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rr ap i n 

Lights in the night 

Neon Fire 

the Swiftness 

of our 

at Maryland 
Captured here 

in our 1961 


Color Photography by Wolf Fischer 

e r r a 


p I n 


Published by the Undergraduate Student Body 

of the University of Maryland 

College Park, Maryland 

Volume 60 1961 

Pamela Clayton and Sandra Goody 

John Rogers 









Freshman Orientation 


for some 

"I'll never find my way around here.' 


for a few . . . 


for many . . . 

faces . . . buildings 


"Dear Mom" 
An introduction 
for all. 

It all starts with 
the Schedule of Classes 
It's mode of 
ines . . . waiting 
sawdust on the floor 
closed sections 
five 8 o'clocks 



"But I work on Saturdays" 

more waiting . . . 

part of 







waiting . . . hoping 





It is 

chicken wire, 

crepe paper 

weeks before . . . 

not sleeping, 

the night before . . . 

It is 

watching your queen candidate 

cheering at the game . . . 

maybe spilling ice 

It is a welcome . . . 


Coming-home of 

former Marylanders . . . 

the big dance 


a Big Band . . . 



Black and gold 


Everything that college is . . . 

fi '.V ■ il, 

■ i^ ■■■',' ■■■-.. A '. '-^ 



? IBI^S? 

r <^ 



Classes over 

"Hey Joe, whot'd you get on Econ?" 

Mocke machines 


"Meetcha' at T.H." 


coffee at Albrech's 

a fourth for bridge. 



j// « 



home games 

"Number five in your ticket book" 

hot dogs 

"Good ploy Dale!" 

phone colls 

party at the house 

signing in . . . 




up the hill . . . 

frosty mornings, 

chapel chimes 

Many hours spent 





Inquiry is pushed forward 

discovery . . . verified. 

Maryland . . . 

a bit of everything. 


crunching underfoot. 


in a window. 

class . ^ . 

avoided . 

a stolen tray 

making snow 

exciting . . . 

a contrast 



the campus in bloom. 

momentous year 

notional elections 

"I'm finally old enough to vote.' 

the first honors convocation 

largest freshman class 

the big snow. 

Changes made 

Traditions . . . 




Associate Editor — Linnell Robinson 

Administration — Jean Vanderake 
Colleges — Tina Storm 
Overseas Program — Denise Saurel 
Honorarjes — Roberta Hastings 
Military — James Hamilton 

President Wilson H. Elkins 
University of Maryland 

As president of the University of Maryland, Dr. Wilson H. 
Elkins' role is that of guiding the students and advising the 
administration. The President's impressive background exem- 
plifies his outstanding qualities of leadership. 

Dr. Elkins was graduated from the University of Texas in 
1932 as a member of Omicron Delta Kappa and Phi Beta 
Kappa. He was a Rhodes Scholar from 1933 to 1936. He re- 

ceived the B. Litt. and Ph.D. degrees from Oxford University, 
England, in 1936. In addition, he holds two honorary degrees: 
a Doctor of Laws from Washington College, and a Doctor of 
Laws from the Johns Hopkins University. 

During his seven years as president, Dr. Elkins has been 
responsible for the tightening of the academic standards of 
the University. 

Dr. Albin O. Kuhn, Executive Vice President 

Or. R. Lee Hornbake, Vice President for 
Academic Affairs 

Executive Staff 

Mr. B. James Borreson, Executive Dean for Student Life 

Mr, Albin O, Cormeny, Assistant to the President for Endov^ment. 


William C. Walsh 

Thomas W. Pangborn 

B. Herbert Brown 

Richard W. Case 

C. Ewing Tuttle 

Charles P. McCormick 

Thomas B. Symons 

Mrs. John L. WhiTehurst 

Louis S. Kaplan 

Harry H. Nuttle 

Edward F. Holter 

Board of Regents 

The job of the Board of Regents is an extensive one; it in- 
cludes the handling and approving of all plans and policies 
concerning the University. In addition, they sit at the State 
Board of Agriculture and handle various agricultural matters. 

The decisions of the Board include: the naming of buildings 
and appointments, the distribution of funds, and the awarding 

of contracts and grants. 

The standing committees of the Board of Regents make 
studies of such topics as the budget, dates of commencements, 
athletics, endowments, and the hospital and medical schools. 

This board consists of eleven members who are appointed 
for a nine year term by the governor of Maryland. 


Miss Helen Clark, Dean of Women 

Miss Marion Johnson, Assistant Dean 




The University welcomed a new Dean of Women this year. 
Miss Helen E. Clarke come to Maryland from the University 
of California where she was Assistant Dean of Students. She 
received her B.S. at the University of Michigan, her M.A. at 
the University of Illinois, and her Ph.D. at Columbia Univer- 
sity. Besides devoting her time to the overall activities of 
women students. Miss Clarke has been teaching a class in 
counseling practice to graduate students. 

The specific phases of women's life are divided between the 
Assistant Deans of Women. Women's housing is the major 
problem that confronts Miss Julio Billings. She also acts as ad- 
visor to A.W.S. and the campus judicial board. 

Social and panhellenic activities are handled by Miss Eileen 

Miss Marion Johnson helps Maryland's coeds to plan in- 
teresting careers through her placement counseling. 

Miss Eileen McCormicI<, Assistant Dean 

Miss Julia Billings, Assistant Dean 


Mr. George Kaludis, Assistant Deon 

Mr. Doyle Royal, Assistant Dean 

Mr. Lewis M. Knebel, Assistant Deon 


Mr. Geary F. Eppley, Dean of Men 

Deans of Men 

Mr. Furman A. Bridgers, Assistant Dean 

One of the most prominent persons on the University campus is the 
Dean of Men, Geary F. Eppley. As Director of Student Welfare, Dean 
Eppley comes into contact with students and student organizations 
acting as advisor and problem-solver. 

Directing the University's Placement Services is Dean Lewis Knebel. 

Mr. Doyle Royal directs off-campus housing. 

Foreign students are advised by Dean Furman Bridgers. 

A new member of the Dean of Men's staff is George Kaludis. His duties 
Include the co-ordination of campus religious life and student activities. 

The Deans of Men, working together, co-ordinate the campus life 
of mole students. 


Dr. Frank L. Bentz 
Assistant President's Office 






Mr. G. Watson Alguire 

Director Admissions and Registration 

Mr. Robert J. McCartney 
Director of University Relations 

Mr. George C. Weber 
Director of Physical Plant 

Dr. Lester M. Dyl<e 
Director Student Heolth 

1 r,|^ 

' It a 

» teti ' 



Mr. C, Wilbur Cissel 
Director of Business 

Mr. George W. Fogg 
Director of Personnel 

Mr. David L. Brigham 
Director Alumni Relotions 

Mr. J. P. Hill 
Associate Registrar 

Dr. George Wiegand 
Director of OIR 

Mr. Howard Rovelstad 

Director of Libraries 


Headquorters for the College of Agriculture whose study centers are spread throughout the state. 

Dean Gordon M. Cairns sits before a display highlighting the theme of the 
College of Agriculture. 

College of 

The College of Agriculture has the distinction of being the 
first college established at the University of Maryland. Since 
its birth in 1856, it has expanded greatly and now includes 
eleven departments and seventeen curriculums. A proposed 
project of the college is the revision of the present course of 

Teachers and students are, of course, concerned with class- 
room studies; but more important is the work in many research 
areas. They ore also concerned with the expansion station 
and extension service, developments of further study in the 

The college is proud of an increased enrollment this past 
year for this has not been the case for several years. This 
will mean more agricultural specialists whose purpose will be 
to promote a better understanding between business, and in- 
dustry, and agriculture. 


Much advice for the farmer is derived from soil testing experiments, such as these. 

An important part of agriculture is the care of plants in the 

Agriculture keeps abreast of technological advances. 

Dean Coirns rewards a superior student for his work at the annual 
"AG." weekend. 

Students display their ability m a "sheep shearing" contest. 

In connection with courses in Agricultural Engineering, students leorn 
about farm machinery. 

A familiar sight — students on the steps of the A&S building. 

College of Arts and Sciences 

Through the efforts of the distinguished Dean Leon P. Smith the col- 
lege of A&S meets the needs of a growing student population. 

The program of the College of Arts and Sciences is de- 
signed to meet the needs of a broad background of knowl- 
edge. There are fifteen departments within the college, en- 
compassing a variety of courses in the humanities, physical 
sciences, biological sciences, social studies, and fine arts. Since 
there is a great increase in enrollment from year to year, the 
college is constantly reorganizing and expanding. The largest 
of all the colleges here at the university, it has kept up to the 
pace of a growing campus and a changing world. It develops 
students, with abilities in many fields of knowledge, whose 
education will benefit them and society. 


Many hours of research ore spent in preparing for a term paper. 

Studies continue in the quiet setting of their favorite spot. 

College of Business 
and Public Administration 

In keeping with the rapid rate of growth of the university, 
the College of Business and Public Administration is constantly 
reorganizing its curriculum to meet the needs of the student. 
Students of this college have the opportunity to major in such 
fields as accounting, real estate, marketing and transportation. 

The College of B.P.A. which was created in 1942, is fast 
becoming one of the largest schools at the university. The col- 
lege is extremely proud of its new building, the latest addition 
on the campus scene, which will contain many modern facili- 
ties to extend their opportunities. 

What will the BPA majors do next year without the "wall?" 

These skillful hands ore working on a mimeoscope. 

Columns of the new B.P.A. building. 

It takes practice to quote employment statistics accurately. 





Skinner Building, home of the College of Education. 

Established in 1920, the College of Education has broad- In the spring semester a new program for library science 
ened its field so that now it provides students with innumerable was initiated into the curriculum of the college of Education, 
educational opportunities. Upon graduation with a B.A. or Another addition to the ever-expanding program, is allowing 
B.S. degree, students are prepared for the necessary state graduate students to prepare for college instruction. The Col- 
boards. Students of the college have the opportunity to choose lege of Education is doing a fine job in developing valuable 
from among the childhood, elementary, and secondary school new teachers, so much in demand, 



Dean Vernon E. Anderson of the College of Educati< 
maintains o busy schedule. 

Students of Education recognize the importance of enthusiasm 
and love for children in the role of o teacher. 

The love of a child is the inspiration for our future teachers. 

The health and safety of the child is uppermost in her mind. 

'^1 r M 

Practice teaching and observing are important in the 
Education curriculums. 


The College of Engineering covers, not only a large 
area of our campus, but also a large field of study. 
With the belief in the proposition that "chance 
favors the prepared mind," the department trains 
and produces men for professional practice, in busi- 
ness, industry, public service and graduate research. 
The student of engineering is offered a wide range 
of subjects in aeronautical, chemical, civil, electrical, 
and mechanical engineering. 

At the head of the College of Engineering is Dean Frederic Mavis. 

College of Engineering 

At the North Gate entrance stands the Engineering Building. 










— / ^ 





Aeronautical engineers spend many hours working on this silver giant — a United States Air Force jet 

The pendulum marks the rotation of the earth. 

In the sunlight of the drawing room a future engineer 
uses the tools of his trade. 


In the second level shop a reoding is made from a woter regulotor 

Two civil engineers take pressure readings from a manometer, 

Even G supposed moment of relaxation is filled 
with study. 

Home Economics, at one time, merely encompassed the pro- 
duction of food, shelter and clothing for the members of the 
family. Today, the area includes art for application in the 
home and industry, child development and family living, cloth- 
ing and textiles, and merchandising and family economics. 

In the field of nutrition, a group of students are carrying 
on an interesting experiment. The purpose of this study is to 
find the interrelations existing among nutrients and their effect 
on health. Volunteering students, who ore fed specially pre- 
pared meals three times a day, are carefully observed to see 
v^hat reactions the diet has on their systems. This is just one 
example of the varied studies of the department of Home 

Dean Selma F. Lippeatt is always available for student consultation. 

College of Home Economics 

Margaret Brent Hall houses a majority of the classes for the College of Home Economics. 


A wishful thought for the future. 

Nutritional research 

Happy Seasoning!! 

Proctical Art ... a new p^ 



The college of Physical Education, Recreation and Health 
provides preparation for a Bachelor's degree in the curricu- 
lums of physical education, recreation and physical therapy. 

In our world today physical education has great effects 
on society. Aside from the influence of heredity and nutritive 
condition, it is a source for producing vitality and good 
citizenship. In this machine age recreation plays on important 
part because of more free time. To keep physical education 
and recreation alive requires the education of people in 
skills and attitudes. The college recognizes these principles 
and regulates their programs of activity as to the desired 
outcome for its students. 

Dean L. M. Fraley's job is three-fold in coordinoting the departments of this 

College of Physical Education 

A place of "big weekend" memories houses the office of the college. 


Hup, 2 ... 3 ... 4 



Learning theory by practice , 

-'« / 




,'^' fe'.iKj^^r 



Dr. Ronald Bomford is dean of the Graduate School. 

Room 214 of the Skinner Building — ofTce and home of the Graduate School. 

Since its establishment in 1918, the Graduate 
School has administered and developed programs 
of advanced study and research for graduate stu- 
dents in all branches of the University. The School 
is under the jurisdiction of the Graduate Council 
with the Dean of the Graduate School serving as 

In each of the over fifty departments, can be 
found a genuine spirit of inquiry. From applying 
for admission, to faking the modern language 
examination for Ph.D. requirement, to depositing a 
thesis, the days of the graduate student ore days 
of research and scholarship. 

Two zoology graduate assistants discuss o lab ossignment. 

Oftentimes the only way to get o thesis written is to hide in the stocksl 

Since graduate students don't hove much to do, they often correct 


The new library 

Baltimore Campus 

Many Maryland students attend the University at the Baltimore Divi- 
sion, for it is here that the professional schools of dentistry, pharmacy, 
medicine, lav^, and nursing ore located. 

The Baltimore Campus is truly rich in history and in professional 
endeavors. The School of Dentistry is the oldest dentol school in the 
country; the School of Pharmacy was established in 1840,- the School 
of Medicine is the third oldest school of medicine,- the School of Nurs- 
ing was founded by a student of Florence Nightingale,- and the School 
of Low is traditionally known for preparing many men and women, 
now eminent in their field. 

Today, beautiful new buildings have been added to the physical 
plant. Just completed this year is a modern, well equipped Student 
Union housing a cafeteria, snack bar, and rooms for student use. The 
library contains a spacious auditorium and has books from all the 
schools. Future pharmacists are fortunate to have a new building in 
which to work and study. 

Though the Baltimore and College Park Campus are separated in 
terms of distance they are similar in their administrative operations. 
We are proud that both sites con be called The University of Maryland. 

Students taking advantage of the new Student Union 


The traditional home of the School of medicine, Davage Hall 

From the windows of the Medical School 

A tosk performed many times by medical students . 

Morning bedside care is administered by friendly student nurses. 

Often times pediatrics can be fun for both patient and nurse. 

The home of the Nursing School. 

Heidleberg, established for the European Division, 
now supervises overseas operotion in oil of Europe, 
North Africa and the Near Eost. 

of Maryland 

in an 

International Setting 

U.S. Army Photograph 

Tokyo, Administrative Heodquorters, For East - 

School doys in the cold country, Attontic Division . . . Students taking port in 
the University of Moryland progrom in Sondrestrom Air Base in Greenland. 

- 52 
















" 1 





' ^ 


^^^gg^^M**'- ^'*- 

"A Dean always on the move." Dr. Ray Ehrensber- 
ger. Dean of the University College. 

The University of Maryland Overseas program, serving US person- 
nel, both military and civilian, operates in coordination with the 
Armed Forces Education Program in 23 Allied countries and depend- 
encies in North America, Europe, Africa, the Near East and the Far 

The Overseas Program is a branch of the University College, Col- 
lege Park, Maryland, division v^hose "off-campus" courses were first 
made available in 1947. 

Associate Dean of the University College, Dr. Stanley Drazek. 

"V\/here's mine?", is the question of the evening as three Mary- 
land University students try to find their Certiflcotes of Scholar- 
ship for B plus averages. 



Here Munich Branch students take a break from sightseeing ot the entrance to a 
medievol castle. 

Within the European Division the Munich Branch has been established for college-age 
dependents who may take their Freshman and Sophomore years abroad. They live and 
study in a stateside campus atmosphere, and a full program of liberal arts studies is 

Since Europe is provided os their campus, Munich Branch students take advantage 
of the many guided tours offered to them. The learning and understanding of the differ- 
ent cultures surrounding them has become an integral part of their college life abroad. 

From the history book to the actual place events happened. History unfolds itself to Munich Branch students. 

At Munich or College Park, the local grill . 

Both father and son consult their professor 
for grades in the some course. 

One never ceases to see unusual sights. 

The Lord Mayor of Heidelberg; 

Professor Hohn; Willy Brandt, 

Mayor of Berlin; and President 






















1 wk 



^\ 7 










1 h 








Here of Iwakuni Marine Base, Japan, some pre-term publicity Is 


The Far East Division began operating in September of 1956, 
replacing the University of California program in the Orient. 

Classes opened in Japan, Korea, and Okinawa, and were 
extended to include Guam and Taiwan in the first year of op- 
eration. The administrative headquarters ore in Tokyo. 




An example of the surrounding culture of the Far East Division. 


Typical American students at the University of Maryland extension in Okinawa. 





^' ^ 


Barry Allen 

Brad Becker 

Dole Betty 

Lance Billingsley 

Stuart Ccllison 

Roger Crawford 

LeRoy Dietrich 

Fred Downey 

Who's Who Among Students 
in American Colleges 

and Universities 

Barry M. Allen Publications 

Bradley W. Becker Student Government 

Dale A. Betty Athletics 

Lance W, Billingsley Student Government 

C. Stuart Callison Publications 

Roger F. Crawford Activities 

LeRoy H. Dietrich Student Government 

H. Fred Downey Agriculture 

David C. Fullarton Activities 

B. John Hagedorn Student Government 

Marilyn E. Hoy Activities 

R. Patricia Hays Speech and Dramatics 

Arlene R. Joffe Student Government 

William H. Johnson Athletics 

John E. Kinnamon Student Government, Drama 

Donald R. Kirtley Publications 

Nicholas Kovalakides Athletics 

Urban H. D. Lynch Military 

Carroll L, Matthews Music 

Joseph W. McCartin Religion 

Patricia L. Messer Associated Women Students 

Barbara L, Mullinix Home Economics 

Marlene M. Murray Associated Women Students 

Walter K. Nakamuro Publications 

Lawrence David Paul Scholarship 

Walter L. Phillips Activities 

Sybil A. Rappoport Activities 

Richard A. Romine Athletics 

John M. Russell Publications 

Linda Cooper Slan Scholarship 

James W. Show, Jr Military 

William E. Signer, III Physical Sciences 

John E. Swonson Activities 

Philip A. Tucker Activities 

April E. Wilson Activities 

Pol Hoys Eccles 

Dove Fullarton 


*A diMkk 

John Kinnamon 

John Hagedorn 

Fred Halliday 

Marilyn Hay 

Arlene Joffe Klass 

H ^ ? > ^ ^ -J* *^ "^ 


Nick Kovalokides 


.^ >, 


Urban Lynch 

Carrol! Matthews 

Pat Messer 

Barbara Mullinlx 

Marlene Murray 

Walter Nokamura 

Walter Phillips 

Sybil Rappoport 

John Russell 

James Shaw 

William Signer 

Linda Slon 

John Swanson 

Phillip Tucker 

April Wilson 


Carolyn Gouza 



Pot Hoys Eccles 

Marilyn Hay 

Membership in Mortar Board is the highest honor a 
Senior Woman may hold. At May Day, the Mortar Boord 
tapping bestows recognition upon those Junior women who 
excell in leodership, scholarship, character and service. 

Since founded at the University of Maryland in 1934 by 
Dean Adele H. Stamp, the Mortar Board chapter has spon- 
sored several annual activities,- the Homecoming Mum Sale 
and the "Smarty Party" for Freshmen women with 3.0 av- 
erages or above. This year the Maryland Chapter was 
hostess to representatives from the Mortar Board Chapters 
from surrounding colleges and universities. 

Patricia Messer 


Helen Carolyn Gouza 

Keeper of the Robes 

Marilyn Eleanor Hay 


Racheal Patricia Hays Eccles 

Arlene Rita Joffe Klass 

Patricia Lea Messer 


Marlene Mae Murray 

Vice President 

Sybil Ann Roppoport Moses 

Quarterly Editor 

Olivia Lee Scaggs Yeager 

Marguerite Ridgeway Stone 

April Eriane Wilson 


Marlene Murray 

Margy Stone 

April Wilson 


Dale Betty 

Stuart Callison 

Frank Colovita 

Carl Dammonn 

LeRoy Dietrich 

Fred Downey 

Dwayno Fletcher 

Dove Fullcrton 




Joseph C. Andreone 
William Anthis 
Bradley W. Becker 
Dale A. Betty 
C. Stuart Callison 
Francis B. Colavita 
Carl L. Dammann 
LeRoy H. Dietrich 
Fredrick Downey 
Dwayne Fletcher 
Austin L. Fox 
David C. Fullarton 
John B. Hogedorn 
Daniel C. King 
Robert E. Kohl 
Nicholas J. Kovalakides 
Urban H. D. Lynch 
Carroll L. Matthews 
Joseph W. McCortin 
Thomas F. Morrisey 
Walter K. Nakomuro 
Walter L. Phillips 
Herbert E. Pritzker 
Richard A. Romine 
John M. Russell 
William E. Signor, III 
Fredrick Smith 
Julien G. Sourwine 
John E. Swanson 
Eugene J. Verordi 
Pedro E. Wosmer 

Dean Russell B. Allen 
Mr. William Hoflf 
Dean R. Lee Hornbake 
Dean George Koludis 
Reverend Jesse Myers 
Dean James H, Reid 
Reverend William C. Tepe 

Student Government Affairs 
Student Government Affairs 
Student Government Affairs 
Student Government Affairs 
Student Government Affairs 
Speech, Music and Drama 
Religious Affairs 
Student Government Affairs 
Speech, Music and Drama 
Speech, Music and Drama 
Student Government Affairs 
Student Government Affairs 


Membership in Omicron Delta 
Kappa is one of the highest honors 
that may be bestowed on the men 
of the Senior and Junior classes. 

For membership one must excell 
in one of the following extracurric- 
ular fields: publications, student 
government, social and religious 
affairs, speech, music and dramatic 
arts, athletics and scholarship. 

Tapping takes place semi- 
annually and membership is limited 
to two percent of the Senior and 
Junior classes. 

John Hagedorn 

Nick Kovalalides 

Joseph McCortin 

John Russell 

Danny King 

Q^ 9<^ 

Robert Kohl 

Urban Lynch 

1 'm fir 

Carroll Matthews 


Tom Morrissey 

Walt Nokomuro 

Wm. Signor 

Joy Sourwine 

John Swanson 

Eugene Verordi 

Pedro Wosmer 






The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi is dedicated to the Unity and Democracy of Edu- 
cation and selects its membership from all the fields of the University. 

The Society has for its sole purpose the recognition and encouragement of superior 
scholarship. New members are selected from all the schools of the University and ore 
chosen from the upper ten percent of the graduating class. 

The efforts of Phi Kappa Phi are intended to further the fulfilment of its motto: 
"The Love of Learning Rules the World" 

PHI KAPPA PHI — FIRST ROW: Fred Downey, George Irving, Dr. Stanley 
Orozek, & gc Spencer, Pool Hu, Williom Anthis, Danny King, Thomas 
Morrissey SECOND ROW: Louhe Coddington, Anne Green, Patricia Butler, 
Cyniliio Ab- imion, Lindo Tucker, Carol Waghelstein, Lindo Slon. Jean 
Pisopio, W / Pockwood, Ront! Kushner, Melindo Rohlond. THIRD ROW: 
Kris StrutI, 3, Sybil Roppoporl. Horriel Treves, Borbara Brown, Lindo"* 

Sobel, Joan Lipowifz, Rondo Simms, Libby Specfor, Eugenio Likens, irmo Jean 
Dodd, Solly Silvermon. Edna Windhcim, William Morsh. FOURTH ROW: 
Conlyn Regesfer, Paul Flood, Barry Tossmon, George Ducker, Hermon Lub- 
bes, Howord Wehmonn, Richord Love, John Engberg, Guenther Lerch, 
Stuart Collison. 

Cynthia J. Abramson 
William Anthis 
Joed Basson 
Morion E. Bennett 
Davis A. Berggren 
Roymond L. Boore 
Alan B. Brant 
Barbara A. Brown 
Patricio Butler 
Chorles Stuart Collison 
Lloyd L. Copps 
Anita L. Coddington 
Peter A. Compton 
Fronk V, Constonzo 
Carl L. Dammonn 
Katherine V. Dillion 
Irmo Jean Dodd 
Harry F. Downey 
George H. Ducher 
Don E. Duloney 
John R, Engberg 
Paul E. Flood 
David C. Fullarton 
Edward F. Grayson, Jr. 
Anne R. Green 
Leo V. Gross 
Brian A. Hozlett 
Paul Y. Hu 
George W, Irving 
Robert B. Jackson 
Gilbert L. Jocox 
Danny C. King 
Rona B. Kushner 
June E. Lee 
Eugenia M. Likens 
Guenther W. Lerch 
Joan F. Lipowitz 
Richard H. Love 
Herman O. Lubbes, Jr. 

Edna B. Windheim 

William J, Marsh 
William J. McCallion 
Thomas F. Morrissey 
Molly H, Packwood 
David L. Paul 
Carolyn J. Pisopia 
Robert H. Preller 
Sybil A. Roppoport 
Conlyn W. Regester 
Harvey D. Reisenweber 
Murray L, Richmon 
F. Melinda Rohlond 
Henry H. Soblitz 
Benjamin B. Selvitelle, Jr. 
George Shepord 
Alfred A. Shields 
Sally Silverman 
Rondo R. Simms 
Anthony J. Slotnicki 
Linda C. Slon 
Stephanie D. Smith 
Linda K. Sobel 
Mitchell C. Sollod 
Libby H. Spector 
George W. Spencer 
Loren J. Spencer 
Jock Stevens 
Kristen L. Struebing 
Vito Tinelli, Jr. 
Barry E. Tossmon 
Harriet R. Trevos 
Linda J. Tucker 
David C. Turner 
Patricio C. Tymeson 
Ferol P. Vincent 
Andrea D. Vlases 
Carol S. Woghelstein 
Walter D. Walking 
Howard H. Wehmann 


President Stanley J. Drozek 

Vice-President Elizabeth Hovilond 

Secretary-Treasurer Lenno L. Gross 

Journal Correspondent R. F. Allen 


I >"ll_ 




The local chapter of Alpha Lambda 
Delta is named the Adele H. Stamp 
Chapter in honor of our recently retired 
Dean of Women. The chapter was 
founded on our campus in 1932 for the 
purpose of recognizing the outstanding 
scholarship of freshmen women. To be 
eligible a 3.5 average first semester or a 
3.5 overall average for the freshman 
year is required. 


Feme Harding President 

Eunice Alperstein Vice-president 

Corol Jones Secretory 

Fleurette Ezzo Treosurer 

Louise Boir Noncy Julius 

Angela Bickel Margaret Leonard 

Rono Cote Elizabeth Merritt 

Linda Covin Joanne Moser 

Janet Cohen Froncine Nothon 

Mary Ann Cooper Maido Pines 

Corol Etchells Barbara Potzner 

Elinor Evenchick Horriet Rumple 

Poulo Goldberg Harriet Skier 

Marie Hollion Aijo Sviltis 

Dorothy Hennlein Ann Teter 

Sherno Simonhoff Jay Woinid 

Linda Hyssong Frances Wann 
Suson Witter 

ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA - FIRST ROW: Elinor Evenchick, Linda Covin, Eunice Alperstien, Feme Harding, 
Fleurette Ezzo, Marie Hollion. SECOND ROW: Dorothy Hennlein, Joanne Moser, Nancy Julius, Barbara 

Potznpr Anne Teter Louise Boir, Linda Hyssong. 





William Anthis President 

William Smith Vice-president 

Walter Sykes Secretary 

David Coder Treasurer 

FIRST ROW Leslie Weinberg 

Joseph Mockus Wade Robinson 

Tom Morrissey Donovan Carbaugh 

William Smith Anthony Rudgers 

Bill Anthis John King 

David Coder Fred Swope 

Walter Sykes Thomas Carey 

Sanford Weinger 

SECOND ROW Gordon Adkins 

Rod Skoglund Gregory Opresko 

Jock Stevens Harwood Beville 
Robert McCleary 

The purpose of Phi Eta Sigma is to rec- 
ognize the outstanding scholarship of the 
freshman men and to "promote scholar- 
ship within the academic community." To 
be eligible, the freshman student must 
have obtained a 3.5 overage in the first 
semester or a 3.5 overall average for the 
entire year. 



Diamond recognizes those women 
who hove contributed outstanding 
service and leadership to their soror- 
ities. Members are nominated by each 
sorority and the Diamond chapter 
then taps those selected. Tapping is 
held in the Fall at Harmony Hall and 
in the Spring at the Interfraternity 

Judy Krueger 

Sue Brenner 

Carol Windham 

Pot Gerzban 


Roberta Hastings 
Kris Struebing 
N. Jean Jones 
Jean Ritchie 
Harriet Litmon 
Ruth Ober 
Edith Ashman 
Jinny Stevens 

Alice Packard 
Pat Gerzban 
Judy Krueger 
Carole Windham 
Carol Buschold 


Marjorie Seeler 
Barbara Brown 
Nan Hendrick 
Tov^ney Mohler 
Karen Jocobsen 
Anne Green 
Lino Grant 
Marjorie Turner 
Joan Davis 
Linda Rohland 
Sue Gibbons 
Pot Messer 
Ann Whiton 

Linda Applefeld 
Jane Bartleson 
Iris Berman 
Peggy Boughter 
Sue Brenner 
Casey Crogon 
Honey Finch 
Rosalind Goldner 
Pot Green 
Marion Hortmon 

Morge Hoegen 
Mary Jo luso 
Nancy Janssen 
Cookie Kohn 
Margie Koplan 
Sue Loffan 
Marcia Price 
Sybil Rappoport 
Sandra Rueben 
Dottie Robinson 
Sue Shovitz 
Margie Stone 
Poulo Stroughn 
Linda Swortz 
Andreo VIoses 
Kay White 
Helene Wright 
Judy Zenitz 

Miss Ann E. Norton 



The members of Kalegethos are chosen by their 
respective fraternities and in turn by the members 
currently in the honorary. Those tapped are 
recognized as men who have made v^'orthwhiie 
contributions to their respective fraternities, to the 
interfraternity system, and to the University. 


Roger Crawford President 

Paul Sibolik Vice-President 

Joseph McCartin Secretary 

Brad Becker Treasurer 

Donald Arthur 
Leo Balsamo 
James Benson 
John Bigelow 
Donolci Bindok 
Tomiinson Brown 
David Butts 
Winton Davenport 
LeRoy Dietrich 
James Evans 
Austin Fox 
Bulkley Griswold 
Carroll Johnson 
John Kinnamon 
Thomas Morrissey 

James Oosterhaus 
Les Pittler 
Benjamin Pettee 
Leslie Ricketts 
Kenneth Roberts 
David Ryan 
Charles Sandler 
Robert Schaftel 
James Shaw 
Chester Steckel 
John Swanson 
Sheldon Taubenfeld 
Phillip Tucker 
Gene Tyndall 
Thomas Wieczorek 


Bob Fitzpatrick 
George Koludis 

Left to right; Ben Pettee, Carroll Johnson, Buck Griswold, Phil Tucker, Paul Sibolik, Roger Crawford, Dean 
George Kalodis, Advisor; Tom Morrissey, Joe McCartin, LeRoy Dietrich, Austin Fox. 



Dennis Witmer President 

William Bradford Vice President 

Walter Durigg Recorder 

Charles Dickinson Treasurer 

Jack Schelz Reporter 

John Botscheller Master of Ceremonies 

If a Sophomore student majoring in chemis- 
try, chemical engineering or metallurgical Engi- 
neering has a 2.0 average, he is eligible for 
membership in Alpha Chi Sigma. This is the 
only honorary on campus which provides a 
house for its members, fulfilling its purpose "to 
bind its members with professional as well as 
fraternal bonds." 

This year the group sponsored the Nathan 
L. Drake Memorial Award to the outstanding 
sophomore student in chemistry. 


Joseph Mockus 

James Thomas 

Mel Morganstein 

Frank Boyer 

Louis Kelly, Jr. 

George Dick 

Nick Kresovich 

David DelTatto 


Nick Yono 

Norman Blumberg 

Wayne Henderson 

John Botscheller 

Robert Lipnick 

William Bradford 

Dennis Witmer 


Chorles Dickinson 

Robert Arguer 

Jock Schelz 

Carlos DiBello 

Wolter Durigg 

Carlton Wiles 

John Newton 


Vernon Mayer 

James Beck 

John Theis 

Lee Rose 

Phil Howord 


Dudley Smith 
Inbum Song 
Kenneth Wisner 
Eugene Brenneman 

H. Fred Downey 

Herman Wessel 

Donald Bandet 

Ronald Brandon 
Woodrow Adkins 


Ken Malkus 
Jack Bour 
Bill Wright 
George Irving 
Walter Nicely 
Margin Stou 

Walter Winont 
Fred Swope 
O'Neal Johnston 
James DeShozer 
Ray Johns 
David Gregg 
John Hutchison 


Samuel Rosenberg 
H. Thomas Yolken 

Melvin Meyerson 

Robert Shives 

Lelond DePue 


Harvey Yakowitz 
Edwin Maust 
Lindsay Norman 
Ivo Fioriti 

John Park 
Adolphe Edwards 
Henry Fronkel 
Norman Howells 
Larry Parson 
George Sandoz 
Bernard Simmons 
Dennis Witmer 
Dr, Pennington 

David Denney 
David Buchmon 
Dawes Gorrett 
Leo Keller 
Donold tTttleton 
Dick Miller 
Richard Parsons 
Charles Neal 
James Dendy 
George Tyson 

Alpha Zeta 

Agriculture Professional Fraternity 

Alpha Sigma Mu 

Metallurgical Engineering Honorary 

Beta Alpha Psi 

Accounting Honorary 


Barr/ Fishman 
Robert Ashman 
Jimmie Bufler 

Robert Romsburg 

Charles Edelson 

Daniel Lofferty 

Vice Pres. 
Russel Fritz 

Sondi Rubin 


William Blonchford 
Joel Basso n 
David Perlmon 
Edward Ellis 
Dean Fow^ter 
Thomos Cochran 
Micheol Kelly 
George Hall 
Martin Sweren 

Beta Gamma Sigma 

Business Administration and Commerce Honorary 

Joon Lipov/itz 
Barbara Gundersdorff 
Tom Morrissey 

Vice Pres. 
Dr. Howord Wright 

Louise Coddington 

Allen Machesney 
Teddy Robbins 
Rober Shaffer 
Paul Flood 
Conlyn Regester 
Roymond Boore 
Donold Nixon 
Jimmie Butler 
Roger Shepherd 


Thomas Cochran 
John Ducus 
Daniel Lofferty 
Robert McPeeks 
Fred London 
Richord Hyde 
Robert McCleory 
Ralf Roth 
Spencer Milstead 

Dr. John Frederick 


Dick Roder 

Walter Sykes 

Doug Dollenberg 



Danny King 

John Hunter 

Guenther Lerch 

Corres. Sec. 

David Lingrell 

Dick Van Elberg 


Dick Kersloke 

Howard Stup 

Joseph Henley 

Terry Gossord 

James Pielert 

Ronald Gordon 

Recor. Sec. 

James Erickson 

Robert Kohl 

Richard Benner 


Thomas Crane 

Hugo Videla 


David Wakefield 

Donald Ward 

Robert Lubbert 

Dick Meininger 

J. Tonkin 

Charles Heye 

Paul Roberts 

Francis Brannan 

David Goodman 

Robert Wilson 



Robert Budd 
Richard Kilby 
Clifford Woodward 
Thomas Durkin 
Albert Rudder 
Gordon Gill 
Austin Wiles 

Kirt Bass 
Pete Tucker 
Edward Sweeney 
Bob Woodchek 
Bill Bogard 
Tom Beers 
David Brown 

Civil Engineering 

John Kraft 

Vice President 

John Culbertson 
William Tripp 

William Martin 
John Korsberg 
Robert Schoyer 
Walter Horan 

Capt. F. Sluss 
Harry Miller 

Delta Nu Alpha 

National Transportation Honorary 

Delta Sigma Pi 

The National Business Fraternity 

Walter Bennett 
Dove Goodman 
Wendell Wiener 
Jomes Halsteod 
Dan LafFerty 
Ed Ellis 
Treas. II 

Tony Zdanis 

Sec. I 
Clork Bailey 

Treas. I 
Dr. Allan Fisher 

Vike Myerson 

Pres. I 
John Dycus 

Vice-Pres. I 
Bruce Vonek 

Jr. Vice-Pres. I 
Colvett Milsteod 

Bob Ramsburg 
Art Klotz 

Sec. II 
Bill Kotzel 
Ed Geisler 
Tom Bartolec 
Al Mochesney 

Pres. II 
Dove Ellis 

Sr. Vice-Pres. II 
Ed Rudolph 
John Hopkins 
Martin Bogosh 

Dick Hyde 
Rolph Roth 

Jr. Vice-Pres. II 
Ray Berger 
Emil Skolicky 
Gordon McPhee 
Bob GrifHth 
Don Gabriel 
Tom Morrissey 


I — First Semester Officer 

II — Second Semester Officer 

At Left — The awarding of honorary membership on Ex- 
Secretory of the Treosury Robert Bernerd Anderson by 
the Gamma Sigma Chapter of Delta Sigmo Pi. 

Iota Lambda Sigma 

lota Lambda Sigma recognizes outstanding 
scholarship in the field of industrial education. The 
chapter at Moryjond was founded in 1927 with 
the purpose of promoting professional training in 
industrial education. They present a scholarship of 
$250 to a worthy freshman in the field. 


Roy Pluemmer President 

Jack Buge Vice President 

Cloude Hilliard Secretary 

Will Hoggins Treasurer 

Dr. Donald Maley Advisor 

Thomas Saliga 
Richord Bracken 

Rec. Sec. 
Archie Sherber 

Vice Pres. 
William Anthis 

Corr. Sec. 
Steven Tretter 


William Marsh 
Michael Stripling 
B. Reid Wolloce 
Gordaon England 
W. Bridges Smith 
Walter Nogel 
Walter Fox 


Gerald Cooley 
Howard Norfolk, Jr. 
Thomas Buckley 
Richard Martin 
George Ducker 
Robert Jackson 
Donald Willis 

William Bigler 
Theodore Colburn 
James Criswell 

Carl Dammonn 

Kenneth Fennel 
John Freeh 
David Fullarton 
Wilbur Gayhart 
Matthew Horris 
Robert Hughes 
Herman Lubbes 
Gory Williams 

Micheol Board 
George Lapes 

Richard Friedmar\ 

Vice Pres. 
William Signor 

Charles Grandmason 

James Hess 


John Branch 
Glenn Shaw 
Richard Philps 
Philip Pfeiffer 
Edward Boone 
Howard Fielding 
John Axley 

Wayne Hart 
Daryl Hawkins 
Noble Kelly 
Robert Leodbetter 

Eta Kappa Nu 

Electrical Engineering Honor Society 

Kappa Kappa Psi 

Band Honorary Fraternity 

Louise Kapp 
Fred HalMdoy 
Vice President 

Pat Hays Eccles 


Jacquelyn Summers 
Sarah Irwin 
Sue Irwin 

National Collegiate Players 

Omicron Nu 

Home Economics Honorary 


Cloire Parker 

Nancy Mitchell 

Kothryn Herring 
Carole Nortrup 

Alice Linton 

Vice Pres. 
Patricia Messer 

Barbara Mutlinix 
Joon Borkley 
Phyliss ZaroR 

Gordon Ashley — 

Lawrence Taylor — 

Vice President 
Una Syme — 

George Schultz — 

Ed Abbott 
John Alfred 
Dave Carrington 
Anita Duis 
Michael Folstein 

Mary Jane Gates 
Bill Higgins 
Virginia Hill 
Robert Lanham 
Alfredo Lieberman 
Donald Lloyd 
Andy Montgomery 
Arthur Morris 
Gregory Oden 
Peter Riosvelez 
Barry Sussmon 
Louis Wall 
Vincent St 

Beta Phi Chapter of 

Gamma Theta Upsilon 

All geography majors with a 2.0 overall average are 
eligible for membership in Gamma Theta Upsilon, the 
national professional honorary for those in geography. 

Daniel Whiteford — 

John Crowl — 

Vice President 
Maurine Hayter — 

Sidney Bland — 

Keith Parker — 

Alexander Casanges 
Jerold Coffee 
Joseph Cox 
Lewis Croce 
Carlyle Earp 
Alfred Ghiorzi 
Arnold Harms 
John Kadlubowski 
Rev. John Kenny 
Barbara Koch 

Robert Eshleman 
Angus MacDonald 
Robert McKee 
Sandra Miller 
Joseph Morton 
Gerald O'Brien 
Donald Preisner 
Molly Packwood 
Richard Pormele 
Robert Phipps 
Benjamin Roder 
Richard Roughton 
Myron Scholnick 
Wayne Smith 
Guenther Sonntog 
Spencer Wilson 
Deryck Wright 

Dr. Richard Bauer 

Phi Alpha Theta 

Those who hove a 2.7 overall average and a 3.0 
average in history may be chosen for membership in 
Phi Alpha Theta. The Maryland Chapter sponsors out- 
standing speakers in the field of history and also offers 
fellowships and scholarships in history. Annually, the 
group aids its national in sponsoring a contest for pa- 
pers on historical subjects. 

Phillip Faulkner Pres. 

Dove Berry Vice Pres. I 

Franklin Padgett Vice Pres. II 

Samuel Acree Treas. 

Alexander Wiseman Rec. Sec. 

Robert Shoffner Corr. Sec. 

Henry Harmon Hist. 

J. Allen Soger Educ. Ch. 

Dr. Eckhart Jocobsen Advisor 

Dr. Orval Ulry Advisor 

Beta Epsilon of 

Phi Delta Kappa 

Graduate and undergraduate male students in edu- 
cation benefit from the advantages of membership in 
the national professional fraternity. 


Phi Chi Theta 

Women of the College of Business and Public Ad- 
ministration are eligible for membership in Phi Chi 
Theta if they have a 2.2 overage and have com- 
pleted semester of pledging. Throughout the year 
the group sponsors professional meetings with out- 
standing business women as speakers. 

Ginnie Wright 
Peggy Lotz 
Sandi Rubin 
Gerry Sesso 


Stephanie Turner 

Kay Haven 

Vice President 

Louise Ccwddington 

Betty McGorvie 

Fran Knox 

National Coun. 


Joyce Dilliplane 
Marilyn Polinger 
Carlo Wilkerson 
Donna Thomas 
April Wilson 
Kay Voorhees 
Penny Hoke 
Kathy Stuart 
Potricia Reed 
Joyce Barbie 
Maureen Miller 

Joan Lipowitz 
Seena Parson 
Marianne Scoville 





Pi Delta Epsilon 

The purpose of Pi Delta Epsilon is to recognize 
those who have contributed outstanding service 
to one or more of the university publications. A 

student is eligible if he or she has held a major 
position for at least two semesters or been a staff 
member for four semesters. 


Dick Dement President 

John Russell Vice-President 

Kitty Godman Secretmy 

Lorry Granot Treasurer 

Corol Applestein Historian 



Carol Applestein 

Jim Kenny 

Kitty Godman 

Joy Sourwine 

Buck Hoyle 


Barry Allen 

John Russell 

Larry Gronat 

Pi Mu Epsilon 

Pi Mu Epsilon has been established on the Univer- 
sity of Maryland campus for the sole purpose of 
honoring outstanding students in the field of mathe- 

Throughout the year the group sponsors lectures 
and films mainly in the field of mathematics but also 
touching on associated subjects. 

Dagmar R. Henney 

Howard Wilson 

Vice President 
David Sprecher 

Miriam Bernhard 
Derrill Bordelon 
Thomas Dyer 
Donald Flanders 
Ben Fusaro 
Robert Gauntt 
Alan G. Henney 
Jung S. Kim 
Nathan Rubinstein 
Robert Sorenson 
Eutiwuio C. Young 



Pi Tau Sigma 

Membership in Pi Tau Sigma is limited to students 
of the Mechanical Engineering curriculum with above 
overage grades. 

The group sponsors a banquet each semester, 
highlighting on outstanding speaker and the pres- 
entation of on award to the outstanding sophomore 
in the field of engineering. 

Gerald Miller 
Richard Love 
John Svitak 

Record. Sec. 
Donald Kupfer 

William Mentzer 

Barry Tossman 

Urban Lynch 

Corres. Sec. 
Julius Owens 


L. G. Stour 
Allen Tyler 
James Moore 
Neill Wilson 
Philip Moylan 
Rod Chotham 
Oscar Voss 
Paul Hu 

David Coder 
Steve Shepherd 



Phi Alpha Epsilon 

Physical Education Honorary 


Robert Kem 
Valerie Kidner 
Charlotte Leedy 
Joy Walters 
Roy Mullis 


Dorothy Mohr 

Nick Kovolokides 

Bonnie Ragland 

Vice Pres. 
Wilmer Reynolds 

Willett Duly 

Marvin Eyier 


Eugene Estes 
Marie Sterne 
Jerry Levine 
Judith Ingram 
Joseph Andreone 
Koy White 
Stephen Shimkus 
Joseph Cascino 
Phyllis Heuring 
Philip Bolen 

Jeri Bishop 

Pi Sigma Alpha 

Political Science Honorary 

Jim Wolfe 

Vice Pres. 
Johanne Talley 

Steve Ziony 



Baljit Singh 
Robert McKee 
John Witherspoon 

Bill Grubert 
Robert Harrington 
Bernard McKenno 
William Martin 
Kenneth Neubouer 
Robert O'Hern 
Thomos Stropp 
Roy Tennont 
Dennis Woters 


Terry Luce 
Frank Vicino 

Vice Pres. 
Dick Dean 

Sylvia Lipsitz 


Jeffrey Getz 
Janice Montgomery 
George tapes 
Sandra Goody 
Roger Poppen 

Berry Berger 
Marjorie Caplon 
Francis Colavita 
John Engberg 
John Ford 
Biliy Galloway 
Bromfield Mines 
Julius Klein 
Joy Land 

Edward Morganstein 
Joseph Pear 
Wesley Pointer 
Judith Purnell 
Sue Roman 

John Russell 
Lois Sass 
Marvin Scherr 
Julia Schmidt 
Helen Schlosser 
Martin Schwartz 
Andrea Vlases 
Bob Williams 

Psi Chi 

Psychology Honorary 


Rozzie Price 

Rec. Sec. 
Carol Waghelstein 

Vice Pres. 
Linda Tucl<er 

Susan Glazer 

Corr. Sec. 
Barbara Eaton 



Judy Anderson 
Frumi Shatenstein 
Ruth Ober 
Edith Ashman 

Linda Crone 
Cynthia Heisler 
Sue Goliner 
Nancy Loper 
Ann Norwitz 
Bev Rosenfeld 
Lois Sass 
Eileen Schier 
Ellen Schaffer 
Barbara Wasser 
Marilyn Wilcox 

Sigma Alpha Eta 

Speech Therapy Honorary 

Sigma Alpha lota 

Honorary Music Fraternity for Women 

Sigma Alpha Omicron 

Bacteriology Honorary Fraternity 

Miriam Hirnisey 

Corr. Sec. 
Diane Plutschok 

Vice Pre$. 
Joan Thot 

Pauline Mo 



Dorothy Ashley 

Patricio Whectley 

DeVera Lipskey 

Chorline Hoock 
Eugene Hommel 
Carol Kempske 
Angela Littleford 
Mary Mognette 

Rec. Sec. 
Elizabeth Walter 

Solly Smith 
Guy Fugote 

Sebostian Weber 

John Axley 

Vice Pres. 
Modeleine Hingeley 

John Bronch 

Melvin Smith 
James Novotny 

Borbaro Akmon 
James Cookley 
Rudolph Gross 
Williom Signer 
John Weber 
Potricio Welsh 

Iro Winokur 


Anand Bhatia 
Robert Forward 

Kishin Moorjoni 

James McGroddy 

Victor Lotorre 

Peter Compton 
Anthony Corrado 
Edward Dawson 

Vice Pres. 
Robert Heitman 
Richard Imlay 
Yench Laohavanich 
Juanita Smith 
Lai Him Chan 

Jeanine Hiclcs 

April Wilson 

Beverly Friedland 



Karen Dunkin 
Cynthio Clayton 
Jean Weaver 
Kay White 

Phyllis Heuring 
Marilyn Hay 
Jeri Bishop 

Vice Pres. 
Patricio Messer 

Sigma Pi Sigma 

Physics Honor Society 

Sigma Tau Epsilon 

Women's Recreation Association Honorary 

Sigma Delta Chi 

Professional Journalism Fraternity 

President Ted Chilcoat 

Vice President Buck Hoyle 

Secretary Ed Scherr 

Treasurer Joe Adams 

Advisor Dr. Carter Bryan 


Charles Cockey 
Jim McMahon 
Edwund Scherr 
Ted Chilcoat 
Buck Hoyle 
Herb Pritzker 


Charles McCauley 
Mike Geraghey 
Ronald White 
John Horchler 

G. Richard Booth 
Charles Berry 
Chet Steckel 
Michael Bargteil 
Carl Carter 

Dr. Carter Bryan 

Joe Adams 
Barry Allen 
Ben Borchelt 
Bruce Bough 

Michael Canning 
Roger Crowford 
Dick Dement 
David Goeller 
Lee Gordy 
Tim Gorman 
Albert Hoehn 
Jim Kenney 
Don Kirtley 
Floyd Longerlbeom 
James Ludwig 
Gregory Lewis 
John McColl 

Robert Mullicon 
Charles Montobano 
Walter Nokamuro 
Lorry Parker 
Wolt Phillips 
Ed Sechtman 
Charles Sandler 
Adrian Sybor 
Som Shannohan 
Tom Wieczorek 
Donald Wipp 
Konrod Winiecki 


Maryland Beta Chapter 

Tau Beta Pi 

National Honorary Engineering Fraternity 


Doug Dollenberg 
Leroy Smith 
John Svitok 
Stephen Cramer 

Barry Tossmon 

Rec. Sec. 
Walter Sykes 

Corr. Sec. 
Richard Love 
Paul Hu 

David Wakefield 
Steven Tretter 
Donald Willis 
W. Bridges Smith 
John Hunter 
Urban Lynch 
David Coder 
Ira Goldman 


Harry Cleaver 
How/ard Norfolk 

Thomas Saliga 
Donald Kupfer 
Gerald Miller 
James Rand 
Neill Wilson 
Gerald Colley 


Chester Dobson 
Walter Fox 
Richard Bracken 
Ronald Gordon 
Allen Tyler 
Philip Moylon 
William Mentzer 
Michoel Stripling 

Leonard Roche 
Archie Sherbert 
George Ducker 
Thomas Buckler 
Guenther Lerch 
William Marsh 


Walter Nagel 

Robert Jackson 
Danny King 
William Anthis 

Ross Beville 
Donovan Carbough 
Rodney Chatham 
Giulio Cima 
James Criswell 
Carl Dammann 
Carl DiBella 
David Fullarton 

Dick Hainsfurther 
Matthew Harris 
Charles Hoffman 
Robert Hughes 
Herman Lubbes 
James Moore 
John Newton 
Richard Reilly 
Paul Uber 


Sallie Austin 
Andi White 
Lindo Bushnell 

Pat Hershberger 

Rec. Sec. 
Bobbi Hull 

Corr. Sec. 
Diane Young 

Helen Lee Kerr 
Judith Wilburn 
Juanifa Johnson 
Tisho Brumbaugh 
Verona Blosier 
Sara Gibbs 

Jo Finn 

Carolyn Horris 
Kitty Godman 
Penny Martin 
Sue Neary 
Kris Struebing 
Jean Weover 

Tau Beta Sigma 

The purpose of Tau Beta Sigma is to further unite 
those elements which combine to form the band and 
related groups (majorettes and colorguard). Each 
year the group sponsors a banquet where the out- 
standing women members of the band are tapped. 

Tau Kappa Alpha 

A minimum of two years activity in debate or other 
speech activities, and on academic standing in the 
upper third of the class are requirements for this or- 
ganization, Tau Kappa Alpha recognizes outstand- 
ing achievement in the fields of debate, forensics 
and public speaking. 

Sybil Rappoport 

Bob Friedman 

Vice Pres. 
Wesley Jockisch 
John Mandukich 
Marilyn Myers 
Fred Smith 
Howard Stevens 





Col. Theodore Aylesworth, Professor of Air Science, discusses the subject he 
is most familiar with. 

Col. Aylesworth and Mr. Longerbeam discussing the weekly dril 

Cadet Col. F. T. Longerbeam, Cadet Commander for the Spring se- 

This year marks a change in the A.F.R.O.T.C. at the Uni- 
versity of Maryland. First-semester Freshmen and second- 
semester Sophomores are no longer attending classes. 
However, the University requirement for four semesters of 
R.O.T.C. is still being fulfilled by having these cadets attend 
drill. The cadets must also take a designated course in some 
other department, the grade in which is also their grade in 
Air Science. 

ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY - FIRST ROW: K. Zimmerman; K. A. Roberts,- U. 
Lynch; W. Mullican, Commander; K. Gunn; J. Claggett; A. Day. SECOND 
ROW: G. Klein; I. Block; R. Graham; M. White; T. Schammel; Capt. I. 
Klingenberg, Advisor; J. Lambdin; A. Saidman; R. Zwolinski; N. Bearce; 

M. Strones; G. Opresko; D. Fletcher. THIRD ROW: J. Porter; C. Crawford; 
A. Grose; H. McCartin; B. Gold; D. Waller; J. Hunter; W. Wolfe; W. 
Speicher. FOURTH ROW: G. Burkhart; M. Board; J. Evans; H. Hiller; J. 
McColl; L. Longerbeam. 

The Arnold 
Air Society 

and Blade 

AREA B-3 HEADQUARTERS - SEATED: F. T. Longerbeam, Commander. 
STANDING: D. Fletcher; H. McCartin; T. Schammel; A. Grose; C. Crawford; 
J. McColl. 

ford; J. Shaw, Commander; R. Ganss; W. Speicher; Copt. J. Dunn, USAF, 
Advisor. SECOND ROW: Moj. J. Casey, Usaf; J. Hull; F. T. Longerbeam; 

W. Mullican; D. Fletcher; S. Collison; B. Corodec; D. Kirtley; W. Scott; 
J. Wilson; A. Saidman; U. Lynch; K. Gunn. 

FIRST ROW: Richord B. Neely, Commander. SECOND ROW: Melvin R. 
Groyhom, Melvyn Erenberg. THIRD ROW: Allen F. Shopiro, Richard A. 
DeVoss, John O. Cotton. FOURTH ROW: Michael B. White, Larry R. Laib- 
son, Stephen E. Mueller, Richard Motley. FIFTH ROW: Kirk M. Enders, James 

L. Thomas, Joy H. Feinstein, Joseph Mockus, Stephen H. Miller. SIXTH 
ROW: Edward J. Schneider, John D. Glover, James H. Hul, Peter A. Colo- 
gero, Creston O. Garner, Henry K. Rozeboom, 

Pershing Rifles 

The Pershing Rifles is a national military honorary fraternity. 
It was founded in 1894 with the primary purpose of providing 
good officer material to the Armed Services. Composed of 
approximately ninety active members, the unit here dates 

bock to 1934. The unit consists of a Color Guard, Trick Drill 
Team, Precision Drill Team, and a Rifle Team. It participates 
in many functions and ceremonies in the Washington Area. 

I5th REGT. STAFF: Nelson Lawry, Donald Nosh, Comdr., David Lofgren, Neil Beorce. 

VANDENBERG GUARD STAFF — FIRST ROW: A. DiGiulian; G. R. Mitchell; E. B. Brown; R. A. Bragaw, 
Commander; V. J. Anselmo; J. C. Sporhowk; W. Coile. SECOND ROW: R. A. Ziepolt; C. E. Mensing; M. 
Webb; T. Bongartz; C. Grimes; G. E. Orton. 

Vandenberg Guard 

The Vandenberg Guard is a military fraternity unique to 
the University of Maryland. Designated as a squadron within 
the Corps of Cadets, it is the only sabre drill team on the 

Atlantic Coast. The unit was founded in 1954 by Col. Joseph 
R. Ambrose, and since has become a major contributor of 
Cadet Officers. 

VANDENBERG GUARD - FIRST ROW: R. Greene; T. Farrelly; R. Hordison; 
S. Harrison; B. Anderson. SECOND ROW: B. Johnson; D. Barnes; H. Blocks- 
fon; J. Sochs; M. Gershon. THIRD ROW: E. Plitt; H. Drayson; B. Wells; P. 
Miller; L. Taylor. FOURTH ROW: P. Kroutwurst; D. Barrett; J. Shenrotz. 
FIFTH ROW: R. Hintze; J. Long; R. Lau; J. Maness; R. Biosco. SIXTH ROW: 

J. Eurich; G. Null; C. Mosley; D. Aiken. SEVENTH ROW; W. Cannon; K. 
Roeuchie; R. Bortholomee; V. Verfuerth. EIGHTH ROW:- P. Hecker; P. Bauers- 
feld; M. Ahmuty; C. Johnson; B. Rains. NINTH ROW: R. Lynch; W. Mockin- 
nell; R. Hampshire; D. Parsons. 

^^ — -• 


FIRST ROW: P, Straughm; J, Loomis; P. Prusch; G. Yano; S. Whitely; 
A. Bryant. SECOND ROW: L. Baxter; A. Cochran; J. Stamm; J. Steg- 
mon; M. Griffin; P. Plumley. THIRD ROW: J. Shirk; G. Poce; L. Hys- 

song; R. Hatfield; T. Jen; L. Coddington; S. Wise. FOURTH ROW: 
J. Stover; G. Dent; C. Culp; E. Johnson; D. Skoer; C. Brush; F. 
Logan; S. Foulis; L. Gront. 

Angel Flight 

Angel Flight is now connpleting its fourth year as a national organi- 
zation. Sponsored by and patterned after the Arnold Air Society, it 
Is primarily known for outstanding service to the University. 

ANGEL FLIGHT OFFICERS: Poulo Prusch; Sandy Foulis, President; Diana Skoer; Lino 
Grant; Barboro Kupiec. 

Poulo Prusch, is both Sweetheart of the Pershing 
Rifles and Queen of the Militory Boll. 






Summer Camp 

Every year, the advanced cadets who have completed their junior year in college go 
to summer camp. This encampment lasts for six Vi'eeks and is held at many of the Air 
Force Bases in the United States. The purpose of summer camp is to bring the cadets 
into intimate contact with the Air Force. Although the schedule is long and exhausting, 
it is also well rounded and beneficial. The pictures on this and the following page give 
some indication of the training. 



r<^ rr 



"Hey, Mom, look!" . . . Fourth from right is Cadet Col. Lynch, present Cadet Division Commander 

Cadets see preview of apparatus v/ith which they will become more familiar later. 


Ploying volleyball is |ust one way cadets rest frayed nerves. 



Associate Editor — Jean Riitchie 

SGA Organizations — Ida Willen 
Classes — Leslie Yoffe 
Queens — Becky Carpenter 
Communications — Ann Jacobs 
Drama — Doris Wolverton 
Music — Shiela From 
Religion — Barbara Brown 
Organizations — Pat Miles 


The Student Government Association 

S, G. A. President . . . 

Tom Morrissey served as chief executive of the 
student government for 1960-61. Under his leoder- 
ship many student organizations and committees 
worked effectively for the benefit of all students. 

Tom was on outstanding student and contributed 
his abilities to many campus activities and organiza- 
tions. He served as president and vice president of 
.\L ri ; vice president of (1)K M and BF.^l; o member 
of Oak, Kalegethos, ([i K i]) , (1)HL,IFC, and 
selected for Who's Who Among American Universities 
and Colleges. 


S.G.A. CABINET — FIRST ROW: Brad Becker, treas.; Judy Hutchinson, sec- 
John Kinnomon, pres.; Jock Sippel, v. pres. SECOND ROW: Doug Worrall, 
soph, pres.; John Mitchell, ind. men's rep.; Morgy Stone, sor. rep.; Pot 

Messer, AWS pres.; Leroy Dietrich, senior pres.; John Hagedorn, ML pres. 
Not pictured Linda Ray, David Sullivan. 

^^ «r> 


Tom Morrissey, President (Feb. grad.). Sybil Rappoport, Secretary (Feb. grod.). 

The Cabinet . , . 

The cabinet is composed of student elected repre- 
sentatives. They serve in an executive capacity to 
govern the campus activities. 


LEGISLATURE — FIRST ROW; Joan Davis, Dick Dement, Judy Hutchinson, 
John Kinnamon, John Sippel, Anne Coleman, John Bigelow. SECOND 
ROW: Rona Weintraub, Jack Taggart, Karen Dunkin, Judy Gray, Kay 

Daniels, Alice Packard, Ken Redder, Judy Perlzweig, Nancy Long. 
THIRD ROW: Rich Balenger, Linda Tafum, Nancy Thompson, Debbie 
Lane, Elaine Ricca, Eunice Alperstein, Linda Covin. 

The Legislature 

The SGA Legislature is under direct con- 
trol of students elected by each class. The 
representation is distributed among nine 
seniors, eight juniors, seven sophomores, and 
six freshman. This body discusses all SGA 
actions and functions to promote the wel- 
fare of all students. 


Student Court 

The Central Student Court tries all appellate cases coming 
from lower student courts. Its iurisdiction is over cases of 
discipline referred to them by the Deans of Men and Women, 
or the dean of an undergraduate college. 

Members ore nominated by Mortar Board and ODK, and 
are approved by the S.G.A. executive council. 

Sheila Burk, Karen Duncan, Pat 
Wyand. SECOND ROW: Carl Dam- 
men, Dave Fullerton, Chief Justice, 
John Russell, Stuart Callison. 

FINANCE COMMITTEE - FIRST ROW: Linnell Robinson, Stuart Fine, Brod Becker, Chrm,; 
Eunice Alperstein. SECOND ROW: Tom Brown, Dick Dement. Not Pictured: Lynn Andretta, 
Penny Martin. 

Finance Committee 

The Finance Committee requests a tentative 
budget from each student organization that is 
contolled by the S.G.A. They confer with the 
financial leaders of each group, and then moke 
formal budget recommendations to the Legislature 
for approval. 


ELECTIONS BOARD — FIRST ROW: Befty Wilcox, Lynn Andretto, 
co-chrm., Ann Calderwood. SECOND ROW: Toby Spar, Bill Wood, 
Liz Hall. Not Pictured; Warren Wimer, Co-Chrm. 

Elections Board 

Campus elections which bring with them political conven- 
tions, campaigning and much rivalry are controlled by the 
elections board. This year's board under co-chairmen, began 
its work with the freshmen elections in the fall. Their season is 
climaxed with the terrific job of supervising the SGA elections 
in the spring. 

Orientation Board 

The Freshman Orientation Board plans the orientation ac- 
tivities for all new Maryland students. Campus tours, the Dink 
Debut, the class assembly, the President's Reception, the Fresh- 
man Mixer, and many other events are held to acquaint new 
students with Maryland Life. 

FRESHMAN ORIENTATION BOARD - John Stafford, Linnell Robinson, Pedro Wosmer, Saroh Schlesinger, 
Charles Stoner. 


Who's Who 


The committee chooses campus leaders in scholar- 
ship and activities. The names they select appear in 
"Who's Who Among Students in American Univer- 
sities and Colleges." 

WHO'S WHO COMMIHEE - FIRST ROW: Duke Bowen, Linnell Robinson, Jim Shaw, 
chrm.; Julio Cobey, Dave Ott. SECOND ROW: Joan Davis, Kay Meyers, Sue Gont, 
Pete Wasmcr, Sue LatTon, Lynn Andretta. 

Organizations S Controls 


New campus organizations have their constitutions 
reviewed by this committee. Any changes in constitu- 
tions are also subject to their review. 

John Kinnamon, Sarah Schlesinger. SECOND ROW: Jock Sipple, Dick Booth. 


^f^^ p^JS.^^0 

AWS - FIRST ROW: Roberta Hastings, Morlene Murroy, Sue Gibbons, 
Sect.; Pat Messcr, president; Rona Kushner, Carolyn Stouffer, Linda latum. 
SECOND ROW: Shelley Londoy, Karen Dunkin, Cynthia Clayton, Karen 

Jocobsen, Janice Montgomery, Jane Wharton, Didi Camenzind, Sheila 
Hcrtney, Barbara Potzner, Jane Goodhond, 

A. W. S., 

The Executive Council 

Every Coed is a member — of the Associated Women Students. The executive council 
is composed of student elected officers and a representative of each class. They formu- 
late campus conduct rules and sponsor many social activities. A few of their endeavors 
include the Bridal Fair, Orphans' party, Cultural coffee hours, and a hondbook for new 


Men's League 

The Executive Council 

The Men's League works to promote the welfare of male students in all phases of col- 
lege life. Outstanding senior awards in scholarship, athletics, communications and service 
are given by the men's league. Campus activities including intramurals. Summer Job 
Placement, and No Shave Week are sponsored by them. 

The executive council is a student elected body that governs the activities of the 

Men's League — FIRST ROW: Henry Trattler, Bob Barry, John Hagodorn, president; Philip R. Rever. SEC- 
OND ROW: Jomes Evans, Col Gray, Rod Skoglund, Bill Hahn. 


Calendar Committee 

The calendar committee compiles all campus 

events and publishes the S.G.A. Calendar, which is 
distributed at the beginning of each semester to all 

students, and is a great help in planning one's 


CALENDAR COMMITTEE - John StafFord, Shelley Landoy, Ida 

Public Relations Committee 

The public relations committee functions to pro- 
mote and create a favorable image of the university 
in general, in co-ordination with the S.G.A. It is also 
an excellent training ground for anyone with aspira- 
tions in the public relations field. 

PUBLIC RELATIONS COMMITTEE - John Kinnamon, Julio Cobey, Dick Booth. 

Marven Webb, Dick Rogers. 

FIRST ROW: Ann Muse, Janet Lee Tolsen, Chrm.; Peggy Lotz. SECOND ROW: 

Student Placement 
Services Committee 

Student Union Board 

The Student Union Board plans and carries out the activities 
sponsored by the Student Union. The activities are open to 
all students and include dances, movies, tournaments in 
bridge, cultural programs, art exhibits, and Art Film Series. 

The Job Placement Committee serves the entire student body 
by providing interviews, counselling, and forums to assist 
undergraduates in locating employment. This service is one of 
the most valuable on campus. 

Lance Billingsly, Ann Calderwood. SECOND ROW: Bob Barry, Cal Hook. 


ar -^^^ 

CAMPUS IMPROVEMENTS COMMITTEE — Rod Skoglund, Marlene Murray, Chairman; Dee Schemm, Bill 

Campus Improvements Committee 

Campus Improvements Committee works on improving campus conditions,- this year 
they worked with the Legislature on problems such as a walk from Fraternity Row, drains 
under the tunnel, and others. They are still working on problems such as parking on 
campus and the shrubbery in "B" lot. 

TRAFFIC COMMITTEE — Deone Holt, John Stofford, Jock Taggort, Choirmon,- Thomas King. 

Traffic Committee 

The Traffic Committee studies the traffic problems of the University. They are con- 
cerned with the campus parking facilities and signs. The Campus Police and College 
Pork authorities work in cooperation with this committee. 


Campus Chest 

CAMPUS CHEST — FIRST ROW: Shelley Landay, Julia Cobey, Secretary; 
April Wilson, Chairman; Judy Bavis, Eunice Alperstein. SECOND ROW: 
John Stafford, Phyllis Heneson, Henry Trattler, Bob Schaftel, Sheila Hartney, 

Bill Wood. Not pictured: Jeanne Anderson, Anne Calderwood, Treasurer, 
Harold G'Flaherty, Sue Gibbons, Ass't. Chairman. 

The Campus Chest Committee was established at the University of Maryland to provide 
direction and stimulation in student donations to charity. Money collected in fund-raising 
activities comes to this committee, and is allocated to organizations of its choice. No 
direct solicitation of the students by any charity is permissible. 

Members of the committee include representatives from campus organizations such as 
A.W.S., S.G.A., Men's League, I.F.C., and others. Each of these organizations sponsors 
fund-raising project during the year. 

Each spring a Campus Chest week is held, culminating with the Sophomore Carnival. 
At this time the committee stages an extensive fund-raising campaign. 

For five years the University has contributed to the support of an Italian boy, who is 
now thirteen years old. This is done through the Campus Chest committee, which sends 
him $180. a year to help pay for his schooling, clothing, and other expenses. 


CULTURAL COMMITTEE — Roberta Hastings, Karen Silver, Karen Jocobson, Soroh Schlesinger, Chairman; 
Sandra Miller, Karen Dunkin, Linnell Robinson. 

Cultural Committee 

The Cultural Commiftee sponsors events of cultural interest 
to the student body. The National Symphony Orchestra has 
performed on the campus through the elTorts of this com- 

Parents Day Committee 

A special day in honor of our parents Is planned by the 
committee. The events of this day include a coffee hour, a 
football game and open house in all residences. 

PARENTS DAY COMMITTEE — Priscillo Weinberg, Eunice Alperstein, Chrm.; Jane Wharton. Not Pictured: 
Nickie Siegel, Ann Bouker, Dano Litmon, Sue Gant, Monica Motzek. 

-A y. i 

AWAY WEEKEND — FIRST ROW: Anthony Spiniochio, Ron Bristow, Dennis 
Griffin, Warren Duckett, Co-Chairman; Col Gray, Vin Limouro. SECOND 

ROW: Walt Asche, Duke Bowen, Louis Tachetti, Bob Panico, Bill Hopkins. 
Not pictured: Gene Tyndall, Co-Chairman. 

Away Weekend Committee 

The weekend of November 5 found approximately 1,000 
Marylonders en route to Penn State. Orchids to the Away 
Weekend Committee for arranging such a "swinging" time 
for all. 

Homecoming Committee 

The weekend of October 28 was also a memorable one this 
year thanks to the careful arrangements of the Homecoming 
Committee. Co-ordinating the many details of the contests, 
game and dance is a complex and confusing task — but one 
which was well-handled by the chairmen listed at right and 
their committee members. 

Jean Rietz Over-All Co-Chairman 

Bob Schaftel Over-All Co-Chairman 

Judy Miles Secretary 

Joan Davis Over-All Dance Co-Chrmn. 

Norman Steinberg Over-All Dance Co-Chrmn. 

Margie Miller House Decorations 

Julie Kelly House Decorations 

Fred Burmon Dance Arrangements 

Dick Yankowski Game Arrangements 

Art Libby Awards 

Judy Hutchison Programs 

Pot Hynes Flowers 

Priscilla Weinberg Chaperones 

Suzanne Gordon Dance Decorations 

Betty Lou Tester , Dance Decorations 

John Bigelow Floats 

Mickey Benkert Treasurer 

Carolyn MacCortee Queens 

Jean Richey Queens 

Carolyn Gouzo Invitations 

Harriet Litman Publicity 

Danny Cahill Publicity 

Jim Sousone Tickets 

Rina Torrieri Refreshments 


sponsor; Bruce Gold, vice-president; Monte Edwards, president; Richard Ed- 
gor, treasurer; William Munson, secretary; Skip Bowen. SECOND ROW: 
Knowles Little, George Klein, Don Welly, Clifton Smith, William Middleton, 

James Beck, Robert Neumuller, Chorles Darby. THIRD ROW: Thomos King, 
Pete Wemple, Larry Kessler, Joe Modej, Joe Henley, Chorles Wendt, Michael 
Miller. FOURTH ROW: Charlie McLaughlin, Louis Anderson, Bernie Show, 
Jim Crook, Mike Boss, Bob Lubbert, Jerry Volcik, Jim Beottie, Joy Kramer, 

Resident Men's Association 

The RMA is the governing body of the men's dormi- 
tories. The primary purpose of the RMA is to establish 
harmonious living conditions for male students. Aside 
from formulating dormitory policies and solving problems 
that arise, the group is responsible for a growing spirit 
of unity and cooperation among the men's dorms. 

This year the RMA presented the Limelighters, a trio 
whose style is pleasing to those collegians who favor 
the Kingston Trio, 







FRESHMAN CLASS EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: David Sullivan President, Linda Newman, Secretary, Lorry Ben- 
nett, Treasurer, Judie Roundy, Vice President, Carolyn Stouffer, A.W.S. Representotive, Irwin Gellmon, 
Men's Leogue Representotive. 

The Freshmen, overwhelmed by the vasfness of the campus. The novices quickly acquainted themselves with the work- 
soon lose their awe as they bury themselves in class activities. ings of the SGA and now anticipate their respective academic 
The Class of 1964 tried its wings preparing a successful Fresh- and extracurricular futures with high hopes, 
man Prom and Freshman Day. 

Debbie Lane, Judy Perlzweig, Howard Het- 
tleman, Rono Weintroub. 


Freshman Prom 

Freshman girls blossomed as the Class of 1964 came out in 
force for their first University prom. 

Hard work and ingenuity converted the scene to a proper set- 
ting for an "April in Paris" evening. With an eye tovi/ard beauty, 
the frosh selected Ruth Hatfield as their queen with on equally 
lovely court. 

The enchanted, though temporary, Parisians began their social 
career at Maryland with a resounding success. 

WHO WILL BE QUEEN? The Freshman cost their ballots. 

FROSH BEAUTIES REIGN: Freshman ballots placed Ruth Hatfield upon the throne. Her two attendants 
are from left to right, Pat A. O'Neil, second runner up and Morlene Cohen, first runner up. 


TO MAKE IT OFFICIAL: Skip Merril, Freshman Closs President 
crowns Ruth Hatfield queen. 

A ROYAL DANCE; Queen Ruth takes a royal spin with her escort. 


las Worrall, President, Ida Willen Treasurer. SECOND ROW: Jane Wharton, A.W.S. Representa- 
tive, Jock Rever, Vice President. 

The Sophomore Class 

Second-year veterans, members of the Class of 1963, semester doldroms. 
gather to pool ideas. Their annual fund-raising carnival en- Now the class is fully oriented in Maryland life and accepts 

joys full campus participation and the prom brightens mid- a greater part in campus activities. 

SOPHOMORE LEGISLATURE: FIRST ROW: Nancy Long, Linda Covin, Elaine Ricca, Eunice Alperstein, Linda 
Tatum. SECOND ROW: Jock Toggort, Ken Feddee. 

SOPHOMORE CARNIVAL COMMITTEE; FIRST ROW: Marilyn Filler, Eunice Alperstein, Noncy Hydinger. SEC- 
OND ROW; Bill Wood Chairman, Carolyn Cook, Secretary, Dick Millhouser, John Stofford, Russell Aaronson, 
Nicki Siegel Assistant Chairman, obsent. 

SOPHOMORE PROM COMMITTEE; FIRST ROW; Sylvia Buttinghom, Joanna. Cato, Co-chairman, Robyn Ru- 
dolph. SECOND ROW: Marilyn Filler, Elizabeth Goodridge, Sheila Hartney, Pot Dunn, Zee Jay Weinman, 
Elaine Downs. THIRD ROW: Russell Aaronson, Bob Gale. Absent BeGe Smith co-chairman. 


One of the bright spots in the school year is Sophomore 
Carnival. This is the Sophomore Class fund-raising drive for 
Terps Turn Back Time. 

Two prizes were given, one for the most original booth 
and one for the booth that collected the most money. 



Sophomore Carnival 

This year's carnival was held in Byrd Stadium. What a 
change from the Armory! The theme of the Carnival was 
Campus Chest. All organizations,- dorms, sororities, and fra- 
ternities participate by constructing booths. 


IT'S MY PLEASURE. Sophomore Class President, Pete Wosmer, 
crowns Lino Grant Queen of the Sophomore Prom. 


Sophomores Swing at Prom 

SOPHOMORE SELECTION; The Sophomore Class chose these lovlies to reign over their prom. They ore 
from left to right: Gail Nussbaum, ADPi, Lino Grant, Queen, Kappa Alpha Theta, Marlene Horris, D Phi E, 
Kothy Kilmer, DG. 


JUNIOR CLASS EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE. Left to right; Stuart Fine, Vice President, Pete Wasmer, President, 
Henry Trottler, Men's League Representative, Karen Jacobsen, A.W.S. Representative. 

The Junior Class 

JUNIOR CLASS LEGISLATURE. Left to right Judy Hutchison, Anne Coleman, Karen 

Seasoned hands already, the Juniors are striving 
for that day in the not-to-distant future when they 
will be Seniors. They prepare themselves academi- 
cally as well as organizationally. The Junior year Is 
highlighted by the Junior Prom where Miss Maryland 
is selected and May Day, a tribute to Senior Women. 

The Junior year is perhaps one of the fullest and 
richest and when it draws to a close Juniors can't 
help but remember happy times. 


May Day 

Each May the Mall Is transformed info a May Queen's garden, 
a tradition begun by our former Dean of Women, Adele Stamp. 
The celebration Is given In honor of the Senior women by the 
Junior women. 

This May Day had an International flavor. The May Pole danc- 
ers were dressed in blue and white, symbolizing the United Na- 
tions. The Freshmen women opened the May Day Program with 
on International March and this theme was carried through the 
whole program, prepared for the entertainment of the Queen and 
her Court. 

' .31 

A ROYAL APPROACH. The Moy Queen and her court will morch 
through these flowered arches raised in her honor by Senior women. 

^i" 4 

I CROWN YOU QUEEN OF THE MAY. Pot Messer, chairman of 
May Dcy crowns Harriet Husted. 


-W . . ^. ^: 


V r r „' 



A ROYAL GIFT. As tradition demands the May Queen receives the first copy of the TERRAPIN. 



■"■BW^fllBK — JW't ■ 

■■-^pw<R»#^5^T^ , / 


Sue Shavitz, President of Phi Sigma 
Sigma Sorority, presents to Pot Mes- 
ser, the Outstanding Junior Woman 
Award from her sorority. 

ik m 

The Traditional May Pole Dance done by the Sophomore women. 


Mortar Board Taps 

As the pageantry nears conclusion, the appearance of the Mortar Board members in 
their somber block caps and robes creates a stir of anxiety in the audience. Making 
their way through the moss of spectators, these Senior women tap their new members 
and draw them into the line of bobbling caps. The toppees are Junior women who are 
chosen for their outstanding scholarship and service to the University. It is the highest 
possible honor for a coed to receive. 

A new tappee is brought from the audi- 

The most thriihng moment of a coed's career in college. 

The Junior Promenade 

Misi Nancy lohr 

Miss Edno Marvel 

Miss Birute Peniciunos 

A highlight of the social season at Maryland is the 
Junior Prom. The Prom is given by the Junior Class in 
honor of the Senior Class. The big moment of the 
Prom is the crowning of the Queen of the Junior 
Prom who will reign as Miss Maryland. 

Again this year Indian Spring Country Club 
played host to the prom. The evening was kept lively 
by the bonds of Tommy Dorsey under the direction 
of Warren Covington and Billy Butterfield's jazz 

Jack Poor mode the selection of Miss Maryland 
from photographs sent to him by the Prom Commit- 
tee. His choice was pretty Morlene Harris. 

This year's Junior Prom will long be a pleasant 
memory due to the hard work of Ellen Bubeck and 

Gene Rosengarden, prom chairmen, and their com- 


m ^ms* 



Ist runner up, Miss Jean Weaver 

Miss Maryland, Marlene Harris 

Jack Paor chooses , 

WELCOME TO THE JUNIOR PROM: Carol Joseph, receiving line 
chrm.; Pete Wosmer, Junior Class President; Linnell Robinson, Class 
Secretary; Stuart Fine, Vice President; Karen Jocobsen, AWS rep- 
resentative; Henry Tratler, Men's League representative. 

mer crowns Morlene Harris Miss Maryland while the 
other four fmolists look on approvingly. 

tee and dotes. 

The Junior Prom Commit- 

SENIOR CLASS EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE E. Bulkeley Griswold, Vice President; Kathryn Godman, Prom Chair- 
man; Marlene Murray, AWS representative; Warren Duckett, Treasurer; LeRoy Dietrich, President; Lance 
Billingsley, Sr. Class Presents Chr.; Patricia Gerzban, Secretary, Bill Hahn, Men's League Representative. 

The Senior Class 

Seniors, highest rung on the ladder at the undergraduate 
level. For many this is just a stepping stone to higher educa- 
tion but for most it is the next step away from being on his 

Looking back, the Senior has many memories of the Uni- 
versity of Maryland; some fond, some not so fond. The hours 
of study, the many more hours of worry, the weekends of fun; 

these will remain only as memories. 

The Senior Class has to their credit; class excitement of 
their freshman days, a successful carnival of their sophomore 
days, and a beautiful prom of their junior days. They have to 
look forward to; an enteraining Senior Class Presents, a happy 
prom, and graduation. 

SENIOR CLASS LEGISLATURE: John Kinnamon, Nancy Thompson, Judy Gray, John BigelovK, Alice Packard, 
Dick Dement. 


Commencement . . . 




Una Grant 



Pledge Queen 
Pat Saloom 

Freshman Prom Queen 1960 
Rurh Hatfield 

Sophomore Prom Queen 1960 
Lino Grant 

Miss Success 1961 
Pat Messer 

Greek Week Queen I960 
Julie Kelly 

Hillel Queen 1961 
Sue Kelman 

R.O.T.C. Queen 1960 
Paula Prush 


Alpha Gamma Rho 
Betty Powers 




Alpha Tou Omega 
Audrey Bloir 

Delto Tou Delto 
Sandra Stump 






Phi Kappa 
Mary Jo 


Phi Delta Theto 
Judy Schoffer 

Phi Sigma Kappa 
Fron Krouse 


Phi Sigma Delta 
Roz Cohen 

Lambda Chi Alpha 
Ellen Bubeck 

Phi Kappa Tou 
Sandy Kenyon 

Koppo Alpha 
Tiddle Wright 


Theta Chi 
Melissa Sinatra 

Tau Kappa Epsilon 
Grace Anderson 

Tau Epsilon Phi 
Judy Hoffman 

Sigma Phi Epsilon 
Lina Grant 


Zefa Beta Tau 
Lois Price 

Sigmo Chi 
Janice Missell 

Sigma Nu 
Randy Borto 

Delta Sigma Phi 
Sandy Mates 



Publications and Communications Committee 

The guiding force behind campus communications is the 
publications and communications board which meets monthly. 
It is composed of the editors of Diamondbock, Terrapin, Old 
Line, and the station manager of WMUC, their advisers, rep- 
resentative students not connected with publications, and 
faculty members. The Faculty Senate Committee on Student 
Publications and Communications exists to hear policy and 
procedure reports from student publications and the radio 

station, and to deal with criticisms of these organs. The com- 
mittee also attempts to solve any problems that may arise. 

The committee is responsible for seeing that the University 
policy of accuracy, truthfulness, sincerity, and a sense of 
decency and decorum is carried out. The board appoints 
persons who will adhere to this policy to executive positions 
on the publications. 

PUBLICATIONS BOARD — FIRST ROW: Linda Rohland, Prof. Sfrausbaugh, chrm.; Dr. Cooley, Eunice Alper- 
stein, Margie Miller, Pom Clayton. SECOND ROVv': Dr. Witteberg, Dean Crowell, John Hagedorn, Joy Sour- 
wine, Buck Hoyle, Dr, Doetsch, Sandra Goody. 

Buck Hoyle 

Editor-in-chief, second semester. 

Walt Nakamura, 
Editor-in-chief, first semester. 


"That the public may know" is the purpose of the Diamondback. It 
exists to inform the students, faculty, administration, and the University 
at large. 

To achieve its purpose, a tremendous amount of work is put into the 
four issues per week by the four separate staffs which are directed by 
the editor-in-chief. Much footwork is necessary to cover this big cam- 
pus and to dig up news tips. The tips then are expanded into stories, 
written up, and proofread. Layouts are drawn up by the editors, pic- 
tures are taken and cropped, and headlines written. 

The staffs, working in offices cluttered with discarded stories and 
empty coffee cups, often must wait hours for late stories so that the 
students may be informed, as soon as possible, of campus activities. 

In achieving the purpose of the Diamondback this year, the Uni- 
versity's position on the issue of Frostburg State Teacher's College 
merger with Maryland was clarified. Problems of snow removal on 
campus were presented, and Homecoming, political conventions, and 
elections were covered. The Diamondback also tried to bring about a 
larger independent's vote by showing the need for organization and 
responsibility on the part of independents. 

Uppermost in the minds of the Diamondback staff is the need for a 
University press. This would enable the paper to give the students 
"today's news today," rather than "yesterday's news tomorrow." 


Herb Pritzker, 
Executive editor. 

Pau! Cose, 
Managing Editor 

TUESDAY'S STAFF - FIRST ROW: Suson Bcggs, -Shirley Lee. SECOND ROW: Ad- 
rian Sybor, News Editor; Vincent Pisciotta, Dave Groham. 







WEDNESDAY'S STAFF - FIRST ROW: Becky Carpenter, News Editor. SECOND ROW: Sue Steven- 
son, Corolyn Gietko, Ed Bowers, Pot Fisher. 

Rino Torrieri 
Monoging Editor 

Liz Shay 
Managing Editor 

THURSDAY'S STAFF - FIRST ROW: Jean Gabis, Sandy Krause, Stanley Hankin, Phyllis Vogeihut. 
SECOND ROW: Mary Ann Putcakulish, Ernie Freda, News Editor; Marion Ryss, Priscillo Lainof. 


FRIDAY'S STAFF — FIRST ROW: Steve Floam, Judy Cohen, news editor; Jean Line- 
berry. SECOND ROW: Ed Scherr, Linda Essig, Donna Ellenson, Harriet Litmon, 
Ann Jacobs, John Stafford. 



Liz Hall 
Managing Editor 


i^ ^'v 


: > 





Bruce Weber, Sports Editor 

John Russell, Business Manager of the Oiamondbock. 

The Sports Stoff — Ed Bowers, Bruce Weber, Doryl Jones. 


Barry Allen, News Analyst. 



Jay Sourwine, Station Monoger. 

WMUC — The Campus Voice 

"This is WMUC, 650 on your dial, Radio Voice of the University of Maryland," . . . the 
station identification heard six evenings a week by students on campus from their own 
radio station. 

The station plays the newest records, gives news of campus events, up-to-the-minute 
national news, and local news to keep the students informed. To improve the flow of 
information between the administration and the student body, a new show. Campus Spot- 
light, has been instituted. On this program student leaders meet with Dean Borreson to 
discuss campus problems and their possible solutions. 

WMUC also provides an opportunity for students interested in radio to get practical 
experience in all phases of radio operation. 

Constantly widening its scope of activity, WMUC broadcasted for the first time this 
year the returns of the presidential elections and debates between candidates for SGA 

The station also features a half hour panel show taped in Tokyo by the University 

Howard Stevens, 
Business Manager. 

Stan Rud'ck, 
Program Director: 

Bob Bishop, Chief Engineer 

NEWS STAFF — Dick Turney, John Stofford, Jock Olmsteod, Ston 
Rudick, Jock Cox, John Goldsmith. 

Miss Midnight — Denise Sourel. 

Euzent, Rhody Bosley, Earl Gray, 
Charlie Price. John Goldsmith, Jock 

TUESDAY - WEDNESDAY STAFF - Steve Johnson. Joyce Schroeder, Bill 
Seoby, Denise Sourel, Dick Turney. STANDING: Stan Rudick, Joy Sourwine. 

THURSDAY - FRIDAY STAFF - John Stafford, Lloyd Kramer, Mourice 
Borkley. STANDING: Poul Palmer, Howord Stevens. Jack Cox. 

Old Line 

The OLD LINE magazine, not to be confused with the party, was 
first printed in 1930. It is published five times yearly, and is an excel- 
lent outlet for campus creativity. 

Edited by Margie Miller, the issues of the OLD LINE make their 
appearance in various forms, one as a parody of LIFE magozine. They 
contain such features as the "Old Line Girl of the Month," the "Little 
Jester," and much humor — for, after all, humor combats apathy! Car- 
toons, old and new jokes, and satires are also included. The serious 
side is not neglected and appears in the form of photo essays, fea- 
tures, and the Maggie Awards given to the "best" in University Theatre. 

The sum total is a highly entertaining campus magazine, content 
subject to the whims and caprices of the staff. 

Margie Miller, Editor-in-Chief. 

OLD LINE STAFF — FIRST ROW: Dick Booth, Morton Katz, Joyce Schroeder, Diana Lody, Ken V^oissmon, Claire Feldstein. 
SECOND ROW: Larry Hampt, Herb Pritzker, Larry Pearson, Emory Kristof, Mitchell Bukzin, Solly Stewort. 


Larry Hompt, Business Manager. 

Larry Pearson and Susan Traum, assoctafe editors,- Ken Woissman, art editor. 


Ed Scherr, Monaging Editor. 


EXPRESSION, the university literary magazine, has been in existence 
for five years. It has developed from a small mimeographed paper into 
a highly polished magazine, which is published semi-annually. Eugenia 
Likens heads this year's staff, v\/hich is comprised of twenty students. 
Serving as faculty advisers are Rudd Fleming and Leonard Lutwock. 

Expression offers an opportunity for the publication of student crea- 
tive writing in the form of poems, short stories, plays, and essays. This 
year a new editorial policy opened another area of "expression" to 
university students. The magazine printed sketches and photographs of 
sculpture and paintings created by Maryland's aspiring artists. 

Eugenia Likens, Editor-in-Chief. 


Wosyl Palijczuk, Stephany 


EXPRESSION STAFF — Eugenia Likens, Ric Blacksten, Joe Adams, Man- 
aging Editor; Judie Turpin, Cathy Law, Helen Murphy, John Connolly, 

Marjorie Scott, Stephany Seelinger, Bonnie Speert, Barbara Levin, John 
Heideman, William Cooper, Wosyl Palijczuk. 





Harriet Litmon, Editor-in-Chief. 

The M-BOOK has been called the "Freshman Bible," and this certoinly 
Is true. Every year during Orientation Week, the upperclossman can see 
hundreds of young Freshmen, clad in gold and black dinks running around 
campus with their noses literally buried in their M-Books. For everywhere 
that a freshman is liable to go, the M-Book has been there before, and 
the Maryland newcomer has everything all mapped out for him! 

This year's M-Book was filled with new things for the new freshman to 
do, goals to strive for, high spots to hit (off campus). The M-Book is indis- 
pensable to every freshman who spends all of his spore time carefully 
learning the Maryland songs and singing them with joviality and con- 

Kitty Godman, Managing Editor. 

M-BOOK STAFF — Borbaro Von Kinsberger, Susan Pfeiffer, John Stafford, Linnell Robinson, Bev Macht, Julio 
Cobey. Not Pictured ~ Lynn Andretta. 

Sandy Goody Rosswork and Pom Clayton, Co-Editors-in-Chief 
of the 1961 TERRAPIN. 

1961 Terrapin 

John Rogers, Business Manager. 

The 1961 TERRAPIN is the product of many hours of work, many 
empty cofifee cups, and many headaches. 

A large staff, armed with grease pencils, proportion rules, copy 
paper, and lots of ideas went to work early in the fall. Under the edi- 
torship of Pam Clayton and Sandy Goody, the Terrapin evolved — bit 
by bit — with the theme "The Spirit of Maryland." The staff was con- 
fronted with the traditional yearbook problem of — no photographer 
at the right time, or no organization at the right place, but after 
seemingly thousands of retakes all of the pictures were "in." 

And so, this is the TERRAPIN — presenting what everyone remembers 
about Maryland — the way the campus looks, the many clubs and 
honoraries, the extra-curricular side of college life, the academic side, 

Margie Turner, Managing Editor. 


Jeon Ritchie, Janice Montgomery 
Associate Editors 
Activities and Seniors 

ACTIVITIES STAFF — SEATED: Doris Wolverton, Becky Carpen- 
ter, Sheila From. STANDING: Pat Miles, Ida Willen, Ann Jocobs, 
Barbara Brown. 

SENIORS STAFF — Carolyn Grobowski, Frank Egerton, Fron 
Horowitz, Sue Allman, Ginny Held. 

SPORTS STAFF - Phil Johnson. Fred Gale. Bud Duncon, Dick Booth. 

Lynn Andretta, Linnell Robinson, 
Residences and Academic Associate 

ACADEMIC STAFF — Tina Storm, Bobbi Hastings, 
Denise Saurel. Not Pictured — Jean Vonderohe. 

Ross Seville, 
Circulation Manager 


RESIDENCES STAFF - Julia Cobey, Tom Chiids, Phyllis Lee, Joe 
Montedonico, Toby Spar. Not Pictured — Joanne Mosser, John 


Marion Hartman, Index; 
Stoma Chebithes, 


Late assignments 

Rush deadlines 

"We need a picture story . . ." 

Endless group shots 

Big story to cover 

Hours in the darkroom 

"Who scattered the lint around?" 

A big job . . . 

Well done. 

Morton Kotz 


Pajama Game 

The spring musical was a kind of lighthearfed adventure in industrial 
folklore. In the appropriate setting, a hassle occurs between garment 
workers and a pajama factory president. The gay, funny, fast moving 
show was adopted from Richard Bissell's satirical novel "7V2 Cents." 


Mines Mel Smith 

Prez James Eccles 

Joe Ralph Penn 

Mr. Hosier Charles Gillett 

Gladys Olga Miranda 

Sid Sorokin John Kinnaman 

Mabel Barbara Strock 

1st Helper Robert McKenzie 

2nd Helper Fred Hallidoy 

Charlie Jock Zimmerman 

Babe Williams Norma Lillis 

Mae Nancy Long 

Brendo Marian Bennett 

Poopsie Kristen Struebmg 

Salesman Don Gateley 

Worker Bob Boyer 

Pop Williams Stan Rudick 

lOiel Come with me to Hernondo's. 

Sid fights bock at the cold new town. 


:.:';.;m i^,.f3:f^^m^KlfffmmKm 

• ■• • . . •'; • • • •,..*« ••' • • 1 • • ■.•J-.-.".' .• ■.•■..•..• .■••■ 

' •• MhK'-^.^'i'i •••■•••• •><^^>•:^•■;•■•:^^>^■;^^•^ 


i\' : •.'?.■ \ >• > 

Meteoric and historic love — 
Sid and Babe on a coffee break. 

Her is the kindo girl what drives a fellow bots. Her is Moe and him is Prez. 

Tick-tock, tick-tock, tempus fugit — Heinzie's life story. 


No cowboys wanted, you included. 

I Am a 

don't know why, I'm sorry. 


"I Am A Camera" was the first serious drama of the fall 
semester. The cost, under the direction of Herb Rogers, gave 
an excellent presentation of the Berlin scene in 1930 before 
the rise of the Hitler regime. 


Christopher Isherwood Wm. Northcutt 

Fraulein Schneider Sonja Smith 

Fritz Wendel Don Goteley 

Solly Bowles Bonnie Toman 

Natalie Landouer Pat OhI 

Clive Mortimer Wm. Bortiett 

Mrs. Watson-Courtneidge Anne Southworth 

Radio Announcer Brigitte Beckman 


Anyone for Breakfast? 

It's art, that's what it is — you and your mind. 

The mony friends of Sally Bowles. 


Lt. Cable finds his happy talking dream. 

*'South Pacific'* 

This year, for the first time, a musical production was the 
opening show of the season. "South Pacific," a big hit, was 
directed by Rudolph Pugliese and the musical director was 
Melvin Bernstein. 


Ngana Marie Himel 

Jerome Jamie Himel 

Henry Norman Pearl 

Ensign Forbush Terri Resce 

Emile de Beque Mel Smith 

Bloody Mary Anne Southworth 

Stewpot William Kerchner 

Luther Billis Charles Gillett 

Professor J. Charles Ford 

Lt. Cable, USMC John Kinnamon 

Copt. Bracketf James Eccles 

Commdr. Garbison David Blackburn 

Liat Patricia Hays 

Lt. Buzz Adams William Bloom 

Presenling, in person, the one ond only Lulherio Billis — HoneybunI 


No soap allowed, no guarantee, and no work at Luther's Laundry. 

Cheesecake and Capt. Brackett . 

Nellie meets the CO. 

Meet Ngono and Jerome. 

Calpurnio's prophetic plea foils on unheeding eors. 

Julius Caesar 

For the first time in four years Shakespeare appeared on the Terp 
stage. The March University Theater production of Julius Caesar was 
directed by Rudolph E. Pugliese. Charles J. Schmitt did the lighting; 
the set was by Sue Irwin and the costumes by Jacquelyn Summers. 


Julius Caesar Robert Domey 

Octovius Caesar Art Sills 

Marcus Antonius William Northcutt 

M. Aemilius Lepidus John Cooper 

Cicero Barry Bach 

Publius William Moore 

Popilius Lena David Ochs 

Marcus Brutus William Bloom 

Cassius James Eccles 

Casca Fred Halliday 

Trebonius Lee Clark 

Decius Brutus Jack Zimmerman 

Metellus Cimber John Ing 

Cinna Howard Rosen 

Flavius John Cooper 

Artemidorus Robert Boyer 

A Soothsayer James Heaton 

Cobbler Charles Vest 

Lucius Charles Ford 

Cinna James Heaton 

Colpurnia Sue Guzzo 

Portia Ruth Mintz 

Marcus Antonius mourns Julius Caesar. 

The Senators gather as the traitorous plot 
neors its climax. 

This was Julius Caesar — your emperor, 
your leader. 

Roman battles Roman as Caesar's men 
fight for his name. 


Circle Theater 

Circle Theater, a branch of University Theater, presented 
one arena play during the 1960-61 season. Circle Theater 
shows are staged theater in the round style with music, lights, 
and costumes in room 1 12 Woods Hall. 

"The Father" is the best known of August Strindberg's 
works. It wos written in 1887 and first performed in Denmark. 


Noid Wayne Price 

Margaret Lillian Beitsch 

Bertha Susan Marks 

The Pastor Bob Beyer 

The Doctor Jerry Augburn 

The Captain jim Heaton 

Laura Holly Ochs 

Student director Marian Bennett 


LAB DIRECTORS — FIRST ROW: Ruth Mintz, Don Gateley, Renetta Wagner, Lisa Linch, Jeff Bell, Mary 
Modigan, junior producer; SECOND ROW: John Cooper, Lee Clark, Fred Holliday, David Ochs. 

Lab Theater 

This has been an outstanding year for Lab Theater with a rec- 
ord number of fourteen plays presented. 

Fall semester set another record for Lab Theater when the first 
original student play was given. Undergraduate playwrite Fred 
Halliday's production "Ground Hog's Day" was directed by Don 
Gateley in October. 

Other Lab Theater productions include "The Intruder," "The 
Interview," "Uptown Express," "Little Prince," "27 Wagon Loads 
of Cotton," "Pierrot of the Minute," "Mrs alliance," "Riders to the 
Sea," "Dark Lady of the Sonnets," "There Were," and "Cradle 

Dream sequence — "Gound Hog's Day.' 


Flying Follies 

From Washington D.C. to Scotlond, the University of Mary- 
land Flying Follies have entertained our armed forces with the 
U.S.O. Vaudeville Revue. The group of performers was 
founded three years ago for a Christmas four of Iceland, Scot- 
land, Bermuda, and the Azores. 

On campus, this year Flying Follies presented an original 
vaudeville revue entitled "Footlight Fever" under the direction 
of president Ken Waissman and secretary Nina Baker. 

The Flying Follies cast has also entertained this year 
at Walter Reed, Ft. Meade and various other service functions 
in the area. 

i^U .-^. 

"Linle Miss Muffet" 

"Footlight Fever" 


"To Keep My Love Alive" 

♦**♦ ♦♦♦«'♦ 


"Double Exposure" 



Drama Wing 

Drama Wing set several "firsts" in their four year history 
during the 1960-61 season. The first honorary member, Julie 
Harris, was initiated in November. Drama Wing was the first 
college drama group to fly intra-state to a performance. Two 
casts performed the some night for the first time last January. 

Premier performances were given in Virginia and Pennsyl- 
vania taking Drama Wing into neighboring states. 

In its four years of operation. Drama Wing has presented 
196 performances,- traveled over 8,250 miles,- and played be- 
fore more than 18,450 people. 

Broadway star, Julie Harris becomes the first honorary member of the Univer- 
sity of Maryland Drama V\/ing. 

7° below zero — the show goes on. 

LyI Wroy broke oil records in winning the I960 Drama Wing Award (or 
the most performances. 


Two casts give same ploy, some night, 125 miles apart. 

The only male member of this year's Drama Wing cost is Wade 
Phillips who plays the father in ". . . And You Never Know." 

-Jk,_ I 

Mayor Winslow F. Burhans and representatives from St. Mary's school welcome Drama Wing members as 
they arrive in Hogerstown after the first intra-state flight by a college play cost in the United States. 

UNIVERSITY THEATER - FIRST ROW: Sue Irwin, box office manager; 
Donna Smith, Williom Kerchner, Sarah Irwin, president; Jeff Bell, Charlie 
Ford. SECOND ROW: Charles Gillett, James Ritchie, Fred Hallidoy, pub- 

licity director; Bonnie Tomon, Jack Zimmermen, Mary Modigon, Lee Clark. 
THIRD ROW: William Northcutt, Anne Southworth, Bill Moore, Sondro Jean 
Osburn, Tom Smith, Don Goteley, Sonjo Smith, Robert Beyer. 

University Theater 

The "play is the thing," and to the fhespions of University 
Theater this statement has real meaning. From the scene 
painters to the actors on stage the theater is an outstanding 
form of art and expression. 

University Theater invites anyone interested in any phase 
of theatrical work to assist them in their productions. Work in 

two shows and fen hours in the theater workshop are the only 
qualifications for membership. 

A tip of the proverbial hat goes to University Theater mem- 
bers for their continuance of theater tradition as exemplified 
by this year's excellent presentations. 



Uii ii 





Nancy Goodmon, Brendo Kromer, William J. Simms, president; Al Tando, 
Bill Davis, Ruth MacCauley, Frances Fenby. SECOND ROW: Lisen Noyes, 

Barbara A. Brown, Ronald Pritchard, Vick Brinfon, Nick Britton, Richard 
Wirth, Nadia Beryk, Johanna Menzer. 

Maryland Christian Fellowship 

Membership in Maryland CInristian Fellowship, an 
inter-denominational religious group, is open to all 
students who desire it. The goal of the group, help- 
ing students to know the reality of God and the per- 
son of Jesus Christ, is realized through meetings, 
Bible studies, prayer meetings, singspirations, and 
social activities. 

Al Tondo, Nadia Beryk, Jo Menzer. Dick Bobb. Bill Simms. 


STUDENT RELIGIOUS COUNCIL - FIRST ROW: Jackie Carrick, Vol Kidner, Dick Fouse, president; Harold 
O'Floherty, Lois Nicholson, Kalene Tant. SECOND ROW: Dick Wirth, Frederick Ward, William Simms, John 
Newton, Phil Fogorty, Barry Sklor, June Roberts. 

Baptist Student Union 

The Baptist Student Union is one of the oldest student 
church groups at Maryland. The members seek to maintain a 
close relationship between their cultural and their religious 
lives. This is achieved through a well-integrated program of 
fun, sports, and fellowship typified by their daily noon meet- 
ings, which are balanced by frequent Bible study sessions, 
and periodical retreats. 

Student Religious 

The Student Religious Council is composed of the president 
and a representative from each of the religious groups on 
campus. The Council serves as a meeting place for all of the 
religious groups and seeks to coordinate them. 

BAPTIST STUDENT UNION - FIRST ROW: Molly McCutchen, Harold O'Floherty, Dorothy Ashley, June Rob- 
erts, president; David Watts, Kalene Tant. SECOND ROW: Nancy Jackson, Elaine Hyde, Barbara Davis, 
Rev. Jeter, John McMullen, Shirley Barnes, Bonnie Armstrong. 

NEWMAN CLUB — FIRST ROW: Elvin Compy, Yvonne Glebis, Sue VanOrder, Barbora Trotter, Leo Cecchini, 
Cloire Porker, president; Rev. William Tepe, Rev. Kiwan, Richard Stag, vice-president; Raymond Burch, 
Chorlene Ellis, Jomes Donald. 

Newman Club 

The Newman Club is a large, ac- 
tive group concerned with the reli- 
gious, educational, and social life of 
the Catholic students. They achieve 
these goals by regular meetings, at 
which outstanding speakers discuss 
topics of special interest to the col- 
lege students. This year a pledge 
program has been started to acquaint 
new students with the group. 

leo Cecchini, Claire Parker, preiidenf; Dick Stag, vice-preiident; Barbora TroMer. 


B'NAI B'RITH HILLEL FOUNDATION - FIRST ROW: Jean Gobh, Phyllis Rosenberg, Jim Levin, Sally Silver- 
man, president; Ann Broder, Elaine Kotz, Sarito Sydney. SECOND ROW: Eileen Horowitz, Robert Saks, 
Barry Skier, Sim Dislen, Rabbi Greenberg, Elliott Cohon, Larry Porich, Stanley Honkin, Pauline Goodman. 

B'nai B'rith Hillel 

The B'nai B'rith Hillel Foundation seeks to foster ond co- 
ordinate the religious, cultural, and social activities of the 
Hebrew students on campus, and to promote an understand- 
ing and appreciation of the Jewish cultural heritage. 

Canterbury Association 

The Episcopal students on campus are represented in the 
Canterbury Association. This organization meets at St. An- 
drew's Church for communion and discussion twice weekly. 
The meetings try to promote an awareness of the effect of 
Christianity on the individual's everyday life. 

CANTERBURY ASSOCIATION — FIRST ROW: Mimi Yehl, Bonnie Schindler, Pat Carter, president; Del 
Campa, Jo Campo, Jeonnine Hicb. SECOND ROW: Vicky Robey, Dottie Harkins, Barbara Meredith, Arnie 
Scott, Eugene Todd, John Fondersmith, Ross Beasley, Robert Gribbon, Charles Bovet, Gael Ryan, Brooke 



« 11 


WESLEY FOUNDATION - FIRST ROW: Stephen Allmon, Jean Orgain, Pat 
Cootes, Peggy Edelmon, Koye Elliott, Harold Choate. SECOND ROW: 
Nancy Butts, Martha Battles, Inez Lloyd, Anne McCracken, Jackie Hevner, 
Rick Meininger, Cynthio Heisler, John Newton, president; Pat Batchelor, 
Lane Knox, Christine Hayes, Poulette Dove, Ann Swarm, Mary Anne Ed- 

wards. THIRD ROW: Julie Streeter, Sandra Rotzel, Marionne Housel, Fron- 
ces Hayes, Mary E. Cover, Jean Bedell, Dick HufTines, Peg Huffnes, Jone 
Goodhond, Frank Edgerton, Sarah King, Elaine Bichell, Judy Lord. FOURTH 
ROW: Priscilla Allen, Corlotta Miller, Dick Coroll, Sally Radford, Horry 
Brown, Howard Ulterback, Hugh Gouch, H. Nelson Burns, Peggy McKay. 

Wesley Foundation 

Representing the Methodist Church on cam- 
pus is the Wesley Foundation. It works toward 
the expression of an abiding Christian faith 
through worship, service, and the arts. "Work 
Day," a day on which the members serve the 
congregation of the University Methodist 
Church by doing odd jobs, is one of their ac- 
tivities. Others include Sunday supper clubs, 
square dances, and their trip to Penn State for 
Away Weekend. 

Howard Utlcrbock, Pat Batchelor, Lane Knox, Cynthia Heisler, John Newton, president; Jockie 
Hevner, Richard Huffines, Rick Meininger. 


ISLAMIC ASSOCIATION — Omron R. Salhab, president; Bahieh E. Mouso, Sofia Talibi, Abdul R. Sleemi. 

Lutheran Student 

The purpose of the Lutheran Student Association is to bring 
Christian students closer to God through Bible study, church 
attendance, retreats, discussions, and Christian fellowship. 
The Lutheran Student Association also supports Christian stu- 
dents throughout the world. It is their hope that an educated 
world will mean a world in which God reigns. 

Islamic Association 

The Islamic Association is made up of students of the 
Moslem faith, many of whom have journeyed from the Near 
and Middle East to study at the University of Maryland. A 
primary aim of the association is to promote a better under- 
standing of the Moslem world among American students 
through cultural interchange. 

LUTHERAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION - FIRST ROW: Vera Ernst, Phil Fogorty, president; Rev. Casper, Kar- 
nig Kazanjian, Bonnie Bergeron. SECOND ROW: Margaret Oppegard, Barbara Potzner, Ruth Miller, Judy 
Buckei, Ragnhild Wilconder, Donna Fogarty, Kothy Yaste, Ann Wetzel, Mary Sperscheider. THIRD ROW: 
Gary Platterspiel, John Long, David Sopp, John Schneider, Bill Laupus, Fred Howbecker, Bertil Johnson, 
Arthur Rauch. 

Vol Kidner, Richard Fouse, president; Robert Wagner, Karen Dunkin, Rev. 
Jesse Myers. SECOND ROW: Jeonnette Conger, Cathy Thomasson, Moureen 
Griffin, Sandra Smith, Korin Larsen, Virginia Myers, Solly Sporreil, Bar- 

bara Shirrefs, Emily Sullivon, Molindo Ortt. THIRD ROW: Rex Snodgross, 
Judy Ingram, Kathryn Murphy, Karen Williamson, Fred Word, Joseph 
Tabler, Tom Laird, Dave Ortt, Dove Collins, Sol Ranieri. 

Westminster Fellowship 

The Westminster Fellowship, composed of the 
Presbyterian students, strives to help the Christian 
student fmd himself and his religion. Through Bible 
studies in the Chapel once a week, meetings on 
Wednesday evenings, Sunday morning discussion 
groups, retreats, "Work weekend," and social activi- 
ties, they work toward their goal. 

Koren Dunkin, Robert Wogner, Dick Fouse, pretidant; Volerie Kidner, Rev. Sidney 




Consisting of one hundred and twenty members, the University of 
Maryland Marching Band, under the direction of Professor Hugh Hen- 
derson and Mr. Norman Heim, performs for football and basketball 
games during the fall semester. The Band presents a program of 
sparkling music and intricate maneuvers at each home football game 
and accompanies the team on at least one extended away game. 
Pennsylvania State University was the away gome for the Band this 

In addition to football games, the Marching Band performed at the 
D. C. International Races, May Day, Lion's Club Band Festival, Military 
Day, and their formal concerts in Richie Coliseum. In the spring, the 
Band made a concert tour of high schools in Maryland. 

Steming from the Marching Band ore five additional bands. These 
are the Concert Bond, R.O.T.C. Band, Pep Band, Basketball Bond, and 
the Dance Band. They ore heard at pep rallies, basketball games, 
and dances to name but a few of their activities. 

Besides practicing and performing with the Marching Bond, the ma- 
jorettes also participate in Flying Follies. Several of these flashy 
twirlers give private instruction, compete in National Baton Twirling 
Association Contests, and perform acrobatics and modern dances. 
Their captain is Pot Hershberger. 

BAND OFFICERS — FIRST ROW: Pot Hershberger, mojor- 
ette captain, SECOND ROW: Hugh Henderson, director; 
Norman Heim, ossistant director. THIRD ROW: Bill Signer, 
president; Mike Board, drum major; Nona Bloiser, secre- 
tary; Richard Friedmon, treasurer. 

Pictured here ore the one hundred and twenty bandsmen who odd spirit and enthusiosm to athletic events. 

COLOR GUARD — Left to right: Penny Martin, Susan 
Neary, Kristen Struebing, Carol Ferrar, Ann Holliday, 
Carolyn Harris. 

Seriousness and enthusiasm prevails here as the band practices their kick step in "Sho Boom" for 
the pre-gome show. 

2,500 BAND MEMBERS from 40 high school bands are pictured here as they perform during the half time 
of the Texas gome. 

& '•■:\\'--tt>^ ^' 

;v;.i, '^tm>w^ 

<t» t 

¥ ^ 








Sheila From 

LEADERS OF THE BAND: Pat Hershbsrger, mojorette copiain ond Mike 
Board, drum mojar. 

UK U E ^ SJ^^BW' *- 

Je:;n Aeover 

Jeonellen Shirk 

Jo Finn 


The Majorettes 

Corolyn Brown 

THE MAJORETTES — Left to right: Jo Finn, Jeon Weover, Suson Boggs, 
Sondro Weiss, Pat Hershberger, coptoin,- Horrielt Lcve, Jeonellen Shirk, 
Sheila From, Corolyn Brown. 

Hartett Love 

Sandra Weiss 

Susan Boggs 

MR. FAGUE SPRINGMAN directs the choir during reheorsol with great enthusiasm. 

Chapel Choir 

Composed of more than one hundred and thirty members, 
the Chapel Choir has been a part of the Maryland scene for 
nine years. In recent years they have performed with the Bos- 
ton Symphony at the Tanglewood Summer Music Festival. 
They also sang on three occasions with the Notional Sym- 
phony Orchestra. 

Choral works took the spotlight, particularly at Christmas 
and Easter when the Choir gave the campus a holiday spirit 
by performing Handel's "Messiah." "The Creation" by Joseph 

Haydn, was presented for the Thanksgiving holiday. They 
sang Brohm's "Requiem" in the Memorial Chapel on Palm 

This past June, the Chapel Choir performed at the Pablo 
Casals Festival in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Included in the pro- 
gram were Beethoven's "Choral Fantasy" and "Alto Rhap- 
sody." They also sang Haydn's "Seven Lost Words of Christ." 

Mr. Fogue Springman is the director of the Chapel Choir. 

IN ONE YEAR'S TIME, the Chapel Choir has increased in membership from 70 to 130 singing voices. 


WOMEN'S CHORUS — FIRST ROW: Laura Hoffer, Andreo Ferber, Florence 
Zupnik, Sandy Krause, Diana Kandei, Dede Confer, Irene Suizu, Judy 
Burke, Anno Lee Wolstrum, Loretto Teske, secretary; Leslie Smith, Suson 
Rowland. SECOND ROW: Julie Sfreeter, Diane Plutschak, Pat Sanford, 
Rosalie Chomberlin, treasurer; Jeon Pisopio, Mary lone Davis, Carole 
Moncha, Korene Tont, Carol McGee. THIRD ROW: Lisa Brinker, president; 

Dottie Horkins, Becky Hoys, Sonia Collins, Lauretta Councilman, Leslie Bross, 
Jeanne Wright, Mary Mognetti, Pot Wheotley, Wilhelmino Howord, Betty 
Milhausen. FOURTH ROW: Sandra Carpenter, Jonet Milder, Judith Disney, 
Marguerite Sailer, Corolyn Calloway, Gwen Haines, Betty Goldberg, Sylvia 
Petersen, Brooke Bushong, Nesso Yaniger. 

Women's Chorus 

The Women's Chorus under the direction of Mr. Paul 
Trover, takes on acfive interest in group singing and per- 

At Christmas time, they sang at the Prince George's Park- 
way Elementary School and at St. Mary's College in Emmits- 
burg. The chorus also song at May Day. 

The chorus gave a joint performance with the Men's Glee 
Club at the traditional A.W.S. Christmas program in Balti- 
more. These two. groups, known as the Choraliers, performed 
for organizations in the area, and toured high schools 
in Maryland. 

Reheorsol in the library 


MEN'S GLEE CLUB - FIRST ROW: Charles Levering, Corl Brown, Richard 
Wohl, Joel Hoffman, Robert Bucci, Frederick Huestis, Berton Braley, Roger 
Powell. SECOND ROW: Juris Colitis, Patrick McAllister, Edward Gillis, Rich- 
ard Brodshow, Ernest Freda, Leonard Szeligo, Donald Riggs, Ernest Spen- 
cer. THIRD ROW: Frank Tucci, Allen Hockel, Leroy Shauck, John Jones, 

Erich Wolf, Thomas Etzler, Peter Lowson, Reinhard Menzel, Roderick Faga. 
FOURTH ROW: Orris Walker, Thomas Cory, David ^Aore, James Plantholt, 
Richard Tufts, Richard Rouse, president; Bradford Buel, Waco Wike, Stew- 
art Dorrow, Edward Deitemeier. 

Men's Glee Club 

The Men's Glee Club opened its season singing with the 
Band during the half time show at the first football game. 
Composed of approximately forty members, this group re- 
hearses three hours each week in the library under the di- 
rection of Mr. Paul Trover. 

This year the Men's Glee Club performed for the M-Club 
Banquet at the Shorham Hotel, and for the program at St. 
Mary's College in Emittsburg. One of the season's highlights 
was their performance with the Women's Chorus at the 
Governor's Christmas program in Baltimore. 

The officers of the Glee Club discuss selections with Mr. Trover. 



Combining fun with good music is the main function of the 
University Orchestra. Students from the neighboring resi- 
dences heo' the Orchestra rehearse on Tuesday nights in the 
Music Annex with Mr. Joel Berman conducting. 

This group is composed of approximately sixty members 
who are students, graduates, departmental instructors, mem- 
bers of the Army Orchestra at Fort Meade, and members of 
the Air Force Symphony from Washington. 

Each semester the Orchestra presents one concert to the 
students with an instructor of the Music Deparment feaured 
as guest soloist. This year Mr. Berman was the violin soloist 
with Mr. Stuart Gordon acting as guest pianist. In addition 
to these concerts, the Orchestra played the instrumental ac- 
companiment to the Choir's "Messiah" at the A.W.S. Christ- 
mas Pageant. Sections of the Orchestra also accompany the 
University Theater musical productions. This year their pro- 
duction was "South Pocific." 

Mr. Joel Bermon conducts the Orchestra with "thumbs up" in this porticulor 

Sippin' music through a straw. 

Rock ond roll is here to stay. 


r ^ V 

ACCOUNTING CLUB - FIRST ROW: Jerry C. Briels, Steven M. Katz, Rich- Caple, Barry S. Fishman, Anthony Spinicchio, Rolph H. Smith, Robert E. 
ord Edgar, Dove Perlmon, president; Daniel Lofferty, secretary; Bob Adams, Ashman, Rolf J. Roth, Dean G. Fowler, Philip C. Mangiapane, Ernest P. Dav- 
treosurer; Joseph Olszewski, Richord M. Cohill. SECOt^lD ROW: Charles R. ies, Thonios H. Tucker, Richord J. Coin, John Hopkins. 

Accounting Club 

The primary function of tfiis group is to promote interest in the field of accounting 
among new students. Taking field trips, seeing movies, and listening to well-known speak- 
ers are some of the advantages available to members. Their study includes the fields of 
public accounting, industry, and government. The Club's meetings ore held jointly with 
Beta Alpha Psi, Maryland's accounting fraternity. Money is no problem for Accounting 
Club members who handle millions and balance budgets everyday. 


Secretary; Dr. Robert C. Wiley, Advisor,- Lester Frank, President; H. Fred 
Downey, Vice President; David Buckman, Edward Miller. SECOND ROW: 

Walter Knicely, Herbert Streaker, Richard Heavner, Gory Schoonover, 
O'Neal Johnson. 

Agricultural Student Council 

Agronomy Club 

The Agricultural Student Council is represented by Alpha 
Zeta, the Block and Bridle Club, the Agronomy Club, the 
Dairy Science Club, FFA, and the Collegiate 4-H Club. Every- 
thing fronn "swinging your partner" to scholarship funds are 
part of the Councel's busy schedule. 

Highlighting the year, the Agronomy Club presents a plaque 
to an outstanding agronomy student selected by the club. The 
members share ideas through club newsletters and discussion 
groups. Our future agronomists strive to improve their knowl- 
edge in the theories of field-crop production. 

AGRONOMY CLUB — FIRST ROW: Rodericl< Fogo, Benjomin Boone, treasurer; Dorothy Brown, secretary; 
Lester Frank, president; John Bcily, vicG-president. SECOND ROW; Carroll Stottlemyer, Gory Schoonover, 
Jason Peckhom, Dr. Conrad B. Kresge, advisor; Walter Winant. David Sabers. 


%f '^ 


AIEEIRE — FIRST ROW: Thomas F. Gotts, George L. Perseghin, Kenneth 
Gerred, Doniel Srogow, George F. Corcoran, Richard T, Bracken, Chester 
E. Fox, Jr., Robert B. Bishop, Jr., E. Eugene Hoffman. SECOND ROW: Dovid 
Motson, Jerry Cosner, Henry Eckert, Gerord Dunnigon, Robert Metcalfe, 

Robert Trible, Pete Povlos, Robert Mills. THIRD ROW: Del Roy Crane, 
Charles Parente, Adolph Mrynczo, Donald B. Steen, Edward E. Borr, John 
E. Abernothy, Jr., Albert W. Smoll, Paul M. Gommell. 


Sound waves and electrical currents flow for AIEEIRE, which decoded means the Amer- 
ican Institute of Electrical Engineers and Radio Engineers. 

The promotion of interest and understanding in the field of electrical engineering is 
the aim of this organization. Speakers, movies, and field trips help fulfill the objective of 
this club and provide members with professional contacts. Many of the members in the 
club are also members of engineering honoraries. Once a month they hear a well-known 
speaker talk on some subject of interest. 


APO — FIRST ROW: Walter E. Sykes, corresponding secretary; John Branch, SECOND ROW: Robert N. Northwood, Daniel G. Frieman, Herbert 

historian; Bluett Green, alumni secretary; Edwcrd Holey, second vice- H. Musgrove, David L. James, Lansford C. Bell, James F. LoJacono, Robert 

president; Richard Sherill, president; Duke Babyian, first vice-president; C. Warner, Michael J. Rogers. 
James Byrd, sergeant at arms; John C. Harrison, recording secretory. 

Alpha Phi Omega 

The Maryland chapter of Alpha Phi Omega sponsors the 
much publicized "Ugly Man" Contest and the convenient book 
exchange. Other services annually performed by the group 
include hat-check and coke concessions at all major dances 
and ushering at campus culture activities. The group has pro- 
duced many outstanding leaders on the premise that to lead 
well, one must serve well. 

A. P. R. A. 

Realizing the importance of public relations today, The 
American Public Relations Association, the first student or- 
ganization of their profession, strives to improve their knowl- 
edge in this field. They share their ideas in discussion groups 
and frequently invite lecturers to speak on specific questions. 
The members also aim to promote more interest in this field 
among students. 

APRA — Joe Adams, Mike Canning, Charles Cocl<ey, Linda Sobel, Roger Crawford, vice-president; Dick 
, Booth, secretary; Wayne Mullican, Lee Gordy. 

' '"'^'i^^^^^i-' 


ASCE — FIRST ROW: Gerald M. Lu, Gary F. Turner, Daniel S. Willcrd, R. J. 
Kerslake, James C. Whorton, Lloyd E. Lipin, Nils D. Olsson. SECOND ROW: 
Carl W. Riffle, Omran R. Salhob, Don Ward, secretory; Carrol Malthens, 
Vice-president; Dave Lingrell, president; Gory Guardia, treasurer; Rodolfo 
A. Pulido, Jorge A. Villomizor. THIRD ROW: Terry W. Gossard, Arthur R. 
Shaw, Alan A. Ralston, Robert Lubbert. Doug Dollenberg, Joseph Henley, 

Howard Stup, Michael F. Lo'kor^, Willicm Kennedy, Ronald L. Gordon, 
Richard W. Keeler, Theodore M. Allen, Theodore L. Rossmon. FOURTH 
ROW: J. H. Pielbet, Bernie Bovelsky, Joseph T. Burkhalter, Curtis D. Miller, 
Gualterio E. Sykes, David J. Wakefield, Guenther W. Lerch, Rick Meininger, 
Paul E. Perkins, Robsrt E. Barto, John H. Hunter, Barry G. Belford. 

American Society of Civil Engineers 

Speeches given by men prominent in the field of civil engineering highlight the pro- 
gram of the builders of the future — the American Society of Civil Engineers. 

Their purpose is to promote interest in civil engineering among engineering students 
on campus. 

A job forum, the ASCE Theatre, football and Softball games, picnics, field trips, re- 
gional meetings, and the Engineer's Ball, keep student civil engineers occupied. The 
Maryland Chapter of ASCE is one of the largest professional organizations on campus. 

American Society of Mechanical Eng. 

ARE YOU MECHANICALLY MINDED? Through this group, mechanical engineers have 
the opportunity to stimulate their technical competence. This worthy organization which 
carries on its activities now as well as after college, sponsors prominent speakers, films, 
and field trips. The club also enjoyed open forums and group discussions as well as 
many varied social activities. The group is a branch of the National Society of Mechani- 
cal Engineers. 

ASME — FIRST ROW: Alvin L. Day, James A. DeShazer, Ryland D. Wise- 
man, Allen L. Tyler, Rod Chatham. SECOND ROW: Urban Lynch, Charles 
E. Hughes, Julius Owens, Barry E. Tossman, Donald M. Kupfer, Gerald J. 
Miller, secretary; John J. Svitok, chairman; Clifford L. Soyre, faculty ad- 
visor; Carl W. Bromfreld, Paul Y. F. Hu. THIRD ROW: Ralph Welsh, William 
Mentzer, Richard Kisielewski, Jim Moore, Barry Miller, Neill Wilson, Thomas 

Lisle, Philip J. Moylon, Billy R. Vogel, Robert L. Vogel, George M. Burk- 
hordt. FOURTH ROW: Richard F. Gole, Harry R. Huhndorff, Harry S. Kossel, 
Jr., Richard H, Love, Albert E. Thompson, Phillip W. Eckels, Thomas J. 
Kirschner, Jr., George Paul Boumgarten, Joseph R. Kudrick, Oscar Ray Vass, 
William Herrmann. L. G. Stout. 








AQUALINERS — FIRST ROW: Potricio Freedmon, Koryn Keller, Dolores 
Goizbonk, Elizabeth Pels, treosurer; Jeri Bishop, president; Karen Dunkin, 
vp; Betsy Bowman, secretory; Judy Ekin, Jeanette W. Clarke. SECOND 

ROW: Cynthio Myers, Leslie Brass, Joanne Ross, Faith Shields, Sue Tonnen- 
boum, Carole Beebe, Anita Vore, Diane Tarleton, Sheila Rumponos, Podie 
Bedell, Norma Anderson, Gael Ryan. 


Tank suits take on frilly decorations, the pool is subject to trick lighting, and the 
Aqualiners make their big splash! For the campus, the group presents its annual water 
extravaganza in the spring. One of the aims of the aquatic group is the achievement of 
new skills and grace in synchronized swimming. The club is divided into two groups, be- 
ginning and advanced, but anyone watching would be convinced that all the swimmers 
were professional. 



BLOCK AND BRIDLE CLUB - FIRST ROW: Roberta Olsen, secretary; Richard Heovner, president; Carol Den- 
nis, John Earl Hutchison, SECOND ROW: Dr. Edgar Young, advisor; Henry Conley, Adolf Doumont, Morgin 

Block and Bridle 

Combining fun and learning Is on easy task for the 
Block and Bridle Club. The club participates in the an- 
nual Agriculture Weekend — showing and student judg- 
ing are also promoted each year by this organization 
composed of students interested in animal and dairy 

Bridge Club 

The Bridge Club, a new organization on campus this 
year, promotes the interest in the popular game of 
bridge. Besides encouraging enthusiasm and helping to 
improve one's game, the club increases social contacts. 

BRIDGE CLUB — FIRST ROW: Frank Chang, treasurer; Paul Devmon, Roy Eisenberg, vp; Alvis Sachs, presi- 
dent; Jackie Ripps, Ted Koyes, secretary; SECOND ROW: John W. Mills, Jr., Robert C. Kight, John Patrick 
Noon, Vincent Limauro, Joseph Montedonica. 

.t ^. ^ 



BUSBOY'S UNION — FIRST ROW: Dave Ryan, Finer Foods chrm; Deone 
Holt, chaplin; Joe Solvo, Paul Messenger, Bill Binch, vp; Don Kent, presi- 
dent; Jordon O'Beriter, secretary; Richard Cohill, Grievances; Jock Ran- 
dolph, comploints; John Bigelovx, pickets; SECOND ROW: Brendan Geg- 

ley, Milton Goldberg, Peter Chokmokion, Ed Holey, Richard Edwards, Timo- 
thy Boiler, Jack Toggort, Tom J. Armstrong, Don Dovies, Bill Hopkins, 
Maurice Lewis, Larry Rosetto, Bob Turner, gloss inspector; Dick Logue, 
John Evans. 

Busboy Union 

This select group knows what is going on in everybody's 
house as well as kitchen. They work together to obtain their 
goals of "unity among bus-boys, providing better working 
conditions and more food!" The members also participate in 
many other activities on campus. 

Calvert Debate Society 

It's been soid that the women ore the talkers, but the Cal- 
vert Debate society proves that the men have something to 
say, too. At its weekly meetings the club debates topics of 
current interest. Their activities include participating in tourna- 
ments at various colleges, and hearing many noted speakers 
such as former vice-president Nixon, speak on the campus. 

CALVERT DEBATE CLUB — FIRST ROW; M. M. Anopol. odviser; Karyn Keller, Maroline A. Myers, Norman 
A. Mirne, vp; Robert Freedman, president; Janet Libshutz, secretary; Theodore Koyes, SECOND ROW: How- 
ord Stevens, Richard Lewis, Ira Steinberg, Wendell Wiener, Douglas Taylor. 


A.I.CH.E. — FIRST ROW: David L. Deltatio, Stephen D. Cramer, Recording Secretary; Dennis A. WItmer, 
Fred Brannock, President; Melvyn Morganstein, Treasurer; Carlton C. Wiles, John Michael Menzer. 

Chemistry Engineers 

Participation in panel discussions and trips to industrial 
plants helps fulfill the informative purpose of the club this 
year. Guest lecturers indoctrinate aspiring chennical engi- 
neers and provide them with an opportunity to be part of their 
chosen field w/hile still studying. 

Chemical Society 

The Student affiliates of the American Chemical Society 
has been functioning on the Maryland campus for two years. 
Their aim is to promote higher feeling for chemistry through 
speeches, field trips, and social activities. Dr. Boyd is this 
year's faculty advisor. 

CHEMICAL SOCIETY - FIRST ROW: Poul E. Lovrencic, Helen Lee Kerr, Vincent Ner 
odka, SECOND ROW: Daniel P. Boyd, Robert E. Noel, Robert Nevmuller. 


CHESS CLUB - FIRST ROW: H. Leroy Smith, Jr., Secretary-Treasurer; Wm. Bridges 
Smith, President; Stephen W. Robinson, John Christion Marvin. SECOND ROW: Dan 
Weller, Jr., Allen Glushokow, Theodore O. Koyes. 

Chess Club 

Chinese Club 

The Chess Club strives to create interest on campus in chess, 
and to provide a chess team to represent Maryland in inter- 
collegiate chess matches. It has won several championships 
with area colleges during the last three years. 

Primarily a social group, members of the Chinese Club work 
to fester relations with other students. Interested faculty mem- 
bers ore invited to attend meetings and join discussions. Plans 
for desserts, movies, and attendance at the International Fes- 
tival are their goals for this year. 

CHINESE CLUB — FIRST ROW: Alfred George Yung, Rosolind Huong, 
Chi-Wing Lioo, Sue Pci, Fronces Warn, President; Pouline Mo, 
Betty Horn, Ping Der, Allen Chen. SECOND ROW: Woh Lee, Poul 

Y. Hu, Chi I. Lioo, Ben Lim, W. H. Wong, Luke Siv-koy, F. Lem Woo, 
Michoel C. C. Ling. THIRD ROW: Gordon Wu, Yuwah Chon, Dovid 


COLLEGIATE 4-H - FIRST ROW: Jane Goodhand, Bryon Moore, Edward 
Miller, president; Judity Buckel, secretary; Herb Streaker, treasurer; Robert 
E. Smarigo, publicity chairmon; Margaret Nicolson, Ruth MocCauJey. SEC- 
OND ROW: Sarah King, Mary Theresa Bottner, Vero Mae Ernst, Mary Lou 

Cox, Anne Morris, Jacqueline Hevner, Merry Lee Engerman, Lois Musgrove. 
THIRD ROW: David Greene, Ralph Buckel. Robert Hopkins, F. Grant Hill, 
James Scott. 

Collegiate 4-H 

4-H'ers welcome old and newly initiated members into their midst with the traditional 
•4-H friendliness. The objectives of Collegiate 4-H are to help youth throughout the world, 

and members of the club with friendliness extended in a helpful way; also by gaining 
knowledge of people and their different ways of accomplishing things. The 4-H members 
always strive "To Make the Best Better." 


CIVIL WAR CLUB — FIRST ROW: Donold Box, David Lerner, progrom chair- 
man; Roger Bethke, president; Ron Schlesinger, treasurer; Horry F. Myrick, 
delegote-at-large; Roger Butler. SECOND ROW: David J. Gorrell, Aaron L. 

Shapiro, Terence D. Donohue, Leo A. Kormonn, David S. Sparks, foculty 
odvisor; Richard B. tsooc, Charles D. Bowers. 

Civil War Club 

The Yankees and Rebels are "at it" again in our own Civil War Club. Revived this 
year because of the centennial, they plan to visit national sights such as battlefields and 
monuments. Also, they have scheduled many prominent speakers from this area. 


DAIRY SCIENCE CLUB - FIRST ROW: Bill Norfolk, Rosa Moxley, Edward Whorff, treofurer; O'Neal John- 
ston, president; Mary Jane Wharff, secretary; David Buchman, ag. council rep.; SECOND ROW: Richard 
Miller, Herb Streaker, Robert Smarigo, George Tyson, James Scott. 

Dairy Science Club 

Free State 

The Dairy Science Club serves to inform students in Dairy 
Production and Technology about events and research in their 
fields. At their monthly meetings, guest speakers often appear. 

The Club also sponsors the luncheon for the Md.-W.Vo. Ar- 
tificial Breeding Co-op annual meeting. They also sponsor the 
Dairy Show during Agriculture Week. 

The Free State Political Party, composed of Greek organi- 
zations and dormitories, is one of the two political parties on 
campus. With progress as its slogan. Free Staters have many 
oflfices on campus. Spring elections for these offices are pre- 
ceded by conventions and campaigning which are organized 
and financed by the party. 

FREE STATE — FIRST ROW: Francis W. Hohn, first vice-president; Lajrence R. 
Granat, president; William Wood, second vice-president; SECOND ROW: Keren 
Jocobsen, historian; Bernard Helmon, treasurer; Sue Lofton, secretary. 


FFA — FIRST ROW: C. R. Smith, advisor,- Kenneth E. Wisner, Eugene Bren- 
neman, secretary, Courtney Burdette, vice-president; Donald Littleton, presi- 
dent; Morvin G. Johnson, treasurer; Walter W. Knicely, agriculture council 
representative; Leslie M. Cregger, secretory; W. Allen Greiner, reporter. 

Future Farmers 

The collegiate chapter of the Future Farmers of America is 
designed primarily to assist prospective teachers of vocational 
agriculture in becoming good advisors of local FFA chapters in 
high schools. 

Membership may include any former active members of the 
FFA who are enrolled at the University of Maryland. 

Meetings are held monthly and a banquet is given each 
year in addition to other activities throughout the school 

SECOND ROW: Woodie Adkins, Don Moore, David Denney, Marshall Gaige, 
Herb Streaker, Howard Murray, H, Fred Downey, Will D. Godwin, Jock 
Bour, Jospeh Wybierala, Donald M. Bandet, Lester M. Frank, Francis Gar- 

Gamma Sigma Sigma 

Gamma Sigma Sigma, the coed version of APO, was newly 
organized at Maryland this year. The basic mission of the 
service sorority is to be of assistance to various organizations 
on campus in carrying out their cultural and charitable activi- 
ties. They work for school, community, and nature. 

GAMMA SIGMA SIGMA — FIRST ROW: Suzanne Hoker, Lois Gosnell, Armine Ann Smith, Patricia Madigon, 
Martha Willingham, Carole Schwimer. SECOND ROW; Kay Thomos, Catherine Tronchitella, Elaine Grote, 
Jeanne Hamill, Diana Srnka, Marian Trifon. 


STUDENT-FACULTY HOME ECONOMICS - FIRST ROW: Mory Cotherine Root, president; Ann 
Whiton, vice-president. SECOND ROW: Barbara Mullinix, Betty Williams, Nancy Kidwell. 

Home Economics 

With its aim of promoting a new concept of student-faculty 
relations, this industrious group went into its second year of 
organization. Their college has followed their lead in the 
awareness of faculty as individuals, and hope that other col- 
leges will also take interest in this worthy endeavor. 

International Club 

Hands around the world meet at College Park in the Inter- 
national Club, the welcome-mat organization for all foreign 
students. This group seeks to promote friendship and better 
understanding between foreign and American students on 
campus. Annual events include a hayride and the International 
Fiesta, attended by embassy representatives. 

INTERNATIONAL CLUB — FIRST ROW: Anita Puhling, Lynn Weirich, Ann 
Longmore, Irene Stellmacher, Lois Nicholson, Angela Bickel, president; 
Trudy Cotudal, vice-president; Barbara Potzner, secretary; Ingo Stellmacher, 
Carole Phillips. SECOND ROW: Yenchar Laohavanicl<. Charles D, Bowers, 

Burton McEntire, Michael Arras, Peter Fulde, Ignocio Rivera, Gabriel C, Nu- 
nez, Ted Koeys, Huguette Segdbcum, Rafael Vails, Demetrios Haitos, Cev- 
det Melezoglu. 


Organizations . . 

Anyone for a ride? . . . right time, 
wrong checkpoint . . . road runner 
. . . beep beep . . . what's the 
speed limit on Route 1 . . . doily walk 
from B lot to Student Union day- 
dodgers hangout . . . spirit of 
campus for commuters . . . from 
Baltimore for an eight o'clock . . . 
Army shows . . . annual campus 
reviews . . . Charleston anyone? and 
the show went on . . . back to 
the roaring 20's. 

tn-* ♦♦♦;:; , 

..,r»«« ♦r! 

♦♦.(•«»«♦♦»•»♦• . 



♦ ♦<♦«•♦♦•♦•♦♦♦ 

♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦ "♦^'•♦♦' 


And this one is for . . . rewards of 
success for Ag. students . . . How many 
blue ribbons? . . . Ag. week-end 
promises more . . . Footlight Fever . . . 
and there I was right in the middle! 

. . . double-jointed . . . another opening 

of another show ... I nominate . . . 

pensive politicans wait for results . . . 

who'll be the next SGA prexy? 

. . . Political tension ... the future of 



LITUANICA CLUB - FIRST ROW: Algis Puodziunas. Birute Penkiunas, secretory; W. P. Ellis, adviser, Aud- 
rone Svotelis, Kestotis J. Tautvydas, president. SECOND ROW: Vitas Vasaitis, Jurate Poulubis, treosurer; 
Vestutis Cesonis. Grozina Dudo. Horst Mellenberg. 

Lituanica Club 

Lituanica is a newly organized club composed of Lithuanian 
students on connpus. Primarily cultural and social, the members 
are planning dances, displays and speakers. They also are 
looking forward to a joint cultural show with the Laps. 

Military Engineers 

The Society of American Military Engineers offers its mem- 
bers a varied program of activities. These include field trips, 
movies, speakers, and an award to the member with the high- 
est average. Though the club is only two years old, its 
members belong to many campus activities. 

MILITARY ENGINEERS - FIRST ROW: Ronald Groham, Vincent Thomos, treasurer; Wm. Bridges Smith, vp; 
George Burkharht, president; Alvin L. Day, secretory; Donald H. Huber, Major Casey, adviser. SECOND 
ROW: Victor J. Anselmo, Horry Leroy Smith, Jr., Urban Lynch, Bruce W. Larsen, David J. Matson, Willion 
D. Greene, Michael B. White. 


MODERN DANCE — FIRST ROW: Bob Pasnak, Charles Thompson, Asghar SobhanI, Harry Sanders, Lorry 
M. Bubes. SECOND ROW: Joyce Parker, Phyllis Heuring, Patricia Morton, secretary; Dorothy Modden, ad- 
visor; Mary Harrington, advisor; Bunny Scbofer, president; Charlene Ellis. THIRD ROW: Diane Baxter, Teddie 
Lou Kelly, Cecille Pelovitz, Deonna Olive, Morjorie Green, Dale Devey, Virginia Crockery, Mary Sper- 

Modern Dance Club 

Creative and graceful dance forms are developed by mod- 
ern dancers. A Spring Concert, dance vvorkshops, symposiums, 
demonstrations of dance techniques and University Theatre 
keep the dancers busy. No experience is necessary to join the 
beginning group. Tryouts are held for the advanced groups. 

Nursing Club 

Future Florence Nightingales convene here at Maryland in 
the Louisa Parsons Nursing Club, which is founded on the 
principles of fellowship, brotherhood, cooperation, and under- 

The organization seeks to help young women planning 
nursing careers to grow professionally and culturally through 
meetings and programs directed toward their interests. 

NURSING CLUB — FIRST ROW: Karyn Keller, Jean Chondler, social chairman; Carolyn Cook, vice- 
president; Ann Davidson, president; Margie Centofanti, secretary; Fontaine Dean, reporter. SECOND ROW; 
Beverly Crew, Susan Marshall, Carol Mogie, Shoron Kettells, JoEllen Kupin, Peggy Edelman, Corol Hardy, 
Pot Hillow, Madonna Pelosi, Judith Hellnnuth. 


OLD LINE PARTY - FIRST ROW: Karia Krahnke, secretary; Bob Schoftei, president; 
Ben Pettee, vp; Kay Myers, John Hogedorn, Pot Green, treasurer. 

Old Line 

Political Science 

A campus political organization, the Old Line Party, aims 
to provide the student body with fair government. Many of- 
fices were held by Old Line members this year, including 
president of SGA. With membership of many fraternities and 
sororities, and domitories, their motto is: "Old Line leads 
in everything." 

So you are interested in becoming a political scientist? 
Then this is the organization for you! The Political Science 
Club offers its members a varied program including guest 
speakers and discussion groups. Their members are well rep- 
resented in other vampus activities. 

POLITICAL SCIENCE CLUB - FIRST ROW: Jane Bartley, Stanley D. Herrell, vp.; John 
Fondersmith, president; Nancy Brown, sec.-treos.; Elbert Byrd, advisor. SECOND ROW: 
J. F. W. Talley, W. E. Trible, Gerry A. Sutherland. Richard L, Dorman. 


PSYCHOLOGY CLUB ^ FIRST ROW: John Heideman, Donald Cohen, Silvia Lipsitz, Barry Steinbach, Tom 
Sturm, Lloyd Kramer. SECOND ROW: George A. Lapes, Janice M. Montgomery, treasurer; Sandra Goody, 
vice-president; John Ford, Pres.; Barbara K. Keller, secretory; Walt Folger. 

Psychology Club 

Speakers, discussion groups, trips, and films were offered 
this semester to members of the Psychology Club. Gathering 
together to share their common interests, the group worked 
to promote greater participation and interest in their field. 
They also offered tutoring in psychology. 

Radio Club 

Anyone interested in radio techniques is welcome to join 
the Amateur Radio Association. Terrapin "hams" contact ama- 
teur radio enthusiasts all over the world and conduct classes 
for those aspiring to licenses. The organization operates a 
radio station and free radiograms for students, all located on 

RADIO CLUB — FIRST ROW: Robert B. Bishop, Alfred M. Fitzsimmons, secretary; Robert R. Knibb, president; 
James A. Madison, treasurer. SECOND ROW: William S. Wcrd, Paul Westin, Daniel J. Corlomony, Alfred 
K. Akin. 

f-S« 5^1 





SAILING CLUB - FIRST ROW: Hunter Cermak, Sam Sadler, Bud Duncan, 
Bob Barry, Jock Noon, John Mills, commador; Kothy McAdoo, secretory; 
Phil Johnson, treasurer. SECOND ROW: Bob Kight, Sheila From, Robert 

Panico, Bill Bartholomoy, Willie Thomos Scott, Carol Martin, Nick Kovala- 
kides, Pat Miles, Rod Kludzweit, Vin Limouro. Absent: R. Mtllhouser, W. 

Sailing Club 

Early Spring finds the enthuastic members of the Sailing 
Club down on the Severn as well as the Chesapeake. Under 
the guiding hand of Commodore, the club endeavors to give 
its members the most for their support. At their annual Bilge 
Ball, everyone is found in a gala festive spirit. 

Bon Voyage!!! 


Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia is the professional mens' music fra- 
ternity. A foirly new organization, it was established on cam- 
pus in 1958. 

To foster American music among college music students is 
their primary aim. 

PHI MU ALPHA ~ FIRST ROW: David Powell, James Hopkins, Howard Rohrer, 
West Coile. SECOND ROW; Bill Cox, Mike Board, Howie Fielding. 


SKI CLUB - FIRST ROW: Shellie Palmer, John R. Gray, Paul Gerhard, Jim 
Coskey, John Homer, Bijon Kolantori. SECOND ROW: Ann Muse, Ma Khin 
Mya, William C. Pratt, program director; Roswitha Snoy, secretary; Gigi 
Likens, president; Joy Kramer, vice-president; Carolyn O'Brien, treasurer; 

Arthur Wilkinson, Sarah Culbertson. THIRD ROW: Carol Jean Bickart, Al- 
len Lurcy, Dudley Smith, Bill Wright, Barry Souer, David Mook, Ron Con- 
nolly, Richard Hargett, Alostair Morrison, Peter Meyer, Joe Reynolds, Bruce 
Zunser, Barclay Bloomgarten, Barbara Fisher. 

Ski Club 

Society for Economic Discussion 

Here come the Shoosh-boomers! 

For sheer adventure and fast travel, there's nothing like the 
Ski Club. 

Early In the fall, skiers prepare for the season by watching 
movies, hearing talks, and studying demonstrations of tech- 
niques and equipment. 

When snovv falls, members travel to Pennsylvania and West 
Virginia for the real thing. Their main trip taken between se- 

At the monthly meetings of the Economic Discussion Club 
guest economists and representatives from foreign embassies 
speak informally and discuss current economic problems in 
government, business, and labor. Movies, field trips, and 
socials are port of the group's program. Both American and 
foreign economic problems are analyzed by members of the 

masters ends the skiing year. 

ECONOMIC DISCUSSION CLUB — FIRST ROW: Allan G. Gruchy, advisor; Robert D. 
McCleary, Joe M. Cleaver, Edward A. Ward. SECOND ROW: Wilfred T. Tippett, 
Thomas G. Moore, Richard L. Dorman, James F. Holsteod. 


S.A.M. - FIRST ROW: N. Heinly, R. Woodchek, F. Kern, S. Shonahan, M. 
Cospi. SECOND ROW: S Li, Fron Knox, Jean Jester, Richard L. Dorman, 
vice-president; Frank Donnelly, president; Ed Sommerfleld, Joe Olszewski, 
William H. Cooper, Jr., Eugene T. Maratta, William Cox. THIRD ROW: Nor- 


man E. Prince, Jr., Clarence S. Hunter, Charles D. Hoyden, Robert W. 
Smith, George J. Atkinson, Richard M, Babb, Gerald V. Mikulo, William H. 
English, Jr., John L, Burger, William J. Tripp, Naren M. Potel, Gerald C. 

Society for the 
of Management 

SAM, as a club for future and present management, is an 
opportunity for making contacts. Conferences, researcfi proj- 
ects, community services, plant visits witfi business executives, 
roundtables, news bulletins, and magazines give students an 
insight info the practice of management. The goal is to aid 
students in choosing careers through many activities. 




or' A *) ^ /" 

^^r ' <cl^^^^^^ 

Ml «<» r^& ;d 

H|h 4c ^^Rs^^^H 





1 1 M/'^fl 












^^^^^^ ^ 

SOCIOLOGY CLUB - FIRST ROW: Befty McGarvie, Julie Schlaudecker, 
Sheila From, secretary; John W. Mills, Jr., vice-president; Joseph Monte- 
donico, president; Jean Pisopia, Dena Slotsky, Bob Panico. SECOND ROW: 

Sociology Club 

Students of Sociology find common interests in the Soci- 
ology Club. The threefold purpose of the group is to promote 
a sociological point of view among students, to provide op- 
portunity for problem discussion, and to hear outstanding 
individuals in sociology and related fields. They also sponsor 
many social activities. 

TERRAPIN TRAIL CLUB - FIRST ROW; Anne Broithwoite, Wolter Win- 
ant, vice-president; Thomas Pearce, treasurer; Lynn R. Pipher, presi- 
dent; Inga Stellmacher, secretary; Elaine Wilbert. SECOND ROW: 

Robert E. Kight, Vincent Limauro, J. P. Noon, Kathy WcAddo, Phil Johnson, 
Robert Moskowitz, Maria Drejx, Paul Dermon, Theodore O. Kayes, Charles 
D. Bowers, Frederick A. Avila, Burton W. Mclntire. 

Terrapin Trail Club 

The Trail Club strives to promote interest in the adventure 
of outdoor activities among students on campus. They sponsor 
various hiking and camping trips throughout the year. 

Paul Gerhard, Joe Tonkin, Robert Lipnick, Irene Stellmacher, Sue 
Young, Dennis Phillips, Ted Koyes, Jim Fox, John Axley. 


UKRANIAN STUDENTS - SECOND ROW: Orest Diachok, Alex Trosko, Mykola Bobczenko, Oleh Bulowka, 
John Zarubaiko, John Korz, Nick Limar, FIRST ROW: George llinsky, Mario Kichorowsky, Maria Mocur, 
vice-president; Wosyl Polijczuk, president; Totjano Chapelsky, secretary; Morto Prccinsky, Taros Prytulo. 

Ukranian Students 

The Ukranian Students on campus strive to further the un- 
derstanding of the culture of the Ukraine. Their activities in- 
clude speakers, library exhibitions, art shows, and social 
functions. Their members ore active in many facets of student 

University Club 

The University Commuters Club has successfully completed 
its second year highlighted by participation in Homecoming 
and Sophomore Carnival. Both men and women participated 
in intramurols, while the group has dinner meetings and fre- 
quent social gatherings. The headquarters of the club is the 
Daydodger Den in the Student Union — One of their big 
projects is a carpool for commuting students. 

UNIVERSITY CLUB - FIRST ROW: Patricio Bolen, Cotherine Tronchifella, 
John Mitchell, Janice Montgomery, vice-president; Rod Skoglund, president; 
Peggy Corner, secretary; Walter Sykes, treasurer; Pot Moore. SECOND 

ROW: Evis R. Pritchord, Corolyn Compbell, Floyd Archer, Lorraine Le Sage, 
Leo Vasaitis, Tina Goldenberg, Jomes Lo Jacono, Eloine Grote, Robert 

VETERINARY SCIENCE CLUB - FIRST ROW: W. L. Wallenstein, advisor; 
Wm. F. Ganley, H. D. Dinkel, president; Millie Ann Hay, secretary; George 
W. Irving, treasurer; Ethel Macurdy, D. O. Wjersic, advisor. SECOND ROW: 

W. M. Dement, M. R. Scrivener, W. B. Hartley, Gene A. Foster, Donald W. 
Cohen, Geneva Keene, Jeonnette Light-Orr, K. C. Ziegler, B, E. Buell, 
James J. Burns. 

Veterinary Science Women's Professional 

The Veterinary Science Club encourages more participation 
of students in this growing professional field of today. Their 
activities include discussion groups, movies, and listening to 
various lecturers. Many diversified social activities keep the 
members busy. 

This active club follows the rule that professional skills, as 
well OS physical skills, are required for successful physical 
educators. The club sponsors a Big Sister program, Christmas 
party, Parents' Night, ploy days for junior and senior high 
schools, camping trips, and a senior banquet. 

WOMEN'S PROFESSIONAL - FIRST ROW: Betty Jean Thornton, Marie Stern. 
SECOND ROW: Kay Krouse, Barbara Adrian, Evelyn Fletcher. 


WRAt FIRST ROW: Amy Sakers, Linda Covin, Karen Dunkin, Marilyn Hoy, 
president; Ethel Kesler, Advisor, Roberto Hastings, Noncy Lohr, treasurer; 
Beverly Frieland. SECOND ROW: Betty McGcrvie, Morlene Petrushansky, 

Jane Schiller, Jean G'Hore, Linda Swortz, Lindo Hefter, Phyllis Heneson, 
Priscillo Allen, Joanne Landry, Loudell Insley, Robyn Rudolph, Judy Loud- 
ensloger, Betty Valiant, Marilyn Filler, Lucy Colder. 

Women's Recreational Association 

Every woman student is automatically a member of the Women's Recreation 
Association. WRA conducts interest groups, tournaments, and the statewide Col- 
lege Sports Day. The organizations' dual purposes are to promote better sports- 
manship and to provide o recreational program. A cup is awarded each spring 
to the group with the most participation points. 

YOUNG DEMOCRATS - FIRST ROW: Donna Morie Brown, Pauline J. Casper, Phyllis Getz, Willord M. 
Cronyn, Carol Jane Joseph, Arlette Ballew. SECOND ROW: R. M. Aus, F. F. Bollew, A. E. Lackey, R. C. 
Lewin, S. H. Hoyer, L. M. Miller. 

Young Democrats 

The main goals of the Young Democratic Club is to stimulate interest in governmental 
affairs and foster the principles of the Democratic Party. This year proved to be a very 
active one for the members of the club as they "v/ent all out" to aid in the campaign of 
the victorious candidate for president. The organization, vi'hich is affiliated with the 
Democratic National Committee, worked with politics on a grand scale this year. 



1 .irf't " 4 

YOUNG REPUBLICAN CLUB - FIRST ROW: Norita Cloyton, Barthdomew 
Havriciok, Peter L. MacDonold, Nancy Beth Littman, secretary; Lyie Mc- 
Guigan, president; Robert C. Birely, Warren E. Groofnes, treasurer; Robert 
Soks. SECOND ROW: John J. Warhol, Dovid H. Moole, Joseph R. Giganti, 

Esoios Wolker, Kenneth E. Kropinock, Bertil C. Johnson, Joan Beard, Lee 
Downey, Norbert Heinly, Richard L. Dorman, John Horchler, Ralph E. Phil- 

Young Republican Club 

Membership in the Young Republican Club was greatly increased because of this 
year's presidential elections. To learn more about politics, the group has speakers and 
does precinct work in elections. The club spent a busy year campaigning for Nixon and 
giving its assistance to the national organization. Though their candidate did not fare 
well, they hope to be around next year, too. 


• • //>- 



Associate Editor — April Wilson 
Fall Sports - Dick Booth 
Winter Sports — Fred Gale 
Spring Sports — Phil Johnson 
Intramurals — Bud Duncan, Chuck Birddell 

Joe Blair, sports publicity director 

Bill Cobey, director of athletics 

Bill Cobey is in his fifth year as Director of Athletics at the 
University of Maryland. One of the most popular and out- 
standing men in his field, Bill has seen the Terrapins dominate 
the Atlantic Coast Conference Championships in the twelve 
recognized conference championship sports. 

We can thank Joe Blair for the fme job he has done for us 
OS publicity director. Whenever you see a story in a local pa- 
per or hear a report on television concerning the Maryland 
Terps, you can be sure that Joe had a hand in it. 

"Duke" Wyre is in his fourteenth year as head trainer at 

the University of Maryland. During his years here Duke has 
established a fine reputation in the training field. This year he 
was selected as one of the eight United States trainers for the 
Olympic games in Rome. 

Spider Fry, in his fifth year as assistant trainer, is a 1950 
graduate of the University of Maryland and returned as a 
full-time trainer after a hitch with the Air Force. 

Whether you come in the back door or the front, you see 
Eddie Bean. 

Duke Wyre, head trainer 

Spider Fry, assistant trainer 

Eddie Bean, ticket mgr. 

.•- ^^^^, 

"What comes next . . . ?" 

Tom Nugent, head coach 


"Are you sure you've got that?" 

The popular head coach with his unusual formations led 
the Terrapins to a 6—4 season. This was our first winning sea- 
son since 1955. 

A big job has been handled well as Nugent turned TV per- 
sonality on Sunday afternoons. The young coach captured the 
appeal of all those around him by proving himself a capable 
coach and a refined gentleman. 


Roland Arrigoni 

Lee Corso 

Whitey Dovell 


Charlie Guy 

Frank Toomey 

Alf Sotterfield 

Bernie Reid 

Here it is! . . . 

The fantastic, 

the unpredictable 

"I" formation . . . 

"Hard to play against," 

"Hard to diagnose," 


were some of the comments 




and spectators, 

as they watched 

and played against 

this new brand 

of wide-open football — 

of our times. 







« * 

^ ^ Jb M^ i^^ ^ Sii? ^ -<» 

I960 FOOTBALL TEAM - FIRST ROW: S. Shimkus, N. Kaufman, D. 
Fletcher, E. Cloud, P. Boinis, V. Scott, D. Betty, 1. Faunce, B. Hacker. SEC- 
OND ROW: J. Dovidson, P. Dross, J. Heister, J. Mono, G. Collins, B. 
<irchiro, B. Coultas, D. Borlund, J. Hrezo, C. Pikus, R. Mace, R. Shoals, T. 
Roe, D. Novok, T. Sonkovich. THIRD ROW: W. Rock, R. Corbin, C, Detko, 
G. Jonkowski, J. Reilly, M. Lopriola, E. Rog, T. Broumel, R. Collins, D. 
Trust, T. Fontoski, D. White, B. Neveling, D. Crosson, H. Butsko. FOURTH 
ROW: G. Gotcha, B. Voroitis, M. Wing, T. Brown, H. Poniotowski, D. Von 

Reenon, J. Gianetti, K. Psira, M. Banner, N. Koros, D. MocAdoms, G. Ben- 
net, N. Hotfield, G. Bugyi. FIFTH ROW: B. Smith, E. Gilmore, J. Boinis, K. 
Smith, D. Piper, D. Condie, D. O'Neill, T. Billingsley, M. Denino, J. Hon- 
nigon, D. Mous, K. Riggin, S. Fry. SIXTH ROW: B. Mentzer, mgr.; B. Reid. 
osst. coach; C. Huntress, osst. cooch; R. Arrigoni, osst. cooch; W. Dovell, 
asst. coach; F. Toomey, osst. coach; T. Nugent, heod coach; A. Sotterfield, 
osst. coach; D. Croumer, osst. cooch; L. Corso, asst. coach; T. Gunderman, 
osst. cooch; J. Gardi, osst. cooch; A. Hassan, mgr. 

Co-Coptoins, Cloud and Scott 

1 960 Terps 

Varsity 34 

Alumni 6 

An old-timer pulls one in. 

In a premonition of things to come, Nugent's boys 
manhandled a star-studded lineup of alums in a 
34—6 rout before 4,500 spectators. 

Capitalizing on the breaks and playing near- 
perfect football, the Terp eleven under Novak and 
Betty held the Alumni to one score. The hard tack- 
ling and aggressive rushing held Tamburello and 
DeStefano to a fantastic minus one yard in rushing. 

Gary Collins had on outstanding day as he 
caught two scoring passes and recovered an Alumni 
fumble on their own 9 yard line. 

All in all it was a very impressive day for head 
coach Tom Nugent and his boys. It certainly served 
to give us an insight into next season ... a winning 

Alumni fullback Dick Bielski is brought to an abrupt holt. 

«^ ^ 

^^im^i^. -^ 

*-■'■■£% , 

i^ jf ^^ 



. 1 M < 

\ ■^t*'. 

V. '5 

y It 


Fletcher about to qo around the Mountoineers. 

Maryland 31 

West Virginia 7 

The Terrapins scored the first three times they got their 
hands on the ball as they defeated "shell-shocked" West Vir- 
ginia 31—8. Hod if not been raining, the score might have 
been worse. 

All three units shared equally in the victory. Maryland had 
the boll ten times and scored on five occasions. 

In the second half the Terps quit passing but still managed 

to score twice. They scored once on a drive and late in the 
game as a result of an interception. 

On defense the Terrapins held the Mountaineers to only 
six first dovvns rushing. 

Dick Novak, Dale Betty, and Gary Collins stood out on of- 
fense for the Terps. 

Another Terp Tally 

Two down, one to go. 

31,000 fans sat in the warm sunshine and suffered 
through o 34—0 loss at the hands of the powerful 
Texas Longhorns. 

The game was rated a toss-up but mid-way in the 
first quarter Texan Jimmy Saxton took a quick-kick 
and ran 69 yards for the first score of the game. 
After that there was no stopping the Longhorns. 

The Terps muffed three scoring opportunities in 
the first half. They went to the 3 yard line and to 
the 16 yard line of Texas but interceptions killed the 
Terrapins' chances. The Terps were on the Texas one 
yard line as the gun sounded to end the half. 

In the second half the Terps were still eager but 
the Longhorns' experience proved too much for the 
game Maryland sophs. 

Maryland bows to Texas. 

Collins is brought down by a shoestring. 


Texas 34 


If I could only get up 

Duke 20 — Maryland 7 

Three wayward passes paved the way for all 
three Duke touchdowns as the Blue Devils topped 
the Terps 20-7 before 25,000 fans at Byrd Sta- 
dium. Following the interceptions, Duke marched 
35, 25, and 61 yards for their scores. 

The Terrapins scored in the fourth quarter after 
Joe Mono recovered o fumble on the Duke 

34 yard line. Seven plays later. Dale Betty 
sneaked into the end zone from one yard out. 

The Terp defense stood out as it held the na- 
tion's number 1 offensive team to only 225 yards 
rushing and passing. Their previous average was 
526 yards a game. 

Plug up thot hole! 

Betty outsprints the Wolfpack. 

Flash Filipino quarterback Roman Gabriel passed and ran 
State to a 1 3—0 victory over the Terps. 

Maryland scored first on a 31 yard field goal by Vinnie 
Scott. Hov^'ever, late in the second quarter the Wolfpack re- 
covered a Terp fumble and went 44 yards to score and take 

over the lead. 

In the fourth quarter. Gory Collins got off a tremendous 
punt that rolled dead on the State 6 yard stripe. An 
attempted punt was blocked and tackle Gordon Bennett re- 
covered for Maryland's first touchdown. 

Maryland - N. C. State 13 

Fletcher is brought down after o short gain. 

i Maryland 19 

Gary Collins scores ogoin! 

Clemson 17 

The Terps turned the tables on seventh ranked Clemson by fans a real thrill in staging a great upset victory. 
coming from behind late in the fourth quarter and vi/inning on History repeated itself as it vvos a Betty to Gary Collins 

a pass from Dale Betty to Gary Collins. pass that wrecked the Tigers' hopes lost year at Clemson. 

Clemson, known for its ability to come through with a big Betty was the man of the hour as he fired three TD passes, 

fourth quarter, saw a team that trailed 10—0 at half-time, Sankovich was also cited for a fine gome on defense. Clem- 

17—7 in the third period, snatch itself up and give the 18,000 son was unbeaten since it's lost gome with Maryland. 

"Blow the whistle ump." 

"Lookit dot" 




Fletcher in the middle of it oil. 

A two point conversion, the first TD was the differ- 
ence as Maryland topped Wake Forest 14—13 in 

Wake Forest scored first as All-America Norman 
Snead connected with a 32 yard touchdown pass. 

Fullback Rex Collins took over and on a 69 yard 
scoring drive he gained 43 yards. He climaxed the drive 
by scoring on a 10 yard run. Richie Novak passed to 
Hank Poniofowski for the all-important two point con- 

Snead's passes led to Woke Forest's second TD but 
the Terps came back and marched 63 yards for their 
winning score. Fullback Pat Dross carried on 12 of the 
17 plays and gained all but 13 of the 63 yards. 

Maryland 14 

Wake Forest I 3 

"Hi guys. It's me Leroy." 

^ ^ ■. 

"I'll take thot.' 

Collins steals another one. 

Reilly around end. 

Dale Betty led Maryland to its third straight win as the Terps smoth- 
ered South Carolina 13—0 in front of a Homecoming crowd of 21,000. 

Betty moved the Terrapins on drives of 48 and 88 yards to paydirt. 
Rex Collins rammed over from the 3 for the first score on a play set 
up by a phenomenal catch by Gary Collins. 

Late in the fourth quarter the Terps moved 88 yards in four plays. 
The last 28 was covered on a pass from Betty to Poniotowski. 

Betty completed 13 of 18 passes during the game. Gary Collins also 
had a tremendous afternoon on offense and defense. Time and again 
he caught passes while surrounded by defenders. Rex Collins was the 
game's leading ground gainer with 44 yards. 

Maryland I 5 

South Carolina 



Davidson and Mono team up. 

Maryland 9 

Penn State 28 

Banner is pulled down on the Terp 10 yard line. 

On a rain-soaked field in the mountains of Pennsylvania, 
the Nittany Lions of Penn State rolled over the Maryland 

In a game that sow the Lions capitalize on every fumble 
and interception, and more than double our yards rushing — 
267 to 105 — Maryland's Gary Collins was named lineman 
of the game. Collins caught five passes for 85 yards and was 

outstanding on defense. 

Moving mostly in three and four yard chunks, the Lion eleven 
gnawed its way through the Maryland defensive unit with 
Dick Kerr and Galen Hall doing the running. Maryland's 
touchdown came when Joe Mono recovered a State fumble 
in our end zone. 

Hardy Terps brove the rain on the "away weekend.' 

Karas sidesteps a rusher and 

Maryland 22 — N, Carolina 19 

hits Collins. 

The Terrapins came from behind in the last 65 seconds fo 
defeat North Carolina 22-19 before a crowd of 26,000 in 
Chapel Hill. 

The rousing finish was set up by a 23 yard interference 
penalty which gave Maryland the ball on the Tarheel one 
yard stripe. Dale Betty scored a mornent later, but for some 
unexplained reason the ball was moved bock to the three. 
Betty handed off to Pat Dross who was supposedly stopped 
at the 3. He rolled off the pile and went around right end 
for an apparent score. However, a quick-whistle brought the 
TD back. On the third try Betty connected on a pass to Gory 
Collins to put the Terps on top. 

The Terps belted Virginia 44—12 to finish their 
first winning season since 1955. 

Coach Tom Nugent reached deep into his bag 
of tricks for this game. The most spectacular play 
came early in the second period. Richie Novak 
caught a kickoff in the and zone, ran to the 10 
yard line and arched a lateral pass across the 
field to Dennis Condie who proceeded to race 91 
yards up the sidelines for his third TD of the day. 

The Terp offense stood out as it showed a total 
of 397 yards. They rushed for 205 of the total. 
Standouts for the day were Dennis Condie, Gary 
Collins, Dale Betty, and Vinnie Scott who booted 
in six of six conversion attempts. 

A beautiful tackle. 

Maryland 44 

Virginia 12 

1960 SOCCER TEAM - 1st ROW: John Axley, Franco Trilio, Dick Romine, 
Bob Vosswinkel, Cliff Krug, Ben Boswell, Ralph Ponico. SECOND ROW: Bob 
Krs, Joe Steinberger, Bill Norfolk, Bob Cummings, Chappy Menninger, John 

Kortz, John Zuroboiko, Harry Bonders, Nick Lamor. THIRD ROW: Doyle 
Royol — cooch. Lance Biltingsley, Leo Keller, Larry Dennison, Al Lehmon, 
Ron Williamson, Gory Litchfield, Rich Bear, Steve Bennett — Mgr. 


Doyle Royol — Coach. 

The Terp booters kicked their way into the ACC championship 
and almost knocked off St. Louis for the national title. 

Maryland's Soccer Team defeated North Carolina 5—0 to 
fake the ACC crown for the eighth consecutive year. In the na- 
tionals they were edged out by St. Louis 3—2. 

Cliff Krug was labeled the leading scorer in the ACC with 
o record-breaking 25. The previous record hod been 16 goals. 

Next year's team will find themselves without the help of such 
outstanding seniors as Dick Romine, Bob Vosswinkel, Cliff Krug, 
Bill Norfolk, Leo Keller, and Al Lahmon. 


Bob Vosswinkel, captain. 

A long kick sets it up . . . 

, for a goal. 



1960 CROSS COUNTRY TEAM — Len Patrick, Guy Horper, Mark Wells, John Garten, John Irby, Dick Cred- 
itor, Frank Colavita, Sol Reneiri, Curiy Adams. 

Mark Wells leads the pack out of the woods at the Virginia meet. 

Cross Country 


Cross country . . . the true year 'round sport 
led this year by Frank Colavita who has been defeated in 
a dual meet only cnce in three years. Second in the con- 
ference, the team can look to Mark Wells, John Garten, and 

r^.... U — t . /. 1 

Jim Kehoe — coach. 

Guy Harper for next year's hopes. 


, typical alumni at homecoming . , 

. . . Carol and Melisso after a Terp victory 

Maryland Spirit 

Bonnie, Julia, Judy, Linda, Cookie , . . Obie 

, solemn during the "Notional Anthem" , 


This is not only to the halfbacks . , . end th« captains 
... But to the goalie ... the linemen ... the guy 
who never won a race . . . and to the ones on the 
bench ... You are the ones that threw the block 
. . . intercepted the pass ... or paced the guy 
behind you . . . thanks to you for a succ ^*'' 


1961 WRESTLING TEAM: TOP Left: G. Kerin, Trainer, Spider Frye; Coach 
Sully Krouse; A. Mataloinos, R. Hocker, G. Bugyi, A. Marinelli, R. Shoals, 
R. Pirih, H. Poniotowski, W. Hutchinson, Equipment Manager; W. Rishell, 

W. Ott, Manager. SECOND ROW: C. Offenbacher, R. Guidi, T. Oberholtzer, 
D. Ott, P. Varre, G. Bartholomew, R. Smith. THIRD ROW: T. Von Ness, C. 
Brown, Ron Mander, R. Baker, F. Senter, R. Maynord, W. Hooks, S. Bossert. 

Matmen Dominate A. C. C. 


36 N.C. State 

18 V.P.I 

18 Navy 

12 Penn State 

13 Pittsburgh 

36 Virginia 

28 N.C.U 

34 Duke 


.. . . 




Totals 50 

Coach Sully Krou&e 




♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ 

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ 

♦ ♦^^ ♦ ♦ 

^.♦^♦^* ♦ * 

♦ ♦^^ ♦ ♦ 

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ « . 

♦^* ♦ ♦ ♦ 

•.♦.♦♦ ♦ « 

♦ - ♦ ♦ ♦ 
* * ♦ ♦ « 




. ▲ A A A A < 

Eugene Kerin receives Outstanding Wrestler Award 

The wrestling team dominated the ACC this year by win- Eugene Kerin, 157 lb. class, set a new record for the ACC 

ning all ten events in the championship finals. The grapplers by winning the Outstanding Wrestler of the Year for the sec- 

were also victorious in the regular conference competition,- ond consecutive time, 

they took first place 4—0. Other records shattered by the powerful matmen were; 8 

Outside the ACC the Terps beat Navy 18—8 but lost to wins in the ACC in 8 years,- a new scoring record of 1 16; and 

powerful Penn. State 18—12 and Pittsburgh 17—13. Their over- they won 53 individual titles out of a possible 63. 
all record for the season was 6—2. 

Bob Reynolds of N.C. State fights o pin-down by Terrapin Bob Smith in the ACC 

Dick Maynard gains against Frank London of N.C. State in the 
championship finals. 







1961 Track Team: FIRST ROW: C. Grandmaison, Frank Colavita, W. Len Patrick, Bill Gray, Jim Kane. THIRD ROW: Coach Kehoe, John 

Smith, J. Spiegel, Bill Johnson, Nick Kovalokides, Dick Creditor, Lance Belitza, Don VanReenon, Joe Hicks, Jim Schiff, Tom Gloss, Harold 

Hodes, Bob Adams, Jim Foskett. SECOND ROW: Roger MacWilliams, Wilson, Davy Dobbs, Dick Smith, Sol Ranieri, Ed Polonowski, Mark 

Paul Palfi, John Garten, Dick Estes, Gene Estes, Jim Blond, Pete Wells, Coach Lucas. 
Tucker, Chris Stauffer, Guy Harper, Neil Goldstein, Marvin Pixton, 

Don Van Reenan and Butch Spiegel lead the field for the Terps. 

John Belitza at half-way point 

Frank Colavita grasps victory 

Coach Kehoe's indoor track squad had a most successful 
season by defeating a strong Navy team and winning the 
ACC title for the sixth year in a row. 

Maryland defeated its closest rival North Carolina, 8iy2 to 
48/2. The Terps won seven individual titles and took both re- 
lays. The two outstanding performers were Bill Johnson and 
John Belitza. Bill tied the record for the 70 year high hurdles 
with an 8.5 second mark. John broke the Maryland pole vault 
record with 14'8V4". 

The Terps one mile relay team broke the old record of 
3:26.9 set by Maryland in 1949 with a time of 3:16.2. 

Bill Johnson, Terps ACC and IC4A champion, won the 
Boston ACC Meet. 

John Belitza, whose 14'8%" jump against Navy dubbed him 
as one of the most promising young collegiate vaulters in the 
nation, performed outstandingly. 

Don Van Reenon broke the Maryland 60 year dash rec- 
ord with a 6.1 second mark in Maryland's victory over Navy. 

Jim Garten stretches to break the tope 

Bill Grey, Wayne Smith, Chris Stouffer and Dick Smith set new Terp Mile Relay 
record of 3:24.1. 











And they're offi 

Tom Wingote — Coptain 



39 NCS 

61 Clemson 

74 South Carolina 

70 Wake Forest 

65 Washington and Lee 

59 VMI 

43 Navy 

57 Pittsburgh 

65 Virginia 

50 North Carolina 

64 Duke 

.. . 56 


Ray Osfrander 
sets to win 


SWIMMING 1961 FIRST ROW: T. Lupien, R. Schaira, M. Schacberle, J. 
Jennings, J. Long, J. Greenburg, W. Brondvein. SECOND ROW: D. 
Sykes, E. Whitehead, D. Adams, Co-Capts. T. Wingate and F. Culkan, 

S. Kisley, R. Ostrander, B. Barube. THIRD ROW: Asst. Coach R. Kohl, 
D. Fleming, E. Duke, I. Titunik, H. Roddin, A. Moronstein, T. Fiedemyer, 
W. Stockman, Coach, W. R. Campbell. 


Terps Second in A, C. C. 

Bill Campbell's fifth year as Maryland's swimming coach saw 
the Terps finish first place in the ACC for the second straight 

The Terps had a fine season, boasting a 10 and 2 overall 
record and a 6 and 1 win-loss mark in the ACC. 

Ray Ostrander, Dave Fleming and Hugh Roddin were the 
leaders for the Terps. Ostrander, continuing his fine performance 
of last year, won the ACC Championship in the 50 meter free 
style and finished second in the 100 meters free style competi- 

Coach W. R. Campbell 



64 Penn State 

57 Virginia 

80 G W 

64 Minnesota 

78 Georgetown . . . . 

60 Woke Forest 

72 South Carolina 

55 Georgetown 

62 Duke 

52 N C U 

63 Navy 

75 NCS 

56 NCU 


.. . 47 






.. . 58 

... 47 
, ... 70 

, ... 62 

. ... 63 


Wake Forest 78 

59 Clennson 76 

61 South Carolina 64 

66 NCS 83 

76 Duke 71 

44 G W 63 

77 Virginia 62 

82 Clemson 80 

91 Clemson 75 

76 Wake Forest 98 

57 NCU 81 

84 Wyoming T? 

Coach Bud Millican 

BASKETBALL 1961 STANDING: R. Eicher, T. Marshall, R. McDonold, R. Wilson, J. Greenspan, J. Barton, 
Manoger; Coach Bud Millicon, SITTING: G. Hodor, D. Schroeder, B. Kelleher, C. Carpenter, P. Jelus, W. 
Stasiulotis, M. Nofsinger. 


Bruce Kelleher 

Bob Wilson 

Bob McDonold 

Hoopsters Up and Down 

Big Bob McDonald and ploymoker Bruce Kelleher led Maryland to a 
14—12 record In an up and down season of basketball. 

McDonald was high scorer for the Terps with a 13.4 average. Bill 
Stasiuiatis led in free throw totals with 1 12. 

The hoopsters most exciting victories in the ACC tournament were 
over its old rival, Navy, 63—62, and Clemson, 91—75. 

Bob Eicher, Paul Jelus, Bob Wilson and Jerry Greenspan played fine 
ball in both starting and supporting roles. 

In the ACC Maryland had strong competition from Duke, Woke 
Forest, and North Carolina. The Terps conference record was 6—8. 

Eosy lay-up is scored against Virglna 


i It f i f «f •# 

ACC CHAMPIONS: D. Moynard, R. Maunder, S. Bossert, R. Smith, P. Varre, E. Kerin, K. Offenbocher, 
W. Rishell, R. Hacker, R. Shoals. 



'"^I/k' ■ ^'^^^ 


*- ■■■*• — ^ . 

I960 BASEBALL TEAM - FIRST ROW: Bill Trust, Frank Copper, Don Brown, 
Bill McHorgue, Don Sonfo, Phil Rogers, Vic Colder, Frank Martz, Dove 
Cherry, Vin Limcuro (monoger) SECOND ROW: Will Roeper, John Borrett, 
Jim Fowler, Jack Rodgers, Jim Emery, Turner, BornMart, Joe Andrione, Chor- 

lie Morshburn. THIRD ROW; Coach Shipley, Asst. Cooch Jockson, George 
Crouse, George Klindinst, Edson, Bowie, George Shaffer, Bruce Corbin, 
John O'Brien (Asst. Monager). 


The battin' Terps finished the 1960 season in 4th place 
in the Atlantic Coast Conference. Their ACC record was 5 
wins, 7 losses, while their overall record was 9 wins, 9 
losses, 1 tie. 

Coach Shipley has completed his 36th and lost year as Maryland's baseball coach. 

The Record 

Morylond Opponent 

2 Dartmouth 4 

4 Syracuse 4 

3 Colgate 6 

1 1 North Carolina State 3 

20 Clemson 5 

5 North Carolina 4 

6 Woke Forest 9 

1 Duke 9 

5 South Corolino 4 

4 South Corolino II 

5 Johns Hopkins 

6 Georgetown 3 

11 Virginia 12 

3 North Carolina 10 

4 North Corolino State 10 

1 2 Georgetown 3 

10 Penn Stote 6 

7 Wake Forest 4 

12 Virginia 13 

131 120 

2 64 

Frank Copper held down Short Stop position and hit .211 
for the season. 

Phil Rogers hit a lofty .346 for the Terps. 

The new heod coach: Jock Jackson 

Don Santo, third baseman, shows his fine batting forrr 


Trackmen A. C, C. Champs 



For the fifth year in a row the Maryland track team overwhelmed all com- 
petition to become the ACC Champions. 

The Cindermen's dual meet record this season was an impressive one with 
four victories and only one loss. Far more superior, however, is their overall 
record of 59 wins and only 10 defeats. This is evidence enough that Coach 
Jim Kehoe has moulded his men into a team second to none on the east 

Leading the team to victory were such old hands as Nick Kovalakides, 
Bill Johnson, and Bjorn Anderson. All three men now hold at least one indoor 
and outdoor ACC record. Nick Kovalakides holds the indoor and outdoor 
shot-put records plus the ACC javelin record. 

Coach Kehoe hopes to odd a sixth year to his string of ACC champion- 
ships, and all signs indicate that his wish will be fulfilled! 

ACC Track Cooch of the Year, Jim Kehoe. 

1960 TRACK TEAM - FIRST ROW: Dick Estes, Fred Hanson, Joe McDonogh, 
John Cloggett, Don Whitaker, Bjorn Anderson, Stan Pitts SECOND ROW; 
Dick Creditor, Lance Modes, Guy Harper, Marr Pixton, Frank Colavito, 
Wayne Smith. Bob Adams THIRD ROW: ten Patrick, Lee McCobe, Gene 

Estes. Charles Grandmoison, Art Klotz, Neil Goldstein, Steve Solup 
FOURTH ROW: Tom Glass, Jonas Spiegel, Steve Homcrott. Bill Johnson, 
Harold Wilson, Rod Skoglund, Doug Dobbs, Mark Wells FIFTH ROW: Man- 
oger. Coach Kehoe, Cooch Ruckert, Roger Fox (Manogerl. 


Butch Spiegel, indoor and outdoor ACC sprint champion, displays his winning form. 

Dual Meet Record 

114 . 

941/2 . 

93 . 
118 . 

60 . 


W. Virginia 17 

Duke 36'/2 

North Carolina 37 

Georgetown 33 

Navy 75 

Bjorn Anderson broad-iumps as well as he pole vaults. 

Bill Johnson sets his pace early in this hurdles race and goes on to win. 


Butch Spiegel and Don Whitaker strive to win. 

Nick Kovolokides is reody to throw the jovehn in a Dual Meet. 

Two Terp trockmen lead the Held. 

A Terp trackman high jumps for Maryland. 


Bill Johnson is the Hurdles champion — it's easy to see 





8 Mt. Washington 13 

21 Virginia 10 

16 Princeton 4 

20 New Hampshire 

23 Wash. & Lee 3 

22 Syracuse 7 

14 Navy 15 

6 Army 17 

26 Duke 2 

17 Penn State 2 

7 Johns Hopkins 13 

Coaches Faber and Heogy 

Stickmen Win 7, Lose 4 

The Maryland stickmen finished the 1960 season with a 
middling 7 won 4 lost record. 

With only an exhibition loss to Mt. Washington going into 
the navy game, the Terrapins seemed headed for another 
Class A National Championship. However, Navy upset the 

Terps and Maryland never regained its true form. 

Roger Goss, a Maryland bright spot, completed his career 
by setting new scoring and assist records with a three year 
total of 78 goals and 1 14 assists. 

I960 LACROSSE TEAM: FIRST ROW: Henry Stansberry, Bill Chambers, Bob 
Schwartzberg, Jerry Thelen, Roger Goss, Bobby Borroll, Bill Woodbury, 
Nick Britton. SECOND ROW: Dick Brent, Dick Scarbath, Walt Djrigg, Fritz 
Waidner, Walt Molinowski, Rod Stude, Herb Minelree. THIRD ROW: Man- 

ager Al Deerrs, Gene Reckner, Dick Romine, Jim Martone, Bill Pugh, Bob 
Lemken, Buddy Beardmore, Manager Victor Brinton. Absent: Chorles Hor- 
ton. Will Johnson, Ron Spahn. 

Martone ccmes up with the ball ogoinst Penn State as Goss looks on. 

Goss end Norton see the ball get by the Navy goalie. 

Schwortzberg, Scarboth, Pugh, ond Molmowski ore outstanding performers in the Terp bockfield. 


The Terp Co-Coaches and Co-Captoins: Al Heagy, Bob 
Schwortzberg, Jerry Thelen, Roger Goss, and Jack Fober. 

Bill Chambers had a busy year as the Maryland goalie. 

The Terps scare again as the Penn State goalie misses another one. Final score: Maryland )7, Penn State 2. 


Bill Chambers, goalie 

Buddy makes an easy scoop! 

Buddy Beordmore, mid field. 


-'^-'^ ,..;*#'' 

Navy's goalie makes another fine save as Maryland goes down in defeat with o finoi score of 15 to ]4. 

Dick Scorbath carried a big stick for Maryland's defensive unit. 

Roger Goss wos outstanding for the Terrapins on attack. 




Surprising Sophomore Charles Shopiro teamed with Abel- 
son in doubles. 

Senior Co-Captain Don Palmer. 

Netmen Have 
Good Year 

This year the Maryland Tennis Team recorded its best season in the 
past 10 years. Sparked by veterans Chuck Abelson and Al Citren- 
bourn and surprising sophs Charles Shapiro and Tom Bane, the Terps 
compiled an impressive 1 1—2—1 season. 

Chuck Abelson was especially outstanding, and advanced to the 
semi-finals of the ACC singles championships. 

Number one ployer Abelson displays service. 

1960 TENNIS TEAM — Left to Right: Tom Bone, Charles Shapiro, Alan Citrenbaum, Charles Ableson, 
Don Palmer, Coach Doyle Royal. 



1960 GOLF TEAM — Richard MacDuffy, manager; John Hogg, Tom Bartolec, Bob Hogg, John Grubb, 
Paul Quinn, Bob McLeoy, Del Beman, John Owen, Bill Dudley, Frank Cronin, coach. 

Bob Hogg shows his winning form. 


Tom Bartolec finished third in the ACC tournament with 159 strokes. 

Terp Golfers 3rd 
in A, C. C. 

Maryland's Golf Team finished the 1960 season with a fine 
11—2 record. Leading the Terps was National and British 
Amateur Champion Deane Beman. The combination of Tom 
Bartolec and Beman led Maryland to a third place finish in 
the Atlantic Coast Conference. 


29'/2 M.I.T 6'/2 

21 Princeton 16 

1 5'/2 N.C. State 1 1 '/2 

14'/2 Penn State 6'/2 

16 Georgetown 5 

9'/2 S. Carolina 8V2 

10 Clemson 8 

13 Virginia 5 

11 Wake Forest 7 

231/2 Georgetown 61/2 

3 Navy 4 

12 Johns-Hopkins 6 

6 N. Carolina 21 

An alum goes down as the varsity piles on. 

Varsity Trims Alums 

Against a team made up of 29 pros and 19 former All-Americans, Tom Nugenf's 
Terps posted an impressive 34—6 victory over a powerful Alumni squad. 

The wide open brand of football which Nugent has brought to Maryland proved to be 
very effective throughout the game. 

Accurate olumni passes were hard to intercept. 

Vincent Scott is about to help on alum bock to earth! 



Breedlove, John McPhail, Ken Gookin. SECOND ROW: Ron Kluoweitez, Bob Vosswinkel, Coach John 
Patterson, Bobby Kight, Cliff Krug. 

Phi Kap bottles SAE for the In- 
trafraternity championship. 


Monty Kemp demonstrates the form that made hii 
the I960 open badminton champ. 

An "Untouchoble" trys to slam the ball against an "Engineer" in the Open League 
Volleyball tournament. The "Engineers" went on to win the game and the tournament! 



OND ROW: Referee Kurt Schwartz, Bob Jenkins, Steve Shephard, George Mattingly, Referee Vic Schwartz. 


%^^Cff/^J, j^'''"*'*'^ ^siiiJi^f^ 

1 mm\ ■■jUx 1 1 wA 




Ted Morshal, John Russell. SECOND ROW: George Davis, Phil Schriver, Bill 

and John McFhoil of PKS go high for a rebound during 
the championship game. PKS won in a very close con- 
test. John Lower ond Jerry Brogdon of SAE look on. 


TAU KAPPA EPSILON FOOTBALL TEAM - KNEELING: Jim Moore, Will Johnson, Ed Hondley, Mickey Ben- 
kert, Ed Sommerfleld, Bill Abell, Ots Coscino. STANDING: Don Bindok, Chuck Barker, Rich Griffin, Art 
Clessuras, Bob Strossner, Art Reeves, Dof Davenport, Ron Dick, Vick Colder, Dick Yankowski. 

Last Fall TKE did something that no other football team 
had ever done. This team won the championship for the third 
time in the last three years, an amazing accomplishment. TKE 
won because of aggressive ball playing and many hours of 
hard practice, which made for a well organized brand of 
ball. In 1958 the team began its winning streak. TKE lost 
a mid-season game, but after that never faltered, and won 
its last five games and the championship. In 1959 this colorful 
ball club won every game. Their offensive unit scored a total 
of 316 points. Their defensive unit held their opponents to a 
mere 8 points. At the end of this season TKE had won 18 
straight games, compiling 13 wins and no losses this year. 

PETITION - LEFT TO RIGHT: Will Johnson and Don Bindok, co-captoins of 
TKE football team, receive trophy from Henry Trattler, Junior Class Men's 
League Representative. 


ALPHA TAU OMEGA FOOTBALL TEAM (Runner-Up - FIRST ROW: Al Penrod, Bill Hopkins, Chet 
Steckel, Chorlie Thompson, Tom Loyd. SECOND ROW: Dick Dement, Duke Bowen, Bob Edson, Bert 
Bigbee, Al Phelps, Ben Pettee, Tom VonHorn. 

TIME OUT — The girls take a breather during the WRA basketboll semi-finals, 
we've got to get our hands on that ball." 

"Come on now. 


The competition is keen when WRA begins its annual volleyball tournament! 

W. R. A. 

The Women's Recreation Association offers activity 
in every recreational field. The women's dormitories, 
sororities, and day-dodgers ore all represented in 
the vast WRA program. Bowling, archery, volleyball, 
basketball, softball, field hockey, swimming, fencing, 
tennis, are just a few of the competitive sports spon- 
sored by the WRA. Trophies are awarded to the in- 
dividual and team winners. 

"Where's the ball?" 

Fighting for a rebound in the semi-finals of the basketball 


M CLUB — FIRST ROW:. Poul Palfi, Eugene Estes, Jim Long, Bob Adorns, 
Frank Colovito, John Axley, Charlie Grandmoison, Jacl< Rully, Fred 
Hanson, Dick Barlund, Bob Wilson, Tom Sankovich, Gory Jankowski. 
SECOND ROW: Kenny Smith, George Klinedinst, Jack Rogers, Don 
Brown, Al Lehman, Bill Johnson (Vice-President), LeRoy Dietrich (Presi- 
dent), Wayne Smith (Treasurer), Bill Kirchiro (Sergeant at Arms), Dale 

Betty, Nick Kovalakides, Bob McDonold, Don VanReenon. THIRD ROW: 
Marvin Pixton, Gerald Cump, Ward Brandvein, Bob Geyer, Barry Ber- 
ube, Stephen Bennett, John Zorubalko, John Korz, Dick Romine, Ron 
Williamson, Dick Brent, Walt Durigg, Bob Cummings, Mark Wells, John 
Gorton, Neil Goldstein, Guy Harper. FOURTH ROW: Ed Whitebuod, Bill 
McHargue, George Crouse, Herb Minetree. 


The Maryland M Club brought pro-bosketball to the University this year, with the 
help of their alumni. Two pro games were played in Cole Field House — both were 
sell-outs, and enthusiastically attended by Maryland students and residents of the sur- 
rounding area. The M Club did not stop with this success, however, they also sponsored 
Jock Kramer and his tennis ali-star group. 

The M Club jacket worn by members helps to keep up the Maryland sports tradition. 
This jacket was designed to give unique distinction to the sports club as a group. 

The chief function of the club is to bring together the leaders of all phases 
of University athletic activity to discuss ideas for the betterment of the University's 
athletic program. 


■'iM: 1/ 



Associate Editor — Lynn Andretta 

Girls' Dorms — Joanne Moeser 
Dorm Life — Phyllis Lee 
Men's Dorms — John Stafford 
Sororities — Julio Cobey 
Greek Life — Toby Spar 
Fraternities — Tom Chi Ids 
Daydodgers — Barbara Brown 


ANNE ARUNDEL HALL - FIRST ROW; L. Essig, C Gietka. C. Schiesser, R. 
Torrieri, L. Colvin, E. Evenchick, P. Goodman. SECOND ROW: Z. Carlock, 
P. McDowell, B. Burdette, G. Brown, N. Longhorne, Pres.; J. Carrick, R. Hat- 
field, L. Gidden, S. Coulbourne. THIRD ROW: E. Larrobee, J. Perlzweig, M. 
'^an Reuth, P. Fronck, J. Compo, D. Campa, P. Dreux, M. Nicholson, H. Caplan, 
S. Stevenson, J. Sherman. FOURTH ROW: E. Krouse, J. Thompson, G. Snook, 

A. Barcella, B. Meyers, A. Rutledge, F. Krause. C. O'Brien, J. Smith, S. Kettells. 
FIFTH ROW: E. Jarboe, B. Green, J. Wade, P. Colacicco, L. Henderson, J. 
Parker, D, Richburg, P. Calloghon, D. Collison, J. Chandler, A. Wolstrum, 
S. Tourkin. SIXTH ROW: K. Mehring, B. Lee, H. Tock, P. Olson, L. Cochran, 
A. Swarm, L. Rades, J. Adkins, S. Lippmon, M. Luery, S. Gray. 

Looks like a grand slam 

Anne Arundel Hall 

Beauties bless this hall . . . Freshman Prom Queen, and a 
member of the Homecoming court . , . Annie A. won scholar- 
ship award lost year ... a new event — a Christmas Or- 
phans' Party . . . desserts were very popular . . . especially 
one with Calvert Hall . . . NAiss Gross is their house director 
... a stately, graceful building . . . complete with its own 
steeple . . . many residents are quite active on campus. 



Caroline Hall 

Archery trophy retired after three years of winning . . . 
Softball pros have won two years in a row . . . Zelda the 
hamster ... a dorm pet . . . desserts and open house teas 
provide congenial atmosphere at Caroline . . . Saturday 
morning coffee and donuts, a tradition . . . Mrs. Pruter, a 
favorite of all residents . . . Caroline is represented in almost 
every campus organization . . . Angel Flight, Drama Wing, 
A.L.D. — to mention a few . . . 

This is more fun than class! 

CAROLINE HALL - FIRST ROW: R. Arcurik, C. Hortman, E. Peretz, M. Coyle, 
N. Hare, S. Cohen, E. Lagmay, M. Lu, P. Der, C. Miller. SECOND ROV^: 

B. Bergeron, R. Miller, M. Deulin, R. Musgrove, S. James, pres.; L. Metcalfe, 

C. Strothern, N. Carrodus, E. Hurley, J. Rogers. THIRD ROV\^; M. Conby, C. 
Pass, D. Hennlein, R. Agnello, M. Cox, S. Riller, R. Bien, M. Hess, M. Dickin- 
son, P. Monning, R. Sfoley, B. Duchak, D. Sydnor. FOURTH ROW: J. Buckel, 

G. Yono, B. Zodo, M. Clcytor, J. Stafford, N. Stair, L. Davidson. C. Zodo, 
F. Owens, L. Hamann, M. Libby, M. Murray. FIFTH ROW: L. Beitsch, M. Neu- 
moier, C. Ripley, C. Dearholt, S. Wise, A. Browning, M. Bispham, N. Soward, 
J. Zaner, C. Soth, M. Petrushansky, E. Bradley. SIXTH ROW: A. Roush, S. 
Howard, J. Landry, S. Quom, J. DeHort, J. darker, N. Boyer, R. Miller, 
S. Tolle, C. Brown, J. Morris, B. Crew, 




m w 

CARROLL HALL — FIRST ROW: P. Reigle, F. Bernstein, C. Nortrup, D. Lady, man, R. Swodow, P. Tanenbaum, S. Salganik, M. Schellberg, I. Nick, S. Shuff, 

P. Murtaugh, D. MocMillon, B. Berger, C. Morris. SECOND ROW: P. Phillips, P. Morton. FIFTH ROW: A. Levine, A. Rosdol, K. Knox, M. Cox, I. Uldrikis, 

F. Ferris, A. Sakers, P. Lee R. Bollinger, pres.; J. Dale, N. Haase, G. Holow, A. Widerman, D. Kemp, S. Roberts, W. Benney, M. Biy, H, Goldstein, B. Hud- 

M. Noppenberger. THIRD ROW: J. Fowler, B. Greenberg, J. Barnett, C. Pines, son, C. Clarke. SIXTH ROW: J. Peterson, D. Bresnick, B. Hess, G. Dillon, P. 

L. Anderson, N. Baker, L. Smith, B. Armstrong, H. Dodd, E. Latoff, M. Grove, Adams, V. Myers, J. Tiano, M. Magalotti, B. Osmond, S. Pickens, J. Scott. 
P. Cootes, M. Totum. FOURTH ROW: B. Bryan, M. Jimison, B. Rubin, S. Hart- 

An edible study break 

Carroll Hall 

Trophies, trophies, trophies . . . Softball, ping-pong, and 
Homecoming ... A mysterious visitor from the duck pond in- 
vaded Carroll's halls lost spring . . . T.P.'s brought a bond 
along to their dessert . . . annual student-faculty teas held 
in the spring , . . '59 Homecoming queen . . . Mrs. Killings- 
worth lends a friendly air as house director . . . Carroll 
residents are active in many campus organizations including 
honororles and publications . . . 


Dorchester Hall 

A rewarding program for new freshmen . . . used book 
sale, fashion show, pojama party, fireside chats, and student- 
faculty teas broaden outlook . . . socially speaking, Dorches- 
ter spirit is tops at desserts . . . Christmas parties, and an 
annual spring fling . . . group participation in intramurcls re- 
sulted in a fourth place . . . Mrs. Brower, house director, 
watches new events become traditions . . . outstanding resi- 
dents include, A.L.D. president, cheerleaders, and S.G.A. 
committee members. 

The 'bring 'em back alive' society 

DORCHESTER HALL - FIRST ROW: D. Kausch, M. Packard, J. Dannheiser, 
E. Sullivan, P. Grubb, H. Frankenberg, C. Hoffman, A. Silverberg, C. Stadler. 
SECOND ROW: C. Clogett, D. Barnhart, S. Goodman, C. Joseph, P. Hynes, 
pres.; F. Harding, M. Filler, E. Zervos, S. Sollod, S. Brooks. THIRD ROW: J. 
Cribble, M. Maxwell, D. Abelman, A. Bouic, P. Harris, K. Kroemer, A. Schoot- 
man, B. Dickinson, L, Nicholson, L. Koehneke, S. Gundersdorff, M. Brewer, 
J. McCullough. FOURTH ROW: R. Mack, N. Slicher, J. Formon, M. Newhouse, 

P. Casper, J. Ward, N. Greenbaum, J. Miller, S. Lewis, P. Morgan, P. O'Neal, 

B. Johnson. FIFTH ROW: S. Carpenter, J. Cullen, S. DeGhetto, D. Dietrich, 

C. Byrnes, C. Prager, S. Coulbourne, K. Plummer, M. Brown, M, Powell, B. Aud, 
S. Gendason, S. Hortney, K. Thott, B. Strock. SIXTH ROW: C. Mancha, H. 
Hohn, B. Loeblein, N. Edmunds, F. Cockey, P. Dunn, K. Murphy, D. Sollod, 
M. Archibald, L. Crook, B. Berger, V. Poole. 

MONTGOMERY HALL - FIRST ROW: R. Pincuspy, N. Cunningham, C. Hissey, 
C. Richter, J. Moseley, J. Ross, D. Saiontz, G. Roll, M. Awamirowski. SEC- 
OND ROW: J. Downs, K. Keller, S. Christopher, H. Risher, P. Cox, N. Good- 
win, N. Doivs, C. Boumonn, K. Trebilcock. THIRD ROW: B. Reisner, J. 
Clabough, D. Horris, N. Loew, S. Wiest, S. Moroose, M. Ryss, G. Austin, H. 

Kieu-Dung, H. Shank. FOURTH ROW: S. Gordon, N. Blonkenship, B. Brooke, 
M. Kurland, B. Pillersdork, D. White, M. Sperschneider, J. Poith, P. Wogo- 
man, D. Langdon, J. Fox, L. Goldman. FIFTH ROW: C. Wrightson, M. White, 
B. Hammond, R. Zeigler, M. Davis, J. Beam, N. Lou, S. Supplee, E. Hurley, 
V. Ernst, C. Morris. 

Der Tannenbaum 

"But I'm sure Dave lived here last year" . . . newest addi- 
tion to women's residences, and the largest . . . Can you 
imagine 350 girls without telephones for two weeks!! . . . Mr. 
Montgomery crowned at fall dance . . . Mrs. Jackson, Mrs. 
Peterson, Mrs. Naslund, Mrs. Foreman, and Mrs. Burnette rule 
the roost . . . Quite a bit of 'remodeling' has gone on in 
Montgomery . . . the boys in Annapolis formed a 'girl watch- 
ing' society ... on organized beginning led by able upper- 
clossmen . . . Congratulations on such wonderful spirit. 


Montgomery Hall 

Two heads are better than one? 

MONTGOMERY HALL - FIRST ROW: J. Abbott, K. Moore, B. Levin, L. Ray, 
Pres.; J. Martin, R. Rothgeber, Bobbie Gormley, G. Johnson. SECOND ROW: 
E. Bruffey, F. Hyde, P. Schuyler, M. Krause, C. Gibbas, L. Stadler, D. Evers- 
man, E. Naughton, T. Gaflflgon, B. Potzner. THIRD ROW: J. DeMatteis, J. 
Loomis, J. PhiNips, N. Brooke, L. Stewart, J. Fenner, S. Brown, P. Coffmon, 

C. Savage. FOURTH ROW: N. Heinzenberger, A. Knobloch, C. Kuhn, C. Lev- 
inson, L. Noyes, E, Wogner, M. Kinser, M. Bottner, M. Baker, L. White, P. 
Heitz. FIFTH ROW: A. Wetzel K. Yaste, M. Vogt, D. Stiller, Lenore Kalk, E. 
Crammate, pres.; N. Benedict, P. Head, E. White, B. Colby, L. Yost, A. Park- 
inson, N. Luke. 

QUEEN ANNE'S HALL - FIRST ROW: M. Lovero, B, Davis, C. Stoffer, 
A. Shaw, E. Martin, D. Lee, E. Ryan. SECOND ROW: P. Fraser, J. Reynolds, 
R. Galinis, C. Krantz, B. Uricheck, pres,; P. Hoke, C. Urie, I. Bottoglia. 
THIRD ROW: L. Lustman, L. Braithwaite, S. Levine, K. Keller, N. Stevens, M. 
Disney, M. Kline, B. Bloom, R, Veith. FOURTH ROW: L. Baxter, G. Ford, 

M. Levin, H. Clayton, S. Murphy, L. Seabolt, S. Worgield, I. Heorne, L. 
Walker. FIFTH ROW: C. Hall, D. Brondenburg, E. Woollwy, J. Piel, D. El- 
linger, C. Clarke, S. Buchanan, J. Rogers, M. Edwards, N. Insley. SIXTH ROW: 
S. Young, P. Trovers, G. McForlond, M. Howard, M. Sullivan, P. Jenkins, G. 
Dent, E. Johnson, L. Musgroove, B. Hamilton, 

nearly every illegal appliance in the book 

Queen Anne's Hall 

A small but friendly group , . . annual Christmas parties, 
parents' day teas, orphan's party, and a Senior farewell 
party ... an exciting event each year is the Sweetheart 
Donee when a dormitory queen is crowned . . . Mrs. Ellis is 
the sparkling house director . . . two freshmen V.I.P.s, vice 
president and A.W.S. representative for the class of '64 . . 
a trick or treat note brought a T.V. for the dorm . . . A.L.D. 
officers and S.G.A. committee workers also reside here . . . 


St. Mary's Hall 

St. Mary's girls play hostesses during winter tray-riding fun 
... a blood drive trophy now graces their lobby . . . the 
trailer dwellers have become new dessert guests this year . . 
a "Back to School" dance welcomes all anxious new coeds 
. . . charming house director, Mrs. Gunter . . . outstanding 
residents include co-chairman of F.O.B., chairman of cultural 
committee, members of Student Court, A.D.D. and Phi Kappa 
Phi. . . 

The Macke machines ARE taking over 

ST. MARY'S HALL — FIRST ROW: H. Neuman, S. Horris, M. Nolan, N. Cloy- Loweth, J. Hyatt. FOURTH ROW: V. Martini, D. Naylor, S. Shuster, M. Artz. 

ton, E. Clayton, J. Smith, R. MocCouley, N. Wantz. SECOND ROW; P. K. Schilling, M. Bessette, E. Scoglione, M. Casfello, N. Seller, J. Gabis. 

Knight, V. Basseft, C. Thomosson, K. Lorsen, C. Lotona, M. Rice, K. Colder, FIFTH ROW: L. Morgan, D. Alvex, A. Stehr, E. Thomas, E. Risdon, C. Freed- 

C. Erbe, J. Miller. THIRD ROW: F. Woshe, E. Mills, M. Hingeley, V. Stock- enburg, M. Rothenburg, C. Abshur, P. McAllister, A. Teter, D. Baxter. 

ton, M. Irving, G. Rosenfield, M. Rose, J. Kane, R, Beattie, H, Dowgiollo, N. 

^^ - 




SOMERSET HALL - FIRST ROW: L. Confer, I. Stag, E. Kipnes, pres.; S. Levy, ROW: M. Seller, F. Cuthrell, B. Roeder, C. Rickert, M. Roymon, A. Morris, 

C. Bair, L, Hyssong, M. Royer, I. Mainzer, C. Kaplan. SECOND ROW; A. G. Kesner, S. Mockler, M. Shiffmon. FIFTH ROW: E. Keene, J. Allen, P. Por- 

Wond, E. Irwin, M, Engerman, S. Bozmon, F. Hovermill, A. Burbage, M. Law- shall, B. Harney, C. Collaway, B. Eshelmon, N. Heogerty, S. Smith, 

rence, M. Karcher, J. Hanus. THIRD ROW: D. Bruyninck, P. Rask, S. Johnson, S. Capony, C. Wallace, R. Scheiner, 
C. White, P. Donaldson, B. Fischer, K. Dovis, P. Rand, M. Kirson, FOURTH 

How to study at college 

Somerset Hall 

Somerset Swingers . . . bought a stereo for their rec room 
... Dr. Rappoleye and Dorothy Emerson provided inter- 
esting toppics for fireside chats . . . hard work produced 
honorable mention for Homecoming display . . . perennial 
blood drive winners . . . Mrs. Lewis' vivacity adds spirit and 
grociousness . . . Freshmen skit night, a new dimension in 
orientation ... on annual spring barbecue finishes another 
year . . . Angel Flight and A.L.D. members . . . bridge on 
the back steps . . . fun and frolic! 


Wicomico Hall 

The steamroller did it! . . . dull dorm meetings made hall 
meetings a welcome change ... a terrific social program . . . 
weekly desserts and seasonal dances ... I read it in the 
"Wicomico Whispers" . . . hear of the 'apartment', at least it's 
not as noisy as B-200! . . . Mrs. Beaumont, new housemother 
from P.S.U., she can paint too . . . Let's stay off the grass this 
spring . . . clues, notes, favors. Wonder who my peanut is? 
. . . Miss Cecil Hall, an olympic swimmer, just to mention a 
few, ore a part of this enthusiastic group. 

The penalty of a pinning . . 

WICOMICO HALL - FIRST ROW: D. Greene, L, Teske, H. Silver, F. Siegel, Suizu. FOURTH ROW: S. Selig, P. Harding, B. Fox, C. Schwartz, C. Beren- 

K. Grimes, F. Morell, N. Hall, D. Ogilvie, S. Gerson. SECOND ROW: B. Wot- holtz, C. Love, S. Lum, J. Canter. FIFTH ROW: N. Decker, B. Weglorski, L. 

son, C. Connelly, A. Woodruff, C. Whittington, M. Harrison, pres.; J. Burger, Wootton, E. Huebner, V. Hawkins, F. Puter, P. Holm, G. Bedell, M. Shelton, 

J. Kruse, A. Hoffman, D. Davidson. THIRD ROW: T. David, J. Ekin, A. Gabor, D. Sourel, N. Myerson. 
S. Feld, P. Wiener, E. Wolder, J. Burke, C. Whitetord, C, Russ, I. 

WORCESTER HALL — FIRST ROW: R. Hoys, L, Walker, M. Laken, L. Kozok, 
C. Feher, B. Corey, D. Krovetz, S. Cohen, V. Verlit. SECOND ROW: 
P. Miller, P. Messer, P. Powell, R. Kushner, S. Gibbons, pres.; S. Glozer, C. 
Croig, C. Jones, J. Morth. THIRD ROW: K. Cornes, C. Guidry, C. Davis, C. 
Lokstein, S. Price, E. Goodman, N. Rosenberg, D. Ashley, L. Hoffman, 
N. Stein, L. Hefler. FOURTH ROW: B. Hennegon, P. Whittlesey, B. LoGarde, 

M. Bennett, K. Hanley. C. Mudd, E. Wilbert, B. Lolas, N. Booz. FIFTH ROW: 
L. Chenworth, M. Lister, E. Zome, P. Proctor, B. Dovis, M. Riggin, H. Hon- 
cock, J, Reich, M. Hoyter, B. Conners, P. Kouffman, B. Keller, A. Gindle- 
sperger. SIXTH ROW: J. Ford, G. Smith, L. Miner, V. Kobey, D. Harkins, J. 
Winters, N. Windham, E. Kushner, H. Strauss, J. Beard. 

A happy, spirited group — thisi 

Worcester Hall 

No one likes 6 A.M. fire drills . . . only the second year, 
but Worcester really shines ... all the dorm loves Mrs. Hoy- 
ter, a graduate assistant voted "grandmother of the year" 
. . . many successful desserts . . . housemother. Miss Carroll, 
a real Southern belle . . . President and secretary of A.W.S. 
live here . . . "Why don't they install another phone?" . . . 
Worcester girls exemplify cooperation and diversified tal- 
ents . . . 



"I'm positive she lives in this dormi" 

Hmmmphl Females! 

What's your excuse? 


Oh well, Jud Board here 1 come! 

"You con always go Stag!!' 

Look Bill, I'm ready. 


You hove a good serve, but a terrible bockhand. 

Ping-pong, oh, my favorite indoor sport! 

Next time I'll let you win. 


Turn the page, Charlie 

What time does Huckleberry Hound come on? 

Twilight time . . 


Hey, No signalsl! 

Our proctor doesn't appreciate good music. 

Guess who has two exams tomorrow? 




■H If S W '^ 

1 1 

" "' r Tf \ 

$ 'S. "t # f " 

5pif^. . «fr^, , %.-■ ,- 


' '. Ji 

ALLEGANY HALL - FIRST ROW: R. MacWilliams, H. Ott, R. Soriano, R. 
Burton, T. demons, E. Amos, C. Von Rosenberg, Y. Loohovonich, J. Rou- 
tenberg, R. Morgan. SECOND ROW: J. Herman, A. Snyder, E. Miller, B. 
Carmody, J. Williams, vice president B; B. Shaw, president D; J. Crisman, 
president B; M. Enders, president E; C, Wendt, W. Wolfersberger, W. Blair. 
THIRD ROW: G. Atkinson, L. Poling, J, Peckham, J. Davis, E. Quesenberry, 
T. Etzler, W. Smith, C. Minnick, R. Counihan, C. Onken, M. Sober. 

FOURTH ROW: C. Albert, L. Michaels, T. Baldwin, A. Bornhart, J. Twining, 
O. Thomas, J. Valcik, J. Deitz, F. Bowman, R. Werneth, J. Alperstein, R. 
Baer. FIFTH ROW: R. Grahom, G. Schoonover, W. Ford, C. Moxo, T. Rig- 
don, W. Moore, M. Kemp, W. English, R. Faga, C. Leiby, F. Zorick. SIXTH 
ROW: J. Reeve, H. Streaker, M. Patterson, L. Evans, J. Sonntog, J. Bode, 
H. Gerlack, C. Garner, R. Webb, W. Koopmann, K. Bowers, M. Board, J. 

The pause thot refreshes 

Allegany Hall 

Has its own parking lot — newly paved . . . dorm news- 
paper, "The Torch" . . . hampster . . . Homecoming float — 
good try . . . Junior was rooting . . . five sections . . . leaders 
in campus extracurriculors . . . ballplayers . . . snowballs . . . 
RMA presents co-chairman . . . water balloons . . . annual 
Sigma Pi water fight . . . dorm council — 270 men . . , infra- 
mural football and basketball . . . much social life . . . loss 
of Montgomery makes it largest men's dorm. 



Annapolis Hall 

Select whom they want from freshmen — pays off . . . in- 
tramural basketball champs 1959-60 . . . once a gym . . . 
now athletes live instead of play here . . . Gary Collins, All- 
America end . . . "girl watching" an important sport . . . 
Montgomery is flattered . . . photo lab and amateur radio 
station downstairs . . . convenient . . . certainly different. 

The week-end Warrior returns 

ANNAPOLIS HALL — FIRST ROW: S. Leibowitz, W. Granek, C. Widdowson, 
F. V\/idie, P. Zurnedden, S. Peters, A. FitzSimons. SECOND ROW: J. Mor- 
vin, F. Younkins, R. Litwin, N. Heilpern, D. Weller, president; D. Donegan, 
secretary; C. Brown, B. Blum. THIRD ROW: I. Gawryluk, J. Levin, E. Pugh, 
R. Basil, D. Moron, N. Pecoro, J. Trovisono, R. Morioni. FOURTH ROW: 

J. Diamont, E. Gluck, J. Langworthy, R. Pfonnensteil, T, Joskowitz, T. Ring- 
ler, H. German, C. Dunham, R. Okeefe. FIFTH ROW: L. Wyott, S. Broad- 
stone, J. Lewis, D. Grimes, J. Hurt, B, Vonek, R. Bonos, H. Decker, G. 
Wimboow. SIXTH ROW: J. Guben, S. Tannebaum, M. Goldstein, J. Boor, 
G. Doebler, A. Lehman, D. Wolfson, T. Abbott, D. Anderson, E. Morris. 

t ' *' 

f i 

BALTIMORE HALL - FIRST ROW: D, Resh, R. Miller, E. Schneider, C. Fox, 
T. Lowdermill<. SECOND ROW; E. Hartmonn, F. Cliftow, J. Madej, Presi- 
dent; J. Beck, President; C. Wexelblatt, N. Smith, J. Anderson, R. Miller. 
THIRD ROW: R. Blozer, Treasurer; E. Gershuny, M. Jones, W. Rhine. H. 
Lessner, R. Marshall, W. Holmon, A. Sitoras, Vice President. FOURTH ROW: 

r >f 

A. Sandler, D. Tolen, R. Hendrix, D. Gorrell, B. Currie, R. Wotson, E. Sober, 
R. Jenkins, E. Orndoff. FIFTH ROW: L. Sprankle, B. Vickers, W. Ruley, G. 
Schultz, W. Sell, M. Griffith, C. Gunther, A. Todd, E. Rosh, A. Tumolo. 
SIXTH ROW: R. Dinkle. P. Hinderer, D. Nordo, F. Wikonder, D. Hunger- 
ford, D. Rourke, M. Nicodemus, T. Whitmore, L. Leahy. 

Keeping posted . . . 

Baltimore Hall 

Social, social . . . weightlifting room . . . Sweet Shop . . . 
lounge completed for Christrros party . . . desserts . . . Home- 
coming float . . . athletes keeping up tradition . . . work 
out, then eat . . . South (Dixie), Center (Mason-Dixon), North 
(Yankees) ... 1 15 at last count . . . we'll miss them . . . once 
was Sylvester ... oh well. 

lumoRpROM ' 


Calvert Hall 

Athletic, but generally quiet . . . entire frosh football team 
once . . . oldest dorm . . . each section has a lounge . . . 
Charles B. Calvert, namesake . . . intramural basketball . . . 
dust from the Gulch — fifty seven years of dust . . . tailor 
shop for torn trousers . . . APO service fraternity . . . intra- 
mural ping pong . . . athletes . . . also football. 

And now to face the day . 

CALVERT HALL - FIRST ROW: T. Ziehm, W. Butcher, C. Martin, A, Geisler, 
B. Deppo, President; J. Miller, E. Johnson. SECOND ROVi^; R. Beckley, B. 
Belford, P. Plowmon, W. Jockisch, President A; B. Sachs, S. Boccut, R. Neu- 
rruller, V. Neradko. THIRD ROV/: M. Pixton, J. Walsh, T. Cory, P. Sitkus, 
N. Myerberg, L. Walls, S. Barone, R. Easmann, F. Ellis. FOURTH ROW: 
J. Holzman, G. Turner, G. Bowen, A. Carswell, R. Crabbs, W. Shortall, 

M. Lieberman, J. Watson, R. Sutton, J. Metcolf. FIFTH ROW: R. Heitmon, 
D. Womsley, E. Griesboch, M. Phillips, C. Couchman, J. Wierengo, J. Bur- 
ger, R. Bracken, I. Block, J. Stoigerwald, J. Edzwald. SIXTH ROW: B. Kat- 
zel, R. Bosky, M. Jacobs, D. Parsons, S. Lovellette, R. Taylor, M. Isermon, 
C. Geis, C. Emery, T, Roof, P. Engel. 


W'W m 

1^ 'i3 ^nfifllllf 


^ 1 J 

1 ' 

ilk •* - = ' " : . 


CECIL HALL - FIRST ROW: J. Bloom, R. Gentry. M. Lentz, A. Christy, G. 
Lu, R. Osier. SECOND ROW: P. Roetsch. A. Mrynczo. J. Jones, C. Hughes, 
C. Darby, president; J. Martin, T. Hoyden, treosurer; P. Stallone. THIRD 
ROW: W. Wiley, H. Amos, W. Murphy, R. Wheeler, G. Dunnigon. B. Wright. 
W. Troy, R. Hopkins, J. Hicks. FOURTH ROW: M. Doubermon, R. Dohl, 

D. Cohen. W. Speoce. R, Royne. R. Porrock, T. Dove, S. Polmer, J. Hine, 
P. Ropher. FIFTH ROW; C. Wosko. J. Theis, O. Voss, D. Willis, B. Goithelf, 
S. Miller, S. Buckner, L. Lipin, R. Frese. W. Byers, B. Monkin. SIXTH ROW: 
R. Pirih, J. Middlestodt, J. Keys, J. Jackson. H. Nelson, G. Gottwols, M. 
Lochary, P. Schoefer, G. Sogel, W. Abrahams, R. Wisemon, J. Glover. 

There's nothing like o dessert 

Cecil Hall 

New and active . . . high averages . . . Miss Cecil Hall 
. . . "Independently Speaking" . . . "Counts" . . . dorm paper 
. . . Homecoming . . . transparent wall . . . lounge for des- 
erts . . . hum , . . football — basketball intramurals . . . four 
stories high . . . more athletes . . . Independent Men's Rep- 
resentative . . . house decorations ... go Montgomery one 
better . , . independent spirit. 


Charles Hall 

Between Allegany and Dke . . . disturbed by night-owls 
from the grill . . , intra-mural football champions, 1960 . . . 
Vinnie Scott and Ev Cloud, varsity co-coptoins . . . election 
party . . . live bands . . . party, party . . . RMA president, 
Monte Edwards . . . swinging desserts . . . Buck Hoyle, DBK 
sports and "Dietz," Senior Class and M-Club prexy . . . presi- 
dent of 4-H . . . water fights? . . . DBK Thursday editor park- 
ing on Allegany's lot . . . Pearson and Rudick, Incorporated 
. . . publications . . . basketball count . . . "Kennedy for 
President" stickers . . . water fights! . . . "Beat Allegany." 

Gotta' keep in trim 

CHARLES HALL: FIRST ROW: M. Freedman, R. Powers, I. Stoof, M. Edwards. 
F. Villomizer, T. Ogden, T. Wcllis. SECOND ROW: J. Clarke, secretary S; 
W. Nichols, treasurer Center; R. Lepson, sec-treas. W; W. Middleton, presi- 
dent Center; R. Susel, president W; Mrs. S. Potter, housemother; J. Henley, 
president S; D. Pereyra, vice president S; L. Dennis, treasurer S; P. Hansen, 
secretary Center, D. Hubbard. THIRD ROW: A. Feelemyer, B. Scrommell, 
D. Boyd, D. Trotman, G. Mester, E. Cincotia, D. Benfield, G. Hronek, W. 
Cox, J. Riggle, G. Doetsch, J. Nogrody. FOURTH ROW: E. Oles, M. Paf- 

ashno, D. Shipley, W. Dorn, W. Knicely, T. Greenwood, D. Mowry, M. 
Honey, J. Pasko, G. Cump, T. Donohue, J. Thomas. FIFTH ROW: R. Stoll, 
H. Murray, J. Madison, R. Turton, R. Dougherty, G. Aro, G. Bell, D, Cook, 
J. Leimonis, C. Davis, G. Southerlond, B. Blouvelt, G. Stelmoch, M. Sweren, 
E. Davies. SIXTH ROW: W. Sooer, H. McKenzie, R. Wynn, A. Williamson, 
C. Stephens, R. Klinker, J. Vortabedion, J. Schelz, J. France, B. Larsen, 
L. Kormann, R. Boumgortnor, R. Lembitz, B. Moore, J. Cavolloro. 










FREDERICK HALL - FIRST ROW: J. Lloyd, R. Kmbb Treosurer; D. McDay, 
Secretory; Ditoro, Jim, Vice President; B. Bswmon, President; J. Quinlon, 
E. Pierce, N. Dykes. SECOND ROW: D. Robev, W. O'Brien. L. Siegrist, B. 
Loserson, J. Miller, G, Orton. L. Barnhort. THIRD ROW: J. Hoffman, W. 

Strofi. D. Thayer, D. Sammons. P. Rooney, R. Evirs. E. Hudson, T. Downes, 
J. Erickson. FOURTH ROW: W. Munson, J. Moxa, C. Koenemon, R. Neely, 
A. Spencer, H, Smith, P. Tobin. W. Dunn. 

"What's this?" 

Frederick Hall 

Sun worship . . . past glory — Softball champs in '59 . . . 
serious thought . . . Christmas party for an orphanage . . . 
challenge — Frederick Hall has the best football players 
in the quadrangle . . , intra-mural or varsity? . . . pretty fair 
backfield , . . Dross, Condie White . . . baseball, too — Roe- 
per, Barnhart . . . one hundred and seventeen here ... "a 
house united" two sections, one president. 


Garrett Hall 

Hearts . . , white jacketd figures ... the Dining Hall is 
near . . . fortunate or unfortunate? . . . founded in 1947 . . . 
quite a scare when the music building blazed — no more daily 
concerts? . . . tough . . . swingers socially . . . lounge, TV 
. . . desserts . . . Montgomery Hall Residents Watching As- 
sociation . . . one of the largest single dorms . . . Christmas 
decorations . . . Blood Drive . . . semi-finals football . . . 
RMA Improvements Chairman . . . Homecoming float. 

Time out for study. 

GARRET HALL - FIRST ROW: T, King, treasurer; D. Gollohu, R. Fucetola, 
D. Morvuello, L. Taylor, SECOND ROW: R, Renoff, G, Sokol, T, Lyons, E. 
Holey, vice president; F. Dell Aequo, president, R. Roeder, J. Brodley, L, 
Olsen. THIRD ROW: C, Orfuss, B. Hsller, T. Greene, T. Sullivan, L. Cotlett, 

J. Chilcoot, P Roberts, B. Schutrumpf. FOURTH ROW: C. Scurto, C. Comp- 
ton, P. Wright, O. Fletcher, F. Edgerton, R. Hoynes, M. Ling, R. Clow, D. 
Calloway. FIFTH ROW; D. Bresca, R. Eskow, C. Schaeffer, J. Geiswinkler, 
C. Miller, R. Schaffer, P. Hayes, B. Schwartz, J. Hilker, R. Downey. 

i « 

W (^ 


L •--■ 














HARFORD HALL — FIRST RCW; B, Lester, K. McLeod, R. Englehart, J. Kar- 
pel, J. Eurich, R. Pielke. SECOND ROW: M. Fbnigan, D. Mills, M. Mills, 
G. White, Vice President; D. Wotts, Secretary; W. Wompler, N. Burns, C. 
Lotz, W. Boyd. THIRD ROW: T. Thomos, M. White, D. Wilmoth, L. Townsend, 
R. Dixon, E. Condon. E. Fishock, R. Newcomer. FOURTH ROW: S. Fender, 

J. Cummins, J. Irby. C. Bovet, R. Hockett, P. Hcword, F. Schwing, J. Sch- 
neider, A. Scott, A. Kolego. FIFTH ROW: J. Klvcc, B. Boone, T. Flonigon, 
L. Lontz, B. Walter, J. Throsher, J. Swick, E. Schneider, G. Spedden, G. 
Bcordley, T. Tinder. SIXTH ROW: B Holthous, R. Lemosters, J. Doyle, A. 
Benjamin, E. Volcjak, J. Roush, D. Kocher. K. Mort. C. Johansen, W. 

Harford Hall 

Musically inclined — serenade of years ago . . . "Down- 
beats" . . . "Toilet Bowl" game between frosh and upper 
classmen . . . "The Sociables" . . . Annual Christmas Party . 
Scabbard and Blade executive officer . . . dorm band 
. . . intra-muroj sports . . . what? no athletes? . . . the dorm 


Howard Hall 

Smallest dorm . . . "dance in the halls" party ... oh, yes, 
the ever present athletes . . . wrestling, swimming . . . des- 
serts . . . cross country . . . buffet dinners . . . Homecoming 
float . . . honoraries . . . accounting , . . Bob Ramsberg . . . 
Dan Lafferty . . . Pershing Rifles . . . two (2) telephones. 

"There oughto' be an easier way . 

HOWARD HALL — FIRST ROW; N. Diefewderfer, G. Shaw, vice president; 
W. Ganley, B. Lubbert, president; J. Richardson, S. Bowen, B. Lippy, G. 
Potterson. SECOND ROW: T. Spencer, R. Lafferty, G. Steelberg, J. Baur, G. 

Hill, J. Talley, H. Lipsitz, R. Isaac, G. Roy, M. O'Connell, W. Walter. THIRD 
ROW: G. Topping, R. Willosch, R. Fuchs, R. Bethke, M. Lawrence, A. Insl- 
ing, M. Hennessey, R. Stetler, R. Schlossnagle, E. Gillis. 

1^' f f 






-4 / 

# # 


ti ** ' .~ 


'1*% f^ A 'f-^ fS 


KENT HALL - FIRST ROW: J. DeLjca, R. Shaffer, W. KrLcoff, B. Zunser, 
P. Fielders. SECOND ROW: H. Everett, J. Norris, R. Broodrup, R. Heer, 
Secretory; J. Coffee. D. Spence, Vice President; C. Bowers, W. Riddle, W. 
Donoldson. THIRD ROW: H. Brown, A. Wilkinson, N. Rosenbaum, R. Edlo- 
vitch, P. Timin, D. Hubis, C. Mench, H. Tocl<er, F. Stillrich. A. Tonkersley. 
FOURTH ROW: J. Shemotz, L. Simmons, G. Buck, J. Korz, J. Lindusko, J. 

Tliompson, B. Barnes, M. Miller, J. Ross, C. Holtzmon. FIFTH ROW: J. Welsh, 
G. Roemer, C. Haven, F. Martin, C. Grigg, J. White, J. Hale, R. Scales, 
J. Lowrence, P. Neal, R. Romsburg. SIXTH ROW: J. Kunkel, D. Steen, J. 
Trumbouer, L, Howord, T. Boer, R. Clingan, T. Thawley. D. Willord, E. 
Broger, T. Hare, M. Katz, C. Binker. 

Time to go home. 

Kent Hall 

Girl-watching intensified . . . once a girls' dorm . . . 
dedicated by Governor McKeldin . . . football (lost round) 
. . . basketball (won first game!) . . . "step sitters" . . . lobby 
beautified . . . new T.V. . . . WMUC business manager, 
Howard Stevens . . . care package . . . desserts . . . collecting 
smudge . . . Blood Drive participation . . . volleyball. 


Prince George s Hall 

Caught in the middle . . . study room . . . "The Prince," 
dorm paper . . . mock election . . . ODK member, Urban 
Lynch . , . 'ten-hut . . . ROTC Commander . . . Bob Kohl, frosh 
swimming coach . . . gifts sent at Christmas . . . RMA 
newsletter editor . . . Homecoming float ... an honorary 
society within the dorm . . . much thanks to Mrs. Hugg, 

Narrow court — low basket 

PRINCE GEORGE'S HALL - FIRST ROW: A. Kobin, A. Dixon, R. Fobes. 
SECOND ROW: S. Mintz, R. Norins, W. Asche, vice president; R. Clojtier 
M. Rosenbleeth, C. Smith, J. Hamilton, R. Skeba. THIRD ROW: J. Zedosky, 
R. Yost, R. Benson, T. Hoske, R. Zimmerman, R. Smariga, D. Wilson, J. 

King. FOURTH ROW: R. Vails, D. Butler, J. Murphy, C. Peterson, L. Rein- 
stein, R. Horshman, J. Stewart, R. Herron, K. Lynch. FIFTH ROW: R. Mc- 
Intyre, T. Guthmann, W. Hough, P. Pendorf, Q. Dolecok, H. Wilson, R. 
Godfrey, R. Lynch, M. Williams. 

i f i 







W M^ 





^^ ^ ^4 


TALBOT HALL - FIRST ROW: J. Watkins. J. Hull, W. Riley, D. Santarella, 
treosurer; R. Bacon, president; D. Goodman, vice president; W. Gordon, W. 
Ruehl. SECOND ROW: S. Varies, F. Krovitz, R. Wett, R. Brondt, R. Hoynie, 
P. Cobie, W. Moore, D. Donharl. THIRD ROW: J. Phillips, R. insley, J. Phil- 

lips, L. Szeligo, J. Owens, G. Oakley, S. Kriso, D, Cober. FOURTH ROW: 
R. Heisler, J. Kramer. W. Schmidt, S. Sorich, J. George, G. Stollings, W. 
Jusko, A. Johnson, W. Bortleson. 

A well-deserved reward for ochievement 

Talbot Hall 

Dorm of the Year 1950-60 . . . outstanding initiative and 
dcTm spirit . . . men built their own lounge and stocked 
it with essentials . . . furniture, a T.V., the crest . . . "Talbot 
Tumour," the dorm monthly . . . Homecoming float contest 
. . . Christmas decoration contest . . . entered a team in all 
Intra-mural sports . . . desserts . . . social events . . . Walt 
Nakamura, Diamond-back Editor in-Chief . . . Dick Romine, 
outstanding in sports, soccer and lacrosse . . . both in 
ODK . . . 


Temporary Dorm :f^3 

Sole survivor . . . open only in the fall . . . inter-dorm mouse 
. . . catching champions ... all frosh . . . only three residents 
last year . . . cinder block dining hall . . . was old D.H. 
furniture in the dorm . . . Tau Delt House . . . nov^' all nev^ 
furniture in the dorm . . . livable . . . food next year - - 
maybe ... all frosh? . . . desserts in girls' dorms . . . 2nd in 
football . . . basketball team ... 1st floor workers. 

TEMPORARY DORM #3 - FIRST ROW: C. Gomez, R. Cramer, J. Cowgill, 
W. Kuhn, W. Woryk. SECOND ROW; V. Webb, R. Winfree, F. Boyer, S. 
Kasten, A. Nattans, F. Woo, treasurer; S, Rotliff, J. Williams. THIRD ROW: 
F. Beever, A. Arnold, A. Frangioni, R. Kane, C. Gordon, T. Tucker, T. Sober, 

§ f «i 

C. Clark, B. Hill, H. Musgrove. FOURTH ROW: M. Gershon, J. Miller, R. 
Hawkins, R. Frey, G. Chinsley, D. Phillips, T. Kelley, C. Dorn. FIFTH ROW: 
B. Governale, P. ShefFler, K. Eckels, J. Marling, G. MocMillon, B. Kozlowski. 
W. Rubin, P. Kelly, D. Starbuck, J. Kirkman, R. Gschwondtner. 

# :r f 

ANTIETAM: - FIRST ROW: D. Bornes, J. Ward, C. Michcel, M. Ahniuty, 
L. Kessler, pres.; W. Duvoll, F. Hopkins, J. Getz. SECOND ROW: L. Martin, 
C. DeVries, J. Berry, D. Turner, H. Foirmon, C. Hodge, D. Monos. THIRD 

ROW; C. Zipp, W. Ries, D. Batten, B. Trakos, G. Dolecek, M. Phillips, J. 
Donohue, P. Knickmon, E. Moshang. 

BELVEDERE: - FIRST ROW: F. Henning, R. Berkeihiser, pres. A; P. Bauers- 
feld, vice pres.; L, Anderson, pres. B; P. Prinz, R. Huebner, sec; J. Boyne, 
J. Botemon. SECOND ROW: D. Tillman, B. Rosser, R. Shaw, D. Madison, 
K. Morx, C. Glenn. D. Mills, T. Gretz, A. Bell. THIRD ROW: H. Mallow, 

T. Snyder, J. Stewart, B. Winter, M. Noble, K. Little, K. Brody, N. Roberts. 
FOURTH ROW: P. MocDonold, G. WeingrofF, R. Phillips, J. Klair. vice pres.; 
J. Phillips, R. Noakes, S. Hartley, J. Sample, R. Birely, J. Crobb. 




From mud and emptiness to homes . . . three groups 
should lost five years . . . hmmmm . . . outside phones . . . 
a separate dining hall . . . nothing like it anywhere ... a bold 
step . . . room for six hundred and forty . . . Swanson 
lives here . . . he's president of ODK . . . just like a private 
apartment . . . o separate dorm council . . . Antietam, 
Belvedere and Catoctin. 

As advertised in LIFE 

CATOCTIN — FIRST ROW: J. Brown, D. Lessner, S. Johnson, K. Capion, 
trees.; R. Riley, pres.; S. Binstock, vice pres.; J. Jackley, L. Uzarowski. 
SECOND ROW: J. McCloskey, G. England, M. Wedin, R. Umerlik, D. Von 

Hogel, R. Tilghmon, W. Hart THIRD ROW: H. Kell, A. Siviiinski, H. Reese, 
R. Walter, W. Brill, D. Nies, R. Plummer. 


WASHINGTON HALL - FIRST ROW; C, Frey. T. Wenzing, L. Wotrous, W. 
Grey, C. Levering, G. Huggins, SECOND ROW: F. Knowles, J. DiBenio, M. 
Guss, R. Edgar, president; M, Minton. D. Harris, T. Conldin, D. Phelps, F, 
Collelti. THIRD ROW: D. Sopp, D. Gibson, R. Drinone, T. DeBerry, R. 
Schaffer, H. Cross, D. Matusky, B. Scheible, W. Leibowitz, G. BihIer. 
FOURTH ROW: R. Hoffman, S- Dashiel, B. Soothofl. D. Lippy, W. Parkin, 

D. Owings, J. Sewell, J. Whorlon. M. Pietrowiak, J. Green. FIFTH ROW: 
J. Harris, O. Walker, R. Frozier, H. Longest, K. Groh, H. Pearson, D. Stoib, 
R. Gribbon, R. Schoub, F. Snyder, P. Rivera. SIXTH ROW: J. Beosiey, G. 
Johnson, R. Shaffer, L. Coulby, P. Spitler, D. Drewer, D. Hall, D. Held, B. 
Schwartz, J. Oliver, J. Lund. 

Washington Hall 

Remodeling "The Range" . . . Increased interest of dorms in 
campus events entered a float . . . teams in intro-mural 
football and basketball . . . "Hi, where do you live?" . . . 
"Washington G" . . . "I've never seen you — Where do you 
live?" . . , "Washington H" . . . "How long have you been 
here." . . . "Three years" . . . treasurer of RMA . . . desserts. 

"Who - us study?" 


£^-->lr fj^lip^^ ~M^i>lr pM^r^l^i rKji-.*^ 

7 A r 


ALPHA CHI OVtGA ~ FIRST ROW: C. Porker, P. DeAmico, C. Windham, 
V. Sharp, 2nd vice-pres.; P. Wyond, pres.; Mrs. DeHos, housemother,- L. 
Bushnell, Ist vice-pres.; S. Austin, corres. sec; C. Stewart, treos.; D. Oursler, 
J. C'Hore, SECOND ROW: K. Kinsello, K. Keller, J. Lister, P. Proctor, E. 
Stevens, N. Lohr, D. Vance, A. Whiton, B. N/cGarvie, S. Pessagno, J. Sch- 
loudecker, C. Schwortz THIRD ROW; M, Picciolo, C. Klin-ek, P. Salloom, 

S. Von Order. S. Copony, D. Young. M. Irving, C. Tote, C. Byrd, C. Strick- 
land, P. Kempers, L. Bieese. FOURTH ROW: B. Blond, P. White, N. Stevens, 
B. Gilbertson, W. Wotts, B. Beck, A. Ludington, J. Cullen, C. Sovoge, J. 
Hopkins, V. Woft, M. Henderson. FIFTH ROW: L. Costoldi, P. Londrum, D. 
Opie, S. Wainwright, M. E. Gray. L. Swartz, J. Trossevin, B. Vrono, J. Groy, 
M. Madigan, J. Roundy, J. Wood, S. Smith. 

Alpha Chi Omega 

Congratulations are due to Tom Turtle and his AChiO friends . . . 
a year of many other triumphs . . . first place for the annual Sorority 
Olympics . . . fame goes to a pledge who was bestowed with title 
of pledge queen at the annual Pledge Dance . . . active on campus? 
. . . yes . . . majorette captain, freshman class vice-president, Omic- 
ron Nu, Tau Beta Sigma, Phi Chi Theta, WRA treasurer, senior legis- 
lature. Central Student Court Justice . . . who says the ACHiO's are 
not artistic? . . . Homecoming award for Most Artistic Endeavor . . . 
third place for Homecoming House Decoration — and ... a beautiful 
new house too . . . singing busboys crown two ACHiO queens on 


Alpha Delta Pi 

"Red Sock Hop" . . . traditional opening of ADPi's social season — 
culminating with Diamond Ball in April . . . exchange desserts, 
Founder's Day, Parents' Tea, Friendship Week ... fill interim between 
September and Ocean City. But work must be done ... so it is . . 
members of DBK staff, FOB, Sophomore Legislature, Student Religious 
Council, Chess Club, Maryland Recreation Society . . . and resulting 
honors . . . Sigma Tau Epsilon, Diamond, Phi Alpha Epsilon. Beta Phi's 
boast , . . only college student delegate to Extramural Committee of 
the American Recreation Society for College Women. Favorites of the 
fine arts . . . Madrigal singers, professional music organization, chapel 
choir . . . UT productions ... on the stage or behind the scenes. 

ALPHA DELTA PI — FIRST ROW: A. Costellanos, sec; M. Carhart, sec; 
M. Seeler, Pres.; Mrs. Rowe, housemother,- B. Beouchomp, vice-pres.; D. 
Smith, treas.; N. Heister, house pres. SECOND ROW: H. Phelps, G. Haines, 

S. Walter, C. Moore, J. Williams, K. White, N. Long, M. Jones. THIRD 
ROW: S. Matthews, D. Chambers, J. Struck, V. Robey, M. McCoy, K. Mcs- 
ley, L. Howard, G. Nussboum. 







7^ r r-" rfij 


ALPHA EPSILON PHI - FIRST ROW; M. Kramer, R. Shuger. T, Spar, C. 
Wolf, F. Zupnik, J. Schwortz, S. Landay (not pictured!. SECOND ROW: 
S. Sugor, hisf.; C. Mensh, M. Sclor, house pres.; J. Zenith, C. Abramson, 
Mrs. Slattery, housemother; L. Applefeld, pres.; A. Hochmon, vice-pres.; C. 
Towsner, corres. sec; L. Crone, S. Friedman. THIRD ROW: D. Abelman, S. 
YoBe, S. Hofberg, R. Cohen, S. Goldstein, B. Pelcvitz, D. Litman, S. Miller, 

S. Gaines, S. Brenner, S. Roppoport, J. Margolius. FOURTH ROW: L. Flom, 
J. Frank, J. Hoffman, R. Rosenbloom, J. Willen, I. VVillen, R. Klein, L. Kozak, 
H. Bloom, H. Nachman, P. Bloom, S. Cohn, A. Goldman. FIFTH ROW: H, 
Strauss, S. Shaivifz, M. Darhanson, S. Borow, A. Eger, J. Denaburg, R. 
Boron, M. Blumenthol, P. Billig, C. Posner, P. Goldberg, N. Uttmon, L. Le- 
venthol, M. Finkelstein. 

Alpha Epsilon Phi 

Another happy and successful year for the AEPhi's . . . studies paid 
oflf as the pledges took first and the actives took second in scholarship 
. . . maybe that "Ten O'Clock Club" and Bridge Tournament had 
something to do with it! Nothing better to liven up finals week than 
Crabs 'n Cake . . . activities make AEPHi's a well rounded group — 
SGA, Flying Follies, publication — even a sweetheart and a golfer here 
and there . . . awarded with Ugliest Man on campus . . . and every- 
one looks forward to those bridal showers! Parties galore-for pledges, 
elections, not to mention Halloween . . . The continental kids returned 
from Europe with a sophisticated air and fond remembrances ... in 
the entertainment world, talents took first place in the Sophomore 
Carnival and third in Harmony Hall. 


Alpha Gamma Delta 

Number one on AGD's activity calendor-their "Apple Polisher's 
Dinner" . , . members of faculty and sisters share dinner and song 
Parents' weekend brings special treat in store for AGD fathers . . . 
breakfast in bed . . . then escorted to the afternoon's football game. 
Christmastime . . . ushered in with the "Trim-the-tree" party . . . 
caroling and giving . . , and lost year — the highlight of two Santa 
Clauses . . . Combining fun and altruism ... a dance in the street 
. . . and proceeds to the National Foundation for Crippled Children 
. . . another spring event ... the hayride . . . Alpha Gam Man is 
disclosed. Active? ... to name a few . . . AWS, WRA, SGA, Ter- 
rapin, DBK. 

ALPHA GAMMA DELTA - FIRST ROW: P. Carter, house pres.; A. Loring, 
rec. sec; E. Keene, 2nd vice-pres.; K. Dunkin, 1st vice-pres.; Mrs. Maypole, 
hojsemother; N. Hendrick, pres.; B. Brown, treas.; M. Pace, corres. sec; K. 
Kossell, M. Matzek. SECOND ROW: F. Ezzo, B. Valiant, D. Campa, M. 

Flowers, M. Yehl, B. Schindler, C. Kempski, P. Colacicco, K. Jacobsen, H. 
Shank, D. Stevens. THIRD ROW; A. Pelzor, A, Reiter, N. Davis, J. Allen, 
P. Parker, S. Osburn, A. Foster, M. Davis, B. Meredith, N. Pope, D. Chubb. 


ALPHA OMICRON PI - FIRST ROW: M. Shura, J. Shiller, P. Miles, M. Ben- 
nett, sec; A, Pockord, pres.; Mrs, Mcjthews, housemother; M. Murray, vice- 
pres.; S, Goody, treos.; G. Stoddord, C. Stodler, SECOND ROW: S. All- 
mon, C. Schule, R. Hillow, A. French, M. Titus, H. Wright, K. Krahnke, J. 
Hutchison, M, Turner, C. Kuenning, P. Hynes, J. Pritchett, B. Nethen. THIRD 

ROW: S, McNeil, J, Sincloir, M, Baker, E. Christensen, H. Hyre, C. Poyne, 
S. Greenoway, C. Bond, D. Schemm, J. Ross, C. Coghill, M. Fitzpatrick. 
FOURTH ROW: J. Anderson, B. Berger, C. Mortin, W. Cross, C. Grobcwski, 
P. Hudson, N. Blackburn, N. Lou, J. Montgomery, C. Bryson, M. Cox, K. 
Wester, N. Maskell, L. Sener, P. House. 

Alpha Omicron Pi 

Masses of people, loads of rhythm and heaps of fun at the annual 
AOPi open house Jam Session . . . Proud memories — Best Booth at the 
Soph. Carnival . . . First in ATO's Chariot Race . . . More serious 
thoughts . . . "Trophy Polishing Night" for benefit of Campus Chest 
. . . sponsoring the campus blood drive — KA Rose . . . Who's Who 
. . . Mortar Board . . . Miss Eastern Shore . . . Terrapin Co-Editor, 
Managing and Assoc. Editors . . . Greek Queen runner-up . . . Down 
the hill . . . from the stereo — Tommy Edwards . . . mysterious visits 
from "the Phantom" . . . Down the back stairs . . . bus-boys "Lunch- 
box-of-the-week" award . . . nothing but "Greeknessl" Varied talent 
shown in offices held — Psi Chi . . . Daydodgers . . . Old Line . . . 
And ore we active? Diamond back . . . U.T. Flying Follies, SGA, Phi 
Kappa Phi . . . Even an amateur golf champ! 


Alpha Phi 

Newest on the Maryland campus . . . the Delta Zetas of Alpha 
Phi . . . now a colony . . . but soon to become a strong chapter . . . 
their beginning — remember? . . . the Hot Shoppe, the Huddle, the 
Student Union . . . sights of first meetings ... or time outs for coke 
dotes . . . those growing pains as the pledges increased in number 
. . . the "Alpha Phi" suite at 4210 Knox Rd . . . fond memories of a 
first home and place of study and entertainment ... or who could 
forget? . . . the meals cooked . . . activities planned for the near future 
. . . the closeness that come as they began to take a place among 
other Greek organizations . . . the fun and friendship that building 
Alpha Phi brought them. 

ALPHA PHI - FIRST ROW: B. Shirrefs, H, Schmidt, P. Swoger. B. Fowler, J. 
Wilson, president; K. Porter, J. Wilkinson, treasurer; C. Johnson, secretary; 
M, Nolevonko. SECOND ROW: J, Ward, D, Hennlein, vice-president; J, 

Beaver, J. Stafford, M. Wharff, R. Moxley, M. Creasy, C. Mancha, L. Kalk, 
M. Thompson, G. Artz. 



L 1 


ALPHA XI DELTA - FIRST ROW: H. Krosaukos, V. Smart, C. Fife, corres. 
sec.; J. Colangelo, R. Patterson, trees.; M. luso, pres.; V. Chiringas, rec. 
sec; B. VanKinsbergen, J. Scullin, N. Wa'ker. SECOND ROW: S. Gorham, 
D. Robinson, N. Rothwell, K. Carnes, J. Kennedy, D. Glosgow, L. Leizear, 

J. Streeter, C. Newcomb. THIRD ROW: M, McDonold, J. Tack, G. Fallon, 8. 
Lolas, C, Blanar, M. Talbot, A. Patterson. S. Pfeiffer, M. Nugent, L. Rus- 
sum, S. Stone. FOURTH ROW: B. Conners, D. Stiller, M. Zogt, P. Boughter, 
P. Cahoon. M. Randour. S. Rumpanos, C. Taylor, P. Nalley. 

Alpha Xi Delta 

Sparkling new addition fo Alpha Xi's trophy case ... of course — 
first place in Harmony Hall for 1960 . . . alongside this . . . the Rose 
Girl Trophy-making a favorite and distinctive tradition — given each 
month to the girl who has contributed the most to the sorority. Last 
year's pledge class initiated a new idea . . . holding a campus-wide 
survey to find the "Big Fool" . . . hoping it will become a U. of Md. 
tradition . . . Busy days ... for both active and pledges . . . rep- 
resented in Angel Flight, DBK, Terrapin, M-Book, Aquoiiners . . . 
various other organizations ond honorcries. 


Delta Delta Delta 

Crescent and three stars shine brightly over the campus ... on the 
football field . . . majorettes, cheerleaders, color guard . . . cheers for 
"our queen" ... on the stage . . . leading roles . . . "South Pacific," 
"I Am a Camera," Flying Follies ... in honors won . . . Mortar 
Board, Alpha Lambda Delta . . . and their presidents too! ... Phi 
Kappa Phi, Who's Who ... to name a few ... in the social corner . . . 
heading all class proms . . . stick 'em with a trident . . . and so we 
did . . . fraternity sweethearts, candlelights, flaming serenades . . . 
success in campus campaigns . . . WRA prexy, AWS veep, class scribe 
... at the house . . . strange rushees . . . faternity pig and duck 
. . . date dinner by candlelight . . . thanks to our dear "Scottie" . . . 
Bus-girl team ... for scholarship fund . . . remember the DU'S 
. . . another "gleaming" year. 

DELTA DELTA DELTA - FIRST ROW: T. Storm, K. Herring, K. Struebing, 
secretary; C. Gouza, president; Mrs. L. Scott, housemother; K. Godmon, 
vice-president, A. Meredith, J, Hicks, K. Anderson. SECOND ROW: F. Hard- 
ing, J. Cobey, T. Kelly, J. Long, A. Gumpper, E. Bubeck, C. Cook, A. 
Bryant, M. Filler. THIRD ROW: T. Resce, R. Fly, D. Onslow, J. Wharton, 

M. Parker, J, Schoffer, K. Ramsay, R. Rudolph, C. Harris, S. Pimper. 
FOURTH ROW: P. Martin, B. Toman, D. Lane, M. Jimison, N. Carrodus, 
A. Grain, J. Weaver, B. Tester, B. Moats, A. Furman. FIFTH ROW: J. Wild, 
M. Lawrence, C. Wrightson, E. Kish. R. Gormley, C. Ingolls, L. Insley, S. 
Smith, L. Robinson, N. Jonsson. 

DELTA GAMMA - FIRST ROW: J. Senn, F. Knox, B. Nash, trees.; J. Bec- 
ker, sec.; S. Wiley, 1st vice-pres.; P. -Green, pres.; A. Moore, 2nd vice- 
pres.; M. Doyle, sec. E. Slagle, house pres.; B. Cdor. SECOND ROW: B 
Bohnke, A. Smith, J. Jester, L. Colder, B. Brooks, M. Gerster, P. Dunn, B. 
Berry, J. Johnson, M. Smith, G. Hershberger, M. Bloir. THIRD ROW: G. 
Moskol, B. Jump, N. Hydinger, S. Smith, B. Bradley, M. Fessenden, R. Plis- 

chke, M. Knox, D. Green, A. Cockron, P. Moclntyre, M. Wilson. FOURTH 
ROW: B. Baker, S. Neary, C. Kolk, C. Gordon, S. Crossley, P. Messer, E. 
Crommatte, S, Weiss, P. Walsh, S. Gibbons, B- Goodridge, S. Hortney, C. 
Rush. FIFTH ROW: J. Bartley, L. Andretto, J. Reomy, B. Wilcox, J. Living- 
ston, J. Wueste, P. Peers, D, Camenzind, J. Thomas, J. Bovis, P. Claytor 

Delta Gamma 

Anchors away DG, as another yeor sailed by . . . the crew has 
amidst its group — Terrapin editor, AWS and dorm presidents. May 
Queen and Mortar Boards . . . yellow roses for DG of the month . . . 
philanthropic party for the blind. During the cruise, water battles, 
rain dances created diversion . . . Santo was in the limelight at the 
Christmas party . . . "Steal Away" stole second place in the IFC Sing. 
Who didn't enjoy that Sophomore Carnival chorus line? Last rites . . . 
not for Hannah! . . . strains of Ray Charles and Provocative Percus- 
sion drift through the house . . . watch what you say — it may be 
displayed on the mirror . . . can't even talk in your sleep nowadays 
. . . Flappers were a hit during rush . . . Who has phone duty? . . . 
it's quiet hours group! . . . love that co-op wake-up system! 


Delta Phi Epsilon 

Lots of spirit, togetherness . . . won first place in annual AOPi Blood 
Drive for the third time in a row. New sorority on campus . . . April 
30, 1960 .. . first pledge class in fall of '59 with 23 girls. Can brag 
of many activities . . . Alpha Lambda Delta, Business Honorary, Psi 
Chi — Junior Panhellenic Officer — DBK and Terrapin — women's 
Psi Chi — Junior Panhellenic Officer — DBK and Terrapin — women's 
chorus. Harmony Hall. High in scholarship . . . member received Tri 
Delta award for highest overage on campus. Pledges . . . enjoying coke 
date with active before each meeting ... or working for Rose-Wood 
Institute in Baltimore. Looking forward to the new sorority house . . . 
planned for the near future. 

DELTA PHI EPSILON — FIRST ROV/: K. Silver, M. Portner, B. Rosenfeld, 
F. Horwitz, secretary; M. Caplan, president; M. V^einstein, vice-president; 
S. Rubin, treosurer; D. Canter, R. Sitnick. SECOND ROW: S. Fertick, R. 
Weinstein, J. Green, N. Pomerance, M. Siegman, L. Berkow, B. Macht, H. 
Stoler, B. Rand, C. Berenholtz, L. Brisker. THIRD ROW: B. Giassman, F. 

Goldberg, B. Pillersdorf, E. Zippermann, B. Goldberg, C. Steckman, S. 
Rohman, D. Weis, S. Lebowitz, I. Torop, E. Friedman. FOURTH ROW: J. 
Rossen, M. Petrushansky, M. Surosky, I. Berman, C. Sondheimer, B. Starr, 
J. Magidson, M. Harris, C. Bahn, S. Woods, B. Weinstein. 

GAMMA PHI BETA - FIRST ROW: P. Lotz, A. Plummer, treasure; J. Ander- 
son, rec. secretary; M. Price, house president; Mrs. Grace Dutton, house- 
mother; D. Wolverton, president; E, Willioms, corr, secretory; B. Bennett, 
L. McCrone, Ist vice-president. SECOND ROW: N. Cunningham, J. Horn, 
J. Schmidt, M. Waltz, M. Mott, J. Howord, L. Phillips, L. Schrock, S. Pritchett, 
E. Fitz. THIRD ROW: D. Keough, M. Bofemon, C. Kenners, J. Tolson, J. 

Schlotzhauer, J. Stomm, M. Corbin, P. Mitchell, G. Goodwin, P. Hooker. 
FOURTH ROW: K. Sander, B. Page, K. Haver, J. Brown, N. Scollon, A. 
Holliday, C. Kempf, K. Trofast, J. Connett, J. Morris. FIFTH ROW; E. Zome, 
D. Wood, D. Latimer, C. Connor, C. Walker, A. Coleman, A. Wells, C. 
Swager, G. Pace, H. M. Gotchell. 

Gamma Phi Beta 

Come one, come all ... fo Gamma Phi's "Basin Street Stomp" . . . 
held annually in the fall — and always well attended . . . just a 
beginning, as springtime brings the Ship Party . . . cruise theme, dotes, 
and friends. Always playing? ... no ... up the hill Gamma Phi's 
take active part in SGA, AWS, Color Guard, Terrapin, UT productions, 
and Angel Flight. In memory . . . Lee Robertson — 1955 graduate 
dedication of first Maryland Memorial Chapter Room in her honor 
Twentieth year on campus . . . and another one to the scholarship 
trophy to the sorority with the highest overage. 


Kappa Alpha Theta 

Kites over the campus have a double meaning for Thetas ... re- 
member the girls running through the snow across the mall-pulling 
kites behind them . . . literally a prerequisite to initiation. Great variety 
of activities and honorories keep Thetas whirling ... all publica- 
tion; SGA, WRA, Angel Flight, UT, cheerleaders . . . Mortor Board, 
Phi Kappa Phi, Who's Who, Alpha Lambda Delta. Combining brains 
and beauty . . . many titles — Homecoming, Military Ball, and Sopho- 
more Prom Queens. Sharing happiness is candlelight tradition ... as 
one blowing out the flame proudly discloses her fraternity pin or en- 
gagement ring . . . strains of "Proud now are we, enriched by the 
black and gold, our love for thee" . . . will long be remembered. 

KAPPA ALPHA THETA — FIRST ROW: C. Cromer, S. Foulis, C. Isiminger, Miller, J. Strandquist, B. Janz, L. Coddington, B. Ryan, S. Weissman. 

S. Laffan, M. Stone, president; N. Mitchell, vice-president; B. Covin, A. Col- FOURTH ROW: M. Richardson, S. Eaton, M. Dippold, M, Bethea, B. Bur- 

derwood, A. V\/ilson. SECOND ROW; F. Wetzel, P. Hogan, B. Sogle, P. nett, S. Hammond, D. Thomas, E. Harrison, S. Irwin, M. Irwin, C. Gebert, 

Wagaman, M. Bethards, A. Jacobs, J. Donahue, S. Eyster, C. Matzek, L. D. Fuchs. FIFTH ROW: L. Grant, P. Kent, P. Best, K. Zettler, C. Chaney, K. 

Hannemann. THIRD ROW: J. Lineberry, L. Covin, K. Taylor, P. Prusch, M. Voorhees, P. Bartlett, S. Tribbett, P. Leonard, J. Vonderahe, F. Merrymon. 

KAPPA DELTA - FIRST ROW: P. Brotherton, B. Kupiec, K. McAdoo, K. Ty- 
son, secretary; M. Wilcox, president; J. Hicks, vice-president; J. Bartleson, 
treasurer; R. Goodill, D. Fritz. SECOND ROW: K. Moomey, M. Kenney, C. 
Etchells, M. Domuth, K. Kessler, H. Schrufer, A. Reeder, E. Ricca, J. Sfeg- 

man. THIRD ROW; B. Hennegan, S. Christensen, L. Miles, B. Hartsough. L. 
Brown, M. Finch, G. Sheridan, J. Kelly, M. Bergfolk, B. Allnutt. FOURTH 
ROW: K. Myers, B. Marvel, M. McKenney, N. Welsh, S. Fitch, S. Supplee, 
J. Bundy, A. Swanson, D. Pillos, J. Huss, S. Tilford. 

Kappa Delta 

Never a dull moment in the stone house on the corner . . . parties 
and fun . . . late study or TV dates ... Phi Kaps and the "Untouchables." 
KD's take most pride in winning of Interfraternity Sing for the third 
year in a row . . . retiring the trophy . . . Also, boast of sisters as President 
of Ponhellenic — members of Terrapin end Diamondback staff — Alpha 
Lambda Delta — Sophomore Class Legislature. Remember?? ... a 
midnight visit from a group of young men ... a football game in the 
living room . . . the candlelights . . . the gatherings in the kitchen 
— and raiding the refrigerator . . . the Black and White . . . Altruistic 
projects: supporting a "Foster Child" in Europe . . . repairing toys for area 


Kappa Kappa Gamma 

Tops in harmony, dressed in collegiate attire, the Kappas won 
second place in this year's Harmony Hall Competition . . . Dean Stamp's 
retirement acknowledged by a tec given in her honor . . . thanks go 
to the Kappas for sponsoring Skit Night which was held for the first 
time this year . . . Queens? . . . yes . . . Second Runner-up for Home- 
coming Queen, and Runner-up for Miss Maryland . . . popular house- 
mother serenaded by Phi Delts ... a never-to-be-forgotten ATO Kappa 
wedding . . . Kappas find plenty of time to study as evidenced by 
second in scholarship. 

KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA - FIRST ROW: M. Krouse, D. Krocter, N. Eber- 
hcirt, J. Rietz, J. Delp, N. Aibrecht, M. Canby, M. Klimkiewicz, H. Shilr. 
SECOND ROW: J. Patchen, H. Wanless, B. Mullinix, vice-president; S. 
Gant, treasurer; L. Rchland, president; B. Girard, secretary; C. Wilson, S. 
Chebithes, F. Owen. THIRD ROW: L. Koelineke, M. Coppock, T. Russel, J. 

Murray, A. Banville, R. Scarborough, A. Boice, L. Cook, J. Short, T. Etienne. 
FOURTH ROW: L. Eby, B. Smith, J. Shirk, H, Love, N. Owens, J. Moser, 
D. Owens, T. Jen, B. Simmons, J. Robinson. FIFTH ROW: J. Todd, J. Davis, 
C. Heisler, K. Elliott, C. Ferrar. D. Skaer. E. Downs, A. Bcuker, J. Greeley, 
B. Wosser, P. Briggs. 

PHI SIGMA SIGMA - FIRST ROW: E. Alperstein, L. Price, G. Meodoff, P. 
Weinburg, treasurer; Mrs. Ethel Miller, housemother; C. Kohn, president; 
S. Kalin, N. Julius, S. Okon. SECOND ROW: B. Eismon, S. Flaischmon, J. 
Heft, C. Levins, E. Mozur, S. Reiter, L. Newman, S. Loyton, R. Weintroub. 
THIRD ROW: R. Klovens, S. Sachs, M. Berlin, L. Moss, L. Nathanson, R. 

Sternberg, S. From, N. Siegel, M. Kullen. FOURTH ROW: T. Hoffman, H. 
Benjamin, S. Pomerantz, E. Wolff, G. Silverstein, J. Klein, J. Diatz, J. Sax- 
ton. FIFTH ROW: J. Libshutz, C. Hoffman, P. Heneson, A. Tolstoi, I. Green- 
hood, R. Goldner, L. Berkis, P. Hollins, G. Stewart, J. Grott. 

Phi Sigma Sigma 

Laughs, activities, and scholarship ... all part of life at the new Phi 
Sigma Sigma House. Can boast of members as V.P. of Pan-Hel, 
Alpha Lambda Delta Vice-president, secretaries of Freshman and 
Sophomore classes — outstanding Sophomore — Diamondback — major- 
ette. Working is a pleasure! . . . rewarded with second place in 
Homecoming decorations . . . first place in the KKG Pledge Skit Night. 
Memories of hysterical moments . . . certain young man thrown in 
shower during rush . . . dinner when five members substituted for bus 
boys. On more serious note . . . raising funds for philanthropic project 
— the Heart Fund . . . also claim sweetheart of ZBT — and tallest girl on 



Pi Beta Phi 

Another year . . . more arrows, more honors! . . . hard work 
reworded in Alpha Lambda Delta, Mortar Board and Phi Kappa Phi ... . 
Greekwise, house and queen both placed in Homecoming. "Let us 
Break Bread Together" won them third in the I.F.C. Sing . . . Mrs. A. 
carried away the "Bottieaxe of the Year" award — rewards all well 
deserved . . . Philanthropic sponsored "Settlement School Tea" . . . Fun 
had by all at Monmouth Duo-Kappa and Pi Phi's joint celebration 
of their founding . . . honorary secret within sorority, Pestle and Mortar, 
keeps 'em guessing . . . Puerto Rico bound were girls with the choir 
. . . Another success — pledge slumber party. "Can't wait for next year's 
spring formal." Who won the Softball gome with the Phi Kops? 
Competition only amongst bus boys. 

PI BETA PHI - FIRST ROW: C. Lynch, J. Clifford, B. Williams, treasurer; 
N. Thompson, vice-president; A. Vlases, president; L. Poore, G. Gwin, J 
Richey, B. Colby. SECOND ROW; V. Kidner, G. Wright, C. Hissey, A. Bird- 
song, P. Plumley, S. Brittingham, D. Pincuspy, K. Roffaelo, B. Winchell. 

THIRD ROW: C. Merrill, M, St. John, B. Moore, B. Ross, C. Caprio, H, 
Coins, S. Russell, J. Jones, E. Robey, P. McElwee. FOURTH ROW: J. Fowler, 
M. Cooper, J. Abbott, K. Moore, F. Logon, T. McCurby, D. Delonoy, S. 
Cooper, P. Duqqon, K. Danielson. 

SIGMA DELTA TAU - FIRST ROW: M. Ducoff, F. Shatenstein, secretary; 
J. Greenblot, E. Ashman, treasurer; R. Ober, vice-president; Mrs. Frances 
Gordon, house mother; J. Lipowitz, president; L. Yoffe, H, Litmon, S. Kel- 
man, C. Shenker. SECOND ROW: S. Brill, S. Love, E. Shay, S. Schwartz, 
I. Hillmon, B. Bondoreff, H. Yudin, J. Perlzweig, A. Robinson, E. Ackermon. 
THIRD ROW: G. Belago, D. Krovetz, D. Perlzweig, P. Fronck, E. Somet, 

D. Slotsky, A. Mazer, J. Solins, P. Hoffman, C. Applestein. FOURTH ROW: 
J. Hornstein, P. Steinberg, R. Seltzer, R. Brenner, Z. Weinman, M. Cohen, 
L. Abelman, J. Emsellem, C. Cohen, I. Miller, FIFTH ROW: K. Decker, P. 
Cohen, S. Greenwold, M.- Sermon, E. Wechsler, P. Reamer, I. Gruber, P. 

Sigma Delta Tau 

Girls that dwell in the white house in the gulch . . . rank high in 
scholarship — and campus activities . . . claim Editor of M-Book, Social 
Editor of Dicmondback, section editor of Terrapin, FOB members. Tops in 
beauties . . . Miss Maryland, first runner-up for Freshman Queen, 
Hillel Queen, Sweethearts of AEPi and Phi Sigma Delta. Fond of working 
and playing together . . . faculty tea . . . troy rides in the snow. 
Presentation of Morty Cohen Award at Interfraternity Sing . . . best 
all-around athlete — chosen by faculty and students. 


Sigma Kappa 

Study sessions at midnight — or last night preparations for Honne- 
coming . . . Sigma Kappas manage to combine work with pleasure so 
that no one finds the task too hard or too long. Teamwork paid off!! 
. . . first place in Homecoming decorations with "Tea for Terps." Song 
and Paddle Night — pledges imitate their sorority mothers . . . 
Steak and Beans Dinner (Steak for intellectuals) . . . and Shoeshine Night 
. . . when clues in shoes determine identity of mothers — and girls 
shine shoes for everyone on campus ... a nominal fee going to charity. 
Active as a group? . . . Sigma Kappa has prominent members in 
SGA, publications, cheerleaders, UT, all phases of WRA, and various 
campus honorories. 

SIGMA KAPPA - FIRST ROW: T. Mohler, P. Butler, P. Gerzbon, R. Bou- 
mier, Mrs. V*/ilson, housemother; A. Green, president; D. Gloss, secretary; 
J. Eberly, vice-president; P. Stroughan. SECOND ROW; B. Morsholl, M. 
McClellan, P. Krous, J. Johnson, A. Southworth, treasurer; D. Frotte, A. 
Stanley, P. Allen, J. Lord. THIRD ROW: S. Price. V. Wood. C. Gondolf, 

C. Shook, G. Bethon, A. Moier, C. Lokstein, L. Bilbur, R, Nowell, L Gar- 
rett. FOURTH ROW: A. Morsell, E. Bichell, B. Ayers, S. Morrison, L. Holl, 
C. Borcloy, J. Hilder, L. Totum, M. Niel. FIFTH ROW: G. Porter, C. Garrett, 
T. Brumbaugh, L. Jorboe, J. Morgan, V. Toggart, E. Johnson, P. Gronof- 
sky, J. Wright, J. Carey. 


more than the wearing of a pin, 

the Spirit of Unity 

fostered by the high ideals of Greekness . . 

organizations . . . 
their philanthropic projects 
the scholarship programs 
their genuine friendships . . . 
Characteristic of Greek Life — 
the spirit of competition, 
rush, Greek Week activities, 
serenades, desserts, costume parties, 
The sense of belonging . . . 


• 4 


Pledge Dance and Homecoming 

Sorority pledges making their debut . . . 

Pat Salloom reigning as Queen — 

Marge Knox and Sue Goldstein comprising her court ■ 

Greek efforts turned to house decorations . . . 

floats — 

Lino Grant chosen Homecoming Queen, 

Judy Long and Carol Ferrar completed her court. 




The pulsating rhythms 

of Caribbean music 

as the IFC 

presented Harry Belofonte, 

real showman; 

completely captivated 

capacity crowd . . . 

Also appearing, Miriam Makeba, 

African singing discovery . . . 

The spotlights, 

through the smoky haze 

illuminated Mr. Belofonte 

as he performed 

"Hava Nageela," 

"Jamaica Farewell" . . . 

Apathy abandoned 

the applause was deafening! 

Dancing ... to the music of Les Brown 

Laughing . . . 

Lots of talk about — 

after two weeks' vacation. 


at lovely Indian Springs Country Club 

on anxious time . . . 

OS many trophies ore awarded 

many to congratulate . . . 

after Kalegethos tapped, 

then . . . 

Tri Delta and ATO 

especially honored — 

with Best Sorority and Best Fraternity Awards. 


Weeks of nightly practices . . . 

light meals . . . 


culminating in 


Victory and a retired trophy 

to the Kappa Delta's . . . 

for the Phi Delts 

a significant 

second consecutive first place . 

Dean Eppley, 

especially honored — 

a plaque 

presented to him, 

in appreciation — 

by the Inter-Fraternity Council. 



spirited competition, plus 

open houses . . . 

Pan-Hellenic, Inter-Fraternity spirit 

prevailing . . . 

New this year, Greekana — 

sports car race on "B" Lot . . . 

Lambda Chi again presenting 

Sorority Olympics . . . 


the key word here. 


ATO Chariot Race - 
ZBT Bike Race . . . 
drew large, 
crowds . . . 
congratulations — 
to the Phi Delts — 
took top honors 
in both events. 



Jim and Phil confer before a meeting. 

The Inter-Fraternity 

Every two weeks the presidents and representa- 
tives of Maryland's twenty three fraternities meet 
and discuss fraternity problems and plan co- 
operative projects. 

This year the IFC sponsored the presentation of 
Harry Belofonte, Greek Week, and the IFC Ball. In 
addition to these social activities, the IFC sponsors 
an academic program designed to raise the overages 
of fraternity pledges, and works in many community 
projects. This year the IFC and Pan-Hellenic Council 
worked together in a carnival to raise money for 
the Cancer Fund. 


Phil Tucker, Pres. 

Dave Ryan, 1st V.P. 

Jim Kenney, 2nd V.P. 

James Evans, Sec. 

Roger Crawford, Trees. 

Many men of the IFC are represented in Kalegethos, the fraternity honorary. 

'4 '."» 

1 . 

i ^ 

1 ' 







1^ '^ 


i • 


The Panhellenic Council was formed to promote the mutuol 
interests of the eighteen sororities on this campus. Supported 
by the loyalty and interest of the sorority women it has gone 
far toward its goal of helping with problems concerning 
sorority standards, scholarship, campus activities, and inter- 
sorority functions. 

The cooperation of the groups in Panhellenic has provided 
a firm basis for the Panhellenic ideals of dedication to 
service, honor, and uprightness in all human relationships 
which ore basic to the life of every sorority. 

This year the Panhellenic Council welcomed a new sorority 
to our campus — Alphi Phi. In March, Panhellenic sponsored 
a workshop which gave the sororities an opportunity to 
discuss and evaluate their problems and plans. 

PANHELLENIC OFFICERS — FIRST ROW: Dorothy Glosgow, 1st vice-president; 
Carol Buschold, president; Leslie Yoffe, treasurer. SECOND ROW: Sue Okon, 
2nd vice-president; Karia Krahnke, secretary; Ann Whiten, rush chairman. 

Panhellenic Council 

PANHELLENIC COUNCIL - FIRST ROW: F. Horwitz, S. Brittinghom, E. 
Ricco, S. Okon, V. W/ood, J. Bovis, E. Wilcox, R. Hastings. SECOND ROW: 
A. Whiton, D. Glasgow, C. Buschold, L. Yoffe, K. Krahnke THIRD ROW: M. 

Seller, M. Henderson, N. Robinson, E. Keene, D. Latimer, N. Julius, R. 
Brenner, D. Gloss, S. Osborn, R. Sitnic, P. Martin, C. Heisler, R. Scar- 
borough, E. Fitz, J. Donahue. 

3 53 


f^ s^ '^ iir *^ V 

X i i -^'^'l <'^. 


ALPHA EPSILON PI - FIRST ROW: f. Herold, R. Sherman, L. Rose, Treas.; 
S, Taubenfeld, Pledge Master; A. Barke, Pres.; M. Heimberg, V. Pres.; R. 
Feller, Sec; M. Bargteil, A. Cohen. SECOND ROW: N. Heilpern, A. Wise- 
man, R, Rose, H. Trattler, S. Milwit, J. Steinberg. A. Soidmon. THIRD ROW: 

J. Levin, L. Kahn, R. Blum, J, Susmon, L. Weinberg, R. Litwin, S. Milwit, A. 
Horn, A. Shapiro. FOURTH ROW: B. Schinel, H. Porcover, J. Rein, A. Mit- 
nick, S. Weinger, S. Shapiro, M. Lessing, G. Klein, N. Schwab. 

Alpha Epsilon Pi 

"Sidewalk engineers" . . . That's the AEPi's as they watch 

their new house rise at if: 13 Fraternity Row . . . 

Slow turtles hove no place in the AEPi annual Turtle Derby 

... A good year with books as the "Apes" placed 

third in fraternity scholarship . . . Strikes and spores! 

. . . The AEPi's had their share as they also took third in 

bowling competition . . . Community service projects head 

list of outside campus activities for the Alpha Epsilon Pi's. 


Alpha Gamma Rho 

Have you seen the big "little" dog on campus? ... Of 
course, it's the AGR's St. Bernard "Bozo" who made his 
debut this year as a "Terp" fan . . . And then there's the ten 
gallon cowboy hat — the mark of a proud AGR . . . Schol- 
arship all the way . . . And so it was once again as the 
AGR's won first place in fraternity scholarship ... All 
studies and no ploy? . . . Not the cose with the cowboys 
. . . Winners of first place in bridge tournament and second 
place in softball and volleyball. 

ALPHA GAMMA RHO - FIRST ROW: D. Smith, W. Harlan, G. Irving, G. 
Bailey, L. Klipo. SECOND ROW; L. Whitehead, E. Leffel, H. Downey, treas.; 
J. DeShazer, sec; C. Norfolk, pres.; P. Plexico, vice pres.; F. Garrett, R. 
Miller, D. Davis. THIRD ROW: R. Dryden, M. Gaige, L. Ridgely, B. Davis, 

H. Pearson, C lager, H. Streaker, H. Gottwals, I. Forrest. FOURTH ROW: 
G. Ijams, K. Holland, J. King, M. Hoff, L. Keller, W. Godwin, F. Podovono, 
W. Adkins, D. Secor, R. Welsh. FIFTH ROW: J. Benson, H. Hilleary, B. Mur- 
ray, O. Johnston, E. WhorfF, L. Moser, D. Nicholson, T. Bowman, R. Diebold. 





^^^L^^hI g 

^^^^^■^ ■ IIMMIM^^^B^ ~^^^^^^^^^^^^Kr'''^'^*^^^^^^l 

^R'^ -s^^^ 




^^^^Ai ^ (^^|H|^^^ -' '^^^^^I^^^^^^Bt'^ l^^^^^l 



K ^^^^n^^l 

^Ir '^^l 


HI . ,,^^^^^^T~ ' ^^l^^^^^Rv^ ^^^^ft^^^H 









^^^^^H|e> '^ p^^^^^^^^^ ' * *^| 

^^^^mr ^^1 


HI^^^BI^V^Ai ^^^A 1 

^^^K^^L 1 

^^^^H^B I^H 

^^^^^a t ^^^^^^^^ t ^^ 

- *!^ft m ^^^^^H 


^■^H^H^hTTI^! ^PH^^I 


^^^^» c-^^H^^^H 

^V^ ^^^^^^^^^^Kt^ ^ ^^^^ri 


flH^^^Hii ; vi /ivVpd n 





^R^ ^^^^^BU '^^1 


^H^^^V^ -r ^'^H I ^^^^^HHVI^^^^^^^l 


^^^^^^HBnc c~ '^^uB 



^^^^^^^^^^^s. ^^^^^B ^^^^^^^K. I*^ '"^^ ^^^^^^^^^^1 

^vT" 'S'^^^H 




^B ^v . ^^^1 

^^^^^^^^^^^^^y' ^HU 

■MmHI: ' ^^^1 

1 *^^l 


^^^^B H iM^^^^^^^^^ 




ALPHA TAU OMFGA - FIRST ROW: B. McCarthy, J. Keen, G. Seek, M 
Toylor, L. Tocchetti, R. McNamara, B. Lamb, P. Och, T. Loyd. SECOND 
ROW: W. Somora, W. Hopkins, D. Griffin, W. Duckeft, sec; J. McCartin, 
pres.; Wrs. Estes, housemother; B. Pettee, vice pres.; A. Spinicchia, treas.; 
J. Mocris, C. Steckel, J. Sousone, J. Hull THIRD ROW: G. Blester, J. Ward, 
J. Adams, E. Spencer, F. Eberhard, S. Shephord, D. Ott, H. O'Flaherty, J. 
Anderson, R. Marshall, S. Mirabile, E. Plumhoff. FOURTH ROW: R. Craw- 

ford, D. Ott, J. Norris, M. Berry, G. Allman, D. Metz, J. Donatiu, T. 
Gould, W, Whitener, F. Gasser, T. McKensie, K. McCarthy, G. Willioms. 
FIFTH ROW: J. Welch, B. Detwiler, M. Walsh, W. Hancock. B. O'Neill, K. 
Hertell, C. Kitchin, R. Brown, R. Farrell, T. Beall, J. Harris, E. Word, B. 
Thatcher. SIXTH ROW: J. Bohor, D. Bowen, N. Clingon, <. Gunn, G. Ad- 
kins, B. Mortin, B. Downes, B. Panico, D. Booth. D. Gentile, B. Pittmon, C. 
Montealbano, V. Dovis, B. Bigbee, T. Etzler. P. Von Der Veer, R. Harris. 

Alpha Tau Omega 

"Many men in many activities" — that's the ATO's . . . The 
men of the Maltese Cross can be found in almost every 
phase of campus life . . . ATO's had a fine season in 
sports . . . They ended with a record of first in golf and 
second in football, basketball, swimming, track and softball 
. . . Singing also proved to be in their line — placed in the 
top three for the eighth straight year at the IFC sing 
. . . Plenty of hard work gave the ATO's a ring-side seat as 
they won first place in the sophomore carnival . . . Greek 
Week's famed chariot race is sponsored by ATO . . . 
Socially — Tau Tramp and Around-the-World-Party round 
out their busy year. 


Delta Sigma Phi 

Looking for new party ideas? . . . Well, the Delta Sigs ore 
one jump ahead . . . Last year they held their Spring formal 
on the Diplomat yacht . . . Once back on campus the 
brothers were kept busy as they sailed home with the second 
place trophy in the Sophomore Carnival . . , Two varsity 
baseball managers, honorary societies, and other campus 
organizations along with the Varsity Grill supply the Delta 
Sigma Phi's with some of their campus activity. 

DELTA SIGMA PHI - FIRST ROW: R, Reily, W. MacMullin, J. Toscano, T. 
Borry, vice-president; R. Mattlngley, president; R, Schick, J. Worhol, secre- 
tary; R. Neumon, B. Havrilick. SECOND ROW: D McCullough, R. Gordon, 

A, Booth, J. Giganti, K. Kropinack, A. Morgan, S. Boss, J. Richardson, R. 
Philips, G. Avery, THIRD ROW: D, Hubbard, K. Boehm. E. Walker, J. Horch- 
ler, D. Mook, W. Nies, E. Mottison, H. Simon, N. Kraft, L. Munson. 

fVf I 

t f t 

^^ ifK 

DELTA TAU DELTA — FIRST ROW: W. Corbin, T. Allen, M. Whitmore, G. M. Storey, D. Palmer, D. Schejbal, T. Wilson, D. Fox, W. Ferguson, J. Nor- 

Riddick, treas.; W. Brown, pres.; S. Boss, vice pres.; T. Brown, sec; J. Put- 
mon, R. Belcher, F. Anding. SECOND ROW: T. Arturi, J. Doyle, F. Goriup, 
J. Bryon, B. Becker, W. Keller, T. Mormon, M. Groybill, K. Kazonjian, P. 
Engel. THIRD ROW: D, Cogar, N. Botes, J. Welty, B. Volente, L. Bolsomo, 

ris. FOURTH ROW: A. Schuettinger, R. Fobes, E. Noill, B. Brockmon, J. 
Botes, L. Powell, R. Pearson, S. Dashiell, J. Foskett, B, Bernschein, L. Cuzo, 
S. Skipp, J. Booghter, P. Ellington, D. Lorrimore. 

Delta Tau Delta 

who gives the Sorority of the Year Award? . . . why the Delts . . . 
Delta Tau Delta is one of the largest national fraternities with 89 
chapters in all sections of the United States . . . They have been highly 
competitive in all sports . . . and in the I.F.C. Sing the Delts exhibited 
their fine singing talents as they won second place in the competition 
. . .This year the chapter was invited to a reception by Justice Clark • 
held in the Supreme Court Building . . . The Delta Tau Delta's have 
one member in ODK . . . three members in Kalegathos . . . and 
the treasurer of S.G.A. . . . The Delt's social calendar is quite full and 
is highlighted by the spring formal and annual "Roaring Twenties 



Kappa Alpha 

"Southern spirit is here to stay" ... At least as for as the KA's 
are concerned, it is ... To inspire the rich southern tradition, the 
Kappa Alpha's present the Cotton-Pickers Minstrel . . . Painted faces 

— show girls — spotlight this annual event which ranks as the oldest 
Maryland tradition . . . Their theatrical talents turn to the field of 
sports — brothers actively participate in intramurols . . . Other 
brothers ore members of the varsity swimming — lacrosse — wrestling 

— and football teams . . . Social events complete the KA year . . . 
The annual Christmas Party for orphans, the Roman Toga Party, the 
Ocean City Preview are just a few on their busy schedule. 

<APPA ALPHA - FIRST ROW: T. Versis, T. V^ingote, R. Greer, F. Romeo, 
H. Stansbury, vice pres.; B. Griswotd, pres.; D. Syl<es, sec; D. Pond, L. 
Gordy, N. Heaton, treas. SECOND ROW: J. Jennings, C. Brown, E. Kolo- 
[ian, R. Chinsley, R. Woods, J. Rowe, J. Thomas, S. King, J. Chalmers, F. 
Beever, M. Moiorono. THIRD ROW: R. Mantel, P. Vorre, R. Moncure, T. 
McGee, R, Higdon, R. Schatro, S. Kisley, J. Costos, C. Dorn, P. Lossoto- 

vitch, B. Lee, C. Heaton. FOURTH ROW: T. Tyler, B. Dishoroon, S. Rand, 
C. Woyson, T. Lamcnd, L, Heinze, B. Leonard, W. Ebrite, A. Shoemaker, 
B. Blomquist, R. Cave. FIFTH ROW: G. Reckner, P. Sykes, H. Donager, H. 
Fairmon, J. Nattons, R. Roman, N. Kauffman, D. Rollings, F, Culkin, R. 
Snyder, L. Sack, J. Seline. 

? « ! ! itJ.n 

« t # * ■ * - - - 

«T <*^ 



KT t^ # "Sf 'y^' 1^' •^ 1K 




LAMBDA CHI ALPHA - FIRST ROW: J. Mathews, J. Merkel, R. Boyer, sec; 
R. Cole, F, Hahn, vice pres.; W. Meyers, pres.; R. Bean, treas.; W. Boyer, 
M. Costx, E. Laurent. SECOND ROW: W. Hooks, P. Ostrowski, D. Field- 
ing, D. Fozenboker, P. Ostrowski, W. Demos, G. Stombough, G. Cova- 
nough, B. Thames, J. Derr. THIRD ROW: R. Turney, J. Williamson, J. Rop- 
pelt, J. Varvolo, H. Sanders, T. Hessenauer, N. Arnold, R. Balenger, B. 

Alewine, H. Cole, R. Lochmon, FOURTH ROW: D. Wilson, M. Greene, F. 
McGrody, D. Johnson, S. Koye, J. Jockson, S. Bennett, B. Geyer, R. Zim- 
merman, F. Cook, D. Marrs. FIFTH ROW: W. Wolfersberger, D. Woody, 
D. Patterson, D. Workman, J. Cobra, D. Hykes, P. Rogers, L. Zarfoss, G. 

Lambda Chi Alpha 

The singing voices of the Lambda Chi's entertained the oudience 
at Harmony Hall and walked away with the winning trophy . . . 
Besides excelling in the musical field, they pursue a great diversity 
of activity on the University campus . . . They are represented in the 
Men's League . . . Student Legislature . . . the band . . . University 
Theatre . . . Soccer . . . Football and many other organizations . . . 
An active social schedule is coupled with a sound academic program 
throughout the year . , . Oriental Orgy during Fall Rush . . . the 
Bagdad Ball during Spring Rush . . . and the annual Sorority Olympics 
held in spring during Greek Week. 


Phi Delta Theta 

It is trophy time, party time or prank time? . . . Which ever it is 
the Phi Delts take the lead . . . Highlight of their year — the Phi's claim 
the 1959-60 Hillock Award for outstanding fraternity on campus . . . 
On to Greek Week . . . Here the Phi Delts swept the three major 
events . . . And they sing too! . . . Proof? . . . Took first in last spring's 
Interfroternity Sing and placed second in Harmony Hall . . . Sportswise 
. . . The Phi's took first in track and cross country and placed 
first in three other events . . . The brothers are represented in 
nearly all Terp teams and in many campus activities . . . Parties set 
the weekend scene as the spectacular ship-wreck party brings back 
memories of the fall semester. 

PHI DELTA THETA — FIRST ROW: W. Smith, R. Potts, S. Brown, S. Swan- 
son, D. Wessel, T. Hummel, W. Crowford. SECOND ROW; P. Tucker, M. 
Pixton, R. Smith, J. Schiller, House Mngr.,- P. Siblik, Pres.; K. Roberts, Treas.; 
D. Montgomery, P. Nolan, B. Gale. THIRD ROW: J. Mikulo, H. Cooper, K. 
Smith, J. Hamilton, D. Dollenberg, A. Libby, C. StaufFer, R. Domey, D. 
Botes, W. Roeper. FOURTH ROW: J. Lindsay, E. Wolder, H. Beville, J. 

Scarborough, D. Thompson, J. Kane, L. Borwhort, J, SchitT, D. Schroeder, 
J. Routenberg. FIFTH ROW: T. Gloss, R. Baker, T. Ferguson, W. Stosiulatis, 
D. Burns, J. Trogle, K. Poul, J. Hess, J. Mclntyre, W. Royer, B. Renfro, M. 
Ford. SIXTH ROW: R. Haas, D. Freese, R. Reeves, B. Rodenhiser, D. Moore, 
W. Morris, J. Tolbott, T. Tucker, T. Loird, D. Dobosh, T. Childs. 

t '^ '^ 



1 s <> 





J 1 

3 •? 


\ 1 1 

' 1 









•'^^ > 












^ J 





I f f t I f 


Wl It 



PHI KAPPA SIGMA — FIRST ROW: F. Gale, sec; J. Fenton, R. Kljdzuwett, 
N. Kovolakides, B. Scott, vice pres.; Mrs. Hendley, housemother,- L. Rick- 
etis, pres.; J. Noon, B. Borry, S. Sodtler, V. Limouro. SECOND ROW: T, 
Wieczorek, D. Brooks, T. Morrissey, F. Smith, B. Bortholomay. B. Chambers, 
B. Slingluff, Y. Wilson, J. Stott, B. Hanna. THIRD ROW: E. Orndoff, J. Dor- 

sey, C. Briddell, J. Mills, C. Krug, H. Duncan, K. Dondo, J. McPhail, B. 
Kight, C. Calderonello, P. Johnson. FOURTH ROW: R. Johns, J. Robinson, 
J. Knox, B. Vossiwinkel, H. Cermok, H. Wessel, M. Stefonowicz, R. Roe, J. 
Horlan, J. Clough, L. Koiss, K. Lawrence, M. Mulheron. 

Phi Kappa Sigma 

Varsity letters are "the thing" at the Phi Kap house . . . three 
All-American soccer players . . . three members of the All-American 
Lacrosse Team . . . honorable mention . . . one All-ACC football 
team member . . . What more could you ask for? . , . Can't 
forget intramurals as the Phi Kaps copped the basketball championship 
. . . "The Purple People Eater" got along fine with the judges as 
it helped the Phi Kaps win the homecoming float contest . . . ODK . . . 
president of M-Club and SGA — just a few of the campus activities 
. . . Weekends bring parties . . . The Shipwreck . . . Spring Formal . . . 
father and son oyster roast-spotlight the year. 


Phi Kappa Tau 

"How I love that barber shop harmony" . . . And it's another 
packed house as the Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity presents the annual 
Harmony Hall . . . Stiff competition, "practice-practice-practice" and 
a colorful presentation makes Harmony Hall one of the major Greek 
events of the year . . . "Battle Axes and Bronze Bucks" — Implements 
of a warrior? No! Cherished awards here at Maryland ... To the 
outstanding fraternity man goes the Bronze Buck award ... To 
the outstanding Housemother goes the Battle Axe award . . . 
Scholarship at its best as the Phi Kappa Tau's received IFC Scholarship 
Improvement Plaque. 

PHI KAPPA TAU - FIRST ROW: R. Bankson, N. Nosuti, treas.; J. Fieser, vice pres.; R. Glekas, pres.; B. 
Hoffman, sec; P. Brock, B. Robinson. SECOND ROW: H. Ricordo, D. Jorvis, T. Rodes, M. Jordan, P. Peel- 
ing, R. Nixdorf, J. Hoffman. 


'y ^ 

f •! 

%f P 

V •* * ^ ^ 

^% % "^ 

^ m 

— i .- 



PHi SlGViA DELTA - FIRST ROW: M. Gerstel, L. Granot, D. Winson, 
Pledgemaster; L. Dogoloff, Vice Pres.; B. Oronge, Pres.; I. Goldman, Sec; 
F. Harlem, Treas.; S. Winkler, E. Willcher. SECOND ROW: L. Lyon, B. 
Steirbach, S. Dobres, R. Freedman, A, Pasco, P, Friedman, R. Kotz, M. 
Schwartz, S. Berkcwitz, B. Hurwitz. THIRD ROW: J. Flax, K. Fedder, M. 

Howard, B. Epstein, H, Bratman, L Lottee, U hrndkm FOURTH ROW: f 
Rudo, J. Niego, S. Morkoff, S. Saidmon, A. Epstein, L. Steinback, S. Jorvis, 
N. Schulmon, S. Henderson, N. Mirne. FIFTH ROW: C. Robinson, H. Rosen, 
S. Steinman, A. Weinberg, J. Wien, C. Levi, B. Siegel, B. Kominsky, M. 
Steinberg, D. Lerner, M. Siegel, D. Gould. 

Phi Sigma Delta 

What? . . , Collecting hi-fi's and TV sets? . . . Why not? ... The 
Phi Sigma Delts find their new hobby both profitable and economical 
. . . With two hi-fi's and one television already won, they have 
big hopes of more to come ... But this isn't their only collection . . . 
a new house is in the near future ... A tragedy has hit the Phi 
Sigma Delta house — The brothers mourn the death of their dog, 
Caesar, who was killed in a collision . . . Campus activities find 
a place with the Phi Sigma Delts . . . President of the Free State party 
. . . Sophomore legislature . . . engineering honorories . . . 
cheerleoders ... all carry the name of the fraternity. 


Phi Sigma Kappa 

"And if I am elected" ... a familiar Phi Sig Expression, for they 
hold many political offices on campus . . . Current offices include 
executive vice-president of IFC . . . treasurer of Men's League 
. . . Sophomore Class Vice President . . . and elections board co- 
chairman . . . Also active in intramurals the brothers participate 
in almost every sport ... A touch of the holiday spirit as the Phi Sigs 
v^on the Men's League award for the Christmos house decoration 
. . . Socially speaking, the brothers remember most of all the spring 
weekend (formal?) . . . at the beach. 

PHI SIGMA KAPPA - FIRST ROW: W. Wimer, J. Scancorella, W. Bounds, 
D. Mellinger, sec; J. Wood, pres.; M. Smith, P. Rever, vice pres.; C. Chllds, 
J. Towers, B. Moulthrop, SECOND ROW: A. Birch, R. Aoronson, N. Lomor, 
T. Chopmon, J. Duffey, J, Smyles, G, Bucl<, L. Billirgsley, W. Ator. THIRD 
ROW: C. Peterson, B, Funk, P. Cole, J. Foley, M. Miller, B, Heflin, E. Stan- 

ford, L. Fober, J. Farr, S. Decroes, C. lonnocone. FOURTH ROW: L. Noppi, 
E. Fox, J. Walsh, E. Banks, H. Jones, R. Love, W. Robertson, T. White, M. 
Stevenson, R. Shumate, C. Hook. FIFTH ROW: W. Nichols, N. Wasileski, 
R. Rittinger, J. Rever, T. Motlick, L. Young, D. Coder, N. Karos, E. Gilmore, 
J. Moentmann, B. Wilson. 



PI KAPPA ALPHA — David G. Rocer, D:jvid O. Clemans, Fred J. O'Donoghue, Kenneth Mitchell, William 
F. Poole, Mascot — Samson. 

Pi Kappa Alpha 

Pi Kappa Alpha — one of the oldest and largest notional 
fraternities . . . founded in 1868 by six confederate veterans 
. . . Delta Psi chapter here at Maryland . . . chartered 
in 1952 . . . present here for several years and now in 
the process of reorganization . . . PKAs are looking for 
men willing to accept the challenge of building anew . . . 
With this in mind the nine members they now hove pursue 
an active social program . . . are working ambitiously 
on leadership and scholarship. 


Sigma Alpha Epsilon 

Big mystery on campus! . . . Who has the SAE's second lion? 
. . . Known and recognized by the not-alwoys-so-white 
lions who guard their house, the busy SAE's haven't hod 
time as yet to track down their run-away lion . . . Posters, 
speeches and "bandwagons" . . , It's election time again 
and the SAE's proudly claim Freshman and Senior Class 
presidents . . . When football season comes into the spotlight, 
the brothers are well represented as the "Red and White" 
takes the field . . . Sparking the SAE social year is the 
Christmas program (co-sponsored with AWS), the Bar-Beta 
and the Spring Formal. 

SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON - FIRST ROW: R. Morgeson, J. Sippel, M. Stiva- 
letti, P. Gardella, sec; D. Butts, pres.; Mrs. Gojbraith, housemother; J. 
Jenkins, treos.; L. Dietrich, vice pres.; J. Stafford, B. Bortleson. SECOND 
ROW: B. Mason, H. Ingrohom, S. Coliison, P. Hickok, M. Dorsey, A. Rich- 
ards, G. Good, J. Montedonico, F. Ropson, R. Fenimore. THIRD ROW: R. 
Bristow, G. Tyndall, A. Greene, H. Woinwrighf, E. Roberts, T. Greensjoit, 

H. Henegor, C. Baldwin, L. Bollard, E. Condon, G. Schumann. FOURTH 
ROW: E. Stevens, R. Cone, C. Brown, W. Moriority, P. Hodiok, E. Brown, 
G. Ehlert, R. Burkley, D. Sullivon, J. Fennel, D. Ward, R. Johnson. FIFTH 
ROW: J. Louer, C. Gray, J. Marshall, B. Mitchell, J. Cavlness, C. Johnson, 
B. Johnson, D. Champion, D. McCoy, P. Norris, D. Myers, J. Schmieler. 


SIGMA ALPHA MU - FIRST ROW: H. Brown, S. Savitfs, M. Hoyden, A. 
Glodston, S. Lipmon, M. Kurshner, R. Rothmon. SECOND ROW: H. Feld- 
man, L Levin, H. Luroy, vice pres.; J. Spiegel, pres.; S. Rosenberg, sec; 
G. Rosengarden, freas.; S. Rogers, H. Rosen. THIRD ROW: S. Wienstein, 

P. Morkin, S. Machiz, R. Wiener, A. Savage, F. Sugar, N. Tucker, A. Re- 
Hert, M. Goldstein, N. Helmon, A. Rothenberg, S. Fine, D. Glieman. 
FOURTH ROW: F. Bonk, M. Harmotz, H. Miller, J. Feldriian, S. Levin, D. 
Berlin, M. Borrash, S. Kaufman, M. Snowhite, K. Waisman, S. Newhouse. 

Sigma Alpha Mu 

Dim lights and late hours . . . That's what it took as SAM placed 
second in fraternity scholarship competition . . . SAM proves again 
that "2" is the lucky number by tieing for second in the Homecoming 
float contest . . . Junior SAM's are standouts . . . They claim vice 
president of the Junior Class . . . treasurer of the Junior Class . . . 
overall chairman of the Junior Prom . . . Activity wise — the treasurer 
of the Free State party and the co-chairman of the card section wear 
SAM pins ... As for parties — Their winter weekend at a ski lodge 
is by far their most famous social event. 


Sigma Chi 

Sigma Chi is best known to oil for its participation in athletics 
and campus activities . . . last year Sigma Chi won the volleyball 
championship and finished close to the top in the other athletic events 
... In the realm of campus activities they rate high . . . President of 
the Junior Class . . . the business manager of the Diamondback 
. . . station manager of W.M.U.C. ... a member of ODK . . . 
Secretary and Rush Chairman of I.F.C., and many other office holders 
... Of course there ore many social events during the year — the 
most outstanding and well known is the Sigma Chi Sweetheart 

SIGMA CHI - FIRST ROW: H. Huhndorff, J. Russell, B. White, D. Gole, F. 
Oosterhous, Pres.; N. Thigpen, J. Evans, J. Gemmill, Sec; P. Wasmer, 
V. Pres. SECOND ROW: R. Black, R. Smith, R. Miller, R. Bullion, C. Cum- 
mings, J. Sourwine, J. Boron, D. Watkins, A. Grose, L. Gempp. THIRD 

ROW: T. Peters, B. Millios, J. Nogrady, J. Sims, J, Chaney, C. Harvin, Jr., 
D. Grimes, W. Corbin, S. Johnson, D. Cox, FOURTH ROW: G. Lopes, N. 
Williams, R. Stramski, D. Burkhordt, G. Doetsch, L. Denson, S. loth, W. 
Sullivan, Jr., J. Anderson, R. Congelosi, K. Dohlin. 



» f f t 

S 1* 1 

^ i* # 

w w ^ 

V % W ^-f- 

WW & 

f t 


. V 

W f /f 1 

tf 1 


\1 }i ir 1 

1 ftf 

If } f 



#■ ^ 



tmi^ '^mm 

"f ^^tl^ 

SIGMA NU — FIRST ROW: H. Sultzbaugh, R. Barto, G. Horpen, Coordinator; G. Bailey. J. Morgan, Com- 
mander; D. Rothenburg, Lt. Comm.; D. Delavigne, Treas.; B. Sullivan, S. Buchanan. SECOND ROW: D. An- 
ders, T. Daly, M. Bercu, P. Williams, C. demons, S. Stansfleld, S. Smith, R, Tilghman, B. Wood. 

Sigma Nu 

A small group with big plans . . . Being one of the smallest 
fraternities at Maryland doesn't stop the Sigma Nus . . . they are 
represented in a broad selection of campus activities ... In varsity 
sports — one of the brothers set a new record for cross country at the 
North Carolina course . . . Other activities include chairman of the 
Sophomore Carnival . . . assistant chairman of FOB . . . and officers 
in the Free State Politiclal Party ... The Pirate's Ball and the White 
Rose Formal spotlight the Sigma Nu's social calendar. 


Sigma Phi Epsilon 

Red is the color! , . . The Sigma Phi Epsilons display their choice 
of color with a red roofed house bordered with red shutters and 
opened with a red dcor . . . The color also seems to appear on many 
committees and clubs as their attire is accented by a red vest . . . 
But wild as their choice of colors may be — the Sigma Phi Epsilon's 
record is such that they are a byword on campus for dependability 
. . . Their showing at the blood drive . . . the winning float at 
homecoming . . . their sweetheart chosen as homecoming queen . . . 
shows that the red men of College Park are always in the midst of 
campus activity. 

SIGMA PHI EPSILON - FIRST ROW: D. Holt, R. Murdoch, D. Judy, J. 
Axley, treasurer; D. Arthur, president; C. Stoner, vice-president; L. 
Repass, secretary; B. Tucker, D. Coyelli. SECOND ROW: J. Comstock, W. 
Sengstock, D. Worrall, J. Dunbar, S. Wittmann, F. Shearer, J. Toggort, 

I. Mandukich, A. Fox. THIRD ROW: J. Emery, J, Solvo, W. Bell, G. Orton, 
D. Thompson, B. Buell, D. Hardesty, G. Bell, J. Anderson. FOURTH ROW: 
R. Deffinbaugh, G. Clarke, J. Armstrong, R. Easmann, J. Leimonis, W, 
Munson, J. lams. 

; S 



ir v V ■ '^ ^V^ ^"•^ ^ ^ w- I 



l #' 





SIGMA PI — FIRST ROW: y Peckhom, P. McCobe, Treas.; W. Davis, Pres.; A. deLange, R. Boyle, P. Kane, 
J. Kane, Sec; G. Buggi, V. Pres.; G. Martin, B. Mclntire. 

Sigma Pi 

"If you can't pass, build a hof-rod" . . . That's the favorite 
saying around the Sigma Pi house . . . They are especially 
proud of their new parking lot . . . perhaps, for the hot- 
rods they are constantly working on . . . The latest fad 
is European travel — recommended to all! . . . Parties . . . 
parties ... all through the year — accented by the 
Orchid Boll in the spring ... A touch of humor was added 
by the pledge class as one of the pledges completed his 
paddle — up-side down! . . . The Sigma Pi house is well 
guarded by Champ, a stately German police dog whose 
master is unknown. 


Tau Epsilon Phi 

Look who's bock! . . . Yes, the TEPs are bock on campus . . . 
But did they really leave? ... No one will deny that 
they were with us at the IFC Sing . . . TEP pledges set an 
early pace as three members won Freshman Class offices 
. . . The brothers are out for blood too — at least in 
the campus wide blood drive which they sponsor . . , Besides 
varsity sports representation, their traditionally strong 
intramural teams were runners-up in basketball and volley- 
ball . . . Social calendar is full of many weekend parties 
. . . Annual Carolina trip is highlight of the year. 

TAU EPSILON PHI - FIRST ROW: E. Morgansteil, S. White, Pledge 
Warden; L. Kaplan, Scribe; Mrs. Carroll, Housemother; C. Sandler, Chan.; 
G. Leon, Trees.; J. Sidle, Board of Gov.; J. Forster. SECOND ROW: M. 

Krowgord, H. Diener, M. Long, B^ Solgonik, W. Stone, M. Hendler, B. Brit- 
ton, N. Posner. THIRD ROW: R. Offln, L. Stolberg. T. Lomden, S. Switzen- 
boum, R. Sipahn, H. Spector, J Shor, B HofFmon, D. Sogal. 

'/ t 

§' 1 

1/ \ 

f t 

^ If It ^ttr 




TAU KAPPA EPSILON — FIRST ROW: R. Grudziecki, J. Murphy, A. Reeves, 
M Benkert, V. Pres.; D, Bindok, Pres.; C. Eockles, Sec; E. Handler, V. 
Colder, J. Apostol, Treas. SECOND ROW: W. Mann, A. Clessuras, D. Mill- 
houser, D. Staufenberger, D. Brown, F. de Luna, R. Bowie, R. Leimonn, J. 
Coscino. THIRD ROW: W. Johnson, D. Fisher, C. Brady, J. Smelser, I. Hee- 

mann, K. Groshon, J. Hunsicker, W. Soeoce, J. Moore. FOURTH ROW: E. 
Sommerfield, R. Ferguson, J. Herbert, B. McGilvery, T. Hess, D. Yankowski, 
G. Elder, J. Olszewski. FIFTH ROW: W. Foody, R. Rush, R. Shaflrey, E. 
Stickell, C. Regnier, G. Crouse, C. Wochsmuth, J. Parker, J. Trudcon, B. 

Tau Kappa Epsilon 

Who has that grand old victory bell? . . . Who owns that famous 
dog Ralph, who has managed to attend every class on campus? 
. . . The TKE's do! . . . Especially noted for their achievements in 
interfroternity sports . . . The touch fcotboii championship is theirs for 
the third consecutive year . . . winners in softball last spring . . . 
received the all-team sports award . . . TKE has also contributed 
many players to Maryland's varsity teams ... An annual Christmas 
party is given for orphans by the TKE's and a girl's dorm . . . The 
pledges do their share by painting and repairing needy homes . . . 
Typical of social spirit is the TKE Gambling party with costumes and 
theme of the Roaring Twenties. 


Theta Chi 

Sleeping through exams is traditional at the Theto Chi House . . . 
But they manage to stay awake long enough to excell in various 
activities ... In interfroternity sports, they are consistently close in the 
competition . . . Members excell in activities such as tne LOciObse 
team . . . chairman of Rush Forum . . . Co-chairman of Greek Week. 
. . . The French party in the spring — Barnyard Stomp in the fall, add 
highlights to their social calendar . . . Keeping watch at all hours is 
Shelly, their friendly collie, who enjoys his home in their beautifully 
remodeled house. 

THETA CHI - FIRST ROVV: T. Kleis, D. Davies, R. Cahill, treasurer; J. 
Bigelow, president; Mrs. Mildred Richards, housemother; J. Randolph, 
vice-president; J. Bunyon, secretary; J. Merrill; R. Wright. SECOND ROW: 

D. Wilson, E. Bowers, P. Beatty, V. Ferraris, J. Pendergraph, J. Cotterton, 

E. Staples, J. Klein, J. Tepper. THIRD ROW: J. Tisclenger, W. Wilson, R. 
Kidwell, W. Glockler, D. Kent, R. Turner, M. Lewis, T. Hughes, D. Walker. 

^ - rt 

f w 

■ )■ 

1? flit 





ZETA BETA TAU - FIRST ROW: S. Shapiro, P. Tucker, B. Meringoff, His- 
torian; L. Pittler, Pres.; Mrs. Agnes Cook, Housemother; J. Haas, V. Pres.; 
R. Schoftel, Sec; H. Goldflnger, SECOND ROW: S Salup. H. Silverman, 
A. Freidson, C. Asken, S. Rohd, B. Jensky, B. Sachs. THIRD ROW: M. Saru- 
bin, B. Amernick, A. Asroel, A. Alperstein, A. Mason, S. Berman, J. Goff- 


man, C. Silbiger, B. Denenberg, R. Michel. FOURTH ROW: A. Kaplan, S. 
Abrams, P. Gallant, L. Kramer, R. Flax, B. Silberg, H. Cordin, S. Bartz. 
FIFTH ROW: R. Weiner, L. Levitt, B. Stern, R. Sher, M. Kaliner, R, Mark, D. 
Taback, H. Kaplan, S. Overbeck. 

Zeta Beta Tau 

Activities need leaders and the Zeto Beta Taus meet the demand 
— IFC president . . . Greek Week chairman . . . Old Line party 
president . . . Homecoming chairman, just to note a few . . . Mention 
any intramural sport and the ZBT's are ready . . . Basketball found 
them taking first place in their division . . . bikes and bridge! ... An 
odd combination ... But not to the ZBT's who sponsor both the 
bridge tournament and the Greek Week bike race . . . Sports cars 
prove to be the favorite at the white mansion on Knox Road — ZBT's 
captured first place in Greekono . . . Although the Zebes didn't 
place in Harmony Hall, they certainly livened up the show! 





Campus Life . . . 

as seen from the viewpoint 

of the Doydodger. 

First of all — the problem of parking, 

the mad dash 

for coffee . . . 

or to class 

Lunch at the Student Union 

or out of a machine . . . 

Meeting the carpool at 4 o'clock 

or maybe 5. 

Dinner at home 

Then . . . trying to fit in studies 

with family routine. 


Student Union Cafeteria and Lounges 

Daydodger Den — 

University Commuters Club . . . 

Home away from home for tfie 

Daydodger . 


with sinking heart — 

Parking Lot B - full 

ot 7:55 in the morning . . . ! 

Or, realizing 

when it's much too late — 

that a project, book or lunch 

can't be found 

in that empty locker. 


Another joy 

for the Doydodger — 

sprinting up the hill 


c student union hamburger. 


delighting in another 

Mocke machine meal . . . 

During that 

hour or two break 


con be found 

seeking a quiet place, 


sprinkled across the campus 


the S. U. lounge — 

the library — 

the Central Auditorium. 



Associate Editor — Janice Montgomery 

Senior Copy — Francis Horowifz 
Senior Picture — Carolyn Grabowski 
Senior Layout — Virginia Held 






Just think back awhile 

to our freshman year . . . 

Remember the first day — 

your dink? 

your name card? 

your first registration — 

long lines, confused faces, 

that wonderful feeling 

when you staggered out 

a "Fullfledged Freshman!" 

Remember . . . 

freshman elections. 

Tip, Barry, Joffe, 

and the rest of the gang? 

And the prom 

they gave us? 


our freshman year . . . 

a year to remember, 

and one 

I'll never forget. 

. . . John Hagedorn 








what I remember most 

about our sophomore 

year — 

the carryover of 

enthusiasm from the 

freshman year 

to a new life 

as a sophomore . . . 

the sophomore prom, 

the cheers and 

happiness when 

June Lee Walker 

was crowned queen 

of the sophomore 

class . . . 

the carnival with 

all the class 

turning out en masse . . . 

the casualties, 

both academic and 

personal . . . 

the remaining class 

members grouping 

closer together . . . 

and the many 

happy times which 

have a place in the 

memories of college life. 

. . . Buck Griswold 



' 1^1 Ifil III 



jj^"'*"' !7V^^A«>X'/JUJKW>"iJ^J'ilf&'^ 

Our junior prom, 

in a whirl of snow, 

couples floating 

to the music of 

Lionel Hampton, 

Miss Maryland (Phyllis Lever) 

crowned, with a dazzling 

smile . . . 

a peaceful May afternoon, 

the traditional class dances, 

outstanding women 


and the delighted squeals 

of the new Mortar Board tappees . . . 


we will remember. 

. . . Kris Stroebing 


After four years of striving 

for graduation, 

for our degree, 

we don't want to leave 

after all . . . 

when we look back 

at the hard times 

we can laugh — 


'though they weren't 

funny at the time. 

But our memories . . . 

of the campus, 

of political conventions, 

of the Senior Class Presents — 

Jonathan Winters, 

Chris Connor, and 

Les Elgart at the prom . . . 

will always 

linger with us. 

. . . LeRoy Dietrich 





ABBOTT, EDWARD A., Rockville; A&S, B.A , Geog. - reiT . 
ABRAMSON, CYNTHIA JEAN, Alexondria, Vo.; Ed., B.S., Sponish — AE* 
assist, treos.; 'I'K'I' ; SNEA; Deon's List; Chopel Choir,- Bridol Foir; MtxJern 
Dance accompanist; Flying Follies. 

ADAMS, JOE C, Cheverly; BPA, B.S., Public Relotions — A2X, treos.,- "Ex- 
pression," mong. ed., bus. mgr. 

ADEIMAN, MILTON, Boltimore; BPA, B.S., Mkting — *2;A , hist.; Intrornurols, 
horseshoe champ.; Mkting. Club; S.A.M.; Propeller Club. 

ADIUNG, JUDITH ANN, Washington, DC; Home Ec, B.S., Proc. Art — 
.\A ; Angel Flight; "M Book"; Soph. Queen, runner-up; Flying Club. 
AKIN, WILLIAM E., Hyottsville; A&S, B.A., Hist. 

AKMAN, BARBARA LEE, Silver Spring; A&S, B.S., Micro. — ilAO, treos. 
ALLEN, BARRY M., Belhesda; BPA, B.A., Journ. - <I>AE ; i;AX ; "Diamond- 
back," mang. ed., columnist, ed. assist.; "Old Line," ossoc. ed., contrib. ed.; 
WMUC; Fresh. Class, v. p.; FOB; Operations & Controls Comm. 

ALLEN, ROBERT C, Mt. Ranier; BPA, BS., Marketing. 

ALLULIS, GEORGE CARROLL, Catonsville; A&S, B.A., Hist. - Newmon Club. 
ALPHER, ElLIOn JOEL, Takoma Park; A&S, B.S., Zool. - AEII. 
ALTSCHULL, ALLAN N., Baltimore; A&S, B.A., Psych. - ZBT; School Bond; 
"Diamondback"; Cheerleoder; Intrornurols; Homecoming Comm. 

AMICK, JR., GROVER S., Arlington, Va.; Engr., B.S., Elec. Engr. — AIEE; IRE. 
ANADALE, JR., GEORGE A., Hyottsville; Engr., B.S., Civil Engr. — ASCE. 
ANDERSON, JEANNIE, Silver Spring; A&S, B.A., German — r+B, rec. sec'y.; 
AWS, Chm. Leodership Workshop; Free Sfote Party; "Diamondback," copy 
ed., columnist, news ed.; "M Book," sec. ed.; Women's Chorus; Campus 
Chest, pub.; Daydodger Big Sister. 

ANDERSON, JUDITH GLEN, Silver Spring; A&S, B.A., Speech Therapy - AOM ; 
'i'X; i.\H; Aqualiners; Daydodger Big Sister; AWS, Orphans Parly. 

What I rempmber most rih'^nt thi= rlns^ of '61 

r\ r^ (^ ^ 


- r 

ANDERSON, KAREN, Silver Spring; Ed., B.S., Childhood Ed. — AAA ; 

Cheerleader; Angel Flight; Military Ball Queen, 1st runner up; Military Boll 

Chm.; AWS Bridal Fair, cotering chm.; IFC Sing, chm.; SNEA; Fr. Prom 

Queen, 1st runner up. 

ANDREONE, JOSEPH C, Baltimore; Phys. Ed., B.S., Phys. Ed. — Intramural, 

pres.; Fr. Wrestling; Fr. Baseball; Varsity Boseball; M. Club. 

ANNUNZIATA, ANNE, Nework, N.J.; A&S, B.A., French - Nev^mon Club: 

Newman Choir; Chapel Choir; French Club. 

ANTHIS, WILLIAM, Greenbelt; Engr., B.S., Elec. Engr. - *Hi: ; HKN; TBII : 


APPLEBY, DIANE ELIZABETH, Silver Spring; A&S, B.A., Criminology - AOII ; 
sec'y; Angel Flight; Soph Carnival; "Terrapin"; Soph Prom; Job Placement 


APPLEFELD, LINDA M, Baltimore; Ed., B.A., Childhood — AE* , pres., hist.; 

WRA, rep.; Intramurolv Diamond; SNEA. 

AQUILINA, MAJOR RAYMOND F., Ft. Meodc; U.C, B.S., Militory Science — 

Dean's List. 

ARENGO, LOLITA, Baltimore; Ed., B.A., French. 

ARNBERG, LT COL WILBFRT H., Alameda. Calif.; U.C, MS., Mililory Studies. 

ARTHUR, KENNETH DONALD, Hyottsville; BPA, B.S., Marketing - i:4'E , 

prts., v. p.; FOB, chm , Sr, Class Leg.; S.A.M.; Marketing Club; Campus Chest; 

Organizations & Control Comm.; Homecoming Comm. 

AHLEY, GORDON DOUGLAS. Silver Spring; A&S, B.S., Geog. 

ASHMAN, HINDA, Baltimore; Ed., B.A., Eng. - Aquoliners; Hillel, choir dir.; 

Dorm Big Sister; FOB; Fr. Doy, pub. 


ASHMAN, ROBERT EDWARD Hyattsville; BPA, B.S., Accounting. 
ATKINSON, HUGH, College Pork; U.C, B.S., Military Science. 
ATWELL, JR., TILDEN O., Annapolis; A&S, B.A., English. 
ATWILL, LEONARD W., Hyattsville; A&S, B.S., G&P. 

AXLEY, JR., JOHN HAROLD, Silver Spring; A&S, B.S., Micro. — 2<1>E, compt.; 

KK*; SAO; Univ. Band; Soccer Team; M Club; ROTC Bond. 

BACON, ROBERT N., Baltimore; Engr., B.S., Elec. Engr. - Newman Club; 

RMA; IRE; AIEE; Dorm House Rules Comm. 

BAILEY, JR., JOHN D., Leonardtown; Agri., B.A., Agronomy — Agronomy 

Club; Newman Club. 

BAILEY, ROBERT H., Princess Anne; Agri., B.S., Food Tech. 

BAKER, NINA ALEXANDRA, Washington, DC; A&S, B.A., Eng. - AE<J>; Fly- 
ing Follies, sec'y; "I am a Camera," osst. dir,; Thespian Soc; Chimes. 
BAKER, RICHARD C, Allentown, Pa.; Phys. Ed., B.S., Phys. Ed. - Varsity Wres- 
tling, ACC Champion; M Club, coordinotor; Intromurol Council, v. p. 
BAKER, WILLIAM AARON, Silver Spring; BPA, B.S., G&P. 
BALENGER, JOHN W., Greenbelt; Engr., B.S.. Mech. Engr. 

«*■*• W S»^ "^ ^ 


"the good ole Maryland mud on mall freshman year" . . . Nan Owens 

BALLARD, LOWELL DOUGLAS, Baltimore; Engr., B.S., Mech. Engr. - SAE; 

ASME; WMUC; Radio Club. 

BALLENGER, REGINA M., Baltimore; A&S, B.A., G&P - <1>2A; Dorm, Jud. 

Board, Exec Council, pres.; AWS, Regional Conv.; Placement Library. 

BANDEL, DONALD MARTIN, Ellicott City; Agri., B.S., Gen. Agri. - AZ; FFA; 

4-H Club; Agri. Student Council; Col-O-Ag, reporter. 

BARCELLA, ANDREA L., Bethesda; Home Ec, B.S., Tex. Clo. - Newmon Club; 

Home Ec. Club; Angel Flight; Dorm Exec. Council; Homecoming Queen, finol- 

ist; Soph Prom Queen, 1st runner up. 


BAREFORD, RYLAND GILBERT, Arbutus; Phys. Ed., B.S., Phys. Ed, 

BARKER, PHILIP J., Havre de Grace; BPA, B.S., Ins. & Rl. Est. - Dean's List; 

Baseball Team. 

BARKLEY, JOAN M., College Pork; Home Ec, B.S., Ed. - AXO; Home Ec, 


BARKLEY, MAURICE CLELLAND, College Park; A&S, B.A., Speech - Vanden- 

berg Guard; Men's Chorus; WMUC. 

BARLOW, CAPT. GLEN H., Mobile, Ala.; UC, B.S., Military Science. 

BARNHART, DORIS EILEEN, Monchester; Ed,, B,S., Secretarial Ed. 

BARR, ANDREW G., Washington. DC, Engr., B.S., Elec. Enqr. - AIEE; IRE 

BARR, EDWARD EARL, Washington, D.C.; Engr,, B.S., Elec. Engr. — AIEE; IRE, 
BARTOLEC, THOMAS ANDREW, Edgewood; BPA, B,S., Ind. Mongt, - AZn ; 
SAM; Golf Team; M Club; ACC Athletic Honor Roll; Newman Club; "Diamond- 

BATCHELDER, ROBERT A., Hyattsville; A&S, B.A., Hist. - Elections, Bridge 
BATES, JAMES MARSHALL, Bethesda, A&S, B,A,, Am, Civ. - ATA . 

.3 91 

BATEY, CAPT. THOMAS O., Washington, DC; U.C, B.S., Military Science. 
BAUMAN, MAJOR GEORGE F., Silver Spring; U.C, B.S., Militotv Science. 
BAUMGARTEN, GEORGE PAUL, Hyottsville; Engr., B.S., Mech. Engr. — ASME; 
Chapel Choir; Men's Glee Club. 

BEAHM, JR., THEODORE EDWARD, Chevy Chose; SPA, B.S., Public Rel. - SAE; 
i;^X ; SAM; Am. Public Rel. Assoc, pres.; Intromurols. 

BEARD, H. RICHARD, Bethesdo; A&S, B.S., Chem. -AX2. 

BEAUCHAMP, BETTY, Union City, Tenn.; A&S, B.A.. Soc. — .\An , v. p.; Pep 

Club; Wesley Foundation; Art Club. 

BECKER, BRADLEY W., Beltsville; BPA, B.S., Ind. Mong. - JiTA ; AA2 , v.p.; 

OAK ; SGA, treos.; Soph. Class, v.p.; Kolegothos, treos.; FOB, freos.; SAM, 


BEERS, THOMAS B., Elklon; BPA, B.S., Trans. — Nev^mon Club; ANA; SAM; 

Propeller Club. 

BEHNKE, ROLAND F., Beltsville; U.C, B.A., Hist. — Rifle Team; Flying Club. 

BELEJCHAK, GEORGE JOHN, Cheverly; A&S, B.S., Psych. — Vondenberg 

Guard; Newman Club. 

BELFORD, BARRY G., Boltimore; Engr., B.S., Civil Engr. — ASCE; Intromurols. 

BELL, NANCY CAMIILE, Hyattsville; Home Ec, B.A., Pr. Art - AWS, Pub 


'Remember how the stadium was packed at the N.C. — Md. football game 
the game the Queen of England attended?" . . . Pat Hershberger 

BEILINGHAM, ANDREW BUHERFIEL, Baltimore; Agri., B.S., Agri. Econ. Mar- 
keting — Pre Vet. Club; Dorm, pres.; RMA; Channing Fellowship; Intramural 
Sports; Agri. Econ. Club. 

BELTRAME, THOMAS FELICE, Gwinn, Mich.; A&S, B.S., Zool. 
BEMAN, JAMES A., Silver Spring; A&S, B.A., Psych. 
BENJAMIN, HARRYETTE, Baltimore; Ed., B.S., Childhood Ed. 

BENNETT, JAMES G., Hyattsville; Engr., B.S., Elec. Engr. - AIEE; IRE. 

BENNETT, MARIAN ELLEN, Silver Spring; A&S, B.A., Sp. & Drama — AOII , 

sec'y; 'I'K't' ; Univ. Theatre; Lob Theatre; Flying Follies; Old Line Party, del.; 

WRA Intromurols. 

BERENHOLTZ, CHARLOHE, Baltimore; Ed., B.A., Childhood Ed. - A+E , 

pledge mistress; Ponhellenic Council; Hillel; SEANYS. 

BERGER, DEBORAH, Silver Spring; Ed., B.S., Elem. Ed. 

BERGER, PAUL, Boltimore; Ed., B.S., Ed. (or Ind. — S.A.M.; lEA. 

BERGER, RAYMOND H., Boltimore; BPA, B.S., Accounting - ASfl ; BA+; 

FOB; Accounting Club; Chapel Choir; Dorm, pres.; Veterans Club; Young 

Democ.; Lutheran Student Assoc. 

BERGFALK, MYRNA LEE, Silver Spring; A&S, B.S., Soc. — KA Soc. Club. 

BERLIN, MARVIN N„ Boltimore; BPA, B.S., Accounting - TE+; FOB, Sub. 

chm.; Intromurols. 

BERLIN, STUART ERNEST, Silver Spring; Engr., B.S., Elec. Engr. 
BERMAN, ARNOLD I., Boltimore; Ed., B.S., Ed. for Ind. - TE* ; SAM; Psych. 
Club; Intramural Sports; Weightlifling Club. 

BERMAN, IRIS J., Silver Spring; Ed., B.S., Childhood Ed. - A<I>E, pres.; Dia- 
mond; May Day, comm. chm.; Dorm, hist.; Hillel; SNEA, 

BERNEY, STUART R., Baltimore; BPA, B.S.. Finonce - TE+ IFC Intromurols; 
Base boll. 



BESSEHE, MAUREEN C, Cranston, R.I.; A&S, B.A., Soc. — Newman Club; 
Dorm, council, intramurals, cult, chm., fire marshal; Soc. Club; AWS. 
BEST, CHARLES L., Washington, D.C.; BPA, B.S., Accounting — Accounting 

BETHON, GLORIA DOLORES, Washington, D.C.; A&S, B.A., Psych. — 2K, sch. 
chm.; Newman Club; Ski Club; Psych. Club. 

BETTY, DALE ANTHONY, Butler, Pa.; Engr., B.S., Met. Engr. - SAE; ODK; 
Dorm, pres., v.p.; Newman Club; ASM; M Club; Varsity Football; All Am., Hon- 
orable mention; Blue Gray All Star Game; ACC Conf., 2nd Team; A.V. Wil- 
liams Award. 

BIGELOW, JOHN WILLIAMS, Washington, DC; A&S, B.S., Psych. - 0X, v.p., 
social chm., rush chm.; IFC; Old Line, rep.; Busboy's Union; Basketball. 
BIGLER, JR., WILLIAM E., Beltsville; Engr., B.S., Elec. Engr. - BKN; AIEE; IRE. 
BILLINGSLEY, LANCE W., Woshington, D.C.; A&S, B.A., Econ. - <t>2K; SGA, 
leg., asst. speaker; Sr. Class, exec council; "Sr. Class Presents," chm.; FOB; 
Varsity Soccer; A&S Sr. Council; Fac. Stu. Pub. & Communications Comm. 
BINCH, WILLIAM B., Hyottsville; Ed., B.S., Ed. for Ind. - <i>2K , v.p., sociol 
chm., rush chm., pledge trainer; IFC; FOB; Intramurals. 

BINDOK, DONALD EDWARD, Baltimore; Ed., B.S., Ed. for Ind. - IKE, pres., 
pledge trainer, social chm.; Newman Club; SAM; lEA; Intramurals, All Star. 
BIRKMEYER, RICHARD EVANS, Baltimore; BPA, B.A., Pub. Relations - <t>A6 ; 
"Diamondbock"; Intramurals. 

BLACK, JR., ROBERT EDWARD, Trenton, N.J.; Engr., B.S., Aero. Engr. - 2X; 
IAS; ASME; Wesley Foundation; Westminister Fellowship; Intramurals. 
BLACKBURN, DAVID M., Cumberland; BPA, B.S., Econ. - Football; Univ. 

BIACKWEIL, DONALD M., Hanover; Engr., B.S., Elec. Engr. — AIEE; IRE. 
BLADES, ROBERT S., Greenbelt; Ed., B.S., Ed. for Ind. 
BLANDFORD, JR, WILLIAM W., Baltimore; BP.A., B.A., Accounting. 
BLASKOSKI, CAPT. NORMAN N., Stewart AFB, Tenn.; U.C, B.S., Military Sci- 

"What member of the Class of '61 could forget the DKE and TEP debacle?" . 

Sheila From 

BLEVINS, GEORGE RANDOLPH, Baltimore; Engr., B.S., Mech. Engr. 

BOCKMILLER, JOHN R., Baltimore; A&S, B.A., Pol. Science. 

BOGARD, PAGE SWARTZ, Silver Spring; Ed., B.A., Art - AOD , corr. sec'y, 

rush chm.; Diamond; "Terrapin," sect, ed., ossoc. ed.. Art ed. 

BOGARD, JR., WILLIAM F., Silver Spring; BPA, B.S., Trans. - AID; IFC. 

BOOTH, GEORGE RICHARD, Suitland; BPA, B.S., Pub. Relations - ATO, corr. 
sec'y. rec. sec'y, rush chm.; KAM, pres.; ZAX ; APR, sec'y; FOB; Newman 
Club; "Terrapin," sports ed., photo.; "Diamondbock"; "Old Line"; SGA, Pub. 
Rel. Comm. co-chm. 

BOOTH, JR., WILLIAM B., Comdenton; U.C, B.S., Military Science. 
BORGOS, ARDELE C, Hyottsville; A&S, B.A., Span. Lit. - SAO ; Dean's List; 
Span. Club; Newman Club; International Club, co-chm. Fiesta. 
BOUGHTER, MARGARET MAY, Baltimore; Ed., B.A., Art -AilA, sch. chm., so- 
cial chm.; Diamond; Panhellenic Council, sch. chm., public rel. comm.; Aquolin- 
ers; "M Book"; SGA, pep comm.; Soph Carnival, decorations chm. 

BOWEN, MAJOR RALPH E., Triangle, Vo.; U.C, B.S., Military Science - SAE. 

BOX, DONALD, Glen Burnie; BPA, B.S., Marketing - AA2 ; AMA; Civil War 


BOYD, GERTRUDE, College Park; Ed., B.S., Elem. Ed. - "Diamondbock"; 


BOYER, FRANK G. J., Greenbelt; Engr., B.S., Chem. Engr. - AX2 ; AlCE; Am. 

Chem. Soc; Newman Club. 



BOYER, ROBERT D., Chevy Chose,- A&S, B.A., Eng. - AX A, sec'y; Univ. Thea- 
tre,- "Diamondback," columnist. 

BOYER, WILLIAM R., Chevy Chose, A&S, B.A., Hist. -AXA, treos., pledge 
troiner; Fr. -Soccer; "Diamondback," columnist,- Harmony Hall, 1st ploce; Wesley 
Foundation; Young Repub. Club. 

BRACKEN, RICHARD TOWNEND, Baltimore; Engr., B.S., Elec. Engr. — TBIl , 
Sociol chm.; HKN, sec'y, initi. chm.; Res. Asst.; AIEE; IRE; Intramurols. 
BRADFORD, JEAN CAROLE, Chevy Chase; Ed., B.A., Elem. Ed. - AP ; SNEA; 
"Terropin"; WRA Intramurols. 

BRADLEY, DALE, Landover; Engr., B.S., Aero. Engr. 

BRANCH, JOHN W., Takomo Park; A&S, B.S., Micro. - SAO , v. p.; A<f>n 

KK*; Band. 

BRANDON, RONALD A., Takoma Pork; Agri., B.S., Crops. 

BRANDT, ALAN BARRY, Hyottsville; BPA, B.A., G&P — AXA, v. p.; *H2 

nSA ; Young Democ.; IFC, sch, comm. 

BRANDT, JUDITH ANNE, Hyattsville; A&S, B.A., Eng. — Chapel Choir; Young 
Democ. Club, 

BRANNAN, FRANCIS JENNESS, Mt, Rainier; BPA, B.S., Trans. - ANA, pres.; 
S.A.M.; Newman Club; Propeller Club, pres. 

BRANNAN, MELISSA ANNE, Mt. Roinier; Ed., B.S., Childhood - 2K ; Cheer- 
leader; Colorguord; FOB; Newman Club. 
BRANNOCK, N. FRED, Cambridge; Engr., B.S., Chem. Engr. - AICE, pres. 

BRANT, ROBERT E., Foils Church, Va.; U.C, B.S., Military Science. 
BRAUNGART, RICHARD GOTTFRIED, Cotonsville; A&S, B.A., Sec. -TKE; New- 
man Club. 

BRAVERMAN, SARA LEE, Baltimore; A&S, B.A., Fine Arts - Big Sister; Stud. 
Counselor; "D" Club. 

BRENNEMAN, EUGENE W., Grantsville; Agri., B.S., Ed. 
Chapel Choir; Ag Council, rep. for Col-O-Ag. 

AZ, sec'y; FFA; 

All 4ife«r ^ 


BRENNER, SUE, Harrisburg, Po.; Ed., B.S., Childhood Ed. - AE, v.p.; Diamond, 

v.p.; Ponhellenic Council; WRA, bowling tourn. chm.; SNEA. 

BRIAN, VIRGINIA SOWELL, Greenbelt; Ed., B.S., Elem. Ed. - Boptist Student 

Union; SNEA. 

BRIELE, JERRY C, Salisbury; BPA, B.S., Accounting — Accounting Club; Dorm, 

treas.; Intramurols. 

BROGAN, CONLIN R., Elizabeth, N.J.; A&S, B.A., Soc. - SN; Newman Club; 

Young Democ. Club; Intramurols. 

BROS, PETER K., Silver Spring; A&S, B.A., Eng. 

BROWN, BARBARA ALICE, Frederick; A&S, B.A., Hist. — ATA , trees., chap- 
loin; TBX ; <l'.\9 ; -frK*; Diamond; Campus Jud. Boord; uorm Jud. Board, 
chm.; Bond; Moy Day, Invi. chm.; Jr. Usher; "Terrapin," sect, ed.; Free State 
Party; AWS, big sister, academic boord; Md. Christian Fellowship, sec'y. 
BROWN, III, EMORY LOUIS, Baltimore; Engr., B.S., Mech. Engr. - SAE, pres.; 
Vnrsity Track; Varsity Cross Country; "Terrapin," sect, ed.; M Club. 
BROWN, GEORGE R.. College Pork; BPA, B.S,, Trans. 

BROWN, ROGER D., Jamesburg, N.J.; BPA, B.S,, Accounting — Accounting 


BROWN, SHELDON W., Brookeville; BPA, B.S.. Econ. - KA, Minstrel Show. 

BRULl, ROBERT, Baltimore; A&S, B.S., Chem, - Am. Chem Soc; Weightlifting 


BRUMFIELD, CARL W., Ft Bronch, Ind.; Engr., B.S,, Mech. Engr. 


BRYAN, BETTIE, Baltimore; Ed., B.A., Secretarial Ed. -2K; AWS, big sister,- 

Newman Club; Aqualiners; Ski Club. 

BUSES, LARRY MICHAEL, Takoma Park; Phys. Ed., B.S., Phys. Ed. - Modern 

Donee Club; Univ. Theatre; Intromurals. 

BUCHANAN, lEWIS S., Wcshington, DC; BPA, B.S., Pers. Adm. - 2N, pres. 

BUCHMAN, DAVID THOMAS, Hyottsville; Agri., B.S., Dairy Husb. - AZ; Ag. 

Council; Dairy Science Club; Block & Bridle Club. 

BUCKNER, DORIS G., Washington, DC; A&S, B.A., Span, - Span. Club; Fren. 

Club; Phil. Club. 

BUCKWALTER, ROY R., Glen Burnie; U.C, B.S., Military Science. 

BUGATCH, ESTHER LYNN, Baltimore; A&S. B.A., Eng. - *22 ; Ponhellenic 

Council, corr. sec'y; May Day, entertoinment co-chm.; Hillel, sec'y Bridal Fair; 

Fr. Prom, dec. comm. 

BURDETTE, BARBARA BENSON, Rockville; Ed., B.S., Elem. Ed. - Dorm, sec'y, 

exec, council; FOB; AWS; SNEA; Flying Assoc, treas.; Baptist Student Union. 

BURKE, JOSEPH M., Silver Spring; Engr.. B.S., Elec. Engr. 

BURKE, RONALD EARL, Darlington; Ed., B.S., Moth. — Track; Gymkono Troop. 

BURNS, ROLENE ELIZABETH, Cheverly; A&S, B.A., Eng. - Angel Flight; Doy- 

dodger Big Sister. 

BURYN, LESTER H., Miami Beach, Flo.; BPA, B.S., Finonciol Mgt. - Chapel 


"I'll always remember the auditorium that was always a theater for those who 
gave their talent and energy backstage or on the boards" . . . Pat Hays 

BUSCHOLD, CAROL JANE, Cranford, N.J.; Ed., B.S., Elem. Ed. - KA , sec'y, 
chaplain; Ponhellenic Council, pres.; Diamond; Bridal Fair, sec'y; Fr. Day, co- 
chm.; Old Line Party, pub. chm.; Canterbury Club; Modern Dance Club; AWS, 
pub. chm. 

BUSHNELL, LINDA SUSAN, Hyottsville; A&S, B.A,, Eng. - AX^ , v.p.;TB2 , 
v. p., pres.; SNEA; Band; Dean's List; Daydodger Big Sister; "Terropin," art 

BUTLER, JIMMIE L., Annapolis Jet.; BPA, B.S., Accounting - BA* ; BPS ; Ac- 
counting Club. 

BUTLER, PATRICIA M., Silver Spring; A&S, B.A,, Eng. - 2K , rec. sec'y, corr. 
sec'y; Ponhellenic Council, rec. sec'y; <t>K4' ; FOB; Doydodger Big Sister; 
Housemothers Reception Comm.; Job Placement Bureau. 

BUTTS, DAVID HAMBLIN, Gaithersburg; Agri, B.S., Econ. - SAE; IFC; "Ter- 
rapin"; Student Life Comm.; Canterbury Club. 

CAHILL, RICHARD MICHAEL, Hyottsville; BPA, B.A., Accounting - eX, sociol 
chm., treas.; IFC; Newman Club; Accounting Club; Intromurals; Homecoming 
Dance, Co-chm. pub. Comm. 

CAIN, RICHARD JOHN, Baltimore; BPA, B.S., Accounting. 

CALLIS, MELINDA LOU, Baltimore; Ed,, B.S., Elem. Ed. - SNEA. 
CALLISON, C. STUART, Boonville, Mo.; BPA, B.S., Foreign Service - SAE; 
*K* ; *H2 ; OAK; "Terrapin," 1960 Ed. in Chief; Who's Who; Scobbord 
& Blade; Fac.-Sen. Publ. Board; Cent. Stud. Court Justice; Adv. AFROTC; Cross 
Country & Track Intromurals winner. 

CALYER, M. CLARK, Cornwall-on-Hudson, N.Y,; BPA, B,S., Trans. — ANA. 
CAMERON, M SGT, NORRIS ALLAN, Pittsburgh, NY.; U.C, B.A., Hist, - 
Dean's List. 

CAMERON, WILLIAM, Blodensburg; Ed., B.S., Music — Chapel Choir; Madrigals; 

Flying Follies; Protestant Service Choir Dir.; Music Ed. Nat. Conf. 

CAMPBELL, JOHN FRANKLIN, Woshington, D.C.; BPA, B,S,, Marketing - 

li'tE ; Newman Club. 

CAMPBELL, JR., ROBERT A., Washington, D.C.; Phys. Ed., B.S., Phys. Ed. - 

ATO; Intromurals; Dorm officer; Intra Frat, Athletics. 

CANNING, MICHAEL F., Greenbelt; BPA, B.S,, Pub. Relations. 


CANTER, JUDITH HELENE, N. Chevy Chose; Ed., B.S., Childhood Ed. - 
A+E , v.p.. Hist.; Young Democ. Club, sec'y; Women's Chorus; Hillel; AWS 
CAPLAN, MARJORIE A., Baltimore; A&S, B.A., Psych. — E, pres.; "Diamond- 
bock," columnist; "Old Line." 

CAPLAN, MARK K., Baltimore; BPA, B.S., Generol -ZBT, pledge moster; Soph 
Prom Comm. 

CAPLAN, STANLEY, Woshington, DC; Ed., B.S., Ed. for Ind. - TE+ ; S.A.M.; 
Intramural Boxing. 

CAPLE, CHARLES R., Finksburg; BPA, B.S. Accounting — Accounting Club. 

CAPRIO, CAROL ANN, Newark, N.J.; A&S, B.A., French — IIB* , treos.; 

Newman Club; Red Cross; Homecoming Queens Comm. 

CARLSON, II, CHARLES M., Annapolis; Ed., B.S., Ed. for Ind. — Dorm Council; 

Fr. Soccer; Vorsity Soccer. 

CARPENTER, EARL, Germonlown; A&S, B.S., Moth - IIME . 

CARR, ROBERT GEORGE, Silver Spring; BPA, B.A. Finance - S.A.M.; Bond. 
CARROLL, ROSALIE CLARE, Hyattsville; A&S, B.A., Eng. - Newmon Club. 
CARTER, CARL J., Washington, D.C.; Ed., B.A., Ed. - ZAX ; OAE; 
WMUC, news dir.; Riding Club. 

CASCINO, JOSEPH ARTHUR, Baltimore; Phys. Ed., B.S.. Phys. Ed. -TKE, 
Pledge Trainer: Intromurols. 


•» ^^ 

"I remember the campus in the different seasons, the chiming of the bells in the chapel" 
. . . Barbara Brown 

CASSIDY, EARL WILLIAM, Worwick, R.I.; U.C, B.S., Military Science. 
CASSIDY, CAPT. GERALD W., Triangle, Va.; U.C, B.S., Militory Science. 
CASSIDY, WILLIAM J., Washington, D.C., BPA, B.S., General — S.A.M.; New- 
man Club; Basketball. 

CAVIN, BETTY RUTH, Hyattsville; Ed., B.A., Eng. - KAe , sch. chm. AAA ; 
Angel Flight; Calvert Debote Society. 

CESKA, GARY, Baltimore; A&S, B.S., Chem. 

CHAKMAKIAN, PETER L., Washington, D.C.; Engr., B.S., Chem. Engr. - HX 

AICE; ACS; Bus Boy's Union; Intromurols. 

CHAN, LAI-HIM, Macoo; A&S, B.S., Physics — ZnZ 

CHAPTIONY, WALTER W., Rochester, N.Y.; U.C, B.A., Commerce. 

CHATHAM, RODNEY, Boltimore; Engr., B.S., Mech. Engr. - LIT^ ; TBI! ; 


CHILCOAT, JR., THEODORE REEDE, Baltimore; BPA, B.S., Journ. - IIAE ; 

2AX ; "Diomondback"; WMUC. 

CHIkGOn, ANTHONY NICK, Baltimore; A&S, B.A., Psych. 

CLAGETT, JOHN KNOX, Hyattsville; Phys. Ed., B.S., Phys. Ed. - Varsity Track; 

Fr. Track Coach; Arnold Air Soc, recorder; Remediol Fitness Clinic. 

CLARK, CAPT. FRANK A., Columbus, Ohio; U.C, B.S., Military Science. 

CLARK, LEE W., College Pork; A&S, B.A., Dromo — Univ. Theotre; Arena 

Theatre; Old Line Award. 

CLAUTICE, ROBERT E., Grecnbelt; A&S, B.S., Physics. 

CLAYTON, CYNTHIA DAWN, Ridge; Phys. Ed., B.S., Phys. Ed.-2TE, Dorm, 

social, chm.; WRA, rep., hondbook, co-ed bowling chm., bosketboll. Sports 

Day chm.; Canterbury Club; Professionol Club. 


f^ O 0^ i^ 





CLAYTON, NORITA R., Hyattsville; Ed., B.A., Childhood Ed. — WMUC, co- 
ordinator; Young Repub. Club, sec'y, pub. chm.; Psych. Club; Newman Club, 
Foreign Students Comm. chm. 

CLEAVER, HARRY EDWARD, Wheaton; Engr,, B.S., Elec. Engr. 
CLISHAM, WILLIAM T., Hyottsville; BPA, B.S., Accounting — ASH 
COAKLEY, JAMES R., Havre de Grace; A&S, B.S., Micro. — SAO . 

COBURN, RICHARD FORREST, Baltimore, BPA, B.S., Journ. — SAX ; 

nZA ; "Diamondback"; Econ. Disc. Club. 

COCKEY, CHARLES, W. Friendship; BPA, B.S., Pub. Relotions. 

CODDINGTON, A. LOUISE, Friendsville; BPA, B.S., Exec. Sec. — KAd ; 

4>K4> ; <t'XQ , pres.. Alumni Scholarship; BrS ; Angel Flight; Dorm, 

v.p., Fr. counselor; May Day, outstanding Jr.; Not. Sec. Assoc. Scholarship. 

CODIRENZI, MICHAEL JOHN, W. Hyottsville; Ed. B.S., Soc. St. - Newman 


COGAR, JR., FENTON P., Greenbelt; BPA, B.S. Accounting - ATA ; Chapel 

Choir; Wesley Foundation. 

COGHILL, CAROLLYN ANN, Salisbury; Ed., B.A., Eng. - AOR ; Dean's List; 

Chapel Choir; Miss Mont. Hall, finalist. 

COLAVITA, FRANCIS B., Arlington, Va.; A&S, B.A., Psych. - M Club; Varsity 

Track; Varsity Cross Country. 

COLBATH, CAPT. THOMAS N., Austin, Texas; U.C, B.S., Military Science. 

COLBURN, THEODORE R., Washington, D.C.; Engr., B.S., Elec. Engr. - HKN; 

COLE, G. GRAFTON, Baltimore; A&S, B.S., Physics - NSF Undergrad Research 

COLE, HARRY C, Chevy Chose; A&S, B.A., Eng. - AXA , v.p.; Wesley Foun- 

COLE, PHILLIP ALLEN, Hopkins, Minn; A&S, B.A., G&P - K, sec'y; FOB; Fr. 
Football; Intramurals. 

"I'll always remember May Day, especially May Day 1959, when the sunshine turned to 
rain, shirts bellowed in the wind and the crown scurried across the mall." . . . Carol 


COLE, RICHARD G., Chevy Chose; A&S, B.A., Hist. - AXA, ritualist, steward; 
Harmony Hall, Ist place quartet. 

COLLIGAN, FRANKLYN WILLIAM, Baltimore; A&S, B.S., Micro. — Newman 
Club; Intramurals; Dorm, social chm.. House Rules. 

COLWILL, ELEANOR GOULD, Baltimore; A&S, B.A., Psych. -KA ; Angel 
Flight; Hormony Hall; WRA, Intramurals; Miss Maryland Contestant; "Diamond- 
back," copy ed. 
COMPTON, PETER A., Hyottsville; A&S, B.S., Physics - 2112 

CONKLIN, JAMES E., Silver Spring; A&S, B.S., Physics. 

CONLEY, HENRY HALL, Hagerstown; Agri., B.S. Dairy — Intramurals; Inter. 
Relations Club; Vondenberg Guard; Outdoor Club. 

CONWAY, AUSTIN L., North East; BPA, B.S., Pub. Relations - AKE , v.p., 
social chm.; ASX ; IFC; APRA; S.A.M.; Intramurals; "Diamondback"; New- 
man Club; Veterans Club; Econ. Club. 
COOK, A. DOUGLAS, Frostburg; Ed., B.A., Hist. — ATfi ; RMA; Dorm, pres. 

COOLEY, GERALD L., Chevy Chase; Engr.. B.S., Elec. Engr. - HKN; TBH ; 


COONEY, MARYELLEN, W. Hyottsville; A&S, B.A., Phil. - OB* ; Phil. Club. 

COOPER, PHYLLIS L., Poolesville; phys. Ed., B.S., Phys. Ed. — Aquoliners; 

Gymkana Troupe; WRA; Bridal Fair; Women's Prof. Club — AWS. 

COPELAND, JOSEPH P., Baltimore; Engr., B.S., Chem. Engr. AX, sec'y; 

S.A.M.; AICE. 


Q r> o p 

CORBIN, MARJORIE LYNN, College Pork, Home Ec, B.S., Tex. & Clo. - 
placement rep., "M Book"; Doydodger Big Sister; Horne Econ. Club. 
CORCORAN, CLEMENT T., Washington, D.C.; U.C, B.S., Militory Service. 
CORMENY, JON M., Washington, D.C.; A&S, B.A., Eng. 
CORRADO, ANTHONY M., Silver Spring; A&S, B.S., Physics - SOS 


COSIMANO, JOSEPH J., District Heights; BPA, B.A., Trans. 
COSNER, JERRY A., Bel Air; Engr., B.S., Elec. Engr. 
COUCH, LEONARD, Atlanta, Georgia; U.C, B.A., Hist. 
COURTNEY, JAMES ?., St. Clements; Ed., B.S., Ed for Ind. 

A.M.; Radio 

CRABILL, JACK ALDEN, Greenbelt; Ed., B.S., Science. 

CRAMER, STEPHEN DOUGLAS, College Pork; Engr., B.S., Chem. Engr. — 

<t>Ae ; TBn V.P.; AICE, sec'y; Am. Chem. Soc; David A. Berman Award. 

CRANE, DEL ROY, Baltimore; Engr., B.S., Elec. Engr. - IRE; House Rules & Sch. 


CRAUN, MARY ANNE, Posadeno; Phys. Ed., B.S., Phys. Therapy — Phys. 

Therapy Club. 

CRAWFORD, CHARLES L., Silver Spring; Engr., B.S., Civil Engr. - ASCE; 

Arnold Air Soc; Pershing Rifles; Scabbard & Blade. 

CRAWFORD, ROGER F., Lutherville; BPA, B.A., Pub. Relations — ATS2 , pledge 

moster; KAM, sec'y; i;AX ; IFC, v. p., treos.; Old Line Party, pres.; Kalege- 

thos; Homecoming, chm.; APR, v. p.; "Terrapin," sect, ed.; "Diomondback," assoc. 

Spts. ed., SGA, cul. comm., finance comm. 

CRAWFORD, WILLIAM DOUGLAS, Washington, D.C.; Ed., B.S., Ind. Ed — 


CREDITOR RICHARD M., Brooklyn N.Y.; A&S, B.A., Hist. - <t>Ae ; Track 

Team; Cross Country Team; M Cluo, pub. dir 

^ ^ ^ .o 

CREGGER, LESLIE M., Emmitsburg; Agri., B.S., Ed. — FFA; Men's Glee Club. 
CRESPO, JORGE ALBERTO, Arica, Chile; BPA, B.S. Generol — S.A.M., Newrmon 
Club; Econ. Disc. Club; Fr. Soccer; House Rules Comm., chm. International Club. 
CRIST, DIANE MARILYN, Silver Spring; A&S, B.A., Soc. 

CRISWELL, JR., MAURICE JAMES, Lutherville; Engr., B.S., Elec. Engr. - HKN; 
TBIl ; IRE; Dean's List. 

CROFT, JR., PAUL B., Takoma Pork; Engr,, B.S., Elec. Engr. - 'I'Ae 

AIEE; IRE; Vet's Club. 

CRONE, LINDA R., Baltimore; A&S, B.A., Sp, Therapy - AE+ ; iAll ; FOB, 

CRONYN, WILLARD M., Takoma Park; Engr., B.S , Elec. Engr. - AIEE; IRE- 

Young Democ, Club, pres.; "Diomondback," columnist, reo. 

CROSS, DAVID BROOKS, Hyattsville; Engr., B.S., Elec. Engr. - AIEE. 

CROWN, BERYL, W. Hyoltsville; Ed., B.S., Ed. for Ind. - S.A.M. 

CURLEY, BARBARA, Riverdole; Ed., B.S., Elem. Ed. 

CURRY, JR., JAMES, Kentlond; Engr. B.S., Elec. Engr. 

CURTIS, JR., HAROLD C, Washington, DC; Ed., B.S., Ed. for Ind. 

'hAfc* , pledge trainer, social chm., athletic, chm,; Intromurols; FOB. 


DALE, JOYCE, Bel Air; A&S, B.A., Soc. — Dorm, treas., v. p.; Campus Jud. 

Board; Psych. Club. 

DALY, TERRENCE P., Washington, D.C.; BPA, B.S., Marketing - 2N , pres.; 

AA2 ; Am. Mkt. Assoc, pres. 

DAMMANN, CARL L., Hyatlsville; Engr., B.S., Elec. Engr. - HKN; TBO ; Cent. 

Student Court. 

DANDO, KENNETH ROBERT, Hagerstown; Engr., B.S., Elec. Engr. — nK2 ; 

AIEE; Fr. Baseball. 

DAVENPORT, JR., WINTON R., Baltimore; Ed., B.S., Ed. for Ind. -TKE , pres., 

v.p.; IPC; Fret. Adv. Board; Intramurais. 

DAVIS, STEWART ALLAN, Baltimore; Phys. Ed., B.S., Phys. Ed. 

DAVIS, WILLIAM RUSSELL, College Pork; Ed., B.S., Ind. Arts — Sn , pres. 

DAWSON, EDWARD F., Laurel; A&S, B.S., Physics. 

DEARBORN, RAY N., Annapolis; A&S, B.S., Zool. 

DEEDRICK, RONALD E., Silver Spring; BPA, B.S., Accounting. 

DELLER, MAUREEN MOORE, Greenbelt; Ed., B.S., Music — "Oklahomo,' 


DEMARINIS, MILLICENT, Hyattsville; Ed., B.S., Elem. Ed. 


"I'll remember the wonderful spirit on the 'snow days.' Maryland students are never 
apathetic when the white stuff fall!" . . . Harriet Love 

DEMENT, RICHARD HENRY, 111, S. Norwolk, Conn.; A&S, B.A., G&P - ATJ2 ; 
riAE , pres.; SAX v.p.; Dorm, pres., social chm.; PT2 ; WMUC, night 
mngr., disc jockey; RMA; Men's League; "Diamondback," Sports Ed.; FOB, over 
oil co-chm.; Who's Who Comm; Campus Improvements Comm.; Stud. Union 
Comm., treas., cons. comm. chm. 
DENDY, JR., JAMES L., Hyattsville; Agri., B.S., Hort. 
DERMAN, PAUL, Baltimore; A&S, B.S., Micro. - AEH . 

DESHAZER, JAMES A., Frederick; Engr., B.S., Mech. Engr. — APP sec'y; 

KK* , sec'y.; AZ; ASME; ASAE. 

DETAR, CAPT. JOHN G., Santa Clara, Calif.; U.C, B.S., Military Science. 

DIBELLA, CARLOS A.W., Hyattsville; Engr., B.S., Chem. Engr. — AX2 , pres., 

v.p., pledge master; TBII ; A<t>n , pres., v.p. hist.. Bookstore chm., UMOC 

comm.; Men's League rep.; ACS; AICE; jr. — Sr. Placement Rep., Chem Engr. 


DICK, RONALD, Cumberland; A&S, B.S., Hist. -TKE. 

DICKINSON, MARGARET, Cabin John; Ed., B.A., Elem. Ed. 

DIEHL, MARGARET, Rockville; Ed., B.S., Childhood Ed. 

DIETRICH, JR., LEROY HENRY, Philadelphia, Pa.; A&S, B.A., Hist. SAE v.p., 

pledge trainer; OAK ; Kalagethos; Senior Class pres.; Varsity M Club, pres., 

v.p.; Varsity Football; SGA Cabinet; Newmon Club; IFC, rep.; Free State Party. 

DIGENNARO, MYLES R., Germontown; A&S, B.S., Psych. 

DILLIPLANE, JOYCE, Takomo Park; BPA, B.A., Gen. - KAO , ed., scholar. 

chm.; 4>X6 ; "Terrapin," cpy. reader; FOB; Career Week; Red Cross 


DIPIETRO, CARL, Baltimore; BPA, B.S., Marketing -TKE; A2n ; S.A.M.; 

Mkting Club; IFC rep; Newman Club; "Old Line"; FOB; Intramurais. 

DITTMANN, WAYNE R., Green Meadows; University, B.S., Military Science. 

DOBSON, STUART HALSTEAD, Baltimore; Engr., B.S., Chem. Engr. 



DODD, HELEIN IRENE, Kissimmee, Flo.; A&S, B.S., Chem. — Baptist Student 


DODDS, CAROL SUE, W. Hyottsville; Home Ec, B.S., Tex. & Clo. 

DOGOLOFF, LEE ISREAL, Boltimore; A&S, B.A., Soc. — <»'i:A , v.p., pledge 


DOLLENBERG, P. DOUGLAS, Towson; Engr., B.S., Civil Engr. - <l>Aft ; 

TBn , CEHS, pres.; FOB; ASCE; SGA, pep comm.; Jr. Prom, pub. chm,; Wesley 

Foundation; IntroiiiuraU. 

DOMEY, ROBERT H., Revere, Moss.; U.C, B.S„ Militory Science. 

DONALDSON, JAMES WILLIAM, Washington, D.C.; A&S, B.S., Pre-Dent.- 

Swimming Team; M Club. 

DONN, GEORGE EDWARD, Hillcrest Hgts.; Ed., B.S., Science — Track Teom. 

DONNELLY, JOSEPH A., Riverdale; U.C, B.S., Military Science. 

DORMAN, RICHARD L., Silver Spring; BPA, B.S. Econ. - S.A.M., v.p.; Pol. 

Science Club; Econ. Disc. Club. 

DORSETT, CAPT. RALPH, College Pork; U.C, B.S., Miltary Science. 

DOUBLE, JR., PAUL JOSEPH, Mt. Airy; Agri., B.S., An. Husb. — +KT , rep. 

quorfet; IFC; Band; Men's Glee Club; Newman Club; Vet. Science Club; Meot 

Judging Team; Wrestling Club; Intromurals. 

DOWNEY, HARRY FRED, Williamsport; Agri., B.S., Dairy - ATP , treas.; AZ, 

pres., chronicler; FFA, treas.; Agr. Placement Comm., chm.; Cattle Judging 

Team; Donforth Fr. Award. 

O P C 

"It was our class that brought the "World Fair" to Maryland and gave the Sophomore 
Carnival its first theme." . . . Stuart Callison 

DRIFTMIER, LT. COL. JOHN F., Arlington, Va.; U.C, B.S., Military Science. 

DRUMMOND, ROBERT L ., Baltimore; Engr., B.S., Elec. Engr. 

DUCKER, GEORGE H., Baltimore; Engr., B.S., Elec. Engr. 

DUCOFF, MARISSA LOUISE, Silver Spring; A&S, B.A., Span. — SAT , hist., 

chaplain; Mexico City Col., Fr. Class, v.p. 

DUFFIELD, KENNETH R., Anna Moria, Flo.; Ed , B.A., Ed. - <t>Ae ; Resident 

Assit.; RMA; Dorm, pres. 

DUIS, ANITA DEANNE, Silver Spring; A&S, B.A., Geog. -A\il,rBT: Ski Club. 

DULY, WILLETT E., Glen Burnie; Phys. Ed., B.S., Phys. Ed. — *AE, sec'y; 

Field Hockey, 

DUNN, CHARLES ALEXANDER, University Park; BPA, B.S., Geog. — Univ. Band; 

Pep Bond; tntromurols; Westminister Foundation. 

DUVALL, III, WILLIAM HENRY, Upper Marlboro; Ed., B.A., Soc. Studies Resident 

Assit; Soph, Prom Comm. 

DYAS, JOHN J., Linthicom; Agri., B.S., Econ. 

DYCUS, JOHN J., Suncook, N.H.; BPA, B S., Rl. Est. & Ins, -ASII 

S.A.M,; Newman Club. 

EATON, BARBARA ANNE, Bethesda; A&S, B.A., Sp. Theropy — AOFl ; 

2AH , treos.; Newman Club; Fr. Mixer, chaperone chm.; Doydodger Big 


EBERHART, NORMA WILKINS, Chevy Chose; A&S, B.A., KKP Hist-"Terra- 

pin," sect, ed; Women's Chorus; Chapel Choir. 

EBERIY, JOSEPHINE E., Silver Spring; A&S, B.A., Soc. - 2K , social chm.; 

WRA: Doydodger Big Sister; Newman Club. 

ELCOCK, GERALD C, Modison, N.J.; BPA, B.S., Ind. Adm. - S.A.M.; IRE; Dorm, 

treas.; Westminister Fellowship. 

ELLIS, DAVID R., Silver Spring; BPA, B.S., Accounting — SAM.; Dean's 

List; Soph Closs, v.p. Am. Univ. 



ELSTON, RAYMOND L., Glen Burnie; Ed., B.S., Ed. for Ind. 

ENDERSON, ALTON R., Adelphi; Ed., B.A., Ed. - HSA . 

ENGBERG, JOHN RICHARD, Adelphi; A&S, B.A., Psych. 

ENGLAND, GORDON RICHARD, Pasadena; Engr., B.S., Elec. Engr. — HKN; 

RMA, v.p.; Men's League rep.; Dorm, pres., social chm.; AIEE. sec'y; IRE; Econ. 

Disc. Club; Newman Club; Chm. No Shave Week. 

EPSTEIN, LINDA VIVIAN, Baltimore; Ed., B.A., Childhood Ed. 

ERINGIS, STANLEY, Baltimore; Engr., B.S., Civil Engr. — ASCE; Newman Club; 

Lituanica Club. 

ESTES, EUGENE EARL, W. Friendship; P.E., B.S.. P.E. 

EVANGELOS, CAPT. C. J., College Pork; U.C, B.S., Military Science. 

2X , v.p.; FOB; 
sec'y; U. of M. 

EVANS, JR., JAMES HART, Baltimore; Ed., B.S., Ed. for Ind 
lEA; S.A.M,; IPC, sec'y; campus Improvement Board. 
EVANS, NELSA LEE, Hyottsville; Ed., B.S., Eng. - TB2 
morching & concert bonds; Westminister Fellowship, soc. chm. 
EVELEIGH, LUCILLE W., Silver Spring; Ed., B.S., Elem. Ed, — ATA 
EVERETT, CAROL ANN, College Pork; Ed., B.S., Elem. Ed. 

FARRELL, MAJ. ERWIN D., Glen Burnie; U.C, B.S., Military Science. 

FARRELL, JAMES C, Hyottsville; Ed., B.S., Ed. for Ind. - S.A.M.; Ind. Ed. Open 


FARRELL, JAMES E., Waldorf; A&S, B.S., Psych. - Dorm, pres.; RMA, porli.; 

Newman Club; Psych. Club. 

FAW III, WYLIE M., College Park; A&S, B.S., Soc. - nK2 ; Sailing Club; 


Frantic last-minute plans for proms . 
friendships" . . . Marilyn Hay 

meetings and more meetings . . . most of all 

WW ■*--^' 'hi^ --r ^ ^ 

FAZENBAKER, DEAN EVANS, Westernport; A&S, B.S., Psych. - .\XA ; 

Psych. Club; Canterbury Club, 

FEDERLINE, ROBERT EDWARD, Bethesdo; Engr., B.S., Mech. Engr. 

FEINBERG, PAUL, Washington, D.C.; Engr., B.S., Elec. Engr. — AIEE-IRE; Intra- 


FEINTUCH, DORIS ANN, Baltimore; Ed., B.S., Childhood Ed. - AE* ; AWS 

Fresh. Com.; May Doy Hostess; Harmony Hall. 

FENIMORE, ROBERT, Bethesdo; A&S, B.A., German — AE; Baseball, mong.; 

Intromurols, Junior year in Munich Program. 

FENNELL, K. PAUL, Silver Spring; Engr., B.S., Elec. Engr. - HKN; AIEE. 

FERENS, ROBERT, Silver Spring; Ed. B.A., Soc. Studies — Chess Club; Newman 


FERGUSON, JR., JOHN M., Adelphi; BPA, B.S., Ind. Ad. 

FIELDS, JOHN P., Baltimore; A&S, B.A., Soc. — "Diomondback," drama critic; 

Dorm Gov't. 

FIERY, KENNETH A., Silver Spring; A&S, B.A., Amer. Civ - Boptist Student 

Union, pres. 

FINCH, MARGARET SUE, Washington, D.C.; Home Ec, B.S., Pr. Art - KA , 

v.p.; Diamond; "Diomondback," copy ed.; Old line Party; Fresh. Prom. 

FINLAY, JR., CHARLES C, Harrisonburg, La.; U.C, B.S., Military Science. 


FIRMIN, JOHN E., Takoma Pork, BPA, B.A., Marketing. 
FITZPATRICK, MAJ. GEORGE R., Falls Church, Va.; U.C, B.A., Comrnerce. 
FLAHERTY, JAMES W., Baltimore; Agr., B.S., cnt. - Newman Club. 
FLANIGAN. THOMAS G., Woodsboro; Agr., B.S., Horticulture. 

FLETCHER, EMILY FRANCES, Cheverly,- Ed., B.S., Child. Ed. - AiA v.p., 

ass't treas.; SNEA, 

FLETCHER, EVELYN LORRAINE, Hyattsville,- Phys. Ed., B.S., Phys. Ed. - 

AAHPER; Woman's Professional Club. 

FOGARTY, JOHN P., Greenbelt; A&S, B.A., Phil. 

FOGARTY, WALTER PHILLIP, Hyattsville; A&S, B.A., Hist. - Lutheran Student 

Action; Soccer Team; Intromurols. 

FONDERSMITH, JOHN, Laural; A&S, B.A., G&P — Canterbury club, G&P. 
FORD, JONATHAN THOMAS, Baltimore; A&S, B.S., Boct. 
FORD, JOHN LOUIS, Rockville; A&S, B.S., Psych. - *X ; Psych. Club, pres. 
FOREMAN, STANLEY P., Baltimore; A&S, B.A., Hist. -ZBT ; Civil Wor Club; In- 

FORNO, DONALD J., Baltimore; A&S, B.A., Eng. — Newman Club; Dorm, treos. 

FORSBERG, JUDITH KAY, Silver Spring; Ed., B.S., Secretorial — AAII ; 


FORTNEY, WILLIAM D., College Park; Engr., B.S., Elec. Engr. 

FOUSE, RICHARD E., College pork; A&S, B.A., Am. Civ. — Men's Glee Club; 

Westminister Fellowship; Student Religious. 

FOWLER, DEAN GRAHAM, Mt. Rainier; BPA, B.S., Accounting - HA+ ; Ac- 
counting Club; Dean's List; Intromurols. 

FOX, AUSTIN LAWSON, Baltimore; Engr., B.S., Elec. Engr. — i;<l>E , Pres.. 
v.p.; OAK , +Hi; ,pres., Sr. Adv.; HKN, v.p.; TBII ; IFC; Kolegethos, 
pres.; Who's Who; Central Student Court, chief justice; FOB, tour leader; IRE; 
Veteran's Club, 

FOX, JR., WALTER V., Hyottsville; Engr., B.S., Elec. Engr. - HKN. 
FRAM, LES, Baltimore; A&S, B.A., Hist. - lAM ; IFC; Greek Week; Chopel 

FRAM, SHEILA BARBARA, Cumberland; A&S, B.A., Soc. - ♦22 ; TE+ , 

sweetheart; TB2 ; "Terrapin," sect, ed.; "Diamondbock"; Majorette; "M Book"; 

Soc. Club, sec'y.; Flying Follies; Hillel Queen; Career Forum, Co-chm. 

FRANCIS, NETTIE KAY, College Pork; Ed., B.S., Elem. Ed. 

FRANCIS, ROGER P., White Marsh; BPA, B.S., Ind. Acm. - S.A.M. 

FRANK, LEROY EDWARD, Baltimore; BPA, B.S., Public Relations — "Diomond- 

bock"; S.A.M.; APRA. 

FRANK, LESTER M., Silver Spring; Agr., B.S., Agr. Ed. - FFA, chaplain; Agr. 

Student Council, soc'y.; Agron. Club; Col-o-Ag, ass't. ed. 

FRANK, R. MICHAEL, Boltimore; A&S, B.A., Hist. — Vorsity Bosketboll, mgr.; 

Civil War Club, comm, chm,; Open League Teams; Bridge Club. 

FRANKEL, MARTIN JOHN, Miami, Flo.; A&S, B.A., Eng. - *Ki: 

FRANKS, HARVEY IRWIN, Silver Spring; Ed., B.S., Ed. for Ind. 


FRASER, RONALD F., Arlington, Va.,- UC, B.S., Military Science. 

FRATINO, JEAN PAYNE, Hyottsville,- Home Ec, B.S., Textiles & Clothing - 

AOn ; Soph. Prom; Day Dodger Big Sister, comm. chm; Home Ec. Club; AWS 

Bridal Fair comm. chm.; May Day, comm. chm. 

FREDERICK, CARL R., Pottstown, Pa.; UC, B.A., Commerce. 

FREEDMAN, ROBERT L., Chevy Chase; A&S, B.A., History — ■t'SA ; TKA; 

nSA ; Calvert Debate Society; Varsity Debate Team; J.B. Strom Award; 

FOB; Vandenberg Guard; Calvert Debote Honorary; Top Speaker, Atlantic 

Coast Conference. 

FREEMAN, ERNEST P., JR., Alexandria, Va.; UC, B.S., Military Science. 
FREY, SUSAN A., Baltimore; Ed. B.S. 

FRICK, GEORGE KELLY, JR., Williomsport; Engr., B.S., Civil Engr. — A.S.C.E. 
FRIEDLAND, BEVERLY RAE, Silver Spring; Ed., B.S., Sec. Ed. - 2TE ; Day- 
dodger Rep. WRA; Intromurals. 

FRIEDLER, STANLEY, Baltimore; A&S, B.S., Zool. - TE* ; Blood Drive; UT. 
FRIEDMAN, EUGENE, Baltimore; A&S, B.A., Am. Civil. - ZBT; Sophomore 

FRIEDMAN, NAOMI, Baltimore; A&S, B.A., English. 

FRITZ, RUSSELL V/AYNE, Baltimore; BPA, B.S., Accounting - BA* ; Account- 
ing Club. 

"Members of the class of '61 have inaugurated and pioneered positive academic and 
social innovations in the forms of fraternity scholarships and the IFC Presents programs." 
. . . Phil Tucker 

FUGATE, GUY H., JR., College Pork; A&S, B.S., Microbiology — 2A0 

sec.; Vet's Club. 

FULLARTON, DAVID C, Hyottsville; Engr., B.S., Elec. Engr. — <I>H2 ; HKN; 

TBn , pres.; OAK , v. p.; 2X Award; Dinah Bermon Award; Chief Justice of 

Central Student Court. 

FULLER, WAYNE, Hyottsville; Ed., B.S., Ind. Ed. - lEA; S.A.M. 

FUREY, DOROTHY ALICE, Chevy Chose; Nursing, B.S. — Intromurals; Interest 


FURTAV/, LAWRENCE PAUL, JR., Baltimore; Ed., B.S., Ind. Ed. - lEA, v.p., 

pres.; ABI, pres.; lAZ ; Dorm, pres. 

GADZIOLA, DAVID STANLEY, Baltimore; A&S, B.A., Eng. 

GALINIS, ROSE MARIE, Baltimore; A&S, B.A., Psychology — Dorm, treos.; 

GARCIA, RAY J., MAJOR USAF, Hyottsville; UC, B.S., Military Science. 

GARDELLA, PAUL MICHEAL, Chevy Chose; Engr., B.S., Mech. Engr. - 2AE , 

sec.; Men's League, Jr. class rep., chm. of annual banquet; ASME. 

GARDI, JOSEPH THOMAS, Harrison, N.J.; BPA, B.S., Marketing — AXA ; 

Football Team, co-coptoin; "M" Club; Marketing Club. 

GARDNER, THOMAS R., Hyottsville; Engr. E.S., Elec. Engr. - IRE. 

GARNER, JAMES IRVIN, Hyottsville; BPA, B.S., Generol. 

GATELEY, DONALD EDWARD, Hyottsville; A&S, B.A., English - UT. 

GAniS, BRUCE WAYNE, Adelphi; A&S, B.S., Psychology - Psychology Club, v.p. 

GAVIN JAMES ROBERT, Linthicum; A&S, B.S., Psychology — 2X; Fr. Footboll, 

Lacrosse; Newman Club, 

GAYHART, WILBUR K., JR., Arlington, Va.; Engr., B.S., Elec, Engr. — HKN; 



GEIB. FRANK ELLSWORTH, JR., Blondensbury; A&S, B S., Physics. 
GEIGER, ROBERT EDWARD, Woshington, D.C.; BPA, B.S., General. 
GEISLER, EDWIN B., Iiomsvilie; BPA, B.S., Accounting — ASTI ; Account- 
ing Club; Intramurals. 

GEORGE, THOMAS WYNNE, Baltimore; Engr., B.S., Aeronautical Engr. -TKK; 

S.A.M.; APRA; 

GERAGHTY, MICHEAL J., JR., Baltimore; BPA, B.S., Pub. Relations 

AilT ; i:AX ; APRA; "Diomondbock." 

GERLACH, KENNETH, Baltimore; BPA, B.S., Pub. Relations 


GERRED, KENNETH HARRY, Colifornio; Engr., B.S., Elec. Engr. 

GERSTEL, MARSHALL SANFORD, Greenbelt; Ed., B.S., Ind. Ed. — *2d 

lEA; S.A.M.; Hillel; Soph. Carnival; Homecoming Float, comm.; Intramurals. 

GERZBAN, PATRICIA ALICE, Silver Spring; A&S, B.A., English - 2K , Social 
chm., sch., chm.; Junior Class, Legislature; Senior Closs, sec.; Diamond, Treas- 
urer; Old Line Party, rep.; Block Cot Walk, chm.; Flying Follies, pub. chm.; 
FOB; Homecoming; Controls Committee; Doydodger Big Sister. 
GIBBS, SARA ELIZABETH, Hyattsville; Ed., B.S., Elem. Ed. — Bond; TB2: . 
GIBSON, GEORGE A., MAJ. USMC, Joplin, Mo.; UC, B.S., Militory Science. 
GILLETT, CHARLES A., JR., Rockville; Ed. B.A., History — University Theoter. 

"I was very happy to become a member of the class of '61 after spending four years in 
the class of '60!" . . . Paul Gardella 

GINDLESPERGER, NINA, Riverdole; Ed., B.S., Moth. 

GIRARD, BONNIE LYNN, Bethesdo; Ed., B.S., Elem. Ed. — KKF , rec. sec; 

Cheerleader Aqualiners; FOB; Pep Committee. 

GLADDING, RICHARD PAUL, Boltimore; BPA, B.S., Tronsportation — S.A.M. 

GLATFELTER, HAZEL A., York, Po.; Nursing, B.S. — Intramurals. 

GLAZER, MORTON, Washington, D.C., Engr., B.S., Aero. Engr. — TEP; IAS, v. p. 
GLAZER, SUSAN ROSE, Baltimore; A&S, B.A., Speech Therapy — i;.\II, rec. 
sec.; Worcester Hall, v. p.; Compus judicial Board; Freshman Counselor; Span- 
ish Club; Hillel. 

GLENN, DONALD EARL, Glenolden Pa.; A&S, B.A., G&P — Maryland Flying 
GLENN, RAYMOND J., Woodbine; Ed., B.A., Social Studies. 

GODAAAN, LAURA KATHRYN, Silver Spring; Home Ec, B.S., Ed. — AAA ; 

TBS ; IIAE ; Color Guord; FOB, co-chm.; Senior Prom, chm.; "M" Book; 
Home Ec. Club; Junior Prom, comm. chm.; Elections Board; "Terrapin"; Sopho- 
more Prom. 

GOEBEL, DAVID G., Cranston R.I.; A&S, B.S., Physics. 

GOELLER, DAVID CLARK, Washington, D.C.; BPA, B.S., Journalism — 
Ai.* , ed., hist.; A+n , v. p., pledgemoster; ZSX ; "Diomondback, 

managing ed., political col; Marching Band, pub. chm.; Baltimore News — Post, 
sch.; Basketball Pep Bond; Concert Bond; Men's League, pub. comm.; German 
Club; Old Line Party. 
GOELLER, NINA, Greenbelt; A&S, B.A., Music. 

GOLDMAN, IRA B., Baltimore; Engr., B.S., Chem. Engr. — *2A , sec.; 

THII , AICE; ACS.; "Diomondback"; Intromurols. 

GOLDNER, ROSLIND, Pikesville; Ed., B.S., Child. Ed. - ♦S2 , troas.; 

Diamond; AWS. cultural comm.; May Day, seating chm.; Homecoming, rof. 

chm.; Hillel Skit Night, chm.; Dean's List; Bridol Fair; Soph. Carnival, comm. 

GOIE, RICHARD FRANK, Woshington, D.C.; Engr., B.S., Mech. Engr. - SX , 

v.p., rush chm., sociol chm.; ASME; SGA Cultural Comm. 

GONDOLF, CAROL ANN, Tokomo Park; Home Ec, B.S., Procticol Art - ZK , 

pledge trainer; Cheerleader, capt.; Home Ec. Student-Faculty Council; SGA, 

pep. comm. 


^5 P^^^ 

f^ "^ ^ 

'% *-■ mm 

GONZALEZ, FELIX, Hyottsville; Engr., B.S., Elect. Engr. 

GONZALEZ, MARIANO A., Cumberland; A&S, B.A„ History, 

GOOD, GEORGE L., Towson; A&S, B.A. Econ. — 2AE ; IPC representative. 

GOODY, SANDRA, Severno Park; A&S, B.A., Psychology — AOIl , trees.; 

^'X ; Psych. Club, v. p.; "Terrapin," sec. ed., ass. ed., co.-ed.; Publications 

Board; Honors in Literature; Aquoliners. 

GORALSKI, RONALD A., Baltimore; Ed., B.S., Ed. for Ind. - S.A.M.; lEA; New- 
man Club; Dormitory, house rules and sch. comm. 
GORDON, DEWITTE C, Washington, D.C.; UC, B.S., Military Science. 
GORDON, RONALD LEE, Frostburg; Engr., B.S., Civil Engr. — TBH ; ASCE. 
GORDY, LEE NESBITT, Hebron; BPA, B.A., Pub. Relotions — KA; S.A.M.: "Dio- 
mondback" reporter; Intromurols; Director of KA Minstrel. 

GORDY, WILLIAM D., Cambridge; A&S, B.A., Phil. 


GORMAN, RICHARD L., Silver Spring; UC, B.S., Military Science. 

GORMAN, TIMOTHY JOHN, Bethesdo, BPA, B.S., Pub. Relations 

Newman Club; "Diamondbock," Fri. News Ed.; S.A.M.; APRA. 



Civil Engr. 

GOSSARD, TERRY WAYNE, Hogerstown; Engr., B.S., Ci> 
Honor Society; ASCE. 

GOUZA, HELEN CAROLYN, Levittown, Pa.; Ed., B.S., Elementary Ed. - 
AAA , sch. chm., pres.; May Day, soph, rep.; Elections Board, sec.; FOB; 

Finance Comm., sec.; "Terrapin," sect, ed.; "M" Book, sect, ed.; College of Ed. 
Dean's Council, sec. Junior Honor Guord; Homecoming Invitations, comm.; Soph. 

GRANDMAISON, CHARLES, JR., Hyottsville; Phy. Ed., B.S., Phy. Ed. - 
Al<t> ; <t>MA , V.P.; Varsity Track; Bond, treas.;KK*, treas.; M Club; 
Intramurals, rep. 

GRANEK, WARREN, Baltimore; A&S, B.S., Zool. — Literary Club; Biology Club; 
Dorm soc. comm.; Amateur Radio Ass.; Freshman Prom, comm.; Freshman Day, 

"I'll always remember the great athletes with whom I participated, serving Maryland in 
her winning ways." . . . Nick Kovalakides 

GRAY, JUDITH AMARYLLIS, Kensington; Phys, Ed„ B,S„ Rec. — AXH ; SGA, 
ind, rep,, chm, instellotion bonq,; Sr. Leg., chm. of publications; Westminster; 
FOB; chapel Choir; Women's Chorus; Maryland Rec. Society, sec.; Student 
Union Comm. 

GRAY, GARY C, Baltimore; Ed., B.S., Ed. for Ind, — S,A,M,; lEA, 
GREEN, ANNE R., College Park; A&S, B,A„ English — SK , pres,, v,p,; Dia- 
mond; AWS; Doydodger Big Sister. 

GREEN, BARBARA A., Lexington Park; Ed., B.S., Elem. Ed. — Dorm Ex. Coun- 
cil; Freshman Prom, dec. comm.; May Day; AWS, pub. comm.; Soph. Carnival. 

GREEN, PATRICIA LEE, Baltimore; Ed., B.A., Spanish — AF , pres., rush chm.; 
Old Line Party, treas.; Sr. Class Leg.; SGA, traffic comm.; AWS, culture comm.; 
Bridal Fair; May Day, comm. chm.; Diamond; Ponhellenic Scholarship; Home- 
coming, comm. 

GREENE, DANIEL ST. ALBIN, Seat Pleasant; A&S, B.S., Eng. — "Diamond- 
back," rep. 

Military Sc. 
GRDEN, JOHN T., Baltimore; BPA, B.S., Industrial Adm. 

GREINER, WILLEAM ALLEN, Hyottsville; ogri., B.S., Ed. — ATP ; FFA. 
GRIFFITH, ROBERT H., Hyottsville; BPA, B.S., Econ. — A2n ; S.A.M.: New- 
man Club. 

GRISWALD, EDWARD BULKELEY, Wethersfield, Conn.; BPA, B.S., Ind. Mong. - 
KA pres.; Kolegotheos; Class President, Fr., Soph., Jr.; Senior Class, v.p.; IFC 
Executive council; Varsity Tennis; Intromurols; FOB; Greek Week, co-chm. boot 

GROSSMAN, SHEILA CAROLE, Baltimore; Ed., B.S., Elem. Ed. — AAA 
Dorm, sec, v.p., judicial board, chm.; Campus Judicial Board; Freshman Coun- 
selor; May Day; Dean's List. 



-?> •► 


^^^"^ii 111 

GUELKER, CLARENCE W., Parma Hts., Ohio; U.C, B.S., Military Science. 
GUERRA, FRANCES MARY, Lanham; Phys. Ed., B.S., Rhys. Ed. - Womon's Pro- 
fession Club; WRA. 

GUNN, KENNETH C, Hillcrest Heights; BPA, B.S., Accounting - ATO ; Arnold 
Air Soc; Advanced ROTC; Intramurals. 
GUTMAN, EDWARD GEORGE, Baltimore; A&S, B.A., Soc. — Intromurols. 

GUZZO, SUE, Towson; A&S, B.S., Speech — AOIl ; Univ. Theatre; Drama 
Wing; Jr. Prom. 

GWIN, GAILYN AMES, Glendale, Mo.; A&S, B.S., Speech — IIB* ; Moy Doy, 
Mus. Chm.; Westminster Fellowship; Chapel Choir, sec'y; SGA Cult. Comm. 
HAASE, G., FREDERICK, Baltimore; Engr., B.S., Mech. Engr. — ASME. 
HAASE, ROBERTA LOUISE, Halethorpe; A&S, B.S., Math. — Soph. Cam.; Intra- 
murals; Big Sister; WRA; Dorm, exec, coun.; Lutheran Students Assoc.; Young 
Repub. Club. 

HADCOCK, MAJ. KENNETH G., Triangle, Va., U.C, B.S., Miltary Science. 
HAGEDORN, BERNHARD JOHN JR., Oxon Hill; A&S, B.S., Soc. — Men's 
League, pres.; Men's League Ct., Chief Justice; Jr. Class, Men's League rep.; 
Soph. Class, treos.; Fr. Class, sg. at arms; Fr. & Soph. Prom; Old Line Cam- 
paign Co-Chm. 

HAHN, ROBERT L., Baltimore; BPA, B.S., General. 
HAINSFURTHER, RICHARD MARK, Riverdale; Engr., B.S., Mech. Engr. 

HALE, JAMES B., Pineville, W. Va.; Engr., B.S., Chem. Engr. — Dorm, pres.; 
AICHE; ACS; Intramurals. 

HALL, JR., GEORGE E., Chevy Chase; BPA, B.S., Accounting. 

HALLIDAY, FREDERICK, New York, N.Y.; A&S, B.A., Eng. - SAX; *AE ; 
Old Line Key; Who's Who; "Diomondback," spts. ed.; "Old Line," mang. ed.; 
U.T., pub. director; Not. Col. Players, v. p.; A&S Sr. Council; A&S Convo., Co- 
HALSTEAD, ROBERT GEORGE, Edgewater; Agr., B.S., General — Intramurals. 

f^:^ r--^ f'j' ' 


HAMMOND, JR., EDWARD M., Baltimore; A&S, B.A., Hist. 

HAMMONS, CAPT. DALE E., Ft. Belvoir, Vo., U.C, B.S., Military Science. 

HAMPT, LARRY RUSSELL, Baltimore; Ed., B,S., Ed. for Ind. - Flying Assoc, 

pres,, director; "Old Line," bus. mang.; S.A.M. 

HANAUER, D. GRETEL, Baltimore; A&S, B.A., G&P - Ili.^. 

HANDEN, ANN MYRA, Baltimore; Ed.. B.S., Childhood Ed. - Soc. Club; Tutor- 
ing Service. 

HANDLEY, EDWIN D., Church Creek; Ed., B.S., Ed. for Ind. -TKK; S.A.M.; 

HANLON, MOIRA, Silver Spring; Ed., B.A., Soc. Studies - Newman Club; WRA. 
HANSON, FRED C, Cotonsville; Ed., B.S., Ed. for Ind. - lEA; Track; Cross 

HANUS, LUCILLE JEANNINE, Baltimore; A&B, B.A., Crim. - Dorm, Fr. rep., Sr. 
rep., Jud. Board, Homecoming; AWS Cult. Comm.; Canterbury Club; "Dio- 
mondback," "Terrapin," 

HARDEN, W. RICHARD, Baltimore; Engr., B.S., Elec. Engr. - Dorm, pres.; 
AIEE-IRE, RMA; Intramurals; Young Democ. Club. 

HARDER, ROBERT EDGAR, Mt Rainier; Ed., B.S., Science — Dorm, treas.; 
Chapel Choir, v.p,, treos. 
HARMS, JOHN H., Forest Heights; BPA, B.S., Generol - S.A.M. 


HARPER, HERVEY BATES, >R., Takoma Park; BPA, B,S., Marketing — S.A.M.; 

Marketing Club. 

HARRIS, MATTHEW I., Berwyn Heights,- Engr., B.S., Elec. Engr. - -tHS ; HKN; 

TBIl; AIEE, Newman Club. 

HARRIS, ROBERT C, Washington, D.C.; A&S, B.S., Math. 

HARRIS, ROGER ClARK, Silver Spring,- A&S, B.A., Philosophy, Pre-med - 

ATS2; Philo. Club; Chapel Choir; Intramurals. 

HARRISON, BETTYE ANN, Baltimore; A&S, B.A., Sociology — Dormitory, pres., 

v.p., homecoming, chm.; Red Cross, dorm chm. 

HARRISON, MARTIN GERALD, Lewisdole; BPA, B.S. — TE* ; S.A.M.; Marketing 

Club; Hillel Away Weekend, housing chm.; Veterans Club. 

HART, HENRY, MAJOR, Springfield, Va.; U.C, B.S., Military Science. 

HAUFE, ROGER J., Merril, Wis.; Agri., B.S., Agri. Econ. — S.A.M.; Ag. Econ.; 


HAVEN, KAROLYNE R., Takoma Pork; BPA, B.S., Marketing - r*B ; <J>Xe, 


HAY, MARILYN ELEANOR, Washington, D.C.; A&S, B.A., Moth — AAA , 

trees.; ZTE; WRA, pres., v.p., sec.; Mortar Board, pres.; WRA Handbook, ed.; 

A&S Senior Council. 

HAYES, MARGARET L., Hyottsville; Nursing. 

HAYMAN, SHEPPARD L., Hevron; Ed., B.S., Ed. for Ind. — Dorm, pres.; S.A.M.; 

"Our Junior Class Prom with Lionel Hampton is long to be remembered in my college 
days." . . . Pat Wyand 

HAYNER, JOHN M., Towson; Agri., B.S., Dairy — Dairy Science Club; Allegany 

"E", sec. treas. 

HAYS, RACHEL PATRICIA, Hyottsville; A&S, B.A., Drama - AAA ; Mortar 

Board; UT, sec.; National Collegiate Players, pres.; Maggie Awards. 

HAZLETT, BRIAN A., District Heights; A&S, B.S., Zoology — <J>H2 ; Biology 

Club; Trail Club. 

HEALY, WILLIAM M., Hyottsville; BPA, B.A., Marketing — KA; AA2 ; Morket- 

ing Club; S.A.M.; IPC. 

HECK, THERESA ANNE, Bethesda; A&S, B.A., Soc. - Newman Club, sec.; 
Block & Bridle Club; Freshman Counselor; Dorm, Jud. Board, hall pres. 
HEFLIN, LUCIAN SPENCER, JR., Silver Spring; Engr. B.S., Chem. Engr. — 
<t>ZK ; AICE; Dean's List; FOB; Election Board; Pep Comm.; Homecoming, comm. 
HEFT, MARIANNE, Silver Spring; Ed., B.S., Elem. Ed. - Chapel Choir. 
HEINS, JAMES K., Hyottsville; Ed., B.S., Ind. Arts — lEA, treos., sec. 

HEISE, CHARLES T., Baltimore; Engr. B.S., Civil - ASCE. 

HELD, HARRIETTE VIRGINIA, Lutherville; Ed., B.S., Elem. fcd. - AOn ; "Terra- 
pin," Section Editor, Chapel Choir; Intramurals. 
HERCULSON, BRUCE R., Hyottsville; BPA, B.S., Marketing. 

HERRERO, FEDERICO G., Son Jose, Costa Rico; Agri., B.S., General — Varsity 
Swimming; Dairy Cattle Judging Team. 

HERRING, SARAH KATHRYN, Chevy Chase; Home Ec, B.S., Home Ec. - 

AAA ; ON; Home Ec. Club; FOB. 

HERRMANN, ALLAN D., Washington, D.C.; Engr., B.S., Mech. Engr. 

HERSHBERGER, PATRICIA LEE, College Pork; BPA, B.S., Executive Sec. - 

AXn;TB2, sec, treas.; Majorettes, copt.; Flying Follies. 

HESS, MYRA ANN, Toneytown; Ed., B.S., Elem. Ed. — N EA; Dorm Counselor; 

Judicial Board. 


HICKS, JEANINE G., Silver Spring; ED, B.S., Child. Ed. - AAA , 2TE, treas.; 

WRA; Moy Day, choreogropher; Dance Club; Flying Follies; "Oklahoma"; "Kiss 

Me Kate." 

HIIDEBRANOT, WILLIAM C, Baltimore; BPA, B.S., Marketing — *Ae , pledge 

trainer; Morketing Club; FOB. 

HILL, EARL CLIFTON, JR., Chevy Chose; BPA, B.S., Prelaw - S AM ; Ski Club. 

HILL, JAMES JEROME, Silver Spring; A&S, B.A., Eng. — *i:K , v. p., rush chm.; 

Flying Follies; "Diomondback"; French Club; Harmony Hall. 

HILTZ, DONALD, College Park; Phys. Ed. B S., Phys. Therapy — Phys. Therapy 

Club; Intromurols. 

HIMELFARB, TERRY M., Baltimore; A&S, B.S., Zoology - TEP, scholarship chm.; 

Hillel; Blood Drive; Intromurols. 

HINGELEY, MADELEINE JEAN, Pikesville; A&S, B.S., Microbiology - SAO; 

Dorm. Exec. Council; Newmon Club; Intromurols. 

HOAG, VICTORIA, Edgewoter; A&S, B.A., Psychology. 

HOCHMAN, ALICE SUE, Boltimore; Ed., B.A., Child. Ed. - AE<^ , v.p., 

sergeant-ot-arms; Fr. Counselor; Bowling Chm.; Modern Dance Club; Sec. of 

Pledge Trainers. 

HODES, LANCE, Mellburn, N.J.; P.E., B.S., Science - Dorm, v.p.; Track Team; 

M Club. 

HOEHN, ALBERT WILLIAM, Baltimore; BPA, B.A., Pub. Relations -ZBT; SAX ; 

APRA; "Diomondback." 

HOFF, LOIS MARCIA, Baltimore; Ed., B.S., Child. Ed. - Soc. Club; Univ. 


'^ o o 

'The class of '61 has given me friends, interests, and experiences" . . . Peggy Boughfer. 

HOFFMAN, ELIZABETH EARDIE, Bloomsbury, N.J.; Ed., B.S., Elem. Ed. - Angel 
Flight, assf. pledge trainer; Wesley Foundation; Dorm Exec. Council; Home- 
coming Dance, comm.; AWS Summer Job Comm. 

HOFFMAN, STENNA, Baltimore; Ed., B.S., Child. Ed. - *22 ; Peon's List; 
Hillel, rep.; Bridal Fair; May Day; Red Cross. 

HOKE, PENELOPE G., Clinton; BPA, B.S., Accounting - <l>Xe ; Dorm, treas.; 
Fr. Counselor; AWS Cultural comm,; SGA Placement Service. 

HOLGVIN, JOSE L. LT. COL. USAF, Westover A.F. Bose, Mass.; B.S., Military 

HOLLAND, CHARLES E., JR., Hyottsville; Engr. B.S., Elec. - HKN; IRE; AIEE. 
HOLLIDGE, ANITA M., Hyottsville; Ed., B.S., Child. Ed. - Aquoliners; Chapel 
Choir; Gymkono. 

HOLT, CARROLL R., Hyottsville; Engr., B.S., Elec. Engr. 

HOLT, FRANK WALTER, Silver Spring; Ed., B.S., Ed. for Ind. - S+E, New- 
man Club; FOB. 

HOLT, JOHN, Silver Spring; Engr., B.S., Mech. Engr. - ASME; Student Court. 

HOITHAUS, ROBERT, Baltimore; A&S, B.A., Eng., Pre-med. -TKE. 

HOOKER, MARGARET ANN, Washington, D.C.; Home Ec, B.S., Textile & 

Clothing - Home Ec. Club; Ski Club. 

HOPKINS, FRANK PALMER III, Movdelo; Agri., B.S., Okviculture - Dean's List; 

4-H Club; Resident Assistant. 

HOPKINS, WILLIAM LEATHERBURY, JR., Fair Haven, N.J.; Engr., B S., Civil 

Engr. — ATO; pres.; I. AS.; ASCE; Ski Club; Intromurols. 

HORAN, WALTER FRANKLIN, Chevy Chose; BPA, B.S., Transportation - ANA , 

pres . prog, chm ; Propellor Club, pres. 

HOUGHTLING, NOLAN, Baltimore; A&S, B A , History - *Ae . 

HOWARD, PHILLIP JAMES, Boltimore; Engr., B.S., Chem. Engr. - AXi , sec.; 

AICE: Dorm, treos.; Intromurols. 


HU, PAUL YU-FEl, Baltimore; Engr., B.S., Mech. Engr. - TBH ; OTS ; 

ASME; Chinese Club. 

HUDSON, MARY A., OIney; Ed., B.A., Soc. Studies. 

HUGHES, CHARLES EVANS, Lutherville; Engr., B. S., Mech. Engr. - ASME; 

House Rules Comm. 

HUGHES, JAMES B., Chillum; A&S, B.A., Fine Arts - 0X; Newman Club; 

"Diamondback"; Intrcmurals; Flying Club. 

HUGHES, ROBERT B., College Park; Engr., B.S., Elec. Engr. - <J>H2 ; TBH ; 

HUHNDORFF, HARRY R., Hyattsville; Engr., B.S., Mech. Engr. 
HULBURT, NANCY ELIZABETH, Bethesdo; Ed., B.S., Elem. Ed. - AWS; West- 
minister Fellowship; Dorm, pres., treas., council, jud. board; FOB. 
HULL, BERNARD S., Washington, D.C.; Engr., B.S., Mech. Engr. 

HULL, JOHN, Springfield, Pa ; A&S. 

HUNDERT, JR., KARL P., Baltimore; BPA, B.S., Fin. Ad. — Dorm, treas. 
HUNSAKER, LINDA SUE, W. Hyattsville; Ed., B.A., Art Ed. - AID. 
HUNT, JR., KERMIT ALLAN, Cheverly; Phys. Ed., B.S., Phys. Ed. — AXA; New- 
man Club. 

HUNTER, CLARENCE SUMMERS, Greenbelt; Ed., B.S., Ed. for Ind. - AXA. 
HUNTER, JOHN HERMAN, Beltsville; Engr., B.S., Civil Engr. - ASCE; Civil 
Engr. Honor Soc; Arnold Air Soc; Band. 

HUNTER, PATRICIA CLARK, Greenbelt; Phys. Ed., B.S., Phys. Ed. - HB* ; 
WRA, rep.; May Day; Aqualiners; Women's Prof. Club, exec, council. 
HURWITZ, BRENDA, Washington, D.C.; A&S, B.A. 

"The people I've met, the experiences I've had, the good times, the bad times, the happy, 
the sad, are the things I'll remember." . . . Cliff Krug 

HYDE, RICHARD DWIGHT, Hyattsville; BPA, B.S., Personnel — AZn, treas.; 

S.A.M.; Dean's List; Intromurols; BPA Career Forum, chm. 

HYKES, RICHARD N., Hagerstown; BPA, B.S., Econ. — AXA; IFC; Free-State 


HYMAN, DANIEL M., Baltimore; A&S, B,S., Moth - TE*. 

HYSAN, EDWIN STUART, Mt. Ranier; Engr., B.A., Elec. Engr. 

ING, JOHN C, PT. Pleasant, N.J.; A&S, B.A., Span. Area — *A0 ; SAII ; 

Sr. Placement Comm. Chm.; "South Pacific"; "Julius Caesar"; Span. Club; 

Soph. Carnival Comm.; Intrartiurals; Sr. Survey Comm. 

INGRAM, EARL, Four Oaks, N.C.; U.C, B.S., Military Science. 

IRWIN, SARAH, Hyattsville; A&S, B.A., Sp. & Drama — Univ. Theatre, sec'y., 

pres.; NCP. 

ISKOW, MILTON, Tokoma Park; BPA, B.S., Ins. & Rl. Est. — Pershing Rifles. 

ITTNER, EDWARD C, Baltimore; Ed., B.S., Ed. for Ind. — *Ae ; IFC; Fr. Leg.; 
Fr. Accounting Honorary; Lacrosse; S.A.M.; Ski Club; Young Repub. Club; In- 
vestment Club. 

lUSO, MARY JO, Orange, N.J.; Ed., B.A., Art - AHA , assit. treas., sch. chm., 
pres.; "Terrapin"; Dorm, treas.; Newman Club; Fr. Prom Comm.; Polls Comm.; 
Pub. Comm.; Parent's Day Comm. 

JACKSON, WILLIAM LEWIS, Silver Spring; BPA, B.S., Accounting - S.A.M.; 
Newman Club; Intramurals. 

JACOBS, ANN L., Cheverly; A&S, B.S., Eng. - KAO, chaplain; "Terrapin," 
sect, ed.; "Diamondback"; Chapel Choir; Newman Club. 


JACOBS, AAARY LOVE, Frostburg; Home Ec, B.S., Ed. - Home Ec. Club. 

JACOBSON, BRENDA, College Pork, A&S, B.S., Micro. 

JAMES, SALIY ELIZABETH, Boltimore; Ed., B.S., Elem. Ed. - Dorm, pres., social 

chm,, FOB, AWS, rep.; SNEA; Intromurols. 

JANSEN, CAROL YVONNE, I.H., Md.; Ed., B.S., Elem. Ed. - Angel Flight; 

Dorm Intromurols; Miss Md., 3rd runner up; Soph Prom Queen, cond. 

JENKINS, JAMES CARLTON, Arlington, Vo.; BPA, B.S., Accounting — lAE, 


JESTER, JEAN AVARY, Solisbury; BPA, B.S., Personnel — AF , hist.; "Terrapin"; 


JOCKISCH, V/ESLEY CHRISTIAN, Baltimore; A&S, B.A., Hist. - Dorm, pres., 

ath. chm.; House Rules Comm., chm.; Men's League, rep.; Calvert Debate Soc; 

Debate Team; Intromurols. 

JOFFE, ARLENE, Baltimore; Ed., B.S., Elem. Ed. — +22 , v.p.; Mortar Board; 

Fr. Class, sec'y.; Soph. Closs, v.p.; Jr. Class, sec'y.; FOB, tour leader; May 

Day, rep., chm.; Deon's Council, Col. of Ed.; "Terrapin"; "Diomondbock," copy 

chief; Old Line Party, del., treas.; Bridal Foir, chm. 

JOH, JR., RAYMOND A., Baltimore; Agri., B.S., Hort. 

JOHNS, RAY MITCHELL, Hogerstown; Agri.; B.S., Agr. Econ. - <PKZ , sec'y.; 
AZ; Agr. Econ. Club; Sailing Club; Stu. Placement Comm., chm. 
JOHNSON, HOWARD JAMES, Havre de Grace; BPA, B.S., Accounting — Ac- 
counting Club; House Rules & Sch. Comm., chm.; Intromurols. 
JOHNSON, JUANITA MARGARET, Hyottsville; Ed., B.S., Elem. Ed. — 2K, 
outstanding pledge, rush chm.; TBS corr. sec'y.; Daydodger Big Sister; March- 
ing Bond; Concert Bond; Pep Bond. 

JOHNSON, MARVIN G., Hyottsville; Agri., B.S., Agr. Ed. 

JOHNSON, RONALD LEON, Avendole; A&S, B.S., Psych. 

JOHNSTON, JOHN O'NEAL, Bel Air; Agri., B.S., Dairy Prod. - .XTP; AZ; 

Col. Dairy Sci. Club, v.p.; 4-H Club; Westminister Fellowship; Col. Doiry Judging 


JONES, CALVIN E., Baltimore; A&S, B.S., Zool. 

'Til always remember 'socially specking,' my other campus activities, finals and gigifs." 
, . Harriet Litman 



Men's Glee Club; 

inductor; Job 

f> ^ n r> 

JONES, JOHN ALVIN, Seoford, Del.; A&S, B A 

Dorm, House Rules Comm. 

JONES, RICHARD R., Aberdeen; A&S, B.A., Econ. - <|)2K 

Placement Comm.; Newman Club; Varsity Rifle; Parent's Day. 

JOYCE, SR., JOHN CORNELIUS, Greenbelt; A&S, B.A., Phil. 

JUSTI, JR., WILLIAM HOLDEN, Baltimore; BPA, B.S., Finance. 

KAMMERER, JOSEPH T., W. Hyottsville; Engr., B.S., Civil Engr. — ASCE. 

KANE, JR., PHILIP WALTER, College Park; BPA, B.S., Accounting — SFI , 

treas.; IFC; Intromurols; S.A.M. ; Accounting Club. 

KANTNER, LORRAINE DOROTHY, Hyottsville; Ed., B.S., Elem. Ed. - AX« , 

pledge troineer; "Diamondback." copy ed.; SNEA; Woman's Chorus; Newmor* 

Club; Daydodger Big Sister; Intromurols. 

KAPLAN, SAM, Woshington, DC; A&S, B.S., Zool. -.\EI1; Hillel. 


KARP, JEROLD SHELDON, W Hyottsville; Ed., B.S., Science. 

KASSEL, JR., HARRY SILLS, College Pork; Engr., B.S., Mech. Engr. - ASME. 

KAUFMAN, IRA S., Greenbelt; A&S, B.A., Eng. 


KAUFMAN, NORMAN, Brooklyn, N.Y.,- Phys. Ed., B.S., Phys. Ed. -TE* , Board 

of Gov.; Sr. Class, leg.; Varsity Football; M Club; Dorm, pres.; Boxing, champion; 

Univ. Theatre; "Diamondback," columnist. 

KECK, DAVID DASHIEU, Finksburg; BPA, B.S., Marketing. 

KEEFAUVER, DONALD L., Glen Burnie; A&S, B.A., Phil. 

KEELER, RICHARD WAYNE, Silver Spring; Engr., B.S., Civil Engr. - 2N ; 


KEESEE, WILLIAM J., Falls Church, Va.; Ed., B.S., Ed. for Ind. 

KEGGINS, CAPT. WILFORD G., Glen Burnie; U.C, B.S., Military Science. 

KELLER, BARBARA KAY, Baltimore; A&S, B.S., Psych. 

KELLEY, JR., NOBLE W., Preston; Ed., B.S., Childhood Ed. -KK*; *MA; 

Marching Band; Concert Bond; ROTC Bond. 

KELLOGG, JR., WILBUR C, Springfield, Va.; U.C, B.S., Military Science. 
KELLY, MICHAEL PAUL, Baltimore; BPA, B.S., Accounting - BA*; Intramurols. 
KELMAN, SUSAN, Baltimore; Ed., B.S., Ed. — 2AT , social chm., rush chm.; 
"Diamondback," calendar ed.; "Old Line"; Fr. Prom; Jr. Prom; Hillel; AWS, 
House Dir. Tea, Entertainment chm.; Homecoming Comm. 
KEMPF, CAROL ANN, Baltimore; Ed., B.S., Elem. Ed. - r<(>B ; Home Ec. Club. 

"A warm smile, an extended hand, a willingness to assist and counsel, these are the 
things I will remember about the Class of '61 ... . Lance Billingsley 

KENNEDY, V. WAYNE, Hyattsville; Ed., B.S„ Ed. for Ind. - S.A.M. 

KERN, EDWARD J., W. Hyattsville; BPA, B.S., Ind. Ad. - S.A.M.; Ski Club; 

Judo Club. 

KERN, GERALD W., Baltimore; ed., B.S., Ed. for Ind. - S.A.M. 

KERR, ANNE REIBLICH, Baltimore; Home Ec, B.A., Art Ed. - nB* , House 


KERR, MARGARET ALICE, Gorthono, N.Y.; BPA, B.S., Financial Ad. 
KERR, WILLIAM ROBERT, W. Hyattsville; BPA, B.S., Pers. Ad. - S.A. M. Intra- 

KERSLAKE, RICHARD W., Greenbelt; Engr., B.S., Civil Engr. - ASCE; Civil Engr. 
Honor Soc; Judo Club; Intramurols. 
KEYES, JOHN FREDRICK, Baltimore; BPA, B.S., Pres. Ad. - S.A.M. 

KIDD, WILLIAM C, Silver Spring; BPA, B.S., Marketing. 

KIERSARSKY, RAYMOND R., Baltimore; Engr., B.S., Civil Engr. - ASCE; Dorm, 

pres.; Newman Club. 

KING, DANNY CLARK, Damascus; Engr., B.S., Civil Engr. -TBO ; *H2 ; Civil 

Engr. Honor Soc, sec'y.; ASCE. 

KING, DONNA, Hyattsville; Home Ec, B.S., Ed. -TBZ ; Campus Jud. Board, 

sec'y.; Home Ec. Club; Marching Band. 

KING, JAMES BRUCE, Hyattsville; Ed., B.S., Ed. for Ind. - S.A.M.; ASME; 
Chapel Choir. 

KIRK, CAPT. ALFRED H., Norristown, Pa.; U.C, B.S., Gen. Studies. 
KIRSCHNER, JR., THOMAS JOSEPH, Baltimore; Engr., B.S., Aero. Engr. 
KIRTLEY, DONALD RAY, Adelphi; BPA, B.S., Public Rel. - ATH ; KAM, pres.; 
2AX ; APRA, trees,; Dorm, pres., v. p.; Who's Who; Arnold Air SoC; Scabbord 
& Blode; Distinguished Military Student; "Terrapin," Sect, ed., photo.; "Dia- 
mondback," copy ed.; "M Book," sect. ed. 

o '^ (*% 


KLAFF, RICHARD B., Boltimore; BPA, B.S., Gen. Bus. -ZBT; Fr. Tennis; Varsity 


KLOTZ, JR., ARTHUR HENRY, Silver Spring; BPA, B S., Accounting - A2:ri , 

sec'y.; Newman Club; "Diamondback"; Vandenberg Guard; Fr. Track; Varsity 


KNOLT, FLORENCE AUDREY, Washington, D.C.; Ed., B.S., Childhood Ed. - 

Dorm, social chm.; FOB; SNEA. 

KNOX, H. FRANCES, Hyattsville; BPA, B.A., Personnel - AV , sec'y, porli.; 

<l>X0 , pres., v.p., nat'l. councilor; "Diomondbock," office mngr., key; S.A.M.; 

Fr. Prom Queen, runner up; KA Minstrel; AWS, comm. sec'y. 

KOLB, KENNETH EDWARD, Chevy Chase; Engr., B.S., Elec. Engr. 

KOPTEU, NEAL HARVEY, Baltimore; BPA, B.S., Office Mgt. - TE* ; Fr. Class, 

officer; Men's Glee Club. 

KORMANN, LEO A., Phoenix; A&S, B.S., Zool. - Biology Club; Civil War Club. 

KOVALAKIDES, NICHOLAS JAMES, Princeton, N.J.; Phys. Ed., B.S., Phys. Ed. — 

<l»Ki; , pledgemoster; OAK , sec'y; HAE treos.; Varsity Track; M Club. 

KROFT, JR., JOHN C, Baltimore; BPA, B.S., Trans. — A, v.p.; Dorm, sec'y.; 

NCO Academy; Propellor Club. 


KRASAUSKAS, HELEN LOUISE, Takoma Park; Ed., B.A., Art — Newman Club. 

KRAUSE, FRANCES, Silver Spring; Home Ec, B.S., Tex. & Clo. — Home Ec. 

Club; Dorm, big sister chm., jud board; Soph. Carnival. 

f>! C^ O 


"Perhaps my fondest memories of college ore 
procforing in the dormitories." . . . John swanson 

with my Chapel Choir experiences and 

KROETER, DIANE L., Ploinfleld, N.J.; A&S, B.A., French - KKF , pub. rel.; 
FOB; Dorm, social comm.; French Club; Campus Chest, pub. 

KRUG, CLIFFORD E., New Hyde Pork, N.Y.; Phys. Ed., B.S., Phys. Ed. - 4>Ki; ; 
M Club, sec'y.; Varsity Soccer; Varsity Baseball; Newman Club; Sailing Club. 
KUDRICK, JOSEPH R., Baltimore; Engr., B.S., Mech. Engr. — ASME. 
KUHN, PAUL ELBERT, Laurel; BPA, B.S., Marketing. 

KUPFER, DONALD M., W. Hyattsville; Engr., B.S., Mech. Engr. - *H2 ; 
•tTS , treos., Sr. adv.; TB; ASME; Skin Diving Club, pres., founder. 
KUPPER, L. L., Tokoma Pork; Engr., B.S., Chem. Engr. — Baseball; Newman 

KUSHNER, ESTELLE NATALIE, Baltimore; A&S, B.S., Psych. - Dorm, treos.; 
AWS, Fr. Counseling chm,; Psych. Club, treas. 

KUSHNER, RONA B., Chevy Chose; Ed., B.S., Biology - AAA ; AWS, Campus 
Academic Board chm.; Biology Club. 

lAFFAN, SUE GLOVER, Louisville, Ky.; Ed., B.S., Childhood Ed. - KAe , hist., 

sec'y.; Diamond; FOB, sec'y., comm. chm.; Free State Party, sec'y., v.p.; 

Who's Who Comm.; Soph Exec. Council; AWS, Soph, rep.; May Day; Newman 

Club; "Terrapin," sect, ed.; Intramurols. 

LAFFERTY, DANIEL ADRIAN, Baltimore; BPA, B.S., Accounting - BA+ ; Ai;il ; 

Accounting Club; Newman Club; S.A.M.; Dorm, Float chm. 

LAMDIN, JAMES S., Baltimore; Ed., B.S., Ed. for Ind. - Scabbard & Blade; 

Arnold Air Soc; Newman Club. 

LAND, JAY M., Bethesdo; A&S, B.A., Psych. - *X . 

LANE, LT. COL. CHARLES I., Hyattsville; U.C, B.S., Militory Science - Dean's 

List; EUCOM Sch, Achievement Aword. 

lANGHORNE, NANCY, Bethesda; Ed., B.A., Childhood Ed. 

LANHAM, JR., ROBERT WILSON, College Park; BPA, B.S., Geog. - Intramurols. 

lANKFORD, JR., JOSHUA M., Pocomoke City; Agri., B.S., Econ. -AIT . 

^^ ^1 

^ f*. 






LARSEN, BRUCE W., Ridge Manor, Flo.; Engr., B.S., Elec. Engr. — SAME; 
AIEE; IRE; Hamill Memorial Plaque; NCO Academy. 

LAW, CATHERINE, Glen Burnie; Ed., B.A., Eng. — Dorm, pres., Fr. Counselor; 
AWS, exec, council, dorm council; "Diomondbock"; "Terrapin"; "Expression"; 
SNEA; Ski Club. 

LAYTON, MARSHALL B., Owings Mills; A&S, B.A., Am. Civ. - ZBT, pres., so- 
cial chm.; IFC, bootride chm., presents comm. 

LEAN, GERALD HARRY, Baltimore; BPA, B.S., Accounting - TE* , treas., 
assist, pledgewarden; Intromurols; Soph. Carnival. 

LEE, JR., HERBERT STEPHEN, Woodbury, N. J.; Phys. Ed., B.S., Ptiys. Ed. — 

Dorm, oth. chm.. House Rules Comm.; Intramurals. 

LEE, WAH, Woshington, D.C.; A&S, B.S., Physics — International Club; Chinese 


LEE, WAYNE E., White Plains, N.Y.; BPA, B.S., Ins. - <J>A6 ; Intramurals. 

LEEDY, CHARLOTTE A., Washington, D.C.; Phys. Ed., B.S., Phys. Ed. - WRA. 

LEHMAN, FRED ALLEN, Baltimore; Ed., B.S., Social Studies — Varsity Soccer; 

M Club; SNEA. 

LESTE, RONALD D., Adelphi; Agri., B.S., Agron. - A. P. 

LEVASSEUR, JR., CAPT. THOMAS J., Ft. Knox, Ky.; U.C, B.S., Military Science. 

LEVER, PHYLLIS, Baltimore; Ed., B.S., Elem. Ed. — 2AT , house pres., comm. 

chm.; "Miss Md. I960"; Hillel, pres.; Fr. Prom; Intramurals; AWS, sorority 


LEVIN, JAMES, Baltimore; A&S, B.S., Am. Civ. — Men's League, Fr. class rep.. 
Service Key; R.M.A., treas.. Service Key; Dean's List; Dorm, pres.; Soph Carnival, 
Arran. chm.; Hillel, treas., v. p.; Calvert Debate Soc; "Old Line." 
LEVIN, RALPH STEVEN, Baltimore; B.S., Engr., Mech. Engr. — TE* ; A.S.M.E.; 
Dorm, pres.; Intramurals. 

LEV,', ALLAN STUART, Baltimore; .A&S, B.A., G&P - ZBT sec'y.; Political Sci- 
ence Club. 

LEWIS, GREGORY WRIGHT, Silver Spring; B.PA., B.A., Pub. Rel. -KA;2DX; 
"M Book"; "Diamondback." 

"I will always remember the fun and consternation that went with putting out the "Dia- 
mondback." . . . Jeannie Anderson 

/ y 



LEWIS, NANCY LYNN, Silver Spring; A&S, B.A., Soc. - AAA ; Pledge 

Queen; Diamond; "Terrapin"; Soc. Club; Bridal Fair, comm. chm. 

LEWIS, ROBERT EDWIN, Funkstown; Engr., B.S., Elec. Engr. 

LIKENS, EUGENIA M., Greenbelt; A&S, B.A., Eng. - AAA ; ON, Award; 

*t>Kt}> ; Ski Club, pres.; "Expression," ed.-in-chief. 

LILLY, RICHARD R., Baltimore; Engr., B.S., Elec. Engr. - IRE. 

LIMAURO, VINCENT D., Lynn, Mass.; A&S, B.A., G&P - *KZ ; Dorm, pres.; 

"Diamondback"; RMA; Varsity Baseball; G&P Club; Newman Club; Intramurals; 

Away-Weekend Comm. 

LINCH, LAURA, ELISA, Silver Spring; Ed., B.A., Soc. Sci. — AAO ; act. chm.; 

Women's Chorus; Univ. Theatre; Flying Follies; AWS. 

LINDSAY, ROBERT P., Baltimore; BPA, B.S., Personnel - S.A.M. 

LINGRELL, DAVID A., Beltsvilie; Engr., B.S., Civil Engr. - ASCE; Wesley 


LINTON, ALICE VIRGINIA, Adelphi; Home Ec, B.S., Tex. & Clo. - ON, v.p.; 

WRA, rep.; Soph Carnival; Home Ec. Open House, tour leader. 

LIPOWITZ, JOAN, Silver Spring; BPA, B.S., Econ. — T, house mgr.; AAA ; 

BrZ ; *Xe ; *K*; AEFI , Sweetheart; Bridal Fair, comm. chm.; Soph. 


LIPSITZ, SYLVIA JEAN, Baltimore; A&S, B.A., Psych. - X; Dean's List; Psych. 

Club; Flying Follies; WRA Riding Club; Ski Club. 

LIPSKEY, DEVERA, Odenton; A&S, B.A., Music - Al; Hillel; Women's chorus. 


LISLE, THOMAS A., Takoma Park; Engr., B.S., Mech. Engr. — ASME. 

LISS, BURTON D., Silver Spring; Phys. Ed., B.S., Phys. Ed. 

LITTLETON, DONALD DENNIS, Salisbury; Agri., B.S., Agri. Ed. 

LITMAN, HARRIET, Washington, D.C.; A&S, B.S., Micro. - SAT , sec'y; "M 

Book," ed. -in-chief; "Diamondback," social ed., copy ed.; Diamond; Jr. Prom, 

gen. comm. co-chm.; FOB, pub. chm.; Homecoming, pub. chm.; Elections Board, 

pub. chm., poll chm. 

LOFGREN, DONALD GENE, Mayo; Phys. Ed., B.S., Rec. 

LOGAN, RONALD WILLIAM, Baltimore; Ed., B.S., Ed. for Ind. — S.A.M., pub. 


LOGUE, RICHARD J., Westminster; BPA, B.S., Marketing - eX ; pledge 

marshal, house mgr.; S.A.M.; Newman Club; Marketing Club; Intromurols. 

LONG, JAMES E., College Park; Phys. Ed. B.S., Phys. Ed. 

LONG, CAPT. KENNETH R., Portsmouth, Ohio; U.C, B.S., Miiltory Science. 
LONGERBEAM, FLOYD THOMAS, Silver Spring; BPA, B.A., Public. Rel. — Von- 
denberg Guard, commandent, leadership award; Arnold Air Soc; Pershing 

LOPER, NANCY BELLE, Sykesville; A&S, B.S., Sp. Therapy - iAH; West- 
minister Foundation; Student Religious Council, sec'y- 
LOUCAS, MIKE, Baltimore; Phys. Ed., B.S., Phys. Ed. - Judo Club. 

LOVE, HARRIET A.. Takoma Park; A&S, B.A., Eng. - KKT . treos.; FOB; "M 

Book"; Majorette; Campus Chest. 

LOVE, RICHARD H., Cumberland; Engr., B.S., Mech. Engr. — *ZK; *K+ ; 

TBIl; nTZ; ASME; RMA; Newman Club. 

LOWETH, NANCY ANN, Clinton; A&S, B,A., Math - Dorm, comm. chm.; Big 

Sister; 4-H Club. 

LU, GERALD M., Baltimore; Engr., B.S., Civil Engr. - ASCE. 


5»-v F V-^" U^. 




^ f> O 

LUBBES, JR., HERMAN O., Beltsville; Engr., B.S., Elec. Engr. - *Hi: ; HKN; 


LUDWIG, JAMES J., Baltimore; BPA, B.S., Journ. — 2AX ; <t>H2 ; "Diomond- 

back," copy ed. 

LUPPINO, PETER, Washington, D.C.; Engr., B.S., Elec. Engr. - AIEE; IRE. 

LYNCH, URGAN HARRISON DEHOFF, Bel Air; Engr., B.S., Mech. Engr. 

IITZ ; Engr. Council; ASME; SAME; NCO Academy, Commander; Arnold Air 

Soc; Vandenberg Guard; Scabbard & Blade; Guitar Club; Dance Bond. 

LYON, LEROY, Silver Spring; A&S, B.A., Soc. - <t'lA 
LYON, MARY ELLEN, Silver Spring; A&S, B.A., Eng. 
MACERA, JAMES, Beltsville; A&S. 
MACK, RICHARD F., Baltimore; Engr., B.S., Elec. Engr. 

Dorm, social chm. 

MACKIE, PHILIP L., Elkton; Agri., B.S., Agri. Econ. 

MACRIS, JOHN A., Athens, Greece; Engr., B.S., Civil Engr. - ATf! , pledge 

troineer; Fr. Swimming; ASCE, sec'y; "Diomondbock," photo.; Intromurols; Univ. 

Placement Service, 

MAGGIO, ANDREW ANTHONY, Baltimore; Ed., B A., Ed. for Ind. - SAM., 

Ncwmon Club. 

MAHONE, RICHARD M., Adelphi; Engr., B.S., Mech Engr. - ASME. 


MAIMER, EMIL R., Oxon Hill; A&S, B.A., Pol. Sci. - A; German Club; Pol. Sci. 


MAJECZKY, JR., CARl H., Baltimore; Ed., B.S., Ed. for Ind. - *A6 ; Ind. Ed. 


MALKUS, KENNETH CHARLES, Cambridge; Agri., B.S., Gen. Agri. — Dorm, 

house mgr. 

MALLALIEU, SHIRLEY FREY, Beltsville; Ed., B.S., Childhood Ed. 

MALONE, RICHARD T., Hyattsville; Engr., B.S., Elec, Engr. - IRE. 
MANDUKICH, IVAN SVETOZAR, New York, N.Y.; A&S, B.A., Hist. - E; Calvert 
Debate Soc; Debate Team; Flying Follies. 
MANOLL, DIANE, Wheaton; Ed., B.A., Elem. Ed. 
MAR, YVONNE, Silver Spring; Ed., B.S., Childhood. 

AAARGESON, RICHARD S., Peorblossom, Calif.; A&S, B.A., G&P. 
MARGOLIS, ALAN D., Philadelphia, Pa.; A&S, B.A., G&P — KA; M Club; In- 
tramural wrestling chomp; Swimming Team. 

MARRIOTT, JR., PAUL M., Cumberland; Engr., B.S., Civil Engr. - ASCE. 
MARSCHALL, JAMES B., Wheaton; BPA, B.S., Accounting. 

"I shall always remember the lasting friendships formed when the class of '61 met during 
those wonderful days called Freshman Orientation." . . . Barbie Uricheck 

MARSH, V/ILLIAM J., College Park; Engr., B.S., Elec. Engr. - <t>K* ; HKN; 

TBO; AIEE; IRE; Newman Club. 

MARTEL, ROBERT JOSEPH, Baltimore; Engr., B.S., Elec. Engr. - IRE; AIEE. 

MARTIN, CAROL LEE, Befhesdo; A&S, B.A., Drama. 

MARTIN, JR., OLIVER BURKETT, Havre DeGrace; Ed., B.S., Ind. Arts — A*S2 ; 

lEA; Ind. Arts Bulletin. 

MARTIN, RICHARD I., Silver Spring; Engr., B.S., Elec. Engr. - AIEE; IRE; Judo 


MARTOCCI, MARY, College Park; Ed., B.S., Elem. Ed. 

MARTUCCI, LT. CARMEN C, New Castle, Po.; U.C, B.S„ Military Science. 

MATHENY, JAMES C, JR., Beltsville; Ed., B.A., Music. 

MATSON, DAVID J., Washington; Engr., B.S., Elec. Engr. - IRE; Marching 
Band; Varsity Swimming Team; SAME; Gymkana Troup; Arnold Air Soc. 
MATULONIS, JR., ANTHONY GEORGE, Baltimore; Ed., B.S., Ind. Arts - Wres- 
tling Team; M Club; Newman Club. 
MATUSKY, DONALD, Baltimore; A&S, B.A., Psych. 
MATTHEWS, CARROLL LEE, College Pork; Engr., B.S., Civil Engr. 

MATTHEWS, JOHN C, Hyattsville; Engr., B.S., Chem. Engr - AICE; Pershing 

Rifles, Commander, Cadet Col. 

MATZDORF, KARL JACOB, Baltimore; Ed., B.S., Ed. for Ind. - ZAE . 

McAULIFFE, PAULA ELLEN, Selbyville, Del.; Phys. Ed., B.S., Phys. Ed. - KAO ; 

WRA; P.E. Professional Club; Intromurals. 

McCALL, JR., JOHN B., Washington, D.C.; BPA, B,S., Public Rel. - iAX; 

Vandenberg Guard; Arnold Air Soc, area staff; pershing Rifles, regt. staff. 


McCARTIN, JOSEPH W., Baltimore; BPA, B.S., Morkefing — AT, pres., treos., 

del. to Congress; Newman Club, pres., treas., del. to conv. 

McCAW, JOAN D., Hyottsvllle; Ed., B.A., Elem. Ed. 

McCLEARY, ROBERT D., Mt. Rainer; BPA, B.S., Econ. - "t-Hj: ; S.A.M.; Econ. 

Dis. Club. 

McCOURT, WILLIAM R., Vincentown, N.J.; U.C, B.A., Eng. - "Expression," 

Assoc. Ed.; Lit. Honors Program. 

McCRONE, B. LOUISE, Annapolis; A&S, B.A., Psych. — r<J>B , house pres., 

hist.; Dean's List; Dorm, Jud. Board; Intramurols. 

McDONAGH, JOSEPH M., La Plato; Phys. Ed., B.S., Phys. Ed. - Track Team; 

M Club; Mr. & Mrs. Club; Newman Club. 

McDonald, ROBERT RICHARD, Cllfton Heights, Pa.: Agri., B.S., Agri. Econ. - 

Basketball; Agr. Econ. Club; Agri. Career Week Comm. 

McDOWElL, CLIFTON WORTH, Candler, N.C.; U.C, B.S.; Military Science. 

McDowell, Patricia ANN, Baltimore; A&S, B,A., Hist. — Dorm, sec'y, hist.; 

Chapel Choir; Women's Chorus; May Day. 

McGEE, jr., ROBERT E., Horrisburg, Pa.; U.C, B.S., Military Science. 

McGUIGAN, LYLE STANLEY, Arlington, Vo.; A&S, B.A., Pre-Dent. - Young 

Repub. Club, pres.; "Diomondback"; columnist; Wesley Foundation; Veteran's 

Club; French Club. 

McGUIRE, CHARLES DANNY, Suitland; A&S, B.A., Speech -KA, rush chm., 

sec'y , house mgr.; Newman Club; Baseball; Debate; KA Minstrels. 

"Let's all recall our jaunt to the 1958 Basketball Tournament at Madison Square 
Gardens!" . . . Bonnie Girard 

McGUIRE, CHARLES ROBERT, Washington, DC; BPA, B.S., Gen. Bus. - S.A.M. 

McKEE, ROBERT E., Hagerstown; BPA, B.S., G&P — <I>2A. 

McKENNEY, MARY CAROL, Silver Spring; Home Ec, B.S., Pr. Art - KA ; 

WRA; Home Ec. Club; Campus Improvement Comm.; Soph Prom. 

McLEAN, MARIAN LOUISE, Silver Spring; Ed., B.S., Science. 

McXELLAN, GEORGE KEEN, Hyattsvilje; BPA, B.S., Marketing. 

McLEOD, G. A., Washington, D.C; U.C, B.S., Militory Studies. 

McMAHON, JAMES O'DONNELL, Chevy Chose; BPA, B.S., Journ. - i:AX; 

"Diomondbock"; SGA; Men's Leogue. 

McMULLEN, JOHN NEAL, Rockville; Agri., B.S., Dairy Tech. - Dairy Science 

Club; Baptist Student Union. 

McNALLY, FRANCIS R., Hyottsville; Ed., B.S., Ed. for Ind. - S.A.M.; Veterans 


McNELIA, IRMA JEAN DODD, Hyottsville; Ed., B.A., Sociol Studies - KKP; 

+ K+ ; AAA ; AWS, trees.; FOB; "Terrapin"; Dorm, house chm. 

McPHEE, GORDON, Longely Pork; BPA, B.S., Accounting- AZIl , V.P.: 

S.A.M.; occounting. 


MENTZER, WILLIAM RICHARD, JR., College Pork; Engr., B.S., Mech. Engr. - 

HTi; Pres, THII, ASME; Fr. Footboll; Varsity Football, heod mgr.; M Club; 

Outstanding Soph. Mech. Engr, 

MEREDITH, ELIZABETH ANN, College pork; Home Ec, B.S., Clo. & Tex.; Home 

Econ. Club; Model in Coreer Spectacular. 

MESSER, PATRICIA L., Frederick; Home Ec, B.S., Ed. - AP ; Mortar Board 

AWS, pres.; S!N , sec'y; DTE; Diomond; May Day, overall chm.; Who's Who, 

Dorm, pres.; Wesley Foundotion. sec'y.; FOB, tour leader; SGA exec, council 

WRA; Col. 4-H Club; Bnoi Brith Interfoith Fellowship; Danforth Fellowship, 

Adele H. Stomp Aword for Outstanding Jr. Sor. Women. 

METZGER, DOROTHY SUSAN, Hanover; Ed., B.S., Elem. Ed. - Dorm, sec'y.; 

"Terropin," sect, ed.; Home Ec Club, goods chm.; Intramurols. 



MEYERS, WILLIAM V., Washington, D.C.; A&S, B.A., G&P. 

MIDDLETON, III, WILLIAM THOMAS, Pittsville; Ed., B.S., Bus. — Dorm, pres.; 
RMA, exec, council; S.A.M.; UBEA; SNEA; Accounting Club. 
MIKKELSEN, MAJOR ALBERT H., Perth Amboy, N.J.; U.C; B.S., Military Sci- 
ence — "t'A0 . 
MILLENSON, ROBERT, LoValc; A&S, B.S., Zool, 

MILLER, BARRY EDWARD, Baltimore,- Engr., B.S., Mech. Engr. — Dorm, pres., 
council; ASME. 

MILLER, CURTIS D., Arlington, Va.; Engr., B.S., Civil Engr. — ASCE. 
MILLER, EDWARD SIDNEY, Frostburg; Agri., B.S., Gen. — AZ; Col. 4-H Club, 
pres., v.p., treos.; FFA; Stud. Agr. Council; Agron. Club; Westminister Fellow- 
ship; 1st Honors Convocation Award. 
MILLER, EVA R., Hyottsville; Ed., B.A., For. Lang. 

MILLER, GERALD J., Dolgeville, N.Y.; Engr., B.S., Mech. Engr. - "t-HS ; 

MILLER, IAN BERTRAM, Baltimore; A&S, B.S., Pre-Dent - <t>2A ; A<t>n ; 
Hillel; intramurals. 

MILLER, MARCELLINE S., Dublin, Ohio; Ed., B.S., Elem. Ed. - KAO, house pres., 
marsholl; AWS; Bridal Fair; FOB; Angle Flight; Sorority Council; Soph Carni- 
val; Soph Prom. 
MILLER, MARJORIE, Margate, N.J.; Ed., B.A., Childhood Ed. - 2AT ; <t>Xe . 

MILLER, REBECCA SUE, Pikesville; Ed., B.S., Elem. Ed. - Dorm, exec, council; 

SNEA; Chapel Choir; Aqualiners; Intramurals. 

MILLER, RICHARD W., Hyottsville; Agri., B.S., Dairy Prod. — AFP; AZ; Dairy 

See. Club, pres.; Dairy Cattle Judging Team. 

MILLER, RUTH LOUISE, Phoenix; Ed., B.A., Eng. — SNEA; Intramurals; Lutheran 

Student Assoc, prog. chm. 

MILLER, SANDRA, Forest Hills, N.Y.; A&S, B.A., Hist. — AE* ; <i>Ae ; AWS, 

cult, comm.; SGA, cult, comm.; Phil. Club; Red Cross Hostess Prog., chm. 

"As a member of the class of '61 I am grateful for the opportunities extended me during my freshman 
year which enabled me to become part of SGA, UT, and the fraternity system" . . . John Kinnamon 

MILLS, ROBERT VICTOR, Silver Spring; Engr., B.S., Elec. Engr. - ATO ; AlEE; 

IRE; Newman Club. 

MILTON, JR., HUEG O., Baltimore; Engr., B.S., Civil Engr. 

MINTZ, WILLIAM D., Severno Park; A&S, B.A., Eng. 

MIRANDA, OLGA YANEZ, Hillcrest Hgts.; BPA, B.S., Sec'y. - Flying Follies; 

Modern Dance; Newman Club; Gymkona. 

MITCHELL, JR., KENNETH, Hyottsville; BPA, B.S., Accounting. 

MITCHELL, NANCY, Silver Spring; Home Ec, B.S., Tex. & Clo. - KAe ; Angel 

Flight; Flying Follies; Soph. Carnival; Home Ec. Club; Career Forum. 

MOCK, ELSIE M., Mt. Ranier; Ed., B.S., Elem. Ed. 

MOHLER, TAWNEY, Baltimore; Ed., B.A., Eng. — 2K, v.p.. Soph. Carnival chm.. 

Homecoming chm.; Aqualiners. 

MONROE, DONALD PAGE, Hompsteod; Engr., B.S., Aero. Engr. — Band. 
MONTGOMERY, WILLIAM L., Washington, D.C.; Phys. Ed., B.S., Phys. Ed. — 
Newman Club; Doydodgers. 

MOORE, ANITA M., Wayne, N.J.; Ed., B.S., Elem. Ed. - AP ; SNEA; "Terra- 
pin"; Aqualiners. 

MOORE, JR., DANIEL STEPHEN, Berlin; Agri,, B.S., Agri. Ed. — *Ae ; Dorm, 
pres.; FFA; Livestock Judging Team. 


i^ ^ id ^ 




JAMES H., Elkton; 


B.S., Mech. Eng 

ir. -TKE 






Baltimore; A&S, 

B.A., E. 

:on. — 


Econ. Dis. CI' 

ub; Intromurals 




Frederick; Ed., B.S., 

Moth. - 

i:ME ; 



Chapel Choir; Lutheran 

Student's Assoc.; Dorm, 

gov; "Expression. 





ington, D.C.; BPA., B.S., 


ing - 

't'^ K , sec'y; S.A.M., v. p.; Newman Club; Intromurals. 

MOREAU, DONALD W., Ridgewood, N.J.; U.C, B.S., Militory Science. 
MORGAN, LAURA STEVENS, La Plata; A&S, B.A., Eng. - Chopel Choir; 
Women's Chorus; WMUC; Nev/mon Club; International Club. 
MORICONI, JOANNE ADELAIDE, Morrisville, Pa.; Nursing, B.S., Nursing. 
MOROZZO, ROBERT E., LT., Arcadia, Kan.; U.C, B.S., Military Science. 

MORRIS, WAYNE E., Boltimore; Ed., B.S., Ed. lor Ind. — ■t'AH ; Fr. Soccer; 

Intramurals; S.A.M. 

MORRISSEY, THOMAS P., Babylon, N.Y.; BPA, B.S., Ind. Admin. - AID , 

pres., v.p., rush chm.; <t>K4> ; OAK ; •t'KS , v.p.; sch. chm.; BrS , v.p.; 

<J>Hi; ; Who's Who; Kolegethos; SGA, pres.; Cent. Stud. Court, justice; IPC; 

Publi. Board; Foe. Senate; Univ. Ath. Council; Stud. Life Comm.; Stud. Placement 

Comm., overall chm.; Career Week, chm. 

MOSER, EDWARD LEE, Hogerstown; Ed., B.S., Ind. Ed. -..M'P ; lAA. 

MOSHANG, EDWARD, Boltimore; Engr.. B.S., Elec. Engr. - IRE; AIEE; Chinese 

Club; Intromurals. 

Lake Worth, Fla.; A&S, B.A., Econ. 


Club; Econ. Dis. Club. 

MOXLEY, PAUL W., Adelphi; Engr., B.S., Aero. Engr. - 
MOY, SAMUEL G., Silver Spring; BPA, B.A., Gen. 
MOYLAN, PHILIP J., Riverdale; Engr., B.S., Mech. Eng 
man Club. 


Young Democ. 

AIME; New- 


MUDD, MARGARET HOEGEN, Hyatfsville; Ed., B.S., Spec. Ed. - r*B , v.p., 

memb. chm.; AWS, sec'y.; Diamond; "Terrapin," sect, ed.; ATfi , sweetheort; 

Intromurals; Newman Club. 

MUELLER, JR., LEO J., Hogerstown; A&S, B.S., Moth. — Dean's List. 

MULL, MARY LOU, Silver Spring; Phys. Ed., B.S., Recreotion. 

MULLICAN, ROBERT WAYNE, Frederick; BPA, B.S., Public Rel. - i;AX ; 

KK*; Band, quartermaster; Dorm, pres.; RMA; APR; Scabbard & Blade; 

Arnold Air Soc, Comm.; Dist. Mil. Stud. Award; Resident Assit. 

MULLINIX, BARBARA L., Richmond, Vo ; Home Ec, B.S., Foods & Nut. — 

KKF, v.p.; ON; "Terrapin," mgr. ed., sect, ed., Sr. Adv.; Home Ec. Club, pres., 

sec'y., treos.; Harmony Hall; FOB, treos.; Flying Folies; SR. Class Presents, ossist. 

chm.; Home Ec. Coun., v.p.; Campus Chest; Aquoliners; Who's Who Comm.; 

St. Home Ec. Clubs, sec'y., treos. 

MULLIS, BOBBY JEFF, Hyottsville; Ed., B.A., Soc. Studies - NEA; Propellor 

Club; Civil War Club. 

MURDOCH, RICHARD D., College Park; A&S, B.A., Hist. — i*E; Pershing 


MURPHY, JOSEPH P., Eoston; Ed., B,S., Ed. for Ind. -TKK. 

MURRAY, MARLENE MAE, University Pork; Ed., B.S., Elem, Ed. - .SOU, v.p.; 
Mortar Board, v.p,; Who's Who; FOB, Pre. Col. Prog. Spon.; Daydodger Big 
Sister Prog, chm.; May Doy, dir.; AWS, exec, council; Daydodger's Club, co- 
chm.; "Terropin"; Women's Employment Conf., chm,; AWS, Honor Key; Out- 
standing Commut. Stud. Award. Campus Improv. Comm., chm. 
MUSGROVE, ELLEN MAE, Glenwood; Ed., B.S., Elem. Ed. - KAO , v.p., pledge 
troincr. Harmony Hall; Dorm, pres.; WRA, rep.; Angel Flight; Women's Chorus; 
Intramurals, mgr. 

MYERS, DONALD J., Washington, DC; U.C, B.A., Commerce. 
MYERSON, MICHAEL LOUIS, Atlantic City N.J.; BPA, B.S., Morketing Stat. — 
A2:n , v.p.; BPA Career Conf., chm. 

NAGEL, WAITER R., Beltsville; Engr., B.S., Elec. Engr. - HKN; TBH; IRE; AIEE; 

Flying Assoc. 

NAKAMURA, WALTER, Kahuku, Oahu, Hawaii; BPA, B.S., Journ. — OAK ; 

KAM; 2 AX , trees.; OAE; "Diamondback," ed.-in-chief, copy ed., news ed.; 

Dorm sec'y, treas. 

NALL, FRANK C, Hyottsville; Ed., B.A., Span, 

NASH, DONALD SMITH, Brookeville; Engr., B.S., Mech. Engr. - ASME; 

Scabbard & Blade; Pershing Rifles; D.M.S.; Deputy Div. Comm. AFROTC. 

NASH, WILLETTE BORDEN, Baltimore; A&S, B.A., Eng. — Angel Flight, pres., 

v.p., hist.; Big Sister; Homecoming Queen, cand. 

NEELS, CARL W., Baltimore; A&S, B.S., Micro. — "Diamondback." 

NELSON, MERLE W., Greenbelt; Engr., B.S., Elec. - Rifle Team. 

NEMIER, DOUGLAS A., Lorton, Va.; U.C, B.A., Gen. Studies. 

NESBITT, ANN M., Chevy Chase; Ed., B.A., Elem. Ed. — Newman Club. 
NEUMAN, HARRIET JUDITH, Baltimore; A&S, B.S., Moth. — Hillel; May Day, 
hostess; AWS, Orphan's Party. 

NEVIUS, NATALIE ANN, Bethesdo; A&S, B.A., Soc. — Psych. Club; Soc. Club. 
NEWTON, JOHN, Hagerstown; Engr., B.S., Chem. Engr. — AX2 , trees.; 
<t>H£ ; AICE, treas.; ACS; Wesley Foundation, pres.; Stud. Religious Council. 

"... a flurry of red and white pom-poms at football games, presiding at the Inter- 
fraternity sing, and most of all, lasting friendships" . . . Karen Anderson 

NIXON, DONALD H., Oldtown; BPA, B.S., Ind. Mgr. - BFS ; S.A.M.; Dean's 


NOACK, MILLARD, Washington, D.C.; Ed., B.S., Ind. Arts. 

NOONAN, DIANE P., Hyottsville; Ed., B.S., Elem. Ed. 

NOPPENBERGER, MARY CATHERINE, Timonium; Home Ec, B.S., Tex. & Clo. - 

Newman Club; Home Ec. Club; Ski Club. 

NORBOM, ROLF, Philodelphio; U.C, B.A., Commerce. 

NORFOLK, JR., HOWARD OLIVE R., Hyottsville; Engr., B.S., Elec. Engr. - 


NORLEY, RONALD RICHARD, Crestview; Engr., B.S., Elec. Engr. 

NORRIS, JOAN MARIE, Silver Spring; Ed., B.S., Elem. Ed. - SNEA; Newman 

Club; Daydodger Big Sister. 

NORTH, SUSAN LYDIA, College Park; Ed., B.S., Science - ASA , hist., cul. 

chm.; <!>E ; Dean's Council, Col. of Ed.; Angel Flight, pledge master, rush chm.; 

"Old Line," copy ed.; "M Book," sect, ed.. Bus. mgr.; AWS; FOB; Parent's Day, 

overall chm.; Bridal Fair, comm. chm.; "Diamondback," copy ed.; "Terrapin"; 


NORTRUP, CAROLE, Baltimore; Home Ec, B.S., Inst. Mgt. 

NORWITZ, ANNE HERSON, Silver Spring; A&S, B.S., Sp. Therapy - 2AH ; 

Fr. Counceling; Hillel. 

NOVOTNY, JAMES, Hyottsville; A&S, B.S., Micro. - Band; SAO. 

OBER, RUTH, Baltimore; A&S, B.A., Sp. Theropy — 2AT v.p., rush chm.; 2AH; 

Fr. Prom, Queen's chm.; Soph. Prom, sec'y.; Jr. Prom; overall co-chm.; Bridal 

Fair, comm. chm. Old Line Party. 

OBERHOLTZER, JERAULD T., Mt. Ranier; Ed., B.S., Ed. for Ind. - Wrestling. 

OBERT, NOEL E., District Heights; BPA, B.A. Gen. Studies. 

O'BRIEN, CAROLYN M., Alexandria, Va.; Home Ec, B.S., Gen. - Newman 

Club; Ski Club, treas.; Dorm, Stud. Counselor, Red Cross rep. 


O'BRIEN, CAPT. FRANK J., Cherry Pt., N.C.; U.C, B.S., Militory Science. 
ODA, WILLAIM S., Baltimore; A&S. B.S., Milifory Studies. 

O'DONNELL, JR., LT. COL. CHARLES F., Highland Foils, N.Y.; U.C, B.S., Mili- 
tory Science. 

pres., Newman Club; S.A.M.; Men's Glee Club. 

OKONSKI, CAPT. LEONARD J., Ft. Meode; U.C, B.S., Military Science. 
OLMSTEAD, JOHN A., Hyottsville; A&S, B.A., Radio & TV - WMUC disc 


OLSEN, LOUIS O., Baltimore; A&S, B.S., Zool. — Dorm, cult, comm., House 

Rules Comm., Homecoming Dec. Comm. 

OlSSON, NILS D., Boltimore; Engr., B.S., Civil Engr. - ASCE; Men's Glee Club; 

Civil Wor Club. 

OLSZEWSKI, JOSEPH ROBERT, Baltimore; BPA, B.S., Accounting -TKE; S.A.M.; 

Accounting Club; Newman Club. 

ONSGARD, DIANE IRENE, Hyottsville; Phys. Ed., B.S., Phys. Therapy - Angel 

Flight; Phys, Therapy Club; Aquoliners; Fr. Prom, comm. chm. 

OOSTERHOUS, JIM, Takomo Park; BPA, B.A., Gen. Bus. - IX, trees. 't'HS; 

Ain ; "Terrapin," bus. mgr.; "M Book," bus. mgr. 

OSGOOD, CHARLES E., Washington, D.C.; Agri., B.S., Entomology. 

"I'll always remember the people that I worked with and the friends that I made by 
participating in various class activities." . . . Ruth Ober 

OSHA, WILLIAM RICHARD, Barre, Vt.; BPA, B.S., Advertising - Xe , v.p.; Base- 
ball; Intromurals; S.A.M. 

OUSBORNE, ALBERT LOUIS, Baltimore; A&S, B.S., Pre-Dent. 
OVERHOLSER, RUTH S., Landover Hills; Ed., B.S., Music - MENC; Modrigals; 
Chopel Choir. 
OWENS, JULIUS F., Leonardtown; Engr. B.S., Mech, Engr. — TITI ; ASME. 

OWENS, NAN, Washington, DC; A&S, B.A., Eng. - KKF , SGA, leg.; Miss 
Md., 1st runner up; Jr. Prom, Queen's Comm. chm. 

PACE, MARTHA ANNE. Foils Church, Va.; A&S, B.A., Eng. Ed. - .M'A , sec'y; 
MSTA; SNEA; NEA; Newman Club; Spon. Club; WMUC, announcer. 
PACKARD, ALICE LINZEY, Towson; Ed. Elem. Ed., B.S. - AOH , pres., rush 
chm.; Panhellenic Council; Diomond; SGA, leg.; Compus Jud. Board; FOB; "Ter- 
rapin," sect, ed.; Soph Prom Queen, runner up; Miss Md., finalist; May Day, 
comm. chm.; Academic Life Comm. 
PACKWOOD, MOLLY H., Takomo Pork; A&S, B.A., Hist. - *Ae ; *K* . 

PAlUCZOK, WASYL, Melbourne, Flo.rA&S, B.A., Art — Ukroninian Club, pres.; 

"EKpression," co-art ed.; Resid. Assit.; Job plocement rep. for Art Dept. 

PANICO, ROBERT GUERRERA, Atlantic City, N.J.; A&S, B.A., Soc. - ATH ; 

FOB, chm,; Soph Carnival; Soc, Club; Newmon Club, ath. chm. 

PARENTE, CHARLES A., Oyster Bay, NY; Engr., B S., Aero. Engr. - lASS; IRE; 

Newman Club. 

PARKER, CLAIRE, LILLIAN, Washington, D.C; Home Ec, B.S., Extension — 

AXIJ house pres., sch. chm.; ON. pres.; AAA ; Newman Club; Home Ec. 

Club; Home Ec. Stud. Fac. Council. 

PARKER, ELIZABETH, Baltimore; A&S, B.A., Eng. 

PARKER, MARY LOUISE, College Pork; Ed., B.S., Elem. Ed. 

PARKER, QUANAH F., Blodensburg; A&S, B.S., Soc. — Newmon Club. 

PARSENIOS, LEWIS, Cumberland; A&S, B.A., G&P. 



PARSON, SEENA J., Washington, D.C.; BPA, B.S., Off. Tech. 

PARSONS, RICHARD PAUL, Parsonsburg; Agri., B.S., Econ. — AZ; Col. 4-H 
Club; Citzenship Award, Nat. Winner; Block & Bridle Club; Agr. Econ. Club; 
Esse Scholarship. 

PASCAL, PAUL L., Takomo Pork; U.C, B.A., Comrrerce. 

PASCO, ALVIN, Baltimore; A&S, B.A., Soc. — <t'2A ; Soc. Club; "Diamond- 

PATTIE, JR., MEREDITH, Sandy Spring; Ed., B.S., Ed. for Ind. - S.A.M.; New- 
man Club; Investment Club; Ind. Ed. Open House, Placement rep. 
PAVLOS, PETE, Chillum; Engr., B.S., Elec. Engr. - IRE. 

PEARL, NORMAN A„ Baltimore; A&S, B.A., Eng. — .-"Diamondbock," "Expres- 
sion"; Univ. Theatre. 
PEARSON, ALBERT, Takomo Park; A&S, B.A., Hist. 

PEDOLSKY, HOWARD RICHARD, Baltimore; Engr., B.S., Chem. Engr. - TE<J> ; 

AICE; Intramurols. 

PEIKIN, JOYCE IRENE, Washington, DC; Home Ec, B.S., Pr. Art - NSID; AID, 

treas.; Home Ec. Club. 

PERKINS, PAUL EDWARD, Takomo Pork; Engr., B.S., Civil Engr. - ASCE; 

Newman Club. 

PERLMAN, VID, Hyottsville; BPA, B.A., Accounting — S.A.M.; Accounting 

Club; "Diamondbock." 

PERLZWEIG, DANA ELLEN, Silver Spring; A&S, B.A., Eng. - 2AT , sec'y.; 


PERROTTI, JR., RALPH, Washington, D.C.; U.C, B.A., Gen. Studies - IISA; 


PERRY, CART, VICTOR A., Bethesdo; U.C, B.S., Military Science. 

PETERSON, CAPT. GEORGE M., DuBois, Pa.; U.C, B.S., Military science. 

"I'll .always remember gathering flowers and greenery for May Day from the bushes 
around the armory at 6;00 A.M." . . . Marlene Murray 

PETERSEN, LOUIS H., Boltimore; Ed., B.S., Ed. for Ind. 

PETRO, MARY ELEANOR, Baltimore; A&S, B.A., Soc. — Newman Club; Flying 

Club; Soc. Club; Classical Club. 

PFEIFFER, SUSAN LEE, Blocksburg, Va.; Ed., B.S., Biol. Science - AHA , sec'y.; 

Wesley Foundation; Flying Club. 

PHELPS, CLIFFORD RODGER, Posodena; A&S, B.A., Psych. - Flying Club; Van- 

denberg Guard Drill Team. 

PHILLIPS, ARTHUR F., Silver Spring; BPA, B.A., Journ. — 2AE , v. p.; "Dia- 
mondbock"; Intramurols. 

PHILLIPS, JR., JOHN WILLIAM, Clarksville; BPA, B.S., Finance — Dorm, pres., 
v.p., social chm., ath. chm.; RMA, sgt. at arms; Intramurols; Newman Club; 
SA.M.; Resident Assit. 

PHILLIPS, JR., WALTER L., Salisbury; BPA, B.S., Public Rel. — OAK; 2AX , 
speakers chm.; S.A.M., pres., exec, adv.; Who's Who; Young Repub. Club, v.p.; 
"Diamondbock"; APR; AMA. 

PICCIOLO, MARYLOU, Alexandria, Va.; A&S, B.A., French — AXS2 ; New- 
man Club. 

PICKETT, EARL THOMAS, Hanover; Agri., B.S., Hort. — Methodist Men's Club, 
pres., youth Counselor. 

PIELERT, JAMES H., Baltimore; Engr., B.S., Civil Engr. - CEHS, sec'y.; ASCE; 
Newman Club. 

PIERCE, JESSIE A., W. Hyottsville; U.C, B.A., Eng. 

PIERCE, RICHARD NORMAN, Biddeford, Maine; BPA, B.S., Marketing - Mar- 
keting Club. 


c\ d ry cs. 

PINCUS, SHELDON MICHAEL, Chillum; A&S, B.A., Psych. — TE* ; Intramurols; 

Intramural Football All Star Team. 

PIPKIN, MICHAEL B., Bel Air; A8.S, B.A., Eng. 

PISAPIA, CAROLYN JEAN, Silver Spring; A&S, B.A., Soc. — <J>K*; AKA ; Soc. 

Club; Intramurals; Diogenes Society; Women's Chorus; Univ. Commuter's Club. 

PITTINGER, CARRYE BLAIR, College Pork; Home Ec, B.S., Ed. 

PiniNGER, CHARLES ARTHUR, Baltimore; BPA, B.S., Marketing - 2AE; Intra- 
murals; FOB; Marketing Club; Fr. Soccer. 

PITTLER, LES, Boltimore; BPA, B.A., Gen. -ZBT. treos., pres.; Intramurals. 
PLAIA, ROBERT J., Valley Stream, N.Y.; Ed., B.S., Gen, Science — Fr. Soccer; 
Intramurols; Newman Club. 
PLATT, PHILEMON KENNETH, W. Hyattsville; Engr., B.S., Aero. Engr. - IAS. 

PLEET, ALBERT BERHARD, Baltimore; A&S, B.S., Pre Med. - <t>i:Ji , v.p.; 

'^}^i; , v.p.; IFC; FOB; Dorm, v.p. 

PLIES, STANLEY MARTIN, Baltimore; A&S, B.S., Pre-Dent. 

PLUMMER, KAY L., North East; Home Ec, B.S., Ed. — Dorm, Jud. Board sec'y., 

FOB chm.; Fr. Counselor; Wesley Foundotion, social chm.; MSM, rep.; Riflery 

Club, chm. 

POFFEL, JR., ROBERT EDWARD, Baltimore; BPA, B.A., Gen. - ASH , pres., 

treos.; IFC, finance comm. chm.; Newman Club; S.A.M.; Fr. Track. 

POINTER, WESLEY DONALD, Adelphi; A&S. B.A., Criminology - 4'X;AKA; 

Soc. Club; Psych. Club. 

POLINGER, MARILYN BEVERLY, Silver Spring; BPA, B.A,, Ins. & Rl. Est. - 

♦ Xft ; Hillel. 

PORTER, NANCY B., Lanham; Ed.. B.S., Elem. Ed. - ASCD, conf. hostess. 

PORTNEY, MARYLYN S., Baltimore; Ed., B.S., Childhood Ed. 

■r ■ - ^---. 

c^ C^ C\ o 

PORTS, ROBERT A., Arcadia, Flo.; U.C, B.S., Militory Science. 

POSNER, NORMAN HAROLD, Boltimore; A&S, B.A., Phil. - TE* ; IFC; Old 

Line Party; "Old Line"; Intramurals; Hillel; Fr. Prom; Soph Carnival; No Shove 

Week; Election Board. 

POTASH, LARRY, Baltimore; A&S, B.S., Psych. - AEII ; Career Week, Comm. 

POWELL, ANNE E., Kensington; Home Ec, B.S., Advertising — "M Book"; 

"Diomondbock"; Big Sister; Bridal Fair; AID; Fire Lt. 

POWELL, JOHN ROGERS, Tokomo Pork; BPA, B.S., Public Rel. - Fr. Rifle Teom; 

Varsity Rifle Team. 

POWELL, PATRICIA ANN, Morriottsville; Home Ec, B.S., Ed. - Dorm, v.p., 

overall Big Sister chm,; Home Ec. Club, v.p.; Col. 4-H Club. 

PRESSIMONE, /AARGARET MARY, Baltimore; Ed., B.S., Elem. Ed. - Soph. 

Carnival, L.S.A.; AWS. 

PRICE, ROSLYN, Takoma Pork; A&S, B.A., Sp. Therapy - 2AH, sec'y.; Hillel. 

prog, chm.. Queen Ester; Mr. & Mrs. Club; Sr. Class prom. 

PRICE, THOMAS, WARFIELD, Posodeno; Agri., B.S., Doiry Tech. — Cheerleader. 

PRINCE, JR., NORMAN EVANS, Hyottsville; Ed., B.S., Ed. for Ind. - IX; 

Band; A+i; ; S.A M, 

PRITZKER, HERB, Baltimore; BPA, B.A., Public Rel. - iAX ; "Diamondback," 

mgr. ed., news ed.; "M Book," sect, ed., "Old Line." 

PRZYBYLA, JR., JOHN A., Cotonsville; Engr., B.S., Mech. Engr. 


PUTNAM, CAROLYN S., College Park; Ed., B.S., Elem. Ed. 

QUINTILIAN, PAUL DAVID, Baltimore; BPA, B.S., Ind. Mgt. - S.A.M.; House 

Rules & Sch. Comm. 

RABY, MAJOR BILLY M., Washington, D.C; U.C, B.S. Military Science. 

RADES, LYNN KATHRYN, Baltimore; Ed., B.S., Ed. - Newman Club; SNEA; 

Univ. Theatre, box office; "Terrapin"; Big Sister. 

RAGLAND, BONNIE GAY, Clinton; Phys. Ed., B.S„ Phys. Ed. - * AE ; Dorm, 

Jud. Board, exec, council; Aqua^(^ers; Canterbury Club. 

RALPH, WALTER THOMAS, JR., Mt. Rainier; Agri., B.S., Agri. Econ. — ♦AG ; 

Fr. Basketball; Varsity Soccer; Agri. Econ. Club; Intramurals. 

RAMSBURG, ROBERT BLAINE, Frederick; BPA, B.S., Accounting — BA* ; 

A2n ; House Rules, chm.; Accounting Club. 

RAMSEY, CAPT. ARTHUR R., Horlingen AFB, Texas; U.C, B.S., Military Science. 

RAND, JAMES L., College Pork, Engr., B.S., Aero. Engr. - IAS;TBn ; ISA 
Engr. Coordinating Comm.; Newman Club. 

RANDOLPH, JR., BENJAMIN OWEN, W, Hyottsville; A&S, B.S.. Math. - Wes- 
ley Foundation. 

RAPPOPORT, SYBIL ANN, Capitol Heights; A&S, B.A., Hist. — AE* , treas.; 
*K<i> ; Mortar Board, ed.; AAA ; <i>A0 ; TKA; SGA, sec'y.; Soph. Leg.; Jr. 
Leg.; Calvert Debate Soc, v. p., hist.; Varsity Debate Team; Who's Who; Dia- 
mond'; A&S Sr. Council; Soph. Carnival, treas.; Stud. Life Comm.; Bridal Fair, 
chm.; May Day, Queens chm. 

RAU, DONALD C, W. Hyottsville; BPA, B.S., Marketing - 2X , ed.; DBK; 
AMA, sec'y., treas.; S.A.M.; Fr. Lacrosse; Christian Fellowship. 

C5 O A 

"I'll always remember those many long hikes up the hill to the Terrapin office" 
Sandy Goody 

RAUSCHER, BERNARD J., Silver Spring; Ed., B.S., Ed. for Ind. - Dean's List. 
REED, CAPT. ALAN B., Silver Spring; U.C, B.S., Military Science. 
REGESTER, JR., CONLYN W., Baltimore; BPA, B.S., Accounting — A2n , 
sec'y.; BA^ , pub. chm.;Br2; Accounting Club; Intramurals, chomp. 
REID, HERBERT M., Kentlond; Engr., B.S., Elec. Engr. - AIEE-IRE, Joint Student 
Br., chm. 

REILLY, RICHARD S., Bowie; Engr., B.S., Aero. Engr. - lASS; Scabbard & 
Blade; Arnold Air Society. 

REYNOLDS, JOSEPHINE ANN, Baltimore; Ed., B.S.. Science Ed. 
RICE, JUDY, Riverdale; Ed., B.A., Childhood Ed. - 2K ; Chapel Choir; Intra- 
RICE, MARY HELEN, Crownsville; A&S, B.A., Hist. - <t>Ae . 

RICHTER, ROBERT GENE, Takoma Pork; BPA, B.S., Marketing -TKE; S.A.M.; 
Intramurals; Marketing Club; Rossborugh Club; Dean's List. 

RICKETTS, LESLIE, JR., Buffalo, N.Y.;.Ed., B.S., Ed. for Ind. <t>KZ ; S.A.M.; Sail- 
ing Club; Newman Club. 

RIEBLING, MARIAN LOUISE, Baltimore; A&S, B.A., Soc. 

RIEDESEl, STEPHEN HALVOR, Seat Pleasant; BPA, B.S,, Marketing — Baptist 
Student Union. 

RIETZ, JEANE, Drexel Hill, Pa.; A&S, B.A., Eng. -KKF , house pres.; Intra- 
murals; "Diamondback," asst. copy ed.; Free State Party, pub. comm.; Greek 
Week, pub. comm. 

RIFFLE, CARL WILSON, Westminister; Engr., B.S., Civil Engr. - ASCE, treas 
RIGGS, JIMMY WAYNE, Adelphi; BPA, B.S., Accounting. 
RIPPY, DON E., Bethesdo; Engr., B.S., Elec. Engr. — Flying Club, v. p.; IRE. 


ROBBINS, II, THEODORE, Cambridge; BPA, B.S., Finance. 

ROBERTS, JUNE, Morgantown, W. Va.; A&S, B.S., Zool. — Baptist Student 


ROBERTS, KENNETH A., Hyattsville,- A&S, B.A., Psych. — Men's Glee Club,- 

Arnold Air Society; Distinguished Military Student. 

ROBERTS, KENNETH H., N Linthicum; A&S. B.A,, Hist. — *Ae .- Old Line 

Party; Student Finance Comm. 

ROBERTS, PAUL A., Greenbelt; BPA. B.S.. Trans. - ANA. 

ROBERTS, SANDRA LEE, Havre DeGrace.- A&S, B.S., Micrc. - Dorm, exec. 

boord, social chm.; Chapel Choir. 

ROBERTS, WILLIAM G., West Falls, N.Y.; U.C, B.S., Militar/ Science. 

ROBERTSON, DONALD LEE, Hyattsville; A&S, B.S., Chem. 

ROBINETTE, EDDIE LEE, Baltimore; Phys. Ed., B.S., Phys. Ed. — Intramurals; 
House Rules Comm. 

ROBINSON, ANN, Brooklyn, N.Y.; Ed., B.A., Eng, — SAT ; Dorm, house mgr.; 
Chorus; Ski Club; WRA, rep. 

ROBINSON, DOROTHY L., Annapolis; Ed., B.A., Art Ed. — AHA , sec'y.; Dia- 
mond; "Diamondback," copy ed.; "M Book," sect, ed.; "Terrapin"; Flying Assn., 
sec'y.; May Day, usher; Soph. Carnival; SGA, elec. boord; Org. & Cont. 
Comm.; Campus Improvments Comm. 

ROCHE, JR., LEONARD S., Tokoma Pork; Engr., B.S., Aero, Engr. — TBII ; 

"I remember many things — political, academic, social, sorority rushing and its changes, 
and Bridal Fair (my favorite event)" . . . Sybil Rapport 

RODBELL, LESLIE, Silver Spring,- Ed., B.S., Elem. Ed. 

RODDY, FLORENCE AGNES, Bethesdo; Home Ec, B.S., Pr, Art — Home Ec. 

Club; Newman Club; Univ. Commuters Club, May Day rep. 

ROE, LAWRENCE S., Hyattsville; A&S, B.A., Soc. - AKA ; Dean's List; Soc. 


ROHIAND, F. MELINDA, Chevy Chase,- A&S, B.A., Eng. - KKF , pres.; Pan- 

hellenic Council; AAA ; Diamond; FOB, academic chm. 

ROMAN, ROBERT JOSEPH, Beltsville; Engr., B.S., Elec. Engr. - IRE. 

ROMAN, SUE, B-jltimore, A&S, B.A,, Psych. - *X ; Psych. Club. 

RONK, RICHARD MORTON, Rockville; Ed., B.S., Ed. for Ind. 

ROOS, DAVID A., College Park; A&S, B.A., Span. — Dean's List; Intramurals. 

ROSEN, ELINOR CHARLOTTE, Silver Spring; Ed., B.S., Elem. Ed. - Hillel; 


ROSENBERGER, JOHN J., B'jitimore; Engr., B.S., Aero. Engr. — IAS. 

ROSENCRANTZ, RANDOLPH B., Frederick; Ed., B.A., Bus. 

ROSS, PHILIP W„ Silver Spring; A&S, B.S., Moth. — 2AE; Dorm, pres.; Men's 

Dorm Council; FOB; "Terropin"; RMA; Ethos; Intramurols; Olympic Barbell 

Club; Nat. Col. Weightlifting Assoc., stud. chm. 

ROSSMAN, JR., THEODORE LEO, Baltimore; Engr., B.S., Civil Engr. — ASCE. 

ROTH, RICHARD W., Hyattsville; Ed., B.S., Ed. for Ind. -AXA , pres.; IFC; Van- 

denburg Guard; Swimming Teom, mgr.; lEA; S.A.M. 

ROTH, SHELDON M., Washington, DC; BPA, B.S., Bus. Adm. - Arnold Air 


ROURKE, RODGER E., Hyattsville; i).C.. B S., Military Studies. 



ROUZER, LARRY EVANS, Mt. Airy,- Engr., B.S.. Elec. Engr. - AIEE; IRE; House 

Rules Comm. 

RUBACK, JOHANNA L., College Pork; Home Ec, B.S., Pr. Art - Home Ec. 

Club; Newman Club. 

RUDDER, JR., ALBERT P., Bethesdo; BPA, B.S., Trans. - 0X . 

RUDGERS, JR., ANTHONY J., Arlington, Vo.; A&S, B.S., Physics — <J>H2 ; 

House Rules Comm. 

RUE, CAPT. NORMAN L., Walnut Creek, Calif.; U.C, B.S., Military Studies. 

RUGGIERO, MARYLOUISE T., Gloversville, N.Y.; Ed., B.S., Social Studies - 

rS2 ; Women's Chorus; Univ. Theatre. 

RUSSELL, JOHN MILLS; Rockville; A&S, B.S., Psych. - 2X ; OAK; HAE ; *X; 

"Diamondbock," bus. mgr., adv. mgr.; Cent. Stud. Court; Band; Westminister 

Fellowship; Stud. Comm. on Cheating. 

RUSSEL, JUANITA G., Silver Spring; Ed,, B.S., Elem. Ed. - Univ. Theatre; 

Newman Club; Ski Club. 

RUSSELL, ROBERT MANNING, College Pork; Engr., B.S., Civil Engr. - A24> , 

trees., pledgemaster; ASCE, stud, paper winner; Intromurols; Olympic Barbell 

Club; Civil War Club, org. comm.; Weightlifting Club. 

RYAN, DAVID T., Torrington, Conn.; A&S, B.A., Hist. — it>ZK, pres,, sentinel; 

IFC, 1st v.p., rush chm., IPC Ball, chm.; Kolegethos; Sr. Prom, co-chm.; Men's 

League, rep., Jud. chm.; Student Life Comm.; Fr. Swimming. 

RYAN, JAMES A., Washington, D.C.; Ed,, B.S.. Ed. for Ind. - 2*E , rush 

chm.; IFC, sch. chm.; SGA, Jr. leg.; Stud. Welfare Comm., chm.; WMUC, 


SAAKS, DAVID C, Silver Spring; A&S, B.A., Soc, - TE* , social chm.; IFC; 

Awoy Weekend, housing chm.; Sportscar Club. 

SADORUS, JEAN E., University Park; A&S. B.S., Psych. - 2K , rush chm.; 

Bridoi Foir; Chapel Choir; Daydodger Big Sister. 

SAIDMAN, ARNOLD N., Silver Spring; BPA, B.S., Accounting - AEII , v.p., 

treas., rush chm.; IFC; Arnold Air Soc; Scabbard & Blade; Military Ball Comm., 

Ticket chm. 

SAKWA, JACOB, Silver Spring; Engr,, B,S., Elec. Engr. — AIEE. 

SALEN, ROGER LEE, Washington, D.C.; A&S, B,A., Soc. - TE* ; Soc. Club; 

Away Weekend Comm. 

"I'll never forget my first party as rush chairman 
goat in the living room" . . . Alice Packard 

walking down the steps to find a 

SALHAB, OMRAN, Beirut, Lebanon; Engr., B.S., Civil Engr. 

SALIGA, THOMAS V., Wheaton; Engr., B.S., Elec. Engr. - HKN; TBII ; IRE; 

AIEE; University Club; Newman Club. 

SAMMONS, JR., HAROLD DOUGLAS, W. Palm Beach, Fla.; Ed., B.S., Science 

Ed. - Biol. Club; SNEA; House Rules Comm. 

SAMPSON, MORRIS E., Hyattsville; BPA, B.S., Accounting — BA* ; Accounting 


AFP, chaplain; 

SANDER, LARRY E., Falls Church, Va.; A&S, B.A., Sec. 

SANDERS, JOHN HAROLD, Preston; Agri., B.S., Agron. 

Agron. Club, pres., v.p. 

SANDERS, MURRAY CHARLES, Silver Spring; Engr., B.S., Elec. Engr. 

SANDLER, CHARLES E., Baltimore; BPA, B S., Public Rel. -TE*, pres., sec'y.; 

—AX ; APR; "Diamondbock," copy ed. 

SANDLER, HARRIET, Baltimore; Ed., B,S., Social Studies — Dorm, pres., Jud. 
Board, hist,; Hillel; Fencing Club. 

SAVAGE, ARTHUR C, Baltimore; BPA, B.S., Marketing - ZAM ; FOB; Intro- 

SAWYER, JR., ERNEST L., Laurel; U.C, B.S., Hist. 
SAXON, LUCILLE, Baltimore; Ed., B.A., Elem. Ed. 




SCHAEFER, WILLIAM N., Baltimore; Ed., B.S., Ed. for Ind. 

SCHAFFER, WARREN D., Boltimore,- BPA, B.S., Accounting. 

SCHAPIRO, STEPHEN HOWARD, Boltimore; BPA, B S., Lobor Econ. - ZBT , 

Pledge Moster, Hist 

SCHEERER, RONALD C, Baltimore; Engr., B.S., Elec. Engr. 

SCHEJBAl, DUSAN J., W. Hyottsville; A&S. B.A., Hist. - ATA ; Persh- 
ing Rifles. 




SCHERR, EDMUND FRANKLIN, Washington, D.C.; BPA. B.S.. Public Rel. - 

Dean's List; i;AX, sec'y.; "Old Line," mng. ed.; "Diomondbock"; Ski Club. 

SCHILLER, CARL JOSEPH, Solisbury; BPA, B.S., Gen. Bus. 

SCHILLINGER, BARBARA B., Greenbelt; Ed., B.A., Eng. 

SCHLEIFER, FRED; Phys. Ed., B.S., Phys. Theropy - Phys. Theropy Club; Olym- 
pic Barbell Club. v. p.; Intramurals. 

SCHLOSSER, HELEN MARTHA, Silver Spring; A&S, B.A., Soc. - ^X ; Newman 
Club; Spanish Club. 
SCHOFER, RUTH, Baltimore; Ed., B.S., Elem. Ed. - Hillel; Big Sister. 

SCHOLL, GEORGE A., Newport News, Vo.; U.C, B.S.. Military Science. 
SCHULTHEIS, WILLIAM C, Frostburg; A&S, B.A., Hist. - RMA, exec, council; 
Dorm, pres.; Intramurals. 

SCHWARTZ, HARRY B., Baltimore; A&S. B.S., Psych. — Aquoliners. 
SCHWARTZ, MARTIN SAMUEL, Baltimore; A&S, B.S., Psych. - <J>ZA ; Men's 
Glee Club; Track Team. 

^^ ^^^ h^^ ir^^ 

SCOLTOCK, CAROL E., Hyottsville; Ed., B.S., Elem. Ed. - AAA ; SNEA; West- 
minister fellowship. 

SCOTT, MARJORIE L., Riverdole; A&S, B.A., Art — "Expression," ort stof?. 
SCOTT, WILLIAM THOMAS, Cloyton, N.J.; Ed.. B.S., Ed. for Ind. - <t>Ki: ; IFC 
Presents, vice-chm.; Arnold Air Soc; Scabbard & Blade; S.A.M.; Sailing Club; 
IFC Boat Ride, ticket mgr. 
SCRIVENER, THOMAS, Cotonsville; Engr., B.S., Civil Engr. - ASCE. 

SEABOLT, TERRANCE M., Boltimore; BPA. B.S., Ind. Mng. -TKE; S.A.M. 

SEBASTIAN, JR., PAUL CLARK, A&S, B.S., Biol. Science - Dorm, v.p., sociol 

chm ; Intramurals; RMA; Stud. Buffet Dinner, chm. 

SEBODA, EARL F., Baltimore; Engr., B.S., Mech. Engr. — Dorm, pres. Newmon 

Club, social chm.; IAS; ASME; Vondenburg Guard. 

SEELINGER, STEPHANY ANDERSEN, W. Hyottsville; A&S, B.A., Fine Art - 

.\.\A ; Art Club; "Expression," ort ed. 

SEGAL, HANNAH JOAN, Baltimore; A&S, B.S., Zool. - AAA , pres.; Dorm, 

acod. chm.; Campus Acod. Boord; Biol. Club, sec'y; Soc. Club; Nursing Club. 

SEIDLITZ, ARIEEN BRENDA, Hyottsville; Ed., B.S., Elem. Ed. - Dorm, social 

chm.; Nursing Club, pres. 

SEIPEL, MARTIN G., Silver Spring; Engr., B.S., Elec. Engr. 

SENNETT, MYRNA NINA, W. Hyottsville; Ed., B.S., Elem. Ed. 

4 26 

SESSA, GERALDINE F., Washington, D.C.; BPA, B.S., Econ. - <J>Xe ; Econ. 

Dis. Club; Newman Club. 

SHAFFER, MICHAEL, Cumberland; Ed., B.S. 

SHAFFER, ROBERT, Crellin; BPA, B.S., Marketing - BFS ; Dorm, acod. chm., 

Board of Gov.; Wesley Foundation, treas. 

SHAIVITZ, SUZANNE, Baltimore; Ed., B.S., Childhood Ed. - <t>22 , pres., 

sec'y-. rush chm.; SGA Cult. Comm., sec'y.; Bridal Fair, Fashion Show, co-chm.; 

Soph Prom, Queen Comm. 

SHANNAHAN, DASHIELL JESSE, St. Michaels; Ed., B.S., Ed. for Ind. - 0X ; 


SHARP, VICTORIA, Silver Spring; BPA, B.S., Accounting — AXH , v. p., pledge 

trainer; FOB; Soph. Carnival; Newman Club; Intramurals. 

SHAW, BERNARD LEE, Baltimore; A&S, B.A., Soc. — Dorm, pres., social chm.; 

House Rules & Sch. Comm.; Wesley Foundation, RMA Presents, co-chm. 

SHAW, JR., JAMES WILSON, Federolsburg; BPA, B.S., Personnel - ATfl , v.p.; 

Scabborc) 8. Blode; Arnold Air Soc, Oper. Officer; S.A.M.; Who's Who 

Comm., chm.; Traffic Comm. 

SHENKER, JEANETTE, BolMmore; Ed., B.5., Childhood Ed. - 2AT; Hillel. 

SHEPHARD, STEPHEN, Baltimore; Engr., B.S., Mech. Engr. - ATfi ; TBO ; 

nT2 , sec'y.; Dorm, pres.; RMA. 

SHERBERT, JR., ARCHIE T., Huntingtown; Engr., B.S., Elec. Engr. - HKN, v.p.; 

TBD; IRE, sec'y.; AIEE. 

SHERMAN, JAMES R., Hyottsville; U.C, B.S.. Military Science. 

"Our Campus Academic Board set its goals high, worked enthusiastically, and diligently 
and is now seeing the light of achievement" . . . Rona Kushner 

SHERMAN, STEPHEN, Washington, D.C.; A&S, B.A., Soc. - SAM; Hillel; In- 

SHIELDS, ALFRED ALLYN, Hyottsville; A&S, B.A., Eng. - ■PHZ ■ 
SHIMKUS, STEPHEN A., Hyottsville; Phys. Ed., B.S., Phys. Ed. - Varsity Foot- 
SHORE, EARL, Greenbelt; A&S, B.S., Zool. 

SIBALIK, PAUL M„ Balitmore; A&S, B.S., G&P - 4>Ae , pres., house mgr., 

pledgemaster; Old Line Party, v.p.; Greek Week, chm. 

SIEBENBERG, HENRY N., Baltimore; Engr., B.S., Mech. Engr. - IAS; ASME; 


SIEGEL, BRENDA M., Millville, N.J.; A&S, B.S., Micro. - Dorm, Jud. Board; 

Hillel Foundation, Drama Comm. 

SIGNOR, III, WILLIAM E., Loytonsville; A&S, B.S., Pre-Med. Micro. - KK*, 

pres.. 2A0; Bond, pres. 

SILVER, GERALD, Brockton, Mass.; U.C, B.S., Psych. 

SILVERMAN, DORIS, Silver Spring; Ed., B.S., Elem. Ed. 

SILVERMAN, SALLY, Baltimore; A&S, B.A., Ger. - Hillel, pres., v.p.; Dean's 

List; SGA Cult. Comm.; Dorm Jud. Board, rep. 

SIMMONS, BERNARD J., JR., Baltimore; Engr., B.S., Chem. Met. Engr. - A2M ; 

ASM; ASM Scholastic Award. 


SIMMS, KATHERINE BAUER, Rockville; Ed., B.A., Social Science. 

SIMMS, RONDA RAE, Clear Spring; A&S, B.A., Hist. - *Ae ; *K* . 

SINCELL, CHARLES JOHN, Silver Spring; A&S, B.A., Speech -*2K; Harmony 

Hall; Rossburough. 

SINCLAIR, JANE ANN, Cheverly; Ed., B.A., Eng. - AOO; Angel Flight. 


SIPPEL, JR., JOHN PARKER, Tokomo Pork; Ed. B.S.. Ed. for Ind. - SAE ,- 


SLAGLE, ELIZABETH G., Bernordsville. N.J ,■ Ed.. B.S., Sec. Ed. - AT ; Ski 

Club; AWS Sorority Council; S.A.M.; "Terrapin"; SNEA; AWS, Secretori'-' 


SLAN, LINDA C, Silver Spring; Ed.. B A., Eng. - <J>K<t> ; AA.i ; Fr. Chem 

Award; Dorm. Jud. Board; AAA Scholorship Medal; Hillel. 

SMALL, ALBERT W., Bethesdo; Engr., B.S., Elec. Engr. 

SMITH, JAMES F., Colmar Monor; BPA, B.S., Accounting. 

SMITH, JUANITA JOYCE, Hyottsville; A&S, B.S., Physics - SOZ ; Physics Ma- 
jors Club; Physics Honor Sect. 

SMITH, SFC MEIVIN R., Woshington, DC; A&S. B.S.. Micro. - Dean's List; 
Basic Course Physics Award. 

SMITH, NICHOUS ALBERT, Frederick; Ed., B.S., Bus. Ed. - SAM.; SNEA; 
Resident Assf., MRA. 

SMITH, RALPH HITCH, Salisbury; BPA, B.S., Accounting - Accounting Club; 

SMOOT, JOAN, Cheverly; Ed„ B,S„ Elem, Ed, - TB2 ; Marching Band; Con- 
cert Bend. 

S08EL, LINDA KAY, Silver Spring; BPA, B.S., Public Rel. -*Xe ; AAA ; Hil- 
lel; "Diomondback"; "M Book"; Dean's List; Univ Theatre, ticket comms.; Fr. 
Prom.,- Fr, Day Comm., prizes chm. 

SOLOMON, BERNARD I., Silver Spring; BPA, B.S., Trons. — ANA; SN; 
S A M, 

"The opportunity to be on the 'inside' of campus politics is what I'll remember" 
Pot Green 

SOLOMON, NATHANIEL F., Hyottsville; A&S, B.S., Biol. Sciences. 

SOLOMON, SYLVIA J., Silver Spring; A&S, B.A., Hist. 

SORRELL, MICHAEL A., Riverdale; A&S, B.A., French. 

SORRENTINO, CHARLES, Baltimore; A&S, B.S., Psych. — Soccer Team; Von- 

denberg Guord. 

SOTH, CORINNE E., Havre deOroce; Phys. Ed., B.S., Phys. Ed., Dorm, exec. 

council; WRA, rep. council mem., exec, board, pts. co<hm.; Intromurols; 

Women's Prof, Club. exec, council, pub. chm. 

SOURWINE, JULIEN G., Silver Spring; A&S, B.A., G&P - ZX; OAK; HAE; 

WMUC, station mgr. 

SPAHN, ALBERT W., Baltimore; Ed., B.S., Ed. for Ind. - A2n ; Newman 

Club; Olympic Barbell Club. 

SPEACE, WIllARD COULSON, Elkton; Ed., B.S., Ed. for Ind. -IKE; SAM.; 

Intromurals; Placement Comm. rep. form Dorm. 

SPECTOR, LIBBY H., Baltimore; A&S, B.A., Hist. - <t>22 , sec'y., house pres.; 
+.\B ; >I>K* ; Sorority Council; Hillel; Coreer Week, Placement Service Hist, 

SPEICHER, WILLIAM C, Accident; BPA, B.S., Trons. - ANA; SAM.; Chapel 
Choir; Scabbard & Blode, 1st sgt.; Arnold Air Soc, compf.; Dorm, ath. chm.; 
Intromurals; Mil. Ball, treos.; Dist. Mil. Stud. 

SPENCER GEORGE W., Chevy Chose; A&S, B.A., Hist. - ♦HS . 
SPIEGEL, JONAS B., Richmond, Va.; A&S, B.S., Pre-Dent - :L\y[, pledge- 
master; Varsity Track; M Club. 

SPINICCHIA, ANTHONY, Westminster; BPA, B.S., Accounting -ATJI , treos., 

sch. chm.; -Accounting Club; Newman Club, social chm.; Intromurals; Away 

Weekend Comm, 

SRAGOV/, DANIEL E., Washington, D.C.; Engr., B.S., Elec. Engr. - AIEE; IRE; 

Hillel; Student Zionist Org. 

STARKE, WAITER V„ Hyottsville; A&S, B.S., Geog. 

STAUFFER, WILBUR SNYDER, Jenkintown, Po.; A&S, B.A., Psych. 

F^ W ^^ 

4 28 

STECKEL, JR., CHESTER, Atlanta, Go.; BPA, B.S., Public Rel. — ATfl; 2AX; 

Who's Who; Track, ACC champ., co-rec. holder; M Club, pres.; Morty Cohen 

Award; "Terrapin," sect, ed.; Dorm, pres.; Pershing Rifles; "Old Line"; "Dio- 

mondbock," sports ed,; Intromurols. 

STEEN, DONALD B., Baltimore; Engr., B.S., Elec. Engr. — AIEE; IRE. 

STEHR, ANITA LOUISE, Washington, D.C.; Home Ec, B.S., Tex. & Clo. - Home 

Ec. Club; Lutheran Stud. Assoc; Intromurols. 

STEINBERG, ALBERT S., Baltimore; Phys. Ed., B.S., Phys. Ed. — TE* . 

STEINBERG, NORMAN, Baltimore; A&S, B.A., Hist. 
STEPHANO, GEORGE J., Washington, D.C.; Engr., B.S., Elec. Engr. 
STERNE, MARIE LOUISE, Silver Spring; Phys. Ed., B.S., Phys. Ed. - <)>AE; FOB; 
"Terropin"; Women's Prof. Assoc.; Women's Prof. Club, pres., v.p., sec'y.; AWS 
Orphons Party. 

STEVENS, EDITH VIRGINIA, Myersville; A&S, B.A., Eng. - AXfi; FOB; Dia- 
mond; SNEA; "Terrapin"; Chapel Choir. 

STEVENS, JERRY WAYNE, Silver Spring; BPA, B.A., Mkt. Adm. - S.A.M.; Mar- 
keting Club. 

STEWART, CATHERINE JUNE, Bethesdo; BPA, B.S., Fin. Adm. - AXfl, treos.; 
*Xe ; Chapel Choir; Intromurols; FOB; Dorm, socio! chm.; Soph. Prom; Red 
Crosj Hostess. 

STEWART, ROBERT C, RocUville; A&S, B.A., Hist. - 2AE . 
STEWART, JAMES ELTON, Cheverly; A&S, B.A., Eng. - Chess Club; NCO 

STILWELL, ANN F., West Point, N.Y.; A&S, B.A., French. 

ST. JOHN, EDWARD A., Baltimore; Engr., B.S., Elec. Engr. — ATA pres.; 
Kolegethos; IFC; Sr. Class, leg.; AIEE; IRE; Newman Club; Flying Club; Van- 
denberg Guard. 

STONE, MARGUERITE R., Memphis, Tenn.; A&S, B.A., Eng. - KAO, pres.: Dia- 
mond; Panhellenic Council, rush chm.; Jr. Class, leg.; SGA Cabinet, Sorority 
Rep.; Mortar Board, historian. 

STREAKER, MARRIOTT DAVIS, Sykesville; Engr., B.S., Civil Engr. - XIMI, , 

"The progress that has been made in the Freshman Orientation program was memora- 
bly marked by the dinks and namecards of the class of '61" . . . Margy Stone 

O Q 

STRIPLING, MICHAEL HARMON, Greenbelt; Engr., B.S., Elec. Engr. - TBH 

HKN; IRE; Deon's List. 

STROESSNER, ROBERT DONALD, Baltimore; Engr., B.S., Elec. Engr. -TKE , 

v.p.; Intromurols. 

STRUEBING, KRISTEN L., Pittsburg, Pa.; A&S, B.A., Soc. - AAA , sec'y., sch. 

chm., act. chm.;<f>K'(>; Diamond; AAA ; TB2; Color Guard, copt.; Chapel 

Choir; Soph Carnival, overall chm.; "Old Line"; "M Book"; "Terrapin," sect. 

ed.; Flying Follies; Fr. Prom, dec. co-chm.; "Pajoma Game"; Homecoming, 

comm, chm.; Greek Week, pub. co-chm. 

STUP, HOWARD FREE, Frederick; Engr., B.S., Civil Engr. - CEHS; ASCE. 

STYERS, CARL KENNETH, College Park; A&S, B.A., G&P - Arnold Air Soc. 
STYRON, HARVEY R., Arlington, Vo.; Engr., B.S., Elec. Engr. 
SUGAR, SALLY JANE, Baltimore; Ed., B.S., Childhood Ed. - AE* hist.. Home- 
coming chm.; WRA, rep.; SNEA; Bridal Fair, comm. chm.; Soph Prom; Soph 
Carnival; Intromurols. 

SUIZU, IRENE EIKO, Tokoma Pork; BPA, B.A., Gen. — Women's Chorus; Inter- 
national Club, ssc'y., pari.; Wesley Foundation, pub. chm.; "Diomondbock," 
copy ed. 

SUSSMAN, BARRY N., Silver Spring; BPA, B.S., Geog. - r*rin ; Intromurols; 

Univ. Commuters Club. 

SVITAK, JOHN JOSEPH, Hyattsville; Engr., B.S., Mech. Engr. -TBH ; IITS ; 


SWANK, ANN R., Washington, D.C.; Ed., B.S., Secretarial Ed. ~ AF ; WRA; 

Doydodgers; Big Sister; "Terrapin." 

SWANSON, JOHN EDWARD, Boca Raton, Flo. - BPA, B.S., Marketing - 

4>A0 , exec, council; OAK , pres.; Who's Who, pres.; IFC, rush chm.; Dorm, 

pres.; Chapel Choir, pres., v.p.; AMA, v.p.; RMA; Intromurols; Placement 

Comm., rep. 


SWENNES, JON R., Suitland; BPA, B.S., Ins. & Rel. Est. 

SWOPE, FRED C, College Pork; Agr., B.S., Dairy. 

SYCIE, JOAN LOIS, Washington, D.C.; Ed., B.S., Elem. Ed. 

SYKES, WALTER E., Bethesdo; Engr., B.S., Civil Engr. — TBII ; *Hi; 

CEHS; ASCE; Newman Club; Univ. Commuters Club, treas. 


SYRAN, JOHN A., Washington, D.C.; A&S, B.S.. Zool. - Biol. Club; Intro- 

TACCHETTI, LOUIS DOMINIC, Baltimore; Engr., B.S., Civil Engr. - ATH ; In- 
tramurats; ASCE 

TAFT, CLAUDIA SUE, Silver Spring; Nursing, B.S. Nursing. 
TAGLIAFERRI, LOUIS EMIL, Lokew/ood, Ohio; U.C, B.A., Bus. Adm. - S.A.M. 

TARI. UUDO, Baltimore; Engr.. B.S., Aero. Engr. - IAS. 

TARTE, A. WARREN, Hyottsville; Ed., B.S., Ed. for Ind. 

TASLIMI, MOHSEN, Hyattsville; Engr., B.S., Mech. Engr. 

TATE. VERNON RODNEY, Annapolis; BPA, B.S., BPA - *AH ; Arnold Air 

Soc; SGA Cult. Comm.; Intromurols; Canterbury Assoc. 

TATUM, RICHARD B., College Pork; Engr., B.S., Civil Engr. -ATH ; ASCE. 
v.p., rush chm.; IFC; Fr. Prom, chm.; FOB; "Diomondbock"; Free State Party; 
Pol. Sci. Club, sec'y.. treas.; Hillel; Intromurols. 

TAYLOR, LAWRENCE W., Woshington; A&S, B.A., Geog. - reT , v.p.; 
Newman Club. 

TAYLOR, LYNNE WELCH, Mt. Roinier; A&S, B.S., Zool.- AXO, sec'y-, warden; 
rii: , sec'y.; FOB; WRA; Biol. Club; Block & Bridel; Intromurols; Newmon 
Club; Dorm, big sister; Biol. Sciences Career Week Forum, chm.; Stud. Place- 
ment Comm. 

TESTER, BETTY lOU, College Pork; Ed., B.S. Ed. - Fr. Prom; Jr. Ponheiienic 

Council; Greek Week Comm.; Homecoming Comm., chm.; Bridoi Fair, comm. 

chm.; Intromurols 

THEUNISSEN, WILLIAM, Washington, DC; BPA, B.S., General. 

THOM, JOANNE GERTRUDE, College Pork; Home Ec, B.S., Ed. -TBi: ; LJniv. 

Bond; Wesley Foundation. 

THOMAS, IRVING WENNER, W. Hyottsville; BPA, B.A., G&P - USA. 

THOMAS, MAXINE P., Univ. Pork; Ed., B.S., Elem. Ed. 

THOMPSON, BYRON E., Grosonville; Engr., B.S., Mech. Engr. - Dorm, v.p.; 


THOMPSON, CHARLES PHILIP, Silver Spring; A&S, B.A., Germon - A*n ; 

■l>.\IA, Univ Bond. 

THOMPSON, CHARLES WALKER, College Pork; Phys. Ed., B.S., Phys. Ed. 

THOMPSON, DAVID P., Baltimore; BPA, B.S., Morkeling - A<t>n 
S A M ; ^/^rketing Club; Dorm, House Rules, chm., floot chm. 
THOMPSON, JANE LEISHEAR, Silver Spring; A&S, B.A., Fine Arts. 
THOMPSON, KAY, Washington, D.C.; Ed., B.S., Elem. Ed. 
THOMPSON, NANCY, College Pork; Ed., B.S., Childhood Ed. 


THOMPSON, ROBERT J., Cheverly; A&S, B.A., Hist 

THOMPSON, CAPT. THEODORE R., JR., Morgon City, La.; U.C, B.S., Military 


THORN, JR., WILLIAM R., Silver Spring,- U.C, B.S., Military Studies. 

THOT, JOAN ELAINE, Woodlawn; Ed., B.S., Music -2AI, pres., v.p., social 

chm.; May Day, Jr. rep.; Chapel Choir; SNEA; MENC, sec'y.; Univ. Commuters 


TIEMAN, JOHN C, Delanco, N.J.; BPA, B.S., Accounting — Newman Club; Ac- 
counting Club. 

TIGNER, WARD E., College Park; Agri., B.S., Animol Husbandry — Livestock 
Judging Team; Meat Judging Team. 

TILLMAN, DONALD E., Baltimore; BPA, B.S., Accounting — S.A.M. 
TITUS, MARGARET ANN, Kensington; Home Ec, B.S., Clo. & Tex. - AOn , 
public relations officer, sch. chm. 

TODD, JUDITH ANNE, Baltimore; Ed., B.S., Childhood Ed. -KKF, act. chm.; 
Dorm, v.p.; Campus Jud. Board, sec'y.; "Terrapin," sect, ed.; FOB; Dorm, Jud. 
Board Chm. 

TOLLE, STEPHANIE GAYLE, Baltimore; Ed., B.S., Social Science - Dorm, exec, 
council, big sister prog.; Col. 4-H Club, sec'y., weekend chm.; Miss Future Suc- 
cess, finalist; SNEA; Intromurols. 

TOMAN, BONNIE M., Silver Spring; A&S, B.A., Drama - AAA ; A^fi ] 
Univ. Theatre; Old Line Maggie Award, best supporting actress; May I960 
Calendar Girl; Arena Theatre. 

TOPAZ, KENNETH, College Park; BPA, B.S., Accounting -TE<J> , sch. chmn.; 

"The many wonderful friends I've made — friends that will last far beyond graduation 
day. This is what has enriched my college life and remembrances" . . . April Wilson 

TOSSMAN, BARRY EDWARD, Baltimore; Engr., B.S., Mech. Engr. - TBH , 
sec'y.; nXS , v.p.; <t>K* ; ASME. 

TOWERS, JOHN LOUIS, Salisbury; BPA, B.S., Personnel - 't'ZK , treos.; In- 
tromurols; Homecoming Decoration Comm. 

TOWSNER, CYNTHIA MERLE, Silver Spring; Ed., B.S., Childhood Ed. - AE<t>, 
sec'y.; "Diomondbock"; SNEA; AWS, cultural comm.; Fr. Day, pub. chm. 
TRAMMELL, FRANCES J. TOWNSEND, Hyattsville; A&S, B.A., Fine Art 

TRAUM, SUSAN, Silver Spring; A&S, B.A., Eng. — "Old Line," assoc. ed. 


TRETICK, BERNARD A., Hyattsville; Engr., B.S., Elec. Engr. - WMUC, chief 

engineer; Amateur Radio Assoc, pres. 

TREVAS, HARRIET ROSENBERG, College Pork; A&S, B.A., Eng. — Dean's List; 


TRIBLE, WILLIAM E., Hyattsville; Ed., B.A., Soc. Studies - Pol. Science Club, 


TRIPLEH, WENDELL, Baltimore; Engr., B.S., Mech. Engr. - ASME. 

TRISTANI, KING, Washington, D.C.; A&S, B.A., G&P. 

TRONTZ, SANFORD, New York, N.Y.; A&S, B.S., Soc. - TE* : Fr. & Varsity 

Football; Intramurals; All Frat. Football & Baseball. 

TRUST, WILLIAM H., Fallston,; Phys. Ed., B.S., Phys. Ed. - Baseball Team. 

TUCKER, LINDA J., Tacomo Park; A&S, B.A., Sp. Therapy — 't'ZS ; AA/^ ; 

"Diomondbock, " copy ed.; Jr. Prom, Invitations; Bridal Fair, comm. co-chm.; 

Homecoming Arrangements, co-chm.; Soph Gift Comm., co-chm. 

TUCKER, NORMAN I., Baltimore; BPA, B.S., Labor Econ. -ZAM , v.p., alumni 

recorder; Hillel, treos.; Intramurals. 

TUCKER, PHILIP ARNOLD, Baltimore; BPA, B.S., Foreign Trade -ZBT , rush 

chm.; IFC, pres., forum chm., advisory board; Kolegethois; Bus Boys' Union, 

pres.; Greek Week, chm.; Homecoming Chm.; Soph. Prom.; Kingston Concert, 

chm.; Boot Ride, chm.; "Diomondbock," columnist. 


TUCKER, THOMAS HACK, Harwood; BPA, B.S. Accounting - *Ae ; Wres- 
tling Team; Resident Assist.; Accounting Club. 

TURNER, GARY FREDRICK, Mt Clemens, Mich.; Fngr., S.S., Civil Engr. — Wres- 
tling; ASCE; Arnold Air Soc.; AF Rifle Team; AF Drill Team; Glee Club; Dining 
Hall Club. 

TYLER, ALIEN, Silver Spring; Engr., B.S., Mech. Engr. — ASME; IITZ . 
TYNDALl, GENE R., W. Hyottsville; Ed. B.S., Ed. for Ind. — ^AE , pledge 
master, ath. chm., pledge Award; Sr. Class Leg.; FOB; S.A.M.; Fr. Bosketboll; 
Free Stote Porty, del.; Greek Week, pub. ccxhm.; Away Weekend, co-chm.; 
SGA. oct. comm. 

TYSON, GEORGE E., Port Deposit; Agri., B.S., Dairy - AZ; Doiry Science 

Club: Doiry Cottle Judging Team. 

TYSON, KATHERINE S., Chevy Chose; Ed., B.A., Childhood Ed. - KA , sec'y., 

reccomends chm,; Angel Flight; Red Cross; .\XA sweetheart; SNEA; Soc. Club. 

URICHECK, BARBARA JEAN, Baltimore; Phys. Ed., B.S., Phys. Ed. - r22 , 

sec'y.; Dorm, pres., exec, council; WRA; Newman Club; Women's Prof. Club, 

hist.; Sor. Milking Contest. 

VALIADARES, JORGE ARMANDO, Chevy Chose; Engr., B.S., Civil Engr. - 

ASCE; Newman Club. 

VANEK, BRUCE JAMES, Keansburg, N.J.; BPA, B.S., Markt. Research - 
ASn . v.p.; Men's leogue, rep.; Veteron's Club; Econ. Club; Newman Club. 
VAN ELBURG, RICHARD J., Hyottsville; Engr., B.S., Civil Engr. — ASCE; CEHS. 
VAN KINSBERGEN, BARBARA, Washington, D.C.; Ed., B.A., Art Ed. — AHA ; 
Angel Flight; Red Cross; Campus Chest. 
VAN NESS, THOMAS JAMES, Baltimore; Ed., B.S., Ind. Ed, 

'I'll never forget May Day I960!' 

VARNADORE, JOE F., Clinton; A&S, B.A., Fine Art. 

VELARDE, JORGE, Washington, D.C.; Agri., B.S., Gen. — Newmon Club; 

Weight Lifting Club, 

VENGHAUS, ROSEMARY LONG, Greenbelt; Phys. Ed., B.S., Rec. - Intramurals; 

Young Democ, 

VERARDI, EUGENE, Freeport, Po.; Ed., B.S., Moth — Football Team; M Club; 

Newmon Club. 

VOGEl, BILLY RAY, Greenbelt; Engr., B.S,, Mech. Engr. — ASME. 

VOGEL, ROBERT L., Greenbelt; Engr., B.S., Mech. Engr. — ASME; S.AM, 

VONDERAHE, JEAN PATRICIA, Bethesdo; Ed., B.A., Eng. - KAS ; "Terrapin," 

sect, ed.; Campus Improvements Comm. 

WADE, JANE ANDERSON, Silver Spring; Home Ec, B.S., Tex. & Clo. - Home 

Ec. Club; Westminster Fellowship; Dorm, exec, council, big sister program; 

House chm. 

V/ADE, AAAJOR ROBERT, Annandale, Vo.; U.C, B.S., Military Science. 
WAGHELSTEIN, CAROL SUE, Boltimore; A&S, B.S., Sp. Therapy - AAA 
2AE, v.p.; Hillel, newspaper ed.; Dorm, ocad. chm., Fr. councilor. 
WAGNER, DANIEL J. W., Boltimore; A&S, B.S., Physics. 
WAKEFIELD, DAVID JOHN, College Pork; Engr., B.S., Civil Engr. - ASCE. 

WALDEN, DAVID WHITE, Hyottsville; A&S, B.A., G&P - Boseball. 

WAIDMAN, IRENE SANDRA, Wcshington. DC; Ed., B.S., Elem. Ed. 


WALIGORSKI, RAYMOND PHILIP Boltimore; Engr,, B,S., Elec. Engr. 

WALKER, GORDON F., Clorksville; BPA, B.S., Trans. -ANA. 



WALLACE, B. REID, Baltimore,- Engr., B.S., Elec. Engr. — HKN; AIEE; IRE. 
WALIERSTEIN, SHELDON ALAN, Washington, D.C.; Home Ec, B.A., Adv. Art 
— TE*, hist., board of governors; FOB; "Old Line," art; Fr. & Varsity Swim- 
ming Team; Away Weekend, comm. chm. 

WALP, ELIZABETH L., Riverdale; Ed., B.S., Music - 2AI, pres., yearbook chm.; 
MENC; UT Orchestra; Symphony Orchestra; Dean's List. 

WALSH, CAROL, Hyattsville; A&S, B.A., Soc. - Soc. Club, pres.; Dorm, jud. 
board, red cross chm.; Channing Fellowship. 

WALTER, JR., ELMER LEO, Hyattsville; BPA, B.A., Gen. 

WALTERS, JOY A., W. Hyattsville; Phys. Ed., B.A., Phys. Ed. - ZTA; AAA ; 

<i>AE; KAD; APK; WRA; Univ. Choir; Student Union; AWS; Cord Section, 

Design chm. 

WAMPIER, JR., WILLIAM F., Posodena; BPA, B.S., Accounting. 

WARD, EDWARD A., Cronford, N.J.; BPA, B.S., Econ. - ATH ; Newman Club; 

Econ. Discussion Club; Intramurals. 

WARREN, ROBERT H., Washington, D.C.; BPA, B.S., Trans. Admin. - ANA; 


WAHS, WILLIAM C, Hyattsville; Engr., B.S., Elec. Engr. - IRE. 

WEBER, JR., ARTHUR JOHN, Greenbelt; A&S, B.S., Pre-Med. 

WEBER, WILLIAM DEROO, Silver Spring; Engr., B.S., Mech. Engr. - ASME; 

Amateur Radio Club. 

WEHMANN, HOWARD H., Wayne, N. J.; Ed.; B.A., Social Studies - *K<i> ; 

*A0 ; Dean's List; Civil War Club. 

WEINER, ELLIOTT, Baltimore; A&S, B.S., Zool. 

WEISINGER, SHERMAN, East Riverdole; U.C, B.S., Military Studies. 

WEISMAN, HAROLD, Cheverly; BPA, B.S., For. Service. 

"I can never forget the hard work put into school and my other activities, but this was 
all part of the education that prepared me for my future" . . . Morjorie Caplan 


WELCH, ROBERT J., University Park; Engr., B.S., Mech. Engr. 
WELLFORD, CHARLES FRANKLIN, Odenton; A&S, B.A., Soc.-Soc. Club. 
WELSH, PATRICIA D., Washington, D.C.; A&S, B.S., Micro. - SAO, treas. 
WELSH, JR., RALPH DENWOOD, Salisbury; Engr., B.S., Mech. Engr. - AFP; 

WEST, CAPT. HOWARD M., Ancram, N.Y.; U.C, B.S., Military Science. 

WHARTON, JR, JAMES CAMPBELL, Montclair, N.J.; Engr., B.S., Civil Engr. - 

ASCE; Intramurals, Baseball, copt.. Football, capt. 

WHEELER, DONALD O., Silver Spring; Ed., B.S., Ed, for Ind. - Varsity Tennis, 

S.A.M., Ind. Ed. Assoc. 

WHEELER, RONALD LEW, Baltimore; BPA, B.S. Marketing. 

WHIPP, DONALD I., Riverdole; BPA, B.S., Journ. - 2AX ; "Diamondbacks- 
Placement Service, pub. comm. 

WHITAKER, DONALD D., College Pork; Phys. Ed., B.S., Phys. Ed. - Varsity 
Track; M Club; Pershing Rifles. 

WHITE, CATHERINE T., College Park; Ed., B.S., Elem. Ed. - Aqualiners, treos., 

WHITEHEAD, LLOYD OSCAR, Mardela Springs; A&S, B.A., Hist. - AFP, 2nd 
v.p.; Civil War Club. 


WICKLEIN, JOHN ROBERT, Silver Spring; A&S, B.A., Eng. - *i:K ,- Fr. & Vor- 

sity Baseball. 

WIECZOREK, JR., THOMAS P., Towson; BPA. B.S., Public Rel. - "frKi: , pres., 

sec'y.; sfeword; IFC, public rel. chm.; AZX ; APRA; Newman Club; Sailing 

Club; "Terrapin," photo mgr,; "Diomondback," 

WILCOX, JANICE MARILYN, Mannheim, Germany; A&S, B.A., Sp, Theropy — 

KA, pres,, v.p., song chm,- i;.\H; Dorm, council; Fr, Counselor; Univ, Theotre, 


WILES, AUSTIN E„ Silver Spring; BPA. B,A„ Trans, — ANA; S,A,M, 

WILES, CARLTON C, Ellicott City; Engr., B,S., Chem, Enqr, - AXZ . 
WILES, PETER JOHN, Washington, D,C,; A&S, B,S., Gen. Phys. Sciences — 
't'K4^ ; Varsity Basketball, mgr.; Md. Christian Fellowship. 

WILEY, SARAH CODDINGTON, Rising Sun; Ed.. B.S., Elem. Ed. - AP , 1st 
V p., song mistress; May Doy, comm.; "Terrapin," sect, ed.; Chapel Choir; Jr. 
Prom; SNEA; AWS, Christmas Pageant. 

WILKERSON, CARIA ANN, Mt. Rainier; BPA, B.A., Personnel - *X« ; Bowl- 
ing; Riding Interest Group. 

WILKINSON, RICHARD J., Washington, D.C.; A&S, B.A,, Hist, - BX ; Infromu- 

rals; Newman Club, 

WILLCHER, ERNEST M„ Hyattsville; BPA, B.S., Ind. Admin. 

WILLIAMS, BETTE ELAINE, Baltimore; Home fc, B.S., Proc. Art, Adv. — IIB* , 

treas.; NSID; AID, pres.; Home Ec. Stud. — Fac. Council; WRA, rep.; FOB, 

comm chm.; Dorm Big Sister Prog.; "Diamondback." 

WILLIAMS, ELAINE, St. Leonord; A&S, B.A., Soc. - r*B corres. sec'y.; See. 



B.S., Elec. Engr. - ATfl ; HKN; 



WILLIAMS, JEANNE MARIE, Silver Spring; Phys. Ed., B.S., Phys. Ed. 

Gymkonna Troupe; Women's Prof. Club; Rec. Soc. 

WIILIN, III, JOHN MARTIN CLAYTON, Salisbury; A&S, B.A,, G&P - <t'-K 

FOB; Choir; Harmony Hall, 

WILLIS, III, FLOYD, Silver Spring; A&S, B.A., Hist. - ATH ; Intromurols. 

WILNER, ARTHUR, Pikesville; Ed., B.S., Ed. for Ind. - WMUC; S.A.M. 
WILSON, APRIL ERLANE, Chevy Chase; BPA, B.S., Journ. - KAe , ed., alum- 
nae sec'y., frot. ed. chm.; 2TE , pres., sec'y; Mortar Boord, treas.; "Diamond- 
back," columnist; "Terrapin," Assoc, Ed,; 'l'X6 ; May Day Script; Campus 
Chest, chm,, sec'y.; "Old Line," off. mgr.; Mont. County Press Assoc. Sch.; Out- 
standing Jr. Women in BPA. 

WILSON, CATHI, Ridgewood, N.J.; BPA, B.S. G&P, - KKF , sec'y,; IliA ; 
FOB, customs chm,; May Day, sec'y.; "Terropin." 
WILSON, JR., CHAR'.ES N., Greenbelt; Ed., B.S., Ind. Ed. 

WILSON, FRANK W., Adelphi; A&S, B.S., Moth. 

WILSON, ROBERT E., Hyottsville; BPA, B.S„ Trons. - NA, 2nd v,p.; M Club; 


WINAKUR, IRA, Baltimore; A&S, B.S., Micro, - SAO; Hillel; "Diomondbock," 

WINDHAM, CAROLE LEE, College Pork; Home Ec, B,S„ Ed, - AXD . rush 

chm ; Bridal Fair; Panhellenic Council, treos.; May Doy; Soph Prom, Queens 

Comm. chm. 

WINDHEIM, EDNA, W, Hyottsville; A&S, B,A., Art Hist. - *K+ . 

WINSON, DENNIS E., Silver Spring; A&S. B.S., Dentistry - <I>1:A , pledge 

master, house mgr,; IFC, pardrng chm,; FOB; tntramurols; Orchestra; Marching 

Bond; Pep Band; ROTC Band, 

WINSTON, MARILYNN, Tnkoma Park; Home Ec, B.S,, Pr, Art - NSID; AID; 

Home Ec. Club- 

WINTER, CONSTANCE GWEN, Bethesda; Ed., B.S., Childhood Ed. - FOB; 

WRA rep.; Maye Doy, soph, rep.; Parents Day. comm. chm,; SNEA; Women's 

Prof. Club; Dorm, exec, council; AWS Christmos Pogeont; Tennis Inlramurals 



WISEMAN, JR. RYLAND D., Baltimore; Engr., B.S., Mech. Engr. - ASME. 
WISNER, KENNETH E., Greenbelt; Agri., B.S., Ed. - AZ; Col. FFA. 
WITMER, DENNIS ANDREW, Laurel; Engr., B.S., Met. Engr. - AXS ; A2M ; 
Newman Club; ASM sch. award. 
WOIF, MURRAY WILLIAM, Silver Spring; Ed., B.S., Math - Hillel. 

WOLFF, MARTIN, Baltimore; A&S, B.A., Soc. — TE*, v. p., board of governors; 
IFC; Fr. Lacrosse; Steamers Club; Hillel, exec, council; Intromurals. 
WOLFF, WALTER F., Mt. Rainier; Engr., B.S., Elec. Engr. - AIEE; IRE. 
WOLVERTON, DORIS, Baltimore; A&S, B.A., Hist. - ,r*B, pres., sec'y; TAX ; 
"Terropin," sect, ed.; "Diamondbock"; Wesley Foundation; Elections. 

WOOLFORD, WALTER I., LaPlato; Engr., B.S., Elec. Engr. 

WRIGHT, CARROLL GLENN, Hagerstown; Engr., B.S., Mech. Engr. - ASME; 

Dorm, pres.; Wesley Foundation; Career Week. 

WRIGHT, DERYCK J. C, Silver Spring; A&S, B.A., Hist. - <t>Ae . 

WRIGHT, HELENE MARCIA, Bethesda; Ed., B.S., Childhood Ed. - AOn , house 

pres.: Diamond; KA Rose; AWS Sorority Council; "Terrapin"; Intromurals. 

"The warmth of welcome and the sincere efforts shown by everyone to help a new group — such as 
Delta Phi Epsilon in 1959-60 — achieve identity shall ever be memorable to me" . . . Iris Berman 

WRIGHT, WILLIAM W., Baltimore; Agri., B.S., Hort. - AZ; Ski Club; Agron. 

Club; Intromurals. 

WRUBLESKI, EUGENE J., Metuchen, N.J.; Ed., B.A., Hist. 

WYAND, PATRICIA ANNE, Albuquerque, N.M.; Ed., B.S., Bus. Ed. - AXV. , 

pres., Ist v.p., act. chm.; Jr. Class Leg.; Centrol Student Court Justice; FOB, 

board member; May Day, voting chm.; Bridol Fair, arrangement chm.; AWS, 

social chm.; Dorm, sociol chm., big sister; Rules Comm.; Homecoming, queen's 

comm.; Soph Prom; Jr. Prom. 

WYANT, DANIEL E., Washington, D.C., A&S, B.S., Biol. 

YEAGER, OLIVIA SCAGGS, Laurel; Ed., B.A., Fr. & Sp. - AXH , sec'y.; 

i;AX ; AAA ; Morter Board; <t>K<t' ; May Day, Jr., Sr., rep.; Student Court 

Justice; FCB; "Terrapin," copy ed.; "Diamondbock," copy ed.; AWS Orphans' 

Party Chm.; AWS, pub. chm.; Fr. Club. 

YERMAN, ROBERT JAY, Baltimore; BPA, B.S., Marketing - TE* v.p., sec'y. 

Jr. Class Leg.; IFC, ed. rush forum; Away Weekend, chm.; Election Board 

"Diamondbock"; Men's Glee Club; Old Line Party; S.A.M., Hillel; Steamers, 

Ski Club; Sports Cor Club. 

YOUNG, DAVID ALLEN, Kensington; Phys. Ed., B.S., Phys. Ed. - Basketba 

YUMKAS, DAVID, Baltimore; BPA, B.S., Marketing - TE<t> ; S.A.M. 

ZALUBAS, PAUL J., College Pork; Engr., B.S., Aero. Engr. — IAS; Newman 

ZAROFF, PHYLLIS LORRAINE, Silver Spring; Home Ec, B.S., Foods & Nutrition 
— 4>K<I> ; ON; Home Ec. Club, pres.; "Terropin," Index Ed.; Student Fac. Coun- 
cil — Col. of Home Ec; Career Week Forum. 

ZEBLEY, ROBERT EDWARD, Baltimore; BPA, B.S., Public Rel. - <t>A0 , treos., 
Orgnnizations & Control Comm. 
ZELTMAN, JR., FRANCIS EDWARD, College Park; Engr., B.S., Civil Engr. — 

ASCE; a;;* . 

ZEHLER, ALBERT J., Silver Spring; Engr., B.S., Civil Engr. - ASCE; Newman 


ZOME, ELAINE E., Baltimore; A&S, B.S., Micro. — r*B ; Dorm, exec, council, 

hall pres.; Ski Club; Newman Club. 

4 35 

Seniors Without Pictures 

BARKE, ALLEN IRVIN, Baltimore; A&S, B.A., 
Soc. — AEn pres., v. p., pledgemaster,- IFC; 
Hillel; Free State Party, pub.; Intramurals. 
DEPAOLIS, LOUIS A., Glen Echo; BRA, B.S., 
Trans. — S.A.M.; Motor Fleet Supervisors 

LEVY, JAY S., Silver Spring; Engr., B.S., 
Elec. Engr. 

Spring; BPA, B.S., Accounting - Hillel, Ac- 
counting Club. 

Home Ec, B.S., Ed. -r*B, house pres.; Dia- 
mond; Ponhellenic Council, Bridge Party co- 
chm,; WRA, rep.; FOB; AWS Sorority 
Council; May Day; SNEA; Homecoming, 

A&S, B.A. — Scabbard & Blade; Advanced 


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Baxter, Laura, p. 92, p. 296 

Bayer, Nancy, p. 291 

Beahm, Theodore, p. 392 

Beoll, Tom, p. 356 

Beam, Joan, p. 294 

Bean, Robert, p. 360 

Bearce, Neol, p. 89, p. 90 

Beard, Joan, p. 224, p. 300 

Beard, H. Richard, p. 392 

Beosley, Ross, p. 181 

Beottie, Rosamond, p. 297 

Beatty, Paul, p. 375 

Beouchamp, Betty, p. 327, p. 392 

Beaver, Judy, p. 331 

Beck, Barbara, p. 326 

Becker, Bradley, p. 58, p. 62, p. 358, 
p. 392 

Bedell, Gloria, p. 299 

Bedell, Jean, p. 182 

Bedell, Podie, p. 200 

Beebe, Carole, p. 200 

Beers, Thomas, p. 392 

Beever, Frank, p. 359 

Behnke, Roland, p. 392 

Beitsch, Lillian T., p. 291 

Belcher, Richard, p. 358 

Belejchak, George, p. 392 

** There ore some names which appear in the book which ore NOT in the index — Ed. 

Belford, Barry, p. 198, p. 392 

Bell, Glenn, p. 371 

Bell, Jeff, p. 176 

Bell, Lansford, p. 197 

Bell, Nancy, p. 392 

Bell, William, p. 371 

Bellingham, Andrew, p. 392 

Beltrome, Thomas, p. 392 

Beman, James, p. 392 

Benedict, Nolo, p. 295 

Benjamin, Harryette, p. 340, p. 392 

Benkert, Michael, p. 374 

Bennett, Larry, p. 1 16 

Bennett, James, p. 392 

Bennett, Marcellyn, p. 300 

Bennett, Marian, p. 330 

Bennett, Stephen, p. 360 

Benney, Wilmc, p. 292 

Bensonk, James, p. 355 

Bercu, Michael, p. 370 

Berenholtz, Charlotte, p. 299, p. 392 

Berger, Barbara, p. 292 

Berger, Bonnie, p. 293, p. 330 

Berger, Deborah, p. 392 

Berger, Paul, p. 392 

Berger, Raymond, p. 392 

Bergeron, Bonnie, p. 183, p. 291 

Bergfalk, Myrna, p. 338, p. 392 

Berkis, Lynne, p. 340 

Berkowitz, Samuel, p. 364 

Berlin, Morcia, p. 340 

Berlin, Marvin, p. 392 

Berlin, Stuart, p. 392 

Berman, Arnold, p. 392 

Berman, Iris, p. 392 

Berman, Sanford, p. 376 

Berney, Stuart, p. 392 

Bernschein, Bill, p. 358 

Bernstein, Florence, p. 292 

Berry, Marty, p. 356 

Beryk, Nadia, p. 178 

Bessette, Maureen, p. 297, p. 393 

Best, Charles, p. 393 

Best, Pamela, p. 337 

Bethards, Margaret, p. 337 

Bethea, Maury, p. 337 

Bethke, Roger, p. 206 

Bernka, Diana, p. 208 

Bethon, Glory, p. 343, p. 393 

Betty, Dale, p. 58, p. 62, p. 393 

Bevier, Nanon, p. 299 

Beville, Ross, p. 159, p. 361 

Bevmon, Paul, p. 201 

Bichell, Elaine, p. 182, p. 343 

Bickel, Angela, p. 209 

Bickert, Carol, p. 217 

Bieese, Linda, p. 326 

Bien, Ruth, p. 291 

Blester, George, p. 356 

Bigbee, Bert, p. 356 

Bigelow, John, p. 375, p. 393, p. 202 

Bigler, William, p. 393 

Biller, Shirley, p. 291 

Billig, Patricia, p. 328 

Billig, Pat, p. 328 

Billingsley, Lance, p. 58, p. 365, 
p. 393 

Binch, Bill, p. 202, p. 393 

Bindock, Donald, p. 374, p. 393 

Biosca, R. F., p. 91 

Birch, Anthony, p. 365 

Birdsong, Ann, p. 341 

Birely, Robert, p. 224 

Birkmeyer, Richard, p. 393 

Bishop, Jeri, p. 200 

Bishop, Robert, p. 151, p. 196, p. 215 

Bislen, Samuel, p. 181 

Bispham, Mary, p. 291 

Block, Robert, p. 369, p. 393 

Blackburn, David, p. 393 

Blackburn, Margaret, p. 330 

Blocksten, H., p. 91 

Blacksten, Ric, p. 155 

Blackwell, Donald, p. 393 

Blades, Robert, p. 393 

Bloiser, Nona, p. 186 

Bland, Bonnie, p. 326 

Blandford, William, p. 393 

Blankinship, Nancy, p. 294 

Bloskoski, Copt. Norman, p. 393 

Blevins, George, p. 393 

Block, Ira, p. 89 

Blomquist, Bill, p. 359 

Bloom, Barbara, p. 296 

Bloom, Harriet, p. 328 

Bloom, Phyllis, p. 328 

Bloom, William, p. 167 

Bloomgarfen, Barclay, p. 217 

Blum, Robert, p. 354 

Blumenthal, Marty, p. 328 

BIy, Margaret, p. 292 

Board, Michael, p. 89, p. 186, p. 188, 

p. 216 
Boaz, Natalie, p. 300 
Bockmiller, John, p. 393 
Boehm, Kenneth, p. 357 
Bogard, Page, p. 393 
Bogard, William, p. 393 
Boggs, Susan, p. 148, p. 188 
Bohor, James, p. 356 
Boice, Allie Lee, p. 339 
Bolen, Patricia, p. 222 
Bollinger, Regina, p. 292 
Bond, Cassandra, p. 330 
Bongartz, Theodore, p. 91 
Boone, Benjamin, p. 195 

Booth, Andrew, p. 357 

Booth, Dick, p. 153, p. 158, p. 162, 
p. 197, p. 356, p. 393 

Booth, William, p. 393 

Borgoe, Ardele, p. 393 

Boron, Jerome, p. 369 

Borow, Ronnie, p. 328 

Borow, Shelley, p. 328 

Bosley, Rhody, p. 152 

Bottner, Mary, p. 205, p. 295 

Boughter, John, p. 358 

Boughter, Margaret, p, 393 

Bouis, Alice, p. 293 

Bouker, Ann, p. 339 

Bounds, Wilson, p. 365 

Bovelsky, Bernie, p. 198 

Bovet, Charles, p. 181 

Bowen, Duke, p. 356 

Bowen, Maj. Ralph, p. 393 

Bowers, Charles, p. 206, p. 209, 
p. 219 

Bowers, Edward, p. 148, p. 150, 
p. 375 

Bowie, Richard, p. 374 

Bowman, Betsy, p. 200 

Bowman, Thomas, p. 355 

Box, Donald, p. 206, p. 393 

Boyd, Daniel, p. 203 

Boyd, Gertrude, p. 393 

Boyer, Frank, p. 393 

Boyer, Robert, p. 167, p. 169, p. 176, 

p. 360, p. 394 
Boyer, William, p. 169, p. 360, p. 364 
Boyle, Richard, p. 372 
Bozmon, Susan p. 298 
Bracken, Richard, p. 196, p. 394 
Bradford, Jean, p. 394 
Bradley, Dale, p. 394 
Bradley, Elsie, p. 291 
Bradshaw, Richard, p. 191 
Brady, Carey, p. 374 
Brofmon, Harry, p. 364 
Bragaw, Robert, p. 91 
Broithwaite, Lois, p. 296 
Braley, Berton, p. 191 
Branch, John, p. 197, p. 394 
Brandenburg, Downe, p. 296 
Brandon, Ronald, p. 394 
Brandt, Alan, p. 394 
Brandt, Judith, p. 394 
Bronnon, Melissa, p. 394 
Brannock, Fred, p. 203, p. 394 
Brant, Robert, p. 394 
Brass, Leslie, p. 190, p. 200 
Braverman, Srea, p. 394 
Broumgort, Richard, p. 394 
Brcouer, Herbert, p. 354 
Breifhwaite, Anne, p. 219 
Brennemon, Eugene, p. 208, p. 394 
Brenner, Sue, p. 328, p. 394 
Bresnick, Dale, p. 292 
Brewer, Mary, p. 293 
Brian, Virginia, p. 394 
Briddell, Charles, p. 362 
Briele, Jerry, p. 394 
Briggs, Penny, p. 339 
Brisle, Jerry, p. 194 
Bristow, Ronald, p. 367 
Brittingham, Sylvia, p. 341 
Britton, Robert, p. 373 
Britton, Nick, p. 178 
Brinton, Vick, p. 178 
Brisker, Lisa, p. 190 
Brock, Peter, p. 363 
Brockman, Bill, p. 358 
Broder, Ann, p. 181 
Brogon, Conlin, p. 394 
Bromfield, Carl, p. 199 
Brooke, Bonnie, p. 294 
Brooke, Nancy, p. 295 
Brooks, Dennis, p. 362 
Brooks, Sandra, p. 293 
Bros, Peter, p. 394 
Brotherton, p. 338 
Brown, Barbara, p. 64, p. 68, p. 158, 

p. 178, p. 329, p. 394 
Brown, C. p. 291 
Brown, Carl, p. 191 
Brown, Carolyn, p. 188 
Brown, Charles, p. 359 
Brown, Clayton, p. 367 
Brown, Donald, p. 374 
Brown, Donna, p. 223 
Brown, Dorothy, p. 195 
Brown, Edward, p. 91 
Brown, Emory, p. 367, p. 394 
Brown, George, p. 394 
Brown, Geroldine, p. 290 
Brown, Harry, p. 182 
Brown, Laverne, p. 338 
Brown, Margaret, p. 293 
Brown, Nancy, p. 214 
Brown, Roger, p. 394 


Brown, Ronn, p. 356 

Brown, Shron, p. 295 

Brown, Sheldon, p. 394 

Brown, Skip, p. 361 

Brown, Wilmer T., p. 358 

Brown, Thomas, p.. 358 

Browning, Angollo, p. 291 

Bruce, Lee, p. 359 

Bruffey, Evelyn, p. 295 

Brull, Robert, p. 394 

Brumbaugh, Tisha, p. 393 

Brumfield, Carl, p. 394 

Brush, Claudia, p. 92 

Bruyninck, Diane, p. 298 

Bryan, Bettie, p. 292, p. 395 

Bryan, James, p. 358 

Bryant, Alice, p. 92, p. 333 

Bryson, Carolyn, p. 330 

Bubeck, Ellen, p. 333 

Bubes, Larry, p. 213, p. 395 

Buchanan, Lewis, p. 395 

Bucci, Robert, p. 191 

Buchanan, Skip, p. 370 

Buchanan, Susan, p. 296 

Buchmon, David, p. 207, p. 395 

Buck, George, p. 365 

Buckel, Judith, p. 183, p. 205, p. 291 

Buckel, Ralph, p. 205 

Buckmon, David, p. 195 

Buckner, Doris, p. 395 

Buckwalter, Roy, p. 395 

Bueke, Nadvs, p. 190 

Buell, Bradford, p. 191, p. 221, p. 371 

Bugator, Esther, p. 395 

Bugyi, George, p. 372 

Bulawka, AIek, p. 222 

Bullion, Ronnie, p. 369 

Bundy, Judi, p. 338 

Bunyan, John, p. 375 

Burbage, Alison, p. 298 

Burch, Raymond, p. 180 

Burdette, Barbara, p. 290, p. 395 

Burdette, Courtney, p. 208 

Burger, John, p. 218 

Burger, Judy, p. 299 

Burke, Joseph, p. 395 

Burke, Judy, p. 299 

Burke, Ronald, p. 395 

Burkhardt, Daniel, p. 369 

Burkhort, George, p. 89, p. 199, p. 212 

Burkholter, Joseph, p. 198 

Burkley, Robert, p. 367 

Burnett, Barbara, p. 337 

Burns, Dennis, -p. 361 

Burns, H. N., p. 182 

Burns, James, p. 221 

Burns, Rolene, p. 395 

Buryn, Lester, p. 395 

Buschold, Carol, p. 68, p. 395 

Bushnell, Linda, p. 326, p. 395 

Bushong, Brooke, p. 181, p. 190 

Butler, Jimmie, p. 395 

Butler, Patricia, p. 64, p. 343, p. 395 

Butler, Roger, p. 206 

Butts, David, p. 367, p. 395 

Butts, Nancy, p. 182 

p. 395 
Coin, Richard J. p. 194, p. 395 
Cairns, Dean Gordon M., p. 30 
Colder, Kathleen R., p. 297 
Colder, Lucv, d. 220 

rns. Dean Gord' 
i_alder, Kathleen R., 
Colder, Lucy, p. 220 
Colder, Victor p. 374 
Cold^'"'""^^ ^ "^ 

^uiut^r, viciur p. o/t 

Calderonello, Chip, p. 362 
Calderwood, Anne, p. 337 
Colitis, Juris, p. 191 
Callahan, Elizabeth Honks, p. 395 
Calloghon, Patricio W., p. 290 
Callav"'" '"'-■•'^1"" ^ ''OR >-> ion 

, p. 64 

Cahill, Richard, p. 194, p. 202, p. 375, 

v_UMagnan, rurriciu vv., p. 
Callaway, Carolyn, p. 298, p. 190 
Callis, Melinda Lou, p. 395 
Collison, Stuart, p. 58, p. 62, 

p. 89, p. 367, p. 395 
Cologero, Peter A., p. 90 
Calyer, M. Cloril, p. 395 
Cameron, M. Sgt. Norris Allan, p. 395 
Cameron, William, p. 395 
Compo, Dephine p. 329, p. 181, p. 290 
Compa C. Josephine, p. 290, p. 181, 

p. 329 
Campbell, Carolyn, p. 222 
Campbell, John Franklin, p. 395 
Campbell, Jr., Robert A., p. 395 
Conby, Marilyn J., p. 291, p. 339 
Canning, Mike, p. 197, p. 395 
Cannon, W. L., p. 91 
Canter, Dede, p. 190 
Canter, Judith H., p. 299, p. 396 
Canter, Lorraine, p. 298 
Contofonti, Margie, p. 213 
Coplan, Harriet M., p. 290 
Coplan, Morjorie A., p. 396 
Caplan, Mark K., p. 396 
Coplan, Sara, p. 172 
Coplan, Stanley, p. 396 
Caple, Charles R., p. 194, p. 396 
Copony, Susan, p. 298 
Coprio, Carol, p. 341, p. 396 
Corodec, Bernard, p. 89 
Cordin, Howard, p. 376 
Carey, Ronnie L., p. 300 
Carey, Joan, p. 343 
Corhort, Mary, p. 327 
Carlock, Zonda, p. 290 

Carlomony, Daniel J., p. 215 

Carlson, II, Charles M., p. 396 

Carnes, Karen, p. 300 

Carpenter, Becky, p. 148, p. 139 
p. 172 

Catpenter, Earl, p. 396 

Carpenter, Sandra, p. 293, p. 190 

Corr, Robert G., p. 396 

Corrick, Jacqueline, p. 179, p. 290 

Carrodus, Nancy A., p. 291, p. 333 

Carroll, Dick, p. 182 

Carter, Patricio, p. 181, p. 329 

Carter, Carl J., p. 396 

Cory, Thomas, p. 191 

Coscino, Joseph, p. 396 

Case, Paul, p. 148 

Casey, Major James, p. 89 

Caskay, James, p. 217 

Casoino, Joseph, p. 374 

Caspar, Rev. Theodore, p. 183 

Caspar, Pauline J., p. 223, p. 293 

Caspi, M., p. 217 

Cossidy, Earl William, p. 396 

Cassidy, Copt. Gerald W., p. 396 

Cassidy, Jane A., p. 299 

Cassidy, William J., p. 396 

Costaldi, Lillian, p. 326 

Castellonos, Ann, p. 326 

Cotterton, Gordon, p. 375 

Cato, Joanna, p. 120 

Cotudel, Trudy, p. 209 

Coulbourne, Sondra B., p. 293 

Covanough, Gary, p. 360 

Covin, Betty, p. 339, p. 396 

Covin, Undo, p. 220, p. 337 

Coviness, James, p. 367 

Coyelli, Daniel, p. 371 

Cecchini, Leo, p. 180 

Cermack, Hunter, p. 216, p. 362 

Cesko, Gory, p. 396 

Cesonis, Vestutis, p. 212 

Chokmokion, Peter, p. 202 

Chalmers, James, p. 359 

Chomberlin, Rosalia, p. 190 

Chambers, William, p. 362 

Chambers, Diane, p. 327 

Champion, Don, p. 367 

Chan, Loi-Him, p. 396 

Chan, Yuwoh, p. 204 

Chandler, Jean, p. 213, p. 290 

Chaney, Carolyn, p. 337 

Chaney, John, p. 369 

Chang, Frank, p. 201 

Chapman, Terry, p. 365 

Chopfiony, Walter, p. 396 

Chasonon, Myrna, p. 175 

Chatham, Rod, p. 199, p. 396 

Chefithesy, Stoma, p. 159 

Chen, Allan, p. 204 

Chenworth, Lois E., p. 300 

Chilcoat, Jr., Theidore R., p. 396 

Childs, Cy, p. 365 

Childs, Thomas, p. 159, p. 361 

Chinsley, Rick, p. 359 

Chirgott, Anthony, p. 396 

Chaoote, Harold, p. 182 

Christensen, Ebbo, p. 330 

Christensen, Sheila, p. 338 

Christopher, Susan A., p. 294 

Chubb, Dawn, p. 329 

Clobough, Joanne, p. 294 

Clagett, Coril A., p. 293 

Cloggett, John, p. 89 

Clark, Lee, p. 171 

Clagett, John Knox, p. 396 

Clark, Capt. Frank A., p. 396 

Clark, Lee, p. 176, p. 396 

Clark, William, p. 360 

Clarke, Cassandra, p. 292 

Clarke, Cynthia D., p. 296 

Clarke, Gary, p. 371 

Clarke, Jeonnette W., p. 200, p. 291 

Clautice, Robert, p. 396 

Clayton, Cynthia Down, p. 396 

Clayton, Eileen M., p. 297 

Clayton, Helen J., p. 296 

Clayton, Jeryl, p. 147 

Clayton, Norita, p. 224, p. 297, p. 397 

Clayton, Pomelo J., p. 146, p. 157, 

p. 332 
Clayton, Solly, p. 147 
Claytor, Morguerit K., p. 241 
Cleaver, Harry E., p. 397 
Cleaver, Joseph, p. 217 
demons, David, p. 366 
demons. Col, p. 370 
Clessuros, Arthur, p. 374 
Clifford, Jude, p. 342 
Clisham, William T., p. 397 
Clingon, Robert, p. 356 


Clough, John, p. 362 

Cookley, James R., p. 397 

Coates, Patricia A., p. 292, p. 182 

Cobey, Julio, p. 156, p. 159, p. 333 

Cobra, John, p. 360 

Coburn, Richard Forrest, p. 397 

Cochran, Alice, p. 92 

Cochran, Lettie L., p. 290 

Cockey, Charles, p. 162, p. 197, p. 397 

Cockey, Frances L., p. 293 

Coddington, Louise, p. 64, p. 92, 

p. 337, p. 397 
Coder, David, p. 365 
Codirenzi, Michael J., p. 397 
CofFee, Louis, p. 364 
CofFman, Patricia A., p. 295 
Cogar, David, p. 358 
Cogar, Jr., Fenfon, p. 397 
Coghill, Carolyn, p. 330, p. 397 
Cohan, S. Elliott, p. 181 
Cohn, Sue, p. 328 
Cohen, Arthur, p. 354 
Cohen, Donald, p. 215, p. 221 
Cohen, Judith, p. 149 
Cohen, Marlene, p. 1 18 
Cohen, Roslyn, p. 328 
Cohen, Sharon A., p. 300 
Cohen, Suzanne K., p. 291 
Coile, West, p. 91, p. 216 
Colacicco, Patricia, p. 290, p. 329 
Colavifa, Frank, p. 62 
Colavita, Francis B., p. 397 
Colbath, Copt. Thomas N., p. 397 
Colborn, Theodore, p. 397 
Colby, Beeper J., p. 295, p. 341 
Cole, Richard, p. 369, p. 169, p. 360, 

p. 397 
Cole, G. Grafton, p. 397 
Cole, Harry, p. 360, p. 397 
Cole, Philip, p. 365, p. 397 
Coleman, Anne, p. 124 
Colligan, Franklyn, p. 397 
Collins, David, p. 184 
Collins, Sonia, p. 190 
Collison, Dorothy, p. 290 
Colvin, Lynne, p. 290 
Colwill, Eleanor, p. 397 
Compton, p. 397 
Compy, Elvin, p. 180 
Comstock, p. 371 
Condon, Elwin, p. 367 
Cone, Richard, p. 367 
Congelose, Robert, p. 369 
Conger, Jeonette, p. 184 
Conger, Rev. Sidney, p. 184 
Conklin, James, p. 397 
Conley, Henry, p. 201, p. 397 
Conally, John, p. 155 
Conally, Ronald, p. 217 
Connelly, Carole, p. 299 
Conners, Barbara, p. 300 
Conway, Austin, p. 397 
Cook, Carolyn, p. 213, p. 333 
Cook, Douglas, p. 397 
Cook, Frank, p. 360 
Cook, Linda, p. 339 
Cooley, Dr. Franklin, p. 148 
Cooley, Gerald, p. 397 
Cooney, Mary Ellen, p. 397 
Cooper, Harry, p. 361 
Cooper, John, p. 169 
Cooper, MaryAnn, p. 341 
Cooper, Phyllis, p. 397 

Cooper, Sally, p. 341 

Cooper, William, p. 155, p. 218 

Copeland, Joseph, p. 397 

Copony, Sue, p. 326 

Coppock, Mary Blue, p. 339 

Corbin, Marjorie, p. 398 

Corbin, W. Todd, p. 369 

Corbin, William, p. 358 

Corcoran, Clement, p. 398 

Corcoran, George, p. 196 

Cormeny, Jon, p. 398 

Corrado, Anthony, p. 398 

Cosimano, Josephy, p. 398 

Cosner, Jerry, p. 398 

Costas, James, p. 359 

Costello, Mary, p. 297 

Costic, Michael, p. 360 

Cotton, John, p. 90 

Couch, Leonard, p. 398 

Coulbourne, Suzanne, p. 290 

Councilman, Lauretta, p. 190 

Courtney, James, p. 398 

Cover, Mary, p. 182 

Cox, Don, p. 369 

Cox, Jack, p. 152 

Cox, Mary Lou, p. 205, p. 291, p. 292 

Cox, Morrow, p. 330 

Cox, Patricia, p. 294 

Cox, William, p. 216, p. 218 

Coyle, Mary, p. 291 

Crobill, Jack, p. 398 

Craig, Cathy, p. 300 

Grain, Ann, p. 333 

Cramer, Stephen, p. 203, p. 398 

Crammatte, Ede, p. 295 

Crane, Del Ray, p. 196, p. 398 

Craun, Maizy, p. 398 

Craw, Beverly, p. 213 

Crawford, Charles, p. 89, p. 398 

Crawford, Roger, p. 58, p. 69, p. 197 

p. 356, p. 398 
Crawford, William, p. 361, p. 398 
Creasy, Mary, p. 331 
Creditor, Richard, p. 398 
Cregger, Leslie, p. 208, p. 398 
Crespo, Jorge, p. 398 
Crew, Beverly, p. 291 
Crews, Jacqueline, p. 174 
Crist, Diane, p. 398 
Criswell, Maurice, p. 398 
Crocker, Virginia, p. 213 
Croft, Paul, p. 398 
Crook, Lu Ann, p. 293 
Cromer, Carole, p. 337 
Crone, Linda, p. 328, p. 398 
Cronyn, Willard, p. 223, p. 398 
Cross, Wendy, p. 330 
Cross, David p. 398 
Crause, George, p. 374 
Crowell, Dean Alfred A., p. 146 
Crown, Beryl, p. 398 
Culkin, Frank, p. 359 
Culbertson, Sarah, p. 217 
Cullen, Jane, p. 293, p. 326 
Gulp, Cord, p. 92 
Cunningham, Nancy, p. 294 
Cummings, Charles, p. 369 
Curley, Barbara, p. 398 
Curry, James, p. 398 
Curtis, Harold, p. 398 
Cuthrill, J. Florence, p. 298 
Cuza, Luis, p. 358 

Dale, Joyce, p. 399 

Daly, Terry, p. 370, p. 399 

Dammann, Carl, p. 62, p. 399 

Domuth, Millicent, p. 338 

Dando, Ken, p. 362, p. 399 

Danielson, Karen, p. 391 

Dannheiser, Janet, p. 293 

Darhanso, Margie, p. 328 

Darrow, Stewart, p. 191 

Dashiell, Spike, p. 358 

Daumant, Adolf, p. 201 

Douenport, Winton, p. 399 

Davidson, Ann, p. 213 

Davidson, Louise, p. 291 

Davidson, Dorna, p. 299 

Dovies, Don, p. 202, p. 375 

Davies, Ernest, p. 194 

Davis, B., p. 300, p. 179, p. 296 

Davis, Buddy, p. 355 

Davis, Carolyn A., p. 300 

Davis, Donald, p. 355 

Davis, Joan, p. 68 

Davis, Judy, p. 339 

Davis, Kay, p. 298 

Davis, Lorraine, p. 172 

Davis, Mary, p. 190, p. 329 

Davis, Murray, p. 294 

Davis, Nancy, p. 329 

Davis, Nina, p. 294 

Davis, Stewart Allan, p. 399 

Davis, T., p. 299 

Davis, Vic, p. 356 

Davis, William, p. 372, p. 178, p. 399 

Dawson, Edward, p. 399 

Day, Alvin, p. 199, p. 212 

DeAmico, Pat, p. 326 

Dean, Fontaine, p. 213 

DearBorn, Ray, p. 399 

Dearholt, Catherine, p. 291 

Decker, Nancy, p. 299 

Decroes, Steve, p. 365 

Deedrick, Ronald, p. 399 

DeGhetto, Susan, p. 293 

DeHart, Joline, p. 291 

DeHas, Mrs., p. 326 

Deitemerier, Ed., p. 191 

DeLange, Antonius, p. 372 

Delonoy, Diana, p. 341 

Delauigne, Dorsey, p. 370 

Deller, Maureen Moore, p. 399 

Delp, Joella, p. 339 

Deltatio, David, p. 203 

DeLuna, Frank, p. 374 

Demarinis, Millicent, p. 399 

Demos, William, p. 360 

DeMatteis, Julie, p. 295 

Dement, Richard Henry, p. 399 

Dement, W. M., p. 221 

Denabury, Jane, p. 328 

Denny, James, p. 399 

Denenberg, Bob, p. 376 

Denney, Theordore, p. 399 

Dennis, Carol, p. 201 

Denny, David, p. 208 

Denson, Larry, p. 369 

Dent, Georgia, p. 92, p. 296 

Depaolis, Louis, p. 436 

Der, Ping, p. 204, p. 291 

Derman, Paul, p. 219, p. 399 

Derr, Jock, p. 360 

DeShazer, James, p. 199, p. 355, 

p. 399 
Detar. Coot. John, d. 399 


Detwiler, Bob, p. 356 

Devey, Dale, p. 213 

Devlin, Mary, p. 29] 

DeVoss, Richard, p. 90 

Dianchok, Orest, p. 222 

Diatz, Joy, p. 340 

Dibella, Carlos, p. 399 

Dick, Ronald, p. 399 

Dickinson, Barbara, p. 293 

Dickinso, Margaret, p. 178, p. 291, 

p. 399 
Diebold, Raymond, p. 355 
Diehl, Margaret, p. 399 
Diener, Howard, p. 373 
Dietrich, Darrlene, p. 293 
Dietrick, Leroy, p. 58, p. 62, p. 69, 

p. 131, p. 367, p. 399 
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DieGiuliau, Edmond, p. 91 
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Dinkel, H., p. 221 
Dipietro, Carl, p. 399 
Dippold, Meg, p. 337 
Dishcroon, Bob, p. 359 
Disney, Judith, p. 190 
Disney, Mary, p. 296 
Dittmann, Wayne, 399 
Dobosh, Dennis, p. 361 
Dobres, Sheldon, p. 364 
Dobson, Stuart Halstecd, p. 399 
Dodd, Helein, p. 292 
Dodd, Irma, p. 64 
Dodds, Carol, p. 400 
Doetsch, Dr. p. 146 
Doetsch, George, p. 369 
Dogoloff, Lee, p. 364, p. 400 
Dollenbery, Doug, p. 189, p. 361, 

p. 400 
Domey, Robert, p. 168, p. 169, p. 361, 

p. 400 
Donager, Henry, p. 359 
Donald, James, p. 180, p. 400 
Donaldson, Patricia, p. 298 
Donotlu, Joseph, p. 356 
Donahue, Judy, p. 337 
Donohue, Terrance, p. 206 
Donn, George, p. 400 
Donnelly, Frank, p. 2)8 
Donnelly, Joseph, p. 400 
Dorman, Richard, p. 214, p. 217, 

p. 218, p. 224, p. 400 
Dorn, Charles, p. 359 
Dorsett, Cpt. Ralph, p. 400 
Dorsey, John, p. 362 
Dorsey, Michael, p. 367 
Double, Paul Joseph, p. 400 
Dove, Paulette, p. 182 
Dowgiallo, Helen, p. 297 
Downes, Bruce, p. 356 
Downey, Fred, p. 58, p. 62, p. 64, 

p. 195, p. 208, p. 355, p. 400 
Downey, Lee, p. 224 
Downs, Elaine, p. 120, p. 339 
Downs, Jean, p. 294 
Doyle, Jack, p. 358 
Drayson, H., p. 91 
Drazek, Stanley, p. 64 
Dreux, Marin, p. 219, p. 290 
Driftmier, Lt. Col, John, p. 400 
Drummond, Robert, p. 400 
Dryden, Robert, p. 355 

Duchark, Barbara, p. 291 

Ducker, George, p. 64 

Ducker, George, p. 400 

Duckett, Warren, p. 131, p. 356 

Ducuff, Louise, p. 400 

Duda, Grazina, p. 212 

Duffey, Jerry, p. 365 

Duis, Anita, p. 400 

Duitield, Kenneth, p. 400 

Duggan, Paddy, p. 341 

Duly, Willette, p. 400 

Dunbar, John, p. 371 

Duncan, Bud, p. 188, p. 216 

Duncan, Harold, p. 362 

Dunkin, Karen, p. 184, p. 200, p. 220, 

p. 329 
Dunn, Charles, p. 400 
Dunn, Capt. John, p. 89 
Dunn, Patricia, p. 293 
Dunnigan, Gerald, p. 196 
Duvall, William Henry, p. 400 
Dyas, John, p. 400 
Dyes, John, p. 400 

Eachles, Charles, p. 37 
Eashmann, Ronald, p. 371 
Eaton, Barbara, p. 400 
Eaton, Sallie, p. 337 
Eberhard, Frank, p. 356 
Eberhart, Norma, p. 339 
Eberhart, Norma, p. 400 
Eberly, Jo Ellen, p. 343 
Eberly, Josephine, p. 400 
Ebrite, Wayne, p. 359 
Eby, Lynda, p. 339 
Eccles, James, p. 161, p. 162, p. 169, 

p. 163, p. 167 
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Eckles, Phillip, p. 199 
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Edgar, Richard, p. 194 
Edgerton, Frank, p. 182, p. 158 
Edwards, Mary Anne, p. 182, p. 296 
Edwards, Richard, p. 202 
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Eger, Annabelle, p. 328 
Ehlert, Robin, p. 367 
Eisman, Babara, p. 340 
Ekin, Judith, p. 299, p. 200 
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Elder, George, p. 374 
Ellenson, Donna, p. 149 
Ellinger, Dorothy, p. 296 
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Ellis, Charlene, p. 180, p. 213 
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Engel, Paul, p. 358 
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England, Gordon, p. 401 
English, William, p. 218 
Epstein, Arnie, p. 364 
Epstein, Bob, p. 364 
Epstein, Linda, p. 401 
Erbe, Carole, p. 297 
Erenberg, Melvyn, p. 90 
Eringis, Stanley, p. 401 

Ernst, Vera, p. 183, p, 205, p. 294 

Ersinberg, Roy, p. 201 

Eshelmon, Barbara, p. 298 

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Estes, Mrs. J., p. 356 

Estes, Eugene, p. 401 

Etchells, Carol, p. 338 

Etienne, Terry, p. 339 

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Eurich, J., p. 91 

Evangelos, Capt. C. J., p. 401 

Evzent, Lee, p. 152 

Evans, James, p. 369, p. 401 

Evans, John, p. 89, p. 202 

Evans, Nelsa, p. 401 

Eveleigh, Lucille, p. 401 

Evenchick, Elinor, p. 290 

Everett, Carol, p. 401 

Eversman, Dianne, p. 295 

Eyster, Sue, p. 337 

Ezzo, Fleurette, p. 329 

Faber, Leo, p. 365 
Fabrick, Kay p. 138 
Faga, Roderick, p. 191 
Fairman, Harold p. 359 
Fang, David, p. 204 
Fargo, Gail D., p. 296 
Farr, Jim, p. 365 
Farrell, Maj. Erwin D., p. 401 
Farrell, James C, p. 401 
Farrell, James E., p. 401 
Farrell, Rich, p. 356 
Farrelly, T., p. 91 
Faw III, WylieM., p. 401 
Fay H. Feinstein, p. 90 
Fazenbaker, Dean, p. 360, p. 401 
Fedder, Ken, p. 364 
Federline, Robert Edward, p. 401 
Feher, Carolyn A., p. 300 
Feinberg, Paul, p. 401 
Feintuch, Doris Ann, p. 401 
Feld, Sari J., p. 299 
Feldstein, Claire, p. 153 
Feller, Ronald, p. 354 
Fenby, Francis, p. 178 
Fenimore, Robert, p. 367, p. 401 
Fennel, John, p. 367 
Fennell, K. Paul, p. 401 
Fenner, Judith A., p. 295 
Fenton, John, p. 362 
Ferens, Robert, p. 401 
Ferbee, Andrea, p. 190 
Ferguson, Jr., John M., p. 401 
Ferguson, Raymond, p. 374 
Ferguson, Thomas, p. 361 
Ferguson, William Jr., p. 358 
Ferrer, Carol, p. 187, p. 339 
Ferris, Faith, p. 292 
Ferraris, Vol, p. 275 
Fielding, Dan, p. 360 
Fielding, Howie, p. 216 
Fields, John P., p. 401 
Fiery, Kenneth A., p. 401 
Fieser, John, p. 363 
Filler, Marilyn, p. 220 
Filler, Marilyn V., p. 293, p. 333 
Finch, Margaret, p. 338, p. 401 
Fine, Stuart, p. 124, p. 130 
Finkelstein, Morlene, p. 328 
Finlay, Jr., Charles C, p. 401 
Finn, Jo Ellen, p. 188 
Firmin, John E., p. 402 


Fischer, Beverly J., p. 298 

Fisher, Walt, p. 162 

Fisher, Barbara, p. 217 

Fisher, David, p. 374 

Fisher, Mary Louise, p. 172 

Fisher, Pat, p. 148 

Fishmon, Barry S., p. 194 

Fitch, Sandra, p. 338 

Fitzpatrick, Maj. Geoger, p. 402 

Fitzpatrick, Marge, p. 330 

Fitzsimmons, Alfred M., p. 215 

Flaherty, James W., p. 402 

Flanigan, Thomas G., p. 402 

Flautt, Gil III, p. 360 

Flax, Joel, p. 364 

Flax, Richard, p. 376 

Fleischman, Susan, p. 340 

Fletcher, Dwayne, p. 62, p. 89 

Fletcher, Emily Frances, p. 402 

Fletcher, Evelyn, p. 221,402 

Flom, Linda, p. 328 

Floam, Steve, p. 149 

Flood, Paul E., p. 64 

Flowers, Mary Anne, p. 329 

Fly, Bobby, p. 333 

Fobes, Randy, p. 358 

Fogo, Roderick, p. 195 

Fogarfy, Donna, p. 183 

Fogarty, John, p. 402 

Fogorty, Phil, p. 179, p. 183, p. 402 

Foley, Jim, p. 365 

Folger, Walter, p. 215 

Folkes, Bob, p. 171 

Fondersmith, John, p. 181, p. 214, 

p. 402 
Foody, William, p. 374 
Ford, Charlie, p. 173, 176 
Ford, Jeannie L., p. 300 
Ford, John, p. 215 
Ford, Johnlools, p. 402 
Ford, Jonathan Thomas, p. 402 
Ford, Peggy, p. 174 
Ford, Michael, p. 361 
Foreman, Stanley P., p. 402 
Forno, Donald J., p. 402 
Forrest, Ian, p. 355 
Forsberg, Judith Kay, p. 402 
Forster, Joe, p. 373 
Fortney, William D., p. 402 
Foskett, James, p. 358 
Foster, Alice, p. 329 
Foster, Gene A., p. 221 
Foulis, Sandy, p. 92, 337 
Fouse, Pat, p. 184 
Fouse, Richard, p. 179, p. 184 
Fouse, Richard E., p. 191, p. 402 
Fowler, Dean G., p. 194, p. 402 
Fowler, Joan R., p. 292 
Fowler, Judy, p. 341 
Fox, Austin, p. 69, p. 371, p. 402 
Fox, B., 299 
Fox, Chester E., p. 196 
Fox, Dick, p. 358 
Fox, Edward, p. 365 
Fox, Jim, p. 219 
Fox, Judith M., p. 294 
Fox, Jr. Walter U., p. 402 
Fradkin, David, p. 364 
Fraley, Dean L.M., p. 45 
From, Les, p. 402 
From, Shiela, p. 158, p. 188, p. 216 

p. 219, p. 340, p. 402 
Francis, Nettie Key, p. 402 

Francis, Roger P., p. 402 
Franck, Phyllis S., p. 290 
Frank, Joanie, p. 328 
Frank, Leroy Edward, p. 402 
Frank, Lester, p. 195, p. 208, p. 402 
Frank, R. Michael, p. 402 
Frankel, Martin, p. 402 
Frankenberg, Helen, p. 293 
Franks, Harvey, p. 402 
Fraser, Patricia, p. 296 
Eraser, Ronald, p. 403 
Fratino, Jean, p. 403 
Fratta, Doris, p. 343 
Freda, Ernest, p. 149, p. 191 
Frederick, Carl, p. 403 
Freddenburg, Catherine, p. 297 
Freedman, Patrick, p. 200 
Freedman, Robert, p. 202, p. 364, 

p. 403 
Freeman, Ernest, p. 403 
Freese, David, p. 361 
Freidson, Allan, p. 376 
French, Ann, p. 330 
Frey, Susan, p. 403 
Frick, George, p. 403 
Frieland, Beverly, p. 220, p. 403 
Friedler, Stanley, p. 403 
Friedman, Eugene, p. 403 
Friedman, Naomi, p. 403 
Friedman, Paul, p. 364 
Friedman, Richard, p. 186 
Friedman, Susan, p. 328 
Frieman, Daniel, p. 197 
Fritz, Diane, p. 338 
Fritz, Russell, p. 403 
Fuchs, Donna, p. 337 
Fugate, Guy, p. 403 
Fullarton, David, p. 58, p. 62, p. 403 
Fuller, Wayne, p. 403 
Funk, Bill, p. 365 
Furey, Dorothy, p. 403 
Furman, Adella, p. 333 
Furman, Jill, p. 293 
Furtow, Lawrence, p. 403 

Gobis, Jean, p. 181, p. 297, p. 149 
Gabor, Anne Marie, p. 299 
Gadzioiaz, David, p. 403 
GafFigan, Theresa, p. 295 
Goige, Marshall, p. 208, p. 355 
Gaines, Sue, p. 328 
Gairoard, Anne, p. 166, p. 169, p. 176 
Gaizbank, Dolores, p. 200 
Galbraith, Mrs., p. 367 
Gale, Bob, p. 361 
Gale, Fred, p. 158, p. 362 
Galinis, RoseMarie, p. 296, p. 403 
Gallant, Phil, p. 376 
Gammell, Paul, p. 196 
Ganley, William, p. 221 
Gant, Susan, p. 339 
Garcia, Maj. Raymond, p. 403 
Gardella, Paul, p. 367, p. 403 
Gardi, Joseph, p. 403 
Gardner, Thomas, p. 403 
Garlock, Carol, p. 299 
Gateley, Don, p. 176, p. 171, p. 403 
Garner, Creston, p. 90 
Garner, James, p. 403 
Garner, Peggy, p. 222 
Garrett, Carolyn, p. 343 
Garrett, Francis, p. 208, p. 355 
Garrett, Lynne, p. 343 

Gasser, Albert, p. 356 
Gatis, Bruce, p. 403 
Gatts, Thomas, p. 196 
Gauch, Hugh, p. 182 
Gauss, Robert, p. 89 
Gavin, James, p. 403 
Gayhart, Wilbur, p. 403 
Gebert, Carol, p. 337 
Gefter, Mai, p. 364 
Gegley, Brendan, p. 202 
Geib, Francis, p. 404 
Geiger, Robert, p. 404 
Geisler, Edwin, p. 404 
Gemmill, John, p. 369 
Gemp, Leonard, p. 369 
Gendason, Sharon, p. 293 
Gentile, Dick, p. 356 
George, Thomas, p. 404 
Geraghty, Michael, p. 404 
Gerhard, Paul, p. 217, p. 219 
Gerlach, Kenneth, p. 404, p. 196 
Gerred, Kenneth, p. 404 
Gershon, M., p. 91 
Gerson, Sally, p. 299 
Gerstel, Marshall, p. 364, p. 404 

Gerzban, Patricia, p. 68, p. 131, 
p. 343, p. 404 

Getz, Phyllis, p. 223 

Geyer, Bob, p. 360 

Gibbas, Don, p. 295 

Gibbons, Sue, p. 68, p. 300 

Gibbs, Sara, p. 404 

Gibson, George, p. 404 

Gidden, Lucy, p. 290 

Gietka, Carolyn, p. 148, p. 290 

Gigonti, Joseph, p. 224, p. 357 

Gilbertson, Beverly, p. 326 

Gillett, Charles, p. 166, p. 176, p. 404 

Gillis, Edward, p. 191 

Gilmore, Edward, p. 365 

Gindlesperger, Nino, p. 404 

Girard, Bonnie, p. 339, p. 404 

Gladding, Richard, p. 404 

Gloss, Donanne, p. 343 

Glass, Thomas, p. 361 

Glaffelter, Hazel, p. 404 

Glazer, Morton, p. 404 

Glazer, Susan, p. 300, p. 404 

Glebis, Yvonne, p. 180 

Glekas, Peter, p. 363 

Glenn, Donald, p. 404 

Glenn, Raymond, p. 404 

Glockler, Walter, p. 375 

Glover, John, p. 90 

Glushakow, Allen, p. 204 

Goins, Harriet, p. 341 

Godmon, Kothryn, p. 131, p. 156, 
p. 333, p. 404 

Godwin, William, p. 208, p. 355 

Goebel, Dabid, p. 404 

Goeller, David, p. 404 

Goeller, Nina, p. 404 

Goff, Carol Ann, p. 190 

Goffman, Joel, p. 376 

Gold, Bruce, p. 89 

Goldberg, Betty, p. 190 J 

Goldberg, Milton, p. 202 " 

Goldberg, Paulo, p. 328 

Goldenberg. Tina, p. 222 

Goldfmger, Howard, p. 376 

Goldman, Ann, p. 328 

Goldman, Ira, p. 364, p. 404 

Goldman, Linda, p. 294 


Goldner, Rosalind, p. 340, p. 404 
Goldsmith, John, p. 152 
Goldstein, Harriet, p. 292 
Goldstein, Sue, p. 328 
Gole, Richard, p. 199, p. 404 
Gondolf, p. 343, p. 404 
Gonzalez, Felix, p. 405 
Gonzalez, Mariano, p. 405 
Good, George, p. 405, p. 367 
Goodell, Robin, p. 338 
Goodhand, Jane, p. 182, p. 205 
Goodman, Edythe, p. 300 
Goodman, Pauline, p. 181, p. 290 
Goodman, Susan, p. 293 
Goodridge, Betty, p. 120 
Goodwin, Nancy, p. 178, p. 294 
Goody, Sandra, p. 146, p. 157, p. 215, 

p. 330, p. 405 
Goralski, Ronald, p. 405 
Gorden, John, p. 405 
Gordon, Dewitte, p. 405 
Gordon, Ronald, p. 198, p. 357, p. 405 
Gordon, Sonya, p. 294 
Gordy, Lee, p. 197, p. 359, p. 405 
Gordy, William, p. 405 
Goriup, Frank, p. 358 
Gorman, Richard, p. 405 
Gorman, Timothy, p. 405 
Gormley, Bobbie, p. 295, p. 333 
Gorguilo, Richard, p. 405 
Gorrell, David, p. 206 
Gottwals, Harry, p. 355 
Gosneld, Lois, p. 208 
Gosner, Jerry, p. 196 
Gossord, Terry, p. 198, p. 405 
Gould, David, p. 364 
Gould, Thomas, p. 356 
Gouza, Carolyn, p. 60, p. 333, p. 405 
Grabowski, Carolyn, p. 158, p. 330 
Graham, Dave, p. 148 
Graham, Ronald, p. 89, p. 212 
Granat, Lawrence, p. 207, p. 364 
Grandmaison, Charles, p. 405 
Granek, Warren, p. 405 
Granofsky, Persis, p. 343 
Grant, Lina, p. 68, p. 92, p. 122 

p. 123, p. 337 
Gray, Calvin, p. 367 
Gray, Gary, p. 405 
Gray, John, p. 217 
Gray, Judy, p. 131, p. 326, p. 405 
Gray, Mary Ellen, p. 326 
Gray, Sarah, p. 280 
Graybill, Michael, p. 358 
Grayham, Melvin, p. 90 
Greeley, Janet, p. 339 

p. 405 
Green, Anne, p. 64, p. 68, p. 343, 
Green, Barbara, p. 290, p. 405 
Green, Bluett, p. 197 
Green, Morjorie, p. 213 
Green, Patricia, p. 214, p. 332, p. 405 
Greencway, Sandy, p. 330 
Greenbaum, Norma, p. 293 
Greenberg, Barbara, p. 292 
Greenberg, Rabbi, Meyer, p. 181 
Greene, Alan, p. 367 
Green, Daniel, p. 405 
Greene, David, p. 205 
Greene, Dorothy, p. 299 
Greene, Richard, p. 91 
Greene, William, p. 212 
Greenhood, llene, p. 340 

Greenlaw, Capt, Kenneth N., p. 405 

Greenslait, Ted, p. 367 

Greer, Randy, p. 359 

Greaner, W. Allen, p. 208, p. 405 

Grey, Earl, p. 152 

Gribble, Joann, p. 293 

Gribbon, Robert, p. 181 

Gribbling, Maj. Richard, p. 89 

Griffin, Dennis, p. 356 

Griffin, Mary, p. 92 

Griffin, Maureen, p. 184 

Griffith, Robert, p. 405 

Grimes, Charles, p. 91 

Grimes, Donald, p. 369 

Grimes, Katherine, p. 299 

Griswald, E. Bukkely, p. 121, p. 359, 

p. 405 
Groomes, Warren, E., p. 224 
Grose, Anrew, p. 89, p. 369 
Groshon, Ken, p. 374 
Grossman, Sheila, p. 405 
Grote, Elaine, p. 208, p. 222 
Grott, Judy, p. 340 
Grove, Mary, p. 292 
Grubb, Patricia, p. 293 
Grudziecki, Ronald, p. 374 
Guardia, Gary, p. 198 
Guellcer, Clarence, p. 406 
Guerra, Frances, p. 406 
Guidfry, Claudia, p. 300 
Gumpper, Alice, p. 333 
Gunn, Kenneth, p. 89, p. 356, p. 406 
Gundersdorff, Shirley, p. 293 
Gutman, Edward, p. 406 
Guzzo, Sue, p. 168, p. 406 
Gwin, Gailyn, p. 406 


Haas, John, p. 376 

Haas, Richard, p. 361 

Haase, Nancy, p. 292 

Hackel, Allen, p. 191 

Hadcock, Maj. Kenneth, p. 406 

Hagedorn, John, p. 58, p. 63, p. 146, 

p. 214, p. 406 
Hahn, William, p. 131 
Hahn, Francis, p. 207, p. 360 
Hahn, Hazel, p. 293 
Hahn, Robert, p. 406 
Haines, Gwen, p. 190, p. 321 
Hainsfurther, Richart, p. 406 
Haitas, Dametrios, p. 209 
Haker, Suzanne, p. 208 
Haley, Edward, p. 202 
Hall, Carolyn, p. 296 
Hall, George, p. 406 
Hale, James, p. 406 
Hall, Elizabeth, p. 146, p. 343 
Hall, Neta, p. 299 
Halliday, Ann, p. 187 
Halliday, Frederick, p. 59, p. 162, 

p. 176, p. 406 
Halow, Gloria, p. 292 
Halstead, James, p. 217 
Halstead, Robert, p. 406 
Halsy, Edward, p. 197 
Hamann, Leah, p. 291 
Homer, John, p. 217 
Hamill, Jeanne, p. 208 
Hamilton, Barbara, p. 296 
Hamilton, James, p. 361 
Hamilton, Ricardo, p. 363 
Hammond, Barbara, p. 294 

Hammond, Edward, p. 406 

Hammond, Sue, p. 337 

Hammons, Capt. Dale, p. 406 

Hampshire, R., p. 91 

Hampt, Lorry, p. 153, p. 154, p. 406 

Hanauer, D. Gretel, p. 406 

Hancock, Henrietta, p. 300 

Hancock, Woody, p. 356 

Handen, Ann, p. 406 

Handler, Ed, p. 374 

Handley, Edwrin, p. 406 

Hankin, Stanley, p. 149, p. 181 

Hanley, Joseph, p. 198 

Hanley, Kathryn, p. 300 

Hanlon, Moiro, p. 406 

Henna, William, p. 362 

Hannemann, Linda, p. 337 

Hanson, Fred, p. 406 

Hanus, Jeonnine, p. 181, p. 298, p. 406 

Harden, Richard, p. 406 

Harder, Robert, p. 406 

Hardesty, David, p. 371 

Harding, Feme, p. 293, p. 333 

Harding, Patricia, p. 299 

Hardison, R., p. 91 

Hardy, Carol, p. 213 

Hare, N. J., p. 291 

Hargett, Richard, p. 217 

Harkins, Dorothy, p. 181, p. 190, 

p. 300 
Harms, John, p. 406 
Harlan, Joseph, p. 362 
Harlan, William, p. 355 
Harlem, Frank, p. 364 
Harney, Barbara, p. 298 
FHarper, Guy, p. 370 
Harper, Hervey, p. 407 
Harris, Carolyn, p. 187, p. 333 
Harris, Dorothy, p. 294 
Harris, James, p. 356 
Harris, Marlene, p. 129, p. 130, p. 122 
Harris, Matthew, p. 407 
Harris, Paula, p. 293 
Harris, Roger, p. 356, p. 407 
Harris, Sandra, p. 297 
Harrison, Bettye, p. 407 
Harrison, Eileen, p. 337 
Harrison, John, p. 197 
Harrison, Martin, p. 407 
Harrison, Michael, p. 299 
Harrison, S., p. 91 
Hart, Maj. Henry, p. 407 
Hartley, W. B., p. 221 
Hartman, Christina, p. 291 
Hartmon, Susan, p. 292 
Hartman, Morion, p. 159 
Hartney, Sheila, p. 293 
Hortsough, Bonnie, p. 338 
Harvin, Charles, p. 369 
Hass, Janet, p. 338 
Hasse, Frederick, p. 406 
Hesse, Roberta, p. 406 
Hastings, Roberta, p. 68, p. 159, 

p. 220 
Hatfield, Ruth, p. 118, p. 92, p. 290 
Haufe, Roger, p. 405 
Hauriliak, Bartholomew, p. 357, p. 224 
Haven, Korolyne, p. 407 
Hawbecker, Frederick, p. 183 
Hawkins, Virginia, p. 299 
Hay, Marilyn, p. 59, p. 60, p. 220, 

p. 407 
Hay, Millie, p. 221 


Hoyden, Charles, p. 218 

Hayes, Christine, p. 182 

Hayes, Frances, p. 182 

Hayes, Margaret, p. 407 

Hayman, Sheppard, p. 407 

Hoyner, John, p. 407 

Hays, Rachel, p. 407, p. 166, p. 58 

Hoys, Becky, p. 190, p. 300 

Haytor, Maurine, p. 300 

Hazlett, Brian, p. 407 

Head, Patricia, p. 295 

Heagerty, Nancy, p. 298 

Healy, William, p. 407 

Hearne, Ida, p. 296 

Heaton, Charles, p. 359 

Heaton, Neal, p. 359 

Heavner, Richard, p. 195, p. 210 

Heck, Theresa, p. 407 

Hecker, P., p. 91 

Heemann, Terry, p. 374 

Hefier, Linda, p. 220, p. 300 

Heflin, Lucian, p. 365, p. 407 

Heft, Joyce, p. 340 

Heft, Marianne, p. 407 

Heideman, John, p. 155, p. 215 

Heilpern, Neil, p. 354 

Heim, Norman, p. 186 

Heimberg, Michael, p. 354 

Heinly, Norbert, p. 224 

Heins, James, p. 407 

Heinze, Larry, p. 359 

Heinzenberger, Nancy, p. 296 

Heise, Charles, p. 407 

Heisler, Cynthia, p. 182, p. 339 

Heister, Nancy, p. 327 

Heitz, Paula, p. 295 

Held, Ginny, p. 158, p. 407 

Helman, p. 207 

Hellmutt, Judith, p. 213 

Henderson, Prof. Hugh, p. 186 

Henderson, Marcia, p. 326 

Henderson, Leslie, p. 290 

Henderson, S., p. 364 

Hendler, Michael, p. 373 

Hendley, Mrs. Ruby, p. 362 

Hendrick, Nan, p. 68, p. 329 

Henegar, Hal, p. 367 

Hennegan, Beverly, p. 300, p. 338 

Heneson, Phyllis, p. 340 

Hennlein, Dorothy, p. 291, p. 331 

Herbert, Jack, p. 374 

Herculson, Bruce, p. 407 

Hernia, Harry, p. 356 

Herold, Fred, p. 354 

Herrell, Stanley, p. 214 

Herrero, Frederico, p. 407 

Herring, Katherine, p. 333, p. 407 

Herrman, Allan, p. 407 

Herrman, William, p. 199 

Hershberger, Patricio, p. 186, p. 188, 

p. 407 
Hertell, Keith, p. 356 
Hess, Betty, p. 292 
Hess, James, p. 361 
Hess, Myra, p. 291, p. 407 
Hess, Thomas, p. 374 
Hessenauer, Thomas, p, 360 
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Higgins, B., p. 167 

Higgins, Georger, p. 169 

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Hildenbrandt, William, p. 408 

Hill, F. Grant, p. 205 

Hill, Earl, p. 408 

Hill, James, p. 408 

Hillery, Henry, p. 355 

Hiller, Howard, p. 89 

Hillow, Patricia, p. 213 

Hillow, Rosalie, p. 330 

Hiltz, Donald, p. 408 

Himelfard, Terry, p. 408 

Hingeley, Madeleine, p. 297, p. 408 

Hintze, R., p. 91 

Hissey, Carol, p. 294, p. 341 

Hoag, Victoria, p. 408 

Hochmon, Alice, p. 328, p. 408 

Hodes, Lance, p. 408 

Hodiak, Paul, p. 367 

Hoehn, Albert, p. 408 

Hofberg, Sandy, p. 328 

HoFf, Marlin, p. 355, p. 167 

Hoff, Lois, p. 408 

Hoffer, Laura, p. 172, p. 190 

Hoffman, Arlene, p. 299 

Hoffman, Bennett, p. 373 

Hoffman, Bert, p. 363 

Hoffman, Carole, p. 293 

Hoffman, Cindy, p. 340 

Hoffman, Elizabeth, p. 408 

Hoffman, Eugene, p. 196 

Hoffman, Joel, p. 191 

Hoffman, John, p. 363 

Hoffman, Judy, p. 328 

Hoffman, Lois, p. 300 

Hoffman, Stenna, p. 408 

Hoffman, Tenny, p. 340 

Hogan, Patricia, p. 337 

Hoke, Penny, p. 296, p. 408 

Holgvin, Lt. Col. Jose, p. 408 

Holland, Ken, p. 355 

Holm, Patricia, p. 299 

Holland, Charles, p. 408 

Hollidge, Anita, p. 408 

Hollins, Paula, p. 340 

Holt, Carroll, p. 408 

Holt, Deane, p. 202, p. 371 

Holt, Frank, p. 408 

Holt, John, p. 408 

Horn, Betty, p. 204 

Hook, Calvin, p. 356 

Hooker, Margaret, p. 408 

Holthaus, Robert, p. 408 

Hopkins, William, p. 202, p. 356, 

p. 408 
Hopkins, James, p. 216 
Hopkins, Joan, p. 326 
Hopkins, John, p. 194 
Hopkins, Frank, p. 408 
Hopkins, Robert, p. 205 
Hooks, William, p. 360 
Horan, Walter, p. 408 
Horchler, John, p. 224, p. 357 
Horman, Terry, p. 358 
Horn, Arthur, p. 354 
Horovi/itz, Eileen, p. 181 
Horowitz, Fran, p. 158 
Houghtling, Nolan, p. 408 
House, Priscilla, p. 330 
Housel, Marianne, p. 182 
Hovermill, Francis, p. 298 
Howard, Larkey, p. 327 

Howard, Marvin, p. 364 

Howard, Mary, p. 296 

Howard, Phillip, p. 408 

Howard, Susan, p. 291 

Howard, Wilhelmino, p. 190 

Hoyer, S. H., p. 223 

Hoyle, Buck, p. 146, p. 147 

Hu, Paul, p. 64, p. 199, p. 204, p. 409 

Huang, Rosalind, p. 204 

Hubbard, Douglas, p. 357 

Huber, Donald, p. 212 

Hudson, Barbara, p. 292 

Hudson, Mary, p. 409 

Hudson, Peggy, p. 330 

Hudtfelder, Elaine, p. 175 

Huebner, Elizabeth, p. 299 

Huestis, Frederick, p. 191 

Hufflnes, Richard, p. 182 

Huflfines, Margaret, p. 182 

Hughes, Charles Evans, p. 409, p. 199 

Hughes, James, p. 375, p. 409 

Hughes, Robert, p. 409 

Huhndorff, Horry, p. 199, p. 369, 

p. 409 
Hulburt, Nancy, p. 409 
Hull, Bernard, p. 409 
Hull, John, p. 409 
Hull, Jack, p. 89, p. 356 
Hull, James, p. 90 
Hummel, Thomas, p. 361 
Hundert, Karl, p. 409 
Hunly, R., p. 218 
Hunsoker, Linda Sue, p. 409 
Hunsicker, James, p. 374 
Hunt, Kermit A., p. 409 
Hunter, Calrence, p. 218, p. 409 
Hunter, John, p. 89, p. 198, p. 409 
Hunter, Patricia, p. 409 
Hurley, Elizabeth, p. 294 
Hurley, Emily, p. 291 
Hurwitz, Barry, p. 362 
Hurwitz, Brenda, p. 409 
Husted, Harriet (McGinnis), p. 125 
Hutchinson, John, p. 195, p. 201 
Hutchinson, Judy, p. 124, p. 330 
Hyatt, Judith, p. 297 
Hyde, Elaine, p. 179 
Hyde, Florence, p. 295 
Hyde, Richard, p. 409 
Hykes, Richard, p. 360, p. 409 
Hymon, Daniel, p. 409 
Hynes, Patricia, p. 293, p. 330 
Hyson, Edwin, p. 409 
Hyssong, Lyndia, p. 92, p. 298 

lager, Charles, p. 355 

lams, John, p. 371 

Ijoms, George, p. 355 

Ing, John, p. 167, p. 169, p. 409 

Ingalls, p. 333 

Ingroham, Hal, p. 367 

Ingram, Earl, p. 409 

Ingram, Judy, p. 184 

Innacone, Robert, p. 365 

Insley, Loudell, p. 220, p. 333 

Insley, Nancy, p. 296 

Irving, George, p. 64, p. 221, p. 355 

Irving, Mary, p. 297, p. 326 

Irwin, Eloise, p. 298 

Irwin, Mary Susan, p. 337, p. 176 

Irwin, Sarah, p. 176, p. 337, p. 409 

Isaac, Richard, p. 206 


Iskow, Milton, p. 409 
Isiminger, Carol, p. 337 
Ittner, Edward, p. 409 
luso, Mary Jo, p. 409 

Jackson, Jon, p. 360 
Jackson, Nancy, p. 179 
Jackson, Sterling, p. 171 
Jackson, William Lewis, p. 409 
Jacobs, Ann, p. 158, p. 337, p. 409 
Jacobs, Mary Love, p. 410 
Jacobson, Karen, p. 68, p. 128, p. 207, 

p. 329 
Jacobson, Brenda, p. 410 
James, David L., p. 197 
James, Sally E., p. 201, p. 410 
Jansen, Carol Yvonne, p. 410 
Janssen, Nancy, p. 333 
Janz, Barbara, p. 337 
Jerboa, Ethel C, p. 290 
Jarboe, Lolly, p. 393 
Jarvis, Don, p. 363 
Jarvis, Stephen, p. 364 
Jen, Trudi, p. 92, p. 339 
Jenkins, James Carlton, p. 410, p. 367 
Jenkins, Pennie M., p. 296 
Jennings, Jerry, p. 359 
Jensky, Ben, p. 376 
Jester, Jean, p. 218, p. 410 
Jeter, Rev. R. I., p. 179 
Jimison, Malinda R., p. 292, p. 333 
Jackson, Wesley Christian, p. 410 
Joeff, Arlent, p. 410 
Joffe, Arlene, p. 59 
Joh, Raymond A. Jr., p. 410 
Johnson, Bertel C, p. 224, p. 91, p. 183 
Johns, Ray, p. 362, p. 410 
Johnson, Bill, p. 367 
Johnson, Brenda, p. 293 
Johnson, Carroll, p. 367 
Johnson, C.K., p. 91 
Johnson, Cheryl, p. 331 
Johnson, Don, p. 360 
Johnson, Elaine, p. 92, p. 296, p. 343 
Johnson, Gail B., p. 295 
Johnston, John O'Neal, p. 195, p. 207, 

p. 410 
Johnston, Juonita, M., p. 343 
Johnson, Marvin J., p. 208, p. 410 
Johnson, Phil, p. 158, p. 216, p. 219, 

p. 362 
Johnson, Ronald Leon, p. 410 
Johnson, Roy, p. 367 
Johnson, Sandra, p. 298 
Johnson, Steve, p. 152, p. 369 
Johnson, William Howard, p. 59 
Johnson, William, p. 374 
Jones, Calvin E., p. 410 
Jones, Carol A., p. 300 
Jones, Charles, p. 169 
Jones, Hawk, p. 365 
Jones, Jean, p. 68, p. 341 
Jones, John, p. 191, p. 410 
Jones, Marilyn, p. 321 
Jones, Richard, p. 410 
Jones, Thomas, p. 167 
Jordan, Mike, p. 363 
Joseph, Carol, p. 130, p. 223, p. 293 
Joyce, John, p. 410 
Judy, Dona, p. 371 
Julius, Nancy, p. 340 
Justi, William, p. 410 

Kahn, Carol, p. 340 

Kahn, Lawrence, p. 354 

Kaiss, Lee, p. 362 

Kalojian, Edward, p. 359 

Kalantari, Bijan, p. 217 

Kaliner, Micharl, p. 376 

Kalin, Sandy, p. 340 

Kalk, Lenore, p. 295, p. 331 

Kaludis, George, p. 69 

Kalys, Ted, p. 209 

Kominsky, Barry, p. 364 

Kammerer, Joseph, p. 410 

Kandel, Diana, p. 190 

Kane, James, p. 361 

Kane, Joan, p. 297 

Kane, John, p. 372 

Kane, Philip, p. 372,410 

Kantzer, Lorraine, p. 410 

Kaplan, Alone, p. 376 

Kaplan, Carole, p. 298 

Kaplan, Harvey, p. 376 

Kaplan, Louis, p. 373 

Kaplan, Sam, p. 410 

Kaplow, Matthew, p. 410 

Kapp, Louise, p. 169 

Karas, Nick, p. 365 

Karchner, Mary, p. 298 

Karp, Jerold, p. 410 

Kossel, Harry, p. 199, 410 

Kassell, Kassy, p. 329 

Katz, Elaine, p. 181 

Katz, Mort, p. 133, p. 160 

Katz, Robert, p. 364 

Katz, Steven, p. 194 

Kaufman, Ira, p. 410 

KaufFman, Nick, p. 359 

Kaufman, Norman, p. 411 

Kauflfman, Phyllis, p. 300 

Kausch, Dolores, p. 293 

Kaye, Scott, p. 360 

Kayes, Ted, p. 201, p. 219, p. 202 

P. 219, p. 204 
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Keetauver, Donald, p. 41 1 
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Keene, Eleanor, p. 329, p. 298 
Keen, John, p. 356 
Keene, Geneva, p. 221 
Keesee, William, p. 411 
Kerchner, William, p. 176 
Keggins, Capt. Wilford, p. 41 1 
Keller, Barbara, p. 215, p. 300, p. 41 1 
Keller, Karen, p. 294 
Keller, Koryn, p. 200, p. 202, p. 213 

p. 296 
Keller, Kathy, p. 326 
Keller, Leo, p. 355 
Keller, Wayne, p. 358 
Kelley, Noblew, p. 41 1 
Kellogg, Wilbur, p. 411 
Kelly, Julie, p. 338 
Kelly, Michael, p. 411 
Kelly, Teddie, p. 213, 333 
Kelman, Susan, p. 41 1 
Kempf, Carol, p. 41 1 
Kemp, Dawne, p. 292 
Kempers, Patty, p. 326 
Kempski, Carol, p. 329 
Kenney, Mary Lou, p. 338 
Kennedy, Wayne, p. 411 
Kennedy, Willianm, p. 198 
Kent, Don, p. 202, p. 375 

Kent, Patti, p. 337 

Kerchner, William, p. 169 

Kerm, Edward, p. 41 1, p. 218 

Kern, Gerald, p. 411 

Kerr, Ann, p. 41 1 

Kerr, Helen, p. 203 

Kerr, Margaret, p. 41 1 

Kerr, William, p. 411 

Kerslake, R. J., p. 198 

Kerslake, Richard W., p. 41 1 

Kestler, Ethel, p. 220 

Kesner, Geraldine, p. 298 

Kessler, Kitty, p. 338 

Kettells, Sharon, p. 213, p. 290 

Keyes, John, p. 41 1 

Kidd, William, p, 411 

Kidner, Valerie, p. 179, p. 184, p. 341 

Kidwell, Nancy, p. 209 

Kidwell, Richard, p. 375 

Kiersarsky, Raymond, p. 41 1 

Kieu-dung, Huynh, p. 295 

Kight, Bob, p. 216, p. 362, p. 201 

p. 219 
King, Danny, p. 63, p. 64, p. 41 1 
King, Donna, p. 41 1 
King, Jack, p. 355 
King, James, p. 41 1 
King, Sarah, p. 182, p. 205 
King, Spence, p. 359 
Kinnamon, John, p. 131, p. 162, 

p. 163, p. 166, p. 167 
Kinsella, Kathy, p. 326 
Kinser, Muriel, p. 295 
Kippnes, Elinor, p. 298 
Kirk, Copt. Alfred, p. 411 
Kirschner, Thomas, p. 199, p. 41 1 
Kirson, Meredith, p. 298 
Kirtley, Donald, p. 89, p. 41 1 
Kirvan, Rev., p. 180 
Kish, Edith, p. 333 
Kisielewski, Richard, p. 199 
Kisley, Steve, p. 359 
Kitchin, Charles, p. 356 
KlafF, Richard, p. 412 
Klavens, Roberta, p. 340 
Klein, Gary, p. 89, p. 354 
Klein, Jerry, p. 375 
Klein, Judi, p. 340 
Klein, Regina, p. 328 
Kleis, Thomas, p. 375 
Klimek, Carol, p. 326 
Klimkiewitz, Marcia, p. 339 
Kline, Mary, p. 296 
Klingenburg, Capt. Irvin, p. 89 
Klipp, Larry, p. 355 
Klitc, Arthur, p. 412 
Kludzuweit, Ron, p. 362 
Knibb, Robert, p. 215 
Knicely, Walter, p. 195, 208 
Knight, Priscilla, p. 297 
Knobloch, Ann, p. 295 
Knolt, Florence, p. 412 
Know, Fran, p. 218 
Knox, Frances, p. 412 
Knox, Jim, p. 362 
Knox, Kathleen, p. 292 
Knox, Lane, p. 182 
Kobey, Valerie, p. 300 
Koehneke, Lynn, p. 293, p. 339 
Kohl, Robert, p. 63 
Kolb, Kenneth, p. 412 
Koptell, Neal, p. 412 
Kormann, Leo, p. 206, p. 412 


Lorz, John, p. 222 

Kovalakides, Nick, p. 59, p. 63, p. 216, 

p. 362, p. 412 
Kozok, Linda, p. 300, p. 328 
Kraemer, V., p. 293 
Kraft, Nickoias, p. 357 
Kraft, Pat, p. 72 
Krahnke, Karb, p. 214 
Krahnke, Karia, p. 330 
Kramer, Brenda, p. 178 
Kramer, Jay, p. 217 
Kramer, Lloyd, p. 152, p. 215 
Kramer, Lou, p. 376 
Kramer, Marianne, p. 328 
Kramer, Ron, p. 412 
Krantz, Carol, p. 296 
Krasauska: Helen, p. 412 
Kraus, Patricia, p. 343 
Krause, Frances, p. 290, p. 412 
Krause, Merrily, p. 295, p. 339 
Krause, Sandy, p. 190, p. 149 
Krause, Kay, p. 221 
Krautworst, P., p. 91 
Kravets, Hank, p. 167 
Kravetz, Donna, p. 300 
Krellen, Ronald, p. 364 
Kristof, Emory, p. 153, p. 162 
Krocter, Diane, p. 339 
Kroeter, Diane, p. 412 
Kroft, John, p. 412 
Krongard, Mike, p. 373 
Kropinack, Kenneth, p. 224, p. 357 
Krueger, Judy, p. 68 
Krug, Cliffore, p. 362, p. 412 
Kruse, Judith, p. 299 
Ktause, Etta, p. 290 
Kuenning, Carol, p. 330 
Kuhn, Carol, p. 295 
Kudrick, Joseph, p. 199, p. 412 
Kuhn, Paul, p. 412 
Kullen, Marilyn, p. 340 
Kupfer, Donald, p. 199 
Kupfer, L, p. 412 
Kupiec, Barbara, p. 92 
Kupies, Barbara, p. 338 
Kupin, Jo Ellen, p. 213 
Kurland, Marilyn, p. 294 
Kushner, Estelle, p. 300, p. 412 
Kushner, Rona, p. 64, p. 300, p. 412 

Lachmoy, Ronald, p. 360 

Lackory, Michael, p. 198 

Lackey, A. E., p. 223 

Lady, Diana, p. 153, p. 292 

Laffan, Sue, p. 207, p. 337, p. 412 

Lafferty, Dan, p. 167, p. 194, p. 412 

LoGarde, Barbara, p. 300 

Logmay, Ester, p. 291 

Laibson, p. 90 

Lainof, Priscilla, p. 149 

Laird, Thomas, p. 187, p. 361 

Laken, Marilyn, p. 300 

Lamb, Buck, p. 354 

Lamden, Tony, p. 373 

Lambdin, Jack, p. 89 

Lamdin, James, p. 412 

Lamond, Thomas, p. 359 

Land, Jay, p. 412 

Landrum, Patricia, p. 326 

Landry, Joanne, p. 220, p. 291 

Lane, Lt. Col. Charles, p. 412 

Lane, Debby, p. 116, p. 333 

Lang, J., p. 91, p. 183 
Long, Marvin, p. 373 
Langdon, Diane, p. 294 
Langhorne, Nancy, p. 412, p. 290 
Lanham, Robert, p. 412 
Lonkford, Joshua, p. 412 
Laohavanick, Yenchor, p. 209 
Lapes, George, p. 215, p. 369 
Larrabee, Eleanor, p. 290 
Larrimore, Dude, p. 358 
Larsen, Bruce, p. 212, p. 413 
Lorsen, Karin, p. 184, p. 297 
Lassotovitch, Peter, p. 359 
Lotoff, Elaine, p. 292 
Latona, Carol, p. 297 
Lau, Nancy, p. 294, p. 330 
Lau, R. J., p. 91 
Lauer, John, p. 367 
Laupus, William, p. 183 
Laurent, Elmer, p. 360 
Law, Cathy, p. 155, p. 413 
Lawrence, Kenneth, p. 362 
Lawrence, Melody, p. 298, p. 333 
Lawry, Nelson, p. 90 
Lawson, Peter, p. 191 
Loyton, Marshall, p. 413 
Layton, Sue, p. 340 
Lean, Gerry, p. 373, p. 413 
Lee, Brenda, p. 290 
Lee, Doris, p. 296 
Lee, Herbert, p. 413 
Lee, Phyllis, p. 159, p. 292 
Lee, Shirley, p. 148 
Lee, Wah, p. 204, p. 413 
Lee, Wayne, p. 413 
Leedy, Charlotte, p. 413 
Leffel, E., p. 355 
Lehman, Fred, p. 413 
Leimanis, John, p. 371 
Leimann, Roland, p. 374 
Leonard, Robert, p. 359 
Leonard, Margaret, p. 337 
Lerch, Guenther, p. 64, p. 198 
Lerner, David, p. 206 
Lerner, Dennis, p. 364 
LeSoge, Lorraine, p. 222 
Lessing, Melvin, p. 354 
Leste, Ronald, p. 413 
Leuasseur, Copt. Thomas, p. 413 
Leudinslager, Judy, p. 220 
Leventhol, Linda, p. 328 
Lever, Phyllis, p. 413 
Levering, Charles, p. 191 
Levi, Carl, p. 364 
Levin, Barbara, p. 155, p. 295 
Levin, James, p. 181, p. 413 
Levin, Joseph, p. 354 
Levin, Myro, p. 296 
Levin, Ralph, p. 413 
Levine, Adrienne, p. 292 
Levine, Susan, p. 296 
Levins, Claire, p. 340 
Levinson, Carole, p. 295 
Levitt, Larry, p. 376 
Levy, Allan, p. 413 
Levy, Joy, p. 436 
Levy, Suzeanne, p. 298 
Lewin, R. C„ p. 223 
Lewis, Gregory, p. 413 
Lewis, Maurice, p. 375, p. 202 
Lewis, Nancy, p. 413 
Lewis, Richard, p. 202 
Lewis, Robert, p. 413 


Lewis, Susan, p. 293 

Li, S., p. 218 

Lias, Chi, p. 204 

Libshufz, Janet, p. 202, p. 340 

Lioo, Chi-Wing, p. 204 

Libby, Arthur, p. 361 

Libby, Marthok, p. 291 

Light-Orr, Jeannette, p. 221 

Likens, Eugenia, p. 64, p. 155, p. 413, 

p. 217 
Lillis, Norma, p. 162, p. 163 
Lilly, Richard, p. 413 
Lim, Ben, p. 204 
Limor, Nick, p. 365, p. 222 
Limauro, Vincent, p. 201, p. 216, 

p. 219, p. 362, p. 413 
Linch, Lisa, p. 169, p. 413 
Lindsay, Jack, p. 361 
Lindsay, Robert, p. 413 
Lineberry, Jean, p. 149, p. 337 
Ling, Michael, p. 204 
Lingrell, David, p. 198, p. 413 
Linton, Alice, p. 413 
Lipnick, Robert, p. 219 
Lipin, Lloyd, p. 198 
Lipowitz, Joan, p. 64, p. 413 
Lippeatt, Dean Selmo, p. 43 
Lippman, Stephanie, p. 290 
Lipsitz, Silvia, p. 215, p. 413 
Lipskey, Devera, p. 413 
Lisle, Thomas, p. 199, p. 414 
Liss, Burton, p. 414 
Lister, Jane, p. 326 
Lister, Mildred, p. 300 
Litman, Dana, p. 328 
Litman, Harriet, p. 68, p. 149, p. 156, 

p. 414 
Littleton, Donald, p. 208, p. 414 
Littman, Nancy, p. 224, p. 328 
Litwin, Robert, p. 354 
Lloyd, Inez. p. 182 
Loeblein, Beverly, p. 293 
Loew, Nancy, p. 294 
Lofgren, David, p. 90, p. 414 
Logan, Fran, p. 92, p. 341 
Logan, Ronald, p. 414 
Logue, Richard, p. 202, p. 414 
Lohr, Nancy, p. 129, p. 220, p. 326 
LoJacono, James, p. 197, p. 222 
Lokstein, Carolyn, p. 300, p. 343 
Lolas, Barbara, p. 300 
Long, James, p. 414 
Long, Judith, p. 333 
Long, Copt. Kenneth, p. 414 
Long, Nancy, p. 116, p. 327 
Longerbeam, Thomas, p. 88, p. 89, 

p. 414 
Longmore, Ann, p. 209 
Loomis, Judy, p. 92, p. 295 
Loper, Nancy, p. 414 
Lord, Judy, p. 182 
Lord, Peggy, p. 343 
Loring, Anne, p. 329 
Loucas, Michael, p. 414 
Love, Harriet, p. 339, p. 414, p. 188 
Love, Carol, p. 299 
Love, Richard, p. 64, p. 199, p. 365, 

p. 414 
Lovero, Madeline, p. 296 
Lovrencic, Paul, p. 203 
Loweth, Nancy, p. 297, p. 414 
Loyd, Thomas, p. 356 
Lu, Gerald, p. 198, p. 414 

Lu, Marie, p. 291 

Lubbert, Robert, p. 198 

Lubbes, Herman, p. 64, p. 414 

Ludington, Anne, p. 326 

Ludwig, James, p. 414 

Luery, Morilynn, p. 290 

Luke, Nancy, p. 295 

Lum, Susan, p. 299 

Lupino, Peter, p. 414 

Luray, Allen, p. 217 

Lustman, Leiba, p. 296 

Lynch, Carol, p. 341 

Lynch, R. W., p. 91 

Lynch, Urban, p. 59, p. 63, p. 89, 

p. 199, p. 212, p. 414 
Lyon, Leroy, p. 364, p. 414 
Lyon, Mary Ellen, p. 414 

Ma, Pauline, p. 204 
MacCauley, Ruth, p. 205, p. 178, 

p. 297 
MacDonold, Peter, p. 224 
Maera, James, p. 414 
Mocht, Bev, p. 156 
Mack, Richard, p. 414 
Mack, Roberta, p. 293 
Mackennell, W., p. 91 
Mackie, Phillip, p. 414 
Mockessy, Marilyn, p. 299 
Mockler, Suzon, p. 298 
MacMillan, Dolores, p. 292 
MacMullin, William, p. 357 
Macris, John, p. 356, p. 414 
Macurdy, Ethel, p. 221 
Modigan, Mary, p. 163, p. 176, p. 326 
Modigan, Patricia, p. 208 
Madison, James, p. 215 
Magalotti, Myrna, p. 292 
Mager, Carol, p. 190, p. 213 
Maggio, Andrew, p. 414 
Mahone, Richard, p. 414 
Magnetti, Mary, p. 190 
Maier, Audrey, p. 343 
Maininger, Rick, p. 198 
Mainzer, Irene, p. 298 
Moiorana, Mitchell, p. 359 
Mainer, Emil, p. 415 
Majeczky, Carl, p. 415 
Malkus, Denneth, p. 415 
Mallilieu, Shirley, p. 415 
Mollinoff, Harry, p. 138 
Malone, Richard, p. 415 
Moncha, Carole, p. 190 
Mancha, Carole, p. 293, p. 331 
Mandukich, Von, p. 415, p. 371 
Mongiapane, Phillip, p. 194 
Mann, Walter, p. 374 
Manning, Patricia, p. 291 
Manoll, Diane, p. 415 
Mantel, Richard, p. 359 
Mar, Yvonne, p. 415 
Marafta, Eugene, p. 218 
Margeson, Richard, p. 415, p. 367 
Marcolis, Alan, p. 415 
Margolius, Joan, p. 328 
Mark, Robert, p. 376 
Markoff, Shel, p. 364 
Marriott, Paul, p, 415 
Marrs, Don, p. 360 
Marschall, James, p. 415 
Marsh, William, p. 64, p. 415 
Marshall, Bill, p. 367 
Marshall, Bonnie, p. 343 

Marshall, Rex, p. 356 

Marshall, Susan, p. 213 

Martel, Robert, p. 415 

Marth, Joyce, p. 300 

Martin, Bill, p. 356 

Martin, Carole, p. 216, p. 330, p. 415 

Martin, Elizabeth, p. 296 

Martin, George, p. 372 

Martin, Judith, p. 295 

Martin, Oliver, p. 415 

Martin, Penny, p. 187, p. 333 

Martin, Richard, p. 415 

Martini, Virginia, p. 297 

Martucci, Lt. Carmen, p. 415 

Martocci, Mary, p. 415 

Marvel, Bonnie, p. 338 

Morval, Edna, p. 330, p. 128 

Marvin, John, p. 204 

Maskell, Nancy, p. 330 

Masks, Sue, p. 170 

Mason, Allan, p. 376 

Mason, Bill, p. 367 

Matheny, James, p. 415 

Mathews, John, p. 360 

Mathews, Mrs., p. 330 

Matlick, Thomas, p. 365 

Matson, David, p. 196, p. 212, p. 415 

Matthews, Carol, p. 415, p. 59, p. 63, 

p. 198 
Matthews, John, p. 415 
Matthews, Sandy, p. 327 
Mattingley, Dick, p. 357 
Mattison, Eugene, p. 357 
Matulonis, Anthony, p. 415 
Matusky, Donald, p. 415 
Matzek, Carolyn, p. 337 
Matzek, Monica, p. 169, p. 329 
Matzdorf, Karl, p. 415 
Mauess, J.E., p. 91 
Mavis, Dean Frederick, p. 40 
Maxwell, Martha, p. 293 
Maypole, Mrs., p. 329 
Mozur, Ellen, p. 340 
McAdoo, Cathy, p. 216, p. 219 
McAllister, Patricia, p. 297, p. 191 
McAuliffe, Paula, p. 415 
McCabb, John, p. 89 
McCobe, Philip, p. 372 
McCall, John, p. 89 
McCall, John, p. 415 
McCarthy, Bill, p. 356 
McCarthy, Kevin, p. 356 
McCartin, Joseph, p. 63, p. 69, p. 356 

p. 416 
McCartin, Hiller, p. 89 
McCaw, Joan, p. 416 
McCleary, Robert, p. 217, p. 416 
McClellan, Morjorie, p. 343 
McCourt, William, p. 416 
McCoy, Dennis, p. 367 
McCoy, Mary, p. 321 
McCracken, Anne, p. 182 
McCrone, Louise, p. 416 
McCullough, David, p. 357 
McCullough, Judith, p. 293 
McCurry, J., p. 341 
McCutchen, Molly, p. 179 
McDonagh, Joseph, p. 416 
McDonald, Robert, p. 416 
McDowell, Clifton, p. 416 
McDowell, Patricia, p. 416, p. 290 
McElwee, Pamela, p. 341 
McFarland, Gloria, p. 296 

McGarnie, Betty, p. 219 

McGarvie, Betty, p. 220, p. 326 

McGee, Robert, p. 416 

McGee, Tom, p. 359 

McGilvery, Bill, p. 374 

McGrady, Fred, p. 360 

McGuigan, Lyie, p. 224 

McGuire, Charles, p. 416 

Mclntire, Burton, p. 209, p. 219, p. 372 

Mclntyre, John, p. 361 

McKay, Peggy, p. 182 

McKee, Robert, p. 416 

McKee, Pat, p. 169 

McKenney, Mary, p. 338, p. 416 

McKenzie, Robert, p. 162, p. 356 

McLean, Marien, p. 416 

McLellan, George, p. 416 

McLeod, G., p. 416 

McMahon, James, p. 416 

McMullen, John, p. 416, p. 179 

McNally, Francis, p. 416 

McNamara, Reginald, p. 356 

McNelia, Irma, p. 416 

McNeil, Sharon, p. 330 

McPhail, John, p. 362 

McPhee, Gordon, p. 416 

McQuigan, LyIe, p. 416 

McWillil, John, p. 416 

Meadoff, Gail, p. 340 

Mehring, Kathlen, p. 290 

Meininger, Rick, p. 182 

Melezoglu, Cevdet, p. 209 

Mellenberg, Horst, p. 212 

Mellinger, Dick, p. 365 

Menzel, Reinhard, p. 191 

Mensh, Chickie, p. 328 

Mensing, Carl, p. 91 

Mentzer, William, p. 199, 416 

Menzer, Johanna, p. 178 

Menzer, John, p. 203 

Meredith, Ann, p. 333 

Meredith, Barbara, p. 181, p. 329 

Meredith, Elizabeth, p. 416 

MeringofF, Brian, p. 376 

Merkel, Jon, p. 360 

Merrill, Christy, p. 299, p. 341 

Merrill, James, p. 375 

Merryman, Fran, p. 337 

Messenger, Paul, p. 202 

Messer, Pat, p. 59, p. 60, p. 68, p. 126 

p. 416, p. 300 
Metcalfe, Robert, p. 196 
Metcalfe, Lynda, p. 175, p. 174, 

p. 291 
Metz, Doug, p. 356 
Metzger, Dorothy, p. 416 
Myers, Betty, p. 290 
Myers, William, p. 417, p. 360 
Meyerson, Natalie, p. 299 
Michel, Roger, p. 376 
Middleton, William, p, 417 
Mikkelsen, Major, Albert, p. 417 
Mikule, Gerald, p. 218 
Mikula, Jerry, p. 361 
Miles, Pat, p. 158, p. 216, p. 330 
Milhausen, Betty, p. 190 
Millenson, Robert, p. 417 
Miller, Barry, p. 199, p. 417 
Miller, Carlotta, p. 182 
Miller, Claudia, p. 291 
Miller, Curtis, p. 198, p. 417 
Miller, Edward, p. 205, p. 417, p. 195 
Miller, Eva, p. 417 


Miller, Gerald, p. 199, p. 417 

Miller, J., p. 417, p. 293, p. 197 

Miller, Linda, p. 174, p. 175, p. 223 

Miller, Marcelline, p. 417 

Miller, Marjorie, p. 417, p. 153, p. 146 

Miller, Maureen, p. 337 

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Miller, Mrs., p. 340 

Miller, Phyllis, p. 300 

Miller, P. M., p. 91 

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Miller, Rebecca, p. 417, p. 291 

Miller, Richard, p. 355, p. 207, p. 417 

Miller, Ruth, p. 417, p. 183, p. 291 

Miller, Sandra, p. 328, p. 417 

Miller, Steven, p. 90 

Millhouser, Dick, p. 374 

Millies, Bill, p. 369 

Mills, Elizabeth, p. 297 

Mills, John, p. 219, p. 216, p. 201, 

p. 362 
Mills, Robert, p. 196, p. 417 
Milton, Aueg, p. 417 
Milwit, Sammuel, p. 354 
Milwit, Sandy, p. 354 
Mintz, William, p. 417 
Mirabile, Sam, p. 356 
Miranda, Olga, p. 163, p. 417 
Mirne, Norman, p. 202, p. 364 
Mitchell, Bill, p. 367 
Mitchell, George, p. 91 
Mitchell, Kenneth, p. 366, p. 417 
Mitchell, Nancy, p. 337, p. 417 
Mitchell, John, p. 222 
Mitnick, Alan, p. 354 
Moats, Barbara, p. 333 
Mock, Elsie, p. 417 
Mockus, Joseph, p. 90 
Moentmann, Jerry, p. 365 
Mohler, Tawney, p. 68, p. 343, p. 417 
Moncure, Robert, p. 359 
Monroe, Donald, p. 417 
Monson, Lawrence, p. 357 
Montalbano, Charles, p. 356 
Montedoniro, Joe, p. 159 
Montedonica, Joseph, p. 210, p. 219, 

p. 367 
Montgomery, Don, p. 361 
Montgomery, Janice, p. 330, p. 158, 

p. 215, p. 222 
Montgomery, William, p. 417 
Mook, David, p. 357, p. 217 
Moomey, Karen, p. 338 
Mode, David, p. 224 
Moore, Anita, p. 417 
Moore, Barbara, p. 341 
Moore, Bill, p. 167, p. 176 
Moore, Bryon, p. 205 
Moore, Constance, p. 327 
Moore, Daniel, p. 417, p. 208, p. 361 
Moore, David, p. 191 
Moore, Jim, p. 199, p. 374, p. 418 
Moore, Kothryn, p. 341, p. 295 
Moore, Pat, p. 222 
Moore, Thomas, p. 217, p. 418 
Moore, William, p. 418 
Morahan, Eugene, p. 418 
Moriau, Donald, p. 418 
Morell, Frances, p. 299 
Morgan, Alton, p. 357 
Morgan, Jean, p. 343 
Morgan, Laura, p. 297, p. 418 
Morgan, Joe, p. 370 

Morgan, Phyliss, p. 293 

Morganstein, Edward, p. 373 

Morganstein, Malvyn, p. 203 

Moriconi, Joanne, p. 418 

Moriarity, William, p. 367 

Moroose, Sheila, p. 294 

Morozzo, Robert, p. 418 

Morris, Anne, p. 205, p. 298 

Morris, Carolyn, p. 292 

Morris, Corinne, p. 294 

Morris, Jane, p. 291 

Morris, Wayne, p. 361, p. 418 

Morrison, Alastaie, p. 217 

Morrison, Sona, p. 343 

Morrissey, Tom, p. 362, p. 69, p. 64, 

p. 418, p. 63 
Morsell, Amelia, p. 343 
Morton, Pamela, p. 292 
Morton, Patricia, p. 213 
Moseley, Judith, p. 294 
Mosley, Katharine, p. 327 
Moser, Edward, p. 418 
Moser, Lee, p. 355 
Moser, Joanne, p. 339 
Moskowltz, Robert, p. 219 
Mosley, Carl, p. 91 
Mosnang, Edward, p. 418 
Moss, Linda, p. 340 
Mote, Larry, p. 41 8 
Motley, Richard, p. 90 
Moulthrop, Brude, p. 365 
Mousa, Bahieh, p. 183 
Moxley, Paul, p. 418 
Moxley, Rosa, p. 331, p. 207 
Moy, Samuel, p. 418 
Moyer, Peter, p. 217 
Moylan, Phillip, p. 199, p. 418 
Mrynczo, Adolph, p. 196 
Mudd, Carol, p. 300 
Mudd, Margaret, p. 418 
Mueller, Leo, p. 418 
Mueller, Stephen, p. 90 
Mulheron, Marty, p. 362 
Mull, Mary, p. 418 
Mullican, Wayne, p. 89, p. 197 
Mullican, Robert, p. 418 
Mullinix, Barbara, p. 59, p. 209, 

p. 339, p. 418 
Mullis, Bobby, p. 418 
Munson, William, p. 371 
Murdoch, Richard, p. 371, p. 418 
Murphy, Helen, p. 155 
Murphy, Joe, p. 374, p. 418 
Murphy, Kathryn, p. 184, p. 293 
Murphy, Sara, p. 296 
Murray, Howard, p. 208 
Murray, Marlene, p. 61, p. 59, p. 131 

p. 330, p. 418 . 
Murray, Madeline, p. 291 
Murray, Joanne, p. 339 
Musch, Robert, p. 167, p. 169 
Murray, Robert, p. 355 
Murtaugh, Patricio, p. 292 
Muse, Ann, p. 217 
Musgrove, Ellen, p. 418 
Musgrove, Herbert, p. 197 
Musgrove, Lois, p. 205, p. 296 
Musgrove, Ruby, p. 291 
Mya, Ma Khin, p. 217 
Myers, Cynthia, p. 200 
Myers, Dick, p. 367 
Myers, Donald, p. 418 
Myers, Rev. Jesse, p. 1 84 

Myers, Kay, p. 214, p. 338 
Myers, Moraline, p. 202 
Myers, Veronica, p. 292 
Myers, Virginia, p. 184 
Myerson, Louis, p. 418 
Myrick, Harry, p. 206 

Nachman, Harriet, p. 328 
Nagel, Walter, p. 419 
Noiil, Ellsworth, p. 162, p. 358 
Nakamura, Walter, p. 59, p. 63, 

p. 147, p. 419 
Nelevanko, Mag, p. 331 
Nail, Frank, p. 419 
Noppini, Luciano, p. 365 
Nash, Donald, p. 90, p. 419 
Nash, Wilette, p. 419 
Nasuti, Nick, p. 363 
Nothanson, Linda, p. 340 
Nattans, Joseph, p. 359 
Noughton, Eileen, p. 295 
Naylor, Dorothy, p. 297 
Neary, Susan, p. 187 
Neels, Carol, p. 419 
Neely, Richard, p. 90 
Nelson, Merle, p. 419 
Nemier, Douglas, p. 419 
Neradko, Vincent, p. 203 
Nesbitt, Ann, p. 419 
Neumaier, Marianne, p. 291 
Newman, Harriet, p. 297, p. 419 
Neuman, Ronald, p. 357 
Nevius, Natalie, p. 419 
Nevmuller, Robert, p. 203 
Newhouse, Marilynn, p. 293 
Newman, Linda, p. 116, p. 340 
Newton, John, p. 179, p. 182, p. 419 
Nethen, p. 330 
Nicols, William, p. 365 
Nicolson, David, p. 355 
Nicholson, Lois, p. 179, p. 209, p. 293 
Nicholson, Margaret, p. 205, p. 290 
Nick, A. Irene, p. 292 
Niego, Joel, p. 364 
Niel, Martha, p. 343 
Nies, William, p. 357 
Niner, Lois, p. 300 
Nixdorf, Richard, p. 363 
Nixon, Donald, p. 419 
Noack, Millard, p. 419 
Noel, Robert, p. 203 
Nogrady, John, p. 369 
Nolan, Margo, p. 297 
Nolan, Patrick, p. 361 
Noon, John, p. 201, p 216, p. 219, 

p. 362 
Noonon, Diane, p. 419 
Nonnelly, Polli, p. 169 
Noppenberger, Mary, p. 292, p. 419 
Norbom, Rolf, p. 419 
Norfolk, Bill, p. 207 
Norfolk, C. W., p. 355 
Norley, Ronald, p. 419 
Morris, James, p. 356 
Morris, Joan, p. 419 
Morris, John, p. 358 
Morris, Paul, p. 367 
North, Susan, p. 419 
Northcutt, Robert, p. 168, p. 164, 

p. 169, p. 176 
Northrup, Corole, p. 292, p. 419 
Northwood, Robert, p. 197 
Norwitz, Anne, p. 419 


Novotny, James, p. 419 
Nowell, Roxy, p. 343 
Noyes, Lisen, p. 178, p. 295 
Null, G., p. 91 
Nunez, Gabriel, p. 209 
Nussbaum, Gail, p. 321 

Ober, Ruth, p. 419, p. 68 
Oberholtzer, Jerauld, p. 419 
O'Bertier, Jordon, p. 202 
Obert, Noel, p. 419 
O'Brien, Carolyn, p. 290, p. 419, 

p. 217 
O'Brien, Capt. Frank, p. 420 
Och, Philip, p. 356 
Ochs, Holly, p. 170 
Oda, William, p. 420 
O'Donnell, Lt. Col, Charles, p. 420 
O'Donoghue, Frederick, p. 366, p. 420 
Oeffinbough, Robert, p. 371 
Offin, Richard, p. 373 
O'Flaherty, Harold, p. 356, p. 179 
Ogilvie, Diana, p. 299 
O'Hare, Jean, p. 220, p. 326 
O'Konski, Capt. Leonard, p. 420 
Olive, Dianne, p. 213 
Olmstead, Jack, p. 152, p. 420 
Olsen, Louis, p. 420 
Olsson, Nils, p. 420 
Olson, Patricia, p. 290 
Olszewski, Joseph, p. 218, p. 420, 

p. 374 
O'Neal, Jonston, p. 355 
O'Neal, Patricia, p. 293 
O'Neill, Brian, p. 356 
O'Neil, PatAnn, p. 1 18 
Onsgard, Diane, p. 420 
Onslow, Debby, p. 333 
Oosterhous, James, p. 420, p. 369 
Opie, Diane, p. 326 
Oppegard, Margaret, p. 183 
Opresko, Gregory, p. 89 
Orange, Bruce, p. 364 
Orgain, Jean, p. 182 
Oritt, Malinda, p. 184 
Orndoff, Edward, p. 362 
Okon, Susan, p. 340 

Orton, George, p. 91, p. 371 

Ortt, David, p. 184 

Osburn, Sandra, p. 329, p. 169, 
p. 163, p. 176 

Osgood, Charles, p. 420 

Osha, William, p. 420 

Osmond, Barbara, p. 292 

Ostrowski, Perry, p. 360 

Ostrowski, Peter, p. 360 

Ott, David, p. 356 

Ott, Richard, p. 356 

Oursler, Donnal, p. 326 

Ousborne, Albert, p. 420 

Overbeck, Steve, p. 376 

Overholser, Ruth, p. 420 

Owen, Flynn, p. 339 

Ownes, Donna, p. 339 

Owens, Frances, p. 291 

Owens, Julius, p. 420, p. 199 

Owens, Nancy Anne, p. 339, p. 420 

Pace, Gail, p. 92, p. 175 

Pace, Martha, p. 329, p. 420 

Packard, Alice, p. 68, p. 131, p. 330, 
p. 420 

Packard, Mary, p. 293 

Packwood, Molly, p. 64, p. 420 

Padovaho, Frank, p. 355 

Pai, Sue, p. 204 

Pale, Joyce, p. 292 

Palijczuk, Wasyl, p. 420 

Palmer, Richard, p. 358 

Palmer, Paul, p. 152 

Panico, Robert, p. 216, p. 219, p. 356, 

p. 420 
Palmer, Shellie, p. 217 
Parente, Charles, p. 196, p. 420 
Parker, Claire, p. 180, p. 326, p. 420 
Parker, Jon, p. 374 
Parker, Elizabeth, p. 420 
Parker, Joyce, p. 213, p. 290 
Parker, Mary, p. 420 
Parker, Missy, p. 333 
Parker, Penny, p. 329 
Parker, Quanatt, p. 420 
Parkinson, p. 295 
Parsenios, Lewis, p. 420 
Porsholl, Patricia, p. 298 
Parson, Seena, p. 421 
Parsons, D. C, p. 91 
Parsons, Richard, p. 421 
Pascal, Paul, p. 421 
Pasco, Allan, p. 364, p. 421 
Pasnak, Robert, p. 213 
Pass, Carolyn, p. 291 
Patchen, p. 339 
Patel, Warren, p. 218 
Patterson, Dennis, p. 360 
Pattie, Meredith, p. 421 
Paul, Kenneth, p. 361 
Paulos, Peter, p. 421, p. 196 
Poulubis, Jurate, p. 212 
Peorce, Thomas, p. 219 
Pearl, Norman, p. 421 
Pearson, Albert, p. 421 
Pearson, Harry, p. 355 
Pearson, Larry, p. 153, p. 154 
Pearson, Robert, p. 358 
Peckham, Jason, p. 195, p. 372 
Pedolsky, Howard, p. 421 
Peeling, Philip, p. 363 
Peikin, Joyce, p. 421 
Pelovitz, Barbara, p. 328 
Pelosi, Madonna, p. 213 
Pelovitx, Cecille, p. 213 
Pels, Elizabeth, p. 200 
Pelzar, Ann, p. 329 
Pendergraph, H,, p. 375 
Penkiunas, Birute, p. 212 
Peretz, Eileen, p. 291 
Perkins, Paul, p. 198, p. 421 
Perlman, Dave, p. 194, p. 421 
Perlzweig, Dana, p. 421 
Perlzweig, Judy, p. 116, p. 290 
Perrotti, Ralph, p. 421 
Perry, Capt., Victor, p. 421 
Perseghin, George, p. 196 
Pessagno, Sally, p. 326 
Peters, Ted, p. 369 
Peterson, Sylvia, p. 190 
Peterson, Charles, p. 365 
Peterson, Capt. George, p. 421 
Peterson, JoAnn, p. 292 
Peterson, Louis, p. 421 
Petro, Mary, p. 421 
Petrushansky, Morlene, p. 220, p. 291 
Pettee, Ben, p. 214, p. 356 
Pfeiffer, Susan, p. 156, p. 421 
Phelps, Clifford Rodger, p. 421 

Phelps, Helen, p. 321 

Phillips, Carole, p. 209 

Phillips, Dennis, p. 219 

Phillips, Janet, p. 295 

Phillips, John, p. 421 

Phillips, Patricia, p. 292 

Phillips, Ralph, p. 224 

Philps, Richard, p. 160, p. 357 

Phillips, Wade, p. 175 

Phillips, Walter, p. 59, p. 421 

Picciolo,.Mary, p. 326, p. 421 

Pickens, Sharon, p. 292 

Pickett, Earl, p. 421 

Piel, Jocelyn, p. 296 

Pielbet, J. H., p. 198 

Pierce, Jessie, p. 421 

Pierce, Richard, p. 421 

Pilert, James, p. 421 

Pillas, Diana, p. 338 

Pillersdorf, Barbara, p. 294 

Pimper, Sandy, p. 333 

Pincus, Sheldon, p. 422 

Pincuspy, Duane, p. 341, p. 294 

Pines, Carole, p. 292 

Pinkus, Charlotte, p. 299 

Pinter, Frances, p. 299 

Pipher, Lynn R., p. 219 

Pipkin, Michael B., p. 422 

Pisapia, Jean C, p. 64, p. 190, p. 219, 

p. 422 
Pisciotta, Vincent, p. 148 
Pittinger, Carryl B., p. 422 
Pittinger, Charles A., p. 422 
Pittler, Les, p. 376, p. 422 
Pittman, Bill, p. 356 

Pixton, Marvin, p. 361 

Ploio, Robert J., p. 422 

Plantholt, James, p. 191 

Piatt, Philemon Kenneth, p. 422 

Platterspiel, Gray, p. 183 

Pleet, Albert Bernard, p. 422 

Plexico, Perry, p. 355 

Plies, Stanley Martin, p. 422 

Plitt, E. A., p. 91 

Plumhoff, Earle, p. 356 

Plumley, Pamela, p. 92, p. 341 

Plummer, Kay L., p. 293, p. 422 

Plutschok, Diane, p. 190 

Poffel, Jr., Robert Edward, p. 422 

Pointer, Wesley Donald, p. 422 

Polinger, Marilyn Beverly, p. 422 

Pomerantz, Sandi, p. 340 

Pond, Doug, p. 359 

Pope, Nancy, p. 329 

Poole, Virginia L., p. 293 

Poore, Linda, p. 341 

Porter, Gayle, p. 343 

Porter, John, p. 89 

Porter, Kathy, p. 331 

Porter, Nancy B., p. 422 

Portney, Marylyn S., p. 422 

Ports, Robert A., p. 422 

Posner, Carolyn, p. 328 

Posner, Norman, p. 373, p. 422 

Posner, William, p. 436 

Potash, p. 422 

Potts, Russell, p. 361 

Potzner, Barbara, p. 183, p. 209, 
p. 295 

Powell, Anne, p. 422 

Powell, David, p. 216 

Powell, John, p. 422 

Powell, Len, p. 358 


Powell, Marie, p. 293 

Powell, Patricia, p. 300, p. 422 

Powell, Roger, p. 191 

Prager, Claire, p. 293 

Pratt, William, p. 217 

Pressimone, Margaret, p. 422 

Proce, Charles, p. 152 

Price, Lois, p. 340 

Price, Marcia, p. 436 

Price, Roslyn, p. 422 

Price, Susan, p. 300, p. 343 

Price, Thomas, p. 422 

Price, Wayne, p. 167, p. 170 

Prince, Norman, p. 218, p. 422 

Pritchard, Evis, p. 222 

Pritchard, Ronald, p. 178 

Pritchett, Julie, p. 330 

Pritzker, Herbert, p. 147, p. 153, 

p. 422 
Proctor, Patricia, p. 300, p. 326 
Prusch, Paula, p. 92, p. 337 
Przybyla, John, p. 422 
Puhling, Anita, p. 209 
Pulido, Rodolfo, p. 198 
Puodziunas, Algis, p. 212 
Putcokulish, Mary, p. 14? 
Putman, James, p. 358 
Putnam, Carolyn, p. 423 
Pyle, Dean, J. F., p. 36 

Quam, Sandra, p. 291 
Quintilian, Paul, p. 423 

Roby, Major Billy, p. 423 
Racer, David, p. 366 
Rades, Lynn, p. 290, p. 423 
Raeder, Bernadine, p. 298 
Radford, Sally, p. 182 
Roeuchle, K., p. 91 
Roffaelo, Kathy, p. 341 
Ragland, Bonnie, p. 423 
Rains, B., p. 9! 
Raith, Joan, p. 294 
Ralph, Walter, p. 423 
Ralston, Alan, p. 198 
Ramsburg, Robert, p. 423 
Ramsay, Kay, p. 333 
Ramsey, Copt. Arthur, p. 423 
Rand, James, p. 423 
Rand, Roberta, p. 298 
Rand, Steve, p. 423 
Randolph, Benjamin, p. 423 
Randolph, Jack, p. 202 
Randolph, John, p. 375 
Ranieri, Sal, p. 184 
Rappaport, Sybil, p. 59, p. 61, p. 64, 

p. 423, p. 328 
Rapson, Frederick, p. 367 
Rask, Patricia, p. 298 
Ratchel, Sandra, p. 182 
Rothgeber, Ruth, p. 295 
Rau, Donald, p. 423 
Rauch, Arthur, p. 183 
Rauch, Laura, p. 166 
Rauscher, Bernord, p. 423 
Ray, Linda, p. 295 
Rayman, Marsha, p. 298 
Reaver, Jack, p. 1 19 
Reckner, Gene, p. 359 
Reed, Copt. Alan, p. 423 
Reeder, Anne, p. 338 
Reene, Mark, p. 360 
Rees, David, p. 424 

Reeves, Artman, p. 374 

Reeves, Cove, p. 359 

Reeves, Ray, p. 361 

Regester, Conlyn, p. 64, p. 423 

Regnier, Chuck, p. 374 

Reich, Joanne, p. 300 

Reid, Herbert, p. 423 

Reigle, Patricia, p. 292 

Reilly, Richard, p. 423 

Reily, Robert, p. 357 

Rein, Jeffrey, p. 354 

Reisner, Barbara, p. 294 

Reiter, Ann, p. 329 

Reiter, Sheila, p. 340 

Renfro, Buddy, p. 361 

Repass, Lee, p. 371 

Resce, Terri, p. 163, p. 166, p. 167, 

p. 333 
Rever, Jack, p. 365 
Rever, Philip, p. 365 
Reynolds, Joe, p. 217 
Reynolds, Josephine, p. 296, p. 423 
Ricca, Elaine, p. 119, p. 338 
Rice, Mary, p. 297, p. 423 
Richards, Alan, p. 367 
Richardson, Martha, p. 337 
Richburg, Dorothy, p. 290 
Rickert, Carol, p. 298 
Richter, Charlotte, p. 294 
Richter, Robert, p. 423 
Ricketts, Les, p. 362 
Ricketts, Leslie, p. 423 
Rido, Perry, p. 364 
Riddick, Gray, p. 358 
Ridgely, Lee, p. 355 
Riebling, Morion, p. 423 
Riedesel, Stephen, p. 423 
Riggin, Marcia, p. 300 
Riggs, Don, p. 191 
Ripley, Catherine, p. 291 
Risdom, Elizabeth, p. 297 
Risher, Horrin, p. 294 
Ritchie, Jean, p. 68 
Rittinger, Roger, p. 365 
Richardson, John, p. 357 
Rietz, Jeane, p. 339, p. 423 
Riffle, Carl, p. 198, p. 423 
Riggs, Jimmy, p. 423 
Ripps, Jackie, p. 201 
Rippy, Don, p. 423 
Ritchie, Jean, p. 158 
Rivera, Ignocio, p. 209 
Robbins, Theodore, p. 424 
Roberts, Ed, p. 367 
Roberts, June, p. 179, p. 424 
Roberts, Kenneth, p. 89, p. 361, p. 424 
Roberts, Paul, p. 424 
Roberts, Sandra, p. 292, p. 424 
Robertson, Wayne, p. 365 
Roberts, William, p. 424 
Robertson, Donald, p. 424 
Robey, Elaine, p. 299, p. 341 
Robey, Vicky, p. 181, p. 327 
Robinette, Eddie, p. 424 
Robinson, Bill, p. 363 
Robinson, Charlie, p. 364 
Robinson, Dorothy, p. 424 
Robinson, Janice, p. 339 
Robinson, John, p. 362 
Robinson, Linnell, p. 130, p. 159, 

p. 156, p. 333 
Robinson, Stephen, p. 204 
Roche, Legnard, p. 424 

Rodbell, Leslie, p. 424 

Roddy, Florence, p. 424 

Rodenhiser, Brace, p. 361 

Roe, Lawrence, p. 424 

Rodes, Ted, p. 363 

Roe, Richard, p. 362 

Roeper, Will, p. 361 

Rogers, John, p. 157 

Rogers, Judith, p. 291 

Rogers, Julio, p. 296 

Rogers, Michael, p. 197 

Rogers, Phillip, p. 360 

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p. 339, p. 424 
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Roll, Gloria, p. 294 
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Roman, Robert, p. 359, p. 424 
Roman, Sue, p. 424 
Romeo, Frank, p. 359 
Ronk, Richard, p. 424 
Root, Mary, p. 209 
Roppelt, Joy, p. 360 
Rosdol, Alice, p. 292 
Rose, Lawrence, p. 354 
Rose, Marsha, p. 297 
Rose, Richard, p. 354 
Rosen, Elinor, p. 424 
Rosen, Howard, p. 364 
Rosenberg, Gail, p. 173 
Rosenberg, Gaven, p. 173 
Rosenberger, John, p. 424 
Rosenberg, Nancy, p. 300 
Rosenberg, Phyllis, p. 181 
Rosenbloom, Rono, p. 328 
Rosencrantz, Randolf, p. 424 
Rosenfield, Georgie, p. 297 
Rosetto, Lorry, p. 202 
Ross, Bunny, p. 341 
Ross, Joanne, p. 200, 294, 330 
Ross, Philip, p. 424 
Rossmon, Theodore, p. 198, p. 424 
Roth, Richard, p. 424 
Roth, Rolf, p. 194 
Roth, Sheldon, p^ 424 
Rothburg, Dick, p. 370 
Rothenburg, Margaret, p. 297 
Roundie, Judy, p. 116, p. 326 
Rourke, Rodger, p. 424 
Roush, Ann, p. 291 
Routenberg, John, p. 361 
Rouzer, Larry, p. 425 
Rowe, Mrs., p. 327 
Rowe, Jimmy, p. 359 
Rowland, Suzy, p. 172, 190 
Royer, Mary, p. 298 
Royer, William, p. 361 
Rozeboom, Henry, p. 90 
Rubock, Johanna, p. 425 
Rubin, Barbara, p. 292 
Rudder, Albert, p. 425 
Rudgers, Anthony, p. 425 
Rudick, Stan, p. 152, p. 151 
Rudolph, Robyn, p. 220, p. 333 
Rue, Copt. Norman, p. 425 
Ruggiero, Mary Louise, p. 425 
Rumpanos, Sheila, p. 200 
Rush, Richard, p. 374 
Russ, Carolyn, p. 299 
Russell, John, p. 369 
Russell, Juanita, p. 166, p. 425 
Russell, John, p. 59, p. 63, p. 425 


Russell, Robert, p. 425 
Russell, Sally, p. 341 
Russell, Toni, p. 339 
Rutledge, Anne, p. 290 
Ryan, Dave, p. 202, p. 425 
Ryan, Elizabeth, p. 296 
Ryan, Gael, p. 181 

Q\inn \rtmctc t~\ AO ^ 

Ryan, James, p. 425 

Kyan, James, p. 42- 
Ryan, Betty, p. 337 
Ryan, Gail, p. 200 
, p. 149, 

.xyvjii, wvjn, p. 

Ryss, Marion, 

p. 294 


Saaks, David, p. 425 

Sabers, David, p. 195 

Sachs, Alvin, p. 201 

Sachs, Bob, p. 376 

Sachs, J., p. 91 

Sachs, Sydney, p. 340 

Sock, Lawrence, p. 359 

Sadler, Sam, p. 216 

Sadorus, Jean, p. 425 

Satler, Sam, p. 362 

Sagal, David, p. 373 

Sagle, Barbara, p. 337 

Saidman, Arnold, p. 425, p. 354 

Saidman, Arthur, p. 89 

Saidman, Sandy, p. 364 

Saiontz, Doris, p. 294 

Sakers, Amy, p. 220, p. 292 

Saks, Robert, p. 181, p. 224 

Sakwa, Jacob, p. 425 

Salen, Roger, p. 425 

Salganik, Bernard, p. 373 

Salganik, Shirley, p. 292 

Salhab, Omran, p. 183, p. 198, p. 425 

Saliga, Thomas, p. 425 

Salloom, Patricia, p. 326 

Salup, Steve, p. 376 

Salvo, Joseph, p. 202, p. 371 

Sambora, Moryanne, p. 299 

Sammons, Harold, p. 425 

Samora, Walt, p. 356 

Sampson, Morris, p. 425 

Sander, Larry, p. 425 

Sanders, Harry, p. 360, p. 213 

Sanders, John, p. 425 

Sanders, Murray, p. 425 

Sandler, Charles, p. 425, p. 373 

Sandler, Harriet, p. 425 

Sanford, Patricia, p. 190 

Sapp, David, p. 183 

Sarubin, Murray, p. 376 

Sauer, Barry, p. 217 

Sourel, Denise, p. 159, 

152, p. 299 

ouuici, L^eniit;, p. \ov, p 

Savage, Arthur, p. 425 
Savage, Charlotte, p. 295, p. 326 
Sausser, Robert, p. 222 
Sawyer, Ernest, p. 425 
Saxton, Jane, p. 340 
Saxon, Lucille, p. 425 
Sayre, Clifford, p. 199 
Scaglione, Elvera, p. 297 
Scancarella, John 
Scarborough, Joseph, p. 361 
Scarborough, Rachel, p. 339 
Schaefer, William, p. 426 
Schaffer, Judy, p. 333 
Schaffer, Warden, p. 426 
Schaftel, Robert, p. 214, p 
Schammel. Thomns n 89 

cjcnarrei, KoDert, p. 
Schammel, Thomas, p. 89 
Schapiro, Stephen, p. 426 
Schatra, Robert, p. 359 
Schaumel, Thomas, p. 89 

p. 376 

Scheerer, Ronald, p. 426 

Schectman, Adrienne, p. 293 

Scheiner, Regina, p. 298 

Schejbal, Dusan, p. 358, p. 426 

Schellberg, Marguarite, p. 426, p. 292 

Schemm, Dee, p. 330 

Scherr, Edmund, p. 154, p. 149, 

p. 426 
Schick, Robert, p. 357 
Schiller, Carl J., p. 426, p. 361 
Schiller, Jane, p. 220, p. 330 
Schilling, Kathryn, p. 297 
Schillinger, Barbara, p. 426 
Schimel, Barry, p. 354 
Schindler, Bonnie, p. 329, p. 181 
Schlaudecker, Julie, p. 219, p. 326 
Schleifer, Fred, p. 426 
Schlesinger, Ronald, p. 206 
Schlosser, Helen, p. 426 
Schmidt, Hollie, p. 331 
Schneider, Edward, p. 90 
Schneider, John, p. 183 
Schiesser, Carol, p. 290 
Schiff, James, p. 361 
Schmieler, JefF, p. 367 
Schofer, Bunny, 213, p. 426 
Scholl, George, p. 426 
Schoonover, Gary, p. 195 
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Schroeder, Joyce, p. 152, p. 153 
Schuettinger, Arthur, p. 358 
Schufer, Hester, p. 338 
Schule, Carol, p. 330 
Schulmon, Neil, p. 364 
Schultheis, William, p. 426 
Schumann, George, p. 367 
Schuyler, Florence, p. 295 
Schwar, Norman, p. 354 
Schwartz, Cynthis, p. 326, p. 299 
Schwartz, Harry, p. 426 
Schwartz, Janet, p. 328 
Schwartz, Martin, p. 426, p. 364 
Schwiner, Carole, p. 208 
Sclar, Marcia, p. 328 
Scoltock, Carol, p. 426 
Scott, Arnie, p. 181 
Scott, James, p. 207, p. 205 
Scott, Marjorie, p. 155, p. 426 
Scott, Willie, p. 216, p. 426 
Scott, William, p. 89, p. 362 
Scrivener, M. R., p. 221 
Scrivener, Thomas, p. 426 
Seabolt, Linda, p. 296 
Seabolt, Terrance, p. 426 
Seaby, William, p. 152 
Sebastian, Paul, p. 426 
Seaboda, p. 426 
Secor, Richard, p. 355 
Seek, Garry, p. 356 
Seeler, Marjorie, p. 327, 
Seelinger, Stephany, p. 
Segal, Hannah, p. 426 
Segdbaum, Huguette, p. 209 
Seidlitz, Arleen, p. 426 
Seiler, A. Marguerite, p. 
Seller, Nancy, p. 297 
Seipel, Martin, p. 426 
Selig, Sarah, p. 299 
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Sengstack, Warren, p. 371 
Sennett, Myrna, p. 426 

p. 68 
155, p. 426 

190, p. 298 

Sesso, Geraldine, p. 427 
Shaffer, Michael, p. 427 
Shaffer, Robert, p. 427 
Shaffrey, Robert, p. 374 
Shaivitz, Sallie, p. 328 
Shaivitz, Suzanne, p. 427 
Shallcross, Carolyn, p. 299 
Shanahan, Peggy, p. 166 
Shanahan, S., p. 218 

hiell, p. 427 

Shank, Helen, 

oiiuriK, neien, p. 329, p. 294 

Shannahan, Dshiell, p. A 

Shapiro, Aaron, p. 206, 

Shapiro, Sandy, p. 376 

. 326 

, p. 59 

Shapiro, Aaron, p. 206, p. 354, p. 90 

Shapiro, Sandy, p. 376 

Shapiro, Sigman, p. 354 

Sharp, Victoria, p. 427, p. 

Shauck, Leroy, p. 191 

Shaw, Ann, p. 296 

Shaw, Arthur, p. 198 

Shaw, Bernard, p. 427 

Shaw, James, p. 427, p. 89, 

Shay, Liz, p. 149 

Sheover, Francis, p. 371 

Shelton, Mary, p. 299 

Shematz, J. R., p. 91 

Shenker, Jeanette, p. 427 

Shephard, Stephen, p. 427, p. 356 

Sher, Richard, p. 376 

Sherbert, Archie, p. 427 

Sheridan, p. 338 

Sherill, Richard, p. 197 

Sherman, Judith, p. 290 

Sherman, Richard, p. 354 

Sherman, Stephen, p. 427 

Sherman, James, p. 427 

Shields, Alfred, p. 427 

Shields, Faith, p. 200 

Shier, Harriet, p. 339 

Shiffman, Marilyn, p. 298 

Shimkus, Stephen, p. 427 

Shirk, Jeanellen, p. 92, p. 339, p. U 

Shirrefs, Barbors, p. 184, p. 331 

Shoemaker, Alan, p. 359 

Shook, Carol, p. 343 

Shope, Ear 



p. 427 
p. 373 

Shor, Joseph. 
Short, Joyce, p. 339 
Shuff, Sandra, p. 29: 

Shuff, Sandra, p. 292 
Shuger, Rebecca, p. 3 
Shumate, Roland, p. 3 

Shumate, Roland, p. 365 

Shur, Marilyn, p. 330 

Shuster, Sondra, p. 297 

Sibalik, Paul, p. 427, p. 69, p. 361 

Sidle, Jules, p. 373 

Siebenberg, Henry, p. 427 

Siegel, Brenda, p. 427 

Siegel, Burt, p. 364 

Siegel, Fern, p. 299 

Siegel, p. 364 

Siegel, Nickie, p. 340 

Signor, William, p. 427, p. 63, p. 59 

p. 186 
Silberg, Barry, p. 376 
Silbiger, Cliff, p. 376 
Sills, Art, p. 169 
Silver, Gerald, p. 427 
Silver, Holdi, p. 299 
Silverberg, Ann, p. 293 
Silverman, Doris, p. 427 
Silverman, Howard, p. 376 
Silverman, Sally, p. 64, p. 427, p. 18 
Silverstein, Gloria, p. 340 
Simmons, Bernard, p. 427 
Simmons, Bonnie, p. 339 


Simms, Kathe, p. 427 

Simms, Rondo, p. 64 

Simms, William, p. 178, p. 179 

Simon, Herbert, p. 357 

Sims, James, p. 369 

Sincell, Charles, p. 427 

Sinclair, Jane, p. 330, p. 427 

Sippel, John, p. 428, p. 367 

Sw-koy, Luke, p. 204 

Skoer, Diana, p. 92, p. 339 

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Sklar, Borry, p. 179, p. 181 

Skoglund, Rod, p. 222 

Slagle, Elizabeth, p. 428 

Slan, Linda, p. 59, p. 64, p. 428 

Slottery, Mrs. Mary, p. 328 

Sleemi, Abdul, p. 183 

Slicher, Nancy, p. 293 

Slingluff, Robert, p. 362 

Slotsky, Deno, p. 219 

Small, Albert, p. 196, p. 428 

Smorige, Robert, p. 207, p. 205 

Smelser, Jeff, p. 374 

Smith, Armine, p. 208 

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Smith, C. R. p. 208 

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Smith, Doug, p. 370 

Smith, Dudley, p. 217, p. 355 

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Smith, James, p. 428 

Smith, Jennie, p. 290 

Smith, Juonita, p. 428 

Smith, Julie, p. 297 

Smith, Karen, p. 173 

Smith, Kenneth, p. 361 

Smith, Dean Leon P., p. 33 

Smith, Leslie, p. 190, p. 292 

Smith, Mrs. Margaret, p. 365 

Smith, Mel, p. 167 

Smith, SFC Melvin, p. 428 

Smith, Nicholas, p. 428 

Smith, Ralph, p. 194, p. 428 

Smith, Robert, p. 218, p. 361 

Smith, Robert, p. 369 

Smith, Sandra, p. 326, p. 298, p. 187 

Smith, Sonja, p. 164, p. 176 

Smith, Susan, p. 333 

Smith, Thomas, p. 176 

Smith, Wayne, p. 361 

Smith, William, p. 212, p. 204 

Smoot, Joan, p. 428 

Smyles, Joseph, p. 365 

Snoy, Roswitho, p. 217 

Snodgross, Rex, p. 184 

Snook, Gloria, p. 290 

Snyder, Roy, p. 359 

Sobel, Linda, p. 197, p. 428, p. 64 

Sobhani, Asghar, p. 213 

Sollod, Diane, p. 293 

Sollod, Sandra, p. 293 

Solomon, Bernard, p. 428 

Solomon, Nathaniel, p. 428 

Solomon, Sylvia, p. 428 

Sommerfield, Edward, p. 218, p. 374 

Sorrell, Michael, p. 428 

Sorrentino, Charles, p. 428 

Soth, Corinne, p. 428, p. 291 

Sourwine, Julien, p. 63, p. 152, p. 151, 

p. 146, p. 369, p. 428 
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149, p. 152 
, 291 

p. 291 
ary, p. 360 

p. 176, p. 167, p. 166 
Soword, Norma, J., p. 291 
Spahn, Albert, p. 428 
Spahn, Ronald, p. 373 
Spar, Toby, p. 159, p. 328 
Sporreil, Sally, p, 184 
Sparks, Dr. David S., p. 206 
Speoce, Willard, p. 428, p. 374 
Spector, Herbert, p. 373 
Spector, Libby, p. 428, p. 64 
Speert, Bonnie, p. 155 
Speicher, William, p. 428, p. 89 
Speigle, Jonas, p. 428 
Spencer, Ernest, p. 356, p. 191 
Spencer, George, p. 64, p. 428 
Sperschneider, Mary, p. 213, p. 183, 

p. 294 
Spinicchia, Anthony, p. 194, p. 428, 

p. 356 
Sporhauk, John, p. 91 
Sragow, Daniel, p. 428, p. 196 
Stadler, Chris, p. 330, p. 293 
Stadler, Louise, p. 295 
Staffor, John, p. 156, p. 

p. 120, p. 367 
Stafford, Joy, p. 331, p. 
Stag, Irene, p. 298 
Stag, Richard, p. 180 
Stair, Nancy, p. 291 
Staley, Robin, p. 291 
Stambough, Gary, p. MU 
Stamm, Jacqueline, p. 92 
Stanford, Edv/ard Arthur, p. 365 
Stanley, Alice, p. 343 
Staples, Ernest, p. 375 
Stansbury, Henry, p. 359 
Stansfield, Stan,, p. 370 
Starke, Walter, p. 428 
Stasiulatis, William, p. 361 
Staufenbarger, Richard, p. 374 
Stauffer, Chris, p. 361 
Stouffer, Wilbur, p. 428 
Steckel, Chester, p. 429, p. 356 
Steen, Donald, p. 196, p. 429 
Stefanovi'icz, Melvin, p. 362 
Stegman, Judy, p. 338, p. 92 
Stehr, Anita, p. 429, p. 297 
Stein, Nancy, p. 300 
Steinbach, Barry, p. 215, p. 364 
Steinbeck, Lenny, p. 364 
Steinberg, Ira, p. 202 
Steinberg, Joseph, p. 354 
Steinberg, Mel, p. 364 
Sfeinburg, Albert, p. 429 
Steinburg, Norman, p. 429 
Steinman, Stephen, p. 364 
Stellmacher, Irene, p. 209, p. 219 
Stellmacher, Inga, p. 209, p. 219 
Stephono, George, p. 429 
Stern, Barry, p. 376 
Stern, Marie, p. 221 
Sternberg, Rhodo, p. 340 
Sterne, Marie, p. 429 
Stevens, Diana, p. 329 
Stevens, Edith, p. 429, p. 326 
Stevens, Edv^ard, p. 367 
Stevens, Howard, p 

p. 152, p. 151 
Stevens, Jerry, p. 429 
Stevens, Jinny, p. 68 
Stevens, Nancy, p. 326, p. 296 
Stevenson, Michael, p. 365 
Stevenson, Susan, p. 148, p. 290 



Stewart, Catherine, p. 429 
Stewart, Cathy, p. 326 
Stewart, Gerrie, p. 340 
Stewart, James, p. 429 
Stewart, Undo, p. 295 
Stewart, Robert, p. 429 
Stewart, Sally, p. 153 
Stickell, Edward, p. 374 
Stilwell, Ann, p. 429 
Stiller, Diane, p. 295 
Stivaletti, Michael, p. 367 
St. John, Edward, p. 429 
St. John, Mary Lee, p. 341 
Stockton, Vivian, p. 297 
Stoddard, Gay, p. 330 
Stolberg, Lorry, p. 373 
Stone, Marguerite, p. 429, p. 337, 

p. 61 
Stone, Walter, p. 373 
Stoner, Charles, p. 371 
Storey, Marvin, p. 358 
Storm, Tina, p. 159, p. 333 
Stott, Jay, p. 362 
Stottlemyer, Carroll, p. 195 
Stouffer, CI., p. 296 
Stout, L. G., p. 199 
Stout, Margin, p. 201 
Stover, Judy, p. 92 
Stromski, Robert, p. 369 
Strandquist, Jean, p. 337 
Strausbaugh, Prof. Warren, p. 146 
Strathern, Cecilia, p. 291 
Straughan, Paula, p. 343, p. 92 
Strauss, Helene, p. 328, p. 300 
Streaker, Herbert, p. 208, p. 207, 

p. 205, p. 195, p. 355 
Streaker, Marriott, p. 429 
Streeter, Julie, p. 182, p. 190 
Strickland, Carolyn, p. 326 
Stripling, Michael, p. 429 
Strock, Barbara, p. 293 
Stroessner, Robert, p. 429 
Strones, Martin, p. 89 
Struck, Judith, p. 327 
Struebing, Kristen, p. 68, p. 333, 

p. 172, p. 429, p. 64, p. 187 
Stup, Howard, p. 198, p. 429 
Sturm, Thomas, p. 215 
Styers, p. 429 
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Sugar, Solly, p. 429, p. 328 
Svitok, John, p. 199, p. 429 
Suizu, Irene, p. 429, p. 190, p. 299 
Sullivan, David, p. 367, p. 1 16 
Sullivan, Donald, p. 370 
Sullivan, Emily, p. 184, p. 293 
Sullivan, Mary Lou, p. 296 
Sullivan, William, p. 369 
Sultzbough, Harold, p. 370 
Supplee, Solly, p. 338, p. 294 
Sussman, Barry, p. 429 
Sussman, Jerry, p. 354 
Sutherland, Gerry, p. 214 
Svotelis, Audrone, p. 212 
Swodow, Roslyn, p. 292 
Swank, Ann, p. 429 
Swonson, Anne, p. 338 
Swonson, John, p. 429, p. 62, p. 59, 

p. 361 
Swarm, Ann, p. 182, p. 290 
Swartz, Linda, p. 220, p. 326 
Swennes, Jon, p. 430 
Switzenbaum, Son, p. 373 

Swoger, Patricia, p. 331 

Swope, Fred, p. 430 

Sybor, Adrain, p. 148 

Sycle, Joan, p. 430 

Sydney, Scrita, p. 181 

Sydnor, Dolores, p. 291 

Sykes, David, p. 359 

Sykes, Gualterio, p. 198 

Sykes, Paul, p. 359 

Sykes, Walter, p. 197, p. 222, p. 430 

Syron, John, p. 430 

Szeliga, Leonard, p. 191 

Taback, Dennis, p. 376 
Tobler, Joseph, p. 184 
Tacchetti, Louis, p. 356, p. 430 
Tack, Helen, p. 290 
Tapt, Claudia, p. 430 
Toggort, Jack, p. 202, p. 371 
Taggort, Virginia, p. 343 
Tagiioferri, Louis, p. 430 
Talbott, John, p. 361 
Talibi, Sofia, p. 183 
Tolley, J., p. 214 
Tondo, Albert, p. 178 
Tanenbaum, Patsy, p. 292 
Tant, Kalene, p. 179, p. 190 
Tori, Vudo, p. 430 
Tarleton, Diane, p. 200 
Tarte, Warren, p. 430 
Taslimi, Mohsen, p. 430 
Tate, Charlotte, p. 326 
Tote, Vernon, p. 430 
Tatum, Linda, p. 343 
Tatum, Myrno, p. 292 
Tatum, Richard, p. 430 
Taubenfeld, Sheldon, p. 430, p. 354 
Tautvydas, Kestutis, p. 212 
Taylor, Douglas, p. 202 
Taylor, Kathy, p. 337 
Taylor, L, p. 91 
Taylor, Lawrence, p. 430 
Taylor, Lynne, p. 430 
Taylor, Mike, p. 356 
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Tepe, Rev. William, p. 180 
Tepper, Julian, p. 375 
Teska, Loretta, p. 190, p. 299 
Tester, Betty Lou, p. 333, p. 430 
Tester, Anne, p. 297 
Thames, Bob, p. 360 
Thatcher, Bob, p. 356 
Theunissen, William, p. 430 
Thigpen, Neal, p. 369 
Thom, Joanne, p. 430 
Thomas, Donna, p. 337 
Thomas, Eleanor, p. 297 
Thomas, Irving, p. 430 
Thomas, James, p. 90, p. 359 
Thomas, Kay, p. 208 
Thomas, Moxine, p. 430 
Thomas, Vincent, p. 212 
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Thompson, Albert, p. 199 
Thompson, Bryon, p. 430 
Thompson, Charles, p. 172, p. 213, 

p. 430 
Thompson, Charles Walker, p. 430 
Thompson, David, p. 371 
Thompson, David, p. 430 
Thompson, Durke, p. 361 
Thompson, Jane L., p. 430 
Thompson, Jo Ann, p. 290 

Thompson, Kay, p. 430 

Thompson, Mary, p. 331 

Thompson, Nancy, p. 430 

Thompson, Robert, p. 431 

Thompson, Copt. Theodore, p. 431 

Thorn, William, p. 431 

Thornton, Betty Jean, p. 221 

Thot, Joan, p. 431 

Thott, Kerstein, p. 293 

Tiano, J., p. 292 

Tietam, John, p. 431 

Tigner, Word, p. 431 

Tilford, Sally, p. 338 

Tilghman, Rich, p. 370 

Tillman, Donald, p. 431 

Tippett, Wilfred, p. 217 

Tischenger, Jock, p. 375 

Titus, Maggie, p. 330, 431 

Todd, Eugene, p. 181 

Todd, Judy, p. 339, p. 431 

Tolle, Stephanie, p. 291, p. 431 

Tolstoi, Anita, p. 340 

Toman, Bonnie, p. 163, p. 164, p. 176, 

p. 333, p. 431 
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Torrieri, Rino, p. 148, p. 290 
Toscano, John, p. 357 
Tossmon, Barry, p. 64, p. 199, p. 431 
Toth, Sandy, p. 369 
Tourkin, Sandra, p. 290 
Towers, Jack, p. 365 
Towers, John, p. 431 
Towler, Betty, p. 331 
Towsner, Cindy, p. 328, p. 431 
Tragle, Joy, p. 361 
Trammell, Frances, p. 431 
Tranchitello, Catherine, p. 208, p. 222 
Trosko, Alex, p. 222 
Trottler, Henry, p. 124, p. 130, p. 354 
Traum, Susan, p. 154, p. 431 
Trovers, Paulo, p. 296 
Troyfors, William, p. 431 
Trebilcock, Karen, p. 294 
Tretick, Bernard, p. 431 
Trevos, Harriet, p. 64, p. 431 
Tribbett, Susan, p. 337 
Trible, Robert, p. 196 
Trible, W.N., p. 214 
Trible, William, p. 431 
Trifon, Marrion, p. 208 
Triplett, Wendell, p. 431 
Tripp, William, p. 218 
Tristani, King, p. 431 
Trofast, Karen, p. 169 
Trontz, Sanford, p. 431 
Trossevin, Jean, p. 326 
Trotter, Barbara, p. 180 
Trudcan, John, p. 374 
Trust, William, p. 431 
Tucci, Frank, p. 162, p. 191 
Tucker, Bruce, p. 371 
Tucker, Linda, p. 64, p. 431 
Tucker, Norman, p. 431 
Tucker, Pete, p. 361 
Tucker, Phillip, p. 59, p. 64, p. 376, 

p. 431 
Tucker, Thomas, p. 194, p. 361, p. 432 
Tufts, Richard, p. 191 
Tulde, Peter, p. 209 
Turner, Bob, p. 202, p. 375 
Turner, Gary, p. 198, p. 432 

Turner, Marjorie, p. 68, p. 157, p. 330 
Turney, Dick, p. 152, p. 360 
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Tyler, Allen, p. 199, p. 432 
Tyler, Tuck, p. 359 
Tyndoll, Gene, p. 367, p. 432 
Tyson, George, p. 207, p. 432 
Tyson, Kathy, p. 338, p. 432 

Ubaldwin, Charles, p. 367 
Uldrikis, Ingrice, p. 292 
Uricheck, Barbara, p. 296, p. 432 
Urie, Carole, p. 296 
Utterbock, Howard, p. 182 

Valente, Bill, p. 358 
Valiant, Betty, p. 220, p. 329 
Vollodares, Jorge Armando, p. 432 
Vails, Rafael, p. 209 
Vance, Diane, p. 326 
Vonderveer, Piete, p. 356 
Vonek, Bruce, p. 432 
Van Elburg, Richard, p. 432 
Van Kinsbergen, Barbara, p. 156, 

p. 432 
Van Ness, Thomas, p. 432 
Van Order, Sue, p. 180, p. 326 
Van Reuth, Margaret, p. 290 
Vornodore, Joe, p. 432 
Varre, Pat, p. 359 
Varvola, Joe, p. 360 
Vossitis, Leo, p. 222 
Vassaitis, Vitas, p. 212 
Voss, Oscar, p. 199 
Veith, Reno, p. 296 
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The Editor^s Page 

A yearbook means many things to many people — to the staff it is pride in their ac- 
complishments, to the student it is a record of a year of his college life, to the alumni it 
is glance back into the past. We have attempted to do all of these things in the 1961 
"Terrapin." Our theme is the "Spirit of Maryland," and we hope we hove captured it 
for you. 

Those of us on the "Terrapin" staff cannot help but breathe a sigh of relief as we 
realize that everything has been sent in to the printer. We think that we wouldn't do it 
again for the world — we look back on a year filled with innumerable trips to the third 
floor of the Journalism building, photography problems, phone calls, meetings, and 
much midnight oil. But when we think of the truly wonderful experiences we had in gath- 
ering all of this material, we think that maybe we might take just a 'small' job on next 
year's book. 

At semester break we learned that our chief photographer, Walt Fischer, was forced 
to drop out of school because of a serious illness. The loss of his services was incalcula- 
ble to us — but even more than his pictures we missed his cheerful personality. Walt 
could come into our office and make any problem seem smaller. Many fine pictures in 
this book give evidence of his service to us. 

Many people are responsible for the publication of this book. We would like to thank 
first our staff and all of the people on campus who co-operated with them. Our thank 
yous also go to Dean George Kaludis, our faculty adviser; to the Faculty-Senate Com- 
mittee on Publications and Communications; Harris and Ewing, who did our senior pic- 
tures and our queens; to Rideout and Stapp, who photographed the residence groups; 
and to the S. K. Smith Company, who designed and manufactured our cover. A very 
special thank you must go to our printer, American Yearbook Company, and to their 
representative, Lou Foye, who saw us through countless crises, and without whose help 
and encouragement the "Terrapin" could not have gotten off the ground. 

We sincerely hope that your copy of the 1961 "Terrapin" will be valuable to you for 
many years. 

Pamela Clayton and Sandra Goody 
Co-Editors in-Chief 


hi- tfi' If S • ■■ 
■ ■■\-.i..;-;,-'i ,,