborn," Jer. :jptxi. 9, 
and Ez. viii. 17 
Casphor,Kvpfrhr, silver mountain, mount 

of desire 
Casde, m-jd, a .fortified hold, veiy 
strong, Jud. vL 2, 1 Chron. xvii. 7, 
ish. xxxiii. 16 , 

Castles^ bir-ni-ut, 2 Chron. xvii. 12, 
xxvii. 4 ; a palace, 1 Chron. xxix. 1- 
19, Neh. I 1, ii. 8, vji. 2, Est. i. 2, 5, 
ii. 3; 5, 8, iil 15, viU. 14, ix. 6, 11, 
J 2, Dan. viii. 2 
Castles, the in and, gd-1, great, Job ii 
13; u-b-m-gd-lut, 1 Chron. xxvii 
Castles, goodly their, f-ir-tm, xxxl 10 ; 
from fir, a tower, strength, the 
grandeur, beatity, Caa vjii 9 
Catch, gur, h-fp, f-rp, n-qs, t-ps 
Ct^tles, their by and, u-b-fir-tm. Gen. 

XXV. 16 
Castles, their throughout, 1-fir-u-tm, 1 

Chron*. xvi. ^4 
Catcheth and hunteth, jid-jid, litt, 

hunteth, a hunting. Lev. xvii. 13 
Caterpillar, h-vil, 1 Kings viii. 37 ; 
from h-vl, ta consume, Deut. xviii. 38 
Catel'pillars, i-lq, to gnaw, called can- 
kerworm, Nal^. iii. 16; it was a 
winged insect of locust genus 
Caterpillars, with as, ki-lq, Jer. Ii. 27 
Cattish, q-ft, disgust, weariness, Josh. 

xix. 15 
Cattle, b-em, large beasts, b-qr, 1-ak, 

j-un, q-ne, se 
Cave, m-o-re. Gen. xlix. 29, from m-or, 

to empty 
Caves, h-ur, hl-1, m-od 
Caught, a-hz, bz-z, g-zl, h-zq, 1-kd, 

t-T)j, a-hz 
Caul, i-tr, v-gr 


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Cause, oomi, anr, a-em, d-br, dmn, 

rb-b, r-ab, s-pf 
Cause, without, a-pu, hn-n, r-iq, s-qr 
Cause, verb, n-tn, o-se 
CauseH, a-ud, d4wr, n-dh 
Causey, bj the, B-m-yl-e, 1 Chrou. 

xxri 6 
Causej, the at, l-m-Tl-e, from vl-1, to 

east up, Jer. xviii 15 
Cease,b-fl, h-dl, hnrs, j-yp, c4e, r-pe, »-bt 
Cease, to, p-ur 
Cease, let, dm-m 
Cease, shall, m-us, a-ub 
Cease, shalt, tm-m 

Ceased, dm-m, h-dl, nu-h, D^l, omd, b-fl 
Ceaseth, n-md, dm-m, e-dl, c^ s-tq 
Cedar, ar-z, sweet scented 
Cedars, ail, a-rz 
Celebrate, el-l, k-g-g, s-bt 
Celebrated, id-e« sb^ 
Cellars, the for, 1-aajr-nt, 1 Qiron. 
t xxviL 27, fri>m a-jr, to store, Isa. 

Cemented, d-bq 

Censer, h-te, q-fr 

Censer full, m-la 

Censers, the and, we-m-ht-^t, 1 Kings 

Tii 50, fri>m li4e, a vessel with fi^, 

Isaw XXI. 14, IVoT. Yi. 27 
Ceremonies the, thereof, m-s-pf-ju. 

Num. ix. 3, from s-pf, to act, to 

model, £zk. xliL 11, 1 Kings tL 38, 

2 Chron. ir. 7 
Cephira, K-pi-re, Neh. vii 20, » young 

Uon, propitiation, anointed 
Cerastes, Sp-pun, adder that darts like 

» horn, Gk. Ke-ras-tes, Gen. xlix. 

Certain, a-ns, k-un, q j-j, i-jb 
Certain, a, a^id, ais 
Certain man, ais 
Certain that, p-la 
Certainly, ak, a-kn, i-ro 
Certainly, h-nn, i-jb 
Certainty, for a, id-o 
Certainty oi, mn 
Certify, n-qd, id-o 
Certified, and, u-t-«mr. Est iL 22 
Chafed, in their mind^ u-mr-i, 2 Sam. 

xviL 8, from mr^, bitter, Ruth L 20 
Chabalon, K-bnl, which is bound, 1 

Eongs ix. 13, k-ble 
Chadchod, Kd-kdjasper,a gem, scarlet^ 

a pitcher, Ezk. xx?iL 16 
Chaffy h»^ m-uj, o-ur, m-zj 
Chain, g-hs, o-nq, r-bd, r-tq, m-nq 
Chained s-rs^ 

Chains, »-zq, jwq, h-h, h-rj k-sr, n-hs, 

n^, jur, sr-sr-ut 
Chain work, sr-sr-t, 1 Kings vii 17, 

something linked together 
Chaldjsa, K-sd-im, like robbers, like 

fields, fruitful, bountiful 
Chalk-stones, a-bn, gi-r 
Challengeth, i-amr, Exod. xxii 9 
Chamber,h-dr,hp-p,i-jo,l-8q,o-le, j4o,ta 
Chamber, inner, b-h-dr, » chamber in » 
chamber, from h-dr, most retired, 
1 Kings. XX. 30 
Chambers, h-dr, i-jo, 1-sq, n-ak 
Chambers, priTy, e-h-dr-t, which ent^- 
eth into the prify chamb^s, Eik. 
xxL 14-19 
Chamberiain, the, e-Tr-ir, 2 Exngt xxm. 
11, an officer of the household, called 
eunuchs, when often they were entire 
men, 1 Kings xxii 9, 2 Kings yiil 6, 
XXV. 19, 2 Chron. xriii 8, Jer. 
xxxriiL 7 
Chamberlains, e-?F4v-iT, Est i 10, 12, 

15, Til 9, il 21, vi 2-14 
Cham, Hm, Egypt, heated, Uack, FiL 

CT. 2^ cvi 22 
Chamanim,. Km-ni-km, Exod. xxri 20^ 
images of the s<dar heat, the old 
idolatry under a new name 
Chamarim, Km-ri-u, heat, blade, ido- 
latrous priests, who perhaps wore 
black robes as emblems <^ the inri-- 
sibility of God, 2 Kings xxiii 5^ 
Hos. X. 5, Zepi L 4 
Chamelion, kh, the ground, and le<m, » 
lion, a ground or creeping li<m, say 
some ; it is a small lizard peculiar 
to hot dimates, and unfit for food 
Chem(», K-mns, as handling, feeling, 
as withdrawing an idol of Moab, » 
sun image ; as the quickener and 
maturer of creation. Num. xxL 29 
Chamois, u-zm-r, a horned beast 
Camelo^Mfdalis, mild as sheep, spotted 
like a leopard ; the neck 7 ft, from 
neck to tail, 18 ft, and its head 
when raised up, 16 ft high; it 
jumps in fleeting, and lives by 
cropping the shoots of trees. The 
name signifies to prune, from zmr, 
to prune, Isa. xvii 10, xviiL 2, iL ^ 
Mich. iv. 3, Joel iii 10 
Champain, b-orb-e. Dent. xL 10, » 
plain, L 7 ; wilderness, Isa. xxxiiL 9 ; 
a desert, li. 3 ; a market^ from o-rb 
woof, to mix 
Champion, ais, 1 Sam. xviL 4^ 23^ a 


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man of digpiity, a man of valonr, a 
mediator. This stands in direct oppo- 
sition U> adm ; it signifies nobility, 
royalty,, Ps. xlix. 2,lxiL 9; the great 
man, the mighty man, Isa. ii 9, y. 
15, xxxi 8 . 

Chance, V ; m-gr-e, p-go, q-ra 

Chance, and, n, u-p-go,Eccl. ix. 11, from 
p-go, to fall on, Jud. viii. 21, Ex. v. 3 

Chancellor, bol, t-om, a lord, from torn, 
who commands and makes decrees, 
Ez. iv. 8, 9, 17, 19, v. 13, 17, Dan. 
iii. 10, 29, iy. 6, vi. 13, u-fom, and 
wisdom, Dan. ii. 14 

Change, h-lp, h-lj, m-ir, s-ne 

Change, v, h-pk, e-lp, m-ir 

Changed, e-pk, h-lp, h-ps,m-re>vb-b,8-ne 

Channel, a-piq, s-bl, to stretch 

Channel, the from, nl-s-bl-t, Ish. xxvii. 
12; s-bl-ul, a snail, becauseit stretches, 
Ps. Iviii. 8 

Channels, a-pik-i, to hold in by force, 
as the banks of a river. Job vi. 15 ; 
t-ta-pq, wilt thou refrain thyself, Ish. 
Ixiv. 12 ; wi-ta-p^, aud here refrained 
himself, Gen. xliii. 31 

Chant, that, e-pr-fim, Amos vi. 5, from 
p-rf, to part, stop short, a damage by 
fall, broken, quavering voice like 
drunken men, a gleaner that stops, 
any irregular act ; e-pr-fim, neither 
shalt glean every cluster. Lev. xix. 10 

Chapel, the, m-q-da, Amos vii. 13, from 
q-ds, to be set apart, Num. viii. 17 ; 
u-qd-s, and he shall be hallowed, Ex. 
XXIX. 21 ; q-ds-tik, I am holier than 
thou, Ish. Ixv. 5 ; u-qd-s, and a holy 
place, Exk. xlv. 4 ; m-qd-si, my 
sanctuary. Lev. xvi. 33; m-qd-sik, 
thy sanctuary, Ps. Ixxiv. 7 

Chapiter, k-tr, j-pt 

Chapiter, a the aud, u-k-ut-rt, 2 Kings 
XXV. 17, Jer. Iii. 2, from k-tr, to com- 
pass about, as a crown compasseth 
the head, Prov. xiv. 8 

Chapiters, k-tr, ras, the head 

Chapman, a-ns, tur 

Chapt, h-te, Jer. xiv. 4, from ht-t, bro- 
ken to pieces, 1 Sam. ii. 10 

Charashim, K-ras-im, 1 Chron. iv. 14, 
craftsmen, artificers, Ish. iii. 3, Nehj 
xi. 35, from H-rs, to engrave, Ex. 
xxxi. 5 

Charge, n,v-bl, o-se,p-qd, j-we, s-al, s-mr 

Charge, his, s-pf 

Charge, v, o-ud, s-bo 

Charge, I, e-s-bo-ti, Can. il 7, iii 6, viii. 

4, we-sb-o, and took an oath. Gen. 

L 24, from s-bo, fulness, Gen. iv. 

15, assurance, swear, Jos. vL 22, 

Gen. xxii. 16 
Charged, a-mr, n-tn, o-br, s-um 
Charge, straitly, an oath with, e-sbo, 1 

Sam. xiv. 28 
Charged with, the oath with, be-sb-yo, 

1 Sam. xiv. 27 
Charger, q-or-t. Num. xiii. 19, 25 
Chargers, q-ort. Num. vii. 84, from 

q-or, a dish, Num. iv. 7 
Chargers, a-gr-fl-i, bowels, dishes,Ez.i. 9 
Chariot, o-gl, pr-e, r-kb, m-rk-be 
Chariot cities, u-r-kb, 1 Chron. xviii. 4 
Chariot horses, u-r-kb, 2 Sam. viii. 4 
Chariot man, his to, 1-r-kb, 2 Chron. 

xviii. 33 
Charmed, be not will, 1-hs, Jer. viii. 17, 

from 1-hs, to speak soft, 2 Sam. xii. 19 
Charming, h-ub-r, Ps. Iviil 5, from h-br, 

were joined together, to combine. 

Gen. xiv. 3 
Chase, d-he, r-dp 
Chased, j-ud-d-pp, nd-d, b, b-rh 
Chased away, he shall be, wi-dd, Job 

XX. 8, from nd-d, to shake like a bird's 

wingi Ish. X. 15 
Chasten, i-vr, o-ne, afflicted 
Chastened me sore, hath, i-vr, to bind. 

Job xxxix. 5, Jer. xxxi. 18 
Chastise, i-yr 

Chastised, wasi and, wi-u-vr, Jer.xxxi. 18 
Chastisement, the, mu-vr, Deut. xi 2 
Chatter, I did, a-jp-jp, Ish. xxxviii. 14, 

from jp-jp, to peep like young bird, 

to speak with a low voice, Ish. x. 14, 

t-jp-jp, shall whisper, Ish. xxix. 4 
Chaws, b-lh-yip, in, into thy chaws, 

Ezk. xxix. 4. xxxviii. 4, from 1-he, 

a jaw-bone, Jud. xv. 16 
Cheated, b-gd 

Check, the, m-u-vr. Job xx. 3 
Checker- work; s-b-ke, 1 Kings vii. 17, 

from s-,bq, bushy network. Jer. Iii. 22 
Chebar, K-br, glory, brightness, shining, 

purity, Ezk. i. 1 
Chedorlaomer, K-dr-1-omr, Ki-as, d-ur, 

generation, 1-omr, the hamar, an 

oppressor. Gen. xiv. 5 
Cheer, v, s-mh, i-fb 
Cheer thee, let it, wi-fi-bk, Eccl. xi. 9, 

from i-fb, Jud. xviii. 20 
Cheerful, f-ub, i-fb, n-ub 
Chelluh, Kl-we-u, all himself, his per- 
fection, Ez. X 35 
Chelmon, Jl-mun, the shadow 


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Chelub, El>ub» dog, faithful, 1 Chron. 

xxviL 26 
Chelubai, Kl-u-bi, my faithfolness, 

1 Chron. ii. 9 
Chenaanah, K-no-ne, merchant, trader, 

1 Chron. vii. 10 

Chenani, Kn-ni, my preparation, £z. 
ix. 4 

Chenaniah, K-un-ni-e-u, strength, rec- 
titude of Jehovah, 1 Chron. xr. 22 

Chephirah, K-pi-re, little lioness, vil- 
lage, Josh. ix. 17 

Cheran, K-m, as singing, Gen. ixvi.36 

Cherem, K-rm, a curse ' 

Cheretlum, Kr-ti, who cuts, extermi- 
nates, Ezk. XXV. 16 

Cherith, q-rit, incision, pierce, exter- 
minate, 1 Kings xvii. 3 

Cheese, g-bn, raised up, Job x. 1 

Cheese, and, u-sp-ut, to stand up, 2 
Sam. xvii. 29 

Cheeses, h-rj, b4b 

Chemarims, E-km-rim, fire, priest, 
Zeph. i. 4, 2 King xxiii:. 5 

Chephar, and, U-k-pr, a convert. Josh, 
xviii. 24 

Cberethites, the, E-k-rt-i, to cut, divide, 
priests that prepared the sacrifice, 

2 Sam. viii. 18 

Cherithims, K-rt-im, butcher, priest, 
Ezk. XXV. 16 

Cherish, v-kn, provide with food, 1 
!^ings ix. 19 

Cherisher, v-k-nt, 1 Kings L 2 

Cherub, k-rub, a figure of the Most 
High, 1 Kings vi. 24 

Cherubim, kr-u-bim, emblems of the 
three Eternal Persons of Jehoviih, 
united with the Haman in the cove- 
nant of th(^ redemption of man ; 
styled the Aleim or the united Three. 
These divine symbols were in the 
Holy of Holies, were above, and of 
the same substance as the mercy- 
seat, and received the atonement, 
called expressly the faces of Jehovah^ 
**Wi-qh, Hz-qi-e-u, at, e-vp-rim-m-idj 
e-ml-fr-kim, wi-q-ra-e-u, wi-ol, Bit, 
Ye-we, wi-pr-se-u, Hz-qi, e-u, 1-pn-i, 
Ye-we." And Hezekiah received the 
letter from the hand of the messen- 
gers and read it ; and Hezekiah went 
unto the temple of Jehovah, and 
spread it before the face of Jehovah, 
i.e.. Cherubim, Isa. xxviii. 14 

Chesalon, Kv-lun, confidence, temerity, 
Josh, XV. 10 

Chesed, K-sd, as a field, a breast. Gen. 
xxii. 22 

Chesil, Kv-il, star, Orion, Josh. xv. 30 ' 

Chesnut tree, and, u-orm-un, Gen. 
XXX. 37, from, to be naked, crafty, 
Job V. 12, Gen. iii. 1 

Chest, the in, b-ar-un, 2 Kings lii. 10 ; 
from am, an ark, Jos. viii. 3 ; coffin. 
Gen. 1. 26 

Chests, the in, u-b, gn-zi, Ezk. xxvii. 
24, from g-nr, a repository, Est. 
iiL 9 

Chew, <v-le 

Chewed, was it, i-k-rt, Num. xi. 33 

Chesuloth Tabor, K-vl-ut-t-br, the sides 
of Tabor, Josh. xix. 18 

Cheran, Kr-n, a cam, singing while 
dancing in cirdes round the altar 
while votive offering was being con- 
sumed on it, a lamb - 

Cherem, K-rm, curses, a priesthood 

Chetim, Kt4m, strong people, gold that 
bruise. Gen. x. 4; Macedonians, 
Dan. xL 50, who testify or preach 

Chesib, K-zib^ lying, fiJsehood, Gren. 
xxxviii. 5 

Chicken, a-pr-h * 

Chide, will he, i-rib, Ps. ciil 9, from 
rub, to contend. Job xiii. 8 

Chiding, th^, rib-rb, Ex. xvii 7 

Chided, gar, i-kh 

Chidon, Ki-dun, a lance, a dart, smit- 
ten there, 1 Chron. xiii. 9, called the 
threshing-floor of Nachon,2 Sam. vL 6 

Chief, ab-e, gb-e, ns-a, ras, sur 

Chief friends, a-lp 

Chief man, bol 

Chief men, a-jl 

Chief musician, n-jh 

Chief singer, n-jh 

Chief ones, o-td 

Chief ruler, k-en 

Chiefest, air, dg-1, o-le 

Child, b-ne, zro, ild, n-or, ol4 


Child, fatherkss, i-tm 

Child, sucking, i-nq, o-ul 

CSiild, weaned, gml 

Child, e-re, h-ul, m-la 

Childhood, ild, n-or 

Childless, or-r, s-kl 

Children, b-ne, tp p, n-or, ol-l, s-kl 

Children, fatherless, i-tm 

Children, young, o-ul 

ChiHab, Kl-ab, perfection of, father, 2 
Sara. iii. 3 

Chilion, Kl-yun, comj^ete, Ruth i. 1 






Chilmad, El-md, all learning, or all 

Chimham, Km-hm, as a trouble, 2 

Sam. xix. 37 
Chimney, the out of, m-arb-e, from arb, 

a private outlet, Jud. xvi. 9 
Chisleu, Kv-lu, his hope, Neh. i. 1 
Chislon, Kv-lun, confidence, bold as- 
. surance, Num. xxxiv. 21 
Chittim, Kt-im, mariners, crown of 

gold, Europeans, Gen. x. 4, Num. 

xxiv. 24, Dan. xi. 30 
Chiun, Ky-un,*design, contrive, consti- 
tute, establish, Prov. viii. 27 ; repre- 

sented by an idolatrous image, Amos 

V. 26 ; an attribute of Jehovah wor- 
shipped as God 
Chode, and, U-i-rb, Gen. xxxL 26 
Choice, b-hr, br-r, s-rq 
Choicest, b-hr 
Choler, with moved was he and, wi-t 

-mr-mr, dn, viii. 7 ; provoked, bitter 
Chop them in pieces, and, u-pr-su, Mic. 

iii. 3, pro, to spread 
Choose, b-hr, b-re, q-bl 
Chronicles, d-bri-yum, d-br-i-e-im-im. 

Book of, words of the days, see book 

I. and II. 
*Chub, Kub, a thorn, that extinguishes, 

Exod. XXX. 5 
Chun, Kun, preparation, design, Num. 

xxi. 27 
Chushan^Rishathaim, Ku-sn«::Rs-ot- 

im, a black prince, or Ethiopian 

tyrant, Jud. iii. 8, 9 
Chuza, Gk, Kouza, a seer, a prophet, 

from Heb. H-ze, Ethiopian, Luke 

viii. 3 
Churlish, q-se, 1 Sam. xxv. 3, from 

q-se, cruel, Gen. xlix. 7 ; hardened, 

Nah. ix. 29 
Churning, m-ij, to squeeze, Prov. xxx. 

33 ; to press, extort, Ish. xvi 24 
Ceiled, H-pe, v-pn, s-hp 
Ceiling, the, e-vp-un, 1 Kings vii. 15, 

from v-pn, to Ime the inside 
Ceiled, Vp-un-im, Hag. i. 4 
Cinnamon, q-nm-um, Exod. xxx. 23 ; 

an aromatic, a spice from a tree at 

Ceylon, appears like a willow 
Cinnereth, Kn-rt, or Kn-rut, as a light, 

new ploughed land, slightly phospho- 

retic, emit faint light, Jos. xix. 35 
Circle, hug 

Circuit, h-zk, i-qp, vb-b 
Circumcise, f-ul, u-ml 
Circumcised, m-ul, to cut off, Jer. ix. 25 

Circumcision, the of because, l-m-ttl-t 

Exod. iv. 26 
Circumspect, be, t-sm-r, Exod. xxlii. 13, 

from s-mr, to watch, to keep, to look 

after, apprehension of danger, Jud. 

xiii. 13, Jos. xxii. 5, Ps. xvii. 4, cxix. 

9, Ixxxix. 28, Job xxiii. 11, Gen. 

xxviii. 16, 1 Sam. ix. 24 
Cisleu, Kv-lu, rash, confident, 9th 

month of civil year 
Cistern, br, shining 
City, o-ir, q-rye, our, q-re, sor 
Cities, with, orim, Ish. xiv. 21, from 

our, to arouse, excite, Uft sword and 

spear, 2 Sam xxiii. 18, Jud. v. 12, 

Ps. xliv. 23, Ivii. 8, Ixxiii. 20 
Clad, k-ve, ofe, to cover. Job xxii. 33 
Clad himself, had, mt-kv-e, 1 Kings xi. 

Clamour, j-oq, zo-qe, ju-he, r-ne, su-o 
Clamorous, e-mi-e, Prov. ix. 13, from 

e-me, to rage, Ps. xlvi 6 
Clap, m-he, v-pq, s-pq, t-qo 
Clapped, hast thou, mk-ak, Ezk. xxv. 6, 

from m-he, to wipe away, Ish. xxv. 8 
Clasp, h-h, q-rv 
Clave, b-qo, d-bq, h-zq. 
Claws, pr-vut, Deut. xiv 6, from p-rv, 

to divide, ver. 7 
Clay, h mr, fuf, h-vp 
Clay, ground, ob-e, thick 
Clean, quite, a-pv, tm-m 
Clean, br, z-kr, h-mj, hp-p, f-er, fe-ur 
Clean, am, br-r 
Clean gone, a-pv 

Cleaners, br-r, n-qe, n-qy-un, fe-re 
Cleanse, br-r, z-ke, h-fa, f-er 
Cleansed, f-er, m-hd, k-pr, n-qe, j-dq 
Cleanseth, f-hr, m-rq 
Cleansing, h-fa 
Clear, v., n-qe, j-dq 
Clear, adj, br-r, z-ke, i-qr, n-qe, jh-h 
Cleave, b-qo, d-bq, v-ph, s-vo 
Cleaved, hath, d-bq, Job xxxi. 7, to 

Cleaveth, b-qo, d-bq, p-lh, j-pd, s-vo 
Cleft, b-qo, s-vo 
Clefts, b^o, h-ge, n-qr 

Cliff, the by, b-m-ol-e, 2 Chron. xx. 16, 
viii. 6 

by, b-m 
-le, to 

ascend, lift up, Neh. 

Cliff, nq-iq, a large cleft in a rock, Jer. 

xii. 4 
Clifts, v-op, o-rj 
Climb, o-le 
Clipt, g-ro-e, to lessen, Jer. xlviii. 37, 

from g-re, to diminish, Ezk. v. 11 







Clods, g-«8, g-rp, r-gb 

Cloak, a as, k-mo-il, Ish. lix. 17, firom 

m-ola, a robe, Exod. zxviiL 31, 34, 

Job xxix. 14 ; mantle, Ezk. ix. 3 
Close, Y-gr, JUT 
Close up, gM 
Close, follow, d-bq 
Close, kept, r-tr, o-jr 
Closed, z-ur, k-re, v-gr, o-jm 
Closed up, y-tm, o-jr 
Closer, d-bq 
Closet, ber of forth, m-bp-te, Joel ii. 16, 

from bp-p, to cover. Beat xxxiii. 12 
Cloth, b-gd, d-we, k-br, s-ml 
Oothed, k-ye, kb-bl, s-W, l-bs 
Clothes, b-gd, g-lm, md, vnt, s-lm 
Clothing, b-gd, k-ve, l-bs 
Cloud, o-ib, on-n 

Clouds, hz-z, kp-p, n-sa, s-hq, on-n 
f Uoven, s-yo 
Cloren-footed, p-rv 
Clouted, and, u-m-fl-at, Jos. ix. 5, from 

f-la, patched, spotted. Gen. xxx. 32 
Clouts, cast, k-yh-but, Jer. xlix. 12, 

from y-hb, tails of robes worn out by 

dragging on th^ ground, 2 Sam. xvii. 

Cluster, s-kl, a bunch of ripe grapes or 

flowers. Num. xiii. 23, Cant. i. 14 
Clusters, as-klt, Deut. xxxii. 32, from 

(sacal), s-kl, to be bereaved of 

children. Gen. xliii. 14, €ren. xxvii. 

45, Ish. xlix. 21 
Coa, Q-wa, or Q-we, fair, market, 1 

Kings X. 28, from r-^p, a pavement, 

or hearth, Cant. hi. 10; "r-jup, 

a-e-be, m-bn-ut, J-rusalem," ** paved 

(a hearth fleme) of love for the 

daughters of Jerusalem 
Coal, g-hl, burning coals, s-hr, the 

morning, r-jp 
Coal, live a, r-ip-e, Ish. vi. 6 
Coals, g-hl, p-hm, r-sp 
Coast, g-bl, h-bl, hp-p, id, nup, q-je 
Coast, sea, h-up, clean, as washed by 

every tide and storm. Job xxxiiL 9; 

a haven, 1-hup, Gen. xlix. 13 
Coasts, g-bl, gl-1, h-bl. hp-p, id, i-rk 

Caat, k-tn, m-ol, s-re 

Coat of mail, qs-qs-im, 1 Sam. xvil 5, 

from qs qs, scales, Ezk. xxix. 4 
Coat of mau, a with, sr-vun, to let loose 

the sword, Job xxxviL 3, to fight 
Coats, k-tn, v-rb 
Cockle, base. Job xxxi. 40, from has, to 

stink, Exod. vii. 18, xvi. 2^ Ish. 

xxxiv. 3 ; wild grf^>es, or unripened 

grapes, V. 2 
Cockatrice, po-e, j-po 
Cockatrice, 1-po-nim, Jer.viii. 17, from 

j-po, basalisk^ despicable, poisonous, 

fatal, Jer. viii. 17, Ezk. iv. 15 
Coffer, ar-gn, 1 Sam. vL 11, a box 
Coffin, a in, b-ar-un. Gen. L 26, a place, 

sacred deposit, Ex. xxv. 14, ark 
Cogitations, mj, ro-e, Ez. vii. 18, after 

the will, Dan. vii 28, from ro-e, 

Cogitation, m-hs-be, mm, vo-ip, sr-op, 

Cohabited, s-gl, «-kl, bol, z-bl 
Cold, h-rp, in-n, qr-r 
Colhas-el^ k-lh-ze, wholly a prophet, 

all seer, Neh. iii. 15 
Collar, o-nq, rb-d 
Collected, a-vp, q-bl, q-bj, 1-g^, k-nv, 

j-br, ag-r, dg-r, oz-z 
Collection, av-ip, av-pe, 1-gf, q-b-je 
Colour, j-bo, O-in, th6 eye. Gen. xiv. 7 
Colour, the like as, Ko-m, Nu. xl 7 
Colours, p-uk, j-bo 

Colours, divers, f-la, py, 2 Sam. xiil 19 
Colours, many, pv-im. Gen. xxxvii. 3, 

from pv, to diminish, Ps. bcxii 16 
Colt, b-ne, little, <v-ir. Job xi. 22 
Colts, ass, o-ir-im, Jud. x. 4, from o-ir, 

a foal, Zech. ix. 9 
Come, at-e, b-wa, elk, ild, i-ja, n-go, 

n-gs, o-br, j-ra 
Come about, i-qb, yb b 
Come abroad, i-ja 
Come after, a-hr 
Come again, 's-ub 
Come away, ild 
Come before, q-dm 
Come down, ht-t, i-rd, n-ht 
Come forth, i-ja 
Come into, o-le 
Come nigh, n-go 
Come on, i-eb, m-Ja 
Come over, o-br, obr, Grcn. xxxii. 31 
Come to an end, g-mr 
Come to naught, a-un 
Come to the full, tm-ra 
Come to pass, e-ye, o-se, q-re 
Come unto, m-ja 
Come up, o-le, 5-ra 
Come u^n, m-ja 
Come without, i-ja 
Comely, a-we, h-in, i-fb, i-pe, n-we, 

p-ra, t-ar 
Comeliness, e-dr, h-ud 


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Comest, b-wa, z-oq 
Comest nigh, q-rb 
Cometh, a-te, b-wa, gd-d, o-br, o-le, 

Comest again, s-ub 
Comest betwixt, p-go 
Comest forth, i-ja 
Comest from, jur 
Comest on, p-ne 
Comest out, i-ja 
Comest to nought, n-bl 
Comfort, u, b-lg, n-hm 
Comfort, V, b-lg, n-hm 
Comfortable, n-uh, n-hm 
Comfortably, Ib-bm, to their heart, 1 

Chron. xxxii. 6 
Comforted, he was, n-hm, 2 Sam. xiiL 

39, from n-hm, to change the mind, 

Ezk, xxxii. 31, xi?. 22, Ps. Ixxvii 2, 

Is. xlix. 13, Jer. xxxi. 13, Lam. i. 9, 

16, ii. 17 
Comforters, m-n-hm-im, 2 Sam. x. 3, 

1 Chron. xix. 3, Nah. iii. 7 
Comforteth, m-n-hm-km, he that com- 

forteth you. Is. li. 12 
Comforts, n-hm-im. Is. Ml 18, Zech. 

i. 13, Ps. xciv. 19 
Comfort, my, n-hm-ti. Job vi. 10, Ps. 

cxix. 50 
Coming, b-wa 
Coming down, i-rd, n-ht 
Coming on, o-br 
Coming out, i-ja 
Coming from, e-lk 
Coming, ray, r-gl 
Coming, his, q-ra 
Coming, are that things, a-te 
Comings, b-wa 
Command, a-mr, j-we 
Commanded, a-mr, f-om, s-um 
Command est him, thou, t-j-we, Jos. i. 

18, from j-we, to charge. Gen. xxviii. 

1 , Num. xx?ii. 23, Ex. vi. 1 3, 2 Kings 

xi 5, xvii. 35, 1 Chron xxii. 6 
Commandest us, thou, ju-it-nu, Jer. 

xxvii. 4, Ex. i. 18 
Commandeth, up, e-amr. Job ix. 7 
Commanding, of, 1-jut, Gren. xlix. 3 
Commanded, ju-tu, that he, Lev. vii. 3 
Commanded, had he wheb, b-ju-tu, 

Ezk. X. 6 
Commandment, a-mr, dt, f-om, ml-1, 

according to, d-br 
Commandments, d-br, eq-q, p-qd 
Commended, el-1, s-be 
Commissions, dt-i, Ez. viii. 36, from 

dt, decree, edict, royal law. Est. i. 

13, iii 8-14, viii 13, ix. 14, Deut. 
xxxiii. 2 

Commit, gl Piov. xvi 3; gul, Ps. 

XX xvii 6, from gl-1, to roll, Gten. xxix. 

3, 8, Jos. V. 9, Prov. xxvi 7, Ish. 

xxxiy. 4, ix. 5, Jos. x. 18 ; as waves 

of the sea, Ps. xlii 7, Ixxxix. 9, Ish. 

ii 15, Jer. v. 22, xxxi 35, Ezk. 

xxvi 3 
Commit adultery, they, n-up, Jer. xxiii. 

14, from n-ap, provoke, blaspheme, 

Commit a trespass, m-ol. Lev. v. 15, 
vi 2. V. 21, Num. v. 6, 12, 27, xxxi. 
16, Jos. vii 1, xxii 27, to dissemble, 
deal uufaithfullv, cover enmity with 
a garb of friendship, to violate duty 
under pretence oi^ discharging it, a 
word, this Heb. u of fearful import, 
2 Chron. xxviii. 22, xxxvi. 14, Ezk. 
xiv. 13 

Committed, m-ol, n-tn, p-qd 

Committed, have, h-fe 

Committeth, n-ap, o-zb 

Common, adm, hl-1, mut, rb-b, b-ne 

Commotion, r-os, me-u-me, zo-we 

Commune, amr, d-br, v-pr, si-h 

Communed, v-pr, d-br, amr, n-gd 

Communication, d-br, si-h 

Compact, is that, &-br-e, Ps. cxxii. 3, 
from h-br, to couple, Exod. xxvi. 3 

Company, gd-d, e-mn, h-il, h-ne, q-el, 

Company, a, a-dh, h-bl, s-po 

Company, the and of, i-de 

Companies, h-lq 

Companies, by, gd-d 

Companies, them of, i-de 

Companies, the in. h-ge 

Companies, travelling, a-rh 

Companion, h-br, ro, ro-e, h-br 

Companions, the, h-br-im. Can. viii. 13, 
from h-br, to couple, Jud. xx. 11 

Comparable, e-m-vl-a-im, Lam. iv. 2, 
from v-la, exalted 

Compare, m-sl, o-rk 

Compared, d-me, s-we 

Comparison, of it in, k-m-e-u. Hag. ii, 
3, from k, likeness, agreement 

Comparison, Exod. xv. 11, Deut. iv. 32, 
Job xii. 3, Ps. cxv. 8, cxxxv. 18, i. 
21, Lam. i 21, Ezk. jcvi. 57, v. 9, 
Mich. vii. 18, Joel ii. 2, Hag. ii. 3 

Compass (n), h-ug, kr-kb, vb-b 

Compass, v, a-zr, i-qp, vb^b, o-fr 

Compass about, that, m-az-ri, Ish. 1. 11, 
from a-zr, to gird, 1 Sara. ii. 4, Job 

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ixriii, 3, 40, Pa. Ixr. 6, Ish. xlv. 6, 

Jer. xiii 2, 4, 6, 7, 10, 11, 20 
Compassest, thou, zr-it, Ps. cxxxix. 3, 

from z-re, to winnow, Ruth iii 2 ; 

fan, Jer. iy. 11, xv. 17 ; scatter. 

Num. xvL37; gird, 2 Sam. xxii. 40 ; 

a crown, Ex, xxy. 11, 24, 25, xxx. 3, 

xxxvii. 2. 1 1, 12, 26, xix. 4, xxxvii 27 
CompaBseto, rb-b, o-uq 
CompaBsing, i-qp, yb-b 
Compassion, b-ml, r-bm 
Compassion, had them on, and, wi-r- 

hm-ms, 2 King xiil 23 
Compassion, have. He will yet, u-r-hm, 

from r-hm, the womb, the bowels, 

Ish. xlyi 3, Ezh. xx. 26, P&. dii 4, 

cyi. 46, Zech. i. 12 
Compel, shalt thou senre to, t-o-bd. 

Ley. xxy. 39, from o-bd, to labour. 

Num. xyiiL 23 ; a tiller, Gen. iy. 2, 

Jer. xxyii 11 
Compelled, n-dh, p-ij 
Complain, a-un, b-ke, r-ub, ai-h 
Complained, aun, to mourn, Deut. 

xxyi. 14, Hos. ix. 4 
Complained, I, a-si-he, P&. Ixxyii. 3, 

from si-h, to expatiate largely in 

discourse, Job xiL 8, ylL 11, Ps. cxix. 

48, 97, 99 
Complaining, ju-he, P8. cxliv. 14 ; cry- 
ing, Ish. xxiv. 11; cry, Jer. xiv. 2, 

xlyi 12, from ju-h, to shout, Ish. 

xliL 11 
Complaint, my si-hi, 1 Sam. L 16, Job 

ix. 27, X. 1 ; meditation, Ps. dy. 34 
Complete, t-mi-mt, Ley. xxiil 15, from 

tm-m, finished, Deut. xxxiy. 8 
Completed, m-la, kl-e, tm-m, s-lm, 

g-mr, kl-1 
Completion, m-lt, m-tm, ke-i-le, q j, y-ip 
Composition, neither, the after of, 

u-b-m-tk-n-tu, Exod. xxx. 32 
Compound ointment, an, m-rq-ht, Evod. 

xxx. 25, from r-qh, mixed spices, 

Ezk. xxiv. 10 
Compoundeth, i-rq-h, Exod. xxx. 33 
Comprehend, b-un, I do, sm-o, kul 
Comprehended, kul 
Compressed, z-ur, 
Computed, h-sb 
Computation, h-sb-un 
Conceal, h-rs, k-hd, k-ve, y-hr 
Concealed, haye I, k-hr-ti. Job vi. 10, 

Ps. xl. 10, hide. Is. iii. 9, from k-hr, 
Concealed, y-tr, o-lm, tm-n, h-ba, j-pn, 

Concealeth, k-ye, Proy. xii. 23, from 

k-ye, to coyer. Ps. xxxiL 1', Neh. iy. 
1, to oyerwhelm with confusion and 
calamity, Ps. cxL 9, Proy. x. 6, Hab. 
ii. 17 

Concealment, m-y-tr, t-mun, mh-ba, 

Conceit, o-in^ s-ke 

Conceive, e-re, z-ro, i-hm 

Conceived, e-re 

Conceiving, e-ru. Is. lix. 13, from e-re, 
to design, contrive secretly 

Conceived, is there, e-re. Job iii 3 

Conception, e-r-yun, Ruth iv. 13 

Conception, the from, u-m-rirun, Hos. 
ix. 11 

Concemeth, which that me, Ps. iii 3, 
cxxxviii. 8, from ode, to pass about 
me. Lam. iii 7, Jon. ii. 6, Job vi 22, 

Concerning, aid, a-le, b, d-br, 1, m, o-le, 

Conclusion, o-qb, y-up, q-j 

Concourse, e-mun 

Concubine, a-is, pl-gs, wife 

Concubines, 1-hn, half wife, a lawful 
wife, but unmarried, a wife of second 
rank. Their chilcbren could not in- 
herit, but by devise; such waa 
Hagar's and Heturah's sons 

Condemned, r-so, h-ub, i-ja, q-na 

Condemn, r-so, s-pf 

Condemneth, that he and, u-m-rs-yo, 
Prov. xvii 15, from rs-o, to be tossed, 
1 Sam. xiv. 17 

Condemning, le-rs-ye, 1 Kings viii 3*2 

Condition, on this, ze 

Condoled, n-hm 

Conduct, o-br, s-le 

Conducted, ild, b-wa 

Confection, r-qh, to mix, Ezk. xxiv. 10 

Confectionaries, be to, 1-r-qh-ut, 1 Sam. 
viii. 13 

Confederacy, b-rt, q-sr 

Confederate, bol, b-rt, q-sr 

Conferred with, he, dbr-yu, 1 Kings i. 
7, from to speak. Is. xiv. 9 

Confess, and,we-ud-u, 1 Kings viii. 35, 
from i-de, grateful acknowledgment 
for deliverance, to lift the hand, and 
speak plainly, truly, earnestly, Ps. 
Ixxv. 1 

Confesseth, who but, u-m-ud-e, Prov. 
xxviii. 3 

Confessing, and, u-m-t-ud-e, Dan. ix. 20 

Confession, making and, u-m-t-ud-im, 
Dan. xxx. 32 

Confidence, b-fh, b-fh-un, m-bf-h, k-vl 






CoDfidences, thy, b-m-bf-hik, Jer.ii 37 
ConfidcDt, b-fh, and bu-fh, Ps. xxvii. 3, 

from b-fh, secure, Job xi. 18 
Confined, v-gr, k-la 
Confirm, a-mj, k-br, h-zq, k-un, m-la, 

Confirmed, h-zq, k-un, o-md 
Confiscation, to, l-o-ns, strip', Ez. vii. 26 
Conflict, ya-un 
Confomid, bl-1, ht-t 

Confounded, b-us, b-hl, h-pr, k-lm, <k-kr 
Confused, k-lm 
Confusion, b-wa, bl-1, h-pr, k-lm, q-le, 

t-bl, t-he, te-u 
Congealed, were, q-pa-u, Ex. xt. 8, 

from q-pa, cruddled, Job x. 10 
Congratulate him, to and, u-1-br-ki, 1 

Chron. xviii. 10, from b-rk, to bless. 

Gen. ix. -26. xiv. 20, Ruth ill 10, Ps. 

xyiii. 46, Ixxii. 19 
Congratulation, a-lm, h-ye, ido, q-el 
Congregation, aim, h-ye, i-od, q-he 
Congregations, i-qd, q-he, o-de, em-un 
Connected, h-sq 
Conquered, gb-r, n-jh 
Conqueror, mg-jh 
Consecrate, id, m-la, q-rs, r-hm 
Consecration, m-la, n-zr, h-rm 
Consent, v, ab-e, s-km, i-at 
Consent, n, ais, Ib-b, t-mid 
Consented, i-at, ab-e, i-al, r-je, s-mo 
Consequence, o-ffb 
Consider, bin, i-do, Ib-b, n-bf, p-rg, 

ra-e, s-um, s-kl 
Considered, bn, h-sb, hb-b, ra-e, s-um, 

6-kl, h-sb, n-tn 
Considereth, i-ra, s-ub 
Considereth, he, bin, she, zm-m 
Consolation, n-hm-e 
Consolidated, j-jg 
Conspiracy, t-lum-e, q-sr 
Conspirators, the, amg, b-q-sr-im, 2 

Sam. XV. 31, from q-sr, to oiud, Job 

xxxviii. 31 
Conspired, hath, q-sr, sr. Job xvi. 16 
Conspired, they, u-it-n-kl-u, Gren. 

xxxviii. 18, from n-kl, to deceive, 

Mai. i 14 
Constant, t-m-id 
Constellations thereof, the and, u-kv-il- 

yerm, Isa. xiii 10 ; from v-kl, con- 
fidence, Job ix. 9, xxxviii. 31 ; Amos 

V. 8 
Consternation, a-im-e, bel-e, kt-it, h-te, 

Constrained, ap-g 
Consult, they, yo-ju, Ps. Ixii. 4 ; from 

i-oj, to take counsel. Job xxtL 3 
Ps. Ixii. 4, Ish. vil 5, Ps. xvi. 7 
Consulted, j-oj, Ib-b, m-lk, s-al, j-og 
Consume, g-zl, kl-e, v-up, v-pe, tm-m 
Consume, and, a-kl. v-up 

Consume away, m-vs, m^-q 

Consumed, a-kl, a-vp, 

, kl-e. 

b-le, b-or, 

Consumeth, a-kl, b-le,r-pe 
Consummation, k-le-un 
Consumation, the, kl-e, Dan. ix 27, from 

kl-e, to be finished, 1 Kings, vi 38 
Consumption, kl-e, s-pp 
Contain, bit, k-ul, n-sa 
Contained, k-ul 
Contemn, m-av, n-aj 
Contemned, b-un, bz-e, m-av, q-le, n-hj, 

h-rp I 

-Contempt, b-uz, bz-e, bz-yun, d-ra 
Contemptable, n-bz-e, Mai i. 7 12^ ii. 9, 

from bz-e, disdain through pride of 

heart. Num. xv. 31, Ps. xxii. 24, 

Ixix. 33, Isa. xxxvii. 22, Ez. xvii. 

Contend, gr-e 
Contendeth, s-pf 
Content, i-al, i-fb, oin, s-roo 
Contended, rub, n-je, o-sq, dun, nr-e, 

Contention, dun, o-sq, n-je, rib, mr-ib-e 
Contentious man, brawling woman, m- 

dun-im, Prov. xxi. 9, 19, xxr. 24, 

from dun, to strive. Gen. vi. 3, 

2 Sam. xix. 9 
Continual, b-kh, bl-ti, t-rd, v-ur, t-md 
Continually, e-lk, h-vr, yum, vb-b, ot-t, 

B-ub, t-dr, t-mid 
Continuance, amn, o-lm 
Continue, a-hr, i-sb, 1-un, m-sq, omd, 

q-um, s-kn 
Continued, h-zq, i-vp, i-sb^n-sa, rb-h 
Contrary, e-pk, q-re, q-ri 
Contributed, i-ol 
Contrite, d-ka, r-ke, n-ke 
Contrived, n-ke, zm-m 
Controversy, reb, mr-i-be 
Convenient, hq-q, i-sr, na-we, ya-e 
Conversant, were that, e-e-lk, Josh. viii. 

35, which shall march, Hab. i. 6, 

from e-lk, to walk, ek, a stag 
Convert, and, u-sb, Isa. vl 10, u-sb, 

and Mm that returneth, Ezk. xxxv. 

7, from sub, to go again, to turn, 

Isa. V. 25 
Converted, be shall, i-e-pk, Ish. Ix. 5, 

from e-pk, to be turned. Lev. xiii. 3, 

iv. 13 


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Converting, m-sib-t, Ps. xix. 7 
Converts her converts, u-fib-ye,Isa. i.27 
Convey, o-br, s-um 
Convinced, that, mu-kia, Job zxxii. 12, 

from i-kh, to prove, Gen. xxiv. 14 
Convocation, m-gr-a 
Coney, e-s-pn, a large kind of mouse ; 

it chews the cud. Lev. xi. 5 
Conies, the, sp-nim, 26, from 

s-pu, to judge, provident 
Cook, the, d-fb-h, 1 Sam. ix. 23, from 

fb-h, to slay, Ps. .xxxvii. 14, Gen. 

xliii. 6 
Cooks, to be, and, u-1-fb-h-ut, 1 Sam. 

viil 13 
Cool, the in, 1-ruh, i. e. in the air or 

spirit, the season of divine worship. 

Gen. iii. 8, from ru-h, the spirit, Isa. 

iv. 4, Gen. vi. 3, Hag. il 5, Job xv. 

13, Ps. civ. 30, cxliii. 10, Zech. iv, 6, 

Ps. cxxxix. 7 
Coping, the, e-fj>-hut, 1 Kings, vii. 9, 

from fp-h, to join. Job xiv. 17 
Copy, pr-gs-n, p-ts-gn, s-ne, pr-sg 
Copied, out, ho-ti-qu, Prov. xxv. 1, from 

o-tq, to remove, Job xiv. 18, xviii. 14 
Copper, n-hs, brass, j-eb, yellow, Lev. 

xiii. 30, 32, 36, yellow brass, Ez. 

viii. 27, a metal now unknown 
Copulation, s-kb-t, lying, Ex. xvi. 13, 

Lev. XV. 16, from s-kb, to lie down 

on a bed, still, at rest, Job iii. 13 
Cor, e-kr, a round measure, the, Ezk. 

xiv. 14, from kur, a crucible that 

bears hottest fires, Deut. iv. 10, Is. 

xlviii. 10, Jer. xi. 4 ; also the cup of 

salvation, Ps. cxvi. 13, cup of conso- 
lation, Jer. xvi. 7, Gen. xl. 11, Ps. 

Ixxv. 8, Is. li. 17, xxv. 15, Lam. iv. 

21. Ezk. xxiii 32 
Coral, r-m-ut. Job xxviii. 18, from 

r-um, to lift up. Gen. vii. 17, Job xxii. 

12, Is. vi. 1 
Corban, q-rb, q-r-bn, to offer, Matt. 

xxiii. 18 
Cord, h-bl, h-uf, i-tr 
Cords, h-bl, i-tr, o-bl, to bind 
Coriander, gd, a troop, Ex. xvi. 21, 

Num. xi. 7 
Cormorant, qa, vomit 
Cormorant, the, e-s-lk, to cast out, 2 

Kings xiii. 23, xvii. 20, Ps. 1. 17, li. 

,11, Ixxi. 9 
Corn, ab-b, bl-1, b-ne, br, gd-s, gr-n, 

gr-s, dg-n, q-ura, s-br 
Com, ground, r-up 
Com, old, o-br 

Comer, k-tp, pa-e, pn, pn-e, q-jo 

Corners, zu-e, pa-e, k-om, q-jh. 

Coraer-stone'thereof, p-nt-e, JoD xxxviii. 
1, Is. xxviii. 16, Jer. xxxi. 40, from 
pn, to turn, a stone of faces, the 
largest and choicest stone, especially 
selected, and the strongest part of a 
building, Zech. x. 4, Zeph, i. 16, Jud. 
XX. 2,Job. i. 19, Ezk. xliii. 20, xliv. 19 

Corner-stones, k-zuit, Ps. cxliv. 12, as 
brightness, from zu-e, to yield as 
store places, supplies, 14, Zech. ix. 15 

Comet, the, s-pr, su-pr, 1 Chron. xv. 
' 28, from s-pr, beautiful, bright, ele- 
gant, pleasing, Ps. xvi. 6, Job xxvi. 
13, Gen. xlix. 21, a trumpet, Ex. 
xix. 16, Ps. xlvii. 5 

Comets, on, u-b-m-no-nu-im, 2 Sam. 
vi. 5, from n-wo, to flourish, Prov. 
xxii. 18, tossed, Amos ix. 9 

Corpses, p-gr, gu 

Corrected, t-qn, i-vr, i-kh 

Correction, mu-vr, t-uk-he 

Corrupted, s-ht-h-bl 

Corruption, s-ht^ h-bl, h-bu-le 

Cost, n,me nothmg, which thatof,h-nm, 
2 Sam. xxiv. 22, from hn-n, to have 
pity, Job xix. 21 

Costly, i-qr-t, ut, -1 Kings v. 17, from 
i-qr, to be dear, 1 Sam. xviii. 30, Ps. 
xxxvl 7 

Cotes, gd-r, or-r 

Cottage, l-un,to settle, quietly, Ps. xxv. 
13, xcL 1, Prov. XT. 31 

Cottage, a Uke, k-m-1-un-e, Is. xxiv. 20 

Cottage, a as, k-vk-e. Is. i. 8, from vk-k, 
to cover secure. Gen. i. 9, Job iii. 
23, xl. 22, Ps. cxxxix. 13, a taber- 
nacle. Lam. ii. 6 

Cottages, k-rt, Zeph. ii. 6, a shepherd's 

Couch, i-jo, o-rs 

Couched, k-r-o, r-bo, rb-j 

Covenant, b-rt, a purifier, winnowed 
com, a son, a grant of favour. Gen. 
ix. 13, 16, XV. 18, a deed of gift freely 
bestowed by God on those he calleth 
by grace. Gen. xvii. 11, xxi. 27, 32, 
xxvi. 28, xxxi. 44,Ex. xxiii. 32,xxxi 16 

Covenant, unto, 1-br-it, Ps. Ixxviv. 20, 
Ixxxix. 28 

Covenant, my, br-it-i. Is. Ivi. 4, G^n. 
vi. 18, Jer. xi. 10, Ezk. xvi. 60, Hos. 
viii. 1, Zech, xi. 10, Mai. ii. 4 

Covenant, a for, 1-br-it, Is. xiii. 6, xlix. 8 

Covenant, my of, b-br-it-i, Is. Ivi. 4, 6, 
Ps. Ixxxix. 28, Ezk xvij. 19 


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Corenant, thy and, u-br i t, Deut. xxxiii. 9 
Covenant, thy in, b-br-it-k, Ps. xliv. 17 
Covenanted, have I ,k-rt-i, Zech. xL 10, 
2 Chron. vii. 18, Hag. ii. 5, from 
k-rt, l8t, to cut off, 2 Kings xviii. 4, 
Is. xviii. 5, Jer. x. 3, xxii. 7, Deut. 
XX. 19, Jud. vi. 26; 2nd, tocuttheparts 
through and separated; Jehovah 
met him and sought to kill him, 
sharp stone; u-t-k-rt, Ex. iv. 25 ; 
while the flesh wjs between their 
leeth, ere it was i-k-rt, it was bit 
off. Num. xi. 33 ; the waters of Jor- 
dan, before Jehovah, the Adun Lord 
of all the earth shall be i-k-rt-un, cut 
off, Jos. iii. 13, 1 Sam. xvii. 51, xxiv. 
5, Is. xviii. 5, Jer. xxxiv. 8 ; the 
word should be rendered, cut off a 
purifier. Gen! xv. 18, Ex. xxiv. 8, 
Deut. iv. 23, Ps. Ixxxix. 3, Is. xxviil 
15 ; I will cut off anew purifier, Jer. 
xxxi. 31, xxxii 4, Ezk. xxxiv. 25, 
Jer. xviii 18, Jos. ix. 16, &c., &c. 
Cover, k-va, vk-k, o-fe 
Cover, and, q-rtn 
Cfover, shall, h-pk, s-up,n-6p 
Cover, that, n-vd 
Cover, to, ,n-vk 
Covered, a-fm, h-pe, k-ve, 1-uf, vk-k, 

v-pti, ib, j-pe, q-rm, fl-1 
Covered, are, b-lo 
Covered, art, k-sb 
Covered over, o-fp 
Covered, hath, i-of, k-ps 
Covereth, k-ve, v-uk, vk-k, o-fp 
Covering, a-hl, k-ve, 1-nf, m-vk, n-vk, 

v-uk, vk-k, v-tr, p-tl, r-kb 
Covert, v-tr 

Covet, shalt thou, t-h-md, Ex. xx. 17; 

from h-md, desire ardently. Gen. ii. 

9, Ps. xxxix. 11, xix.*10, Dan. xi. 6 

Coveted them, I then, wa-h-md-m. 

Josh, vil 21 
Coveteous, the, u-b-uj-o, Ps. x. 3, from 
b-jo, to wound, Joel ii. 8 ; though he 
hath gained. Job xxvii. 8, Ezk. 
xxii. 13 
Covetousness, b-jo, b-jo, Ex. xviii. 21, 
Ps. cxix. 36, Job xxii. 3, Prov. i. 19, 
XV. 27, xxviii. 16, Jer. vl 13, viii. 10, 
Jud. V. 19, Ezk. xxii. 27 
Could, i-kl, nd-d, I do, k-hl 
Coulter, his, at-u, 1 Sam. xiii. 20, 
I-at-im, ploughshares, Ish. ii. 4, 
Mich. iv. 2 ; an implement of hus- 
bandrv, 1 Sam. xiii. 21, Joel, iii. 
4, 10 ' 

Counsel, d-br, h-bl, i-oj, v-ug, r-gra, 
i-of, m-lk 

Counsellor, a-is, i-oj 

Counsellors, a-ns, i-oj, r-tb, e-dbr, i-oth 

Counsels, h-bl, i-oj 

Count, your make shall, t-k-vu, Ex. 
xil 4, from kv-v, to reckon 

Counted, h-sb, m-ne, v-pr, p-qd 

Countenance, a-np, o-in, p-ne, ra-e, 
t-ar, zi-u 

Countenances, our, m-ra-i-nu, Dan. i. 
13, from ra-e, to see, Jud. ix. 36, 
Ex. iv. 14, Gen. xxxii. 2, 3, xx. 10, 
Ps. 1. 18 

Countervail, could, s-we, Est. vii. 4, 
from s-we, to level, be equal, Est. iii 
10, Ish. xL 25, Prov. xxvi. 4, iii. 15 

Country, a-rj, gl-1 

Countiy, born of the, z-rh 

Country, the, s-de 

Country villages, p-rn 

Country, my, adm 

Country, our, q-um 

Country, the of out, sd-e 

Country, the, i-a, h-bl 

Country, your, adm 

Countries, arj, n-up 

Countries, far, r-hp 

Couple, j-md, s-ne 

Couple it together, h-br-u, Ex. xxxix. 
4, from h-br, to join. Gen. xiv. 3 

Coupled, he and, wi-h-br, Ex. x. 13, 16 

Coupled, with it was, h-br, xxxix. 4 

Coupling, the in, b-h-br-t, xxvL 4 

Couplings, for, 1-m-h-br-ut, 2 Chron. 
xxxiv. 11 

Courage, a-mj, h-rq, Ib-b 

Courageous, a-mj, h-rq, Ib-b 

Course, h-lq, m-uf, m-ru-j, o-ne, ru-j, 

Courses, h-lp, h-lq, i-bl, vl-1 

Court, bit, h-jr, o-zr 

Courts, the in, b-h-jr-i, Neh. xiii. 7, 
from h-jr, an open space walled 
round, a grass plot, 1 King vii. 8, 2 
Kings, XX. 4, Ex. xxvii. 12 

Cow, b-qr, pr, h-dr, s-ur - 

Cow, young, b-qr, an heifer, Deut. xxi. 
3; an heifer of the herd, Ish. vii. 
21, from b-qr, morning, early to 
seek, diligence, Gen. i. 8 ; horned, 
xviii. 7 

Cow's, u-b-^r, Ezk. iv. 15, Nu. xxv. 6 

Coz, E-qu-j, Ez. ii. 61, from qu-j, to 
awake from sleep, Prov. xxiii. 35, 
Ps. iii. 5, xliv. 23, Ish, iiix. 8 

Crackling, the as, k-qu-1, Eccl. vii. 6, 






from qu-4, a noise, a roice, Cren. 
xxvii. 22, Ez. iii. 13 

Cracknels, and, u-n-qd-im, 1 Kin^ xir. 
3, from n-qd, mosaic, studded, 
spotted, speckled, Can. i. 11, Jos. ix. 
5; mould, Gen. xxx. 32, 39 

Craft, or-me, mr-me 

Crafty, the, o-rum-im^ Job v. 12 

Oaftiness, own tbeir in, b-o-rm-m, Job 
T. 13, from orm, naked. Gen. iii. 10. 
iii. 1, Ex. xxi. 14, Jos. ix. 4, Mich, 
i. 8 

Craftsmen, the, u-h-rs, Deui xxxvii. 
15, from b-rs, Ex. xxxi. 5, to en- 
grave, xxYiii. 1 1 ; carpenter, lab. xli. 7 

Craftsmen, u-h-rs, 2 Kings ii 24 

Crag, sn, a tooth, a jag of rock 

Crane, the and. u-v-iv, Jer. viil 7 

Crane, a like, k-r-iv, Ish, xxxyiii. 14, 
from T-UT, a horse, stately, strong, 
speedy, a swallow which has strong 
rapid wings, very bold and daring, 
also chatters a querulous note, as if 

Crashing, s-br 

Craveth, a-kp, Prov. xri. 26, from a-kp, 
to impose a burden, his mouth bath 
laid a load on him. Job xxxiii. 7 ; 
my hand (burden) 

Create, will and, u-b-ra, Ish. iv. 5, 
from b-ra, Ivii. 19. xlv. 7, Ps. li 10 ; 
to give being to matter 

Created, hath, b-ra. Gen. i. 1, 27, 27, 
Mai. ii 10, Ish. xlL 20, Ps. Ixxxix. 47 

Creator, thy, b-u-ra-ik, Eccl. xii 1, 
Ish. xl. 28 

Creature, h-ye, linng creature. Gen. i. 
18, ix. 12, 15, 16, from h-ye, or 
hi-i ; Ist. To live and be happy, Neh. 
ix. 29 ; to be happy for ever, Ps. 
cxxxiii. 3. 2nd. Life restored, 2 
Kings viii. 1. 3rd. Recovery, viii. 
1. 4th. Healing a wound. Josh. 
V. 8; 5th. Eefreshment after fatigue 
and trouble, Jud. xv. 19, Gen. xlv. 
27, Ps. Ixxi. 20. 6th. Spffitual re- 
freshment, Ps. cxix. 50. 7th. 
Beasts, Gten. rii 21, e-h-ye. 8th. 
Every living creature, L 25, every- 
thing that hatb a being is a creature 
of ffis power 

Creature, br-ye, br-ya-e 

Creditor, bol, id, n-se 

Creditors, my of, m-nu-si, Ish. 1. 1, 
from n-se, weak, relaxed. Gen. xxxii. 
32 ; exactors of usury, Jer. xv. 10 ; 
extortioners, PsaL cix. 11 

Creep, r-mv, s-rj, to tread on 
Creepeth, r-ms. Gen. L 25, to move 

with a progressive motion, Ps. civ. 

Creeping thing, e-r-ms. Gen. vil 14 
Crept, r-ms, s-rj 
Crib, ab-uv 

Cried, z-oq, j-oq, m-n,'q-ra, ib-b, n-tn 
Cried out, a-jo-q, Jer. xx. 8, from z-oq, 

to shout, Zech. vi 8 
Crieth, thou when, b-zo-qr, Ish. Ivii. 13 
Crime, o-un 
Crimson, kr-ml, s-ne 
Crisping-pins, we-h-rif-im, ish. iii 22, 

from h-rs, a tool to engrave, Ezk. 

xxxiL 4 
Crook-back, og-lt-un 
Crooked, b-rh, h-dr, o-we, o-ut, o-qb, 

o-ql, o-qs, p-tl 
Crop, q-fp, ma-re 
Cropped off, q-fp 
Cross-way, e-pr-q, Obed. 14, from p-rq, 

to break. Gen. xxviL 40 
Croucbeth, i-d-ke, to bray, to be hum- 
^ ble, Ps. a 17, Ps. X. 10 
Crown, zr-e, k-tr, nz-r, o-fr, qd-d 
Crowns, the and, we-o-fl-t, Z^h. vL 14 
Crowned him, hast, e-mo-fi-re, Ps. viiL 

5. from o-fr, to encompass, 1 Sam. 

xxiii 26 
Crowning city, the, e-mo-fir e, Ish. xxiiL 8 
Crown, a for, 1-of-rt, xiviiL 5 
Cruddled me, t-q-pi-an-i. Job x. 10, from 

q-pa, to be tMckened, Exod. xv. 8 
Cruel, h-mv, h-mj, k-zr, q-se 
Cruelty, b-mv, p-rk 
Cruse, b-qb-uq, j-le, j-ph 
Crush, d-ka, zur, s-br 
Crushed, d-ka, em-m, zur, kt-t 
Cry, z-oq, f-oq, m-n ^ 
Cry, V, a-nq, z-oq, n-tn, o-rg, qu-1 
Cry aloud, e-me, j-el 
Cry, alarm, ru-o, j-el, m-n 
Ciy ye out, so-e, so-so 
Cry out, shall, z-oq, ru-o 
Crying, z-oq, m-ut, z-uh, sa-e 
Ciying out, a-nq 
CrystS, zk-k, q-rh 
Cubit, am, g-mr, am-e-ye, the mother 

of measures, forearm 
Cubits, am-m 
Cubits, great, a-jl 
Cuckow, e-s-hp,Lev. xi 16,Deut.xiv. 15, 

from 8-hp, to consume. Lev. xxvi 16 
Cucumbers, the, e-q-sa-im. Num. xi 5 
Cud, gr-e, Lev. xl 4, 5, 6, 7, Deut. xiv. 

6^7, 8, from gr-e, to confuse, Prov. 

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XV. 18 ; the neck, Ish. iii. 16 ; throat, 
P«. Ixix. 3 ; chew, Lev. xL 7 

Oumhrance, your, tr-h-km, Deut. i. 12, 
from t-rh, to stretch, weary, Job 
xxxviL 11 

Cummin, the, k-mn both herb, culti- 
vated, o-bd, and seed much used in 

Cunning, amn, bin, h-km, h-sb, id-o 

Cunning men and women, e-hk-mim, 
Deut. i. 13, Ish. iil 3 

Cup, gb-o, k-uv, vp-p 

Cup-bearer, &-qe 

Cups, a-gn, k-uv, n-qe, q-se 

Cure, n, r-pa, r-p-wa-e 

Cure, V, ge-e 

Curious girdle, the, h-sb, Exod. xxviii. 
28, from h-sb, to consider, Ps. xl. 17 

Curiously wrought, was I, r-qm-ti, Ps. 
cxxxix. 15, from r-qm, to be of 
various colours, as in needlework, 
Exod. xxvi. 36, xxxv. 35, 1 Chron. 
xxix. 2, Ezk. xvl 13 

Currant, o-br, ou, br, Gen. xxiii. 16, to 
pass oyer, Deut. ii 18 

Curse, n, al-e 

Curse, a, ar-r, h-rm, ql-1 

Curse, a for, s-bo 

Curse, my, ar-r 

Curse, thy, i-al 

Curses, e-al-e. Duet. xix. 20, Dan. ix. 
11, Zech. v. 3 

Curse, V, ar-r, b-ak. n-qb, qb-b 

Curse, again not will I, or add to curse. 
Gen. yiii. 21, from ql-1, esteemed 
lightly, as vile, Job xl. 4, Nab. i. 14, 
2 Kings XX. 10, Ish. xlix. 6, Jer. vL 
14, viil 11 ; despised, 1 Sam. ii 30, 
Gen. vL 4, 5 

Cursed, ar-r, b-dk, n-qb, h-rm 

Curseth, ar-r, b-dk 

Curing, al-e, ar-r 

Curtain, ir-yo-e, dq-q, i-ro, vk-k 

Gush, Kus, affrighted, terrified, Ethio 

pian, a black man, Gren. x. 8 
Cu8hi,Qu-8i, troublesome, importunate, 

from q-se, 2 Sam. xviii. 21 
Custody, id, p-qd, p-qd-e 
Custom, d-rk, hq-q, s-pf 
Customs, hq-q, t^b 
Cut, gd-o, k-rt 

Cut, and, b-jo, gd-d, n-sr, n-hk 
Cut, hath, n-jb 
Cut, he, q-ro 
Cut, be shall, s-rf 
Cut asunder, gd-o 

Cut down, gd-o, k-rt, n-ml, q-fp, tz-z 
Cut down, and, b-re 
Cut dov\n, are, dm-m, dm-e 
Cut down, he, gz-z, q-jb 
Cut down, is, k-hd, k-vh, mul 
Cut down, shall, h-f b, b-re 
Cut in pieces, m-ul, q j-j, s-rf 
Cut off, gd-o, gz-z, k-rt, j-mt, qv-v,kj-j, 

Cut off, am, gz-r, g-rz 
Cut off, be, dm-e, k-hr, n-ml 
Cut out, k-rt, g-zr 
Cut short, q-jh 
Cut up, k-vh, <j-fp 
Cuthah, Kut, broken off, 2 Kings xvii 

24, Gen. ii. 13 
Cutting, h-rs 
Cutting off, d-me, q-jh 
Cuttings, h-rm, s-rf 
Cymbols, jl-jl 
Cypress, the,t-rz-e,l8h.xliv. 14, a species 

of oak, a mast, Ish. xxx. 17 
Cyrus, Ku-rs, as miserable, 1 Chron. 

xiii. 14, Ish. xii. 7, Jer. L 51 


DABASHETH, Db-st, flowing with 

honey, from d-bs, impose, Jos. xix. 2 
Daberath, Db-rt, submissive, 1 Chron. 

vi. 57, from db-re, obedient 
Dagger, the, e-h-rb, Jud. iii. 21, from 

h-rb, to drain. Gen. viii. 13, Jud'. xvi. 

7, Prov. xvii. 1; wastejsh. xxxvii. 18 
Dagon, Dg-un, nourishing, fish, Jud. 

xvi. 23, from dag, a fish 
Dainty meat, au-h, meats, f-om 
Dainties, f-om, m-fom-im, n-om, o-dn 
Dale, o-mg, ail, ail-un, mi-sur, sp-le, 


Damascus, Du-m-aq, city in the plains, 

Gen. xiv. 15 
Dam, am, mother. Gen. iii. 20 
Damage, e-mv, n-zq, h-bl 
Damsel, ild, n-or, r-hm, young 
Damsels, o-lm, white 
Dammim, Dm-im, ephis, which is full 

of blood, keeps silence 
Dan, Dn, judgment, Gren. xxx. 4 
Dance, hl-1, r-qd, leap 
Danced, kr-r, turning round, runniug in 

a circle 
Dances, the in, b-m-hul, Jer. xxxi. 4 


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Dancing, hg-g, hl-1, kr-kr 

Dandled, be and, t-so-so-u, delighted, 
Isa. IxvL 12, Ps. cxix. 70, xciv. 19, 
Prov. viil 31 

Daniel, Dn-yal, judgment of €rod 

Dannah, Dn-e, bowed down, the Jeho- 
vah judge, Ez. yiii. 2 

Dard, D-ro, shepherds' house, 1 Chron. 

Darcmaonim, D-rk-mun-im, a drachm, 
a coin yalue of 7d. or 9d., Ez. ii 69. 

Dare stir him up, yo-ur-nu, Job xli 10, 
from o-ur, to strike with a spear, 2 
Sam. xxiii. 18 

Darius, D-ri-us, informs himself, Dan. 
V. 31 

Dark, hsk, o-lf, qd-r, q-pa 

Dark cloud, the, or-pl, Job xxii. 13, 
Exod. XX. 21 

Dark places in, b-m-hsk, Lam. iii. 6 

Dark speeches in, b-hid-ut, Num. xii. 8, 
from hud, a riddle, Ezk. xvii. 2 

Dark waters, hsk-t, waters of darkness, 
deep, Ps. xviii. 11 

Dark, very even, u-a-pl, Amos v. 30 

Darkness, thy and, k-a-pl-e, Isa. Iviii. 
10, from a-pl, com not sprung up, but 
growing in the earth's womb, Ex. 
ix. 32 

Darkness, hsk, o-up, h-sh 

Darkness, gross, or-pl 

Darkon, Dr-gun, purchase a habitation, 
Neh. vii. 58 

Darling, my, i-hd-ti, Ps. xxii. 10, he to 
whom I am joined intimately, aflfec- 
tionately, and indissolubly, (Jen. xlix. 
6, Isa. xiv. 20, Ex. xxvi. 24 ; thine 
only. Gen. xxii. 2, 12, 16 ; only child, 
Jud. xi. 34 ; only son, Zech. xii. 10 

Daroma,dr-um, south, Deut. xxxiii. 23 

Dart, s-lh, m-vo, hj-j, n-vo 

Darts, s-bf, s-lh, t-th 

Darted, hj-j, shot 

Dash, s-gf, n-pj, r-fs 

Dashed in pieces, r-oj 

Dasheth, n-pj, p-uj 

Dathan, D-tn, rites, Num. xvi. 1 

Daub, which them, f-hi, Ezk. xiii. 11, 
from fu-h, to plaister, Lev. xiv. 22 

Daubed, that they, Lev. xv, e-fb-im 

Daubing, the, e-fi-h, Lev. xiii. 12 

Daughter, bn-e, son-female, bit 

Daughter-in-law, kl-1 kl-e, whole, en- 
tire, complete in beauty and love. 
Lev. vi. 22, 23; every whit, Deut. xiii. 
16, 17 ; all, Ex. xxviil 31 ; wholly, 
Num. iv. 6 ; the bride, Isa. xlix. 18, 

Ixi. 10, Ixii. 5 ; as a spouse, Can. iv. 

8,9, 10, 11, 12,Hos. 1V.14 
David, D-ud, Du-id, well beloved, 1 

Sam. xvL 15 
Dawning, nsp, o-up, ol-e, p-ne, s-hr 
Day, aur, yum, s-hr 
Daybreak, aur, b-qr 
Days, b-qr, yum, v-pr 
Daysman, any, m-u-ki-h, to show, 

prove, and convince by argument. 

Job ix. 33, xiii. 3, xxiii. 7, Isa. i. 18, 

reason together 
Dav-spring, the, s-hr. Job xxxviii. 12, 

n*om s-hr, black dun, dusky, Isa. 

viii. 20, Amos iv. 13; eye-lids of 

morning, Job iil 9 
Dead, mut, r-pa, silent 
Deadly, hl-1, bored through 
Deaf, h-rs, still 
Deal, V. o-se 
Deal bountifully, gm-1 
Deal courageously, h-zq 
Deal deceitfully, h-tl 
Deal falsely, k-hs, s-qr 
Deal foolishiy, el-1 
Deal kindly, h-vr 
Deal prudently, s-kl 
Deal subtilly, n-kl 
Deal treacherously, b-gd 
Deal, see tenth 
Dealer, vu-hr 
Dearly beloved, the, id-d-ut, Jer. xii 7, 

amiable, Ps. Ixxxiv. 1 
Dearth, b-jr, d-br, r-ob 
Death, mut, silence 
Death, to put, e-rg, mut 
Debase, thyself didst and, u-t-sp^il-i, 

Isa. Ivii. 9, from s-pl, to be low, idle, 

Isa. ii. 11, 9, xl. 4, Eccl. i. 18, base, 

Ezk. xvii 14, xxix. 14, 16 
Debate, and, u-m-je, Ish. Iviii. 4, from 

n-je, to strive, Ex. ii. 13, Lev. xxiv. 

Debate, r-ib, contend, Prov. xxv. 9, 
Mich. vi. 1, Ps. XXXV. 1, Ixxiv. 22, 

cxix. 154, Ish. i 17 
Debt, ub-k 
Decay, id, m-uf 
Decayed, h-rb, k-sl, n-bl 
Decayeth, h-rb, k-sl, mk-k 
Deceased, r-pa-im, the dead, Ps. 

Ixxxviii. 10, Prov. ii 18, ix. 18, xxi. 
16, Ish. xiv. 9 
Deceit, r-me, s-ae, s-qr, t-uk 
Deceitful, k-zb, o-qb, o-tr, s-qr 
Deceitfully, b-gd, e-tl, o-sq 
Deceive, e4l, k-es, n-sa, pt-t, pt-e, s-le 


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Deceived, e-tl, n-sa, o-sq, p-te, §g-g, 

8g-e, to-e 
Deceiver, n-kl, to-to 
Decision of, e-h-ruj, Joel iii 4, xiv. 14, 

from h-rj, sharp, poiuted, Ish. xli. 

15, Jobxli. 30 
Deck, they, i-pe, 1-bs, o-de 
Deck, r-bd, a chain, Gen. xli. 42, Ezk. 

xvi. 11 
Declare, i-ro, n-gd, v-pr, s-mo, amr 
Declare, shall, dbr, si-h 
Declare, would I, a-gid-e, Ps. xl. 6, 

from n-gd, to show, Est, ii. 20, Ex. 

xiii. 18 
Declaration, h-we, p-rs 
Declared, bar, p-rs, d-br, g-nd,v-pr, n-gd 
Decline, n-fe, v-ur, s fe 
Declined, n-fe, m-uf, v-ur, s-fe, auf 
Decrease, to, t-m-of-ni, Ps. cvii. 38, 

from m-of, few, Lev. vi. 22 ; nothing, 

Jer. X. 24 
Decreased, h-vr, g-ro, e-lp 
Decree, amr, d-br, dt, hq-q, p-tg-m, 

a-vr, g-zr, t-ov, g-rd 
Decrepit, is-is 

Dedan, D-dn, loved judge, Grcn. x, 7 
Dedicate things, q-rs, h-nk 
Deed, d-br, o-se, m-os, m-os-e, ra-p-ol, 

p-ol, p-ole 
Deed, very in, a-lm, a-mn, k-uu 
Deeds, gml, d-br, ol-l, p-ol 
Deeds, good, h-vd 

Deep, sub, o-mq, t-em, tu-em, m-ju-le 
Deep, ad, s-qo, s-rs 
Deep pit, e-mr 
Deep places, h-qr 
Deer-fallow, the and, wi-amur, Deut. 

xiv. 5, from violent tossing, distress, 

Lam. i. 20, Ps. xlvi. 3 ; an ass, Pro. 

xxvi. 3 
Deer, e-jb-i, the roebuck, Deut. xii. 

22, from jb-e, beautiful, Ezk. vii. 20 
Defaming, the, d-bt, Jer. xx. 10, from 

db-b, to slander, Ps. xxxi. 13 
Defeat, thou mayest then, we-pr-te, 2 

Sam. XV. 34, to break asunder, from 

pur, to crush, as grapes in the wine- 
press, Ish. xxxiii. 8, Ixiii. 3, Gen. 

xvii. 14, Zech. xi. 14, Hag. ii. 16 
Defence, jur, s-gb 
Defence, a, hp-p, jl-1 
Defence, my, gn-n 
Defence, thy, b-jr 
Defend, gn-n, i-so, s-pf 
Defended, s-pf, gn-n 
Defer, a-hr, a-rk 
Deferred, a-hr, m-sq 

Deficiency, m-hv-ur 

Defied, h-rp, z-ora 

Defy, h-rp, z-oni 

Defiled, g-al, kl-1, h-np, fm-e, ol-l, o-ne, 

Defraud, shalt thou, t-os-q. Lev. ix. 13, 

from os-q, load. Job xl. 23; drinketh 

up, loadeth with a river, &c., to op- 
press, Ish. xxxviii. 14, lii. 4, Mic. u. 

2, Ps. Ixxii, 4, cxix. 121 
Defrauded, o-sg, o-gb 
Degree, s-ne 

Degree, high, ais, o-le, m-ol-e 
Degrees, o-le, m-ol-ut 
Dehave, De-wa, wealth, 2 Kings xvii. 

Delaiah, Dl-ye, the wine branch, 1 

Chron. iii. 24 
Delilah ,Dl-il-e, head of hair, Jud. xvi. 4 
Delay, a-hr, b-s 

Delayed, b-us, m-hm-e, bs-s, i-hr 
Delectable, things their and, u-h-mud- 

yem, Ish. xliv. 9 ; h-md, pleasant. 

Gen. ii. 9 
Deliberated, i-vd, y-oj 
Delicacy, aii-ne 
Delight, n, h-md, h-pj, h-sq, n-om, o-dn, 

o-ng, r-je, so-so 
Delight, V, h-md, d-pj 
Delighted, h-pj, o-ng, o-dn 
Delinquency, a-sm-e 
Deliver, a-ne, h-lj, m-lf, n-jl 
Deliverance, i so, n-jl, p-lf 
Delivered, i-so, m-lf, n-jl, n-tn 
Deluded, e-tl 
Demand, v, s-al 
Demanded, amr, s-al 
Demonstrated, i-kh 
Den, aur, a-rb, m-or, gb-b, vk-k, o-un 
Dens, a-rb, o-md, n-hr 
Denied, k-hs, m-an, m-no 
Denounce, I, e-gd-ti, Deut. xxvi. 3, xxx. 

18, from n-gd, to stand up on a raised 

situation, 2 Sam. xix. 6 
Deny, k-hs, m-no 
Depart, ild, i-ja, i-qo, m-us 
Departed, h-llc, i-lk, m-us, v-ur, rso, 

i-ja, m-uf, n-fe 
Departeth, b-gd, ild, m-us, p-qr 
Departing, i-ja, n-vg 
Deplored, q-un, an-n, a-e-e 
Deposed, was he, e-n-ht, Dan. y. 20, 

from n-ht, to come down, Dan. iv. 13 
Depopulated, gd-d 
Deposited, q qd, n-tn 
Deputy, a, n-jb, 1 Kings xxii. 47, from 

i-jb, to be set up, Gren. xix. 26 

G 2 






Deputies, the and, we-p-hut. Est. riii 

9, from p-he, goYemors, e-p4ie, Neh. 

y. 14 
Deride, shall they, Hab. i. 10, s-hk, to 

laugh, Prov. xxix. 9, Job xxx. 1, 

LauL i. 9 
Deprived, n-se, p-qd, s-kl 
Depth, o-mq, t-hm 
Descend, i-rd, to come down, Ex. ix. 

Descended, and, u-i-rd. Josh. xvii. 9 
Describe, 1-k-tb, Josh. xviiL 8, k-tb, to 

write, Ex. xxxix. 30 
Described, he and, wi-k-tub, Jud. 

xriii 4 
Descry, to sent, wi-ti-ru, Jud. L 23; 

tur, to range, Job xxxix. 8 
Desert, m d-br, untilled 
Desert, rb-r, h-f b, i-sm, o-rb 
Deserts, h-rb, s-pf 
Deserring, benefit the to according, 

Jud. ix. 16, kgm-ul, from gml, 

Desire, n, ab-e, a-we^ h-pj, h-sq, r-je, 

s-uq, tu-e 
Desire, v, awe, s-ap, s-^J, h-md, n-sa, 

Desired, a-we, amr, k-vp, h-md, ta-be, 

ta-we, hm-ud 
Desolate, b-rd, bt, gl-md, h-rb, k-ud, 

sa-h, sm-m, i-jt 
Desisted, h-dl, r-pp,8o-e 
Desolated, sm-m, h-rb, i-sm, sa-e 
Despair, shall and, u-nu-as, 1 Sam. 

xxriL 1, from i-as, no hope 
Despise, b-uz, b-ze, m-av, q-le 
Destitute, h-vr, o-zb, o^e, or-or 
Destroy, a-bd, b-lo, n-pq, v-pe, ,§ht, 

s-md, ab-d, m-gr, em-m, h-bl, h^m, 

k-rt, n-ts, n-tj q-ir 
Destroyer, p-ij, sd-d 
Destroyeth, ab-r, kl-e, mh-e 
Destroying, b-lo, h-rm 
Destruction, ab-r, a-id, d-ka, e-im, e-bl, 

ht-t, q-fb, q-pd, q-ij, sa-e, s-br, d, 

sd-d, su-h 
^ Detain me thou, tho-jr-ni, Jud. xiiL 16, 

from o-jr, to hinder 
Detained, n-o-jr, 1 Sam. xxi 7 
Determination, my, m-s-pf-i, Zeph. iii 

8, from s-pfi to act by rule, to judge, 

Jud. xvi. 31 
Determined, amr, h-rj, h-tk, i-oj, kl-e, 

Detested, sq-j, t-ob, g-ol, z-om 
Deuel, Do-waJ, wisdom of God, Num. 

Yii. 47 

Device, m-hfr^, i-jr, m-zm-e, zm-m, 

Devils, 8d,o-sr 

Devils, unto, 1-sd-im, Deut xxxii 17, 
Ps. cvi 37, from sd-d, to lay waste, 
Ezk. xxxii. 12, Jer. vi 26 ; oppress, 
Ps. xvii. 9; destroy, Jub xv. 21, Prov. 
XL 3 ; rob. Job xii 6 

Devils, the for and, u-1-so-i-rm. Lev. 
xvii. 7, from s-or, horribly afnid, 
Jer. iL 12; hurled away as with a 
whirlwind, Ps. Iviii 3, Dan. xL 4«» ; 
horror. Job xviii. 2«>, Ezk. xx?iL 35, 
Job xxvii 21 

Devise, h-rs, h-sb 

Derised, dm-e, zm-m, h-sb 

Devote, shall, i-h-rm. Lev. xxvii. 28, 
from h-rm, destroy, Deut. viL 2, 
Mich. i7. 13, Num. xxi 3 

Devour, a-kl s-ap 

Devoureth, b-lo, 1-wo 

Devouring, a-kl, b-lo 

Dew, the as, k-fl, Hos. vi 4, from fl-1, 
to refresh, beautify, and vastly mul- 
tiply, Ex. xri. 13, 14, Num. xi. 9, 
Deut. xxxii 2, Job xxix. 19, xxxriii 
28, Ps. ex. 3, cxxxiii. 3, Prov. xix. 12, 
Mich. ?. 7, Gren. xxrii 28, Isa. xxvi 
19, Zech. viii 12 

Diadem, o-ng, j-np, j-nip,, m-j-npt 

Dial, the in, h^n-ol-ut, Isa xxxriii 8, 
from o-le, going up, Jos. x. 10, stairs, 
Neh. ix. 4, Ezk. xl. 6, xliii 17 ; steps, 
1 Kings X. 19, 20, Exod. xx. 26; 
degrees, 2 Kings xx. 9, 10; Isa. 
xxxviii. 8 ; a cliff, 2 Chron. xx. 16 ; 
a hill. Num. xxxiv. 4, 1 Sam. ix. 11 

Diamond, e-lm, s-mr 

Diblaim, Db-lun, place of figs, Hos. 

Diblatha. D-b-lt^, dried figs, Ezk. vi 
14, Num. xdii 46 

Dibon, Db-un, understanding, Isa. xv. 
9, Num. xxiii 45 

Dibri, Db-ri, my word. Lev. xxiv. 11 

Did, o-se, i-vp, gml, slm 

Die, b-ne, mut, g-wo 

Died, stained, adm, h-m 

Diet, ar-he 

Difference, put, made, b-dl, p-le 

Different, sn-n 

Difficult, p-la, n-pl-at 

Diffused, p-se 

Dig, h-pr, h-jb, k-re, o-qr, h4r 

Digged, k-re, h-pr 

Digi^ a-jb-o 

Dignity, s^ gd-1, n-sa, r-um 


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Diklah, Dg-le, his diminution, alias 

his palm-tree 
Dilean, Dl-on, poor of the, Jos. xv. 38 
Diligence, all with, m-s-mr, Prov. iv. 

23, from 8-mr, to watch, Gen. ii. 15 
Diligent, h-ps, h-rj, i-fb, m-hr, i-do 
Diligently, i-fb, n-hs, s-hr, sn-n, ad-rz 
Dim, h-sk, k-br, ke-e, om-m, q-um, so-e 
Dimnah, Dm-ne, silence, Isa. xy. 38 
Diminish, g-ro, m-of, j-or 
Dimon, Dim-un, quiet, Isa. xv. 9 
Dimonah, Dim-un-e, repose, Isa. xxil 

Dinah, Di-nah, who judges, Gren. xiv. 
Dine, shall, i-a-kl-u, (^n. xxxri. 32, 

from a-kl^ to eat. Gen. ii 16 
Dinaites, Di-ni-a, judges, Ez. iv. 9 
Dinabah, Dn-h-be, she gives judgment. 

Gen. xxxvi. 32 
Dinner, a, ar-ht, allowance, Prov. xv. 

17, from ar-h, victuals on a journey 

by travellers, Jer. xl. 5 
Dipped, f-bl 

Direct, i-er, i-sr, k-un, k-sr, n-tn, o-rq 
Directed, k-un, i-re, as-r, t-kn 
Directly, h-gn, n-kh 
Dirt, f-if, pr-stt, mire. Job xli. 30 
Disallow, i-ni-a. Num. xxx. 8, half- 
boiled, Exod. xii. 9 
Disallowed, h-ni-a. Num. xxx. 5 
Disannulled, pur. Est. ix. 26 
Disappoint, q-dm-e, Ps. xvii. 13, from 

q-dm, to be before, Isa. ix. 12, I 

prevented, Ps. cxix. 147 
Discern, bin, i-do, n-kr 
Dischwged, u-n-pj-tim, 1 Kings v. 9, 

from n-pj, to dish, to scatter, Ps. ii. 9 
Disciples, my among, b-lmd-i, Isa. viii. 

16, from Imd, to learn, xxvi. IQ, 

Deut. xxxi. 13, Jer. xii. 16 
Discipline, to, 1-mu-vr, Job xxxvi. 10, 

from i-vr, to curb, to bind, Ps. cxvi. 

11, Jer. V. 5, xxvii. 2, Job xxxix. 5, 

Isa. lii. 2 
Disclose, also shall, u-gl-te, Isa. xxvi. 

21, from gl-e, uncover, 1 Sam. xx. 12 
Discomfited, em-m, h-ls, h-rd, kt-t,mv-v 
Discontented, mr-r 
Discontinue, shalt thou and, u-sm-ft-e, 

Jer. xvii. 4, from s-mf, to loose, 

Deut. XV. 2 
Discord, m-dn-im, Prov. vi. 14, 19, 

from dun, to strive. Gen. vi. 3 
Discover, gl-e, h-sp, o-re, m-ja 
Discouraged, ht-t, mv-v, n-wa, q-jr. 

Discreet, n-bun, Gea xll 33 j under- 

standing, Prov. X. 13 ; bin, prudent 

Isa. xxix. 14 
Discretion, bin, zm-m, f-om, s-kl, s-pf 
Disdained, b-ze, m-as 
Disease, bl-i-ol, d-br, hl-e 
Diseases, d-we, hl-e 
Disgrace, q-lun, hr-pe, sm-je, kl-me 
Disguise, h-ps, s-be 
Disguiseth, v-tr, s-um 
Dish, v-pl, j-le, qo-re, jl-hit 
Dishan, Di-sn, an antelope, Gen. xxxvi. 

Dishon, Ds-un. ashes, 1 Chron. i. 38 
Dishonest, gam, b jo, b-jo, Ezk. xxii. 

27, from b-jo, the covetous, Ps. x. 3, 

Job xxvii 8, Ex. xviii 21, Jer. vi 

13, xxii. 17, Isa. Ivii 17 
Dishonour, kl-me, kl-m, q-le, q-lun 
Disinherit them, and, wa-u-ris-nu. Num. 

xiv. 12, from i-rs, to inherit, Jer. 

xlix. 1 
Disliked, s-na 
Dismayed, b-el, ht-t, so-h 
Disjoined, p-rd 

Dismayed, b-el, ht-t, h-re, so-e 
Dismissed, s-lh 
Disobeyed, vr-r, mr-r 
Dispatch, and, u-br-e, Ezk. xxiii. 47, 

from to flee away, Gen. xvi 8, xxxi. 

22, Job ix. 25 
Dispersed, z-re, n-pj,p-zr,p-rd,p-rj, p-uj 
Dispersions, your of and, u-t-p-uj-ut-i- 

km, Jer. xxv. 34, from p-uj, to scatter. 

Gen. xi 4, x. 18, Job xviii 11 
Displayed, be ^may it that, 1-ht-nuv, v, 

Ps. Ix. 4, from nv-v, a flag, Isa. x. 18 
Displeased, a-zn, a-np, h-re, k-ov, ru-e, 

z-op, h-re, i-rj, o-jb, q-pp, b-as 
Displeasure, hot, i-hm, sore, d, hr-e 
Disposed, o-rk, k-un, t-kn, o-dr 
Disposition, o-rk, t-kn-ne 
Dispossessed, i-rs 
Disputed, r-ub 
Disquieted, n-wa 
Dissembled, n-k, h-ps 
Dissolve, 8 ra 

Dissolved, d-lp, m-ug, mv-v 
Distaff, p-lk 
Distant, m-rh 
Distil, n-zl, o-rp, r-op 
Distilled, d-lk, r-op, n-fe 
Distinguished, n-kr, b-un, i-do 
Distracted, am I, a-p-un, Ps. Ixxxviii. 

15, from p-un, very uneasy, mentally 

pained, Gen. xix. 19, xxvi 7, xxiv. 
^ 6, Ex. xxxiv. 1 5, Job xxxii. 13, Jud. 

XV. 12, Prov. xxx. 9, Jer. Ii. 46 


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Distress^ n, j-uq, j-ur, r-wo 
Distress, v, ^*-uq, n-gs 
Distressed, j-ur, jr-r, j-ug, n-gs 
Distribute, a-jl, n-lq, n-hl, n-tn, k-hl 
Ditch, qu-e, s-we, l)-ur 
Divers, a-bn, a-iis, s-ne 
Divers kinds, k-la, d colours, f-la 
Divide, b-dl, g-zr, b-lq, p-lg, pr-v,b-qo, 

h-je, s-ls, bnqo, pur, n-pl, n-hl 
Dividing, b-qo, h-lq, n-hl, p-lg 
Divination, o-un, n-hs, q-vm 
Divine, n-hs, q-vm 
Diviner, hr-fm, m-on-n 
Divorced of, k-rit-t-ye, Jer. iii. 8, from 

krt, to cut off, separate, 1 Sam. v. 4, 

xxiv. 4, Ps. xxxvii. 38, Ex. xxx. 33, 

38, Gren. xvil 14, Jer. xi. 19 
Divorced woman, a-or, u-gr-u-se, Lev. 

xxi 14, xxii. 13, from gr-s, driven 

out, Ex. xxxiv. 1 1, Jud. vi. 9, Num. 

xxx. 9, Ezk. xliv. 2 
Do, i-ja, o-se, p-ol, ol-l, d, away, o-br, 

d, good, g-mt d, might, o-bd 
Doctrine, 1-qh, i-vr, s-mo 
Docus, d-uk, a fish 
Dodauim, Du-dn-im, Di-dn-ira, D-dn- 

im, friend that sleeps, Gen. x. 4 
Dodavah, D-du-e-u, his friendship, 2 

Chron. xx. 37 
Dodo, Du-du, his uncle, Jud. x. 1 
Doeg, D-ag, a fisherman, 1 Sam. xxii 16 
Doer, o-se, p-ol 
Dog, k-lb, all heart, faithful, 1 Sam. 

xxiv. 14 
Dop-fly, o-rb, dusky 
Doing, ol-l, o-se 
Dominion, m-sl-e, m-sl, s-lf-nn, s-lf, bol, 

r-de, r-ud, s-fr, r-ud 
Done, o-se, p-ol, n-tn, bra, g-ro, kl-e, 

tm-m, h-fa, gml, o-bd, s-um, o-md, 

1-vp, dbr 
Door, bit, dl-1, dl-e, d-lt, vp-p, p-th, s-or 
Doorkeeper, s-or 

Door-post, m-zu-re, m-eq-up, s-qp, z-uz 
Doors, d-lt, vp-p 
Double, 8-nim, m-sn-e, m-sq-up 
Doubled, s-ne, k-jjl 
Dor, Dar, habitation, Jos. xvil 11 
Dost, o-se, p-ol, o-bd 
Dost thou, how, s-lm 
Dote, shall they and, Un-al-u, Jer. 1. 

36, from i-al, foolish, Jer. v. 4 
Doted, she, o-gb-e, Ezk. xxiil 7, ix. 12, 

from o-gb, greatly delight, xxxiii. 31, 

inordinate love, xxiii. 11 
Doth, o-se, s um, o-bd 
Dove, yu-me, to moan 

Dove, turtle, thy, Tur-k, Ps. Ixxiv. 19, 

from tur, to go about. Job xxxix. 8 
Dough, b-jg, o-rv 
Down, m-fe, b-wa, mf-f 
Downward, i-rd, mf-f 
Dowry, z-bd, m-er, z-br 
Drag, v-hb 

Dragon, Tn-in-p, tn-im 
Dram, a-dr-kn, dr-k-nm 
Drank, s-te 

Drave, n-dh, n-eg, n-sl, g-rs, i-rs 
Draught-house, 1-m, u-ja-t-yu, 2 Kings 

X. 27, from i-ja, to go out. Gen. 

xix. 23 
Draught, hr-be 
Draw, m-sk, n-tq, v-hb, r-iq, s-lp, i-ja, 

n-go, n-«g, d-le, h-lj, a-rk, h-sp,* p-uq, 

Drawn, m-sk, n-fs, v-hb, o-tq, p-th, 1-qh, 

n-dh, n-tq, t-ar 
Dread, n. a-im, ht-t, i-ra, o-ij 
Dread, v. i-ra, p-hd, s-or, m-gur 
Dreaded, p-hd, &-or, gur, dag 
Dream, h-lum, h-lm 
Dreamer, bol, h-lm 
Dregs, q-bo, q-bot, s-mr-im, s-mr 
Dress, o-bd, o-se 
Drew, d-le, m-sq, s-lm, s-lp, d-rk, i-ja, 

r-iq, s-ob, d-le 
Dried, hr-r, h-rb, i-bs, q-le, b-us 
Drink, n. s-qe, m-vk, n-sq, s-kr, v-ba, 

Drink, v. gma, s-te 
Dromedary, b-kr-e,among the panniers, 

Is. xlvL 20, from b-kr 
Dromedaries, a-hs-tr-nim, E^t. viii. 10, 

b-kr, r-ks, r-mk 
Drive, i-rs, n-eg, e-dp, gr-s 
Driven, n-de, g-dp, a-pl, dh-e 
Driver, g-ds 
Drop, n-fh, a-gl 
Drops, k-mr, a-gl 
Dross, v-ig 

Drove, i-rs, b-rh, g-rs, n-sb, n-tr 
Drought, bjr, h-rb, 1-ab, j-he, j-ye, j-ma 
Drown, i-sf-pu-e. Can. viii. 7, i-sf-pu, 

Dan. xi. 22 
Drowned, f-bo, s-qe, s-qo 
Drowsiness, nu-me, Prov. xxiii. 21 
Drunk, r-we, s-kr, s-te 
Druma, to go about, Gideon's concu- 
bine, Jud. viii. 31 
Drunkard, v-ba, pi, v-fu-a-im, Nah. i. 10 
Dry, ib-se, bus, hrb, j-ma 
Dryshod, bn-o-lim, Is. xi. 1 5 
Dudia, Du-di, my beloved, 1 Chron. 

xxvii. 4 


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Due, d-br, hq-q, i-od 

Dug, h-pr, k-re, out, n-qr 

Duke, Al-up, from Alp, a chief, Gen. 

xxxvL 15, a captain, a goveraor, 

Zech. ix. 7 
Dukes, n-vk-i, dukes, Jos. xiii. 21, from 

n-vk, to pour out carefully, Is. xxix. 

10, Prov. viii. 23, 1 was poured out 

from everlasting 
Dulcimer, v-lq 

Duraah, Du-me, silence, Jos. xv. 32 
Dumb, a-lm, dum 
Dung, a-sp, d-mn, n-ul, db, li-ur, p-rs, 


Dungeon, b-ur, bit, kl-a 

Durable, o-tq 

Durst, m-la, i-ra 

Dura, du-ra, habitation, Dan. iil 1 

Dust, a-bq, o-pr, dq-q, s-hq 

Duty, d-br, i-km, o-un 

Dwarf, a, dq, Ley. xxi. 10, from dq-q, 

small, Deut. ix. 21 
Dewell, gur, i-sb, omd, s-kn, s-ub 
Dur, i-tb, r-hq, i-sb,s-bt, z-bl 
Dwelled, i-sb, Gen. xiii. 12 
Dwelleth, gb-e, gur 
Dwelling, a-el, z-bl, i-sb 


EACH, a-hd, ais, bd-d, b-tr 

Eagle, n-sr, triumph, Ps. ciii. 5 

Ears, a-rn, 1 Sam. xx. 13, 2 Sam. vii. 27 

Ears of com, ab-ib, greenish 

Ears opened, mine hast thou digged 

Eai*8, az-nim, Ps. xl. 6, Exod. xxi. 6 

Earing, h-ris. Gen. xlv. 6, from h-rs, to 

plow, Job iv. 8, Amos ix. 13 
Ear-ring, n-zm, o-gil, gr-mi 
Early, b-qr, p-ne, j pr, s-hr, s-km 
Earned, r-hs 

Earneth, m-st-kr. Hag. i. 6 
Earth, adm, arj, a-ro, a-rq, o-pr, h-rs 
Earthen, h-rs, h-rv, i-jr 
Earthquake, an, r-os, 1 Kings xix. 11, 

from r-08, to quake violently, Jud.y. 4 
Earnest, h-re, i-fb, o-ud, s-al 
Ease, n. at, fub, s-an, s-le, r-go 
Ease, V. i-sb, n-hra, n-sa, ql-1 
East, mz-zh, z-rh, i-ja, q-dm, s-ms, h-rv, 

d-rk, q-dm, d-k 
Eastern, q-dim, z-rh, i-ja 
Eat, a-kl, hl-1, ro-h 
Eaten, a-kl, k-lh 
Eating, 1-hm 

Ebed, 0-bed, servant, Jud. ix. 26 
Ebed-Meleck, Obd=M-lk, king's ser- 
vant, Jer. xxxviii. 8 
Ebeny, We-bn-im, Ezk. xxvii. 15 
Ebenezer, Abn-eozr, stone of help, 

deliverance, 1 Sam. vii. 12 
Eboda, Ab-t, fathers, Num. xxi. 10 
Ecbatana, A-hm-ta, brother of quiet, 

city of order and silence, Ezra vi. 2 
Edict, hp, p-t-gm 
Edified, bne 
Eden, Odn, time, eternity, appointed 

Eden, Jehovah planted a garden east- 

ward ; of what was east, is not 
known, nor has the site of the garden, 
the river, or the trees been dis- 
covered, nor ever will be found on 
this side heaven, but there remaineth 
a rest for the people of God, Heb. iv. 9 

Edessa, Edve, Ester, a myrtle 

Edom, Adum, reddish, blood, the red 

Edrai, Adrai, a great heap, death, a 
cloud, shepherd's death 

Edge, pe, a mouth 

Eight, smne, smiui 

Eighteen, smne, asre 

Eighteenth, smne-osr 

Eighty, smnim 

Either, am, au 

Eggs, bijim, soft, tender, inclosed with 
a wall 

Eglah, Ogle, heifer, chariot, round 

Eglaim, Glim, removed, 1 Sam. xxv. 44 

Eglou, Oglun, obesity, round, a chariot, 
Jud. iil 12 

Eglon, a city of Moab, Jos. x. 3 

Egypt, Mjrim, that binds, straitens, 
troubles, oppresses ; an ancient 
country in Africa. It was divided 
into 42 nomes, or districts, also 
Upper and Lower Egypt. The Ara- 
bians call Lower Egypt Rif, or Rib, 
and Upper Egypt Sais, or Thebais, 
and the part between the two, Souf, 
Ps. Ixxxvii. 4, " I will mention of 
Rahab and Babylon ;" Reb is Egypt' 
the word is used, Ixxxix. 11, ior 
fulness, it also means proud. Misor 
or Mirim, a son of Ham, is preserved 
in the city called Moph and Mem- 
phis, Misor, Babylon, and Grand 


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Cairo, its present name. The Turks 
call the I^ptians Ribs. They boast 
of Egypt as the most beautiful coun- 
try in the world. Three months it is 
white, and sparkling as a pearl; 
three months black, like musk; three 
months green, like an emerald; three 
months yellow as amber. Egypt has 
no rain, but the periodical overflow- 
ing of the Nile supplies the absence 
and makes the land fruitful. The 
Egyptians boast of being the most 
ancient people in the world, and so 
they are. Inventors of the arts they 
assuredly are not. Man was taught 
everything good by infinite Wisdom, 
and are seen in the works of nature. 
Man mixes, copies, and combines, 
everything great, beautiful, and good 
are feeble imitations of the stupen- 
dous works of the Saviour, the august 
Architect of the world and heaven. 
Water melons abound in Egypt. 
The streets are very narrow, and the 
villages mean. The Copts, a red- 
skinned people, are its ancient in- 
habitants. Their buildings and 
statuary have never been equalled 
by any other people. 

Ehi, Ahi, my brother. Gen. xlvi. 21 

Ehud, Aed, he that praises,Gen. xlvi. 10 

Ehud, Aeud, praise, a son of Grera slew 
a tyrant, Jud. iii. 15 

Ekar, Oqr, barren, 1 Chron. ii. 27 

Ekron, Oqrun, unfruitful, a bare trunk, 
Jos. xiii 3 

Elah, Ala, and Ale, an oak, the oath of 
the covenant of grace, strength. Al- 
mighty, Jehovah. 

Elah, an Edomite, Gen. xxxvi. 41 

Elah, a valley, David slew the giant, 
1 Sam xvii. 19 

Elai, ali, strong 

Elam,01m,0ilm, a young man, a virgin, 
secret, a city of Edom, 2 Kings xiv. 22 

Elath, out, the oak 

El-beth-el, Al-bit-al, God's temple of 
God, Gen. xxxv. 7 

Eldaah, Aldoe, knowledge of the tiuc 
God, 1 Chron. i. 33 

Eldad, Aldd, love of God, Num xi. 26 

Elders, zqn, Exod. xii. 16-21 

Eldest, bkr, gdl 

Elead, Alod, eternity of God, 1 Chron. 
Vii 21 

Elealeh, Alole, ascension of God 

Elea^ah, Alose, creature of God 

Eleazar, Alozr, the help of God, Jos. 
xxiv. 33 

Electrum, hsml 

El-elohe, Israel, Al-alei-Isral, God the 
strength of Israel 

Eleph, Alp, one a thousand, a town in 
Benj, Josh, xviii. 28 

Elephant, bemut, great beast, comes 
from Alep, to teach, because of their 
great docility, or a head, because 
he is at the head, the largest of all 
terrestrial beasts 

Elephants' teeth, snebim, ivory, 1 Kings 
X. 2 

Elhaiian, Alhun, grace of God 

Eli Ali, my Almighty, 1 Sam. iv. 18 

Eli, Oli, my offering 

Eliab, Alyab, my father God, Num. i. 9 

Eliaba, Alihba, the unseen Almighty, 
2 Sam. xxiii. 32 

Eliadah, Alido, God of wisdom and 
power, 2 Sam. v. 16 

Eliah, Alye, Almiguty, Jehovah, Ez. x. 

Eliakim, Aliqim, God that raises from 
the dead, 2 Kings xxiii. 34 

Eliam, Alyom, the people of God 

Eli-Asaph, Ab=a-vp, a father that 
gathers, assembles, 1 Chron. vi 23 

Eliasaph, Alwp, God of assemblies 

Eliasib, Alisib, the converting and re- 
storing God, Neh. xii. 10 

Eliathah, Aliate, thou art my Crod 

Eiidad, Alidd, my God is love. Num. 
xxxiv. 21 

Elie,Alyal, the Almighty is my strength 

Eliezer, AJyozr, the God of help, Exod. 
iv. 26 

Elihoreph, Alihrp, the God of youth 

Elihu, Alyewa, himself is my Jehovah. 
Learned men believe that Elihu was 
no less a personage than the lad 
Jesus. Thus for a sufficient purpose, 
and with an incomparable wisdom. 
He, in this speech, scatters errors of 
Judgment, fully establishes truth, 
humbles sinners, and comforts the 
sorrowing ; then He withdraws for a 
little and is unseen, but heard in 
utterance of awful majesty, abases 
the sufferer, and then exalts him. 
Job xxxii. 33, xxxiv. 5, 6 

Elijah, Al-yeu, my Almighty Jehovah. 
Either Elijah came in the spirit and 
power of Him to teach and to 
reprove the world, or Elijah was 
really the Saviour. In either case 


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we may be instructed, warned, en- 
couraged by his teaching, his zeal, 
his obedience to Grod, and the burn- 
ing love he had for the souls of men. 
And in reading the instructive nar- 
rative, 1 Kings xvii. 19, and on to 
his ascension to glory, think how 
much he resembled Christ, if it were 
not the Lord indeed, and learn of 
him. • 
Elika, Aliqua, gathering of my God 
Elim, Ailm, rich valleys, Exod. xv. 27 
Elimelech, Ali, Mlk, my King and my 

God, Ruth i. 1 
Elioenai, Aliju-oini, my springs are in 

God, 2 Sam. v. 16 
Eliphal, Alipl, judgment of my God, 

1 Chron. xi. 35 
Eliphaleth, Ali-plf, my delivering God, 

1 Chron. xiv. 7 
Eliphaz, Alipz, my restoring God, Job 

iv. 1 
Elivated, rum, nsa, gbe, gae, die, ole, 

pvg, ill 
Elevation, mol 

Eleven and Eleventh, ahd, Alp, osti, osr 
Elizabeth, Alisbo, the oath of God 
Elisha, Alls wo, salvation of God 
Elisah, Alise, it is my God, Ez. xxvii. 

7, Gen. x 4 
Elishama, Alismo, God that hears 
Elishaphat, Alispf, God the judge 
Elisheba, Alisbo, oath of God 
Elishua, Alls wo, God my salvation 
Eliud, Aleud, prais# my Grod 
Elizaphan, Alijpn, my unseen God 
Elizur, Alijur, God is my sti'ength 
Eikanah, Alq-ne, the zeal of God 
Elkoth, Alqsi, God chastens, Nab. 1. 1 
Elmodam, Almdd, the true God 
Elnaam, Alnom, beauty of God 
Elnathan, Alntn, given of God 
Eloquent, ais, dbr, lbs 
Elohi, Aleim, the triune Grod and 
Saviour who created all things, re- 
deemed man pursuant to the ever- 
lasting covenant. The execrators 
and denouncers of a curse 
Elon, Alun, an oak, or sacred grove of 
oaks; Alun, mamre, the oaks of 
Mamre, Gen. xviii. 1 
Eloth, Ailath, or Aila, Ailut, the oaks, 

1 Kings ix. 26 
Else, ain, am 

Elpaal,01pol,work of God,l 
Elteketh, ALEqe, armoury of God 
Eltekon, Altqun, assured of God 

Eltolad, Al-tuld, incarnate God, Josh. 
xix 4 

Elul, Alul, praise God, Neh. vL 15 

Eluzai, Alouzi, Grod is my strength 

Elzabad, Alzbd, gift of God 

Embalm, hnf. The process was in- 
dispensable in Egypt, which inun- 
dated with water annually for two 
months, during which time no inter- 
ments could be made. The expense 
of embalming was considerable, 
especially of their nobles. A talent 
of gold was often paid, £300 equal 
£1,000 in this country 

Emerald, shm, npk, green, a precious 
gem worn in the breastplate of the 
high priest, Exod. xxviii. 19 

Emerods, f hr, opl 

Emim, Amira, fearful, terror, Deu. ii.ll 

Embraced, hbq 

Embroidered, rqm, sbo 

Embroiled, vkk 

Eminent, spi 

Emmanuel, Omnual, God of our 
peoples and nations, Ish. vii. 14 

Emmaus, Amomm, tepid baths 

En, Oin, a fountain 

Enaim, Oinm, two fountains 

Euan, Oinn, clouds, fountains 

Eminent, spi 

Empty, riq, bqq 

Emptiness, teu, beu 

Encamped, hue 

Enchanted, Ihs, hbr 

Encircled, hug 

Encompassed, vbb, iqp 

End. qj, vup, apv, tklit, ahr, apn, kle, 
oqb, pje, tmm, ija 

Endor, Oin-dur, fountain of spring- 
water, Jos. xvii. 11 

Ended, slm, kle, tmm, apo 

Endowed, mer, zbd 

Endured, isb, omd 

Eneglaim, Oin-glim, the fountain of 
running waters, Ezk. xlvii. 10 

Enemy, suna, awib, A-ib, Jur 

Engannim, Oin-gnim, garden fountains 

Engedi, Ain-gdi, fountain of happiness 

Engraved, hrt, pvl, hjb 

Engraver, hujb 

Engraving, ptuh, pvl 

En Haddah, Oin-Hde, fountain of joy 

En-Hazor, Oin hzur, fountain of grass 

Enjoyed, smh 

Enlarged, rhb, ruh 

Enlargement, mrhb, ruhe 

Enlightened, aur, nge, zer, zrli 






Enlisted, jba 

En-Mcshpat, Oin-Mspf, the fountain of 

judgment, Num. xx. 13 
Enmity, iibe 

Enoch, Hnuk^devoted to Grod,Gen.iy.l7 
Enon, Oinum. his fountain 
Enos, Anus, aying man. Gen. vL 1 
Enouffh, di, m-jn, S-bo 
Enriched, osr 

En-rogel, Oin-rgl, Fuller's fountain, 
same as the fountain of Silam, east 
of Jerusalem 
Enshemesh, Oin-sms, fountain of light 
Ensign, dgl 
Enter, Dwa, obr, elk 
Enslaved, obr, kbs 
Ensnared, iqs 

Entanglea, Ikd, iqs, vbk, buk 
Enticed, pte, Yut 
Entire, tmim 
Entrance, mbwa 
Entered, bwa 
Entwined, obt 
Envied, qua 
Envy, qnae 

Epha, Oipe, a dry measure rounded, 
and near the size of a bushel, equal 
to a bath in liquids, to fly like a bird 
Ephia, Oipi, wearied, flies 
Epher, opr, dust, gold 
Ephlal, Apll, to pray, to judge 
Ephod, apud, covering the shoulders 
Ephphatha, Epth, be opened 
Ephra, opre, dust, ashes 

Ephraim, Aprim, ^uitfulness 

Ephratah, Aprte, abundance, fruitful, 
increase, Bethleham, Ps. cxxxii. 6 

Epron, Oprin, or Aprun, a fawn, lead 

Equalled, swe 

Equity, nkhe 

Er, Or, Wach, enemy, a city, Gen. 
xxxviii. 7 

Eran, Arn, their watch, Nu. xxvi 36 

Erech, Ark, length, health. Gen. x. 10 

Erected, qum 

Errand, mlakut 

Eri, Ori, who is spoiled, Nu. xxvi. 16 

Erred, sggir age, toe, foe 

Error, sgge, sge, msge. twoe 

Escape, plfe, mplf 

Escaped, plf, mlf, njl, num^ bre 

Esar, Haddon, Ovr, hdn, buids joy 

Esau, Ose, that makes, acts, resolution 

Esdraelon, Azraul, assist with strength 

Esdras, Ozre, help 

Esek, Osq, contention, Grcn. xxvi. 20 

Eshbaal, Asbol, fire of God 

Eshban, Asbn, son of fire, Gen. xxvi. 36 
Eshcol, Askl, bunches of red grapes 
Eshek, Asq, fiery wrath, Chron. viii. 39 
Esheon, Ason, fire of affliction 
Estaal, Astaul, fiery trials, Jos. xv. 33 
Estemoth, Astmo, bosom of love 
Eston, Astun, fire of giving 
Esli, Ojl, near me 
Espied, tur, rgl 
Essence, tusye 

Esrom, IJj™> ^^^ of joy, Ruth iv. 18 
Established, ivd, tqn, kun, qum, ark, 

hzq, tskil 
Establishment, mkune 
Esther, Avtr, secret. Est. ii. 7 
Estimated, ork, sor 
Estimation, ork 
Estranged, nkr, zur 

Etam, Oifm, their council, Jud. xv. 8 

Eternal, eternity, nje, od, Q^n. xlix. 26 

Eternity, everlasting, od, oulm 

Etham, Aim, their defence 

Ethan, Aitn, their gift, Ps. Ixxxix. 

Ethanim, Atnim, large gift 

Eth Baal, At Bol, Baal near 

Eth-ece, At-iqyea, gallery, porch 

Ether-Otr, multiplied, abundance 

Ethiopia, Kus, black, Ps. Ixxix. 9 

Ethiopians, Kusim, blacks 

Ethni, Atni, beneficent 

Evangelist, bsr, good tidings 

Evangelized^ bsrm, declared 

Eve, Hwe, hfe-giving, Grcn. iii 20 

Evil, merodach, awil-mrudk, bitter, 
exaltation, Jer. l|i. 31 

Even, gm, ap 

Evening, orb, mixing 

Event, mqre, oqb 

Every, kl, aia, ase 

Evil, ro, roe 

Eunuch, Vriv, bed-room-keeper 

Euphrates, Prt, fruitful. Gen. ii. 14 

Ewe, kbse, ksbe 

lilxacted, osq, nqs, Ibj 

Exodus, Smut, these names 

Exactor, osq, ngs, Ihj 

Exalted, nsa, gbe, gae, rum, sgb, ole, 
die, pvg, tU 

Examined, drs, hqr, hps, nve 

Examination, hps 

Exasperated, mre 

Except, lula, blti, blodi, rq, ak-ki-am 

Exclaimed, zoq, joq, qra 

Exceeded, itr 

Exceedingly, Mad 

Excelled, itr^ gae 

Excellence, itrun 


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Excellency, itr 

Excellent, adir 

Exchange, tmure, hlipe 

Exchanged, imr, hlk 

Execrated, qbb 

Executed, ose 

Exhausted, igo, iop, die 

Expanded, rqo 

Expanse, rqio 

Expectation, tque, tuhlt, sbr 

Expected, ihl, kul, que, sbr, dum, dmm 

Expelled, grs, irs 

Experienced, ido 

Expiated, kpr 

Expired, gwo 

Explained, bar, pre 

Expounded, pre 

Expressed, slif, pre 

Expulsion, flfle 

Extended, nfe, mth, msk, rhb 

Extinguished, kbe 

Extirpated, nvh 

Extolled, vll 

Extravagance, eullut 

Extremity, apv 

Exulted, olj, oIy, mn, duj, gul 

Exultation, gil, gile 

Eye, oin 

Eyed, oin 

Eyelids, opopim 

Ezbai, Azbi, my hyssop 

Ezbon, Azbn, eager, haste 

Ezekiel, Ihzqal, strength of God 

Ezem. Ozm, strength, 1 Chron. It. 29 

Ezel, Ezrl, going abroad 

Ezer, Ozr, help, Neh. iii. 19 

Ezer, Aja, treasure, store of food 

Ezion-Gaber, Ojyun=gbr, the wood of 
the man. Probably the ships went 
to Bath-gaber, which is on the coast 
of the Mediterranean, and not to 
Ezion-Gaber, which is on the coast 
of the Red Sea, 1 Kings ix. 26 

Ezra, Azre, help 

Ezrahite, Azrhi, a stranger 

Ezri, Ajri, my help 


FACE, pnim, ap, also a wheel because 
it turns, so does the face, for favour, 
exaction, rebuke, anger^ determina- 

Faded, nbl 

Failed, rpe, hvr, apv, odr, kee, dme, 
ija, aba 

Failure, apv 

Fain, brh 

Faint, dwe, iop, mug, oip 

Fainted, ion, ofp, rpe, kee 

Faintness, dwi, mdwe, mrk 

Faint-hearted, Ibb, mug 

Fair, ipe, fub, fer, spr, zeb 

Fair speech, Iqh, hnn 

Fairer, fub, ipe • 

Fair weather, bri 

Faith, amune, amn 

Faithful, namn 

Faithfulness, amune 

Fall, mple, ksl, muf, npl, qra, sU, ija, npl 

Fallen, muf, npl, ksl 

Fallow deer, hmr, gur 

False, swa, hmv, kzb, rme 

Falsely, khs, sqr 

Falsehood, sqr, kzb 

Fame, qui, sm, smo 

Familiar friend, ais, ans 

Familiar spirit, bol, aub 

Family, sph, msphe, alp, abe, bit 

Famine, rob, robun, bjurt 

Famished, rze 

Famous, adr, ido, qra, sm 

Fanners, zur, zre 

Far, rhuq, marhq, ngd, nde 

Fashion, dme, ze, kun, spf, tbnit, jure 

Fashioned, ijr, ose, jur 

Fast, jum, vpr, dbq, Ihj 

Fasted, jum 

Fasting, fut 

Fat, hlb, smn, dsn, bra 

Father, ab, abe, affection 

Fatherless, ain, ilm, abe, itum 

Father-in-law, htm 

Fatling, mrya 

Fatlings, muh, mra, sue 

Fatness, dsn 

Fattened, smn, dsn, abv 

Fault, asm, asme 

Favour, thne, kn, rjun 

Favoured, hnn, rae 

Fear, irae, mura, aime, phd, mgur 

Feared, ira, gur, phd, sor 

Fear, earnest,- igr, ira 

Fears, gur, htt 

Feast, hg, mate, muod 

Feasted, hgg, ose 

Feasts, hgg, yod, oug. There are 
feasts of divine appointment; 1st, 
the Feast of Passover; 2nd, Feast 






of Tabernacles ; 3rd, Feast of Trum-l 
pets, on the first day of the ciri 
year, Sept.; 4th, Feast of the Seventh 
year; 5th, Feast of New Moon, 
every month; 6th, Feast of the 
Dedication; 7th, Feast Purira, de- 
liverance ; but the greatest feast was 
8th, the Feast of Jubilee, typical of 
the great salvation by Chriat ; and 
the first most ancient and ever en- 
during is, 9tli, the Feast of Seventh- 
day rest, or Sabbath, a type of hea- 
venly joys; that blessed rest that 
remaineth to all the people of God. 

Feather, nuje, bear up, keep, deliver, 
preserve, wing 

Feathers, abr, nje 

Fed, roe, zun, kul, zur, izn, bra, mra, 
sbo, akl, fom 

Feeble, mal, hsl, kbr, kro, ksl, ofp, 
ojm, pug, rpe 

Feebleness, rpe, rpyun 

Feed, frp, kul, lof, roe, akl, bar 

Feel, mss, bin, ido 

Feet, rgl, pom, qrvl, buv 

Feign, abl, nkr 

Feigned, ell, rme 

Feignest, bda, nkr 

Fell, kro, npl, ija, ird, ksl, rbj, awe, 
pgo, npl, ole, kro, she, psf 

Felled, hfb 

Feller, hfb 

Fellow, hbr, ro, roe, roye 

Fellows, ans, hbr 

Fellowship, hethbrut, rout, hbr, id, 
sum , 

Felt, mss, ido 

Female, nqbe, ais, nqb, oqr 

Fence, gdr 

Fenced, gdr, ozq, bjr, mla, jur 

Ferret, anke, sighing, a sort of weazel, 
some translate it hedgehog ; it is a 
mournful creature 

Festival, moud, hg 

Fetch, Iqh, bwa, vbb, sub, ija, ole, obf, 

Fetched, nsa, bwa, Iqe, vbb . 

Fetter, muvr, mvrt, hrjb 

Fetters, ziq, kbl, nhs 

Fever, qdht, dlq, qdh 

Few, mof, zor, mte, vpr, ahd, qjr 

Fidelity, araz 

Field, sdo, hlq, sde, krml, bra 

Fields, huj, igb, sdm 

Fierce, akzr, hdd, hre, ior, kz-r, oz-z 

Fierceness, akz, ryut, hre, ros 

Fire, as ash, a species of oak much used 

by carpenters, was anciently esteemed 
and venerated, as the appointed em- 
blem of the purity and holiness of 
Grod, to whom, like the oak of mercy, 
it was sacred. We have many towns 
and villages in which the old appel- 
lation of ash, fire, still lives, Ashtons, 
Ashfords, Ashbourns, Ashfields, are 
names come down to us from a very 
remote antiquity. These were high 
places, or sacred groves of ashs and 
oaks, sacred to the God of justice 
and truth 

Fiery, as, srp, nur 

Fifteen, hmse-osr, osb 

Fifth, hmisi 

Fiftieth, hmisim 

Fig, tane, bitterness, repentance, sor- 
row, humility, Gen. iii. 7 

Fig-tree, tane, a tree in Eden 

Figs, dbl, pg 

Fight, mlhme, qrb, jba 

Figure, bne, vml, skye, mskit 

Fil, pe, pjr 

Fill, rue, sbo 

Filled, mla, sbo, qmf 

Filledst, mla 

Filleth, ofe, mla 

Filth, jae, jpyoim, hrim 

Filthy, pqul, alh, od, rae 

Filthiness, fma, nde 

Fin, vnpir 

Find, mja, skh 

Find out, hsb, mja 

Findeth, hnn, mja 

Finding, h-qr 

Fine, ons, fub, srq, vlt, hrj, afn, buj, 
vdn, ss, qme 

Fined, ons 

Finger, ajbo,gathered, heaped up, rows, 
skill, finish 

Finished, bjo, kla, kle 

Finished, kle, ose, slim, skll, slm, sijya 

Fir, brus, brs, brt, purity 

Fire, aur, are, bor, dur, hmv, leb, Isn, 
nsa, lef, di, as Ash tree 

Firebrand, 1-pid, and 

Fire, offering, ase 

Fire, pan, mhte 

Firm, bra, ijq, kun, juq, tqp 

Firmness, amune, otq 

Firmament, rqio, an arch, an expanse, 
solid, pressed together 

First, rasune, ahd, ras, hd, hll, bkr, ire, 

Firstling, bkr, bkur, pfr 

Fish, dg, dge, dug, nps, dag or dragon, 






creatures of belly that pull or drag^ 
themselyes along. Fowls make the 
nearest approach to the dragon genus, 
both in form and motion, as they 
wing it through the air. Fishes 
are the emblem of increase and 
abundance. The Philistines' symbol 
of plenty was an image, the nether 
part of a fish, the loins and upwards 
were the human form, hence the 
fabulous creature, the mermaid 

Fisher, dug, giving out 

Fit, ija, out, ott, otd 

Fitches, kvm, qje 

Fitted, isr, kun 

Fist, agrp 

Five, hmse 

Fixed, fbo, sqo, iod, jnh 

Flagons, ass, nbl 

Flags, vup 

Flame, lef, leb, lebe, slebt 

Flaming, as Ihb 

Flat nose, hrm, Ley. xxL 18 

Flatterer, ptt, deceiver, Jer. xx. 7 

Flattered, hlq, smoothed 

Flattering, hlq, Iqut, qnh 

Flattery, hlqut, Pror. vi 24 

Flax, pste 

Flayed, psf 

Fled, brh, ndd, num, nuY, nud, nje, 

Fleddest, brh, kve, nun 

Flea, pros 

Fleece, gz, to clip, Deu. xTiii. 2 

Flee, brh, kve, ndd, nud, guv, nje, hba 

Fleeing, nuv, orq 

Fleeth, brh, nuv 

Flesh, bsr, brought to, a message, a 
reward, wall, song, joy 

Flew, oup, dae, nje, ofe, oif 

Flight, mnuv, mnve, b-rh 

Flies, zbb, orb 

Flint, hlmis, jur 

Flock, odr, jun, bqr 

Flood, mbul, sblt, sfp, nbl, ner, air, zrm, 

Floods, nhr, nzl, nhl 

Floor, grn, qrqe, vpuo 

Floored, ypn 

Flotes, dbr, rpvd 

Flour, bjq, vlt, qme 

Flourish, nuj, prh, jij 

Flourished, prh, nuj 

Flow, zub, ilk, i|zl, ngr 

Flowed, nbo, jup, nzl, zub 

Flowing, zub, nbo, nzl, sfp 

Flower, prh, jij, uje 

Flowers, gdl, nde, niy 

Fluttereth, oup 

Fly, abr, gbe, dae, oup, afe, prh 

Fly, z-bub (see ante) 

Fool, oir, bne 

Foatn, qjp. zom 

Foamed, qjh, zom 

Foe, suna, awib 

Foes, aib, zur, sna 

Fold, pom, dbr, kla, nwe, rbj 

Folds, gdr, kla, uue 

Folding, gll, hbq 

Follow, ahr, ilk, rdp, rql 

Followed, rdp, ahr, dbq, hrd, ija, ose, 

Folly, nble, kvilut, kvl, ault, tple, ele, 

Food, akl, jide, jid 
Fool, awil, kvil, pti, nbl, vkl 
Foolish, bor, auli, vkl, tpl 
Foolishness, ault, vklut, rgl 
Footstep, mdrk, jod, asur 
For, ki, ale, am, asr, at, bla, b, bmu, 

hip, 1, mu, nkh, od, ole, s, pne, tht, 

aud, mon, id 
Forasmuch, ahr, at, ion, ki, od 
Forbade, kla, mno 
Forbear, nsa, hdl, hse 
Forbid, hll, kla, jwe 
Forbidden, jwe 
Force, hzqe, k-bs 
Forced, hzq, Ihj, apq, idh, onh 
Forces, amj, hil, ozz 
Ford, mobr 
Forefathers, abe, ras 
Forefront, ale, mul, pne, ras, sn 
Forehead, mjh, anp,gbh, m-jh 
Foreigner, isb, git, nkr, nkri 
Forepart, pnim, pne 
Foreskin, orle 
Forest, ior 
Forgat, skh, nse 
Forgetfulness, nsye 
Forgave, nse, skh 
Forget, nss, nse 
Forgive, kpr, nsa, vlh 
Forgiveness, vlihe 
Forgiven, kpr, nsa, vlh 
Fork, mzlge, s-ls 
Forks, sis 

Form, tar, mrae, jure, tbnit, hzut 
Formed, ijr, hul 
Former, qdm, rasne, ire 
Formerly, Ipnim 
Fornication, znut, tznut, zne 
Forrest, ior, prdv, hrs 
Forsake, hdl, nfs, aim 


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Forsook, orb, nfs 

Fort, diq, mbjr, a-gl 

Forty, rbb, rbo 

Fortified, jur, bji: 

Fortify, amj, bjr 

Fortress, hi, j rib 

Forward, ela, elk, hip, iol, elp, njh, ole, 
qdm, obr 

Forwarded, qdm 

Fought, Ihm, jba 

Foaled, rpy 

Found, mja, fub, skh 

Foundation, ivud, ivd 

Foundations, adn, ass, ase, kun, sat 

Founded, iyd 

Founder, jurp 

Fountain, mqur, moin, oin, glut 

Fountains, bir, nbo, qur 

Four, arboe-r-bo 

Fourscore, smniy 

Fourteen, arboe-osr 

Fourteenth, arbor 

Fourth, rbyoi 

Fowl, oup, jpur, brbr 

Fowler, yuqs 

Fox, suol, that cry, come uj), run in 
packs, very numerous and destructive, 
take their prey by force, not craft or 
stealth. The name points at the 
jackal, which howls, and not the fox, 
which barks, and is a solitary animal 

Frame, bne ijr 

Frameth, ijr, jmd 

Frankincense, Ibne, whiteish 

Fraud, tk, osq 

Fraudulent, oqb 


Fre^, hps 

Freedom, hps 

Freely, hpv, hum, ndb 

Free-cffering, ndbe 

Freewill, ndbe 

Fresh, ronn, ab, Ih 

Fretted, hre 

Fried, rbk 

Friend, or, and roe ; or, to watch, to 

guard from harm, and roe, to feed, 

nourish, and love 
Friendship, rout, the plural form of the 

aboTe, continuance is implied here 
Fringe, jij,jijt 
Fringes, gdiUm 
Frog, jprdo 
From, mn, an, ahr, at, b, bin, di, 1, m, 

mul, ngd, obr, ole, om, pne, ahr, ajl 
Frost, qrh 

Froward, epk, luz, oqs, ptl 
Frowardly, sbb, sub 
Fruit, pri, bwa, nub, pre, Ihm, anb, bkr, 

ibl ild, ski 
Fruit-trees, akl 

Fruitful, bne, krml, pra, pre, qm, smn 
Fruits, abb, bwa, kun, nub, pre mla 
Frying-pan, mrhst 
Fugitive, plij, no, brh, npl 
Full, mla, sbo, gub, slm, tmm, krml, 

yum, spe, ans 
Fulfilled, mla, kla 
Fuller, kubv, washer 
Fulness, shoe, mlwa 
Furbished, mrf 
Furlong, kbre 

Furnace, tnur, kbre, kur, oil, tnr 
Furniture, kli 
Furrow, mone, tlm 
Fury, hme, hre, ihm 
Furious, ihm, qjb, bol 
Furiously, sgo, b-ogo-un 
Further, imp, itr, oud 
Fused, ijq, nvk 


GAAL, gol, contempt, abomination, 

Jud. ix. 26 
Gaash, gos, tempest, commotion, tumult, 
overthrow, a brook or valley, 2 Sam. 
xxiii. 30, Jos. xxiv. 30 
Gaba, Gbo, a cup, a goblet, a hill, a city 

at the foot of Mount Carmel 
Gabaa, Gbo, a hill, Zach. xiv. 1 
Gabaah, Gboe, a hill, 1 Sam. vii. 1 
Crabael, Gbl, limits, a city on a hill near 
the northern boundary of Judea to- 
ward Assyria, in the tribe of Naph- 
tali, site uncertain 

Gabarah, Gbr, a town in Galilee ; some 
write it Gadara 

Crabatha, a high place in the palace of 
Pontius Pilate where he exercised 
judicial authority, and sacrificed to 
his idols 

Crabai, Gbi, elevated a Benjamite that 
returned from the captivity, Neh.xi. 8 

Gabriel, Gb-ral, the exalted God ; it is 
generally supposed that the person 
here alluded to was nothing more than 
acreated celestial intelligence,and as- 
sign to him the highest rank among 






those pnre spirits that have never 
shined, but kept their first estate, 
and it may be the right view to take 
of him. But, on the contrary, it may 
refer to an infitely higher and more 
exalted being, to Jesus, our blessed 
Saviour, who is exalted above every 
name, even as lie is the Gabriel 
Gad, Grd, a troop, a son of Jacob by 
ZUpah, Leah's handmaid, Gen. xxx. 
9, 10, 11 
Gaddest, azl, Zul 

Gaddi, (Mi, my happiness, my army 
Gaddiel, Gdyal, happiness in God, a 

Zebulonite, Num. xiii. 10 
Gaddis, Grds, happiness of com in 

heaped abundance 
Gradgad, Gdgd, abounding happiness, 

Deut. X. 7 
Gradi, gdi, my happiness and delight, 2 

Sam. xxiiL 36 
Gaham, Gem, who guides them, son of 

Nahor and Reumah, Gren. xxii. 24 
Grahar, Grer, coming out of heat, one 
that abates anger, a Levite that re- 
turned from captivity, Ezra, ii. 47 
Grain, rkus, mqne, bjo, mhir, bwa, 

Gained, rks, que, ose 
Galal, GU, wheel, revolution, frontier 
Galalai, GUi, my wheel, &c. 
Giall, ras, mrr 
Galbanum,Hlbne,agum of sweet spice, 

fat, unctuous 
GkJilee, Galil, rolling a wheel, a pro- 
vince of Holy Land ; it is an ancient 
name of Josh, xx. 7, xxi. 32, 1 
Chron. vi. 61, Ish. viii. 23, 1 Kings 
ix. 11 ; it is written more fully with 
final e, 2 Kings xv. 29, Ezk. xlvii. 
8 ; *' Thou hast conquered, Oh Gali- 
lean," said the expiring apostate 
Gallim, Glim, who heap up, who cover, 
who roll, a city of Benjamin, 1 Sam. 
XXV. 44, Ish. xi. 30 
Gallopped, der, pranced 
Grallows, eoj, the tree, Esther, vii. 9 
Gamaliel, Gmyal, recompense of Grod, 
son of Padahzur, when Israel left 
Egypt, Num. i. 10, il 24, vii. 54 
Gamul, Gmul, retribution. We read, 
Beth, Gamul, temple of Gamul, 
Jer. xlviiL 23 ; was in the city of 
Moab, to the high Glod 
Gaped, por, p-je 
Garden, gn, for food and flowers, but 

prim, fruits, is the name usually given 

to fruiteries and orchards 
Garment, bgd, Ibus, mlbus, smle, adr, 

slm, sut, sml, afe 
Grarmi, Grmi, my bon, or the stranger 

of the water 
Garners, ajd, zwe 
Gramished, par, jpe, spr 
Garrison, m-jb, ijb, njb 
Gat, bwa, mk, ose, avp, rkb, ole, mja, 

skm : 
Gate, sor, pth 
Grather, agr, avp, bjr, gdr, hll, Iqf, mla, 

oiz, qbj, qel, dgr, qss, vql, yod 
Gather together, gur, knv, mla, qss, 

Gathered, avp, Iqf, ql^, qel, agr, dgr, 

knv, jbr 
Gathered troops, gdd 
Gratham, Gotm, their lowing, or their 

touch, lowing of the perfect 
Grath, Gt, a wincrpress, Jos. xi. 22 
Gath, Opher, Gte, hpr, who digs at the 

wine-press, sunken, Gath, Gen. xxi. 

3Q, XX vL 15, Josh, xil 17 
Gath-Rimmon, wine-pres9 on the high 

place, press of pomegranates, Josh. 

xix. 45 
Gave, gnt, epk, ivp, ntn, amr, qra, 

rum, sum, sub, sum 
Gavest, ntn, sum 
Gaver, gur, the young of animals, 

bitch, or lioness, dwelling, fear, 2 

Kings ix. 27 
Graulon, Guln, transmigration, revolu- 
tion, Deut. IV. 43 
Gaza,,Oze, strong, a goat, Gen. x. 19, 

Josh. XV. 47, 1 Sam. vi 17 
Gazabar, Gzbr, gdbr, treasurer, Ez. 

i. 8 
Grazer, Grzr, divided, sentence, deter- 
Grazez, Gzr, a shearer, a fleece, 1 

Chron. ii. 46 
Gazzam, Gzm, a caterpillar, their 

fleece, sheep-shearer 
Gkba, Gbo, a hill, a cup, a hill or high 

place, Jud. xx. 10 
Gabal. Gbl, bound, limited, Ez. xxvii. 9 
Geber, Gbr, a strong man, a hero, 1 

Kings iv. 9 
Gibira, Gibim, dit<!he3, grasshoppers, 

height, hills, Ish. x. 31 
Grodeliah, Grdlyeu, Jehovah is my 

greatness, 2 Kings xxv. 22 
Gedeon, Grdoun, reproached, reviled, 

cut down, hewn down, Jud. vi. 11 






Gederoth, Gdrut, walls, hedges, enclo- 

Gederathaim, Gdrtim, a city, Jos. xv. 36 

Credor, (Mr, a mound, a wall^ a son of 
Penuel, 1 Chron. iv. 18 

Crehazi, Gihzi, valley of sight, a man 
raised,a servent of Eliaha struck with 
leprosy for lying and avarice, 2 Kings 
V. 20 

Crehennom, Gibhm, the vale of their 
sorrow, Isa. xv. 8, 2 Kings xxiii. 10 

Gehenna, ild, vale of vanity 

Generation, Dur, ild 

Gently, laf 

Get, ild, Iqh, nsn, bud, ija, nsq, elk, bwa, 
qum, skm 

Cremalli, Gmli, my recompense, my re- 
ward. Num. xiii. 12 

Cremara, Gmre, complete, furnished 

Cremariah, Gmrye, completed by Jeho- 
vah, Jer. xxix. 3, 4 

Crerolech, Gyamlh, valley of salt-pits, 
2 Sam. viii. 13 

Genealogy, Spr-Tuldut, list of ances- 
tors. This has been long lost as to 
all the tribes of Israel. There is not 
an Israelite in the world that can 
produce a list of his ancestry to prove 
even his tribe, much less his family, 
or even that he is an Israelite de- 
scended from any tribe. 

Grentile, Gwiim, the nations, Ps. il 1 

Genesar, Gnsr, garden of the leader, 
or prince, or protection of the prince, 
a lake called the Tyberius. John vi. 22 

Genesis, Brsit, the first, chief 

G^nebath, Gnbt, protection of a 
daughter, 1 Kings xi. 20 

Grera,Gra, a wanderer, ruminate, father 
Ehud, Jud. iii. 15 

Grerah, Gre, smallest piece of money, 
Ex. XXX. 13 

Gerar, Grr,wanderers,exiles,conflicters, 
Gen. XX. 1 

Gergesenes, Grgsi, who conflict, wan- 
derings, pilgrimage, Matt, viii 28 

Gerizzim, Grizim, cuttings, reapers, 
a fruitful mountain in Ephraim, 
Samaria, Deut. xi. 29, xxvii. 12 

Crershom, Grsm, a stranger here, a 
traveller of name, Ex. ii. 22 

Gershcm, Grsn, his banishment, change 
of pilgrimage, a son of Levi, Num. 
iii. 21 

Geruth, Grut, pilgrim, a traveller 

Gezzi, Grzi, a feUer, cuts and hews, 
separates, 1 Saml. xxvii. 8 

Geshan, Gisn, a change, a great flock, 

1 Cron. ii. 47 

Geshur, Gsur, sight of the valley, valley 

of the ox, Jo3. xiii. 13 
Gether, Gtr, vale of trial, examination, 

contemplation. Gen. x. 23 
Gethsemane, Gya-Smnim, very rich 

vale, very fruitful vale of oil-presses. 

Matt. xxvi. 36 
Gezron,Gzreun, cutting, dividing, pain, 

Giah, Gye, to guide, draw out, produce, 

2 Sam. ii. 24 t 
Giant, Npl and p-Nplim, an unsightly 

malformed man, a monster, unlovely, 
terrible. This repulsiveness, causing 
the appelation to be given, often 
arose from their cruelty, wickedness, 
depravity of heart, as well as to 
bodily strength. Men of renown. 
Gen. vL 4 Rephaim, Rpaim, op- 
pressors treading under foot, Prov. 
li. 18. Emim, were giants of Moab, 
the onq chains Anakim in Palestine. 

Gibbor, G-bir, were strong men and 
deprived, proud and revengeful 

Gibbethon, Gibtun,high gift, Jos. xix.44 

Gibeon, Gboin, hill, the high or upper 
fountains, Isa. ix , x. 3 

Gihlii, Gblim, clifls or ramparts of the 
sea, Ps. Ixxxiii. 7; a city on the 
coast of Phoenicia between Tripoli 
and Berytus, the inhabitants for 
cutting timber and stone were 
famous. King Hiram employed 
these people in preparing materials 
for building Solomon's temple, 1 
Kings V. 18 

Giddalti, G-dlti, my fringe, my great- 
ness, a Levite, 1 Chron. xxv. 4 

Giddel, Gedl, great, powerful, fringe, 
ribbon, Ezra ii. 47, Neh. vil 49-58 

Gideon, Grdonn, he that bruises or 
breaks, a son of Joash of Manasseh, 
he that dwelt in Aphra,and delivered 
Israel from Midiau, and judged 
Israel, Jud. vi. 1, 2 

Gidgad, Gdgd, happiness on happiness, 
an army prepared for battle, Num. 
xxxiii. 32 

Gift, mnh, nde, nsa, shd, ntn, mtne 

Gifts, mnh, nde, nsa, skr, rum, ntn 

Gihon, Gihun, valley of grace, of habi- 
tation, a fountain west of Jerusalem. 
Here Solomon was anointed, 1 Kings 
i. 23. Also one of the four rivers of 
Paradise. Grace answered to the 






lion in the four faces of the Cheru- 
him, (Jen. ii. 13 ; abounding grace 
in Christ Jesus our Lord 

Gimzo, Gmzu, this rush, this reed, a 
city in South Judea, the Philistines 
look, 2 Chron. xxviii 18 

Ginath, Gint, gardens, protections, 1 
Kings xvi. 21 

Ginnitho,Gn-tuni an orchard, Neh.xii.4 

Gin, iqs, puh 

Gird, azr, hgr, a-pr 

Girded, hgr, azr, apd, avr, hsq, iqp 

Girdle, azur, abnf. Hebrews wore 

^ loose flowing robes; girdles were 
required when abroad; these were 
made beautiAil and costly, made by 
wives of skill and industry^ Prov. 
xxxi. 24. Our blessed Lord appeared 
in glory, girt with a golden girdle. 
Rev. i. 13. The girdle was used as 
a purse ; Christ forbade the disciples 
to carry money in their girdles, 
Matt. X. 9 

Girl, bt, We-ild-o, damsel, Joel iii. 4 

Girgasliites, Grgsi, arrived from pil- 
grimage, travellers, those who rumi- 
nate. Gen. X. 16 

Gispa, Gspa, approach, touching of the 
mouth, Neh. xi. 21 

Gith, fetches, Isa. xxviii. 25 

Gittith, Gtit, wine-presses, Ps. viii. 

Gizanite, Gzuni, who shears 

Give, ieb, sub, sum', yoj, rum, azn, msk, 
ngs, mof, rgo, ukr, bre, ell, vkr, zmr, 
guo, nke 

Glass, hui, sand, l%ey shall suck of the 
abundance of the sea, and of the 
treasures hid in the sand. Dent, 
xxxiii. 9. Pliny, lib v. cap. 10, 
informs us that glass was made of 
the sand of the river Belus, in or 
near the lot of Zebulon 

Glad, smh, fub, gul 

Gladness, smhe, gil, gile 

Glean, Iqf, oil 

Gleaned, Iqf 

Glistened, gls 

Glistering, brq, puk 

Glittered, njj 

Glory, kbuiC eud, edr, tpart, naut 

Glorify, kbd 

Glorified, par, kbd. The fire was a 
sure inoication of the Divine pre- 
sence, and not of any mere angel. 
It appeared to Adam between the 
Cherubim above mercy-seat, Gren. 
iii. 24; to Abram, xv. 17 ; to Moses 

in Midian, Exod. iii. 2 ; **The angel 
Jehovah appeared in a flame of fire, 
out of the midst of a bush; at Horeb, 
on Sinai, there was blackness^ and 
darkness^ and thundering, and 
earthquake, and the Jehovah de- 
scended upon it in fire; and the 
whole mount quaked greatly," Exod. 
xix. 18. It was the Creator and 
Redeemer of Israel that then came 
in glory in the sighc of the assembled 
tribes. Above that glory scene is 
heaven. " Father, I will that those 
whom thou hast given me be with 
me where I am, that they may be- 
hold my glory " ! 1 ! John xvii. 24 

Glued, dbq 

Glutton, zull, riotous, Prov. xxiii. 21 

Gnawed, grm 

1. Gro, asr,bwa, gle, elk, ilk, obr, ole, 
jod, qrb, euk 

2. Go, and, asr, ilk 

3. Go about, hmq, vbb, ase 

4. Go abroad, ija 

5. Go again, sub 

6. Go aside, vur, sfe 

7. Go astray, ndh, sge, toe 

8. Go away, nvo, vur, slh 

9. Go a whoring, zne 

10. Go back, vug, pro, fub 

11. Go before, qdm 

12. Gro down, htt, ird, nht, nfe 

13. Go forth, ija, nvo 

14. Gro forward, nvo 

15. Go ill, iro 

16. Go in and out, sub 

17. Go near, ngs 

18. GrO on, hip, ija 

19. Go over, drk, par 

20. Go out, ija, kbe 

21. Go right on, isr 

22. GrO round, iqp 

23. GrO round about, vbb 

24. Go softly, dde 

25. GrO thee, ahd 
26' Go through, suf 

27. Go to, yeb, ilk 

28. Go thy way, i-lk 

29. Go up and down, ilk, nyo 

30. Go well, fub, ifb 

31. Go ye, ird 

32. Go your way, Ik 

33. Go let, let go, rpe, sle 

34. Go, let me, mlf 

35. GrO, let us, ole, slh 

36. Go, might, Ik 

37. GrO, must, mk 


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S8. Go, shall, gle, nvo 

39. Go, shouldeBt, gle 

40. Go, will, iam, vur, sml 

41. Go, would, peo 

Goeth, arh, bwa, drk, elk, ija, ird, Yur, 

br, qrb 
€k>mg, azl, asr, elk, obr 
€k)b, Gbe, an eminence, 2 Sam. xxi. 8 
Goad, drbn, a spiked pole 
Goat, oz otud, strong, powerful, and 

chief ones, princes, Dan. riii. 5 
Goblet, nbyo, a cup, Cant. vii. 2 

1. Grod. Al, Almighty, to intervene, 
interpose, mediate, protect 

2. God, Ail, Almighty defen 'er 

3. God, Ale, to curse, execrate, de- 
nounce, a curse 

4. Jur, a rock immutable 

5. Aleic, thy Aleim, God is no trans- 
lation of the sacred name; Alyun, 
Most High and Mighty; Alut, to 
cause him to swear, for his oath; 
Aleim, plural of Al, the Covenanters 
under the self-imposed obligation of 
an oath, one of the glorious names 
of the Triune Jehovah, as Creators, 
Preservers, Redeemers, Sanctifiers, 
and Saviours. Jehovah, Aleim, are 
words above the power of utterance 
or conception. Translation is de- 
gradations of the names of the God- 
head, and should never be attempted. 
The name of Aleim is Himself, and 
who by searching can find out the 
Aleim? Great, Glorious, Eternal, 
Incomprehensible, the Amen. 

€U)dly, Ira, Aleim, who fears the 

Aleim, Ps. iv. 3 
Gog and Magog, Gug, roof, an in- 
vader, an avenger, a robber 
Goiim, Guim, the nations, all except 

the Jews. Gen. xiv. ix 
Goi, Gui, Crentiles 
Golan, Guln, a revolution, a city of 

emigrants in Bashan, Dent. iy. 43, 

Jos. XX. 8 
Gold, zeb, bjr, hrj, ktm, vnr, deb, gold 

rings, fbo 
Golden, zeb, ktm, deb 
Goldsmith, jurp, Isa. Ix. 19 
Golgotha, Glglt, the crown of the head, 

top of a skuU, Matt, xxvii. 33 
Goliath, Glit, a heap, a revolution, 

resolute, active, 1 Sam. xvii. 14; a 

giant of Gath 
Gomer, Gmr, to finish, complete, ac- 

4Somplish, Gen. x. 2 

Gomorrha, Omre, rebdlious people 
people in fear, well watered 

Good, fub, fba 

Good advice, hbl 

Good courage, kzq 

Good man, ais, hvd 

Grood success, ski 

Groodly, fub, adr, edr 

Goodness, fub, evr, ifb 

Goods, mqne, rkus, qnin 

Gropher wood, Oji-gpr, straight wood. 
Gen. vi. 4 

Goshen, Gsn, approach from, next to, 
the rains. A province near the Medi- 
terranean, enjoyed rains frequently, 
which are very rare in other dis- 
tricts. Its capital city bore the 
same name. An excellent place for 
pastoral pursuit8,Gen Ixvii 6 

Grourd, p-qot, bitter lamentation, a 
summer fruit of rapid growth, bears 
a large leaf, a watery pleasant fruit 
like the cucumber, 2 Kings iv. 39 

Government, mmsle, sur, sre 

Governor, msl, pquid, alp, n-gd 

Gozan, Guzn, fleece, pasture, nourishes 
the body, a river, 2 Kings xix. 12 

Grace, hn, thne, favour, Zeph. xii 10 

Graciously, hnun. Gen. xxxiii. 5 

Grain, grgr, berries 

Granted, ntn, given , 

Grape, onb, bvr, prf 

Grape gatherer, bjr 

Grape gleanings, oU 

Grapes, has, bvr, bjr, hll 

Grass, d-sa, bjir, gzz, dus, osb 

Grasshopper, hgb, arbe 

Grasshoppers, arb, gub, hgb 

Grave, qbr, saul, dume, 1, gathered, 
2, missing, 3, silence 

Gravel, hjj, moe 

Graver, of 

Graven, hjb, hqq, hrs, hrt 

Graves, qbr 

Graving, hrf, pth, mqlot 

Grey hairs, sub, hoary, Deu. xxxii 25 

Grey head, sibe. Lev. xix. 32 

Great, gdid, ale, ajl, gll, rbe, ere, kbd, 
ojm, rbk, sga, gll, rbb 

Great, exceecfing, b-ale-im, Jon. iil 3 

Great forces, hil-im, Dan. xi. 10 

Great, is, gbr 

Great man, ais, rbe 

Great mountains, ail 

Great number, kbd 

Great pain, hul 

Great stature, dun, mdd 


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Great heig^ht, gbe 

Greatly, mad 

Greatness, gdl 

Grecians, Bne, builders, Joel iii. 4 

Greedy, bjo, kvp, nps, ozz 

Greedily, awe, bjo 

Greeks, Yunim, dirty, muddy, from 
yun, doves, from yne, deceivers, from 
me, Greek EUenes, strong, robust 

Green, ronn, irq, Ih, abb, dsa, zrh, 
krml, krpv, luh, rfb, ron 

Green figs, pg-ye, Cant. ii. 13 

Greenish, irqrq 

Greet, sal, slm 

Grew, gdl, pre, prj, jme, rbe, elk 

Grew old, isn, zqn 

Greyhound, zr-zir, mtn 

Grief, ojb, ojbun, igun, tuge, kab, mkab, 

Grieved, ojb, kab, hre, ige 

Grievous, ojb, kbd 

Grinders, mllout 

Grizled, brdim, spotted, Gen. xxxi. 10 

Groan, anhe, anqe, naqe 

Groaned, anh, naq, anq 

Grope, gss, mss 

Grove, Asre, a grove, also an idolatrous 
image. Maachah made an image 
to Asre and Manasseh, a graven 
image of Asre and set it up in the 
house of the, Jud. iil 7, served Baals 
and Ashres. Ahab made an Ashre 
and set it up, and the prophets of the 
Ashre were 400, 2 Kings xiii 6. 
They built them, and pillars and 
Ashres upon every high hill, and 
under every green tree, 1 Kings 
xiv. 23. The image was of wood, 
and its shape that of a goat-man, 

and by the Greeks called Pan, 
the rites of which were unclean 
and libidenous, and signifies the 
blessers. The goat korim and 
idolatry denounced, Lev. xvii. 7 

Grate, asl, oak, mercy, sheltr, hence 
the English asylum 

Ground, adm, hlq, hrs, opr, fhn, sde, 
sub, adme 

Grow, gdl, ija,jmh 

Ghrow up, gae 

Grow, let them, dge 

Grow, should, sg^ 

Grow such tiungs as, vph 

Groweth, hue, ijq, prh 

Grown, art, rbe 

Grown, be, gdl 

Grown fat, pus 

Grown up, apl, qum 

Grumbled, abb, a bear 

Guel, Gawal, ransom, redemption, 
exaltation of God, Nu. xiii. 5 

Guard, smr, msmr, fubh, ruj, smo, smr 

Guest, arh, qra, called, 1 Sam. ix. 13 

Guide, neg, alp, drk, qjn 

Guided, neg, nhe, drk, ilk 

Guile, orm, rme 

Guiled, orme, rmie, mrme 

Guilty, asm 

Guiltiness, nqi 

Gushed out, nbo, nze, zub, spk 

Guni, Guni, my garden, he that pro- 
tects me. Num. xxvi. 48 

Gur, Gur, the young of a beast, dwel- 
ling, assembly 

Gur, Baal, Gur, Bol, whelp of the idol, 
or young beasts, the power that rules, 
2 Chron. xxvi. 7 

Guzzled, vba, excess in drinking wine 


HA! HAI alas! a brother ,Job xxxix.25 
Haahashtari, Ahstri, a courier, a runner, 

1 Chron. iv. 6. 
Habazziniah, Hbjnye, the buckler of 

Jehovah, friendship, Jer. xxxv. 5 
Habbakub, Hbqiq, he that embraces, 

,a wrestler 
Habiah, Hbye, secret of Jehovah, affec- 
tion of, Neh. vii. 63 
Habergeon, Sre, Thra, the neck and 

breast armour of defence, Ex. xxviii. 

32, xxxix. 23 
Habitation moun, zbul, nue, gur, kur, 

kue, mkn, iskn 
Habitations, awe, isb, mkr, nwe 

Had, ise, bwa, sum 

Habor, Hbur, companion, a river and 
city in Mesopotamia 

Haccatan, Hqfn, little, very little, Ea, 
viii. 12 

Hachab'ah, Hklye, who waits for Jeho- 
vah, Neh. i. 1 

Hachmoni, Hkmuni, very wise, a pre- 
sent, 2 Sam. xxiii. 8 

Hadad, Edd, clamour, friendship, Ge::. 
xxxvi. 35 

Hadad-Rimmon, E-dd-rmun height of 
the pomegranate, Zach. xiL 11. This 
Baal was great progenitor, the 
Syrians worshipped this Divine 


I 2 , 





attribute of Jehovah; it signifies tf Zone 
first of being, supreme deity, the great 
aun,2 Kings v. 18 

Hadadezer, Hdd-ozr, the beauty of as- 
sistance, deification of the sun, the 
source of life and beauty,2 Sam. viii.3 

Hadan, Odin, delicious, soft, and tender, 
Ex.ii. 15 

Hadar, Edr, glory, beauty, splendour, 
sun worship, Gen. xxxvj. 39 

Hadasha, Hdse, renewing, moop wor- 
ship, Jos. XV. 37 

Hadid, Hdid, sharp, joyful, Ez. il 33 

Hadlai,Hdli, my rest, defence, 2 Chron. 
xxviii 12 

Hadoram, Hdurm, their beauty, their 
power, praise, witness of iife, sun 
idolatry, 1 Chron. xviii. 10, Gen. 
X. 27 

Hadrach, Hdrk, paint, joy of tender- 
ness, Zach. ix. 1 

Hadsi, Hdsi, newness, the month, n^oon 
idolatry, 2 Sam, xxiv. 6 

Hagab, Hgb, grass-hopper, one that per- 
vades, encompasses 

Hagabah, Hgbe, the same, and name of 
Nethinim, Ez. ii. 46 

Hagar, Egr, a stranger, one that fears, 
ruminates, Gren. xvi. 

Hagarenes, Agraim, those who live as 
strangers, the descendants of Ishmael 

Haggai, Agi, feast, solemnity. Hag. L 14 

Hageri, Hgri, of strangers, those who 
fear, 1 Chron. xi. 33 

Haggi, Hgi, solemnity, Gen. xlvi. 16 

Haggiah, Hgye, feast of Jehovah, 1 
Chron. vi. 30 

Haggith, Hgit, rejoicing 2 Sam. iil 4 

Hairoth, a pass or gullet, an opeji^ng 
between rocks, Ex. xiv. 2-9 

Hai, Ai, Oi, a mass, a lieap, Jos. viii. 
Is X. 28 

Hail* brd, Ex. ix. 24 

Hailed, brd 

Hail-stones, abn, alg-bis, Ish. xxviii. 2 

Hair, sor, dll, mdf, njr, ose, qse 

Hairy, sort, bol 

Hakkas, equj, thorn, summer, trouble, 
watching, Ez. ii. 61 

Hakupha, Equpa, the decree of the 
mouth, Ez. il 51 

Halah, Hie, infirmity, the beginning, 2 
Kings xvii. 16 

Half, hji, mhje, mhjit, hjut 

Halhul, Hlhul, trouble, trembling town. 
Est. iv. 4, Hab. iii. 10 

Hali, Hli, infirmity, prayer, Jos. xix.25 

Halietus, oznine, the black eagle, tear* 

ing, victory, Deu. xxxii. 88 
Hallow, qds, make holy 
Hallowed, qds 
Halohesh, hluhs, enchanter, one that 

keeps silence, Neh. x. 24 
Halt, pvh,jlo 
Halted, omd 
Ham, Hm, brown, Egypt, youngest son 

c^f ;f^oah. Gen. ix. 18 
Haman, Emun, noise, tumult, he that 

plots, ^n Amalekite. Est. iii. 1 
Hammar, pfis, mpj, elm 
Hanmiars, kip, nqb 
Hamatl), hmt, he^t, anger, 1 Kings 

viii. 65 
Hamathites, Hmti, swelling, indigna- 
tion, sons of Canaan, Jud iii. 3 
Hammedatha, Emdta, that troubles, 

the law. Eat. iii. 1 
Hammon, Hmun, his wrath, his heat, 

fury, Jos. xix. 28 
Hammon Grog, Hmun=Gug, the vi^ley 

of the multitude of Gog, 
Hammoth-Dor, Hmt-Efair, the anger 

of age, heat of generation, Jos. xix. 

28, xxi; 32 
Hamonah, Omune, tumult, multitude, 

E^. xxxix. 16 
Hfbmor,Hmur, ftu f^ss, strong wine, day. 

Gen. xxiv. 
Hamul, Hmul, pious, to forgive, {Htiful, 

Gen. xlvi. 12 
Hamuel, Hmwal, anger of Gqd, 1 

Chron. iv. 26 
Hamutal, Hmufl, shadow of his hpat, 

heat of the dew, 2 Kings xxiiL 31 
Hanameel, Hnmal, grace that comes 

frpm God, gift of Qod^ Jer. ^pLxii, 7 
Hanan, Hnn, favourable, liberij, pious, 

merciful, 1 Chron. iv. 20 
Hananeel, Hnnal, grace, mercy, gift of 

God, Jer. xxx^. 38 
Hanani, Hnni^ my grace, my pity, my 

mercy, 1 Kmgs xvi. 7 
Hanaiiiah, Hnuye, grace, mercy, gifk 

of Jehovah, Dan. iii. 4 
Hand, id, kpp, power, guidance, sup* 

port, vengeance, 1 Sam. v. 6, 7 
Hands, osr, idut, degrees, Daniel and 

his companions were ten hands wiser 

than all the magi of Babylon, Dan. 

Hand, at, qrb 
Hand, mine own, akp 
Hand, on that, ze 
Hand, our out of, erg 


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Hand, right, amn, imn 

Hand, tMne, hpn 

Handed, ntn, mvx 

Hand, broken, id 

Handful, kpp, qn»j, mla, omr 

Handled, msk, tps 

Hand, left, afr 

Handmaid^ sphe 

Hanes, hn^, standard of grace, miracle 
of grace, Is. xxx. 4 

Haniel, Hnjal, grace, njercy, rest . of 
God, Num. xxIt. 23 

Hannah, Hne, gracious, merciful one, 
gives, beneficient, 1 Sam. L 

Hannathcin, JH^ntun,. gift, mercy, Jos. 
xix. 14 " 

Hannek^b* or Nekeb Enqb, persons 
gathered together, a settlement, 
Jo^rf xix. 33 

Hanock, Hnuk, dedicated to God, 1 
Chron. i. 33, Num, xxfI 5 

Hanun, Hnun, he that r^sts, merciful, 
1 Chron. iv. 20 . 

Hang, iqo, ntp, tie 

Hang down, ird 

Hang over, vrh 

Hanged, tie, iqo, hnq, mhe 

Hanging, ykk 

Hangings, bit, q}o 

Happen, qre, ane 

Happened, qre 

Happeneth, ngo 

Hapharim, Hprim, they that dig, ex- 
amine, confound, Jos. xix. 19 

Hara, Era, a mountain, complete, ready 
to bring forth, demonstration, 1 
Chron. v. 6 

Haradah, Hrde, fear, qhared, astonish- 
ment, terror. Num. x±iii. 34 

Haran, Hrn, mountainous, inclosed, 
song, cry. Gen. xi. 28 

Hararite, Erri, rocks, hills, and moun- 
tains, 2 Sam. xxiii. 33 

Harbonah, Hrbune, his sword, his de- 
struction. Est. i. 10 

Harrassed, emm« pom, jur, dhq, Ibj 

Hard, qse, kbd, oz, ozut, aitn, hzq 

Hardened, kbd, qse ozz, hzq 

Hard-hearted, qse-lb 

Hardly, kmof, qsi, one 

Hardness, kbdut, qsi, ijq 

Hardy, mqse, hzq, kbd 

Hare, arnbt. Lev xi. 6 

Hared, Hrd, astonishment, fear, Jud. 
vii. 1-3 

Hareth, Hrt, freemen, liberty, 1 Sam. 
xxii 5 

Harhohiah, Hreye, anger of Jehovah, 

Neh. iii. 8 
Harhur, Hrhur, burnt, fried, freemen, 

Ez. ii. 11 
Harim, Hrim, destroyed, anatha- 

matized, 1 Chron. xxiv. 8 
Hariph, Hrp, winter, afiDront, youth, 

Neh. vii. 24 
Harnepher, Hrnpr, anger of the bull, 

growing rage, 1 Chron. vii 36 
Harodi, Hrdi, surprised, astonished, 

abundance of heat, Jud. vii 1 
Harosheth, Hrst, silence, deafness, 

vessels of earth, agriculture, Jud, 

iv. 2,-3,14 
Harlot, ais, zne, qds-zune 
Harlots, zne r 

Harm, dbr, hfa, ido, dwo, roe 
Harp, knur, knr, qtrv 
Harsha,'Hrsa, ploiighman, ploughing, 

Ezra ii. 52 
Hart, jbi, ail, young, h, opr, Ps. xlil 1 
Harum, Hrum, exalted, great, 1 Chron. 

iv. 8 
Harrowed, sud 
Harvest, q jair 
Harumaph, Hrump, destruction of the 

mouth, anathema, Neh. iii.' 10 
Haruphite, Hrupi, sharp, pointed, 

subtle, ingenious, 1 Chron. xii. 5 
Haruz, Hruj,cut, careful, pure, trodden 

down, 2 Kings xxi. 19 
Hasdiah, Hvdye, mercy of Jehovah, 

chased, goodness, 1 Chron. iii 29 
Haenuah,Hvnae, secret hate, 1 Chron. 

ix. 17 
Hashabiah, Hsbye, account of Jehovah, 

1 Cbron. vi. 45 
Hashabnah, Hsbne, haste, account, he 

that buiMs 
Hashabniah, Hsbnye, silence, intelli- 
gence, account 
Hasbadaua, Hsbdne, who makes haste, 

judgment, silence, Neh. viii. 4 
Hashem, Hsm, their silence, eagerness, 

1 Chron. vii. 12 
Hashmonah, Hsmne, diligence, enumer- 
ation. Num. xxxiii. 29 
Hashub, Hsub, reckon ed, esteemed, 

laboured with care. Neh. iii 11 
Hashubkih, Hsbe, estimation, thought, 

industry, 1 Chron. iii. 20 
Hashum, h-sm, their silence, care,Neh. 

vii. 27 
Hasrah, Hvre, defect, want, 2 Chron. 

xxiv. 22 [Chron. xxiv. 22 

Hassenaab, Hvinae^ defect, want, 2 






Hassenaab, bush, eDmity, Neb. iii 3 
Hassbub, Hsub, estimated, reckoned, 

artifice, 1 Cbron. ix. 14 
Hasupha, Hsupa, spoiled, exbausted, 

Ezra ii. 43 
Hatcb, etk, be tbat strikes, Est. iv. 9 
Haste, bpzun, mere, nbj 
Haste, made, bus 
Haste, make, bel 
Hasted, auj, bel, dbp, bus, mer 
Hasten, bus, sqd 
Hasteth, bel, bpn, fus, mer, sap 
Hastened, mer, auj, bel, dbp, sqd 
Hasty, auj, bel, bkr, qjr, bjp 
Hastily, bel, blf, mer, luj, mere 
Hatched, dgr 
Hate, sfm, sua 
Hatb, ise, mja, at, bol 
Hatred, aibe, snae 
Hat, kubo. a cover, Dan. iii. 21 
Hatbath, htt, breaking, bruising, as- 
tonishment, 1 Cbron. iv. 13 
Hatipba, Hfipa, pillage, rapine, Ezra 

ii. 54 
Hatita, Hfi% declensions of sin, Ezra 

ii 54 
Hatil, Hfil, cry of sin, Ez. ii. 57 
Hattusb, kfus, be tbat forsakes sin, 1 

Cbron. iii. 22 
Havilab, Hwile, tbat suffers pain, tbat 

brings forth, Gren. ii 11, x. 7 
Havoth-jair, Hutya-ir, the villages that 

enlighten, show forth light. Num. 

xxxii. 41 
Havoth, Hutya, cabins^ huts 
Havran, Hum, bole, boUov, white- 
ness, Exk. xlvii. 16 
Haven, ba, buz, hpp 
Haughty, gbe, yer, rum 
Haughtiness, gae, ghul, gaun, gaun, 

gaue, rume 
Haughtily, gaut, gaun, gaue 
Hawk, nq, to fly swiftly, Job xxxix. 

Hay, mvpwa 
Hazael, Hzal, that sees God, 1 Kings 

xix. 15, 16 
Hazar-Addar, Hzr-Adr, the court of 

grandeur. Josh. xv. 3 
Hazar-Gadda, Hzr-gde, the dwelling 

of happiness Josh. xv. 27 
Hazar-Mavith, Ezr-Mut,* the court of 

silence, abode of the dead 
Hazar-Shual, Hjr-Suol, dwelling of 

foxes, Josh. XV. 28 
Hazar-Susim, Hjr-Vuvim, the dwelling 

of horses, Josh. xix. 5 

Hazaiab, Hzye, who looks to Jehovah, 
Neb. xi. 5 

Hazel-elponi, Hjl-Lpuni, sadness of 
countenance, 1 Cbron. iv. 3 

Hazerim, Hjrim, court dwellings, lifted 
up, Num. xi 35 

Hazeroth, Hjrut, dwelling of content, 
satisfied desire, Num. xi. 35 

Hazezon-Tamar, Hjjun—Tmr, the ar- 
rows or shootings of its young twigs 
of the palm tree, a congenial soil 
and climate for the palm, Gren. xiv. 7 

Haziel, Hzyal, who sees God, 1 Cbron. 
xxiii. 9 

Hazo, Hzu, a seer or prophet. Gen. 
xxii. 22 

Hazor, Hjr, a place for bay, Jos. xv. 

He, personal pronoun, ewa, ais, ze, nps 

He that, mi 

Head, ras, brze, Ihb, qdd 

Head, thine own, par 

Heal, rpa 

Healed, ntn, rpa, gee, ose 

Healer, rupa 

Healing, kee, ole 

Health, ark, iso, slm 

Heap, gU, bmr, nd, nud, oye, orm, tU 

Heaped up, jbr, vll, til 

Hear, azn, one, smo 

Hear, they, azn 

Hear, to, qsb 

Heard, smo, one 

Heard, to be, qsb 

Hearing, azn, smo 

Hearkened, qsb, smo, azn, vkt 

Heart, lb, Ibb, nps, skh 

Heart, own, moe 

Heart, very, qir 

Hearted, is to be see, 1, wise, 2, willmg, 
3, stout, 4, cherry, 5, broken, 6, 
proud, 7, hard, 8, faint, 9, tender 

Hearth, ah, kirim, iqd, kir 

Heat, hm, srb, hmm, brb, bre, ibm, rsp 

Heated, hmm 

Heath, oror, a tree quite naked, 
withered, and blasted, destitute of 
succour, a wild plant, or stunted 
shrub, Jer. xvii. 6 and xlviii. 6 

Heathen, gwi, the nations, Ps. ii 8, 
Ixxii. 9, 10 

Heave offering, trume 

Heaven, sm, the name 

Heavens, smim, the names, the sum, 
shq, orp 

Heavens, in the, gU 

Heavens, upon, orb 


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Heavy, kbd, agd, muf, mur, vur, qse, 


HeavHy, kbd, qdr 

Heayiness, kbd, ane, ans^ dag, ige, kee, 
ane, pne 

Hebrew, Obr, Obri, Ais, a passenger, 
a pilgrim. All those who, in every 
age, were regenerated by the Holy 
Spirit, were of an ardent, strong, 
well-defined faith in the blessings of 
the redemption of the world by 
Jesus Christ. These saints have 
lived in every age since man was 
created. They were the witnesses 
for the truth ; they refused the world 
as their portion, and plainly declared 
that they sought a better country, 
even a heavenly, Heb. xi. 14,16. They 
were despised, persecuted, hid in 
dens and caves of the earth ; they 
were stoned, sawn asunder, of whom 
the world was not worthy. Such 
were, and si ill are, pilgrims, wit- 
nesses for God; these, and only these, 
are Hebrews, and heirs of the faith 
of Abraham, and were first called, in 
furthur reproach. Christians in An- 
tioch. Acts xi. 26 

Heber, Hbr. companion, associate, 
friend, Jud. iv. 17 

Hebron, Hbrun, friendship, enchant- 
ment of conquering, faith, obedi- 
ence, spiritual joy. It was twenty 
miles south of Jerusalem, and twenty 
miles north of Beersheba, Gen. xxiii 

Hebron^ Obme, place, friendship. 
Num. xxxiii. 34-5 

Hedge, gdr, raised up 

Hedged, gdr, suk, vkk 

Hedge-hog, qpd, coiled up, Lev. xi. 5 

Heel, oqb, last 

Heels, oqb, srs, hindmost 

Hegai, ^ga, meditation, word takin|; 
away, separation, groaning, Est. ii. 

He goat, tis, otud, j-pir, Dan. ix. 

Heifer, ogl, bqr, ogl, pr 

Height, gbe, gb, qume, mrum, qum 

Heir, yurs, we-sr, Gren. xv. 3 

Helah, Hlae, infirmity, 1 Chron. iv. 6 

Helam, Hilm, and Hlam, their army, 
trouble, strength, 2 Sam. x. 17 

Helbah, Hlbe, milk, fatness, Gren. xlv. 
18, Jud. I 31 

Helbon, Hlbun, their fatness, AUepo, 
famous for wines, Ezk. xxvii. 18 

Heldai, Hldi, fruitful^ wiUing, the 
world, Zcchu vi. 10 

Heleb, Hlb, milk, 2 Sam. xxiii 29 

Helek, Hlq, portion, lightness, slippery, 
Num. xxxi. 30 

Helem, Him, bruising, their fat, Job 
xxxiv. 4 

Heleph, Hip, passage, Jos. xix. 33 

Helez, £lj, armed, 2 Sam. xxiii. 26 

Helcath, Hlqt, portion, division^ Jos. 
xxi. 31 

Helbon, Hl-bun milk, marrow, 

Held, hath, ahg 

Held back, hsk 

Held his peace, dmm, hrs 

Held in, blm 

Held me up, vod 

Held out, isf 

Held his peace, hba, hus, hse 

Held up, rum, trak 

Hell, Saul, Tni3sing,grave,Gren.xxxvil35 

Helkath, Hl-qt, portions, 2 Sam. ii. 16 

Helon, Elun, window. Num. i. 9 

Helmet, qubo, kbo, qbo, that spoil, 
rob, robbed, entering, heavy grie- 

Help, ozr, ozre, vod, id 

Helped, ozr, vod, tmk, ozb, iso 

Helper, ozr 

Hemlock, ras, bitter, Amos vi. 12 

Hem, knp 

Heman, Eimun, faith, trouble, 1 Kings 
iv. 8 

Hemdan, Emdn, desire, heat of judg- 
ment. Gen. xxxvi. 26 

Hemona, Omunu, of our people, Jos^ 
xviii. 28 

Hen, hn, grace, pity, Zech. vi. 14 

Hena, Eno, motion, trouble, 2 Kings 
xviii. 34 

Henadad, Hndd, grace, mercy, well- 
beloved, Neh. iii. 18 
Hence, ke, otc, ze 

Henceforth, ivp, ozd 

Henceforward, mote 

Hepher, hpr, he that seeks, disgrace, 
Num. xxvi. 33 

Hephzibah, Hpjibe, my will in her, Isa. 
Ixu. 4 

Her, ate, at 

Her, as for, eia 

Herb, osb, irq, dsa 

Herbs, aur, irq 

Herd, odr, bqr 

Herds, bqr, odr 

Herdsman, roe, bqr 


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Here, pe, enie, te,' aipi eliiii en, 2e, be, 
mja, sm 

Here am I, en-ni, Gen. vi. 17 

Here we are, en 

Here and there, en 

Hereafter, ahri, tihle, alir 

Heretofore, sis, tml 

Heritage, irsi'nhl ^ 

Hernrion, Hritiun, consecrated, dedi- 
cated to Godi Deut iii, 9, 10 

Hermoniim, Hrmunim, the mountains 
of Hei toon, Ps. xlii. 6 

Heron, Anpe,Lev. xi. 19, Deut. xiv. 18 

Herod, Erodes, glory of the skin 

Heres, Hry, the sun, an earthem 
vessel, Jud. h 35 

Herself, ate 

Heser, Hjr, a Tillage, 1 Kings ix. 15 

Hesbon, Hsbun, invention, industry, to 
build, to understand, devise, con- 
trive, Creator, God of Power, Jos. 
Xlii. 17 

Heshnion, Hsmun, number, account, 
God of Wisdom, Jos. xv. 29 

Hesrai, Hjri, protection df Jehovah, 
2 Sam. xxiii. 35 ^ 

Hesron, Ejrun, affiicted, Num. xxiri. 6 

Heth, Ht, trembling, feal*, Greh. xxiii. 

Hethlon, Htlun, fearful, dwelling:, man- 
sion of security, Ezk. xlvii. 15 

Hew, hrb, hjb, krt, pvl 

Hew down, gdoi gdd 

Hewed, pvl, hf b, gzz, hjb, nte, svp 

Hewers, hf b, h^*b 

Hewn stone, gzit ' 

Hezekiah, H^qye, strength of Jehovah, 
Ish. xxxviii. 10 

Hezion, Hzyuc, a vision or prophecy, 1 
Kings XV. 18 

Hezir, Kzir, returned, converted; 1 
Chron. xxiv. 15 

Hezro, Hzru, the dart of evil 

Hezron, dart of joy 

Haddai, Hdi, the <»7 of praise, high 
praise, 2 Sam. xxiii. 30 

Hiddekel. &dql, renewed, restored, 
Gen. ii. 14 

Hiel, Hial, living God, 1 Kings xvi. 34 

Hid, vtr, fmn, kve, olm, hvb, jpk^ hba, 
khd, vpn, vtr 

Hidden, eps, fmn, vtm, pla 

Hidden tmngs, njr 

Hide, our, fmn, khd, kve, vtr, omm jpn 

Hide himself, hba 

Hide themselves, hba 

Hide thyself, hba 

Hide, to, kte, nut' 

Hideth, hba, hsk, fmn, kve 

Hideth himself, ofp 

Hiding place, vtr 

Higs^aion, Eg-yun, mournful sound 

High, rm, gbe, mrum-, olyunj ais, ark, 

gbd, bne, ^b, gdl, nsa, ole, qum, rum, 

sqb, spe 
High, an, gbe 
High degree, ole 
High place, bme, jrh 
Hi^h placesj bamut 
High-sounding, ruo^ 
High they are, rmm 
Hi^htvay, mvle 
Highways, arh, huj, vll 
High, too, pla 
Higher, akl, gb, gbe, ol6 
Higher places, jhh 
Highest branch, jmr 
Highest places, gp^ b-mut 
Highness, gae, n-sa 
Hiien, Hln, a fortress. Josh. xv. 61 ' 
Hill, gboe, bne, gbo, hrr, pvge, ole, qm 
Hilkiah, Hlqye, my portion is Jehovah, 

2 Kings xviii. 18 
Hillel, Ell, that prakes, Jud. xii. 13 
Him, atu, at, zkr, mu 
Him, from, ze 
Him, that, bne 
Him, of, ais, ise 
Him, unto, asr, nps 
Him, with at * 

Himself, atu, ewa, id, nps, pne 
Himself, by, nup 
Himself for one 
Hin, hin^ one gallon two pints liquid 

measure , 

Hind, Aile, antlered, swift, strong 
Hindred, hsk, kla, mno 
Hinder, ahr 
Hinder part, vup 
Hindmost, ahr, 2nb 
Hinnom, Enm, there they are, their 

riches, Josh. xv. 8 
Hinge, jir, to turn 
Hiraliy hire, liberty^ anger, Cren. 

xxxviii. 1, 2 
Hiram^ Hirm, their elevation, exalta- 
tion of life, 1 Kings ix. 16 
Hir-shemesh, Oir-sms, city of light of 

the sun. Josh. xix. 41 
Hire, skr, tne 
Hire, for, mhr 
Hired, skr 
Hirling, skir 
His, 1, mu, lu 


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Hiss, srq, abundantly 

Hissed, srqu, yellow, withered 

Hither, pe, ke, elm 

Hitherto, od-ene, od-ke 

Hittites, Htim, Jud. i. 26 

Hivi, Hwi, my life, Gen. x. 17 

Hivites, Owim, wicked, iniquity, Josh. 

xiii. 3 
Hizki, Hzqi, strong, takes, 1 Chroa 

viii. 17 
Hobab, Hbb, favoured, beloved. Num. 

X. 29 
Hobah, Hube, friendship. Gen. xiv. 15 
Hod, Eud, glory, praise, 1 Cliron. vii. 37 
Hodaiah, Jehovah, I praise, 1 Cliron. 

iv. 9 
Hodaviah, confess, Jehovah, glorify, 1 

Chron. v. 24 
Hodesh, hds, fair as the moon, very 

beautiful, 1 Cliron. viii. 9 
Hodshi, Hdsi, renewing beauty, like 

the moon, 2 Sam. xxiv. 5 
Hoglah, Hgle, festival, dance. Num. 

xxvi 33 
Hoham, Huem, woe to them, Jos. x. 
Hold, jrih, hzq., mjd, mjd 
Hole, hur, mqbt 
Holiness, qda 
Holferiie3,El-phrne, or Elpr-nes, strong 

and courageous captain 
Hollow, oruj 

Holon, Hlun, trouble, Josh. xv. 51 
Holy, qdus, egg, hvd 
Holy one, ais, hvd 
Home, ale, bit, qum, tuk 
Home, go, ael 
Homer, Hmr, a heap, a dry measure, 

tenth of an epha, nearly pix pints, 

Exod. xvi. 36 
Homam, Emm, their noise, tumult, 

1 Chron. i. 39 
Honest, isr 

Honour, kbud, eud, edr 
Honourable, nkbd, add, iqr 
Honoured, kbd, hdd, bbd 
Honey, dbs 

Honey comb, yor, nup, jup 
Hoof, prve 
Hoofs, oqb, prm 

Hook, hke, hh, ag, mun, agm, hk 
Hooks, zu, hh, jnn, spt 
Hope, tqwe, tuhlt, sbr, bfh, hve, yas, 

ihl, qye 
Hope, ray, kvl, sbr 
Hope, our, tqutnu, Ezk. xxxvii. 11 
Hope, their, kvl 
Hope, whose, kvl, sbr 

Hoped, qwe, ihl, sbr 

Hoped, had, bfh 

Hoped, have, ihl 

Hophiii, Hpni, that covers my fist, 
1 Sam. ii. 12 

Hophrah, Epro, perverted, shade, 
naked, Jer. xliv. 30 

Hor, Er, conceived, shows, a moun- 
tain, Duet, xxxiii. 50 

Horam, Hurm, their mountains, con- 
ceives them. Josh. x. 33 

Horeb, Hrb, solitude, desert, wasting, 
searching, a sword, Exod. iii. 1-3, 
xvii. 6, 1 Kings xix. 8 

Horem, Hrm, distruction, a thing de- 
voted to God, Josh. xix. 38 

Hor-Hagidgad, Hr-e-gd-gd, the moun- 
tain of good fortune. Num. xxxiii. 32 

Hori, Hri, my solitude, desolation. 
Gen. xxxvl 22 

Horites, Hurim, lawless, desolators, 
swordsmen, (Jen. xiv. 6, Duet. ii. 12 

Hormah, Hrme, destruction of posses- 
sion. Num. XXV. 3 

Horn, qm, ngh, strength, power, shine, 

Horns, bol, ihl 

Hor lis, having two, Dan. viii. 6-20 

Hornet, ejroe, mqrin, leprous, spread- 
ing, putrid, Exod. xxiii. 28, Dent, 
vii. 20, Josh. xxiv. 12 

Horon, Hrni, desolator, swordsman, 
waster, Neh. ii. 10 

Horonaim, Hrnim, wasters, desolations, 
Isa. XV. 5 

Horror, pljut, trole, rff, aim 

Horrible, zlope, sae 

Horrible thing, sor 

Horse, vuv 

Horseback, rkb 

Horsemen, rkb, prs 

Horses with, uvuv, kvuv 

Horses, the, evuv 

Horses, to himself, vuvim 

Hosah, Hve, that protects. Josh. xix. 29 

Hosai, Huzi, a seer, a prophet, 2. 
Chron. xxxiii. 19 

Hosanna, Husyo-na, blessing, grace, 
deliverance, mercy, salvation, highest 
praise, glory to God in the highest. 
Matt. xxi. 9 

Hosea, Huso, Saviour, Deliverer, 2 
Kings. XV. 30 

Hoshaiah, Husoye, ray Saviour, Jeho- 
vah, Neh. xii. 32 

Hoshama, Eusmo, who is heard, who 
obeys, 1 Chron. iii. 18 


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Host, jba, hill, hne 

Hostages, bne, orb 

Hot, as, hm, hmm, ihm, aza 

Hot, and displeasure, we lire, Deut. 

ix. 19 
Hot, waxed, hre 
Hothain,hutm, seal, enclosure, 1 Cliron. 

Til 32 
Hothir, eutir, excellent, posterity, 1 

Chron. xxv. 4 
Hour, ot 
House, bit, gg 
House-tops, gg 
Household, bit, bni-bit, obd 
Household stuff, bit 
Houses, auh, aim, arm 
How, ai, aik, aike, asr, at, eik, ki, mdo, 

How be it, aim, apv, kun 
How much more, ap 
How long, od, ane 
How many, kme, 
Howled, ill 
Howling, ill 
Huge, rbb, rbe 

Hukok, hqqe, statues, engraving, ap- 
pointment, Prov. viii. 29 
Hul, hul, bringing forth children, pain, 

infirmity, Gren. x. 23 
Huldah, hide, brought forth, gold, 

golden treasury, 2 Kings xxii. 14 
Humble, onu, spl, dk, oin, one, shh, 

spl, kno, rov 
Humbled, one, kno, spl, dka 
Humbleth, kno, shh 
Humbly, jno, shh 
Humility, onwe 

Humtah, hmfa, a snail, a lizard, Jos. 

XV. 64 
Hundred, mae, alp, sne 
Hunger, roe, rob 
Hungered, rob 

Hupham, hupm, their bed, their cover- 
ing, 1 Chron. vii. 15 
Huppim, hpim, 1 Chron. xxiv. 13 
Hur, hur, liberty, Ex. xxiv. 14 
Hurai, huri, my liberty, 2 Sam. xxiil 30 
Huram, hurm, their liberty, 1 Chrou. 

viii 5 
Huri,huri,liberty enjoyed, 1 Chron. v.l4 
Hunt, jud, rdp 
Hunted jud 
Hunter, jid 
Huntest, jde / 
Hurried, hpn, dhp 
Hurt, dbr, hbr, hbure, roe, klm, rum, 

ngp, one, ojb, pqd 
Husband, ais, bol, htn 
Husband, her, roe 
Husbandman, akr, adm, ais, obd 
Hushah,huse,hastens, sensual, taciturn, 

1 Chron. iv. 4 
Hushai,my speed, hu-si, 2 Sam. xvi. 18 
Husham, hsm, those speed,Gren.xxxYi.34 
Hushath, hsti, bold,yaliant, 2 Sam. xxL 

Hushim, hsm, modest, resolute, fleet, 

hasteners. Gen. xlvi 23 
Hypocrisy, Imupe 
Hypocrite, hnp, adm 
Hypocritical, hnp 
Hyssop, azub, avub 
Hyaena, jbwo, painted, parti-coloured, 

Jer. xil 9 

I. and J. 

I, AN, ani, anki, Ibb. jah, ye, eye 

Jaakan, yoqun, pain, labour, tribulation, 
Gen. xxxvi. 27, Deut. x. 6 

Jaala, yola, to go up, a kid, a goat, 
Neh. vii. 58 

Jaalam, Yolm, young man, who is hid- 
den. Gen. xxxvi. 5 

Jaareshiah, Yors-ye, delivered of Je- 
hovah, 1 Chron. viii 27 

Jaasau,^Yosu, my fashioner, my maker, 
Ezr. X. 37 

Jaasiel, Yosyal, creature of God, 
1 Chron. xi, 47 

Jaazaniah,Ja-zn-ye, who is heard by, 
attentive to Jehovah, 2 Kings xxv. 
23, Jer. xl. 8, xlil 1 

Jaazer, Yozr, helper, Isa. xvl 8 
Jaaziah, Yor-yeu, Jehovah is strong, 

1 Chron. xxiv. 26 
Jaaziah, Is-yeu, Jehovah is, 1 Chron. 

vii. 3 
Jaaziel, Yoz-yal, my strength is in God, 

1 Chron. xv. 8 
Jabal, ibl, that brings, produces, Gen. 

iv. 20 
Jabbock, ibq, lamentation, Gen. xxxii- 

1, 2, 23 
Jabesh, ibs, shame, Jud. xxi. 8 
Jabez, Yobj, sorrow, 1 Chron. iv. 9 
Jabin, Ibin, that considers, Jos. xi. 1 
Jabneel, Ibnal, wisdom of God, Jos. 

XV. 11 

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Jabneh, Ibne, that understands, 2 Chron. 

xxvi. 6 
Jachin, Yokn, bruises, 1 Chron. v. 13 
Jachiu, Ikin, strength, steadfast, 1 

Kings viL 15, Jer. lil 21 
Jacob, Yoqb,thatsupplant3,Gen.xx7. 25 
Jacobah, Yoqbe, one that trips up ano- 
ther, 1 Chron. iv. 36 
Jada,Ido, knowing, skilful, 1 Chron. ii. 28 
Jai^au, Idi, my hand, Ezr. x. 43 
Jaddau, Idwo, who has knowledge 
Jadiael^ Idoal, knowledge of God, 1 

Chron. vii 6 
Jadon, Idun, Idds, that judges, his 

hand, 1 Kings xiii. 
Jael, Yol, that ascends, kid, wife of 

Heber, the Kenite, Jud. iv. 17 
Jagur, igur, a stranger, Jos. xv. 21 
Jah, Ye, who is, I am, my praise 
Jahath, iht, biuise, astonish, 1 Chron. 

vi. 20 
Jahaz, ihje, dispute, Jos. xiii. 18 
Jahaziah, Ihzye, vision of Jehovah, 

Ezr. X. 15 
Jahaziel, Ihzyal, vision of the Almighty, 

1 Chron. xvi. 6 
Jahdaijihdi, unity of Jehovah, 1 Chron. 

ii. 47 
Jahdiel, Ihdyal, unity of the Almighty, 

1 Chron. v. 24 
Jahdo, Ihdu, he alone, 1 Chron. v. 14 
Jahleel, Ihlal, who worships the Al- 

miglity, Gren. xlvi. 14 
Jahmai, Ihmi, that warms, 1 Chron. vii. 2 
Jahzah, Ihje, Jehovah going forth, Jos. 

xiii. 18 
Jahzeel, Ihjyal, Grod hastens. Num. 

xxvi. 48 
Jahzerah, Ihzre, Jehovah, winnows, 

separates, 1 Chron. ix. 12 
Jair, Yair, to enlighten, Jud. x. 3 
Jakim, Iqim, raises himself, 1 Chron. 

viii. 19 
Jalou, Ilun, who remains, 1 Chron. iv. 17 
Jambri, who makes, apocrypha 
James, Yo^b, asupplanter, Matt. iv. 21 
Jamin, Imm, right hand, Gen. xlvi. 10 
Jamlech, Imlk, that rules, 1 Cliron. 

Jamnia, Ibne, right hand, Jehovah, 2 

Chron, xxvi. 6 
Jania,Yoni, impoverished, l.Chron.v.l2 
Janohab, Yuhe, who rests, Jos. xvi 6 
Janum, luun, that sleeps, Jos. xv. 53 
Jao, Javc, incommunicable, of four 

letters. See Jehovah 
Japha, Ipyo, he will scatter, Jos. xix. 12 

Japheth. Ipt, enlarger, Noah's eldest 
son, born Noah's 500 year. Gen. 
ix. 27 
Japhia, Ipyo, enlightens, Jos. xix. 12 
Japhlet, Iplf, that delivers, 1 Chron. 

vii. 32 
Jar, or Jair, Air, second month. Num. 

ix. 11 
Jarah, Yore, that spoils, 1 Chron. ix. 

Jararaoth, Irmut, fear death, Jos. 

xix. 29 
Jared, Ird, that descends, Gen. v. 18 
Jar.ih, Irea, to blow, 1 Chron. ii. 34 
Jarib, Irib, that multiplies, 1 Chron. 

v. 24 
Jaroah. Iruh, which breathes, 1 Chron. 

V. 14 
Jashen, Isn, old, sleeps, 2 Sam. xxiii. 32 
Jasher, Eisr, the upright, Jos. x. 13 
Jashobeam, Isbom, people of captivity, 

2 Sam. xxiii. 8 
Jashub, Isub, that remains. Num. 

xxvi 24 
Jashubi-lehem, Wisbi-lhm, fertility, 

Beth-lehem, 1 Chron. iv. 22 
Jasper, Wispe, purity ; this was a white 
jem of great brilliancy; though a 
transparent stone, it reflected various 
hues like the rainbow, Ex. xxviii. 20 
Jathniel, Itnyal, gift of €rod, 1 Chron. 

xxvi. 2 
Jattir, Itir, which excels, Jos. xv. 4 
Javan, Yuq, sorrowful, Isa. Ixvi 19 
Javelin, slh, knit, rmh 
Jaw, mlquh 
Jaw-bone, Ihi 

Jazer, Yozr, that helps, Jos. xxi 19 
Jaziz,Iziz, brightness, iChron. xxvii.31 
Ibex, yole, a wild goat,Job xxxix. 1 
Ibhar, Iber, elected, 1 Sam. v. 15 
Ibis, Insup, Nsp, to blow, a water-fowl, 
flying in twilight evenings and morn- 
ings, a kind of bittern, called in the 
north of England the mire drum and 
butter bump, it begins to bellow lat- 
ter end of February, ceases when 
breeding time ends, its bellow re- 
sembles a bull, and is heard a mile, 
Lev. xi. 17; it is a sacred bird in 
Egypt, under the belly, and sides, 
white, black back, mixed slightly with 
biue, green, and purple, its beak 
scarlet, and eighteen inches long, 
about the weight of a goose. 
-Ibleam, Iblom, old age of the people, 
flowing of the people, Josli. xvii 1 1 

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Ibneiah, Ibnye, building of God, 1 

Cliron. ix. 8 
Ibnijah, Ibnye, built by Jehovah, 1 

C'hron. ix. 8 
Ibri, Obri, associate, 1 Chron. xxxy. 27 
Ibzam, Ibsn, that perfumes, 1 Chron. 

vii. 2 
IbzaD,Ibjn, father's buckler, Jud. xii. 10 
Ichabod, Aikbud, woe to the, glory, 1 

Sam. iv. 19 
Ice, qrh 

Idalahjidale, hand of curse, Josh. xix.l5 
Idbasli, Idbs, my honey 
Iddo-Idu, his cloud, Ezra viii. 17 
Idle, rme, rpe, ojl 
Idleness, ojlut, ojle, spl 
Idol, alii, ojb, aun, all, plj, an image 
Idolatry, obt, alii 
Idols, aim, all, ale, gll, hmm 
Jur sgj, terp 
Jealous, qna 
Jealousy, qune, que 
Jew, Yeudi, ide, praise 
Idox, Dis, joyful, agreeable 
Idumea, Adum, red, human, Gren. 

xxxvi 31 
Jearim, woods, forests. Josh. xv. 10 
Jebus, Ibuv, treads under foot, Josh. 

XT. 63 
Jecamiah, Iqraye, resurrection of the 

Lord, 1 Chron. iii. 18 
Jecoliah, Iklyeu, consummation of the 

dead, 2 Kings xv. 2 
Jeconiah, Iknye, steadfastness of 

Jehovah, 1 Chron. iii. 16 
Jedaiah, Idoye, knowledge of Jehovah, 

1 Chron. ix. 10 
Jedaiah, Idye, hand of Jehovah, Neh. 

iii. 10 
Jedeiah, Yed-yeu, one Jehovah, 

1 Chron. xxiv. 20 
Jediael, Idyoal, knowledge of God, 1 

Chron. xi 45 
Jediah, Ihdyeu. knowledge of Jehovah, 

1 Chron. xxviL 30 

Jedidah, Idide, well-beloved, amiable, 

2 Kings xxil 1 

Jeduthun, Idtun, gives praise, Ps. 

• Ixxxix, 28, 62, 77 

Jeezer, Ayozr, wo, to help. Num. xxvi. 

Jegar-sahadutha, Igr-seduta, fear the 

bound of witness. Gen. xxxi. 47 
Jehaleleel,Ihllal, light of God, I Chron. 

IV. 16 
Jeliaziel, Yez-yal, that sees GUmT, 

1 Chron. xxiv. 20 

Jehezekel, Ihz-qul, strength' of God, 
see Ezehiel, 1 Chron. xxiv. 16 

Jehiah, I-hy-e, lives Jehovah, 1 Chron. 
XV. 24 

Jehied, Y-ed, that prai?»es. Josh. xix. 45 

Jehiel, Ye-al, God liveth, 2 Chron. 
xxvi. 11 

Jeoadah, Yo-wo-de, assembly of Jeho- 
vah, 1 Chron. viii. 36 

Jeoadan, Ye-wo-dn, delights of Jeho- 
vah, 2 Kings xiv. 2 

Jehoabaz, .Ye-'wa-hz, possession of 
Jehovah, 2 Kings xxxiii. 34 

Jehoasah, Ye-was, fire of Jehovah, 
2 Kings xi. 21 

Jehoiachin, Ye-wi-kin, prepared for 
Jehovah, 3 Kings xxiv. 1 

Jehoiada, Ye-wi-do, approved of 
Jehovah, 2 Kings xi. 4 

Jehoiakim, Yu-i-qim, resurrection of 
Jehovah, 2 Kings xxiil 34 

Jehoiarib, Ye-wi-rib, exaltation of 
Jehovah, 1 Chroa xxiv. 7 

Jehoram, Yeurm, the high Jehovah, 
2 Kings iii 2 

Jehosadak, Yenjdq, the just Jehovah, 
1 Chron. vi. 14 

Jehoshabeath, Yeusbot, Jehovah 
changes the time, 2 Chron. xxii. 11 

Jehoshaphat, Je-hus-pf, judgment of 
Jehovah, 1 Kings iv. 2, Joel iii. 

Jehosheba, Ye-us-bo, satisfied in Jeho- 
vah, 2 Kings xi 1 

JehoVah, Ye-we, self-subsisting. This 
is the sacred and incommunicable 
name of four letters. The name is 
ineffable, and untranslatable This 
name annihilates the carnal concep- 
tions of heathen philosophy of poly- 
tlieism. There are distinct indivi- 
sible persons embraced in this name 
in the unity of the Grodhead. There 
is neither inferiority nor divisibility 
of persons, but wherever is read 
that Jehovah-Aleim created, spoke, 
punished for sin, or blessed for 
obedience, it must be understood of 
Jesus Christ alone in every place in 
the old as in the new ; and was so 
understood by the saints from Adam 
to the end of the world. The true 
pronunciation of this name no one 
can pretend to know. The Masores 
by their points, make seven letters 
of it, Jehovah. The ancients pro- 
nounced it quite differently. San- 
choniathon writes — Jevo ; Diodorus, 






SjcuIus, Macrobius, Clemens, Alex- 
andrinus, and Origin, pronounce 
Jao, Ephanius Theodoret, and the 
Samaritans, Jabe and Jave, Jahoh, 
Javo, Jaod. Lewis Capellus, is for 
Jave; Drusius, for Jave; Mercer, 
for Jehevah ; Hottinger, Jehva. 
The Moors, Juba; Latins, Jovis 
pater. The ancients understood 
how to pronounce it, but long since 
it passed away, and this fountain of 
all languages has ceased to be 
vernacular for more than two thou- 
sand years. 

Jehovah-jireh, Ye-we-i-rae, the Lord 
sees. Gen. xxii. 14 

Jehovah-Nissi, Yewe-Nvi, Jehovah 
shall be my standard, Exod. xvii. 15 

Jehovah-Shalom, Ye-we-S-lum, Jeho- 
vah of Peace, Jesus Christ, Jud. vi.24 

Jehovah-Shammah, Ye-we-S-me, is 
there, Ezk. xlviii. 35 

Jehovah-Tzidkenu, Ye-we-Jd-qn-u, 
Jehovah our righteousness, Jer. 
xxxiil 16 

Jehozabad, Ye-uz-bd, Jehovah's por- 
tion, 2 Kings xii. 21 

Jehozadak, Ye-uj-dq, Jehovah just, 
1 Chron. vL 14 

Jehu. Ye-wa, who is, 1 Kings xvi. 1 

Jeubbah, Yebe, secret, 1 Chron. vii. 34 

Jehucal, Ye-u-kl, everything in Jeho- 
vah, Jer. xxxvii. 3 

Jehud, J-hd, that praises^ Josh. xix. 

Jeudi, Yeudi, Jehovah my praise, Jer. 
xxxvi. 14 

Jehudijah,, Yedye, praise of Jehovah, 

1 Chron. iv. 18 

Jeiel, Yo-yal, taken of the Almighty, 

2 Chron. xxvi. 11 

Jekamiah, I-qra-ye, resurrection of 

Jehovah, 1 Chron. ii. 41 
Jekameam, I-q-m-om, vengeance of the 

people, 1 Chron. xxiii. 19 
Jekuthiel,I-q-ut-yal, Almighty my hope 
Jemima, I-mi-me, handsome as the 

day, Job xliii. 14 
Jemini, Im-in-i, of my sorrow, a con- 
traction of Benjamin, 1 Sam. ix. 1 
Jephthah, Ip-th, Jehovah opens, Jud. 

xi. 1, 2 
Jephunneh, Ip-ne, that beholds. Num. 

xi i. 6 
Jerah, I-rh, to scent Gen. x. 26 
Jerahmeel, Ir-h-mal, mercy of the 

Almighty, 1 Chron. xxiv. 20 

Jeremai, Ir-mi, my elevation, Ez 

X. 33 
Jeremiah, Ir-my-e, grandeur of Jeho- 
vah, Jer. L 1 
Jeriah, Ir-ye-u, fear of Jehovah, 

1 Chron. xxiii. 19 
Jerebia, I-ri-bi, that pleads, 1 Chron. 

xi. 36 
Jericho, Ir-hu, city of palm-tlrees, Deut. 

xxxiv. 3 
Jericon, Mi-Eirqun, the waters of Jer- 

con, Josh. xix. 46 
Jeriel, Ir-yal, vision of the Almighty, 

1 Chron. vii. 2 
Jerimoth, Ir-mut, sight of death, 

1 Chron. vii. 8 
Jerioth,Ir-yout, confused cries, 1 Chron. 

ii. 18 
Jeroboam, Ir-b-om, that multiplies the 

people, 1 Kings xi. 29 
Jeroham, I-rem, well-beloved, 1 Chron. 

vi. 27 
Jerubbaal, Ir-bol, let Baal defend his 

cause, Jud. vi 31 
Jerubesheth, Ir-b-st, let shame defend 

Jeruel, Ir-wal,fear of God, 2 Cor. 20,26 
Jerusalem, J-ru-s-lm, vision of peace. 

Josh. X. 1 
Jerusha, Ir-u-se, possesses the inherit- 
ance, 2 Kings XV. 33 
Jesiah, Is-a-ye, salvation of Jehovah, 

1 Chron. hi. 21 
Jeshaiah, I-so-ye-u, salvation of Jeho- 
vah, 1 Chron. xxv. 3 
Jeshana, Is-ne, gift of grace. Num. 

xxiv. 4 
Jesharelah, Isral-e, that prevails with 

God, 1 Chron. xxv. 14 
Jeshebiab, Isbab, return of the father, 

1 Chron. xxiv. 13 
Jesher, I-sr, equitable, 1 Chron. ii. 18 
Jeshimon, Is-i-mun, solitude, 1 Sam. 

Jeshishai,I-si-si, ancient, 1 Chron. iv. 14 
Jeshohaiah, I-su-h-ye, "Jab, that 

humbles," 1 Chron. iv. 36 
Jeshua, Is-wo, Saviour, Joshua, i. 1 
Jeshui, I-su-o, my Saviour, 1 Sam. 

xiv. 49 
Jeshurun, Isrun, fat, Deut. xxxiii. 26 
Jesimiel, I-sim-yal, God has named me, 

1 Chron. iv. 36 
Jesse, Is-i, who is, Ruth iv. 17 
Jesui, Is-wi, who is equal. Gen. xlvi. 17 
Jesus, lawo, delivereth, Luke i. 28 
Jether, I-tr, excels, Jud. viii ^o 





Jetheth, It-t, he that gives. Gen. 

xxxvi. 40 
Jethlah, At-le, assembled, Jos. xix. 42 
Jethro, I-t-ru, his excellence, Exod. 

xviiL 11 
Jetur, I-fur, that keepeth, Gen. xxv. 15 
Jeael, Yowal, taken of God, 1 Chron. 

ix. 6 
Jeush, Y-o-us, gnawed by moths, Gen. 

XXX vl 18 
Jeuz, Yo-uj, of wood, 1 Chron. viii. 10 
Jew, Y-eu-di, ide, my praise, E-t. ii. ^ 
Jewel, k-le, nzm 
Jewels, k-le, vgl, n-zm, a-np, 
Jezaniah, Y-az-ne, Jehovah hears, Jer. 

xlii. 1 
Jezebel, Azbl, woe to the dwelling, 

2 Kings ix. 37 
Jezer, Ijr, in pain. Gen. xlvi. 24 
Jeziel, Izyal, sprinkling of God, 

1 Chroa xii. 3 
Jeroar. Jhr, bright, wljite, 1 Chron. iv. t 
Jezra, Ihzre, brought baik, Neh. xi. 13 
Jezrahiah, Izrhye, brightness of Jeho- 
vah, Neh. xii. 42 
Jezreel,IzroaJ, seed of God, Josh. xv. 56 
Jibsam, Ibsm, fragrant, 1 Chron. viL 2 
Jidlaph,Idlp, joined handSjGen. xxii. 22 
Jephtah, Ipth, that opens, Josh. xv. 43 
Jiphtah-el, Ipthal, God opens, Josh. 

xix. 4 
Joab, Yuab, Jehovah, father, 2 Sam. 

ii. 13 
If, am, au-li, au, asr, en, ki, lu, o-qb 
If so be, aul 

Igal, Igal, one redeemed. Num. xiii. 7 
Igdaliah, Igdlyeu,grandeur of Jab, Jer. 

XXXV. 4 
Igeal, Igal, redeemer, 1 Chron. iii. 22 
Ignominy, qlun 
Ignorance, gsge, sgg, sge 
Ignorantly, bli, ido 
]je-Abarim, Oyie-Obrim, hills of the 

pilgrims. Num. xxi. 11 
lim, Oyim, hills, Num. xzxiil 45 
111, rwo 
Ill-go, Iro 
lil-fkvoured, rae 
Ill-favouredness, tar 
Ill-savour, jhn, 
111, went, iro 
Island, ai 
Image, tmune, vml, ijb, mun, pvl, jlm, 

ske, trp 
Image w©rk, jo-jo 
Images, hmm, ojb 
Imagine, ege, ett, hmv, hsb 

Imagination, ijr, sur 

Imagined, hsb, ijr 

Imagination, ijr 

Imbaim, hnf, to sweeten 

Imbalmed, those which are, ehn-fim, 

Gen. 1. 3 
Imbaim. to, Ihnf 
Imbalmed, and they, wihnfu 
Immanuel, Omnwal, God with us, of 

might, Isa. vii 14 
Imnah, Imhe, His right hand, (Jen. 
^ xlvi 17 

Ijon, Oyun, eyes, Ezk. xlviil 1 
Ikkesh, Oqs, wicked, 2 Sam. xxiii 26 
Ilai, Oli, He above, 1 Chron. xi. 29 
Imlah,Imle, plentitude,l Kings xxii. 18 
Immer, Amr, that speaks, Ez. ii 37 
Impaired, die 
Impelled, ndh 
Impious, blyol 
Imposed, etl 

Impoverished, rus, dll, vkn 
Impressed, ktm 
Imprisoned, avr 

Impudent, hzq, mje, ozz, pne, qse 
Impute, hsb, sum 
In, ale, at, b, bd, bin, en, 1-mu, om 

qrb, tuk, tht 
Inasmuch, ki 
In the very, di 

In the way, olpi, Prov. xxii. 6 
In thy prophets, id 
Imrah, Imre, rebel, 1 Chron. vii. 36 
Imri, Amri, my speech, Neh. iii. 2 
Incense, Ibn, qfr, qfrt 
Incantation, hbr 
Inchantments, lbs, to mutter 
Inchants, Ifm, secrets 
Inchants, ksp, ledgerdemain 
Inchantments, hbr, to tame, bind, 

Inchantments, let, flame 
Inchantments, luf, covered, hid 
Inchantments, nhs, serpents 
Incision, srft 
Incited, ndh 
Incline, nfe, qsb 
Inclineth, suh, shh 
Inclined, nfe, suh 

Inclosed, vgr, rbe, gdr, iqp, ktr, nol, vbb 
Increase, bwa, rbe 
Increase, and the, nub 
Increase, her, ibl 
Increase, shall, ibul, ivp, tnube 
Increased, ivf, rbe, elk, ole, prj, rbb 
Incurable, ain, ans, anus, rpa 
Indebted, hub, asm 


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India, Edu, beautiful, Eater i, 1 

Indeed, amnm, amne, abl, ak, amn 

Indignation, zom 

Industrious, lak, ose 

Infamy, nble 

Infamous, fma, sm 

Infant, oil, oul 

Inferior, (jfn, npl, ro 

Infinite, am, vpr, qjj, q je 

Infirmity, hli, dwe 

Infirmity, my, hll, hie 

Inflamed, dlq, hre 

Inflammation, jrbt 

Informed, smo 

Inhabit, isb, skn 

Inhabitant, tusb, gur, ngr, isb 

Inhabitstnts, isb, dur 

Inhabited, gzr, isb, skn, sub 

Inhabiteth, ish 

Inheritance, nhle, irse, hll 

Inheritance, mine, hlq 

Inherited, irs, nhl 

Iniquity, aun,ewe,owe, oun, oul, oral,rso 

Iniquities, dbr, owe 

Injustice, oul, oule 

Ink, dyu, sufficiency 

Inkhorn, qvt, divination 

Inn, mlun, to eat, stay all night 

Inner, hdr, pne 

Innocence, nqyun 

Innocent, nqi, jdiq 

Innumerable, od-ain-mypr 

Inquired, sal, dus, hqr, bqr, boe 

Inquisition, bqs, drs 

Inscribed, ktb 

Inside, pnime 

Instant, pto, rgo 

Instead, tht 

Instruct, bin, ivd, Ind, ski 

Instructed, bin, ido, ivr, ire, liud, sur 

Instruction, ivr, muvr 

Instrument, huj, kle, kli, mrg, osr 

Instruments, hll, hrj, id, kle, min, mrg, 
ngh, sdd, sis, dhe 

Insurrection, tlune, rgs, nsa 

Integrity, isr, tmm 

Intended, hsb, izm 

Intent, obr, dbr 

Interceded, pU, hnn, otr 

Intercession, thne, pgo 

Intermeddle, i-to-rb 

Intermeddled, glo 

Intermission, puge 

Intermitted, pug 

Interpret, ptr 

Interpretation, luj, psr, ptrun, sbr 

Interpreted, ptr, trgm 

Interpreter, ptr, luj, mlyo 

Into, al, ale, at, b, bmu, e, 1, mu, od, 

ole, tuk 
Intoxicated, skr, vba 
Intreat, hie, otr, pgo, pU 
Intreated, hie, hnn, rwo, otr, pgo 
Intreaty, otr 
Intreaties, dbr, hn 
Inundation, zrm 
Invade, bwa, ndd 
Invaded, bwa, psf, gdd 
Inveighled, pth 
Invented, mja 
Inventions, zmm, hsb, oil 
Invited, qra 
Invoked, ^ra 
Inward, bit, hdd, mte, mud, qrb, tuh, 

tuk, zbr 
Joachin, Yewikin, Jehovah of strength, 

2 Chron. xxxvi. 9, 2 Kings xxiv. 8 
Joah, Ywah, the Lord's* brother, 1 

Chron. vi. 21 

2 Kings xxiil 34 
Joanna, Yeuhne, Jehovah, mercy, Luke 

iii. 8 
Joash,Yuas,Jehovah*8 fire, 2 Kings xi. 2 
Job, Ayub, swollen, weeping, Job i. 1 
Jobab, Yubb, tilled with grief. Gen. 

xxxvi. 33 
Jochebed,Yukbd, Jehovah-glory, Ex ii. 1 
Joed, Yuod. Jehovah's testimony, Neh. 

xi. 7 
Joel, Yual, Jehovah-God, Joel i. 1 
Joelah, Ywoale, Jehovah above, the Al- 
mighty, 1 Chron. xii. 7 
Joezer, Yuozr, Jehovah helps, 1 Chron, 

xii. 6 
Jogbehah, Igbhe, exalt Jehovah, Num. 

xxxii. 35 
Jogli, Igli, great joy. Num. xxxiv. 22 
Johah, Yuha,Lord of life, 1 Chron. xi. 45 
Johannan, Yuenn, beneficent Jehovah, 

Jer. xii. 15 
John,Yeuhne,Jehovah of mercy, John i.6 
Joiadah, Yewido, Jehovah-knowledge 
Joirib,Yuirib, great Jehovah, Neh.xii.6 
Joint, hbrt, mhbrt 
Joined, hbr, Iwe 
Jokdeam, Iqdora, depression of the 

people, Jos. XV.- 66 
JoKmeam, Iqmom, resurrection of the 

people, 1 Chron. vi. 68 
Jokneam, Iqnom, possession of the 

people, 1 Kings iv. 12 
Jokshan, Iqsn, a good prize, Gen. xxv. 2 
I Joktan, Iqfn, full store. Gen. x. 25 






Jokthee1,Iqtal, church of €rod,Jos.xv.38 
Jonadab, Yundb, acts earnestly, 2 

Sam. xiii. 3 
Jonah, Yune, mournful dove, Jonah 

i. 1 
Joppa, Ipu, fair, beauty, Jos. xix. 40 
Jora, Yure, Grod sees, 1 Chron. v. 13 
Jorai, Yari, my God sees, 1 Chron. v. 13 
Joram,Yurm, high Lord, 2 Sam.viii. 10 
Jordan, Irdan, spruig or river of judg- 

ment,i8 sixty feet wide, rapid stream, 

Jos. lY. 1 
Jorim, Yerum, exalt the Lord, Luke 

iii. 29 
Jorqoam, Ir^m, armour of the people, 

1 Chron. ii.44 
Joseph, Yuvp, increase, fruitful, a fruit- 
ful bough by a well, Gren. xlix. 22 
Joshabad, Yuzbd, endowed of the 

Lord, 1 Chron. xii 14 
Joshah, Yu^e, Who is, 1 Chron. iv. 34 
Joshbekashah, Isbqse, he that inform 

self, 1 Cbron. xxv. 4 
Joshariah, Yuswle, Jehovah equity 
Joshibiah, Yusbye, Jehovah abides, 1 

Chron. iv. 35 
Joshuah, Yeuso^ Jehovah Saviour, 

Ex. xxii. 17 
Josiah, Yasyeu, Jehovah-glory,2 Kings 

Josiphiah, Yuvpye, Jehovah-increase, 

Ez. viii. 10 
Jotbah, Ifbe, good doer, 2 Kings xxi. 19 
Jotbathah, Ifbe or Ifbte, a good daugh- 
ter. Num. xxiii. 34 
Jotham, Yutm, Jehovah perfect, Jud- 

Journey, drk, arh, melk, elk, nvo 
Journeyed, nvo, ose 
Joy, smhe, ssun, msui^ gil, gile, gul, 

mn, sus, smh 
Joy, for, tub, ndd, ruo 
Joy, into, duj, pjh 
Joy, the, hre 
Joy, with, hre 

Joyful, gul, fub, oln, ruo,mn, smk 
Jom, hbr, ivp, Iwe, ngo, vkvk, qrb 
Joined, qhr, rbq, hbr, hrk, ihd, Iwe, vpe, 

ork, jmr, qfr, huf 
Joined battle, nfs 
Joined together, hbr, qsr 
Joint, iqo, mod, prr 
Joints, dbq, hmq, qfr 
lozachar, Yuzkr, remembers, 2 Kings 

xii. 21 
Iphedeiah, Ipdye, Jehovah redemption, 

1 Chron. viii. 25 

Ira,Oira, mount of vision, 1 Chron. viL 12 
L*-melach, Woir-emlh, city of salt, 

Jos. XV. 62 
Ir-nahash, Oir-nhs, city of the serpent, 

1 Chron. iv. 12 
Iir,-8hemesh,Woir-sms, city of the solar 

light, not the sun, literally of the 

servers, Jos. xix. 41 
Ir-tamarim, Oir-etmrim, city of palm- 
trees, Deut. xxxiv. 3 
Irad^Oird, wild ass, the zebra. Glen. iv. 

Iram, Oirm, their city, Gen xxxvi 43 
Iri, Oiri, my city, 1 Chron. vii. 7 
Iri-jah, fear Jehovah, Jer. xxxvii. 13 
Iris, Oir, gathered, a vision, the riun- 

bow. Rev. iv. S 
Iron, iraun, strong, lit, rejects force, 

Jos. xix. 38 
Irpeel, Irpal, comfort of God, Jos. xviii. 

Iru, Yorwale, fear of God, 1 Chron. iv. 

Is, hia, eye, ise* 
Isaac, Ijhq, or Iskq, laugh, delighted, 

joy of hope. Gen. xviL 17, xviii. 12 
Irritated, kov 

Isaiah, Isoyeu, Saviour, Jehovah 
Iscah, Ivke, he that anoints. Gen. xx. 

Iscariot, Ais-krt, a man that cuts off, 

a murderer, John 
Iscarioth, Uqri-ut, a dwelling, Jos. xv. 

Ishabah, Isbe, tranquillity, 1 Chron. 

iv. 7 
Ishbak, Isbq, forsaken. Gen. xxv. 2 
Ishbi-benob, Isbi-bnwib, sits in the 

prophecy, a mountain of a mao, 

2 Sam. xxi. 16 

Ishbosheth, Ais-bst, man of delay, 

2 Sam. ii. 8 
Ishmael, Ismoal, heard of Grod, Gren. 

xvi 1 
Ishmaiah, Ismoyeu, heard of Jehovah, 

1 Chron. xxvii. 19 

Ishmariah, Ismii, guardian, 1 Chron. 

viii. 18 
Ishpan, Ispn, hidden, rabbit, 1 Chron. 

viii. -22 
Ishtob, Aisfub, good man, 2 Sam. x. 6 
Ishuah, Is we, a Saviour, Gren. xlvi. 17 
Islaud, ai 
ismachiah,Ivmkyeu, united to Jehovah, 

2 Chron. xxxi. 13 

Ismaiah, ismoye, joined to the Lord, 
1 Ihron. xii. 4 


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Ispah. Igpa, jasper, a transparent gem, 

with prismatic tints 
Israel, Isral, prince of God, Gen. xxxii.l 
Israelite, Isral, Num. xxv 14 
Israelites, Isral, Exod. ix. 7 
Issachar, I.skr, man of payment, Gen. 

XXX. 14 
Issue, zub, zrm, ilk, jpo, qur 
Issued, jja, ngd, zub 
It, ewa, eya, atu, ate, at, ewa 
Itch, shin 
Ithamar, Aitmar, woe in change, 1 

Kings ii. 27 ^ 
Ithiel, Aityal, coming God, Neh. xl 7 
Ithlah. Itle, gathered, Jos. xix. 42 
Ithmfeh, Itme, perfection, 1 Chron. xi. 

Ithnan, Itnn, reward, Jos. xy. 23 
Ithream, Itrom, admired of people, 

1 Chron. iii. 8 
Ithran, Itrn, excels, 1 Chron. vii. 37 
Ithrite, Itri, my beauty, 1 Chron. il 

Itah kazin, Ite-Qujin, now a prince, 

Jos. xix. 13 
Ittai, Yaiti, who comes, 1 Chron. xi. 31 
Iturea, Ifur, a country of mountains. 

Gen. XXV. 15 
Irah, Owe, overturned, 2 Kings xviii. 

Jubal, Yubl, flowing stream, Gren. iv, 
21 V 

Jubilee, yubl, ibl, ruo, they shall be 

brought, return, go forth. Lev. xxv. 

Judah, Yeude, praise Jehovah, Gen. 

xlix. 9 
Judge, supf, ale, dun, pll 
Judged, spfan, dun, npl 
Judges, ale, adrg, dun 
Judgment, mvpf, impartial conviction 

of mind, Deut. i. 17 
Judgment, dun, fom, pll 
Judgment, do, qqd 
Judgment, executed, pll 
Judgment, gave, dbr 
Judgment, in, mdn, pll 
Judgment, in the, dbr 
Judicial, plili 
Jug, jpht, bqbq 
Juice, msre 
Juniper, rtm 
Ivory, sn, snebim 
Just, isr, jdiq, Jdq 
Justice, jdqe, jdq 
Justified, jdq 
Justle, suq, sqq 
Jushabhesed, Yusb-hrd, seat of mercy, 

1 Chron. iii. 20 
Juttah, Yufe, weak, Jos. xv. 23 
Izhar, Ijer, oil, Exod. vi. 18 
Izhari, Ijri, my light, 1 Chron. xxiv 22 
Izliah, Izlyae, laborious 
Izrahaiah, Izrhye, glory of Jehorah, 

Ezra vii. 4 
Izri, Ijri, my light, 1 Chron. xxv. 11 


KAB, Eqb, a measure, one-eighteenth 

of an epha, over three pints, 2 Kings 

vi. 25 
Kabzeel, Qbjal, Church of God, Jos. 

XV. 21 
Kadish, Qds, holy, Gen. xx. 1 
Kadish-barnea, Qds-brno, beauty of 

holiness, Gen. xiv. 7 
Kadmiel, Qdm-al, my rising God, Ezra 

ii. 40 
Kadmonites, Qdmni, Gen. xv. 19 
Kadumim, Qdumim, eastern waters, or 

sea, Jud. v. 21 
Kain, Eqin, enjoyment, Jos. xv. 67 
Kallai, Qli, a voice, Neh. xii. 20 
Kanna, Que, a reed or cane, brook, 

Jos. xvii. 9 
ICapliarsalama, Kpr-slm, city of peace 
Karaites, Qrt 
Karkaa, Qrque, cover from cold, Jos. 

XV 13 

Karkor, Qrqr, close hidden, Jud. viii. 10 
Kartah, Qrte, invoked, vanity, Jos. 

xxi. 32 
Kartan, Qrtn, invoked, serpent, Jos. 

xxi. 32 
Kasbon, Hsbun, industry, Jos. xiii. 17 
Kasib, Kzib, olive trees, Gen. xxxviii. 5 
Kattath, Qft, burning, Jos. xix. 15 
Kedar, Qdr, blackness, laa. xvi. 17 
Kedem, Qdm, east, before, Gen. xi. 1 
Kedemah,Qdme, eastward,Gen. xxv. 16 
Kedemoth, Qdmut, quiet, east, Deut. 

ii. 26 
Kedish, Qds, holy, Jos. xv. 23 
Kedish-Napthali, Qds-Nptli, holy ar- 
dour, wrestling, Jos. xix. 17 
Keep, hgg, nfr, njr, ose, smr 
Keep, but, mno 
Keep, could, odr 
Keep alive, hye 
Keep back, mno 


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Keep therefore, rhq 

Keep fast, dbq 

Keep himself, dbq 

Keep it holy, Iqdsu, Exod. xx. 8 

Keep me secret, str 

Keep rank, odr 

Keep silence, dmra, eve, hrs, hse 

Keep still, ojr 

Keep them, jpn 

Keep under, kbs 

Keep, shall, hgg 

Keep, shalt, obr 

Keep, to, hgg, isb, pqd 

Keep, will, ijr 

Keep, would, vtr 

Keep back, gro, hsk 

Keeper, smr, nfr, njr, roe, sur 

Keepers, nfr 

Keepeth, npl, roe, sbh 

Keepeth at home, nye 

Keepeth back, nino 

Keepeth silence, dmm 

Keeping, roe 

Kept, smr, nfr, njr, ose, sbh, obd 

Kept, been, ojr 

Kept, hast, bye, kla 

Kept, hath, hsk 

Kept, I, ajl, nfr 

Kept, is, qds 

Kept alive, mee 

Kept close, vtr 

Kept fast, dbq 

Kept himself, qjr 

Kept me back, mno 

Kept silence, dmm, hrs 

Kept, shall be, avr 

Kept, she, roe 

Kept that, hgg 

Kehelathah, Qelte, assembly. Num. 

xxxiiii. 2 
Keilah, Qoile, cuts asunder, Jos. xv. 44 
Kelaiah, Qlye, voice of Jehovah, Ez. 

X. 23 
Kelitah. Qlife, retreat. Ez. x. 23 
Kemuel, Qmyal, God is risen, Gen. 

xxii. 21 
Kenath, Qnt, posse8sion,Num, xxxii.42 
Kenaz, Quz, this nest, Jud. i. 13 
Keni, Qui, my own, Jud, i. 16 
Kenites, Qui, my purchase. Num. 

xxiv. 21 
Kenizzitea, Qnzi, wealthy, Gen. xv. 19 
Kerem, Krm on whom wrath, cursed 
Kerioth, Qryut, depressed cities, Jos. 

XV. 23 
Keroes, Qruv, despised, Ez. xi. 44 
Kesitali, Qsife, lamb, a piece of silver 

coin bearing impression of a lamb, 
Gen. xxiii. 19, Job xli. 11 
Keturah, Qfure, perfumed. Gen. xxr. 1 
Key, Mpth, open, loose, Isa. xxii. 22 
Kezia, Qjyoe, fragrant. Job xlii. 14 
Keziz, Qjij, cut off, Jos. xviii. 21 
Hiberath-haaretz, Hbrt-arj, plough 

land. Gen. xlviii. 7 
Kiberoth-avah, Obrut-etawe, graves of 

lust. Num. xi. 34 
Kibzaim, Qbjim, two assemblies, Jos. 

xxi. 19 
Kid, gdi, soir, sor, oz 
Kids, bne, gde 
Kidneys, klyut 
Kidron,Qudiun, obscure, dark, 2 Kings 

xxiii. 4 
Kikajon, Qiqiun, gourd, melon, summer 

fruit, aqueous, Jon, iv. 6 
Kilmad, Klmd, strong fort, Ezk. xxvii. 

Kill, erg, hll, mut, rjh, shf 

Kill, and, fbh, nke 

Kill him, nke 

Kill thee, lergp, 1 Sam. xxiv. 10 

Kill, let them, nqp 

Kill, mayest, Ibh 

Eall, should, nke 

Kill, to, nke 

Kill, ye, zbh 

Killed, erg, nke, rjh, zbh, fbh, mut 

Killedst, thou, ergt, Exod. ii. 14 

Killeth, erg 

Killing, erg 

Km, and, kain, bsr, gal, qrb, sar, qin. 
Num. xxiv. 22 

Kinab, Qine, possession, Jos. xv. 22 

Kind, kla, min, hvid 

Kinds, min, sph 

Kinds, divers and, zun 

Kindle, aur. bor, dlq, hdr, ijt, iqd, qdh, 

Kindled, bor, ijt, qdh, ole, hre, kmr, 
nsq, serp 

Kindieth, lef, nsq 

Kin«ily, fub, Ibb 

Kindness, hvd, fub 

Kindness, loving, ehvd, Jer. xvi. 5 

Kindnesses, loving hvdi, Isa Ixiii. 7 

Kindred, muldt, sph, ahe, ild 

King, mlk, take counsel 

Kings, mlki-kia 

Kings, my, mlki 

King, his, mlki 

Kings, her, mlkv 

Kin;^8, their, mlk-vem 

Kings, your, rolkitm 


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Ktugsi, our, mlkinu 

Kingdom, a, mlkiut-at-te 

KiDgdom, his, mlkate 

Kingdom, his, mikutu 

Kingdom, my, mlkuti 

Kingdom, thy, mlkutk-tk, ti 

Kingdom, their, mlkutm 

Kingdoms, the, mlkikm 

Kingly, mlkut 

Kinoth, Qiuut, lamentation, 2 Chron. 
xxxv. 25 

Kinsfolks, gal, ido 

Kinsman, gal, sar, mudo, ido, sar 

Kinswoman, sare, ido. sar 

Kir, Qir, brick buildings, Isa. xv. 1 

Kir-hareseth, Qir=hr8t, brick-built 
city, Isa. xvi. 11 

Kiriath, Qrit, two preaching stations, 
Jos. XV. 25 

Kirjath, Qryut, city that continues, Jer. 
xlviil 24 

Kiriathaim, Qritm, two preaching 
cities beyond Jordan, Jos. xiii. 19 

Kirjathaim, city of assembly, Jos. xxi. 

Kiriath-Arba, Qrit=arbo, the city of 
four, said to be the place where 
Adam, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob 
were entombed; a city of Judah 
called Hebron, Gten. xxiii. 2, Jos. 
XX. 7 

Kiriath arim, Qrt-orim, city of those on 
watch, Ezra ii. 25 

Kiriath-baal, Qrit-bol, possession of a 
lord or husband, Jos. xv. 60 

Kiriath-huzoth, Qrit-hjut, city of 
squares. Num. xxii. 39 

Kiriath-jearim, Qrit-orim, city of for- 
ests, Jos. XV. 9 

Kiriath-sannah, Qrit-vne, city of the 
bush, lowly, Jos. xv. 49 

Kiriath-sepher, Qrit-vpr, city of the 
book, Jud. i. 11 

Kirjath-aepher, city of the oracle, or 

learning of records. This indicates 

that letter-writing was known before 

the giving of the law, Jos. xv. 15 

Kish, Qis, hard, 1 Sam. ix. 1 

Kishan, Qisun, a meandering brook, 

Jud. V. 21 
Kiss, nsiqe, to be joined, blended, assi- 
milated, fixed, inseparable, mingling 
of friendly afi'ectiou, reverence, obe- 
dience, union of hearts and souls 

Kiss, shall my people, isq, Gren. xli 40 

Kiss the son, nsqu, Ps. ii. 12 

Kiss, shall, isq, Prov. xxiv. 26 

Kiss, let him me, isqni. Cant. I 2 

Kiss, let; isqun, Hos. xiiL 2 

Kiss, to Insq, Gen. xxxi. 

Kiss, let me, asqe, 1 Kings xix. 20 

Kiss, and, usqe, Gen. xxvii. 26 

Kiss, thee I would, asqk. Cant. viii. 1 

Kissed, hath, nsq, 1 Kings xix. 18 

Kissed, and, unsq, 2 Sam. xv. 5 

Kissed, have, nsqu, Ps. Ixxxv. 10 

Kissed, and he, wisq, Gren. xxvii. 27 

Kissed him, and, wisqeu Gen. x xxiii. 4 

Kissed, she then, ulsq, Ruth i. 9 

Kissed, they and, wisqu, 2 Sam. xx. 41 

Kissed, he, winsq, Gen. xlv. 15 

Kisses, the, nsiqut, Prov. xxvii. 6 

Kisses, with the, mnsiqut, Can. i. 2 

Kite, (lae, fly swift and high, Lev. xi. 14 

Kithlish,Ktlis, troop of lions, Jos xv. 40 

Kithron, Qfrun, to perfume, Jud. i. 30 

Kittim, Ktim, who have gold, Gen. x. 4 

Kneaded, lus, ong 

Knee, brk 

Knees, brk, rkb 

Knelt, kro 

Knew, ido, nkr 

Knewest, ido 

Knife, akl, hrb, skn, mhlp 

Knives, akl, hip, hrb 

Knit, ihd, qsr 

Knit together, hbr 

Knocked, dpq, elm 

Knob, kptur, pqo 

Knops, Pqo-kptur 

Know, ido, nkr 

Know, shouldest, bin 

Know, would, nkr 

Knowledge, dot, doe, mdo, ido, ski, 

bin, nkr, oin 
Known, iro, nkr 

Koath, Qet, congregation, Exod. vi. 18 
Koeleth, Qelt, a preacher, Eccl. i. 1 
Kolaiah, QuUh, voice of Jehovah, Jer. 

xxix. 21 
Korah, Qre, appointed, Exod. vi. 21 
Kore, Qura, that calls, 1 Chron. ix. 19 
Korites, Qrtim, appointed 
Kozebah,Kzbrt, forsaken, 1 Chron. i v. 22 
Kushaiah, Qus) eu, importuneth Jeho- 
vah, a Levite of Marari, a chief 
singer, he stood before the ark, 
1 Chron. vi. 44 


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LAADAH, Lode, for ornament, 

1 Chron. It. 24 
Laadan, Lodn, for pleasure, 1 Chron. 

xxxiii. 7 
Laban, Lbn, white moon, Gen. xviil 
Labour, frh, igio, olra, obude, igo, id, 

ild, lak. obd, oral, ojb, ose, pol auj, guh 
Laboured, obd, oml, igo, frh 
Labours, igo 
Lack, hvd, rus 
Lacked, hrr, odr, pqd 
Lacketh, hmr, pqd 
Lacking, odr, qlf, sbt 
Lackish, Lkis, of himself is, Jos. x. 23 
Liid, nor 
Ladder, vim 

Lael, lal, to Almighty, Gen. xxiv. 1, 3 
Lade, fon 
Laded, nas 
Laden, kbd, ns-a 
Ladj, gbrt, to prevail, exceed, superior, 

strengthen, establish, confirm, Isa. 

xlvii. 5, 7 
Ladies, srut, Estr, i. 18 
Ladies, smt, princess, 1 Kings xi 3 
Lahad, Led, to praise 
Lahmi, Lhmi, my bread 
Lahmas, Lemm, their bread, Jos. xv. 40 
Laish, Lise, lioness, Jud. xviii. 29 
Lisha, Lise, dwelling, Isa. x. 30 
Lakum, Lqum, e8tablished,Josh.xix. 33 
Lamb, fla, spotted 
Lamb, fle, coloured, Isa. Ixv. 25 
Lamb, klw, weaned. Lev. iii. 7 
Lamb, kr, round, from their play of 

running in circles and jumping 

round, a motion peculiar to lamb^ 

Isa. xvi. 1 
Lamb, ksb, owned, captive, Lev. v. 6 
Lamb, amr, commanded, Ez. vi. 17 
Lamb, se, brought in. Gen. xxi*. 7 
Lamb, hlb, sucking, 1 Sam. vii 9 
Lambs, krim, pasture round 
Lambs, qsife, a silver coin 
Lame, pvh. nke, rglim 
Lamach, Lmk, poor, low. Gen. iv. 18 
Lament, abl, nee, vpd 
Lamented, vpd, qun, bke, nee 
Lamentation, qine, mvpd, bki 
Lamma, Lme, wherefore 
Lamnatzeach, Lmujh, that presides, 

title, Ps. xi. 
Lamp, ronure, Ipd, nur 
Lance, kidun 
Land, arj, adm, hlq, ibs, sah 

Land, barren, salt land, mlhe, Jer xriL 6 

Land, dry, ehrbe. Hag. IL 6 

Land, dry, Exod. xiv. 21 

Land, his own, admtu, Proy. xiL 11 

Land, in the, badme, Deut xxL 1 

Land of Egypt, admt. Gen. xlviL 20 

Lands, our, wadmtnu. Cren. xlviL 18 

Language, spe, sentiment 

lip, bspe, shoot out, Ps. xxlL 7 ; vpb^ 
brink. Gen. xli. 3; spt, bank ti^ 
xll 17 ; spe, by the side, Jo^ xii. 2 ; 
spt, the brim, 1 Kings viL 26; Spta« 
the border thereof, Exod. xxviii. 26. 
It 13 to be regretted that this word 
is sometimes translated language; 
it should in all cases have been the 
sentiment. Lip is principle nol 
utterance simply, but carries judg- 
ment Tongue is the synome of 
language. Lsn, the tongue. ''By 
these were the isles of the Gentiles 
divided into their lands, every maa 
after his Isnu, tongue," Cren. x. 5. 
** Whoso privily slandereth his neigli- 
hour.'' Heb. Lnsni, who tongueUi, 
Ps. ci 1. " Moses said to JeUoyah, 
O, my Adoni, I am not eloquent. 
Heb. La ais debrim,'' not % man of 
words, but am slow of speech. Heb, 
ukbd Isun anki, heavy of tongue, 
Exod. iv. 10 

Language, Isun, an evil speaker, anuui 
of tongue, Ps. cxL 11 

Language, ukun, and a tongue, ProT. 
XXV. 15 

Language, blsun, Jer. xviiL 18 

Language, ublsun, Isa. xxviiL 11 

Language, mlsun, Ps. cxx. 2 

Lapidoth, Lpidut, bright eyes, Jud. ir. 

Lapwing, eduk-ipt, Lev. xL 9 

Large, rhbe, id, rup, rub 

Last, ahrum, ahr, oqb 

Lasting, aitn, qdm 

Lately, ams 

Lather, ahr, Ifs 

Lattice, sbke, hrk 

Laugh,log. ghq, shq 

Laughed, shq, ghq 

Laughter, jhuq, shuq 

Lavished, zul 

Law, ture, dt, ide 

Lawful, jdq. slf 

Lawgiver, mhnqq 

Lay, ntn, vmk, qrb, sum, sut, skb^ sle 






Lay, and, inh, ivd, orq, skn, sam 

Lay, each, rbj 

Lay, he, isb 

Lay along, npl 

Lay all Dight, lur 

Lay away, Yur 

Lay dead, npl 

Lay down, nfe, rbj 

Lay hold, ahz, hzq, ips 

Lay low, spl 

Lay siege, jur 

Lay sore, juq 

Layup, inhjjbr.jpn 

Lay wait, arb, Bur 

Lay waste, sae 

Lay many, ijo 

Lay, shall, inh, ind, nuh, ntn, ork, sle 

Lay to, ivd 

Lay, will, rhj 

Laid, fmn, ivd, ire, nsa, ntn, vmk, inh 

Laid, and, skb, ijb, sum 

Laid, had, vmk 

Laid, have, isq, swe, slh 

Laid heavily, ekdt, Is. xlvii. 6 

Laid the beams, qre 

Lfud them waste, nse 

liaid to my charge, sal 

Laid waste, asm, dme 

Laid strongly, vbl 

Lasha, Iso, pleasant. Gen. x. 19 

Lazarus, Alozr, help of God, Luke 

xvi. 19 
Leah, Lah, weary, €ren. xxix. 23 
Ijeaven, sar, Ex. xiL 15 
Lebanah, Lbne, white, Ez. ii. 45 
Lebanon, Lbnnun, incense, 1 Kings v. 9 
Lebaoth, Ibaut, lions, courage, Jos. xix. 
Lebbeus, Lbb, man of heart 
Lebueh, lbne, masn, white, Jos. xv. 42 
Lecah, Lke, the walks, 1 Chron. iv. 21 
Lead gently, nel 
Lead, I wiU, drk 
Lead away, neg 
Lead me, drk 
Lead them out, ija 
Lead, may, neg 
Lead, shall, ilk 
Lead to, ras 
Lead, which, asr 
Lead, would, neg 
Lea^r, ras, ngid. alup, qjin, ab, sr 
Leaders, asr, nga 
Leadeth, drk, i&, nel, nhe 
Leaf, frp, ole 
Leaves, irp, ope 

Leaves of door, dlt, jlo, qlo 
League, brt, hbr, hrt 
Lean, dll, dqq, rze, riq 
Lean-fleshed, bar 

Lean, waxed, irze, Is. xvii. 4, vmk,soii 
Leanness, rzi. Is. xxiv. 16 
Leanness, rzun, Ps. cvi. 15 
Leanness of fat ones, rzun. Is. x. 16 
Leanness of the people, rzun, Ftoy, 

xiv. 28 
Leanness of measure, rzun, Mich. vi. 10 
Leaned, vmk 
Leaneth, hzq 
Leap, dlq, znk, ntr, rqd 
Leap out, mlf 
Leap upon, ole 
Leap ye, ijd 
Leaped, dig, rj), ntr, qpj, vld, nze, rjd, 

Leaped upon, eolim. Gen. xxxi 10 
Leaping, dig, pzz 
Learn, alp, Imd 

Learned, alp, Imd, ido, nes, vpr 
Learning, Iqh, vpr 
Least, mof, jor, jrr, qfn 
Least, at the, au 
Leather, our, Gen. iii. 21 
Leave, ntn, sal, hdl, inh, 'jg, itr, ozb, 

sar, sum, sbq 
Leave, and, irs, sse 
Leave, I, rpe 
Leave, I will, nfh, nfs 
Leave thee, nqe 
Leave me, nfs 
Leave, shall, inh 
Leave, shall he ? fns, ntn 
Leave, would, nfs 
Leaveth, ozb 

Led. nhe, neg, drk, bwa, vbb 
Led, be, gle 
Led, hath, neg 
Led, have, gle, drk, ild 
Led, he, neg 

Led away, about, gle, vbb 
Led forth, ibl, drk 
Led thee, ilk 
Leddest, nhe 
Leddest out, ija 
Ledge, krbb 
Ledges, id, sib 
Leek, hjr, grass, hay 
Leeks, ehjir. Num. xi. 5 
Lees, smrim 
Left, azb, inh, itr, adm, ild, inh, itr, kle, 

sar, sbt, slh, srd 
Left, and, nfs, omd 
Left are, mja 


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Left, be, lun, sbq 

Left, he, hdl, rur 

Left bearin?, omd 

Left off, hd^ hrs, kle, otq 

Left imdone, tut 

Left, thou, Dfs 

Leftest, ozb 

Left hand, smal 

Left-handed, afr-id-imin 

Leg, irJt, sbl, la. xlvii. 2 

Legs, kroim, kra, iod, rgl, B\\g 

Lend, lue, nse, nak, ntn, obf 

Lender, ais, lue 

Lendeth, lue, nse 

Length, ark, ahr 

Lengthened, ark 

Leinitj, mrpa 

Lehabim, Lebim, flames, Nah. iiL 9 

Lehero, Lem, bread 

Lehi, Lei, jawbone, Jud. xv. 18 

Lemuel. Lmwal, with Grod, Prov. xxxL 4 

Lent, sal, Iwe, nse, nsk 

Lentils, Odsim 

Leopard, nmr. fierce, speckled, Isa. xi.6 

Leper, mjuro, Egyptian, enemy, dis- 
tressed, burning, incund>le, dissolr- 
ing, 2 Kings v. 1 

Leprous, jruo. Lev. xiiL 44 

Leprosy, uljrot, Ler. xir. 55 

Less, mff, mof, qfn 

Less than nothing, apv, m 

Lesser, se 

Lest, kl, 1% m, pun 

Lessened, mof, gro, dll, hor 

Let, ntn, pro, sub 

Let alone, hdl, inh, mlf, rpe, sut 

Let down, ilk, urd, nuh, nfe, rpe 

Let them down, slh 

Letter, a^r, he gathered, ypr, writing, 

nstun, description 
Letters, agr 
Letusliim, Lfusim, workers in brass 

and iron, Cren. xxt. 3 
Leviathan, Iwitn, double serpent, Isa. 

xxvii. 1 
LeTi, Lwi, joined. Gen. xxix. 34 
Lerites, Lwim, Num. iiL 9 
Lewdness, zmm, nbl 
Leummim, Lamim, Gentiles, Gen. xxr. 3 
Liar, kzb, ais 

Libanus, Lbnun, white, Zech. xi. 1 
liberal, brk, syo, ndb 
Liberality, ndbe 
Liberty, hpsi, drur, drr, hps, rhb 
Libnah, Lbue, whiteness, Isa. xr. 42 
Libnath, Lbnt, white, Jos. xix. 26 
Libni, Lbni, white, Num. iii. 8 

Lice,kimra» knim, settled, Exod. yiii. 

lick, ihk, Iqq 

Licked, Iqq 

Licked up, Jhk 

Lid, bdltu, 2 Kings xii. 9 

Lie, sqr, kzb, hue, luu 

Lie carnally, zro, ntn 

Lie down, npl, rbo, rbj 

Lie in ambush, arb 

Lie in wait, arb, jre 

Lie still, nfs 

Lie waste, hrb 

Lie with, zro, ntn, sgl 

Lied, skb, sqi, kzb 

Lien, ido, ntn 

Lien, with, ski 

Liers in ambush, arb 

Liers in wait, oqb 

lie&t, npl 

Lieth, pne, son 

Lieth down, bskbn, Ruth iii. 4 

Lieutenants, A-has-drp-ui, nobles of 
Persia, Est. iiL 12 

Life, hyim, bye, nps 

Life, king^, yum 

Life, long, oud 

Life, my, ojm 

lift, nsa, qum, rum 

Lift up, nup, nsa, ntn, jel 

lift us, was, gbe 

Lift us, will, qum 

Lifted, die, nsa, rum 

lifted up, nsa, nvv 

Lifted up, had, bwa 

lifted up hast, gbe 

lifted me up, die 

lifted up, they, ivp 


Ll-Jjt, am, maur, nge, snr, ner 

Ij^Ut, % nur 

Li^'lu, against, eze 

Light, the, ner 

Li'^Hit, Milt, aur 

Li^^ht, V, ole 

Li^'lit, not heavy, ql, ngle 

Li^bt, adj, phn 

Lig-hted, npX ole 

Lighted down, ird 

Lig^hteD, aur, ngh 

Lighteth, ole, mja 

L^hting, nuh, nht 

Li^iulj, mof, nbl, qll, qle » 

Lightness, phz, qui, qll 

Lightning, aur, bzq, hrz 

Lightnings, brq. Ipd 

L ghts, aur, sqp 


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Ligure, Lsm, a gem, a bright scarlet, 
resembliug sparklijig fire 

Like, dme, em 

Like, are, msl 

Like, maketh, awe 

Like, the, ah, ahe, ale 

Like, was, bsb 

liken, dme, awe 

Likened, dme, awe 

Likeneaa, bne, dme, mur, tmune, dmut 

Liketh, aeb, fub 

Liking, zom, him 

Likewise, gm, a, zh, ibd, knu 

Likhi, l^ei, law, doctrine 

Lilith, liiit, the night 

Lil, lil, night, the moon 

Lily, ausne, auan, asn, 8ix4eaved flower; 
tliere are white, orange, red, and 

Liliea, auane, 2 Chron. iv. 5 

Lilywork, susn, 1 Kinga vii 9 

Liliea, the among, b:)unim, Cant. ii. 10, 
title of Ps. xlv., Ixix., and Ixxx., 

Lime, ^ir, sud, aid 

Lime, into, Isid, Amos il 1 

Limit, gbul 

Limited, gbl, tub 

Line, qu, hbl, huf, ptl, que, srr 

Linen, oe^'., br, bad bar^ of a plant 

Linen yarn awe 

Linen, sub., br, pat, bate, rdyn, afyn, 

Linen, ss, cotton wool 

Linen, big, a fibrous material obtained 
from a fiiah of the mussel kind, it was 
a kind of silk superior to the other 

Lintel, ail, kptr, sqp 

Lion, are, kpr, Iba, ai, arie 

Lion, fierce, shl, Job iv. 10 

Lion, black as fierce, kshl. Job x. 16 

Lion, great, klbya, Num. xxiii. 24 

Lion, stout, Ibya, Job iv. 11 

Lion a, like, klbya, Is. t. 9 

Lion, and as an old, u klbya, Cren. xlix. 9 

Lion, for the, llbya, Job xxxviiL 29 

Lions, Ibam, Ps. Ivii. 4 

Lioness, u, lby% £z. xix. 2 

Lionesses, libatyu, Nah. ii. 12 

Lip, spe, sentiment, confession, see lan- 

Lip, upper, spm 

Liquor, msqe 

Listen, smou. Gen. xxvii 6 

Litters, ubjbim. Is. Ixvi. 20 

Little, qfu, mof, zor, amj, jhr, zor 

Little, be too, imof, Ex. xiL 4 

Little, seem, imof, Neb. ix. 32 
Little, and he that gathered, wem-mof, 

Ex. xvi, 17 
Little, a water, mof, min, Geu. xTiii. 4 
Liturgy, leitourgia, gk, ministry, Acts 

iii. 2 
live, adj., bye 
Lire coal, rjp 
live, T., bye 
Live out, ]^e 
Lived, bye 
Lived out, ahd 
Lively, hye 
Liver, kW 
Lives, hye 
lizard, ptn 
Lo! eat enl 
Loaded, omv, fon 
Loaf, ktr^ round 
Loan, msat 
Loath, lae, mav 

Loathed, tob, sqj, qig, quf, bhl, q jd, gol 
Loatheth, buv, gol 
Loathsome, bas, zur, mav, mw, qle 
Loaves, kkr, Ihm 

Loammi,La-omi, not my people,Hos. i. 9 
Loamim, la-mim, not waters, Gten.xxv.3 
Lock, nol, bolt 
Locked, nnol, Jud. iii. 24 
Locks thereof, mnalyu Neh. iii 13 
Locks, by a of hair, bjijt, Ez. viii. 3 
Locust, arbe, hgb, jU, vlom, hrgul, ehgb 
Lod, lud, birth, generation 
Lodge, line 
Lodged, lun, skb 
Lodging, mlun 
Lo-debar, Ludbr, to him the word, 2 

Sam ix. 4 
Log, Ig*, a liquid measure, nearly a pint. 

Lev. xvL 12 
Loft, ole 

Lofty, gbe, nsa. rum, Igb 
Loins, mtnim, kvl, h)j, irk, hij, mtn 
Looking glasses, bmrat, in the visions, 

or mirrors, Exod. xxxviii. 8 
Long, n, amn, ark gdl, elk^ isin, msk, 

olm ott, rbb, rbe, rhq' 
Long, as, yum, cm, pne 
Long enjoy, ble 
Long forbearance, anp 
Long time, olm 
Long, v, hke 
Longed, awe 
Longer, ahr, ark, ivp 
Longeth, awe, hsq, kme, hvp 
Lonely, bdd 
Look, a high, oin, hza 


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Looked, rae, jpe, nbf, hze, sur 

Look, r, hul, nbf, pqd, sur 

Look down, sqp 

Look up. jpe 

Look well, Ibb, oin, sum, sut 

Lookest, nbf, imr 

Loops, llaut 

Loose, ad, let, ntr, sle, sra 

loose, Y, blj, nsl, pth 

Loosed, zhh, elj, myr, nfs, ntr, rtq 

Lopped off, nqp 

Loosened, nfd 

Lord, Adn, Eternal 

Lord, gbr, migbtj, Mast bigh, the man 

Lord, sis, three (one) 

Lord, rbb, he was much, multiplied, 

shot out, great 
Lord, O, being, living 
Lord, Yewe, self-existence 
Lord, Odun, immutable 
Lord, Obir, mighty, valient 
Lo-ruhamah, La-rhme, not belored, 

Hos. i. 6 
Lose, sht, abd. ayp, nph 
Loss, abde, hra, sot, ski 
Lost, abd, npl, ski 
Lot, Luf, hidden, €kn. xi. 31 
Lot, Gurl, gur, hbl, grl 
Lot, by, Npl 

Lotan, Lufh, loth. Gen. xxxri. 20 
Love, aebe, abb, dud, ogb 
Love, accord to the, kaebt, Hos. iii. 1 
Love, for, baebe. Can. yiii. 7 
Love, for, the baebtu. Gen. xxiz. 20 
Loye, her, baebte, Prov. 5 19 
Lore, in, laebe, I Kings xL 2 
Love, o, a^be, Can. vii. 6 
Love, passing the, maebt, 2 Sam. i. 26 
Lore, tender,, rhmim, Dan. i. 1 
Lore, y, aeb, rhm 
Loye, much ogbim, Ez. xxxiil 31 
Loyed, aeb 
Loyed, he. hbb 
Loyer, aeb 

Loyers, aebim, Hos. yiii. 9 
Loyers, ogbim, Jer. iy. 30 

Loyers, my, aebi, Ps. xxxyiii. 11 

Loyely, yeiy, ogbim, Ez. xxxiii. 31 

Love^ in her inordinate, ogbte, Ez. 
xxiii. 11 

Low, spl, adm, bne, tht 

Low, brought, krj, mkk 

Low, yery, kro 

Lower, h^r, tht 

Lowest, qje 

Lowing, qui 

Lowly, one. jno 

Lucifer, Eill, upstart, braggart, prepos- 
terous, weak, fallen, Isa. xiv. 42 

Literal, is to shine, ell, bright as sun, 
moon, and stars, when shined, bleu. 
Job xxix. 3 ; shineth it, yaeil, Job 
XXV., yel ; Job xxxi. 36 ; shine, doth, 
tel. Job xli. 18 

Light, shall ffive their, yelu, Isa. xiii. 10 

Lud, Lud, b&th, Gen. x. 22 

Ludim, Ludim, generations, Gren. x. 19 

Luith, Luhit, greenness, Isa. xv. 5 

Lump, dbl 

Lunula, Eserkim, crescents, Isa. iii. 18 

Lunula, Eserkim, golden crescents, 
Jud. yiii. 21 

Lurked, arb, jde 

Lurking, jdye, isb, hba 

Lust, are, tab. hwe, nps, sur 

Lusted, awe, tab 

Lute, nbl 

Luz, Luze, almond tree, departure, 
separation. Gen xxviii. 19 

I^bia, Lbim, courageous people, Dan. 

Lycaonia^ Lukaonia, Greek, a she-wolf. 
Acts xiy. 6 

Lydians, Ludim, generations, famous 
archers, Jer. xlvL 9 

Lyar, ais, kzb, sqr 

Lyars, bum, kzb, khs 

Lye, y. khs, sqr 

Lying, azb, dbr, kzb, kdb, npl, rbj 

Lmg by, skb 

Lying down, rbo 

Lying in wait, adb 

M.— -ma, m«, nd. 

MAACHAH, moke, to squeze. Gen, 

xxiL 24 
Maachah, Abel-beth, Able-bit-emoke, 

Temple of suffering penitents, 2 Sam. 

XX. 15 
Maachathite, mokti, sorrow of the 

belly, Jos. xiii. 13 

Maachati, mokti, bruised in the belly, 

2 Kings xxiii. 
Maadai, Modi, takes away my oma- 

menr, Ez. x. 34 
Maadiah, Modye, feast of Jehovah, 

Neh. xil. 5 
Maai, moi, bowels, Neh. xii. 36 






Mftarah-Sidoniorum, More, one that 

awakes, Jos. xiii. 4 
Maaseiah, Mosi, my work, 1 Chron. 

ix. 12 
Maaz, Moj, strength, 1 Chron. ii. 27 
Maaziah,Mozyeu,to be strong, 1 Chron. 

xxiv. 18 
Maccabees, Mke-bim, the wound is in 

Macbanai, Mkbni, my poor son, 1 

Chron. xii. 13 
Machbenah, Mkbne, poverty of the 

daughter, 1 Chron, ii. 49 
Machi, Mki, that strikes. Num. xiii. 15 
Machir, Mkir, who was sold, Num. 

xxvi. 29 
Machmethah, Mmktt, place of hiding, 

Jos. xvL 6 
Machnadebai^ Mkndbi, he that vows, 

Ez. x. 40 
Mactesh, Mkts, jaw-tooth, Jud. xvi. 19 
Machpelah, Mkple, secure tomb. Gen. 

xxiii. 9 
Mad, ell, sgo, conceited, boastful, vain 

glory, foolish, fallen 
Mad, they are, itellu, Jer. I. 30 
Mad, against me they are, meulli. Pa. 

cii. 8 
Mad, and be, wet-eullu, Jer. xxv. 16 
Mad, and feigned himself, wit-eull, 1 

Sam. xxi. 14 
Madness, el-lut, Eccl. i. 17 
Madai, Mdi, a covering. Gen. x. 2 
Made, ose, bne, hsb, krt, nke, pqd, prj, 

rqh, sum, obd, qum 
Made, and, krt 
Made, had, kre, krt, prj 
Made, hast, ijr 
Made, hast thou, bra 
Made, have, rpd, obd 
Made an appointment, ijr 
Made a covenant (purifier), krt 
Made atonement, bkprk, Ex. xxix. 36 
Made void, pur 
Madman, msgo, leb 
Madman, play, sgo 

Madmannah, mdmne, measure of num- 
ber, 1 Chron. il 49 
Madness, ell 
Madon, Mdun, their measure, Is. x. 

Magbish, magbish, height, Ez. ii. 30 
Mt^dala, gk, tower, Luke viii« 2 
Magdalene, Magdalene, gk, great, 

Matt, xxviii. 55 
Magdiel, Mgdyal, preaches God, Gen. 

xxxvi. 43 

Magdolos, or Megiddo, Mmgdu, the 

tower, fortress, 2 Kings xxiii. 30 
Maged, Mokt, a press, Jos. xiii. 13 
Magician, hrfm, engraver 
Magicians, ehrf-mim. Gen. xli. 24 
Magistrate, irs, ojr 
Magnifical, exceeding, Ibgdil, 1 Chrou. 

xxii. 5 
Magnify, gdl, sga 
Magnified, gdl, nsa 
Magor, mgur, fear, Ps. xxxi. 13, Jer. 

vi. 25 
Magic, eidonim, pretenders to know, 

Lev. XX. 6 
Magic rod, bh-jim, arrow, Ez. xxi. 21 
Magor-Missabib, fear, roundabout, Jer. 

XX. 3 
Magpiash, mgpios, to waste away , Neh. 

X. 20 
Mahalah,Mhle,a choir, 1 Chron. vii.l 8 
Mahalaleel, Mellal, smgs of God, Gen. 

V. 16 
Mahalath, melt, sweet song, 2 Chron. 

xi. 18 
Mahali, mhli, my praise, Ex, vi. 19 
Mahanaim, Mhnim, the two camps, 

Gen. xxxii 2 
Maharai, Mhri, my portion, 2 Sam. 

xxiii. 28 
Mahath, Mht, that dreads, 1 Chron. 

vi. 35 
Mahavite,Mhimi^ that declares, 1 Chron. 

xi. 46 
Mahazioth, Mhzyut,see8 a sign, 1 Chrun. 

xxv. 4 
Maher-shalal-hash-baz, Mer-sU-ha-bl, 

hasteueth to the spoil, Is. viiL 3 
Malah,4ance, song, Jos. xvii. 3 
Mahlou, mhlun, song, infirmity Ruthi.2 
Mahol, rahul, rejoicing, 1 Kings iv. 31 
Maid, ame, bti, nor, oim, sph 
Maid child^ nqb, weak 
Maid servant, ame, Ex. xxi. 32 
Maids, bond and, name. Lev. xxv. 44 
Maid, my, amti, Gen. xxx. 3 
Maiden, btl, marriageable 
Maidens, btiut, Lam. ii. 10 
Maids, ame, nor, btl 
Majesty, gae, elevation, virtue, honour 
Majesty, in, gaun. Job xl. 
Majesty, gdl, great, esteem, power 
Majesty, of his, gdultu. Est. i. 4 
Majesty, edr, beauty, splendour 
Majesty, thy in and, eudp, Ps. xlr. 4 
Majesty, eud, glory, truth 
Majesty, thy, eudp, Ps. cxlv. 5 
Majesty, rbe, great, very 






Majesty, and, urbuta, Dan. v. 18 

Mail, coat of, qs-qa-im, 1 Sam. xvii. 5 

Maimed, pjo 

Maintain, hzq, ose 

Maintain, will, ikh 

Maintained, kul 

Maintenance, sar ' 

Makbar, mqi, summer, 1 Kings iv. 9 

Makelotb, mqelut, a crowd. Num. 

ixxiii. 25 
Makedah, mqde, adoration, Jos. xv.41 
Make, bra, krt. ntn, sum, sut, srf 
Make, and, gdr, Ibb 
Make, I, sum 
Make, let us, krt 
Make a banquet, kre 
Make end, btm, nle, tmm 
Make away, hrm 

Make brict, Ibn, white [22 

Makea clear riddance, tkle. Lev. xxxiii. 
Make it good, qum 
Make fat, hlj 
Make, many, rbe, kbd 
Make marriages, htn 
Make ready, mer 
Make speed, mer 
Make staight, isr 
Make strong, hzq 
Make thyself, hkm, srr 
Make up, gdr, skll 
Make war, Ihm 
Make waste, hrb, smm 
Make white, Ibn 
Make whole, rpa 
Make, mayest, sut 
Make, shall, pll, pqd 
Make, shalt, sut 
Make, that, ijr 
Make, thou wilt, mer. qde 
Make, will I, sum, smm 
Make, wilt, epk 
Maker, ijr 

Makers, hrsi. Is. xly. 16 
Makest, irs 
Maketh, i?p, krt, boe 
Maketh, and, ntn 
Maketh, he, ntr, pol, qum 
Maketh of none effect, nwa 
Maketh poor, irs 
Maketh small, gro 
Maketh war, Ihm 
Making in, krt 
Making brick, Ibn 
Making war, Ihm 
Malachi, Miaki, my messenger 
Malatha, Mqe-lut, assembly. Num. 
xxxiii 25 

Malcbam, Mlkm, their king, 1 Chron. 
viii. 9 

Malachiah, Mlk-ye, my king Jehoyah, 
1 Chron xxiv. 9 

Malchiel, Mlk-yal, my king and God, 
Gen. 3dvL 17 

Malchijah, Mlk-ye, my king, JehoTah, 
Jer. xxi. 1 

Malchiram, Mlki-rm, my king exalted, 
1 Chron. iii. 18 

Malchishua, Mlk-is-yo, my king, the 
Saviour, 1 Sam. xxxL 2 

Malcus, Malkios, gk, mlk, a king. Lev. 
xviii. 21 

Male, ais, a being, powerful, wise, holy, 
the God-man to whom Jacob prayed, 
by whom he was blessed, and changed 
his name, Gren. xxxiii. 

Male, zkr, brisk, vigorous, fragrant, 
nobleness, fame, renown, commemo- 
rate monument, remembrance, Gen. 
xl. 23 

Male, a, zkr, a perpetuator, (Jen. L 27 

Male children, Ezkriro, Josh, xvil 2 

Males, the, Ezkrim, Exod. xiil 12 

Mallet, mpj 

Mallows, mlh, to dissolve, to waste 
away, a mean bitter herb, the com- 
mon sea purslain, miserably, poor eat 

Mallows, Mlwe, Job xxx. 4 

Mallothi, multi, fulness, 1 Chron. xxv.4 

Malluch, Milk, that reigns, 1 Chron. 
vi. 44 

Man, the king, and glory of creation. 

1. Adm, the ground, no earth, human 

2. Ais, a being, male, human, not 

3. Gbr, to prevail, exceed, excel, 
mighty, valiant, superior, strength, 
power, authority, establish, such is 

4 Zkr, brisk, fragrant, noble, renown 
for good actions, monument, remem- 
brance, perpetuator of name, family 

5. Nps, animal life, soul, refreshed, 
invigorated, cheer and comfort the 
weary and distressed, daring, bold, 
affection, understanding, house of a 
soul, such is man 

6. Ans, sick unto death, in very great 
distress, a desperate and incurable 
condition, past relief I 

Man, a certain, ahd, ab 
Man, against the, zkr 
Man given to appetite, bol 
Man, any, ais, mi, nps 


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Man, chief, bol 

Man, each, aed 

Man, every, ais, gll, ras 

Man, fit, out 

Man, great, ais 

Mans, bol 

Man, mighty, ais 

Man, no, ain 

Man, a not, ahd 

Man, the of, zkr 

Man, some, ais 

Man, Son of, Adm 

Man, strong, gbr 

Man, unto, adm 

Man, wild, adm 

Man-child, ana 

Mandrakes, dud, esteemed, loved 

Mandrakes, found, dudaim, jGren. xxx. 4 

Manifested, gle 

Manhu, Mn-ewa, what is it, Ex. xv. 14. 

Maniath, Mnit, prepared, Jud. xi. 33 

Mammon, Mf-mun, riches. Matt. yi. 24 

Manna, mn-ewa, a portion, Ex. xvi. 15 

Mamre, Mmra, elevated. Gen. xiv. 1-3. 

Mamzer, Mmzr, a bastard,Deut.xxiii.2 

Manachas, Mknvim, breeches, Exod. 

xxviii. 42 
Manhath, Mnht, preparation, Gen. 

xxxvi. 23 [xv. 13 

Man-ahem, Mnem, comforter, 2 Kings 
Manasseh, Muse, foi gotten, G«n. xli. 50 
Manna, mn, a portion, Exod. xvi. 15 
Manoah, Mnwe, to rest, Jud. xiii. 
Manner, drk, dbr 
Manners, hqq 
Man-servant, obd 

Man-slayer, erjh, ruje, Num. xxxv. 6 
Mantle, joip, adr, oiiil, smk 
Many, emn, kbd, rbb, rbe, sga 
Many, soever how, em 
Many, so, me 
Many, very, umole, umole, 1 Chron. 

xxiii. 17 
Maoch, Mouk, he that pressed, 1 Sam. 

xxvii. 2 
Maon, Moun, the small, Jos. xv 55 
Marred, sht 

Marah, Mre, bitterness, Kuth i. 20 
Maralah, Mrole, bitter leaf, Josh. 

xix. 11 
Maran-atha, Mm-ate, the Lord comes, 

a form of fearful curse, to have effect 

at the final judgment, 1 Cor. xvi. 22 
Marble, bef, dr, sis 
Marble, black, vhr 
March, elk, ilk, jod 
Marched, jod 

Marching, ojde 

Manifest, ulbur, declare, Eccl. ix. 1 

Manifold, rbu, Ps. civ. 24 

Mankind, ais, mne, zkr 

Manner, dbr, spf 

Manner, according to the, dt, arh 

Manner, after this, ale knm, 

Manner, all, bem, kll 

Manner, store of all, zun 

Manner, a in, drk 

Manner, no, kl, la 

Manner, that on, ke 

Manner, this on, ze, ke 

Manner, the, drk, irh 

Manner, this, ale 

Manner, thy, drk 

Manner, what, aip 

Manners, hqq 

Many, emn, kbr, rbb, rbh, sga 

Manysoever, how, em 

Many, so, me 

Mar, kab, ntv, sht 

Mariners, mlh suf 

Mareshah, Mrsti, Mich. i. 1 

Mark, aut, nfr, pgo, twe 

Marks, ktb, qo-qo 

Mark, v, bin, ido, pne, smr 

Mark, well, Ibb 

Mark, canst thou, smr, sut 

Mark ye, rae 

Marked, htm, ktm, qsb, tae 

Marketh, tar 

Market, suq 

Marriage, ell, htbe 

Married, nsa, htn, Igh, ais, ans, bol, 

Marry, ans, bol, ibm 

Marrow, sqwi, hlb, Iqe 

Mart, vhr 

Marvel, tme 

Marvelled, tme, sae 

Marvellous, pla, nplae 

Maschil, Mskil, he that instructs, a 
title of several Psalms 

Mash, ras, to take away, 1 Chron. i. 17 

Mashal, Msl, he that governs, Jos. xxi 

Masrekah, Msrqe, the vine, Gen. xxxvL 

Massa, Msa, to lift up, Gen. xxv. 14 1 

Massa, Mve, the temptation, Exod. 
xvil 2 

Massora, Mvr, tradition, whence the 
addition of points to the Babylonish 
letters, in which Hebrew is jprinted, 
and, its pure simplicity, is com^ 
plexed, and dogmatically limited, 
M 2 

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obscured, and perverted most grieT- 
Masons, abn, gdr, hjb, hrs, qir 
Master, bol, i^n, rbb 
Master, ship, rbb 
Master, the, bol, our 
Mastere, adn 
Masters, the, bol 
Mastery, slf 
Matred, Mfrd, a lever, descend, Gen. 

xxxvi. 39 
Matri, Mfri, rain, 1 Sam. x. 21 
Matrix, rhm, womb, bowels, tenderest 
feeling, affection, love, pity, com- 
Matrix, the, rhm, Ezod. xiii. 12 
Mattan, Mtn, a gift, 2 Kings xi. 18 
Mattanah, Mtne, gift. Num. xxi. 18 
Mattaniah, gift of Jehovah, 2 KiLgs 

xxiv. 17 
Mattatha, Mtte, his hope, Luke iii. 31 
Mattathias, gift of Jehovah, Mace. ii. 1 
Mattenai Mini, my gift, Ez. x. 33 
Matter, dbr, hpj, mil, fom, ptgm 
Matters, bol, gdl, dbr 
Matthithiah, Mtmtye, gift of Jehovah, 

1 Chron. xxv. 21 
Mawer-al-nahr, Ener, the river, Jos. 

xxv. 2 
Mattock, hrs, odr 
Mattocks, hrb 
Mattrass, rpide 
Mauzzim, Mhzim, fortresses, Dan. 

XL 38 
May, ikl, hlk 
Mayest, ewe 

Mazzeroth, Mzrut, girdle or belt of the 
twelve signs ot the Zodiac, or animal 
pictured ; it is a broad circle in the 
heavens, comprehending all such 
stars as lie in the path of the sun 
and moon. As these great lumina- 
ries appear to pass through them in 
the circle of a year, so the different 
parts receive them every month. " By 
Driuging forth Mazzeroth in hU sea- 
son, canst thou cause the revolutions 
of the heavenly bodies in the Zo- 
diac ?" Job xxxviii. 32 
Me, at, ale 
Me, let, nps 
Meadow, in a, bit together, bahu, Gren. 

Mearah, More, cavern, Jos. xiii. 4 
Meal, qmh, vlt 
Meal-time, see meal, akl 
Mean, hsk 

Meanwhile, od 
Means, hsb 
Means, by, od 
Means, no by, nqe 
Means, their, id 
Means, your, id 
Measure, mde 
Measuring, mdr 
Measure, n. aip, am, hqq 
Mear, vae, sur, sis, spf, tkn 
Measures, yip, kur, rord, vae, kur 
Measure, men of, ansi-mdut, men of 
extraordinary stature. Num. xiii. 33 
Meat, akl, bg, bre, frp, Ihm, ptt, jud,zun 
Meat offering, mnhe 
Meat offerings, mnh 
Meat, my, bre 

Meat, savoury, mfomim. Gen. xxvii. 4 
Meats, akl 
Meats, dainty his,, Imfomut-yu, ProT. 

xxiii 6 
Mebunnai mbni, my 8on,2 Sam. xxiii.27 
Mecherathite, Mkrti, knowledge, 1 

Chron. xxi. 30 
Madeba, Mid-ba, waters of trouble. 

Num. xi. 26 
Medad, Mi-dd, waters of friendship. 

Num. xi 26 
Medalah. md-ola,his garment upon us, 

Jos. XV. 31 
Medan, Mdn, covering, waters of judg- 
ment, Gen. xxv. 2 
Medes.Mdi, beyond sufficiency, plenty, 

fulness, abundance. Is. xiii 17 
Medai,Mdi,country,plenty,Jer. XXXV.25 
Meddle, gre, orb 
Medicine, gee, rup, rpa 
Mediator, smo, who sees, hears, wit- 

nesseth. Gen. xxxi 49 
Meditate, ege, sih 
Meditated, sup, ege 
Meditation, sih, egyun 
Meek, onu 
Meekness, onwe 

Megiddo, mgdu, that spoils, Jud. i. 27 
Meet, nawe 
Meeting, pgo 

Megelloth, Mgilt, a roll, volume 
Mehetable. Me-it-bal, how good is God, 

Neh. vi. 10 
Mebida, Mhida, connecting link, Ez. 

ii. 52 
Mehir, Mhir, prized, 1 Chron. iv. 11 
Mehujael,Mh-wi-al, proclaim God, (Jen. 

iv. 18 
Mehuman, Me-u-mn, who is troubled* 
Est. i 10 


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Mehunitn, Mo-u-nim, poor, afflicted, 2 
Chron. xxvi. 7 

Mehushim, that hold tlieir peace, 1 
Chron. viii 11 

Mejarkon, Mij-ir-qun, waters, rusty, 
green, spoiled, Jos. xix. 46 

Mekonah, Mkne, to found, to prepare, 
Neh. xi. 28 

Melatiah,ml-fye deliverance of Jehovah 

Melchi, Mlki, my king, Luke iii. 28 :'. 

Melachiah, Mlk-ye, my king and my 
God, 1 Chron. xxiv. 9 

Melchisedec, Ml-ki-jdk, kin^ of rightr 
eousness, most just, most holy,i per- 
fect priest, king and Grod, the Saviour, 
incarnate, infinite, a worm, Ps. xxii. ' 
6. a god, the Hebrew, Gen. xiv. 18, 
19, 20, is very explicit. 18. U-mlki- 
Jdq, Mlk, 8-lm, euj-ya, 1 hra, u, win, 
we-wa, khn, ken, lal, ol-yun. 19. 
Wi-brk-eu, wi-amr, br-uk, Abrm,l-al, 
ol-yun, que, sm-im, u-arj. 20, U-bruk, 
Al, ol-yun, asr-mgn, juk, bi-dk, 
wi-tn-lu, m-osr, m-kl, which, lit- 
erally rendered, is, 18. And the 
iing of holiness and king of perfec- 
tions brought forth the elements of 
communion, bread and wine ; and 
he presided in the priestly office of, 
to, or as God Moat High. 19. And 
actually blessed him, and said, Blessed 
be Abram of God over all, who fills 
heaven and earth. 20. And ever 
prevail the Most High, who has 
given thine enemies into thy hand ; 
and to him shall be given the tens, 
the riches and glory of all Here, in 
his kingly and mediatorial glory, the 
Lord Jesus appeared to Abraham, 
and blessed and taught him. ** Jesus," 
saith Paul, Heb. vi. 20, ** made an 
high priest for ever, of the order of 
Melchizedek." Chap. vii. 3, <* With- 
out father, without mother, without 
descent, without beginning of days, 
or end of life, made like unto in the 
image of the Son of God." The power, 
wisdom, eternity, holiness, and love 
of Christ passes knowledge, and is 
beyond com|»are, as himself declares, 
** To whom then will yej liken me, or 
shall I be equal? saith the Holy 
One." Qd-us, Is. xi. 25, who hath 
directed Ruh, Ycwe, the Spirit Je- 
hovah, or as his counsellor hath 
taught him ? With whom took he 
counsel, and instructed him, and 

taught him in the path of judgment, 
and taught him knowledge, and 
showed him the way of understand- 
ing ? y. 13. The oath of the Aleim, 
or s^ it is the Holy Trinity, stamps 
eternity on the priesthood of Christ I 
Jehovah has sworn, and will not 
repent, thou art a priest eternal, 
according to iny word. King of 
perfect righteousnes8,0 Melchizedek, 
Ps. ex. 4. Thou, O Adoni I art Mel- 
chizedek, an eternal priest and king, 
whep, if compared, it must be with 
himself; by like unto the Son of 
God, Heb. viL 3, the Apostle Prophet 
intend the Son of God him^ielf. 
** Did not we past three men bound 
into the midst of the fire? Lo! 
I s^e four men loose walking in the 
midst of the fire, and they have no 
hurt, and the fourth is like the Son 
of God," Dan. xxiv. 25, and was the 
Son of God, Isa. xliil 2 

Melech, Mlk, a king, 1 Chron. viil :35 

Melicu, Mil-ku, his kingdom 

Melody, zm-re, z-mr, n-gh 

Melons, b-fh, watery fruit 

Melons, the, ea-bfh-im. Num. xl 5 

Melt, mug, m-mv, mve. jrp 

Melted, mug, i-jq, mv-v, jrp, dip 

Melting fire, em-vim, Isa. Ixiv. 2 

Melzar, a governor of a province, Dan. 
L 16 

Melothi, Mluti, my fulness 

Member, nth 

Memorial, my, zkri, Exod. iii. 16 

Memory, zkr, Ps. cxi. 4 

Memphis, np, honeycomb, Isa. xix 13 

Memphis, Mnp, from the mouth, Neh. 
iii. 8 

Memucan, Mmukn, mighty in autho- 
rity. Est. i. 14 

Menahem, Mn-em, comforter, 2 Kings 
XV. 13 

Men, adm, ais, ans, as, bne, gbr, zkr, 
mte, nor 

Men, the and, bne 

Men, chief, ajl 

Men, children, zkr 

Men of valour, bne 

Men-servants, obd 

Men, old, zqr 

Men of valour, bne 

Men, the play, hzq 

Men, yourselves show, as, ass 

Men, the, bol, omm 

Men, to the, bne 


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Men, treacherous, bgd 

Meu, vilest, bue 

Men, unjust, aun 

Menan, M-ne, prepared, Luke iii. 31 

Meoe, M-na, he has numbered, Dan. 
V. 26 

Menni, Mni, my portion, Jer li. 27 

Menith, M-ni, small, Ezk. xxvii. 17 

Mended, bdq 

Menstruous, dwe, nde, months 

Mention, zkr, zkrun 

Mentioned, zkr, bwa, ole, qra, smo 

Meonothai, Mo-un-ti, my dwelling;, 
my sin, 1 Chron. iv. 13 

Mephaath, Mp-ot, impetuosity, Jos. 
xiii. 18 

Mephibosheth, Mp-ib-st, from the 
mouth, shame, 2 Sam. xxl 8 

Merchandise, ?er, omr, orb, rkl, mmkr, 

Merchant, vu-hr, ru-kl 

Mercy, h-yd 

Merciful, h-ml, h-nn, h-vd, k pr, rh-um, 

Mercies, hvd, rh-m 

Merciless, ak-zr 

Mercy-seat, kp-rt, to cover by smear- 
ing, obliterating, annulling a com- 
pact, pre^^are, strengthen, secure 

Mercy-seat, kp-rt, Exod. xxv. 17 

Merab, M-rb, from greatness, 1 Sam. 
xiv. 49 

Meraiah, Mr-ye, bitter life, Neh. xii. 12 

Meraioth, Mr-yut, bitternesses, Exod . 
vii. 3 

Merari, Mr-ri, very bitter, Exod. vi. 19 

Mered, M-rd, from command, 1 Chron. 
iv. 17 

Merimoth, Mr-mut, sweet silence, Neh. 
iii. 44 

Meres, M-rv, from sprinkling with 
water. Est. i. 14 

Meribah, Mr-be, bitter contention, 
Exod. xvii. 17 

Meribbaal, Mr-ib-bol, strives against 
Baal,another name of Mephibosheth, 
2 Sam. iv. 4. '*And the son of 
Jonathan was Merib-baal," 1 Chron. 
viii. 34 

Merodach, Mr-a-dk, sovereign lord, 
a king of Babylon, who receivetl 
divine worship, Babylon is taken, 
Bel is confounded, Merodach is 
broken to pieces, Jer. i 2 

Merodach-Baladan, Mr-a-dk-Bl-a-dn, 
Sovereign Lord who executes judg- 
ment, Isa. xxxix. 1 

Meradach-Evil, A-wel, Mrdk, alas! 
Sovereign Lord, 2 Kings xxv. 27, 
appears to have been kind and 
generous, a good man, and lamented 
at his death 
Merom, Mr-um, bitter waters, Jud. 

xviii. 18 
Merome, Mr-umi, my bitter waters, 

Jud. v. 18 
Meronothite, Mr-un-nti, of the sweet 

singers, 1 Chron. xxvii 30 
Meroz, Mr-uz, bitter this, Jud. v. 23 
Merry, ell, fub, smh, past 
Mesha, M-sa, burden, a prophecy, to 

draw from, Gren. x. 27 
Mesha^ Mi-so, waters of salvation, 

2 Kings iii. 4 
Merry, be, if b 
Merry, make, shq 
Merry, maketh, eye 
Merry-hearted, Ibb 
Merry, were, skr 
Mesech, M-sk, to draw, to follow after, 

prolong, Ps cxx. 5 
Meshach, mi-sk, that draws with force, 

Dan. i. 7 
Meshech, Mesk, draws towards itself, 

portrays. Gen. x. 7 
Meshelemiah, Ms-lm-yeu, perfection 

of Jehovab, 1 Chron. ix. 21 
Meshezabeel, Ms-iz-bal, from the 

flowing of Groil, Neh. iii. 4 
Meshillemith, M-sl-mut, the peace of 

deatn, 1 Chron. ix. 12 
Meshillemoth, M-slmut, peace of death, 

2 Chron. xxviii. 12 
Meshobab, Ms-u-ba, a convert,! Chron. 

iv. 34 
MeshuUam, M-slm, in peace, 1 Chron. 

ix. 12 
MeshuUemeth, M-slm-t, in peace, per- 
fect peace, 2 Kings xxi. 19 
Mesobah, M-jb-ye, by the station of 

Jehovah, 1 Chron. xi. 47 
Mesopotamia,Arm-ne-rim, high palace, 

Syria, of, or between the two rivers 

Tygris and Euphrates 
Mesopotamia, cailedPd-ne-Arm,Padan- 

Aram, or, the plains of palaces, Gren. 

xxviii. 2 
Messal,Ms-al, a discourse, Jos. xxxi. 30 
Message, dbr, lak, m-lak-ut 
Messenger, b-sr, 1-ak, n-gd-jur 
Messejigers, 1-ak, j we 
Mess, usa, to bear, lift up, supply 

favour, kindness, patience, suffer, 

heavy upon, burden, Hos. viii 10 






Messa, Msat, Gen. xliii. 34 

Messes, ms-at, Gen. xliii. 34 

Messiah, M-sh, to anoint to the royal 
and priestly dignity 

Messiah, M-sh, was anointed, Num. 
XXXV. 25 

Messiah, Ms-ht, thou anointedst the 
pillar, Gen. xxxi. 13 

Messiah, U-ms-ht-u, and thou shalt 
anoint him, 1 Sam. ix. 16 

Messiah, B-ms-i-hi, mine anointed, 
Ps. cxxxv. 

Messiah, L-ms-i-hi, for mine Anointed, 
Ps. cxxxii. 17 

Messiah, Ke, amr-Ye-we, 1-ms-ihu, 
l-ku-rs, thus saith Jehovah to his 
anointed, to Cyrus, Isa. xlv. 1 

Messiah, Jesus Christ, M-jat-i, d-ud, 
obedi,h-sm-n, qd-si,ms,ht,yu, I have 
found my beloved servant, with my 
holy oil have I anointed him, Ps. 
Ixxxix. 20 ; I-tj-bu, m-lk-arj, u-ru- 
-zk-im, nuv-du, hd, ol, Ye-we, ual, 
Ms-i-hu, The kings of the earth set 
themselves, and the rulers take 
counsel together, above Jehovah, 
and also above his Messiah, ii. 2 ; 
Kv-ak, Aleim, ou-lm, u-od, s-bf, 
mi-sr, 8-bf, ml-kut, k. 7. A-e-bt, 
j-dq, u-ts-na, rso, ol-kn, i^s ik, Aleim, 
Ale-ik, 8-mn, s-sun, m-hb-rik. 6. 
Thy throne, Grod, is for ever and 
ever ; the sceptre of thy kingdom is 
a right sceptre. 7. Thou lovest 
righteousness and hatest iniquity, 
therefore Grod, thy Almighty One, 
hath anointed thee with the oil of 
gladness above thy fellows, Ps. xlv. 
6,7.1. Ru-h, Adni, Yewe, oli, y-on, 
Yewe,at-i, l-b8r,the Spirit, Almighty, 
Jehovah is in me, because Jehovah 
hath anointed me to preach good 
tidings to the meek, Isa. Ixi. 1 

Met, m-ja, p-go, p-gs, q-re, q-ra, yod 

Met him, m-ja 

Met, are, p-gs 

Met, he, p-gs 

Met him, wi-mja-u, and met him, 1 
Kings xiii 24 

Met together, yod 

Met, they, q-dm 

Mete, wi-md-u, and when they did 
meet it, Exod. xvi 18 

Meted, q-we, Iv-kn 

Meteyard, a-me-dd, mete out, Ps. 
Ix. 6 

Metheg, M-tg, a bridle, Prov. xxvi. 3 

Methusael, Met-u-sal, dangerous to 
God, Gen. iv. 18 

Methuslah, Mt-us-le, extension, fur- 
ther extended, lived 969 years, the 
greatest age ever attained by man. 
Gen. V. 22 

Methoar, J-mr-tu, his top, Ez. xxxi. 3 

Meuzal, Ma-u-zl, goes away, Ez. 
xxxvii. 19 

Mezahab, Miz-eh, what is gold? Gtn. 
xxxvi. 39 

Mezuzoth, Mz-zut, sacred texts, written 
on parchment, and fixed to the door- 
posts of their dwellings, Deut. vi. 9 

Mice, ok-b-ri, troublers, 1 Sam. vi. 4 

Michtam, Mk-tm, fine gold, title of, 
Ps. XV. 56, 57, 58, 59, and 60 

Mib-har, Mb-er, youth, 1 Chron. xi. 38 

Mibsam, Mb-sm, that perfumes. Gen. 
XXV. 13 

Mibzar, Mb-jr, has a vintage. Gen. 
xxxvi. 42 

Micah, Mi-ka, humble, a prophet 

Micah, Mik-yeu, who is like unto God, 
son of a rich widow, Jud. xvii 1 

Micaiah, Mi-ke, none like Jehovah, 
mother of Abijah, 1 Kings xiv. 1 

Michael, who is like God ? Num. xiii. 

Michael, an angel, uncraated, Jesus 
the Angel of the Covenant, and 
thinks it no robbery to be equal 
with God, Dan. xii. 1, 2 

Michmas, Mk-mv, concealed, Ez. ii. 27 

Michmash, Mk-ms, poor, taken away, 
1 Sam. xiii. 6 

Micmethah. Mk-mt-t, gift of the poor, 
over against Shechem, Jos. xvi 6 

Michri, Mk-ri, my knowledge, 1 Chron. 
ix. 8 

Mid-day, hje, ^um, j-er, jer-im 

Middim, Md-m, that measures, Jos. 
XV. 61 

Middle, h-jt, tuk 

Midian, Md in, judgment, xxv. 2 

Midnight, k-jut, 1-il, tuk 

Midst, tuk, h-ji, h-iq, h-je, fbr, 1-bb, 

Midst, the from, qrb 

Midst, the in, h-jj 

Midst, the to, h-je 

Mid-wife, mil-de 

Migal-el, Mg-dl-al, majessy of God, 
Jos. xix. 28 

Migdal-gad, Mg-dl-gd, tower of hap- 
piness, Jos. XV. 37 

Migdal-senna, Mg-dl-sne, tower of . 






Migdol,Mg-dl, great tower, £xod. xi?. 2 
Migron, Mg-run, great fear, 1 Sam 

xiv. 2 
Might, D, mad, ke, hil, gbur-e, atin, ai], 

ale, ku-h, o-zz 
Might, the hand, o-jm 
Might, by, hU 
Might, the by, t-qp 
Might, his, mad 
Might, my, ku-h 
Might, thy, mad 
Mighty, a dr. a-it, al, ale, gb-ur, g-br, 

ab-ir, gdl, hzq, kbr, mad, o-jm 
Mighty, and, a-mj 
Mig:hty, became, h-zq 
Mighty God, Abr, G-bur, Is. ix 6. 
Mighty man, ais 
Mighty men, abr, a-il 
Mighty one, abr, a-dr, a-il 
Mighty wind, o-im 
Mighty, most, kil 
Mighty, ye, ail 
Mighty, waxed, h-zq 
Mighty, ye, b-ne 
Mightier, a-dr, tap 
Mightily, h-zq, j-lh, sag 
Mijamiu, mi-mn, right habd, 1 Chron. 

xxiy. 9 
Mikloth, m-qel-ut, congregation 1 

Chron. viii. 31 
Mikniah, M-qn-yeu, flock of Jehovah, 

1 Chron. xv. 8 
Milalai, Ml-li, ray word, Neh. xii. 36 
Milca, Ml-ke, a queen, Gen. xxiy. 15 
Milch, i-nq, o ul 
Milcom. Ml-km, ruler of the airs, a 

base idol, 1 Kings, xi. 5 
Mildew, 1-rq-un 
Milk, elb, the heart, white, h-lb, fat, 

richest, best, food 
Milk lamb, h lb, 1 Sam. vii! 9 
Milk, with, b-hlb, Cant. v. 12 
Milk, as, k-hlb. Job x, 
Malk, the from, m-hlb, Ish. xxviii. 9 
Milk, than, m-hlb, Lam. iv. 7 
Milk, in, b-hlb.Ex. xxul 19 
Milk, my, h-lbi, Cant. v. 1 
Milk, thy, hl-bk, Ez. xxv. 4 
Mill, re-im, to smell with pleasnre, 

pleased, accepted 
Mill, the, eri-him, Ex. xi. 5 
Millstone, nether, rhim. Duet. xxiv. 6 
Mills, in, b-ri-him. Num. xi. 12 
Mill stones, r-him 
Millet, nv-mn, Ez. iy. 9 
Millo, ml-wa, fulness, 1 Kings xi. 27 
Miua, rona, a coin, gold and silver ; 

the gold coin was equal to 60 shekels, 

£54, and in silver about £9, Ezk. 

xliv. 12 
Miucha, mn-he, an oflTering of meal, 

cakes, biscuits ; Cain and Abel pre- 
sented this offering to Jehovah, Gen. 

iv. 3, 4 
Mind, lb, n-ps, i-jr, 1-bb 
Mind, his, r-we 
Mind, wicked^ z-rom 
Minded, steadfastly, a-mj 
Mindful, z-kr 
Mingle, m-vk, o-rb 
Mingled, b-11, k-la, 1-qh 
Minister, ms-rt, k-en 
Ministered, sr-t, led on, ken, taught, 

Ministry, sr-t, k-en-e, obede, leading, 

teaching, serving 
Miu'trel, mn-gn 

Mitmi, ra-ni, prepared; Jer, li 27 
Minnithjm-^nityis preparedJEx.xxxvii.17 
Mint, Matt, xxiii. 23 
Miphkad, e-mp-qd, nutnbered, Neh. 

iii. 31 
Miracle, aut, the desire 
Miracles, aut, i-pt, p-la 
Mire, r-psj b-je, h-mr, flf, yun 
Miry, fuf, fin 
Miry places, b-jg 
Miriam, Mr-im, bittemtess of waters, 

tnyrrh of the sea, Exod. ii. 4 
Mirma, Mr-me, raises itself, 1 CLron. 

viii. 10 
Mirth, sus, s-mh 

Mischief, aun, avn, h-we, oral, r-wo 
Mischievous, bol, ewe, z-mm 
Miscarriage, npl 
Mishael, Mis-al, taken away by God, 

Dan. iii. 12 
Misham,mis-om, their Saviour, 1 Chron. 

viii 12 
Mishma, Ms-mo, he that hears. Gen. 

XXY. 14 

Misna, ms-ne, a traditionary code, 
styled the secondary law ; Jews say 
that God gave Moses an oral, nn- 
written law, Kabba Judas the Holy 
wrote it about a.d. 180, and this it 
is, very puerile and absurd it is 

Mishraites. Ms-roi, touch friends, 1 
Chroa ii. 63 

Mispar, mv-pr, tribute bull, Ez. ii. 2 

Mispereth, mv-prt, multiply tribute, 
Neh. vii. 7 

Misrephoth, Ms-rp-ut, waters of buring, 
salt pans, Jos. xi. 8 


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Misa, h-fa, p-qd 

Missabih, mv-bib, in circuits, Jer. xx. 3 

Missed, h-vr, p-qd 

Mistake, sg-ge, t-woe 

Mitre, m-jn-pt 

Mistress, gbr-t, great 

Mixed, b-il, obr, m-el, m-zk 

Mixture, obr, me-ul 

Mizar, m-jor, little, Ps. xlii. 6 

Mizpah, Mj-pe, observatory, 1 Sam. 

xxii. 3 
Miznepeth, mitre of the high priest 
Mizor, Mi-sr, a plain, Jos. xx 8 
Mizraim, Mj-rim, tribulation, Gen. x. 6 
Mizzah, M-ze, distillery, Gen. xxxvi. 13 
More, I-vp, to increase, PtUl adding 
More, Wi-vp, and th«n he sliall add, 

Lev. xxviL 13 
More, Wi-vp-ti. then I will add to 

punish, Lev. xxvi. 18 
Moab, Mu-ab, of his father, Gen. xix. 31 
Moadiah, Mu-ad-ye, praise of Jehovah, 

Neh. xii. 10 
Mock. 1-jun, 1-og, q-lv 
Mocked, jhq, shq, 1-og, e-tl, 1-uj 
Mocker, Ij, a scorner 
Mocking, sh-uq, jh-uq, q-lv 
Model, t-bn-it 
Modin, dun. Mace, xiii. 29 
Moist, rf-ub 

Moistened, s-q, r-f b, r-w 
Moisture, Ih 

MoIadah,Mul-de, birth-place, Jos. xv. 26 
Mole, t-ns-mt, to dig, sightless, Lev. 

xi. 30 
Molid, Mulid, that begets 
Moloch, M-lk, a king, a bloody and 

obscene idolatry of the Ammonites, 

Lev. xviii. 31 
Molten, Mv-ke 
Moment, r-go 
Month, h-ds, i-rh 
Monthly, h-rs-b-hd-su 
Monument, aut, mj-be, j-yun 
Money, k-vp, silver 
Moon, I-rh, Ib-ne, wliite 
Morasthi, Mu-rs-ti, heir of inheritance, 

Mich. i. 1 
More, i-tr, b, gbr, g-dl, h-uj, i-vp, m, 

o-ud, r-bb, r-be 
More, are, o-dp, o-jm 
More, the but, asr 
More, have, obr 
More and more, e-lk, v-ur 
More than, ain 
More, no, e-ye, i-vp 
More, the, asr 

Moreh, of, E-mu-re, adjust, fix, shoot, 
cast, archery, Jud. vii. 1 

Mordecai, Mr-dk-i. contrition, Est. ii.5 

Moresheth, Irs. 1. To possess by gift 
or violence what belongs to others. 
2. Cogitation of mind. 3. New 

Moresheth-Gath, Mu-rst-gt, possessiiju 
of new wine, Mic. i. 14 

Moreover, ap, gm, u, ivp, i-tr, oud 

Moriah, Mur-ye, the bitterness of the 
Jehovah, the mount where Abraham 
offered Isaac, on which tlie Temule 
was built, and the scene of the suff cur- 
ings and death of Jesus Christ our 
Lord and Saviour, and our Emanuel, 
(xen. xxii. 2-14 

Mortgaged, obd, made a servant 

Morning, b-qr, aur, s-hr, n-sp, s-hp, 
s-km, n-ge 

Morning, the a in, spd 

Marrow, m-hr, b-qr, yum 

Morsel, pt, k-kr, ptt 

Mortal, an-us 

Moseroth, Mv-re, erudition, Num, 
xxxiii. 30 

Moses, M-se, drawn from the water, 
the deliverer of Israel, their leader 
and lawgiver, Exod. ii. 

Most, k-kr, ki, r-bb 

Most holy, qd-su 

Moth, ois, o-ss, fretted 

Moth-eaten, a-kl 

Mother, alp, am, a leader, a chief, a 

Mother-in-law, h-me, h-tu 

Mothers, am 

Move, n-wo, n-uf, e-um, e-mm, h-rj, 
n-ud,p-up, p-uq, p-om, q-na,r-gn, s-rj 

Moved, z-wo, h, rj, v-it 

Moved, am, m-uf 

Moved, are, gos, r-hp, ros 

Moved, were, e-me 

Moveth, e-lk, hpj, r-mv 

Moving, q-rj 

Moving thing, r-mv 

Mound, g-dr 

Mount up, a-bk, gb-e 

Mount, n, e-rr, i-jb, v-ll 

Mountain, er, e-rr, g-bo 

Mountains, e-rr 

Mourn, abl, a-ne, a-nh, v-pd 

Mourn, and, n-em 

Mourn, did, e-ge 

Mourn, thou, n-em 

Mourn, to, n-ud, q-dr 

Mourn, ye, e-ge 


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Mourned, v-pd, q-un, abl, a-ne 

Mourner, abl 

Mourning, n. abl, a-ne 

Mourning, his, b-ke 

Mourning, great, v-pd 

Moumfully, qd-ru-it 

Mouse, ok-br, a troubler, 1 Sam. r. 5 

Moutb, pe, p-ne, p-um 

Mouth, their, g-ie 

Mower, qu-jr 

Moza, Mu-ja, unleavened bread, 1 

Chron. ii. 46 
Mozah, E-mu-ja, the unleavened bread, 

Jos. xviii. 26 
Much, g-dl, k-bd, k-br, k-ul 
Mad, rb-b, rb-e, s-ga 
Much as, as, asr, m-la, o-!e 
Much, too, di, i-tr 
Mulberry-tree, b-ka 
Mule, p-rd 
Multiply, rb-b, rb-e 
Multiplied, g-dl, e-mn, o-tr, sg-a 
Multiplieth, k-br 
Multitude, amn, enln, m-la, q-el, e- 

Multitude, mixed, o-db, a-vp 
Multitude, the, yod, s-po 
Multitude, their, e me 
Multitude, the unto, e-we 
Multitude, the with, vk-k ^ 

Munificent, n-dib 
Munition, m-ja 

Muppim, mp-im, of the mouths. Gen 

xlvi. 21 
Murder, e-rg, r-jh 
Murdered, r-jh 
Murderer, ru-jh 
Murmur, t-lu-ne 
Murmured, lun. r-gn, db-b 
Musach, Mii-vK, unction, mixing of 

liquors^ libation, one of the brazen 

vessels in the court of the Temple 

where Solomon prayed, 2 Chron. vi 13 
Mused, su-h 

Music, sir, a song with singing 
Musical, sd-d, sur 
Musick, n-gn, sur, z-mr, s-ls, dh-e 
Mushi, Mu si, that takes away, NuoL 

iii. 33 s 

Must we do, ole 

Muslin, m-si . j 

Muth, mut, 61m, silent, death, goal of 

age, long continuance 
Muster, mp-qd 
Mustered, j-ba 

Muttered, e-ge, r-gn, l-hs, db-b 
Muzzled, hv-v 
Myrrh, tnur, bitter, fragrant, delightful 

to the scent, Ex. xix. 25 
Myrtle, on-p, 6j, ob-iit 

Myself, nps 

Mysel^, in an, ut-ht-i. Hah. iii. 16 
My stead in, tk ti 


KAAM, N-om, beautiful, admirable, 1 

Chron. iv. 16 
Naamah, No-me, agreeable, beautiful, 

delight, Gen.iv. 22 
Naaman, No-mn, active, pleasant. Gen 

xlvi. 21 
Naamathite, No-mti, of the comely. 

Job xi 1 
Naarai, No-ri, my watchers, 1 Chron. 

xi 37 
~ Naaran, No-m, a young child, 1 C hron. 

vii. 28 
Naarath, No-re, child, female, beauti- 
ful and lively, Jos. xvi. 7 
Naashon, N-hs-un, foretells, Ex. vi. 

Nabal, N-bl, gross, foolish, a churl, 1 

Sam. XXV. 23 
Nachon, N-kun, established, Gen. 

xli. 32 
Nablum, N-bl, psaltery, Deut. iii. 5 

Naboth»N-bt, prophecies, words, fruits, 

1 Kings xxi. 1 
Nachon, N-kun, prepared place, floor 

of Nachon, 2 Sara, vl 6 
Nadab, N-db. gift, free. Lev. x. 2 
Nagge, N-ge, Naggai, gk, brightness, 

Luke iii. 25 
Nahalal, N-el-ul, that is praised, Jud. 

Nahalaleal, N-hl-yal, inheritance of 

God, valley, oaks, Isa. Ivii. 3 
N-el-1, praise, light, brook, Jos. xix, 15 
Naham, N-hm, consolation, guides, 

1 Chron. iv. 19 
Nahamani, N-hm-ni, comforter, com- 
forts me, Neh. vii. 7 
Naharia, N-hr-i, angry, hot, 2 Sam. 

xxiii. 37 
Naha^h, N-hs, a serpent, foreteller, 

sagacity, couraq;e, length of life, 

heat felicity, health, good omen the 


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supposed name of David's mother, 
2 Sam. xvii. 25, 1 Chroii. ii. 13 

Nahath, N-ht, rest, conductor, Gen. 
xxxvi. 13 

Nf^bi, N-bi, my well-beloved son. Num. 
xiii. 14 

Nahalat, N-hlt, inheritance, said to be 
the name of flam's wife, Gren. vii. 13 

Nahor, N-hur, angry, hot, Gen. xi. 22 

Nashon,N-8h-un,sa<^acious, Num. vii. 1 2 

Nahum, N-hum, comforter, a guide, 

Nail, ita, tent-pins, strength, penetra- 
tion, join, fasten, secure, were mostly 
of wood tipped with iron, I^^a. xxii 23 

Nails, vmr,jpr, f,r 

Nahim, N-hm, comfort, 1 Chron. iv. 19 

Naioth, Niut, beauties, rural, 1 Sam. 
xix. 23 ' 

Naked, o-rim, cities, watchful, exposed, 
void of succour; disarm^, Gen. iii. 7 

Naked, ore, orm, pro 

Nakedness, dr-we, b-sr 

Name, n, sm, qra 

Name, v, amr, I name 

Name, shall, n-qb 

Named, amr, d-br, n-qb, q-ra, sum, sua 

Names, q-ra 

Naomi, No-mi, beautiful, pleasant, 
Ruth i. 1-3 

Naphi8h,Np-p3,the soul, that refreshes, 
rests, respires, multiplies,Geii xxv. 15 

Naphtlia, k-per, to drop, distil, rock- 
oil, bitumen, slime, Gen. vi. 14 

Naphtali, Np-t-li, strugglings, emula- 
tions, Gen. XXX. 8 

Naptliuliim, Np-Vhim, opening:*, Gen. 
X. 13 

Narcissus, Nar-kissos, gk, surprise, 
8tU[iidity, astonishment, Rom. xvi. 11 

Narrow, a-uj, jr, a-fra, jur 

Narrow lights, s-qp 

Narrow, too, t-jr^i, Isa. xHx. 19 

Narrower, j-re, Isa. xxviii. 2 

Narrowly, s-bs, s-mr 

N asi, N-si, a prince 

Nathan, N-tn, who gives, is given, 
2 Sam. xi 12 

Nathauael, N-tu-al, gift of God, Num. 
i 8 

Nathan-Meleck, gift of tlie king, 
2 Kings xxiii. 11 

Nation, a-ura, g-wi, am, z-rh, omm, 
amm, a country inhabited 

Nations, am, arj, g-wi 

Native, mu-ld-tu, his native country, 
Jer. xxii. 10 

Nativity, mu-ld-tk, of thy nativity, 

Ruthii. 11 
Natural force, 1-he, green, fresh, full 

of sap. Deut. xxxiv. 7 
Naval, f b-ur, centre, comely 
Nave, nun, beauty, durable, posterity, 

eternal, son 
Navel, sr-rk, thy navel, Can. vii. 2 
Navel, to thy, 1-srk. Prov. iii. 8 
Navel, the in, b-sr-ir-i. Job Ix. 16 
Naves, w-gb-i-em, and their naves, 

eyebrows, anything which rises above 

the rest, 1 Kings vii 33 
Naught, r-wo 
Naughty, b-li-ol, e-we 
Navy, ani, an -ye 
Nay, ai-bn-ti, nay my daughter, Ruth 

i 13 
Nazerite, N-zir, separate, pure 
Nazerites, N-zr-im, a flower, crowned. 

Lam. iv. 7 
Neah, No-e, rest, Jos. xix. 13 
Near, a-jl, id, o4e, q-rb, ra-e 
Near of kin, b-sr, siir 
Near, so, ngs 
Near, was, n-go 
Neariah, N-or-ye, child of Jehovah, 

1 Chron. iii. 22 
Neat, jh 

Nebai, Ni-bi, that fructifies, Neh. x. 19 
Nebajoth, Nb-yut, fruits. Gen. xxv. 13 
Neballat, Nblt, fruciities, Neh. xi. 34 
Nebat, N-bf, that beholds, 1 Kings 

.\i. 26 
Nebo, N-bu, sees forward, prophesies^ 

very high, here Moses died, Deut. 

xxxii. 49 
Nebuchadnezzar, N-bk-dn-a-zr, high. 

judgment and anguish, Dan. i. 1 
Nebuchadonosar, N-bu-kd-ra-jr, su- 
preme anguish and tears 
Nebi^shasban, N-bus-z-bn, fruits that 

gush out, Jer. xxxix. 13 
Nebuzar-adan, N-bu-zr-a-dn, high flow- 

ings of judgment, Jer. xl. 1 
Necessity, j-rk, Jud. xi. 7 
Necho, N-ke, lame, beaten, cripple, 2 

Chron. xxv. 2 
Necromancy, drs, al, e-mt-im, literally, 

seek or inquire not of the silent or 

dead, Deut. xviii. 11 
Neciiiloth, Nehiloth, e-n-hil-ut, t\u 

flute, title of Ps. v. 
Neok, ju-ar, orp, gr-grt, gre, gr-gr, 

Necklace, o-np 
Necks, gre 


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Nedabiah, N-db-ye, the good pleasure 
of Jehovah, 1 Chron. iii 18 

Need, j-rk, mh-vr, hvr 

Needed, hvr 

Needful, h-vr 

Needy, rs, ab-yun 

Neginoth, N-gn-ut, the harp, or other 
striuged iustrument, the title of 
Psalms iv., vi, liv., Iv., and others 

NeheljOrNehelam, E-n-he-rai, a dream- 
er, a false prophet, Jer. xxix. 24 

Nehelemite, E-n-hl-mi, hiheritance of 
waters, dreamer, deceiver, Jud. i. 

Nehel-Eschol, N-hl-as-kul, the vale of 
the grapes, Num. iii. 23 

Nehemiah, consolation of Jehovah 

Nehiloth, F-n-hil-ut, flute, dance, title 
of Ps. V. 

Nehushta, N-hs-ta, serpent of copper 
and tin fused, bronze, beU-melal, 
gun-metal, 2 Kings xxiv. 8 

Nehushtan, N-hs-tn, a piece of brass, 
bronze, 2 Kings xvi. 8 

Neiel, No-al, shaking of God, a great 
shaking, Jos. xix. 27 

Neglected, s-le 

Neighbour, ro-e, s-kn, qr-ub, omt 

Neighed, j-le, advanced, prospered, 

Neighing, m-je-le 

Neither, la 

Nekeb, nqb, that curses, Jos. xix. 33 

Nekoda, n-qud-a, naked 

Nemuel, n-mu-al i-mu-al, sleep of Grod, 
deep sleep. Num. xxvi. 9 

Nephath-dor, N-pt-dur, honey- comb, 
abode, 1 Kings iv. 1 1 

Nepheg, N-pg,feeble, faint, 2 Sam. v. 15 

Nephi, N-up, purification 

Neptoah, n-pt-ye, opening,awell spring, 
a fountain, Jos. xy. 9 

Nephusim, N-puv-im, crumbled to dust 

Ner, nr, lamp, candle, 1 Sam. xiv. 15 

Nergal,Nr-gl, revolving light, 2 Kings 
xvii. 30 

Nergal-Sharezer, Nr-gl-sr-a-jr, morn- 
ing splendour rising, a mighty con- 
queror, Jer. xxxix. 3 

Neri, Nr-ye, my light 

Neriah, Ner-ye, light, Jehovah,, Jer. 
xxxii. 12 

Neriglissar,or Neglis8ar,he succeeded 
Evil Merodach, king of Babylon. 

Nesib, n-jib, plantati<m. Jos. xv. 43 

Nest, qn 

Net, r-st, m-km-rt, h-rm, m-jur 

Nethaneel, N-tn-al, gift of God, 1 

Chron. iL 14 
Nethaniah, N-tn-ye, Gift of Jehovah, 

1 Chron. xxv. 2 

Nethinim, Nt-in-im, given, oflTered wil- 
lingly, servants of the templ-^*, and 
carried wood, drew water, and per- 
formed the most laborious parts, 
Ez. viii 20 

Netopha, Netuph, Nctuphat. Nt-nt, 
appointed, Ez. ii. 22 

Netile, q-im-U3, h-rl-im 

Never, ain, dur, n-jh, o-lm, t-md 

Nevertheless, a bl, ap, a-kn, am, a-pv, 
u, rq, b-rm 

New, h-ds, t-re, h-dt 

New moon, e-h-ds, 1 Sam. xx. 24 

New moons, h-ds, Is. i. 13 

New thing, b-ra 

Newly, q-um, q-rb 

Next, a-hr, q-rb, s-ne 

Next day, m-hr 

Next him, id, o-le 

Next unto, id 

Neziah, Nj-ih, strong, eternal Ez. ii. 54 

Nibhaz, Nb-hz, high, most exalted, 

2 Kings xvil 31 

Nibshan, Nb-sn, level, quiet, Jos. xv. 62 
Niddui, Nd-wi, separated, excom- 
municated, of the les:ier kind 
Nigh, q-rub, q-rb, s-ar, s-bu 
Nigh of kin, b-sr 
Nigh, well, ain 

Night, 1-il, 1-il-e, h-sk, 1 un, n-sp, orb 
Night, all, 1-un 
Night-hawk, E-th-mv, to take violently 

away from, h-mv, to tear. Lev, xi. 

Night-season, 1-il-e, from, 1-il, dark-> 

ness, great distress, Job xxx. 17 
Midnight, 1-il-e, Job xxxiv. 20 
Night, by and, u-l-il-e, Exod. xiii. 21 
Night, the in as, uk-1-il-e. Job v. 14 
Night, the of what, m-l-il-e, Isa. xxL 11 
Nights, and, u-1-il-ut. Job vii. 3 
Nile, Shur, black, muddy, a river, a 

Nine, t-so-e, t-so 
Nineteen, t-so-e, osr 
Nineteenth, t-so-e, o-sr 
Ninety, t-so-im 
Ninth, t-sy-o-i 
Nisan, Ni-vn, flight, the first month of 

the ecclesiastical year called Abib, 

Esther iii. 7 
Nimrali, Nm-re, leopard, rebellion, 

Num. xxxil 3 


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Nimrod, Nm-rd, domiDion, rebellion of 
him that rules, Gen. x. 8 

Nimshi, Nm-si, rescued from danger, 
1 Kings xix. 16 

Nineveh, Nin-we, beautiful dwelling, 
its founder was Astiur. Out of the 
land of Babylon went forth Ashur, 
son of Shem, and builded Nineveh ; 
and Rehoboth, the streets thereof; 
and Resin, the bridle ; and Calneh 
finished it. Thus one city alone is 
referred to in the text, Gen, x. II, 
and, adds Moses, The same is a 
great city, 12. The calm and be- 
nignant cherubs, tree of lives, the 
lion-man, eagle-man, and numerous 
other sacred and symbolic marbles 
that once adorned its palaces and 
temples, brought hiiher, and de- 
posited by the traveller himself, 
Mr. J^yard, in the British Museum, 
bear silent testimony to the fact 
that Nineveh was one of the most 
splendid, potent, and ancient cities 
of the world. 

Nisroch, flight, victory, eagle, a 
winged man with eagle's head, a 
churubic symbol of the Great Re- 
deemer, man and God ; my word^ are 
spirit, and they are life, 2 Kings 
xix. 37 

Nitre, n-tr, Prov. xxv. 20 

No, la, a in, al, a-pra, b-li, b-la 

No-Ammon, Na-Amun, habitation of 
Ammon, Nab. iii. 8 

Noadiah, N-wod-ye, witness of Jeho- 
vah, Neh. vi 14 

Noah, N-u-b, repose, rest. Gen. vi. 8 

Nob, N-be, fruitful, Neh. xi. 32 

Nobah,N-bh, that barks, Num. xxxii. 42 

Noble, p-rt, b-rh 

Noble, and, n-db 

Noble, of, h-ur 

Noble, his, g-dl 

Noble, the, a-jl, n-gd, p-rt 

Noble, their, k-bd, ru-h 

Nod, Nud, exile, vagabond, trembler. 
Gen. iv. 16 

Nodab, Nu-db, a prince, liberal in gifts, 
1 Chron. v. 1.9 

Nogah,N-ge, bright, splendid, 1 Chron. 
iii. 7 

Nohah, Nu-he, chief director, 1 Chron. 
viii. 2 

NoisC, q-ul, ga-un, em-ye, ro-me 

Noise, any, s-mo 

Noise, confused, r-os 

Noise, the for, e-mn 

Noise, great, e-im 

Noise, joyful, r-os 

Noise, the like, e-me 

Noise, loud, p-jh, r-wo 

Noise, a make, e-im, e-me 

Noise, a maketh, e-me 

Noise, a making, s-mo 

Noise, the that, e-mn 

Noise, the. e-me, emn, r-gn, r-oe 

Noisome, e-we, r-wo 

None, a-in, a-hd, a-is, a-pv, b-li, bl-ti, 
i-se, la, mi 

None, and, a-in 

None besides, a-pv 

Noon, je-rim, exultation and shouting, 
G^n. xliii. 16 

Noph, Np, blown, inflated, proud, arro- 
gant, Jer. il 16 

Nophah, Nu-ph, breathes, fears, mur- 
murs, Num. xxi. 30 

Nophet,;N-pt, dewy, drops, honey comb^ 
Jos. xvii. 11 

Nor, la, a-in, am, al 

North, j-pu-n, hidden, laid up, con- 

North ward, j -pu-ne, darkened, obscured 

Nose, ap, a-np, heat, anger, wrath, 
Dent, xi. 17 

Nose, my in, b-ap-i. Is. Ixv. 5 

Nose, thy, a-pk, Ez. xvi. 12 

Nose, his into, b-a()-u. Job xli. 2 

Nose, her, 1-ap-u, Gen. xxiv. 47 

Nose, their, a-pm, Ez. viii. 17 

Nose-jewel, n-zp 

Nose-jewels, e-ap 

Nose, fell on, ap^, 2 Sam. xvi. 4 

Noses, have they, ap-l-em, Ps. cxv. 6 

Nostrils, apim, indignation 

Nostrils, my in, b-ap-i, Job xxvii. 3 

Nostrils, thy, a-pk, Ps. xviii. 15 

Nostrils, thy in, b-ap-k, Deut. xxxiil 10 

Not, la, a-in, al, am, a-pv, bl, b-la, b-li, 

.Not in me, bl-o-di, Gen. xli. 16 

Notable, hz-ut, nu-do, of fight 

Note, hq-q 

Nothing, ain, a-pv. b-li, d-br, hll 

Nothing, as, la 

Nothing, for, h-np 

Nothing, than, a-pv 

Nothing, worth, al 

Nothing, to, m-of, te-e 

Notwithstanding, ak, a-pv, u, rq 

Nought, to brought, a-pv 

Nought, come to, a-un, a-in 


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Nought,'cometh to, n-bl 

Nought, for, e-un, hn-n/ te-e 

Nought, of, a-pp 

Nought, thing of, al-l, la, a-pv 

Nought, to,' pur • 

Nourish, g-dl, h-ye,'kul 

Nourished, z-ud, k-ul, amn, g-d\ 

Nourisher, a-mn 

Nourishment, a-kl 

Now, p4e, k-bd, az, a4p, ze, u,yuna, 

m\y ot-t, p-om, a-dn, k-on 
Now, even, ywm ^ . 
Now-a-days, yum 
Now, therefore, gm 
Now, which that, k-br 
Number, n. h-qr, k-bd, kv-y, ra-ne, 

v-pr, o-dp, q-qd 
Number, the to according, m-na 

Number, in, m-of, m-te 

Number, v. m-ne, v-pr, p-qd, rb-b, 

Numbered, v-pr, m ne 
Number, mv-pr, m-tk-nt 
Numberest, v-pr 
Numbers, b-md-br, and he spoke iu 

the desert, the fourth book of Mosea 
Nurse, m-in-qt, ais, amn 
Nursed, in-q 
Nursing &ther, amn 
Nursing inothers, in-q 
Nun, Nun, son <if Mishamab, fatlier of 

Joshua, augment, to = assist, an 

adopted son, rest, Jos. i. 1 
Nut, ag-uz, a bunch, a little bundle 
Nuts, a-gz, b-fn, a belly, worn, 6f a 

kernel • ' 


1 AN-A, hi, e, e-wi, u, n-tn 

1 that, ah-li, Ps. cxix. 5 • 

O ! that thou wert, it-np. Can. viii 1 

Ot that thou voikdst, am, 1 Ohron. 
iv. 10 

! that I might have, i-tn ! i-tn ! te., 
who will give, that my request may 
{*6ine. Job vi. 8 •* 

j^that, Iu. Gen. xvii. 18 

Oak, a sacred symbolic tree ; its names 
are various, but all and each point 
to an attribute of tbe Divine nature, 
creator^ preserver, mediator, pro- 
teptpr. The oak, with good reason, 
b supposed to have been the choicest 
tree of Eden's blissful bowers, and 
that to which, as the appointed sym- 
bol of mercy and omnipotence, our 
first parents fled for sanctuanr when 
they had sinned. Tiie Druicb with 
their sacred groves of oaks, but imi- 
tated the progenitor of man, and 
simply transferred the sacred symbols 
with the mystery and rites to their 
descendants, as themselves had been 
instructed by the fathers who re- 
ceived the Divine revelation from 
heaven. Additions, subtractions, in- 
terpolations, no doubt, corrupted 
the truth, will worship and sensual- 
ities polluted the stream, but its 
source was Divine. 

Oak, an, e-al-e, oath of covenant, Jos. 
xxiv. 26 

Oak, as an, k<al-e, the denouncers of 
a curse. Is. i. 30 

Oak, the and, Al-un, high, strong, al* 

mighty, mediator; saviour. Is. xliv. 4 
Oak, an, £-al-nn, almighty protector 

and saviour 
Oak, under, E-asl, refuge for the guilty, 

weak, and the hel{)le^s, 1 Sam. ^i^xxi 

13, and 1 Chron. x. 12, Eng. asylum 
I Oaks, of the, m-al-im, Is. i. 2 
j Oaks, al-un, Hos. iv.. 13 
Oaks, the, al-un im. Ezk. xxvii. 6 
Oaks, the as, k-al-uu-im, Amos ii. 9 
Oar, suf, sf, whip, scourge, speed 
Oar, the, m-suf; Ez. xxvii. 29 
Oars, Hith, sif Is. xxx.ii. 21 
Oars, thine, m-tmf'ik, Ez. xxvii. 6 
Oath, ale, denounce a curse, Jud. xvii. 2 
Odth, with an, e-sb-yo, 1 Sam. xiv. 28 
Oath, took an, uh-8b-yo,l Kings xviii 20 
Oath, the with, be-sb-yo, Ex. xiv. 27 
Oath, and the, we-sb-oe, Dan. xix. 11 
Oath, an, sb-oe, Num xxx. 2 
Oath, the, e-sb-oe, b-yo-e, Gen. xivl S 
Oath, thine of, m-sb-o-tk, Jos. il 17 
Oath, my froiii, m-sb-o-ti. Gen. xxiv. 8 
Oath, his of, u-sb-wo-ti, 1 Chron. xvl 16 
Oath, his and, u-sh-wo-ti, Ps. cv. 9 
Oaths, sb-o-ut, Ez. xxi. 23 
Oaths, the, sb-o ut, Hab. iii. 9 
Obediah, O bd-ye, servant of Jehovah, 

1 Kings xviii. 3 
Obal, o-ub-1, fat, gross, oi-bl, very fat. 

Gen. X. 28. 1 Chron. i. 22 
Obed-Edom, 0-b-Adm, servant of man, 

1 Chron. xxvi. 4 
Obedience, s-mo 
Obedient, s-mo 


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Obey, i-qe, s-mo 

Obeyed, s-mo 

Obll, Au-bll, that weeps, that (Reserves 

to be wept for, 1 Chron xxvii. 30 
Oblation, m-nli, a gift. Gen. iv. 3 
Oblation, an, m rih-e, I6a. Ixvi. 3 
Oblations, mn-ht, Isa. i. 13 
Obligation, a-vr 
Obliged, a-vr 
Obliterated, k-pr 

Oboth, A-btj thick, biisby, Num. xx;. 10 
Obscure, baisrun, blackness, Prov. vii. 9 
ObJKJure, in, b-ais-un, Prov. xx. 20 
Obscprity, apl, h-sk 
Observe, asr, h-lis, njr, a-nn, o-se, stir, 

f-uir ; 
Obstinate, a-mj, q-se 
Obtain, bn-e, h-zq, n-sg, p-uq 
Obtained, n-sa, r-hm, s^l 
Occasion, ta-ne, o-le, v-be 
Ctccasion, gl-1, oi-1, n-pl 
Occasion, an, a-ne 
Occasion, given, n-aj 
Occasion, find, id, m-ja 
Occasion, ]ier, a-ne 
Occasion shall serve, id 
Occasioned, have I, m-bt-i, 1 Sam. xxii. 

Occasions, tn-wa-ut, J^pb xxxiii. 10 
Occupation, 1-ak, o-me 
Occupy, o-rb vraixing) 
Occupied, l-ak, n-tn. y-hr 
Occurrence, p-go, mq-re 
Occurent, p-go, 1 Kipgs v. 4 
Ocran, Ok-rn. a disturber, Nuni. i. 13 
Odai Odijah, E-ud-ye, glory of Jehovah, 

Neh. ix. 5 
Odd, odp, redundaiit 
Odd, number, e od-pim, Hum. iii. 49 
Oded, 0-ud-d, to sustain, lift u^), to 

hold, 2 Chron. xv. 1 
Odious, bas, to stink, Exod. vii, 18 
Odious, they had made themselves, 

et-bas-u, 1 Chroti. xix. 6 
Odours, b-sm, k-sl, r-uh 
Off, a-le, at, b, 1, m, mn, ol-e, om 
Of me, ol, 2 Sam. xix. 38 
Of thee, me-nk, Dan. vi. 7 
Of it, consider, ol-ye, Jud xix. 30 
Of the Lord, b-ib, 2 Chron. xxix. 25 
Offence, mk-sl, n-gP, a-sm, k-sl 
Offences, hf-a-im, EccL x. 4 
Offend, a-sm, b-gd, h-bl, k-sl 
Offended, a-sm, h-fa, p-so 
Offered, z-be, to slay, to render, 1 Kings 

viii. 63 
Offer, o-le, o-se, q-fr, q-rb, r-um 

Offer, and, n-uD 

Offer, I, n-fe " 

Offer, shall, n-up, n-tri 

Offer, shs^ljb, 8-ef 

Offer, should,, n-vk. 

Offer, ye, n-gs, n-sa 

Offered, z-be, h-rp, u-up, q fr 

Offered, and h-fa 

Offered, freely, u-db 

Offerings, eb-eb 

Olf'ering^, drink, nv-kim, jer. vii. 18 

Offerings, free will, n-db-ut, 2 Chi-on. 

Offerings, heave, t-ru-mt, Num. xviii. 

31. , V 

Offerings, peace, z-bh-im, i^xod. xxiv. 5 
Offerings, peace the, u s-liii, Amos. v. 

Office, p-qd-e. i-ld, k-en,k-un, o-bd, o-le, 

o-md, p-qd 
Officer, 8-fr, n-jib 
Officers, i-jb, 1-ak, n Jb, o-le, o-se, rb-b, 

Offices, k-en, s-mr 
Off, scouring, vh-ej to scrape, Ez. xxvL 

24 • ... 

Off, soaring, v-hi, Lani. iii. 45 
Offspring, t-rb-ut 
Oft, di 

Oft, how, k-me-k-me, Job xxl 17 
Qftenlimea, p-om-im 
Og, 0-ug, a cake that is baked in the 

ashes, Dent, iii 11 
Oh! A-ne! Bi 
Oh that I, I-tn-ni, « He will not suffer 

npe, Job ix. 18 
Oh! that I had, -Itn-ni, oh! that mr 

head, Jer. ix. 1, 2 
Chad, A-ed, that praises, Gen. xlvi. 10 
Ohel, A-el, tent, tabernacle of Divine 

worship. Gen. ix. 21 
Oil, &-mn, fat 

Ointmtjit, n|s-he, r, qe, s-mn 
Old, bl-e, z-qn, e-we, i-sn, o-lm 
Old, of as, r-qm 
Old, becoming, o-tq, 
Old, being, z.qn, Gen. xviii. 12 
Old dajs, bn-e 

Old of ever, m.o-i4m, Ps. xxv. 6 
Old, of from, q-dm 
Old, how, h-ye, ynm, s-ne 
Old, of, az, yum, od, p-ne 
Old, was, z-qn, Gen. xxiv. 1 
Old, waxed, z-qn, Jos. xxiii. 1 
Old, she is, zq-ne, Prov. xxiii. 22 
Old, art, zq-nt, 1 Sam. viii. 5 
Old, am, zq-nti, Gen. xviii. 13 


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OW, be is, i-zq-in, Prov. xxil 26 
Old, man an, z qu, Gen. xxv. 8 
Old age, zq-ne. Pa. Ixxi. 9 
Old, was she when, zq-nt-e,Gen xxiv.36 
Old woman, an and, uzq-nut, Zech. 

viii. 4 
Old, made, ble 
Old corn, o-br 
Old estates, q-dm 
Old years, b-ne 
Old, very, is-is im, decrepid, stooping, 

Job xxxii. 6 
Olive, zit, s-m, bright, fat 
Olive tree, the e-zit. Hag. ii 19 
Olive tree, a like, k-rit, Pa. lii. 8 
Olive tree, tlie mito, l-zi(, Jud. ix. 8 
Olive tree, thine. zit-A, Dent, xxiv 20 
Olive trees, and, u-zit-im, Dent. vi. 11 
Olive yards, and, u-zit-im, Jos xxiv. 13 
Olivet, E-zit-im, 2 Sam. xv. 30 
Olive yards, their and, n-zit-i-km iSam. 

viii. 14 
Omar, A-u-mr, he that speaks, grief, 

bitterness, (Jen. xxxvi. 11 
Omer, O-mr, rouiid, a dry measure, 

six pints, one-tenth of the epnah. 

In this the manna was measured, 

three quarts per man, Exod. xvi. 16 
Offer full, m-la 
Omitted, n-fs 
Omri, Amr-i, my speech, sentiments, 

1 Chron. ix. 4 
On, a-le, at, 1, m, ol-e 
Once, p-om, a-hd, a-hr 
Once, and, bin 

Once, at, i-hd, p-om, 1 Sam. xxvi. 8 
Once, this epom, e-pom. Gen xviii. 32 
Once, when, az 
Onam, Au-nm, their trouble, Gen. 

xxxvL 23 
Onan, pain, languish, mourn, injury. 

Gen. xxxviii. 6 
One, a-hd, ah-h, ais, da, ewa, hd 
One, and, ais 
One, any, n-ps 
One, every, a-hd, ais 
One, holy thy, b-ais, Deut. xxziii 8 
Onely, a-hd 

Only, I, ak, a-pv, b-dr, zU-lt, i-hd, rq 
Only son, child, i-hid, Amos viii 10 
Ones, b-ne 
Ones, little, o-ul 
Onion, b-jl, disjoined, and refers to 

those diffused circumvallated divisions 

in its substance peculiar to the genus 

of tliis plant. The resemblance of 

an om<m when cat in two horizontally, 

bears a very striking resemblance to 
the annular circuits of the planetary 
bodies as they revolve round the 
sun as 1 heir common centre that it 
was deified by the Egyptians, and 
worshipped by them ; and dedicated 
a temple in that land to the onion ! 
We remember the fish that we did 
eat in Egypt freely, the cucumbers, 
and the melons, and the leaks, and 
the ebjlira, onions, Num. xi 5 

Onions, the, e-bj-lim. — Ibid 

Ono, Au-nu, trouble, Neh vi. 2 

Onyx,se-em,sh-It,a toe-nail,an aromatic 
sea-shell, called bdellium ; the onyx 
is fislied out in India, it feeds on 
spiknanardi, hence the aroma of the 
shell The bet onyx is found ir the 
Red Sea is white and large, the Ba- 
bylonian is black and of inferior size 

Onyx, S-em, a nai', a precious stone, 
the eleventh in Aaron's breastplate. 
Onyx is a kind of agate of a whitish 
black, the rosy tint in it nearly re- 
sembling a man's nail, hence the 
name of onyx is given to it 

Onycha, sh-lt, black Babylonian onyx, 
used in sacred perfume, Ex. xxx. 34 

Open, pt-uh, gl-e 

Open, are, s-tm 

Open, being, pt-h 

Open flowers, pf-r 

Open place, o-in 

0})en wide, pt-h, pt-uh, Nah. xiii.-13 

Opened, pt-h, gl-e, p-qh, p-je, p-fr 

Openeth, gl-e 

Openeth, matrix, p-fr 

Openly, qura-mi-ut, gle-e, o in 

Operation, the m-ose, Ps. xxviii. 5 

Ophel, O-pl, a cliff, vain confidence, 
emerods, piles, op-lim, 1 Sam. v. 9 

Opele, lifted up, Hab. ii. 4 

Ophir, Au-pr, Dust, ashes, from Apr, 
called the golden laud, 1 Kings ix.28 

Ophni,Op-ni, who is weary, Jos. x viii. 23 

Ophra, a fawn, Jos. xviii. 23 

Opinion, mhs be 

Opposed, 8-fn, s-fm, jr-r, dk 

Oppress, dk-a, i-ne, 1-hj, o-rj, os-q, rj-j, 

Oppressed, os-q, n-gs, 1-hj, ju-q, d'<-a, 
o-ne, d-ge, h-mj, i-ne 

Oppression, i-ne, l-iij, os-q, Ju-qe 

Oppresseth, 1-hj, jr-r 

Oppressor, n-gs,, o-sq, ais, h-mv 

Oppressors, r-mv, n-gs, 1-hj 

Or, au, am, en 


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Oracle, d-br, db-ir 

Oracles, d-br 

Orator, L-hs, soft, gentle, iuoffeusive, 
allure, charm, Is. iii. 3 

Orchard, pr, dv, garden appj[es,Can.iv.l3 

Orchards, and, u-pr-dv im, forests of 
fruit-trees generally, Eccles. il 5 

Ordain, i-vd, s-pt 

Ordain, will, snm 

Ordained, j -we, sum, i-vd, kun, n-tn, 
o-md, or-k, o-se; q-um, m-na 

Order^ d-br, id, v-dr, s-pf 

Order, set in, o-rk, p-om, j-we 

Ordered, p-qd, j-we, k-uu 

Ordinance, hq-q, id, s-pf, s-mr 

Oreb, 0-urb, mixing, dusky, twDighf, 
a raven, so called from the under 
side of its plumage, which is leaden- 
coloured, jud. vii. 26 

Oregira, and, U-ar-gim, and tbey that 
weave. Is. xix. 9 

Organ,0-uq-b, from O-gb^ the charmed, 
delighted greatly, the much love, 
Heb. they make charms, talk as they 
were greatly charmed, Ex. xxxiii. 
31, applied to inordinate love, and 
to sweet delightful music, boih in- 
strumental and vocal, in concert ; 
Ez. xxxiii. 32, to musical instruments 
which please and charm with melo- 
dious sounds 

Organ, Og be, she doted, Ez. xxiii. 7 

Organ, og-bim, much loVe, Ez. xxiii. 

Organ, Og-bte^ in her inordinate love, 
Ez. xxiii. 11 

Organ, the, o-ug-b, sweet melody, Job 
xxi. 12 

Organ, and. Gen. iv. 21 

Organs, u-og-b, Ps. cl. 4 

Organ, my and, u-ogbi, Job xxx. 31 

Orion, K-vl, loins an i flank, strength, 
firmness, solidity, hope, confidence, 
folly, stupidity, foois, Prov. iii. 26 

Orion, Kv-il, a constellation in the hea- 
vens, just before the sign Taurus; 
the signifies, according to the ancient 
Hebrews, that star ol the second 
magnitude called " the scorpion's 
heart." It appears at the beginning 
of the autumnal equinox, and for- 
bodes frost ; Canst thou bind Pleia- 
des, or loose the bauds of Kv-il 
Orion ? Job xxxviii. 31 

Ornament, o-di, par, t-pa-rt, e-le, lu-e, 

Ornaments, o-kv, p ar, j-od, q-sr, s-er 
Orphan, it-um 

Ospray, oz-z, to confirm, strenfftlien, 

prevail, bold, daring, Ps. xxviii. 7 
Osprey, the and, We-ozn-ye, Deut 

xiv. 12 
Ossifrage, P-rv, to divide, cleave, break, 

break into parts, clawed 
Ossafrage, a, E-pr- v, a ravenous bird 
of the eagle genus, of great strength 
of bill and claws. Lev. xi. 13 
Ostrich, h-vd, abundant, good, kind, 

virtue complete 
Ostrich, the, hv-id-e. Job xxxix. 13 
Ostriches, One, cry aloud 
Ostriches, the like, ki-on-im, Lam. iv. 3 
Oman, Ar-nn, that rejoices 
Orontes, a river of Syria 
Orpah, Or-pe, the neck, plain spoken, 

Ruth i. 9 
Other, a-hr, ro-e, asr 
Other, any, kl-1 
Other, each, ais 
Other, or, a-hd 
Others, a-hr 
Others, unto, al-e 
Otherwise, au, b-la, u, la 
Othni, Ot-ni, my time, 1 Chron. xxvi. 7 
Othniel, O-tn^yal, my hour of God, Jos. 

XV. 17 
Ouches, from, s-bj, pent up, Ex. xxviii. 4 
Ouhces, in, m-sb-jut, Ex. xxviii. 11 
Ouches, the, e-m-sb jt, Ex. xxviii. 14 
Oven, t-nr, furnace. Gen. xv. 17 
Oven, in the, b-tn-ur. Lev. vii. 9 
Oven, an as, k-tn-ur, Hos. vii. 6 
Ovens, thine into and, ub-tn-ur-ik, Ex. 

viii. 3 
Over, ol, a-le, b, 1, m, n-gd, o-br, od, 

o-dp, o-le 
Over, is, h-lp 

Over against, al-e, o-mt, p-ne 
Over and above, m 
Over wise, i-tr 
Over, were, o-md 
Overcome, i-kl, n-jh, g-br, gd-d, e-lm, 

e-ls, 1-hm, o-br, r-eb 
Over-drive, d-pr, to push against 
Over-drive them, and, u-dp-qum. Gen. 

xxxiii. 13 
Overflow, s fp, jup, s-uq 
Overflowed, s-fp, z-rm 
Overflowing, b-ke, z-rm 
Overflown, i-jp, in-Ja 
Overlaid, fu-h, j-pe, h-pe 
Overlay, fu-h, j-pe 
Over-lived, a-hr, a-rk 
Overmuch, er-be, Eccles. vii. 16 
Over, pass, o-br-u, Jer. v. 28 






Over, past, i-o-br, i-o-br, Is. xxvi. 20 

Overplus, o-dp 

Over-ran, s fp 

Overseer, p-qid, mn-jh, p-qir 

Overseers, n-jh 

Oversight, n-tn, p qd. s-ge 

Overspread, n-ps. soul, animal life, (Sen. 
i. 20, but this comes from n-pj, to 
dash, break, scatter 

Overspread, ^as, n-pj-e. Gen. ix. lO 

Overtake, n-gs, li-sg 

Overthrew, e-pk, nor, c-rv, v-lp 

Overthrow, m-pl-e, d-he, d-hp, er, nfe, 
n-pl, o-ut, s-rod, s-mf 

Overthtowe h, e-rv, v-lp 

Overthrown, e-plc, e-rv, k-sl, ri-pl, o-ut, 
8-ma, 8-mf 

Overtook, H-sq, d-bq, r-bq, n sg 

Overturn, e-pk, o-ye, s-um 

Overturned, e-pk, o-le, o-we 

Overwhelmed, z-rm, k-e, o-fp, s-fp 

Over wise,h-k.m, prudent, cuuniug, sub- 
tle, Prov. XXX. 24 

Over A^-ise, t-th-km, Eccles. vii. 16 

Ought, b-fii, d-br, mk, i-in 

Ought, l^ut, ki 

Out, hu-j 

Out, from, in hu-j, Jer. xxxvii. 21 

Out of, at, b, bin, 1, m, mn, b-gd, o-le, 
q-rb, t-uk 

Out, with and, u-mh-uj. Gen. vi. 14 

Outward, and, U-hii je, Num. xxxv. 4 

Outcast, n-dh, unclean,.. filthy, a prosti- 
tute, unfortunate, hurled with vio- 
lence, a saint's treatment by the 
world, Jer. xxx. 17 

Outcasts, mine, n-dh-i, Isa. xvi. 14 

Outer, eh-uj, Ez. xlvii. 2 

Outgoings, m-ujak, 2 Sam. iii. 25 

Outlandwh, en-kr-yut, Neh. xiii. 26 

Outlived, a-hr-i, prolonged their divys, 
Jos. xxiv. 31 

Outmost, unto the, b-qj-e, Deut. xxx. 

Outragepi^, s-fp, to overflow with vio- 
lence, riishinff on, Isa. viii. 8 

Outrageous, and, u-s-ifp, Prov. xxvii. 4 

Outside, h-ui, q-je . 

Outstretcheo, en-fn-ye. Jet. xxvil 5 

Outside, h-ig 

Outward, o-in, h-uj 

Oweth, asr , • ; . 

Owl, b-ne, pupil of the eye, blacli 
sij^ht, Lev. xl 6 

Own, hw, k-en 

Owner, a-dn, bol, q-he 

Owners, bol 

Ox, sur, alp, b-qr, pr 

Oxeri, alp, bqr, pr, tiir 

Oyl, j-er, s-mri . 

Ozem, A-zm, that fast, also eagemessj 
1 Chron. ii. 15 

Ozni, Oz-ni, my ear, my balances, Niini. 
xxvi. 16 

PAARAI, Po-ri, to open, 2 Sam. xxiii. 

Paaneah, Po-nb, a r^vealei* from Po-nh, 

Gea xli 45 
Paces, jo-dim, 2 Sam. vi. 13 
Pacified, s-lm, k-pr, sk-k 
Pacifieth, i-nh, k-pe 
Pudan-Aram, P-d-ne=Aram, the vale 

betweeu the two rivers Tigris and 

Euphrates, Gen. xxxi. 18 
Padon, Pd-un, His redemption, Neh. 

vii. 47 
Paddle, itd, a gpreat pin, or pole of 

wood, shod with iron or biouze, 

strength, stability, Isa. xxii. 23 
Paddle, a and, u-i-tid, Deut. xxiii. 13 
Pagiel, P-go-yal, prevention of Grod, 

Num. vii. 725 
Pahath-Moab, P-ht=Mu-ab,the Prince 

of Moab, Ez. ii. 6 
Paid, 8-lm 
Pain, o-ni, h-bl, hil 

Painful, o-njl . , , 

Painted, k-?il, m-sh, p-ug, sum 
Pair, j-md, two alike 
Pair of shoes, n-ol-im, made fast with 

lock or strap, Amos ii. 6 . 

Palace, a-rm, hollow^ elevated, a high 

large house, a castle, a royal abode, 

2 JCings xviii. 26 
Palace, the and, u-arm-un, Jer. xxx. 18 
Palace, in the, b-arm-un, 1 Kings xv. 

Palaces, the, arm nut, Jer. xviL 27 
Palaces, our into, b-arm-niit-i-nu, Jer. 

ix. 21 
Palace?, thy within^ b-arm-nut-ik, Ps. 

cxx. 7 
Palaces, his an I, u-arm-nt-yu, Amos. 

vi. 8 
Palaces, her in, b-arra-nut-ye 
Pttlnces, aim, arm, e-kl, fir 
Palate, h-ik 
Palal, PI 1, that judges, Neh. iii 25 


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Pale, h-ur, no red, fear disappointment, 

Est. i.6 , : ; 

Pale, wax shall, i-hur-u, Jo&. xxix. 22 
Piileness, i-rq, mildew, decay. Num. xii. 
-14- ■• .., ' 

Paleness, into, 1-i-rq-un, Jer. xxx. 6 
Piilm, kp, hu-pii, k-prt, t-nar 
Palm branclies, tm-rim, Nieh. viii. 13 
Palm tree, tmr, lifted up, Joel i. 12 
Palm trees, and, tmr-im, Deut. xxxiv. 3 
Palmer-worm, g-zm*, id c^t the ,b£|.rk; 

JoelL4 , ' 

Patm6r-w6rm, and the, we-g-zm, Joel 

ii. 25 
Palestine, Pl-st, shepherds, I Sam. vj. 

IT ;' ' . • ; ■■ 

Palpitated, p-om, il-l 

Palti, Pl-ti, my deliverance, 2 S^^"^- 

xxiii. 26 ' ■ . 

Palthiel, Pl-fu-al, 4eliverance of God, 

Num. xxxiv. 26 ' ' 
Pan, mh-bt, a vessel, joined 
Pan, s-ri, slavery, waiting, ininlsfering, 

2 Sam. xiii. 9 - * 

Pans, h-be, yir, pr-r, j-lh 
Pangs, h-bl,'h-ul, jur 
Pannag, and, u-p-ng, fragrant, balsam, 

Ez. IxvlL 17^ • ■ ' : ' 
Pant, s-ap 

Panted, t-qe, o-dii, v-hr 
Paper teeds, orut^ nieadows, Isf^. xix. 7 
Pap, d-d^ to nourish : "^' 

Paps, the, 8-di, Ek xxiii. 21, yealders 
Parable, m^l, authority, excellent 

speech, similitude 
Parable, and utter, u-ni-sl, Ez. xxiv. 3 
Parable, hi&, m'-sl-u. Num. xxiii, 7 
Parables, m-sl-im, Ez. xx. 49 
Paraujourg, pl-ns-i-hm, Ez. xJtiii. 20 
Parapet, pr-pr, building, Sf gate ad- 

joihing th6 way leading 'to the 

temple, 1 Chron. xxvi. 1, 8 
Paradise, Pr-dv, a garden planted, an 

orchard. Cant. iv. 1^ ; a plantation of 

fruit trees, Eccl. ii. 5 ; also s^ forest, 

Neh. ii. 8 ' 
Paran, Pa-rn, beauty, glory, qrnanaent. 

Gen. xiv. 6 
Parched, k-mr, j-mq, ^-Ih, s-rb 
Parcel, h-lq 

Pardon, vli-he, k-pr, n-sa 
Pardoned, v-lh, r-je 

Pare, o-se, to do, act, perform, ei^ecute 
Pare, and, o-se, paint, Deut. xxi. 12 
Parlour, 1-sk, o-le, store room, 2 Chron. 

xxxi. 11 ; dining room, Jer. xxxv. 2 ; 

lodging room, 1 Chron. ix. 33 ; the 

oflSce of the secretary of stfite, Jer. 

xxxvi. 12 
Parmashata, Pr-ms-ta, bursting of the 

foundation, Est. ix. 9 ' 
Parnach, Pr-iik, a bull strucl^, produc- 
tion of per umes, l^una. xxxiy. 25 
Parash, Pr-os, tcf fructify', Ez. i{. 3 
Parshondatha, Pr-sn-dt-a, of hig trouble, 

Est. ix. 3 
Part, h-lq, b-tr, s-km, h-bl, p-lq 
Part,, do the, g-al " ' = 

Part, fifth,'h-ni8 
Part, hin4er, v-up 
Part, highest, r-aa 
Part, perforoj, g-f»l 
P^rt, sixth, s-se. ' 
Part, utterinost, k-np, q-je 
Parts, h-l<|, id, p-h 
Parts, thb from, i-rk 
Parts, innermost, h-dr 
Parts, inward, h-dr 
Parts thereof, b-tr 
Parts, fiecfet, v-tr 
Parts, uttermost, a-pv 
Parted, h-lq, h-je, p-rd 
Partition', m-hl-qt ' 
Partridge, qra, calls, d-gr, u-lt^, j-ld 
Pi^rthians, P-rs, horsemen Sz. xxxviii.5 
Paruah, 'P-ru-h, fruitful, i Kings iv. 17 
Parvaim, Pr-yum, prosperous, ^ Chron. 

iii.'e ' ' ' 

Pas^.ch, P-vk, your fragment, I Cor. 

vii;33 '' -' ' ■ 
Pasdammin^, the portion, asylqm, B-a- 

pv dm-im, 1 Sam. xviil l' 
Paseah, Ps-hur, extends Ul^^rty, Jer. 

XX. 1 

Passage, o-br, m-p-br 

Pass, o-br, h-lp 

Passed, o-br, g-dl, h-lp, o-dq 

Passover, p^vh 

Pa^s through, e-lk 

Passion, po-thos-gk. Acts i. 3 

Pastor, ^-b, to be hungry, poor, des- 
titu e of nece/saries of life, shep- 
herd'^ charge j ro-e, tp feed, sustain, 
to graze, shepherd's charge duly 
executed ; u-ro-e, an4 h^ shall feed, 
Jer. 1. Id 

Pastors, the, we-Ro-im, Jer. ii. 8 

Pasture, m-ro-e 

Pastures, a-we, d-sa, s-qe, kr, nw-e 

Patched, f-pl 

Patara, Patara, trod by the foot, Acts 
xxi. 1 

Pate, qd-d, top of the head, qd-qdu, 
his own pate, Ps. vii 16 

o 2 , 

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Path, n4ib, ar-h, s-bil, mo-gl, d-rk, 

vl-1, o-gl, 8-bl, 8-0I 
Patmos, mortal, from Patoi^ mai, I am 

squeezed to pieces, Rev. i 9 
Pathros, Pt-rum, mouthful of dew, 

Jer. xliv. 1 
Pathrusim, Pt-rv-im, dwellers at 

Pathros, Ez. xxix. 14 
Patient, i-qr, ru-h, quiet ia spirit 
Patiently, h-ul, q-we 
Pattern, t-bu-it 
Paved, 1-bn, r-jp 
Pavement, r-jp-e 

Pavilion, v-k-4c, to cover securely, pre- 
serve, defend, a booth, tabernacle 
Pavilion, his, vk-tu, Ps. xviii. 11 
Pavilions, the in, b-vk-t, 1 Kings, xx. 

Pau, Pou, that' cries aloud, Gen. 

xxxvi 39 
Paul, Paul-OS, little, short, small, seen, 

heard, an apostle 
Paw, id, power, control 
Paw, the of, m-id, 1 Sam, xvii. 37 
Paw, the of out and, 1 Sam. xviL 37 
Paws, kp-p, to bow, beiid, as a branch 

from a tree, or top of a bulrush 
Paws, his, kp-yu, Lev. xi 27 
Paweth, h-pr, to dig, to see, discover, 

tear up, look down 
Paweth, he, i-hp-ru, Job xxxix. 21 
Pawned, o-rb, darkened 
Pay, m-kr, n-tn, o-le, sub, s-lm, sq-1 
Payed, n-tn, y-eb 
Peace, s-lum. q-ul 
Peace, by, s-le 
Peace, held his, dm-m 
Peace, my held, e-se ' 
Peace, held their, e-ba 
Peaceable, s-le 
Peacock, 0-lv, to rejoice greatly, to act 

joy by bodily gestures, Job xxxix. 15 
Peacocks, unto the, n-ol-ve. Job. 

xxxix. 13 
Peacock, T-ke, to descend, walk, ex- 
amine carefully, to spy out 
Peacocks, and, u-tk-yim, 2 Chron. ix. 21 
Pearl, g-bs, a union, aquatic, tnp-niuim, 

before the face, Job xxviiL 18, Pro v. 

iii. 15 
Peculiar, v-gl-e 
Peel, zg 

Peeled, p-jl, m-rf 
Peeped, i-bb 

Pedahzur, P-de-jur, strong. Num. i. 10 
Pedahel, P-d-e-al, redemption of God, 

Num. xxxiv. 28 

Pedaiah, P-d-ye, redemption of Jeho- 
vah, 2 Kings xxiii. 36 
Pekah, P-qh, that is at liberty, 2 Kino^ 

XV. 25 
Pekahiah, P-qh-ye, that is open to 

Jehovah, 2 Kings xv. 22 
Pekod, P-qd, to visit, press, rub harcl 

on, obstinately persisting, Jer. L 20 
Pelaiah, Pl-a-ye, secret of Jehovah, 

Neh. viii. 7 
Pelaliah, Pl-l-ye, prays to Jehoval^, 

Neh. XL 12 
Pelatiah, Pl-f-ye, Jehovah delivereth, 

1 Cnron. iv. 42 
Peleg, P-lg, divided, Gen. x. 25 
Pelet, P-lf, deliverance, 1 Chron. xiL 3 
Peleth, P-lt, judgment, Num. xvL 1 
Peletbites, Pl-ti, that draw the bow 

and slingtrs 
Pelican, Za-e, z-at, that vomits out, 

from the mode feeding its young, 

Isa. xxxiv. 11 
Pelican, the, 1, e-qat. Lev. xi. 1^ 
Pelican, and the, we-^at, Deut. xiv. 17 
Pelican, a 1-qat, Ps. cii. 6 
Pelonite, Pl-u-ne, that falls, 1 Chron. 

xi. 36 
Pelushim, vin, a bush, Ez. xiiL 15 
Pen, of, s-br 

Peniel,Pn-yal, face of God,Gren.xxxii.30 
Peninnah, pearl, before the face of 

Jehovah, 1 Sam. i. 2 
Penknife, e-vu-pr, to tell, to relate, 

count, to number, a history, deed of 

conyeyance, from vpr, a roll or book, 

Jer. xxxvi. 23 
Pentecost, Pb-o-ut, weeks, Exod. 

xxxiy. 22 
Penuel^ Pn-wal, face of God, 1 Chron. 

iv. 4 
Peor, Po-ur, open-mouthed, giving 

forth, fruitful, Jos. xy. 60 
People, om, home, bn-e, gu-i 
People, common, arj, bn-e 
Peradventure, a-ul, lu, p-uu 
Perceived, id-o, bun, aun j 
Perceiveth, bin, f-om 
Peres, P-rv, divided, Dan. v. 28 
Perez-Uz?a, P-rj-0-ze, the breach of 

Uz'za, 2 Sam. vi. 8 
Perfect, s-lm, tm, tm-im, kun, kl-1, 

kl-e, g-mr 
Perfected, s-lm, tm-m, k-le 
Perfection, m-tm, m-kl-1 
Perform, gal, i-bm, n-tn, o-se, j-ba, 

s-lm, j-ba 
Pei formed, q-um, o-«e, b-jo 


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Performeth, g-mr 

Perfume, zf-rut, m-rq-ht 

Perfumed, q-fr, o-se 

Perfumer, ru-qh 

Perliaps, a-ul-i 

Perish, a-br, d-me, k-rt, n-pl, v-up, 

y-pe, p-ro, s-ht 
Perish, shall, g-uo, o-br 
Perished, abd, vpe, g-uo, s-md 
Perizzites, Pr-zi, wl\o dwell iu villages, 

pot walled io, Gen. xiii. 7 : 
Persia, Prv, a horseman, Ez, xxvii. 10 
Permitted, i-nh, n-tn 
Perpetual, culm, od, n-jh, nj-ht, Y-le, 

Perplexed, b-uk - ■ 

Persecute, a-hr, d-lk, r-dp 
Persecuted, r-dp, d-lq 
Persecution, r-du-pe 
Persecutors, d-lq 
Person, p-be, ais, adm, n-ps 
Person, brutish, bor 
Person, humble, o-in, sh-l\ 
Person, innnocent, dm 
Person, mischievous, bol 
Person, vile, b-ze, n-bl 
Person^ adm, ais, ansj p-pa 
Persuade, vi-t, pt-e, vut, out 
Peruda, Pr-u-da, divided, a mule, a 

horse, Ei. ii 55 
Pertained, eye 
Perverse, q-qs, ewe, epk, i-yf, luz, 

o-we, o-ml 
Pervert, n-fe, v-lp, s-ne 
Perverted, e-pk, g-fe, sb-b 
Perverteth, n-fe, v-lp 
Pestil, a will, Boli, my master, Prov. 

xxvji. 22 
Pestilence, d-br, to say, to speak, com- 
mand, Lev. xxvi 26 
Pestilence, the, e-dbr, Deut xxviii. 1 
Pestilence, of and, we-dbr, Ez. vii. 15 
Pethahiah, Pt-e-ye, §ate of Jehovah, 

1 Chron. xxiv. 16 
Petition, s-u-le, m sl-e 
Pethoi-, Pt-u-re, interpretation of 

dreams, J^i^m. xxii. 5 
Pethuel, Pt-wal, mouth of (5od, Jfoel 

L 1 
Petition, 8a-le, m-sa-le, s-al, boa 
Phial, j-lh-it 

Petra, v-lo, rock-shela, p^use 
Physician, Ru-pa, a healer 
'Pick, n-qr, to pierce, dig out, Kxod. 

xxxiii. 22 
Picture, s-ke, works curiously figured, 

conception of mind, st^ite of things 

in thought; m-ak-yut, more than 

heart could wish, Ps. Ixxiii. 7 
Pictures in, bm-sk-yut, Prov. xxv. 11 
Peulthai, P-ol-ti, my works, 1 (Jhron. 

x.\vi. 6 
Phallu, Pl-wa, admirable, Gen. xlvi. 91 
Phalli, Pl-fi, deliverance, 1 Sam. xxv. 44 
Phanuel, Pu-wal, face seen of God, 

Luke ii. 36 
Pharoah, [ Pr-pe, that disperses, he 

madenakdd, destroyer, Gen. xii. 10 
Pharez, P-re, horseman, divided, 

1 Chron. vii. 6 
Phari3ee8,P-rs, 8eparated,Matt. xxiii 27 
Pharpar, Pr-pr, produces frui(, 2 Kings 

V. 12 . .: '"^" 

Pharurim. tbesuburbs,l Chron. xxvi 18 
Pliiool,' R-kl, all mouth, eloquent. Gen. 

xxi. 22 . 
Philadelphia, love of a brother, Rev. 

iii. 7 
Philemon, that kisg^, loving 
Philettfs, beloved, amiable 
Phillip, lover of horses, warlike 
Phillippians, kind, grateful 
Philistines, Pl-st-im, those that dwell 

ill Villages, double ruin, the driul^ 

of ruin, wanderers, Gten. x. 14 
Pliilologus, a lover of the word, Rom. 

xvi. 15 
Philometer, a lover of his mother 
Philopater, a, lover of his father 
Philosophy, love of wisdom 
Phineas, Pn-hv, face of hope, Nun>. 

xxv. 7 ' 

Phrygia, dry, barren 
PhurSi, Pr-h, brings forth fruit, Jud. 

vii. 10 
Phut, Puf, prayer, fat, big, Gen. x. 6 
Phygellus, a fugitive, 2 Tim. i. 15 
Phylactery, preservative, a charm 
Pibeseth, Pi-bot, mouth of contempt, 

Ez. XXX, 17 
Piece, h-di, n-th, b-tr, h-lq, k-kr, md-4, 

p-lh, pt-t 
Piece, one, q-se 
Piece of flesh, s-pr 
Piece of nioney, r-sf 
Piece of s Iver, a-gr 
Pieces, a-pe, g-zl, kt-t, rj-j, e-dm 
Pierce, m-hj, d-qr 
Pierced, d-qr, a-re. m-ej, n-qr 
Pigeon, yu-ne, g-zl, i-zn 
Piha-hiroth, Pi-e-hi-rt, the mouth of 

Hirothy or pass of liberty, Exod. xiii. 



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Pfle, dur, to heap, ftiel to burn 

Pile, the for the fire, em-fdiir-e, Ez. 

xxiy'. 9 • ^ 
Pilate, Pilatos, armed with d »rfc 
Pild^h, PWs, ruin^ Gen. xxii.,22 
Pileal^, Pl-ija, ffiigment, Neh. x. 24 
Pilgrim, b-ber, gr^ Exod. ii. 22 
Pilgrimage, m-gr-e, Gren. xlvii. 9 
PiUar, o-mud; m^b, i-ib 
Pillars, amn, i-jb, x-od, j-uq, t-rar 
Pillow; 1^ 

PjUows, k-ve, k?t, r-as 
Pine, am ^ 

Pine away, ?-ub, m-iq, m-mq 
Pined, m-uq, z^ub ; 

Pinon, Pi-n-n, to behold^ a pear|. Gen. 

xxxvi. 41 
Pipe, hl-il, jn-ur 
Piped, bl-1 ' [ 
Pisffah, Py-ge, hill of virion, extending 

f3r bey6ndl)any norih to Zdar, south 

from the river of Egypt to the great 

river Euphrates, Deut. xxxiv. 1-3 
Piram, Pr-am, their wild ass, Jos. x. 3 
Piratlioii,' Pr-ot-un, his Hissijkation, 

Jud. xii. 15 ' 

PiMdia, Pisidia, pitch 
Pison, chaining the mouth, Gten. ii. 11 
Pi^pah,. Pv-pe, lessening of the mouth, 

1 (Dhroii. vii. 38 * a •. > 
Piss, ioi,.r-^), sin 
Pissed, 8-in 

Pit, b-ur, 8-ht, su-he, gu-mj 
Pits, bar, buz, g-ba, e-mr, k-rh 
Pitch, z^pt -f."' 
P tch, Y, fr-el, h-ne, qum, t-qo 
pitched, n-fe, k-pr • 
Pitcher, kd ■' 
Pitchers, kd-d 
Pithoim,'' P-tm, their mouthful, Exod. 

i. h ' ■ .'r = ■; ■ ; 
Pithori, Pi-tun, his mouth, his gift, 

1 Chron. viii. 35^ ' ^ ^ ' 

Pity, n, h-uf, h-ml, ei^-n 
Pity; v, h-^f, h-ml,en-n' 
Pitied and Pitieth, h-ml 
Place, m-qilm, id, kun, a-hr 
Placed, sum, sat, i-sb, i-jg, i-jb, o-md 
Places, hr-rim 

Plague. v^Z'\j^9 d-br, n-go, m-ke 
Plagued, n-og 

Plain, ad, bar, p-kh, o-br, tm-m 
Plain, made, vl-1, s-we 
plain, n, a-bl, a-in, b-qo, i-sr^ k-kr^ o-rb, 

Plains, a-ln; i-sr 
Plainly, jh-h, p-rs 

Plainly, very, bar, i-fb 

Plaister, n , sud, gur 

Plaister, v., fu-h, v Ih, sur, sid 

Plaistered, fu-h 

Planks,, ob, j-lo 

Plarit, n., in-q, ii-fo, si-h 

Plant, v., n-fo, s-tl 

Plants, n-fo, n-fs, Vlh, s-rq, s-tl 

Planted, n-fo; n-tn ' 

Plates, 1-uh, v-rn, pu-h 

Play, n-ge, j-hq, s-hq, so-so 

Play the madman, s-gO 

Played, n-ge . 

Played the fool, v-kl 

Played the harlot, z-ne 

Player, mn-gn 

Players, hl-1, n-ge 

Plea, d-br, r-ib, d-in, ms-pf 

Plead, dun, rub, ^pf 

Plead, and, i-ph 

Plead, might, i-kh 

Pleaded, pleadeth, rub 

Pleasant, n-om, a-we, fub, ipe, m-nd, 

so-so : . ? 

Pleasant, be, orb 
Pleasant houses, b-ng 
Pleasant place, n-we 
Pleasant stones, h-pi 
Pleasant fliings, li-ug 
Please, h-pj, vub, i-S, i-fb, i-sr, o-in, 

rjj, rJTe,8-pq 
Please, Hot, T-we 

Pleased, h-pj, r-ie, i-fb, fub, i-sr, o-in 
Pleased, be, h-pj' 
Pleased, it, q-dm, s-^r 
Ple^eth, h-pj, f-nb, i-fb, i-sr, o-in 
Pleasure, r-jun, h-pj, o-irg, o-dn, m-odn, 

h-sq, fub, o-m, ro-e 
Pleasure, taken, o-rb' 
Pleasure, their, n-ps 
Pleasures, n-om, o-dn 
Pledge, h-bl, o-bf, o-rb, o-rb-un 
Pledged, h-bl, o-rb, 6-bf ' 

Pleiades, Ki-me, the seven stars, the| 

appear at the beghinfng of spring. 

Canst thou hinder the returii of 

spring, shut it up in frost, or make 

fruitful winter ? Job xxxviii. 31 ' 
Plentiful, 8-bo, kr-ml, n-db 
Plentifdlly, i-tr 
Plenteous, i-tr, b-ra, rb-b, rb-e, sb-o, 

Pleuteouaness, i-tr 
Plotteth,' zm-m, tie up, Ps. xxxvli. 12 
Plotted, zm-rn^ n-kl 
Plough, m-hr-i-se 
Ploughed, h-rs, nir 


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Ploughing, h-rs 
Ploughman, hu-rs ^ 

Ploughshares,, into, trat-ini, Is. ii. 4 
Pluck, g-zl, i-ja, k-le, n-vli, n-sa, n-tk, 

n-ts, q-fp . 
Pluck away, v-ur, 
Pluck down, s-md 
Plucked, g-ze, n-vh, n-tfc, n-tk 
Plucketh, n-jl, s-lk, m-rf 
plucked off, m-rp^ m-rf 
Pluck up, n-ts, o-qr 
Plucked out, o-qr ' 
Plumb line, n-nk, Amos viii. 7 
Plummet, a-hn, s-ql 
Plundered, sl-1, bz-z, g-zl 
Pli^nged^ f-bl, s-ifp 
Point, ab-he, ab-h, e-lk, j-pr 
Points, o-»mt, kl-1 
Pole, i-td 

Polished, 1-fs, br-r j ql-l 
Poll, V. gz-z, k-om 
Pollute, hl-1, h-np, t-ma , . 
Polluted, pg-ul, Vuv, gal, hl-1, li-np, 
Pollution, f-raa 
Pomegranate, Em-un , 
Pomels, g-lt, round roll, 2 Chron. iV. 12 
Pomp, ga-e, s-iae, rise up, Ez. vii. 24 
I^ona, a-gm, br-ke 
Pondered, pl-1, t-kn, standing water 
Ponds, a-gra, o-gm, Ex. viil 6 
Pool, br-ke 

Pool, a, l-a-gm, Isb. xxxv. 7 
Pools, and, wft-gmi. Is xiv. 23 
Poor, o-ni, mv-kn, rs, dl, ah-e, dl-1, 

v-kn, sur 
Poor, the against, h-lp 
Poor, maketh, i-rs 
Poor, over, ihe, r-ag 
Poor, the, h-lk, ka-h 
Poor, h-vr 
Poor, wazen, mk-t 

?orch, a-lm, yd-d 
orter, s-ot ^ 

Poratha, pur-ta, fruitful, Est. ix. 8 
Portion, a-h, d-br, h-lq 
Portion, certain a, amn 
Portion, a, h-lq 
Portion, pt-t . 

Portion, the of out, h-l)l 
Portion, worthy, a-np 
Portions, h-bl, h-lq, mn-fe 
Portrayed, hq-q 
Possess, i-rs, n-hl, h-vn 
Possessed, a-hn, q-ne, a-hz 
Possession, a-hz, ah-ze, n-hl-e ir-se 

mq-ne, n-hl, r-ffl 
Possession, have m, n-hl 

Po^sessiop, thy, i-rs 

Possessor, yu-rs 

Possessions, a-bz, i-ra;, o-se 

Post, mz-ut-e, a-il, ruj 

Po3t,rj, runner^ 

Posts, A-il, am,z-ur, vp-p 

Posterity, e^hv, s-ap 

Posterity^ your, d-iir 

Pot, vir, av-uk, k-Je, y-uk, pr-r, jg-gn, 

Potiphar, E;u-fi-pr, a fat bull 

Potiphar, Pu-fi-pro, that scatters th^ 

fat. Gen. xxxvil 36 
Pots, g-bo, dur, kir, vir, s-pt 
Potsherdii h-rs, h-ry 
Pottage, f-id , 

Potter, i-jr, to fasjiion, preserve, aevisej 

contrive, Jcir. xviii. 11 
Poster, our, i-jr-nu. Is. xliv. 8 
Potter, e^ ihis, ek-yunjr, Jer. xviii. 6 
Potters, i-jr-ii, Jer. xix. 1 
Poverty, h-vr, i-rs, r-zs 
Pounded, duk 

Pour, i-jq, n-jl, n-vk, h-tn, s-pk 
Pour down, zq-ij, n-gr 
Pour out, n-bo, n-gr 
Poured, i-jq, ^irvq, s-pk 
Poureth out, d-!p, n-bo, n-gr 
Portrayed, ]^q-q, engraveth 
Powder, it-lq, dq-^ ^ 

Power, n-bu-re, kh, k-il, oz 
Powerful-, oz-uz . 
Practices, ol-l, o-se 
Practised, h-rs, o-er , 

Praise, s-oh, el-1, id-rC, te-le 
Praise, ye, b-rq, bless ye 
Praised, bi-rk, sb-h, el-1, i-de 
Pranced, d-er 
Prating, spe, a lip, speech, sentiment', 

not language. Gen. xi. 7 
Prating fool, s-pt-im, Prov. x. 8 
Pray, fear, dread, h-le, hn-n , p-tr, pl-1, s-at 
Pray, I thee, n% Gen. xvL 2 
Prayed, pl-1, j-le 
Prayer, t-pl-e, 1-is, si^h 
Prayer, our, h-le 
Prayer, thy, o-tr, prostration 
Praying, bo-e, seeldng 
Preach, b-sr, q-qa 
Pre^hed, q-ra, cajl 
PreachjBr, qe-lt, h-el 
Precept, ju 

Precepts, q^qd . ^ - 
Precious, i-qr, iq-ir, h-md, hn-n, h-ps, 

fub, i-qr, m-gd 
Precious things, wi-qr, Ez. xxii. 25 
Precious things, for, urn, mgd, Deut 

xiv. 14 


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Pre-eminence, u-niu-tr, £ccles. iii. 12 
Prefer, d-le 

Preferred, b-hr. s-ne, n-jh 
Preparation, qd-se, k-un 
Prepare, avr, k-un, o-rk, o-sh, q-da 
Prepare, o, ni-ne. Pa. Ixi. 7 
Prepared, q-ds, k-un, h-lj, r-qh 
Preparest. thou, t-kun, Pa. li?. 9 
Preacribed, k-tb-u, Id. x. 1 
Presencfe, pn-ira, p-ne, faces 
Preaence, the from, n-gd 
Preaen*., mn-he, mn-e, m-ti, mt-ne, si, 

present, a, b-rk, mn-€, sur, a-lh 
Present, for a, s-kr 

Present, a for thee, a-8kr-k,Ez. xxvii. 15 
Presents, and, u-mg-dn-ut, 2 Chron. 

xxxii 23 
Presented, n-tn, q-rb, h-gs, o-md, i-jg, 

m-ja, n-pl, r-he 
Presently, pt-am 

Preserve, h-ye, i-jr, i-tr^ n-jr, suni, am. 
Preserved, smr, n-fr, n-jr, i-so, n-jl 
Preserveth, h-ye, n-jr 
Preserver, au-mr, n-fr 
Preservest, h-yc, n-jr, i-so 
Presided, n-jh 

Presidents, the, v-gn-ye, Dan. VL 4 
Press, gt, piir 
Press, fat, i-qb 
Pressed, i-hj, ju-q, d-hq, p-jr, m-ok, 

m-je, d-hp, p-rj, s-Hf 
Presume, z-ud, m-hi, boil over 
Presumptuous, m-zd-im, Ps xix. 13 
Prefiumptuously, come, i-zd, Ex. xxi. 

Prevail, g-br, oz-z, o-jr, t-qp 
Prevail, exceed, gb-r, 1 Chron. v. 2 
Prevailed, gb-ru, Gen. vii. 19 
Prevailed, i-kl, gb-r, o-bf, ki-me 
Prevaricated, b-gd 
Prevent, q-dm, to be before, Ps. 

cxix. 147 
Prevented me, q-dm-ni, mu-ni, 2 SAm. 

xxii 6, Job XXX. 27 
Preventeat thou him, t-qdm-nu, Ps. 

Prey, f-rp, bz, rob, torn in pieces 
Prey, a for took, bz-zu, Jos. viiL 27 
Prey upon thee, bz-zik, Jer. xix. 16 
Prey, n. akl, h-tp, 1-qh, od, al-l 
Price, mh-ir, i-qr, k-vp, m-kr, m-sk> 

o-rk, q-ne, s-kn 
Pricked, sn-n 
Pride, a-pq^ unrestrained, confidence, 

Pride, his, a-pi-qi. Job xl. 18 

Pride, ga-un, ga-we, ga-ut, ga-e, zd-un, 

r-hb, gb-e, o-in-im, z-ud, r-ks, a-bj 
Priest, k-en, one that servea, ministers, 

executes A duty, an officer, a ser- 
vant to wait on and obey instruction 
Priest, domestic, head, and also eldest 

son of a famQy; Noikh, Abraham, 

Priest, sacerdotal, u-ken, that he may 

minister in the priest's office, Exod. 

xL 13 
Priest, regal, *« U-Mlki-Jdq Mlk-S-lm, 

e-uj-ye, 1-hm-u-yin-we-ye k-en 1-al 

olyun." ** And the King's Rij^^ht eons 

King of Peace, brought forth bread 

and wine, and priest of the most 

high God," Gen. xiv. 18 
Priests, k-en-im, Exod. xix. 6 
Priesthood, k-en-e 
Priesthood, your, k-en-t-km. Num. 

xviii. 1 
Priests, offices of the, e-ken-tit, 1 Sam. 

ii. 36 
Prince, ns-ye, al-up, sir, n-g^ s-rh, ras, 

q-jln, sr, r-ze, sur, sr-r 
Princes, hs-mn. k-en, n-gd, n-db, T-gn, 

n-vk, p-rt, q-jn, rb-b, r-zn, s-ls, a-hs 
Princess, sr-ti, Sam. i 1 
Princesses, sr-ut, 1 Kings xi. 3 
Princely, n-dib 

Principal, ras, abe, a-dr, k-en, s-dq 
Principalities, your, m-ras-ut-i-km, Jer. 

xiii. 18 
Print, h-qe, n-in 
Printed, they were, wi-hq-ti, Job xix. 

Prised, I Was, i-qr4i, Zech. xi. 13 
Prison, a-vr, to bind, ms-mr, kl-4, bit- 

Prison-house, the prisoners, e-av-ur-im, 

Jud. xri 21 
Prisoners, the to, 1-av-ur-im, Isa. xlix. 9 
Privy, h-dr 
Privy member, s-pk 
Privy member, i-do 
Privily, b-H-r, a-pl, 1-uf, mu, v4r, j-pn, 

Privily laid, f-mn 
Proceed, i-vp, i-ja 
Proceeded, i-vp, i-ja 
Process of time, b, cm, yum, qj-j rb-b, 

Proclamation, o-br, q-ul, qra, m-n, 

8-mo, k-rt 
Proclaim, q-ds, qui, qra, s-mo 
Proclaimed, q-ra, z-oq 
Procure, I that, o-se, Jer. xxxiii. 9 






Procured, have, o-su, Jer. iv. 18 

Prodigy, mu-pt 

Produce, g-ra, i-bal, tt-wa-e, tn-ub-e 

Profane, hl-l, to dissolve, slay, Ez. 
xxviii. 23 

Profaned, h-hl, Ez. xxv. 3 

Profaneth, m-hl-lt, Lev. xxi. 9 

ProfanenodS, hn-pe, Jer. xxiii. 15 

Profaning, 1-hl-l, Neh. xiii. 8 

Profess, e-gd-ti, I profess, denounce, 
Deut. xxvi. 3 

Profit, mu-tr, it-run, t-wo-lt, b-jo, y-ol, 
i-tr, s-we 

Profitable, t-wo-lt " 

Profited, y-ol, i-tr 

Profiteth, y-ol, v-kn 

Profligate, b-li-ol 

Profound, o-mq, deep 

Profound, are, e-oin-i-qu, Hos. v. 2 

Progenitors, e-re, to conceive 

Progenitors, my, e-u-ri, Gen. xlix. 26 

Prognosticators, h-rs, i-do 

Prohibited, k-la 

Prolong, a-rk, yum, i-vp, u-fe 

Prolonged, a-rk, m-sk 

Prolougeth, a^rk, i-vp 

Promise, a-mr, to declare, Ps. Ixxvii. 8 

Promised, b-fh-un, b-dr, a-mr 

Promote, gd-1, k-bd, d-um 

Promoted, gd-l, n-wo, z4h 

Pronounce, b-fa, d-br, f-er, f-ma 

Pronounced, p-rs, d-br, qra 

Prop, v-od, m-vod, ms-on 

Proper, v-gl, precious, Exod xix. 5 

Proper, own mine, v-gl-e, 1 Clirou. 
xxix. 3 

Property, rk-us, m-qn-e, qn-in 

Prophecy, n-ba, who speaks from God, 
it will come, nb-wa-e 

Prophesied, n-ba 

Prophet, nb-ya 

Prophets, k-re, to introduce light, in- 
structors, 1 Kings vii. 4 

Prophets, and, ul-hz-im, Ish. xxx. 10 

Prophetess, ais, Jud. iv. 4 

Propitiatory, kp-rt 

Proportion, m-tk-nt, e-in, o-re, o-rk 

Prospect, p-ne 

Prosper, k-sr, j-le, s-kl, s-le 

Prospered, s-kl, j-lh 

Prosperity, sl-we, fub 

Prosperous, ts-kil 

Prostitute, qd-se, not holy, hl-l, profane 

Prostituted, z-nb, the tail 
Protect, v-tr, to liide, Exod. iii. 6 
Protected, gu-n 
Protection, vt-re, Deut. xxxii. 38 

Protest, o-ud 

Protested, o ud 

Proud, ^a-e, gb-e, gd-1, zur, zd-un, zl, 

y-ed, i-ne, r-eb, rum, na-e 
Proud, look, o-iu 
Proudly, zd-e, gb-e, gd-l 
Prove, p-hn, n-ve, o-qs 
Proved, b-hn, n-ve, j-rp 
Provender, bl-1, i-b!, v-pa, ma-vp-wa. 

Proverb, m-sl, ms-li, simile, superior, 

Proverbs, uaeth be, e-msl, Ez. xvi. 44 
Provide, e-ze, k-un, o-sh, r^e 
Provided, k-ul, k-un 
Province, to judge, Jer. v. 28, m dn, 

dun, m-di-ne 
Provinces, m-du, m-den, Jud. v. 10 
Provinces, the among, b-md-in-ut,Lam. 

u 1 
Provision, d-br, k-re, 1-lira, j-ud 
Provision, made, k-ul, k-un 
Provocation, k-ov, m-re, rub 
Provocations, the, e-kv-im, 2 Kings 

xxiii. 26 
Provoke, m-ko-iv-im, do they provoke 

to auger, Jer. vii. 19 
Provoked, they have to anger, ko-vi-ni, 

Deut. xxxii. 21, m-re, n-aj, vit, q-na, 

q-JP, r-gn 
Provoketh, o-br, z-ne 
Provoking, k-os, m-re 
Prudence, s-kl, t-bu-ne, bi-ne, o-rm 
Prudent, nb-uo, bin, b-ne, qv-m, s-kl 
Prudently, ski. ripe, 1 Sam xviii 30 
Prudently, deal shall, prosperously, 

Isa. Iii. 13 
Prune, z-mr, to cut off 
Prune, shalt thou, t-z-mr. Lev. xxv. 3 
Pruned, be shall it, i-zmr, Isa. v. 6 
Pruning-hooks, into, 1-raz-mr-ut, Mich. 

iv. 3 
Pruning-hooks, and your, u-mz, mr-ut- 

-i-km, Joel iii. 10 
Psalm, mz-mur, te-le, from zmr, to 

Psalm, a, zm-re, Ps. Ixxxi, the title 
Psaims, sing, mzru, Ps. ix. 11 
Psalms, tel-im, praises, divine 
Psalms, the Booi of, V-pr, Telim 
Psaltery, k-le, n-bl, p-vn 
Pua, pua, handsome, Geo., xlvi. 13 
Puah, P-wa-e, a corner, Jud. x. 1 
Puah, P-wo-e, splendour, Exod. i. 16 
Puberty, pr he, oud, blo.aoQi 
Publish, b-sr, q-ra, a-mo 


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Published, 9-mo, i-do, a-mr, b sr, d-bt, 

Puffeth, pu-h, to issue forth with 

strength, Can. iv. 16 
Puffeth, he, i-pi-h. Ps. x. 5 
Puhites, Pu-ti. seduced, 1 Chrou. ii. 53 
Pul, put destruction, 2 Kings iv. 19 
Pull down, e-rr, n-tj, vr-r 
Pull off, p-sf 
Pull out, i-ja, n-tq 
Pulled, n-tq, b-wa, p-sh 
Pulled away, n-tn, vr-r 
PulleS up, n-is 
Pulled me iu pieces, wi-ps-h-ui, Lam. 

iii. 11 
Pulpit, g-dl, to be great, a tower 
Pulpit, gd-le, great is waxen, (Jen. 

xix. 13 
Pulpit, um-gd-l, and a tower, Gren.xi. 4, 
Pulpit, a, mg-dl, a pulpit of wood 

Neh. viil 4 
Punish, i-sr, o-ns, p-qd, n-! e, mo 
Punished, o-ns, h-sq, n-qm, pl-1 
Punishment, h-fa, o-ns, o-we 
Punishments, i-kh 

Punites, Puni, my. face. Num. xxvi. 23 
Punon, Pun-n, precious stone. Num. 

xxxiii. 42 
Pupil, bt, within 
Pur, pur Lot., Est. iii. 7 
Purim, purim, Lot., Est. ix. 26 
Purchase,, mq-ne, qn-in 
Purchased, qn-e, s-br 
Pure, zk, fe^ur, n qi, br-r, zk-n, h-mr, 

kt-t, v-gr, j-rp, n-qa 
Purged, fer, j-rp, h-pr 
Purification, f-er, h-fa, m-rq 
Purified, f-er, j-rp, z-Me, 2q-q zk-k, 

br-r, d-qs 
Purifier, mj-rp, b-rit 
Purifying, h-ta, fer, m-rq 
Purple, ar-g-mn, a very deep red, soft 

and shining 
Purple, like, k-ar-g-mn, Cant. vii. 5 

Purpose, mz-me, h-pj, m-hs-be, li-sb^ 

Purpose, for the, d-br 
Purpose, no to, r-iq [18 

Purpose, what to, me, 1-me, ze, Jer xx. 
Purposed, h-sb, zmm, h-p^ 
Purposes, zm-m, h-sb, s-ut 
Purpose, V. amr, h-sb 
Purse, k-ir, a bag for money, or to 

carry weights in, ProT. i. 14 
Pursue, a-hr, i-lk, r-dp 
Pursued, d-bq, d-lq 
Pursuer, ru-dp 
Pursuing, h-hr, n-sg, 8-ig 
Purtenance, q-rb, to be near. Job 

xvii. 12 
Purtenance thereof, qr-bu, Ex. xii 9 
Push, n-gh, to gore, Ex. xxi 28 
Push, shalt thou, t-ng-h, 1 Kings 

xxii. 11 
Puishing, m-ng-h, Dan. vi. 4 
Pusbt, have ye, t-ng-hu, Ez. xxxiv. 21 
Put, a-vp, b-wa, i-nh, n-gs, n-sg, u-tii^ 

v-pe, v-ph, o-mv, s-um, s-ut 
Put, and, h-bs, i-nh, i-jg, 1-bs 
Put, be can, i-vp 
Put, hath, s-lh 
Put, he, r-kb 
Put, again, s-ub 
Put apart, n-de 
Put away, o-br, gr-s, i-ja, v-ur, r-hq, 

8-bt, s-lh 
Put out, d-ok 
Put to shame, h-vk 
Put trust, a-mz, h-vh 
Puttest, n-tn, v-ph, s-lh 
Puttest away, s-bt 
Puteoli, the wells. Acts xxviii. 13 
Putiel, Pu-fi-al, my fatness is God, Ez 

vi. 25 
Putrified, m-zr 
Pygmies, gm-dim, a cubit high, Ez. 

xxvii. 11 


QUAIL, 8-ln, at ease, peace, present 

Quails, the, e s-lu, Ex. xvi 13 
Quake, r-gn, to be shaken, rufiied. Gen. 

xlv. 24, see that ye fall not 
Quake, ros, convulsion, Ps. Ixviii. 8 
Quake, shall, ro-su, Nah. i. 5 
Quaked, hr-de, Dan, x. 7 
Quaking, h-rd 

Quantity, eq-fh, from q-fb, to be small, 

1 Chron. xxii. 24 
Quarrel, m-rib-e 
Quarrelled, n-je, rub 
Quarter, o-br, pa-e, q-je 
Quarters, g-bl, i-rk, k-np, r-uh 
Queen, ml-ke, king, female, s-ur, leader 

and commander 
Queeu, g-br, 1-ak, s-gl, m-lk 


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Queen, the and, we ml-ke. Est. Wi. 6 

Queen, the to, 1-ml-kt, 1 Kings x. 13 

Queens, ml-kut, Cant. vL 8 

Queens, and their, u-ar-ut-ye, Is. xlix.23 

Quench, k-be, s-br, s-qo 

Quenched, k-be, s-qo, d-ok 

Questions, h-ud 

Questions, her, d-br 

Quick, h-ye, ri-h 

Quickened, h-ye 

Quickly, me-re 

Quiet, s-lu, s-qf, n-ht 

Quieted, s-qf, ku-h 

Quietness, s-lu-e, n-ht 

Quietness, in, b-es-qf, Is. xxx. 15 

Quietness, he giveth, is-qf,Job xxxiv.29 

Quieteth, he when, b-es-qf. Job xxxviil 7 

Quit, n-qe 

Quit yourselves, a-ns, h-ye 

Quite, h-lk, to walk, Ps. i. 1 

Quite, he is gone, el-uk, e-lk, 2 Sam. 
iii. 24 

Quiver, the, as-pe, Job xxxix 23 

Quiver, his, as-pt-u, Ps. cxxvil 5 

Quiver, his in, b-as-pt-u, Is. Ixix. 9 

Quivered, jl-1, shaded 

Quivered, jl-lu, like the motion in play- 
ing cymbals, Hab. iii. 16 

Quivered, t-jl-ne, shall tingle,Jer. xix.3 


RAAMAH, Ro-me, greatness, from 
r-om, thunder. Gen. x. 7 

Raamiah, R-om-ye, thunder of Jehovah, 
Neh. vii. 8 

Raamses, R-om-vv, thunder dissolves, 
Ex. i. 11 

Rab, rb, great, high,' multitude 

Rab, Rabbin, Rabban, Rabbam, a title 
of dignity conferred on masters, doc- 
tors, geiierals, and chief officers of 
state, 2 Kings xviii. 17 

Rab, Fb-h-im, master of buchers, a 
nameof Nebuzar-aden, a great gen- 
eral of Nebuchadnezzar, 2 Kings 
xxvi. 8 

Rab, Ahasuerus appointed a Rb over 
every table, Est. i. 8 

Rab-sharishim, Rb-vr-iv-im, chief eu- 
nuch, Dan. i. 3 

Rab-shagnin, Rb-vg-nin, the chief or 
governor of the nobles, Dan. ii 48 

Rab-harth-min, Rb-h-rf-min, chief ma- 
gician, interpreter of dreams, Dan . 
v. 11 

Rab, or Rabban, .who excel 

Rabbah,E-r-b-e, great, contentious, Jos. 
XV. 60 

Rabbath, Rb-t, great house or temple, 
Deut. iii. 11 

Rabbath-Moab, Ezk. xxv. 5 

Rabbi, Rabbi, gk, master, doctor 

Rabbith, also Rabboth, Rb-ut, great or 
strong city, Jos. xix. 20 

Rab -mag, great subduer or dissolver, 
a great general Jer. xxxix. 3 

Rab-Shakeh, Rb-sqe, the chief cup- 
bearer or butler, a great general in 
army of Sennacherib, king of As- 
syria, 2 Kings xvii. 17 

Rab-Saris, Rb-Vr-iv, great master of 
the eunuchs, a Syrian general, 2 
Kings xviii. 17 

Raca, r-iq, worthless. Matt. v. 22 

Rakim, Rq-im, A-ns-im, men of despe- 
rate fortune, Jud. ix. 4 

Rachal, R-kl, a market, 1 Sam. xxx. 29 

Rachel, R-hl, a sheep, objects of care, 
Gen. xxix. 18 

Race, a-rh, r-uj 

Raddai, R-di, that defends, 1 Chron. 
ii. 14 

Rafters, r-ef, side galleries of great 
houses, as a common passage from 
room to room, troughs, Ex. ii. 6 

Rafters, our, re-if-nu, Cant. i. 17 

Rage, zom, zop, i-hm, o-br, r-gn, o-br-e. 

Rage, V. el-1, Zrop, r-gs 

Raged, z-om, e-me, r-gs, q-jp 

Raging, ga-e, e-me 

Ragiged rocks, e-sl-o-im. Is. ii. 21 

Rags, d-gd, m-lh, q-ro 

Raguel,Ro-wal, shepherd of Grod, Num. 
X. 29 

Rahab, R-hb, great, extended, ances- 
tress of Christ, Jos. ii 1 ; as bit, ase, 
zu-nj, ought to have been the 
house of a woman that kept hostelry; 
no hint of lewdness is anywhere 
given of this good young wo man 

Rahab, R^b, proud, inflated with con- 
ceit, a-zk-w R-eb, I will mai^e men- 
tion of Rahab, Ps. Lxxxix. 10 

Raham, R-hm, bowels, compassion, 1 
Chron. ii. 44 

Raiment, m-lo-us, sm-le, sl-me, kv-ut, 
b-gd, 1-bs, s-ls, s-ml 

Raiment, change of, h-lj 

r> 9 


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Raiment, her, k-ve 

Raiment, his, m-d 

Raiment, in, r-qm 

Rain, m-fr, g-sm, b-rk, i-re 

Rain, former, i-re 

Rain, great, g-sm 

Rain, latter, i-qs 

Rain, small, a-or 

Rained, m-fr 

Rained upon, g-sm 

Raise, n-sa, o-ur, q-um 

Raise up, ml-1 

Raised, g-be, n-or, o-le 

Raised up, o-le, o-md, q-um 

Raiser, n-gs, o-br 

Raiseth, z-qp, o-md 

Raisens, j-mq, to be dry, Hos. ix. 4 

Raisens, bunches of, j-mu-qim, 2 Sam. 

xvi. 1 
Rakkath, R-qt, worthless, Jos. xix. 35 
Rakem, R-qm, empty, vain, 1 Chron, 

Tii. 16 
Rakkon, Er-qun, vain, Jos. xix. 46 
Ram, a-il, rm, elevated, 1 Chron. ii. 9 
Rams, a-U, i-bl, kr, o-td, d-kr 
Rams, horns of, yu-bl-im, Jos. vi. 6 
Ramah, R-me, the height, or f^ high 

place for sacrifice, 1 Sam. i. 19 
Ramoth-Mizpeh, R-mt=E-mj-pe, the 
high Mizpah, or watch tower, Jos. 
xiii 26 
Ramatha, R-mt-e,the watch-hip, 1 Sam. 

XV. 34 • 

Ramathaim, heights on height, Ari- 

mathea, 1 Sam. i. 1 
Ramoth, Zophim. Here Samuel was 
born ; Zophim, Ju-pim, pl^e, of 
honeycombs, 1 Sam. i. 1 
Ramath-lehi, R-mt-1-hi, the rock of the 

crag, or tooth, Jud. xv. 9 
Rameth, R-rat, lofty, Jos. xix. 21 
Ramesses, R^)m-w, Jos. i. 11, the 

place, thunder, Ex. xii. 37 
Ramiah, Rm-ye, the high Jehovah, 

Ez. X. 25 
Ramlfth, R-ml-ye, he raised 
Ramoth, Rm-ut, high places 
Ramoth-Gilead, Ra-mt-b=Gl-od, a city 

of refuge, Deut. iv. 43 
Rampart, h-il, strength, Ps. Ixxxiv. 7 
Rampart, h-il, Nah. iil 8 
Rar), i-lk, n-gr, r-uj 
Ran along, e-lk 
Ran away, b-rh 
Ran down, i-rd 
Ran upon, p-sf 
Rang, e-im, to shatter, Deut. vii. 23 

Rang, again that so, ut-em, 1 Sam. iv. 5 
Ranges, k-ud, s-dr 

Rank, fur, tur, m-or-ke, o-rk, s-ls, s-ne 
Ranks, a-rh, p-om 
Ransom, k-pr, pd-yun, pd-e 
Ransom, the, k-pr. Job xxxiii 24 
Ransom, him tor, kp-ru, Ps. xlix. 7 
Ransomed, the, ga-ul-im, Isa. li. 10 
Rapha, R-pa, relax, 1 Cliron. vii. 26 
Raphael, Rp-al, health of God, 1 Chron. 

xxvi. 7 
Raphaim, Rp-a-im, giants. Gen. xiv. 5 
Raphon, R-pa, giant, Deu. ii. 11 
Raphu, Rp-wa, comforted, Num. xiii. 9 
Rare, i-qr 
Rased, o-re 
Rash, b-hl 
Rate, certain a after even, u-bd-br, 2 

Chron. viii. 13 
Rather, al, b-hr 
Rattled, r-ne 
Raven, o-rb 
I Ravenous, o-if, p-rj 
Ravish, ll>b, the heart of hearts, 2 Sam. 

xviii. 14 
Ravished, o-ne, ^unk, a furrow, wretch- 
edness, Jud. XX. 5 
Ravished, they, o-nu, Lam. v. 11 
Ravished, be shall, t-sg-ln-e, deflowered, 
Isa. xiii. 16 

Ravi^hed, shall be,ts-kb-ne, Zech. xiv. 2 

Raw, ka, h-ye 

Razor, a, mu-re, Jud. xvi 17 

Reach, b^rh, h je, m-he, n-go, n-sg 

Reached, n-sg, d-bq, u-go, j-bf, p-go, 

Reached forth, s-lh 

Read, q-ra, he shall read, Deut. xviL 

Readeth, q-ra, qu-ra, that readeth. 
Hah. ii. 2 , 

Reading, 1-q-ra, Jer. li. 63 

Ready, e-in, h-us, fub, kun, m-hr, m-uf, 
m-ja, v-lh, o-td 

Ready, almost, m-of, o-ud 

Ready, made, q-rb 

Reiaiah, Ra^, vision of Jehovah, 1 
Chron. iv. 2 

Reality, t-us-ye 

Realm, m-lk, Jud. iv. 2 

Realm, the, 1-mi-kut, Dan. ix. 1 

Reaped, q-jr, q-rj 

Reaper, qu-jr 

Rear, q-um 

Rear up, q-um 

Reared, g-dl, n-sa 

Reared up, i jb 


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Reason, n. t-bu-nci, d-br, h-sb, fom, j-do 

ReasoQ, v, let us, i-kk 

Reason, may, s-pf 

Reasoned, i-kh 

Reap, ye when and, u-bq. jr-km, Jjev. 

xix. 9 
Re-ba, R-bo, that stoops, Jos. xiii. ^1 
Rebekah, R-bq-e, fattened, Qen. xxiv. 
Rechah, R-ke, tender, soft, 1 Chrou. 

It. 12 . , 

Rechab, R-kb, a chariot, 1 Chron. iy. 12 
Rechab, a horseman, 2 Kings x. 15 
Rechabites, the of house, bit, errk-bim, 

Jer. XXXV. 5 
Rebel, vu-rd, m-rd, m-re, vi^r 
Rebelled, m-re, m-rd 
Rebellion, m-ri, m-rd-vur 
Rebellious, m-re, vr-r 
Rebels, b-ne, m-rd-mre 
Rebuke, g-or-e, g-or, t-uk-he, h-rp 
Rebuked, g-or, i-kh, r-ub 
RecaUed, I, As-ib, Lam. iii. 21 . 
Recalled, sub, s-be 

Receive, d-sn, k-ul, 1-ph, n-sa, q-bl, s-ql 
Received, 1-qh, q-bl, a-yp, h-lq,m-ja 
Receiver, m-q-bl * 
Receiveth, a-vp 
Rechokim, that are very far off, Jos. 

ix. 22 . [psalra 

Rh-uq-im, R-hq-im, wait to ^ee, tiile to 
Reckon, h-sb, v-pr 
Reckon, shall, p-qd 
Reckoned, v-pr, m-ne, h-sh, p-qd, h-sb, 

i-hs, o-rk, s-we 
Reckoning, hs-hun, h-sb 
Recompense, gm-ul, g-ml, m-ir, s-lm, 

n-tn, m-ir, s-ub 
Recompensed, g-ml, n-tn 
Reconciliation, h-fa, k-pr-e 
Reconcile,k-pr,Jfrom k ps, e-k-pis-ni, he 

hath covered me. Lam. iil 16 
Reconcile, r-je, to esteem, well pleased 

with, Ps. cxlv. 16; her iniquity is 

pardoned, Isa. xl. 2 
Record, v, 5t-kr, oud 
Record, n, s-hd, d-kr 
Recorded, k-tb, z-kr 
Recorder, m-zk-ir 
Records, z-kr 
Recover, a-vp, b-lq, h-ye, h-lm, n-jl, 

o-jr, q-ne 
Recovered, h-ye, m-ja, h-zq, o-le 
Recount, z-kr 
Red, adm, b-ef, h-mr, hk-11 
Red Sea, v-up 
Reddish, adm-dm 
Redeem, gal, p-de, to, 1. Recover. 

2. Retrive. 3. Marry. 4. Avenge. 

5. Deliverer from bondage. 6. 

Danger. 7. Violtnce. 8. Enemies. 

9, Destruction. 10. Death. 11. 

The power of the ^rave. 12. Re- 
purchase lost inheritance. 13. A 

male relative and nec^rest of kin. 

14. A polluted man. 15. P-de, one 

thiMi delivers by power and pripe. 
Redeem, gal, Ruth ivv 4 
Redeem it, gale, Ps. Ixix. 18 
Redeem me, u-gal-ni, a deliverance, 

Ps. cxix. 15 
Redeem, will I theim, A-gal-m, Hosh, 

xiii. 4 
Redeem, wilt thou, t-gal, Ruth iv. 4 
Redeem, may him, i-gal-nu Lev. xxv. 48 
Redeem, to, 1-ga-ul, Ruth iv. 4 
Redeem^ thee, l-gal-k, he will do the 

part of a kinsman to thee,Ruth. iii. 13 
Redeem, not, i-gal-e-u, stain it, Johj 

4ii. ^ 
Redeem, surely thou shalt, i-p4-e, Ex. 

m. 13 
Redeem, can, i-pde, Ps. xlix. 7 
Redeem, I, a-pq-e, Exod. xiii. 5 
Redeeui, I will, a-pdm, I will ransona 

them, Hos. xiii. 14 
Red^eniedj p-de, Isa. xxix. 22 
Redeemed, thee I, p-d-it-ik, Mic. vi. 4 
Redeemed, hath, pd-e, 1 l^^m. iv. 9 
Redeemed, haat.thQu, pd-it j)eut. ix. 2Q 
Redeemed, be to are that those, 

pd-wi-i. Num. iii. 4^ 
Redeemed, the therefore, u-pd-wi-j, 

Isa. li. 11 
Redeemed, thee h^ve J, gal-tik, Isa, 

xliv. 22 . ' 

Redeemed n^e, the angel, eml-k, e-gaj, 

at-i, Gen. itlviii.' 16 
Redeemed, which ihou hast, zu, gal-t, 

Ex. XV. 13 
Redeemed, let her be, we-pd-e. Ex, 

xxi- 8 
Redeemed, j^U at and not, we-pd-e. Ex, 

xix. 20 
Redeemed you, wi pd-k, Deut. vii. 8 
Redeemed them and, wi-gal-ne, Pg, 

cvi. 10 
Redeemed, be shall, t-pd-e, Is. i. 27 
Redeemed, be shall ye, t-gal-u. Is. Iii. 3 
Redeemer, gu-al 
Redeemer, gu-al, gal, near kinsman, 

Ruth iii. 9, 12 
Redeemer, the, gu-al, gal, the avenger, 

Num. XXXV* 19, 21, 24, Deut, xix. 



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Bedeenier, the, 1-gal, uDto tbe kins- 
man, Ruth iy. 3 
Redeemer, the from, ma-gal, Nnm 

XXXV. 12 
Redeemer, my, ga-li, Job xix. 25 
Redeemer, my and, gal-nu, Pa. xix. 14 
Redeemer, our, gal-nu, Is. xlvii. 4 
Redeemer, thy, ga-lk, Is. xliv. 24 
Redeemer, thy and, u-ga-lk. Is. xli. 14 
Redeemer, your, gal-km, Is. xliii. 14 
Redeemer, hia band, u-ga-lu, Is xliv. 6 
Redeemer, their, ga-lm, Ps. Ixxviii. 35 
Redeemer thereof, ga-lu, Lev. xxv. 25 
Redeemer, his of neither, a-gal-yu, 1 

Kings xvi 11 
Redeemeth, who, e-gu-al-e-gal, Ps. ciii. 

4, pu-de, Ps. xxxiv. 22 
Redeeming, e-ga-le.. Ruth iv. 7 
Redemption, pd-ut, pd-yun, k-pd 
Redemption, a, g»-le. Lev. xxv. 24 
Redemption, unto belongs,Lev. xxxi.48 
Redemption, is thine, e-ga-le, Jer. 

xxxil 7 
Redemption, of sufficiency, gal-tu, Lev. 

xxv. 2d 
Redemption, a, pdt, Ex. viii 23 
Redemption, the, pd-in, Ps. xlix. 8 
Redemption, ga-le, Ex. xxv. 24 
Redemption money, e-pd-yum. Num. 

Redemption, for, la-p-de, Ps. xlix. 8 
Redemption, • plenteous, pd-ut, Ps. 

cxxx- 7 
Redness, hk-lu-lut 
Reed, q-ne 
Reeds, a-nm 

Reeds of brook, n-hl, q-ne, Jos. xvi 8 
Reel, hg-g, n-wo 
Reelaiati, r-ol-ye, shepherd of Jehovah, 

Ez. ii, 2 
Reline, j-up 
Refined, j-pr 
Refiner, mj-rp 

Reform, i-vr, to curb. Job xxxix. 5 
Reformed, be will ye, tu-vru, Lev. 

xxvL 23 
Refrain, a-pq, h-fm, b-sk, m-no, r-hq 
Refrained, h-dl, ft-pq, h-sk, k-la, o-jr 
Refresh, v-od, to hold up, Gen. xviii. 5 
Refresh thyself, and, u-vo-de, 1 Kings 

xiii. 7 
Refreshed, n-ps, soul of life, Gen. i. 24 
Refreshed, be may and, wi-n-ps, Exod. 

xxiii. 2 
Refreshed themselves, and, wi-n-ps, 2 

Sam. xvL 14 
Refreshed, was, wi-n-ps, Ex. xxxi 17 

Reftige, h-ve, safety Is. xxx. 2 
Refuge, my make I will,Ah-ve, Ps. Ivii.l 
Refuge, the, mh-ve. Is. xxviii 17 
Refuge of place, a for and, ul-mh-ve. 

Is. iv. 6 
Refuge, my, mah-vi, Ps. Ixii. 7 
Refuge, mq-lf, mh-ve 
Refuge, our, mh-vnu. Is. xxviiL 15 
Refuge, his, mh-ve-u, Ps. xiv. 6 
Refuse, m-an, m-av, mv-y, p-ro 
Refused, m-an, m-av 
Refusedst, thou, ma-nt, Jer. iii. 3 
Refuseth, he, m-an, Ex. vil 14 
Refuseth, ma-ne, Jer xy. 18 
Regard, mu-sa, pn-im, b-in 
Regarded, n-sa, n-kr, n-bf 
Regardest, thou and, ut-tb-un-n. Job 

XXX. 20 
Re^ardeth, b-in, h-sb, i-do, n-kr, n-sa, 

s-mo, ra-e, s-mr, s-um 
Regem, r-gm> purple, 1 Chron. ii. 47 
Regem-melech, purple of the king, 

Zech. vii. 2 
Region, h-bl, n-np 
Register, k-tb. v-pr, md-rs 
Registered, k-tb 
Rehabiah, R-hb-ye-u, place of Jehovah, 

1 Chron. xxiii. 17 
Rehob, R-hb, breadth, 2 Sam. viii. 3 
Rehoboam, R-hb-om, breath of the 

people, 1 Kings xiv. 20 
Rehoboth, R-fab-ut, squares, streets, 

room. Gen. xxxvi 3/ 
Rehum, Rh-um, merciful, Ex. ii 2 
Rehsa, Resa, Greek; from r-je, a 

course, Luke iii. 27 
Rei, Ro-i, my shepherd, 1 Kings L 8 
Reject, m-av, cast off, Jer. ii. 37 
Reject, thee also will I, u-am-av-ak, 

Hos. iv. 6 
Rejected, m-av, n-aj, z-nh, h-dl 
Rfeign, m-lk, m-sl, o-jr, r-de 
Reign shall, yo-jur, restrain, 1 Sam. ix. 

Reigned, m-lk, Jos. xiii. 12 
Reigned, m-sl-mu-sl, to have power, 

1 Kings iv. 21 
Reigned, had when, wi-sr, a capta'n, 

Jud. ix. 12 
Reigning, from, m-m-lk, 1 Sam. xvi. 1 
Reins, k-le, to be gone, spent, the kid- 
neys, musings, best thoughts, the 

vintage is done, I^a. xxiv. 13 ; the 

summer is ended, Jer. viii 20 
Reins, kl-te, fainteth, Jer. Ixxxiv. 2 
Reins, kl-it-i, I am consumed, Ps. 

xxxix. 12 


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Reins, kl-i-tm, consumed are, Mai. lii. 6 
Beins, li-kl-i-tm, consumed be shall ye 

and, Ezk. xiil 14 
Reins, ki-u-tm, there be an eud of 
. them, Jjer. xliv. 27 
Reibs, t-kl-e, thou shalt not wholly 

reap, Lev. ix. 19 
Reins, we-kl-yttt, and the kidneys. Lev. 

ix. 19 : 
Reins, kl-yut, kidneys of wheat, Deut. 

xxxii. 14 
Reins, my, kl-yut-i-ti. Job. xvi. 13 
Reins, my in and, u-kl-yut-i, Ps. Ixxiii. 

Reins, my into, b-kl-yut-i, Sam. iii 13 
Reins, and, u-kl-yut, Ps. vil 9 
Reigns, their from, ni-kl-it-yem, Jer. 
. xii. 2 , 

Rejoice, g-ul, h-gr, o-Iz, m-n, su-s, s-mh 
Rejoice, again will,^ i-su-s, Deut. 

XXX. 9 
Rejoice, I will greatly, su-s, Isa. Ixi. 

Rejoice, will I yea, us-sb-i, Jer. xxxii. 

RejoicCj I W^ill, a-si-s, Isa. Ixi. 10 
Rejoice, shalt thou, t-g-il, Isa. xli. 16 
Rejoice exceedingly glad, g-ii-u-si-su, 

Job iii. 22 
Rejoiced, and, wi-hd, Exod. xviii. 9 
Rejoiced^ nor, wa-o-lz, Jer. xv. 7 
Rejoiced, je-le, sounded clearly, Est. 

viii. 15 
Rejoicing, e-ol-i-ze, Zep: ii. 15 
Rejoicing, tr-wo-e, shouting, Job viii. 

Rejoicing, s-m-e-im, uttering gladness, 

1 Kings i. 45 - 
Bekeni, R-qm, colours of embroidery, 

beautiful. Num. xxxi. 1 
Related, v-pr, n-gd 
Relax, m-r-pa 
Relaxed, n-fs 
Release, sm-fe, nu-h, s-mf 
Released, apelusen, Matt. xxviL 26 
Relie, ns-on, to lean^ 2 Sam. i. 6 
Rely, didst thou because yet, u-be-so-nk, 

2 Chron* xvi. 8 

Relied, hast thou because, be-so-nk, 

2 Chron. xvi. 7 
Relied, v-mk, h-ve, b-fh 
Relieve, h-zk, i-sr, s-ub 
Remain, i-sb, i-tr, l-un> s-ar, a-rd 
Remain, and, s-kn 
Remain, did, g-ur, i-sb 
Remain, he, o -md 
Remain, let, i-nh 

Remain, shall, i-sb 
Remaiiiderj s-ar-it, nu-tr, arid 
Remained, s-ar, i-tr, i-sb, s-rd, h-ul 
Remaineih, yum, i-sb, i-ir, 1-un, o dp, 

Remaining, i-jb, i tr, s-kn 
Remaliah, R-ml-ye u, High Jehovah, 

2 Kings XV. 25 
Remedied, r-pa, healed 
Remedy, rp-wa-e 
Remember, ^-lor, p-qd 
Remembered, z-kr 
Remembrance, z-kr, z kr-un 
Remembrancer, mzk-ir 
Remeth, R-mt, high, lofty, 36%. xix. 8 
Remmon, Rm-un, greatness; pome- 
granate tree. Josh, xix 7 
Remon-inethoar, Rm-Un-e-mt-ar, the 

mighty dead revered, Jos. xii. 13 
Remon-pares, R-mn-p-rj, the great 

destroyer, Num.'xxxiii. 19. 
Remnant, sa-rit, a-hr, i-tr, v-rH, p-lf, 

s-ar, 8-re 
Remote, rh-uk ; 
Remove, g-le, m-us, n-ud, n-vi^, vb b, 

r-hq, m-is, r-os, n-vo 
Remove, shall and, u-ms, Jer. xyii. 8 
Remove, will I and, u-ms-ti, Zecli. \iv. 4 
Remove, shall ye, t-mi-su, Mich. ii. 5 
Removed, v-ur, n-vg, n-vo, a-el, g-1^, 

z-wo, n-de, n-ud, vir 
Removed, be shall, i^k-np, Isa. xxx. 20 J 

winged away, devoured by birds of 

prey, from k-np, a wing, Gen. i. 21 
Removetb, n-vg, n-vo, v-ur, o^tq, 6-de 
Removing, g-le, v-^r 
Remphan, or Remmon, called Chiuri, 

the mixture, concrete air, or spirit 

that feeds and tempers the fire arid 

%ht, Amos V. 26 
Rend, p-rm, q-ro 
Render, n-tn, sb-b, s-ub, s-lni 
Renew, h-us, h-lp 
Renewed, h-^s, h-lp 
Renewest, thou, t-h-ds, Job x. 17 
Renewest, thou and, u-t p-ds, Ps. civ. 30 
Renounced, y-i^s • 

Renown, am, of name 
Renowned, hl-l, to shine its the stirs^ 

Renowned, the, e-el-le,praided,^xtolled, 

Ezk. xxvi. 17 
Rent, qr-wo, s-vo, b-qo, p-rm, q-ro 
Rent in pieces, f-rp, Gen. xxxvii. 33 
Repaid, s-lm, s-ub 
Repair, b-dq, h-ds, hzq, o-md 


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Repaired, h-zq, b-ne, r-pa, h-ye, v-gr, 

Repay, should I thatj w-as-lm, Job 

xliv. 11 
Repeated, s-nh, i-vp 
Repeateth, that he but, u-s-ne, Prot. 

xvii. 9 
Repent, n-hm, Jer. xx. 16 
Repent, and, u-n-hm, Jon. Hi. 9 
Repentance, n-hm, Hos. xiii. 14 
Repented, n-hm, Amos vil 3-6 
Repented, it and, wi-n-hm, Gren. vi 6 
Repented them, and, wi-n-hm-u, Jud. 

xxi. 6 
Repentest thee, and, u-n-hm, Jon. ii. 13 
Repenting, with^ e-n-hra, Jer. xv. 6 
Repentings, my, n-hu-mi, Hos. xi. 8 
Rephah, K-pa, health, 1 Chron. vii. 25 
Rephaiah, R-p-ye, herald of Jehovah 
Rephaim, R-pa-im, impious, lofy 

giants, Josh. xii. 4 
Rephiiim, R-pi-dira, r^st^ refreshing 

places, lifting up of hands, Exod. 

xvii. 1 
Replenish, and, u-ml-au, from m-la, to 

overflow, Josh. iii. 15, G^en. ix* 1 
Replenished, be shall I, a-ml-a-e, E2. 

xxvi. 2 
Report, sm-yorC, rb-b, db-r, sm, sm-o ; 
Report, V, e-gid-u, let them show, Isa. 

xli. 22 
Reported, s-mo, a-mr, s-ub 
Repressed, ke-e 
Reproach, n, ^h-vd, h-pr, h-rp, k-lm, 

q-le, h-dp-i, h-rp-e 
Reproach, v, h-rp, k-lm 
Reproached, h-rp, g-dp 
Reproacheth, g-dp, d-br, h-rp 
Reproaches, g-dp, h-^-p 
Reproof, "t-uk-he, s-n\j-e, g-or, i-kh, 

Reproof, my, t-uk-h-ti, Hab. il 1 
Reproof, my at, 1-t-uk-ti, Prov. xxiii 
Reproved, am I when, t-uk-h-ti, Hab. 

ii. 1 
Reproofs, t-uk-h-ut, Prov. vL 23 
Reprove^ t-uk-h, Prov. ix. 8 
Reprove, doth, yu-k-ih. Job vi 25 
Reprove me, him let and, wi-uk-i- 

h-ni, Ps. cxli. 5 
Reprove thee, he will, i-ki, hk, Job 

xxii. 4 
Reproveth^ that, mu-ki-h. Job xl. 2 
Reprover, a-is, i-kh 
Reprover, a, mu-ki-h, Ez. iii. 26 
Reptile, s-rj, creeping thing 

Reptiles^ r-ras-im, without feet. Gen. 

i. 21 
Reputation, sm-sm-o 
Reputed, h-sb, f-me 
Request, s-a-le, a-rs, b-qs, d-br 
Requested, s-al, bo-e, b-qs 
Require, b-hr, b-qs, d-rs, s-al 
Required, b-qs, d-rs, yum, n-hj 
Requirestj a-mr, to speak, Gen. iii. 3 
Requirest, thou, t-am-ri, Ruth iii. 11 
Requireth, b-qs, s-al 
Requite, g-ml, n-tn, o-se, s-lm 
Requited, hath he and, wi-bs, 1 Sam. 

XXV. 21 
Requiting, by, 1-es-ib, 2 Chron. vi. 23 
Rereward, a-hr, a-vp> behind 
Reward, the in, ba-hr-ne, 1 Sam.xxix.2 
Reward, thy be shall, ya-v-pk. Is. Iviii. 

8, from a-vp, to gather 
Reward, the, ma-vp, Num. x. 25 
Reward, your and, u-ma-vp-km. Is. Iii. 
. 12, gathering 
Rescue, pd-ut, i-so, n-jl, s-ub 
Rescued, pd-e, m-lf, n-jl, h-^, i>-lf, p-dh 
Rescueth, and, u-m-jl, Dan. vL 27, from 

n-jl, to deliver 
Resemblance, d-mut, v-ml 
Resembled, d-me, k-tad, Jud. viii. 18, 

from tad, to shape. Gen. xxix. 17 
Res6n, r-vn, a bridle, control. Gen. x. 12 
Reseph, r-jh, coal, fiery-stone, expan- 
sion. Is. xxxvii. 12 
Reserve, n-fr, s-ar 
Reserved, s-mr, n-fr, a-jl, sa-rit, s-ar, 

h-sfc, i-tr, 1-qh 
Reserveth, n-fr, s-mr 
Residue, s-ar-it, s-ar, i-tr, nu-tr 
Rescind, p-;jh 
Resist him, to, 1-sf-nu, Zech, iii. 1, from 

8-fn, to oppose, Num. xxii. 22 
Resort, b-wa, q-bj 
Resort, I may, 1-b-wa, Ps. ixxi. 3 
Resorted, et-i-jb-u, 2 Chron. xi. 13 

from i-jb, to stand upright, Gen. 

xxxvii. 7 
Respect, n, n-sa, k-ne, ra-e, so-e, n-bf, 

Respect, had and, wi-do, Ex. ii. 25 
Respect^ v, n-kr, n-sa, p-ne 
Respected, they, n-sa-u. Lev. iv. 16 
Respecteth, he, i-ra-e. Job xxxvii. 26 
Respite, r-uh, r-pe 
Rest, m-nu-h, m-nu-he, dm-m, nu-h, 

n-ht, r-go, p-un, s-kb, s-lm, s-qf, s-le 
Rest, gave, wi-nh, Jos. xxi. 44 
Rest, had they after but, u-k-nu-h, 

Neh. ix. 28 


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Rest, might I, a-nu-h, Hab. iii. 16 
Rest, shalt thou for, u-t-nu-h, Dan. xii. 

Rest, giveth he and, u-e-ni-h, Deut. 

xii. 10 
Rested, and, wi-nh, Ex. x. 14 
Rested, it when and, u-b-nh-e, Num. 

x. 36 
Resteth, t-nu-h,Prov. xiv. 32 
Rested, a-hn, d-m-m, h-ne, nu-h, v-rak, 

8-kn, s-qf 
Resting-place, 1-nu-hk, 2 Chron. vi. 41 
Resting-places, in, u-bm-im-ht, Is. 

xxxii. 18 
Restitution, m-ir, s-lm 
Restore, o-le, s-ub, s-lm 
Restored, h-ye, n-tn, t-ub 
Restorer, the, m-sub-b, Is. Iviii. 1 2 
Restoreth, he, i-sub-b, Ps. xxiii. 3 
Restrain, g-ro, h-gr, o-jr 
Restrained, a-pq, b-rj, ke-e, k-la, m-no, 

o-jr, m-no, b-lra 
Resurrection, t-qu-mt, e-mt-im 
R*»tain, h-zq, k-la, o-jr, t-mk 
Retained, h-zq 
Retaineth, h-zq 
Retire, s-ub 

Retired, e-pk, n-vg, s-ub, e-lk, v-ur 
Return, s-ub, t-su-be 
Return, v, and will, u-sb, Deut. xxx. 3 
Return, shall, sb, Jer. xxxvii. 7 
Returned, is and, u-sb-e, Lev. xxii. 13 
Returned, which, e-sb-e, Ruth i. 22 
Returned, I, sb-ti, Eceles. ix. 11 
Returned, were, sb-u, Jos. ii. 22 
Returneth, that him and, u-sb, Ezk. 

XXXV. 7 
Returning, in, b-su-be, Is. xxx. 15 
Reu, ro-u, his looker, shepherd, Gen. 

xi. 18 
Reuben, Ra-u-bn, look, a son, Gen. 

xxix. 32 
Reuel, Ro-wal, the seeing Grod, Gen. 

xxxvi. 4 
Reveal, g-le, g-la 

Revealed, azn, g-le, g-li, Dan. ii, 19. 
Revealer, a and, u-gl-e. Dan. ii. 47 
Revealeth, that, gl-e, Dan. il 28 
Revenge, n-qm-e, to punish severely 
Revenge, by, b-n-qra-e, Ez. xxv. 1 5 
Revenged, him and, u-n-qm-u, Ez. 

xxv. 12 
Revengeth, n-qm, Nab. i. 2 
Revenging, n-qm-t, Ps. Ixxix. 10 
Revenue, b-wa, a-pt 
Revenues, the in but, u-b-tb-wa-t, Prov. 

XV. 6 

Revenues, your of, m-tb-wa-ti-km, Jer 

xii. 13 
Reverence, i-ta. to fear, Gen. xix. 30 
Re\rerence, shall ye, t-ira-t, Lev. xix. 30 
Reverenced, s-he, to bow the head, 

Gen; xxiv. 26 
Reverenced, and, u-ms-th-wim, Est. 

iii. 2 
Reverenced, have they, es-th-wu, Jer. 

viii. 2 
Reverend, and, u-nu-ra, Ps. cxi. 9 
Reverend, and, u-nu-ra, dreadful, Hab. 

1. 7, an attribute of God alone 
Re-umah, ra-u-me, sublime, Gen.xxii.24 
Reverse, may, m-sib, Ps. Ixxviii. 38 
Revile, shalt thou, t-ql-1, Ex. xxii. 28, 

from ql-1, to be small, Lev. xx. 9 
Revilings, the and, u-gd-pi, Zeph. ii. 8, 

from gd-p, to blaspheme, curse, Is. 

xxxvii. 23 
Reviled, gd-p, al-e 
Revived, hi-ye-u, Hab. iii. 2 
Revived, he, wi-ei, Jud. xv. 19 
Reviving, a, m-h-ye, Ez. ix. 8 
Revolt, m-ri, v-ur 
Revolted, m-rd, m-re, p-so 
Revolter, m-ur-r, 
Revolters, vr-r, sur, s-fe 
Revolting, vur-r, Jer. v. 23 
Revolution, t-qu-pe 
Reward, s-kr, gm-ul, o-qb, si, s-hd,t-ne, 

p-re, a-hr, b-sr, n-sa 
Reward, a and, n-sa 
Reward, a for, s-lm 
Reward, sure, a-mn 
Reward, the, p-ol, s-lm 
Rewarded, g-ml, s-um 
Rewardeth, s-ub 
Rewards, q-vm, b-ze 
Rezeph, r-jp, burning coal, 2 King^ 

xix. 12 
Rezia, R-j-ya, burning of Grod 
Rezin, r-jin, goodwill, 1 Kings xxv. 37 
Rezon, r-zun, grave, 1 Kings xi. 23 
Rib,jl-ot, a plank, the sideplanks 
Rib, the, ej-lo. Gen. ii. 21 
Ribs, his of, m-jl, ot-ye. Gen. il 22 
Ribbed, on his thigh, j-lo-ol, ir-qu, Gen. 

xxxii. 31 
Ribband, p-tl, to wreath. Job v. 13 
Ribband, a, p-til. Num. xv. 38 
Riblah, Rb-le, great to him, Kings 

xxii. 33 
Rich, e-un, k-bd, o-sr, s-wo, os-ir 
Richer, g-dl 

Riches, e-un, h-ul, hn-n. n-km, r-ks 
Riches, the than, m-e-mun, Ps. xxxvii. 

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16, from, e-mn, multitude, Job 

xxxix. 7 
Eboda, Rode gk, a rose. Acts xii. 13 
Rhodanim. and, U-d-dn-im, the breasts, 

loves, Gen. x. 4 
Eibai, Eib-i, that multiplies, 2 Sam. 

xxiii. 29 
Eid, n-jl, p-je, s-bt 

Eiddanee, clean, t-kl-e, Lev. xxiii. 22 
Eidden, has thou, r-kb-t, Num. xxii. 30 
Eiddle, a, h-id-e, covert, Ez xvii. 2 
Eiddie, the, eh-id-e, Jud. xiv. 14 
Eide, r-kbi, Jud. v. 10 
Eide, may I that, u-ar-kb, 2 Sam. xix. 

Eide, didst thou, Hab, iii. 8 
Eideth, r-kb. Est. vi. 8 
Eiding", r-kb, Num. xxii. 22 
Eider, his and, u-r-kb-U, Ex. xv. 1 
Eiders, r-kb-im, Jer. xvii. 25 
Eidges, the thereof, gd-ud ye, Pa. 

Ixv. 10 
Eidiculous, nl-oq 

Eie, the and, u-KV-nit, Is. xxviil 25 
Eies, and, u-kv-mini, Ez iv. 9 
Eifled, and, u-ns-ve. Zech. xiv. 2 
Eight, a-mt-ku, a-mn, g-al, d-un, k- sr, 

j-dq, 8-pf 
Eight, adj, i-1<e, i-mn, i-sr, k-un, n-kh 
Eight, early, b-qr, Ps. xlvi. 5 
Eight eye, i-min-u, Zech. xi. 17 
Eight hand, i-min, Gen. xxiv. 49 
Eight hand, thee to, e-i-min, Gen. xiii. 9 
Eight hand.the on,l-i-min,Neh. xii. 3 1 
Eight hand, my, u-i-miu-i, la. xlviii. 1 3 
Eight hand, my at, 1-i-min-i, Ps. ex. 1 
Eight hand, thy and, wi-min-k, Ps. 

xviii. 35 
Eighteous, jd-iq just, i-sr, straight 
Eighteous, j-dq, good, kind, benevolent, 

bountiful, Ps. xxxvii. 21, cxvi. 5, 

Prov. xxi. 26, Dan. ix. 16, Mich. vi. 

5, Joel ii. 23 
Eighteousness, thy of, jd-qk, Job viii. 6 
Eighteously, m-is-r, Ps. Ixvii. 4 
Eighteousness, our, jd-qt-i-nu, Isa. 

bdv. 6 
Eightly, he not is, e-ki. Gen. xxvii. 36 
Eigour, i>-rk, total separation, a vail, 

pr-kt, Exod. xxvi. 31 
Eigour, with, b-pr-k, Exod. i. 13 
Eigour, with and, u-b-pr-k,Ezk. xxxiv.4 
Eimmon, Ei-mun, exalted, a pomegra- 
nate, Jud. XX. 45 
Eimmon-Parez at, B-rm-n-pr-j, high 

place, to giving forth, fruitfulness 

generally, Num. xxxiii. 19 

Eimmon-Gath, Ei-raun-^, high place 

of the vintage, 1 Chron. vL 69 
Eind, zq, covering, bark 
Eirig, fb-ot, completely encompassed, 
u-f-bl, and shall dip. Lev. iv. 6, 17, 
t-f-bl-ni, shalt thou plunge me. Job 
ix. 31. f-bo-ti, I sink. Ps. Ixix. 2 
Eing, his, f-bo-tu, Gen. xlL 42 
Eing with, b-f-bo-t. Est. iii. 12 
Eings, the into, b-f-bo-t, Eiod. xxv. 14 
Eings, their for as, u-gb, ye-n, eleva- 
tions, ascending, Ezk. i. 18 ; gb, au 
eminent place, Ezk. xvi. 24; gb-i, 
my back, P{». cxxix. 3 ; u-gb-era, 
and their backs, Ezk. x. 12; g&-i-kra, 
your bodies. Job xiii. 12 ;. riugs full 
of eyes, Ezk. i. 18, is a very defec- 
tive translation 
Eings, gl-il-i, to roll away, Jos. v. 9 ; 
I have rolled away, roll together as 
a scroll, or ring is rounded, Jer. 
xxxvi. 28, Ps. xl 7, Est, i. 6, Cant. 
V. 14 
Eing streaked, o-qd 
Eing worm, il-pfc 
Einsed, from s-fp, to overflow, Dan. 

xi. 10 
Einsed, hath, s-fp, Le''. xi. 15 
Einsed., shall be, i-s-fp, Lev. xv. 12 
Einnah, R-ne. a song, 1 Chron. iv. 20 
Riotous, sottish zl-l. Dent. xxi. 20 
Eiotous men, zul-lim, Prov. xxviii. 7 
Eiotdus eaters, b-zul-li, Prov. xxiii. 2(3 
Eipath, Ei-pfc, stable. Gen x. 3 
Eip up, b^jo, to split, Gen. xxiv. 22 
Eipt up, have they, b-qom, Amos i. 13 
Eipt up, shall be, ib-qo-u, Hosh. xiii l6 
Ripe, b-kr, b-sl 
Ripe fruits, m-la 
Ripened, b-sl 

Ripening, is, gm-1, Isa. xviii. 5 
Rise, q-um 

Rise again, q-ura, Lam. i. 14 
Rise early, s-km 
Rise up, o-le 
Rise up early, s-km 
Risen, ga-e, z-rh 
Riseth, z-rh 
Riseth up, o-le 
Rising, z-rh, n-sa, o-le 
Rising up, q-um 

Rissah, R-ve, watering. Num xxxiii. 22 
Rites, from hq-q, prescribed limits. Job 

xiv. 5 
Rithma, Rt-me, noise, juniper, Nu. 

xxxiii. 18 
Rites, the of it, h-qt-ye, Num. ix 3 






River, n-er, bright, shining 
River, a, uer, Ps. xlvi. 4 
River, a as, k-yar, Isa. xxiii. 10 
River, the at, b ne-r, Ezk. x. 15 
River, the by, b-ner, 2 Sam. viii. 3 
River, the from and, um-ner,P.s. Ixxii. 8 
River, great the, e-ner, Gen. xv. 8 
River, the into, e-y-aur-e, Exod. i. 22 
River, my, y-ari, Ez;k. xxix. 3 
Rivers, the, ey-ar-im, Exod. viii. 5 
Rivers, the amono:, by-ar-im. Nah. iii. 8 
Rivers, thy, y-ar-ik, Ezk. xxix. 4 
Rivers, like, k-ner-ul, Ps. Ixxviii. 16 
Rivera thy with, b-ner-ut-ik, Ezk. 

xxxii. 2 
Rivers, a-qp, n-hl, p-lg 
Rivers, little, o-le 
Rizpah, Rj-pe, glowing coal, 2 Sam. 

iii. 7 
Road, d-rk 

Roar, e-me, n-hm, j-re, r-om, s-ag 
Roared, s-ag, n-em, n-or 
Roasted, j-le 

Rob, bz-z, g-zl, q-bo, s-k, s-ve 
Robbed, bz-z, g-zl, od, o-ur, sl-1 
Robber, p-rj, jm-m, p-rij, sd-d 
Robbers, bz-z, b-ne, sdnd 
Robbery, gz-le, sd 
Robbeth, who so, gu-zl, from g-zl, to 

take by force, Prov. xxviii. 24 
Robe, a-dr, k-tn, m-ol, mo-il 
Robes, b-gd, m-ol 
Rock, hl-mis, v-bo, oz-z, j-ur, sn 
Rock, the upon, b-hl-rain, Job xxviii 9 
Rock, a like, k-hl-mis, flint, hard, Isa. 

1. 7 
Rocks, k-ip, v-lo 
Rod, h-fr, m-ql, n-fe, s-hf 
Rods, m-ql, n-fe 
Rode, r-kb 
Roe, y-ol, to climb 
Roe, and, wi-ol-t, Prov. v, 19 
Roes, j-be, lovely, Isa. iv. 2 
Roes, the by, b-jb-ut. Cant. ii. 7 
Roes, the as and, uk, jb-a-im, 1 Chron. 

xii. 8 
Roes that are twins, jb-ye, Cant. iv. 6 
Roebuck, the, e-jb-i, Deut. xii. 22 
Roebuck, the and, u-jb-i, Deut. xiy. 5 
Roebuck, the of a8,k-jb-i, Deut. xii. 15 
Rogol-En, R-gl. searching, Jos. xv. 7 
Rogelim, R-gl-im, searches, 2 Sam. 

xvii. 7 
Rogah, Re-ge, invigorated, 1 Chron. 

vii. 34 
Roll, gl-yun, gl-1, gl-e, p-ls 
Roll, thee down, u-gl-gl-tik, Jer. 11 21 

Rolled, they and, u-gl-Iu, Gen. xxix. 3 
Rolled away, I have, gl-ut-i, Jos. v. 9 
Rolling, thing a like and, u-k-gl-gl, 

Isa. xvii. 13 
Romamti-ezer, Rm-mt-.yo-2r, to afford 

help, 1 Chron. xxv. 4 
Rpnians, Kt-im, strength, G<jn. x. 4 
Rome, Rome, power 
Roof, g-g, q-re 
Roof of mouth, e-k 
Room, h-dr, m-qum, r-hb 
Room, the in, t-ht, 1 Kings viii. 20 
Room, thy in, t-ht-ik, 1 Kings v. 5 
Rooms, q-nim, nests, Gren. vi. 14 
Root, a, B-rs, sole of foot, Deut. xxix. 18 
Root, the but, u-s-rs, is in me, Job xix. 

Root, a as f^nd, u-ks-rs, Isa. liii. 2 
Roots, nis, s-rs-yu, Job viii. 17 
Roots, thereof, the and, Ezk. xvii. 6 
Rooted, n-vhj n-tk, n-ts 
Rooted up, o-qr, s-rs 
Rope, h-bl 
Rope, a with were it as and, u-k-ob-ut, 

Isa. V. 18, from o-bt, to twist, Exod. 

xxviii. 24 
Ropes, o-bt-im, Jud. xv. 13 
Rose, q-um, z-rh, h-bj-lt 
Rose, the k-bj-lt, the narcissus. Cant. 

ii. 1 
Rose, the, as, k-h-bj-lt, Isa. xxxv. 1 
Rosh, Ras, the top. Gen. xlvi. 21 
Roast, b-sl, j-le 
Roasted, b-sl, q-le 
Roasteth, h^rk 
Rot, n-dl, r-qb 
Rotted, r-qb 
Rotten, m-lh, o-bs 
Rottenness, mq-q, r-bq, r-qb-un 
Rough, o-tq, a-i-tn, v-mr 
Roughly, oz-z, fiercely, Isa. xxxiii. 19 
Roughly, o-zut, Prov. xviii. 23 
Roughly, q-sut, Gen. xlil 7-30, from 

q-se, to be hard, Deut. i. 17 
Round, o-gl, k-tr, vb-b, v-er 
Round about, i-qp, k-dr, vb-ib 
Round thing, hv-pv 
Round, tires, s-hr 
Roused, n-or 
Routed, n-ke 
Row, f-ur, d-bk, o-rk 
Rower, s-f 
Rowers, s-af, s-ut 
Rows, f-ur 
Royal, id, m-lk 
Rubbish, the, e-oper, the dust, Neh. 

iv. 2 

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Rubies, of, pn-in-iin, a gem, blue or 
Bcarlet, cut in diamonds on its sur- 
face,reflected light, like fire sparkled 
from each oblique surface, therefore 
its name,/acc», Pro. xx. 15 
Rubies, than above, m-pn-in-im. Job. 

xxviii. 18, Lam. iv. 7 
Rumanah, Rh-me, she that obtained 
mercy, Hos. i. 6, from r-hm, bowels, 
tenderest pity, Lam. iil 32, Jer. xxxi. 
Ruine, d-he, ht-t, k-sl, n-pl, p-id 
Ruin, m-pl-e, h-bu-le 
Ruma, Ru-me, sublime, Jud. ix. 41 
Ruined, e-dv, a-bd, h-bl, s-ht, k-le 
Ruinous, n-pl, to fall, n-je, to fly away 
Rule, m-sl, q-we, o-jr, s-dr, s-lf 
Rule, bear that them, m-sl-im, Ezk. 
xix. 11, from m si, control, Gen. i. 16 
Rule, bearest thou, m-sl-t„ Isa. Ixiii. 19 
Rule, shall that, u-m-^l, Zech. vi. 13 
Rule, I will, a-m-lk, Ezk. xx. 33 
Rule, shall, i-sr-u, lead, Isa. xxxii. 1 
Ruled, he, m-sl, Dan. xi. 4 
Ruled, huve, ra-sl. Lam. v. 8 
Ruler, a and, u-m-sl, Gen. xlv. 8 
Ruler, n-gid, from n-gd, to stand forth 

prominently, 2 Sam. vi. 21 
Rulers, her, lu-gn-ye, Hos. iv. 18, from 

gn-n, a shield, Gen. xv. 1 
Rulest, mu-sl, 2 Chron. xx. 6 
Ruleth, m-sl-e, Ps. ciiL 19 
Ruleth^ rud, s-lf 

Rumbhng, the, e-mun, Jer. xlvii. 3, 
from e-mina, multitude, Ezk. xxxii. 
Rumour, sm-wo-e 

Rumour, a, sm-wo-e, sm-o-e, 2 Kings 
xix. 7, Isa. xxxvii. 7, Obad i., from 
smo, language. Gen. xi 7 
Rumour, the tor, b-sm-wo-e, Jer. li. 46 
Rump, al-e, strong. Gen. xxxi. 29, 
Neh. V. 5, Prov. iii. 27, Mic. ii. 1, 
al-i, strong exceedingly, Job iii. 22, 

Rump, the, e-al-ye, Lev. iii. 9, viL 3 
Rump, the and, u-e al-ye, Exod. xxix. 

Run, e-lk, r-uj, r-id 
Run, and, we-rj, hastily, resolhtely, 

violently, 1 Sam. xvii. 17 
Run, hast thou, rj-te, Jer. xil 6 
Run, me let, a-ruj, 2 Sam. xviii. 23 
Run away, him make will I, a-rij-nu, 

Jer. xlix. 19 
Run, they shall, i-ruj-un, Joel ii. 4 
Run, will I, rj-ti, 2 King v. 20 
Run, wilt, rj, 2 Sam. xviii. 22 
Run ye, rj-im, Hag. i. 9 
Runnest, thou, t-ruj, Prov. iv. 12 
Runneth, he, i-ruj. Job xvi. 14 
Runneth down,i-rd-e, Lam. i. 16, from 

i-rd, descended, Exod. xix. 18 
Runneth over, ru-ye, Ps. xxiii. 5, from 

ru-h, thou waterest abundantly, Ps. 

Ixv. 10 
Running, e-ul-k, Ezk. xxxi. 4, from 

e-lk, is gone, 1 Sam. xiv. 7 
Running issue, z-ub. Lev. xv. 2, from 

z-bt, flowing, Exod. iii. 8 
Running to and fro, k-m-sq, Isa. 

xxxiii. 4, from m-sq, to move about, 

steward, lii,8on of moving, G^n. xv. 2 
Rush, g-ma. Job viii. 11, a-gm, s-ae 
Rush, g-ma, he swalloweth, Job xxxix. 

24, drill keth very thirstily, let me 

drink. Gen. xxiv. 17 
Rushes, and, u-gm-a, Isa. xxxv. 7 
Rushed, ps-fu, Jud ix. 44, from p-sf, 

strippeth, Hos. vii. 1, Nah. iii. 16 
Rusheth, su-fp, s-fp, Jer. viii. 6 
Rushing, the at, m-ros, Jer. xlvii. 3, 

from ros, commotion, to quake vio- 
lently, Hag. ii. 7 
Rushing, a make, i-sa-un, Isa. xvii. 12, 

from s-a-e, smashed, rent to pieces, 

Isa. xxiv. 12 
Ruth, R-ut, slaked thirst, enough, satis- 

Hed, grateful, Ruth ii. 14 


SABACH-THANI,S-bqt-ni, thou hast 
made me a sacrifice, Ps. xxii. 1, from 
8-bq-u, let alone, Ez. vi. 7, l-m-^.-bq, 
yet leave the stump, Dan. iv. 23 

Sabaoth, Jb-a-ut, armies, flocks, fights^ 
Jer. xi. 20 

Sabaoth Jehovah, Ye-we, Jb-a-ut, Je- 
hovah of Hosts, Isa. i. 9 

Sabbath, S-bt, to cease to act, or to 

be, rest f^om working or acting. 
This word is nearly allied to h-dl, a 
negative. 1. To cease, to leave, to 
fail, wi-hd-lu, and they left off, Cfen. 
xi. 8, xviii. 11, Dent. xv. 11, Prov. x. 
19, Job xiv. 7, xix. 14, Isa. liii. 4. 
2. Decline, forbear, omit voluntarily, 
Deut. xxiii. 23, Zech. xi. 12, Ezk. 
ii. 5, iii. 27, English, idle comes 

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from h-dle, s-bt, on the other hand, 
implies previous action or being, and 
had been continued some time, Gen. 
ii. 3 
Sabbath, the, S-bt, Exod. xvi. 25, 26 
Sabbaths, and, U-»-bt, Isa. i. 13 
Sabbath, the, E-sbt-ut, Neh. x. 33 
Sabbaths, her and, U-s-bt-e, Hoa. ij. 11 
Sabbaths, the in, B-s-bt-ut, Ezk. xlvi. 3 
Sabbaths, the in and, U-b-s-bt-ut, Ezk. 

xlv. 17 
Sabbaths, my, S-bt-ti, Exod. xxxi. 13 
Sabbaths, my from and, U-ms-bt-u-ti, 

Ezk. xxii. 26 
Sabbaths, your in, B-s-bt-ti kirn. Lev. 

xxvi. 36 
Sabbaths, her, S-bt-t-ye, 2 Chron. 

xxxvi. 21 
Sabbaths, her at, M-s-bt-e, Lam. i. 7 
Sabeans, S-ba, grouped, captivity, Isa. 
xlv. 14, from s-be, to caqry away, 
Jer. xli. 14, Gen. xiv. 14, Ps. Ixviii. 
19 ; s-but, restoration from great 
affliction, Job xlii. 10 
Sabec, V-bk, caught, a-il-na-hz-b-v-bk, 
a ram entangled by its horns, G«n. 
xxii. 13 
Sibtah, Vb-te, windings. Gen. x. 7 
Sabtecha, Vb-t-ka, that surrounds, G^n. 

X. 7 
Sacar, S-kr, drunkenness, 1 Chron. xi. 

Sack, m-th, to stretch out, Isa. xl. 20 
Sack, in, ba-m-th-t. Gen. 3div. 12 
Sack, in my, ba-m-th-ti, Geu. xlii. 28 
Sack, his, a-m-tli-tu. Gen. xliii. 21 
Sacks, the, a-m-th-t, Gen. xliv. 2 
Sacks, our, a-m-th-ti-nu, Gen. xliii 21 
Sack, 8-q, Lev. xi. 2 
Sack, but, v-bk-a, v-bk e, a drum, Dan. 
iv. 14, from v-lk, was folded together, 
Nab. i. 10 
Sackcloth, s-q, l-bs, to clothe, put on 
armour, lit, very thick cloth. Job vii. 
5 ; blackness, Isa. 1. 3, clothed with 
vengeance, Isa. lix. 17 
Sackclothes, with and, u-b-sq-im, Neh. 

ix. 10 
Sacrament, not found in the Bible, an 

offering to idols by the heathen 
Sacrifice, z-be, hg-g, m-nh, q-fr, q-rb, 

Sacrifice, made by fire, as-e, Exod. 

xxix. 18 
Sacrifice of praise, t-ud-e, to give 
cheerfully, Jer. xvii. 26, Amos, iv, 5, 
Ps. xliv. 8 

Sacrifices, made by fire, as 
Sacrifices of praise. Amps. iv. 5 
Sad, J5-op, i-ro, k-ab, k-ae, v-ur 
Saddle, h-bs-im, 2 Sam. xvi 1, from 

h-bs, to bind, Exoi xxix. 9 
Saddled, she theu, u-t-h-sb, 2 Kings 

iv. 24 
Saddled, they and, wi-h-sb-u, 1 Kings 

xiii. 27 
Sadly, ro-im, Gren. xl. 7, from i-io, 

broken, grieved, Isa. xv. 4 
Sadness, the by, b-ro, Eccl. vii. 3] 
Safe, b-fh, i-so, p-lf, s-gb, s-lm 
Safely, b-fh . 

Safety, sl-um, i-so, b-fh 
Saffarn, Kr-kv, rpund, enclosed. Cant. 

iv. 14 . 
Sagan, V-gn, a deputy, a noble, ah-bit- 
e-dun, father of the ho.use of judg- 
ment, Ez. ix. 2, Neh. ii. 16 
Shagans, V-gn-im, priiices, Isa. xJL 

25, Ezk. xxiii. 6, Dan. ii. 48 ' 
Sahadutha, S-h-du-ta, an "eye witness, 
iegar, the heap of witness, Gen. xi^xi. 
47; u-s-ed-i, and mv record. Job xvi. 
Said, a-mr, d-br, n-ara, o-ne 
Said, have would, mil, Gren. xxi. 7, 

from ml-1, to tell, Ps. cvi. 2 
Said, had, a-mr, Gen. xxi 1 
Said, to be, e-a-mr, Job xxxiv. 31 
Said, she, a-mr-e. Gen. xvi. 13 
Said, h^ve I, a-mr-ti, Ge^n. xxxi. 31 
Said, they, a-mr-i. Gen. xxxviii. 22 
Said, well have they, wi-a-mr, Deut. 

V. 28 
Said, ye also, u-a-mr-tm, Isa. i. 13 
Saidst, thou, a-mr-t, Gen. xii. 19 
Saidst, which, e-a-mr, Gren. xxxii. 9 
Saidest, thou and, u-t-a-mr. Gen. xliv. 

Saidest, thou yet but, u-t-a-mr-i, Isa. 

xlvii. 10 
Sail, the, ns, Isa. xxxiii. 23, flag 
Sail, thy be, 1-nv, Ezk. xxvii. 7 
Saint, the, qd-us-ds, Ps. cvi. 16 
Saint, the and, u-qd-us Isa. xli. 16 
Saints, qd-sim, Dan. viii. 24 
Saints, the to, 1 qd-us-im, Ps. xvi. 3, 

bowed the head 
Saints, the of, m-qd-sim, Job v, 1 
Saints, his, qd-sy-u, Deut. xxxiii. 3 
Saints, his in, b-qd-sy-u, Job xv. 15 
Saints, hv-id-im, Ps. cxiix., from hsd, 
abundant, mercy, kindness, Geu. 
xxir. 12 
Saints, my, hv-id-i, Ps. 1. 5 


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Saints, thy, hv-id-ik, Ps. lii. 9 

Saints, his of, 1-hv-id-yu, Ps. cxvi. 15 

Saints, her, u-hv-id-ye, Ps. cxxxii. 16 

Sake, ^1-1, mo-n, o-br 

Sake of, tile for, m-d-br, Gen. xii. 17 

Sakes, gl-1, d-br 

Sakes, our for, h-nu-nn, Jud. xxi. 22, 

from hn-n, to piiy, hn-ni, have pity 

on me, Job xix. 21 
jSalah, s-lh, brachiug, Gren. xi. 12 
Salamis, Salamisk, beaten. Acts xiii. 5 
Salathiel, S-al-ty-al, I have asked God, 

1 Chron. iii. 17 
Salchah, Sl-kh, cast down, Deut. iii. 18 
Salcha, Jos. xii. 5 
Sale, his of, m-mk-ni, Lev. xxv. 50 
Salem, s-lm, complete, perfect peace, 

Ps. Ixxvi. 2 
Salem, s-lm-u, so he fined, 1 Kings 

ix. 25 
Salem, k-m-s-lm, as he that is perfect, 

Is. xlil 19, Deut xxv. 15 
Salem, u-s-lm, and be at peace. Job 

xxii. 21, Ps. vii. 4 
SaUai, v-li, my rising, Neh. xii. 20 
Sallu, Vl-ya, treads underfoot, 1 Chron. 
; ix. 7 ' 
Salma, Sl-ma, and Sl-me, perfect, 

1 Chron. ii. 11 
Salmon, in. b-jl-mnn, from j-lm, an 

image, resemblance, dark, b-jl-mn-n, 

in our image, (Jen. i. 26 ; b-jl-mu, 

in his own image. Gen. i 27 ; b-jl-m, 

in a vain t^how, Ps. xxxix. 6 ; jl-mut, 

the shadow of death, Job x. 22 ; 

b-jl-mut, with the shadow of death, 

Ps. xliv. 19; 1-jl-mut, into the 

shadow of death. Job x. 22; Jer. 

xiii. 16 
Salom, S^hn, ]>eace, Mark xv. 43 
Salt, m-lli, to dissolve, Ish. li. 6 
Salt, ml-he, barren land. Job xxxix. 6, 

Jer. jvii. 6, Ps. cvii. 34 
Salt, covenant of, e-ml-h, an unfailing. 

eternal purifier. Num. xxxiv. 12 
Salted we-m-lh, e-ml-ht, thou was not 

salted at all 
Salvation, t-swo-e, i-swo-e 
Salvation, the for, li-so, Hab. iii. 13 
Salvation, with, iso, Ps. cxxxii. 16 
Salvation, my, i-so-i, 2 Sam. ii 3 
Salvation, thy, i-so-k, Isa. xvii. 10 
Salvation, ttie therefore, wi-swp-ter, 

Isa. Ixii. 1 
Salvation, my, bi-swo-ti, Ps. xci. 16 
Salvation, our, i-swo-t-nu, Ps. Lxviii. 20, 

Isa. znxiii. 2 

Salvation, his in, bi-swo-lu, Isa. xxv. 9 
Salu, V-l-wa, elevation, Number xxv. 

Salute, b-rk, s-al, s-lm 
Saluted, b-rk, stil Is-lum 
Salutation sa-lt, sl-nm 
Samega, Shenja, s-ms, light of the sun, 

Jos. XV. 26 
Samaria, Sm-run, his gpiard, 1 Kings 

xvi. 24 
Samaritans, Sm-run, guardsjNeh. ii. 10 
Samir, a diamond, Sm-ir, 1 Chron. 

xxiv. 24 
Samlah, Sm-le, his name. Gen. xxxvl. 

Samson, Sm-sun, light of the sun, 

strength, renovation, a judge in 

Israel of heroic faith, Heb. xl 
Same, e-wa, eye, em, v-hs, o-jm, g-wa, 

Same, ran 
Same, the of, s-hv 
Samuel, Sm-wal, his name from Grod, 

or God gave him, 1 Sam. i. 2 
Sanbaliat, Vn-bKf, bushed in 9^cret, 

Neh. ii. 10 
Sanctify, q-ds, set apart, Exod. xxix 21 
Sanctify, will I and, u-qd-s-ti, lilxod. 

xxix. 44 ; m-ad-s-yem, their lioly 

places, qd-sk-ik, I am holier than 

thou, Isa. XV. 5 
Santified, were it, i-qd-s, 1 Sam. xxi. 5 
Sanct fied, be will I, a-pd-s, Lev. x. 3 
Sanctified, ye, qd-s-tm, Deut. xxxi. 51, 

u-qd-us, and the Holy one, Ps. 

Ixxviii. 41 ; b-qd-us, in the Holy One, 

Isa. xii. 16 
Sanctuary, for a, l-m-qd-s, Isa. viiL 14 ; 

eqd-sim, tlie Most Moly, Exod. xxvi. 

Sanctuaries, thy, m-qd-si, Jdr. li. 51 ; 

ra-qd-sim, most holy places, Ezk. 

xxi. 2 
Sand, kul, to tremble, Ps. xxix. 8; 

u-hl-u, and be, anguish, Deut. ii. iI5, 

xcvii. 4 
Sand, the in, h-ul Deut. xxxiii. 19 
Sand, the as, k-h-ul. Gen. xxxii. 12 
Sand, the than, m-h-ul. Job vi. 3 
Sang, el-1, rn-n, o-ne, s-ur 
Sang aloud, wi-sra-yo-u, Neh. xii. 4*2, 

from s-mo, to hear, Deut. iv. 33 
Sank, f-bo, jl-1, i-rd 
Sansannah, Vu-vu-e, bramble bush, 

Job. XV. 31 
Saph, vp, sea-moss, rushes, a race of 

giants, 2 Sam. xxi. 18 


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Sapphir,S-pir,i-8b-i, pass ye away, Mich. 
I. 11 

Sappira, Sappheire, gk, composes, 
book, a scribe, Acts, v 

Sappliire, s-pir, beautiful, celestial, 
darting rays,, resplendent, a gem, 
sky blue, very precious, Gren. x. 30, 
Exod. xxiv. 10, from v-pr, to tell, 
count, he had numbered, 2 Sara, 
xxiv. 10 ; v-pr te, thou tellest, Ps. 
Ivi. 6 ; I have declared. Pa. cxix. 26 ; 
ei-v-pr^ shall it be told, Job xxxvii. 

iSapphire, a; ev-pir, Evod. xxiv. 10 

Sapphire, the or, u-vpir. Job xxviii. 16 

Sapphires, z-pir-im, Gant. v. 4 

Sappliires^ with, b-v-pir-im, Isa. liv. 11. 

Sardius, adm, reddish, flesh colour, 
u-ad-um, ruddy. Cant; v. 10; adm- 
dm^t, somewhat reddish, Lev. xiii. 19 

Sardius, a, Adm, Exod. xxviii. 17, 
xxxix. 10 

Sardius, the, E-adm, Ezk. xxviii. 13 

Sarah, Sr-e, from sr, captain, prince, 
noble, royal, king, s-re, he had 
power as a prince, Hos. xii. 3 ; 
srit, as a prince hast thou power. 
Gen. xxxii. 21 ; e-m-sr-e, the govern- 
ment, Isa. ix. 6 

Sarah, have shall and, u-1-sre-bn, a son, 
u l-sr-e-bn, a son, Gren. xviii. 14 

Sarameel, Sr-ml, Prince of God, Mace, 
xiv. 28 

Saraph, Sr-p, glory, the emblem of 
the divine presence, proclaims, mani- 
fests the Aleim, I-sa. xliv. 16 ; not 
an angel, not a created intelligence, 
but a fire ; u-sr-pe, and he shall 
burn it, Jer. xxi. 10, xxxiv. 2 ; sr- 
pm, Jos. xL 13 ; t-sr-pu, ye shall 
burn, Exod. xii. 10 ; u- sr-p, a fiery 
serpent, Isa. xxx. 6 

Saraphs, the, Sr-pim, glorious ones, 
om-dim, pillars, standing, m-raol, 
above it the mercy seat. The che- 
rubs stood at either end of, and were 
part of, the mercy seat, and were 
graven images plated with gold. 
The gold was an emblem of the 
glory which Isaiah saw, Isa. vi. 2. 
In the year that king Uzziah died, 
u-a-ra-e, I saw at Ad-ni, my Lord, 
i-sb, in sitting, ol, above, k-va, the 
throne, rm, lifted up. u-ks-a, and 
his throne, u-sul-ye, his skirts or 
beams, m-la-ira filled the at-e-eiik-1, 
temple, all of it, Isa. vi. 1. The 

vision of Isaiah was laid in the holy 
place and most holy place ; the vale 
is lifted up, and the cherubs of glory 
called, her seraphs are animated and 
fly, ver. 6. In all its material ima- 
gery it was like what Adam saw to 
sustain his hope of salvation. Gen. 
iii. 24, and was afterwards seen and 
portrayed by the inspired pen of ihe 
Prophet, Ezk., Chaps, i. and x. 
These three visions of the Cherubim 
with the descriptions by Moses, 
Exod. XXV. and xxvi., mutually ex- 
ylain and illustrate every particular 
of the plan of human redemption 
and salvation by grace alone, as it is 
explained and enforced by the Holy 
Ghost, Heb. ix. and x. 

Sardonyx, sw-em, a white gem ; it is 
often cornelian, because it nearly 
resembles the fleshy whiteness of the 
lower part of the nail that grows 
under the flesh. Rev. xxi. 20 

Sargoa, Sr-gun, prince of protection, 
a kinor of Assyria, Isa. xx. 1. The 
same king called Esar-heddon, A-vr- 
h-dn,that binds joy, a son of Seilnche- 
rib. He took Jerusalem, and can ied 
King Manesseh captive to Babylon, 
Isa. xxxvii. 38. He is called also 
Sardanapalup. who repented at the 
preaching of Jonah, Chap, i i. 6i 
This name is not found in Hebrew. 
He reigned 30 years in Nineveh, and 
13 iu Babylon, where he died in about 
43 years reign 

Sarid, Sr-id, prince, power, Jos. xix. 10 

Saridim, and in, U-b-sr-dim, and in or 
shall be deliverance, Joel ii. 32 

Sarsechim, Sr-vk-im, prince of per- 
fumes, an eunuch, chief of the cup- 
bearers, a general of the Babylonish 
army, Jer. xxxix. 3 

Sarthan, Jr-tn, tribulation, 1 King vii. 

Sat, i-sb, dwelled, Gen. xiii. 12 

Sat, down I, i-sb-tj, Neh. i. 4 

Satan, S-fn, to slander, hinder peace, 
malignant, S-fu-i, mine adversaries, 
Ps. cix. 20 ; L-sf-ni, Zech. iii. 1 

Satan, o. e, s-fn, Zech. iii. 2 ; s-fne, on 
accusation, Ezk. iv. 6 ; L-sf-n, with- 
stand thee, Num. xxii. 22 

Satiate, rwe, s-bo 

Satiated, rw-e 

Satisfaction, k-pr 

Satisfy, m-la, r-we, s-bo 


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Satisfied, m-la 

Sytr, S-or, a tempest, great fear, so-ru, 

shall be afraid, Ezk. xxvii. 35; 

u-so-rn, and be horribly afraid ; Jer. 

ii. 12; i-so-rn-u, he shall take them 

away as a whirlwind 
Satyr, 0-sr, owner of hair, Gren. xxv. 

25 ; 80-rk, thy hair, Cant. iv. 1 ; 

xn-so-r-tu, an hair of him 
Satyrs, So-ir-im, rou^h, fthag-gy, 

hieroglipinc images, lustful, half- 
man half-goat, Isa. xi. 21 
Satyrs, So-re, barley, Job xxxi. 40 
So-u-re, the barley, Joel i. 1 1 i u-so-re, 

and barley, Deut. viii. 8^ Isa. xxviii. 

25, Exod. ix. 31 
Satyr, E-so-ir, the goat. Lev. iv. 24, xvi. 

18-20, Dan. viii. 21 
Satyrs, E-so-i-rm, goats, I^v. xvi. 7, 8 
So-rt, a kid, So-i-ri, kids, u-1-so-ir-ira, 

and for ihe devils, 2 Chron. xL 15 
Save, i-so, m-lf, s-mr 
Save alive, h-ye, to live happy now, 

Neh. ix. 20 ; he shall live, Jer. xxi. 

9, Est. iv. 11, that he may live, Exod. 

u-h-ye, then she shall live, Exod. i. 

J 6, h yu, shall surely live, ah-ye, 

shall I recover, 2 Kings 1, 2; 

wa-h-ye. that I may live 
Saved her alive had I, eh-yi-ti, Num. 

xxii. 33, e-h-y-tm 
Saved our lives, thou hast,Gen. xhii. 25 
Saved shall be, nn-so, Isa. xlv. 17 
Saved, be shall he and, u-nu-so-tm, 

Num. X. 9 
Saved, be ye and, we-u-so-u, Isa. xlv. 22 
Saved, be I shall, a-u-so, Ps. xviii. 3 
Saved, be shall I and, wa-u-so, Jer. 

xxvii. 14 
Saved, be shall, tu-so, Jer. xxiii. 6 
Saved, be shall we and, Isa. Ixiv. 5, Fs. 

Ixxx. 3 
Saviour, a, m-u-sy-o, Jud. iii. 9-15 
Saviour, and a, u-mu-sy-o, Isa. xlv. 21 
Saviour, their, 1-mu-sy-o, Isa. Ixiii. 8 
Saviour, my, Mu-ao-i, 2 Sam, xxii. 3 
Saviour, thy, Mu-sy-ok, Isa. xliii. 3 
Saviour, the thereof, Mu-sy-o-u, Jer. 

xiv. 1 
Saviour, their, Mu-sy-om, Ps. cvi. 21 
Saviours, mu-sy-o-im, Neh. ix. 27 
Saviours, Obad. xxi 
Saviour, Ri-h 
Saviour, j-hn 
Savour, stinking, b-as 
Savour, sweet, mf-om-im. Gen. xxvii. 4, 

from f-om, to relish, Job vi. 6 

Savoury meat, the, e-mf-om-im, Gen. 

xxvii. 17 ; h-fom, as the taste, Num. 

xi. 8 
Saw, r-ae, h-ze, n-bf, i-ra 
Saw, she, ra-te. Gen. xxxviii. 14 
Saw them, ra-m, G«n xxxii. 2 
Saw him, I, ra-it-yu. Gen. xliv. 28 
Saw him, and I, u-ra-it-ye, Dan. viii. 7 
Saw, when he, k-ra-nt. Gen. xxiv. 30 
Saw, when I, wa-ra-e, Jos. vii. 21 
Sawest, thou, ra-it. Gen, xx. 10, Pa. L 

18, Ban. viii. 20 
Saw, n-sr, cut or separate 
Saw, and, wi-sr, and cut, 1 Chron. xx. 3 
Saw, the, e-m-sur, Isa. x. 15 
Saw, to, gr-r, to cut in two 
Sawed, m-gr-rut, 1 Kings vii. 4 
Saws, with under, b-m-gr-e, 2 Sam. xii 

31, 1 Kings vii. 9, 1 Chron. xx. 3 
Saidst thou, am-r-t, Gen. xii. 19 
Sayest thou, am-r-t, xxxiii. 12 
Saidest thou and, u-t-amr, 1 Kings ii. 

Saul, Saul, demanded, death, the grave, 

ab«ent, Gen. xxxvL 37 
Say, amr, dbr, n-am 
Tay, I and, wa-mr-ti. Gen. xxiv. 43 
Say, I should, a-mr-ti. Gen. xxxi. 31 
Say, yet and ye, wa-mr-tm, Gen. xxxii. 

Say, we, a-mr-nu, 2 Kings vii. 4 
Say, wDl we and, wa-mr nu. Gen. xxxvii. 

Say, plainly shall, am-ur-amr, ia saying 

shall say, Exod. xxi 5 
Say, to, e-arar. Job xxxiv. 18 
Saying, the after, k-dbr. 2 Kings viii. 2 
Sayings, thy, db-rik, Jud. xiii. 17 
Scab, g-rb, v-ph, s-ph, vp-ht, m-vp-ht 
Scabbed, i-lp-t, Lev. xxi. 20, xxii. 22 
Scabbard, n-dn, n-dn-e 
Scaffold, k-ir, a laver, a large vessel of 

brass in the temple, 1 Kings vii. 

Scaffold, ku-ur, 2 Chron. vi. 13 
Scales, gn n, p-lv, qs-qs, qs-qs t 
Sealeth, o-le, to go up, Exod. viii 13, 

Prov. xxi. 22 
Scall, n-tk,adry scall, to break asunder. 

Lev. xiii. 30 
Scalp, qd-d, top of the head, Ps. Ixviii. 

Scant, r-zun, Mich. vi. 10, leanness, 

Isa. xxiv. 16 
Scapegoat, the for, l-oz-a-zl. Lev. xvi 8 
Scarce gone, was, ij-we-i-ja, in going 

was. gone, Gen. xxvii. 30 






Scarceness, without, b-n-vk-nt, Deut. 

riii. 9 
Scarest, u-ht-tn-i, then thou scarest 

me, tfob vii. 14, from ht-t, broken 
Scarlet, s-ni, a-rg-mn, s-ge, t-lo, a-rg 
Scatter, b-zr, z-re, z-rq, n-wo, n-pj, 

pa-e, p-uj, b-dr 
Scattered, m-sk, p-jr, p-rs 
Scattered, hast, z-re 
Scatteied, is, p-us 
Scattered, shall be, z-re 
Scattereth, z-re 
Scent, ri-h, z-kr 
Sceptre, s-bf, sr-bif 
Sceptre, the, s-bf. Gen. xlix. 10, from 

8-bf, to correct, punish, Job xxi. 9, 

Ps. cxxv. 3, Prov. xxii. 8, Isa. x. 5 ; 

b-sbf, the pen, Jud. v. 14; l-s-bf, to the 

tribe, Jos. xiii. i4; b-s-bf, the rod, 

Exod. xxi. idO ; b-s-bf, with a staflf, 

2 Sam. xxiii. 21 ; b-s-bf-k, a shep- 
herd's crook, Mich. vii. 14 
Sceptres, s-bf-i, Ezk. xix. 11 
Scholar, 1-rad, o-ne, t-lm-id, taught 
Science, m-do, Dan. L 4, from i-do, to 

know, i-do-tyu, I know him, Gen. 

xviii 19, i-do-nu, we know, Gen. 

xxix. 5 
ScoflP, i-t-q-lv, they shall scoff, Hab. i. 

10, i-t-q-vu, shall mock, Ezk. xxii. 5, 

from q-lv, to jeer 
Scorn, 1-uj, laugh of contempt, i-lij, 

make a mock, Prov. iii. 14 
Scorn, a, 1-og, Ps. Ixxix. 4, b-l-og-i, 

witn stammering, Isa. xxviii. 11 
Scorners, 1-j-Jim, Hos. vii. 5 
Scornest, u-l-jt, but thou scornest, 

Prov. ix. 12 
Scornest, thou that in, q-lv, Ezk. xvi. 

Scorneth, he, i-lij, Prov. iii. 34 
Scorning, 1-juu, Prov. i. 22 
Scornful, l-jim, Ps. i. 1 
Scorpion, o-q-rb, barren, hot • 
Scor}>ions, and, wo-q-rb, Deut. viii. 15 
Scorpions, b-o-qr-bim, 1 Kings xii. 11 
Scourge, s-uf, to bum, scorch 
Scourge, the, s-uf, Job ix. 23, whip a, 

Prov. xxvi. 3 
Scourged, b-qr, early mom, Gen. i. 5, 

darkness, driven away 
Scourged, be shall she, b-qr-t, Lev. xix. 

Scourges, and, u-l-sf f, Jos. xxm. 13 
Scourging, b-qr-t 

Scrabbled, t-we,to mark, Num. xxxiv. 7 
Scrabbled, and, wi-tu, 1 Sam. xxi. 13 

Scrape, g-rd, v-he, q-je 

Scraped, he hath, e-qjut. Lev. xiv. 43, 

from q-ju, to cut off, Hab. ii. 10 
Screech owl, li-lit, of the nifjht 
Scribe, v-pr, vu-pr, one that relates, 

counts, Ley. xv. 13 
Scribes, the, v-pr-im, Jer. viii. 8 
Scrip, 1-q-f, to gather, Exod. xvi. 16, 

t-l-qf, let her glean, Rut. ii. 15 
Scripture, K-tub, to impress a mark, 

k-tb, he wrote, Jos. viii. 32 
Scripture, the in, B-k-tb, Dan. x. 21 
Scroll, a as, k-v-pr, Isa. xxxiv. 4 
Scull, gl-glt 

Skum, h-la-te, Ezk. xxiv. 6 
Skum, whose and, u-h-lt-e, Ezk. xxiv. 6, 

from h-la, rust, filth, Ezk. xxiv. 12 
Scurvy, g-rb, Lev. xxi. 20 
Scythians, Sku-thai, tanner.**. Col. iii. 11 
Sea, im, waters. Gen. xiv. I 
Sea, in the, b-im, Exod. xv. 4 
Sea, the to, 1-im, Jos iv. 23 
Sea, the from, m-im, Exod. xv. 22 
Sea, a I am, e-im, Job vii. 12 
Sea, the and, u-ira, Ps. Ixv. 5 
Sea, the like, Isa. Ivii. 20 
Sea, the beyond, 1-im, Deut. xxx. 13 
Sea-faring men, rai-mim,Exod xxvi. 17 
Seas, im-im, Gen. i. 10 
Seas, the, e-im-im, Neh. ix. 6 
Seas, the in, b-im-im. Gen. i. 21 
Seah, V-i^-e, collected, a measure 
Sea- weed, vup 

Seal, h-u-tm, from h-tm, filled, per- 
fected, Dan. xii. 4 
Sealed up, h turn, Isa. xxix. 11, u-l-h- 

tm, and to make an end, Dan. ix. 24 
Sealeth, i-h-tm, Job ix. 7 
Sealest, hu-tm, Ezk. xxviii. 12 
Search, h-p«i, h-qr, h-tr, b-qr, r-rs, h-pr, 

Searched, h-ps, to examine 
Searched, he and, wi-h-ps, Gen. xxxi. 

Searchest for her, t-h-ps-ne, Prov. ii. 4 
Searcheth out him, i-h-qr-nu, Prov. 

xxviii. 11 
Searcliings, h-qr-i, Jud. v. 16 
Searchirjg, by, e-h-qr. Job xi. 7 
Season, z-mn, yum, y-od, ot-t, to time 

a thing, Hag. i. 2 
Season, due their in, b-m-wo-du, b-m- 

o-du, Hos. ii. 9 11 
Season, his in, b-o-tu, Deut. xxviii. 1 2 
Season, thereof the in, b-m-od-u, Hos. 

ii. 11 
Season, long, im-im, Jos. > i. 18 


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Seasons, their in, b-m-Wo-de, LeV. 
xxiii. 4 

Seasons, for, l-m-wo-'limj Ps. civ. 19 

Seasons, for and, ul-m-wo-dim. Gen. i. 

Seasoned, r-qh 

Seat, i-sb, k-un, k-Va, mu-sb 

Seated, T-sb 

Seba, V-ba, a drunkard, to turti. Gen. 
X. 7 

Sebat, S-bt, rest, eleventh month of 
the ecclesiastical year, arid the fifih 
of the civil yearj answering td Janu- 
ary, Zech. i. 7 

Secacahj Vk-kh,a cotering, Jos, xv. 61 

Sechu, m, B-s-ku, a watch tower, 1 
Sam. xix. 22 

Second, s-nJ, sne, t-ne, t-ri 

Second time, the smite wiU I^ A-sn-e. 
1 Sam. XX vi. 8^ s-nii, do it the second 
time, I Kings xviii. 34 

Secret, v-ud, p-li, rz, v-tr, h-tr, 1-uf, 
v-ud, v-tm, o-lm, p-la, j^pn • 

Secretly, g-nb- e-ba,h-pe,h-r8, 1-uf, j-pn 

Secret place, ra-v-tr 

Secrets, b-wa, v-ur, O-lm 

Secure, s-au-U 

Security, s-lum 

Sedition, t-lu-ne j. r i» 

Seduced, fo-e, t-6e, v-iit, p-te 

Seduced, also have they, we-to-u, Is% 
xix. 1 3 ; e-to-um, have caused them 
to go asiray, Jer. 1. 6 ; tb-i-nu, have 
gone astt ay, Isa. liii. 6 ; to-e, wan.- 
deriiig, Gen. xxi. 14 ; ut-to, and 
wandered, Gen. xxi. 14 ; n-to-e, that 
is deceived, Job xv. 31 

Seduceth them, t-to-m, Prov. xii. 26 

See ! en ! h-ze, n-bf, ra-e, s-ur, h-«a 

See, cannot they that, u-1-ro-ut 

See, when ye, k-ra-tk-m, Jos. iii. 3 

See, it no more shalt thou, 1-ra-te, 
Deut. xxviii. 68 

See thee, a-ra-k, 2 King iii. 14 

Seej him shall I, i-ra-nu. Num. xxiii. 9 

Seeing, rare, Prov. xx. 12 

Seeing, with, Eccl. i. 8 

Seeing, the at, Isa. xxi. 3 

Seeth, rai, that seeth me. Gen. xvL 13 

Seeth us, ra-nu, Isa. xxix. 15 

Seed, z-ro, hl-a, p-rd, s-kb 

Seed, as, k-z-ro. Num. xi. 7 

Seed, thy and, u-z-ro-k, Deut. xxx. 19 

Seed, of thy, m-z-ro-k, Gen. xvii. 12 

Seed, your unto, 1-z-ro-km, Exod. xxxii. 

Seed, her, z-ro-e, Gon. iii. 15 

Seed, miiigled, k-kr-im, kl-a-inl. Lev. 

xix. 19 
Seeds, divers, kl-a-im, kl-a-im, Deut. 

xxii. 9 
Seeing, a-hr. h-ze, p-qh 
Seek, b-qs, a-rs, s-hr 
Seek, I, m-b-qs. Gen. xxxvii. 16 
Seek, shalt thou but, u-b-qs-tm, Deut 

. iv. 29 , . 

Seek, thee that those, m-b-qs-ik. Pa. 

xl. 16 
Seek, her that they, m-b-qs-ye, Jfer. ii. 

Seek ye me, b-qs-u-ni, Isa. xlv. 19 
Seek, will I, i-b^s-e, Ps. cxxii 9, Cant. 

; iii. 2 , . 

Seek them, shalt thoii, t-b-qs-m, Isa. 

xli. 12 
Seelxeth, t-b-qs, Prov xviii. 16 i 
Seeketh, and, Um-b-qs, Ps. xxxvii. 32 
Seekest, thou, t-b-qs, Gen. xxxvii. 15 
Seekest, tiiou her, t-b-qs-ne, Prov. ii. 2 
Seeking, am, m-b-qs, Gren. xxxvii. 16 
Seeking, were, m-lMis-im, 2 Sam. iii 7 
Seem, ra-e, to see, Jud. ix. 36 
Seem, shall. Nab ii. 4 
Seem gt>od, shall it, yu-ib, from if b^ 

pleasing, 1 Sam. xxiv. 4, u-ti-fb, shuli 

please better, Ps. Ixix. 31 
Seemeth meet, i-sr, Jer. xviii. 4 
Seemeth best, yi-fb; 2^ Sara, xviii. 4 
Seemly, is, na-we, Prov. xix. 10 
Seen, hath, ra-e, Eccles. iv. 3 
Seen, thou hast, e-ra-it, Jer. iii. 6 
Seen, I have, ra-it-i. Gen. vii. 1 
Seen, thee have, ra-it-ik, Job viii 18 
Seen him, have I, ra-it-yu, Deut.- 

xxxiii. 9 
Seen, surely I have, ra-e^ Ex iii 7 
Seen, well bast thou, 1-ra-ut-at, Jer. h 

Seen me, thou hast, t-ra-ni, Jer. xii 3 
Seen, were, n-ra-u, (Jen. viii. 5 
Seen, be that shall, u-n-ra-te, den* 

ix. 14 
Seen, they were, i-ra-u, TKings viii 8 
Seen, then were, wi-ra-u, Ps. xviii. 15 
Seen, have we, ra-i-nu. Lam. ii. 16 
Seer, a, e-r-e; 2 Sam. xv. 20 
Seer, the, e-ra-e, 1 Sam. ix. 9 
Seer, the, e-h-ze, 1 Chron. ix. 29, from 

h-ze, window light, 1 Kings vii. 4 
Seer, h-u-ze, 1 Chron. xxi. 9 
Seers, h-ze, 2 Kings xvii. 13 
Seers, the, c-h-zim, Isa. xxix. 10 
Seers, the of, h-uz-i, 2 Chron. xxxiii. 19 
Seers, the to, l-ra~im, Isa. xxx. 10, to 


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see clearly and understand, wi-ra, 
Aleim, and God saw, Gen. i. 4 

Seeth, he, ra-e, Pror. xxii 3 

Seethe, b-sl-u, Ex. xvi. 23, from b-sl, 
to boil, bake, or roast, ripe, b-sl, is 
ripe, Joel iil 4, b-sl-m, he boiled 
their kings, 1 Kings xix. 21, b al-u, 
let them seethe, Ex. xxiv. 5 

Seething, in was while, k-b-sl, 1 Sam. 
ii. 13 

Seethe, apd, u-b-sl, 2 Kings iv. 38 

Seething-pot, a as:, k-d-ud^ Job xli. 20 

Seething-pot, n-pu-h, Jer. L 14, from 
nrph, to breath. Gen. ii. 7 

Seized, t-ps, 1-kd, a-hz 

Segub, S-gub, fortified, 1 Chron. ii. 21 

Seir, so-ir, hairy, a goat, barley in the 
ear, bearied, Gen. xxxii. 3, Jos. 
xr. 10 

Seirath, So-ir-te, a place of goats, per- 
haps a sacred grove near the temple 
of Bethel ; Ehud having slain Eglon 
escaped iiuther, Jud. iii. 26 

Sela, y lo, v-lo, a rock, Jud. xv. 8 

Sela, e-y-lo, e-v-lo, in stony places, 1 
Sam. xxiii 28 

Sela, from ni-v-lo, m-v-lo, Ish. xvi. 1 

Selah) y-lo, from vl, which is a basket, 
Ex. xxpc 3 ; the treasures of the 
Easterns were not crammed in sacks 
on their reuiovals from plf^je to place, 
but very carefully carried in pan- 
niers ; these panniers contained their 
most valued jewels. Wherever selah 
occurs, the word and paragraph is 
very weighty that immediately pre- 
cede this note of admiration, selah I 
requiring a pause in the service, to 
admit of time for silent f^nd devout 
reflection on the import of the words 
just sung. 

Seled,V-ld, affliction, burning, 1 Chron. 
ii. 30 

Selene, Gk. Sel-e-ne, the moon 

Seleucia, Sel-eu-ke-ia, beaten by waves 

Selected, b-hr, br-r, q-ds 

Self, myself, br-r, b-sr, t-ht 

Self, thy, a-!e 

Self-same, o-jm 

Self-willed, r-je 

Sell, m-kr, »-br, u-nm-kr-nu, And let 
us sell him, Gen xxxvii. 27 

Seller, the, e-m-kr, Ez. vii. 1 3 

Seller, the nor, Ezk. vii. 12 

Seller, the with so, k-mu-kr, Ish. xxiv. 2 

Sellers, and, u-mk-ri, Neh. xiii. 20 

Sellest thou, t-m-kr, Ps. xliv. l2 

Se)leth, that, Nah. iii. 4 
Selling, a ought. Lev. xxy. 14 
Selvedge, s-pe, coupling, Exod. xxvi. 4 
Selves, your, n-ps ti-km, Jer. xxxvii 9 
Selves, unto, l-n-p»-ti-km, Jos. xxiii. 1 1 
Semachiah. V-nk-ye-u, unites with Je- 
hovah, 1 Chron. xxvi. 7 
Senaah,V-na-e, a bush, bramble, enemy, 

Ez. ii. 25 
Send, 8-le, to throw, Eccles. xi. 1 
Send, and ye shall, ii-sl-h-tm, 2 Sam. 

XV. 36 
Send, will I. s-le, su-le, Ex. ix. 14 
Send, we, s-le-h-im, Jer. xlii. 6 
Sending, and, u-sl-uh-lh. Jer. vii. 25 
Sendest him away, when thou, b-sl-hk, 

Dent. XV. 18 
Sendeth them out, also he, wi-»l-hm, 

Job xii. 15 
Seneh, V-ne, a bush, 1 Sam. j>iv. 4 
Seiit, hath and, u-sl-h, 2 Sam. xxiii. 14 
Sent thee, hath, sl-hk, Jer. xxviii. 1 5 
Sent him, had, sl-hu, Ex. iv. 28 
Sent I, them, si ht-im, Jer xiv. 14 
Sent, ye, sl-h-tm, Jer. xlii. 9 
Sent, I, a-sl-h, Ish. xlii 19 
Sent I, and, wa-sl-h, Deut. ii. 26 
Sent, I then, wa-sl-he, Ez. viii. 16 
Sent, she and, i;t-sl-h. Gen. xxvil 4*2 
Sent him away, and, u-sl-h, Gen. 

xxviii. 6 
Sentest thou, sl-ht. Num. xxiv. 12 
Sennacherib, Vn-hr-ib, the enemy of 

great wrath, 2 Kings xviii. 13 
Sentence, d-br, pe, pt-gm, q-vm, s-pf 
Sentences, h-ud 
Senna, Vn-wa-e, joy of parents, Neh. 

xi 9 
Seorim, So-rim, whirlwinds, 1 Chron. 

xxiv. 8 
Sepham, Sp-me, a great cleft in or 

through a pass. Num. xxxiv. 10 
Sephar, Yp-re, a Dook, a manuscript, 

Deut. xxviii 68, mountain. Gen. x. 

Sephec, s-pr, fair, Ex. i. 15 
Sepher, Vp-re, a mount. Gen. x. 30 
Separate, g-zr, b-dl, z-er, h-lq, n-zr, 

p-la, p-rd 
Separated, b-dl, n-zr, p-le, p-rd 
Separateth, n zr - 
Separation, br-1, n de, n-zr 
Seraiah, Sr-ye, captain, prince of Je- 
hovah, 2 Sam. viii. 17 
Sera{)him, S-r-pim, the glorious ones, 

the chei ubs in glory, Num. xxi. 0, 

Ish. vi. 2. See Seraphs 

Tt 9 






Sered, V-rd, to disperse power, Gen. 
xlvi. 14 

Serpent, n-hs, tn-n, s-rp 

Serpents, and, u-n-hs, Ish. Ixv. 25 

Serpent, the now, we-n-hs. Gen. iii. 1, 
we-n-hs, and the brass, 1 Chron. 
xxix. 2, Ex. xxxi. 4, Jos. xxii. 8, 
n-hs-ti. my chain, Lam. iii. 7,n-hi3-im, 
enchantment, Num. xxiii. ^3, n-hs, 
indeed he di\ ineth. Gen. xliv. 5, i-n- 
hs-u, did diligently observe, 1 Kings 
XX. 33, n-hs-ti, I have learned by 
experience. Gen xxx. 27 

Serpent, a, 1-tn-in, Ex. vii. 9, 10, tn-in, 
a whale. Job vii. 1-2, u-tn-in, and the 
dragon, Ps. xci. 13, tn-in-im, dragons, 
Ps. Ixxiv. 13, e-tn-iu-m, Gen. i. 21, 
8-rp, a fiery serpent, Num. xxi. 8, 
Ish. xiv. 9, s-rp, fiery. Dent. viii. 15, 
Ish. xiv. 29, he burned. Lev. iv.^ 31, 
sr-pe, burning, Deut. xxix. 6, m-sr- 
pe, out of the burning, Amos iv. 11, 
m-sr-put, the burnings Is. xxxiii. 12, 
u-m-sr-put, and with burnings, Jer. 
xxxiv. 5, fire or glory is inseparable 
adjunct of Grod alone, Gen. xv. 17, 
Ex. iii 2, ix. 24, xix. 18, xl. 38. Num. 
ix. 6, Deut, i. 3, iv. 11, 36, v. 5, xviii. 
6, Jud. vi. 21, 1 Kings xviii. 24, 38, 
2 Kings i. 12, ii. 11, yi. 17, Ish. 
xxxi. 9, Ixvi. 15, 16, Ezk i. 4, 13, x. 
6, 7, xxi. 31, Dan. vii. 9, x. 6, Joel 
ii 30, Amos. v. 6, Zech. u. 6, Mai. 
iii. 2, And Moses said to Jehovah, I 
beseech thee sliew me thy glory, Ex. 
xxxiii. 18, Thou hast set thy glory 

, above the heavens, Ps. viii. 1 , xlv. 3, , 
Ivii. 6, Ixiii 2, Ish. Ix. 19, Ixiii. 15, 
The tabernacle shall be sanctified by 
my glory, Ish. xxxi.i. -22, Num. xi». 
22, My glory will I not give to 
another, Ish. xlii. 8, xlviii. 11, Be 
with me that they may behold my 
glory, John xvii -24 

Serug, Sr-ug, leading branch, Gen. 
xi. -20 

Servant, m-sr-t, n-or, o-bd, s-ph, s-rt 

Servants, a-ns, b-nh, n-or 

Serve, |.-lh, s-rt 

Serve, to, p-ne, o-md, s-tr 

Served, g-nil, s-rt, o-bd, o-se, p-ne 

S*^rvice, id, o-bd, j-ba, s-ra,p-lh 

Service, do might that, e-o-bd. Num. 
iv. 7 

Service, bond, tribute, o-bd, 1 Kings 

Servile work, o-bud-e, Lev. xxiii. 7 

Serving thee in, o-bd k, Deut. xv. 18 

Servitude, o-bud-e, Lam. i 3 

Set, 8-ura, 8-ut, i-jg, i-jb, o-md, q-um, 

8-bj, i-eb, i-vd, i-od, i-sb, m-la, n-tn, 

p-qd, q-um, s-um, m-na 
Settest, h-qe, i-zb, s-lh 
Setteth, i-jb, i-sb, s-gb, s-nm, sk-k 
Setteth fast, m-kin, Ps. Ixv. 6, from 

kun, the foot, Ex. xxx. 28 
Setteth forward, b-n-vo. Num. iv. 10, 

from n-vo. to remove, Jud. xvi. 3 
Setteth light by, that he, m-ql-e, Deut. 

xxvii, 16, from q-le, to parch, Jos. 

V. 11 
Setteth on, m-v-it, Jer. xliii. 3, from 

v-it, to persuade, 2 Chron. xxxii. 1 1 
Seth, p-st, to put instead of, Gen. v. 3 
Setliur, Vt-ur, protection, Num. xiii.l 3 
Settled, s-um, k um, nu-h 
Seven, s-bo-e, fulness, sufficiency, 

abundance. Gen. iv. 15. Ps. xii. 6, 

D^ut. xxviii. 7 ; u-sb-o, and filled 

themselves, s-bo-e, is full, Ps. 

Ixxxviii. 3 ; s-bo-ti, I am full, Ish. i. 

11 ; we-&-bo, but the abundance, 

Eccl. V. 12 
Sevens, by,s-bo-e, seven-se ven,Gen. vii. 2 
Seventeefi, 9-bo 
Seventy, s-bp-iu?, Gren. iv. 24 
Sever, hKil, pr-r 
Several, h-ps, o-sr 
Shaalabbim, S-ol-bim, that sees the 

heart, Jud. i. 35 
Shaalabin, S-ol-bin, understanding of 

the fox, Jud i 35, Josh. xix. 42 
Shaalbon, S-ol-bn-i, the understanding 

of the son, 1 Chron. xi. 33 
Shaaph, S-op, that thinks, 1 Chron. 

il 47 
Shaaraim, S-o-rim, the goats, Jos. 

XV. 36 
Shaddai, S-di^ the Almighty, Job vi. 4 
Shaddai, Ani-al-S-di, I am Grod Al- 
mighty, Gen. xvii. 1 
Shaashgaz, S-os-gz, he that presses 

the fleece. Est. ii. 14 
Shachia, Sk-ye, protected of Jehovah, 

1 Chron viii. 13 
Shadrach, S-dr-k, soft and tender, Dan. 

i. 7 
Shage, S-ga, in error, 2 Sam. xxiii. 33 
Sharaim, S-h-rim, the rise early, 

1 Chron. viii. 8 
Shiihazimah, Se-ji-me, to be humble 

Jos. xix. 22 
Shalim, So-lim, those above, I Sara. 

ix. 4 


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Sbalisha, S-li-se, a prince, 1 Sara. ix. 4 
Shallum, S-lm, perfect, Num. xxvi 49 
Shalinai, Sl-mi, my garn^ent, Num. 

vii. 48 
Shalman, Sl-mn, peaceful, Hash. x. 14 
Shalmaneser, S-lm-na-vi', perfection of 

the prince, 2 Kings xvii 3 
Shama, S-ma, s^mp, ti^t regar4s, 

1 Chron. ii. 43 , 

Shamariah, Sm-r-ye, the name Jeho- 
vah, 2 Chron. xi. 19 
Shame, b-wa, h-pr, k-lm 
Sever, b-dl, ^le 
Severed, b-dl, p-rd 
Several, h-ps, o-sr 
Set, s-um, sj-ut, i-jg, i-jb, o-m4, q-um, 

Settled, 8-um, k-un, nu-h 
Sewe, to, l-t-pur, Eccl. iji. 7, from t-pr, 
* broken, disannulled 
St*w, have I, t-pr-ti, Job xvi 15 
Sewed, they and, wi-t-pr-u. Gen. iii. 7 
Sewest up, u-t-f-pl, Job xiv. 17, from 

t-pl, to joint, Ps. cxix. 6^ 
Shade, jl-l,mU 

Shadow, the, jl. Job vii. 2, from jj-l, to 
be dark, jl-lu, began to be dark, 
Neh. xiii. 9 
Shadow, the in, b-jl, Jon. iv. 5 
Shadow, the as like, k-jl, Isa. xxxii. 2 
Shadow, a for, 1-jl, Isa. iv. 6 
Shadowing, jl-j I, Isa. xviii. 1 
Shadows, the, e-jl-lim. Cant. ii. 17 
Shadow of death, the, jl-mut. Job x. 
22, Pa. xxiii. 4, Isa. ix. 2, Amos v. 8 
Shadow of death, the and, u-jl-mut, 

Job iii. 5, Ps. cvii. 10, 14, Jer. ij. 6 
Shadow ol death, the with, Ps. xliv. 19 
Shady trees, the, jal-im, Job xl. 21, 22 
Shaft, hj-j, i-rk 

Shahar, E-s-hr, the dawning of the 

day, title of, Ps. xxii., from s-hr, 

dusk. Job iii. 9, e-s-hr, the morning, 

Gren. xix. 15, xxxii. 24 

Shake, m-od, n-wo, n-up, n-o4, p-hd, 

r-gz, r-hp, r-oa 
Shake of, em-m^ n-tr 
Shaked, they, m-yo-un, Ps. cix. 25, 

from n-yo, to be tossed, Amos ix. 9 
Shaketh, i hil, Ps. xxix. 8, from h-ul, 
to tremble, anguish, horror, Ps. xxix. 
8, Deut. ii. 25, Jer. iv. 9, Isa. Ixvi. 7 
Shaking, a, m-n-ud, Ps. xliv. 14, from 
D-ud, to be shaken as a reed with 
the wind, 1 Kings xiv. 15 
Shalal, Sl-1, the prey, Isa. viii. 1, from 
sl-l, to strip, Mic. i. 8, Pro v. i. 13 

Shaleio, S-lm, perfect, 1 Kings viii 61, 
^u-8-lm, so he finished, 1 Kings, ix. 
25 ; k-ms-lm, as he that is perfect, 
Isa. xlii. 19, Deut xxv. 15, xxvii. 6 ; 
8-lm-e, full, I^uth ii 12 ; s-lm-i, 
peaceable, 2 Sara. xx. 19, Ps. vii. 4 

Shalom, 8-lun^, s-lm, is he well, Gren. 
xxix. 6, in good health. Gen. xliii. 
28, is Absplom safe, 2 Sam. xviii. 29, 
rest, Ps. xx^viij. 3, in pro.sperity. 
Job XV. 21, favour. Cant. viii. lo, 
shall be, e-wa, Ezk. xlvi. 16, from 
e-wa, pronoun, third person singular, 
feminine, which is. Gen. xiv. 2, Jos. 
XV. 9, 13, 2^ , 
Shallek, s-lk, cast out 

Shame, b-us, h-pr, h-rp, k-lm, o-re, q-le, 

Sbarae, to put the, i-hv-dk, Prov. xxv. 

io, from J|-sd, abundant, Ish. xl. 6 
Shame, to put be let them and, wi- 

kl-mu, Ps. XXXV. 4, xl. 14, confusion, 

Ps. Ixx., confounded, Ish. xll 11, 

Ex. xliii. 10, from k-lm, contempt, 

1 San?. :^v. 7 
Shamed, be, 1-bur, Gep. xxxviii. 2H, 

from bur, despised," !Prov. i. 7, Zech. 

iv. IM 
Shamed, hast thou, e-bia-ut, 2 Sara. 

xix. 5, 6, from bus, to tji;e one's pa- 
tience, delay. E?;. xxxii. I 
Shameth, i-kl-im, Prov. xxviii. 7 
Shameful, spuing and, u-qi-ql-un, Hab. 

ii. 16, from qa-e-it §ptied. Lev. 

xviii. 28 
Shamed, s-md, that breaks, 1 Chron. 

viii. 12 
Shamer, s-mr, guardian, a thorn 
Sharagar, Sna-gr, named ^ stranger, 

Ju4. iii. 31 
Shi^mgar-Nebo, Vm-gr-N-bu, perfume 

pf him that fights, Jer. xxxix. 3 
Shammhuth, Sm-e-ut, desolation, I 

Chron. xxvii. 8 
Shamir, sm-ir, guarded, 1 Chron. 

xxiv 24 
Shamlai, sm-li, to my name, Ex. ii. 46 
Siiaramah, Sm-e, the name, Gen. xxxvi. 

Shammlu, Sm-i, my name, 1 Chron. 

ii. 44 
Shammoth, Sm-ut, the names, 1 Chron. 

xi. 27 
Sammua, Sm-yo, that is obeyed, Num. 

xiii. 4 
Shamsherai, Sm-sr-i, name of my ca - 

tain, kept of Jehovah, 1 Chron. viii. 26 






Shapham, S-pm, their breach-moath, 
Jer. xxix. i 

Shape, t-ar 

Shapen, w^ J, h-ul-1-ti, Pg. li. 5, h-u], 
to be in great pain, travail, Mic. ir. 
10, Prov. viii. 24 

Shaped, ijr, to fashion, shape, Is. xly. 9 

Bbaphan, S-pn, their lip or nentinient, 
from 8-pe, lip, Ex. vi. 12, Pa. xii. 3, 
Jxiii. 5, Job my lips, xiii. 6, Pi». xvi. 
^, onr lips, Hos. xiv. 2, 3, with thy 
lips, Prov. xxiv. 28, Is. xxxvii. 29, 
ftnd with their lips. Is. xxix. 13 

Shaphat, S-pt', that judges, Num. xiii. 5 

Shaphar, S-pr, beauty, fertile, Num. 
xxxiii. 23 

Shallecheth, Sl-kt, thejr cast out, 1 
Chron. xxyi 16, Is. vi. 1 3, ixxiv. 2, 
P«. xxii. Ill, Jer. xiy. 16 

jShall, e-ye, e-we, to be, exist, Prov. x. 
3, e-ye, was. Job i. 1, we-ye-ti- and 
I will be^ Gen. xyii. 8 

Shalt be, thou then^ we-it, 2 Sam. xy. S3 

Sha'rai, my leader. Ess. x. 4 

Share, his, m-h-rs-tu, 1 Sam. xiii. 20, 
from h-rs, to cut engrave, h-rs-u, 
pjowed, Ps. cxxix. 3, h-ts-tm, ye had 
plowed, Jud. xiv. 18, Hos. x. 3, h-rs, 
plowing, 1 Kings xi:|. 19, plow- 
man, Amos ix. 13, m-hr-s-tu, his 
mattock, 1 Sam. xiii. 20, h-ris-u, his 
ground, 1 Sam. yiii. 12 

Sharezet", Ss-a-jr, guardian pf the trea- 
sure, 2 Kings xjx. 37 

Sharon, Sr-tm, let loose, table-land 
commanding beautllul and extensive 
viewg. Giant, ii 1, Is. xxxiiL 9, 
Ixv. ILO 

Sharon, an, we-sr-un. Is. xxxv. 2 

Sharon, b-sr-un, 1 iOhron. xivii. 29 

Sharon-Sirion, U-sr-yun, Ps. xxix. 6 

Sharp, hd, hd-d, h-rj, 1-fs, j-ur, sn-n, 
Ps. lyii. 4 ' 

Sharp, h-de, Jos. xix. 21, Is. xlix. 2 

Sharp, are and, u-hd-u, and are fierce. 
Hah. i. 8 

Sharpened, e-u-hd-e Efzk. xxi. 9, 10, 11 

Sharpeneth, i-hd, Prov. xxvii. 1 7 

Sharly, b-hz-qe, Jud. viii. 1, from h-zq, 
to be strong, Proy. xxiii. 11 

Sharuhen, Sr-u-hn, prince of grace, 
Jos. xix 6 

Shashak, S-sq, vehemently desired, 1 
Chron. viii. 25 

Shattered, rj-j 

Shave, g-le, o-br, t-or 

Shaved, g-lh, gz-z, g-le 

Shaveh, s-we, plain. Gen. xiv. 1 7 
Sheveh-kiriathaim, plain of the iwo 

cities, S-we-q-rit-im, Gen. xiv. 5 
Shaven, was he, g-lh, Jud. xvi. 22 
Shaul, sa-ul, missing, Num. xxxi. 13 
Shevsha, Su-sa, joy, 1 Chron. xviii 16 
She, e-wa. e ya ze, lif, being fruitful 
She, then, m mn-e, 2 Sam. xiii. 14 
Sheaf, o-mir, aim, o-mr, Ley. xxiii. 10 
Sheal, S-al, that prays, Ez. x. 29 
Shealtiel, S-al-t-yaJ, I have asked of 

God, Ez. iii. 2 
Sheared, gz-z, q-jb, kv-v 
Shear-jashub, the remnant ghall return, 

S-»r=I-8ub, Isa. vii. 3 
Seariah, S-or-ye, gate of Jehovah, 1 

Chrpn. viii. 38 
Sheba, S-ba, captivity. Gen. x. 7 
Sheath, n-dn, n-du-e, t-or 
Shebam, S-bin, holds captivjB, Num. 

xxxii. 3 
Shebanaiah, S-bn-ye-u, captive pf Je- 
hovah, 1 Chron. xv. 24 
Shebarim, the clefts, passes. Jog, E?k. 

xlvii. 16 
Shebat, S-bt, trjbe, sceptre, Zech. i. 7 
She bears, db-im, 2 ICinffs. ii. 24 
Sbeber, S-br, 1 Chron. h. 4^, a pass 
Shebnah, Sb-ne, rest now^ 2 Kings 

xviii. 18 
Shebuel, Sb-wal, rest pf God, 1 Chron. 

xii. 16 
Shecaniah,S-kn-ye,near Jehoy^h, Neh. 

vi. 18 
Shechem, S-km, early morn. Gen. 

xxxiv. ' 
Shedei, S-di, Almighty, Baruch f. 1 
Shedeur, Sd-aur, Almighty, is light. 

Num. i. 5 
Shed, n-gr, s-pl^ 
Sheep, k-sb, j-an, j-un, se, j-ne, Ps. 

viii. 7 
Sheep cote, n-we 
Sheep folds, j-^n, Ps. Ixxviii. 70 
Sheep, the among, b-ja-n, 1 Sam. xvi. 

Sheep master, g-qd, 2 Kings iii. 4, 

from n-qd, speckled, Gen. xxx. 32 
Sheep shearers, gz-zim, 2 Sam. xiii. 23, 

from gz-z, to mow, Ps. Ixxii. 6 
Sheets, vd-in-iro, Jud. xiv. 12, from 

vdn, fine linen, Prov. xxxi. 4 
She goat, oj 
Shehariah, S-r-ye, visit of Jehovah, 

1 Chi on. viii. 26 
Shekel, s-ql, 219 grains Troy, equal to 

4 oz. 4\ gr. English, Gen. xxiii. 15, 

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from s-ql, to weigh, 2 Sara. xir. 26, 

Job vi. 6, xxxl 6, Isa. xl. 2 
Shekels, s-ql, Gren. xxiii. 15 
Shekinah, S-ki-ne, effulgent glory, 

token of the divine presence leading 

Israel in the wilderness, Exod. xiii. 

Shelah, S-le, that rejects, Gren. xxxviii. 

Shelemiah, Sl-m-ye, my peace, Jieho- 

vah, E2. x. 41 
Sheleph, S-lp, who draws out. Gen. 

X. 26 
Bhele-ih, S-ls, my captiiin, 1 Chron. vli. 

35 , 

Shelomi, Sl-mi, my peace. Num. xxxiv. 

Bhelomith, Sl-mit, my happiness, Lev. 

xxiv. 10 
Shelonloth, S-lm-ut, perfect, 1 Chron. 

xxiv. 22 
Shelumiei, S-lm-yal, my peace is God, 

Num. i. 6 
Shelter, A, m-h-te, JoB xxiV. 8, Ps. Ixi. 

3, from h-ve, a refuge, Ps. IviL 1 
Shem, Sra, name, fame^ G^en. vi 10. 

1. Let us make lis a name. Gen. xi. 

4, smi, my name, Gen. 'xlviii. 16i 
e-sm, of renown, h-sm, of the name, 
Gren. iv. 26, k-sm, like the name, 
Jos. xix. 47, 1-sm, for a name, Isa. 
Iv 13, u-b-sm-i, and in my name, ps. 
Ixxxix. 24, 1-smi, Unto my name, 
Geri. xxxiL 29 

Shema, S-mo, that is heard, Jos. xv. 26 

Shammaah, S-ma-e, placed, 1 C hron. 
xii. 3 

Shamaah, S-mo>e, from the name 

Shemaiah, S-nio-ye, obeys Jehovah, 
1 Chron. iv. 37 

Shemariah, S-mr-ye-i, my guard is Je- 
hovah, 1 Chron. xii. 5 

Shemeb r, S^ma-br, name of strength, 
Gren. xiv. 2 

Shemer, S-mr, guardian, 2 Chron. xiii. 

Shem-ham-pho-rash, Sm-em-p-rs, Je- 
hovah, Ye-we, the incommunicable 
name of four letters 

Shemida, Sm-i-do, name of knowledge, 
Num. xxvi. 32 

Shemesh, the sun, Bethshemeth, the 
temple of the sun, Jos. x. 12, Ps. 1. 1, 
Ixxii. 17, Ixxxiv. 11, Isa. xii. 25, from 
sm-s, placers^ Gren. ii. 8, vi. 16, xxiv. 
47, XXX. 42, xliv. 2, Isa. v. 20, Mai. 
ii. 2, and refers to the celestial fluid or 
air, Gen. i. 8, the light, not the sun 

Shemerimoth, Sm-ir-mut, the name or 

power, divine, exalted, 1 Chron. 

XV. 8 
Sheminth, E-sm-i-nt, oil of gladness 

and joy, title of, Ps. xii. 6, 1 Chron. 

XV. 21, a musical excellence, the 

eight-stringed harp 
Shemuel, Sm-yal, the power of God. 

Num. xxxiv. 20 
Shen, Sn, ivory, a tooth, crag of rock, 

1 Sara. vii. 12 
Shen-e, Sn-i, teeth, crags, ivory, 1 Sam. 

xiv. 4 
Shenazar, Sn-a-jr, ivort, treasure of 

ivory, in pain, in bonds, 1 Chron. lil 

Shenir, sn-ir, shine, light, Deut. iii. 11 
Shepham, Sp-nie, his beard, Num. 

xxxlv. 10 
Shepathiah, sp-fi-e, judgment of Jeho- 
vah, 2 Sam. iii. 4 
Shephlah, Sp-le, vales iind plains, 

Mace. xii. 38 
Shepherd, ro-e, due that sees to, that 
feeds. Gen. xlviii. 15, Ps. xxxvii. .3, 
Hosh xii 1 ; he keepeth, 1 Sam. xvL 
11 ; he feedeth^ Isi. xliv. 2 ; k-ro-e, 
like a shepherd, Isa. Ix. 11, rb-i, my 
shepherd, Ps. xxiiL 1, Isa. xliv. 28, 
u-ro-e, but a cppapanion, Prov. xiii. 
20 ; uro-u, and his friend, Jer. vL 
21; b-m-roe^ in a pasture, Ezk. 
xxxiv. 14 ; b-r<>-ti, as he fed, Gen. 
xxxVi. 24 ; m-roe, from her husband, 
Jer. iii. 20 ; roi, friends ; Job il 11 1 
ro-i-ti, Oi my love. Cant. i. 9 
Shepherds, the, ro-im, Jer. vl 3 
Shepherds, the neither, Isa. xiii. 20 
Shepherds, the Unto, 1-ro-im, Ezk. 

xxxiv. 2 
Shepher/s, my, Ezk. xxxiv. 8 
Shepherds, thy, ro-ik, Nah. iii. 18 
Shepherds, their own, Zeeh. xi. 6 
Shephi, S-pi, my lip, sentiment. Gen. 

xxxvi. 23 
Shred, a, h-rs, Isi. xxx. 14, frdm h-rs, 

potters' clay, Isa. xiv. 9 
Shephuphan, Sp-u-pn, A serpent ot 

lizard, 1 Chron. viii. 5 
Sereh, Sa-re, kindred* 1 Chron. vli. ^ 
Sherebiah, Sr-by-e, wrath of Jehovah, 

Ezk. viii. 18 
Sheresh, S-rs, root, small, 1 Chron. 

vii. 16 
Sherezer, Sr-jr, high treasurer, 2 Kings 

xix. 34 
Shesh, S-8, flax, rejoicing, fine linen, 






marble, from 8a-«, I will greatly re- 
ioice, Isa. Ixi 10 ; bim that rejoices, 
Ixiv. 5; to rejoice, Deut. xxx. 9; 
D-eis, should ever make luirth. Ezk. 
xxi. 10; 8-8UD, the joy, Pa. 11 12, 
cxix. Ill 

Sheriffs, t-pt-ya, exactors, from t-pt, 
Dan. iii. 2, 3 

Shew, m-ra-e, e-kr, n-kr 

Sbewbread, the, e-m-or-kt, 2 Chron. 
xxix. 18, from o-rk, ou a row, Lev. 
iv. 26 

Sbewbread,, pn-ira, the bread of faces, 
Exod. XXV. 30. With reference to 
the faces of cherubs th^re, which 
were emblematical of the Great 
Three-One, united with the humanity, 
Exod. XXV. 21 ; and their faces t^hail 
look, xxvil 9; to the mercy-seat 
were the faces 

Shew, vain, j-lm 

Shew, V, e-kr, az-«, gl-e, i-do, n-gd, 
n-tn, o-se, p-le, ra-e, h-we 

Shew, didst, s-um 

Shew, may, s-mo 

Shew, might, s-ut 

Shew, must, r-wo 

Shew, shalt, i-ro 

Shew favour, hn-n 

Shew forth, b-sr 

Shew me, az-z 

Shew thyself, br-r, h-vd, i-po 

Shew us, sm-o 

Shew you, h-we 

Shew yourselves men, a-is, sa, as-s 

Shew to, h-zq 

Shew, will, az-z 

Shewed, i-do, i-de, n-gd, n-fe, nt-n, n-fe 

Shewed, be, hn-n, p-rs 

Shewed more, hast, i-fb 

Shewed, have, h-km 

Shewed, be shall, gl-e 

Shewedst, n-tn 

She west, p-la 

Sheweth, az-gl-e, h-we, n-gd 

Shewing, v-pr, j-ij, h-un 

Sheshach, S-«q, sixth bag, Jer. xxr. 26 

Sheshai, Ss-i, my gladness 

Sheshan, S-sn, a lilly, joy 

Shesheai, S-si, my joy, Josh xv. 16 

Shesb-bazzar, s-sb-jr, joy in trouble, 
Ezx. I 8 

Shether, s-tr, that rots. Est. L 14 

Shethar, bor-nai, s-tr-b-ur-ni, that 
seeks and examines, those that 
despise me, Ezk. v. 6 

Sheva, s-wa, vanity, fame, 2 Sam. xx. 25 

Shiboleth,-Sb-lt,ear8 of com, Jud. xiL 
6, from s-bl, stretching onward, s-bl, 
the leg, Isa xlviL 2 ; s-b-lt, ears of 
cor J, Job xxiv. 24. Gen. xli 6, Ruth 
ii. 2 ; i-bl-ul, a snail, Ps. Iviii. 8 

Sibmah, Sb-me, old age, rest, Jos. 
liii. 19 

Sichron, Sk-ru-ne, drunkenness, his 
gift, his wages. Gen. ix. 21 

Shield, m-gn, j-ne, gn-n, k-id, jn-n 

Shielded, gn-n 

Shields, m-g^, 2 Chron. xiv. 8, Isa. 
xxxviL 33 ; armed man, or man of 
the shield, Prov. vi. 11, xxiv. 34^ 
from gn-nto, defend, Isa. xxxviL 35, 
xxxviii 6, 2 Kings xix. 34, xx. 6 

Shaggaion, Sg-yun, song, comfort after 
trouble, title of Ps. 7, Hab iii. 1, from 
8-ge, sg-i-ti, I have erred. Job vi, 24, 
8 gu,hare erred, Isa. xxviii. 7,s-ge, is 
deceived, Prov. xx. 1, m-sg-e, an 
oversight, Cren. xliii. 12 

Shilo, Su-le, sent, Gren. xlix. 15, from 
s-lh, to throw, cast, sent, let down, 
cast, let them down into the dun- 
geon, Jer. xxxviii 11, to put, for 
the hand, Exod. xxii. 8, Deut xil 7, 
2 Sam. XV. 5, 1 Chron. xiii. 10, Ps. 
cxxv. 3, Ez. ii. 9, Job xx. 23, sl-hk, 
hath sent me, Jer, xxviii 15, sl-hu, 
had sent him, Exod. iv. 7, sl-hm, 
hath sent them, Ez. xiii 6, sl-ht, 
ihou gavest, Ps. 50 xix., u-sl-ht-i, 
then I will send, Cren. xxvii. 45, and 
I will send, Exod. xxiii. 28, u-ar-si-hk, 
I will send thee, Gen. xxxvii 13, 
Exod. iii. 10 

Shihon, Sy-a-un, of strength, Jos. xix. 

Shilhi, sl-hi, messenger, branch, dart, 
javelin, 1 Kings xxii, 42 

Shilhim, sl-him, messenger, branches, 
darts, javelins, Mich, i 14 

Shiihim, sl-mi, my messenger. Numb. 
xxvi 49 

Shilonites, Si-lu-ni, that abides, 1 Chron. 
ix. 5 

Shilshah, sl-se, third, prince, 1 Chron. 
vii. 37 

Shimea, sm-o-a, that hears, 1 Chron. 
vi 39 

Shimeam, sm-am, fame, of the mother 
of the family, 1 Chron. xix. 38 

Shimeath, sm-oc, that obeys, 2 Kings 
xii. 21 

Shimei. Smo-i, name of the heap, 1 
Kings, i 8 


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Shimi, my name, Exod. vi. 7 
Shimon, si-mun, perfume, 1 Chron. iv. 

Shimrath, sm-rt, kept, guarded, 1 

Chron. vifi.''21 < .: 

Shiuiri, my guard, 1 Chron. iv. 37 
Shimrith, sm-rit, wholly of diamond, 

2 Chron. xxiv. 26 
Shimran, sm-run, his guardian, Josh. 

xix. 15 " ' ' 

Shimshai, sm-si, my light, Ez. iv. 12 
Shinab, sn-ab, cleft, or light of the 

Father, Gen. xix. 24 
Shinar, sn-or, shining city, or city of 

light. Gen. xi.'2 
Shine, a-ur, ell, z-er, j-po, n-ge, a-st 
Shine forth, e-u-py-o-e, Ps. 80 i., from 

to shine forth bright and full, as the 

sun in his meridian splendour, Ps. 

Ixxx., 1, Deut. xxxii. 2, Ps. h 2, Job 

xxxvii. 15 
Shined, e-u-py-o, Deut. xxxiii. 2 
Shineth, a-hl, a-tent, Job xxv. 5, 

a-hl-u. Gen. xxvi. 25, u-aur, that 

shineth more and more, Prov: iv. 18, 

n aur, glorious, Ps. 76 iv. 
Ship, a ship, a-ni, a-ny-e, Prov. xxx. 19, 

Jon. 1. 3, from a-ne, to be in great 

sorrow, impelled, Isa. iii. 26, xix. 8 
Ships, an-it. Gen. xlix. 13 
Ships, the and, wa-ny-ut, Isa. Ix. 9 
Shiphi, sp-o-i, multitude, 1 Chron, iv. 20 
Shipprah, fep-re, handsome, Exod. i. 15 
Shiphmite, sra 
Shiptan, sp-fn, a judge, Numb, xxxiv. 

Shisha, si-sa, marble, 1 Kings iv. 3 
Shishak, Si-sq, reward of contrition, 

1 Kings xiv. 25 
Shitrai, sf-ri, a steward, 1 Chron. xxviii. 

Shittah, tree the, Isa. xli. 19, a thorn, 

from s-uf, to scourge, Job ix! 23 
Shittim, sf-im, that oppress, hard, un- 
yielding, enduring, white thorn, but 

of large and stately proportions. 

Numb. xxv. 1, Deut. x. 3 
Shiza, &-wi-za, to water, 1 Chron. xi. 

Shoa, and, u-s-wo, Ez. xxiii. 23, from 

s-wo, to cry help in distress, Isa. 

xxix. 9, s-wo-ti, I cried, Ps. xxx. 2, 

Ixxxvii. 13, Jon. ii. 2, shall I cry, 

Hab. i. 2, a s-wo, I cry aloud. Job 

xix. 7 
Shock, g-ds, a stack, a tomb, a shock 

of corn, Exod. xxii. 6, Job xxi. 3.', 

V. 6, shocks, m-gd-is, both the 

shocks, Jud. XV. 5 
Shod, thee, and,'wa-gl-ik, Ez. xvi. 10 
Shod them, and, wi-g-lum, 2 Chron. 

xxviii. 15 
Shone, ^-rh, z-er, z-rn, ng-e, aur, q-m 
Shoe, n-ol, to fasten, secure. Cant. iv. 

Shoe, his, e-n-ol, Deut. xxv. 10 
Shoes, his, in arid, u-b-n-ol-u, 1 Kings 

ii. 5 
Shoes, a pair, n-ol-im, Anaos ii. 6 
Shoes, with, b-n-ol-im. Cant. vii. 1 
Shook, n-wo, z-wo, e-umi, r-gn, n-or, 

rj-j, r-os,- g-os, a-mf 
Shqbab, g-ub-b, returned, 2 Sara. v. 14 
Shobach, su-bk, your bonds, 2 Sam. x. 

Shobai, su-bi, captivity, Ez. ii. 42 
Shobal, su-bl, increase, Neh. x. 25 
Shobi, 8-bi, my' bondage, 2 Sam. xviL 

27 - 

Shoham, s-em, an emerald, 1 Chron. 

xxv. '27' 
Shophaek, su-pk, scattered, 1 Chron. 

xix. 16 
Shoi)han, su-pn, rabbit, Num. xxxii. 

Shophetim, Su-pf m. Judges, book of 
Shoot, h-fr, b-rh, d-rk, i-dr, i-re 
Shoot out, \yi-p-fr, P§, xxii. 7 
Shore, h-upj's-pe, hp-p, q-je 
Shorn, e-q-jub-ut, Cant. iv. 2, from q-jb, 

to cut to length and size a helve or 

shaft, to make equal, 1 Kings vii. 37 
Short, q-jr, h-ld, q-rb 
Short, cut to, 1-^-ut, 2 Kings x. 32, 

from q-je, to end, Ex. xxvi. 28, Is. 

ii. 7 
Shorter, is, q-jr. Is. xxviii. 20 
Shortened, is, e-q-jur, Is. 1. 2, from 

q-jr, to reap, Jer. xii. 13 - 
Shoshannim, the lilies, title of Ps. 

xlv. ; the name indicates that it was 

an instrument of six strings 
Shot, a were it as, k-m-fh-wi, G^n. 

xxi. 16, from f-he, to shoot an 

Shot, V. i-re, n-ur, rb-b, s-le 
Shot forth, o-le 
Shot, out he, rb, Ps. xviii. 14 
Shoulder, k-tp, s-km, s-uq, z-ro 
Shoulder, heave, t-rum t. Lev. vii. 34, 

from r-um, to raise up, G^n. vii. 17 
Shoulder-bhide, my from, m-sk-me, 

Job xxxi. 22, from s-km, to rise up 

early. Gen. xix. 2, the shoulder is 

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strength above the other limbs of 

the body 
Shoulders, the upon, b-k-tp, Is. xi. 14, 

from k-tp, blade support of the arm. 

Is. xlix. 22 
Shout, t-r-wo-e, r-ne, ed-d, on-ut, d-wo,- 


Shout, a gave then, wi-ro-u, 2 Chron. 

xiii. 15 
Shout, shall, i-r-yo-u. Job xxx. 5 
Shouted, mr-yo-im, Ez. iii. 13 
Shouting, the and, ut-r-wo-e, Job 

xxxix. 5, from i-ra, to shake, destroy, 
Jer. viL 26, a man of friends will ruia 

himself, but there is a friend, Prov. 

xviii. 24 
Shoutings, t-ea-ut, Zeeh. iv. 17, nofse, 

Job xxxvi. 29, from s-a-e, torn asun- 
der, Ez. xxxviii. 9 
Shower, rb ib, g-sm 
Showers, sm, z-rm, rb-b 
Shrank, that which, e-ns-e,^en. xxxil 

32, from s-ne, relaxed, loose, Jer. 

H. 30 
Shred, and, wi-pl-e, 2 Kings iv. 39 
Shriek-owl, the, li-lit, Is. xxxiv. 14, 

from lil, the night, Ex. xii. 42 
Shroud, a with and, u-h-rs, Ezk. xxxi 3, 

e-rs, to smite, sQence, the wood 
Shrieked, il-1 
Shrub, si-h 

Shrubs, e-si-hm. Gen. xxi. 15 
Shuah, S-we, that prays. Gen. xxv. 2 
Shual, a fox, jackal, 1 Sam. xiii 17 
Shubael, Su-bal, rest of Grod, 1 Chron. 

xxv. 20 
Shuham, Su-hm, too hasty, Num. 

xxvi 42 
Suhite, Su-hi, wealthy, Job ii. 11 
Sulamite, Sul-m-ut, perfect, peaceable 

one, that recompences, Cant. vi. 13 
Shulamites, Sm-ti, persona of fame, 

distinction, Jos. xv. 26 
Shunam, Su-nm, their change, 1 Sam. 

xxviii. 4 
Shunamite, Su-nm-it, their sleep, 1 

Kings i. 15 
Shunem, Su-nm, repeating, Jos. xix. 18 
Shuni, Su-ni, my returning. Gen. 

xlvi. 16 
Supham, S-pu-pn, their lip, their senti- 
ments, 1 Chron. viii. 5 
Suppim, s-pm, beard, lip, 1 Chron. 

vii. 12 
Shushan, Su-sn-eduth, Su-sn-o-dit, a 
yilcasant company, lily, title of 

Pbjam Ix. 

Shushan, Su-sn, pleasing, the rose, ele- 
gant, more pleasant, capital of Per- 
sia, winters very mild, summers 
fiercely hot as to burn up lizards, 
serpents, here Nehemiah was, chap, 
i. 1 ; the city twelve miles diameter, 
Daniel's tomb is here, Dan. viii. 2 

Shut, a-mr, g-ip, f-uh, v-gr, v-tm, o-jr, 
q-pj, s-om, k-la, n-ol, vk-k, o-jr, jr-r, 

Suthelah, St-le, verdure. Num. xxvi. 35 

Shuttle, a-rg, a weaver's, Job vil 6, 
from a-rag, to entwine, Ex. xxviii. 32 

Shutteth, v-gr, v-lm, o-je, o-jm, a-fm 

Siaha, Vi-o-e-a, assistance, Ez ii. 45 

Sibboleth, Vb-let, a heavy burden car- 
-ried by a porter, Lam. v. 7, Is. liii. 
4, I Kings xi. 28, Ex. vi. 6 

Sibbechai, Vb-ki, dreaded, 2 Sam. 
xxi. 18 

Sibraira, Vb-rim, a mountain fortified, 
Ezk. xlvii. 16 

Sicera, s-kr, wine of the palm-tree, 
Deut. xxix. 6 

Sick, h-le, d-we 

Sick, very was it and, 2 Sam. xii. 5, 
from incurable. Job xxxiv. 6; 
desperate, Isa. xvii. 11, sickness, 
d-we, dl-1, h-le, h-li, d wi, m-d-we 

Sickle, h-r-ms, m gl 

Siddim, E-sd-im, harrowing. Job xxxix. 
10; breaking clods, Hos. x. 11, Isa. 
xxviii. 24 

Side, jd, j-lo, o-br, z-rh, hp-p, id, i-dr, 
k-tp, jd-d, q-ir, ru-h, »-pe 

Side, every, vb-be-u, 1 Kings v. 3 

Sides, i-rk, k-tp, o-bt, q-ir 

Sides, both, r-q-mt-im, Jud. v. 30, from 
r-qm, embroider, Exod. xxxv. 35, 
Ps. cxxxix. 15 

Sidon, Ji-dn, fishing, Gen. x. 5 

Siege, j-ur, distressed 

Sieve, m-k-br, kb-re 

Sifted, j-re, troubled 

Sigh, a-ne, Ezk. xxi. 6 

Sighed, and, wi-na-hu, Exod. ii. 23 

Sighs, my, a-nh-ti, Lam. i. 22, Job iii. 24 

Sighest, n-a-nh, Ezk. xxi. 7-12 

Sigheth, na-nh-e. Lam. i. 8 

Sighings, wa-nh-e, Isa. xxxv. 10 

Sight, ra-e, h-zh, m-ra-e 

Sight, eye his in, 1-n-gd, Ps. v. 5 

Sigionoth, sg-yu-nut, an ode of com- 
fort after grief, Hab iii. 1, 17-19 

Sign, a-ut, nv, tu, y-od, i-tp, n-sa, j-in 

Signs, a-ut, d-br, at 

Signed, h-tm 

Signet, hu-tm, o-zt 


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Sihon, Vi-Ii-un, rooting out, Num. 

xvi. 21 
Sihor, Si-hur, black, trouble, muddy, 

the Nile, Jos. xiii 3 
Sihor- Libnath, Si-hur-L-b-ne, trouble 

of heart, Jos. xix. 26 
Silence, ev, du-m-ye, d-mi, du-me, 

dm-m, ev-e, h-ve, h-rs, a-lm, du-mi- 

Still as a stone, Exod. xt. 16; sun 

standstill, *'s-ms, b-gb-o-uu," dum, 

be silent in Gibeon, Joa. x. 12 
Silenced, dum, s-tq 
Silently, h-rs 
Silk, m-si, Ezk. xvL 10, from m-se, to 

draw up with a very gentle hand, 

Exod. ii. 10; m-si-te-u, I tenderly 

drew him, 2 Sam. xxii. 17, Ps. 

xviii. 16 
Silk, 8-8, ProT. xxxi. 22, from s-s, fine, 

soft, white, bright, flax, marble. Gen. 

xli. 42, Exod. xxvi. 1, Cant. v. 15 ; 

blue marble. Est. i. 6 
Silla, V-la, estim alien, 2 Kings xii. 20 
Silly, pu-te, and the silly one. Job v. 2, 

from p-te, enticed, Job xxxi. 7 
Siloah, E-sl-h, shot forth, Neh. iii. 15, 

from sl-e, to put forth the hand, 

2 Sam XV. 15 
Silver, t-mu-ne, image, likeness, Exod. 

XX. 4 
Silver, k-vp, to be pale, Gea xx. 16, 

from h-vp, pale, longing, vehement 

desire, greedy, Ps. xvii. 12, Job xiv. 

15, Gen. xxxi. 30 
Silver, in and, u-b-k-vp, Exod xxxi. 4 
Simeon, Sm-o-un, that obeys. Gen. 

xxix. 33 
Similitude, t-mu-ne, Deut. iv. 12, Job 

iv. 16 
Similitude, the, t-mu-nt, iv. 16 
Similitude, t-bn-it, Ps. cxliv. 12 
Similitude, the into, b-t-bn-it, cvi. 20 
Similitudes, used have I, A-e-rae, Hos. 

xii. 10, from d-me, to liken, to 

compare, Ps. Ixxxix. 6, Isa. xlvi. 5 
Simple, p-ti, pu-te 
Simplicity, p-ti 
Simri, Sm-ri, my guardian, 1 Chron. 

xxvi. 10 
Sin, h-fa, h-fa-e, h-fa-t, a-sm, p-so, 

o-we, q-rb, s-ge 
Sin, vtn, a bush, a bramblfe 
Sinai, Vi-ni, my bush, Exod. xix. 1 
Since, az, a-hr, id, jura, mn, o-ud 
Sincerely, and, u-b-tm-im, Jud. ix. 16, 

from tm-m, to be spent. Gen. xlvii. 18 

Sincerity in, b-tm-im. Josh. xxiv. 14 

Sinew, g-id 

Sinful, h-fa, to miss 

Sing, hl-1, z-mr, o-ne, q-ul, rn-n, s-ur 

>Singed, h-rk, i-qd, ku-e 

Singer, m-sur-r, 1 Chron. vi. 33, 18,. 
from sur, dominion held, to look 
earnestly, leading on 

Singers, the, sr-im, Ps. Ixviii. 25 

Singers, men, sr-im, Eccl. ii. 6 

Singing men, m-sr-rim, Ezk. ii. 65 

Singing women, and, u-m-sr-rut, Neh. 
vii. 67 

Singular, vow make shall, i-pl-a^ Lev. 
xxvii. 2, from p-le, to favour, Exod. 
xi. 7 

Sink, f-bo, s-qo 

Sinim, Vi-uim, bushes. It is certain 
that the books of the Chinese 
describe their country under the 
appellation Sin, which our early 
historians sometimes spell Tsin. 
This has been its name two thousand 
years or more, as it continues to be. 
There is a probability that the Pro- 
phet alludes to China, Isa. xlix. 12 

Sinned, h-fa 

Sinner, hu-I'a 

Sin offering, h-fa-t 

Sins, a-sm, h-fa, p-so 

Sion Ji-un, a hill, dry height, 2 Sam. 
V. 7 

SIpmoth, sp-mut, the beard, 1 Sam. 
XXX. 28 

Sir, Ad-ui, my Lord, G^n. xliii. 20 

Sirah, v-re, rebellion, 2 Sam. iii. 26 

Sirah, shur, a song, of a brother 

Sirion, sr yun. Song of the dove, Ps. 
xxix. 6 

Sir-name, j-k-ne, titles of honour, Isa. 
xliv. 5 

Sister, a-hut, Cant, viii, 8 

Sisai, s-si, my joy, Numb. xiii. 22 

Sisera, vi-vr-a, horse of sight, Jud. iv. 2 

Sisamai, v-v-mi, a horse of waters, 
1 Chron. ii. 40 

Sit, i-sb, i-tn, n-tn, vb-b, s-ub, s-bt 

Sith-am, if, if-so, be, Jer. xxiii. 38 

Sit'eth, d-gr, i-sb 

Sitting, i-sb, r-bj 

Situate, i-sb, j-uq 

Situation, mu-sb, m-gum, n-up, i-sb 

Sivan, vi-un. Est. viii. 9 

Sive, k-br, n-up 

Six, s-se, St 

Sixteenth, o-sr, s-si 

Six score, ma-e, o-sr, rb-b, s-ne 

s 2 I 

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Sixty, s-sim 

Size, md-d, q jb 

Skie,the, 1-s-hg-im, Job xxxvii. 18 

Skies, the, u-s-hq-ini, Isa. xlv. 8, from 

8-hg, small dust, Isa. xl. 15 
Skill, li-km-e, bin, s-kl 
Skilful, h-km, bin, h-w, I-do, 1-md 
Skin, our, b-sr, g-ld 
Skip, to also, them maketh, he, 

wi-r-qi-dm, Ps. xxix. 6 
Skipper, r-qd, q-pj . 
Skirt, k-np Deut. xxiL 30, from, k-np, 

Gen. i. 21, a wlug 
Skirmished, s-hg 
Skulked, z-hl 
Sky, rq-yo 

Slack, o-jr, r-pe, r-me, t-rp, Jos. x. 6 
Slacked, pug . . 
Slain, erg, fl-1, h-rt, f-bh, mutj n-ke, 

8-hf, q-fl, z-be, n-gh, r-jh 
Slander, db-b 

Slandered, db-e, dp, r-fcil ' 
Slander, db-b, r-gl, e-lg, r-kil 
Slang, q-lo 
Slaughter, e-rg, f-bhj n-gp, n-ke, q-fl, 

Slay, h-rg, h-rb, f-bli, niut 
Slayer, h-rg, n-ke, r-jh 
Slayeth, h rg, hl-1, njut. 
Sleep, 8-ne, i-rd-me, i-sn, s-kb 
Sleep, deep, r-dm 
Sleepest, i-sn 
Slept, i-sn, r-dm 
Slew, e-rg, z-bh, f-bli, s-kf, n-ke 
Slide, m-uf, m-od 
Slidden back, sb-b, s-ub 
Slideth back, vr-r, Hos.iv. 16, refractory 
Slightly, n-ql-e, Jer. vi 8, from ql-1, to 

be vile and despicable, Nah. i. 14, 

1 Kings ii. 8 
Slime, and, we-h-mr. Gen. xi. 3, from 

h-mr, mortar, Exod. i. 14 
Sling, q-lo. Job xli. 28, Zech. xix. 15 
Slingers, e-qlo-im, 2 Kings iii, 25 
Slings, q-lo-im, 2 Chron. xxvi. 14, from 

q-Io, to swing, Jud. xx. 16 
Slip, m-uf, m-od 
Slipped, m-od, m-uf 
Slippeth, m-uf, n-sl 
Slipt, s-pk 
Slipt away, p-fr 
Slothful, a-is, o-il, r-me, r-me 
Slothfulness, o-jl-ut, o-jl, r-me-ye 
Slow, a-rk, a-lk, k-bd 
Slow to anger, a-np, the heron to blow 

hard through the nostril, ap-im, 
Pi ov. siv. 29, long nostril, xv. 8 

Sluices, v^kr, s-kr 
Sluggard, be slo thful, Jud. xviii. 9 
Sluggard, the e-o-jl, Prov. x. 26 
Sluggard, thou, o-jl, Pror. vi. 6 
Sluggard, O, o-jl, Prov. vi. 9, o-jl-ut, 

of idleness, Prov. xxxi. 27 
Slumber, Mu-me^ Ps. cxxxii. 4, from 

n-um, drowsiness, Prov. xxiii. 21 
Small, q-fn, m-of, q-rj, dq, g-ro, dq-q, 

z-or, j-or 
Small cattle, se. . 
Small stone, jr-i* 
Small, very, dq-q 

Smallest, the of, m-qf-ni, 1 Sam. ix. 21 
Smart, shall, ro, Prov. xi. 15 . , 

Smell, to, ri-h, le-ri-h, Exod. xxx. 38, 

ri-h, to be pleased. Gen. xxvii. 27, 

Cant. iv. 11, Hof. xiv. 6,^7 
Smite, z-nb, n-ke, v-pq, s-ne 
Smjte, ^hall, kt-t, m-hj, n-gp 
Smite me, Crlm 
Smite out, n-pl 
Smite througn, p-uq 
Smiteth, n-ke 
Smiteth through, m-hj 
Smith, bi;-zl, iron, Num. x?:xv. 16, 

Deut. iii. 11 
Smith, the, h-rs, to smite, cut, or en- 
grave, Isa liv. 16, xli. 7, Deut. 

xxvii. 15. Exod. xxxv. 35, hu-sb 
Smiths, and, we-mv-gr, Jer. xxix. 2, 

from v-gr, to shut up, Jos. ii. 7 
Smitten, n-ke, r-ka, kt-t, n-go, n-gp 
Smoke, o-sn, qi-fr 
Smoking, ke-e 
Smooth, h-lq 
Smoothed, h-lq 
Smote, 4-nb, n-go, n-qp, n-ke, m-he, 

Smote, and, n-ke, t-qo 
Smote, she, e-lm 
Smote down, k-rb 
Smote off, m-hq 
Smote, that, e-lm 
Snail, s-bl-ul, Ps. Ivlii. 8, from s-bl, to 

stretch on forward Isa. xlvil 2 
Snail, the and, we-h-mf, Lev. xi 30, a 

lizard that lies in the sand, Boch 
Snare, p-h, mu-qs 
Snatched, h-fp 
Sneered, 1-og 
Sneezing, o-fi-se 
Snorting, n-hr-e 
Snow, s-lg. Job xxiv. IQ, white 
Snowy, e-s-]g, 1 Chron. xL 22 
Snuffers, m-zm-rut 
So, ke, k-ke, kn, thus, on this wise, 






this manner, 'tis deficient, thus, here, 
on this side, on the other side, this 
way, that way, and also but here, on 
this manner, on that manner 

Snuffdiahes, U-m-ht-ty-e, firfe pans, 
Exod. xxxvii. 23, Exod. xxv. 38 

Snuffers, his and, u-ml-qh-ye, 1-qh, 
Exod. xxxvii. 23 

So, v-wa, a measure for grainy 2 Kings 
xviL 4 

So-bah, Ju-be, army, from J-ba 

Sobal, S-bl, old age, Gen. xxxvi. 4 

Socket, d-dii 

Socoh, Vk-ut, tents, Jos. xv*. 35 

Sod, they, b-sl, n-zr, 2 Chron. fexxy. 13 

Sodering, the for, 1-d-bq, Isa. xli. 7 

Sodden, have, b-slu. Lam. iv. 10 

Sodom, V-d-me, their secret. Gen. xix. 1 

Sodomite, Q-ds, devoted, Deut. xxiii. 17 

Sodomites, the, E-ijd-sim, the unclean, 

2 Kings xxiii. 7, unclean. Job. xj^xvi. 

. ;\.4, G^n. xxxviii. 21, 22, Hos. iv. 14 

Sodi, Vu-di, my counsel, Num. xiii. 10 

^oftened, rk-k, h-lq 

Softness, m-rk 

Sojourn, g-ur 

Sojourned, g-ur, r-rk> n-vo 

Sojourner,, gr^ tuTsJ) 

Solace, ourselves let ip, n-to-lv-e, 
Prov. vii. 18, ftom o-Is, to express 
jpy by gestures of the body, as a pea- 
cock. Job xxxix. J3 

§old, m-kr, s-br, b-wa, m-hr 

Soldiers, b-ne, h-lj, z-ba 

Sole, the, kp, Deut. ii. 5 

Soles, the, kp-ut, Jos. iii. 13 

Solemn sound, eg-yun, Ps. xcii. 3, 

Solemnity, hg-g, i^d 

Solitary, bd-d, gl-nid, gl-mud, i-hd, i-sm, 


Solomon, Sl-me, perfect, peaceable, 2 

Sam. xii. 24 
Solitude, 6-rh-e 
Solicitude, da-ge 
Some, a-ns, d-br, m-of, q-je 
Some, in into upon, a-hd 
Some man, ais 
Somewhat, ql-1 
Something, ma-u-me 
Son, bn-e, bn, br, i-ld, bin, i-ne, n-in 
Son-in-law, h-tn 
Sou's son, n-kr 
Song, s-ir, s-ir-e, b-br, z-mr, n-gn, n-sa, 

Songs, q-mr, n-gn, rn-n 
Sons, bn-e, i-ld 

Soon, il-np, h-us, m-er 
Soon, as, a^hr 

Soon, as as, a-sr, b-wa, n-m . 
Soothsayer J, the, e-qu-vm, JoS., xiii. 22, 
from q-vin, pretenders to see things 
future, Deut. xviii. 10 
Soothsayers, and, u-ourim. Is. ii. 6j 

from on-n, a cloud, Gfen.six. '14 • 
Soothsayers, g-z'r-itf, Dan. ii. 27, froni 

g-zr, decree, verse 17 
Soot, pi-h 
Sope, br-ifc, Jer. i ii. 22j from br-r, tb 

purify, Ps. xviii. 26 
Sopher, v-pr, a scribe, 2 Kings xxv. 19 
Sophereth, vp-rt, a female scribe, Neh. 
■ vii. '57 ■ : ; •' ■ 
So-rek, su-rq, a vine, Is. v. 2 
Sorcerer, o-gn ^ 
Sorcerers, on-ne 

Sore, mz-ur, b-ke, g-dl, d-he^ hrle, k-ab, 
l^-b4, k-vp, fc-ov, ^lad, m-rj, n-ht q^e, 
r-wo, s-gd 
Sorrow, o-jb, o-jb-uu, tu-ge, ro, ab-ri, 
da-be, gn-n, r-ab, d-ag,. h-ul, i-gh, 
k-ov, o-ml, o-zb, j-ur, r-wo 
Sorrow, and, a-un 
Sorrow, any, k-ab 
Sorrows, h-bl, k-ab, j-ur 
Sorrowful, dxab, d-we, h-ub, i-ge, k-ab, 

Sorry, d-ag, h-le, e-jb 
Sorry, be, n-ud 
Sort, g-il, drbr, k-np, s-ne 
Sort, this, ze, k-nm 
Sorts, kl-1, sd-d 

Sought, bqs, h-qr, d-rs, b-qr, bo-e, t-ur 
Sotai, Vu-fi, who declines 
Soul, n-sm-e, n-ps 
Souls, n-ps, n-sm 
Sound, q-ul, e-ge, r-wo, s-mo, t-qo, q-ul, 

r-pa, r-pe, tm-m, e-me, o-br 
Sound an alarm, y-wo 
Sounded, e-lq, h-jr, h-qr 
Squnding, bd-d, e-mn, h-jr 
South, n-gb. d-riim, ti-mu, h-dl, i-mu 
South, the rrom, d-br 
Sowed, z-ro 
Sower, z-ro 
Sowing, z-ro 
Sowre, b-vr, v-ur, s-ur 
Space, r-huq, ru-h, g-bl, yum, m-la, 

qu-m, r-go, ru-h, r-hq 
Spaoe, within, od 
Spake, a-mr, d-br, n-am, o-ne, ml-1, 

Sparrow, jp-nr, Ps. cii. 7 
Span, z-rt, f-ph 


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Spare, h-uy, h-ml, h-st, n-sa, r-Ui, 80-€ 

Spared, h-uv, h-ml, h-sk 

Spark, n-uj, sb-b 

Sparks, b-ne, z-iq, kd-d, r-sq 

Sparkled, nj-j 

Speak, a-mr, a-mr, db-r, m-sl, si-h 

Speaker, ais, l-sn 

Speakest, d-br 

Speaketh, a-mr, b-fa, d-br, e-ge, hn-n, 

ml-1, n-gd, pu h, ^nA 
Speaking, d-br, h-ra. ml-1 
Spear, r-mh, kn-it, ki-dun, b-ne, k-id, 

Spear-men, q-ne 
Spears, h-ne, jl-1 
Special, v-gl-e, Deut. yii 6, from r-gl, 

treasure of kings, very precious, Ex. 

xix. 6, Ps. cxxxT. 4, Ecdes. ii. 8 
Speckled, n-qd, f-la, j-bo, s-rq 
Sped, they have, i-m-ja-u, Jud. r. 30, 

from m-ja, to find what is lost, 1 

Sam ix. 20 
Speech, s-pt, a-mr, d-br, i-de, pe, s-pe 
Speech, fair, 1-qh 
Speeches, h-ud, nd-1 
Speeches, amr 
Speed, v-kr, q-re, a-mj 
Speedy, m-er-e 
Speedily, m-er-e, o-br, b-el, r-uj, e-Ik 

Spend, b-le, k-le, s-ql 
Speudeth, a-bd, b-lo, o-se 
Spent, i-rk, k-le, tm-m, a-zl 
Spice, b-sm 
bpice merchants, r-gl 
Spiced, r-qh 
Spices, b-sm, n-kt, rm 
Spider, o-kb-is, sm-m-it 
Spie, ra-e. r-gl, t-ur 
Spied, r-gl, t-ur 
Spies, s-mr 
Spikenard, n-rd, Cant. iy. 14, a sweet 

shrub brought from India, the leaves 

and root only employed in choicest 

Spikenard, my, nr-di, Cuit. i. 3 
Spikenard, with, nr-dim, Cant. iy. 13 
Spilled, s-pk 
Spilt, e-n-gr-im, 1 Sam. xxiv. 14, from 

n-gr, to shed, Ezk. xxxv. 5 
Spindle, the to, b-kis-ur, Prov. xxxi 

19, k-sr, adjusted, EccL xi 6 
Spin, did, fu-u, Exod. xxxy. 35, from 

t-we, spin 
Spirit, ru-h, n-ps, n-sm 
Spirit, familiar, b-ol 
^pit, i-rq, rq-q 

Spite, and, ti-kov, P&. x. 14 

Spittle, r-ir 

Spitting, r-q 

Spitted, r-q, r-ir 

^poil, sl-l, tze, bz, sd, b-g, bz-z, h-)j, 

g-zl, f-rp, sd-d, sl-1, 8V-T, s-ve, q-bo, 

Spoil, that, h-bl 
Spoil, they, s-kl 
Spoiled, bz-z, n-jl, q-bo, 8-ve 
Spoilers, s-ht 
Spoileth, g-zl, p-sf 
Spoiling, 8-kl 
Spoils, a-rb 
Spoke, d-br, ml-1 
Spoken, amr, gd-1, d-br 
Spoken, fitly, a-u-pn 
Spokesman, r-as-e-md-br 
Spokes, their and, u-hs-dy-em, 1 Kings 

yii. 33, from h-sr, compact, 2 Sam. 

xxil 12 
Spoon, kp, Num. vii. 14, from hp, 

hollow, Gen. xxxii. 25 
Spoofas, kp-ut. Num. tIL 84, 86, Cant. 

V. 5 
Sport, j-hq, shhq 
Sported, j-hq, s-hq 
Spot, b-eq, b-er, m-um, tm^m 
Spots, b-hr, h-br 
Spotted, f-la 
Spouse, k-le, Cant ir. 8, from kl-1, the 

whole, complete in beauty, thy beauty 

was perfect, Ezk. xvL 14, bride, Isa. 

Ixii. 5, Jer. ii. 32, yii. 13, 16, ix. 25, 

X. 33 
Spouses, your, kl-u-ti-km, Hos. iv. 14 
Spouses, u-kl-u-ti-km, Hos. iy. 13 
Sprang up, j-mh 
Spread, p-rs, i-jo, r-pd, n-fe, i-ld, i-ja, 

n-vk, p-se, q-qo 
Spread, and, Z-re, i-rd 
Spread, is, z-re, i-jo 
Spread abroad, n-fs, p-uj, p-rj 
Spread forth, n-fe, s-fe 
Spread under, i-jo 
Spread, they, n-fh, s^e 
Spreadeth, s-lh, m-ta, n-fe, pr-sn, r-pd 
Spreading, v-rh, o-rh, p-rh, s-mh, a-sd 
Sprigs, zl-zl, p-ar 

Spring, m-qur, gl-1, i-ja, o-le, q-ur 
Spring of the day, k-ol-ut, 1 Sam. ir. 

26, from o-le, to ascend. Job vl 18, 

Ps. cxxxy. 7 
Spring, her, j-mh, r-fla, i-ja, p-rh 
Springeth, i-ja, v-hs, s-hm 
Springeth up, p-rh 
Springing, h-ye 


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Springs, ft-sr, b-kh, gl-1, i-ja, n-bo, o-in 

Sprinkle, z-rq, n-ze 

Sprinkled, z-rq, n-ze 

Spriukleth, z-rq, n-ze 

Sprout, i-hl-ip, it will sprout, Job. xiv. 7, 
from h-lp, grow up, Ps. xc. 6 

Sprung up, p-rh, i-rah 

Spue, and, qa-e, Lev. xviii. 28, from 
Yomit, Prov. xxv. 16, loathsome, 
shameful, Hab. ii. 16 

Spun, fu-e 

Spy, ra-e, r-gl 

Square, rb-wo, m-rb-o, Ezk. xlv. 2 

Squared, r-bo-e, Ezk. xli. 21 

Square, four, m-rb-o t, Egk. xl. 47 

Squares thereof, rb-o-u, Ezk. xliii. 16 

Squeezed, n-je, s-hf, 1-hj 

Stabbed, d-qr 

Stability, a-mn 

Stables, a-rut 

Stablish, i-jb, k-un, q-unx 

Stablished, k-un, o-rad 

Stablisheth, k-un 

Stacks of corn, gd-is, Ex. xxii. 6, Job 
V. 26 

Stacte, n-fp, Ex. xxx. 34, from n-fp, 
the liquid or most unci ious part of 
myrrh, pendents for the ears of gold 
or gems, Is. iii. 19, Jud. viii. 6 

Staff, hj-j, m-uf, m-ql, n-fe, oj, s-bf, 

Stag, a-il 

Stagger, n-wo, to-e 

Staggered, n-wo, n-uf 
'Staggereth, as, ke, to-ut, I». xix. 14, 
from to-e, to wander. Gen. xxi. 14, 
Job xxxviii. 41 

Stairs, d-rg, 1-ul, o-le 

Stake, i-td 

Stalk, q-nra, que 

Stall, m-rb-q 

Stalls, a-r-U', a-r-e, r-pt 

Stammered, o-lg 

Stammerers, o-lg, Is. xxxii 4 

Stammering, b-log, Is.xxxiii. 19,lo-gm, 
their derision, Hos. vii. 16, lo-gi, 
mockers, Ps. xxxv. 16, l-og, scorn- 
ing. Job xxxiv. 7, tl-og, mocketh, 
Prov. xxx. 17, from l-og, to banter 

Stamp, dq-q, kt-t, r-qo 

Stamped, dq-q, kt-t, r-mv, r-qo, r-pv 

Stand, kn, m-od, o-md, i-jb, q-um 

Standard, d-gl, nv, r-gl, uv-v 

Standeth, i-jb, k-un 

Standeth in awe, p-hd 

Standing, t-qu-rae, i jb 

Standing water, a-gm 

Stank, b-as 

Starei i-ra-ii, Ps. xxii. 17 

Star, k-kb, Num, xxiv, 17 

Stars, ku-kb-im, Gen. xxxvii. 9, Job 

ix. 7 
St»r-^zers, b-ku-kb-im, Is. xlvii. 13 
State, id, o~md, p-ne 
State, o, t-kn 
State, former, q-dm 
Station, m-jb 
Statue, m-jb-e 
Stature, qu-me 
Statute, hq, hq-q, q-um 
Statutes, p-qd 

Staves, bd, s-on, m-uf, m-ql, n-fp 
Stay, pn, s-on, me-me, v-mq, o-ge, o-md, 

o-qb, r-pe, s-kb, m-he 
Stayed, y-mk, a hd, e-ul, i-hl, i-jg, k-Li, 

v-mk, o-jr, s-ut, s-vo 
Stead, t-ht 
Steal, shall, ig-nb, Ex. xxii 1, from 

g-nb, to convey privately, Job 

xxi. 18 '■'■'' 
Stealeth him away, g-nb-tu, JoJ) xxrii. 

Stealing, g-nb, Deut. xxiv. 7 
Steadfast, a-mn, i-jq, q-um 
Steadfastly, a-mj, s-um 
Steadfastly minded, a-mj 
Steel, the and, u-uh-st, brass. Ex, 

xxxviii. 12, from n-hs, a serpen ti 

Gen. iii. 2 
Steep place, i-rd 
Steep places, i-rg 
Stem, the, m-gr-o. Is. xi. I, from gr-o, 

trunk of a tree. Is. xL 24 
Step, j-od, a-sur, o-qb, p-om, o-qb, 

mo-le, a-sr, p-so 
Steps, e-lk, o-Je, o-qb, p-om, j-od 
Steward, a-is, bit, m-sq, b-ne, sq-q, bn- 

m-sq, bit 
Stewards, ^ur 
Stick, m-ql, d-bq 
Stick fast, ht-t, n-ht 
Stick out, sme 
Stick together, 1-kd 
Stiff, o-tq, q-se 
Stiff-hearted, Ib-b 
Stiff-necked, or-p, q-se-or-p 
Still, od, a mr, h-lq, o-ud, dm-m, h^se, 

8-qf, r-pe 
Still, keep, j-or 
Still waters, nu-h 
Stilled, h ve, h-se 

Stillest them, t sb-hm, Ps. Ixxxix. 9 
Stilleth, which, m-sb i-h, Ps. Ixv. 7, 

from sb-k, to soothe, Prov. xxix. 1 1 






Stingeth, i-p-rs, Proy- xxiii. 32, from 

p-ra, to separate, Ezk. xxxiv. 12 
Stink, b-as, mq-q ^ 

Stir, q-um - 

Stirred up, v-ut, q-um, era-m, g-ra 
Stirred up, was, o-kr 
Stiiretli up, g-re - 
Stock, b-ul, g-zo, oj, q-qr 
Stocks, e-pk, r-ud, o^kv, j-np 
Stole away, and, wi-g-nb, Gren. xxxi. 

20, from g-nb, to convey, Job xxi 18 
Stolen, was I, g-nb-ti. Gen. xl. 15 
Stomacher, a, pt-ig-il. I^a. ill. ^4 
Stone, a-bn, y-ql, r-gra - 
Stoned, be shall surely," v-gnl, Exod. 

xix. 13, from v-ql, to cast, Deut. 

xiii. 10 
Stoning him, of,l-y-gl-u, 1 Sam. xxx. 6 
Stones, a-ljn, y-lo, T-ql 
Stones, as the, j-ur, a-bn 
Stones, the smooth, h-lt| • ' 
Stones, test a, a-sk, d-ka 
Stony, a-bn, m-lo 

Stood, o-md, i-jb,- i-jg,.q-um, d-um, k-un 
Stood round, vb-b 
Stood up, v-mr 
Stool, k-va 
Stoop, r-qs, sh-h, si-h 
Stooped, is-s, q-dd, g-er 
Stooped down, k-ro- 
Stop, h-vm, y-tm, o^jr 
Stopped, h-tm, k-bd, y-tm, a-fm, v-kr, 

Stoppeth, a-fm 
Store, e-mn, z-un, i-sn, k-un, k-mv, 

v-kn, p-qd, r-be, s-ar 
Store, and,- a-j> 
Store, in, k-my 
Storehouse, m-vk-ne 
Storehouses, a-bv, a^vm, i-jr, v-kn 
Stored up, a-jr, k-vm 
Stork, h-vi-de 
Storm, y-od, yo-re, yo-e, z-rm, y-up, 

y-or, sa-e ' 

Story, the, m-dr-s, 2 Cliron. xxiy. 27, 

d-rs, to note down, 2 Chron. xiii 22 
Stout, a-br, h-zq, rb-b 
Stout heart, g-dl 
Stout-heartfed, Ib-b 
Straight, i-sr, n-gd, jr 
Straightway, pt-am, d-rk, i-sr, k-un, 

m-hr, p-te, q-um 
Stright. made, t-qn 
Straightforward, al-e, o-br 
Straightened, jr-r, j-uq 
Strait, j-ur 
Straiten, j-ur 

Straitened, Jr-r, a-jl, j-u-q, i-jq. q jr 
Straightly, y-gr, s-al, s^bo 
Straightne-^s, i-jq, j-uq, m-j-uq, ra-j-uq-e 
Streaks, hollow with, sr-bif. L^v. xiv 37 
SlrAngei 'n-kt, a-hr, e-kr, z-ur, 1-oj, 

n-kr, a-hr, o-mq 
Stranger, ais, gr, n-kr, n-kr-i, gur, 

b-nh, z-ur, i-sb 
Strangled, h-nq, i-qo 
Straw, t-bn, q-s 

Stream, a-pq, a-sd, n-hl, n-hr, sb-lt 
Streams, a-pq, i-bl, n-zl, n-hl, p-Iq 
Street, h-uj, r-hb, s-uq 
Strength, a-un, a-il, g-bu-re, kh, oj, 

h-zq, a-mij. t-qp, a-un, a^mj, bd, 

b-lg-, g-br, h-il, h-yn, i-oj), k-uh, 

m zh, n-jh. o^z, o-jm, j-ur, r-eb, n-jb 
Strength^ by reason of, t-qp 
Strengtii, full, id 
Strength, his, a-un, a-it, a-in 
Strength, in, a-it 
Strength, my, a-un 
Strengthen, y-od, q-um 
Strengthened, h-z^ *-wj, g-br, o jm 
Strengtheneth, a-mj, b-lg, g-br 
Stretch, n-fe, p-rs 
Stretch forth, s-lh 
Stretched binaself, s-ro 
Stretch themselves, v-rh 
Stretched, s-fh, p-rs, n-fe, g-ed, rad-d 
Stretched out, ra-sk, u-fs, r-qo, s-fli 
Strewed, j-jo, r-jp 
Strife, r-ib, m-n-be, m-je, m-dun, os-q, 

ar-is, d-un, n-je,V-ub • 
Strike, h-lp, h-go, n-up, n-ke, n-tu, 

Strike hands, id 
Strike off, o-rp 

Strike through, m-hj, n qb, p-lh 
Stricken, b-wa, ka-e, n-go, n-ke, t-go 
Stricken through, h-lp, d-gr 
Striketh, y-pg, 
String, i-tr 
Strings, i-tr, o-sr 
Stringed, m-in, n-gh 
Stripe, h-bur-e 

Stripes, e-lm, h-br, n go, n-ke 
Strip, to, 1-p-sf, 1 Sam. xxxi. 8 
Strip, ye, p sf-e, Isa. xxxil 11, from 

p-ef, to put off, Lev. yi. 11 
Stripped, hast thou, p-sf, n-jl, sl-l, 

t-p-sif. Job xxii. 6 
Stripling, the, e-o-lm, 1 Sam. xvii. 56 

from o-lm, to be hid. Job. xiii. 3 
Stript off, they which, wi-n-jl-u, 2 

Chron. xx. 25, from n-jl, to pluck 

out, Exod. iii. 22 






[Stroke, m-ke, p-om, n-gp, e Im, m-hj, 

n-go, n-dli, n-ke, v-pq, s-pq 
Stroke, my, id 
Strong, h-zq, a i-tn, a-it, a-mj, a-pq, 

H^j g-br, q-rm, li-rq, h-il, h-vn, k-br, 

oz-z, o-rm, j-ur, t-qp 
Strong, be, h-zq 
Strong bulls, a-br 
Stronghold, ra-jd, t-1o, o-pl 
Strongholds, b-jr, j-ur 
Strong horses, a-br 
Strong men, b-ne 
Strong ones, a-br 
Strong place, m-jr 
Strong to labour, y-bl 
Strong wine, s-kr 
Strong, too, s-gb 

Stronger, a-mj, g-br, h-zq, i-vp, q-sr 
Strove, n-je, o-sq, r-ub, gu-h 
Strowed, z-rq 
Struck, n-ke, n-gp, d-pg 
Struck again, s-ne 
Struggled, rj-j, to be shattered, bruised, 

crushed, weakened, Ps. Ixviii. 30 
Struggled together, and, wi-t-rj-ju, 

Gren. xxT. 22 
Stubble, qs, qss 

Stubborn, v-ur-r, m-ri. vr-r, q-se 
Stubbornness, pjr, q-se 
Stuck, d-bq, m-ok 
Study, u-l-eg, Eccl. xii. 12 
Studied, 1-md, a-lp 
Stuff, k-le, 1-ak 
Stumble, k-sl, n-gp, p-ug 
Stumbled, k-sl, n-gp, s-mf 
Stumbling, n-gp 
Stumbling-block, m-k-sl, k-sl-un 
Stump, the, o-qr, Dan. iv, 15, root 
Stupidity, t-pl-e 

Subdue, d-br, k-bs, k-no, rd-d, s-pl 
Subdued, i-rd, k-bs, k-no, k-ro, r-de 
Subdueth, d-br, h-ls 
Suah, v-we, that tears up by the root, 

1 Chron. vii. 36 
Succoth, Su-kt, tabernacles, Exod. i. 

11, treasure cities, alias cities of 

tents, Exod. xii. 37 
Succoth, henoth, yk-ut, bn-ut, taber- 
nacle of the daughter, 2 Kings, xvii. 

Submit, k-hs, o-ne, r-pm 
Submitted, id, k-hs, n-tm 
Subscribed, k-tb 
Subsided, sk-k 
Substance, rk-us, e-un, a-un, t-us-ye 

ff-lm, e-we, h-il, i-jb, i-se, q-um, r-ks 
Substance, his, e-un> q-ne 

Substance, o-jm 
Substance, your, k-uh 
Subtile, h-km, n-jr, o-rm 
Subtility, or-me, oqb, n-kl, r-me 
Subvert, to, u-lo-ut. Lam. iii. 36, from 

o-ut, to time a thing, Isa. L 4 
Suburb, m-gr-s 
Succeeded, j-lh 
Succour, o-jr, o-jr-e 
Succoured, o-ir 
Such, k-mu, k-ze, k-zat, a-sr, en, ze, 

ze, z-oq. k, ke 
Such a one as this, ze 
Such and such, a-lm, p-la 
Such, none, em 
Suck, i-ng, m je 
Suck up, 1-wo 
Sucked, i-nq 
Suckine child, i-nh, o-i4 
Suckled, i-nq 
Sudden, pt-am 

Suddenly, p-to, r-go, m-er, p-te 
Suffer, i-nh, k-tr, n-sa, n-tn 
Suffer, will I, i-bl 
Suet, h-lb 
Suffered, i-nh, n-tn 
Suffereth, m-of, n-tn 
Sufficed, m-ja, s-bo 
Suffice, m-ja, rb-b, s-pq 
Sufficiency, id, v-pq 
Sufficient, id 
Sufficiently, id 
Suffocated, h-nq 
Suit, r-ub 
Suit, make, h-le 
Suitable, ya-e 

Suit of apparel, h-li, pt=b-gd, b-gd,o-rk 
Sum, pr-se, k-pr, p-qr, p-rs, fr-kn, r-as 
Summer, q-ij, q-if 
Summer parlour, qr-r 
Sun, s-ms, h-me, aur, hm-m, k-nr 
Sun. the as, k-hm-e. Cant, vi 10; 

b-hm-u. Job. vi 17 (heat) 
Sun, rising the toward, m-zr-h, Deut. 

iv. 41, from z-rh, to arise, Ps. cxii. 4 
Sun, the, aur, light. Gen. i. 3 
Sun, thy, s-ms-k, Isa. Ix. 20 
Sun, her, s-ms-e, Jer. xv. 9 
Sun, as the, k-s-ms, Ps. Ixxxix. 36 
Sun-dial, by the sun, b-s-ms, Isa. 

xxxviii. 8 
Sunder, in cut, a-gd-o, Isa. xlv. 2, 

from, gd-o, to cut off, Lam. ii. 3 
Sung, o-ne, sur 
Sunk, that, u-t, fb-o, 1 Sam. xvii. 49 ; 

f-bo, to sink to the bottom, Jer. 

xxxviii. 6 


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Sunk down, he, wi-k-ro, 2 Kings ix. 24, 
from k-ro, to bow the knee, Greu. 
xlix. 9 

Superaboanded, o-dp 

Superfluous, o-dp 

Superintenaent, s-fr, mn-jh 

Supb, T-up, sea of rushes, Deut. L 1 

Supba, Vu-pe, Num. xxi. 14, a district 
m the Yale of the Arnon is here in- 
tended, not Red Sea 

Supplanted, o-qb 

Supple to thee, l-m-so-i, to my aspect, 
that I might look favourably on 
thee, Ezk. xvi. 4, from so-e, to turn 
the eyes. Gen. iv. 6, Ps. cxix. 1 17 

Supplicants, my, o-tr-i, Zeph. iii. 10, 
from o-ti, sweet fragrance, Exod. 
riii. 11, Jer. xxxiii. 6, Ps. cxll 2 

Supplicated, b-qs, h-n-n 

Supplication, h-le, h-gn, pl-1 

Support, v-od, m-vod, m-son, m-so-ne 

Supported, v-id, t-mk 

Supreme, Al 

Suppose, let, y-amr, 2 Sam. xiii. 32, 
from amr, to speak. Gen. iii 3 

Sur, Vur, that withdraws, 2 Kings 
xl 6 

Sure, na-mn, a-mn, b-fh, i-vd, q-um 

Sure, and, s-mr 

Sure, be, h-zq, i-do 

Sure, am I, i-do 

Sure, was I, i-do 

Sure, made, q-um 

Sure, make, r-eb 

Surely, a-mn-m, a-kn, ak, a-lm, am, 
a-mn, b-fh, rq 

Surety, o-db-un, o-bd 

Surety, of a, a-mn 

Surnamed, k-ne 

Surpassed, o-br 

Surprised, a-hn, t-ps 

Surprised, t-me, sa-e 

Surrounded, rh-b, i-bp 

Surveyed, s-ur 

Survived, s-rd 

Susanchites, Su-sn-k-ya, the lily, the 
rose, Nelu iv. 9 

Susanna, Su-ffli, lily, rose 

Susi, Yu-si, a horse, a swallow. Num. 
xiii. 11 

Sustain, k-nl 

Sustained, v-mk, t-mk, k-ul 

Sustenance, m-hij-e, h-ye, k-ul 

Swaddled, h-tl, f-ph 

Swaddled at all, not, we-h-tl-ht-It, Ezk. 
xvi 4, from h-tl, to bind round 

Swaddling band, a it for, h-tl-tu, Job 

xxxviii. 9 
Swallow, a bird, dr-r, o-gr, v-iv 
Swallow, V, b-lo. s-ap 
Swallow down, 1-yo 
Swallowed, b-lo, g-ma 
Swam, s-he 
Swan, the, ht-ns-mt, Lev. xi. 18, from 

n-sm, vital breath. Gen. vii. 22 
Sware, al-e, s-bo 
Sware, did I, id. n-sa 
Sware, he shall, n-sa 
Swarest, thou, n-sb-ot, Ex. xxxii. 13, 

from s-bo, seven, fulness. Gen. iv. 15 
Swearers, and against, ti-bn-sbo-im, 

Mai. iii. 5 
Sweareth, n-sbo, Ps. xv. 4 
Swarm, o-rb, darken 
Sweat, the in, b-zot. Gen. iii. 19, f»ora 

zo, he moved sharply, quick action, 

and continuous 
Sweep, m-af-a 
Sweet, b-sm, f-ub, m-lj, m-tq, n-om, vm, 

Sweet, i-fb 
Sweet flowerSj g-dl 
Sweet influences, o-dn 
Sweet melody, n-gh 
Sweet odours, nu-h 
Sweet savour, nu-h 
Sweet smelling, o-br 
Sweet wine, ov-v 
Sweetened, m-tq 
Sweetly feed, m«tq 
Sweetness, mt-uq 
SweU, b-jq, j-be 
Swelled, j-be, b-jq 
Swelling, j-be, b-ne, ga-e 
Swept, f-af , g-rp, v-hp 
Swept away, o-e, v-he 
Swift, q-1, a-be, kr-kr, m-hr 
Swift beast, r-ks 
Swiftly, i-op, m-hr 
Swim, j-u, s-he 
Swim^t, j-pe 
Swine, h-zir. Is. Ixv. 4 
Swooned, they when, bh-t-of-tm. Lam. 

ii. 12, from o-fp, to cover, the mind^ 

Ps. Ixi. 2, Job xxiii. 9 
Sword, a, h-rb, heat. Is. xxv. 5, iv. 6, 

Jer. xxxvi- 30, dried up. Gen. viii. 

13, Is. xix. 6, desolate, Jer. ife 12, 

sword, Ps. xxxvil 15 
Sword, by the, b-sl-h. Job xxxvi. 12, 

from s-ih to throw, Eccles, xi. 1 
Sword, by the, i-di, Ps. Ixiii. 10, hand 

my, Cen. xiv. 10 


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Sword, a with, b-r-jh, Ps. xlii 10, from 
r-jh, to slay, Num. xxxv. 11 

Sword, flaming a and, 1-ef-e-h-rb, Gen. 
iii. 24, a vehement flame, a glory, the 
unalienable sign of the Divine pre- 
sence there, this glory, e-mt-e-pk-t, 
turning itsdf, from e-pk, to away, 
turn away, turn over, turn again, 
turn back, turn up, to change, rolled 
back on itself, wrath changed to 
grace, Zeph. iii. 9, Lev. xiil 16 

Swords, drawn, p-th 

Sworn, b-ol, s-bo 

Sworn, hadst, id, lifted the hand 

Symbol, a-ut 

Sycare, fruit, s-qm-im, Amos vii. 14, 
from s-qm, to arise, Jud. y. 7 

Sycamore trees, we-s-qm-im. Is. ix. 10, 
Ps. Ixxviii. 47 

Sycamores, s-qm-im. Is. ix. 10 
Syene, pu-ne, a bush, from v-ne, en- 
mity, Ex. xxix. 10 
Synagogue kn-vt, q-el-e, the assembly 

of Judges, gTeat men, Ex. xxxiv. 31, 

Num. iv. 34 
Synagogues, the, mu-odi, Ps. Ixxiv. 8, 

from i-od, appointed, Ezk. xxi. 16 
Syriac, in, A-rm-it, a palace, Ps. cxxiL 

7, Gen. I 6, Dan. ii. 27 
Syrian tongue, a-rm-it, Ez. iv. 7 
Syrian, the, E-a-rmi, Gen. xxv. 20 
Syrian language, A-rm-it, 2 Kings 

>viii. 26 
Syria, A-rm, high, large, exalted, Ps. 

xlviii. 3, Jud. x^. 6 
Sjrians, of the, 1 - V-rm, 2 Sam. viiL 6 
byria-zobah, A-rm=ju-be, lifted uigh 

and fighting, Ps. Ix 


TAANACH, To-nk, who afflicts thee, 

Jos. xvii. 11 
Taanath=Shiloh, Ta-nt=S-le, the fig- 
tree of peace, Jos. xvi. 16, Mic. iv. 4 
Tabbaoth, T-bo-ut, good time, rings, 

to sink, Jer. xxxviii. 6 
Tabbath, F-bfc, goodness, Jud vii. 22 
Tabeal, Fb-al, good God, Isa. vii. 6 
Tabeel, Fb-al, a good God, Ez. vii. 4 
Taberah, T-bo-re, burning, Num. xi. 3, 

from b-or, to clear away briers, Isa. 

X. 17 
Tabernacle, a- el, a movable habitation, 

Isa. xl. 2 
Tabernacle, and, u-v-ke, Isa iv. 0, from 

vk-k, to cover, Lam iii. 43 
Tabernacle, the, v-kut. to hide, Amos 

V. 26, from o-ki, Deut. xxvii. 9, heed 
Tabernacle, the, em-skn, Exod. xxv. 9, 

from s-kn, to dwell in a settled place, 

Deut. xxxiii 12 
Tabernacles, the, wa-el-im. Job xii. 26 
Tabitha, Fub-i-te, a female roe. Acts 

ix. 36 
Table, sl-hn, lu-h, vc-b, sl-e 
Tables, 1-uh 
Tablet, lu-h 
Tablets, bit, k-mn 
Tabor, t bur, choice, purity, Jos. xix. 

Tabret, tp, tp-p, t-pt 

Tabring, tp-ik, thy tabrets, Jer. xxxi. 4, 
m-tp-put, tivberiug, Nah. ii. 7, a 
timbrel, tambourine drummed with 
the hand, Exod. xv. 20 

Tabrimou, V-br-mn, good pomegrate, 
1 King XV. 18 

Tache, Q-rv 

'1 achmonite, the, T-h-em-ni, a learned 
wise man, 2 Sam. xxiii. 8, fromh-km, 
be wise, Prov. xxiii. 15 

TackHngs, tiiy, h-bl, Isa. xxxiii. 23, 
from h-bl, a cord, Zech. ii. 1 

Tadmore, Td-m-ur, admirable, won- 
derful, Greek Palmyra, triumph of 
art, palm tree, 2 Chron. viii. 4 

Tahan, T-hn, merciful, prayerful. Num. 
xxiv. 35 

Tahath, T-ht, terror. Num. xxxiii 

Taha-panes, T-hp-nev, hidden flight 
Ta-penes, T-hp-niv, standard, flight, 

1 Kings xi. 19 
Taled, a short habit worn by Jews, at 

pray«r,Nu. xv. 38, Deut. xxii. 12 
Talent, K-kr, a lamb, equal to 3,«i00 

shekels of silver, Exod. xxxviii. 24, 

114 lbs. 15 dwts., t342 3s. 9d., gold 

talent was the same weight, value 

Tail, the, 1-zn-b, Deut. xxviii. 13, from 

z-nb, the extreme part, Jos. x. 19 
Tails, z-nb-ut, Isa. vii 4 
Tale, e-ge, a meditation 
Talitha-cumi, Tl-i-ta=ku-mi, young 

woman arise^ my daughter aris;, 

Mark v. 41 
Take, a hn, b-wa, bz-z, h-th, i-hb, i-oj, 

1-qe, n-sa, fr-ps 
Take again, i-vp 


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Take, also and, a-hn, 1-kd, ik-sgf T-iir» 

j-ud, r-be, sl-1, i-ps 
Take did, 1-kd 
Take, 1, 1-kd, s-ud 
Take, may, t-ps 
Take, shall, a-hz, a-yp^ 1-kl 
Take a pledge, h-bl 
Take away, e-ge, v-ur, o-br, r-um, 

b-or, i-ld 
Take away quite, l^-le 
Take, away shall, d-sn, o de 
Take thee away, hl-t, h-te, v-it 
Take them away, s-or 
Take you away, bror 
Take counsel, i-rd, i-oj, o-se 
Take heed, take heed, Ib-b, y-kt, ra-e, 

a-mr, z-hr 
Take hold, a<Ia» h-zk 
Take thy rest, sk-k 
Take pledge, i-h-bl, Deut xxIy. 6 
Take vengeance, n-^m 
Take their joumey, n-vo 
Take thy joumey, i-lk 
Taken, a-hz, g-ro, 1-qh, n-sa 
Taken, be, g-ro, 1-kd, v-ur, t-pa 
Taken down, i-rd, j-on 
Taken out of the way, q-pj : 
Takest, e-lk, taketh^ h-zq, 1-kd, 1-qh, 

n-jl, n-sa, s-kb 
Taketh, h-bl, h-zq, 1-kd, n-jl 
Taketh away, b-or, h-tp, y-ur 
Taking) 1-qh 

Taking vengeance, n-qm, t-ps 
Taking heed, s-mr 
Taleb^er, e-\k, r-gn, r-kl 
Talents, k-kr 

Talk, d-br, sp-e, d-br, e-ge, v-pr, si-h 
Talked, a-mr, d-br 
Talking, d-br, mt-l, si-h 
Tall, and, u-rm, Deut, u. 10, from r-um, 

Deut. L 8, lofty, Is. it 12, haughty, 

2 Sam. ii. 22 
Taller, and, u-rm. Dent. i. 28 
Talmai, Tl-mi, heap of waters. Is. xv. 

Talmon, Fl-fun, enumeratiou of the 

dew, 1 Chron. ix. 17 
Talmud, Tl-mud, teaching, cautious. 1. 

theMishna, or second law, traditions; 

2. Cremara, completion or perfection 

of the Mishna 
Tamar, T-mr, palmtree. Gen. xxxviii 1 1 
Tammuz, Tm-ur, concealed, Ez, viii. 14 
Tanach, To-nk, that afflicts thee, Jos. 

xil 21 
Tanath, T-ht, a low place, Num. 

xxxiii. 26 

Tanhumeth, Tn-h-mt, repentance, Jer. 

Tauis, J-on, station of exiles, Nnm. 
xiii. 22, Ps. buLviii 12. Is. xix. 11 

Tannim, Tn-im, sea monsters, whales, 
Gen. L 2, Tu-nim-e-qd-lim, dragon^ 

Tapestry, m-rb-dim 

Taphath, F-pt, little girl, 1 Kingsiy. 11 

Taphsar, Fp-vr, a captain, Jer. IL 27 

Tappuah,T-pu-e, apple tree, Jos. xvii. 8 

Tarah, t-e, slowness, encampment, Nu. 
xxxiii. 27 

Taralah, Tr-a-le, examiner, strength of 
the oak, Joe. xviii 27 

Tarea, Te-ro, bed companion, 1 Chron. 
viii. 35 

Tarea, te-ro, evil, anger, 1 Chron. 
viiL 36 

Tare, b-as-he, b-qo, q-ro 

Target, k-id, jn-n 

Targets, j-ne, 1 Kings x. 16, shield. 
Pa. xci 4, from jn-n, cool refresh- 
ment, in heat. Pro v. xxv. 13 

Tarry, a-hr, dm-m,h-ke, i-hil, i-6b,k-un, 
1-un, me-me, o-md 

Tarry, ye, s-br 

Tarrie^ i-hr, me^, a-hr, ar-rk, h-ul, 
i-hl, i-sb, 1-un, me-me, n-we, o-md 

Tarrieth, that, i-sb,-h-wi-6b, I Sam. 
XXX. 24, from i-ttb, to sit, Gen. 
xviii. 1 

Tarrying, no make, tahr, Ps. xl. 17, 
from a-hr, after. Gen. ix. 28 

Targum, T^-gum, explanation, the 
Chaldee paraphrases of the Old Tes- 
tament are called the Targum, a 
comment more than a translation, 
there are several 

Tarpelites, Fr-pl-ye, wearieil, Ez. iv. 9 

Tarshish, Tr-sis, contemplation, a pre- 
cious stone. Gen. x. 4 

Tartack, tr-tq, chained, Jer. xxv. 20 

Tartan, tr-tn, extended, one who ex- 
amines, 2 Kings xviiL 17 ^ 

Taschith, Ts-ht, to destroy, Ps. Ivil 58, 
69-75, from s-ht, to perish, Exod. 
xxi. 26 

Task, d-br, hq-q 

Tasks, d~br 

Taskmasters, sr«mv-iy, mv-v, n-gs 

Taste, f-om 

Taste, my, hk-i. Job vL 30 ^ 

Taste, my to, Can. ii 4, from hk, the 
roof of the mouth. Can. vii. 9 

Taste, thy, hk-k, Prov. xxiv. 13 

Taste, I, fo-mt-i, 1 Sam. xiv. 29, from 
f-om, experiment, Ps. xxxiv. 8 


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Tasted, f-om, 1 Sam. ady. 24 
Tasfceth, if-om, Job xxxir. 3 
Tatnai, T-tn-i; overseer of the gifts, Ez. 

V. 6 
Taught, i-re, 1-md, d-br, i-vr, q-ne, s-kl 
Taught, he, i-do 
Taught to go, r-gl 
Taught, bin 
Taunt, g-dp, »-gn 
Taunting, proverb, a and, Hab ii. 6 

from 1-uj, to sneer with a distorted 

mouth, Prov. ix. 12 
Taxation, his, to. according, k-or-ku, 

2 Kings xxiii. 35. from o-rk, to 

match, set in order, Lev. vi. 35 
Taxed, he, e-or-ik, 2 Kings xxil 35 
Taxes, n-gs, o-br 
Teach, i-do, 1-md 
Teach, shall, a-lp 
Teach, shalt, z-hr, sn-n 
Teach, ye, i-do 
Teacher, m-l-ind, bin, i-re 
Teachers, i-re, h-km, 1-uj 
Teachest him, t-1-md-nu, Ps. xciv. 12 
Teacheth, m-l-md, Ps. xviii. 34 
Teacheth thee, which, m-lm-d Isa. 

xlviii. 17 
Teachers, my, m-lra-di, Ps. cxix. 99 
Teachers, thy, m-ur-ik, Isa. xxx. 20, 

fronj i-re, to set right. Job xxxviii. 

6, Gen. xxxi. 51 
Teacheth, a-lp, h-km, i-re, 1-md, m-res-kl 
Teaching, was, e-ur-e-u, ta-u-re, 2 

Kings xvii. 28 
Tear, d-mo-e, b-qo, d-us, f-rp, v-hb, 

p-rv, p-rs, q-ro 
Tear in peices, did, f-rp. Numb. ii. 12 
Tears th, he, f-rp. Job xviii. 4, from 

f-rp, to pluck fruit with the mouth, 

or for the mouth. Gen viii. 11 
Tears, b-ke, r-mo 
Teats, d-d, s-d, yielding 
Tebah, f-bh, guarding of the body. 

Gen. xxi. 24 
Tebaliah, f-bl-ye-u, baptized by Jeho - 

vah, goodness of Jehovah, 1 Chron. 

XX vi. 11 
Tebet, f-bt, 10th EccL mouth, Est.xii.i6 
Tehinnah, i-hn-e, devout prayer, 1 

Chron. iv. 12 
Teeth, b-ol, pe, sn, ivory 
Teeth, the great, ml-to-ut, Ps. Ixvii. 6, 

from 1-to, Job iv. 10 
Teil, tree, a-as, k-al-e,l8a. vi. 13, from 

al-e, perchance, perhaps, it may be 

perhaps, a preposition, to, unto, 

besides, by, at, upon, toward, unto 

thee, between, without, within, in 

vain ; al-i, to lament, Joel i. 8; a-le, 

to swear, adi;re, bind oneself or 

another with an oath, to cure, Hos. 

iv. 2 ; the rump, Exod. xxix. 22 ; 

an oak, e-ale Jos. xxiv. 26, Ezk. vi. 

13, the oak. Gen. xxxv, 14; u-al-e, 

and elms. Hos. iv. 13 
Tekel, t-ql, a weight, from t-ql, to 

we^h, Heb. shekel, t-ql t-qil-t, thou 

art weighed with weights, Dau. v. 

Tel, t-1, a heap, Deut. liii. 16, Jos. viii. 

Tele, tl-e, her own heap, Jer. xxx. 8 
Telim, tl-m, in their strength 
Teltelim, tl-tl-im, bushy, curled. Cant. 

V. 11 
Tel-abi, tl-abib, green hill, Ezk. iii. 5 
Tekoah, t-qu-o-e, sound of trumpet, a 

place of tents, Numb. x. g, Jer. vi. 

Tekoites, t-qu-o-im, inhabitants of the 

tented field, 1 Chron. xi. 28 
Telah, t-lh, huniility, green, 1 Chron. 

vii. 25 
Telasser, tl-sr, tl-a sr, heap of the 

psalm or song, Isa. xxxvii. 11, ^ 

Kings, xix. 12 
Talem, f-lm, their lamb, Jos. xv. 24 
Tel-harsa, tl-hr-sa, the hill of the 

plough, Ez. ii. 50 
Telmelah, tl-m-lh, the salt hill, Ez. ii, 

Tel], amr, d-br, i-do, v-pr, s-mo 
Tell, canst, i-do . 

Tellest, thou, v-pr-te, Ps. IvL 8, from 

v-pr, number, relate. Gen, tv.t 
Telleth, du-br, Ps. ci. 7, from d-br, to 

say, Exod. vi. 29 
Telling, of, u-bd-br-u, now he waa 

speaking, Pan. viii. 18, 1-d-br, 2 

Sam. xi. 19 
Tema, ti-ma, admiration. Gen. xxy. 

Teman, t-mn, the south, right hand, 

Africa, Gen, xxxvi. 11 
Temeni, ti-mn-i, my right hand, 1 

Chron. iv. 6 
Temenites, the, e-tim-ni, 1 Chron. i. 

15, from, i-mn, or toward the right 

side, Gren. xxiv. 27, Exod. xxix. 22 
Temper, to, 1-rv, Ezk. xlvi, 14, from 

rv-v, to moisten with drops. Cant. 

V. 2 
Tempest, s-or, v-or, v-ore, v-oe, z-rm, 

Y-up, r-uh, fr-or 


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Tempestuous, v-or, s-or 

Temple, bit, e-i-ke, e-ke 

Temple, the into, b-bit 1 Chron, vl 

Temples, your into, le-i-kl-i-kon, Joel 

iii. 4, from e-Hl, a palace, Ps. cxliv. 

12 ^ 

Tempt, b-hn, n-ve. Gen. xxii. 1, from 

n-ve, to prove, 1 Sam. xvii. 39; 

D-ye-u, he proved them, Exotl. xv. 

35 ; n-vi-tu, thou djdst prove, Deut. 

xxxiii. 8; n-vi-ti,, I have proved, 

1 Sam. xyl 3p; n-vut, that 1 may 
prove, jud. ii. 22, Deufc. viii. 16 

Temptation, m-ve, Ps. xcv. 8 
Temptations, em vt, Deut. vii. 19 
Temptations, by, b-m-vt, iv. 34 
Ten *)-sr, rb-b, s-bo, o-sr 
Tender, rk, r-sa, i^nq, rk-k 
Tpnder eyed, r, kut. Gen. xxix. 17, 
from pk If, soft, smooth, gentle, 

2 Kings xxiL 19, 1 Chron. xxxiv. 27, 
Ps. Iv. 21, Job xxiij. 16,Ezk. xvii, 2^ 

Tender grapes, v-m-dr 

Teud^er gr^s, b-d-ta-a, Dan, iv. 15, 

Tender-hei^rted, }-b-l^, 2 Chron. xiii. 7 

Tender love, r-hm, bowels 

Tenderness, u-m-rk, Deufc. xxviii. 56 

Tender mercies, and, u-rh-mim, Ps. ciii. 
4, h-vd-im 

Tenons, Id-nt, Exod. xxvi. 17, id, paw, 
hand, pqwer, 1 Sam. xvii. 37 

Tenour, the to according, ol-pi, Gen. 
xliii. 7, from o-le, to go \ip. Gen, 
xix. 28 

Tent, a-el, spread out, lifted up, but 
transitory. Abraham pitched his 
tent, and dwelt under the o&ks of 
Mamre, Gen. xiii. 18. IJsau built 
him a city, but Jacob was a plain 
man dwelling in tents, he uncovered 
within. Ah-le (not his), but the 
tent the Temple of Divine worship, 
Gen. xi. 21 

Tent, pitched, i-a-le, Gen. xiii. 12 

Tent, Its not pitches it, la=i-a-e-il, Job 
XXV. 5 ; " Behold even to the moon 
it pitches not its tent," always in- 
creasing or diminishmg. Job xxv. 5 

Tents, a le, h-ne, s-kn, vk-k 

Teraphim, and, u-Tr-pim, a small port- 
able hyerogliphic image, in which a 
triune Jehovah was represented as 
redeeming, sanctifying, and saving 
man by thb blood of the cross. It 
was the miniature, domestic, and 

personal Cherubim. The Tr-pim 
comes, from r-pa, to heal, to repair, or 
irom r-ye, to ass wage abate, r-pa, 
God healed Abimelech, Gen. xx. 17, 
He repaired the altar, i-r-pa, 1 Kings 
xviii. 30 ; i-r-pa-ti, I have healed 
these waters, 2 Kings ii. 21 ; i-r-pu, 
so the waters were healed, v. 22 ; 
r-pa-nu, we would have yield Baby- 
lon, Jer. Ii. 9 ; r-pa, a physician, or 
healer, G^n. I 2, Job xiii. 4 Jer 
viii. 22 ; Rachel had stolen these 
Tr-pim tha; were her father's. Laban 
was a Christian not an idolator, nor 
Bachel either, in proof see here, di- 
vinely appointed symbols of a triune 
Jehovah, called instruments or fur- 
niture of his temple, Al-ei, my God, 
Gen. xxxi. 20; Jehovah, Ale^ra, 
Father, Son, and Holy Ghost was his 
Grod of salvation.' The evidences 
given us j^re repeated and ample 
that the Teraphim were not idola- 
ti;ous, but local, private, domestic, 
and personal symbols of the Jehovah 
a^ Qur Saviour, through the blood of 
the Lamb, Jud. xvh. 5, xviii. 5, 1 
Sara. xix. 13; Ezk. xxi. 21; the 
people shall abide many days without 
a king, without a prince, without a 
sacrifice, and without an image, 
cherub, and without ephod, priest- 
hood, and Without a Teraphim, Hos. 
iii. 4 i or any symbol of the God of 
Salvation, Zech. x. 2 ; not idol but 
image symbol, lies in my name, xiii. 3 

Termed, be, i-amr, it shall be said to 
one, to you, to thee, to thy land, Isa. 
xix. 18, from a-mr, to say. Gen. iii. 3 

Terrible, a-im, z-lo-pc, i-ra, o-ij, a-im, 

Terribleness, i ra, p-lj 

Terribly, r-ol 

Terrify, b-ot, ht-t 

Terror, a-im, b-el, b-le, g-ur, hg-y, ht-t, 
i-ra, o-rj, p-hd 

Terrors, a-im, b-el, b-le, b-ot, g-ur 

Terah, T-rh, to breathe, to scent, to 
blow, from ri-h. Gen. ix. 24 

Teresh, T-rs. spread abioad,Est. xiL 1, 
from r-qo, dispersed, Isa. xiii. 5 

Testament, Old, B-rith, purifier. This 
word is rendered Diatheka by the 
Greeks, and Covenant by our trans- 
lator, very improper y in ooth cases, 
'iiie last will ot flim that ever 
liveth is absurd. Covenant, or 


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mutual compact between equal and 
reaponsible parties can have no consis- 
tency as between Grod and man. With 
whom will ye liken me, or shall I be 
erjual, saith the Holy One, Isa. xlv. ; 
every blessing is from Grod, not as of 
a debt, but of grace. Not by compact 
but purification is the only idea con- 
veyed by this Word, n-bt-t-br. 
With the pure thou shalt show thy- 
self pure, 2 Sam. xxii. 27 , k-rm, 
make manifest to them, Eccl. iii. 18 ; 
e-br-u-s-m-im, let the heavens make 
it plain, clear to^ Isa. xivii. 13 ; 
e-bru, be ye clean, Iii, 11 ; not to 
fan, nor to, 1-e-br, cleanse, Jer. iv. 
11; make bright, e-br-u, clean, li. 
11 ; according to the k-br, the 
cleanness, 2 Sam. xxii. 21 ; thou art 
my dove, my b-r-€f, innocent one, of 
her mother. Cant. vi. 8 ; they cast 
him into one, e-br-ut, pit, and 
e-bur, the pit was empty. Gen. 
xxxviii. 20 ; I am br, clean, Ps. xix. 
9 ; br-e, clear as the sun. Cant. vi. 
10 ; br-ur-im, choice men, 1 Chron. 
vii. 40 

Take thee much, br-it, soap, Jer. 
ii. 22, their sufferings purify not. 
But the object of every duty, 
every blessing, and every sacrifie, is 
br-it, purification, such archetypely 
was the sacrifice of Jesus ; 1 will 
hold thy hand and give thee for, not 
a compact, but 1-br-it, a purifier of 
the people, Is. xlii. 6, 1 v\ ill preserve 
thee, and give 1-br-it, a sacrifice to 
the people, to establish the earth, 1^=, 
xlix. 8." More clearly still, I will 
give the men who have transgressed, 
br-it-i, my purification, who have not 
performed the words of thy e-br-it, 
purification, which they cut before 
me, the calf which they cut in two, 
and passed between the parts of it, 
Jer. xxxiv. 18. The killing thevict m 
and applying blood was the purifica- 
tion ; Christ has ever been the great 
and only purifier, and as such was 
revealed to Adam ; and the church 
in every age has had the faith and 
hope of the gospel salvation by 
grace, through faith in Jesus Christ, 
the Lord God and Saviour, Gal. iii. 

Testify, o-ud, o-ne 

Testified, o-ud, o-ne 

Testimony, o-dut 

Tetragrammation, Ye-we, the sacred 
and incommunicable name oi four 
letters, the Masorets presumptuously 
add three others, h-o-h 

Fetter, il-pt, ringworm 

Than, mn, o-le, from prep 

Than, rather, al 

Than she, m-mn-e, 2 Sam. xiii. 14 

Than they, m-mn-u, .Num. xiv. 12 

Than we, m-mn-it. Gen. xxvi. 16 

Thanked, i-de 

Thanks, i-de 

Thanksgiving, t-ud-e 

Thahash, t-hs, that makes haste, Ex. 
XXV. 5 

Thamah, t-me, that blots out, Ez. ii. 53 

Thau, T, the last letter of Hebrew al- 
phabet, we-tu-it, tu, ol=m-jh-ut, 
e-an-sim, e-na-him. And set a cross 
upon the foreheads of the men, &c., 
Ezk. ix. 4 ; the letter is a substantive, 
a cro;48, a termintis 

That, ki, asr, ewa, am, at, e, e-ye, e-ln, 
ze, Y-on, h-un, 1, m, me, mon, o-br, s 

That, by, od 

That, in, b 

That, O, a-el, lii, n-tn 

That, if, jam 

That is, amr 

That which, ze, ra^, a 

That they, a-ns ' 

Thebes, shining, glittering, Heb. An=* 
Am-un, No-Amon, Nah. iii. 8, and 
Amun-m-no, Jer. xlvi. 25, Amon of 
No, and Na only Ezk. xxx. 16, na, a 
dwelling, Amun, a great flock, a 
famous city of ancient Egypt, had 
100 gates ; art thou better than pop- 
ulous No, that was situate among 
the riyers, that had the waters round 
about it, whose rampart was the sea, 
and whose wall was the sea ? Nah. 
iii 8 

The bet, T-bt, the moon of December 

Thebez, T-bj, muddy, Jud. ix. 50 

Thee, a^-tk, at 

Thee, against, a-le 

Theft, g-ni-be, g-zl, g-zl-e 

Their, en, mu, possessive pronoun 

Them, atm, a-he, at, em, en, mu 

Them, against, a-he 

Them, amongst, a-le 

Them, of, a-le 

Them, that, a-ns 

Them, that have no, a-in 

Themselves, n-ps 


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Thelasar, tl-a-sr, the oath of the prince, 

2 Kings xix. 12 
Then, az-yum, a-dn 
Therefore, gm, uknn, m-on, o-le 
Therein, en, q-rh, am, t-uk-g-wa 
There, asr, am, s-me, t>me, a-is^ e-ra, 

There, he no, a-pr 
There, of, oi-ze, sm 
Thereon, ol-ze, am 
Thereto, mu, o-le, pe 
Therewith, at, o-le 
These., a-le, em, en-te 
They, em, e-me 

Thick, t-if, k-hd, r-hk, oh, o-he, o-tr 
Thick, groMm, ob-it, Deut. xxxii 15, 

from ob-h, a beam, 1 Kings, vii. 6 
Thick, the upon, b-obi, Job xt. 26 
Thickness, the, and thereof, u-ob-ju, 

Jer. m. 21 
Thicker, be shall, o-b-e, 1 Kings xii. 

Thickets, into, b-ob-im, Jer. It. 29 
Thief, g-nib-e, g-zl, g zl-e 
Thieyes, g-nb-im, Isa, i. 23, from g-nb, 

I was stolen away, Gen xL 15 
Thigh, i-rk, s-uq 
Thighs, wi-rk-te, Dan. ii. 32 
Thimnathah, im-ut-e, an image, Jos. 

xix. 43 
Thin, d-q, dq-q, i-rd, r-iq, rq-q 
Thin made, dl-1 
Thin-plates, pu-h 
Thine, 1-ek, Numb, xriii. 13 
Thine own, id 

Thing, d-br, amr, b-ra, k-le, o-sq ml-1 
Thing, any, a-hd, a-in, 1-ak 
Thing, eyery, 1-aJc 
Thing, little, rq-q 
Thing, living, n-ps, Gen. i. 21 
Thing, which, k-un 
Things, r-br, h-ds, h-rm, k-le, a-le 
Things, such, a-le 
Things, for their purification, t-m, 

rq-yen. Est. ii 3 
Think, a-mr^ bin, d-me, z-kr, h-sb, o-st, 

Think, best, o-in 
Think est, best, h-sb, o-in 
Thinketh, h-sb, s-or 
Thinking, a-mr, o-in 
Third. s3s,t-lt 
Thirst, j-ma 
Thirsted, j-ma 
Thirsty, j-ma 
Thirteen, sl-se-osr 
Thirteenth, sl-se-osr 

Thirty, sl-sim, t-lt 

This, ze, zat, ge, e e-wa, h-ya, e-lz 

Thistles, dr-dr, bu-h, a bramble. Gen. 

iii. 18, Hos. X. 18 
Thither, sm-sme, ke, e-ne, e-lm, pe, e;:, 

Thorn, q-uj, a-md, sit, hu-h 
Thorns, a-md, h-h, h-dq,T-ir, v-ln, jn-n, 

q-ms, sit 
Thosa, tu-ji, dissipation, 1 Chron. xL 

Those, al-e, em, e-me, a-ns 
Thou, at, at-e, a-nt 
Though, ap-gm, a-lu, am, asr, b-en 

gm, u, ki-lu 
Thought, m-hs, be, e-ge. amr, d-me, 

zm-m, k sb, pl-1, o-st, d-br 
Thought, my, r-oe 
Thousand, a-lp 

Thousands, unto, 1-alp-im, Exod. xx. 6 
Thousander, alp-im, 1-ras, a captain, a 

commander, Jer. xiii. 21 
Thread, h-uf, qu p-tl^ t-lt 
Thresh, d-us, d-rk 
Threshed, d-us, h-bf 
Threshing, was, ds, 1 Chron. xxi. 20, 

from dus, to reaid out, Hos. x. 11 * 
Threshold, vp, mp-tn, viK-p 
Thresholds, yp-p 
Threw, r-me, s &, ire, r-gl 
Threw down, n-tn, s-mf 
Thrice, s-ls, pom 
Throat, gr-un, gr-grt, gr-c, 1-wo 
Throne, kv, kv-a, k-rs, Deut. xvii. 18, 

from kv-e to coyer, Job xxxiii. 17 
Throne, the in, e-kv-a. Gen. xli. 40 
Throne, my, ky-a-i, Isa. xiv. 13 
Throne, thy, kv-ap, Ps. Ixxxix. 14 
Tlirone, his upon and, u-1-ks-a-u, 1 

Kings il 33 
Thrones, ky-a-ut, Ps. cxxii. 5 
Thrones, their, kv-a-utm, Ezk. xxyL 16 
Thrones, their from, m-ky-^a-utm, Isa. 

xiv. 9 
Through, ale, at, b, b-mu, d-^-k, m, mu, 

od, o-le, q-rb. t-uk 
Thoroughly, i-fb, r-be 
Throughout, b, p-ne 
Throw it down to, 1-ep-il, 1 Sam. xyiiL 

25, from n-pl, to fall 
Throwu, r-me, s-lk, ery 
Thrust, g-rs, n-dh, d-qr, dhe, d-Jiq, 

e-dp, 1-hj, n-tn 
Thrust away, nd-d 
Thrust out, b-hl, n-qr 
Thrust through, b-tq, d-qr, f-on 
Thrust forth, i-de 


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Thrust together, z-ur 

Thumb, b-en, Exod. xxix. 20 

Thumbs, be-nut, Jud. i. 6, 7 

Thummim, the, E-tm-im, Exod. xxviii. 
30, from tm-m, to be finished, done, 
ended, Gen. xlvii. 18, Job xxxi. 40, 
perfect in degree, Isa. xlvii. 9, per- 
fect in quality, Ps. xxxviii. 3, 7, Isa. 
i. 6, drew a bow, 1-tm-u, perfection 
of his strength, 1 Kings xxii. 34 

Thunder, r-om, commotion, noise, roar- 
ing of the sea, Ps. xcvi. 11, war. Job 
xxxix. 25, storm, xl. 9 

Thundered, but, wi-rom, 1 Sam. vii. 10 

Thunders, the and, we-q-lt, Exod. ix. 34 

Thunderings, e-q-lut, Exod. xx. 18, 
from q-ul, a noise. Gen. iii. 8 

Thus, ze, ke, k, kun, k-ke, d-ne, k-nm 

Thus and thus, ze, k-ze, Jud. xviiL 4, 
k-ze, uk-ze, 1 Kings xiv. 5 

Thyself, n-ps, a-tk 

Tibhath, Fb-ht, security, 1 Chron. 
xviii. 8 

Tibni, Tb-ni, a son, 1 Kings xvi. 21 

Tichon, Ti-kun, preparation, Ezk. xlvii. 

Tidal, T-dol, that breaks the yoke, 
Gren. xiv. 1 

Tidings, b-sr-e, sm-wo-e, a-is, b-sr, d-br, 

Tie, wa-vr-tm, and tie, 1 Sam. vi. 7, 
from a-yr, to bind, wa-vrn-we-u, that 
we may bind him, Jud. xvi. 5 

Tied, a-vr, a-pd, o-nd, r-kv, n-tz 

Tiger, l-is, an old lion. Job iv. 11 

Tiglatath-pileser, Tg-lt-pl-na^vr, that 
binds, captivity, majesty, 2 Kings 
xvi. 7 

Tigris, hd-ql, arrowhead, point of swift- 
ness, joyful sound. Gen. ii. 14 

Tikvath, Tq-we, union, 2 Chron. xxxir. 

Tilon, Ti-lun, muttering, from lun, 1 
Chron. iv. 20 

Tile, 1-bn-e, white, from Ib-n, a brick 
or a tile, Ib-nim, brick, Gen. xi. 3, 
Ib-ne, a tile, Ez. iv. 1, a poplar, Gen. 
XXX. 37, a mountain, Jer. xviii. 14. 
the moon, Cant. vi. 10, white, Gen, 
XXX. 35, purity, Ps. li. 7 

Till, prep , I. od, p-ne 

Till, that, od-di, Dan. ii. 34 

Till, v., wo-ba-e, and they shall till it, 
Jer. xxvii. 11 

Tillage, the, nir, Prov. xiii. 23, from 
nur, a light, 1 Kings xi. 36, Job 
xxix. 3 

Tilled, be shall ye and, u-no-bd-tm, 

Ezk. xxxvi. 9 
Tiller, a, o-bd. Gen. iv. 2 
Tillest, thou, t-o-bd. Gen. iv. 12' 
Tilleth. that he, o-bd, Prov. xii. 11 
Timber, oj, ao 
Timber, and, w-o-j, from oj,a tree, Job 

xiv. 9, 1 Chron. xxii. 15, 1-oj, a wood. 

Job xli. 27, um-oj, but of the tree. 

Gen. ii. 17 
Timber, and, wa-o, Ez. v. 8, from ao, 

useful, serviceable, a wood 
Timbrels, with, tp-im, Isa. xxiv. 8, 

Timbrel, with playing, Ps. Ixviii. 25, 

a finger drum, tambourine 
Time, ot, z-mn, yum, yod, o-ud, ot-t, 

p-om, jb-a, olm, ski 
Time, the, yum, a day 
Time, appointed, jb-a 
Time, any at, o-lm 
Time, tlie at, yod 
Time, the that before, s-kl 
Time, fifth, h-ms 
Time, first, hl-1 
Time, former, a-ms 
Time past, in, s-ls, t-ml 
Time, appointed, k-ma 
Times, of, mi-mi, Isa. xxxvii. 26 
Times, the of, 1-mi-mi, 2 Kings xix. 25 
Times, m-wod-im, Dan. xil 7 
Times, appointed, his in, bm-wod-in, 

Isa. xiv. 31, pom-im 
Times, appointed her, ra-wod-ye, Jer. 

viii. 7 
Times, five, ten, id-ut, Gen. iliii. 34, 

Dan. I 26 
Timeus, Tm-e, honourable, Mark x. 40 
Timna,Tm-no, complete, Gen. xxxvi. 40 
Timnath, Tm-ne, intermediate, Jos. xv. 


Timnatha, and, U-tm-nt-e, the consi- 
derable portion, Jos. xix. 43 
Timnath-Se-rah, Tm-nt-V-rh, image of 
the sun, abounding, overflowing^ 
Jos. xix. 50, xxiv. 30 
Timnite, Tm-ni, complete, a resident of 

Timnah, Jos. xv. 10 
Timothy, Timo-theos, honour of God 
Tin. b-dil, Ezk. xxvii. 12, to separate, 
divide, e-b-dil, hath separated, Num. 
xvi. 9, Deut. x. 8 
Tin, thy, b-dil-ik, Isa. i. 25 
Tin, the, e-b-dii. Num. xxxi. 22 
Tingle, shall, t-jl-i-ne, 1 Sam. iii. 11, 
from jl-lu, quiver, Hab. iii. 16, u-b- 
jl jl-im, and on cymbals, 2 Sam. vi. 5 


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Tingled, jl-1, to have quivered 
Tinkling, a making, t-o-kv-ne, Isa. iii. t 

16, from o-kv, to trip nimbly 
Tinkling ornaments, e-o-ks-im, Isa. 

iii. 18, h-o-kv, a-wil, a hart trips 

nimbly into the snare, Prov. viL 22 
Tip, tr-nuk 
Tiphsah, Tp-ve, passover, 2 Kings, xv. 

Tip of the ear, t-nup, Exod. xix. 20 
Tiras, Ti-rv, that waters, Gren. x. 2 
Tirathites, Tr-ot-im, carriers, porters, 

1 Chron. ii. 56 

Tirhakah, Tr-l-qe, examiner, dull ob- 
server, turtle, 2 filings xix. 9 

Tire, of thy head the, p-a^rk, Ezk. 
xxiv. 17, pa-ri, goodly bonnets, Exod. 
xxviii. 40, u-t-par-t, of beauty, Ps. 
xcvi. 6, and the glory, Pro?, xvii. 6, 
Zech. xii. 7 

Tired, dressed, u-ti-fb, and tired, 2 
Kings ix. 30 

Tired, yo-p, i-go, la-e 

Tires, p-ar-k, the tire of thy head, Ezk. 
xxiv. 17 

Tires, your and, u-par-km, Ezk. xxiv. 

Tires, round and like the moon, we-s- 
er-nim, Isa. iii. 18 

Tirzah,Tr-j t-e, benevolent, complaisant, 

2 Kings XV. 14, Jos. xii 24, from 

Tishbite, Ts-bi, that dwells, 1 Kings 

xvii. 1 
Tithe, o-sr, in giving I will give the 

tenth. Gen. xxviii. 2, a voluntary 

Tithe, the, em-o-sr, Num. xviii. 26 
Tithes, the and, we-m-o-sr, 2 Cbron. 

xxxi 12 
Tisri, Tj-"> beginning, the first tnonth 

of the civil year, September, Lev. 

xxiii 24 
Title, j-in, monument, 2 Kings xxiil 17 
Titles, ji-nim, way-marks, Jer. xxxi. 21 
Titles, flattering give me let, a-kn-e, 

Job xxxii. 21, 22, a-knk, I have 

sumamed thee, Isa. xlv. 4, kn-ut-u, 

of their companions, Ez. iv. 7, i-kn-e, 

shall surname, Isa. xliv. 6 
To, part, al-e, a-jl, al, at, b, 1, od 
To and fro, a-hd, e-ld, en, i-ja, m-on, 

sub, o-le, id, thy servants 
Tob, Fub, good place, Jud. xL 3 
Tob-adouijah, Fub-Adn-ye, good Lord, 

Jehovaii, 2 Chron. xv. 19 
Tobiah,Fub-ye, good Jehovah, Ez. ii. 60 

Tobijah, and, u-fub-ye-u, good Jehovah 

he, 2 Chron. xvii. 8 
Tochen, T-kn, middle, tuk, 1 Chron. 
iv. 32 

Toe, b-en, divided 

Toe, great, b-en, Exod. xxix. 20 

Toes, great their, b-en-ut, Jud. i. 6, 7 

Togarmah, T-gr-me, gnawing of the 
hDnes, fearful, strong. Gen. x. 3 

Together, a-hr, a-he, ais, a-vp, i-hd, 
j-md, ed 

Together with, at 

Tohu, T-hu, a dart, a javelin, 1 Sam. 
i. 1, bommering of the Australians, 
Hung^munga of south Africa,Trom- 
bash of central Africa, Sellem of 
the Bishereen, used by all these 
nations in hunting. There is an 
example of this weapon in the Egyp- 
tian hall of the British Museum, 
also in the Assyrian Court both there 
and at the Assyrian Temple in Sy- 

Toi, To-i, and To-u, a wanderer, 2 Sam. 
viii. 9, from toe 

Toil, o-ml, o-jb 

Token, a-ut, a mark. Gen. iv. 15 

Token, a, e-a-ut, Exod. iii. 12 

Token, a for, la-ut, GJen. ix. 13 

Tokens, a-ut-ut, Deut. vi. 22 

Tokens, ihy at, ma~ut-tik, Ps. Ixv. 8 

Tokens, their and, wa-ut-tm, Job xxi. 

Told, tu-lo, scarlet, worm, Jud. x. 1 

Tolad, Tu-ld, birth, (ild) Jos. xv. 30 

Told, v-pr, n-gd, amr, d-br, s-mo 

Told, certainly it was, e-gd, Jos. ix, 24 

Told being, t-kn 

Told, had, g-le 

Told, hast, a-zn 

Told is, a-mr 

Toll, and, u-md-e, (md-d), Ezk. xx., 
m-dt, the tribute, vi. 8 

Tomb, g-ds, a stack, Exod. xxii. 6, a 
shock of com, Job v. 26, the tomb, 
xxi. 32, worth, esteem, the idea 

Tongs, 1-qh, o-jd 

Tongue, 1-sun, h^rs 

Tongue, my held had I, e-h-n ti, Est 
vii. 4, 1 kept silence, Ps. xxxii 3 

Tongue, my hold will I, a-hr-is, Job vL 
24, ver. 13, h-rs, to carve, Exod. 
xxxi. 6 

Tongue, hold thy, ev, Amos vL 10, e-ve, 
silent, Hab. ii. 20 

Tongue, the, 1-sun, Exod. iv. 10, Job 
V. 21, Ps. xii 3, cxx. 3, language, 

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Est. i. 22, u-kl-6UD, but according: to 
the language, Neh. xiii. 24, Job 

XV. 6, bay, mi-sun 
Tongue, Jos. xv. 5. wedge, l-sun 
Tongue, viL 24, flamcy tongue of fire, 

Isa. V. 24 
Tongues, m-1-q-him 
Tongues, 1-sn-ut, Ps. xxxi. 10 
Tongues, and, we-l-sn-ut, Isa. Ixvi. 18 
Tongues, their after,l-l-sn-tm,Gren.x. 20 
Tongues, their with, u-bl-su-nm, Ps. 

Lxxviii. 36 
Took, 1-qh, q-bl, ar-hr, n-sa, a-vp, ^u-h, 

g-uz, b-or, i-vr, h-zq, y-oj, i-vp, i-sr, 

1-kd, 1-qh, o-br, t-ps, a-jl, h-^q 
Took an oath, s-bo 
Took I, o-ml 
Took aside, ii-fe 
Took away, bz-z, g-zl, h-lq, m-us, o-br, 

8-bt, s-be 
Took counsel, i-vd, yo-j 
Took courage, h-zq 
Took down, i-rd 
Took forth, n-lq 
Took heed, s-mr 
Took hold, a-hr, t-ps 
Took hold of, 1-pt 
Took violently, g zl 
Took up, o-le, r-um, n-vq 
Took witness, o-ud 
Took, we, j-ud 

Tookest, and, ut-q-hi, Ezk. xvi. 18 
Tookest vengeance, thou though, u-n- 

qm, Ps. xcix 8, n-qm, to avenge 
Tool, h-rb, h-rf, h-le 
Tootii, sn, a crag 
Top, r-as, v-o-ip, g-g, g-rm, v-op, jh-h, 

Top of the head, qd-d 
Tops, v-op 
Topaz, pf-dt, finest gold, Ps. cxix. 127, 

a green gem, Exod. xxviii. 1 7 
Tophel, t-pl, ruin, folly, Deut. i. 1 
Tophet, T-pt, a drum, pe, betraying, 

p-te, 2 Kings, xxiiL 10, Isa. xxx. 3, 

Jer. vii. 31 
Torch, 1-pid 
Torches, 1-pd, p-ld 
Tom, q-ro, f-rp, s-rf, k-vh, s-br 
Torrent, n-hl, the brook. Lev. xxiii 40, 

constant succession, inheritance, 1 

Kings xxi. 4, Exod. xxxi v. 9 
Tortoise, the and, we-zb. Lev. xi. 29, 

from zb, covered, and applies to the 

lizard crocodile. Num. vii. 3, a tilted 

waggon, a litter, a coach, Isa. Ixvi. 


Toss, g-08,j-np 
Tossed, g-dp, n-or 

Totaphoth, Fu-lp-ut, a sign, a hiero- 
gliphic ornament attached to the 
forehead, Exod. xilL 16 
Touch, n-go 
Touched, n-gl, n-sq 
Toucheth, n-go, ri-h 
ToHsings to and fro, nd-dim. Job vii. 4, 

from nd-d, flutter, Isa. x. 4 
Tottered, m-od, p-uq 
Tottering, ed-hu-ye, Ps. Ixii. 3 
Tow, n-or, p-st 
Toward, al, al-e, a-jl, al, b, d-rk, 1, o-le, 

p-ne, n-qd 
Towards,'al-e, at, o, m, m-ul, o-le, p-ne 
Tower, mg-dl, j-ri-h, b-lm, g-dl, o-pl, 

j-ur, s-gb 
Towers, b-hn, pn 
Town, o-ir 
Town wall, h-me 
Towns, b-ne, h-ye, h-jr 
Towns without waUs, p-rz 
Tract, mo-gl 
Trade, a-ns-i, have been men of cattle. 

Gen. xlvi. xxxii. 32, 4; a-ns, sick 

unto death. Job xxxiv. 6, Ps. bdx. 

20, IsH. xvii. 11 
Trailed, v-hr, go about, Jer. xiv. 18 
Traded, th^y, n-tn-u, Ezk. xxvii. 12, 

from n-tn, grant me the place of 

this threshing floor, 1 Chi on. xxi. 

Traffic, shall ye, t-v-hr. Gen. xlil 34 ; 

v-h-ri, merchants, 1 Kings x. .28; 

vu-h-rim, merchantmen, Gen. xxxvii. 

28; uv-hr, and merchandise, Isa. 

xlv. 4 
Traffic, of, k-non, Ezk. xviL 4 ; mer- 
chant, Hos. xii. 7; humbled. Lev. 

xxvi. 41 ; negociators, Isa. xxiii. 8 ; 

K-non-i, a Canaanite, Gen. xxxviii 

2, Zech. xiv. 21 
Trafficer, whose, k-non-ye, Isa. xxiii. 8 
Train, h-il, s-ul 
Train up, h-k,Prov. xxii. 6 ; instructed, 

h-nik-yu. Gen. xiv. 14 
Trained, h-nik-yu, i-dem 
Trampled, r-mv, d-us 
Trance, n-pl, to fall, Exod. xix. 21, 

Deut. xxi 1, Jud. iv. 22 
Trance, a into falling, n-pl. Num. iv. 

Tranquillity, s-le, at rest, Dan. iv. 4 
Tranquillity, thy of, l-s-iu-tk, iv. 72 
Transcribed, o-tq 
Tiansgreas, b-qd, m-ol, o-bd,br -o, p-so 


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Transgressed, a-sm, o-br, p-so, b-gd, 

Transgressest, why, o-iibr, Est, iii. 3 
Transgresseth, b-gd, m-ol 
Transgression, m-ol, p-so 
Transgressor, b-gd 
Transgressors, b-gd 
Translated, o-tq 
Transported, g-le 
Transportation, gu-le 
Trap, 1-kd, s-ht 

Travail, k-ul, h-le, i-ld, la-e, o-ml, o-ne 
Travailed, h-ul, i-ld 
Travelled, e-lk, jo-e 
Travaileth, e-lk. h-bl, h-ul, i-ld 
Travailing, a-rh,jo-e 
Traveller, a-rh, e-lk 
Travellers, e-lk, n-tl) 
Traversing, s-rk, turn this way, and 
that, and across, Gen. xiv. 23 ; 
m-sr-kt, Jer. ii. 23 
Treachery, m-ol, b-gd, to cheat 
Treacherous pien, b-gd-ira, Jer. ix. 2 
Treacherously, departeth; b^-gd-^, Jer. 

iii. 20 
Tread, b-uv, d-us, d-rk, r-mv 
Tread down, e-dk, ov-y, s-um, d-us 
Treadeth, d-us, drk 

Treadeth out, d-us 

Treading, b-us, b-sv, d-rk 

Treason, q-sr, conspire, 1 Kings xvi 

Treason, his and, u-qs-rut, 1 Kings 
xvi. 20 

Treasure, h-vn, f-mn, v-gl, v-kn, g-nz 

Treasurer, g-zb-r, v-kn 

Treasurers, a-jr, gd-br, gz-br 

Treasures, ajr, f-mn, k-mn 

Treasure cities, o-ri-m-vkrjiut, anything 
collected, Exodi 111 

Tree, oj, a-sl, arln 

Trees, j-al 

Trees, shady, jl-1 

Tremble, h-rd-^, ro-de, z-wo, h-ul, 
h-pn, h-rd, p-lj, r-gn, r-up, r-os, 

Trembled, h-ul, h-rd 

Trembleth, h-rd, v-mr, r-od 

Trembling, h-rd, r-ol, rt-t, ro-de, pl-jut 

Trench, t-o-le, h-il, o-gl, o-le 

Trespass, a-sm, m-ol, p-so, h-fa 

Trespassed, a-sm, m-ol 

Trial, b-hn, mv-v, n-ve 

Tribe, n-fe, s-bf 

Tribe, half, em-fe. Num. xxxiv. 13 

Tribes, n-fe, a sceptre, staff. Gen. 
xxxviii. 18 

Tribes, the to accprding, 1-m-fut, Num. 

XXX iii. 54 
Tribute, mv, m-kv 
Tribulation, j-ur, to bind in sorrow, Jer. 

X. 18, 1 Sam. xxvi. 24 
Tribulations, ybur and, u-jr-ti-km, 1 

Sam. X. 19 
Tributary, mv, melted ^a wax, Ps. 

Ixnii. 2 
Tributaries, 1-mv, Deut. xx. 11 
Tribute, a with, m-vt, Deut. xvi. 10 
Trickleth, n-gr, to drain off a fluid, 2 

Sam. xiv. 14 
Trickleth down, p-gr-e, Lam. iii 49 
Tried, n-ve, j-rp, b-im, g-en 
Triest thou, b-hn,' 1 Chroki. :j^xix. 17, 
proved me, Ps. xcv. 9. tempt, Mai. 
iii. 15 ^ 

Trieth, ib-hn, Ps. xi. 6 
Trimmed, o-se, to act, I King^ xxi. 7 
Trimmed, o-se, 1 Kings viii. 64 
Trimmest, i-fb, be merry, Jud. xix. 6 
Trimmest, t-i-fb-i, goods, adornest thy 

way, Jer. ii. 23 
Triumph, rn-n, to sound aloud with ve- 
hemence, u-m-i, shout. Is. xii. 6 
Triumph, r-ne, Ps. xlvii. 1 
Triumphing, the, rn-nt. Job xx. 5 
Triumph, shall, yo-lz-r, Ps. xciv. 3 
Trode, r-mv, r-ps, d-rk 
Trodden, b-uv, d-us, d-rk 
Troop, gd-ud 

Trouble, o-ml, o-jb, o-jb-un, bo-te, b-le, 
b-ot, b-jr, e-im, yum, j-ur, r-gz, r-wo, 
Trouble, in, for, from, his, brhl 
Trouble, is, o-kr 
Trouble, make, r-so 
Trouble, my, o-ne 
Trouble, 1-ae 
Trouble, to, z-wo 

Troubles, jr-iit. Job v. 19. Ps. xxv. 17 
Troubles, and, u-jr-ut, Deut. xxxi. 17 
Troubles, from, m-jr-jit, Prov. xxi. 23 
Troubled, b-hl, o-kr, o-ml, v-or, b-ot, 

g-rs, p-om, r-pv 
Troubledst, d-lh, muddy 
Troubledst, and, ut-dl-e. Ezk. xxxii. 2 
Troubler, the, o-kr, 1 Chron. ii. 7 
Troubleth, that, o-kr, 1 Kings xviii. l7 
Trouble, thee shall, yo-kr-k, Jos. vii. 25 
Trough, s-qe, to water, to give drink, 

Ps. xxxvi. 8, Ixxx. 5, Jer. viii. 14 
Trough, the, e-sqt, Gen. xxiv. 20 
Troughs, the in, b-s-qt-ut. Gen. xxx. 38 
Troup, a-gd, gd-d, h-ye 
Troops, a-rh, gd-d 

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Troopa of robbers, gd-ud im, Hos. xi. 9 

True, a-mt, a-mti, k-nn, i-jb, j-da 

Truely, ak, a-kn, ai-lm, am, a-mn, u> ki, 

Trinity in unity pf the Godhead, Ye-we, 
Al-e-im, Gen. i. 1, iii. 5 

Trinity, Al-e-im, qd-sim, a holy god, 
Jos. xxiv. 19, Jud. i. 7 

Trinity, S-lia-it, Chaldee paraphasts 

Trinity, Mi-mr, the word, id 

Trinity, Ru-he, Qd-sa, the Holy Spirit, 

Trinity, Sl-se, ba-hd, Thr6e in oile, id 

Trinity, A-hd, B-sl-e, Unus in tribus, 
thre^ in one, one in three, Al, Fatlier, 
Ad-hi, the Son,' Rii-li, the Holy 
Spirit, Gen. i. 2 

Trinity, E-sm-im, the heavens declare 
the glory of Cr<j4, Pa. xix. 1, the 
heavens declai*e the glory of God, 
Ps. xix. 1, the whole of m-lak-tu, hij3 
material legate, Gen. ii. 3, the whole 
is included in these three conditions, 
1st. h-me, the part in action of fire 
at the sun ; 2nd. os-tr-ut, the streams 
of light from the sun, moon, and 
stars ; 3rd. bo^lim, the gross grains 
ot chilled air return to the sun to 
supply it with fuel, Dent. iv. 19, Neh. 
ix. 6, Pj^. cxlviii. 2 

Trinity, e-kr-bim. Gen. iii. 24, Ex. xxv. 
11, 1 kings vi. 25, Ezk. ix. 3, x. 5, 
e-sr-pim, Isi. vi. 6, and verses 2 and 
3, u-qr-a, ze-al, ze-u-amr, (jd-us, 
Ye-we, jb-a-ut, both in figure and 
* orally, they id visiop exhibit the at- 
tributes of Jehovah by h\s design, 
as k-&, a figure and rb-im, great ones, 
clearly teach 

Troas, penetrated. Acts xvi. 8 

Troglodytes, vk-yim, covered dwellers 
in caves 

Trophimus, well educated, Acts xx. 4 

Trumpet, su pr,4ij-jr-e, trom h-jr, i-bl, 
s-pr, t-qo 

Trumpets, h-juj~rt, rut, Num. x. 2 

Trumpets, tjie with aUd, we-bj-jr-ut, 
2 Chron. .\xix. 8 

Trumpeters, the, 1-mj-rim, 2 Chron. 
V. 13 

Trust, b-fh, h-ve, a-mz 

Trust, put he, ya-miz, Job iv. 18 

Trusted, e-a-miz, Jud. xi. 20 

Trusting, in the of, 1-na-mn-im, Job xii. 

Trusty, a-mn, n am. Job xii. 20 

Truth, a-mz, Isa. xxv. 1 

Truth, the, am-un, xxvi. 2 

Truth, his, am-un-tu, Ps. c. 6 
Truth, unto, 1-am-t. Isa. xlii. 3 
Truth, in and, u-ba-mt, Jos. xxiv. 14 
Truth, the upon for, 1-am-u-ne, Jer. v. 

Try, b-hn, h-qr, n-ve, j-rp 
Tumbled, mt-e-pk, Jud. vii. 13, from 

e-pk^ to turn, turn back. Lev. xiii. 3 ; 

he bverturneth, Job xxyiji. 9 
Tumult, me-iim-e* s-a-un, 6-im, e-me, 

e-ml, e-mn, ml-1, sa-e, s-an 
Tumults, me-um-ut, Amos iii. 9; 

e-im, to boil, r^e, 1 Sam. iv. 5 
Tubal, T-bl, the earth, tlie world. Gen. 

X. 2 ' ' ' ■ ' ■ ' ' ■ 

Tubal = kain, Tu-bl-Qin the world, pos- 
session, G«n. iv. 22 
Turban, m-jn-pt, jn-ip, rolled about 
Turn, e-pk, n-fe, vb-b, v-Uf, p-ne^ s-ub, 

s-fe, so-e 
Turn, shall they and, far away, we-q-z- 

ni-hu, I^a. xix. 6, z^ne 
Turn, that, j-dq 
Turn thOu, n-tn 
Tprn away, o-br 
Turn baicK, turn back, a-hr-yu, 2 Kings 

ii. 24 
Turned, e-pk, 1-pt, n-fe, n-tn, vb-b, 

u-ug, p-ne, s-ub, v-ur 
Turned, he, p-ne, s-und 
Turned, is, d-uj 
Turned, shall be they and, u-ne-pk-u, 

Exod. vii,, 17 
Turned asMe; were, n^-pk-u, Ps. 

Ixxviii. 57 
Turned up, ne-pk, Job xxviii. 5 
Turned, were and, wi-ep-ku, Ex. vii. 20 
T|irneth, e-pk, Jos« vii, 8, n-fe, yb-b, 
' o-we, s-Um 
Turneth upside down, yp-ut, Ps. cxlvi. 

9 ; pervert, Job viii. 3 
Turning, and, We-pk, 2 Brings ^xi. 13 
Turning, vb-b, q-jo 

Turn jug frono, m-si;b, 2 Chron. xxxvi.31 
Ttirnmg away, 1-sub-b, Mic. ii. 4 
Turning away, the, m-sub-t, Prov. i. 

32; backsliding, Jer. iii. 14, Hos. 

xi. 4 
Turret, d-iq, battery 
Turtle, tur, to go about searching, 

Num. X, 33, a wild pigeon 
Turtle dove, a and, u-tr, u-tur. Gen. 

XV 9 
Turtle, tlie of, e-tur. Cant. iL 12 
Turtle dove, thy, tur-k, Ps. Ixxiv. 19 
Turtles, tr-im, Lev. xii. 8 
Turtle doves, e-tr-im, i. 14 


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Twain, sn-im, i»-ne 

Twelve, twelfth, sn-im-o-sr, a-lp, ma-e, 

8-bo, t-ri 
Twenty, o-sr-im, o-sr, rb-b, »-ne 
Twenties, e-o-sr-im. Gen xviii. 31 
Twentieth, o-sr-im, 1 Kings xv. 9 
Twice, p-om-im, m-sn-e, |)-oni, s-ne 
Twigs, young his, in-iq-ut-yu, Ezk. xvii. 
4 ; wy-un-q-tu,and the tender branch 
thereof. Job xjv. 7 ;