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Dedicated to 
Dr. Earl Newsom 

At a time when many students feel their education has 
deteriorated to little more than a dreary cycle of enduring 
lectures and banging out what seem to be useless assignments, 
there seems to be little hope for the relief that real living 

Hour after hour of time devoted to pursuits that seem 
clearly unrelated to any possible life or career goal have 
dulled the ambitions of even the most dedicated students. 

But in the journalism department, a curriculum in the Uni- 
versity that does not particularly stand above the general 
level of mediocrity, there is at least a sliver of hope for 
serious students. 

Dr. Earl Newsom, a professor in the department for 17 
years, has devoted most of his efforts not to classroom 
education, but to getting both part-time and full-time jobs for 
would-be journalists. 

Newsom seems to have realized long ago that any profes- 
sion, especially journalism, can not really be learned in the 

Consistent with that belief, he has placed hundreds of 
University journalism students in summer internships that 
gave them their first taste of what it is really like to be a 

Through his efforts, many have found jobs in a market that 
offers few opportunities even for the most talented. 

For his efforts and as a token of appreciation from those 
who will be eternally grateful to him, this yearbook is 
dedicated to Dr. Earl Newsom. 

2 The organization that appears beside a page number has sponsored that page. The Terrapin staff 
wishes to thank those who have given us support and urge you to patronize them. 




It's a warm spring-like day in College Park. Some lazy 
sunshine strands of an AUman Brothers' song seep into your 
brain from a nearby dorm stereo. People are running around 
in T shirts and cutoffs, laughing, shouting. The grass is warm 
under your feet. Suddenly a dizzying longing floods through- 
out you. 

You want to cut class. Run to the mall. Play frisbee till 
you're drenched in sweat. Lie in the grass with the httle 
circles with their dogs and their guitars. Get stoned and drink 
cold beer until you dissolve in the sea of laughing faces. 
Above all you want to stay in College Park forever. Forever 
immersed in the laughing shouting clusters. 

But you go to class. Or if you don't go that day, you go the 
next. The course will be completed and you will be three 
credits closer to graduation. Memories of many sunny days 

urge you to stay somehow. But already a restlessness has 
crept over you. Most of the students seem younger and 
immature. Your classes are duUer. You've heard it all before, a 
thousand times. You know you're treading water. You know 
you've got to move on. 

And all that will be left to say you were here, all that will 
be left of the campus you knew will be a book. A yearbook, 
doomed to Ue forgotten on a shelf collecting dust with other 

We, the staff of the 1975 Terrapin, have looked through 
our shelves. We have resurrected forgotten faces from forgot- 
ten yearbooks, interspersed them with ours so you will see 
how our pasts intertwine with theirs, as we take our place 
next to them on the shelf. We will go forward. We will 
change. But here we will be preserved forever the way we 
were. Forever. In a book. On a shelf. 

Table of Contents 

4 The University . . . 

34 Sports 

% Entertainment 

130 Classes 

140 Seniors 

209 Senior Directory 

221 Groups 

234 Lifestyles 

272 Organizations 

2% The history of the Class of 1901 

298 The history of the Class of 1975 

301 A College Park we'll never know 

Congratulations — The Macke Co. 3 

The University IS alwayS grOWJllg 

Even as this is being written, the face of the University 
changes. Machines are at work, crushing Sylvester Hall into 
the past and, elsewhere, erecting the Arts and Humanities 
building for the future. 

To keep up with the incessant increase in students, the 
campus spreads, a behemoth devouring College Park and 
leaving red brick and white columns in its wake; until 
someday all will be one vast University. 

And the new buildings sprout up in areas we once thought 
filled. They squeeze between old buildings, obliterating lawns, 
trees and open space. We watched for four years as first one 
then another gaunt, girdiron skeleton appeared forming fore- 
shadowing silhouettes against the sky. Then the buildings 
were fleshed out by machines with men at their wheels; men 
who peered out from under their helmets half-suspiciously, 
half-curiously at the students passing by. 

Then the windows were put in, then desks, chairs, and 

room numbers. Classes were assigned in new smelling class- 
rooms. The men and machines disappeared and the buildings 
filled with teachers, students and it seems like they've been 
there forever. It's seems like there's always been a New 
Dining Hall, Zoo/Psych complex. Undergraduate Library, 
Student Union movie theater and parking garage. And who 
can remember when the west wing of Marie Mount Hall, the 
new Chemistry Library, Biochemistry Research Library, the 
additions to the Foreign Language and Chemical Engineering 
Buildings weren't there? 

Now in the works are a new physical education building 
and the animal science building. More are planned as there 
are more and more students to accommodate. 

So before you leave, take a good look, for the university as 
we know it will soon be part of the past. 

4 Washington Coca Cola Bottling Co., Silver Spring, Md. 

Washington Coca Cola Bottling Co., Silver Spring, Md. 5 

6 Albrecht's Pharmacy 

Under the Hardhats . . . 

Hahn Shoes 7 

'? ■•> -?^i#**«'J«f'^ 

8 Kirby Bowers 

The many faces of Cole 

Kirby Bowers 9 

The student's focal point 



10 Hahn Shoes 

Maryland Book Exchange 11 

12 Umporium 

Umporiiim 13 


We spent many hours at UGL 

1 1 U- iJ 

14 Maryland Book Exchange 

Maryland Book Exchange 15 


16 Maryland Book Exchange 

E3 E3 E 


W.-** V 

Ea ^ m ' ' 

I Hill 

^ n 



mt^m i f t mrni''-^'' 



'■""'''-• ■fiiffi'n""^'*^-'- •" 

McKeldIn Library: 

Center for Graduate Studies 


Maryland Book Exchange 17 

18 Umporium 


Umporium 19 

Alive and well at the Health Center 

20 Umporium 

Umporium 21 

22 Student Government Association 




Student Government Association 23 

The greenhouse 

24 Powers & Goode 

Powers & Goode 25 




>•• - -rv^irfV^*^ •••^-r—^t 

They had one in 1856 . . . 

26 Relax with a Colt -Colt 45 

Relax with a Colt-Colt 45 27 

28 Samler & Laupheimer Insurance Co.. commercial and industrial insurance 

hands that listen, 

hands that talk, 

hands that soothe, 

hands that help, 

. . . the Counseling Center 


Congratulations — The Macke Co. 29 

Food Service 

The way to a man's heart? 

30 Delma Studios 

Delma Studios 31 

32 The Washington Coca-Cola Bottling Co., Silver Spring, Md 


The Washington Coca-Cola BottUng Co., Silver Spring, Md. 33 





. * 

1 1 

W I 


»« ♦ 


' r 


'.? .♦ 


t «l 
I' - 




Table of Contents 


overview of campus sports 

cross country 

jv football 


field hockey 



women's lacrosse 

women's tennis 

women's track 

women's swimming 

women's basketball 


men's basketball 


indoor track 

men's swimming 


varsity football 


men's lacrosse 

men's track 

men's tennis 



38, 42, 62 

rugby "a": 





Turkey Thicket club 

6 H 


George Mason 

13 A 



3 H 


Chesapeake club 

16 A 


George Washington 

4 A 



9 A 


North CaroUna State 

3 H 



7 A 


Maryland Old Boys 

4 A 

Washington club 

9 H 



6 D.C. 


Old Red club 


George Washington 

12 D.C. 

Although losing virtually the entire team from last spring, 
the rugby team had a good season in 1974 despite the 

An undefeated season even seemed a possibility, but a 
narrow loss to the Maryland Old Boys, a team comprised of 
former University ruggers, killed the Terrapins' dreams. The 
Terps entered the Washington Sevens tournament and won 
two matches before losing to George Washington in the third 


rugby "b": 




24 Turkey Thicket club 

9 H 

4 George Mason 

31 A 

19 Georgetown 


16 Chesapeake club 

19 A 

12 George Washington 

24 A 

4 Delaware 

12 A 

19 Montgomery-Rockville 

6 H 

9 American 

7 A 

36 Congratulations — The Macke Co. 

Congratulations - The Macke Co. 37 

Athletic appeal 

If someone had fallen into a deep sleep in 
1968 and revived in 1974, that person would 
find was almost a complete change in the 
campus sports scene. 

The most obvious change, of course, is in 
the "money sports." No longer was it unusu- 
al to see Byrd stadium and Cole Fieldhouse 
packed to capacity, as students came in 
droves to watch the talents of a Randy 
White or a Maurice Howard. 

The credit for this must go to University 
athletic director Jim Kehoe. It was he who 
signed Lefty Driesell, who first sold his sport 
with a "V" sign, and later sold it with Len 
Elmore and Tom McMillen; Roy Lester, who 
recruited many of the Terrapins' recent foot- 
ball stars; and Jerry Claiborne, who coached 

m.M'^Wt . 






38 Congratulations — The Macke Co. 

Tuborg it's a very good beer 39 

• \ 


;. / 

" w^ 


.■■, »'> 









War and neutrality 

After the news media stopped paying attention to the war 
in Indochina, and before the hounds of the press caught the 
scent of Watergate, there was a lull, similar to the dead time 
in August during a non-election year, when there was no 
focus for the writers of interpretive columns. 

Normally, these opinion-staters latch onto some trend like 
Escalating Violence in American Cinema, As Exemplified By 
The Godfather. During that film's heyday as a source of copy, 
the phrase "dark side of the American Dream" rolled off the 
presses and from the glib tongues of the electronic hacks with 
rhythmic monotony. 

The phrase that filled the post-peace settlement, pre- Wa- 
tergate vacuum was the popular New Apathy, as exemplified 
by streaking, beer-drinking, more monogamous sex or less 
monogamous sex. 

At any rate, the New Apathy as a theme for Op Ed writers, 
seems to run along the lines of: "Gee, the college students 
don't seem to be in the streets anymore. Have they given up 

on trying to change the world? Are the Old Values trium- 
phant? Will the Lone Ranger ever show all of his face?" 

The truth is, for the majority of the student population, the 
New Apathy is the Old Apathy is the Coming Apathy. The 
myth of student activism, especially at UM, held that the tail 
end of the bruised and battered 60's saw a sudden rise of 
conscience and consciousness, which tran.sformed the ivory 
tower dwellers into raging revolutionaries, bent on destroying 
the old order and replacing it with, depending on one's 
perspective. Anarchy, Socialism, Leftist Fascism or Wood- 

The savants who saw in the mass demonstrations and 
rhetoric evidence of a truly changed youth consciousness 
were the same voicers of opinion who thought EMsy Rider a 
cinematic expression of true New Cultiu-e. Just as Peter 
Fonda's search for America was pure Hollywood, the Revolu- 
tion was piu-e Mainstream. 

Most of the brothers and sisters who jammed the mall and 

40 Tuborg - 

it's a very good beer 


occasionally Route One were, in spirit, the same boys and 
girls who had previously jammed football rallies and who now 
jam beer parties — perhaps somewhat more politically aware, 
but fundamentally caught up in that old collegiate tribalism 
which dictates that All of Us Are Here Together. That the 
happy band of brothers and sisters who participated in the 
oh- so-euphemistic "riots" of '70 and '71 were part of a 
national reaction against an immoral war is only tangential to 
the fact of that war. The Revolution gave us a chance to meet 
each other, as football games got our older brothers and 
sisters together, and beer parties unite our younger siblings. 
People go to parties now instead of demonstrations because 
parties are what there is to go to. The New Apathy is a 
reality only for typewriter solos and microphone pundits. 



Tuborg it's a very good beer 41 

Changes have also been made in faciUties — the stadium 
track, the soccer field, the scoreboards in Byrd and Cole, the 
physical education building and fields. 

Yes, there have been many improvements, but there still 
are both old and new problems. 

Non-revenue sports, traditionally strong at College Park, 
appear to be partially declining. Although these "minor" 
sports appear healthy, it still is fact that the soccer team has 
had a mediocre record two of the last three seasons, or that 
the wrestlers lost the Atlantic Coast Conference title for the 
first time ever in 1974. Most of the other non-revenue sports 
haven't slipped off much, but the day when the Terrapins 
could just about rule every non-money sport in the ACC 

appears to have passed. 

Progress has been made in women's sports at the Univer- 
sity; the number of sports in the women's program has risen 
to eight, and several of these teams are among the best i'n the 
nation — one of the Terrapins' women's basketball games this 
year was even nationally televised. But there is still a long 
road to hoe, namely discrimination. Women head coaches still 
receive less money than male assistants do, and men's teams 
still get preferential use of facilities. The sports information 
department still relatively ignores women's teams, while cov- 
ering all the men's squads completely. 

42 Congratulations — The Macke Co. 

Congratulations — The Macke Co. 43 


•'• ^ 


The Terrapins surprised the world of cross country in 1974 
by registering one of the year's biggest upsets — winning the 
Atlantic Coast Conference championship meet. 

Duke, conqueror of the Terps in a regular-season dual meet 
held in the College Park rain, was a strong favorite to take 
the ACC. The Blue Devils also had the advantage of running 
the meet at Durham. 

But the Terrapins not only upset Duke; they clobbered 
them, 29-56. The key to the victory was almost unbelievable 

cross country: 

















Virginia Tech 




"North Carolina 




"North Carolina State 








Mount St. Mary's 




"Wake Forest 







1st place — 

ACC championship meet 

4th place - 

- District 3 meet 

18th place 

— NCAA championship 

"ACC meets 

grouping, for although Duke and North Carolina had the first 
two finishers, six of the next seven ruimers wore a Terp 

The rest of the season was just as successful, as the dual 
meet season included road victories over North Carolina and 
Navy. The Terrapins finished fourth in the District 3 meet 
and 18th out of 28 teams in the NCAA championships. 


John Coffey 
Kevin Conheeney 
Greg Comwell 
Tony Garner 
Jamie Gildard 
Peter Gleason 
Jim Hecht 
Brad Henry 
Brad Jaeger 
Jim Kenney 
Kevin McGarry 
John Meehan 

Al Naylor 

Chris Proch 

Russ Rankin 

Dan Rincon 

Jeff Smith 

Lee Spann 

Alan Stianchi 

David Webster 

Mike Wilhebn 

head coach Bob Dean 

manager Mitch Dakelman 

44 Congratulations — The Macke Co. 

w W 

4 " 

Almost all junior varsity or freshman men's intercollegiate 
teams have died because of inflation. College Park's lone 
remnant JV team is football, and that soon may be gone; the 
JV Terrapins played only three games instead of the usual five 
in 1974, defeating Villanova and Temple and losing to Duke. 

It's a shame, since the JV's play good football at the best 
price — free. The team occasionally has to play home games 
at the practice field, and when this happens, the spectators 

gather on a sideline slope, virtually breathing down the necks 
of the visitors' bench. In contrast to Saturday's rituals and 
crowds, everything is informal. 

Some say JV football is declining because schools can't find 
any four-year opponents. Then why not play junior colleges? 
A game against Ann Arundel or Montgomery-Rockville might 
be a substitute, if only a limited one, for the varsity's inability 
to schedule Navy. 

jv football: 2-1 







Bobby Bell 
Butch Benson 
Ricky Bielsld 
Anthony Black 
Keith Calta 
Lynn Campbell 
Mark Chaillet 
Glenn Chamberlain 
Scott Cooke 
Donnie Dotter 
Tim Flora 
Vince Fulton 
Joe Ganascioli 
Mike Hahn 
John Kelly 
Kevin Kissel 
George Knupp 
Steve Kosiol 
John Lindahl 
Mike Lynch 

Brent McDaniel 

Pete Marchetto 

Ron Moore 

Glen Nick 

Tim O'Hare 

Mike Simon 

Tom Stanton 

Jim Ulam 

Keith Watkins 

Ken Watson 

Mike Wilson 

head coach Dick Redding 

assistant coach Dan Bungori 

assistant coach Monte Hinkle 

assistant coach Morgan Hout 

assistant coach Mike Milillo 

assistant coach Ken Scott 

assistant coach Randy Troupe 

assistant coach Chris Wotell 

Don't try to tell a Terrapin soccer fan about the great 
advances in the University's athletic program — he or she 
won't believe it. 

In just six years, the soccer program has plummeted from 
national excellence to area mediocrity. In 1968, the Terrapins 
defeated perennial power St. Louis; in 1974, the team lost to 
George Washington for the first time ever. There were 
probably up to a half-dozen teams in the Washington- Balti- 
more area that potentially could have conquered the Terps 
this year. 

Nevertheless, the season did have its high points, however 
few. Navy and Penn State, two of the top teams in the East, 
invaded College Park expecting an easy time. Instead, both 
had to settle for ties. 

But big wins for the Terrapins failed to materialize; they 
seemed content merely not to lose. They compiled the same 
number of ties (a school record of five) as wins. Clemson 
clobbered the Terps in the season's final game to take their 
third consecutive Atlantic Coast Conference title. 



soccer : 5-3-5 


Baltimore 3 



American 2 



Madison 1 






Catholic 3 



Towson State 1 



Penn State 1 



George Washington 2 
"North Carolina State 1 



"Duke 1 


"North Carolina 


"Clemson 5 


°ACC games 



46 Omicron 559-5696 

TOP ROW: manager Perry Cocke, Gary Ciany, Asim Sengun, Francis Ngoh. Bob Stnithers, Farzin Azarpour, Gonzalo Soto, Jeff Polloway, Dogan 
Elvemli, Lery Sims, manager Bob Stroup. MIDDLE ROW: head coacfi Bud Beardmore, assistant coach Mehh Sensoy, George Bennett, Pat 
Cunningham, Gus Platsis, Fernando Matinez, Jeff Falana, Omer Pence, Bill Craft, Tom Hall, Wayne Miller, assistant coach Jim Dietsch, assistant 
coach Joe Cryan. BOTTOM ROW: Tony Griffith. Warren Kaplan, Neal Gold, David Klein, Larry Stem, Haluk Ulutas, Ecnmient Berilgen, Eric 
Packheiser, Dave Bartels, Mike Farrell. 

Omicron 559-5696 47 

varsity field hockey:] 








Trinity (D.C.) 





William & Mary 


Unsinus (II) 






Ursinus (I) 




Frostburg State 




Towson State 






West Chester State 







Salisbury State 






Mary Washington 













There were certainly many good 
things to come out of the 1974 varsity 
field hockey season. The Terrapins won 
the Washington area collegiate tourna- 
ment at the end of the season, but a tie 
was also a high point. West Chester 
State, a perennial field hockey power, 
was tied, 0-0; this was the Terps' best 
showing ever against the Golden Rams. 

Five Terrapins made the South- 
eastern sectional all-star team and 
played in the national tournament held 
at Chicago. 

The JV lost only to West Chester 
and Delaware in compiling a 7-2-2 
record; the Terps scored 16 goals 
against Gallaudet. 


Sue Abrams 

Babs Culbert 

Sue DeVos 

Margie Fox 

Peg Green 

Ellen Hankin 

Colleen Kendall 

Chris Klishis 

Marilyn O'Neill 

Letty Peery 

Ellen Rapp 

Jill Rudi 

Karen Sanders 

Karen Santoni 

Sue Straight 

head coach Sue Tyler 



* ^^'^^^^/^^''^ttf^f^t^f^^^^^^^^n'^rv 

jv field hockey; 7-2-2 

UMCP Opp. 

16 Gallaudet H 

6 Prince Georges CC 1 A 

3 American A 

3 Frostburg State 1 A 

5 Towson State 2 H 

1 Madison H 

West Chester State 7 A 

Delaware 2 A 

1 Salisbury State 1 H 

2 Montgomery-Rockville 2 H 
5 Mary Washington A 


Mary Abel 
Stephanie Beddows 
Kathy Blackwood 
Janet Browning 
Sue Buzby 
Pat Daley 
Donna Judge 
Melanie Kowal 
Sharon Kunkel 
Pam Leary 

Debbie Luongo 
Cathy Oliver 
Kit Pardee 
Carol Rowe 
Jane Rowley 
Barb Sauter 
Nancy Schultes 
Carol Svec 
Nadine Thompson 
Anita Venner 

Umporium ^ 


TOP ROW: Tara Heiss, Nancy Carroll, Marilyn Thompson, Maria 
Joseph, Cathy Stevenson, Merdedes Baumann. BOTTOM ROW: Kim 
Brown, Cindy Leach, Monica Mintz, Margaret Butler, Janet Barrick. 



TOP ROW: assistant coach Kathryn Kisabeth, Gail Clark, Jackie Rose, 
Lynn Castle, Elaine Fox, Pam Yakely, Page Croyder, head coach Barbara 
Drum. BOTTOM ROW: Pat Steyn, Ann Lanphear, Linda Arnold, 
Charlene Fischer, Carol Brice, Dinorah Youso. 





H *i 

50 Jodie Kaye 

Victories lead to winning season 

The Terrapin varsity volleyball team ran off 37 consecutive 
victories handing out an impressive 1974 season. Though they 
lost their last game in the regional three games in the AIAW 
national tournament, they clinched a trip to the West Coast. 

It all started with a shakey three-game win over Western 
Maryland, but the Terrapins settled down and reeled off 
victory after victory, including the Madison and Salisbury 
State tournament championships. The team was simply over- 
powering, as only six of the Terps' first 35 meets went to a 
third game. Towson State couldn't beat the Terps in five tries, 
Salisbury State fell victim four times. 

The Junior Varsity team compiled a 9-1 season after re- 
bounding off a troublesome first game against Western Mary- 

Jodie Kaye 51 

Gymnasts aim towards regionals 

^m>ti, ' }f^ 

Gymnastics is the youngest of the 21 University-sponsored 
sports teams. In but its second year, it is experiencing the 
healthy growth that any parent would be proud of. 

At midseason, The Terrapins were 5-1, but head coach 
Patricia Long expressed concern that her team would not 
qualify for the Eastern Regionals. 

"We've been scoring about 65 points a meet," she said. "1 
don't know whether that will be enough to qualify. We have 
the capacity to score 75 to 80." 

Should the Terps not make the regionals, most of their 
gymnasts will have another shot next year. There are only 
two seniors of the squad of 11, and seven members are 
underclassmen. In addition, more and more top high school 
gymnasts are considering attending the College Park campus. 

The result of all this is that the program should take off 
like a rocket. But there is still an identity problem to 
overcome, for as Long said, "half the campus doesn't know 
we exist." 



TOP ROW: Carol Svec, Jeannie Phelan, Teresa Mosko, Debbie Hutchinson, Peg Green, Carol Phelps, Ellen Rapp, head coach Sue Tyler. 
BOTl'OM ROW: Sue Straight, Donna Judge, Sue Abrams, Beth Thompson, Lynn Castle, Pat Sigrist, Chris Klishis. 

The 1974 women's varsity lacrosse team ended with a 7-6 
record against some of the toughest teams in the nation. 

Hopes were high when the Terrapins won their first five 
games, including a 7-6 thriller over Mary Washington. But 
the Terps were crushed when they visited powerful West 
Chester State and Ursinus, beginning a collapse that lasted for 
the rest of the season. Only a come-from-behind win against 
Penn State and a shutout of outclassed UMBC stemmed the 

The junior varsity's record, an apparently average 5-3-1, 
included a win over West Chester and a narrow loss to 
Towson State. 

women's varsity 
lacrosse: 7-6 


7 EssexCC 

10 Wilson (Pa.)l 
12 Madison 

11 Millei^ville (Pa.) State 
7 Mary Washington 

7 West Chester State 

2 Ursinus 

4 Towson State 

9 Penn State 

14 UMBC 

6 Towson State 

6 Baltimore One club 

4 Frostburg State 
state tournament 













Catons. CC 

Catons. CC 

Catons. CC 


54 Student Government Association 

women's JV 
lacrosse: 5-3-1 

UMCP 0pp. 

9 Salisbury State 6 A 

4 Catonsville CC 3 H 

3 Madison 5 A 

13 Mary Washington H 

9 West Chester Slate 6 A 

2 Ursinus 7 A 

7 Towson State 8 A 

7 Penn State 2 H 

2 Frostburg State 2 A 


TOP ROW: Sharon Kunkel, Terry Houston, Patty Holmes, Mary Woodbridge, Karen Hunt, Karen Toll, Ellen McGowan, Nancy Burkley, Sheryl 
Masiello, lill Rudy, BOTTOM ROW: Mary Naulty, Faith Coady, Candy Coady, Jackie Rose, Lillian Kraetzer, Karen Sanders, Diana Sullivan. 

Student Government Association 55 

The most successful sports team on campus plays in relative 

It's the women's varsity tennis team, and in 1974 they had 
their third undefeated season in the past four years. The 
Terrapins have won 42 of their last 43 dual meets. 

A 1973 loss to Virginia Commonwealth was avenged, 3-2. 
Madison and Penn State were the only other teams to give 
the Terps difficulty. 

Terp players swept the Metropolitan collegiate titles, Mary 
Sullivan winning singles and Kathy Donelan and Anne Poffen- 
barger the doubles. Charlene Fischer, playing from first to 
fourth singles, ended her four years of intercollegiate tennis 
undefeated in regular-season singles competition. 

A junior varsity team was formed for two meets and won 
them both; some of its members occasionally played for the 

TOP ROW: Mary Sullivan, Tricia Johns, Charlene Fischer, head coach Joan 
Hull. BOTTOM ROW: Kathy Donelan, Barbara Dexter, Lisa Lichtenstein. 

TOP ROW: Anne Poffenbarger, Carol Denham, Brenda Hoelman, Kathy 
Szoka. BOTTOM ROW: Harriet Wright, Janet Lisberger, Catherine Porter, 
Lisa Hardy. 

women's varsity 
tennis: 9-0 




Salisbury State 



Western Maryland 










Virginia Commonwealth 




Penn State 




Frostburg State 







William & Mary 


6th place — Middle Atlantic tournament 

women's JV 
tennis: 2-0 



Virginia Commonwealth 
Penn State 

1 H 

56 Student Government Association 

TOP ROW: Marilyn Simmel, Kim Jones, Marilyn McRoy, Mary Jo King, Page Croyder, Linda Kilpatrick, Jackie Davis, Carolyn McRoy, Renee 
DuBois. BOTTOM ROW: head coach Linda Farrah, Aileen Johnson, Ann Bennett, Susan Gagner, Dottie Farmer, Bobby Jones, Rhonda Riden, 
Tina Magi, Babs Culbert. 

The women's track team received varsity status in 1974, 
and subsequently compiled a strong 5-2 record. The only 
team to convincingly defeat the Terrapins was AAU cham- 
pion Sports International. A one-point loss at Temple marred 
an otherwise unbeaten record against collegiate teams. 

The future appears good, since most of the team's key 
personnel were freshmen. Three of them — Marilyn McRoy, 
Dottie Farmer, and Page Croyder — had a helping hand in all 
six events won at the Maryland invitational, where the Terps 
competed against some of the East's top squads. 

women's track: 5-2 




Salisbury State 




Penn State 




Trenton State 




Montclair State 








Bowie State 




invitational (non-scoring) 


Sports International club 



Student Government Association 57 

TOP ROW: Nina Padilla, Jean Bissell, Karen Jolin, Maureen McGowan, Donna Judge, Carol Serini. SECOND ROW: manager Sharon Sldnner, Gail 
Wilhelm, Chris Fircho, Patty O'Neill, Carol Schmidt, Diana Sullivan, Bev Hemphill. THIRD ROW: head coach Joy Freundschuh, Ann Nichols, 
Betsy Mahaney, Diane Crichton, Ellen Wolk, Audrey Nasoff, Josie Price. BOTTOM ROW: Sharon Cleary, Karen Goerke, Sharon Chaitt, Carol 
Rowe. NOT SHOWN: Eileen McGowan, Teresa Bethke, assistant coach Lisa Papa. 

Splitting its home meets between Preinkert and Cole Field 
House pools, the women's swimming team showed a great 
deal of promise. In the early going of the season, the 
Terrapins were not especially impressive in dual meets, but 
the did have outstanding individual performances, and it 
seemed but a matter of time before everything would come 
into place for a success in dual meet competition. 

A turnout of approximately two dozen swimmers assured 
head coach Joy Freimdschuh of some team depth, and good 

women's swimming 



htt^^'i ^ 

women's JV basketball team 

TOP ROW: Mary Abel, Velvet Somerville, Carol Davies, Cassie Campbell, Joyce Jenkins, Grace Gelletly, Maria Joseph, Karen Hocking, Bobbi 
Haulthouse, Tee Honeycutt, Pat Daley, head coach Chris Weller. BOTTOM ROW; Nadine Thompson, Sheila Riley, Bridget Bayly, Kit Pardee, 
Colleen Nolan, Barb Prescop, Karen Santone, Debbie Geter. 

The women of the Terrapin Basketball team came against 
strong opposition, but still showed their strength as a well- 
developing team with an abundance of talent. 

Angela Scott and Linda Arnold made up a sizable and 
effective front line, while Anne Poffenbarger, Monica Rogers 
and Margie Fox could hit from either long or short distances. 
Head coach Dorothy McKnight could use her bench without 
worry, as all of her players were well conditioned. 

A scarlet tornado ravaged Western Maryland, 86-29. The 
beat went on at Frostburg State, as a 35-point streak put the 
Terps over 100 points for the first time in school history, 102- 

This was the first year that women's collegiate basketball 
was televised, though the Terps were stunned by Phila- 
delphia's Immaculata, 80-48. But with the addition of the 
televised viewing of games, brought an interest in the 
women's basketball team. 

Australia's national all-stars nearly turned the tables on the 
Terps at Cole when they hit 99 points compared to the home 
team's 47. But the Southern Hemisphere visitors were more 
experienced than the Terps, who merely became another 
victim on their tour of America. 

In the coming years, women's basketball will become more 
pronounced as a team sport, and the strength of the women's 
basketball team will play an important part in its happening. 


women's basketball 


women 's varsity basketball team 



fall 1974 





.Arthur Smith 

Dave Lazarus 

cross country 


Brad Jaeger 

Steve Heibein 

(Washington GH) 

(Charles Center) 


Terry Loibl 

Jeff Siegel 

(Theta Chi) 

(Delta Upsilon) 


Richard Kolodrubetz 

Dale Valentine 



Mike Papenberg tied with Bob Basloe 




Bob Osterhouse 

Larry Frelow 


(resident life) 

fraternity (team) 

Phi Delta Theta 

Sigma Nu 


David Youn^ 

Jim Plutschak 




James Glascock tied with 

1 John Hollingsworth 


John Crites 

Jay Motz 





Jay Nave 

Merrill Layton 


(Cambridge D) 


Stephen Majors 

Steve Sparks 

(Sigma Pi) 

(Sigma Chi) 


Dennis Campbell 

Gary Home 



Ellicott D 


Delta Sigma Phi 





Ellicott D 



Sigma Nu 

Sigma Chi 


Lead Bottoms 

Mansion Dwellers 

tennis singles 


David Deutsch 


Tim Frances 

Andy Rosenbaum 

(Sigma Chi) 

(Tau Epsilon Phi) 


Tom Herzog 

Randolph Forrester 


(gov't politics) 


Victor Kit 

Roger Riddlemoser 

touch football 


Ellicott C (metropolitan 

D.C. extramural champion) 


Sigma Chi 






Steve Montegra 

Dave Smith 

(Cumberland A) 

(Ellicott B) 


Greg Carlin 

Mark Harrison 

(Cumberland H) 

(Denton F) 


John Cannon 

John Mulligan 


(Hagerstown GH) 


Robert Sando 

Jay Rosen 

(Hagerstown GH) 

(Ellicott F) 


George Mouravieff 

Mike Gerlovich 


(Cumberland C) 


Stu Metzger 

Steve Shectel 


(Ellicott B) 


Jim Marshall 

Frank Falotico 

(Cumberland C) 



Perry Bowers 

Steve Watkins 

(Hagerstown GH) 

(Ellicott B) 


Andy Tompros 

Steve Siegal 

(Denton GH) 

(Hagerstown GH) 


Mike Dinken 

Ira Sztajer 

(Denton GH) 

(Ellicott B) 


Hagerstown GH 




Mike Todish 

Chris Fiora 

(Sigma Chi) 

(Sigma Alpha Epsilon) 



Skip Williams 

Rich Augustin 

(Sigma Chi) 

(Delta Sigma Phi) 


Rick Polhemus 

John Battan 

(Kappa Alpha) 

(Sigma Alpha Epsilon) 


Jon Miller 

Terry Loibl 

(Pi Kappa Alpha) 

(Theta Chi) 


Kevin Hogan 

Gary Withers 

(Sigma Chi) 

(Sigma Nu) 


Bill Thomas 

Tom Sullivan 

(Theta Chi) 

(Sigma Chi) 


Steve Ruppert 

Jerry Turi 

(Sigma Chi) 

(Theta Chi) 


John Serruto 

Mark Wadden 

(Kappa Alpha) 

(Sigma Chi) 


Mark Davids 

Steve Bradshaw 

(Sigma Alpha Epsilon) 

(Sigma Chi) 


Tom Brown 

Jim Rohan 

(Alpha Tau Omega) 

(Sigma Chi) 


Sigma Chi 

Kappa Alpha 














fot4l shooting 




table tennis 







John Stech 

Tim Regan 

Rick Uhmans 

Bill Deyhle 

Mike Bray 

Art Peters 

Red Fallon 

Earth, Wind & Fire 

Howard Siegel 
Juan Metzger 
Bruce Uhlman 
Gerald McGarvey 
Ed Lloyd 
Kevin McGarrey 
Dan Feldman 


spring 1974 


John Rohrer 
(EUicott B) 

Fred Schultz 
(Sigma Nu) 

Gary Home 

Charles Boyle 

(Washington 1) 
Dan Kennedy 

(Phi Kappa Sigma) 
Don Miller 

Cumberland C 
Delta Sigma Phi 


Chauncey Ford 

Ken Silverstein 

(Tau Epsilon Phi) 
John Chung 

Ellicott D 

Phi Delta Theta 

Earth, Wind & Fire 

Ellicott B 
Sigma Nu 
Bearded Clam Chowder 

Brad Grant 
(Easton GH) 

John Novak 
(Sigma Nu) 

Harry Levine 

Stu Miller 

(Ellicott C) 
Hal Slaton 

(Sigma Chi) 
Tony Ricucci 

Ellicott C 
Sigma Alpha Mu 

Gary Weiss 

Mark Tischler 
Phi Epsilon Pi) 

Shahid Anis 

Cumberland H 
Phi Sigma Delta 
Mansion Dwellers 

Cumberland C 
Delta Sigma Phi 





Allegany B 



Dappa .\lpha 

Phi Sigma Delta 


Baby Terps 

Piels Brothers 



Andy Werner 

Steven Guentner 


(Hagerstown GH) 

fraternity (team) 

Phi Delta Theta 

Sigma Nu 


Steven Delfin 

Alan Kadesky 



132 'A 

G. Prince 

R. Biles 

(Cumberland B) 

(Calvert B) 



J. Lears 

(Washington 1) 

(Washington I) 


F. Bondroff 

R. Plummer 

(Washington I) 

(Washington I) 

181 V, 

E. Balinsky 

S, Sikorski 

(Ellicott D) 

(Washington I) 


C. Huntsberger 

K. Damore 

(Ellicott B) 

(Washington I) 


12.3 '/4 

M. Todish 

C. Flora 

(Sigma Chi) 

(Sigma Alpha Epsilon) 

132 '/4 

J. Robin 

S. Weiler 

(Tau Epsilon Phi) 

(Sigma Chi) 


W. Abbott 

T. Insley 

(Delta Sigma Phi) 

(Delta Sig^na Phi) 


J. Turi 

J. Thaler 

(Theta Chi) 

(Sigma Chi) 


T. Ridinger 

D. Rupp 

(Alpha Tau Omege) 

(Phi Delta Theta) 

198 V4 

T. Barge 

M. Twigg 

(Sigma Nu) 

(Sigma Chi) 


R. Facchina 

C. Johnson 

(Sigma Chi) 

(Alpha Gamma Rho) 



W. Homer 



spring 1974 


badminton singles 

intermed. advanced 

Betty Schillinger 

(Montgomery Center) 
Pam Yakely 

(Centreville North) 

Louise Ward 

(Centreville North) 
Debbie Turner 

(Centreville North) 


Easton II 




Kappa Kappa Gamma tied with Centreville North II 

table tennis 

Karen Dolan 


Terry Huston 

tennis doubles 

Chris Mac Askill & Pat McKinney 
(Kappa Kappa Gamma) 


Centreville 7 & 8 

Kappa Kappa Gamma 


badminton doubles 

fall 1974 

Kim Mitchell 


Joni Sharpe & Carolyn Geter 

Karen Coleryahn 

(Kappa Kappa Gamma) 

Mary Lou Milloy 
(Worcester) & 

Peggy Milloy 
(La Plata 8) 

Pam Yakely & 
Page Croyder 
(Centreville North) 

cross country (held 
by men's intramural) 

Page Croyder 
(Centreville N.) 

Anne Poffenbarger 


swimming marathon 


Kappa Kappa Gamma 

swimming meet 

Mansion Dwellers 

Kappa Kappa Gamma 

tennis singles 


Kathy RusseU 

Carol Denham 

Cindy Torbeck 
(Queen Anne's) 

Mary Lou Milloy 

tennis doubles 

Jim Kennedy & 
Leslie Parmentier 

Shelly Laproff & 
Clifford Sobin 

volleyball (coed) 

The Gang 

Los Barrachos 






Shooting high 

The men's basketball season emerged with a new image on 
the court. Coach Lefty Driesell, looking for a new winning 
combination with the graduation of All-Americans Tom 
McMillan and Len Elmore, went back to his recruiting ways, 
and came up with revamped offense altogether. 

With a returning backcourt of AU-American John Lucas 
and Mo Howard, Driesell added a third guard, freshman Brad 
Davis and thus popularized the three-guard offense. 

Lucas last year's scoring leader, was put out of action in 
the team's first game against Wake Forest. And though he 
returned in time for the UCLA-Terp final to the Maryland 
Invitational Tournament at Christmas, it wasn't enough to 
keep the Terps from losing their first MIT, 81-75. 

Davis, who at 6-3 played center for his high school team at 
Monaca, Pa., showed great poise and speed, taking over the 
point position from Lucas. Flashy passing and playmaking 
made Davis an integral part of a team which knocked off 
archrivals North Carolina State, twice, including a one-point 
squeaker in Raleigh, 98-97, when Davis hit a jump shot with 
just three seconds remaining. 

Howard's finest game was a 29-point showing in the second 
N.C. State game. Though shadowed throughout his career by 
the presence of the stellar Lucas, Howard blocked several 
shots to key the victory, and killed the Pack with his shooting 
from the floor. 

Though a question mark before the season, Tom Roy came 
on to more than do justice to Elmore's old position. His 
dominance of the boards against Notre Dame, and his re- 
bounding against the Wolfpack, despite his early dismissal 
from that one-point second game, showed he had made the 
transition from forward and done it well. 

After an excellent showing against N.C. State in the ACC 
finals last year, Owen Brown was expected to carry the brunt 
of the work at forward when Driesell went to the three- 
guard. Despite some weak showing. Brown often ignited the 
Terps with short jumpers from the lane, and helped seal 
State's doom with 23 points in Raleigh. 

To spell Tom Roy at center, Driesell used Cfiris Patton, 
another freshman. Patton was put into this position after the 
disappointing loss of Moses Malone. At 6-11, Patton supplied 
height and rebounding, and exhibited a fine shooting touch. 
Though slowed by a painful knee injury, Patton is expected to 
the number one man in the pivot next season. 

Driesell's third recniit, 6-6 John Newsome, saw some action 
at forward, playing behind Owen Brown and Steve Sheppard. 
Newsome showed instinctive abilities with the ball, but was 
not strong defensively. As a freshman, though, he has time to 

Sheppard was Driesell's other unknown quantity. A strong 
6-6 forward, Sheppard was a starter early in the season, later 
becoming the sixth man when Driesell opened with the three- 
guard offense. His inside play and rebounding were in- 
strumental in several Terp wins. 

Senior tricaptain Billy Hahn saw little action games, but 
was a great asset to the Terps for his knowledge of the game, 
and for his leadership. John Boyle, the team's only walk-on 
and a product of nearby Gonzaga high school, also spend 
great quantities of time on the bench, but like Hahn, became 
a favorite with the crowds in Cole fieldhouse. 

A 103-85 trouncing of N.C. State provided the team with 
its first high point of the year. But after defeats at the hands 
of Clemson and North Carolina, the Terps sallied down 
Tobacco Road and beat the Wolfpack in Reynolds Coliseum, 
breaking their 36-game winning streak at home. In three 
previous years, the Terps had been unable to beat State in 
seven meetings. 

For the first time in many years, the Terrapins won the 
ACC conference title. But in the ACC tournament at Green- 
sboro, State turned the tide with an 87-85 upset of the top- 
seeded Terps. Washington D.C.'s Kenny Carr made a three- 
point play with one second left to spoil the Terps comeback 
which saw them overcome a 15-point deficit to take an 85-84 
lead with nine seconds left to play. 

Although the Terrapins were again denied a chance to win 
the ACC crown for the first time since 1958, the newly 
expanded 52-team format, and the winning of the conference 
title, enabled the team to participate in the Midwest Region- 


TOP ROW: head coach Charles "Lefty Driesell, assistant coach Howard White, Brad Davis, John Lucas, Mike Cherry, Maurice Howard, Bill 
Hahn, assistant coach Dave Pritchett, assistant coach Joe Harrington, trainer J.J. Bush. BOTTOM ROW: Steve Sheppard, John Newsome, Chris 
Patton, Owen Brown, Tom Roy, John Boyle, manager John Pavlos. 


Terps beat N.C State 103-85 - 
a turning point 

Bringing in some potentially talented freshmen to give 
strength to the Terrapin wrestling team was a wise move by 
head coach Sully K rouse. 

The Terps, at times starting as many as five freshmen, have 
displayed fine talent, only a forfeit preverted them from 

upsetting powerful Navy. On the other hand, the Terps have 
been plagued with losses to Pittsburgh and North Carolina 

State. The upset by the Wolfpack was only the second time 
in Atlantic Coast Conference history that the Terps had been 
beaten in a dual meet. 

There were still several fine veterans such as Greg Filipos 
and Tyrone Neal, but for the most part, the team is in- 
experienced and needs just a httle more seasoning to turn 
things around. As proof, three of the Terrapins' early-season 
dual meets were one-point losses. 



TOP ROW: assistant coach John McHugh, head coach William Krouse, A.J. Richards, Bill Ellis, Nick Hanley, Brad Dunlap, Fetch Gibbons, Tyrone 
Neal, Kevin Johnson, manager Don Wheatly, manager Abby Hoffman, assistant coach Kevin Keams. SECOND ROW: Butch Reid, Rick Intellini, 
Duke Beattie, Bill Boykin, Rich Gottlick, Steve Heger, Steve Hogg, Bert Lauble. THIRD ROW: Mark Camasta, I>3n Stalnaker, Scott Turkel, Ken 
Vaughn, Dave Specian, Scott Mullens, Ed Nolan, Ray Zarahawitz. BOTTOM ROW: Leon Via, John Girsch, Darwin Stalhaker, Mike Meko Brian 
WeUs, Bill Schoy, Greg Filipos. 



indoor track 

With the coming of a new coach, the Terrapin track team 
found themselves on the road to the NCAA's. 

Costello, and effective coach and recruiter, has put a goal 
on turning College Park into a national track power, not just 
a regional one. His era began when several of his Terrapins 
competed in the CYO invitational indoor meet. 

The meet, the fifth run of the meet in Cole Fieldhouse, was 
held January 10 before over 11,700 track fans. Marty Liquori 
and Steve Prefontaine provided the excitement, as both ran 
sub-four-minute miles; Liquori's late charge on the last lap of 
the lfi2 mile track gave him a 3:57.7, eight yards ahead of 

Dwight Stones attempted to set a world high jump record, 
but missed 7'5" in each of his three tries. Stones instead had 
to settle for a winning jump of 7'31/2". 

As far as the Terrapins were concerned, several put on 
good performances. Drew Herndon cleared 16'6" in the pole 
vault, while freshman Brian Melly high jumped 6'10" before 
missing all three attempts at seven feet. 

A week later, Costello's team visited Annapolis to take on 
Navy, winner of it's last 26 indoor meets. Quite a few track 
buffs thought the Terps could end the Middies' string of 

What nobody expected was a virtual Terp domination, but 
it happened as Navy went down 80-38. The University team 
controlled nearly all phases of competition. 

With this behind them, the team seemed a sure bet to 
pocket its 20th consecutive Atlantic Coast Conference title 
when the ACC's took place in Cole Feildhouse. 


%^v ^ 

TOP ROW: assistant coach Pete McGrain, Rick Tompkins, A.J. Ferguson, Steve Schmidt, Garry Duschl, Casey Campbell, Ed Gurka, Mickey 
Goodner. SECOND ROW: assistant coach Charlie Hoffman, diving coach Tom Griffiths, Art Kenney, Dave Crawford, Martin Hart, Bob Lynes, 
Bob Hassett, Sid Burkot, Tom Sheldon, Scott Schively. THIRD ROW: manager Hugh Sale, Rick Denise, Bucky Clemson, John Pyle, Matt Glenn, 
Jim O'Connor, Tom Zonarich, Mark Rodgers, head coach Bill Campbell. BOTTOM ROW: Tom Cullinane, John Wolsh, Mike McGee, Tony Reino, 
Terry Schrider, Tom Killion, Barry Hartwyk, Chuck Wight. 




■^ , V 

l^d ■:'ffi1. 


men's swimming 

The group head coach Bill Campbell greeted in September 
consisted of 12 freshmen, 10 sophomores, and only eight 
upperclassmen. However, the men's swimming team (or possi- 
bly the "coed" swim team insomuch as Terry Schrider, a 
sophomore woman, competed for the divers,) has shown signs 
of future development into one of the Terrapins' finest squads. 

Through the Villanova meet, the Terps were 7-4, losing to 
Atlantic Coast Conference powers North Carohna State and 
North Carolina and Eastern toughies Navy and Villanova. 
Both of the latter two meets, though, were within the Terps' 
grasp imtil the final event. 

The Terps continued a University tradition by visiting State 
College, Pa. and taking home the Perm State Relays cham- 
pionship for the sixth time in the relays' six-year history. 

Such performances from what is considered to be a green 
squad certainly lends optimism to Terrapin fans. 


78 Middy Deems 

All at the point of a foil 

Middy Deems 79 

TOP ROW: assistant coach Dick Redding, assistant coach Terry Strock, assistant coach Gib Romaine, assistant coach Jerry Eisaman, assistant coach 
Gothard Lane, assistant coach John DevUn, assistant coach Joe Krivak, assistant coach Tom Groom, assistant coach George Foussekis, assistant 
coach Jake Hallum, assistant coach Thom Park. SECOND ROW: John Nash, John Zemhelt, Chip Garber, Jim Hagen, Eric Brubaker, Randy White, 
Stan Rogers, Bill Murrow, Tim Barge, Joe Younge, Larry Dick, Barry Thomasson, Harry Walters, Mike Pelando, Ricardo Soto. THIRD ROW: Bob 
Avellini, George Shinda, Ralph Fisher, Bill Evans, Joe Brancato, Steve Zannoni, Don Rhodes, Joe Campbell, Larry Seder, Larry Peterson, Rick 
Jennings, Dan Foster, Marion Koprowski, Russ LaHayne. FOURTH ROW: Jim Brechbiel, Ben Kinard, Steve Mike-Mayer, Ed Fulton, Jonathan 
Claiborne, Doug Harbert, Mike Sochko, like Miller, Joe Baccala, Chuck White, Tom Scarbath, David Conrad, Harry Ilardo, Gene Ochap, Bill 
Fotta. FIFTH ROW: Tom Schick, John Schultz, Kim Hoover, Mike Cielensky, Ken Roy, Rick Schmaltz, Leon Harris, Bob Schwartz, Ted Haube, 
Milt Gardner, Bill Brown, Joe North, Bob Raba, Derick Harris, Jeff Kelly. SIXTH ROW: Larry Stocks, Phil Waganheim, Tom Randazzo, Jim 
Richey, Paul Divito, Kevin Benson, Geralk Inman, Pete Zachary, Dan DeCarlo, Richark Cozzi, Bob Smith, Bob Lange, Pat Ulam, Tim Wilson, 
Leroy Hughes. BOTTOM ROW: Rod Sharpless, Dave Visaggio, coach Jerry Claiborne, Frank Romano, John Vesce, Guy Deitz, Louis Carter, 
Walter White, Alan Bloomingdale. NOT PICTURED: Bradd Carr, Vince Kinney, Mark Manges, Ernie Salley, Ed Serembus, Jack Sharkey, John 
Stanford, Mike Yeates. 

A 56-13 romp over Duke University in Norfolk's Oyster 
Bowl clinched the first outright ACC football championship 
in Maryland's history. It took seven coaches 21 years to 
accomplish the feat while copping the Terrapins' second 
consecutive bowl bid. Though they lost the Liberty Bowl to 
Tennessee, both wire service polls ranked the team 13th. An 
advance of several notches over the 1973 standing. 

The season's highpoint was the team's 20-10 win over 
North Carolina State before 50,000 spectators at Byrd Sta- 
dium; this put the Terrapins in the driver's seat for the ACC 

The four losses (Alabama, Florida, Penn State, and Ten- 
nessee) that the Terrapins acquired were at the hands of long- 
established football powers and by only a touchdown or less. 
The Terps fall campaign was led by Sporting News "Coach of 
the Year" Jerry Claibume, Outland Trophy winner Randy 
White and several other all-star seniors. 

varsity football: 





Alabama 21 



Florida 17 



"North Carolina 12 









"Wake Forest 



"North Carolina State 10 



Penn State 24 






"Duke 13 






Tennessee 7 


80 Debbie Prager 

Maryland Book Exchange 81 

82 Maryland Book Exchange 

^oach Claiborne 




Maryland Book Exchange 83 

Star Plastics, Inc. 
84 Gary Piatt, 1958 Graduate 

Star Plastics, Inc. 

Gary Piatt, 1958 Graduate 85 




L- - . )^ 





86 Delma Studios 

1974 Terrapin baseball was uninspiring as the team posted 
a 12-16-1 record. A southern road trip which opened the 
season set the tone for the rest of the year, and a weak 
pitching staff gave coach Jack Jackson fits right through the 
Atlantic Coast Conference tournament. 

The Terps returned from the South with a 4-8 record and 
couldn't play .500 ball the rest of the way, despite playing 
most of their remaining games at Shipley field. A four-game 
losing streak in late April demoralized the team, and Virginia 
shut out the Terrapins at Duke in the first roimd of ACC 

baseball: 12-16-1 1 





West Georgia 




West Georgia 




Georgia Tech 












Jacksonville (Ala.) State 



Jacksonville (Ala.) State 
















"Wake Forest 



"North Carolina State 






A (13 inn.) 


Towson State 
















"North Carolina 




"Wake Forest 












Virginia Tech 




"North Carolina 


A (14 inn.) 










"North Carolina State 




Duke (ACC tour.) 


West Virginia 








J^TjTon'';7DDLr«OW 'm^ f"!' ^'T^' ^t""""^' ''"'' '^^'' ""'"'^^ ^'""^^' ^''"' ^^'"°' '^^ "o-'^^' B°b Cilento, Head Coach 

Delma Studios 87 

men's lacrosse 

Frustration, no stranger to campus sports teams, hit men's la- 
crosse in 1974, as they couldn't defend the NCAA title won the 
year before. 

John Hopkins, similarly frustrated by the Terrapins in 1973, 
turned the tables. The Blue Jays took both the traditional regular- 
season finals and the NCAA finals, 17-13 and 17-12. The only other 
team to beat the Terps was the Maryland lacrosse club, an 8-7 
overtime winner in the Hero's tournament finals. 

The high point of the season came when Virginia, then rated the 
nation's second best team,invaded Byrd stadium. The Cavaliers 
were humiliated 25-13, as the Terrapins won the Atlantic Coast 
Conference championship on regional television. Midfielder Frank 
Urso and attackman Pat O'Meally, with seven and five goals each, 
led the team. 

Urso was the season's top scorer with 62 points and 22 assists; 
O'Meally led the Terps in goals with 41. 

88 Delma Studios 


Albrecht's Pharmacy 89 

men's lacrosse: 12-3 | 



27 "Duke 



16 "North Carolina 



14 Rutgers 


Catonsville CC (Hero's tour.) 

12 Washington College 


Catonsville CC (Hero's tour.) 

7 Maryland lacrosse club 


Catonsville CC (Hero's tour.) 

12 Washington College 


A (called in 3rd quar., bad 



25 Mt. Washington club 



12 "Virginia 



22 Navy 



15 Tobay club 


Hofstra (night) 

13 .Army 



12 Johns Hopkins 



19 Rutgers 


H (NCAA quarterfinals) 

12 Cornell 


H (NCAA semifinals) 

"ACC Johns Hopkins 


Rutgers (NCAA finals) 


90 Albrecht's Pharmacy 



TOP ROW: assistant coach Fred Kramer, assistant coach Doug Schreiber, assistant coach Rennie Smith, head coach Bud Beardmore, assistant 
coach Kurt Kimball, assistant coach Jim Dietsch, SECOND ROW: statistician Ellen McGowan, Bert Olsen, Mark Tally, Dave Bartels, Steve 
McLaughlin, statistician Sue Baum, THIRD ROW: trainer Jim Weir, Lin Wellander, Andy Thompsom, Harmon Levine, Kevin Boland, Mark 
Bethmann, Mike Farrell, Bob Mitchell, Tim Goertemiller, FOURTH ROW: Brooks Sleepers, Tim O'Meally, Ed Mullens, Roger Tuck, Frank Urso, 
Mike Hynes, Gary Glatzel, Bill Gould, BOTTOM ROW: Jake Reed, Gavin Stringer, Dino Mattessich, Pat O'Meally, Doug Radebaugh, Art 
Seekamp, Dave Dempsey, Dave Hallock, Stephen Adamo, Gary Niels. 

Jeff Piatt 91 

92 Athletic Department 





■•r***"-«»,^ ,„;»,■. 










Athletic Department 93 

M "W^mjmf K ^ j^^ xi# I. w 

TOP ROW: assistant coach Stan Pitts, assistant coach Frank Costello, head coach Nick Kovalakides, assistant coach Dick Drescher, assistant coach 
Bob Dean SECOND ROW: Jeff Smith. Chris Proch, Kevin McGarry, Steve Heibein, Bill Ham, Al Naylor, Tom DriscoU, Mike Remus THIRD 
ROW: Dan Glass, Glenn Perlman, Nelson Hagy, John Kumm, Dave Watt, Robbie Andrews, Doug Drabkowski, Bob Walden, Ken Quazza, Fred 
Firsching, John Berry FOURTH ROW: Peter Gleason, Brad Turley, Jim Kirby, Mark Gawron, Mark Goodrich, Paul Fatseas, Larry Long, John 
Davenport, Marty Schoenbloer, Greg Comwell, Russ Rankin FIFTH ROW.Tom Giroux, Jack Coffey, Rod Cupka, Tom GottemoUer, Bill 
Ohlmacher, Joe Carr, Tom Gwaltney, Jeff Nichols, GerardCarey, Tony Gamer, Jim Kenney, John Meehanx, SIXTH ROW: statistician Shari 
Dimmitt, Scott Comwell, Kevin Conheeney, Benny Greaux, John O'Keefe, Mike Johnson, Roy Witaker, Al Hamlin, Nick Basciano, Tom 
Auchincloss, statistician Lynn Matthews, SEVENTH ROW: manager Mitch Dakelman, Al Pisciotta. Lee Span, Rick Ford, Drew Hemdon, Mark 
Jankovitz, Kevin Larkin, Jerry Kelly, David Webster, Jerry Turi, manager Tim Fields, ROTTOM ROW: Dan Rincon, Ed Bailor, Brian Bozzone, 
George Kallas, Greg Lardieri, Andy Bilmanis, Bill Goodman, Don Fisher, John Leedy, Bill Brozey, NOT SHOWN: Jamie Gildard, Rick Jennings 

men's track: 0-1 

UMCP Opp. 

Atlantic Coast relays (non-scoring) 
Colonial relays (non-scoring) 
Georgetown Invitational (non-scoring) 

69 Navy 85 H 

Penn relays (non-scoring) 
1st Place — ACC championships 
Terrapin Invitational ( non-scoring) 

If one considers dual meets the only standard of success, then the 
men's outdoor track team, a loser to Navy in its only dual meet, 
had a poor year in 1974. 

But such an observation would be deceiving, since coaches today 
prefer to run their teams in large relays or invitationals and thus 
hold fewer dual meets. 1974 was an exciting year for the Terrapins, 
and here's why: 

The University led North Carolina in the race for the Carmichael 
cup, annual symbol of overall Atlantic Coast Conference athletic 
supremacy, by just half a point with one event to be held outdoor 
track. The conference meet, moreover, was being held at Chapel 

As has been the case in every ACC track championship from 
1956 on, though, the Terps more than met the challenge. The Tar 
Heels were overwhelmed 127-52, giving the Carmichael cup to 
College Park for the first time since 1970 and permitting both the 
graduating seniors and head coach Nick Kovalakides to go out on 

What must especially encourage incoming coach Frank Costello 
is that underclassmen accoimted for over two-thirds of the Terra- 
pins' point total at Chapel Hill. Sophomore sprinter Nick Basciano 
himself contributed 1.3 V2. 

Another sophomore, Al Hamlin, received national attention dur- 
ing the season with his "flip," or somersault, method of long- 

94 Maryland Book Exchange 

men's tennis: | 





William & Mary 




Virginia Tech 




George Washington 










Johns Hopkins 



"North Carolina 




Penn State 










"North Carolina State 



•Wake Forest 















5th Place 

— ACC championships 








Head Coach Doyle Royal, Brian Lee, John Lucas, Larry Lefcort, Bill Ward, Bob Garmany, Fred 
Winckelmann, Richard Bernstein, Howard Nelson, David Pessin 

The men's tennis team in 1974 had basically the same problem that has been plaguing them for the past ten years — 
inability to regularly beat Atlantic Coast Conference competition. 

But the Terrapins did breaze through the non-conference portion of their schedule to post a 12-4 overall record. It 
was their 25th consecutive winning season. 

Two sophomores, John Luc3« and Fred Winckelmann, were the Terps' top players. Lucas took the ACC singles 
championship, while he and Winckelmann had to settle for second place in ACC doubles after winning the title the 
year before. 

Bob Garmany and Brian Lee were finalists in ACC second doubles competition. 

Il ^ 9 f-) 

TOP ROW: Bart Lyon, Jay WilhanLs, Bob Buyd, Mike Pr^tt, Cieorge .\larucci, Hoger Siiiipkiiii, Thuma-s Miller, John Hanna, 
Jim Urie, Bill Calhoun, Head Coach Dave Sigier. BOTTOM ROW: Van Silver, Mike Ferrell, Bruce Carter, Ed Voccalo, Bruce 
Shaver, Mike Occi, Tighe Merkert, Ray Massing, Mark Diley, Randy Hoffman. 

The golf team had a typical year in 1974. Although 
finishing with a 5-1 dual meet record, the Terrapins had to 
settle for fourth place in the tough Atlantic Coast Confer- 
ence tournament. 

However, the Terps could take some solace in an early- 
season defeat of conference foe Wake Forest, the 1974 
NCAA champions. The Deacons were taken by one stroke 
at the snow-shortened Iron Duke tournament in Durham; 
it was the team's first victory over Wake Forest since 1965. 

Maryland Book Exchange 95 

golf: 5-1 




382 "Duke 


A stroke 

382 "North Carolina 


Duke stroke 

382 "North Carolina State 


Duke stroke 

2 ^ "Wake Forest 

22 14 

A match 

9th Place Palmetto tour. 

1st Place Iron Duke tour. 

370 Penn State 


H stroke 

1st Place Maryland spring cla.ssic 

4th Place ACC tour. 

39 Naw 


H match 



i t:- 





Table of Contents 

98 Plays 
102 Speakers 
106 Concerts 
112 Parties 
114 Dance Marathon 
116 Mixers 

118 Student Union Movie 

119 Company Cinematheque 

120 Television Studios 
122 Lasar Sculpture 
126 College Park 

Congratulations - The Macke Co. 97 

Father's Day 


Louise Gwen Olexik 

Marian Fran Cheyfitz 

Estelle Vicki Van Grack 

Tom Reid Sasser 

Richard Jed Springfield 

Harold Jerry Pagliari 

98 Coy Harris 


UNCLE JOCKO Artie Skinvnerhorne* 

GEORGE Bill Hull in 

CLARENCE and his kazoo Kevin Miller 

BALLOON GIRL Haryann Jones 

BABY LOUISE Cheryl Gladnan 

BABY JUNE Joy B rode r i ck 

ROSE Roz Cohen 

POP Al Ian Steinhorn 

NEWSBOYS Jay Broderick. Jeff Cohen, Kevin Glainan 

WEBER Steve Had ley 

HERB IE Jed Springfield 

LOUISE Cathy Hoi z 

JUNE Kathleen Grennon 

TULSA Christopher L indstrom 

YONKERS Al Ian Shapiro** 

L.A Robert Judson 

ANGIE Jeff Rathner 

KRINGELEIN Bradford Watkins* 

MR. GOLOSTONE Jerry Pagliari 

MISS CRATCHITT Shirley Bonnell* 

FARMBOYS Robert Judson. Kevin McDonagh, Jerry Pagliari. 

Jeff Rathner, Allan Shapiro** 

AGNES Dierdre Suddeth 

MARJORIE MAY.» Peggy Long 

DOLORES Brenda Bri lliant 

THELMA Karen Decker 

EDNA Mary Jane Re illy 

RITA Kathy Kogge* 

COW Cathy Holz, Karen Bowie* 

PASTEY Jerry Pagliari 

TESSIE TURA Carol Ostrinsky 

HA2EPPA Oenise Patterson 

CIGAR Al Ian Shapiro** 

ELECTRA Shirley Bonnel 1* 

MINSKY GIRLS Lisa Bersbach, Abby Davis, Kathy Kogge- 

Monica Sims, Cindy S irk in 

RENEE Karen Bowie* 

PHIL Steve Had ley 

BOUGERON-COCHON Bradford Uatkins* 

MOTHERS Lisa Bersbach, Monica Sims 

ROOMERS Steve Had ley, Monica Sims, Mary Jane Reil ly 

STAGEHAND Bill Mul lin 


\^^ ^^^a.^— ^ 1 


^H^ » ifc^^^^^^ 

■ fit \ 

-- '^^_ 


Getting it together for 


Some plays from the past 




"And now, heeere's Dickie!" 

Chip Monk 


A change of pastimes 

Not so long ago the phrase "Let's go get a couple of sixes" 
was a quaint reminder around these parts of days gone by. 
Anyone who said it seriously was a social reactionary, in- 
stantly branded a "straight". No self-respecting student would 
be caught dead at a concert, party or demonstration without 
his or her little leather pouch of earthly delights. And for 
special at-home entertaining, chic hosts and hostesses had 
some "really good stuff and huge bongs or pipes more 
intricate than bathroom plumbing. 

But there are fewer and fewer illegal smiles these days. 
Grass is fast losing status. Data collected by the University of 
Maryland Counseling Center over the past four years show 

that although more freshmen in '74 than ever before had 
sampled the weed, fewer were frequent tokers. 

Booze, however, showed an increase all around, from beer 
to hard stuff. The once really wrecked masses started turning 
up and getting drunk at cocktail parties, that peculiar in- 
stitution of our parents. The roach clip lost out to the cork 
screw for party paraphernalia. Never mind your perfectly 
rolled joint, how's your Bloody Mary? 

Why the sudden switch back to good ol' alcohol? It 
probably has something to do with pot being too closely 
aligned to the student radicalism of the 60's. Juice has more 
connection with the nostalgia backlash that's seeped through 





the nation like leaky Coca-Cola, leaving sticky and sugary 
traces even on college campuses. 

Longing for the good old days (which most of us can't even 
remember) probably has something to do with the hard times 
that've hit everyone. Also Uquor is cheaper per capita; more 
high for your dollar. Not many can afford Acupulco Gold 
these days while everyone can buy a fifth of Almaden, and 
what's more — knows where to find it. 

Plus, and a big plus at that, the recent wave of busts in and 
around the university community have scared many would-be 
lawyers and doctors into flushing away their stashes. It's not 
the first time terrorist tactics on campus have yielded results. 

Sociologists could probably list many more reasons for the 
switch. But for us, let it suffice to say to the classes of the 
future: "Cheers!" 


II r| 

Fiesta in Cole 


Elvis Presley-Fieldhouse Rock 

Student Government Association 107 

108 Athletic Department 


I V t! ! i\ 

Athletic Department 109 


Bill and Taffy 

Tom Rush 


is a time to be yourself 

Delma Studios 113 

114 Athletic Department 

The 52 hour 

Athletic Department 115 



From dances to mixers 

The two best bets around . . . 

Student Union Theater 



9-1 r far /j:!r) 

I fl'.-^O (oof: i3c) 

"m€ ^T OF me 

c^f\p4JC sco^ OF simCWMi. 

r^^T YOU WILL 6E CFi=€\pO 3Y 

■■• '.-^xii^^^ , »;--***•■*«.' 

I Company 

Congratulations - The Macke Co. 119 


"Some of the programs we watch on 
television are made by students in 

120 Mike Dumonceau 

Mike Dumonceau 121 

122 Student Government Association 

Rockne Krebs — Laser Sculpture 

Student Government Association 123 

The big move 

124 Mike Kadecik 



V .'-■ / 






• V- 





Mike Kadlecik 125 



The sights and sounds of College Park 

126 Congratulations - The Macke Co. 

Congratulations — The Macke Co. 127 







Tomato Juice 20 





128 Congratulations - The Macke Co. 

Congratulations — The Macke Co. 129 

130 Athletic Department 

Athletic Department 131 

132 Student Government Association 

Student Government Association 133 

134 Umporium 

Umporium 135 

136 Delma Studios 

Delma Studios 137 

"Bewitched, bewildered, 
and bothered again." 


IP' ^ V 



Computer Science 139 

GEORGE WILSON CAIRNES, 2nd Lieutenant Co. C Jarretlsuilte. 


Secretary of the V. M. C. A.; Manager of ;iul Team, i-ool Hall : 
Assistant Business Manager " Reveille." 

"I'll speak to thee in silence. " — Cymbeline. 

"He sat and bleared his eyes with books.' ' — Longfeltou). 

.llitii " Bonnie." The snbject of the sketch was born at Jarrettsville. July 
29tli, 1S82; attended the Academy at this place until he had almost 
finished tlie eiKhth grade, after which he applied him.self diligently 
on his fatlier's farm. In the fall of i.SyS he entered the Freshman class of 
the M. A. C. 

He is about five feet eight inches high, very slender, noted for 
his physical strength, a man of extraordinary determination, very hard to 
discourage, and seldom speaks, unles,s he ha.s something to say that is 
deserving of the hearer's attention. 

As a conunissioned othcer he is liked by the student body and is held 
in the best of esteem by his company. 

He has l)een an industrious student in the Mechanical Department 
and has stopi)ed at nothing but success. He has lieen au active worker in 
the Y. M. C. A., holding offices for the last two years. 

He is a musician, and is noted for his deep baritone voice, which 
holds the same under all conditions. 



Harvey "Chuckles" Ritterbaum 


President; Students Socialist Party 

"Chuckles", a graduate of the University of Maryland, was born in downtown Baltimore on the 25th of 
December; probably one of the reasons for the hearty chuckle he displays when himiored. 

Chuckles worked at a local gas station during his high school years to pay for his life necessities: a car, a tape 
deck, a stereo, and of course spare change for dates. 

He is about 6'2" and a stocky size, weighing about 210 lbs. He was an avid reader in his younger years. 
Among his favorite works are the July 72 issue of Playboy and the Harvard Lampoon. 

He is a very amiable person and gets along well with the rest of the student body he knows and associates 
with. Living on campus all four years of his education, he is a typical Maryland student. A normal day on 
campus is one of early rising to go to classes, hanging out at the favorite spot, flirting with the girls, toking up, 
and of course studying. His parents are very happy with his success at school and are very happy with the job he 
has landed as a toy-tester after graduation. 

Marianne Abercrombie 
Femi Abudu 

Eduardo Acevedo 
Lisa Ackerman 

Suzanne Ackerman 
Audria Acty 

Timothy Adriolopos 
John Aellen 

Beverly Aiken 
R. Dean Ainshe 


Brenda Akers 


Olusola Akingbala 
Eleanya Akuma 
Karen Alexander 

Lillian Alexiou 
Niki Alexis 
Sylvia Allen 
Susan Alpert 

Joan Alston 
Jane Alter 
Frederick Altiere 
William Ammenhauser 

Debbie Harris 141 

Susan Amsel 
Carol Anders 

Walter Andersen 
Raymond Anderson 

Vicky Anderson 
Donna Anglemeyer 

Alfred Aral 

Nancy Hearn Aronson 

George Arthur 

Leslie Atldns 

David Auerbach 

James Axon 

142 Delma Studios 

Patricia Axon 
Philip Ayeae 
Lola Bablee 

Barbara Baer 

Jamie- Beth Baer 
Joan Bahnick 
Rex Baker 

iTp- *<> 


Robert Baker 

Debbe Baldridge 
Edward Baker 
James Bandy 

Patricia Barber 

Scott Baron 

Melinda Barrett 

Louis Barrie 

E)avid Basalt 

Robert Basloe 


Delma Studios 143 

Brad Bartlett 

Michael Bass 

Bridgett Bassett 

Marianne Battistone 

Arlene Baum 

Brad Baxtlett 
Edward Beadenkopf 

Sandra Beall 
Edward Bean ^ O* 

Jonathan Beard 
Gretchen Beaton 

Charles Bednarik 
John Beers 

Donald Belanger 
Kenneth Bell 

Michael Bell 
Richard Benedick 

Richard Bengston 
Christopher Benning 

144 Delma Studios 

Lucille Benson 

Mary Jo Benton 

Joan Berger 

Donna Bergman 

Brad Bergmann 

Iris Berman 

Louis Berman 
Pilar Bernhardt 

Bobbi Berry 
Coleen Berry 

Maurice Betaharon 

Regina Betts 
Charlene Bicldn^ 

Ethel Binder 
Tajudeen Bishi 
Michael Blake 
Carol Blakeley 

Delma Studios 145 

Richard Bodkin 
Laura Boggess 

Michele Bollens 

Debra Boltas 

Thomas Boosinger 

Terese Boswell 
Greer Bos worth 

Dale Bowen 
Vicky Bowen 
Margaret Bowman 



John Bowman 
Richard Bradley 
■ Wanda Bradley 

Jan Bradshaw 
Kenneth Bradshaw 
James Branar 





!^ m 




^ flw 

Sally Brandon 
Barbara Braymer 
Stanley Brealdron 

Rosemary Breen 
Pamela Brewer 
Diane Briscoe 

Delma Studios 147 

Donna Brodsky 
Michele Brooks 
Timothy Brooks 
Stephanie Brown 

Paul Burger 
Patricia Burke 

Michael Buscher 
Bob Buschman 

Cindy Butler 
David Butler 

Gregory Butler 
Ronald Bvrd 

Gustavo Caballero 
Suzanne Caffiaux 

Gail Canin 
Doreen Caplan 
Rae Caplan 
Sharon Cark 

148 Delma Studios 

Sarah Jane Carl 
Madeline Camevale 

Anne Carpenter 
Leslie Carpenter 

Bruce Carson 
Jamie Casasanta 

Sandra Chaillet 
Terri Chaimson 

Gabe Chaisson 
Barbara Chandler 

Delma Studios 149 

Gloria Cherry 

Godfrey Child 

Stephen Chirumbole 

Colin Chisholm 

Patricia Chiswell 

Donald Christopher 

Concetta Cicala 

James Clark 


p*^ ^v 


Barbara Clemens 

Bill Clemens 

Helen Cobb 

Vincent Cogliano 

Dean Cohen 

Ira Cohen 

Linda Cohen 

Bruce Cole 

150 Delma Studios 

•3. ..-ColeUo 
Mar.e Coleman 
Wesley Collie 
Robert Collier 

Antoinette Collins 
Deborah Colvin 

Iris Commodore 
Thomas Conlon 

Sharon Connelly 
Jill Conrad 

Sharon Conroy 
Colleen Cooke 

Valerie Cooks 
Curtis Coon 

Vernon Cooper 

David Copley 

Georgia Cordill 

Delma Studios 151 



Roger Cos tin 

James Coulbouren 

/ft I 

Betsy Coulter 

Therese Creel 

Ramiro Crespo 

Lynn Crombie 
Sandra Cross 
Nancy Crotty 

152 Delma Studios 

Patricia Crow 

Robert Crowley 

Susan Cytryn 

Jackie Czecha 





Mitchell Dakelman 

Wayne Dameron 

Mildred Danes 

Ronald Daniels 

Flora Danisi 

Denise Darrow 

.« m 





Walter Davenport 


m s?. 

Robert Davies 


Delma Studios 153 

Deborah deCinque 

Ruth Deitz 

Emily Dejoia 
Barry DeMaris 

Eugene Deems 

Diane Dempenwolf 
Michael Debow 
Michael Dickter 

Erik Dilmanian 
Richard Dineley 

Dianne Disharoon 
Judith Disman 

Stephen DiVincenzo 
Christine Dixon 

154 Maryland Book Exchange 

Robert Doe 
Alan Doerr 
Edward Donkerly 
Laurie Donnelly 

Belinda Downs 

Howard Dreizen 

Walter Drummond 

Genevieve Duffy 

Maryland Book Exchange i55 


Karen Dugard 
Gary Dula 

Gail Duncan 
Deborah Duffee 

Diane Dunham 
Wilham Dunlap 

Henry Duvall 
Everett Earnhardt 

Gary Ebert 
Barbara Eckhardt 


-.1^ « i.' 

156 Maryland Book Exchange 

George Economides 

Marie Eger 

Mary English 

Susan Enty 

Paul Eschbach 

Leslie Edelhoch 

Linda Ely 

Lynn Englund 

Elaine Epstein 

Sue Espil 

Helen Edwards 

Karen Eng 

Patricia Ennis 

Jane Epstein 

Deborah Ethridge 

Mary Eustis 

Billy Evans 

Teresa Evans 

James Fahrman 

Maryland Book Exchange 157 

Kathleen Fahmer 

Samuel Fales 

Abdolreza Farivari 

Flavi Favali 

Barbara Feder 

Dorothy Feigenbuani 

Janet Fein 

Martha Feit 

Cheryl Feldman 

Edward Feldman 

Rochele Feldman 

Martine Ferretti 

Rosalind Fields 

Marion Filby 

Elizabeth Filipos 

Grace Finkle 

Christopher Flora 

Donald Fishei 

158 Maryland Book Exchange 

Robert Fitzgerald 
Steve Fitzgerald 

Terence Fitzpatrick 
Kenneth Fleischmann 

Dennis Fleming 
Ellen Flood 

Fehpe Flores-Amaya 
Andrea Floumoy 
Jerald Foarde 
William Fogler 

Louis Font 
Richard Ford 
Cynthia Forman 
Eddy Forman 

Maryland Book Exchange 159 

Charles Forsman 
Grace Foster 

Susan Foster 
Cynthia Foutz 

Marilyn Fradin 
Beverly Francisco 

Alan Freeman 
Gail Friedman 

Robert Frederick 
Mark Freidlin 





Rn*' "V 






c^r 1 

i. jt}^'^ il 

L ijfbj, 


%^ ■ 


r. ■■uf- 

M < 



ay^ _ 

^^ M 

m. . 

Susan Fugate 
Deborah Fuhrer 
Suzanne Gafflaux 
Mary-Ellen Gaines 

160 Maryland Book Exchange 

James Galey 

Andrea Calinldn 

Jill Gallup 

Arlene Garcia 

Suzaime Garretson 

Thomas Gearin 

Feme Gendason 

John George 

Gwendolyn Gholson 
John Gibbons 

Elizabeth Gibbs 
Audrey Giberman 

Edward Giberman 
Barbara Gibson 
Deborah Jane Gibson 

Philip Gibson 


Karia Gigerich 
Daniel Gill 
James Gilman 
Andrea Gilroy 

Maryland Book Exchange 161 

Malcom Gibson 
Elizabeth Ciraldi 

Gary Gittleson 
SueAnn Glass 

Lee Glasser 
Gary Gold 

Nancy Gold 
Neal Gold 

Sherrie Gold 
Anne Goldberg 

Janet Goldbert 
Paul Goldberg 

Lynn Goldfarb 
Barbara Goldfield 

Gary Goldman 
Louis Goldman 

162 Maryland Book Exchange 

Heidi Goldsmith 

Mark Goldstein 

Jill Goodman 

Roberta Gorinson 
Robert Gorman 
Stuart Graber 

Franklin Grabowski 
Jeanne Grace 
Sxavier Grahn 

Emilia Grasso 

Kathy Grasz 
Donald Graves 

Louise Graves 

Deborah Green 

John Green 

Milton Greenbaum 

Ronald Greenbaum 

Martin Greene 

Diane Greenwald 

Joseph Greenwood 

Maryland Book Exchange 163 



Diane Haines 

William Hall 

Marilyn Halle 

Susan Halligan 

164 Maryland Book Exchange 

Robert Hameroff 
Robert Hamilton 
Edward Hammer 
Guy Hammer 

Maryland Book Exchange 165 

John Hartman 
Sharon Hartley 

John Hartranft 
Wayne Harvey 

Thomas Haslinger 
Alexander Hassani 

Patricia Hastings 
Andrew Hatteberg 

Eileen Hausdorf 
Robert Hausman 

166 Maryland Book Exchange 

Kathy Herrick 
Maria Herson 
Cynthia Hewatt 
Debora Hicks 

Rachel Hopp 
Donald Hopson 

Patricia Hook 
Norman Hooven 

Carolyn Holden 
Thelma Hollway 

Allan Hossick 
Dolores Howard 

Jeffrey Hudgins 
Wendie Hudspeth 

Maryland Book Exchange 167 

Glendora Hu^es 
Bruce Hultslander 

Zoe Humphreys 
E>aniel Hunt 

Dennis Hunt 
Susan Hyman 

Carolyn Hynes 
Susan Imus 

Nancy Ing 

Karen Irvine 
Paula Irwin 

Julianne Ivins 
Wanda Jackson 

Dennis James 
Jacqueline Janzegers 

Richard Jaronski 
Vicki Jawitz 

John Jochum 

168 Maryland Book Exchange 

Andrew Johnson 

Ann Johnson 
Craig Johnson 

Ehzabeth Johnson 
Emily Johnson 

Irma Johnson 
Josephine Johnson 

Donald Jones 
Gary Jones 

Joan Jones 

Thomas Jones 
Lorraine Josowitz 

Elizabeth Julian 
Michele Kaish 

Pamela Kalen 
Beverly Kaplan 

Mona Kalkstein 
Joanne Kalus 

Maryland Book Exchange 169 

Miriam Kane 

Heyeun Kang 

Michael Karbeling 

Paul Karlin 

Edward Karl 

Gail Karlinsky 

Robin Katlin 

Lynda Katz 

Avdesh Kaushiva 

Debra Kay 

Alan Kazanjian 

Kathryn Kearney 

170 Maryland Book Exchange 

Kathryn Kemp 
James Kendrick 
Marilyn Kerikangas 

Patricia Kerr 
Richard Kessler 
Valerie Kelcham 

Susan Kikeii 

Audrey King 

Robert King 

Donna Kingsbury 

Yvonne Kirmey 

Patricia Kinzhuber 

Robin Kiviat 

Leslie Kizner 

Cynthia Kleinman 

Stephen Kloch 

Karen Klompus 
Alyse Kobin 

Maryland Book Exchange 171 

Jeffrey Koepel 
Allen Kogut 

Sherrie Kofsky 
Lenny Kola 

Ronald Kolakowski 
Raymond Koppal 

Myra Koppel 
Brenda Komreich 

Clifford Kosoff 
Marilyn Kostolich 

Bruce Kostresld 
Linda Kramer 
Frederick Krastel 
Barbara Kraus 

Tim Kremann 
James Krips 
Sandra Kruth 
Carolyn Kuhn 

Marlene Kurtz 

Katherine Kuzemka 
Mary Kyne 
Joaquin Lagos 

172 Maryland Book Exchange 

Bonnie Laing 
Kitman Lam 

Marylou Lamb 
James Lamont 

Paul Lancer 
Michele Lane 

Robert Lane 
Alice Langan 

Robert Lange 
James Lankford 

Nikki Lanza 
l^borah Lapious 

Cathy Larese 
Allan Larson 

Ronne Larson 
Ann Lau 
Mark Laufe 
Valerie Lavish 

Maryland Book Exchange 173 

James Lauriat 

June Lawson 
Winfred Leach 
Susan Ledman 

Karen Lee 

Linda Lee 

Linda Lee 

Elmo Leger 

Ester Leise 

Mark Leizear 

Terence Lemmer 

Ronald Lemmon 

Robyn Lenrow 

Robert Lerch 

Sharon Lemer 

Ila Lemer 

Raymond Lessans 

174 Maryland Book Exchange 

Ronald Leung 
Linda Levin 

Robert Levin 

Syril Levin 

Debra Levis 

Sherri Levy 

David Lewis 

Kimberly Lewis 
Linda Lewis 

Marica Lewis 
Diana Li 

Kuan Li 
Jonathan Libber 

Shelly Licht 
Chris Lillie 

Maria Lin 
Conrad Link 

Maryland Book Exchange 175 

Sylvia LoBianco 
Jean Lockwood 
Domenica Lopez 

Rosalind Lorber 

Julia Loughridge 
Vicki Loy 
Richard Lucas 

Stephen Luginbill 

Sara Lustbader 
Nori Lustig 
James Luzader 

Donna Lyles 

Terri Lynch 
Kathleen Macdonald 
Jean Mack 

Marvin Macrides 

Sarah Madden 

John Maerz 

Eugenia Magafan 

Tina Magi 

176 Umporium 

Antonio Magri 
Christine Mahn 

Sherry Main 
Sze Mak 

Susan Mall 
Patricia Mallow 

Fred Mandir 
James Maloney 

Gregory Mangiapane 
Arie Mangrum 




^^^B,-. -v^.^ri 






^^ ''--^ /i 







Barbara Mantegna 
Ricardo Mararae 

Sherry Marcus 
Barbara M arm on 

Albert Martin 
Carolyn Martin 

David Martin 
Patricia Martin 

Vickie Martin 
David Mason 

Jennifer Mason 
Dorothy Mastin ^' "^ 

Umporium 177 

Joseph Mattingly 

Harvey Mazer 

Joan Mazer 

Robert Mazer 

Chris Mazro 

Cheryl Mc Adams 

Singleton McAllister 

Shirley McAuhffe 

William McCarthy 

Thomas McLeod 

Laura McCoy 
Mary Jane McCoy 

Adele McCullough 

Janice McDonald 

Jere McDonald 

Sheila McDonough 

Catherine McCinty 

George McGrath 

Mary McKay 

Margaret McKeever 

178 Umporium 

Habib Merchant 
Jan Mergenovich 

Marilyn Merikangas 
Stuart Metzger 

Michele Meyer 
Robert Miara 

Larry Michael 
1st van Mike- Mayer 

Michael Milbum 
Patricia Miley 

Umporium 179 

Charles Miller 
Deborah Miller 

Joanna Miller 
Kathy Miller 

Linda Miller 
Lynn Miller 

Majorie Miller 
Rhoda Miller 

Sharon Milligan 
Linda Mills 

Francis Milner 
Donna Mims 

Matt Minahan 
Anne Mitchell 

Ray Mock 
Carolyn Moe 

Arthur Moer 
Barbara Moffett 

180 Umporium 

Luke Morrison 
Katie Morse 

Kevin Morse 
Linda Morton 

Susan Murphy 
Mary Murtha 
Carol Nache 

182 Umporium 

Carl Nagel 

Claudia Nash 

Gail Nateli 

Sharreth Naugle 

Jeritza Neal 

Ray Neall 

Stuart Neuwelt 

Sharon Ngan 

Maria Nicholson 

Myron Nicholson 

Dean Nicolai 

Anna Nicolaisen 

Stella Nobilio 
Richard Nockett 

Carolyn Noe 
Jamie Norberg 
David Norton 

Howard Norwick 

Mark Nucker 

Celeste O'Bradovich 

William O'Connor 

Deborah OUinger 

John Novak 

Janet Nuttle 

Mary O'Brien 

John Odum 

Ann O'Lone 

Dorothy Novick 

Daniel O'Berry 

Michael O'Brien 

Elise O'Keefe 

Deborah Ousley 

Deborah Owens 

Blake Pace 

Robert Packin 

Sergio Palacio 

Barbara Palko 

MM :^km 

184 Umporiutn 

Donna Parstow 

Lauren Peterson 
Krasimira Petkov 

Gary Pate 

Rajendra Patel 

Brian Pauletti 

Ruth Pelfrey 

Nancy Perdue 

Howard Perlow 

Denise Perret 

Andrea Peters 

Laurence Peters 

Umporium 185 

Karen Pet raids 
Linda Petronchak 

Chrissellene Petropoules 
Richard Pfiester 

Phillipa Phair 
Gary Phillips 

Andrea Pinner 
Anglea Pirrone 

Marsha Plaster 
Jesse Plater 

Penny Fleet 
Ann Plerson 

186 Umporium 

Sally Presler 
Harry Pressman 

Tommy Price 
Glenn Pritchard 

Alan Puffenberger 
Gerard Publiese 

Charles Puglisi 
Ronald Pukacz 

Kathy Purisch 
Janice Pyle 

Michael Queen 
William Quinn 

Umporium 187 

188 Umporium 

Lynn Reiter 
John Rencher 
Susan Rendal 
Joseph RePue 

Marilyn Rexroad 

Loiuse Rhodes 

Beth Richard 

N. Warren Righter 

Susan Reynolds 

Shelly Rhodes 

Alan Richards 

Stanley Joe Rikigsberg 

Steven Reznick 

Calvin Rich 

K. Rodney Richardson 

Jeffrey Rivest 

4fsr*8fyKa5S;33«'W!r<*»'lfaSMS!fflrasil«ESiff?iT;KSVir-Mv>.-^^ ,- . V 


Gail Robbins 
Richard Robbins 
Edward Roberts ]r 
Jerry Robin 

Thomas Rodante 

Mark Rodgers 

Eric Rooks 

Patrick Roddy 

Frances Rogala 

Jackie Rose 

Deborah Rogers 

Monica Rogers 

Lynn Rosen 

Duane Rosenberg 
Judith Rosenberg 

Arthur Rubeor 

Vickie Russ 

Mary Rykowski 

Judy Sachwald 

Olusola Rufai 

Joseph Russell 

Mary Lee Rynties 

Jean Sadowsky 

Douglas Hupp 

Josephine Russo 

Linda SaathoS 

Debie Saidla 


Donna Rothermel 

Ron Rotundi 

Robert Rovner 

Carol Rowe 

Thomas Roy 

JefFery Sandler 
James Santa 

Ellen Sarran 
Patricia Sartori 

George Savill 
Carol Savitt 

Charles Saylor 
Mark Scarano 

Paul Scarborough 
Maxine Schae£Fer 

Shelly Schapps 
Bonnie Schechterman 

E)onald Scheetz 
Marilyn Scheige 

Jearme Schenke 
Lou Anne Schilling 

192 Robert Sherbow 

Betty Schillinger 
Mary Schiller 

Barbara Schlachman 
Helen Schlesinger 

Sasan Schmierer 
MatDyn Schmuckler 

Carol Ann Schoenwetter 
Ginger Schorr 

Gretchen Schultz 
Robert Schumacher 

James Schwartz 


Debra Scout 

Anglea Screven 

Carolyn Scully 

Joseph Seamone 

Andrea Seamone 

Robert Sherbow 193 

Debbie Seidman 

Carole Selikowitz 

Margaret Selke 

Patti Shafer 

Shahrokh Shahery 

Norma Shanks 

Diane Shaver 

Helen Shepherd 

Charles Sherbow 

Susan Sherwood 

Patricia Shapiro 

Patricia Shaver 

Kirk Sheppard 

Helen Sherman 

Ruth Shields 

Lisa Sharp 

Deborah Shendelman 

Gary Sherbert 

Toby Sherman 

Paula Shill 

194 Nancy Lynch 

Lane Shimabukuro 
Nancy Shook 

Valerie Shukis 
Diane Shulman 

Mauria Shulman 
Michael Siegel 

Anne Silver 
Lynn Silverman 

Linda Simmons 
Morton Simon 

Perly Pagal 195 

Anthony Sintetos 
Dennis Sirbaugh 

Bonnie Small 
Ellen Small 

Bonita Smith 
Denise Smith 

Donald Smith 
Donald Smith 

Janice Smith 
John Smith 

Meredith Smith 
R. Kirk Smith 

Robert Smith 
Robert Smith 

Thomas Smith 
Leslie Smulen 

Norman Sobin 
Carol Sobnosky 

Barbara Sohmer 
PhilUp Somerset 

196 Nelson Poon 

Joanne Sonierville 

Willis Lee Spann 

Ann Speilman 

Gary Stack 

Barbara Stauber 

Margaret Soohoo 

Barry Sparks 

Arlene Speilman 

Harriet Stanley 

Susan Steely 

Robert Soreason 

William Spates 

Audrey Spivak 

Dominick StasuUi 

Beatrice Stefun 

Karen Sorkin 

Sandra Speicher 

Linda Spratling 

Je£f Stathus 

Debra Steinbach 

Haniet Every 197 

Wayne Steinberg 
Richard Stevick 

Gayle Stevens 
Jeffrey Stevenson 

Olga Stewart 
Valerie Stewart 


Pam Steyn 
Jacqueline Stirn 

Elizabeth St. John 
Beverely Stocksdale 

Robert Stockwell 
Debra Stogdale 

Melva Stokes 
Margaret Stolka 

Nancy StoUer 
Anne Stratton 

198 Samuel Catling 

Alice Stress 

Gary Strobel 

Patricia Sturdevant 

Bruce Sullivan 

Eileen Sullivan 

Maurice Sullivan 

Martha Summers 

Eric Swartz 

Mavis Swerdel 

John Swindler 
Rochelle Taberoff 
Nematolah Taghavi 

Christina Tan 

Michael Tannenbaura 

Drucilla Tanner 

Robert Tarbutton 

John Tatum 

Harry Taylor 

Louise Taylor 

Michael Taylor 

Naomi Haber 199 

Howard Tischler 

Suzanne Tobin 

Leslie Tobias 

Mark Todd 

Jim Freeburger 

Mary Tolton 
Kathy Torib 

Linda Torchinsky 
Joanne Train 

Barton Trenk 
Terrv Tretter 

Christopher Triolo 
Cassandra Tsiatolas 

Mark Tucker 
Alvin Turner 

Linda Turner 
Judy Uhl 

Victor Ukpolo 
Leona Upton 

Candy Urdahl 
Corinne Vaille 

Dale Valentine 
Imants Vanags 
Jeffrey Van Grack 
Frederic Van Valkenburg 

Carol Vaughn 
Jose Vazques 
Judy Venick 
Hernan Vera 

Julie Victorian 
Nancy Vieira 
Jennifer Vogelgesang 
Nancy Volz 

Frank Fierskin 201 

Charles VonFriend 
Stapom Vuthiganond 
Cheryl Wagner 
Jeff Wagner 

Alan Waldenberg 
Britt Walderhaug 
Dianne Walker 
Kathleen Wall 

David Walser 
Colleen Walsh 

Dave Walsh 
Kathryn Walter 

M. Chris Walter 
Susan Walter 

Alfred Walters 
William Ward 

Jamie Waters 
Thomas Waters 

Carolyn Watkins 
Yunan Way 
Edward Weber 
Karen Weber 

202 Jodie Kaye 

Laura Weinberger 
Sharon Weingarden 

David Wells 
Mary Wenger 


Debra Weinger 
Richard Weinstein 

Daniel Weisburg 
Margaret Weismiller 

Robert Weismiller 
Fonda Weisberg 

Laurie Weker 
Patricia Wellington 

,„ i,>„..i,„.„i,.„ ....... C"'_-jdl 

rs ppi 

3 immsim QnUTER 3 iMi«mim 3 


iM ^ -^ 

« uyofvr'^ir iMM M fc v«pn^» tM^ttr*'. 

Jodie Kaye 203 

Sarah Wentzel 

Barbara Wenzler 

Catherine Werner 

Janice Werner 

Brian West 

Kathleen West 

Sarah West 

Katherine Weston 

Eleanor Wetherald 

Deborah White 

Linda White 

Nadine White 



Jon Wiener 
Patricia Wilens 
John Wilkinson 



Louis Willemin 


D'Ette Williams 


Gordon Williams 



Lvnne Williams 

Kevin Wiedel 

Patrick Williams 

204 Bill Davis 

William Williams 
Reed Wilner 
Barbara Wilson 
Linda Wilson 

Pata Wolfe 
Lorraine Wolpert 
Bonnie Wood 
S. Gail Wood 

Esther Woodworth 

Sandra Wright 

Diane Wynn 

Bruce Yankow 



^^Bfcj!^*^'* ^M 


- v^^^^^^^k 

Ronald Yarashus 
Ronald Yee 
Sharon Yee 
Evelyn Yenias 
206 Bill Davis 

Dan Shulman 205 

Michael York 

Donna Young 

Susan Young 

Albert Zawodney 

206 Jimmy Gusky 

•■^. »\i'X -Ji ail : liaise i' W-i:Vrili!SU^K«>J'V<fi.'; a.-', 


'-"''- v^;-''>^- 

Playing tricks on you? 

Over the past four years your roomies did it to 
you, the computers did it to you, and so did your 
instructors. Now it's our turn. 

If you didn't find your picture earlier you might 
be in this section; and, if you're not here you were 
probably in the portrait camera that was stolen. 

Jeff Piatt 207 

Robin Breiner 

William Bumgardiver 

Jo Burger 

Joe Cohen 
Kyle Durrett 
Lynn Franklin 

Robert Hamilton 
Ellen Kerwitz 
Allan Kogut 

Katherine Mann 

Arlene McCrow 

Kathy Miller 

Jila Rabiee 

John Rigis 

Nancy Rosenbaum 

208 Congratulations: Summit Chemical Corporation 


Abcrcromhie, Marianne, Baltimore, Md. 

Abudu, Femi, Tajucleey, Washington D.C., 

Chemistry, International Club, Soccer 

and Volleyball, Student Member of 

American Society for Medical Technology 

and the Maryland Society for Medical 

\cevedo, Eduardo, Baltimore, Md., Engineering. 
Ackerman, Lisa, Teaneck, N.J., Math Education, 

Alpha Lambda Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, Pi 

Mu Epsilon. 
Ackennan, Suzanne D, Chevy Chase, Md., 

Psychology, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi 

Kappa Phi, PACE. 
Acty, Audria, Capitol Heights, Md., Co- 
chairman of Minority Health Pre- 

Professional Society, BSU, OMSE, PACE. 
Adebiy, Tajudeen, Adepemi, Laurel, Md., 

Banking & Finance. 
Aellen, John, P, College Park, Md., Resource 

Economics, Ski Club. 
Aiken, Beverly, I, Washington D.C. 
Ain.Me, R., Dean, Glenside, Pa., EngUsh, 

Wrestling, Campus Crusade for Christ 
Akers, Brenda, Pasadena, Md., Costume Design, 

Commuter Peer Counselor. 
Akinghala, Olusola, IBadan, Nigeria, Agronomy, 

Agronomy Society. 
Akuma, Eleanya A, Hyattsville, Md., General 

Alexander, Karen, College Park, Md., Housing, 

Pi Beta Phi, Panhellenic Social & 

Activities Chairwoman. 
Alexiou, Lillian P, Oxon Hill, Md., Art History. 
Alexis, Niki, J, College Park, Md. 
Allen, Sylvia, C, Baltimore, Md. 
Alpert, Stisan, D,Bethesda, Md, Biochemistry, 

Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Beta Kappa, General 

Honors, Hillel-Breirah. 
Alston, Joan, Washington D.C, General Studies. 
Alter, Jane, East Meadow, N.Y., General Studies, 

Alpha Epsilon Phi — Secretary, Pan 

Hellenic Rep., PACE, HELP Center, 

Volunteer American Cancer Society & 

Tay-Sachs Drive. 
Altiere, Frederick, J, II, Clinton, Md., General 

Studies, Gynkana. 
Amann, Katherine. M, Landover Hills, Md., 

Joumahsm, Tau Beta Sigma, Marching 

Ammenhauser, William. Oxon Hill, Md., 

Personnel & Labor Relations. 
Amsel, Susan, Silver Spring, Md., Fashion 

Design, Delta Phi Epsilon. 
Anders, Carol. Lutherville, Md., Studio Art. 
Andersen, Walter, Greenbelt, IMd., Math. 
Anderson, Jr., Raytnond, V, Bowie, Md., General 

Business, Flying Club — Secretary. 

Anderson, Vicky, L, Bladensburg. Md., 
Chemistry, Alpha Lambda Delta. 

Angleineyer, Donna, Palmvra, Pa., FMCD, 
Secretary- Treasurer St. Marys Dorm. 

Ansel, Stisan, Woodmere, N.Y., Textiles & 

Aqua, Joseph, L-Riverdale, Md., Botany, 
Commuter Peer Couaselor. 

Arnold, Allyn. J, Lutherville, Md., Journalism, Pi 
Beta Phi, Summer Diamondback, 
Graduate School Chronicle, Marching 
Band — Color Guard, Co-captain, Public 
Relations Student Society of America, 
Social Action Committee, Newman 
Center, Lambda Chi Alpha Crescent. 

Aronson, Nancy. Heam, Silver Spring, Md., 
English, Sigma Kappa, Diamondback. 

Arthur, George, F K, Washington D.C, 
Economics, Vice-President Organization 
of African Students, Member Int. 
Students Council. 

Atkins, Leslie, Baltimore, Md., History & 
English, Phi Alpha Theta, Mortar Board, 
WMUC — Business Manager, Calvert 
Literary Magazine, Dorm Treasurer. 

Auerhach, David, Silver Spring, Md., Psychology, 
Psi Chi, HELP Center, Free University. 

Axon, James, W, Silver Spring, Md, Sociology. 

Axon, Patricia. C, Silver Spring, Md., Math. 

Ayeah, Philip. N. Adelphi, Md., EDAD. 

Baer, Barbara, Baltimore, Md, Family Studies, 
President Caroline Hall, RHA Legislator, 
HAC Rep. 

Baer, Jamie-Beth. Bowie, Md, English. John 
Marshall pre-law Honorary. 

Bahnick, Joan, Crofton, Md., French, Swim 
Team Timer, French Club. 

Baker, Rex, M, Baltimore, Md, RTVF, Black 
Writers Workshop, "Just Us" Drama 
Troupe, Pamoja Ebony Choir, "Assassins" 
Karate Club. 

Baker, Robert, E, Easton, Md., Recreatiori, Phi 
Beta Sigma, Recreation and Parks Society 
Student Branch, "Who's Who in 
American Junior Colleges". 

Baldridge, Debbe, Riverdale, Md., Zoology, 
AquaUners, Vice-President. 

Bandy, James, Camp Springs, Md. 

Barber, Patricia, District Heights, Md., 

Baron, Scott, Baltimore, Md, Government. 

Barrett, Ifelinda, Bethesda, Md., Sociology. 

Barrie, Louis, Baltimore, Md., Psychology, Phi 
Sigma Delta, Fraternity Softball, Football, 
Track, Phi Sigma Delta Dance Marathon 

Barstow, Donna, Annapolis, Md., Elementary 
Education, Gamma Sigma Sigma — 

Historian, Aqualiners, 4-H Collegiate, Dr. 

Johason's CUnic 
Basloe, Robert, N, College Park, Md., Business, 

Intramural Golf. President Annapolis 

Bass, Michael, G, Bethesda, Md., .■\nthropology. 

Sky Diving Club. 
Bassett, Bridgett, Sevema Park, Md., Physical 

Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma, WRA 

— Volleyball, Basketball, Swim Marathon, 

Co-sponsor Dance Marathon. 
Battiitone, Marianne, Silver Spring, Md. 
Bourn, Arlene, Pikesville, Md.. Hearing and 

Speech, PACE. 
Baxtlett. Brad, Rockville, Md., Government, 

Sigma Nu. 
Beadenkopf, Edward, G. Baltimore, Md, Civil 

Beall, Sandra, Silver Spring, Md., Recreation, 

Campus Crusade for Christ. 
Bean, Jr., Edward, Camp Springs, Md, Urban 

Studies, Alpha Tau Omega — House 

Manager, Gate and Key, Reporter for IFC 

Spectrum, Dance Marathon. 
Beard, Jonathan, Germantown, Md, Elementary 

Education, Gymkana, Television 

Beaton, Gretchen, Northport, N.Y., Secondary 

Art Education, Pi Beta Phi, Kappa Delta 

Pi, Bridal Fair, Marching Band — Color 

Bednarik, Jr., Charles, Davidsonville, Md., 

Physical Education, Sports Director 

YMCA, Track. 
Beers, John, S, Rockville, Md., General Studies, 

Sigma Nu. 
Belanger, Donald, District Heights, Md. 
Bell, Kenneth, Rockville Center, N.Y., Civil 

Engineering, Chi Epsilon, American 

Society of Civil Engineers. 
Bell, Micltael, Silver Spring, Md., Accounting, 

Beta .Alpha Psi — President, Intramural 

Benedick, Richard, A. Alexander, Va., 

Bengston. Richard, Laurel, Md. 
Benning, Christopher, Maltwah, N.J., Chemistry, 

Intramural Baseball, Basketball, Hill Area 

Vice-President, Dorm Treasurer- 
Secretary, RHA. 
Benton, Mary Jo, Linthicum, Md, Joumahsm 

Sigma Deha Chi, Diamondback, WMUC, 

Internships — The Montgomery Coimty 

Journal, The Catholic Review, Stage 

Manager, Women's Athletic .Association, 

Dorm Secretary, General Honors Cadre 

Leader, Tutor, Chapel Choir, Bible study. 

Committee on Campus Publications. 

Benson, Lucille, Pacy, Lutherville, Md., 

Berger, Joan, Bethesda, Md, Early Childhood 

Bergman, Donna, Silver Spring, Md., Plant 

Resource Management. 
Bergmann, Brad, Potomac, Md., Industrial Arts, 

Sigma Chi. 
Berman, Iris, Baltimore, Md., Special Education. 
Berman, Louis, Columbia, Md., Economics, 

President — French-Italian Student 

Bernhardt, Pilar, Temple Hills, Md., Spanish, 

Sigma Delta Phi. 
Berry, Bohbi, Temple Hills, Md., Elementary 

Education, State Recreation and Parks 

Association — President, Hockey, 

Swimming, Recreation Society, CORE, 

Berry, Coleen, Dee, Naugatuck, Conn., 

Journalism, Kappa Tau Alpha, Sigma 

Delta Chi, Diamondback, Cambridge 

Area Council — Secretary, Pep 

Betaharon, Maurice, Adelphi, Md., Mechanical 

Betts, Regina, S, Baltimore, Md., Criminology, 

Bickings, Charlene, Camp Spring, Md. 
Binder, Ethel Silver Spring, Md., Crafts, Alpha 

Epsilon Phi. 
Bishi, Tajudeen, Hyaftsville, Md., Chemical 

Blake, Michael, P, Cumberland, Md., Business 

Blakeley, Carol Bethesda, Md., History, Alpha 

Omicron Pi. 
Bliss, Helen, L, Chevy Chase, Md., German. 
Blum, Andrea, Rockville, Md., Experimental 

Foods, Institute of Food Technology. 
Blummer, Raymond, Odenton, Md. 
Boggess, Laura, Montgomery, Silver Spring Md., 

American History, Phi Alpha Theta, 

Mortar Board — Treasurer, Women's 

Political Caucus of Prince George's 

Bodkin, Richard, A, Crofton, Md, Government. 
Bogus, Joanne, Silver Spring, Md, English, Little 

Sisters of Sigma Pi. 
Bolard, Laurie, Baltimore, Md., General Studies. 
Bollens, Michele. Adelphi, Md, Studio Art. 
Bolshow, Nancy, Randallstown, Md., ELED, Phi 

Sigma Sigma, Homecoming Steering 

Committee, UPB. 
Bolt, Robert, Bel Air, Md., Finance, Alpha 

Gamma Rho. 
Boltas, Debra, Old Bridge, N.J., Psychology. 
■ Bonvie, Robert. C, New Milford N.J., Agronomy. 
Boone, Nancy, Rockville, Md., Amst st. 
Boosinger, Tliomas, H, New CarroUton, Md., 

Mechanical Engineering, Pi Tau Sigma. 
BordenicK Helene, Silver Spring, Md., Early 

Childhood Education, UPB. 
Boschen, Margaret, Washington DC, Spanish. 
BostveU, Terese, M, Hyattsville, Md., Recreation, 

Delta Gamma, Panhell Rep. 
Bosworth, Greer, Baltimore, Md. 
Bowen, Dale, Washington D.C., Production 

Bowen, Vicky. Silver Spring Md., Home 

Economics Education, Ski Club. 
Boumian, John, Mt. Rainier, AGEN, Student 

Branch of the American Society of 

Agricultural Engineers — President. 

Bowman, Margaret. Silver Sprmg, Md., 

Elementary Education. 
Bradley, Richard, Potomac, Md., Physical 

Education, Track, Gymnastic Troupe. 
Bradley, Wanda, Edgewood, Md., Library 

Science, Delta Sigma Theta — Recording 

Secretary, President — St. Mary's Dorm. 
Bradshaw, Jan. Silver Spring, Md., Recreation, 

Phi Alpha Epsilon, Ski Club. 
Bradshaw. Kenneth. J, Baltimore, Md., 

Education, Phi Kappa Sigma. 
Branan. James, Hyattsville, Md., Zoology, Phi 

Sigma, Chorale, Chorus. 
Brandon. Sally, Laurel, Md., RTVF, WMUC. 
Braymer, Barbara, Rockville, Md, Recreation, 

Phi Alpha Epsilon, WRA. 
Breakiron, Stanley, Lanham. Md., Zoology. 
Breen, Rosemary, College Park, Md, General 

Brewer, Pamela, Beltsvllle, Md, General Studies, 

Stage Crew, Library Aid Police Aid 

Briscoe, Diane, L, Chest ertown, Md., Early 

Childhood Education. 

Brodsky, Donna, L, Bel Air, Md., Interior 
Design, Alpha Gamma Delta — House 
Chairman, Phi Alpha Theta, WRA Rep., 
Horsebackriding, Basketball, Committee 
Chairman WRA Sports Day, Hostess — 
Aqualiner's Show, Little Sister President, 

Brooks, Michele, Kensington, Md. 

Brooks, Timothy, Chestertown, Md., Chemistry, 
Arnold Air Society, Intramurals, Kent 
Hall — Treasurer, General Committee on 
Student Affairs, Senate. 

Brown, Stephanie, S. Oxon Hill, Md., 

Brown, Wendy, Havertown, Pa., Special 
Education, CEC. 

Bunger, Jo, Edgewood Md., Sociology. 

Buckley, Susan, Silver Spring Md., Special 
Education, Sigma Delta Pi, PACE, CEC. 

Burger, Paul S, Greenbelt Md, Information 
Systems Management, ISM Student 
Organization for Computing Machinery. 

Burke, PatricicL, Syosset, N.Y 

Buscher, Michael, J, Wheaton, Md., History. 

Buschman, Bob, Forestville, Md., Electrical 
Engineering, IEEE, EEUA. 

Butler. Cindy, Bethesda, Md, English for Pre- 

Butler, David, Woodbridge, Va., Writer for 
"Contact", Photographer and 

uutier, Gregory, I^ndover, Md., Electrical 

Byrd, Ronald, College Park, Md, Government. 
Caballero. Gustavo, G, Hanover, Md., 

Caffiaux, Suyinne, J, Silver Spring, Md., Textiles 

& Apparel. 
Canin, Gait, H, Baltimore, Md, Elementary 

Education, Phi Sigma Sigma. 
Caplan, Doreen, Baltimore, Md., Special 

Education, Kappa Delta Pi, PACE, 

American Foundation for Autistic 

Caplan. Rae, Baltimore, Md., Early Childhood 

Cork, Sharon, Chilluni, Md. 
Carl, Sarah Jane, Rockville, Md., Consumer & 

Management Studies, Alpha Gamma Rho. 

Carrtevaie, Madeline. Riverdale, Md., Physical 

Education, Navigators. 
Carpenter, Anne, Derwood, Md., Institution 
Administration, Omicron Nu, WRA, 
Collegiate Home Economics Organization 
— President Undergraduate Advisory 
Carpenter. Leslee, Crofton, Md., International 
Affairs, Gymkana — Treasurer, President. 
Carson, Bruce, Columbia, Md., RTVF, 

Production Crew for Richard III. 
Casasanta, Jamie, A. Milford, Mass., Enghsh, 
Kappa Delta, Secretary — Panhellenic 
Chuilkt, Sandra, Temple Hills, Md., TXAP, 

Chaimson, Terri, Silver Spring, Md., Dietetics, 
Collegiate Home Economics 
Chaisson, Cabe, M. Silver Spring, Md., 

Chandler, Barbara. Chevy Chase, Md., Family 

Studies, Chapel Choir, Navigators. 
ChappeH, Patricia, Baltimore, Md, Psychology. 
Charig, Danielle, I. Munich, Germany, German, 

Delta Phi Alpa, Free University. 
Cherry, Gloria, J, Baltimore, Md., General 

Chew, Dale, V, Annapolis, Md., Library Science, 
Marching Band Concert Bank, Supervisor 
— Public Service Area in Reserve Room. 
Child, Godfrey, Timonium, Md., Physical 
Sciences, Tau Epsilon Phi, Intramural 
Sports, Vice-President Ellicott. 
Chirumbole, Stephen, Silver Spring, Md., 
History, Phi Sigma Delta, Phi Beta 
Kappa, Phi Alpha Theta. 
Chisholm, Colin, J, Lanham, Md, JoumaUsm. 
Chiswell ParHcia, Bethesda, Md., TXAP. 
Christopher, Donald, Hyattsville, Md., Zoology. 
Cicala, Concetia, Silver Spring, Md., Spanish. 
Clark, James, Lanham, Md, Industrial Arts. 
Cletnens, Barbara, Annapolis, Md., Criminology, 

Clifton. Bill Forest Heights, Md, Mechanical 

Cobb, Helen, Rockville, Md., General Studies. 
Cogliano, Vicent, T, Rockville, Md, Civil 

Cohen, Dean, Hagerstown, Md., BioScience. 
Cohen, Ira, Livingston, N.J., Personnel 
Management Labor Relations, Soccer, 
Intramurals, Judicial Board Member, 
Resident Assistant. 
Cohen, Linda, Baltimore, Md., Microbiology, 
Alpha Lambda Delta, Sigma Alpha 
Cole. Bruce. Beltsville, Md., English, 

Accompanist for Madrigal Singers. 
Cok, Mary Eileen, Oxon Hill, Md, Horticulture. 

Pi Alpha Xi, Horticulture Club. 
Colello, Diane, Frankline Square, N.Y., 
Elementary Education, Alpha Epsilon 
Phi, Dr. Johnson's Clinic, HELP Center, 
PACE, Cancer Marathon. 
Coleman. Marie, College Park, Md., Phi Xi 
Omicron, .\lpha Delta Pi — Scholarship 
Coley. William, J, Landover, Md., Foreign 
Language Education, Alpha Phi Omega, 
Navigators, Undergraduate Rep — 
Germanic and Slavic Language. 
Collie. Wesley. Brookeville, Md. 
Collier. Robert. Baltimore, Md., Physics. 

Collins, Antoinette, Derwood, Md., FMCD, 

Dorm Executive Council, Community 

Colvin, Deborah, Silver Spring, Md., 

Management & Consumer. 
Commodore, Iris, Chestertown, Md, Psychology. 
Conlon, Thontas, Adelphi, Md, Accounting, Beta 

Alpha Psi, General Honors Program. 

Connelly, Sharon, Forest Heists, Md. 

Conrad, Jill, Hyattsville, Md., French, French 

Conn)!/, Sharon, A, New Park, Pa., RTVF, 

Somerset — Gov't President, HAC, RHA, 

Intramural Basketball, Volleyball, Mardi 

Cooke, Colleen, Hyattsville, Md., Early 

Childhood Education, Alpha Kappa, 

Alpha, Chapel Chorus. 
Cooks, Valerie, Fairmount Heights, Md., 

Secretarial Education. 
Coon, Curtis, Bethesda, Md., Government, Alpha 

Hii Omega, Phi Sigma Alpha. 
Cooper, Vernon, W, Greenbelt, Md., Agronomy, 

Agronomy Club — Vice President, 

Executive Committee Division of 

Agriculture & Life Science Coimcil, 10th 

Place Northeast Region Soil Judging, 1st 

Place Team Northeast Region Soil 

Judging and Nation. 
Copley, David, H, Elkton, Md., Architecture, 
b Sigma Nu. 

Cordill, Georgia, Belcamp, Md. 
Cosftn, Roger, Oxon Hill, Md., Government. 
Coulbouren, James, Sahsbury, Md., Psychology. 
Coulter, Betsy, Towson, IMd., Advertising 

Creel, Therese, I, Silver Spring, Md, Chemistry. 
Crespo. Ramiro, E, Potomac, Md., Economics, 

President Latin American Association. 
Crombie, Lynn, M, University Park, Md., 

Interior Design, AID, Ski Club. 
Cross, Sandra, Bowie, Md., Spanish, Sigma Delta 

Pi, Latin American Association. 
Crotty, Nancy, J, Washington D.C., Music. 
Crow, Patricia, A, Glen Bumie, Md., Textiles & 

Marketing, Kappa Delta, American 

Association For Textile Technology — 

Treasurer, Society For Advancement & 

Management — Secretary. 
Crowley, Robert, Andrew, Athens, Pa., 

Agricultural Engineering, American 

Society of Agricultural Engineers — 

Culp, Clark, T, Baltimore, Md., Aeronautical 

Engineering, Pi Kappa Alpha — Vice- 
President, Intramurals. 
€ytryn, Susan, Syosset, N.Y., special Education, 

Mortar Board, Phi Kappa Phi, Kappa 

Delta Pi, CEC - President, Student 

Governor, Vice-Chairman of All College 

Student Organization. 
Czecha, Jackie, Potomac, Md., RTVF. 
Dabbs, Lawrence, Beltsville, Md, Accounting. 
Dabkowski, Mark, Ellicott City, IMd., 

Accounting, Intramurals, Floor Treasurer. 
Dakelman, Mitchell. Highland Park, N.J., RTVF, 

Company Cinematheque — Officer, 

Track, Cross Country. 
Dameron, Wayne, T, Suitland Md., Economics, 

Omicron Delta Epsilon. 
Daniels, Ronald, E, Beltsville, Md., Biology. 
Danes, Mildred, Washington D.C., Elementary 

Education, Student Worker in 

Elementary Education Office. 

Danisi, Flora, College Park, Md., Zoology, Phi 

Sigma, Pre-Med Society. 
Darrow, Denice, Glenn Dale, Md., Journalism, 
Kappa Tau Alpha, Phi Kappa Phi, 

Spanish Honor Society, Women In 

Communications, Public Relations Society 

of America. 
Davenport, Walter, N, Riverdale, IMd., 

Davies, Robert, A, Alexander, Va., Pre— med 

Davis, Jr., Andrew, V, Washington D.C., 

Daois, Antliony, J, Hillcrest Heights, Md., Math. 
Datiis, Larry, Baltimore, Md., Electrical 

Engineering, lED, Upward Bound, 

Operation Crossroads Africa. 
Day, Mary Jane, Washington D.C., Geology. 
Day, Rachel Smithsburg, IMd., Early Childhood 

Education, Kappa Delta Pi. 
Dean, Marcia, A, Middletown, Md., Early 

Childhood Education. 
deCinque, Deborah, Haddonfield N.J., Speech & 

Hearing Association, CEC, Deaf Media 

Council, Riding Club, Campus Council 

for Accessibihty. 
Deems, Jr., Eugene, Stevensville, Md., RTVF, 

Sigma Delta Chi, Argus /Dimension, 

Diamondback, Terrapin Yearbook. 
Deering, Barbara, J, College Park, Md, Early 

Childhood Education, Kappa Delta — 

Vice-President, Ski Club, PACE. 
Deitz, Ruth, Rockville, Md., Special Education, 

Delta Phi Epsilon. 
Dejoia, Emily, Rutherford, N.J., Dance, 

Maryland Dance Theatre. 
DeMaris, Barry, Centreville, Md., Recreation. 
Dempewolf, Diane, Rockville, Md, Philosophy, 

Crisis Hotline, Chape! Choir. 
Denbow, D, Michael, Cockeysville, Md., Pre-Vet, 

Lambda Chi Alpha. 
Dickter, Michael, Adelphi, Md, Accounting, Hii 

Eta Sigma, Beta Alpha Psi, Beta Gamma 

Sigma, Intramural Softball. 
Dilmanian, Erik, New Gardens, N.Y., Business 

Administration, Ski Club, Fencing Club, 

Dorm Treasurer. 
Dineley, Richard, Hyattsville, Md., Finance, 

Disharoon, Dianne, Snow Hill, Md., Interior 

Design, National Society of Architectual 

Historians, AID. 
Disman, Judith, Silver Spring, Md., History. 
DiVincenzo, Stephen, Rockville, Md., 

Dixon, Christine, Silver Spring, Md, Music 

Education, Chorale, Chapel Choir — 

D'Jaen, Silvia, I, Rockville, Md. Urban Studies, 

Foreign Student Organization, Student 

Rep. American Institute of Planners 

Doe, Robert, Kensington, Md., Psychology. 
Doerr, Alan, Beltsville, Md., Electrical 

Engineering, Eta Kappa Nu, EEUA — 

Director, IEEE, AIAA. 
Donkerly, Edward, Pasadena, Md. 
Donnelly, Laurie, A, Baltimore, Md., Physical 

Education, Varsity Lacrosse, Varsity 

Basketball — Co-captain, WRA. 
Dooley, Rose, Mobile, Ala., En^sh, Alpha 

Gamma Delta, Little Sister of Alpha Tau 

Doran, Frank, Hyattsville, Md., Physical Science. 
Dom, Ronald, Baltimore, Md., Zoology. 

Dorr, Linda, K, Silver Spring, Md., General 

Studies, Christian Science Organization — 

Secretary, President. 
Dorsey, DenUe. Washington D.C., Advertising. 
Dosh, DoroAy, T, Kensington, Md, Psychology, 

Alpha Phi. 
Downs, Belinda, Baltimore, Md., Elementary 

Dreizen, Howard, Baltimore. Ifd., Accounting, 

Phi Sigma Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, Beta 

Alpha Psi, IFC. 
Drummond, Walter, J, Middletown, Del., 

Dudek, Frederick, M, Baltimore, Md., Marketing, 

Delta Tau Delta. 
Duffy, Genevieve, A, Rockville, Md, Special 

Education, Alpha Omicron Pi. 
Dugard, Karen, Ashton, Md., Animal Science, 

Intramural Basketball, Dorm Vice- 
President, Block & Bridle Club, Ski Club. 
Dula, Gary, Suitland, Ifd., Electrical 

Engineering, IEEE. 
Dunfee, Deborah, Lusby, Md, General Business. 
Dunham, Diane, ArUngton, Va., General Studies. 
Dunlap, William, Baltimore, Md, Zoology, Phi 

Kappa Tau, MaryPIRG, Pre-lfed Society. 
Durrett, Kyle, Towson, Md., Elementary 

Duvall Henry, F, Washington D.C., Journalism, 

Sigma Delta Chi, Diamondback, Black 

Earnhardt, Everett, Seabrook Md., Industrial 

Ebert, Gary, H, Silver Spring, Md., Psychology, 

Phi Sigma Delta. 
Eckhardt, Barbara, E, New CarroUton, Md., 

Economides, George, Annapolis, Md., History, 

SGA, President Orthodox Christian 

Fellowship, Hellenic Club, History 

Undergraduate Association. 
Edelhoch, Leslie, J, Bethesda, Md., Sociology, 

Alpha Kappa Delta. 
Edwards, Helen, /, Wheaton, Md., RTVF, UPB, 

Dorm Social Chairman. 
Eger, Maire, Silver Spring, Md-, Psychology. 
Ely, Linda, Silver Spring, Md, Art, Art League. 
Eng, Karen, M, College Park, Md., Early 

Childhood Education. 
English, Mary. Rockville. Md., RTVF, Dorm 

President, UPB. 
Englund, Lynn, Bethesda, Md. Zoology. 
Ennis, Patricia, C, Glen Arm, Md, Math. 
Enty, Susan, A, San Antonio, Tex., Early 

Childhood Education, Alpha Kappa 

Alpha, Track Team — Manager, 

Navigators, WMUC. 
Epstein, Elaine, Silver Spring, Md., Math, Pi Mu 

Epsilon, Dorm Officer, Student Advisor 

Career Development Center. 
Epstein, Jane, Baltimore, Md., Accounting, Beta 

Alpha Psi, Beta Gamma Sigma, HELP 

Eschbach, Paul, Adelphi, Md, Geology, Sports 

Car Club. 
Espil, Sue, Breensboro, Md., Interior Design. 
Ethndge, Deborah, Silver Spring, Md., Physical 

Education. Pom Poms. 
Etistis, Mary, C, Oxon Hill, Md., FMCD. 
Evans, Billy R, Hyattsville, Md., Accounting. 
Evans, Teresa, Aberdeen, Md., Sociology. 
Fagan, Bridget, Bethesda, Md., Marketing, 

American Marketing Association, WRA. 
Fahrman, James, Pasadena, Md., Law 

Enforcement, Sid Club, Law Enforcement 

Association, Intervarsity Christian 
Fahmer, Ka^teen, Berwyn Heights. 
Faks, Samuel. Laurel, Md, RTVF, WMUC - 

Business Manager, General Manager. 
Farivari, Abdolreza, Silver Spring, Md., Zoology, 

Pre-Med Society. 
Favali, Flavia, Bethesda, Md, Special Education. 
Feder, Barbara, Crofton, Md., Government, 
WRA, Equestrian Club, RHA, Hall 
President, Intern Capitol Hill For U.S. 
Senator ]. Glenn Beall, Jr. 
Feigenbaum, Dorothy, Lakewood, N.J., Textiles 
& Apparel, American Association for 
Textile Technology, Product Safety 

Fein, Janet, Cresskill, N.J., English, Phi 
Sigma Sigma. 
Feit, MarUia, Baltimore, Md, Library Science. 
Feldman, Cheryl, Mor., N.J., Psychology, Sigma 
Delta Tau - Pledge President, WRA 
Rep., Women's Health Care Center, 
Women's Counseling, Women's Crisis 
Center, Dancer for Cancer, Women's Hot 
Feldman, Edward, Beltsville, Md., Finance, Tau 

Epsilon Phi, Cheerleader. 
Feldman, Rochelle, P, Baltimore, IMd., Special 
Education, Phi Kappa Phi, Kappa Delta 
Pi, Who's Who in American Colleges & 
■* Universities, Committee for Accessibility, 
Administrative Liaison, President, 
Coordinator Cottage of Retarded Boys, 
Ferretti, Martin, Silver Spring, Md, French. 
Fields, Rosalind, Easotn, Md., Business 
Education, Delta Sigma Tlieta — Dean of 
Pledges, President, PACE. 
Filhy, Marion, Bowie, Md., Botany. 
Filipos, Elizabeth, Bethlehem, Pa., FMCD, 
Alpha Phi — Treasurer, Vice-President, 
Finkle, Grace, Trenton, N.]., Psychology & 
English, General Honors Program, 
EngUsh Honors Program, Psychology 
Honors Program, Psi Chi, Phi Sigma 
Delta, Opera Workshop. 
Fiona, Christopher, V, Silver Spring, Md., 
Government, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, 
Fislier, Donald, J, Greenbelt, Md., IFSM, ACC 
Student Adilete Honor Roll, Varsity 
Track & Field. All ICFA Track Team, 
James H. Kehoe Ring Award. 
Fitzgerald, Robert, Massapegua, N.Y., Sociology. 

Fitzgerald, Steve, Forestville, Md., Law 

Fitzpatrick, Terence, Adelphi, Md., IFSM. 

Fleischmann. Kenneth Rockville, Md., 

Law Enforcement, Delta Upsilon. 
Fleming, Dennis, Baltimore, Md, Marketing, 

Theta Chi, American Marketing 

Association Advertising Association, 

Greek Yearbook Editor, Intramural 

Sports, Debate Team. 
Flood, Ellen, A, Coatesville, Pa., Special 

Education, Pi Beta Phi, Kappa Delta Pi, 

Diadem, P.\CE. 
Flores-Anuiya, Felipe, Silver Spring, Md., 

Aerospace Engineering. 
Floumoy, Andrea, Baltimore, Md 
Foarde. Jerald, M, Columbia, Md., Marketing & 

Fogler. William. Baltimore. Md. 

Font, Louis, E, Annandale, Va. 

Ford, Richard, J, McLean, Va., Accounting, M- 

Club, Varsity Track. 
Forman, Cynthia, Gaithersburg, Md 
Forman, Eddy, J, Silver Spring, Md., 

Conservation, Phi Sigma Delta, Hii 

Sigma, Alpha Zeta, Intramural Football, 

Ping-Pong, Scuba Diving Club, Sky 

Diving Club. 
Forsman, Chas E, Frederick Md., Marketing, 

Phi Delta Theta. 
Foster, Grace, E, Camp Springs, Md., Journalism. 
Foster, Stisan, G, Silver Spring, Md., Journalism, 

Diamondback, Black Explosion — Editor, 

Dorm President, Sigma Delta Chi. 
Foutz, Cynthia. New Carrollton, Md., 

Elementary Education. 
Fradin. Marilyn, Baltimore, Md. 
Francisco, Beverly, Greenbelt, Ifd., Early 

Childhood Education. 
Frank, Lynne, Silver Spring, Md, Ifanagement & 

Consumer Studies. 
Freeman, Alan, Wheaton, Md, Zoology, EUicott 

Executive Committee. 
Friedman, Gail, Baltimore, Md., Early Childhood 

Education, Phi Sigma Sigma, Ski Club. 
Frederick, Robert, Kensington, Md, Recreation, 

Bowhng Club. 
Freidlin, Mark, Silver Spring, Md 
Frieder, Fran, Tamanac, Fla., History, Phi Alpha 

Theta, Ski Club, Career Development 

Center Student Advisory Board, History 

Dept. Appointments Promorion Tenure 

Friedman, Russell, J, Brooklyn, N.Y., RTVF, 

Intramurals, Television Workshop. 
Fritz, Mary Ann, Silver Spring, Md., FMCD, 

Campus Crusade for Christ. 
Frumkin, Robert, Silver Spring, Md., Marketing, 

RHA - Athletic Chairman, Floor Vice- 
President, Ellicott Executive Committee, 
Fugate, Susan, Beltsville, Md., Biological 

Fiihrer. Deborah, College Park, Md., Psychology, 
Gaines, Mary Ellen, Silver Spring, Md., 

Galey. James. L, Bethesda, Md., Business, Phi 

Delta Theta. 
Galinkin, Andrea, Colonia, N.J., Elementary 

Gallup, Jill, Silver Spring, Md, Hearing & 

Speech, National Student Speech & 

Hearing Association — Secretary, PACE. 
Garcia, Arler\e, Gaithersburg, IMd, Architecture, 

Garreison, Suzanne, Millstone, N.J., Therapeutic 

Recreation, Kappa Delta — President, 

WRA, Swimming, Volleyball. 
Gearin, Thomas, Rockville, Md. 
Gendason, Feme, Bethesda, Md., Health 

Education, WRA, Volunteer American 

Cancer Society. 
George, John, New Carrollton, Md, Accoimting. 
Ghokon, Gwendolyn, Lake Grove, N.Y., RTVF, 

Gibbons, John, Bethlehem, Pa., Social Studies, 

Phi Delta Theta, Kalegathos, Omicron 

Delia Kappa, Gate and Key, Wrestling — 

Gibbs. ElizabetK O. Rockville, Md., Physical 

Education, Ski Club, AAHPER, NEA. 
Giberman. Audrey, C, Silver Spring, Md., 

Psychology, Psi Chi, Eta Beta Rho, 

Resident Assistant, Hill Area Judicial 

Board, Desk Receptionist, PACE. 

Giberman, Howard, Silver Spring, Md., Special 

Education, CEC, PACE. 
Gibson, Barbara, Riverdale, Md., Music. 
Gibson, Deborah, Jane, Wilmington, Del., 

General Studies. 
Gibson, Philip, Wilmington, Del., 

Transportation, Delta Nu Alpha, 

Intramurals, Athletic Director 

Cumberland, Treasurer Cumberland 
Gigerich, Karla, R. Lanham, Md. 
GiH, Daniel, P, Hyattsville, Md., Russian, 

Russian Club. 
Gilman, James, S, Hyattsville, Md., General 

Gilroy, Andrea, Friendly, Md., Special 

Gipwn, Malcom, K, Cheverly, Md., Education. 
Giraldi, Eleanor. Silver Spring, Md., 

Government, .Mpha Delta Pi, Phi Beta 

Gittleson, Gary, F, Silver Spring Md., Personnel 

& Labor Relation, Phi Sigma Delta. 
Glass, Sue Ann, Baltimore, Md., Math, Pi Mu 

Epsilon — Secretary, President, Alpha 

Lambda Delta, Mortar Board, Algel 

Glasser, Lee, A, Baltimore, Md., Zoology. 
Gold, Gary, Silver Spring, Md., Economics. 
Gold, Nancy, Bergenfield, N.J., Textile 

Marketing, Alpha Phi, Omicron Nu, 

Mortar Board AATT. 
Gold. Neal, Silver Spring, Md., Sociology, Soccer 

Team, Senate. 
GoW, Sherrie, L, Baltimore, Md, Speech & 

Hearing, National Student Speech & 

Hearing Association. 
Goldberg, Anne, H, Margale, N.J., Criminology. 
Goldberg, Janet, Greenbelt, Md, Physical 

Goldberg, Paul, Bethesda, Md., Microbiology. 
Goldfarb, Lynn, Franklin Square, N.Y. 
Goldfield, Barbara, Dumont, N.J., Horticulture, 

Dorm President. 
Goldman, Gary, H, Baltimore, Md., Interior 

Goldman, Letuis, Washington D.C.. Crafts. 
Goldstnith, Heidi, Baltimore, Md 
Goldstein, Mark, A, Westbury, N.Y., Accounting. 
Goodman. Jill, A, New York City, N.Y., Art 

Education, Ski Club, Photography Club, 

Goodman, Jill, Cranford N.J. 
Gorinson, Roberta, Seabrook, Md., Psychology. 
Gorman, Robert, A, Gaithersburg, Md., 

Accoimting, IntramuraLs, Floor Treasurer. 

Graber, Stuart, New Hyde Park, N.Y., 

RTVF, TEP, WTVM-TV Workshop, 

Football, Basketball, Broadcast JoumaHsts 

Foundation, National Association of 

Grahoivski, Franklin, Baltimore, Md., Civil 
Engineering, Chi Epsilon, ASCE, 
Intramural Soccer, Football, Executive 
Committee Cambridge Hall. 
Grace, Jeanne, Potomac, Md, Spanish. 
Grahn, Sxavier, AnnapoUs, Md., Accounting. 
Grasso, Emilie, A, Nutley, N.J., Psychology. 
Grasz. Graces, Kathy, Joppa, Md., Dance. 
Donald, Laurel, Md., Business & Management, 

Delta Sigma Pi. 
Craves, Louise, Silver Spring, Md. 
Green, Deborah, Baltimore, Md., Special 

Education, Kappa Delta. 
Green. John, F. Silver Spring, Md., Accounting. 

Greenbaum, Milton, Greenbelt, Md., General 

Greenbaum, Ronald, Rockville, Md., Marketing, 
Tau Epsilon Phi, Finance Committee, 
Academic .Schedules and Registration 
Committee, Senator, Legislator, Assistant 
Speaker to the Legislator, PUB Board, 
Maryland Media Inc. Board of Directors, 
Chancellors Undergraduate Advisory 
Council, Governors Commission, Vice- 
President — SGA. 

Greenberg, Barbara, Phoenix, Ariz. 

Greene, Martin, Saddle Brook, N.J., Music, Phi 
Sigma Delta, Kappa Kappa Psi, Music 
Educators National Conference. 

Greenwald, Diana, Silver Spring, Md., Studio 
Art, Sigma Delta Tau — Corresponding 
Secretary, Vice-President, UPB — 
Advertising Committee, Homecoming 
Committee, Career Development Center 
Student Advisory Board. 

Greenwood, Joseph, Greenbelt, Md., IFSM. 

Greiner, Robin, Bethesda, Md., Elementary 

Greskovic, Anita, A, Suitland, Md., Dental 

Grieder, Gail, Fair Lawn, N.J., Government. 

Griffith, Carol, Beltsville, Md., Criminology. 

Griffin, Rohan, Riverdale, Md. 

Grollmam, Franklin, Baltimore, Md., Psychology, 
Phi Eta Signia. 

Gross, Joyce, University Park, Md., Biochemistry, 
Alpha Lambda Delta, Vice-President Pre- 
Medical Society, American Chemical 
Society Student Affiliate, Undergraduate 
Committee of Agriculture & Life Science. 

Grossman, Jeffrey, Rockville, Md., Marketing. 

Grossman, Rormld, Rockville, Md, Microbiology, 
Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Alpha Omicron, 
Pre-Dentistry Society. 

Guentner, Stephen, Gatonsville, Md., Math, 
Intramural, Treasurer, President, 
Hagerstown Hall, EUicott Area Social 
Chairman, RHA — Vice-President. 
'Sunn, Carol, Baltimore, Md., Special Education, 
Kappa Delta, Diamond, Intramurals 
Basketball, UCA, Pan Hellenic Rep., 
PACE, Kappa Alpha Little Sister. 

Gunn, Madeline, New York, N.Y., Criminology, 
Bryon Group Home for Boys, PAL. 
Counselor, Investigators Aid for D.C. Bail 

Gttgig, Shelley, East Brunswick, N.J., Elementary 
Education, Alpha Epsilon Phi — Assistant 
Treasurer, President, Diamond. 

Guy, Ruth, Annapolis, Md., Textiles & Apparel, 
American Association of Textile 
Technology, Collegiate Home Economics 
Association, Annapolis Lions Club 
Scholarship, Senatorial Scholarship. 

Hagen, Kathleen, Columbia, Md., EngUsh, Sigma 
Tau Epsilon, WRA Intramurals, 
Recording Secretary, Dorm Rep. 

Haines, Diane, Annapohs, Md., Sociology. 

Hall, William, B, Ocean City, Md., Social 

Halle, Marilyn, Baltimore, Md, General Studies, 
Women's Varsity Tennis Team. 

Hattigan, Susan, R, Uurel, Md., English. 

Hameroff, Robert, Baltimore, Md., Criminology, 
Director HELP Center. 

Hamilton, Robert, Laurel, Md., Public 

Hammer, Edward. Stevensville, IMd., Zoology. 

Hammer, Guy, Greenbelt, Md., Electrical 
Engineering, Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, 
Phi Kappa Phi, "Speculum Light 
Design," Clinical Engineering New, May 
1974, TEEE, National Association of 
Bioengineers, National Society of 
Professional Engineers, Greek Club, 
Outstanding Achievement Award, 
Biomedical Apprenticeship. 

Haneke, Mollis, Edison, N.J., Management & 
Consumer Studies. 

Hardenstine, Suzann, Sevema Park, Md., 
General Business. 

Harding, Lisa, New Carrolton, Md., Sociology. 

Hargis, Harry, Rockville, Md., German. 

Hargy, Annika, B, Laurel, Md., Elementary 

Hammn, William, A, Silver Spring, Md., 

Harris, Lester, Takoma Park, Md., Zoology. 

Harrison, Craig, Adelphi, Md., Urban Studies, 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Swim Team. 
Harrison, Nancy, L, Oxon Hill, Md., Economics, 
Omicron Delta Epsilon, Dorm Treasurer. 
Harrison, Philip, M, Silver Spring, Md., Photo- 
Hart, Michael, P, Baltimore, Md., Civil 

Engineering, ASCE. 
Hartley, Sliaron, Frederick, Md, Elementary 
Education, Gappa Delta Pi, PACE, 
Baptist Student Union. 
Hortman, David, B, Adelphi, Md., Finance. 
Hartman, John, P, Cumberland, Md., Agronomy. 
Hartranft, John, Camp Springs, Md. 
Harvey, Wayne, G, Towson, Md, Accounting, Pi 

Kappa Alpha, Intramurals, Ski Club. 
Haslinger, Thomas. Greenbelt, Md., Marketing, 

American Marketing Association. 
Hassani, Alexander, Baltimore, Md., Personnel & 
Labor Relations, Beta Gamma Sigma, 
RHA - Vice-President, President 
Leonardtown Community Council, 
Campus Judicial Board. 
HasHngs, Patricia, Wheaton, Md., French, 

Hatleberg. Andrew, Bethesda, Md 
Hatisdorff Eileen, Baltimore, Md., RTVF, Alpha 

Lambda Delta, Phi Kappa Phi. 
Hausman, Robert, Silver Spring, Md. 
Haywood Tom, Cardiff, Md., Chemistry. 
Heazel, Barbara, Sevema Park, Md., Math, 

WRA, Floor Treasurer. 
Hebb, Suzanne, E, Havre De Grace, Md., Art 

Hein, Tina, College Park, Md., Textiles & 

Marketing, Alpha Omicron Pi. 
Heller, Madeline, V, Rockville, Md., FMCD. 
Henderson, Donald, J, Wheaton, Md., Math, 
Direct™- of Auto Safety Research Center, 
Mary PIRG State Board of Directors. 
Henkel, Jonadian, Wheaton, Md., Accounting, 

Ski Club — Treasurer. 
Hergenovich, Janice, Hyattsville, Md., Studio 

Art, Alpha Phi. 
Herndon, Andrew, J, Bethesda, Md, Economics, 

Track, Pole Vault. 
Herrick, Kathy, A, Baltimore, Md, English. 
Herson, Maria, Chevy Chase, Md., Psychology, 

Pep Committee. 
Hewatt, Cynthia, Gaithersburg, Md, Elementary 

Hicks, Debora, Belair, Md. 
Hill, Patsy, Elkton, Md., Psychology. 
Wayne, Cumberland, Md. 

Hodges, Caren, Glendale, Md, Journalism. 
Hoff Norma, District Heights, Md., Elementary 

Hoffman, Ronald, East Meadow, N.Y., 

Psychology, HELP Center. 
Hoffmeister, Raymond, Baltimore, Md., 

Psychology, Tennis Intramurals. 
Hofmann, Dianne, Silver Spring, Recreation, 

Chairman Recreation and Park Society. 
Holahan, Patricia, Arlington, N.J., Management 

& Consumer Studies, Delta Delta Delta — 

House President, Marshall, Diamond, 

Little Sister - Vice-President, AHEA, 

MHEA, Adjunct Committee for Human 

Relations, Ski Club. 
Holden, Carolyn, A, Mt. Rainier, Md., 

Hollway, Thelrna, Landover, Md, Business 

Education, Resident Assistant 

Hook, Particia, Garrett Park, Md., Government. 
Hoover HI, Norman, W, Laurel, Md., Agronomy. 
Hopp, Rachel, Silver Spring, Md, Spanish, Sigma 
Delta Pi, Friends of the Farmworkers 
Committee — Chairperson, Latin 
American Association, Intramural Tennis. 
Hopson, Donald, Pelahatchie, Miss., ANSC. 
Hossick, Allan, College Park, Md, General 

Howard, Dolores, Silver Spring, Md., 

Hudgins, Jeffery, C, Oxon Hill, Md, Civil 

Engineering, ASCE. 
Hudspeth, Wendie, Glen Bumie, Md., Russian, 

Russian Club, Russian Club Play. 
Hughes, Glendora, Baltimore, Md., Urban 

Hultslander, Bruce, Beltsville, Md., Accounting. 
Humphreys, Zoe, Laurel, Md., Enghsh. 
Hunt, Daniel, Silver Spring, Md., Industrial 
Education, Intramural Football, 
Hunt, Dennis, Hyattsville, Md., General 

Hyman, Susan, Rockville, Md. 
Hynes, Carolyn, Silver Spring, Md., Early 

Childhood Education. 
Imus, Susan, Kensington, Md, Psychology, Psi 
Chi, Psychology Honors Program, Mortar 
Board, Psychology Honors Thesis, 
Resident Assistant Easton Hall, Outreach, 
Women's Rape Crisis Hotline. 
Ing, Nancy, Odenton, Md, Studio Art, Alpha 
Lambda Delta, Mortar Board - 
Historian, Art League Committee for 
Campus Exhibitions, Gymkana Troupe, .3- 
Man Art Show Student Gallery, Paintings 
Exhibited in Undergraduate Library & 
Capital Center. 
Irvine, Karen. Freehold, N.J., Special Education. 
Irwin, Paula, Suitland Md 
Ivins, Julianne, E, Silver Spring, Md., Speech 
Commun ications. 

Jackson, Wanda. Washington, D.C, Early 

Childhood Education. 
James, Dennis, Williamsport, Md, Zoology. 
janzegers, Jacqueline. Hyattsville, Md., 


Jaronski, Ricltard, Lanoka Harbor, N.J.. 

IFSll, Tau Epsilon Phi. 
Jawitz, Vicki, Brooklyn, N.Y., Psychology. 
Jochum, John. S, Cheverly, Md., Fish & Wildlife 

Management, Alpha Zeta - Treasurer, 

Phi Sigma, Terrapin Rioteers. 

Johnson, Andrew. F, Wheaton, Md., Civil 

Engineering, Isshinryu Karate Club. 
Johnson, Anne, E, Sevema Park, Md., 

Journalism, Kappa Gamma, 

Diamondback, 'f earbook. 
Johnson, Craig, Baltimore, Md., Hearing & 

Johnson, Elizabeth, Silver Spring Md , Math, 

.\mold ,\ir Society, Maryland Medival 

Mercenary Mihtia, Baptist Student 

Union, Chapel Choir, Terrapin Rioteers. 
Johnson, Emily, Germantown, Md., Public 

Johnson, Irma. E, Baltimore, Md., Special 

Education, Non Phi Non, BSU. 
Johnson, Josephine. Baltimore, Md., 

Government, Women's Ba.sketball Team, 

Resident Assistant, Black Peer Counselor, 

Jones, Donald, Temple Hills, Md., Criminology. 
Jones, Gory. Silver Spring, Md., Zoology. 
Jones, Joan, Rockville, Md., Elementary 

Jones. Thomas. Hyattsville, Md., Agronomy. 
Josowiiz. Lorraine, Silver Spring, Md., Business 

Statics, Hii Chi Theta, Eta Beta Rho, 

Bowling League. 
Julian, Elimbeth, Baltimore, Md., Sociology, 

.\Ipha Kappa Omicom, Intramural 

Tennis, Chief Justice Cambridge Judicial 

Board, Senator, Student Advocate, Chief 

Justices Board, Student Advisor. 
Kaish, Michelle, Long Island, N.Y., Interior 

Design, Delta Phi Epsilon, Secretary, 

Mortar Board, AID. 
Kalen. Pamela. Silver Spring, Md, Early 

Childhood Education. 
Kalkstein. Morui. East Meadow, N.Y., Housing, 

Phi Sigma Sigma. 
Kalus. Joanne. Baltimore, Md., History. 
Kane. Miriam, Laurel, Md., Joiu-naUsm. 
Kong, Heyeun. Wheaton, Md., Experimental 

Kaplan, Beverly. Hillside, N.J., Education, Phi 

Sigma Sigma, Diamond, Kappa Delta Pi. 
Karbeling, Michael. Potomac, Md, Psychology. 
Karl. Edward, Washington D.C., Accounting, 

Sports Car Club. 
Karlin, Paul, Silver Spring, Md., Sociology. 
Karlinsky, Gail, Silver Spring, Md, Special 

Education. ,\lpha Lambda Delta, Kappa 

Delta Pi. 
Kass, Marcia, Laurel, Md., Journalism, Sigma 

Delta Chi, Alpha Lambda Delta, 

Argus /Dimension, Diamondback. 
Kastoen, Wet\di, Baltimore, Md, Hearing & 

Speech, NSSHA. 
Katlin, Rolrin, Silver Spring, Md., Sociology, Phi 

Sigma Sigma, Dorm Secretary, Security 

Position, Desk Receptionist, 

Undergraduate Assistant. 

Katz. Lynda, Kern, Merrick, N.Y.. Hearing & 
Speech Science, National Student Speech 
& Hearing Association — President. 

Kaushiva, AudesK Laurel, Md., Electrical 
Engineering, Eta Kappa Nu, IEEE, ANS. 

Kay, Debra, Kumson, N.J., Speech 

Kazanjian, AUm, Silver Spring Md., Drama, 

University Theatre. 
Kearney, Kathryti, Chevy Chase, Md. 
Kemp, KaOiryn, Hyattsville, Md., Math & 

Computer Science, Writing Programs for 

Cancer Study. 

Kendrick, James, Silver Spring, Md., Law 

Kennedy, Hazel, L, Washington D.C., 

Elementary Education, Alpha Kappa 

Kerr, Patricia, Oradell, N.J., Urban Studies, 

Intramural Basketball, Volleyball, 

Cambridge Complex Area Council. 
Kessler. Richard. Scott, Rockville, Md., Law 

Ketcham, Valerie, Potomac, Md., Anthropology. 
Kiken, Susan, Woodbridge, N.J., Elementary 

King, Audrey. Silver Spring Md., Early 

Childhood Education. 
King, Robert, D, Rockville, Md, Transportation, 

Sigma Pi. 
Kingsbury. Donna, Hyattsville, Md., Hearing & 

Kinney, Yvonne. Washington D.C., 

Kinzhuber. Patricia, Bethesda, Md., International 

Relations, Pi Sigma .\lpha. Manager 

Denton Dining Hall, Academic 

Kiviat, Rolnn, Oceanside, N.Y. 
Kizner, Leslie. New Hyde Park, N.Y., Family 

Studies, Delta Phi Epsilon, Terrapin 

Editor, Ski Club. 
Kleinman. Cynthia, Patchogue, N.Y., English, 

Kappa Delta Pi. 
Kloch, Stephen, C, Baltimore, Md., Zoology, 

Klorrtpus. Karen. Baltimore, Md., Elementary 

Kobin, Alyse, M, Flushing, N.Y., Advertising 

Design, Delta Phi Epsilon. 
Koeppel, Jeffrey, Silver Spring, Md., History & 

English, Phi Alpha Theta, John Marshall 

Pre- Law Honorary, Argus/Dimension. 
Kofsky, Sherrie, Randallstown, Md., HESP, 

National Student Speech & Hearing 

Association, Hebrew Honor Society. 
Kogut, Allen. Rockville, Md., Psychology, Phi 

Sigma Kappa — Secretary, Reader's 

Kola. Lenny, A, Hyattsville, Md., Government, 

Intramural Basketball, Football, Softball, 

Senate Human Relations Committee, 

RHA Rep. 
Kolakowski, Ronald, Camp Spring, Md., 

Biological Sciences. 
Koppal, Raymond, N, Takoma Park, Md., 

Accounting, UA Club. 
Koppel, Myra, B, Baltimore, Md, Hearing & 

Speech, PACE, Secretary Garrett Hall. 
Kornreich, Brenda, Chevy Chase, Md., 

Kosoff Clifford, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 
Kostolich. Marilyn, Wheaton, Md., Animal 

Science, Gymkana, Gymnastics Team. 
Kostreski, Bruce, W, Wheaton, Md., Physical 

Kramer, Linda, Greenbelt, Md., Recreation, Phi 

Alpha Epsilon — Treasurer, Recreation & 

Parks Society, WRA. 
Krastel, Frederick. Kennedyville, Md., 

Kraus. Baritara. Lynn, Baltimore, Md., Special 

Kremann, Timothy, Wayne. Glerm Dale, Md., 

Krips, James. A, Silver Spring, Md., Zoology, Phi 

Sigma, Intramural 

Kruth, Sandra, Livingston, N.J., Psychology. 
Kuhn, Carolyn, A, Cincinnati, Ohio, Interior 
Design, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Little 
Sister of Alpha Tau Omega, Omicron Nu. 
Kurtz, Marlene, Baltimore, Md 
Kuzemka, Katherine, Silver Spring, Md., 

Criminology, Kappa Delta. 
Kyne, Mary. Bethesda, Md., Government, Glee 

Lagos, Joaquin, Bethesda, Md., Economics, Latin 
American Association — President, 
Intramural Soccer Championship. 
Laing, Bonnie, J, Beltsville, Md., Psychology, 

UCA, Homecoming Committee. 
Lam, Kitman. S, Hyattsville, Md., Microbiology, 

Sigma Alpha Omega. 
Lamb. Marylou. Columbia, Md., Early 
Childhood Education. Little Sister Sigma 
Nu, Intramural Volleyball. 
Lamont, James, H, New CarroUton, Md., 
Journalism, Phi Sigma Kappa, 
Diamondback, UMUC, Gymkana Vice- 
Lancer. Paul, Baltimore, Md.. Chemical 
Engineering & Chemistry, American 
Institute of Chemical Engineers — 
Secretary, Tau Beta Pi — Cataloger, 
Omega Chi Epsilon, Phi Kappa Phi, 
Omicron Delta Kappa, Intramural 
Football, Softball, Dorm Secretary, 
Treasurer, Vice-President, Senate, Floor 
Lane. Micfiele. St. Micheels, Md., Spanish, Sigma 

Delta, Pi, Braziliam Club. 
Lane, Robert, Suidand Md., RTVF. Sigma Delta 
Chi, WMUC, SSA Forum, Drama Wing 
Theatre, University Theatre. 
Laney, Orin, E, Silver Spring Md., Electrical 
Engineering, IEEE, Electrical 
Engineering Undergraduate Association, 
Facilities Tour Committee. 
Langan, Alice. Bowie, Md., English. 
Lange, Robery. Lyixihurst, Ohio, Marketing, 

Varsity Football. 
Lankford, James, E, Poldmoke, Md., General 

Lanza, Nikki, L, Upper Marlboro, Md., 

Lapidus, DeboraK New York, N.Y., Music & 

English, University Theatre. 
Larese. Cathy, Easthampton, Ma., Early- 
Childhood Education. 
Larson, AUan, Burtonsville, Md., Zoology. 
Larson, Ronne, Silver Spring, Md., Electrical 

Lau, Ann, Elmhurst, N.Y., IFSM. 
LaunaU Mark Baltimore, Md, RTVF. 

James, E, Derwood Md., Mechanical 
Lavish, Valerie, Oxon Hill, Md., Education. 
Lawson, June. Raleigh, N.C., Textile Marketing 
Alpha Xi Delta — House Manager, .\.\TT, 
AHEA, Phi Sigma Kappa Little Sister. 
Leach, Winfred Silver Spring, Md, IFSM. 
Ledman, Susan, L. Silver Spring, Md., Sociology. 
Lee. D, Karen. Greenbelt, Md., Personnel 

Administration, UC. 
Lee, Linda, Beltsville, Md., Sociology, Chinese 

Student Association. 
Lee, Linda, Gaithersburg, Md., TXAP. 
Leger, Jr., Elmo, J, Riverdale, Md., Psychology. 
Leise, Esther, Silver Spring, Md., Zoology, Alpha 
Lambda Delta, Phi Sigma. Zoology 
Honors Program. 


Leizear, Mark, Linthicum, Md., ABvertising 

Lemmon, Ronald, Adelphi, Md., Psychology, 

Photographer, Photo Club, Sid Club, 

Trail Club, Night Security Staff. 
Lenroiv, Robyn, S, Haworth, N.]., Criminology, 

Floor President. 
Lerch, Robert, Wheaton, Md., General Business. 

Lemer, Sharon. Laurel, Md, Early Childhood 

Education, Dorm Floor President, 

Treasurer, Volleyball, "Commuters" 

Bowling League. 
Lemer. lla, Rockville Centre, N.Y., Speech ex. 

Hearing, Alpha Epsilon Phi. 
Lessons, Raymond. Silver Spring, Md., 

Leung, Rormld, Rockville, Md., Electrinic 

Engineering, IEEE — Secretary, Photo 

Club — President. 
Levin, Linda, Baltimore, Md., Early Cfiildhood 

Education, WRA Horsebackriding, Dorm 

Officer, P.\CE, Square Dancing Club. 
Levin, Robert, Bethesda, Md, Biochemistry, Phi 

Eta Sigma, Ski Club. 
Levin, Syril, Wheaton, Md. 
Levis, Debra, Potomac, Md, Math, Kappa 

Kappa Gamma — Scholarship Chairman, 

Math Honorary. 
Levy. Sherri, A, Arlington, Va., Education, 

Lewis, David, W, Bowie, Md. 
Lewis, Kimberly, A. College Park, Md., 

Lewis, Linda, Reister^town, Md.. Special 

Lewis, Marcia, Bowie, Md., Sociology, Sigma 

Delta Tau, Diamondback, Intramural 

Volleyball, Badminton, Dorm Treasurer. 
Li, Diana, Oxon Hill, Md., Psychology, .\lpha 

Lambda Delta, Psi Chi, Children's 

Developmental Clinic. 
Li, Kuan, H. Bethesda, Md.. Urban Studies, 

International Club, Chinese Club. Sports 

Car Club, P.ACE. 
Libber, Jonathan, Kensington, Md., Zoology, 

Director Auto Safety Research Center, 

Honors Program — Director Cadre 

Affairs, Hillel, Jewish Student Union, 

Honors Tutoring Program, MaryPIRG. 
Licht, SheUy, Silver Spring, Md., Elementary 

Lillie, Lin, Chris, HyattsviUe, Md, Recreation. 
Lin, Maria, L, Wheaton, Md, Math. 
Linn, Conrad, Hyattsville, Md., Secondary 

LoBianco. Syki/i, M. Washington D.C., English 

Education, "Upward Bound" 
Lockwood. Jean, Crotton, Md., Early Childhood 


Lopez, Domenica, Beltsville, Md., Spanish, Sigma 
Delta Phi. 

Lorber, Rosalind, College Park, Md., Personnel. 

LoTt, Douglas, E, Elkton, Md, Business. Mans^er 
— Football. 

Loughridge. Julia, Kensington, Md. Ait History. 

Loy, Vicki, Poolesville, Md., Recreation, Member 
Parks & Recreation Society — Chairman 
Public .administration Branch. 

Lucas, hiclmrd, Catonsville, Md 
Luginbill, Stephen, Silver Spring, Md. 

LuncrUcn, Curt, Bowie, Md., ANSC, Alpha Zeta, 
Phi Sigma, Dorm Secretary. 

Lustbader, Sara, Baltimore, Md., Horticulture, Pi 

.\lpha -Xi, Phi Sigma. 
Lustig, S'ori. S, Beltsville, Md., Social Studies. 
Luzander, James, D, Laurel, Md, Conservation. 
Lyles, Donna, Beltsville, Md., Criminology. 
Lynch, Terri, Flemington, N.J.. Textiles & 

Macdonald, Kathleen, Silver Spring, Md., 

Mack, Jean, Baltimore, Md., Music Education, 

.\lpha Lamlxia Delta. 
Macides, Marvin. Bel .\ir, Md., Anthropology, 

Phi Sigma Kappa, Hellenic Club. 
Madden, Sarah. Hyattsville, Md., Art, Kappa 

.\lpha Theta. 
Maerz, John. C, College Park, Md., Biochemistry. 
Magafan, Eugenia, H. Bethesda, .Md., Sociology, 

Hellenic Club, Orthodox Christian 

Magi, Tina, Mitchellville, Md 
Magri, Antonio, Wheaton, Md. 
Mahn, Christine, C. Potomac. Md., Elementary 

Education, .\lpha Delta Pi. Panhell — 

Main, Sherry, Brunswick, Md., Special 

Education, WRA — Tennis, Basketball, 

Volleyball, Badminton, CEC. 
Mak, Sze, College Park, Md., Electrical 

Engineering, Eta Kappa Nu. 
Mall, Susan, L, Columbia, Md, History. 
Mallow, Patricia, A, Riviera Beach, Md., 

Psychology'. Garrmia Phi Beta, Psi Chi. 
Moloney, James, Rockville, Md., Government. 

John Marshall Pre-Law Honorary, 

Diamondback, .\rgus/Dimension. 
Mandir, Fred. M. Wheaton, Md., Marketing, 

Intramural, Ski Club. 
Mangiapane, Gregory, M, Silver Spring, Md., 

Journalism, EMamondback, Marching 

Mangrum, Arte, L, Seat Pleasant, Md, FMCD. 
Mantegna, Barbara, J. Baltimore. Md., 

Mararac, Ricardo, Oxon Hill. Md, Public 

.■Vdminist ration. 
Marcus, Sherry, A, Chevy Chase. Md., En^h. 
Marnwn. Barbara, Dawn, Columbia, Md„ 

Library Science, Alpha Beta .\lpha. 

History Club, Hillel - President, 

Tutoring, Keystone Newspaper Reporter. 
Martin, Albert, Oakland, Md., Mechanical 

Martin, Carolyn, Baltimore. Md. Dance, Modem 

Dance Concerts. 
Martin, David, V. Gaithersburg, Md., RTVF. 
Martin, Patricia, Gaithersburg, Md. Studio Art. 
Martin, Vickie, Hagerstown, Md., Elementary 

Mason, David, Nottingham. Pa.. Horticulture. 
Mason. Jennifer, Rutherford -N.J., .Anthropology. 

PACE, .\nthropology Club. 
Mastin, Dorothy, New Carrollton, Md., Speech 

Communications, ,\ngel Flight, .\lpha 

Lambda Delta. 
Mattingly. Jr.. Joseph A. Leonardtown, Md., 

Mazer. Harvey, Baltimore. -Md., Psychology, 

Alpha Epsilon Pi — President. 
Mazer, Joan, Baltimore, .Md.. RTVF. 
Mazer, Robert, Baltimore, Md, Government. 
Mazro. Chris, Takoma Park, Md, Mlusic 

Performance, Marching Band Concert 

Band Symphony Band 20th Century 

Ensemble, Marimba Ensemble. 

Percussion Ensemble. 

Meadows, Ralph, Silver Spring, Md, Industrial 

Meerkreebs, Lynn, Chevy Chase, Md., Special 
Education, .\lpha Delta Pi, CEC - Vice- 
President. State Student Association of 
CEC - President. 
Merchant, Habib, Takoma Park, Md., Electrical 

Engineering, Phi Kappa Phi. 
Merkangas, Marilyn, Takoma Park, Md., Speech 

Conmn unication. 
Merwitz, Ellen, Silver Spring, Md, Animal 
Science, WRA Bowling, Ski Club, 
Veterinary Science Club, Dorm 
Metzger, Stuart, A, Baltimore, Md.. .Accounting, 
Beta .-Upha Psi, Beta Gamma Sigma, 
Intramural Wrestling, Swimming Track, 
Soccer, President, .Athletic Director — 
Kent Hall. Dance Marathon for Cancer. 
Meyer, Michele. Baltimore, Md., Law 

Enforcement, Kappa Kappa Gamma. 
Miara. Robert. District Heights. Md., Business 

Michael, Larry, College Park, Md., Microbiology, 
Program Chairman, Vice-President — 
Baptist Student Union, Pre-Dental 
Mike -Mayer, Istvan, Glen Rock. N.J.. General 

Studies, Varsity Football. 
Milburn, Michael, Glyndon, .Md, Physics. 
Miley, Patricia, A, Edgewater. Md., Government, 

.Alpha Delta Pi. 
Milter, Charles, L, Kennedwille, .VId. Educatioa 
Miller, Deborah, P, Baltimore, Md, Special 
Education, Kappa Delta — President 
Diamond, Intramurals, P.ACE, SLD 
Swimming Instructor, Little Sister. 
Miller, Joanna, Hillcrest Heists, Md., Physical 
Sciences. Physical Sciences Departmental 
Honors, Chief Wench of .Maryland 
Medieval Mercenary Militia, Hall 
Miller, Kathy, Hyattsville, Md, Management & 
Consumer Studies, Member American 
Home Economics .Association. 
Miller, Linda, A, Jessup. Md, History. 
Miller, Lynn, Wheaton, Md., Sociology, Alpha 

Kappa Delta. 
Milter, Marprie, Baltimore. .Md, Elementary 

Education, Kappa Delta Pi. 
Miller, Rhoda, Spring Valley, N.Y., Journalism, 

Milligan, Sharon, Cascade. Md, Psychology, Psi 

Mith, Linda, Rockville, Md., English. 
Milner, Jr., Francis, V., Oxon Hill Md, RTVF, 
Delta Upsilon — .Assistant Secretary, 
Vice-President, Chapter Relation 
Secretary, IFC Rep, Co-editor "The 
Mints, Donna. Washington DC. Foreign 

Minahan. Matt. Silver Spring, Md., RTVF, 
WMUC — Promotions Director, 
Mitchetl, Anne, E. Severna Park, Md., 

.Accounting, Delta Delta Delta. 
Mock Ray, Beltsville, Md. 
Moer, Arthur, L. Washington D.C. 
Moffett, Barbara. Laurel, -\ld. Sociology. 
Monos, Elaine, 

Shippensbur^ Pa., Physical Education, 
WRA, Intramural Basketball, VoUeytall 

Montgomery, David, Sevema Park, Md., EDIN. 
Moore, Elizabeth, Suitland, Md, Accounting, 
Beta Alpha Psi, Marching Band, 
Symphonic Band. 
Moore. Jeffrey, U Baltimore, Md., Physical 

Sciences, Pre-Dental .Society — Treasurer, 
Intramural Table Tennis, Tennis, Softball, 

Moore, Virginia, Baltimore, Md., Early 

Childhood Education, Kappa Delta Pi. 
Moose, Margaret, Silver Spring, Md, Sociology, 

Mortar Board, Alpha Lambda Delta, 

Alpha Kappa Delta, Sigma Delta Chi, 

Diamondback Wire Editor, Daily Editor, 

Copy Desk Chief, Ellicott Area Council 

— President, Treasurer, RHA Executive 

Morgan, Roliertu, Bowie, Md., Elementary 

Morin, Michael, £, Beltsville, Md., General 

Morris, John, Gaithersburg, Md. 
Morris. Mary Anne, Rockville, Md., Early 

Childhood Education. 
Morris, Patricia, Towson, Md., English, Alpha 

Delta Pi. Kappa Delta Pi, Chapel Choir, 

Angel Flight. 
Morrison, Luke, Canada, Fire Protection, Society 

of Fire Protection Engineers — President. 
Morse, Katie, Washington D.C. 
Morse, Kevin, Silver Spring Md., Economics, 

Rugby Chib. 
Morton, Linda, A. Holly Spring, N.C. 
Mose, Carolyn, Hagerstown, Md., Hearing & 

Mosko, Teresa, Bel Air, Md., Physical Education, 

Field Hockey, Women's Lacrosse. 
Moskowitz. Jay, Beltsville, Md., Personnel 

Management & Labor Relations, Tau 

Epsilon Phi. 
Moss, Arlene, Rockville, Md., Animal Science, 

Equestrian Club — President. 
Moy, Dennis, Wheaton, Md, Personnel & Labor 

Mudd, Mary, Silver Spring, Md, Personnel, Beta 

Cainma Sigma, Bridge Club — Vice- 
Mundell, John, Greenbelt, Md., IFSM. 
Munns, John, Greenbelt, Md., Agronomy. 
Munzer, Joseph, Bethesda, Md., Sociology, 

Intramural Weightlifting, Official, Jazz 

Ensemble, Veterans Club, Sociology Peer 

Murphy, Anne, C, Hillcrest Heights, Md 
Murphy, Cynthia, Baltimore. Md., Criminology. 
Murphy, John, Annandale, Va., Chemistry, 

Alpha Chi Sigma. 
Murphy, Susan. E, Timonium, Md., Math, I^ Mu 

Epsilon, Cambridge Complex Olympics. 
Murtlia, Mary, Margaret, Reisterstown, Md., 

Speech, Alpha Lambda Delta, Kappa 

Delta Pi, Dorm Vice-President, President, 

University Theatre. 
McAdams, Cheryl, S, Rockville. Md., Physical 

McAllister, Singleton, Baltimore, Md.. 

Government & Afro .\merican Studies, 

Alpha Kappa ,\lpha. Advertising Manager 

Black Explosion, Resident Assistant, Pre- 

Law Society, Lakeland Projects, Judicial 

Borar Advisor Denton Complex. 
McAuliffe, Shirley, J, Silver Spring, Md. 
McCarthy, Jr., William, Clinton, Md., Statistics, 

Phi Eta Sigma, Marching Band, Concert 

Band, Symphony Band. 

McCoy, Laura, Hyattsville, Md. 

McCoy, Mary Jane, Upper Marlboro, Md., 

McCullottgh, Adele, Silver Spring, Md., 

Marketing, Black Odyssey Modehng 

McDonald, Janice, Laurel, Md., Government. 
McDonald, Jere, C, Washington Boro, Pa. Math. 
McDonough, Sheila, Baltimore, Md., 

Criminology, WRA Badminton 

Champion, Basketball, Dorm Vice- 
President, UPB. 
McCinty, Catherine, R., Adelphi, Md., 

Psychology, General Honors Program. 
McGrath, George, F, Silver Spring, Md., 

McKay, Mary Carolyn, Valley Lee, Md., 

Biochemistry, Pep Committee. 
McKeever, Margaret, Brookville, Md., 

Ornamental Horticulture, & Floriculture, 

R Alpha Xi. 
McKiney, Patricia, Kensington, Md. 
McLeod. Thomas, M, Greenbelt, Md., Electrical 

McMullin, Paul, Glen Bumie, Md., Math & 

Computer Science, President — ACM. 
McPherson, Marilyn, Landover, Ifd., Zoology, 

Honors Program, Black Honors Caucus, 

Black Student Union, SGA, Pre-Med 

Nache, Carol, Jericho, N.Y., Marketing, 

American Marketing Association. 
Nagel Carl, Silver Spring. Md., Accounting, 

Alpha Gamma Rho, Beta Alpha Psi, AF 

Nash, Claudia, New Carrollton, Md., 

Conununication, Navigators, Debate. 
Natoli, Gail, Elmwood Park, N.J., Art, Kappa 

Kappa Gamma, Homecoming Co- 
Naugle, Sharreth, Silver Spring, Md., 

Neal, Jeritza, Landover, Md., Special Education, 

Neall, Ray, Glen Burnie, Md., Personnel, 

AFROTC Arnold Air Society, Intramural, 

Dorm Vice-President: 
Neuwelt, Stuart, Adelphi, Md., Accounting, Phi 

Sigma Delta, Intramural Softball. . 
A^gan, Sharon, Kow Loon, Hong Kong, Zoology, 

Phi Sigma, Alpha Delta Lambda. 
Nichokon, Maria, D, Rockville, Md, Elementary 

Nicholson, Myron, Columbia, Md., Zoology, 

UCA Intramural Basketball, Black Pre- 

Professional Society. 
Nicolai, Dean, Hersham, Pa., Government, Pi 

Sigma Alpha, John Marshall Pre-Law 

Society, Intramural Softball, Basketball, 

Judical Board, Chief Justice, Justice, 

IMemlier Senate Committee, PACE. 
Nicolaisen, Anna, Rockville, Md., Early 

Childhood Education. 
Nobilio, Stella, Silver Spring, Md., Personnel 

Nockett, Richard. Chevy Chase, Md., English 

Education, PACE, Judical Board Ellicott 

Noe, Carolyn. E, College Park, Md. 
Norljerg, Jamie. L, Rockville, Md., Early 

Childhood Education, Kappa Delta, 

Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Theta Kappa, Ski 

Club, MSEA. 
Norton, David, Greenbelt, Md., Electrical 

Engineering, IEEE, Vice-Chairman 

Electrical Engineering Under Graduate 

Norwick, Howard Deer Park, N.Y., Accounting, 

Tau Epsilon Phi. 
Novak, Jr., John, Silver Spring, Mid., Chemistry, 

Sigma Nu, Young Republicans. 
Novick, Dorothy, Michele, Riverdale, Md., 

Elementary Education & Art. 
Nucker, Mark, Adelphi, Md, Marketing. 
Nuttle, Janet, Towson, Md, French, Alpha Phi, 

Diamond Student Rep. French Dept. 
O'Berry. Daniel, Lanham, Md., Business 

O'Bradovich, Celeste, E, Baltimore, Md., Law 

O'Brien, Mary, Rockville, Md., Home 

Economics, Delta Delta Delta, Gymkana. 
O'Brien, Michael, Silver Spring, Md., General 

Business, SAIL 
O'Connor, William, Sumner, Md, Business 

Administration, American Marketing 

Association, Anthropology Club, Veterans 

Odum, John, Silver Spring, Md, Horticulture, 

Horticulture Club. 
O'Keefe, Elise, Silver Spring, Md., Conununity 


Ollinger, Deborah, Glen Bumie, Md., Home 
Economics, Omicron Nu, Kappa Delta Pi. 

OLane, Ann, M, Hyattsville, Md, Psychology. 
Ousley, Deborah, Seabrook, Md., French. 
Owena, Deborah, Hyattsville, Md., Political 

Pace, Blake, Silver Spring, Md, Music, Soloist 
Chorale, Soloist and Assistant Conductor 
Chapel Choir, Maryland Medieval 
Mercenary Militia. 

Packin, Robert, Livingston, N.j., Government, 
Diamondback, SGA, Tennis, Academic 
Advisffl-, Intern United States Dept od 
State, Tau Epsilon Phi. 

Palacio, Sergio, Crofton, Md, Science Education. 
Palko, Barbara, Greenbelt, Md, Elementary 

Papuchis, John, Silver- Spring, Md., Mechanical 
Engineering, Varsity Football, 
Mechanical Engineering Rep. 

Parce, Bruce, A, Kensington, Md, Botany, Dorm 
President, RHA, Resident Assistant, 
Charles West Assistant, Science In Action 

Parker, Roltert, Earleville, Md, Zoology. 
Parker, Rosalie, Columbia, Md., Distributive. 
Parker, Wayne, Seabrook, Md., Marketing. 

Parkhurst, Matk, Silver Spring, Md., Zoology. 
Parkinson, Pamela, L. Beltsville, Md., Interior 
Design, AID. 

Park, Richard, Hagerstown, Md., Civil 
Engineering, American Society of Civil 
Engineers, Varsity Baseball 

Page, Gary, Riverdale, Md, Government, Alpha 
Tau Omega, Gate and Key, Intramural 
Allstar, Cheerleader, Homecoming, IFC 
Pre. Greek Week Committee — 
Chairman, Class Rep. 

Patel, Rofettdra, Randallstown, Md., Zoology, 
International Club, Pre-Med Society. 

Pauletti, Brian, Adelphi, Md., Finance. 

Pelfrey, Ruth, A, Greenbelt, Md., Psychology. 

Perdue, Nancy, Salisbury, Md., Library Science, 
Kappa Delta Pi, Dance Marathon. 

Perlow, Howard, Baltimore. Md., Accounting, 
Tau Epsilon Phi — Treasurer, President, 
Homecoming, Rush, Kalegathes, Gate & 
Key Society, John Marshall Pre-law 
Society, SGA, Governors Commission for 
State Affairs. 

Tenet, Denise, C, Hyattsville, Md. Chemistiy & 
Microiology, Omicron Beta Nu Chi. 

Peters, Andrea, Chevy Chase, Md., English, 
Diamondback — Production Manager, 
Maryland Medieval Mercenary Militia, 
Chapel Choir. 

Peters. iMwrence, B. College Park, Md., 
Economics, Delta Upsilon. 

Peterson, Lauren, E, Edgewater, Md., 
Management & Consumer Studies, 
Gamma Phi Beta — Vice-President, 
Diamond, Rush Chairman, Panhellnic 
Assistant Deleliate, Childm's Hospital 
Telethon, Equestrian Club, Stage Work, 
Fencing Club, Mary Pirg, Homecoming, 
IFC Liasen, Hostess International Horse 
Show, Student Union, Cafe, Student 
Union Information Desk, Dance 
Marathon, Greek Week, IFC - Panhell 
Retreat Chairman. 

PeBcoD, Krasimira, Wheaten, Md., Accoimting, 
Ski Club — Vice-President. 

Petrakis, Karen, Lanham, Md. 

Petronchah, Linda, Silver Springs, Md., 

Petropoclos, Chrissellene, Potomac, Md., Music, 
Jude Teacher, Volleyball, Soprano Soloist 
Chorale, Winner Ulrich Award 
Competition, Scholarship Curtis 
Instituete of Music. 

Pfiester, Richard, Silver Spring, Md., Elementary 

Phair, Phillipa, Baltimore, Md., Accounting. 

Phillips, Gary, A, Bowie, Md., Agromony. 

Pinner, Andrea, Dix Hills, N.Y., Special 

Pirrone, Anglea, Silver Spring, Md., Elementary 

Plater, Martha. J, Greenbelt, Md., RTVF, Alpha 
Delta Pi — Pledge Class Secretary, 
Assistant Scholarship, Dance Marathon, 
Bowling, Tennis, Bicycling, Ice Skating, 
Swimming, Modeling-Professional, 

Platter, Jesse, Baltimore, Md. 

Pleet, Penny, Baltijnore, Md, Special Education, 

Pterson, Ann, Baltimore, Md., Interior Design, 
Alpha Phi. 

Poffenherger, Gail, Silver Spring, Md., 
Community Development, Sigma Kappa 
— President, Omicron Nu, Diadem, 
Mortar Board, Collegiate 4-H. 
Poitras, J. Kevin, Rockville, Md., 
Biochineistry, Pre-Medical Society, Vice- 
President, President, Health Center, 
Blood Pressure Screening. 

Poole, John, C, Silver Spring, Md., Ecomonics, 

Pope, Cecil, Suitland, Md. 

■Poritzky, Ann, Bethesda, Md.,, Sociology, PACE, 
HELP Center, Recreation & Parks 

Posey, Anita, Bethesda. Md., Special Education. 

Powell, Gary, Silver Spring, Md., Economics, Phi 
Delta Theta, Omicron Delta Kappa, 
Palegathos, Intramural, Senate. 

Powell, Mary Jo, Bowie, Md, Speech & Hearing. 

tozarek. Mary, Silver Spring, Md. 

Pradel, Eileen, Upper Marlboro, Md., 

Prater, Deborali, Jersey City, N.J. 
Prats, Margarita, E, Bethesda, Md., Medical 

Presler, Sally, Silver Spring, Md., History, Alpha 

Lambda Delta, John Marshall Pre-Law 

Society, Women's Center. 
Pressman, Harry, Silver Spring, Md., Accounting, 

Tau Epsilon Phi, Delta Sigma Pi. 
Price, Tommy, I, Davidsonville, Md., 

Photojournalism, Diamondback, 

Yearbook, News American Photographer, 

Sissy Search and Rescue Squad — 

President, Football, Volleyball. 
Pritchard, Glenn, Kennsington, Md., Psychology, 

Psi, Chi. 
Puffenberger, Alan, N., Silver Spring, Md. 

Pugliese, Gerard, Seabrook, Md., Marketing, 

Sigma Nu. 
Puglisi, Charles, Silver Spring, Md, Marketing. 
Pukacz, Ronald, Baltimore, Md., Zoology, Sigma 

Chi, Intramural Volleyball, Baseball. 
Purisch, Kaihy, Silver Spring, Md., Elementary 

Education, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Diadem, 

SGA, Pep Squad. 
Pyle, Janice, E, New CarroUton, Md., Personnel 

Management, Dorm President. 
Queen, Michael A, Rockville. Md., RTVF, 

National Film Association of America, 

WMUC, TV Workshop. 
Quinn, Williarrt, Laurel, Md, Math, Pi Mu 


Habiee, Jila, College Park, Md, Ecomonics. 
Radow, Laurel, Bronxville, N.Y., History, Floor 
President La Plata. 

Rafferty, Mary, Kensington, Md., Special 
Education, Alpha Chi Omega, Alpha 
Lambda Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, 

Ragan, Gail, Hyattsville, Md. 

Rambo, C, David, Elkton, Md., Joumahsm, 

Lambda Chi Alpha, Diamondback, 


Ramsey, George, Mt. Rainer, Md, EngUsh. 

Randolph, Margaret, A, Silver Spring, Md., 
History/Psychology, Pi Beta Phi — Vice- 
President, President, Angel Flight, 
Student Needs Committee-Education, 
Little Sister of Minerva, Lifeguard, Swim 
Team Coach. 

Rangl>el, Aparicio, I, Takoma Park, Md., 
Transportation & Business, John Marshall 
Pre-Law Honorary, Phi Eta Sigma. 

Rapp, Geraldine, Laisville, Ky. 

Ratajsk, David, Columbia, Md, Accounting, 
Beta Alpha Psi. 

Raub, Deborah, F, Takoma Park, Md. 

Red, Dennis, Dauphin, Pa., Zoology, Track 
Team, Pre-Dental Society. 

Regan, Matthew, F, Hyattsville, Md., 
Architecture, Alpha Gamma Rho, Shuttle 
Bus Coordinator, Homecoming Co- 

Reichart. Marirut, Townson. Md., Elementary 

Reituich, Linda, Fair Lawn, N.J., Elementary 
Education, Alpha Lambda Delta, 
Diadem, Kappa Delta Pi, PACE, Health 
Service Advisory Board 

Reisman, Robert, Silver Spring, Md., Marketiug. 

Reiter, Lynn, Annapolis, Md., Elementary 
Education, RHA, Floor President, EUicott 
Area Vice-President, Newspaper Editor, 
Co-Chairman Specaker Series Program. ^^^ 

Rencher, John, Bivalve, Md., Horticulture. 

Rendel, Susan, Baltimore, Md., Sociology, 

Repue, Joseph, Hagerstown, Md, Physics/Math, 

Honors Physics. 
Rexroad, Marilyn, District Heights, Md. 
Reynolds, Susan, Hagerstown, Md., Health 

Reznick, Steven, Washington, D.C., Zoology, Phi 

Eta Sigma, SGA, Zoology Honors 

Rhodes, Louise Ann, Bethesda, Md. 
Rhodes, Shelley. Oceanside, N.Y., Biological 

Sciences, Kappa Delta Pi, PACE, 

Consumer Advisory Board, Health Service 

Advisory Board — Secretary. 
Rich, Calvin, A, Silver Spring, Md., Psychology. 
Richard, BetJi, Potomac, Md 
Richards, Alan, Annaplois, Md, General Studies, 

Phi Delta Theta, Intramural Wrestling. 
Richardson, K, Rodney, Wheaton, Md, RTVF, 

NAEB, NAT AS, Yearbook Staff, Excalibur 

Staff, Swimming, Intramural Football, 

SGA, Threatre Workshop, Television 

Workshop, Radio Workshop. 
Righter, N, Warren, Hyattsville, Md., 

Architecture, Pep Committee. 
Rivest, Jeffrey, District Heists, Md., Zoology, 

Phi Delta Theta — President. Leadership 

Workshop, National Convention 

Delegate, Omicron Delta Kappa, IFC 

Kalegathos, Ball Chairman. 
Robbins, Gail, Cherry Hill, N.J., Math, Alpha 

Lambda Delta, Pi Mu Epsilon — 

Secretary, Kappa Delta Pi. 
Robbins, Richard, Jon, Silver Spring, Md. 
Roberts, Jr., Edward, J, Glen Bumie, Md., 

JournaUsm, Diamondback, Intramural 

Softball, WMUC, Floor Vice-President, 

Robin, Jerry, Adelphi, Md, General Business, 

TEP, Table Tennis, Weightlifting. 
Rodante, Thomas, V, College Park, Md, Fire 

Protection, Society of Fire Protection 

Roddy, Patrick, Hyattsville, Md., RTVF, Honors 

Student, "Television and the Deaf' 

Honors Thesis, Television Workshop. 
Rodgers, Deborah, Silver Spring, Md., Social 

Studies, PACE, Hall Unit Vice-President, 

Rodgers, Mark, E, Lanham, Md., Biology, Swim 

Rogala, Frances, C, Chevy Chase, Md., 

Criminology, Mortar Board, John 

Marshall Pre-Law, Criminology Frat., 

Student Advocate, Criminology Liason, 

Resident Assistant, Criminology Rep., 

Vice-President Cambridge Compley. 
Rogers, Monica, Rockville, Md., Physical 

Education, Women's Varsity Basketball, 

Field Hockey, Lacrosse. 

Roots, Eric, C. Baltimore, Md., Managment &. 
Consumer Studies, J.V. Basketball, 
Inatramural Football, Basketball, Softball, 
Vice-President, Communication BSU. 

Rose, Jackie, Cherry Hill, N.J., Physical 
Education, Phi Alpha Epsilon, Sigma Tau 
Epsilon, Women's Intercellegiale 
Volleyball, Lacrosse Team, WRA 
Recording Secretary, Rep. 

Rosen, Lynn, H, Baltimore, Md., Drama. 
Rosenbaum, Nancy, B, Adelphi. Md., English. 
Rosenberg Duane, Catonsville, Md., Accounting, 

Beta Alpha Psi. 
Rosenberg Judith, Baltimore, Md., Studio Art, 

Mortar Roard. Diamondback 
Rothermel, Donna. Silver Spring, Md., 

Government, Alpha Lanilxla Delta. 
Rotondi. Ron, Beltsville, Md., Accounting. 
Rovener. Robert, Potomac, Md., Zoology, Pre- 

Med Society, Sports Car Club. 
Rowe. Carol, E, Towson, Md., Physical 

Education, Phi Beta Phi, Greek Area 

Board, Little Sister Phi Sigma Kappa, 

Physical Education Honorary, Women's 

Inter-collegiate Field Hockey, Swimming, 

Lacrosse Team. 
Roy, Thomas. J, Windsor, Conn., Education, 

Varsity Basketball. 
Rubeor, Arthur, L, Towson, Md., Enghsh, 

Intramural Football, Basketball. 
Rufai, Olusola, Silver Spring, Md. 
Rupp, Douglas, E, Shiremanstown, Pa., General 

Studies, Phi Delta Theta, Varsity Track. 
Russ, Vickie, L, Beltsville, Md., Speech & 

Russell, Joseph, Leonardtown, Md., General 

Russo, Josephine, A, Reading, Pa., Textiles 

Rykowski, Mary. K, Towson, Md., Special 

Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma. 
Rynties, Mary Lee, Camp Springs, Md., 

Consumer Economics, Omicron Nu, 

Alpha Zeta,Departniental Honors, AATT. 
Saathoff, Linda, Easton. Md., Education, 

President Collegiate 4-H Club, MHEA, 

Maryland Dairy Princess, National 4-H 

Report-To-Nation Delegate. 
SachwaU, P Judy, Baltimore, Md., American 

Studies, Senate, SGA, Governor's 

Commission for Student Affairs. 
Sadowsky. Jean, Baltimore, Md., Psychology, Psi, 

Saidla, Debie, D, Snow Hill, Md., Speech 

Communication, NSA. 
Sandler, Jeffrey, Baltimore, Md., Zoology, HELP 

Center, Trail Club, CPVFD. 
Santo, James, J, Rye, N.Y., General Business, 

Delta Tau Delta, Varsity Football, 

Atlantic Coast Conference Honor Roll, 

Team Social Chairman, Floor President. 
Sarran, Ellen, R. Greenbelt, Md., Therapeutic 

Recreation, Phi Alpha Epsilon, Recreation 

and Parks Society. 
Sartori, Patricia, New Carrellton, Md., Special 

Savell, George, M, Takoma Park, Md., Pre-Med. 
Savitt, Carol Painview, N.Y., Psychology. 
Saylor, Charles, Baltimore, Md., Chemistry. 
Scarano, Mark. Morristown, N.J., IFSM, Track. 
Scarborough, Paul. Rockville, Md., Personnel, 

RHA, Intramurals. 

Schaeffer, Maxine, N, College Park, Md., Speech 
Communications, Delta Phi Epsilon — 
House Manager, Diamond, Calvert 
Communication Lecture Series & 
Individual Events. 

Schaps, Shelley, Valley Stream, N.Y., Special 

Education, CEC. 
Schechterman, Bennie, Cranford, N.J., Hearing & 

Scheetz, Donald, Seabrook, Md., Industrial 


Scheige, Marilyn. Fair Lawn, N.J., Zoology Phi 
Sigma, Adult Health & Developmental 
Schenke, Jeanne, Bethesda, Md., Crafts. 
Schilling, Lou Anne, Middletown, Md., Textile 

Schillinger, Betty. Severn, Md., Horticulture, 
Intramural Badminton, Horticulture 
Schiller, Mary. C, Sevema Park, Md., Secondary 

Art Education, Kappa Delta. 
Schlachman. Barbara. Baltimore, Md., Early 
Childhood Education, Childhood 
Education International. 
Schlesinger. Helen. R. Teanick, N.J., RTVF. 
Schmierer. Susan, College Park, Md.. Special 
Education, Vice-President Queene 
Schmuckler, Madlyn, Howard Beach, N.Y., 
Speech & Drama Education, Phi Sigma 
Sigma, Tennis Team, WRA, Student 
Employee Big UM. 
Schneider, Jill, Cindy, Plainview, NY., Special 
Educabon, Kappa Delta Pi, Intramural 
Volleyball, Resident Assistant, PACE. 
L, Michael, Baltimore, Md., RTVF, 
Diamondback, WMUC, Intramural 
Softball, Basketball. 
Schneider, Walter, C, Rockville, Md., Marketing. 
Schoenwetter, Carol, Ann, Seabrook, Md., 

Physical Education, Ski Club. 
Scfwrr, Ginger, Silver Spring, Md. 
Schultz, Gretchen. Potomac, Md., Interior 

Schumacher, Robert. Annapolis, Md., Fish & 
Wildlife Management, SSRS, Social 
Chairman AA. 
Schumann, Estell, K, Chevy Chase, Md., 

Psychology, Psi Chi. 
Schwartz, James, W, Takoma Park, Md., 

Scout, Dehra, Camp Hill, Pa., Textiles & 
Apparel, Kappa Alpha, Alpha Alpha Pi — 
Secretary, Band, Sigma Alpha Epsilon 
Little Sisters. 
Screven. Anglea, E, Baltimore, Md., Textiles & 
Apparel, Alpha Kappa Alpha, Black 
Explosion — Assistant Manager, Pan Hell 
Scully, Carolyn, Potomac, Md., Sociology. 
Seamone, Joseph, Rockville, Md., Physical 

Seebold, Andrea, E, Washington, D.C., 
Transportation, Delta Nu Alpha, 
Treasurer Cumberland. 
Seidman, Debbie, Rockville, Md., EngUsh. 
Selikowitz, Carole, Glen Rock, N.J., Speech & 
Drama Secondary Education, Kappa 
Delta Pi, PACE, Mary PIRG, Television 
Workshop, Reader's Theatre Traveling 
Selke, Anne, Margaret, Chevy Chase, Md., 

Elementary Education. 
Shafer, Patti, Passaic, N.J., Special Education, 

Kappa Delta Pi, PACE. 
Shahery, Sharrokh, K, Takoma Park, Md., Textile 
Science, Phi Kappa Tau, AATT, AATCC. 
Shanks, Norma, B. Baltimore, Md., General 

Studies, Little Sister Alpha Gamma Rho. 
Shapire, Patricia. Bethesda, Md., Textile 

Economics, Pi Beta Phi, AATT, MHEA. 
Sharp, Lka. A, Owings Mills, Md., Horticulture, 

Horticulture Club. 
Shaver, Diane, Beltsville, Md., Early Childhood 
Education, Alpha Chi ' Omega, 

Scholarship Chairman, Alpha Lambda 

Delta, Diamond, WRA, Equestrian Club. 
Shaver, Patricia, Catonsville, Md., Economics. 
Shendelman, Deborah, Memphis, Tenn., 

Sociology, Hall President, Alpha Kappa 

Shepherd, Helen, New Carrollton, Md., Medical 

Technology, Delta Gamma, Alpha 

Lambda Delta. 
Sheppard, Kirk, A, Bethesda, Md., History. 
Sherbert, Gary, Dunkirk, Md., Persomiel. 
Sherbow, Charles, College Park, Md., IFSM., 

Justice Student Traffic Board. 
Sherman, Helen, N, Silver Spring, Md., 

Elementary Education. 
Sherman, Tolty, Moorestown, N.]., Hearing & 

Speech, Terrapin Rioteers, Children's 

Health & Developmental Clinic, Advisory 

Board Student Speech & Hearing 

Sherwood, Susan. Silver Spring, Md., 

Management Science — Statistics, WRA. 
Shields. Ruth. Midlothican, Md., Business. 
Shill, Paula, Springfield, N.J., Special Education, 

Kappa Delta Pi, PACE, CEC. 
Shimalmkuro, Lane, K, Rockville, Md., Zoology, 

HELP Center, Secretary, Vice-President, 

President, Talbot Hall. 
Shook, Nancy, I, Beltsville, Md. 
Shukis, Valerie, Ann, Aberdeen, Md., Interior 

Design, EEEO — Secretary. 
Shidman, Diane. Silver Spring, Md., Art, 

National Art Education Association. 
Shulman. Mauria, Kensington, Md., Dance. 
Siegel, Michael, Baltimore, Md., Zoology, 

Intramural Basketball, Dorm Vice- 
President, Pre-Dental Society, HAC. 
Si/t)er, Anne, Baltimore, Md., Psychology, 

Resident Assistant, PACE, Research 

Assistant, Group Student Leader 

Counsehng Center. 
Silverman, Lynn, D, Silver Spring, Md., 

Dramatic Art. 
Simmons, Linda, Greenbelt, Md., Zoology, Phi 

Sigma Beta, Zeta, Pre-Medical Society. 
Simon, Morton, R, New Carrollton, Md., 

Biochemistry, PACE. 
Sintetos. Anthony. L. Silver Spring, Md., Biology, 

Sigma Nu. 
Sirbough. Dennis. L, Clinton, Md., Physical 

Small, Bonnie, Silver Spring, Md., Sociology. 
Small. Ellen. J, New Carrollton, Md., 

Smith, Bonita, Elkridge, Md., Hearing & Speech, 

National Student Speech & Hearing 

Association, Hall Unit Treasurer. 
Smith, Denise, Atlantic City, N.J., FMCD, Dorm 

Council Rep., Commimity Service. 
Smith, Donald, Derwood, Md.. Marketing. 
Smitfi, Donald, Owings Mills, Md., Law 

Smith, Janice, AnnapoUs, Md., Art History, Phi 

Theta Kappa, Job's Daughters. 
Smith, John, K, Beltsville, Md., General Business. 
Smitfi, Meredith, Laytonsville, Md., Biological 

Sciences, Collegiate 4-H. 
Smith, R. Kirk, Myattsville, Md., Elementary 

Smith. Robert. Gatasaugua, Pa., Microbiology, 

Delta Tau Delta, Omicron Delta Kappa, 

Smith. Robert, Gaithersburg, Md., Accounting. 
Smith. Thomas, Riverdale, Md., Accounting, 

Sigma Chi. 

Smolin, Leslie. Daryl. Bellmore, N.Y., 
Psychology, Accounting, John Marshall 
Pre-Law Honorary, Psi Chi, Intramural 
Basketball, Football, Softball, Chief 
Justice Student Traffic Board, Chief 
Justices Council, Senate Adjunct 
Committee on Safety & Health, Senate 
Adjunct Committee on Student 

Sobin, Norman, A, Fair Lawn, N.J., Marketing, 
Alpha Lambda Beta, Resident Assistant, 
Dorm Social Chairman, Senate Adjunct 
Committee for Facilities Use. 

Sobnosky, Carol, Temple Hills, Md., Elementary 

Sohmer, Barbara, Randallstown, Md., Zoology, 
Mortar Board, Pre-Med Soceity — 
Treasurer, Alpha Lambda Delta — 
President, Advisory Board Office of 
Student Development. 

Somerset, Philip, H.. Rockville, Md., ISM, ISM 
Student Organization. 

Soohoo, Margaret, Silver Spring, Md., 

Sorensen, Roberta, L, Bowie, Md., Art. 

Sorkin, Karen, Passaic, N.J., Government, Sigma 
Delta Tau — President, Mortar Board, Pi 
Sigma Alpha, John Marshall Pre-Law 
Society, Diadem, Diamond, Who's Who 
Among Students in American Colleges 
and Universities, PanHellenic, Council — 
President, Chancellor's Undergraduate 
Advisory Council, Governor's Commission 
for Student Affairs, SGA. 

Spann, Willis, Lee, Long Beach, N.C., General 
Business, Alpha Tau Omega, Gate and 
Key, Resident Assistant, Cross Country, 

Sparks, Barry, Silver Spring, Md., Accounting, 
Beta Alpha Psi, Bridge Club — Treasurer. 

Spates, William, Frostburg, Md., Speech 
Communications, Calvert 
Communication Union, Public Relations 
Society, Ski Club. 

Speicher, Sandra, Silver Spring, Md., Sociology, 

Speilman, Ann, Sharpsburg, Md., Home 
Economics Education. 

Spivak, Audrey, Little Neck, N.Y., Elementary 
Art Education, Delta Phi Epsilon. 

Spratling, Linda, Athens, Ga., Personnel & Labor 

Stack, Gary, E, Bladensburg, Md., Biochemistry, 
Phi Eta Sigam, Phi Sigma. 

Stanely, Harriet, C, Annapolis, Md. 

Stasulli, Dominick, Hyattsville, Md., 
Management Science. 

Stathes, Jeff, Kensington, Md., EngUsh, Choral. 

Stauber, Barbara, D, Fair Lawn, N.J., French, 
Spanish, Alpha Lambda Delta, Dorm 

Steely, Susan, Silver Spring, Md., Textile 

Stefan, Monica, Silver Spring, Md., RTVF, 
Television Workshop, UCA, Student 
Union Staff Member. 

Stefun, Beatrice, M, College Park, Md., Law 
Enforcement, Kappa Alpha Theta — 
Activities Chairman, Justice Greek Area 
Board, Panhellenic Rep. 

Steinbach, Debra, Sykesville, Md., Early 
Childhood Education, Kappa Delta, UPB, 

Steinberg, Wayne, Baltimore, Md., Zoology. 

Stevick, Richard, T. Laurel, Md., Electrical 
Engineering, Aguhners — President. 

Stevens, Gayle, Adelphi, Md., Early Childhood 

Education, Sigma Kappa. 
Stevenmn, Jeffrey, F, Adelphi, Md., Math, Delta 

Stewart, Olga, Burtonsville, Md., Biological 

Stewart, Valerie, J, Silver Spring, Md.. FMCD, 

Alpha Chi Omega, Diamond, Pahellenic 

Rush — Chairperson. 
Steyn, Pam, Bethesda, Md., Recreation, 

Women's Volleyball, Swim, Track Team. 
Stim, Jacquelyn, Greensboro, Md. 
St. John, FJizabeth, Bethesda. Md., Spanish, 

Sigma Delta Pi. 
Stocksdale, Beverly, Towson, Md., Special 

Education, Alpha Gamma Delta, Baptist 

Student Union. 
Stockwell, Robert, J, Greenbelt, Md., Psychology, 

HELP Center. 
Stogdale, Dehra, L, Hyattsville, Md., History. 
Stokes, Farah, Bel Air, Md., Family Studies. 
Stores, Melva, Baltimore, Md., Medical 

Stolka, Margaret, Edgewood, Md., Library 

Science Education. 
Stoller, Nancy, Silver Spring, Md., Psychology. 
Steatton, Anne, Greenbelt, Md., Textile 

Strees, Alice, J, Silver Spring, Md., Journalism, 

Sigma Delta Chi, Diamondback. 
Strobel, Gary, Silver Spring, Md., Psychology, 

Phi Beta Kappa, Psi Chi. 
Sturdevant, Patricia. Prince Frederick, Md. 
Sullivan, Bruce, Baltimore, Md, Physical 

Sullivan, Eileen, New Orleans, La., Sociology. 
Sullivan, Maurice, D, Kiowa, Col. 
Summers, Martha, Landover, Md., Art. 
Suxjrt.^ Eric, Baltimore, Md., RTVF, General 

Manager Television Workshop, RTVF 

Undergraduate Student Rep., University 

Siverdel Mavis, Perrineville, N.J., Animal 

Swindler, John, Riverdale, Md., General 

Taberoff, RocheUe, H, Wheaton, Md., Spanish, 

Sigma Delta Pi. 
Taghavi, Nematolah, Hyattsville, Md., Math. 
Tan, Christiana, C, Hyattsville, Md., Dance. 
Tannenhaum, Michael, Bowie, Md., Accoimting, 

Beta Alpha Psi. 
Tanner, Drucilla, Silver Spring, Md., 

Criminology, Kappa Alpha Theta. 
Tarhutton, Robert, Silver Spring, Md., 

Marketing DNA — Secretary. 
Tatum, John, Camp Spring, Md., Electrical, 

Engineering, Eta Kappa Nu — Recoring, 

IEEE, Intramural Football, Electrical 

Engineering Undergraduate Association — 

Chairman, Electrical Engineering Awards 

Taylor, Barry, Wheaton, Md., Speech. 

Taylor, Louise, Hyattsville, Md., Sociology. 

Taylor, Michael, D, Forestville, Md., Accounting. 
Taylor, Shirleeta, Landover, Md., Speech, BSU, 
WRC - PubUc Affairs Interehip. 

Tepper, Billie, B, Silver Spring, Md., Hearing & 
Speech Science, NSSHA, PACE, Women's 
Crisis Hotline, Volunteer American 
Foundation for Autistic Children. 

Tess, Russell, Beltsville, Md. 

Tester, Denise, Gambrills, Md., Microbiology. 

Tetervin, Amy, Silver Spring Md., Animal 

Science, Equestrian Club, Diamondback. 
Thaler, John, J, Rockville, Md., Zoology, Sigma 

Park, Monica, J, College Theis, Park, Md., 

English, Student Supervisor Student 

Union Cafeteria. 
Thojnas, Johanna, Baltimore, Md., Hearing & 

Speech, Intramural Basletball, RHA — 

Thomas, Maria, Silver Spring, Md., Art, Kappa 

Delta Phi. 
Thomas, Robert, B, College Park, Md., 

Government, Sigma Nu. 
Thomason, Harry, J L, District Heights, Md., 

Mechanical Engineering, American 

Society of Mechanical Engineers. 
Thompson,, Greenbelt, Md., Elementary 

Tischler, Howard, Columbia, S.C., Math, 

Intramural Football, Basketball, Track, 

Marching Band. 
Tobias, Leslie, Carolyn, Bethesda, Md., Interior 

Design, Omicron Nu — Editor, Christian 

Science Organization — Reader, 

Treasurer, Vice-President, President, 

Angel Flight, ASID. 
Tobin, Suzanne, M, Silver Spring, Md., EngUsh, 

Diamondback, Argus/Dimension. 
Todd, Mark, Queen Anne, Md., Industrial 

Technology, Alpha Gamma Rho, Gate 

and Key Society, Senate, Society of 

Manufacturing Engineers — President. 

College of Education Student 

Tolton, Mary, Kensington, Md., Hearing & 

Tomb, Kathy, Rockville, Md., Early Childhood 

Torchinsky, Linda, E, Silver Spring, Md. 
Train, Joanne. PaUsades Park, N.J. 
Trenk, Barton, Woo. 
Tretter, Terry, Silver Spring, Md., Music, Sigma 

Alpha Iota, Alpha Lambda Delta. 
Triolo, Christopher, Redbank, N.J., Government, 

Intramural Cross Country, Football, 

Softball, Volleyball, Denton Complex 

Communications Committee Chairman, 

Floor President. 
Tsiatolas, Cassandra, Silver Springs, Md. 
Tucker, Mark, L, College Park, Md., Chemical 

Turner, Alvin, Silver Spring, Md., Business 

Turner, Linda, Landover, Md. 

Uhl, Judy, A, E. Riverdale, Md., Horticulture, 

Hortuculture Club. 
Ukpolo, Victor, College Park, Md., Economics. 
Upton, Leona, Severn, Md. 
Urdahl, Candy, K, Rockville, Md., Geography, 

GTU, Ski Club, RHA Pep, Presidency 

President, La Piata. 
Vaill, Corinne, Alexandria, Va., History. 
Valentine, Dale, Bowie, Md., Physical 

Education, Intramural Cross Country, 

Track & Field. 
Vanags, Imants, Silver Spring, Md., General 

Business, Delta Nu Alpha. 
Van Grack, Jeffrey, Chevy Chase, Md., Tau 

Epsilon Phi, Pledge Warden, Intramurals, 

Out-of-House Board of Governors. 
Van Valkenburg, Frederick, Oxon Hill, Md., 

M ath, Arnold Air Society, AFROTC-Corps 


Vaughan, Carol, Weston, Conn., Early 

ChUdhood Education, Alpha Phi. 
Vazques, Jose, Bethesda, Md., Biological 

Venick, Judy, Baltimore, Md., Math Education. 
Vera, Heman, Wheaton, Md., Economics, Latin 

American Association, Intramural Soccer. 
Victorian, Julie, G, Rockville, Md., Advertising 

Vieira, Nancy, E, Adelphi, Md., Animal Science. 
Vogelgesang, Jennifer, Miami, Fla., Textile 

Marketing, Alpha Delta Pi, Diamond 
Volz, Nancy, Silver Spring, Md., Art. 
VonFreind, Charles, Bethesda, Md., History. 
Vuthiganond, Staporn, College Park, Md., Civil 

Wagner, Cheryl, College Park, Md., Philosophy, 

Chapel Choir. 
Wagner, Jeff, Milton, Pa., Production 

Mangaement, Resident Assistant. 
Waldenberg, Alan, Wychoff, N.J., Accounting, 

Tau Epsilon Phi, Beta Gamma Sigma, 

Beta Alpha Psi, Phi Eta Sigma, John 

Marshall Pre-Law Honorary, Judicial 

Board, Co-Chariman Red Cross Blood 

Waldethang, Britt, M, Silver Spring, Md., 

Government, Kappa Alpha Theta, 

Diamond, SGA. 
Walker, Dianne, College Park, Md., 

Horticulture, Sigma Kappa. 
Wall, Kathleen, Bethesda, Md., Hearing & 

Speech, Resident Assistant, Judicial 

Board, Cambridge Area, Advisor Hearing 

& Speech Dept. 
Walser, David, Laurel, Md., Electrical 

Walsh, Colleen, Baltimore, Md., Special 

Education, CEC. 
Walsh, Dave, Laurel, Md., Personnel 

Management & Industrial Relations, Tau 

Epsilon Phi, Intramural Football, 

Basketball, Softball, SGA, Campus Cancer 

& Blood Drives. 
Walter, Kathryn, R, Rockville, Md., EDSP, 

Alpha Omicron Pi, Alpha Lambda Delta, 

Kappa Delta Pi. 
Walter, M. Chris, Rockville, Md., Accounting. 
Walter. Alfred, R, Rockville, Md., Studio Art, 

Cross Country, Track, Art League. 
Ward, Jr.. William, A, Baltimore, Md. 
Waters, Jamie, West Orange, N.J., Art History. 
Waters, Thomas, Derwood, Md., Electrical 

Engineering, Navigators, IEEE. 
Watiiins, Carolyn, Fredericksburg, Va., Math, 

Vice-President Floor. 

Way, Yunan, Baltimore, Md. 

Weber, Edward, J, Baltimore, Md., 
Microbiology, Sigma Alpha Omicron, 
Microbiology Honors Program, Who's 
Who Among Students in American 
Universities, Chorale, Senate Committee 
for Scheduling & Registrations, PACE, 
Cambridge Area Council Cultural 
Corrunittee Chairman, Executive Council, 
Cambridge Complex Newspaper. 

Weber, Karen, L, Rockville, Md. 

Weinberger, Laura, Silver Spring, Interior 
Design, Delta Phi Epsilon, Diamond, 
SGA, Panhellenic Association — Vice- 

Weingarden, Sharon, Waldrof, Md., Home 
Economics Education, AHEA. 

Weinger, Debra, Columbia, Md., Psychology. 

Weinstein, Richard, S, Potomac, Md., Zoology, 

Science Fiction Society, Table Tennis 

Club, Pre-Med Society. 
Weisberg, Daniel, Fair Lawn, N.J., Economics, 

John Marshall Pre-Law Honorary, 

National Economics Honorary, SGA, 

PACE, Senate, Chancellor's Committee 

on Resident Life. 
Weismiller. Margaret, Beltsville, Md, Physical 

Education, Kappa, Delta, — Secretary, 

Editor, Intramurals, WRA. 
Weismiller. Robert. Beltsville, Md., Physical 

Education, Phi Delta Theta. 
Weisberg, Fonda. New City, N.Y., Speech & 

Hearing, Volunteer for Retarded 

Weker, Laurie, J. Bethesda, Md., Sociology. 
Wellington, Patricia, Adelphi, M., Special 

Education, Kappa Delta. 
Wells, David, Silver Spring, Md, Chemistry. 
Wells, 111, John, L. Lane Action, Mass., 

Economics, SSRS. 
Wenger, Mary, H, Silver Spring, Md., 

Elementary Education. 
WentzeU Sarah, Crofton, Md., General Studies. 
Wenzler. Barbara, Capitol Heights, Md., 

Werner, Catherine, Wheaton, Md., French. 
Werner, Janice G. Silver Spring, Md. 

West, Brian. Rockville, Md., General Business, 
John Marshall Pre-Law Honorary, Dorm 
President, Senate. 

West, Kathleen, Potomac, Md., English, Pi Beta 
Phi, Panhellenic Rep., Co-Chairman 
Homecoming Committee, Community 
Action Chairman Panhellenic Council. 

West, Sarah, Greenbelt, Md., Biological 

Weston, Katherine, Hyattsville, Md., History, 

Trail Club. 
Weiherald, Eleanor. Beltsville, Md, Music, 

Gymkana Troupe. 
Whalen, Walter, J, Towson, Md, IFSM, 

Information Systems Management 

Student Organization — President. 
White, Deborah, J, Laurel, Md, Elementary 

White, Linda, Hyattsville, Md, Criminology, 

Young Democrats of P.G. County, Equal 

Employment and Educational 

Opportunity Office — Housing Office. 
White, Nadine, Sterung, Va., Mechanical 

Engineering, Pi Tau Sigma, Tau Beta Pi. 
Whitman, Esmond, Philip, Parsonsburg, Md., 

Agronomy Economics, Sigma Chi. 
Wiedel, Kevin, Laurel, Md., Music Education, 

Sigma Chi, Kappa Delta Pi, Chapel 

Choir, Chorale. 
Wiener, Jon, Silver Spring, Md., Microbiology, 

Sigma Alpha Omicron — Vice-President, 

Undergraduate Rep. Division Agriculture 

& Life Sciences, Musicans Forum. 
Wilens, Patricia, Chevy Chase, Md, Journalism, 

Sigma Delta Chi, Diamondback — 

Assistant Managing Editor. 
Wilkinson, John, Bethesda, Md., Government, 

Willemin, Louis, Wheaton, Md., American 

Willianw, D'Ette, Elkton, Md, French, French 

Williams, Gordon, E, Suitland Md., Sociology, 

Phi Delta Theta — Secretary, Outstanding 


Williams, Lynne, Prince Frederick, Md., 
Housing, Omicron Nu. 

Williams, Patrick, Bethesda, Md.. General 

Williams, William, A, Baltimore, Md.. 
Transportation, Delta Nu Alpha - Vice- 

Wilner, Reed, S, Randallstown, Md., History, 
Freshman Honorary, History Honorary, 
International Club, East — Asian Cultural 
Scholastic Society. 

Wilson, Barbara, Wilmington, Del., Psychology, 
Alpha Phi, Diamond, SGA. 

Wilson, Linda, A, Springfield, Va., Secretarial 

Vicky, Snow Hill, Md., Music, BSU - 
Cultural Committee, Chorus, Chorale. 

Wisor, M. Jane, K, Laurel, Md, Special 

Withers, Marilyn, Alexandria, Va., Economics, 
Alpha Sigma Lambda. 

Wittemeier, David, E, Accounting, Lake 
Ronkonkoma, N.Y., Beta Alpha Psi, Beta 
Gamma Sigma, Christian Science 
Organization — Treasurer, Secretary, 
Marching Band, Concert Band. 

Wolfe, Patti, Abingotn, Pa., Hearing & Speech, 
Honorary Recognition, Speech & Hearing 
Advisor, PACE. 

Wolpert, Lorrain, Gaithersburg, Md., Animal 
Science, Phi Sigma. 

Wood, Bonnie, O wings, Md. 

Wood, S, Gail, Rockville, Md, Library Science. 

Woodworth, Esixer, Cheverly, Md., German, 

Arts & Humanities Council. 
Wright, Sandra, Beltsville, Md. 

Wynn, Diane, New Carrollfon, Md., 
Managemant & Consumer Studies, Alpha 
Gamma Kelta, Alpha Lambda Delta, 
Omicron Nu, Diamond, Little Sister Phi 
Sigma Kappa. 

Yankow, Bruce, W. Long Branch, N.J., Zoology. 

Yarashus, Ronald, Bowie, Md., English, Dorm 

Yee, Ronald, Hillcrest Heights, Md, General 
Studies, Veteran's Club. 

Yee, Sharon, Marlow Heights, Md., Marketing. 
Yenias. Evelyn, Baltimore, Md. 

York, Michael Bethesda, Md., Biochemistry. 

Young, Donna, Indian Head Md 

Young, Susan, Rockville, Md, Math. 

Zawodny, Albert, Baltimore, Md., Accounting, 
Intramural — Athletic Director, Dorm 

Zeitlin, Elisa, Baltimore, Md, Public Relations, 
Pubhc Relations Student Society of 

Zucchi, Alfred, Sevema Park, Md, Mechanical 

Zulanch, Bedi, Potomac, Md., Sociology, Kappa 
Alpha Theta — Vice-President. 

Zunger, Gwendolyn, Beth, Neptune, N.J. 


Cathy Farrell 221 

Kappa Alpha 


Sigma Chi 

Phi Sigma Delta 

Alpha Gamma Rho 


Phi Delta Theta 


Sigma Pi 

Alpha Chi Omega 

Alpha Epsilon Phi 


Alpha Gamma Delta 

Delta Gamma 


Delta Phi Epsilon 

Kappa Alpha Theta 


Kappa Delta 

Kappa Kappa Gamma 


Sigma Delta Tau 

ftWilllWW 1 

^tama ^lappa 




Unfucrsilq uf itlarqlaui) 


1>. ElkiiLs, Thei] 

Dr. Elldns, Now 

®ffir0 nf tl|f f rf Btbf nt 

230 Jim Freeburger 

Mr. Richard W. Case 

Dr. Louis L. Kaplan 

Mr. George C. Fry 

Mr. Edward Hurley 

Mr. James E. Jacobs 

Dr. Emerson C. Walden 

Mr.s. Mary C. Broadwater 

The Board of Regents Now With Students 

Mr. William Connolly 

Sen. Joseph D. Tydings 

Not pictured: 
Mr. B. Herbert Brown 
Mr. L. Mercer Smith 
Mr. Hugh A. McMullen 

Dr. Samuel H. Hoover 

Frank Fiersldn 231 


232 Student Government Association 

Five years ago, the Indochina war raged, demonstrators 
were in the streets, and things seemed indelicately balanced 
between revolutions and repression. Now we know better: the 
war rages on, albeit with less bad press than in 1970, and the 
streets are filled with people looking for a job/a cause/and a 
tankful of gas. As for the dichotomy between revolution and 
repression, is there a doubt in anyone's head? 

If the catchwords "pardon" or "Nolo contendere " or a 
dollar and a half for your jar of Peter Pan crunchy don't 
move you one way, how about the deep frying of the 
Symbionese Liberation Army last summer? Or Henry the K'S 
off-the-cuff-remarks about the irresponsibility of the Chilean 
people in freely electing a Marxist president? Or if you're up 
for about of self-hectoring, Jerry Ford's "amnesty" plan? 
Come on in, the recession's fine, and the repression's free — 
all the inflation you can eat. 

Ain't no Camelot 'round her, jack. Ain't even no reder- 
nales ray-unch. Kurt Vonnegut spoke to the graduating class 
at Bennington last spring. This is what he said: 

"Things are terrible, and they're never going to get any 

Happy Trails. 

Student Government Association 233 

>/// >ll 

Life styles 

Table of 

236 Commuters 
244 Dorms 
252 Greeks 


In 1912, the heart of Maryland Agricultural College burned to the groimd. The barracks, home of the dining hall, 
lecture hall, classrooms and dorms was involved in a major fire which took not only the building but an integral part 
of the young campus' life. 

The barracks, the original building of the new college, was completed in 1859. For the next 53 years, it became the 
center of M.A.C. When the 19th Century structure succumbed to the flames, more was lost than just a building. 


236 Student Government Association 

Student Government Association 237 

We dash into class late (no parking anywhere) with cups of Macke coffee sloshing through white plastic lids. We 
reach into our knapsack and luckily pull out the right notebook. And we forget for awhile the road — the endless road 
that we walk/ drive/ bike to get here and which will soon take us back. We forget for awhile as we become another 
vertebrae in the skeletal rows of desks. But soon the rows dismember and we are adrift once more. 

Some of us head right away for the next class, treadmilling quickly through a tightly compressed schedule. Quickly 
so we can leave at the necessary time to go to work. Go to work so we can make money so to come back here every 
day and be students. 

Some of us head right away for the next class. 

For many of us, a spare hour creeps in. We hide in a cubicle in the library doing reserved reading that should've 
been done already. Or we float up the escalator to the fourth floor where headphones and speakers transport us, sans 
traffic jams, far away from the university. 

Another way to kill an hour is to opt for noise, life and human companionship. We head for the Student Union 
whose wide open doors promise the possiblity of a familiar face. 

And even if unfamiliar — kindred souls are everywhere. They huddle over more coffee in twos and threes in the 
cafeteria. They laugh and curse over pinball machines. Or they find their way to their own little nichem where 
eventually someone recognizes their face and smiles, be it the Black Student Union, the Women's Center or that 
weirdly plush room known as the Commuter's Lounge. 

As always the day's end comes and we once more become part of the long segmented animal crawling and jerking 
its way out of the miiversity gates only to dismember again as we find our private route home. 

Home where parents, brothers and sisters wait for us at the dinner table. Home to a raucous apartment where 
thousands of roomates have left thousands of dishes to wash before we can eat. Home where a still-at-work husband or 
wife expects us to have dinner ready when they get there. 

So we become ourselves and don't think of the road until the next day when we dash into class late (no parking 
anywhere) with cups of Macke coffee sloshing . . . 

Student Government Association 239 

240 Delma Studios 



Delma Studios 241 

' v./'^*»r^r^' 

242 Delma Studios 


Jeff Piatt 243 


244 Student Government Association 


Student Government Association 245 

248 Resident Hall Association 

Washington Cocoa-Cola Bottling Co., Silver Spring, Md. 249 

5SV>' 'i'lH- IM'<'"^>> STATi:S (M'AM i:i5 l*>A^ . • 

E 21723857 


_^ ~ 217^3857 A 

"We are not in a recession/' 
"We are approaching a recession/' 

Inflation's been a dull ache in American wallets for a while, 
but these day's it's become a roaring pain. Due to soaring 
prices, coupled with decreased dollar power, most middle 
class Americans are finding that what they once thought were 
necessities are now luxury items. 

Food prices are at a phenomenal high. Every trip to the 
supermarket finds everything from soup to nuts up a few 
more cents and there's no end in sight. The box of crackers 
that was 75 cents a month ago is now 89 cents. Even more 

unreal is the sky-rocket spurt of food costs over the past four 

When we first headed for these hallowed halls in 1971, the 
toast bread for our breakfast cost about 27 cents a loaf. Now 
it costs 45 cents. Then the sugar for our coffee was 63 cents 
for a five- pound bag. Now we pay $2.33 for the same. Meat, 
once a staple, is now practically a delicacy in the student 

Higher education costs also inflated like a giant balloon, 
dimming the horizons for parents and students. That four year 
degree, which means less and less in the ever - shrinking job 
market, calls for more sacrifices and part-time jobs for the 
whole family. At Maryland alone, tuition rates for in-state 
students increased $150 in four years, while out-of-state stu- 
dents suffered an astronomical $800 hike. 

Board also rose about $100 for the same old chow. Housing 

on campus, which also costs more, is in such great demand 
that many students find themselves forced into exorbantly 
priced off-campus housing. Often that means buying a car - 
and that means buying gas, another luxury. 

Students have never been known as a wealthy lot and the 
inflation/ inflation /recession whatever the president calls it 
isn't helping any. Even with President Ford's cotton candy 
WIN (Whip Inflation Now) plan, students still lose. 

• d • 


252 Congratulations — The Macke Co. 

Congratulations — The Macke Co. 253 

254 Congratulations — The Macke Co. 

A yearly tradition of wonder 

Congratulations — The Macke Co. 255 

256 Congratulaaons — The Macke Co. 

rbe JVI. H. C. Girl. 

Eyes of tenderest, sweetest blue, 

Eyes of brown, so soft and true, 

Eyes of black, or eyes of grey. 

Her eyes have stolen my heart away; 

No matter their color, our banners unfurl. 
And bow to the charms of the M. A. C. girl 

The seniors, the juniors, yes every cadet, 

Each heart glows with pleasure to hear her light step; 

She is here at our dances, she comes when we sing. 

She's as dear to us all as sweet violets in spring; 
In a cluster of jewels she is always a pearl. 
The dainty, bewildering M. A. C. girl. 

She may think that the chevrons are more than the straps, 
She may even call Sergeant, Lieutenant, perhaps; 
She may cooly and carelessly set at defiance 
All the laws of Biology, Physics and Science. 

No matter — we'd each of us die for a curl. 
As we bow to our queen, the M. A. C. girl. 


*1 .J^. 



*' 4 

---^'-•^.... -'wli^^i^ 

^^^^^hS^^' ^^3Bk. luL '119 


GYPSY take off 

f fT 4 

vm' *1l 



260 Gene Deems 


Jim Holwager 261 




The Pointer Sisters 

264 Robert Sherbow 

Gene Weiss 265 

266 Anthony Martins 

Jeff Piatt 269 

270 Bruce Wolfe 




Colk-^f VfllN 

innu\ Iiiiss. 

Chee, ha! h.i! h.i! 

Marvlaml Xmii nltuial ( oUciif 

Rah! rail' i.ili' 

One-a-zip, two-.i/ip. 
Zipp\-. /ipp\. /-nil. 
iOpposiiiu tiMui .iiiit uiirtli a- 
Um \enk' \riik' 

(!hick-a-i- liii k-a Iiddiil 
Chick-a-thitk-a Ihioih' 
Chick-ii-i. hiik-a-cliiik-a-i. hii k-a 
Boom! hoDiii' liooni! 
Rah! rah: r.di! 
Rah! rah' r.ili' 

Marvlaml \>4rRuhiiral ('i)llfm- 
Sis! hooiii! ,i]i' 

What 111 tin- li - Is till-- iiiattfi- with ii 

Nothinu at all. 

Nothiiii; at all. 

W (.■ re till' 1ki\s uiici phi\ I KIM'. tiHit 1 

Ht'lla-lia-lnci' honras' hiHira\! 

i)ra\ . Iic>(ira\ . 

\ ' hoora\ ' 

\1. \. (.. \. \. 

\\ ish\-i:i)-\\ish. i^o-uish. lio-wish. 
\\ ish\ -<ii)-u ish. m)-\\ isii: 
HolK \M)1K. ''01' •'uJK. 

Fff. lit', to. hull 
l^iin. liani. iiiiii. 
Hi. V i. ip. M'f.' 
M. A. C! 

Tad-dah hoo-tla-ilah lit 
Flippy-t\ flop. 
We're on top. 
Sis! boom' rah! 

(!ho\\ . (.hoxv. thou . 

oi)|)osiiiii ti'anr 
h-o-u . u -o-u . ud-\\ ! 

Holv iit'f! 

\\ ho art' ucr' 

Wfif tht' l.ovs of \I. \. ( 

"iit't'tlfi >4aii'4 

Siiiasli! trash! l)iii^! hanu! 

Sis. hiiiii. IkJi! 

Kffdfr iiaii'j;. rt't'der uaiii;. 

Hash! rah! rah! 


272 Karen McDonough 

Table of Contents 

274 Argus/Dimension 

275 Black Explosion 

276 Calvert 

277 Children's Clinic 

278 The Diamondback 
280 Campus Police 
282 The Way We Are 

284 Student Government Association 
286 The Terrapin Yearbook 

288 University Commuters Association 

289 University Program Board 

290 WMUC 

Congratulations — The Macke Co. 273 

Debbie Sheldon and Mike 


IN(.— '\f'H .1 IKIAI 



I ■■Of W^E*!/, 

argus / dimension 

aditor: bruce wolfe 

Mioc. editor: larry harrlt 

layout adltors: oRna deems, debble 


antertalnmant aditor: mark kernis 

photographart: mike fritz, frank 

Phillips, mike welsh 

theater editor: carol ostrlnsky 

staff: dave tablar 

argus/di mention is a feature magazine 
suijplement to the diamondback 
published weekly for the students of 
the University of M=<ryland by 
Maryland Media, Inc., P.O. Box U, 
College Park, Marylano, 20742. The 
opinions expressed In argus/dlmen- 
>Jon are the responsibility of the 
editors and do not necessarily reflect 
those of the University of Maryland 
or Maryland Media, Inc. All corre- 
spondence should be forwarded to 
Room3ill-B, The New Dining Hall, 
University of Maryland, College Park, 
Maryland. 20742. 


Gene Deems 

Bruce Wolfe and Debbie Prager 

274 Enjoy Miller High Life 

Black Explosion 

W'ia.7<S"jW5wi3tsii -^ TiiWi "n tvv 


Norman Pruitt 

Garland McElveen 

The Black Explosion is a student-oriented newspaper that 
works as a communications wire to the black community at 
large. Published weekly, it features who's who on campus, 
poetry, sports, behind the scenes and up to the minute 
nationwide news. If it affects the Black community you will 
find it in the Black Explosion. 

Kathy Grady and Josy Smith 


Editor-in-Chief Earl F. Williams 

Managing Editor. Garland McElveen 

News Editors Tom Brown 

Susan Foster, Judy Smith 

Layout Editor LaVern Whitaker 

Photo Editor Tony Lisby 

Art Editor Tony Lisby 

Ad Manager Singleton McAllister 

Business Manager Karen Green 

Wire Editor Vanessa Lewis 

Feature Editor Henry Duvall 

Poetry Editor Bianca Floyd 

Office Manager Dawn Marcus 


Enjoy Miller High Life 275 

Adele Slaughter 

Bill Lloyd, Francis Taylor, Grace Finlde 

Adele Slaughter 


Joe Brennan 

Poetry Editor 

Julia Douglass 

Fiction Editor 

&ace Finkle 

Managing Editor 

Francis Taylor 

Associate Editor 

Judith Harris 

Art Editor 

Bill Griffiths ■ 

BiU Lloyd 


Joe Lemer 



An expressive medium 

276 Congratulations - The Macke Co. 

Judith Harris 

iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiw^^ nm 



*BRp.',.; ,.■ ^^Sj 

■ ■ 1 


, <ll.V*'^ ts 

Children's Clinic 

During the semester, Cole Fieldhouse's halls echo with the laughter of 
children every Saturday morning. Over 100 students give up their morning 
rests to help children with physical and emotional handicaps. Under the 
expert guidance of Dr. Johnson the program has developed through the 
years from two people to a program helping hundreds of children a 

Bob Gordon 


Kim Keister 



Paul Beftorelli 

managing editor 

Gene McGutre 

news editor 

Bob Gordon 

Patricia Wilens 

asst managing editors 

Jim Pokrandt 

Judith Bro 

asst news editors 

Eileen Kessler 

copy desk editor 

Carol Ostcinskv 

city editor 

Dave Landau 

sports editor 

Gerry de Seve 

business manager 

Barry Levin 

advertising manager 

Mike Ralph 

Mike Catron 

production manager 

Eric Moseson 

photo editor 

Larry Weisman 

asst sports editor 

Roy Kiewe 

Peter Mehlman 

wire editors 

Howard Janet 

daily editor 

-copy desk: Alan Sea 

production staff Harvey 


The Diamondback welcomes letters to the editor 
Letters should be typed, double-spaced and no longer 
than 600 words They can be submitted to rDom3150A 
of the mam dining hall or to the editor's mailbox outside 
room 3144 of the dining hall Please include year or 
status at the University on all letters Anonymous 
letters will not be used 


The Diamondback 

To most people, the Diamondback means bending over on 
the way to class, grabbing a paper from a six-inch stack and 
skimming it for a few surprises before the lecture starts. 

But to the 50 or so students who comprise the staff of the 
paper, there usually are no surprises. 

To them it means finding time between classes and a 
hundred other things to write a story or take a picture or lay 
out a page. 

It means staying up until three in the morning and looking 
at a hundred typographical errors through bleary eyes, realiz- 
ing they can never be corrected in time. 

For the editor, it means the full responsibility of seeing that 
the paper comes out every day and staking his or her 
reputation on the quality of the product. In a profession 
whose stock and trade is often critical analysis, the com- 
mittment is total. 

The paper has been in existence for over 65 years,growing 
from a few-page weekly tabloid to a blanket daily that is the 
third largest morning paper in the state. 

It has gone through literally hundreds of staff changes, 
changed printers a number of times and finally, in 1970, it be- 
came entirely independent under Maryland Media Inc. 

In the fall of 1974, for the first time, Diamondback produc- 
tion was done on campus in Maryland Media's photo com- 
position shop, which also produced Black Explosion, Argus- 
Dimension and Calvert. 

Despite all the changes and last-minute stories, the Dia- 
mondback has not missed a publication day for as long as any- 
one can remember. 

Gene McGuire 

Paul Bertorelli 

Judith Bro 

• - ■■.■ 'j ^ vAt^" 

r., rl V> --^.■ 


Campus Police 

280 Company Cinematheque 

Company Cinematheque 281 


0£d Cine 


The way we are 

Campus media. Years ago that phrase would have puzzled 
any Maryland student. The term media itself didn't flower till 
the Marshall McLuhan-influenced sixties. 

New trends in typography, increase in student numbers and 
general prosperity caused the Diamondback to go from tab- 
loid to blanket format. In addition to looking like "a real 
newspaper" it also began reading like one as it became 
concerned with serious reporting of campus, state and nation- 
al events. 

The residue of Old Line, a humorous literary periodical, 
gave rise to two publications, Argus, a monthly magazine and 
Calvert, the literary magazine. These and the Diamondback 
£md Terrapin all came together under a new corporation 
called Maryland Media, Inc. in 1972. 

Finally, in the fall of 1974, campus media became really 
united. All, are now neighbors on the third floor of the new 
dining hall. At long last the promises of respectable offices 
were fulfilled along with a larger newsroom and fully 
equipped composition shop for the Diamondback and 
spacious air studios for WMUC. Plus the edition of a new 
publication. Black Explosion. 

Throughout our many years of existence, the campus media 
has changed its face many times and this is the way we are. 


Jeff Marcus 

Student Government Association 

Ron Greenbaum 

Marc Strumph 


Karen McDonough — managing 


Robert Sherbow - photographer 

University Commuters Association 

The UPB Is charged by the University and the Student 
Government Association to operate concerts, large entertainment 
events and speakers for the University Community. 

I s 





Mike Fribush 289 





\tr \ 




This year has been an exciting and historical one for WMUC. Our 31st year of broadcasting 
began in the fall from our new palatial studios high atop the Hill Dining Hall. ThLs facility is one 
of the finest in Washington and a far cry from our humble beginnings in the basement of Calvert 

There was an exciting rise in interest of obtaining an FM license for the University this year. It 
is our hope that a license can procured to serve the University community. 

Sam Fales 

290 Resident Hall Association 

BACK ROW Max Cacus, Dave Wilt, Sam Kales, Doug Harville, Andy Lyman, Seth 
Greenste, Jay Schrider, Glenn Kern; SITTING Sue Kopen, Debbie Gahs, Matt Minahan, 
Leslie Atldns, Caryn Weiner. 


Station Manager 

Sam Fales 

Program Director 

Andy Lyman 

Business Manager 

Leslie Atkins 

Chief Engineer 

Tim Elam 

Music Director 

Seth Greenstein 

News Director 

Pat Breslin 

Sports Director 

Jay Schreider 

Promotion Director 

Matt Minahan 

Yesternow Producer 

Greg DeVone 

6:30 Evening News 

Kathy McMartin 

Music Librarian 

Tim Minor 

Resident Engineer 

Glenn Kern 

Asst. Business Manager 

Debbie Gahs 

Asst. Sports Director 

Dave Wilt 

Asst. Operations Manager 

Max Cacas 

Wherever, whenever and always! 



As one chapter ends, another begins 

Graduation - 1922 


History of the Class of 1901. 

On the twentieth day of September, eighteen hundred and 
ninety-seven, the majority of the Freshman Class arrived at 
and viewed the surroundings of the Station. 

Very httle time was lost in observing this place, however, 
as each and every one of us was anxious to compare the 
Maryland Agricultural College in reality with the idea which 
had been formed concerning it quite previous to this eventful 
day. Several of those constituting our number were students 
who had spent the previous year in the Preparatory Depart- 
ment of the institution, consequently they were not unnerved, 
nor did they seem to hasten to the college, but one could 
plainly see that despondency was depicted upon the faces of 
those who had never before experienced the novelty of the 
first few days at college. 

At length, after a walk of mile up-hill, we reached the 
college, and, when we entered, we were confronted by a 
person of very military bearing, who was afterwards to be so 
greatly feared, the Officer of the Day. He immediately 
conducted us to rooms, larger and more convenient than we 
had imagined, which were to be our quarters for the next four 
years. Indeed, M.A.C. presented to us an appearance much 
more home-like than any of us anticipated. 

Now we were quartered, but none of us were without a 
sensation of home-sickness and consternation, for we had 
already, at this early date, been informed as to what would be 
our deserts if we failed to execute submissively all requests 
submitted by our superiors, the Sophomores. 
The first ni^t was spent very quietly, but, of course, perfect 
rest for a Freshman was entirely out of the question, for 
before retiring we could see rather conspicuous and desper- 
ate-looking characters stealing cautiously up and dovra the 
long corridors. "Would that I were a Sophomore, or that I 
had spent the previous year in the Preparatory Department," 
were the only audible exclamations which we felt inclined to 
utter at this critical period. We were awakened the next 
morning by the sounding of reveille — a classical term which 
we knew nothing about, of course, being Freshman — at quite 
an early hour. 

After we had assembled, the major marched us to the 
dining room, where a substantial meal awaited us. At 8 A.M. 
we were sent to our respective class-rooms, where the re- 
mainder of the day was so thoroughly occupied with new 
thoughts that it passed by almost unnoticeably. The week 
passed by very rapidly, to the gratification of the "Sophomore 
Hazers," who had been comtemplating a visit to us on this 
particular evening. About twelve o'clock, when the building 
was quiet and all were supposed to be asleep, I heard a gentle 
knock on my door. I knew better than to not open the door, 
so, with chattering teeth and trembling limbs, I approached 
and opened the door. All my midnight visitors were masked, 
with the exception of two, who were blackened. Ah! how I 
remember every detail! The leader, a large and frightful- 

296 Tuborg it's a very good beer 

The next attraction, if we can consider the preceding as 
such, other than our studios, was football, and we are pleased 
to mention the fact that our class was represented on the first 

Thanksgiving having approached, afforded us a little recre- 
ation, for we visited our homes. Upon returning determina- 
tion among us to resume our work with renewed vigor was 
plainly noticeble. Ere many weeks had elapsed, Christmas 
was upon us to contribute to the Freshman as well as the 
notorious "Sophs" an unbroken vacation of nearly two weeks. 

Having returned, we began to prepare for the semi-annual 
examination, and it is useless to say that each and every one 
of us were anxious to impress the Faculty and our parents 
with the fact that we had not entirely negelected the numer- 
ous advantages and opportunities afforded us, and I am proud 
to say we we were somewhat elated over the success which 
we met with in regards to the examinations. 

As yet, we have not organized a Class Literary Society, but 
many of us have been admitted, through the urbanity of the 
Seniors, to the famous New Mercer Literary Society, from 
which we hope to derive much benefit. 

Now, my dear classmates, let us stand united in the future 
as we have done in the past, and mark, the dawn of the 
twentieth century by closing a happy and successful career. 


looking man, blackened and carrying a large "persuader" in 
his hand, asked, "Can you sing?" 

"No," in a trembling voice, WaS our reply. 

"Then probably you will honor us with a declamation." 

We, reading determination on the faces of our superiors, 
thought, and, indeed, knew, it would be best to proceed at 
once. The vain attempt seemed to afford them that satisfac- 
tion which they demanded. 

In a little while they left us and passed to other rooms. 
Those who refused to respond to their summons were given a 
gentle reminder that it was compulsory. A persuader is a 
board with many holes in it; each one of these wiU draw a 
blister if used by the trained hand of a Sophomore. With 
these they helped us to decide. 

Tuborg it's a very good beer. 297 

The History of the Class of 1975 

"MILLER, yousunuvagun! How the hell are ya?" 
It was September 9th, 1975. Amid the commanche - yeUs 
of returning upper classmen, most of the Freshman Class 
arrived at the University of Maryland, College Park. 

Very httle time was lost in getting rid of anxious parents, 
reluctant to sever the umbiUcal cord at last, for each of us 
was dying to go out and explore the vast campus. We'd all 
seen it in brochures, seen it on TV during the riots, but now 
we wanted to see for ourselves what was reality. 

Several of us were from the area and had sneaked into 
concerts and movies here so it wasn't a big deal. But those 
from far away seemed to be in a state approaching nirvana at 
the prospect of being away from home at last. CoUege! But 
just when did the wild parties start? 

After being in the dorms a couple of days or so we were 
finaUy confronted by a vapidly cheerful person, who after- 
wards was to be avoided if any illegal fun was to be had. This 
was the R.A. She told us we were out of "Overflow" at last 
and led us from the lounge where we'd been camped to 
rooms, smaller and dingier than we'd imagine possible. These 
were going to be our quarters for the next four years? For 
cryin' out loud, these dorms made hospital wards look cozy. 
We silently resolved to look at the off-campus housing lists 
next semester. 

Now we were quartered - and none to pleasantly. But we 
began to see the silver Uning in dorm life when laughter, 
music and tantalizing aromas emanated from the open doors 
of older residents. 

The first night was a harried one for the Freshmen. Some 
had gone off to outdoor mixers or to explore College Park 
night life. Others, tired from long trips and the day's strain, 
tried to sleep but soon had to give that up. Blasting stereos 
and wild parties drowned out dreams. Conspicuous and des- 
perate - looking characters stalked the corridors causing us 
to lock the doors. 

"God, if I only knew someone I could cop some dope 
from!" were the only exclamations we uttered that evening. 
Oh well, classes started the next day and we'd meet more 
people then. 

After the alarm went off, we staggered down to the dining 
hall where breakfast, swimming in grease, awaited us. Then 
we trudged off in search of the buildings where our first 
classes were to be held. Where in blazes was Taliaferro Hall, 

298 Congratulations — The Macke Co. 

we pondered. By the end of the day, we were so dazzled by 
the vast number of books each professor demanded that we 
hustled around for the rest of the week trying to find them 

Before we knew it, it was Thursday night. Everyone in the 
dorm was up for partying. We knew things were happening 
but were a little too shy to cruise on in. 

At about twelve o'clock, when things had somewhat quiet- 
ed down, there was a knock on my door. With trembling 
hands I opened it. All my midnight visitors had long hair, 
except two. I can remember every detail! The leader, a short 
guy, in faded jeans, carrying a huge bong, asked, "Do you 

"Yeali," we rephed delightedly. 

We invited them in, turned on the stereo and they lit up at 
once. Afterwards we sat around and talked and they told us 
who was who in the dorm, what parties and concerts were 
coming up and other important facts. After awhile we all 
began to nod out and they left. We now felt part of the 

The next attraction, other than partying, were concerts. 
And there were some good ones. Sometimes we'd also go to 
football games. Even though the team inevitably lost it was 
fun to go and get drunk. 

Thanksgiving approached, and we returned home briefly, 
only to find we couldn't wait to get back. When we returned, 
everyone seemed to be hitting the books hard. The final 
crunch was approaching, and there were papers to get done, 
since a bunch of us planned to go to Florida over Christmas. 

Once back from sunny Key West, no one seemed able to 
get down to studying for finals. Panic broke loose and every- 
one ran around like crazy trying to cop some speed for the 
all-nighters to come. It was tumultuous week with rooms 
going uncleaned laiuidry unwashed and no one doing any- 
thing but studying. But we aU somehow got through and 
passed those exams. 

And now we're through. No more pencils, no more books, 
etc. It's been an incredible four years, kids. We've seen more 
changes take place right here and in the world as well, than 
we'd bargained for. But let us continue to look at the future 
with the same healthy skepticism with which we've looked at 
the past as we close a remarkable chapter in our lives. 

Congratulations — The Macke Co 299 


:*<**«??«»- -^•--''v. •T-rJrT^ ■ ■• ;-■- - 

Photo credits 

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It is over. Stunned, we are a bit happy and a bit sad as we 
get ready to leave. We get a piece of paper. And with this, so 
we are told, we can change the world. 

The four years have been long and crazy. The world has 
changed drastically since we came here. We have changed, 

Some of us won't Uke what we find out there and will be 
back. But most of us are ready to do what we can. Good bye. 
Good luck. 

The Terrapin staff of 1975 would like to add that we have 
reinstated an old tradition, the yearbook dedication. We feel 
it gives the students a chance to show appreciation to 
someone who has really tried to give us something of value. 
We hope in years to follow this honor will continue to be 
conferred on dedicated faculty, staff or administrators as a 
lasting token of student gratitude. 

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t = top b = bottom c = center r = right 1 = left 

A College Park We'll Never Know 











■ 1 1 

: 1 

'■ : ' ' ' ; i 

i ' ' ' 


.»/>' ■ •••■' 

■ - .\t5 ■ 

r-'-' ^ .■.■■^■:-».^VC"..Jt.^'^-«T^'^-..:<-- - ^--l 

302 Coy Harris 

She was the sweetheart of Company C and he was the 
dashing young captain. They met when he was on the football 
team with her brother Burt who became Maryland's first 
basketball coach a decade later. Her father was Lemuel Joshua 
Shipley, the general manager of Maryland Agricultural Col- 
lege (MAC), the embryo of the university. 

Edwin Pernell Williams graduated from MAC with honors 
in electrical engineering in 1914. Three years later he married 
his sweetheart, Beulan EUzabeth Shipley. 

"Oh, so many things have happened," said Beulah EUza- 
beth Shipley Williams with a shake of her gray head. 

Beulah and Pernell are now in their eighties. They, along 
with relatives equally advanced in years, live in a little nook 
on the outskirts of campus that seems untouched by time. 
Beulah's two sisters, Mrs. Mowett and Mrs. Linthicum live in a 
little white clapboard house surrounded by an old chicken 
coop, barn and several sheds. 

The wood of these buildings are weathered and gray like so 
many old barns in Anne Arundel or St. Mary's County. But 
this is College Park — a clump of College Park untouched by 
neon or high rise construction. A surviving link to the pre- 
Lefty, pre-Grill, pre-McDonald's College Park. But there is 
no tobacco drying in the bam, no crinkly brown leaves 
peeking through the beams. Nor are there clucks or feathers 
coming from the chicken coop. Instead these slowly decaying 
structures are filled with remnants of days long past. A plow 
and horse harnesses, hoes, shovels and innumerable farm tools 
he rusting in darkness. An old carriage patiently waits for 
horses to be hitched up to it. 

"We had to take all our produce down to the Washington 
Market by horse team," Beulah explained. 

It was also Mr. Shipley's duty to drive the horses to the 
now defunct College Park train station and pick up arriving 
students with their baggage. It was the only way they could 
get to campus. 

For awhile her father also worked for an agricultural 
experimental station the coUege had where the Rossborough 
Inn is now. It extended across Route One and far into Frat 
Row. Once, her youngest brother got a five dollar gold piece 
for picking strawberries there. 

Even then, the College Park Airport existed. It was tiny 
then and it's tiny now, but it existed. Once Beulah and her 
family saw Wilbur Wright's plane take off from there. "Why, 
they had to run with it and pull it like a kite. They hoisted it 
up on a line and when they released it, the motor started," 
Pernell interspersed, being the more mechanical of the two. 

The Shipleys eventually rented farmland near the airport 
although they had a house on campus (where Preinkert is 
now), where they'd lived since they came from Anne Arundel 
County in 1892. The eldest son, Jimmy, had convinced their 
father that they needed a farm of their own. 

"That was the saddest thing," Beulah recollected. "It was 
poor ground and we tried to grow things like we had in that 
good Anne Arundel dirt. 

"I had three cows to milk. Burton went away and played 
ball and I had to stay out and work." 

Pernell adds, "The college was vrni like a military school in 
those days. They didn't let girls in till 1918. 

"I guess it was my fault. I was in love with animals; horses 
and cows," Beulah continued and the bitterness melted. 

"She used to ride'em, too," Pernell said with a chuckle. 
"She'd get out the buggy and come watch us play football." 

"Why, I did not!" Beulah quickly said and her expression 
seemed to say: The idea of that man! Ihink I'd go chasing 

after him to watch him play football! 

Pemell's eyes twinkled behind his thick glasses. 

"When we got back from our honeymoon, you were down 
by Riverdale doing something with cabbage," she continued, 
"Now I can remember taking Dorothy over there in a baby 

"Dorothy's 48 now, isn't she?" she added softly. 

Beulah and Pernell look like the "American Gothic" couple 
come to Ufe and fifty years older; only with the worry lines 
turned to laugh hnes. And the acrid solemnity mellowed to 
warmth sprinkled with humor. But it's been a good life 
Beulah and Pernell have their health. They have each other. 

Fifty-seven years of marriage have reaped a bounty of 
many grandchildren and great-grandchildren. They have nev- 
er known want or poverty. 

After graduation, PerneU worked with Du Pont in Virginia. 
He did a stint as professor for the University of New Brunsw- 
ick in Canada, but a job with the Potomac Power Co, 
brought him back to this area. 

Without ever having gone to high school, Pernell entered 
Maryland on a scholarship. He is still proud of the fact that 
he was able to skip the required preparatory year and enter 
as a sub-freshman. 

The Wilhamses now live in an airy brick house Pernell 
built during the fifties. 

"All I asked for were big windows in the kitchen. But he 
put picture windows in all over." Beulah explained with 

But the imiversity, like the Blob run amuck, has been 
consuming more land and slowly inched its way up to their 

"I put this picture window here to face where the girls 
played tennis," grinned Pernell. "There were my two broth- 
ers-in-law and me, so I put three chairs here and we'd sit and 
watch in the afternoons. When the sun went down, we'd just 
turn our chairs around and switch on the T.V.' 

The chairs are still there but the view isn't. When the 
architecture building went up the Wilhamses lost their pan- 
oramic view of campus. 

"It used to be so pretty up there — all those fields," said 
Beulah staring out the window dreamily, seeing it all again. 
"PerneU used to say 'Look at this lovely lawn — and I don't 
have to cut it.' Then they put that ugly building up." 

Not only is the university getting threateningly close, but 
Pepco is encroaching too. 

At one time, seven acres of land belonged to Beulah's 
sisters father-in-law who had a lumber mill off Kenilworth 
Ave. He gave each of his six children a half -acre. 

"Brother-in-law wanted to put a filUng station on his, but 
President Byrd wouldn't hear of it. Taxes were eating him up 
so he sold some land to the Methodist church. He thought 
that was okay. But then the church sold some to Pepco and 
now they got that power station there," explained Beulah. 

"They built it before we knew it was going up," she 
continued. "They got one over on us all right. But we stiU 
own a half-acre." 

"Or at least we did before they widened the road," PerneU 

But Beulah and PerneU don't dweU on the past. They 
remain cheerfully in the present. When asked if the riots of 
recent years bothered them, they replied, "No, they were all 
the way down the road. Why, we didn't even get to see a 

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