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All readers should be familiar with the New Testament story of the boy with the fish and loaves. Of 
how he gave those fish and loaves to Jesus, and of how Christ blessed that meal for one and fed many. 

It has been that kind of year at Taylor University, a year of gifts that, when blessed by God, have been 
multiplied many times over. Evidence is this magazine, containing the 1987-88 annual report 
supplement; at 64 pages, plus the cover, it is the largest issue ever produced in the 28-year history of the 
magazine. Its size was a necessity, for it required nearly half the magazine simply to honor the many, 
many people who gave of their resources to Taylor University this year. 

Unseen gifts that go a long way 

It was truly a year in which gifts were blessed and multiplied. Two examples stand out. First, an 
anonymous donor placed a $300,000 matching challenge on the Taylor Fund to raise new, unrestricted 
dollars; the development team, through the generosity of Taylor's constituency, matched that number, 
then topped it by nearly half, raising $449,013 in new and increased gifts. 

Second, members of the National Alumni Council conducted a major phonathon. Calling from Taylor 
University during their winter meeting, members of the NAC went far down the trunk of the tree to tap 
the very roots of the school's constituency. They received an overwhelming majority of pledges to 
participate in the Taylor Fund. Moreover, 195 of those alumni pledging to participate went on to call 
10 more alumni who had not yet been contacted. Again, the gift of time by the 18 NAC members was 
greatly multiplied. 

Perhaps those giving the greatest gift to Taylor University are those who serve her daily and yet, like 
the small boy with the lunch who was one member of a multitude, go unrecognized. We've tried to 
correct that somewhat by sharing with you 1 3 people who are representative of the work force at Taylor 
University — people who make Taylor one of the top liberal arts colleges in the nation. 

For you, in this magazine 

Other gifts and blessings are to be found in these pages, as well. Top-selling author Chaim Potok 
visited campus, and English professor Ed Dinse shares some of the insight given by the Jewish writer. 
Coreen Zoromski, a senior, was blessed with a year of study in Wellington, New Zealand, the gift of a 
Rotary Club Scholarship; she shares her experiences in the Last Eden. Tanya Crevier uses her gifts to 
share the word of God with young people throughout the Midwest. And Scott Dubois, confined to a 
wheelchair, shares his struggle while at Taylor to make the college handicapped-accessible. You'll find 
these stories in our Vista section, beginning on page 12. 

Don Odle's gifts to Taylor University are far too numerous to mention, but the honor due him 
continues to roll in. And alumnus Conrad Rehling, golf coach emeritus at the University of Alabama, 
would like to play through, if you don't mind; he's given the love of golf to thousands. These articles 
may be found in the Alumni Spotlight on page 24. 

A huge thank-you is due you, the constituency of Taylor University — the Taylor Family, as we like 
to call it. Because of your support, Taylor University has been duly blessed, and the gift of a quality. 
Christian liberal arts education can be multiplied to many. 

Kurt E. Bullock '81 
University Editor 

Fall 1988 Issue 



Volume 26, No. 1 


1987-88 Annual Giving Supplement 

(Begins page 16) 

President's Message AR-2 

Dr. Jay L. Kesler discusses the splendor of giving 
when faith is nestled in Jesus Christ 

Advancement's Report AR-4 

Gifts to the Taylor Fund were truly blessed and 
multiplied during this record, million-dollar year 

President's Associates AR-6 

Taylor's major support base experienced a 25 percent 
growth; the college is grateful for these special donors 

The Taylor Fund AR-8 

A donor's matching challenge helped boost this bread- 
and-butter program past the million-dollar mark 

Giving the gift of service AR-31 

The Parents' Cabinet and National Alumni Council 
provide support that makes a difference 

Taylor's Board of Trustees AR-32 

Chairman HasselTs board assumes great responsibility 
in making Taylor an effective Christian college 


News & Information 2 
Vista 12 

Taylor Club News 21 
Pages from History 22 

Alumni Spotlight 24 
Alumni Notes 26 
Campus Calendar 31 
Collage 32 

Taylor University Magazine 

Kurt E. Bullock '81 
Alumni Editor 
Bettv Freese 
Jim Garringer 
Cover Design 
Kathy Herrmann '76 

History Editor 

Wesley Robinson '50 

Student Assistant 

Jeff Kiger '89 

Taylor University 

Jay L. Kesler '58, president Daryl R. Yost, provost 

Taylor University Magazine is published quarterly for alumni, parents of current students, faculty, staff, 

students and friends of Taylor University. Please send correspondence to Editor, Tavlor University 

Magazine, Administration Building, West Reade Avenue, Upland, IN 46989, (317) 998-5197. 

Contributing authors this issue; Tanya Crevier, Janice Shaw Grouse, Edward E. Dinse, Scott Dubois, Carl W. 
Hassell, Charles R. Jaggers, Jay L. Kesler, Steve Manganello, Jere True\, Sharon Wit, Coreen Zoromski. 

On the cover: "Taking the five loaves and two fish and looking up to heaven, he gave thanks and broke the 

loaves. Then he gave them to the disciples, and the disciples gave them to the people. They all ate and were 

satisfied, and the disciples picked up twelve basketfulls of broken pieces that were left over. The number of 

those who ate was about five thousand men, besides women and children." Matthew 14:19-21 (NTVI 

Taylor University complies with all federal and state nondescrimination laws. Taylor University is an 

equal-opportunity institution. Direct inquiries to the Office of the President, Tavlor University, Upland, IN 

46989, (.117) 998-520.1, or the Office of Civil Rights, Washington, P( 



Executives receive 
dose of liberal arts 

In a year when Allan Bloom and Wil- 
liam Hersh led the way in bemoaning 
America's lack of familiarity with and 
love for the liberal arts, Taylor Univer- 
sity initiated a program offering refresher 
and enrichment mini-courses in the lib- 
eral arts to middle and upper-level cor- 
porate executives. 

Realizing that in the real-world life of 
fast-track living experienced by execu- 
tives there is little time for enrichment 
dealing with values and quality of life, 
Taylor University designed mini-courses 
to provide carefully tailored, challeng- 
ing and rewarding experiences in the 
liberal arts. Thus was born the Executive 
Seminar Program (ESP) — The Liberal 
Arts in Sixteen Measured, Honey-Fla- 
vored Doses. 

Broadening perspectives 

The primary objective of ESP is to 
heighten awareness of, and interest in, 
the liberal arts — thereby creating a 

Mark Cosgrove 
(above), professor of 
psycfiology, dis- 
cusses fils field of 
study witfi execu- 
tives, business suits 
and all (right). 
Taylor University 
field the executive 
seminar program in 
conjunction with 
Lincoln National 
Corporation, Fort 
Wayne, Indiana. 

hunger for more study in greater depth. 
At a practical level, the mini-courses 
provide an idea exchange that goes 
beyond facilitating small talk at social 
gatherings; increased knowledge of the 
liberal arts provides managers with 
broadened perspectives and helps to 
develop the wisdom needed in dealing 
with the complex world. Further, the 
program gives the participants opportu- 
nity to interact with stimulating and 
challenging professors with professional 
grasp of the various topics. 

The program began last fall at Lincoln 
National Corporation in Fort Wayne, 
Indiana. Lincoln National selected 25 
high potential executives to participate 
in lecture and dialogue sessions every 
other Monday night. The sessions be- 
gan at 4 p.m., recessed for a catered 
dinner between 6 and 7, then ended with 
a 30-minute summary question-and- 
answer discussion period. 

Mr. Richard J. Vicars, senior vice presi- 
dent of Lincoln National, provided skill- 
ful and professional direction of the 
logistics of the sessions. Mr. Ian M. 
Rolland, president and chief executive 
officer at Lincoln National, generously 
endorsed the program and provided 
constructive suggestions to assure that 
the program met the needs of the corpo- 
rate headquarters executives who were 
chosen to participate. 

Lincoln National hosted the bi-weekly 
sessions in their corporate dining room 
and provided the catered meal. Taylor 
University sent a coordinator and pro- 
fessor to each session. The sessions were 

Please turn to 'Suits and the Arts' 
on page 26 

Zephaniah sparks 
the writer in House 

It was while he was in Israel last 
summer that the idea came to Paul 

He was reading Zephaniah as part of 
his daily devotions when it occurred to 
him that the book contains the three 
basic components of prophecy — sin, 
punishment, restoration — in three short 

"What caught my eye initially was a 
complete prophecy in one small book," 
says House, assistant professor of reli- 
gion. After finding little scholarly work 
on Zephaniah, he set out to write his 
own book. 

"I saw it as a 
chance to make 
an original con- 
tribution," he 
says. "Frankly, I 
want to make the 
book more inter- 
esting to other 

And so a 
small book of 
prophecy, 53 
verses in all, was analyzed and sketched 
in a 150-page book called Zeplianiah: A 
Prophetic Drama. It is published by 
Almond Press and sells for $25 hardback 
or just under $11 paperback. 

Dramatic dialogue 

"Some people see prophecies as gloom 
and doom. But the Day of the Lord 
always leads to a better day," House 
says. "Yes, the Day of the Lord will be 
devastating; but it is also a time of hope 
for the world." 

House, who holds a degree in English, 
finds Zephaniah's plot complete and 
style intriguing — even in only 53 verses. 
Zephaniah is actually conversation be- 
tween Lord and prophet — and distinc- 
tion between alternating speakers is 
difficult. "You have no clue, unless you 
get a pronoun, which is rare," House 
says. "I began to see the book in a 
different way, in a more creative way, as 
a dramatic dialogue between God and 
his prophet." 

And he's finding that others enjoy 

Please turn to 'Prophecy' 
on page 19 

Paul House 



Scholarships open 
to Student leaders 

Tavlor L'ni\ersitv is looking tor Chris- 
tian high school students who possess 
servant leadership interest and poten- 

Several of those candidates may find 
themselves $20,000 richer, as well, thanks 
to Taylor University's annual Christian 
Leadership Scholarships. Each year, 
Taylor hosts the National Christian 
Leadership Conference for High School 

Students; during the weekend of semi- 
nars and workshops, three student lead- 
ers are chosen, each to recei\'e a $5,000 
scholarship to Taylor University, renew- 
able for all four years of college experi- 
ence — $20,000 in all! 

"The scholarship has enabled Taylor 
University to seek out some of the finest 
stvident leaders in the Christian commu- 
nity," says Herb Frve, dean of admis- 
sions. "The National Christian Leader- 
ship Conference reflects Taylor's tradi- 
tion of commitment to scholarship, lead- 
ership, and Christian integrity." 

Jeff Miller and Tammy 

WIddoes. botfi '88 grads. 

are new admissions 

counselors. Miller, from 

Hanna City. Illinois, was a 

psyctiology/systems major. 

Youth Conference co- 

ctiairman. played ttiree 

years of soccer and 

travelled on a Lightfiouse 

missions trip while a 

student at Taylor: Widdoes 

was a communications 

studies major with an 

emphasis in business. 

served as a personnel 

assistant, vice president of 

the equestrian team and a 

member of the English Hall 

activities council and is 

from Hudson. Ohio. 

When the conference was first held in 
the fall of 1986, Jennifer Cutting, now a 
junior atTaylor University, hadn't given 
much thought to the scholarship. But 
she soon found herself to be one of the 
first three winners. "Being a recipient of 
the Taylor University Christian Leader- 
ship Scholarship was something 1 never 
dreamed of," she says. "It would never 
have become a reality had I not taken the 
first step — requesting complete infor- 

High school seniors interested in at- 
tending this fall's conference, to be held 
November 4-5, and vving for one of the 
three scholarships should contact Beki 
Lee in the office of leadership develop- 
ment by calling 1-800-882-2345 in Indi- 
ana or 1-800-882-3456 nationwide. An 
information packet on both the confer- 
ence and the scholarship will be mailed. 

Scott Dean, another of the original 
scholarship winners, remembers seeing 
an ad for the conference; he clipped the 
coupon and mailed it to Taylor Univer- 
sity. "I took the first step toward the 
most significant competition of my life," 
savs Dean. "Winning this scholarship 
has opened many opportunities to bet- 
ter understand leadership and discover 
my own leadership style." 

Before the conference, a select panel 
reduces the applicants to 30, based upon 
materials mailed in with the entry form. 
During the weekend, those 30 high school 
students are interviewed, and the pane! 
chooses the final three winners. The 

Please turn to '$20,000' 
on page 19 

news & notes 

Campus Visitation dates for this fall 
are Friday, September 30, and Friday, 
October 28. 

The admissions office invites the 
Taylor Magazine readership to visit 
campus. If you bring three or more 
prospective students to Taylor's cam- 
pus, we will reimburse you for fuel 
expense up to $100. Contact the ad- 
missions office on our toll-free line to 
arrange a visit (Indiana: 1-800-882- 
2345; nationwide: 1-800-882-3456). 

Kent Nelson has accepted the position of 
campus visit coordinator. He is a 1987 
graduate in business and is married to 
Darla (Griffith) Nelson, also an '87 grad. 
They were Taylor Youth Conference co- 
chairs their senior year. 

Mary Kay Nugent, assistant dean of 
admissions, announced her resignation 
this summer. Joyce Helyer, campus visit 
coordinator, has been named her replace- 
ment. Mary Kay's contribution to the 
admissions office has spanned an eight- 
year period. Karen Muselman, former 
admissions counselor, has been named 
coordinator of admissions counselors. 

Enrollment for the fall of '88 is up! 
We anticipate a student body of ap- 
proximately 1600 students. 

Jeff, Tammy and Karen begin recruit- 
ment and travel in September. If you 
are interested in hosting them over- 
night when they are in your area or 
would like to help host a pizza party 
or reception for prospective students, 
please call our office on the toll-free 
line. Areas visited: Jeff — Illinois, 
Wisconsin, Missouri, Minnesota, 
northern Indiana; Tammy — Ohio, 
Michigan, central and southern Indi- 
ana; Karen — Georgia, Florida, East- 
ern seaboard. 



A very special thank-you 

On behalf of all who serve 
here at Taylor University, we 
wish to thank the anony- 
mous donor who made 
possible the most success- 
ful effort in our history to 
raise new dollars for the 

Last school year, an an- 
onymous donor provided a 
matching gift challenge to 
encourage Taylor University 

to raise new, unrestricted gifts 
for the Taylor Fund. The chal- 
lenge amount, $300,000, was 
the largest challenge of its type 
ever given to the college. 

As a result of the challenge, 
$449,01 3 was given in new or 
increased gifts, a total far ex- 
ceeding the challenge amount. 

The total unrestricted 
amount of the Taylor Fund for 
1987-88 was $1,069,948. The 

million dollar-plus amount is 
double the Taylor Fund of 
just two years ago. 

This year's overwhelming 
response is testimony to the 
great value of the donor's 
matching challenge. We at 
Taylor University are very 
thankful and deeply appre- 
ciative for the generosity of 
this special friend. Thank 
you. - CJ 

Gifts, Funds & Scholarships 
established in 1987-88 

Scholarships and Funds 

Wendell Ayres Memorial Fund 

Robert P. Benjamin & Family Merit Scholarship 

Evan H. Bergwall Endowed Scholarship 

Howard & Anne Garver Scholarship 

Elaine M. Heath Memorial Music Scholarship 

Ruth Ellen Nussbaum Memorial Fund 

Robert Nugent Memorial Gifts 

Gilbert D. Quinn Memorial Scholarship 

Beatrice Shepard Memorial Fund 

John & Helen Wengatz Missionary Kids Scholarship 

Richard M. Whitenack Memorial Scholarship 

Memorial Gifts 

In Memory of 

Joseph & Emma Gruesser 

John Hinkle 

Lawrence Fricke 

Given by 

Marianne J. Turner 

Tammy & Kathryn Fuller 

Craig R. Rode 

Honorary Gifts 

In Honor of 

Dr. Thaddeus Poe 

Mr. Daniel Oliver 

Rev. & Mrs. Arland Briggs 

and Cindy Briggs 

Given by 

Mr. & Mrs. Don A. Robinson 

Mr. John R. Rogers 

Mr. & Mrs. Nels Clint 



The Distinguished ^HHHHHH| 


annually by the ^^^^^^^^H 


• Ijjl 

Taylor University Alumni ^^^^^^^M 



Association, was ^^^^^^^^^ 


' f^l 

received this year by ^^^K/- - ^ 
Stelae and Lucia Resch ^^R> '^ ' 

: „1 


ot Lafayette. Indiana. ^^Km — 1 

■ ^ 1ft 


Since son Steve Jr. ^^^P ~ i 

m ^ 


entered Taylor in 1981. ^^^ ^_>^ 

■^ J 



the couple has become ^^ / 

^^. ^r 

deepy involved in Xl -'/ 
making the college a ^ — 



better place as hard- ■■• '; , ; 

\J ^ 

working members of the 
Parents' Cabinet as well 

- 1 

X ' Kif 

\ ^^ 

as in 'unofficial' ways, , 



too. Steve is director of 



management placement 

■1 tw 


for the Krannert School 

^— i'flfer~~> 


of Management of 
Purdue University: Lucia 




is a registered nurse. 



Daughter Missy gradu- Aw 



ated this year, and Julie J9t^ 

i ., ,i::^ ■ 


is a senior. ^*v..^ / ^ -*y 

fc ' 


Trip to Rose Bowl 
provides fun for all 

Alumni, parents and friends are in- 
vited to join faculty and staff from Tay- 
lor University on a trip to sunny Califor- 
nia this winter. 

Members of Taylor's 1989 Rose Bowl 
Tour will watch Paul Patterson's Tro- 
jans basketball team play Biola Univer- 
sity and Cal State Domingues Hills, with 
a possibility of a third game yet to be 
scheduled. They will tour a major film 
studio, watch the Rose Bowl Parade, and 
attend Pasadena's 1989 Rose Bowl game 
between football champions of the Pac- 
10 and Big 10 conferences. 

A week in LA 

While staving at the Marina Interna- 
tional Hotel in Marina del Rey, lodgers 
will be just one block from the Pacific 
Ocean. Plenty of free time will be avail- 
able to shop and sightsee. 

The tour leaves Indianapolis Interna- 
tional Airport on December 28 and re- 
turns January 3. Price is $1 ,21 5 for single, 
$940 for double, $905 for triple and $870 
for quadruple occupancy, and includes 
round-trip airfare, six nights of lodging. 

group transportation in and around Los 
Angeles, tickets for both basketball 
games, a tour of a film studio and float 
construction for the Rose Bowl Parade, 
the opportunity to watch the parade, 
and a ticket to the 1989 Rose Bowl foot- 
ball game. 

Act now! 

A $200 deposit is required, fully re- 
fundable before October 1; balance is 
due by November 1 . 

For detailed information, contact 
George Glass, office of alumni relations, 
Taylor University, Upland, IN 46989. — 

Parents' Weekend, 
Homecoming set 

Taylor Universitv's two annual week- 
ends of celebration are planned and 
awaiting the participation of parents and 

Parents' Weekend is scheduled for 
October 7-9. The third annual Craft Sale 
will be held to raise money for the Stu- 
dent Assistance Fund, and the Parents' 
Association also will be distributing its 

long-awaited cookbook, featuring se- 
lected recipes from the kitchens of 
alumni, students and parents. 

Taylor Sounds and the Concert Band 
will perform Friday evening at 8:15, and 
vocalists Buddy Greene and Beverly 
Rinaldi will present Saturday evening's 
concert. President Jay L. Kesler will be 
speaking in Friday's chapel and Sunday 
morning's worship service. 

Parents are invited to meet with fac- 
ulty members in their departments on 
Saturday morning. That afternoon, the 
Trojans football team will battle Rose- 

Looking back, looking ahead 

The theme of Homecoming is Tradi- 
tion . . . Today . . . Tomorrow .... Dr. 
Kesler will once again speak during 
Friday's chapel service, and Continuing 
Education mini-courses will be offered 
in the afternoon. That evening, alumni 
have two choices of entertainment; 
Remembrance Days, a night of nostalgia 
featuring a variety of performers with 
music from the '50s and '60s, will be 
presented in the Rediger Auditorium, 
and an alumni recital, a showcase of 
alumni musicians, will be held in the 
Carruth Recital Hall. 

A 5k walk/run at 8:30 am will open 
Saturday's activities, followed by the 
alumni brunch with the annual alumni 
awards. At noon, the third annual Bell 
Tower Classic will be run, pitting stu- 
dents against the chimes, and Taylor's 
football game with Aurora will be at 1 :30 
p.m. Sixteen interest group reunions are 
scheduled for after the game. 

A barbecue supper will be served in a 
large tent pitched just west of Zonder- 
van Library. The Performing ArtistSeries 
will present "Gershwin by Request" at 
8:15 p.m, followed bv fireworks. 

Infant and child care will be available 
Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., oper- 
ating on the theme Tiny Taylor Olympi- 

Sunday morning's breakfast will fea- 
ture devotions led by Walt Campbell '64 
and music by George Jackson '86. Dr. 
Larry Helyer, 1988 Distinguished Pro- 
fessor, will speak during the morning 
worship service, with music provided 
by the Alumni Chorale. - KB 



Trojans join new 
athletic conference 

After several years of an independent 
in athletics, Taylor University is once 
again a member of a sports conference. 

The Trojans are now a member of the 
Indiana Collegiate Athletic Conference, 
joining the men's sports programs of 
Anderson University, DePauw Univer- 
sity, Franklin College, Hanover College, 
Manchester College, Rose-Hulman In- 
stitute and Wabash College. 

"Indiana is fortunate to have a cluster 
of some of the truly outstanding small 
colleges in the nation within driving 
distance," says Dr. Jay L. Kesler, presi- 

dent. "These schools also share a com- 
mitment to excellence in academic pur- 
suits. They are rather close in size, and 
all have long-standing athletic traditions. 

"While Taylor is not as well endowed 
financially as some of the member 
schools, we do have an outstanding 
coaching staff, national recruitment 
possibilities, great school spirit, and a 
tradition of winning that year after year 
fields strong, competitive teams in all 

Kesler says the list of schools is one 
Taylor University should be proud to be 
associated with. "To win in this confer- 
ence will have great meaning," he states, 
"and even to lose is better than winning 
in some other environments." 

Men only — for now 

The conference wil involve only men's 
programs at this time, although there is 
d iscussion of creating a IC AC for women, 
as well. However, several of the mem- 
ber schools are part of the Hoosier Con- 
ference for Women (HCW) and do not 
wish to disband that league of Hanover, 
DePauw, Anderson, Manchester and 
Goshen College. Joe Romine, athletic 
director, says Taylor would like to be- 
come a part of the HCW. "If we were 
invited tomorrow, we'd join," he says. 

But meanwhile, Romine is busy work- 
ing out the kinks of joining a new confer- 
ence. That means rescheduling — a lot 
of it. Taylor will not join ICAC action in 
basketball and football until the 1989 
school year, but Romine is trying to 
schedule conference play for cross coun- 
try, baseball, golf and tennis. 

Soccer is a non-conference sport; 
however, there will be a conference 
championship and conference honors. 
Hanover and Anderson do not field 
soccer teams, although Anderson has a 
club program. 

The football team will play its confer- 

Please turn to 'Conference' 
on page 20 

Spring sports 
stats & honors 


Team Record: 15-21-1 

Individual Honors: Chad Bailey, highest 

batting average (.450); Brian Doss, most 

RBIs (31 ); Rail<es, most stolen bases (1 3); 

Wertman, Grimes, most wins (4), 


Team Honors: First place, Huntington In- 
vitational; second place, NCCAA District 3, 
Grace Invitational; fourth place, Taylor 
University Invitational; fifth place, NAIA 
District 21. 

Individual Honors: Jon Phillips, low 
season average. 


Team Record: 13-21 

Men's Track & Field 
Team Record: 48-7 
Team Honors: Second place, NAIA Dis- 

trict 21 , NCCAA National; third place, Indiana 
Little State. 

Individual Honors: Bob Bragg, All-District 
21, NCCAAAII-American (steeplechase); Rob 
Church, All-District 21 (400m & 1600m re- 
lay). NCCAAAII-American (400m relay); Paul 
Meriweather, All-District 21 (400m relay), 
NCCAA Ail-American (long jump, 400m & 
1600m relay); Scott Nieveen, All-District 21 
(400m, 400m & 1600m relay), NCCAA All- 
American (400m & 1600m relay); Pedro 
Rosario, NCCAAAII-American (1 1 0m hurdles); 
Rich Stanislaw,AII-District21 (400m hurdles, 
1600m relay), NCCAA All-American (400m 
hurdles, 1600m relay); Mark Stocksdale, 
NCCAA Academic All-American; Mike Yoder, 
All-District 21 (200m, 400m relay, 1600m 
relay), NCCAAAII-American (400m & 1600m 
relay), NCCAA Academic All-American; Kurt 
Bishop, NCCAAAII-American (at-large); Rusty 
Stewart, NCCAA All-American (at-large). 

Women's Track & Field 

Team Record: 44-3 

Team Honors: NAIA District 21 champions; 

first place, DePauw Relays, Huntington Re- 

lays; second place, Indiana Little State, 
NCCAA Championships. 
Individual Honors: Lori Arnold, All-Dis- 
trict 21 (long jump, 400m relay), NCCAA 
All-American (long jump); Anne DeGraff, 
All-District 21 (1600m relay); Teresa 
Gollmer, All-District 21 (1600m relay), 
NCCAA Academic All-American; Michelle 
Harlan, NCCAAAII-American (triplejump); 
Michelle Hollar, All-District 21 (400m 
hurdles, 100m hurdles, 400m & 1600m 
relay), NCCAA All-American (100m 
hurdles); Susan McAllister, All-District 21 
(javelin); Sherry Pomeroy, NCCAA Acad- 
mic All-American; Jenni Scott, All-District 
21 (400m relay); Wendy Smith, All-Dis- 
trict21 (1600m relay); Marcia Walker, All- 
District 21 (400m relay). 

All Sports 

Wheeler Award Winner: Mike Yoder 

Lady Trojan of the Year: Sherry Pomeroy 

Trojan Club Male Athlete of the Year: 

Pedro Rosario 

Trojan Club Female Athlete of the Year: 

Michelle Hollar 



Education extends 
into residence halls 

The majority of a typical Taylor 
student's day is spent in the residence 
halls. In an effort tci maximize this time, 
the residence life program is designed to 
extend the education process into the 
halls, along with ministry and counsel- 
ing services. 

Besides being classified as a Christian 
liberal arts college, Taylor is also known 
as a residential school. While a shortage 
of campus housing has caused the 
number of students living off-campus to 
increase, the ideal is still to have the 
majority of students liv- 
ing on the campus. This ^^^^^^^ 
school year presents a 
special problem with 
more students than ever 
living off-campus due to 
lack of rooms for incom- 
ing freshmen. A number 
of these freshmen will be 
living for a time in tem- 
porary housing such as 
mobile homes, the guest 
house, and in residence 
hall lounges. 

The residence life staff ^^^^^^^~ 
is expanding its re- 
sources to meet the greater need to de- 
velop a sense of community on campus. 
Tim Herrmann, director of residence life 
and associate dean of students, feels that 
community is a primary Christian \'alue, 
and that college is the ideal situation to 
experience it in true form. To bring this 
experience about, Herrmann uses his re- 
sources of hall directors, student per- 
sonnel assistants, and the housing staff. 

Serious business 

At Taylor, the position of residence 
hall director means much more than just 
keeping the peace. The director is re- 
sponsible for scheduling speakers to 
discuss important topics informally to 
the various wings, pro\ide counseling 
for individuals and roommates, organ- 
ize hall-wide events, work with the per- 
sonnel assistants on each wing, and 
enforce school policies when necessary. 
All of the hall directors are required to 
have master's degrees and are members 
of the faculty. Requiring a master's 
degree and having faculty status are not 

The residence life 
staff is expanding 
its resources to 
meet tine greater 
need to develop a 
sense of commu- 
nity on campus. 

a part of the average college job descrip- 
tion for a hall director, but at Taylor, hall 
directors are considered educators. 
Three new hall directors were hired for 
this year; Jama Da\'is will be Olson Hall 
director, Kim Case will be in Gerig, and 
Mike Prell will be the director in Morris. 
Personnel assistants (PAs) are "the 
backbone of the residence life program," 
according to Herrmann. The PAs are 
students, usually upperclassmen, who 
are in charge of counseling, organizing 
acti\'ities, administering fines for break- 
ing hall rules, and unlocking doors for 
people who forget their keys. Two PAs 
are chosen for each wing or floor. They 
receive training during the spring in a 
student leadership class. PAs are paid 
for the job they do, 

but Herrmann says 

"they certainly aren't 
in it for the money." 
The pay is small com- 
pared to the extensive 
24-hour-a-day duties. 
The most often heard 
reason for becoming 
a PA is the opportu- 
nity it offers for min- 
istry to fellow stu- 
dents. Every year a 
survey is taken of the 
^^^^^^^^~ student body evalu- 
ating the performance 
of the PAs; the results of these surveys 
indicate that PAs are highly respected 
by their peers. 

To meet the need for temporary hous- 
ing for this year, six mobile homes are 
scheduled to be brought on campus, each 
to house six freshmen students. The 
residence life staff is hiring six extra PAs 
to meet the needs of these 36 freshmen; 
these upperclassmen will live in the 
mobile homes with the freshmen. Plac- 
ing three freshmen in Morris Hall rooms, 
and having freshmen living in the 
lounges of all the residence halls, the 
PAs will have more people to worry 
about, and different problems to handle 
than their predecessors. 

Housing and residence life are insepa- 
rable, according to Denise Bakerink, 
housing director; her position is new 
this year. In the past, a part-time em- 
ployee took care of off-campus housing, 
and Herrmann was in charge of campus 
housing besides his many other respon- 
sibilities. Bakerink's job has her in charge 
of on and off-campus housing, handling 

room draws, roommate placement, and 
the upkeep of the buildings. Off-cam- 
pus and temporary housing students 
will be of primary concern to Bakerink. 
This division of responsibilities frees 
Herrmann to ct)ncentrate on the quality 
of residence life for all students. — ]K 

Planning for career 
success starts early 

By January, 1988,90','; of the previous 
year's graduates of Taylor were em- 
ployed in a career of their choice or ac- 
cepted into graduate school. Gathered 
through surveys of the graduates, such 
high placement numbers are due to the 
work of the career development office. 

The career development office is de- 
signed to help theTay lor student through 
his entire college career, not just the senior 
year. When freshmen take PROBE and 
orientation classes, they are required to 
fill out a questionnaire; this information 
is entered into the office's computer 
system, which then prints a list of pos- 
sible careers and majors, according to 
the interests of the student. This ser\'ice 
allows freshmen to become familiar with 
the career development program and 
also begins the process of deciding what 
career choice is best. 

Information, guidance, resources 

Pre-major workshops provide unde- 
cided students assistance in choosing 
the major that's right for them. This is 
done with the assistance of Wendy 
Koons, director of orientation. 

Sophomore and junior students turn 
to the career development office for in- 
formation about internships and prac- 
ticums. Resources include listings of 
Taylor alumni who are willing to hire 
students for intern experience. 

Each spring, summer job opportuni- 
ties are posted in the career develop- 
ment office for all Taylor students, list- 
ings which include a variety of job op- 
portunities from across the country. 
Using the resources a\'ailable, a student 
has a good chance of finding a job in his 
area of interest and / or near to his home. 

Of course, the primary function of the 
career development office is to aid gradu- 
ating students in preparing for and find- 

Please turn to 'Job search' 
on page 25 



Board approves 
new residence hall 

Ground will be broken in September 
for a new residence hall at Taylor Uni- 

The Taylor University Board of Trus- 
tees, in reaction to rising enrollment and 
limited housing, in its May meeting 
approved construction of a 156-bed resi- 
dence hall. The building will be located 
just west of the Hodson Dining Com- 
mons and is a first step toward a poten- 
tial conference center. 

Completion is set for June, 1989, and 
will be no later than September, as plans 
are to house students in the new resi- 
dence hall during the 1989-90 school 
year. The task has been contracted to 
A.E. Knowlton of Bellfontaine, Ohio, the 
firm which built Olson Hall, Wengatz 
Hall, Nussbaum Science Center, Reade 
Center, and the president's home. 

The residence hall will feature self- 
contained rooms — twin single beds and 
environmental controls in each room, 
with bathroom and shower, as well. 
Space will be slightly larger than that of 
other residence hall rooms. 

A plan to move ahead 

A residence hall has been a pressing 
need for some time, but the board could 
not come to agreement on how to fi- 
nance the structure, says Dr. Daryl Yost, 
provost. At the May meeting, it was 
decided to add $200 to the housing bill of 
all resident students until the residence 
hall is paid for. 

Although plans call for the residence 
hall to be built between the dining com- 
mons and the woods, it is not certain 
whether the structure will be on the same 
hnes as the dining commons or built on 
a diagonal to the dining commons. 
"We're hoping we don't infringe upon 
the woods more than 25 to 30 feet," Yost 
says. "That's only the extreme northeast 
corner of the woods, and that's assum- 
ing we build diagonally." A smaller 
portion of the woods would be lost if the 
building is constructed along the same 
east/west lines as the dining commons. 

Who lives in luxury? 

It will be up to Student Development 
and Services to determine a policy for 
who will reside in the residence hall. 

Located just 
east of Sickler 
Hall and south 
of Swallow- 
Robin, a plaque 
rests atop a 
concrete monu- 
ment (left) to 
the original 10- 
acre plot of land 
donated to 
Taylor Univer- 
sity by the town 
of Upland. 
Other historical 
plaques now on 

memorialize the 
old President's 
Home, the Old 
Main building, 
and Magee- 

Yost says. In the future, the building 
may be connected to the dining com- 
mons and meeting rooms constructed to 
house a conference center. 

In other construction, the Helena 
building has been completed and now 
houses the President's Office and the 
Admissions Office. And because of the 
financing plan of the residence hall, the 
board is still looking at completing the 
final phases of the proposed fine arts 
complex. "This project is totally sepa- 
rate and should not affect in any way the 
construction of a fine arts facility," Yost 

Writers cull wisdom 
of Potok, others 

The Writing as Integration of Faith 
conference brought educators and 

adminstrators from across the 13-mem- 
ber Christian College Consortium to- 
gether to discuss the relation of writing 
and faith in an academic setting. The 
Christian College Consortium Humani- 
ties Project provided funding for this 
gathering, which met June 6-11. 

Chaim Potok, noted author ofThe Cho- 
sen and The Promise, delivered the key- 
note lecture, "The Writer Against the 
World." Other guest lecturers included 
Barbara Walvoord, author, writing con- 
sultant and English professor at Loyola 
College, Maryland; Jay Kesler, president 
of Taylor University; Harold Myra, presi- 
dent of Christianity Today; and Larry 
Woiwode, author and writing program 
director at SUNY-Binghamton. 

Besides listening to lectures, confer- 
ence participants attended workshops 
to improve writing and communication 
skills. Different types of writing were 

examined and critiqued by small groups 
to sharpen both writing and evaluating 

Chapman fills need 
by authoring book 

Years ago, Dr. Mildred Chapman re- 
ceived a note from her son's school 
teacher. The teacher was concerned 
because the boy, in her estimation, 
demonstrated a lack of effort. 

Dr. Chapman was more concerned 
about her son's teacher. The note, only 
one sentence long, contained four gram- 
matical errors. 

That experience, among numerous 
others, stands forth in Chapman's mind 
as one of the reasons she decided to 
author a textbook entitled Writing for 
Teachers. Chapman, professor of educa- 
tion, frequently teaches a course by the 
same name; she has discovered it is dif- 
ficult to find a good textbook to accom- 
pany her lectures. 

From simmer to boil 

"All we could find were business 
writing textbooks," she says. And so an 
idea that had been simmering on the 
back burner for several years began to 
boil. Piles of handouts had been accu- 
mulated; acquired, too, were countless 
experiences — experiences associated 
with being the parent of a student, and 
experiences associated with being a 
supervisor for student teachers. 

"It was more the evolution to create a 
practical course," Chapman says, "and 
to have materials that are reflective of 
what 1 want to do in the course to make 
it practical." The book is filled with 
exercises "using sentences that apply to 
teaching," she says. The book contains 
sections on judgment in building hu- 
man relations skills and developing tact, 
as well as one portion devoted to en- 
couragement — for both the student and 
the teacher. 

Providing specific instruction 

Chapman is most concerned about 

the poor image teachers often reflect 
through their writing. The book con- 
tains directives for writing letters, memos 
and assignment sheets, since teachers 
often need specific instruction not found 
in general writing courses. "Teachers 
are expected to write descriptive forms 
of evaluation," she says. "Manv write 
with very little concern over word choice 
or specifics." 

The textbook Writing for Teachers was 
first used in January, then again during 
spring semester; it has been polished 
and improved following each use. Chap- 
man plans to refine the appendices into 
categories of examples, write section in- 
troductions, then seek a publisher 
during the course of this school year. 

Chapman believes students in the 
Writing for Teachers course have appre- 
ciated the book, especially since it ap- 
plies to all of teaching. In fact, students 
outside of the education department 
have purchased the book, she says. And 
perhaps that is the best evidence of its 
quality and practicality. — KB 

Summer Tradition: 

Taylor University Basketball Camp 

The young ones - they come in all shapes and sizes to TaylorUniversitys Basketball 
Camp. Created by Don Odle, the camp has turned out over 40,000 alumni during 
its years. Counselors combine faith and athletics during the week-long sessions. 

And there are plenty of talented visitors, as well. When Tanva Crevier (left, top) 
isn't spinning the basketball on a Coke can while pouring the soda in an anxious 

mouth, she's juggling it. She weaves her 
faith into her routine in the same manner 
she weaves a ball through the air. 

Most fans of Hoosier hoops should 
recognize Rick Mount (left), who was 
Indiana Mr. Basketball and Pacer star. 
And that set shot ~ it could only be Steve 
Alford (below), All-American at Indi- 
ana University 
and currently 
with the NBA's 
Dallas Maver- 
icks. It ap- 
peared that the 
young ladies at 
camp (bottom, 
left) were more 
interested in 
Alford than in 
learning his 
shooting tech- 
nique! — KB 

Class of '88 claims 
ICC championship 

The class of '88 won the honor of being 
champion of the Taylathon competition 
for the second year in a row. 

In the bikathon race, the seniors rode 

Rob Muthiah, a senior rider, slides his 
bil<e tlirough ttie first corner (left): fresh- 
man Randy Sidehamel glances over his 
shoulder to keep tabs on Kevin 
Sloat, a sophomore (below, 
right): freshmen bit off more 
than they could handle - not 
only in the Tarzan & Jane 
competition (below, left), but 
in the entire ICC year, finish- 
ing last. 

I 1 

Performing Artist Season Ticket Order Form 



Season Ticket Prices: Adult - $24; Student/Group/Senior Citizen/Taylor Parents/ 
Alumni -- $12; Taylor ID Card Holder -- $12 

I enclose my remittance of i 


season tickets at $_ 


Renewing season ticket holders please indicate: 

Retain assigned seats -- yes no ; seating preference_ 

New subscribers please choose: 

Left, Right or Center section, Row A through Z 

All seats as available; renewal deadline; September 16 

Seating for new subscribers will be confirmed after September 19 

Return order form to: Season Ticket Office, Taylor University, Upland, IN 46989 

to the finish Une first, with the juniors 
coming in a distant second; the sopho- 
mores and freshmen battled to close third 
and fourth place finishes respectively. 
The junior class girls took the trike race 
from the penalty-ridden sophomores. 

This year marked the twenty-third 
riding of the hiter-Class Council spon- 
sored bike race and other class competi- 
tions. Other Taylathon week events 
included couples' Softball, airband 
competition, canoe race, and tug-of-war. 

Performing Artist 
Series lineup set 

Opening with the magnetic strains of 
Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue" and 
closing with the rousing cadence of a 
march, the 1988-89 Performing Artist 
Season once again offers performances 
by an impressive slate of gifted artists. 

Gershwin by Request, a dazzling salute 
to the vocal and piano music of one of 
America's favorite composers, will be 
featured Saturday, October 22 (Home- 
coming weekend). Internationally-re- 
nowned artists Leon Bates (piano), Eddye 
Pierce Young (soprano) and Benjamin 
Matthews (bass) will perform selections 
from Porgy and Bess and a variety of 
Gershwin's warm, jazzy classics. 

Threeof Scandinavia's most celebrated 
musicians, the Stockholm Arts Trio — 
piano, violin and cello — will perform 
Friday, November 4. An exciting new 
musical stage adaptation of the Frank 
Capra film classic It's a Wonderful Life 
will add to the glow of the Holiday Sea- 
son on Saturday, December 10; appro- 
priate for the entire family, the story is 
about a discouraged fellow named Bailey 
who gains a new perspective on the 
worthiness of life with the help of his 
guardian angel, Clarence. 

The romantic enchantment of 
Valentine's Day will be enhanced by a 
concert of love songs presented on Sat- 
urday, February 11, by an outstanding, 
young a cappella vocal ensemble from 
Holland called Quink. Its innovative 
musical spectrum extends from Renais- 
sance to contemporary and includes a 
selection of lighter arrangements. 

Concluding this year's series is the 
Saturday, April 15 concert by The Salva- 
tion Army Chicago Staff Band. 

Graduation '88 


May 21 at Taylor University was a 
day for congratulations and dreams 
of tomorrow. It was a day for gradu- 
ates such as Mike Yoder (top) to re- 
ceive a smile and a handshake for a 
job well done from Dr. Daryl Yost, 
provost; it was a day for Kim 
Black and Caroline Boberg 
(below, left, L-R) to turn 
tassels in unison with their 
classmates upon declaration 
of degree completion; it was 
a day for a newborn baby, 
Lauren Carole Johnson, to 
go through the diploma line 
with her mother, Marion (far 
left), wife of Morris hall 
director Ron Johnson '84. 

The 1988-89 Performing Artist Series 
ticket offers these five events at a signifi- 
cant savings over individual ticket prices 
and the convenience of assigned season 
seats. Adult prices are $24, while stu- 
dents, senior citizens, alumni, parents of 
current students, groups, and Taylor ID 
card holders may buy tickets for $12. 

By filling out and returning the ac- 
companying form, renewing members 
and new subscribers may enjoy the en- 
richment of this superb season. Please 
include a self-addressed, stamped enve- 
lope if the tickets are to be mailed. For 
further information or renewing by 
phone, call 317-998-5289. 

'Service' powers 
NACCAP success 

Taylor University's admissions office 
hosted the National Association of Chris- 
tian College Admissions Personnel 
(NACCAP) conference this summer. 
And so just how do you go about im- 
pressing your peers when vou're in a 
small Midwestern town? 

"We knew the only thing we could do 
is what we do with recruited students," 
says Herb Frye, dean of admissions. 
"And that is serve them in every wav 
imaginable. That's our desire." 

To that end, the admissions staff 
members began preliminary work eight 
months in advance, then met regularly 
as a staff the final six months, working 
out arrangements with other parties on 

When the more than 200 attendees, 
representing over 60 Christian colleges 
and universities across the United States 
and Canada, arrived at Taylor Univer- 
sity, they found English Hall transformed 
into a miniature Hilton Hotel. Bellhops 
handled the guests' luggage; once in 
their rooms, they discovered Taylor 
University stationery and post cards, as 
well as a fruit basket, courtesy of Taylor's 
food service, and a gift basket with items 
from businesses and organizations 
around the Hoosier State. Included were 
food items such as Seyferts potato chips 
of Fort Wayne and Weaver popcorn of 
nearby Van Buren, gifts from Avis In- 
dustrial and the Ball Corporation, plus a 

Jay Kesler book and cassette tape from 
the Gaithers of Alexandria. 
On top of that, maid service was pro- 

Please turn to 'Personal service' 
on page 31 

NACCAP conferees 
used the relaxed 
atmosphere estab- 
lished by Taylor's 
admissions staff to 
chat about business, 
make new connec- 
tions, and learn new 
techniques and 
strategies (above). 
Betsy Miller, 
resource coordinator 
for NACCAP. 
brought along a 
young conferee - 
her son - during her 
three-day stay at 
Taylor University 










Chaim Potok 

Writers and Their Roots 

by Edward E. Dinse 

Lighting makes the stage curtain look 
vaguely rust-colored. Or maybe it's the 
mingling of the Marion, Indiana, High 
School's colors, gold and purple, that wash 
softly behind Chaim Potok. He stands, 
solid, on the lip of the school auditorium. In 
full black beard, dark suit and thick-soled 
shoes, Potok looks the embodiment of his 
title, "A Writer Against the World." 

But why should a writer feel in opposition 
to the world? Potok furnishes a theory. 
Every cultural group or community, he says, 
has two sets of beliefs: those at its core and 
those on the periphery. The community's 
identity depends upon its most deeply held 
beliefs — those at the core. And, says Potok, 
the more fundamentalistic the community, 
the less open it is to questioning of its core 
beliefs. So the serious creative writer 
conflicts with his community because the 
nature of the artist is to hold everything 
open to question. 

Everything? Yes. 

Potok talks about his early life now, about 
his immersion in orthodox Jewish funda- 
mentalism. In his youth, he says, he learned 
that story writing is unimportant to ortho- 
dox Jews. To Potok's teachers, as well as to 
adults in his native community, aspiring to 
art in any form as a career was unthinkable. 
Yet during his childhood, Potok became 
increasingly intrigued by the life that 
penetrated his world, unbidden, from the 
encompassing American society. 

We can't hide 

It's hard to disagree with Potok that 
children raised in a tightly-regulated 
community cannot be shielded from the 
larger society. That general society exists 
not only outside the small communities but 
like an umbrella over them. All the small 
cultural communities breathe the advertis- 
ing, the entertainment, the influence of 
larger society. Potok tells a story: 

A young Jewish boy, living in a home that 
allows virtually no contact with the larger 
American society, is on his way to the 
synagogue with his father and older broth- 
ers. The older male wears the somber garb 

and long earlocks of their fundamentalistic 
sect. A man leading a large shepherd dog 
approaches. Remember, the little boy 
knows nothing of TV or the movies. Yet he 
tugs on the sturdy black sleeve of his 
father's long, black coat and looking up at 
him in wonder cries out, 
"Look, Papa. Lassie!" 

Okay. So we can't hide from the world. 
But why, since this is the point, is Potok 
pitting the writer against the world? Easy. 
It's not the world in general, the larger 
society he's talking about. It's the little 
world, the world of his subculture he cannot 
be at complete peace with. His community 
recognizes a threat in the drive of the writer 
to analyze, to question, to embody in action 
and character the Hfe of a community, its 
strengths and weaknesses together — its 
consistencies and, too often for comfort, its 

Maybe there's also something here about 
Christians and art. Maybe the more funda- 
mentalistic a specific Christian community 
is, the less it values the arts for similar 

Oh, not the skills an artist uses to probe 
and to illustrate his life. For example, some 
Christians read novels. But the novels 
published by conservative Christian houses 
seldom, if ever, achieve the status of art. 

Strong stuff, that 

Furthermore, many Christian readers 
appreciate elegant language. But fewer 
appreciate the nature of the artistic enter- 
prise itself: the observing, probing, ques- 
tioning of basic ideas, fundamental behav- 
ior, dearly held beliefs of the community. 

The nature of a truly creative artist 
requires that he or she treat nothing in 
human experience as off-limits by defini- 
tion. Strong stuff, that. But that's what 
Potok says. Students of the arts, religious 
and secular, have long agreed. Pretty things 
are always welcome: pleasant, beautiful 
things that make us feel good. Ugly things, 
common things in art, often make non- 
artists uncomfortable. 

Like Mama in Potok's My Name is Asher 

"What is that?" she asked, looking at one 
of my summer drawings of us walking 
through the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. 


"Those are the spots. Mama." 

"What spots, Asher?" 

"The wet spots, Mama. When it's hot 
there are wet spots." 

After a moment she said, "But why didn't 
you draw the pretty birds, Asher? And the 
tlowers, Asher, why didn't vou draw the 

Mama wanted to see the pleasant things, not 
the sweat, not the accurate depiction of 
humanity that the talented child saw with 
his innocent, appreciative, honest eyes. 

It could be that Potok is right. The conflict 
that occurs between the artist and her native 
culture is core-to-core. The artist's core 
beliefs about the integrity of art conflict with 
the core beliefs by which her native culture 
— religious, political — maintains its own 

What mode of glorifying God? 

How can the combatants live together? 
Uncomfortably, when they enter the areas of 
conflict. And the artist might have the more 
uncomfortable position of the two, ordinar- 
ily having neither the material gain nor 
readily observable righteousness as justifica- 
tion for her efforts. 

Nathaniel Hawthorne. 

No, Potok isn't talking about the old 
American novelist; my mind has wandered. 
But Hawthorne pondered similar things. In 
"The Custom House," thinking about his 
Puritan forebears, Hawthorne imagines 
them saying scornfully, "A writer of story- 
books! What kind of business in life — what 
mode of glorifying God, or being serviceable 
to mankind in his day and generation — 
may that be?" 

Perhaps the logical resolution of the 
conflict must take one of three forms. First, 
total surrender by one side — unavoidably 
the artist, who thereby ends his artistic 
effort. Second, withdrawal from the fray by 
the artist and separation of the two cultures: 
art and the culture the artist has identified 
with. Third, subordination by the artist of 
artistic values to the values of his or her 
culture. For the artist this means producing 
propaganda: approved art, perhaps techni- 
cally excellent, but artistically impoverished. 

But listen to what Potok is saying. He 
continues to affirm his own Jewishness, his 
own tradition. I listen intently and hear that 
as a novelist Chaim Potok is still in conflict 

with the deniers of storv-telling. Thus, 
though he believes in much of the core of his 
culture, many of his own people do not 
believe in him. 

Tampering with the vital being 

PtHok's salvation as an artist came 
through courage to be faithful to the gift he 
was given. Those who oppose him lack 
insight into the nature of art and the forces 
that drive the true artist. Sometimes the lack 
is of a sense of humor, sometimes of toler- 
ance or compassion, sometimes of simple 
understanding. However the difficulty may 
be described, the battle is not over humanly 
codified propositions, but over the integrity 
of the artist's self and soul. 

And Nathaniel Hawthorne had the right 
instincts. In story after story he showed that 
the greatest sin of all — the unpardonable 
sin if there is such a thing — lies in tamper- 
ing with the vital being, the soul, of a fellow 

I'd guess that manipulating an artist to 
pursue goals other than artistic ones is 
committing such a sin. I'd guess, too, that 
the dilemma faced by artists in their native 
communities is common to many fields of 

Of course, the values of artistic excellence, 
though central to his being, are only part of 
an artist's life. 

The contemporary Christian artist's core 
of beliefs might be described as an absolute 
center, Jesus Christ. Tightly wound around 
that center, so tightly as to be indistinguish- 
able from the core, is art and its inviolable 
and maybe untranslatable values. 

Jesus Christ and art, not equal but inextri- 
cable from each other at the deepest level of 
an artist's soul, comprise the Christian 
artist's core of belief. That core of artistic 
value often criticizes the Christian commu- 
nity from which the artist has sprung. 
Sometimes criticizes it severely. 

Chaim Potok's gone on his way now, but 
he left with me a fresh statement of an old 
conclusion. Although it's a hard conclusion 
for an evangelical to accept, here it is: If the 
conflict between artist and community can 
only be resolved through the artist's leaving 
the community, then he must go. — FED 

Ed Dinse is an associate professor of 
English and a published author. He teaches 
both writing and literature courses at Taylor. 

Jesus Christ 
and art . . . 
comprise the 
artist's core of 
belief. That 
core of artistic 
belief often 
criticizes the 
from which it 
has sprung. 
criticizes it 

Ed Dinse 


I have made 

friends with 

Kiwis and 

people from 

various lands 

and have 

grown to 

regard this 

country which 

still has milk 

bottles, real 

cream, all 


cheese, and 

which eats 



kumera and 

mutton, as my 

second home. 

The Last Eden 

by Coreen Zoromski 

A land of over 60 million sheep and three 
million people, the Last Eden, Down Under, 
the kiwi fruit country — these were the only 
descriptions I had of this far-off land. I 
shared America's passion for the kiwi fruit, 
but that's as close as 1 thought I would come 
to the small country of New Zealand, over 
12,000 miles away. 

One day in the fall of 1986, everything 
changed. I was informed of a Rotary 
scholarship I had received to study at 
Victoria University in Wellington, New 
Zealand for one year. 

At the time of writing this article, I have 
spent nine months in this "Kiwi land." I've 
had numerous insights and experiences, and 
the Lord has taught me many lessons. 

At first, I was excited, scared, expectant, 
nervous and thoroughly overwhelmed. I 
asked God "Why me?" and if me, then 
"Why New Zealand?" 1 knew that He had a 
plan and purpose behind everything; 1 just 
didn't know what it was. 

Leaving home's not easy 

To actually pack my belongings (my 
suitcases held more than most people 
thought was possible) and say goodbye to 
the people I love, to say goodbye to Taylor, 
where I had learned so much, and to even 
think about not being in the States for a 
year, was a very difficult thing to do. 

As I boarded the plane that sad but 
exciting day last summer, I suddenly felt the 
weight of what 1 was actually doing. As I 
waved goodbye, the tears freely came, and a 
feeling of loneliness enveloped me. God 
soon took away my loneliness, and 1 real- 
ized his presence like I had never felt before. 
1 looked into the clouds and thought, "Well, 
it's just you and me, God — help!" 

After eighteen long hours, we flew into 
Wellington. My heart began racing as I 
realized this was actually the place — not a 
picture or postcard, but actually the place — 
that I was to spend the next twelve months. 
I hoped that someone would meet me, but I 
didn't know for certain. God really gave me 
the courage to go up to a perplexed stranger 
and ask if he was looking for someone. He 
responded with, "Yes, Coreen Zo . . . ." and 
when he stumbled over the last name, I 

knew that could only be me. This man 
turned out to be my Rotary counselor, and 
his family welcomed me as one of them. 
Again, 1 was reminded of how God looks 
after me down to the detail. 

As I prepared to climb into the car, he 
asked me if I would care to sit on the left 
side rather than the driver's side. I had to 
remember that things were different over 
here, and the steering wheel's location was 
no exception! 

Beehives and wind tunnels 

We drove around the hills (which would 
be mountains by Indiana standards) and 
spectacular harbor, and I was entranced by 
the city before me. Wellington truly is 
nestled among the hills and sea. It has its 
own unique character and personahty, too. 
As the capital and a city of over 300,000, 
Wellington has parks, cafes, museums, the 
parliamentary buildings (known as "the 
beehive") and even embassies and high 
commissions from around the world. It is 
also a city well known for its hills and best 
described as "Windy Wellington." One 
Wellingtonian even told me that at certain 
times of the year, generally winter, it often is 
so windy that the people string rope be- 
tween poles so that pedestrians won't be 
blown off their feet when they walk past 
"wind tunnel" areas. I have personally not 
experienced winds of such magnitude . . . 

There are also hundreds of steps that link 
different streets of Wellington together, as 
well as lifts (elevators) that people disappear 
into and emerge from in the middle of an 
arcade or building on a different level or 
street. The houses are perched on the 
hillsides and accessed by narrow, winding 
roads. Wellington is unlike any other city I 
have ever been in, and I really have grown 
to love it — even the workouts I get while 
walking from one part of town to another. 

I also had a lot to learn about Victoria, or 
"varsity," as the students call university 
here. Going to a secular varsity of over 
8,000 students and becoming accustomed to 
the British systems took awhile. I was 
exposed to terms I had never heard of — 
sitting exams (taking tests), papers (classes), 
calendar (handbook), and an overall general 
concern about passing or failing a course 
instead of receiving a letter grade. I took 
classes such as Maori Society and Culture, 


Wellington's hills 
close in the harbor 
town, creating 
multiples levels 
on which are 
built houses and 
businesses -- all 
by roadways, 
staircases and 

New Zealand Conservation, and Oceanic 
Music and Dance, in order to gain insight 
into this new world in the Pacific Ocean. 

Through these classes and others, I have 
been given the opportunity to truly "expand 
my horizons." I've spent a weekend in a 
marae (Maori meeting house), and I've met 
and made friends with people from many 
different countries, from the small Pacific 
island of Kiributi to Singapore and Hong 
Kong and, of course. New Zealand. 1 have 
come to appreciate the wonderful opportu- 
nities and situations the Lord has given me 
and the special friends from all over the 
world with whom 1 have been blessed. But 
more importantly, I've come to realize the 
universal love of God, and the special bond 
that exists between Christians of all races 
and countries. 

The love of God around the globe 

When I first came to New Zealand, 1 was 
most concerned about finding Christian 
fellowship. The Lord really answered that 
prayer. 1 found that there were quite a few 
Christians in the hostel (dorm) that I was in, 
and 1 soon began to involve myself in YFC 
and OCF (Overseas Christian Fellowship). 
Through these friends 1 have found the 
fellowship, support and encouragement that 
I had prayed for. I was also able to travel 
through various parts of New Zealand and 
even Australia and Singapore to visit some 
friends over the summer holiday. I met and 
stayed with Christians while traveling, and 
was taken in bv their love of God which 
displayed itself in their hospitality to me. 

Christians around the world are excited 
about God and what He can do in their 

Besides fellowship with other Christians, 
the Lord has shown me how important it is 
to share my faith in God with others. God 
has given me such opportunities, and it has 
made my walk with him even more real and 
important to me. 

New Zealand's spectacular scenery has 
been the highlight of my trip. The cascading 
waterfalls in the South Island fiords was 
truly the most beautiful thing that 1 have 
ever seen. At that point, I felt that this land 
might truly be "the Last Eden." But more 
stirring than the scenery has been the times 
that I've seen God in the work of others and 
myself. 1 was spiritually on a high to see my 
roommate and other friends and Campus 
Life kids give their lives to God. God has 
become more real to me as I see him in mv 
own life and the lives of others. 

Real cream and a big world 

A lot has happened to me in my travels 
and life in New Zealand. 1 have made 
friends with Kiwis and people from various 
lands and have grown to 

Please turn to 'Last Eden' 
on page 26 

Coreen Zoromski is a senior at 
Taylor University. Though she 
loves Wellington, New Zeal- 
and, she still calls Ripon, 
Wisconsin, her home. 

Coreen Zoromski 


A prospective 
freshman is 
being inter- 
viewed ... on 
a summer day 
in 1984. Noth- 
ing seems 
unusual about 
the situation, 
correct? But 
add to this 
scenario the 
fact that the 
student has 
cerebral palsy 
and is almost 
totally confined 
to a wheel- 

Growing, maturing and 
breaking down barriers 

by Scott Dubois 

A prospective freshman is being inter- 
viewed by Taylor University's associate 
dean of students. Herb Frye, on a summer 
day in 1984. 

Nothing seems unusual about the situ- 
ation, correct? But add to this scenario the 
fact that the prospective student has cerebral 
palsy and is almost totally confined to a 
wheelchair. Also, the circumstances are 
further complicated because Taylor Univer- 
sity has never had a student in this exact 
condition before. 

If you have not guessed by now, 1 was 
that prospective freshman, and this was the 
predicament Taylor University and 1 faced. 
The questions raised in that interview were 
concerned with what must be done to 
ensure my ability to complete four years of 
college. What occurred over the next four 
years was a period of growth for Taylor 
University and a period of maturity for me. 

That initial interview was the beginning of 
this period of growth and maturity. My 
parents and 1 expressed and discussed what 
we felt were the major problems with Frye, 
Dean of Students Walt Campbell, and Billie 
Manor, director of the Learning Support 
Center. These problems were accessibility 
to the Rediger Chapel /Auditorium, the 
Hodson Dining Commons, the Reade Center 
and Wengatz Hall. We were given assur- 
ance that, in some way, these problems 
would be taken care of, and we left the 
meeting cautiously optimistic. 

Though I may have been optimistic going 
into my freshman year, reality soon set in. 
First, there was as step leading to the rear 
entrance of Wengatz Hall's east end; 1 
thought 1 was going to have a blacktop 
ramp added before school started, but 
unfortunately it wasn't there in September. 
Second, there was the problem of getting up 
the Chapel steps; initially 1 had (I thought) 
worked out a deal with football Coach Jim 
Law for four of his players to carry me up 
and down the steps — a fine arrangement 
until the assigned players quit coming to 
chapel regularly. Last, there were minor 
problems involving desks for me to use in 
class, class locations and room arrange- 


My freshman year was not without its 
accomplishments, however. Wally Roth, my 
advisor (and a person who was instrumental 
to my success in four years at Taylor), used 
his "experience" to overcome the problems 
I've mentioned. He made sure the ramp 
was laid for Wengatz Hall, though I was 
disappointed it took until late October 
despite the fact the task took less than two 
days. This was my first lesson on the time 
frame involved in sometimes getting things 
done at Taylor. 

The class problems were handled by 
Professor Roth with the help of Carmen 
Taylor, director of records. Room arrange- 
ments were made by Professor Roth and 
Gordon Roycroft, former hall director. 
Another highlight of that year was a handi- 
capped task force headed by Billie Manor. 
The task force studied the handicapped 
needs at Taylor and presented a list of 
priorities in making the campus accessible. 
The top priority on this list was the Chapel, 
which was to become my central campaign 
for the next two years. 

Bringing about an awareness 

My sophomore year was a year of transi- 
tion toward making the campus totally 
accessible. Handicapped students, the task 
force, faculty and others met in October to 
talk with Rich Harris, director of handi- 
capped services at Ball State University. The 
possibility of a handicapped awareness day 
was discussed but rejected because of some 
uneasiness on the part of one of the handi- 
capped students. Also that fall, professors 
Bob Benjamin and Roth and 1 tried to get a 
curb cut near the music building so the 
sidewalk would be accessible to a wheel- 
chair, but efforts were delayed (the sidewalk 
was broken in the summer of 1986). 

During the winter I turned my sights 
toward getting the ball rolling on the 
construction of a lift and /or elevator for the 
Chapel. In January, Professor Roth and I 
sent a letter to campus administrators, 
urging them to build a lift or elevator as 
soon as possible because of the handicapped 



President's Message 

Advancement Report 

President's Associates 

Taylor Fund/Alumni 

Taylor Fund/Friends 

Taylor Fund/Parents 

Taylor Fund/ 
Faculty & Staff 

Taylor Fund/Foundations 

Taylor Fund/ 
Businesses & Industry 

Taylor Fund/ 
Matching Gift Companies 

Taylor Fund/Church 
Matching Gift Program 

Parents' Cabinet 

National Alumni Council 

Board of Trustees 

The 1 987-88 

Annual Report 


Taylor University 

Gifts, Blessed and Multiplied 





splendor of 

small gifts In 

the hands of 

Jesus Christ 

by Jay L. Kesler '58, president The images in my mind 

associated with the feeding of 
the multitude are particularly 
warm and meaningful. 1 
suspect this is true of many. 
For me, the idea of a 

The situation was critical, the 

resources were meager, human 

planning could not provide the 

answer — but the need was 

met because of the presence of 

one man, Jesus Christ. 

hungry multitude, 
growing irritable for 
lack of food, all 
looking to the box 
lunch of one small 
boy, was founda- 
tional to my personal 
faith. As a grade 

school child, it 

seemed to me that 
nothing really important could 
come from me until I "grew 
up." The very thought that 
God could take what 1 held in 
my hands and use it was 
extremely exciting and re- 
mains so to this day. 
The situation was critical. 

the resources were meager, 
human planning could not 
provide the answer — but the 
need was met because of the 
presence of one man, Jesus 

The challenges facing higher 
education, particularly private 
higher education, are docu- 
mented daily in the media. 
The national expectation that a 
college education is the enti- 
tlement of all citizens has been 
shaken by the financial retreat 
of government funds from 
education to other national 
priorities. The public institu- 
tions are highly subsidized by 
all taxpayers and are adjusting 
to the lack of automatic reve- 
nue increases based on the 
cost-of-living index. 

The private sector, never 
having had these subsidies. 


has felt the pressure most 
critically in the area of avail- 
able student financial aid from 
government sources. Add to 
these factors a declining stu- 
dent pool, neglected facilities 
amounting to an estimated 
eighty-billion dollars in the 
repair and replacement budg- 
ets of the nation's colleges, 
serious lag in faculty salaries, 
coupled with an unsure econ- 
omy, and you have ample 
grist for the mill of parents, 
educators, politicians and 
media pundits. The knee-jerk 
response of many is to w^ring 
their hands and simply give in 
to the gloom and doom pre- 
dictions for the demise of the 
small, private college. 

At Taylor University, we 
surely attempt to sift through 
all of the data and prepare 
pro-active as w^ell as reactive 
responses to these real and 
imagined contingencies. We 
however have been raised on 
a faith that when Jesus Christ 
is in the midst of the crisis, we 
can expect the unexpected. 

The multitude on that famil- 
iar hillside in Galilee was or- 
ganized into manageable 
groups. The apostles obeyed 
Jesus' instructions and began 
to distribute the five loaves 
and two fish from the little 
boy's lunch. The human 
element was surely there; 
doubt, fear, skepticism, anger 
and frustration are emotions 
that span the generations and 
ages. Even the results of 
cooperative effort and shared 
resources are hardly profound 

enough to be recorded in the 
biblical account as an indica- 
tion of Jesus' divine authority. 
The really profound center of 
the account is that, where 
Jesus is taken seriously by 

As you read this report, it 
will become evident to you, as 
it has to us, that Christ is 
standing in our midst. Jesus 
continues to take our loaves 
and fish in his hands and 

needy people attempting to be multiply them. We are both 
obedient in the midst of life's grateful and awed. — JLK 
challenges, things happen that 
are worth talking about. 

In many ways, the optimistic 
and upbeat tone of this annual 
report contains the essential 
elements of the account of the 
loaves and fish. 

Indeed, the situation of 
higher education is critical, the 
resources are limited and 
often meager, and human 
planning falls short 

of solutions. How- 

ever, through the 
hard work of the 
entire Taylor commu- 
nity and the obedient 
responses of thou- 
sands of alumni and 
friends, we are expe- 
riencing a "miracle" 
of God's grace. 

Enrollment is up — 
the Taylor Fund goal 
was exceeded. Fac- 
ulty are working dili- 
gently toward excel- 
lence. Students are 

serious in both edu- 
cational and spiritual pursuits. 
Our external publics are sup- 
portive and helpful. 

Even the results of cooperative 
effort and shared resources are 
highly profound enough to be 
recorded in the biblical account 
as an indication of Jesus' divine 
authority. The really profound 
center of the account is that, 
where Jesus is taken seriously 
by needy people attempting to 
be obedient in the midst of life's 
challenges, things happen that 
are worth talking about. 




Chip daggers 

Gratitude for 

gifts blessed 

and multiplied 

We have much for which to be 
thankful. This past year we wit- 
nessed our most significant 
effort ever for alumni, friends, 
businesses, foundations, par- 
ents, faculty and staff to pull 
together in fund raising . . . You 
gave and the Lord has blessed 
and multiplied your gifts. 


Dr. Charles R. 'Chip' Jaggers 

Vice President 


The theme of this year's giving 
report is "Gifts, Blessed and Multi- 
pHed." Nowhere is that 
^^^""^ theme more in evidence 
than in reporting finan- 
cial gifts to the university 
during the 1987-88 school 

We have much for 
which to be thankful. 
This past year we wit- 
nessed our most signifi- 
cant effort ever for 
alumni, friends, busi- 
nesses, foundations, 
parents, faculty and staff 
to pull together in fund 
raising. This multiplica- 
tion of effort and re- 
sources led to a year with some 
exceptional highlights. 

As you review this list of high- 
lights, please be aware of our deep 
gratitude. We are thankful for every 
volunteer and every person who 
made this possible. Thank you for 
responding to our letters, our calls 
and our visits. You gave and the 
Lord has blessed and multiplied 
your gifts. 


Many noteworthy achievements 
occurred this past year; we have 
highlighted several to give you a 
sense of why we are so thankful. 

• The number of alumni participat- 
ing in giving to Taylor University 
increased by 21 percent. 

• 772 alumni who had not given 
previously gave gifts this year. 

• Overall giving to our most critical 
need, the Taylor Fund, increased by 
44 percent to $1,069,948; alumni 
giving to the fund increased by 37 

• Parents giving to the Taylor fund 
increased by 73 percent. 

• The Church Matching Gift pro- 
gram for student aid brought in 
$80,553 in only its second year; 148 
students benefited from this pro- 
gram, with 123 churches participat- 

• Planned and estate gifts increased 
from $711,000 in 1986-87 to $2.6 
million in 1987-88. 

• Total giving to the university was 

• The Lilly Endowment awarded 
Taylor University a $500,000 "Dream 


of Distinction" Matching College 

• Matching gifts from alumni and 
friends working for matching gift 
companies increased by 13 percent. 

• The number of President's Associ- 
ates ($1,000 and above donors) 
increased to 278 from 222. 

• The number of gifts under $25 
increased, demonstrating the value 
of even the smallest gifts when they 
are multiplied with others. 

• The percentage of alumni giving 
went from 28 percent to 34 percent. 

The Matching Gift Challenge 

Throughout the 1987-88 school 
year, we were in a matching gift 
challenge. An anonymous donor, in 
order to encourage increased giving 
to the Taylor Fund, pledged up to 
$300,000 in a matching challenge for 
new or increased, unrestricted gifts 
to Taylor. 

The challenge was a great success. 
The Taylor Fund climbed from 
$741,000 in 1986-87 to $1,069,948 in 
1987-88 — a record total and the first 
time the Taylor Fund has ever 
broken the million-dollar mark. The 
total amount of new or increased 
gifts was $449,013, exceeding the 
challenge amount. Of this total, 
$237,368 were brand-new gifts. 
There were 716 new donors to 
Taylor University during the year. 

The value of our anonymous 
donor's challenge cannot be over- 
stated. The obvious fruit of this 
multiplied gift is found in the 
highlights already mentioned. 


This past year, like the previous 
year, was one of some controversy 
among Christian organizations in 
the area of fund raising. Support for 
a number of ministries declined. 
Despite such difficulties, we are 
pleased to report that giving to 
Taylor University continues to 
increase at unprecedented levels. 
Feedback from our alumni and 
friends suggests the reason is their 
belief in the integrity of Taylor 

University, their respect for the 
Christ-centered quality of a Taylor 
education, and their appreciation for 
the stewardship demonstrated by 
the institution over the years. 

This past year saw the first full 
year of the new tax law changes. 
Many had predicted a decline in 
charitable giving as a result. Again, 
this was not true at Taylor Univer- 
sity. Giving to 
the college, par- 
ticularly to the 
Taylor Fund, has 
doubled during 
this period of tax 

In the area of 
ethics, Taylor 
University has 
maintained a 
strong stance in 
fund raising and 
other financial 
areas. Taylor is 
a charter mem- 
ber of the 
Council for 
(ECFA), joining 
as a founding 
member in 1979. 

One Final 'Thank- You' 

Beyond our Matching Challenge, 
we had one other major goal this 
past year — increasing alumni 
participation. Folks responded to 
both goals in record numbers. We 
simply wanted to state again that we 
appreciate the generous giving from 
everyone. It was a great year and 
we sincerely thank you! 

A Look to the 

As we look to 
the 1988-89 
school year, we 
have three im- 
portant goals: 1 ) 
to increase 
giving to the 

Taylor Fund (the goal set by the 
board of trustees is $1.1 million); 2) 
to increase the number of alumni 
giving, regardless of the size of gift, 
since our goal is simply participa- 
tion; and, 3) to increase the number 
of estate gifts to build the endow- 
ment. To achieve such goals, 
another total effort will be required. 

Paul Lightfoot is the man who keeps Taylor University's 
campus green and beautiful. Over the past several years, he 
has brought in all varieties of trees, shrubs and flowers, 
providing the landscaping that makes students and staff 
proud of their campus. 

"Paul has used his knowledge and talents of horticulture to 
help others to love and appreciate God's creation," says Daryl 
Yost, provost/executive vice president. "Paul has done this 
in his usual quiet and unassuming manner." 

"He has a sensitive and deep appreciation for the things of 
God," says Wynn Lembright, vice president for student de- 
velopment and services. "This appreciation is expressed by 
Paul through his interest in others and in his sense of mission 

in beautifying 
our campus. Of 
all the things that 
enhance the at- 
mosphere of our 
campus, few 
speak so pro- 
foundly as the 
carefully tended 
garden plots, 
shrubs and trees. 
God is using Paul 
to bring His maj- 
esty and beauty 
to the Upland 
campus — and we will be blessed by it for many years to 





In recognition of continuing contributions and counsel 
toward the advancement of Christian higher education 



Upland, Indiana 

Taylor's major support base 
experiences significant growtti 

The financial challenge of 
educating tomorrow's lead- 
ers continues to grow each 
year. This challenge is met 
on one end by the parents 
and students who desire to 
obtain a Christian education 
and on the other by institu- 
tions who strive to overcome 
the hidden costs of educat- 
ing each year's student body. 

The Taylor Fund — which 
is comprised of unrestricted 
gifts — cares for the costs 
which are not passed along 
to the students. In other 
words, the cost of education 
is significantly greater than 
what the students pay 
through tuition fees, room 
and board. 

Taylor has experienced a 
tremendous blessing 

through the annual unre- 
stricted support of her 
President's Associates. In the 
last year, the number of 
President's Associates has 
grown to a total of 278 
members, and in today's 
economy, this 25% increase 
suggests an overwhelming 
blessing from the Lord. 
Listed below are the current 
members of Taylor 
University's President's 
Associates.* We are very 
grateful for the special en- 
couragement that these indi- 
viduals and families are to 
our ongoing fund-raising 
success. — SM 

*This list does not include 
ten members who wish to 
remain anonymous. 

WlarkJ. Ahlseen 
W. Douglas & Susan Allgood 
Jeffrey M. & Joy Arcfier 
Harold L & Janet Arnette 
Floyd Baker 

James H, & Priscilla Barnes, Jr. 
IVIark & Pamela Barton 
Lawrence W, & Mary Bauer 
Roger E, & Marilyn Beaverson 
Ttiomas G. & Helen Beers 
Margaret H. Behnken 
Randolpfi & Bar! Befinken 
Robert P. & Marcia Benjamin 
Bruce & Lauren Benson 
Robert C.Benson 
Roland M. & Stiirley Bertka 
Stephen D. Berwager 
Marjorie White Bill 
Lulu WhitakerBolks 
Leiand E & LaRita Boren 
R. David & Joan Boyer 
Gail D & Esther Bragg 
Brian & Beverly Brightly 
Theodore F & Murlaine Brolund 
Craig A. & Susan Bugno 
Ray & Jeanne Bullock 
Jessie M. Cain 
Robert & Sybil Campbell 
Walter & Mary Campbell 
Robert R, & Charlotte Canida 
Edward & Jane Carlsen 
Peter W. Carlson 
Hazel E. Carrufh 
Brian G. & Gay Christy 
Russell M.& Gertrude Clark 
John M. & Janet Clarkson 
Alyce Rocke Cleveland 
Nels & Elizabeth Clint 
Everett J. & Lueta Cook 
J. Robert & Beulah Coughenour 
Paul R. & Kay Cox 
Lawrence J. & Rachael Crabb, Jr. 
Gilbert L, Crouse 
Janice Shaw Crouse 
Thomas & Bonnie Crutchfield 
Robert T. & Karen Cunningham 
Craig E. & Carmen Curtiss 
Daniel R. & Nancy Dame 
Robert & Barbara Davenport 
Roger & Marjorie Demarest 

Mildred DeWeerd 
Proctor A. Dick 

Douglas S. & Barbara Dickinson 
James & Jean Diller 
Thomas & Deborah Dillon 
RE, & Nancy Dodge, Jr. 
Richard T. & Weezie Doermer 
Wayne & Ruthanna Duckwall 
Bradley L. & Sylvia Duckworth 
Michael W. & Sandra Duncan 
Robert J. & Marian Elliot 
John D.&Bernita Ellis 
Timothy P. & Suzanne Ellis 
Gregor C & Mary Fran Euler 
Joyce S. Evans 
Wayne S, & Marilyn Fine 
Kenneth & Elizabeth Flanigan, Jr. 
Ruth Flood 

James & Roberta Fowler 
Chester Fox 

Robert J. & Elizabeth Freese 
Joseph L. & Marcia Fritzsche 
Ted & Jeanne Gabrielsen 
Rex & Ruth Gearhart 
Thomas R. & Julie Gearhart 
David & Kathleen Geiger 
David & Sandra Gelwicks 
J. Paul & Barbara Gentile 
Lester C. & Mildred Gerig 
Robert C. & Joan Gilkison 
George A. & Jan Glass 
James & Irlene Glenn 
Chris L.& Debra Goeglein 
Kedwin D. & Margo Graber 
E. James & Joanne Graham 
John R.& Phyllis Green 
J. Corbly& Vivian Gregg 
Dale Grimes 

Frank & Beatrice Grotenhuis 
Norman Gundersen 

Richard & Bonni Gygi 
Bessie D. Haan 
Richard W. & Clarice Halfast 
James B. & Edith Hall 
Ronald D. & Vicki Hall 
Roderick T. &Beth Halvorsen 
Carl W. & Avis Hassel 
Dale & Evelyn Heath 
Ronald L. & Marilyn Helms 
JohnO. & Lucille Hershey 
David W. & Carol Hockenbrocht 
F, Robert & Helen Hodges 
Arthur L. & Mary Hodson 
Gerald L. & Jane Hodson 
Timothy E. & Janis Hoeksema 
Carl H. & Jana Lee Hofinga 
Alice K. Holcombe 
Mary J. Holden 
Richard E. & Kathi Honig 
Jerry E. & Delores Home 
John R.& Joan Home 
Daniel M. & Rosemary Howell 
Berry & Lynn Huffman 
Kevin L. & Donna Her 
Fern Jackson 

Robert F. & Margaret Jackson 
DwightD. & Sally Jacobsen 
v. Donald & Shirley Jacobsen 
John E. Jaderholm 
Charles R. &Verna daggers III 
J. James&SueJerele, Jr. 
David I. & Lucille Johnson 
Larry G. & Marilyn Johnson 
Paul H.Johnson 
JohnH. SMargotJurgensen 
Brian L.&LilaJustinger 
Eugene & Nellie Kandel 
Charles L. & Carol Keller 
Joseph C. & Roselyn Kerlin 
Jay & Jane Kesler 


David A. & Cheryl Klopfenstein 

Norval & Margie Rich 

Ronald E. Winder 

Thomas P, & Shirley Knox 

Gale & Eve Rickner, Jr. 

Paul A. & Deborah Winter 

James & Lydia Knutson 

Ronald E. & Frances Ringenberg 

Sharon B Wit 

Edmund & Virginia Kornfeld 

William & Becky Ringenberg 

Samuel F. & Grace Wolgemuth 

Gordon M. & Ruth Krueger 

Stanley C. Rishel 

James H. & Judith Woods 

Robert & Lonna Krumroy 

William G.& Sally Roost 

Harold & Deborah Woodward 

Mark A & Karen Kuiper 

Frank H & Mary Roye 

Robert W & Evelyn Wyatt, Jr. 

Esther Kvanvil< 

Brian & Joy Ruegsegger 

Robert M& Patricia Wynalda,Sr. 

David W. Lewis 

Donald & Shirley Ruegsegger 

DarylR. &JoenitaYost 

Mrs. C,E, (Verna) Liechty 

Randolph & Bonnie Rumble 

Daniel & Martha Yutzy 

Curtis L Lundquist 

Thomas G. & Jonnine Rumney 

Fred H. & Elaine Luthy 

Charles L. & Jeannette Rupp 

Charles E. & Dorothy Lynn 

Richard & Pauline Russell 

Daniel & Joyce MacLeish 

Richard E. & Nancv Russell 

John R, & Jane Maddox 

Robert R Schenck 

Steven C. & Kari Manganello 

David Lee & Diane Schmitz 

The work of Joyce Jeffrey and her housekeeping crew often 

David L & Jeanne Mathias 

James R. Schmitz 

goes unnoticed. As director of housekeeping, it's Jeffrey's 

Allen W. & Beverly Mathis, Jr. 
Michael G. & Shari May 
John & Ola McDougall 

Martha D. Schmitz 
Cherie E. Scranton 
Richard A. & Joanne Seaman 

task to keep the interiors of Taylor University's many build- 
ings neat and clean. 

Ross & Vivian McLennan 

Floyd & Barbara Selby 

She's not a manager who is afraid to get her hands dirty. 

Herbert J & Mary Ellen Meier 

Robert B & June Shatter 

"I've become accustomed to seeing Joyce anytime of day or 

Laurel G Meissner 
Miles S. & Jill Mercer 

Ronald W.&Shelba Shaw 
Todd & Cynthia Shinabarger 

night responding to vari- 

Ir 1 

ous needs and crises with 

Clyde & Jane Meredith, Jr. 

Crystal L. Silverman 


1 J • ■ c 

Coburn & Modelle Metcalf 

Lowell & Miriam Stoat 

U 1 


a calm, decisive profes- 

James A. & Ruth Meyerholtz 

Charles T. Smith 



sionalism," says Carol 

Robert & Coleen Midwood 

Robert E. & Lee Smith 


Parker, who should 

Calvin &Eloise Miller 

C. Edward & Ellen Smyth 

know, having worked 

Lloyd V & Mary Mohnkern 

Harold Z,& Ellen Snyder 


four different shifts over 

Edward H. & Marguerite Moore 
Kent R Mosher 

Donald & JoAnn Soderquist 
Dana & Judy Sommers 

^^m ^^H 

the years. "As boss and 

Robert J. & Robin Mourey 

Jack & Carol Sonneveldt 

^P^ '^^^M 

mediator, she takes time 

David R. & Wendy Mumme 

Opal L. Sprunger 

f H^ 

to listen and confront 

Arthur & Gloria Muselman 

Raymond M Squire 

issues. A confidant, she 

Carl & Marilyn Muselman 

Richard J & Rebecca Stanislaw 

speaks well of those 
which whom she works 

Karen E, Muselman 
Roger C. Muselman 

DelmarO. & Mary Ann Stanley 
Max R. & Dorothy Stebbins 


Louis & Jane C, Myre 

Robert H.& Barbara Stewart 

— and shows her appre- 

Gerald P. & Arlouine Nelson 

Fred & Jane Stockinger 

ciation to her staff by oc- 

Donald R. & Sandra Neu 

Larry D. & Judy Summers 

casionally footing the bill 

Charles R. & Irma Newman 
Charles L. & Jean Noggle 
Elmer Nussbaum 

Bemice L Swanson 
Douglas W.& Robin Taylor 
Howards Jill Taylor 

"" — '■— ^"^ 

J O 

at Ivanhoe's or buying a 



Kenyon C. & Catherine Nussbaum 
Ronald W. & Elizabeth Nussbaum 

Keith D Thompson 
W. Donald & May Thorpe 


"Whatever is asked 

of Joyce, she tries to get 

E. Herbert & Louise Nygren 

Thomas & Eileen Tobias 

the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible," says Linda 

Steve & Marsha Nygren 
Dnn K Rnnnip Orilp 

Wendell C.& Diane True 
,|prp TriiPY 

Blakely, another member of the housekeeping staff. "She 

Ben J. & Doris Ogborn 

BemieE. & Janet Tucker 

knows at times she has to ask a lot of her crew, but she's not 

Richard A. & Wendy Palumbo 

Gordon & Elaine Vandermeulen 

above joining in and helping. 1 have a lot of respect for Joyce 

Kirk & Sharon Parr 

Gustave D & Esca Vandermeulen 

not only as my supervisor, but also as my friend." 

Eugene W.& Ruth Pashley 

Craio L. & Vicki Vielauth 

Eugene W. & Laureen Pashley, Jr 

Elmer & Nancy Vogelsang 

Paul W. & Phyllis Patterson 

Michael J. & Pamela Walcott 

Ralph B. & Audrey Payne, Jr. 

Raymond & Vivian Watson 

Clayton & Carolyn Peters 

Lawrence M. & Sally Weber 

James & Dara Peters 

Lois A. Weed 

Richard P. & Margo Peterson 

L. Marshall & Rodah Welch 

Thaddaeus M & Donna Lee Poe 

Helen B. Wengatz 

Richard & Judy Poland 

JohnC. & Joanne Wheeler 

Martha L. Puntenney 

Andrew P. & You-Ying Whipple 

David P. & Nanci Pyle 

Philip M.&GeraldineWhisler 

Walter & Gwen Randall 

Arthur J. &Donica White 

MiloA. & Velma Rediger 

Mrs. Burke (Alice) White 

Garnet 1. Rice 

Paul W.& Ruth Wills 




1987-88 Taylor Fund hits all-time high 

We are so grateful 
to the members of the 
Taylor Family for 
their generous sup- 
port of the Taylor 
Fund during the 1 987- 
88 giving year. 

Through your gen- 
erosity, the 1987-88 
Taylor Fund reached 
a record level this 
year. The fund 
climbed to $1,069,949, 
an increase of 44 per- 
cent over the previ- 
ous year's total. 

Alumni giving 
reached a record level, 
as well, with an over- 


Class of 15 

# ol donors 1 
Part ic I pal I on. 33% 
Ins Abbey 

Class of 16 

/ ol donors: 1 
Participalion- 33% 
Robert L Tressler 

Class of 18 

#ol donors. 1 

Participalion: 50% 
Mane Gibbs Tressler 

Class of 19 

i ol donors 1 
Participation 100% 
Ira Roberts 

Class of 21 

# ol donors 2 
Participalion: 29% 

Robert R Shaw 

William K Williams 

Class Of 22 

/ol donors 5 
Participalion 71% 
George Fenslermacher 
Mary F French Mabuce 
Helen Hall Roberts 
Randolph W Websler 
Wallet E Whilmore 

Class of 23 

# ol donors 5 
Participalion 71% 
Joyce Spalding Evans 
Alice Smith Painier 

Charles W & Minam Teed Shilling 

Class of 24 

#ol donors 5 
Participation. 45% 

Eloise Abbey Fenslermacher 

Winifred Smith 

Florence Welch Squiet 

Bessie L Lindsey Steward 

Dofothea Leach Wideman 

Class of 25 

# ol donors 7 

all participation rate 
of 33 percent, the 
highest in Taylor 
University's history. 
The average alumni 
gift climbed to $108 
as many alumni re- 
sponded to the first 
National Alumni 
Council phonathon 
and the anonymous 
donor matching chal- 

Friends played a 
significant role in the 
growth of the Taylor 
Fund. Giving by this 
group increased by 44 
percent from the pre- 

Parlicipalion 70% 
Gilbert Ayres 
Evelyn Gaat Brower 
Irma Dare 
Maynatd Ketcham 
Lauren Naden 
Kalhryne Bieri Seats 
MeatI Himelick Tabei 

Class Of 26 

/ol donors 13 
Participation 72% 

Helen Wing Ayres 

Pascal P Belew 

Elmore Eicher 

Frances Rowland Haag 

Charlotte Kaetzel 

Milton B Leisman 


Harriet Leisure Naden 

Dons Atkmson Paul 

George Samuelson 

Raymond M Squire 

D V Whitenack 

Howard Young 

Class of 27 

#ot donors, 10 
Participation 48% 

James E. Bartlett 

Ethel L Boyer 

Edith Collins Davison 

Albert C Eicher 

Maurice L & Hazel Chamberlain Jones 

Ruth Draper Lindell 

Travis Purdy 

Alma Silzle 

Marcius Taber 

Class of 28 

#ol donors: 17 

Participation 71% 

Earl E & Frances Ttiomas Allen 

Rutli Bourguard Bartlett 

George L Edie 

Rutti Flood 

Geneva Oixon Fordyce 

Frances Bogue Hamilton 

Helen Btown Hamilton 

Betty Beebe Irish 

Susan Ruby Breland Lamb 

Donald R l^ewis 

Resell Millet 

Elton B Stelson 

Virginia Summers 

Sprague B & Dorothy Atkinson Willard 

Melvma Gleason Wilson 

vious year. 

The generosity of 
our Taylor parents 
was overwhelming. 
Parents increased 
their giving by 73 per- 
cent — what an ex- 
pression of support! 

On the pages that 
follow, you will find 
listed our Taylor Uni- 
versity contributors. 
Thank you for your 
commitment to Tay- 
lor University this 
past year! — SW 

Class of 29 

/ ol donors 16 
Participation 52% 
Esther L Anderson 
l^itorris Baldwin 
Mildred Parvin Baslian 
Althea Osborne Call in 
Edith Graff 
Bessie Haan 

Mildred SliterHinnchsen 
Mary L Leisure Johnson 
Frances Collins Krause 
Dorothy Collins Miller 
Wilson B. Paul 
Velma Fields Purdy 
Garnet Williams Rice 
Lena York Roth 
Howard L. Runion 
Paul Whitaker 

Class of 30 

i ol donors 18 
Participation 64% 
Edna Chambers Chandler 
Ona Ingerson Epier 
Kenneth F Fox 
Elsie Fuller Gibson 
Samuel A. Grove 
Mary Miller LeValley 
Inah M. Masters 
Lloyd V. Mohnkern 
Lillian Morrison 
GranlE Oberholtzer 
John P. Owen 
W Harold Paiithorp 
JeH P Paul 
Pauline Collins Rhine 
Loyal R. Ringenberg 
Beatrice Patrick Sparks 
Gladys Sanborn Wagoner 
Mabel Gray Wier 

Class of 31 

/ol donors 21 
Participation 48% 
Albert Brenaman 
Danwtn Btyan 
Ellen Smilh Gulp 
Wallace W Deyo 
Myrna Dickson 
Ralph Dodge, Sr, 
Chester Fox 
Hugh Ffeese 
LilaR LongcarFrye 
Elisabeth Chaney Hampton 
Florence Hazelton Hiesler 
Kenneth E Hoover 
George H Lee 

Anita Hauber Leonard 

K Edward Maynard 

Cameron D. L Mosser 

Clarence & Helen Brechbill Musser 

Marguerite Deyo Pugh 

Hazen Sparks 

Charles E Taylor 

Class of 32 

# ol donors. 22 
Participation 48% 
Naomi Brubaker Brechbill 
Margaret Woll Breen 
Luther Brokaw 

Rodger S Chenoweth 

Gladys Williamson Csehy 

Mary Beebe Deyo 

Oral Duckworth 

Vivien Myers Freese 

Carl L Hawkes 

Mary Rice Hawley 

Irene Witner Hoover 

Reuben Judson 

Marguerite Friel Kellner 

Fred MacKenzie 

Albert C.Malhias 

Mary lllk Mohnkern 

Lavonne Miller Owen 

James Rhine 

Frank A & Alice Bissell Simons 

Leah Loader Thomas 

Eunice Brown Weiland 

Class of 33 

# of donors 19 
Participation 58% 
Wafren Bailey 
Stanley R Baughlon 
Ray Brechbill 

Edna Musser Brokaw 

John Clyme' 

Merntl Clymer 

Edwin & Margery Kleineleld Copper 

Howard Fox 

Catherine Tatem French 

Elizabeth Stuart Gates 

Harry G Grifliths 

P Ardalh Kletzing Hoffmann 

Faith Birdsall Lawrason 

Mabel Kreie Lemke 

Lucille Jones Ross 

C, Lyle Thomas 

Nathan Tyler 

Olive Talem Walker 

Class of 34 

#ol donors: 15 
Participalion 52% 

Herbert E. & Roberta Bennett Boyd 

Winifred Brown 

Louise Longnecker Cookingham 

Mina Herman Derby 

Mary D Deich Forgy 

Genevieve Cushman Fox 

Eliza Gould 

Arthur L Hodson 

Arthur W Howard 

Paul J lllk 

Rowena Walker Stucky 

Ella Mae Davis Thomas 

Percival A Wesche 

Hugh Wildermulh 

Class of 35 

/ ol donors 16 

Participation 64% 

Biaine Bishop 

Robert F Dennis 

DeWitt C Fowler 

Mabel Ftey Hensel 

Gordon Herrmann 

Goldie Crippen lllk 

Paul Johnson 

Verlin C Kruschwitz 

William R. McClelland 

Clarence P Miller 

Helen Boiler Myers 

Milton G Pefsons 

M E Pittman 

Martha Smith Shelley 

Crystal L Lockridge Silverman 


Class of 36 

#ol donors 12 
Participation: 67% 
Herbert Ayres 
Marione While Bill 
VanNess & Margaret Louise 

Charles W Cookingham 
Lois Coby Current 
Lorena Porter Haines 
Esla Herrmann Howard 
Carman English Livezey 
Alvin D Strong 
Clara Vanderlan Tyler 
R Ruth TalbotI Welch 

Class of 37 

/ ol donors 25 
Participation 83% 
RoyF Ballard 
Betty Peck Bishop 
Virginia Royster Bowers 
Mary Leiter Brenaman 




Gerald Clapsaddle 

George Nagei 

James H Brown 

Kathtyn Tucker Scboen 

Artouine Hamann Nelson 

E Crosby OeWolte Jr 

Evetyn Mudgett Ptalte 

Mariha Gerbcr Brown 

Jacob Seibold Jr 

Andrew Rupp 

Cryslal Hawkins Ounn 

Floyd & Bedha Sanderson Porter 

Myrle Miller Dougherty 

Alice Theobald 

Doriand fl Russell 

Mabel Jobnslon Fields 

Josephine Ladd Powell 

Edith Charbonnier Driver 

Philip M Whislcr 

Stewart H Silver 

Perry Haines 

Wilma Shields Pratt 

Norma Hoke Fisher 

Lewis A Wilson 

Elizabeth Sludabaker 


Eileen Small Punlenney 

Bonnie Gould 

Donald R Yocom 

Alva J Swarner 

Aileen Callm Herrmann 

Gwen Niebel Randall 

Phyllis Hyde Grove 

Dorothy McFallZan 

Russet Van Vieet 

Joseph Kimbel 

Maxine Weed Robinson 

Virgil Hamilton 

Class of 45 

Catherrne Hallield Welly 

Elbel York Kleppinger 

Virginia Longnecker Shatter 

L ShitI Halheld 

Philip Williams 

Ha^el Bloss Ladd 

Sherman Spear 

H Wendell Hyde 

/ ol donors 23 

Ruth Sterner Zimmeitnan 

K M Linn 

Opat Sprunger 

Margaret Muilenburg Lixey 

Participation 39% 

Class of 47 

JohnU Millet 

Ernestine Pask Stephenson 

Ann Bengslon Lutes 

Genevieve Shuppett Berlsche 

TheaHa Shupe Picklo 

Ruth tmler Vayhinger 

John R Malott 

Sarah Burdon Chrismer 

/ ot donors 21 

Leon Snaller 

John W Warner 

Robert E McClmtock 

Robert L Cox 

Participation 46% 

Lester Sommer 

Ellamarie Williamson 

Vivian Havens McLennan 

Jean Chalmers Creighton 

Esthet Biadlord Bekaert 

GarlieidG Sleedman 

W Wayne Yeater 

Vemet Milter 

Ruth Chalmers Cuckovich 

Warren Bergwall 

Clayton J Steele 

Class Of 41 

Priscilla Pallolta Pomarici 

Thetis Eastman 

Joy Magsig Bothe 

Paul Stephenson 

Fred C Rowley 

Gerald Fisher 

Russell M Clark 

John M Vayhinger 

1 ol donors 34 

Mariorie MacKellar Wesche 
Marion Phillips Wheeler 

Participation 69% 
Harold E Bauer 


Class of 38 

Richard W Bishop 
Rodney Brown 

Janet Deavers has a job every em- 


t ot donors 25 
Participation 51% 

Virginia R Bunner 

Earl & Eleanor Anderson Bul2 

ployee at Taylor University is inter- 

Mary Kalhryn Myers Burkhalter 
E Lawrence Carman 

Gerald Foster 

Mary Sypos Frandsen 

ested in — she handles the payroll. 


Ha^el E But; Cairulh 
Arthur CItmenhaga 

Noble Gividen 
Ruth Boiler Grant 

which includes keeping straight the 

. -**^ 

Virginia Cline 

Kathryn Young Gruyei 

myriad tax requirements placed 


Emma Alspaugh Copeiani) 
J Arthur Dahlstrand 

Kay Bingaman Hahn 
Naomi Hoke 

upon each worker by the govern- 

W V^ M 

Ted W & Dorothy Weaver Engslrom 

Nettie Lewis Leach 


kii^ ^^^^ . 'fm H 

Charles L Garringer 

Ann A Leathers 

I^BT^ fl^S MS1\ MLi 

Richard W & Clarice J BellHallasi 

Elisabeth Roane McClmtock 

It is how she handles the payroll ^H ^^H ^HJBflH 
that earns the respect of her fellow ^^BEr^^^^^^.^^B^ ^^^^K^^i 

John & Lucille Kruschwilz Hershey 
Mildred Huber Lovell 

Ross McLennan 
Lester A. Michel 

Mildred Macy 

Rebecca Wheeler Maxson 

Donald A Miller 
James R Miller 


^9h J^K 

John Powell 
Waller Randall 

Beth Carpenter Muller 
Eleanor £ Parry 

"Janet is conscientious and dedi- 


Wallace Scea 

Ross Richey 

cated enough to ensure the employ- 
ees of Taylor University that they 

Marian Matthew Steedman 
Paul Stuart 

Glenn Rocke 
Lucille Rupp 



, ■ 

P w ^^^» 

Glenber S Sutton 
Margaret L Tret! 

Jessie Burtner Skinner 
Gail Matsbary Stem 

will be paid correctly and Plfi^^™ ..j^^^f-^^ 
promptly," says Al Smith, control- aS^ ^^m ■"^r^^^* 

Samuel F Wolgemulh 

Class Of 39 

MaryE Stoddard 

Dorothy Anderson Swearingen 

W Erwin Vincent 

*ol donors 2? 
Panicipalion 63% 

Rhoda Elliott Welch 
Robed Wilcox 

"In working with Janet during my ^^^^^^ 

Maurice Beery 

Arland V & Maigarel Sluyter Briggs 

GeraldineScheel Burnett 

Philip Yaggy 
Dorothy Ferree Yocom 

John E Zoller 

tenure at Taylor, 1 found her to be 
most helpful and cooperative," says 

a^ r^ 

Dototha Crandall Chapman 
Howard G Eicher 

Class of 42 

Norm Mathews, vice president for business and finance before his retire- 

Davis Gage 
George Guindon 

t ol donors 33 
Participation 47% 

ment last year. "She is skilled in her assignment and very efficient in 

William & Mary Hess Hoke 
Alice K Holcombe 
Francis Holloway 

Margaret Hyde Behnken 
John Bontrager 
Carl Brown 

carrying out her duties. 
"1 consider Janet a hard-working and loyal part of the Taylor family," 

Francis C Johanmdes 
John P Jones 

Albert Clarke 
Addison Eastman 

Mathews adds. "Dedication to her job and Taylor make her a most 

Edith Persons Korpi 

Margaret Haelner Etiioll 

valuable staff member." 

Merrill W Livezey 

Eleanor Robinson Foutke 

Isabel Baxter Meadows 
MarcellaHubner Miller 

Ruth Patow Gepler 
Naomi Knight Hicks 

Cyril D Persons 

WameC Holcombe 

Joseph Shisler 

Raymond Garrett 

Ruth Coughenour Cox 

Miio Rediger 

Louise Cunningham Hulman 

Joyce Hum Spitnale 

James E Giggy 

Gwendolyn Somen/ille Gerig 

Reuben Short 

Wilma Ditzler Kennedy 

Harold & Kathryn Smith Springer 

Jean Holcombe 

Taylor W Hayes 

Paul Sobel 

Waller H Kruschwitz 

Joyce Burtner Trumbauer 

Miriam Hutlman 

Robert 4 Gene L Gibbs Henltiotn 

Alice But; Uphold 

Howard A Lyman 

Paul Trumbauer 

Marybeth Smith Hunt 

Lydia Rupp Juillard 

L Marshall Welch 

Genrude MacDonatd 

Paul P Williams 

John Juett 

Gladys Brown Klinefelter 

Robert D Wilburn 

Claude McCallister 

Phyllis Martin Young 

Gerald R Klinefetlet 

Ruth Schoeppach Klinger 

Grace Dourte Wolgemuth 

Wriliam A McKee 

Class of 44 

Wesley McEntarler 

Florence Schroedet Marlin 

Ptiscilla Snyder Wurtz 

Alphretta Meginnis 

Niola Modelt Holt Metcall 

Dons Gilbert Newsom 

Class of 40 

Bernice Greer Meyer 

* ol donors 24 

tia Hodman OIney 

Margie Billet Rich 

Martha Brown Michel 

Participation 56% 

Winlred L Pulsiter 

Annabel Longyeat Rogets 

# ol donors 32 

Dons Horn Millet 

June Pugh Bergwall 

Paul Rupp 

Esther King Rupp 

Participation 57% 

Dorothy Hislop Miller 

E C Bernslorl 

JohnE Sinet 

Joanne Grubbs Shicktey 

Edward W Bruerd 

JohnW Murbach 

James E flertsche 

Norma Williams SIreyle 

Jean Hayes Silver 

William C Eveis 

Miriam Reish Nelson 

Elizabeth Permar Bonltaget 

Delos Tanner 

Dorothy Olsen Van VIeel 

Kenneth Fouike 

Don Odie 

Lois Chandler 

Warren TropI 

Agnes Grant Wilson 

Madelyn Leak Guindon 
Ruth E Johnson Hall 

Ina Rowell Rocke 
Frances Guindon Shistet 

Paul D Claspei 
Nancy Fox Crecralt 

Class of 46 

Class of 48 

Teuntie Peters Hershey 

Kathtyn Rupp Shotl 

Edward Evanick 

#ol donors 18 

> ol donors 35 

Harriet E Davis Holcomoe 

Lois Slagle 

Martha Devoss Evers 

Participation 51% 

Participation 55% 

Ruth Prosser Keirer 

Howard Spilnale 

Lois Skinner Gray 

G Linwood Barney 

William R & Elsa M Johannsen Abram 

A Leroy Keller 

Ellis & Esther Prosser Webb 


Miriam Pallotta Faia 

Elsie McWhirter Barney 

DeaneE Kilbourne 

Mildred Brown Yaggy 

Gwendolyn Glenwood Jones 

Lois B Guyanl Gallenbetger 

Flotence Branch Bond 

Lovina Shupe Kimbet 

Class of 43 

Josephine Stuart Juelt 

Margaret Brown Gould 

Wesley M & Dorothy H HornBullis 

Olin E Lehman 

Janyce Swearingen Lyman 

Maurine Carver Hollman 

Vera Fesmire Carroll 

Leone Harris Milliner 

/ ot donors 28 

Martha Leeman Matthews 

Harold E Homer 

Mary Brown Cathey 

Virginia Null Moshier 

Participation 68% 

Bonnie Weaver OdIe 

Patty Haas McEntattet 

Alyce Rocke Cleveland 

George Murphy 

NeileLeisman Alspaugh 

Norma Michel Reece 

Ruth Bergert Messerschmidl 

Robert V Deich 



of Alumni 

Alaska: 15 

Hawaii: 22 

Washington, DC: 18 

Puerto Rico: 2 

Canada: 36 

Helen Zimmerman Duntiam 
Floyd A Emshwillef 
JualH Evans 
Norma Hickey Fleming 
Calvin & Betty Coals Fleser 
Don W Kloptenstem 
GeraldineNoftis Morrow 
Inge Madsen Pabsl 
Anna Hochsleltler Smith 
Oliver Steiner 
William L Stone 
Marlfia Johnson Strunk 
Merlon & Helen Maurer Tanner 
CttarlesA Tharp 
Garfield Ttiompson 
Wayne Tone 
Joan Powell TropI 
Clyde Trumbauer 
Robert W Whitehead 
Fran Johnson Willerl 

Class of 49 

# of donors 21 
Participation 28% 
Warren K. AInor, Sf 
Evan Bertsche 

Margaret L Sherman Brown 
Maurice W Coburn 
Leon L. Fennig 
Gayiord Gerig 
Inez M Gerkin 
WanitaSheagley Grainger 
Betty Kinsller 
Elmer Nussbaum 
Frances R Prough 
Nerval Rich 
Ellsworth Runyon 
Paul J Shackley 
Dorothy Boyer Stimpson 
Shirley Gaerte Svaan 
Ethel Mae Abrams Tone 
George Toops 
Merlin Wilkins 
Lois M Williams 
Harold Zart 

Class of 50 

# ol donors 50 
Participation 39% 

Jean Barkley Alnor 

MariorieWyant Anderson 

Dama Martin Burkhart 

Bruce Charles 

Art E & Jeanellen Stewart Chnslensen 
Elmer H Copley 

J Robert Coughenour 

Murl Eastman 

Merlyn & Marilyn Anderson Egle 

Paul & Chloella Egly Erdel 

Dorothy Thompson Evans 

Robert E. Fenstermacher 

Reva Zischke Frees 

Barbara Clark Gentile 

Emerald Gerig 

Wallace Good 

PaulE Grabill 

Dorothy Stanton Hartman 

Robert W Haseitine 

Carl W. Hassel 

Dillon L Hess 

Virginia GilchnstHoyt 

Daniel Hutchens 

Gordons & Helen Turner Jensen 

Joy E. Jessup Jones 

Alfred R Kahler, Jr. 

Helen Boyer Langdon 

Alice Simmons Locklear 

FredH & Elaine Millhisler Luthy 

Clyde Meredith, Jr 

Carl H. Muselman 

William D Ng 

Virginia Veensira Pieschke 

Elizabeth Stanley Pilkey 

Lyie Rasmussen 

Rulus A. Regier 

Wesley E Robinson 

Arthur M Ross 

Judson & Opal Buck Shoemaker 

Philip E Souder 

Paui Steiner 

Royal Steiner 

John Svaan 

Hovi^afd A. Washburn 

Class of 51 

i of donors 68 
Participation 43% 
Reginald & Flora Adams Allord 
Dorothy E EellsAndresen 
Willtam C 8erry 
Dorothy Kimball Blomguist 
Paul L Boyer 
Dorothy M Butler 
Robert Campbell 
Nancy Mudge Calo 
Betty Cole Charles 
Malvin Colield 
Conrad A Collins 
Manan Munson Collins 
PaulC. Davison 
Adeda Bushey Deal 
Theodore S. Dexler 

Eugene & Miriam Sherman Donovan 

DonavonJ Gerig 

Betty J. Thompson Getty 

Ralph Goodell 

Miriam Hardy Grubb 

R James Hagen 

Owen L Haifley 

Vilis Hayes Haines 

Fenton DeWilte Hall 

Avis Morehead Hassel 

Ulee Clinton Hutchens 

Eslher Hund Johnson 

Roberta Kessler 

Lauradean Snooks Kraklan 

Dillon Laflin 

Andrew J & EllaKmcaidLindvall 

Gerald Marek 

Carlene Mitchell Matthews 

Erma H Gardner McCarthy 

Btlly Melvin 

Shirley Harvey Miller 

Jean Fossum Nicholsen 

F James Norris. Sr 

Barbara Rioux Novak 

Milo Nussbaum 

E. Herbert Nygren 

Marlha Slagg Oechsle 

Robert E Otl 

Everett E Parks 

William E Payne 

Howard Pearson 

Robert Pieschke 

David E- Rathjen 

Frederick H Russell 

Jammer Saliba 

Robert R Schenck 

Marian Wilson Schmdler 

F DaleSelhy 

Adeline Slagg 

Ruth Henry Steiner 

Carroll W, Stfoshine 

Ralph Teuber 

Elizabelh Brose Van Horn 

Donald E Walden 

Lois A Weed 

Valetta Short Werder 

James L West 

Richard E Wiebe 

Norman & Eunice Berg Wilhelmi 

Class of 52 

# ol donors 63 
Participation 39% 
Lawrence W Bauer 
Kenneth L. Bifkey 
Merlin R Birky 

William & Ruth Zimmerman 

Bowers, Jr. 
John Bragg 
Dons Oswalt Brause 
Lewis Burns 
James W Comstock 
Roy L Comstock 
Louise P Dawson 
Ralph DeLong 
Jean Millet Diller 
Manam A Senseney Eigsti 
Fred Faia 

Ruth Endicotl French 
J. Paul Gentile 
Carl & Mary Davis Gongwer 
Mary A. Goodridge 

Don L. & DofolhyJean HuflmanGranitz 
Pearl Hoffman 
Shirley LundeJacobsen 
Gordon W Johnson 
Gloria Krebs Kleinhen 
Maunce Lindell 
Herbert R Lucas 
E Don Martin 
Harold Matthews 
DarleneEby Melvin 
Clyde Michel 
Charles & Marilyn Copley 

Carl Miller 
Jean M Morgan 
Arthur K Muselman 
Robert M Neely, Jr. 
John M Nelson 
Mane Merk Norris 
Harold J Oechsle 
Richard Plants 
Joyce Scarem Post 
Elmer & Gloria Bridson Regier 
Ralph Ringenberg 
Richard Russell 
Mary E. Klopfenslein Schmidt 
Carol Gramlich Scott 
Ray Snyder 

Elinor Speicher Spacek 
Joyce Scott Sloner 
Verna Sleury Tharp 
Allred C Thompson 
Harold Thornburg 
W Lee & Ruth Dixon Truman 
Richards Pat West Unkenholz 
Glenna Phillips Walton 
William I Wortman 
Ted Wright 
Winifred Cleveland Wrighl 

Class of 53 

# of donors 33 
Participation 30% 
Max Andrew 
LyIe Barrett 
Georgia Taylor Batten 
Mary A Fleming Berry 
Virginia Lindell Calhcarl 
Gerald A Close 
Ernest L Cohbs 

EvaL Dtllin 

Jane Ericson Everson 

Doltie Cunningham Fisher 

Rex Gearhart 

E Earl Harlman 

Oavid Harvey 

V Donald Jacobsen 

A. Warren Johnson 

Fred Klemhen 

David & Rebecca Swander Le Shana 

Mae Presnal Lewelling 

James McCallie 

Phyllis Miller 

Leon L, Nicholsen 

Harold Olsen 

Barbara Owen 

Virginia Balk Pickering 

Roy Shervy 

Joe Spacek 

C Merton Spaulding 

Margaret Paine Swanson 

Eloise Gerig Thorne 

Martha Fordyce Welsh 

David Wheeler 

Kenneth Wright 

Class of 54 

# ol donors 32 
Participation 35% 

Sarah Andrews 

Joy Arthur 

Barbara GordinierBrancato 

Hal Branstner 

Mary £ Dahl Brower 

John Brummeler 

Raymond Brundage 

Donna Colbert 

Richard Oiemer 

Harold W Draper 

Ruth Gentile Gearhart 

Robert Grubb 

Olive R Holland 

Forrest & Arlene Smith Jackson 

Elaine McNeil Lindell 

Esther Williams Martin 

Alela P Mastin 

Max E Meier 

Gail Brenneman Nichols 

Emory Reece 

Vonda Lightbody Rigel 

Betty Blom Ruth 

Richard Steiner 

Leona Tieszen Stoltztus 

Helen Ballinger Summers 


Ronald Townsend 


Gerald Welsh 

John C Wheeler 

Lloyd Wright 

Class of 55 

# ol donors 38 
Participation 37% 

Jack & Ramona Ferguson Augusline 

Thomas G. Beers 

Carolyn Swanson Branstner 

Donald Callan 

Joyce Lister Clark 

Richard D Clark 

Lois Corliss 

William and & Jewell Reinhart Coburn 

Beulah Meier Coughenour 

Dons Crawmer 

Loretta Dawson 

N Arthur Edslrom 

Charles W. Good 

Dorothy Hiatt 

L Norma Holmgren 

Carl Honaker 

Nancy Jacobson 

Mary Fisher Kaulfman 


Larry Liechty 

Laura Sikes McCul'um 


EloiseOlcoll Miller 

Rhoda Evans Taylor-Mayer 

Lois Smith Hughes 

Gloria Moennig Carey 

Nancy Rowley Rupp 

R Ivan Niswender 

Robert Tillinghasi 

William B Hughes 

Curtis Carter 

David R Scudder 

llene Penn 

Virginia Hamilton Tobias 

Waller & Darlene Reimer Huilema 

Earl Chnstensen 

Larry Sheets 

Fred Prtnzing 

Larry Warner 

Jane Smith Kesler 

Wendet DeBruin 

Linda BfOkawShelton 

Jane Slenzak 

Mildred J Andrews Whiteley 

Jack 8 Janet King 

Robert Dvorak 

Richard Shupe 

Charles 1 Smilti 

Patricia K Ollinger Wrison 

LeroyO Kinzcr 

Charles W Ford 

Ruth Shively Sikkenga 

Roberl Sloket 

Class of 58 

John Lantz. Jr 

Robert J Freese 

Janet Gushiken Terui 


Jale Linhart 

Jan Hullman Glass 

Rosalie Closson Valutis 

Waller Wanvig 

1 ol donors 62 

3relchen Miller Loomis 

Ernest Donald Goelte 

Maty Henning Weitick 

Failh Dodge Wneeler 

Participation 37% 

Barbara Beniamm Love 

Annetta Josephs Graham 

Carol L Wharton 

Norman G Wdeelet 

Mary Drake Allison 

Gene Malsudo 

Elaine Grit 

Jerry & Maxine Smith Wiilman 

Donna WngM Wise 

Jerry D Allred 

Carol A Ford McGee 

Gertrude Krem Hampton 

William Worth 

Marina Hayden Woodward 

Carolyn Carlson Anderson 

Raymond A Merz 

Elaine Warner Handschu 

Class of 61 

Mane Lamb Wiigni 

Grayson Atha 

Gloria Shepherd Nelson 

Marilyn D Yerks Harp 

Milsuko Higa Yamaguchi 

Floyd Baker 

Belly Egeberg CIsen 

Dale Hochsletller 

# ol donors 65 

Class Of 56 

Marilyn Habegger Beavetson 

Judy Weber Polsgtove 

William R Hoel 

Participation 45% 

Lulu TuJbin Bowen 

fl Waldo Rolh 

Earl Jackson 

Marlene Moore Abraham 

( ol donors 43 

Norman L Brummeler 

Russell Ruch 

Roger Jenkinson 

Raymond R Bachman 

Parlicipalion 36% 

Jean Watson Carter 

Evelyn McNeil Aichele 
Margaiel Weedon Barton 

Lenore Ringenberg Chernenko 

Theodore Curtis 

Carolyn Smilh Brummeler 

James Dahl 

Riley B Case 
Mary Dreiliaup 
Even Eklund 

Victor Denton 
R E Dodge, Jr 
Jemima Ensing 

Karen Richards often provides the first impression many people have of 

Taylor University. And it's a positive impression. 

A Kay Brenneman ErD 
Joe L Grabrll 

Ramon Farley 

Ronald & tvlary Lou Loomis Fasselt 

As switchboard operator and information receptionist, she handles in- 

Virginia L Slicklen Gulick 
Roberl G Hankins 

Anna Newhard Fullhart 
Elizabeth Blackburn Gangel 

coming calls and provides direction to visitors on campus. The first face 

Arlene Geng Harrison 
Barbara EllingsonHiid 
Jane Downbour Hosleller 

George A Glass 
Kedwin D Graber 
Ralph Gyde 

most people see when 

^ T 

they step into the ad- 

Lillian Fartell Hutlman 
JoAnn Nemolh Jones 

Thomas R Hailey 
Russell L Hamilton 

^V /^'''^' .$i.^ ^^■■■^^B 1 ^^^^^^k^ 

ministration building is 

Joseph C Kerlin 

Hubert Hansel 

Richards', and it always 

Dotolhy Garnell Lehmann 

G Arthur Hansen. Jr 

m^^ikii..' T^^^- 1 i^^*!^^ 

Loren Lmdbolm 

Dorothy Haun 

T ^^^^s 


is ready with a smile. 

Robert J Morgan 
Demeril Mollei 

Martin Hess 
Marvin Hobbs 

^K' . J 

"Karen's cheer- 

Manon Unkenhol; Mulhiah 
Ruby Moser Neuenschwander 

Jane Vanzant Hodson 
Carl H Holmga 

^w^ Mw^l^ 

ful personality, friendly 

Phyllis Lalham Niswender 

Verna Isaac 

^HV ' ^^r .^"^^a^^ 

smile and wonderful 

William SDorolhySheelz Plumb 

Jay Kesler 

Velma Vernier Rediger 

Davm Shumaker Kinzer 

spirit are an inspiration 
to us all," says Herb 

John Rigel, Sr 
Carolyn Bailey Riley 

Dons McBride Knoblock 
Elsa Anderson Kroger 

■r jiy^ 

i56*. ••■V. 

Lorraine Lmdbolm Ryberg 

Roll E Larsen 

^^m m^^^^^^V^ 

Frye, dean of admis- 

Eleanor Fordyce Sells 

Orlan Lehmann 

^^H m.%. ^^^ MT'V 

Oorolby Porler Shaeller 

William M Loewen 

^^* B^^ fc ^ 

sions. "She is very tal- 

Evangeline Thomas Smith 
Jarvis Sleiner 

JohnC Louthain 
Arlene Lundquist 

w W ^J^^ 

ented and serves God 

Mary Jennings Thomas 
Frank S Tressler 

Kenneth D & Joy Mainline McGarvey 
Kathleen Oilley Miller 

W%k ^^C^ 

and Taylor enthusiasti- 

Wendell C & Diane Begtilel True 
Phil Wahl 
David Wells 

Paul Millikan 

Eloise Van Natta Moore 

Anita Callaway Morris 

■ mi ^S^ 

cally and unselfishly. 

Karen is a positive role 

Charles M Whiteley 
Dian Krider Wilkey 

Bonnie Freese Pickering 
Nancy Lindgren Rohart 

model and portrays an excellent image for Taylor University." 

Ronald Woodwarrj 
Robert Wright 

Class of 57 

#ot donors 41 

Gene Rupp 

Joyce Shick Schwanke 

Jean Lehman Sheets 

"Karen Richards exemplifies what a servant attitude is all about," says 
Liz Shockey who, as admissions receptionist, worked around the comer 

Suzanne Kuhn Smith 
Nelda De Long Sonday 

from the switchboard. "She communicates 'welcome.' 

Participalion 36% 
Joyie Allen 
Ben Allison 

Lois Weed Stoker 
Joy Powell Tilhnghast 
Manlyn Lehman Townsend 

"Her love for people is evident in her ability to remain calm and cour- 

teous with five people at her switchboard and three calls coming in simul- 
taneously! She keeps her wits about her and is able to communicate with 

Dorothy Brown Arthur 
Rulb Unkenholz Case 

Lucille Stern Ulery 
Barbara Meyer Warner 

Walter Cheinenko. Jr 
Nancy Delay Dodge 

Howard Watson 
Robert Wolle 

a smile what others might find difficult with many words." 

Sylvia Hines Duckworth 
John S Ehresman 


Class of 59 

Paul Fendl 

/ ol donors 56 

Thomas G Rumney 

James William Jones 

Harold J & Sarah Gove Beal 

Kenneth Gangel 

Participation 44% 

Barbara Shulti Shupe 
Naomi Sipe 

James S King 
George Klohck 

Audrey J Berndl 

Robert C & Joan Lloyd Gilkison 

Daniel Arensmeier 

fl David & Joan Grallis Buyer 

Daniel M Howell 
Arnold Kamman 

William Bartow 
Roger E Beaverson 

Joseph Smith 
Sue Gorrell Smith 

Carol Ash Kundenreich 
David B Larson 

Joseph D & Judy Boll Brain 
Bruce N Brenneman 

Joyce Kaulmann 

Sandra Moore Bedford 

Leit & Mariorie Starkweather Terdal 

John Lavanchy 

Robert E Bnjce.Jr 

Helen Koepp 

Alice NelzbandBoyer 

Lavonne Tieszen 

Marian Lehmer Lrnhart 

Stanley Burden 

Rila Geathart Lindholm 

Carol Miller Curtis 

Robert Trout 

Maitorie Kaulmann Mason 

Rulh Volk Carlisle 

Blanche Burwell Louinain 

Gertrude Oahl 

Ronald Valuirs 

Howard Malhisen 

Minnie S Panon Clark 

Donald L Love 

Lorraine Rioux Dahl 

Michael Williams 

Charleen Schmettzer Matsudo 

Gary Cooper 

Elaine Scbrader Luce 

Bradley Duckworth 

Rosanne Shippy Wolle 

Peggy Matlhews 

Beverly A Corts 

Barbara Anders Maggart 

Marilyn Follett 

Mari Mieno Yamaguchi 

Evelyn Pearson McDonald 

James R & Marjorie Eby Crowds 

Barbara Thurman McQueary 

Gerald & Arlene Hiebcr Foots 

Sally Wire Yenies 

Thomas McGealh 

Beverly Knoll Gulp 

Pat Sparks Meredith 

Virgil & Marlene Roul^ong Myers 

Irlene Gierman Glenn 
Ann Montgomery Godwin 

Class of 60 

1 ol donors 63 

Helen Padrult Miller 
Judith Shalei Needier 
Millard Niver 

Samuel L & Mary Carlson Delcamp 
Lucille Entz Diller 

Anila Ford Prinzing 

Sherry Perkins Goimanous 

Rulh Schinkel Falk 

Delmar Schwanke 

Dave Gustalson 

Participation 42% 

John Okesson 

Barbara Hanawalt Ford 

Mary Massar Seamon 

Richard Guthrie 

Wanda Pitlman AIha 

Maty Dellinger Pahmeier 

GaryW Foss 

Ronald W Shaw 

Betty Zeigler Handley 

Joyce Morgan Bates 

Darrel Parris 

Daniel Freeman 

Curtis S Delois Stoesi Smith 

Marilyn Willel Heavilin 

Roland M Bertka 

Roger Peck 

Stewart W Silvis Georgia 

Shirley Plelcher Smith 

Cleo Murdoch Henry 

Dons Kocher Browning 

Gordon Polsgrove 

Jane Kinkead Graham 

Ken & Elizabeth Galloway Stark 

Carol Coyner Hess 

Rosemary Harper Bucy 

C Dexter Rohm. Jr 

Charles D & Patricia Hard Grrflm 

Minam Gulp Stewart 

Marilynn Nurse Huge 

Betty Augustine Burden 
Lorene Reisdoiph Burns 

Marlene Wilcox Rolh 
Jonnine McKinley Rumney 

Mariorie Chitwood Hamilton 


Charles R Hill 

D DuaneHouser 

Robert F & Margarel Talem Jackson 

Lois Madin Jones 

Paul Jorg 

William R Klinger 

Hubert Kuhn 

Ruth A Stockinger Meyerholtz 

Failh Springer Millet 

Sally RunyonMiltlestedt 

Robert E & Barbara J Jacobson Olson 

John N Oswalt 

Robert L Palmer 

Myrna Marshall Parris 

Irvtn Polk 

J Franklin Pyle 

James A. & Nancy Norrenbems 


William Ringenberg 

Veryl Roth 

Sharon A, Rupp 

Judy Lammon Sampson 

Joyce Huebner Scharrmghausen 

Janet Watson Sheeran 

Carolyn Haas Sprunger 

Rachel Howell Tjoelker 

Bernie E Tucker 

Jean Gould Vanderpool 

Diane Tenpas Vivian 

Edward J Williamson 

Roger E Winn 

Richard Wise 

Class of 62 

i ol donors 63 

Participation 35% 

Patricia K, Liby Amslutz 

l^orns L Barber 

David & Janet Foltz Bruce 

PriscillaJ Bruce 

Nancy Henderson Christenser 

Rex Clouston 

Jack L. Cramblet 

John A Ctomer 

Kathryn Heavilin Cutting 

L. Jeannetie McClure Davis 

Arthur Deyo 

Timothy Diller 

Leona lewis Ehman 

Dons Bluhm Eversden 

Thor Foss 

Linda Larsen Fuhrer 

Tom Gehner 

Ruth Gehres 

Joyce Worgul Gustafson 

Donna L. Ramseyer Hallenbeck 

Marion J. Ward Hoopingarner 


Janet Mendenhall Horner 

Donald L Horney 

Ethelyn M Hutt 

Janet JuddJenkmson 

Suzanne Coals Kavgian 

June Kearney 

Tat Keenan 

Bette Tao Kobayashi 

Al Kundenreich 

Janet Case Langenwalter 

Kathryn Stewart Leonard 

Carolyn Wollgang Lewis 

Philip Loy 

Mary Emma Weidler Lyons 

Lloyd W. Madden, Jt 

Rodger Martin 

Donald & Janice Salisbury McDougall 

Donald I Miller 

Melvm Moeschbergef 

Cecil R Murry 

Richard & Judy Entnkin Nicewonger 

JuneA. Nilsen 

Connie Peck 

Gary Petzold 

Kay Rader Ringenberg 

Roger Ro!h 

William Schneck 

Lanelle Shaler Schoonmaker 

Janet Spitler Senseman 

Barbara Archer Si Ivis 

Carlton J Snow 

Ruth Strong 

Ned Stucky 

Michael & Karen Hansen Szabo 

James L & Frances WoyTerhune 

Joyce McClurg Todd 

Jonell Willis Van Dam 

Alumni Participation 
Increases- 1986-88 



87 88 

Elaine BrunzVandermeuien 

Class of 63 

#ot donors. 58 
Parlicipation 29 
Juanita Anthony 
Wayne Augustine 
Maxine R Steury Balkema 
Carol Ellis Baughman 
James R. Black, Jr. 
Marilyn Elletl Blom 
Timothy Bufkholder 
Lois Slaub Deyo 
Arlene A. Dragseth 
Vivienne Mitchell Evans 
Thomas Eversden 
E. Byron Fox 
Anita Weimer Freeman 
Charles T French 
Robert H. & Sandra Krehbiel 
Gardner, Jr 
Alice Hendrickson Golden 
Janette Lister Greene 
Doyle L, Nickels Hayes 
Janet Hardy Hochstelller 
Judy Liechty Holgersen 
Irvm & Nancy Fricke Johnson 
Marcia Van Doren Jorg 
David & Karole Bowen Kocher 
Roy A. Krai 
Robert C. Larsen 
Joyce Gray MacLeish 
Loretta Thomas Mann 
Bonnie Mcintosh Martin 
Herbert £ & Gudrun Nordin Mcintosh 
James E Melcalle 
Sandra Rupp Moeschbergef 
Jane Lunde Pedersen 
Sandra Gage Peterson 
Philip A. Place 
Ida Hersey Price 
Charles L Ramsay, Jr. 
Lawrence J. Rich 
Virginia Doctor Roe 
Charles R. Sadler 
Peter Schug 
Robert G Seevers 
Dale Senseman 
Donald R Shank 
Verlis L & Lois McBfide Slusher 
Richard & Doris Kaufmann Starr 
Fred Slock inger 
Ronald Van Dam 
Lois Charles Whitcralt 
Marthena Rawlings Wilder 
David Williams 
Jennifer Fierke Wilson 
Douglas D Wood 
Ronald L, Zerbe 

Class of 64 

# ot donors 97 

Participation. 41% 

Charles Thomas Allen 

Gladys Dates Alley 

Ronald C Angerer 

Mary Schneider Augusline 

Steve Baker 

Margarel Anema Barnharl 

John Ball ice 

Barbara Brown Bender 

David & Patricia Baird Bowers 

M. Rosalie Bowker 

David Brennan 

Brian & Beverly Jacobus Brightly 

Lynne Eisenhuth Brower 

Carolyn Williamson Burkholder 

Waller E Campbell 

David L. Carlson 

Dan 0. Carpenter 

Suzanne RutenachlCorkill 

David Culling 

Carole Gibson Denlinger 

Mary Wells Dennis 

Lee Delurk 

Daniel Dew 

David Dickey 

Mary-Eilen Matthews DuPree 

James Evans 

Don & Nan Buecker Fancher 

David H. Forbes 

Carole Geren Eraser 

Nancy Ackerman Frederick 

John C. Freeman 

Barbara Davis French 

Norma Hill Gehner 

David Gelwicks 

Marilyn Bohn Gilford 

Oavid Golden 

Richard & Mane Raese Gunderson 

Roy & Lynne Osberg Hagen 

Herberl Hall 

Stanley Handschu 

Linda Stanton Harmon 

SuelynJ Salterlee Heth 

Todd Hinkle 

James C Howell 

Elizabeth Pigueron Jones 

Myra Bullock Jones 

Allen Kallmann 

Jeneane Lomax Kindinger 

Donald Knudsen 

Darlene Bitter Larrison 

Daniel D MacLeish 

James J. Malhis 

David & Marcella Minks Mays 

Dana McQuinn 

Marion Meeks 

Lyndon Merkle 

Jane Walker Melcalle 

Elizabeth Miller 

Terrell D Minks 

Louis & Patricia Patterson Moiic 

LaMoineL Motz 

P Ray Music 

Parker A. Nilsen 

Mary Hogston Palmer 

Joyce Krins Passon 

James & Dara Epp Peters 

Elaine Peterson 

Linda Wallers Pyle 

Gloria Callaway Regier 

Sigrid Schaffroth 

Manly Miller Schneck 

Ronald L. Scott 

Marcia Everswick Seeland 

Paul & Nancy Badskey Spurgeon 

Mariorie Carlson Swisher 

Darleen Mills Teclor 

Peter Valberg 

Bonnie Garard Van DerKolk 

Jack VanVessem 

Elmer & Nancy Estep Vogelsang 

Williams Sandra Karl Wiley 

George Y Williamson 

Larry Wmterholler 

Ruth Walker Wood 

Theodore Woodrult 

James E Yoder 

Sherry Johnson Zerbe 

Class of 65 

? of donors. 59 

Participation 35% 

David Andersen 

Norman Andresen 

Rulh Reger Brooks 

Daniel & Annette Nerguizian Bruce 

Dorothy Pile Campbell 

Mary Baker Campbell 

Edwin Chappell 

Mildred Chelann 

Susan Beam Crumbacher 

Sara Guynn Darby 

Jeanne Desposilo 

Nancy Dougan 

J. Ranae Thorne Drozda 

Martin L Earnest 

Juanila Krueger Exman 

Sue Truex Fellon 

Kenneth Flanigan 

David Fraser 

Terry E Frick 

Joyce Eileen Knell Hooper 

David Horsey 

Treva Davis Howard 

Eunice Fay Wolff Howell 

Barbara Inglis 

Warren Jacobus 

David I. Jotinson 

William E Jones 

Lily Batuski King 

Clifford Kirk 

Joyce Helm Kuhn 

James Lindell 

James MacLeish 

Mary McDonald Massongill 

R Eugene Maslin 

Joan McAlisIer Malhis 

Bonnie Rauch McCullough 

Helen Laduke Miller 

James Richard Miller 

Dennis & Nancy J Verdell Moller 

Charles Paxton 

Carol lyn L Saxton Peerman 

Toby Andrews Peterson 

Gene Platle 

Roberto Ransboltom 

Kur! and Roberta Hunsberger 

Yvonne C Rosecrans 

Beverly Pelterson ScoH 

Gary Shuppert 

David & Constance Culhbertson Slater 

Jack L. Souder 

Judson Sprunger 

Robert H. Stewart 

Barbara Butman VanVessem 

Elaine ShugartVandegrilf 

Judith StarnsWillard 

James H. Woods 

Class of 66 

j*of donors. 52 

Participation 28% 

Sandra La Rose Andresen 

David Baugh 

Margaret Ring Baxter 

Joyce A Bowling 

Edgar Clme 

Mark Clough 

Daniel R Darby 

Dianne Weedon DeBoer 

Judith A Dick 

Douglass & Barbara Wills Dickinson 

William A. Downs 

Sara Carmany Eggleslon 

Susan Rosberg Emerson 

Kent Fishel 

Elizabeth Clint Flanigan 

Elizabeth Wells Frantz 

DeeW. Friesen 

Norman L Guiltaume 

Barbara Beanblossom Harrison 

Karen Plueddeman Horsey 

Roberta Sheesley Hunsberger 

Roberta Alter Johansson 

Lucille Lang Johnson 

Don L Jones 

Gary J & Judith Carlson Jones 

Alan J & Diane ShanleyKnapp 

Marjorie Hayes Knight 

Ronald D Krege! 

Carol Helfnck La Grange 

Elaine Willis Long 

Lois Horst McFadden 

Mary Eversden Meeks 

Jerald Norguisl 

Ronald Oakerson 

Ronald Parker 

David J. Peterson 

Terry Porter 

James Rahn 

Wilbur Regier 

Karen J Huston Russell 

Marcia Sammis Salisbury 

Gloria Gates Schaffer 

Margaret Hiat! Sprunger 

Jeanne Rupp Slauifer 

Schuyler Townsend 

Joseph Vandegriff 

Gordon Vandermeulen 

Mary A. Winter Wiebers 

Lynne Fridslrom Winterholter 

Judith Paulson Woods 

Class of 67 

§ ot donors 74 

Participalion 33% 

Svend E Abrahamsen 

Charlotte May Andersen 

Richard M Anderson 

Donald A Bardsley 

Raymond D. Benson 

David L Bowermeisler 

Stephen tvl Bowman 

Sheldon W Biirkhaller 

Beverly Soldi Carlson 

Peter Wilbur Carlson 

Sharon Sterner Connor 

Irene Hageman Cook 

Don Crawlord 

Betty Ruckner Dalrymple 

Lynn IVlatthews Davis 

Warren H Day 

Edward J DeVries 

Roger T & Marjorie Andes Demarest 

M Dayle Dickey 

D Keith Ooudt 

GaryW Exman 

Chrislyne Bieht Fish 

Rita Johnston Freer 

Charmaine E Elliott Freeze 

Rosalee Smith Fricke 

Richard B, Graham 

Richard W & Bonni Fisher Gygi 

Sharon Burkholder Haggard 

Paul W Hanson 

Ruth A. Rock Houser 

Marilyn SerpeJellison 

Gene Keller 

Kathleen S Kubik 

Patsy Reiger Kwast 

Judy Landenbecger 

Charles H. Leach 

Ben B Lester 

Donna Fridstrom Lindell 

Jerald C & Janet Aichele Lindell 

Joel ten Rice Lmkenback 


Roberta Lovell 

Judith Beiller Sprunger 

Christian L 4 Hetlie Hardin Slaulter 

Evangelynn Dowden Graves 

Howard E 4 Jill Shuler Taylor 

KitkJ Lyons 

Kent B Sprunger 

Kenneth N Taylor 

Richard L Gray 

Mary J Mills leirumniks 

Barbara Kirchner Martin 

Karen YounI Stoltz 

Richard 4 Barbara Stebbins Turner 

Janice Soldner Grindle 

Cheryl Ashby Ihornell 

Jeanne Hawk Ualhias 

James D 4 Norene Wolll Swaney 

Steven Ulm 

Cynthia Bishop Harmon 

Lynn Juraschek Trapp 

Mary E Morgan 

Thomas Tobias 

Nadlne Hams Wagner 

Robert A Hayes 

Catherine Kull Ireyithick 

Carolyn Oman Norquisl 

Douglas Trevithick, Jr 

Charles 4 Connie Folkers Webber Ji 

DianneK Gales Hiestand 

Brian M 4 Janet Bobbins Warner 

Robert G Overman 

Jere Truex 

Stephen B Wilcox 

Karen E Hovey 

Omer Young 

Charles D Persons 

Elaine Dupuis Walker 

Timbthy S Wilson 

Barry L Humble 

Class of 71 

Ronald W Ptiilpol 

Loren J 4 Judith Rupp Wanner 

Cheryl A Williamson Winebienner 

Janet Cordin Jetlrey 

RussellJ Poller 

Daniel E Ward 

Robert B Wilmer 

Terry L Jordan 

/ ol donors 81 

Belti E Preston 

Wayne G Wegner 

Robert D Wolgemulh 

Dwight D Kay 

Participalion 24% 

David Randall 

Sheldon M Wiens 

Joan Leary Young 

Robert D Keller 

EatlE & Angela Snow Alliey II 

Nelson E Rediger 

Theodore N Wood 

Class of 70 

Orlena Rathel Klineleller 

Nancy J Anderson 

Judy Johnson Roth 

Class Of 69 

Thomas 4 Linda Holliman Kraus 

Philip W Arnold 

John R & Libby Jaclison Roush 

t ol donors 84 

Carol A Kubik 

Donald W Bakke 

Marylee B Rolls Schteibeis 

# ol donors % 

Participation 28% 

Richard J Kuhn 

Mary Liltrcll Bales 

Carolyn A Breedlove Schwartz 

Participation 37% 

Karen A Auktand 

PriscillaAlden Lamed 

Timothy 4 Diane Gorman Bardsley 

Sally Zart Shell 

Pamela Ogg Barton 

Larry F Backlund 

Melvin L & Judy Oslerhus Leach 

Michael R Beck 

Richard L Sherman 

Sheila Solomon Beers 

Robert P & Elaine Saunders Shuler 
J Donnell Smalt 

Randolph Behnken 
Sharon J Binder 



Charles C Slevens 
Kerry Slucky 

Charles B Bowman 
Dan R Boyd 

Tom Cason has prepared many. 

"-^ s 


Margo Greyer Trout 
Richard E Wallier 

Betty J Grallis Btandenberger 
Brenda Brenneman 

many more meals than most men. 

^ ^^^^ 

Noelle Doling Walton 
Frank J Weaver 

Kenneth G Srix 
Martha Staight Brown 

He's been responsible for feeding 

Hi^ ^^^ 

Barry W 4 Phyllis Grimm Webrle 

Charles E Bruerd 

thousands each day during his 32 
years of service in the dining com- 


Susan Gardner Wood 

Class of 68 

/ ol donors 82 

Marcia Hendnckson Burden 
Philip A Caplam 

V ^' m 



James R Carmany 
Susan Winey Cotrell 

mons at Taylor University. 

Participation 34% 

lona Amspaugh 

Jayne Christian Bardsley 

MaryL Crabb 
Daniel R Dame 
Barbara Phinney Day 

Meals are his responsibility. Not 
only does he prepare large quantities 


Sharilyn Barton Baugh 
Sally Thoma Beers 

MiriJoD Marlin Rroorlinn 

Margie Aalbreglse DeBruyn 
Linda George Dersch 
Barbara Rasler Dickey 
Carol Coates Downs 

for the thousand or more students 

IVIdMlcc IVIdnill DlccUlriy 

Diana K Bueker 

that go through the lines at each meal, ^^^^^^m '-=■ \| | 

Jams Sprunger Burkhalter 

Donald M Dunkerton 

but he also prepares special dinners ^^^^^r 


Russell Clark. Jr 
Rebecca Nunley Ctough 

Merna Zimmerman Eisenbraun 
Heather Ewald 

for guests, banquets and other events ^^^^^ 

Jay A Comstock 
Gladys Connor 

Susan Ruenpohl Ferguson 
Joseph L Fritzsche 

in the Hodson Dining Commons. All wfl^^^ 

Robert Connor 

William W Furman.Jr 

will attest to the high quality of food ^^^^V i 
at Taylor University. ^^^^m '^H 

David L Conover 
Larry A, Cotiell 

TonyH Garton 

Lauralee A Oe Bruyn Gales 

Bonnie Dixon Crandall 
Theodore H Cryer 

Karen S Smerik Gerber 
Charles D Gillord 

"For the past 32 years, Tom has ^^^V ' ^M 

Wayne T Cummins 

Karen Lochialto Gloyd 

dedicated himself to the students at ^^^H / d^| 

Lawrence A DeBruyn 

MareneT Travis Graham 

^^^^m -^^m 

Peter L Denton 

Susan Wenzel Grommes 

Taylor University," says Jerry Nel- ^^^H J l 

Linda Brown Dickson 
Thomas Dillon 

Marilyn Hay Habecker 
James B Hall 

son, director of food services. "It's ^^^g f /-...^B 

FtedL Downs 

Daniel J & Nancy Goodwine Duchardt 

Richard Hardesly 
GaryG Harmon 

been a job well done!" 

^^m ' Ji^H 

^^ . -:iAH 

Robert A & Jane Darling Duell 

Diane W Powell Hawkins 

"Tom is a very good man and does 
his job well," concurs Pat Thurman, 

^^w ^vn 

Laraine B Bet; Dunmire 
JetlreyE Dye 

G Scoll Hawkins 
Kathiyn Baldwin Hayes 


Roy Flanary 
Bruce W Gee 

Marcia Hayden Headley 
Diana fleer Humble 

also a member of the food services 


Charlene Phillips Getz 

Kathleen Luey Husled 

staff. "He is a pleasure to work with." 


Samuel J Gloyd 
Linda Karwoski Green 

Charles Jaggets, III 
Slephen B Jetlrey 

Besides preparing meals, Cason is 

Patricia Fields Hart 
Ronald L Helms 

Margo Williamson Keller 
Eugene Kent 

also famous for the wedding cakes he has baked for countless graduates 

Susan U Huslage 
J James Jerele. Jr 

Thomas G Linder 
David J Lotenc 

and the ice sculptures he creates for numerous banquets. 

Ronald C Johnson 

Earle T & Jessie Randolph Lusk 
Frank J Marxer 

Cheryl Helle Jones 


Liisa Greenstein Kammski 

Ellen Herlel Malhew 

Dale 1 Bales 

Donna Trumbauer Losch 

William E Beck 

Gordon E Krueget 

Margarel Melcall McClelland 

Carolyn Yerke Beckei 

Dorothy Maddox 

Marsha Com Becker 

William G Larrison 

Janet E Michel 

Michael W Belz 

Cheryl Fridstrom Mahoney 

Kalhryn Oosling Best 

James A Linkenback 

Robert Midwood 

Barbara Bill 

Steve C Manganello 

John M Bonham 

Gary A Lybarger 

Louise A Miller 

PaulE Braman 

Richard A Merrell 

Cynthia Massanari Breeze 

Bonnie Bennett Lynch 

Mary Anna Crk Miller 

Dale E Brown 

ColeenJ Myers Midwood 

Robert R Canida 

PauIR Martin 

E Anne Moudy 

Robert A Brown 

Michael J Miley 

Arleen Conrad 

Barbara Colling Matthews 

Linda Wiltenborn Mowles 

Paul J Challgren 

Randall Mohler 

Philippa Eltzrolh Culley 

Darren C & Leslie McGinty Mayne 

Diane Kuhn Mundy 

Tom Chell 

Gloria J Thompson Ohison 

Nancy Loew Dame 

Glenn L McCroskery 

Cberrie Foots Nix 

Gertrude Johnson Clark 

Thomas 4 Dee Sloops Peterson 

Heather Ewbank Day 

Janice Simpson McGuire 

Stanley Wayne Norquisl 

James Cochran 

Joseph J Prillw* 

Rebeccas Embry Douglas 

James B Morris 

Carole L Nussbaum 

Shirley L Lee Comstock 

Dee 4 Ruby Duiambao Puntenney 

Elisabeth Robinson Ensmenger 

F William & Carolyn Knight Parman 

Slephen K 4 Diane Lundquist Oldham 

Lloyd Cook 

David D Pyle 

GaryE Evans 

Julia Broman Parsons 

Mary Alice Hicks Palmer 

Cynthia L Coulter 

Ruth Laughlin Rehm 

Millard W Foraker 

Sharon Oenler Persons 

Richard Poland 

Ltnda Johnson Cummins 

Elisabeth Koppm Ricknet 

Franklin W Forman 

Richard C & Marilyn Ban Petersen 

John P Porter 

James M Danhol 

Joyce E Rinker 

Linda long Gillord 

Richard P Peterson 

Richard Pyle 

Terry L Deck 

Joe 4 Carol Luginbill Romine 

Daniel A Gordon 

Terry C Rhine 

Donald G Reinert 

Robert R 4 Helene Murtm Diller 

Chris Rood 

Virginia M Miner Hawkins 

Alan L & Jo Liechly Rupp 

Phil Ross 

Deborah Wills Dillon 

William Salsbefy 

Timothy P 4 Kay Knappenberger 

Donald D Schatter 

Joan E Schaible 

Janet Cook Duvendeck 

Burnetle P Shilling 


Claire L Scheele 

Kathleen Seats 

Gerald L Eash 

Ralph Shoemaker 

June Hunt Hess 

Harry A Shepler Jr 

Kalhryn Meyer Shugart 

Janice Adams Elslon 

James E Sieber 

Sandra K Hill Might 

Ronald Shugart 

Nancy Ransboltom Smitb 

Tom Essenburg 

Jane Dunwoody Smillet 

Timothy J Hillen 

Elaine Goodman Smatt 

Roger Smitlet 

Ruth Mikaelson Gee 

Dorothy Snider 

Phoebe Gardner Hollrage 

C Edward Smyth 

Ellen Ridley Smyth 


Slephen I Stone 

Jo Anne Milks Holden 






































































Alumni Class runs 

vertically; percent of 

donors for 1987-88 runs 


Top ten classes (post 

1 930) are indicated by 

black bars 

John G & Donna Anderson Hudson 

John P & Joyce Pence Jenles 

Ruth JusliceJefemiah 

Melanie Hawks Kemp 

Bruce W Kenline 

Larry Klineleller 

Manha Slone Kieps 

Martha Hogan Lauber 

Cynlhia Listenlelt Law 

Mary A Johnson Lowe 

Raymond M Maddox 

Richard A Malmstrom 

Teresa Acree Marcus 

Michael G May 

Cheryl Brandeberry McUmber 

Lynn Gourley Meiietl 

Craig A Millhouse 

Craig W Moore 

Richard C Myers 

Gayle L Ott 

Leslie Van Deusen Philpot 

Joyce Kegg Pinkham 

James Postlewaite 

Nanci Hennmg Pyle 

Deborah Daniel Reinbold 

Kevin Riccitelli 

Stanley Rich 

Gary J Rickner 

Ted W & Lana Sprunger Schwartz 

Bruce L Shepherd 

GaryH Sinclair 

Joyce E Snider 

Patrick A Sprunger 

JohnC &Edi!hL. ShugartStiner 

Diane Miller Stone 

Karen Anderson Stowers 

Rochelle Gibson Tabor 

William E Toll 

Richard M Trapp 

Caria L Tucker 

Gayle E Webb 

Douglas K & Susan HelsingWhittaker 

Janet FishtornWoll 

Gary A Young 

Glass of 72 

#ol donors 111 

Parlicipalion 33% 

Jeffrey M Archer 

Gayle E Arnold 

Thomas & Elaine Robertson Ballard 

Richard E Becker 

Ban McCracken Behnken 

Richard V Bell 

Donna Jean Stern Bolesia 

Sara Eichar Bowell 

DebraL Clippert Bowers 

Nancy Boldl Bowman 

Sharmin G Drake Brenneman 

Robert J Brodt 

David T Brown 

Herbert J Buwalda. Jr. 

Donna Kouwe Captain 

Peler A 5 Cynlhia Belon Carlson 

Carol L Davis Carter 

John M & Janet Nelson Clatkson 

Stephen J Ctough 

Jonetle Harstick Davidson 

Rodney A Dickson 

Edward W Diflm.Jr 

Keilh & Barbara Macy Dunkel 

Lynetfe Carlson Duplain 

Suzanne Wills Ellis 

Robert W Evers 

JaneB Ration 

Ralph W Foote 

Edward B & Elizabeth Williamson Fox 

Wayne R Frey 

Tommy S Gilmore 

Sharyl Farrier Godfrey 

Ronald D Hall 

John D & Gail Nahm Heere 

William B Heinrich 

Nancy Dylhoft Hill 

Martha Wilson Hillen 

Thomas F Hoflrage 

Vicki Bacon Holden 

Steven P Wicklilfe Howell 

Daniel E Hubiey 

Norma Fuller Hull 

George T Hutchison 

MarjoneD. Imel 

Kenneth P Johnson 

Leila Jones Jordan 

Sharon Hendricks Jost 

Phyllis Redding Keeshng 

Alda L. Knight 

Lonnie Taylor Krumroy 

Jonathan E Lauber 

Melvin I Leaman 

Tod R Lemons 

Lee Lewis 

Robert J Livingston 

Bradley S Ludwick 

Timothy L. Mann 

Linda J Fox Marvin 

Robert W fvlajcwell 

George K. McFarland 

Robert W & Janice Spaulding Miller 

John M. Moore 

Rick Earl Olson 

Karen S Russell Parsons 

Sydney G Pauljr 

R. Kim Vaughn Phillips 

Lawrence J SJoAnneC Melcall 

PatnciaL Bibler Price 
Barbara Troilo Proto 
Joan Elaine Provinse 
Stephen R. Reash 
Ronald G Rickner 
Charles A Roney 
R Randolph & Bonnie Versaw 

Rumble, Jr 
Cynlhia R Haynes Scher! 
GeolfreyJ Schwartz 
Marvin E Shaffer 
Van R Shank 
Kalhy Harrison Shepherd 
Calhryn llo Shilling 
Sandra Kashian Sieber 
JonW Smith 
Rebecca A Smith 
Jerry Soen 
Wesley N Sleury 
DebraJ Switzer 
Carl Tichenor 
Richard H Velh 
Allen J Voth 
Sherry J GelzWegman 
Douglas A. Wendl 
David L Whitehouse 
Steven D Whiteman 
Terry B Willis 
Rebecca J Wilson 
Sherrie M.Clark Wilson 
Robert E. & Jean Eger Wing 
Barbara J Gardner Woigemulh 
Terence M Wood, Jr 
Linda Vineyard Wootter 
Timothy L Yoder 
Roger A Zimmerman 

Class of 73 

# ol donors 94 

Participation 29% 

Charles R. Andrews 

Douglas F Arnold 

J Stanley & Jennie Buschmeyer 

Nancy M Jane Barnelt 
Randal L. Berry 
Cathy Ann NewlandBigtm 
Daniel J Bowell 
Gloria Conrad Bowman 
Brent A Brenneman 
Cynthia Briggs 
Devona Pederson BrodI 
Judith Martin Bromley 
Ronald A. Carrolhers 
Donna Duren Clough 
Arthur W Colant 
PauIR Cox 
Paulelle WItmer Crider 
Vernon F. Dunmire 
Charles A. Engle 
Julie Ringenburg Essenburg 
Melody Ruyle Evers 
Roberta A. Kitley Fowler 
Connie Mignerey Gamble 
Terry LGiggy 
Cheryl L Gottfried 
David C Griffie 
Norman Gundersen 
JohnC Halt 
Bonnie Ballowe Hess 
JohnH Hill 
James S Hopkins 
Jane Ramsey Hopper 


Jay 4 Mariha Sctiiadcr Huilsmg Ji 

Kathleen N MinarckHall 

P Lowell Haines 

Mary Rell Nelson 

Chantler S Marcia Cnpe Thompson 

Paula De Grail HunI 

Vivienne Smilh Hall 

MelvinF Hall 

Nancy J Cole Nellekoven 

Sheri Poehlei Thompson 

Susan K Hulchison 

Paul R Hamann 


Johannah Oliver 

Date D Van Valkenburg 

Earl I Jordan. Ji 

Donald P Helgesen 

Peggy S Douglas Hirt 

Deborah S Koons Oil 

Jenniter W Wysong Vance 

Brian L Juslinger 

Roberl W Herriman 

Maiiha J Dillon Hogue 

Kirk L & Sharon Rediger Parr 

Joan Mane Sheet? Wealing 

Philip J Karl 

JohnC Hess 

Carol 1 Ives Hughes 

Sheila D Ryan Peabody 

William Weberling 

Paul F King 

Philip M Holtie 

Robert Hum 

Arthur D Pclton 

Men Lynn Mayhall Westberg 

Kennelh H & Vickie Slockman Knipp 

Ronald J Hudson 

Sue A Rohrer HunI 

Gairy I & Patricia Thuisby Peters 

Deborah L Stoutland Woodward 

Roberl Krumroy 

Susan M Biickey HuKinga 

Janalie Irvin 

Trudy Plelcher 

Theodore N & Eliabelh A Houk 

Judy Oil Langdon 

Lawrence fl Hunt 

Paul E Jenks 

Pamela Ware Pnnlup 


Jerry L Lugbill 


Arthur G & Linda Sue Loll Jones 

Paul Russell Punlenney 

Carol Lynn Reece Zoulendam 

Philip J & Susan Farb Luginbill 

JocIS & Diane Nania Johnson 

David Kaiser 

Jetlrey D flager 

Class of 76 

Karolyn Knulson Manganello 

Wendell E Johntmg 

Deborah Scripps Keenan 

Steve Raymond 

Leah McGarr 

Wesena Adcock Jordan 

Martha Ann Koppin 

Cathy Palasini Reed 

<ol donors 103 

Terry W & Constance Gordon Meliger 

Susan Shatter Kohout 

David H Lawson 

TerrenceW Reeder 

Participation 30% 

Teresa A Miller 

Joyce Leach Lawson 

Karen S Fosnough Lett 

Michael K Rhodehamel 

Elizabeth R Amber 

Vickie Haillich Miller 

Nancy Baker Lewis 

Debia Lawrence Lielzke 

Marabeth Johannes Rmgenberg 

Stephen W Amerson 

Cynlhia Nader Moore 

Paul & Connie Hall Lighttool 

ClitlordB Lord 

Keith Roy & Sandia Lea Barber Roalh 

Dean A Amstutz 

Thomas W Mouser 

Paul R McKinney 

Dwighl David Lubansky 

Karen Staulter Rowell 

Curtis A Anderson 

Susan G RychenerNell 
Craig D Nelson 

Duane A Meade 
Carol Jean Miller Miller 


Roberta J Franke Norton 
Rachel Holloway Oban 

David Dean Moolenaai 
Deborah Seamands Moslad 

Jenny Collins may put to rest the old adage about teaching old dogs new 

Gayle L Oldenbusch 
James A Parsons 

John A Musetman 
James G Nelson 

tricks. As information systems consultant for the information services de- 

Carol Manning Pallerson 
JohnH Pinkham 

Timothy Glenn Nelson 
Sally Roach Nicholson 

partment, it is her task to assist faculty and staff across campus — many 

James R Pnns 

John F Norns 

of them with little or no computer experience — in learning how to 

AnIhonyJ Prolo 
Donald H Raymond 
Sherry Ralslon Reash 
Belh Slebbins Redigei 

William Tayloi Oliver 
David Oman 
Janel Lynn Pietrim 
Bruce Allan Pratt 

operate Taylor 


1 1 1 ^-1. .. IWT" 


Tim E Rieldorl 

Marcia L Pugh 

management in- 
formation sys- 

If jAIV' ^ ^Btt^ 

Warren A Ring 
Adele Courtney Roney 

Glenn Ralhke 

Susan McFarland RauckhorsI 

i_ If ^^K^ wPI 

Dennis H Rowell 

Keith M Rich 

tem . 

■-ii"^^^ 1/ ^^HHip ^ p ^jifl 

Joe D Rupp 

Douglas L Rupp 

Timolhy K Salsbery 

Michael Alan Saddler 

As a teacher of 

Sharon Sites Shoal 

Mark Sakuta 

^^^^^^H[ '^^^H 

Dana K Sorensen 

Darlene Seiterl Salsbeiy 

old dogs, she 

_ ^^^^^^^^^L. Mi- ^^^^^V2 

William A Sowers 
Barbara Fesmire Stevens 

Audrey Arlene Satteiblom 
Armeda Sawmiller 

rates high marks. 


Richard William Taylor 

F Michael Server 

"T rprall how 

^^SSS^^^^^^^^^^^^^^l^t^^v^^K^^r ^1 

Dennis M Thompson 

Judith Mae Vandermeulen Smith 

1 l^V-Clll 1H.VVV 



Louise A Thompson 

LucileC Snyder 

organized she 



William L Thompson 

Kathy Bayuszik Soen 


Carol Barton TropI 

Cotina Verhagen Sorensen 

was in preparing 


CarIa Kapitan Tucker 
JohnR Tyson 

Daryl Koeppen Sowers 
Daniel T Spencer 

for each of our 



Kaye L Frank Volh 

Donna Nania Slemer 

many sessions. 

Jean Long Wehling 

Douglas James Slone 


Christine E Knapschaler Whilenack 

Kathryn Lesher Strapp 

and how encour- 


Dennis A Young 

William Jack & Angela Walker 

aging she was at 

^^^^^^^^^H fc*w 

Judy Martin Zimmerman 


^^^^^^^^H P^ 


Joyce L BoslZug 

Donna Thomas Toll 

each success " 

^^^^^^^H ^ 


Lauretta Buhler Zurcher 

Bruce Torgersen 

^^ 1h4 ^ A L 1^ K/k ^ ^^ ^r k-f k^ f 


Class of 74 

Nathan TropI 

Gary Lee S Rosalie Robinson Walter 

says George 

«ol donors 110 

Roxy Mane Walson 

Glass, associate 

Participation 30% 
Rick D Adams 

Benjamin Wehling, II 
Beverly Chatman Whiteman 

vice president 

Curtis A & Nancie Moyei Andreasen 
Cynlhia L Appleby 
Joy Sidebotham Archer 

David L Whybrew 
Anne Baldwin Winter 
Deborah A King Winter 

for alumni rela- 

Wm^^m '^ 

tions, and a re- 

Kathleen Atkinson Arnold 
Jams Bragan Balda 

Donald & Ellen Morgan Yerks 
Joyce E Shoemaker Young 

cent pupil of Collins. "These complex things were so elementary to her. 

Charles R & Belly Woods Becker 
Brian P Behnken 
Bill Blanchard 

Steven Kent Zurcher 

Class of 75 

and yet she could teach on my level. I may have been one of her first 
trainees on the new system, but I was never treated as such." 
"Jenny is very knowledgeable, tactful, pleasant, and learns very quickly," 

James Bromley 
Elaine Carlin Brown 

»ol donors 108 
Participation 32% 

Lee Anne E Keller Buwalda 
F Gulhne Castle Jr 

Ellen Bromley Adams 
Jetfrey T Ahlseen 

says Sandy Johnson, a member of the information services team. "She has 

Newell Cerak 
Craig Challgren 

Philip K Bender 
James Neat Black 

the capability to retain information, which enables her to have a keen 

C Gregory & Jeanine King Childs 
Joseph Clement 
Judith Petersen CotanI 

Belinda L Braggs Brincko 

Bonnie M Brotherton 

Craig A & Susan Bechlel Bugno 

sense of what to do or say in order to maintain good working relationships 
while accomplishing the task at hand." 

J Dean Criss 

Jeanne Scherling Canham 

Linda S Cummins 

Linda M Fogwell Chambers 

Robert T & Karen Erikson Cunningham 
CoralynA Daniels 

Nancy Welsh Cook 
W Marshall Cool 


Evelyn Mencke Dickson 

Dale E Duncan 

Harold Emerson Lund 

Kathleen Sonnenberg Rupp 

Laurels Carlson Atmeidmg 

Gloria Cox Oinse 

Mark W & Judith Oyer Dungan 

Beniamin C & Darlene Master Mannix 


Cecil J Bergen 

Janet L Collmgs Oraylon 

Nancy E Dusckas 

Allen W Malhis III 

Martha Peacock Schleinitz 

Stephen D Benrager 

Marian Perren Erickson 

Roy E Finkenbine 

JanC Coombs McCrory 

Patncia Moyer Schwartz 

Laurie Bobbin 

John A Feeley 

DeniseM Fix 

John W McKay 

Randall C Selinorn 

Deborah Ruegsegger Bonham 

MarkW Francis 

EloiseC FotkersFoole 

Donald Alan McLaughlin 

Rodney Kent Shaler 

Marcia J GeyerBowden 

MontieA Gardner 

James Forge. Jr 

Karen S French McMahon 

Vickie Miller Shatter 

Brice Brenneman 

Michael A Gaydosh 

Jerrv C Garrett 

Pamela A Harris Messenger 

Barbara J Chatman Smith 

Steven J Brogan 

Linda Troilo Geng 

V Anne Renbarger Ganrer 

W Alexander Moir 

DeAnnM Farrier Smilh 

Norma R Skyles Brown 

Victoria Globke 

Damon R Gibson 

Andrew R Moore 

Michael H Snider 

Rebecca A Burgoon 

Frederick L Gray 

Susan K Weiss Giggy 

Cathy Hinkley Moore 

David A Slemer 

Christine L OaughertyCool 

Linda R Gundtach 

Henry V Goben 

Earl Stephen Morns 

Janet K SIrege 

Terry L Daniels 

Sharon Haligas Hakeman 

LuAnne Starkey Gordon 

Keith N Moslad 

Timothy Lee Sutherland 

Charles Dchaan 

Bruce Edward Narbe Ann R Cookson Swanson ' Scott S Dissmger 



Taylor Fund 



Growth over 10 years 









• / \ 



• -^ 

$400,000 -- 

• — ' 

78-79 79-80 80-81 

81-82 82-83 83-84 84-85 85-86 86-87 87-88 

Richard L Dodge 

Shirley Betlner Saddler 

G Douglas Greenwood 

Mark W Weeden 

Kalhryn J OollierKing 

Mark L Donovan 

Constance M Brovm Schlupp 

Glenn C Guerin 


Mark A Kinzer 

James Pansier 

Philip A Sebby 

Sidney A Hall 

Randall S Widbin 

Linda M Kline 

Richard C 8, Belh Mertin Facb 

Linda Herdi Sebestyen 

Bruce D Hamillon 

Paul Wesley Wills, II 

TimolhyJ Kloplenslein 

Kalhiyn L Keene Gaicia 

Jenniler France Shaw 

Sandra K Harris 

Stephen A Wilson 

Paul A Koch 

Christie Myers Garrett 

JaneE Johnson Sherberg 

Carole Adams Hart 

Daniel S Wolgemuth 

Michael K Lehe 

Roger D Gel2 

John W Sieler 

Marlette Sutherland Holgrimson 

Sharon F Kawano Yokoi 

Richard D Lloyd 

LeeC Gibbs 

Audrey J NeckersSliker 

Berry R Huttman 

Colleen S Wehling Yordy 

Thomas R Lough 

Cynthia Wallace Gillan 

Dana E Sommers 

AnnL McRoberts Johnson 

Vicki L Norris Young 

Christine S Schleucher Mastin 

Wencell Walts Goad, II 

Daniel Southern 

JillR Drake Judd 

Class of 78 

James H &JaneC Francis McAlister 

Dale Grimes 

Kimbra L Dunkelberger Sterling 

Kenneth E Kenioe, Jr 

Beth E Waldrop McLaughlin 

Gary & Barbara Briggs Guenther 

Polly Jo Slems 

Joseph W King 

1 ol donors 101 

JilIM Lehman Moser 

Sherryl Korlmacher Haines 

Mark A Sviain 

James M Koerten 

Participation 29% 

Stephen A Olsen 

DonitaS ClineHarler 

Glynis Marlatle Thompson 

Sharon L Chechowich Kostaroft 

Jeltrey Alexander 

Beniamin E Oswalt 

Patricia Oakley Helgesen 

Keith Douglas Thompson 

BelhC NeuhouseiKceider 

David N. Allan 

Lauieen J Smith Pashley 

Marilyn L Amstutz Helms 

Lois A Giegler Thompson 

Albert John Kuiper 

J Michael 8, Carole J Akers Alspaugh 

Russell W Patton 

Stephen H. Henry 

F Cynthia Hughes Tiuilt 

Sally WnghtLealh 

Paul R Anderson 

Daniel M Potts 

Alan Herriman 

Michael L Turnow 

Lori Jo Vinson Lindau 

Gail L McKenny Andre 

Virginia R. Van Treuren Pritz 

Kalhryn A Kloslerman Herrmann 

Cynthia Pearson Tynet 

Elizabeth J Bell Lindborg 

Michael K Ayers 

Paula J Puntenney 

Terry Hershey 

Timothy E Welly 

Gordon M Lonie 

Bradley D Bailey 

GaiyB & Mary A Williams Randolph 

Miriam Gandollo Hopkins 

Class of 77 

Debia L Maat 

Kent A Bealor 

Rebecca A Lichlenberger Reichard 

Marti L.McClungJalle 

James R McFarland 

Susan V Odie Belcher 

Lynn A Hursey Reidenbach 

Daniel M & Janice Thompson Jenny 

»ol donors: 110 

David L McMahon 

George & Bonnie J Weimer Bennett, III 

M Frances Valberg Ringenberg 

Roland S Johnson 

Parlicipalion: 28% 

Lawrence W. Mikkelson 

GaryW Berwager 

Cherie E Ludwig Scranlon 

Susan J WoolpenJohnson 

Hatty W Albright 

Charles D Millen 

Karen Baker Briggs 

Richard A Seaman 

Mary E Jones 

Krisline M. Hayes Amerson 

James V & Sandra F Howard 

Dennis L Buroker 

David E Shaver 

Jeltery W Keplar 

Rebecca Gentile Arnold 

Nassar. Jr 

Mark A Cameron 

Karl M Smith 

David A Kloplenslein 

Joan M Miller Bailey 


Gay L Peters Christy 

Nanette S Kennedy Smith 

Cheryl E Cox Kobold 

Richard J Baldwin 

Lynann Nicely 

Calhleen A. McClew Church 

Ted G Smucker 

Garyl Lett 

Susan M Deutschet Bealor 

Ruth A Hostetter Nietz 

Dawn Comslock 

Martha R Cleveland Songer 

Warren P Lesser 

Anna L Welty Billman 

Janice S Nusbaumer 

MarkW Coy 

JanelR Carley Spence 

Bradley A Lindborg 

Susan E Cote Bowei 

Kathleen A Nussbaum 

Randall W & Sarahlynn Grouse Crist 

Paul J Slaup 

Gail A Roessler Loehr 

Dana K Tucker Boxell 

Eugene W Pashley.Jr. 

Michelle M VanVlerah Davidson 

Diane K Sloner 

Barbara J Anderson Lorenz 

Paul S Brady 

Gordon D Pritz 

Steven D Doles 

Norbert A Treu 

Nancy Shepson Lund 

Eunice M Branch 

Diane J. Ross Rhodehamel 

Julius E Dudics 

Laurie L Robinson Turnow 

Rae Lynn CrisI Massie 

Gerry R Briggs 

Ronald E Ringenberg 

Michael W Duncan 

Vicki L Olmstead Vielguth 

Danielle Messinger Malhis 

DebraL Brock Brown 

Ned Tracy Rupp 

Samuel J Eddy 

Jana C Johnson Wanner 

Gloria Grenwald Mayes 

Gregg E, Burt 

Charles W Schramm 

Dwightl Ginn 

Bryan J Weaver 

James L McCrory 

Janet K Buttertield 

Wendy L Roost Sellers 

Julia L Habegger Green 

Vicki A. Wilson Weeden 

Joan C Nyslrom McNeill 

Susan J Lins Charles 

Diane L Fuller Sellhorn 

Dale A. Guenther 

David A Wolcolt 

Shirley Marsh Met2 

Belh E Christie 

Susan R Healy Shater 

Rebecca Kerlin Haak 

Mary C Cargo Wolgemuth 

Karen A Fink Metzler 

Brian G Christy 

Russell K, Shaw 

Bonnie Johnson Hall 

BrendaS Yager 

Jeltrey Meyer 

Lynn Harbison Clouser 

Brent Short 

Catherine M Wilhelmi Haney 

Kenneth A Yocum 

Janet Kitkpalrick Middlesworth 

Melvein W. Coddington 

Julie L. Merchant Smith 

Terrence Harnish 

Mark A Yordy 

Lise Crow Mikkelson 

Audrey F Fairfield Colon 

Judy L. Grotenhuis Sommers 

Paul M & Shell Mahr Harris 

Everett J Young, Jr 

Diane K Schrock Miller 

Jan L Crawlord 

Robert B Spence 

Randy K Harvey 

Class of 79 

Gregory A Miller 

Jay A & Paige L Comslock 

Jeltrey L Spiess 

Mary J Kloslerman Maun 

Cheryl A Willmore MoBatt 


Holly J Squeo 

Timothy D Hawkins 

» ot donors 92 

Barbara Bugge Narbe 

Coteen L Cork D'Alessandto 

Douglas E Starkey 

Michael J Haynes 

Participation 26% 

Denis K Nietz 

Rebecca R Pmder Daniels 

Gary L Stern 

Richard L & Cheryl L Reed Haynes 

MarkJ Ahlseen 

Douglas G Otl 

MarkE &JannC EisenmannDay 

Marilyn Kay Stinet 

Joseph W Himelick. II 

Robert D & Tana M. Miller Anderson 

Nancy Greenwald Poll 

Jilt A Gunsteens DesJardins 

Robert E Streby 

Mary J Holden 

Daniel S Bare 

DeniseA Rediger 

Cynthia D Draheim Dickey 

JohnG Stromseth 

Bruce E Horgan 

Ronald J Blevins 

Denise F Vasicek Reeder 

Galen R Dolby 

Renee Purser Taylor 

Jenny Lu Fagan Homer 

Paula R Higgins BIylh 

Jenniler J Cordier Reitsnider 

Sandra K Earixson 

Michael R Tressler 

Joann Rechtorovic Houk 

Mark S Bromhead 

Stephen A Renaker 

Donald R Faimon 

Thomas E. TropI 

Kalrina M Rite Hoy 

Jacquelyn R, Burda 

TimW Reusser 

Angela Merrell Fanslec 

Stewart D Turnbull 

RobynM Dillon Hughes 

Deborah D Carlburg 

Roy Ringenberg 

David E Filch 

Heidi L Lappin Upton 

Susan R Eddy Imrie 

David A Carlson 

Gregory A Ruegsegger 

Lorraine Emilio Frank 

Phyllis 1 Vance 


Nancy L Carpenter 

Catherine L Btuhn Rusnak 

Stephanie R Vincent Fruth 

John L Vignali 

Rick A. Jones 

RuthE Hammond Chew 

Richard E Russell, Jr 

Thomas R Gearhart 

Peter J Vogler 

Pamela L Jordan 

Ranee W Clouser 

Essa George Sackllah 

Timothy A & Karen J, Hoyt Gorman 

Michael J Walcott 

ElvidaJ Kaslelein 

Mark E & Martha K. Kashian Collins 


Brad J Cummins 

SaraE DePree Donkeislool 

Peggy L Anderson Carlson 

Vicki G George Kawano 

James M Stimmel 

Lucinda J Halbiook Damron 

Scolt Ellenberger 

Susan L Chan 

Jami L Millet Kinder 

Slephen S lalley 

James E Deelien 

Charles Emery III 

Ted A Coals 

Bradley W Koenig 

Douglas W & Robin A. Mook Taylor 

Rebecca L Robins Dissmget 

Timothy J Enchelmaier 

Pamela D Ryan Coolenl; 

Tammera S Lane 

Daniel S & Lrnda S Black lonnesen 

LautaJ Short Dolby 

Brenda S Oyer Farnsworlh 

Brian fl Colley 

Thomas C Lee 

Douglas R Walton 

Linda E Carpenler Dull 

Edwin A Fenslermacher 

Janet C Lane Conway 

Janel L Maier Lewin 

Timolhy J Wesoiek 

Sandra R fonseca Duncan 

Kenneth W Fink 

Timolhy L & Diana L Bennett Davis 

Belh A Jacober Long 

J Michael Wiihelm 

Barbaras Habegger Ellis 

Cynthia G Finn 

Brian D & Donna J Wyse Dawes 

James F Long 

David W Woodall 

Lisa K Flanary En*in 

Julie C Maxlieid Gearhar) 

Mary J Brolund Dehaan 

LaVelha Prouly Loucks 

Kent A Yost 

Karma S Renbarger Freeman 

Rebecca A Grant 

Linda J DiMenna 

Tim A Lugbill 

Class of 82 

John W Gasper 

JayneA Thomas Green 

Chanlal J Diediich 

Douglas J Marlow 

Karen A Rutzen Gaynor 

Rhonda K Hardi 

Randall E & M Colleen Byers Dodge 

Jane A Crawlord Martin 

«1 donors 92 

Kevin M & Onalee 1 Gerig Giggy 

Sandy Harris 

JoyE Ktuizenga Doles 

SherylD Livingslon Mealy 

Parlicipalion 23% 

Sylvia M Goodman 

SlevenE Haun 

JeanineC Tice Douglas 

Lisa J Henningsen Miller 

GeoltreyF & Bonny Lee 

Glenda S Greenwood 

Richard E SKalhiL Myers Honig 

Gregory D Fennig 

Kevin L Mitchell 

Simonsen Antes 

Slephen R Gnce 

Paul W Imrie 

Joyce A Harrrson Fox 

Chase D Nelson 

AmyL Burdick Anderson 

Mark N Hammer 

Jann L Doehrman Irvin 

Philip Roland Friesen 

Jody L Anderson Nonnemacher 

Belh K Anderson 

Kennelh A, Hendricks 

Harold J Istvan 

Douglas A Gabrielsen 

TamaraJ Olson 

Lynn M Bauer 

J Scon Hesler 

John E Jaderholm 

Christopher N Gardner 

RayL Plahlei 

Craig P & Phyllis M Roden Beadle 

Joel M Hilliker 

Roger S Holmes 

Charles A & Mary Spencer Humberd 

John R Imrie 

Rulh A Smilh Johns 
Barbara E Johnson 
Mak Stanley Kawano Jr 
Anne C Malher Knickerbocker 





Mark A Jackson 
KalhyA Coals Jaderholm 

Belh A Feldkamp Kumler 
Robert R Lalolletle 


Brian H Jones 

Thomas D Lathers 

donor l$^^~•-^ ^^^^^"^^^^^^l^^^^^^l 

LillieB Kitley Jones 

Gregory J Little 

Richard & Jan L Snuler Jones 

Ronald D Lolt 

the task of logging and ^.W A^^ ^ ■ '' ^^^KT '^cv^BB 

Judilh C O'Mara Kaniewski 
Pamela J May Kenipe 

Thomas J Luginbill 
Curtis L Lundquisl 

mailing receipts for all ^H^ ^^^^^^^^bJHhl ^^m ~ 


Linda V King 
Merita E Miller King 

JennevaL Haskins Marlin 
Neil F Martin 

gifts to Taylor Univer- ^Bj^B^ ^^^^^mIMBI^^ Ji— 

DoreenK Korlmacher 

Donna L Behr May 

sity. A senior member 
of the advancement 

^^^^^^■L ^^^^^ 4 ^^C^^ ■ 

Elizabeth A Burdick Kuiper 
Denise A Gehrke Lane 

Daniel J Mayer 
GwenY Eaton McConneil 

•^^^■V]^^ ^ '- M 

Marlene J Alderink Lathers 
J Mark & Susan M Kocik Long 

Timolhy D i Sharon L Raby 

staff, her job has in- 

^^^^fff^ ^|# ^ 

Susan M Ekstrom Lough 
Kevin L May 
Brian J McEachem 

Debra Boelsma Mechlmg 
Laurel G Meissner 
Deborah K Haley Menendez 

creased tremendously 
over the years as the 

?r^^^' k 

Donald E McNamara 

Jenniler S Utiey Mertens 

annual giving to Tay- 

Deborah L Miller 

Karen S Hartman Melzler 

Keni L Mollenkamp 
Diana F Murrell-Reese 

James N Narvesen 
Kevin L Neuhouset 

lor has multiplied ten- 

'^fJx > / 

Douglas W Nalziger 

Carol J Deboer Nyczak 


Robin L Lincoln Nichols 
Ma;k W Nilsen 

Jellrey M Powell 

Detail is crucial to 

#/^^»l J/ k 

Patricias KlyneNonmn 
Rebecca R. Noms 

Keni W Rhodehamel 
RaeE Rmgenbeig 

her job. "Helen is one 

^^^^ .-^'^i 

SoniaM Nussbaum Oetel 

Chene L Burnett Ritz 

f\f friP TTir^cf rrw^Qr'if^T^- 


ThaddaeusM & Donna Lee 

David A Ruegsegger 

\Jl lilt: lliu^l ^.Ulisv-icil" 1 

Jacobsen Poe 

Mark P Seabloom 

tious staff members 

Gregory! Priest 
Rulh S Reinhard 

Neal G 8. Palricia A Dial Smith 
Gayle L Anderson Spacapan 

we have," says Tom Beers, associate vice president for advancement, an- 

Barton D Reneau 
Jan A Dunham Rickard 

Gayle A Cook Staley 
Craig D Sterner 

other servior member of the team. "Attention to duty with full integrity are 

Lois Soper Roelse 

Belh Kraus Rolh 

JaneH Sttunk Samuelson 

Eddie J Stem 

Carta Y Ferguson Stevens 

Rachel M Sliver 

descriptive characteristics of her work among us. Her gift of 'self has indeed 
multiplied our services to our donors." 

Deborah Hahn Schloemer 
Deborah S. Belon Schrauger 

Laurie Jo Streetl 
Jerome A Swale 

Nelson Rediger joined the advancement staff as associate vice president 

Bruce J Sebeslyer\ 
Bryan R Sedio 

Robert D Todd 

for development two years ago; since that time, he has had to work closely 

CenaA SImms 

William D Turkinglon, II 

with Jones. "She's taught me much by example — patience, perseverance, 

Teresa L Andrews Smucker 
Robert Staley 

Jane E Vandenbell Van Oss 
Roger Varland 

and a servant attitude," Rediger says. "Helen is a complete team player. 

DeanH Swanson 
Gregg A Taylor 

Marvin L & Belh Ann Hin; Vaslbinder 
Deborah E Vogler 

always ready and willing to serve in any way. 

Colleen D Truden 

Jay A Tyree 

Deborah L Gales Varland 

Shelly A Buckhall Weaver 
RebekahJ Weslley 
JeannieL Swill Wilgus 

"She always exemplifies quality and dedication in handling her responsi- 

biHties. Her impact has affected all of us; she has made a difference." 

Rodney L Wait 
Pamela J WilksWalcott 

Christine L Irwin Wills 
Laurie Jo SiatlordWolcolt 

i 1 



David J Winkler 

Rebeccas Youngs 

Paul S Gearhan 

JohnG Phillips 

Slepr.en ' Beers 

Class of 80 

Class of 81 

Douglas R Gerig 
Chris B Godlrey 

Mary J Lellnch Polelh 

David R & Susanna J Hartman 

Marilyn R Bennett 
Brent N Bloomster 

# ol donors 9/ 

<ol donors 117 

Colleen K Scolt Goodman 


Dave H Bull 

Parlicipalion 23% 

Participation 29% 

Michael L Grabill 

Julie R Rabine Reiman 

Karen Haegeland Carlson 

James R Anderson 

Harold J Akers 

Reed T Greenagel 

Cynlhia L Rowe Remholl 

JayR Caven 

Lyn K Berkebile 

Brenda K Long Andress 

Dennis A Hansen 

Brian Rishaw 

Carol J Askeland Chauvelte 

Douglas S Bowen 

Jayman August Aveiy, III 

Carolyn L Nicholson Harper 

Sianiey C Rishel 

Janice E Cook 

Bradley M Brinson 

Wendy S Lockharl Ax! 

R Anderson & Kathleen Sheels Hart 

Mark D Rodell 

Susan G Daily 

Laura A Brooks 

L William Bauer Jr 

Sherry Sims Hendricks 

David M Roesenet 

Kevin F Daylon 

Steven G & Tern King Brooks 

JaneE Klosletman Beers 

Susan S Highl 

Elizabeth J Rohref 

Paliicia Deiler 

KenI W Bullis 

Vickie L Kepley Biles 

Jean P Jaggers Hoiaday 

Brian D & Joy L Hosteller Ruegsegger 

Judi K Baker DuBois 

Thomas M Carpenler 

Kevin Biondo 

Merlin J Holmes 

Slephen D Rupp 

Jellrey A Dusek 

Colleen E Frank Cerak 

Timolhy G Bowman 

Cynlhia A Ferguson Homelier 

Leonard J Sanchez 

Belh Ann Euler 

Sarah H Hillis Clark 

Steven K Boyd 

Thomas R Housaman 

"Paul L & Sherry Bradlord Sanlord 

Thomas £ Fox 

David S Close 

Kevin H Brennlleck 

Sandra L DAngeio House 

Janel L Sellhorn 

LynneR Elmer Fry 

Carey F & Julia Beers Cole 

Nancy K Thorpe Bromhead 

Jackie L Lockler Hubbard 

Robert A Shevlol 

Sieve L Graves 

David E & Carol M Cleveland Conn 

Robert F Brummeler 

2ane N Hullman 

ToddE Shinabargei 

Patricia Millikan Hansen 

Karin S Danielson 

James K Brydon 

Diane L McCienaghan Jacobs 

JanaL Chetvenic Sloan 

Christine Harmon 

Breni A Dawes 

Christina R Bonert Buehlet 

DwighlD & Sally J Thome Jacobsen 

Mark E Smith 

Adiey D Harms 

Peggy E Houghtalmg Denham 

Kurt E Bullock 

Cheryl L Gellmann Jarvi 

Nancy S Palmer Smith 

David M Henderson 

Douglas D Diednch 

Erik H & Tamaia L Rediger Burklin 

Belh A Eshelman Jones 

Lori J Jacobsen Staup 

Virginia M Knudsen Hollei 


Taylor University Giving Totals for 1987-88 

Capital & 

TaylorFund Other 

Unrestricted Restricted 


Gifts Gifts Total Gifts 


$403,436 $309,418 $712,854 


38,505 26,600 65,105 


152,315 564,011 716,326 


41 ,595 53,340 94,935 


87,454 68,265 155,719 

Priv. Foundations 

68,800 188,613 257,413 


180,933 81,326 262,259 


3,040 117,238 120,278 


Q'5 fi7n Q'5 07n 

yo,o/u yo,o/u 

$1,069,948 $1,408,811 $2,478,759 

Bradford Hote 
Bruce A Holl 
James W Horn 
BrendaW Wilman Jackson 
Cindy L BeckJofins 
Cheryl M Johnson 
M. Randall Jones 
Laurie E. Mowery Keen 
Kevin B Knickerbocker 
Janel J. Klann Kraft 
Susan M. Lapham 
Eric A Lasure 
Kim E Leburg 
Jeffrey W fylassot 
Sheryl A Aylor fylatthews 
Lauren f^cCann 
Daniel R Miller 
KenI R Mosher 
Byron K Mossburg 
Robert R Neideck, Jr 
Deborah A. Home Nelson 
Melinda Nielsen Nelson 
Stephen Roberl Nelson 
David D & Katherine D. Wells Nitzscfie 
Mark A, Nussbaum 
Ellen K. Payne 
Jelfery A Perrme 
Laurie Mason Price 
Carol L Holland Radwan 
David A Reiman 
Keilh M. Reinholt 
BrendaL Renzulli 
Lynda Seaberg Richerl 
Marsha L. Rockey 
David M Schrock 
Cryslal M Schuize 
Jamie Schwietert 
Heidi A Hopkins Seabloom 
Victoria Cruse Sengele 
Cynthia R. Glass Shinabarger 
David W Smith 
LisaB. LeheSmitli 
Leslie J Soken 
Donna L Staplelon 
Kathleen E. Sheppard Stevens 
Pamela SchlichterStolz 
DenaS. Strasbaugh 
Ronald B.S Judith K.Sutherland 
David J. Sweeting 
Leo E Swiontek 
Barbara A. Bauer Thalls 
Colleen E. Tonn 
Laura K Walker 
LaufieA.Schoen Walton 
Randy & Deborah A NiequisI 
LoriJ Weber 
William W Westrate 

John M. Wheeler 
Kathryn Donovan Yocum 
Janice A. Handy Yost 

Class of 83 

# ot donors. 117 

Participation 26% 

Timothy & Ronda S. Gentis Able 

W Douglas Allgood 

Duane Beeson 

Angela Green Boyd 

Bruce D. Brown 

Pamela R Miller Brumbaugh 

Tim Chu 

Richard L Collings 

James F.Connon 

Richard M Cox, Jr 

Cheryl L. Dial 

Jennifer L Hasty Dickey 

JohnE. Duchien 

Timothy P. Duncan 

David N & Deborah Sheron Entwistte 

Cheryl L. fuliller Fanning 

Dave Ferris 

Beth C Sleiner Fisher 

Jeffrey L. Frantz 

Arlan H Friesen 

Debra L. Messamore Frostrom 

Patricia L Fussell 

Joy K. Garda 

Kathleen A Geiger 

DelberlA Gibson 

Karen S Gould 

JoeC Habegger 

Joy K. Tietze Hayden 

Georgiann Brooks Henderson 

Paul S. Hickox 

Curl D. & Vivian M Marshall 

Kim Wheaton Hoffman 
Mark Honne 
Alice B Batcher Howard 
Gary J. Huffman 
Tammie Goodspeed Hursey 
Donna M. Pinoller 
Robert F. Jackson. II 
Laura A Jones-Gerber 
Jane M Keiser 
Michael W.&GenaL.Gnswold 

Ronald A & Julie A Reed Korfmacher 
Mark A. Kuiper 
Charlotte D. Kumpf 
Dean £. Landes 
Wayne L Landis 
Mark A Lantz 
Richard M Lantz 
Michael W. Leburg 

Marc P Levesque 

James 8. Lewis 

Jeffrey M Ludwig 

Susannah K. Maley 

Kim McKinney 

Thomas SKimberlyF Zier McKnight 

Frank H McPherson, Jr 

Kenneth D & Gina Mahr Mehl 

Barbara Sue Metzger 

Robin G Hockenbrocht Mourey 

Wendy Priebe Mumme 

Sandra J l^agy 

Robert C. Neighbour 

Sibyl K. Nelson 

Myvan Thi Nguyen 

David A Nonnemacher 

Steven E & Marsha Brinson Nygren 

James C Ogborn 

Paul C. Orchard 

Patricia M. Pelley 

Dorren J. DeSmilPernne 

Jon D Peterson 

Theresa Brazinski Petruzzi 

GregoryH.& Shelly R.Hansen Ping 

Lynda L.ShepleyPlaceway 

William L Planck 

Jane H. Harvey Porter 

David C. Potter 

Scott M. Preissler 

F. Scott Price 

Beverly A. Renner 

Kevin J. Rich 

Melody A. Rohrer Ringenberg 

Lana K, Roth 

Gretchen E. Green Rouch 

Craig A. Rupp 

Jeffrey D Ryan 

James R.Schindler, Jr. 

Timothy J, Schlotter 

Ronald J Schrock 

J Lynette Miller Schultz 

fvlonica L Sheets 

Kristin M Salsbery Shoemaker 

Douglas L Shook 

Douglas 1. Smith 

James Stamper 

Linda Sue Stolz 

Elizabeth A Stoeckel Sullivan 

Joanna K Svaan 

Sally M. Sweeting 

Michelle D Avery Taber 

Jonathan W Taylor 

James B.Teela 

Kathy L. Teeple 

Thomas K. Thalls 

Brent D. Thomas 

Linda J. Mikkelson Umphreyvdle 

Russell P. & Sandra L Smith Williams 

Melinda K Young 

Class of 84 

# ol donors: 94 

Participation. 23% 

James R. Allan 

Susan N Richey Allgood 

JudyM Amos 

Dennis S. Amrine 

Scott A & Suzanne LeMaster Amstutz 

Janet L Logan Anastasi 

Lynn E Bailey 

Phillip Barker 

Robert C. Benson 

Douglas A Ber 

Douglas K Bleyaert 

W Randy & Nancy Sue Erickson 

Mark A Breederland 
James C Butler 
Lisa Calvin 
James P Campbell 
John M Carr 
Lorene K. Muthiah Coffey 
Brett N &LynneJ.BeltCowell 
Michael P. & Marcia Harness 

Scott M & Karen Cerent [3oane 
Pamela J. Drake 

Thomas E Emmons 
William J. Ferrell 
Brian C Ferro 
Leonard M. Fisher 
Judy Flueckiger 
Richard Francis, Jr. 
Linda Friesen 
Shelley K.Glenn 

Chris L & Debra J Glass Goeglein 
W Richard Green 
Jenifer A, McCaughan Harms 
Lora M Hellon 
Kathleen K. Bowman Huffman 
Carol A Hummel 
Guy W. Hursey 
DeannaS Hutchinson 
Kevin L Her 
Ronald D. Johnson, Jr 
Dwight D Kingdon 
Nancy Ann Knibbe 
Patricia DePreeKraay 
Karen 6 Peterson Kuiper 
Pam J. Drenth Lantz 
Janet K Reed Lashbrook 
Shannon L. Lightbody 
Deborah L, Lucas 
Penny Miller Martin 
Debra C. Richardson Mason 

David S. McClow 

Suzanne F Mclnlyre 

Charissa A Miller 

Julia L. Nugeni Moore 

G. Thomas Morlland 

Tim Neuenschwander 

Timothys Noreen 

Charles Payne 

Carey L. Peters 

Steven A Petruzzi 

Beth Plumb 

Andrea J Price Preissler 

Claudia M, Preslel 

Rhonda L. Crawford Price 

Jon&CylindaD Monroe Ring 

Randal R. Rosema 

Vanessa L. Roth 

Leslie Cruz Ruegsegger 

Victoria Pierce Schindler 

Tamara L Scott 

Lori A Shepard 

JaneE VanDyke Shevlot 

Michelle D Steinbeck 

Jonathan P & Janet L Carlson Slemer 

Kathryn S. Ludwig Teela 

Deborah Dohner Thomas 

Mark T & Deborah Miller VanderVeen 

Kenneth W Vint 

G Daniel Waller 

Gary A Waterman 

Elaine R Weber 

Brent A Whitehurst 

MelanieR Zurcher Williams 

Class of 85 

i of donors 82 

Participation: 22% 

Barbara Askeland 

J Scott Berge 

D. MarkBowell 

M. Lisa Boyd 

Dan L & Annette M Bragg 

Elizabeth E. Raney Brumagm 

Patsy A. Howard Bryant 

David Burns 

Carolyn S. Corey 

Margaret L Davis 

Cathy L Beers Dickey 

Lisa K. Symon Duckworth 

Daniel L. Edwards 

Jaci Brooks Engle 

Scott T Etchison 

Donna Rohrer Fennig 

Rick D Florian 

Jeffrey R Fratus 

Beth M. Gabrielsen 

Diane M MoellerGerIt 

Lynne R Duckworth Gibson 

Roderick T Halvorsen 

Nancy R. Hansen 

Robin J.Harshbarger 

Katherine M Popte Hartman 

Jay P Hoffman 

Sandi F Horine 

Kathleen J VanOstrom Hresko 

Colleen E.Huffstutler 

Susan B. Hunter 

Karen C. Inman 

Norman William Johnson 

LisaK. Patty Jones 

Keith W Kamradt 

Todd M.Kelly 

Roberl E King 

Monica Logan Landes 

Cindi Dawes Lantz 

loneL Locker 

Brian B. Lydy 

Jonathan H McCracken 

Christine E McDowell 

Kellie Merrick 


Robert L & MIchele L. Lee Nugen 

Kimberly Offenhouser 

Steven W Parcell 

Timothy R. Pashley 

Linda L Payton 

Ctiris J. Peterson 

Timothy J. Petligrew 

Richard W Pritchett 

Peggi Essig Raflerly 

James E Ray 

Thomas E. Reynolds 

Roland Rohrer 

Trace G Roth 

MarkC Schram 

Scotl & Beth Flora Shaum 


Dwaine D Speef 

Scoll M Massol 

Lori A Kendall 

Kenneth fl Siegle 

Sheena U-Shun Antonio 

Susan M Vmlon Slone 

JoyL Mathews 

Robin L Knapp 

Jillane A Sikkenga 

Patricia Archibald 

Jamce Teela 

Amy Belh McCann 

Laura S Kroesen 

AinaM Smilh 

Jellrey S Ainelle 

Tom Thomas 

Susan G Henningsen McCracken 

KaraL Johnson Kuneli 

Curbs D & Jana V Saalholl Smilh 

David Askeland 

Daphne D Hasly Tomlin 

Theador S Meliger 

Robyn R Landl 

Donalrl L Smilh 

Marly R Bailey 

Jell R Troyer 

Charles G Miller 

LeIandJ Lasure 

Sherry S Smith 

Douglas N Baker 

Janice L VanMelet 

JohnE Montgomery 

Wanda S Rohrer Lewrs 

Sandra L Bragg Slapleton 

Tammy Baranouski 

Slephen & Margaiel Millikan 

Slacey S Moore 

Jennifer P Lullrell 

John W Slark 

Teresa Bardsley 


Karen L Morris 

MaryE Mayeau 

Nancy E Cline Slarke 

Danice L Barker 

Andrew R Veensira 

CynlhiaL Mossburg 

Jessica J McCoskey 

ElMbelhH Pnngic Sleiner 

DaleB Barthauer 

LoriA Harlman Wagnei 

Kimberly J Mounsey 

Rachel L Meighan 

Lisa G Stephen 

David P Bales 

PtiilipS Wallon 

Cynthia K Nichols 

lodd D & Rulh C Crrpe Meinen 

Douglas E & Jodi B Weinberg 

Todd Baude; 

Viclor & Joan M Anderson Welker 

ArneR Pedersen 

Slephen Mercer 


Nalhan Beadle 

Cheryl A Brumtiaugh Wriliams 

JoanD Pepper 

Kevin P Moril2 

Peter J VanVleel 

Janell B Behm 

Jay W Williams 

Sally J Perkins 

Deborah E Meek Morris 

Stephanie L VonGunlen 

Julie L Belknap 

Michael A Wills 

Deborah A Perrin 

JoanE Morion 

Joy M Walker 

Brian W Berce 

Slewn C Worch 

Deborah L Pelers 

J Todd Mullins 

Paul A & Colleen K Powell Walson 

Michael W Bensche 

Lance WyganI 

J Bonn Popp 

Mahedere Mulugela 

Debra A Weddle 

Lorr Lynne Boren 

Laura L Yeager 

Marcus T Racer 

KimW Munro 

Sheila G Pills Weiland 

Valerie E Brady 

Class of 86 

George D Reidy 

JelfreyA Rockey 

*ol donors 112 
Participation 28°. 

Jill fl Rohrer 
Gregory S Rolh 

In the past two decades that he has managed and directed the campus 

Carl D & Alicyn M Jacotius Ainann 
Marlasue Amslulz 

Wade Russell 
Donald L Sauer 

store at Taylor University, Bob Neideck has seen enough textbooks come 

Melody J Anderson 
John R Barnelt 

Jellrey T Schallner 
KenI A Schmidt 

and go to make even the most dedicated student swoon. 

Peter A Barluska 

Tove E Shergold 

The portion of the job that often 

David L Becker 

Wendell J Short 

Bradley S Belcher 

Troy D Silvernale 

goes undetected is the business end 

Sally Bertram 
Jon L Bien 

Robert M Sisson 
Amy J Smith Smith 


of ordering books and supplies and 

LeDaniaK Wallace Bowell 
Richard E Brandt 

Ronald A Spyker 
Teri A, Grubbs Slark 

p^^^^^^^^^^^^w ,, ■ hP^ 

taking inventories. But Neideck has 

Scott R Brubaker 

David R Sleiner 

^^^^'"'^1 ~ 1 

made the bookstore a delight for 
everyone — from students buying 

Daniel W BryanI 

Lori A Gerber Burkholder 

Colleen J Slollzlus 
Darren Slone II 

H-^—^^' \i^k/ 

SlephanG & Barbara J Rediger 

Stephen J Slone 
Steven A SIrobel 

PC^'V'-'^ ■'-'' ^^^-?^2S&*^ 

books to secretaries and staff mem- 

Cheryl L Butnside 
Jon William Campbell 

Theresa L Summil 
K Scoll Swan 

S^' ^^ 

bers purchasing supplies to alumni 

Kimberly Carlsen 

Robert J Taylor 

^^^^Bw ^^^Mb^ 

and other visitors picking up me- 

Kalhy C Carter 
Faith M Champoux 

Laura M McSpadden Thornburg 
Cheryl L Wheeler Wallon 

S^^ «H 

mentos of their sojourn at Taylor 

Susan L Chetnenko 
Edward J Ciesia 

Aaron L Warner 
Pamela M Weis 

w^L ^^3 


Lynne M Smith Collings 
Terri Comer 
Robert R Conley 
Mike Conn 
Kevin J Davidson 

Rulh E Meier Wilson 
Jean A Yordy 

Class Of 87 

»ol donors 114 

^^^ ^H^ 

"He has always been a very 
caring and helpful person to all the 
students, staff and faculty," says 

Glen A. DenBraven 

Participalion 29% 

^^^^K ^^BHl^^l^ .^^^^Vf^ 

Martha Planck, a nine-year book- 

Patrick D Dickey 

Lauren M Adameak 

^^^^^^^^H ^^^^^SRI^B^^r .J^^^^^^^Kr^J 

Joseph M Elheringlon 

Jill M Adams 

^^^^B' ^H^^^^ ;^^^^^KlK 

store staff member. "He is concerned 

Cindy L Ferguson 

Timothy P & Pamela E. Ferris 

Mark D Andrews 
Thomas W Atchbald 

^^H ^v .J^^^E^ 

about the atmosphere in the store 

Ann Leslie Ferro 
David A Fisher 

Michelle K Bailey 
Margaret A Curry Barnelt 

^^^^^^^^^B ^L ^^^m "^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 

and on campus. He likes for the 

Sherry D Furnish 

Kimberly L Batlee 

^^^^H^ ^IF ii^^^^^^^^^l 

store to be a happy and fun place to 
come into, and he works hard at 

Knsline D Wallon Gammage 
Jill A Garzon 

Gregory E Beaverson 
JelfreyA & Andrea J Levin Beck 

H^^''^^ ff^^^^H 

Rhoda Gerig 
Marianne R Getz 

Brian W Berce 

Kelly L Chandler Berge 

^ Ik .^.^Bp^^^^^^^^^^^I 

making that happen." 

Brenda L Golden 
Thomas P Granitz 
Teresa Green 

PelerJ Buhrow 
Jeremy S Case 
Lisa L Cheek 

'v. l'-_.^^*iSi^ ^^^H 

Before her retirement last year. 

Jane Kurtz had spent 18 years work- 

MelodeeS Holfman Griltin 
Michael R Hall 

Michael Crabb 
Kanda S Crist 

ing with Neideck in the bookstore. "I was always impressed with his com- 

Belh S Russell Halvorsen 
DwighlJ Hammond 

Janis C Oechsle Davidson 
Kalhlyn S Bien DenBraven 

passion and caring attitude to the students," she recalls. "If a student came 

Gregory L Harris 
Lisa M Harrison 
Andrew D Harshbarger 

Pamelas Dugan 
Judith E Emiano 
LmnaeaR Everill 

in and wanted to talk. Bob always put his work aside and gave him his full 
attention. Sometimes the students just needed someone to listen to them 

Kevin L Hanman 
Stephanie A Heckman 

Chrrsline Neal Terrell 
James M Fleming 

while they talked about their problems and their worries." 

Linda J Hiel 
Wendy J Higerd 

Richard C Frieder 

James Frintz 

Dean R Hrll 

Troy D Funle 

Karen E Muselman 

Nancy L Wenger 

Richard E Brandt 

Rebecca J Archdeacon Houser 

Harold W Gianopulos, Jr 

MaryL Haupert Musselman 

Jodi A Willramson 

Debra S Brown 

Christine G Hume 

Michelle A Glashagel 

David P Myers 

William C Wilson 

Mark S Brown 

Lora S Jackson 

Marc D Graber 

KenI R & Daria S Grillilh Nelson 

Sharon B Wit 

Michael W Bubp 

Dan A Johnson 

Amy L Lilly Griner 

Kendall B Neu 

James WWolll 

flochelle Manor Bullock 

Marion A Reeves Johnson Jr 

Heather M Hallerman 

Tami D Newhard 

Jay A Wngley 

James Bunce 

Steve Mark Kaslelein 

LaMonI W Harlan 

KrislaA Nicholson 

JeraldW Yeager 

CrislineM Burchi 

HansE Keener 

Ronald Harsha 

Mark S Odell 

AmyL Young 

Linda J Burkim 

JeBreyL Keller 

Nathan A Harvey 

Douglas Olio 

LademaS Zinsmeisler 

Michele R Busic 

JennilerM Kelly 

James A Hayes 

Gregory P Passon 

Tammie L Byrnes 

Eric M Key 

Michael A Heiniger 

Anne M Pederson 

Class of 88 

Newell Cerak 

Diane M Kingdon 

Sharon A Heuslis 

Rulh C Plumb 

# ol donors 200 
Participation 57% 

lanocn 1 Anrforcnn 

Dana Cheesman 

Laura E Klostennan 

Julie M Hiel 

Scoll A Polsgrove 

Brian S Chrisly 

CynlhiaJ Krauss 

Kara L Stanley Hill 

Michael T Prell 

Randolph J Cletihue 

Susan T Thomas Kublei 

Kimberly S Beckman Hookei 

Brent D Puck 

Jdllccll L. nllUclbUII 

Lisa D Anderson 
TimolhyS Anderson 
Whitney L Anderson 

BrendA Clodgo 

Juire Levesdue 

Scoll E Hughelt 

Sheila M Rusk 

Lisa Ann Clouse 

Terry Linhart 

Sandra J Jackson Johnson 

David W Ruths Jr 

Amy Coals 

Sleven R Loll 

Katharine A Jones 

Rhonda M Sabol 

Karen Collom 

Ma/y Pal Mahoney 

RubyLKarges ' Brian S Shepherd ' ""■""""""'=-- 




Shelly R Cramer 

Mrs Judy Allen 

Mr Paul E Bassetl 

Barbara Davenport 

Mr Charles Alley 

Mr Carl Bastian 

Kevin J Davidson 
AnneneM DeGra« 
Eric DeHaan 

Estate Gifts Increase 

Mr & Mrs David C Allgood 
Mr 8,Mrs Charles E Allison 
Miss Gladys K Aim 

Mr & Mrs Amos C Bateman 
Mr 8 Mrs John J Batenburg 
Mr David R Bates 

Rulhanna Denton 
Dennis Dickey 
Daviil B Dickinson 

(Book value, plus actual 

Mr 8, Mrs Curl E Alspaugh 
Mrs Karen R Altstadt 
Mrs Mary Lou Altvater 

Mrs. Man lyn A. Bales 
Mr Robert H Bales 
Mr Henry Batten 

Wayne S Dielncti 
C Miclielle Donalilson 

gifts 1986-88 

, In millions) 

Miss Maria Ameden 

Mr & Mrs Jeffrey S Ammon 

Mrs Phyllis Battice 
Mrs. Dorothea Bauer 

Crinsline Durrer 

Mr George D Amspaugh 

Mr C DaleBaughman 

Cassanrlra D Edgecombe 

Miss Gloiia E Amspaugh 

Mrs Kathryn Baughman 

Jotin C Ely 


Mr & Mrs Kenneth Amspaugh 

Mr Byron L Baxter 

Erik A Fatilen 

Mr Larry N Amsfutz 

Mr Edgar A Beach 

Jeffrey G Fanctier 

Mr David W Anderson 

Mr 8 Mrs Leonard A Beachy 

Cindy L Ferguson 

Mr Douglas Anderson 

Mr 8 Mrs George E Beals 

Wendy J Fishei 



Mr Fred R Anderson 

Miss Barbara E Bearss 

Andrea C Foss 


Miss Grace M Anderson 

Mr 8 Mrs Brian M Beaton 

Nancy A Fretlinger 

Mr James Anderson, Jr 

Miss Mary Beaumont 

Sleven Fuchs 


Mrs Kathenne Anderson 

Mrs Marianne Beck 

Loral Folks 


Mrs Kay 8 Anderson 

Mrs. Mickey M Beck 

Wendell J Galford 


Mrs Laura Anderson 

Mr 8 Mrs Christopher A Becker 

Sarah K Genshaw 


Mr Myrneth H Anderson 

Ml Harold E Becker 

Jeffrey S Gertz 


Mr Nils Anderson 

Mis Donna Becksvoort 

Heidi Goehring 


Mr X Mrs Robert L Anderson 

Mr Clark W Bedford 

Angela Jo Gollmer 

Mr David Andre' 

Mrs. Evelyn E Beedy 

Douglas B Gradin 


Mr BobAndress 

Mr 8 Mrs Herman Seem 

Dionne V Grant 


Mrs Dorothy Andrew 

Miss Helen Beeiend 

Karin Hall 



Mr & Mrs Peter G Andrews 

Mr B D Beers 

Leigh A. Hammond 

Ms Betty Angus 

Mr Dale H Beers 

Crystal Handy 


Mr & Mrs Harry E Anson 

Mr 8 Mrs Dale B Beery 

Sheila Harris 


Mr Floyd L Apple 

Mr 8 Mrs Cecil Beeson, Sr. 

Sandra Havenga 



Mr 8, Mrs J Scott Apple 

Mrs. Joyce A. Behnken 

Amanda K Heinlein 


Mr Michael Appleby 

Ms Charlene A Beidle 

Philip Herman 


Mrs Carolyn Applegate 

Mi Jonas D. Belter 

Sharon Higerd 


Mr & Mrs Dan R Atens 

Mis. Ruth Beiler 

Wendy J Higerd 


Mrs Sherry Arensmeier 

Mr Marcel Bekaert 

Bertha L Hilson 


Mr Lyie Argus 

Mr Lawrence Belcher 

David B. Htnman 

Mr & Mrs Thomas Armaly 

Mrs MarieBelew 

Todd Hoatson 


1987 1988 

Mr Paul T Armerding 

Mr George N. Bell 

Daniel D Houser 

Mr George H Arneson 

Miss Nan E Bell 

Heather A. Hull 
Steven K Huprich 

Mrs Melinda L Arnold 

Mr 8, Mrs Russell W Arnold 

Mr Ralph E Bell 
Mr Richard A Bell 

Lionel J Hurd 

Denis L Possing 

Bradley Wurster 

Mr Bradley Atsenault 

Mr 8 Mrs Robert W Bell 

Danny L Hutson 

Megan Rarick 

Michael L Yoder 

Mr Jell Arsenaull 

Mr 8 Mrs ChartesW Beilus 

Jonathan M Jeran 

Jeffrey M Ray 

Julia L Zehnder 

Mr 8 Mrs R Neil Ashcrall 

Mr 8 Mrs George T Belon 

Ann 8 Johns 

Amy R Rector 

Mr 5 Mrs Virgil L Asher 

Mr 8 Mrs Larry Belsley 

David R Johnsen 

Mefissa A Resch 

Class of 89 

Mr Donald E Attebury 

Mr Charles Bender 

Jennifer L Johnson 

Daryl W Rider 

John E. Carlson 
Brenda Walstra Passon 

Mr & Mrs Kenneth Augsburger 

Mr 8 Mrs Jerry M Benham 

Karen L Johnson 

Paula J Rieck 

Mr & Mrs Paul J Augsburger 

Mr Robert Beniamin 

Marion A Johnson 

Maribeth Riggs 

Mr Tim Augustine 

Mr David D Benneh 

Amy J Jones 
Jennifer Jutgensen 

Matthew Ringenberg 
Michelle K Roberts 

Mrs Elizabeth N Ault 
Mr David B Ausema 

Mr 8 Mrs David J Bennett 
Mr 8 Mrs. Nelson C Bennell 

fiflark Kach 

Shelley L Rogers 

Mr David Axl 

Mr Roger Benoit 

DeOora Katacson 

Karen Rolund 

1 H^ ■ .^^ m^^ .^mJ .^^ 

Mrs Marilyn Ayers 

Mrs Judy Benson 

Robert Karacson 

Pedro Rosario 

Hr pnn^ 

Mr & Mrs Johnson Badalpour 

Mr 8 Mrs Rodney E Benson 

David R Keck 

Darin D Roth 

1 1 1^1 Iv^O 

Mr Bud Badger 

Ms Marilyn Berends 

Beth L Kefler 

Keith A Rolh 

Mr & Mrs Robert L Baelic 

Ml 8 Mrs Harry R Beigdoll 

Susan Kellum 

Wendy L Rulheclord 

Miss Tracey Aardema 

Ms Margurite R Baier 

Dr. Henry A Berger 

DinaS King 

Ann M Schladenhauflen 

Mr & Mrs Wesley Aarum 
Dr &Mrs Frederick Abel, Jr 
Mr & Mrs Michael A Abner 
Ms. Anna Abraham 
Mr &Mrs Cbarles Abraham 
Mr & Mrs John Abraham 
Mrs Arna Abrahamsen 

Mr 8, Mrs Garry Bailey 

Mr 8 Mis Steve Berger 

Phillips King 

Tonya M Schroyer 

Mr 8, Mrs George E Ban 

Mr 8 Mis Kenneth Bergsma 

Kurt A Knulh 

James R Schmilz 

Mr 8, Mrs Mark A Baird 

Mrs Jean Bergwall 

Cynthia J Krauss 

V Kim Shaddix 

Mr 8. Mrs Jack Baker 

Ms Margaret Bergwall 

Phillipe Kraeker 

Becky J Shannon 

Mr 8, Mrs Larry W Baker 

Mr 8 Mis Roger C Bern 

Larry G Lakes 

LisanneR Shupe 

Mr 8, Mrs Thomas G Baker 

Mi 8 Mis Louis Bernard 

Janice L Lambert 

Carol B Sisson 

Mrs Pat Bakke 

Mis. Eileen Beinstort 

Alicia K Landis 

Brian B Smith 

Mr & Mrs Ben Ackerman 

Mrs EleanoreK Balash 

Ms Kay Y Berry 

David fVl Lavin 

Donald L Smith 

Miss Barbara J Acton 
Mr Jeffrey Acton 
Mrs Ona Mae Acton 
Ms Besse C Adams 

Mr Wesley Balda 

Mr 8 Mrs Joseph M Bertka 

Todd ivl Law 

KimberlyY Smith 

Mrs Barbara A Baldwin 

Mis Jean T Berwagei 

John R Lockwood 

Deborah A Spencer 

Mr 8, Mrs Kenneth W Bates 

Miss Lucy Ann Bess 

Stephin Long 

Kelly J Spencer 

Mr Max Balkema 

Mi Paul Best 

Joseph G fvlaniglia 

Richard J Slanislaw. Jr 

Mr & Mrs Gary D Adams 
Mr & Mrs Harold W Adams 

Miss Laura A Ball 

Mr Raymond Bethel 

Christy IVlcKinley 

Kimberlyl Stephens 

Mr 5 Mrs Roderic B Ballard 

Mrs Carol Betz 

fylark D McMahan 

Scott Stephens 

Mrs Irma R Adams 

Mr & Mrs Charlie Banks 

Mr 8 Mrs Charles W Betz 

Jennifer L McNeil 

Charles L Stewart 

Mr & Mrs Jesse R Adams 
Mr Rudy I Adams 

Mrs Eugene Banter 

Mr 8 Mrs Robert J Beuller 

Cynthia K Meeks 

Beverly Sloops 

Mr 8 Mrs Jerry E Bantz 

Rev 8 Mrs Steve Beuller 

Gait E Mercer 

Kay Stotts 

Mr & Mrs Wendell B Adams 
Mr & Mrs Peter A Adier 
Mr & Mrs William V AdIer 

Mr Joseph C Bantz 

Ms Mary Beyer 

Belh S Mignon 

Sleven L Swing 

Miss Joyce Barber 

Mr 8 Mrs David J Beynon 

StaciaD Miller 

Rebecca L Swofford 

Mrs LeomaW Barber 

Mr 8 Mrs Chris E Bibeistine 

Brian K Mishler 

Jeffrey A Thomas 

Mr & Mrs Terry Agness 

Mr Vernon L Barber 

Mi John Biberstine 

Kevin L Mitchell 

Paul A Thompson 

Mr James Ahlgrim 
Mrs A. Christina Ahlseen 

Mr 8 Mrs Louis A, Barbieri 

Mis Dorothy Biddle 

Jamie B Mosier 

Julianne Tiede 

Mrs Rita Bare 

Mi 8 Mrs Joseph Biermann 

Angela Mullet 

KirbyG Tipple 

Mr C Bernell Aichele 

Mr & Mrs Richard B. Barkley 

Mi 8 Mrs Richard Biesboer 

J Todd Mullins 

Oren Townsend 

Mrs Lois Akselsen 

Mr & Mrs Clifford A Albertson 

Mr & Mrs Cecil Albrecht 

Mr Jeffrey Barnett 

Mr Charles J Biglin 

Michael A Muter 

Jodi Vandermeuten 

Mr Harold Barnhart 

Mi Jetfrey Biles 

Robert A Muiniah 

Leanne VanNaltan 

Mrs Edith R Ban 

Mi. William Billman 

Carote L Ne*ing 

Rita 8 Versendaal 

Mrs Marthaferne Albright 

Mrs Lorena Barrett 

Mi 8 Mis Eugene B Bingham 

Scott E Nieveen 

Anne E Wagner 

Mrs Nancy Albright 

Mr & Mrs Raymond Barrett 

Mi Kevin W Binkerd 

Kevin J Nill 

Mark Wenger 

Mr & Mrs Tommy Albury 

Mr 8 Mrs Thomas R Barrett 

Mi 8 Mrs Wallace W Birdseye 

Scott A Ooley 

Matthew J Wengerd 

Mrs R A Aldeen 
Mr Richard D Alessi 
Mr Paul Alexander 

NovaL Barrick 

Mi 8 Mis Gaiy M Birkeland 

Michael C Parker 

Tamara Widdoes 

Mr 8 Mrs Jeffrey A Barton 

Mrs Deloies M Biikey 

Rachel Ann Parmelee 

RochelleG Wilkie 

Mr 8 Mrs Clilf Barrows 

Ms Shirley Bischofl 

Douglas Peterson 

Gregory J Wilson 

Mr & Mrs Dale Allrey 

Miss fnes Barton 

Ms Linda K Bilker 

Karen Plisler 

Julie Wiseman 

Mickey Allea 

Mr 8 Mrs Emit Barlos 

Mr MoriisJ Bitzei 

Jonathan A Phillips 
Sherry K Pomeroy 

Robin K Worst 

Miss Helen R Allen 
Mr Homer J, Allen 

Mrs Naomi Basiletti 
Rev F Kaye Bass 

Mrs Betty Black 


Mfs Julie Black 

Mrs Edilh Blown 

Mis Mildred E Carman 

Mr & Mrs Irving H Clapp 

Mi Beinaid W Cook 

Mcs Lynelle M Blackman 

Mi & Mis Floyd Biown 

Mrs Wanda Caimany 

Mr &Mrs ErnesIR Clapper, Jr 

Ml S Mis Chailes M Cook 

Ms OeniseBlackmon 

Mi & Mis Gaiy Blown 

Mr L Hewitt Carpenter 

Mrs Ann Clark 

Ml Jonathan Cook 

Ml & Mrs Marcus Blaising 

Mi Hugh Blown 

Mrs Ruth Carr 

Mr & Mrs David L Clark 

Mi R Lawience Cook 

Ms Phyllis Blakeman 

Mi & Mis James Blown 

Mr J Merrill Carroll 

Ms Esther J Clark 

Mi & Mis Randal C Cook 

Mrs Lara Blanchard 

Mis Janet Brown 

Mr John J Cart 

Mr Henry Clark 

Mis Ruth E Cook 

Mr & Mis Calvin Bleam 

Mi & Mis Laiiy C Blown 

Mrs KimberlyF Case 

Ml & Mrs Raymond L Clark 

Mi & Mis Melvin Coons 

Mis MaigarelA Blevins 

Mi & Mis Leonaid 6 Blown 

Mr Norm Caslerime 

Mrs Orpha Blanche Clarke 

Mi & Mis Gaiy R Coopei 

Ml & Mis lawience Blinn 

Mis Maigaiet Blown 

Mrs MaijorieK Caswell 

Miss Gail Mane Classen 

Mi h Lee Coopei 

Ml Lowell A Blom 

Mi Stanley Blown 

Mr B H Calhey 

Mr & Mrs Isaac Classen Jr 

Mis MaiitynJ Coopei 

Ml & Mis Allied P Blomquisl 

Ml Steven Biown 

Mrs Martha B Cauftman 

Ms FayeClauser 

Mi & Mis John F Coidiei 

Mis CaimenR Bloomsler 

Mi Thomas a Biown 

Mr & Mrs Tom Chakos 

Mr & Mrs James Clauser 

Ml Philip M Coikill 

Or & Mis E Robert Blue 

Mis Viiginia Blown 

Mrs Donna Challgien 

Mr Kenneth J Clauser 

Mi S Mis William E Coney 

Mr & Mrs Verlin Biyihe 

Mi William C Blown 

Mi Viigil Chandlei 

Mrs Vivian R Clay 

Ms Oeboiah L Cornelius 

Mi & Mrs Donald L Bogail 

Mi Teiiy Browning 

Mi Rex Chaney 

Mrs Shirley Cline 

Mi & Mis Robert Dean Couch 

Ml 4 Mis Oorsey Boise 

Mr Scon Brubakei 

Mi & Mis Fiedeiick 1 Chapman 

Mrs Ruth Close 

Mi & Mis Thomas E Covington 

Ml & Mis. Lairy D Bolendei 

Ms Haiiiet L Biuce 

Mi FiemonI Chapman 

Mr Kevin Clouser 

Mis Vicki Coy 

Ml Ronald Bolesia 

Mrs Roberta Bruce 

Miss Maiion E Chapman 

Mr Roscoe P Cobbs 

Mis Dorothy Coyings 

Mr & Mis William Bolhuis 

Mrs Yvonne Biueid 

Mr John W Craig 

Or i Mrs John P Bollhouse 
Mrs & Mr Jean E Bomberger 

Mi & Mis John F Biumbaugh 

Mis Wendy Biummelei 


Mr & Mrs John H Bombeigei, Ji 
Ml Wallei Bond 

Mis Vema Biundage 
Mr & Mis Floyd Biunsink 

Alberta Miller is secretary in the area of office services and personnel. 

Ml & Mis Jelliey M Bonham 
Ml & Mis Joe M Bonham 

Mi Steven H Bnjnvoll 
Mis Ruth Biuuisema 

It's her responsibility to keep straight all purchase orders and requests as 

Ml & Mis M Oayne Bonla 
Ml & Mrs William G Bonlekoe 

Mrs Helen Biyan 
Ms Paliicia L Bryan 

well as handle the application process and records for all staff. 

Ml & Mis Robert J Boimann 

R A Biyan 

"While I have worked with many secretaries during my 40 years of pro- 

Ml Lawrence E Bott 
Or & Mis James A Bolla 
Ml & Mrs James P Boiling 
Miss Vivian Bouchie 

Miss Janech BiyanI 
Mi & Mis Robert B Brydon 
Mr & Mrs Jyme Bucher 
Mr Mauriece Buckingham 

fessional service, I have never 
found one to be more sup- 

. " 

Mis Bertha Bouman 

Mr & Mrs Robert Buckley 


portive and loyal than Al- 
berta," says Norm Mathews, 

Mr & Mrs Charles T Bourn 
Mr & Mrs Wilbur C Boulwell 

Ms Helen K Buckwaller 
Mr James Bucy 

11^. vi 

Mr Alan Bowden 

Mr & Mrs John Bowdy 

Mr Charles Budd 
Mrs Janaveve L Budke 


VniF HI 

recently retired vice president 

Mr James N Bowen 

Mr ft, Mr^ 1 pwis Rnwpn 

Mrs Velma Buel 
Mrs Glaifys Bullock 
Miss Etia Bulman 


EVf i%^S^. 

for business and finance. "She 

1V1I Oi MIS LcWi DUWcll 

Miss Maiy Louise Bower 



has always exhibited a readi- 

Mr Rodney F Bower 
Mrs Connie Bowermeisler 

Mrs Elizabeth Bultema 
Mr Robert A Burden 


ness and enthusiastic ap- 

Mr Curtis W Bowers 

Mr & Mrs Randy Bowersock 

Mi &Mis William E Burtoid 
Mi R A Buigess 


f^ LJ^^^^H 

proach to any task assigned. 

Mr Bruce Bowling 

Mi Fieeman Buikhaltei 

^^^^V L "^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H 

She personified the type of 
Christian character you value 

Mr & Mrs Gary Don Bowman 
Mr Randy Bowman 

Mi Thomas H Buikhaidl 
Mi Geoige F Buikhait 

Hh ^ r^^^H^^S 

Mr David Boiell 
Mr Keith Boyd 

Mi David E Buikholdei 
Mi Gail Burnett 

M nJ' ^Vvfl 

in any co-worker, and 1 knew 

Mr & Mrs Ralph D Boyd 

Mi S Mis Maivin K Bumelt 

^Bu A ^V^^S^r 

I could count on her faithful- 

Mrs Virginia H Biagan 

Mis Jean Bums 

Mi S Mrs Charles Bramsledl 
Mr George P Biancalo 
Ml Thomas H Bianch 

Mis Elinoi Bums 

Mi & Mrs Franklin Burns 

Or & Mrs Maurice Bums 

Hi ^~ '*»1^ 

ness, encouragement, and 
commitment regardless how 

Mi & Mrs Max D Bland 
Di Jon Biandenbeigei 

Mis Teiesa Buiokei 

Mr & Mrs Barry R Burress 

y^ JP '«^ 

tough the circumstances 

Mr & Mrs Gregory Biallon 

Mr & Mrs Theodore A. Buison 

. J , ^i-.- ■.■:^Mim\- ^^^^ 

might be." 

"Alberta is consistently 

Mr ScollBraun 
Mrs Valerie G Biaun 

Di DaleF Burton 

Mr & Mrs James L Burton 

UA '-^b^..^ -^ J 

Mr & Mrs Henry W Braunei 
Mr & Mrs Ronald G Brauner 
Mr DoiseyBiause 

Mr & Mrs Joseph W Burton 
Miss Katheiine E Busic 
Mr William W Butler 


cheerful in her attitude to- 
ward others, whether it be 

Mis Helen Biechbill 

Mr Bruce Butlertield 

Mi David Bleeding 

Mr Forrest Buttertield 

her co-worker, students, parents, sales 

men, or an applicant seeking 

Mi Claik Bieeze 

Mi & Mis Noiman F Biemei 

Mr David E Button 
Miss Lila Mae BuC 

employment," says Laura Hutson, coord 

nator of office services and per- 

Capl Donald Bienneman 
Mis Joanne Bienneman 

Dr & Mrs Nolan W Byler 
Mr S Mrs John M Byron 

sonnel. "She has a real desire to be helpful, and it is evident that her 

Mis Kathleen S Bienneman 

Mi & Mis Hoyt A Byium 

sincerity comes from the heart." 

Mi FianklinJ Biennei 

Mi Giaham E Cadwalladei 

Ml & Mrs D A Brentlingei 
Rev Leiand L Bretl 

M' Align 1 r^ge 

Ml & Mis Many R Calsing „ ^ ^rr^, ^ 

Mrs Mabel F Bieunmger 

LI Col & Mis Aubiey L Calton, Ji. 

Mi Thomas A Chailes 


Mr & Mrs William Coblentz 
Mrs MarleneCobum 
Mrs Jean M Cochran 
Mrs Susette Cochran 
Mrs Belty Lou Cottey 
Mr Wilbur M Cotlin 
Ms Julie Cole 

Mis Meiiilyn Ciamblet 

Di Ruth Ann Bieuningei 

Mis LeRaye Cameron 

Mi & Mis Philip J Chase 

Mi Ronald K Ciandall 

OmbiaM Buckley 

Mis Sandy Camp 

Mi Thomas Chauvelte 

Mi & Mis Donald W Ciawloid 

Mi & Mis Donald H Bunk 

Mis BaibaraG M Campbell 

Mi Thomas Chauvette 

Mis Noia Ciawloid 

Mis BethBiinson 

Mr Mark Campbell 

Mi & Mis Aurelius Chaves 

Mis Shiiley L Ciawtoid 

Mi & Mis Fiediick Biinson 

Mr & Mrs William T Campbell 

Mr & Mrs Gary B Cheek 

Mis Geoigia C Ciawtey 

Mis Nancy Biix 

Mr Keith Canham 

Mrs Marcetia Cheesman 

MissJenniteiL Ciealock 

Mi & Mis Malcolm Bioadhuisl 

Mr & Mrs Richard Carey 

Mrs Patricia M Chell 

Mi & Mis Newton H Cienshaw 

Mi & Mis Jack Biogan 

Mr & Mrs Steven Carey 

Mr & Mrs Truman W Choate 

Mi & Mis Rogei F Cole 
Mi & Mis Geiald Colliei 
Mi Biian Collins 
Clavell Collins 

Mi &Mis Keith V Ciews 

Mis Sue Biogan 

Mr William Carey 

Mr George K Chiismer 

Mi Laiiy E Ciidei 

Mi Ralph A Broman 

Mr & Mrs Herbert Carlburg 

Mrs G Raymond Chnslensen 

Mi & Mis Calvin C Ciinei 

Mr & Mis Eail M Biooks 

Miss Jill E Carley 

Mrs Lillian J Christensen 

Mi & Mis John E Ciitchlield 

Mi & Mrs Fiedeiick P Biooks, Ji 

Mr & Mrs Neil R Carley 

Mr & Mrs Oaniel R Christian 

Oi a Mis Douglas E Collins 

Mi Nicolas Colon 

Mi & Mis Adiian L Combs 

Mi & Mis Robert W Complon 

Mis Mane P Comslock 

Mi a Richaid Conde 

Mi & Mis Geoige W Connon 

Mi & Mis Lyie Connoi 

Mis Ruth Conovei 

Mi S Mis Howaid C Coniad 

Ml & Mis Robert S Conti 

Mi i Mis David M Convy 

Mi GaiiyJ Ciites 

Mi Noiman Biooks 

Mr Charles T Carlisle 

Mr & Mrs T Kevin Chrislner 

Mi & Mis Bill Ciockei 

Miss Rosemaiy L Biooks 

Mr S Mis Allan R Cailson 

Ml & Mis H Russell Chnsly 

Mi MaikCiomer 

Ms Beth Bioshei 

Ml & Mis Roy L Biolheis 

Mi & Mis Chailes A Cailson 
Mr David Cailson 

Mis ShiileyA Chnsly 
Mis Beth A Chu 

Mi & Mis Michael A Ciomei 
Mis Miriam A Cromer 

Mis Come Biouwei 
Mi Campbell S Biowei 

Mr & Mis Edwaid Cailson 
Mi James W Cailson 

Ml Chei Yee Chung 
Mi Meiedith M Chuich 

Mr Randy Cronk 

Mr & Mrs William T Ciotty 

Mi Paul J Biowei 

Mr & Mis Myion Cailson 

Mi Stan Chuicb 

Ms Peggy Crow 

Mi & Mis C Maiion Brown 

Mr & Mis Teiiy W Cailson 

Ml & Mrs Theodore Ciaslo 

Mr & Mrs Elbert R Ciowdei 

Mis Cindy Brown 

Mr & Mis Theodore Cailson 

Miss Mabel Cieskus 

Mi James E Ciumbachei 

Mi David T Blown 

Mr & Mis Willis Carlson 

Mi & Mis Stephen J Citron 

Mis Kimbeily Ciyei 


Mr Wiimos Csehy 

Mrs Nancy Drck 

Mi James Elliott 

Ml Robert Fisher 

Ml 8. Mis Chailes W, Gearhart 

Mr John Cuckovich 

Miss Patty J Dickeison 

Mi Gaiy Ellis 

Mis KathyFlanaiy 

Ms Gertrude Gearhisei 

Mr Alan Culley 

Mr & Mrs James R Dickey 

Mis Maiy L Ellis 

Ml S Mis Robert H Fianaiy 

Miss Linda R Geary 

Mf & Mfs Edwatd L Cully 

Ml Max Dickey 

Mi & Mis Elvin L Ellison 

Ml & Mis William D Flanigan 

Mrs. Nancy J Geary 

Ml & Mrs Charles W Culp 

Ml & Mrs Eugene Dickinson 

Mi & Mis T P Ellsworth 

Ml Edwaid N Fleming 

Mrs Geneva Gee 

Mr Dean Culp 

Ml Robert Donald Drckson 

Mi S, Mis Lloyd G Elston 

Ml, Elmei Fletchei 

Mr &Mrs James W Gee 

Mrs lleen Culver 

Di Waller Drckson 

Mr Thomas J Elston 

Mi VIcIoi R Flickingei 

Mi & Mis Glenn Geeils 

Mr & Mrs Leo H Cummrngs 

Mr & Mrs Paul A Dietil 

Ml Jeiiy Elya 

Mi & Mis H K Flood 

Ml Mortis C Gehrig 

Mr & Mrs William E Cummlngs 

Mr & Mrs J Douglas Dietrrch 

Mi S Mis Kenneth E Emeiick 

Ml & Mis Dana Floia 

Ms Ramona J Gehiing 

Mr & Mrs Tom T Cunningham 

Mrs. Ruth DiHin,Ji 

Mi Tom Emeison 

Ml & Mis Howaid Flueckigei 

Mi Robert E Gehnng 

Mr Jellrey Cupp 

Mr & Mrs Larry Digney 

Mis Chen Emeiy 

Miss Kiistie Fogerty 

Mi &Mis Geoige J GeigerJi 

Ms Juslrne L Cupp 

Ms Irene A Diller 

Mi & Mis Dale Emeiy 

Ml S Mis. William I.Follas 

Mi 8 Mis Richaid Gentile 

Ms MargarelCupp 

Mr 8, Mrs. Victor L Driler 

Mis Leigh Ann Emmons 

Mis JudyFoiakei 

Miss Laura L Geoige 

Mr MickR Cupp 

Mr Davrd Dillon 

Mi & Mis Rodney W Emmons 

Mis Kaien Foibes 

Mi Stewart Geoigia 

Mrs Mary K Curley 

Mr BrIlyV Dinkier 

Mis Joan Emshwillei 

Mis Caiolyn C. Foid 

Mi Waltei H Geptei 

Mr & Mrs Owen James Curley 

Mr & Mrs David W Dinkier 

Di Donald H, Endean 

Mi & Mis Dean R FoiO 

Miss Deborah Gephait 

Mr Wlllard CurrenI 

Mrs Edrttl L Drx 

Mi & Mis Jeldey Engebiecht 

Mi & Mis Max Fold 

Mi & Mis Vincent Gerace 

Mr Don Curry 

Ml 8, Mrs Robert F Dohner 

Mis JaneE Engel 

Mi Steven R Fold 

Ml Eldon Geibei 

Mrs JulieJ Curlls 

Ml W Allied Doles 

Mi Eiic S England 

Ml Gayloid Foidyce 

Ml Russell A Geibei 

Mr & Mrs Walson S Cusler 

Ml 8, Mrs Terry D Donaghy 

Mi John L England 

Mis Sandia Foige 

Ml &Mis William J Geihaidl 

Ms Alleen L Cultonh 

Mr RoyE Donrca 

Mi & Mis David L Engle 

Mrs Joan Foiman 

Mi Abnei F Geiig 

Mr Gregory P D'Alessandro 

Ml James Donkerslool 

Ms Rebeca Ens 

Mis Andia Foss 

Mi Alvin H Gerig 

Mr i Mrs David D Dagwell 

Ml Baiiy E. Donovan 

Ml Stephen Ensmengei 

Ml Elmei Foss 

Miss Chailotle J Geng 

Mrs Ellamay Dahlsliand 

Ml 8, Mfs Ronald L Dooley 

Mis Eleanoi L Entwistle 

Mis CailaJeanFoslei 

Or 8 Mrs Eldon L Gerig 

Mr 8,Mrs Desmond C Daily, Jr 

Ml & Mrs. Richard J Doornbos 

Mi Sheiman Eplei 

Mis Elizabeth Fostei 

Mr Elmer Gerig 

Mr & Mrs Jerry M Darn 

Mr & Mrs Jacob H Dorn 

Mi & Mfs Dean Eppley 

Mi & Mis Maik David Foslei 

Mr Garnet K Gerig 

Mr Jack Dalrymple 

Mr & Mrs Earl R Doty 

Mi & Mis Paul Eppley 

Mis. Edith C Foots 

Mr &Mrs Jess J Gerig, Jr 

Mrs Sally L Dalrymple 

Mr & Mrs Davrd R Douglass 

Mi Richaid Eib 

Mis. Milhcent Fowlei 

Mrs Mildred M Geng 

Mr Greg Alan Damron 

Dr & Mrs G Blari Dowden 

Mis HugoEidmann 

Mis Anna M, Fox 

Ml & Mis Haiold Geirtng 

Mrs Mariorie L Danhol 

Mrs Gwendolynne M Downs 

Mi Joel Eiickson 

Ml & Mis Edwaid L Fox 

Ms EdnaGertz 

Mr & Mrs JackW Danrel 

Mr David Drake 

Mi 8r Mis Lloyd D Esbenshade 

Ml 8 Mis Joseph D Fox 

Mi Paul Getty 

Mr & Mrs John F Danrels 

Mr & Mrs Donald E Dravensloll 

Ml & Mis Geoige Eschei 

Mis Mildred L Fox 

Mi Cdniad Getz 

Mr Stephen L Danrelson 

Dr 8, Mrs Curtis C. Dievets 

Mis Joni Eskiidge 

Ml 8 Mis William K Fox 

Mi & Mis Harold Getz 

Ms Hazel D Dart 

Ml & Mis William Dreyer 

Mis Elsie M Espeland 

Mis Kaien Fiancis 

Mi & Mrs James E Getz 

Mr Clarence G Daun 

Mr Allen W Dnscoll 

Mi & Mis Don Essig, 111 

Ml Hugh Fiandsen 

Mis Linda Getz 

Miss Sheryl E Daun 

Ml Cecil Diiscoll 

Mi 8. Mis Caral J Estrada 

Mi Haiiy Frank 

Ml 8, Mis Ronald G. Geutei 

Mr & Mrs Ed Davenport 

Ml Haivey Driver 

Mi & Mis Edwaid Estrada 

Mi James Fiantz 

Mis. Evelyn J Gibbs 

Mr Dwrghl D David 

Mr Gerard R Drozda 

Mis. Valoiice Etheirdge 

Mi Keith Fianz 

Mis Betty Gibson 

Mr Douglas Davrdson 

Miss Gladys Drummer 

Ms Caimela M Ettaio 

Mi 8< Mis Victoi Fianz 

Ml Einie Gibson 

Mi Jose a B Davila 

Mr Steven DuBois 

Mis Evangeline Evanrck 

Ml SMis WalteiW Fianz 

Rev Joseph E Gibson 

Miss Dwrlla Davrs 

Mr William DuPree 

Mr Danrel R Evans 

Ml & Mis Oswald Eraser 

Mis LoiraineV Gibson 

Rev & Mrs James H Davrs 

Mr Russell L. Dubell 

Mi 8. Mis James E Evans 

Mis Michelle Fiatus 

Mi Royal J Gibson 

Mr John R Davrs 

Mr Paul C Duckworth 

Mi 8. Mis Malcolm Evans 

Rev Heibeit M Fiazei 

Mi Alwin R Gieglei 

Mr Lamar Davis 

Mrs Jo Ann Dudics 

Mi & Mis Philip D Evans 

Ml Nicholas Fiedeiick 

Mi &Mrs Frtediich W, Gies 

Mr & Mrs Lewrs R Davrs 

Ml & Mrs GedigeA Dull 

Mis Wanda L Evans 

Ml &Mis, RdbertA Fiedenck, Ji 

Mi DuaneGittoid 

Mr & Mrs Mrchael M Davis 

Miss Barbara E Dultey 

Ms Bessie M Everett 

Mi & Mis Jeiiy Freed 

Mi J Gilbert 

Mrs Ramona Mae Davis 

Mr 8 Mrs. Don C Dutley 

Mi Everett H Eveison 

Mi David A Freeman 

Ml & Mis Jeirald M Gilbert 

MissRhodaE Davrs 

Mr S Mrs David H Dugan III 

Mi Rogei Ewatd 

Mi Steven a Freeman 

Ml &Mis Geoige G Gill 

Mr S Mrs Robert Davis, II 

Mr & Mrs Rrchard P Dugan 

Mi Daniel C Ewing 

Mi Meiiitl Fieei 

Mis Helen Gillespie 

Mr Robert C Davis 

Ml Michael D Dull 

Mi & Mis James Fabiie 

Mi & Mis Sidney F Fieeis 

Mr 8. Mrs William A Gillon 

Mr & Mrs Robert E. Davis 

Mi & Mrs James B Duncan 

Mi & Mis William L Pales 

Mi Lawrence Frees 

Mrs Sandra Gilmoie 

Mr Tom C Davrs, Jr 

Mr & Mrs Robert Duncan 

Mi & Mis William Faib 

Mis lllon Fieese 

Mi SMis MaxGimbal 

Mr Tom C Davis, ill 

Mr 8, Mrs Bruce D Dunham 

Ms Sandia G Failey 

Ml Richaid E Freeze 

Mis DeniseGinn 

Mrs lla M Davison 

Mr John E Dunham 

Mi Jell Famswoith 

Ml Eugene H French 

Mi &Mis Wallet Gisel 

Mrs Susan Dawes 

Mrs Dee Dunkeiton 

Mi & Mis John A Fan 

Ml Harold French 

Rev & Mis Wayne E Glabe 

Mr & Mrs E Glennard Day 

Mi C W Dunn 

Mis Doiothy Faiiiei 

Ml Laily French 

Mi & Mis W Patten Glasby 

Mr Harlan R Day 

Mi & Mis Gieg D, Dunn 

Mi 8. Mis Cledith Faiiis 

Mis Thelma Fiettinger 

Mi David Wm Glasei 

Mr Eugene W DeBell 

Mr & Mis Gregory L Duist 

Mis WiniliedM Faiwick 

Mi &Mis JohnJ Fieund 

Mis Beulah L Glass 

Mr Larry DeBoer 

Miss Connie Dusckas 

Ml Geoige E Paul 

Mis InnesFiey 

Ml & Mis Eivin L Glass 

Di 8, Mrs Joseph L DeCook 

Mi Janet E Duvendeck 

Ml S Mis KipW Featheiston 

Mis Nancy Fiey 

Mr 8 Mis Edwaid L Glidewell 

Mr & Mrs George F DeLong 

Mis Doiothy Dvoiak 

Mis Nancy Feeley 

Mi 8, Mis Leslei L Flick 

Ml Robert Globke 

Mr & Mrs Henry S DeLong, Jr 

Ms Ruth Dyei 

Mi & Mis Richaid L Fegley 

Ml & Mis August M, Fiicke 

Mis Glenda L Glover 

Mr & Mrs Henry S DeLong 

Ml 8, Mis Haiold S Oykhuizen 

Mi & Mis Donald Feldei 

Ml & Mis Harold E Fiiesen 

Mi Gerald Glupker 

Mrs Lorna DeLong 

Ml & Mis Stanley J Dykstia 

Mi & Mis Maijoiie E Felgei 

Ml & Mis John C Fiiesen 

Mrs Anne Goad 

Mr & Mrs M Clarr DeLong 

Ml 8 Mis Randall L Eagei 


Ml Michael Fiuth 

Mr Russell Godliey 

Miss Genevreve M DeLool 

Mis. Linda Earnest 

Mrs Rose M. Felmet 

Mrs Giace M Fry 

Mi 8 Mis G D Godlroy 

Ml & Mrs Bruce DePree 

Mis Jane Eash 

Mis Roberta Fennig 

Ml L Edwaid Fiy 

Mi Daniel A Godshall 

Mr Pieter J DeSmil 

Ml Vaiion Ebanks 

Mis Anita Fensteimachei 

Mi & Mis, Steven R Fiy 

Mi Biuce E Godwin 

Mr 8, Mrs Davrd W DeVoe 

Ms. Alice Eckhait 

Ml & Mis Chailes Fensteimakei 

Rev Glenn M Flye 

Mis Howaid Godwin 

Mrs Ruth DeVries 

Mis Connie Eddy 

Mi Richaid S Fenton 

Mi Leonard R Fullei 

Mi Melvin H Goeldnei 

Mr Edward Deal 

Mis Alice Edgett 

MissBaibaiaM Feiguson 

Mi & Mis Tommy Z, Fuller 

Mi Gene E Golf 

Mr & Mrs Russell J Dean 

Mrss Sarah M. Edmunds 

Mi Cartos Feiguson 

Mr ChailiiS Fullhart 

Dr James Gotoith 

Mrs Sarah Deatrick 

Mr William C Edmundson 

Mi & Mis Glen E Feirell 

Mi Daiyl W Funk 

Mi 8 Mis Duwayne Goings 

Mr & Mrs Harry F Deboet 

Mrs Ellen S Edslrom 

Mis Maiy Feins 

Mi 8. Mis Robert A Funke 

Mi Elmei C Gollnow 

Mrs Sheila Deck 

Miss Cheryl J Edwards 

Ml DominickFerio 

Mi Clinl Funkhouse 

Mi SMis Willis Gongwei 

Mrs Marilyn Deich 

Mrs S. Dorothy Edwards 

Mis Betty Jane Feslen 

Di John H Fuibay 

Mis Ruth Good 

Mr Everett R Oeken 

Mr Terry Edwaids 

Ms Barbaia S Felteis 

Mrs Marta Gabre-Tsadick 

Mis, Deborah A Goodell 

Ms Corlyn N Demrng 

Ms Cathy EekhdII 

Miss Wendy Feusse 

Mis Joyce E Gabiielsen 

Ml 8 Mrs Gary A Goodspeed 

Mr & Mrs Roy Demrng 

Mi 8. Mis John Eekholl, Ji 

Mi & Mis Rdss W Fichtnei 

Ml Kenneth E Gaerte 

Mr 8. Mrs Lewrs M Goodwin 

Mr & Mis John Den Bleykei 

Mrss Kalheirne Eggermont 

Ml James F Fickes 

Ml Donald Gallenbergei 

Mr Thomas R Goodwin 

Miss Lrnda K DenHartigh 

Mr Thomas Eggleston 

r'arke Fiegel 

Mis PatiiciaGano 

Mr Thomas Goossen 

Ms Deborah Denekas 

Mr Vernon L Eggleston 

Ms Margaret A. Field 

Mis Bertha Gairett 

Mr Joseph L Gorddo 

Dr J Kenneth Denlrnger 

Mr & Mrs Lloyd E Ehmcke 

Mr & Mrs Martin Fiestadt 

Di Dwighl Gaiiett 

Mrs, Magee Gordon 

Mr John A Dennis 

Mr Max L Ehresman 

Mr Peter S Finch 

Mi Richaid Gaiietl 

Mr Wayne L Gordon 

Mrs Ora Dennis 

Mr & Mrs Melvin L Ehresman 

Mis Maigaiet Fine 

Mis Maiy Gaiiingei 

Mr Robert E Gorman 

Ml 8, Mrs W J Dennis 

Mr 8. Mrs Shelby Ehresman 

Mr & Mrs Waldo Frntrock 

Ms Teiesa Gaiiiolte 

Mr David E Goimanous 

Di S Mrs Kurt A Dennison 

Mrs. Artimese Eicher 

Mr Richard R Finkenbine 

Mi 8< Mis Lawrence Gaiiison 

Ml & Mis R William Gortnei 

Mrs Joanne Denton 

Mrs Margaret Eichei 

Mr R KevrnFinn 

Mis Luann Carton 

Mis Dons M Goss 

Mr Richard Derby 

Mr & Mrs Samuel Eichhoin 

Mr Harold First 

Ml Howaid M Gaivei 

Mi & Mis Robert Gosselai 

Ml EdwaidDersch 

Mi Robert Eigsli 

Mr David Fisll 

Mr Richard Garzon 

Mi & Mis E B Gottschalk 

Mr Mark DesJardins 

Ml, James Eisenbiaun 

Ms Blanche E. Fisher 

Ms N Josephine Gales 

Mi 8 Mis Ainold F Goverlsen 

Mr Robert W Dellmer 

Jackie N. Elkins 

Mrss Freda C Fisher 

Ms Elvira Gatti 

Mr Stephen R Goyings 

Mr & Mrs Jrm Detzler 

Ml 8, Mis Heischel R Ell 

Dr Henry Fisher 

Mr 8 Mis, Laiiy R, Gavelle 

Mrs, Margo Graber 

Ml & Mrs James H Devrres 

Ml & Mis JeiiyC Eltenwood 

Mr 8, Mrs Mark E Fisher 

Mis Susan Gaydosh 

Mr & Mrs Thomas E Graddy 

Mrs, Cynthia Dew 

Mi & Mis Robert J Ellidt 

Mi Martin R, Fistiei 

Mi & Mis Jeiiill W Gayloid 

Mrs Denise Graham 

Mrs, Magda Dick 

Mi & Mis Denvei Elliott 

Di P J Fishei 

Mis Becky Geaihart 

Mi GaryL Graham 


Mr Herbert Grafiam 

Mr Richard B Graham 

Mr R L Grainger 

Mr S Mrs Jerry P Granger 

Mr Webb Granger 

Mr Peler J Granl 

Mr &Mrs Phillip R Granl 

Mr Donald Graves 

Mis Nell Rose Graves 

Miss Alia H Gray 

Mrs Linda Gray 

Mr & Mrs Rex L Gray 

Mr & Mrs James F Graybill 

Mr & Mrs Roben Grealhouse 

Mr & Mrs David L Green 

Mr Donald K Green 

Mr JayH Green 

Mr Kevin Green 

Mr & Mrs Lawrence Green 

Mr Avery H Greene 

Mr & Mrs Gregory Greene 

Mr R Leighlon Greengrass 

Rev & Mrs K L Greenwood 

Mr Lloyd W Grever 

Miss Rtia M Grever 

Mr & Mrs Thomas C Grier 

Mrs Margie Gritlie 

Mrs BeltyM Grillilhs 

Mrs Chen Lee Grillilhs 

Ms LoisK Griggs 

Miss Paula Giigsky 

Miss Calherine W Grimes 

Ms Marlene E Giindle 

Rev Maurice G'indle 

Mrs Daria Rae Groal 

Mr Paul A Grobey 

Ms Elizabeth Groll 

Mrs Virginias GroN 

Miss Gertrude Gromer 

Mr William Grommes 

Mrs Marie Groomes 

Dr & Mrs Marvin Grooms 

Mrs Beverley Gross 

Mr & Mrs Franklin H Gross, III 

Mr Jerry Gross 

Mr & Mrs William B Grovall 

Mr Edward Lee Grubb 

Mr Harold R Gruver 

Mr & Mrs Robert A Guenzlei 

Mr & Mis Robert C Guilloyle 

Mr Melvin Guillaume 

Mrs June Gulbrandsen 

Mr Richard Gulick 

Mrs Ann Gunkel 

Ms AmyL Gunlher 

Or & Mis Frank R N Gurd 

Mr & Mrs Cyrus Gustin 

Mrs Sarah J Gulhne 

Mr & Mrs H Dean Gulshall 

Mrs Mildred Haack 

Mr Russet Haag 

Mr Marlin Habecker 

Mr Roy Habecker 

Mr Edward P Habegger 

Mr & Mrs William Habegger 

Mr & Mrs Oliver Hater 

Mr John J Haggard 

Mr & Mrs Donald W Haglund 

Mr & Mis Victor D Haglund 

Mr Charles Hahn 

Mrs Arlene K Hailley 

Mr & Mrs Richard Haillich 

Mrs Belly A Haimbaugh 

Mr & Mrs Gene L Hainen 

Mr Dennis Hakeman 

Mr 8, Mrs Al E Hall 

Mr & Mrs Donald R Hall 

Mr & Mrs Douglas R Hall 

Mr Eric C Hall 

Dr & Mrs Harry C Hall 

Dr John D Hall 

Mrs Leda Hall 

Mr Wayne R Hall 

Mr Wendell Hall 

Mr & Mrs Wendell D Hall 

Miss Mane B Halla 

Mr Lowell Hallenbeck 

Rev & Mrs Robert S Halletl 

Mrs Judilh A Halley 

MissMarciaE Halvorson 

Mr & Mrs Brian Hamilton 

Mr H H Hamrllon 

Mrs Laverne Hamillon 

Miss Lucy E Hamilton 

Mr & Mrs Richard Hamillon 

Mrs JeanelleW Hammer 

Mr Hairy Hamplon 
Mi Thomas J Hamplon 
Rev Lamoin Hand 
Mr & Mis Philip Lynn Hand 
Mis Agnes Handlelon 
Mi RobeilA Handley 
Mrs Besse Handy 
Mr & Mis Jim Handy 
Mr S Mis John M Handy 
Mrs Kalhryn R Hankrn 
Mr & Mrs Clarence Hannis 
Mr & Mrs C Norman Hansen 
Mrs Dorrs Hansen 
Mr & Mrs Louis P Hansen 
Ms Rulh E Hansen 
Mrs Linda Harbison 
Mr Dean Hardi 
Mr & Mrs Keilh C Haiding 
Mi & Mis Mike Hardwick 
Mr & Mis Thomas Maik Harmon 
Mrs Josephine Harner 
Mr Kennelh Harp 
Mr & Mrs G Thomas Haipei 
Mi Steven Haiper 
Mr & Mrs Alton Harringlon 
Mr & Mrs Bill Harris 
Mr & Mrs John Harris 
Mrs Mary G Harris 
Mr & Mrs Thomas L Harris 
Ms Ann M Harrison 
Mr S Mis Charles R Harrison 
Mr Kenneth M Harrrson 
Mr Ray Harrison 
Mr & Mrs David Harrold 
Mrs ClairissaHarl 
Mr Frank Harl 
Mr John Felix Han 
Mr & Mrs Joseph W Hart, Jr 
Mrs V Jane Hart 
Mr Sieve Harter 
Mr & Mrs Millon Harthan 
Miss Karen Sue Hartman 
Mr Waller I Hartman 
Mrs Dolores Harvey 
Ms Suzanne M Hatclill 
■s Gloria Hallield 

& Mrs F G Haught 

& Mrs Norman E Hauser 

R Slanley Hauser 

John W Havener 

Tom Hawkins 
s Viiginia Hawkins 

5 Mis Dwighl D Hawley 
Lawience Hawley 
Maikl Hayden 

s Edna Hayes 
Kennelh M Hayes 
Stephen A Headley 
Glen Heavilin 

6 Mis Lewis Hebion 
iss Diane E Heck 
s Maiion E Heck 

Daniel R Hedman 
Richaid E Hedman 
Gieg Heeler 

& Mrs James W Heeler 
& Mrs Paul S Heltenlrager 
Martin C Heidlman 
John Heie 

5 Mrs Robert Heindricks 
s Cindy J Heiniger 

4 Mrs Robert L Heller 
Robert Helms 

6 Mrs Emery J Helmulh 
& Mrs Eugene Helton 
& Mrs A P Heminger 
& Mrs Fred J Hemmert 

s Florence Henderson 
s Susan Hendeison 
s Helen Hendiickson 

& Mrs James E Hendrix 
s Alice L Henkle 

Charles J Henry 

John W Henry 

David C Hensel 

& Mrs David Hepner 

Randy Hepner 
s Donna Mae Herget 
Ms MaryE Herman 
s Ruthe M Herrmann 

Alvin M Hershberger 

Edwin S Hershberger 

& Mrs Marc Hershberger 

David Hershey 
s Lynda G Hershey 

Guenlhei Heizog 

Mis MaudieHess 

Mi Robert Hess 

Mi David Helh 

Ms K Heltle 

Mr 4 Mis Maik Hewlell 

Mi &Mrs Philip L Hiall 

Mr John Hiesland 

Mr Howard Hieslei 

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Ml Thomas Jay Highl 

Mi & Mis Alan Hildebiandl 

Miss Lois E Hill 

Mr Todd A Hillard 

Ms Grace C Hillegas 

Mr & Mrs Elwood Hillis 

Mr &Mrs H Dennis Hills 

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Mrs Suzanne Hmkle 

Mr & Mrs Earl Hollman 

Mr S Mrs Earl Roger Hollman 

Mr James M Hollman 

Mr Kennelh Hollman 

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Miss Semina Hollman 

Miss Tiacy Hollman 

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Mrs Jana Lee Holinga 

Mi David R Hogue 

Ms KayL Hogue 

Mi Sleven R Holaday 

Ml Barry HolOen 

Mr Gregory Holden 

Mrs Phyllis J Holden 

Mr Craig Holgrimson 

Mr & Mrs James Holland 

Mis Karen Hotgan 

Mi & Mrs Maurice M Horine 

Mr & Mrs Carl C Hoinei 

Mi Franklin R Horner 

Mr James Horner 

Mi 4 Mis Jesse 8 Homer 

Mrs Sharon K Homey 

Mr 4 Mrs Daniel A Hornish 

Mr 4 Mrs Douglas J Horton 

Mr 4 Mrs Roy D Hoslield 

Mr Einesi Hoslellei 

Mi Roger Houk 

Mr James E House 

Mr 4 Mrs David M Housworth 

Rev Paul £ Housworlh 

Mr 4 Mrs Gerald Houiz 

Mr Kennelh Howard 

Mr Paul Howard 

Walt Campbell, as- 
sociate vice president 
for student develop- 
ment, has served Tay- 
lor University since 
1969. An alumnus of 
Taylor, he has been 
instrumental in estab- 
lishing the school's 
career development 
program and is dean 
of students. He re- 
cently received the 
Student Friend award 
from the Parents' As- 

"Walt is truly a ser- 
vant-leader," says Chip Jaggers, who was vice president for student 
development before he was named vice president for advancement three 
years ago. 

Tom Beers, who also worked for several years with Campbell in student 
development before joining the advancement office, echoes Jaggers' 
comment. "Walt is one-of-a-kind," Beers says, "who more than any other 
staff person exemplifies the spirit of Christian servanthood. He has given 
himself unselfishly to the ministry of nurturing young men and women 
in Christ." 

"He's always willing to go the extra mile," Jaggers adds. "Walt is an 
excellent co-worker who is devoted to his alma mater. He's hard working 
and has a deep love and concern for students." 

"We can all see how Christ has multiplied Walt's gifts of himself 
throughout the lives of our former and present students," Beers con- 

Mr Max Hird 

Mr John Hirt 

Mrs Wilma L Hiscock 

Mr 4 Mrs Myron Hitchens 

Mrs Mary F Hobbs 

Mr 4 Mrs Herbert J Hobson 

Mr 4 Mrs Russell J Hochsleller 

Mr 4 Mrs Tony R Hodge 

Mr 4 Mrs C Jay Hodson 

Ms Nancy M Hoelel 

Mr 4 Mrs Robinson K Hoeler 

Mr 4 Mrs Earl Hoelerkamp 

Mrs Carol Hoel 

Mi 4 Mrs Slanley C Holfacker 

Mi David Holler 

Mr 4 Mrs Leiand H Hoher 

Mr Tim Holler 

Mrs JaneE Holley 

Rev 4 Mrs Roy M Hollopeler 

Mr 4 Mrs William G Holman 

Mr 4 Mrs Danny Holmes 

Mrs Zoe Ann Holmes 

Mr Harvey A Holl 

Mr James A Hollhouse 

Mrs Jamie Holtie 

Ms Helen Holzer 

Mrs Dortha M Homer 

Mr Bruce Hooper 

Mr Dale E Hoopingainer 

Mr Harold J Hoopingarner 

Mr 4 Mrs Phillip G Hop 

Mr Rex Hopper 

Mr 4 Mrs Richard G. Hoppers 

Mrs Susan G Horern 

Mr 4 Mrs Waller L Howard 

Mrs Phyllis Howell 

Dr Nomian HoyI 

Mr James M Hresko 

Mr 4 Mrs Roger H Hubbard 

Mr BienI Hubei 

Ms LauiaJ Hubers 

Mr 4 Mrs Wayne K Hubers 

Mrs Kalhy Hubley 

Mi Claience Hudson 

Mr 4 Mrs Robert R Hull 

Mrs Bertha M Hullman 

Mr Durward Hullman 

Mr 4 Mrs Nalhaniel Hullman 

Mr D W Hulman 

Mr Gordon Huge 

Mr Charles E Hughes 


Mr Oavid A Hughes 

Mr Lawrence R Johnson 

Mr a Mrs E Furman King 

Mr Richard KwasI 

Miss Alberta M Lipscomb 

Dr David R Hughes 

Mrs Lois Johnson 

Mr Guy King 

Mr Rodney B La Grange 

Mr 8 Mrs James W Lipscomb 

Ms Grace Hughes 

Mrs Reba E Johnson 

Mrs Jane F King 

Mr Rodney B La Grange 

Mr S Mrs Huyler Lisk 

Mr Johnny H Hughes. II 

Mr Richard Lee Johnson 

MissJillE King 

Mr & Mrs Leon LaDuke 

Mr Paul D Lister 

Mr Lloyd G Hughes 

Mr Roy M Johnson 

Mr Joseph King 

Mr & Mrs. James R Lacey 

Mrs Carol E. Little 

Mr & Mrs Lee Huizenga 

Mr & Mrs Stanley E Johnson 

Miss Kimberly King 

Mr 8 Mrs Harold D Lacker 

Mr 8 Mrs G Wilbur Little 

Mrs Laura A Hulce 

Mr Steven N Johnson 

Mr 8 Mrs Leroy King 

Mr 8 Mrs Jeffrey L Lacker 

Rev 8 Mrs Wilburt M. Liltrell 

Mr Edward C Hull 

Mr & Mrs Terry W Johnson 

Mr Rick E King 

Mrs Mildred Lacour 

Mr 8 Mrs Gary D Litwiller 

Mr &Mrs William A Humble 

Mr Tim Johnson 

Mr Robert Y N.King 

Mr 8 Mrs Raymond A Lacroix 

Mr 8 Mrs Philip T Lilwiller 

Mr & Mrs Clinton E Hummel 

Mr & Mrs Wayne A Johnson 

Mr Sherman King 

Mr. James Ladd 

Mrs Sheri Litwiller 

Mr Elton Hummel 

Mr &Mrs J Kirk Johnston 

Ms Kelly Kinner 

Mr Donald Lafayette 

Mrs. Billie J Lively 

Mrs. Leta E Hummel 

Mr & Mrs Raymen B Johnston 

Ms Connie A Kinney 

Mrs Vivian Laffin 

Mr & Mrs Harold E. Livingston 

Mrs Christine M Hunt 

Mr Terry Joldpasma 

Mr 8 Mrs John 1 Kinney 

Mr &Mrs Philip A Lahr 

Mrs Linda Livingston 

Mr Max L Hun! 

Mr Barry Jones 

Miss Janet E Kinser 

Mr & Mrs Herbert J Lakemacher 

Mr Don Lixey 

Rev & Mrs Paul R Hunteman 

Mr Daniel F Jones 

Ms Grace E Kinzig 

Mr 8 Mrs Harold S. Lampen 

Mrs Kathleen Lloyd 

Dr & Mrs Cuthberl C Hurd 

Mr 8 Mrs Daniel M. Jones, 111 

Mr & Mrs Stephen A Kiplmger 

Mr Carey D Landis 

Mr 8 Mrs W L Lockard 

Mr Ernest K. HursI 

Mrs Eulalia Jones 

Mrs Carol Kirk 

Mr 8 Mrs David V Landry 

Mr a Mrs Roger R Loetgren 

Mr Ivan Huser 

Mr Harold A Jones 

Miss Linda Kitchen 

Mr 8 Mrs Harold E Lane 

Mr Waller Loehr 

MissKimberlyL Husereau 

Mr 8 Mrs Howard E Jones 

Mrs. Marilyn Kite 

Mr Jellrey Lane 

Mrs Catherine Loewen 

Mr & Mrs Walter W Huss 

Mr J Phillip Jones 

Mr R Dale Kitley 

Mr Clarence Langdon 

Mr a Mrs Dennis R Logan 

Mr Stewart Husted 

Mr 8 Mrs Jesse Jones 

Mrs Helen Kilson 

Rev 8 Mrs Edward H Langdon 

Mr a Mrs Bruce K Long 

Ut Robert W Hutchinson 

Miss Josephine Jones 

Mr 8 Mrs Thomas Kizer 

Mr Roy E Langdon 

Mr Charles Long 

Mrs Susan Kay Hutchinson 

Miss Marie Jones 

Mr 8 Mrs Peter E Klaasesz 

Mr & Mrs Timothy Langel 

Mr Dale Long 

Mr & Mrs J Scott Hutchison 

Mrs Mary Jones 

Mr 8 Mrs A M Klahn 

Mr Gary Langenwalter 

Mr 8 Mrs H C Long 

Mr DaleHutson 

Mrs Mary E Jones 

Mr & Mrs Neal Klelss 

Mrs Jean L Lantz 

Mr Howard Long 

Mr & Mrs R Wayne Hulson 

Mr & Mrs Milton Jones 

Mr & Mrs Richard L Klelss 

Mr & Mrs Fred M Laprad 

Mr a Mrs Slanley D Long 

Mrs, Joyce E Huyetl 

Mr Randy Jones 

Mr Arthur J Kleppinger 

Mrs Kay L Larimer 

Mr a Mrs William D Long 

Mr & Mrs Joseph P Iniranco 

Mr Richard P Jones 

Mr Douglas R Kline 

Mrs Susan E Larkin 

Mrs Mary Lou Lonie 

Mrs. Wi Ida Ingram 

Mr Trent A Jones 

Mr & James D Kline 

Mr Patrick Lamed 

Miss Mary E Lontz 

Mrs juanita R Ingvaldson 

Mr William F Jones 

Mr 8 Mrs Jonathan R Kline 

Mrs Pameta Larnson 

Mr Alan Loomis 

Mr David loder 

Miss Winnie Jones 

Mr Kenneth Kline 

Mr Theodore Larnson 

Mrs Donna Lorenc 

Mr Clayton Irmeger 

Ms Addle Jonson 

Mrs Marie Kline 

Mrs Dawn Larsen 

Mr 8 Mrs John J Lorence 

Mr Steven R Irvin 

Mr C Richard Jordan 

Mr Richard Kline 

Mr 8 Mrs Martin Larsen 

Mr ChnslianJ Losch 

Ms Virginia A Jacklin 

Ms JanisA Joshlin 

Mr Woodrow Klinger 

Mr 8 Mrs Clark R Larson. Jr 

Mr a Mrs Don V. Lostulter 

Mr 8, Mrs David G Jackson 

Mr SMrs C Gary Jost 

Mr 8 Mrs James N. Kloosira 

Mr 8 Mrs Richard F Lash 

Mrs. Sandra L. Loveli 

Mrs Dorothy C Jackson 

Mr James Jost 

Mr 8 Mrs Calvin G Kloptenstein 

Mr John Lasure. Jr 

Ms Jennifer Loven 

Miss Eleanor S Jackson 

Mr & Mrs Harold L Jourdan 

Mrs Mary Kloplenslein 

Mr 8 Mrs Joseph Lathrop 

Mr a Mrs Gilbert Lowe 

Mr & Mrs Frederick P Jackson 

Miss Barbara Jousma 

Mrs Susan Kloplenslein 

Ms Helen M Lalz 

Mr Greg Lowe 

Mr & Mrs John K Jackson 

Mr 8Mrs William J Jouver 

Mr & Mrs James A Klyne 

Mr 8 Mrs Robert B Laughman 

Mr a Mrs Harry Lubansky 

Mr SMrs MaxW Jackson 

Mrs Margaret T Juberg 

Mr 8 Mrs. Herbert A. Knapp 

Mr Donald R. Lautzenheiser 

Mrs Marcla A Lubansky 

Mrs Phyllis A Jackson 

Mrs Mary E Judson 

Mr 8 Mrs Donald R Knase 

Mrs Norma Lavanchy 

Mr 8 Mrs Ronald J. Lubbers 

Mr & Mrs Walter S Jackson 

Mr H G Juillard 

Mr John Knight 

Mr Gail Law 

Miss Sara G, Lubbers 

Mr 8, Ivlrs Kenan Jacobi 

Mr 8 Mrs Jonjuoia 

Rev 8 Mrs C Robert Knisely 

Miss Lura Lawrenz 

Mrs Betty Jo Lucas 

Ms Eleanor Jacobs 

Mrs LilaJuslinger 

Mr James Knoblock 

Mr JetlreyS Layne 

Ms Laura V Lucas 

Mrs Helen Jacobsen 

Mr Alexander Justus 

Miss Dorothy Knowles 

Mr 8 Mrs Paul D LePor 

Mr Merton Luce 

Mr SMrs Jacob Jacobsen 

Mrs Gladys Kahler 

Mr 8 Mrs MerieG Knox 

Mr Leonard C LeSourd 

Mr a Mrs Robert D Luce 

Mr & Mrs John M Jacobsen 

Mr Seth Kaiser 

Mrs Judith Knudsen 

Mrs Elaine Leach 

Mrs Roberta R Ludwick 

Mr & Mrs Neil E Jacobsen 

Mr William P Kaminski 

Mr & Mrs Harry Knulsen 

Miss Mary Mclemore Leach 

Senator Richard G Lugar 

Dr 8, Mrs ArlynW Jacobus 

Miss Mary Kamp 

Ms Joanne D Koan 

Mrs Joan Leaman 

Mr a Mrs Charles Lugbill 

Mrs. Judy Jacobus 

Mrs Jane Karl 

Mr Slanley Kobayashi 

Mrs Deanna Leander 

Mr 8 Mrs Edward Lugbill 

Mr & Mrs Russell E Jaderholm 

Mr 8 Mrs Harold M Karls 

Mrs Anette Koch 

Mr 8 Mrs Thomas J Leary 

Mrs Sandra Lugbill 

Mr Richard Jalte 

Ms Frances E Karr 

Mr 8 Mrs Max P Kochensparger 

Mr & Mrs Ted A Leas 

Dr Howard M Luginbill 

Mr & Mrs C R daggers, Jr 

Rev & Mrs John C Kastelein 

Miss Jean Koenig 

Mr Gary Leath 

Mrs. Karen Luginbill 

Mr & Mrs Theodore M Jahn 

Mrs Carran Kallmann 

Mr & Mrs Michael P Koenig 

Mr & Mrs Bob Lee 

Mrs. Ruth Luginbill 

Rev 8, Mrs James P James 

Mr Robert Kautlman 

Mr Richard Koenig 

Mr 8 Mrs Charles R. Lee 

Mrs. D Joan Luginbuhl 

Mr & Mrs Jimmie A James 

Mr & Mrs Calvin R Kaufman 

Mr Keith Kohout 

Mr 8 Mrs Herbert Lee 

Mr a Mrs Gregory E Luke 

Mr Jimmie A James 

Mr 8 Mrs Lloyd Kaufman 

Miss Carta Koontz 

Dr 8 Mrs James K Lee 

Mrs Mary M Lundell 

Mrs Lucy A James 

Mrs Oianne Kay 

Dr. W A Koontz 

Mrs Mildred K Lee 

Mr. Mark LundquisI 

Mr 8. Mrs Charles R Jarrad 

Mr 8 Mrs. Jerry L. Keen 

Mrs Helga Kopp 

Mr Nicholas Leep 

Mr a Mrs Michael Lunslord 

Mr Ronjarvi 

Mr David Keenan 

Mr Wilton Korpi 

Mr David Lett 

Mr a Mrs Marvin L Lutterman 

Mr Merle Jeflery 

Mrs Lynn Keenan 

Mr William KorsI, Sr 

Mr 8 Mrs Douglas C Lehman 

Mrs. Diane K Lybarger 

Dr M A Jehanyar 

Mr & Mrs Howard F Keene 

Mr Timothy Kosfarolf 

Mr Emerson Lehman 

Mr William Lynch 

Mr James D Jettison 

Mrs Barbara Keener 

Mr &Mrs 8 Mrs Gregory J Kovach 

Mr & Mrs Jerry L Lehman 

Mr Harvey T Lyon 

Mr & Mrs Louis Jenkinson 

Mr 8 Mrs Kent V Keener 

Mr & Mrs Michael T Koval 

Mr Kent A Lehman 

Mr S Lyons 

Mrs Betty A Jennings 

Mr Steven W Keesling 

Mr Kevin Kraay 

Mr 8 Mrs M David Lehman 

Mr BarryJ. Lyile 

Mrs Marilyn L Jennings 

Mr 8 Mrs Donald P Kegarise 

Mrs Melva C Kraekel 

Miss P La Dene Lehman 

Mr Chester LyIle 

Mrs Linda S Jerele 

Mrs Shirley J Keith 

Mr Thomas Kralt 

Mrs Pauline M Lehman 

Mr a Mrs Ronald E Mabry 

Mr Roger W Jeremiah 

Mr Clitford Keizer 

Mr JackKraklan 

Mr David W Lemen 

Mrs Vat Mane MacLeish 

Mr &Mrs DwighlJessup 

Mr 8 Mrs Charles L Keller 

Mrs Rebecca Krai 

Mr Lloyd Lemke 

Mr 8 Mrs Donald MacVean 

Mr & Mrs George G Jelter 

Mrs Grace Keller 

Mr 8 Mrs George F Kramer 

Mr Chet Leonard 

Mrs Bobbie Mack 

Mrs Eleanor Job 

Mr & Mrs Jim A Keller 

Mr 8 Mrs Douglas W Krantz 

Mr Donald Leonard 

Mr a Mrs John D Mack 

Mr SMrs D Delbert Johannes 

Rev 8 Mrs Joseph D Keller 

Mr Thomas Kralzer 

Mrs Jane Ann Leonard 

Mrs. Ann Mackenzie 

Mr & Mrs Allen M Johannesen 

Mr 8 Mrs Harold F Kelley 

Mrs Carol Rose Krause 

Miss Rachel RLescelius 

Mrs. Nancy Mackenzie 

Mrs Mildred M Johannides 

Mr 8 Mrs W M Kelley 

Miss Ann EKrebs 

Mrs AurillaS Lesley 

Mr James 8 Maddox 

Mr & Mrs Johan A. Johansen 

Mr 8Mrs Charles RKelsay 

Mr 8 Mrs Robert L Kregel 

Mrs Linda Lesser 

Mr William Maddox 

Mr BrenlJohansson 

Mr Joseph Keltner 

Mrs Suzaone Kregel 

Mr 8 Mrs Blaine E Lester 

Ms Dora Magee 

Mr Garry L Johns 

Mr Jon Kemp 

Mr Billy Kreider 

Mrs Linda Lester 

Mr Don Maggarl 

Ms Helen Johns 

Mrs Jeannelte A Kenline 

Mr Rodney Krell 

Mr William Lewelling 

Mr a Mrs Tim Mahaffey 

Mr &Mrs John Johns 

Mr Kenneth Kennedy 

Mr Lawrence Kreps 

Mr Gordon Lewin 

Mr Michael N Mahoney 

Mr & Mrs Paul C Johnsen 

Mr Leroy E Kennel 

Mr 8 Mrs Jon A, Kreykes 

Mr 8 Mrs Anthony Q Lewis 

Mr a Mrs Thomas F Mahoney 

Mrs Bessie Johnson 

Mrs Carol Kent 

Mr Dale Krinn 

Mr Brian Lewis 

Mr James G Matey 

Mr 8 Mrs Carl G Johnson 

Mrs Kristin Keplar 

Mrs Harold J Kroeker 

Mr 8 Mrs Lowell D Lewis 

Mrs Margaret C Malletle 

Mr 5 Mrs Charles W Johnson 

Mr & Mrs Charles K. Kern 

Mr Ludwig Kroger 

Mr Stanley R Lewis 

Mrs Linda Malmslrom 

Mrs Dons A Johnson 

Mr 8 Mrs Richard E Kern 

Mr 8 Mrs Walter W Kroll 

Miss Martelle Ley 

Mr a Mrs James E Maizi 

Ms Doris L Johnson 

Mr 8 Mrs Robert D Kern 

Mrs Nancy Krueger 

Mr CarlL Lichtenberger 

Mrs Dorothy G Manglitz 

Mr & Mrs Earl K. Johnson 

Mr 8 Mrs Robert Kemey 

Miss Pearl M Krueger 

Mrs Carolyn R Liechty 

Mrs. Shirley R Manhart 

Mrs Eddh Johnson 

Mr 8 Mrs John C Kester 

Mrs. Ann F Krug 

Mr 8 Mrs Clifford Liechty 

Mrs. Donna Mann 

Ms Edna M Johnson 

Mr Lawrence Kester 

Mrs Virginia Kruschwitz 

Mr Rodney W Liechty 

Mr Jerald E Mann 

Mr & Mrs Ellsworth Johnson 

Mrs Gladys Ketcham 

Mrs Holly Kuhn 

Mrs Verna E Liechty. Trust 

Mr a Mrs Thomas M. Marcuccilli 

Mr & Mrs George A Johnson 

Dr 8 Mrs Herbert C Khalouf 

Mr & Mrs Larry R Kuhn 

Mr L R Lielzke 

Mr Barry S Marcus 

Mr & Mrs Harlan Johnson 

Mrs Jeanne Kilbourne 

Mr 8 Mrs John A Kuiper 

Mr Wilberl Lightle 

Mr James R Mariani 

Mrs Jane Johnson 

Mr & Mrs Rex S Kile 

Miss Joan C Kuipers 

Mr GaryLindau 

Mr a Mrs Eric J Marker 

Ms Jessica Johnson 

Mrs Bealrice K Killip 

Mr Steve Kumter 

Mr 8 Mrs Arthur Lindell 

Mrs Louise Marling 

Mr 8i Mrs John A Johnson 

Miss Edith CKillip 

Mr David Kuneli 

Ms Rulh E Lines 

Mr F E Marguard 

Ms Kelly Jo Johnson 

Mr 8 Mrs Ronald Kimery 

Mr & Mrs Timothy D Kunkel 

Mrs Vangie Linn 

Mr a Mrs John T Marsden 

Ms Kimberly K Johnson 

Mr Ralph Kindinger 

Mr & Mrs Raymond R Kurtz 

Ms Jeanelte Lintermuth 

Mr a Mrs Albert E Martin 


Mr t, Mrs David L Marlin 

Mf Maivin Metzlei 

Dr John A Mulder 

Mr William Nichols 

Mr & Mrs George 8 Orchard 

Rev Marvin Marlin 

Mi 5 Mrs Richard G Metzler 

Mr & Mrs Ronald D Mulder 

Ml Gary Nicholson 

Mr Elmci T Osbeig 

Mr & Mrs Michael Marlin 

Mr & Mrs Harold R Meyer 

Mr John D Mullen 

Ml & Mis David M Niednagel 

Mis Mailenc Osborn 

Mr Steven fl Marlin 

Mi & Mrs Eugene K Meyers 

Mr & Mrs Elmer F Mullei 

Ml & Mis Eail Nielsen 

Mr David E Osterhaven 

Mr Thomas Martin 

Mr & Mrs Albeit S Michalczyk 

Mr H Aithui Mullei 

Dr & Mis Charles M. Nies 

Mr & Mrs Timothy Osteiman 

Mrs Vuria Martin 

Mis Belly Michel 

Mi DonMundy 

Mis Julia Nilsen 

Mis Kaien K Oswalt 

Mr & Mrs Ernest R Martinage 

Ml Stanley W Middleswoith 

Mi Si Mis Noiian Mundy 

Mrs Ruth Ellen Nilsen 

Mrs Barbara H Ott 

Mr James Marvin 

Miss Sherry L Mielke 

Mis Alviia Muibach 

Mrs Selma Nilsen 

Mr Si Mrs Donald E Ott 

Mrs Cetia Maixer 

Mr Malthew Milam 

Mi & Mis Robeil E Muiphy 

Ms Marguerite NishwiU 

Mr Edgar Oil 

Miss Barbara Mason 

Mr & Mrs Allen W Milbuin 

Mi GeoigeM Murray 

Mr JohnW Nitz 

Mrs Evelyn Ottingei 

Mr Barry Mason 

Mr & Mrs Joe H Miley 

Mrs Helen L Murray 

Mr & Mrs Dale R Nilzsche 

Mi David L Otto 

Mr S Mrs Roger C Mason 

Mrs Sherryn Miley 

Mrs Patricia A Murry 

Mrs Margaret Niver 

Ms Noia 1 Oudeikiik 

Mr Sherman Massie 

Mrs A Pauline Miller 

Mr &Mrs RayA Muslon 

Mr &Mrs Louis Noble 

Mr & Mis Paul B Oveiland 

Mr Robert J Massongill 

Mrs Alice Miller 

Mr & Mrs Burton H Myers 

Mr Stanley Noieen 

Mi & Mis Thomas E Oveiman 

Mis Diane Maslin 

Mrs Arlene Millei 

Mr & Mrs Ernest R Myers 

Mr Carl Norris 

Mis Mildred D Owen 

Mr R G Malhew 

Mr & Mrs Bernard W Mrllei 

Mrs Maria Myers 

Mrs Chailene Noriis 

Mr Uwe Pabst 

Mr & Mrs Norman K Mathews 

Ms Betty Jane Miller 

Ms Janel A Nace Mr Si Mrs Kennelh 

Mis LaVonneR Noiiis 

Mr Si Mrs Gary Lee Pace 

Mr & Mis Roberl Malhews 

Mr Carl G Miller 


Mr Dale Norton 

Mr Brett R Packard 

Mrs CharleneR Mathias 

Mr Chester H Miller 

Mr & Mrs William R Mathls 
Mr & Mrs G W Malhison 

Mr Ernest Miller 

Mr Eugene C Millei.Jr 


Dr Si Mathison 
Mr Danny L Malhus 

Mrs Evelyn R Miller 
Mr Gerald L Miller 

Lois Weed is currently senior faculty menr\ber at Taylor University, 

Mrs Yoiiko Matsubaia 
Miss Deborah F Matsumoto 

Mr Glenn Miller 
Mr H Richard Miller 

having joined the colle 

ge staff in 1 953. As assistant librarian, she has come 

Mr S Mis Charles L Matthew 
Mr Dale Matthews 

Mr S Mrs Herbert C Miller 
Mr 8, Mis Herbeit L Miller 

in contact with thousands of students and faculty members during the 

Mr Steven D Matthews 

Mr & Mis Howard R Miller 

past four decades. 


Ml & Mrs M E Maltson 
Mr RoyV Maxson 
Mrs Deborah Maxwell 
Mr & Mrs Keith P Maxwell 

Mr James D Millei 
Ms Joanna L Millei 
Mr & Mrs John F Miller 
Mrs Josephine E Millei 

"In her many years of service to Taylor 


University, Lois Weed has graciously 

Mis Margaret L May 
Mr & Mrs William H May 
Mr Michael G Mayes 

Mis Kaien Millei 

Mi & Mis Laiiy David Millei 

Miss Linda L Millei 


given her knowledge, time and talent to 
students, faculty and staff alike," says 

Ms MiliJred McAllister 
Mr 8, Mrs C Rex Mc Donald 

Ml Si Mis Noiman B Miller 
Mr & Mrs Norman E Miller 



Laurie Wolcott, technical services librar- 

Mr Thomas G, McCabe 

Mr Phillip Ed Miller 


ian. "Her giving and caring attitude en- 

Mrs Janice R McClain 

Mr Si Mrs Ronald C Millei 

Mjll A 

■J* *; 

Mr Robert McClelland 

Oi Sarah E Millei 

courages library patrons with more than 

Mr Danorn McCluie 
Mrs Elma McClure 

Ms Sarah J Miller 
Mrs Virginia Millei 

HwBI^B* ^^ ^^^v ^^^ 


the raw materials which she helps them 

Mr & Mrs Teiiy McCluie 
Mr Maili McConnell 

Mrs Lydia Millhislei 
Mr Sam Milliner 

find on library shelves. She is a great asset 

Mr William B McCormick 

Mr i, Mrs Clyde E Millington 

■HHIL fln^"''*'^'^ 

-.i.'<M' y j 

to the Taylor community." 

Rev Howard W McCracken 

Mr & Mrs David K Mills 

P»HBWBb^^BBL. ^ ti 


Mr & Mrs John Wilson McCiacken 

Mr Si Mrs Karl J Mitchell 

■IB IHf^^HHl^Sl 

"She is a totally competent and caring 

Mr & Mrs Michael A McCrae 
Mrs Lynda McCroskery 

Mr James Miltlesledt 
Mr Harold Moe 


professional," says David Dickey, direc- 

Ml Lee E McCullough 
Mr Gene McCullum 

Mr S Mis Call W Moellering 
Mi & Mis Howaid Moeschberger 



tor of Zondervan Library. "The Taylor 

Ml & Mrs Paul L McCuiley 

Mi & Mrs Robert A Moltetl 

WMI I i 

library's excellent reputation for service is 

Ml Chailes F McDonald 
Mr & Mrs H. W McDonald 

Mi & Mis Clous E Mohundio 
Mrs Linda Moii 

mLi It 


personified in Lois and her dedication to 

Mrs Joanne McFarland 
Mr Peter A McGarr 

Mr S Mrs John J Mokma 
Mr & Mrs Joseph A Molello 

\ 1 

the Taylor community." 

Mr Richard H McGee 

Mr & Mrs Warren E McGee 

Mi Jon R Money 
Di James E Moneyhun 


Mrs Rhoda C McGinnis 

Mis John W Montoil 

Ms Anna Nader 

Ml Jules Novak 

Mr Thomas A Page 

Mr James McGuiie 

Miss Amy R Monioe 

Mi & Mrs Bradley Nakamura 

Mr & Mrs Jerry L Null 

Mr Kennelh Pahmeier 

Mrs Virgil McGuire 

Mis Lonnie Jo Montgomeiy 

Mr & Mis Milburn R Nanlz 

Mr Elroy Nussbaum 

Mrs Ruby Pailthorp 

Miss Mary F McHatlie 

Mr Si Mrs William C Moor 

Mr S Mrs Larry R Narup 

Mr Reuben Nussbaum 

Mr James R Palmer 

Mr & Mrs George C Mcintosh 

Ms Betty M Moore 

Ml & Mrs Paul Nathe 

Mrs Sandi Nussbaum 

Ms RubyL Palmei 

Mr & Mrs Ray Gary Mcintosh 

Mr Si Mrs Chester R Moore 

Mr James M Naughlon 

Rev & Mrs T L Nussbaum 

Ml Si Mis Call R Pancake 

Mr Charles Mclntyre 

Mr & Mrs Clyde W Moore 

Mr Paul Nederveld 

Mrs Violet Nussbaum 

Mi Si Mis Ray P Pannabeckei 

Mr & Mrs C David McKay 

Mis Eleanor D Mooie 

Mr James N Needier 

Mr Si Mrs Donald Nullle 

Ml Si Mis Max G Papazian 

Mr 8, Mrs Bill McKean 

Mi GaiyJ Mooie 

Mr Si Mrs Roberl C Neel 

Mr Si Mrs Paul R C Nyberg 

Miss Diane L Papke 

Mrs Ella R McKee 

Mi Si Mis Lawience A Mooie 

Mrs Esther E Neely 

Mrs Jane H Nyman 

Ml S Mis Robert R Paik 

Col Jerry L McKenzie, (Ret) 

Miss Deloies Mooiman 

Mr Bruce G Neer 

Mr Richard J OBnen 

Mrs Linda S Parker 

Mrs Madelaine McKinney 

Mi & Mis Allen M Moigan 

Mr Si Mrs Donald GNeill 

Mr Roberl J O'Brien 

Ml & Mrs Richard C Parks 

Miss Mary-Elizabeth McLean 

Miss Deloies A Moigan 

Mr David H Nelson 

MissWilmaA O'Kane 

Ml Si Mrs Wayne L Parks 

Mrs WilmaD McMahan 

Mr & Mrs Donald Morgenweck 

Mrs Donna M Nelson 

Mr S Mrs W E ONeal 

Miss Ruth L Parrolt 

Mr & Mrs Tiacey R McMillan 

Mi Kevin P Moiilz 

Mr Gerald P Nelson 

Miss Shirley J O'Vadka 

Mr James M Parsons 

Mr & Mrs Thomas A McMurtry 

Mi & Mis John Moiiill 

Mr Si Mrs Jack N Nelson 

Mr &Mis William R M Oakley 

Mr & Mrs Kenneth R Parsons 

Mrs Marcia McNamara 

Mi Glenn Morris 

Mr Si Mrs Mike Nelson 

Mr TerranceOban 

Mis Lydia H Patchen 

Mr Ronald S McNeill 

Mr & Mrs John C Moriis 

Mr Paul Nelson 

Mrs Betty L Obendoil 

Mi & Mis John E Patteison 

Mr Jerry McOueary 

Mr & Mrs Joseph Morris 

Mr Samuel Nelson 

Mis Leah M Obeihollzer 

Mi Leon Patteison 

Ml & Mis Hansel McQuinn 

Mr Kevin Morris 

Mrs Susan F Nelson 

Mr S Mrs Hal C Obeiholzer 

Mis Janel M Patlison 

Mrs Sandy McQuinn 

Mrs LisaG Morns 

Mr Si Mrs Palmei L Ness 

Ml George T Oborn 

Mis Baibaia L Paul 

Mr Morton McShurley 

Mis Shaion Moms 

Mi David Nellekoven 

Mr & Mis Doiiell Ochs 

Miss Jane W Paulsen 

Mr William McUmber 

Mi & Mis James R Moseley 

Mis Cheiyl A Neu 

Mr Jimmie D Ochs 

Mi David V Paulson 

Mrs Cynthia Meade 

Mrs Florence Mosei 

Ml & Mis Ladd K Neudeck 

Mr Timothy Oesterling 

Mi & Mis Maik Pavely 

Mr & Mrs Daniel R Meadows 

Mr Meile Moser, Ji 

Ml Ellis Neuenschwandei 

Ml S Mrs Arnold T Ottedal 

Mis Cathein Paxton 

Mr & Mrs Robert Dallas Mehl 

Mr Merle D Moser 

Ml Loien Neuenschwandei 

Miss Kristine Ottedal 

Mi Robeit Paxton 

Mr John A Melhorn 

Mr & Mis Novitas Moser 

Mi Lynn Neuenschwandei 

Ms LisaOgren 

Mis Agnes Payne 

Mr t, Mrs Arlie R Mellon 

Mr & Mrs Winston Moser 

Mi Wilbeit Neuenschwandei 

Mr & Mrs Harry Oldenbusch 

Mi BiianG Peach 

Mrs BerniceM Melzei 

Mr & Mis Donald K Mosher 

Miss Bonnie 1 Neuhousei 

Mi Kuit Olivei 

Mi David J Peaiah 

Mr & Mis Paul Mendenhall 

Mr &Mrs GaryG Mosier 

Miss K Loiiaine Neuhousei 

Mis Sandia Olivei 

Miss Janel G Peaison 

Mr Phillip Meredith 

Mr & Mrs Harry Moshei 

Rev Si Mrs Vemon E Nevil 

Mi Paikei E OIney 

Mis Relda Pearson 

Mrs Karen W Merrick 

Mr Mel R Mosier 

Mr &Mrs Chailes W Newell 

Mrs &Mrs Arthur J Olsen 

Ml S Mrs Noiman W Peck 

Mr Philip Mertens 

Mrs Sandra Mot; 

Mr D Eric Newman 

Mi Si Mrs Olav B Olsen 

Mi Dean Pedeisen 

Mis Sue Merz 

Mr Si Mrs Richard Mousty 

Mr Rick D Newman 

Mr & Mrs Roy Olsen 

Mr S Mrs Lial D Pedeison 

Ml David Messenger 

Mr William R Mowles 

Mr VestonNewsom 

Mrs Sally Olsen 

Ml S Mis Allan L Pedigo 

Ml Edwin Messeischmidl 

Miss Louise R Mueller 

Ms Helen L Newlon 

Mr & Mrs Sigurd Olsen 

Ml William H Peeiman 

Mr Coburn Metcalt 

Mr Si Mrs Donald J Muilenburg 

Mrs Bienda Nichols 

Mr Walter Olsen 

Mis Wanda Pellon 

Mr Sleven Melz 

Mr & Mrs G J Muldei 

Mrs Vikki L Nichols 

Mrs Mara Lee Olson 

Ml & Mis Haiold G Penne 


Mr Abe Penrter 

Mr William E Raese 

Mr 8 Mrs Benny Roberts 

Mr 8 Mrs Albert Sands 

Dr James E Shaw 

Mr & Mrs Oann R Perigo 

Mr & Mrs Lloyd E Rager 

Mr 8 Mrs Gerald L Roberts 

Mr. Carroll Sands 

Mr & Mrs Paul Shearer, Jr 

Mr & Mrs Roger Perkins 

Mr & Mrs. Edward Rahn 

Mr & Mrs H P Roberts 

Rev & Mrs James Saunders 

Mr Francis J Sheeran 

Mrs Elizabeth Persons 

Mrs Patricia L Rahn 

Mr Herbert R Roberts 

Mr S Mrs James C Sawyer 

Mr Donald Shettler 

Mrs Madonna Persons 

Mr C Daniel Raisch 

Mr 8. Mrs Lawrence Kay Roberts 

Mr Wane Sawyer 

Mr & Mrs Donald G Sheldon 

Dr & Mrs Lynn A Pestle 

Mrs Daria M Ralston 

Mr S Mrs. Leverne Roberts 

Ms Susan L Saxon 

Mr Ronnie L Shell 

Mr S Mrs Lowell A Peters 

Mr & Mrs John W Ralston 

Mr 8 Mrs Oswald Roberts 

Mr & Mrs Terry L Saxsma 

Mrs Eleanor Shelley 

t^rs Hermina Puck Petersen 

Miss Irene M Ramsay 

Miss Una Roberts 

Mr 8 Mrs William G Saxton 

Mr James Shelley 

Mr & Mrs Robert L Petersen 

Mrs Sherry Ramsay 

Mr & Mrs Don A Robinson 

Mr 8 Mrs. Frank Sayovilz 

Mr 8 Mrs Willard Shepard 

Ui i Mrs Donald H Peterson 

Mr & Mrs Larry A Ramsey. Jr 

Mrs Eula B Robinson 

Mrs Bobbie Scea 

Mr 8 Mrs Dean Shepherd 

Mr Glenn F Peterson 

Mr 8 Mrs Harold E Ranke 

Dr 8 Mrs Leo A. Robinson 

Mr 8 Mrs Bert Schaeler 

Mr Jon A Sherberg 

Mrs Isabelle B. Peterson 

Mr Raymond Rannow 

Miss Mary E Robinson 

Mr 8 Mrs Virgil L Schaeter 

Mrs Ruby Bernice Shertick 

Mr James Peterson 

Mrs Mary Kay Ransbotlom 

Mr William B Robinson 

Ms Jane A Schaler 

Mr 8 Mrs Harold E Shergold 

Mr Len Peterson 

Mrs Mildred Ransboitom 

Mr 8 Mrs Gerald E Rocke 

Mr Fred Scharringhausen 

Miss Fay Sherman 

Mrs Lorna Peterson 

Miss Evelyn H Rapp 

Mrs Ronda L Rockey 

Mr & Mrs. William D Scherer 

Mr Charles D Shickley 

Mr 8, Mrs Richard L Peterson 

Rev & Mrs John E Rasey 

Mr William E Roddy 

Mr David H Scheri 

Mr Dennis P Shields 

Mr 8, Mrs William E Peterson 

Mrs Katherine A, Rathjen 

Mr & Mrs Craig R Rode 

Mr & Mrs G Edward Schermerhorn 

Mr & Mrs Lonard B Shields 

Mr Jerry Peine 

Mr & Mrs David G Ratlilt 

Mr 8 Mrs James S Roden 

Or 8 Mrs Roberts Schindler 

Mr Ronald Shoat 

Mr BeniaminJ Petros 

Mr Thomas Martin Ratlill 

Ms Gayl Rodgers 

Mr 8 Mrs Maurice Schippers 

Mrs Donna M Shoemaker 

Mr 8, Mrs Glenn Petty 

Mrs Vila Ratzlatt 

Mr Thomas R. Rodgers 

Miss Ruth Schjeveland 

Mrs Mary Jane Shore 

Mr & Mrs Ralph E PfatI 

Mr & Mrs Clyde E Rauch, Sr 

Mr 8 Mrs Gary Roehr 

Mr Gerald Schleinitz 

Mr 8 Mrs Mark E Showalter 

Mr S Mrs Edward PInister 

Mr Thomas Rauckhorst 

Mr Harold E Roelots 

Mr & Mrs Byron G Schlemmer 

Mr &Mrs Jerry W Shreves 

Mr Calvin Philhower 

Miss Frances B Ray 

Mr & Mrs Darryt D Rogers 

Mr S Mrs S E Schlemmer 

Mr & Mrs Richard H Shroyer 

Mr & Mrs DeVon A. Phillips 

Mrs SuZane Ray 

Mr 8 Mrs James J Rogers 

Mr Bob Schloemer 

Mr Maurice A Shugart 

Mrs Patricia Phillips 

Mrs Mary Raymond 

Mr John R Rogers 

Mr MarkSchtupp 

Mrs Beulah Shultz 

Mr Roberto Phillips 

Mrs Ruth Raymond 

Mr Robert Rogers 

Mr. LerpySchmelz 

Mrs. Karol Sleler 

Mr SMrs Walter T Phillips 

Mr 8 Mrs Pete A Razo 

Mr Paul Rohart 

Mr Kevin D Schmidt 

Mrs Jacguellne M Siegel 

Mr Craig M Phythyon 

Drs Richard and Rebecca Haak 

Mr 8 Mrs J R. Rohrer 

Dr Raymond Schmidt 

Dr 8 Mrs. Calvin J Siegers 

Mr Daniel A Pichea 

Mr Scott M Rebiger 

Mr Raymond Rooks 

Mr Steven C Schmidt 

Mr Donald Silvis 

Mr Richard Pickermg 

Mrs Dorothy M Redding 


Mr Wilbur G Schmidt 

Mr & Mrs Brian J Simmons 

Mr RayPicklo 

Mr 8Mts AlvinLeroyRediget 

Mr John Roosmalen 

Mr Richard Schoen 

Mrs Shirley W Simms 

Mrs EmmalineJ Pierce 

Ms Donna June Rediger 

Ms Catherine Rorabaugh 

Mr C S Schoenhals 

Mr & Mrs LewisJ Simpkms 

Mr Eugene W Pierce, III 

Miss Frieda Rediger 

Ms Lucinda Rorabaugh 

Mr & Mrs Gary Lee Scholten 

Mrs Jacguelyn Sinclair 

Mr Brooks Piter 

Miss Elizabeth T Redrow 

Mr &Mrs Stanley A Rose. Jr. 

Mr John Schoonmaker 

Mrs Gerri Siner 

Mr & Mrs Kenneth Pile 

Mr C Gail Reece 

Rev 8 Mrs J W Rosenberger 

Ms Leona M Schrag 

Mr 8 Mrs Darreil Singer 

Mr 8, Mrs Encil Pinder 

Mrs. Marilyn Reece 

Mrs Pauline Rosenow 

Mrs Barbara Schramm 

Mr & Mrs Paul L Singer 

Mr 8, Mrs Percy Pinder 

Mr James Reed 

Mr 8, Mrs Verlyn R Roskam 

Mr & Mrs Donald A Schramm 

Mr 8 Mrs Richard Skinner 

Mr & Mrs Manuel Pino 

Mr Paul B Reed 

Mrs Barbara Ross 

Mr Brian Schrauger 

Mr 8 Mrs Robert K Skolrood 

Mr Louis C Pippin 

Mrs Gertrude Regier 

Mr Eugene Ross 

Mr Michael Schreibeis 

Miss Etinore E Slagg 

Mrs Oiana Place 

Mr Gary Rehm 

Mr & Mrs Irvine E Ross 

Mr 8 Mrs Jerry Schreur 

Mr Thomas L Slamans 

Mrs Joyce Plants 

Mr Terry Reichard 

Mr & Mrs Harold Rosser 

Mrs Mazie E Scbrimshaw 

Mr 4 Mrs Keith A Slaughter 

Mr A E Platte 

Mr S Mrs Bonnie Reid 

Mr Paul G Roslvit 

Mr 8 Mrs David Schrock 

Mr & Mrs. Edward Slaybaugh 

Mrs Karen Platte 

Dr & Mrs James D Reid 

Mr David Roth 

Mr Edwin Schroeder 

Mr Albert Slentz 

Mr 8, Mrs Stanley Plesko 

Mr John Reidenbach 

Mr 8 Mrs Donald W Roth 

Ms Malinda Schroeder 

Mr &Mrs Eugene J. Stoma 

Mr 8i Mrs Edwin Plueddemann 

Mr Russel Reidsma 

Mr Marcel Roth 

Mrs LaVaughn Schuckers 

Mrs. Jean Slowik 

Miss Elisabeth Poe 

Mr Brian Reitsnider 

Mrs. Norma Roth 

Mr 8, Mrs Edsel L Schuiteman 

Mr J Oonnett Small 

Miss Marguerite Poe 

Mr 8 Mrs Albert Reimer 

Mr 8 Mrs Glenn Rothermel 

Dr & Mrs Arthur Schulert 

Mr Robert M Smalley 

Mr 8, Mrs Re F Poehter.Jr 

Mr David K Reinbold 

Mr Wayne P Rothgeb 

Mr 8 Mrs A Kenneth Schuttz 

Mr Joel T Smekens 

Mr Danny L Pott 

Mrs Mary Jane Reinert 

Miss Ella Ruth Rousselle 

Mrs Evelyn L Schuttz 

Mrs Brenda Smith 

Mr P J Poletti 

Miss Martha C Remus 

Mr & Mrs Edmund L, Rowland 

Mr Steven G Schuttz 

Mr 8 Mrs Clare E Smith 

Ms Shirley A Polich 

Mr Marvin D Renbarger 

Mrs Alice G Rowley 

Miss Marjorie E Schwabenland 

Mr Donald E Smith 

Mrs Sandra Polk 

Mrs Iva Ranch 

Mr Thomas G Roy 

Ms Beulah Schwanke 

Mr Ouane E. Smith 

Mrs Veda M Pollock 

Mrs Cheryl D Reneau 

Mrs. Eloise Roys 

Ms Dorothy P Schwartz 

Mr Gary Smith 

Mr Al C Pomarici 

Mr Robert W Rennet 

Mr 8 Mrs Glenn B Ruby 

Mr 8 Mrs George E Schwartz 

Mr 8 Mrs Gary L. Smilh 

Mr & Mrs John Popp 

Miss Melissa A Resch 

Mrs Eleanor Z Ruch 

Mr & Mrs. Robert D Schwartz 

Mr S Mrs George Smith 

Mrs. Belly Porter 

Mr C R Reusser 

Miss Dolores J. Ruckman 

Mr Stephan Schwartz 

Mrs Helen M Smith 

Mr Gregory A Porter 

Mr 8 Mrs Frank A Rexrolh 

Mr & Mrs John A Rudderow 

Mrs Elizabeth P Scott 

Mr James A Smith 

Mrs Mary J Porler 

Mr David W Reynolds 

Mrs Darcey Ruegsegger 

Mr. Johns Scott 

Mr John L Smith 

Miss Ruth G Portman 

Mrs Zola L Rheuby 

Mr Harry Rumler 

Mr & Mrs Paul W. Scott 

Mr 8 Mrs Kyle Smith 

Mrs Dorothy K Post 

Mrs Sylvia Rhine 

Mr 8 Mrs Robert E. Rumpf 

Mr Ronald Scott 

Mr & Mrs Larry C Smilh 

Mr Howard Post 

Mr 8. Mrs Lawrence Rhoad 

Mr 8 Mrs William Rumpt 

Mr S Mrs Terry H. Scruggs 

Mr Larry E Smith 

Mrs Merle Posttewaile 

Mr Darwin W Rhoades 

Mrs Carol Lynn Rupp 

Mrs Barbara Scudder 

Dr& Mrs Lawrence J Smilh 

Mr & Mrs Gene B Potoka 

Miss Martha W Rhoades 

Mrs Charlene Rupp 

Mrs Nedra B Seagly 

Mr Lewis G Smith 

Mrs Connie Potter 

Mr & Mrs Clyde H Rhodes 

Mr & Mrs Keith Rupp 

Mr George Seamon 

Dr. Mark W Smith 

Mr & Mrs Richard R Potter 

Mr & Mrs Charles Rhyan 

Mr &Mrs OrvilleC Rupp 

Mr Edward Sears 

Mr Marlon Smith 

Mrs Melinda Pons 

Mr 8 Mrs Olga Ribe 

Mrs Wiltrude Rupp 

Ms Rhoda M Sebastian 

Mrs Mary Ann Smilh 

Mr 8, Mrs Joe Powell 

Mrs Terrie Riccitelli 

Mr Joseph M Rushton 

Mr & Mrs Kenneth A. Sebree 

Mr P M Smith 

Ms Joyce A Powell 

Mr & Mrs Al M Rice 

Mr Chris T Rusnak 

Mr John Sebu 

Mrs Patricia L Smith 

Miss Ruth E Powell 

Mr &Mrs William A. Rice 

Mr &Mrs Edward J Russell 

Mr Carlton P Seeland 

Mr & Mrs Paul K Smith 

Mr & Mrs Eugene Pownall 

Mr Arnold G Rich 

Mr 8 Mrs Henry G Russell 

Mrs Nancy Seevers 

Mr Robert F. Smith 

Mr C Raymond Pratt 

Mrs Janice Rich 

Mr Terry L Russell 

Mr 8 Mrs John Seibert 

Mr Robert R Smith 

Mrs Lenetta Pratt 

Mr S Mrs Leroy E Rich 

Mrs Carol J Russetl 

Mrs Jean W Seibold 

Ms Vetma Smith 

Mrs, Marcia L Pressler 

Mr David Richard 

Ml & Mrs Martin F Rust 

Mr 8 Mrs Paul Seland 

Mrs Vera C Smith 

Mr Roger Price 

Mr 8 Mrs Dean A. Richards 

Mr A D Ruth 

Mr Dean Richard Selden 

Mr William Joseph Smilh 

Mr W R Price 

Mrs Margaret 1 Richardson 

Mr Glenn Ryberg 

Mr Randy Sellers 

Mr William R Smith 

Mr David Jon Priebe 

Mr & Mrs Bruce Richey 

Mr Ted J Rycenga 

Mr Robert Sengele 

Dr & Mrs Richard E Smitley 

Mrs Diane Prillwitz 

Rev 8 Mrs Carl A Ricks 

Mr & Mrs Jack Ryder 

Mr 5 Mrs Oarryl L. Sensenig 

Miss Ann Mane Smitson 

Mr &Mrs Merle J Pnns 

Mrs TamaraS Rietdort 

Mrs Mary E Ryder 

Mr & Mrs Lon Setser 

Mr 8 Mrs Don Smyth 

Mr & Mrs William Pritchetl 

Mr Ray Riggenbach 

Mr Paul Rygh 

Mr &Mrs Wayne KSettlemeyer 

Mrs Marion E Shell 

Mr 8, Mrs Charles Prittie 

Mr S Mrs R C Rike 

Mr Leiand Ryken 

Ms Ruth F Settles 

Mr George G Snider 

Or 8, Mrs Ray E Probasco, Jr 

Mr Edwin Riley 

Miss Rhonda M Sabot 

Mr Michael E Sevey 

Mr S Mrs John D Snoek 

Miss Marilyn L Proper 

Mr Richard K. Riley 

Ms Louise L Sailors 

Mr 8 Mrs Carl David Sewell 

Mrs Sally S Snow 

Mrs Nancy K Pruts 

Mr 8 Mrs Carleton H Rineharl 

Mr Bruce Sakson 

Mrs Elsie C Shackley 

Mrs Ann Snyder 

Mr & Mrs John Pryor 

Mrs Marcia Ring 

Mr Theodore G Sakuta 

Mr LeoShaelter 

Rev & Mrs C David Snyder 

Mr & Mrs L Andrew Pryor 

Mrs Emily Ringenberg 

Mrs Connie S Salsbery 

Mr 8 Mrs James Sbaler 

Mrs Elizabeth Snyder 

Mr 8 Mrs Loren Puck 

Mr Gerald Ringenberg 

Mrs Susan K Salsman 

Mr Gerald H Shalter 

Mr 8 Mrs Ivandate Snyder 

Mr 8 Mrs Richard Puckett 

Mr Morris J Ringenberg 

Mrs Bertha Satvesen 

Mr 8 Mrs. Lavein D Shatter 

Mr &Mrs RaySSnydei 

Mr Don Pugh 

Mr & Mrs Ronald L Ringling 

Mr John Salz, III 

Mr & Mrs Larry 0. Shamp 

Mr Peter L Solbetg 

Mr Robert W Pugh 

Mr & Mrs Barth A Risher 

Mr & Mrs Ronald Samuels 

Mr Jon D Shaneytell 

Mr Weldon Sotdner 

Mr & Mrs John Pulschet 

Mr &Mrs Dennis WRisser 

Mr & Mrs Eriing Samuelsen 

Mrs Faye Shank 

Mr Allen J Somers 

Mr Harold Punlenney 

Mr &Mrs GaryW Risser 

Mr Robert E. Samuelsen 

Mrs Patricia Shank 

Mr & Mrs Robert Somers 

Mrs Barbara J Pyle 

Mr 8 Mrs Mark E. Risser 

Mr 8 Mrs Kenneth R Samuelson 

Mrs Treva Shank 

Ms Zola Somers 

Mr 8 Mrs Mildred Quesinberry 

Mrs Elizabeth S Rilchie 

Mr & Mrs David Sandbo 

Ms Christine Shatda 

Miss Sharon S Somerville 

Mrs Betty M Quinn 

Mr 8 Mrs Alan Robb 

Mr Stanley R Sandetur 

Miss Joan K Sharda 

Mr & Mrs Robert A. Sommers 

Mr S Mrs Michael Quinn 

LeeE Robbins 

Mr & Mrs Richard L Sanders 

Mr Allen Sharp 

Mr RossSonday 

Mr & Mrs Patrick Quinn 

Mr Lloyd Robbins 

Miss Deborah Sanderson 

Miss Emma G. Shaw 

Mr & Mrs Jon A Soper 


Mr & Mrs Noiman E Soper 

Mr & Mrs William A Stort; 

Mis Teiesa A Thompson 

Mr & Mis Donald R Tuiley 

Mr & Mrs John R Varland 

Mr & Mrs Kennelh Sorensen 

Mr & Mrs Truman Story 

Mis Carolyn Thomburg 

Mis Agnes M Tumei 

Mr Joseph Vasicek 

Mrs Barbara Souder 

Mr David Sloweis 

Mr Gerald Thome 

Miss H Judith Tuinei 

Ml S Mrs Harold Veach 

Mrs Maistia Souder 

Mr & Mrs Thomas L Suable 

Mr Clyde W Thornell 

Mis Marianne Tuinei 

Miss Maigarel Veale 

Mr Clarence S Sousley 

Mr David Michael SIrapp 

Mr Harbert Thornton. Jr 

Mis MaiilynJ Tumei 

Mr & Mrs Herman A Veihoel 

Miss Elhel Sousley 

Mrs Rachel J SIreblow 

Miss Ruth Throckmorton 

Mi Rollin Tuinei 

Mr & Mrs Jerry Verhoel 

Dr Terry A South 

Mr 8,Mrs Cliltord R Sireid 

Mr & Mrs Charles Tichenor 

Mi SlanG Tynei 

Ms Theima Verhoel 

Mrs Lori Lynn Soulhem 

Mr & Mrs Leiand SIreinkraus 

Mrs Mane Tichenor 

Mis Maigaiel Tyson 

Mr & Mrs Vernon L Verhoel 

Mr & Mrs Robert L Sowlles 

Mr &Mrs William HStreit.Jr 

Mrs Carol Tien 

Mi 8. Mis Sigmund Tysvaer 

Dr & Mrs D A Versendaal 

Mr Kevin L Spacapan 

Mr Arnold Sireyle 

Mrs MaryV Triton 

Mr 8i Mrs Arnold Ukslins 

Miss Gertrude Versendaal 

Mr & Mrs Jack L Spaulding 

Ml SMrs Richard E SIrock 

Mr 8 Mrs Gary Timbrook 

Mi Keilh D Ulery 

Mr 8i Mrs Mark W Veiwys 

Ms BerniceE Spencer 

Miss Emily Strong 

Mr & Mrs Duane Tinholl 

Ml GaryC Umphreyville 

Mrs Donna Vein 

Mrs Eli;abelh A Spencer 

Mr S Mrs Stephen L Strong 

Mr & Mrs Robert H Tinnell 

Mr & Mis R Richard Unangst 

Mr Lee Vida 

MissM KallierineSpeibeck 

Mr William R Sttoup 

Mr & Mrs Maynard M Tinquisl 

Ml & Mis David L Undemvood 

Mi & Mis Raymond H VIgneault 

Mis Palricia Spiess 

Mr Leon Strunk 

Mr & Mrs Seeley Tinsman 

Mis Isabelle Unkenholz 

Mi Leiand Vining 

Miss Mary C Spohi 

Mr & Mrs Walter E Slubbs 

Mr & Mrs Jack Titus 

Mi Nathan Upton 

Ml & Mis Kenneth L Vint 

Mr & Mrs Bradley Springer 

Mr Glen Stucky 

Mr Frank Tjoelker 

Mis Jean Uiban 

Di & Mis Jeiry D Vinyard 

Mr &Mrs William J Springer 

Miss Helen Slucky 

Mr Bradley J B Toben 

Mi Tod M Utlei 

Mr James F Vivian 

Mrs Amy J Sprungei 

Mis Jean Stucky 

Mr & Mrs Charles F Tomlin 

Mi Eail E Utteiback 

Ms Margaret G Vogel 

Miss Barbara Ann Sprunger 
Mr Barlon T Sprunger 

Ms Belly 1 Sluim 
Mi Veinon StuUman 

Mr & Mrs Clillon Sprunger 
Mr Leroy Sprunger 

Mrs Ida Sueygman 
Mr Donald Summers 

Bud Miller is typical of the behind-the-scenes 

worker that makes Taylor 

Mr & Mrs Loien G Spiunger 
Mrs Pam Sprunger 

Mr & Mrs Mike Summy 
Mr & Mrs David L Sunden 

University tick. He does not make hinnself noticeable, and yet he's always 

Mr Toby Sprunger 
Mrs Cynde Spyker 
Mr James Sguier 

Mr & Mrs Harry Suplee 
Mr & Mrs Theron W Suitace 
Ms Emily Sunwal 

there to handle whatever electrical difficulties 

might arise. 

"Bud is definitely one of those who are often 

'lost in the multitude,' be- 

Dr Deborah L Squire 

Mr & Mrs Robert St Peters. Jr 

Mrs Betty A Slacey 

Mr & Mrs Richard R Slackwell 

Mrs Irene L Suter 
Mr & Mrs Ervin S Sutherland 
Mrs Katherine Sutherland 
Mr & Mis Alan L Sutton 

cause he is willing to go the ex- 

tra mile for the other person's 



Mr Beniamin Stanislaw 

Miss Letha Sutton 

benefit and not his own," says 


Mr «, Mrs Keilh E Stanley 

Mr & Mis W Ted Sutton 


Mi J 'i^B^Jk ■ 

Miss M E Stanley 

Mr William Sulton 

Marilyn Lavanchy, who saw 


Mr & Mrs Paul Stanley 
Mrs Margaret Slannah 

Mr S Mrs. Oavid E Sveen 
Mrs Elizabeth Swale 

Miller nearly every working day 

'^^^^Hfc, i; 

Mr Ray P Stansbuiy 
Mr S Mrs Vernon Slanlon 

Mrs Jodi L Swan 

Mr S Mrs Danny D Swanson 

when she was secretary in the 




Mr Donald Starke 

Mr David Swanson 

information services depart- 
ment; she recently moved to the 


^T) ^ i^^^^^^^ 


Mrs Marii Starkey 

Mr &Mts Kermil Slams 

Mr Harold D Swanson 
Mrs Suzanne M Swanson 


Wk*y i^^- J^?m- » 

Rev Ruth Slarr 

Mr & Mrs Ronald N Stasiowski 

Mr Ronald T Swart 

Mr & Mrs Ralph M Swing 

admissions office. "He always 


Mc^^ JjjM 

Mr & Mrs Roy Staut) 

Mis Tiacy Swiontek 

has a smile and a kind word to 


^^L ^^^Mwi 

Mr Darns B Staufler 

Mi & Mis L Fianklm Switzei 


^^^^ y ^^l^^V 

Mr Malcolm G Slaulter 

Miss Shiiley Szynkowski 

say. Bud takes his work seri- 


r ^B^^ ^^pA>M 


Dr Lawrence Stava 

Mr & Mrs Donald E Slebmg 

Mi &Mis Douglas G Taaties 
Mi Biad Tabei 

ously, and yet he has a very 


f " ^^ 


Mrs Joan Steele 
Mr Howard Stem 

Mi Raymond Tablei 
Mi Michael Tabor 

'servant' attitude." 

^s y\. -1 


Mr James Steinbeck 

Mrs. Eleanor Talley 

Gail Bragg, retired now, di- 
rected Taylor's maintenance 


\mL \ 

Mrs Carol Ann Sleiner 
Mr & Mrs Ernest Sterner 

Mrs Alia V Tanis 
Mr Irving Tannenbaum 


Mrs Marilyn Steiner 
Mis Polly Sterner 

Mrs Mary Tanner 

Mr S Mrs Dwight L Tapley 

operation for years and was re- 


Mr & Mrs Wesley D Sterner 
Mis Doiothy Slender 
Miss Lisa G Stephan 

Mr & Mis John Tatem 
Mr & Mrs Stanley R Tawzer 
Rev & Mrs Bob Taylor 

sponsible for hiring Miller, who 
previously worked with Indi- 


' W^^m^ 


Mrs Barney Stephens 
Mr & Mrs Donald Stephens 
Mr & Mrs Claude J Stepien 
Mr Gary Slerling 

Mr S Mis Donald B Taylor 
Ml Donald M Taylor 
Mr 8, Mrs Elden H Taylor 
Mrs Joanne Taylor 

ana/Michigan Electric. "1 was 
never sorry," Bragg says. "Bud 

k, .w 

Mr & Mrs Robert E Sterlrng 
Mrs Cynthia Steury 
Mr Douglas L Stevens 

Mrs Mabel Taylor 
Miss Maureen Taylor 
Mr Edward Teclor 

is a good, steady, loyal employee and a good worker. He's one of the silent 
majority on Taylor University's campus that assured the day to day opera- 

Mr HeberSlevens 

Mr & Mrs Jon A Stevens 

Miss Alice M Teisan 
Mr & Mrs Robert Tempel 

tion goes smoothly." 

Mrs Margaret A Stevens 

Mr & Mrs Raymond H Stevens 

Mr & Mrs Richard Tempest 
Mi Murray Templeton 

Mr & Mrs Edwrn J Steward 

Mr &Mrs William Tennell 

Mrs Elizabeth Tonn 

Mi Si Mis Duaine G Van Dei Bill 

Mrs LisaVogler 

Mr Douglas K Stewart 

Mr & Mrs Jarvis L Ter Haar 

Mrs Judith £ Toppe 

Mi Neil Van Dei Kolk 

Mr & Mrs Neat D Voke 

Mr & Mrs Laverne Stewart 

Mr S Mrs Thomas D Terry 

Mrs Katnee Torgersen 

Mi & Mis Richaid Van Dei Smissen 

Miss Linda Volkman 

Miss Hilda L Steyer 

Mr Edwin R Terui 

Mr & Mrs Leil A Torgersen 

Mis Jean Van Diest 

Ms Barbara VonBeigen 

Mr & Mrs Gilbert Stielow 

Mr S Mrs John Thalacker 

Miss Margaret M Tollon 

Miss Betty Van Diunen 

Mr 8i Mrs Duaine E Vondran 

Mr Ken Stiles 

Miss Mary Thatcher 

Mr & Mrs Richard J Tovflier 

Mi & Mis. Chailes Van Diunen 

Ms Marjorre Vondran 

Mr E C Stimpson 

Mi S H Thavarai 

Mrs Laurenda Townsend 

Mi & Mis Donald L Van Dyke 

Mrs Hazel Vredenburg 

Mr Frederick Sline 

Mr & Mrs David Thiel 

Mr & Mrs R Donn Townsend 

Mi & Mis H Leonaid Van Dyke 

Miss Joyce A Vredevoogd 

Mrs Dorothy S Stiner 

Mrs Adele Thomas 

Mr 8, Mrs Stockton Townsend 

Ml Robert Van Hom 

Mr DevereL Wade 

Mr i Mrs Peter Stipanuk, Ji 

Mr DaleR Thomas 

Mr J Mrs W Wayne Townsend 

Mi & Mrs David Van Kampen 

Dr Charles L Wadlington 

Mi & Mrs Lynn R Sliver 

Mr & Mrs Glenn R Thomas 

Dr 8, Mrs Aiden L Travis 

Mr Si Mrs Thomas Van Order 

Mr & Mrs Robert L Wadswo* 

Mrs Frieda Stober 

Mrs Howard E Thomas 

Mr 8. Mrs Harry F Treber 

Mr Michael B Van Sicklen 

Mr 8i Mrs Bruce Waggoner 

Mr 4 Mrs Russell G Stock 

Mrs Jerrella P Thomas 

Ms L MaxineTreece 

Mrs Jill Van Valkenburg 

Mrs Marcelle Wagner 

Mrs Peggy Stockmger 

Mr & Mrs Loren J Thomas 

Mr g, Mrs John W Tromp 

Mr S Mrs John C Van Vessem 

Mr Glen Wagoner 

Mr Tom Stockwell 

Miss Mabel M Thomas 

Mrs Cheryl L Troth 

Mr & Mrs LeRoy VanDeSlouwe 

Mr & Mis Lawrence Walcolt 

Mr George Slote 

Di MariammaJ Thomas 

Mrs Vera Tioxet 

Ms Margaret V VanRyn 

Mr & Mrs Larry C Walden 

Mi & Mrs Karl D Slotelus 

Mis Martha J Thomas 

Mr & Mrs Leroy S Troyer 

Mr & Mrs David L VanVleet 

Mrs Patty Walden 

Mr Steven Stollzlus 

Mi Noel E Thomas 

Dr Roger L Trueblood 

Mr Charles Vance 

Mr &Mis R Sleven Walden 

Mr Gary R Slot! 

Mr Richaid Thomas 

Mi & Mis Robert B Tiurit 

Mr & Mrs Alwayne M VandeKamp 

Miss Lynnetle Walk 

Mr & Mrs James T Stone 

Mr & Mrs Robert L Thomas 

Miss Debra A Trulock 

Mr & Mrs Kalvin VandenBosch 

Mr &Mis Leroy J Wall 

Mi Keilh Stonei 

Mr S Mis William W Thomasson 

Mrs Willie M Trumbauer 

Mr S Mrs Ed VandenBiink 

Mr & Mrs Pelei J Wall 

Mr & Mis Ed L Sloops 

Mi Edwin N Thompson 

Mrs OorisJ Tnjmp 

Mr & Mrs David L VanderMeulen 

Ms Virginia Wall 

Dr J T Stoops 

Mi James Thompson 

Mr & Mrs Richard W Trumpie 

Mr & Mrs Larry D VanderWal 

Mr & Mis John M Wallace 

Mi Eail W Sloick 

Mi a Mis Raymond J Thompson 

Mr EaileN Tryon 

Mr & Mrs Ralph VanderZee 

Mr & Mrs Russell W Wallace 

Mr & Mis Richaid E Sloick 

Mis Sheila Thompson 

Mis Marilyn K. Tucker 

Mr & Mrs James A Vandertord 

Mr & Mrs William R Wallbaum 

Mr & Mrs Charles D Storms 

Mi & Mis Stephen M Thompson 

Mrs Kim Turkinglon 

Mr James Vandecpool 

Mr & Mrs Terence M Walsh 




Mr 8, Mrs Bfuce G Wallers 

Mrs Betty Wiebe 

Mr 8 Mrs Thomas R Wruble 

Richard L. 8 Elizabeth Brubaker 

John 8 Joan Home 

Mr 8, Mrs Verlin L Wallers 

Mr Jacob Wiebers 

Mrs Elizabeth Ann Wyalt 

Norman L 8 Marva Brummeler 

Harris 8 Jean Hubers 

Mr Charles Wallon 

Mr Si Mrs Kenneth Wiedrick 

Mr 8 Mrs Ralph C WyatI 

Ronald 8 Yvonne Brother 

David 8 Etizabelh Hussung 

Mr Verl K Wallon 

Mr Si Mrs Wendell Wierenga 

Miss Joan L Wythe 

Maurice 8 Lorene Burns 

Ben L 8 Mrs Irvin 

Mr Ting Yang Wang 

Mrs Mary Jane Wiersum 

Mrs Penelope Xenilelis 

John J 8 Martha Byter 

Harvey 8 Sandy Jacobsen 

Mrs Sue A Wannemacher 

Ms Grace A Wiese 

Mr 8 Mrs Jess Yaggy 

Edward 8 Jane Cartsen 

William J 8 Sylvia Jacobson 

Mr & Mrs Kennelti Wanner 

Mr & Mrs Lonzo R Wigginglon 

Dr Charles A Yale 

James R 8 Mrs Carroll 

Theodore 8 Kathryn Jahn 

Mr Leon Wanner 

Mrs Dorothy M Wilburn 

Mr BerlY Yamaguchi 

Robert B & Ann Carroll 

Roger 8 Carolyn Jamieson 

Mr 8, Mrs Max D Wanner 

Dr & Mrs K M Wilcke 

Mr Ikuo Yamaguchi 

Jim 8 Peggy Church 

David 8 Rulh Johannides 

Mrs Ellen Ward 

Mr & Mrs Harry E Wild 

Ms Catherine M Yamoor 

David W SJudityCtark 

Robert 8 Betty Johnson. Jr 

Mrs Barbara Warner 

Mr William C Wilder 

Mrs Dixie D Yeager 

Henry 8 Joyce Clark 

Gordon 8 Janice Johnson 

Mr Si Mrs Ctrrisloptier W Warner 

Mrs Annetla Wildermulh 

Mr 8 Mrs Robert Eugene Yeager 

Robert E 8 Mrs Clark 

Richard L 8 Sandra Johnson 

Mrs Marian D Warner 

Mr AlWilgus 

Mrs Eileen Yeater 

William 8 Christine Ctevenger 

Roger J 8 Linda Johnson 

Mr Thomas L Warner 

Mr PaulWilkey 

Ms Florence Yelton 

Rex 8 Marjorie Ctouston 

Daniel 8 Marilyn Jones 

Mrs Cornelia M Washburn 

Mr & Mrs Richard P Wilkinson 

Miss Jill Yeomans 

Charles D 8 Mrs. Coin 

Floyd 8 Sandy Jousma. Jr 

Mr Si Mrs John R Washburn 

Mr Merlin W Willard 

Mr 8 Mrs Ernest Yerks 

Clarence 8 Marlene Conley 

John H 8 Margot Jurgensen 

Dr Si Mrs Clark Walerlall 

Mr Brian L Williams 

Mr Donald YircotI 

Claude W 8 Sandra Conner. Jr 

Donald 8 Alice Kach 

Mr LeonarrJ P Waterman 

Mrs Dorothea J Williams 

Mr Dennis Yoder 

Ted 8 Linda Cook 

Arthur 8 Levina Kamentz 

Mr Douglas A Waters 

Mr Glenn A Williams 

Mrs Karen S Yoder 

Bill 8 Diane Costas 

Dwighl E 8 Janet Keck 

Mr Si Mrs Roscoe W Waters 

Mr Haydn L Williams 

Mrs M Sue Yoder 

Lawrence 8 Rachael Crabb. Jr 

Ronald L 8 Judith Keller 

Mrs Barbara Y Watson 

Mr Si Mrs Howard M Williams 

Mr 8 Mrs Nelson Yoder 

Dick J 8 Sandra Crist 

C Richard 8 Rose Mary Kellum 

Mrs Liniia H Watson 

Mr J Chnstopher Williams 

Mrs Phyllis Yoder 

Robert F 8 Joanne Crist 

Donald D 8 Linda Kellum 

Mr Si Mrs Carlton L Wayer 

Mrs Jacgueline Williams 

Mr Art Yokoi 

Thomas A 8 Mariorie Crouch 

Eugene D 8 Ann Kennedy 

Mrs JutiaN Wayner 

Mrs Lois Williams 

Mrs Carol Yonker 

James R 8 Mariorie Crowder 

Clarence 8 Carolyn King 

Mr Jack M Wealing 

Miss Lucinda Williams 

Mr 8 Mrs Charles Steven Young 

Thomas 8 Bonnie Crutchlield 

JayR 8 Kathleen King 

Mr Si Mrs Scott W. Weaver 

Mrs Mary Jane Williams 

Mr David Young 

GreyB 8 JoAnn Culberson 

Leroy D & Dawn Kinzer 

Mr & Mrs DavitJ D. Webb 

Miss Shirley Williams 

Mrs. Helen Young 

Robert 8 Mrs Cummings 

Roger L 8 Helen Koehlinger 

Miss Jewel Webb 

Mr Thomas E Williams 

Mr John D Young 

David 8 Kathryn Culling 

William 8 Pamela Koelsch 

Mr & Mrs Helmulh Weber 

Mr Si Mrs James E Williamson 

Mrs Linda K. Young 

Jack 8 Sharon D'Arcy 

Michael 8 Nelvlna Koolsira 

Mr S, Mrs Joseph H Weber 

Mr & Mrs Lawrence Williamson 

Mrs Pamela K Young 

James 8 Linda Daubenmter 

Edward 8 Chrisline Kraus 

Mr Si Mrs George A Wegener 

Mrs Sandra L Williamson 

Mr 8 Mrs Lowell Youngen 

George 8 Marian Davids 

Allred 8 Mary Lou Kuhnle 

Mr Larry Wegman 

Mrs Sue Williamson 

Ms Eloise M Youtz 

James R 8 Nadine Davis 

William T 8JoanLadd 

Mrs Susan Wegner 

Mrs Charmane Willis 

Mr 8 Mrs Gerald E Youtz 

Robert E 8 Theda Dawes 

James S 8 Barbara Laidig 

Mr & Mrs TheocJore Wegner 

Mrs Elaine S Willis 

Mr 8 Mrs William C Zacher 

Robert E. 8 Rulh DeGrall 

Waller C 8 Mrs Layton 

Mr 8 Mrs John H Weible 

Mr & Mrs Harold W Willis 

Mr 8 Mrs Ronald E Zachrich 

Paul 8 Joan DeMerchanI 

P David 8 Carolyn Sue LeMaslers 

Mrs Linda WeiiJemann 

Dr Joe 1 Willman 

Mr 8 Mrs William Zakaluk 

Lee 8 Deanna DeTurk 

Larry L 8 Judith Leach 

Mr Harris WeilaniJ 

Mrs Martha J Willman 

Mr 8 Mrs David R Zaun 

Melvin 8 Jeanette Decker 

Nancy L. Leino 

Mr TimWeitanrt 

Mrs Mary Ann Witts 

Mr 8 Mrs Robert D Zea 

James E 8 Joyce Dellis 

Paul D 8 Belly LePor 

Mr Si Mrs Robert E Weir. Jr 

Mrs Patricia Wills 

Mr 8 Mrs Clyde H Zeek 

Paul 8 Sandra Den Hartigh 

Charles W 8 Susan Lewis 

Mr Donalt) Weirick 

Mr Dale M Wilson 

Mr 8 Mrs Charles B Zehnder 

Irwin 8 Beverly Dennen 

David W 8 Mrs Lewis 

Mr Si Mrs George Weisenberger 

Mrs Diane S Wilson 

Mr 8 Mrs Ronald A Zeillow 

Victor 8 Waneta Denton 

Carroll 8 DonnaMae Lmdman 

Mr Si Mrs Vernon Weisenborn 

Mr Ken Wilson 

Dr 8Mrs FrankJ Zeller 

James W 8 Mrs Dickey 

William K 8 Mrs Ludwig 

Mr & Mrs Russell Weiss 

Ms Margaret E, Wilson 

Ms Elizabeth H Zeoli 

J Douglas 8 Suzanne Dietrich 

Charles E 8 Mrs Lynn 

Mrs Alice E Weith 

Mr Neil Wilson 

Mr 8 Mrs Gordon Zimmerman 

Donald W 8 Ann Dodds 

Russell 8 Marilyn Lytle 

Miss Barbara A Weldy 

Mr Paul Wilson 

Ms Lisa A Zinsmeister 

RE 8 Nancy Dodge. Jr 

Bruce 8 Rosemary MacFadyen. Jr 

Mrs MetrncJa M Wetlen 

Mr Ronald Wilson 

Mr 8 Mrs Randy J Zmoiek 

Charles F 8 Janice Dugan. It 

Reginald 8 Jane Martin 

Mrs Beth Wells 

Mr & Mrs Andrew Windisch 

Mrs Dorolhy Zoller 

JohnC 8 Thelma Dunlap 

Roger 8 Mariorie Mason 

Mrs Connie L Welly 

Mr & Mrs James R Wine 

Mr David W Zoulendam 

John G Durkovic 

James J 8 Joan Mathis 

Mr &Mrs Willis E Welty 

Mr Si Mrs Ronald Wingerlei 

Mr James Zug 

John S 8 Carol Ehtesman 

Kent a Carol Maxwell 

Mr & Mrs Michael Wendling 

Mrs C Winkler 

Mr 8 Mrs Leiand Zumbaugh 

Jerry M 8 Sharon Elam 

David 8 Marcella Mays 

Mrs Carol Wendt 

Mr & Mrs John H Winkler 

Miss Esther K Zuniga 

Max 8 Donna Embree 

Michael 8 Alma McCormick 

Mrs Marjorie L Wenner 

Mrs Barbara Winn 

Mr 8 Mrs Karl F Zurhurg 


John H 8 Naomi McFarland 

Mr Richard Wepler 
Mr Richard Werder 

Mr James W Winship 
Mr Robert Winter 

Stuart 8 Mariorie Ensingei, Jr 
Jerald 8 Marilyn Erdman 

Robert J 8 Bonnie McMilten 
Marion J 8 Mary Meeks 

Mr Si Mrs William Wernlierg 

Mr Si Mrs David A Wintermute 


Edward 8 Rachel Erny 

Max E 8 Satire Meier 

Mr Steven W Wesenberg 

Mr 8, Mrs. J Thomas Winters 

I-JO K^^ntO 

Kenneth 8 Marilyn Evink 

Miles 8 Virgitia Mercer 

Mrs Julie Wesoiek 

Mr 8, Mrs B Stanley Wiren 

r ditjlllo 

James 8 Sharolyn Feil 

Terry 8 Kalherine Mereau 

Mrs Dorothy M West 

Mr Si Mrs Charles R Wise 

Gary 8 Sue f ellon 

David 8 Janet Michel 

Mrs Irene West 

Mr 8 Mrs Gordon L Wise 

Thomas D 8 Marlene Abraham 

Wayne 8 Marilyn Fine 

Don 8 Lorraine Mickelson 

Mr Timoteo Westberg 

Ms Lu Ann Wise 

V Lloyd 8 Marsha Acton 

Oswald 8 Mrs Eraser 

Robert 8 Coleen Midwood 

Rev Bert Weslenberg 

Mr 8 Mrs. Keilh Wiseman 

Merle 8 Avis Amundson 

John C 8 Anita Freeman 

Bernard 8 Dons Mihara 

Mr & Mrs Herb Weslerlell 

Mr 8 Mrs. John C Wisoiek 

James R 8 Mrs Anthony 

John 8 Mary Ann Fuller 

JohnC 8 Janel Milter 

Mr Si Mrs Howard H Western 

Mr & Mrs GernI Wit 

A Wesley 8 Margaret Arendt 

Marcelo 8 Joan Gavilanez 

Neat L 8 Frances Millet 

Mr Si Mrs Joseph D Weslgerdes 

Mr &Mrs William J Wilherspoon 

Harold L 8 Janel Arnette 

Ralph D 8 Metba Gerber 

Jerry 8 Carolyn Miner 

Mr Henry Weyenberg 

Mrs Carta Witmer 

IvarS 8BetlyAskeland 

Wesley L 8 Mrs Gerig 

Joseph 8 Ruth Miraglia 

Rev Ira F Weyhe 

Ms. Delores E Wilmet 

James 8 Mona Atkins 

Harold 8 Mary Gianopulos 

Maurice J Mishler 

Ms Joy Ann Wharton 

Mrs Clara Woll 

Margaret G Atkinson 

Robert C 8 JoanGilkinson 

Joseph 8 Betsy Moell 

Mr William J Wharton 

Ms Sandra J Wollenden 

Wayne 8 Mary Augusline 

Leonard 8 Gloria Goegleih 

Melvin 8 Sandra Moeschberger 

Rev & Mrs W Blylhe Whealy 

Mr 8 Mrs Art Woltinger 

Raymond R 8 Ruth Bachman 

Koslas 8 Helen Gogis 

Joseph 8 Delores Mooney 

Mr & Mrs Charles R Wheeler 

Mr 8 Mrs Leslie A Wood 

Roger D 8 Alice Bailey 

Oavid 8 Alice Golden 

Jean Anne Morrow 

Mr James Wheeler 

Mrs Paul H Wood 

John 8 Mrs Bakke 

E James 8 Joanne Graham 

Leo 8 Linda Moye 

Mr & Mrs James F Wheeler 

Mr 8 Mrs Ronald D Wood 

Eileen Barnes 

Ronald 8 Nancy Granneman 

Preston 8 Ruth Moyer 

Mr & Mrs Jimmy R Wheeler 

Miss Vida Wood 

William 8 Peggy Barlow 

John 8 Phyllis Green 

Wayne 8 Patsy Munson 

Ms Nancy C Wheeler 

Mr Wayne Wood 

David L 8 Margaret Beamer 

Jere 8 Belly Louise Grolt 

Lionel 8 Marion Muthiah 

Mrs Virginia Wheeler 

Mrs Lorna Woodall 

Richard T 8 Charlotte Bealty 

Franklin 8 Beulah Gross 

John 8 Mary Jane Neidhamer 

Mrs Melanie F Whetset 

Mr 8 Mrs John A Wooden 

Roger E 8 Marilyn Beaverson 

Norman 8 Molly Guiltaume 

Kenneth 8 Pauline Nelson 

Mr Si Mrs Andrew N While 

Mr C R Woodrow 

Thomas G 8 Helen Beers 

Frank R N 8 Ruth Gurd 

Jon 8 Wanda Neuman 

Mrs Carolyn Sue While 

Mrs Nancy Woodrull 

Charles E 8 Mrs Belknap 

Richard W 8 Bonnie Gygi 

John 8 Ellen Louise Newitt 

Ms Calhy White 

Mr Kenneth C Woodward 

James 8 Jean Bell 

Phillip E Haase 

Wallace 8 Sheila Nichols 

Mr & Mrs Donald A While 

Mrs Nancy Woodward 

Christopher P 8 Linda Bennett 

Keith 8 Sharon Hamsher 

Robed E 8 Janet Ochs 

Mr & Mrs Joseph H While 

Mr 8 Mrs Marion L Woolaid 

William R 8 Betty Lou Benson 

Michael 8 Judith Hardy 

Stewart 8 Vivian Odell 

Mr Thomas While 

Mr M Terry Woolum 

Jack Berger 

Richard 8 Mrs Harkness 

James 8 Carolyn Orme 

Mr & Mrs Wallace W White 

Mr 8 Mrs Gaylon Worch 

Roland M 8 Shirley Bertka 

Mack 8 Priscilta Harris 

Larry 8 Margaret Ann Oil 

Mr James M Whited 

Rev. 8 Mrs Stanley J. Workman 

Albert J 8 Barbara Beutler 

Thomas E 8 Sharon Harris 

Clifford C 8JanetOzmun 

Miss Mary WhilehursI 

Mr Albert F Worth 

Isaac W 8 Gloria Binkerd 

Harold L 8 Mrs Havenga 

Robert W 8 Cheryl Page 

Mr Si Mrs RoberlWhiteman 

Mr Fred Worth. Jr 

H Bradley Binnington 

Roger 8 Patricia Hay 

Ernstena P Parker 

Ml Si Mrs Don Whitenack 

Mrs Prudenlia Worth 

John E 8 Joanne Black 


Ronald 8 Sue Parker 

Mr Donald Whitenack 

Mr 8 Mrs Robert W Worth 

James A 8 Jocelyn Blum 

Wayne L Herman 

Philip 8 Joyce Passon 

Mr & Mrs Scott Whitman 

Mrs MaryD Wortman 

Harold 8 Marilyn A Boberg 

Martin 8 Carol Hess 

Robert L 8 Mrs Payntet 

Mr & Mrs Thomas L Whitmyre 

Mrs Kenneth Wren 

Leiand E 8LaRitaBoren 

HughW 8 Beverly Hill 

Clayton E 8 Mrs Peters 

Dr &Mrs Jeremiah Whillington 

Mr Rob Wren 

Calvin 8 Judy Brenneman 

Charles 8 Susan Himes 

James 8 Dara Peters 

Miss Claribel Whybrew 

Mr Joseph G Wright 

H Ely 8 Carta Brilton, Jr 

Lula B Hittle 

David J 8 Toby Petersbn 

Mrs Ruth Whybrew 

Mrs Julia Wright 

Philip M 8 LynneBrowei 

Timothy 8 Jams Hoeksema 

Donald 8 Donna Ptisler 

Mr Si Mrs David Wibben 

Mr 8 Mrs Samuel M Wright 

Donald L 8 Mrs Brown 

George 8 Carole Hoekstra 

Willis 8 Mariorie Phillips 

Mr Si Mrs, Turid Wick 

Mrs Suzanne Wright 

Sherman L. 8 Ruth Brown 

Kenneth H 8 Lois Holt 

Victor R 8 Mrs. Piper, Jr 

Mr Si Mrs Paul B Wickler 

Mr 8 Mrs Don Wrigley 

William R. 8 Sue Ann Brown 

Jerry E 8 Delores Home 




William & Sarah Plelcta 

David & LeNan Aycock 

John M & Cathy Moore 

Jere Truex 

Berco, tnc 

James & Cacoi Plueddemann 

Beulah P Baker 

Karen E Muselman 

Marilyn A Walker 

Brooklreld AMC/Jeep/Renault Inc 

William & Dorothy Plumb 

James fl S Norma Barker 

TrmolhyA & Susan Nace 

John W & Doris W Wallace 

Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Co 

Ralph & Sandra Plummer 

L William & Jeannelle K Bauer, Jr 

Ronald & Myrna S Nell 

David Michael Wallis 

Brown Funeral Home, tnc 

Gordon & Judy Polsgrove 

Thomas G S Helen Beers 

Robert R & Margaret C Nerdeck 

ShawnceyJ Webb 

Bryant Beauty Salon 

Anhur E & Eileen Poucher 

Ronald M & C Joyce Benbow 

David L & Ruth E Neuhouser 

Lois A Weed 

Byall Homes 

Dennis i Karen Puck 

Robert P & Marcia Beniamin 

Charles & Irma R Newman 

Dale E & Martha S Wenger 

C Ray Mitchell, Inc 

Hoben & Judy Rarkes 

DanR Boyd 

Gary & Joy Newton 

Andrew P S You-Ying W Whipple 

Capital City Company 

Shirley J Rapp 

Gail S Esther M Bragg 

Mary K Nugent 

Arthur J & Oonica J White 

Central Testing Bureau 

Don R 4 June Redigei 

David H & Marilyn Brewer 

E Herbert & Lourse Nygren 

Alan H Winguisl 

Chicken Coop, Inc 

Harry R & Kay Reed 

Kurt E & Rochelle Manor Bullock 

Stephen A Olson 

Larry & Lynne Winterholter 

Citizens National Bank 

Wilbur & Gloria Regier 

Ray E & Jeanne Bullock 

Richard & Sharon Parker 

Sharon B Wit 

City Savings Bank 

James & Lys Reiskytl 

Stanley & Betty Burden 

PaulW & Phyllis Patterson 

David A & Laurie Jo Wolcott 

Compulcr Assisted Research Service 

James A S Gail Rennie 

Timothy & Carolyn Burkholdei 

Anne M Pederson 

Robert & Rosanne Wolte 

Dean R Hilt Insurance 

Slephen & Lucia Resch 

Joe & Jane Bomworlh 

Roger W & Rose A Phillips 

Charles & Betty A Woodrull 

Deene Corporation 

Henry & Kalhleen Reuler 

Robert & Teil Burokei 

Robert D & Marsha Pitts 

Caryl R S Joenria Yost 

Denny's Pharmacy 

James A S, Nancy Reynolds 

Walter E & Mary Campbell 

William & Martha Planck 

Daniel & Martha Yulzy 

Devtron Russell, Inc 

Norval & Margie Rich 
Thomas N & Mrs Robbins 

Brian & Tern A Carter 
Newell & Colleen ECerak 

Nelson E SBethRediger 
Bret & Karen Richards 

Don Welton Mobile Homes Inc 
E Meyer Service Auto Glass tnc 

Gregory P & Mrs Roberts 
Leslie & Mrs Roberts 

Mildred S Chapman 
James & Linda J Coe 


Richard & Gretchen Roberts 
Paul E & Marilyn Rogers 

Jettrey D & Jenniler L Collins 
Wmtned & June Corduan 

Beki Lee is secretary of the office of student programs. That in itself says 

Michael W & Susan Roland 

Mark & JoAnne Cosgrove 

she comes in contact with countless students each day, whether it's selling 

William G & Sally Roost 

Janice Shaw Ciouse 

Larry D & Janice Rolh 

Robert & Barb Davenport 

tickets to a concert of movie, or assisting one of the student leaders. Stu- 
dents come first; they appreciate that, and it's what makes her good at her 

John A Rucker 

William 8, Eleanor RulheMotd 

Janet K Deavers 

David & Barbara C Dickey 

Jerry & Judy Sampson 
Jerome & Jeanette Schlenker 
William S Manly Schneck 
John M & Jane Schroeder 
Lee W S Mae Scroggins 

Edward Eugene & Gloria Dinse 
Rirharri A Ruth A Hiimn 


■ 111,1 I^IU U riUUI r^ L'lAUII 

Randall E & Colleen Dodge 
Lee E & Patricia Erickson 
William & Frances Ewbank 

"Beki takes a personal, caring interest 
in all the students," says David Rood, a 


Jay D & Judy Shapley 
William M & Mrs Shinn 

John & Joyce A Fox 
Robert J S Elizabeth Freese 

member of Taylor's Student Organiza- 

Richard & Barbara Shupe 

William A & LuraJ Fry 

tion (TSO), adding that office life up- 
stairs in the Student Union focuses 

jito 'd^Vv^ 

Dairell & Ruth Sikkenga 
E DewainSiBeryleSilvernale 

Richard & Karel Gates 
George A & Jan Glass 


Forrest W & Sylvia Smith 
PhillipJX Patricia Smith 

Carl & Mary Gongwer 
Robert V & Jane E Gortner 

around her desk. "She the center of 

m -^ W' 

Richard J & Nancy Smith 
Roger & Nancy Smith 

Robert R S Connie Grillin 
Gregrey Habegger 

activity up there. She knows what's going 

> ^ 


Perry H & Mrs Sou2is 
Wade 1 & Bonnie Stalh 

Sidney A & Bonnie Hall 
Paul M & Shirley E Harms 

on, and if you needed something, you 


Ralph E & Linda Staylon 

Albert D & Pam Harrison 

went to her first." 



Richard & Saundra Stephens 
Stephen 1 & Tanya Stewart 

George W &AnnaT Harrison 
Dale & Evelyn Heath 

"Beki is extremely dedicated to Taylor 



James E & Carole Slonick 
Roger & Carol Slorer 

Larry R & Joyce Helyer 
Robert W Herriman 

and its student body," echoes Jeff Kiger, 


Douglas & Maty Strohl 

Timothy & Kathryn A Herrmann 

last year's student newspaper editor. 

l"^ iff x«^ 

William A & Marilyn Strutz 
Larry D & Judith Summers 

William A & Susan Heth 
Mary Ann Hill 

"She takes a personal interest in all the of 

Leroy R Swanson 
Greg & Rita Sweeting 

Robert D & Susan E Hodge 
Gerald L & Jane Hudson 

the students she works with. She's the 

Joseph & Mariorie Swisher 

Stephen P & Artis Hoflman 

backbone of the student leadership pro- 


Lyie E & Margaret Talbol 

Jerome T & Jeanjne 1 Holderead 

1^ iW ^^^^^ 


Donald S Ruth Tamer 

Clarke J & Mrchelle Holtsberry 



Donald & Sheila Thomburg 
William D & Mrs Ticknor 

Jerry & Barbara Hotmire 
Herbert & Nancy A Howard 
Oliver & Jackie L Hubbard 
ZaneN Hutfman 

Randall Dodge, director of student 

n \ii^ v^i 1 

Peter W & Joyce Todd 
Carroll 4 Betty Trotter 

programs the past four years, appreci- 

Bernie & Janet Tucker 

Larry & Laura L Hutson 

ates that kind of rapport with students. "Beki considers what she does at 

Sverre & Mrs Tysvaer 
David & Marion Unruh 

Alice Jackson 

Dale M & Margaret Jackson 

Taylor a ministry, not just a way of earning a paycheck," he says. "And 

Johannes & Mis VanBeek 
Joseph & Elaine Vandegritt 

Charles & Verna Jaggers lit 
Rogers Janet Jenkinson 

that's not an exaggeration — she firmly believes that." A missionary kid 

Gordon & Elaine Vandermeulen 

Russell J & Ruth Jensen 

herself, she takes special interest in MKs. Much of her work with student 
programs involves time outside of office hours, time she volunteers. 

David & Peggy Vermeesch 
Gerrit & Jorena Versendaal 

Daniels Miriam G Jeran 
Kimberly K Johnson 

Cleveland SDollie Walker 

William & Sandra J Johnson 

Robert S Martha Jane Wallace 

Robert & Helen L Jones 

Howard S Kalhleen Warner 

Roger G & Jill R Judd 

William & Cecelia Weaver 
Ronald & Leslie Weitman 

JohnE SEIvrdaJ Kaslelein 
Todd M & Jenniler M. Kelly 

Willram & Rebecca Ringenberg 
Robert & Ketsey Rodman 


Elkhart-Soulh Bend TU Club 
Fainray Floor Covering 

William & Karen Westering. Ill 

S Marian Kendall 

Douglas H S Clarice Gregg Rohrman 

Arthur K Muselman Family Foundation 

Family Tree Residential Facility 

JohnC & Jo Anne Wheeler 

Jay & Jane Kesler 

Joe & Carol Romine 

English Bonier Mitchell Foundation 

Fred Kleinheksel Photography 

Kenneth L & Judy White 

Paul F King 

R Waldo 8 Marlene Roth 

Grace Pepper Smith Foundation 

Gaither Trio 

Paul & Suzanne Wicks 

Charles S Patricia Kirkpalrick 

Roger & Louona J Rolh 

Gromer Foundalion 

General Dynamics 

Wesley R & Elaine Willis 

Larry KleindiensI 

Paul E & Mary Ellen Rothrock 

Johnson Rocklord Foundalion 

General Telephone Co ot Indiana 

William & Mrs Writs 

Ronald A X Julie A Korfmacher 

Jessica L Rousseiow 

Les Gerrg Charitable Foundation 

Girls' Basketball Camp 

Gerald H & Ruth Wit 

Philip K & Velma E Kroeker 

Paul A & Connie Rowan 

Rice Charitable Lead Trust 

Gordon Food Service 

Herbert M,& Clara Woll 

LeRoy & Roberta Kioll 

Lawrence 8. Wrima Rowe 

Stratford Foundation 


Howard M SAngelika Woods 

James B & Sybil Uw 

SuellahJ Savidge 

The Mennonile Foundalion 

Greyhound Food Management 

Bobby L 4 Madelyn Wursler 

Wynn & Bonnie Lembright 

Richard A & Joanne Seaman 

The Sears-Roebuck Foundalion 

Harttord City Family Dental Care 

Walton & Joan Wysong 

Paul & Connie Lighttoot 

E Mattie Sellers 

HertI Jones, Inc 

Hoosierland Chapter. Nalional Railroad 

Charles V & Judrlh Yeager 

Philip & Janet C Loy 

William & Michelle Shewan 

Charles & Elisabeth Zehnder 

Paul & Rosie Lee Lynch 

Alice M Shippy 


Michael G Manganello 
Steve C & Kaiolyn Manganello 

Frederrck B & Darlene Shuize 
Robert M Sisson 

Business & 

Huggins Auto Sales 
Hughes Pic-A-Pac Carry Out 

Faculty & 

Robert M JBillieJ Manor 
William &6renda J Mantha 

Dale L & Bonnie Stoat 
Allan J &Aidis Smith 


Hussung Mechanical Contractors 
Ivanhoes Drive In 


Barbara Sue Melzger 

Claudia Jean St John 

J S D Battery 

DwightL & Jane Mikkelson 

Richard J & Rebecca W Stanislaw 

Abco steel Systems, Inc 

Jim Whitmer Photography 

H Leon & LaGaIha Adkrson 

Phil & Alberta Miller 

Charles C S Barbara Stevens 

Associated Colleges ol Indrana 

JohnR Rogers Company 

Curtis A, & Amy L Anderson 

Kevin L & Jerralyn K Mitchell 

Deloris L Stratton 

Auto Credit Co, inc 

Johnson - Hotlman Insurance 

Carl D & Patricia A Atkinson 

Craig W & Cynthia Moore 

Kenneth D & Sarah Swan 

Avis Industrial Corpoiatron 

Kiwanis Club ol Harttord City 




LA Records 

McJohnson Incorporaled 

Merle Norman Cosmelics Studio 

Miami Valley Office Products 

Munsee Meals, Inc 

P Ploegman & Sons. Inc. 

Pacesetter Bank 

Pacesetter Financial Services 

Paulslan, Inc. 

Pete's Machine Works 

R & J Glass. Inc 

R & K Enterprises 

S & H Construction 

S& R Equipment Co., Inc. 


Sauder Woodworking 

SctiaHer and Company 

Schroeder's Marathon 

Scott M & A Corporation 

Sebeslyen & Williams, Inc. 

Ser^/ice master Induslnes 

Servicemastef ol Pawcatuck 

Sheet Rock Hangers 

Southwest Fixture 

Stacktiouse Farms 

Stanley Steemer Carpet Cleaner 

Super Value Food Stores, Ltd 


Tamco Industries, Inc 

Taylor Basketball Camp 

Ted Buesking Company, Inc 

The Haskins Company 

The Roaring 20's 

Thiering Veal 

TimCerline Motel 


Twining Tours 

Union City Body Company, Inc. 

Uniled Way ot Dayton Area 


Van Wert Gospel Gilt Shop 

W, Neuenschwander Appliances 

Wallpaper World 

Walnut Creek Goll, Inc 

White's Welding 

Woodard Sales & Sen/ice 

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AT&T Foundation 
Aetna Life & Casually 
Allied-Signal Foundation, Inc. 
Allstate Foundation 
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ARM/Amencan Airlines. Inc 
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American Standard, Inc 
American States Insurance Company 
American United Life Insurance Co. 
Ameritech Services, Inc 
Amoco Foundation, Inc 
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Ashland Oil Foundation, Inc 
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Chevron Matching Grants Program 
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Crowe ChizekS Company 

Cummins Engine Foundation 
Dana Corporation Foundation 
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Foundation, The 
Eli Lilly and Company 
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Church Matching 
Grant Program 

American Reformed, DeMotle, IN 

Auburn Presbyterian, Auburn, IN 

BeavertonU Methodist. Beaverlon, Ml 

Bellwood Mennonite, Milford, NE 

Bethany Chapel, Wheaton, IL 

Bethlehem Lutheran, 


Bloomingdale, IL 

Blue Mountain Chnslian Fellowship, 

Walla Walla. WA 

Brelhrenm Christ, Pleasant Hill, OH 

Brooks Corners U Methodist. Sears, Ml 

Calvary Baptist. Albert lea. MN 

Calvary Bible, Nassau, Bahamas 

Calvary Community, Alexandria, IN 

Central Assembly o( God. 

Central College U Presbyterian. 

Westerville, OH 

Central Wesleyan Faith Promise, 

Holland, Ml 
Christ Chapel Presbyterian, St 

Louis, MO 
Christ Community, Sturgis, Ml 
Christian Church Dis. ol Christ, St 

Louis, MO 
Christian Community-E, Columbus. OH 
Church ol the Nazarene. Dunkirk, IN 
Clinton Chnstian Assembly, 

Clinton. MO 
Coldwater Wesleyan. Coldwater, Ml 
College Church, Wheaton, IL 
Community Church ol Vista, Vista, CA 
Community Fellowship, 

Lawrenceburg, Ml 
Covenant Baptist. Skowhegan. ME 
Danville U Methodist, Danville, IN 
Davis Wesleyan, Hamlet, IN 
Dayspring Church of God Missions, 

Cincinnati, OH 
Dublin Friends Meeting, Dublin, IN 
Emmanuel Baptist, Johnstown, PA 
English Lake, North Judson, IN 
Evangelical Free, Hershey, PA 
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Faith Bible ol Peoria, Edwards, IL 
Faith Evangelical Covenant, Wheaton, IL 
First Assembly ol God, Warren, PA 
First Assembly ol God, Madison, IN 
First Baptist, Plainfield, IN 
First Baptist, Portland, IN 
First Brethren, Charles City, lA 
First Brethren, Oakville, IN 
First Church ot Chnst, Lynn, IN 
First Church ol God, Germantown, OH 
First Covenant, Salina, KS 
First Missionary. Lansing, Ml 
First U Methodist, Logansport, IN 
First U Methodist, Oceanside, NY 
First U Methodist, Owosso, Ml 
FlagstafI Christian Fellowship, 

Flagslall, AZ 
Good Shepherd Baptist, Cleveland, OH 
Grace Baptist, Netcong, NJ 
Grace Brethren. Norlh Canton, OH 
Grace Brethren. Patoskala. OH 
Grace Communily, Sun Valley, CA 
Grace U. Methodist. Hartlord City, IN 
Grant U. Methodist, FairmounI, IN 
Grosse lie Baptist. Grosse lie. Ml 
Grosse Pointe Baptist, Grosse 

Pointe, Ml 
Harvester Ave. Missionary, Fort 

Wayne, IN 
HillsboroU Methodist. Hillsboro. IN 
Hollywood Hills U.Methodist, 

Hollywood, FL 

Immanuel Baptist, Holland, Ml 
Immanuel Baptist, Marion, IN 
Immanuel Baptist First, Sagmaw, Ml 
In His Presence Ministries, Bay City, Ml 
Indian Hills Community, Lincoln, NE 
Jefferson Center U Methodist, 

Warren, IN 
Lancaster Presbyterian, Lancaster, NY 
Lawndale Community, Chicago, IL 
Mam Street Wesleyan, Jonesboro, IN 
Maranatha Ministries, Grandville, Ml 
Markle U Methodist, Markle, IN 
Mentone U Methodist, Mentone, IN 
Messiah Lutheran. Charlotte. NC 
Naperville Presbyterian. Naperville, IL 
Nelson St Wesleyan, Marion, IN 
QMS International 
Okeana U Methodist, Okeana, OH 
Operation Mobilization 
Our Savior Lutheran, Janesville, Wl 
Pare-Way Assembly ot God, 

Indianapolis, IN 
Park U Methodist, Lexington, IN 
Penn Valley Grace Brethren, Tellord, PA 
Pleasantdale U.Methodist, 

Montpelier, IN 
Praise Fellowship, Glen Dale, WV 
Pnnceton Bible, Princeton, IL 
Quisqueya Chapel, West Palm 

Beach, FL 
RedMillsBaplist,Mahopac Falls, NY 
Ridgeville Community, Springboro, OH 
Ridgeway Church ot God, 

Mansfield. OH 
Ripon Baptist, Ripon.WI 
Scofield Memorial, Dallas, TX 
ShivelyU Methodist, Louisville, KY 
Spring Grove U Methodist, New 

Richmond, OH 
St Mark Missionary, Mishawaka, IN 
SI Peter's Evangelical Lutheran, 
Mansfield, OH 

Sunnycrest U Methodist, Marion, IN 
Sutter Presbyterian, University City, MO 
Temple Baptist, Rockford, IL 
Tenth Presbyterian, Philadelphia, PA 
The First Baptist Church ol Village 
Green, Miami, FL 
The Church of God, Angola, IN 
The First Evangelical Covenant, Cedar 

Rapids, lA 
The Grace Brethren, Wooster, OH 
The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, 

St. Louis, MO 
Trinity Evangelical Free, Tampa, FL 
Trinity Presbyterian, Columbia City, IN 
Trinity U Methodist, Lapel, IN 
Trinity U Methodist, Savannah, GA 
Trinity U Methodist, Van Wert, OH 
Trinity Wesleyan, Lima, OH 
UFM International 
Union Chapel Baptist, Marion. IN 
U Methodist. Shrub Oak, NY 


Or Theodore WEngstrom 

President Emeritus 

World Vision International, Inc. 

Monrovia, California 

Rev Herbert M Frazer 

Uniled Methodist Minister, Retired 

Cincinnati, Ohio 

Dr Richard W Haltast 
Retired Surgeon 
Rochester, Indiana 

Dr. Waller C. Randall 
Retired Prolessorol Physiology 
Siritch School of Medicine 
Loyola University 
Upland, Indiana 

Dr. MiloA. Rediger 
President Emeritus 
Taylor University 
Upland. Indiana 

Dr, Charles W Schilling 
Distinguished Scientist 
Department of Forensic Sciences 
Armed Forces Institute of 
Arlington, Virginia 

Mr Paul W.Wills 


Toledo World Terminals 

Rtchlield, Ohio 

Mr, Linton A Wood 
Retired Businessman 
Hendersonvitle, North Carolina 

Upland Evangelical Mennonite, 

Upland, IN 
Vriesland Reformed, Zeeland, Ml 
Westover Presbyterian, Greensboro, NC 
Westwood Church ol God. 

Kalamazoo, Ml 
Winding Waters Brethren, Elkharl, IN 
Woodburn Missionary. Woodburn, 11^ 
Word of Life Center, Yakima, WA 
World Gospel, Terre Haute. IN 
Wyclihe Bible Translators 
Yorktown Methodist. Yorktown 

Heights, NY 
Youth lor Christ International Council, 

Englewood, CA 


Accuracy . . . 

in a report such as this, although every effort has 
been made to ensure accuracy, it is inevitable that 
some omissions and errors will occur. If your name 
does not appear, or should it be misspelled, please 
notify the advancement office so that \Ne can correct 
our error and apologize. 

For your clarification, all donors listed in this 
report gave during the fiscal year which began July 
1 , 1 986, and ended June 30, 1 987. Gifts which were 
postmarked after June 30 will be included in the 
report for the 1 987-88 fiscal year. For tax purposes, 
the IRS requires that all gifts be applied to the 
calendar year which appears on the envelope's 
postmark; as an example, if a check is dated De- 
cember 1 988, but carries a January 1 989 postmark, 
the receipt will be applied to the 1 989 tax year. 




Giving the g 

ift of service 

Parents' Association Cabinet 

organization which in- 

support and actionatTay- 

cludes all parents of cur- 

lor University through 

Taylor University's Par- 

not a policy-making body, 

rent students and which 

effective communication 

ents' Cabinet is a core of 

but rather one which as- 

the Parents' Cabinet rep- 

among members and with 

elected members, all par- 

sumes an advisory role in 

resents. The Parents' As- 

the institution; and, 3) to 

ents of current students. 

matters of parental inter- 

sociation holds three 

have a strong voice in 

who serve the institution 

est. It also acts as a liaison 

goals: 1) to foster and 

support of the continued 

in the planning and exe- 

between parents and 

cultivate the spirit of a 

spiritual welfare of Tay- 

cution of parents' activi- 

Taylor University. 

Christian community 

lor University. 

ties and programs and as 

These people serve both 

among parents; 2) to unite 

a resource board. 

the student body and the 

that community into a 

The Parents' Cabinet is 

Parents' Association, an 

vital force of influence. 

Merle & Avis Amundson 

Lawrence & Ractiel Crabb 


Thomas & Barbara Widdoes 

Greenfield, Indiana 

Warsaw, Indiana 

Cincinnati, Ohio 

Hudson, Ohio 

Rogers Marilyn Beaverson 

James & Linda Daubenmier 

James & Joan Mathis 

Wesley & Elaine Willis 

Indianapolis, Indiana 

Cedar Rapids, Iowa 

Gaylord, Michigan 

Wheaton, Illinois 

David & Marilyn Brewer 

Paul & Joan DeMerctiant 

Lionel & Marion Muthiah 

Don &KayWrigley 

Upland, Indiana 

Granger, Indiana 

Linton, North Dakota 

Charlotte, N. Carolina 

Edward & Jane Carlsen 

Harold & MaryGianopulos 

Stephen & Lucia Resch 

Charles & Judith Yeager 

Lancaster, New York 

Barrington, Illinois 

Lafayette, Indiana 

Warsaw, Indiana 

William & Diane Costas 

Richard & Bonni Gygi 

Valparaiso, Indiana 

Brentwood, Tennessee 

National Alunin 

/ Council 

liaison to the larger com- 
munity in the interests of 

most recent graduating 
classes); and one is the cur- 

The Taylor University 

ties and programs and in 

the university. 

rent senior class president. 

National Alumni Council 

their execution. It is not a 

Currently the council 

Provision is made in the 

serves the Alumni Asso- 

policy-making body, but 

consists of 18 members. 

constitution and by-laws 

ciation and the university 

one whose chief functions 

Fourteen were elected by 

for up to 22 members. The 

through the Office of 

are as advisor to the uni- 

the Alumni Association at 

council meets on campus 

Alumni Relations in the 

versity in matters of 

large; three were selected 

three to four times a year. 

planning of alumni activi- 

alumni relations and as 

by their classes (the three 

— BF 

D^ Mark Bowel 1 '85 

David K. Gustafson '59 

John F. Norris '74 

Rosalie ClossonValutis '60 

Indianapolis, Indiana 

Eagan, Minnesota 

Winchester Bay, Oregon 

East Lansing, Michigan 

Brenda Brenneman '69 

Janet Mendenhall Horner '62 

JoAnne Metcalf Powell '72 

David A. Wheeler '53 

Washington, Penn. 

Evergreen, Colorado 

Worthington, Ohio 

Randolph, New York 


Michael G.May '75 

Adele Courtney Roney '73 

W.Quinn White '87 

Boca Raton, Florida 

San Marino, California 

Haddonfield, New Jersey 

Madison, Indiana 

Kimberly(KC) Carlsen '86 

Donald A, McLaughlin '75 

James (Jamey) R. Schmitz '88 

Wtieaton, Illinois 

Granger, Indiana 

Wauseon, Ohio 

Paul R. Cox '73 

I^ancyVerdell Moller'65 

Wendell C. True '56 

Greenwood, Indiana 

Victoria, Texas 

Cincinnati, Ohio 





Mr, James H, Barnes, Jr, 


CRS Industries, Inc 

Tampa, Florida 

Ivlrs. LaRita Boren 
Board ot Directors 
Avis Industrial Corporation 
Upland, Indiana 

Mr R, David Beyer 


Helmke, Beams. Boyer & Wagner 

Fort Wayne, Indiana 

Dr. Josepti D. Brain 

Protessor of Environmental 


Director, Respiratory Biology Program 

Harvard University 

Boston, Massacfiusetts 

Dr. Beverly Brigfitly 

State Facilities Coordinator of 

New Jersey 


Jacobus Foundation for Ctiildren, Inc 

Princeton, New Jersey 

Mr, Theodore F. Brolund 


W A. Whitney Corporation 

Rockford, Illinois 

Mr. J.ThomasCrutchfield 
Corporate Officer 
H. Crutchfield, Inc. 
Sebrmg, Florida 

Mr. Thomas A. Dillon 
Lane, Alton & Horst 
Columbus, Ohio 

Mr Kenneth Flanigan 
Financial Consultant 
Bear, Steams & Co., Inc. 
Elmhursl, Illinois 

Dr. J. Paul Gentile 
Medical Doctor 
Fort Wayne, Indiana 

Dr. Lester C. Gerig 

Retired Chairman of the Board 

Mutual Security Life Insurance 


Fort Wayne, Indiana 

Dr Carl W Hassell, Chairman of the Board 

Superintendent, Southfield Public Schools 

Southfield, Michigan 

Greetings from the Taylor Board . . . 

The Taylor University Board of Trustees serves 
as the governing policy board of the university, 
with the ownership of the university actually 
vested in the corporate board! 

When one really considers the implications of 
such a mandate, the sense of responsibility for the 
guidance of an institution such as Taylor is indeed 

The Taylor Board, 1 am pleased to report, takes 
its responsibilities most seriously, and with deep 
commitment. The twenty-six men and women of 
the board serve six-year terms at the pleasure of 
the board. We are constantly on the lookout for 
prospective board members . . . people who are 
first of all committed Christians; people who will 
work, plan, pray, think, and insofar as resources 
permit, support the university financially. 

The board's primary responsibilities include 
policy development, responding to the recommen- 
dations from the administration of the university, 
and supporting the president, his staff, the faculty, 
and all employees, in carrying out the mission of 

The 1988-89 school year will be a challenging 
one, with the highest student enrollment in the 
history of Taylor; with a new administrative center 
and a new dormitory coming "on line;' with 
exciting new educational opportunities for our 
students; and with, most importantly, deepened 
spiritual growth on the part of the board, staff and 

With your continued support ... in service, in 
prayer, in giving . . . and under the Lordship of 
Christ, Taylor University will continue to be 
"effectively Christian" in its ministry to our won- 
derful young people, and finally through them, to 
the world. 

Most sincerely. 

Newly-elected Board Members 

Mrs. Marta Gabre-Tsadick 

Executive Director/ 


Vice President/Hel Mar. 


Fort Wayne, Indiana 

Mr. Carl Moellering 

Moellering Construction 
Company, Inc. 
Fort Wayne, Indiana 

Dr. James H. Woods 
Medical Doctor 
Elm Grove, Wisconsin 

Mr Robert C. Gilkison 


Kahn Brothers Investment 

Management Corporation 

Alexandria, Virginia 

Dr. John 0. Hershey 

Retired Ch. of the Board & President 

Milton Hershey School 


Hershey-Gerlach Associates, Inc. 

Hummelstown, Pennsylvania 

Mr. John R Home 
Vice President & General Manager 
Navistar International Corporation 

St Charles, Illinois 

Mr. V. Donald Jacobsen 
Director/Purchasing and 
Transportation Materials Management 
and Regional Operations 
AT&T Technologies, Inc 
Greensboro. North Carolina 

Mrs. G- Roselyn Kerlin 

Vice President 

Professional Park Medical 


Danville. Indiana 

Mr. John McDougall 

Retired Executive Vice President and 


International Consultant 

Ford Motor Company 

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan 

Mr, Arthur K. Muselman 

Vice President. Sales 

Economy Printing 

Berne. Indiana 

Mr. Richard Russell 


Russell Homes, Inc. 

Crosse Pointe Shores, Michigan 

Dr. Fred S. Stockinger 
Cardiovascular Surgeon 
Grand Rapids, Michigan 

Dr, L. Marshall Welch 


L.M. Welch & Associates, Inc. 

Sedona, Arizona 

Dr. Samuel F. Wolgemuth 

President Emeritus 

Youth for Christ International 

Wheaton, Illinois 

9 .- 

\ ^^- 



students' needs. I was very disappointed to 
receive from one administrator a note which 
made me exempt from chapel attendance tor 
as long as the problem existed. 1 felt like 
they missed the point entirely and were 
ignoring the issue. 

Because of my discouragement, I decided 
I was fighting a losing battle and dropped 
the issue — for the moment. My dishearten- 
ment was eased somewhat by two major 
accomplishments at year's end; the new 
library, totally accessible, was completed, 
and an automatic door opener was installed 
at the dining commons rear entrance. 

New energy and a little progress 

I entered my third year at Taylor not 
knowing if 1 would accomplish anything 
else. The hiring of Julie Young as a special 
assistant to the director of housing changed 
my attitude. Julie brought new energy to 
the needs and problems of the handicapped. 
Her sincere desire to help inspired me to 
push hard once again for results. She 
organized a handicapped awareness day, 
where students were placed in wheelchairs, 
wore blindfolds, and used earplugs to help 
them realize the problems of the handi- 
capped. As a follow-up to that day, 1 later 
received the chance to speak to the students 
who were "handicapped" on that day, as 
well as to the personnel assistants in the 
residence halls. Also, I gave an interview to 
the campus newspaper where I was able to 
express my viewpoint on being a handi- 
capped person. Through these events, I feel 
we increased the understanding of the needs 
of the handicapped. 

Even more important than the handi- 
capped awareness day was Julie's effort 
urging administrators to build a hydraulic 
lift in the Chapel. She took steps to find a 
donor who might give adequate funds to 
build the lift, and 1 also wrote a letter to be 
distributed to potential donors, encouraging 
them to contribute. In the spring, Julie's 
hard work was rewarded when Dr. Daryl 
Yost, provost, told us that the money had 
been found to build a lift during the sum- 
mer. Though 1 had initially wanted an 

elevator for the Chapel, since it has three 
levels, 1 nevertheless was ecstatic at the 
good news and felt it was a good way to 
head into my senior year. 

But my senior year really was not filled 
with developments toward accessibility on 
the campus. That, however, is not because 
there aren't improvements left to be made. 1 
turned my efforts in that final year toward 
getting more handicapped students to 
attend Taylor University. 1 feel that if 
further improvements are to be made on 
campus, handicapped students have to be 

Based on this premise, 1 encouraged Herb 
Frye to try to recruit handicapped students. 
In conjunction with this, I wrote a letter that 
was circulated to guidance counselors at 
area high schools, attempting to promote the 
idea of handicapped students attending a 
small college like Taylor. Only time will tell 
how successful this letter will be in bringing 
the handicapped to Taylor University. 

I've tried to share some of the needs, 
accomplishments and disappointments I 
encountered while 1 was a student at Taylor 
University. Through a lot of hard work by 
people like Wally Roth, Herb Frye, Daryl 
Yost, Billie Manor, Julie Young, myself and 
many others, I think we have achieved a 
tremendous amount in four years. 

At the same time, 1 feel there is more to be 
done on the campus in places such as the 
Reade Center, the dining commons, the 
communication arts building, and the resi- 
dence halls. I hope and pray that when I 
graduated in May, the changes taking place 
which make Taylor University handicapped 
accessible will not end. 

Scott Dubois, a native of Converse, 
Indiana, is a 1988 graduate of 
Taylor University with a major in 
computer science/systems. At the 
spring awards chapel, he was 
honored with the Special Service 
award by Dr. Leon Adkison (right). 
Dubois currently works in data proc- 
essing at the Veterans Administra- 
tion Hospital in Marion, Indiana. 

I think we have 
achieved a 
amount in four 
years. At the 
same time, I 
feel there is 
still more to be 
done ... I 
hope and pray 
that when I 
graduated in 
May, the 
changes taking 
place which 
make Taylor 
accessible will 
not end. 


I do not want 
kids to worship 
coacines, fame, 
success or 
for if they do, 
they will al- 
ways come up 
empty. In my 
actions and 
words, my 
desire is to 
glorify and 
honor our 

Playing basketball 
on God's Court 

by Tanya Crevier 

Did you ever dream that spinning a 
basketball could take you all over the 
world? I never thought of traveling much 
farther than my hometown of Jefferson, 
South Dakota, but when I invited Christ into 
my life and heart (John 1:12 — "But as many 
as receive Him, to them He gives the right to 
become the Children of God, even to those 
who believe in His name."), I discovered 
there are no limitations or boundaries with 

Basketball was always a favorite; many 
times, thoughts such as "I want to be the 
best basketball player I can be and no one is 
going to work harder or hustle more than 
me" would go through my mind. With the 
"keep trying" attitude learned from Mom 
and Dad, 1 practiced hours a day at spin- 
ning, juggling and dribbling basketballs. All 
the hours of practice with my five brothers 
and five sisters, playing each of them in 
seasonal sports, along with the love and 
unending guidance and support of my 
parents, has certainly paid off. 

My oldest brothers, Maurice and Marc, 
played football at Ashland College, Ohio. 
Ashland's basketball coach at that time. Bill 
Musselman, had his players go through a 
very disciplined and colorful pre-game 
warm up. George Schauer was the top 
basketball handler on the team, and my 
brothers would come home and tell me 
about the fantastic ball-handling tricks 
"Crazy George" could do. At the time, I 
was in the seventh grade, and God gave me 
the inner desire to practice hard. 

A vehicle to share faith 

Soon after that 1 gave my heart to Jesus 
Christ — asked Christ to forgive my sins 
and come into my heart (I John 1:9). My 
older brothers and older sister Terry contin- 
ued to challenge me spiritually to live for 
Jesus and read His Word every day. 
Through their influence and the influence of 
Bill Glass and others in the Fellowship of 
Christian Athletes, I've learned how to use 
my talents as a vehicle to share my faith in 
Christ to young and old people wherever I 

After college, I was invited to try out for a 

new pro women's basketball league just 
formed in 1978. I played women's profes- 
sional basketball for the next three years. It 
was in Indianapolis at a Pacers game where 
I was performing that Dave Odle, son of 
Don Odle, founder of Taylor University's 
basketball camp, saw me and invited me to 
come to camp that next summer. 

In that summer of 1980, 1 was introduced 
to Taylor University. I've been invited to 
return each summer since then to perform 
and speak to the nearly 2,000 annual camp- 
ers; in fact, Taylor University has become 
my home base each summer. It was also at 
Taylor University that I met Bill Glass. Since 
then I have been ministering to less fortu- 
nate persons through the Bill Glass Evangel- 
istic Prison Ministry. 

To inspire, motivate and challenge 

During the year, 1 perform and speak at 
many, many schools throughout the United 
States. Whenever I'm visiting an Indiana 
school, it's always exciting to see young 
students with their Taylor basketball camp 
shirts on, or have them come up to me and 
visit as they remember seeing me at camp. 
Many times I've been walking around in a 
shopping mall only to have kids come up 
and tell me they remember me from the 
Taylor basketball camp. 

It's so rewarding to tell kids about the 
Lord ("Be steadfast, immovable, always 
abounding in the world of the Lord, know- 
ing that your labor is not in vain in the 
Lord." I Cor. 15:58). At Taylor basketball 
camp, there are devotions each night in the 
dorm for the kids, led by the counselors. 
When I share my testimony during my 
program, it is assuring to know that there 
will be follow-up at night during devotions. 

Basketball has given me a way to share 
Christ. I was in an Indiana mall when a 
couple of young boys came up to me, 
wanting to know if I was the one who did 
all the basketball tricks at camp; I was able 
to share the Lord with them that day. 

I visited a junior high school in Indiana, 
and a seventh grader came up to me as soon 
as I arrived, very excited because he had 
(to page 19) 

Tanya Crevier (right) 

entertains the campers with 

her ballhandling tricks and 

skills: it's more than just a 

show, though, as she 

interlaces her faith with her 


'God's Court' 

from page 18 

seen me at Taylor basketball 
camp; he was introducing me 
to all his friends, and I asked 
him how his daily walk with 
the Lord was going. He came 
to my evening program 
where I was able to share the 
Gospel. Salvation through 
the shed blood of Jesus Christ 
— that young man re-dedi- 
cated his life to Jesus Christ 
that night. It was a great 
blessing to me that day to 
know the Lord sent me to 
that school to be a witness to 
the entire student bodv and 
teachers, but also to encour- 

age that one young man in 
the Lord. 

Letters I receive from kids 
who have attended Taylor 
basketball camp often say 
how inspirational mv pro- 
gram was to them. 1 do de- 
sire to inspire, moti\'ate and 
challenge young people, but 
most importantly, I desire to 
be a positive Christian role 
model to boys and girls 
through basketball. In my 
sharing, 1 desire to steer 
people's thoughts toward 
Jesus, and how He died on 
the cross to make remission 

for our sins (John y.\b). 

I do not want kids to 
worship coaches, fame, suc- 
cess or materialism, for if they 
do, they will always come 
up empty. In my actions and 
words, my desire is to glo- 
rify and honor our Heavenly 


Father (Col. 3:17). 

Psalm 115:1 — ".Not unto 
others, oh Lord, not imto us, 
but to your name give gk>ry, 
because of your mercy and 
because of your truth." — 


from page 2 

announcement and scholar- 
ship presentations take place 
at the conclusion of the con- 

While outstanding, the 
scholarship is only one com- 
ponent of the leadership 
conference. During the two 
days at Taylor, students will 
attend special workshops 
and structured activities, as 
well as learn from special 
guest speakers. 

Such a conference could 
only be possible at Taylor 
Uni\-crsity, widely acclaimed 

among Christian and secu- 
lar colleges and universities 
for its leadership programs. 
"One of the most significant 
points about the conference 
and competition is that not 
only has the scholarship been 
an important factor in rela- 
tionship to financial aid the 
students have recei\'ed," 
Frye says, "but secondly, it is 
a scholarship that formally 
recognizes the strong lead- 
ership program that Taylor 
has had for many years." - 


from page 2 

studying Zephaniah, as well. 
House held a study of the 
book for five straight nights, 
two hours each night, and 
did not exhaust discussion 
of the book at all. It proved 
to him that you can teach 
prophecy, and that it has 
dramatic aspects as well as 
historical background. "It 
can be alive, exciting and 
creative to study," House 
says. "Even Zephaniah. The 
forgotten books of the Old 
Testament do have some- 
thing to say." 

Signs of the times 

The books of prophecy 
warn of idolatry in many 
forms. At a time when the 
Bakkers and Swaggarts are 
stumbling, and the Reagans 
are looking to the stars, books 
such as Zephaniah, which 
deals with astral deities of 

the Moabites, may be good 
tc> study. "The point of it is, 
we do worship other things," 
House states. "Prophecy will 
tell you anytime you do this, 
you will be punished. Check 
out what happened to these 
characters," he adds, refer- 
ring to the Moabites. 

House sees a semblance of 
the prophets' world in 
today's age — the remnant 
of a humble and faithful 
people. And now as then, 
the righteous will suffer with 
the wicked. "In what I've 
seen, we are down to a Chris- 
tian remnant now," House 
says. Man is caught in a non- 
Christian environment and, 
though punishment looms, 
there is hope. 

And though the prophets 
are portrayed as seers of 
gloom and doom. House has 
sympathy for their plight. 

"At times they lash the 
people," he says, "but they 
also love the people. The 
prophets agonize over the 
people. In the final reality, 
the prophets are very sorry; 
they wish the people didn't 
have to suffer." 

For a reason 

House has become so en- 
tranced with the prophets 
that he already has prelimi- 
nary acceptance for a second 
book. Entitled Uuiiy of tiic 
Tu'clvc, it examines the 
twelve prophetic books as a 
whole. The Jews have al- 
ways considered them as one 
book. House says, and he is 
beginning to see a reason. 

The reason is not chrono- 
logical or historical; the se- 
quence is there. House be- 
liex'es, for literary purposes. 
"They have always been in 

that order," House says. "I 
came to the conclusion that 
the way it is ordered lays out 
the same plot as is found in 
the individual books. 

"The Jewish community 
put those twelve books in 
order and left it that way. 
They weren't stupid — they 
did it for a reason." 

This second book will lend 
itself to a course on proph- 
ecy. House believes. Beyond 
that, he doesn't know. But 
House dreams of entering 
heaven one day to be met, 
not by St. Peter, but by the 
twelve minor prophets. 

They should be thankful, 
for thev will have found one 
who truly understands the 
reason behind the work they 
were called to do. — KB 


Taylor Christian 
Life Conference 

Providing something for everyone, the first 
Taylor Christian Life Conference was held July 

It went so well that the second annual week- 
end of spiritual renewal is planned for July of next 
year. Anyone and everyone is welcome ~ three 
days of workshops and activities are structured 
for children, vouth, teenagers and adults. 

The casual, informal weekend of spiritual 
growth has the firm commitment of President Jay 
Kesler, keynote speaker for the conference. 

One of the many splendid workshops held during 
the weekend was led by Dr. Kesler. Entitled 
"What Teenagers Say When Their Parents Aren't 
Around. " it provided not only information but also 
amusement for those attending, such 
as June (Hunt '71) Hess of Indianapo- 
lis who was there with her husband 
Robert and their sons Ben and Regan. 
June Hess taped the session and 
obviously found Kesler's tales and 
insight to be enlightening, entertaining 
and perhaps somewhat familiar to her 
own experiences at home with her 

Keynote speaker President Jay Kesler (above) 

is committed to providing a weekend of relaxed. 

spiritual activity and growth at Taylor. 


from page 6 
ence schedule during the last 
seven weeks of the season. 
The basketball team will use 
the final seven weeks of its 
season to play home-and- 
home conference games. 

Second time around 

Taylor University had de- 
clined an earlier invitation to 
join the ICAC; "too many 
questions that had not been 
answered," is how Romine 
puts it. He calls the ICAC a 
"conference built on trust," 
and there are still some con- 
cerns. InterpretationoflCAC 

by-laws involves a lot of 
"gray areas," Romine says, 
adding, "There's a lot of work 
to be done to make this thing 


Most of the caution in- 
volves scholarship money; 
another potential problem is 
that DePauw, Wabash and 
Rose-Hulman are NCAA Di- 
vision 111 schools, the rest 
NAIA colleges; Taylor Uni- 
versity will not join the 
NCAA, though. "There's no 
arm-twisting," Romine says. 
"There's never been the in- 
tention of saying you have to 

join the NCAA or the NAIA." 
And although Taylor was 
voted unanimously into the 
conference at a February 19 
meeting of the college presi- 
dents, and although several 
meetings of faculty represen- 
tatives and athletic directors 
have taken place, the greater 
part of the work still remains. 
But Romine is reservedly op- 

"It's a positive move for 
us," he says. "It's another 
level for our student-athletes 
to compete on and succeed. 
And most of our alumni re- 

member Taylor University 
involved in a conference." 

Kesler is looking forward 
to the conference's success. 
"Healthy competition that 
does not necessarily lead to a 
profession in sports is of great 
value to life on all campuses," 
he says. "Athletics is only 
one part, a very important 
part, 1 might add, of whole 
person education. 1 believe 
that our membership in the 
ICAC will enhance our 
'whole person' goals." — KB 




Taylor Club Meetings/Alumni Gatherings 

All alumni, friends and parents of current students are welcome to attend Club meetings. For more information concerning a 
meeting in your area, please contact {he Taylor University Alumni Office at 317-998-51 15. ("denotes tentative) 

Presidentwl Dinner 
Taylor Dny at the Park 
Presidential Dinner 
Presidential Luncheon 
Pre-game Luncheon 
Presidential Luncheon 

Aug. 22 


Aug. 28 


Sept. 24* 

Phoenix/Sun City 

Oct. 3* 

Southern NJ 

Oct. 29» 

Defiance, OH 

Nov. 10* 


Nov. 12 

Grand Rapids 

Presidential Dinner 

Nov. 12* 

Madison, LN 

Pre-game Luncheon 

Nov. 25 

Danville, IN 

Post-game Reception 

Dec. 2 


Post-game Reception 

Dec. 30 

Southern CA 

Post-game Reception 

Taylor Club 

Upland, IN: The sophomore 
class was officially inducted 
into the ranks of alumni on 
Tuesday, April 19. The 
"mugging," as it has come to 
he known, drew over 250 
sophomores to the buffet 
dinner. Following comments 
by George Glass and an 
address by President Kesler, 
the sophomores were gi\'en 
a commemorative mug in- 
scribed with "Taylor Univer- 
sity Class of '90" as a gift 
from the alumni office and 
as an official welcome into 
the ranks of alumni. 

Berne, IN: A dinner/theatre 
on the Taylor University 
campus was the setting for 
the Adams County Taylor 
Club under Ray Bachman's 
'61 direction. Twenty-eight 
alumni and friends enjoyed 

a delicious prime rib dinner 
followed by an excellent 
presentation of Amadeus in 
Taylor's Little Theatre. 

Upland, IN: 125 seniors gath- 
ered at the President's deck 
for ice cream and all the top- 
pings at the annual Senior 
Scoop, sponsored by the 
alumni office. George Glass 
welcomed the soon-to-be 
graduates and President 
Kesler challenged them to 
remember their alma mater. 

Chicago, IL: President Kesler 
spoke at the Chicago Loop 
Luncheon on Friday, June 3. 
There were 27 present, in- 
cluding five '87 grads. John 
Clarkson, Jr. '72, Charlie 
Hess '71 and Skip Gianopu- 
los '87 provide the leader- 
ship for the alumni and 
friend gathering which meets 
every June and November. 
George Glass and Steve 
Manganello were also in at- 

Traverse City, MI: Mark 


a very special Tavlor/minis- 
try weekend in the Traverse 
Citvarea. Mark was respon- 
sible for a Taylor Club Din- 
ner with President & Mrs. 
Kesler and George Glass 
which had been preceded by 
a luncheon for area pastors 
at Cedar Bend Farm, Dr. 
Harold Snyder coordinating 
the latter e\'ent. In addition 
to the Taylor Club, Mark was 
responsible for coordinating 
a singles' retreat held at the 
Grand Traverse Resort, at 
which Dr. Kesler was the 
principle speaker; Jim 
Mathis '64 conducted one of 
the workshops. Thirty at- 
tended the dinner and nearly 
140 attended the retreat. 

Greater Upland, IN: Led by 
Dennis '65 & Lois '63 Austin, 

the club travelled on an his- 
torical tour of the East Coast, 
covering 3500 miles in seven 
days on a Wheels Possum 

bus. The tour began juK' 16 
in Boston and ended in At- 
lanta with time spent in 
Washington, DC 

Jamestown; Williamsburg 
Kitty Hawk; theOuter Banks 
Charleston; Beaufort; Savan- 
nah; and Stone Mountain. 
Thirty alumni, parents and 
friends participated in this 
trip which has become a tra- 
dition for the Greater Up- 
land Taylor Club. 

Grand Rapids, MI: The sev- 
enth annual West Michigan 
Taylor Club Picnic for new 
and returning students and 
their parents was held on July 
21 at the Douglas Walker 
Park southwest of Grand 
Rapids. This picnic has be- 
come a Taylor tradition with 
the West Michigan Club 
Council, led by Bob '81 & 
Wendy Brummeler, hosting 
it. Tim and Susan Nace, along 
with Karen Muselman '87, 
represented Taylor. 

lUnJnu^ I'icltcf 





First Samuel Morris often overlooked 

DID YOU KNOW that there were two men by the 
name of Samuel Morris who played an integral part in 
the on-going drama of Taylor University? 

All should be aware of the beautiful story of the 
African boy known as Sammy Morris. His short life at 
Fort Wayne College (now Taylor University) contrib- 
uted largely to the survival of the school, and he is not 
forgotten today — a residence hall on campus is named 
in his honor. 

But what about the other Sammy Morris? What part 
did he play in the Taylor University story? 

The "other" Samuel L. Morris, Sr., was born Septem- 
ber 15, 1849 in Auburn, Indiana, the son of Judge and 
Mrs. John Morris. The Morris family moved to Fort 
Wayne in 1857 to provide better education for their 
children. Three sons achieved prominence in their 
professions — Samuel and John, Jr., in law and Stephen 
in banking. Stephen was graduated from Fort Wayne 
College in 1875 with high honors. 

Samuel was graduated from Fort Wayne High School 
in 1868 and from Princeton University, New Jersey, in 
1875. Returning to Fort Wayne, he read law in the office 
of Withers & Morris. In that same year, he was admitted 
to practice and became a partner in the firm of Barrett, 
Morris & Hoffman. Specializing in corporate law, he 
became one of the most prominent attorneys of the time 
in Indiana. 

Devout church members and workers at the Wayne 
Street Methodist Church in Fort Wayne, the Morris 
family attended there throughout their lives. Samuel L. 
Morris died April 11,1922, and was buried in the family 
plot at Lindenwood Cemetery in Fort Wayne. 

Samuel Morris' part in the Taylor story came about 
through a second person. Morris financially assisted 
Miss Anna Knoll, a Fort Wayne native, in receiving her 
education at Fort Wayne College in preparation for the 
foreign mission field. Upon graduation. Knoll went to 
Liberia (West Africa) as a missionary. There, she met 
Prince Kaboo, a member of the Kru tribe, and led ' im 
into God's kingdom as her first convert. Kaboc was 
taken into the Methodist Church and baptized under 
the Christian name of Samuel Morris, given to him by 
Knoll in honor of her benefactor, Samuel L. Morris. 

One wonders if the pathways of these two men crossed 
later in Fort Wayne? One thing is certain — both 
Samuels, one black and one white, rest in Lindenwood 
Cemetery and will rise together on that great Day of the 
Resurrection of the Just. 

Wesley Robinson '50 
Taylor History Editor 


Taylor grad served as labor mediator 

DID YOU KNOW that a Taylor University graduate 
was one of the first mediators in the early days of the 
United States labor movement as well as an outstanding 
clergyman and orator? 

His name was Allen A. Stockdale, and he was gradu- 
ated from Taylor University in 1896 with the bachelor of 
arts degree. Stockdale arrived in Upland during the 
summer of 1893 and was one of the charter students at 
Taylor University that fall as the school had moved from 
Fort Wayne to Upland that summer. 

He was one of the busiest students, being called out 
frequently to hold revival meetings in various churches. 
He was known for his oratorical abilities; Loren Ross of 
the class of 1898 had said that "Allen Stockdale was 
known as the great 'Orator' at Taylor and later in life." 

Stockdale received a STB degree from Boston Univer- 
sity, and honorary degrees were conferred on him from 
Berea College in Kentucky and from Marietta College. 
He was also a resident graduate student at Oxford 
University in England. Ordained in the Methodist 
Church, Stockdale pastored in large city churches in 
Boston, Toledo, Chicago, and Washington, DC. Later in 
life, he became a Congregational church preacher. 

Moving later to New York City, Stockdale became 
associated with the New York Stock Exchange and 
served as mediator in the labor movement in New York. 
In a letter to Rev. Enoch Bunner, a friend from his days 
at Taylor, Stockdale wrote: "For the last seven years, I 
have been dean of the Speakers Bureau of the National 
Association of Manufacturers. My work is most inter- 
esting, speaking before workers and management to 
secure better relations between employers and employ- 
ees. Since last July, I have spoken to nearly 100,000 
workers and over the radio to 3,500,000 more workers." 

God calls his workers into so many diversified areas 
to be witnesses for him. 



Burt Ayres' son gains own recognition 

DID YOU KNOW that Taylor University has an akmi- 
nus who earned his PhD at the age of 26 and became 
highly renowned in his field? 

The alumnus is Dr. Gilbert Haven Ayres, son of Dr. 
Burt Ayres, held in precious memory at Taylor. Gilbert 
was born in Upland on August 29, 1904. He earned his 
AB degree at Taylor University in 1925 and his PhD in 
chemistry at the University of Wisconsin in 1930. 

During his student years at Taylor University, Ayres 
was very active in various capacities of student life. He 
was president of the Philoian literary society, member of 
the Eurekan debating team, president of his junior class, 
and was a participant in the intramural sports program. 
In the 1924 Gem yearbook is the following notation, 
concerning Gilbert as captain and center on the Philo 
basketball team: "Gib is the hub of the team; he is a 
player that can be depended upon to get baskets from 

the sides. Gib is 
right there when it 
comes to team- 

From a 1943 
copy of the Upland 
Bank "Advance- 
ment" in the col- 
umn under the year 
1925 in local history 
is this information: 
"Gilbert H. Ayres 
won his way to the 
final elimination in 
the national contest 
on chemistry. He 
will receive one of 
the six $1,000 prizes 
offered by the 
American Chemical 
Society of New York. A final tryout will decide the 
winner in a few days. Gilbert has taught chemistrv at 
Taylor, the University of Wisconsin, Smith College, and 
retired as professor of chemistry at the University of 
Texas, Austin, as a Scholar in Analytical Chemistry. 
Gilbert has written a standard textbook in chemistry 
entitled 'Quantitative Chemical Analysis.' He has pre- 
sented a second edition copv which is in the Taylor 
Archives. We salute Gilbert on his many achieve- 

Gilbert Ayres 

Though the Trojans 
placed second in the 
HBC meet, Taylor 
Oliver won the race and 
set a course record. 


Runners refuse to give in to Quakers 

DIDYOU KNOW that Tay- 
lor University sports teams 
have never been quitters 
when the going got rough? 
An example comes from 
1973. The Taylor Univer- 
sity cross country team 
raced through a typical 
winning season, except for 
one aspect. For the first time 
in eight years, the Trojans 
failed to win the Hoosier- 
Buckeye Conference cham- 

It was quite an upset, as 
the Trojans had recently de- 
feated Earlham, the new 
champion, rather handily. 
Coach George Glass stated 
that he felt much growth and 
learning had taken place as 
a result of the team experi- 
encing second place for the first time. 

The harriers were led all year by their outstanding 
senior and team captain, Taylor Oliver. Though the 
team placed second, Oliver finished first and set a 
Taylor course record (26:23) in the conference meet. 
Later, the Trojans successfully recaptured the Taylor 
Invitational by defeating Rio Grande College. 

After the conference loss to Earlham, the Trojans didn't 
give up, but regrouped and came back to defeat the 
Quakers and become NAIA District 21 champions. With 
Oliver on that district championship team were Al 
Feeley, Brad Shrock, Steve Gradeless, Tim Reusser and 
Dave Lewis. 

The '73 Trojans: 
(front. L-R) Ron 
Grogg. Brad 
Shrock. Roger 
Tullis. Tim Reusser: 
(back. L-R) George 
Glass. Tim Sorg. 
Taylor Oliver. Steve 
Gradeless. Roger 
Getz. Dave Kaiser. 
Al Feeley. Paul 
Brady. Jim Slocum. 




Conrad Rehling '47 


Rehling '47 

plays from 

the fairway 

of life 

Calling Conrad Rehling 
'47 a golfer is comparable to 
calling Thomas Edison an 
electrician. Although true, it 
gives only a partial and mis- 
leading description. 

Consider the comments of 
University of Alabama Presi- 
dent D. Joab Thomas made 
at festivities held to honor 
Rehling as he retired as U of 
A head golf coach; "Conrad 
Rehling is the classic golf 
coach and golf professional. 
He exemplifies all the fea- 
tures that make golf such a 
wonderful game. In a sport 
where gentlemanly behavior 
is the norm, he sets the stan- 
dard. In a sport where total 
honesty and integrity are 
integral components of the 
game. Coach Rehling in ev- 
ery way exemplifies the 
wonderful character of the 

Heady praise, indeed, but 
justified. When a player fell 

short of the standard, the 
coach unwaveringly with- 
held him from competition. 
"I always said that I'd rather 
win a kid than a tournament," 
Rehling says. "It's that 

Rehling has demanded 
even more of himself. His 
additional duties as a teach- 
ing professor of physical edu- 
cation and as the head pro- 
fessional at the university 
golf course would have over- 
whelmed many. Until he 
retired this summer, the vet- 
eran of 17 seasons there 
found that "I haven't been 
able to play a lot of golf." 

And, his hectic schedule 
wasn'tuniquetoUof A. Prior 
to the 1972 season, Rehling, 
the author of golf instruc- 
tional books, dealt with simi- 
lar circumstances at the Uni- 
versity of Florida for 22 years 
and then at the University of 
West Florida, where he also 




served as athletic director, 
for two years. 

His active involvement 
with the Fellowship of Chris- 
tian Athletes (FC A) National 
Golf Ministry supplies an 
extra reason for the fast pace 
of his life. Mentally and 
physically handicapped per- 
sons across the nation have 
benefitted from his special 
seminars. In appreciation for 
such projects, Rehling was 
the honoree for the 1 987 FC A 
International Pro-Am. 

A few facts indicate the 
secular success of his vari- 
ous efforts, too. Alabama 
finished third in the 1975 
National Collegiate Athletic 
Association (NCAA) tourna- 
ment and in 1979 won a 
Southeastern Conference 
title. Thirteen of his team 
members have played on the 
professional golf tours. 
These include Tommy 
Aaron, Frank Beard, Steve 

Melynk, Bob Murphy, Jerry 
Pate and Dan Sikes. 

More significantly, the 
University of Alabama 
awarded Rehling the title 
Golf Coach Emeritus, a first 
for the school. He was cho- 
sen to be a member of the 
NCAA Golf Hall of Fame. 
Golf Digest called Rehling 
"The Teacher of Champions." 

However, he says, "I'm 
most pleased that a lot of 
these players graduated and 
went on to become doctors, 
lawyers, engineers and such. 
That's what it's really all 
about. It's school first, golf 
second. I think we've had 
about 85 percent of our play- 
ers go on to get their degrees." 

After his graduation from 
Attica, Indiana, High School 
and after working on the rail- 
road to save enough money, 
Conrad (known as Connie to 
his many friends) entered 
Taylor in 1939. Even though 


tlic uni\ersitv lacked a team 
for golf (one of his major 
interests since he began cad- 
dying at age seven), a bas- 
ketball scholarship drew him 
here. While living in Wis- 
consi:' dormitory, Rehling 
competed in cross country, 
basketball and track. Stiirv- 
vvielding cohorts and 
Rehling himself admit that 
he also participated in more 
than academic, athletic and 
spiritual pursuits. Taylor 
President Robert Lee Stuart 
personally intervened to 
show him the \'alue of a 
Taylor lifestyle. 

Rehling left at the end of 
his junior year in May, 1942, 
to serve as a physical trainer 
in the Na\'y during World 
War II, but returned to earn 
his degree in 1947. Because 

of the special circumstances, 
he received the unique honor 
of being chosen senior class 
president twodifferent years. 
In his postwar days at Taylor 
Uni\'ersit\-, Rehling wel- 
comed the opportunity to 
captain the newly-formed 
interct>llegiate golf team, al- 
though his priorities had 
changed drastically. Rehling 
now enjoyed the perspective 
of a veteran and of a married 
man — he and Maxine Dopp 
'42 were married in 1945. 

The young couple subse- 
quently left Upland for 
Springfield, Massachusetts, 
College where Connie 
earned a master of education 
degree in 1949. 

But the Rehlings have 
kept ties with their alma 
mater. For example, Rehling 

helped Don Odle, former 
Tavlor golf coach and ath- 
letic director, arrange sched- 
ules for Taylor golf teams on 
southern trips. The Rehlings 
have visited the Taylor Uni- 
versity campus and Connie 
savs, "We're eager to \'isit 
again - we're planning a trip 
to Taylor this fall!" 

But, his retirement in Tus- 
caloosa, Alabama, must be 
described as partial. Al- 
though his three daughters, 
three sons-in-law and four 
grandchildren will get more 
of his time, he will remain 
active in the FCA National 
Golf Ministry. Its motto is 
"On the fairway in His steps 
with FCA." That fits Connie 
Rehling. -JT 

Honors have come and 
gone for Don J. Odle. 
but a special award was 
received in May -- the 
1988 Lightbody Award, 
presented by the 
Delaware County 
Athletic Hall of Fame, of 
which Odle is a member. 
The award is given only 
when the Hall of Fame 
deems there is a worthy 
recipient and commemo- 
rates track athlete Jim 
Lightbody. a Muncie. 
Indiana man who won 
four Olympic gold 
medals in the 1904 and 
1908 Olympics. Upon 
his retirement from 
Taylor in 1979. following 
33 years of service as 
coach and athletic 
director as well as a 
world ambassador of 
basketball. Odle ranked 
eighth among the 
nation's winningest 
basketball coaches. He 
is a member of five Halls 
of Fame and received 
Taylor's Legion of Honor 
Award in 1983. 

'Job search' 

from page 7 

ing that first job. Resume 
writing workshops are of- 
fered; after teaching the stu- 
dent how to prepare a mar- 
ketable resume, the prepara- 
tion turns to mock inter- 
views. These interviews are 
videotaped so students can 
see how they present them- 
selves in an inter\'iew situ- 
ation and then improve on 
that presentation. These 
practice inter\'ievvsalso make 
the first real inter\iew expe- 
rience less frightening. 

The next step is encour- 
aging students to attend job 
fairs and talk to recruiters 
from various organizations 
and graduate schools that 
visit campus. Tim Nace, di- 
rector of career de\elopment, 
encourages students to talk 
to recruiters, even if the stu- 
dents aren't certain they are 
interested in that organiza- 
tit)n. Nace feels this is a good 
way of learning about the job 
market and helps students 
decide what they want to 
pursue as a career. 

One of the oldest and most 
utilized resources of the ca- 
reer development office, the 
Taylor Career Network has 
recently been updated for 
easier and more efficient use. 
The network was a large fil- 
ing cabinet full of names and 
addresses of Tavlor alumni 
and friends — people will- 
ing to contact the office when 
jobs open up in their places 
of work or area of residence. 
These old, bulky files have 
been placed into the career 
de\'elopment office's com- 
puter. The new computer- 
ized Taylor Career Network 
is easy to access and offers 
more information than the 
files could. The network al- 
lows current Taylor students 
to use alumni as resources in 
finding out more about a 
certain career or geographic 
area. — |K 






In May, Marian Derby organ- 
ized a mini-reunion in St. Louis 
following the United Methodist 
General Conference. Attending 
were Bea Bartoo, Lucille (Jones 
'33) Ross, Ken & Irene (Wit- 
ner'32) Hoover, Alex & Ruby 
(Shaw '30) Bourquard, Marvin 
& Mary Ella (Rose '30) Stuart, 
and Inah Masters '30 


Ella Mae (Davis x34) Thomas 
and her husband, Elliot, moved 
to Florida in 1984. Ella Mae had 
spent the previous twenty years 
as a home economist with the 

US Dept.of AgricultLire in Wash- 
ington, DC. She worked with 
the Land Grant University in 
fifty states and Puerto Rico, and 
served Taylor University for a 
number of years on the board of 
trustees. Their current address 
is 1820 S.W.Congress Blvd, 
Boynton Beach, FL 33426. 


Rev. Virgil Hamilton and his 
wife are now retired and com- 
fortably situated in their little 
bungalow which they refer to as 
"Mt. Rush-no-More" at 67 East 
Fifth Street, London, OH 43140. 


Dr.Paul Clasper and his artist 
wife, Janet, ha ve settled in Menlo 
Park, California, where Paul is 

Betty Freese 
Alumni Notes Editor 

"theologian in residence" at 
Holv Trinity Episcopal Church. 


Evan Bertsche, a member of the 
social work department at 
Bowling Green State University, 
recently received a lifetime 
achievement award from the 
Ohio Chapter, National Asso- 
ciation of Social Workers, in 
recognition of 37 years of prac- 
tice in social work, including 
the initiation of the social work 
program at Bowling Green and 
bringing it to full accreditation, 
andthe establishment of proba- 
tion departments in two juve- 
nile courts. Evan and Loretta 
have four children and six 
grandchildren. Thev live at 
Route 2, Box 228, Archbold, OH 

'Suits and the Arts' 

from page 2 

planned to enrich the lives of 
employees whose education 
might have been highly tech- 
nical with little exposure to 
the liberal arts tradition, or 
whose experiences with 
mind-stretching, broad- 
based liberal arts was early 
in their undergraduate ca- 

Topics of the sessions in- 
cluded "The Case for the 
Liberal Arts," "Survey of 
World Religions," "Econom- 
ics: A Survey of the Dismal 
Science," "Philosophy: In- 
quiry and Reflections," 
"Theatre and Motion Pic- 
tures," Communicating in 
Non-English Speaking 
Countries," and "Psychol- 
ogy: Exploring Human Na- 

Plaques and camaraderie 

The responses of the par- 
ticipants were enthusiasti- 
cally positive. One of the 
unanticipated results cited by 
participants was the oppor- 

tunity for development of 
esprit lie corps among the par- 
ticipants who came from 
various offices and divisions 
of the corporation. The ex- 
change of ideas was lively, 
energetic and stimulating; 
the dinner-table conversa- 
tions reacting to each of the 
sessions were a highlight of 
the evenings and reflected 
the increasing camaraderie 
which developed. 

The final session was at- 
tended by Taylor University 
President Jay L. Kesler and 
Provost/Executive Vice 
President Daryl R. Yost, as 
well as corporate officers of 
Lincoln National. Keslerpre- 
sented each participant with 
a beautiful plaque signify- 
ing completion of the 16- 
week sessions; Vicars and 
RoUand predicted that by the 
following morning, some of 
the participants would al- 
ready have their plaques on 
their office wall. 

The initial experience of the 

Executive Seminar Program 
has proven that such enrich- 
ing educational programs are 
a unique way for Taylor 
University to reach out to her 
corporate neighbors and to 
provide her diverse re- 
sources in service to those 
who contribute so gener- 
ously to higher education in 

Taylor personnel involved 
in developing the program 
were Robert Gortner, chair- 
man, department of business, 
economics and accounting; 
John Wallace, professor of 
social work and director of 
continuing education; Janice 
Shaw Crouse, associate vice 
president for academic af- 
fairs; and Richard J. Stanis- 
law, vice president for aca- 
demic affairs. — JSC 


In its spring meeting. The Na- 
tional League of American Pen 
Women in Washington, DC, 
inducted Jean (Miller) Diller of 
Ottawa Hills, Ohio, as an active 
member. The league has pro- 
moted professional work among 
women in art, writing, and 
music sincel897. Jean fulfilled 
requirements in the category of 
art in the medias of painting and 


Dr.Gerald Close is chief of staff 
at Glencoe Area Health Center, 
Glencoe, Minnesota, with re- 
sponsibility for coordinating the 
medical staff and consulting 
medical staff. 

'Last Eden' 

from page 15 

regard this country which 
still has milk bottles, real 
cream, all natural-colored 
cheese, and which eats 
scones, pa vlova, kumera and 
mutton, as my second home. 
1 have learned to struggle up 
the hill to varsity every day, 
my heart furiously beating. 1 
know more of what it means 
to be an American and have 
the support and love of my 
family, friends and boy- 
friend, which has meant so 
much to me. I often reflect 
upon the poster that my mom 
once gave me, a poster whose 
words are true no matter 
where you are in this world 
— be it in Wellington, Up- 
land, or my hometown of 
Ripon, Wisconsin: The world 
is so big. Lord, but with You 
by my side, 1 know 1 can 
handle it. "And lo, I am with 
you always, to the very end 
of the age." Matt. 28:20. 

Arohanui from Aotearoa 
(with love from New Zeal- 
and). — CZ 



Dr.Kenn Gangel, of 
the dep.irtnient ot Chrislian 
education at Dallas Theological 
Seminary, has completed a 
study of Matthew, his 22nd 
book. Several more are in the 
planning. He was a featured 
speaker at the winter meeting of 
the Taylor board of trustees. 
Kennand wife Betty (Blackburn 
'58) live at 1623 Hummer, Rock- 
wall, TX 73087. 

Charlotte (Justice) Saleska was 
ordained to the Unitarian 
Universalist ministry on June b 
at the Unitarian Church Northin 
Mequon, Wisconsin. 


Bob Rudolph is president of a 
manufacturers representative 
firm. Action Sales. Judie 
(Ohlrich '63), a former med tech, 
keeps busy with volunteer du- 
ties and household manage- 
ment. Bob and Judie have four 
children: Robyn '85, who is 
married and livmg in London, 
England; Cindy, who is teach- 
ing English in China; Jonathan, 
who enters Taylor this fall; and 
Jenny, a high school sophomore. 
The Rudolphs live at 2663 Pi- 
nesboro NE, Grand Rapids, MI 


Lois (Jackson) Austin was 
named Outstandmg Elementary 
Teacher in Huntington County 
by the Rotary Club of Huntmg- 
ton. Lois teaches first grade at 
Lancaster Elementary School. 
Husband Dennis '65 is also in 
elementary education, serving 
as principal of Sweetser Elemen- 
tary School. The Austin family 
lives at 635 Allen Drive, Box 78, 
Sweetser, IN 46987. 


Diane (Mandt) Langberg, PhD, 

has just had her first book. Coun- 
sel for Ptiftorf' IVii'cs, published 
by Zondervan. She is a licensed 
psychologist, an adjunct profes- 
sor at Westminster Seminary, 
and authors a counselor column 
for Today's Christmu Woman. She 
and husband Ron and their two 
sons — Joshua (9) and Daniel (6) 
— liveat 8206 High School Road, 
Elkins Park, PA 19117. 


Lynette (Carlson) Duplain is a 
kindergarten teacher in a Chris- 

tian school and the originator 
and instructor of Ginger Bear 
Preschool Ministries and 
Teacher Training Workshops. 
Her address is I'O Box 626, Canal 
Fulton, OH 44614. 


After serving as minister of 
youth at Wakarusa Missionary 
Church since 1983, Steve 
Clough has assumed a new 
position as English teacher and 
girls' basketball coach at Home- 
stead High School in Fort 
Wayne, Indiana. Steve and wife 
Donna (Duren '73) ha\e two 
daughters: Ginny (7) and ."Xnna 
(4). They live at 1915 Buckskin 
Drive, Fort Wayne, !N 46804. 


Ken & Vickie (Stockman) 
Knipp have mo\ed to Mason, 
Michigan, where Ken is regional 
director of Young Life for the 
state of Michigan and northern 
Indiana. They had formerly 
spentl5 years with Young Life 
in Anderson, Indiana. They have 
two sons, Tim (8) and Gabe (6). 
Their address is 881 Wildemere 
Drive, Mason, Ml 48854. 

Bill & Daryl (Koeppen x74) 
Sowers ha\e mo\ed to Bucyrus, 
Ohio, where Bill is pastor of 
Grace United Methodist 
Church. He previously served 
Peace UM Church in Louisville, 
Ohio, for nine years. Bill and 
Daryl have two daughters, 
Krista (13) and Kari (11). The 
family lives at 320 Hopley Ave- 
nue, Bucyrus, OH 44820.' 

After five years in an Evangeli- 
cal Free Church pastorate in the 
Atlanta area, Dr.Donald T. & 
Marsha (Fields) Williams have 
moved to Toccoa, Georgia, 
where Don is professor of gen- 
eral studies at Toccoa Falls Col- 
lege. Don is available for pulpit 
supply and Bible conference 
ministries. Their address is c/o 
Toccoa Falls College, Toccoa, 
GA 30598. 


Michael "Mickey" Gaydosh is 

pastor of his home church. Cal- 
vary Baptist, in Amity ville. Long 
Island. In addition, he serves as 
assistant wrestling coach at the 
local high school. Now he has 
added a second church, 
Copiague Union Bible Church, 
which was on the verge of clos- 
ing. Mike and his wife Susieha\'e 
three children, Rachel (7), Jon- 

athan (5) and Timothy (3). Their 
new family home is at 7h Wash- 
ington Avenue, Amitvville, X'^' 


David Ruch is in private prac- 
ticeasa ps\ chotherapist, Heand 
wife Claudia (Wellen '75) and 
their threechildren, Bethany (9), 
Adam (6) and Daniel (4), live at 
510 North Arlington Heights 
Road, Arlington Heights, IL 

Dana Sommers was honored in 
June as Volunteer of the Month 
by the Grand Rapids Area 
Chamber of Commerce. Dana, 
president of Grotenhuis Under- 
writers, has been involved in 
Leadership Grand Rapids since 
1985. His responsibilities have 
included the planning for classes 
and managing the budget. 


Sid Hall has been named main- 
tenance supervisor at Taylor 
University, Wife Bonnie 
(Johnson '78) is busy at home 
with son Christopher (2). The 
Halls' address is P.O.Box 
632,Upland, IN 46989. 

Ann Kemper received the mas- 
terofdivinity degree from Duke 
Divinity School in May. 


Julius Dudics wants to let his 
TU friends know that he and his 
wife Jo Ann have a daughter 
Jessica (7), twins Timothv and 
Matthew- (4) and a fourth child 
on the way. They live at 85 Ar- 
cadia Avenue, Stratford, CT 

Dennis Joe Patton is pastor of 
First Baptist Church, Osgood, 
Indiana. His wife Nancy, a 
Goshen graduate, is an elemen- 
tary school librarian in nearby 
Columbus. Their address is 1 24 
North SvcamoreStreet, Osgood, 
IN 47037. 

Debbie (Palacino) & Lonnie x79 
Smith gi\ e thanks to God that 
their baby girl, born January 
1987, has recovered beautifully 
from open heart surgery per- 
formed when she was six 
months old. The Smith family 
lives at 870 Old Willow Road 
#253, Prospect Heights, IL60070. 


Phil & Kendra (Dunkelberger) 

Duncan, Kirk (4), Kelly (3) and 
Kvle (1), have moved to .New 
Jersey in response to Phil's pro- 
motion to manager with AT&T. 
Their new home is at 29 Brearly 
Crescent, Flanders, NJ 07836. 

Glenda Greenwood was the 
subject of a feature article re- 
cently in the Springfield (Ohio) 
Ncws-Sidi for her professional 
success in her position as mar- 
keting director at Security Bank 
of Springfield. 

Denise (Norman) Holland re- 
ceived the master of divinity 
degree from The Southern Bap- 
tist Theological Seminary in 

Nancy Nienhuis is coordinator 
of the women's center at the 
University of North Dakota. She 
took this position following 
completion of her master's in 
theological studies at Perkins 
School of Theology, Dallas, 
Texas. She also holds a master's 
in exercise physiology from 
Western Illinois University, 
spent a year teaching and doing 
research in Venezuela, and 
managed a racquetball and 
health club for three years in 
Idaho. Her present address is 
305 Hamline Street, Grand 
Forks, ND 58201. 

Rob Staley is the founder of 
Solid Rock Ministries, an out- 
reach to troubled teens in the 
Elkhart, Indiana, area. In his 
position as assistant principal at 
Concord High School, he sees 
the great need for the kind of 
spiritual help he cannot give in 
the school setting; and so Solid 
Rock Ministries was born three 
years ago. Forty to 100 teens 
attend the meetings each week. 
Rob and Gayle (Cook) live at 
36632 Sandalwood Drive, 
Elkhart, IN 46316. 


Ron Lott received the master of 
divinity degree with specializa- 
tion in pastoral ministry from 
Northern Baptist Theological 
Seminary in June. He serves as 
as.sociate pastor at First Baptist 
Church in Park Ridge, Illinois. 

Nancy Lynn Wallace is market- 
ing manager lor Focus on llic Fam- 
ily. Her address is 11,36 Haves 
Street, Irvine, CA 92720. 


Sandra (Wessels) Flynn re- 
ceived the master of education 


degree from Boston University 
in May. Her address is 159 
Renfrew Street, Arlington, MA 

Doug & Laurie (Schoen '82) 
Walton have recentlv built a new 
home and moved to Geneva, 
Illinois. Doug has completed five 
years as employment coordina- 
tor at Scripture Press Publica- 
tions, and Laurie is trust opera- 
tions coordinator at Wheaton 
College. Doug is also beginning 
his fourth year as assistant vol- 
leyball coach at Wheaton Col- 
lege. Their new address is 558 
Westfield Course, Geneva, IL 


John Jacobi has accepted a call 
to pastor the Evangelical Cove- 
nant Church in Blue Island, Illi- 
nois. John and Marna reside at 
2457 Collms Street, Blue Island, 
IL 60406. 

Jean (Culbertson) Sutton re- 
ceived a master of divinity de- 
gree from Louisville Presbyte- 
rian Theological Seminary in 


Paul Branks is a videographer 
at WKJG-TV, Channel 33, in Fort 
Wavne, Indiana. He and wife 
Ann and their daughter, Lauren 
Elizabeth (3), have recently 
moved to 2956 Simcoe Drive, 
Fort Wayne, IN 46815. 


Gail O'Neal, who holds a de- 
gree in special education for the 
emotionally impaired, is a full- 
time staffer with Campus Cru- 
sade for Christ, serving at Michi- 
gan State University. She spent 
this summer in Asia. Her home 
address is 20013 Edmunton, 
St.Clair Shores, MI 48080. 


Jamie Stevens is a graduate 
student in counseling psychol- 
ogy atColumbia University. Her 
address is 237 West 74th, 
NewYork, NY 10023. 


Chris Meredith is serving as a 
houseparent at United Method- 
ist Children's Home in Leba- 
non, Indiana. He lives in a cot- 
tage with eight to ten boys and 
one other houseparent. His 

address is 51 5 West Camp Street, 
Lebanon, IN 46052. 


Mary McHenry '76 and Ben- 
jamin Avling were married June 
19,1987.' Mary is Director of 
Secondary Curriculum for Syl- 
vania Schools. Ben is vocal di- 
rector at Northview High 
School, currently on sabbatical 
as a graduate assistant at Bowl- 
ing Green State University . They 
reside at 3154 Sherbrooke, 
Toledo, OH 43606. 

LeAnne Fennig '77 and Tom 
Johnson were married July 11, 
1987. Tavlor participants were 
Andi (DeWeese '77) Heath, 
Chuck Fennig'76, and Sue 
Fennig '85. Tom is in his third 
year at Biblical Theological 
Seminary, and LeAnne teaches 
in the Quakertown School Dis- 
trict. Their address is PO Box 51 , 
Blooming Glen, PA 18911. 

Dawn Katterjohn '78 married 
Robert Weber on May 26. Dawn 
is assisting in coordinating and 
administering the Express Lube 
Program for Uncical 76 refining 
& marketing division. She is also 
majoring in business manage- 
ment at College of DuPage. 
Robert, who attended North 
Park College in Chicago, is a 
carpenter in the northwest sub- 
urbs. Their address is 35 Bra- 
dley Lane, Hoffman Estates, IL 

Michael Alderink '81 married 
Doris Fledderjohann, the 
woman of his dreams, on July 
25, 1987. Taylor buddies in the 
wedding were Bob Sprunger 
'81, Ken Delp '82, Rick 
Sprunger '82 and Brian Burnett 
'80. Mike is a scientist in research 
and development for Boehrin- 
ger Mannheim Diagnostics. 
Doris is an RN at St. Vincent's 
Hospital, Indianapolis. They 
live at 315 West Main, Box 271, 
Westfield, IN 46074. 

Gail Combee '81 and Robert 
Van Der Werf were married 
February 13. Gail is a second- 
grade teacher at Brookdale 
Christian School and Bob is a 
telephone installer for New Jer- 
sey Bell. The couple lives at 1 
Karl Place, Apt. 5, Garfield, NJ 

The wedding of Cindy Beck '82 
and Garry Johns took place 
August 22, 1987. Beth Rohrer 

'83 and Teresa (Sheffler '84) 
Holz were bridesmaids. Cindy 
is a computer programmer for 
Electronic Data Systems. Their 
address is 3901 Hammerberg 
#H8, Flint, MI 48507. 

February 14, 1987, was the 
weddmg day of Brent Thomas 
'82 & beborah Dohner '84 
Taylor people participating 
were Cindi Olenik '84, Jane 
(Brand '84) Snyder, Patti Tho- 
mas '85, Marty (Greenagle '84) 
Hildebrand, Todd Kelly x85, 
Donald Hecox x86, and John 
Wheeler '54. Brent and Debbi 
are both teachers and live at 151 2 
Muldoon Drive, Rockford, IL 

On August 14, 1987, the 33rd 
wedding anniversary of her 
parents, Patty Walker '82 mar- 
ried US AirForceCaptainRandy 
Franklin in a chapel in the ruins 
of the castle Burg Lichtenburg 
in Germany. Tavlor people par- 
ticipating were Patty's sister, 
Carol Walker '84, and Colleen 
(Gray '82) Foley. Patty contin- 
ues to teach fifth grade at the 
American School in Pirmasens, 
Germany. The couple's new ad- 
dress is Pirmasens American 
School, Box 44, APO NY 09189- 

Carol Ann Barnes '83 married 
Robert Brian Beall on August 8, 
1987. Linda (Briggs '82) 
Shepard was a bridesmaid. 
Carol graduated in May from 
the lU School of Nursing in 
Indianapolis and is employed 
by Bloomington Hospital in the 
progressive care unit. Brian is a 
graduate of lU School of Busi- 
ness and is a systems analyst for 
lU. The Bealls have purchased a 
home at 7170 Harmony Road, 
Bloomington, IN 47401. 

Janice Brower x84 and Paul 
Taddonio were married Febru- 
ary 20. Tavlor participants were 
Glenn Brower '82 and Julie 
(Sprunger '84) Stratton. Paul 
works for IBM and Janice is an 
ophthalmic technician at Aker/ 
Kasten Surgical Eye Center. 
Their address is 21 Royal Palm 
Way, Boca Raton, FL 33432. 

October 3, 1987, was the wed- 
ding day of Denise Combs '84 
and Don Crum. Taylor people 
participating were Deb (Heigh- 
way'84) Collins, Pam Drake '84, 
Kevin '84 & Donna (Pino '83) 
Her, Doug Heighway '80 and 
Annette Combs, anticipated '92 
grad. Denise is a programmer/ 
analyst consultant for Richmond 

Power & Light, and Don is a 
graphic design engineer for 
White Consolidated Inc. They 
live at 726 Woodland, Con- 
nersville, IN 47331. 

Tad Watanabe '84 & Lynn 
Billbe '87 were married June 18. 
Phil Schultz '85, Jim Ray '85, 
Teresa Nevil '88 and Rochelle 
(Manor '88) Bullock were in the 
wedding party. Tad and Lynn 
are both graduate students at 
lU, Tad in math education and 
Lynn in library science. 

Dan Edwards '85 and Sarah 
Osborn were married Decem- 
ber 19,1987. Taylor friends in 
the wedding party were Andy 
Elliot '85, Lance Kammes '85, 
Brian Ferro '84, Brian Zehr '83 
and Julie (King x86) Elliot. 
Sarah works with a parent in- 
formation service for those with 
handicapped children, and Dan 
teaches high school social stud- 
ies. Their address is 2217 Man- 
drell Court, Tallahassee, FL 

Carrie Godfrey '85 married 
David Tebay on February 6. TU 
participants were Betsy 
(Helmus) Anderson, Kerri 
Dunkelberger and Melanie 
(Hawkins) Gilbert, all '85. The 
couple's address is 5440 Snow 
Wood Circle #B, Anaheim, CA 

Clewer, England, was the site of 
the November 28, 1987, wed- 
ding of Robyn Rudolph '85 and 
Simon Woder. They reside at 
#1 8 Lunnon, Closse, Bornes End, 
Buckingham Shire, England, 
andwelcome all TU friends to 
stop and visit when traveling in 

Jay Williams '85 & Maribeth 
Riggs '88 were married June 18. 
They live at 31 6 Coldeway Drive, 
Apt. 32D, Punta Gorda, FL 
33950. Maribeth teaches music 
at Sally Jones Elementary School. 
Jay teaches sixth-grade math and 
science and coaches basketball 
and soccer at Punta Gorda Jun- 
ior High School. 

Linda Clark '86 and Greg Smith 
were married July 23. Alumni in 
the wedding party were Karen 
Helm '87, Valerie Miller x87, 
Kari Lindholm '86, Susan 
(Clark'81) Beadle and Doug 
Clark '84. Linda works for East- 
ern Airlines, and Greg is in es- 
tate planning with the Koptis 
organization. Their address is 
1458A Timbertrail, Akron, OH 


Dawn Bernhardt '87 & Robert 
Easier '88 wore niiirried March 
19 with the tollowing "I\n lor 
people in\ oKed: Carolyn Schu- 
macher'89, Lisa Clark '88, Mark 
VVenger '88, Pete Van Vleet '87, 
Valerie Wilson '87, Andrea 
(Levin '87) Beck, .ind Susan 
(Nicholson '84) Breeden. Rob 
and Diiwnli\e. It 4730 Lake Trail 
Drive, Lisle, IL 60332. 

The weddini; of Scott Polsgrove 
'87 & Kim Kile '88 took place 
June 25. Manv Tavlor friends 
assisted: Penny Polsgrove '91, 
Pam Chidester '90, Karen 
(Ramsland \89) Granitz, Darla 
Haskins '88, Jenny Rogers '88, 
Greg Habegger '87, Jerry Yea- 
ger '87, Tom Granitz '86, Kregg 
Thornburg '87, Skip Gianopu- 
los '87, Brent Clodgo '88, Ralph 
Gee '87, Steve Hewitt '85, Steve 
Kastelein '8b, Laura Anderson 
'91, James Kenniv '89, Deb 
Weddle '87, and Coreen Konya 
'89. The Polsgro\es' new ad- 
dress isP.O.Box 3bl , MohileCol- 
lege. Mobile, AL 36613. 

Peter Van Vleet '87 & Larissa 
Wolf '88 were married June 2.3 
m W'heaton, Illinois. 

Megan Rarick & Brent Clodgo, 

both '88, were united in mar- 
riage July 2. Their new address 
is Greenspire Apts., Shirlev 
Court#l, Portage, Ml 49002. 


Babv #8, Lvdia Grace, was born 
September 17, 1987, to Kav and 
Philip Myers '66. Siblings are 
Esther (17), Philip ( 1 6), Josh (1 3), 
Sarah (11), Nathan (8), Seth (6) 
and Anna (4). Thev live at 141 
Northwest 72 Way, Pembroke 
Pines, FL 33024-7223. 

David '67 and Lea Randall 
announce the birth of Benjamin 
Wylder on May 19. The Randall 
family lives at 326 .Mt. Tabor 
Road, Lexington, KY 40302. 

Judy (Hartman x74) & Tom x75 
Godfrey welcomed DanielStan- 
ton on January 8. Rachel (10) 
and Thomas Jr. (1) received him 
with jciy. Their home is at 3927 
Blooming Hill Lane, Palm Har- 
bor, FL 34682. 

Robert '75 & Paula (DeGraff 

'73) Hunt are happy to announce 
the birth of Noel Paul on Janu- 
ary 11. He joins sister Darcey 
(14) and brothers Matthew (1(1) 
and Ian (3). Their address is 

P.O.Box 141, Newcastle, ME 

Courtney Erica was born May 
24 to Cynthia and Eric Turner 
'75. Siblings are Zeke (II), Jes- 
saca (8) and Kvlee (6). The 
Turner family lives at 5541 South 
Harmon Street, Marion, l.N 

Lindy and Andi (DeWeese '77) 
Heath announce God's gift to 
them of Isaac .Mackenzie on 
April 4. Sister Charise is 2. Their 
address is 1821 State Road 26W, 
West Lafayette, IN 47906. 

■•Xnne Elizabeth was born to 
Vince and Dede (Canady '77) 
Warner on December 17, 1987. 
Dede is at home with her and 
Paul (3) after teaching sixth 
grade for seven years at Peoria 
Christian School. The Warners 
reside at 1004 West Stratford 
Dri\e, Peoria, IL61614. 

Cameron Nathaniel was born to 
Mark & Lou Ann (Preston) 
Beadle, both '78, on March 29, 
1987. Cameron joins big brother 
Justin Eric (4). The family lives 
in Elvria, Ohio, where Mark is 
principal of Open Door Chris- 
tian Elementary School. 

Leon and Jana (Johnson '78) 
Wanner welcomed .Abraham 
Seth on April 4. Big brothers are 
Andrew (51 and Aaron (4). Leon 
is a mechanical contractor at 
Leichtv Bros, which he co-owns. 
Jana ruffles curtains with "Cur- 
tain Calls." Their address is 255 
Behring, Berne, l.N 46711. 

Joseph and Diane (Kandel '79) 
Duarte announce the birth of 
Rachel Ana on April 22. Rachel 
joins brother David (2). 

Johan and Betty Ann (Botha '79) 
Engelbrecht announce the birth 
of Brooke Ashleigh on April 27. 
She was welcomed by brother 
Jared (2). Betty Ann is staff vice 
president for the Sacramento 
Valley Apartment Association, 
and Johan has his own business. 
The family lives at 3910 Auburn 
Blvd, Sacramento, CA 93821. 

Benjamin '79 & Susan (Searer 

x82) Myers are happy to an- 
nounce the arri\al of Clark 
Benjamin, born March 28, who 
joins big sister Courtney Eliza- 
beth (5). Ben is sales manager 
with a division of Renitcr'^ Di- 
ficst, and Suzee works as an of- 
fice manager. The family resides 
at 813 Barbara Lane, 
Marinette,VVl 54143. 

Kristen Elisabeth was born to 
Thadd & Donna Lee (Jacob- 
sen) Poe, both 79, on May 13. 
Her brothers are Ryan (31 and 
Taylor (2). The Poe family li\es 
in Dan\ille, Indiana. 

Brian and Debbie (Belon '79) 
Schrauger welcomed Taylor 
Belon on June 4. Brother Chris- 
topher is 3. Their home is at 706 
Olympia, Duncanville, TX 

Michael and Cindy (Smith '79) 
Smith joyfully announce the 
birth of Adam Michael on Feb- 
ruary 21 . Big sister is Alyssa (3). 
Adam was diagnosed as ha%'ing 
cystic fibrosis and spent his first 
23 days in the hospital recover- 
ing from surgery. Quote from 
Cindy: "Webelieve Adam tobe 
a special gift from God to us. 
God is strengthening us as we 
raise him! Pleasekeepusin your 
prayers!" The Smiths live at 3236 
Jeanette Avenue, Park City, IL 

Stephanie Yvonne was born 
September 26, 1987, to Steve & 
Terri (King) Brooks, both '80 
Steve is varsity men's basket- 
ball coach at Houghton College. 
Terri is at home with Stephanie 
and brother Joshua Taylor (2). 
The family lives at Road 1, Box 
M-2, Houghton, NY 14744. 

Terri and Douglas Gardner '80 

are pleased to report the birth of 
Jonathan Randall on No\'ember 
23, 1987. His siblings are Inga 
(6), Dana (3) and Elizabeth (2). 
Doug is a soft ware engineer with 
Digital Equipment Corp. Their 
address is 3 Mile Road, Lee NH 


Kyle Parke is the first child of 
Ken and Kris (Gibson '80) 
Wood worth. I le was born April 
10. Ken is general manager at 
Woodworth Storage & Trans- 
fer, and Kris, who previously 
worked with Ken, is now a full- 
time homemaker. The Wood- 
worths live at 3912 Brentwood 
Drive, South Bend, IN 46628. 

Erik & Tammy (Rediger) 
Burklin, both '81, proudly an- 
nounce the birth of Brittany Joy 
on January 19. In December the 
Burklins moved to Wheaton 
where Erik was appointed as- 
sistant to the president/devel- 
opment for Youth for Christ Na- 
tional. The family now resides 
at. 326 West Illinois Street, Whea- 
ton, IL 60187. 

February 12 was the arrival date 
of Christina Marie, firstborn of 
Paul '81 and Becky Gearhart, 
and thev are enjoying their gift 
from God. Paul continues his 
ministry as youth pastor of 
Southport Presbyterian Church 
and Becky is at home with 
Chrissa. Their address is 3153 
Carson Avenue, Indianapolis, 
IN 46227. 

Sandy (Jett '81) and Jim Chipka 

became the proud parents of 
Daniel James on February 28. 
Married since 1984, Sandy has 
for the past 6 years ser\'ed as 
head teacher/assistant admin- 
istrator at Sonshine Nursery 
School. Jim teaches 5th grade in 
the Anthony Wayne Schools in 
Toledo, Ohio, and Sandy is now 

So how do I become a part 
of Alumni Notes? 

It's easy! If you woultd like to be \nc\u6e6 in the Alumni 
Notes section of the Taylor University Magazine, sim- 
ply follow these guidelines: sen(j your name, inclu(ding 
your mai(jen name, an(j the class from which you were 
graduated: list your address and telephone number for 
alumni records, although only your address will be 
posted in Alumni Notes: present your information 
according to the style of that particular section of 
Alumni Notes; mail to Betty Freese, Alumni Notes 
Editor, Alumni Relations, Taylor University. Upland, IN 
46989. Your news item will be placed in production for 
the next Taylor University Magazine. We thank you for 
your assistance! 


a full-time mother. The family 
resides at 2637Greenwav Drive, 
Toledo, OH 43607. 

Randall and Melinda (Van 
Natter '81) Evans announce the 
birth of their twin sons, Joseph 
Randall and Christopher Allen, 
on April 9, 1987. They live at 103 
West 7th Street, Matthews,lN 

Jeff and Beth (Eshelman '81) 

Jones were blessed by the birth 
of their first child, Braden Alan, 
on March 21. Jeff is engaged in 
farming, and Bethisa2nd-grade 
teacher. Their address is Route 
1, Box 265, Gah'eston, IN 46932. 

Doug '81 and Connie Marlow 
rejoice in the adoption of Caleb 
Brvndon Joseph on March 30. 
He was born February 7. Doug 
is associate development direc- 
tor at Indiana Children's Chris- 
tian Home, a treatment center 
for ju\enile delinquents. Their 
address is Route 2, Box 188, 
Ladoga, IN 47954. 

Matthew Lee, first child of Doug 
'82 & Pam (Hogan x84) 
Daniels, uas born \o\ember 6, 
1987. The family resides at 1 7604 
Keck Road, Butler, OH 44822. 

Craig and Nadeen (Kozeletz 
'82) Filiberto report the birth of 
Kirsten Joy on September 2, 1 987. 
Nadeen has been teaching, and 
Craig works for Prudential- 
Bache in Manhattan. They live 
at 916 Fifth Street, Lindenhurst, 
NY 11757. 

Scotland Sara (Gordon '82) Her- 
man proudly announce the birth 
of Andrea Faith on May 24, 1987. 
Scott is a sales representative for 
Breckenridge and Personal 
Sportswear. Sara is a t home with 
Jeffrey (3) and Andrea. The 
family lives at 6661 Atoll Ave- 
nue, North Hollywood, CA 

September 11, 1987, was the 
birthday of Marta Anne, born to 
Tim and Ginny (Knudsen '82) 
Hoffer. Tim is Quality Assur- 
ance Auditor for Elgin Sweeper 
Company, and Ginny has com- 
pleted five years of teaching 
preschool. The Hoffers live at 
501 South Naperville Road, 
Wheaton, IL 60187. 

Mark and Jean (Stipanuk '82) 
Jenkins became the parents of 
Peter Mark, their first child, on 
June 28. They live at 34060 Sky- 
line Drive, Golden, CO 80403. 

Mike '82 and Lana Wolford and 
son Michael are proud of Mat- 
thew David, born April 1 5. Their 
address is 2747 Glen wood Court 
#10, Boulder, CO 80302. 

Chip '83 and Diana Humbles 
were blessed with their first 
child, Stephanie Amber, on May 
16. Diana is a full-time home- 
maker, and Chip is developing 
a graphics CADD system for a 
commercial interior design firm 
in St. Louis. They live at 303 
Jamestown Court, Collinsville, 
IL 62234. 

Sara Caitlin was born January 
17 lo Ron & Julie (Reed) Korf- 
macher, both '83 Ron is an 
admissions /athletic recruiter 
and assistant coach in football 
and track at Taylor University; 
Julie taught in Eastbrook School 
Corporation, but is now at home 
with Sara. The family lives at 
309 Wright Street, TUMS, Up- 
land, IN 46989. 

Scott & Suzanne (LeMaster) 
Amstutz, both '84, announce the 
birth of Isaac Scott on January 
2I,twelye weeks premature. He 
spent his first two months in the 
intensive care nursery, but is 
now at home and doing well. 
Scott is an accountant for Ernst 
& Whinnev. Their address is 
7511 Rose Ann Parkway, Fort 
Wayne, I.N 46804. 

Ron '84 & Marion (Reeves '88) 
Johnson are the proud parents 
of Lauren Carole, born May 13. 
After serving as director of 
Morris Hall at Taylor for two 
years, Ron is now assistant pas- 
tor with responsibility for youth 
and administration at New 
Covenant Abundant Life 
Church in Sharpsville, 
Indiana.The Johnsons' address 
is R.R.2, Box 224, Sharpsville, IN 

Jon & Cylinda (Monroe) Ring, 
both '84, are enjoying Kaydi 
Ruth, born April 28. They live at 
500 Inglewood Drive N., Baxter, 
MN 56401. 

Hannah Lynn was born March 
22 to Alex and Barbar.-, (Neff 
'85) Stone. Alex is pastor of 
Clymers United Methodist 
Church and youth pastor of 
Market Street UM Church in 
Logansport, Indiana. Their 
address is Route 2, Box 220A, 
Logansport, IN 46947. 

Brett and Sherry (Owsley '86) 
Furnish announce the birth of 
Karissa Deanne on March 28. 

Sister LeeAnna is almost 4. 
Sherry teaches seventh-grade 
English at Oak Hill Schools. 
They live at 118 East South C 
Street, Gas City, IN 46933. 


Elizabeth Suderman '44 retired 
in July from her long mission- 
ary service in Angola. She is 
continuing to do translation 
work here in the States. 

Rosalie Bowker '64 continues 
to teach organ at Mokwon Meth- 
odist College in Taejon, Korea. 
In addition to her teaching, she 
is organist for ten chapels per 
week at the college and for the 
services at Mokwon Church. 
Her address is Methodist Mis- 
sion, PO Box 16, Taejon 300-600, 
Republic of Korea. 

Pat Moore '69 left in July for a 
new assignment in Mexico as a 
missionary with TEAM. She 
formerly served in Indonesia. 
Her new address is c/o David 
Coots, Apartado Postal 48, 
La Paz, BCS Mexico. 

Chris & Hettie (Hardin) 
Stauffer, both '69, and their 
children returned May 18 to the 
United States after spending two 
years at Faith Academy in 
.Manila, the Philippines, with 
Wycliffe BibleTranslators. Their 
address is 8726 Manor Drive, 
Fort Wayne, IN 46825. 

Muriel (Marshall '74) Bah, MD, 
has completed an additional 
degree, the doctorate in public 
health, in the field of interna- 
tional health. She and her hus- 
band. Dr. Michael Bah, are 
TEAM missionaries assigned to 
Oasis Hospital in the United 
Arab Emirates. Their address is 
PO Box 1 01 6, Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, 

Ray '74 and Marcia de la Haye 
and family arrived in Liberia 
January 18, and Ray began teach- 
ing at ELWA Academy one 
week later. Thev are missionar- 
ies with SIM, and their address 
is ELWA, PO Box 192, Monro- 
via, Liberia, West Africa. 

Beth Wyse '76 served as a re- 
source person for the pre-field 
orientation workshop for mis- 
sionary personnel held at Tay- 
lor in July. Beth is completing a 
one-year furlough after four 
years of leaching at Christiansen 

Academy in Rubio, Venezuela, 
under the sponsorship of TEAM. 
Her address is Christiansen 
Academy, Apartado 75, San 
Cristobal, Tachira 5001 A, 

John '77 & Wanda (Smith '76) 
Kawadza li\e with their three 
children, Munvaradzi (7), Danai 
(5) and Tendavi (3), in Harare, 
Zimbabwe. John is travelling 
secretary for Fellowship of 
Christian Unions with respon- 
sibility for counseling, visiting 
and coordinating programs for 
spiritual development among 
students in higher education 
institutions. Wanda is an admin- 
istrative assistant to the vice 
chancellor of the University of 
Zimbabwe with responsibility 
for office administration and 
involvement with goxernment 
ministries. Wanda visited the 
US last December, her first visit 
since she and John went to 
Zimbabwe in 1982. Their ad- 
dress is No. 15 ■ 11th Avenue, 
Mabelreign, Harare, Zimbabwe. 

Tom '80 and Donna Albinson 
are serving with Slavic Gospel 
Association in Austria where 
they teach English and minister 
to refugees. Their address is 
Mitter St. Thomas 59, A-4364 
St. Thomas am Blasenstein, 


Henrietta Basse '29 died June 4 
at the age of 89. She had served 
the Lord on the staff of the Be- 
thany Christian Mission Center 
m Kentucky from 1937 until 1978 
when she suffered a severe 
stroke as she set out for a day of 
Bible teaching. 

Esther (Masters '32) Schubert 
died March 16, 1987, following 
a long illness. She was the re- 
tired director of Ohio County 
Crittenton Home. 

Rev. L. Keith Hanley '41 died 
June 3 in Texas. He and wife 
Caroline moved to the Houston 
area three years ago upon his 
retirement from the United 
Methodist ministry. Dr. Mile 
Rediger '39 officiated at his 
funeral. Caroline's address is 74 
South Circlewood Glen, The 
Woodlands, TX 77381. 

Esther Kvanvik '48 died May 13 
after a nine-month illness with 
cancer. Esther was a social 
worker with a great concern for 







Dr. Myron Augsberger 

(right), recently named 

president of ttie Cliristian 

College Coalition, was 

baccalaureate speaker. 

Dr. Larry Helyer (above), 
associate professor of 
religion, was named Distin- 
guished Professor for 1988 
at the annual honors 
chapel. Junior Jeff Thomas 
(right) won the top award 
during this year's student 
art show for his painting of 
an enormous pig. 

Following 27 years of teaching at Taylor. Dr. Dale Heath has retired 

as professor of ancient language and history, and a reception in his 

honor was held in May: Heath and wife Evelyn pictured below. 

right. Professor Carl Gongwer (not pictured), associate professor 

of Spanish, also retired after 22 years service. 

A familiar face to most 
Hoosiers is that of Steve 
Afford (above), an All- 
American at Indiana 
University and now with the 
Dallas Mavericks of the 
NBA: he was on campus to 
share at basketball camp. 


Carmen Taylor (left) and David Dickey, 
director of the library, peruse a book of 
letters from co-workers during a retirment 
reception for Taylor in July: she leaves 
Taylor after 1 7 years of service, most of 
them as director of records. Dr. Eair 
Palmer (above). First Presbyterian Church 
in Berkeley, CA, was the featured speaker 
dunng Taylor's first Spiritual Renewal 
Week for faculty and staff In May. 

Dr. Larry Crabb 
(above), chairman 
of the department 
of counseling at 
Grace College and 
a member of 
Taylor's Parents' 
Cabinet, was a 
featured chapel 
speaker this 

Matching Challenge 
a Great Success! 

New Milestone Reached 

In this space throughout the 1987-88 academic year, you were reminded of a 
$300,000 Matching Gift Challenge from an anonymous donor. We are pleased 
to report that the challenge for new or increased gifts was a tremendous suc- 

Because of the generous gifts of alumni, friends, parents, faculty and staff, 
$449,013 was given in response to the $300,000 challenge for new or increased 
gifts. That great response enabled Taylor University to raise over one million 
dollars in unrestricted gifts to the Taylor Fund for the first time in history. 

We thank you for your help in meeting the matching challenge and for helping 
reach this new 
milestone for Tay- 
lor University. 

Thanks from 
all of us! 

The Development Team: 

(left to right) Tom Beers, as- 
sociate vice president for ad- 
vancement; George Glass, 
associate vice president for 
alumni relations; Chip 
daggers, vice president for 
advancement; Sharon Wit, 
assocaite director of develop- 
ment; Nelson Rediger, asso- 
ciate vice president for 

The form is perfect, the intensity and determination are obvious -- 

all that remains is another 50-meters of track before Michelle Hollar edges Tina Berry and her University 
of Indianapolis teammates in the 1 00 meter high hurdles. For the season, Hollar was NAIA All-District 
in four events, NCCAA Ail-American in the 1 00 meter hurdles, placed seventh in the NAIA Nationals 1 00 
meter hurdles, and was named an NAIA Scholar Athlete. Upon graduating this year, she held three 
school track records - the 1 00 meter hurdles (14.4), the long jump (1 8'. 5") and the 400 meter relay (49.8). 



Taylor University Magazine 
Taylor University 
Upland, IN 46989