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Keeping up with technology on the World Wide Web • The continuing influence of Samuel Morris • Honor Roll of Donors - 1995 



SPRING 1996 



his issue of tlie Taylor Magazine is devoted to the first 50 
years of Taylor's existence. Interestingly, I have just finished 
reading The Year of Decision - 1846 by Bernard DeVoto. The 
coincidence is in some ways intentional because a Taylor schoolmate 
of mine from the 1950's, Dale Murphy, half jokingly recommended 
that I read the book as I was going to be making so many speeches 
during our sesquicentennial celebration. As a kind of hobby, I have 
over the years taken special notice of events concurrent with the 
college's founding in 1846. The opera Carman was first performed 
that year and in Germany a man named Bayer discovered the value of the world's most universal 
drug, aspirin. Imagine, before 1846 - no Carman, no aspirin, no Taylor. 

DeVoto takes us a little deeper as we see the United States expand to become a continental nation 
with the acquisition of Texas, New Mexico, California and the Oregon territory. We understand the 
implications of the "Wilmot proviso" in relation to the Civil War. We are introduced to Henry David 
Thoreau, Walt Wliitman, Ralph W. Emerson and John C. Calhoun debating the policies of James K. 
Folk and manifest destiny. Freshman Congressman A. Lincoln would speak out against the Mexican 
War - All in 1846. Elias Howe took out patents on a sewing machine, Samuel Colt revolutionized 
manufacturing by introducing replaceable parts for his revolvers. Mormons were driven from Nauvoo 
and started the trek to Salt Lake. The Oregon Trail saw a steady stream of wagons filled with families, 
possessions and dreams of new possibilities. No detailed, dependable map of California existed. The 
Donner Party would spend the winter marooned and devastated in the mountains revealing the pain, 
perseverance and cost of emigration as never before understood by Americans. Zachary Taylor would 
become a household name and "54-40 or fight" would be settled at the 49th parallel. 

Back in LaPorte, Indiana, the Methodists at their annual conference officially voted on September 
1(>17, 1846, to establish a female college in Fort Wayne. Its history is wonderfully documented by 
William Ringenberg in his book Taylor University - The First 125 Y'ears. 

'The original building when completed was a four-story structure of brick with stone 
trimmings. Its dimensions measured 160' by 80', and it had three sections. The central part (80' 
X 50') housed the recitation rooms, offices, and chapel. The two wings provided accommoda- 
tions for eighty to one hundred boarders. The three-acre campus site (approximately equiva- 
lent to a city block of twelve lots) on which the building rested included five hundred feet of 
frontage on the St. Maiy's River at the west end of Wayne Street, approximately one mile from 
the center of the city." 

During this year we will remember the names connected with these early years and their contribu- 
tions. We will try to understand ourselves better as we see them against the backdrop of the Year of 
Decision and we will attempt to extend the vector from the past through the present to the future. 

DeVoto does not remember the founding of Taylor University nor is the event recorded to much 
depth except in dusty archives in our regional libraries and our Zondervan Library, but as is true of 
all history, there lies beneath the great events a foundation of faithful, solid, ordinary, faith-filled 
people who established their lives and institutions for the preservation of civilization and the well- 
being of their progeny and, in this case, for the glory of God. Some survive, some do not. But we 
celebrate our firm foundation during this our sesquicentennial. 

— ^.lay Kesler, president 


Volume 88, No. 3 

Spring 1996 si.- 






How Firm a Foundation 

The first 50 years of Taylor's rich hisfo/y as to/d through the 
research of William C. Ringeiiberg. 

Completing the Circle 

A testimony of the power of grace to bring healing and restoration 
to those who have long turned away from God. 

These Stones are Alive! 

Echoes of Samuel Morris are being heard even today. These 
reflections by friends and alumni show the impact the Morris 
story continues to have. 

Cruising into the XXIst Century 

Remaining competitive in the ever-changing field of educational 

Up Beyond the Village Keyboard 

Tlie global Taylor community gathers in cyberspace on the World 
Wide Web 

The Brad Houston Story (p. 8) 

2 In Brief 
17 Campus News 
20 TUFW 

2 1 Atliletics 
24 Tradition 
26 Alumni Notes 

Taylor University 


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cover photo courtesy of Art and Sue Shull 


Martha Brane 

Students. . . 

handle with 


between filling out 
an application and 
Welcome Weekend, 
the admissions 
becomes ac- 
quainted with new 
students. Serving as secretary for admis- 
sions applications, Martha Brane was well 
familiar with this process. Her services 
were much appreciated by the University 
which honored her with the Parents' 
Association Student Friend Award during 
the Parents' Weekend chapel in October. 
She was nominated for "handling each 
application with a great deal of love and 
care." This wasn't always easy she recalls, 
especially when her job involved informing 
students they were not accepted for 
admission. Brane is now enjoying retired 
life with her husband in Van Buren, Ind. 

Ready for the move 

Climate-controlled research of plant and 
aquatic freshwater animal species will soon 
be possible as constmction of the new 
greenhouse nears completion. Environ- 
mental physiology and ecology will be the 
first classes to benefit from the new 
facilities, which could be operational this 
semester. The greenhouse is connected to 
the Randall Environmental Studies Center 
and includes four rooms — a classroom 
used for student projects, rooms for faculty 
research of plants and aquatic fresh water 
organisms, and a workroom also used for 
propagation. Each room will have an 
independently controlled climate. The 
completion of the greenhouse brings the 
Randall building project to a close. 

Leaving on a jet plane 

January interterm provides a change of 
pace for students, many of whom welcome 
the opportunity to be involved in the 
missions or academic trips offered during 
the month. Lighthouse missions trips, 
directed by Campus Pastor Charles 
Gifford, included first-time experiences in 
Ireland and Ethiopia this year. Academic 
trips offered during the month of January 

included business trips to China and 
Europe, and study trips to England, Israel 
and Greece. Stateside trips included 
Chicago's urban studies program and a 
program in natural and biological research 
in Oak Ridge, Tenn. 

Leading the way 

Dr. Beulah Baker, professor of English, 
received the Teaching Excellence and 
Campus Leadership Award earlier this 
year. The selection committee, composed 

Beulah Baker 

largely of students, seeks to honor those 
who evidence campus leadership, pioneer- 
ing teaching methodology, and creative 
course development. Dr. Baker, now in her 
17th year at Taylor, has a particular love for 
foreign studies, which has sent her 
exploring and teaching around the world. 

Student Tim Terrell dies in auto- 
train wreck 

Rev. Tim Terrell, senior at Taylor 
University and pastor of Bethel Center 
Church of the Brethren in Hartford City, 
Ind., was killed Feb. 1, along with his two- 
year-old daughter Miranda Joy when a train 
collided with their car. The Taylor commu- 
nity responded to the immediate needs of 
his sui-viving wife and five children by 
taking an offering during chapel services. 
Also riding with Terrell at the time of the 
accident was his son, Zachaiy, who was 
hospitalized in critical condition at the time 
of this writing. 

We are one in the Spirit 

Reconciliation was the key note heard 
for the 1996 observance of Martin Luther 
King. Jr. Day. Special guest Dr. John 
Perkins, a nationally recognized civil rights 

leader, spoke during morning chapel and 
answered questions in the afternoon with 
fellow guest Wayne Gordon, pastor of 
Lawndale Community Church in Chicago. 
A student-led initiative was the primary 
catalyst for the first on-campus observance 
two years ago. Other events included a 
reader's theatre featuring civil rights 
literature and an evening production on the 
life of Harriet Tubman. Students were also 
invited to serve dinner at the Grant County 
Rescue Mission as part of the day's events. 

An honor of geographic 

National attention was recently given to 
Dr. Roger Jenkinson '60, professor of 
geography, as the National Council for 
Geographic Education (NCGE) awarded 
him the Distinguished Teaching Achieve- 
ment Award for 
1995. The NCGE 
was founded to 
education on all 
levels of 
Jenkinson has 
been a faculty 
member since 
196,5 and has 

published numerous articles relating to 
geography and education. He also has 
served as president of the National Alumni 
Council and has been active in the National 
Association of Intercollegiate Athletics, 
serving as the organization's president 
during the 1986-87 temi. 

'Rocking' the airwaves 

The Upland campus made its live radio 
broadcasting debut during the Upland 
Labor Day Parade last fall. Better known as 
The Roc, \NTVR at 89.7 FM is Taylor's 
student-staffed radio station operating in a 
20-mile radius of Upland. Daily program- 
ming offers both students and the commu- 
nity something to appreciate. The format 
includes Christian rock and pop music, 
along with coverage of cainpus and area 
high school sporting events, chapel 
services, and news. WTUR is connected 
with the Network Indiana News Service 
and the Emergency Broadcast System. 

Roger Jenkinson 

Spring 1996 /TAYLOR 


Today's students. . . tomorrow's 

Some of the nation's finest students will 
journey to Taylor from over 30 colleges and 
universities April 12 for the annual National 
Student Leadership Conference (NSLC) . 

Tim Nace, director of financial aid, 
distributes sctiolarship awards. 

Keynote speakers will be Bob Andringa, 
president of the Coalition of Christian 
Colleges and Universities, and Paige 
Comstock Cunningham 77, chairwoman of 
Americans United For Life. Tlie theme for 
the weekend-long event is "For Such a 
Time as This." Coordinator Andrea 
Vincent, vice president of student services, 
also coordinated the National High School 
Leadership Conference (NHSLC), an 
annual event held in the fall. 

Springing into missions 

Each year for spring break, several 
missions opportunities are offered to 
Taylor students. Spring break 1995 
missions trips will include a team traveling 
to Kingston, Jamaica, where students will 
carry out work projects and street ministry. 
Students heading to the Dominican 
Republic will work at the Hogar Cristiano 
orphanage, working with the children 
there. A team traveling to Kirkland, New 
Mexico, will join missionaries to the Navajo 
in home ministry and work projects, and 
Mexico City-bound students will assist 
OMS missionaries in visitations, Bible 
studies and evangelistic outreach. 

Teaching the teachers 

In its continuing effort to upgrade the 
quality of teaching in the state of Indiana, 
the Geography Educators Network of 
Indiana (GENI) granted Taylor $10,000 last 
summer to offer a graduate-level geogra- 

phy institute. Tliis was the fourth time 
since 1989 that Taylor participated in the 
one-week program, which is funded jointly 
by the National Geographic Society and the 
Department of Education of the State of 
Indiana. An interdisciplinary approach 
allows for faculty members from different 
departments to participate in the program. 
Over 100 elementary and high school 
teachers have attended the institute at 
Taylor, each receiving two hours of 
graduate credit from the University. The 
institiite was Taylor's first graduate offering 
in the modern history of the school. The 
Fall '95 issue of 7^.F/i9/-misidentified the 
educational technology course on the Fort 
Wayne campus as the school's first 
graduate offering. Professor of Geography 
Roger Jenkinson has served eight consecu- 
tive years as the president of GENI, which 
maintains a membership of about 4,000. 

Getting around to it 

A fury of complaints arose this fall when 
students discovered that the long, rectan- 
gular tables were replaced by round tables 
in the Hodson Dining Commons. Over 200 
unsolicited comments against the change 
were received by student senate. The new 
tables made it more difficult to have private 


If the square tables are moved together, they WILL BE 

REMOVED from the D.C., and you will once again be left 

with. ..round tables! 


'^6 a S^ 

Squaring off in the dining commons 

dinner dates as well as large group dinners. 
A few small square tables were later added 
to accommodate the need for a more 
intimate dining experience. Round tables 
were initially introduced as they are quite 
portable and allow for maximum seating. 

The harvest is ripening 

The challenge of the Great Commission 
and practical steps to missions involvement 
were both highlighted during World 

Opportunities Week 1995. Guest speaker 
Don Davis, World Impact vice president of 
education and director of the urban 
institute in Wichita, Kansas, focused on the 
urban environment and challenged the 
audience to go into the city with the 
Gospel. Bill Harding, a missionary with 
SIM, finished the week's chapel series with 
practical steps for those interested in 
pursuing missions. The two speakers 
provided students with a well-rounded 
understanding of the theoretical and 
practical aspects of missions, says Greg 
Beeley, co-director of the annual missions 
conference held in November. 

Parents honored for selfless 

When an injured baseball player was 
hospitalized last spring, it was Hobert and 
Judy Raikes who stayed with him and 
offered him encouragement. Because of 
such service, and many years of involve- 
ment with the LIniversity, the Taylor 
University Alumni Association named the 
Raikes Distinguished Parents for 1995. 
Each of the Raikes' three children gradu- 
ated from Taylor. They also served as 
foster parents for seven years. Hobert and 
Judy were members of the Parents' 
Cabinet and were active in many parents' 
activities including the Parents' Assistance 
Fund and the annual craft sale. They reside 
in Delaware, Ohio, and are an integral part 
of their local church. 

A noteworthy profession 

The Taylor 
Alumni Association 
sang to the tune of 
Al Harrison last 
spring, naming him 
professor. Harrison 
serves as the music 
department chair 
and is the director 
of the symphonic 
orchestra, pep 

band, brass choir, and jazz band. He lives 
in Upland with his wife Pamela and their 
sons Justin and Ben. The professor of 
music was cited during a chapel ceremony 
as being a devoted husband and father and 
a well-rounded individual. 

Al Harrison 

Spring 1 996 / TAYLOR 3 

How Firm a 

f ION 

^The foundation was strong, 

built on solid gi'ound. 

^j/lnd the stonns came eaiiij. 

In her first fifty years, "Taylor Tlniversity was 

put through the 'l{efiner's fire. 

yet through those years of struggle, 

we find a faithful Cod 
Wlio had a plan for this TJniversity. 

This story has been compiled frum the revised version of William C. 
Ringenberg's book. Taylor University - The First 150 Years, which will 
be available this fall. Excerpts fro??i the hook appear in //notations. 

Taylor University had its origin in the outgrowth of the Second Great 
Awakening. A missionary zeal led revivalists and social reformers to 
found colleges across the country. The Methodists were no exception. 
By 1845, 59 Methodist institutions existed for secondary and higher 
education. Indiana Asbury College (renamed DePauw University in 1884) was 
one school which achieved a good deal of success, yet did not admit women. 

"Few people accepted the idea of higher education for females before the 
post-Civil War period when colleges for women (e.g. Vassar, Wellesley, Smith) 
began to appear in the East and the Midwestern state universities began to 
accept coeds. Among the newly established female colleges was the Fort Wayne 
Female College, founded in 1846. 

"The Board of Trustees began its work promptly. It held its first meeting on 
September 28, 1846. Only seven of the fifteen trustees attended the initial 
meeting. The board continued to meet frequently throughout the fall. In 
November it decided to open the school on May 1, 1847. Another important 
item of business at the early trustees' meetings was the preparation of the 
application for a charter. The Indiana State Legislature approved the Articles of 
Incorporation of the female college on January 18, 1847, and specified that the 
incorporation would become effective on June 19, 1847. 

"As was the case with most nineteenth century colleges, the school experi- 
enced much difficulty in its beginning years. The school leaders began con- 
struction on the college building early, but they delayed its construction for 
many years. The contribution of three acres came from William Rockhill, one of 
the leading Fort Wayne citizens in the middle part of the nineteenth century. 

Spring 1996 /TAYLOR 5 

When the school officials laid the cornerstone on June 
23, 1847, the building was not yet finished. 

"While the building remained partially unfinished for 
several years, work on it was sufficiently complete by 
late summer, 1847, to permit the first school year to 
begin in the fall of 1847. It was the first full school year in 
the institution's history. Approximately one hundred 
girls pursued studies in departments ranging from 
primaiy to college. The school charged a tuition rate of 
$22.50 per year. 

"Easily the most important of the first trustees was 
William Rockhill. With William G. 
Ewing he was one of the two 
leading citizens of Fort Wayne, 
and for years the college trustees 
re-elected him as president of the 
board. In 1846 the Democrat 
Rockhill defeated fellow college 
trustee and Whig William Ewing 
in the election for the congres- 
sional house seat from the Fort 
Wayne area." 

One of the most faithful 
trustees during this time was 
Samuel Brenton. None of those 
on the first board did more to 
promote the institution than did 
he. The trustees' minutes show 
him performing endless duties 
(e.g., obtaining equipment, 
recruiting teachers) . 

"Brenton not only led the 
female school (and served as the treasurer of its board), 
but he also presided over the board of trustees of the 
new men's school, which was holding its classes in the 
female building. With Brenton in a primaiy position of 
leadership in both institutions, it was natural that during 
this period the two schools became increasingly 
receptive to the idea of merger. When Brenton resigned 
the presidency to reenter politics, the official merger was 
virtually complete." Tlie merger resulted in a new name 
for the institution: Fort Wayne College. 

"An early historian of higher education in the state 
talked of the institution's 'continuous struggle for 
existence.' Many similar nineteenth-century schools 
could not find funds to enable them to operate longer 
than a few years. Although the college survived through 
the post-Civil War period, it almost did not. On at least 
one occasion it ceased operation for an entire school 
year. There is evidence also that the college leaders 
offered the school for sale on at least two occasions. 

"The decision to construct a major addition to the 
college building led to the crirical financial crisis of the 
1880s. The $600 debt of 1884 became $15,000 in 1888 
and $20,000 in 1890. The remedy that appeared the most 
promising was for the institution to find a major benefac- 
tor." Christian B. Stemen, a local preacher of the Wayne 
Street Methodist Church, became a trustee in 1885, and 
"in 1888 he acquired the presidency of the National 

Samuel Morris 

Association of Local Preachers (NALP). In the same 
period that the college was seeking a benefactor to 
save it from its financial straits, a movement was 
mounting in the NALP to find (or found) a school that 
would specialize in training local preachers (or lay 
deacons as they were sometimes called)." 

The trustees "invited the NALP to hold their 1886 
annual meeting in Fort Wayne, and offered the 
organization the free use of the college facilities. The 
Local Preachers accepted the offer, and voted to adopt 
the school as ///<' local preachers' college." 

In 1889, the school agreed to 
change its name to Taylor 
University. The NALP promised 
a $10,000 gift and a $20-25,000 
^ loan which led to great opti- 

I mism about the future of the 

' »- school. However, "the loan 

application failed and the 
anticipated major gift income 
did not appear. Meanwhile, the 
trustees had to bon'ow money 
to pay the instructors, the North 
Indiana Conferences requested 
the trustees to sell the college, 
and President Horace Herrick 
resigned from his office. In the 
midst of this tense climate the 
NALP reappeared with a firm 
offer to purchase the college." 
The trustees unanimously 
accepted this proposal, the only 
one they had received by that time. 

The trustees of the new university were initially 
composed of members of the NALP, local Methodists, 
and leaders of the Fort Wayne College of Medicine, 
which was merged with the old Fort Wayne College in 
1890. Eventually, however, the NALP assumed full 
control of the board of trustees. 

"At the time the Fort Wayne College of Medicine 
became a part of Taylor University, it was one of the 
best of the Indiana medical schools and the only one in 
northern Indiana." One of the most significant students 
of the medical school was the noted physician, 
professor and social reformer, Alice Hamilton. In her 
career, she studied "workers' health and safety in 
factories, mines, munitions plants, and paint 
factories. Her efforts persuaded both the 
business community and state and federal 
government officials of the need to 
provide greater protection for the 
nation's industrial workers. Her 
1919 appointment as the first 
woman faculty member at 

Harvard University and 
the publication of 
her Industrial 
(192 5) 

Bishop Will- 
iam Taylor's 
walking stick, on 
to Taylor from 
Temple United Methodist 
Church, San Francisco. 

6 Spring 1996 /TAYLOR 

helped to confirm her reputation as the nation's leading 
authority in the new field of industrial hygiene. In 1995 
the United States Postal Service released a 55-cent stamp 
in her honor as part of its 'Great Americans' series. 

"It is not difficult to understand the desire of the 
NALP to name their new school after William Taylor. He 
was a fellow local preacher of Methodism, and thus they 
could identify with him and his amazing missionary 
accomplishments. He sailed to San Francisco via Cape 
Horn in 1849 as one of the first Methodist missionaries 
to California, and he spent seven years in that state 
preaching to Gold Rush miners and other frontiersmen. 

"Typical among his meetings were those held 
outdoors in front of the saloons, brothels, and lavishly 
decorated gambling halls in the central plaza of San 
Francisco. 'California Taylor' would precede his preach- 
ing by standing upon a pork or whisky barrel and 
'singing up' a crowd of hundreds by trumpeting out in 
his unusually powerful and resonant voice the stanzas of 
a gospel hymn. 

"He did not begin his around-the-world 
missionary junkets until his middle 
age. Taylor believed that missionary 
activities should be self-supporting. He 
was an early advocate of the faith 
mission movement whereby the 
missionary received his support 
ft-om his converts in the areas 
where he worked. Taylor sup-^ 
ported himself and his fam- . 

funds accruing from the 
many books. 

"In the years 
school began 

ily by the 
sale of his 

phy. It 

after 1890 the 
to reflect much of 
Taylor's religious philoso- 
developed a keen interest in 
Holiness movement, inside and 
outside of Methodism. The man 
who more than any other served as the 
catalyst of the more intense spiritual 
atmosphere wasThaddeus C. Reade (Presi- 
dent 1891-1902). He displayed great pride when 
he could announce to the trustees that 'nearly all of 
our students have been brought to Jesus.' 

"Reade's most successful contribution to the cause of 
creating a school 'distinguished for its piety' was the 
publicity he gave to the life of an African student, 
'Sammy' Morris. Sammy's unquestioning faith and his 
quest for the 'Spirit-filled' life epitomized what Reade was 
seeking to accomplish in the lives of all his students. 
When Reade published his biography of Sammy Morris, 
it was read by many of the people who were (or could 
be) attracted to the type of Christianity both Reade and 
Morris represented. Young persons of this type began to 
apply for admission to Sammy Morris' school in increas- 
ing numbers." 

Morris was the son of a Km chief in Southern Liberia. 
He escaped from an enemy tribe while in captivity and 
fled to the coast where he met a former Fort Wayne 

College student who led him to the Lx)rd and gave him 
the name Samuel Morris. He desired to bring the Gospel 
to his people, but was persuaded by a missionary 
associated with Bishop Taylor's Afiican Mission to go to 
New York to learn more about the Holy Spirit. Having 
arrived, he sought out Stephen Menitt, secretary of the 
mission and a man who placed great emphasis on the 
Holy Spirit. Merritt helped Morris find a school to 
attend, and decided on Fort Wayne College. Morris 
entered the school midway through the 1891-92 school 
year. He became a respected speaker in churches 
throughout Fort Wayne during this time. It was not long 
after, however, that Morris caught a severe cold. This 
led to an illness, probably pneumonia, which eventually 
took his life in May 1893. 

"Sammy's influence became even greater in death 
than it had been in life. Reade's biography of his life had 
sold over 200,000 copies by 1924. Even more significant 
financially than the sales profits were the outright gifts 
from those who found the book especially impressive. 

Burt Ayres believed that the Morris publicity kept the 
school alive in this period. 

"When the NALP assumed control of the 
college in 1890, most interested persons assumed 
that they would soon establish the school on a 
solid foundation. This, however, did not happen. 
The school year 1892-93 was a desperate one. 
Because of an order to sell the property, the school 
officials did not hold classes in the college building; 
rather, they rented a structure for this purpose. Mean- 
while, President Reade, in an effort to keep the school 
alive, began looking for a city that would welcome and 
support it. A guest-preaching engagement in the Upland 
Methodist Church afforded Reade the chance to meet 
the minister of the church, the Rev. John C. White. 

"When White heard about the problems of the school 
in Fort Wayne, he became interested in persuading the 
college to move to Upland. He and another Upland 
citizen, J. W. Pittinger, were the major local residents 
who worked to bring the school to the community. In 
the spring of 1893 White negotiated an agreement 
between the Taylor trustees and the Upland Land 
Company whereby the university agreed to move to 
llpland and the company agreed to provide Taylor with 
.$10,000 in cash and ten acres of land. In the summer of 
1893 the school relocated in the Grant County town. 

"The financial state of the university was much better 
in the early Upland years than it had been in the last 
decade in Fort Wayne. By 1895 Board President John R. 
Wright could report that the school owned property 
worth over $40,000 and held an indebtedness of only 
$3,000. Meanwhile, during the previous year a Mr. R. T. 
McDonald purchased the Fort Wayne property for 
$30,000. After the trustees paid the indebtedness on the 
Fort Wayne campus, they probably possessed a net sum 
to invest in the Upland campus. The school became 
completely debt free on January 1, 1898." — WR with RD 

• Next issue: Part II, 1896-1946. 

Spring 1996 /TAYLOR i 





ri#- ^fe 

liji«^^^i» •' 1^, 




by Dr. Charles R. Ja^ers '69 

Candidal for frefilinuui chfis pirfiidcnt in lOSO. . . 

Jvickfd out of Taylor befon In finished his 
sophoniort year 

Winner of three einiuy awards for photograplnj. . 
.forced to quit his first television joix 

Jiappily married ivith /iro n-oneleifiil e-hildreiL . . 

Suffered through broken relationships ivilli 
family and friei^ds. 

Safe and sober. . . 

Experienced a potentially fatal traffic accident, 
becatne fuU-bknvn alcoholic 

JXringfor Christ today. . . 

'Ejected God for almost ten years. 

Redeemed, reconciled, restored. . . 

During this great year of celebrating Taylor's 
sesquicentennial, names such as Samuel Morris, 
Bishop William Taylor and Thaddeus Reade will 
be remembered as we reflect on our historic 
beginnings. Yet, our circle of celebration can only be 
complete if we include the names of others like former 
Taylor student Brad Houston. Little over a year ago, 
Brad's relationship with Taylor was still in a state of 
estrangement. However, his own desire to make things 

right, accompanied by help from a gracious God have 
changed all that. 

February 1995. . . The phone rang in my office at 
Taylor. My administrative assistant took the call. "Chip, 
a former student. Brad Houston is on the phone, he's 
asking for you. Do you remember him?" "Yes I do," I 
responded. "Put him through." 

I remembered Brad. Memories of my days as Dean of 
Students and my encounter with Brad flashed through 
my mind. Thirteen years ago I had to ask Brad to leave 
Taylor, never to return. As I picked up the receiver, my 
curiosity was peaked. 

"Hi Chip, this is Brad Houston. I'm in Indianapolis 
today on a business trip. I wonder if I could come to 
campus tonight to see you?" We set a time to meet, and 
after a few moments on the phone getting reacquainted. 
Brad gently said, "I'm coming tonight to say I'm sorry. I 
want to apologize for the things I did as a student. I want 
to make amends." I could hear in his voice that some- 
thing had radically changed in his life since we last talked. 

That evening Brad recounted his journey away from 
God and back again in the years since leaving Taylor. 
Most of the journey was characterized by Brad's long 
and hard run from God, followed by despair, and finally 
his encounter with grace. 

During his Taylor years, for a variety of complex 
personal reasons. Brad began to rebel. Somehow he felt 
he had been "dealt a bad hand" and he reacted, turning 
his back on his family, his school, and God. At first, his 

Spring 1 996 / TAYLOR 9 

rebellion took the fonn of a few college pranks and some 
rule violations. Then came "the adventure" as Brad calls 
it, of seeing how close to the edge he could go without 
getting caught. Unfortunately for Brad, he did get caught, 
again, and again. Ultimately life on the edge and his pen- 
chant to party cost him the privilege of attending Taylor. 

But that was only the beginning. Seeking fame and 
fortune in Hollywood, Brad left the Midwest and his 
Chicago family with both hope and rebellion in his heart. 

Not long after his arrival in California, he was 
involved in a head-on collision while riding his motor- 
cycle. The 
accident could 
have been fatal. 
Dnuik at the 
time. Brad 
recalls colliding 
with a car. then 
being thrown 
into the air by 
the impact. In 
the split second 
before he stnick 
the windshield 
of the oncoming 
car, he said to 
himself, "I'm 
about to die. 
What a waste 
my life has 
been." After 
hitting the 
windshield. Brad was again thrown 
into the air over the vehicle, and 
miraculously landed on his feet with 
only minor injuries. 

Even this traumatic experience 
and miraculous deliverance, however, 
was not enough to turn Brad to God 
or change his lifestyle. In fact, his 
rebellion grew stronger. At one 
point, he concluded that things were 
finally over between him and God, 
and he "burned his bridge" with 
God. Having cut the moorings of his 
faith. Brad sunk deeper and deeper. 

Some time after the accident, 
Brad enrolled at a state university in 
California. Wliile there, he contin- 
ued living it up in the party scene. 
But once again, his behavior 
backfired, and he was asked to leave 
the residence hall, and he finished 

On assignment in Kenya 

Brad's Emmy awards 

Brad prominently displays this meaningful print at home. 

his last six weeks living out of his car. Things got worse 
and Brad continued to develop a "bad boy" reputation. 
He also began to experience the personal side effects of 
alcohol from hangovers to vomiting, as his downward 
spiral continued. 

During this time. Brad managed to graduate from 
another school and he secured his first television job. 
Although professionally things began to look up and 
outwardly things appeared fine. Brad felt dead on the 
inside. He also received several promotions, but in his 
words he could fake it to get by in the workplace. Deep 
inside. Brad knew he was sick, both physically and spirit- 
ually. In the pit of despair. Brad contemplated taking his 
own life, but he could not bring himself to do something 
that overt. Instead, he tried to live such a self-destructive 
lifestyle that his life would just end. along with his misery. 

"My goal from that point on was to sin so badly that 
God could never forgive me," he says. "It was like I was 
saying to God, 'Look at this, I know you can't forgive that."' 

Around that time. Brad met a special woman named 
Kerri. WHien they first met, Kerri did not understand that 
being a Christian involved a commitment to a personal 
relationship with Christ. Ironically, during this time. 
Brad led her to a deeper understanding of the Christian 
faith. She responded by committing her life to Christ, 
and began to grow in her faith. Brad still had no desire to 
return to God, yet he believed enough in the power of 
the Gospel that he wanted to share it with Kerri. 

The two were married not long after that, but 
struggles continued for Brad. He fell into further despair 
and he could not stop drinking. That led to depression. 
Brad hit an emotional and spiritual bottom; there was no 
lower point to which he could sink. Brad's parents, 
however, had laid a Biblical and spiritual foundation in 
his life. They had prayerfully and carefully instilled faith 
in their son during his growing up years. As it turned 
out, no matter how far from God Brad ran, there was 
always an internal basis from which the Holy Spirit could 
awaken his soul. It was at his point of greatest despera- 

1 Spring 1996 / TAYLOR 

tion that Brad cried out to Christ for help. This was the 
Jesus he had heard about since childhood. And Christ 
indeed heard him. . . and loved him. . . and restored him. 

Years of descent turned around and a slow but steady 
growth followed. "Surrendering my life to Jesus has 
been a process," he says. "I am learning that only God 
can fill the kind of emptiness I felt. I started reading my 
Bible and praying: we found a good church. Change has 
taken time but God's work in my heart has been clear 
and obvious. There are still areas of my life which need 
changing, and I still struggle, but I now have purpose 
and meaning to my life. It's nothing that I have done, but 
what He first did for me. He's the potter, and I'm the clay." 

Today, Brad is sober and has been living for Christ 
for over six years. He is a faithful husband and a loving 
father. Kerri is a wonderful woman and their two 
children are absolute treasures. As Brad says, "The 
Lxird has restored the years the locusts had eaten." 

Lest one think that Brad was idle in his years away 
from God, he had developed his skills as a professional 
television photojournalist. He has won three Emmy 
Awards for his work, which included an assignment in 
Saudi Arabia during Operation Desert Shield. He has 
been the recipient of numerous other photography 
awards and was named Region 6 Photographer of the 
Year by News P/iotogmp/icrn-xagiLzme. Brad has worked 
at several television stations and is currently employed 
by the prestigious KUSA-TV in Denver, CO. 

Brad has found a way to redeem his profession for 
the cause of Christ as well, working on special projects 
with Youth for Christ in Denver. Last summer he 
traveled short-term to Kenya, Uganda, Sri Lanka, and 
India, documenting Youth for Christ's work in those 
countries. Brad's testimony and talent has touched lives 
in both secular and Christian broadcasting circles. He 
helped start a prayer group at his current position. 

In a recent secular magazine article highlighting his 
award-winning photography. Brad wrote, "First and most 
important to me is to give all the honor, glory, and praise 
to Jesus Christ, my God and my Savior. It is important 
for me to keep in mind that I am only an instnmient and 
that I am able to do what I do because of the gifts God 
has given me. When I start depending on myself or my 
abilities, I run into trouble. I've been learning that praise 
doesn't last and you're only considered as good as your 
last story or award. The only thing that really lasts for 
me is knowing a personal relationship with Jesus Christ." 

Getting reacquainted with Brad has been a joy. I will 
never forget the night we visited on campus and talked at 
his initiative. I could see Christ in his life, and it was real. 
Brad's apology and concern for our relationship concluded 
with prayer, some tears, and hearts filled with thanksgiv- 
ing that we serve a God who forgives and restores. 

When the prodigal son returned home, according to 
Luke's account, he said, "I have sinned. . . I am no longer 
worthy to be called your son." But his father said, 
"Bring the best robe and put it on him. Put a ring on his 

Brad received 
recognition lor 
his coverage of 
Desert Shield 
(left). His faith 
has been 
evident to 
those who work 
with him and 
admire his skill. 
Brad publicly 
credits God for 
his talent. 

photo by Curtis Graham 

finger and sandals on his feet. Bring the fattened calf and 
kill it. Let's have a feast and celebrate. For this son of 
mine was dead and is alive again; he was lost and is 
found" (Luke 15:21-24, NIV). 

I was there the day Brad Houston walked away from 
Taylor and it was my privilege to welcome him back. 
Brad and I renewed our relationship, and there was a 
special Bible and a yellow welcome ribbon waiting for 
him here when he came home to Taylor. As a university, 
we celebrate with Brad and his family in his celebration 
of grace and his personal Taylor homecoming. 

Spring 1996 /TAYLOR II 

"When I think of that 
torn, bruised... body 
becoming the posses- 
sion, instrument and 
dwelling of the blessed 
Holy Spirit to be so sim- 
ply and yet mightily used 
of God the Father Him- 
self, I say, let me wait a 
while, 'til I step aside 
and take my shoes from 
my feet, for I am stand- 
ing on holy ground." 
— JohnC.Wengatz'09 

j2ivin^ Stones 

Reflections on the life of Samuel Morris 

12 Spring 1996 /TAYLOR 

At the centennial observance of Samuel Morris' 
death, we asked alumni and friends to reflect 
upon the impact his storv has had on their 
lives. The following excerpts represent the 
responses received. Samuel Morris arrived at Tavlor 
University penniless in 1892. But at his untimely death 
just a year and a half later, he left a legacy of faith and 
simple responsiveness to the Spirit of God that has 
enriched and informed the University ever since. 

"It trulv is a remarkable story of God's leading one 
whose heart wanted to know the Light of the Holy 
Spirit more than anything materialistic in this life." So 
writes Marilyn (Holloway '58) Taylor of Marion, IN. 
"Why God didn't permit him to return to Africa, we 
don't know. But God truly is sovereign, and He can 
reach down and touch anv heart who so desires to 
know Him." 

Taylor has taken the initiative to tell the Samuel 
Morris story in her own way to children's Bible clubs. 
She is amazed at the attentiveness children have as 
they listen. Her husband (Rex Tavlor '61) has often 
commented about the power of the Holv Spirit which 
is present in the telling of the story, she says. 

Judy Schuster of LaPorte, IN, says, "Sammy's life 
was so simple. He really practiced the 'Trust and Obey' 
that we sing about. His life encouraged me to prav 
more, to believe more, and to obey more. The power of 
God and the ministry of the Holv Spirit that were 
evidenced through Sammy's life reminded me of the 
accounts from the Holy Bible." 

MoUie Pool of Englewood, FL, was introduceci to 
the Morris story as a teen when her mother gave her an 
old blue-covered hardback edition of the story to read. 
"She must have sensed my confusion over the theologi- 
cal treatises, otherwise known as complicated sermons, 
delivered in our church with regard to the Spirit-filled 
life. All the references to 'the old man of sin,' two 
works of grace, etc., made my head spin. 

"I thought of the many people who study and know 
all of the theology word for word, but who have then 
closed the lips on their beautifully polished earthen 
vessels so that they will not be able to receive any more 
outpouring of the Spirit if it comes. Sammy's earthen 
vessel was broken, open, and free. He was thereby 
receptive and submissive to the continued influx of the 
Spirit of Christ and equally as open to sharing that 
Spirit with everybody around him. 

"What a relief to find that a poor, uneducated 
African boy could be so easily led, not by human 
treatises, sermons, or examples, but by the living Christ 
himself and be delivered from his tortuous state in 
Africa to Taylor University in the United States! Wow, 
was I impressed!" 

Mrs. Eric Knutsen of Palmer, AK, was also deeply 
moved to share the story. She began a girls' sewing 
fellowship. "At our time of devotions, I read the story 
of Samuel Morris, challenging them (the girls) with his 
youth. How often 1 have thought of his singleness of 
vision and challenged my own heart! 

"But so few Christians know of him," she lamented. 
Knutsen, however, decided to have a hand in changing 
that situation. "I am currently working at a Christian 
bookstore and at the prompting of another brother in 
the Lord, we bought a case (100 copies) of his testi- 
mony and gave away almost all already. Oh that 
young people (and old) would catch the vision!" 

Dottie (Cunningham '53) Fisher recalls a mantle 
clock in her childhood home which was previously 
owned by a Taylor professor who spent much time 
with Morris. "Dusting it each week was not a chore," 
she says. "I visualized Sammy with his teacher, sitting, 
reading the Bible, and joyfully talking about Jesus." 

Though Samuel Morris did not live to fulfill his 
dream of returning to his people with the Gospel, his 
story nonetheless has found its way across the Atlantic. 
Eileen Lageer '49, now of Kitchener, Ont., remembers 
when the film Angel in Elwin/ came to the theological 
college in Nigeria where she taught between 1965-74. 

"The film was in constant demand." And as one 
African Christian leader once told her, "'The Sammy 
Morris film has influenced more Africans than any 
other Christian film that I know of.' Samuel's life is still 
having an impact on Africa today, for because of his 
life, other 'Sammy Morrises' are going out with 
burning hearts to take the Gospel to their people." 

And many discover that as they trust in the God 
that Samuel Morris loved, they too have that same 
simple faith which daily sustained him. Pool recalls the 
time when she gave up her struggling against God and 
found, instead. His guidance tp face life's dilemmas. 

"Remembering Sammy Morris' simple faith, 1 
finally said to God, 'I give up my struggle. I simply lay 
my life into your hands and request Your guidance.' 
Did lightning strike? No! Did I even feel led at that 
point? No. But trusting in His promises and depending 
upon His word, I knew He would lead me. And He 
has down through these many years." 

The same story inspires others to a deep hungering 
after God in prayer. Dorothy (Ferree '41) Yocom, of 
Springfield, OH, was one of those inspired. "Over and 
over, I am drawn to prayer in every circumstance of 
my life, just like Sammy prayed about everything. To 
me it is the most important thing we can do." 

Samuel Morris is a true cornerstone of the Taylor 
foundation. His faith inspires us to trust and obey, and 
on this Rock we stand, ready for the next 150 years. — RD 

Spring 1 996 / TAYLOR 13 


alancing on the cutting edge 

I I Spring 1996 / TAYLOR 

The "cutting edge of technology." It's a phrase we 
hear every time we turn around. But how does it 
apply to us as students, as faculty, as Christians? 
As the pace of technology has picked up, the 
Taylor community has had to take a serious look at 
integrating the Internet, CD-ROM, and other forms of 
technology into our teaching methods, learning meth- 
ods, and lifestyles in general. 

Robert Hodge, vice president for planning and 
information resources, and Dr. John Moore, assistant 
professor of biology, have both been diligently working 
on how to best integrate these new developments in 
technology in order to give Taylor students the highest 
quality education possible. 

Not every development in technology is beneficial for 
schools like Taylor. As a standard to judge whether or 
not to adopt such changes, Hodge focuses on Paul's 
command that Christians "test everything. Hold on to 
the good" (1 Thessalonians 5:21, NIV). 

'That verse sticks with me, and I apply it directly with 
all these high tech tools," he says. "We are not obligated 
to use any of them; but the tools are there, and we have 
some responsibility to test them and keep what is good." 

Our focus, in other words, should not be on avoiding 
the negative aspects of technology, but rather, finding 
and implemendng the positive. We do not need to avoid 
new developments in technology for fear they will not be 
edifying. Rather, we should analyze and examine 
everything which comes our way from a Biblical 
perspective and apply only that which edifies and builds 
up our community, both educationally and otherwise. 

According to Hodge, one specific way in which Taylor 
can carry this out is to continue our method of mainte- 
nance and replacement. He compares it to buying a car: 
it is worth every penny, but if you cannot afford the gas 
and the insurance, there's not much point in buying it. In 
the same way, Taylor's policy has been to purchase only 
what can be maintained and eventually replaced. This 
structural foundation provides a framework for assimilat- 
ing the rapid changes and upgrades that come our way. 
Assimilating new technology is especially important 
because it often provides real opportunities for students 
and faculty to benefit from its use. 

"If we want to keep on this track, if we want to be 
prepared to take the best advantage of the opportunities 
which are really coming our way, then we have to make 
sure that the foundation remains solid," Hodge says. 

Once the decision is made, based on this strong 
foundadon, that a certain technological innovation 
should be a part of the Taylor academic program, the 
next step is to aid the faculty in effectively implementing 
it into the classroom. Moore has been at the forefront of 
this movement, taking the time to learn about things 

such as laser disc players. Power Point presentadon 
software and the Internet, and then taking it into the 
classroom where he can more effectively teach his 
students. He can then encourage his students to 
enhance their education through these same tools. 

The Internet, says Moore, is rapidly becoming the 
most widely accepted, most efficient method of informa- 
tion exchange. In order to aid his students in getting the 
most current, accurate information for experiments, 
projects, and papers, as well as other educational 
opportunities, he requires them to use Netscape, a web- 
browsing program. Moore also encourages his students 
to be involved as Christians on the Internet. "We need an 
extreme Christian presence in that realm because it is 
self-regulating," says Moore. 

This self regulation has created a storm of contro- 
versy regarding materials available on the Internet. The 
US government took action on this issue recently, 
passing the Communication Reform Act. Among the 
provisions in the act are stiff penalties for those caught 
transferring offensive material. Tlie definition of what is 
questionable or offensive, however, is highly ambiguous 
and has caused further debate over the standards used 
for judging what is or is not acceptable. 

Such is the climate of our culture as we move into the 
twenty-first centuiy. With such confusion in the midst of 
these new technologies, it is increasingly important for 
institutions like Taylor to be rooted in their convictions. 
It is the goal of the Taylor administration to "test all 
things, and see what is good." while continuing to 
provide students with the highest quality education 
possible. — LH 

Dr. John Moore works with students on a multi-media project, maliing use 
of Taylor's equipment in the Educational Technology Center. 

Spring 1 996 /TAYLOR 15 




e've been spinning our web site 

A revolution in communications technology has made 
it easier than ever for alumni to keep in touch with 
Taylor University. The Taylor University World Wide 
Web site opened its lines to the public on November 1, 
1995, and ever since then has offered an online link to 
the life of the University. 

The Internet was first conceptualized and imple- 
mented for the United States Anned Forces during the 
Cold War era. Today the Internet is the largest network 
of computers that now circles the globe. 

The World Wide Web (WWW) was developed in 1989 
as a simple system which allowed the use of hypertext to 
transmit documents. Due to its simple interface and a 
multitude of graphics interfaces, the popularity of the 
WWW has increased tremendously over the past few 
years. The WWW, in fact, has been one of the primary 
catalysts for the development of the current cyberspace 
cultural revolution. 

Since it went online, more than 3,000 visitors have 
paid a "virtual" visit to the Taylor web site. The site can 
be accessed at the address 
Once at the site, visitors can acquire recent news, 
information, and features concerning Taylor University. 
Full-color images give a taste of life and activities on the 
campus. The home page is divided into six main 
categories: General Information, Academic Information, 
Campus Life, Fort Wayne Campus, Correspondence 
Studies, and Taylor World Wide — an online magazine for 
alumni and friends. Each of these main categories is 

further divided into several subcategories featuring 
detailed information concerning the chosen topic. 

Taylor World ((/(/<' presents current and valuable 
information about Taylor. This section includes news 
and feature stories and the University Calendar, which 
provides up-to-date information on what is happening at 
Taylor. The Alumni Connection and Parent Connection 
are designed to retain a close relationship between the 
University and those constituents. Sports Scores and 
Information gives an up-to-the-minute report on how the 
Trojans are doing. 

Tlie Taylor virtual community extends its care 
through the Prayer Chapel feature of Taylor World Wide, 
where praise and prayer requests are posted instantly. 
Very soon the Interactive Lines feature will be available, 
where persons can chat online with each other. 

The technological advances will soon allow the 
implementation of audio and video files onto the web site 
as a great expansion of the services which are currently 
being provided. As technology keeps flourishing, Taylor 
University will continue in its efforts to connect and 
bring the Taylor community closer. So check in soon; it 
may not be too long before you hear the bell tower in 
cyberspace. — AA 

To connect to the Taylor World Wide Web site, you need 
a modem with minimal baud rating of 14. 4 to hook up to 
an existing telephone line, and web browsing software. 
Netscape is currently a popular program in use. 

16 Spring 1996 /TAYLOR 


Taylor University Honor Roll of Donors 

based on the calendar year ending December 31 , 1 995 

Friends of Taylor University: 

It is a privilege to share with you our annual report for 1995. We are truly appreciative 
of your support for Taylor University. We give our God thanks and praise for the 
blessings He has bestowed upon us through you. 

In the past, our list of donors was for the Taylor University fiscal year, which ends on June 30. 
Because most of you look at your charitable giving by the calendar year, we felt we would be of 
better service to you if we listed our donors this way. Therefore, as you review the list of names, 
please keep in mind it is for the calendar year 1995. We will report gifts received since January 1, 
1996, in next year's annual report. 

We are also pleased to report and show the percentage of class giving, the listing of many 
memorials, honorariums and new scholarships which individuals have established. Listed below 
are some highlights of this past year: 

• A challenge match of $100,000 for the Taylor Fund was received because friends and alumni 
generously gave. 

• Approximately 4,000 friends witnessed 372 seniors graduate in May. These graduates have 
literally scattered all over the world. 

• A spirit of revival swept campus last spring and was reinforced during this fall's spiritual 
renewal week with Jill Briscoe as the speaker. 

• We invested $4.6 million in financial aid to our students. 

• Taylor launched our sesquicentennial celebration with the dedication of the three life-size 
Samuel Morris statues during Homecoming. 

• Sickler Hall was renovated to house the William Taylor Foundation and Alumni Relations. 

• The Upland campus had the largest enrollment in Taylor's history with 1,892 students, in 
addition to the 426 students on the Fort Wayne campus. 

• Taylor experienced her highest year in giving — $5.7 million. 

Gifts received at Taylor University during 1995 were the highest ever, thanks in part to the past 
capital campaign and several large bequests that came in during the year. Again, we praise God 
and thank Him for blessing Taylor in such a rich way. We continually ask you, our donors, to 
remember us not only financially but in prayer support as well. Because so many of you have 
been faithful v«th gifts, Taylor University continues to be an outstanding Christian academic 
university. Young people are going into the world and being witnesses to the saving knowledge of 
Jesus Christ. 

Again, thank you for your support. If you have a question concerning our report, please do not 
hesitate to write or call. 

jCA.^jl/' nuy^ 

Gene Rupp, vice president of Development 

resident 's 

He are grateful for the generosity of our President's Assoeiates, 
who gave in excess of $1,000 during the 1995 calendar year. 

Rick & Ellen Adams 
Leon & LaGatha Adkison 
Nelle Alspaugh 
Merle & Avis Amundson 
Jack & Sue Anderson 
Myrneth & Jean 7\nderson 
Norman & Sandra Andresen 
Archbold Container, Inc. 
John & Jane Armstrong 
Gayle & Sue Arnold 
Lynn & Joan Aschliman 
Margaret Atkinson 
The Avis Industrial Corp. 
Brenda Baird 
Beulah Baker 
Tom & Elaine Ballard 
Bob & Martha Baptista 
Lyle & Lorena Barrett 
Mark & Pam Barton 
David & Sharilyn Baugh 
J. Robert & Joanne Baur 
Tom & Ellen Beach 
Dave & Peggy Beamer 
Harold & Genevieve Beattie 
Roger & Marilyn Beaverson 
Tom & Helen Beers 
Margaret Behnken 
Randy & Bari Behnken 
Bob & Marcia Benjamin 
Bob & Mary Carrol Benson 
Berco. Inc. 

Warren & June Bergwall 
Roland & Shirley Bertka 
James & Genevieve Bertsche 
Steve Berwager 
Barbara Bill 
Marjorie Bill 
Bob & Mable Bontrager 
Leland & LaRita Boren 
Steve & Angela Boyd 
Joseph & Judy Brain 
Beverly Brightly 
Ted & Murlaine Brolund 
Bill & Sue Brown 
Bruce & Lynne Brown 
Larry & Nancy Brown 
Craig & Susan Bugno 
Tim & Carolyn Burkholder 
Robert & Sylvia Caldwell 
Robert & Judy Cameron 
Bob & Sibyl Campbell 

Walt & Mary Campbell 
Keith & Jeanne Canham 
Bob & Charlotte Canida 
Nick & Hope Carmell 
Pete & Debbie Carlson 
Hazel Carruth 
Jeremy & Sue Carter 
Dan & Kris Chilcott 
Greg & Jeanine Childs 
Art & Jean Christensen 
Barry & Diane Clark 
Henry & Joyce Clark 
Alyce Cleveland 
Merritt Clymer 
Otis & Yvonne Cobb 
Mark & Martha Collins 
Barton & Marilyn Comstock 
George & Jean Connon 
Murray & Jessie Cordin 
Joe & Cynthia Corey 
Bill & Diane Costas 
David & Phyllis Cox 
Paul & Kay Cox 
Dan & Sue Craig 
Tom & Bonnie Crutchfleld 
John & Joan Cummins 
Craig & Carmen Curtiss 
Sue Daily 

Jack & Carol Daniel 
Dan & Sara Darby 
Betty Davis 
Bob Deich 
Linda DenHartigh 
Mildred DeWeerd 
Pat & Cathy Dickey 
Tim & Lucy Diller 
Kathleen Dillon 
Ed & Nancy Dodge 
Dick & Weezie Doermer 
Brad & Sylvia Duckworth 
Mike & Sandy Duncan 
Nancy Dusckas 
Bob & Marian Elliot 
Charles & Kathy Engle 
English, Bonter, Mitchell 

Stuart & Marjorie Ensinger 
Tom & Julie Essenburg 
Gregor & Mary Euler 
Jeffrey & Rita Evans 
Ev & Jane Everson 

Bill & Frances Ewbank 

Erik & Lynne Fahlen 

Don & Peg Faimon 

Don & Nan Fancher 

Fanning/Howey Associates, Inc. 

Dennis & Marilyn Faulkner 

Bill & Chris Ferrell 

Dave & Melinda Fisher 

Ken & Bette Flanigan 

Greg & Sarah Flick 

Ruth Flood 

Dave & Mary Kay Fraser 

Bob & Betty Freese 

Gustav Fridstrom 

Arlan & Linda Friesen 

Bill & Lura Fry 

Herb & Kathy Frye 

Bruce & Carolyn Gaff 

Bob & Sandi Gardner 

Charles & Margy Garfield 

Howard & Anne Garver 

Rex & Ruth Gearhart 

Tom & Julie Gearhart 

Geneva Gee 

Paul & Barbara Gentile 

Les & Mil Gerig 

Jim & Solveig Getz 

Harold & Mary Gianopulos 

Bob & Joan Gilkison 

Bertha Gilson 

George & Jan Glass 

Tim & Connie Glass 

Chris & Deb Goeglein 

Romeo & Sylvia Gonyea 

Gordon Food Service 

Dan & Magee Gordon 

Jim & Bonnie Gordon 

Bruce Grabenkort 

Donald & Sherrill Graber 

Ked & Margo Graber 

John & Phyllis Green 

Tom & Laurie Green 

Green Leaf Foundation, Inc. 

Dale Grimes 

The Grotenhuis Group 

Bea Grotenhuis 

Robert & Carolyn Grube 

Norm Gundersen 

Dick & Bonni Gygi 

Richard & Becky Haak 

Eugene & Marylou Habecker 

Michael & Donna Hager 

Judy Hakala 

Dick & Clarice Halfast 

Jim & Edith Hall 

Ron & Vicki Hall 

Max & Leslie Hand 

Tom & Shirley Anne Harris 

Carl & Avis Hassel 

Shirl & Gloria Hatfield 

Steve & Mary Haun 

Glen & Marilyn Heavilin 

Mr. & Mrs. Cari Heetderks 
Ron & Marilynn Helms 
Dr. & Mrs. Bruce Henderson 
Larry & Joyce Helyer 
John & Lucille Hershey 
Tom & Susan Hight 
Todd Hoatson 
Bob & Susan Hodge 
Bob & Helen Hodges 
Art & Mary Hodson 
Carl & Jana Lee Hofinga 
Alice Holcombe 
Jean Holcombe 
Tim & Ashlyn Holz 
Richard & Kathi Honig 
Dave & Dina Home 
John & Joan Home 
Jerry & Delores Home 
Dan & Kathy Hubley 
Miriam Huffman 
Ed & Denise Hurst 
Sue Hutchison 
Bob & Brenda Jackson 
Bob & Margie Jackson 
Dale & Margaret Jackson 
Ralph & Carmen Jackson 
Don & Shirley Jacobsen 
Dwight & Sally Jacobsen 
Jeff & Kristie Jacobson 
John & Carol Jaderholm 
Chip & Verna Jaggers 
Dick & Regina Jaggers 
Jim & Sue Jerele 
Dwight c& Karin Jessup 
The Johnson Foundation 
Paul & Marilyn Johnson 
Roger & Linda Johnson 
Jones-Smith Funeral Home 
Helen Jones 
Jack & Josephine Juett 
Brian & Lila Justinger 
Don & Alice Kach 
Mark & Belinda Kach 
William & Sarah Kanaga 
Joe & Rosie Kerlin 
Jay & Janie Kesler 
Jack & Janet King 
Gerald & Gladys Klinefelter 
Don & Mary Wopfenstein 
James & Lydia Knutson 
Dave & Karole Kocher 
Jim & Karen Koerten 
Verne & Miriam Koppin 
Al & Lois Korfmacher 
Edmund Kornfeld 
Edith Korpi 

Tim & Sharon Kostaroff 
Gordon & Ruth Krueger 
John & Betty Kruschwitz 
Mark & Karen Kuiper 
Wayne & Susan Lamb 
Dick & Ruth Lambright 

2A • Tavlor I'nivcrsilv I99.i Honor Itoll of Donors 

Gregg & Judith Landruni 
Clarence & Helen Langdon 
Robert & Kathi Legel 
Lulu Lloyd 

Bob & Carolyn LeMaster 
LeMaster Steel Erectors, Inc. 
Wynn & Bonnie Lembright 
Peter & Connie Leonard 
Warren Lesser 
Lee & Nancy Lewis 
Lilly Endowment, Inc. 
Art & Gladys Lindell 
Jerry & Marilyn Loftis 
Christian & Donna Losch 
Tom & Karen Luginbill 
Fred & Elaine Luthy 
Lew & Dottye Luttrell 
Chuck & Dottie Lynn 
Dan & Joyce MacLeish 
John & Jane Maddox 
Ray & Kay Maddox 
Tim & Donna Mann 
Doug & Connie Marlow 
Neil & Jane Martin 
Peggy Matthews 
Allen & Beverly Mathis 
William & Janet Matthews 
Kevin & Donna May 
John & Ola McDougall 
Dave & Carol McKie 
Paul McKinney 
Chuck & Margaret Mealy 
Herb & Mary Ellen Meier 
John & Linda Meier 
Laurel Meissner 
Paul & Evelyn Mendenhall 
Greg & Stacy Mervine 
Coburn & Niola Metcalf 
Jim & Ruth Ann Meyerholtz 
Les & Martha Michel 
Bob & Coleen Midwood 
Joe & Barbara Miley 
Mike & Sherry Miley 
Don & Doris Miller 
Lynn & Irmgard Miller 
Thomas & Debbie Miller 
Thomas & Jan MiUer 
Vern & Dorothy Miller 
Joe c& Ruth Miraglia 
Carl & Judy Moellering 
Mel & Sandy Moeschberger 
Nancy Moller 
Ellie Moore 
Kenneth & Jean Morse 
Tom & Donna Morr 
Dennis & Pat Morrow 
Rob & Robin Mourey 
Doug & Jenny Munson 
Dale & Barbara Murphy 
Art & Gloria Muselman 
Roger & Naomi Muselman 
Robert Myers 

Louis & Jane Myre 

Arlouine Nelson 

Timothy Nelson 

Don & Sandy Neu 

Chuck & Irma Newman 

Richard Newton 

Wallace & Sheila Nichols 

Kevin & Cheryl Nill 

Kenyon & Katy Nussbaum 

Ron & Elizabeth Nussbaum 

Scott & Jill Nye 

Jimmie & Mary Ochs 

Don & Bonnie Odle 

Ben & Doris Ogborn 

Walt & Nita Ogilvie 

John R. Oliver Co., Inc. 

Taylor & Sandy Oliver 

Orland Therapy Specialists, LTD 

Jim & Mary Alice Palmer 

John & Mary Parrish 

Daniel & Karen Pashley 

Eugene & Laure Pashley, Jr 

Gene & Ruth Pashley 

Tim & Marcia Pashley 

Ervin & Alfrieda Penner 

Jim & Dara Peters 

Todd & Natalie Pfister 

Devon & Velma Phillips 

John & Patty Phillips 

Marie Phinney 

Robert & Dawn Pobanz 

April J. Prast 

Bill & Laura Pritchett 

Tony & Barb Proto 

Martha Puntenney 

Rich & Maggie Pyle 

Gary Rafferty 

Hobert & Judy Raikes 

Brian & Susan Ramsland 

Glenn Rathke 

Clyde R. Ranch 

Velma Rediger 

Mike & Susan Reed 

Conrad & Maxine Rehling 

Jim & Lys Reiskytl 

Bob & Betty Renner 

Keith & Marge Rich 

Norval & Margie Rich 

Stan Rich 

Gale & Eve Rickner 

Gary & Liz Rickner 

Bill & Becky Ringenberg 

Rae & Melody Ringenberg 

Ron & Frances Ringenberg 

Stan Rishel 

Philip & Jean Ritchie 

Roger & Cindy Robb 

Paul & Mary Robbins 

Jim & Mary Roden 

Doug & Jayanne Roggenbaum 

Ruth Rogers 

Joe & Carol Romine 

Jim & Mary Rosema 
Randy R. Rosema 
Don & Maureen Roth 
Wally & Mariene Roth 
Jessica Rousselow 
Russell & Eleanor Ruch 
Don & Shirley Ruegsegger 
Randy & Bonnie Rumble 
Tom & Jonnine Rumney 
Charles & Jeanette Rupp 
Craig Rupp 
Dawson Rupp 
Doug & Kathy Rupp 
Gene & Nancy Rupp 
Rich & Nancy Russell 
Richard & Pauline Russell 
Paul & Judy Sare 
Craig & Leslie Santomauro 
Maynard & Carolyn Sauder 
Sauder Woodworking, Inc. 
Wally & Bobbie Scea 
Don & Jean Schaffer 
Bob & Marci Schenck 
Schmitz Family Foundation 
David & Diane Schmitz 
Jamey & Rachel Schmitz 
Martha Schmitz-Wealleans 
Charles & Barbara Schramm 
John & Jane Schroeder 
Del & Joyce Schwanke 
John & Carol Scott 
Lee & Mae Scroggins 
Harold & Tova Shergold 
Todd & Cindy Shinabarger 
Bill & Carolee Shinn 
Matt & Debi Shinn 
Bill & Laura Siktberg 
Crystal Silverman 
John & Gerri Siner 
Darrell & Charlotte Singer 
Douglas & Evelyn Sizemore 
Dave & Monica Slaughter 
Al & Ardy Smith 
Dan & Janet Smith 
Dennis & Teresa Smith 
Everett & Linda Smith 
Karl & Jamie Smith 
Neal & Trish Smith 
Rebecca Smith 
Robert & Becky Smith 
Dana & Judy Sommers 
Jack & Carol Sonneveldt 
Norman & Jessie Soper 
Richard & Raniona Spencer 
Ed & Phyllis Squiers 
Dottie Stanton 
Dave & Beth Steiner 
Jon & Janet Steiner 
Paul & Ruth Steiner 
Furman Steury Contractor, Inc. 
Dr. & Mrs. Andrew Stewart 
Patrick & Beulah Stillman 

Fred Stockinger 

Jane Stockinger 

Florence Stolt 

Jerry & Esther Stoops 

John Stromseth 

Darrell & Susan Stone 

Ron & Judy Sutherland 

Fred & Bee Swanson 

Richard & Lisanne Sykes 

Mark & Colleen Terrell 

David & Karen Thomas 

Keith & Cindy Thompson 

William & Lais Thompson 

Lavonne Tiezen 

Margaret Trefz 

Charles & Donna Tripple 

Tom & Suzie Tropf 

Scott & Lori True 

Wendell & Diane True 

Jere Truex 

Tuttle Construction, Inc. 

Charles & Jennifer Vance 

Gordon & Elaine Vandermeulen 

Judy Vandermeulen 

Jack & Barb VanVessem, Jr 

John & Ruth Vayhinger 

Craig & Vicki Vielguth 

Scott & Sarah Wagoner 

Robert & Barbara Walker 

Leslie & Margaret Walton 

Walter & Donna Wanvig 

Tom & Barbara Warner 

Larry & Sally Weber 

Lois Weed 

Marshall & Rodah Welch 

Todd & Lisa Welch 

Richard & Florence West 

Phil & Gerry Whisler 

Steve & Beverly Whiteman 

Stunce & Andrea Williams 

Doug & Kim Willman 

Paul & Ruth Wills 

Paul & Janey Wilson 

Paul & Deb Winter 

Jon & Faith Winters 

Bob & Rosanne Wolfe 

Jim & Judy Woods 

Bob & Pat Wynalda 

Jim & Priscilla Wynalda 

Bob & Priscilla Wynkoop 

Paul & Dorothy Yaggy 

Daryl & Joenita Yost 

Loretta Young 

William & Phyllis Younger 

Dan & Martha Yutzy 

Mary Zondervan 

Paul & Betty Zurcher 

four anonymous donors 


Taylor liniversily 199.5 Honor Roll of Donors • 3A 


IVith gifts totaling $500 or more, our Tower / Ambassador 
Associates are important as we seek to meet our annual goals. 

Tom & Holly Aldridge 

Homer & Jean Allen 

Steve & Jan Allen 

Jerry & Claudia Allrcd 

Steve cS: Kris Amerson 

Nils & Carolyn Anderson 

Marjorie Anderson 

Nancy Anderson 

Barb Askeland 

Dennis & Lois Austin 

John & Anita Bain 

Jeffrey & Nancy Barnett 

Paul & Lori Barnette 

Martin & Rhea Barney 

Dale & Thelma Beery 

Jean Bergwall 

Mike & Amy Bertsche 

Perry Bigelow 

Andrew & Sandra Bowler 

David Sz Joan Boyer 

Jon & Betty Brandenberger 

Bob & Marcie Brolund 

Larry & Nancy Brown 

Leland & Mary Brown 

Brad & Alicia Brummeler 

Stan & Betty Burden 

Herb & Carol Carlburg 

Dave Carlson 

Dan & Lana Christian 

Earl & Nancy Christiansen 

Heidi Clark 

Russ & Trudy Clark 

Esther Clymer 

Ernest & Geraldine Cobbs 

Jim & Susette Cochran 

Adrian & Judy Combs 

Jim & Myrna Comstock 

Glen & Christine Cook 

Marshal & Christine Cool 

Kurt & Nancy Cornfield 

Mark & Vicki Coy 

Loyal & Floramae Cutforth 

Dave & Kathryn Cutting 

Mr & Mrs. Paul Dahlberg 

Arthur & Effamay Dahlstrand 

Susan Daily 

Mark & Sheri Daubenniier 

Brian & Donna Dawes 

Harlan & Heather Day 

Edward & Alieda Deal 

Jay & Wendy Dellis 

Dan & Cynthia Dew 

Ted Dexter 

Art & Lois Deyo 

Dennis Dickey 

Jeff Dillon 

Deighton & Alice Douglin 

Bill & Lynne Downs 

Oral & Florence Duckworth 

Murl & Virginia Eastman 

Denver & Eleanor Elliott 

Doug & Debbie Fear 

John & Joyce Fox 

Stuart Frase 

Paul & Betty Getty 

Roger & Linda Getz 

Alwin Giegler 

Kevin & Onalee Giggy 

Jack & Joan Given 

Dave c& Alice Golden 

Roger & Donna Graham 

Ruth Graham 

Doug & Cathy Greenwood 

Bill & Phyllis Gross 

Tom & Netta Gross 

George & Bonnie Haines 

Gary & Cindy Harmon 

Cathy Harner 

Tom & Suzi Harrison 

Gordon & Aileen Herrmann 

Martin & Carol Hess 

Kenneth .& Carroll Hickok 

Will & Ginny Hohm 

Barry & Joan Horn 

Paul & Becky House 

Kenneth & Treva Howard 

Jim & Faye Howell 

OUie & Jackie Hubbard 

Brent & Julia Huber 

Kevin & Donna Her 

Louis & Judy Imperial 

Tim Jackson 

Jim & Shirley Jacob 

Russ & Ruth Jensen 

Dan & Deb Johnson 

Harold & Mary Karls 

Dan Kastelein 

Karl & Vivian Keith 

Jeff & Kris Keplar 

Deane & Jeanne Kilbourne 

Dale cS: Ann Kitley 

Kathy Kubik 

Lawrence & Mildred Lacour 

Dave & Carolyn LeMasters 

Andy & Ella Lindvall 

Dale & Marian Linhart 

Miriam Long 

Mark & Marilyn Lubenow 

Bruce & Rosemary MacFadyen 

Jim & Sue Maley 

Mike & Debbie Manganello 

Don & Vuria Martin 

Rodger & Bonnie Martin 

Harold & Carlene Matthews 

Peggy Matthews 

Roy & Rebecca Maxson 

Bob & Deborah Maxwell 

Max & Sally Meier 

Fred & Sheri Mellema 

Clyde & Jane Meredith 

Lyndon Merkle 

Mark & Brenda Metzger 

Marvin & Karen Metzler 

Calvin & Eloise Miller 

Deborah Miller 

Dick & Helen Miller 

Herb & Jane Miller 

Wayne & Virginia Miller 

Brian & Ivim Mishler 

Chris & Darla Mitchener 

Michael & Kathy Mobley 

Charles & Shirley Moore 

Kent & Lynn Mosher 

Cameron & Peggy Mosser 

Kim Munro 
Bob & Jenn Nahrstadt 
Gordon Nederveld 
Frank & Liz Nelson 
Mr & Mrs. Gregory Nelson 
Peter & Shawn Newhouse 
Dale & Rosetta Newton 
Mickey Nies 
Terry & Rachel Oban 
Harry & Jackie Oldenbusch 
Steve & Diane Oldham 
Hal & Sally Olsen 
Bernard Palmateer 
Kirk & Sharon Parr 
Roger & Connie Peck 
Bruce Peters 
Stacey Peters 
Gary & Marilyn Petzold 
Roger & Rose Phillips 
Ron & Linda Phillips 
Jim & Maria Pietrini 
Jim & Jill Pinkston 
Bill & Sarah Fletcher 
Krishna Pobanz 
Irvin & Sandra Polk 
John & Rolene Popp 
Ozzie & Cleo Purdy 
David & Lea Randall 
Harvey Rechsteiner 
Leroy & Jo Rediger 
Nelson & Beth Rediger 
Wil & Gloria Regier 
Herman & Kathryn Riggs 
Kevin & Suzette Roth 
Roger & Lou Roth 
Wayne & Lurelle Rowell 
Frank .& Elizabeth Roye 
Bob &Judie Rudolph 
Mike Ryg 
Robert Sager 
Dale & Addie Sarkela 
Tom & Sue Schlee 
Ruth Setser 

Ron & Shelba Shaw 

Sam & Carole Shellhamer 

Dick & Barbara Shupe 

Gary Shuppert 

Jim & Sandy Sieber 

John & Karol Siefer 

Stewart Silver 

Dave & Cassandra Smith 

David & Karen Smith 

Jim & Suzanne Smith 

Kevin & Sharon Smith 

Marshall & Phoebe Smith 

James Stamper 

Dick & Rebecca Stanislaw 

Doug & Shelly Starkey 

Paul & Gail Stath 

Chuck & Barb Stevens 

Rex & Maryln Stiffler 

John & Shirley Svaan 

Donald & Joyce Taylor 

Matthew & Kathryn Teal 

Ralph Teuber 

Gerald & Eloise Thorne 

Colleen Tonn 

Nathan & Joi Troyer 

Janice Van Meter 

Van & Miriam Van Valkenburg 

Jim & Jill Vandermeulen 

Richard & Velma Walker 

Zane & Elaine Walker 

Loren & Judy Wanner 

Doug & Carol Wendt 

Rick & Shelli Whallon 

Norm & Virginia Wheeler 

Paul Williams 

Terry & Charmane Willis 

Bill Wilson 

Eari Wolford 

Doug & Ruth Wood 

Tony Yoder 

John & Catherine Young 

Frank & Carol Zeller 

Dave & Carol Zuutendam 

Few schools can truthfully claim a student body which seeks 
to walk in the ways of the Lord 150 years after its founding. 

4\ • Taylor Iniversilv 1995 Honor Roll of Donors 

nor Roll of Alumni 

Class of 1925 

Parluipation: 209t 

Kathryne Bieri Sears 

Class of 1926 

i'tirtuifmlion: l'2^r 

Dons Atkinson Paul 

Class oK 1927 

Partwiputton: 33% 

Ethel Boyer 

Class of 1928 

Participation: 30^c 

Ruth Flood 

Helen Brown Hamilton 
Elizabeth Beebe Irish 
Melvina Gleason Wilson 

Class of 1929 

Pnrticiptiuon: 3Q% 

Bertha Pollitt Gilson 
Edith Graff 

Dorothy Collins (Vliller 
Paul Whitaker 

Class of 1930 

Partictpfttion: 50% 

Ruby Shaw Bourquard 
Kenneth Fox 
Elsie Fuller Gibson 
Samuel Grove 
Mary Miller LeValley 
Lillian Morrison 
Pauline Collins Rhine 
Loyal Ringenberg 

Class of 1931 

Parluipation: 4l'7( 

Alex Bourquard 

Marian Derby 

Ralph Dodge 

Hugh Freese 

Elisabeth Chaney Hampton 

George Lee 

Anita Hauber Leonard 

Cameron Mosser 

Clarence Musser 

Mary Poling 

Doris Davis Somers 

Frederick Vincent 

Class of 1932 

Partii'ipution: 31% 

Mervyn Boyle 

Oral & Florence Drake 

Vivien Myers Freese 
Irene Wilner Hoover 
Reuben Judson 
Marguerite Friel Keltner 
Fred MacKenzie 

Class of 1933 

Participation: 31'?d 

Ray Bcechbill 
Merritt Clymer 
James Davis 
P. Ardath Kletzing 

Pauline Powell Nord 
C Lyie Thomas 
Fred Vosburg 
Audrey Ashe Zahniser 

Qass of 1934 

Participation: 38% 

Herbert & Roberta Bennett 

Winifred Brown 
Mina Herman Derby 
Arthur Howard 
Doris Wilson Porter 
Marvin Schilling 
Ella Davis Thomas 
Percival Wesche 

Class of 1933 

Parttctpnlion: 45% 

Blame Bishop 
Robert Dennis 
F Mabel Frey Hensel 
Verlin Kruschwitz 

Helen Boiler Myers 
Lois Nelson 
Milton Persons 
M E Pinman 
Crystal Lockridge 

Ruth Coby Vinmg 

Class of 1936 

Part let pa I ton: 4f>% 

Marjorie White Bill 
VanNess & Margaret Cline 

Martha Curry Davis 
Esta Herrmann Howard 
Carmen English Livezey 
Alvin Strong 
R Ruth Talbott Welch 

Class of 1937 

Parluipation: 60% 

Roy Ballard 
Betty Peck Bishop 
Virginia Royster Bowers 
E Crosby DeWolfe 
Crystal Hawkins Dunn 
Margaret RiisnesEicher 
Clarence Hamm 
Karl Keith 
Joseph Kimbel 
Ethel York Kieppinger 
Theatta Shupe PJcklo 
Leon Shaffer 
Garfield Steedman 
John Vayhinger 
Marjorie MacKellar 

Class of 1938 

Participation: 42% 

Hazel Butz Carruth 
Virginia Cline 
J Arthur Dahlstrand 
Ted & Dorothy Weaver 

Charles Garringer 
Vergil Gerber 
Mane Heinemann 
John Hershey 
IVlildred Huber Lovell 
Mildred Macy 
Dorothy Martin 
Rebecca Wheeler Maxson 
Wallace Scea 

Marian Matthew Steedman 
Paul Stuart 
Samuel Wolgemuth 

Class of 1939 


Donald Barnes 
Margaret Sluyter Bnggs 
Dorotha Crandall Chapman 
Howard Eicher 
George Guindon 
Earle Hart 
Alice Holcombe 
Francis Holloway 
Francis Johannides 
Stanley Jones 
Edith Persons Korpi 
Merrill Livezey 
Isabel Baxter Meadows 
Harold & Muriel Sutch 

Cyril Persons 
Reuben Short 
Ruth Anderson Wedel 
L. Marshall Welch 
Robert Wilburn 
Grace Dourte Wolgemuth 

Class of 1940 

Participation: -IS^c 

Berniece Amstutz Adams 
John Branch 
Thomas Chilcote 
Madelyn Leak Guindon 
Ruth Johnson Hall 
Teuntje Peters Hershey 
Gordon Kashner 
Ruth Prosser Keizer 
A. Leroy Keller 
Deane Kilbourne 
Lovina Shupe Kimbel 
Olin Lehman 
C. Edwin McClarnon 
William Moreland 
Virginia Null Moshier 

Evelyn Mudgett Platte 
Wilma Shields Pratt 
Eileen Small Puntenney 
Virginia Longnecker 

Sherman Spear 
Opal Sprunger 
W. Wayne Yeater 

Class of 1941 

Participation: 65% 

William Armitage 

Hope Wiggins Barnes 

Harold Bauer 

James Bell 

Richard Bishop 

Virginia Bunner 

Earl & F Eleanor Anderson 

Melva Bingaman Clevenger 
Edith Charbonnier Driver 
Gerald Foster 
Noble Gividen 
Kathryn Young Gruver 
Ruth Bingaman Hahn 
Naomi Hoke 
Ann Leathers 
Elisabeth Roane 

Lester Michel 
Donald Miller 
Elizabeth Carpenter Muller 
Eleanor Parry 
Jessie Burlner Skinner 
Howard & Gail Malsbary 

Dorothy Anderson 

John Tremalne 
W. Erwin Vincent 
Rodah Elliott Welch 
Robert Wilcox 
Philip Yaggy 
Dorothy Ferree Yocom 

Class of 1942 

Parluipation: 58% 

E Martin & Rhea Miller 

Margaret Hyde Behnken 
Lois Chandler 
Albert Clarke 
Addison Eastman 
Margaret Haefner Elliott 
Ruth Patow Gepfer 
M Arthur Grant 
Ruth Roseberry Berber 
Naomi Knight Hicks 
Louise Cunningham 

Wilma Ditzler Kennedy 
Waller Kruschwitz 
Arnold Lewis 
Jean Wood Lowe 
Howard Lyman 
Gertrude MacDonaid 
Harley Martin 
Hope Fosnaught Mathwig 
Claude McCallister 
Alphretta Meginnis 
Bernice Greer Meyer 
Martha Brown Michel 
Doris Horn Miller 
Dorothy Hislop Miller 
Miriam Reish Nelson 
Jean Southern Nemore 
Eunice Knight O'Brien 
Don Odie 

Irene Tatman Pollard 
Maxine Dopp Rehling 
Fred Rowley 
Mary Kendall Sanders 
Frances Guindon Shisler 
Kathryn Rupp Short 
Lois Slagle 
Howard Spitnale 
J. Ellis & Esther Prosser 

Helen Durling Whittern 
Mildred Brown Yaggy 

Class of 1943 

Participation: 57% 

Nelle Leisman Alspaugh 
James Brown 
Russell & Gertrude 
Johnson Clark 
Ruth Franks Clark 

Norma Hoke Fisher 
Charles Gould 
Phyllis Hyde Grove 
Virgil Hamilton 
L. Shirl Hatfield 
H, Wendell Hyde 
Doris Kaparoff Johnston 
Margaret Muilenburg Lixey 
Wendell Lowe 
Ann Bengston Lutes 
Robert McCiintock 
G Verner Miller 
Jeanne Blackburn Pearson 
Conrad Rehling 
Robert Sheesley 
Joyce Hunt Spitnale 
Harold & Kathryn Smith 

Joyce Burtner Trumbauer 
Paul Trumbauer 
Paul Williams 
Lewis Wilson 
Phyllis Martin Young 

Class of 1914 

Participation: 57% 

Thomas Bailey 
Warren & June Pugh 

Berg wall 
E. C, Bernstorf 
James Bertsche 
Elizabeth Permar 

Mable Busch Bontrager 
Mariorie Williamson 

Nancy Fox Brown 
Hubert Clevenger 
Jean Chalmers Creighton 
Thetis Eastman 
Miriam Schumacher 

Edward Evanick 
Raymond Garrett 
Taylor Hayes 
Maurine Carver Hoffman 
Mildred Smith John 
Ralph Johnson 
Josephine Stuart Juetl 
Martha Leeman Karges 
Betty Weed Kruschwitz 
Phyllis Steiner McCoy 
Bonnie Weaver OdIe 
Glendyl Burgener-Jefford 

Kathryn Tucker Schoen 
Jacob Seibold 
Ann Bowman Sheesley 
Lois Oxiey Smith 
Elizabeth Suderman 
Alice Theobald 
Philip Whisler 
Agnes Grant Wilson 
Donald Yocom 
Dorothy McFall Zart 

Class of 1945 

Participation: 75%' 

M Wesley Arms 
Gordon Bell 
Genevieve Shuppen 

Robert Bontrager 
Lawrence Brown 
Esther Watkins Bullis 
Sarah Burdon Chrismer 
Dorothy Shomo Cogley 
Kenneth Enright 
Gerald Fisher 
Catherine Hill Grostic 
Ralph Herber 
E Jean Holcombe 
Minam Huffman 
Marybeth Smith Hunt 
John Juett 
Gerald & Gladys Brown 

Mariorie Arnold Kolb 
John Kruschwitz 
Helen Boyer Langdon 
Rollie Leeman 
Esther Lewis Martin 
Niola Holt Metcalt 
Kenneth Morse 
lla Hoffman OIney 
Elizabeth Good Owsley 
Warren Patow 
Earl Pope 

Martha Wallace Reif 
Paul Rupp 
William Siktberg 
John Siner 
Naida Sutch Sutch 
Delos Tanner 
Warren Tropf 
Eleanor Waltman Warner 
LoisOpper Weisheit 
Jane Winlerling 
Paul Yaggy 

Class of 1946 

Participation: .'il^'r 

Joyce Wentz Bailey 
Thelma Drew Beery 
Virgil B)ork 
Marion Brown 
Adelle Davis Carpenter 
John Cogley 
Miriam Pallotta Faia 
James Giggy 
Margaret Brown Gould 
Harold Homer 
Arlouine Hamann Nelson 
Kathleen Howard Price 
Andrew Rupp 
Dorland Russett 
Stewart Silver 
Alva Swarner 
Catherine Hatfield Welty 
Philip Williams 
Ruth Steiner Zimmerman 

Class of 1947 

Participation: l'J'"r 

Charles Baker 
Esther Bradford Bekaert 
Lorraine Farrier Enrighl 
Gwendolyn Somerville 

Alice Hitchcock Good 
GeneGibbs Henthorn 
Milton Murphey 
Dons Gilbert Newsom 
Wilma Steiner Petersen 
Priscilla Pallotta Pomarici 
Margie Billet Rich 
Esther King Rupp 
Joanne Grubbs Shickley 
Laura Herber Siktberg 
Gene Holt Skeiley 

Class of 1918 

Participation: .'>5'^'r 

Elsie Mundinger Berk 
Dorothy Horn Builis 
Vera Fesmire Carroll 
Alyce Rocke Cleveland 
Robert Deich 
Mary Helen Zimmerman 

Floyd Emshwiller 
Jual Evans 

Norma Hickey Fleming 
Calvm & Betty Coats Fleser 
LaDonna Litzenberg Gerig 
Catherine Wright Good 
Donald Hubbard - 
William Hunt 
Ruth Waldin Lintelmann 
Genevieve Conger Miller 
Robert Morris 
Martha Ladd Murphey 
Inge Madsen Pabst 
Ruth Brose Rogers 
Harold Salseth 
Lois Harris Shater 
Ray Stair 
Oliver Steiner 
William Stone 
Martha Johnson Strunk 
Merton & Helen Maurer 

Charles Tharp 
George Toops 
Joan Powell Tropf 
Clyde Trumbauer 
Frances Johnson Willert 

Class of 1949 

Participation. 50'^'t 

Dee Avey Ash 

Genevieve Beischer Beattie 

Margaret Sherman Brown 

Albert Cramer 

Virginia Dober 

Leon Fennig 


Vernon Goff 

WanitaSheagley Grainger 
Ruth Bertsche Hainline 
Robert Henthorn 
Mary Moorman Huffman 
Byron Hunt 
Wilham Kimbrough 
Betty Kinstfer 
Gnellar Chisolm Leeman 
Miriam Litten Long 
Myra Roesler Luce 
Carol Dixon Mix 
Martha Busch Parker 
Mary Barnett Pester 
Rhena Petch 
Coramae Walter Peters 
Vernon Petersen 
Mariorie Leary Piter 
Frances Prough 
Norval Rich 
Ruth Strohm Robinson 
Ellsworth Runyon 
Prince Schaeffer 
Shirley Holmgren Sheard 
Sylvia Albright Stetler 
Shirley Gaerte Svaan 
Herbert Wiggins 
Merlin Wiikins 
Lois Williams 
Ralph Woltord 
Harold Zart 

Class of 19r»(l 

Participalum. I'l^f 

Marione Wyant Anderson 
Shirley Burmeister 

Harold Beattte 
Marilyn Appelgren Bevill 
Edgar Bolles 
Frank & Betty Ireland 

Bruce Charles 
Arthur & Jeanellen Stewart 

Elmer Copley 
J Robert Coughenour 
Carl Daugherty 
Murl Eastman 
Merlyn & Marilyn Anderson 

Paul Erdel 

Jacqueline Hopson Erase 
Reva Zischke Frees 
Earl Frith 

Barbara Clark Gentile 
William George 
Emerald Gerig 
Jean Knowles Godfrey 
Carl Hassel 

Gladys Bradford Helwic 
Dillon Hess 
David Hopwood 
Doris Bantz Hunter 
Daniel Hutchens 
Gordon & Helen Turner 

Joy & Harold Jones 
Alfred Kahler 
T Elgin Last 
Fred & Frances Ward 

Elizabeth Lucas 
Fred & Elaine Millhisler 

L. Jo & Jack Martin 
John McCarthy 
Harry McElhone 
Clyde Meredith 
Florence Smith Molinder 
William Ng 
Mae Gilbert Pierce 
Virginia Veenstra Pieschke 
Elizabeth Stanley Pilkey 
Rufus Regier 
Betty Tusant Roehl 
Opal Buck Shoemaker 
Gene Shrout 
Edward Shy 
Barney SIkma 
Philip Souder 
Richard Spahr 
Paul Steiner 
Royal Steiner 
John Svaan 
Dalton Van Valkenburg 
Barbara Volstad 
Timothy Warner 
Robert Wendel 

Donna Hardleben Whittam 
Ruth Robinson Willbanks 

Class of 

ParlHipaiion: 47% 

Theima Herringshaw 

Paul Amstutz 
Norbert Anderson 
Dorothy Eeils Andresen 
Leon Andrews 
Clyde Augsburger 
Harold Berk 
William Berry 
Ephraim Bixler 
Dorothy Kimball Blomquist 
Reynold Bohleen 
Paul Boyer 
Dorothy Butler 
Betty Cole Charles 
Malvin Cotield 
Conrad Collins 
Marian Munson Collins 
Norman Cook 
Alieda Bushey Deal 
Theodore Dexter 
Katherine Enns 
Dan Esau 
Bruce & Ruth Lawrence 

Donavon Gerig 
Betty Thompson Getty 
R James Hagen 
Vilis Hayes Haines 
Fenton Hall 
Avis Morehead Hassel 
Edwin Helm 
Clyde Hunter 
Ulee Clinton Hutchens 
Roberta Kessler 
Lauradean Snooks Kraklan 
Walter Kregler 
Andrew & Marilyn Shook 

Dillon Laftin 
Helen Latham 
Andrew & Ella Kincaid 

Keith Lochner 
Calvin & Twyla Bergman 

Gerald Marek 
Carlene Mitchell Matthews 
Erma Gardner McCarthy 
Shirley Harvey Miller 
Arthur Mix 
F James Norns 
Richard & Mary Winters 

Milo Nussbaum 
E. Herbert Nygren 
Martha Slagg Oechsle 
Robert Ott 
William Pannell 
Everett Parks 
William Payne 
Howard Pearson 
Robert Pieschke 
David Rathien 
Phyllis Beers Reeder 
Marian Wilson Schindler 
Judson Shoemaker 
Laverne Steiner 
Ruth Henry Steiner 
Ruth Muselman Steury 
Carroll Stroshine 
Ralph Teuber 
W, David & Annabelle 

Claudia Groth Vail 
Elizabeth Brose Van Horn 
Donald Walden 
Lois Weed 

Valetta Short Werder 
James West 
Louise Reams Wiggins 
Norman & Eunice Berg 

Harry & Lorna Green 


Class of 1952 

Participation: 47% 

Eugene Barrett 
Lawrence Bauer 
Joseph Beeson 
Merlin Birky 
Marilee Brown Bohleen 
Gordon Bourne 

Tavlor laiversitv 1995 Honor Roll of Donors • 5A 

William & Ruth 

Zimmerman Bowers 
John Bragg 
Leonard Braley 
Dons Oswalt Brause 
Donald Brooks 
James Comstock 
Roy Comstock 
Josie Ackelson Cramer 
Louise Dawson 
Ralph DeLong 
Pauline BreiO Dewey 
Jean Miller Oilier 
Deighton Douglin 
Ruby Enns 
Frederick Faia 
Wayne Prase 
Robert Fraser 
Rutti Endicott French 
J Paul Gentile 
Carl & Mary Davis 

Mary Goodridge 
Donald & Dorothy 

Huffman Granitz 
Joe Haas 
William Hayden 
Jesses Phyllis Berry 

Shirley Lunde Jacobsen 
Don Jennings 
John Kaiser 
Lois inboden Kempton 
Bruce Kline 
Maurice Lmdell 
W Norman MacFarlane 
E. Donald Martin 
William Mathews 
Harold Matthews 
Pauline Getz Medhurst 
Clyde Michel 
Charles & Marilyn Copley 

Carl Miller 
Jean Morgan 
Arthur Muselman 
Robert Neely 
John Nelson 
Vernon Northrop 
Barbara Rioux Novak 
Harold Oechsle 
James Oliver 
Grace Kenney Par 
Jack Patton 
Dora Culver Phillippe 
Joyce Scarem Post 
Elmer & Gloria Bridson 

John Rigel 
Ralph Ringenberg 
Mary Klopfenstein Schmidt 
Carol Gramtich Scott 
Mary Jones Scott 
Frank Shtndo 
Harley Siders 
Lois Deyo Smith 
Ray Snyder 
Dorothy Stanton 
Florence Stolt 
Joyce Scott Stoner 
Verna Steury Tharp 
Alfred Thompson 
Harold Thornburg 
Richard & Pat West 

Gerritt & Barbara Knight 

Gordon Wickstrom 
Wayne Woodward 
William Wortman 
Ted Wright 

Class ol* 1953 

Parlu timlion: 39^c 

Max Andrew 
Lyie Barrett 
James Beaty 
Lois Ford Beeson 
Mary Fleming Berry 
Ernest Cobbs 
Muriel Culver Cook 
Mary Gerow Corliss 
Jane Ericson Everson 
Dottie Cunningham Fisher 
Rex Gearharl 
Barbara Norris Haas 
David Harvey 
William Hesse 
V Donald Jacobsen 
A. Warren & Esther Hund 

John Journell 
Mary Fitch Kaiser 
David & Rebecca Swander 

Le Shana 

Dan Lesher 
Donald McFarland 
Phyllis Miller Miller 
Thomas Murphy 
Leon Nicholsen 
Harold Olsen 
Barbara Owen 
David Phillippe 
Virginia Balk Pickering 
William Rediger 
Wallace Rook 
Ralph Schuster 
Douglas Scott 
Roy Shervy 
C. Merton Spaulding 
Hugh Sprunger 
Eiolse Gertg Thorne 
Mary Wilson Turner 
Calvin Vass 
Glenna Phillips Walton 
Martha Fordyce Welsh 
David Wheeler 
Donald Wilks 
Kenneth Wright 

Class ()i 1954 

fiirtitiiititiun: 45^/c> 

Richard Ahlgrim 
Sarah Andrews 
Joy Arthur 
Shirley Bohieen 
Barbara Gordinier 

John Brummeler 
Donna Colbert 
Richard Corliss 
Richard Diemer 
Harold Draper 
Violet Goldsworthy Fraser 
Ruth Gentile Gearhart 
Howard Habegger 
Mary Von Bergen Hesse 
Olive Holland 
Winnie Mellema Holm 
Norman & Beverly Berry 

Theodore Hopkins 
Geraldine Cook Howard 
Forrest & Arlene Smith 

David Jones 
Lawrence Lacour 
Elaine McNeil Lmdell 
Joanne DutroMaughlin 
Max Meier 
Howard Mellod: 
Virginia McNeil Miller 
Gail Brenneman Nichols 
David Pelton 
Richard Raby 
Edith Casperson Rediger 
Vonda Lightbody Rigel 
Phyllis Snyder Rowe 
Betty Blom Ruth 
Noel Spencer 
Richard Steiner 
Tish Tieszen Stoltzfus 
Helen Ballinger Summers 
Robert Tidgweil 
Gerald Welsh 
John Wheeler 
Carmen Justice Wilks 
Lloyd Wright 

Class of 1955 

Pdrluiptttion: i7^'( 

Richard Allspaw 

Jack & Ramona Ferguson 

Ins Reichelt Axelson 
Thomas Beers 
Sue& Clarence Blair 
Joyce Lister Clark 
Richard & Ann Clark 
Beulah Meier Coughenour 
Doris Crawmer 
Paul Crockett 
Leroy Delong 
N. Arthur Edstrom 
Stuart Erase 
Charles Good 
Geraldine Gries Hahn 
V. Kathryn Brown 

Dorothy Hiatt 
John Hinkle 
Mary Miyazaki Hudson 
Nancy Jacobson 
Sylvia Groth Jennings 
Bonnie Ewing Journell 
Roselyn Baugh Kertin 
Larry Liechty 
Alvin & Jeanella McDonald 

Eloise Olcott Miller 

Marion Unkenholz Muthiah 
R, Ivan Niswender 
Arloeen Williams Oliver 
llene Penn 
Fred Pnnzing 
Virginia Motiu Puroll 
Pal Lucas Raby 
Stanley & Connie Ross 

Jane Slenzak 
Robert Stoker 
C. P Tarkington 
Richard Turner 
Miriam DeyoVallejo 
Margaret Wickett Vida 
Marilyn Luce West 
Faith Dodge Wheeler 
Norman Wheeler 
Donna Wright Wise 
Martha Hayden Woodv;ard 
Mane Lamb Wright 
Mitsuko Higa Yamaguchi 

Class oi' 1956 

Purtuipalum: 33'^c 

Jane Springer Adams 
lona Amspaugh 
Margaret Weedon Barton 
Eleanor Shelley Bayles 
Dorothy Wing Blakely 
Carolyn Smith Brummeler 
Riley Case 
Mary Dreihaup 
Bradley Duckworth 
A. Kay Brenneman Erb 
Delite Lieske Fahl 
June Frautschy 
Joseph Grabill 
Mark & Jean Schmdler 

Virginia Shckien Gulick 
Marlene Short Habegger 
Robert Hankins 
Dorothy Keeler Hash 
Ruth Allspaw Hopkins 
JoAnn Nemoth Jones 
Jo Ann Albrecht Kehoe 
Arleon Kelley 
Joseph Kerlin 
Howard Landes 
Dorothy Garnett Lehmann 
Loren Lindholm 
Marjorie McCallum Meske 
Robert Morgan 
DemenI Motter 
Ruby Moser 

Phyllis Latham Niswender 
Phyllis Osborn 
William Plumb 
Velma Vernier Rediger 
Evangeline Thomas Smith 
Ruth Thomas Spencer 
Wendell & Diane Beghtel 

DIan KriderWilkey 

Class of 1957 

Partutpalion: 41^t 

Joyle Allen 

Ben & Mary Drake Allison 
Dorothy Brown Arthur 
Ann Nishihara Ayabe 
Ruth Unkenholz Case 
William Chapman 
Walter Chernenko 
Gary Cooper 
Mildred McMurtry 

R.E.& Nancy Delay Dodge 
Sylvia Hines Duckworth 
Lee Dye 
John Ehresman 
David Paris 
Paul Pendt 
Kenneth Gangel 
Robert & Joan Lloyd 

Judith Kondey Harvey 
Carl Hohnga 
Joyce Kautmann 
John Key 
Helen Koepp 
Jane Peirce Lesh 
Rita Gerhardt Lindholm 
Sandy Brannon Lomax 
Blanche Burwell Louthain 
Elaine Schrader Luce 
Janet Benning Marquardt 
Daniel McLario 
Sarah Roush McMillin 
Verneta McNeil 
Barbara Thurman 

Larry & Beverly Collette 

Virgil & Marlene Routzong 

Onale Stucky Neufeld 
Anita Ford Pnnzing 
Delmar Schv;anke 
Ronald Shaw 
Shirley Pletcher Smith 
Ken & Elizabeth Galloway 

Miriam Gulp Stewart 
Palncia Kirkendall 

Rhoda Evans Taylor 
Robert Tillinghast 
Kenneth Tousley 
Senefelder Valleio 
F Laurence Warner 
Mildred Andrews Whiteley 
Edwin Wiens 

Class of 1958 

Pfirfiripiilion: ■IH'^/f 

Jerry Allred 

Carolyn Carlson Anderson 
Grayson Atha 
Stanley Beach 
Marilyn Habegger 

Roland Bertka 
Ruth Malson Bishop 
Lulu Turbin Bowen 
Norman Brummeler 
Lenore Ringenberg 

Geraldine Bullock 

Pat Harvey Clark 
James Dahl 
Betty Godsey Davis 
Jemima Ensing 
Ramon Farley 
Carol Tyte Ferguson 
Patricia Martin Floyd 
Anna Newhard Fullhart 
Elizabeth Blackburn Gangel 
Roger Geng 
Gwendolyn Davies 

George Glass 
Kedwin Graber 
G, Arthur Hansen 
Larry Harper 
Dorothy Haun 
Donald & Miriam Parks 

Martin Hess 
Jane Vanzant Hodson 
Charles Howland 
Jay Kesler 
Benjamin King 
Dawn Shumaker Kinzer 
Doris McBride Knoblock 
Elsa Anderson Kroger 
Orlan Lehmann 
William Loewen 
John Louthain 
Arlene Lundquist 
Gene Matsudo 
Kenneth & Joy Hainline 

Dwight Meier 
Faith Spnnger Miller 
Kathleen Otiley Miller 
Eloise Van Natta Moore 
Eleanor Laughlin Morey 
Robert & Erma Habegger 

Martha Bailey Mornson 
Judith Shater Needier 
Beverly Borg Northup 
Russell & Lois Johnson 

Bonnie Freese Pickering 
Harvey Rechstemer 

Joyce ShickSchwanke 
Carole Shoup Smith 
Suzanne Kuhn Smith 
Mary Livingston Stairs 
Lois Weed Stoker 
Manlyn Holloway Taylor 
Nancy Shamblen Taylor 
Irvin Thompson 
Joy Powell Tillinghast 
Lucille Stern Ulery 
Barbara Meyer Warner 
Howard Watson 
Allan Wilson 
Robert Wolfe 

Class ol* 1959 

I'arliripnlion: 48^c 

Roger Beaverson 
Sandra Moore Bedford 

Janet Berst 
Alice Netzband Boyer 
Nancy Wittman Brubaker 
Carl Cotrone 
Stephan Creulz 
Gertrude Dahl 
Lorraine Rioux Dahl 
Janet White Dallwig 
Tracy Davis 
Wendell DeBruin 
Patricia Stall Ekiund 
Gerald & Arlene Hieber 

Sherry Perkins Gormanous 
David Gustafson 
Richard Guthrie 
Geraldine Ensor Hall 
Adolt & Naomi Metzger 

Marilyn Willett Heavilin 
Carol Coyner Hess 
Lois Smith Hughes 
Lois Martin Jones 
David Kemp 
Jane Smith Kesler 
James Key 

Jack & Janet McCarty King 
Leroy Kinzer 
Pnscilla McMahan Kreis 
Shiela Kuehnle 
Ruth Dillon Lambright 
John Landon 
Dale Linhart 
Gretchen Miller Loomis 
Gloria Shepherd Nelson 
Judy Weber Polsgrove 
Cleo Murdoch Purdy 
J R Reece 

Nancy Lindgren Rohart 
R Waldo Roth 
Wayne Rowell 
Russell Ruch 
Thomas Rumney 
Nancy Rowley Rupp 
Marilyn Adams Schick 
Ramona Walker 

Barbara SchultzShupe 
Delia Koch Soderlund 
Barbara Udisky Stigleman 
Roland Sumney 
Leif & Manorie 

Starkweather Terdal 
Mary Maynard Theaker 
Carol FrickeThor 
Lavonne Tieszen 
Robert Trout 
Art Turner 
Ronald Vaiutis 
Gladys Haakonsen 

David Wickersham 
Rosanne Shippy Wolfe 
Man Mieno Yamaguchi 

Class of I960 

Participation: -I'l^'c 

David Adams 
Wanda Pittman Atha 
Ellen Barnes 
Joyce Morgan Bates 
Joan Haaland Britton 
Rosemary Harper Buoy 
Betty Augustine Burden 
Earl Chnstensen 
Robert Dvorak 
Paul & Janet Orne 

Charles Ford 
David & Dorothy Brunner 

Janet Huffman Glass 
Annetta Josephs Graham 
Gertrude Krein Hampton 
Elaine Warner Handschu 
Marilyn Yerks Harp 
Dale Hochslettter 
Roger Jenkinson 
James Jones 
James King 
Silas Klaassen 
George Klohck 
Carol Ash Kundenreich 
David Larson 
Marian Lehmer Linhart 
Marjorie Kautmann Mason 
Charleen Schmeltzer 

Margaret Matthews 
Evelyn Pearson McDonald 
Signe Hansen Meier 
Helen Padrutt Miller 
Millard Niver 
Arthur Norris 
John Okesson 

Russell Oyer 

Mary DellingerPahmeier 

Darrel Parns 

Roger Peck 

Gordon Polsgrove 

Nancy Smith Reznik 

C Dexter Rohm 

F Marlene Wilcox Roth 

Jonnine McKinley Rumney 

Wayne Samson 

David Scudder 


Richard Shupe 

Sue Andrews Smith 

Donald Steltz 

Edwin & Janet Gushiken 

Carol Howland Thompson 
Rosalie Closson Vaiutis 
Miriam Beers Van 

Joseph & Carolyn Cloer 

James Walsh 
Manlyn Knudsen Ward 
Larry Weaver 
Mary Henning Weirick 
Edythe Brown Williams 
Jerry & Maxine Smith 

Roger Winn 

Leah Medvidotsky Wolff 
William Worth 
Naomi Pickerl Young 
Dale Zell 

Class of 1961 

I'tirtitiptition. ^'.f'c 

Marilyn Linden Adkinson 
Phillip Armstrong 
Wayne Augustine 
Richard Baarendse 
Raymond Bachman 
Harold & Sarah Gove Beal 
R. David & Joan Graffis 

Bruce Brenneman 
Stanley Burden 
Minnie Patton Clark 
Beverly Corts 
Sharon BuckelsCreutz 
James & Mariorie Eby 

Lucille EntzDiller 
Donald Dyck 
Sharon Rupp Ehresman 
Barbara Hanawalt Ford 
Gary Poss 
Daniel Freeman 
Marlene Silvis Georgia 
Merle Geng 
Jerry Goss 

Constance Grant Green 
Harold Hatcher 
Roberts Margaret Tatem 

Paul Jorg 
Hubert Kuhn 
Ruth Stockinger 

Carl Mickley 

Sally Runyon Mittlestedt 
Stanley Morton 
Barbara Jacobson Olson 
Robert Olson 
John Oswalt 
Nancy Liechty Oyer 
Myrna Marshall Parris 
Irvin Polk 
H. Fred Pomeroy 
J- Franklin Pyle 
Joellyn Hall Rabias 
Oris Reece 
William Ringenberg 
Robert Rudolph 
Judy Lammon Sampson 
Joyce Huebner 

Dorothy Troyer Short 
Jean Pettigrew Showalter 
R. Larry Smith 
Karen Cheesman Snider 
Ronald Spade 
Carolyn Haas Sprunger 
C. Rex Taylor 
Rachel Howell Tjoelker 
Diane Tenpas Vivian 
Norma Van Hovein Walsh 
Philip Wickersham 
Dale Williams 
Richard Wise 

Class of 1962 

Pnrlivipalion: 35^c 

Patricia Liby Amstutz 

Sharon Shannahan Arndt 
Sheldon Bassett 
Perry Bigelow 
R. Mark Campbell 
Nancy Henderson 

Lois Clough 
Lynne Koons Colvin 
Betty Bowers Crighton 
Kathryn Heavilin Cutting 
Lou Larson DeWitt 
Arthur Deyo 
Timothy Diller 
David Dryer 
Raymond Durham 
Barbara Miller Perrell 
Tom Gehner 
Ruth Gehres 
James Gottschalk 
Nelson Gould 
Joyce Worgul Gustafson 
Delores Stembach Home 
Janet Judd Jenkinson 
June Kearney 
Tal Keenan 
Sharon Riggs Key 
Bette Tao Kobayashi 
Al Kundenreich 
Janet Case Langenwalter 
Janet Mendenhall Lanier 
Kathryn Stewart Leonard 
Carolyn Wolfgang Lewis 
R Philip Loy 
Carl Lundquist 
Mary Weidler Lyons 
S Rodger Martin 
Donald Miller 
Patricia Rufenacht Mochel 
Melvin Moeschberger 
Alden Nay 
June Nilsen 
Judith Manley Owens 
Jeanette Davies Patton 
Connie Peck 
Gary Petzold 
Roger Roth 
Martha Dunn Russell 
Tamara Schiiko 
J William Schneck 
Lanelle Shafer 

Richard Seldehamel 
Barbara Archer Silvis 
Carlton Snow 
G. Patrick & Beulah 

Reinmiller Shilman 
Ned Stucky 
Michael & Karen Hansen 

James & Frances Woy 

Joyce McClurg Todd 
Jonell Willis Van Dam 
Elaine Brunz 

David Williams 
Mozelle Williams 

Class of 1963 

ViirlictjKtIwn: .?"% 

Lois Jackson Austin 
Elsbetli Baris Baarendse 
James Black 
Marilyn Ellett Blom 
Timothy Burkholder 
Jacob Crian 
David Cook 
Sterling Davis 
Lois Staub Deyo 
Georgia Dodd 
David Dunkerton 
Adrian Chandler Durham 
Doveanna Nussbaum 

Anita Weimer Freeman 
David Geddes 
Alice Hendrickson Golden 
Donald Goodson 
Sarah Owens Gould 
W. Kay Baer Green 
Ruth Wolgemuth 

Herbert Hall 
Doyle Hayes 

Janet Hardy Hochstettler 
Lamar Imes 
Irvin & Nancy Fricke 

Marcia Van Doren Jorg 
Stanley Kobayashi 
David 8, Karole Bov^en 

Roy Krai 

Ronda Huffer Kunau 
Robert Larsen 

6A • Tavlur lni\(>rsilv 1993 Honor Roll of Donors 

Penny Procunjar Larson 
Roxanne Sprunger Leichty 
Eric Lidh 
E. Lewis Luttrell 
Joyce Gray MacLeish 
Mary Madison 
Loretta Thomas Mann 
Peggy Ulmer Marquard 
Bonnie Mcintosh Martin 
Margaret Anderson Mauzy 
Janice Franklin May 
James Metcalfe 
Dennis Miller 
Rudy Moberg 
Sandra Rupp 

Dale Murphy 
Everett Myers 
Wilbert Neuenschwander 
Carolyn Soerheide Nieto 
Evelyn Richards Norris 
Jane Lunde Pedersen 
Luanne Adams Phillips 
Philip Place 
Ida Hersey Price 
Thomas Ringenberg 
Sarah Wimmer 

Virginia Doctor Roe 
Judle OhIrich Rudolph 
Charles Sadler 
Thomas Schlee 
Barbara Demarest 

Robert Seevers 
Patricia Benson Shannon 
Verlis & Lois McBride 

Jack Souder 
Richard & Doris Kaufmann 

Fred Stockinger 
Ronald Van Dam 
Lois Charles Whitcraft 
Mary Baker Whitehead 
Jennifer Fierke Wilson 
Douglas Wood 
Loretta Young 

Class of 1964 

PartwipaftDii: 33^''( 

Sharon Dalberg Anderson 
Ronald Angerer 
Elaine Springer Anspaugh 
Mary Schneider Augustine 
G. Steve Baker 
Margaret Anema Barnhart 
Phyllis Dye Bedi 
Barbara Brown Bender 
M. Rosalie Bowker 
David Brennan 
Beverly Jacobus Brightly 
Carolyn Williamson 

Walter Campbell 
David Carlson 
Suzanne RutenachtCorkill 
David Cutting 
Carole Gibson Oenlmger 
Daniel Dew 
David Dickey 
Frederick Eiler 
Don & Nan Buecker 

David Forbes 
Deanna Mayne Francis 
Mary Kay Naumann Fraser 
John Freeman 
Marsha Ekiund Geddes 
Norma Hill Gehner 
Marilyn Bohn Gifford 
David Golden 
Joseph Gordon 
Stanley Guillaume 
Richard & Marie Raese 

Roy & Lynne Osberg 

Stanley Handschu 
Linda Stanton Harmon 
Carol Haught Headland 
Charles & Barbara Bennett 

Todd Hinkle 
James Howell 
Stanley Inniger 
Elizabeth Pigueron Jones 
Myra Bullock Jones 
David & Bonnie Philpot 

Allen Kattmann 
Judith Fink Kirsch 
Donald Knudsen 
Peter Kobe 
Bruce & Carolyn Martin 

Phoebe Dew Law 
Gari Craven Lidh 
Daniel MacLeish 
Rhoda Grosser Mackenzie 
William Madison 
Arlys Nelson Mc Donald 
Wilma McCammon 
Marion Meeks 
Lyndon Merkle 
Jane Walker Metcalfe 
Stanley Meyer 
Helen LaDuke Miller 
Warren Morton 
Elizabeth Miller Nelson 
Garry Ostrander 
James & Dara Epp Peters 
Elaine Peterson 
Marilyn Porter 
Wilbur & Gloria Callaway 

Sigrid Schaftroth 
Elizabeth Mighells Schlee 
Sharon Schoff Schmidt 
Marily Miller Schneck 
Janice Dubs Seidehamel 
Judith Bowman Showaiter 
Dan & Janet Tucker Smith 
Paul & Nancy Badskey 

Darleen Mills Tector 
Stanley & Janet 

Richardson Thompson 
Peter Valberg 
Bonita Garard VanDerKolk 
Jack VanVessem 
Elmer & Nancy Estep 

Maniane Bitter West 
George Williamson 
Larry Winterholter 
Ruth Walker Wood 

Class of 1965 

PiirtUiiMition: 36^f 

David Andersen 
Norman Andresen 
M Dennis Austin 
Stephen Bedi 
Gary & Sherryl Hatton 

Dorothy Pile Campbell 
Mary Baker Campbell 
Edwin Chappell 
David Copham 
Daniel & Sara Guynn 

Nancy Dougan 
Julia Thorne Drozda 
Martin Earnest 
Sue Truex Felton 
Kenneth Flanigan 
David Fraser 
Audrey Storms Gathany 
Jack Given 
Joyanne Plummer 

Diane Highfield Holcomb 
Joyce Knell Hooper 
Barrett Horn 
David Horsey 
Barbara Gisel Hoth 
Treva Davis Howard 
Eunice Wolff Howell 
Kurt Hunsberger 
Judith Boyko Imperial 
Barbara Inglis 
William Jones 
Daniel Kastelein 
Lily Batuski King 
Joyce Helm Kuhn 
Gregg Liechty 
James Lindell 
Patricia Carson Lundquist 
Dorothy Hess Luttrell 
James MacLeish 
Mary McDonald 

R, Eugene Mastin 
Bonnie Rauch McCullough 
James Miller 

Lynn & Irmgard Holz Miller 
Nancy Verdell Moller 
Richard Newton 
Linda Olsen Overman 
Carollyn Saxton Peerman 
Richard Peterson 
Toby Andrews Peterson 
Gene Platte 
Robert Ransbottom 
Yvonne Rosecrans 
Jerry Showaiter 
Gary Shuppert 
Judson Sprunger 
Robert Stewart 

Laron Thompson 
Mary Widick Valberg 
Barbara Butman 

Joseph & B. Elaine 

Shugart Vandegnff 
Gordon Vandermeulen 
Fred Walthour 
Marilyn Lake Walklns 
Judith Hall Wheatley 
James Woods 

Class of 1966 

Partuifiiittuii: SQ'^^f 

Svend Abrahamsen 

Sandra La Rose Andresen 

D. James Barton 

Ruth Hoffman Bates 

David Baugh 

Barbara Durnbaugh Bickel 

Joyce Johnson Bowling 

Edgar Cline 

Barton & Marilyn Stucky 

Joseph Corey 
Lois Horst Cox 
Marjorie Neuenschwander 

Wanda Chasteen 

Helen Barkes Cutshaw 
Dianne Weedon DeBoer 
Judith Dick 
Douglas & Barbara Wills 

Mary Lou Piegnet Dye 
Sara Carmany Eggleslon 
Susan Rosberg Emerson 
Thomas Finch 
Kent Fishel 

Elizabeth Clint Flanigan 
Ruth McDonald Fouse 
Donald Francis 
Dee Friesen 
Ronald Guyer 
Barbara Beanblossom 

Onley Heath 
Joan Nelson Horn 
Karen Plueddeman Horsey 
Roberta Sheesley 

Marsha King Hunt 
Steve Huser 

Roberta Aller Johansson 
Naomi Liechty Johnson 
Don Jones 
John Kacsur 
Judy Englund Kastelein 
Beverly Cauble Klepser 
Ronald Kregel 
Suzanne Peterson 

Elaine Willis Long 
Mary Eversden Meeks 
Rebecca Harvey Moore 
Gwen Moser 
Jerald Norquist 
Kay Hemingway O'Neal 
Marjorie Olsson Ohiman 
David Peterson 
Sally Dunwoody Peterson 
Terry Porter 
James Rahn 
Roberta Hiatt Rice 
James & Marietta 

Campbell Richard 
John Roush 
Mary Porter Said 
Gloria Gates Schatfer 
Irma HeissSchar 
Carol Meland Schumacher 
Trumbull Simmons 
Jeanette Wood Sommers 
Margaret Hiatt Sprunger 
Jeanne Rupp Stauffer 
Sonta Strahm 
Kenneth Taylor 
Rodney Taylor 
Carolyn Borg Webb 
Alfred Whittaker 
Mary Winter Wiebers 
Daniel Wilson 
Lynne Fridstrom 

Sandra Coryell 

Judith Paulson Woods 

Class of 1967 

Participation: 2.^^c 

Charlotte May Andersen 

Larry Austin 

Paul Bauer 

David Bowermeister 

Sheldon Burkhalter 
Peter Carlson 
Paul Cochrane 
Sharon Steiner Connor 
John Daly 
Edward DeVries 
M Dayle Dickey 
Marilyn Domhoff 
Rita Johnston Freer 
Charmaine Elliott Freeze 
Bruce Gaff 
Sharon Seelman 

Richard & Bonni Fisher 

Paul Hanson 

Margaret Zuercher Harsha 
Walter Harvey 
Carolyn Kraner Highley 
Marilyn Serpe Jellison 
Gene Keller 
William Kelley 
Rex Kreigh 
Kathleen Kubik 
Judy Landenberger 
Ben Lester 

Donna Fridstrom Lindell 
Jerald & Janet Aichele 

Joellen Rice Lmkenback 
Robert Lovell 
Barbara Kirchner Martin 
Geraldine Nelson Morton 
Carolyn Oman Norquist 
Charles Persons 
Ronald Philpot 
Russell Potter 
Beth Preston 
Nelson Rediger 
Judith Johnson Roth 
Libby Jackson Roush 
Darlyne Young Saldan 
Martha Sharp Schultz 
Carolyn Breedlove 

Sally Zart Shell 
Samuel & Carole 

Richardson Shellhamer 
David Showaiter 
Janet Smith 

Marjorie Schippers Smith 
Kathryn Myers Snell 
Charles Stevens 
Barbara Johansen Van 

Frank Weaver 
Cheryl Wehlmg 
Barry & Phyllis Grimm 

William & Linda Sweet 

Ray Woodcock 

Class of 1968 

Partuipuium: l'«>0 

Bronwyn Hemmig Baker 
Janet Colwell Barone 
Sharilyn Barton Baugh 
Jack Baumgardner 
Kenneth Bell 
Dennis Blocher 
Diana Bueker 
Janis Sprunger Burkhalter 
Gladys Connor 
Fitzgerald Cook 
Carolyn Giegler 

Janice Darling 
Lawrence DeBruyn 
Linda Brown Dickson 
Deborah Diemer 
Thomas Dillon 
Alyce Lorence Doss 
Fred Downs 
Robert & Jane Darling 

Laraine Betz Dunmire 
Kenneth & Nancy Nelson 

Robert Frey 
Carolyn Delhi Gaff 
Priscilla Hamilton 

Charlene Phillips Getz 
Samuel Gloyd 
Linda Karwoski Green 
Eugene & Marylou 

Napolitano Habecker 
Gary Harmon 
Patricia Fields Hart 
Bruce Head 
Ronald Helms 
Susan Huslage 
J. James Jerele 
Ronald Johnson 

Cheryl Helle Jones 
Liisa Greenstein Kaminski 
Priscilla Arnold Keller 
William Larrison 
James Lmkenback 
Gary Lybarger 
Bonnie Bennett Lynch 
Margaret Weiland Marsh 
Paul Martin 
Richard & Bonnalyn Blair 

Barbara Coffing Matthews 
Janice Simpson McGuire 
Marilyn McQueen 
Michael Mitchell 
James Morris 
David Odie 

Julie Broman Parsons 
Charles Percival 
Sharon Dexter Persons 
Richard Peterson 
Wesley Rediger 
Shirley Swaback Rieger 
Janet Doherty Ross- 

Alan & Jo Uechty Rupp 
Donald Schaffer 
Richard & Ann Henton 

Georgia Modieska 

Gordon Smith 
Michael Sonnenberg 
Karen YountStoltz 
James Swaney 
Jere Truex 
Loren & Judith Rupp 

Daniel Ward 
Sandra Way 
Sheldon Wiens 
Stunce Williams 
Melinda Stephens Wilson 
D. Roberta Priscilla Ten 

Eyck Wynkoop 
Richard Youngstrom 
Dawn Singley Zetto 

Class oJ 1969 

Piiriicipation: Ml^t 

Lowell Barnes 
Pamela Ogg Barton 
Irvin Behm 

R. Randolph Behnken 
Sharon Binder 
Charles Bowman 
R. Devee Boyd 
Betty Graffis 

Brenda Brenneman 
Kenneth Brix 
Charles Bruerd 
Marcia Hendrickson 

David Captain 
Philip Captain 
James Carmany 
Daniel Dame 
Margie Aalbregtse 

Barbara Rasler Dickey 
Robert Diller 
Carol Coates Downs 
Donald Dunkerton 
Merna Zimmerman- 

Tom Essenburg 
Heather Klassen Ewald 
Joseph Fritzsche 
William Furman 
Lauralee De Bruyn Gates 
Karen SmenkGerber 
Lester Gerig 
Ann Glazier 
Karen Lochiatto Gloyd 
Marene Travis Graham 
Marilyn Hay Habecker 
James Hall 
Braden Hamilton 
B. Theodore Hamrick 
Richard Hardesty 
Diane Powell Hawkins 
G Scott Hawkins 
Robert & Kathryn Baldwin 

Marcia Hayden Headley 
Richard Helfrich 
Donald & Suzanne Forte 

Mary Streby Hibberd 
Diana Beer Humble 
Charles Jaggers 
Stephen Jeffrey 
Margo Williamson Keller 
Eugene Kent 

John Lindholm 
Frank Marxer 
Gordon Mendenhall 
Robert Midwood 
Michael Miley 
Louise Miller 
Mary Crk Miller 
E. Anne Moudy 
Linda Wittenborn Mowles 
Diane Kuhn Mundy 
Carole Nussbaum 
Stephen & Diane 

Lundquist Oldham 
Randy Owsley 
Mary Hicks Palmer 
John Porter 
Mark Pride 
J. Richard Pyle 
Nancy Wilcox Rockwood 
Paul & Muriel Habkirk 

Joan Schaible 
Kathleen Sears 
Sharon Leach Seeberger 
Robert Shaffer 
Herbert Shaw 
Douglas Sizemore 
Nancy Ransbottom Smith 
Christian & Hettie Hardin 

Linda Graves Stout 
John & Sandra Eicher 

Timothy Sumner 
Jill Shuler Taylor 
Richard Trapp 
Sharyn Vinson Whitman 
Stephen Wilcox 
Robert Witmer 
Robert Wolgemuth 
Regina Smith Youngstrom 

Class ol 1970 

Purtutfintion: 28^7r 

Roger Andrews 

Larry Backlund 

Dale Bales 

Carolyn Yerke Becker 

Marilyn Russell Bell 

Barbara Bill 

Janice Deurwaarder Boyd 

Paul Braman 

Dale Brown 

Robert Brown 

James Bruton 

William & Suzanne Miller 

Karen Drake Carey 
George Carpenter 
Paul Challgren 
Tom Chelf 
James Cochran 
Cynthia Coulter 
Donna Day Coy 
William Dickson 
Helene Murhn Diller 
Janet Cook Duvendeck 
Gerald Eash 
Janice Adams Elston 
Michael Erdmann 
Ann Van Ornum Fackler 
Catherine Eger Fetters 
Kay Davis Frey 
Lee Gerwin 
Robert Gilbert 
Richard Gray 
Ena Gross 

Anita Schwartz Habegger 
Thomas Hall 
Cynthia Bishop Harmon 
JoAnn Scrafton Helfrich 
Craig & Marilyn Minks 

Barry Humble 
Roderick Huston 
Janet Cordin Jeffrey 
Frederick Jenny 
Peter Katauskas 
Orlena Rathel Klinefelter 
Martha Modjeska Kruse 
Carol Kubik 
Dennis Ladd 
Martha Mandt Langberg 
Priscilla Alden Larned 
Melvm & Judy Osterhus 

Deborah Wills Linton 
Donna Trumbauer Losch 
Cheryl Fridstrom Mahoney 
Steve Manganello 
Pamela Schreck McDaniel 
Bonnie Lemmen Meengs 
Coleen Myers Midwood 
Larry Miller 
Lois Brodsky Mitchell 

Val Holm Mitchell 
Gale Warren Moser 
Karen Myers 
Lee Myers 
Judith Nasralla 
Nancy Shepard Paist 
Barbara Patrick 
Vicki Shinn Prickett 
Joseph Prillwitz 
Dee & Ruby Quiambao 

Arnold Ramsland 
Joyce Rinker 
Walter Roberson 
Joe & Carol Luginbill 

Brenda Gisel Rowell 
Evelyn Jantzen Sizemore 
Richard Strycker 
John Taggart 
Hov^ard Taylor 
Lynn Juraschek Trapp 
Jane Barley Vallin 
Carol Hilt Vega 
Stephen Wallace 
Vernice Ward 
Paul Warton 
Kim Waterfall 
Mary Kntght White 
Deborah Young 

Mark Wilson 
Jean Lehman Wolf 

Class of 1971 

Parm iimtt,m:23(7o 

Nancy Anderson 
Mary Littrell Bales 
William Beck 
Marsha Corll Becker 
Alan Begbie 
Robert Canida 
Linda Borland Captain 
Arleen Conrad 
G. Jack Crabtree 
Donald Currey 
Heather Ewbank Day 
Ronald & Margaret 

Plueddemann Dubach 
Elisabeth Robinson 

Terri Jones Erdmann 
Gary Evans 
Franklin Forman 
Michael Goble 
Suzan Scott Gonser 
William Grapentine 
Robert & Carolyn 

Shillinger Grube 
Georgiann Moore Hall 
Donna Belding Haviland 
Virginia Miner Hawkins 
Charles Hess 
Ruth Kimmel 

Sandra Hill High! 
Phoebe Gardner Hoffrage 
Thomas Holsworth 
Walter Hooper 
John & Joyce Pence 

Patricia Watts Johns 
Thomas & Carolyn Sparks 

Stephen Keller 
Melanie Hawks Kemp 
Bruce Kenline 
Larry Klinefelter 
Martha Hogan Lauber 
Ronald Liechty 
Janet Moss Little 
David Lome 
Mary Johnson Lowe 
Teresa Acree Marcus 
C. Lynne Dudek Miller 
Deanne Montney Morales 
Cheryl Erickson Nelson 
Neal & Karen Isselee 

Richard Norris 
Thomas & Patricia Blue 

Gayle Off 

Barbara Plummer Owsley 
Elizabeth Weyeneth 

Jennifer Atkinson Pflug 
Leslie Van Deusen Philpot 
James Postlewaite 
Neil Potter 

JoAnn Kinghorn Rediger 
Lynn Richards 
Pamela GoeschI Robb 
Stephen & Nancy Schaub 

Taylor Iniversilv 1995 Honor Roll of Donors • 74 


Ted S Lana Sprunger 

Merrill 8. Barbara Peterson 

David Snelling 
Patrick Sprunger 
Sara Blbersteln Sprunger 
John & Edith Shugart 

Rochelle Gibson Tabor 
Jean Dade Tichenor 
Linda Banker Tittle 
William Toll 
Douglas Tryon 
Beverly Phillips 

Joy Wolgast Wallace 
Carol Wood Warton 
Nancy Fuson Watson 
Gayle Webb 
Douglas S Susan Helsing 

Gary Young 
Sally Heywood Zehnal 

Class of 1972 

Partiripalinn: 33'7c 

Lana Caudte Armstrong 
Gayle Arnold 
Thomas & Elaine 

Robertson Ballard 
Patricia Barnett 
Nancy Wolff Bastian 
Cynthia Folkers 

Richard Becker 
Ban McCracken Behnken 
Richard Bell 
Marsha McCune Biset 
Donna Stem Bolesta 
Sharmin Drake Brenneman 
David Brown 
Donna Kouwe Captain 
John Carlson 
Linda Robinson Carpenter 
Carol Davis Carter 
John & Janet Nelson 

Stephen Ciough 
Rodney Dickson 
Edward Diffin 
Keith & Barbara Macy 

Robert Evers 
Marilyn Kiihrt Faulkner 
Ralph Foote 
Carol Lehe Goodpaster 
Kenneth Greene 
Ronald Hall 
Carolyn Lee Hanlon 
Mary Fletcher Hess 
Nancy Dylhoff Hill 
Richard Hill 
Thomas Hoffrage 
Vicki Bacon Holden 
Daniel Hubley 
Thomas Huston 
George Hutchison 
Marjorie Imel 
Betty CampbellJohnson 
Letta Jones Jordan 
Sharon Hendricks Jost 
Philip Karl 
Constance Loller 

Annette Aebersold Keller 
Judith Assad Keller 
Jonathan Lauber 
Joy Landis Lavender 
Melvin Leaman 
James Lerew 
Lee Lewis 
Linda Ault Liechty 
L, Kathleen Townsend 

Marilyn Bloom Lubenow 
Timothy A/Iann 
Janet Rogers Matthews 
Robert Maxwell 
George McFarland 
James McFarland 
Robert & Janice Spaulding 

Barbara Blessing Miser 
Richard Monce 
Pamela Wonderly 

Roger Olsen 
Kenneth Oman 
Wendy Gygi Palumbo 
Mary Mieike Parrish 
Syd Paul 

R. Kim Vaughn Phillips 
James Pietrini 

Lawrence & JoAnne 

Metcalf Powell 
Patricia Bibler Price 
Barbara TroiloProto 
Joan Provinse 
David & Julie Bellows 

LeanneCapelli Ricco 
Ronald Rickner 
Carol Kaufman Roszman 
R. Randolph & Bonnie 

Versaw Rumble 
Candace Kiess Schreck 
Geoffrey Schwartz 
Jim Schweickart 
Janell Short Searles 
Kerry Shields Shuey 
Michael Simone 
Cheryl Thompson Small 
Douglas Smith 
Rebecca Smith 
Janet Schneider 

Arleen Quarfoot Staub 
Alan & Susan Koerner 

Paul Taylor 
Carl Tichenor 
Donna Sampson Trexler 
Ronald Ukstins 
Douglas Wendt 
David Whilehouse 
Steven Whiteman 
Lois Wightman 
Terry Willis 
Suzanne Wills 
Cynthia Quick Wilson 
Fay Walker Winson 
Joseph Wise 
Karen Siders Wissman 
Barbara Gardner 

Roger Zimmerman 

Class of 1973 

Participation: t9^( 

Stephen Allen 
Douglas Arnold 
Lucette DeKruyter 

J Stanley S Jennie 

Buschmeyer Banker 
Nancy Jane Barnett 
R. Thomas & Ellen Bloyd 

Cathy Newland BIglin 
Gloria Conrad Bowman 
Brent Brenneman 
Cynthia Briggs 
Deborah Carnefix/Needler 
Ronald Carrothers 
Stacy Clark 
Donna Duren Ciough 
Paul Cox 
Ronald Cress 
KathI Rich Drake 
Donna McSourley Draney 
Vernon Dunmire 
Susan Karges Ealing 
Brenda Ellsworth 
Charles Engle 
Julie RIngenberg 

David Euler 
Melody Ruyle Evers 
Bethany Hartman Felix 
Roberta Kitley Fowler 
Esther Meyer Futrell 
Norman Gundersen 
John Hall 

Joyce Kraybill Hickethler 
Linda Hubert 
John Hill 
David Honan 
Jane Ramsey Hopper 
Jay & Martha Schrader 

Susan Hutchison 
Jane Tatsch Ingram 
Geraldlne Covert Jenny 
Dennis Johnson 
J Daniel Jorg 
Brian Justmger 
Mary Rice Keifer 
Paul King 
Kenneth & Vickie 

Stockman Knipp 
Kathleen McLennan Legel 
Karen Hardy Lockhart 
Jerry Lugblll 

Darlene Wood Madderom 
Jeffrey Mandt 
Karolyn Knutson 


Steven McPhall 

Gary 8. Heather Lockhart 

Terry & Constance Gordon 

William Multord 
Kenneth Narvesen 
Craig Nelson 
Roberta Franke Norton 
Rachel Holloway Oban 
Gayle Oldenbusch 
James Parsons 
Leah Powers-McGarr 
Jamie Prieto 
James Prins 
Anthony Proto 
Melody Shore Radford 
Beth Stebbms Rediger 
Paul Richards 
Tim Rietdort 
Craig & Pamela Smith 

John & Nancy Schmidt 

Thomas Schreck 
Deborah Speedy 

Eric Sheagley 
John Slocum 
James Small 

Marjorie Livingston Smith 
William Sowers 
Cynthia Sprunger 
Lois Beavers Steiner 
Dara Apel Sterling 
Judy Stephenson Stetler 
Barbara Fesmire Stevens 
Russell Sutton 
Joseph Terhune 
William Thompson 
Carol Barton Tropf 
Vanessa Tuttle 
David Voris 
Jeffrey Ward 
Benjamin & Jean Long 

Rita Olson Wiley 
Donald & Marsha Fields 

Dennis Young 
Judy Martin Zimmerman 
Lauretta BuhlerZurcher 

Class oi 1974 


Rick Adams 

Beverly Shaffer Alleyne 

Curtis & NancieMoyer 

Leilani Zenkert Aucremann 
Janis Bragan Balda 
Charles & Betty Woods 

Brian Behnken 
Paula Striffler Black 
William Blanchard 
Richard Bowden 
Deborah Hill Butman 
F Guthrie Castle 
Craig Challgren 
Faye Chechowich 
C- Gregory & Jeanlne King 

Melvin & Wendy Domeier 

Helen Braden Close 
Linda Weis Cooley 
Barbara Neill Cooper 
Claire Tonnessen Dewey 
Evelyn Mencke Dickson 
John & Marilee Martens 

Margaret Calderwood Dill 
Gloria Cox Dinse 
Janet Collings Drayton 
Richard Ehresman 
Marian Perren Erickson 
Kathleen Fisher 
Rudy Frauhiger 
Susan Sauer Geesa 
Linda TroiloGerig 
Linda Gundlach 
Kathleen Minarck Hall 
Vivienne Smith Hall 
Kenneth Hardley 
Joani Harstick Heavey 
Robert Herriman 
Katherine Hays Hess 
Rebecca Landis Hill 
Cynthia Peterson Hillier 
Jane Gratz Holliday 
Thomas & Janice Blue 

Eric & Susan Van Poucker 


Joel & Diane Nania 

Wendell Johnting 
Karin Koval Jurgenson 
Thomas Keet 
Susan Shaffer Kohoul 
Curtis Kovener 
Gundar Lamberts 
Nancy Baker Lewis 
Paul Lightfoot 
Timothy Lockhart 
Janet Macy MacKinney 
Rochelle Summers 

Bruce & Karen Palmer 

Paul McKinney 
Janet Miller 

Kathy Miller Miller-Hewes 
David Moolenaar 
Philip Mortensen 
Timothy Nelson 
Sally Roach Nicholson 
John Norris 
Gloria Nussbaum 
William Oliver 
David Oman 

Christine Edmonds Ozburn 
Georgia Paul-Miller 
Sue Kuenne Pedersen 
Janet Pietrini 
Jacqueline Macy Pointer 
Marcia Pugh 
Glenn Rathke 
Marilyn Sinclair Rawlings 
Keith Rich 
Jeffrey Rocke 
Douglas Rupp 
Mark Sakuta 
Armeda Sawmiller 
Moorman & Bonnie Bishop 

Bradley Shrock 
Daryl Koeppen Sowers 
David & Donna Nania 

Dennis & Susan Schroeder 

Donna Thomas Toll 
Nathan Tropf 
Kathleen Bogue Ukstins 
Judith Vandermeulen 
Gary & Rosalie Robinson 

Roxy Watson 
Heather Clayton Whitacre 
Beverly Chatman 

David Whybrew 
Joyce Perry Winkler 
Deborah King Winter 
LaDonna Filbrun Wise 
Donald & Ellen Morgan 

Joyce Shoemaker Young 
Charles Zimmerman 
Steven Zurcher 

Class of 1975 

Participation: l!aC( 

Ellen Bromley Adams 
Janice LaBeur Allen 
Cathy Allewelt 
Nevelyn Price Applegate 
Susan BaurBeatty 
Martha Bowell Bennett 
Roy Blake 
Craig & Susan Bechtel 

Julie Freeze Byers 
Jeanne Scherling Canham 
Randy & Kathy Bull 

W, Marshall Cool 
Martha Beach Covington 
Philippa Eltzroth Culley 
Dale Duncan 
Nancy Dusckas 
Roy Finkenbine 
Eloise Folkers Foote 
Anita Phillips Foster 
Kenneth Funk 
V, Anne Renbarger Garver 
Darrel & Bonita Elmer 

Henry Goben 
LuAnne Starkey Gordon 
Richard Hahn 
Paul Haines 
Christine Miller Hanson 
Janet Johnson Harper 
Mark & Joyce Kissel 

Timothy Herrmann 

Peggy Douglas Hirt 
Martha Dillon Hogue 
Kevin Holzapfel 
Janalie Irvin 
James Isham 
Frances Janowicz 
Betty-Gene Johnson 
Judy Jones 
David Kaiser 
Rita Ramsey Keb 
Deborah Scripps Keenan 
Martin Koehler 
Martha Koppin 
Donna Burling Kruse 
Karen Fosnough Left 
Connie Hall Lightfoot 
Allen Mathis 
Jan Coombs McCrory 
Howard McFarland 
Gary Metzenbacher 
Thomas Miller 
Andrew Moore 
E. Stephen Morris 
Melinda Neuenschwander 

James Needier 
Ronald Neuenschwander 
Christian Newell 
Johannah Estes Oliver 
Sharon & Kirk Parr 
Arthur Pelton 
Daniel Pfeifer 
Trudy Pletcher 
Steven Powers 
Darrel & Peggy Greenwald 

Roy & Marabeth Johannes 

Dan Rockefeller 
Claudia Wellen Ruch 
Kathleen Sonnenberg 

Mark Rupp 
Randall Salsbery 
Brian Sauer 
John & Joyce Rutzen 

Pamela Scott 
Randall Sellhorn 
Rodney Shafer 
Merianne Cripe Shaffer 
Barbara Chatman Smith 
De Ann Farrier Smith 
Larry Smith 
Linda Callant Smith 

Keith Sprunger 
Timothy Sutherland 
Mark Terry 
ChantlerS Marcia Cripe 

Betsy Clark Tomblin 
Susan Vanderschuur Van 

Men Mayhall Westberg 
Stanley Yoder 
Carol ReeceZoutendam 

Class of 1976 

Participation: 25'^'c 

Kathleen Sakuta Abbott 
Stephen Amerson 
Curtis Anderson 
Laurel Carlson Armerding 
Jose Ballester 
James Barnum 
Cecil Bergen 
Stephen Berwager 
Marcia Geyer Bowden 
Brice Brenneman 
Steven Brogan 
Norma Skyles Brown 
Cathy Bruhn Bruhn- 

Rebecca Burgoon 
Joanne Rowell Cearbaugh 
Sally Netzell Conklin 
Christine Daugherty Cool 
Terry Daniels 
Charles DeHaan 
Scott Dissinger 
Janet Briner Douglas 
Kent Engle 
James & Angela Merrell 

Charles Fennig 
Christie Luellen Fouse 
Judith Rohrer Fricke 
Kathryn Keene Garcia 
Roger Getz 

Cynthia Wallace Gillan 
Wendell Goad 
Dale Grimes 
Gary & Barbara Briggs 

Sherryl Korfmacher Haines 
Margaret Emling Hanson 
Brenda Hendrickson 
Stephen Henry 
Kathryn Klosterman 

Elizabeth Amber Hoffman 
Karen Sulfridge Iseminger 
Jeanme Flaherty Isham 
Daniel & Janice Thompson 

Dawn Nale Jiles 
Jeffrey Johnson 
Susan Woolpert Johnson 
Jeffery Keplar 
Gary Left 
Warren Lesser 
Rae Crist Massie 
Danielle Messinger Mathis 
James McCrory 
James McFarland 
Shirley Marsh Metz 
Lise Crow Mikkelson 
Diane Schrock Miller 
K, David & Carol Kull 

Sue Neeb 
Karen Neff 
David Nofziger 
Ronald Nussbaum 
Shirley Bedor Ortego 
Matthew Patterson 
Philip Petersen 
Jennifer Cordier Reifsnider 
Tim Reusser 
Glen Richardson 
David Ruch 
Lynn Clem Rupp 
John Sampson 
Marcia Winkler Sattier 
Katherine Block 

Constance Brown Schlupp 
Linda Herrli Sebestyen 
Russell & Jennifer France 

Jane Johnson Sherberg 
John Siefer 
Audrey Neckers Sliker 
Dana Sommers 
Kimbra Dunkelberger 

Charlotte McCune 

Glynis Marlatte Thompson 
Keith Thompson 
Lois Giegler Thompson 
Donna Shaerer Tripple 
F Cynthia Hughes Truitt 
Roger Tullis 
Janis Tuxbury 
Barbara Kulp Underkofler 
Katherine Penner Ward 
Gretchen Taylor Worcester 
Marta Remington Zulauf 

Class of 1977 

Participation: 27^'c 

Hoily Speirs Aldridge 
Kristine Hayes Amerson 
Thomas Ayers 
Joan Miller Bailey 
Anna Welty Billman 
Deborah Wolgemuth 

Rhonda Overman 

Sarah Immerfall Blake 
Susan Cole Bower 
Dana Tucker Boxell 
Ralph & Ruth Boyd 
Gerry Briggs 
Curtis Brown 
Jeffery Bryan 
Gregg Burt 
Debra Maat Caine 
Janet Oyer Cartolano 
Roland Clarkson 
Mona Williams Coalter 
Audrey Fairfield Colon 
Patricia Baxendale Cook 
Holly Squeo Courtney 
Jan Crawford 
Jay & Paige Comstock 

Rebecca Pinder Daniels 
Marks Jann Eisenmann 

Jill Gunsteens DesJardins 
Cheryl Sisson Emery 
Janice Pickrell Eyster 
Donald Faimon 
Julie Merchant Fell 
Thomas Gearhart 

Karen Hoyt Gorman 

G. Douglas Greenwood 

Thomas Gross 

Glenn Grumbling 

Glenn Guerin 

Judyth Hakala 

Rebecca Delcamp Hall 

Sidney Hall 

Sandra Harris 

Carole Adams Hart 

Berry Huffman 

David Humrichouser 

Lori CotantJorg 

James Koerten 

Jay Kuhrt 

A John Kuiper 

Sally Wright Leath 

Jennie Lee 

Lori Vinson Lindau 

Retha Martin 

Susan Guffey McGrady 

Lawrence Mikkelson 

Randall Miller 

Ruth Davidson Miller 

Nancy Ortkiese Molitor 

Brian Mollenkamp 

Andrea Walters Moorehead 

Katherine Mynatt 

Lori Ehresman Nelson 

Deborah Montgomery 

Janice Nusbaumer 
Edward Okuley 
Eugene Pashley 
Terry Poucher 
Loraine Krammin Price 
James Prince 
Gloria Rader 
Georgann Maroc 

Ronald Ringenberg 
Asenath Overpeck Rocke 
Ned Rupp 
Lane Sattier 
Charles Schramm 
Wendy Roost Sellers 
Diane Fuller Sellhorn 
Susan Healy Shafer 
Steven Shipps 
Mary Simpson Shrock 
Randell Smith 
Robert & Rebecca Thomas 

Judy Grotenhuis Sommers 
Gary Sooy 
Robert Spence 
Arnold Sprunger 
Michelle Smith Starkey 
Robert Steinbruch 
Gary Stern 
John Stromseth 
Randall Suttor 
Charles Tripple 
Thomas Tropf 
Stewart Turnbull 
Phyllis Vance 
Joan Olson VanderSchaaf 
John Vignali 
Wayne Walker 
Douglas & Joyce 

Vastbinder Wanty 
Daniel Wolgemuth 
James & Janet Lameika 

Colleen Wehling Yordy 
Keith Zulauf 

Class of 1978 

Participation: 25^c 

D, Jeffrey Alexander 

David Allan 

J, Michael & Carole Akers 

Paul Anderson 
Gail McKenny Andre' 
R Mark & LouAnn Preston 

Marsha Poucher Beal 
Sharon Benjamin Benjamin 
George & Bonnie Weimer 

Gary Berwager 
Mark & Diane Fox Bonner 
Deborah Hayworlh Bowen 
James Bowman 
Karen Baker Briggs 
Dennis Buroker 
Kent Cocking 
Beth Conrad 
Mark Coy 
Randall & Sarahlynn 

Crouse Crist 
Christine Bowman 

Michelle VanVlerah 

8A • Tavlor Iniversilv 1993 Honor Roll of Donors 

David Dunbar 
Michael Duncan 
Samuel Eddy 
David Frens 
Timothy Gorman 
Steven Gradeless 
Ron & Sherry Bright 

Dale Guenther 
Rebecca Kerlin Haak 
George & Bonnie Haines 

Bonnie Johnson Hall 
Catherine Wilhelmi Haney 
Dennis Hanson 
Paul & Sheri Mahr Harris 
Randy Harvey 
Mary Klosterman Haun 
Joseph Himelick 
Robyn Dillon Hughes 
Kurt Jaderholm 
Paige Sheard Jaeger 
Nancy Swanson Johnson 
Rick Jones 
Pamela Jordan 
Linda Turner Kline 
Paul Koch 

Sandra Stroup Korenstra 
Steven Lawrence 
Richard Lloyd 
Thomas Lough 
Paul MacDonald 
Christine Schleucher 

Stephen McBnde 
Roger Mikel 
Jill Lehman Moser 
Cherie Ludwig Munkres 
Elizabeth Honig Nussbaum 
Stephen Olsen 
Laureen Smith Pashley 
Dennis Patton 
L. Kristine Pond 
Gary & Mary Williams 

Rebecca Lichtenberger 

Jay Riggle 
M. Frances Valberg 

Mary Davis Rogers 
Mark Rutzen 
Douglas Ryan 
Carol Maxon Sampson 
Douglas Scharfenberg 
Richard Seaman 
Elaine Seilhorn 
Karl Smith 

Martha Cleveland Songer 
Janet Carley Spence 
Janet Shafer Sprunger 
Douglas Starkey 
Paul Staup 

Kent Slaughter Sterner 
Diane Stoner 
Teresa Griffith Sutherland 
Dean Tshudy 
Marji Barber Van 

Fred VanderSchaaf 
Vicki Olmstead Vielguth 
Jana Johnson Wanner 
Kenneth Wengzen 
Mary Cargo Wolgemulh 
James Worley 
Brenda Yager 
Mark Yordy 

Class of 1979 

Partuipniion: 2i''''f 

Robert & Tana Miller 

Ronald Becker 
Karen Keene Bengtson 
Carol Keiser Bishop 
Karen Rohde Bowman 
Karen Bradley 
Angela Brown 
Marianne Carter 
Ranee Clouser 
Mark & Martha Kashian 

Carol Jaggers Convy 
Kurt & Nancy Nordm 

Bradley Courtney 
Rhonda SteuryCulbertson 
Rebecca Robins Dissinger 
Stephen Oowell 
Linda Carpenter Dull 
MendiBeatty Dunbar 
Sandra Fonseca Duncan 

Joyce Mortensen Ehrich 
Barbara Habegger Ellis 
John Gasper 
Kevin & Onalee Geng 

Sylvia Goodman 
Bruce Grabenkort 
Nancy Grande Graham 
Glenda Greenwood 
Stephen & Ellen Erickson 

Mark Hammer 
Kenneth Hendricks 
Shirley Pntchett Hill 
Robinson Hoeter 
Roger Holmes 
Mark Jackson 
Kathy Coats Jaderholm 
Kathleen Turner Jimenez 
Ronda Stout Johnson 
Brian Jones 
Richard & JanShuler 

Judith O'Mara Kaniewski 
Kevin King 
Connie Day Kramer 
Gordon & Ruth Krueger 
Robin Westervelt Kuhrt 
Elizabeth Burdick Kuiper 
Denise Gehrke Lane 
Marlene Alderink Lathers 
Craig Leach 
Brent Lehman 
Stephen Long 
Renee Colglazier Lord 
Susan Ekstrom Lough 
Kevin May 
Brian McEachern 
David Miles 
Deborah Miller 
Dyrk Miller 
Todd Miller 

Melinda Nielsen Nelson 
Mark Nilsen 

Sonja Nussbaum Oetzel 
Ruth Warner Ozmun 
Rebecca Deen Perkins 
Doreen Korfmacher 

Thaddaeus & Donna 

Jacobsen Poe 
Jennifer Widner Prince 
Donald & Dianne Burrous 

Ruth Reinhard 
Robby Richardson 
Jan Dunham Rickard 
Marc Russell 
Terry Schaumleffel 
Rick & Rachel Diller 

Deborah Hahn Schloemer 
Terry & Janet Hendrix 

Bruce Sebestyen 
Teresa Kratzer Seward 
Jamie Shinabarger 
Cena Whiteford Simms 
Barbara Strange Smith 
Cynthia Smith Smith 
Peter Snyder 
Robert Sprunger 
Robert Staley 
Cheryl HuyettSteinbruch 
Steven Super 
Dean Swanson 
J. Trevor Tipton 
C- MarkTomlin 
Debra Habegger Wilson 
David Winkler 
Bruce Wright 
Sharon Galish Young 

Class ol 1980 

Parttriptilion. 23^f 

Catherine Dean Ayers 
Brian Baker 
Lisa Barth Bauer 
Valerie Watkins Boggs 
Douglas Bowen 
Enid Ruyle Brenner 
Bradley Bnnson 
Daniel Brown 
Brian Burnett 
Dawn Duffey Burnett 
Joanne Roehlmg Burnsed 
Ruth Abel Canfield 
Julia Stow Castle 
Colleen Frank Cerak 
Dawn Gwin Chouinard 
Sarah Hillis Clark 
Carey & Julia Beers Cole 
Gregory & Susan Burdick 

David & Carol Cleveland 

Ruth Vaporis Davis 
Brent Dawes 
Peggy Houghtaling 

Douglas Diedrich 
Kimberiy Archer Dockus 
Nancy Gates Donaldson 
Kalhy Donica 
T Lynn Van Winkle 

Timothy Dreyer 
C Donald Emery 
Jeffrey Evans 
Brenda Oyer Farnsworth 
Jonathan & Susan Carnes 

Lon Barnes Fox 
Herbert Frye 
Deborah Frierson 

P Kevin & Merri Breen 

Deborah Lapham Gillesee 
Darwin & Janet Rediger 

Scott Goodman 
David Guhse 
Rhonda Oelcamp Hardi 
Steven Haun 
Douglas Heighway 
Anthony Heimann 
Krislen Heinsman 
Michael & Jane Cromer 

Laura Alley Hoekstra 
Kathleen Cork Hotfman 
Vickie Highley Houls 
Margaret Funk 

Harold Istvan 
John Jaderholm 
Barbara Johnson 
Ellen Vandertulip Kinzer 
Douglas Kramer 
Beth Feldkamp Kumfer 
Sharon Versa w Kunst 
Thomas Lathers 
Joni Nussbaum Lehman 
Cynthia Liggett 
Thomas Luginbilt 
Jenneva Haskins Martin 
Neil Martin 
Donna Behr May 
Gwen Eaton McConnell 
Debra Boetsma Mechling 
John Meier 
Laurel Meissner 
Karen Hartman Melzler 
K.Randall Miller 
Kathleen Solin Miller 
Sarah Koppin Monroe 
Cynthia Moore 
Karin Danielson Peck 
Karl Quinn 
Rae Ringenberg 
Cherie Burnett Ritz 
Mark Rogers 
Douglas Ruegsegger 
Dawson Rupp 
Brenda Conway Russell 
Beth Pichea Sanford 
Michelle Andrews Sawder 
Clifford Schmidt 
Mary Scherer Serna 
Rodney Shepherd 
Suzanne Brooks 

Kimberley Summers Slade 
David Smith 

Neal & Patricia Dial Smith 
Mark Soderquist 
Gayle Cook Staley 
Theodore Steinmetz 
Eddie Stern 
Calvin & RaeAnn Johnson 

Rick & Gloria 


Audrey Tobias 
Kim Velasco Tomlin 
Keilh Trievel 
William Turkmgton 
Jane Vandenbell VanOss 
Joy Farrell Walker 
Scott White 
Jeannie Swift Wilgus 
Bobbi Cole Wiseman 
Kristine Gibson 


Class of 1981 

Parlicipalion: 2~'^r 

David Albright 

Michael Alderink 

Lisa Wortman Andis 

Jayman Avery 

Ron & Kimberiy Culberson 

Sue Freshour Bales 
Jane Klosterman Beers 
Kevin Biondo 
Timothy Bowman 
Steven Boyd 

Marlene Frederick Brennan 
Randy Brunstetler 
Heiko Burklin 
Linda Clark Bynum 
William Cargo 
Peggy Anderson Carlson 
Robin Chernenko 

Martha Palmer Chambers 
Mary Clark 
Martha Collins Cook 
Joyce Canfield Courtney 
Timothy & Diana Bennett 

Brian & Donna Wyse 

Christine Larson DeHaan 
Mary Brolund DeHaan 
Paul & Teresa Rakestraw 

Chantal Fletcher Diednch 
Randall & M. Colleen 

Byers Dodge 
David Dormans 
Julia Drook 
Debbie McDaniel Fear 
James Fereira 
Mary Fortney 
Joyce Harrison Fox 
Ruth Gualtieri Geary 
Vickie George 
Douglas Gerig 
Colleen Scott Goodman 
Thomas & Laurie Kesler 

Reed Greenagel 
Timothy Hagmaier 
Carolyn Nicholson Harper 
Joyce Swanson Heimann 
Allen & Mary Davis 

Sherry Sims Hendricks 
Sarah Herr 
Susan Shank Hight 
William & Julia Hill Hill 
Jean Jaggers Holaday 
Merlin Holmes 
Bruce Holt 
Jill Howard 

Jackie Lockler Hubbard 
Diane McClenaghan 

Dwight& Sally Thorne 

Cheryl Getlmann Jarvi 
S Robert & Tracey 

Ramsland Johnson 
Linda Stalter Kennedy 
Reid Kennedy 
Elizabeth Rohrer Klingstedt 
Richard Knowles 
Bari7 Krick 
Bryan Krick 

Brenda Bentley Kuhnhenn 
Thomas Lee 
Janet Maier Lewin 
James Long 

Meleah Stone Longenecker 
Tim Lugbill 
Joel Lusz 
Douglas Marlow 
Jane Crawrford Martin 
Nancy Frylink McMann 
Brenda Hugunin Metzger 
Jeffrey Miller 
Jeri Barlow Millhouse 
Tamara Hall Olson 
John Phillips 
Linda DiMenna Phillips 
Mary Lettrich Poletli 
David & Susanna Hartman 

Julie Lindman Pugh 
Julie Rabine Reiman 
Cynthia Rowe Reinholt 
Donald Richards 
Stanley Rishel 
Brian & Joy Hostetler 

Catherine Curtis 

Paul & Sherry Bradford 

Evon Schlotter 

Amy Yordy Shanks 
Daniel Sheard 
Todd Shinabarger 
Mark & Dawn Riley 

Sandra Prast Sloyer 
Ann Kersten Smiley 
Karen Tomrell Smith 
Mark Smith 
Nancy Palmer Smith 
Jo Cockrell Spencer 
Lon Jacobsen Staup 
James Stimmel 
Deborah Frank Tipton 
Kyle Turner 
Raymond & Dorothy 

Ludlow Unangst 
Timothy Wall 
Douglas Walton 
Cfieryi Mayer Welch 
Philips Lon Mills Welch 
J, Michael Wilhelm 
Linda Wrestler 
Brenda Wheeler Wright 
Sallv Bowers Wright 
Kent Yost 

Class of 1982 

Ptirticipdtion 2^''t 

Kimberiy Keener Albrecht 
Timothy Alley 
Geoffrey & Bonny 

Simonsen Ames 
Amy Burdick Anderson 
Lon Weber Armstrong 
Julie Axberg 
Timothy Baker 
David & Bonnie Veenstra 

Stephen Beers 
Melvin Behr 
Marilyn Collins Bennett 
Peter Bianchini 
Andrew Bowman 
Cristin Case Bragg 
Robert Brolund 
Samantha Rogers Cocking 
Joseph & Karen Heaslev 

Martha Tillon Collier 
Philip Cook 
John Cowiey 
Susan Daily 
Beth Kroeker Davis 
MarkDe Haan 
Patricia Deiter 
Beth Divine 
Judi Baker DuBois 
Wesley Duewel 
Robert Engel 
Bruce Erickson 
Julia Cook Estes 
Sharon Cutsinger Favazza 
Colleen Gray Foley 
Thomas Fox 
Patricia Walker Franklin 
Maureen Waldron Fry 
Steven Gabrielsen 
Joanne ImrieGibison 
Martha Gurd 
Douglas & Joanne Bryant 

Adley Harms 
David Harper 
Elaine Hepler Hartman 
David Henderson .. 
Beth Euler Henricks 
Rebecca Hill 
J Lee Hochstetler 
Virginia Knudsen Hotter 
Bradford Hole 
Christopher Houts 
Brenda Witman Jackson 
Cindy Beck Johns 
Bradley Kahle 
Laune Mowery Keen 
Anita Yoder Kehr 
Janet Klann Kraft 
James & Pamela 

Lambright Krall 
Eric Lasure 
Dawn Conn Lee 
Susan Lubber! 
Arlene Smeltzer 

Sheri Aylor Matthews 
Wesley & Lisa Stentz Mills 
J. Mark Moore 
Kent & Lynn Bauer Mosher 
Byron Mossburg 
Gary Mosteller 
Dawn Lowe Mulholland 
Janice Hallford Myers 
Daniel Norris 
Mark Nussbaum 

John Ozmun 

Ellen Payne 
Jeftery Perrine 
Robert Peterson 
Martha Westerman Porter 
Sherry White Prescott 
Laurie Mason Price 
Joy Yonally Pyles 
Carol Holland Radwan 
Jay Redding 
Keith Reinholt 
James Robbins 
Rebecca Owen Robinson 
Kimberiy Rockey 
Deborah Pretty Rogers 
Kristyn Karr Schuh 
Jaimie Schwietert 
Victoria Cruse Sengele 
Beth Anderson Shadid 
Richard & Linda Bnggs 

Cynthia Glass Shinabarger 
Miriam White Shumaker 
Gary Sloyer 
David Smith 
Lisa Lehe Smith 
Priscilla Wilson Solsberry 
Lisa Starr 
Kathleen Sheppard 

Pamela Schlichter Stolz 
Dena Strasbaugh 
Ronald & Judith 


Leo Swiontek 
Brent Thomas 
Colleen Tonn 
William VanTreuren 
Laura Walker 
Laurie Schoen Walton 
Randy & Deborah Niequist 

Scott Welch 

Linda Cadman Wendling 
William Westrate 
John Wheeler 
David & Susan 

Schuneman Wilkie 
Kimberiy Westbrook 

Jill Meckley Witkowski 
Janice Handy Yost 

Class oi' 1983 

Timothy & Ronda Gentis 

Wm Douglas Allgood 
Sharon Locker Augsburger 
Carol Barnes Beall 
Duane Beeson 
Scott Beetler 
Cheryl Smn Bowers 
Angela Green Boyd 
Bruce Brown 
Julie Klopenstein 

Debra Huffman Cargo 
James Connon 
James Convy 
Steven Courtney 
Richard Cox 
J Brad Davis 
Molly Moody Day 
Kirk DeHaan 
Jennifer Hasty Dickey 
David Eastman 
Ed Ellenwood 
David & Deborah Sheron 

Donna Uselding Erickson 
David Ferns 
Beth Steiner Fisher 
Carole Hoff Fisher 
Jeffrey Frantz 
Blair Freer 

Elizabeth Graham Freese 
Carol Avery Frenette 
Arlan Friesen 
Debra Messamore 

Joy Garda Ganster 
Lois Tropf Garnnger 
Douglas Granitz 
Joseph Habegger 
John Hagy 
Joy Tietze Hayden 
Thomas Heard 
Georgi Brooks Henderson 
Timothy Himmelwright 
Kimberiy Wheaton 

Clint Holden 
David Holt 

Gregory Holz 
Leah George Hooks 
Mark Horine 
David Hosteller 
Cynthia Swart Hunter 
Donna Pino Her 
Robert Jackson 
Brent Jacobus 
Michael & Gena Griswold 

Linda Stotz Koenig 
Mark Kuiper 
Charlotte Kumpf 
Elizabeth McDuffie 

Dean Landes 
Wayne Landis 
Joanna Svaan Langberg 
Mark Lantz 
Tern Angelici Lawler 
Mictiaet Leburg 
Jody Livergood 
Karen Gould Livingston 
Rebecca Wehling Maas 
Lisa LaBold MacDonald 
Susannah Lindman Maley 
Wendy Boalt Mc Neece 
Frank McPherson 
Mark Metzger 
Kenneth Meyer 
Janet Lee Miles 
Michael Milkie 
Kara Boehm Molenhouse 
Robin Hockenbrocht 

Douglas Munson 
Kelly Neer 
Sibyl Nelson 
Steven & Marsha Bnnson 

Bonnie LeClairNystrom 
Mark Olson 
Paul Orchard 

Judith Goodman Osborne 
Kent Oxiey 

Linda Weller Patterson 
Patricia Pefley 
Dorren DeSmit Pernne 
Rebekah Kittelson Pines 
Jane Harvey Porter 
David Potter 
Scott Preissler 
F Scott Pnce 
Kevin Rich 

Melody Rohrer Ringenberg 
Lana Yost Roth 
Craig Rupp 
Jeffrey Ryan 
Timothy Sadler 
Daniel Scales 
Debra Litsey Scott 
Brian Sheets 
Knstin Salsbery 

Joel Shultz 
Eric Shumaker 
Douglas Siewert 
Scott & Catherine Engle 

Heidi Montague Sloan 
Karen Hudson Smith 
Sharon Hicks Smith 
Jon Stocksdale 
James Tipton 
M Scott & Lorreen Miller 

Pamela Anderson Turner 
Linda Mikkelson 

Nyla Frey Vernon 
Mark Walker 
Harvey Warwick 
Marilyn Hall Wilder 
Ana Vail Williams 
Douglas Willman 
Janice Beihold Wright 
James Wynalda 
Darla Towne Ykimoff 
Matthew Young 

Class of 1984 

Parlicipation: ^5*^ 

Susan Richey Allgood 

Dennis Amnne 

Scott & Suzanne LeMaster 

Cathie Holiday Bedor 
Cynthia Wieting Bennett 
Robert Benson 
Douglas Ber 
Debra Wenger Bergey 
Renay Rossi Billing 
Thomas Boehr 
W Randy & Nancy 

Erickson Brannen 

Taylor Iniversily 1995 Honor Roll of Donors • 9A 

Daniel Brown 
Jay Case 
Bert Chapman 
Debra Harrold Clark 
KJmberly Felton Clarke 
Denise Combs Crum 
Diane Hedrick Cullen 
Julia Miller Cunic 
Laura Smith Curtis 
Anita Guiter Dathe 
Michaelle Walters Downey 
Pamela Drake 
Lisa Egolf 
Roger Erickson 
G. Michael Evans 
David & Beth Bourgoyne 

William Ferrell 
David Fisher 
Leonard Fisher 
Rollin & Sandra 

Soderquist Ford 
Kathy Lupton Frye 
Chris & Debra Glass 

Kelly Aho Granitz 
Kathy Payne Hagy 
Jenifer McCaughan Harms 
Donna Carlburg Harper 
Kathy Roberts Henderson 
Heidi Ison Hewitt 
Constance Laufler Hidy 
Dana Jost Hohenstem 
Dawn Laibly Holden 
Teresa Sheffler Holz 
David Hooks 
Shirley Houghtaling 
Kevin lier 

Cynthia Olenik Johnson 
Ronald Johnson 
Lisa Jones 
Michelle Keener 
Todd Kidder 

Frances DeMertttKincaid 
Camille Kline 
Karen Peterson Kuiper 
Jay Latfoon 
Kevin Lavanchy 
Jeffrey & Debra Feige Lenz 
Janet Logan 
Kerby Loukes 
Penny Miller Martin 
Debra Richardson Mason 
Gregory Mathews 
Karen Lentz McClellan 
David & Shelley Glenn 

Todd Meissner 
Gregory & Stacy Philtippe 

Elizabeth Bliss Meyer 
Michael Mishler 
Janelle Murray Monin 
Cynthia Bassett Moore 
Mary Moore 
Amy Fuller Moser 
Phillip Mulder 
Jenny Kloslerman Munson 
Tim Neuenschwander 
John Norton 
Jody Lujctord Oxiey 
Charles Payne 
Carey Peters 
Beth Plumb 
Andrea Price Preissler 
Patty Hedrick Ramsey 
Lynda Hogge Reader 
Jon & Cylinda Monroe 

Jane Jentink Rogers 
Randal Rosema 
Scott Rosin 
Vanessa Roth 
Lori Bond Schock 
Tamara Hinman Scott 
Lori Shepard 
Penny Smith Shultz 
James Stamper 
Michelle Green Steinbeck 
Jonathan & Janet Carlson 

Mark Stevens 
Scott Taylor 
Mark & Colleen Wild 

Deborah Dohner Thomas 
Linda Lubbert 

Loraine Vest 
G. Daniel Waller 
Brian Walton 
Tadanobu Watanabe 
Elaine Weber 
Mark Wright 

Michael Wright 

Class of 1985 

I'arluipalion: 25% 

Barbara Askeland 
Patricia Thomas Avery 
Lisa Donneli Badger 
Brenda Baird 
Mark & Cynthia Pearson 

Stephen Bauman 
Sandra Flesner Beetler 
John Bennett 
Pamela Schwaderer 

D MarkBowell 
Jane Oyler Bowser 
Cheri Griesmeyer Brady 
Dan Bragg 

Kan Jensen Brayshaw 
Colleen Stoltzfus Brubaker 
Patsy Hovjard Bryant 
Diane Kahle Buley 
David Burns 
Andrew & M, Lisa Boyd 

Robert Canfield 
[Vlartin Carney 
Elisa Jessup Case 
David Cheesman 
Nathan Ctrerry 
Mark Cornfield 
Gregory Davis 
Margaret Davis 
Patrick & Catherine Beers 

Tammy Cripps Digirolamo 
Sheryl Flesner Dishman 
Rick Florian 
Jeffrey Fratus 
Linda Treen Friesen 
Beth Gabrielsen 
Janet Crew Hadaya 
Julie Getz Harris 
Robin Boyd Harris 
Clark Hewitt 
David Hodgkinson 
Sandra Wagner Horine 
Jerry Hotmire 
Anita Looser Houser 
Kathleen VanOstrom 

Susan Hunter 
Mark Hurt 
Keith Kamradt 
Susan Cook Kniola 
Monica Logan Landes 
Cindi Oav^es Lantz 
Jennifer Miller Leitnaker 
Ronald Lockyear 
Tom Lutz 
Brian Lydy 
Kimberly offenhauser 

Susan Merritt McCarthy 
Janna McComb 
Jonathan McCracken 
Susan Binder Medalis 
Julanne Beattie Molitor 
John Montgomery 
Susan Morey 
Cynthia Griffin Mossburg 
Holly Barber Mullen 
Kimberly Myers 
Cheryl Hochstettler Neer 
Laurie Bohn Olsen 
Steven Parcell 
Timothy Pashley 
Kaye Ingold Payne 
Timothy Pettigrew 
Ronald Phillips 
Susan Plumb 
Bonnie Barkdull Porter 
Jennifer Brooks Powell 
Richard Pritchett 
Peggi Essig Ratferty 
Thomas Reynolds 
Keith Riccitelli 
Diane Huff Roberts 
Cheryl Rich Robison 
Trace Roth 
Mark Schram 
Philip & Karen Inman 

David Slaughter 
Troy Spencer 
Darren & Susan Vinton 

Scott Swaim 
G Bryant Sypher 
Nancy Hansen Thomas 
Janice Walmsley Tobias 
Jeffrey Troyer 
Carol Holtzapple 

Andrew Veenstra 
Judith Vigna 
Todd Welch 

Deborah Springer Wesner 
Steven White 
Jill Winkler Wilbanks 
Austin Winkleman 
Steven Worch 
Robert Wright 
Priscilla Smith Wynalda 

Class oJ 1986 

Christopher Adams 
Carl & Alicyn Jacobus 

Marlasue Amstutz 
Greg Billing 
John Bloomberg 
Mick Bosworth 
LeDania Wallace Bowell 
Annette Shipley Bragg 
Richard Brandt 
John Brayshaw 
Christine Hume Bresnahan 
Brian & Karen Abrams 

Daniel Bryant 
Jill Rabine Bullock 
Lori Gerber Burkholder 
David Calvert 
Kimberly Carlsen 
Kathryn Stout Carter 
Marlis Miller Castle 
Kaylynn Benson Cheesman 
Tern Comer 
Robert Conley 
George Cox 
Greg Cox 
Kevin Davidson 
Cheryl Franklin Davis 
Glen & Kathlyn Bieri 

Linda DenHartigh 
Denise Dester 
David Dugan 
Joseph Etherington 
Christine Neal Ferrell 
David Fisher 
Christine Fountain 
Sherry Owsley Furnish 
Tove Shergold Gardner 
Jonathan Gentile 
Marianne Getz 
Timothy Glass 
Brenda Golden 
Thomas Granitz 
Damon & Christine Oliveira 

Dwight Hammond 
Margaret Bell Hammond 
Lisa Harrison 
Donald Hecox 
Dean Hill 

Deborah Peters Huffine 
Timothy Jackson 
Dan Johnson 
Marton Reeves Johnson 
Judith Harrison Kirkwood 
Michael Loomis 
Susan Henningsen 

Theresa Summit McKinley 
Sheri Dewald Mellema 
Gregg & Jean Yordy 

Roger Muselman 
Robert Myers 
Kenneth Pearson 
Arne Pedersen 
Sally Perkins 
Jill Garzon Pinkston 
Kimberly Mounsey Powell 
Jeffrey Raymond 
Brad Rupp 
Daniel Rupp 
Cynthia Krauss Russell 
Saliy Bertram Saunders 
Kent Schmidt 
Lynn Edlund Seaman 
Troy Silvernale 
P Andrew Sleeth 
Linda Clark Smith 
Paula Wine Smith 
David Steiner 
Sherri Steiner 
Stephen Stone 
Jeannine Hoekstra Stump 
Philip Taylor 
Laura McSpadden 

John Vander Ploeg 
Sharon Vigna 
Sarah Meier Wagoner 

Todd Wesswick 
Kevin Wilder 
ST Williams 
Ruth Meier Wilson 
Julia Wixtrom 

Class oi mi 

Parlii ipalton: 23^'c 

Anita Riley Bam 
Lort Kendali Barnette 
Matthew Basiletti 
David & Laura Kroesen 

David Baxter 
Laura Thomas Beaver 
Gregory Beaverson 
Jeffrey & Andrea Levin 

Daniel & Karen Anderson 

Duane Birkey 
Jennifer Aldridge Bozone 
Janice Burchell Brandt 
Kris Bullock 
Daniel Carter 
Jeremy Case 
Dan & Kris Leffingwell 

Darrell & Ruby Torres 

David Darrah 
JanisOechsle Davidson 
Lee Eaton 
Linnaea Everill 
Richard Frieder 
James Frintz 
Harold Gianopulos 
Debra Weddle Hans 
Richard Harris 
Suzanne Beers Harrison 
Nathan Harvey 
Timothy Heebner 
Sharon Wit Heggeland 
Scott Henry 
Julie HIef 
Kara Stanley Hill 
Joseph Hishmeh 
Elizabeth Johnson Jacobus 
Sandra Jackson Johnson 
Jennifer Luttrell Jordan 
Kelden Kamentz 
Jerry Kempf 
Kara Johnson Kuneli 
Paul Levesque 
Brenda Seman Lozowski 
Heather Cobb Lutz 
Joan MacLeish 
Margaret Way MacQueen 
Kathryn Kurtz Martens 
Steven McKinney 
Todd & Ruth Cripe Meinen 
Stephen & Melissa Welson 

Julianne Betus Meyer 
Angela Sutphin Moody 
Kevin Morilz 
Deborah Meek Morris 
Todd Moser 
Naomi Humphrey 

Michelle Bailey Myers 
Kent & Daria Griffith 

William Nelson 
Krista Nicholson 
H. Rodgers Ogilvie 
David & Joni Ransbottom 

Gregory Passon 
Jeffrey Petersen 
Michael Pomeroy 
Douglas & Jayanne 


Tami Newhard Ruble 
Sheila Rusk 
David Ruths 
Rhonda Sabol Sanner 
Richard Sa^vyer 
Brian Shepherd 
Bradford Sheppard 
Keith & Karen Helm Singer 
Curtis & Jana Saathoff 

Deborah Spear Smith 
Katherine Smith 
Sherry Smith 
William Starr 
Elizabeth Phngle Steiner 
Charles Stump 
Jessica McCoskey Surber 
Karen Muselman Thomas 
Mark Tobias 
Cynthia Taylor Umlaut 

Peter VanVleet 
Lori Hartman Wagner 
Joy Walker 
Robert Waller 
Julie Mervau Walters 
Lora Billbe Watanabe 
Paul & Colleen Powell 

Sheila Pitts Welland 
Ruth Plumb Wenger 
David Wesner 
W Quinn White 
James Wierenga 
Steven Wild 
William Wilson 
William Wood 
Jerald Yeager 
Kimberlee Yoshino 

Class of 1988 

Furlictpution: 25% 

Janeen Anderson 
Sheena Antonio 
Patricia Archibald 
David Askeland 
Douglas Baker 
Dale Barthauer 
Karen Rolund Basiletti 
Todd Bauder 
Rebecca Bayliff 
Nathan Beadle 
Brian Berce 
Michael & Amy Coats 

Mark Brown 
Newell Cerak 
Brian Christy 
Karen Collom 
Susan Kellum Crites 
Barbara Davenport 
Dennis Dickey 
Wayne & Wendy 

Rutherford Dietrich 
Mark Doud 
Cherylynne Duncan 
Erik Fahlen 
Timothy Glenn 
Mark Goeglein 
Sheila Harris Graber 
Darrel Groves 
Robert Hanlon 
Philip Herman 
Cheryl Gutsche Hewitt 
Todd Hoatson 
DinaKing Home 
John Janzen 
Carole Newing Johnson 
Mark Kach 

Nancy Frettinger Kirgis 
Karl & Jennifer DillerKnarr 
Shariene Ehresman 

Christine Sampley Kubal 
Todd Ladd 

Anne Wagner Leeper 
Joseph Maniglia 
Leanne VanNattan 

Jeffery Miller 
Brian & Kimberly Black 

DarIa Cheesman Mitchener 
Gail Mercer Moore 
Tammy Baranouski 

Robert Muthiah 
Denise Yircott Newell 
Scott & Julie Belknap 

Kevin Nill 

Jennifer McNeil Noorlag 
Michael Parker 
Sherry Pomeroy Petersen 
Robby Phillips 
Sherry Coulter Porter 
Cynthia Ratliff 
Matthew Ringenberg 
Pedro & Robin Worst 

Brian Roth 
James Schmitz 
Cassandra Edgecombe 

Julie Wiseman Smith 
Deborah Spencer 
Richard Stanislaw 
Scott Stephens 
Cristine Burchi Strieker 
Gregory Sweet 
Lisanne ShupeSykes 
Annette De Graff Symanzik 
Leora Miller Troyer 
Michael Truax 
Stephanie Valutis 

Larissa Wolf VanVleet 
Rita Versendaal 
Michele Busic Weaver 
Mark Wenger 
Matthew Wengerd 
RochelleWilkie Martinez 
Gregory Wilson 
Angela Smith Wood 
Bradley Wurster 

Class of 1989 

Pitrlici/jiilion: 25^f 

Cami Piekarski Anthony 
Janine Newell Bauder 
Michele Van Camp Baxter 
Kimberly Barthauer Beadle 
Beth Benjamin 
Kraig & Sharon Erny 

Cheryl Passon Birkey 
DeAnn Gaither Brewer 
Scott Clarke 
Matthew Clouser 
Jennifer Sprunger Collins 
James Dellis 
Frank Dov/ning 
Joel Durkovic 
Michael Engler 
Ellen Rennie Fleming 
Adele Heinrich Frieder 
Juanila Gavilanez 
Rodney & Julie Himes 

Michelle Harlan Goegiein 
Roger Golden 
Karen Ramsland Granitz 
Jodi VanderMeulen Hanlon 
Shelly Hardesty 
Jennifer Hartley 
Crystal Handy Hippensteel 
Timothy Hirons 
Timothy Holz 
Stephanie Bruther 

David Home 
Janssen Hubbard 
Julia Rescti Ruber 
Jodi Jacobsen 
Jeffrey Jacobson 
April Sewell Kamentz 
Janice Canze King 
Rebecca Litwiller Lehman 
Claudia Logan 
David & Traci Stewart 

Peter McFarland 
Scott McMilien 
Esther Meier 
Laura Menningen 
Joseph Miller 
Scott Miner 

F. Christopher Mitchener 
Troy Mounsey 
Mary Haupert Musselman 
Beth Musselman 
Richard Muthiah 
Jennifer Blum Nahrstadt 
Raymond Nairn 
Heidi Newhouse 
Marcelyn Roost Nielsen 
Cheryl Clark Nill 
Timothy & Marcia Walker 

Wendy Hill O'Rourke 
Coreen Zoromski Ogilvie 
Julia Ott 

Brenda Walstra Passon 
Stacey Peters 
Nathan Peterson 
Melissa Puckett 
Katrina Stout Rathbun 
Jan Wallace Reber 
Lisa Snapp Rice 
Dirk Rowley 
Philip Rowley 
Deborah Moore Running 
Leslie Sare Santomauro 
W Matthew & Debra 

Gallant Shinn 
N. Lynette Dyson 

Daniel Snyder 
Jonathan Souzis 
Paul Stath 
Kent Symanzik 
Shelley Lawrence Taylor 
Thor Thomsen 
Stephen Ticknor 
Katnna Clevenger 

Deborah Patterson Weber 
Julie Bagley White 
Beth Miller Wild 
Melissa Beamer Wilson 
David Woodring 

Debra Wysong 

Class oi 1990 

Participation: 27'7c 

Emily Alexander 
Tracy Workman Ash 
William Baxendale 
Cheryl Rubers Bixby 
Brian Brown 
Rebecca Roost Brown 
Sonya Merrill Brown 
Warren Brown 
Bradley Brummeler 
Waiter Campbell 
Deborah Horn Case 
Michelle Lootens Clouser 
Kent Culberson 
Scott & Laurel Kinzer Dean 
Wendy Carlson Dellis 
Shawn Denny 
David & Jennifer Rogers 

Susan Ebanks 
Lynne Tucker Fahlen 
J. Troy Felton 
Kevin Firth 
Pamela Scott Poor 
Julie Friberg 
Lukas Gogis 
Sonya Good 
Peter Griffin 
Sherry Wayt Grimm 
Jennifer Layton Haddad 
Thomas & Michelle Yoder 

Sandra Shimer Harlamert 
Susan Konold Hatcher 
William Hartield 
Paul Henningsen 
Ashlyn Feil Holz 
Kurt Hotmire 
Janice Cupp Hunter 
Ronald Huston 
Pamela Westering Jackson 
Kristie Kuhnle Jacobson 
Heather Jeffery 
Krishne Hansen John 
Kelly Boedeker Johnson 
Coreen Konya Joviak 
Mark Kincade 
Rhonda Storck Ladd 
A. Diane Mayer Largent 
Bradley Leach 
Tana DeLaughter Lehr 
Kelly Graham Levesque 
Rebecca Futrell 

Jennifer Greene Miller 
Lisa Moritz Miller 
Kathryn Hardin Mounsey 
R. Timothy Murphy 
Joan Munson Myers 
William Neal 
Mark Nevil 

Shawn Mulder Newhouse 
Lori Nordengren 
Jennifer Dominguez Ochs 
Misty Oliver 
Krista Kellum Olt 
Amanda Quandt Overton 
Melissa Miller Peterson 
Todd & Natalie Green 

Melissa Laidig Phelps 
Jill Ploegman 
Kathryn Hess Purdy 
Jeffrey Quails 
Rachel Byler Ralston 
Douglas Read 
Shawn & Janet Bendure 

Teresa Knecht Reimschisel 
Heidi Crutchfield Reynolds 
Jeffrey Roberts 
Kevin & Suzette 

Moeschberger Roth 
Suzanne Huprich 

Matthew Schmidt 
William Schureman 
Terry Shade 
Scott Sheeley 
Lorri Courtney Shepherd 
Brian & Jennifer Austin 

Wendy Smith Souzis 
Cheryl Taylor Storer 
Karen Strong 
Joseph Sweitzer 
Lynn Leedy Talbot 
Krislen Heisler Thomsen 
Thomas Thornburg 
Kara Jeffords Ticknor 
Stephen Upton 

lOA • Tiivlor (nivcrsilv 1995 Honor Roll oJ Donors 

Donalee Moore Vermeesch 

D, Scott Welker 

David Wiieeler 

ane Hofmeister Wiley 

Mark Willis 

Amy Lynn Winner 

Jill Jenkins Wise 

Elisabeth Zehnder 

Class of 1991 

Parlicipalion; 26^f 

Laura Anderson 

Mitchell Beaverson 

Debra Benson 

Kurt Bishop 

Robert & Sheryl Schrock 

James Brewer 
Anna Brane Brown 
Lawrence Butt 
Scott Carr 
Patricia Carroll 
Sean Copeland 
C. Mark & Sheri Russell 

Alesha DenHartigh 
Connie Moorman Derby 
Kevin Doss 

Stephanie Golden Earhart 
Elyce Elder 
Susan DeBoer Engel 
Jill Faber 

Heidi vonGunlen Faulks 
Joseph Fausnight 
Deborah Foster 
Kelli Gerber 
Mark Gove 
David Granzine 
Stephanie Kaper Gray 
Sharon Dye Groothuis 
Kimberly Gygi 
Todd Hardy 
Julie Heath 
John Hein 

Teresa Larimore Holmer 
Karen Kraft Hummel 
Lisa Paige Jarrett 
Scott Johnson 
Mary Buhler Judge 
Susanne Peterson Kelly 
Shannon King 
Michael Kooistra 
Scott Kooistra 
Curt Largent 
Sherie Lewis 
Cairy Littlejohn 
John Lugar, Jr 
Rebecca Hubbard Maniglia 
Eric Manko 
Martha Mann 
AnnJanette Cuper 

Melinda Flynn Means 
Cara Meinert 
Brent Meyer 
Pamela Agee Miller 
Sharon Jones Murphy 
Peter Nev^fhouse 
Kathleen O'Brien 
Kent & Shawn Clark 

Bruce Peters 
Chad Peters 
Lynn Phelps 
Victor Piper 

Tamila Doornbos Plastow 
Edward Possing 
Suzane Walker Quails 
Laura Rich 
Mark Ringenberg 
David Romig 
Mark Routt 
Mike Ryg 
Timothy Schoon 
Matthew Schwartz 
Thomas Sena 
Penny Polsgrove Smarrella 
Erik Smith 
Tabrina Smith 
Mary Spahr 
Rebekah Rutherford 

Alyson Flynn Stanislaw 
Andrew Stanislaw 
Jeffrey Stonick 
Matthew Storer 
Annette Herman Sweitzer 
Ronald & Carin Dunberg 

Andrew Talbot 
Kathryn Cherwek Teal 
Jeffrey Unruh 
Jon Vandegriff 
David Vermeesch 
Monica Henry Wayne 

Rodney Whitaker 
Jill Ivey Wickham 
Brian & Shannon Brower 

Bruce Wiley 
Corinne Willis 
Laurie Winterholter 
Susan Yoder 
Chad Zolman 

Class of 1992 

PartuipuHon: 27^c 

John & Michelle Martin 

Adam Allen 
Marnie Allen 
Bradley Ash 
Chrishne Barnhart 
Gayle Benedetto 
Douglas Browning 
Alicia Helyer Brummeler 
Matthew & Jennifer 

Schuster Brummund 
Daniel Burden 
Stephen Carr 
Michelle McBride Cross 
Brenton Crojcton 
Lisa Curless 
Tonya Mishler Dixon 
Steven Domeck 
Joan Blum Doran 
Jonathan & Susan Green 

Aaron & Leslie Ray 

Stacy Ellis 
David Faulks 
Sarah Brown Flick 
Carmen Conley Flores 
Laura Fowler 
Dawn Davis Funk 
Jennifer Travis Giger 
Daniel Gin 
Elizabeth Given 
Bryan Goossen 
Daria Green 

Melody MacLeish Griffin 
Craig Gunther 
Andrew Hamilton 
Michael Hammond 
Laura Paul Harmon 
Meribeth Salveson Harvey 
Dennis Hewitt 
Brock Heykoop 
Stephen Hiatt 
Jacqueline King Huber 
Laura Hutson 
Joseph & Margaret 

Andrews Imhof 
Eric & Heather Dominguez 

William Kanaga 
Yvonne Cureton 

Matthew Klein 
Jennifer Kline 
Kenyon Knapp 
Heather Knowlson 
Nathan Koch 
Stuart Leach 
Scott Leu 

Susan Johnson Littlejohn 
Rachelle Litwiller 
Kristin Long 

Elisabeth VarnHagen Lugar 
Paul Lugauer 
Kristin Lundstrom 
Jill MacLeish 
Martha Fleetwood Manko 
Tracy Tobey Manning 
Scott Mason 
Michael McGee 
Sean McHugh 
Joel McKinney 
Andrew & Laurie Randall 

Brett Michel 
David Miller 
Forrest & Jeannette Hawk 

Sarah Miraglia 
Thomas Moher 
Jennifer Johnson 

Heather Myers 
Jeffrey & Becky Franz Neu 
John Nichols 
Jael Norman 
Jon Ochs 
Heather Parker 
Lisa Paul 
Andrews Barbara 

Alexander Peterson 
Darren Pettifor 
Pamela Lepley Piersma 

Aaron Pike 

Jill Fitzharris Piper 

Marc Plastow 

Ty & Brenda Kaufman Plait 

Christopher Popp 

Jennifer Price 

Zachary & Julia Tanis 

Ailsa Berzon Pujol 
Stephen Robertson 
Jonathan Rudolph 
Eric Schaberg 
Douglas Schrock 
Kyle Schroeder 
Brian & Susan Styer Scott 
Daniel Seibel 
Chad Showalter 
Shawn Sichak 

Andre Broquard 
John Bultema 
Rebekah Callahan 
Heidi Clark 
Carey & Julie Allport 

Chrystal Cooke 
Cecily Crim 
Darrel Cross 
Edgar Cross 
Jennifer Curtis 
Timothy DeLaughter 
Daniel Dixon 
Lora fVIarker Domeck 
Lee Douma 
Gary Eubanks 
Michael & Janna 

Lautzenheiser Fields 

Julie Lasanen 
Jennifer Lindell 
John Lugauer 
M Kirk & Ann Rutherford 

Robin & Ann Perno Martin 
Monica Kocik McBride 
Kyle McClellan 
Timothy McDaniel 
Kenneth McFarland 
David & Jennifer Menconi 

Sheri Miller 
Michael Moore 
Daniel Mouw 
Michael & Christy Hadden 

Micah Newhouse 

Class of 1991 

PdrticijKitinn. Dli^'f 
Kimberly Wright Adkison 
Lana Agness 
Anthony Alien 
Erin Anderson 
Katrina Johnson Arbuckie 
Chen Armstrong 
Roberta Bailey 
Geoffrey Baker 
r^elinda Anderson Baker 
Amy Barnett 
Daniel Beatti 
Heidi Beath 
Danielle Beauchaine 
Cynthia Bennett 
Jon Bergeron 
Christi Deetien Berrier 

Elizabeth Ferns 
Joel Fletcher 
Chnslina Fox 
Jon Gabnelsen 
Michelle Romig Gambill 
Michael Garty 
Jerry Giger 
William Gilbert 
Steven Gillett 
Victor Glavach 
Scott Goff 
Kyle Good 
Bryan Graham 
Jeffery Greene 
Jennifer Greenman 
Daniel & Polly Piatt 

Stephen Gundy 

Current Distribution of Alumni 

As of August 1995 

l\)H-30 "\ 

^ r--'255|i4^-MA-89 
11855 Z^ ---J^^- 




no - — DE-18 

19 - — ^-.65 > 
', 16 43 175 ■/ 

224 M1l_ , , .-^. 


Washington. DC. 18 
Canada 39 


Wendy Simpson 

Bradley Smith 

Dave Smith 

Joel Stachura 

Alida Stark 

Kathi Strong 

Lynn & Laurel Erb Swing 

Kendra Yoder Thurman 

Nathan Troyer 

Mark & Julie Howell Turner 

Elizabeth Ittzes Upton 

Paul & Jennifer Settlage 

Lynette Bullock Waligora 
David Wayne 
Martica Laughner Wegel 
Gary Wiggins 
Jonathan & Jill Kooistra 

Benjamin & Jane Moore 

Robert Wynkoop 
Timothy & Cheryl 

Spellerberg Ziegler 

Class of 1993 

I'ltrlirifHilion: .'i.'V'i 

John Mark Adkison 
Michael Alexander 
Daniel Anibal 
Kimberly Nelson Arnold 
Janel Cloyd Baker 
Christopher Balkema 
Melissa Miles Beaverson 
Laila Dallal Bechtle 
Brent Beery 
John & Jennifer Barrett 

Brian Biedebach 
Julie Petno Bishop 
Bethanne Blackwood 
Amy Whittles Block 

Jon Filka 

Jessica Fletcher 
Gregory Flick 
D. Joseph Foote 
Patricia Cable Forlin 
Heather KobernikFracassi 
Steven Frykholm 
Richard & Tami Beller 

Phihp Georgia 
Connie Schneeberger 

Michael Gogis 
Deborah Golden 
Dawn Greer Griggs 
Caria Hallbauer 
Jeffrey Hamilton 
Joseph & Julie Felton 

Scott Hanback 
Joei Harms 

Tammy Ellis Harshbarger 
Charles Harvey 
Scott Hoeksema 
Rebecca Hostetler 
Robert Hughes 
Glenn Humerickhouse 
Kristin Irish 
Henry Jones 
Tommy Jones 
Lynnae Moser Kellum 
Elizabeth Delmastro 

Janet King 
Lynn Kinsman 
Kelly Klopfenstein 
Keith Knepp 
Thomas Knight 
Kim Knowles 
Masaki Kojima 
Loren Korfmacher 
Scott & Amy Landt Kregel 
Jonathan Laing 

Joel Nussbaum 
Brent Peters 
Cynthia Pettil 
Lisa Sidor Powers 
Amy Rader 
Melissa Ratcliff 
Steven Roggenbaum 
Kristen Kett Rolen 
Amy Ekiund Romig 
Alison Taggart Routt 
Dan Rowley 
Jodi Roth Rudolph 
Derek & Kimberly Buckeye 

Sherri Saunders 
Katherine Shearer 
Christa Williamson 

Amy Sims 
Charity Singleton 
Matthew & Joy Pearson 

Elizabeth Stahl 
Stephen Stalcup 
Mark & Kelley Baird 

Steven TenHoor 
Jennifer Davidson Tenaglia 
Erin Wiley Trombley 
Joi Brown Troyer 
Jene ShulerTutlon 
David & Jennifer Naylor 

Rhoda Valpatic 
Theresa Wagler 
Lisa Walbridge 
Lisa Mosser Wanner 
Matthew & Teresa Landrud 

Charles Wilson 
Randi Yoder 
Reynold Yordy 

Jason Block 

Anne Lee Boyer 

Susan Brane 

Came Bretdinger 

Robert Bright 

Richard & Jennifer Barton 

Kristme McClellan 

Julia Adams Browning 
Janell Brubaker 
Carole Bulten 
Jabin Burnworth 
Maria Butch 

Jarrod & Lori Wolf Byrum 
Susan Cam 
Jonathan Campbell 
Michael & Anne Mane 

Whitecotton Carpenter 
Kenneth Castor 
David Chamberlin 
Craig & Allison Horsey 

Karen Conrad 
Jonathan & Kristin 

Hoffrage Couch 
Rose Cross Cross Horton 
Kathleen Cutforth 
Katherine Davis 
Shawn & Aileen Haralson 

De Jonge 
Dawn Deak 
Sharon Delp 
Lynn Shelton Deno 
Jeffrey Dillon 
Gregory Domsten 
Tracey Doude 
Stephanie James Douma 
Stephenie Eccher 
Steven Eckstrom 
Joel Eisenbraun 
Anne Mane Ellison 
Holly Farney 

Kendra Bishop Hamby 
Joel Hamilton 
Wendy Hanslik 
Alissa Haralson 
Pamela Hawkins 
Peter Heck 
Eric Hehman 
David Herschberger 
Clifford & Michelle 

Greenawalt Hickok 
James Michael Hieb 
Juliana Higgins 
Brent Holbert 
Kristine Holdiman 
Clark Holland 
Christopher Holtmann 
Brian Hoover 
Wendy Hornbuckle 
Douglas Hoyl 
Sara Banks Hubbard 
Patrick Hummel 
Heather Hunt 
Kim Hymers 
C. Bryan Jacobs 
Timothy & Amy Stone 

John Jennings 
Kara Jeter 
Joseph & Stephanie 

Leakey Johns 
K|ell Johnson 
Ryan Jones 
Came Jourdan 
Jennifer Kanning 
Kashwinder Kaur 
Erin Keeiey 
Nelson Kefauver 
Brent Kellum 
David Kenniv 
Julie Kim 
Deborah Kinch 
Angela Lyons Knight 
Lynae Krull 

Tavlor Inivorsitv I99.> Itunur Rull of DoDors * IIA 

Jeffrey Lasanen 
Daniel Leach 
Stephen Lenger 
Elizabeth Lim 
Annette Lipp 
David Long 
DeAnn Ludeker 
David Lundell 
Toby Luxton 
Karl Martin 

Marshall Potter 
Raquel Prentice 
Richard Rader 
Jeffrey Ramsdale 
Grant Reed 

Vickie Chandler Renich 
Jennifer Cooper Ridner 
Christina Rink 
Brenda Roberts 
Clint & Rebecca Peterson 

Au open window. . . asweetbreez 

Chad & Alison Rollins 

Rebecca Bartow Mason 
Aogu Matsuoka 
Nicole Mayer 
Deborah McClish 
Melissa McCuen 
Davi^n Russo McDaniel 
Rebecca Bowman 

Nicole Kemp McGillivary 
Jennifer Meighan 
Matthew Moller 
Rhonda Reynolds Moody 
David Mon 
Steven & Jennifer Griffin 

Nathan Mucher 
Robin Niedermeyer 
Jeremy Nordmoe 
Heidi Oakley 
Shelly Williamson 

Elizabeth Osborn 
Amelia Overbeck 
Albert & Charity Smith 

Ronnel Parker 
Paulette Parr 
Amy Phillips 
Mitchell Piersma 
Amy Pletcher 
Kristina Pobanz 
Mark Popadic 
Richard Popejoy 

Stephanie Rogers 
Nicole Johnston 

Chadwick Rowe 
Brent & AnnElise Larsen 

Robert & Julie Boseker 

Kristen Saiisbery 
Dirk & Michele Barati 

Christopher Sander 
Chad Schafter 
Tara Scherer 
Christopher Schimpf 
Jetfery Schmela 
Mark Schmidt 
Nicole Aschliman Schrock 
Nancy Segel 
Jacquelyn Sevier 
Nathan Shattuck 
Gaie Sherk 
Beth Siekerman 
David Smith 
Jill Anderson Smith 
Martha Smith 
Matthew Smith 
Michelle Smith 
Lisa Smucker 
Teresa Snell 
Kimberly Snow 
Heather Snowden 
Shelley Snyder 

Andrea Sonksen 
Karen Spindler 
Kimberly Spragg 
Karen Stafford 
Susan Steele 
Mark Steenbarger 
Camilla Swam 
Heather Swinburne 
Christopher Theule 
Jon Thies 
Brianna Thompson 
Nicole Thrasher 
Marc & Jodie Schutte 

Bonnie Duncan Tinder 
Kevin Todd 
Julia Travis 
Douglas Troyer 
Kimberly VanOordt 
Eric & Sharon Fabricatore 

Heather Vandenbergh 
Jennifer Spencer 

Travis Vanest 
Shawn Vaughan 
Bobbie Voght 
Matthew Waligora 
Valarie Walkup 
Ronald Wallman 
Christina Weed 
Adrienne Wells 
Jennifer West 
Bradley Whitia 
Christine Williams 
Mark Wilson 
Timothy Winterholter 
Timothy Wintermute 
Robert & ReneeFenner 

Laurel Wolfe 
James Wood 
Betsy McLaughlin Wright 
Norman Yatooma 
Anthony Yoder 
Timothy Young 

Class of 1995 

I'll nil iptition: QO'/c 

Matthew Aalsma 
Eric Adams 
Christopher Adkison 
Christine Allen 
Eric Anderson 
Michael Auby 
Gerfit Ayers 
Joli Bach 

Kristy Price Bagley 
Debra Bagnull 
Amy DeVore Baker 
David Ballast 
Daniel Baltzer 
Tonya Beath 
William Bedrossian 
Elizabeth Behnken 
David Bell 
Rachel Bell 
William Bell 
Tara Bibbee 
Timothy Blackiston 
James Blackwood 
Laura Block 
Marcy Boerman 
Brian Bohl 
Julie Bollinger 

Sonia Bofntrager 
Jennifer Bottom 
Trent & Doreen Rager 

Stephanie Boyce 
Cassie Boyd 
Ray Boyer 
Amy Brailey 
Stephen Brinkerhoff 
Scot & Jennifer Vlack 

Karl Brummund 
Sarah Bryan 
Aimee Wheeler Buckley 
Brian Burkey 
Jeremy Byrd 
Gretchen Cameron 
Ted Carpenter 
Heather Cash 
Rebecca Chandler 
Irene Chong 
Angela Cinadr 
Douglas Clark 
John Coburn 
Jeremy Colquhoun 
Todd & Dawn Burns 

Theresa Conner 
Steve Conzaman 
David & Karen Olson 

John Crane 
Rebecca Crumbacher 
Leslie Darby 
Amy Dauer 
Aaron & Jennifer Leverenz 

Stephen & Tamara Ballast 

Jason DeRouchie 
David Deibel 
John Delich 
Nelson Dewey 
Rachel Diller 
Randal Dtllinger 
Matthew Dtmos 
Timothy Dixon 
Joyce Dotson 
Timothy Drake 
Jason Dreistadt 
Timothy Drenk 
Daniel & Susan Ludema 

Noel Eberline 
Craig Edwards 
Michael Edwards 
Patti Engler 
Neal Farrand 
Angela Federspiel 
Melissa Bostrom Figgins 
JuliannaGurley Fletcher 
Jason & Angela Cox 

Jennifer Haltom Friesen 
Max Fulwider 
Alesa Galvin 
Jilt Garretson 
Kellie Geer 
Jonathan Geisler 
Lisa Gerwig 
Rachel Gibson 
Joel & Danielle Honemond 

Heather Gladhill 

Mark Goddard 
Anne Goldsmith 
David Goller 
Susan Goss 
Karen Granville 
Douglas Griffith 
Christine Kuhns Gundy 
Carolyn Flynn Gunther 
Dawn Gunther 
Lana Hadden 
Lisa Hagestad 
Nathanael Hale 
Angle Hamsho 
Chad Manes 
G Andrew Harbour 
Douglas Hardesty 
Herbert Harjes 
Elizabeth Hatton 
Sarah Heck 
Susan Miller Heck 
Richard Heise 
Donald Helton 
Thomas Herrmann 
Mark Hertzler 
Mark Hess 
Christan Hibschman 
Holly Hilger 
Aimee Hillman 
Matthew Hinchman 
Esther Ho 
Jeanette Antoncew 

Julie Hollingshead 
David Hoogerheide 
Kristin Oakley Hoover 
Kimberly Hoppe 
Erik Hotmire 
Martha Hov^ard 
Gillian Hu 
Mark Hubbard 
Nathan Hudson 
Jason Huff 
Melinda Hugoniot 
Amy Humbert 
April Hunter 
Matthev^ Jeffrey 
Jason Jelinek 
Eric Johnson 
Megan Johnson 
Gregory Jones 
Molly Jones 
Norris Jones 
Mark Jonklaas 
Rebekah Currie Josberger 
Kariane Kaempfer 
Sarah Karlen 
Sarah Kearn 
Nancy Kemp 
Kara Kennel 
Katherine Wilson 

Erika Kiefer 
Alyssa Kirk 
Jill DeVries Knudsen 
Carolyn Kregel 
Kristin Kroehler 
Esther Kroeker 
Eric Larsen 
Ann Lawson 
Rebecca Lehmann 
Renee Litz 
Jason Loftis 
Jennifer Long 
Aaron Longenecker 
Christine Loose 
Staci Lowell 

Lynette Lutzer 
Kristina Humerickhouse 

Kari Manko 
Eric Marcotte 
Tony Marshall 
Timothy Mast 
Mark & Amy Boothe Mays 
Thomas Mazak 
Heather McCready 
Randall Mejeur 
Joshua Metzger 
Stephen Metzger 
Bonnie Casey Mick 
Scott Miller 
Joshua Moody 
Douglas Moore 
Michele Moore 
Adrian Moulton 
Matthew Moulton 
Pamela Mulder 
Melanie Golden Munn 
Abby Nelson 
Adam Ness 
Daniel Newman 
Tony Newman 
Michelle Niccum 
Melanie Moller Nichols 
Emily Niekamp 
Sarah Nierman 
Stephen Norman 
Brent Norquist 
Kelli Burcham Ochs 
LeeAnn Odam 
Amy Ohler 
Lisa Oliverson 
Anna Olmstead 
Jennifer Ostrander 
Jason Ovefdort 
David & Hollie Shearer 

Kent Parsons 
Susan Paulson 
Thomas Pawley 
Jennifer Payne 
John Perona 
Andrew Peterson 
Tara Pflederer 
Kurtis Phelps 
Carrie Pigott 
Gayla Plaia 
Brian Poonpanij 
Bryan Pounds 
Diana Prange 
Chad Prittie 
Leanne Puis 
Mark & Kristin Theard 

Russell & Lisa Wold 

Lisa Randall 
Clay Rassi 
Mark Reed 
Nicole Reed 
Jonathan Rees 
Kenneth Reppart 
Jennifer Richer 
Brian Rickert 
Brenda Rieger 
Stephanie Ringgenberg 
Gary Ross 
Amy Roth 
Lisa Rozema 
Laurie Ruckman 
Bradley Rupp 
Julia Ruth 

Lori Savage 
Stefani Kelso Schilling 
Andrea Ulrich Schimpf 
Brian Schmitz 
Carolee Schoen 
Michele Schoonmaker 
Elizabeth Schrepfer 
Susan Schuster 
Tony Seow 
Jami Sergent 
Kevin Shafer 
Matthew Sickmeir 
Ryan Small 
Amy Smith 
Jared Smith 
Nathan Smith 
Ryan Smith 
Spencer Smith 
Karen Snow 
Stephen Somma 
John Springer 
Dana Steckley 
Daniel & Elisa Webber 

Angela Stoner 
Stephen Stringfellow 
Michael Styer 
April Swanson 
Tara Sweet 
Ernest Swift 
Nicole Swihart 
Timothy Taylor 
Daniel Teeter 
Jennifer Tefft 
Karen Temple 
Jamie Thomas 
Elbert Thompson 
Christopher Thornton 
Brent & Aimee Ringler 

Rebecca Trejo 
Terra Twardy 
Eric Twietmeyer 
Nathan Uno 
Peter & Diana Moltoy 

Jill Miller Vaughan 
Aaron Von Behren 
Sara Brown Waddel 
Todd Walton 
Jeremy Warden 
Noel Warren 
Wendy Weber 
Dee Welch 
Jason Welch 
Jeremy Wernke 
Christine DePlanty 

Rebekah Wichterman 
Anne Turner Wierenga 
Donald Wierenga 
Jason Williams 
Mark Wilson 
Marcy Austhot 

Eric Wood 
Dianna Woodward 
Brooke Woodworth 
Kimberly Zabel 
Kurtis Zurburg 

Class of 1997 

April Prast 

nor Roll of Friends 


Mark & Kathleen Abbott 
Richard Able 
Bernice Burgess 
Charles & Lou DeWitt 
Jean Don 
Ellis Dove 

Brian & Lila Justinger 
Jack & Elizabeth Loose 
George Maronge 
Michelle Mathison 
Thomas McDonald 
R. W. Noe 
David Puncochar 
James & Mary Roden 


Kathryn Erickson 
Scott & Linda Grant 
Mr. & Mrs. Michael 

Sharon Reppond 
Cheryl Scott 


Bonnie Angster 
Keith & Jeanne Canham 
Philips Suzanne Corkill 
Everett & Jane Everson 
James Forbregd 
Stanley & Lori Fox 
Raymond Hackman 
Hugh Harbin 
Martin Harbin 
Terrie Hill 
Willard & Maurine 

D. W, & Louise Hufman 
Anthony & Nancy Kirgis 
Bruce & Nancy Kline 
Russell & Brenda 

Robert & Ronda Kunau 
Olin & Pauline Lehman 
Marguerite Lettelier 
William & Catherine 

Jon & Janet MacKinney 
Timothy & Donna Mann 
Irene Marek 

Donald & Peggy Marquard 
Donald & Sandy Neu 
Jeanne Patterson 
Wilma Pratt 

David & Katherine Rathjen 
Bruce Reigelsperger 
Ellsworth & Edna Runyon 
Tom & Sally Saunders 

Levi & Ada Schlabach 
David & Ann Smiley 
Sheryl Smith 
W. Ted S May Sutton 
Leona Sweet 
Carl & Mary Tichenor 
Robert Wendel 
Hugh & Marilyn West 


Jean Albright 

James & Priscilla Barnes 

LeAnn Bird 

Patricia Good 

Margaret Haymond 

Lucille Martin 

Melody Medley 

Amy Moore 

M RuthOelrich 

Randall Pierce 

Fred & Earlean Smith 

Donald & JoAnn 

Laurie Vienneau 
Opal Vienneau 
Lonnie Waldner 
David Woodring 


Michael & Doris Alderink 
Eric Anderson 
Ken & Iris Axeison 
Wesley & Janis Balda 
Laura Barnett 
Stephen & Cheryl Bauman 
Norman & Wilda Baxter 
Gloria Beard 
Samuel Bechtle 
Vlad Beffa 
Pamela Bellsmith 
Estela Beltran 
Glenda Bernhardt 

Maynard Book 
Joyce Bowers 
Michele Brantley 
Dorsey & Doris Brause 
Bradley & Beth Brinson 
Beth Bryson 
Rebecca Burke 
Joyce Burrill 
Gregory Campbell 
Sally Carothers 
Patricia Carroll 
John & Gael Casner 
Hansel Cope 
Joseph & Cynthia Corey 
Sterling & Bonnie Davis 
Robert & Ora Dennis 
Richard & Mina Derby 
Don Eberly 

Thomas & Janice Elston 
Tom & Susan Emerson 
Dennis & Marilyn Faulkner 

Leon & Roberta Fennig 
James Ferguson 
Arndt Fortlage 
Thomas Fox 
Amy Franklin 
Marilyn Frye 

Stephen & Kathryn Garcia 
Charles & Mary Garringer 
Walter & Ruth Gepfer 
Duane & Marilyn Gifford 
Monna Goforth 
Thomas & Michelle 

Meredith & Joybelle 

Jay & Catherine Haney 
Dean & Rhonda Hardi 
Mike & Susan Hatcher 
Glen & Marilyn Heavilin 
David Hempstead 
Arlene Hendriks 

12A * Taylor Inivcrsil} 1995 Honor Koll ol' Donors 

Scott & Becky Henry 
Bertil & Winnie Holm 
Bruce & Joyce Hooper 
Kenneth & Pamela Ingold 
Roberta Johansson 
Dorothy Johnson 
Marguerite Keltner 
Kirk & Linda Kennedy 
Thomas Kinnier 
Lindaiee Klingenmeier 
William Kruse 
Gary Kunkle 
Gary & Sally Leath 
L Spencer Leister 
Keith & Rose Lochner 
Marilyn Lucas 
Susan Ma|or 
Lester IVIalmqutst 
Valerie Martinez 
Robert & Mary Massongill 
R. Eugene & Diane Mastin 
Gary & Arlys Mc Donald 
Daniel & AnnJanette 

Phyllis McCoy 
Bernice Meyer 
G. Verner & Dorothy Miller 
Karlmda Moes 
M. Dale & Jan Moyer 
H. Arthur & Elizabeth 

lllys Neal 

Johnny & Carolyn Nieto 
Richard & Lynda Norns 
Ronald Oglesbee 
Kurt & Johannah Oliver 
J. Elizabeth Olson 
William & Hazel Pannell 
Sally Perkins 
Rebekah Pines 
Lawrence & Irene Pollard 
Steven & Sherry Porter 
Irvine SCIeoPurdy 
Lynn & Flo Richards 
Phillip & Pamela Robb 
Donna Roberts 
Miriam Roberts 
S. Ruth Robertson 
Brian & Sharice Roth 
Ninette Ruiz-Deyoung 
Aaron Ryan 
Ronald Ryan 
Harold & Joan Salseth 
Betty Sanders 
Jeff & Janell Searles 
Robert & Sharon 

David Shields 
Audrey Shuler 
Karen Siefert 
Russell & Allison Smelley 
Denise Smiley 
Duane & Shirley Smith 
Garland & Doris Smith 
David Snelling 
Fred & Delia Soderlund 
Peter Spandau 
Corinne Spurrier 
Ray Stansbury 
Jeffrey Stark 
Mary Stearns 
Alva & June Swarner 
Howard & Jill Taylor 
Stanley Torode 
Douglas & Linda 

Lee & Margaret Vida 
G. Daniels Sherry Waller 
Robert & Carol Waller 
Brian & llene Walton 
Ana Williams 
Paul & Dorothy Yaggy 
Gary & Sharon Young 
Betty Zeulner 
Jody Zeulner 
Lureba Ziola 


Brenda Ashley 
Jerry & Karen Bengtson 
Duane & Cheryl Birkey 
Dee Bordewyk 
Douglas & Jacquie Bowen 
Mr. & Mrs. Chung-Mo Chan 
James Childs 
Julius Danch 
Richard Deave: 
Kristin Earley 
Richard & A Kay Erb 
Kelly Fonfara 
Rosemary Greer 
Peters Juree Griffin 
Thomas & Kathy Hadduck 
Earl Haeflinger 

Thomas & Gertrude 

Thomas & Dorothy Hash 
Carl & Jana Hofinga 
Berry & Sarah Huffman 
Troy & Pamela Jackson 
Ron & Cheryl Jarvi 
James & Marilyn Jellison 
David Jenkins 
Richard & Christine 

Gordon Kashner 
Lisa Lueck 
Margaret Lueck 
Joseph & Rebecca 

Sam & Kathryn Martens 
Cyndi McRostie 
Marisa Mendoza 
Clyde & Betty Michel 
Herbert & Jane Miller 
Sandra Miller 
Randy & Cherie Munkres 
R Timothy & Sharon 

Robert & Lisa Muthiah 
Kent & Darla Nelson 
Gary & Joy Newton 
Stanley Noreen 
Paul & Bettie Pixler 
Mike Plamondon 
Karon Rhoades 
Sandra Rivera 
Mr & Mrs David 

Bud & Alice Schaeffer 
Ralph & Shirley Schuster 
Betty Semenchuk 
John & Lynda Semonchick 
Cheryl Siefert 
Tom & Connie Smallwood 
C Merlon & Lulu 

Sherman & Marion Spear 
Max Steele 
Scott Swanson 
Leo & Tracy Swiontek 
John Thompson 
David Walker 
Daniel & Ellen Ward 
Vernon & Sara Ward 
Earl & Carolyn Webb 
Todd & Melisa Wesswick 
Rex & Marijane West 
Carl & Men Westberg 
Robert & Caria Wilmer 


Lagaylia Alfonso 

Martha Battles 

Kenneth & Nancy Bnx 

Linda Chesner 

Mr & Mrs Robert Durbois 

Lillian Erst 

Peter & Denise Fix 

Elsie Gibson 

Brett Gillan 

Sue Haakonsen 

John Haggerty 

Herbert & Nancy Hall 

Alice Hallstrom 

Agnes Hawks 

Teunlie Hershey 

Mr & Mrs Joel Hunt 

Wtlliam & Liisa Kaminski 

Christine Klaucke 

Francis & Frances Lind 

William & Linnea Martin 

Virginia Masterson 

E Patricia McElaney 

Susan McMiliian 

Nancy Merritt 

Nancy Perry 

Ruth Replogle 

Paul & Bonnie Richards 

James Rumsey 

John & Carol Scott 

Nina Spacek 

Elizabeth Springer 

Keith & Cindy Thompson 

Judith Van Der Sluys 

Kim Wilson 


John & Jane Armstrong 

Pamela Clair 

Cora Di)0Sie 

Gerald & Elizabeth Foster 

Rose James 

Constance Miller 

Peggy Mogush 


Tom & Holly Aldridge 

Myrneth & Mariorie 

David & Lana Armstrong 
Steven Balint 
Jose Ballester 
James Barnhart 
Stanley & Ellen Beach 
Marcel & Esther Bekaetl 
Harold Birky 
Jack & Ruth Bishop 
Marsha Bishop 
Alfred & Dorothy 

James & Lulu Bowen 
Mervyn & Edna Boyle 
Daniel & Jennifer Bozone 
Cynthia Briggs 
Bruce & Sandra Brown 
Beniamin & Diane Suley 
Henny Bulten 
Janet Butterworth 
Hoyt Byrum 
Wendy Casavant 
Richard Casey 
Russell & Gertrude Clark 
Johns Sally Conklin 
Lyie & Laura Connor 
Merle & Veria Conrad 
Clarence Cook 
Thomas & Bonnie 

Eugene & Loretta Dalaskey 
Geneva DeYoung 
R E & Nancy Dodge 
Ralph & Beth Dodge 
Lowell & Ariel Oorn 
Bradley & Sylvia 

C William & Crystal Dunn 
Peter & Pat Dys 
Kenneth & Lorraine 

Michael & Bethany Felix 
Elizabeth Fisher 
James & Joy Forsman 
Robert & Debra Frostrom 
Geneva Gee 
Kathleen Gess 
Robert & Wendi Gilbert 
Suzan Gonser 
A Charles Grady 
David & Nancy Graham 
Richard & Marene Graham 
Thomas Green 
Richard Griffin 
Dale Grimes 
Richard & Mary Hahn 
James & Janet Harper 
Terry & Carole Hart 
Kenneth & Evelyn Hayes 
Verna Hayes 

Stephen & Marcia Headley 
David & Martha Hogue 
Jerry & Delores Home 
Francis & Mildred 

Eleanor Johnson 
Ralph & Betty Johnson 
Isaac & Dons Johnston 
C Richard & Letta Jordan 
Roberts Dorothy Judd 
Mark & Belinda Kach 
Marion Kautzmann 
Bruce & Jeannette Kenhne 
Donald Kirby 
Mildred Kissel 
John & Dorothy Knapp 
Elizabeth Kregehus 
Walter & Virginia 

Douglas Langholz 
Frances Larrison 
William & Pamela Larrison 
Mary LeValley 
Thelma Leamon 
George & Mildred Lee 
Scott & Nicole Leu 
Kenneth & Janice Locke 
Brian & Darlene 

John & JaneMaddox 
Gustav & Janet Marquardt 
W T & Margaret Marsh 
Allen & Mary Mast 
Glen & Linda Mast 
Uriah & Edith Mast 
Norman Mathews 
William & Labutius 

John Mathewson 
Mike & Melinda Means 
Coburn & Niola Metcalf 
Karen Milligan 
James & Sally Mittlestedt 
Rudy & Jo Moberg 

Nancy Montgomery 

Dale & Barbara Murphy 

Jerry Myers 

Robert & Esther Neely 

Arlouine Nelson 

David & Jean Nemore 

Eric Neu 

Benjamin & Dons Newsom 

Donald Niles 

C. John & Suzanne Nill 

Kevin & Cheryl Nill 

June Nilsen 

George Oborn 

Don & Bonnie Odie 

Parker & lla Oiney 

Steven & Laurie Olsen 

Robert Olson 

Paul & Rayma Page 

John Pantesco 

Charles & Bonnie Percival 

Audrey Perry 

Mane Phinney 

Paul & Mae Pierce 

Eleanor Poland 

Howard & Joyce Post 

Wayne & Manlyn Rawlmgs 

Martha Reif 

C Robert & E. Jane 

Greg & Heidi Reynolds 
Shirley Reynolds 
Harry Rice 

Ronald & Shirtey Rtckner 
Charles Riddle 
Eloise Robitschek 
Dan & Debbie Rockefeller 
Frank & Elizabeth Mae 

Brian & Charlotte Sauer 
Dean & Ruth Schaffer 
Virginia Schmidt 
Richard & Kathryn Schoen 
Frank Schwarz 
James Scott 
Robert Scott 
Donald Selling 
Ruth Setser 
Paul & Jean Shaerer 
Rodney & Susan Shafer 
Gregory & Lenette Shaw 
Raymond Smith 
Virginia Smith 
William & Barbara Smith 
T Franklin Smith, Trust 
Stewart Spence 
Scott Stroven 
Paul & Vel Stuart 
Joseph & Kathy Swartz 
R Swift 
Amy Swing 
Bonita Swing 
William Tarr 
Rodney Taylor 
Karl Thiele 

Mr. & Mrs. John Thiele 
Ella Thomas 
Dona Triak 
W David & Annabelle 

Rachael Umland 
Gladys Updegraff 
Harry & Barbara Van Der 

Ricardo & Carol Vega 
Leiand & Ruth Vining 
William & Manlyn Ward 
Ralph Watson 
Erwin & RuthWeOel 
Robert & Lois Weisheil 
Philips GeraldmeWhisler 
Larry S Heather Whitacre 
Herbert S Evelyn Whitney 
Alfred & Manon Whittaker 
Barbara Wilkinson 
Paul Williams 
Leonard S Jill Witkowski 
W Wayne S Eileen Yeater 
Mark Zell 
Barbara Ziemer 


Lynn Akins 

Alan S Cindy Begbie 

Joyce Benson 

Emily Berend 

Twyla Bigony 

Karen Bond 

Leonard & Bonnie Braley 

Margaret Brown 

John S Carolyn 

Michael S Joanne Burnsed 
Leonard S Adelle 

Kevin & Julia Castle 

Larry Clay 

Gary Delaplane 

Andy S Sheryl Dishman 

M Sue Dugan 

Kyle S Stephanie Earhart 

Robert Earle 

David Elliott 

V. Stephen Forister 

Steve S Michelle Gambill 

William Gambill 

Charles S Ruth Good 

Charles S W, Kay Green 

Kenneth S Bonnie Greene 

Carol Greer 

Earle S Laura Hart 

Henry S Julia Harvey 

John & Gladys Helwic 

Allen S Carran Kallmann 

Reid S Lisa Kennedy 

Jack Key 

Ernest King 

Richard S Elizabeth 

Peter Laughren 
Diana Lawler 
James Livingston 
Donna McPheeters 
Randall Meieur 
Kenneth & Jean Morse 
Tony S Pamela Muschara 
Robyn S Michelle Myers 
Raymond Nairn 
Nick Nichols 
Jennifer Oft 
Chnstine Ozburn 
Richard & Jennifer Powell 
George Pnest 
Lowell S Patty Ramsey 
Roger S Cindy Robb 
Robert SVicki Rudy 
Ned S Chartene Rupp 
James S Martha Russell 
Ronnie S Sally Shell 
John S Lura Sheppard 
Carol Silvernail 
David S Pnscilla Solsberry 
Michael S Marjorie 

Steven S Ttsh Stoitzfus 
Knstyne Theisen 
NealS Betsy Tomblin 
Kenneth Toy 
Lon Tricanco 
Jeffrey & LeAnn Troyer 
James S Dorothy West 
James Wharton 


Robert S Cindy Brown 

George S Miriam Escher 

Burton Roberts 

Martha Smith 

Matt Swartz 

Paul S Virginia Whitman 

Bert S Mitsuko Yamaguchi 


Maxine Ankeny 

Myron Ankeny 

Mr. S Mrs. Dennis Ankeny 

June Bnggs 

Joyce Cuddeback 

Devonne Hibbs 

Mary Huskey 

Thelma Johnson 

Kathryn Mashburs 

Jim McMillan 

Marcy Paul 

Kenneth Pitts 

Mary Pottenger 

Anna Rickart 

Joyce Smith 

Lois Smith 

Edwin Stansell 

Darlene Thomas 


Frank Abbamonte 

Pamela Abbott 

Lloyd S Leia Ackland 

Odette Acuna 

Richard S Betty Ahlgrim 

Angela Albaugh 

Mr. S Mrs. Jerry Allanach 

Keith Allen 

Jason Alsum 

Bernadine Anderson 

David Anderson 

Norman Anderson 

Ronald S Nancy Angerer 

L.R Arndt 

Jayman & Audyce Avery 

Jayman S Teresa Avery 

Ross S Patricia Avery 

Jacquelilne Axelrad 

Robert Bachmann 
Robert Badger 
John Bataloukos 
Ann Baird 

Brian S Susan Baker 
Mr S Mrs. Harry Baker 
Donald Balasa 
Diana Bailentine 
Lowell Balman 
Thomas & Lucette 

David & Bonnie Barber 
James Barnett 
Jeffrey & Nancy Barnett 
Larry Barnett 
Jeffrey Barrett 
Richard Bartell 
Pat Barton 
Russell Bauer 
Darl & Cynthia 

Elaine Bayly 

Jonathan S Laila Bechtle 
Richard Becker 
Rebecca Beebe 
Artisle Beers 
Richard S Pamela Befus 
Marilyn Behrens 
Robert S Mary Benson 
Susan Berry 
Peter S Debra Bianchini 
Vincent Blank 
Joan Biastock 
Randal S Deborah Birkey 
Sylvia Bogenhagen 
Edgar S Lucille Bolles 
William Bond 
Mary Ann Boockford 
Michael Boren 
Jennifer Bossert 
Lorisa Bourne 
Audrey Bowers 
Julie Bozarth 
Verie Bozarth 
Patncia Bradford 
Mr S Mrs William Bradish 
Linda Bradshaw 
Diane Brady 
John S Mary Brady 
Betsy Branstetter 
Malcolm S Donna 

Theodore S Murlame 

Walter & Evelyn Brooks 
Daniel S Carmen Brown 
David & Ann Brown 
Warren Brown 
J Omar Brubaker 
Bryan S Aimee Buckley 
Carol Bugh 

Stephen S Cindy Buher 
Harry S Esther Bullis 
David Bunge 
Jessie Burgess 
Roger Burgess 
Edv/ard Burkhead 
Carl Burrer 
Richard & Deborah 

Howard & Debra Caine 
Cathenne Cameron 
Raymona Cameron 
Robert S Jennifer Canfield 
Carol Capp 

Herbert S Carol Carlburg 
Daniel & Peggy Carlson 
John S Dorothy Carlson 
Ted Carpenter 
Daniel & Nancy Carter 
Jennifer Carter 
Curtis S Janet Cartolano 
John Cassis 
Kevin S Martis Castle 
Kathleen Cathey 
Rhonda Childress 
Joanne Chody 
Carol Chnstiansen 
Ruth Claybourne 
Ranee S Kerstin Clouser 
Julie Clum 

John S Mona Coalter 
James S Susette Cochran 
Paul S Ruth Cochrane 
David Coit 
Naomi Cole 

James S Joan Colquhoun 
Earle Combs 
Roy & Mane Comstock 
Alan S Patricia Cook 
Sandy Cowgill 
David Cox 
Geraldine Craig 
Tina Cumings 
Priscilla Curtis 

Loretta Cvikota 
Mary Czarnota 
Maria Dahlstrom 
Carol Dalgleish 
Beth Damitz 
Jason Damkoehter 
Jack S Carol Daniel 
W H Daniel 
Jay & Ruth Davis 
Charles DeBlois 
Dennis DeMoss 
Harry S Alice Deboer 
Anna Dekker 
Mark S Jill DesJardins 
Joyce Detert 
Roy S Janette Dickerson 
Thomas S Jean 

Williams Sandra Dillon 
James S Kathenne Dimos 
Brian Dodillel 
James & Carol Dominguez 
Jeanette Dominguez 
Louise Dominguez 
Richard S Judith 

Samuel Dominguez 
Jonathan S Susan Dotson 
Stephen S Barbara Oowell 
James & Janice Drechsel 
James Drewganis 
Gerard & Julia Drozda 
Marjorie Duecker 
Robert & Margaret Duncan 
Howard Ounlap 
John Ounlop 
Robert & Dorothy Dvorak 
Clemont Dyer 
Mary Easton 

N Arthur & Ellen Edstrom 
Rosemary Elam 
Marks Darlene Elliot 
Robert S Manan Elliot 
Denver S Eleanor Elliott 
John & Bernita Ellis 
Julie Ellis 

Roy S Carol Endres 
Edith Erb 

Bruce S Brenda Enckson 
Joel S Marian Erickson 
Richard S Joanne Erickson 
Evelyn Erschen 
Verne & Carol Evans 
Rogers Heather Ewald 
Elsie Ewers 
P Mark S Ann Fackler 
Gloria Farrey 
Arloa Faulkner 
Kevin Feeney 
Mariorie Feeney 
Mary Feeney 
Glenn Felty 
Melissa Figgins 
Kevin Flaherty 
Sarah Flanagm 
Donna Flesher 
Jean Flurry 

John S Michael Folkerts 
David S Karen Forbes 
Mr. S Mrs Robert Force 
Franklin & Joan Forman 
Terrence S Chnstine 

Kenneth Frank 
David Franzen 
Lisa Franzen 
Mark Freed 
Richard S Charmame 

William Frere 
Carl S Helen Fridstrom 
Howard Frink 
Don Fritson 
Jeffrey Fritzen 
Kay Fuller 
Carol Gabehart 
Gary S JoyGanster 
Robert & Tove Gardner 
Hannah Garry 
Robert Gartner 
Howard &V Anne Carver 
Vergil S Dorothy Gerber 
Douglas & Becky Geng 
Merle S Vi Gerig 
Rod S Linda Geng 
Roger S Carole Gerig 
Lee S Claudia Gerwin 
James S Solveig Getz 
Jeffrey Getz 

Harold & GayleGianopulos 
Harold S Mary Gianopulos 
Sandra Gibbs 
Alwin Giegler 
Daniel Gin 
Dwight S Denise Ginn 

Ta>lur Iniversity 199.) Honor Roll ol Donors • KU 

Mr & Mrs. James Gleason 

Michael Gogis 

Wayne & LuAnne Gordon 

Sherry Gormanous 

Frances Gouley 

Mark & Deborah Gove 

Joseph & R Donella Grabill 

Patricia Grant 

James & Stephanie Gray 

Reed & Pamela Greenagel 

Susan Grieder 

Andrew Griffo 

Jean Grimm 

Janice Gropp 

William Gros 

Darrel & Daisy Groves 

Mr & Mrs Thomas 

Peter Gulatto 
Roger Gundy 
George & Georgeanna 

Don & Joyanne Gustafson 
FW & Edith Gustafson 
Gene Hackman 
Mary Hackman 
Mr & Mrs. John Hackman 
David Haen 
John Hagan 
Roy Hagen 
Gertrude Haluska 
Clarence & Mildred Hamm 
Scott & Pamela Hammond 
Joyce Hampshire 
Robert & Jodi Hanlon 
Debra Harbison 
Craig Harland 
Phyllis Hartman 
Mr Hartzler 
Aldine Hartzier 
Philips Linda Hartzier 
Elaine Hayes 
John & Joani Heavey 
Donald & Jackie Hecox 
Paul & Sharon Heggeland 
Anthony & Joyce Heimann 
Pal Heinichen 
Wallace Heistad 
Katheryn Helm 
Ronald & Marilynn Helms 
Mr & Mrs. Wayne Hennie 
A. Henning 

Philip & Pamela Herman 
Joel Hertz 
Lorelej Herzog 
Gary & Shirley Hill 
Hugh & Beverly Hill 
John & Martha Hinkle 
Kathleen Hodgman 
Tim & Virginia Hoffer 
Marilyn Hoffman 
Ray & P Ardath Hoffmann 
Matthew Holan 
Henry Holmbo 
David & Deborah Holt 
Kathy Holton 
David Homan 
John & Joan Home 
Robert Hovde 
Charles & Patricia Howard 
Dagmar Howe 
Alice Howenstine 
Lori Hughey 
Edith Hurlbert 
Patricia Hurst 
Larry Hustedt 
John & Carol Jaderholm 
Stephan James 
Stephen & Janet Jeffrey 
Louis & DrexalJenkinson 
John & Kathleen Jennings 
Grace Jensen 
Barbara Johnson 
Brad & Kelly Johnson 
J Earnest Johnson 
Jeff & Carole Johnson 
Karen Johnson 
Nancy Johnson 
Ronald & Jane Johnson 
Steven & Cynthia Johnson 
Wesley Johnson 
David & Leora Jones 
Carrie Jourdan 
Anthony JozaJtis 
Gregory & Karin 

Barbara Kabza 
Bradley & Karen Kahle 
Evelyn Kauffman 
John Keazirian 
John Kelly 
Michael Kendrick 
Kenneth & Wilma Kennedy 
Kara Kennel 

Jill Kiefer 

James & Marian King 

William Kist 

Douglas & Linda Kline 

Judith Kline 

James Kocka 

Keith & Susan Kohout 

Elizabeth Komperda 

Martha Korpi 

Craig Kozlowski 

Mr. & Mrs, Carl Krause 

Richard Kroepel 

Cheryl Krupa 

John Kud 

Nicholas Kud 

Peter Kud 

Steve Laberge 

Rosemarie Lagattuta 

Barbara Lam 

Jeffrey & Denise Lane 

David & Kathryn Lawrence 

Paul Lederer 

Rilla Leeper 

Robert & Kathleen Legel 

John Levander 

Lee & Nancy Lewis 

Ronald Liebmann 

Steven Lillie 

Frances Linn 

Douglas Lippman 

Allen & Marilyn Litwiller 

Alta Litwiller 

Jeanine Litwiller 

Jennifer Livingston 

Mary Lober 

Jerry & Marilyn Loftis 

Kathleen Lonmor 

Jeffry & Kathleen Lossau 

Louis & Katherine Loutrel 

Robert & Sandra Lovell 

James Lower 

Mary Lowry 

Clark & Myra Luce 

Janet Luckey 

Alan Lukomski 

William Lundberg 

Blanche Lundstrom 

Donald & Belinda Luxton 

Harold & Rhoda Mackenzie 

Montgomery Mackey 

Karen Maguet 

Michael & Cheryl Mahoney 

Lame & Steffanie 

Michael Marcey 
Mirtam Marting 
Jean Mason 

Roger & Manone Mason 
Scott & Rebecca Mason 
Ginger Mates 
Theodore Mathewson 
Kathy Matthews 
Carol Matusak 
Marianne Mavis 
Lucinda Max 
Virgil May 
William Mayer 
Linda McClure 
Virginia McClure 
Scott McCormick 
Jay & Joan McCracken 
John & Marilyn McCracken 
LeeS Bonnie McCullough 
Ruth McKeown 
David & Carol McKie 
Jean McMillan 
Steven & Martha McNair 
Kathy Mercer 
Richard Michaels 
Matthew Mickiewicz 
Virginia Middleton 
Timothy Midura 
Dennis & Delores Miller 
Jeffery & Timberly Miller 
Julia IVIiller 
Larry & Kathy Miller 
Philip Miller 
Ruth Mills 
Madaiine Misner 
Shirley Mockler 
Robert & Kara Molenhouse 
Warren & Nancy Molitor 
William Molitor 
Carolyn Mooi 
Andrew & Jacquelyn 

Stephen & Jennifer 

Ronald Morgan 
Sally Morgan 
Don Morrill 
Elizabeth Morris 
Roy & Clarlyn Morris 
Sandra Morriss 
Roy & Dawn Mulholland 

Harold Myra 

Bob & Jennifer Nahrstadt 

Thomas f\latanek 

Alden & E, Faye Nay 

Abby Nelson 

Frank & Elizabeth Nelson 

John & Carol Nelson 

Paul & Gloria Nelson 

Heidi Newhouse 

Sheila Nollen 

Rick& Jennifer Noorlag 

Daniel & Karen Norris 

Jennifer Nubel 

Milo & Violet Nussbaum 

Davids Sharon O'Neal 

John & Ann Obrien 

Charles Ochs 

David & Jennifer Ochs 

Stewart & Vivian Odell 

Stephen & Diane Oldham 

Louisa Olson 

Myrna Olson 

Susan Omanson 

Joseph Orland 

Matthew & Judith Osborne 

Peggy Osborne 

Kenyon & Susan Owenson 

Linda Page 

Allen Palmer 

Carol Papworth 

Stanley f^apworth 

John Patterson 

Virginia Patterson 

Pamella Payne 

Andrew & Barbara 

Bervin Peterson 
Nathan & Melissa Peterson 
Robert & Brenda Peterson 
Mr. & Mrs Rob Petroelje 
Laura Petrungaro 
David Phillips 
Debbie Phillips 
Rebecca Phillips 
James & Maria Pietrini 
Carol Plelrus 
Victor & Jill Piper 
Audrey Plisch 
Steven & Jacqueline 

Edwin & Pamela Poland 
Michelle Poland 
Robert & Martha Porter 
Marian Pray 
Robert Pugsley 
Lynn & Linda Rader 
H W. Ragsdale 
Herbert Ramlose 
Douglas Rampona 
Donald Ray 
Steven Reaktenwalt 
Jonathan Rees 
Jaymes Regualos 
William Rehr 
Lillian Reinhard 
Larry Reinhart 
Nathan & Vickie Renich 
Thomas & Ann Reynolds 
Leonard Rich 
Sheila Richards 
Scott & Shirley Rieger 
Ronald & M Frances 

Brenda Roberts 
Sara Robertson 
Barbara Robinette 
Kathleen Robinson 
Carol Rodriguez 
David & Virginia Roe 
Ethel Roszhart 
Vanessa Roth 
Vivica Roth 

Wayne & Lurelle Rowell 
Susan Rubino 
Dennis & Rita Ruehlman 
R June Ruehlman 
Paul & Verena Rupp 
Lynn Rusch 
Chris & Cathy Rusnak 
Mark & Jennifer Rutzen 
Charles & Sara Salberg 
May Schad 
Gerald Scharf 
Fred & Joyce 

Keith Scherer 
Joan Schertz 
Ruth Ann Schertz 
Robert & Marilyn Schick 
Maureen Schleyer 
Robert & Deborah 

Mark & Constance 

Gail Schmall 

Junette Schmitt 
William & Lori Schock 
John & Lanelle 

Deana Schultz 
Vickie Schultz 
Edward & Carol 

Gary Schweber 
Joann Sealock 
Mark Searby 
Doug Seimer 
Georgianne Sesso 
Harold & Tova Shergold 
Stephen & Ronda Sieling 
Deborah Simmers 
Wendy Simpson 
George Sites 
Ruth Slagell 
Murry & Helen Slater 
Eric Smalley 
Mr & Mrs. Craig Smillie 
Thomas Smillie 
Daniel & Julie Smith 
Michael Smith 
Richard & Nancy Smith 
Scott Smith 
Linda Smith Pierce 
Mr. & Mrs, John Snyder 
Mark & Jennifer 

John Sorensen 
Paul Speidel 
Edna Steele 
Walter Steiner 
Kim Sterling 
George & Karen Stoltz 
Susan Stone 
James & JoanStough 
Joseph Stowell 
Mary Strickfaden 
B. E, Strong 
Karen Strong 
Kathi Strong 
Cynthia Stuck 
Daniel Stultz 
William Stultz 
Louis & Mary Soriano 
Matthew Suriano 
Fred & Bernice Swanson 
Mark & Karen Swanson 
Louis Sytsma 
Stephens Shelley Taylor 
Mr & Mrs. Louis Tepper 
Kathy Theesfield 
Weldon Thomas 
W. Charles & Carol Thor 
Karen Thurston 
Craig & Bonnie Tinder 
Steven & Therese Titus 
Virginia Toppert 
Charles Townsend 
Mr, & Mrs, James Traub 
Charles Torek 
Robert & Jane Vallin 
Sherry Van Buren 
Edward & Deborah Van 

Der Molen 
James & Jill 

Keith Vanderveen 
Donald Vanthournout 
Richard & Cindy Veldman 
Hudson Venerable 
David & Donalee 

Harry Verploegh 
David Villwock 
E Jane Voijta 
Donalds Patty Walden 
Richard S Marprie Walls 
Douglas S Laurie Walton 
James & Diane Walton 
WillardS Eunice Walton 
Karin Waltz 

Roberts Nancy Warren 
JoAnn Watkins 
John S Vicky Wauteriek 
Edna Weaver 
Michael Weber 
Virginia Wedin 
James S Elsie Weeks 
Kevin Wegrzyn 
Carol Wehrenberg 
William Weidenaar 
Donna Weinberg 
Johnny S Jeanette Welch 
Peters Linda Wells 
Larry Westbrook 
William S Barbara 

DanaS Lesley Wheeler 
Mary Whelchel 
Joan White 

Bradley Whitla 
Walter S Quin Whitla 
James Wilhoit 
David Wilkinson 
Harry Williams 
Ruth Willis 
Eleanor Wilson 
Walter S Debra Wilson 
Kenton Withrow 
Robert Wright 
Judith Wurghlz 
Edward Wyss 
Mari Yamaguchi 
Delmar Yordy 
Elton S Sharon Yordy 
Amy Youman 
Lester Zook 


Jack S Phyllis Aaron 

Deina Abbasi 

Wendell Abbott 

R Abel 

V. Lloyd & Marsha Acton 

Christopher S Sarah 

A Leon S LaGatha 

Terry S Carol Agness 
Jon S KimberlyAlbrecht 
Jonathan Alcorn 
D. Jeffrey S Anita 

Homer S Jean Allen 
Monica Allen 
David S Barbara Allgood 
Jerry S Claudia Allred 
Richard S Sharon Allspaw 
Mark & Kailyn Alt 
Willis Alt 

Rex S Nancy Altenburg 
Larry S Patricia Amstutz 
Merle S Avis Amundson 
Erin Anderson 
Paul S Laura Anderson 
Steve & Lisa Andis 
David S Gail Andre" 
Tom S Cami Anthony 
Helen Anweiler 
Myron S Nevelyn 

Matt S KatrinaArbuckle 
William S Gwendolyn 

Larny S Vicki Arnold 
Ronald Arnold 
James Arrendale 
Hisa Asaoha 
Carl S Patricia Atkinson 
Danny Atkinson 
Esther Atkinson 
Margaret Atkinson 
John S Lynette 

Paul S Edith Augsburger 
David Avery 
Ruth Awald 
Max Ayers 
Mary Babbitt 
Raymond S Ruth 

Carolyn Bader 
Benjamin S Laura Baier 
Glenda Bailey 
Kyle & Wendy Bailey 
Sally Bailey 
George S Joyce Bair 
Beulah Baker 
Dorothy Baker 
Johnny S Karen Baker 
Paul Baker 
John Baldauf 
Dale & Mary Bales 
Kenneth S Mary Bales 
Mary Balint 
Kimberiy Ball 
Stephen S Janet Banter 
Max S Marilyn Bardsley 
Maxine Barnard 
Mary Barnes 
Sharon Barnett 
Amy Barnhart 
Harold S Margaret 

Raymond S Eleanor 

Dale S Angela Barthauer 
Dorothy Barton 
Charles Basch 
William S Cynthia Basting 
Duane Baughman 
Jack S Karen 

J Robert S Joanne Baur 
William Baxendale 

Lori Baxter 

James S Naomi Bayer 
Timothy S Mary Lee Bayly 
Kathryn Beachley 
David & Marsha Beal 
R. Brian S Carol Beall 
Jillanne Beam 
James S Delene Beaty 
Gregory S Lesli Beaverson 
Merdena Bechtoi 
Jennifer Beck 
William S Marianne Beck 
Richard S Marsha Becker 
Catharine Beeks 
Thomas S Helen Beers 
Dale S Thelma Beery 
Irvin S Patricia Behm 
Charles S Suzanne 

Betty Bell 

Robert S Marcia Benjamin 
Christophers Linda 

Craig Bennett 
David S Marilyn Bennett 
John S Martha Bennett 
Ruth Bennie 
Douglas S Dawn Ber 
Charles Bertsch 
Walter Best 
Timothy Beuthin 
Chris S Henrietta 

Daniel S Barbara Bickel 
Carol Bieberich 
Kent Bilier 
Richard Billington 
Joan Billman 
William S Anna Billman 
Jim Lee S Joan Binkley 
Jody Bir 
Helen Birch 
Steven S Barbara Bird 
David S Gail Bireline 
Virgil Bischoff 
Ronald & Marsha Bisel 
Chiqueta Bixler 
Virgil S Frances Bjork 
Clyde Black 
Joseph Black 
Mr, & Mrs. Gregory Black 
Roger S Rhonda 

Janell Blackford 
Clarence & Sue Blair 
Patricia Blakiey 
Vergie Blaydes 
Terry Bley 

Lawrence S Betty Blinn 
Belte Bloss 

James S Jocelyn Blum 
Eric Bobbitt 
Dorsey S Helen Boise 
Nancy Bone 
Joe S Kay Bonham 
Amos S Lillian Bontrager 
EIroy Bontrager 
Glen Bontrager 
Hilda Bookout 
Shirley Bookout 
Mr. S Mrs. Kenneth 

Gary S Karyl Boring 
Christina Bornman 
Ann Borrelli 

Arthur & Beverly Borrelli 
Lawrence Bott 
Paul S Jean Bowen 
Curtis S Virginia Bowers 
David Bowers 
Kirk S Cheryl Bowers 
Elien Bowman 
Ronald Bowman 
Ronald Bowman 
Brad S Jane Bowser 
David S Dana Boxell 
Beatrice Boyd 
Dale Bozell 
Frank S Betty Brackin 
Joyce Braden 
Karen Bradley 
Jeffrey S Cristin Bragg 
Kevin Branch 
Thomas Branch 
Jon & Betty Brandenberger 
John S Martha Brane 
Mark S Diana Branham 
Jonathan Brant 
Calvin S Judy Brenneman 
David S Alicia Brenneman 
Donald & Sharmin 

Timothy S Christine 

Leland Brett 

Mr S Mrs. Gerald Brevirton 
Leona Bridges 
Stephen S Joanne 

Richard S Susan Brodhead 
David S Sally Brodkorb 
Steven S Terry Brogan 
Ralph Broman 
Dwight Brooke 
Curtis & Susan Brown 
Geraldine Brown 
Hugh S Ann Brown 
Norman & Mary Brown 
Robin Brown 
Rollin Brown 
Sherman & Ruth Brown 
Thomas Brown 
William S Sue Brown 
Paul Brumm 
James S May Bruner 
Jeffery S Becky Bryan 
Jerllyn Budd 
Byron Buker 
Ray & Jeanne Bullock 
Gloria Bunner 
Larry Bunhng 
Pauline Burch 
Daniel Burden 
Robert S Marcia Burden 
Stanley S Betty Burden 
Randall Burggraf 
Timothy S Carolyn 

Mark Burns 
Joe S Jane Burnworth 
Dennis & Teresa Buroker 
Eleanor Burr 
Gregg S Carol Burt 
Kenneth Buss 
Raymond S Doris Butler 
Dixie Butte 
David Butts 
Chris Byers 
Stephen S Julie Byers 
John S Martha Byler 
Denise Byrd 
Sherry Caldwell 
Kenneth Camp 
Ronald S Sharon Campbell 
Walter S Mary Campbell 
David S Edith Canaan 
Terry S Ruth Canfield 
Robert S Charlotte Canida 
Gregg Capin 
John S Nancy Carlson 
Peter S Debbie Carlson 
Morma Carmichael 
Joshua Carney 
Dana Carothers 
Letha Carpenter 
Patricia Carpenter 
Peter Carpenter 
Richard & Janet Carpenter 
Lester Carr 

J. Merritt S Vera Carroll 
Hazel Carruth 
John Cart 

Dennis S Judith Carter 
Jeffrey S Kathryn Carter 
Teresa Carter 
Jeremy S Felicia Case 
Riley S Ruth Case 
Alice Casey 

Norm S Martha Casselman 
Kenneth & Kathy Castor 
Kenneth S Sandra Castor 
Jill Gates 
Mary Catt 
William S Joanne 

Frances Ceaser 
David & Robin Chaddock 
Donald Chaffin 
Paul S Donna Challgren 
Virgil Chandler 
Albert S Mildred Chapman 
Dorotha Chapman 
Steve Chapman 
William S Evelyn Chapman 
Philips Laura Chase 
Thomas Cheatham 
Paul S Jeanette Cherry 
PD. Childers 
Carol Childs 

Charles S Barbara Childs 
Mr. S Mrs William Childs 
Janet Chittum 
Rebecca Christenson 
C. W. S Jean Christian 
Daniel S Lana Christian 
John Christman 
Mr. S Mrs. Richard 

Brian S Diane Christy 
Meredith Church 

14A • Tavior Iniversilv 1993 Honor Roll ol' Donors 

Gary Clark 

Heidi Clark 

James Clark 

Kenton & Michale Clark 

Margaret Clark 

Richard & Ann Clark 

Carol Clark Donahue 

Albert & Orpha Clarke 

James & Kimberly Clarke 

Roger & Debra Clarke 

Theresa Clarke 

Sheryl Class 

Richard Clem 

Edgar & Shirley Ctine 

Stephen & Donna Clough 

Carl Clouser 

Fred Clouser 

Ernest & Geraldine Cobbs 

Eugene & Liia Cockrell 

James & Linda Coe 

Malvin & Kathryn Cofield 

David & KalhieColburn 

Janet Cole 

Charles Coleman 

Kimberly Coleman 

Jeffrey & Jenniler Collms 

Karen CoNom 

Neoma Colpitis 

Robert Colver 

Larry & Lynne Colvin 

Adrian & Judith Combs 

Joy Combs 

Mary Comer 

Robert & Jennifer Conley 

Sandra Conley 

Patty Conlin 

George & Marjory Connon 

Phyllis Conrad 

James & Carol Convy 

Doris Cook 

Glen & Christine Cook 

LInette Cook 

Nellie Cook 

Dortha Cooper 

Jana Cooper 

Judith Cooper 

Kathryn Cooper 

Matt Cooper 

Michael & Barbara Cooper 

Raymond Cooper 

WInfried & JuneCorduan 

Virgil Coril 

Mark & Jo Ann Cosgrove 

Michaelene Costin 

Shelby Couch 

Carol Count 

David & Phyllis Cox 

Lori Cox 

Paul & Kay Cox 

Richard & Suzanne Cox 

Robert Cox 

Tanya Cox 

Mark & Vicki Coy 

Frank Craft 

J. Bruce & Marilyn Craig 

Jerry & Connie Cramer 

Ronald & Ruth Cress 

Dick & Sandra Crist 

Dorcas Cromer 

David Crosby 

Don & Oenise Crum 

Barry & Rhonda 

Tom & Diane Cullen 
Alan & Philippa Culley 
Robert Culross 
John & Joan Cummins 
Robert & Carolyn 

Lewis & Joy Curless 
Nancy Current 
Loyal & Floramae Cutforth 
William & Helen Cutshaw 
Desmond & Sara Dally 
Margie Danforth 
Sharon Dare 
Loren & Anita Dathe 
Linda Davenport 
Beth Davis 
Char Davis 
James Davis 
Richard & Sandra Davis 
Ruby Davis 
Brent & Susan Dawes 
Robert & Theda Dawes 
Nancy Dawson 
Darren & Molly Day 
Hartan & Heather Day 
Rosalie Day 
Larry & DIanne DeBoer 
Lawrence & Margie 

Peter DeKever 
Charles & Norma DeSanto 
Mildred DeWeerd 

Willdis DeWitte 

Dawn Deak 

Robert Deal 

Rhonda Dean 

Scott & Laurel Dean 

Robert & Janet Deavers 

Joan Degenkolb 

Dale & Dartene Delanoy 

Jonathan & Connie Derby 

Daniel & Cynthia Dew 

Brian & Jennifer Dickey 

David & Barbara Dickey 

Dennis & Paula Dickey 

Timothy & Lucille Diller 

Kathleen Dillon 

Edward & Gloria Dinse 

Robert Dinsmore 

Susan DisHer 

Joyce Dixon 

Richard & Ruth Dixon 

Michael & Nancy Doerstler 

Roger & Ruth Doerstler 

Anna Dohogne 

Diane Dohogne 

Carolyn Donovan 

David & Tammy Dormans 

Sheila Doty 

Mark & Rebecca Doud 

Ronald & Janet Douglas 

Clell Douglass 

Donald Douglass 

Chris & Michaelle Downey 

Frank & Amy Downing 

Judith Drake 

Kathie Drake 

V Michael & Janet Drayton 

Timothy & Jill Dreyer 

Steven & Judi DuBois 

Patrick Dubach 

Ronald & Margaret 

Roberts Jane Duell 
Wesley & Elizabeth Duewel 
Dale & DeEtte Duncan 
Lee & Donna Dye 
Lynn & Susan Ealing 
Martin & Linda Earnest 
Gerald & Jane Eash 
Ralph & Beverly 

Patria Eaton 
Richard Ealon 
Wilma Eberly 
Thomas & Nancy Eden 
William & Laura 

G. Edwards 

0. Kemp & Jean Edwards 
Robert Edwards 
Rich Egolf 

Max & Sharon Ehresman 
Richard & Judith 

Cynthia Ehrtich 
Frederick & Elizabeth Eiler 
James & Merna 

Mildred Elam 
Jay Elkins 

James & Margaret Elliott 
John Elliott 
Cheryl Ellis 
Karen Ellis 
Terry & Diana Ellis 
Mona Elsea 
Janet Elstro 
W.C. Embry 

Floyd & Joan Emshwiller 
Delores Engleman 
Larry & Andrea Enyeart 
Jim Erickson 
Lee & Patricia Erickson 
J. Michael Ertel 
William Erwin 
Tom & Julie Essenburg 
John Essex 
Don S Josie Essig 
Gregor & Mary Euler 
G. Michael & Dana Evans 
Jeffrey & Rita Evans 
Malcolm & Nadine Evans 
Marilyn Evans 
Marilyn Evans 
John & Carol Everly 
Clyde & Sharon Ewbank 
William & Frances Ewbank 
Richard & Janice Eyster 
Shirley Farkas 
Neil Farrand 
Winifred Farwick 
Margaret Faulkner 
Douglas & Debbie Fear 
Jennifer Feldmann 
Gary & Sue Felton 
Carlos Ferguson 

David & Shan Ferris 

Mary Ferris 

Billy & Florence Figert 

Howard & Barbara Fights 

David & Melinda Fisher 

Henry Fisher 

Jan & Sandra Fisher 

Leonard & Beth Fisher 

Norma Fisher 

Edward Fitzgerald 

Kelly & Donna Fitzharrls 

Edith Flaherty 

Craig Flaming 

Sarah Fleming 

Stephen Flink 

J. Ernesto & Carmen 

Charles SJacquelin 

Irvin Florlan 

Jerry & Bonnie Fluecklger 
Tamara Fohl 
Edward & Colleen Foley 
Ruth Forrester 
Patricia Fortin 
Dal & Doveanna Fosnaugh 
Mark & Myra Foster 
Danny & Ruth Fouse 
John & Christie Fouse 
James & Roberta Fowler 
Edward & Joyce Fox 
John & Joyce Fox 
Thomas & Kathy Fox 
Gotdie Frankenfleld 
Benjamin Franklin 
Jeffrey & Ann Frantz 
Rudy & Connie Frauhiger 
Merritt & Rita Freer 
Jane Freestone 
Sandra Frelje 
Harold & Ruth French 
Frances Fries 
Artan & Linda Friesen 
Joseph & Marcia Fritzsche 
Stuart & Naomi Frushour 
Grace Fry 
William & LuraFry 
Linda Fuller 

Charles & Anna Fullhart 
Brett & Sherry Furnish 
Jill Fussell 
Beth Gabrielsen 
Ted & Jeanne Gabrielsen 
Kenneth & Karen Gaerte 
E.C, Gafford 
M. SueGalyen 
Dean & Jeannine Garrett 
Dwight & Bernadene 

Raymond & Bertha Garrett 
James & Lois Garringer 
Lawrence & Anna Garrison 
Richard Garzon 
Mary Gaston 
Richard & Karel Gates 
James & Audrey Gathany 
Mr & Mrs Walter 

Roy & Susan Geesa 
Gene & Evelyn Geiger 
Junior & Jennifer Geiger 
Jess & IvaGerig 
Lester & Mildred Gerig 
Conrad & Charlene Getz 
Harold & Mary Getz 
Roger & Linda Getz 
Fred & Pauline Geyer 
Leonna Gibbons 
James & Martha Giggy 
Marian Giles 
Jan & Nancy Gillespie 
Steven & Connie Glllett 
Mary Gillman 
Vernice Gish 
Jack & Joan Given 
George & Janet Glass 
James Glenn 
Wendell & Anne Goad 
Henry & Kathleen Goben 
Oliver & Jean Godfrey 
Patricia Godlove 
Roderick Goebel 
Leonard & Gloria Goeglein 
Eart & Barbara Goldsmith 
David Goller 
C. Ross & Alice Good 
Pamela Good 
June Goodwin 
Lewis & Jean Goodwin 
Bryan Goossen 
Robert & Jane Gortner 
Margaret Gosser 
E. B. Gottschalk 
Bonnie Gouge 
Brian & Dawn Gower 

Donald & Sherrill Graber 

Kedwin & Margo Graber 

Lena Graber 

Michelle Graber 

Wanda Graber 

Janene Grace 

Rogers Donna Graham 

Philips Susan Granger 

R,B, Graper 

Martha Grass 

Bernice Gray 

David Gray 

Sharon Gray 

Howard Green 

Sara Greenwood 

Earnest Greider 

Arno & Rhonda Gretillat 

Robert Greve 

Daniel & Dawn Griggs 

Raymond S Teri Grizzle 

Thomas & Lynnetta Gross 

William S Phyllis Gross 

Bruce Grove 

Glenna Groves 

Glenn & Jayne Grumbling 

Harold & Kathryn Gruver 

Carlssa Guinnee 

Janelie Gunsolley 

Thomas Guthrie 

Robert Guy 

Richard & Rebecca Haak 

Joseph S Judi Habegger 

Ronald & Anita Habegger 

Donald & Anita Haddix 

Vera Hadley 

Timothy & Pamela 

Elizabeth Hahn 
Virginia Hahn 
Gene S Julia Hainen 
Vilis Haines 
Van & Patricia Haisley 
Velvet Haisley 
Frank Hall 

LymonS DeaRuth Hall 
Melvin Hall 

Robert & Rebecca Hall 
Wayne Hall 
Wendell S Betty Hall 
Mr, S Mrs. Doug Haltom 
Avie Halvorson 
Kendra Hamby 
Janilee Hamer 
John S Gloria Hamer 
Helen Hamilton 
Judith Hamilton 
Richard S Dons Hamilton 
Douglas S Joanne Hamm 
Mark Hammer 
Daniel & Margaret 

B. Theodore S Linda 

Danny & Linda Hanback 
Carole Hancock 
Ray Hancock 
Steven Hancock 
Jenice Haneline 
Laura Haney 
Roberts Judy Haney 
Mark Hannah 
Linda Hanner 
John S Debra Hans 
Janet Hansen 
Sook Ja Hansen 
Craig Hanson 
Eugene S Carol Many 
Paul S Lillian Harden 
Jeanette Hardman 
Doyle Harlos 
Paul S Shirtey Harms 
Cathy Harner 
Kenneth & Marilyn Harp 
G. Thomas S Shirtey 

Kathleen Harper 
Larry & Sue Harper 
Steven S Carolyn Harper 
Chartotte Harrington 
Bills Sue Harris 
David Harris 
Garnet Harris 
Rose Harris 
Sandra Harris 
Albert & Pam Harrison 
George S Anna Harrison 
Kenneth S Barbara 

Donald S Margaret Harsha 
John & Janice 

Tammy Harshbarger 
Frank S Patricia Hart 
LaVerne S Karen Hartman 
Paula Hartman 

Robin Hartman 

Steve S Elaine Hartman 

Virginia Hartshorn 

Jack & Susan Hasenmyer 

C. Hassel 

Steven & Leslie Hassfurder 

Darwin S Marjorie 

Daniel Haston 
Ronald Haston 
Sharry Haston 
William Haston 
Daisy Hasty 

L. Shirt S Gloria Hatfield 
William S Melanie Hatfield 
Linda Hathaway 
David Hausner 
Gregory Hauswald 
Douglas & Donna Haviland 
Kay Hawk 

Taylor & Edna Hayes 
Ralph Haynes 
Lester S Patricia Hearson 
Aaron Heath 
Russell Heath 
Clifford Heaton 
Eldon S Sharon Heatwole 
Charles & Barbara Heavilin 
Richard Hecht 
Douglas & Kimberly 

John S Susan Hein 
William S Melba Hemsman 
Richard & JoAnn Helfrich 
Larry S Joyce Helyer 
Richard & Kathy 

Rachel Hendrix 
Paul & Jenny Henning 
Jerry S Beth Henricks 
Lewis Herring 
Nathan Herring 
Timothy & Kathryn 

David Herschberger 
Randall & Marcia 

Brian Hershey 
Don & Jeannie Hester 
Edna Heston 
William & Susan Heth 
Kathy Heyse 
Chrlstan Hibschman 
Kenneth & Carroll Hickok 
Richard S Constance Hidy 
Donna Higgins 
Thomas S Susan Hight 
Mary Ann Hill 
Rae Htlhard 
Rebecca Hilligoss 
Palncia Himelick 
Todd & Suzanne Hinkle 
Scott S Crystal 

Diane Hiser 
Fred Hitz 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Hobbs 
Dean Hochstetler 
Paul & Diane Hochstetler 
Robert S Susan Hodge 
Gerald S Jane Hodson 
Robinson & Sylvia Hoefer 
Lois Hoffman 
Stephen & Artis Hoffmann 
Gregory S Vicki Holden 
Lyie Holder 
Steve Holdzkom 
Bradford & Kimm Hole 
Daniel Hollars 
Teresa Hollensbe 
James & Judianne 

David S Cindy Holloway 
Francis S Dorothy 

Eric & Teresa Holmer 
Rosetta Holt 
Bev Holzheuer 
Mr, S Mrs, James Hooper 
Richard Hoops 
Richard & Stephanie 

Rex S Jane Hopper 
Peggy Hord 
Jesse Horner 
Robert Hose 
Debra Hostetler 
Phillip S Barbara Hoth 
Jerry S Barbara Hotmire 
Paul & Becky House 
David Houser 
Raymond S Anita Houser 
Bulah Howard 
Herbert S Nancy Howard 

Kenneth S Treva Howard 
Mr & Mrs. Everett Howard 
Douglas Howlett 
Oliver S Jackie Hubbard 
Brent S Julia Huber 
Timothy & Jacqueline 

Eric S Deborah Huffine 
Chris Hughes 
John S Nancy Hume 
Clinton S Dora Hummel 
Jeff & Karen Hummel 
Joyce Hummel 
Patrick & Julie Hummel 
G. Fred Hunsberger 
Myron Hunt 
Noel S Marsha Hunt 
Bills Cynthia Hunter 
Brian Hunter 
Lex & Janice Hunter 
Chartes Hurley 
Steve & Mary Huser 
Larry S Katherine Huston 
Edith Hutchinson 
Dale S Laura Hutson 
Frederick Hyle 
Valerie Imbierowicz 
Lamar S Joan Imes 
Dale & Margaret Jackson 
Mark & Barbara Jackson 
Ralph & Carmen Jackson 
Winifred Jackson 
Evelyn Jacob 
James Jacobs 
Mike S Ramona Jagger 
C- R. S ReginaJaggers 
Chartes S Verna Jaggers 
Mike Jaimet 
Gary James 
June James 
Everett & Betty Jarboe 
Patrick S Lisa Jarrett 
Mark & Rita Jarvis 
Glenn & Linda Jefferies 
Enc S Heather Jenkinson 
Gordon & Helen Jensen 
Marilyn Jerman 
Dwigiit & Karin Jessup 
Stephen Jessup 
John S Janice Jeter 
Joseph & Stephanie Johns 
Donald Johnson 
James & Naomi Johnson 
Kim Johnson 
Rogers Linda Johnson 
Scott Johnson 
Wayne S Connie Johnson 
William S Sandra Johnson 
Jacqueline Johnston 
Arthia Jones 
Harold & Joy Jones 
Helen Jones 
Mary Jones 
Trent Jones 

Daniel S Darlene Jordan 
Richard Jorgenson 
Robert S Kimberly 

Richard S Lydia 

Ralph Kallman 
Rebecca Kammeyer 
David S Judith KaniewskI 
Janet Kasner 

Randall S Grace Kauffman 
Tal & Lynn Keenan 
Alice Keener 
Max & JoAnn Kehoe 
Bryan S Anita Kehr 
James S Mary Keifer 
Marilee Keim 
David Keller 
lleen Keller 

Kenneth S Priscilla Keller 
William S Cynthia Kelley 
Nancy Kemp 
S. Marian Kendall 
Jeffery & Kristin Keplar 
Jean Kercher 
Elsie Kesler 
Jay S Janie Kesler 
Sandra Kibbey 
Todd S Sandra Kidder 
Bessie Killeter 
Carole King 

Clarence & Carolyn King 
James King 
Roland S Marilyn King 
John S Rose Kirchhofer 
Ralph & Susan KirkPatrick 
Chartes & Patricia 

Jay & Judith Kirkwood 
F. R, Kirn 
Daisy Kiser 

Dennis Kiser 
Jennifer Kiser 
Thomas S Kay Kiser 
Patricia KIssell 
Leslie Kistier 
R. Dale S Annabell Kitley 
Joan KItterman 
Herbert S Janet Kleeberg 
James & Avaline Kleist 
Daniel & Beverly Klepser 
Daniel & Nancy Kletzing 
James & Nola Kline 
Richards Kay Kline 
Kelly Klopfenstein 
Don Kluttz 

Richard S Irene Knarr 
Albert Knauss 
Chnstopher S Susan 

Donald S Judith Knudsen 
Peter S Carol Kobe 
Robert S Marjone Kolb 
Norman & Elizabeth Koons 
Bruce & Sandra Korenstra 
Maynard & Jennie 

Edmund Kornfeld 
Paula Kosiak 
Tim Kraegel 
Thomas Kratzer 
Tena Krause 
Rex S Billy Kreigh 
Lois Knder 
Douglas Kring 
Philip S Velma Kroeker 
LeRoy S Roberta Kroll 
Joy Krull 

Donald S Gail Kuhn 
Andrea Kuipers 
Steve & Beth Kumfer 
Timothy & Jane Kunkel 
Alan Kunkle 
R Brooks LaPlante 
Francis LaTurner 
John Laatsch 
Joan Lacey 
William S Joan Ladd 
Carol Lamb 

Gundar & Kathy Lamberts 
Richard S Ruth Lambright 
Carol Land 
Carey Landis 
Wayne & Beth Landis 
William & Shirtey Lange 
Fred S Edna Laprad 
James & Kay Larimer 
Roberta Larrison 
Robert & Barbara Laughlin 
Kevin S Marilyn Lavanchy 
Jay S Joy Lavender 
James & Sybil Law 
Robert S Chris Lay 
Jean LeCount 
Robert S Carolyn 

P David S Carolyn 

Dan & Sally Leach 
Juanita Leach 
David Leatherman 
David & Karen Left 
Corinne Lehman 
Harvey Lehman 
Kent S Rebecca Lehman 
William Lehman 
Russell S Hazel Leichty 
Todd Leininger 
Wynn & Bonnie Lembright 
Janene Lencke 
Fred & Jessie Lennertz 
Thomas & Jane Lesh 
Jack S Cynthia Letarte 
Stanley & Carolyn Lewis 
Clinton & Helen Liechty 
Floyd S Renee Liechty 
Gregg S Betty Liechty 
Larry S Carolyn Liechty 
Wllbert & Frances Lightle 
James S Donna Lindell 
Carroll S DonnaMae 

Virginia Linn 
Huyler & Kathryn Lisk 
Jennifer Little 
Robert S Marilyn Litwiller 
David S Karen Livingston 
Jacqueline Livingstone 
Cathleen Lloyd 
Catherine Lockwood 
Bruce S Diane Long 
James S Debby Long 
Mr & Mrs. Jim Long 
Stanley S Donna Long 
Stephen S Pam Long 
Thomas & Linda Long 

T:i\lor Iniversilv 1995 Honor Roll of Donors • 15V 

Velma Long 
John & Meleah 

Alan & Gretchen Loomis 
G Vernon & Renee Lord 
Christian & Donna Losch 
Barbara Lough 
Norris Lovan 
Richard & Mary Lowe 
R Philip & Janet Loy 
Edward & Beth Lugbill 
Ruth Luginbiil 
Gary & Diane Lybarger 
Deborah Lyon 
Charles & Betty Lyons 
Stanley & Mary Lyons 
Robert & Rebecca Maas 
Dorotha Mack 
Ramona Mahler 
Richard & Darlene 

Donald Maiilho 
Ronald & Linda Main 
Michael & Knstma Major 
James & Susannah Maiey 
Lowry Mallory 
Sally Manes 
Michael & Debbie 

Steve & Karolyn 

Timothy & Carol Mannix 
Roberts Biflie Manor 
William & BrendaMantha 
Linda Marley 

Douglas & Connie Marlow 
Philip Marshall 
LeLand Martin 
Steven & Penny Martin 
Barry & Debra Mason 
Rhonda Mason 
Wilma Mason 
Elson Mast 
Henry Mast 
Stanley Matheny 
Margaret Matthews 
Sarah Matthews 
Alberta Matlock 
Gerald & Rosemarv 

Steven & Barbara 

LuAnne Matz 
T Landon & Margaret 

Barbara Maxson 
Roy & Rebecca Maxson 
Barry & Fran May 
Helen McBride 
Susan McCaffrey 
Claude & Hester 

Charles McCallum 
Murl & Wilma McCammon 
Mr & Mrs Donald 

Richard McCarty 
Roberta McCarty 
Jean McCormick 
Susan McCroby 
Susan McCrory 
Charles & Evelyn 

Terry & Judy McDonald 
Helen McElhaney 
Jean McGarvey 
Joseph & Beverly McGee 
Sharon McGibbon 
Vincent & Susan McGrady 
Kay McGnff 
Lorri McGutfey 
David & Pat Mcintosh 
Nancy Mclntyre 
William & Linda McKean 
Steven McKinley 
Maynard & Theressa 

Larry & Linda McMullen 
Gerald & Donna McNary 
Merrill McNary 
Steven & Oaria McPhail 
Jerry & Barbara McQueary 
Larry & Linda Mealy 
Allen & Debra Mechling 
James & Jane Mechling 
Larry Medcalfe 
Robert & Pauline 

Mr & Mrs, Neil Meeks 
R James & Carole Meikle 
Raymond Memert 
Rosalyn Melton 
Gordon & Susan 

Paul & Evelyn Mendenhall 

Jennifer Menser 
Vernon Meredith 
Lucinda Merrill 
Stephen & Betty Messer 
Debra Metzger 
Marilyn Metzger 
Marvin & Karen Metzler 
Allen S Diane Meyer 
Edna Meyer 
Stanley & Betty Meyer 
James & Ruth Meyerholtz 
Carl & Ruth Mickley 
Lov/ell & Evelyn Mikel 
Rogers Felicia Mikel 
Allen & JaneMilburn 
Bill Milburn 
LeRoy Milburn 
Joe & Barbara Miley 
Michael & Sherryn Miley 
Alfred Miller 
Barbara Miller 
Calvin & Eloise Miller 
Carl & Phyllis Miller 
Cletis Miller 
Darrel Miller 
Dorothy Miller 
Forrest & Anne Miller 
Geraid & Mary Miller 
H. Richard & Helen Miller 
Homer & Mary Miller 
James & Karen Miller 
Josephine Miller 
Marilyn Milier 
Orvan & Jan Miller 
Phillip Miller 
Phillip & Alberta Miller 
Rachel Milter 
Randall Miller 
Robert & Jane Miller 
Todd & Pamela Miller 
Virgil Miller 
Ken Milone 
Jung Wan Min 
Svon Young Min 
Carolyn Miner 
Scott & Jodie Miner 
Maurice Mishler 
Michael & Dawn Mishler 
Samuel Mishier 
Diana Mitchell 
Donald & Judith Mitchell 
Pat Mitschelen 
Florence Mofinder 
Richard & Anita Monce 
John & Loni Montgomery 
Gary & Angela Moody 
David & Lorraine 

Carolyn Moore 
Charles & Shirley Moore 
John & Rebecca Moore 
Timothy & Cynthia Moore 
Candice Moran 
Allen & Carol Morehead 
Rebecca Moreland 
Allen & Beverly Morgan 
£. Stephen & Lisa Morris 
G Lynn & Linda Morris 
Kevin & Deborah Morris 
Marcia Morris 
Robert & Marian Morris 
James & Esther Morrison 
Philip & Fran Mortensen 
Stanley & Luanne Morion 
David & Amy Moser 
Merle & Pauline Moser 
Todd Moser 
Brian & Marcia Motter 
Charles & Tammy 

Lloyd Munsey 
Robert & Jean Murphy 
Thomas Murphy 
Carl & Nila Murray 
Arthur & Gloria Muselman 
Kevin & Mary Musselman 
Richard Muthiah 
Michael & Connie 

Dennis Myers 
Marcus Myers 
Timothy & Susan Nace 
James & Susan Naus 
Betty Nea! 
William Neal 
Sue Neeb 

James & Judith Needier 
Robert & Sybil Neel 
Ronald & Myrna Neff 
Robert & Margaret 

John & Jane Nelson 
John & Lon Nelson 
Karen Nelson 
Miriam Nelson 

Nicolas Nelson 
William & Jane Nelson 
Dale Neuenschwander 
David & Ruth Neuhouser 
K, Lorraine Neuhouser 
Mark & Lori Nevil 
Crystal Newborn 
Douglas & Toni Newlin 
Max & Beverly Newlin 
Charles & Irma Newman 
Kelly Newman 
Susan Newman 
Janet Newswanger 
Henry & Melanie Nichols 
Gary & Sally Nicholson 
Cathy Niswonger 
Earlene Nofziger 
Pamela Northrup 
Rita Novak 
John Nussbaum 
Kenyon & Catherine 

Mark & Sandi Nussbaum 
T L & Janet Nussbaum 
£. Herbert & Louise 

Kathleen O'Brien 
Kevin & Wendy O'Rourke 
Terrance & Rachel Oban 
Jimmie & Mary Ochs 
Jon & Kelli Ochs 
Marguerite Ochs 
Robert & Janet Ochs 
David & Rebecca Odie 
Ben & Dons Ogborn 
Pamela Oglesbee 
Hilda Ohime 
Michael Ohime 
James & Arloeen Oliver 
Mark & Pamela Olson 
Rosemary Onderdonk 
Pamela Qrr 

Henry & Glendyl Ostrom 
David & Susan Ott 
Evelyn Ottinger 
Mr & Mrs. Alan Overbeck 
Willis & Amanda Overton 
Ruthmarie Owen 
John & RuthOzmun 
Kenneth & Mary Pahmeier 
Douglas Paine 
Robert Paine 
Lois Painter 
Dale Parcell 

Steven & Pamela Parcell 
Patricia Parish 
Michael & Deborah Parker 
Richard & Sharon Parker 
Kenneth & Judith Parks 
Maurice Paton 
Bill & Linda Patterson 
Paul & Phyllis Panerson 
Joan Pattison 
Dennis & Nancy Patton 
Kathleen Pawley 
James & Audrey Payne 
William & Agnes Payne 
Howard & Relda Pearson 
Kenneth & Jeanne Pearson 
Sharon Pearson 
Sara Pedigo 
Helen Peer 

Mr & Mrs. Steve Peer 
Arthurs Wanda Peiton 
Ervin & Alfrieda Penner 
Robert Perkins 
Todd Perkins 

Wayne & Rebecca Perkins 
Scott & Teresa Perry 
Milton & Madonna 

Brent Peters 
Charity Peters 
John Peterson 
Jerry & Marilyn Petrie 
Timothy & Theresa 

David Petty 

David & Sharon Pfister 
Amy Phillips 
Darrell Phillips 
DeVon & Velma Phillips 
Roger & Rose Phillips 
Richard & Bonnie 

David & Sharon Pickett 
Linda Pictor 

Thomas & Gloria Piekarski 
Jim & Jill Pinkston 
Marie Pittman 
Robert & Marsha Pins 
Steven & Peggy Piatt 
William & Sarah Pletcher 
Barbara Podd 
Elisabeth Poe 

Marguerite Poe 

Re & Joanne Poehler 

Barbara Pogue 

Theodore Poillion 

Robert Poinsett 

Irvin & Sandra Polk 

Shirley Polk 

Patricia Pollock 

James Pope 

John & RolenePopp 

Dons Porter 

John & Mary Porter 

Kevin & Bonnie Porter 

Terry & Betty Porter 

Steven Post 

Neil & Constance Potter 

Arthur & Eileen Poucher 

Eugenes Esther Pownall 

Diana Prange 

Betty Prather 

Samuel & Wilma Preissler 

James Prentice 

Mr & Mrs. John Prentice 

Kurt & Sherry Prescott 

Cherry Price 

Tom & Vicki Pnckett 

David & Angela Pridemore 

Deborah Pntchard 

William & Laura Pritchett 

Edward Proksa 

Irene Pulver 

Eileen Puntenney 

Robert S Kathryn Purdy 

Gary Pyle 

Zola Quakenbush 

C. E. Quandt 

Veronica Quandt 

Ronnie & Melody Radford 

Merlyn & Ruby Raikes 

John & Rachel Ralston 

Nancy Ramirez 

Ethel Randall 

Blaine Randolph 

Carolyn Rankin 

Jane Rapp 

Betsy Ray 

Charles Ray 

Jeffrey & Deborah 

Donna Reagan 
Robert & Jan Reber 
Enid Redding 
Jay & Marlene Redding 
Kalherine Redford 
Don & JuneRediger 
Wesley SJoAnn Rediger 
J. R. & Mary Reece 
John & LuEllen Reeves 
Susan Reger 
Calvin Rehlander 
Timothy Reilly 
Trent & Teresa Reimschisel 
Carolyn Re iter 
Traci Renbarger 
Cherlynn Renner 
Kenda Resler 
Paul & Susie Rexroth 
Daris Reynolds 
Kathy Reynolds 
Patricia Reynolds 
Winona Reynolds 
Keith & Nancy Riccilelli 
Lisa Rice 
Cheryl Rich 
Leroy & Orma Rich 
Norval & Margie Rich 
Michael Richardson 
Michael Richardson 
Beverly Richey 
George Richey 
Mary Richey 
Patricia Rickel 
Pauline Rickert 
Gale & Eve Rickner 
John & Ruth Rickner 
Carl & Unda Ricks 
Carol Rider 
Robert Riegsecker 
Robert & Sandra 

Tim & Tamara Rietdorf 
May Rifka 

Herman & Kathryn RIggs 
Darrel & Peggy Riley 
Janice Riley 
Marion Ring 
Mark Ringenberg 
Rachel Ringenberg 
William & Rebecca 

Kristie Ripley 
Elinor Ritchie 
Carroll Ritter 
Joan Ritter 
Greg & Cherie Ritz 

Judith Robb 

Carol Bobbins 

James &JeanaRobbins 

Mary Roberts 

Charles & Anita Robertson 

Patricia Robertson 

Julia Robinson 

Kennard & Ruth Robinson 

Leo & Hope Robinson 

Violet Robinson 

William Robinson 

Jim & Cheryl Robison 

Gerald & Sheryl Rocke 

Helen Rogers 

John Rogers 

Ned & Mary Rogers 

J R & Marilyn Rohrer 

Frances Romweber 

James & Mary Rosema 

Lisa Rosenberger 

Kathryn Ross 

Philip Ross 

David & Nicole Rosswurm 

Donald & Maureen Roth 

E David & Judith Roth 

Larry & Janice Roth 

Michael & Jennifer Roth 

R. Waldo &F Marlene 

Rogers Louona Roth 
Paul & Mary Rothrock 
Jessica Rousselow 
Trent & Tami Ruble 
John Rudy 
Edythe Ruemler 
Marilyn Rumpble 
Gene & Nancy Rupp 
Alta Rush. Estate 
Joseph & Cynthia Russell 
Betty Ruth 
Julia Ruth 
Ladonna Ruvang 
Nancy Rynerson 
Vernon & Joy Saalfrank 
James & Agnes 

Mary Said 
Betty Sailor 
Michael & Sandra 

John & Donna Salomon 
Randall & Anne Salsbery 
Myra Sanburn 
Richard Sandifer 
Wallace & Bobbie Scea 
Sharon Schaetzle 
Terry & Beverly 

Murray & Beverly 

Sheila Scherschel 
Lana Schimpf 
Barbara Schmidt 
Marvin & Marjo Schmidt 
Matthew & Sarah Schmidt 
Vyron Schmidt 
Wilbur & Mary Schmidt 
David Schmisseur 
Gretchen Schneider 
Greg & Yvonne Schnepf 
Charles & Barbara 

Donald Schramm 
Keith & Kay Schreffler 
Clifford & Norma Schrock 
Larry & Kay Schrock 
John & Jane Schroeder 
Emily Schuetz 
Richard & Jeannette 

Susan Schuster 
Alan & Pamela Schwartz 
Elma Schwartz 
Matthew & Renee 

Richard & Helen Schwartz 
Ted & Lana Schwartz 
James & Sandra 

Michael & Bridget 

J. & Susan Scott 
Peter Scott 
Valerie Scott 
Jennifer Scudder 
Jean Seaman 
Richard & Joanne Seaman 
Burnell & Debbie See 
Nancy Selby 
Allen & Anita Selden 
Daniels Jan Sell 
Charles & Bonnie Sellers 
Sharon Settle 
Elmer & Lois Shafer 
Gerald & Merianne Shaffer 

Treva Shank 

Allen Sharp 
Peggy Shaum 
Connie Shaver 
Scott & Sandra Sheeley 
Brian & Slacey Sheets 
Donald Sheffler 
Grants Alice Shenefield 
Charles & Ardith Shideler 
Curtis & Nancy 

Todd & Cynthia 

Kenneth & Mary Shtnn 
William & Carolee Shinn 
Patricia Shirley 
Terry & N. Lynette 

Mary Shore 
Peter Short 
Katie Showalter 
Sally Shriver 
Rodney Shrock 
Maurice Shugarl 
Beulah Shultz 
Frederick & Darlene Shuize 
Naomi Shumaker 
John & Karol Siefer 
Karen Siefert 
John Siferd 
Paul Silke 
Carlene Simpson 
Thomas Simpson 
John & Gerri Siner 
Elmore Siagg 
Keith & Bonita Slaughter 
Mark & Dawn Slaughter 
Ronald & Chikako Sloan 
Deborah Small 
John & Penny Smarrella 
Jerry & Melody Smelser 
Allan &Ardy Smith 
Charles & Letha Smith 
Clarence & Lois Smith 
David & Ruth Ann Smith 
Dennis & Teresa Smith 
Erik Smith 
Gary Smith 
Gary & Jill Smith 
James & Lois Smith 
James & Suzanne Smith 
Jennifer Smith 
Jess & Sara Smith 
Kaye Smith 

Kenneth & Elizabeth Smith 
Kevin & Sharon Smith 
Kyle & Dons Smith 
Larry & RoseAnn Smith 
Lawrence & Penelope 

Linda Smith 
Madge Smith 
Marshall & Phoebe Smith 
Matthew & Brooke Smith 
Patsy Smith 
R. Larry & Laura Smith 
Robert & Evangeline Smith 
Robert & Martha Smith 
Russell & Barbara Smith 
Steven & Kathenne Smith 
Tracy Smith 
Suzanne Smock 
James & Linda Snapp 
Norman & Kathryn Snell 
Thomas & Karen Snider 
Mr & Mrs. Arthur 

Daniel & Teresa Snyder 
Donald Snyder 
Gorden Snyder 
Jerald & Valeria Snyder 
Norman Snyder 
Stephen & Debra Snyder 
Frances Soldner 
Francis & Linda Solms 
Judith Solms 
Kenneth Soltis 
Michael & Jeanette 

Richard Sommers 
Mia Sorrick 

Jack & Chnshne Souder 
Philip & Barbara Souder 
Regina Souder 
Mark & Nancy Souers 
Ethel Sousley 
Joseph Sowder 
Ronald & Patricia Spade 
Julia Spate 

E. Wayne & Opal Speicher 
James Spiegel 
Jerry Spmdler 
Erin Spires 
Rebecca Sprau 
Sharon Spray 

William & Carolyn 

Leroy & Carolyn Sprunger 
Loren & Ardus Sprunger 
Patrick & Pam Sprunger 
Randy & Sara Sprunger 
Edwin & Phyllis Squiers 
Ara & Claudia St. John 
James Stackhouse 
Jack Stafford 
Jerry & Sheryl Stair 
Ray & Norma Stair 
H R Staley 
Michael Stanley 
David Starkey 
Billy Starnes 

Malcolm & Jeanne Stauffer 
Minam Stauffer 
Charles Steber 
Barbara Stedge 
Joan Steele 

Mark & Julie Steenbarger 
Ernest & Janice Sleiner 
Kerry & Lois Steiner 
Donald & Irene Steltz 
Monty & Nancy Stephan 
Clinton & Ruth Steury 
Andrew Stevens 
Andrew & Diane Stewart 
Laverne & Ellen Stewart 
Hilda Steyer 
Loren & Rachel Stichter 
Rex & Maryln Stiffler 
Sarah Stiffler 
Larry Stilwell 
Peter & Joyce Stipanuk 
Janice Stiver 
Margaret Stockinger 
Victor 8. Mary Lou 

Donald & Patncia 

Melody Stone 
Eric Stoops 

Mr & Mrs, J T Stoops 
William & Patncia Stoops 
Charles & Elizabeth 

Allen & Kathryn Stout 
Michael Stout 
William Stroup 
Ned & Jean Stucky 
Esther Stutzman 
Glenn Stutzman 
Robert Sulanke 
Larry & Judith Summers 
Roland & Carol Sumney 
Steven & Susan Super 
Ronald & Judith 

Timothy & Katherine 

Bob Sutter 

Randall & Cathy Suttor 
Camilla Swain 
John & Jane Swain 
Kenneth & Sarah Swan 
James & Robbin Swaney 
David & Marlene Swanson 
Mr & Mrs Gary Swanson 
Gregory & Lisa Sweet 
Patty Sweet 

R. Gerald & Connie Sweet 
Sandra Swindell 
Mark Swing 

Michael & Rochelle Tabor 
Kirk & Tern Talley 
Angela Taylor 
Donald & Joyce Taylor 
Kenneth & Joanne Taylor 
Sondra Taylor 
Shirley Teal 
Marie Tempest 
Joseph & Nancy Terhune 
Mark & Colleen Terrell 
Steven Terry 
Ronald Tetrick 
Lisa Thacker 
Johanna Thatacker 
J. Tracy Thomas 
Janet Thompson 
Janet Thompson 
Sharon Thompson 
Stephen & June 

Donald & Sheila 

Thomas & Stephanie 

1. May Thorpe 
Helen Thurn 
Felicia Thyr 
Byron Tippey 
Pauline Tipton 
Timothy & Linda Tittle 

16 \ • Taylor Inivorsilv 1995 Honor Roll ol' Donors 

Mary Totin 

Karen Tonkel 

Elizabeth Tonn 

Mr & Mrs An Tran 

Harry & Myrtle Treber 

R William & Karen Trebley 

Charles & Donna Tnpple 

Robert & Beverly Trout 

Brenda Troyer 

Dana & Verna Troyer 

Jo Troyer 

Loren Troyer 

Verton Troyer 

Paul & Willie Trumbauer 

Mitchell Tucker 

Orville Tucker 

Ada Turner 

Kim Turner 

Paul & Betty Turner 

Garrett & Debbie Twardy 

Larry & Dons Tyler 

Amy Udd 

Suzanne Umbaugh 

Walters Janet Ungerer 

Jeffrey Unruh 

Tim & Joann Utter 

Ruth Vahle 

Rhoda Valpatic 

Wilbur & Janice Van 

Robert & Elizabeth Van 

William Van Hoy 
Bonita VanDerKolk 
Eric & Sharon VanVlymen 
Jacqueline Vanderheyden 
Elaine Vandermark 
James Vanelk 
Margret Veale 
Andrew & Deborah 

Mark & Katrina Vermilion 
Frederick & Garnet Vincent 
Victor Virgil 
Betty VonGunten 
Mr. & Mrs. Paul VonTobei 
Henry & Jeanette Voss 
Jaclyn Voss 
David & Norma Wade 
Lewis Wade 
Margaret Wade 
Ruby Wade 

Simon & Martha Wagler 
Steven 8. Lori Wagner 
Scott & Sarah Wagoner 
Willard Wakeman 
Matthew & Lynette 

Wall go ra 
Jules & Marilyn Walker 
Richard & Velma Walker 
Bob Wallace 
John & Doris Wallace 
Lois Wallace 

Robert & Martha Wallace 
Raymond & Martha 

EInora Walton 
Herman Wandret 
John & Lisa Wanner 
Leon & Jana Wanner 
Debbie Waples 
C. Eugene Ward 
Terry & Katherine Ward 
Vicki Ward 

William & Carolyn Ward 
Benjamin Warren 
Joseph & Marcia Watkins 
Cindy Weaver 
Faith Weaver 
Frank & Corinne Weaver 
Todd & Michele Weaver 
Donna Webster 
June Weed 

Adam & Martica Wegel 
Timothy & Sheila Weiland 
Peggy Weinhoeft 
Roger Weir 
Mary Weirick 
J Don Welch 
R.Edwin & Barbara Welch 
R. Ruth Welch 
Todd & Lisa Welch 
Larry Weldy 
Everett Welty 
Lowell & Peggy Welty 
Willis & Catherine Welty 
DM. & Anita Wenger 
Dale & Martha Wenger 
Patricia Wenning 
Michele Werner 
Greg Wessel 
Gene & Joyce West 
Irene West 

Richard & Florence West 
Scott & Christine Westrum 

Mary Wharton 

Timothy & Mary Wharton 

W. Biyihe & Virginia 

Andrew & You-Ying 

Frances Whitacre 
D Whitaker 
Hilton & Christine 

Lori White 

Deverl & Mary Whitehead 
Alice Whiteside 
Leslie Whitlock 
Davids RuthWhybrew 
Raymond Whybrew 
Gladys Widmer 
Jonathan Wieand 
Jacob & Mary Wiebers 
Clifford & Carol Wieland 
Edwin & Adena Wiens 
Robert & Dorothy Wilburn 
Keith & Donna Wilder 
Gerry & Roxana Wiley 
Harold & Rita Wiley 
Mary Wilhelm 
Paul & Dian Wilkey 
Robert & Ruth Willbanks 
Barbara Williams 
David & Jacqueline 

Jacks Lois Williams 
Jerry Williams 
Patricia Williams 
Philip & Elouise Williams 
Lawrence & Mane 

Richard Willoughby 
Allan & Barbara Wilson 
Daniel & Meiinda Wilson 
Debbie Wilson 
Gloria Wilson 
Ruth Wilson 
Thomas Wilson 
Wilma Wilson 
James & Ida Wine 
Donald Wing 
Alan Winquist 
Arthur & Mary 

Delores Witmer 
Carole Wohlford 
Gary & June Wolf 
Earl & Wilma Wolford 
Richard Wolford 
Ethel Wood 
Leslies Ruth Wood 
Kenneth & Kristine 

Betty Wooldridge 
Rob & Judy Wren 
Kenneth & Suzanne Wright 
Ted & Julia Wright 
B L. &MadelynWurster 
Christopher & Catherine 

Jim Yater 

C V & Judy Yeager 
Alma Yerks 
Florine Yoder 
Henrys Polly Yoder 
Paton S Hazel Yoder 
Stanley & Valli Yoder 
Susan Yoder 
Warren S Janet Yoder 
Daryl S Joenita Yost 
Gary & Linda Young 
Gregory Young 
John S Catherine Young 
Luella Young 
Mindelynn Young 
Mitchell Young 
Sandra Young 
Wynona Young 
Martha Yutzy 
David Zandi 
Carol Zehr 
Donna Zell 
Joel Zell 
Yvonne Zell 
Frank S Carol Zeller 
Charles S Jill Zimmerman 
Carl S Mabel Zurcher 
Paul & Betty Zurcher 

• 3 anonymous donors 


Rachel Aalbers 
Judith Anderlik 
Sally Anderson 
Paulette Andrews 

Curtis Ankeny 
Laura Arnold 
David S Dee Ash 
Jennie Beck 

Ruth Beck 

Duane & AlethaBeeson 

Rodney S Deborah Bowen 

David Bush 

L Yvonne Busier 

Kenneth Carr 

Kimberly Case 

Eric Chnstensen 

Denise Clark 

Roland & Debbie Clarkson 

David & Donna Coy 

Michael Downey 

Judith Elly 

Donald & Patricia Floyd 

Patricia Fortin 

Donna Gerst 

Maydine Gonnerman 

Arland Greenfield 

Ed Gross 

Darrell S Dianne Gunst 

Gerry Halterman 

C.L. Hanks 

Wayne Herman 

Edgar S Ruth Houghtaling 

David Howland 

Joseph S Mary Hudson 

Kathy Hykes 

June Jaehnel 

Lyie Jeffrey 

Beverly Johnson 

Tony Johnson 

Rose Kane 

David S Bonnie Kaslelein 

Carol Lamp 

Patricia Lane 

Scott Larsen 

Melody Leidall 

Ardis Lemke 

Mr & Mrs. Harlan Lemke 

Peggy Lemke 

Harvey Mackie 

Laurel Magruder 

Mary Martens 

Roger Maurer 

Max S Sallie Meier 

Thomas S Jan Miller 

Kenneth S Jayne Narvesen 

Paul Olson 

Kathy Patterson 

Thora Peterson 

Greg & Linda Pnichard 

Fred S Alice Rowley 

Nola Ryan 

Edward & Kathryne Sears 

Monte S Amy Shanks 

Douglas Smatley 

James S Robin Spaan 

Ronald Stucky 

Ronald Telecky 

Arnold Thalacker 

John S Lorraine Thalacker 

Mr S Mrs Larry Tiedje 

Philip S Jane Wade 

S Wallerstedt 

Etter Waine 

Karl Watne 

Amy Whitehouse 

Cynthia Whiting 

Barbara Wilson 

Douglas S Cynthia Wilson 

1.0. Winfrey 

Douglas Winslow 

Louis Winslow 

Mary Young 


Rhonda Aadalen 

G, Steve & Catherine Baker 

Mr. & Mrs. Barry 

Aleda Berry 
Linda Billen 
Brad Boyd 
B. E. Busenitz 
Benjamin Busenitz 
Clarence Busenitz 
Emile Busenitz 
Jeffrey Busenitz 
Marcy Busenitz 
Sam Busenitz 
Sheryl Busenitz 
LaVonne Calam 
David Clark 
Leida Cloud 
Connie Cragg 
James Crider 
Christopher Deister 
Chnsteen Frazier 
Abe Friesen 
Gloria Gardner 
Brenda Hall 
Kay Hallauer 
Charles Hathaway 
Timothy Heston 
Kaye Nines 

T J Hoisington 
Merlin S Zoe Holmes 
Roger S Wendy Holmes 
Jenneta Howard 
David Jost 
Mary Kearn 
Robert Keys 
Terry Kimes 
Larry Kluttz 

Richard S Lori Knowles 
Bruce S Linda Kruenegel 
Helen Loewen 
Merton S Elaine Luce 
Mary Massey 
Lowell S Janice May 
Leslie McCullough 
Glenn McFall 
William & Sarah McMillin 
Martha Metzler 
Janelle Moore 
D. Hank Nelson 
Peter S Onale Neufeld 
Kelly Noe 
Richard Ochs 
Kathryn Petersen 
Paula Peterson 
Judith Pleviak 
Lowell Ramsey 
George Reimer 
Helen Reimer 
Ivan Reimer 
Leo Reimer 
Levi Reimer 
Walter Rempel 
Larry Riggins 
Alvin Rimmel 
Lisa Schneider 
Dan Stewart 
Marilyn Stev/art 
Rick Tague 
Matthew Thomas 
Virginia Trundle 
Gwen Warner 
Darrell Webb 
Daniel Wellman 
Connie Welsh 
David S Carol Sue 

Gladys Wiebe 
Mary Wiens 
Kevin S Marilyn Wilder 
Roger S Barbara Winn 
Pauls Deborah Winter 
Amy Woiakowski 
Carolyn Wojakowski 
Daniel & Mary Wolgemuth 
Virginia Woods 


R Randolph S Ban 

Katherine Berry 
Colleen Brandenburg 
Scott S Rebecca Brown 
Frank Callahan 
Larry S Martha Collier 
Craig S Carmen Curtiss 
Cann S Beverly Dawahare 
Lisa Oewees 
Betty Draper 
Lee Eaton 

Gary S Barbara Ellis 
Caria Emig 

Donald S Charlotte Helton 
Mr. S Mrs. Don Helton 
David S Robyn Hughes 
Byron S Alice Hunt 
John S Betty Kruschwitz 
Verlin S Ruth Kruschwitz 
Bradley Leach 
John S Suzanne Lindgren 
Howard & Elaine Long 
Larry Moore 
Louis & Jane Myre 
Mary Nutini 
John S Karen Oswalt 
Richard S Nancy Reznik 
Terry S Kristen Rolen 
David Schuler 
Gail Singleton 
Thelma Singleton 
Davids Linda Smith 
David & Karen Thomas 
William S Kim Turkington 
Paul S Isobel Whitaker 
Stephen White 
Stephen & Maria Wilcox 
Claire Williams 
Terry S Charmane Willis 
Ruth Wood 


Charles Black 
Robert Deich 
Carl Eyman 

Robert S Deborah Maxwell 
Gerald & EloiseThorne 


Lowell S Mar)orie Barnes 
Edward Bedrosian 

James & Virginia Brown 
John Burgess 
Mr S Mrs Russell Camp 
Roland S Grace Cherwek 

Roger Day 
Diane DeMember 
Pieter S Phyllis DeSmil 
Harold S Bonnie Draper 
Ronald Eastman 
Gordon Ellis 
Paul S Kaye Fendt 
Kamaran Franklin 
James S Joy Gilbert 
Joel S Danielle Gilbert 


Kathleen Adams 

Terry S Kay Agal 

Michael S Becky Alexander 

Muriel Alexandrov/ski 

David S Kimberlee Allan 

Robert Allen 

Judith Almasy 

Curtis & Amy Anderson 

Residence life is a key element of the Taylor expenence. 

George S Sarah Chnsmer 
Clara Cohen 
Bruce Cote 

Jason & Teresa DeRouchie 
John S Madelyn Deitert 
Roger S Claire Dewey 
Deighton S Alice Douglin 
Eric S Ellen Fleming 
Raymond Fowler 
Richard Harlling 
David S Dolores Harvey 
Susan Huuskonen 
Ann Kieser 
John & Sharlene 

Alex & Joanna Langberg 
Gary S Janet Langenwalter 
Peter S Leah McGarr 
Donald Munro 
Dean S Jane Pedersen 
Jody Poland 

Kelly S Rebecca Robinson 
Harry & Sona Semonian 
Clayton Sidell 
Myrna Spencer 
Douglas S Miriam Stewart 
Lila Stoeckle 
Alvin Strong 
Matthews Kathryn Teal 
Dorothy Tessier 
Eleanor Thompson 
John To bey 
David S Janis TuxtKjry 
Peter S Ann Valberg 
Jeffrey Wentling 


Randolph Page 
H. Wayne S Barbara 

Edith Weber 
Theodore Weber 
George Wentworth 


Marlene Adams 
Sheena Antonio 
Bernard Armacost 
Bradley S Tracy Ash 
Raymond Barczak 
Carol Barker 
Gary S Jean Berwager 
Jeffrey S Nancy Bo^vman 
Brian Brewer 
Barbara Brubaker 
Harland S Sheila Buhler 
Nancy Butz 
Thelma Clark 
Mary Collins 
Jolaine Conant 
Kathryn Connor 
Genevieve D'Souza 

Carol Goodpaster 

L Green ham 

Manley & Carol Grimstead 

Helen Gygi 

Paul Harkins 

Mr. SMrs. Russell 

Fletcher S Nanci 

Anthony III 
Nancy Jones 
Colin & Mary Judge 
Elizabeth Kemp 
Timothy Kick 
Marks Debbie Kincade 
Charles King 
Jill Kinslow 
Carolyn Kokulis 
William S Wendy Krayer 
Timothy Leber 
Ruth Lev/is 
W. Norman S Shelby 

William Mahylis 
Frank Matchner 
Victor McNeel 
Robert Mitchell 
James S Holly Mullen 
William S Sandra Oliver 
Susan Owens 
Richard S Wendy Palumbo 
Melissa Peyton 
Michael Pmdak 
Mary Quick 
Karen Rice 
Mark Richardson 
Joan Rinkers 

Matthew S Rhonda Sanner 
Steven S CenaSimms 
Andrea Slaten 
H, Everett S Linda Smith 
Mr S Mrs Perry Souzis 
Patricia Stack 
Mary Steffen 
Jody Stewart 
Wanda Stewart 
Richard Stieglitz 
Aimee Sbllman 
Dorothy Swearingen 
Marks Kim Terry 
Thomas Thompson 
Barbara Towles 
Grace VanWingerden 
Suellen Veithuis 
Robert Ward 
James S Linda Wendling 
Martin West 
Earle Wilhide 
Susan Wilkinson 
William S RuthWismer 
David S Nancy Wong 

Danny S Sharon Anderson 

Paul S Janice Anderson 

Valene Anderson 

Percy Andrews 

Marc Anthony 

Merlin Applegate 

Karen Armstrong 

Jeanne Asher 

llah Austin 

Edward Baar 

William Baar 

Claudia Bajema 

Jack S Donna Baker 

Hazel BaldVifin 

Jack Baldwin 

Philip Baldv/in 

Thomas Baldwin 

Timothy Baldwin 

Mr. S Mrs Stephen Balyo 

Evelyn Banker 

Luella Barber 

Gordon Barkell 

Paul S Lon Barnette 

D. James S Gail Barton 

Mark S Pamela Barton 

David S Joyce Bates 

Robert Bates 

Faith Baughman 

Ruth Baxter 

Manlyn Beardslee 

Jim S Cathie Bedor 

Carol Beemer 

Brian & Joyce Behnken 

Elizabeth Behnken 

Donna Bell 

Mr SMrs. R.Kraft Bell 

Mary Benner 

Eugene S Eileen Berends 

Marilyn Berends 

Heather Berner 

Brian S Christi Berrier 

Anne Bickel 

Bryan S Carol Bishop 

Margaret Bodrie 

Richard Boies 

Bernice Bolis 

Sandra Bonham 

William S Ardyce 

Brittney Book 
Cynthia Boots 
Bertha Bouman 
John Boureau 
Doug Bowden 
Evelyn Bowen 
Gwen Bowlby 
Bruce & Joyce Bowling 
Paul S Janice Braman 
George S Barbara 

Dorothy Brant 
Jean Bricker 

Taylor loivorsilv 1995 Honor Roll of Donors • 17A 

Tom Broderick 
Robert & Marcie Brolund 
John & Jean Brooks 
Bruce & Lynne Brown 
Dale & Margaret Brown 
Daniel & Lone Brown 
Danya Brown 
Leiand & Mary Brown 
Karen Browne 
Burton & Nancy Brubaker 
Merry Bruinsma 
Nornnan & M- K. 

Laura Brundage 
Lexa Brundle 
Jacquelyn Bullock 
Mr & Mrs Robert Bultema 
Janice Burr 
Renee Burringlon 
Julie Butler 
Ralph Bylwerk 
Lawrence & Susan Cairns 
Eunice Carpenter 
Neil Carpenter 
Barry & Sue Ellen Casey 
Newell & Colleen Cerak 
Carol Chissus 
Carol Christensen 
Donald Clark 
John Clark 
Maxine Clement 
Alice Clingan 
Constance Cody 
Max Colley 
Randolph Conat 
Gary & Marilyn Cooper 
David Cottrell 
Robert Couch 
Vida Couture 
Dean Cramer 
Jean Crawford 
Mamie Crenshaw 
J Alton Cressman 
Bryan Crump 
Sally Cunningham 
Donald & C Carol Currey 
Paul Dallmann 
W E Dalrymple 
Judith Darling 
Ruth Darling 
Timothy Daugherty 
Kathy Dauzet 
Gordon De Ridder 
Joseph & Joyce DeCook 
Janet DeOrio 
Bruce & Elaine DePree 
Richard & Linda DeVries 
Edward & Alieda Deal 
Peter 8. Debra Deal 
Alesha DenHartigh 
James & Phyllis Dickie 
Janet Dietz 
Calvin Dobson 
Gregory Domsten 
Fred & Deborah Donker 
Kenneth & Alyce Doss 
Margaret Dryden 
Michael & Linda Dull 
Mark Duncan 
Carolyn Dunn 
Carole Duquette 
Patrick & Janet Duvendeck 
Dorothy Dys 
Murl & Virginia Eastman 
John S Carol Ehresman 
Bernice Ellens 
Clara Ellis 
Anthony Evans 
Gary & Wanda Evans 
Suzanne Everett 
Rick & Sharon Favazza 
Mark Fazakerley 
Jeffrey S. Julie Fell 
Annette Ferris 
Douglas & Catherine 

Robert & Dottle Fisher 
Linda Fluker 
Jeremy Fogg 
Roy Fogle 
Amy Folkert 
Janice Foltz 
Jeffrey & Pamela Foor 
David Fox 
Reva Frees 
Earl S Arlene Frith 
Sarah Fritz 

Mr & Mrs William Gaines 
Charles & Margy Gartield 
Mary Gaston 
Daryl & Lauralee Gales 
Larry & Elaine Gavelte 
Nelson Gelinas 
Arnold 8. Deborah Gillesee 
Bertha Gilson 

Timothy & Connie Glass 

Michael & Barbara Goble 

Carol Gonser 

Donald Gonser 

Thomas & June Goossen 

Verna Goossen 

Robert Goote 

Joseph 8 Christine Gordon 

Bradley Graber 

David Graber 

Tracy Grabinski 

William & Sally Grapentine 

Larry Grassmid 

LeRoy Gray 

Donald & Linda Green 

Lynn Green 

John Greenhow 

GerrI Grennell 

Wayne Greve 

Brad & Melody Griffin 

Cynthia Grillo 

Betty Grossklaus 

Marvin & Catherine Grostic 

Bea Grotenhuis 

Judy Gurney 

Marlin & Marilyn Habecker 

Violet Hallberg 

Joel & Kristine Hamilton 

Lester Hamilton 

Robert Hamp 

Byron & Christine Hanson 

Kenneth 8. Sue Hardley 

Mr. 8r Mrs, Herbert Harjes 

Richard 8. Cynthia Harrell 

Thomas & Shirley Harris 

Russell Harrison 

Charles Hart 

Homer Hassenzahl 

Nancy Hathaway 

Eric Haven 

Althea Hayes 

Roger & Lois Hayman 

Thomas Hayward 

Ellen Head 

Mr & Mrs. Carl Heetderks 

Heide Heinz 

Renee Helmkamp 

Mr & Mrs Bruce 

Deborah Herich 
Betty Herring 
Christine Herring 
Dennis & Jody Hewitt 
John S Peggy Hirt 
Richard Hoag 
Virginia Hoag 
Nelson Hochstedler 
Peter 8< Kimberly Hoffman 
Gerald & Linda Holmes 
Harold 8. Dortha Homer 
Walter & Mane Hooper 
David Horton 
Phillip Horton 
Sue Houchens 
Phoebe Hough 
Joyce Hovis 
James & Eunice Howell 
Charles & Eunice Howland 
James S Kathleen Hresko 
Donald & Nan Hubbard 
Lloyd 8i Lois Hughes 
William 8, Elizabeth Hunt 
Mark Hurt 
Judith Huseby 
Dan & Jane Ingram 
Harold & Brenda Istvan 
C Bryan Jacobs 
Charles Jacobs 
Janet Jacobs 

Mr & Mrs Charles Jacobs 
Winifred Jacobs 
Barbara Jagt 
Ronald Jenkins 
Mary Jennings 
Garry & Cindy Johns 
Dan S Deb Johnson 
Dennis & Gloria Johnson 
Linda Johnson 
Stephen Johnson 
Timothy & Susan Johnson 
H John Jones 
Melvin Jones 
Floyd 8. Sandy Jousma 
Keith S Mary Kamradt 
Harold & Mary Karls 
David 8. Deborah Keenan 
Eugene & Carol Kent 
David & Gloria Kett 
Marguerite Kidd 
Kearney Kirkby 
David Kish 

Mr & Mrs Ross Kittleman 
Joan Klap 

Mr. & Mrs, Willard Klein 

Bruce & Georgia Kline 

James & Doris Knoblock 

Beverly Knowles 

David Koppenaal 

Verne & Miriam Koppin 

Sharon Kraft 

Jack 8i Lauradean Kraklan 

Ruth Kraus 

Robert Kregel 

Ronald & Suzanne Kregel 

Cathy Kreig 

Barry Krick 

Bryan & Susan Krick 

Helen Kruger 

Mr. 8, Mrs Robert Kruithof 

Robert & Donna Kruse 

David & Kara Kuneli 

Daniel & Sharon Kunst 

Thomas 8. Christine Kunst 

Sarah Kutschke 

Matthew Laarman 

Pam Laarman 

Esther Lacy 

Jay Si Laura Laffoon 

Carl & Paulette Laing 

James 8( Arlyne Lane 

Clarence & Helen Langdon 

Patrick & Priscilla Larned 

Robert & Dawn Larsen 

Paul Lau 

James & Kathryn Leonard 

Ben 8. Linda Lester 

Bradley Lewis 

Hope Leyen 

Don & Margaret Lixey 

Linda Locher 

Ronald & Ginger Lockyear 

Madelyn Lohr 

Philip 8. Robin Long 

Richard 8, Elva Long 

Ruth Long 

Judy Loslnskt 

David 8i Brenda LozowskI 

Kurt Lucas 

William 8. Bonnie Lynch 

James & Val MacLeish 

Ralph Macpherson 

Cynthia Maneikis 

Carolyn Mansfield 

Sharon Marks 

F E Marquard 

Mr. S Mrs Graham Martin 

Thomas & Jenneva Martin 

Frank 8. Celia Marxer 

Betty Mayes 

Mr. & Mrs Lloyd McClung 

John 8 Ola McDougall 

Phillip McElhenny 

James 8 Karen McFarland 

David 8 Patricia McGarvey 

Daniel & Stella McLario 

Marie McNabnay 

Mark 8 Bonnie Meengs 

D. Fredrick 8 Sheri 

Jeanne Melton 
Randy Merrill 
Robert Metcalf 
Doris Metzler 
Mr 8 Mrs Keith Meyering 
Bradley & Georgia Miller 
Mark Miller 
Todd 8 Deann Miller 
Wayne 8 Virginia Miller 
J. Mol 

Brian 8 Lisa Mollenkamp 
Robert 8 Janelle Monin 
Greg & Sarah Monroe 
Paul 8 Margaret Montague 
Jill Moore 

Nicasio 8 Deanne Morales 
Kenneth 8 Eleanor Morey 
Charles 8 Peggy Mulder 
Barbara Munn 
Elizabeth Munson 
Gordon 8 Pamela 

Lauren Needham 
Patricia Nelson 
Peter 8 Shawn Newhouse 
John 8 Ellen Newitt 
Meredith Nienhuis 
lone Nienoord 
F James 8 Charlene Norris 
Dale & Roberta Norton 
Richard Norton 
Margie Nutt 
Mark O'Donnell 
Nancy Oleary 
Susan Oaless 
Richard Offringa 
Ronald Ogg 

Dean 8 Mariorie Ohiman 
Marilyn Olmstead 

Harold 8Sally0lsen 

L Opgenorth 

George 8 Sylvia Orchard 

Mark Orchard 

Garry 8 Ruby Ostrander 

Daniel Pace 

Bernard Palmateer 

Ruth Pals 

Gary Parker 

Bonnie Parr 

Ray 8 Jeanette Patton 

Syd 8 Barbara Paul 

David 8 Lucretia Pelton 

James Penn 

Betty Pettifor 

Thomas 8 Catherine Pettit 

Gary 8 Marilyn Petzold 

Daniel 8 Natalie Pichea 

Theatta Picklo 

Albert 8 Evelyn Platte 

Gene 8 Karen Platte 

Mary Plueddemann 

Robert 8 Dawn Pobanz 

Jeanette Porrett 

Russell 8 Connie Potter 

Gary Priskorn 

Richard 8 Kandis Pritctien 

Charles 8 Beryle Prittie 

Robert 8 Julie Pugh 

Edwin 8 Virginia Puroil 

Eulalia Putney 

Linda Putney 

Karl 8 Virginia Quinn 

Douglas Raab 

Jean Raab 

Lynda Randall 

Thomas Rasmussen 

Ann Rauch 

Mark Raymond 

David 8 Carol Reagan 

Alvin 8 Jo Rediger 

Michael 8 Susan Reed 

Richard Reed 

Erin Regan 

Patricia Regan 

William Reiher 

Thomas Bench 

George Rennix 

Robby 8 Karen 

Richard & Linda Roberds 
Gary & Deborah Rogers 
Jerolyn Roggelien 
C. Dexter 8 Sandra Rohm 
Janet Ross-Kloostra 
Samuel & Evangeline Roth 
Mark 8 Allison Routt 
Phyllis Rowe 
Daniel 8 Nancy Rupp 
Henry 8 Judith Russell 
Gary 8 Nancy Rutledge 
Jerry 8 Judy Sampson 
George Samra 
Wayne 8 June Samson 
Juana Sanchez Correa 
Murray 8 Mary Sanders 
H. Douglas 8 Beth Sanford 
Mary Schaap 

Robert 8 Marian Schindler 
Maurice 8 Ida Schippers 
Neil8 Judie 

Donald Schneider 
Becky Schnuckel 
Louise Schueike 
Ronald Schuring 
Gladys Schwenk 
Ronald & Tamara Scott 
Edythe Scovill 
Randy 8 Wendy Sellers 
Debra Shaffer 
Alice Shapton 
Joan Sharda 
Paul Shoop 
Beverly Shubel 
Edward 8 Betty Shy 
Harley Siders 
Craig 8 Cathy Simons 
Barbara Slater 
Dale 8 Mildred Smith 
Jeffrey 8 Karen Smith 
JoAnn Smith 
John Smith 
Karl 8 Jamie Smith 
Marlon 8 De Ann Smith 
William 8 Jerry Smith 
Frederick Sole 
Larry 8 Joanne Sonksen 
Norman 8 Jessie Soper 
Howard Sprowl 
Jason Stanek 
Delmar 8 Mary Stanley 
Douglas Staples 

Dana Steekley 

Melvin Dean Stewart 

Jane Stockinger 

Jeffrey Stonick 

Gary 8 Pamela Stolz 

Richard Stone 

William 8 G Helen Stone 

Keith 8 Joyce Stoner 

Cedric Stressman 

Stephen 8 Cristine Strieker 

Nancy Stringer 

Robert 8 Jessica Surber 

Ola Sutcliffe 

Bruce 8 Teresa Sutherland 

David Sutton 

Dean 8 Suzanne Swanson 

Wilma Swartz 

Lloyd Swartzendruber 

Wendy Swinehart 

Delos Tanner 

Patricia Taylor 

Sharon Taylor 

Marion 8 Sue Ten Hoor 

William 8 MaryTheaker 

Robert 8 Marcia Theule 

Gary Thompson 

J Michael Thompson 

J David 8 Norma 

Duane 8 LindaTlnholt 
Mary Tinholt 
Frank 8 Rachel Tjoelker 
Denise Tomasello 
John 8 Gloria Tromp 
Wilma Turner 
Arizona Unseld 
Gary 8 Jean Urban 
Patricia Van Acker 
Keith 8 Mar|i Van 

Russell Van Ryn 
Beverly VanKampen 
Norma VanOordt 
Calvin 8 Jane VanOss 
Kurt 8 Jennifer 

John 8 Rhonda Vander 

Corrie VanderBllt 
John 8 Gail Vergoz 
Melvin 8 Helen Verwys 
Judith Vigna 
James Vonk 
Carl Wagner 

Alan 8 Lynne Wahnefried 
Morella Waitzman 
Marjorie Walbridge 
Lawrence 8 Jean Walcott 
Cathernmae Waldron 
Mr 8 Mrs. Ronald 

Dawn Walt 
Mike 8 Julie Walters 
Brenda Walworth 
Thomas Ward 
Constance Warners 
Cynthia Warsow 
Alice Wathen 
Arnold Watkins 
Benton Watkins 
James 8 Nancy Watson 
Lauri Webster 
Sherwin Weener 
Jack 8 Mary Welch 
Douglas 8 Carol Wendt 
Russell Westman 
Richard 8 Shelli Whallon 
Kenneth Wheeling 
Robert 8 Deborah 

Sheldon 8 Patricia Wiens 
James 8 Sheila Wierenga 
Al 8 Jeannie Wilgus 
Douglas Williams 
Karen Williams 
Herbert & Judy Wilson 
Ken 8 Ruth Wilson 
William Wilson 
Harriet Wismer 
Earl 8 Karen Wissman 
Allen 8 Sandra 

Norman 8 Marilyn Wolfe 
Donald Wood 
Kenneth 8 Martha 

John Wooton 
Robert 8 Gretchen 

Ron Workman 
William 8 Prudentia Worth 
Carol Yeadon 
James 8 Daria Ykimoff 
John 8 Phyllis Young 
Richard Zahn 

Catherine Zessin 
Mary Ziegler 
Angela Zimmerman 
Gary Zimmerman 
Charles 8 Lillian Zobel 
Karl 8 Linda Zurburg 
•1 anonymous donor 


George Anderson 
Linda Anderson 
Patricia Arvan 
Robert 8 Ingeborg Bakker 
Mitchell Bankes 
James Barnes 
Rachel Bartosh 
Timothy 8 Ruth Bales 
John Bauer 
Joanne Bergsrud 
David Berthiaume 
David Bishop 
Edward 8 Cheryl Bixby 
Florence Brown 
Brian Callahan 
Janice Carl 
Richard Chynoweth 
David Clynes 
David 8 Marilynn Cook 
Diane Corcoran 
Florence Corcoran 
Mr. 8 Mrs Douglas 

Donna Cross 
Anne Crowe 

Mr 8 Mrs. Paul Dahlberg 
Diane Dahlstrom 
Phyllis Dalager 
John 8 Peggy Denham 
Gene Dickie 
Rick 8 Mary Drenk 
Walter Dunnen 
Angela Eberhardy 
Anne Ellison 
Anne Marie Ellison 
Gordon 8 Rita Ellison 
Richard Emery 
Mr 8 Mrs Steven 

Robert Fallt 
James 8 Linda Fereira 
Archie Froelich 
Kathleen Genser 
LeAnne Gormong 
Brenda Green 
Ronald 8 Nancy Hardesty 
Zelda Heaton 
Mildred Heinen 
R Shawn 8 Cheryl Hewitt 
Nancy Hill 
Dennis Hjelmberg 
Harris Hubers 
Marque Jensen 
David 8 Betty Johnson 
James 8 Lydia Knutson 
Gregg 8 Judith Landrum 
Carol Langenbrunner 
Donald Langenbrunner 
L- F Langenbrunner 
Raymond Langenbrunner 
William Langenbrunner 
Jamie Liaboe 
Loren 8 Rita Lindholm 
David & Jeanne Lundell 
LaMar 8 Priscilla Lundell 
Tedra McAlpine 
Todd 8 Margaret Meissner 
Clyde 8 Jane Meredith 
David 8 Margaret Miller 
Dennis 8 Pat Morrow 
Everett 8 Carmella Myers 
Kenneth 8 Joan Myers 
David 8 Cheryl Nelson 
Daniel Nuese 
Roger 8 Pamela Olsen 
James 8 Mary Palmer 
Laura Paskewitz 
Cyril a Elizabeth Persons 
Philip 8 Debra Petersen 
John Prior 
David Reber 
Lloyd Reber 
Lori Ritchie 

Richard 8 Addie Sarkela 
Joe Schnichels 
James 8 Kristyn Schuh 
Paul Sentman 
Frank 8 Mitsue Shindo 
Elaine Sickler 
Douglas 8 Rosemary 

DarIa Slagter 
David Sletten 
Richard Sletten 
Richard 8 Norma Spahr 
Christy Steele 

Royal 8 Polly Steiner 

Terre Stevens 

Elzabeth Sutton 

Doria Thiele 

Walter Toedter 

Wendel Toedter 

George 8 Irene Toops 


Debra Voight 

Cynthia Waldon 

Thomas 8 Barbara Warner 


Dale 8 Barbara Davis 
Richard Jackson 
Timothy 8 Julianne Meyer 
Charles 8 Peggi Rafferty 
Scott Taylor 
Wayne 8 H. Corinne 


Mary Baker 

Veldean Benck 

Richard Bishop 

Nancy Borghi 

Steve 8 Enid Brenner 

Billy Broadhead 

Mary Bruder 

Jeff Campe 

Marjorie Chrisman 

Anna Christ 

Lawrence 8 Sharon Collett 

Doris Daugherity 

Paul Donnell 

Mr 8 Mrs Kurt Elsleben 

Raymond Enyart 

Jerry & Julia Estes 

Kimberly Faynik 

David 8 Dawn Funk 

Michael 8 Debra Garnett 

Joyce Hauther 

Mr. 8 Mrs Fred Hileman 

Mark 8 Dana Hohenstein 

B. Steve 8 Grace Hughey 

Mr. 8 Mrs Harry Hyndman 

Karl 8 Vivian Keith 

Michelle Kerby 

Silas 8 Grace Klaassen 

I Elgin 8 Barbara Last 

Thavuis Lewis 

Robert Littrell 

Rachelle Litwiller 

Mike 8 Tracy Manning 

Mildred Marble 

Daniel Mattson 

Paul 8 Nicole McGillivary 

Scott McNair 

Mr. 8 Mrs. Basil Miller 

Dustin Millsap 

Robert 8 Rotiin Mourey 

Paul Mueller 

Daniel Neves 

Mr 8 Mrs. W Mahlon Noe 

Murleen Oeize 

Gayle Owens 

Joan Petty 

Janetta Phillips 

John Porwoll 

Barbara Price 

Joel 8 Katrina Rathbun 

Keith 8 Margaret Rich 

Weyman 8 Sarah 

Kenneth Schmitz 
Janell Selman 
Jessie Skouby 
Wallace 8 Sue Smith 
Robert Starr 
Rachel Sterrett 
William Sterrett 
Michelle Theile 
Karia Williams 
Austin 8 Susan 



Marianne Casagranda 
Delyn Cole 

Thomas 8 Nadine Dilts 
Samuel Grove 
Winifred Pierson 
Ken Yellowtail 


Chad Allen 

Lawrence 8 Mary Bauer 
Jacquelyn Becker 
Jennifer Bell 
John Bell 
Brooke Blue 
Nathan Boeker 
David Brainard 
Audrey Busboom 
Robert Garcia 

I8\ • Taylor Inlversllv IW.i Honor Roll of Donors 

Vernon & Alice Goff 

Lorri Goode 

John & Sharon Groolhuis 

Erin Gunther 

Linda Harder 

Bessie Hendricks 

Dillon &MaudieMess 

Susan Hodges 

Harry Johnson 

Lorene Johnson 

Pamela Johnston 

James & Sharon Jost 

John & Cheri LIndholm 

Elmer Martin 

Gerald McAndrew 

Donna McKean 

Betty McPheeters 

Robert & Beverly Northup 

Andrea O'Donnell 

Susan Patterson 

Mark Pauls 

Clayton & Carolyn Peters 

Gloria Popp 

Charles S Ruth Prentice 

Mary Ellen Ronzheimer 

Carma Scheafer 

Ruth Schmdier 

Christine Schlesiger 

Wanda Schram 

Jerry & Sara Waddel 

Dale Wahlgren 

Marcy Wahlgren 

Nola Wahlgren 

Gary Wallman 

Donna Wenzel 

Leslie Wenzel 

Timothy Witteveen 

Peggy Wolff 

Robin Zich 


Catherine Lynch 
Rachel Nicholson 
Susan Standlee 
George & Ethel Vance 

l^ew Hampshire 

Stephanie Butler 
Clinton Cartwnght 
David & Victoria Frens 
Edward & Susanne Kelly 
William & Kari Novick 
George & Ragnhild Ogren 
Mark & Jeanne Pride 
David & Nancy Smith 
M.James & June Young 

\(*w Jersey 

Svend & Arna Abrahamsen 
Geoffrey & Bonny Ames 
David & Charlotte 

Mr. & Mrs Thomas 

Ronald & Sharon 

Barbara Askeland 
Lee & Sharon Augsburger 
Susan Ballenger 
William Bankos 
Margaret Barton 
Barry & Susan Beatty 
Albert Bell 

Charles & Barbara Bender 
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas 

Allen Bentson 
Derek & Paula Black 
Leslie & Margaret Boggess 
Ray & Helen Brechbil) 
Richard Breen 
Myrna Brennan 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert 

Ann Bubnekovich 
Micahel Buccialia 
Terri Carlisle 
John & Frances Casner 
John Caterson 
David & Martha Chambers 
Jacob & Teresa Chan 
Marian Christoff 
Irving & Louise Clapp 
Marcia Cocking 
Joe Curriden 
Ronald & Christine 

Trudy DeJulio 
Phebe Deblock 
Brenda Demianych 
Dow/ Drukker 

Donald & Diana Dunkerton 
Stuart & Marjorie Ensinger 
Mr. & Mrs. Gene 


Gerard Farineila 

David & Beverley Paris 

Diana Fedora 

Essene Finlaw 

Sandra Foster 

Dale Fox 

Milton Fox 

Susan Fox 

Douglas Fuhrman 

Mary Gbuf 

Joanne Gibison 

Richard & Carol Giftord 

Glenn & Beth Guerin 

Dorothy Haefner 

Mr. & Mrs John Hagestad 

Vivian Hankins 

G. Arthur & Doris Hansen 

Leon Harris 

Elizabeth Hoffman 

Warren & Kathleen 

W, Jay Horn 
Doris Hornickel 
Lois Huff 

Ralph & Joan lacobelli 
Louis & Judith Imperial 
Marjorie Irelan 
Marisa Inzarry 
Maryanne Knudsen 
Eugenio & Maria LaBrin 
Hubert Layton 
Harry & Anne Lubansky 
Susan Luthman 
Mildred Maguire 
John & Kimberly Mahoney 
Ruth Mattis 
Linda McFarland 
James McGowan 
Leona McGowan 
Elmyra McNair 
Phyllis Miller 
Gate Warren & Patricia 

Colleen Murphy 
Dorothy Nelson 
Timothy & Marcia Pashley 
Janice Patten 
Helen Pedersen 
Marian Petersen 
Barbara Peterson 
Diane Peterson 
Nancy Peterson 
Peter Peterson 
Russell Peterson 
William & Audrey Plumb 
Carol Powers 
Margaret Putz 
Liiliam Rae 

James & Patricia Rahn 
Ralph Rennard 
Morris & Joanne 

Christine Scheller 
Mary Scott 
Ellen Smith 
Nathan Smith 
Robert Smith 
Richard & Ramona 

Elber Stearns 
Charles Surran 
Arthur & Karin Thompson 
Edward & Marilyn 

0. M. & Olga Thompson 
Dean & Mari Tshudy 
Arnold & Inese Ukstlns 
William & Janet Van 

Craig & VIcki Vielguth 
Violet Weech 

Wesley & Christine Whalen 
Carl & Jill Wilbanks 
Ruth Willis 
Timothy & Penny 

Agnes Youngdahl 
Mr. & Mrs. Dale Zabel 
William & Alice Zakaluk 

\ew Mexico 

Ten Brown 

Mary Dixon Donaldson 

Ramon & Frances Farley 

Dee & Ruth Friesen 

Wanita Grainger 

Martha Gurd 

Craig & Sandra Harlamert 

Manuel & Kathleen 

Betty Kamps 
Clifford & Ruth Kelzer 
Joseph & Kay O'Neal 
James Patterson 
H. Fred & Sandra Pomeroy 

Reginald & Barbara Saville 
Robert & Barbara Stewart 
Carol Ward 

\ew \ork 

Thelma Adams 

Julia Alexander 

Nils & Carolyn Anderson 

Cynthia Andrews 

Arthur Atkins 

David Baehr 

Evelyn Baehr 

Lucy Baehr 

Bruce Baker 

James & Linda Barnum 

Gregory & Nancy Bastian 

Harold & Dorothea Bauer 

Paul & A. Elaine Bauer 

Mary Beers 

Lowell & Marilyn Btom 

Bruce & Kathleen 

Matthew Bubar 
George Bundt 
Jon Burghardt 
Marion Carlson 
John Carpenter 
Robert Childs 
Sandra Chin 
Patricia Chittley 
Ernest & Joan Clapper 
Lois Close 

Nicolas & Audrey Colon 
Diane Colucci 
Kevin Cooman 
Mark & Judith Cornfield 
William & Joyce Coxeter 
G Jack & Rebecca 

Verna Criswell 
Terry Czechowski 
Carl DeAngelo 
Carol DeGroat 
Robert & Pauline Dewey 
Kirk & Marilee Dorn 
Lillian Duffus 
Kathleen Elliott 
Eugene & Carol Ferguson 
Ruth Ferree 
Dorothy Frost 
Marilyn Frost 
William Gent 
Lorraine Glick 
Theresa Gloss! 
Virginia Gloss! 
Donald & RheaGoodson 
Herbert & Annetta Graham 
Marsha Greenslit 
Barbara Gregg 
Gerald & Knstine Hale 
Nathanael Hale 
R. Wendell & Ruth Hall 
Diana Hartter 
Nancy Hirst 
Mr & Mrs. Charles Ho 
David & Lynn Hopwood 
David Hughes 
David Hutson 
Kurt & Paige Jaeger 
Alfred & Gladys Kahler 
Helen Kashmer 
Martin & Ingeborg Kelly 
Richard Kelly 
John & Doris Kennedy 
Marjorie Klimachefsky 
George & Margaret Klohck 
Evelyn Knapp 
Thomas & Janet Kraft 
Roy Krai 

Walter & Patricia Kregler 
Richard Kuplen 
Wendy Kwltny 
Gene Laing 

David & Susanne Larson 
Donald & Anita Leonard 
Ken & L. Kathleen Linsner 
Linda Little 

Kerby & Cynthia Loukes 
Deborah Manby 
Dan & Sheri Matthews 
Sophia Maynard 
James McAward 
Janelle Mclver 
Arthur & Doris Mebert 
Peter Meschter 
Helen Meyer 
Donald Morse 
Sandra Munson 
Rick & Melinda Nelson 
Nancy Nuding 
Amy Ogden 
Dorotea Ogden 
John & Janice Okesson 
RoseMarle Olsen 
Joseph & Shirley Ortego 

Uwe & IngePabst 
Selma Patrick 
Sheron Pedley 
Victor Perillo 
Julianne Port 
Patricia Presher 
Richard & Carol Radwan 
Allison Record 
Kevin & Beth Rich 
Margery Robb 
Mr & Mrs. Thomas 

Nancy Rockwood 
Mr & Mrs. Terry Roggow 
Arthur Romer 
Dorland Russett 
Jeffrey & Lisa Ryan 
Victoria Sapienza 
William & Audrey Sargent 
Herb & Michelle Sawyer 
George & Annely 

Michael Schroeder 
David & Barbara Scudder 
Connie Shaw 
Kimberly Shaw 
Walters Shirley Sheard 
Christine Silvestro 
Dorothea Simonsen 
Darrell & Charlotte Singer 
Douglas & Audrey Sliker 
Andrew Speiser 
Lillian Squires 
Mary Lou Standford 
Arleen Staub 
Oliver & Carol Steiner 
Palmer Suhano 
Sandra Sykes 
Lee Taylor 

Edward & Darleen Tector 
Alfred & Sheila Thompson 
Cart & Jean Tichenor 
Norman Tjon 
Dorothy Tortora 
Bruce & Donna Trexler 
Gary & Linda Umphreyville 
Judith Updike 
John & Barbara Van 

Diane VanVorce 
David Vandergoot 
W. Erwin & Katharine 

Martha Watson 
Nancy Werthmuller 
Norman & Virginia 

Paula Windsor 
Melvyn & Leah Wolff 
William &Mary Wortman 
Kenneth Wurtemberg 
Elizabeth Youngstrom 

Norlh Carolina 

Kazuhito Adachi 
Janet Aldndge 
Grace Beach 
JoAnn Benson 
Michael & Eleanor 

Jack Borders 
Jack Borders 
Roy Brewer 
Mark & Dawn Chouinard 
Glenn & Martha Covington 
Mary Coward 
Brian & Susan Crites 
Phyllis Crosby 
Ann Dotson 
John Dotson 
Emil & Jane Dovan 
Daniel Ertner 
Robert & Barbara Ferrell 
Janet Foreman 
Mr & Mrs. Vernon Frank 
Daniel & Sherry Freeman 
Thomas & Esther Futrelt 
Jan Galloni 
Robert Goodling 
James & Edith Hall 
Max & Leslie Hand 
Ralph Harrell 
Mary Hoffman 
Daniel & Kathy Hubley 
Irene Hughey 
Kirk Jacober 

G, Kenan & Joyce Jacob! 
Steven Jirgal 
Cliff & Jennifer Jordan 
Raymond Kreiner 
Linda Langworthy 
Michael & Victoria Leburg 
H.R. Lesesne 

Pete Little 

James Long 

Thomas & Karen Luginbill 

Evan & Marilynn McDirmit 

Mary Mickey 

Carol Mizell 

Mary Morgan 

Cameron & Margaret 

Don & Diane Mundy 
Alvin & Janice Myers 
JoAnn Noeli 
Joan Noell 
Carl Parsons 
Edward Peterson 
Carol Petree 
James Price 

David & Nancy Ramsdale 
Carolyn Ray 
Bobby Lee Rice 
Donald & Jane Richards 
Raymond Rilea 
Eleanor Roderick 
William & Sally Roost 
David S Lucille Ruths 
Gladys Sampson 
Elizabeth Scott 
Reinette Seaman 
Susan Sechrest 
Robert & Nancy Seevers 
Robert & Ann Sheesley 
Rebecca Snow 
Shirley Stewart 
Richard & LIsanne Sykes 
C. P & Alma Tarkington 
Gerald & Nancy Thomas 
Theodore Thrasher 
Art Tompkins 
H. Paul Troxler 
David Turner 
Philip &Lori Welch 
Henry Williams 
W T Williams 
Ray & Susan Woodcock 
Wayne Workman 
Louise Zumer 

\orlh Dakota 

Pat Chrislensen 
Ken & Barbara Mettler 
Lionel & Marion Muthiah 
James & Diane Vivian 


Douglas Abel 

Melinda Abrahamson 

Carol Adams 

Charles & Jane Adams 

Edith Adams 

Paul & Berniece Adams 

Angela Albers 

Leesa Alford 

Timothy & Terri Alley 

David Alspaugh 

Beverly Altierl 

Shelley Amburgy 

Jeffery Anderson 

Jo Anne Anderson 

Lois Anderson 

Max & Dorothy Andrew 

Donald Andrews 

James Andrews 

Roger & Linda Andrews 

James & Elaine Anspaugh 

Sharon Anthony 

Grace Archer 

John & Sharon Arndt 

Daniel & Jeannetle Arnold 

Douglas & Melinda Arnold 

Gayle & Sue Arnold 

Lynn & Joan Aschliman 

R. C. Augenstein 

Steve Augustine 

George Bahner 

Esther Bailey 

Alice Baker 

Lynn Baker 

William & Sue Bales 

Roy Ballard 

Patricia Barger 

Ann Barnhart 

Peter Barnhart 

Tom & Janet Barone 

June Battles 

Robert & Lisa Bauer 

Harold Becker 

Alistair Begg 

Cindy Bell 

Richard & Karen Bell 

Nona Eleanor Bendorf 

Richard Benkert 

Cecil & Kathy Bergen 

Judith Bickmeyer 

Dale Bicknell 

Dorothy Biddle 

Charles & Cathy Biglin 

Kurt & Julie Bishop 

Tim Blackburn 

John & Stacy Bloomberg 

Mary Bogue 

Christa Bohleen 

Jerry & Janet Bolton 

John Bordas 

Richard & Karan Bov/den 

Elizabeth Bowen 

David & Connie 

Quenhn Bowers 
Richard & Patricia Bowers 
Debra Bowman 
Gregory Boyce 
Michael & Cheri Brady 
William & Rosalind Brailey 
Mary Breeden 
Paul Breen 

David & Janet Brennan 
Brent & Joanne 

Brice & Lydia Brenneman 
Warren Brim 
Pamela Brtndley 
Phyllis Brock 
David & Joy Brokaw 
Charles & Yvonne Bruerd 
Lois Bryan 
Wanda Burke 
David & Lori Burkholder 
J. Michael & Dawn Burnett 
Wanda Bussard 
John & Annette Callahan 
John Campbell 
Nick & Hope Cannell 
James & Wanda Carmany 
Theresa Carnes 
Scott & Dawn Carr 
James & Penny Carson 
John & Carol Carter 
Mae Case 
Thomas Cellar 
John Cercek 
Peggy Chamberlain 
Gary Chaney 
Tom & Patricia Chelf 
Margaret Chris! 
Nicholas Christian 
Lowell Christman 
Thomas Christman 
Jonathan Church 
Ellen Claggett 
David Cfark 
Eldon & Ruth Clark 
Henry & Joyce Clark 
Jean Clark 
Barbara Clinehens 
Esther Clymer 
Paul Coblentz 
Jeffrey Coburn 
David & Carol Conns 
Carol Connors 
Elmers Ruth Copley 
Karen Cordial 
Lance Corven 
Jacqueline Covert 
Matilda Cowherd 
Joseph & Lois Cox 
Dan Coy 
V Crago 
Shirley Crawford 
Mark Crock 
Daniel & Marjorie 

Charlotte Culler 
James Cunningham 
Robert Curcio 
Carolyn Curtis 
Jean Curtis 
Tracie Dakters 
John & Esther Daniels 
C. Mark & Sheri 

Douglas & Michelle 

E. Glennard & Barbara Day 
Mark & Jann Day 
Leon DeGroff 
Timothy & Michelle 

Ralph & Lorna DeLong 
Donald DeMuth 
Eugene & Carol 

Lee Dice 
Carol Dick 
John Dickey 
Jean Dlller 

Jeffrey & Cynthia Dillon 
Thomas & Roxanne Dillon 
Theresa Disbro 
Daniel Dittman 
Carol Dockery 

Daryl & Kimberly Dockus 

H Ray & Anne Dotson 

Allen Douce 

Marilyn Dowler 

M. Dunbar 

John & Mary Helen 

Donald & Anita Dyck 
Lewis & Daria Eagy 
David & Lorie Eastman 
Samuel & Connie Eddy 
James & Sharon Edwards 
Thomas & Sara Eggleslon 
Milady Eliasen 
Lester Elliot 
Stacy Ellis 
Lawrence Elmore 
Judith Emert 
Russell Enzor 
Patrick Ereditario 
William & Alexis Etchell 
Edward & Evangeline 

Julie Eyerly 

Donald & Margaret Faimon 
Evelyn Fair 
Mary Fairall 

Darrell & Maureen Farney 
Brenda Farnsworth 
Jill Favorite 
Kathryn Favorite 
Ruth Fey 
Thomas Fey 

Richard & Joy Ftnkenbme 
Cathy Finley 
James Fisher 
David & Lynette Flick 
Lowell Flint 
Etta Flora 
Anna Follett 
Linda Fong 

John & Marilyn Forbes 
Rhonda Ford 
Michael & Carol Franz 
Mary Ann Free 
Sheila Freeman 
Clyde Freese 
Helen Freese 
Marcus & Gwen Freese 
Richard Fuller 
William Gahr 
Jerilynn Gahring 
Julia Galo 

Dave & Priscilla Garwood 
Harold & Jessie Geis 
Harold Geiss 
Eldon & Karen Gerber 
Ralph & Melba Gerber 
Timothy Gerber 
Ola Gerig 
Harry Gilbert 
Jerry Gilbert 
David Gilcher 
Marjorie Gill 
Mary Ann Gillespie 
Walters Kay Gisel 
Mr S Mrs. Larry Goodwin 
Richard Gorman 
Ruth Gossard 
Bettle Graves 
Charles Gray 
Charles Gray 
Marion Gray 
John S Phyllis Green 
Elizabeth Griffith 
Penny Grube 
Dale S Lorraine Guenther 
Esther Guenther 
Ronald & Connie Guyer 
Sami & Janet Hadaya 
S. Victor & Jennifer 

Michael & Donna Hager 
Charles S Ruth Hahn 
Robert S Geraldine Hahn 
James S Ruth Hall 
Deborah Hallstrom 
Mike S Karen Hamsho 
Theresa Hancock 
Michael S Judith Hardy 
Todd S Lynn Hardy 
James Harmath 
Billy & Mary Harris 
Donald Harris 
Sharon Hartlgan 
Ann Harty 

Nathan S Lynne Harvey 
Lowell S Virginia Hattield 
Mr & Mrs. Charles Hatton 
Jeffery Hauck 
John Hauck 
Thomas Hawks 
Paul S Carol Headland 
Onley & Elsie Heath 
Wayne S Doris Heindel 

Taylor liniversily 1M95 Honor Itoll of Donors • I9A 

Virginia Henderson 
Jane Herald 
Carolyn Heskelt 
Jim & Margaret Hess 
Steve & Katherine Hess 
Robert & Carolyn Highley 
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Hill 
William & Julia Hill 
Timothy & Cynthia Hillier 
Bonnie Himler 
H. F. & Ruth Hitchcock 
Nancy Hoftman 
George & Diane Holcomb 
Mark & Sandra Hortne 
Michael Horst 
Horace Hossler 
Barbara Houmard 
Norma Hover 
Patricia Huebsctier 
Edsel & Mary Huffman 
Carl & Leda Hunteman 
Ronald & Christina 

Gerald Hurd 

Roderick & Vickie Huston 
Laurie Hyatt 
Margie lagulli 
Wilmer & Patricia Her 
Billie Jacquet 
Frances Jason 
J James & Linda Jerele 
Bernita Jess 
David Jewell 
J. Phillip & Lois Jones 
Kurt & Coreen Joviak 
Eugene & Nellie Kandel 
Willis & Martha Karges 
Mr & Mrs. Michael Karhan 
Philip & Jane Karl 
Joyce Kaufmann 
Juliann Kaufmann 
J. W. Kay 
Roberta Keating 
Delore Kelleher 
John & Judith Keller 
Jon & Melanie Kemp 
Jerry & Amy Kempf 
Eric & Yvonne Kempthorn 
Walter Kerr 
James & Sharon Key 
Grace Keyes 
Margaret Keyes 
Cynthia King 
James & R. Colleen King 
Jay & Kathleen King 
Sherman & Lily King 
Eileen Kirkpatrick 
David Kitko 
Duane Kline 
Eloise Kline 
Linda Kline 
Emerson Klinefelter 
Carol Knauer 
Patricia Knight 
Lezlee Knowles 
Sandra Knudsen 
Paul & Diane Koch 
Max & Eileen 

Constance Koehn 
Edward Koehn 
Robert & Sue Kontak 
John & Pnscilla Kreis 
Luanne Knmaschev/icz 
Ludwig & Elsa Kroger 
Carol Krumm 
David & Christine Kubal 
Katherine Kuhn 
Edward Lachmiller 
Dennis & Lori Ladd 
David Lance 
Douglas Lance 
Jane Lance 
John Lasure 
Donald & Camille 

Delmer Lavely 
Jeanette Lee 
Carl & Sandra Leedy 
Janet Lehman 
Patricia Leimgruber 
Mark & Jennifer Leitnaker 
Dan & Naomi Lesher 
Ronald & Helen Leu 
Gary & Lon Lindau 
Douglas & Deborah Linton 
Mr. & Mrs, Paul Lister 
Dana Lloyd 
Lana Lloyd 

Richard & Kathleen Lloyd 
Patricia Loeffler 
LouAnne Logemann 
Scott Logemann 
Mildred Lovell 
Nancy Lowe 

Roy Lowe 

Kenneth & Marilyn Lucas 

Denise Luczywo 

Charles & Shirley Lugbill 
Jerry & Sandra LugbiN 
Paul Luidhardt 
Nadine Lykins 
Charles & Dottie Lynn 
David Maier 
Jerry Mancinetti 
Phillip Manring 
Betty Manuilow 
Elsie Marietta 
James & Lois Markwood 
Ruth Marsh 
Matthew Massey 
Sherman & Rae Massie 
Gary & Christine Mastin 
Gregory & Elizabeth 

Charlene Mathias 
Ronald & Ella Matthias 
Stephanie Mattson 
Anna Mault 
James Maynard 
Monica McBride 
Gertrude McConnell 
William McCormick 
Judith McCoy 
John McCreary 
Harold & Pamela McDamel 
Allen McFarland 
James & Janice McGuire 
Roger & Theresa McKinley 
Rosalie McKinley 
Katherine McKmney 
Barbara McVicker 
James & Louise 

Gary & Susan Medaiis 
Maureen Meeker 
Herbert & Mary Meier 
John & Linda Meier 
Howard & Lois Mellott 
David Meranus 
Peggy Metz 
Donald Metzger 
Brenda Meyer 
Ralphs Phyllis Miles 
Bruce & Ruth Miller 
Glenn & Diane Miller 
Mark Miller 
Martha Miller 
Todd & Jennifer Miller 
Scot & Jeri Millhouse 
Thomas & Myra Milligan 
David & Marlynn Miser 
Brenda Mitchell 
Michaels KathyMobley 
G. Howard Mohon 
John & Julanne Molitor 
John & Marti Molloy 
Judith Moncrief 
Brent Monnin 
Rita Monroe 
Glenn Moore 
Mr. & Mrs. Bryan Moore 
Michael & Andrea 

Travis Morgan 
Thomas & Donna Morr 
Irene Morns 
William Morse 
Kent & Lynn Mosher 
Sue Motter 
Diane Mugrage 
Monte Mugrage 
Betty Munn 
Ellen Murdock 
Karen Myers 
Lee & Sandra Myers 
Jeffrey Neeper 
Janet Nees 
Ann Nesbitt 
Adam Ness 
Jeffrey & Deborah 

Deanna Nezrick 
Blaine Nicholls 
Juanita Nies 
Dale & Janet Nitzsche 
Millard & Margaret Niver 
David & Susan Nofziger 
Connie O'Malley 
Sheldon & Eliabeth 

Carol Olah 
Emily OIney 
Paul & Wendy Orchard 
Ann Ossim 

Everen & Ruth Overturt 
Barbara Owens 
Clarence & Elizabeth 

Herbert Oyer 

Halcyon Palmer 

Evelyn Pappas 

Ross & Shirley Parisi 

Nancy Parker 

Robert Parr 

Paul Parrish 

Nina Patton 

Vincent & Lee Petno 

Donald & Donna Pfister 

Todd & Natalie Pfister 

Harvey & Jennifer Pflug 

Edward & Luanne Phillips 

Carol Pickens 

Virgil Plymale 

Steven & Susan Powers 

Karen Price 

W. R. & Patricia Price 

Dennis Profitt 

Ann Purdy 

James Purses 

George Putman 

Greg & Joy Pyles 

William & Lou Rager 

Hobert & Judy Raikes 

Robert & Mary 

Charles & Mary Rapp 
Carl Rardon 

Lowell & Phyllis Reeder 
Terry & Rebecca Reichard 
Brian & Jennifer Reifsnider 
J. N, & Helen Reynolds 
Clyde & Gay Rhodes 
Donald Rhonehouse 
Harold Richardson 
David & Jan Rickard 
Todd & Jennifer Ridner 
Richard Riley 
Michelle Roby 
JoAnn Rohyans 
Thomas Rosebrough 
Bruce Rosenberger 
Clarence Rosenberger 
Daniel & Alice Ross 
Robert Roth 
Elinor Roush 

Russell & Linda Ruckman 
Karen Rude 
David & Suzanne 

Charles & Jeanette Rupp 
Keith & Linda Rupp 
Charles & Pamela 

Craig & Leslie Santomauro 
Paul & Judy Sare 
Kimberly Sayers 
James Scarpone 
Kenneth Schafer 
Michael Schaffer 
Jacqueline Schleucher 
Steve Schlumbohm 
Clifford & Valerie Schmidt 
James & Rachel Schmitz 
Martha Schmitz-Wealleans 
Richard Schmuck 
J. William Schneck 
Judy Schoolar 
Day Schreiber 
Pamela Scott 
Ella Sedwick 
Robert & Janeth Segel 
Jacob & Jean Seibotd 
Gary & Mary Shade 
Herbert & Sue Shaw 
Charles & Joanne Shickley 
Rex & Dorothy Short 
Laura Shrider 
Bonnie Shultzman 
Donald Shumaker 
Eileen Sikora 
Peggy Simmons 
R. JuneSipes 
Robert & Kimberley Slade 
Carol Smith 
David & Jennifer Smith 
Greg & Linda Smith 
Jeffrey Smith 
John & Nancy Smith 
R, Donnell Smith 
Rose Smith 
Steven Smith 
Ray & Ann Snyder 
Mark Sommer 
Barbara Somodi 
Christina Sontag 
Charlotte Sounik 
George Spahn 
Luke & Jacqualyn Springer 
Jerry & Mary Stairs 
Von Stambaugh 
Kenneth Stamm 
Dean Stansbury 
Roy & Cleo Staub 
James & Michelle 

Martha Sleiner 
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Sterner 
Janice Stephens 
Scott & Lisa Stephens 
Denton & Sylvia Stetler 
Kirby & Judy Stetler 
Joseph & Jennie Stevans 
Heber Stevens 
Carroll Stewart 
James & Sharon Stimmel 
JoAnn Stimpfle 
James & Marilyn Stone 
Stephen Stone 
Roger & Carol Storer 
Linda Stover 
Marie Streit 
Virginia Stuckert 
Fannie Stutzman 
Robert & Charlotte Styer 
Donald & Helen Summers 
Naida Sutch 
David Sutclifte 
Elva Taube 

Loren & Nancy Taylor 
Wayne Taylor 
Peggy Taynor 
Charles Teach 
Sharon Tedrow 
Robert & Jennifer Tenaglia 
Beverly Them 
Bonnie Thomas 
James Thomas 
James & Patricia Thomas 
Janenne Thomas 
Lula Thomas 
Donald & Charlotte 

Harold & Carolyn 

Mindy Thorp 
Q.Jane Thrasher 
Jim& KendraThurman 
Jo Ann Tiberi 
Steven Tiberi 
Sherri Tobias 
Paul Tovey 

Thomas & Suzie Tropf 
Roberts LeoraTroyer 
Carol Tumbleson 
Thomas Uliczny 
Richard & Helen 

Jerry Lingerer 
James Urbanek 
Kent VanWagner 
J. Douglas Veach 
Aric Verhagen 
W. Mark & Nyla Vernon 
Paul & Janet Vest 
David & Jeannine Voris 
Zane& Elaine Walker 
Verl&Glenna Walton 
Chris & Stacie Ward 
Jerry Ward 
Kathleen Ward 
Julia Waters 
John Watson 
James Weller 
Henry Wellman 
Matthew & Tammi 

Valetta Werder 
Edward Westbrook 
Charles & Judith Wheatley 
John & Jo Wheeler 
Diane White 
Kenneth White 
Bruce Widlicka 
Esther Widlicka 
Mr. & Mrs Robert Wiley 
Jodi Wilhelm 
Eva Williams 
Thomas & Pat Williams 
George & Sandra 

William Williamson 
Enid Wilson 
Karen Winar 
Frederick Winegarner 
David & Amy Winner 
James & Donna Wise 
Kevins Jill Wise 
C & Bobbi Wiseman 
Ruth Wiseman 
Jim & Gayle Wood 
Jodi Woodruff 
Gaylon & Jean Worch 
Julie Workman 
P Joan Workman 
William Workman 
Ed& DianneWynck 
Karlin & Myrna Wyse 
Dons Yinger 
B Jay & Shirley Yoder 

Kimberlee Yoshino 
Anita Young 
Dorothy Young 
Paul Young 

Mr. & Mrs. Valenhne Yutzy 
Ronald & Linda Zachrich 
Robert & Sally Zehnal 
Charles & Elisabeth 

Donald Zell 

Mr. & Mrs. CurtZerkle 
Gordon & Ruth 

Beverly Zollars 


Dianna Clark 

Bill & Mildred Copeland 

Brent Cotton 

George & Elaine Eddens 

Michael Ensley 

Mike Goolsbay 

Herbert Hackman 

Kyle Heath 

Vesta Key 

Lav^rence & Mildred 

Gary & Martha Left 
Arthur & Gladys Lindell 
Hermina Movotny 
James & Julie Parsons 
Pam Thompson 
C Jan Tipton 
Laura Warfe! 


Arliene Adams 
Betty Ankeny 
Harlow Ankeny 
Mark Ankeny 
Timothy Ankeny 
Paul& Laurel Armerding 
Elizabeth Barnett 
Bruce Bishop 
Tera Bloodgood 
Carolyn Boldt 
V. Joy Bongiorno 
Theresa Bowen 
Beverly Chapman 
Barbara Cotroneo 
Gordon Crisman 
Kay Davis 
Mary Dickey 
Suzanne Elhs 
Donald Frenchs 
Kenneth & Millicent Funk 
John & Gwendolyn 

Harry & Elisabeth Hampton 
Larry Hampton 
Gaylord & Naomi Hicks 
Steohanie Hixson 
Kevin & Lynn Holzapfel 
H.W, Kenworthy 
Jim & Frances Kincaid 
Mildred King 
Joni Laver 
Katherine MacCluer 
Anne Magruder 
Wanda Matthews 
Joseph Mckeown 
Barbara Miles 
James & Faith Miller 
John & LaVonne Norns 
Joanne O'Connor 
Rufus & Orlue Regier 
Betty Roehl 
Gene & JudyShrout 
Joyce Sixberry 
Carlton & Sally Snow 
Candice Sonerholm 
Joseph & Catherine 

Howard Van Scoyk 


Lots Abbott 

Barbara Allison 

Mary Allison 

Lois Anderson 

Ken & Lon Armstrong 

Martha Bailey 

Robert Bair 

Mr. & Mrs Steven Balint 

Elwood Barnhart 

Lyie & Lorena Barrett 

Harold Barth 

Michel Bauthier 

Clark & Sandra Bedford 

Lori Bemlich 

Mr, & Mrs, Robert Bell 

Vera Jean Benchoff 

Ruth Bender 

Charles & Annie Berke 

Jose Bermeo 

David Besecker 

Catherine Bittner 

Ronald & Donna Bolesta 

David Bowden 

Robert & Marion Bowers 

Bruce Boydell 

Verna Boyer 

Ruth Brandt 

Gerry & Karen Briggs 

Walter Brown 

William & Norma Brown 

Andrew & Colleen 

Irma Brubaker 
Rosemary Bucy 
Frederick Buhrman 
Mary Burkart 
Marshall & Betty Burke 
Cindy Byers 
Linda Byler 
Maria Caretti 
Ruth Carter 
Barbara Clark 
Laura Clearwater 
Ronald Cline 
Diana Clippinger 
David Cloetingh 
Harold Cook 

Holly Jean Coward Heine 
Carl & Sara Daugherty 
Michael Daugherty 
Roy Daugherty 
Dorothy Davies 
Gregory & Ellie Davis 
J. Kenneth & Carole 

Barbara Depew 
Clyde Deremer 
Walter & Linda Dickson 
Wayne & Wendy Dietnch 
Edward & Ruth Diffin 
Stephen & Margaret Dill 
Katherine Doyle 
Carol Duff 
Marietta Dunlap 
Nancy Dusckas 
James Eaton 
Russ & Joyce Ehnch 
Margaret Eichelberger 
Kimberley Eldredge 
Charles & Kathleen Engle 
Sharon Engle 
Stephen & Elisabeth 

Lisa Evans 
Ivabelle Evers 
Eric Felix 
Gerald Fisher 
Donald Fleegle 
Edward & Norma Fleming 
Jerry Flewelling 
Donna Fox 

Blair & Jennifer Freer 
Gary & Carol Frenette 
Freddy Fritz 
Lindsay Fuddy 
William & Patricia Furman 
Geraldine Gardner 
Martha Girton 
Heather Gladhill 
Rodney & Lucy Goshow 
Robert Gneco 
Earl Grove 

Richard & Virginia Gulick 
Linda Gundlach 
Richard & Sarah Guthrie 
Carl Haag 
Christine Hall 
Eileen Harbaugh 
Robert & Judith Harvey 
William & Donna 

Sandra Hawbaker 
Tom & Diane Hawkins 
Doyle & Marlene Hayes 
David Heineman 
David & F Mabel Hensel 
Lon Herr 
Nyle Hershberger 
Wayne & Joyce Hickethier 
Dennis Hile 
Marvin Hile 
Timothy & Michelle 

Mary Hokkanen 
Steven & Jean Holaday 
Tammy Howe 
Michael Hrip 
David Hrisak 
Mr. & Mrs. William 

George & Joyce Hutchison 
Emilie lezzi 

Linda Ingram 
Ann Jacobs 
Peter & Diane Jacobs 
Neil & Carol Jacobson 
Judith Jamank 
Grace Johnstone 
Marilyn Johnstone 
Reuben & Mary Judson 
Donald & Alice Kach 
R LeeKarns 
Barbara Kauffman 
David Kauffman 
Douglas Kauffman 
Lynn Keating 
David & Gloria Kemp 
Arthur & Ethel Kleppmger 
J, Stephen Knudson 
Allen & Lois Korfmacher 
Melva Kraekel 
Beniamin & Miriam 

Scott & Amy Kregel 
Leo Kukkola 
Sean Kuplin 

Adam & Mildred LaRose 
Terry & Gail Landis 
James & Linda Landt 
Ronald & Martha Langberg 
Gary Larson 
Daniel & Phoebe Law 
Philip & Theresa Lawrence 
Harold & Patricia Leaman 
Melvin & Joan Leaman 
Gail Leckey 
James & Terry Lerew 
Richard Lesight 
Gordon & Janet Lewin 
John Lev;kowicz 
Janet Liljestrand 
Jean Lillmars 
Wilbur Livingston 
Douglas & Margaret 

Dennis Mahle 
Margaret Mallette 
Sue Manchey 
John Marsh 
Mildred Martin 
Olan Martin 
Clarence & Edna Mast 
Timothy Mast 
James Mattern 
William & Janet Matthews 
Mildred McCaskey 
Darlene McCurdy 
Agnes McFarland 
George & Crystal 

Howard & Carol McFarland 
James & Joanne 

Carl McKee 
John McNees 
Frank & Margie 

Stevens Shirley Metz 
Irene Middlemiss 
Gene & Bonita Miller 
Thomas & Deborah Miller 
Randy Mitchell 
Elizabeth Montalvo 
Kenneth Moore 
Marcia Moore 
Debra Morns 
Russell Mosteller 
Tammy Mouer 
William & Gail Nichols 
Norman Nightingale 
Stefanie O'Neal 
James O'roark 
Edward & Laurie Okuley 
Harry & Jackie Oldenbusch 
Timothy & Tamara Olson 
Michael Ott 
Robert & Barbara Ott 
Lisa Palladino-Ghaner 
Mr. & Mrs Leon Palmer 
Ruth Palmer 
Alice Parker 
Karen Perry 
PD Peterson 
Mr. & Mrs. Kim Pike 
Thelma Ponting 
Earl & Minam Pope 
Gregory & Jane Porter 
Pamela Porter 
Daniel Potteiger 
Roberta Pratt 
Mary Prokopchak 
Anthony & Barbara Proto 
Gail Raab 
David Rhoads 
Mary Riblet 
Jay & Cathleen Riggle 
Shirley Ringler 

20A * Tavlor Inivprsilv 1995 Honor Roll of Donors 

Delbert Ritchey 
Philip & Jean Ritchie 
Donna Roberts 
David & Nancy Roddy 
John Roethlisberger 
Betty Rosenberry 
Lucille Royer 
Russell & Eleanor Ruch 
Alexander & Darlyne 

Mary Jane Sarvey 
Myron Saterbak 
Daniel & Robyn Scales 
Jere & Brenda Schade 
David Schoenberger 
Ann Schwalm 
Edward Sciranko 
Melody Shank 
Rodney & Jeneane 

John & Kerry Shuey 
Mark Simmons 
Mae Snowden 
John Snyder 
Kathleen Snyder 
Carolyn Sollenberger 
Susan Souder 
Hugh & Janet Sprunger 
Jessica Stanford 
Mr, & Mrs. Howard 

Jeffrey & Dara Sterling 
Eddie & Lorraine Stern 
Alice Stiles 
Karen Stoltzfus 
Miriam Stoltzfus 
Darlene Stone 
Wayne Stoudt 
James Strohecker 
Mary Sweet 
Ina Syphard 
John & Amy Taggart 
Harold Taylor 
Luella Taylor 
Minnie Taylor 
Palmer Taylor 
Paul Taylor 

C- Lyie & Adele Thomas 
Jerry Traister 
Keith & Patti Trievel 
Elizabeth Trimbath 
Douglas & Cheryl Tryon 
Darlene Tyson 
Irvin Tyson 
Irvin Tyson 
Keith Tyson 
Marilyn Tyson 
Keith & Lucille Ulery 
R Richard & Shirley 

James & Barbara 

Heather Usienghi 
Julia Usienghi 
Ronald Usienghi 
Ronald Usienghi 
Tina Venman 
Fred & Carol Walthour 
Joseph Wasko 
Lawrence & Sally Weber 
James Weido 
CDavid Weller 
Ruth Westenberger 
Betty Whetstone 
Ronald & Lois Whitcraft 
Margaret Widney 
Sonya Willilamson 
Gladys Wilson 
Joan Winegardner 
Beverly Winslow 
Jon & Faith Winters 
Donald & Barbara Witman 
Richard Witmer 
Patricia Worme 
Doris Yoder 
Marcia Yoder 
Thomas Zellars 
J. Jeffrey & Dawn Zetto 
William Ziegler 

Rhode Island 

Walter Benson 

Murray & Jessie Cordin 
Carl Johnson 
John & Ann Lockler 
Paul & Nancy Rohart 

South Carolina 

Adam Anweiler 
William Ashton 
David Askeland 
Mary Augustine 
Roland & Shirley Berlka 
Mr. & Mrs, Robert Caldwell 
John & Twila Daly 

Jean Gowan 

Diana Huckle 

A, Leroy & Grace Keller 

Thomas & Shirley Knox 

EIrie Locklear 

John & Mary Parrish 

John & Patricia Phillips 

Wayne & Marjorie Pifer 

Elizabeth Suderman 

Mr & Mrs. Thomas Troyer 

Scott & Deborah White 

South Dakota 

Marliss Busenitz 
John & Loraine Price 
Matthew & Sherri 


Robin Baker 

Lee Barrett 

E C & Eileen Bernstorf 

William & Lara Blanchard 

Nancy Brasel 

Jeanie Carroll 

F. Guthrie & Renee Castle 

Thomas & Margaret 

Barbara Cook 
William & Donna Draney 
Edith Driver 
John Fitch 
Rick & Robin Florian 
Jeffrey & Michelle Fratus 
Mr, & Mrs Russell French 
Steven & Maureen Fry 
James Galo 

Joseph & Cheryl Hishmeh 
Ben Howard 
Geraldine Howard 
Garner Hoyt 
Mickey Jacobs 
Ewan Kennedy 
James & Karen Koerten 
Larry & Judith Leach 
Jane Marshall 
David Massey 
Virginia McGary 
Mary McGregor 
Beatrice Meade 
Clifford Meservy 
Greg & Charlene Moe 
Gail Moore 
D. R Mortensen 
William & Linda Mowles 
Michael & Christy Neal 
William & Thelma Neal 
Mr & Mrs, Gregory Nelson 
Susan Nelson 
Christian & Jan Newell 
Walter & Anita Ogilvie 
Robert Paine 
Carey & Beth Peters 
Richard & Margo Peterson 
Philip & Diana Place 
Judith Reynolds 
Thomas & Mary Reynolds 
Philip Roach 
Ruth Schulert 
John Searby 
Jon & Jane Sherberg 
David & Monica Slaughter 
John & Kay Slocum 
Richard & Alyson 

Richard & Rebecca 

Caroline Stevens 
Timothy & Diane Sumner 
Richard & Nancy Torrans 
Thomas& Wendy Valle 
Anthony Van Belkom 
Susan Van Hook 
Gary Wiggins 
Linda Yoder 


Manning Aalsma 
Howard & Marilyn 

Douglas Albright 
Kirk Allen 
Thomas Allen 
Larry & Vicki Backlund 
David Ballast 
John & Pamela Baxter 
Sharon Baxter 
Sue Baxter 
L, Beckenstein 
Penny Berry 
Kimberly Bowen 
Geneva Brooks 
Rita Burrows 
Faye Cherry 
Annie Clark 

C. Dale & Shirley Coin 

James & Myrna Comstock 

E. Crosby & Ruth DeWolfe 

Betty Dunlord 

Gary Efurd 

Mavis Fielding 

Hugh & Mary Frandsen 

Ed & Judith Fricke 

James Fulton 

Mr, & Mrs. Weldon Gibbs 

Edward Goldsberry 

Lillian Gough 

David & Constance Green 

Ted & Geraldine Hall 

Walter & Rose Harvey 

Korrine Hearn 

Mark Hempkins 

Fred Hickman 

Joseph & Ruth 

Joseph & Patricia Himelick 
David Hiner 
Timothy & Ashlyn H0I2 
Karen Horgan 
Alice Jackson 
John& Patricia Johns 
Michael Kempainen 
Bridget Kidd 

Deane & Jeanne Kilbourne 
John & Elizabeth Klingstedt 
Jennifer Knott 
Larry Kumbier 
Dillon & Vivian Laffin 
Inez Lane 
Terry Ledbetter 
Kelli Lovell 

Mark & Marilyn Lubenow 
Bruce & Rosemary 

Terry & Arlene Manderfeld 
Kathleen Markoff 
Kevin Markoff 
William McKenney 
Joanna McMahan 
Michael Memmer 
Wendy Miller 
Judith Munson 
Jim Neargarder 
Diana Oudin 
Matthew & Luanne 

Sherry Paul 
David Payne 
Robert & Margaret 

James Pofahl 
Al & Priscilla Pomarici 
Brett & Lisa Powers 
0, Michael Pressley 
Pamela Prichard 
Chris &Ailsa Pujol 
J, Franklin & Lynn Pyle 
J, Richard & Margaret Pyle 
Ladean Ragland 
Tim Ragiand 
Jack Reaves 
Bryan Renfro 
Douglas & Kathleen Ryan 
Kathy Schwartz 
Robert & Victoria Sengele 
Granville Sewell 
Lois Sheeler 
E,E, Smith 
James Smith 
Robert & Carole Smith 
Gail Sutcliffe 
Alvin Thompson 
Paul Thompson 
Joseph Toth 
Beverly Treffinger 
W. James Truitt 
Sue Turner 

James & Carol Underwood 
Joseph & B, Elaine 

Linda Warren 
Don Waugh 
Richard Wepler 
David & Jamie Whitehouse 
Philip & Margaret 

Keri Williams 
Garnett Wipff 
C. Raymond Woodrow 
Willa Yost 

David & Carol Zoutendam 
Anna Zurian 


Dale Petersen 
Melissa Spencer 


Mary Bower 

Winifred Clark 
J. Arthurs Effamay 

Jennifer Doucette 
Jacqueline English 
Peter & Joyce Todd 
Luise Twardy 


C. P Abernathy 
Christopher Adkison 
Chester Amis 
Charles Archibald 
Donna Arrington 
Criag Baker 

Arthur & Salena Ballman 
Roy Battles 
Beverly Benner 
James Bennet 
Jams Bordewyk 
Elizabeth Bowles 
Andrew & Reagan 

Stephen Campbell 
Vivian Cleeton 
Homer Coleman 
Randal Cooper 
John & Joan Cowley 
Leslie Darby 
Carol Davis 
Dawn Dodson 
Michelle Ellis 
Arthur Esposito 
Roy & Barbara Finkenbine 
James Fletcher 
Gary SAndraFoss 
Kimberly Garrison 
Russell Gifford 
G Douglas & Cathy 

David & Lynn Guhse 
B. J, Gupton 
Shelly Hardesty 
Mark & Joy Hayden 
Thomas Hicks 
Barbara Hobbs 
Joseph Hrubik 
Norman & Sarah Huston 
Elizabeth Isbell 
Russell Jenkins 
Warren & Ellie Jenkins 
David Johnston 
Susan Kautzmann 
David Kruse 
Fredrick Kyle 
Patricia Kyle 
Warren Lane 
Jack & Janet Lanier 
Clyde & Kay Lee 
George & Athalie Leichnetz 
Victor & Roxanne Leichty 
James Lemmon 
Lulu Lloyd 
Alberta Loeffler 
Martha Lowery 
John Luck 

Tim & Carolyn Lugbill 
Barbara Marsh 
S, Renee Martin 
Stanley & Joanne 

Janet Mays 

Jon & Wendy Mc Neece 
James & Nancy McMann 
Mary Lou McMillin 
James & Lois Mitchell 
Eve Morrison 
John Morrison 
Carroll Newcomb 
Philip & Ena Olds 
Warren Patow 
William & Carollyn 

Jane Plapp 
Philip & Mary Poletti 
Thomas Robinson 
Dave & Marceline Romig 
Kenneth & Ethel Romig 
Lori Rosie 
Galen Rothrock 
Michael & Gail Simone 
Shawn & Heidi Sloan 
Douglas Smethurst 
Elizabeth Smyder 
Eleanor Sommerteld 
Paul & Gail Stath 
Gary & Kimbra Sterling 
Matthew & Cheryl Storer 
Michael & Linda Stout 
Ha Strachan 
William & Glenda 

Ben & Jane Timian 
Sam & Jene Tutton 
Jill Vander Pol 

David Vesey 

Robert & Deborah Weber 

Thomas & Jean Weir 

David White 

Cheryl Wilson 

Larry Wilt 

Marguerite Wilt 

Beulah Witt 

Cornelia Woodward 

James Woolard 

Matthew Young 


Marian Anderson 
M. Wesley & Florence 

Mr & Mrs. Gerht Ayers 
Glenda Barnes 
Gordon & Lola Bell 
Ellen Blaschke 
Barbara Carter 
Oleva Corey 
George Grader 
Stanley Deardorff 
David Dummer 
Helen Ellingson 
Miriam Emery 
Bruce Farley 
L, Daniel & Anita Foster 
Ralph & Hanna French 
Donald Gallenberger 
Romeo & Sylvia Gonyea 
Raymond Griffith 
Leola Gustalson 
W.J Hansen 
John & Nancy Janzen 
Robert Kenworlhy 
David & Karole Kocher 
Agnes Limborg 
David & Joan Lorenz 
John Marquardt 
J Murrary & Nancy 

Jack & L Jo Martin 
Ernest & Kathleen Miller 
James & Sharon Morris 
Thomas Nelson 
Ruth Rongerude 
Eric Schaberg 
Terry & Betty Schaberg 
Prince & Marion Schaeffer 
Edna Sparrow 
Carroll & Maxine Stroshine 
Donna Tatman 
Laron & Nancy Thompson 
Wakefield Wright 

\^est Virginia 

E Roger Burke 
Maxine Burke 
Beverly Dent 
Danealle Filomeno 
Paul & Betty Getty 
Allison Miller 
Philip & Linda Taylor 
Howard & Barbara Watson 
Jonny& Joyce Winkler 


Kenneth & Myrna Alsum 
Lisa Armstrong 
Gerald & Sue Baas 
Elaine Bandy 
Marione Barnett 
Gerald Bartelt 
Judith Bartz 
Leroy Bass 

David & Audrey Baxter 
Nancy Blair 

Andrew & Valerie Boggs 
Stephen Bond 
Jeanette Bordewyk 
John Brown 
Marjorie Burger 
Patricia Campbell 
Claudia Caves 
Otis & Yvonne Cobb 
Laura Collett 
Dorothea Cook 
Rita Couillard 
Robert & Wanda 

Roxanne Davidowski 
J Faye De Boer 
Mabel Depouw 
Mr & Mrs. William 

Lori Ditzler 
Michael Drackley 
Virgil & Leora Dudgeon 
Elaine Dykstra 
Joanne Ebbers 
Stephen Edwards 

Stuart Ekstrand 
Harvey & Janet Erickson 
Althea Eudy 
Dennis Foemmel 
Dale & Anita Frew 
James & Suzanne Frintz 
Janice Gantz 
John & Sarah Gasper 
J Ric Gass 
Carmelo Gaudioso 
Christine Geertsma 
Dianna Gochenaur 
Mary Gohmann 
Mr, & Mrs Russell 

Tamberly Green 
Mr, & Mrs, Fred Guille 
R, James & Lucille Hagen 
Robert & Mary Hankins 
Gloria Hardin 
Kathy Hartenberger 
Ann Hartman 
Howard Hasz 
Sharon Hatton 
Thomas & Eileen Hayward 
Violette Heino 
John & Sandra Hight 
David & connie Hopp 
Aaron Jacobus 
John & Polly Kacsur 
Anita Kavanaugh 
Ruth Ann Kins 
Mr & Mrs. Darrell Kolstad 
Edith Korpi 
Rachel Lacure 
Andrew Lambrecht 
Thomas Lambrecht 
Fred & Terri Lawler 
Michael Lee 
Ken & Ruth Lintelmann 
Rodger Lockridge 
Merrill & Donna Lundberg 
Mr & Mrs, Dieter Maass 
Brian & Susan McCarthy 
Mark & Gwen McDonnell 
Laura Menningen 
Miles & Virgilia Mercer 
Laura Meyer 
Katherine Mtcheels 
Donald & C. Lynne Miller 
Loren & Nancy Miller 
Wayne Miller 
Frank Moore 
Denise Nalker 
Charlotte Nelson 
Adam & Denise Newell 
Benny Newell 
Buckley & Betty Nielsen 
Hermina Nirschl 
June Nirschl 
Donna Northway 
Barbara Novak 
Kathryn O'Connell 
Gary & Sonja Oetzel 
David & Cherie Oman 
Lenox Palin 
Janet Paske 
Eleanor Paulson 
Shirley Payne 
Richard Pederson 
Deborah Petersen 
Helen Pivet 

Edward & Paula Possing 
Roger & Ida Price 
Joseph & Diane Prillwitz 
Dorothy Raiche 
Beatrice Randall 
Ellen Redlin 
Susan Robinson 
Janet Rubrihus 
Russell & Deborah 

Darlene Ryan 
Donna Schmidt 
James Schneider 
Carolee Schoen 
Douglas & Carolyn Schoen 
Edwin Schroeder 
Russell Sells 
Barbara Shookman 
Donald & Jean Showalter 
Rosemary Simonis 
Kenneth & Gene Skelley 
Maizie Smith 
Michael & Cynthia Smith 
William Stark 
Mr & Mrs. Richard Steele 
William Stevens 
Ronald Strebel 
William Swansby 
John Swanson 
Gardie Ten Pas 
Dale Van Scoyk 
Doris Vande Streek 
Linda Vander Galien 

Kenneth Vincent 

Thomas & Naomi Vrhovnik 

Ann Walsh 

David Wigton 

Judith Williams 

Mark & Susan Wilson 

David Wittig 

Sandra Young 

William & Phyllis Younger 


Robert Carroll 

Jere Frady 

E & Vickie Martin 

James & Karen Naramore 

Patricia Prestfeldt 

Martha Saxton 


Jason & Martha Albury 
Janet Allen 
Shirley Anderson 
John & Anita Bain 
Robert & Eleanor Bayles 
Joanne Beange 
Bruce & Jan Benson 
Meredith & Joan Britton 
David & Janet Brown 
Heiko & Kay Burklin 
Brian & Andrea Burnett 
Roger Butts 
Roxanne Chipman 
Glen & Helen Close 
Edward & Karen DeVries 
Stephen Doggett 
Joel Durkovic 
James Espy 
Charles & Carole Fennig 
See-Luan & Anna Foo 
Randy & Patricia Franklin 
James & Jennifer Friesen 
Randy Geater 

Stewart & Marlene Georgia 
Thomas Goddard 
Chye Keng & Wan Chen 

Roy & Lydia Habecker 
Ronald Harris 
Thomas & Susan Harrison 
Mark Hemingway 
J. Lee & Susan Hochstetler 
Danny & Kee Cheng Hu 
Gillian Hu 
Heather Hunt 
M L. Johnson 
Sven Jyrell 
A. Kearns 
John Kornelsen 
Martha Kruse 
Mr & Mrs Alseng Lee 
Frances Leonard 
Marilyn Liddle 
Lome Loewen 
Heather McCready 
Daphni McRostie 
Anna Miller 
Ann Mitchell 
Karen Neff 

John & Bonnie Nystrom 
James & Merle Postlewaite 
Sterling & Wendy Quant 
Leslie & Virginia Roberts 
Larry Russell 
Henry Saudhaaland 
Sherri Saunders 
Wane & Ins Sawyer 
Wilfred Sawyer 
Robert & Sandy Shatter 
Mo & Ann Shields 
Donald & Barbara Silvis 
David & Cassandra Smith 
George Spence 
Robert & Joyce Sterner 
James Sterrett 
Jon & Susan Stocksdale 
Leon & Martha Slrunk 
Michael & Karen Szabo 
Mr & Mrs. Yoshihiro 

Yew Ghee & Irene Tan 
Peter & Gretchen Wagner 
Tabitha Weatherford 
Stunce & Andrea Williams 
Ronald & Jennifer Wilson 

Taylor Iniversity 1995 Honor Roll of Donors • 2IA 

rents as Partners 

Lloyd S, Leia Ackland 
V Lloyd 8 Marsha Acton 
Terry & Kay Agal 
Jason S Martha Albury 
Jerry Allanach 
David S Charlotte 

George Anderson 
Paul & Janice Anderson 
Dennis Ankeny 
Daniel & Jeannette Arnold 
Larry S Vicki Arnold 
Lynn & Joan Aschliman 
M Dennis & Lois Austin 


Benjamin & Laura Baier 
Steven Balint 
Stephen Balyo 
Stephen & Janet Banter 
Sharon Barnett 
Ann Barnhart 
Mark 5 Pamela Barton 
Gregory & Nancy Bastian 
David & Sharilyn Baugh 
John & Pamela Baxter 
Timothy & Mary Lee Bayly 
R Thomas & Ellen Beach 
R Randolph & Bari 

R, Kraft Bell 
Robert Bell 
Bruce & Jan Benson 
Douglas Benson 
Barry Benteman 
Gregory Black 
Amos & Lillian Bontrager 
Kenneth Booster 
Jack Borders 
Gary & Karyl Boring 
Paul & Jean Bowen 
Robert S Marion Bowers 
Jeffrey & Nancy Bov^man 
R David S Joan Boyer 
William Bradish 
John & Mary Brady 
David & Alicia Brenneman 
Gerald Brewton 
Meredith 8 Joan Britton 
Kenneth & Nancy Bnx 
Leiand & Mary Brown 
William & Sue Brown 
Charles & Yvonne Bruerd 
Stephen & Cindy Buher 
Stanley 8 Betty Burden 
Marshall & Betty Burke 
Brian & Andrea Burnett 
Joe & Jane Burnworth 


Lawrence & Susan Cairns 
Robert & Sylvia Caldwell 
Russell Camp 
Ronald 8 Sharon Campbell 
David 8 Linda Captain 
John 8 Dorothy Carlson 
George 8 Linda Carpenter 
Richard 8 Janet Carpenter 

James 8 Penny Carson 
Chung-Mo Chan 
William Childs 
Anna Christ 
Richard Christner 
Barbara Clmehens 
Otis 8 Yvonne Cobb 
James 8 Linda Coe 
David 8 Kathie Colburn 
Sharon Connor 
Glen 8 Christine Cook 
Douglas Corcoran 
Winfried 8 June Corduan 
Jerry 8 Connie Cramer 


Desmond 8 Sara Daily 
Dale 8 Barbara Davis 
Cann 8 Beverly Dawahare 
John 8 Madelyn Deitert 
William Dickens 
M Dayle & Barbara Dickey 
Thomas & Jean 

Robert 8 Helene Diller 
Timothy 8 Lucille Ditler 
William 8 Sandra Dillon 
James 8 Kathenne Dimos 
Richard 8 Judith 

Fred & Deborah Donker 
Kirk 8 Marilee Dorn 
Robert 8 Jane Duell 
Keith & Barbara Dunkel 
Donald 8 Diana Dunkerton 
Robert Durbois 
Peter 8 Pat Dys 

Ralph 8 Beverly 
George 8 Elaine Eddens 
Kurt Eisleben 
Terry 8 Diana Ellis 
Gordon 8 Rita Ellison 
Roy 8 Carol Endres 
Stuart 8 Marjorie Ensinger 
Harvey 8 Janet Enckson 
Steven Enckson 
William 8 Alexis Etchell 
Gary 8 Wanda Evans 


Jan & Sandra Fisher 
Kenneth & Elizabeth 

David & Lynette Flick 
John & Michael Folkerts 
David & Karen Forbes 
Robert Force 
Franklin & Joan Forman 
Vernon Frank 
Michael & Carol Franz 
Dale & Anita Frew 
Joseph & Marcia Fritzsche 

William Gaines 
Charles & Margy Garfield 
Oaryl & Lauralee Gates 
Walter Gausmann 
Merle & Vi Geng 
James Gleason 
Russell Gonnering 

Romeo & Sylvia Gonyea 
Larry Goodwin 
Thomas & June Goossen 
Rodney & LucyGoshow 
Donald & Sherrill Graber 
Scott & Linda Grant 
Manha Grass 
Manley & Carol Gnmstead 
Robert & Carolyn Grube 
Fred Guille 
Thomas Guinnee 
Darrell & Dianne Gunst 
Richard & Bonni Gygi 


Ronald & Anita Habegger 
John Hackman 
Roy & Lynne Hagen 
Michael & Donna Hager 
John Hagestad 
James & Ruth Hall 
John & Kathleen Hall 
Daniel & Margaret 

Mike & Karen Hamsho 
Richard & Cynthia Harrell 
Philip & Linda Hartzler 
Jack & Susan Hasenmyer 
William & Donna 

Sharry Haston 
Robert & Kathryn Hayes 
Thomas & Eileen Hayward 
Eldon S Sharon Heatwole 
Carl Heetderks 
Ronald & Marilynn Helms 
Bruce Henderson 
Wayne Hennie 
Russell Hermanson 
Kenneth & Carroll Hickok 
Larry Hill 
Bartiara Hobbs 
Charles Hobbs 
Stephen S Artis Hoffmann 
Thomas & Phoebe 

Gregory & Vicki Holden 
Gerald & Linda Holmes 
Fletcher & Nanci 

David & Connie Hopp 
James & Eunice Howell 
Craig & Marilyn Hubler 
B. Steve & Grace Hughey 
Jay & Martha Hultsing 
Joel Hunt 
Harry Hyndman 


Charles Jacobs 
Neil 8 Carol Jacobson 
Stephen 8 Janet Jeffrey 
Warren 8 Ellie Jenkins 
John 8 Joyce Jentes 
J James 8 Linda Jerele 
Richard 8 Christine 

Daniel 8 Darlene Jordan 
J. Daniel 8 Lori Jorg 

John 8 Polly Kacsur 
Michael Karhan 

Randall 8 Grace Kauffman 
Gene 8 Margo Keller 
Jay 8 Kathleen King 
Thomas 8 Kay Kiser 
Ross Kittleman 
Willard Klein 
James 8 Avaline Kleist 
Donald 8 Judith Knudsen 
Darrell Kolstad 
Sharon Kraft 
Carl Krause 

Bruce 8 Linda Kruenegel 
Robert 8 Ellen Kruithof 
Thomas 8 Christine Kunst 


Eugenic & Maria LaBrin 
Terry & Gail Landis 
James & Linda Landt 
Robert & Dawn Larsen 
Robert & Carolyn 

Melvin & Judy Leach 
George & Athalie Leichnetz 
Robert & Carolyn 

Wynn & Bonnie Lembright 
Harlan Lemke 
Michael Leonard 
Ronald & Helen Leu 
James & Donna Lindell 
Jim Long 

Jetfry & Kathleen Lossau 
Edv;ard & Beth Lugbill 
Charles & Dottie Lynn 


Dieter Maass 
Bruce & Rosemary 

Daniel & Joyce MacLeish 
James & Val MacLeish 
Michael & Cheryl Mahoney 
Ronald & Linda Mam 
Lame & Steffanie 

Steve & Karolyn 

James & Lois Markwood 
Graham Martin 
Steven & Barbara 

William & Janet Matthews 
Donald McCarty 
Lloyd McClung 
Steven & Martha McNair 
Gerald & Donna McNary 
Rebecca McPhearson 
James & Louise 

Larry & Linda Mealy 
Neil Meeks 
Gordon & Susan 

Terry 8, Constance 

Brenda Meyer 
Keith Meyering 
Ralph & Phyllis Miles 
Basil Miller 

David & Margaret Miller 
Gene& Bomta Miller 
Loren & Nancy Miller 
Orvan & Jan Miller 
Robert & Janice Miller 

Thomas & Jan MIHer 
Thomas & Myra Miliigan 
Donald & Judith Mitchell 
Greg & Charlene Moe 
Melvin S Sandra 

Bryan Moore 

Nicasio & Deanne Morales 
G Lynn & Linda Morris 
Dennis & Pat Morrow 
Charles & Peggy Mulder 
Don & Diane Mundy 


James 8 Karen Naramore 
William 8 Thelma Neal 
Gordon 8 Pamela 

Gregory Nelson 
Neal 8 Karen Newell 
Buckley 8 Betty Nielsen 
W Mahlon Noe 
Richard 8 Mary Norris 

Stephen 8 Diane Oldham 
James 8 Arloeen Oliver 
David & Susan Dtt 
Kenyon 8 Susan Dwenson 
Russell 8 Nancy Oyer 


Leon Palmer 

Richard & Sharon Parker 

Paul & Phyllis Patterson 

Joan Pattison 

Steve Peer 

Jerry & Marilyn Petrie 

Rob Petroelje 

Gary & Marilyn Petzold 

Kim Pike 

Robert & Dawn Pobanz 

Edwin & Pamela Poland 

Irvin & Sandra Polk 

Gordon & Judy Polsgrove 

James Pope 

Charles & Ruth Prentice 

John Prentice 

Greg & Linda Pritchard 

Anthony & Barbara Proto 


Veronica Quandt 
Sterling & Wendy Quant 

David & Nancy Ramsdale 
Robert & Mary 

Charles & Mary Rapp 
David & Carol Reagan 
Nelson & Beth Redlger 
Wesley & JoAnn Rediger 
James & Marietta Richard 
William & Rebecca 

Philip & Jean Ritchie 
Leslie & Virginia Roberts 
Thomas Robertsen 
Terry Roggow 
David Rohweder 
Dave & Marceline Romig 
Joe & Carol Romine 
James & Mary Rosema 
Michael & Jennifer Roth 
Paul & Mary Rothrock 
Brenda Rowell 
Russell & Linda Ruckman 
Robert & Vickl Rudy 
Alan & Jo Rupp 

James & Agnes 

Charles & Sara Salberg 
Richard & Addie Sarkela 
Donald & Gloria Schaffer 
Maureen Schleyer 
Martha Schmitz-Wealteans 
Harry & Sona Semonian 
Richard & Ann Shaw 
Frederick & Darlene Shuize 
Richard & Barbara Shupe 
Stephen & RondaSieling 
Craig & Cathy Simons 
Tom & Connie Smallwood 
Allan &Ardy Smith 
Dan & Janet Smith 
H. Everett & Linda Smith 
Kaye Smith 

Steven & Katherine Smith 
Jerald & Valeria Snyder 
Michael & Janet 

James & Robin Spaan 
Richard & Rebecca 

DelmarS Mary Stanley 
Daniel Steiner 
Howard Steinfieid 
Joseph & Catherine 

Loren & Rachel Shchter 
Fred Stockinger 
Jane Stockinger 
John & Sandra Strubhar 
Ned & Jean Stucky 
Robert & Charlotte Styer 

Louis & Mary Suriano 
John & Jane Swain 
Joseph & Kathy Swartz 

Donald & Joyce Taylor 
Howard & Jill Taylor 
William & Glenda 

Louis Tepper 

John & Lorraine Thalacker 
John Thiele 
Larry Tiedie 
William & Donna Toll 
An Tran 
James Traub 

R. William & Karen Trebley 
John & Gloria Tromp 


Beverly VanKampen 
John & Rhonda Vander 

James & Jill 

Richard & Cindy Veldman 
Paul VonTobel 
Henry & Jeanette Voss 


Philips Jane Wade 
Simon & Martha Wagler 
Peter & Gretchen Wagner 
Alan & Lynne Wahnefned 
Ronald Waligora 
H. Wayne & Barbara 

Loren & Judith Wanner 
Thomas & Jean Weir 
Wesley & Christine Whalen 
Timothy & Mary Wharton 
Douglas & Susan 

Gerry & Roxana Wiley 
Herberts Judy Wilson 
James & Donna Wise 
William & Ruth Wismer 
Norman & Marilyn Wolfe 
Jim & Gayie Wood 
D. Robert & Priscilla 



Warren & Janet Yoder 
John & Catherine Young 


Curt Zerkle 

Parents as Partners is a committed group of current parents who 
have contributed to Taylor University above and beyond their 
tuition expenses. Seeing the benefits of a Taylor education in the 
lives of their own children, these individuals help to ensure that 
the same Taylor experience will be available to present and fu- 
ture generations of young adults. Any parent who contributes to 
the University will become a member of Parents as Partners. 

m p 1 y e e s 

A Leon 8 LaGaIha 

Beulah Baker 
Stephen 8 Janet Banter 
Raymond 8 Eleanor 

Richard 8 Marsha Becker 
Stephen 8 Phyllis Bedi 
Stephen 8 Jane Beers 
Robert 8 Marcia Beniamin 
Christopher & Linda 

Steven 8 Barbara Bird 
David 8 Gail Bireline 
John 8 Martha Brane 
Mark 8 Diana Branham 
Ray 8 Jeanne Bullock 
Stanley 8 Betty Burden 
Jon Burghardt 
Timothy 8 Carolyn 

Joe 8 Jane Burnworth 


Ronald & Sharon Campbell 
Walters Mary Campbell 
Jeremy S Felicia Case 
Faye Chechowich 
Heidi Clark 
James S Linda Coe 
Jeffrey S Jennifer Collins 
James & Carol Convy 
Winfried & June Corduan 
Mark S JoAnn Cosgrove 
Jerry S Connie Cramer 
Brenton Croxlon 


Barbara Davenport 

Linda Davenport 
Charles 8 Norma DeSanto 
Robert 8 Janet Deavers 
David & Barbara Dickey 
Timothy 8 Lucille Diller 
Richard 8 Ruth Dixon 

Thomas 8 Nancy Eden 
Richard 8 Judith 

Lee 8 Patricia Erickson 
Tom 8 Julie Essenburg 
Marilyn Evans 
Clyde 8 Sharon Ewbank 


Howard 8 Barbara Fights 
John a Joyce Fox 
William 8 Lura Fry 

James 8 Lois Garringer 

Marian Giles 

Jan 8 Nancy Gillespie 

George 8 Janet Glass 

David Gray 

Sharon Gray 

Amo 8 Rhonda Gretillat 

Raymond 8 Ten Grizzle 

William 8 Phyllis Gross 


Van & Patricia Halsley 
Sidney S Bonnie Hall 
Daniel S Margaret 

Herbert Harjes 
Paul & Shirley Harms 
Cathy Harner 
Albert S Pam Harrison 
Douglas S Donna Haviland 
Charles S Barbara Heavilin 
Eric Hehman 
Larry S Joyce Helyer 
Timothy & Kathryn 

William & Susan Heth 

Mary Ann Hill 
Robert S Susan Hodge 
Gerald & JaneHodson 
Stephen S Artis Hoffmann 
Jerry & Barbara Hotmire 
Paul & Becky House 
Herbert & Nancy Howard 
Oliver S Jackie Hubbard 
Dale S Laura Hutson 


Dale 8 Margaret Jackson 
Charles 8 Verna Jaggers 
Glenn 8 Linda Jefferies 
Roger 8 Janet Jenkinson 
Dwight 8 Karin Jessup 

'1'1\ • Tavlor Inivcrsilv W^ Honor Roll ot Donors 

Kim Johnson 

William & Sandra Johnson 
Helen Jones 

Thomas & Carolyn Jones 
Daniel & Darlene Jordan 
Robert & Kimberly 

Kashwinder Kaur 
S, Marian Kendall 
Jay 8c Jane Kesler 
Jack & Janet King 
Paul 8 Janice King 
Charles & Patricia 

Joan Kitterman 
Daniel & Beverly Klepser 
Donald & Judith Knudsen 
Tena Krause 
Philip & Velma Kroeker 
LeRoy & Roberta Kroll 

James & Sybil Law 
Robert & Chris Lay 
Dan & Sally Leach 
Wynn S Bonnie Lembright 
Fred & Jessie Lennertz 
Jack S Cynthia Letarte 
Paul & Connie Lightfoot 
Jennifer Little 
R. Philip S Janet Loy 

Steve S Karolyn 
Timothy & Carol Mannix 
Robert & Billie Manor 
William S Brenda Mantha 
Douglas 8 Connie Marlow 
Rebecca McPhearson 
Larry 8 Linda Mealy 
Stephen 8 Betty Messer 
Phillip 8 Alberta Miller 
Nancy Moller 
John 8 Rebecca Moore 
Richard Muthiah 


Timothy & Susan Nace 
Ronald & Myrna Neff 
Robert & Margaret Neideck 
Douglas & Toni Newlin 
Daniel Newman 


Jon & Kelh Ochs 
Stephen Olsen 

Richard & Sharon Parker 
Kirk 8 Sharon Parr 
Paul S Phyllis Patterson 
Amy Phillips 
Roger 8 Rose Phillips 
Robert 8 Marsha Pitts 
David 8 Angela Pridemore 


Jeffrey & Deborah 

Robert & Jan Reber 
Nelson & Betfi Rediger 
Laura Rich 
John & Ruth Rickner 
Wtlliam & Rebecca 

Patricia Robertson 
Helen Rogers 
Joe & Carol Romine 
R. Waldo & F Marlene 

Roger & Louona Roth 
Paul & Mary Rothrock 
Jessica Roussetow 
Gene & Nancy Rupp 

Murray & Beverly 

Valerie Scott 

Richard & Joanne Seaman 
Frederick & Darlene Shuize 
Mark & ChnstaSiegelin 
Ronald & Chikako Sloan 
Allan & Ardy Smith 
Dan & Janet Smith 
Kenneth & Elizabeth Smith 
Kevin & Sharon Smith 
Matthew & Brooke Smith 
Dennis & Teresa Smith 
Stephen & Debra Snyder 

Jerald & Valeria Snyder 
Francis & Linda Solms 
Martha Songer 
James Spiegel 
Ara & Claudia St John 
Jerry & Sheryl Stair 
Charles & Barbara Stevens 
William & Patricia Stoops 
Ronald & Judith 

Kenneth & Sarah Swan 

Kirk & Terri Talley 
Donald & Joyce Taylor 
Kenneth & Joanne Taylor 
William &Donn3 Toll 
Jere Truex 

Henry & Jeanette Voss 


Jules & Marilyn Walker 
John & Dons Wallace 
R Edwin & Barbara Welch 
Andrew & You-Ying 

Lori White 

Alan Winquist 
Larry & Lynne 

D. Roberts, Priscilla 



Mark & Colleen Yordy 
Daryl & Joenita Yost 
Timothy Young 

Ralph C. Boyd, 
former building and 
grounds director, 
shares in the 
celebration at the 
May 3, 1995 
ceremony of the 
Boyd Physical Plant 
and Service Center 

sinesses & Foundations 

A.B.E. Corporation 
Abbott Laboratories Fund 
ABD Rentals Ltd, 
Aetna Life and Casualty 
Agrlcor Inc 
Air Marion Inc 
Air Products and 

Chemicals Inc 
Alcoa Standard 

Allstate Foundation 
American Cyanamid 

American Electric Power 

American Express 

Philanthropic Program 
American National Can 

American States Insurance 

American Sterilizer 

American United Life 

Ameritech Services 
Amoco Foundation Inc 
AMSTED Industries Inc 
Anderson Interior Designs 
Anthony Properties 
AON Foundahons 
Archbold Container 

ARCO Atlantic Richfield 

Arthur Andersen & 

Company Foundation 
Ashland Oil Foundation Inc 
AT&T Foundation 
Avis Industrial Corporation 

BF Goodrich Company 

BAE Faculty 

Ball Corporation 

Bank One 

Barbara Noll Graphics 


Barnabas Foundation 
Barnett Banks Inc 

Benedict's Electric 
Berne Apparel Company 
Bermuda Trust Company 


Betz Foundation 
Black & Decker 

Bob Clements Evangelishc 

Boise Motor Escort Inc 
Borden Foundation 
Borg-Warner Foundation 
BP America Inc 
Bradway's Farm Market 

Trust Fund 
Bristol-Myers Squibb 

Foundation Inc 
Brookfield Motor Sales Inc 
Brotherhood Mutual 

Insurance Company 
Brown Funeral Home Inc 
Brownsburg Chiropractic 

Butler Manufacturing 

Company Foundahon 

California Heritage 

Carter Tool Corporation 
Caterpillar Foundation 
Champion Internahonal 

Chemical Bank 
Chevron Matching Grants 

Cincinnati Bell Inc 
Circuit City Foundation 
CNA Insurance Companies 

Commander Packaging 


Cooper CPA Group 
Cooper Industries 

Cooper Tire & Rubber 

Cosmair Inc 

Creative Dining Services 
Crist Cross Inc 
Crowe Chizek and 

Cummins Engine 

Custom Interiors of Toledo 

Cypress Lithographies 



Education Foundation 
D J Enterprises 
D. Dietrich Associates Inc 
Dana Corporation 

Deer Valley Ranch 
Delta Air Lines Foundation 
Deluxe Check Printers 

Design Memorial Stone 
Dodd Insurance Inc 
Doermer Family 

Foundation Inc 
DowChemicalCoUS A 
Dow Corning Corporation 
Dun & Bradstreet 




Edward D. Jones & 

Eli Lilly and Company 

Emerson Electric Company 
English Bonter Mitchell 

Erie Insurance Group 
Evans Development 



Fair Oaks Foundation 
Family Fireworks 
Fanning/Howey Associates 

Farmers Insurance Group 

of Company 
First National Bank of 

First Union Corporation 
Flower Gallery 
Fluor Foundation 
Ford Motor Company Fund 
Foster Wheeler 


Gap Power Equipment 
General Electric 

General Motors 
George Upplmg & 

Girl Scout Troop #134 
Glaxo Inc 

Glendale Federal Bank 
Glidden Company 
Goodyear Tire & Rubber 

Gordon Food Service 
Gospel Films Inc 
Goss Memorial Sunday 

Grant County State Bank 
Gray-Dot Agency Inc 
Great Lakes Fasteners & 

Greg Nelson Mjsic 
Greenleaf Foundation 
GTE Foundation 
Gunnoe Sausage Company 



HarperCollins Publishers 

Hartford Animal Clinic 
Hartford Group 
Hartzler Construction 
Harvey Hubbell Foundation 
Hewitt Associates 
Hoffmann-La Roche 

Hohm Charitable 

Home Depot 
Honeywell Foundation 
Household International 

Hoggins Auto Sales 
Hughes Aircraft Company 


IBM Corporation 

ICl Foundation 

IDS Financial Services, 

International Paper 

ITT Corporation 


J C Penney Company Inc 
Jean Philippe and 

Jeff Bailey Trucking 
Jobside Fasteners Inc 
Johnson Foundation 
Johnson & Johnson 
Johnson Wax Fund 
Jones-Smith Funeral 


K.B Fults & Assoc 
Kadey Family Trust 
Kanakuk Kanakomo 

Kamps Inc 
Keebler Company 

Keesler Federal Credit 

Kenny's Heating & 

Kimberly Clark Foundahon 
Kipfer Nutritional 

Kiwanis Club of Monticello 
Kmart Corporation 

KMEFC Missions 

L & A Orchards 
L. L. Geans & Sons Inc 
Lake Weldings Sign 
Lanier Worldwide Inc 
LeMaster Steel Erectors 


Lilly Endowment Inc 
Lockheed Martin Marietta 
Loewen Custom 

Lubrizo! Foundation 
Lyford Cay Foundation Inc 


Madison Christian School 
Maidenberg Associates 
Manstield Family Practice 
Maranatha Foundation 
Marathon Oil Company 
Marion Girl Scouts 
Marion Kiwanis Club Inc 
Marsh & McLennan 
R.J. Marshall Company 
Mass Mutual Life 

Insurance Company 
Matchett, Arnold, and 

Mattawan Medical Center 
May Stores Foundation Inc 
McGinnis & Associates Inc 
Medtronic Foundation 
Merck Company 

Merrill Lynch 
Metropolitan Life 

Minnesota Mining & 


Mobil Foundation Inc 
Moellering Construction 

Company Inc 
Monsanto Fund 
Montgomery Ward 

Moore Drug Store Inc 
Moore Foundation 
Morry Devries' Roofing & 

Motorola Foundation 
Mollis Petroleum 


National Chrishan Chahtab 

National City Bank 
Nationwide Foundation 
Nelson Yoder Construction 

Company Inc 

Network of Christian 

Northern Illinois Gas 
Northwestern Mutual Life 
Norwest Foundation 
NYNEX Foundation 

J Fine 

Ohio National Life 

Ontario Corporation 

Foundation Inc 
Ontario Systems 


Peat Marwick Mam 

Pepsi Cola General Bottlers 

Pete's Place Inc 
Petromart Ltd 
Pfizer Inc 
Philips Electronics 
Pomroy's Short Stop 
Prestige Carpentry 
Principal Financial Group 
Proctor &Gamble Fund 
Prudential Foundation 
Public Service Electric & 



R E VonBargen 

R.R.Donnelley SSons 

Ragsdale and Associates 
Rannells Funeral Home Inc 
Raudebaugh's Used Cars 
Reader's Digest 

Redmond & Associates 
Rhone-Poulenc Rorer Inc 
RJR Nabisco Inc 

Safeco Insurance 

Sauder Woodworking 
Schmitz Family Foundation 
Schrock Homes 

Service Auto Glass Inc 
Servicemaster Industries 
Shady Lane Hog Farm 
Shaklee Distributors 
Sherwin Williams 
Shores Buffet Inc 
Simple Pleasures 

Sony Corporation of 

America Foundation 
Sound Word Associates 
Sports Adventure 
Square D Foundation 
The St. Paul Companies 
Stanley Works Foundahon 
Standard Marketing Print 

STAR Financial Bank 
State Farm Companies 

Steve Bailey Insurance 
Stonewall Day Care Inc 
Stratford Foundation 
Successful Living Books 
Summit Group Inc 


Tenneco Inc 

Texas Downlinks 

The Bunny Shop 

The Mennonite Foundahon 

Times Mirror 
Total Fire Protection Inc 

Travis Trucking 
TRINOVA Corporation 
Tuttle Construction Inc 


Upjohn Company 
USA Group Inc 
USX Foundation Inc 
United Parcel Service 

United Technologies 



Vander Pol Trucking 
Village Green Condo Inc 
Viskase Corporation 

Wagner Electric Service 
Wandering Wheels 
Washington National 

Weaver Realty 
West Chester Christian 

Child Care 
Whirlpool Foundahon 
Wills Optical Inc 
Witco Corporahon 
Woodard Sales & Service 
Woodside Funeral Home 

Zurn Industries Inc 

Taylor Iniversily 1995 Honor Roll oJ Donors • 23A 

h u r c h e s 

Albany United Church of 

Christ, Albany IN 
Aldlne United Methodist 

Churc. Elmer NJ 
Alloway Baptist Church, 

Elmer NJ 
Alum Bank United 

Methodist, Alum Bank 

Antioch Church of Christ. 

Rossville IL 
Arcadia Christian Church, 

Arcadia IN 
Auburn Missionary 

Church. Auburn IN 


Beaverlon United 

Methodist Ch, 

Beavenon IVII 
Believers Bible Fellowship. 

Churubusco IN 
Bethel Baptist Chufch. 

Galesburg IL 
Bethel Evangelical Free 

Church. Washington 

Island Wl 

Calvary Bible Church. 

Neenah Wl 
Calvary Christian Church. 

Hartford City IN 
Calvary Evangelical 

Church. Van Wert OH 
Calvary Wesleyan Church, 

Harrington DE 

CHURCH. Oceanport 

Calvin East Un Presby 

Church, Detroit Ml 
CAM International, Dallas 

Cammack United 

Methodist Church, 

Centerburg United 

Methodist, Centerburg 

Central Baptist Church. 

Millville NJ 
Central Mennonite Church, 

Archbold OH 
Chelten Baptist Church, 

Dresner PA 
Childrens Hope Baptist 

Church, Detroit Ml 
China Outreach Ministries 

Inc, Fairfax VI 
Chippewa Evangelical, 

Beaver Falls PA 
Christ the King Church. 

Columbus OH 

Damascus Community 

Church. Boring OR 

Centralia IL 
Decatur Missionary 

Church, Decatur IN 
Derwood Alliance Ctiurch, 

Rockville MD 
Dewey Mennonite Church, 

Dewey IL 
Durham Evangelical 

Church. Durham NH 

East White Oak Bible 

Church. Carlock IL 
Eastside Church of Christ. 

Oelwein lA 
Elim Christian Fellowship. 

Augusta ME 
Emmanuel Community 

Church. Fort Wayne IN 
Euclid Baptist Church. 

Brooklyn NY 
EUM Friendship Sunday 

School. Huntington IN 
Evangelical Mennonite 

Church. Archbold OH 
Evangelical Mennonite 

Church. Wauseon OH 
Evangelical Mennonite 

Church. Grabill IN 
Evangelical United 

Methodist Women. 

Huntington IN 

First Baptist Church. 

Seymour IN 
First Baptist Church. Troy 

First Baptist Church. 

Kendallville IN 
First Baptist Church. Elmer 

First Christian Church. 

Myrtle Point OR 
First Christian Church. 

Columbus IN 
First Christian Church. 

North Vernon IN 
First Federated Church, 

Des Moines lA 
First Friends Church, 

Salem OH 
First Missionary Church, 

Berne IN 
First Presbyterian Church, 

Carrollton OH 
First Presbyterian Church, 

Lake Wales FL 
First Presbyterian Church. 

Greenlawn NY 
First Presbyterian Church. 

Kokomo IN 
First United Methodist 

Church. Logansport IN 
First United Methodist. 

Marion IN 
First Wesleyan Church. 

Frankfort IN 
First Wesleyan Church. 

Tom Jones, 





professor of 


liistory, like 

W:Sr J 


several other 





^^^K ,^Hm'^ 


serves as a 


pastor in a 
local church. 

^ ~i.'W 

Bethel United Methodist 

Church, Franklin PA 
Blackhawk Baptist Church, 

Fort Wayne IN 
Blantyre Christian Center, 

Blantyre FO 
Bluelick Bible Church. 

Lima OH 
Boyd Christian Church. Dix 

Brethren in Christ Church, 

Elizabethtown PA 
Bridgeton Bible Church, 

Bridgeton MO 
Brookhill Wesleyan 

Church, Forest VA 
Brookside Community 

Church, Fort Wayne IN 
Brownsburg Christian 

Church, Brownsburg 

Brushy Fork Baptist 

Church, Vevay IN 
Bukit Panjang Gospel 

Chapel LTD, Singapore 

Burnsville Christian 

Church, Columbus IN 
Byron Baptist Church. 

Byron Ml 

Calvary Baptist Church Co- 
Ed SS. Evansville IN 

Calvary Baptist Church. 
Muskegon Ml 

Christian 8. Missionary 

Alliance, Morgantown 

Christian Service 

Foundation Inc, Fort 

Wayne IN 
Church of Christ, 

Converse IN 
Church ol Christ, White 

Bear Lake MN 
Church of Praise, 

Westfield IN 
Clarkson Baptist Church 

Inc, Clarkson KY 
Coal Creek Bible Church, 

Canton IL 
Community Church of E 

Gloucester, Gloucester 

Comstock Christian 

Reformed Chur, 

Kalamazoo Ml 
Conservative Bible 

Fellowship, Saint 

Louis MO 
County Line Baptist 

Church, Lake Station 

Covenant Christian 

Church, Douglas GA 
Covenant Community 

Church, Aurora CO 
Crossroads E.F Church, 

Quincy Ml 

Evangelical United 
Methodist Men's 
Fellowship. Huntington 

Evangelical United 
Methodist Church, 
Huntington IN 


Fairfield Church of Christ, 

Lancaster OH 
Faith Bible Church, 

Waukesha Wl 
Faith Community United 

Bretheren Church, 

Findlay OH 
Faith Tabernacle, Burton 

Faith United Methodist 

Church. Elkhart IN 
Faith Wesleyan Church. 

Little River SC 
Federated Church of East 

Springfield. East 

Springfield PA 
Fellowship Church Carol 

Stream. Carol Stream 

First Alliance Church 

C&MA. Toledo OH 
First Assembly of God. 

Kokomo IN 
First Baptist Church, 

Coldwater Ml 
First Baptist Church, 

Richmond IN 

BattisUidet, Ml 
Flora United Methodist 

Church. Flora IN 
Forest Hills Bible Chapel, 

Grand Rapids Ml 
Foundation For Ministry 

Inc, Augusta GA 
Freedom Baptist Assn., 

New Market IN 
Friends Community 

Church, Homedale ID 

Gardendale Church of God, 

Lima OH 
Gaylord Evangelical Free 

Church, Gaylord Ml 
Glory Chapel Outreach 

Church, Moosup CT 
Good News Community 

Chapel, Pinckney Ml 
Grace Baptist Church, 

Waverly lA 
Grace Bible Church. 

Washington IL 
Grace Christian Fellowship. 

Sturgis Ml 
Grace Evangelical 

Mennonite. Morton IL 
Grace Fellowship 

Presbyterian Church. 

Gull Shores AL 
Grace Missionary Church, 

Celina OH 
Grace Presbyterian 

Church, Peoria IL 

Grace United Methodist 

Church, Hartford City 

Grosse Pointe Baptist 

Church, Grosse Pointe 

Woods Ml 
Groveland Missionary 

Church, Groveland IL 


Hamlet United Methodist 

Church, Hamlet IN 
Harvest Time Assembly of 

God, Greenwich CT 
Harvester Ave Missionary 

Church, Fort Wayne IN 
Heartland Christian 

Fellowship, Groveland 

Herbs! United Methodist 

Church, Marion IN 
Heritage United Methodist 

Church, Clearwater FL 
High Street United 

Methodist Churh. 

Muncie IN 
Highland Park Baptist 

Church, Southfield Ml 
Hillside Missionary Church, 

South Bend IN 
Hilltop United Methodist 

Women's Fellowship, 

Ruffs Dale PA 
Hilltop United Methodist 

Church, Madison PA 
Hobart Assembly of God, 

Hobart IN 
Howard-Miami Mennonite 

Church, Kokomo IN 


Immanuel Baptist Church, 

Holland Ml 
Inlet Mennonite WMSC 

Wauseon OH 

Karl Road Baptist Church, 

Columbus OH 
Kirklin Christian Church, 

Kirklin IN 
Knobs Baptist Church, 

Tower Hill IL 


La Grange Bible Church, La 

Grange IL 
Lakeside Baptist Church, 

South Range Wl 
Lancaster Wesleyan 

Church, Warren IN 
Living Stones Fellov/ship 

Church, Crown Point IN 
Living Stones Fellowship 

Church, Kokomo IN 
Lowville Mennonite 

Church. Lowville NY 


Madison Hilltop United 

Methodist Church. 

Madison PA 
Marion Christian Center, 

Marion OH 
Marshall Baptist Church, 

Marshall IN 
Middlebury Church of the 

Brethren. Middlebury 

Monticello United 

Methodist Church. 

Monticello IL 
Mount Carmel Church. 

Hartford City IN 
Mount Victory United 

Methodist Church. 

Mount Victory OH 
Mountainside Bible Chapel. 

Schroon Lake NY 
Mt Pleasant United 

Methodist Church. 

Parker City IN 
Murphy First Baptist 

Church. Murphy NC 

Nappanee Missionary 

Church. Nappanee IN 
New Life Community 

Church. Oshkosh Wl 
New Life Ministries of 

Wyoming. Rock 

Springs WY 
North Central Conservative 

Baptist Church. Fridley 

North Shore Bible Chapel. 

Zion IL 
Northland Community 

Church, Longwood FL 
Northside Baptist Church. 

Saint Petersburg FL 
Northview Christian Life. 

Carmel IN 
Northwest Bible Church. 

Hilliard OH 

Oak Park Evangelical Free 

Church. Warsaw IN 
Oak Ridge Alliance. Oak 

Ridge TN 
Oconto Gospel Chapel, 

Oconto Wl 
Old North Bapist Church. 

Canfield OH 
Olivet Reformed Church, 

Grandville Ml 
Omega Fellowship, 

Cincinnati OH 
Open Door Fellowship. 

Converse IN 
Ovid Community Church, 

Anderson IN 

Parkview Evangelical Free 

Church, Iowa City lA 
Parma Heights Baphst 

Church, Middleburg 

Heights OH 
Parma Heights Christian 

Academy, Parma 

Heights OH 
Peace Haven Baptist. 

North Wilkesboro NC 
Pettisville Missionary 

Church, Pettisville OH 
Plainfield Mon Mtg of 

Friend, Plainfield IN 
Plaza Heights Baptist 

Church, Blue Springs 

Pleasant Hill United 

Church of Christ, 

Pleasant Hill OH 
Pleasant Street Baptist 

Church, SpringvaleME 
Pleasantview Berean 

Fundamental, Omaha 

Potomac Valley Assembly 

Germantown MD 


Queenstown Baptist 
Church, Singapore FO 

Quinton Baptist Church. 
Quinton NJ 


Redeemer Presbyterian 
Church, Concord MA 

Rison United Methodist 
Church, Rison AR 

Rykers Ridge Baptist 
Church, Madison IN 

Shadow Mountain 

Community Church, E! 

Cajon CA 
Siloa Lutheran Church, 

Morris Run PA 
SIM USA Incorporated, 

Charlotte NC 
South Hills Assembly of 

God, Eugene OR 
Spring Lake Wesleyan 

Church, Spring Lake 

St Augustine's Episcopal 

Church. Danville IN 
St John's Evangelical 

Lutheran. Ellisville MO 
St Paul Missionary Baptist. 

Marlon IN 
Stewards Ministries. 

Arlington Heights IL 
Stow Alliance Fellowship, 

Stow OH 
Strattanville United 

Methodist Church, 

Strattanville PA 
Summer Institute of 

Linguistics, Huntington 

Beach CA 
Sweetwater Assembly of 

God. North Manchester 


Tallmadge Wesleyan 

Church. Grand Rapids 

TEAM - The Evangelical 

Alliance Mission. 

Wheaton IL 
Temple Baptist Church. 

Rockford IL 
The Chapel. Richland Ml 
The Christian Workers 

Found, Fort Myers FL 
Trinity Baptist Church, 

Alma Ml 
Trinity Evangelical Free 

Church. Tampa FL 
Trinity Lutheran Church. 

Santa Ana CA 
Trinity Wesleyan Church. 

Cedar Falls lA 
Trinity Wesleyan Church. 

Lima OH 


UCF Missions Fund. 

Monroe NC 
United Methodist Church. 

Milford IL 
United Methodist Church, 

Monticello IN 
United Methodist Church, 

Batesville IN 
University Heights United 

Methodist Church, 

Indianapolis IN 
Upper Room Fellowship, 

West Lafayette IN 

Wakarusa Missionary 

Church, Wakarusa IN 
Waldo Mennonite Church 

Flanagan IL 
Walnut Creek Mennonite 

Church, Walnut Creek 

Warsaw Community 

Church, Warsaw IN 
Webster Bible Church, 

Webster NY 
West Walnut St, Church of 

Christ, Portland IN 
Westover Presbyterian 

Church, Greensboro 

Westport Mennonite 

Brethren Chur. 

Westwood Church of God. 

Kalamazoo Ml 
Willerup United Meth. 

Church, Cambridge Wl 
Willon Creek Community 

Church, Barrington IL 
Willoughby Hills Friends 

Church, Willoughby 

Woodburn Missionary 

Church. Woodburn IN 
Woodfield Church, 

Schaumburg IL 
Woodhaven Bible Church, 

Woodhaven Ml 
Woodlawn United 

Methodist Church, 

Somerset IN 
Woodruff Place Baptist 

Church, Indianapolis 

Word 01 Life Baptist 

Church, Alpena Ml 
World Gospel Mission. 

Marion IN 
Wycliffe Bible Translators 

Inc. Huntington Beach 


24A * Taylor Iniversily I99.> Honor Itoll of Honors 



Herman Adams 
Irene Barnert 
Blanche Bradford 
Carolyn Butt 
Jessie Cain 
Raymond & Marjorie 

Joyce Evans 
Donita Harter 
Rutli lien 
Hazel Ladd 
Marvin & Anna Miller 
Ann Montgomery 
Garnet Rice 
Alia Rush 

Charles W. Schilling 
Elton Stetson 
Luciie Townley 
William Wiliams 


Reba Aldridge 

R. Ruth Welch 

Stephen Arms 

Nelson & Beth Rediger 

Juanita Becker 

Kelly Klopfenstein 

Grate Boyer-Green 

Paul & Ruth Steiner 

Da\id Brewer 

William & Joan Ladd 

Rick Jones 

Gene & Nancy Rupp 

Beverly Carlson 

Sharon Gioeneveld 

JefT Carlson 

Rick Jones 

Nelson & Beth Rediger 
Thomas and Elizabeth 

Edna Chandler 

Nelson & Beth Rediger 

Carol Coblentz 

Paul Coblentz 

Jay Conrad 

Nelson & Beth Rediger 

Joyce S, Evans 

Thomas & Dianne Gaither 
C. William &Lu Ann 

Vera Gwin 

Robert & Claudia Hart 
Healthcare Informahcs 
Mr & Mrs. Karl King 
Elizabeth Litwiller 
Vernon & Lillie Mayer 
H.I. & Evelyn Newell 
George Oborn 
Robert & Marjorie Park 
Dan & Sandra Raber 
William & Alice Richards 
Stanley & Esther Skirboll 
Thomas & Elaine 

Rhoda Taylor 
Genevieve Tvrdik 
Ester Winterland 

Robert Freese 


Mark & Kathy Abbott 

Paul & Lori Barnette 
R. Mark & LouAnn Beadle 
Stephen & Phyllis Bedi 
Joe & Jane Burnv;orth 
Hazel Carruth 
Albert & Mildred 

Faye Chechov^/lch 
Gordon Cripe 
William & Frances 

Lee & Patricia Erickson 
John & Marilyn Forbes 
Clyde Freese 
Elizabeth Freese 
Helen Freese 
Marcus & Gwen Freese 
Elizabeth Griffith 
Hartford City Animal 

Bob & Susan Hodge 
Gerald & Jane Hodson 
Rick Jones 
S, Marian Kendall 
Joseph & Roselyn Kerlin 
Jay & Jane Kesler 
Ralpti & Susan 

Carol Krumm 
William & Joan Ladd 
Jennie Lee 
William & Catherine 

Lown/ille Mennonite 

Charles & Irma Newman 
Gayle Oldenbusch 
Ross & Shirley Parisi 
Rogers Rose Phillips 
Thaddaeus & Donna Poe 
Nelson & Beth Rediger 
Rachel Rmgenberg 
R. Waldo & Marlene Roth 
Gene & Nancy Rupp 
Charles & Barbara 

Hilda Sleyer 
Fannie Stutzman 
Janene Thomas 
Richard & Helen 

Lavi/rence & Nancy 

Wandering Wheels 
Lois Weed 

Dona)d Gammons 

Nelson & Beth Rediger 

Irleen Glenn 

Gene & Nancy Rupp 

Harry Haakonsen 

Meredith & Joan Britton 
Nelson & Beth Rediger 
Arthur & Karin Thompson 
0. Magnus & Otga 

Edward & Marilyn 

Dale & Edythe Williams 

Elaine >ldler Heath 

Jack & Joan Given 

Helga Hellberg 

Alan Winquist 

Carol Herber 

Paul Coblentz 

Jeff Hines 

Nelson & Beth Rediger 

Lois Weed 
David Dickey 
Alice Holcombe 

HoUy A. Ivey 

Mike & Sandra Conley 
Crowe Ctiizek and 

Girl Scout Troop #134 of 

Rose Harris 
Arthia Jones 
James & Susan Naus 
Chris & Sandy Neel 
Marion Girl Scouts 
John & Ruth Rickner 
Roger & Lou Roth 
Mr & Mrs. Dennis Smith 
Francis & Linda Solms 
Lois Weed 

David Jackson 

Doug & Connie Marlow 

Robert Jones 

Nelson & Beth Rediger 

Alex Krentle 

Nelson & Betti Rediger 

Herbert Lee 

Nelle Alspaugh 
Ralph & Ruth Boyd 
Bert Chapman 
L M. Charlson 
Gene Ensign 
Gregor & Mary Euler 
William Ewbank 
M.C Fober 
Marcella Fuller 
Cfiarles & Anna Fullhart 
David & Barbara Hess 
Gerald & Jane Hodson 
Pauline HoHoway 
Dean & Daphne Hoover 
Albert Jegerlehner 
Mr & Mrs. Don 
Jones Funeral Home 
Elizabeth Lee 
Jennie Lee 
Robert & Betty Lindsey 

0. Stanley & Mary Lyons 
Josephine Miller 

Mr & Mrs. Frank Nelson 
Elisabeth Poe 
Marguerite Poe 
Nelson & Beth Rediger 
Carl & Anita Rice 
Lois Robinson 
Helen Rogers 
Maxine Sanders 
Manha Sauthoff 
James & Mattie Sellers 
Arlene Spade 
Alan, Marilyn & the 

Shaver Family 
C Rex & Marilyn Taylor 
Upland United Methodist 

Robert & Jane 

Lois Weed 

\ ir^^inia Lembriglit 

Carl & Patricia Atkinson 

Albert Mathias 

Charlene Mathias 

\Silliani McKibben. Jr. 

1, May Thorpe 

Marie Mendenhall 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles 

Herb Meredith 

Charles & Jackie Florian 

Don MiUer 

Nelson & Beth Rediger 

Edward H. Moore 

Mr & Mrs. Harold Kuhn 

Raymond Neideck 

Nelson & Beth Rediger 

James L. Nickel 

Judith Anderlik 
Peggy Mogush 
Byron Tippey 
Waldo & Marlene Roth 
Martha Watson 

Ruth Ellen Nus>4haum 

Dorotba Mack 

Dan Oliver 

Nelson & Beth Rediger 

\* ally Page 

Mr & Mrs. Robinson 

Jerry Pierce 

Nelson & Beth Rediger 

Walter Randall 

TA, Aman 
J Ardell 

Weltie & Geraldine Baker 
Stephen & Janet Banter 
Susan Barman 
Margaret Behnken 
Leland & LaRita Boren 
Joe & Judy Brain 
Hazel Carruth 
Emma Copeland 
Eugene & Loretta 

Albert Dawe 
Russell Dowell 
Bill & Frances Ewbank 
Bob & Betty Freese 
M.Arthur Grant 
Robert & Florence Haley 
Mr, & Mrs Richard 

John & Lucille Hershey 
Maary Huber 
Marian Kendall 
Patrick & Jean Kennedy 
D I. Kolp 

Herbert & Jennie Lee 
Wilbert & Frances Lightle 
Shirley Malone 
Ruth McDonald 
Pleasant Ridge School 
Michael & Pamela Rawa 
Velma Rediger 
Lynn Rinkema 
Gene & Nancy Rupp 
James & Mattie Sellers 
Taylor University Building 

& Grounds 
Wirth & Jane Tennant 
University of Kentucky 

Center for Biomedical 

Frank Wilbur 
Lawrence & Marie 

Fred Zechman 

IVlilo Rediger 

Margaret Brown 

Linda Reece 

Jerry & Sheryl Stair 

George Reed 

Charles & Jackie Florian 

Lloyd Rumiiie 

Nelson & Beth Reiger 

Jennafer Ruehlman 

Ronald & Nancy 

John O'Brien 
Nelson & Beth Rediger 
Dennis & Rita Ruehlman 
June Ruehlman 

Glenn Scliell 

Nelson & Beth Rediger 

Jean Silver 

Sharon S Barnett 
Robert E. .Smith 

Tom & Helen Beers 

Ron Smith 

Ray & Doris Smith 

Rowena Sluckey 

Nelson & Beth Rediger 

Lewes & Ruth Swarts 

William & Frances 

Charles Taylor 

Nelson & Beth Rediger 

EX. Taylor 

Edith Taylor 

W. Donald Thorpe 

I- May Thorpe 

John V engatz 

R.Ruth Welch 

Susan Wengatz 

R.Ruth Welch 
Lucille Wliitaker 

Chuck & Jackie Florian 

Jack Williams 

Charles & Elisabeth 

Orval Wilson 

Nelson & Beth Rediger 

Gertrude Winquist 

James & Nellie Alspaugh 
Arthur Atkins 
BAE Faculty 
Robert & Ingeborg 

Elaine Bayly 
Stephen & Phyllis Bedi 
Leland & LaRita Boren 
John & Frances Gasner 
John & Gael Gasner 
Albert & Mildred 

Bert Chapman 
Faye Chechowich 
Julius Danch 
Kirk & Marilee Dorn 
Lowell & Ariel Dorn 
Gregor & Mary Euler 
William & Frances 

James & Joy Forsman 
Ralph & Hanna French 
Theresa Gloss! 
Virginia GlossI 
FW. & Edith Gustafson 
George & Anna Harrison 
Gerald & Jane Hodson 
Stephen & Artis Hoffman 
Tom & Carolyn Jones 
Dwight & Karm Jessup 
Thomas & Carolyn Jones 
Robert & Kimberly 

Sven JyreH 
Helen Kashmer 
Martin & Kelly Ingeborg 
John & Dons Kennedy 
Jennie Lee 

Francis & Frances Lind 
William & Linnea Martin 
J. Murray & Nancy 

Arthur & Dons Mebert 
Nancy Merritt 
Joseptiine Miller 
George & Ogren Ragnhild 
Edward Peterson 
Eleanor Roderick 
Arthur Romer 
William & Audrey 

George & Annely 

Ken Toy 
Lois Weed 
Alan Winquist 
Anges Youngdahl 
Elizabeth Youngstrom 

Dan Yulzy 

Hisa Asaoha 
Stephen & Phyllis Bedi 
Leland & LaRita Boren 
David & Sally Brodkorb 
Faye Chechowich 
PD. Childers 
Merle & Veria Conrad 
Lee & Patricia Erickson 
William & Frances 

First United Methodist 

Church, Logansport 
Lena Graber 
Charles Gray 
Randall & Marcia 

Robert & Susan Hodge 
Laurence Horst 
Inlet Mennonite WMSC 
Harold & Patricia Leaman 
Lowville Mennonite 

Uriah Mast family 
Conrad & VerIa Merle 
Sheldon & Elisabeth 

Nelson & Beth Rediger 
Gene & Nancy Rupp 
Levi & Ada Schlabach 
Gregory & Lenette Shaw 
Katie Showaller 

Fannie Stutzman 
Lula Thomas 
Helen Thurn 

Village Green Condo, Inc 
Gladys Widmer 
Daniel Yutzy 
Martha Yutzy 
Valentine Yutzy 


Tom & Helen Beers 

Nelson & Beth Rediger 

l.elajid E. Boren 

Leland & LaRita Boren 
Foster Wheeler 

Gregor 8. Mary Fran Euler 
Mr S Mrs. Weldon Gibbs 
Jerry & Beth Henricks 
Patsy Smith 
Sandra Swindell 
Angela Taylor 
Christopher & Catherine 


Jean Knowles Godfrey 

Harold Beattie 

Bob Corlner 

Timothy Balder 
Mitchell & Melissa 

Julie Boseker 
Bob & Sherry Boyack 
Kevin & Marlis Castle 
Kent Culberson 
Brian & Jennifer Dickey 
Steven & Lora Domeck 
Steven Eckstrom 
Jon Filka 
Joel Fletcher 

Mark & Belinda Kach 
Jennifer Kanning 
Eric & Yvonne 

Janet Logan 
Tom & Heather Lutz 
Terry S Arlene 

Aogu Matsuoka 
Greg 8 Stacy Mervine 
Wesley & Lisa Mills 
Michael Moore 
Timothy & Sharon 

Robert Myers 
Sibyl Nelson 
Scott & Julie Nieveen 
Lori Nordengren 
Jael Norman 
Bob S Brenda Peterson 
Bob & Julie Pugti 
Charley & Peggi Rafferty 
Jeffrey & Sara Roberts 
Dave & Amy Romig 
David & l^iki Rossv^urm 
Dan Rowley 

Russell & Debby Running 
Daniel & Nancy Rupp 
Richard Sawyer 
Robert Sager 
Chad Schatfer 
Eric & Miriam Shumaker 
Gary & Sandra Sloyer 
James & Angela 

David «, Beth Steiner 
Colleen Tonn 
Mark & Julie Turner 
Jill Wickman 
Bruce & Jane Wiley 
William Wilson 
Gary Wiggins 

OUie Hubbard 

John S Ann Lockler 

Bob Freese (left) and Dan Tutzy, who 
both died this year, were honored by 
many who gave in their memory. Freese 
worked in the education department, 
while Yutzy served as a professor and 
department chair of sociology. 

Gregory & Sarah Flick 
Rollin & Sandie Ford 
Jeffrey & Ann Frantz 
Bob & Aileen Gortner 
Michelle Greenawalt 
Robert 8, Jodi Hanlon 
Mark & Joy Hayden 
Clifford Hickok 
Timothy Hirons 
Timothy & Ashlyn Holz 
Cliff & Jennifer Jordan 

Don Miller 

Nelson & Beth Rediger 

Vern & Dorothy Miller 

Nelson & Beth Rediger 

Don & Boiuiie Odle 

Nelson 8. Beth Rediger 

Paul Sleiner 

Randall Miller 
Deborah L. Miller 

Taylor IJniversily 1995 Honor Roll of Donors • 23.\ 

w Scholarships 

D.J. Angus-Scientech 

Most Improved 

Student Award 
Leiand E Boren Endowed 

Class of 1945 Endowed 

WiltJurM. Cleveland 

Memorial Student 

Alumni Internship 
John Baxter Coffey 

Memorial Scholarship 
Raymond & Mariorie 

Cooper Endowed 

Robert J. Freese. Sr 

Memorial Endowed 

IrleneS, Glenn Memorial 

Robert V, Gortner 

Endowed Scholarship 
Ronald & Anita Habegger 

Endowed Scholarship 
Jane& Gerald Hodson 

Indianapolis Community 

Fellowship Ministries, 

Inc Annual Award 
Ruth Warten tten Memorial 

Endowed Scholarship 
Keizer Endowed 

Jack W King Missionary 

Endowed Scholarship 
JackW King Student 

Missions Endowed 

Margaret E. & Judy R. 

Neeley Memorial 

Dons E & Edith Ross 

Reynolds Memorial 

Endowed Scholarship 
Jennafer T, Ruehlman 

Memorial Endowed 

Servicemaster Endowed 

Soderquist Family Annual 

Taylor Football Donor 

Grant Endowed Fund 
Rodah & Marshall Welch 

Endowed Scholarship 
Emjl & Gertrude E, 

Winquist Memorial 

Endowed Scholarship 
Gladys I. Young Endowed 

Daniel Yutzy Memorial 

Endowed Scholarship 

i 1 1 i a m Taylor 

Harold & Genevieve Beattie 

Margaret Behnken 

Larry Brown 

Virginia Cline 

Merlyn & Mariilyn Egle 


Bertha Gilson 

Noble Gividen 

Jean & Oliver Godfrey 

Albert Heiser 

Art & Mary Hodson 
Daniel & Ulee Hutchens 
Everett Jarboe 
Gordon & Delores 

Alfred & Gladys Kahler 
Shirley & William Kennard 
Don & Mary 

Robert & Karen Logan 

Betty Maxwell 
Royce & Jan Mitchell 
Don & Bonnie Odie 
Gerald & Violet 
Maxine Robinson 

Louise Jacoby Shull 
Thomas & Margery Sidey 
Alvin Strong 
Andrew Trotogot 
RuthS Robert Willbanks 
Devon & Marcella Wilson 

William Taylor Foundation is tJie planned 
giving department of Taylor University'. 

Unrestricted Gifts by Constituency 

Churches / Private Foundations . , . 0.5% 

— Employees , . . 2.7% 

— Business & Industry . . . 4.6% 

. 5.7% 

Independent Colleges of Indiana . 
Parents . . , 6.7% 
Trustees . . . 7.0% 

— Matching Gifts . . . 8.7% 

Friends... 1 4. f% 

Alumni . . . 50.0% 

Thii graph reflects unrestricted gifts to the Tay- 
lor Fund ivhich are used to help relici'e the budget 
q/ financial aid and academic support. 

Taylor World 

Each year, alumni and friends join with the 
efforts of Taylor World Outreach by supporting 
teams sent out to different parts of the world. 
We thank these donors and want to show 
photographs from some of the January trips. 




A Lighthouse team to Ethiopia helped 
villagers develop agricultural skills. 





The Ireland ttain iiitntsknd to children 
and youth in the town of Ballynahinch. 

The Zimbabwe team assisted Nationals 
in the construction of an orphanage. 

26\ • Tavlor Iniversilv Wi Honor Roll ol Donors 

A Donor Bill of Rights 

PHILANTHROPY is based on voluntary action for the common good. It is a tradition of 
giving and sharing that is primary to the quahty of hfe. To assure that philanthropy 
merits the respect and trust of the general public, and that donors and prospective donors 
can have full confidence in the not-for-profit organizations and causes they are asked to 
support, we declare that all donors have these rights: 


To be informed of the organization's mission, of the way the organi- 
zation intends to use donated resources, and of its capacity to use 
donations effectiveh for their intended purposes. 


To be informed oj the identity of those serving on the organization's 
governing board, and to expect the board to exercise prudent judg- 
ment in its stewardship responsibilities. 


To have access to the organization's most recentfinancial statements. 

Wf To be assured their gfts will be used for the purposes for which they 
* " were given. 

To receive appropriate acknowledgement and recognition. 


To be assured that information about their donations is handled 
with respect and with confidentiality to the extent provided by law. 


To expect that all relationships with individuals representing orga- 
nizations of interest to the donor will be professional in nature. 


To be informed whether those seeking donations are volunteers, em- 
ployees of the organization or hired solicitors. 


To have the opportunity for their names to be deleted from mailing 
lists that an organization may intend to share. 

To feel free to ask questions when making a donation and to receive 
prompt, truthful and forthright answers. 

Tavlor Iniversilv 1995 Honor Roll of Donors • 27A 



The Upland campus experienced icy 
weattier tliis winter, along with some 
sizeable snowfall which left many a driver 
stranded. . . there's something to be said 
about cross country skiing. 

Financial assistance makes a Taylor education possible for many 

T/ip Office of Financial Aid is a key player in the University's position as one of .America's Best 

Being named i/i U.S. News & World 
Reports annual issue on America's 
Best Colleges and Universities 
provides a boost for any academic institu- 
tion. The competitive standard by which 
schools are judged ensures that only the 
finest institutions are so honored. For the 
eighth time in nine years, Taylor has been 
named as one of these schools. 

There are numerous factors wliich 
made this honor possible. These include 
the endowment, financial aid, student GPA, 
retention and graduation rates, percentage 
of faculty with terminal degrees, and the 
faculty-student ratio. Each of these is an 
important asset to the University, but what 
makes Taylor one of America's Best is its 
distinctive commitment to helping students 
make the most of their opportunities. 

Practically speaking, the rubber meets 
the road in the Office of Financial Aid. 
Director of Financial Aid Tim Nace 
disburses some $11 million in financial aid 
to 80% of the Upland student body. 
Included in that aid are private outside 
scholarships, federal and state dollars, and 
various institutional monies. When one 
adds the two million dollars of financial aid 
assistance given on the Fort Wayne 
campus, the total amount administered by 
Taylor University exceeds .$13 million. 

Heather Shimko '96 receives assistance 
from a scholarship she won during 
competition at Taylor's National High 
School Leadership Conference during her 
senior year of high school. For each of her 
four years of college, Shimko received an 
annual award equal to 40% of Taylor's 
tuition. NHSLC winners receive $235,000 
annually. While she wanted to come to 
Taylor, the award of the scholarship 
"pushed it over the edge." Shimko, who is 

the president of 
Taylor's student 
body, says in 
retrospect she 
would have pursued 
other options and 
colleges if the 
HSLC scholarship 
had not come 

For the past two 
years, Scott Balyo 
'96 has received the 
Wilbur M. Cleve- 
land Memorial 
Scholarship. Will 
Cleveland '49 was 
the editor of this 

magazine for twenty-nine years until his 
death in 1985, and the scholarship is 
awarded annually to a journalism major 
with high academic standing involved in 
media. Balyo, who is editor of the Taylor 
student newspaper The Echo, is grateful for 
the financial help not just for himself, but 
for his parents and his sister Stephanie '98. 

Balyo's scholarship goes far beyond 
financial aid, though, extending into the 
realm of relationships. Alyce (Rocke '48) 
Cleveland has been supportive of him in 
some intangible ways during the past two 
years. A faithful reader of the Echo, she 
made a trip to the newspaper office one 
night during finals week with some freshly 
baked cookies. 

Angela Angelovska '96, a January 
graduate, is from Macedonia in the former 
Republic of Yugoslavia. She was the 
beneficiary of aid from an International 
Student Scholarship, the Dean's Scholar- 
ship, and the Church Matching Grant 
program. With a B.A. in communication 

The Office of Financial Aid provides assistance to students 
struggling with the ever-increasing cost of higher education. 

studies and a minor in pre-law, Angelovska 
plans to attend law school to pursue her 
career goals in international corporate law. 
By her own admission she was involved in 
"pretty much eveiything under the sun" at 
Taylor, including the International Student 
Society, Taylor Student Organization, and 
Student Activities Council. As an interna- 
tional student, Angelovska was not eligible 
for any federal or state aid, but through the 
help of her American "parents" and the 
financial aid she received from Taylor, she 
graduated debt free. 

These three have experienced the 
distinctives of a Taylor education through 
the help of the financial aid office. As 
Angelovska says, there is a positive 
atmosphere created by the faculty and the 
Office of Financial Aid that makes students 
feel cared about. 'There's a message 
around that says, 'You can do it'. . . if you're 
struggling you can get tutors, if you have 
good grades, they'll find the financial 
resources for you to finish." — ^JG 

Spring 1996 /TAYLOR 17 


Dr. Ted Dorman. associate professor of 
Biblical studies, auttiored A Faith For All 
Seasons, wtiicfi was published last summer 
and is now being used as the textbook for 
the Historic Christian Belief class. 

Kesler, Palmer challenge stiident body 

Spiritual Renewal chapel addresses raise intellectual awareness 

W'~ ith wit, charisma and intellec- 
tual stamina. Dr. Earl Palmer, 
pastor of University Presbyterian 
Church in Seattle, Washington, opened up 
the spring spiritual renewal chapel series. 
In three talks, Palmer reflected on Pascal's 
Fej/sees concerning the foundations upon 
which we build our lives. It is only when we 
are grounded on the Rock that we can 
stand the stonns of life, he says. 

Kesler challenged the chapel audience 
in two Wednesday sessions to a deeper 
walk with God. Among other topics, Kesler 

Faculty prepares for 
reaccreditation effort 

Academic self-study underway 

Once per decade, the academic 
structure of Taylor falls under a 
tedious self-study paving the way 
for reaccreditation. The two-year process 
involves evaluating the goals and out- 
comes of the entire academic program. 

Working together with the administra- 
tion, the committee, composed of faculty 
members, evaluates several areas includ- 
ing how well Taylor fulfills its mission, if it 
maintains adequate human resources, 
fulfills its educational and long-term goals, 
and maintains institutional integrity'. 

The result will be a self-study document 
available for faculty review by the fall of 
1996. It will then be passed on to the 
North Central Association, a regional 
accrediting institution, which will follow up 
with a site visit in FebruaiT 1997. Dr. Steve 
Bedi, associate vice president for academic 
affairs, is confident that the University is 
shaping up well for reaccreditation. — RD 

addressed how it is possible for one to 
know God, encouraging those in atten- 
dance to look to Christ. 

Kesler coordinated the planning of the 
spring spiritual renewal seii/ices, which will 
continue under the direction of the 
president's office in the future. Renewal 
services each fall will still be planned by the 
campus pastor's ofllce. — RD 

Earl Palmer 

Donor fimds make new scholarslups possible 

Each year individuals iiork nith Taylor to establish scholarships 

Scholarships awarded at Taylor 
University have long been a vital part 
of financing student education. Each 
year, the amount of dollars awarded 
increases through the generous support of 
individual donors, many of whom choose to 
establish new scholarships. 

Through inteiTiews with the Develop- 
ment office, potential donors express their 
interest areas and the structure of the 
scholarships they would like to establish. 
Donors may also determine qualifications 
for the recipients. From the beginning of 
this process the donor's agreement with 
the mission and puqjose of Taylor I'niver- 
sity is of primaiy importance. 

An agreement is then drafted between 
the two parties and the scholarship comes 
under the control and administration of the 
University. It is then passed on to the 
financial aid office, where it is awarded to 
students based on the qualifications written 
in the agreement. Usually some biographi- 
cal information is included with the 
scholarship so that the student may learn 
about the donor. 

Scholarships are categorized as either 
endowed or annual, says Gene Rupp, vice 

president for Development. Endowed 
scholarships are those which have an initial 
investment of at least $10,000. Awards from 
these scholarships stem only from a 
percentage of the interest earned — usually 
between 80 and 90 percent. Annual 
scholarships are those which have a limited 
life. These are generally given by individual 
donors while endowed scholarships are 
often established by groups or families. 
The financial aid ofllce follows some 
basic guidelines to determine scholarship 
recipients, Rupp says. Students must be 
enrolled in a full-time academic schedule, 
must meet Taylor's academic standards, 
and may not be on probation. Some 
scholarships are awarded to students who 
are unable to pay their full tuition. These 
scholarships act as loans which are 
subsequently repaid by the recipients. 
Scholarship recipients are also encouraged 
to personally thank the donors. — RD 

For more information regarding scholar- 
ships and how you can be a part of training 
godly men and women at Taylor University, 
please contact the Development Office at 
1 (800) 882-3456. ext. 5116. 

18 Spnng 1996 /TAYLOR 


Now on the airwaves. WTUR FM 89. 7 
serves the surrounding community with a 
contemporary music format. Students have 
the opportunity to gain practical experience 
in the studio as deejays. 

Rupp Center making good on its promises 

New facilities increase capabilities for publications and productions 

The Rupp Communication Arts 
Center symbolizes the fuLQUment 
of a decades-long dream. As part of 
the vision for Taylor's fine arts center, the 
building stands as a testimony to the 
faithfulness and perseverance of the 
founders of that vision. Now in its second 
year of use, the Rupp Center has shown 
itself to be an investment with good return 
for the University. 

Being previously scattered in various 
comers of campus, the communication arts 
faculty welcome the internal unity of the 
department. In the past, the department 
was headquartered in Sickler Hall, with 
darkrooms buried in a damp, odor-filled 
basement, and a radio station cramped 
inside a small room upstairs. Some faculty 
members in the past even refused to teach 
in Sickler Hall. "And we don't blame them," 
says Dale Jackson, chair of the communica- 
tion arts department, "because we would 
have said the same thing." 

The atmosphere in the Rupp Center, 
though, is much more pleasant, he says. 
This is so not only for faculty, but for 
students as well. Photographers for the 
yearbook and newspaper no longer have to 
run across campus to develop prints, but 
rather just across the hall. The new 
facilities have also improved radio and 
television productions. New equipment has 
allowed WTUR to go on the air and five 
new television courses were developed to 
utilize the new production facilities. 

The new theatre offers no comparison to 
the previous one, says Jackson. Plays are 
finally being performed in a setting which 
was actually designed for that purpose. 
Performers and stage crews now enjoy 
adequate room backstage, a scene shop, a 
costume design room, and other benefits. 

A developing faculty is also increasing 
the knowledge base of the program, 
helping students make full use of the 
technology onhand. New courses will be 
developed in the future to enhance this 
department, which Jackson says is already 
one of the best among private Christian 
colleges. — RD 

The television 
studio (left) and 
the new theatre are 
just f M/o of the 
many improve- 
ments made 
possible by the 
Rupp Communica- 
tion Arts Center. 
The yearbook and 
newspaper offices 
are also now 
located across the 
hall from two 

Elderliostel creates life-enlianciiig experience 

T/iis summer Taylor will again host this annual learning opportunity 


he educational environment of 
Taylor University has much to 
offer students of all ages. For our 
more mature constituents (those over the 
age of 55) Elderhostel provides an opportu- 
nity to enhance the mind, the body, and the 
spirit. Taylor is one of over 1,800 institu- 
tions worldwide to provide the short-term 
academic program, which began in 1975. 
Taylor will host Elderhostel July 7-12 
with two college-level courses: The Art of 
Understanding Yourself, and People of 

Other Cultures. A potpourri of visual and 
performing arfs experiences will season 
this year's offering as well, including 
courses in watercolor painting, Broadway 
musicals, cultural folk dances, and physical 
fitness. Cost for the program is $300 and 
includes registration fees, accommoda- 
tions, meals, classes and other extracur- 
ricular activities. — RD 

For more information, please contact Dr. 
Richard Parker at (317) 998-5215. 

Spring 1 996 / TAYLOR 19 


Erin Simon, one of Sharatiion's younger 
visitors, introduces tiimself to tlie WBCL 
family wifti Sfielly Sfirieve. secretary for 
university relations-Upland. Several visitors 
came by tfie station during the campaign. 

WBCL Sliaratlion meets goal in record time 

Surplus to fund the purchase of digital equipment for WBCL studios 

Life throws us into circumstances 
every now and then which, at the 
time of their occurrence, make us 
wonder, "Wliere is God in all this?" Such a 
time was the Christmas season for the 
WBCL staff. The schedule of events 
afforded no time for grieving the loss of Jeff 
Carlson, as the staff busily prepared for the 
annual Sharathon, two days of answering 
phones in search of $750,000 in pledges. 
What they experienced was evidence of 
God's grace in their time of need. 

This year the calls were steady and 
consistent, unlike previous years when 
they would come in erratic cycles. This was 
perhaps the least stressfiil Sharathon in its 
20 years of existence, says Char Binkley, 
station manager. This was also the earliest 
the station had met its goal since it 
switched from a one-day to a two-day event. 
Pledges were still coming in weeks later. In 
total, the station raised over $835,000. 

The initial $750,000 goal consists of 
resources necessary to run the station for 
one year. Additional funds will go toward 
the purchase of digital equipment for the 
station which Carlson had researched for 
the past year, llie new 
equipment will be * 

installed this summer and » 

will be dedicated, along 
with the Jeff Carlson 
Studio (currently Studio 
A) during the fall. 

Nearly one-fifth of the 
WBCL listening audience 
supports the station. The 
average pledge is about 
$140. Those who commit 
to giving at least $180 join 
the "Coffee Can Club." 
The station has surpassed 
the Sharathon goal in 
each of its 20 years. — RD 

Adding even more 
joy to Sharathon 
were the 20th 
anniversary of the 
station (left) and 
visitors such as 
Alexa Binl<ley, 
granddaughter of 
Station Manager 
Char Binldey. 

Jeff Carlson dies in December aiito accident 

The voice that captured so many hearts was suddenly silenced 

Jeff Carlson 

Listeners of 'WT3CL will be missing 
the friendly familiar voice of Jeff 
Carlson, 46, who died suddenly on 
December 8 in an automobile accident en 
route to Fort Wayne, Ind. 

Carlson served WBCL for 18 years as 
operations manager, engineer, and 
program host of his morning show "Rise 
and Shine." Wamith and humor character- 
ized his personality and helped him achieve 
the Fort Wayne Voice of Choice award in 
1989 and the Toastmaster award for 
Excellence in Communication in 1995. His 
broadcasting career began in the Philip- 

pines in 1966, and two years later he found 
a home on the Fort Wayne airwaves. 

"Jeff was an integral part of the staff," 
says Char Binkley. station manager. "Tlie 
airwaves will recover one day. but they 
will never be the same! Jeff definitely took 
an era of broadcasting with him." 

Carlson is survived by his mother, his 
wife Beckie. 11-year-old daughter Darci. 
sister Mary (Carlson '61) Delcamp and 
her husband Sam '61, who served Taylor 
for many years as a vice president. The 
memorial service was held at Blackhawk 
Baptist Church in Fort Wayne. — RD 

20 Spring 1996 /TAYLOR 


Paul Patterson has had a busy spring, 
winning his 400th game as head coach of 
the men's basketball team on Feb. 6. and 
receiving NAIA Hall of Fame honors In March. 
He began coaching at Taylor in 1979. 

Kroeze-iiig to victory 

T/iey didn / think she could do it 

Taylor Women's Cross Country 
coach Ray Bullock was preparing 
for training camp in 1992 when he 
got a call from a freshman field hockey 
player from Blairstown, New Jersey. 
"Coach Bullock," the voice started, "my 
name is Elizabeth Kroeze (pronounced 
Cruise) and I see that you do not have field 
hockey, so I wondered if I could try out for 
the cross country team." 

Bullock laughs now about his initial 
response. "I thought, what am I getting 
myself into?" When Kroeze '96, who had 
never run more than a mile at any one time 
before, arrived for training camp the 
reviews were less than ecstatic. "At first, 
she was pretty awful," Bullock says. 
Nevertheless, he let Rroeze nm even 
though the first couple of meets found her 
bringing up the rear. 

All that changed, however, at the Little 
State Invitational at Purdue when the 
freshman Kroeze surprised everyone, 
garnering a top-three finish on the team. "I 
just decided that I can do this," she says. 
With that, she was on her way. Kroeze 
never finished below fifth place again. 
Bullock says that he and the team were not 
the only ones surprised by the turnaround. 

"I got a call one day from her father," he 
says. "She had been sending newspaper 
clippings home. He said, 'We didn't know 
she was this good.' I told him 'Believe it.'" 

"Believing it" could be the hallmark of 
Kroeze's career. During her four-year 
varsity tour, she won Rookie of the Year 
honors in 1992, competed in three NAIA 
and four NCCAA Championship meets, 
was a two-time NAIA All-District selection, 
was team captain in 1994 and 1995, and also 
won the team's Mental Attitude Award 
three straight years. 

Elizabeth Kroeze 

Her experiences with running impacted 
Kroeze in other areas of life as well. 
Spiritually, she says, she learned about 
discipline and endurance, especially 
through the hard times. She has also 
enjoyed the discipline of exercise and has 
found joy in running on a daily basis. 

Lest one think that studies ever took a 
back seat to her iiinning, Kroeze maintains 
a 3.9 GPA, majoring in education. As she 

approaches graduation, she is not choosy 
about where she will go. "I'm just looking 
for a job." she says, though she plans to 
continue running. "I want to be one of 
those 60-year-oIds who you see running 
outside, just like Coach." 

Kroeze considers the opportunities she 
has had to be a blessing from God. She 
expresses appreciation to Taylor and Coach 
Bullock for giving her a chance. — ^JG 

Spring 1 996 / TAYLOR 21 


The 1995-96 Lady Trojans stand tall on the 
ropes course they tackled last fall. Such 
activities helped bring the team together in a 
spirit of cooperation which extended 
throughout the entire basketball season. 

Perseverence pays off with atliletic honors for haskethall coaches 

Coaches Paul Patterson and Tena Kraiise both joined their respective ahna mater halls of fame this ycor 

Years of coaching experience have 
garnered due honor for Paul 
Patterson and Tena Krause, 
Taylor's basketball coaches, who have both 
been inducted into the athletic Halls of 
Fame of their respective alma maters. 

Krause, the first women's coach in 
Taylor history to notch 100 wins, was a 
three-sport athlete at Greenville (IL) 
College. Lynn Adams, Krause's softball 
coach, who also shares her March 2nd 
birthday, was one of the coaches who had 
the greatest impact on Krause during her 
years at Greenville. "She was a great 
professor and a great inspiration to me," 
Krause says. ". . . very dynamic, demand- 
ing, and motivating." 

Krause put these characteristics into 
practice herself coaching the women's 
basketball team. Lisa Dunkerton '97 relates 
that while Krause is typical of coaches in 
some ways — she loves to win, she expects 
a 100 percent team effort from her players, 
etc. — she is equally concerned about each 
team member as a person. 

"Her door is always open," Dunkerton 
says. "She has a good sense of humor and 
likes to have fun with the girls." 

Krause has made an effort to be 
involved with the team, even running with 
them during practice. Early in the fall, she 
took the team on a weekend retreat where 
they participated in a ropes course. 

"It really helped build team unity," 
Dunkerton says. "It helped the freshmen 
feel like a part of the team and set the tone 
for the rest of the season." 

Patterson, a two-sport letteiAvinner at 
Hanover (IN) College, was nominated for 
his coaching success since graduation. "I 
did nothing during my career at Hanover to 
get me into the Hall of Fame," he says. 

Patterson's love of athletics comes from 
its impact on people, but calls coaching the 
hardest thing he's ever done. A reluctant 
honoree, Patterson credits his players and 
assistant coaches for their efforts. 

Like Krause, Patterson expects excel- 
lence from his players. Yet, he too person- 
alizes his relationships with team mem- 
bers. Jim Pope '96 says Patterson's 
influence on him extends beyond the 
basketball court, and into many areas 
including interj^ersonal relationships, 
academic work and 
lifestyle standards. 

"He encourages 
us to strive for the 
best," Pope says, 
adding that 
Patterson is a prime 
example of this. 
"There's more than 
basketball involved. 
I respect him more 
than any other 
coach I've had." 

Pope says that 
the Hall of Fame 
honor is due 
recognition for all 
the hard work 
Patterson has done 
over the years. — ^.IG 

Tena Krause (above) and Paul Patterson 

For the latest in schedules, statistics, scores and 
publications, call the Taylor University Trojan 
Sports Line at 31 7-998-4959, 24 hours a day. 

Spnng 1996 /TAYLOR 


Ruth (Shields x'70) Morgan greets an old 
Mend during the 25th anniversary of the 
Class of '70 at Homecoming last fall. Ruth Is 
also a current Taylor mom. 

Taylor Village 

Up Beyond the Miniature Border 

The foundation was laid and brick by 
briclt, the Taylor story was being 
built. Now you can have an even 
greater share in the heritage of Taylor 
University by building your own Taylor 
Village model. 

The following buildings are available for 
a donation of S25 each to the Taylor Fund: 
Swallow Robin, H. Maria Wright Hall. 
Samuel Morris Hall, Olson Hall, Sickler 
Hall, Rediger Chapel/Auditorium, Gerig 
Hall, Bergwall Hall, ZondeiTan Library, 
Magee-Campbell-Wisconsin, Ayres Alumni 
Hall, Wengatz Hall, Odle Gymnasium, 
English Hall, Nussbaum Science Center, 
and Hodson Dining Commons. 

For more information on the Taylor 
Village, please contact the Office of 
Development, 1-800-882-3456. If you would 
like to order Taylor Village buildings, 
please send your gift to Joyce Helyer, 
director of the Taylor Fund, Development 
Office, Taylor University, 500 W. Reade 
Ave., Upland, IN 46989-1001. 

For your gift to 
Taylor University of 
S25 or more, you 
can start your own 
Taylor Village. 

NAC hosts work clay 

Alumni to serve the community 

In keeping with the University's theme 
of "A Purpose to Serve," the National 
Alumni Council will be hosting and 
sponsoring a day of community service for 
the town of Upland on June 22. Area alumni 
are invited to participate in this event. 
Come and join the fellowship. Further 
details will follow in a special mailing. 

For more information, please contact the 
Alumni Office, Taylor University, 500 W. 
Reade Ave., Upland. IN 46989-1001. Or call 



1996 Alumni Directory 

If you would like to receive the 
upcoming alumni directory as 
appreciation for your gift of any 
amount to Taylor, please request a copy 
when you send your gift. The directory 
will be available during the summer. 

Look for a questionnaire in the mail 
that will give you the opportunity to 
update your information for the directory. 

For more information, please contact 
the Alumni Office at 1-800-882-3456. 

Spring 1 996 / TAYLOR 23 


John Bugher '21 was a renowned 
scientist wtio conducted atomic 
researcli as well as research of 
cancer treatment. His family was 
active in the Upland community. 










to cover 



Encounters with 
stormy weather 

Forf Wayne Female College 
had its share of tough hick 
ill the early years. 

As with any new undertaking, 
details often get lost in the 
shuffle of responsibility. 
Mistakes are easily made and 
hopefully learned from so as not to 
be repeated in the future. Fort 
Wayne Female College was not 
immune to such circumstances as 
the following entries from the Board 
of Trustees minutes show. 

May 1851 — The president called 
the meeting to determine what 
actions should be taken concerning 
recent storm damage. Upon 
assessment it was resolved that $250 
worth of damage had been incurred 
and that a loan should be sought to 
make the appropriate repairs. 

January 7, 1852 — The president 
being absent, the vice president 
called the meeting to order. A 
motion was made that the Fort 
Wayne Female College secure 
property insurance. The motion 
passed unanimously. 

April 17, 1852— At the request of 
the president, a meeting was called 
to vote on a number of pending 
issues. Among the decisions made 
by the Board that day, it was stated 
that they "deem it expedient to 
protect the college building with 
lightning rods," just before storm 
season. — SW 


life of 
on the 
effects of 
and can- 
cer treat- 

Scientific research 
rooted in faitli 

John Bugher helped in- 
crease understanding of 
atomic pouer. 

The name of John Bugher is 
known in scientific circles 
worldwide, and has been 
significant to Upland also, where he 
was born in 1901. His grandfather, 
Jacob, plotted the town, and his 
father, Anson, was among Taylor's 
first taistees when the school moved 
to Upland. 

In 1921, Bugher received B.S. 
degrees from both Taylor and the 
University of Michigan, where he 
later earned two masters degrees. In 
1951, Taylor awarded him an 
honorary doctor of science degree. 
Employment at the Rockefeller 
Foundation then sent him to Africa 
and South America to conduct 
research on yellow fever. In 1952, 
the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission 
appointed him director of the 
Division of Biology and Medicine. 
When he left in 1955, another Taylor 
graduate, Charles W. Shilling '23, 
filled that position. In 1967, the 
Atomic Energy Commission 
awarded a citation to Dr. Bugher. 

In addition to extensive work on 
yellow fever. Dr. Bugher studied the 
delayed effects of atomic radiation in 
Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and 
became a leading authority on the 
pathological effects of atomic 
radiation. He also set up numerous 
projects at colleges and universities 
and directed research in cancer 
treatment. — ^.IC 

24 Spring 1996 /TAYLOR 


Male shortage at 
the match factory 

The War Years pulled mony 
a II oul(l-be groom an ay 
from our laclies-in-naiting. 

Dating on the college campus 
is often a matter of availabil- 
ity. With many young men 
off to battle in World War II. Taylor's 
enrollment in 1945 consisted of 59 
men and 122 women. One must 
wonder about the dating situation 
that year. 

It was almost a reversal of the 
1890's when the male-female ratio 
ranged from 3:1 to 6:1. As if to 
further disadvantage the men, most 
of the ladies were better-off finan- 
cially. In his notes on Taylor history, 
Burt Ayres, Taylor dean and 
president in the early 1900's, says 
the result was that the campus tried 
to "avoid such campus events as 
would create situations that would 
throw the expenses of the couple on 
the young man." 

The economic problem seemed 
little bother, though, for many 
formed social attachments and the 
men were necessarily aggressive 
and adhesive, comments Ayres, "lest 
an opening. . . lead to a loss of 
priority." Tlie result: Taylor became 
known as the "Match Factory." 

After 1945, the balance was 
somewhat restored. The G.I.s began 
coming home, and by 1949 the male- 
female ratio rose to 3:2. Even today, 
with the ratio close to even, the 
"Match Factory" idea isn't too far off. 
Just ask current students. — ^JC 


The ratio 
the num- 
ber of 
men and 
the num- 
ber of 
women at 
Taylor was 
called off 
to war 

Interterni results 
in change of pace 

Tucked bet neen semesters, 
J -term brings diversity to 
academic calendar. 

m ^ T ith the addition of 
%^/ Interterm in the late 

T T 1960's, the school calendar 
settled into the system students now 
know. WTiile the school year had 
been previously divided into three 
12-week temis, a unanimous vote by 
the facultN' in 1935 changed that to 
two 18-week semesters. 

Then in 1968, the 18-week 
semester was changed to 16 weeks, 
with the extra four weeks being 
included in the newly-formed 
Januar\' Interterni, which provided 
students a change of pace and 
opportunity for new kinds of 
experiences. Tlie faculty was 
encouraged to discover innovative 
techniques in teaching. And to the 
joy of many, fall finals now came 
before Christmas break. 

Interterm required no increase in 
tuition: rather, charges included only 
room and board and an additional 
$50. Freshmen and sophomores 
were required to attend. Tliey could 
take History 120, Biblical Literature 
200, or English 221. Seniors could 
take capstone courses, and juniors 
were encouraged to find off-campus 
experiences related to their majors. 

This January, students chose 
from over 50 course offerings, 
including overseas travel-study 
experiences and ministry-study 
trips. — ^JC 


aged to 

Spring 1996 /TAYLOR la 


Send your Alumni Notes information to 
Marty Songer. alumni notes editor, via 
regular post, the alumni hotline (1-800-TU- 
23456. ext. 85113). ore-mail 
(alumni @ tayloru. edu). 


'class year year of graduation 

X class year class year of a 

non-graduating alumnus or alumna who 
attended for at least one year 


Louise (Longnecker) 
Cookingham, wife of Rev. 
Charles W. Cookingham, died 
January 21, 1994 at Chelsea 
Michigan Methodist Retirement 
home following a stroke 15 
months earlier. She is survived 
by her husband, a daughter 
Mary Jane and a grandson 

Rev. Perry Haines, age 80, 

passed away on January 7, 1995 
after a long illness. He was 
retired and lived in Falmouth, 
MA on Cape Cod for 15 yrs. He 
was honored by the United 
Church of Christ for having 
served 50 yrs. as pastor of 
church of that denomination in 
MA. CT, CA and MI. Surviving 
him is his wife Lorena (Porter 
'36) who lives in Falmouth. 


Roy & Becky (Wheeler) 
Maxson were honored on their 
50th wedding anniversary in 
Nov. with a concert and recep- 
tion given by their children and 
grandchildren at their church in 
Zionsville, IN. Roy is a retired 
anesthesiologist who enjoys 
woodworking and Becky stays 

active as a volunteer to Cross- 
roads Rehabilitation Center and 
at church. Joining his family in 
presenting the concert was a 
current member of Taylor 
Sounds, Nathan 
Swartzendruber '97. The 
Maxsons reside at 5785 E 500 S, 
Whitestown, IN 46075. 


Alice (Butz) Uphold died Oct. 
9. 1995 in her home after a long 
illness. She is survived by 
brother Earl Butz '41, two 
sisters. Hazel (Butz '38) 
Carruth and Lila Butz, 2 sons 
and 4 grandchildren. 


Ralph Cummings passed away 
on Nov. 29, 1995 after a long 
struggle with lung disease. He is 
survived by wife Constance. Her 
address is PO Box 313, Arling- 
ton, VT 05250. 


Norm Wilhelmi is the author 
of a new book, T//e Sweet Smell 
of Pine. This publication deals 
with the topic of substituting in 
athletics. For more information 
about this book contact Pine 
Board Press, 111 Assembly Dr., 
Box 250, Montreat, NC 28757. 


Norma Holmgren passed away 
on May 24, 1995. During her 
tenure at TU she worked with 
Alice Holcombe in the library. 
She had been director of 3 large 
libraries on Long Island. 


Priscilla Bruce is helping to 
start the Oak Park Christian 
Academy in Oak Park, IL. She 
teaches kindergarten in the 
morning and upper grades in 
the afternoon. Her new address 
is 7212 Oak Ave. 2SE, River 
Forest, IL 60305. 


Marilyn Snider x is the school 
nurse at United Christian Col- 
lege, a private high school with 
an enrollment of 1200 students. 
Of these students, 1100 are 
Chinese students from Hong 
Kong; the other 100 are English- 
speaking students from India, 
Korea, Malaysia and Hong 
Kong. She teaches an English- 
speaking Bible class and assists 
with chapel. In addition, she 
teaches an oral English class at 
a church as a means of evange- 
lism. Her address is PO Box 
95266, TsimSha Tsui PO, 
Kowloon, Hong Kong. 

26 TAYLOR /Spnng 1996 



In June 1995 Robert Schoenhals ended 12 
years as pastor of Byron First UM Church. 
He spent 6 of those parish dir. of the 
Seven Churches United Group Ministry. He 
is now the chaplain/director of the Wesley 
Foundation Campus Ministry at Univ. of 
Michigan in Ann Arbor where he ministers 
mainly to college and graduate students as well 
as other university personnel. The Wesley 
Fnd. is the oldest UM campus ministry in 
the US, chartered in 1887 as the Wesleyan 
Guild. Bob's wife Jill is a college instructor, 
a non-profit agency executive and child 
abuse prevention specialist. Tliey have a 
daughter Alison (11). Bob also has 3 grown 
step-children and 2 lovely step-granddaugh- 
ters by a previous marriage. • Allen Voth 
X, Rose Hill Kansas High HS principal, was 
recently honored as 1 of 6 candidates for 
Kansas Principal of the Year. He was 
honored at a banquet held Nov. 5 at the 
Airport Hilton in Wichita. Each candidate 
won the tide for his/her own area of the 
state. Allen was the winner for Area IV, 
covering the south central portion of 
Kansas. Allen and wife Kaye (Frank '73) 
are the parents of 2 children; Lorri (3rd 
grade) and Brent (1st grade). Their address 
is 532 Plumwood. Rose Hill, KS 67133. • Mel 
Leaman has been serving as Pastor of a United 
Methodist Church in southeastern Pennsylva- 
nia since 1984. He received a Doctorate of 
Ministry to Mairiage and Family (a family 
systems approach to counseling) from Eastern 
Baptist Seminary in 1990. Mel, his wife Joan, 
and sons Tadd (18 yrs.) and Toby (16 yrs.) 
reside at 314 Prospect Ave., West Grove, PA 


Debra J. Neuenschwander died on Oct. 29, 
1995. She lived in Ossian, IN where she taught 
3rd grade in the Northern Wells school system. 
• Donald Yerks was appointed to the Ohio 
Rail Development Commission (ORDC) for a 2- 
yr. term, effective April 20, 1995 to Oct. 20, 
1997. The ORDC's mission is to preserve the 
existing rail infrastructure by promoting the 
maximum utilization of rail capacity and the 
strategic investment of public funds to retain, 
preserve, maintain, and develop, in accordance 
with an accepted long-range plan, Ohio's rail 
corridor assets. Donald has extensive experi- 
ence with the railroad industry in his past 
positions at Conrail. Don and wife Ellen 
(Morgan) live in Sylvania, OH with son Daniel 
(13) and daughter Jennifer (3). 


Cathy (Palasini) Reed has been elected to the 
board of directors of Big Sisters of Central IN 
for a 3-yr. temi. She is also active in St. 
Margaret's Hospital Guild. 


Christie (Luellen) Fouse is the Migrant and 
Title 1 teacher at Blue River Valley Elem. 
School. Her husband John works at Ball-Foster 
Corp in Muncie. They have 3 children: Sean 
(15), Colleen (13) and Megan (ID.Tlieir 
address is PO Box 76, Mooreland, IN 47360. 


Deborah (Montgomery) Neuenschwander 

was chosen as only 1 of 43 persons in the nation 
to receive the US Postal Service Benjamin 
award. Deborah is an 11-yr. veteran of the 
postal service and has been postmaster at 
Lyons (OH) for 4 yrs. She received the 
Benjamin award for outstanding public 


On Christmas 1994, 6 couples gathered for a 
Taylor reunion in the Chicago area. They were 
Mark & Jennifer Rutzen, Fred x & Joan 
(Olson) VanderSchaaf, Bob & Lynn 
(Cavin) Hutchins, Don & Kay Churchill, 
Dave & Mendi (Beatty x'79) Dunbar and 
Jim x'79 & Renee Deetjen. All these men are 
remnants of Wengatzl • Phillip Price 
man-ied Kmberiy McKenna on July 29 in 
Hinesville, GA. TU alumni Ben '79 & 
Suzee (Searer x'82) Myers flew in from 
Southern CA for their daughter Courtney 
(12) to be soloist for the ceremony. The 
Prices live in Osilla, GA where Phillip is 
head basketball coach for Ocilla HS. 


Mark Hammer was elected to a 4-yr. term on 
the Greencastle City Council. He ran on the 
Republican ticket. Mark and wife Jeanette 
reside at 720 Ravenwood Dr., Greencastle, IN 
with their children Marcy (12) and Jim (10). 


Brian & TVndrea Burnett have moved to 
Nizhny Novgorod, Russia where Brian is a 
professor at the Nizhny Novgorod State Univ. 
He is teaching undergraduate and graduate 
courses in business ethics, managerial finance, 
and money and banking. They are working 
under the auspices of the Intl. Institute for 
Christian Studies as tentmaker missionar- 
ies. Tlie Burnetts had lived in Indianapolis for 6 

yrs. where Brian worked for Eli Lilly and Co. 
They can be reached at Zhukova St. 12-4, 
Nizhny Novgorod 603137, Russia. Their e-mail 
address is and 
their phone number is 7-8312-663919. • Jon & 
Susan (Cames) Fiet have moved to 722 
Timeriake Tr., Ft. Wayne, IN 46804, Jon is 
group controller of the non-ferrous division of 
Omnisource. Their children are Christina (16), 
Benjamin (12) and Alexander (6). Susan 
homeschooled the children for several years 
and has had craft designs published by Leisure 
Arts. • Kenneth Fink was promoted from 
trust officer to asst. vice president of Harris 
Trust and Savings Bank. Fink serves as 
portfolio manager with responsibility for the 
investments of trust and investment 
management clients. Kenneth and wife 
Sherri have a son and daughter and live in 
Chicago. • Warren & Kathy (Cork) 
Hofhuan are the proud parents of Emily 
and Megan, twins bom June 5, 1995. Sister 
Katie is 3. Kathy is on leave from Pruden- 
tial Ins. Co. where she serves as asst. 
treasurer. They reside at 41 Edgewood Dr., 
Chatham, NJ 07928. 


Annaliese Rachel was bom Jan. 7, 1995 to 
Jayman & Teresa Avery. Jayman IV (3) also 
welcomed her home to 17800 Cherrywood 
Ln., Homewood, IL 60430. • Mr. David & 
Dr. Robin (Chemenko) Chaddock 
proudly announce the arrival of Grant 
David, bora July 27, 1995. He joins sister 
Madison Anne (4). Robin is self-employed in 
sales management and training with The 
Longaberger Co. They live at 8161 Silk Cir., 
Indianapolis, IN 46256. • Steve & Vicky 
(Halupnik) Clinkscales proudly welcome 
Michael Dale bom May 30, 1995. Both of 
them work at Cherry Creek Presby. Church: 
Steve works with singles and Vicky is dir. of 
elem. Christian ed. The family resides at 
2860 S. Jackson St., Denver, CO 80210. • 
Brian & Lorene (Mudiiah) Coffey 
joyfully welcome Micah John born July 22, 
1995. Brothers are Jordan (5) and Jesse (3). 
Brian is senior pastor at the First Baptist 
Church in Geneva, IL 60134. • Tim 
Johnson is now full-time assoc. pastor of 
an intl. church, Kurame Bible Fellowship. 
The family is still ministering in Japan • 
John & Rachel Palacino reside at 628 
Little Texas Rd., Travelers Rest, SC 29690. John 
is assoc. pastor at the Christian Assembly of 
God and Rachel is a part-time nurse. Children 
are Daniel (12), Stephen (9) and Theodore (2). 


Cathy (Endean) Glupker married David 
Wagner on Nov. 26, 1994. She has 3 children: 

Spring 1996 /TAYLOR 27 


David, Lindy and Timmy. David is a physical 
therapist at Marlotte Community Hosp. They 
live at 4647 E. Snover Rd., Silvei-wood, MI 
48760. • Mark & Louanne (Lewis) Irving 
joyfidly announce the birth of Christine 

Mark and Louanne (Lewis '82) Irving with 
Jonathan, David and Christine. 

Elizabeth on June 5. 1995. Big brotliers are 
Jonathan (6) and David (3). The family's 
address is 136 S. Summit. Wheaton, IL 60187. 


Mark & Joy (Tietze) Hayden joyfully 
announce the birth of Trent Gregoiy. He was 
welcomed by siblings Taylor (7) , Trey (6) . 
Carissa (4) and Tucker (2) . Mark is a systems 
programmer for Blue Cross/Blue Shield in 
Washington, DC. Joy homeschools their two 
oldest sons. The Hayden family resides at 
12525 Browns Ferry Rd.. Henidon, VA 22070. • 
Jay & Vicki (Pierce) Schindler announce the 
birth of Jenna Victoria on Sept. 27, 1995. 
Siblings are Jacqueline (6) Jonathan (4) and 
Jami (2). Tlie Schindlers live in Da\'ton, OH 
where Jay is vice pres. of marketing for Eskco. 
Vicki keeps busy at home with the chiklren. 


Mark Breederland manied Jane Rodda on 
Oct. 14, 1995 in Livonia, MI. Jane is a Calvin 
College grad. Mark works for the Michigan 
State Univ. Extension where he conducts 
educational programs on the Great Lakes in the 
coastal counties of southeast Michigan as part 
of the MI Sea Grant College Program. Their 
address is 918 N. 4th St.. St. Clair. MI 48079. • 
Janice (Shipley) Jentink is a firefighter 
and medic for the Newport News (VA) fire 
dept. She graduated in Sept. 1995 from 
Tidewater Regional Fire Academy with 3 
mos. of intensive training in firefighting 
skills. She is also trained as a cardiac 
technician. Her husband Tom works for 
NASA. They have 3 children: Kade (7) and 
twins Alec and Nathan (5). • Barry & Debra 
(Richardson) Mason are the proud parents of 
Hannah Michelle born Oct. 31, 1995. Big sister 

Emily is 4. The Masons reside at 3801 
Maplewood, Lafayette, IN 47905. • Tim & 
Cindy (Bassett) Moore joyfully welcome 
Josiah Ethan born July 24. 1995. Brother 
Nathaniel is 5. Tlie family lives at 1501 N 150 E, 
Albion, IN 46701. •Tom Shevlothas been 
promoted to general manager of CellularOne of 
Bloomington. CellularOne of Bloomington is 
owned by Bell South of Atlanta and is the 
nation's 3rd largest cellular ijrovider. His wife 
Beth (Knudsen) is a staff accountant with 
Sum'ise Publications, the 4th largest greeting 
card company in the US. Tom and Beth reside 
at 3901 Yonkers, Bloomington, IN 47403. They 
have 2 children; Alex (7) and Emily (4). 


Bob & Betty (Plowman) Barclay tliank God 
for the miracle of Aaron Matthew born Nov. 12, 
1995. Proud brother Alex is 3. Tlie family's 
address is 43630 Preddy Ct., Ashburn, VA 
22011. • Mark & LeDania (Wallace '86) 
Bowell are the proud parents of Lakin K. born 
Oct. 2, 1995. Brother Blake is 3. Mark is 
executive director of the Indianapolis Parks 
Foundation. • .Andrew Campbell completed 
his emergency medicine residency in June of 
1994. He is working as an ER medicine 

management for the US and Canada. They and 
their 3 children, Katelyn (5), Andrew (3) and 
Lauren (1), are living at 771 Old Westbury Rd,, 
Crystal Lake, IL 60012. 


still the best of First West, these 1985 
grads have met annually since gradua- 
tion. They are (top row) Amy (Mitchell x) 
Young, Beth Gabrielson, Adona Ball, Lisa 
(Boyd) Campbell; (bottom row) Nancy 
(Norman) Rizzo, Sue (Vinton) Stone. Lois 
(Kiehlbauch) Larsen, Cathy (Deeter x) 
Trout, Holly (Egner) Walker. 

physician at Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton, 
OH. Andrew and wife Lisa (Boyd) now reside 
at 8473 Highmount Dr.. Springboro. OH 45066. 
• Daniel Detrick married Alisa Arnold on Oct. 
7, 1995 in Kchniond, VA. Larry Babian x was 
in attendance. Daniel is a merchandiser with 
Broudy-I\antor Co., Inc. and Alisa is a computer 
operator for Drs. Schroeder, Stenger and 
Taylor. Tliey live at 5200 Pine Crest Ave., 
Richmond, VA 23225. • Mike & Pattie 
(Heath '85) Wills moved to the Chicago area. 
Mike works for Motorola as director of systems 


David & Michelle (Mathes x) Becker 

proudly announce the arrival of Garrett David 
boni Nov. 7, 1995. He joins big sister Megan 
Elyse (almost 3.) David is employed by 
Charleston Area Medical Center (CAMC) as a 
3rd yr. family medicine resident physician. He 
will complete an additional year of training in a 
sport medicine fellowship through CAMC. 
Michelle is a full-time homemaker. The 
Beckers reside at 1234 Thomas Rd.. South 
Charleston, \\T 25303. • Tim & Christine 
(Hume) Bresnahan welcomed Samantha Adia 
to their family. She is a 2-yr.-old girl who was 
bom in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Samantha 
aiTived at the Indianapolis Intl. Airport after a 
30-lir. flight on Aug. 28, 1995. She is doing very 
well and is fidl of smiles and hugs. Tlie 
Bresnahans adopted Samantha through 
"Americans for Africans Adoption." Tim is a 
CPA with his finn Bresnahan & Associates. 
Christine works as a systems consultant for 
American Trans Air. Their address is 8929 
Lincoln Creek Cir.. Indianapolis. IN 46234. • 
Wayne "78 & Barb (Shaffer) Dalland are 
the proud parents of Rachel Joy bom Oct. 23, 
1995. Sisters are Barbara (5) and Andrea 
(3). Wayne is a pilot with AirTran Aii-ways 
and Barb "still enjoys being a domestic 
goddess." Tlie family lives at 4096 Belle 
Meade Ct., Casselbury, FL 32707, 


Mike Fanning is the associate pastor at East 
Wliite Oak Bible Church in Carlock, IL The 
address for he and wife Lisa (Knox '89) 
Fanning is PO Box 245, Carlock, IL 61725. • 
Kevin & Stephanie (Von Gunten) Fitzharris 
are the proud parents of McKenna Kelli bom 
Sept. 30. 1995. Kevin is employed with Barrett 
& McNagny. Stephanie is staying at home with 
McKenna. Their address is 1132 Westover Rd., 
Ft. Wayne, IN 46807. • Jamie Frintz married 
Suzanne Dulio in Kenosha, WI on July 22, 1995. 
TU participants were John Frintz, Linda 
(Kaiser x'89) Frintz, Brad Sheppard, Mike 
Heiniger and Steve McKinney. Jamie is dir. 
of environmental services for ServiceMaster in 
Zion, IL. Tliey live at 11151 8th Ave., Kenosha. 
\\1 .5314.3-1821. • Tom & Suzi (Beers) 
Harrison joyfully welcome Madeline Marie 
bom Oct. 5, 1995. Tlie family's address is Signal 
Pep USMIGRP Venezuela Unit 4980, APO AA 
34037-0008. • David & Elizabedi (Dowden) 
Straley are pleased to announce the birth of 
Nicole Marie on Nov. 27, 1995. Nicole was 
welcomed home by Christopher (4) and Allyson 

28 TAYLOR / Spring 1996 


(2). The Straleys reside at 8136 Quiiicy Ct., Ft. 
Wayne. IN 46835. • Marc & Kris (Georgia) 
Slaughter welcome Marci Marie bom April 24, 
1995. Marc works for AT&T and Kris is a real 
estate property manager. Tlie family lives at 6065 
Tiverton Sq., Columbus, OH 43229. 


Cristine Burchi and Dr. Stephen Strieker 
were married on August 19, 1995 in Birming- 
ham, MI. They reside at 1700 Severn. 
Grosse Pt. Woods, MI 48236. • Steven 
Huprich graduated from the Univ. of 
Dayton in August 1994 with an MA in 
clinical psychology. He is at Univ. of North 
Carolina in Greensboro working on a PhD in 
clinical psychology. Steve's address is 1521 
Bridford Pwy. Apt. 12L, Greensboro, NC 
27407. • Jacob Logan was boni on Oct. 13, 
1994 to Jonathan & Jill (Hay '89) Jeran. 
Brother Jordan is almost 4. The Jerans are 
beginning a new mission work in the Middle 
East this fall. They will be back in the US in 
1998. To correspond with the Jerans or be 
placed on their prayer letter list contact 
Diane Rodocker at EMC Headquarters, 
1420 Kerrway Ct., Ft. Wayne, IN 46805. • 
Shelley Rogers and Gary Maze were 
married on Dec. 9, 1995. Gary is an 
engineer for Hi Tech Systems and Shelley is 
a nanny for the Wooley Residence. The 
couple resides at 5210 White River Dr., 
Greenwood, IN 46143. • Scot & Karen 
(Hollars) Shelbume joyfully announce the 
birth of Stephanie Elaine bom Sept. 25. 
1995. Scot is assistant pastor at Faith 
Baptist Church. Karen resigned her position 
as business manager of the School of 
Veterinary Medicine at Purdue to stay at 
home. They reside at 107 N 500 E, 
Lafayette, IN 47905. • Mike & Rebecca 
(Swofford) Yoder are the proud parents of 
Austin Lane bom Feb. 6, 1995. Mike is 
executive assistant to the mayor for the city 
of Indianapolis. Rebecca is the director of A 
Child's Day Out program m Indy. Their 
home address is 11529 Sterrett Blvd., 
Indianapolis, IN 46236. • Elliot Michael 
West arrived June 1, 1995. Proud parents 
are Michael & Kristy (Bradley '89) West 
He was bom 12 weeks premature weighing 
only 2 lbs 1 oz. He stayed in a neo-natal 
intensive care unit for 89 days facing a 
number of setbacks, but came through with 
flying colors in the end. The Wests say he is 
"God's little miracle." The family resides at 
4168 Brown Rd., Parma, MI 49269. • 
Uoyd & Amy (Duchemin) Work have 
moved to 708 College Way, Carmel, IN 46032, 


Mike & Carolyn (Schumacher) Aragon 

joyfidly welcome Michael Joseph boi'n August 
7, 1995. Mike is senior pastor at Northbrook 
Church. The family lives at N92 W17695 
White Oak Cir. #24, Menomonee Falls, WI 
53051. • Jenny Dickinson married Byron 
Skaggs on April 1, 1995 in Anderson, IN. 
Byron is a youth minister at the Wliite 
Chapel Church of God and Jenny is a 
guidance counselor for Volusia City Schools. 
Tliey live at 2080 Oak Meadow Cir., South 
Daytona, FL 32119-8821. • Russ e^ Debby 
(Moore) Running are the proud parents of 
Cassandra Jane born Sept. 24, 1995. Russ 
and Debby are the owners of Running's 
Yamaha-John Deere. Their address is 3761 
County Hwy A, Rhinelander, Wl 54501. • Fred 
& Cheryl Stayton are excited to announce tlie 
birth of Caleb Bryant on March 14, 1995. He is 
joined at home by sisters Sara (4) and Rebekah 
(2). Fred is pastor of North Liberty UM 
Church. Tlieir address is PO Box 904, North 
Liberty, IN 46554. • Margo Tiede received an 
MAE with a 3.99 GPA from IWU. She taught 
kindergarten the last 4 years at New Palestine 
Elem. Her address is 4077 Meander Bend, 
Indianapolis, IN 46268. 


Chip Bajza graduated from lU Dental School 
and opened a new practice called Tlie Smile 
Center. It is located in Highland, IN. • Craig & 
Sandy (Shimer) Harlamert are proud to 
announce the birth of Kristin Hope on August 
18, 1995. They reside at 5741 Osuna NE #1500, 
Albuquerque, NM 87109. • Deborah Sue 
Litsch married Lt. John Paul Hutton on March 
18, 1995. In 
attendance from 
TU were Wendy 
(Carlson) Dellis, 
Betsy Zehnder, 
Corinne Willis 
"91, Dr. Michael 
Kooistra '91 and 
Dr. Scott 
Kooistra '91. 
Deborah is a 
at Miami Valley 
Hospital. John is a 
graduate of the US 
Air Force 
Academy and is an 
officer at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. Tlie 
couple's address is 904-C Greatview Cir., 
Centerville, OH 45459. • Bill Schureman is a 
machine operator for Caterpiller, Inc. He 
operated a Mazak FMS producing track links 
for a D9-D11 track type tractor. He is also 
working with the high school youth group at 
Grace Presby. Church in Peoria, IL. His 
address is 401 W. Stonegate, Peoria, IL 61614. 
• Kevin & Gretchen (Burwick) Scoleri 

Deborah (Litsch'90) 
and Lt. John Paul 

joyfully announce the birth of Gabriella Camille 
on Oct. 4, 1995. The family lives at 5304 
Rockinghorse PI., Oviedo, FL 32765. • Toby 
Shope is a full-time youth pastor at Bethel 
Baptist Church in Cleveland Heights. His 
address is 13660 Fairhill Rd., Apt. 2, Shaker 
Heights, OH 44120. 


AnnJanette Cuper married Daniel McCorkle 
on June 3, 1995. Both sei^e at the Evangelical 
Fomiosan Church of South Bay: Dan is 
associate pastor and AnnJanette is college 
director. The couple lives at 25433 Feijoa Ave., 
Lomita, CA 90717. • Elyce Elder is now living 
at 1503 N. Pennsylvania, Apt. 63, India- 
napolis, IN 46202. She works at Riley 
Children's Hospital as a child life specialist. 
She also became engaged on Dec. 20, 1995 
to Joshua Hublar! • Missy Nieveen 
married David Hines on April 22, 1995 in 
Scott City, MO. TU participants were 
Jennifer (Settlage '92) Urban, Juhe 
(Belknap '88) Nieveen, Scott Nieveen 
'88, Kirk Nieveen '93 and Tracy (Toby 
'92) Mann. Missy is an English teacher at 
Scott City HS and is pursuing her MA in 
English at Southeast Missouri State Univ. 
Tlie couple resides at 1909 William, Cape 
Girardeau, MO 63701. • Scott & Kathleen 
(VanHom '93) Popejoy joyfully announce 
the birth of Elizabeth Grace on Dec. 3. 1995. 
The family resides at PO Box 522, Conrad, 
L^ 50621. • David & Marianne (Koop) 
Orme moved to New York City in Jan. 1995 
so Dave could attend Columbia Univ. Along 
with his computer science graduate studies, 
he does software consulting for the NYC 
dept. of health. Marianne finished her MA 
in Old Testament at Trinity in Deerfield, IL 
and now works at the NY Public Library's 
telephone reference office. Tliey live at 437 
W. 263rd St., Bronx, NY 10471. • Chris & 
Inger (Lindberg) Plummer are the proud 
parents of Taylor Blaine bom Oct. 1, 1995. 
Chris is senior editor of Eagle Video Corp. 
They live at 4177 Eastridge Dr,. Rockford, 
IL 61 107. • Caryn Reed and David Atkins 
were married on Oct. 21, 1995 in Newark, DE. 
Participating as maid of honor was Penny 
Hammond '92. Caryn is employed with 
Zeneca Phannaceuticals as a programmer 
analyst. David works as a production planner 
for the nylons division of DuPont. Their 
address is 130 Monet Cir., Wilmington, DE 
19808. • David & Amy (Ecklund'93) Romig 
are the proud parents of David Paul III (Trey) 
bom Sept . 7, 1995. The family resides at 3009 
Sagegrove Rd., Midlothian, VA 23112. • 
Emesto & Carmen (Conley) Flores joyfully 
announce the birth of Victoria Elisabeth on 
August 20, 1995. Camien is now regional 
project manager for Latin America at Chore- 

Spring 1996 /TAYLOR 29 


Time Brock, which specializes in poultry 
feeding systems and grain storage. Ernesto 
works at the same company. Their address is 
1401 Park Ave.. Winona Lake. IN 46590. 


Tim Hildebrand is a 6th grade teacher and 
varsity basketball coach at Valley Christian 
School. He lives at South 705 Jefferson, Apt. 
10, Spokane. WA 99204. He would love to hear 
from other Taylor alums in the area! • 
Laura Paul and Jeff Harmon '93 SCC 
were married on June 24, 1995 in Sturgis, 
Ml. Cathy (Ittzes '93) Miller, Lisa Paul, 
Bob Roggenbuck and Brian Wright 
x'90 TLIFW participated in the wedding. 
The Harmons live in Wabash, IN. • Ty & 
Brenda (Kaufman) Piatt are the proud 
parents of Kyle Steven bom Oct. 31, 1995. Ty 
is a teacher and varsity boys basketball coach 
at Columbus East HS (IN). Brenda is a junior 
high social studies teacher at Southwestern 
Jr/Sr HS in Hanover, IN. • Zach Pryor is 
completing work on an MDiv. Julie (Tanis) 
is working on a master's in counseling at 
Covenant Seminary. The couple's address is 
8439 Atherton Dr. #1E. St. Louis, MO 63132- 
1020. • Pamela Reeder served as the 
Alliance Theological Seminarv' intern to 
the Evangelical Church of Bangkok, Bangkok, 
Tliailand from June 1994-June 1995. Pam is 
currently working on her master's degree at 
the Seminary in Nyack, NY, preparing for 
overseas ministry. Her current address is 
Alliance Theological Seminaiy, 1 S. Blvd., 
Nyack, NY 10960. 


Jace X & Cassie 
(Miller x) 
Carlson joyfidly 
welcome Mylon 
James bom June 
6, 1996. Brother 
Rowland is 3. 
Jace is a 

computer analyst 
at the Bank of 
Boston. The 
family resides at 
5500 Hilltop Cir., 
Charlotte, NC 28269. • Amy Dys and Kevin 
Torrans '94 were married in Ft. Myers, PL on 
July 8, 1995. Attendants included LorihTin 
Dys '97, Joel '95 & Danielle (Honemond 
'95) Gilbert, Jess Hotmire, Sarah 
Siesennop, and Christa (Williamson) 
Siegelin. The Torrans reside in Upland, IN. 
Kevin is completing his MBA at Ball State 
Univ. Amy works with college students at 
World Gospel Mission, Marion, IN. 

Kevin '94 and Amy 
(Dys '93) Torrans 

Scott 96 





West rum 




Friends gather to celebrate the marriage of 
Jason '94 and Angela (Cox '94) Fortner. 


Mark '94 and Sara (Banks '94) Hubbard stand 
together with their wedding party. 


Sara Banks and Mark Hubbard '95 were 
married on May 20, 1995. From TU in the 
wedding were Mark Jones '96, Jason Giger 
'97, Mark Hess '95, Ava .Archibald, Jerry 
Giger, Jr., Shannon (Meiboom '93) 
Thompson, Joe '88 & Rebecca (Hubbard 
'91) Maniglia. Mark is a stockbroker with 
OLDE Discount, Inc. Tlie couple lives near 
Cincinnati, OH. • Angela Cox and Jason 
"Phubbs" Fortner were married on March 25, 
1995 in Shai-psville, IN. Maid of honor was 
Molly Jones '95. Bridesmaid was Laura 
Fortner '98. Jason is teaching Spanish at 
Frankfort middle and high schools. Angela is 
also employed by Community Schools of 
Frankfort. They live at 1250 E. Wabash St., 
Frankfort. IN 46041. • Matt & Slierri 
Whiteford have taken teaching positions at 
Sunshine Bible Academy in Miller, SD. Matt is 
the Christian ed. director and teaches senior 
Bible. Sherri teaches math and science. Tlieir 
address is HC 63, Box 29, Miller, SD 57362. • 
Mark Wilson is serving with the Peace Corps 
in Panama and has been there for over a year. 
He is working in the foresti-y/agriculture 
aspect, along with teaching. His address is 
Marcos Wilson PCV, Entegra General, Chitre 
Herrera, Republica de Panama. 

Chris DePlanty married Scott 
Westrum '96 on August 12, 1995. 
Tl' participants were David 
Steiner, Susan (Ludema) 
Dunham, Krista (Janelsins) 
Thomson, Kyle Good '94, Jackie 
Se\ier '94, Craig Goodwin '97 
and Heather Foster '97. Chris is 
an intemal auditor for STAR 
Financial Group and Scott is 
finishing his degree at TU. The 
couple's address is Taylor U., Box 
1306, 500 W. Reade Ave., Upland, 
IN 46989. • Julianna Gurley and 
Joel Fletcher '94 were married on 
Sept. 2, 1995 in Canton, OH, 
Participating from Tl' were 
Timothy Drake, Max Fuhvider, Matthew 
Hartwell '96, Mark Rudy '96, Debbie 
Bowers '96, Cindy Shuler '96, Kathy 

Joel '94 and Julianna (Gurley '95) 
Fletcher are joined by friends from TU. 

Anderson '97 and Jen Anderson '97. Joel is 
an account for DIRECTV and Julianna is a 
management trainee for Enterprise Co. They 
live at 22390 Stablehouse Dr.. Sterling, VA 
20164. • Matthew Strid x is in computer 
resales at Lewan & Associates. His address is 
2114 S. Richfield Way #K206, Aurora, CO 

;{() TAYLOR / Spring 1996 


Sarah (Burgoon '80) Saoit and her husband 
Rex live in Flower Mound. Texas. They have 
two children: Matt. 8. and Amanda. 5. Sarah 
is director ofjireh Ministries, a support ministry 
for special needs children and their families. 

Another Satisfied Customer 

Finding contentment in the life that God has given 

I suppose I consider myself a "typical" 
Taylor University graduate. Typical 
because I am none of the following: 

• A distinguished alumna (unless, of 
course, they have a new category for "most 
unusual visit to a hospital emergency 
room" — my son swallowed our bath 
stopper at age four. He's now in the gifted 
program at his school. Go figure.) 

• A consistent contributor to the Alumni 
Fund (I'm working on it, but right now my 
kids are lucky if 1 remember their lunch 

• A supermom who sews all her 
children's clothing, is working on her PhD 
in her spare time, has a month's worth of 
nutritious meals in hermetically sealed 
bags in the freezer and carries a day-timer 
that would make Ted Turner look like a 

What I am is a 37-year-old homemaker 
with two (almost) perfect children, a great 
husband and two dogs, one of whom runs 
under the kitchen table every time you say 
"come" (the dog, not my husband). My 
house is, on most days, a cross between 
Better Homes and Gardens and a war zone. 
My intellectual stimulation comes from Mr. 
Rogers (hey, the guy's got a PhD) and 
Barney the dinosaur (don't ask). I stopped 
referring to myself as a "stay-at-home 
mom" because I live in my car. In short, I'm 
a "typical" '90s suburban housewife. With 
one big distinction: I carry Jesus Christ and 
Taylor University in my heart every day. 

I learned so much in my four years at 
Taylor — some has been forgotten, some 
still waits to be put to use. But one thing I 
still use every day is my ability to question, 
a skill which was honed in college. For so 
many of my professors, it was never 
enough to simply know. The why^2& an 

equally significant component in the 
learning process. That skill certainly has no 
better application than in the Church today. 
With so much false teaching, so many half- 
truths, we as believers have an obligation 
to know not simply w/iatvie believe, but 
w/iy. I will be forever indebted to godly 
teachers who knew that if God's word was 
the ultimate truth, it would stand up to any 
amount of scrutiny and questioning. 

I must say, however, nothing quite 
prepares you to plumb the depths of 
theology with an eight-year-old boy. My 
son Mart's latest entry in the "Impossible 
Questions for Mommy to Answer" categoiy 
was, "If we have a Father in heaven, how 
come we don't have a Mother in heaven 
too?" After a quick (albeit desperate) 
prayer for wisdom, I looked at my darling 
boy and replied, "Because God gave meio 
you, sweetheart!" Needless to say, my son 
was less than impressed. Forgive me Dr. 
Nygren, but I doubt if even two semesters 
of Philosophy and Christian Thought could 
have rescued me from that abyss. 

The great thing about experiencing the 
kind of love and acceptance that I found at 
Taylor is that you get addicted to it. It's an 
addiction that's actually good for you, too (I 
suppose I'd be stretching the analogy if I 
included chocolate) . My life has taken an 
awful lot of twists and turns in the last 15 
years, and that "addiction" to God's 
people — staying close and accountable 
with a group of loving, supportive believ- 
ers — has sustained and strengthened my 
faith (It's called 'The Body of Christ" for a 
good reason!). 

That kind of support has been no more 
significant than in the last three years. My 
precious daughter, Amanda, was diagnosed 
with autism, a communication disorder 

with often debilitating effects. I can't say it's 
been easy, but I've certainly put into 
practice many of the truths 1 learned while 
at Taylor. God had been preparing me 
through all the "defining moments" in my 
life (Taylor being a big one) to minister to a 
three-year-old girl who would need all the 
love, patience, and tenacity God could 
provide. And in the process. He gave me 
the privilege of knowing Him in a deeper, 
more intimate way than 1 ever thought 
possible. He has also opened new doors as 
I work with other families through a special 
needs ministry at my church in Texas. 

Taylor University is a small. Christian 
liberal arts college in the Indiana heartland. 
But Taylor University is also a stay-at-home 
mom in Dallas, TX, who lives in her car, 
has a son who is eight going on twenty- 
eight, and a daughter who today lights up 
the world and sings about the Jesus who 
loves her "just because". Taylor University 
is me. And it's you. It is those who travel to 
foreign lands to proclaim the Gospel and 
those who proclaim it in their kitchens over 
a cup of coffee. It is those with PhD's who 
discover a new treatment for a disease and 
those with BA's who discover a new way to 
remove gum from a jeans pocket. I'm often 
reminded of Richard Halverson as he 
spoke in a Taylor chapel meeting. He said 
very simply, "Everywhere you go today, 
Christ is sending you." For better or worse, 
we are all ambassadors of Christ and of 
Taylor University. I, for one, am thankful 
and proud to be identified with both. 

And who knows? A PhD may yet be in 
the cards for me. I've been assured by 
friends that brain cells can regenerate after 
your children are grown. Right now. 
however, I think I hear life calling me — or 
the upstairs bath overflowing. . . — SS 

Spring 1996 /TAYLOR 31 


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