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fffa«aM>aiiL^i^ J'' ' rS^j'-JJ'."- ■•■■■■. ■ ■ ■ 






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It can be so much easier to be the younger 
child. You get to be babied a little longer, you get a little 
more spoiled, and of course, because your brother and 
sister paved the way, you don't have to fight as hard for 
freedoms Hke curfews and cars. The University of 
Maryland has existed for many years, and as each class 
graduates they pave the way for the younger child, 
making it easier for them to grow and learn, because with 
each departing class, one more hurdle has been con- 
quered and one more path has been paved. And as the 
older child continues to grow, we, the younger child or 
student, can still learn from their mistakes, and watch 
them succeed and follow in their footsteps. 

Being the baby is not the easiest task in 
the world however, because although you don't have to 
fight as hard to get your freedom, more is expected of 
you. You have to improve on what was done, and make 
it better. 

We, as students and participants in our 
campus community, have been doing this since our 
school began. We have been improving our standards, 
achieving goals, winning awards, fighting the battles of 
oppression and discrimination, and so much more. It is 
quite possible that you, personally, haven't done any of 
these things, but as a class, we all do it every day, and 
when we graduate we will only be remembered as a 
class. As a group of collective individuals. A group of 
young adults, be you black , white, hispanic, asian, gay or 
straight, you, have achieved something that many have 
not. You, as graduates, have entered the ranks of learned 
individuals, and for that congratulations. And a thank 
you from your underclassmen, your younger siblings, and 
your peers. You helped pave the way for us. 

This years book is entitled Veni Vidi Vici, 
I came, I saw, I conquered, in honor of all of the gradu- 
ates, including the class of 2000, who have obtained their 
degrees from Maryland. The people who have made us 
what we are today. They, as a class, came to the Univer- 
sity to obtain knowledge, saw there goal of acquiring a 
degree, and conquered, receiving the degree and walking 
away from this University a better and stronger indi- 

Congratulations Class of 2000, 1 can only 
hope that in a few years I too will have been able to 
follow your footsteps and leave our school better then it 
was when I came. 

-Katherine Maziuk 

ft€ift«d€utd 2000 

.*.. ^Ky-HZ' 

i- •-* ' r .. r ■ 
"■ . *.» • • . ^ > = • ' 

•■'*•'• ^ -. ■ ■ ■ 

i N - ^^ M. ■■■■■■ ■ . '■ .^ 



We come to college to expand our minds, to learn, and to grow. By learning, growing, 
and expanding we can better our lives and the lives of others. However, without our teachers and 
professors, we would not be encouraged to do so. Adele Hagner Stamp fought for higher salaries for 
teachers and better schools as education chair of the State Federation of Women's Clubs. She herself 
was a teacher and later became Maryland's first dean of women. During her 38 year career at Mary- 
land she watched the enrollment of women rise from 93 in 1922, to 4,000 in 1960. Since then the 
numbers of women enrolled at Maryland have continued to rise. 

Stamp worked hard to encourage women to succeed in college. She formed the first womens 
government association, a branch of the American Association of University Women, and the Mortar 
Board honor society. 

The student union was renamed in honor of Ms. Stamp, to the Adele H. Stamp Student Union in 
her memory to honor her achievements, in the fight for women's rights. 

''4de ^Ai^ mind* 


«4e of mOH'^d' 

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=!r-r» ^ 1 




^^Ct^ Sttt€^in€tl€MflA. 

The American dream- get rich quick, but in all actuality, it takes hard work, patience, 
and persistence. College is not the place to get rich, but it does get you on your feet, and it does 
make you become responsible, which can lead to being successful. 

A. James Clark was a student here around the 1950's and he majored in civil engineer- 
ing. When graduated he started working for the George Hyman Construction Company, nineteen 
years later of working hard, staying late, and giving a little more then everyone else paid off when 
he became president and CEO of the firm. Now, this firm is a subsidiary of CCG, Clark Construc- 
tion Group, a group in which he is currently chairman of the board. 

A. James Clarks' group has built nationally known landmarks like, U Enfant Plaza in 
Washington D.C., Orioles Park at Camden Yards in Baltimore, and Lincoln Center. More impor- 
tantly to us as students, Mr. Clark has helped us move into the future with a $15 million dollar 
donation to his alma mater, because of this, and his outstanding achievements, our engineering 
building was renamed the A. James Clark School of Engineering in his honor. 

^'^ «MM mat duAAm 

Optimism is something that should be taught in college, the art of being able to look 
on the bright side of life is something so important, but consistently overlooked. James 
Henson created an imaginary utopic world enjoyed by children and adults alike, without 
Umitations. This world taught children not only their ABC's, how to share, and the concept 
of "Near and Far", but it showed us as adults that it is okay to smile at ourselves, and even 
though bad things happen, life goes on, and we still can be happy. Jim Henson was incred- 
ibly creative, his ideas taking shape into muppets, adorable puppets that stared in cartoons, 
movies, and educational TV. Henson's ideas on programming changed family television, 
when he created the Muppet Show, which later became the most widely watched television 
show in the world. 

When Jim Henson died at the age of 53 the world mourned. But his legacy 
carries on through his son who continues his work, and continues to teach children, but also 
teaches us to step back and look at life as a great and wonderful thing. 


4^4#MM0&iV# 4tft9tttnC tf^ 

^(htfc Wade tU 


'^ U 44^ to- Have a 




Mr. Millard E. Tydings was one of the most celebrated hero's in World War I. 
His strength, determination, and power helped him enlist in the army as a private and raise to 
the rank of Lt. Colonel. Mr. Tydings also helped make the modem day University of Mary- 
land, by getting the legislation passed that merged the Maryland Agricultural College with the 
professional schools in Baltimore. But his political career did not end there. 

Mr. Tydings chaired the committee against Senator McCarthy. At the time Senator 
McCarthy charged that the state was employing communists. Mr. Tydings was one of the few 
who stood up against the communist tactics, which eventually cost him his job as senator. But 
he believed and had the strength to do what he thought was right. 

Strength and courage are two things that a person needs to survive. The Tydings build- 
ing is named after Mr. Millard E. Tydings in remembrance if his strength and courage not only 
in World War I, but also in the senate. 


#M^ 4t&^ 



William Purington Cole, Jr. was a great lawyer and a great soldier. He started his 
career here at Maryland studying law. He was admitted to the bar in 1912, but he had to stop prac- 
ticing law to go and do his duty in World War I, where he served as first lieutenant and captain of 
infantry overseas. When the war was over he came back to Towson and continued practicing law. 

Mr. Cole was elected to congress in 1927 and served for 15 years. He later resigned 
and became a judge for the U.S. Customs Court. In 1952 he accepted an appointment given by 
President Truman to be a judge for the U.S. Customs Court and Patent Appeals in New York City. 
Aside from his busy career he also served on the Board of Regents for 25 years. 

Cole Field House, in memory of Mr. William Purington Cole Jr., has become one of 
the most widely known buildings on campus and home of our Terrapin basketball teams. Mr. 
Cole's determination, strength, and persistence, have made him a role model for our University. 


Mr. Harry Clifton "Curly" Byrd is a prime example of how being ambitious and 
involved in one's community can lead to great rewards. Mr. Byrd was so involved in the cam- 
pus community that he came as a student and left as president of the University! ! ! 

Mr. Byrd's first job on campus was actually not in administration as we would all 
think, but in athletics. He loved sports, was an athlete himself, and started as a temporary coach 
for Maryland. He worked hard and eventually became the director of sports, until 1935 when 
he took over presidency. But he never lost his passion for football, in fact, he used his team's 
success to lobby money from state legislatures, which in the end help put us where we are 
today. Under President Byrd's leadership we developed an innovative American Studies Pro- 
gram and an educational extension program. University College, which has since become so 
large it is it's own entity entirely! 

President Byrd's ambition and persistence took us from a tiny "cow college" into a 
major institution. Byrd stadium is a reminder to us all of President Byrd's impact on not only 
athletics, but the University as a whole. 


0W #M^ ^Wtf ii^tl? ^lt§0 

iVwH /irt 





Samuel J. LeFrak is smarter then the average man. I don't know if his IQ is higher, or his 
brain is larger, but I do know that as a businessman he is very smart. He has been knighted by kings, 
cited by presidents, and has obtained many honorary doctorates. All for his international financing 
ideas, commitment to affordable urban housing, and his research in global and gas exploration. 

He graduated in 1940 with a B.S. in commerce and is chairman of the Le Frak organiza- 
tion. He personally has helped five U.S. Presidents, seven NY governors, seven New York City 
mayors, and the United Nations in planning for the century. He is world renowned for his ideas and 
his intellect, with countries like the People's Republic of China asking for his views on housing their 
massive population. 

The LeFrak building was named in his honor to his dedication and service to the global 
community and to his expertise. 

Hl^^VM^^IMMl ^%tlt^ # ^JHflfr 








^1 /fA 

^* piSjUfte t^' 4€^ 

Starting a new job is like starting college all over again, being the low man on 
the totem poll is a really difficult thing. But when you succeed and pull yourself up to a 
high position, it can be extremely gratifying. William Woodford Skinner, was a scientist 
who started studying the effects of agricultural chemicals and water pollution. His research 
helped us get to where we are today with restoring the Chesapeake bay and the Potomac 
River. His outstanding 40 year career in the U.S. Department of Agriculture lead him to 
retire as chief of the Bureau of Agricultural Chemistry. 

Mr. Skinner served on our board of regents for eighteen years, and of those 
eighteen he served as chair for seven. We dedicated the Skinner building to him in his 
honor for the outstanding work that he did not only for our University, but for our environ- 



— itmmm <*< 

*itt tgiUoH 9t^ 4^9^ 


4^ im^b^9ttlt$t ^^ tik^ ^Uft9tti9tt 


Mary Stallings Coleman liked to be first. She was the first woman justice of the 
Michigan Supreme Court, the first Chief Justice, she received awards when she graduated, she 
was among the first named to the Michigan Women's Hall of Fame, and she was the first woman 
to ever receive the Distinguished Alumnus Award in 1973. She had to be better in order to suc- 
ceed and to have traveled as far in life as she did. 

We as a school have also become "better" as we try and grow older. We have been 
ranked in the top twenty programs in disciplines like engineering, computer science, physics, 
journalism, art history, oceanography, education, and many others. (National Research Council 
Ranking) Our University Honors Program was selected as one of the top nine best in the Guide 
to Ivy League Programs at State School Prices, (ARCO), and we are the only school in our quad- 
rant of the United States to have both engineering and business programs ranked in the top 
twenty-five by U.S News and World Report. 


^/^ilMtf^ 4ilil^ d^ 



^ J^m^ A^m.^ ^« 

'^/i^rr^i-^. 1 

^^^^^^M ■' ^^^^B" ^'4|^^UJ^^^H 

uSpV^^^^^^K TT '^^^^^M 

Im^ "''I 

^—^^^^M^^r 1 

^I^L i ' .^r^^ .. - ^^^^^^B^vL ^^^^^H^ 

^^^K *-< 



' • - '— '^^^ 

^^^€W WWtl t 4ftf 4Pf0Mb 


Members of the Class of 1997, as I stand before you to deliver your commence- 
ment address, I am reminded of a funny story. Unfortunately, I can't tell it, because it's dirty. 
It's the one about the two guys who are golfing, and one gets bitten by a snake. Ha ha! That's a 
good one! 

But seriously, you are about to leave this high 
school or university and enter into a new era- an era that, if 
current trends continue, will be: the future. Speaking of the 
future, I am reminded of a quotation by Steve Miller, who 
wrote: " Some people call me Maurice, because I speak of 
the pompatus of love." 

No, sorry, wrong Steve Miller quotation. I 
meant this one: "Time keeps on slippin', slippin' slippin', 
into the future." How true, true, true, young people! But by 
the same token you must not forget another important part 
of your lives: the past. As students, you have spent the past 
in school memorizing facts such as who was the ninth 
president of the United States, and what percentage of the 
atmosphere is nitrogen. Many times you have said to your- 
self: "What good will these facts do me in the real world?" 

Young people, you'll find that the things you 
learned in school will be vitally important to your success, Provided that you are a contestant 
on Jeopardy. Otherwise they're useless. In the real world, there are few occasions when your 
boss rushes up to you and says: "Tell me what percentage of the atmosphere is nitrogen RIGHT 
NOW or we'll lose the Winkersnood contract!" In the real world, it's much more helpful to 
know things like what the area code for Fort Lauderdale is. 

The answer, I am to report, is " 954." What kind of area code is that? You are too 
young to remember this, but there was a time when there were only about five area codes in the 
entire world, and they all had either a "1" or a "0" in the middle, the way the Good Lord in- 
tended area codes to be as in "212", an area code that came over on the Mayflower. But today, 
in this "anything goes" era of drugs and crime and inter-league baseball, ANY random three 
digit number can be an area code, and the phone companies, which are all run by Candice 
Bergen, are adding mutant ones at a rate of hundreds per day. Do you want to know why the 
phone companies are so eager to get your long-distance business? Because pretty soon EV- 

Who is going to fight this injustice? Not my generation. My generation is cur- 
rently occupied full time with applying skin moisturizers. No, it is up to you to take on the 
telephone companies, and also the companies that make the cardboard food packages that 
have the little dotted- line semi circles that say "PRESS TO OPEN." 

Let me ask you a question: have you EVER been able to open a package by 
pressing that little semi-circle? I didn't think so. Those semi-circles are reinforced at the 
package factory with titanium; they can easily deflect bullets. NASA pastes those semi- 
circles on the nose of the Space Shuttle to protect it during re-entry. 

Let me ask you another question: Have you every tried to wrap leftover food in 
clear plastic wrap using the so-called "cutting edge"? If so, did you get a nice, square piece, 
like the one the cheerful homemaker always gets in the commercial? Don't make me laugh 
until saliva dribbles onto my commencement robe. What you got was a golf-ball sized wad 
that looks like a dead jellyfish. THE "CUTTING EDGE" CUTS NOTHING, YOUNG 
PEOPLE! Fact: For every leftover food item that American consumers are able to success- 
fully wrap, they waste more than thirty-seven square miles of plastic-enough to cover all of 
Manhattan Island, or the late Orson Welles. 

And what is the Scientific Community doing about these problems, young 
people? THEY'RE CLONING SHEER Great! Just what we need! Sheep that look MORE 
ALIKE that they alread>r3feTTFSikTTlot, Scientific Conir^ 

Oh, I could go on members of the Class of 1997, but I see that the man with the 
tranquilizer-dart gun is here. So let me just close here with some inspirational words from the 
ninth president of the United States, Steve Miller, who said, and I quote : "Jungle love, it's 
drivin' me mad, it's makin me crazy." 

I blame all this nitrogen. -Dave Barry 

Copyright 1997. Reprinted with the author's permission 


Pop Quiz 


. Who stole the Testudo for the first time? 

2. What were our sports teams called prior to being named the terrapins? 

3. The penalty paid by some John's Hopkins students for painting Testudo was what? 

4. According to legend, if a virgin ever graduates from Maryland Testudo will do what? 

5. Name the four states that Testudo has been in. 

6. Which Testudo statue is older? The one in Byrd Stadium or the one outside McKeldin Mall? 

7. Who unveiled the original Testudo? 


" has become a common practice at Maryland Home Football games. 

9. Rubbing Testudo's nose will bring you what? 

Answers at the back of the Ad section 


nt Life 

Living on campus can be one of the most rewarding, yet difficult 
and scary things. With each new dorm and each new roommate 
comes new problems, decisions, trials, and a better understanding 
of one's self. Resident Life gives students the chance to live awa> 
from their parents while still under their wing. This chance is alsc 
one of the most important lessons one faces in college, and being 
your own person and living your own dreams out, is the most 
difficult thing you will have to learn in your life. Living on 
campus can make the transition from childhood into the "real 
world" and easier one. 


Away from home. 

Dear Mom and Dad, 

Hey! It's me your darling child! Sorry I haven't written lately but life has been so incredibly busy!! 
Between classes, homework, ftiends, and activities, I haven't had time to breathe!! 

So my life, it's been a little crazy, I had a floor meeting last night, we decided to decorate out floor for 
Halloween! I think its gonna be so cool, everyone is getting so competitive!! (But I think we'll win!) People have been 
doing the most outrageous things to there floors like, making the floor a pumpkin patch, a haunted house, or a hayride. 
Its so funny seeing people sneak upstairs with tree branches! One group took laundry detergent and a black light and 
wrote things on the walls! It looked so cool, supposedly lots of faculty and stafifbring their children , and resident life 
brings in children from Washington DC! I don't know who benefits more from the trick-or-treaters, the children getting 
the candy, or the big kids distributing it! ! 

My roommate told me that at the holidays, resident life plans events, but students take celebrating in the 
dorms seriously. Almost every room has a tree or a menorah, and people string lights out the windows as well! ! I can't 
wait to see lights hanging from the high-rises! Oh yeah- there is also an event where you can get bags and fill them with 
toys to give to children at the holidays! It's a great program, and my roommate said it was cool seeing everyone together 
and try and collect toys for children. I guess it helps the community and builds school spirit! I am really looking forward 
to it! 


I have yet to gain the freshman fifteen! Thank god my room is next to the gym! Dinning hall food is 
really pretty good. I was shocked to find that out! But some things are killer, its hard to choose the right foods to eat. 
You know me and my thing for cake! ! So me and some kids on my floor go to the gym every night and work out. I 
swim, Abby runs, Chris lifts weights and so on! There is so much to do! Next time you see me I'll be looking pretty 
buff! Or ready to wear shorts in the summer, either way I am having fun! 

Just so you guys don't wony, you should know 1 am living in a substance free floor. That means no 
alcohol or tobacco is allowed on the floor. At first I was disappointed, but now I am happy about it. The floors are 

cleaner, the air is cleaner, and I don't have to 
worry about my roommate throwing a drunken 
rage at 4 in the morning! Fines, citations, and 
permanent record blemishes is something that 
I don't have to wony about! I've got enough 
on my plate with school, friends, and intramu- 
ral soccer! 

The only thing that I am 
lacking on is sleep! I've been running around 
so much and have been so busy, I have become 
so tired! I used to go to bed at 1 1 , know I 
don't get tired until 1 ! ! ! But I've leam to deal 
with the being sleep deprived and yawning all 
the time. I just drink lots of coffee. Big 32 
ounce coffees' from the dinning hall pumping 
I through my brain at all times of the day!! All 
day and all night! 

Speaking of all night, the 
University All Nighter was last night! ! It was 
so much fun! There was so much to do! 
There were dances and shows and a money 
game! Yeah, MONEY!!! There was this cool 
thing that let us ti-y and catch money as it blew 
around! It was so neat! 

That's about it! I am having a great time! I 
miss you both a lot! This semester is 
turning out to be pretty fun! (No dad, not to 
much fun.) Being away from home is weird 
but nice, no fighting with the sibUngs and 
dictating my own curfew. . .it's the hfe! I 
can't wait to se what's in store for next 
semester! I heard something about Art 
Attack, but I don't know what it is! 

I love you all! 

Your favorite child 
"P.S. Send money!" 

North Camtiuj 

When you start living on campus, you normally start out in 
the high-rises. Although it means a longer walk to classes, you do 
get a better opportunity to meet people then you would on South 
Campus. Most people meet there best friends in the highrises. 

There are three communities on North Campus. Cambridge 
community, Ellicott Community, and Denton Community/ North 
Campus is also home to many of the university honors programs 
like Gemstone, and College Park scholars. 

Each building consists of residents, desk receptionists, resi- 
dent assistants, and a graduate coordinator. All postiJtions are held 
by students, making all communties run, lived in, and enjoyed by 

South Campus is generally considered the luxury dorms. Most students 
living on South Campus are normally upperclassmen. This side of Resident Life can 
present new challenges from life on North Campus, including taking care of your own 
bathroom and kitchen!! That's right! Many students living on South Campus are living in 
Resident Life run suites and apartments. These unique dorms are a good way to get used 
to living on your own, or atleast cooking and cleaning for yourself, a challenge for many. 

South Campus is also the new home to many honors dorms. The newest 
dorm being the reopening of Somerset Hall. This year Somerset Hall opened as the new 
CIVICUS building. This year students participating in this program are tackeling problems 
like global wanning and recycling. South Campus is also the home to the International 
Language House. This unique program requires students to speak another language for a 
percentage of time. Programs like the civicus program and the langauage house are just a 
few of the programs that set our Resident Life program, and the University as a 
whole,apart from other schools across the country!! 

p P'l 




Campus Rec 

Gaining the freshman fifteen is definatly easier than loosing it! The 
Campus Rec Center, located within easy reach of the dorms, gives students the 
opportunity to work out for free. This state of the art facility services 40,000 stu- 
dents yet maintians the facilities of any five star health club. Encompassing five 
pools, basketball and volleyball courts, a two story weight and nautilis workout 
room, and much much more, the Rec Center is the perfect place to hang out while 
sculpting the perfect body. 

The Rec Center also offers programs in self defense, a multitude of 
sports from mild to extreme, cardio training, and health awareness clinics. The 
excitement doesn't stop there, white water rafting, spelunking, rock climbing, 
kyaking, and mountain biking trips are regular events sponsered by the center. 

This amazing facility is also a great place to meet people. Because 
our school is so large, meeting friends with the same interests as yours can be a 
difficult thing. The rec center allows people with all types of personalities to work 
an play together in a healthy environment, based not on school or parties, but 
excercise and fun. 



H\M T 


» » • » • 

::uv:::" ^ 

Dining Halls 

We here at Maryland are extremely lucky in the fact that our dining 
hall food is really good. Maryland's dining hall program provides good, 
healthy, food, for poor hungry students. 

South Campus dining hall services the south part of campus. It was 
the first renovated dining hall and a favorite here at Maryland. This dining 
hall is also home to many clubs and University programs like, MaryPirg, 
the Diamondback, and the Terrapin Express center. 

The Diner, or Ellicott Dining hall, finally finished renovation this 
year and one of the prettiest buildings on campus. This new facility ser- 
vices both the Cainbridge community and Ellicott community and, like all 
dining halls, is on the point system. This system allows students to pay for 
what they eat. Meaning you don't get charged a flat fee for everytime you 
walk in the dining hall! 

The Denton Dining hall turned into the Denton Buffett this year. 
This allows hungry students to pay a flat fee and each as much as they 
want. This new feature was a new and welcomed change to many of our 
hungrier residents!! 

Dining Services at Maryland has made great advances over the last 
couple years, and plans to continue their good work! 


f i^ 




Help Center 

Being on your own can be a new and difficult at change. 
Maryland gives us many different opportunites to make life 
easier on us though through the various help centers on campus. 

The Writing Center, located in Taliefero hall is the perfect 
place to get help writing those long papers. We have to math 
programs, one run by resident life in the basement on Ellicott 
hall, and the other run by the Math Department in the Math 
building. These programs can make the difference between an A 
or a B. 

The Help Center, Counseling Center, and Learning 
Assistant Services, are two programs dedicated to helping stu- 
dents deal with issues including self esteem issues, depression, 
time and stress management, and anything else that is on your 

Whether youp.ecd'extra help in math, or a paper prd^ 
read, or just some<5ne to listen, you can always find someone to 
help. The r^smirces are there, they are just waiting for you to 
find ther 

'R ^ 







016 foun 

study ino: and 


Maryland is a very computer oriented 
scliool. Whether you are researching a paper 
on VICTOR, or the internet, or writing an 
audience analysis, or even writing email, 
chances are you are using a computer. Maiy- 
land offers numerous locations called WAM 
labs, or Work Stations At Maryland. WAM 
labs are places where students can go and get 
some serious, or not so serious work done. 
WAM labs are open 24 hours a day and tech 
support is avaiable here as well. 

As for studying, well. has to be 
done. And many times your room is not the 
most opportune place to do it. McKeldin 
Library and Hornbake Library both have 
study areas, many are open all night. Every 
floor in the resident halls also offer lounges 
that can be used for work. Many students 
choose other more interesting places, like the 
Mall, outside the Student Union, in any 
grassy spot, the rec center, or anywhere else 
thats quiet. With so much going on all the 
time it can be very difficult to get things that 
need to get done, completed. 

Warn La bs 

7V::adem ics 



With all the distractions College provides, class, or going to 
class, can be a hard and challenging thing. But that's what 
were here for, right?! To learn, achieve, and eventually, 

"Animal House," "PCU," "Dead Man on Campus," I bet you saw 
all those movies and said, "DUDE! I wanna go to college and party man!" Nope, 
oh huh, wrong way buddy, college, believe it or not, is hard work. Why else can 
it take FOREVER to get through? 

Well, whatever your reason for that question, the fact remains that 
tests, reports, and other fiin college stuff is hard!! Way different than high 
school! Remember the days when you could do your homework, study for a test, 
ind socialize with your friends, in the 15 minute bus ride? Well kiss those golden 
days goodbye! Welcome to the real world. 

College can be one of the most rewarding, yet difficult things to 
accomplish. Sitting down for 7 hours studying math can be just as much fun as 
julling teeth, but it has to be done. And the result? Hopefully more then just a 
jrade, hopefully you learned something! 

Learning. The difference between memorizing and knowing, and 
the whole point of college. After all your supposed to apply this stuff to the rest 
3f your life. What you learn today is what is going to help you get a job and 
jecome a successfiil individual. 

What a scary thought! Having to decide the rest of your life in 4 
short years! Thank goodness you came to Maryland, where you can dabble in the 
arts, take a gym class, and still wind up majoring in nuclear computer physics 
engineering, or some other absurd and difficult subject that probably lead to loss 
of hair and ulcers. 

But really now, Maryland offers some of the best programs in the 
country in fields varying fi-om engineering to business. Why else would some of 

the best and brightest be choosing 
Maryland over Harvard. I know our 
basketball team is good, but we have 
to be doing something else right! 
And we are. The 
colleges, schools, and programs on 
the following pages are preparing 
students to succeed. The faculty and 
staff of the colleges have some 
amazing credentials and are teaching 
some extremely interesting courses. 
And to top it off, some of the re- 
search being done in separate col- 
leges is getting attention from 
around the country! And with atten- 
tion comes grants, and with grants 
comes more equipment, which leads 
to a better learning environment, and 
so on. 


So why are you studying? Be- 
cause our courses are hard. They are 
rigorous and annoying and interesting and 
fun all at the same time. After all they are 
being taught by some of the most 
ineteresting and smartest people in the 
country. Believe it or not- your profes- 
sors know more than you do! ! And they 
really are preparing you for the real 
world. So crack open the books kids, 
learn something. You'll regret it when 
your 40 if you don't!! 

College of Agriculture and 
Natural Resources 

The College of Agriculture and Natural Resources ad- 
dresses questions that really pertain to our every day lives as 
we enter the new millennium. Questions like, " How do we 
house China's ever growing population? How do we con- 
serve oil, and other natural resources? Or how do we keep 
our country healthy?" 

This college addresses these questions through pro- 
grams including Agriculture and Resource Economics, Ani- 
^nd Avian Sciences, Biological Resources Engineering, 
Natur^KResource Sciences and Landscape Architecture, and 
Nutrition aiqd Food Sciences. These programs are giving 
students thestools they need to make a difference and to 
solve many oXthe worlds environmental and economic is- 

Under the\supervision of Dean Thomas Frietz, this 
college has beem improving dramatically by joining with the 
Maryland Cooperative Extension and the Agricultural Experi- 
ment Stations. The Maryland Cooperative Extension is a 
program that is dedicated to studying the environment and 
educating people about environmental issues. The Agricul- 
tural Experim©nt Stations program conducts experiments in 
region throu^nout the United States. The college also partici- 
pates in nprfriierous clubs, like the AGNR Student Council, 
Food apd Nutrition Club, and Alpha Gamma Rho. Intern- 
_stiip^nd Co-ops are also available for students in the Col- 
lege of Agriculture and Natural Resources 

School of Architecture 

The School of Architecture, founded in 1967, 
maintains some of the finest instructional facilities in 
the country. A magnificant collection of architrctural 
media is encompassed within the National Trust for 
Historic Preservation library and Elizabeth Alley Visual 
Resource Collection, found in our own architecture 

The unique ability of the School of Architecture 
to maintain almost a ten to one student to teacher ratio, 
coupled with an emphasis upon the extreme diversity of 
world construction techniques, devlopes some of the 
countries most competent and daring architects. By 
presenting students with such varied topics of study as 
design, theroy, architectural archeology, historic preser- 
vation, and urban and rural technology, the school main- 
tains cutting edge and ground breaking technological 
studies as well as historical understanding. 

Throught the world of architecture, the University 
of Maryland is esteemed as a premire teaching facility. 
Turning out superior graduates that continually etch 
their mark on the world of material design. 


College of Behavi 
Social Sdcnc/s 

The College of Behavioral and Sbdal Sci- 
ences, commonly refered to as BSOS, is one of th^rgestj 
degree giving colleges on campus. This college conta 
nine different disciplines, all extremely competitive and 
note worthy in their own right. BSOS gives students the 
chance to explore society, while still receiving a broad 

This year, two of the departments should 
receive special recognition. The Hearing and Speech 
Clinic and the Geography school. The Hearing and 
Speech Clinic just approached its 50'" year anniversary. 
This clinic has helped over 30,000 people over the last 50 
years and Govenor Paris Glendening designated June 26, 
1999 as the University of Maryland Hearing and Speech 
Clinic Day. The Geography department received a $60 
million dollar grant this year to fund a project, lead by 
Assistant Proffessor Ralph Dubayah. This project will be 
called the Vegetation Canopy Lidar, and will take place in 
May of 200^^^aicr projecis w riJUmeasure tree height and 
distriJ>«llOT of leaves and branches, aM^ijieasure the to- 
^phy below the canopy, by using laser &eams 

Afro- American Studies 


Criminology & Criminal Justice 


Environmental Science & Policy 


Government & Politics 

Hearing & Speech Sciences 

Survey Methodology 



College of Arts and 

The College of Arts and Humanities is the largest col- 
lege on campus, encompassing 25 different majors. 
These programs vary greatly from music, to classics, to 
history, to communications! ! Under the supervision of 
Dean James F. Harris, this college is continuing to grow, 
and offers 19 degree granting majors, 14 citations, and 
3 certificate programs. 

Dean Harris believes that his college 
"strives to produce graduates who are broadly educated, 
skilled in a variety of techniques of research and analy- 
sis, adept at problem solving and fluent in communicat- 
ing their research and ideas to others clearly and persua- 
sively. In the plastic and performing arts we expect 
graduates to add to these abilities a solid beginning of 
practice in the process of artistic creation." 

The College of Arts and Humanities offer 
students the opportunity to participate in clubs co-ops, 
and internships. One college activity/Resident Life 
activity is the Language House, which allows students to 
practice and really learn a culture or language of their 
choice. This college is also responsible for our school 
plays, including Once on this Island, Julius Caesar, and 
the Provincetown- One Acts. 

Academic Studies: 

American Studies 


Art History and Archaeology 

Asian and East European Languages and Cultij^es 


Comparative Literature 



French and Italian Languages and Literature: 

Germanic Studies 



School of Music 


Spanish and Portuguese Languages and Literatures 


Women's Studies 

UoUcgc of Computer, 
Mathematical and 
Physical Sciences 

Students in the College of Computer, 
Mathematical, and Physical Sciences, did not 
take the easy way out to get through school! 
This college offers an extremely rigourous and 
challenging course load to 770 graduate and 
2,485 undergraduate students every year! 
These students happen to be some of the best 
and the brightest with an average SAT score of 

The professors and department heads of 
this college are also extremely distinguished 
scientists. They are all currently working on 
projects that affect our futures, especially being 
in our age of Technology! Many faculty 
memebrs also reach out to the community by 
tutoring and other resources. 

Students in this college have the oppor- 
tunity to participate in programs sponsored by 
NASA, the Nationl Security Agency, the Na- 
tional Institute of Standards and technology, 
IBM, SAIC, MRSEC, and much more. These 
internships give not only excellent experience, 
but possibly one day, jobs. 

The College of Computer, Mathematical, 
and Physical Sciences offers degrees in the 
following majors: 


-computer science 





Ranked 22nd by the US News and 
World Report 

CoUcq:c of Education 

The College of Education is preparing students to 
take on the role of leader, teacher, friend, and role model. 
This excellent school allows students to be able to one 
day, provide the foreground to childrens education. The 
college also impacts national issues related to higher 
education and other areas of concern like, life span 

This college is split into six departments. The 
Counseling and Personnel Services Developement, a 
program ranked in the top 4 for counseling programs in 
the country. The Department of Curriculum and Instruc- 
tion, a program ranked in the top 20 nationally in terms of 
research producitivity. The Depar ti-nent of E ducation 
Policy, Planning Adminj^trafionTa department ra 
16th by US News aidWorld Report in education pro- 
grams. The D^j5artment of Human Development, which 
has 2 natioodlly ranked programs for Developmental 
Sciences/tod Educational Psychology. The Department 
of Mea^rement, Statistics, and Evaluation, a department 
whose graduates serve as assesments directors, statisti- 
cians and other faculty positions, and the Department of 
Srtfecial Education. This program is an extremely strong 
p/ogram and is ranked in the top 10 in the country. 



A. James Clark School 
of Enynccrins 

A fraternal institution on its own, the A. James Clark 
School of Engineering has become an elite group on campus. 
Through a direct emphasis on kinetic learning, the engineering 
school is developing students of the highest caliber in their 
chosen field. By providing some of the most advanced equip- 
ment in the country, such as our on campus nuclear reactor, 
the Glenn L. Martin wind tunnel, and peerless 3D graphic 
computer manipulation systems, students are receiving the 
most advanced and up to date training available anywhere. 

Along with the high level of status that comes with 
success in the school of engineering, tremendous levels of 
work are expected from those eager to learn. The philosophy 
of the school strives to motivate students through the often 
grueling coursework by encouraging constant participation in 
competition and projects. Such high stakes mind games as 
hands on production of a alternate ftiel vehicle, solar powered 
race car competition, and advanced robotics projects, to name 
a few, provide the real world application of learning, forcing 
students to have ftin while flexing serious brain power. 






Cblle5e of Health and 
^uraan Performance 

« 1 A * 1 • • ! 

< 1 r t 1 C H 

I c 1 1 • e i t 






J. """ - 


he College of health and Hu- 
man Performaces is preparing students to take 
on the roles m family counselors, gym in- 
structors, health education professionals, and 
possible ejad or physical therapy students. 
This C€H lege also helps all students in 

illing the University CORE requirement. 

This University has many pro- 
gram designed to help students get a better 
understanding of what they are learning. 
Their honor society. Phi Alpha Epsilion, is an 
elite fraternity used to recognize academic 
achievement with in the college. This frater- 
nity also provides education to students not in 
the group in areas pertaining to the college. 

Gymkana, a program dedicated 
to providing students with an alternative to 
drinking, smoking, and doing drugs, is re- 
lated to this college. Gymkana is a group that 
takes students with little or no experience and 
gymastics and as a group, they learn to do 
really neat things with their bodies. Its a great 
program and a lot of fim to watch. 

Th i s cfiilege'alsoalTows'STttdejits 
to study for a^eertif icate of Masters or doc 
toral in Gfaduate Gentology. This college was 
the fjm college at Maryland that has ever 
offered this type of certificate ! ! Students 

iterested in this should contact the Center for 
Aging, the group dedicated to teaching stu- 
dents about gerentology and furthering re- 
search on the subject. 



V » 

i ^ 

I ^ 


College of journalism 

The College of Journalism is one of the top 
Journalism schools in the country, and is home to 
many famous journalists like, Connie Chung, Puhizer 
prize winning Haynes Johnson, Dr. Lee Thorton, 
former white house correspondent, and Jay Karris, the 
producer of "60 minutes." 

Students in this college are now required to 
obtain a deeper background in journalism ethics, 
graphics, and history. All of which will better prepare 
students for the highly competitive world of Journal- 
ism. Students are given the opportunity to work in 
several internships and many write for our school 
newspaper, the Diamondback. 

The College of Journalism also produces a 
monthly newspaper called, the American Journalism 
Review, this publication reviews all types of print and 
non print media. 

College of letters a 

Chances are when you started college you 
had no idea what they want to do with your life, 
and no clue which college to pick. The College 
of Letters and Sciences helps students dabble in 
all of the different colleges on campus. This 
allows students to get there CORE requirements 
out of the way, and also gives them some time to 
decide what interests them 

The College of Letters and Sciences 
provides free counseling to members in the 
college and not in the college. Freshman stu- 
dents are required to meet with their personal 
advisor every semester. This is to help the 
student take the right courses in CORE and also 
to track the students interests and assist them 
with choosing a major. 

The College of Letters and Sciences asks 
students to choose a major at 54 credits. This 
college is unique in the fact that if you decide 
that no one major fits you, you can make your 
own! This is extremely unique, especially for 
such a huge University like Maryland. 


fflle^eof life Sciences 

The College of Life Sciences allows stu- 
dents to major in 3 disciplines of science, bio- 
chemistry, chemistry, and biological sciences. 
Students who graduate from this college can go 
on to become doctors and research various 
things from cancer to plants. 

This college has implemented an interest- 
ing fast forward program in conjunction with the 
business school. This program allows students 
to earn their bachelor degree in one of the Life 
Science disciplines, AND their master's in busi- 
ness management in 5 years! ! Havig a business 
background in these fields is indispensible in 
todays society, this new program, and the college 
Ily prn\iiiles^udents with the education 
ey need to be successfuh<Iliey have tried 
many different things to help tli^f^students learn 
and retain information, they were recently re- 
warded by a 93.8% retention rate in 19^-1998! 

School of Public Affairs 

The University of Maryland is extremely lucky in being 
so close to Washington DC. The School of Public Affairs, is 
defintily lucky being so close to the hub of the country! This 
school allows students to major in finance, economics, statis- 
tics, politics, and ethics. Being so close to the place where 
bills are formed, eonomic issues are discussed, stastics are 
needed for everything, ethics are emphasized, and politics are 
everywhere, students have the chance to not only be informed, 
but be in the middle of the action. 

The faculty in this college are nationally recognized, and 
come from all over the country. Many courses offered in this 
school are also required by many other colleges and also fulfill 
many Core requirements. 



m^^ j^f*]^ 


1%. - 





Robert H.Smith School 
of Business 

The Robert H. Smith School of Business re- 
mains one of the most acclaimed business programs in 
the country. Consistently ranked within the top 25 of 
all business schools for both undergrad and graduate 
programs, the School of Business maintains its high 
level of excellence through superior teaching staff and 
a constant desire to be better. 

By utilizing the campuses ground breaking 
computer technology, today's University of Maryland 
business graduates are combining traditional manage- 
ment theories with complex information technology 
methods. This dichotomy continues to produce the 
highest caliber of professional to take over the modem 
business world. 

Through such varied specialization programs as 
economics, marketing, information sciences, human 
resource management, and logistics and transporta- 
tion, students of the Smith School of Business are 
training to fill the need of all areas of the professional 





■ ■»»» __. *■ 


The following organizations are dedicated to bettering 
the quality of life among our students. Without them, 
things would not be as good as they are. 

office of the Vice President for 

Student Affairs 

The Division of Student Affairs holds the lesponsibiHty for the coordination 
and direction of a variety of student development programs. The Vice 
President's office serves as an advocate for student issues and concerns within 
tiie administration of the campus university. The Vice President, in conjunction 
with the division, promotes the individual development of all students, activi- 
ties, campus wide events and the addressing of the environmental issues that 
affect campus life. 

Conference and Visitor Ser- 

Director: Mr. Patrick Pcrfctto 

Conference and Visitor Services was the University's host to tiie thousands of guests 
and visitors who came to the University this year. They greeted about 12,000 visitors at the Visitor 
Center, located m "Tiie Dairy" on Route 1. Fifty percent of the visitors sought admissions informa- 
tion. The Visitor staff ensured that these potential t\iture students had a good first impression of the 
University. They provided lodging, meals, meetnig space and a variety of other services to about 
30,000 guests who attended summer conferences, competitions, workshops, and camps. About half of 
those teen guests may someday thnik of their summer experience at the University of Maryland when 
they have to decided where to attend college. Finally, Visitor Services coordinates the Memorial 
Chapel and the hundreds of weddings that occur there each year. Many of the newly-wed couple are 
recent graduates of the University of Maryland. 

University of Mary- 
land Golf Course 

The University orNkirvkiiKJ ( iolfCoiirsc is a scmi-pri\atc. 
18 hole golf course located directly across University Boulevard from the 
main campus. The course offers an adequate mix of challenges for the a\ id 
golfer as well as room for novice golfers to improve their game. The course 
offers a driving range and putting green and is open to Students. Staff. Alumni, and outside guests 
on a year round basis. In the spring of \^^9 a new 23,000 square foot clubhouse was completed. 
This S2.5 million facility houses a full service Pro-Shop, Locker Room, Bar, Grill, Banquet and 
Conference Rooms and our administrative offices. Once again the Golf Course is home to our 
Maryland Golf Teams. The successful Mens Golf Team will be joined, this year, for the first time 
by a Woman's Varsity Golf Team. Yearly meinberships are also available at The University Golf 
Course, as well as clinics and private lessons, provided by our experienced PGA LPGA Profes- 

Commuter Affairs and 
Community Service 

Commuter affairs and Community Service (CACS) offers a comprehensive range of service, programs, 
and information to enhance the educational experience of commuter students and promotes opportunities 
for all students to engage in meaningful community service. This year has been full of accomplishments: 
Shuttle-UM extended its commuter service until 10 pm.; the Off-Campus housing and Community Service 
databases went on-line; President Clinton visited our campus to kick-off a new AmeriCorps recruitment 
campaign, and America Reads completed its second successful year. But the real highlight was for us, was 
each of you whom we met, worked with, or provided our services to. To the many of you who help make 
our work possible, we want to extend out appreciation 
Thank you to all our amazing student employees who... 

Prov ide outstanding customer service 

Connect students with community serv ice opportunities 

Dive and maintain Shuttle-UM buses 

Offer off-campus housing assistance 

Write for our publications, and 

Keep the whole show running behind the scenes 
Thank you to all the amazing students who have invested your time and energy to. . . 

Represent Commuter student views tlirough campus forums. 

Help new commuter students to make a smooth transition to campus. 

Make a difference in our communities. 

Help children read. 

And thanks to all of you who have passed through our doors, ridden our buses, or accessed our services on- 
line. YOU are what makes this great place work. 

.All our best wishes. 

From the staff in Commuter .Affairs and Communitv Service 

Health Center 

Director: Margaret W. Bridwell, MD 

The University Health Center (UHC) is a fully accredited ambulatory health 
care facility offering a wide variety of services for students. The UHC staff is 
committed to providing the University of Maryland students with quality health care 
at an affordable price. 

The UHC has a large staff with a variety of professional backgrounds and 
specialization's. Comprehensive primary care is provided through various clinics 
and services, including a women's clinic, asthma management clinic, allergy clinic, 
and immunization clinic. Urgent Care is available Monday thru Friday 8:00 am to 
10:00pm and 9:00 am to 5:00 p.m. You are encouraged to make an appointment 
whenever possible at 301-314-8184. 

The UHC has an X-ray and laboratory services available with additional charges for these services. The UHC 
pharmacy carries a full line of prescription and over-the-counter medications and accepts most prescription plans, cash, 
checks, MasterCard, Visa, Terrapin Express, or you may charge your student account. 

Maintaining a healthy campus is more than treating 
sick students. Preventive care and management of chronic 
conditions are available through our many specialty ser- 
vices. Both massage therapy and acupuncture are offered. 
The UHC places a strong emphasis on prevention and health 
education. A variety of topics and programs are offered to 
both individuals and student groups throughout the campus 
community by the Health Education Office with peer educa- 
tion and volunteer programs. The UHC also has a Center 
for Health and Wellbeing in the new Campus Recreation 
Center where massage and educational programs are of- 

All services provided to students are confidential. 
There is a co-pay of $10.00 for most visits to a 

Residential Facilities 

Director;Mr. Jon Dooley 

"use wisely what you 've learned here to build a better tomorrow for all people ' 
Residential Facilities staff has responsibility for maintaining and renewing our 45 undergraduate residence halls 
the 14 renovated Greek Buildings on Fraternity Row. Residents here for the fall, spring, and summer semesters, and 
summer guests obtain year round services from our 
department's main work groups: our 4- WORK Ser- ^^ 
vice Center Staff ( who residents call to report 
problems). Building Services (housekeeping, pest 
control and recycling programs). Facilities Mainte- 
nance sections (e.g. maintenance and carpentry 
services, plumbing, and electrical repairs, tempera- 
ture management, furniture repair, interior painting), 
out Student Security Services Program (check 
exterior doors, inspection of security lighting, screens 
and signs), and our Administrative and Financial 
Services sections (text processing and copying, 
payroll budgeting and accounting.) 


Department of Campus Parking 

The main goal of the Department of Campus Parking is to meet and respond to 
the parking needs of the University of Maryland College Park campus. The Depart- 
ment of Campus Parking is charged with the task of providing parking for more than 
41,500 student and faculty/staff members as well as numerous visitors to the campus. 
This responsibility includes: 

-The issuance of over 50,000 parking permits yearly, and the collection of fees 
associated with these permits. 

-meter maintenance and collection 

-the management and upkeep of parking lots, garages, and pay facilities 

-the coordination of special event parking 

-fair and consistent enforcement 
In order to familiarize the campus community with these programs information is 
disseminated through articles in the Diamondback, brochures, the Campus Parking 
Homepage on the web-site, yearly updates of the parking rules and regulations, cam- 
pus parking maps, and attendance at various activities (i.e., fairs, workshops, etc.) 

The PITCrew continues to offer assistance to motorists for lockouts, flats, jumpstarts and gas runs. Our most 
recent efforts have been: 

a) The institution of the "Special Events" section. Departments sponsoring events contact the Special Events 
Manager in order to arrange parking for their visitors. At that time they may request the services of the 
PITCrew to distribute permits and/or reserve parking spaces. Signs may also be ordered for events. If 
ordered the signs are installed prior to the event and removes afterwards. 

b) Introduction of the "Fall Semester-Only" permit. This permit allows students to purchase a parking permit 
for the Fall semester only. The pemiit has proved to be very convenient for December graduates or students that for 
some reason leave the university after the fall semester. The former refund process has been shortened because students 
no longer have to go through the long lines. 


Omicron Delta Kappa 

Omicron Delta Kappa Leadership Honor Society was founded at Washington 
and Lee University in 1914. It's purpose was to recognize leadership of ex- 
ceptional quality in five fields of endeavor: Scholarship, Athletics, Campus 
or Community Service, Religious Activites and Campus Government; Jour- 
nalism, Speech and Mass Media, and Creative and Performing. ODK also 
worked to inspire others for simiolar goals; to bring together the most repre- 
sentative students in all phases in college life and create an organization 
which would help mold the sentiment of the institution to provide an ongo- 
ing relationship for the alumni members of ODK with theUniversity, and to 
bring together members of the faculty and student body of the institution. 
The Sigma Circle of Omicron Delta Kappa was founded on campus in 1927 
and has initiated over 2,500 students and faculty, as well as many honorary 

Fall 1999 ODK initiation 

1999-2000 ODK officers 

Owicrnn Delta Kap_ pa 

Elissa Aaronson 
Shannon Altman 
Philip Aronson 
Drury Bagwell 
Maurine Beasley 
Burman Berger 
James Bond 
Gloria Bonis 
Marvin Breslow 
Sara Brooks 
Natalie Bucheimer 
Michael Burger 
Daniel Cerminara 
Hillary Cherry 
Matthew Childs 
Matthew Chiller 
Adam Cohen 
Eyal Darmon 
Christine Davies 
Corey Davis 
Jennifer Davis 
Brandi Dickman 
Nicole Dingle 
Catherine Doll 
Rashida Dorsey 
Meghan Duffy 
Terry Flannery 
Rupen Fofaria 
William Fourney 
Daryl Francis 
Meryle Freiberg 
Seth Ciller 
Jeremy Goetz 
Manish Govil 
Jennifer Greenhal^h 
David Greenspan 
Allison Grolnick 
Michele Gutrick 
Laura Hagy 
Matthew Hahn 
Jamila Hall 
Shannon Harvey 
Alvin Henry 

Sara Hewitt 
Amanda Hillman 
Steven Hrize 
Julie Jackson 
Rick Jaklitsch 
Joshua Janow 
Nathan Jones 
Valerie Judkins 
Helina Kassahun 
Amber Kirkwood 
Kelly Kish 
David LaHuta 
Adam Lilling 
Larry Long, Jr. 
Christina Malekiani 
Kristin Marburs 
David Marks 
Briana Maturi 
Crystal Max 
Courtney McCool 
Elmus Mosby 
Tania Nagl 
Hilal Nakiboglu 
Joanna Neukirchen 
Jonathan Neumann 
Grant Newman 
Kelly Newsome 
Alex Nguyen 
Dawn Nichols 
Dennis Nola 
William O'Connell 
Jim Osteen 
Robert Perry 
Kimberly Piotro 
Dawn Pisani 
Mark Plett 
Liza Porteus 
Melissa Prosky 
Stuart Ritter 
Katherine Rockwell 
Brian Romick 
Nelson Rupp III 
J. Logan Schutz 

David Segal 
Alison Shea 
Meredith Sheppard 
Nirnay Sinha 
Margaret Smith 
Paul Solomon 
Wallace Southerland, III 
Ryan Spiegel 
Kelly Stepno 
Avery Straw 
Robert Stumpff 
Mark Tervakoski 
Maria Thomas 
Tina-Chantal Tipton 
Jennifer Trombley 
Dale Vander Wall 
Katie Venanzi 
Lois Vietri 
Lisa Walker 
Jason Ward 
Scott Webster 
Erin Weiss 
Todd Willis 
Fatema Yeganeh 
Wesley Yin 
Sherry Young 
Sohail Zandieh 
Ruth Zerwitz 

Stamp Student Union, Canrpus Programs 
and the University Book Center 

Numerous Programs and services are provided for the campus community by the Stamp Student Union and 
Campus Programs. Over 1 8,000 persons enter the Union each day and take advantage of information services, film 
programs, the Recreation Center, the Art Center and Gallery, the University Book Center, and other retail and food op- 
tions. The Union is the site of most major campus programs during the year. In addition, the Office of Campus programs 
works with the 350 student organization, including the Student Government Association, SEE Events, and the Greek 
trroups to provide rich involvement and leadership opportunities for students. 

Campus Recreation 

Director: Mr. Jay Gilchrist 

In addition to providing their regular variety of recreational activi- 
ties for the campus community. Campus Recreation Services spent 
much of the 1996-1997 year planning and preparing for new pro- 
grams and facilities. The anticipated openings of Ritchie Coli- 
seum in mid- 1997 and the Campus Recreation Center at the start 

of 1998, 
ing equip- 

ment, developing programs, and hiring staff 
to support the added programs and facilities. 
The CRS staff, including almost 400 student 
employees, looks forward to seeing and ex- 
panded Fitness Program, a new Outdoor 
Recreation Program, a new Non-Credit In- 
struction Program joined with such traditional 
programs as Intramurals, Sports Clubs, and 
Informal Recreation in the coming year. 

Resident Life 

Director Patricia Mielke 

The Department of Resident Life is responsible for management of 36 campus residence halls 
as well as for cultural, educational, recreational, and social programming activities in the residence 

More than 8,350 undergraduates lived in residence halls this year. Settings available in residence 
halls included : high rise traditional residence halls on the north side of campus and kitchenless suites 
and apartments on the south side of campus. The Department of Resident Life has gained a national 
reputaution for the many special interest housing opportunities on campus. Types of special interest 
housing included the Language House. Gemstone, International House, Honors House, Smoke Free- 
Alcohol Free Housing, College Park Scholars, and CIVICUS. 

Dining Services 

Director: Pat Higgins 

The University of Maryland has one of the most unique food operations in the country. In 1991, the IFMA Silver 
Plate Award was given to Dining Services as the outstanding College and Food Service of the Year. The IFMA Silver 
Plate Awards are presented to the best food service in several categories ranging from independent resteraunts, fast food 
chains, hotels, school food service, college food service, and lodging. In 1999, Dining Service won several awards from 
the National Association of College and University Food Services (NAFCUS), including the Vice Presidnets Award and 
NACFUS Region II Hospitality Award. This year, students voting in the annual Diamondback Reader's Choice Awards 
chose Dinging Service the "Best Bakery", "Best Coffee Shop" and runner up "Best Fine Dining". Our innovtive meal 
plan, renovated dining rooms, and articles written by our staff; have attracted national attention; most recently our staff 
was eature in Food Management's August 1999 magazine. Dining Services is constantly changing to meet our students' 
needs and many schools are looking to the University of Maryland at Colleg Park as an example. The highlight of 
Dining Services this year was the renovation of The Diner, fr)rmerly known as Ellicott Dining Hall. We enlarged the 
servery and expanded the seating area. We also premiered "North Woods", an all-you-can-eat buffet. As always, it is 
our pleasure serving you! 

/\ i f 


• • • i^_ 

Studjicnt Life 

Aside from classes, resident life, and so on, there is a 
very important section of campus which is constantly 
overlooked. The following pages are a tribute to you, 
the students who make up is institution. 

Taking a break. .. 

Its Monday, its 1 1 :00am, its a beautiful day, you have two hours until your next class. Head to the 
student union, grab a bite to eat and make a bee line to McKeldin mall to soak some sun and refresh your brain. 
Five days a week you are told to sit up straight, listen, and learn. But, every once and a while in a glimmer of 
freedom you have the opportunity to tune out and relax. Luckily, the University of Maryland offers a rare chance 
for students to find an oasis of fun amidst the desert of class, exams, and papers. Check your calculus at the door, 
set your watch for snooze and explore the niche of the University that forces you to enjoy. 

Pool, bowling, and mindless video games await you in the union. The perfect opportunity to calm 
the headache, chill your ulcer, and commence drooling. Find your way to the campus rec center where you can 
exercise until walking down stairs becomes its own exam. Soak your weary eyes in a whirlpool of mint chocolate 
milk shake at the dining hall. And god forbid find a friend, a Frisbee, some grass and risk a disk shaped injury. 
Basically that hour that you scheduled to sleep between econ and that statistics like class that you may have gone 
to once or twice, can actually be utilized for good instead of evil. Wliat's the matter, you don't have time? Have 
you looked around lately, there are 40,000 other students finding time. After all didn't I read somewhere that this 
is the best time of our lives. 

"Woah. it gets harder than English 101?" You bet your vowels it does! So take advantage of the 
fact that your job doesn't always run 9 to 5. Find a local business, walk in, ask the owner/clerk why he or she is 
working. Smile, stick out your tongue, make unintelligible rat race business noises, and get the heck out of there! 


Dude, did you know that the campus 
actually has a bus that traverses the treacherous two mile 
route between the Union and the metro? No kidding. 
Believe it or not, you are now only a short slide from the 
capital of the country. The whole country you say? Indeed, 
the whole enchilada. Home of some serious museums, 
restaurants, and dare 1 say. mad clubs and "evening 
cstabhshments". For 3 bucks you can end up in the middle 
of the city, exactly the mayhem to divert you from your 
more important tasks. 

Go to class, get your sleep, eat 3 square 
meals a day (or you mother will kill me), but please, for 
the love of all that's good, get up and explore. There is 
honestly enough cool stuff to do to keep you occupied for 
the six years that the Aleutian Eskimo literature major you 
have been dreaming of may take you to earn. 






-■*■ .^ 




hAidnJRht Madness 

Maryland basketball is far more than a sport, it is an institution! On one night, 
the campus stops in its tracks to welcome back its superstars. The madness is 
infectious, the school pride thickens the air. Will the new team fill the shoes of 
last years heroes? Maryland basketball mania begins with Midnight Madness. 
This adrenaline pumped showcase debuts why we have all the right stuff on the 
court. From alumni scrimmages to a full on slam dunk contest, Maryland bas- 
ketball began this year like it has in the past, the show ends at midnight but the 
basketball fever bums all year long. 



Every year when the leaves are changing 
color, the air is getting crisp and cool, exams, homework, 
and other fun school events are in full swing, homecoming 
comes along. And the only thing that people are thinking 
about between the hours of 1 and 4 on Saturday is football. 
Amidst the tailgates, horrible parking, people running 
around, and adults remembering their college years, the 
homecoming festivities begin. This year homecoming was 
the day before Halloween, and the result? A whole lot of 
wired college students ready to party and high on sugar. 

Although we didn't win our football game, 
there was fun left and right to be had. There were people 
reliving memories, telling stories, attending dances, meet- 
ing people, and listening to music. Through out the week 
different groups, held seminars, gave tours and did philan- 
thropy events in order to celebrate Maryland and her his- 
tory. And one day, you too will return to the same football 
game, where the outcome doesn't matter, but the memories 
that you share with the people around you do. 

"Ti ^- 







mmf riffi,! 



Once a.y€ar to kick off a new school 
year, the Stude;itTJnion holds one of the biggest 
parties on campus for the fall. Commonly refered 
to as theAll-Nighter, this event houses shows, 
gameg; and prizes.This year many non-alcohohc 
dai)<5e parties were also added to the fun. 

Whether you were listening to our many 
fcappella groups, trying to get money in the 
^Chevy Chase money game, lunar bowling, or 
justing chillin' with your friends, you were 
probably having a safe, fun filled, alcohol free 





What to do ona 
Friday night 'i 

So your not 21, you don't a have a fake ID, or your just ncit into drinking... 
well contrary to what the kid down the hall is telling you, you kr ow, the one not 
doing so well in their classes, there is a world without alcohol here at Maryland! You 
could go to a sports game, play video games at the union, catch a movie, play pool, 
bowl, or attend a concert. 

Many organizations here at Maryland provide educational 
educational activites for students to particiapte in on the weekends. There are other 
things to do than attend lectures! ! One program implemented or campus is the 
Weekends at Maryland program, paying attention to Weekends at Maryland brings 
you the inside scoop on concerts brought to you be SEE, like Jinuny's Chicken 
Shack, or Loveline. So open your eyes and ears and party- your 
parents aren't here, and you have no curfew!!! 

and non- 

allowed- your 


y ^^&^ ca£^e^fe^ 



Joining a club is not only a great way to get involved, its a great 
way tro meet new people. Getting involved with a club is a gieat 
way to making sure your days are lilled with lullfillinr and busy 
event.s. Here at MAiyland we have clubs ranging from Student 
Governement to the ski teams. So turn off the TV. get out of 
bed, and get involved!! 




'^v ■<'■ 



StcccCc^t ^o^ac 

See ^%acCc(,ctC<^tt<i^ 

^Cac& S(e<d&tt Ticiitw 

The Black Student Union is an undergraduate umbrella organization that advocates 
the rights of Black students and acts as a liaison between the Black undergraduate 
community and the administration. The BSU represents the cultural, social, educational, 
and political interests and goals of the Black campus community. BSU homepage 

Located in the Nymburu Cultural Center the Black Student Union provides, educational and 
academic tools to help all students. These events range from workshops on how to get out of debt 
to guest speakers. Aside from educationally helping students the Black Student Union provides 
many social events. Some of them are Step Shows, talent shows, barbecues, dance parties and 
much more. One of the favorite events they sponsor is their Homecoming Ball which is an awesome 
way to meet new people and have a great time. 

The Black Student Union is a great way to get involved. This highly respected organization is a 
chance for all people to take leadership positions, learn more, help the community and just have a 
good time. 


Daryl Francis 

Vice President 

Melanee Farrah 

2nd Vice President 
Nicole Horseford 


Fred Stanley 

Executive Administrative QflScer 

Camille Adams 

Executive Office Manager 

Erica Thomas 

Executive Administrator 

Aaron Ferguson 

BSU Homecoming Ball '99 

"LTiTt TimeATolShine. In 1999" 


^o Attend Our.T. 


T^* Annual 



Thursday, October 28,M999 

..^ At 9pm ' 



Buffet Dinner Served At 10pm 


Homecoming King/Queen 
Crowned At Midnight 

Annapolis . 

a formed afftiir ' ,^ 

y r I lil;, v^*: ;v. - 

,Ticl<ets On Sale 

favB^gi Now! ^ ^p 


I General Admission 

Transportation Will 

Be Provided From 

Stamp Student 

Union At 8:30Pni 

For More Info 


StcCcCc^t ^%0'CCfi.^ 

On these pages: Chinese Student 
Association, Carribean Student Asso- 
ciation, Women-s Hockey Team, 
Ballroom at Maryland, Organization of 
Arab Students, Sketchup 


1999 Year in Review 

2 Players were selected to be All-ACC. These players were 
Kevin Healy (Goalie) and Chris Lamy (Defense). 

8.46 Goals were allowed by Kevin Healy in 1999 to rank him 
among the national leaders. 

9 Maryland's rank in the STX/USILA poll. 

22 ACC Championships have been won by the Maryland team. 

121 Goals were scored by Scott Hochstadt in his four year 
career. This put him fifth on the all-time goal scoring list. 

147 Games have been won by Head Coach Dick Edell at the 

University of Maryland. 

2473 Fans watched Maryland's final game of the 1999 season 
against UMBC at Byrd Stadium. 

Men's Lacrosse 

Sticie It! 

Whit Faris steals the hall 
away Imm his t)pponcnl and 
throws the ball diivMilield. 

Senior Scott Hochstadt played in every 
game this season and scored 30 goals. Here 
he jumps above an opponent to pass the hall 
to LaChapelle. 

David Rose runs down the 
field to pass the ball to his 
teammate Brian Haggerty. 

David scored one goal this 
season aaainst Duke. 



W 13-5 





Pcnn State 

W 19-10 


W 11-6 



North Carolina 

W 13-7 





Johns Hopkins 

L 13-3 


L 15-6 




W 15-11 



Record 9-5 

ACC 1-2 

Against Duke. Brian Zeller 
lines up to take a shot against 
their defense. He succeeds 
by scoring one of his 24 
goals of the season in this 

Women's Lacrosse 

GtoeiKQ in ^lii GonSiSt£RCL) 

1999 Year in Review 

3 NCAA records were set in the champion- 
ship game. The Terps scored the most goals in one 
half ( 11 ), the most goals in one game (16), and had 
the largest margin of victort( 10). 

4 Maryland players won ACC Player of the 
Week honors. These players were Jen Adams (3), 

Quinn Carney, Allison Comito (2), and Alex 

5 Consecutive national titles are held by the 
University of Maryland. 

6 Players were named to the All-ACC team, 
the most in the league. 

7 Career-high goals in one game were scored 
by Allison Comito against Georgetown, Jen Adams 
against North Carolina, and Christie Jenkins 
against Harvard. 

15.75 Goals were scored on average per game 
which broke a school record. 

21 Wins concluded the 1999 championship 
season with a perfect record. 

117 Points were scored this season by Jen 
Adams. Along with that record, she also broke a 
school record with 71 goals. 

331 Goals were scored this season by the Terra- 
pins. This broke the old record of 286 goals. 



•Jt '.i 

National Coach of the Year Cindy Timchal 
answers questions from reporters after the 
Women's Lacrosse team won the NCAA 

Front: Debbie W'hcul, laiu loian, Meghan K.ell>. Becky Shank, Kn.slin Liav.lord, Courtney 

Martinez , Jen Adams 

Middle Row: Wendy VanNorden, Annie Morris, Kerri Mulligan, Kim Blouin, Alex Kahoe, 

Fon Muttamara, Meghan McNamara, Tricia Ward, Allison Comito, Tracie Millon. Courtney 


Back Row: Trainer Jim McVoy, Trainer Lee Wis niewski. Head Coach Cindy Timchal, Quinn 

Carney, Meg Carrington, Meredith Egan,Victoria Wellington, Christie Jenkins, Kristin 

Sommar, Danielle Markette, Melanie Goddard, Tonia Porras, Assistant Coach Sarah Forbes, 

Assistant Coach Cathy Nelson, Assistant Coach Gary Gait. 

Kristen Sommar leads the 
pack to pocket the ball. She 
had a career-hifgh five goals 
against Towson. 

Christie Jenkins streches out 
her arm to catch the ball before 
her Georgetown opponemy can. 
She went on to score 2 goals in 
this game and 55 for the 


Penn State 

W 12-8 



North Carolina 

W 13-7 


W 18-8 




W 14-4 


W 18-3 

Old Dominion 

W 16-9 


W 23-5 

James Madison 

W 12-11 

Towson State 






William and Mary W 14-4 | 

North Carolina 

W 19-17 

ACC Tournament 





W 17-9 



Penn State 



W 16-6 

Record 21-0 

Forward Meredith Egan leaps 
iiigher than her opponent to 
catch the ball. Egan played in 
all 21 games this season and 
scored 12 goals. 

Men's Baseball 

T)eieM(iA£jd. to ^in 

Ciitchcr Kevin McDonald scoops up a short 
hop 111 Iroiil of the philc dunng a Terrapin 

1999 Year in Review 

.336 Batting average, held by Craig Munroe, was the 

highest in 1999. 

2 Terps were named ACC Player of the Week. 
They were senior left fielder Eric Beer and senior 
lefthander Tom Curtiss. 

3 Round to which Maryland advanced in the ACC 

4 Games were televised in 1999 which broke a 
school record. Two of these were at Shipley field. 

8 Seed that Maryland entered in the ACC Tourna- 

52 Bases were stolen by junior outfielder Larry 
Long which is a new record for career stolen bases. 







L 15-0 

Elon College 


Elon College 

W 14-3 

Elon College 








James Madison 

T 3-3 

VA Commonwealth 



W 15-7 








W 14-7 

Georgia Tech 


Georgia Tech 


Georgia Tech 

L 13-0 

Towson Slate 


Coppin Slate 



W 12-5 


W 2 1 - 1 3 


W 15-12 

1 Inward 

W 10-5 


W 14-2 

North Carolina 


North Carolina 

L 17-5 

North Carolina 



L 10-7 

NC State 


NC Slate 


NC State 


George Washington 

W 11-8 

UMD-Eastem Shore 


UMD-Eastem Shore 





L 15-3 



Towson State 



L 12-3 

Coppin Stale 

W 10-3 

Coppin Stale 



L 12-5 



Florida State 


Florida Stale 

L 13-4 

Florida State 


Towson State 

L 13-11) 

James Madison 

L 10-5 

Wake Forest 

L 16-7 

Wake Forest 


Wake Forest 




Florida State 


North Carolina 




Record 23-33-1 

Hurling from the hill, Ryan 
Fleetwood concentrates on 
the strike zone. Each pitch 
carefully placed brought the 
team one out closer to 

■*J^ ■■iit>ilrti'i'nmniw>imfc> 

Larry Long goes up and 

makes the catch on the 
warning track to save an 
extra base hit from a Terrapin 
opponent. He w as known for 
his great field percentage of 

it 1 'F 

.Stretching as far as possible, 
first baseman Chuck Easter 
makes the out. He was as 
consistent at bat as he was in 
the field with a batting 
average of .314. 

On .ScniDi l)av Kric Hft-r. loni ( iitriss. 
Aaron McFarling, Casey Trout, and Mike 
Wooden stand as Mike Ginsberg is named 
and steps forward taking off his hat. 

Danielle Carpenter, Fawna 
Lackovic, Amy Sandler, and 
Kiesha Pickeral join back 
up at the circle after Danielle 
strikes out another batter. 

Women's Softball 



lUmr "''45 /jUD 



Front Row: Sara Putnam. Danielle Carpenter. Kiesha Pickeral, Michelle Burrell. Chrissy Miller 

Second Row: Head Coach Gina LaMandre. Kim Miller, Annmarie Browne. Fawna Lackovic. Amy 

Sandler, Angle Zittle, Brooke Maslo, Assistant Coach Rachel Lawson 

Third Row: Amanda Bettker, Janet Richmond, Beth Radford, Courtney Madea, Jennifer Potzman. 

Holly Baldwin 

Top Row: Tisha Killian, Kelly Shipman 

1999 Year in Review 

3 Terps were named All-ACC. These players 

were Kiesha Pickeral (First Base), Jennifer Potzman 
(Shortstop), and Kelly Shipnian (Pitcher). 

13 hinings were played in the longest game in 

Maryland's history. Freshman Kiesha Pickeral was 
credited with the game-winning RBI on a sacrifice fly 
in the top of the l.^th. 

21 Maryland's rank by the National Fastpitch 

Coaches Association. This rank helped the Terps to be 
first seed in the ACC Tournament. 

51 Wins were recorded this season for the Lady 


68 Hits gave Kiesha Pickeral a school record for 

hits in a single season. 

290 Strikeouts were pitched this season by Kelly 
Shipman. Along with this school record, Kelly also 
broke the records for most wins (32) and shutouts ( 14). 

507 Team hits in a saeson broke the record for UMD. 


Against Long Island, Beth 
Radford gets in her ready 
position to receive the ball. 
Beth, unlike other catchers, 
calls her own pitches. 

Kelly Shipnian pitches a 
strike against the team from 
North Carolina. Kelly 
tlnished her career with 
most of the pitching and 
hitting records. 


Florida Intl 

W 4-0 

Florida Atlantic 




Nicholls Slate 

W 9-0 

South Florida 

W 1-0 









South Carolina 








East Carolina 



W 13-0 








W 1-0 


W 11-0 

Notre Dame 






South Carolina 


Florida A&M 




Georgia Southern 

W 5-3 

Iowa State 


Florida Atlantic 

W 10-1 

Florida State 


Penn State 


Long Island 


Long Island 


Florida State 

W 5-3 

Florida State 




Ohio Slate 

W 11-3 




W 10-0 


W 16-4 



Southern Miss 










Towson State 


Towson State 






Georgia Tech 


Georgia Tech 






North Carolina 


North Carolina 

W 5-4 

La Salle 


La Salle 

W 5-0 





George Mason 


George Mason 


South Florida 


South Rorida 

W 5-3 







Georgia Tech 




Southwestern LA 



W 1-0 







Record 52-22 

Men's Track 

Go Speed PaceA 

1999 Year in Review 

4 Team members: Jason Joubert, 

Dontae Bugg, John Carr, and Cedrick 
Rogers, and the 4 x 100 and 4 x 400 relay 
teams qualified for the IC4A Champion- 

51.92 Seconds in the 400 hurdles placed 
Jason Joubert 5^" in the IC4A Champi- 
onships and achieved a personal record. 

110 Hurdles were dominated by Donyae 
Bugg. He performed a career-best time of 
14.64 seconds in the JMU Invitational. 

3,000 Steeplechase time of 9:35.68 gave 
senior Matt Green 6^^ place at the JMU 

David Benaderet sprints 
around the last bend. 

Cedrick Rogers sliows good form as he 
sprints to the finish line in the Maryland 
Invitational. Rogers' specialty is the long 
jump and he took 8"' place with a leap of 
24- 1 in the Aggie Ail-Comers Meet. 

400 hurdler Jason Joubert 

shows incredible form here 
as he fights to be first to 
cross the finish line. He 
finished the 1999 season 
with 5 top 3 finishes and was 
the only point scorer for the 
Maryland team in the [C4As. 

Freshman Andrew Long 
placed second at the Mason/ 
Adidas Invitational in the 
shotput with a throw of 44-9 
feet. Overall, he finished 
with 10 top 10 finishes this 

Front Row: Brian Higgins. Xavicr Naldo, Matt Sasser. Tim Gilday, Eric Rodriguez, David 


Middle Row: Jaime LaFlcur-Vctter, Todd Sheridan. Shawn Sullivan, Jason Joubert, Richard 

Mahy, Eric Porges, James Gondak, Trevor Graves 

Back Row: Head Coach Bill Goodman, Andrew Long, Matt Green, Dontae Bugg, Asa Heath, 

Rodney Mcllwain, Jeff Williams, John Carr. Assistant Coach Donald Thomas, Assistant Coach 

Dan Rincon 

Front Row: Jonathan Murchison, Dan Kenshala, Ivan Nguyen 

Back Row: Kyle Cerminara, James Legal. T.J. Klier. Larry Chow, Head Coach Jeremy 


Men's Tennis 

GiWug a Hell A^ 

1999 Year in Review 

4 Singles wins each were racked up by T.J. Klier and Larry 

Chou this season which was a team-high. 

9 Seed in the ACC Tournament against North CaroUna State. 


Dan Kenshalo hits a 
forehand shot over the net to 
score a point in the doubles 
match with his partner Luan 
Nguyen against Mt. St. 
Mary's. They went on to 
win this match by a score of 




George Mason 






Georgia Tech 


F-lorida State 


North Carolina State 




Wake Forest 




Mt. St. Mary's 




NC State 


Record 4-10 

Kyle Cerminara uses two 
hands to return his 
opponent's serve. 

Senior James Legal serves 
the hall over the net in this 
match against Clemson. 
James scored the only point 
for the Terrapins in the ACC 
Tournament by defeating 
Deval Desai. 

Women's Tennis 

Qdlvq ik Goo/Li 

1999 Year in Review 

2 NCAA appearances have been 

made by the Terps while under Coach Jim 

4 Grand slamevents have been 

quaUfied for by Meg Griffin and 
Lorraine Bittles. which is the first time in 
MD history'. 

20 Wins this season made Meg 

Griffin the third Maryland women's tennis 
player to qualify for singles in the NCAA 


Rank in the NCAA Tournament. 

Xdrienne Paxeiko uses all her might ui haekhanJ the hall lo 
the olheiT side of the eoLirl in ihis match against George 

^^^^ t .. . 







^^'^ ^H^B^^^Ir '^HB^Hi^v 

f ^> \l av wmMm 


j^^^Hv 'MT ■'■:":' f^^^ 

^^S tmb^bBBm^H 



Front Row: Chrissie Terrill. Courtney Perkins. Curie, Stacy Walkowitz 
Back Row: Lorraine Bittles, Thea Ivanisevic, Meg Griftln, Adrienne Pavelko 

ITA's East Region Senior 
Player of the Year Meg 
Griffin shows her skill in 
this match against North 
Carolina State. Griffin was 
also selected AU-ACC for the 
second season by playing in 
the No. 1 singles and doubles 
spots for the Terps. 








William and Mary 




West Virginia 


G. Washington 






Florida State 


Arizona State 






Georgia Tech 




North Carolina 




NC State 


Wake Forest 


North Carolina 

L 5-3 


L 5-0 

Record 12- 


Chrissie Terrill forehands 
the ball over the net in this 
match against Syracuse. She 
won this match against her 
Virginia opponent. 

Men's Football 

Year in Review 

I Victory held back the Terps from quaUfying in their first 
bowl appearance since 1990. 

3 First team All-ACC selections were awarded to LaMont 

Jordan, Lewis Sanders, and Delbert Cowsette, the most since 

6 Games were played by the Terps in which they scored at 
least 30 points. 

7 Times this season, the Terps rushed for at least 200 yards 
in a game. 

II Punts of 50 yards or more by Brooks Barnard earned 
him third team Freshman All-America honors from The Sporting 
News . Barnard's average of 42.1 yards per punt was the best by 
a Terrapin since 1993. 

94 Spots were risen by the Terps in the NCAA rushing 
offense rankings since 
1997 (106th to 12th). 
2,545 Rushing yards 
were recorded by the 
Terps, the most by a 
Maryland team since 
1976 (2,874). 

Latrez Harrison looks 
quickly to get rid of the ball 
in his first college 
appearance at Florida State. 
He became the third true 
freshman to start at 
quarterback in the last two 





Western Carolina W51-0 

West Virginia 

W 33-0 

Georgia Tech 

L 49-31 

Wake Forest 

W 17-14 


L 42-30 

North Carolina 



L 25-22 

NC State 

L 30-17 

Florida State 

L 49-10 


L 34-30 



Tight end Eric James drags 
a North Carolina player 
down the field as he crosses 
the 20 yard fine. James 
caught three touchdown 
passes this season which is 
more than any tight end at 
Maryland since 1986. 

As an Ail-American running back. LaMont 
Jordan sprints ahead of the competition. This 
season. Jordan set the school record for single- 
game rushing yards (306) and had the most 
yards ever by an ACC junior and became the 
fourth junior in ACC history to have 3.000 
career yards. He ran for more yards than any 
other running back in the nation over the final 
six games of the season (1,101) and ended up 
fifth nationally in average yards per game 
( 148.4) in final NCAA rushing rankings. 

Freshman Scooter Monroe makes a great 
catch. He helped set the nation's standard for 
kickoff returns. Monroe had gains of 27 and 
19 yards. 

Marlon Moore holds the ball tightly as he 
runs down the field without anyone close 
behind him. This interception return for a 
touchdown highlighted his career this season. 

Quarterback Calvin McCall was 2nd among all NCAA Division I-A freshmen in total offense 
and passing efficiency and was named ACC Rookie of the Week twice. McCall completed 93 
of 179 passes (.520) for 1,264 yards and five touchdowns while breaking all major Maryland 
freshman passing and total offense marks. 

Men's Soccer 


Jason Cropley was chosen as a participant in the Umbro 
Select College All-Star Classic in February. He was the 
team's second-leading scorer in 1999 with seven goals and 
seven assists for 21 points. 

1999 Year in Review 

Scoring defense and shutout rank in the ACC. 

3 Terps were named to the Soccer America Team 
of the Week. These players included Jason Cropley, 
Scott Buete, and Taylor Twellman. 

4 Were named to the All-ACC team. They were 
Dan Califf, Jason Cropley, Beckett Hollenbach, and 
Taylor Twellman. 

9 Shutouts were recorded for the Maryland team 
this season. 

115 Career wins for head coach Sasho Cirovski. 

15,240 Fans saw the Terps play this season through 
17 games. 











W 1-0 



NC State 








VA Commonwealth 


North Carolina 


George Mason 


William & Mary 

W 1-0 



Wake Forest 










St. John's 

L 1-0 

Record 14-6 


Defender Nick Downing was named to 
Soccer America's All-Freshman team and 
played an integral role in the success of 
Maryland soccer last season. He also 
joined fellow Terrapin teammates Dan 
CaUff and Taylor Twellman on the U.S. U- 
20 National Team this past spring. 

Jason Sardis looks quickly 
down the field to pass the 
ball to the teammate Taylor 
Twellman is pointing to. 
Sardis was an explosive goal 
scorer, a great ball-handler 
with good speed and 

Midfielder Siba Mohammed 

gets great height against his 
opponent in order to headbutt 
the ball to a teammate. 

Jason Cropley gets into 
position to pass the ball to 
one of his teammates 
downfield. He recieved 
ACC player of the Week 


Front Row: Asst. Coach Jeff Rohman. Siba Mohanamed, Nick Purdon, Mike Shebuski. Erik 
Ozimek, Kevin Schmidt, Christian Lewis, Jacob Banas. A.J. Herrera, Nouf Tajini. Jason 
Sardis. Scott Buete. Goalie Coach John Pascarela 

Back Row: Head Coach Sasho Cirovski, Jason Cropley, Sumed Ibrahim, Nick Downing, 
Beckett Hollonbach, Dan Califf. Reed Rickert, Jamie Eichmann, Tyler Pharr, Brad Faulk, Rob 
Birch. Taylor Twellman, Tony Williams 

Freshman Valerie Lawrence 

tries hard to steal the ball 
away from her opponent. 
With two assists against 
Long Island, she tied the 
Maryland record for assists 
in an NCAA Tournament 

Kim King outruns her 
opponent to reach the ball 
first and dribble it down the 
field. King is the first 
Maryland freshman to score 
in her first two college games 
since Emmy Harbo. 

Women's Soccer 




. ^<rw»* -^g^ 

1999 Year in Review 

2 Seed in the ACC Tournament for the first time in history. 

4 ACC wins this season. This tied the school record. 

12 NCAA Tournament appearances have been made by Emily '*»••*•« 
Janss, Lindsay Basalyga, and Jackie Mynarski. 

25 Maryland's final NSCAA Ranking. 

58 Total career points rank Jackie Mynarski sixth all-time. 

95 Career games were played by Emily Janss to rank her sec- 
ond all-time at Maryland. 







isn m 


Front Row: Kim King, Terri Greer, Courtney Beime, Katie Kruse, Riki-Ann Serrins, Ali 
Wolff, Julie Nelson, Carrie Klotz, Dana Jarzyniecki, Emily Janss 

Back Row: Head Coach Shannon Higgins-Cirovski, Vita McKenna, Lindsay Basalyga, Sara 
Gustafson, Sally Harrison, Lindsay Givens, Jackie Mynarski, Carly Viher, Jenny Boyd, Valerie 
Lawrence, Asst. Coach Kerry Dziczkaniec, Asst. Coach Katherine Remy 


George Washington W 2-0 






L 1-0 





NC State 




James Madison 




William & Mary 


George Mason 








Wake Forest 

W 1-0 

North Carolina 


Florida State 




Wake Forest 


Long Island 


Penn State 


Record 11 - 


Captain goalkeeper Ali Wolff 
reaches as far as she can to 
stop the ball from going into 
the goal. She has the fourth 
highest career saves, fourth 
highest shutouts, and fifth 
highest career games played 
as a goalkeeper in school 

Sara Gustafson added great 
depth to the forward line this 
season as she started all 22 
games this season. Here she 
uses great footwork to get 
away from her opponent and 
downfield. Gustafson scored 
two goals including the 
game-winner in overtime 
against Duke. 

Women's Field Hockey 

Sticle r-t! 

1999 Year in Review 

.857 Save percentage held by Ashley Hohnstine 

to rank her the top goahe in the ACC. 


Rank in the ACC Championship. 

5 All- ACC selections: Caroline Walter, 

Rachel Hiskins, Keli Smith, Carla Tagliente, and 
Autumn Welsh. 

20 Wins this season made the second most 
wins in a season ever by the Maryland team. 

23 Career high goals were scored by Caroline 
Walter this season. She was named ACC Player of 
the Year. 

65 Consecutive games were started by Keli 
Smith and Carla Tagliente during their 3-year 
careers at Maryland. 

114 Goals were scored this season which broke 
a school record. The Terps were ranked No. 1 in 
the nation in scoring offense with a 5.6 goals per 
game average. 

Caroline Walter runs downfield to 
score a goal. Caroline tied for 7th 
place in the nation in total points 
and 10th in points per game. 

Carla Tagliente searches for her an 
open teammate so that she can pass 
the ball. Carla was named ACC 
Tournament MVP and received 
numerous awards. 


VA Commonwealth W 13-0 



Old Dominion 

L 5-3 









Ball State 




Wake Forest 






James Madison 








Old Dominion 


North Carolina 






Wake Forest 




Old Dominion 






Record 24-1 

NCAA Champions 

Freshman Carissa Messimer 

fights for the ball with the 
help of another teammate. 

As a member of the 1999 
Lacrosse team, sophomore 
Megan Kelly has helped lead 
the two teams to a 40-1 
record. Here, she tries to get 
the ball on the ground in 
order to hit it downfield. 

Front Row: Jamie Sauer. Carissa Messimer, Emily Greway. Dina Rizzo, Dawn Christensen, Jackie Reilly 

Second Row: Caroline Walter. Rachel Hiskins, Carol Senkler, Megan Kelly. Angle Klingerman. Carli Harris. Molly 

Kauffman. Carla Tagliente. Sarah Rappolt, Emily Ward 

Third Row: Head Coach Missy Meharg, Asst. Coach Kate Kauffman, Coach Barry Kagan, Trainer Phyllis Sanders, 

Krisly Palchinsky. Keli Smith. Trainer Jason Badillo. Asst. Coach Steve Simpson. Asst. Coach Andrea Bradley 

Back Row: Lindsay Gorewitz. Zoe Ehrlich. Ashley Hohnsllne. Autumn Welsh 


Mount St. Mary's 


Navy Invitational 


George Washington Invitational 


Maryland Invitational 


Paul Short Invitational 


George Mason Invitational 


ACC Championships 


Men's Cross 



1999 Year in Review 

2 Terps finished in the top 50 at the ACC Tournament. Greg Vincent 

whose time of 26:5 1 .0 gave him a 39'" place finish. Sophomore Shawn 
Sullivan finished six seconds later, with a time of 26:57, and a 44'" place 

4 Terps finished in the top 10 at the George Mason Invitational. Greg 

Vincent took first place. Shawn Sullivan placed third, and freshman Zack 
Webb placed fourth, and Andy Gell placed 7th. 

9 Place finish for the Maryland team at the ACC Championships 

27:50.59 Gave Andy Gell a 165'" placed finish at the Paul Short Invitational, 
which broke his personal record. At the George Mason Invitational he placed 

78 Place Greg Vincent achieved at the Paul Short Invitational which was 
a personal best for him at 26: 10.24. 

Zack Webb's face is full of 
anguish as he sprints to the 
finish hne of his 8K race in 
second place. Webb's mark 
of 26:52.1 was enough for 
fourth place at the Navy 
Invitational with his best 
time all season. 

Shawn Sullivan sprints nght ahead of Zack 
Webb to finish first in the Maryland 
Invitational. His best time this season was at 
the Paul Short Invitational where he placed 
higher than any other Terp at 70th place with 
a trnie of 26:00.81. 

Women's Cross Country 

1999 Year in Review 

2 Lady Terps placed in the top 50 run- 
ners at the ACC Tournament. Elizabeth 
Ramage led the women's team with a time 
of 19:38.5 and a 44"^ place finish. Meghan 
White followed close behind with a time of 
19:56.2 and a 49'^ place finish. 

3 Terps were in the top 5 finishers at 
the Maryland Invitational. They were 
Kristin Lubas, Eve Lerner, and Lisa 

5 Top 10 finishers were from the Mary- 
land team at the George Mason Invitational. 
They were EHzabeth Ramage, Kery 
Seher, Kelly Crowley, Rebecca Mack, and 
Kristin Lubas. 

9 Place at the ACC Championships. 

29 Place Elizabeth Ramage received 
with a time of 18:29.70 at the Paul Short 
Invitational which was a personal record for 


Navy Invitational 


George Washington Invitational 


Maryland Invitational 


Paul Short Invitational 


George Mason Invitational 


ACC Championships 


Freshman Kristin Lubas 

finished in third place here at 
the Maryland Invitational. 
Her best time this season was 
at the Paul Short Invitational 
with a time of 19:16:46. 

Freshmen on the track team, 
Elizabeth Hess and Lora 
Stutzman compete in the 
Maryland Invitational. 

Women's Volleyball 

Spifee, It! 








James Madison 


Colorado State 








George Mason 






San Diego 


NC State 


North Carolina 




Florida State 




Wake Forest 






Georgia Tech 




Wake Forest 


Florida State 


Georgia Tech 






North Carolina 


NC State 


NC State 


Record 12 


Lindsay Davey gets good 
height as she sets the ball. 



Freshman Carey Brennan gets in good position to pass the 
ball to one of her teammate to hit over the net. She ranks 
second on the team with 2.65 kills per game and fourth with 
2.42 digs per game. 

Front Row: Autumn Wilson, Libby Alberts 

Middle Row: Carey Brennan, Lindsay Davey, Georgette Saba, Judy Shen, Amanda Ayres 
Back Row: Head Coach Janie Kruger, Asst. Coach Ssuie Homan, Nnenna Amobi. Beth Murphy, 
Kate Hannas. Maren Stuart, Willette Dority, Manager Shannon Toback. Trainer Drew Del 
Signore. Asst. Coach Paul Scheel 

Maren Stuart shows good form as she hits 
the ball from over the net. She averages 2.40 
blocks per game and posted a .361 hitting 


1999 Year in Review 

3.60 Team high average kills per game for Maren Stuart. She 

was named ACC Player of the Week. 

13 Beth Murphy's team high kills during the game against NC 
State in the ACC Championships. 

24 Career high kills for Carey Brennan in the game against 
Akron. She was named to the ACC All-Freshman team. 

Carey Brennan uses all her strength to spike 35 AssistS is a personal reCOrd for Llbby Alberts. 

the ball over the net. She has posted 10 or 
more kills 15 times this season. 


Go TeiLps! 

Dance Team 


Men's Basketball 

1999-2000 Season 

6 Career highs were set by Tahj Holden in the Wake Forest game. He set career highs 

in points scored (17), field goals made (5), field goals attempted (7), 3-pters made (3), 3- 
pters attempted (3), and total rebounds (6). 

10 Offensive rebounds were made by Lenny Baxter giving him a career-high during 
the Duke showdown. He also had a career-high 16 rebounds. 

11 Assists during the BB&T Classic Illinois 
game gave Steve Blake a new single game tourna- 
ment record. 

16 Career-high points were scored by Danny 
Miller in the UMBC game that surpassed his old 
high of 14 set twice before. 

17 Basketball players in Maryland history 
reached 1,000 points faster than Terence Morris. 
Terence was also 35th overall. 

27 Points were scored by freshman guard 
Drew Nicholas for a career-high during the game 
against Farley Dickinson. 

31 Career-high points were scored by Juan 
Dixon in the Georgia Tech game. 

71 Non-conference game home winning streak, 
the longest in the nation, is held by Maryland. The 
team completed an entire decade without a non- 
conference loss on its home floor. 

Junior forward Terence 
Morris goes up for an easy 
dunk against Illinois. This 
game added to Terence's 
streak of four games in 
which he scored 20 pionts or 

As center, Mike Mardesich 

blocks the Kentucky player 
from scoring. This game 
gave Coach Gary Williams 
his 200th career victory as 
Maryland's head coach. 

Point guard Steve Blake 
goes above Kentucky's 
Prince to score a jump shot. 
In the final minute, Steve hit 
three free throws to set a 
career-high and finish with 
16 points. 

Iowa players were no match 
for forward Lonny Baxter as 

he makes a layup under the 
basket. Lonny also had 10 
rebounds in this game. 

Sophomore Juan Dixon gets 
great height on this three- 
pointer against Tulane. Juan 
started out the second half by 
scoring the first ten points. 

1999-2000 Season 

29 Career points were scored by Tiffany Brown in the game 
against Clemson. 

32 Career-high points were scored by Marche Strickland in the 
game against Georgia Tech. She also drained five consecutive 3- 
pters in a 65-second span. 

52 3-point baskets out of 86 have been made by Tiffany Brown. 
This beat old records of 48 and 77 in just the 16th game of the year. 

97 RPI Ranking for the Maryland team, the highest in two 

Women's Basketball 

Sofed PeiL(jOMeAs! 

Front Row: Manager Vena Edmonds, Asst. Karen Schatz, Vicki Brick. Renneika Razor, 

Tiffany Brown, Marche Stricklnad, Brie Jackson, Manager Erin Kelly, Manager Johanna 


Back Row: Manager Azuree Salazar, Head Coach Chris Weller, Asst. Coach Christy Winters, 

Antonieta Gabriel, Ije Agba, Rosita Melbourne, Branka Bogunovic, Deedee Wariey, Cara 

Ferris, Tern Daniels, Asst. Coach Jimmy Howard, Asst. Coach Jeanette Armentano 

Renneika Razor shows her 
quickness here as she passes 
by her opponent. As a 
freshman. Razor came into the 
UNC game and had a career- 
high 15 points. 

Tiffany Brown shows her 
tremendous speed and ability 
here as she catches a pass 
from her teammate. Brown is 
known for her incredible 
ability to shoot three- 
pointers. Brown is the ACC 
leader with 4.3 treys through 
six league contests. 

As a consistent and steady player, senior 
Cara Ferris averaged last season 7 points 
and 3.5 rebounds per game. She uses her 6-1 
height to steal the ball from the other team. 

Men's Swimming 


During the 1999 season. P.J. Stojadinovic broke the school records in the 1000-yard freestyle and the 500- 
yard freestyle. His time of 9: 13.01 in the 1000-yard freestyle also set a pool record. 

1999 Year in Review 


Johns Hopkins 

W 150-30 

NC State 

L 142-99 


W 206-74 


W 175-100 


W 228-54 

George Washing 


W 152-135 


W 159.5-128.5 


W 129-114 

North Carolina 

L 188-105 

Virginia Tech 

W 208-89 


L 135.5-100.5 



6 Maryland's place at the ACC Tourna- 
ment with 315 points. Kevin Burke was 
named ACC Most Outstanding Diver. 

100 Fly by Aaron Peterson broke the all- 
time men's record with a time of 48.45. 

200 Medley Relay team consisting of 
Drew Childs, Jason Ward, Aaron 
Peterson, and M. Childs broke the school 
record with a time of 1 : 30. 1 9 


400 Medley Relay team consisting of 
Drew Childs, Jason Ward, Aaron 
Peterson, and M. Childs broke the school 
record with a time of 3:18.20 

on Ward returned to 
the team this year with the 
top team times in the 100- 
and 200-yard breastroke 
and the 200-yard IM. 

Drew Childs broke the 
100-yard backstroke record 
in 1999 with a time of 
49.72 seconds. 


All-American diver Kevin Burke was named 
lo the All-ACC team. In 1999, Burke won 
ihe three-meter diving competition in the 
ACC Championship. 







^ ..^ 

Women's Swimming 

Peiisorf QeHoidsl 

^"^^ "^^ m 

Katy Novotny was a 1 999 honorable 
mention Ail-American and the top returning 
point scorer for the Terps. She holds the 
school record in the 50-yard freestyle and the 
100-yard backstroke. 


Johns Hopkins 

W 167-30 

NC State 

W 138-104 




W 201-87 


W 184-115 

George Washin 


W 219-80 


W 187-103 

North Carolina 

W 150-149 

Virginia Tech 

W 200-99 


L 154-86 

Record 9 ■ 




> > 


Kim Piotro was the ACC 

Champion in the 200 
freestyle beating her own 
record with a time of 
1 ;48.38. She was named to 
the All-ACC team. 

1999 Year in Review 

1:48.40 Senior 
Kim Piotro's time 
in the 200-yard 
freestyle at this 
year's ACC Champi- 
onships beating her 
1998 winning time 
by .05 seconds. 

3 Players were 
named to All-ACC 
team: Piotro, 
Hough, and 

4 Swimmers 
advanced to the 
NCAA Champion- 
ships and all of them 
earned Honorable 
Mention All- 
America honors: 
Piotro, Bowman, 
Novotny, Solomon. 
24 Rank in the 
College Swim 
Coaches Association 
of America 
(CSCAA) poll. 

33 Maryland's 
place at the NCAA 
Championships with 
4 points. It marked 
the first time the 
terps scored at the 
NCAA meet since 

Katy Novotny finished third in the 100-yard backstroke at the 1999 ACC Championships, as well as scoring 
points in the 50-yard freestyle and 100-yard freestyle. 

1999 Year in Review 

.526 Winning percentage Coach Bob Nelligan has earned in his 21 years 
here. He was honored as SE Region and EAGL Coach of the Year. 

8 Rank as all-around gymnast for Gillian Cote as well as No. 7 beam 

gymnast in the country. She was named EAGL Rookie of the Year. 

11 Rank for Kit Johnson on beam. She earned first team all-EAGL 
honors on beam and vault. 

12 Members were named to the EAGL All-Academic team this season, the 
most for the Terps in the four-year history of the EAGL. 

13 Years passed since MD was respresented in the individual all-around 
competition at the NCAA championships this yeai" by Laura Moon and 
Gillian Cote. 

194.125 Points were scored by Maryland to win fourth place at the 1999 
NCAA Southeast Region Championships. 


Sttcle r-t! 

Gillian Cote performs on the uneven bars. As a first team All-EAGL selection on bars, 
Gillian led the team and recorded all-time high scores on bars three times. At the Southeast 
Region Championships, she placed third with a score of 9.825. Gillian's career high score on 
the uneven bars is 9.9. 


Ciillian Cote arches her body 
to do the perfect vault at the 
EAGL Championships. She 
got a score of 9.775 that 
placed her seventh place. 
She was a second team AU- 
EAGL selection on vault and 
broke the all-time all-around 
record four times with a 
career high score of 9.825. 




GW Invitational 




Governor's Cup 


Temple, WVU 


George Washington 


Towson State 




Wolfpack Invitational 




EAGL Championships 2nd 

NCAA Tournament 


Gillian Cote tapes her wrists 
and concentrates on her next 
performance. For three 
weeks, she was EAGL 
Gymnast of the Week. This 
season, Gillian competed in 
all 13 of the Terps' meets for 
all-around, recorded scores 
of 39. 150 or better in six 
meets, and won the all- 
around competition in five 

Karyn Fein competes here 
on beam at the Governor's 
Cup where she p'aced third. 
Her career high on the 
uneven bars is 9.725. She 
tied for 28th on bars with a 
score of 9.625 in the NCAA 
SE Region Championships. 



The Gymkana Troupe was founded at 
the University of Maryland in 1946 and has 
traveled all over the United States and 
abroad promoting gymnastics and drug-free 
lifestyles. It is sponsored by the College of 
Health and Human Performance. Member- 
ship is equally divided between men and 
women with majors in nearly every college 
and a 3.2 overall GPA. 

Today, Gymkana continues its tradi- 
tion of presenting exhibitional gymnastics 
and is believed to be the last collegiate 
exhibitional gymnastic organization still 
touring the United States. Membership is 
open to all University of Maryland students, 
regardless of their gymnastic ability. Most 
members join with little to no experience, 
but with much willingness to learn and 

Every show is a blend of gymnastics with acro- 
batics, from flips through a blazing hoop to handstands 
on a stack of chairs. There are three basic types of acts 
that Gymkana offers: traditional apparatus, acrosport, 
and circus-type novelty acts. One event is three men 
standing on the rungs of two ladders holding tightly 
while six women perform a choreographed routine for 
six to eight minutes. In another dangerous act, called 
the "double mini-tramp," two trampolines are welded 
together, with gymnasts jumping from one to the other 
before landing on a floor mat. 

Year in Review 

2 Terps were named ACC Wrestler of the 

Week this season: Josh Weidman and Jeremy 

2 Team members were named Student- 
Athletes of the Week. They were DeLoatch and 

3 Wins by an undefeated Rob Takseraas in 
duals at 133 pound weight class. 

4 Terps are heading to Nationals including 
York, Booth, Weidman, and Mansueto. 

6 Consecutive home wins by the Terps at 

Ritchie CoUseum. 

15 Rank of Brandon York by Amateur 

Wrestling News. 

18 NCAA Wrestling Qualifiers were 

announced by the ACC to compete. 

31 Wins by Brandon York this season, the 

most since Jim Guzzio in 1996-1997 (39-2). 

244 Total dual points in the first 10 matches 

during this 1999-2000 season. 

263 Career wins by head coach John McHugh. 



Club and 



y\M£ies ofj Today 

SupeilStQAS 0|j Toh/lOWLOd 

reek Life 

College is a chance for us to grow up. The transition to 
adulthood can be a rocky road. Sometimes we all need a 
little help from our brothers and sisters to come out on top 
and achieve in a large school like ours. The Greek system 
offers us the opportunity to meet people with the same 
interests as ours. With grades higher than the men's and 
women's average, amazing community service programs, 
and a circle of friends, the Greeks are trailblazing their 
way to becoming adults, and helping a few others along 
the way too. 

So you want to Go Greek! 

Feeling like the campus is to big? Your missing that large crew you had at home? Going Greek is a great way to mm a large campus 
into a small one. The Greek system on this campus consists of over 50 different greek organizations ranging from academic, to service, to 
social. Our Greek Row has been featured in movies and commercials and is generally seen as the ideal Greek row. Greeks on this cmpus 
participate and sponsor many activities, workshops, philanthropy, and other social events. 

The two main Greek events would be Homecoming and Greek week. These two weeks consists of talent shows, parties, and other 
events specifically for Greeks. It is common to see many alumni floating around houses during these times reminiscing about there times here 
at maryland and there Brothers or Sisters. 

Greek Life at Maryland is a great way to get a great group of fHends real quick. It is also a way to find a group of people who share 
the same interests, are going through the same trials, and are Hi 




Greek Houses 



You've made it! Four or Five of the most grueling and fun years 
of your lifeare coming to a close, you" ve laughed, you've cried, 
and now its time to see some of those faces you haven't seen 
since you were a reshmen. Pick up the phone, give them a call! 
Never forget your friends, past and present, and congratulations 
for all your hard work! 

The Class of 2000.... 






.' . .Hui 



T-Ei. ymm. mm. 


'^ -""-'i' ■ -^' ' ' ^^^^^Hfll^B' 1 \ 

^ _ " .--*:-^ 

=- - '- ^""i^ ".-,«. 

LL ■ -. 'i.LL„-. X..:.L... .....^ 






Elissa Aaronson 
Mujadala Abdul-Majid 
Maria Abele 
Meghhann Abell 

Lucia Alcantara 
Kenneth Alford 
Theresa Allan 
Joshua Allen 

Leanne Alvarez 
Juan Amaya 
Ferdousi Amin 
Alexis Amorose 


leaving worthy evi 

Edie Anderson 
Derek Andrew 
Sandra Arez 
Mohamad S. Arief 

Jovonni Armstead 
Craig Askinazi 
Neil Anstey 
Latrecia Anthony 

through tim 

of your passage. 

Pope Joh/XXIII 

Adrienne M. Augustus 
Ragnhild Aukland 
Thelma Ayensu 
Luigi Baccala 


Sarah Bacchus 
Bambi Bademosi 
Jason A. Badillio 
Li son Baer 

John Bafford 
Renata S. Baginski 
Dan Baglio 
Mariama Bah 

Bett}' Bahadori 
Corey M. Bailey 
Kari Baker 
Stephanie Baker 

Rebecca Baldwin 
Erica Balzer 
Harriet Banda 
Lena J. Bansal 

Regina Baptista 
Ronald Barbagallo Jr. 
Pache Barcliffe 
Stefan Barney 

Jodi Barr 
Hagit Barrett 
Kristen Barrett 
David A. Barter 



\ ts^ 





H'^ ^\ 

r \ 



^^ft" m\tk'^\ 








V i 

Marina Bary Shev 
Kalherine Bassll 
Jill Basso 
Surah Battistello 

Angela Battisti 
Aaron Baum 
Sonia Baum 
Allison Beall 

Daniel Becker 
Chans Beckom 
Corey Belfus ^ 
Kaira Bell 

Marialina Bello 
Josyln Bedojf 
Adria Belshman 
Natasha Ben 

Ralph J. Bencivenga 
Brian M. Bender 
Susan Bender 
Rhyne Beniga 

Barn M. Ben 
Gina M. Best 
Katherine Betancourt 
Cara Biibiani 

Adam Bier 
Landa Bienibaum 
Felecia Bishop 
Kern' Black 

Rebecca Blaha 
Amber Blake 
Resha Bland 
Laura Block 

Lauren Block 
Jason Block 
Susan Block 
Alayna Boerger 










Bryan Boggio 
Kristen Bohaker 
Frank Bohrer 

Brian Bond 
Valerie Bonhomme 
Melanie Bonkowski 
Lisa Bonnel 

Brent Bomeman 
Kyle Bosket 
Eric S. Bouchard 
Jean Bouet 




IH^ jL 

_J^SF'' """^^^^^ 



Timothy Bowen 
Thomas Bowen Jr 
Julie A. Bradfield 
Erica Brams 

Tuere Brannum 
Jessica Brause 
Corey Braxton 
Jessica Brendel 

Catherine Caniglia 
Leah Carlson 
Ian Carls son 
Nneka Cannichael 

John Carr 
Aiuirik Carrasco 
Jamille Carter 
Chanea Carv 

Ryan Cesaitis 

Elias Chaaya 
Ivanhoe Chan 
Sun Chan 

Adam Chazanoff 
Neil Chelliah 
Chung Chen 
Gavin Chen 

s'-^sBl 4S?r 

Jo-Hsin Chen 
Wai Ling Cheng 
Ekaine Cheong 
Mallarie Chester 

Amy Chuzmir 
Ed Cinotti 
Nickie Ciojfe 
Shiianna Clarke 

Walter Cchtsw 
April Cqff "t 
Aaron Cofen 
Adam J. 

liana Colven 
Jason Mi' 
Joshua C^hen 

Michael Cohen 
Stephen Cohen 
Todd M. Cohen 
Candace Coleman 

Chris Collins 
Insana Q. Collins 
Kimberly Collins 
Sonia Columbano 

Micah Colvin 
Kathleen A. Combs 
Maria T. Comulada 
Brandon Conroy 

Pain CiWtn'i 
Paul CordertHiu 

Robin Comelison 
Johnathan Couchman 
Pamela Coupard 
Dana Covotiz 

Katherine Coyner 
Kelly Cramer 
Jennifer Craten 
Chrystie Crawford/ 

\icole Crisafiilli 
Shanica Crosland 
Maria Crosson 
Randy Cuffe 

Sarah Cummings 
Melanie Cunningham 
Kevin Citrrie 
Kellv M. Cutler 

Anne Czinsy 
Marcelo D 'Aiflico 
Rachel D 'Angela 
Chih-Wei Dai 

Marina Damico 
Marcela Dan 
Betn Daniel 
Alyssa Davey 

Tania Davila 
Everett Davis 
Jennifer Davis 
Pamela Davis 

Renai Davis 
Nicole Defmo 
Allison Deily 
Laura Del Vecchio 

Mauhco Dela Cruz 
Gilimi DelaCruz 
Maria Deleon 
Matthew Deljino Jr 

Jeanine Delikat 
Candyce Deloatch 
Marcella J. Demers 
Sarah Demtna 

Victoria Dempsey 
tjchi'la Denaro 


Lindsey Devins 
Dyan Diamond 
Matthew Diamond 
Rvan Dietrich 

-». »~- «f 

— flS?*i 


Aredena Diggs 
Katie Dill 
Bryan Dilleliay 
Leon Ding 

Nicole Dingle 
Tekeema Dixon 
Chat Do 
Meghan Dodds 

Divya Dolania 
Jitle Dolci 
Catherine Doll 
Lxiuren Donn, 

Michael Draminski 
Deborah Dratch 
Jason Dreisbach 
Carly Driban 

David Drishpon 
Chrisitina Dmmgoole 
Doris Duan 
Christopher Duke 



m^ " 

m^ '^^H 





Allison Dunn 
Kristen Dyal 
Ryan Eagle 
Natalie Edwards 

Joseph Ellis 
Summer Ellis 
Mdim Elly — 
John Enama 

Kann Entrop 
Alicia L. Ephraim 
Margarita Escarfullet 
Scott Eskow 

Jessica Estes 

Yim - ent Estivlla 

Bevin Etienne 

Takeisha Everett 

Omoniyi Fajemidupe 
Monica Fall 
Akin Falodun 
Ah'ssa Feinstein 

Nicolas Festino 
Shari Alayn Ficklin 
Kristal Field 
Donna Fields 

Nonnan Fields 
Jacob Figelman 
Danielle Fiore 
Kevin Fischer 

Colleen Fitzgerald 
Kelley Fitzgerald 
Timothy Fitzgerald 
Scott Flax 

Rebecca Flynt 
Muneera Fontaine 
Elka Forbes 
Vitalia Forbes 

Laura Fortenbaugh 
Vicki Franks 
Michelle E. Frazier 
Arlene Freedberg 

Patrick Frias 
Dana Friedman 
Jamie Friedman 
Leonard Frieson Jn 

Eric Fulton 
Krist}' Gable 
Sean D. Gage 
Angela Gaitan 

Michael Galbraith 
Matthew Gallagher 
Thelma Garay 
Brian J. Garber 

Nayeli Garcia 
Alicia Gardener 
Amy Gardner 
Ronald Gardner 

James Garrett 
Kimberly Garson 
Jason Gebbia 
Jiinia Geisler 

Shad Gelbnan 
Maria George 
Divina Geronimo 
Karen Gibson 

Rodney Giddens 
Feni.x Gilbert-Manni 
Stacia Gilliard 
Anthony Gino 

Christopher Giordano 
Nicole Girard 
Matthew M. Glauner 
Tracx Gletow 

Brian Glick 
Elizabeth Glynn 
Lynda Gnago 
Jacqueline Godin 

Scott Goff 
Jill Goldblatt 
Samuel Goldgeier 
Anna D. Goldman 

Jessica Goldschmidt 
Kimheiiy Goldston 
Michael Golob 
Aileen Gonzales 

Rocio H. Gonzalez 
James Goodlatte 
Seth Goodman 
Sara Gordon 

Zoe Gordon 
Jefferey Gore 
Melissa Gonnley 
Stephen Gormley 

Needra Graham 
Jacob Grannell 
Michelle Grant 
Lisa Greenawalt 

Jennifer Greenhalgh 
Elana Greenstein 
Jeanne L. Gregor 
Cassandra Grenade 

Terrez Griffin 
Thomas Griffith 
Marcus Griswold 
Andrew Grollman 

Dave Groothuis 
Melissa Grubbs 
Kimberly Guardino 
AnaMaria R. 

Tasha Guglik 
Derek Gunn 
Michael Gurtz 
David Guthaim 

Jorge Gutierrez 
Feh Gwanyalla 
Kristen Hackford 
Grant Hacklex 

Rachel Haggar 
Laura I. Hagy 
Jane Hahn 
Danielle Hall 

Jainilu Hull 

Brian Halulko 
James F. Hammon I Jr. 
Genifer Handelma ' 

Adam Handler 
Jessica Hanley 
Kevin Hanley 
Andrea Hanlon 

Nazik Haouari 
Kenneth Hargy 
Bobby Harris 
Con' Harris 

Carla Harrison 
Stefan Harroo 
Jennifer Hartnett 
Kelly Harwood 

Hazel Harrington 
Kevin Healy 
Erin Heath 
Andrew Heilman 

Brook Hellie 
John Helmer 
Alison Hennig 
Bemice Henrigues 

Aisha Henry 
Lenwortli Heniy 
Rachel Herbst 
David Herman 

Tiffany Hester 
Alisa Hicks 
Fares Hijazi 
Tyra Hill 

Shannon Hillery 
Amanda Hillman 
Nicole Hinds 
Elisa Hines 

Lawn Hines 
Tonya Hinnenkamp 
Felicia Hint on 
Justin Hirsch 

Randi Hobennan 
Carlo Hodge 
Missy Hodgson 
Daniel Hojfacker 

H igan 


Kimbeiiy Holmes 
Eve Holston 
Keri Homm 
Kandice Horsey 

Rikki Horton 

Ben Hoult 

Kara Michelle Houston 

Chloe-Mai Howard 

Matthew Howard 
Diana Lynn Howe 
Steven Hrize 
Shuxian Huang 

Daniel Hughes 
Rena Hull 
Vanetta Hunte 
Pashen Hutton 

Hung Huynh 
Yolanda Hyman 
Jessica Ismart 
Anthony lyamu 

Steven Jack 
Julie Jackson 
Rachel Jacobson 
Shaun Jacobson 

Umaru Jalloh 
Marlena Jalowiec 
Deepa Jandhyala 
Jackie Jantos 

m^ ^f 

^B^^- "^^^ ^^H. 



PHJ^Hwr ^^ 


9 • 


» • 

W' ^^ 

^|W.- ,^» 


Hk v~~ — ^ ^H 



\ m 


Jennifer Janett 
Rudy Jasmin 
Victor Jefferson 
Callian Jenkins 

Christie Jenkins 
Kirsten Jennings 
Robert Jenshoes 
Melissa Jepson 

Janniece Johns 
Amy Johnson 
Amthony Johnson 
David Johnson 

Naomi Johnson 
Stacy Johnson 
Tren/aine Johnson 
De/salxn Jolley 

Jessica Jones 
Stephanie Jones 
Terrence Jones 
Tiffany L. Jones 

Sean Q. Jones 
jn'A- Jorgensen 

ithon D. Joseph 
Volhde Judkins 

Karen Jung 
Min Jung 
Michael Justs 
Navin Kadambi 

Alexandra Kahoe 
Jessica Kalinger 
Susan Kalla 
Radwan Kalo 

Anoop Kalsi 
Didier Kamla 
Melissa Kanapaux 
Emily Kane 


Shihwen Kang 
Eli Kaplan 

Melissa Kapusckinski 
Nitr Karabal 

Mark Karch 
Jennifer Karlin 
Dror Kami 
Courtney Katz 

Tina Kaufinan 
Anjali Kaushiva 
Jonathan Kavner 
Michael Kay 

Mariaina Keitta 
Curtis Kelemen 
Melissa Kellstrom 
Justin A. Kempler 

Jason Kendall 
Katherine Kennedy 
Christopher Ken- 
Jeffrey Kessler 

Lauren Kessltr 
Nazneen Kcy^s 
Heather Keys 
Laura Keys 

Monika Kheay 
Harry Kim 
Kihyun Kim 
Myung Kim 

Richard Kim 
Scott Kim 
Susan Kim 
Raymond Kin 

Jeremy Kinde 
Mazazo H. Ki 
Amber Rose 

Stephanie Kii 
Kelly Kish 
Elizabeth Kla 
Lauren Klein 










•J .J 


(mSJJJJ', 4««i»»-\ ▼ 



^^^ y^^^ 


.^^' ^^ 


^^^^^^^^^^ v^^H 






m } 

1 '^ --* f 



^ "--' 



y - — 



^^^ ^^ 

^ . 

Jy ^^^ 

^^^^m! l^^l 



Trtra Klimovitz 
Jordan Kloin 
Scott Kohen 
Paul Kohout 

James Kolakowski 
Jarett Konnerauser 
Sally Koo 
Rachel Kopp 

Sarah Komhauser 
Constantine Kozanas 
Megan Koziar 
Ethan Kraus 

Marisa Kravat 
Nathaniel Kronisch 
Christine Kuehl 
Amy Kulesza 

Shaila Kulkanii 
Jeffrey Kusak 
Alexandra Kushel 
Peggy Kwong 

Jodi Kyler 
Woan Son Kyoung 
Adam Labelson 
Brooke Lafazan 

Jason Lagona 
David Lahuta 
Evagelia Laiakis 
Brian Laird 

Chun Lam 
Timothy Lam 
Marie Lamothe 
Danny Lane 

Allison B. Langfelder 
Brian Lappin 
James Lavsch 
Suzanne Lawrence 

Sean iMwton 
Daniel Layou 
Noah Lazar 
Caryn Lazerowich 

Megan Laziuck 
Omar Lazo 
Jennifer Leach 
Mark Lehida 

Lauren Leboe 
Brian Lee 
Ching Lee 
Deborah Lee 

Hoon Lee 
I -Wei Lee 
Julia Lee 
Kun sik Lee 

May l^e 
Seung lee 
Traces' Lee 
Matthew Leedham 

Valerie Lefevre 
Sariane Leigh 
Christopher Lemos 
Kimberh Lenliardt 

Lori Levin 
Seth Levy 
Lena Lewis 
Michelle Lewis 

Rita Lewis 
Talaia Lewis 
Rachel Librach 
Doug Lightman 

Jejfrey Lincow 
Audrey Linn 
Vane isa Linn i is 

Rebe 'cah Lippman 

Dam Lipslci 
Kind erly Litman 
Wei- "uei Liu 
Cam ece Loftland 

Denise Logsdon 
Kerri Long 
Larry Long Jr. 
Cristalle Lopez 

Roxanna Lopez 
Stephanie Lore 
Hamiony Louhe 
Jason Lucero 

Maiy Liiehkert 
Melissa Luksis 
Madelaine Lima-Puchuri 
Jennifer Lung 

Jonathan Lurie 
Christie Ma 

Hollic Mack 

Meryl Eden Made s 

E. Joudana Magdi 
Megan Magee 
Tara Malianti 
Rachel Main 

Amer Malik 
Daniel Moloney 
Anna Mamane 

Enrique Manan 
Jeanette M. Mandycz 
Danielle Mangold 
Muhammad Mansoor 

Farzad Mansouri 
Pablo R. Mantilla 
Joseph Marana 
Kristen Marburg 

Nicholas Marchica 
Michael Margolius 
Jessica Mariconda 
Benjamin Marks 

r<9 »- 



Sieohen Marks 
Jonathan Marlin 
Thomas Maronick Jr. 
Jeffny Marshall 

Brian Martel 
Flavio Martinez 
Morgan Martins 
Natalie Martins 

Richard Marttin 
Melissa Mason 
Steven Mason 
Miko Masterson 

Carlamaria Mata 
Heather Mathews 
1 Andrea Mathias 
Anna Matthews 

Lucian Mattia 
Biiana Maturi/ 
Lisa Mauck/ 
Kevin Ma 

Jennif/r McCllelland 

Nancy McCllenahan 
Joyelle McCullough 
James McEvoy 
Erin McGill 

Samanth Mclntire 
Martin D. Mcintosh 
Atny McLendon 
Kevin Mcrnahon 

Jennifer Mead 
Erik Meberg 
Erin Medea 
Wendy Mee 

Malinda Mehrtens 
Howard Meinster 
Nicole Mendez 
Timothy Mengers 


Deborah Menor 
James Mensah 
Frank Mentzel 
Brian Merfeld 

Heather Metzger 
Jared Meyer 
Erin Leigh Michael 
Rachel Michelson 

Dawn Miggins 
Cahhrysse Miller 
Carlo Miller 
Colleen Miller 

Aisha C. Mills 
Courtney Milne 
Amy Milroad 

Son Min 

Larhonda Mingo 
Emily Mink 
Margaret Mink 

Patricia Mischutin 
Nadji Mitchell 
Katy Mitgang 
David Mitola 

Megumi Miyamoto 
Eugene Mir 
Suzanne Idolen 

Todd Moody\ 
Gun Z. Moonh 
June Moore 
Norris Moore 

Amanda Morgan 
Jonathan Morgan 
Helena Morim 
Rhen Morris 

Tusca-Ray Morris 
Kareen Morrison 
Schuyler Morse 
Sharita Morse 

Lakrisha Morton 
David J. Mo sea re Ho 
Traci Moscowitz 
Mosheh Moskowitz 

All Motamedamin 
Reza Motamedamin 
Robert S. Moyer 
Joanna Mueller 

Mohammad A. Mujib 
Ai;nes Mukiti 
Kathleen Mulcahy 
Holy Mullikin 

Jason Munter 
Jonathan Murray 
Patience Musikikongo 
Candice Mustard 

Mindy Nacht 
Andrew Nadler 
Karam Nahas 
Eliza Nan'oez 

Allison Navratil 
Kendra Neilsen 
Michael Nelson 
Michael Nelson 

Shanelle Nelson 
Jocelyn Nemeroff 
Brian Nemeth 
Cara Nettleton 

Jonathan Neuman 
Alyson Newman 
Hope Newman 
Kelly Newsome 

Wing Yan Ng 
Supak Ngamsnga 
Mimi Ngay 
Robert Ngo 

Catherine Nguyen 
Cooky Nguyen 
Joseph Nguyen 
Maya Nguyen 

Vu Nguyen 

Michelle Niedzyviadek 
Teresa Niemiec 
Lupeave Nieuchowicz 

Dave Nieuchowicz 
Alyson Nimeth 
Matthew Nobleman 
Shervn Noel 

Wendy Nogales 
Jim Novatkoski 
Maria Nunez 
Adora Nwosu 

Gabriel-Erne Nwugwo 
William O'Connell 
Kathlenn O'Connor 
David OHara 

Michael O'Hara 
Patrick Ocheni 
Devta Ohh 
Babajide Onwubere 

Olivia Oneill 
Ming Wei Ong 
Phyliss Onwubere 
Elisabeth Orr 

Valerie Ortiz 
Margaret Ortzman 
Erik E. Osberg 
Nicole Otto 

Sara Pace 
Scott Palanjian 
Makendra Palm 
Brian Palmer 

Melissa Palmeri 
Patience Pantos 
Eun Park 
Eun-Jackie Park 

Kwanghoon Park 
Kye Park 
Denise Parker 
Heather Parker 

Jessica Parr 
Lea Pasternak 
Vinit Patel 
Tavares Patton 

Jamie Pauker 
Ireiia Pawlak 
Mqtthew Payne 
Charlotte Paxton 

Matthew Peery 
Katrina Pei 
Chien-Liang Peng 
Michael Percy 

Milton Perez 
Anthony Perry 
Bethany Perry 
Kirsten Pesti 

Jacqueline Peters 
Kimberlee Pezza 
Erin Pfeffer 
Jessica Pfeltz 

Anissa Philippy 
Simonique Phinn 
Jared Piche 
Jennifer Pilkey 

Elizabeth Pimper 
KinibeH^ Piotro/King 
John Pis 
Harpd Pine 

Shirley Politzer 
Shanya Polk 
Johanna Pomeroy 
Richard Porac 

Teresa Porrini 
Toni Porter 
Liza Porte us 
Mvma Portilli 

Ciji Partis 
Shara Posncr 
Harvey Powell Jr. 
Michael H. Premo 

Melissa Prosky 
Amy-Elizabeth Provost 
istine Pullen 
u Purdv 

Jennifer Qitang 
Claudia Quevedo 
Tiffany Ann Quinn 
Chen I Raah 

Daniel Ragan 
Mona Rahnama 
Sapn Ramchandani 
Surin Ramkisson 

Michelle Rampelt 
Patrick Randall 
Francesco Ranieri 
Erin Rappaport 

Ann-Monique Ras 
Sliamiin Rashid 
Eric Rassman 
Robi Rawl 

Eddy R Raymond 
John Rectanus 
Michael Rectanus 
Sara Reedy 

Margaret Reese 
Nancy Reese 
Alicia Reges 
Mera V. Reichman 

Terel Reid 
Patrick Reifsteck 
Jaini Reiner 
Andrea Reish 

Rande Knxes 
Michelle Ricciuti 
Sheehan V. Riihanl 

Melanie Rijkin 
Valerie Riggs 
Eric Rinaldi 
Linda Rinko 

Kristal Roache 
Douglas Rabbins 
Lillie Roberts 
Craig J. Robinson 

Keisha E. Robinson 
Adam Rocco 
Katherine Rockwell 
Shannon N. Rodgers 

Carl Radio 
David Roeiner 
En'in L. Rogers Jr 
Dan Roitinan 

Fmimi Romiluyi 
Kelly Root 
Rhea Roper 
Ariela Rosen 

Jonathan Rosenberg 
Michael Rouse 
Halee Rosensky 
Michael Rouse 

Tom Roussey 
Gail Rubin 

Rebecca Ruschmeier 
Charlotte Rwakazina 

Thomas Ryan Jr. 
Gabrielle Rydstrom 
Lindsay Sagal 
Mien Leslie Saint 

Aaron Saks 
Moshood Salami 
Jennifer Saleini 
Ellen Salvemini 

Neil Salvemini 
Dinesh Salvi 
Michael Sam 
Jana M. Samet 

Samantha A. Samiief 
Carly Samuel son 
Tammy Sanders 
Christina Sandrock 

Fatima Sanidad 
Alexander Sarau 
Alexandra Sardegna 
Behnaz Sarrami 

Michael A. Sarzo 
John Sasser 
Stephanie Saunders 
Christa Sawyer 

Joel Scales 
Aaron Scalise 
Maureen Scanlon 
Jessica Schaffer 

Apostolia Schiza 
Kerri Schissel 
Nurit Schmerler 
Erin Sclunoll 

Kristina Schneider 
Brian Schoenfelder 
Michael Schor 
Chris Schroeder 

Brenard Schultz 
Christina Schwalm 
Carrie Schwartz 
Jessica Schweitzer 

Andre Scott 
Ve?mon Scott 
Sonya Seccurro 
Jennifer Segal 

Meghann Seidner 
Timothy A. Seitz 
Gerda Sejour 
Mark Seltzer 

Steve Selvage 
Meredith Sena 
Kia Sewell 
Jon Sezack 

Melody Shabtaie 
Remy Shajfer 
Colleen Shane 
Alexander K. Shangraw 

Amy Shavelson 
Scott G. Shaw- 
Danielle Shegerian 
Courtney Sheinin 

Eric Shepardsonard 
Meredith Sheppard 
Jacob Sheidan 
Craig Sherman 

Lisa Sherman 
Phillip Shennan 
Yiika Shimizu 
Ji Shin 

Ungi Shin 
Yoon Bong Shin 
Young-Sil Shin 
Brien Shoemaker 

Michele Shores 
Samuel Shoyelu-Conte 
Cynthia Siessel 
Alvaro Sifuentes 

Lauren Silverman 
Sara Silzle 
Shay la M. Simmons 
Mar\aneh Simonian 

Shelly-Ann Sinclair 
Michele Singer 
Rita Singer 

Victoria Skalkeas 
Arie Sladowsky 
Aniui Sloan 
Meghan Small 

Brian Smith 
Michelle Smith 
Richard Smith 
VaJim Snitkovskv 

Matthew Snyder 
Laura Sobers 
Dana M. Sohn 
Kristin Sommar 

"zanne Sosttnann 
Reeina Soudah 
Sokong Sour 
Henrique J. Sousa 

Kelly Sowers 
Ryan S. Spiegel 
Jennifer Spiker 
Nicole Spiridakis 

Amanda Sprehn 
Troy Springer 
Sirikanya Sriphen 
Adeline Staebler 

Patricia K. Staeden 
Megan Stalgaitis 
Stacey Stark 
Tamara Staten 

Shane Stenner 
Kimberly Stepan 
Kyle Steohens 
Todd Stephens 

Keisha Stewart 
Sarah Stewart 
Simone Stewart 
Car a Stilli 

Amanda Stoeckel 
\^J^aiuly Sloudt 
^ Kimhery Streit 
Felicia Strickland 

Ari Struhon 
Jennifer Sumbilla 
Jeanne Sun 
Jennifer Sussnian 

Michelle Suwandu 
Derrick T. Sweat 
Meghan Sweeny 
Gregg Tabachow 

Darine Tahbara 
Bi Tadzong 
Robert Takeseraas 
Alzandy Tan 

Philip Tanedo 
Gerti Tashko 
Justin Taylor 
Matthew Todesco 

Patrick Tedesco 
Paula Teixeira 
Kathryn Tempel 
Angela Temple 

Thalia Theodore 
Stacy Theoharis 
Jasmine N. Tliomas 
Kvm Thomas 

Barbara Thoiiihson 
Cheryl Thomps on 
Janel Thomson 
Lamont Tindle^ 

Alexander Terlson 
Michelle Tibe 
Jeannette Toghyani 
Jessica Toledo 

Karen Toles 
David Tolliver 
Michael B. Tomaino 
Jaime Topper 

^m*^ *~ 1« 



^' ^f 






Michelle Torchinsky 
Marisa Tortorella 
Tynisa Trapps 
Eleni Triantis 

Jocelyn M. Truitt 
John Han Tsai 
Wan-Yu Tsai 
Kelli Tubman 

Ally son Tucker 
William Tuveson 
Brian Updegrajf 
Donna Valencia 

Kelly Valeo 
Lillian Valmoro 
John Van Eepoel 
Deborah Van Hook 

Christopher Vandagna 
Justin Vanighese 
Christine Vaughn 
Devon Velthaus 

Joel Ventura 
Jason Vemey 
David Vess 
Carlo Villanueva 

Myriam Vilmenay 
Stephanie Vine 
Reynaldo Viray Jr 
Barbara Vosilla 

Alex Waddell 
Melissa Wade 
Genevieve Wakefield 
Sharon Wald 

Rebecca Waldram 
Alexis Walffe 
Lisa Walker 
Brian Wallace 

Monica Wallace 
Tammy Wallace 
Rodd Wallenstein 
Kathryn Walters 

Mike Wang 
Frank Washington 
Bemadelte Wassmann 

Jon A. Watkins 
Deryck Watson 
Lauren Watson 
Nikicha Webster 

hinelle Weeks 
Ihfang Wei 
Steven Weiner 
Riindx Weinstein 

Sarah Weinstein 
Keon Weise 
Amy Weisinger 
Erin Weiss 

Jordan A. Weiss 
Stephanie Weiss 
Rebecca Wendland 
Sarah Werlex 

Heather Wheeler 
York WJiitaker 
Halimah Whitby 
Heather Whitehead 

Scott Wiadro 
Alison Wiener 
James Wildberding 
Jason D. Wiles 

Maislia Wliite 
Brian Wilkinson 
Thema Willette 
Beverlv Williams 

Nika Williams 
Traci Williams 
Samuel R. Williams Jn 
Ronald A. Willoughby 11 

Krista Wilson 
Derek Wineburgh 
Sara Winkler 
Marcel Winokur 

David Winlerling 
Jennifer Wolhransky 
Jeremy Wolf 
Beth Wolff 

Jeffrey Wolinsky 
Lauren Wolle 
Scott Dean Waller 
Desmond Wong 

Jcanie Wong 
Janelle Wood 
Shantee Woodards 
Denison Wright 

Lam Yeefnng 

Kurt Yocum 

Megan Young 
Slephan Young 
Slieiyl Yourshaw 
Wei Yuan 

Zhi (Amy) Yuan 
Julia Yue 
Junseon Yun 
Yvonne Zachman 

Ali Zafar 
Matthew Zalen 
Christine Zammett 
Heather Zdobvsz 

Andrea Zepeda 
Ithan S. Zinn 
Jenniefer Zito 
Serene Zlatin 

Taiyn Zlatin 
Kristin Zocco 
A. Ajima Ziibimy 
Richard Zsakawr 

/4ftcC €4HtA(Mt ^ccnt^Lcn. acUecc. . . 

Jessica Green 
Matthew Green 
Danielle Mangold 
Kimberly Walcojf 

Denison Wright 



II «-^ 



•» » 

, r*. 


■^ -J 

% , 


*i ■- 



f • %-*" 




Advei tis m cnts 

Without the following ads. our yearbook would not be possible. 
Please patronize the eompanies on the next pages, we on the 
Terrapin staff appreeiate their support! 

of Maryland 

Section 2000 


1818 Metzerott Road #18 
Adelphi, MD 20783 



Heritage Park is conveniently located in the heart of it all, near 
shopping, restaurants and entertainment. Our community is 
near the Capital Beltway, the K6 and the GreenLine Metro. Yet 
we're tucked away in a quiet wooded setting. We even have 
our own University of Maryland Shuttle Stop! 



* Controlled access entry 

* Wall-to-wall carpet 

* Univ. of MD shuttle on-site 

* Brick accent wall in dining 

•Swimming Pool 

* Walk-in closets 

* 1 1/2 baths & 2 baths' 

* Picnic area w/ barbeques 

* 24-hour emergency maintenance 



Consider this your personal 
Invitation to explore career 
opportunities with COMSAT | 
Laboratories as we focus on 
cutting-edge systems, 
technology and products 
such as 'linkway ■"2000. a bandwidth-on- 
demand, multi-protocol satellite product; 
Internet. Frame Relay ATM networking 
leclinology: INTELSAT 1 20-Mb/s TDMA; and 
Advanced Mobile and Broadband Satellite 

We are seeking candidates with B.S . M S. or PhD degrees in Electrical Engineering 
or Computer Science who want to bring their skills, energy and enthusiasm to 

Please forward your resume to or fax it to 301 .428 771 6 or mail 
it to: COMSAT Laboratories, Attn: Labs HR, 22300 Comsat Drive, Clarksburg, 
Maryland 20871. Egual Opportunity Employer 



Visit us at 





clo8«l^-hc}d business & individuals 
Committed to quality and personaiized service 
Addressing your concerns and solving 
your problems 

Bookkeeping & Payroll • Computer Consulting 

Business & Personal Financial Statements 

Audited Financial Statements • Litigation Support Business 

Start Up Estate Accounting & Reporting 

Benefit Plan Accounting & Reporting 

Tax Planning • Business & Individual Tax Preparation 

Tax Litigation Support • Financial Statement Analysis 

Accounting Procedure Review • Accounting Staff Training 

Management Advisory Services 

lilv l)ri\e .Suite 315 .SilMr .Spring 209(14- 1 66 1 
30l-622-(W02 IA\ 301-622-2421 

Right about now, you're probably planning your own niche in the 
world. So you and Northrop Grumman Corporation have a lot 
in common. We are pursuing a proven strategic game plan that 
transformed us from an aircraft company into a diverse, growing, 
technology-driven enterpnse. 

Our Electronic Sensors and Systems Sector is well-positioned 
on a variety of spaceborne, aircraft, ground-based and undersea 
platforms. Our main business areas encompass airborne fire 
control, airborne surveillance radar airspace management, air 
defense systems, airborne countermeasures systems, infrared 
sensor systems, precision weapons and marine/undersea systems. 
Headquartered in Baftimore, Maryland, we have locations 
throughout the U.S. 

Capitalize on our internal programs geared toward career growth 
and development. They are open to highly motivated students in 
the areas of Computer Science, Engineering, Manufacturing and 
the Sciences. 

We are currently searching for people with knowledge or expertise in... 

• Accounting/Finance * Electncal Engineering 

• Business Administration • Manufactunng Engineenng 

• Computer Engineering * Management Information Systems 

• Computer Science * Mechanical Engineenng 

The place that fits your plan for the future is Northrop Grumman. 
Visit your Placement Office or send your resume to: Northrop 
Grumman ESSS, National Resume Processing Center, 
Dept. SAD 1 00, P.O. Box 367, Burlington, MA 1 803. 
E-mail: FAX: 800/281-7914. 
Please use the Dept. code above on the "Subject" line of any 
correspondence. or 

U.S. Citizenship is required for most positions. EOE M/F/D/V. 


todd cowling... 

Right now I am in an 
RF apertures group working 
on digital main steering 
control Graduated with a BS in 
Electrical Engineering. 
todd's plan... "Testing 

established designs using 
software to generate small 
solid state machines, and 
writing lest factors on 

design and 
fabrication are all 
intriguing. I would like 
to move to the RF 
side... it interests me 
because of the nature 
of the job .. 
something you 
can't see." 

Come join one of the 

nation's leading progressive 

grocery retailer! 




Safeway has a few leadership training openings for people who are 
interested in developing a diverse set of business management skills. 

Customer Relations • Marketing • Accounting 
Human Relations • Labor Relations 

Our retail management positions offer: 
competitive salary plus bonus • stock options • generous benefits package 
• paid vacations • continuous career development/ training 
• employee association • fi-iendly work environment • credit union 

If a retail management career with Safeway is of interest to you, submit a resume to the 
Safeway Retail Leadership Development Coordinator at the following location: 

Safeway Training School 

7700 Little River Turnpike 

Annandale, VA 22003 






Employment Opportunities for Fall & Spring Graduates 

Associate Supply Chain Consultants 

Position Locations: Rockville, Maryland and Chicago, Illinois 

In this position, you will implement and provide support of 
Manugistics Software. You will participate in consulting teams 
in a post-sales environment to address client objectives and 
priorities as they relate to management of the supply chain. We 
request that you have a Bachelor's or Graduate Degree in either 
Industrial Engineering, Business Logistics, Operations 
Research or a related field. You will need outstanding interper- 
sonal, oral and written skills, as well as the ability to utilize 
computer technology to effectively analyze information and 
manage project timing. Travel required: 75-85% of the time 
to client sites. 

For more information on these positions, please 

Fran Gerrard 

Human Resoiu:ces 

Manugistics, Inc. 

Rockville, Maryland 20852 

E-Mail: f gerrard @ 

Technical Analyst/Product Analyst 

Position Location: Rockville, Maryland 

In this position, a large portion of your day will be spent inter- 
acting with clients. You will become adept at multi-tasking 
while working directly with client investigating, coordinating 
and resolving any software and other related Supply Chain 
issues. This will include managing the interaction between our 
clients, engineering, marketing, and our sales departments. 
Qualified candidates will have a BS degree in Supply Chain 
Management, Logistics, Transportation, Computer Science, 
Management Information Systems, Mathematics, or other 
quantitative related fields. Experience in Supply Chain, 
Logistics/Transportation and/or technical orientation 
(Java/XML,UMX,Oracle,NT) is a plus. Must be well organized 
and able to handle multiple projects simultaneously as well as 
have excellent interpersonal and communication skills. 


Phone: 301.984.5147 
Fax: 301.998.7350 




#■ ♦ ♦ 

National Committee 

Join the winning team! 

Republican National Committee seeks 
enthusiastic, committed Republican for tele- 
phone fundraising. Excellent entry level, full 
or part time political work. Promotion potential 
and excellent networking opportunities. 
Convenient to Metro. Flexible day, evening 
and weekend hours. 

For more information call: 
(202) 863-8577 

An Equal Opportunity Employer 



The U.S. Army Health Professions Scholarship 

Program offers a 
unique opportunity 
for financial support 
for medical or 
osteopathy students. 
Financial support 
includes a monthly 

stipend plus tuition, books and other course 

related expenses. 

For more information conceming eligibility, pay, 
service obligation and application procedure, con- 
tact your local Army Health Care Recruiter: 





UPS. A company with a history 
that's going full speed 
into the future. 

UPS. A promote-from-within company. A place where you can start as a 
Part-Time Package Handler and have the opportunity to advance to higher levels. 
Where education is valued and employees are provided the financial resources to 
attend college with the Earn & Learn program. The Earn & Learn program, offering 
up to $23,000 in College Education Assistance To Use Towards Tuition, Books, 
Software, Approved Fees & Paid Back Student Loans.** 

To learn more about opportunities available in your area, call 


)r visit our website: VSrww.Opsjobs.COm 

S. A great place to work 
plan your future. 

Equal Opportunity Employer 

**UPS Earn & Learn Program guidelines apply. 

The UPS 

Earn & 




11710 Plaza America Drive 
Reston.VA 20190-6022 


Our Company 

In an era of creative thinking and brilliant accomplishment in the IT world, development in the sciences, 
humanities and arts have inspired a unique breed of IT professionals who serve government and indus- 
try in a whole new way DynCorp Information & Enterprise Technology (l&ET), Inc. We're the 
company that makes the transition from what is to what can be. 

DynCorp's information and enterprise technology capabilities have emerged from integrating expert 
skills in the sciences, technology and engineering. Our emphasis on strong client satisfaction has led to 
numerous long-term partnerships on some of the nation's most complex and challenging IT projects. 

DynCorp provides information technology solutions as well as engineering, management, scientific and 
technical support to government and industry worldwide. DynCorp's corporate structure reflects the 
technological positioning that serves virtually any area of government. This in turn enables DynCorp to 
continue earning long-term contracts that provide stable and critical sources of revenues. 

DynCorp News 

■ Fortune 1000 company 

■ 2nd largest and 2nd fastest growing IT company 
in Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area 

■ 3rd largest employee-owned technology company 
in U.S. 

■ 18th largest federal integrator in U.S. 

■ 24th largest IT contractor in U.S. 

■ Maintains nearly 60% of U.S. Army's helicopter fleet 

■ Provides operational and management services to 
more than 15 military bases 

■ Largest contractor to the Department of Health 
and Human Sen/ices 

Employment Center of Excellence 

DynCorp is one of the largest, fastest growing 
and most consistently successful service com- 
panies. We are looking for innovative and cre- 
ative technical professionals: 

■ Systems Engineering 

■ Contracts Management 

■ Web Development 

■ Software Managers 

■ Project Management 

■ Security Systems Analysts and Architects 

Litton Advanced Systems would like to congratulate 
the University of Maryland Class of 2000. 

And as a company that knows the value of skilled 
Engineers, we're especially proud of all our 
graduating neighbors. 

To continue learning and start 
your career, check out 


Litton Systems, Inc. 
Amecom Division 
5115 Calvert Rd., 
College Park, MD 20740 

Advanced Systems 


You've spent iill this time in school, 
just waiting for tlie day when you con 
graduate and really do something 
worthwhile. Working for a truly cutting- 
edge company. Some place w^here you'll 
fit righl in. In an environment that is 
casual and collaborative. A place that 
offers fast-track opportunities and 
technology that screams! 

We're ViaSat, a global leader in design- 
ing and manufacturing advanced digital 
communication products for commercial 
and government markets around tlie 
world. Come discover a future witli 
ViaSat. We are always looking for college 
graduates in the following disciplines: 

• Software Engineers 

• Hardware Engineers 

• Systems Engineers 

Check out 01 

cb site at 

fw . V i a 5 a^. com 

applying on-line: e-mailing your resume 
to: resume'"; mailing it to: 
ViaSat Inc., 2290 Cosmos Court, 
Carlsbad, C A 92009- 1 51 7; or faxing it to: 

We are M^ Equal Opportunity Employei 
Minorities are encouraged to apply. 


You may think of Giant simply as a grocery store... but we're much more than 
that. We are one of the most successful customer-oriented supermarket/pharma- 
cy operations in the nation. If you would like to join such a company, then Giant Food 
may be for you. Our career-oriented training program is one of the reasons Giant is such 
a strong, well-integrated organization. Giant Food offers entry level positions as Retail 
Trainees in our Retail Store Management Training Program and Staff Pharmacist positions 
with the opportunity to advance to Pharmacy Management. In addition, we offer an excel- 
lent company-paid benefits package. 

If you're lookins for a diallensins career, come see us at Giant! 

Giant Employment Centers: 

Baltimore: 8053-A Liberty Road 

Fairfax: 9452 Main Street 

Landover: 6300 Sheriff Road 

Rockville: 12015 F Rockvllle Pike 

1-888-4 My GIANT 

.^oe & Co. Congraiul 
"\ dff Maiyland Class of 2000r 

Paul J. Norris, CEO 

Graduate of University of Maryland Business Scliool 

Grace is a leading global supplier of catalysts and silica products, 

specialty construction chemicals and building materials and container 

protection products. With annual sales of approximately $1 .5 billion, 

Grace has 6,600 employees and operations in nearly 40 countries. 
Global leadership begins one person at a time. Join us. 

Contact: W. R. Grace & Co. Gail Gardner, Staffing 
7500 Grace Dr., Columbia, MD 21044 

Visit our website at wyfw.grace.j 

An Equal Oppor 

To Thrive 


Where can you find a career that offers: 

^ Flexibility 

V Promotional opportunities 

>/ Interaction with customers and the public 

</ Technology Interfacing 

■/ Competitive salary 

•/ Career-shaping challenges 

«* Opportunities to help your community? 

Without Question. HlB St FN 11 1 

Property and Liability Insurance 

To leant more about The St Paul, visit us at wwwjtpauLcom 
A multicultural organiiation, wt affinn equal opportunity hiring in principle and practice. 


The ARINC Profile 

ARINC is a $400 million company with a 70-year 
success story. We started by developing the VHF 
in 1929 to support rapidly growing commercial 
air traffic. Now, ARINC provides technological 
solutions in civil aviation, national defense, and 
transportation/communications networks to 
customers around the world. 

Our Products 

ARINC develops and operates communications 
and information processing systems and ser- 
vices that are essentia! to ensuring the efficiency, 
operation, and performance of the aviation and 
travel industries. We engineer, develop and inte- 
grate hardware, software, and network systems 
to meet the increasingly complex operational 
requirements of government and industry. 

* Our Promise 

Building quality into our products and engineer- 
ing solutions are fundamental to ARINC. We're 
committed to maintaining and expanding our 
ISO 9001 certification within our business units. 
The more than 2,600 employees at ARINC sup- 
port this commitment— from our headquarters 
in Annapolis, IVID to 50 locations worldwide, 
including London, Bangkok, Beijing, and Taipei. 

> Opportunities at ARINC 

Opportunities exist nationwide for graduates in: 
Electrical Engineering, Systems Engineering, 
Computer Science, NetwDri( Engineering, Computer 
Engineering, Finance and other technical disciplines. 

Where to Apply 

It you're interested In a job 
with a worid-class, high-growth 
communication and engineering 
company, apply today to: 
ARINC, College Recruiter, 
Depl. HR-UMT-0100, 2551 RIva 
Road, Annapolis, MD 21401; 
lax: (410) 573-3201; E-mail: You 
can also apply to one of our 
regional locations: 

Colorado Springs 
1925 Aerotech Dr.. Ste. 212 
Colorado Springs, CO 80916 
Fax: (719) 574-2594 

Oldalioma City 
6205 S. Sooner Rd. 
Olilalioma City, OK 73135 

San Diego 
4055 Hancocii SI. 
San Diego, CA 92110 
Far (619) 225-1750 

Warner Robbins 

210 Park Dr. 

Warner Robbins, (lA 31088 

Fax; (912) 923-4177 

to the 




Thars what everyone calls life 
after college, but we keep trying 
to change the 'real" world. 

We want to make it better. 

We want safer work places. We 
want justice and dignity on the 
job for working men and woman. 
We want fair play in promotions 
and career advancement. 

That's why we're Number One in 
the Washington metropolitan area 
when it comes to representing 
men and woman who work in a 
wide variety of jobs ranging from 
supermarlcet clerks to police 
officers, nurses to social workers. 

We're Local 400 of the United Food 
& Commercial Worker's, welcoming 
you to help us change 
the "real" world, 
for the better 



\Af U 

Challenge + Creativity 


Medlmmune, Inc. We are the 

Maryland-based biotechnology 
firm known for developing and 
bringing to market a world of 
important healthcare products. 
From increasing the success of 
organ transplantations, to 
preventing and treating a 
spectrum of infectious diseases - 
we are there, helping improve the 
quality of human life everywhere. 

We are also honored to be named 
Maryland's "High Technology 
Firm Of The Year" by the High 
Technology Council of Maryland, 
a consortium of high technology 
firms, government labs, higher 
learning institutions and business 
services firms in the state. The 
award recognizes the financial 
and market success of the firm as 
well as its social and economic 
contributions to the community. 

Maryland's High 

Technology Firm 

of the Year! 

We invite you to learn more about us at 
Medlmmune - about our products... our 
alliances with today's lar^ pharmaceutical 
companies... our business ffvwth... and 
about our professional opportunities in 
the areas of: 

• Quality Assurance 

• Manufacturing 

• Finance 

• Administration 

For information, please contact: 
Medlmmune, Inc., Human Resources, 
35 West Watldns Mill Road, 
Caithersburg, MD 20878. 
Fax: (301) 527-4215. eoe, m/f/d/v 

For a complete listing of our job 
openings, visit our website: 

.Medlmmune, Inc. 


BlueCross BlueShield 

CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield 
is a major employer in the Mid- 
Atlantic States & has office in 
locations throughout the region. 
We offer competitive salaries & benefits programs that 
include choices of several different health care 
programs, cafeteria benefit program, Flexible Spending 
Accounts, 401(k) program & tuition reimbursement. 

We are seeking the following professionals: 

• IT Professionals • Claims Specialist 

• Medical Assistants • Business Analyst 

• Underwriters • CSR's 

Interested applicants should mail or fax resumes to: 

Care First BCBS CareFirst BCBS 

550 12th Street, SW 10455 Mill Run Circle 

Washington, DC 20065 Owings Mills, MD 2 1 1 1 7 

Attn: Human Resources Attn: Human Resources 

Fax: 202-479-5354 Fax: 410-998-53 13 
EOE. M/F/D/V Principles Only 


C\m of 2000 

Opportunity starts here 

At Bechtel, our value lies in opportunity for our employees to 
succeed. In every one of our more than 19,000 projects in 140 
nations worldwide, we define the creativity, experience, and talent 
for a collected effort. As one of the largest and most respected 
engineering-construction finns, we combine over 100 years of 
experience with a desire to exceed expectations and create new 
standards of quality. Join the team that has mastered every kind 
of engineering, construction, management, development, and 
financing challenge imaginable. 

Opportunities exist in the following disciplines 

• Engineering 

• Construction/Management/ 
Project Management 

To apply, please send you resume to: 

Bechtel Power Corporation 
Attention: College Relations 
5276 Westview Drive 
Frederick, Maryland 21703-8306 

• Information Technology 

• Telecommunications 

Fax: (301)620-1936 
Web: www.bechtel.comp 

Congratulations ! 

University of Maryland 

Class of 2000! 

Our Sparrows Point Division in Maryland is 

seeking Electrical & Mechanical Engineers. 

For more information contact: 

Jane Seibert 

(410) 38S-5011 

For more information on Bethlehem Steel: fir 

Check us out on! 

An Equal Opportunity Employer. 


Ba Tha Premiar^^Staal Company 




If you're looking for a place to discover your potential, you've come to the 

right place. Because with the largest guaranteed all-digital coverage, 

Nextel is the most exciting global wireless company in the US. And since 

we are the only company progressive enough to combine four superior 

technologies — digital cellular, voice mall, paging and Nextel Direct 

Connect* — into one incredible phone, you have something even more 

exciting to look fonArard to: a future that promises even more ground-breaking 



Opportunities exist in the following fields: 


• Networ1( Engineers 

• RF Engineers 

• HW/SW Engineers 

• System PerforTnar>ce Engineers 

• MSO Technicians 

• Site Acquisition Specialists 

These opportunities are available in the Washington, DC/Baltimore 

metropolitan region. 

Nextel welcomes your unique skills and experience and we'll nsward you with a 
bright future in a groviring, dynamic industry. Nextel offers an outstanding benefits 
package that includes an employee stock purchase plan, 401 (k) PBtinement plan 
with company match, employee phone purchase plan, tuition felmbursement plan 
(after six months) and a medical/dentalA/ision care plan. Plus, your benefits start on 
your first day of employment — no waiting! Sena your resume, including salary 
history and opportunity and location of interest, to: Human Resources DepL, 
Nextel Communications, Inc., ATTN: TERR, 4340 East West Highway, 
Bethesda, MD 2061 4; FAX: (301 ) 951 -S757; e-mail: 
No phone calls, please. AnAA€OE. 


How business gets done." 


• Inside and Outside 
Account Executives 

• Sales Managers 

• Major Account Executives 





Riggs Bank N.A. 
congratulates the graduates of the class of 2000. 

We invite yo to complete an application 

in our Employment Office located at 

1512 Connecticut Avenue, NW 

Washington, D.C. 20036 

Please call our Career Bank Hotline at 

(301) 887-4400 

for current openings. 

Visit us and apply online at: 
We are an equal opportunity employer 


"If you are looking for a 
job, look elsewhere. If 
you are looikmg for a 
career, C3s(liwhit±ig^ 

offices nationwide 

300 East Joppa Road 
Baltimore, MD 21286 

Recxuitaiig: Gino Gemignani 

construction management . 

Think of this like any other 
Fortooe 1000 Maiia)|emeiit Career 

Here's your chance to develop your management sbills while playing an integral role in 

the success of a million dollar operation. Wawa Food Marbets has over 510 corporate 

owned stores in Pennsylvania, New Jersey. Delaware, Maryland and Virginia. Because 

of our exponential growth, opportunities are available for Assistant Managers with 

starting salaries of $24K-$32K/year. 

You"H enjoy competitive pay and generous benefits, including paid training, 

ESOP/Profit Sharing, 401(b). tuition reimbursement, advancement opportunity 

and more. Be a part of the amazing Wawa success story. 

Call: 1 -877-WORK-WAWA or fax: 1-877-FAX-WAV7A EOE, M/F/DA7. 

Consratulatlons to the Class of 2000 

Human Genome Sciences is the Maryland-based biopharmaceutical 
company that created and introduced functional genomics as the 
new paradigm for drug discovery. Our functional genomics 
technology is based on rapid discover, DNA sequencing, and 
demonstrating the medical utility of novel human bacterial 
genes. HGS holds exceptional career challenges for world-class 
scientists and professionals who share our vision of the future - 
a future of victory over disease 

We have positions available in the following areas: 









HGS is located in Rockville, Maryland. We employ scientists and 
physicians, as well as business professionals, and occupy well-equipped 
research and development and manufacturing facilities. 

HGS encourages the pursuit of excellence in science and pharmaceuticals 
and offers competitive benefits including educational reimbursement, 
subsidized health club membership, medical/dental/life/ 
disability insurance programs and a 401 (k) plan with employer match. 

I For immediate consideration, please 
send or fax resume to Human 

I Resources Dept., Human Genome 
Sciences, 9410 Key West Avenue, 
Rockville, MD 20850. (301) 309- 
8504. Fax:(301)309-1845. 






<^:^r^^'*r^fl6r^ .^'^r^!^^^ fl^A^f^^■- r\^^\^ (^rSI'Uf. MiM^I 
piannifig cosmos visiloi'^ cer.tei!- regional & nolionol 
sports venues environmento! systems engineering 
highv/oys to!! roods & plozos bridges airports tfotn 
stotions iniermodol centers resorts hotels corporate 
campuses interchonges oirfield design porking 
structures court houses rail transit government projects 
educationo! facilities libraries olympic sports venues 
design-build opportunities AiM^^'ft^iedevelopment 
wastewater treatment ceniCTr ^^cr/rotion plonning 
convention centers theatres theme parks moster 
planning cosinos visitor's centers regionol & national 
sports venues environmer^^^w^|iju^aJineering 
highways toll roods & plafcS^Ti"^ T^^TOiis train 
stations intermodal centers resorts hotels corporote 
campuses interchanges oirfield design porking 
structures court houses roil 4>§i|4j||of uuflM'.Laiiajfcts 
educotionoi focilities librarilf l>^nf:ffc*ffTOrlf^effues 
design-build oppoilunities downtown redevelopmeni 
wastewater treatment centers aviation planning 
convention centers theotres theme porks moster 
planning cosinos visitor's centers regional & nofionol 
sportM venuQ§ en^ronmental system^ 

sporta venuQ§ en^ronmentai system^ engineering 
JhiC|bvM^ tol|roodV£. rQ^^ biKlqe Aitp^lfllroir^ 
IstotioKBnterlodolcentff? reseats hosk cItkioiJ 
xami:TOsls imerchBnges^^irtieW de'gn pnrkiiicp 
structures court houses rail tronsil government piojects 
educottoaoi focilities libioiief olympic spoits^venues 

Sgn-build OAj^rtunil^ dov^^wn ^adev^pmaiJi^ 
lewcBf trAWient aMters mm oviation nonniiBl 
/entiln cl-<lr^. tMtres Wme |:)orkslir<astlrl 
ning casinos visitor's centers regionol & nationol 
sports venues environmental system^ engineering 
bighorn's toll tc^j^s & ploi^ji bridge:^o;rports Jmm 
jtatiMi* intermcw J centersarlorts hcfcls corpMrBe 
compos inteaftnges wrfleld delign powag 
structures court houses loi! transit government projects 
educational facilities libror^-^^uDic sports venues 
design-build opportunitte* iSWilWi fv^cievelopment 
wostewater treatment cviWW.hntb.COfW^'of'^^f^ 
planningconvention centei7Qt^tg]B^^lTHrna parks 
master plonninq casinos visitors centers leqlonol & 



In today's business environment, companies have to vi/ork 
smarter than ever in order to maintain a competitive edge. 
Global markets, technological advances, human resource 
capital, economic cycles; all of these place increasing demands 
for productivity and innovation upon businesses. The company 
that isn't forward-thinking will soon find itself obsolete. 
At Greenwell Coetz Architects, we utilize design as a strategic 
tool to help businesses achieve corporate objectives through 
improving productivity, encouraging team-building, and 
enhancing the work experience. We design for tf^ growing 
synergy between peopl*. led>aology, orp»iizattenaf jtructuw, 

consultants and interior architects, we offer expert 
the way business will be conducted in the future, 
and'create designs that "future-proof the office. We examine 
the way technology will offer greater mobility and fluidity, the 
way that people work and the tasks an organization performs. 
This forward -thinking approach is all part of our strategic 
fonnula to deliver space that works. 

We factor several things into the pricing of a 
Saturn. Food, shelter and clothing are a few. 

Satums have the lowest insurance costs in 
the compact class. And the maintenance 
costs are really low too. In fact, over the 
last seven years, Saturn maintenance costs 
have dropped an average of 59%. So if you 
owned a Saturn, you'd have money left over 
for some of life's other necessities. Like 
nachos and tube socks. ^PSi 

Saturn of Bowie fak 

Rt. 301 at 50 • 301-352-3000 

A Pohanka Company 



OiadaalUtia Cuma o^ 2000 


NaorU. Stroehr, M.D., PA. 


7610 Carroll Avenue, Suite 220 
Takoma Park, Maryland 


Otis Elevator 

Congratulates the 

University of Maryland's 

Class of 2000 

To the Best and the Brightest: 
mav vour careers rise as fast 

and as high 
as an Otis Elevator. 

V V 

Otis Elevator Company 
521 5th Avenue 
New York. NT 101 "5 
(212) 55^-5^00 

A^ equal opponuniry employer. M'T 

Your credit union 

for I ife 

Congratulations to the Class of 2000! 

You're moving on — congratulations. 
Take your credit union membership with 
you. Our financial services can help you 
save money beyond your college years: Free 
checking, great loan rates and federally 
insured savings certificates and IRAs. 

University of Maryland students, faculty, 
staff and alumni (and their families)* can 
join State Employees Credit Union of 
Maryland, Inc. (SECU), the state's largest 
credit union. 

• Need a checking account? Our checking 
has no monthly balance requirement. 

• Buying a car? Ask about our low rate 
loans for new and used cars. 

• Saving for a home? Try our savings, CDs 
and money market accounts. 

• Purchasing a house or condo? We offer a 
variety of mortgages. FHA and VA, too. 

• Want 24-hour account access? With 
eSECU, do your banking online! 


1-800-TRY-SECU or410-296-SECU • 

You must be a member to apply for a loan. $10 in a Share Savings account opens your membership. 

$25 to open a checking accoimt. Accounts insured to $100,000 by the National Credit Union Administration. 

*New members are welcome - call us. We'll help you find out if you're eligible. 



Kick-off Your Semester at 
Belcrest Plaza Apartments 

SUrt the season with 2 #1 ranked teamsl 


Don't paa*-up 
your chance {or 

Small Pet buildings 
(but no one from Penn State!) 

Time'i naming out, u> make your move to 



HyattsvUlc, MuyUnd 





to the 
Class of 20001 




Banking On Your Terms. 

Call 1-800-987-BANK or 


IsOViZ at first gitizl 


Like Qiandtna Used to Make 


Berger's Homemade Cakes and Cookies 






Serving Baltimore for Over 100 Years 




(410)727-3685 (410)752-5175 

The Baltimore cookie is the Berger CookJe! 

, . _ ,- , ^ 2900 Waterview Ave. 

Lexington Market Baltimo.^, MD 21230 


Taco House 


8704 Baltimore Blvd. (Rt. I ) 
College Park, M4. 










S -TH 11-10 F 

SAT 11-11 




9400 Baltimore Blvd., U.S. Rt. 1 South 

College Park, Maryland 





9500 Baltimore Blvd. U.S. Rt. 1 South 

College Park, Maryland 


CLASS OF 2000 

7336 Baltimore Avenue - Suite 1 1 2 
( above TerpterrSofy) 


Mon.-Thur. 10:00 am- 7:00 pm 

Friday 10:00 am -6:00 pm 
Sat, -Sua 12:00 pm ■5:00 pm 


note talcing 





927-3356 927-3357 

Barclay Square 


• Playground 

• Laundry facility in each 

• Extra storage available 

• Sunken living rooms 

• Fully applianced Eat-in 

• Walk-in closets 

• Wall-to-wall carpeting 

• Balcony or patio 

• Short-term leases available 

• Furnished apts. available 


3598 Powder Mill Road, Beltsville, MD 20705 

Enjoy apartment home living with large 

floorplans, convenience and affordability with 

easy access to Metro and nearby shopping. 

Barclay Square is located directly across the 

street from High Point High School. 



From 495 (Capital 
Beltway) take exit 
1-95 Norm. Take exit 
29B (Calvefton) onto 
Powder Mill Road and 
follow to Barclay Square 
Apartments approx. 
t/2 mile on the Right. 


Apartment Homes 

$60 Discount for University of Maryland Students, 
Faculty and Staff 

7004 Highview Terrace • Hyattsville, Maryland 20782 

Phone: 301-559-8826 • Fax: 301-559-3696 ^^^ 
Website: www.southemmanagemenLcom fsT 

Prices are subject to change ^oSmS^ 

Fottign »nd Domestic Can 



FAX (301) 468-6763 

12300 Parklawn Drive 
RockvlUe, Maryland 20852-1402 

9600 A Baltimore Avenue 









Mayor & Council Staff 

of the City of College Park 

Congratulates the Class of 2000 and offers our 

sincerest wishes for a happy and prosperous future. 




Seven SjnKtr VilUzt SlHrbtteKtr 


9348 Cherry Hil! Rd. 
CoUege Park, MD 20740 

There is 



Dress for it at the mall down the road. 


U S Route 1 . Uurol. UD 301.49O.SH0P 

Rated f 1 in America fi>r Ciutomer Service hf Steimnrf & SonsI 

IF MMm\ 

Since 1912 

s music 

The East Coast's Largest 
Purveyor of Fine Pianos... 

■ USED PUNOS. al m^ tnnls. many n ml cantfton. 

• RENTAL PROGR/UIS. ap(«y 6 mcnths rem lo pudasc 

• USSON PROGfUIIS. Mth awanl wrmg nsbiKlon 

• GUWUNTEED LOWEST PRICES, a »e pay tie « /plus' 

• FAQORY TRAWEO TECHNICIANS, satslaoni 'jmiteei 

• DIGITAL PIANOS, ctnise tarn Ik be: seeooi n tie US.. 

WEBUYU$EDPyWS! ^'Cl^'^^' 

Th« Exclusive Sale> h Stnrtu RspresentatlvM for. 


ROLAND •PIANOMAT10N& many others 

9520 Baltimore Blvd, College Park, MD 

Montgomery Mall Annapolis Mall 
( 301 ) 365-4000 (301 ) 261 -871 7 

Where You've Found Something Special At 



1 ,2 & 3 Bedrooms (Dens Available) 

All Lrtillties Included ^ Wall-to-wall carpel Eat-in kitchen 

Sunken Living Rooms>*Private Balcon/PatiosJ* Swimming Pool 

Laundry Facilities in every building 

Convenient to shopping centers! 

Wifhin Minutes of the University of Maryland 

1 1 457 Cheny Hill Road, Beltsvllle, MD 

■— Open 7 days a week!'--' 


' Luxurious wall-to-wall carpeting 
' Individual washer and dryer 
' Frost-free double-door refrigerator 
I Qubhouse 

• Vfeight Room 

• Two-cycle dishwasher 

• Disposal 

• Huge closet space 

• Pool 


Two Bedroom • Two Balh 

5603 Cypress Creek Drive 
Hyattsville, Maryland 20782 


FAX; 301-559-1610 

■ 1II0IMII41 •■armTiii 




* All utilities induded 


* Affordable rents 

* Renovated Community 

3342 Lancer Drive, 
Hyattsville, MD 20782 

*Walk to West Hyattsville Metro 

* 1/2 mile to East-West Hwy. 
&PG Plaza 

* Min. to Univ. of MD, Catholic 
& Howard U. 

* "Managed With Pride' staff 


Office Hours: Mon - Sat 8:30 
Sun 11-5 

5:30 "■^sii'^"' 


Th& TttTA^ov Clotkeipiiv 

offers sUiurt conaratulaUoKi ofv 

your araAuAiioK, ojtuL ikanks 

to tki> sorority ojhA/ fraternity 

mMtdbers ive/ut' betHyfortuHait' 

enouahto servt^ 



(301) 779-7766 







Congratulates the Graduating 
Class of 2000! 

9421 \M» DilM Wnt Undow, MD 20785 
(301) 49M600 Fax (301) 350-1561 
For Rosarntlons Cair 1-800-HAMPTON 

RAMADA Conference 
& Exhibition Center 

239 newly renovated rooms 

Large Ballroom for meetings & banquets 

Very attractive Wedding and Family Reunion Packages 

Complimentary parking/shuttle service to Metro Station 

Pebbles Restaurant and Lounge 

New executive facility 

New business facility 

8500 Annapolis Road, New CarroUton, MD 20784 
(301) 459-6700 (301) 731-5731 fax 





University of Morylond ot College Park 
Compus Recreofion Center 


Watertown MA 617 926 3300 San Francisco CA 415 776 7272 

Answers to Pop Quiz: 
l.)John's Hopkins 
2.)01d Liners 
3.)Students shaved the 
culprits heads. 
4.)He will sprout wings 
and fly. 

5.)Rhode Island,Mary- 
land, Virginia, Florida 
6.)McKeldin Mall 
7.) A smaller live Terra- 
pin unveiled the statue. 

"7^ ^cam4UU!i^t!ic4, 

when it's all said 

There are some people in your life that you will meet and that you will always be able to call your best 
friend. It doesn't matter if you don't talk to them for weeks, or months, or years. They are the people that you 
would love to call sister or brother, the ones that drive you nuts. . . yet you always seem to either bump into them 
Dr call them religiously. Most of us thought high school was the time to meet those people, but in all reality its 

Friends for a life time and beyond- that's probably what you told yourself. . . but in reality, think about 
the people you met your freshman year. How many of those people do you still talk to? You've probably lost 
touch with most of them, but you remember them like yesterday and if you saw them would love to just go run 
ind give them a big hug and say- "HEY! Where have you been and why haven't you called?" 

College is the place where growing up is inevitable. And although you might not talk to your freshman 
friends anymore, they have made an lasting impact on you and your life. They helped you grow up. They got 
you through homesickness, balancing a job and classes and partying, they would do things for you like showing 
you how to do your laundry or feeding you when you ran out of dining hall points. They kept you moving and 
they helped you survive. 

Survival. Who thought it could be so hard? Remember the people who kept you out all week before 
your term paper was due, and them proceeded to feed you caffeine through your veins as you typed out those 
ast 20 pages of meaningless blunder? Or those people that showed you where Terp Notes was? Or how to get 
3ut of a parking ticket? You know, those people who helped you keep your sanity on this very large campus, 
rhey are the same people who saw you for you, not as a number. These are the people in this book. 

There are over forty thousand students that attend the University of Maryland, and unfortunately 
they cannot all be seen in this book. But the yearbook should be more then a collection of pictures of things that 
you probably didn't see and of people that you never knew. Its more then a photo album of our awesome basket- 
ball team, or an expla- 

nation of a certain 
College, or even a 
collaboration of events 
that you might not have 
attended. The yearbook 
is your key to finding 
those long lost friends, 
remembering all of that 
fun stuff that you did 
when you probably 
should have been doing 
something else, and 
sharing stories. The 
only thing that everyone 
on this University has in 
common with everyone 
else is EVERYONE on 
this campus has con- 
quered many of the 
same obstacles and 
fears, which could have 

And done... 

fears, which could have set them back, or even 
made them give up. 

If you only remember one thing 
from this yearbook I hope it would be this... 
never forget your college years. Many say they 
are, or will be, the best in your lives. Don't 
believe them. I think they are just the begin- 
ning of something better, brighter, and more 
fulfilling. Remember your college years, 
cherish your college years, and LEARN from 
your college years. Never stop growing. 

Katherine Arehart Maziuk 
2000 Terrapin 

special Thank you's. 

If I did not have the help of some very wonderful people this book would never come out on time. We 
Dn the yearbook staff had to conquer some very interesting obstacles as the year progressed. I would like to 
thank Abby Vogel, my business manager, without her endless support, I probably would have lost some body 
Dart. She also did the sports section, which in my opinion looks wonderful. Thank you Abby. I'd Uke to thank 
Christian Ciardi, my photography editor, his patience and talent kept me not only sane, but also brought the 
Terrapin to a whole new step with the quality of our photography. Thank you Chris. I'd also like to thank my 
5taff who helped me in more then one way with layouts, pictures, and so much more. Thanks guys, I promise 
[lext year will run smoother! ! I would also like to say a big thank you to the Diamondback's photo department. 
You guys helped me out more than you know! ! The lack of pictures from spring semester left me in a bind, and 
yon guys really made my Ufe easier. THANK YOU!! 

Volume 99 of the University of Maryland 's 2000 Terrapin Yearbook was printed by Taylor Publishing 
Company, 1550 W. Mocking Bu-d Lane, Dallas, Texas, 75235. Joe Wenzl served as our local representative and 
rami McConnel as our account advisor. 

The 1500 copies and 312 pages utiUzed a four-color cover with glossy finish and 160 point binders 
3oard. The front and back end sheets are printed on Franktone premium high gloss endsheet stock along with 
20 16 page signatures o 801b. alligence. 

All senior portraits were taken and developed by Carl Wolf Studios. Inc., 401 Elmwood Ave., Sharon 
^ill PA.19079, (215) 522-1338 with Mike Direnzi serving as our local account representative. The office of the 
Terrapin Yearbook is located in 3101 South Campus Dining Hall (phone (301) 314-8439) The staff was advised 
5y Michael Fribush and was edited by Katherine A. Maziuk. 

The views expressed in the 1999 Terrapin do not necessaiily express the views of Maryland Media, Inc., 
or any of its affihates, orthe University of Maryland, College Park. No part of this book may be reproduced in 
inyform except for educational purposes, without prior written consent. Copyright 2000 Maryland Media Inc. All rights 


md^whcmtpe future 

And the epic 


The Terrapin , University of Maryland Vo[urr|e 99-