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Full text of "The taming of a shrew. 1596"

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Uufcor jfacsimtle 

Naming of a 

Date of Entry on Stationers' Register . May 2, 1594 

Date of earliest known edition J 594 

Date of this edition 1 59& 

[B.M. Press-mark, 161, b. 8] 

Reproduced in facsimile (i) 1876 

(2) 1912 

g fo 


Under the Supervision and Editorship of 


Issued for Subscribers by the Editor of 



Naming 0! a 


The only copy known of the earliest (1594) edition of this play is in 
private hands : the owner refuses permission to reproduce. 

The edition dated 1596, from which this facsimile is taken, Varies but 
slightly and insignificantly (^tmyot-Hazlitt-Hopkinson) from the 1594 copy. 
Another edition appeared in 1607. The Shakespeare Society's reprint of the 
earliest impression included a collation of that text with that of the 1596 and 
1 607 copies^ and a reference to that reprint will show bow little the three varied 
one from the others. 

The " extra " title-page gtoen herein is from the facsimile issued in 1876 
by Mr. Ashbee and which is now as scarce as are copies of the original. 

The present facsimile is described as " exceedingly well done." 



Pleafant Conceited 

Hiftorie, called The taming 
of a Shrew. 

Asitwasfimdry times aftedby the 

"Right honorable the Earle of 

Pembrookhis feriunts. 

Printed at London by Peter Shortand 

are to be fold by Cutlert Burbie, at his 

fhop attheRoyall Exchange. 



Pleafant Conceited 

Hiftorie,calledThe taming 
of a Shrew. 

Asjt was fundrie times a&ed by the 
Ttyfrht honorable the Eark of 
Pembrook hisfcruancs, 

Imprinred at London by P. S. and are to 
6cfold by CuthbcrtBurbic,athis 

A Pleafant conceited Hiftorie, called 

The Yarning of a Shrew. 

Enter a Tapfter,beating out of his doorcs 
Site Droonken, 


X7Ou whorfon droonkcn flaue,you had bed be gone, 
Y And empty your droonken panch (bme where elfe 
For in this houfe thou (halt not reft to night. 


Slit. Tilly vally,by,crifce Tapfter'Ilc fefc you anon. 
Fils the tothcr pot and alls paid tor,lookcyou 
I d oo drinkc it of mine ownc Indication, Qmne bent. 
Hcere He lie a while,why Tapftcr uay, 
Fils a fredi cufhcn hccre, 
Heigh ho,h ecrs good warme lying. 


Enter a Noble man and his men 

from hunting. 

LordNow that the gloomie (haddow of the night, 
Longing to view Orions driflinglookes, 
Lcapes from th c antarticke World vnto the skie 
And dims the Welkin with her pitchie breath, 
And darkefbme night orcfhades the chriftall hcauens, 
Here brcake we off our hunting for tonight, 

A a Cuppel 

Tie taming of a Sbrt*. 
Cupplc vppe the hounds and let vs hi^ vs home, 
And bid the huntfrnan fee them meatcd well, 
For they, haue all deferu c d it well to daie. 
But (oft, whatileepie fellow'is this lies heere? 
Or is hejdead,fee one what he dooeth lackc? 

Seruingman. My lord,tis nothing but a drunken 
His head is too heauie for his bodie, (fleepe, 

And he hath drunkefo murh that he can go no furdcr. 

Lord. Fie,how theflauifh villainc ftinkcs of drinkc. 
Ho,fii:haarifc.Whatfo (bund a deeper* 
Go take him vppe and bcare him to my houfci 
And beare him eafilie for fcarc he wake, 
And in my faireft chamber make a fire, 
And fet a fumptuotis banquet on the boord, 
And put my richeft garments on his backe, ; 
Then fet him at the Table in a chairc: 
When that is doone againft he (hall awake, 
Let heauenly muficke play about him ftill, 
Go two'of you awaic and beate him hence, 
And then lie tell you what I haue dcuifdc, 
But fee in any cafe you wake him not, 

Exeunt two with Site. * 

Now take my cloakc and giuc me one of your?, 
Al.fcllowes nowyind fee you take me fo, 
For we will waite vpon this droonkcn man, 
To fee his countenance when 'he dooth awake 
And find himfclfe clothed in fuch attire, 
With heauenly muficke founding in his cares, 
And ,fuch a banquet fet before his eics, 
The fellow fure will thinke he is in hcaucn, 
But we will about him when he wakes, 
And fee you call himlord,at euery wordj' 
And offer thou him his horfe to ride abroad, 


The taming of a Shrew. 
And thou his hawkes and houndcs to hunt the dccrc, 
And I wil aske what dues ne meanes to wcai c, 
And what fo ere he faith/ecyou doo not laugh, 
But (till pcrivvade him that he is a Lord. 
' Enter one. 

Mef. And it plcafe your honour your p!aier$ be com 
And doo attend your honours pieafure here. 

Lord. T he fitteft time they could rune chofeno ut, 
Bid one or two of them come hither ftraight. 
Now will I fit my felfe accordinglie, 
For they fhall play to him when he awakes. 

Enter two of the plaiers with packs at their 

backhand a boy. 
Now firs, what (lore of plaies haue you? 

Sax. Marry my lord you may haue a Tragicall 
Or a comoditic,or what you will. 

The other. A Comedic thou fhouldft fay/ouns 

Lord. ftn^whats the name of your Comedic? 

S4. Marric my lord tis caldc The taming of a Shrew. 
Tis a good leflbn for vs my lord,for vs y are maried men 

Lord. The taming of a fhrcw,thats excellent furc, 
Go fee that you make you readic ftraight, 
For you muft plaiebeforc a lord to night, 
Say you are his men and J your fellow, 
Hees fbmcthing foolifli,but what fb ere he fates, 
Sec that you be not dafht out of countenance. 
A nd firha go you makcyou,readie ftraight, 
^nddrcfle your fclfe like (bmelouelie Jadic 3 
And when I call fee that you come to me, 
For I will fay to him thou art his wife, 
Dally with him and hug him in thinearmcs, 
,/fnd if he defiie to goe to bed with dice, 


Tbf tattling of a 
7 hen faine fomc fcufc and fay thou wilt anon. 
Be gone I fay,and fee thou dooft it well. 

Bey. Fearc not my Lord,Ilc dandcll him well enough 
A nd make him thinke I louc him mightilie. x,boy 

Lord. Now firs go you and make you ready to, 
Foryou tmift play aiToone as he dotn wake. 

San. Obrauejirha Tom 3 wcmuft play before 
A foolifh Lordjcomc lets go make vs ready, 
Go get a difhclout to make cleane your fhoocs, 
And lie fpeake for the propcrties,My Lord, we muft 
Haue a fhoulder of mutton for a propertie, 
And a little vinegre to make our Uiuell rore. 

ZW.Vcry weMrha fee that they wantnothing. 

Exeunt om*c$. 

Enter two with a table and a banquet on it,and two 
othcr,with S lie aflcepe in a chaife,richlic 
apparelled, &: the mufick plaicng. 
Ow.So.'firhanow co f cafl my Lord, 
And teihim that^l things is ready as he wild it. 
AnothtrStt. thou fbmc wine vpon the boord 
And then Ilego fetch my Lord prcfcntly. xit. 

c Entejr the Lord and his men. 
Lord How now,rt hitls all thingcs readie? 

- Lord. Then found the mufick,and Ik wake him 
And feeyou doo as earft I gaucin charge. 
My lord,My lord,he flcepcs foundly.-My lord. 
Site. Tapfter,gis a little fmali ale, Heigh ho. 
Lord.Hccrs wine my Lord,the purcil of the grape. 
Site. For which Lord? 

Lord For your honour my Lord, 



The taming of a Shrew. 
Site. Who I,am I a Lord? Jefus what fine apparcll 


Lord. More richer far your honour hath to wcar c , 
And ifit pleafe you I will fetch them ftraight. 
Wil. And if your honour pleafe to ride abroad, 
He fetch you luftie (teedes more fwiftofpace 
Then winged Pfgafv* in all his pride, 
That ran fo fwifthe oner Perfiw plaines* 

Tom. And if your honour pleafe to huntthcdeerc, 
Your hounds (lands readie cuppcld at the doorc, 
Who in running will oretake the Row, 
And make the long breathde Tygre broken winded. 

Site. By the maflc I thinke I am aLord indeed, 
Whats thy name? 

Lord. Simon and i^ it pleafe your honour. 

Site. Simon ,thats as much ro fay Si mi on or Simon 
Put forth thy hand and fill the pot. 
CJiue me thy hand, Sim am I a lord indeed? 

Lord. I my gratious Lord,and your loucly ladie 
Long time hath mourned for your abfence heerc, 
And now with ioy behold where (he dooth come 
To gratulateyour honours fafe returne. 
Enter the boy in Womans Attire, 

Site. Sim. Is this (he/* 

Lord. I my Lord. 

Site. Mafle tis a prettic wench,whats her name? 

Spy. Oh that my louelic Lord would once vouchfafe 
To looke on me,and leauc thcfe frantikc fits, 
Or were I now but half e fb eloquent, 
To paint in words what He pert ormc in deedes, 
I know your honour then would pittie inc. 

Site. Harkcyoumiftrcflejwillyoueatapccceof 


c tarbing of a Shrew. 
Come fit downe on m/fencc, 8;w drinkcto hir 8/Wj 
For flic and I will go ro bed anon. 

Lord. May it pjeafe youjour honors plaiers be come 
To offer your honour a plaic. 

Site . o/ plaic S/w,O brauc 5 be they my plaiers? 

Lord I my Lord. 

/;>. I s there not a foolc in the plaic? 


Site. When will thcv plaie Sim? 

Lord. Euen when iiplcafeyour honor,they be readic. 

oy. My Lord lie go bid them begin their plaic. 

Biic- .Doo,but IOOKC that you come againc. 

. I warrant you my lord,I will not leauc you thus. 

Site. Come S/',whcrc be the plaiers? Sim (land by 
Me and wccle flout the plaiers out of their cotes. 
Lord, lie c.all them my lord.Ho where arc you there? 
Sound Trumpets. 

Enter twoyoong Gcntlcmcn,and a man 
and a boy. 

Pol Wclcometoe^^rrwbcloued friend, 
To Plate es (c hodes and ^rifotlcs walks, 
Wclcomcfrom Cr/?w?mous fbrthc louc 
Of good LtAtder and his Tragcdic,' 
For whom the Hehfpwt wecpes brinifh teares, 
The grcateft gricfe is I cannot as I would 
Giue entertainment to my dccrcft friend. 

laurel. Thankcs noble Polidor my ^fecondfelfe, 
7*hc faithf till louc which I hatic found in thee 
Hath made me Icattc my fathers princelie court, ' 
The Duke otCe/tw thrife rcnowmcd feate, 
To comedo Athens thus to find thee out, 


timing of a Shrtw 
which fmce I hausfo happily attaind, : 
My fortune npw MO account as great . . f, 
As earftdid C*/2f .when-he conquered mofl:. 
But tel me noble friend where dial we lodge, 
For I am vnacquainced in this place. 

Poli. My Lordjifypu vouchfafeof fchollers fate, 
My houfe 3 my felfe 5 arklalji$ yours to vfe, 
You and your men dial ftaie and Ipdge with me. 

AureL With al my heart,l wil requite thy louc. 
Enter Simon , t^ttybonftis^ and his 

three daughters. 

But ftaie; what dames arc thefe fb bright of hew 
Whofc cies are brighter then the latnpes of heaucn, 
Fairer then rocks of pearle and precious (lone, 
More louely far then is the morning funne, 
When firft (he opes hit oriental gates? 

Alfin. Daughters be gone,and hie you to the church, 
And I will ^ie me downe vnto the key 
To fee whatmaf chandi j: is come a fnorc. 


Pol. Why how now my Lord,what in a dumpc, 
To fee thefe damfcls pafle away fo fbone. ? 

i^furcl. Tru'ft me my friend I muft confefle to thce, 
I tooke fo much delight in thefe faire dames, . 
As I do with they had not gone fb foonc, 
But ifthou canft,refolue me what they be, 
And what old man it was that went with them, 
For I do long to fee them once againe. 

Pol. I cannot blame vour honoir,good my Lordc, 
For they are both louely 3 wife,faire and yong, '. , 
And one of them the yongeft ofthe three 
I.long hauc lou'd(fwcet fiicndjand (lielou'dmc, 
But neucr yet we could not find a meanes 
How we might compafle our deficcd ioics. 


The taming 

Why is not heifai&er willing to the match 
Pol. Yes truft mCjbut he hath (blemnty fwornc, 
His elded daughter firft (hal be efpowfde, 
Before he grants his yongcft leauc to louc: 
And therefore he that mcanes to get their loucs, 
Muft firft prouide for her if he wil (peed, 
And he that hath her (hal be fretted fb, 
As good be wedded to the diucll himfelfe, 
For fuch a skould as flic did ncuer fcuc, 
And rill that (he be foed none clfe can fpeede. 
Which makes me thinkc that al my labors loft, 
And who fbcrc can get hirfirme good wil, 
A large dowrie he flial be (lire to hauc, 
For mrfather is a man of mightic wealth, 
And an ancient Citizen of the towne, 
And that was he that went along with them. 

c*/*75r/.But he (hal kcepc hir ftil by my aduife, 
A nd yet I needs mud loue his tecond daughter 
The image of honor and nobility, 
In whofe fweetpcrfon is comprise the fummc^ 
Of natures skill and heauenly maiefty . 
Pol. I like your choife,and glad y bu cho/c not mine, 
Then if you like to follow on your loue, 
VVc muft d^uife ameancs tofind^)^ one 
That wil attempt to wedthisdcGtfifa sikould, 
And I doknpw the man; Cx>mcfhkhe?boy 
Go your waics firha,to Terwdtcs houfe, 
Dcnre him to take the paines to come to me, 
For I muft fpcakt with him immediatly . 
*oy. IwUfir,andfetchhimprefcntly. 

Pol. A man I thinkc wij fit hir humor right, 
As blunt in fpecch as (he is fharpe in tongue, 
j*nd he I thinkc wil match hir euery way, 
Andycthcis a man of wealth fufficicnt. 


The tamtyg of a Shrew 
And for his pcrfon worth as good as {he, 
And if hecompafTehirto be his wife, 
Then may we freely vifit both our loues, 

AureL O might I fee the Center of my fbulc 
Whofe facrcd beauty hath inchantedme, 
More fairc then was the Grecian Helen* 
For whofc fvveec fake (b many princes didc^ 
That came with thoufand (hips to Tenedos. 
But when we come vnto hir fathers houfe, 
Tel him I am a Marchants fonnc otCcftttt, 
That comes for traflfickc vnto ^fthens here, 
And here firha^I wil change with you for once, 
w4nd now be thou the Duke dtCeftus fbnnc, 
Reuel and Upend as if thou wcrt my felfe, 
For I will court my loue in this di%uife 4 

Val< My Lord,nowif the Duke your father fhould 
By fome meancs come to ^fthcw for to fee 
How you do profit in thefepublikefchooles, 
And nnd me clothed thus in your attire, 
How would he take it then thinke you my lord. ? 

t^lurel* Tufh fcarc not Vakriajetmc alone, 
But ftay,here comes fbme other company. 

Enter fertndo and his man Swelm 


Tol> Here comes die man that I did tel you o 
Fcran. Good morrow gentlemen to al at once. 
How now /W*Vfcr,what man ftil in louc. ? 
Euer wooing and canft thou neuer Q>eed? 
God fend me better luckc when I (ha! woo. 

San. I warrant you maftcrandyou takemy councel. 
ferw. Why firha,are you fo cunning? 
Sun. Who l s twerc better foe you by nuemarke 
And you could tel how to do it as we! as L 


Pol. I would thyWiWftbf OQeeWttrinfthbv^inc, 
Totrichimfclfc hwv^cic^<w^*Uiich. 

Few. Faith tatt duen fifcldai^oirig. 

S*. I faith fif,my nflaftcrsg&agtb'thisgeere now. 

JW. Whither in faitfh F&uukijxb me true/' 

The DiucI hintfcl^dafes^arcffventei to*voo her, 

Seignior c^/j^w e:<itft,daiighir, 

And he hath prbmtrdemefixcthoMfeTidcnownes 

If I can win hcr.bncfe my wife, 

And flieaiviljnuftvvoawitn slcoulding furc, 

And I willioldibdMooii ril fhc be wearief 

Or clfe ile m^kchdry0W to grant me lone* : 

Fol. HowlikCfyduthist^^^^ltliinkcHckncwr. 
Our minds before vvcftht to him, 
Buttteji itie^whenido ydu micane to >eakc with her?" 

/'^4.Eaithp'^en8fy ? doyoubiitftand4(!de, . 'ft 
And I will paakcfairifaohcf bang hit hither: 
And fhe,and I,yjdiie^viltalke albne. 

Pol. With r alourheart$,comc'tJr^//^ 
Let vs be gone and leaue him here alone/ Exit. 

Feran. Ho Seignior o/whofe withinthcrc? 


when i i ihauc talktiKvxd:or^va whfc hir, 
Do y ou ftep in and giue her handto ic, 
And tell hir w hen. tfic manage day fhal be y 

Now calhcrfbrchrthatrlmay ^>eake : whh;hir. 


The taming of a Shrew. 
. Ha KttSj Cbrne hither wench and lift to me, 

V/e this gcmlemanftiendly-as thou canft. 

Fcran. Twenty good morrowes to rny lou.ely Kate, 
Kate, You left I am (uvc,is (he yours already/* 
Feran. I tel thee Katel know thou lou ft me wel. 
Kate. The diucl you do,who told you fb. ? 
Fertn. My mind fweet Kate doth lay Iain the man, 

Muft wed, and bed,and marric bonnie Kate. . ,- 

Kate. Was euer feenc fb grofie an afle as this? 
Ftran. I,to ftand ib long and neticr get a kifle. 
Kate. Hands offlfay 3 and get you from thisplaccj 

Or I will fet my ten cbmmandmcnts inyour face. 
Feran*\ prcthc do X^^thcy fay thou art a (hrcwr, 

And I like tnee the better,for I would hauc thec io. 
Kate. Let go my hand,for fcarc it reach your care. 
Feran. No Kate^his hand is mine and I thy Iouc 4 

"* JOtte-. in fajth fir no^he woodcockc wants his taile* ! 
Fer/w;B\.\t yet his bil wil ferue,if the other faile 
*-sflfori,. How now Fe rando, what faics my daughter^ 
Fertn. Shees willing fir and loues me as hir life. , 
Kate. Tis for your skin then 3 but not to be your wife. 
Alfon> Come hither Kate and let me giue thy hand 

Tohim that I haue cho(en for thy louc, 

And thou to morrow (halt be wed to him* 
Kate, Why father , what do you mean to do with me, 

To giuc me thus vnto this branfick man, 

That in his mood cares not to murder me? - 

She turncsafide and (peaks. ,^,-, ...u 

But yet I will confcnt and marry him, 

For I mcthinkes hauc Hudc too long a maid, 

And match him tOjOrelfc his manhoods good^_ . : 
Alfm* Giuc me thy hzndyFerando loucsthee well^ 

Ancfvvil with wealth and cafe maintain* thy ftatc. 

Here Ferwdo cake her for thy wife. 


The taming tfa Strew. 
And funday next dial be our wedding day. 

Per An. Why ib did I not celthee 1 (hould be the man? 
Father, I leauc my loucly Kite with you, 
Prouide your fclucsagamft our manage day, 
For I muft hie me to my countrey houfc 
In had to fee pi ouifion may be made, 
To cntenainc my Kite when (he doth come. 

t^flfon. Do (o,come K*tc ,why doft thou looke 
So fad,be merry wcnch.thy wedding daies at hand. 
Sonne fare you wel,and fee you keepe your promifc. 
' Exit ^flfon/o and KMte. 

Fcran. So,al thus far goes wcl, HQ Sunder. 
Enter Suulcr laughing 

8**. .StBdtrJL faith you are a beaft, I eric God lurtih'c 
Mercy, my harts ready to run out of my belly with 
Laughing,! flood behind the doore al this while, 
c^fnd heard what you faid to hir. (wcl tohirf 

Ferdn. Why didft thou thinke that I did not fpcake 

San. You (poke like an affc to hir.ile tcl you what, 
iXhd I had bin theere to haue woodc hir,and ha^ this 
Cbkc on that you hauc,chud haue had her before (nc 
Had gone a foot furdcr,and you talkc of Woodcocks 
With hir,and I cannot td you what. (for al this. 

fcrtn. Wclfirha,and yet thou feed I haue got her 

St*. I marry twas more by hap then any good cunning 
1 hope flbeclc make you one of the head men of the 

Ferat*. Wcl firha^cauc your iefting and go to Poli 
The yon g gentleman that was here witb me, (I'.oufc, 
A nd tcl him the circumftance ofal thou knowft, 
Tcl him on funday next we muft be maried, 
Xnd if he aske thee whither I am gone, 
Tell him into the countrey to m/houfc, 
And vpon Sunday ilc be here againc. Ex. 

Tht taming of a Shrew* 
S** I warrantyou matter fcare not me 
For doing of my bulincffe. 
Now hang him that has not a liucry cote 
To flafh it out and fwafh it out amongft the proudcii 
On them. Why lookc you now,ik fcarcc put vp 
Plainc^4^f/*nowatany of their hands/or and any 
Body haue anything to do with my mafte^ftraight 
They come crouching vpon me, I befeech you good M. 
Sander fpeake a good word for mc,and then ami fo 
Stout and takes it vpon me 3 and ft and s vpon my pantofles 
To them out of a! crie,why I haue a lifelike a giant 
Now,but that my matter hath fuch apcIUlcnt mind 
To a woman now of late,and I haue a prety wench 
To my fjfter, and I had thought to haue preferred my 
Matter to hir,and that would haue bin a good 
Deale in my way,but that hees fped already. 

Enter Polidors boy. 
Soy. Friendjwclmct 

San* Sou ns,friend wcl met* I hold my life he f eees 
Not my matters liuery coate, 
Plaine friend hop of my thum,know you who we arc. 

Boy. Truft me firit is the vie where I was borne, 
To falute men after this maner,yet notwithstanding 
If you be angry with me for calling of you friend, 
I am the more forry for it,hoping the tti]e 
Ofa foole wil make you amends for al . 

San 4 The flaue is fbrrie for his fault,now we cannot be 
Angry 3 wcl whats the matter that you would do with vs 
^ Marry Fir 3 I hcareyou pertaine to f cignior 

. I and thou beett not blind thou maitt fee P 

. Shal I intreat you to dome a mefiage to your 

Thftxmtngyfa Shrew, 
Ban. I,it may be, & youtcl vsfrom whence yoq 0009. 



4^1)0 youTemerun^ and what* your name? 

^ r IS Cluu v>ai,ipic. 

Sa*yQik6 JKid pie,O tby-teeth water* to haue a pcec$ : 

<?/. Why flai*fi y vv6ul#tthou catc mc. ? 

84^. feaw -ch^Arho vvoiddnowatc^a^Qand pie. ? 

2?ty Why villa* jne my nameisCatapie 3 
But vvilithcij telhic where thy maiftccis>; 

San. Nty thoumuft|firfttelmc whtrciiyiiMifter is, . 
For I haue'g6V)d"4ltwc^forhirn,i caritdtlc<!L 7 
fc Why fee vyherc ht comes. rig.i 

^ -^ i i * . 

Enter Poudor r 

Now will we go to fee thofe louely dames 
Richer in beauty then the orient pearly 
ulnd far more louely then the tereinjriartt, . 
That blufliingin the aircturnc$loa{l^pe 
What Sa^r, what newest vith you?.; 

San^ M^riry firmy maif|crfi:nds.yQ|iy,Vftr.4: 
That you rkift cdmcto^^vvcddiwg t0oo?EOv^j : 

Pol, What (hal hc^fc inaricdf hcn> - _ 

S*#. Faith I,you thinfeelidhndcs *s brag-about it a $ 

P^J Wliiiher ifirthymaiftei- goneiiovv? . , 

Ban. Mai*>?Hecs gouctooicr ; hon/e in ; the Cpuritrey, 
To make al things in a readincfle again(t.^iy hctr 
Miftres comas'tmthet^uDHcclc^ome aphjc to 

Pol. Thfs^i W<kilydifpatcht belike 

, - 

The taming of a Shrew. 
And haae him to the buttwy prsfcntlie* 
Boy. I will fir.*come Sawtfkr, 

" ^x//S4^jrandtheB^; 

Take thou thy lute and go toi^flfoftfet houfe^ 
And fay that Polidor lent thce thither, . 

PoL I Valeria for hefpdke to me. 
To helpc him to fbme cunning Mufition, 
To teach his eldeft daughter on the lute, 
And thou I know wil fit his turnefo well 
A s thou (halt get great fauour at his hands,] 
Begon Valeria and fay I fent thet to him. 

ffc&r.'twil fi^and ftay your camming at* 


Pol. Now fwcct ^fttreUm by this deuifc 
'S hal we haue leifurc tor to coutt our loues, v 
For whil(J that (he is learning on thelnte, 
Hir fifters may take time to ftealc abrode. 
For "otherwife (heele keepe them both within, 
And make them worke whilft (heherfclfe doth play, 
But come lets go vntpo/^^houie, - 
A nd fee how Valeria and Kate a grccfe 
I doubt his mufickc fcarfc willplcafc his skoller, 
But ftay heerc coines Alfinfo. 

Enter t-x//J0/0. 

^4lfon . What M. Polidor, you are we! met, 
I thanke you For the man you fent to me, 
A good Mufition I thinkc he is, 
I hauc fct my daughter ahc} him.togithcr, 
But is this gentleman a fridid'ofyoursr 

Pol. HeTis,! pray you nVbid him welcome, 
Hes a wealthy Marchantsf fonof 'Ceft0t.- ; 

* Your welcome fir,anci if my hoiifeaforde : '\\ 

C You 

The taming of a Sbrtv>. 
You any thing that may content your mind, 
I pray you fir make bold with me. 

Aunt. I thankc you fir^and if what I haue got, 
By marchandiic or trauel on the Teas, 
Sattins or lawnes or azure coloured filkc, 
Or pretious firie pointed ftones of Indy, 
You fhal command both them,my felfe and al. 

Alfon. Thanks gentle fafolidor take him in, 
And bid him welcome to vnto my houfe, 
For thou I thinkc mud be my fecond fbnne, 
Fcrtndofolidor dooft thou not know 
Muft marry Katt^nd to rttorrow is the day. 

Pol. Such ncwcs I hcard 3 and I came now to know. 

Jlfin.'PolidortistTue&o let me alone, 
For I muft fee againft the bridegroomc come, 
That al things be according to his mind, 
And fb ilc leauc you for an hoiirc or two. Exit. 

Pol. Come then Aurelitu come in with me, 
And weele go fit a while and chat with them, 
And after bring them forth to take the ai re. Exit. 


Site. Sim y when wil the foolc come againe? 

Lord. Heelc come againe my Lord anon. 

Site. Gis fomc more drinke here,founs wheres 
The Tapftcr,hcre Sim catc fomc of thcfe things, 

Lord, So I do my Lord* 

S//*.Heere Sim J drinke tothec. 

Lord. My Lord,hecre comes the plaiers againe. 

//>, O braue, hccrs two fine gentlewomen. 

Enter Valeria with a Lute and Kttc 

with him* 

Vile. The fencelcflc trees by muficlc hauc bin mou'd, 
And at the found of pl^afant tuned firings, 


The taming of a Shrew. 
Haue foliage beads hung down'thcir liftning heads, 
As though they had becne caft into a trance. 
Then it may be thatfhc whom nought can plcafc, 
With mufickcs found in time may be fupprifde, 
Come louely miftreflc wil you take your lute, 
And play the leflbn that I taught you laft ? 

Kate. Ii is no matter whether I do or no, 
For truft me I take no great delight in it. 

Yd. 1 would fweet miftrefle that it lay in me. 
To helpe you to that thing thats your delight. 

Kate. In you with a peftfencc 3 are you fo kind? 
Then make a night cap of your fiddles cafe, 
To warme your head, and nide youu filthy face. 

Val. If that fwect miftrcs were your hearts content, 
You fhould command a greater thing then that, 
Although it were ten times to my dilgracc. 

Kate* Your fo kindc twere pitty you (hould be 


And yet fhethinks thefoole doth looke afquint. 
Vtl. Why miftreflc do you mockc me. ? 

Kate. Nojbutlmeane tomouethec. 

Vat. Wei, wil you ^lay a litde? 

Kate. Ijgiuc me rhe lute. 

Vul. That ftop was falfe^lay it againe. 

Kate. Then mend it thou,thou filthy aflc* 
. Val. Whatdoyoubidmekifleyourarfc? 

Kate How now iackfau(c,your a iolly mate. 
Your bcft be (lil leaft I crofle your pate, 
^nd make your mufickc flic about your cares, 
He make it and your foolifh coxcombe meet. 
She offers to itrike him with the lute. 

Val. Hold miftreflc/ouns wil youbreake my Iute. ? 

Kate. I on thy head,and if thou Ipeakc to me, 

C2 There 

of a. Shrew. 
c it vp and fiddle fomcwhcrc'elfe, 

: She thro wcs it down. 
And feeyoirconae no more into this place, 
Lcaft thit I clap your fiddle onyour face. Ex. KM a 

Val. Sotins,,tcach hejr,to play vpqrj the kite? 
The Diuciniaiteach-bir.nTft,Ijim. glad (bees gone, 
For I was neat ib fraid in al mf life, 
But that my lute ftiould'flie about mine cares, 
My maiftcr flial teach hir hisfelfe for me, 
For ile keepdmefaE enough without Jiir reach, 
-For he a ti&Auidcr fcnc me before 
To be with her and teach her on the lute, 
Whilft they did cburc the other gentlewomen, 
AivHicreinethinks they come togither. 

Pel. How now r^&ru^whcars your miftrefle? 

Yd. At the vengeance I thinkc and no where elfe. 

AureL 'Why f*4/fr/iivit(be not learne apace? 

V*l. Yes bcrladyih^hasleatnt too much already, 
And that I had felt had I not fpoke hir faire, 
But fhc (hall neare be learnt for me againe. 

Aurel. Well ValeriA^ go to ray chamber, 
And bcarc him company that caa>c PP daie 
From CV/?/# ,whccc our aged father d wcls. Ex 

Pol. Come faire Zwfit my lonely loue, 
Brighter then h burm(ht.pallace of the fimnc, 
The eie-fight of t^cglqri^w firmament, 
In whofe bright loj^fp^les thQ radiant fir 
Wilie Prorpttfau jJilio ftftte fa>m free, 

To eucry obicd frikewhy;thine ties. 
Oh fairc ZmzltA Jpihefor tbee, 
And eith^cwft^nioy: thy toufcjP die. 

Erne. Reman 3 I know you yvil not die for louc* 
Ah Pclidor thou needftc not to complainc, 
Eternal heaucn fboncr be diflblude, 
A nd al that pcarfcth Phcbus filuer cic, 
Before fuch hap bcfalto Polidor. 

Pol Thanks fairc Emelu for thefe fweet words, 
But what faith Philena to hir friend? 

Pbylf* Whylambuvingmarchandifeofhim. 

Aurel. Miftrefle you (nal not need to buie of me, 
For when I croft the bubling Canibey, 
And ( aildc along the Chriltal Helifpont, 
I filde my cpfcrs ofche wealthie mines, 
Where 1 d;d caufc millions of labouring Moires 
To vndermine the cauernes of the earth, 
To feeke for ftrangc and new foundpretious ftones, 
^nd dine into the tea to gather pearlc, 
As faire as luno offered Pr tints fbnne, 
And you fhall take your liberal choife of al 

Phyle. I thankc you fir^nd would <PhylcffA might 
7n any curtefie requite you fb, 
As (he with willing heart could wel beftovv. 

Alfonjkkm now daughtersjs Fcnwdo come? 

Erne. Notyetfather, /wonder he ftaies fb long. 

Alfon* And whercs your fiftcr that (he is not here? 

ybylc .She is making of hir ready father 
To go to church and iTthat he were come. 

Vol. I warrant you hcclc not be long away. 

Alfon. Go daughters get you in,andbid your 
Sifter prouide her fclfe againft that we do come^ 
And fee you go to church along with vs. 

Exit Phylena zndEmftia. 
I marucl that ferando comes not away. 


The taming 

Pol. His Taylor it may be hath bin too flacke 
In his apparel which he meanes to weare, 
For no qucftion but fome fantafticke futes 
He is determined to weare to day, 
And richly powdered with precious (tones. 
Spotted with liquid gold.thicke fct with pearlc, 
And fuch he meanes fhal be his wedding futes. 

Alfon* I carde not 7 what coft he did bcftow, 
In gold or filkc, fo he himfclfc were here, 
For I had rather lofe a thoufand crowns, 
Then that he fhould decciuc vs heere to day, 
But foft I thinkc I fee him come. 

i * 

Enter Terwdo bafcly attired,and a 
red cap on his head. 

Fcrtrt. God morrow rather fPolidor wcl met, 
You wonder I know that I hauc (laid fo long. 

^flfon. I marry Ton we were almoft perfwaded 
That we fhould fcarie haue had our bndegroome here, 
But fay, why art thou thus bafely attired? 

Feran. rh us richly father you fhould haue fai d, 
For when my wife and I am maried once, 
Shccs fuch a (hre w,if we (hould once fal out, 
Sheele pul my coftly futes ouer mine cares, 
And therefore am I thus attired a while, 
For many things I tel you's in my head* 
And none muft know thereof but Kafe and I, 
For we fhal line like lambs and Lions fure, 
Nor lambs to Lions ncuer was fb tame, 
If once they lie within the Lyons pawcs, 
As Kaff to me if we were maryedoncc, 
An<J therefore come let vs to church prefently. 

Pol. Fie Ffrando,not thus attired for ftiame, - 
Come to my chamber and therefutc thy felfe 

The taming of a Shrew 
Of twenty fiites that /did neucr were. 

F eran. 7u(h Polidor I haue as many futes 
Fantafticke made to fit my humor fo, 
As any in Athens,and as richly wrought ' 
As was the Mafsie Robe that iate adornd 
The ftately legate of the Perfian King, 
And this from them haiit I made choiie to wearc, 

Alfin< I prcthie Ferattdo let me intreat 
Before thou gofte vnto the church with vs,. 
To put fomc other fiite vpon thy backc. 

Ferats. Not for the world if J might gainc it ib y 
And therefore take me thus or not at ah 

But fbft fee where my Kate doth come, 
I muft fakite hir:how fares my louely Kate* 
What art thou ready ?fhal we go to church? 

Kate. Not I with one fb maclfb bafely tirde, 
To marry fiich a filthy flauifh groornc, 
Thatas it feemes fbmctimes is from his wits, 
Or elfe he would r* thus haue come to vs. 
fferatt. 7ufh Katethcfe words addes greater loue in me, 
And makes mcthinke thec fairer then before, 
Sweete Kate thou lonelier then Dianas purple rob?, 
Whiter then arc the fnowie Apenis, . 
Or icie haire that groes on Boreas chin. 
Father! fweare by Ibis golden beake, 
More f airc and Radian te is my bony Kate, 
Then filuer Zanthus when he doth imbracc 
Theruddie Simies at Idas feete, 
And care not thoii fweet Kate how 7be clad, 
Thou flialt haue garments wrought of Median filke y 
Enchaft with pretious iewels fetcht from fat y 
By /talian marchants that with Ruftian ftemes, 
Ploughs vp huge furrowes in the Ttrrtn Maine, 


Tbt taming ofaSbre*. 
A nd better far my loucly X*/f fhal wearc, 
Then come fweet loue and let vs to the church, 
For this I fweare fhal be my wedding futc* 

Exeunt onwct 
Alfin. Come^entlcmen go along with vs, 

For thus do what we can he wilbc wed. Exit. 

Enter Polidors boy and Sander v 

Boy. Come hither firha boy. 

San. Boy ^oh difgracc to my pcrfon,'fbuns boy 
Of your face,you haue many ooyes with fuch 
Pickadeuaunts I am fure,fbuns would you 
Not haue a bloudy nofc for this? 

Boy. Corncgcomejl did but ieft,whcrcis that 
Same pccce of pic that Igaue thee to keepc? 

84;;* The pief I you haue more mind of your belly 
Then to go fee what your maiftcr dooes. 

'Boy. Tufh tis no matter man I prcthc giueit me, 
I am very hungry / promife thcc. 

Sart< Why you may take it and rh$3uell burft 
You with itjOne cannot fauc a bit after fuppcr, 
But you are alwaies ready to munch it vp.) 

Boy. Why come matyve (hal haue good cheere . 
Anon at the bridehoufe,tor your mafters gone to 
Church to be maried already ,and thcars 
Such cheere as pafleth. 

San. O braue,/ would I had eatc no meatc this wcckc, 
For I haue neuer a corner left in my belly 
To put a vcnfon paftie in,t thinke I ilial burft my fclic 
With eating/or ilc fb cram me down the tarts- 
An& the marchpaines out of al crie. 

Boy. I 3 but how wilt thou do now thy maifters 
Maricd,thy miftres is fuch a diucl s as fhcelc make 
Thee forget thy eating quickly ^heclc beat thecfo> 

The taming of a Skrw . 

S*. Let my oaaftcr atone with her for that,for 
Heele make hir tame wel inough ere long J warrant thcc. 
For he's fuch a churle waxen now of late,thatand he be 
Neuer fo little angry he thums me out of al cry, 
But in my mind firha the yongeft is a very 
Pretty wench,andif I thought thy mafter would 
Not naue hirjde haue a fling at hir 
My felfe,ile fee foone whether twil be a match 
Or no.-and it wil not ilc let the matter 
Hard for my felfc I warrant thcc. 

Boy. Souns you flauc wil you be a Riuall with 
My mafter in his louc,fpeake but fuch 
Another word and ile cut offonc of thy legs. 

Sun. Oh,crucl iudgcment,nay then firha, 
My tongue fhal talkc no more to you,marry my 
Timber fhal tel the trufty meflagc of his maiftcr 
Euen on the very forehead on thee,thou abufious 
Vil!ainc,therefore prepare thy felfe. 

<y <. Come hither thou impcrfcdious flauc in 
Regard ofthybcgcry,hbld trice thers 
T wo<hillings formccf to pay for the 
Healing of thy left leg which I meane 
Furiouiiy to inuade or to maime at theleaft. 

San. O fupcmodical foole/wel ile take your 
Two(hillings,butilc barftriking atlcgs, 

Boy. Not I/or ilc ftrikc any where. 

San. Here take your two millings againe, 
Ile fee thec hangd ere ilc fight with thec, 
I gat a broken fhin the other day, 
Tis not whole yet,and therefore ilc not fight. 
Come come, why mould we fal out? 

Boy. Wel firha your faire words hath fomthing 
Alaied my Chollcr ; I am content for this once 
To p ut it vp and be friends with thce, 

D But 


*,,iiov;< ;ibfil. 

Sirha,go make ready my horfe prefertdy , 

i^lfon. Yc*1fte^M*3Cfott*4^}o^ 
lam (urc you wil no*g6fotaddaftll30';> 3 i, -jr-. ,mO 

X4/^LcthimeoortarryIamti^tASbftiyi"-- '- 
And not CO traucion nry wcddingjdtty : 

Ftm. Tut X/^ I tdfthce Wen^nciedrgotiiittt, 
VUlainchaftxhpiifadkdmyiiofffe?o!ii f r.L wi!;. :>A 

j,: ' 

Saddel the bay gelding for your piifttfc. i ''^ 

X4/ir Notformc.-ft>TiJcnotgo. 

64^. The Oilier wiilnotWr me trwiphim,youo\vc ten 
For hismeatc,and ^.pcncefot 

. Shal I giue them anpi^er-pccke of laq*i'.dr>' 
^. Out flaue and bring them prcfcntly to the dorc. 

Alfirt. Why ibi^I hope at lead youle dine with vs. 

S4J pray you maiftcr lets ftay til dinner bo don. 
^ Fcran. Souns viilaihe arc thoii here yet? ' ExitStnder 
Come X**i,our dinner is prouidcd at home. 

^Ci/^. But not for-mc,for here I mcancto dine. 
He haue my wil in this as wcl'as you, 
Though you in maddingmood would leaucyour (t^nds 
Defpite of youifc tarry wkhthemlu'I.. -v' r - 

Feran. I Kate fo thou fhaltbut Bciort^b(her fime, 
When as thy fiftcrs here (hal be cfooiifd, 
Then thou and I wil keep e our wedding day, 
In better fort then now we can prouide, 


We wil ere long refurnc to theaMgaifcf* , 
Come Kate (land not on tcrmes, we wil away, 
Thisismydayjtomoyrowthouft^akride^,.. . ;i , 
AndlwildojwhatCH^rthoucomman^ds. - ; ,y/zfofl 
Gentlemen farwcl,weel take our kaUes, , O v I 

It wil be late before that we come home. 


Pol. Farwcl Fervulo fince you wjj b^ gone, A-;, 




PhyU. And yet I hardly thinke that he can tame hir.* 
For when he has don (he wil do what fbe lift. 

Aurel. Her manhood then is good I do beleeue. 

ftl. ^ttreluu or clft I ^iffe09Vftfkexr ^ 
Her toung wit vyralkeif (he dpt^hoft to bftds, 
lamindoubterehalfcamontjibcpaftr |.fii;, : . 
Heele curfc the oricft that maried him.^b foonc, . 
And yet it fhc wil be i'eclain^de, 
For fhe is very patient groyne of laic j 

Alfon* GodhoJd itthatitm^y^ndou^fti^ 
I would bcloththahcy (hpulddi&gfc^; ^ 
But he I hope wil hold hir in awhile. >f ;r , ; 

Pol* Within this two daics I wil rjdc tahim, 
And fee how louingly they do agree. 

i^lfon. Now Aurtlitu whayfty you tp rhjs, 
Wha^na^eyo^lcnttoC//?Atfasyou6l^ r 
To ccrtific your farther pf your louc, 

-f, _ i S t n 4 ' ' * " * ' ' ' 

For I would gladjy he would like ofitj 
And if he be the man you tcl to me, 
I gede he is a marchant of great wealth: 
And I hauc fccnc him oft at i^ftkem hejfs, 

And tin his fake aflurctheethoiurcw^Jo^mCft: 
/. And fo to me wWleft^^rdtj Jiyc f 

Tbttaming of<tSt>re+> 
Anrel. I find it > fight worthy gentlemen, 
And of what worth your fricntlfhip I eftccme, 
1 Icuc ccnlurc oiyour fcueral thoughts, 
But for requital of your fa uorspafl, 
Refts yet behmdjwhich when occafion (crue s 
^nd for my fathers commingto thisplacc, 
I do cxpeft within this wecke at moft. 

^Llfon. Inough \^nrclitK : but we forget 
Our marriage dinner noiv the bride is gon, 
Come torn fee whether* they fcfTtemnd Zxjtomnet 

Enter Sanders with two or three 


8*0* Come fite,pF0uk)e al things as faft its you can, 
For my marten hard at band and my n^i^i(rrj> 
wtfnd al,and he fen t me rxrforc to fee al things ready. 
Tom. VVclcbm^home 

New miftris, they fiy (be^s a plagy (brew. 

I and that thou fhalt hndi can tel thee and thou 

Doft not plcafc her wefyfrhy my mailer 

Has fuch a do whhitfr as it jteflcth ar&be's cuen 

like a madman. 


8*n. Why ilctclyou what/when they diouM 
Go to chUrch to be ntarried,hc puts on an old 
Icrkin and a paire>fcaiid^s breeches downco the 
Smal of hi s leg and a ttd cap on his headend he 
Lookcs as thou vvrftbHrft'tWtfcHc with fawghing 
When thou feed him.-he's erfe as good as a 

Foolc for mcrand An when theyihoaW go to dinner 
He made me fa&He theiior^aiia awa)( hecamt. 
And nerc taPied for dirmer aitdtbereforeyotjhad beft 
Get (upper rtfadyagainlVthcy come/6r 


The taming of a Shrew. 
They be hard at hand I am fure by this time. 

Tom. Sounes fee where they be already. 
Enter Fertndo and Kate. 

Few. Now welcome K*te. wheres thefe villaines 
Herc,what?not fupper yet vpon the bord: 
Nor table fprcd.npt nothing don at a), 
Wheres that villaine that I lent before. 

San. Now, tdfumfx. 

Per an. Come hithervou villaine ilc cut your nofe, 
You Rogue-hclpc me ofrwith my bootes: wilt pleafe 
you to lay the cloth/fbuns the villaine 
Hurts my footcfpul cafily I fay,yct againc* 


They t9*er the bordtndfetchi* the mett* 
Sounsf burnt and skorcht, who dreft this meat** 
Wil. Forfouth I oh n cookc. 

He thro we s downethe table and meat 

and al,and beates them. 

Per an. Go you viUaines bring you me fuch meat, 
Out of my fight I fay and beare it hence, 
Come Kate wecle naue other meat prouided, 
Is there a fire in my chamber firf 
Sun. Iforfootb. Exit Fer**do**dKatc. 

CMancnt fcruing men and cate vp al the meat. 
Tom. Sounes, I chinke of my conf cicnce my mailers 
Mad fincc he was maried. 

WiL I laft what a boxe he gaue Bunder 
For pullingoff his bootes. 

Enter Fertndo againe. 
San. I hurt his footc for the nonce man. 
Per An. Did you fo you damned villaine. 

He beates them al out againe. 
This humoi. muft I hold me to a while, 




1 4tf (/pg?d/4jar{* ' 

To bridle and ho\4b*^3W^ ..^ 

With curbcs of juipyrjr r 3U;jand,waiu of fliffipe, 
Nor f lccpc,nor meat dial (he iniqy , to night, 
He mew her vjxasrpcn do mcvy th^ir Jia^cco ^ 
And makchir gcn^y come vnf 
Were fhe as ftuDDorncnr aim] 

Sil?, , . jr : 

A i ^.t \^ JVnC. Y-J^r W^TDJTx J 'Ol^t 

As were the Tbrtcuxharie.XwMs tamde, . 

** **> 


As were thcr&*^c^# ^njc, 
That king fgftu fed with flctn of men, 
Yet would 1 pul herdowjic apd make hir come 
Asliungr^hawki^(^^wthqUurc4 * 

Wfe , 


As bright as is the ht'aueri criftafiihc 
As fairc as is the milkc.whitc way oi Iwie, 
As chafl^sP^^jr^iir iiirnjijci fppns, v ^ , 

That circles either CM (iluer^a^ies^ ; j , | J( JL ' . 
Her do I jpcanc^o ^^c|WJto^ej(y Ijct%dibH 
And in her bed tq Breath in<^W/cetxintcnt, 
That i thou knpwfllong.timchaue timed at. 
Now Vfderu it rcfls in t nee to bclpe 
To compaflethis^thatJ might gimcipyloue. 

Which eafihr'thou rnaiftpcrfittrweat w8^ 

~r * tf' < trt' */ 

Jfthat the marchant which thoiitoldlt^ge of, - 

Wil as hcfajd go to ^o^xhoufc. 
And lay he is my ftthcr>and tha^wtfl 
Pas ouerccrtainc deeds ofland tome> 
That /thereby may gainuny Jbi^s ^c$p> 
And he is promifcd rcward-bf nip-j 

Yd* Fearc not mjf Jt-ord ite fc^flp "raij^it tb^ou, 
For hcelc do anjj ,A^watyo^^pjjfUfpd, 
ButtclmcmyLbrd,is ~ 


AureL Faith hc'sjgon vnto the taming fchoolc. 
Yd. The taming fc hoole.- why is there fuch a placer 
AurcL I :and Ferwdo is the mailer of the fchoole. 
VaL Thats rare:but what4r*0nw dos he vfe. ? 
jftwY/. Faith I knoifcivotrbut by fomc odde deuifc 
Or other,but come tfi/!r rU Hong to fee the man, 
By whom we muft comprifc our plotted drift, 
That I may tcl him what we hauc to do. 
Vol. Then come my Lord and I wil bring you to him 

. Agreed.thcnlctsgo; Ex cant 

Enter Sander wl IMS miftru. 

Katft S*ndcr I prethc hclpe me to fonie meat, 
I am fo faint that I can fcarfcly ftand. 

San. I marry miftris,butyou know my matter 
Has ciuen me a charge that you rauft eat nothing, 
But that which he himfdfcaueth you. 

K*tt. Wiqf.manthy tnaftcr nccd*.oeucrknow it, 

S4. Youfay true indeed: vrhylookc you miftris, 
What fay you to a pcece of bccffc and muftard now. ? - 

Kate, Why I fay tis excellent mcat,canft tbou 

San. ^/cqoldhelpeyoutofotne^butthac 
1 doubt the muliard is too chollcrickforyou. 
But what fay you to a fhcepcs head and garlicke? 

Kate. Why any thingjf care not what it be. 

San. /but the garlicke I doubt wil make your breath 
Stincke,and then my maftcr wil coiirfe me for tettiog 
Youeate itBut what fay you to afat Capon/* 

Kate. Thats meat for a King fweei S^^,liclpc 

San. Nay bcrlady then tis too dpercfor vs,wc muft 


The turning 

Not meddle with the Kings mcatc. 

Kate. Our villainc doft thouTnockeraey 
Take that for thy fawfinelfi. 


San. Souncs are you fo light fingnsd with a murrin, 
He kccpe you fading for it t hiuwo daics . ' 

Kate* Itelchccvillaineilettarcthcflefhof 
Thy face and catcii,andrhou prates to mo thus* 

San. Here comes my matter ncnv,hcclccourfcvoiu , 
Enter Ferando with apcece of meatc vpon his 
daggers point and Polidor with him. 

TerAn. See here Kate I haue prouidcd meat for chec, 
Here take it-what ift IKX worthy thanks? 
Go firha,takc it away againe,y ou fhalbc 
Thankeful for the next you hauc. 

Kate Whylthankcyouforit. 

Ff ran. Nay now tis not worth a pin^go firha and take 
It hence I fay* . 

San, Yes lir ilc c*tic it bcn<e;MiAerkt hir, . . , * iu 
Haue none,for(hcanftghias hurvgy isihcis. 

PoL I pray you fit -let it ftand/or fccatc .) v 
Some with her my fclfc. 

Feran. Welficnalctitdown tgainc. 

Kate. Nay nay I pray you let him take k heorc, 
Andkcepeitrbryour own diet for ilc none; 
Ilc ncarc be beholding to ^oo forwr meati 
I tcl thce flatly here vnto thy teeth 
Thou (halt not kccpe me nor feed me as thou lift, 
For I wil home againe vnto my fathers houfe. 

Before J know your ftomackei^noryct cowfe^owhi 
Therefore no maruel thou canft not eat, 
And I wil eo vnto your Fathers houfc, 


And Kate come iii with ^ /know erelong, 
ThatthouandlfliaUIouingly agree. Ex. Omnes, 


Attre /.Now Seignior Pfgiamtytt 
Vnto i^flfonfos houfe ,and be fore ydu fay 
As I did tel you,concerning the man 
That d wels in Or/?/*f,whpfc fon I faid I was, 
For you do very much referable him, 
And feare notryou may be bold to fpeake your mind, 

Phylo. I warrant you fir take you no care, 
He vie my felfe fo cunning in the caufe, 
As you mall foonc inioy your harts delight. 

^^lurel. Thanks fwect'77/0;**,then ftay you hev, 
And I wil go and fetch him hither ftraight. 
Ho, Seignior ^flfonfo^ word with you.- 

Enter ^lfinfo (matter 

Alf>n< Whole there?what ij/furtlius whats the 
ThaV you (land fo like a ftranger at the doorc.** 

l. My father fir is newly come to towne. 

And I haue brought him here to fpcake witbyou, 

Concerning thole matters that I told you off, 

And he cancertifie you ofthc truth. 
i^flfin. Is this yourfather?you are welcomcfir, 
${9. Thankes Alfk*foji<x thats your name I geflc, 

I vnderftand mv fon hath fee his mind 

And bent his liking to your daughters loue, 

And for becaufe he is my only fon, 

And! would gladly that he mould do tvcJl, 

I tcl you fir,/not miflikc his choifc, 


He fhal hauc lining to maintame his ftate, 

E There 

Three hundre&poumhayadAvI ml afiiittr.c , 

~ofoi& and to his hcyresjuvJif cbey da foyhc, 

And knit themfelucs in holy wedlocke band, 

A thoufandmasfie ingots Df pure gold A 

And twife as many b^SH^kterpJatc, 

I freely giue hiojrind .wwtritgArajgte?2 wr-M \ ^\\\ 

/ wil confirme viteu I hauc faia in WOEO** 'v. : 

>*#;*, Truft melimiftcchinnendyQittlilxftaimittd, 
And louing c^te vciilbcare vmo your fon 5 
And here /giuc bin) rD$dy:rnvobnftnCj i 

As fc^-my ^gb^ltl^teflelmowetbetinind, 
And I wil inlarge^iw^iowry forijionr^Ac: 
Andfoicmhire witjvioy vournupcial rites, 

!.. g li/ i 

Hath thus accompanied mcto this place. 
Alfon. You were to blame you toldc me not before, 
. me my Lord,for if 1 road knowiie 

Your honpi^bsid bin herein- place with'me, K 

I would h'auejcktt! my duty to yoilr ho,nor, 

T4/ 4 Jhanices good 4tfottfo:but I did come to fee , 
When as thcfe marriage rkes ftipwWfci? performejd^ 
And if in the(e nuptials you vouchfajfe, 
To honor thus the princf ot-CeJfH* frien& . ^ 
Incelcbratipjaipfte^ilfel^^ il^woy i. ; 
He fhal remains a laJtofrfrknd tQyo% 
Whatfaicst^T*^J[w^&ther. ' 

. I hum^y tferjkeyour honor 5 gooi jrny Lotdy 

Eternally this leaguqpfpeace ftwl laft^ ^ 

Inuiolateandpu^^B^^pwUM, ; .ilsu^Urh .^ 


To walke along with vsvntfcmyhti><i' hW .^: ;-; 
We wil confirmc thefclcagucs of lamngloiK* .' 
r*l. Gome then Attrekw I wil go jvito you Bx 

n .- i 

S4#. Matter the Haberdafterhte brought niy 
Miftris home hir ca hcrcr 

. A vcluci cap fir and irpleafeyotb 

- . J _ _ V*. - 


Kafe. Whatifidid,comchhcrftyh^tt$IIMflii ;,-:;. V. 
The cap, ile fee if it wink me. 

, . . . 
. ShcfetsitohbecbfCad, z-& %J 

Ffr*n.Q monftrous-why it bofctefiis tbCjEtAo%ri vfa 3 A 
LetmefecitlC4f?.*hercfirhatakcitfeencc, ) t 
Ihis capisoutotfafliion quite. >; [ 

JGi/^.Thcfafliionisgoodinough;bdikcyou ' [ )C:A 

Mcanctomakcafoolcofmc. ; . ;,': ' 

JVrw. Why true he mtancs to make afoplc^of tfec^ 
To haucthce put on fuch acurtaldcapfy , .;; { ^ .<-. ?, 
Sirha be gone with it. 

Enter the Taylor with a gowflc. 
San. Here is the Taylor too withmy traftrifi gpwne* 
Fcrant, Let me fceii T^MhrbatWith cut^and iags? ^ 

Sounes you villainc5thou haftfpoiled the gownc. (pn> 
r4y/<?r. Whyfir I made it as your man gaueme ; direc- 

You may read the note here. 

-fc . * ^* 

Ithatstcuc. ' ; ' 

r. And a large tnmcfcc fleeucj 

2 Sander 


fii^ T>rtW a lie maflcr^faWtwotrunckc flccoc^ 

Ttrtn. Wcl fir g6fo ward* 

TAtlor . Item a toofe bodied gownc. 

Sto. Maifter ifcwcr 1 (aid loofc bodies gownc, 
Sew me in a fcamc,and beate me to death 
With a bottomcofbfowttcthred 

Tailor. lirta<kita* thenotcbad me. 

SMH Ifay thenotclicsWhisthroarcandthoiftoo, 


Man nteifbrto* not me, 

Thou'ft fade many men 


. Face not mjiie i neithetc fimcnor braucd 
At thy hArtWdlniil- thjec; 

X4/^ Comeiiii tikeihefafhionofkwcilinough, 
Hccrcsmorcadothcnnctcb^chaueit I, 

And if yodo hot lite'U hide your es, 
IthinkclMhauenothingbyyoorwil. . 

j^^iQ)4^M^tttovpibrypurmafters fc. 
84. Souns:vitotn nwfor thylifetowchit not, . 
Souns s takc vp my miftris gownc tofcis 
Maiftcrsvfe? . 

. Wei firwirhaeiyour conceit of itf/ 

ddefifcoiictt^itthciiycQj * 

Euen in thefc honed tncanc abillimcnti, - 
Ourpyrfcsfoalbcriilijoti^^ V 

iJUS^ * 

The taming of a Shrew 

To fhrow d our bodks from the winter rage, 

And thats inough 5 what fhouid we care for more* 

Thy fitters Katf to morrow muft be wed, 

And I haue promifed them thou fhould(t be there 

The morning is wel vp lets haftc a way, 

/t wil be nine a clocke ere we come there, 
Katt, Nine a clocke. why tis already pad two 

In the afternoone by al the clocks in the town. 
f<?r4/;, 7 fay tis but nine a clocke in the morning, 
Kate. I fay tis two a clocke hi the aftemoone* 
reran. It fhal be nine then ere we go to your fathers, 

Come back againc,wc wil not go to day* 

Nothing but crofsing of me ftil, 

He haue you fay as / do ere you go. Exeunt omncs 

Pol. Faire Emetiafommcis bright fun Qucene, 
Brighter of hew then is the burning climr, 
Where Phtrbut in his bright equator fits 3 
Creating gold and pretious minnerals, 
What would Emelta doo. p if I were forft 
To leaue faire t^ftkens and to range tlie world, 

Emt< Should thou aflay to fcale the feat oflouc 
Mounting the futtlc ayrie regions 

Loue fhould giue wines vnto my (wife dcfires, 

And prune my thoughts that I would folkiwthcipf ^ :l ^ 

Orfall and pcrirti asdid Iwtu. 

Sweetlyrefolucd faire wr/M, 
&y as much to me, 

5 : 

< 3 - 
Whichcamc with mevnto your fathctilioi^ 
Should fecke to get P^w^touefrom me> ' *"\ " uv " v 


Tbt fami 

And make t^ce Dutcbcsiotthai: ftaodytbwo,' .. ^ <T 
Wouldtltnou not cben foi&kc me top his ioue* r d ; ! 
, Not far great Nq* 

Could he inflal me Emprcs of the world, 
Or make me Quecnc and guidris of the hcauens, 
YetwouWInotcxcbngc:mylouefochis,: .itT 
Thy company i s poor e Phylcmxs hcau en, 
And without thee } heatien were hel to me. 

Erne, And fhould my louc as card did HcrcuUs 
Attempt co paflc the burning vualccsoflicl, .:^\>^\ 
I would with piteous lookcs and pkafmg.woaJs, :;>.) 
As once ^did Orfbciu with hb harmony, 
And rauifhing (bund of bis melodious haipe, 
Intreat grim Pluto and of him obtainc, 

fhyU . AndThpufid my Iduca card Lt^nder did, 
Attempt to fwim the boy linghelifpont 
For //^rwloue:no towers of braflefhould hold 
But I would follow thftcthroughthofc ragtngflouds, 
With lockesdifr^ucreAsmd my bwft all bate, .*:. 

; , i&ao 

J would with fa^okie fighc3 aad brinifh teaies, 
Importune Neptune*x& the wttry Gods, ., 


Whilfl I would hang about tby Ibudy riccke, 
RcdoubHngkiffiyftwfle yppnthvdytek0ft> - *Vs- 

And with our pafH n?q (lil tbc Wliog-wWje. . 
^. Should p^pr a Wiif^^W^ 
Oply^mploy him^^tpfpl^i^t^^/lfjb ? r !' JW 
Like tothtwarUfc^c^r^^^/^.QiJC^ne., : 

- 7 

WHjafoiMJehebloudy Pdrrbus murderous Greece, 
He thrwft my fclfe amongft the thickeft throngs, 
And with myvtmoiUhrecasfiftiYry Sous.' 

/".fy/r Let 0/<r ftonfce : be miid and quiet thou s 
Let Neptwtfwd, bt^fstrtlitu cairns ahdplcafcd, 
/care not I,betidc what may bctidc 5 
Let fa tes and fbrtuiicdo the w orft they can, 
Ireoke ?hcro not;thcy not difcord with me, 
Whilft that my toue and I do wel agree. 

From whence thefun exhales hii gicripasftiinc a 
And clad the heaucn in thy rcfle&cd raics 3 
And now my Jiefcft buCjtne time drawes nie, 
That Himcn mounted in his faffton robe, 
Miift with his torches waight vpon thy traine, 
AsHel/fM brothers OR the horned mooric, 
Now Juno to thy number (hal I addc, 
The faireft bride that cuer marchant had. 

Pol. Come fairc ErixlU the prieft is gon, 
And at the church your father and the reft, 
Do ftay to fee our marriage rites performed 
And knit in fight ofheauen this Gordian knot, 
That tcr th olfretting time may nerc vntwift> 
Then come faire loue and grarulate with me, 
This daies content and i wcct folemhky. Exttmt omnet 

Site. S/>,muft they be marreid now? . 

ley &n. Sirha,go fetch our.horfci forth,and bring 
Tlicm to the backe gate prfently. 

San.Iw'd fir I warrant you. 

Tc ran. ComcX4/f the moonefluncs ctec to iiigh 

T hi turning ofaSbre*. 
'.The moonc?why husbandyou arc dccciud, 
It is the Jim. 

fertn.Yti againc,comc backe againc, it dial be 
The moone ere we come at your .fathers. 

Kate. Why ilc (ay as you fay^ititthc moonc. 

ftran. Icfus faue the glorious moonc. 

Kate, lefus faue the glorious moone. 

Far an. I am glad Katf your ftom ackc is come domic, 
I know it wcl thou knoweft it is the fun, 
Bnt I did trie to fee if thou xvouldft fpeake, 
And crofle me now as thou hail done before, 
And t r uft me Kate h ad ft thou not namde the moo n e, 
We had gone backe againe as fore as death. 
But foft, whofe this t hat s camming here. 

Enter rhtDftkcotCtJlt* abac 

% Thus al alone from cw?** am I come, 
And left my princely court and noble trainc, 
To come to Atbt*tjB& in thudifguife, 
Tofec whatcourfertiyfon Attrcluu takes, 
But (lay jheres fome it may be traucis thcthcr, 
Good fir can y ou drred me the wa] 

Fairelouelymaideyonffand arable, 
More cleece of hew andfar more bcautifUl, 
Then prctious Sardonix or purple rockcs, 
Of AnHthejki&$8xian% HUfatbc, 
More anwablcfoxhcttis.thc plain, 

entertainc this louel woman. 

&rdsf. Jtfaiafc ebeima is aiad he cats me a woman . 


The taming of a Shrew. 
% .Fairc louely lady, bright and Chriftalline, 
Be wtcous and (lately as the eic-traind bird, ; 
A s glorious as the morning waftit with dew, 
Within whofc eies (he takes her dawning beamcs, 
And golden fommcrflccpcs vpon thy checkcs, 
Wrapt vp thy radiations in fome cloud, 
Lead that thy bewty make this (lately towne, 
Inhabitable like the burning fr w, 
With fweet refledions of thy loucly face. 

Duke. What is (he mad to?or is my (hape transform^ 
That both of them perfwadc me I am a woman, 
But they are mad fure,and therefore ile bcgon, 
And leaue their com panies for feare of harmc, 
And vnto Athens haft to feeke my fon. 

Feran. Why fb Kate this was friendly done of dice, 
And kindly too: why thus mud we two Hue, 
One minde,onc hear t,and one content for both, 
This good old man dos thinke that we are mad, 
And glad he is I am fure,that he is gon , 
But come fwect Katcfot we wil after him, 
And now perfwade him to his (hape againe. 

Enter Alfonfo*ndPhylottu4ndy4lerM, 

Lsftfiri. Come loucly fbnnes your marriage rites 

Lets hie vs home to fee what cheere we haue, 
I wonder that Ferando and his wife 
Come not to fee this great (blemnity. 

P0/No manielifFr4mI0 be away, 
His wife I thinke hath troubled fo his wits, 

F That 

Thatheatomines athometokeepc them warm*,, 
rov forward wcdiocke as the proucrbc fayes, 
Hath brought him to his nightcap long ago. 

Phylo. jBut Pohdor let my (on and you take heed 
That VerAndo fay not crc long as much to you^ j 
And now Atfonfo more to {hewi my loue, 
If vnto Oytfif you do fend your fhipsj ' 
My fclfc wil fraught them with /rabuii fdkeV 
Rich affricke fpkcs,^r^ counter poincs,. 
Muskc Gasfiajfwectfmelling Ambcrgreecc, , 
Pearle5Cijrro4,ChriftaUct.and iuorv, 
To eratulatc tlic fauors ot my few, -) - 
And friendly louc that you hswc fhownc tohim^ . 
. And for to honor him and this fairc bride. 

He yccrely fend you from my fathers court, 
Clefts of refind (ugar feucrally, . ,. ; .","' \-\\\ 
Tentunoftuoisiwine/wckec^wcctdrilga, : >. 

To celebrate and folcmnize this day, i ..... ' n - 
Andcuftomc free your marchants thai contierie: n 
And interchange the profit*of your land, 
Sending you gold for braflic,fijucr for lead^ . : 
Caflcs otfilke for packcs of wol and cloth, i ^7/0 
To bind this friendfhip and confirme this league- 
Duke. I am glad fir that y on would be fp frarwe, 
Arey ou become the Duke of Ceftw fon, 
Andrcuels with my treafurc in tnctownc, 
Bafc y illaine that thus dtfhonorcft me? 

Vtl. Souns it is the D ^^what (hal I do? '.or/i 
Difhonour thcc whyjcno wft thou what <hpn faiAf ^ 3 3 J 

Duke. Hcfs no villaine he wil not know miflefctfx , .v 
But what fay youfhaue you forgot me tpp. ? ; - ^ 

Ptylo. Why (ir 5 arc you acquaintc(iwMh iny fop? . 

Duke. With thy fon.?QOU!uft mcii^^cthine, r.-r 

Tht taming of a Skrtw* 
I pray you fir who am I? 

Ami, Pardon me fathenhumbty on my knees, 
I do intreat your gcacc fp heare me fpsake. 
Duke> Peace yillaincjlay hands on them, 
And fend them toprifon ftraight. 

phylotu* and VderiA runncs away. 


Slit. I fay weelc feauc no fending to prifbn, 
Lord. My Lord this is but the pUy.theyic butinicft, 

Site* Itelthee Sim vvecle haue no fending, 
To prilbn thats flat: why Sim am not I Don Chrifto fart? 
Therefore I fay they (nail not goe to prifbn, 

Lord. No more they fhal not my Lord, 
They be runne away. 

S//> 4 Arc tjiey run away S/??thats wcl, 
2*hen gis fomc more drinkCjand let thcmplay againc. 
Lord, Here my Lord. 

Site drinkes and then fals a flecpe* 
Duke. Ah trccherops boy that durft preilime, 
To wed thy fclfe without thy fathers leauc, 
I fweare by faire Cintheas burni ng raies, 
By Merops hcad,and by feuen mouthed Nilc^ 
Had Fbut known ere riiou hadft wedded her, 
Were in thy left the worldsiminQrtajfoule, 
This angry (wordefhould rip thy hateful chcft, 
And h'ewd thee iinatler then the Libim fendcs^ , 
Turne hence thy face.-oh cxuel impious }ioy, 
i^sflfifjfo I did notthinkeyou would prefume 3 
To matchyour daughter with my princely houfc, 
And nerc make me acquainted with the caufe. 

Atfon. my Lord by hcauens I fweaue viito youc grace., : 
I knew none other but Vderti your man, | 

Had bin the Dkc of Gefitu noble fon, 

F* Not 

Tbe tamingofa Shrew. 
Nor did my daughter I dare fwearc fophcr. 

'Duke. That damned villaine that hath deluded me, 
Whom I did fend for guide vntomy fon 3 
Oh that my furious force could cleaue the earth 3 
That I might muftcr bands of hcllifh fecnds, 
To racke his heart and tcarc his impious foulc. 
The ceafeleffe turning of celeftialorbes, 
Kindles not greater flames in flitting aire, 
Then pasfionate anguifh of my raginc breft. 

Aurc /. Then let my death fwcet father end your gricfc, 
For I it is that thus hauc wrought your woes, 
Then be rcuengdon me for here I fwcare, 
That they are innocent of What I did, 
Oh had I charge to cut off Hydros head, 
To make the toplcflc Alfes a champion field, 
To kil vntamed monfters with my I word, 
To trauel daily in the hotted fun, 
And watch in winter when the nights be cold 

I would with gladnes vndei take them all, 
And thinkc the painebut plcafure that I felt, 
So that my noble father at my re turne, 
Woidd but forget and pardon my offence. 

PhyU. Let me intrcat your grace vpon my knees* 
To pardon him and let m y death dirchargc 
The hcauy wirath yourgracchath vowdgainft him. 

Pol. And goodmy Lordletvk'ktwiityoor grace, 
To purge your ftomacke of this Melancholy, 
Taint not your princely mind with gricfe my Lord, 
But pardon and forgifee thefe lowers faults, 


That kneeling crauc yVQt 

Emel. Great prince of C>^tetaw6man5 words, 

^ ' 


Intreat a pardon ifryour Lordly br 
Both for your princely fbn, and vs my Lord 4 
.Aurcliu* ftand vp I pardon thce, 

And fortune wil be thwarting honor ftiJ, 
And you fairc virgin too I am content. 
To accept you for my daughter fmce cis don, 
And fee you princely vfdc in Ctfttu court. 

Phyle. Thankes good my Lord^nd I no longtime. 
Then I obey and honor yoaihak BwodW 

Alfin< Let me giue thanks vnto your toy al grace, ^ 
For this great honordon t6 *ne and mihe^ "> Y^ ;i ! 5" '^ 
And if your grace wil walke vnto my houie, 
I wil in humbled maner I can 3 (lK>w 
The eternal fcruicc I do owttyofir grac*. 33 X 

T\ *.L j *T^fl1 f *l '-*-*--*~--<**-r**-*- J ' ^1^1-^^ ^ *~- ' T i* ^*-^ *. .i. f ^_ Ji~. * "T* 1*1 1 "1 i 

4 " i v 

That I was here and thus without my trains, 
But as I came alone (b wil I go, ' ^ 

Andere'tbcJongilccomeagainetovqu}- :3 ! '\ v 
AnddohimhoftotaibtifedmcstJicifott wb 

Of mighty lerobcldffi C*pi&D*k y 
Til when ile Icaue you 3 Farewel Amlim* 
Anrei Npt yet my Lord,ile bring you toyour (hip. 
Exeunt Qmnes. 


Allcepeagaine:gotakehimcafily vp, 

^fnd put him in his own apparel againe, 

^ndlay him in theplacc where we did find him, ; 

luftvnderneaththealehoufefide below, 

But fee you wake him not in any cafe. 

Boy. It(halbedonmyLord,comchcIpceabcarehim 

F3 Enter 

Enter Fer *n fojut unlit* and Pofator 



Fcran, Come gentkmeojriowe that fuppcis donne, 
How tlial we fped -theaiiro*bizcd to bed?- 

Who w 

For he may ca}it&ipftfi li 
Before his 

rr^ My ^c 
That my wi 



ow now 
few. VVhy 
But howjfo little 
A hundred po 

Vpon my dog 5 in running at a Deere, P' 
Snc (h 

} vm a 

mil : 

not c 
A nd'w 
A nd fhew 


doth cal, 
vnto him, 

ow what 

Po/. I weare it a^ljou^4^uiKis L dui ft prefurac 
On my wiqcs ^Sf^gn^J j Jl^^tt b^t-btc. i roiri yl 


;- -, ' r , T' T U 

. ^</^.HovV now ions, what in conference fo hard, 
May I without offence,know where abouts^ 



, Fiueiundrcd markcs already we haue lartfj li' * . f ^ 
And he whofc wifrdottofhew moil&nc to him, 
Hemuftiniojfthcwagentohimftlfdi. *-. - . V "KJ 

'^*. Wny then Eerando heisftmcttlofe,: 
J promife thcc ion thy wifewii^harldiycioww^j i 
And thercftweil w^wdpotwiflwhcc toy&nroch.: Jt ri F 

J^r^* Tu(h father were it ten times more, 
I durft aducnture on my louely X4/r, . 
But if 1 1 ofc ilc pay , and fb fhal you. 

4urel.Vpon mine honor _if UlofeiJepfaf. 

. ^ Tiicn fit we 

L Nowformy huoiltedpoiind. " " >WlflA 

Would any lay ten hundred more with me ^ 

Jknow /ftw>u!d obtaincit by herJoue. .vlj.-.o: ;iq -vrn oT 

Fey an. I pray God you bane not laid too much already, 
t^f^!Truftnic fttemla lam fureyow hawe, 
Foryou Tdarcprcibibcbailebft ital k \ ' - > 1 

ii 3t * -^^'^ 

- / ; . - [] .' ( 

Now firh'aSvhat fates your miftfi?<i'"i' ->-> "^ -'* 
^z/. Shcis fom^ingbuTiebiirfhceleeon^andni , 
Fer*n. Why fordid not/ ttl you this befdtei ifro3 
SheisbufieatiaicqnBpuoaae; ' < iwere 

<-JttrelJi$ca$ (God your wife fend-yoti fo gaod an an- 
Shc may be bufie,ct flic fates rtielfe<:0ritei T >^ 

Agrccd.-B^dcfifcyoucmiflriito come hither. 

Boy. 1 wil fir. Ex-B'y 

Feran. I,fcr>,hc dcfircs hir to come, 

i^flfon. Polidor I dare prefumc for thce, i 

IthinkethywifcMHinotdenictocome* . 
A\\& I do maruclouich Aurelitu, 
That your wife camcnotivhcnyoufcntfor hw. 


Pol. Now,whejrcsyourmiftri$. p 

Boy. She bad rac tel y ou cha&fhe w il no t come, 
An4yotr hacay btjfinefle^yoalmuft dome to hir. 

ftrw. Ob monftroiis intollerabfc prefumption, 
Worfc then a-bUfiug ftar,or fnow at Midfummcr, 
Earthquakes or any thing vnfeafonable, 
Shcwilnotcomc.-Duthcmuftcomctoher. 4*>'% 

Pol* Wcl fir,I pray you Jen heare what 
Anfwere your wife wfl make. 

Feran. SirhajCommandyourmiflristocomc 
To me prefcntly. Exit Binder* 

i^Aurcl, i thinke my wifcfor al Ihe did not come, 
Wil WQUC moft kind,fornor./ haue nta feare, 
For lam fure FeraAdos wifqdie wiBnot come, l 

Far art. The mores the pitty 5 thcn I muft lofc. 

Entwr K& and $**der. 
But I haue won,for fee where Kate doth come, 

Kate. Sweet husband did you fend for me? 
^ .frf?/* Z did my ]oue,I fcnt for thceto corne, 
Come hither 4/<,whats that vpon thy head. 

jfCtf/f. Nothing husband but my cap I thinke. 

Feran. Pul it off and tread it vndcrmy feet, 
Tis f oolifh I wil not haue thcc weare it 

She cakes off her cap and treads on u. 


vr . 

The taming of a 
Pol. Oh vjttmderful mc*3fflorphtofo. r 

TcrtM. This is a token of her true lone to me, 
And yet He try her further you (hallfee, 
Come hither ^4/rwheixare,tbyfifters. ;.;.. 

Kate* rlvy^bfcfictingloithcbridatchaniber. , 

Few. Fetch them hftheivand if they wtfnotcora*,: 
Bringthetn perforce and make them come with thcc. 

Kate. Iwil. 

i^flfin. I promifc thee Fcrtndo I would haue fkorae^ 
Thy wife would nerc haae done Ib miichfor thee. 
Feran. But you fhal fee flic wil do .-more tben this, 

For fee where (hcbrings her fitters forth by force. 


Enter Kate thrufting Ffylema and Etuelia before her, < 
and makds them come vnto their husbands ca) 

Kate. See husband,! haue brought them both. 

Term* Tiswcldone&i/#. 

Erne. I furc and like a louing pcece,y our worthy 
To haue great praiic for this attempt. 
, Phyle* I for makingafoole of her felfeand vs. 

t^f ttrelJSeftttCw thee Phylema thou haft 
Loft me a hundred pound to night. 
For I did lay that thou wouldft fit ft haue come. 

Pol. But thou Emel'M haft loft me a great deale more* 

Erne. You might haue kept it better then, 
Who bad you lay? 

Per an. Now louety Kate before their husbands here, 
I prethe tel vnto thefe headftrbng women, 
Whatdewty wiuesdoowe vnto their husbarids. 

Rate. Then you that Hue thus by your pampcrdd wils, 
Now lift to me,and marke what I mal lay, 

"iwerthatwithhisonlybceath, - t 

G - . ShM 

Tbe taming of a Shrew. 
Shal caufe this end and this beginning frame, 
Not in time,nor before time,but with timcjconfusd. 
For al the courle of yeares,of agcs,months, 
Of feafbns tcmperatc,of dayes and hourcs, 
Arc turfd and rfopt by mcafureof his hand, 
The firft world was,aformc,without a formc^ 
A heape confusd,a mixture al deformd, 
A gulfe of gulfes,a body bodiles, 
Vvlierc al the elements were ordcrlcs, 
Before the great commander of the world. 
The king-of kings the glorious God ot hcaucn, 
Who in fix daies did frame his heauenly worke, 
And made al things to ftandjn pcrfedl courfe* 
Then to his image he did make a man 
Olde t^V<tf0 3 aud from his fide a flcepc 

A rib was taken,of winch the Lord did make ... 

The woe of man fb tcrmd by i^fAam then, 

Woman for that, by her camefinncto vs, 

And for her finnc was Ad&m doomd to die, 

As Sarato her husband,fofhould we, 

Obey thcm^oue thcm 3 kcepe and nourifh them, 

If they by any meanes do want our hdpcs, 

Laying our hands vnder their feet to tread, . 

If tnatby that.wc mightp rocurc thcir f cafc, 

Andforaprefidcntllcfirft begin, 

And lay my hand vnder my husbands feet* 

She laies her hand vndcr her husbands feet. 

TerM- Inough fweet,the wager thou haft won, 
And they I am uire cannot deny the fame. 

Alfon^ I Ferawliike wager thou hart won, 
And for toifhcw thec how I am pleafd in chiv 
A hundrcdpounds I freely giue thecmorc, 
Another dowry for another daughter, 
For fhc is not the fame (he \vas before. 


anting of a Shrew 

fathcr 3 gentlcmcn godnight, 
For K&e and / wil Icauc you for to night, 
T is Kate and I am wed,and you are fped. 
And fo farewc), for we wil to our beds. 

Alfon. Now i^fureliu* what fay you tb this? 
Aurel. Beieeuc me father I reioicc to fee, 
Ferando and his wife fo louingly agree. 

Exit i^fwrekm and'Phylcwa, <wt - - 

Alfonfo and Valeria. 
Erne* How now Pvtiaovin a dump,what faift ihoii * - 


Pol. I fay thou area (hrcw. - 
Erne. Tnats better then a fhcepe. 
Pol. Wei fine e tis don let it go,come lets in. 
Exit Polidor andEmelia. 

Then enter two bearing of Site in his 
O wne apparel againe,and leaues him 
Where tncy found him,and then goes out.* 
Then enter the Tapper. 

Tafjter. Now that the darkcfome night is oacrpair, 
And dawning day appeares in criftal skie, 
Now muft /naft abroadibut f oft whofe this? 
What Slit oh wondrous hath he laine here al night, 
He wake him,I thinkc he s ftarucd by this 3 
But that his belly was fo ft uft with ale, 
What now ^//^jawakcfor fhame. 

Site. Sim gis fomc more wine: what al the 
Plaiers gon:am not I a Lord? 

TApftcr. A Lord with a murrin.*comc art thou 
drunken ftil? 

Slie> Whofe this?T^y?<rr,oh Lord firha,! haue had 
Thebraucft drcamc to night^thatcucrdiou > 

Hardeft / 

Tbt timing ofaSbrtv^ 
Hardcftinal thy life. 

Tapper. I marry but you had be ft get you home, 
For your wife wil couric you for dreaming here to night, 

Slic, Wil (he? / know now how to tame a ftircw 
I dreamt vpon it al this night til now, 
And thou halt wakt me out of the belt d 

.~_~1 ir * t . . ,- . 


* ^p ^^V% ^-^ * t 1. 1 V VvJLl ^ 

That cucr I had in my life.buc ilc to my 
Wife prcfently and tame her too 

Tq/lcr. Naytarry^forllegohomcwiththec, 
And hcarc the rclt that thou baft dreamt to niglxt. 

Exeunt Offsftftt. 

r.>.v.' ^ 

Taming of a shrew 

The taming of a shrew