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■J '. '-A 





> '■♦! 







University of Maryland 

Terrapin 1962 

Published by the Undergraduate Student Body 

of the University of Maryland 

College Park, Maryland 

Volume 61 ^•^^^'- 

Janice Montgomery and John F. Rogers 

Ross Harwood Beville . . . Business Manager 
Frank Tucci Managing Editor 

Academic ... 78 Activities 146 


administration .... 81 

colleges 87 

honoraries 109 

military 139 

student government 149 

classes 155 

religion 163 

fall . . . 



spring .... 

communications 177 

drama 193 

music 207 

organizations 215 


... 246 





Residences 306 Seniors .... 394 

women's dorms 309 

men's dorms 323 

sororities 345 

fraternities 366 

commuters 389 

seniors 397 

index 448 


THE ROSSBOROUGH INN, the oldest buildinp on caiiipus/iscint* syrpl>«»f0f N1an^and\\hi>lol 
Inn, once host to. General Lafayette, now howseir the Upiversit\' FacultV'.G^HJJ^. '^. "4 :<.,•' ^' • , •" 


A university should be 
a place 

of light, 

of liberty, 

of learning. 

Benjamin Disraeli 


1 -■ 3" 


-/li ■ ^ 



■gg^ " ^-.Tiiasi 






THE NEW GROWTH of mobile homes shows the eagerness of students to obtain an education. 


Hall to make 



shown ill the rebuilding of Taliaferro 
)rc student classrooms. 


'";:U A F E « l< -^ 


A university 

should be a 

place . . . 

With its past dating hack to the loundiiiu; 
of the (College of Mcchcinc in Halliiiioie in 
1807 and proceeding to the founding of the 
College of Agriculture at College Park in 
1856, Maryhuid continues its forward growth. 
At present, the enrolhnent of the University 
is 48,(K)() at College Park, at Baltimore, and 
overseas. Ultra-modern dorms, such as Cen- 
trexilli', and the construction of new student 
classrooms also e.xemplily MarNJand's hoom- 
ing hiture. 


ENTERING INTO the University of Maryland opens unlimited horizons to many. 

CENTREVILLE, the new nine story dorm, reflects the bustling future of the University. 

STUDENTS FREQUENTLY visit the library 
for a few hours of concentrated study. 

GOOD TIMES and lightheartedness, reflected by enthusi- 
astic cheerleaders, show that our team is always ready to go. 

THE UNIVERSITY offers experiences and freedom 
that cannot be measured in terms of knowledge gained 

in the classroom alone. Friendly gatherings enable 
students to learn more of the world about them. 


A university is a place 

THE UNIVERSITY is a place where students may 
find the pathways leading to their futures. On passing 
through, students will find in studies, extra-curricular 

activities, enduring friendships, and pleasant sur- 
roundings the means of obtaining their ultimate goals 
of life. 


... a place of light 

The Uiiiversity is a place where students 
may Find good times and fond memories 
throughout their college lite. Friendships 
and memories found here are not soon to be 
torgotten. Through Greek life in a sorority 
or a haternity or independent lite in a dorm- 
itory, students will experience lightliearted 
times of parties, sun-hathing, dating, and 
school games. In years to come students will 
look back and remember the wonderful night 
their sorority won at Harmon\' Hall or the 
great day the Terps beat Penn State. 

THE KAPPA Alpha Tlu'ta girls lightfiietl the tall 
festivities with tlieir gay song at Harmony Hall. 

A GOOD NIGHT r,n\'. with a kiss. 

AFTER A WEEK ol studies, students relas l)\ Iw islinii llie niulit awav. 


NO TIME IS wasted by anxious girls in "Annie A" in soaking up sun light behind their dorm when the first spring 
days brighten up the University ot Maryland campus. 

CHEERLEADERS and students alike join in on the fun at a game to watch the Terps go. 



THE BEAUTIFUL LAYOUT of the cainpiis eiial)Ii-s students to have the 

STUDENTS UTILIZE tlirir hft'dom to caiiipaiy;ii during the campus elections. 

*mi*. -^j- 


V ■■^. 


privilege of" studying out ot doors during tlie spring. 

. . . a place of liberty 

Arriving at Maryland, a student begins 
a new adventure in freedom. Here one finds 
a system of self-government under the Stu- 
dent Government Association that is pat- 
terned after the Federal government. The 
executive and legislative branches of the 
SGA are chosen by campus elections. Stu- 
dents are at liberty to nominate and vote for 
their own candidates through two political 
parties, Free State and Old Line. The SGA 
also has a judicial branch, established 
through student initiative, where students 
are judged on an equal basis by their peers. 
Through liberty to govern themselves, stu- 
dents are better prepared to take on future 

EVERYONE HUSTLES to get to his class on time. 



a place 
of learning 

In the past several years, Maryland has 
not only expanded physicalK', hut academ- 
ically. Beginning with onl\' two colleges, 
the University has grown into eight colleges 
and a graduate school. This giowth has also 
heen demonstrated by the addition of night 
courses and summer school along with the 
regular spring and fall semesters. With 
varied curriculums ranging fiom Engineer- 
ing to Nursing, Maryland has achieved 
recognition which has placed the school on 
the same level with many other outstanding 
American universities. This rapid scholastic 
growth has been brought about by the ef- 
forts of President Elkins and his staff. By 
his ability to obtain well-qualified profes- 
sors, President Elkins has raised the ac- 
ademic standing of Maryland. 

EXAMS ALWAYS seem to come quickly for everyone. 

AN ISRAELI JOURNALIST di.scusses world problems at the Hillel 


EXAMS KEEP MANY students up burning midnight DR. ZEEVELD LECTURES on Elizabethan England. 

IN A STUDENT'S busy life, every second counts to catcli up on studies. 


A (iOOD RESEARCH paper Ijegins w ith a stoj) at tlic lil)iai> 's card catalog;. 

PER re(jiiires 
several trips l)\ 
the stiuleiit to 
the larjie stack 

DONNA CHECKS licr ni)rarN' Ixioks out at tli<- loan desk. 

Through Research 

A freshiiian, Donna Sko^luiul, is making 
her first trip to the lil)rar\ to do a rt'si'ai'cli 
paper. Wliilc in tlic process o\ writinu; her 
paper, she learns how to use thi' Mar\IaiKl 
library's open stack system in locating; hooks. 

STOP HERE to sliow all liooks to the attriidaiit. 

MR. HOCHULI is working with a microwave cairty. 

Research In 


The University of Maryland's Electrical Engi- 
neering Department, with the help of a United States 
Navy research contract, is exploring the solid state 
properties of crystals. At the present time both micro- 
waves and light sources are being used to study two 
photon processes. 

THIS IS PART ot the microwave spectrometer. 

HERE, A MAGNET with a microwave carity is being 
ahgned by Mr. HochuU with a light source. 


OOO ] 





1 : ^ fl^^l 



Research In Physics 

The Physics Department is now in\()l\ed 
in research of \ar\ing natures. Tlie picture 
(below) illustrates a T-tube device. Within 
the T-tube device, a mass of plasma (or ion- 
ized gas) behiiKl the shock front is produced 
when a higli current discharges between the 
electrodes of the tube. W'itli shock tubes, 
physicists probe the plnsical properties of 
ionized gaseous matter. These studies in 
the laboratory have application in fields 
such as space physics and thermonuclear 

The 3.5 Mev \'an de Graaff accelerator 
(opposite page) sets up an intense elec- 
trostatic field to speed up charged particles 
that produce nuclear reactions. The ac- 
celerating field inside a vertical tank is 
filled with an insulating gaseous mixture 
which separates the positive and negative 
sources of the field ftoni each other. The 
accelerated particles enter the target room 
through an opening in tlic ceiling and are de- 
flected to the target by magnetic fields. The 
beam path is in a vacuum inside a tube which 
is terminated in the target. 

THE ACCELERATING FIELD is locatt-d inside the 
vertical tank. 

THE IMPORTAINT USES of a shock tube arc now hcinu demonstrated 






THE TARGET ROOM is below the vertical tank. 

AS THE TANK seals are adjusted, the pressure in the tank is checked. 

Research In Psychology 

The psychology departnitMit is engaged in 
several experiments. In the experiment be- 
low, the ruilning speed of a rat is being tested 
as a fmiction of various amounts of food and 
other rewards. The speed is r(»corded by pho- 
to electric cells. 

The picture at the right shows a dog-faced 

baboon which is l)eing tested tor iier reac- 
tions to forced changes in her food habits. 
She lives in this box and gains her food and 
water by pushing buttons and pressing lev- 
ers. The automatic programming e(iuipment 
on the left progiams and records the experi- 

LARRY POTASH and John Hfidcmaii arc checking the running .speed of tliis rat. 

JOHN THOMAS EXAMINES a baboon duruig the course of a behavioral experiment. 


Research In Biology 

Blood agar plates and blood cultures are 
being made by Frank Koontz for the growth 
and study of organism isolated from the or- 
gans and tissues of normal and diseased in- 
dividuals. The purpose of this research is 
to devise a scheme to differentiate between 
the genera of bacteria isolated from normal 
and diseased tissues. These particular Ixic- 
teria arc quite similar in their physiological 
and biochemical activities and thus are often 
incorrectly identified. The results ot the 
blood agar plates and l)lood cultures will 
show whether the organism is capable of 
hemolysing red blood cells and which type 
of hemolysis will be produced. This informa- 
tion will then aid in the identification of 

BLOOD IS TRANSFERRED from a test tul)e 
to plates. 

PARASITE LARVAE is injected into an experimental 


HEATED AGAR is Ix'in^i added to test plates. 

Maryland throughout the year — 

a place of Hght, liberty, and learning 


WORKMEN HURRY to complete new Centreville on 


Students returned to Maryland this fall 
to find a larger campus. The construction of 
another dining hall, in addition to Cam- 
bridge, Chestertown, Bel Air, and eight- 
story Centreville, forms the new quadrangle 
which lies in the northern suburbs ot the 
campus. Other expansion includes the con- 
struction and renovation of the wings adja- 
cent toTaliaferro Hall. During registration, a 
record 15,502 and 14,256 graduates and un- 
dergraduates enrolled in classes in College 
Park first and second semesters respectively. 
A canopy erected over the rear library en- 
trance shielded students from the elements. 

CONSTRUCTION complete.s the new quadrangle, first of its kind on eanipus 

- . - i<-^... 




EQUIPPED with an ever tiMitati\e stliechile ot classes, registrants wait. 


"SORRY, IT'S CLOSED" is the reply as students hopefully adjust schedules. 

SAWDUST, COURSE CARDS, and a maze of tables constitute registration. 

CAUGHT IN a wliirl ol (iricntatioii activities, inconiiiij; trt'shinen procurr ticki'ts to tlicii- lirst tollfiic l()otl>all liamc. 

Freshman Orientation 

Maryland's new freshmen unpacked their 
suitcases, put on their dinks, and were ready 
to participate in the orientation activities 
that would ac(iuaint them with collej^e lite. 
The new arrivals toured the campus with 
FOB tourleaders, attended the President's 
convocation, and met fellow classmates at 
the "Freshman Mixer" where "Mr. and Miss 

Typical Freshman" were chosen. It was not 
muisual for a new student to approach an up- 
perclassman and ask, "Where can I find the 
hhrary?" However, it was not lonj^ before 
the treshnu-n learned the ways and means of 
universit)' life and were considered full- 
lledued Nhir\land students. 


THIS CO-ED HAS a twist style all her own. 

"WHERE TO NOW?" they ask their tour 

"TEN MINUTES are allowed between classes," she explains. 

4k r^^^ 






"WELCOME TO OUR liousc" is the grt-ctiiiK sororits women extend tci nishees. 

Sorority Rush 

An unprecedented 681 girls attended 
open house teas this fall despite the heat 
of Indian Summer and fraternities' attempts 
to hide shoes left outside sorority houses. 
For one hectic week rushees attended par- 
ties, became ae(}uaint<^'d with the girls, and 
were finally pledged. Besides taking in 
lovely girls, many of the sororities were able 
to fill their rush (juota. Once pledged, the 
girls settled down to making their grades, 
that is, while not in the company of newly- 
made fraternal accjuaintances. 

GAY CONVERSATION enal)les the yirls to Ix-eome ae- 

ORIGINAL ENTERTAINMENT is provided hy sortJiity sophisti- 


HANDSHAKES AND SMILES characterize fraternity rush parties. 

Fraternity Rush 

Fraternity open houses, although less for- 
mal than those of sororities, seemed to have 
accomplished the same desired effect, for a 
likewise large number of Maryland boys be- 
came interested enough in the Greek system 
to become a part of it. Stag parties, drag par- 
ties, and entertainment parties were held; an- 
ticipation mounted as rushees returned to the 
houses of their choice. Despite the mix-up in 
bids, each fraternity boasted a pledge class 
of fine, upstanding lads. 

"WE'RE VERY HAPPY to see you back, Bill." 

"YOU CAN'T TELL me that's the grip" laughs this tickled rushee. 


ELLA SWINGS with "Mac the Knife. 

ELLA SIINCS "I've Got That Old FeeHiig." 

ELLA was hcwitcliiiiii. 



^Br. ' ''''^^^^^H '^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^1 


^^^B-''\' . ,,,,^^^^^^^^^^1 ^^P^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H 



^^^H * '' /^^^^^^^^^^l I^H^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^I 

i^»i» - 

^^B' ''- ' ^^^^^^^B^^_^.^^^^^K^B^^^^^^^^1 

^^^^B f 

^^^^B ''-^ *1^^^^^^^HH^^^|^^^^^^^^|^^^^^^^^^^^^^^| 


^^^K'V''*' '''nBhHH^IHH^^^^^^^^^^^BIB^^M 

^^■■-^'^",• 'r v'\;'«-vWT''i^^^^^^^rTO.','?';3B 


■ . ■■■■ . -'-'-> ' : «^^^^^^b|^^ 


^B^^v^' .flHU^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H 



^m 4^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^M 



^^^B "J^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^M 


^^^V '^ i^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^k. ^^^^^^^ 

r ™ 


— la 


^ "^ 





^ ^ 



- -4 


KALEGETHOS TAPS new members during intermission. 

ELLA IS "The First Lady Of Song." 

IFC Presents 
Ella Fitzgerald 

A crowd of over 9,000 jammed Cole Field- 
house to watch the performance of one of 
America's most celebrated singers — Ella 
Fitzgerald. Ella has achieved fame through 
her instinctive technique for perfection of 
voice and range and her "true ear" which is 
said to be so exact that musicians can tune in- 
struments by her voice. The Paul Smith Trio 
accompanied her in several favorites includ- 
ing "You're My Thrill," "Mack the Knife,'' 
and her recent nightclub hit, "Mr. Paganini." 
A plaque was presented to the "First Lady of 
Song" by Jim Kenny, president of IFC. 

During intermission the newly elected 
members of Kalegethos, the men's fraternity 
honorary, were tapped and brought to the 
stage where they were presented with the 
traditional black and gold sash. 


CANDIDATES ANXIOUSLY await the final decision. 

Pledge Dance 

Greeks diincecl to the music of Tiny 
Meeker tliis year at the annual Ph'd^e Dance 
given by Panhi'llcnic in honor oi all the new 
sorority pledges. The theme of "Autumn Em- 
ber" was carried out with different colored 
leaves and Halloween masks as well as large 
replicas of each sorority's pledge pin lining 
the walls of the armory. Eacli (lueen candi- 
date nominated 1)> lier sorority was escorted 
to a central rcNolving platform wiiere the 
crowning ci-remonx' took place. Loxcly, 
petite l-'ran \h)rell, a Delta Ciamma pledge, 
was crowned by Pete Wasmer to reign as 
queen of the ph-dges lor the coming year. 
Janie Edwards and Pat Missel were first and 
second rnnncrs-u]') respectively. 

FRAN MORELL REIGNS as "QnetMi oitlu' Piedses." 



The second Honors Convocation com- 
mending those students who are scholastic- 
ally outstanding was held on Friday, Nov. 3, 
in the armory. Present were four hundred 
thirty-three Maryland students who had 
achieved a 3.5 or better cumulative average 
for both semesters last year. The principal 
speaker addressing the students was Dr. Eric 
A. Walker, graduate of Harvard Univ. and 
President of Penn State Univ. since 1956. His 
speech entitled "Our Better Angels" com- 
memorated the founding of higher public ed- 
ucation in America since this is Maryland's 
centennial celebration of the Morrill Land 
Grant Act. Three graduates received Re- 
gents' Distinguished Service Awards. 

ALUMNI RECEIVE Regents' Distinguished Service 

PRESIDENT ELKINS congratulates scholastically outstanding students tor the excellent achievement. 

iiii >"■ 

!• I nil 

Mil !!!! 






■ ■■■ 




Homecoming 1961 was a thrilling 
one as Mar\land defeated Penn 
State 21-17 before a cheering crowd 
of 39,000. Blonde, dimpled Jean 
Weaver was crowned Homecoming 
Queen during halftime ceremonies. 

rhe tiieme, "Maryland Mirrors" was 
reflected in the first place house 
decorations displayed by Phi Sigma 
Sigma and Dorchest,cr Hall and in 
the outstanding floats constructed 
by Zeta Beta Tan and Garrett Hall. 

"IT'S ALL IN a night's work. 


takes real concen- 

HE'S THE CHAMPION diicken-wire-stulTer. 


HERE'S the finished product. 


WHICH BEAUTY shall rci^n? 

DR. ELKINS CROWNS jean Weaver queen. 

THIS IS THE BEGINNING ol'a nieinonihle reij^n. 


YOU'D BETTER buy two-tlie team's going to win. 




RED-BLOODED TERPS bled cheerfully -tor a good cause. 

A DROP OF BLOOD is reiiio\ed to he tested for the safety of both 
tlic donors and tlie receixers. 

IT ALL ISN'T half as l>ad as it appears. 

HERE IS A GIFT for you. 

THERE ARE ONLY two more inches to go. 

Blood Drive 

The Red Cross Blood Drive, spon- 
sored semi-annual by Alpha Oniicron 
Pi sorority and Tau Epsilon Phi fra- 
ternity, was a tremendous success this 
fall. Co-chairman Howard Diener and 
Sharon McNeil reported that the drive 
exceeded the eight hundred pint quota 
by one hundred thirty-five pints. 

IS IT TOO late to turn hack now? 

Harmony Hall 

The tenth anmial HannoiiN Hall spon- 
sored by Phi Kappa Tau haternity brings out 
the campus crooners in full lorce. The 
Lambda C.'hi's dressed in white ties and tails 
won the competition singing "Sugar Cane 
jubilee." Kappa won w ith their rendition of 
"Ruiming Wild." 

During intermission tlie president of Phi 
Kappa 'i\ui, Mike lorden, presented the 
Battlea.x Award to Mrs. C^atherine Reed. 
Also at this time Diamond, the sorority hon- 
orar>', announced its new members and pre- 
sented Dr. Johnson with a plaque for the out- 
standing hiculty member of the \'ear. 

Fast tunes, slow times, loud and soft, 
canes and straw hats, you can find them all 
at "Ilarmonv Hall." 

THE KAPPA'S an' "HmiiiiiiK Wild." 

MRS. CATHERI^E REED accepts tlie Battlea.x 
Award tor tliis \i-ar's out.standiiig hou.seinother. 

THE LAMBDA CHI'S do it auain 

THIS DINNER WAS definitely worth waiting for . 

CONGRATULATIONS! Next comes the key. 

THE FEATURED SPEAKER makes hist minute pre- 

Omicron Delta 
Kappa Tapping 

The outstanding junior and senior male 
students were recognized for their efforts 
in behalf of the University by membership 
into ODK at a dinner-danee held at the 
Brooke Manor Country Club on Saturday, 
December 2, 1961. Paul Burgess Fay Ji"-, 
Under Secretary of the Navy, delivered the 
keynote address and was also tapped as an 
honorary member into Omicron Delta Kappa. 

IT'S BEEN a good year. 

COLLEGE PARK BEGINS its Cliristmas seusoii early arrayed with many holiday decorations. 

Christmas Time 

The Greeks and Indepentlents alike are 
aglow with vivid Christmas spirit as they 
participate in various social and charity 
projects. Sororities, fraternities, and dorni- 

IT IS HARD to l)ehe\ e,hnt Route 1 can l)e unrushed on a cokl, wintry night. 

itories busy theniseKes with collecting bas- 
kets of food for the needy and plan many pre- 
holiday parties. 

SANTA ASKS THREE Maryland co-eds what they would Hke for Christmas. 



The heaiitiiul and inspirational 
(Miristnias Pageant sponsored 1)\- 
the Assoeiated Women Students and 
Sigma Alpha Epsilon was again 
presented in Memorial Chapel on 
the e\ e oi (Mnistmas \aeation. The 
Women's (liiorns and the Men's 
Glee (>hil) under the direetion of 
Paul Tra\i'r presented the seeond 
part of Baeh's "Christmas Ora- 
torio" and also works h\' other 
famous eoniposers. Four voeal so- 
loists and fourteen instrumentalists 
also contrihuted to ereating a Yule- 
tide spirit. 

WOMEN'S CHORUS and Men's Git-e Cfuli 
prtscnt tlicir ( 'hristnias projiiani. 

. ,«fe.' ' 

BOB BOYER, Sarah Irwiii, and Hill Xortiicutt presfiit solo per- 

"PEACE ON EARTH, Good Will Toward Wvn" rinRs throii>rliout 
NUinorial Clliapt'I. 




individuals vie for position as fin- 

THE FINALISTS REHEARSE on the campus closed circuit television broadcast. 

College Bowl 

The univeisity of Maryland flashed 
the nation'.s television screens on Jan. 21 
when four students represented the Univers- 
ity on the G. E. College Bowl in competition 
with Brigham Young University. Those re- 
presenting Maryland were chosen by com- 
peting in campus-wide practice challenging 
sessions. On Jan. 7, a rehearsal of final candi- 
dates was televised locally. The Maryland 
representatives accompanying advisor Dr. 

Aldridge to New York City for the program 
were Annette Flower, Julian Tepper, Robert 
Detwiler, and Edward Deitemeir. Although 
Maryland was defeated by Brigham Young 
University by a score of 245 to 120 in the 
contest of quick recall of facts, our team made 
a very good showing after overcoming a case 
of nervousness in the first half and brought 
back to Maryland the runner-up scholarship 
of $500 for the General Scholarship Fund. 



discanled ami 
replaced witli 
kiiowlecljif and 
based upon a 
semester of 

THIS STUDENT PUTS liei knowledgi- to practice in a 

final spc'cch exam. 


Aitvr a somostor of intense study tlie 
time for stutlents to exeniplil\- their mastery 
ol their courses aj^ain rolls around in the 
form of final examinations. Lamps burning 
late into the night, crowded library tables, 
students hidden behind stacks of books and 
paper, and a crowd arovnid the shelf of 
bluebooks in tlu- book store are all signs 
of approaching examinations. 


LAST MINUTE CRAMMING m tlic lil)rai> is a familiar pre- 
exam sight. 

BLUE PENCIL in hand, Dr. Bryan grades 
final exams. 

THOROUGH QUESTIONS, deep thoughts, and flowing knowledge are all a part of a successful exam. 

SILHOUETTES OF Duke Ellington's 17 piece orchestra are the hackKround of the IF"C Ball. 

IFC Ball 

Indian Spring Country Club was the set- 
ting for the Intrafraternity Council's dance 
on Feb. 8. Held fiom 9 to 1, the ball allowed 
plenty of time for the distribution of awards 
as well as for dancing. Among the prestiges 
bestowed was the naming of the outstanding 

fraternity which was Phi Delta Theta and of 
the outstanding sorority which was Delta 
Delta Delta. Also delegated was the All 
Sports and Individual Sports Award to Alpha 
Tau Omega, while the Team Sports Award 
went to Phi Delt. 

DUKE ELLINGTON'S trumpeter set the mood for Greek men and their 

THE COASTERS offer "Poison 
Ivy" and otlu'r twist favorites 
lor an estimated 4,()()() persons 
who attended the IFC Ball. 



ETT accepts the 
O \' e I" a 1 1 Sports 
Championship cup 
and the Individual 
Sports Champion- 
ship trophv for 

JAY BERNSTEIN, ZBE, twists with the Coast- 
ers to the delight of Ball attenders. 

^^ __ 

^U :<^>'^ ^^^^^^H^^ :^^^^^^^^l 

■V ' 




^qp^ ^^^^^^^m 





^^^^^^^B^^^Rc*^"*^^^' -^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^1 

PAM CLAYTON presents the Delta Gamma Fra- 
ternity of the Year award to Charles Hart, of Phi Delt. 

IPC's enjoy I FC. 

GUESS WHO they're voting on now! 

A COMBINATION of ideas form 


CAST your votes. 

The Old Line and Free State parties con- 
vene in a serious and tense manner to nom- 
inate candidates who are best qualified to 
fill positions within the Student Govern- 
ment. In the consideration of each candidate, 
sense of responsibility, past experience, 
character, and personality are open to evalu- 
ation by the delegates. 

The convention assumes standard parlia- 
mentary procedure. Delegates fiom each 
residence may nominate a representative. 
Someone then speaks in support of each 
nominee-followed by a vote, pro or con, 
of the whole conventioji. The candidate who 
holds the majority vote represents the party 
at large in the campus-wide election held 
in the spring. 

RECOGNITION and evaluation pervade the atmosphere as candidates are 

THE SPEAKER supports his 

A SERIOUSNESS of purpose 
mingled witii deHant ambi- 
tion is shown in action, deed, 
and word. 

FACES DEMONSTRATE taut emotions. 

CALVERT DEBATE SOCIETY members Bob Rubin, Nancy Littman, Lenny Goldstein, Joanne Ross, and Wendell 

Wiener discuss presentation of tbe trophies for the Capitol Hill tournament. 

MILTON COPELAND, debate coach. 

Capitol Hill 


The Capitol Hill Debate Tourn- 
ament, spon.sored annually by the 
Calvert Debate Society, is one 
of the largest national intercol- 
legiate tournaments. 


THE UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND negative team, Wendell 
Wiener and Lenny Goldstein. 

ARCHIBALD COX, U S. Solicitor 

MR. COX addresses the debaters. 

THE WINNING TEAM from Northwestern University. 



S.G.A. Cultural Series 

PHILIPPE ENTREMONT solos in Rachmaninofrs romantic 
Second Piano Concerto. 

In the University's version of the ly- 
ceuni, a dozen major events were spon- 
sored h>' the S.G.A. Cultural Committee 
during the year. This was the most ac- 
tive season in the committee's history, 
representing a new high both in quantity 
and in (juality of" progiams presented. 
The attractions were drawn horn many 
fields, including drama. Jazz, ballet, 
and opera, with principal emphasis on 
the symphonic music repertoire. In 
a special class were evenings devoted to 
the flamenco guitar of Carlos Montoya 
and to the ancient Indian sitar, played 
by its outstanding virtusoso, Ravi Shan- 

THE STRING SECTION ot the National Symphony follows the baton of Director Howard Mitchell. 


The Cultural Committee presented 
the National Symphony Orchestra in a 
series of five concerts this season. Un- 
der the direction of Dr. Howard Mitch- 
ell, the National Symphony is widely 
hailed as one of the finest now playing 
in the United States, and has had many 
European and Latin American tours. 

In addition to the standard sym- 
phonic works, three of the concerts fea- 
tured famed soloists in concertos for 
their instruments. In the fall, ex-piano 
prodigy Philippe Entremont made his 
third appearence at the University as 
a soloist with the National Symphony. 
In this engagement, Mr. Entremont 
played a particular favorite of college 
audiences, Rachmaninoff s Second Pi- 
ano Concerto. Later, violinist Werner 
Lywen and cellist John Martin appeared 
in Brahms' Double Concerto for violin, 
cello, and orchestra. And in March the 
famed European pianist Hans Richter- 
Haaser was heard in Bartok's Second 
and Beethoven's Third Piano Con- 



RAVI SHANKAR plays music of old and new India 
on the vastly complex sitar. 

CARLOS MONTOYA expresses his gypsy heritage 
with his flamenco guitar. 

THE WORLD JAZZ FESTIVAL appears in the lobby of the U.S. Senate before coming to Maryland. 


The S.G.A. Cultural Committee began 
its diversified series with the American 
Shakespeare Festival, which itself presented 
a diversified set of Bardic variations on the 
theme of love. The next event was the World 
Jazz Festival, which featured ethnic Asian 
and African music in combination with con- 
temporary American and European jazz. 
Subsequently, the music of India was further 
explored by Ravi Shankar, sitarist, assisted 
by the tabla (drums) and the tamboura, a 
zither-like instrument. American jazz re- 
turned to the spotlight in February, with 
the Peter Nero Trio presenting popular 
standards in unique arrangements. 

March was Spanish month at Maryland, 
as famed flamenco guitarist Carlos Mon- 
toya (who played an encore after receiving 
a standing ovation from the audience) was 
followed by the Ballet Espagnol Ximenez- 
Vargas in traditional Spanish dances. The 
season closed with the production of "The 
Good Soldier Schweik," a contemporary 
opera in English. 

PETER NERO gives standards the upbeat treat- 

THE VARGAS DANCE TROUPE presents the atmosphere and traditions of old Spain. 


The Junior Prom 

Elaine Downs of Kappa Kappa Gamma 
was crowned Miss Maryland at the Junior 
Prom on March 9. Marlene Harris, last 
year's Miss Mar\'land, presented the (lueen 
with her crown. The Junior Prom took place 
at, Indian Springs Country Club; entertain- 
ment was provided by Billy Xhiy's orchestra 
under the direction oi Frankie Lester. 
Before the crowning of Miss Maryland, the 
four semi-finalists were escorted up the red 
velvet carpet to the platform. Cameras 
from television station WBAL in Baltimore 

were present to film the crowning activities. 
The dance was held in honor of the Senior 
Class. Guests included President and Mrs. 
Elkins, Mr. B. J. Borreson, Dean of Student 
Life, Dr. Helen Clark, Dean of Women; and 
Miss Eileen McCormack, Assistant Dean 
of Women. Bev Macht was the Chairman of 
the Junior Prom Committee. A baiujuet for 
members of the faculty, chaperons, prom 
chairmen and the five Miss Maryland final- 
ists preceded the dance. 

JUNIOR PROMEINADERS danced to the music of Billie May. 









O N LN' 

THE ARROW leads to the Junior Prom, an evening of excitement and entertainment. 

ELAINE DOWNS dances the Queen's Dance with Wayne Robertson, Jr. Class President. 


WALKIX, liN 'MIL KAIN-m tli.- iHAcr-ciiclinu down- 
pour, sfudi'iits sliiirc tile iiiiuli needed iiiiiliri'lla. 


"Spring conies up slowly this way." The 
traiistbnnation of winter darkness into the 
brightness of spring takes much time at 
xMaryland. H begins with the gentle rains 
which give promise of the freshness to come. 
These sometimes take the form of heavy 
mists or even torrential storms, but they al- 
ways leave behind an aura of expectancy 
and anticipation. And then blossom by blos- 
som, the spring quietly arrives, bringing with 
it as Shakespeare said "a spirit of \()uth in 
everything;" a new hope and enthusiasm. 

On campus, spring spins a misty web 
around all its onlookers. The soft breezes 
carry gay laughter and pastel colored-dresses 
may be seen against the new gieen covering. 
The traditional mud still remains but is ac- 
cepted with more humor and resignation. 
Plans for the new semester acquire added 
excitement as thoughts of the Sophomore 
Carnival, the proms, the elections, the band- 
concerts, and other extra-special activities 
draw near. 

A PRETTY SMILE surli as Pliyllis Lff's c-an l)iiKlik-n 
aii\' raiiu' da\ and nian\ licarts on eainpiis. 

Kappa Alpha 
Minstrel Show 

"I'm going to take you down to the Min- 
strel Show." With these words, the Kappa 
Alphas opened their fortieth annual "Cot- 
ton Picker's Minstrel Show" last March. 
Dressed in gay attire reminescent of days- 
gone-by, the blackfaced brothers of K.A. 
presented a two-act show dedicated to all 
housemothers but including something for 
everyone. Traditional jokes of the inter- 
locutor and comic and serious songs com- 
prised the first part of the entertainment- 
lending enjoyment and insight into the fun 
and festivity of life on the Mississippi. The 
second act was also centered on happenings 
of a former era. "A Day in Dogpatch" brought 
the familiar characters of Marrying Sam, 
Daisy Mae, and all their hillbilly friends to 
Maryland's campus. Including the experi- 
ences of a marooned traveling show and the 
reception they receive, its action was high- 
lighted by the Kappa Delta Chorus Line and 
the Kappa Kappa Gamma Barbershop Quar- 
tet, formerly of Harmony Hall. 

Rod Skoglund waits tor the countdown for the com- 
muters' kite. 

"SWANNEE ..." Singing one ot the minstrel all-time 
favorites at the Kappa Alpha show are Larry Heinze, 
Spence King, Mike Healy, and Bill Hickey. 

"When we were a couple of kids." This 
might well be the theme of Kappa Alpha 
Theta's kite flying contest. Returning to 
days they perhaps thought were gone for- 
ever, students took time out to recapture the 
joys of youth and contribute to Maryland's 
Campus Chest. 

At this second annual contest, which was 
originally a part of Theta initiation for 
pledges, over thirty organizations partici- 
pated. Aiming high and trying hard, each 
representative encountered much fun and 
many never-to-be-forgotten moments in 
this March affair. 

Judging of the contest was by "expert 
kite flyers" including many campus leaders 
and a Kappa Alpha Theta father. All prayed 
for strong winds and a clear day so that Fra- 
ternity Row would attract as many as pos- 
sible for this unusual event. 



Crowds, barkers, hot dogs, and cot- 
ton candy characterized the Sopho- 
more Carnival. The main feature of 
the evening was the carnival booths. 
Winning first place in the booth 
awards was "Love Thru tlie Ages" 
sponsored by AEPhi and Sigma Chi. 
Their program included slides fiom 
"B" lot, take offs on famous men in 
history, and a chorus line. Dave Ryan, 
sponsored by Phi Sigma Sigma was 
the winner of the annual Ugly Man 
Contest. Joel Wein and Dennis Lerner 
won the No Shave Contest. Approxi- 
mately 30 door prizes including 
records, gift certificates and an or- 
chid corsage were awarded at in- 
tervals throughout the evening. Ad- 
mission t(» the carnival was .30 cents 
per person and admission to the 
individual booths was 10 or 15 cents. 
Proceeds for the evening went to 
campus chest. 

"COME TO THE CARNIVAL" blares the loudsoeaker 
as this Carnival. 

JOEL WEIN and Dennis Lerner are winners of TEP's No Shave Contest. "ONE MORE, please." 

ibination of noise and posters announces the Sophomore 

THIS COED seems to have found her 

THE WINNAH! "Love Thru the Ages" won top booth award. IT LOOKS had hut its only a l)ooth. 

' -it** ! 

r '^i: 



( »*;».-• »=>■ 

• ^^ •;•''•,•■'>..'•" !•*••' 


ONE OF the features of Greek Week is the Tug o' War, sponsorec 

THE PHI DELTS switch lick'is. THEY'RE NECK to neck! Who will he tlu- winner? 


)y Theta Chi. It looks like a long, hard pull and we hope the better men win. 

THE PHI DELTS with tlieir winning bicycle. 

Greek Week 

The hectic and lively festival of 
the Greeks otherwise known as Greek 
Week lasted from April .30 to May 6. 
The boat ride on the Wilson Line in- 
itiated the festivities. Other features 
of Greek Week were the ATO chariot 
race, the ZBT bicycle race won by Phi 
Delt, the Theta Chi tug o' war, the Tri 
Delt IFC Sing, won by ADPi, and Phi 
Delt, the SAE Jazz Concert on Fra- 
ternity Row, the TKE Bermuda Ball 
and the Lambda Chi Sorority Olym- 
pics. At the IFC Sing Marilyn Hay 
received the award for the Most 
Outstanding Sorority Woman and Neil 
Thigpen received the Bronze Bucks 
award. Leroy Dietrich was the re- 
cipient of the Marty Cohen Memorial 
Trophy. John Bigelow was chairman 
of Greek Week and he did a great job. 


Practice Fire 

Flash Flood 

Spring witli its pleasant 
weather brought rain and flash 
floods to the Mar\land Campus. 
Besides setthng in the eenter of 
the inaH, the water has sur- 
rounded this hat house which 
appears to be floating down 
campus. Spring has also in- 
spired the College Park fire 
department which is affiliated 
with the campus to practice 
fire extinguishing on a uni- 
versity building to which the 
department set fire. The campus 
fire department is excellently 
ecjuipped to meet the needs of 
the highly populated univers- 
ity and is constantly prepared 
to answer a call for help. 

COLLEGE PARK FIREMEN use our huildiiig.s to practice on! 
SPRING FLOODS have hit Maryland and it looks as if these two are going to need a canoe. 



May Day 

The highlight of the day 
was the crowning of" May 
Queen, Pat Messer, by the 
chairman, Sarah Schlesinger. 
The Queen and her court 
reigned over the festivi- 
ties which included Mor- 
tar Board tapping. Maypole 
dances, and speeches. May 
Day, a tribute to graduating 
women, will certainly be re- 
called in years to come with 
fondest memories. 

THE TRUMPETER trumpets in the beginning of May Day festivities. 

QUEEN PAT MESSER and her court are caught in a brisk May breeze. 

May Day 

In honor ol tlie departing senior women. 
May Day was held during the first week of 
May last year. After long hours of hard work 
and planning, the junior women transformed 
the Administration Building and lower mall 
into a seene filled with flowers, Maypoles, 
and formally attired women. 

DR. ELKINS and Miss Billings soak up sunshine 
and tlu' ft'stive May Day spirit. 

SARAH SCHLESINGER, Chairman of May Day, crowns 
Pat Messer, Queen ot tlie May. 

HERE'S A BOOK of nu-mories for the Queen! 
^1 t 


APRIL WILSON taps an excited Pam Clayton for Mortar Board. 

MRS. BORRESON, Mrs. 'lawcs, i^ean Clark, and 
iMrs. Elkins watch the most exciting moment in a 
coed's college career. 

THESE MORTAR BOARD tapees are Junior women chosen for their out- 
standing service to the University. 







I ^' 

II ' ■ 



1 ' 


1 r' '^'^ ■ 




.H Reception 

President and Mrs. El- 
kins entertained more than 
300 giaduating seniors at 
the third annual Presi- 
dent's reception held on the 
lawn of the President's 
home. This is the last of- 
ficial function for the sen- 
iors before graduation, and 
it was initiated to give the 
President a chance to per- 
sonally greet the seniors 
and wish them luck in the 
future. Deans and other ad- 
ministrative officials also 
attended the reception. 

REFRESHING HOSPITALITY on a warm spring day is long remem- 

THE PRESIDENT'S lovely home is the scene of the lawn party. 


PRESIDENT AND MRS. ELKINS greet guests at their annual reception. 


I \ \ \ 

WE'RE ALMOST nn the other side of the fence! 
THIS IS PROOF for posterity. 


1 3 ^-►14 27 


GRADUATES STEP into the future. 


Four long years of hard work and pleasant 
memories have finally come to an end, cli- 
maxed by the "day of days" in any college 
career- GRADUATION. 

GRADUATES TAKE a quick look through the pro- 







Graduation festivities begin for the sen- 
iors with the Junior-Senior prom and con- 
tinue with the President's Reception, Bac- 
cahuneate, and last but most important, 
commencement exercises. On June 10, 
12,000 guests assembled in Cole Fieldhouse 
to see 2,700 members of the Class of 1961 
receive their degiees. Secretary of Com- 
merce, Luther H. Hodges, was the principle 
speaker addressing the graduating students. 
Also present were Governor Millard Tawes 
and members of the Board of Regents. As 
the new graduates filed out of the field- 
house in their black academic costumes 
with diploma in hand, they realized that 
the four years would be years they would 
never forget. 

THESE ARE MOMENTS to remember!! 


2lr-*.* f^^~-^* 

HERE'S A GLIMPSE into the future. 





Academic Associate Editor Tom Childs 

Administration Barbara Janz 

Colleges Fern Harding 

Honoraries Robyn Rudolph 

Military John Routenburg 

Drawing By James Korl)es 



President Wilson H. Elkins 

Over the past ei^ht >ears. Dr. Wilson H. 
Elkins lias giiided students, advised the ad- 
ministration, and raised the scholastie stand- 
ards ol the University. During those eight 
years, his work has been aided by his impres- 
sive background which includes member- 
ship in Phi Beta Kappa and Who Who's in 
A native Texan, Dr. Fdkins did his under- 

graduate work at the Unix crsitN ot Texas 
from 1928 to 1932. He was a Rhodes Scholar 
from 1933 to 1936. He received his Bachelor 
ot Letters and Doctor of Philosophx' degrees 
from Oxford l'ni\ersit\', England, in 1936. 
In addition, he obtained two honorarx de- 
grees: a Doctor ol Laws from Washington 
College in 1954, and a Doctor of Laws from 
Johns I lopkins Unix t"rsit\ in 1955. 







Executive Staff 

Dr. Kuhn, Execiitive \'ice President, 
oversees the operation of the University. 
He is responsible for seeing that polieies 
decided by the staff are carried out. 

Dr. Hornbake's work is to aid the admin- 
istration in continuing to improve and de- 
velop the Academic program. 

Dr. Bentz makes advanced plans for 
necessary facilities required by the increas- 
ing enrollment. 

Mr. Cormeny is in charge of the funds to 
be used for University improvement. 

Student body proljlems, both personal 
and academic, are studied by Dean Bor- 


Deans of Women 

Dean Clarke, with tlie lu'Ip of" the as- 
sistant Deans of Women, reguhites the total 
women's program of the uni\ersit\-. Slie came 
to the Universit> of Mar\lan(l from tlie Uni- 
versity of California at Berkley two years 
ago. There, her chief responsibilitx' was the 
women's residence hall program. Earlier, 
Dei.n Clarke was Dean of Women at Lake 
Forest College. 

All social events mnst he registered 
through Miss McCormick. Miss McCormick 
also serves as the Panhellenic ad\ isor. 

Miss liillings is in charge of housing for 
women. .Slic serves as ad\ isor for A.W.S., 
Diadem, Alpha Lambda Delta, and Mortar 

Miss Johnson arranges for l)iiilding re- 
pairs, when necessary, and ad\')ses the five 
hundred members of the Connnuters' Club. 



t miller 



Dean of Men 



Dean Geary Eppley, the first Dean of 
Men, is the director of student welfare and 
athletics. He supervised the Student Gov- 
ernment Association accounts for twenty- 
nine years and part-time student employ- 
ment for thirty-four years. 

Mr. Bridges is very helpful to the for- 
eign students. He assists them in becoming 
orientated to their life in the University and 
in the community. 

Mr. Knebel is director of the University 
Placement Service. 

All student activities are coordinated 
by Mr. Kaludis. Some of these are Student 
Government Activities, Freshman Orienta- 
tion Week, fraternities, and I.F.G. 

Mr. Royal, Assistant Dean of Men, is 
in charge of off-campus housing, chairman 
of the Traffic Appeals Board and Commence- 
ment Committee, and coach for soccer and 


-??:-«*» a ! 









'k mM 








Board of Regents 

The jol) of tlu" Board of Hcy;ciits is a 
laijre OIK'; it iiicliidcs the liaiiclliiijj; and ap- 
pro\ing()f plans and policies concerning; tlii' 
University, use of" funds, naininjf of build- 
ings, and appoinliiunts. In addition, they 
sit at the State Hoard of Agriculture and 
handle numerous agricultural matters. 

The l^oard ("onsists of ele\en members 
who are appointed tor a nine \ far term !)>■ 
the CJo\ crnor of Mar\ land. 

The standing committees of llie l^oard of 
Regents malscs stiulies of Imsiness and man- 
agi'ment policies, dates of tonnnencements, 
athletics, endow incuts, and the hospital 
and medical schools. 



AT TIMES SYMONS HALL looks like the United 
Nations with people from many lands. At the present 

time there are gioups from nine countries stud\ing 
extension methods 

College of Agriculture 

DEAN GORDON M. CAIRNS is the man responsible 
for coordinating tlic larye program of tlie Ck)llege 
of Agriculture. 

Since its establishment in 1S56 as the 
first college in the University of Maryland, 
the College of Agricultnre has nndertaken 
a great many changes to compensate for the 
advancements in technological de\ elopment. 
New courses and curriculum ha\ e been 
added to keep the students abreast of the 
advancements in agriculture. 

The college has two main purposes: to 
train students and to further research. In 
connection with the latter, experiments and 
studies are coordinated on tiie campus and 
conducted both on the campus and in other 
parts of the state. Through the E.xtension 
Service, the new ideas derived from the ex- 
perimental projects and studies are made 
available to the agricultural men throughout 
the country. 

By tulHlling these two purposes the Col- 
lege of Agricidture is contributing to the 
continuing improxement of the agricultural 
products of the I'nited States and ol the 


RESEARCH IS a never-ending process as exhibited 
by this extensive algae study. 

ANOTHER EXPERIMENT- this time a soil content 

MORNING BRINGS "teed time" for these 
experimental turkeys. 

DAILY OBSERVATION of this "chick's" 
growth enables researchers to raise improved 
chicks in the future. 

FRENCH 1 STUDENTS listen to oral Frtncli in tiic new electronic language lab. 

A ZOOLOGY 14 STUDENT "smokes the diinn" to prepare for a ninscle plusiolog>' experiment. 

DR. RAPPLEYE of the Botain- Department ponders a student's (juestion. 


The College of Arts and Sciences, 
founded in 1921, is the largest college at 
the University. Its programs combine a lib- 
eral education with special concentration in 
one or more fields. There are fifteen depart- 
ments within the college, encompassing a 
variety of courses in the humanities, physical 
sciences, and fine arts. The degrees which 
may be obtained are Bachelor of Arts, Bache- 
lor of Science, and Bachelor of Music. 

Because of the great increase in enroll- 
ment fiom year to year, the college is con- 
stantly reorganizing and expanding. The 
College of Arts and Sciences develops grad- 
uates who deal intelligently with their prob- 
lems and whose general education will lead 
not only to material profit but to genuine 
personal satisfaction. 

DEAN LEON P. SMITH performs one of his many 
duties — signing important papers. 

College Of Arts And Sciences 

FRANCIS SCOTT KEY HALL-liome of the College of Arts and Sciences-in one of its rare moments of quiet. 




' "--"-•.^■.L, .'>< 




X iV 

AIRCONDITIOINED AND SPACIOUS -tlu- iww Business and Pul)lic Administration building provides all the 
conitorts for learning. 

College of Business 

and Public Administration 

JAMES REID is tiie Acting Deanof BPA. 

Leaving Taliaferro Hall behind, the Col- 
lege of Business and Public Administra- 
tion now occupies one of the most modern 
and best equipped buildings on the Unix er- 
sity of Maryland campus. The new BPA 
building is one of the most modern build- 
ings, physicalK', on the campus with its air 
conditioning and other comforts. Its spacious 
auditorium is another of its conveniences. 
Since the retirement of Dean Pyle, the Col- 
lege has been headed by the Acting Dean, 
James Heid. 

The College of Business and Public Ad- 
ministration was established in 1942 and is 
one of the largest colleges at the University. 
This college offers an opportunit) for majors 
in fields such as: Accounting, Heal Estate, 
Marketing, Economics, Transportation, 
Foreign Service and International Relations, 
Geography, Goxernment and Politics, jour- 
nalism and Public Hclations, and OHice 
Management and Techniciucs. 


BPA STUDENTS learn to operate various types 
of office machinery. 

THE CURRENT NEWS comes "hot off the wire' 
to Maryland's Journalism Building. 

A MEETING OF the future "giants of business' 
is about to begin. 

TO PRESS THE CORRECT KEY, at the correct time, with speed takes constant practice. 



^i^HBHf^^^ IMP -^^^^H 

1 •'-1^ 

^^ ^ 

r\ - 

-j^^. ^ 

^"Hk ~ 

;-#kw '^'"tm^ 

..A. - ^ . 






THROUGH UNDERSTANDING, a boiul is tonm-d l)ftween 
tciilicr and pupil. 

ment provides practical expLTifiicc tlirouiih 

dit'i) at play. 

"BUILDING" takfs main tonus in tfachin^. 


The College of Education, established 
in 1920, offers its facilities to varied classes 
of students: those preparing to teach in nurs- 
ery, kindergarten, elementary, and second- 
ary schools; teachers wanting to supple- 
ment their present work; students preparing 
for educational work in the trades and indus- 
tries; and graduate students. The Institute 
for Child Study, courses in Special Educa- 
tion, and the Industrial Education Depart- 
ment illustrate the wide areas covered by the 

The University Nursery School and Kin- 
dergarten offers students in Childhood Edu- 
cation training as well as practical experience 
with children. Upon graduation, those stu- 
dents in the College of Education will re- 
ceive either a BA or BS degree, and are well- 
qualified to enter the teaching profession. 

AT THE HEAD OF THE College of Education is 
Dean N'ernon E. Anderson. 

College of Education 

SKINNER BUILDING-Center of the College of Education where the teachers are taught. 


at the nortli fiul of the tainpus. 


s onlv a s 

imall part ot a complex of engineering buildings located 

College of Engineering 

DEAN FREDERIC MAVIS is head of the College 
of I'.ngiiu triiig lieri' at the Uni\ersity. 

The College of Engineering not only 
covers a large area of the campus, i)ut it en- 
compasses an equally large and varied body 
of subject matter. An engineering student 
has the opportunity of selecting from iWe 
area of study: aeronautical, chemical, ci\il, 
electrical, and mechanical engineering. 

Also, the College is continualK reor- 
ganizing and adding to its curriculum and 
course of study in order to keep abreast of 
the many advances ifi science and industry. 
At present, a new Ganuna Ha\ reactor is un- 
der construction and will soon be completed. 

Along with the instruction of undergradu- 
ates, an e.\tensi\'e program of research is 
also carried out by the C^ollege of Engineer- 


RECORDING DATA from the University's nuclear 
reactor requires skill and knowledge. 

one enables the engineering student to gain valu- 
able training for industry. 

WIRE, two engineering students 
conduct an electricity lab ex- 
periment . 

AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERS gain practical experience by working on this jet. 


?:^!=-T J 



the oiiK things that gets hot. 

DRAPING a newly designed outfit pioperlx takes 
skill, practice, and patience. 

IN THIS COSTUME DESIGN course students learn and apply the elements of fashion. 


The College of Home Economics, 
through its courses, field services, and re- 
seaich, reflects the emphasis on consumer 
services in present-day living. Programs of 
study leading to employment in technical 
fields, educational, community-family life 
areas, and commercial services are available. 

The strong, vigorous symbol used by the 
college on publications and correspondence 
is a contemporary design focused on home 
and family living and is indicative of Home 
Economics' character and diversity. The 
symbol further denotes the humanistic, 
aesthetic, and scientific characteristics of 
this field of knowledge. 

More than 2000 students are enrolled in 
courses in the college. In this group, women 
students predominate but men are well- 
represented. Students from twelve differ- 
ent countries are currently enrolled. 


DEAN SELMA F. LIPPEAT'S helpful guid- 
ance is available to her students at all times. 

College of Home Economics 

MARGARET BRENT HALL, with its friendly welcome mat and lovely interior, has the warm atmosphere appropri- 
ate for the Home Economics College it houses. 


COLE FIELDHOUSE — home ot tlit* "Terps" — is the fueal point ot campus activity. 

College of Physical Education 

DEAN L. M. FRALEY coordinates the li\e in- 
(li\ ichial programs of the College of Physical Edu- 

Tlie College of Physical Education, Re- 
creation, and Health offers a vigorous pro- 
gram in which future physical education in- 
structors, recreation directors, and ph\sical 
therapists are trained. The College offers 
five four year programs leading to the Bach- 
elor of Science Degree: Physical Education, 
Dance, Recreation, Health Education, and 
Physical Therapy. 

The College's acti\ ities center aroimd 
the Cole Fieldhouse and the-Preinkert Field- 
house. However, the complete facilities on 
campus include five g>innasia, two swim- 
ming pools, a plnsical fitness research lab, 
tennis courts, sports fii'Ids, golf dri\ing range 
and golf coiuse, and a dance studio. 

For graduates of this college main voca- 
tional opportunities arc a\ailal)lc in jmhiic 
and private schools, organized camping, 
and youth and gioup organizations which 
offer a program of plnsical acti\ it\ . 


DR. JOHNSON hand-wrestles with one of the boys in his 
Physical Developmental Clinic. 


THE MARYLAND Recreation Association. 

IT'S THROUGH THE GOAL for a score! 

MODERN MACHINERY invudes Pediatrics. 

FUTURE PHARMACISTS learn to prepare 
the compoiieTits for today's medications. 

SOMEONE must know where he went! 

NOW IS the quiet time. 


The University of Maryland at Baltimore 
is located thirty-two miles from the College 
Park campus. On a ten-acre site in the down- 
town section, the five professional schools 
of the University are established. These in- 
clude the Schools of Medicine, Dentistry, 
Pharmacy, Nursing, and Law. Also, a new 
school of Physical Therapy has been estab- 
lished. The activities of the schools are co- 
ordinated by the Inter-professional Student 
Senate Body. 

A gieat deal of history surrounds the 
Baltimore campus. The School of Dentistry 
is the oldest in the country and Davidge 
Hall is the oldest building in the United 
States used continuously for medical edu- 
cation. Also, University Hospital is the oldest 
hospital in the State of Maryland. 

Last year the new Health Sciences Li- 
brary and five-story Student Union Building 
were completed. In future years the Union 
will be doubled in size. 

THIS STUDENT NURSE is happy to find at least one 
willing patient. 

Baltimore Campus 

THE BALTIMORE CAMPUS is located in the heart of the citv's downtown section. 


^^^■Fr »», ,rt,.,. 

A f^ 





— ''^•.•^.=^ 
















/* ^. 

'\ • ' 






THE UNIVERSITY COLLEGE Overseas program reaches government personnel o\er tlie world. 

University College 

DR. RAY EHRENSBERGER, traveling Dean of 
the University College." 

The University College is concentrated 
upon adult education around the world and 
here in the States. With three exceptions, all 
its students are enrolled in a part-time even- 
ing progiam. Six major divisions administer 
this program. The Conferences and Institutes 
Division offers conferences, institutes, and 
short courses on the College Park and Balti- 
more campuses, and around the state if re- 
(juested. The On Campus E\ ening Dixision 
serves adults in the C'ollege Park area who 
are unable to attend daytime classes, while 
the Baltimore Division offers a broad variety 
of courses around the state primarily for 
teachers. The European Dixision offers 
courses for government personnel in thirteen 
foreign countries in Europe, the Near East, 
and Africa. It also administers the Munich 
Branch. The Atlantic Division and the Far 
East Dixision pro\ ide, in their areas, pro- 
grams similar to those of the European 


REGISTRATION at the Pentagon involves lines as 
it does here at College Park. 

DEAN EHRENSBERGER, President Elkins, 
and Secretary Rtahr participate in Heidlberg 


inspect ancient Athens theatre. 

STUDENTS AT SEOUL, the largest center in the overseas 
program, take a class break. 




if I- 


GERMANY, is the 

administrative cen- 
ter of the European 

of Maryland 

in an 



THE MARYLANDER tinds its wav to Istanbul. 

MOUNT EL'J I, sym- 
bol oi Japan — tlie 
C'cnter of tlie Far 
East Di\ ision. 


Munich Branch 

MUNICH STUDENTS relax after a day of strenuous 

in Moselkern, Germany. 

The Munich Branch of the European Di- 
vision provides freshman and sophomore 
year studies for college age dependents of 
military and government personnel stationed 
overseas. The students study in a stateside 
program and atmosphere, while surrounded 
by the charm of Bavaria. The courses are of 
American college standard and are generally 
those required in the curricula of the Col- 
lege of Arts and Sciences. Regular daytime 
classes are scheduled throughout an academic 
year which consists of two semesters. Ad- 
mission requirements are identical to those 
of the College Park campus. With Europe 
as their classroom, they can take advantage 
of the many opportunities offered for field 
trips and independent travel. 

STUDENTS GATHER at the local beer garden. 


research in einljryology. 

DEVELOPING PROGRAMS of advanced study is 
only part ot Dean R. Banitord's job. 

The University of Maryland Graduate 
School was established in its present form 
in 1918. The School is under the jurisdic- 
tion of the Graduate Gouncil, with the Dean 
of the Graduate School ser\'ingas Ghairnian. 
The Graduate School was created tor the 
purpose of administering and developing 
programs of advanced study and research for 
graduate students in all branches of the 

Today fifty departments of the University 
are authorized to offer a graduate program 
leading to one or more of the advanced de- 
grees offered by the Uni\ ersit\'. 

An applicant for admission to the School 
must hold a Bachelor or Masters degree 
from a college of recognized status. 

One of the unicjue aspects of the College 
is that it is one of the sponsoring institutions 
of the Oak Kidge Institute t)f Nuclear Studies. 
Thus the University's giaduate students 
are free to do research and prepare papers 




George Adkins 

Ross Beville 
Pamela Clayton 

Warren Duckett 

Robert Barry 

Michael Board 

Julia Cobey 

Karen Dunkin 

Who's Who Among 

Students in 

American Colleges 

and Universities 

George Adkins 
Robert Barry 
Ross Beville 
Michael Board 
Paul Bowen 
Pamela Clayton 
Julia Cobey 
Warren Duckett 
Karen Dunkin 
James Eccles 
William Fletcher 
Suzanne Gibbons 
Bruce Gold 
Lawrence Granat 
Jean Greenwald 
Andrew Grose 
Roberta Hastings 


Cynthia Heisler 
Leonard Hoyle 
Mar\- Irwin 
Karen Jacobsen 
Paul Jelus 
Eleanor Keene 
Elinor Kippnes 
John Mitchell 
Janice Montgomery 
Michael Nofsinger 
Harold O' Flaherty 
George Pettee 
Linda Ray 
Linnell Robinson 
Sarah Schlesinger 
William Smith 
Kenneth Waissman 

James Eccles 

W illiain Fletcher 

Suzanne Cil)i)ons 

Bruce Cioid 


Lawrence Granat 

Cynthia Heisler 

Paul Jelus 

Michael Nofsinger 

Jean (Jreenwald 

Leonard Hoyle 

Eleanor Keene 

George Pettee 

■' * B 

Andrew Grose 

Elinor Kippnes 

Linda Ray 

Karen Jacobsen 

Janice Montgomery 

Linnell Robinson 

Sarah Schlesinger 

William Smith 

Kenneth Waissman 

Pedro Wasmer 


Jacqueline Carrick 

Pamela Clayton 

Julia Cobey 

Karen Dunkin 

Mortar Board 

Sarah Schlesinger, president; 

Elinor Kippnes, vice president; 

Julia Cobey, recording secretary; 

Suzanne Gibbons, corresponding secretary; 

Pamela Clayton, treasurer; 

Jacqueline Carrick, historian; 

Shelley Landay, keeper of the robes; 

Linda Ray, editor; 


Dr. Helen Clarke; 

Dean Charles Manning; 

Dr. Helen Brown. 

Suzanne Gibbons 

Karen Jacobscn 

Shelley Landay 


mt- . ^Mj^-^mm^-^s. 


Marjorie Miller 

Janice Montgomery 

Diane Plutschak 

Membership in the University of Mary- 
land chapter of Mortar Board, established 
in the campus in 1934 by the recently re- 
tired Dean Adele H. Stamp, is the highest 
honor that can be bestowed upon a woman 
student at the University of Maryland. Ex- 
cellence is a word closely associated with 
this honorary — excellence in leadership, 
scholarship, character, and service. The 
few women who are tapped each spring are 
truly the most outstanding women on the 
University of Maryland campus. 

Mortar Board activities include the 
Homecoming Mum Sale and the "Smarty 
Party," a party honoring those freshmen 
women who have attained a 3.0 or better 


Linnell Robinson 

Sarah Schlesinger 

Linda Ray 
Kay White 



To l)e tapped into membership in Omi- 
cron Delta Kappa is one of the highest hon- 
ors a male student can receive at the Uni- 
versity ot Maryland. This national men's 
leadership society established a chapter on 
this campus to recognize those male students 
who have shown outstanding leadership, 
character, initiatixe, and scholarship. 

To be eligible tor membership a student 
must meet the scholastic standards set by 
the honorary and must excell in one of the 
following major areas of extracurricular 
activity: publications, student government, 
social and religious affairs, speech, music 
and dramatic arts, athletics, or scholarship. 

Tapping for Omicron Delta Kappa takes 
place semi-annually and is limited to two 
percent of the junior and senior classes. Oc- 
casionally, outstanding faculty members are 
tapped for honorary membership. 

Gforj^i- Adkins 


Roliert Barrv 


George Adkins Richard Novak 

Robert Barry 
Ross Beville 
Michael Board 
Paul Bowen 
Don Carbaugh 
Dax'id ('odcr 
Kenneth Dublin 
Warren Duckett 
William Fletcher 
Charles Gillett 
Andrew Grose 
Stephen Hameroff 
Leonard lioyle 
Paul Jelus 
Robert Lamken 
John Mitchell 
Ellsworth Nail 

Michael Nofsinger 
Harold O'Flaherty 
Wasyl Palijczuk 
George Pettee 
William Rishell 
Richard Hoinine 
Robert Russell 
Robert Schaftel 
Harry Smith 
William Smith 
Jonas Spiegal 
John Stafford 
Howard Ste\ens 
Steve Tretter 
Pedro Wasmer 
Lawrence Wessell 
Donald Willis 


Dean Russel Allen \\'illiani Hoff 

Dean George Kaludis Dean James Reid 

Ross Beville 

Michael Board 

I'aiil Howen 

1 14 


David Coder 

John Stafford 

Michael Nofsinger 

Kenneth DahHn 

Stephen Hameroff 


Wasyl Pahjezuk 


Pedro Wasmer 

Warren Duckett 

Leonard Hoyle 


George Pettee 

^^ W^w 

Harry Smith 


William Fletcher 

Paul Jelus 

AM 4i 


William Rishell 

Donald Willis 


PHI KAPPA PHI -Front Row: D. Trust, H. Kieu- 
DuTig, J. Clift'ii, D. Pliitschak, A. Hearne, E. Loezos, 
J. Calitis. Back Row: A. Grose, D. Willis, R. Barry, 

F. Ellis, C. Lane, G. Sokol, H. Russell, W. Russell, 
M. Dunn, J. Halstead, D. Nemier. 

Phi Kappa Phi 

The honor society of Phi Kappa Phi is 
(kchc.ited to the unity and democracy of 
education. This society selects its member- 
ship horn tlie upper ten per cent of the 
graduatiiiu; class and Ironi all schools of the 
University. The purpose of Phi Kappa Phi 
is to recoj^ni/.e and encourage superior schol- 
arship among the students at the University 
ol Mar\land. 

Tapping occurs twice each year, and each 
year at the spring banquet a hundred dollar 
scholarship is presented to the graduating 
senior with the highest academic average. 

This scholarship is used for giaduate work 
at the University of Maryland. 

The Maryland chapter of Phi Kappa Phi 
was founded in 1920 while the national or- 
ganization was established at the Univers- 
ity of Maine in 1897. 

The organization of this honor society 
was adequately handled by Elizabeth 
Haviland, Russell B. Allen, and John A. 
Daiker, the officers and sponsors of the 
University of Maryland chapter of Phi Kappa 


Henrietta C. Abrams 

Robert Charles Barry 

Rudolpf Bernhard Beckmann 

Ross Harwood Beville, Jr. 

Robert Brown 

Ellen Louise Bubeck 

Juris Calitis 

Donovan Charles Carbaugh 

Jacqueline Juanita Carrick 

Thomas Allen Childers 

Ora Richard Cohen 

Leland Monroe Cook 

Joseph S. Coulter 

John Marshall David 

Guy Richard DeCarlo 

Edward Richard Deitemeier, Jr. 

Margaret Emily Duncan 

Michael Frederick Dunn 

Frederick Wales Ellis 

Carmen A. Estes 

Richard Leroy Flax 

Annette Chappell Flower 

Susan Carol Goodman 

Robert Sheldon Gordanier 

Evelyn Walker Gordon 

Joseph Arthur Grazioli 

Judith Gail Green 

Lynda Jean Green 

Jean A. Greenwald 

Louis Grubinsky 

Barbara Joy Gundersdorff 

James Frederick Halstead 

Sallie Ann Harwood 

Ida Alice Hearne 

Pearl Holand 

Helmut Huber 

Linda Schwartz Huddle 

Richard Larry Imlay 

Sandra Fay Kagen 

Elaine Phyliss Katz 

M. Eleanor Keene 

Huynh Thi Kieu-dung 

Elinor Bea Kippnes 
Charles Lovinious Lane 
Yenchai Laohavanich 
Robert Norman Levin 
Elizabeth J. Loezos 
Arthur Majeske 
Jean Marsh Miles 
Harry Walton Miller 
Stuart Marvin Miller 
Janice May Montgomery 
Alfred Oliver 
Mary M. Pentzer 
William Henry Peters 
Melvin Verner Peterson 
Carolyn Diane Plutschak 
Wesley Donald Pointer 
Roger Lynn Poppen 
Samuel Eanet Press 
Phyliss Corkran Ralph 
Wade Lee Robison 
Beverly Elaine Rosenfeld 
Rolf John Rothe 
Jerome Sylvan Rovner 
Robert Allan Russell 
William Paul Russell 
Lois Elaine Sass 
Ellen Laura Schaefer 
Elizabeth Seymour 
Roger Edward Shepherd 
Ronnie Marlyn Simmons 
Harry Leroy Smith, Jr. 
William Bridges Smith 
Gene Dale Sokol 
Judith Ann Solgere 
Fred Edmund Sorady 
Steven Alan Tretter 
Donald Bruce Trust 
William Lester Walker 
James Arthur Watkins 
Windna Watts 
Donald Henry Willis 
De Witt Wyatt 

1 17 

DIAMOND — Fronf Row: J. Richey, vice president; 
B. Hastings, president. Second Row: C. Harris, E. 
Ashman, L. Alielman, K. Dunkin. Third Row: V. 
TaKKart, P. Lotz, D. Latimer, J. Lord, R. Klein, D. 
Gloss. Fourth Roiv: E. Alperstein, P. Weinberg, K. 

Ramsay, J. Zenitz, S. Greenwald, C. Heisler, secre- 
tary; M. Turner, treasurer. Fifth Row: M. Hartman, 
J. Davis, I. Moser, I. Willen, L. Gavin, M. Henderson, 
H. J. Hyre, L. Grant, G. Kahn, D. Robinson, B. Mc- 
Garvie, A. Whiton. 


Tapped either in the fall at Harmony 
Hall or in the spring at the Interfraternity 
Sing, Diamond members represent the out- 
standing sorority women at Maryland Uni- 
versity. These women are chosen for out- 
standing service and leadership in their in- 
di\ i(hial chapters. No more than three wo- 
men per sorority can be active in Diamond in 
one year. These women are Dominated by 
their indi\ idnal chapters and then approved 
and tapped by the Diamond chapter. Dia- 
mond was founded at the University of Marx- 
land and although it is a relatixcK new or- 

ganization it is recognized as one of the 
highest honors a sororit\' woman can be 

Since its founding, Diamond has done 
more than honor the sorority woman. It 
has also acknowledged educators b\' pre- 
senting annually the Outstanding Profes- 
sor Award. 

Diamond members meet twice a month. 
At these meetings fraternit\' and sorority 
problems are discussed. The members of 
this honorarx also serve as hostesses at 
various campus events. 


KALEGETHOS-Froni Row: W. Adkins, G. Harper, 
treasurer; B. Schaftel, vice president; B. Pettee, 
president; J. Benson, secretary; W. Johnson, N. 

Thigpen, B. White. Back Row: B. Vosswinkel, A. 
Libby, R. Grudziedki, C. Gray, J. Kenney, P. Was- 
mer, W. Duckett, J. Welty. 


Any fraternity man on the University of 
Maryland campus knows of Kalegethos even 
though the local chapter, Alpha, was only 
recently established in 1957. 

In order for a man to be tapped into 
Kalegethos, he must be an outstanding 
fraternity member. He must serve his re- 
spective fraternity, but in addition, he must 
be of service to the entire fraternity system 
at the University of Maryland as well as tak- 
ing an active part in campus activities. 

Tapping for Kalegethos occurs twice dur- 
ing each school year. The first tapping is 
held in the fall at IFC Presents. In the spring 

the new members are tapped at the Interfra- 
ternity Sing. 

At their monthly meetings, the members 
of Kalegethos discuss problems concerning 
problems of interest to the fraternity system 
at the University of Maryland, and problems 
which concern the University of Maryland 
in general. Kalegethos has as its special pro- 
ject general interest in and service to the 
fraternity system at the University of Mary- 
land. At present the goal of the Alpha chap- 
ter of Kalegethos is to become a national 
fraternity honorary. 


ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA- Front Row: S. Kettells, 
1.. Stark, P. Lifkov, E. Blanar, M. Pierce, F. Mor- 
ell, L. Smith, L. Foltz, D. Lund, S. Sollod. Second 

Row: R. Milhausen, E. Koutsos, J. Feniier, J. Hell- 
muth, j. Kane, S. Fitch, C. Rodes, S. McKenzie, M. 
Chung, J. Wilkinson,]. Soper, B. Barnes. 

Alpha Lambda Delta 

The purpose of Alpha Lambda Delta is 
to encourage high academic achievement 
among fieshmen women and to honor those 
freshmen women who have excelled in 
academic attainment. Alpha Lambda Delta, 
a national honorary founded in 1924, was 
established at Maryland in 1932. The Uni- 
versity of Maryland chapter was named the 
Adele H. Stamp chapter after our recently 
retired Dean of Women. The members of 
Alpha Lambda Delta are freshman women 
with a 3.5 average for their first semester 
or a 3.5 overall average for their freshman 
year. Pledging and initiation take place in 

the spring. 

Alpha Lambda Delta strixes to stimulate 
academic interest among heshinen women 
and to promote "Intellectual Living." The 
activities of the Adele H. Stamp chapter of 
Alpha Lambda Delta parallel these ideals. 
Their activities include serving as hostesses 
and ushers at various cultural functions held 
at the University of \hu> land and a tree 
tutoring serxice for all freshiuiMi under a 
Tutoring lioartl composed of the members 
of Alpha Lambda Delta, both of which help 
to promote intellectualism on the campus 
of the University of Mar\ land. 



f f % 

^ /^ ^ ^' ^ 

• * 



f f f 

r ■ f 

t# . 

A « 


PHI ETA SIGMA-Fronf Row: J. Stephens, H. Be- 
ville, J. Honnan, W. Riddle, R. Dougherty, D. Coder, 
R. Burke, A. Gomez, G. Opresko, W. Wihiiot, J. 
Beattie. Back Row: J- Drager, P. Gerhard, H. Mer- 

chant, G. Adkins, L. Reinstein, R. Eskow, J. Fowler, 
R. Frazier, D. Hardesty, A. Akman, L. Miller, G. 
Peters, B. Winters. 

Phi Eta Sigma 

The University of Maryland chapter of 
Phi Eta Sigma was founded in 1940 as a fresh- 
man men's scholastic honor society. Its 
purpose is to fiuther the scholastic achieve- 
ments of the fieshman class and to encourage 
academic improvement in future years. In 
order to become a member of Phi Eta Sigma 
a freshman must obtain at least a 3.5 aver- 
age during his first semester in college or 
else maintain an overall 3.5 average for his 
entire first year. 

To aid the promotion of scholastic 

achievement, Phi Eta Sigma offers a tutoring 
program for the benefit of all interested 
freshmen. The service is free of charge and 
all tutoring is done by capable members of 
the honor society. In addition to its other 
activities and services Phi Eta Sigma has 
two initiation banquets every year in con- 
junction with Alpha Lambda Delta, the fresh- 
man women's scholastic society. At various 
times throughout the year the honoray also 
distributes "How To Study" pamphlets — 
emphasizing their importance to incoming 


DIADEM -Front Row: L. Caviii, H. Hull, F. Hard- 
inj4, E. Alperstein, P. Weinberg, F. Horwitz, I. W'il- 

leii. Back Row: ]. Wharton, N. Julius, B. Potzner, 
V. M. Ernst, L. Hall, C. Schaub, L. Tatuni. 


The first tapping for Diadem at the Uni- 
versity of Maryland was held in the spring 
of 1961. Junior women who have displayed 
quality in scholarship and leadership and 
who have the required cumulative average 
are eligible for membership. Diadem was 
founded to honor the junior women of Mary- 
land who have shown loyalty and int<.'rest 
in the University by giving their time, 
service, and leadership to its weHare and 
unity. Diadem seeks to stimulate scholastic 
achievement and participation in extra-cur- 
ricular activities. 

Although Diadem is a relatively new or- 
ganization at Maryland, its members have 
inaugurated two worthwhile services. 
Diadem sponsored an Honors Comocation 

featuring a well-known speaker and the 
tapping of the new Diadem members. An 
award was given to the outstanding inde- 
pendent sophomore woman and the Panhel- 
lenic Council presented a scholarship to 
the outstanding sophomore sorority woman. 
At this time Phi Sigma Sigma sororit\- gave 
the Adele H. Stamp award to the outstand- 
ing junior sorority ° woman. The second 
service that Diadem performs is that of ar- 
ranging and conducting tours of the l^ni- 
\ersity for its many visitors. 

The small gold crown — the Diadem pin — 
which is bestowed upon twenty-five out- 
standing junior women is a symbol of their 
motto, "To lead and to follow with wisdom 
and understanding." 


ALPHA CHI SIGMA- Front Row: L. Kelly, N. 
Blumberg, J. Beck, D. Del Tatto, J. Mockus, M. 
Morganstein, \V. Durigg. Second Row: J. Theis, D. 
McKay, R. Lipnick, W. Wanipler, D. McQurdy, E. 

Cathell, J. Schelz, A. Simpson. Back Row: L. Laib- 
son, E. Oles, D. Harris, J. Ingangi, C. Hodge, P. 
Kupper, C. Dickinson. 

Alpha Chi Sigma 

Alpha Chi Sigma, the professional chem- 
ical engineering honorary was founded na- 
tionally in 1902; the University of Maryland 
chapter was established in 1927. This hon- 
orary has the distinct privilege of being the 
only honorary on campus that has facilities 
for the housing of its members. 

The purpose of Alpha Chi Sigma is to pro- 
mote an interest in the chemical sciences 
by providing both a social and.professional 
program for those students majoring in chem- 
istry, chemical engineering, and metallur- 
gical engineering. Picnics, parties, and smok- 
ers are a few of the group's social activities, 
but the most important event of the year is 

the Tetra-Banquet. This banquet is attended 
by members of both the University of Mary- 
land and George Washington University 
chapters and the Washington and Baltimore 
professional chapters of Alpha Chi Sigma. 
At this banquet the Nathan L. Drake Mem- 
orial Award is given to the outstanding 
sophomore in the chemistry department. 
In order to become 4 member of Alpha 
Chi Sigma, a student must be majoring in 
chemical or metallurgical engineering or in 
chemistry. He must also have achieved soph- 
omore standing and have maintained at 
least a 2.5 academic average. 


DELTA SIGMA PI- Front Row: M. Levine, J. 
Tlioinas, N. HciiiK, J. Bryk, T. Kennedy, S. Lackey, 
R. Buschnian, J. Murphy. Second Row: M. Benkert, 
K. Litzinger, \V. Katzel, E. Ellis, W. Bennett, R. 
Roth, A. Zdanis, Dr. Allan Ei.shey, advisor; J. Hal- 
stead, \V. Tippett, C. Freeland. Back Row: H. Miller, 

J. Kaplan, E. Skalick\', T. Ikutolee, J. Pezzaro, M. 
Bogash, R. Budd, D. Goodman, D. .Sutton, C. Bailey, 
W. Simms. Not pictured: J. Hopkins, R. McFarland, 
S. Milstead, L. Nolhneyer, D. Richardson, E. Ru- 
dolph, \V. Thorn, \V. Wiener, R. Disharoon, J. For- 
ster, S. Katz, R. Righter, D. Sagal. 

Delta Sigma Pi 

The Gamma Sigma chapter of Delta 
Sigma Pi was estabhshed on the Univer- 
sity of Maryland Campus in 1950. To be 
eligible a student must be at least a sopho- 
more registered in the college of Business 
and Pui)lie Administration. 

Delta Sigma Pi is a professional business 
fraternity organized to foster the study of 
business in universities, and to encourage 
scholarship, social activity, and the associa- 
tions ot students for their nuitual advance- 
ment by research and practice. The honorary 
also seeks to promote closer affiliation be- 

tween the commercial world and the stu- 
dents of commerce, and to further higher 
standards of comrilercial ethics so as to in- 
sure the connnercial welfare of the com- 

Delta Sigma Pi sponsors man\ dinners 
throughout the year at which the members 
have the privilege of hearing noted speak- 
ers from the business world. A scholarship 
key is given each year by the honorary to 
the graduate who achieved the highest 
academic average in his class. 


f f tf Iff ^ft^hft 

TAU BETA PI- Front Row: T. Gossard, A. Shaw, 
A. Gould, R. Werneth, ]. David, E. Hudson, O. Vass, 
D. Weller, W. Bell, D. Willis, R. Darwin, H. David- 
son. Middle row: W. Russell, F. Nonis, R. Russell, 
T. Gatts, G. Perseghin, D. Coder, secretary; R. Be- 

ville, president; D. Willis, treasurer; W. Smith, A. 
Rehert, W. Thomas, T. Crane. Back Row: T. Conklin, 
D. Dobbs, R. Rader, R. Meininger, R. Eyerson, H. 
Videla, J. Knight, D. Trust, G. Dunnigan, S. Weinger, 
G. Adkins, C. Beggs, D. McKay, J. Erickson. 

Tau Beta Pi 

At the 1962 national convention Tau 
Beta Pi 'was proclaimed the most outstand- 
ing chapter in the country for the second 
straight year. The members of this engi- 
neering honorary are selected not only for 
their excellent scholarship but also for their 
exceptional character. Students who are in 
the upper eighth of the junior class or the 
upper fifth of the senior class are eligible to 
be tapped into this organization. The stu- 
dents eligible for membership are enter- 
tained at a smoker so that they may be in- 
troduced. After initiation the new members 

are honored at the group's annual banquet. 
Tau Beta Pi sponsors many projects 
throughout the year such as the distribution 
of bookmarks and welcome letters to the 
new engineering freshmen during fall reg- 
istration week. Other projects include the 
scheduling of review sessions tor senior 
engineers in preparation for their Engineer- 
in-Training Exams in May. At the spring as- 
sembly, Tau Beta Pi presents an engineer's 
handbook to the junior who has shown the 
most academic improvement during the pre- 
vious year. 


ALPHA SIGMA MU- Front row: J. Park, tix-asurer, 
H. Fraiiki'l, S. H().seiil>ei"g, M. Meyersoii, president; 
Professor Pennington, T. Shives, secretary. Second 

Row: L. DePiie, L. Norman, Jr., E. Manst, Jr., H. 
Vakowitz, A. Edwards, E. Escalante. 

Alpha Sigma Mu Alpha Zeta 

The recognition and promotion ot liigh 
schola.stic, scientific and professional at- 
taiiinient in the field of study, research, de- 
sign, and use of metals and materials is the 
purpose of Alpha Sigma Mu. Alpha Sigma 
Mu recognizes the scholastic achievements 
of students majoring in metallurgy at the 
University of Maryland. The special pro- 
jects of Alpha Sigma Mu include supporting 
the arts and sciences of metals and main- 
taining the highest and best standards for 
the profession. 

Alpha Zeta forms the professional Agri- 
culture fraternity for the future farmers 
of America who foster high standards of 
scholarship, character and leadership in 
the field of agriculture. Alpha Zeta spon- 
sors a tutoring program as an aid to fresh- 
men in the college of agriculture. Through 
high school visitation the gioup encoiuages 
entrance into the field of agriculture. 
Throughout the year Alpha Zeta sponsors 
many activities including speakers exper- 
ienced in the field of agriculture. 

ALPHA ZKTA- Front Row: J. Hutchi.son, VV. Kniceiy, 
reporter; I,. Wessel, president; G. Adkins, vice- 
l)r(si(l(iit, M. F^oiiKderty, secretary; W. Price, F. 

Garrett. Back Row: .\1. Stout, H. Gottwals, j. Bam, 
P. Marques, L. Reeve, W. Winant, R. Haresnape, T. 
Greenwood, F. Chang. 

DELTA NU ALPHA -First Row: W. Tripp, L. Rauc- 
hut, J. Fratino, treasurer; J. Jacobs, vice president; 
R. Budd, president; J. Clow, 2nd vice president; P. 
Tucker, secretary; G. Goldman, W. Martin. Back Row: 

S. Bass, D. Carroll, J. Fowler, K. Alsleben, chapter 
recorder; E. Sweeney, R. Howard, R. Marceron, C. 
Woodward, M. Benkert. 

Delta Nu Alpha Chi Epsilon 

Founded in 1958, Delta Nu Alpha, the 
transportation fraternity, is relatively new on 
the University of Maryland campus. In order 
to be initiated into Delta Nu Alpha a person 
must be majoring in either Transportation or 
Traffic Management. 

Combining education and pleasure, 
Delta Nu Alpha has both business and social 
meetings. In addition, they arrange tours of 
the various facilities which are associated 
with all aspects of transportation or traffic 

Chi Epsilon was established on the Uni- 
versity of Maryland campus in 1961. The 
purpose of this honorary is to improve the 
civil engineering profession as an instru- 
ment for the betterment of society and to 
aid the Civil Engineering Department at 
the University of Maryland. The top rank- 
ing juniors and seniors majoring in civil 
engineering comprise the membership list 
of Chi Epsilon. Following its purpose, Chi 
Epsilon helps to promote better scholarship 
by providing a tutoring service for under- 
classmen majoring in civil engineering. 

CHI EPSILON-Froni Row: A. Shaw, H. Videla, 
R. Lubbert, historian; T. Gossard, treasurer; J. Erick- 
son, vice president, T. Crane, president; R. Mein- 
inger, secretary; R. Rader, marshall; P. Costinett. 

Back Row: R. Nixdorf, R. Lepson, P. Tobin, F. Norris, 
H. Kelley, R. Keeler, J. Valcik, R. Zwolinski, W. 
Moore, D. Robey, H. Davidson. 

ETA KAPPA NU-Fronf row: T. Conklin, T. Gaits, 
G. Perseghin, R. Russell, S. Tretter, W. Smith, W. 
Russell, E. Hudson, D. D()l)l)s, C. Werle. Back Row: 

J. David, D. Willis, J. Kniglit, R. Ceecaielli, P. \Vy- 
man, W. Gronyn, G. Beggs, G. Diinnigan, R. Ford, 
W. Bell, A. Gould. 

Eta Kappa Nu Gamma Alpha Chi 

Gamma Xi chapter of Eta Kappa Nu was 
founded at the University of Maryhind in 
1956 for the purpose of recognizing high 
scholarship and spreading Hberal culture 
in the field of electrical engineering. To 
become a member of this honorary a junior 
nuist be an electrical engineering major 
with outstanding scholarship in his college, 
and he nuist exhibit a breadth of interest in 
subjects other than his major. Each year the 
members of Eta Kappa Nu assist with the 
Engineering Open House and give an award 
to the top electrical engineering senior. 

Founded on June 1, 1961 and associated 
with the Department of Practical Art, the 
Alpha Xi chapter of Gamma Alpha Chi has 
just completed its first year as an active hon- 
orary. Gomposed of members who have an 
interest in some field of advertising, a 2.2 
average and who have taken at least one ad- 
vertising course. Gamma Alpha is strixing to 
broaden and increase the opportunities for 
women in advertising and to develop higher 
educational and professional standards 
whenever advertising is a factor. 

GAMMA ALPHA CHI- Front Row: L, Tatum, secre- 
tary; R. jew, G. Brill, G. Gravaritio, L. Evans, D. 
Harkins, S. Gould, G. Rowell, C. Creamer, E. Bich- 

ell. Back Row: C Zoda, G. Miller, ]. Schmidt, presi- 
dent; T. Jen, A. Schlegel, M. Devlin, .\1. Fejlar, J. 
Musumeci, vice president; E. Fechter, G. Myers. 

stein, membership chairman; A. Montgomery, vice 
president; L. Wall, president; A. Liebermann, secre- 

tary-treasurer; J. Wiedel, faculty adviser. Back tiow: 
G. Bensel, P. Rios, Velez, D. Wirah, M. Knighton, 
L. Cecchini, V. Hill. 

Gamma Theta 

The Beta Phi chapter of Gamma Theta 
Upsilon, the National Geographers Fra- 
ternity, was established on the University 
of Maryland campus in 1957. Requirements 
for initiation into the Beta Phi chapter in- 
clude six credits of geography, junior stand- 
ing and six extra credits in geography be- 
fore graduation. The goal of Gamma Theta 
Upsilon is to promote more interest in 
geography. The members work towards this 
goal by sponsoring throughout the year 
various meetings, lectures, field trips, and 
slide showings. 

KAPPA KAPPA PSl- Seated: W. Hart, president. 
Stajiding: M. Board, vice president; G. Show, secre- 
tary; H. Romersa, sponsor; E. Boone, R. Boiler, B. 

Kappa Kappa Psi 

Those who have shown outstanding par- 
ticipation in and active support of the 
Maryland University Band are honored by 
initiation into the Gamma Xi chapter of 
Kappa Kappa Psi. Kappa Kappa Psi, a na- 
tional honorary and service chapter, per- 
forms various services for the University of 
Maryland throughout the school year. 
The high school band week and the annual 
Christmas music are both projects of this 
musical fraternity. Kappa Kappa Psi also 
sponsors a band homecoming float for the 
University of Maryland Homecoming Par- 

Nale. Not in picture: R. Leadbeater, J. Lynn, W. 
Linton, R. Swanson, P. Pfieffer, R. Philps. 

KAPPA TAU ALPHA-J. Fowler, W. F. Noall, ;ul- 
visor; E. Sechtmaii, P. Case, L. Lackey, A. Syljor, 

R. Mt'lliiiKer, A. A. Crowell, tk'paitment liead. 

Kappa Tau Alpha 

The University of Maryland chapter of 
Kappa Tau Alpha was established in 1961 
for the recognition and promotion of schol- 
arship in the field of journalism. To achieve 
this goal. Kappa Tau Alpha taps only students 
who are majoring in journalism and who are 
in the upper ten percent of their class. A 
student nuist also have at least five semesters 
of credits to be eligible for membership. 

Each year the national organization of 
Kappa Tau Alpha presents an award to the 
author of an outstanding piece of published 
research in journalism and mass conmumica- 

Omicron Nu 

The Alpha Zeta chapter on Omicron Nu 
founded in 19.37 at the Uni\'ersity of Mary- 
land. This honorary, which has been estab- 
lished nationally since 1912, has as its pur- 
poses, "the promotion of scholarship, lead- 
ership, and research as its part of the world- 
wide movements in Home Economics." The 
desire for the achievement of these goals can 
be seen in the membership requirements 
which limit the honorary to women w lio are 
majoring in home economics and ha\e at 
least a 3.0 academic axerage. The members 
must also be scholastically in the top ten 
percent of the Junior class or in tin- upper 
twenty percent of the Senior class. 

OMICRON NU-Fron/ Row: J. Rapp, E. Keeiic, H. 
KaluiK, .\I. A. Edwards. Back Row: J. Havis, C;. lirusli. 

M. Devlin, J. MacNeal, P. DeAmico. 

TAU KAPPA ALPHA- Front Row: D. Crews, ad- 
visor; M. Myers, president; H. Stevens. Back Row: 

N. Mime, secretary; W. Wiener. Not pictured: D. 
Taylor, J. Knat'el, M. Copeland, G. Kaludis. 

Tau Kappa Alpha Pi Delta Epsilon 

Tau Kappa Alpha is a relatively new hon- 
orary which has only been established on 
the University of Maryland campus since 
1957. In this brief time the honorary has 
become a valuable asset to the University 
by its work encouraging the campus debat- 
ors. A student must have participated in 
two years of superior debate and must be in 
the upper third of his class academically in 
order to be eligible for membership in Tau 
Kappa Alpha. To help succeed in its goal of 
furthering high quality forensic achievement, 
the gioup sponsors a High School Forensic 
Festival and a Debate Forum each year. 

The work of Pi Delta Epsilon is well 
known to the students of the University of 
Maryland. This journalistic honorary spon- 
sors such projects as the Diamondback, the 
Old Line, and the Terrapin. They also 
sponsor the student faculty committee on 
publications. The purpose of Pi Delta Ep- 
silon is to facilitate easier communication 
between various student publications. 
Throughout the year, Pi Delta Epsilon holds 
meetings and gives a publications banquet 
in order to further its goals. 

PI DELTA EPSILON-Fronf Row: J. Rogers, vice 
president; L. Granat, president; M. Miller, secre- 

tary, S. Rudick. Back Row: B. Hoyle, L. Hall, P. 
Clayton, J. Kenney. 

PHI ALPHA EPSILON -Frofi< Row: R. Keni, R. Mul- 
lis, M. Nofsinger, P. Bolen, president; D. White, D. 
bigler, J. ('lark, Jr. Back Row: L. Gidden, V. Crocker, 

Phi Alpha 

The University ot iMaryland chapter of 
Phi Alpha Epsilon was established to pro- 
mote professional growth and achievement 
and high academic standards for those stu- 
dents majoring in the fields of Physical Edu- 
cation, health, physical theraphy and recrea- 
tion. Estabhshed at the University of Mary- 
land in 1952, Phi Alpha Epsilon, a local hon- 
orary, requires its members to have a 2.7 
overall average and a 3.0 average in health, 
recreation and physical education courses. 

W" «^ 

L. Cavin, D. Steel, A. Leatherman, J. Ingram, hi.s- 
torian; B. Maus. 

Phi Alpha 

The Beta Omega chapter of Phi Alpha 
Theta was established for both graduate and 
undergraduate students who are outstanding 
in the field of history. Any graduate student 
in the history is qualified to be a member. 
Undergraduates must maintain a 3.0 average 
in history, a 2.7 overall average and have 
at least 15 hours of advanced history courses. 

Since 1949, Phi Alpha Theta has endeav- 
ored to promote the study of history, and to 
recognize scholarly achievement in the field 
of history. 

PHI ALPHA THETA -Front Row: L. Robinson, U. 
Hoyd, A. Hearne, secretary; J. Kadlurowdki, histo- 
rian; R. Bauer, adviser; J. Cohey, J. Sclimidt, B. Jaffa. 

Back Row: S. Shewchuk, D. Nemier, R. Stromherg, 
C. Boyd, R. Simpson, F. Burman, S. Katz, U. Tracey, 
T. Etzler, A. Pearson, E. Bogle. 


PHI CHI THETA-Front Row: B. Fingerhut, C. 
Krantz, J. Barbee, treasurer; M. Scoville, vice presi- 
dent; K. Voorhees, president; M. Miller, secretary; J. 
Lineberry, S. Turner, L. Hannemann, historian. Back 

Phi Chi 

Phi Chi Theta is a professional women's 
fraternity for women enrolled in the college 
of B.P.A. It sets as its goal the promotion 
of better business for women through the 
fraternity idea. This goal is attained through 
professional meetings with outstanding 
women in business as speakers. 

Other activities include a freshman tea 
and services for the B.P.A. college and the 
University of Maryland. The Phi Chi Theta's 
rush outstanding junior and senior women 
majoring in B.P.A. and who have maintained 
a 2.2 or better average. 

PI MU EPSILON- Front Row: D. Bordelon, K. Wat- 
kins, D. Henney, E. Evenchick, E. Woolley, N. Rubin- 

Row : J. Nightingale, P. Reed, S. Burke, C. Gietka, 
A. Widerman, P. Lotz, M. Mulhern, P. Best, K. Bartol, 
S. Eaton, E. Robey, A. Walstrum. 

Pi Mu 

Pi Mu Epsilon is the mathematics hon- 
orary. Established at the University of Mary- 
land in 1956, it has, since its founding, hon- 
ored those students who have excelled in 
the field of mathematics. The members of 
Pi Mu Epsilon are required to have more 
than a 3.0 average in all math courses and 
maintain a 3.0 average in all other subjects. 

The purpose of Pi Mu Epsilon is to acti- 
vate interest in mathematics. In order to 
further this purpose. Pi Mu Epsilon sponsors 
lectures by renowned mathematicians, films 
and the Milton Abramowitz award which is 
presented annually. 

stein. Back Row: N. Wallach, D. Wortman, S. Edla- 
vitch, G. Kalish, A. Henney, D. Sprecher. 


^S \f^ '^ V 

PI TAU SIGMA-Front Row: R. Beville, D. Weller, 
Jr., recording secretary; L. Stout, Jr., vice president; 
O. V'a.s.s, president; U. Coder, treasurer; S. Weinger, G. 

Adkins. Back Row: V. Clifton, H. Stone, D. Shaffer, 
G. Sokol, P. Eckels, R. Werneth, H. Lupien. 

Pi Tau 


Pi Tau Sigma has been established on the 
University of Maryland campus for the pur- 
pose of honoring outstanding seniors in the 
field of mechanical engineering. To be eligi- 
ble for membership a senior must be in the 
upper third of his class besides having a 
faculty rating, activities and engineering ex- 
perience. The Tau Mu chapter was founded 
on this campus April 14, 1956 to promote 
high ideals in the engineering profession 
and to create interest in departmental activi- 

SIGMA ALPHA ETA-Fronf Row. E. Katz, B. Wasser, 
treasurer; 1. Scherr, president; S. Golaner, correspond- 
ing secretary; L. Sass, recording secretary. Rack Row: 

Sigma Alpha 

The purpose of Sigma Alpha Eta is to 
encourage professional growth in the field 
of speech and hearing by providing learning 
experiences not offered in formal courses. 
The Alpha Kappa chapter of Sigma Alpha 
Eta was founded in 1949. This professional 
honorary taps students who have done out- 
standing work in the speech and hearing 
field of study. Members must have a 3.0 aver- 
age in speech therapy courses and a 2.5 over- 
all average, an iiiterest in the field of speech 
and hearing and be working for certification 
in this field. 

M. Hartnian, H. Hunovice, B. Roscnfeld, B. Sininis, D. 
Richhurg, D. Davidson. 

SIGMA ALPHA lOTA-Front Row: A. Webster, D. Clarke, P. Wheatly, treasurer. Back Row: N. Bourget, S. Petersen, 
M. Magnetti, president; R. Muhr. 

Sigma Alpha 

A woman with a B average in music 
courses and a C average in other academic 
courses is eligible for membership in Sigma 
Alpha Iota, the women's professional music 

The fraternity strives to raise the stand- 
ards of productive musical work among col- 
lege women and to further promote the de- 
velopment of music in America. Gamma 
Epsilon, the University of Maryland chapter 
of Sigma Alpha Iota, has two meetings a 
month. During the school year, they give two 
departmental parties and serve as ushers for 
all musicals held at the University of Mary- 

Sigma Alpha 

The purpose of Sigma Alpha Omicron is 
to give recognition to those who have de- 
monstrated an aptitutde and interest in the 
science of Microbiology. Sigma Alpha Omi- 
cron is a local honor society founded at Mary- 
land in 1925. To be eligible for initiation a 
student must attain junior standing, have a 
2.5 overall average and have taken twelve 
credits in bacteriology. The purpose of this 
scientific honorary is to promote friendliness 
and cooperation among bacteriology majors. 

SIGMA ALPHA OMICRON-Fronf Row: S. Smith, J. Green, C. Kalk. Back Row: J. Sheehe, C. DeFelice, P. Trainor, 
P. Jelus. 













-j^V- fl V' 





SIGMA TAU EPSILON-Fronf Row: R. Rudolph, K. White, S. Landay, B. Schafer. Back Row: K. Dunkin, L. Gavin, 
J. Weaver. 

Sigma Tau 

Sigma Tau Epsilon honors the outstand- 
ing women in the Women's Recreation Asso- 
ciation. To be ehgible for membership a stu- 
dent must have achieved sophomore stand- 
ing with an academic average of at least a 
2.5 and must have shown leadership and in- 
terest in the Women's Recreation Associa- 
tion activities. 

Sigma Tau Epsilon was established on 
campus in 1940 to encourage and foster a 
more wholesome appreciation of leisure 
time activities on the part of the students. 

Tau Beta 

Tau Beta Sigma honors those women who 
have made outstanding contributions to the 
University of Maryland band. A national 
recognition society established at the Uni- 
versity of Maryland in 1956, Tau Beta Sigma 
has as its purpose the promotion of better 
inter-band relationships by sponsoring 
parties during the year. Tau Beta Sigma 
members act as hostesses to the visiting 
bands and organize social affairs for their 
benefit. A 2.0 overall average is the necessary 
scholastic requirement for membership. 

TAU BETA SIGMA-Fronf Row: B. Hull, vice presi- 
dent; A. White, secretary; K. Trehlcock, D. Gihhas. 

Back Roiv: D. Youn^, treasurer; \'. Blasier, J. Wil- 
burn, president. 




H^ *-^i 

m '^ 


1 1 





















BETA ALPHA PSI- Front Row: S. Kagen, M. Dunn, 
E. Ellis, J. Flick, C. Edelson, P. DeCamara, D. Bond. 
Back Row: T. Willich, J. Feskett, G. Bloom, B. Cram- 

mer, B. Fishman, G. Benson, W. Beard, M. Sweren, 
D. Lowe, E. Davies. 

Beta Alpha Psi 

Beta Alpha Psi honors those University 
of Maryland students who are outstanding 
in the field of accounting. To be eligible for 
membership a student must prove that he 
can maintain a 3.0 overall average and a 
3.5 average in all accounting courses. He 
must also have submitted a thousand word 
research paper and passed a four hour writ- 
ten examination. 

Throughout the year, Beta Alpha Psi 
brings to the University of Maryland various 
speakers who are outstanding people in the 
accounting field. 

KAPPA ALPHA MU-G. Hoover, W. Noall, Professor 
J. Bedford, M. Matzek, E. Naill, A. Crowell, L. May- 
field, K. Heinen, W. Weiss, J. Lackey, N. Reznikoff, 

Kappa Alpha 

The Alpha Mu chapter of Kappa Alpha 
Mu, the national professional honorary fra- 
ternity, was founded at the University of 
Maryland in 1960. To be eligible for member- 
ship in this organization, a student must have 
distinguished himself in photojournalism 
through press photography, photo editing 
and publications work. An affiliate of the 
National Press Photographers' Association, 
Kappa Alpha Mu sponsors several dinners 
and model sessions for amateur photogra- 
phers, and has several famous speakers en- 
tertain and instruct them every year. 

F. Racenstein, R. Carroll, K. Firestone, W. Mathis, 
W. Fischer, J. Colhoon. 

PI SIGMA ALPHA- Front Row: R. Stuafenberger, 
R. Millhouser. Back Row: B. McKenna, C. Smith II, 
R. Friedman. 

Pi Sigma 

Pi Sigma Alpha is the political science 
honorary. It was established at the Uni- 
versity of Maryland in 1938. Since then Pi 
Sigma Alpha has had as its purpose the im- 
provement of scholarship in the field of polit- 
ical science. The members of Pi Sigma Alpha 
are chosen for their overall scholastic 
achievement and for their outstanding con- 
tributions to the Department of (w)\ tMument 
and Politics. Activities of this honorar\ in- 
clude a banquet which is given annually. 




.-r .>>?^ 

Air Science ot the 33()th Air Division. 

Air Force ROTC 

This year marks the Centennial of the 
ratification of the Morrill Act which provided 
that public lands in the West be donated to 
the states having colleges in which a course 
ol military training was maintained. Univer- 
sity regulations required all male students 
enrolled in the University of Maryland to 
undergo training conducted by the Reserve 
Officers' Training Corps. The program was 
organized to provide basic instruction during 
the iirst two years of college and to offer 
advanced training leading to a commission 
during the last two years. This year 4500 
cadets are enrolled in A F ROTC at Maryland 
and are provided with a foundation for lead- 
ership and aerospace age citizenship. The 
voluntary two-year Advanced ROTC pro- 
gram builds on this foundation and produces 
junior officers for the U.S. Air Force. 

INSPECTION time is here. 

ANDREW P. GROSE, Cadet Division Commander. 

MILITARY DAY rlimaxcs another year in KOTC. 


^^^^HSTel ''^^^JE^''V^^''^VM^i^^MBJrt^L ■^^■J^^^^'^^lvh 


rj v ^^ *-w L-i /■ 





ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY -Seated; R. J. Zwolinski, 
Dep. Oper. Officer; N. R. Bearce, Info. Ser. Officer; C. 
E. Couchman, Admin. Officer; R. A. Bragaw, Exec. Of- 
ficer; A. P. Grose, Comdr.; R. K. Zimmerman, Oper.; 
T. F. Schammel, Finance Officer; R. S. Kem, Chap- 
lain. Second Row: M. Board, E. Marlow, R. Violett, B. 

Gold, W. Wolfe, W. Cox, R. Graham, T. Staley, S. 
Lieshman, H. Baboyian, B. West, T. Symonds, W. 
Albrecht, C. Markline, Capt. R. Delmar. Last Row: 
J. Eurich, J. McDonough, R. Pielke, P. Wright, R. 
Warner, M. Meivers, B. MacMillan, T. Bigelow, T. 
Cahill, M. Enders, G. Scott, C. Johnson, C. Upham, 
B. Barrett, W. Koopmann. 

Arnold Air Society 

The Arnold Air Society is a professional 
service organization with a national enroll- 
ment of 5500 selected advanced AFROTC 
cadets. It was founded in honor of the late 
General H. H. "Hap" Arnold in 1947 and 
was established at the University of Mary- 
land in 1950. The objectives of the Society 

are: To promote American citizenship in 
an air age; to advance the support of air 
power; to further the purpose, mission, 
tradition, and concept of the USAF for na- 
tional security; and to create a closer and 
more efficient relationship within the 

Scabbard and Blade 

The Scabbard and Blade is a National 
Honorary Military Society. Its purpose is 
primarily to raise the standard of military 
education at the University of Maryland; 
to encourage and foster the essential quali- 
ties of good and efficient officers, and to 

SCABBARD AND BLADE -Seated; W. D. Wolfe, Ad- 
ministrative Officer; W. F. Cox, Jr., Executive Officer; 

P. I. Bowen, Jr., Commander; R. K. Zimmerman, 
Finance Officer. Second Row: M. E. Board, A. P. 

promote friendship and good fellowship 
among the cadet officers. Selected from sec- 
ond semester advanced cadets with a 2.5 
academic average and a 3.0 advanced ROTC 
average, Scabbard and Blade presently has 
seventeen members. 

Grose, R. A. Bragaw, Capt. John Dunn, W. B. Smith, 
Neil R. Bearce, D. Fletcher. Last Row: S. Koopmann, 
B. Gold, R. L. Woodard, H. L. Smith, P. Tobin. 

/ / 


#• w 

ns i in 

1 1^ ^—i^ 

Krautvvurst, B. Kiiiiis, T. Bongaitz, 


drcfiu', P. 

Coindr., C. L. Null, J. R. C:anipl)ell, J. II. Kiiricli. 
Second Row: L. W. Tovvnsend, E. E. Mosley, B. C. 
lohiison, |. A. Liiaj4, R. F. Biosca, D. Barnes, L. S. 
Wcintflcl," J. W. Foxwell. r/i/rc/ Row: D. L. Doeller, 
R. W. Half, C. A. Dalton, L. R. Burcli, C. M. Jones. 

Fourth Row: j. K. Ciarclosik, H. A. Koudelka, W . .\I. 
Beck, J. R. Niclioias, T. F. Williams. Fi/f/i Row:\\. H. 
Ward, C. W. Noranhroek, H. K. Parker, R. A. Fried- 
man, H. P. Croyle. Sixth Row:}. D. Bartelt, C;. A. 
Jackson, 11. A. Cole, |. H. Bender, C. L. Wood. Last 
Row: L.W. Hurley, L. S. Sadler, D. L. Ruderman, S 
F. Cohen. 

The Vandenbers Guard 

The Vandenberg Guard is a military fra- 
ternity uniciue to the University of Maryhind. 
Designated as a squadron within tlie Corps 
of Cadets, it is one of the few sabre drill 
teams in the United States. Composed of a 
Trick Sabre Drill Team, a Precision March- 

ing Unit, and a Color Guard, The Vanden- 
berg Guard has been a major contributor of 
cadet officers. It is named in honor of the 
late General Hoyt S. Vandenberg and was 
presented its formal charter by General 
N'andenberg's wife on June 12, 1955. 


i\e cluns 



15th REGT. STAFF -Seated: R. Miller, A. Shapiro, R. Neely, D. Lotgren, Conidr., J. 
Orlando, J. Cotton, H. McKenzie. Standing: J. Lady, N. Pfeiffer. 

Pershing Rifles 

The Pershing Rifles is a National MiHtuy 
Fraternity having vmits that are integral 
with ROTC programs throughout the United 
States. This organization was founded by 
the late John J. Pershing, General of the 
Armies, in 1894. 

The University of Maryland's unit. Squad- 
ron A, Fifteenth Regiment, dates back to 
1934. Consisting of a Color Guard, a Trick 
Drill Team, a Precision Drill Team, and a 
Rifle Team, it participates in drill competi- 
tion in this area and also competes in many 
nationwide drill meets. On the basis of out- 
standing performance in drill competition 
and of superior over-all organization and 
performance during the last year, Maryland's 
unit received the regimental award for the 
best unit in the Fifteenth Regiment. 

INSPECTION OF THE color guard. 

PERSHING RIFLES-Fron< Row: M. R. Graham, Comdr. Second Row: R. A. De- 
Voss, R. Calogero, R. W. Turner, C. K. Markline. Third Row: J. K. Hull, R. L. Eigen- 
brot, H. R. Ramhsburg, R. G. Pielke, J. K. Lady, F. Buchta, A. L. Pavlotos. Fourth 
Row: M. K. Enders, ]. A. Phillips, F. Tarkington, D. H. Forsht, T. E. Harrynian, R. 
C. Birely, R. K. Smith, Last Row: R. L. Stephenson, B. Q. Doyler, B. E. Dee, M. J. 
Isennan, R. E. Pollack, T. C. Boyer, S. G. Steinman, J. B. Kincaid. 


AINGEL VLIGHT-Front Row: H. Marvel, K. Grimes, 
b. (Jaskan, C. Stouttler, B. Baumner, S. Langmack, 
R. Rogers, C. Lokstein, S. Hellman. Second Row: 
A. Cochran, G. Yano, J. Staniin, L. Hyssong, E. John- 
son, G. Dent, J. Stover, P. Jenkins, L. Barter. Third 
Row: J. Wart'ield, \\. Stack, A. Shakashiri, L. Favier, 
A. Evans, C. Pinkus, K. Jeisi, M. Knox, A. Learniiui, 

Angel Flight 

Angel Flight, the official auxiliary or- 
ganization of the Arnold Air Society, was 
established at Maryland over five years ago. 
Primarily known lor its outstanding service, 
they act as official hostesses of the Univer- 
sity, present a talent show for the benefit of 
the campus chest and co-sponsor the Military 
Ball with the Arnold Air Society. 

OFFICERS -Siting; G. Dent, Pledge 
Trainer; E. Johnson, Pres.; J. Stamni, \'.P.; 
Standinfi: L. Barter, L. Hyssong, Rec. Sec; 
J. Stover, Sec; P. Jenkins, G. Yano, Treasurer. 

A. Passalacqua, L. Duvall, T. Tramniell. Fourth Row: 
P. Sappington, M. B. Coppock, G. Pace, M. A. Sam- 
bora, L. Jaekals, J. Buckner, M. Damuth, C. Strick- 
land, J. Shirk. Last Row: A. Husen, L. A. Walker, L. 
Lassila, D. Wood, M. L. Wood, P. Sheppard, S. E\ans, 
C. Brown, D. Fratta, J. Latimer, P. Prusch, C. Jarboe. 

JUDY STOVER, Secretary of Angel Flight, 
was Queen of the Militar>' Ball. 



EXAMINATION ON Drill and Ceremonies. 

R. K. ZIMMERMAN, Exec. Officer crowns Pat Mc- 
Laughlin, Sweetheart of CLA; B. J. Gold, Comdr., 
looks on. 

Cadet Leadership Academy 

The CLA is a squadron within the Corps 
of Cadets whose hmction is to train effective 
and efficient leaders for active service in the 
University of Maryhuid's AFROTC Cadet 
Corps. Organized in the spring of 1958, it 
was originally known as the Non-Conimis- 
sioned Officer's Academy. Having a total 

membership of fifty cadets, the squadron 
is divided into four flights in which drill 
competition has been highly emphasized. 
Tested on knowledge of drill and ceremonies 
and qualities of leadership, the Academy 
graduates the qualified cadets who then as- 
sume positions of leadership in the Corps. 

SQUADRON FORMS mass formation. 






Activities Associate Editor Sue Allmon 

S.G.A Barbara Watson 

Classes Pat Dunn 

Queens Priscilla House 

Communications Joanne Ross 

Drama Carol Fitzell 

Religion Jane Goodhand 

Music Kathy Zettler 

Organizations Morrow Cox 

Drawing; By J,i 


LFr^i<z> .-. — 

O. Vjr./V. 


S.G.A. CABINET- Frorif Row: B. Pettet', fraternity 
representative; W. Duckett, vice president; P. Was- 
mer, president; J. Stafford, treasurer; K. Jacobsen, 
AWS president; G. Kaludis, adviser; D. Sullivan, 
sophomore president. Last Row: C. Darby, independ- 

ent mens rep.; B. J. Gold, president of mens league; 
V. M. Ernst, independent women's rep.; R. Grud- 
ziecki, president of senior class; L. Robinson, secre- 
tary; W. Robertson, president of junior class. 

Student Government 

The SGA Cabinet is composed of stu- 
dent elected representatives. The cabinet 
represents the executive branch of the Stu- 
dent Government and is responsible for 
the supervision of student activities. 

The SGA Legislature is a relatively new 
institution being first formed in 1958. It is 
the largest elected body on campus. When at 
full strength, it is composed of thirty rep- 
resentatives. Combined with the SGA Cabi- 
net it gives the University a very effective 
and efficient bicameral government. 

Representatives of the Legislature are 

LEGISLATURE -Fron^ Row: R. Sachs, R. Dochter, 
M. McndilsoM, J. Beattie, assistant speaker; W. 
Duckett, speaker; K. Daniels, secretary; C. Gray, 
|. Bfiisoii, \V, C:lark, D. Millhouser. Last Row: S. 

elected by their respective classes. The 
Vice President of the SGA serves as Speaker; 
an Assistant Speaker and a Secretary are 
elected fiom within the group. The Legisla- 
ture is broken down into eight Standing 
Committees covering every phase of campus 
life. Each member serves on at least one of 
these committees. Special Committees of 
the Legislature obtain their membership 
from the entire campus. With the exception 
of the chairman, who is an elected represent- 
ative, the entire student body is eligible for 

Hoyer, S. J. Brown, M. X'alencia, D. Pollckoff, \'. 
Myers, J. 6'Hare, D. DeLanoy, E. Downs, C. Clog- 

han, T. L. Kelly, N. Lon^, M- Finkelstein, \V. Stasiu- 


The Freshman Orientation Board plans 
the orientation activities for all new Mary- 
land students. This year several different 
types of events were initiated to better the 
relations among the new student, his family, 
and the University. President Elkins spoke 
to the students and their families at the first 
annual Parents' Welcome. At the All Univer- 


BOARD -Fronf Row: J. C. Har- 
ris, junior chairman; J. Wharton, 
assistant chairman; S. Meyers, 
secretary; P. Wasmer. Last Row: 
B. Wood, assistant chairman; C. 
Orndorff, assistant chairman. 

sity Night, the outstanding talent organiza- 
tions and their members were introduced. 
Other events held to acquaint new students 
with Maryland life include the Campus 
Tours, the Dink Debut, the Academic Assem- 
blies, the President's Reception and the 
Freshman Mixer. 


Mann, J. Stafford, 
chairman; L. 

Hall, S. Hoyer. 

Student Court 

The nine Court members, representing 
a student cross section, are juniors and sen- 
iors with minimum 2.5 overall averages. The 
Court has original jurisdiction over cases re- 
ferred by the Judiciary Office or Faculty 
Senate Committee on Discipline, infiactions 
of University regulations or public laws 
which reflect on the University, and con- 
stitutional cases involving SGA or other 
groups. It is an appellate court for cases 
originating in lower courts. 


The Finance Committee, representing 
the student body, budgets $150,000 of stu- 
dent funds. Members are selected by the 
SGA Treasurer and the Finance Committee 

Hearings are completed and recommen- 
dations are made in the spring. This makes 
it possible for the legislature to quickly pass 
the budget the following fall. SGA supported 
organizations may then revise their budgets 
to meet funds received. 


Front Row: B. Barry, Dr. B. Ho- 
dinko, D. G. Worrall, K. Dunkin. 
Last Row: J. B. Deitz, W. B. 
Smith, D. W. Coder. Absent when 
picture was made: S. Schles- 
inger, C. Jones, S. Osburn. 

' I I f > I 

^ SA 

AWS and MEN'S LEAGUE COMMITTEE: L. Jom-s, B, Cold, Men's Lv.iaiw Pu'sidcnt; K. |acol)s.n, AWS 

President; H. Waiiu-i, C;. Whittington, R. Kdgar, L. Gidden. 

Associated Women Students 

Upon entering the Universit\ ot Mary- 
land, every coed is automatically a member 
of" the Associated Women Students. AWS is 
the go\erning l)ody responsible for the for- 
mulating and carrying out of regulations for 
women students. Elected by the women of 
the student I)()dy, the AWS Executive Coun- 
cil also coordinates the academic, cultural 
and social activities of the women students. 

Activities of AWS include Bridal Fair, 

C>ultural C>()flee Hours, Christmas Pageant, 
Orphans' Party, House Directors Teas, and 
many more. The extensive Big Sister Pro- 
gram of AWS includes Daydodger as well 
as Dormitory women. 

As the governing bod>' for women, AWS 
plays an active and representative role in 
many campus organizations, and in turn all 
campus women's organizations are repre- 
sented on the AWS Council. 

S. Gorham, K. Dnnkiii, treasurer; E. Kippnes, first 
vice pres.; K. Jacobsen, president; J. Montgomery, 
second vice pres.; J. Davis, secretary; C. Heisler, sen- 
ior representative. Second Row: E. Hicca, K. Murphy, 

T. GoI(lenl)cr«, .S. .Xlliuon, J. li. H\ re, S. Osburn, H. 
Potzner, C. Whittington, M. A. Flowers, L. Essig, C. 
('ouey. Last Row: C Pass, F". Horwitz, D. Stevenson, 
J. Cioodhoud, R. Rudolpii. 


Row: D. Trust, D.Weller, 
cliief justice; W. Katzel. 
Last Row: S. Bennett, M. 
Finnin, P. Beatty. 

Men's League 

The Men's League strives to coordinate 
the activities of male students in all phases 
of college life. Outstanding senior awards 
in scholarship, athletics, communications, 
and service are given by the Men"'s League 
at its annual spring leadership banquet. Cam- 
pus activities sponsored are intramurals. 
Summer Job Placement, and No-Shave 
Week. The Men's League also sponsors a 
Winter Wonderland contest in which each 
house and dormitory places Christmas dec- 
orations in front of its residence. The win- 
ner receives a portable television. 

The executive council is a student elected 
body which governs the activities of the 
League. The council consists of the presi- 
dent, vice president, secretary, and treas- 
urer; elected representatives of the fieshman. 

sophomore, junior, and senior classes; and 
appointed representatixes of its member or- 
ganizations: the Interfraternity Council, 
the Resident Men's Association, and the 
University Commuters' Club. 

The Student Judiciary which is repre- 
sentative of male undergraduates at the Uni- 
versity is the Men's League Judicial Board. 
It consists of sophomores, juniors, and sen- 
iors drawn from independent, fraternity 
and commuter groups. Each member of the 
Board must have at least a 2.2 cumulative 
grade point average. 

Cases involving male students, as indi- 
viduals, who have violated University re- 
gulations applying to all men, constitute the 
main jurisdictional area of the Men's League 
Judicial Board. 


Front Row: T. 
Brown, secretary; 
B. Gold, president; 
N. Welty, vice pres- 
ident; J. Derr, treas- 
urer. Last Row: ]. 
Randolph, I. Gel'l- 
man, J. Beattie, J. 
Steinberg, R. War- 
ner, commuters rep- 

Cobc'N', S. Schlt'siiim-r, chairman; ). Wliarton, 
R. Hudolpli. Last Row: H. Ed^ar, M. Macliuaii, 
P. Billia, MxiftaiN ; C. Kaliiclis, a(l\ iscr. Absent 
alien picture was made: P. Ihiits, F. Feikin, 
R. Dctwilcr. 

Cultural Committee 

The Cultural Committee brings to the 
University a varied program designed to 
meet the wide range ot interests ol the stu- 
dents and faculty. In the past year the pre- 
sentations have included the National Sym- 
phony concert series, Owen Engel's World 
Jazz Festi\al, Barter Theater's selections of 
famous dramatic scenes, Ravi Shankar — 
India's outstanding sitarist, as well as opera- 
tic offerings and guest speakers. 

The job of the Committee is to determine 

the consensus of cultural interest and bring 
to the campus a generous sampling ot the 
many fine cultural arts and artists a\ailable. 
Publicit\ , ticket sales, and technical arrange- 
ments for each production keep the members 
busy. The goal of the Committee is to gi\'e 
each student who supports the SGA Cul- 
tural Progiam through his acti\ity fees the 
opportunity to find the type of cultural art 
he enjoys. 

Campus Chest Council 

The Campus Chest Council of the Uni- 
versity of Maryland is the centralizing agent 
for all fund-raising projects undertaken by 
any organization on campus. 

All profits must go to Campus Chest witii 
the exception of projects of which 100% 
of the profits are to go towards a scholar- 
ship fund. However, any organization may 
appeal for aj^proval to Campus C>hest to use 
up to 90% of its profits towards its own (pre- 
stated) designated charities. 

The Council takes responsibilit\ for in- 
vestigating and selecting charitable organiza- 

tions to which its funds will go. Each year 
Campus Chest sponsors a week during which 
organizations individually raise mone) for 
Campus Chest. 

The council is made up of representa- 
tives from Panhel, IFC, APO, Men's League, 
RMA, Gamma Sigma Sigma, and the Com- 
muters' Club. This \ear there is a Campus 
Chest representatix e in e\ er\' fraternit\', 
sorority, and Men's and Women's Dormitor\ . 
These are headed by their four correspond- 
ing overall chairmen. 

CAMPUS CHEST -Front Row: F. 
Hill, S. Laiula\', cliairinaii; S. Mait- 
ney, treasurer; J. I'\)rster. Last Row: 
R. Warner, R. Hiiclolpli, .S. (iorliani, 
J. Hartley, E. Goodman. 




FRESHMAN OFFICERS -/Vonf Row: Arlciu- Uuck'lsky, treasurer; Rick Robinson, president; Pat 
Missel, secretary. Back Row: Karen Dorn, vice president. 

The Freshman Class 

The new shoes mother bought him have 
become discarded for cHrty sneakers, and 
his face has lost some of its newness. He has 
found his place. This is the Freshman. 

The Class of 196.5 is working toward a 

successful Freshman Prom and Freshman 
Day. Its members are becoming acti\e in 
extra-curricular and academic campus ac- 


DON'T FORGET that dink! 

IF ONLY I'd studied last night 

FRESHMEN SEEN in the differing moods of registration — con- 
fusion, concentration, hopeful expectation? 

Sophomore Class 

Sophomore Carnival, an activity of 
this class, is one of the big events of the 
year in which all dormitories, sorori- 
ties, fraternities, and organizations take 
part by building colorful booths. Prizes 
are given for the most original and en- 
tertaining booths. A good time is had by 
all and the Carnival proceeds go to Cam- 
pus Chest. 

"A Breath of Spring" was the spring 
motif used as the theme for this year's 
Sophomore Prom. 

The officers of the Sophomore Class 
are David Sullivans, president; Judie 
Roundy, vice president; Reginald " L. 
McNamara, treasurer; Joyce Stafford, 
secretary; Sue Gorham, A.W.S.; and 
Irwin F. Gellman, Men's League Re- 

CO-CHAIRMAN OF the No Shave Contest, Irv Gelhiian, 
looks on as Elhs Goodman gives rough-bearded Mike Ger- 
shew a long needed shave. 

SOPHOMORES APPLAUD the queen of thi-ir class. 


SYNCOPATED RHYTHM provides music to dance by. 


The Junior Class 

In the dawn of awakened responsibility 
the junior steps forward to a new position 
of leadership both socially and academically. 
With the confusion and experiences of under- 
classmen years behind hiiii, the junior is 
building on solid ground towards the fiil- 

fillnient of his aims. 

The highlights of his year include the 
Junior Prom and tlie newly innovated Honors 
Convocation replacing the traditional May 
Day ceremonies. 

SOPHOMORE CLASS- Ricliarcl Balliiiger, tiuasurer; Elaine Kicca, A.W'.S. representative; Wayne 
Rofjertson, president; Phil Rever, vice pres.; Linda Cavin, .secretary; Joseph Steinberg, Men's League 


BILLY MAY and his orchestra entertain at the Junior Prom, held at Indian Springs Country Ckib. 

GUESTS AT the Junior Prom turn in their invitations at the door. 


BEV MACHT, Chairman of the 
Prom, smiles during intermis- 

SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS-Jim Benson, Chairman of Senior Class Presents; Kay Myers, 
vice president; Ron Grudziecki, president; Cynthia Heisler, A.W.S. Rep.; Duke Bowen, 
treasurer; JuHa Cobey, Senior Prom Chairman. 

The Senior — the well- 
informed, well-rounded, 
erudite near-graduate — 
has many memories of 
past laurels in college. 
These reflections include 
his first registration, the 
Sophomore Carnival, the 
Junior Prom, plus the 
long hours of study and 
the tension of exams. 

But then there is the 
Senior Ball, Senipr Class 
Presents, and graduation 
to look forward to. 

Also the Senior looks 
with a discerning eye at 
himself and what has 
taken place within him in 
the past four years. 

The Senior Class 


SENIOR ELITE- Mike Benkert, Ron Grudziecki, Duke Bowen, and Jim Ben- 



The University Chapel 


All Faiths 

rective bocK- for all campus religious organizations. 

RELIGIOUS AFFAIRS are coordinated through the 
Chapel staff and the Student Religious Council, un- 
der the supervision of the Religious Life Committee 
of the Faculty Senate. 

Religious life at Maryland finds expres- 
sion dirough numerous denominational and 
other groups. 

The activities depicted on these pages, 
including worship, education, service, and 
social life, are generally representative of 
all the groups, although each group has its 
own distinctive purpose and nature. 

Religious lite centers in Memorial Chapel 
with its three chapels for services and of- 
fices for each group. Chaplains or repre- 
sentatives assigned to the chapel by de- 
nominations compose the Chapel Staff. 

METHODIST STUDENTS include among their activities an informal hymn-sing in the Wesley 
Room at the Uiiiversitv Methodist Churcii. 



MASS is lu'ld oil All 
Saints' Day. 

MENT STUDY is Kiven 
by the chapel staff as 
an eight-week course. 

MEMBERS OF ETHOS meet toK'etlier to plait loi tiitiire meetings. 


SOCIATION members 
consult with advisor, 
Dr. Rivlin. 

folk dancing at Hillel House. 

THE LUTHERAN STUDENT CENTER throughout the entire school year provides many opportunities for in- 
formal discussions, social hours, and get-togethers for resident and day-dodger students. 

« — -I ^r "' 


( lMtei\aisit\-iiitL'rcleiioin- 
ational) join together in 
song before service. 

BAPTIST NOON-DAY DEVOTIONS are lield daily in the West Chapel. 

FATHER STEVENS, tlir Episcopal Chaplain, an- 
swers a (|nesti()ii lor one of the niciiilxTs ol tiic Clan- 
terbury Association. 






ALL EYES upon her, Jean is 
ready to begin. 


The homecoming festivities were 
highlighted by Jean Weaver as she 
reigned as homecoming queen. 

JEAN SMILES as President Elkins congratulates her. 

JEAN DEMONSTRATES her twirhng abiHty to the excited football audience. 


Jean Weaver 

Pledge Queen Fran Morrel 



Sophomore Queen Ruth Hatfield 

Greek Queen Kay Myers 










Miss Maryland 

This year's Miss Maryland, Elaine 
Downs, reigned over the Junior Prom — 
held at the Indian Springs Country Club. 

MISS MARYLAND reigns over the Junior Prom. 

ELAINE JOINS in the celebration on the Civil War Centennial. 


rt k^-:^ .. 




^ ■■ -«^!',^^l;<t>'»^ 


Elaine Downs 

Sandy Whalen 

Ruth Hatfield 

Miss Maryland Finalists 

Jo Ellen Finn 

Elaine Ricca 




JEAN RITCHIE, art editor, practices technique on 
tlie associate editor, Emory Kristofi. 

KEN WAISSMAN, editor-in-chief relives past tri- 
umphs as he reads a past issue ot. the Old Line. 

MANAGING EDITOR, Larry Pearson receives spe- 
cial attention from Claire Feldstein, business man- 

Shroeder, and Pat Biliig pose prettily and laugh at 
the photographer's jokes. 


Old Line 

The Old Line survived another year of 
bad jokes, rushed deadHnes, and censorship 
under the guidance of editor Ken Waissman. 
As the campus humor magazine, the Old Line 
features parody, cartooning, and satire. The 
staff considers itself lucky to still be retained 
as part of the Maryland family of higher edu- 

EMORY KRISTOFF, publications photographer, 
will do almost anything to get a good picture. 

The Old Line is at work — taking a coffee break during work on the Christmas issue. 

BUCK HOYLE, Fall Editor-iii-Chief. 

PAUL CASE, Spring Editoi-m-Ciiit't. 


JUDY DISNEY, Tuesday News Editor; Adrian Sybor, Managing Editor, 'and Helen Murphy, staff 
reporter discuss articles to he used in a future issue of the Diamondback. 

ALAN WEXLER and Lou Coffee, Diamond- 
back ad-men. 

LIZ HALL, Friday Managing Editor. 

^^^H'' ^^^^^^^B^ 

*1^-^ •'^^l 



M^^^^M "-^ M^M 


n v^yJ^H^I 

^^^^)7 ^^ 



v^ ^^ 



'"^ "— • 

BRUCE WEBER, Executive Sports Editor gives some point- 
ers to Neil Heilpern, sportswriter. 

The Diamondback is published four 
times weekly to inform the student body 
of national, international, and campus cur- 
rent events. 

The Diamondback boasts four separate 
staffs, each responsible for its own paper. 
Overseeing the operation this year were edi- 
tors Buck Hoyle and Paul Case. Reporting, 
writing, copyreading, editing, proofreading— 
always a deadline to meet — this is the story 
of the Diamondback. 

JACK PRIAL, Thursday Editor. 



TUESDAY STAFF: K-an Rowlaiicl, Pain Leef, Claire Marcuccio, Joliii (^olhouii, Marie Howell, Joan Stern. 

Diamondback Staff 

THURSDAY STAFF: Sandi Shapiro, Jerry Bayne, Leena Lassila, Joan Kane, Sandy Warhol, Sandy Milwit, Neil 
Heilpeni, Jean Gabis, Stan Hankin, Donna Elleiison, Sheila Bnrke, Dick Schaefer. 


WEDNESDAY STAFF: Jean Lineberry, Sue Fraley, Bev Macht, Michele Kalman. 

FRIDAY STAFF: Front Row: Peggy Slavin, Susan Stern, Steve Floam, Jan Browning, Jean Beall. Back Row: Gar- 
nette Jones, Steve Baird, Alex Sulin. 


M Book 

This year's pocket-sized editon of the 
M-Book was published in the fallto help ac- 
quaint new students to life on the College 
Park campus. Along with the familiar black 
and gold dinks, the M-Book was standard 
equipment for all freshmen. 

John Stafford, this year's editor-in-chief, 

and the M-Book staff, summarized campus 
rules and regulations, activities and organiz- 
ations, and attempted to answer typical ques- 
tions before they were asked. Included also 
were a calendar of events at the University, 
and a listing of things to see and places to 
go on and off campus. 

M-BOOK STAFF — Jim Kt'iinedy, Jim Harris, Jolin Stafford, Fran Horwitz. 




MADISON AVENUE invades the field of photog- 
raphy—Ellsworth Naill, photo manager and chief 





ROGERS, Co-Editors-in-Chief. 


FRANK TUCCI- Managing Editor 

F in/ 

WOODY BEVILLE- Business Manager 

MR. JIMMY BEDFORD- Faculty Adviser 



STAFF -Joseph Ack- 
man. Donna Skoglund, 
Mary Ellen Giaimo. 

ACADEMICS STAFF -Typing, Feme Harding. Front Row: Donna Kohler, Penny 
Wagaman, Barbara Janz, Robyn Rudolph, Bonnie Jump, Betty Cobey. Back Row: Tom 
Childs, John Routenberg. 

Early last fall, a large staff began putting 
together the ideas, copy, pictures, and hard 
work which has become the 1962 TERRAPIN, 
a year of Maryland's life. -* 

Under the editorship of Janice Mont- 
gomery and John Rogers, the TERRAPIN, after 

many horns, false starts, and lost tempers 
gradually became a reality. 

So here it is -the 1962 Terrapin -re- 
flecting the ever growing campus, the chang- 
ing face of Maryland, always different, yet 
always the same. 

RESIDENCES STAFF -Front Row: Carol Gebert, 
Joanne Moser, Joyce Schroeder, Claudia Miller, 
Maryan Thomas. Back Row: Karen Abramson, Anne 

Banville, Terry Etienne, Barbara Levin, Susan Hertz- 
ler, Sandi Shapiro, Judy Favier, Barbara Zoda, Joyce 

Terrapin Staff 

ACTIVITIES — Fronf Row: Carol Fitzell, Kathy Zettler, Joanne Ross, Sue Allmon. Back Row: Morrow Cox, Barbara 
Bloom, Nancy Altinan, Jane Goodhand, Roberta Panici. 

The Terrapin section editors and their 
staffs began work early last fall to put to- 
gether the ideas, pictures and copy which be- 
came the 1962 Terrapin. Contending with 
rushed deadlines, late copy or no copy, too 
many pictures, or not enough, the staff mem- 
bers could often be heard taking up the hue 
and cry: Where is the photographer? Ma> I 

borrow your grease pencil? Has anyone seen 
page 188? Who is that girl in the third row? 
This typewriter doesn't work! So this is 
what they mean by working under pressure! 
Then, finally, it happened. The pictures 
had been taken — and retaken. The copy was 
written and the sections assembled. .\nd 
the Terrapin became a reality. 


SENIORS -Front Row: Myra Aberman, Sandra Lisogursky, Carol Steckman, Patricia Serber. Last Row: Enid Zip- 
permann, Rena Sue Melnick, Sheila Rosenzwog, Susan Altman, Fran Horwitz. 

SPORTS -Front Row: Pat Dunn, Ann Smith, Joline Dehart, Joan Raith. Las.t Row: Chuck Newman, Ken Lawrence. 

MISS MIDNIGHT- Marvene McClimg 


Business Manager 

STEVE JOHNSON -Program Director 


STAN RUDICK- Station Manager 


SUNDAY-MONDAY STAFF- Mike Freedman, Jeff Selz- 
nick, Bill Seaby, Gary Klimen, Sid Koelling. 

THURSDAY-FRIDAY STAFF -Alan Batten, Charlie 
Price, George Dewey. 

L. Sher, Rhody A. Bosley, Pat Sheehan, 
Gregory Otto. 

WMUC, the congenial and enlightening 
radio voice of the University of Maryland 
keeps the campus up to date with the latest 
news and musical selections. From its hum- 
ble beginnings in 1945, WMUC has experi- 
enced such success that, at present, new 
facilities are being investigated to further 
the expansion of the station. 

Miss Midnight, whose identity is here re- 
vealed for the first time, was chosen in the 
annual contest held last fall. She is the 
femme fatale of the air waves who nightly 
bids the campus goodnight. 

NEWS & SPORTS STAFF -Fronf Row: Lee Euzent, 
News Director; Charlie Price, Sports Director. Sec- 
ond Row: Denny O'Neil, Charlie Rossiter, Bonnie 
Johnson, Barry C. Anderson. Back Row: Tom Gould, 
Alan Snyder. 



Expression, the campus literary maga- 
zine, features original creati\e writing and 
art work. The staff, comprised of ahout 
twenty students and headed this year by 
Bill Cooper, publishes an issue each semes- 
ter. As well as art work, Expression includes 
poetry, short stories, plays, and essays by 
Maryland students. 

EXPRESSION STAFF -Fronf Row: Hie Blacksten, Man- 
aKiiiK Editor; Bill C'oopt-r, Editor-iii-CMiief; Jaincs J. Dil- 
linjier. Art Editor. Back Row: Katliif Dewt-y, Tliomas B. 
Haughey, Lynne Col\ in. 

Publications Board 

The Publications and Connnunications 
Board meets monthly on campus to discuss 
policy and procedure, as well as offering 
criticisms on the various student organs. The 
Board consists of" the editors of TERRAPIN, 
Diamondhack, Expression, Old Line, the 
station manager of WMUC, their advisers. 

faculty, and representative students. In addi- 
tion, the Board is responsible for appoint- 
ing students to the executive positions on 
the publications and seeing that the policies 
and ideals of the University are mirrored in 
its publications and communications. 

PUBLICATIONS BOARD-Front Row: VV. L. Strau.s- 
baugh, John IjCinljacli, S. M. Wedel)erg, George F. 
Batten. Second Row: R. N. Doet.scli, Ken Wais.snian, 
Janice Montgomery, Sarah Jjchlesinger, janies Hum- 

phrey, Alfred C. Crowell. Back Row: B. J. Borre.son, 
Douglas G. Worrall, John Rogers, Buck Movie, Stan 
Rudick, John Fuher. 

•^ :**' 4m -• 


fi^ £!f^. 



Guys and Dolls 

Witli their first play this season, University 
Theater took us to Broadway with Daynion 
Runyon's musical comedy involving a Salva- 
tion Army girl and a bet between gamblers. 

The Cast 

Sarah Brown 
Sky Masterson 
Miss Adelaide 
Nathan Detroit 
Nicely-Nicely Johnson 
Gen. Matilda B. Cartwright 

Anne Southworth 

Marlin Hoff 

Laura Ranch 

Julian Tepper 

Rov Hendricks 

Ival McDermott 

'MARRY THE Man Today' 

"LUCK BE a Lady" 



'I'VE NEVER Been in Love Before" 


'SIT DOWN, You're Rockin' the Boat; 

BUT, IGOR, you can't marr\- the daughter of the 
American Ambassador!" 

"BUT JULIET can't many the sou of the Russian 

"AND AS a real bartjain, the hist xohinie of 'Tropic of Cancer'.' 

Romanoff and 

University Theater's second production of 
the season was Peter Ustinov's satire on 
Shakespeare and diplomatic relations. The 
story revolves around the romance between 
the son of the Russian Ambassador and the 
daughter of the American Ambassador to a 
tiny country in Europe, and the efforts of 
the General of the country to ease relations 
between East and West. 
The Cast 

Igor Romanoff 
Juliet Moulsworth 
First Soldier 
Second Solder 
Mr. Moulsworth 
Mrs. Moulsworth 
Mr. Romanoff 
Mrs. Romanoff 

William Northcutt 

Diana Lady 

Jeff Bell 

Walter Hageter 

Charles Gillett, Jr. 

Jerry Augburn 

Carolyn Phelps 

Barry Bach 

Andie Ferber 


"I NOW pronounce you 








^ ,.f ^ 

w- •<■*. 





'PUT IN his legs!' 

"IF A MAN'S lirains were in's lieels, were it not in 

(lanuer of kilx's? " 

King Lear 

The Shakespearean drama presented by Uni- 
versity Theater this season tells of King Lear 
of Britain who wished to divide his kingdom 
among his three danghters and retire. 

Regan and Goneril, his two eldest daugh- 
ters, profess a great love for him in order to 
obtain a larger share of the kingdom. His 
youngest daughter, Cordelia, refuses to de- 
ceive him and is banished. 

Tragedy results when Lear learns of the 
deception and goes mad. 

King Lear 
Earl of Kent 
Earl of Glouster 
The Fool 

The Cast 

William McGuire 

Mar\' Madigan 

Sally Archibald 

Carol Nhirtin 

Stanley Hartmann 

Robert Fowlkes 

leff lU-Il 

"KNAVE! BEGGAR! Coward! Pander!' 

"WHY SHOULD a dog, a horse, a rat have life and 
thou no breath at all." 

"NO, YOU unnatural hags!" 


FRANK TUDISCO as llic Mat- 
ador in "Lanieiil lor tlic Mata- 

SANDY SELIGSON as Cathy Holly, Lorraine Fowler as Mrs. Holly, 
and Norvell Bryant as George Holly in "Suddenly Last Summer." 

in "Lament for the Matador." 


Crooklin^er jacobv in "Three 
Penn\ Opera." 


BUDDY RENFRO, author of "Little Tin Barn" 

STERLING JACKSON, student director of "We the 

Laboratory Theater 

Laboratory Theater is the experimental 
branch of the Speech and Drama Depart- 
ment of the University of Maryland. It 
gives students the opportunity to act in, 
direct, and to write plays for stage produc- 
tion. The plays are done with minimum 
lighting and properties, making them highly 

Under the guidance of Herb Rodgers of 
the Speech and Drama Department, Labo- 
ratory Theater this season presented a wide 
range of plays including Tennessee Wil- 
liam's "Suddenly Last Summer," the mus- 
ical comedy "Three Penny Opera," a chore- 
ographic reading, "Lament for the Matador," 
and an original script, "The Little Tin Barn" 
by Buddy Ren fro. 

This year Laboratory Theater produc- 

tions were given at various military instal- 
lations and high schools in the area in addi- 
tion to regular performances at the Univers- 
ity. Because of this expansion Lab Theater 
sought to increase the quality as opposed to 
the quantity of their productions. This pro- 
vided the student directors the opportunity 
to direct full three act plays rather than cut- 
tings of such plays. More student actors have 
participated in production this year than in 
any other year. New directors with new ideas 
provided incentive for all involved in the 
various performances, thus utilizing the ex- 
perimental aspect of Lab Theater. 

Student producer of Lab Theater, Mary 
Madigan, was succeeded by Michele Rothe 
who took over the position during the second 
semester with Diana Lady and Sandra Selig- 
son as assistant producers. 


THE FOLLIES' members bid farewell as they depart for a five week tour of the Caribbean. 

Flying Follies 


IN PANAMA, members of Flying Follies view the 
locks ot the great canal. 

From the North Pole to the Equator, the 
University of Maryland's Flying Follies have 
entertained our armed forces with their 
sparkling vaudeville revue. The group is 
unique in that it is student organized and stu- 
dent directed. 

This past summer, eighteen members of 
the troupe departed from National Airport 
for Panama; Puerto Rico; the \'irgin Islands; 
Guantanamo, Cuba; Antiqua and Grand 
Turks in the British West Indies; San Sal- 
vador and Eleuthera in the Bahamas; and 
Cape Canaveral, Florida. The revue, en- 
titled "Footlight Fever," was directed by 
Ken Waissinan and included several original 
numbers and acts. During the live week ex- 
cursion, the Follies gave fifty performances, 
including two TV presentations. 

During the year the group entertains at 
various hospitals and army camps in the area. 
They also perform several benefit perform- 
ances on campus. In January, the group pro- 
duces a large revue in Central Auditorium 
for the benefit of the Campus Chest. 


"IT'S ALIVE!" screams Gwen Rosenberg, as she tangles with a boa 
constrictor at the Jungle Warfare Training Center in Panama." 

OLGA MIRANDA honors the May- 
oress of San Juan and her Venezuelan 
guests with a well-known Spanish 

"THIS WAS a real nice evening," sing the Flying Follies, as they close an- 
other performance of "Footlight Fever." 

IN CUBA, Ken VVaissman re- 
ceives an award for the P'ol- 
lies' outstanding service in 
boosting morale. 

Drama Wing 







P^H^^Ufiu ^^^v * «^^l 



E I^Im^H^^H 





syp ' ^.«^jH 




^ ] 

^^^^^^V^^^^^^^^tf^^^^^'lflc ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H '"■ 




li\B ' 


. / 

l\H 1 




^y^B ^ 


IM^VV j^^^H 




"HIGH PRESSURE AREA"-as seen from the wings 
of the Boonsboro High School stage ckiring a per- 
formance January 18. This is the second ot the two 
Drama Wing plays performed during the 1961-1962 
season. CAST MEMBERS — Jime Reinking, Carol His- 
sey, and R()l)ert Lewis. 

As a service to the state of Maryland, the 
Drama Wing of the Department of Speech 
and Dramatic Art was formed in 1957. Its 
purpose is to utilize the problem plays of the 
American Theatre Wing for presentation be- 
fore PTA's and other civic organizations. 
These plays are entertaining and educational 
in that parents, educators, and others in- 
terested in youngsters may gain insight into 
their behavior problems. During the past 
five seasons the Drama Wing has traveled 
more than 10,000 miles in presenting plays 
to more than 23,000 people. They have given 
256 performances. 

MARY ANNE SAMBORA won the 1962 Drama Wing 
Award for appearing in the most performances since 
becoming a Drama Wing member. Breaking all rec- 
ords in the fi\'e years historN' of Drama NN ing, Mary 
Anne appeared in more than 70 performances and 
traveled more than 3, 000 miles pla>ing before more 
than 5,000 persons. 


SHAKE"— the most popular of the 
two Drama Wing plays, depicts the 
difficulty of parents trying to teach 
manners to children. The above photo 
was taken at a performance in Glen 
Burnie, Maryland, November 14th. 
CAST MEMBERS -Robert Lewis, 
Mary Anne Sambora, Judy Trammell, 
Carolyn Echols, and June Reinking. 

DRAMA WING— Front Row: Claire Lewis, June Reinking, Judy Trammell, Mary Anne 
Sambora, and Judy Lanier. Second Row: Robert Lewis. Back Row: Faith Rafkind, Carol 
Hissey, Terry Patrick, and Mary Ellen Hammond. 

UNIVERSITY THEATER -Fronf Row: Jeff Bell, 
Dale Ahearn, Lee Clark, Laura Raueh, Boh Fovvlkes, 
Jack H. Zimmerman, George C. B. Case. Second Row: 
William F. Kerchner, Candy Slniman, Michelle 
"Mike" Rothe, Merlee Levin, Alice Bryant, Jackie 

Summers, Bill Higgens. Back Row: Sandra Seligson, 
Carole Levinson, James Ritchie, Thomas E. Smith, 
Charlie Ford, Anne Southworth, secretars'; Mary 
Madigan, president. 

University Theater 

The purpose of University Tlicater is to 
encourage interest in, and to further develop 
dramatic arts at the University of Maryland. 
Durinji the academic year University Theater 
produces four plays. This year "Ciuys and 
Dolls," "Romanoff and Juliet," "King Lear," 
and "Death of a Salesman" were presented. 

Qualifications tor membership in Uiiixer- 

sity Theater include work on two produc- 
tions, either as an actor or technical crew 
memher and completion of ten hours of 
theater workshop in either costume or set 

University Theater invites anyone inter- 
ested in any phase of theatiical work to as- 
sist them in their productions. 







CHAPEL CHOIR-FroM? Row: Lin Maxwell, Sandra 
Osburn, Jo Ann Musumeci, Barbara Potzner, Anne 
Shirk'>' Wood, Barbara Hiiiu-s, Ann Dornian, Dt^nietri 
Haitas, Tlionias Dove, Riehard Popp, John Theis, 
Charlotte Hayes, Marilyn Krueger, Sharon Welsh, 
Judy Osgood, Diane Tarleton, Barry Gregory, Leslie 
Parr. Second Row: Marie Wirtensohn, Linda Clarke, 
Mary McCoy, Bette Claze, Mary Ann Yeager, Walter 
Boyd, Jerry Dalhnan, Tom Johnson, Dennis McCurdy, 
Steven Kale, Leon Clark, Linda Gooding, Ariel 
Webster, Carole Connor, Katherine Murphy, Emily 
Whitbeck, Judy Stirling, Mary Lynn Dowell. Third. 
Row: Diane Snyder, Elaine Legal, Lee Kaiser, Nessa 
Yaniger, Barb Young, Shirley Somerville. Fourth 
Row: Bonnie Mayo, Emily Dinkle, Sandy Matthews, 
Kay Grimes, Sharon Stoton, Jeffrev Bowman, Ray 


Miles, Harold O'Flaherty, Dennis Ruck, Da\ idson 
Watts, David Ulrich, Sue Samsel, Terry Sailer, Arleen 
Samson, Em Zeller, Mar\' Ellen Hammond, Jo Ann 
De\'ito, Dorothy Ashle>'. Fifth Row: Betsy Low, Sally 
Pritchett, Margaret McKa\, Marianne Hoosel, Jean 
Schlotzhauer, Raymond Shadid, Donald Wirak, James 
Redmond, Carroll Matthews, Ralph Sharp, John 
Aulboch, Paul Teare, Phil Goodenough, Richard 
Penney, Harry Miller, Nell Bourget, Pegg> Harder, 
Elaine Hyde, Pauline Ma, Inga Stellmacher, Milgrig 
Wilt. Rack Row: Terry McCurry, Joline DeHart, Wil- 
liam Wheeler, Forrest Williams, Norman Simpson, 
Earl Hadlock, Thomas Clemons, Ferris Garrett, Sam 
Mc\'ey, Joim Brown, James Carl, James Matheny, 
Paula Hartman, Carol Ann Taylor, Persis Granofsky, 
Ann Schreitz, Dianne Stiller. 

Chapel Choir 

Starting it.s tenth year of exi.stence under 
the (hrection of Mr. Fague Springniann, the 
Chapel Choir s inember.ship ha,s grown to a 
hundred and fifty .singing voices. In the 
few years they have had the experience of 
performing with great masters when they 
sang the lierhoz "Rec}uiem" under Charles 
Munch and the Boston Symphony, the 
Brahms' "Recjuiem" with Pablo Casals at 
his festival in Puerto Rico, and Bach's "St. 
Matthew Passion" at Carnegie Hall. 

This year the choir sang in a Thanks- 
giving Festival at Lisner Auditorium and 
also gave a performance of the first part of 
Mendelsohn's "Elijah" for their traditional 
Thanksgiving concert in the chapel. With the 
accompaniment of the Baltimore Symphony, 
they sang the entire "Messiah" at their an- 
nual Christmas concert. 


CHOIR DIRECTOR. Mr. Fague Springmaim, with 
otlicers: Jud\ Osgood, sccrttarv ; Harold 0'l'"lahert\-, 
vice pri'sident; John Tlieis, iiresidcut; Bette Giazi-, 
librarian, |n \iiii NhiMiiiicii, hislorian. and Dr. Mar\' 
{\i' XCrniiiiid, accinnp.uiist. 

Madrigal Singers 

The Madrigal Singers have had a very 
active year. Among the many performances 
given this fall were tours to Williamsburg, 
Norfolk, and various colleges in Virginia. 
In Williamsburg they sang for the Profes- 
sional Panhellenic Biennial meeting. They 
also sang for the Maryland State Teachers 
Association and for the state meeting of the 
Maryland State Music Teachers Association. 

The Madrigal Singers have made dozens 
of television appearances in Baltimore as 
WBAL Carrolers, having prime viewing time 
during the Christmas season and also on 
WRC-TV in Washington for a half hour per- 
formance of "The Story of Christmas." 
Among the highlights of the winter season 
were the performances for the Secretary 
of State and Mrs. Rusk in honor of the Chiefs 
of Diplomatic Missions and their wives. 

MADRIGAL SINGERS -Seafed; Tom Pierce, Pat 
Lotze. Standing: Lin Maxwell, Ferris Garrett, Sally 

University Orchestra 

Composed of fifty-five members, the Uni- 
versity Orchestra is a combination Univer- 
sity and Civic organization. Their repertoire 
includes standard orchestral pieces and sig- 
nificant modern works. The group gives sev- 
eral concerts each year which are always 
well attended and met with enthusiastic 

THE CLARINET SECTION tunes up at one of the University Orchestra's 

night practices. 

approval. This year their featured soloists 
have been Michael Serber, noted violoinist 
and John Abromowitz, thirteen year old 
gifted cellist. 

MR. JOEL BERMAN directs 
the Orchestra. 



/^ 4n\ ^ •^fc^ 

'^# ^ ^ /^*^ # 

MEN'S GLEE CLUB-fVo»^ Rott;. William Kelly, 
Peter Lavvson, librarian; Thomas Gary, Robert Crause, 
Ernest Spencer, treasurer; Juris Calitis, vice pres.; 
John Holcl\va>-, Orns Walker, Erich Wolf, Fred Cra- 

ven, Stepher Dirk. Back Row: Glen Peacock, Da\id 
Smith, Stewart Darrow, Richard Plantholt, Ra\' Har- 
rison, Steve Clarkson, Robert Hull, Joe Eldridge, Jon 
Heckendorf, James Plantholt, secy.; John Hamerski. 

Men's Glee Club 

The Men's Glee Club is composed of stu- 
dents from most of the colleges on campus. 
The purpose of the club is to provide the 
university with a quality men's choral group 
and to give enjoyment both to those who ap- 
preciate music and to those who like to sing. 
The Glee Club performs a wide variety of 
music ranging from Bach to Bartok to college 
fight songs. In addition to doing choral works 
for men only, the Glee Club occasionally 
joins with the Women's Chorus to present a 
program of mixed choral music. 

This year the Men's Glee Club began its 
musical activity in the fall by participating 
in the Honors Convocation. In December, a 
Christmas concert was given in the Pan 

American Union Building, which was broad- 
cast nationally and throughout Latin Amer- 
ica, and a performance was also given at the 
AWS Christmas pageant. Throughout the 
year they perform at local concerts and ban- 

Last spring, the Glee Club toured Fred- 
erick County giving concerts at the high 
schools. Each year the Glee Club tours a 
different county as part of its program to 
acquaint Maryland high school students with 
the type of music performed at the university. 
The year was climaxed with the Men's Glee 
Club's College Night, featuring a progiam 
of traditional men's glee club music. 

UNDER THE DIRECTION of Mr. Paul Traver, members of the glee club present one of 

their annual concerts. 


Women's Chorus 

The Women's Chorus, under the direc- 
tion of Mr. Paul Traver, has earned a repu- 
tation for outstanding work in the choral 
field through numerous concert engage- 
ments, banquet performances, and state-wide 
tours. The chorus is made up of women from 
all departments of the University. 

At Christmas time, the group combined 
with the Men's Glee Club to perform at the 
traditional AWS Christmas Pageant in the 
chapel. Another highlight of the holiday sea- 
son was the concert at the Pan American 
Union in Washington, D.C., which was re- 
broadcast throughout South America through 
the facilities of the Voice of America. 

The chorus initiated its spring season by 
presenting, with the Men's Glee Club, 
Faure's "Requiem" in the University 
Chapel. A tour to various high schools in 
Maryland and performances for local or- 
ganizations in the area were among their 
accomplishments. The Women's Chorus is 
also a traditional part of the annual May 
Day festivities. 

WITH THE flags of all nations as their background, the 
Women's Chorus performs at the Pan American Union 

WOMEN'S CHORUS-Fronf Row: Janet Hilder, 
Mary Pat Magnetti, Pat Wheatley, Mary Daniel, Bar- 
bara Davis, Carol Magee, Arlene Bron, Gwen Haines, 
Marilyn Christ, Karen Decker, Kalene Tant. Back 

Row: Sonja Persson, Carmetta O'Brien, Karen Dorn, 
Mary Davis, Carole Mancha, Vicki Weinberg, Sharon 
Broee, Dagnija Calitis, Becky Hays, Sarah Gray. 


BANDMAN, HARRY UTZ, gives tlie tuba vfrsion of 
"Maryland, My Maryland." 

The Mai">laiKl ruin or shine Nhuching 
Band continued to uphold its reputation of 
never having lost a halftinie show \vitli H\e 
pertorniances in the 1961 season. The one 
hundred and eight niemher unit stepped 
through shows commemorating the Ci\il 
War Centennial, great motion picture music, 
Maryland's "Past, Present and Future," a 
salute to cities, and was host to their an- 
nual Band Da\' concert. 

Practice lor the '61 season began on Sep- 
tember 10 under the direction of Henry 
Romersa, the Marching Terps' new director. 
Mr. Romersa was fonnerK the direct(u of the 
Cornell Uni\ersit\ Band. For two solid 
weeks, the hand went through extensive 
drills and rehearsals preparing for the sea- 
son's shows. Competition was keener than 
ever this year as the Terp band phued host 
to the Syracuse, North Carolina, Penn State 
and Wake Forest units. 

The overall University Band program be- 
gan only six years ago under Hugh Hender- 
son, current director of Bands. Each year 
the Maryland band has made gieat strides 
toward becoming one of the nation's most 
outstanding groups. This year's concert sea- 
son was the best in the band's short history, 
with a fine fifty-three piece Wind Ensemble 
and a one hundred and twenty-nine piece 
Concert Band. 

Maryland's Marching Band 

As a part of its Civil War theme, the Band displays a train torniation 



'" Ts^psr^^""^". 

_, ■ ■»--"'>=;s- 

-« .^^^■■*^"-'' 

vU- 1^ i 

; 1 1 Iff iK*i.;iiiit f f 

.^iu^-*^- -^ 



, 5^ J .* - 

A.ii'i^''- • "'*.'*'*" 


,, -^i^V 



t'-' I- -iMf ■ ■'• 

'ii'^-'-" ■•-* 



THE MARYLAND "BIG RED" forms a world globe for homecoming fans. 

witli a smile ht'toif tlieir halttiine per- 
tormance. The majorettes are Teddie Lou 
Kell>', Jo Finn, Jean Weaver, head ma- 
jorette; Linda Felter, and Carolyn Brown. 


SOME IMPROMPTLI band directing is y 
done by Drum Major Michael Board. 


tile ("olor (iuard marclu'S 
pi()udl\- across tlu' lield. The)' 
are CaroKn Harris, Penny 
Martin, Audi White, Sue 
\ear\', .Ann llallidas' and 
Maru'ie McClellan. 




ACCOUNTING CLVB- Front Row: Tlioiiuis Dale 
Lowe, Philip DeC^amara, Professor Charles Edelson, 
Richard M. Taylor, Norman Goldstein, Stephen Jar- 

vis. Last Row: Stanley Junker, Larr\- Simmons, Cecil 
\'. Hornbaker, Michael Dunn, Edward X. Tucker, 
Wendell Wiener, William H. Wanl. 

Accounting Club Ag. Council 

The purpose is to generate interest in the 
accounting profession and to become en- 
lightened in l)usiness affairs by guest speak- 
ers. Speakers so far this semester have been 
(>harles Hoffman, partner of Ernest & Ernest, 
and Mr. Joseph Turner, partner of Alex. 
Brown & Sons. 

The Agricuhural Student C>ouncil, an 
organized group of the College of Agiicul- 
ture, is the main link between the various 
clubs and organizations of the College. The 
meml)ers, elected fiom the indi\ idual agri- 
culture clubs, act as general coordinator of 
these clubs. The council sponsors Ag Week- 
end and the Ag Convocations. 

AG. COUNCIL- Fronf Row: John Karl Hutchison, 
Margin Stout, Daucs (Jarrett, Woodrow Adkins, Jason 
Peckman. Last Row: Merman Wessel, Dr. H. C:. Wiley, 

athisor; Etlward L. Siiaiii-rman, Has nionil Dicbold, 
vice president: Jack King, Da\e Sobers. 

AGRONOMY CLUB- Front Row: Ronald Brandon, 
Ronald Seher, Carroll Stottlemyer, Jason Peckham, 
president. Last Row: Donald Cober, secretary; Ray- 

mond J. Diebold, Daniel F. Champion, Dave Sobers, 
Terry Ringler, Dr. Conrad B. Kresge, advisor. 

Agronomy Club 

The object of the Agronomy Club is to 
provide for the association and exchange of 
ideas and information for the benefit of stu- 
dents who have common interest in crops 
and soils. It also brings about a closer rela- 
tionship between the students and other in- 
dividuals pursuing some phase of these two 
fields as a profession. 


The Joint Student Branch of The Ameri- 
can Institute of Electrical Engineers and In- 
stitute of Radio Engineers is one of the larg- 
est of the professional groups on campus and 
is dedicated to the theory and practice of 
electrical engineering and its allied arts and 
sciences. Emphasis is placed on the main- 
tenance of high technical and ethical stand- 
ards among its members. 

AlEE-lRE- Front Row: John Cowne, H. W. Price, 
faculty advisor; T. F. Gatts, president; J. D. Ring, 
vice president; John W. Knight, treasurer; George L. 
Perseghin, Robert Metcalfe, secretary; Charles 
Schoeffield, William Smith, Harry Smith, Jr., David 

Gibson, William Adams. Last Row: Attilio Mattera, 
Joseph Rose, Allen Rehert, Ronald Ceccarell, Howard 
Malan, Raymond Wood, Charles Crook, David Fand, 
Robert Claffy, Harold L. Staton, Paul Janniche, Paul 
Wyman, David Printz. 





AMATEUR RADIO CLUB- Howard J. Malan, Fletcher P. Veitcli, vice president; Guy D. Smith, president; Robert 
Knibb, secretary; James A. Madison, treasurer; Robert B. Bishop, Jr. 

Radio Association 

The University of Marylaiicl Amateur 
Radio Ass'n provides radio facilities for the 
amateurs and other interested students on 
campus. The club holds regular Thursday 
meetings and provides technical programs 
on various phases of electronics. The Club 
also operates an amateur station, \V3Gax, and 
sponsors an annual field day. 

American Institute 
Of Chemical Engineers 

The American Institute of Chemical En- 
gineers offers the Chemical Engineering stu- 
dents an opportunity to broaden their knowl- 
edge of the Chemical Engineering field. 
During the past school year the A.I.Ch.E. 
arranged sexeral plant trips to local chemical 
plants. The student chapter of A.I.Ch.E. was 
also host to a three day Eastern Coach Con- 

Yuwah Chan, Bert Hoffman, David Deltatto, Joseph 
T. Mendelson, secretary; Patrick Alexander, presi- 
dent; Donovan Carl)au(ih, vice president; Donald B. 

Tiust, William Tiioiiias. Last Row: Edward J. Oli's, 
Daniel P. Boyd, Douglas W. McKay, James Beck, 
George Dick, John \V. Tlu-is, Jr., Wayne C. Hi'nder- 
son, Robert Garr. 

ALPHA PHI OMEGA- Front Row: Bryan A. Hill, 
John C. Harrison, George Woolley, vice president; 
Robert N. Northwood, John R. Campbell, corr. secre- 
tary; Lawrence A. Taylor, sgt.-at-arms; Donald L. 

Flynn, rec. secretary; Richard Schmadebeck, alumni 
secretary. Last Row: Louis S. Leland, Ronald E. 
Taylor, Joel L Hoffman, Paul J. Cinquegrana, David 
B. Paris, treasurer; Robert C. Warner, historian. 

Alpha Phi Omega 

Alpha Phi Omega, the National Service 
Fraternity, achieves fellowship through 
service to the campus, the community, the 
fraternity, and the nation. Alpha Phi Omega 
is known on campus for the UMOC Contest, 
the bookstore, and other service projects 
that it sponsors. The fraternity numbers 
among its honoraries President John F. Ken- 
nedy, J. Edgar Hoover, Dr. Wilson H. Elkins, 
Dean Eppley, and William Huff. 

American Society Of 
Mechanical Engineers 

Through this gioup, mechanical en- 
gineers have the opportunity to stimulate 
their technical competence. This organiza- 
tion sponsors prominent speakers, films, 
and field trips. The club also enjoys open 
forums and group discussions as well as 
many varied social activities. The group 
is a branch of the National Society of Me- 
chanical Engineers. 

Werneth, Donald Allen, Jack Holcomb, James Ronald 
Stevens, Frank R. Clifton, Joseph J. Madej. Second 
Row: Roland E. Yost, Richard R. Laurence, Charles 
E. Hughes, president; Kenneth Nichols, treasurer; 

James F. Hoag, Jr., secretary; Prof Redfield Allen, 
adviser; Gene Sokol, David W. Coder. Last Row: Dan 
Waller, Oscar Ray Vass, Alvin Leen Day, George 
Burkhardt, Edgar Burr, Brenton Schofield, Albert 

AOUALINERS-Fwn/ Row: Brian Scliwartz, Mary 
Lou KcTslakf, Faith Sliields, Podic Bt'clell, treas- 
urer; Leslie Brass, secretary; Jeanette Clark, Ro- 
berta Funk, \'alerie E\e BarkleN', Donna Rice, Gayle 
KuIlowiie\, Marion Morgan, Bob Oring. Last Row: 

Ann Murra\, ban Swanson, Pat Deck, \anc\' James, 
Lynn Hodgson, Kar>ii Keller, Jud> Ekin, president; 
Elizabeth Pells, vice president; Nancy Clifton, 
historian; Judith Johnson, Barbara Shaw, Melonee 
Pullen, Joyce Fletciicr, Pat Walter, Betsy Bowman. 


Strong swimmers (liat lui\ c Icunu'd new 
skills (quickly are iouiid in Maryland's co-ed 
synchronized swimming group. Last year 
was mainK' one of organization of the ehil) 
and a new tryout system. Demonstrations 
were given for nearby high schools, com- 
munity pools, and for the University campus 

in the spring and fall. This year will l)e cli- 
maxed by ihe water show in April. The num- 
bers are choreographed and the scenery and 
costumes are designed and made by the 
club members. The main aim is the achieve- 
ment of new skills and grace in synchronized 


The Art League 

The Art League, Maryland's newest 
club, has been deep in many and varied 
activities since its birth in October. The 
League's purpose of extending the under- 
standing and appreciation of the visual arts 
has been met thus far by such experiences 

as a demonstration in unusual methods and 
techniques in painting, films, lectures in 
the Washington area galleries, and sharing 
information through a bi-monthly bulletin. 
Activities planned for the future promise 
equal variety and excitement. 

ART LEAGUE- Front Row: Joan Willen, secretary; 
Sue Inglesby, treasurer; James J. Dillinger, presi- 
dent; Roberta Hastings, Lina Grant, Dorothy Robin- 

son. Last Row: Linda Tatum, Teri Trammell, Jack 
Harrison, Rodger Nelson, Ida Willen, Abby Dorn. 


BLOCK and BRIDLE CLVB-Front Row: Jolin 
Eail Hutchison, vivv president; Jolm Nolan, Jim 
Hannavvald, Margin Stout, president. Second Row: 
Rutli Santz, Lynn Hodgson, Carolyn Eckhardt, Mar- 

garet Nicholson, secretary. Last Row: Al Dauiiiont, 
Herbert Jarrell, Ed Schafferman, Ron Harrington, 
Roger Hemken, ad\ isor. 

The Block and Bridle Club 

Tlu' Block and Bridle Club is composed 
of students who are interested in some phase 
of animal science. The objectives oi the club 
are to promote a higher scholastic standard 
among students of animal and dairy hus- 
bandry and to bring about closer relation- 

ships among those choosing some phase of 
animal or dairy husbandr\- as a profession. 
Some of the activities of the club are square 
dances, barbecues, student judging contests, 
fitting and sliowing contests, and picnics. 


Bridge Club 

The University Bridge Club was or- 
ganized last year and since then has giown 
to be one of the most successful organiza- 
tion on campus. This is because of their 
membership in the American Contract 
Bridge League. A club tournament is to be 
held in the spring to determine a champion 
to participate in the Inter-Collegiate Bridge 

Tournament. Last year a team of terps took 
second place nationally. This year several 
new wrinkles will be added. They are spon- 
soring an All Maryland Bridge Tournament 
in which 21 colleges have agreed to partici- 
pate. Included among these are Navy, Hop- 
kins, and George Washington. 

BRIDGE CLUB -Front Row: Jocelyn Weser, Carol 
Jones, Sue Gumm, Sue Myers, Diane Aiken, Sandy 
Zimmerman. Last Row: Frank Chang, treasurer; 

Henry Hkin, Alvin Sachs, president; Roy Eisenberg, 
vice president; Carlotta Miller, Steve Clarkson' 
Mike Lowenstein, Scott Lawrence. 





DEBATE SOCIETY- Fran f Row: Rolu-rt Rul)in, 
Douglas Taylor, \ice president; Wendell Wiener, 
president; Joanne Ross, secretary; Paul Beatty, treas- 

urer; Doris Finkelstein. Last Row: Leonard Goldstein, 
Dove Darden, Nanc\- Littman, Ricliard Walsh. 

Calvert Debate Society 

Although some say that women do all ol 
the talking, the Calvert Dehate Society 
proves that men have something to say also. 

Under the direction of Mr. Millon Cope- 
land, clul) members practice and learn de- 
bating techni(jues and hold debates and 
forums on controversial issues ol current 

The club, which consists of about twenty 
members, meets weekly to plan travels to 
other colleges and to discuss important 
points of interest in the national debate 

The art of argumentation is very import- 
ant to these students who believe that the 
best possible solution to a problem can be 
achieved through extensive researcli and 

Besides participating in intercollegiate 
debates on a national level, the Calvert De- 
bate Society annualK sponsors the Capitol 
Hill Tournament, one of the largest and most 
prominent national debates in the East. 


CHESS CLUB: Frank Zorick, Thomas Roginski, treasurer; John C. Marvin, president; Norman Handler, secre- 
tary; Allen Glushakow, vice president. 

Chess Club 

Chinese Club 

Maryland has one of the best college 
chess clubs on the Atlantic Coast. It re- 
cently won the Southern Intercollegiate 
Chess Championship for the second con- 
secutive year. The team participates in the 
rated section of the District of Columbia 
League and holds matches with other col- 
leges. Also, tournaments are held yearly to 
determine the champion chess player of the 
University. Patience and sportsmanship are 
virtures developed as the team members gain 
experience. Eager to increase its member- 
ship, the Chess Club opens its doors to all 
students regardless of their experience. 

Primarily a social group, the Chinese 
Club purports to unite the Chinese students 
at the University of Maryland in fellowship 
and to foster relations with other students. 
Among its activities are picnics, dances, 
bowling parties, and card parties. The club 
welcomes interested faculty members to 
their meetings and social functions. Gaining 
valuable knowledge and experience in Amer- 
ican customs, the foreign members are able 
to live a fulfilling college life at the Uni- 
versity. Each year the Chinese Club's in- 
crease in membership is due to its enthusi- 
asm and able leadership. 

CHINESE CLUB -Front Row: Jackson Yang, Gordon 
Wu, Chi-Sing Liao, Hoe Beng Fong, David Fang, 
Betty Horn, president; Lem F. Woo, Michael C. C. 
Ling, Yu Wall Chan, Chi I Liao. Last Row: Maimie 

Y. Chung, Freda Lee, Pauline Ma, Chi-Wing Liao, 
Frances M. Wann, Rosalind Huang, Sue Pai, Huynh 
Thi Kieu-Dung. 

, '*»«^»i 

CIVIL WAR CLVB- Front Row: Roger A. Zook, 
David J. Lerner, \'ict' pres. Second Row: Tony Tho- 
mas, treas.; Roger Bc-thke, prt's.; Patricia A. \'an 

Saiit, sec; Patricia Ann (;il)son, pub.; Rala Mandelson, 
Jim McDoniK'Il. Last Row: Pliilip Katcher, Larry 
Babits, Ricliard Shcrrill. 

Civil War Club 

The Yankees and Rebels are "at it" for 
tlieir second year in our own Civil War Club. 
Their agenda calls for visits to national 
monuments, civil war battlefields, and mu- 

seums. Also, they schedule nian\ prominent 
sp(\ik(MS from this area throughout the \ear. 
Tile club's aim is to promote and maintain 
an interest in the American Civil War. 


COLLEGIATE 4-n- Front Row: Gloria King, Robert 
Smariga, vice president; John Earl Hutchison, 
Robert Lee Grouse, Robert Adkins, Byran Moore, 
Ralph Buckel, Mary Thereas Bottner. Last Row: 
Lou Ellen Allison, Gonnie Mills, Judith Buckel, pres- 

ident; Vera Mae Ernst, Nola Benedict, Nancy Wind- 
ham, Sally Miller, Jean King, Judy Rohrer, Sarah 
King, Jacqueline Hevner, Donna Buckey, Mary Ellen 

Collegiate 4-H 

The club is made up of interested 4-H 
members on campus. One of the purposes is 
to act as a service club for state 4-H activi- 
ties. The club has also served in leadership 
capacity for groups attending programs at 
the National 4-H Center. Besides participat- 
ing in agricultural college events, the club 
provides educational and social opportuni- 
ties at monthly meetings. 

Dairy Science 

The purpose of the Dairy Science Club 
is to inform collegiate members of current 
developments and special opportunities in 
the field of dairy production and related 
areas. The group also gives recognition to 
the most active and outstanding members of 
the Cattle and Products Judging Teams. Ac- 
tivities include picnics and parties. 

DAIRY SCIENCE CLUB -Front Row: Richard 
Doughtery, Gordon Bailey, Dawes Garrett, George 
Adkins. Last Row: Bob Smariga, secretary; Herb 

Streaker, treasurer; Raymond Diebold, president; 
Ken Holland, vice president; Jack King. 


GYMKANA- Fronf Row: Martie Farris, Bftty Boo- 
roiii, Pliyllis Coopt-r, Carolyn Brown, Sliirlcy Lee, 
Jean Nichols, Julie Schmidt, Bridget Foreshew. Sec- 
ond Row: Jerry Schre\vsl)erry, John Freeman, Jack 
Tischinger, Jim Burns, Boy Schatfer, Mark Wilson, 

lack Merrill, Chris Patterson, Dave Fang. Last Row: 
Bill Mathis, Don Bells, Ed Wendt, Gary Klein, Don 
Dean, Phil Reed, Ken Leilichm Bill Riley, Marshall 
Klein, Dave Pittman, Bob Roebuck, Dob Dryden, 
Wayne Cannon, George Kramer, coach. 


The University of Maryland Gymkana 
Troupe — The "Amba.ssador.s of Good Will" — 
have been entertaining audience.s through- 
out the United State.s and overseas during 
the past filteen years with feats of tumbling, 
balaneing and apparatus work whieh are a 
deligiit to both young and old. Under the 
direetion of their eoaeh and direetor, CJeorge 
F. Kramer, the group offers a unicjue op- 
portunity for physieal, aeademie, and soeial 
development for the indi\idual interested 

in g\ ninastics. I'.atli spring, the troupe puts 
(in a show on twii sueeessixc nights lor the 
students and laeuh\. B\ \ar\ ing ihcii- theme 
Irom \-ear to \'ear, the g\ nmasts are al)K' to 
oiler tresh and \itali/ing entertainment. 
Tile (Ainkana Tionpe .ilso iMilertains at 
spoiling e\ents in ailditiou to gi\ing mnnt'r- 
ous shows in tiii' area. 'I'lu- signilieanee ol 
the troupe is their unitjueness. hieorporating 
both talent and enthusiasm, the\ are mueh in 
demand in the Ivist. 


Free State 

The Free State Party, composed of resi- 
dent halls, Greek organizations, and inde- 
pendent daydogers is the largest and most 
powerful political party on campus. Many 
offices were held by Free State members 
this year including the president of SGA, 
Junior Class, Sophomore Class, and Fresh- 
man Class and the majority of the legisla- 
tors. Their motto is "F.S.P. — For Steady 

The time of year that the Free State Party 

makes its presence known is in the spring. 
Well organized, its members work many 
hours deciding on a platform, selecting its 
candidates, and campaigning. The posters, in 
the traditional Free State red and white, can 
be seen at all points on campus in March. 
The primary objective of the party is to sup- 
ply the ablest student leadership supporting 
a democratic platform in accordance with 
their motto. 

FREE STATE -Front Row: Steny H. Hoyer, Bettie McGarvie, Nard Helman, president. Last Row: Monte R. 
Edwards, vice president; Walter F. McKenzie, treasurer. 




FUTURE FARMERS -Fronf Row: Jack King, Charles lagcr, G. Woodrow Adkiiis, president; James Lloyd, Frank 
Downey. Last Row: Dawes Garrett, Lee Douney, David Miller, Ronald Wessel, Wayne B. Hamilton, Jr. 

Future Farmers 

Future Fanners of Anieriea i,s eompo.sed 
of interested students. Its main purpose is 
the development of leadership and furnish- 
ing of future advisors to hi^li sehool FFA. 

Pienics and parties enjoxed by the group. 
The spring hanciuet honors the ehili's most 
outstanding member. 



GAMMA SIGMA SIGMA- Front Row: Judith Augus- 
tine, Eve Rexroad, Barbara Sanalitro, v. p.; Lois Gos- 
nell, pres.; Kay Lilly, Carole Rodes, treas.; Sandy Mc- 
Kenzie. Last Row: Nola Benedict, Dorothy Lund, 

Gamma Sigma 

The Maryland chapter of Gamma Sigma 
Sigma, the coed version of APO, was or- 
ganized last year. The basic mission of the 
service sorority is to be of assistance to the 
various organizations on campus in carrying 
out their cultural and charitable activities. 
Some of the services include coat-check 
and coke concessions at several of the 
dances, ushering at campus activities, and 
helping to support a foreign orphanage. Its 
purpose is to serve the school, community, 
and country. 

HOME EC CLUB -Front Row: Mary Bottner, Roas 
Moxley, Sarah Klag, Trudi Jen, Sue Gant, secretary; 
Meg Dippold, Amelia Morsell. Last Row: Linda Ta- 
tum, Barbara Zoda, Leah Hamann, Ede Cramniatte, 

Janice Chiville, Jeanne Downs, Diana Srnka, sec; 
Paula Schonberg, Barbara Meyer, Ruth Zugler, Emily 

Home Ec Club 

This is a group interested in professional 
careers in home economics and in home- 
making. Members plan progiams that de- 
velop professional attitudes and abilities, 
skills, and increase. In the past year, they 
have been able to contribute many hours of 
service to the community. This has widened 
the social experience and given members 
a role in creating understanding among all 

Claudia Brush, president; Nancy Boyer, treasurer; 
Vera Mae Ernst, loanne Moser, vice president; Elaine 

HOME EC STUDENT-FACULTY -Fro/if Row: Rosa Moxley, Sue Gant, chainnan; Eleanor Keene, Sue \'an- 
Order. Last Row: Paula Sutton, faculty; Claudia Brush, Lynn Koehneke. 

Home Ec. 

Inst, of Aero- 

Student -Faculty Space Science 

The club's aim is the promotion ot a new 
concept of student-faculty relations. Aware- 
ness of faculty members as individuals has 
spread to their college and it is hoped that 
other colleges will follow their lead. 

Purposes of this gioup are ad\ancement 
of the aero/space arts and sciences, the en- 
couraging of professional consciousness and 
fellowship, and the broadening of profes- 
sional relationships among members. 

Paul Lo\rencic, \'incent Neradka, Charles Huckinji- 
ham, Richard Skeba, George M. Levin, cliairinan; 
Gerald Corning, advisor; Robert J. Neal, vice chair- 
iiKin; l^)i)crt K. Rxfrson, secretarv; Robert A. Rean, 

treasurer; |err\ T. Callaghan. Last Row: Donald Rig- 
gin, lohn R. McDonough, lohn R. MeC^ahan, Peter 
R. Ostrovvski, Paul P. Ostrowski, Da\ id B. McCul- 
lough, Dennis A. Sowers. 

INTERNATIONAL CLUB -Front Row: Roberto D. 
Rodriguez, Yves Alloucherie, Mary Holmes, Fleur- 
ette Ezzo, sec; Irene Stellmacher, pres.; Barbara 
Potzner, vice pres.; Barbara Lawrence, Erol Akin, Ken- 
neth T. Shuey. Second Row: Max Sampson, David 
Fang, Hassan Vaezi, Jan Raat, Cevdet Melezoglu, 

Yenchai LaohavanicJi, Hyun Kim, Kishin Moorjani, 
Sadegh Siahatgar, Maurice Katoen. Last Row: Sallie 
Contreras, Lynn Weirich, Carole Phillips, Helena 
Pfeffer, Huynh Thi Kieu-Dung, Huguette R. Segel- 
baum, Cathy Ryan, Christel Bottcher, Gloria Roll, 
Angela Bickel, Silvia Ferrari, Matilde Delgado, Maria 
T. Villaronian. 

International Club 

For many years the International Club 
has provided an ideal organization for unit- 
ing the American and Foreign students on 
campus by exchange of ideas and ideals 
among geographically separated nationali- 
ties. The annual International Fiesta is the 
function which highlights the club's calen- 
dar. Among other activities are dances, pic- 
nics, hikes and cultural evenings. 

All members of the University community 

are cordially invited to visit and join the 
International Club and to attend the many 
parties and meetings throughout the year. 
The Fiesta is open to any student interested 
in attending and seeing native costumes and 
dances from Western, Middle Eastern, East- 
ern, and Southern countries throughout the 
world. The club provides students enrolled 
in foreign languages chances to practice 
speaking with natives. 


B. MilUr, Cal Gia\ , president; Prof. J. Allan Cook, 
Phil Johnson, \ice president; Boh Smith, treasurer; 
Barr\- Gotthelf, Ernest Richipds, Jean O'Connell. 

Last Row: John Haas, Charles Lott, Mike Dorsey, 
Mike Sherman, Sander Coven, Frank Keefe, William 
H. Cooper, Jr., Jay Dittmar, Rohert D. Newman 

Marketing Association 

The Marketing Association is composed 
ot the students interested in the many phases 
of the marketing field. Sponsoring outstand- 
ing speakers at various meetings along with 
combined social gatherings are but a few of 
the association's activities. Locating job op- 
portunities for its members and consulting 
with businessmen who are prominent in 
the field are also included in the group's 
program. These activities help members to 
gain an insight to the numerous opportimi- 
ties which are available upon graduation. 

Modern Dance Club 

The members of the University of Mary- 
land Modern Dance Group consist of those 
students with advanced dance e.vperience. 
They must maintain a high level of tech- 
nical and choreographic contributions. Per- 
formances of the past year include: Inter- 
national Congress of Physical Education 
Concert, Fine Arts Festival Concert at North 
Carolina State, Concerts given for Fort 
Meade, Duval High School, Galludet Col- 
lege, and University of Maryland; Concert 
given for the National Section on Dance, 
held in Atlantic City. 

MODERN DAJSCE- Front Row: Madeline Litman, 
(Jandy Shiinian, Hoe Ben).; Fong, Frank Stack, Boh 
Pasnak, Asghar F. Sohhani, Richard L. Hiltoe, Rohert 
Ruhling, N'icki \'erhit, Margo Goggin. Last Row: Gail 
Gentile, Marge Blair, Jo Finn, Karen Lapidcs, Mary 

Sperschneider, N'irginia Crocker, \.p.; Judy Kriisi, 
Charlenc Ellis, pub.; Renee Krellen, Diane Ba.xter, 
Dale Devey, .sec; Judi Klein, Sheila Moroose, Pa- 
tricia Morton, pres.; Cecille Pelovitz. 



NURSING CLUB- Front Row: Sue Eisenberg, JoAnn 
DeVito, Mary T. Riddick, Sue Packard, Gloria Mc- 
Farland, secretary; Sharon Kettells, president; JoElIen 
Kupin, treasurer; Peggy Edelman, program chairman; 

Cathy Thomasson, Pat Coffman. Last Row: Kathleen 
Walsh, Loretta Orrison, Judith Rae Kane, Dacy Case, 
Miss Hayes, Louise Stark, Dorothy Kovler, Carol 
Okerlund, Bonnie Britt, Karen Pataky. 

Nursing Club 

The purpose of this organization is to 
encourage good fellowship among student 
nurses, create a sense of unity, cooperation, 
and understanding between students and 
faculty, and foster correct professional stan- 
dards. Planned activities include talks and 
films on related fields, tours, and a Christ- 
mas and Spring project. This year the Christ- 
mas project was a party for the residents of 
Prince George's Rest Home. 

Old Line 

The oldest c^^npus political organiza- 
tion, the Old Line Party, aims to provide 
the student body with fair political gain 
through equal representation. Each year in 
campus elections, members are elected to 
responsible positions in student govern- 
ment offices. Every spring "Vote Old Line" 
becomes a Marylander's slogan! 

OLD LINE — Fronf Row: Leah Dawson, Cookie Kahn, vice president. Last Row: 
Casey Croghan, secretary; Reggie McNamara, Don Davis, president; Liz Hall, treasurer. 


PHILOSOPHY CLUB: Rita Fisher, John Langenbach. 

Philosophy Club 

The purpose of the Philosophy Club is 
the promotion of interest in the problems 
of philosophy. The club members engage in 
discussions of these problems with particular 
emphasis on current thought. Throughout 
the year guest speakers are invited at which 
time the entire student body is extended 
an open invitation to attend. 

Physical Therapists 

Active for the first time on this campus 
the club includes in its membership all phys- 
ical therapy students. The prime objective 
is to instill an appreciation for the neces- 
sity of professional growth. During the past 
year the members made contact with profes- 
sional therapists in the local hospitals. The 
event of the year was the club's service pro- 
ject—giving a Christmas party for a group of 
handicapped children. 

Silver, Barrie Rowak, Virginia Glode, Sonja Pers- 
son, Sharie Pihk. Last Row: Edna White, vice pres.; 


5 -^ ^ 

Jane Rappaport, pres.; Sandy Quam, David Cron- 
hardt, Renetta Wagner, sec.; Janice Derby, LesHe 
Brass, Pat Walter. 

^ f^fS 


POLITICAL SCIENCE CLUB — Front Row: George S. Parish, vice president; Nancy Brown, president; Jane 
Hartley, secretary-treasurer; Barry Steinbach. Last Row: James G. Welsh, Darrell Budd, Luther Miller. 

Political Science Club 

The Political Science Club, whose pur- 
pose is to further the understanding of gov- 
ernment and political science, meets to dis- 
cuss current governmental problems which 
affect international, national, state, and local 
governmental policy. Panel discussions, 
forums, and guest speakers highlight the 
programs. A major activity of the club and 

major reason for its existence is the problem 
of creating more interest in the political facts 
of our nation and our states among young 
people. The Political Science Club is a non- 
partisan organization and during the year has 
presented speakers fiom both major political 
parties and as many candidates for state wide 
office as possible. 


PSYCHOLOGY CLUB: Lawrence Castine, pres.; Janice Montgomery, vice pres.; James Hays, sec; Leonard S. 
Adler, Sandra S. Moroose, Philip A. Laurd. 

Psychology Club 

The main function of the Psychology 
Club is to stimulate student interest in the 
science of l)ehavior. Recently, such promi- 
nent psychologists as Dr. James Deese and 
Dr. Allen Ditman lectured tlie club on their 
research. Graduate student Mark Rilling dis- 
cussed ESP; and Norman Weissman spoke 
of his complex discrimination experiments 
with monkeys. The club also toured tlie Psy- 
chopharmacology Laboratory. Joint meetings 

with Psi (]hi, the psycholog\ honorary, are 
held witli outstanding psychologists as guest 

Psycholog)' C>lul) members, along with Psi 
C'hi members, toured the W'ashingfon Zoo 
with Dr. \ Crplaiik; Dr. X'erplank poindd out 
various aspects ol aniinal bcliax ioi'. This 
trij) ga\c nu-mbers a cliance to obsiTxi- the 
animals in an almost natural en\ironment 
and to study their beha\ ior there. 


Sailing Club 

The Sailing Club is one of the most ac- 
tive organizations on the Maryland Campus. 
Annual outings on the Severn and Chesa- 
peake are highlights of the program. Speak- 
ers are on hand for meetings as well as the 
presentation of films on Sailing Regattas 
which are too far away to attend. 

This group is also one of the largest on 
the campus and attracts members fiom all 

walks of student life. Those who are more 
proficient and own their own crafts instruct 
the novices and give them the opportunity 
to gain skill though practical experience. 
At the end of the year, an award is presented 
to the member who has shown the most im- 
provement in the handling of a sailing vessel. 
This year's award went to John Robinson. 

SAILING CLVB- Front Row: George Hocker, Mor- 
row Cox, Mike Furman, Judi Bundy, Gary Dando, 
John Robinson, treasurer; John S. Fenton, Phillip V. 
Johnson, Bob Barry, Lee Kaiss, secretary; Paula 
Goldberg, Donald Hicks, William Schmidt, Bob 
Kight. Second Row: Dave Batten, Janet Huff, Bob 
Seabold, Peggy Maclntyre, Dave Lipinski, Michael 
Sherman, Tom Hood, Steve Mibula, Ede Crammatte, 
Peggy Brotherton, Bob Vosswinkel, Nancy Tilford, 

Richard Roe, Diane Abelman. Third Row: Dave Mar- 
donw, Darryl Warner, Diane Kessler, Tony Kiernan, 
Windfall Gale, Jeff Evans, Ron Heck, Ulo Lige, Jac- 
ques Trappe, Noah Orndorff, Penny Wagaman, Bill 
Hanna, Barbara Zoda, John Riordan, Joan Raith. Last 
Row: Kent Kummerow, Gary Lee Loomis, Tom 
McCormack, James Plummer, Bill Bartholomay, Ed 
Stevens, Charles Baldwin. 


PHI MU ALPHA SINFONIA- Front Row: Bruce Weber, Bruce Nale, Kenneth Dahlin, Harold Blevins, Ken Reck, 
West Coile. Last Row: Michael E. Board, Robert H. Heller, James P. Morrison, Philip E. Pfeiffer, F. Stoner Clark, 
Gary F. Smith. 


Phi Mu Alpha 

The Eta Psi chapter of Phi Mu Alpha 
Sinfonia, national professional music fra- 
ternity, now boasts its largest member- 
ship ever with 25 actives. To help satisfy 
the fraternity's purpose of promoting the 
growth of music in America, the fraternity 
sponsors recitals, musicals, and the annual 
Christmas Dance. The chapter meets weekly 
in their Music Annex headquarters and per- 
forms American music at a monthlv musicale. 

Society of American 
Mihtary Engineers 

The Society of American Militiary En- 
gineers, a fairly new club, offers a varied pro- 
gram of activities to its members. Field trips, 
movies, and speakers are among the activities 
scheduled on the program ot events. An 
award is also given to the member maintain- 
ing the highest scholastic average. Although 
the organization is only three years old, 
its members belong to many campus activi- 

SOCIETY OF AMERICAN MILITARY ENGINEERS-J. D. Grove, H. F. McKenzie, W. B. Smitli, vice pres.; 
Alvin L. Day, sec; David N. Sapp, John R. McDonough. 


SPORTS CAR ChVB- Front Row: Tina Goldenberg, 
Turtle Herd, Carolyn Scarbrough. Second Row: 
Byron Marcus, Barry Sauer, Rich Lamb, Tom Bigelow, 
Paul O'Malley, Dudley Smith, Kay Daniels, Jack 
Zaner, Ray Fleming, Nick Toth. Last Row: David R. 

Moore, Roger Stokey, Joseph Shreiber, Fred Cohen, 
Dick Riley, Mike Knighton, Lee Kaiser, Dave Graff, 
John Barnes, Duane Parsons, Wayne C. Henderson, 
Joe Reynolds. 

Sports Car Club 

A rapidly growing group, the Sports Car 
Club, offers membership to both women and 
men. A fairly new organization on campus, 
the Sports Car Club, was established in 
1960. Its primary objective is to foster in- 
terest in foreign sports cars among the stu- 
dents. The club is composed of owners of 
sports cars and other interested students. 
For the past two years the club as a group 
has attended the races at Marlboro several 

times annually. Other activities include the 
carvan to Cumberland; most of the members 
enjoy watching, while some of the more ad- 
venturous participated. The highlight of" the 
year for the club, as for most sports car en- 
thusiasts, is the endurance races at Sebring, 
Florida. The club also holds gymkanas, 
rallies, and several driver training schools 
throughout the year. 


SKI CLUB- Front Row: Bradley B. Ronco, Joe 
Keynokls, Joan AiiKell, Barn' \V. Sauer, pres.; Kich 
Lamb. Second Row: Lynne Anspacher, Cam Schae- 
fer, V'al O'Connell, Patty Gleasoii, Lynn McCIernon. 

Last Row: Geles Reniy, Shellie Palmer, vice pres.; 
Barbara Jeskulski, Paul A. Gernard, projjram chair- 
jnaii; Koswillia Snay, secretar\'; Bruce Zunser, treas- 
urer; Nancy VV. Garnett. 

Ski Club 

Purposes of the club are to promote and 
pr<)i:)a^ate skiing and related sport.s, teach 
skiinji to interested nienihers, stimulate a" 
interest in skiing among the students ot thv 
University, take ski trips, and promote inter- 
collegiate competition. 

Earl\- in Septemhcr, skiers iirc]");ir(' lor 


tlie sciison h\ watching niox ies, hearing talks, 
and stud\ ing dciiioiistriitions of fetlniiciues 
and (Miuipment. 

When snow l;ills, nunihers tr;i\el to West 
\'irgiiiia and Pcniis\ l\ ania lor tlie rciij thing. 
Their main trip taken hi'twcen semesters 
ends the skiing Near. 


Trail Club 

The purpose of the Trail Ckib is to pro- 
vide students with the opportunity to further 
their interest in hiking, camping, caving, 
chmbing, and cycHng. Every fall and spring 
the club plans long trips to nearby state and 
national parks. Recent trips have included 
excursions to Skyline Drive, Great Falls, and 
Patapsco State Park. On these trips the mem- 

bers pursue their individual interests in 
such a variety of activities as hiking, camp- 
ing, caving, climbing, and cycling. In the 
near future, the club hopes to be able to 
travel even farther fiom the campus in order 
to give the members a chance to expand their 

TRAIL CLUB — Front Row: Sandy Zimmerman, Anne 
Braithwaite, secretary; Elaine Wilbert, Barbara Laus- 
ter, Annelise Van Royen. Second Row: Tom Pearce, 
Tim Fox, vice president; Sue Young, treasurer; Nancy 

Ringgold, Scott Lawrence. Last Row: Richard Jackow- 
ski, Dennis Phillips, Larry Sturgill, Bill Taylor, Walter 
Winant, James Hays, president; James Stacy, George 
Bigelow, Paul A. Gerhard, Marlin Rickey. 


UNITED NATIONS CLUB -Front Row: Arthur R. 
Bewley, Max H. Sampson, Rita Diamond, Jackie Car- 
rick, president; George Yaney, advisor; Peter Berm- 

ingham. Back Row: Wade E. Dunn, Alessia Passal- 
aequa. Sue Stevenson, secretary; Max Lum, vice presi- 

UN Club 

Purpose of the club is to learn al)out the 
United Nations and then to educate the pub- 
lic about the U.N.'s objectives and activi- 
ties. In accordance with these ideas it co- 
sponsors a library display and flajj; raising 
ceremony during U.N. Week, and supports 
UNESCX) projects. The United Nations Club 
is new, tliis being its second yvav on Mar\- 
land's campus. Under the leadership ol Pro- 
fessor (H'orge YaiicN', tlie clnb hopes to build 

its membiMship and hnther de\ flop its 
acti\ ities in the coming \ ears. ThtMr actixities 
incliulc speakers, discussions, tihiis, embassy 
visits, and coordination with otliei- I'nited 
Nation Chd)s in the Washington .\rea. This 
year's project lor I'NKSC-O is a book drive. 
The books are being collected from various 
dorms, sororities, and fraternities, 'i'hese 
books will be sent to iiee(!\ students in 
schools in Asia. 


YOUNG DEMOCRATS -Front Row: Donald C. 
Mills, David Kessel, vice president; Lee Miller, 
president; Ann Smith, secretary; Stephen Brand,^ 

treasurer; Joseph Colonna, Allen S. Clushakow. Back 
Row: John Ignatowski, Jeffrey Dunn, Dale Madison, 
Gary Weingroff, Bruse Winter. 

Young Democrats Young Republicans 

The purpose is to promote on campus the 
programs and philosophy of the Democratic 
Party. They have had such speakers as David 
Hume, Senator Yarbrough of Texas, Con- 
gressman Kastenmeier of Wisconsin, and 
Congressman Langford. One highlight of 
the year is the annual party on Election 

The Young Republican Club spent this 
year planning for the state-wide election 
coming up this November. Members have 
aided the local party organizations, worked 
in congressmen's offices, attended Republi- 
can conventions, shown films on campus, 
and brought speakers to the student body. 
Future plans include a trip to Annapolis. 

row Cox, Dee Schemm, Carol Shearer, Lana Grue, 
Gloria Smith, Nancy B. Littman, Carol Lee Schulz, 
Joanne Ross. Back Row: Esaias Walker, John Warhol, 

Bart Havriliak, Lyle S. McGuigan, Michael A. Kimack, 
Robert C. Birely, Smitt W. Allnutt, David H. Mook, 
Richard Smith. 





Athletics Associate Editor Frank Edgerton 

Fall Sports Chuck Newman 

Winter Sports Joan Raith 

Spring Sports Ken Lawrence 

Intramurals Anne Smith 

Illustration By James Forbes 


Fall Sports 

1961 TER 

Front Row: Ken Psira, Roger Shoals, Gary Collins, 
Dick Novak, Dennis Condie, Bill Kirchiro, Jim 
Davidson, Dick Barlund, Pat Drass, Tom Sankovich, 
Hank Poniatowski, Boh Hacker, Jack Reilly, DonVan- 
Reenan, John Heister. Second Row: Bruce Coultas, 
Dennis O'Neil, Walter Rock, Ned Chappell, Boh 
Burton, Dave Nardo, Gene P'eher, Joe Hrezo, Gary 

lankowski, Don Trust, Norman Hatfield, Tom Rae, 
Dave Crossan. Third Row: joe Hicks, Ron Mace, 
Dick Corhin, Tom Fantaski, Tom Bnnvii, Joim Boinis, 
Kenny Smith, Dick Shiner, George \h)rris, Harry 
Butsko, Murnis Banner, Dan Piper, Ernie Arizzi, 
Charles Martin Fourth Row: Herh Minetree, Bill 



Pettit, Cliff Melton, Howard Doyle, Ed Gilmore, Ron 
Adams, Joe Frattaroli, Jess McClain, Jim Cimminello, 
Ed Rog, Don White, Jack Cleminson, Steve Glaser, 
Leonard Chiaverini. Fifth Row: Joe Ferrante, John 
Sikora, John Hannigan, Mike Lapriola, Jim Girardi, 
Al Roberts, Ron Alexander, Dick Sukeena, Chester 

Detko. Sixth Row: Assistant Coaches; Lee Corso, 
Bernie Reid, Alf Satterfield, Carroll Huntress, Bill 
Dovell; Head Coach, Tom Nugent; Assistant Coaches 
Frank Toomey, Roland Arrigoni; Assistant Trainer, 
Bill Fry; Student Trainer, Kenny Mettler; Student 
Managers-, Gus Fiakis, Al Hassan; Head Trainer, 
Duke Wyre. 


DICK SHINER IS ahout to \n- hrnu.ulit down 1)\ a host ol SMI,' tacklcis, 

Maryland 14-SMU 8 

Maryland opened the 1961 season with MARYLAND SMU 

a 14-6 win over SMU in the Cotton Bowl 'i first downs 9 

I f \-l i\t\r\ i J. Ti. 1.U T' 1^ yards gained nishing .• 147 

before 17,UUU spectators. It was the 1 erps u passes attempted n 

first win over a Texas team since the un- ^ p"'";*^'* completed 6 

1 r ^ J ^c\r■r^ 1 \* 1 J ^^ yards gamed passing 81 

defeated 1 955 season when Maryland 279 total yards gained 228 

downed Baylor. ^ p-'"^'" intercepted by 1 

, 1 r 1 1 r ^ punts 6 

Both Ferp scores came in the nrst hair 32.1 punt average 44.1 

on a five yard run by Novak and a pass to 2/25 penalties/yards lost 7/35 

co-captain Jim Davidson. The Mustangs 
rallied in the second half, but could manage 
only one tally. 

AFFOKDKD A BKALITIFl'L BLOCK, Coiulic sweeps ,ii<l on Ins ua\ to a lon^ yam. 

♦ ^^5 M-^ Mliz/^ji 


JOHN HANNK.AiN i.ST; did du' woik, Iml die sc()H'l)iiaid iii tlic upper n^'lit corner tcUs tlie .storN . 

Maryland 24 — Clemson 21 

MARYLAND CLEMSON John Hannigan kicked a field goal with 

18 first downs 16 Only 10 seconds remaining on the clock to 

Ii £dor™S.;.V.V.;.;.-.V,V,V.:::? beat Clemson 24-21. over 28,000 fens in 

122 total yards rushing 195 Death Valley saw the boot which gave the 

23 yards lost rushing 23 ™ . i, • i.u • J i. • L. i. • ^i 

99 net yards rushing 172 i erps their third Straight win over the 

26 passes attempted 19 XifferS 

19 passes completed 9 

228 net yards passing 148 jQE HREZO (30) recovers Gan Harne's fuinl)le in 

327 total yards gained 320 j,^^, ^,„^| ,„„^. 

1 passes nitercepted by 

6 punts 4 

36.8 punt average 36.2 

3 fumbles lost 4 

2/20 penalties/yards lost 3/25 , ^_ 

HANK PONIATOWSKI (SS) trie.s to cut tlie corner _^ 4^ J^ 

alter takinti a pass from Diek No\'ak(ll). _,^^^ttm ^F i 



GARY COLLINS («2) si)ills Dirk IvistciU- ( 17) ot Syiacusi- ;is Dick \n\ ak mils around liylit c\n\ lor U) \ar(ls. 

Maryland 21- Syracuse 20 

Football fever hit the College Park cam- 
pus after wins over SMU and Clemson. 
There was something in the air that Saturday 
afternoon, October 7. 

A capacity crowd of 35,000 saw the tre- 
mendous Ernie Davis run for ill yards. 
But it was Gary Collins who stole the show, 
catching a touchdown pass and the winning 
two-point conversion, along with his usually 
sensational defensive game. 

Maryland drew first blood with just a few 
minutes gone in the game when Novak fired 
a scoring pass to Collins. Syracuse scored 
twice in the second quarter and Davis car- 
ried over in the third. But that was all for 
the Orange. Shiner scored, then Condie 
plunged over from the one, and then Collins 
giabbed the two-point pass for the \'ictory. 
Throughout the second half, the Terp for- 
ward wall controlled the Orange line at will. 

ERME DAVIS is hrouylit down alU-r a slioit j^aiii as IlackiM- (51) and Sank(>\ith (75) come to lu-Ip. 



■^^^9>miimm-* ,JHL' 

GARY COLLINS grabs a TD pass Ijetwecn two Syracuse ck't't-ndtMs. 


19 first downs 13 

13 first downs rushing 9 

5 first downs passing 4 

1 first downs penalties 

261 total yards rushing 206 

27 yards lost rushing 12 

234 net yards rushing 194 

18 passes attempted 13 

8 passes completed 6 

97 net yards passing 61 

358 total yards gained 267 

1 passes intercepted by 

7 punts 6 

37.4 punt average 34. 1 

2/20 penalties/yards lost 3/15 



pression tells the story oi the 
whole game. 

Maryland 8-North Carolina 14 

MARYLAND N. CAROLINA After a sensational win over the Orange 

7 first downs 15 of Syracuse, the Terps fell in the mud at 

4 first downs rushing 11 th^ hands of North Carolina, 14- 8. 

3 hrst downs passing 3 j • • • i i i on AAA 1 1 

first downs penalties 1 In a driving rain braved by 30,000 loyal 

73 total yards rushing 178 snectators, the Tar Heels controlled most of 

11 yards lost rushing 30 , , . . , . . <- i i i 

62 net yards rushing 148 the game, Cashing in on timely tumbles by 

17 passes attempted 16 the Terrapins. Gib Carson tore continuously 

106 l7tT^rds'^^lsint'::^'.'///////. :::::.:.' 46 at the Maryland line, fumbling twice at the 

168 total yards gained 194 goal line whcre teammatcs fell on the loose 

5 p^r."''''''.''.":^''' : '.■.■■.■.■ ■ ■ V ■ ■ ; 7 ball for scores. 

33 punt average 23 Burton scorcd the Only Terp touchdown 

2 ftimbiesiost 1 jjj jj^g thji-^j pgriod after a pass to Collins 

5/55 penalties/yards lost 5/55 , , i i • 

on the three yard-line. 


Maryland 21-A.F.A. 

Dick Shiner wrecked the Falcon's highly 
regarded pass defense with completions for 
196 yards, as he led the Terps to their 
fourth victory in five starts. 

The clear air in Denver seemed to help 
in other ways, as Tom Brown intercepted 
three A FA passes to complete a sterling 
performance. The hard-charging Terp line 
aided Maryland's six interceptions, putting 
tremendous pressure on Falcon throwers. 

Scoring for the Terps were Ernie Arizzi 
on a 12-yard pass, Tom Brown on a 6.3-yard 
pass, and Don VanReenan on a 3-yard 

t V 

^^_ Tji^ 'I 


16 first downs 12 

4 first downs nishing 9 

12 first downs passing 2 

first downs penalties 1 

183 total yards rushing 159 

47 yards lost rushing 25 

136 net yards rushing 134 

24 passes attempted 23 

13 passes completed 6 

220 net yards passing 58 

356 totai >ards gained 192 

6 passes intercepted l)y 3 

3 punts 4 

32.3 punt average 41.5 

3 tumbles lost 

3/45 penalties/yards lost 1/3 

AFA'S BOB McNAUGHTON tiaiiis Hi yards as Bai- 
laiiil iSOl ,\\\i\ lirc/o (.JO) )i\\v cliasc. 

QUARTERBACK McNAUGHTON is tripped iipl)\ Daxidson (cin mound). md Aii/zi ( 10) .iltcr a H-v ,ird u.iiti 

li ■• 




COACH NUGENT has a few words to say to 
his quarterback Dick Novak. 


13 first downs 16 

5 first downs rushing 1.3 

8 first downs passing 3 

70 net yards rushing 242 

33 passes attempted 11 

16 passes completed 5 

194 net yards passing 72 

264 total yards gained 314 

1 passes intercepted by , 3 

5 punts 5 

35.4 punt average 32.4' 

3/25 penalties/yards lost 5/35 

"NOW, you guys stay behind that white Hne, or else!' 

Maryland 10 — South Carolina 20 

South Carolina surprised Maryland 
20-10 in a game that may be called a repeat 
of the North Carolina game, except that 
this one was played on a completely dry 
field. The Gamecocks outplayed the Terps 
in all departments, led by Billy Gambrell 
and Jim Costen. 

Maryland's only bright spot of the after- 
noon was the performances by Gary Collins, 
Tommy Brown, and Jimmy Davidson. Col- 
lins broke the ACC record for touchdown 

passes caught, while both Brown and David- 
son sparkled on defense. 

Over 18,000 fans were on hand to see 
the Gamecocks come storming back in the 
second quarter after Maryland had taken 
a 10-6 lead on a field goal by Hannigan and 
a scoring pass from Shiner to Collins. From 
there on it was all the Gamecocks. Costen 
threw a TD pass to Gambrell to put them on 
top, then tossed another to Caskey to clinch 
the victory. 


Maryland 21 
Penn State 17 

Once again Dick Shiner led the team to 
a victory, this time a big one over Penn 
State, 21-17. Before a full house, Shiner re- 
peatedly hit Gary Collins for 80 yards on 
six receptions. 

Harry Butsko may have been the man 
who saved the day when he dropped Galen 
Hall on 9-yard line for a loss to stop a threat- 
ening Penn State attacl<. 

Maryland took the opening kickoff and 
drove for its first score, a pass from Shiner 
to Dick Barlund. Later in the first period. 
Tommy Brown grabbed a 9-yard scoring pass 
from Shiner. Then Collins took one in from 
Shiner to cap the victory. Here Collins broke 
another ACC record, this one for yards 
gained on receptions. 



14 first downs 18 

7 first downs rushing 12 

6 first downs passing 6 

I first downs penalties 

128 total yards rushing 269 

31 yards lost rushing 32 

97 net yards rushing 237 

22 passes attempted 22 

13 passes completed 9 

164 net yards passing 151 

262 total yards gained 388 

1 passes intercepted by 2 

6 punts 4 

46.5 punt average 39 

2 fumbles lost 1 

4/31 penalties/yards lost 5/55 


A PICTURE IS WORTH 1(),0(K) words. Stellar block- 
ing on the line allows Dick Shiner time to pick a 

HALFBACK ROGER KOCHMAN is stopped for no gain by Ernie Arizzi (44). 

~ .. <*■■• 


X*.'*' ' 

Maryland 10-N.C. State 7 

Expecting to see an aerial duel between 
Roman Gabriel and Dick Shiner, a full 
house of spectators saw a ground battle in- 
stead, with the Terps winning out by 10-7. 

Gabriel was stopped with only 7 comple- 
tions for 62 yards, somewhat short of his 
usual. On the most important pass of the 
game, it was again Shiner to Collins for a 

Bidding for a bowl spot down South, 
the Terps looked lacklustre, but managed 
the win, insured by a field goal by John 
Hannigan in the dying seconds of the first 

TOMMY BROWN makes sensational leaping 
catch for Terp first down. 



14 first downs 11 

6 first downs 7 

8 first downs passing 4 

146 total yards rushing 125 

35 yards lost rushing 7 

111 net yards rushing 118 

17 passes attempted 16 

10 passes completed 7 

105 net yards passing 62 

216 total yards gained 180 

1 passes intercepted by 1 

6 punts 6 

37.5 punt average 42.6 

2/30 penalties/yards lost 4/40 

ERNIE ARIZZI (44) stopping Wolfpack ball- 


another behind good blocking. 

Maryland 10 

Wake Forest 7 

Maryland took their seventh victory of 
the season from the Deacons of Wake For- 
est, 10-7. Once again it was the toe of jun- 
ior John Hannigan that made the difference. 

Maryland's defense quelched three Dea- 
con drives within the Terp ten-yard line to 
preserve the win. Defensive ends Collins 
and Poniatowski turned in the Wake Forest 
backs so that the line could hold the Deacons 
to just 83 yards rushing. They had been the 
top ground gainers in the league. 

Hannigan's kick was his fourth field 
goal of the campaign, three of which spelled 
the margin of victory for the Terps. 

It was evident that the Deacons were 
going for the win and not just a tie as they 
spurned a sure field goal and tried for the 
big score. 


13 first downs 9 

8 first downs rushing 5 

5 first downs passing 4 

134 total yards rushing 1 10 

30 yards lost rushing 27 

104 net yards rushing 83 

21 passes attempted 18 

9 passes completed 6 

98 net yards passing 133 

202 total yards gained 216 

2 passes intercepted by 1 

4 punts 5 

40.2 punt average 41.2 

4 fumbles lost 1 

3/21 penalties/yards lost 3/25 

BOB BURTON (32) is halted by a host of Deacon defenders. 

TOMMY BROWN picks up loose ball. 

Maryland 16 
Virginia 28 

Maryland's hopes for a trip to the Gator 
Bowl were smashed by the Cavaliers of Vir- 
ginia, 28-16, at Charlottesville. 

A -crowd of sun-drenched fans watched 
the Terps meet a bitter defeat since the team 
had already accepted a bid to the Gator Bowl. 
The Cavaliers, on the other hand, tasted a 
sweet victory since it was Maryland who had 
battered Virginian dreams of a trip south 
years ago. 

The Terps took an early lead and every- 
thing appeared to be fine — then the roof 
caved in. When timbers had finished falling, 
Maryland had to humbly pick itself up and 
go home. 


15 first downs 20 

120 net yards rushing 1 35 

26 passes attempted 29 

15 passes completed. 13 

177 net yeards passing 160 

297 total yards gained 295 

1 passes intercepted by 3 

> 2 punts 4 

38 punt average 31 

1 fumbles lost 

58 yards penalized 59 

HACKER (51) AND PONIATOWSKI (88) move in on Cavalier ball carrier. 


Varsity 21 — Alumni 14 

Sophomore quarterljack Dick Shiner pro- 
vided a preview ot what was to come when 
he ran and passed the \'arsity to a 21-14 vic- 
tory over the Alumni on a rain-soaked field. 

Shiner hit on 12 of his 17 passes for 141 
yards and two touchdowns. He handled the 
team with autiiorit)' and experience to pro- 
vide a 21-0 halftime lead. 

John Hannigan also gave an indication 
of things to come as he kicked three straight 
extra points. 

On a sloppy field. Burton scored first on 
a six-yard sprint, followed with scoring re- 
ceptions by Poniatowski and Collins. Jim 
Joyce scored both tallies for the hardened 
Alumni, staffed with several All-Americans. 



10 first downs 15 

3...... first downs rushing 6 

7 first down passing 6 

first down penalities 3 

25 net yards rushing 63 

23 passes attemt)ted 23 

13 passes completed' 11 

132 ne^ yards passing 148 

157 total yards gained 211 

1 passes intercepted by 1 

6 punts 2 

30.5 punt average 26 

1 fumbles lost 3 

8/76 penalties/yards lost 7/35 

DICK SHINER RECEIVES the M Club "Most Valuable Player" Award as Coach Nugent looks on at 
post-game ceremonies. Shiner made fans, sportscasters, and scouts sit up and take notice of his perform- 
ance against the hardened Aknnni. 


Gary Collins 

It is with regret that Maryland says good- 
bye to this outstanding performer. His pres- 
ence on the football field surely will be 

Gary, during his three year career at 
Maryland has established every record for 
an end in the ACC — most touchdown passes 


caught, most passes caught, and most yards 
gained on completed passes. 

Collins was selected to every All-Ameri- 
can team in the nation, most of them being 
on the first team. He was selected to honor- 
able mention teams in his sophomore and 
junior years. 

To Gary Collins, number 82, good luck! 


1961 ACC Soccer Champions 

Front Row: Franco Triolo, John Ruhs, Frank Marasco, 
Jay Miller, Robert Cummings, Harold Menninger, 
Oyton Tertemiz, Karl Uttenreither, Nick Limar, Dave 
LeI'court, John Kanarchuk. Second Row: Rudolt Heck- 
man, Kenneth Klein, Henry Oustecky, Anthony 
Greene, John Zarubaiko, John Korz, Harry Sanders, 

Howard Krs, Richard Brueckner, Douglas Metz. Back 
Row: Coach Doyle P. Royal, Donel Ganz, Bruce Je- 
zek, Juan Carlos Martin, Richard Roe, Lawrence 
Denson, Ronald Williamson, Gary Litchfield, Wil- 
liam Teeple, Manager Donald Forsht. 

Action near the Hopkins goal. 



3 Virginia 

10 North C:arolina State 

4 Army 3 

5 Penn State 1 

4 North Carolina 1 

2 Duke 

9 GeorgctowTi 2 

2 Navy 2 

6 Johns Hopkins I 

2 Catholic University 

2 West Chester 4 


CO-CAPTAINS Chappie Meuninger and Bob Cumniiiigs. 


The hooters from Maryland finished the 
1961 season with a 9-1-1 record which was 
good enough to win the ACC crown for the 
ninth consecutive year. 

The Terps played in two overtime games 
and an opening contest of the NCAA quarter- 
finals. West Chester State took the game, 
4-2, to hand the Terps their only loss of the 
season. The two overtime games were played 
against Navy and Army, beating Army 4-3 
and tying Navy 2-2. 

Maryland has yet to lose an ACC game. 
This year they outscored their league com- 
petitors 19 goals to one. Carlos Martin, an- 
other Maryland All-American, scored six 
goals in the N.C. State game, setting an ACC 
record, breaking the record previously held 
by another Maryland star. 

Oyton Tertemis led the team in scoring 
with 14 goals on the season, followed by 
Martin with ten. Martin led the team in as- 
sists with twelve. 

In overall competition the Terps held 
their opponents to 16 goals, while the Red 
and White marked up forty-nine. 


1961 Varsity Cross-Country 

CROSS COUINTRY-Lt'ii Patrick, Guy Harper, Mark Wells, John Garten, John Irhy, Dick Greditor, Frank Colavita, 
Sal Reneir, Curly Adams. 

Guy Harper, Mark Wells, and John Garten 
led the Terp harriers to another winning 
season, which seems to i)e the standard 
procedure in the past years. Goach Jim Kehoe 
can expect another «ood year from all of 
these fine runners. 

1961 Varsity Cross-Gountry Results 

22 Navy 33 

38 Duke 22 

22 Glemson 37 

27 North Garolina 28 

23 William & Mary 32 

16 North Garolina State 42 

15 N'irj^inia 46 

NAVY RUNNER leads Wells and Harper. 

SPECTATORS ENJOY fall weather and 
Maryland win. 

GUY HARPER breaks the tape to win in the Navy meet. 

CROWDED PARKING LOTS typified all home games. 

ANXIETY IS CHARACTERIZED by players' faces. 

THE CHEERLEADERS are ushered in. 


T • 


TRUMPETERS play at Band Day. 

ANTICIPATION was a familiar look. 


^ iSS' 

THE TERPS takf the field to tlie din oi' ;i carmoii. 

THE BAND ASSEMBLES for a lialftime performance. 

VENDERS wandered through the crowd 
witli little notice. 

Winter Sports 


jL_-.0. MM. ..(^ 


oi la 

WRESTLING TEAM -Fronf Row: Robert Neutze, 
Dick Maynard, Ron Maunder, Fred Sentner, Dave 
Ott, Sam Bossert. Second Row: Karl Offenbacher, 
Gordon Bartliloniew, Tom Quelet, Richard Smith, 
Pat Varre, Eugene Kerin, Frank Grungo, Richard 

Guidi, Bill Rishell. Back Row: Coach Krouse, Leroy 
Hall, Bob Burton, Robert Pirih, Roger Shoals, Gary 
Wikander, Marshall Dauberman, lohn Sikora, Dick 

Matmen Take 8th A.C.C. Crown 


The wrestling team dominated the 
A.C.C. this year for the eighth consecu- 
tive time. 

Four outstanding wrestlers for the 
season of Krouse's fine squad were Ron 
Nhiunder, Sam Bossert, Pat Varre, and Eu- 
gene Kerin, who is the only wrestler in 
the history of ACC to win the Outstand- 
ing Wrestler Award twice at \(i7 pounds 
in UJ6() and 157 in 1961. 

CJoach "Sully" Krouse's 15 year Con- 
ference record now stands at (rl wins 
against (i losses with a streak ol 51 con- 
lerence dual meets without a loss includ- 
ing the final nine dual meets in the 
Southern Conference. This yi-ar, he ex- 
tended his record oi never having a los- 
ing season. 



28 North Carolina State 

11 Oklahoma 16 

9 Army 17 

11 Perm State 16 

12 Navy 12 

2 Pittsburgh 23 

23 VMI 3 

32 Virginia 

38 Duke 

25 North Carolina 5 

ACC CHAMP Sam Bossert ACC CHAMP Ron Maunder. 

CO-CAPTAINS, Eugene Kerin and Pat \'arre. 

MARYLAND takes victtirv over nuke. 





COACH GEORGE BUTLER congratulates John 

CHRIS STAUFFER leads tin- 440 

JOHN BELITZA tops 15 tc-t-t. 


Indoor Track 
ACC Champs 

The Terps had a most successful indoor 
track season by again defeating Navy and 
winning the ACC championship for the sev- 
enth straight year. John BeHtza became the 
first collegiate pole vaulter in the South to 
top 15 feet. With Belitza and Tom Glass, 
Coach Kehoe's team has the upperhand in 
the pole vault of any college in the East. 
Against Navy in a dual meet, Belitza topped 
15 feet 3% inches for a new University of 
Maryland record and a new Navy field house 
record. Tom Glass topped 14-9 in this meet. 
John Belitza finished third in the National 
AAU meet with his 15 feet vault, Chris Stauf- 
fer finished fourth in the 600 yd. run, and 
Guy Harper finished fifth in the Mile Run. 
Don Van Reenan ran a 6.1 in the Navy dual 
meet at Annapolis for the 60 yard dash equal- 
ing his own Navy field house record set 
last year. He also matched this 6.1 in the 
semi-finals of the 60 yd. dash in the National 
AAU meet. 

DON VAN REENAN brings victory to Maryland as he ties the record 
he estabhshed last year. 


MARK WELLS, co-captain. 




^i^^2£2^^^r^ i^^^^^ 



CHAMP POLE vaulter, Tom Glass. 






IJ « 

^r '- "^ ^^^^1 


^K 1 


VH^ ^ 


^^^k r^ ^^1 




- ^ 


H ' 

iVY\ ■ 




GUY HARPER cliiiclies tlie meet. 

TERP GOES in lor the kil 


BOB EICHER blocks shot by Georgetown player. 
HUGH LUPIEN'S butterfly places the Terps ahead. 



54 North Carolina State -10 

69 American University 21 

70 Virginia 25 

72V4 Duke 22 V4 

34 Navy 61 

80 Wake Forest 14 

59 Clemson 32 

49 North Carolina 46 

64 Washington & Lee 31 

61 VM.1 34 

COACH Bill Campbell. 

CO-CAPTAIN Ed Whitehead. 

Swimmers Take 

The Terps swimmers captured tor the 
third consecutive year, the Atlantic Coast 
Conference championship. Individual cham- 
pions were Hugh Lupien in 1500-meter 
freestyle, Ron Squires in one meter dive, 
and Kevin Gilson. The Terps' successful sea- 
son shows an overall record of ten wins and 
one loss. 

FREESTYLER Kevin Gilson. 


CO-CAPTAIN Hugh Roddin. 

RECORD HOLDER Dave Fleming. 

SWIMMING TEAM -Front Rom;; Ron Squires, Bill Hickey. Second Row: Hoe Bang Fong, Ed Duke, Ward Brand- 
bein, Ed Whitehead, Hugh Roddin, Jerry Greenberg, Dave Diehl, Ken Wall. Third Row: Coach Don Adams, Ted 
Lupien, Ira Titunik, Bob Kraeling, Al Marmelstein, John Harding, Kevin Gilson, Tom Wingate, Coach Bill Camp- 
bell. Back Row: Dave Fleming, Terry Feelemeyer, Barry Berube, Dick Dahl, Steve Kisley, Mike Schaeberle, Hugh 
Lupien, Mike McMahan. 


BASKETBALL TEAM- Front Row: Assistant Coach 
Frank Fellows, Head Coach H. A. "Bud" Millikan. 
Back Row: Mike Nofsinger, Bruce Kelleher, Bob 

Eicher, Jerry Greenspan, Joe Barton, Scott Ferguson, 
Ted Marshall, Connie Carpenter, Bill Stasiulatis, 
Paul Jelus, manager, Dan Sweeney. 

SENIOR GUARD, Bruce Kelleher 



65 Penn State 71 

78 Georgetown 79 

68 N.C. State 73 

75 M in nesota 69 

79 Wake F"orcst..... 62 

91 X'irginia 70 

62 Mississippi State 64 

64 Louisville 83 

67 George Washington 56 

77 South Carolina 86 

83 Georgetown 70 

68 Duke 84 

81 George Washington 67 

61 N.C. State 68 

58 Navy 67 

79 North Carolina 62 

68 South C]aroI i na 85 

61 ...Clenison 7.3 

.53 Duke 79 

78 Wake Forest 81 

67 Nortli Carolina 70 

68 X'irginia 72 

68 Cicinson 75 

COACH Bud Millikan 

SENIOR GUARD, Mike Nofsinger 

JUNIOR GUARD, Bob Eicher JUNIOR FORWARD, Jerry Greenspan 

SENIOR CENTER, Ted Marshall 



WHERE'S THE ball, Jerry? 

Leading the Hoopsters for the basket- 
ball season with a 15.2 average was play- 
maker Bruce Kelleher. Kelleher also scored 
the most points in any single game with 32 
against Virginia. 

Jerry Greenspan set two Maryland re- 
cords with the most consecutive free throws 
of any one game, 14, against Minnesota and 
best free throw percentage, 100%, also 
against Minnesota. 

Other Terp high scorers for the season 
were Bob Eicher, Paul Jelus, and Ted Mar- 

Most points scored by the Hoopsters was 
a 91 against Virginia. 

In the ACC Maryland finished with a 
conference record of 3-11. 

STASIULATIS scores for Maryland. 


ney, Alice Gunipper, 
Linda Cook, captain; 
Julia Cobey. 

CHEERLEADERS — John Robinson, Merrily Krause, Bridget Foreshew, 
Judy Wueste, Reggie Klein, Julie Jones, Marge Blair. 

Gimrae an 'M 

MARYLAND, we're all behind you . . . for nothing is so glorious as to see our team victorious 

Tf ' 

^' -X 

Spring Sports 


I T 

,*?.,."% „u^*-'''^'*J^, 

.-xilaW^ ^V^lax^' _,„«:> ^Yj^ |5j^- ,!c^ 

^u,-^— .-^y- ^^,,„,;-.^v«n,,.^;^,^„^-l..u., . 


BASEBALL TEAM- Front Row: L. Kupper, G. Shaf- 
fer, J. Rogers, D. Brown, P. Rogers, G. Klinedinst, 
W. Trust. Second Row: J. Fowler, B. Scammell, W. 
Roeper, A. Caple, W. McHargiie, R. Taylor, F. Martz, 

G. Grouse. Back Row: J. Jackson (Goacli); W. Turner, 
T. Brown, R. Edson, R. Bowie, R. Smith, T. Moss, B. 
Walter, J. Walker, H. Dawson. 

Terrapin Diamondmen 



is till' Terps' new 

The Record 

6 Connecticut 1 

5 Dartmout 12 

3 North Carolina State 6 

8 Clemson 9 

2 Syracuse 6 

6 Brown 2 

2 Virginia 

5 Duke 11 

6 Wake Forest... 10 

4 Navy 10 

9 Clemson 7 

9 South C^aroiiiKi 8 

4 .South Carolina 2 

3 Penn State 5 

3 Wake Forest 4 

1 Duke 5 

2 \'irginia 5 

8 North Carolina 7 

3 North Carolina KS 

7 Cieorgetown 1 



JIM FOWLER pitched two-hit ball game 
against the Cavaliers. 

TOM BROWN led the team in hits, RBI's, and 
home runs. 

The Maryland baseball nine experienced 
an up and down season and finished with an 
overall 8-12 record. One of the highlights 
of the season was Jim Fowler's two-hit pitch- 
ing when the Terps whipped Virginia 2-0. 

Commanded by their new coach, Jack 

Jackson, the team, for the third consecutive 
year, scored at least one run in every game 
played. This feat was made possible by the 
fine hitting of Frank Martz, Tom Brown, Jim 
Fowler, Phil Rogers, and Dick Taylor who 
all batted above .300. 

CO-CAPTAINS- Don Brown and Phil Rogers. 

and knocked in twelve runs. 


TRACK TEAM -Fronf Rou?; L. Hodes, J. Foskett, 
W. Smith, B. Johnson, N. Kovalakides, C. Grand- 
maison, J. Speigel, F. Colavita, E. Polanowski. 
Second Row: R. MacWillianis (Manager); J. Garten, 
B. Grey, L. McCabe, J. Bland, C. Stauffer, P. 

- 5 

Tucker, M. Pixton, J. Schiff, N. Goldstein, K. 
Mettler (Trainer). Back Row: Jim Kehoe (Track 
Coach); M. Doggs, J. Belitza, D. Dobbs, H. Wilson, 
J. Montgomery, D. Smith, J. Hicks, D. \'anReenan, 
M. Wells, John Lucas (Coach). 

Trackmen Undefeated — ACC 


WAYNE SMITH is a member of champion 
mile relay team. 

The University of Maryland Track Team 
won the Outdoor ACC Championships for 
the sixth year in a row. The Cindermen were 
undefeated in the dual meet competition un- 
der head coach, Jim Kehoe. The 1961 track 
team was prohahly considered to be one of 
the best to ever represent the University of 

Dual Meet Record 

104 Pittsburgh 27 

100 North Carolina 31 

76 Navy 55 

91 West \'irginia 39 


In the ACC Championships the trackmen 
'captured eight individual titles. Butch Spie- 
gel was a double winner as he took first place 
in the 220 and 100 yard dashes. 

In addition to the regular dual meet 
schedule, Maryland competed in the DC- 
AAU's Penn Relays, Quantico Relays, and 
IC4A's. In the DCAAU's Maryland won the 
team title and twelve of seventeen individual 
events. Bill Johnson, Nick Kovalakides, and 
John Belitza gave outstanding performances 
during the entire season. 


Butch Spiegel, John Belitza, Nick Kovalakides, Bill 

Johnson, Mark Wells. Back Row: Chris Stauffer, 
Wayne Smith, Dick Smith, Frank Colavita. 

I gn gpi ^^ 


JAMES BLAND, star liiuli-iuiiiprr, arclies over. 


Champion, set Perm Relays Javelin 
Record, and took first place in 

Vault Champion, tied for first 
place in Penn Relays and 

LACROSSE TEAM -Front Row: S. Carlin, W. John- 
son, B. Beardmore, S. Merrill, B. Woodbury, S. Sadt- 
ler, M. Harmatz, B. Chambers. Second Row: B. Lem- 
ken, H. Nelson, R. Altman, C. Rothenberg, N. Britton, 

D. Brent, B. Cummings, D. Romine. Back Row: J. 
Heagy (Manager); W. Durrigg, F. Waidner, G. Reck- 
ner, H. Minetree, W. Pugh, D. Bowen, A. Deems 


FRITZ WAIDNER led the Terp Stick- 
men in scoring with 28 goals. 

1961 Lacrossemen 
Boast 6-2 Record 

The Record 

22 Washington & Lee 4 

10 Princeton 5 

16 New Hampshire 3 

14 Virginia 8 

15 Duke 1 

7 Navy 9 

9 Army 15 

12 Johns Hopkins 7 


BERS, had 144 saves for 
the season. 

THE STICKMEN defeat Jolms Hopkins 12-7; and Coach Heagh and Coach 
Fabcr are carried from the field in triumph. 

ARMY GOALIE makes save the hard way in a game which Army won 15-9. 

Fritz Waidiier with 28 ^oals, Hiiddy 
Bt'ardniore with 25 goals and Ray Altnian 
with 18 j^oals and 36 led the Mary- 
land .sticknien to a 6-2 Collegiate Record. 
The Terp.s suffered losses to the Mt. Wash- 
ington and Baltimore Lacrosse Cluhs, hut 
smothered the Maryland Lacrosse C'hd) 16-4 

in exhihition games. 

The team continued its donu'nance of the 
ACC by heating Duke and X'irginia, the only 
other conference schools' fielding teams. 
The season's most exciting game was played 
at Annapolis where Maryland lost a heart- 
hreaker 9-7 to Na\v in o\<Mtime. 


BEARDMORE, finished 
season with 25 goals. 

BEARDMORE CHARGES up behind Johns Hopkins' Hnal aft<:>r fcHna on^ rl^fcrirl^r 



RAIN, MUD, AND THE FINAL SCORE made the Army gai 

PAUL HOLDS his breath and watch 



GOLF TEAM-Front Row: H. Rasli, C. Wisotski, 
R. Sclaes, R. Reighter, M. Rash. Back Row: Coach 

Cronin, H. Leavy, C. Thatcher, P. Quinn, W. Craw- 
ford, T. Bartolec. 

Links Men Continue Winning 

The Terp golfers won all- ten of their home 
matches as they finished the season with a 
10-2 record. The team has won 35 of its last 
36 home matches. The only losses were to 
Wake Forest and North Carolina State in a 
triangular match at Carolina Country Club. 

Coach Cronin's golfers finished third as 
a team in the 1961 ACC tournament which 
was played on the Maryland course. How- 
ever, Maryland's Paul Quinn tied Pete Green 
of North Carolina with 142 for the ACC in- 
dividual title. 

TERP'S VETERAN coach, Frank Cronin. 

ARMY GOALIE makes save tl 

Fritz VVaidner with 28 goals, Bud 
•ardmore witli 25 goals and Hay Altm 
th 18 goals and 36 assists led the Mai 
id stickmen to a 6-2 Collegiate Recoi 
le Terps suffered losses to the Mt. Was 
gton and Baltimore Lacrosse Clubs, b 
lothercd the Maryland Lacrosse Cluli 16 

The Record 

25y2 Princeton IOMj 

29y2 M.LT V2 

6 Wake Forest 12 

7 North Carolina State 11 

21 South Carolina 6 

5y2 Georgetown 1^2 

23y2 Penn State 3y2 

19 Clemson 8 

15y2 North Carolina 11 Mi 

16y2 Johns Hopkins iy2 

20y2 Virginia 6y2 

17 Navy 10 


PAUL QUINN WATCHES as Pete Green's putt rolls 
slowly toward the cup 

HE'S LINING up a rough one. 


and Coach Cronin with 
Paul Quinn holding the 
ACC Individual Cham- 
pionship Trophy. 


QUINN FOLLOWS THROUGH on an uphill shot. 

PAUL HOLDS his breath and watches. 


1961 Netmen 



The Maryland Tennis Team posted an 
8-4 overall record for the 1961 season. Chuck 
Abelson again led the Terps to victory in 
match after match. The team was also 
sparked by sophomores John Nogrady and 

Bill Statiulatis. 

The netmen were impressive in the ACC, 
losing only to North Carolina and Virginia 
and finishing with a 5-2 conference record. 


The Record 

8 Syracuse 1 

2 Virginia 7 

8 Wake Forest 1 

1 North Carolina 5 

7 Penn State 1 

5 North Carolina State 3 

1 Georgetown 7 

2 Navy 5 

5 S o u th C ar o 1 i n a 

5 Duke 4 

7 Johns Hopkins 2 

6 Clemson 2 



PIONSHIP TEAM- Ben Pettee, third place; Wade 
Whitener, first place; and Ron Maunder, fourth place. 

TENNIS CHAMPIONS -Phil Bolen, manager; Robert 
Ruhling, runner-up; Barry Cleveland, first place; 
Robert Kem, manager. 


Men's Intramurals offer opportunities 
for competition in various sports for those 
who have neither the time nor the desire to 
participate in varsity sports. This organiza- 
tion, under the direction of Coach Jim Kehoe, 
includes a wide variety of activities, rang- 
ing from individual sports such as tennis, 
track and wrestling, to team sports, such as 
football, basketball, and baseball, in which 
fraternity and open league teams vie for 


CHAMPIONS -Front Row: Durke Thompson, 
Buddy Beardmore, Capt. Don Montgomery, Russ 
Potts, Ken Paul. Second Row: Bob McCullan, Mar- 
shall Snyder, John Snyder, Jay Trangle, Skip 
Brown. Back Row: Bill Hickey (manager); Wayne 
Smith, Herb Minetree, Bruce Smith, Bob Lemkin, 
Ray Reeves, Charlie Hart. 

Phi Delta Theta rolled to an 11-1 mark in 
chalking up their first university champion- 
ship since 1954. After losing their first game 
of the season to TKE, 0-7, the Phi Delts 
clipped off ten straight shutouts. They cli- 
maxed their fine season with a 12-0 shutout 
of ATO for the fraternity championship, and 
then defeated the open league champs, the 
Aces, 7-6, for the University Championship. 

BALL CHAMPIONS -Knee/ing; Bill Gallagher, 
Bunket Abell, Pat Friendack, Cecil Stoutsenberger, 
Tom Versis. Standing: Sam Rauthblaum, Richard 
Estes, Roger Howell, Dempsey Ventriss, Jack Mad- 
dox. Bill Rogers. 

PHI DELTA THETA battles Alpha Tau Omega for Fraternity Champion- 

TEP, DIVISION CHAMPIONS, tight Plii Sigma Kappa tor the 

LOOK OUT! It's a spike. 



Women's Recreation Association 

The Women's Recreation Association is 
a student organization whose aim is to pro- 
vide fun and leadership opportunities in the 
field of sports for Maryland women. It's 
many phases include interest groups, intra- 
murals, intercollegiate competition, and af- 
filiated clubs. 


THE AOPi'S, 1962 Intramural Basketball Champions, 
demonstrate their skill against Caroline Hall. 


W.R.A. COUNCIL- Frofif Row: Diana Phelps, Jean Lineberry, Barbara 
Burnett, Robyn Rudolph, Kay Ramsay, Teddie Lou Kelly. Second Row: 
Snellen Weist, Valorie Wood, recording secretary; Priscilla Allen, correspond- 
ing secretary; Bobbi Hastings, president; Linda Cavin, treasurer; Nancy Lhr, 
vice president; Kay White, Miss Ethel Kesler, advisor. Standing: Dale'Bres- 
nick, Marlene Petrushansky, Carolyn Callaway, Pat Landrum, Joan Hopkins, 
Joanne Landry, Kathy Disney, Dot Collison, Barrie Rawak, Marlene Ruppers- 
berger, Lucy Calder, Joan Wilkinson, Gloria Silverstein, Shelly Landay, Aud- 
rey Maier, Pat Adams, Janet Meetre, Bunnye Schofer. 

girls as well as boys. 

CARIIN CONE, niciiil)ci ol llic Delta Cainina Cliainpioiisli jp Iiitiaiiiinal 
Swinuning Team, the Maryland Swimming Team, and a former Olympic 
winner, demonstrates her winning backstroke. 


M CLUB -Front Row: John Zaruboiko, Pete Tucker, 
Bob Lemkin, Jim Bland, Bernie Walter, Dan Pieper, 
Joe Ferrante, Fred Sentner, John Garten, Mark Wells. 
Second Row: Wayne Ebright, Kevin Gilson, Buddy 
Beardmore, Barry Berube, Ron Maunder, publicity 
director; Marvin Pixton, treasurer; Wayne Smith, 
president; Gene Kerin, vice president; Hank Ponia- 
towski, sergeant-at-arms; Bob Cummings, secretary; 
Dave Crossan, social director. Third Row: Bob Geyer, 
Hank Oustezki, Dick Dahl, Ed Duke, Marshall Dau- 
berman. Bob Kraeling, Harry Sanders, Harry Butsko, 

Neil Goldstein, Gene Ferrer, Alan Citrenbaum, Mike 
Schaeberle, Tom Bartolec, Dave Flemming, Chris 
Stauffer, Sam Bossert, John Beltiza, Ron Hamilton, 
Jack Ruhs, Guy Harper, Will Johnson, Chet Detko, 
Murnis Banner, Ron Williamson. Back Row: Ira Titu- 
nik, Tom Krueger, Roger MacWilliams, Marvin Har- 
matz. Grant Lee, Ward Brandvein, Hoe Beng Fong, 
Ron Squires, Dick Mantel, Frank Marasco, Hugh 
Lupien, Dave Brenneman, Bill Gray, Dave Letcourt, 
Will Roeper. 


The M Club was designed for the purpose 
of bringing together the outstanding athletes 
on campus. Anyone who has been awarded 
a Maryland athletic letter is eligible for 
membership in this social organization. 

This year, the M Club set a precedent by 
awarding an honorary membership to Joe 
Blair, the publicity director of the Uni- 
versity of Maryland, in recognition of his 

outstanding service to the athletic depart- 

The M Club also sponsors the Outstand- 
ing Intramural Athlete of the Year Award, 
given at the Interfraternity Sing, in hopes 
that a closer understanding between the var- 
sity and intramural phases of Maryland ath- 
letics can be reached. 


Athletic Staff 

The University of Maryland Athletic 
Department has many behind-the-scene 
workers. These industrious and capable 
workers are personified in Bill Cobey, Joe 
Blair, "Duke" Wyre, Bill Fry, and Eddie 

Bill Cobey, director of athletics, has be- 
come the backbone of athletics at Maryland. 
In his sixth year. Bill has contributed much 
to the Maryland athletic scene. 

Who hasn't heard of Maryland? No-one, 
and we have Joe Blair, the publicity director, 
to thank for keeping Maryland in the public 

"Duke" Wyre, the nationally famous 
trainer, has been at Maryland for fifteen 
years. During these years, he has proven 
himself again and again. He is truly an im- 
portant man for the Terps. 


BILL COBEY, Director ot Athletics. 

ALFRED J. WYRE, Head riaimi 
EDDIE BEAN, licket Manager. 

JOE BLAIR, I'uMicity 

BILL FRY, Assistant Trainer. 


Bill "Spider" Fry has been at the Univer- 
sity for the past six years. An impressive 
background in sports provided Bill with the 
experience he needed to capably hiHill iiis 
position at Maryland. 

If you ever need tickets for a game, Eddie 
Bean is the man to see. He is adept at organ- 
ization which is evident through his out- 
standing work. 


TOM NUGENT, head football coach. 

Coaching Staff 

Tom Nugent, Maryland's head football 
coach, has once again produced an outstand- 
ing season. The varsity's record of seven wins 
and three losses is one that all Maryland fans 
can praise. 

Since Nugent's arrival in 1959, he has 
molded and worked with our teams until 
Maryland was put on the national sports 
scene. This year, Maryland was predicted 
to have a good year, and Nugent and his 
able coaching staff did not disappoint the 
sports writers nor the fans. 

Working along with the head coach, the 
assistant coaches helped to place the team's 
record in the impressive win column. The 
cooperation between these men and the play- 
ers has given the Maryland fans a strong team 
to support this season. 

LEE CORSO, assistant coach. BERNIE REID, assistant coach. FRANK TOOMEY, assistant 

• coach. 


sistant coacli. coacli. BILL DOVELL, assistant coacli. assistant coach. 




Residences Associate Editor Carol Gebert 

Sororities Claudia Miller 

Fraternities Joyce Schroeder 

Women's Dorms Carol Gebert 

Men's Dorms Joanne Moser 

Drawing By James Forbes 


Women's Dorms 


ANNE ARUNDEL HALL-Front Row: J. Hevner, 
J. Edwards, K. Decker, E. Glickman, L. Brass, L. 
Colvin, H. Caplan, N. Friedman, S. Santen, J. Wilson, 
P. Winkler, A. Passalacqua, J. Carrick, president; 
S. Wise, Z. Carlock, A. Walstrum. SecondRow: K. 
Althaus, P. Callaghan, S. Gray, C. Pelovitz, E. Lar- 
rabee, M. Dreux, S. Boyle, A. German, D. Channell, 
C. Couey, K. Dorn, T. Sailer, J. DeGaston, S. Han- 
briek, B. Stewart, B. Lee, treasurer; C. Geltka, T 

Garpstas, K. White. Third Row: L. Sousane, j. Perlz- 
weig, G. Kobren, L. Orrison, B^ Drumm, H. Talk, M 
Koons, P. Olson, secretary; P. Wilder, J. Klein, I 
Kane, J. Thompson, K. Torrieri, M. Pelovitz, D. Rich- 
bury, M. Kahn, F. Golberg, D. Zaprowski. Last Row: 
P. Hansen, B. Bledy, J. Sherman, M. Nicholson, D. 
Collison, T. Keravuori, J. King, E. Buck, L. Ravikio, 
S. Kettells, K. Sheehan, B. Penkiunas, F. Johnson, 
J. Thomason, K. Coyle, K. Harris, G. Feder, J. DeV'ito. 




3 B¥' 


THE KINGSTON TRIO lia.s notlmi^ on tins i;,oup. 

One of the first women's residences, 
steeped in tradition . . . carol singing around 
tree at Christmas time . . . memories of the 
spring lantern dance on the terrace . . . lend- 
ing a helping hand to orphans with a party 
at Christmas and Easter . . . honored by 
heauty with first runner-up Homecoming 
Queen, Freshman and Sophomore Prom 
Queens . . . new housemother, Mrs. \h)ody 
. . . "Annie A" girls are active in inan\ or- 
ganizations including SGA, Mortar Board, 
\\'RA, campus chest, and maii\ , uianx' more... 



This activity minded dormitory is rep- 
resented in almost every activity on campus 
including Diadem, Mortar Board, Angel 
Flight, UT, Diamondback, TERRAPIN, color 
guard, SGA, AWS, and modern dance . . . 
sports aren't slighted either — second in ten- 
nis singles, second in WRA participation, 
winners of the bowling trophy, and sponsors 
of the ping pong tournament . . . fireside 
chats provide intellectual atmosphere . . . 
graced by their fiiendly housemother, Mrs. 
Pruter, and her assistant, Mrs. Taylor . . . 
proud of the Miss Cecil Hall crown ... a 
much welcomed paint job adds to the gaiety 
and congenial spirit of Caroline . . . 

JUST ONE MORE luuKl-tluMi we'll study. 



CAROLINE HALL-Front Row: J. Green, C. Dear- 
holt, S. Poist, J. Harris, E. Tagtmeyer, R. Milhausen, 
P. McElwee, C. Schaub, K. Bertl, E. Auster, R. Hertz- 
lich, D. Case, E. Lentz. Second Row: P. Brooks, M. 
Butler, S. Hodge, S. Causey, J. Rohrer, C. Buck, G. 
Morgan, M. Johnson, J. Palmer, M. Petrushansky, J. 
Taylor, G. Yano, secretary; W. Linzey, T. Patrick, 

P. Schaener, E. Coddington, B. Schacher, J. Landry, 
S. Miller, L. Wobbeking, G. Truitt, H. Herzfeld, S. 
Hertzler, B. Blades, S. Gross, J. Kerr. Last Row: L. 
Davidson, S. Churchman, L. Beitsch, A. Dorman, M. 
Schmitt, K. Sharp, M. Bispham, R. Parran, C. Gross- 
man, A. Pokorny, K. Taylor, A. Columna, D. Plutschak, 
L. Rogers, E. Lagmay. 

# 9 

"The Centreville Coeds" . . . suffering 
weeks without telephones and consequently 
without dates . . . excellent view of the cam- 
pus from the famous sundeck . . . always ex- 
tending warmth and friendliness to par- 
ents and friends . . . new housemother, Mrs. 
Schuck, told fascinating tales of her Euro- 
pean trip . . . proudly represented in campus 
organizations — Angel Flight, AWS, Mortar 
Board to mention just a few . . . proud to 
show off their "hotel lobby" . . . girls dress- 
ing warmly for the long, cold walk to classes 
in the winter . . . 


tiood start. 

lulpiiiv; liaiid tn i!;ct oil to a 

B. Skinner, C). Greenbaum, G. Kesner, S. Merowitz, 
S. Lew, L. Fuller, J. Campbell, M. Pierce, R. Boucher. 
Second Row: B. Born, P. Myers, J. Peterman, P. Hart- 
man, T. Greenberj?, C. Debuskey, M. Daniel, E. Even- 

chick, president; M. Rider, S. LeBovit, C. Hooton. 
Last Row: G. Crandell, L. Elliott, S. Fritz, S. Horn, 
D. Sterling, E. Woolley, D. Wood, B. Mintz, A. 
Mahoney, C. Osborne, B. Hagan. 

i f 
« i 

. 3 f 

"^?.^^. ^ 

r I f » I I t 8vi> I ^ i 


Morys, S. Ward, M. Howard, S. Sandler, A. Rosdol, 
A. Teter, V. Ogden, C. Stump, J. Patchen, secretary; 
H. Poffenbarger, vice president; M. Kaar, B. Wilson. 
Second Row: M. Barrett, E. Bwersky, S. Tydings, H. 
Gilbert, C. Carlin, M. Bower, S. McElhane, P. Grif- 
fiths, B. Rapelye, D. Stonebraker, J. Jones, S. Hughes, 
L. Weiss, L. Richter. Third Row: L. Clarke, L. Strie- 
gel, J. Bernstein, M. Biggs, C. Ripley, B. Bergeran, 

B. Thompson, S. Sommer, J. Brown, L. Gilder, D. 
Bannett, C. Blicher, J. Sherman. Fourth Row: M. Spie- 
gel, C. Porter, G. Bozof, L. Chamness, G. Forman, J. 
Bader, D. Childs, K. Lavery, J. King, P. Fenimore, 
B. Hopkins, C. Anderson, S. Mahoney, P. Knight. 
Last Row: G. Dickman, A. Jaffe, D. Miskelly, T. 
Indritz, D. Moore, M. Leverton, C. Holmead, J. 
Lineicome, B. Schwartz, M. Moore, L. Dove, J. Grahl, 
G. Mullowney. 

Residents of Centreville are proud to 
live in the tallest and newest building on 
campus . . . waking up to cows mooing out- 
side and policemen in the halls became 
customary . . . Mrs. Beaumont, the new house 
director, and her four graduate assistants 
always waiting with a friendly smile . . . 
gracious hostesses at popular desserts and 
buffets . . . well represented on campus by 
Miss Maryland, Mortar Board president, 
cheerleaders. Angel Flight, and representa- 
tives in S.G.A. . . . not so fond memories of 
wading through mud for weeks . . . laughter 
and hysteria as friend gets caught in eleva- 
tor .. . 

BE SURE and move your tab. 

CARROLL HALL- Front Row: P. Reigle, F. Ferris, 
C. Chapinaii, K. Knox, J. Waddell, F. Bernstein, 
P. Lee, president; L. Jones, vice president; M. Schoen, 
E. Walker, J. Rivers, N. Andrews. Second Row: J. 
Epps, L. Stinehart' M. Hulhern, S. Salganik, J. 
Fletcher, J. Lokstein, L. Taekeis, P. Morton, F. Petro, 
J. Fowler, E. Hook, R. Reamer, S. Hartman, N. Kean. 
Third Row: S. Craig, P. Coates, D. Zeigler, C. Kluger- 
man, B. Kirsch, J. Rappaport, S. Engelman, R. Breg- 

man, S. Herman, M. Tatum, B. Armstrong, S. Pickens, 
B. Berger, F. Tarcza. Fourth Row: D. Kemp, J. Mat- 
thews, S. Stokes, W. Benney, J. Selckmahn, B. Britt, 
P. George, B. McGlotten, S. Bemiller, L. Kemper, K. 
Tolle, D. Macmillan, I. Nick, M. Grove, B. Hudson. 
Last Row: B. Hess, J. Scott, D. Heck, D. Stackus, M. 
Hess, Fowler, A. Patterson, J. Brilhart, P. Telfer, Y. 
Glebgs, N. Baker, S.Johnson, D. Bresnick.J. Peterson. 

SMALL RIOTS often take iilatc diirinu noisv' hour. 

One of the smallest dorms on campus . . . 
presents, tree, and Christmas party given 
annually for orphans . . . strong big-little 
sister program welcomes freshmen ... a very 
strict dorm where a "Carroll Hall campus" is 
much respected . . . undergrads mimic the 
seniors in an annual satirical skit presented 
in the seniors' honor . . . many popular des- 
serts will long be remembered . . . active in 
sports . . . head resident, Mrs. Killingsworth, 
and her assistant greeting residents at all 
liours . . . friends from Carroll and Wicomico 
Halls greeting each other from their win- 
dows . . . 


Intellectually outstanding, rated third 
scholastically . . . desserts with T.K.E. and 
the Delta Sir's top social functions . . . 
Housemothers, Mrs. Brower and Mrs. Wint- 
erberg, honored at a tea . . . warm hospitality 
seen in Parents' Day and Homecoming open 
house . . . claims members of F.O.B., A.W.S., 
and A.L.D. honorary . . . first place in dorm 
Homecoming decorations . . . fireside chats 
and fashion shows make interesting events 
. . . broken elevators and busy telephones 
everyday occurrences . . . eating and food 
rank first in the hearts of many . . . 

THE SANDWICH MAN tinalK- mack' it! 

DORCHESTER HALL- Front Row: R. Veith, J. 
Flook, S. Berney, B. Grossman, A. Rose, B. Jump, 
secretary; F. Harding, president; S. Neary, vice presi- 
dent; J. Kane, J. Miller, S. Barnes, C. Hunt. Second 
Row: J. Harrison, J. Greenberg, L. Avis, B. Johnson, 
G. Johnson, D. Dietrich, P. Early, E. Saloukas, F. 
Einhorn, C. Morris, F. Cockey, P. Morgan, L. Smith. 
Third Row: J. Athanas, G. Packard, B. Mathieu, M. 
Teramani, S. Smith, N. Edmunds, C. Wilson, M. Pul- 

len, C. Dunn, R. Diamond, P. Grubb, D. Mullar, E. 
Allen. Fourth Row: P. Casper, M. Newhouse, J. 
Cramer, R. Leibson, D. Chesler, C. Berkow, J. Mar- 
golius, F. Jordan, N. Slicher, C. Joseph, K. Given, 
J. Magidson, M. Shiffman, C. Prager, T. Stulman, P. 
Slavin, J. Denny, K. Holland. Last Fiow: S. Blitz, D. 
Kausch, S. Deghetto, B. Smith, H. Hall, C. Burnes, 
K. Murphy, M. Painter, J. Wallower, C. Hayes, C. 
Kaufmann, S. Wilfson, D. Saiontz, J. Melton. 

r,ONGEMAI.-(;KT-TOGETHERS arr txpifal d 
Moiitjionu r> 1 lall. 

Although not always a girls' dorm, it 
definitely is now— just ask their Annapolis 
Hall neighbors! . . . highlight of the year is 
the annual "Mr. Montgomery" contest ... is 
it true that the candidates are invited to the 
dorm meeting preceding the contest? . . . sec- 
ond place in Homecoming decorations cli- 
maxed a week of hard work . . . divided into 
three separate governing units: West, Cen- 
ter, East . . . 

Kites fly high in Montgomery West, and 
they have a trophy to prove it from the KAT 
kite flying contest . . . known for other 
things as well, such as their singing house- 
mother, Mrs. Burnett . . . home of "the 
Coeds" . . . will the Annapolis boys ever 
forget the constantly drawn window shades? 
. . . noted for their cool teas . . . 

Edelinan, J. Neiner, F. Fraley, J. Lang, M. Biuser, 
S. Burlee, E. Bruffey, W. Benedict, C. Kuhn, C. 
Savage, J. Loomis, B. Raeder. Second Row: M. Flow- 
ers, D. Eversman, D. Bell, B. West, K. Lynn, R. 
Funk, S. Wooley, K. Small, M. Bianchi, J. Sutphin, 
P. Winberry, N. Lewis, K. Trebilcock. Third Row: 
N. Luchini, N. Loew, treasurer; P. Davies, J. Fenner, 

vice president; J. Home, S. Moroose, E. Powell, R. 
Zeigler, D. Gibbas, S. Schecter, E. Hyde, S. Schner- 
ing, L. Markel. Last Row: F. Mauck, J. Clabaugh, 
president; P. Fribush, M. Mehl, C. LaPorte, M. 
Bottner, L. Hamann, E. O'Brien, R. Palmare, K. 
Moore, S. Wiest, S.'Kotzin, E. Wagner, B. Meyer, 
C. Baumann. 

McWhite, J. Johnson, K. Parker, I. Weaver, A. Wright, 
L. Sullivan, J. Rees, A. Schaefer, W. Hicks, J. Maxa, 
J. Kaye, D. Euker. Second Row: B. Brooke, M. McNa- 
mara, V. Ernst, president; B. Hardy, A. Wira, S. 
Mead, J. Spuras, M. Vogt, B. Wright, M. Sheehy, N. 
Fisher, A. Headridge, J. Beall, N. Luke. Third Row: 
L. Allison, G. Ryskewich, J. Anderson, D. Grist, B. 
Schaaf, B. Ayers, J. Goodhand, J. Marin, B. Potzner, 

president; G. Roll, D. Kieu, A. Hervoldsheimer, G. 
Apostol. Fourth Row: B. Levin, B. Snow, J. Clark, 
D. Langdon, A. Wetael, R. Rathgeber, S. Woods, C. 
Klatt, B. Simmons, S. King, T. Hoffa, J. McKenney, 
J. Soper, R. Pearson, L. Menzel. Last Row: M. Trebil- 
cock, P. Sheehan, C. O'Bryon, H. Tennant, R. Moxley, 
B. Hurley, A. Louch, L. Ray, C. Kluckhuhn, G. John- 
son, M. Znamirowski, C. Ashby. 

Montgomery Center initiated the beach 
combers' ball — a sure sign of spring fever 
. . . during agriculture week, the girls milked 
2.1 pounds of milk in four minutes in the 
annual milking contest . . . active in AWS, 
SGA cabinet, band, chorus, UT, Mortar 
Board, Diadem, Alpha Lambda Delta, and 
others . . . second place in the annual turtle 
derby . . . Mrs. Nasland looks forward to her 
Santa Claus visitor . . . 

Winning the Marlboro contest won Mont- 
gomery East a new stereo . . . yearly Hal- 
loween party always lots of fun . . . house- 
mother, Mrs. Jackson, is a widely traveled 
Army wife . . . remember the T.V. crowd . . . 
retired the blood trophy after winning for 
three semesters in a row . . . WRA softball 
champions . . . 


Brent Hall. 

classes aren't tauglit in Margaret 


QUEEN ANNE'S-Fronf Row: M. McGraw, C. Nizio- 
lek, J. Levitoii, L. Petrisin, M. Kiilil, B. Weber, B. 
Speliman, I. Batta^lia, H. Clayton, J. Disney, A. 
Shaw, C, Stoufter, A. Learman. Second Row: D. Ko- 
niianos, L. Gooding, J. Olstad, R. Lawton, R. Braund, 
D. Grae, B. Bloom, M. Nelson, M. Lovera, H. Sparti, 
F. Harrington, S. Svvomley, S. Briele, J. Brnsack, P. 
Slevin. Third Row: B. Finn, J. Wagner, D. Ellinger, 
L. Baxter, L. DuN'al, R. Preziosi, J. Kraft, P. Prince, 

M. Levin, L. Hutkins, B. Hillman, E. Lannd, S. 
Thomas, S. Brady, S. Irons. Fourth Row: S. Warfield, 
S. Earp, M. Morgan, A. Silver, B. Schimel, S. Wood- 
ward, H. C;atlin, H. Hullman, K. Price, B. Kawak, S. 
Hockett, R. Kessler, \'. Glode, B. Brenner, K. Walsh, 
C. Bree. Last Row: N. Insley, A. Smith, J. Wille, M. 
Battles, M. Sullivan, L. McCleary, B. Hamilton, S. 
Murphy, C. Schneider, J. Smith, M. Edwards, A. 
Hearne, M. Howie, A. Dicker, J. Stafford. 

THERE'S MORE THAN ONE WAY to file a com- 



F'liii and jfaic'ty prevail in the lialls of tliis 
residence . . . wonieii'.s dorniitovN- in 
scholar.ship tor two >ear,s in a row . . . "trick 
or treat" party at Halloween raises money tor 
a charitable cause . . . Mrs. Ellis, very under- 
standing and well-liked 1)\ all, assisted by 
Mrs. Winterber^ . . . both housemothers hon- 
ored at ainiual Mothers' Day Part\ . . . (Christ- 
mas brings the mystery of "peanuts" . . . ac- 
tive in Angel Flight, chapel choir, women's 
chorus, Diamondback, ALU, Oniicron Nu, 
and majorettes . . . highlight of the year is 
the popular N'alentine Dance . . . 

oldest women's dorm on campus pos- 
sessing comfortable, old fashioned atmos- 
phere . . . boasts scholastic prestige as it 
is rated fifth . . . housemother, Mrs. Mil- 
ler, always ready with a helping hand . . . 
buzzer system and telephone chief means of 
communication with the outside world . . . 
decorative Halloween dance outstanding 
social ftuiction for the year . . . troublesome 
T.V. is always on the blink . . . hostesses for 
many impromptu sledding parties behind 
dorm . . . 

"AND THEY'RE MINE, all iniiu ! 

ST. MARY'S HALL- Front Row: S. Packard, C. 
Thompson, K. Calder, R. Kokoski, D. Atkinson, G. 
Gould, J. Pickett, J. McBride, B. Scholtholt, J. Gabis, 
S. Harris, Second Row: J. Webster, N. Bildkin, M. 
Harris, B. Harrison, B. Beachum, B. Mahoney, D. 
Mulready, P. Walter, L. Ryan, S. Odgers, J. Bean, 
S. Shuster, D. Will, N. Seiler. Third Row: S. Marks, 

D. Alvez, K. Seeney, J. Hummel, P. Roswell, V. Bark- 
ley, G. Fiordaliso, J. Bailey, M. Rose, H. Pressman, 
V. Stockton, F. Pigeon, N. Loweth. Last Row: H. 
Dowgiallo, J- Tuacek, P. Reisinger, M. Nalevanko, 
R. Beattie, S. Monje, J. Dittmar, president; B. Jeskul- 
ski, A. Price. 

COME ON, lft\ do llic twist. 

Traditional Dinie-a-Dance for campus 
chest is always a big liit . . . Freslinian Prom 
Queen last year . . . represented in many ac- 
tivities such as A.L.D., Oniicron Nu, Angel 
F'light, A.W'.S., and dormitory council . . . 
Mrs. Phyllis Lewis, our capable house- 
mother, assisted by Mrs. Di.xoii . . . fireside 
chat with speaker from German embassy . . . 
honored l)\ two outstanding Mortar Board 
members . . . ping pong trophy . . . some 
members find snow a new and fascinating 
experience . . . annual Parents' Day tea and 
Homecoming decorations . . . 

SOMERSET- FroM< Row: N. HeaKerty, L. ikiidcr- 
son, C. Callaway, M. Sullivan, M. Januska, J. Cook- 
son, A. Hciuk'lherg, j. Majisaincii, .S. Norton, L. C)s- 
hornt', J. Jenkins, P. Hardy. Second Row: A. .Stlnvart/, 
P. Cooper, C. Rush, B. Gleen, L. Jernij^an, M. KeiMic, 
president; L. HyssonK, secretary; M. Lodjie, K. l^a\ is. 

E. Irwin, B. Fischer, M. Enj^ernuin, M. Prial, S. 
Bavtro, R. Rogers, B. Grace. Last Row: \". Elliott, C. 
Sarratt, S. Sebra, D. Wilco.x, M. Seiler, B. Harney, 
S. Weeks, C. Pollitt, B. Etter, F. Sadowski, S. Sch- 
witzwe, J. Maxnard, \\. Phillips, J. Edwards. 


^M^JlJ^^JIl^j^ j^-A^iSSL^^' 


WICOMI CO -Fronf Row: C. Gebert, I. Stag, J. Kruse, 
J. Douglas, J. Clingan, C. Baer, B. Kaplan, B. Rakes, 
S. Bruce, D. Perlstein, C. Staley, J. Cassidy. Second 
Row: F. Siegel, C. Morrow, S. Wood, B. Zeller, C. 
Garlock, S. Gates, J. Burger, R. Weinkam, P. Codd, 
J. Ekin, S. Boose, B. Hall, J- Coady, F. Zalis, S. 
Semma, J. Johnson. Third Row: A. laconangelo, S. 
Wilson, B. Ernst, J. Kanarchuk, N. Mays, J. Small- 
wook, A. Evans, L. Zavadilski, P. Bedellski, S. Ninoi- 
tchka, P. D'Ammon, treasurer; B. Starr, A. Lieber- 

mann, A. Gabor, K. Silver. Fourth Row: M. Murphy, 
C. Shallcross, N. Atkinson, B. Wyatt, L. Sari, C. 
Wescoe, F. Little, R. Cooper, J. Donovan, J. Roby, 
F. Ulnian, M. Budoff, K. Moore, R. Peosacj, P. Dier- 
ing, S. Hirch, T. Feldnian, F. Pinter. Last Row: K. 
Gordy, M. Kaplan, P. Harper, P. Hurwitz, M. Kelly, 
M. Wilfong, N. Callaway, F. Binkley, V. Hawkins, 
L. Highland, C. Proctor, C. Steiner, D. Johnson, S. 
Potash, C. Bensel. 

THE AFTER DINNER telephone line enlarges in 
anticipation of those special phone calls. 

Proud of its beauty, brains, and many ac- 
tivities including Pledge Queen, Miss Cecil 
Hall finalist, A.L.D., U.T., band, Women's 
Chorus, Angel Flight, W.R.A., and TERRAPIN 
members . . . Miss Trinkle, new fidl-time 
housemother after serving eight years as 
assistant . . . her new assistant, Mrs. Woods 
. . . swinging social season with weekly popu- 
lar desserts . . . placed fourth in W.R.A. 
sports competition last year . . . annual 
Christmas party comes equipped with Santa 
and elves . . . lazy spring afternoons spent 
sun-bathing between dorms . . . canvases and 
coffee added atmosphere to the beatnik party 
for campus chest . . . 

WORCESTER -fronf Row: S. Meyers, B. Portmaii, 
J. Clowes, L. Lassila, L. Walker, D. Stevenson, L. 
Ilifler, secretary; J. Ordain, R. Hall, L. Harrison, 
(;. Kit/j^eralcl, \1. Huniherson. Second Row: F. Hayes, 
A. Ciianiberlin, S. Armaeost, P. Kanf'Fman, N. Stein, 
j. l.iKlit-orr, P. Miller, M. Laken, N. Windham, J. 
Ford, L. Chenworth, J. Sanostroni, S. Fan^nie>-er. 
Third Row: H. Hays, C. Harrynian, M. Jolniston, C. 
C;lnidr\, j. McArthur, M. Nelms, A. Evans, M. .\k- 

Cinnj^, S. Piiee, K. MoonK, J. Heppner, S. W'halen, 
D. Smitii, S. Armstrong. Fourth Row: C. Swiek, \'. 
Sandera, D. Frew, M. Fessenoen, S. Gre\', A. Me- 
Cracken, D. Harkins, P. Walker, S. Corn, S. Walker, 
C. Da\ is, C. Mills, J. Lister, J. Gregory, J. Shemer. 
Last Row: M. Arnionr, M. Kerslake, J. F"aidstich, L. 
Swartz, S. Wainwright, S. Johnson, D. Kessler, C. 
Coleman, S. Cray. 



meeting people. 

a means lor 


Proud ol second women s dorm 
academic averaj^e . . . Christmas part\ com- 
plete with Santa, presents, solids, and sur- 
prises—always tun kn all . . . athleticalK' 
inclined — first in VVRA swim meet last year; 
second in howlintf tournament ... a "sec- 
ond motlu'r" to Worcester's girls is house- 
mother, Mrs. C>arroll, known tor her "south- 
ern belle " accent . . . acti\ it\ minded — AW S, 
Angel Flight, FOB, Diadem, elections, out- 
standing sophomore woman ol the year . . . 
graced by two runners-up tor Military Ball 
(,)ueeu and IraternitN' sweethearts . . . dor- 
mitor> ol tun and lasting triendship . . . 

Men's Dorms 



f f f 



ALLEGANY HALL- Front Row: C. Key, S. Oren- 
stein, C. Miller, D. Pooley, G. Switzer, G. Harmeyer, 
R. Kreisel, W. King, president: R. Dochter, president; 
L. Fagan, \ice president; G. Schoonoyer, secretar>'; 
W. Ford, D. Crosby. Second Row: B. Pierce, B. Har- 
per, F. Kale, J. Drymala, S. Ripley, L. Phaller, treas- 
urer; J. Qiiinlisk, tacnlty resident; T. Bartolec, fac- 
ulty resident; Mrs. Potter, housemother; j. Schoedler, 
faculty resident; R. Susel, resident assistant; J. Evans, 
resident assistant; G. Ma.xwell, P. Marques, B. Seaby, 
J. Bernsohn, J. Hornian. Third Roiv: L. Starhuck, G. 
Opresko, \ice president; C. Ma.xa, L. E\ans, D. 
Easley, R. Webb, C. Connelly, C. Prout, B. Greer, 
\V. Clingan, C. Geis, treasurer; P. Gross, F. Budwick, 
N. Grabner, D. Miller, R. Baer, R. Buschman, treas- 
urer; C. Wendt, C. Naughton, F. .Mitchell, C. Dabrovv- 


ski. Fourth Row: D. Fang, G. Bell, H. Xickerson, W. 
Leasure, S. McCabe, W. Insley, E. Brittinghani, R. 
Frey, treasurer; J. Crook, J. Parran, A. \\'ycherle\, J. 
Powell, T. Baldwin, C. Albert, P. Neal, T. demons, 
resident assistant; J. Krejci, secretary; J. Leimbach, 
J. N'alcik. Fifth Row: D. Haitas, president; E. Quesen- 
berry, R. Owens, J. Wilson, R. Cysyk, vice president; 
R. Engles, W. Butcher, M. Enders, B. Grammer, \ ice 
president; D. Wright, \ice president; C. .Michael, 
R. Gilhooly, S. Edla%itch, C. Onken, president; B. 
Anderson, C. Dowden, W. Smith, G. Ciccone. Last 
Row: R. Craft, R. Augsburger, G. Reusch, R. Graluim, 
L. Frye, B. Walker, J. WilHams, R. Wu, J. Sabloff, W. 
Burkman, J. Williams, .M. Pue, R. .MacWilliams, A. 
Weiner, K. Fisher, E. Durivage, G. Mullenak, R. 
Rader, C. BrowTi, M. Board, J. Johnston. 

Allegany Hall 

HOW DO YOU put a square peg in a round hole? 



lloiiieconiiiig float and float party . . . 
donn newspaper, "The Torch" . . . coffee 
hour.s with .speakers from the facult\' . . . 
Parents' Da>- part\- . . . phinninji spring theme 
dance . . . intranmrals, inchichng h)othafl and 
haskethaH . . . actixc in Free State Party . . . 
participate in SA.\I, dininu hafl committee, 
Career Week and \arsit\ i()otl)an and soccer 
teams . . . excitement of tire in basement . . . 
coffee and donnt hour from !():()() to 11:00 
p.m., Mondax thru Thursday . . . 

Intramural basketball champs last year 
... on their way to football championship this 
year . . . once was a gym . . . now athletes 
live instead of playing here . . . "girl watch- 
ing" nearby Montgomery Hall is another 
sport . . . social affairs include buffets in 
dining hall every weekend . . . tradition of 
watching television on Thursday nights . . . 
photo lab and amateur radio station down- 
stairs . . . activities of residents include foot- 
ball team; Engineering Honorary, Tau Beta 

Pi; and "Platter Chatter" writer (or Diamond- 
back . . . 

HE'S ACROSS for six points, in spite of a strongly 
entrenched opposition. 


■ ipi^' «9 wm 



1 ii ■■ ■■ 



1 ■ S^" 





Annapolis Hall 

ANNAPOLIS HALL -Fronf Row. R. Scales, D 
Grimes, A. Tankersley, R. Gschwandiner, L. Dunham 
I. Kolman, D. Weller, R. Mariani, vice president 
D. Glickman, president; F. Younkins, treasurer; T 
Abbott, B. Blum, R. Litwin, H. Doddy, R. Marder 
Second Row: B. Sachs, A. Feit, W. Malkus, D. Hoff- 
man, R. Basil, J. Updyke, E. Pugh, W. Miller, R 
Bonas, J. Hurt, T. Marvel, J. Levin, T. Ringler, J 

Banister, T. Schammel. Third Row: M. Goldstein, C. 
Vrailas, E. Tucker, C. Stahmer, R. Gerdom, L. Bos- 
well, G. Glass, J. Baar, H. Decker, R. Salzer, R. 
Skarr, J. Ackman, J. Ward, J. Plummer, B. Kalten- 
bacher, T. Collins. Last Row: S. Tannebaum, I. Wolf- 
son, R. Harrison, P. Wyman, R. Freund, S. Miller, 
N. Allen, T. Boyer, E. Gluck, R. Zimmerman, R. 
Mann ion. 

t vja 



\?iTlET\M- Front Row: D. Uliltflck-r, R. Evans, 
resident assistant; H. Cole, S. Stine, E. Caplan, vice 
president; C. Barad, L. Rosenfeld, L. Black, G. Alessi, 
R. Jacohsoii, J. Hoffman, R. Robertson, J. Peacock. 
Second Row: ]. Cnckeet, vice president; M. Alher- 
sheim, R. Bloom, R. Davis, B. Williams, S. Pelovitz, 
S. Oppenheimer, J. Giordano, J. Cardarello, F. Eier- 
man, R. Keisler, vice president; T. QnintiliiUi, pres- 
ident; C. Jackson, F. Bruhaker, J. Bast. Third Roiv: 

B. Clingan, resident assistant; F. Henning, J. Berry, 
G. Peacock, J. Heckendorf, D. Turner, G. Dolecek, 

C. DeN'ries, D. Thomas, J. Thompson, J. McCurdy, 
H. McCurdy, R. Loercher, treasmer; E. Cathell, \V. 
Sprague, P. Aumack, C. Plitt. Fourth Row: A. Urban, 



D. lk'ne\icz, C. Ilanke\, W. Kuhl, R. Krejci, E. liury, 
K. Michlovitz, president; L. Miller, B. Winter, D. 
Richardson, D. Gordon, D. Kessel, X. Ackerman, D. 
Barnes, B. Bergeron, R. Algire. Fifth Row: \V. Price, 
resident assistant; C Hodge, W. Blair, D. Burgess, H. 
Carroll, M. Ahmut\, R. Trakas, L. Martin, R. Saslaw, 
G. Weingroff, M. Phillips, D. Wilson, M. Cecchini.S. 
Brand, A. Glushakow, A. Hill, T. Lyon, M. Sampson, 
J. Rains. Last Row: P. Cloodenongh, M. Field, L. 
.\lellen, D. Wiles, G. Helinen, resident assistant; J. 
Eldridge, S. Jones, D. Riley, J. Marquette, D. Doeller, 
J. Ghadir, B. Pemberton, R. Lindner, \ice president; 
W. Caldwell, S. Koelling. 


RP:CREATI0N facilities in tlie T.U. Dining 


The Antietam Apartments . . . battle of 
Antietam fought again across a \()Ik'>'l)all 
net . . . congratulations to the administra- 
tion, all the chow -hounds are ne.xt to the 
dining hall . . . dances held in Preinkert and 
dining halls No. 2 and No. 3 . . . floats and 
float huilding parties . . . hand\ for liopping 
a freight train . . . the gieen glass . . . pri- 
vate street lights and all . . . many ver> suc- 
cessful desserts in the dorm . . . 

Very active dorm in sporting events . . . 
houses several football players . . . also 
claims lacrosse and wrestling team members 
. . . socially inclined as shown by many des- 
serts . . . famous for riots, too . . . South 
(Dixie), Center (Mason-Dixon), North (Yan- 
kees) . . . weight-lifting room . . . Christmas 
Party . . . sweet shop . . . 

"DEAR MOM, it's just like home . . 

Baltimore Hall 

BALTIMORE HALL-Front Row: A. Sitaras, L. 
Bilbrough, R. Dean, A. Bewley, J. Boiler, J. Burkett, 
L. Applefeld, P. Sheffler, S. Cohn, secretary; B. 
Hewitt, vice president; L. Goldstein, D. Hawkins, 
resident assistant; L. Laibson, treasurer. Second Row: 
C. Schneider, J. Marchione, B. Nicholson, J. Madej, 
president; E. Hartmann, J. DiPietro, P. Henderson, 

W. Rhine, P. Gray, A. Tumolo, E. Warren, C. Fox. 
Third Row: K. Haspert, S. Gross, J. Zimmerman, J. 
Walston, T. Lowdermilk, H. Gastley, D. Anstine, W. 
Sell, D. Watts, resident assistant; A. Sandler, T. Kep- 
ner, A. Owen. Last Row: R. Helfrick, B. Sawyer, L. 
Hiller, R. Adkins, P. Greenstreet, R. Griffitlis, R. 

KlJ & 




BEL AIR HALL-Front Row: B. Propst, J. Broseker, 
D. Iiiiwold, P. Maffson, L. Taylor, D. London, R. 
Good, R. Hess, H. DichI, R. Soriano. Second Row: 
S. C;lH'I)itlies, H. Schlesinger, R. Morgan, treasurer; 
R. Hull secretary; R. Werneth, \ice president; B. 
Jones, president; \V. Palijezuk, R.A.; M. Edwards, 
president; A. Todd, \ ice president; L. Babits, J. Car- 
ter, treasurer; H. Blum, secretary; R. Heck. Third 
Row: C. P>y, M. SiuitaLucia, F. Costello, F. Nitty, 
J. West, M. Speiser, M. Gayner, R. McFall, D. Ren- 
shavv, J. Evans, F. Lissau, P. Sacks, M. Benesch. 

Fourth Row: j. Seidler, C. Sykes, M. Siiiple\, E. Nest, 
R. Rice, R. \'italone, R. Borkowski, P. Klatsky, J. Harr, 
R. Lewis, J. Routenherg, J. Craun, J. Manuel, J. 
Shugarman.Fi/f/i Row: W. Arnoult, J. Schot'ield, R. 
Snider, J. Riortlan, J. Treat, W. Dorough, T. Hull, 
W. Richardson, J. Lerda, H. Pearson, W. Parkin, L. 
Miller, J. Richard, \'. Roberts, J. Liccese, H. Crone, 
R. Canaday. Last Row: T. Elliott, R. Cooper, R. Ben- 
son, J. McDerniott, B. Fischer, R. Nhuispcrgcr, L. 
Cutler, G. Suljak, H. Settler, \V. Seechuk, J. Wharton, 
W. Donnelly, D. Cronin, R. C^ooksey. 

Bel Air Hall 

THE KINGSTON TRIO rides again. 

New and very active dorm . . . soccer in 
the stndy hall . . . besides duck-chasing, 
sports play a big role . . . digging tunnel to 
Centreville . . . second place Homecoming 
float . . . first place in Red Cross Blood 
Drive . . . future plans include ice skating 
parties and Moonlight Dance on Centre- 
ville's root . . . serenading oiu- neighbors in 
the snow . . . Bel Air "Draki\s" . . . vice 
president, treasurer, and C'hiei Justice of 
H.M.A. are residents . . . girl-chasing awards 
. . . long remembered desserts . . . acquired, 
lasting hicndships . . . 


"The trailer gang" . . . making the best 
of frozen pipes . . . pneumonia, the result of 
late-night Theta watehing . . . blaek cats, 
dead cats from the Zoology department . . . 
"no sunbathing on trailer tops" . . . Jumbo's 
food store doing fine . . . much social life, in- 
cluding many desserts . . . first place in Blood 
Drives and in Trailer Olympics . . . "Battle 
of Antietam" depicted at Homecoming . . . 
residents active in I FC, RMA, and in various 
honoraries . . . 

THE ARMY never had it like this! 


BELVEDERE -Fronf Row: C. Lin, T. Hurlock, J. 
Megonigal, R. Jones, F. Whitman, E. Bair, \V. Spence, 
D. Madison, B. Hungerford, D. Roop, P. Prinz, presi- 
dent; J. Stewart, E. Cincotta, K. Zeigler, P. Bauers- 
feld. Second Row: M. Christain, P. King, \V. Ridgley, 
T. Whisenand, R. Sibley, D. Grimes, G. Madden, J. 
Bryk, M. Davis, vice president; D. Dinkel, C. Clark, 
R. Anders, vice president; J. Sample, J. Reich. Third 
Row: K. Marx, B. Ensor, C. Myers, P. Wright, R. Wil- 
liams, D. Phillips, R. Rennie, J. Brown, C. Glenn, 
D. Dow, C. Damron, J. Hottinger, G. Gibbs, R. Phil- 

lips, T. Snyder, treasurer. Fourth Row: W. Knighton, 
A. Tankersley, resident assistant; J. Klair, president; 
M. Noble, J. Hine, resident assistant; A. Beilen, M. 
Ryan, M. Saunders, S. Blythe, S. Krosin, K. Bullivant, 
J. Crabb, P. Smith, G. Davens, B. Flock, C. Pearl, D. 
Dean. Last Row: R. Davis, J. Verdeccia, J. Laird, J. 
Eldridge, S. Jones, R. Huebuer, secretary; J. Peacock, 
J. Heckendorf, F. Ganjon, J. Scott, A. MacKenzie, C. 
Wehland, G. Moxon, M. Meyer, C. Duncan, vice presi- 
dent "A"; R. Smith, S. Sliper, J. Banz, M. Field. 


f' » f ' 

~.f f f If. 

t f S * J. -i «., •■ 

* % % 


CALVERT HXLL- Front Row: ]. Flt-it'er, G. Lu, E. 
Williiuiisoii, J. Zibcleiui, A. Carswt'll, H. Cral)h.s, 
\iL(.' pifsidfiit; W. Pentecost, C. Wiedecker, M. 
VVeicliiuiiin, \. (iiljson. Second Row: V. Kiawczel, 
T. Bode, M. Liclxrniair, A. Eisenht'ig, T. Hubbert, 
(J. Dolclik, H. Hopkins, S. Harone, D. Whiteford, 
faculty resident; B. danger, R. \'ass, resident as- 
sistant; H. Fnlido, resident assistant; F. Johnson, J. 
Sniitli, W N'eradka. Third Row: B. Selig, B. Scheible, 
D. Samuels, H. Grouse, W. Shortall, L. Blackwell, 
M. Ciuercio, D. Haska, W. Rai\el, P. Plowman, treas- 
urer; \^. Deppa, president; J. Burger, president; D. 
Greek, R. Perkins, H. jarrell, D. Grockett, R. Heit- 
inan, J. Holzman. Fourth Row: C. Biscoe, S. Smitli, G. 

Fleischer, W . Mathenes', W. Gonnell, R. Easmann, 
D. Vingling, J. Strickland, \V. Katzel, F. Blahut, L. 
Walls, G. Emer\', R. Kalpas, G. Sober, E. Barrow, R. 
Flanigan, R. Neumulkr. Fifth Row: E. George, W. 
Farnandis, R. Glass, A. Siiinn, C. Wilhelm, S. Fisher, 
S. Formanek, secretary; N. Young, j. Hicks, M. Boz- 
man, G. (Irouse, T. Winebrener, G. Pooley, F. Ze- 
lenka, C:. Stepliens, president; J. Gavallaro, B. Moore, 
vice president; J. Pfaff, G. Redmond. Last Row: D. 
Sheehan, R. Sutton, W. Slater, B. Smith, G. Otto, J. 
Thompson, P. McOrmond, treasurer; A. Stone, J. 
Kyne, E. Fornil, j. C^dlison, president; G. Xoran- 
brock, J. Thompson, W. Denny, J. \'artabedian, J. 
Griffin, j. Blake, vice president; R. W'ishart. 

Calvert Hall 

THE EYES are a perfect likeness; but, oh that luiir! 


Situated on the edjzie of the Gulch . . . 
oldest donii on campus . . . houses dorniiton' 
Sweet Shop . . . APO in basement . . . campus 
radio station \\'MUC also in basement . . . 
new lounge iacilities tor desserts in each 
section . . . housemother, Mrs. Anne Badger 
. . . enthusiastic participants in lootball and 
basketball intranunals had a winninu football 
tc-am . . . accent on academic and cultural 
aspects of university life . . . namesake of 
CMiarles B. Calvert . . . 

Honor dorm . . . who got a 4.0? . . . door 
stealing parties . . . shaving cream battles 
. . . sports activities include balcony football, 
darts, second floor basketball, fourth floor 
soccer games, and a first floor swimming pool 
. . . what, more fiuniture? . . . why is the ice 
forming on the radiator? . . . rat on the fourth 
floor . . . we want a fire drill . . . Clamboat, 
track and swimming stars, Kappa Kappa Psi 
President, and member of "Who's Who" can 
be found in Cambridge . . . Cat Calling As- 
sociation . . . snack bar . . . doing homework 
on the window sills . . . left, left, left, right, 
left . . . 

AND WE'LL do it again next year! 

Cambridge Hall 

CAMBRIDGE HALL-Front Row: W. Wickless, 
H. Bragg, A. Faith, R. Nadol, C. Miller, L. Wyatt, 
B. Zunser, D. Trust, J. Neily, G. Gump, D. Huber, 
vice president; N. Neely, president; E. Barron, R. 
Kalpas, D. Monos. Second Row: R. Hutchins, E. Hur- 
ley, C. Keeney, R. Wessel, F. Downey, W. Swogell, 
W. Hart, D. Heinmuller, P. Gammell, L. Hodgson, 
R. Weems, president; J. Vezendy, president; F. Huff- 
man, president. Third Row: E. Simpson, T. Ziehm, 
R. Humphrey, H. Lupien, R. Lipnick, D. Bowers, 
R. Beale, W. Faber, W. Bockmiller, G. Berts, H. 

Robey, R. Alberts, I. Gawryluk, G. Sober, D. Sher- 
wood, R. Gilman. Fourth Row: P. Ghaney, vice presi- 
dent; J. Smith, F. Zorick, R. Oakes, R. Barthel, D. 
Hicks, J. Sokovitz, W. Smith, J. Sundstrom, R. Orem, 
J. Edelstein, M. Hoxie, M. White, G. Adams, B. 
Lacher, R. Fredericks. Last Row: J. Bergidor, R. Garl, 
B. Harte, P. Quinn, G. Krulewitz, J. Porter, R. Rea, 
J. Bethke, R. Allen, R. Brown, A. Tremper, G. Gott- 
wals, M. Highstein, G. King, C. Rhudy, R. Malcolm, 
treasurer; W. Johnson, T. McCarty. 


f'if ft « 


T 7 J' 

CATOCTIN HALL- Front Row: W . llaKi'inami, T. 
O'Couiioi, D. LfsMicr, A. Etridgc, H. Daxis, G. Kan- 
kin, 1. Eldrids^e, R. Smith, D. Brenneinan, J. Dadniun, 
J. Park, J. Mund, F. StLTiett, D. Goodkiiid, J. Kel- 
ler. Second Row: M. McMahon,.!. Banz, M. Field, A. 
Xovvaskey, R. Ranere, A. Lloyd, C. Null, R. Williams, 
C. Mellen, W. Lamdin, J. Fmerson, R. Getz, A. Cote, 
A. CJomberg, C. McLaughlin, \ ice president. Third 


Row: C;. Noel, R. Nieberlein, J. Griftin, \\ . Clialmers, 
L lirowii, P. Fingads, R. Bourdon, P. Ertel, president; 
B. Sauter, J. Marter, \L Jackley, president; C. New- 
man, N. Welch, J. Smith, (). Dow, D. Kresslein. iMst 
Row: G. Peacock, R. Worsham, G. Moxon, R. Walker, 
1. Ht'ckcndort, R. Klcinm, W. Tooniev, E. Moses, J. 
Schneider, NL Kiik, L. Helly, \'. Kah'l, B. Fisher, j. 
Graet", N. Belt, H. Lowe. 


BUT TRAILERS aren't allowed on Route 66. 


For rent: spacioii.s two-room .suite with 
luxurious bath including two .sink.s . . . conies 
complete with cooking facilities — when the 
R.A. isn't looking . . . pri\ate entrance . . . 
located within connnutiiig distance of cam- 
pus . . . only dorm with basketball court in 
lobby . . . Resident Men's Association social 
ciiairman . . . major league basketball player 
. . . special fallout of carbon 12, worse than 
strontium 90 because it can be seen and 
snielled . . . boasts the hungiiest mice on 
campus . . . 


Dorm of the Year Award . . . annual dance, 
Miss Cecil Hall is chosen . . . hold coffee 
hours and fireside sings . . . service keys 
presented to outstanding boys in the dorm at 
the Awards' Banquet . . . Homecoming float 
. . . residents are active in the Engineering 
Honorary, Tau Beta Sigma; and Political 
Science Honorary, Pi Sigma Alpha . . . also 
claim the Independent Men's Representa- 
tive . . . lounge for desserts . . . dorm news- 
paper . . . high averages . . . 

sisja 13 ci e j3 €1 

"^^■jf a a J 

THERE ARE EGGHEADS at Maryland, too. 

Cecil Hall 

CECIL HALh-Front Row: P. Stallone, S. Goldfarb, 
W. Troy, J. Kieffer, G. Bennett, secretary; W. Kirchiro, 
vice president; R. Hardwick, faculty resident; J. 
Geiswinkler, resident assistant; T. Hayden, president; 
P. Raphel, treasurer; M. Walsh, C. Hughes, H. Amos, 
M. Lapriola, D. Willis. Second Row: T. Gould, C. 
Wasko, R. Shafer, A. Capizzi, H. Kunkel, S. Goldman, 
E. Mar, M. Caplan, E. Way, C. Lenhoff, M. Dauber- 
man, R. Dahl, W. Hammaker, M. Hays, H. Ruffead, 
J. Bloom. Third Row: J. Fuca, A. Mehlman, L. Fried- 
man, L. Lipin, J. Andrews, J. Stevens, N. Limar, M. 

Lentz, J. Groven, L. Holme, R. Leatherwood, D. 
Snider, K. Tegges, P. Bouker, E. Dworkin. Fourth 
Row: J. Keys, R. Fischer, A. Handy, J. Spinella, A. 
Meyer, S. Buckner, C. Cowne, S. Palmer, W. Byers, 
R. Christ, R. Frese, R. Osier, S. Tamburo,W. Murphy, 
B. Gotthelf, G. Slaybaugh, L. James. Last Row: R. 
Eskow, G. Cascio, R. Frederick, J. Windisch, R. Rod- 
riquez, J. Middlestadt, R. Heil, J. Jackson, A. Mry- 
ncza, G. Sagel, A. Thompson, F. Morsey, W. Bowers, 
J. Browning, J. Brown, R. Weems, vice president; M. 
Dillon, G. Gump. 

^ f f f f t tJLt 


CHARLES HALL- Front Row: J. Pincus, A. Bliim- 
her^, 1. Robinson, C. Berenholtz, S. Snydernian, J. 
Henley, president; R. Boileau, president; Mrs. Potter, 
house director; R. Lepson, president; H. Bauer, P. 
Guckenberger, M. Funk. T. Shawker, R. Benchoff, 
T. Ogden. Second Row: H. Cole, L. Smith, V. Webb, 
H. Macurda, A. Feelemyer, H. Murray, R. Hawkins, 
R. Collins, R. Seabrook, C. Obrecht, S. Hash, D. 
Baldwin, C. Starner, C. Mastropaolo, K. Eckels. Third 

^ '^ 

Row: P. Hansen, R. Nyborg, E. Oles, M. Lippincott, 
G. Sima, G. Reagle, D. Droneburg, B. Barr, R. Ring- 
ger, R. Annesley, H. Schull, M. Friedel, treasurer; 
M. Patashna, D. Shipley, H. Ranisburg. Last Row: E. 
Cohen, |. Pasko, B. Dansie, I. Starf, D. Kelley, F. 
Kelly, J. Wells, T. Donohue, J. Schelz, W. Dorn, G. 
Mahol, M. Sweren, S. Rudick, D. Mowry, G. Dun- 
nigan, A. Gould. 

Charles Hall 

FOR MEDICINAL purposes of course! 

Sankovitcli, Rock, Poniatowski, Van 
Reenan — varsity football players . . . blown 
out transformer . . . engineering honorary . . . 
Berube the crawler — also does butterfly . . . 
soccer team — Miller and Krs .. . . invasion 
last May . . . two ducks from Adelphi . . . and 
then the police . . . Diamondback headlines 
. . . illustrated . . . Lacrosse and Kenworthy 
. . . the headstiuid . . . the fall . . . the hole in 
the wall of 202 . . . distinguished guests — 
Dean Borreson, Father Tepe, and an VBl 
agent . . . fire alarm at 8:00 AM . . . president 
of Senior Class . . . beach party on the 
Bav . . . 


First new dorm to make headlines . . . 
and how! . . . excellent social committee . . . 
movies of world spots . . . three desserts a 
week . . . who was that boy pushed on the 
Centreville elevator? . . . pencil sharpener 
. . . already outstanding in athletics . . . ten- 
nis and golf lettermen . . . the animal will 
win the heavyweight class . . . Spartans . . . 
Baby Huey, Burgerbits, The Hermit, and 
Frog Hayden . . . serenading the complex 
with their beautiful sounds of music . . . wait- 
ing for the phone by the shack . . . soleless 
shoes . . . what a hike! . . . awakening to the 
deafening drills . . . 

ABANDON NOT HOPE, all ye who enter here. 

Chestertown Hall 

CHESTERTOWN HALL -Front Row: F. Hooper, 
L. Shalcosky, K. McLeod, D. Baublitz, vice presi- 
dent; W. Stinson, treasurer; D. Boyd, president; G. 
Connor, president; S. Ratliff, vice ' president; M. 
Wolf, treasurer; W. Collier, A. Heller. Second Row: 
W. Burke, J. Watkins, R. Brundelre, R. Cecil, J. 
Federici, R. Rombro, A. Kassolis, C. Zalis, W. Brill, 
D. Scherr, D. Fleischmann, M. Leighton-Herrmann, 
W. Holland, J. Menzel. Third Row: P. Schulkin, F. 
Chang, M. Noonberg, M. Potter, R. Collura, R. Hay- 
den, W. Heilman, R. Harrington, M. Katz, L. Gandel, 
T. Phipps, T. Carski, F. Springer, W. Needham, R. 

Fowler, A. Culiner. Fourth Row: J. Moberlg, J. 
Cavoures, R. Stasch, M. Keil, J. Gainor, R. McKelvy, 
H. Belsky, W. Godlu, I. Castellon, K. Anderson, D. 
Willis, J. Quinn, T. Plummer, R. Steffensen, H. Mor- 
gan. Fifth Row: R. Carroll, S. Spitzer, J. Marshall, 
R. McCleary, A. Moore, R. Klinker, W. Statter, J. 
Harris, E. Ezrine, M. Brooks, G. Dick, K. Mont- 
gomery, J. Middleton, L. Sturgill. Last Row: R. 
Rodgers, R.A.; J. Baxter, P. Kahler, S. Weiner, R. 
Terchek, D. Hope, J. McGuire, M. Antonaskas, D. 
Hungerford, V. Schnialbach, G. Rayme, G. Ritmiller, 
W. Hartley, C. Roberts, J. Solloway. 

«' ^ V '# ft f & t 

# i; 

^ w 

f T 


t <» 

FREDERICK H\LL-Front Row: W. Martin, T. 
Cornhlatt, J. Gray, C. Bowman, D. Allen, D. Evirs, 
prt'sident; A. Miller, M. Luni, vice president; W. 
Hause, M. Erly, D. McKay. Second Row: K. Palmer, 
T. Strohm, J. Smith, R. Schmidt, R. Rader, G. Orton, 
R. Schmidt, \V. McKinzey, J. Castrilli, L. Tippett, R. 
Jones. Third Row: B. Bittel, M. Wiseman, C. Croft, 
R. Musch, VV. Munson, L. Shelton, D. Wirak, VV. 

Rubin, M. Schwartz, R. Laurance. Fourth Row: J. 
Cooney, J. Quinlan, B. Bowman, E. Paulis, P. Dib- 
bern, L. Carroll, secretary; H. Dykes, M. Rosenfeld, 
L. Paskoff, R. Knibb, L. Radinsky, M. Bass. Last Row: 
G. Turner, C. Koeneman, VV. Miller, C. VanNess, 
L. Bahr, S. Holden, B. Springer, S. Barr, J. Williams, 
G. Levin, R. Yost. 

Frederick Hall 

OH, THOSE cjuiet Saturday afternoons. 

Condie lives here 
ball intramurals . . . 
fre.shman swimmer . 
. . . Condie Hall . . . 

. . . third place in foot- 

Tau Beta Phi ... a 

. . the Syracuse game 

sheet out window . . . 

Father Tepe and the econ. professor . . . 
monthly culture . . . Zal's coffee hour . . . five 
engineers . . . fourth year for philanthropy 
project . . . annual orphans' Christmas party 
... St. Joseph's in Washington . . . but the 
girls backed out . . . second place in horse- 
shoe intramurals . . . new and old sections . . . 
four year old wing . . . normal guys . . . 


Winning Homecoming float — "One Hun- 
dred Fifty-four Years of Progress" ... a big 
terrapin . . . too big . . . trophy meeting at 
8:30 . . . Zoology building . . . Phi Eta Sigma 
. . . plaque from Garrett County . . . Program 
Committee . . . Hearts tournament . . . sled 
parties and hay rides . . . Blood Drive . . . 
swimming team . . . four desserts in two mon- 
ths . . . whistles out windows . . . founded 
1947 . . . varsity football . . . softball semi- 
finals . . . big party for boys and dates . . . 
home of vice president in Severna Park . . . 

WEEKEND WARRIORS are ever with us but from 
Friday to Monday they're never with us. 

Garret Hall 

GARRETT HALL-Front Row: J. Harrison, O. Flet- 
cher, E. Henne, D. Flynn, R. Renoff, vice president; 
J. Clow, president; C. Scurto, secretary; T. Cooney, 
R. Ruggiero, J. Mifsud, D. Nemier. Second Row: J. 
Hilker, M. Mar, R. Para, P. Lovrencic, P. Roberts, 
G. Sokol, L. Woo, M. Anderson, J. Bradley, H. Acker, 
L. Taylor. Third Row: H. Bryant, A. Fleshman, H. 

Flichman, L. Cutlett, R. Downey, C. Compton, P. 
Cohan, W. Dyson, W. Hamilton, R. Clow, M. Ling. 
Last Row: F. Blazek, H. Mallow, W. Phillips, B. 
Schwartz, M. Iserman, G. Doebler, N. Gounaris, R. 
Boeder, D. Trivits, C. Sachs, P. Cavanaugh. 

# # 

Vf!i*i '*•»-» 

HARFORD HALL- Front Roiv: R. Hackftt, resident 
assistiint; F. Micliiu', H. Kronherg, T. Haiiier, J. Beck- 
ham, Mrs. HugK, house director; D. Kocher, president 
K. Uttenreither, H. Dail, W. xMorley, H. Burns, R 
Wooten. Second Row: T. Staley, treasurer; B. Pielke 
J. Eurich, H. W'anipler, P. Faustnian, F. Bell, R 
Dworkowski, H. Berzofsky, T. Tinder, W. Boyd, J 
Striegel, W. Schuerholz. Third Row: K. Mort, T 
Pavlo\sky, J. Pietrzak, R. Pelham, R. Pickering, R 

Roliilhird, H. Fender, J. McGuirk, R. Nkhl, D. Wil- 
nioth, R. Newcomer, S. Smith. Fourth Row: J. Rahl>itt, 
D. Young, L. Tovvnsend, D. Utz, R. Bearden, W. 
Thomas, G. Spedden, E. Schneider, J. Swick, H. 
Reese, C. Joliansen, T. Statham, B. WOoten, D. Stev- 
ens. Last Row: L. Levine, J. Feustle, C. Strol)el, B. 
Dinsmore, R. Kraelins, G. White, E. X'olcjak, J. Sch- 
neider, C. Lotz, J. Klvac, R. Hancock, vice president; 
G. Kaye, C. Upham, R. Boileau. 

Harford Hall 

DON'T LAUGH -it's mv l)Iind date. 

The largest single men's housing unit on 
campus . . . residents are participants in the 
popular campus sports . . . varsity football, 
soccer, lacrosse, swimming . . . other sports 
enthusiasts are active in intramural sports 
. . . even weight-lifting finds its place in Har- 
ford Hall life . . . Homecoming, and naturally 
a float-building party . . . Christmas spirit 
reaches a peak in Harford's traditional party, 
highlighted with a dorm band . . . the dorm 
lomigc assines rela.xation and good times 
with a built-in hi-fi . . . popidar aids to Har- 
ford's social life are frequent desserts . . . 


Smallest house on campus . . . second 
place for "dorm of the year" . . . highest 
house average . . . Christmas party for or- 
phange, bottles and pennies for Campus 
Chest, and annual dorm picnic are among 
the various activities . . . Ivy League fireside 
chats . . . terrific Howard reject basketball 
team . . . fish bowl sports between upper and 
lower classmen ... an opossum visitor . . . 
sociology 64 majors' "interesting lecture" 
. . . A.C.C. wrestling champion, R.M.A. 
ath^etic and awards chairmen, solicitation 
chairman for Campus Chest, and band mem- 
bers are a few residents of Howard Hall . . . 

Stehle, M. Magee, j. Crismaiin, W. Miles. Last How: 
C. Wareheim, A. O'Neill, C. Wright, J. Routh, R. 


Howard Hall 



HOWARD HALL- Front Row: E. Forman, T. Jack- 
son, F. Schwejd, R. Smith, secretary-treasurer; F. 
Hill, president; G. Ray, vice president; S. Bowen, 
D. Bandiere, P. Dugent, M. Smith. Second Row: J. 
Hartman, F. Mersinger, G. Topping, G. Steelberg, 

B. Clutter, R.A.; J. Baur, A. Campbell, E. Gillis, R. 
Edwards, R. Stetler. Last Row: R. Willasch, R. Sch- 
lossnagle, A. Hunt, R. Merson, J. Talley, G. Shaw, 
B. Lubbert, H. Lipsitz, M. Hare. 

KENT HALL-Front Row: E. Hudson, resident as- 
sistant; P. Tiniin, J. Trunihauer, D. Spence, J. Kunkel, 
treasurer; C;. Hoemer, president; C. Kihhy, vice presi- 
dent; S. Miral)ile, A. X'arga, W. Riddle, E. Everett. 
Second Row: J. McEwan, H. Cassell, R. Milan, M. 
Schneider, C. \'idela, J. Bayne, J. Ross, W. Sheppe, 

J. Myers, J. Happ. Third Row: J. Benner, F. Martin, 

C. Santoni, C. Ha\en, E. Brager, S. Brewer, C. Binker, 

D. Speclit, J. Harding, C. Bowers. Last Row: R. Heer, 
\'. Guida, G. Miller, H. Steell)erg,T. Hare, L. Howard, 
J. .Artord, F. Parker, R. Herberg. 

Kent Hall 

NOT REALLY left inink-just left nut! 


Famed in tlie past for snow fun . . . pass- 
ers-by had many thrills and narrow escapes 
during the dare-devil tra>- slides last winter 
. . . social events, supposedly extra-curricular, 
are never passed up in iaxor of curricular 
events ... a shanty rowhoat — "Independent 
Boat Hide" of Spring, 1961 . . . the men of 
Kent Hall consider indixidualism syiiony- 
inous with a collegiate spirit . . . 

Unique in the creation of an honorary 
society within the dorm . . . spirit brims over 
into social events, making desserts popular 
and frequent . . . Woody and his famous danc- 
ing shoes . . . hallway hi-fi to disturb the 
rules committee . . . another popular distrac- 
tion— 3 a.m. poker . . . sports participation ex- 
tending into all fields, with freshmen es- 
pecially active ... an ever-ready member of 
the College Park Fire Department . . . one of 
the most "attractive" lounges on campus . . . 

OUR SECURITY'S THERE, it's our Teddy Bear. 

Prince George's Hall | 

L. Reinstein, N. Myers, T. Gonter, treasurer; B. Hoff- 
man, vice president; W. Asche, president; R. Harris, 

A. Dixon, E. Stark, J. Mister, W. Vesperman. Second 
Row: P. Lonibardo, S. Hearne, C. Smith, J. Murphy, 
R. Wihnoth, D. Butler, R. Counihan, W. Peacock, 

B. Henderson, R. Skeba, C. Flory. Third Row: J. 

Glenn, J. Campbell, J. Zedosky, P. Pendorf, W. 
Hough, A. Smith, H. Kell, J. Paff, C. Peterson, A. For- 
man, K. Lynch, R. Lynch. Last Row: M. Eberly, M. 
Bogash, R. Klohr, J. Bartelt, G. Shipley, F. Konopasek, 
R. Evans, R. O'Neill, R. Vails, W. Mullinix, M. 



TALBOT HALL-Fwnt Row: A. Zalner, P. Hecker, 
G. Cook, D. Santaiflla, J. Hull, vice president; L. 
Szeliga, president; R. Heisler, S. Kriso, L. Greenawalt, 
taculty resident; \V. Huska. Second Row: D. Donharl, 
D. Insley, A. Bounds, T. Wilson, W. VVoryk, G. Mac- 



Millan, H. Baker, W . C.loxer, D. Aiken, U. Cober, 
treasurer. Last Row: \V. Oakley, F. Kra\itz, T. Berl, 
B. Kozlowki, J. Phillips, R. Ater, A. Johnson, W. Best, 
D. Goodman, G. W'u. 


Talbot Hall 




Sitting on the steps watching? . . . right in 
the center of campus, Tall)()t takes advantage 
oi their prime position . . . getting close-up 
looks; entering into all acti\ ities, espeeialK' 
spur-of-the-moment ideas on exam pre-study 
(lay when all the lights go out . . . reminisc- 
ing always hrings forth the stor\- of the Navy 
goat and his (juiek trip through Talhot . . . 
hi-fi fanatics broadcast tlieir collection to 
auNoiie crossing campus on winter evenings 
. . . hating to miss out on anything, residents 
participate in intramurals, campus acti\ ities 
. . . two famous \arsit\ hoopmcn . . . did they 
ever find out wiio lilockaded tliat road last 
vear? . . . 

M I 

A new residence . . . their goal: to estab- 
lish themselves in campus activities . . . 
counted among the residents are many fra- 
ternity pledges, former G.I.'s, several trans- 
fer students . . . social events, frequent and 
popular, include dinners, lectures by various 
professors, desserts . . . T.D. No. 3 is always 
well-represented in Trailer Olympics and in- 
tramurals . . . Christmas spirit in the form of 
gift baskets to area orphan homes . . . did any- 
one notice tlie new coat of paint? . . . 


ASETHETIC VALUES finally hit dormitory life. 

T.D. #3 

TEMPORARY No. 3 -Front Row: D. Goettee, L. 
Firester, J. Costello, B. Sigel, K. Zacherle, N. Taylor, 
resident assistant; W. Debelius, resident assistant; 
B. English, resident assistant; G. Dean, A. Harrison. 
Second Row: S. \'an Scoyoc, J. Cougnet, J. Thompson, 
J. Riordan, M. Santa Lucia, J. Treat, J. Wood, R. 
Drozd, W. Noll, W. Harris. Third Row: C. Deidrick, W. 
Newman, L. Morton, F. Frabizzio, treasurer; R. Fein- 

berg, vice president; G. Peyton, G. Barr, C. Morri- 
son, C. Clemson, A. Early. Fourth Row: E. Hanson, 
G. Daley, J. Lee, R. Obrycki, D. Robbins, J. Howard, 
S. Bradley, VV. Stockdale, L. Vogt, T. Healy, R. Kes- 
sler, G. Moore. Last Row: E. Bell, L. Hurley, J. Glarke, 
R. Mellen, D. Graves, president; G. Brinton, L. Burn, 
R. Witten, W. Meredith, P. Goodwin, A. Pokoray, 
J. Nicholas. 

i # 

WASHINGTON HALL-Front Row: S. Shewchuk, 
M. Pietrowiak, M. diss, secrL'tar\ ; M. Tapper, H. 
Scluiul), R. Ra^landJ. Ingaiigi, prt'sidt'iit; L. W'atrous, 
Sergical, D. Hams, vice president; W. Kurinij, resi- 
dent assistant; D. Wajjner, \V. Grey, W. Dunson, A. 
N'ojielsanj;, T. Wenzing. Second Row: H. C'onklin, J. 
Denning, G. Huggins, B. Sapperstein, \. Fine, J. 
Uriock, W. Leihowitz, F. Marasco, J. Rulis, H. Ous- 
tecky, K. VVehniann, H. Taynian, O. Walker, B. Hill, 

\V. Hoerl. Third Row: J. Sheesley, J. Faniola, presi- 
dent; |. Costello, J. Lnnd, secretar\'; J. M()\se\', C. 
Wise, H. Slott, (;. (Jordon, treasurer; D. Rudgers, J. 
Stalloue, S. Spero, B. Fox, T. Conklin, W. McCarthy, 

C. W'allenhorst. Last Row: E. Gra\es, C. Mundurloh, 
R. Holinian, C;. Holloway, J. Oliver, L. Tyler, P. 
Spitler, L. C^oulhv, M. Lvneh, D. Gibson, H. Cross, 

D. Harris, W. Kelley, B.' Zerller. 

Washington Hall 


Most "\isitin^" dorm on campus because 
Washiugtou Hall has no lounges, and all 
desserts must he held in tlu' girls' dorms . . . 
own athletic ecjuipment antl impromptu soc- 
cer ^unes are held between the first and 
second floors durinu (|uiet hours . . . holds 
record lor numher ol broken u indows dnrinj^ 
snowball lijihts . . . tradition ot watching 
Haltimore (]olt ^^anies Sunday atternoons on 
portable telcNision sets . . . 



ALPHA CHI OMEGA-Fronf Row: K. Keller, D. 
Young, M. Gray, corres. secretary; N. Lohr, vice 
president; Mrs. DeHas, housemother; A. Whiton, 
president; B. McGarvie, P. Landrum, treasurer; K. 
Kinsella, rec. secretary; M. Irving. Second Row: 
C. Mayer, B. Bland, J. Schlaudecker, C. Byrd, J. May, 
C. Stewart, P. DeAmico, K. Fahres, B. Beck, J. Camp- 
bell, J. Hopkins, C. Schwartz, C. Savage. Third Row: 
B. Williams, G. Gentile, D. Oursler, J. Lindsay, P. 

Salloom, K. King, P. White, D. Wood, B. Mintz, E. 
LaMacchia, M. Kellerman, M. Kies, L. Fuller. Fourth 
Row: S. Smith, B. Skinner, P. Scott, J. Disney, F. 
Wyand, W. Watts, S. Warren, S. Copony, S. Brown, B. 
Mathieu, C. Klimik, A. Reck, S. \'anOrder, M. Madi- 
gan, M. Stant, M. Wood. Last Row: S. Horn, M. Hen- 
derson, C. Strickland, J. Roundy, J. Stover, B. Raeder, 
J. Trossevin, B. \'rana, S. Thomas, D. Opie, R. Bou- 
cher, P. Missel. 

WE'VE ALWAYS had trouble with our busboys. 

Christmas especially cheerful at the 
Laurel Children's Home when the Alpha 
Chi's come caroling . . . their philanthrt)py 
for cerebral palsy victims . . . members ac- 
tive all around campus . . . Free State secre- 
tary, Fresliman class secretary and legisla- 
ture. Sophomore class \ice president, Jimior 
legislature, UT, Diamondback news ecntor, 
and honoraries including Omicron Nu, Sigma 
Tail Epsiloji . . . pride upon placing second in 
Sopliomore Carni\al . . . third place in W'HA 
participation-remember co-cd N'oUeNljall? . . . 
Pledge Queen second runner-up, agricultural 
(lueen, Military Ball Queen, fraternity 
sweetheart . . . 


Forget your shoes and sport those red 
SOX, it's time for the annual ADPi "Red Soc 
Hop" . . . scholarship and honoraries such 
as Alpha Lambda Delta, Dean's List, Mortar 
Board, Phi Chi Theta, and Sigma Tau Ep- 
silon, to name a few . . . beauties supreme 
with Sophomore Prom court and Sig Ep 
sweetheart and princess . . . Angel Flight, 
Diamondback, Free State, FOB, SGA legis- 
lature, sponsors of Sports Day . . . who owns 
the University Theatre Key?. . . sound of 
music is always heard at the ADPi house . . . 
president of Madrigal singers, chapel choir, 
and women's choius all combined to win in 
last year's Interfraternity Sing with "He's 
Gone Away" . . . 

PRACTICING HARD for a second I.F. Sing Award. 

■ -:;s\- J ' „.-v„ , „ " " " 

ALPHA DELTA PI- Front Row: D. Chambers, P. 
Reed, J. Reich, G. Nussbaum, treasurer; Mrs. Cooley, 
housemother; K. White, president; C. Moore, re- 
cording secretary; G. Hainas, S. Matthews, corre- 
sponding secretary. Second Row: S. Boyle, J. Buckner, 

B. Bixby, D. Gleason, N. Long, P. Lotze, P. Kehoe, 
M. Carhart, J. Taylor, A. Warhol. Last Row: J. Picha, 
M. Nicholls, E. Powers, S. Maury, C. Stark, M. Lerch, 
K. Martin, M. Nelms, L. Edwards, M. Smith. 

"Hearts of sacred memories" . . . captur- 
ing the scholarship trophy . . . "Love Through 
the Ages" — win at Sophomore Carnival with 
Sigma Chi ... a night to remember . . . the 
Phi Sigma Delta dessert — the beginning of 
the end . . . surprises galore . . . the triple 
decker bed from the Phi Kaps — compliments 
of SAE . . . kitty, kitty . . . organized crime — 
pledge skip night . . . AEPhi's displaxing 
authority everywhere — active on publica- 
tions, SGA, Mortar Board, " Flying Follies" 
. . . anyone for Bridge? . . . twisting the se- 
mesters away . . . sisters, devoted sisters — 
three columns strong . . . 

IT'S ALL in tlic uaiiu' ... a fast liaiul ol' Biidjic 

ALPHA EPSILON PHI -Front Row: P. Billig, re- 
cording SL'ciftary; S. Yaffe, corresponding secretary; 
S. Friedman, treasurer; C. Feldstein, president; Mrs. 
M. Slattery, housemother; T. Spar, C. Wolf, H. Nacli- 
man. Second Row: J. Becker, .\1. Kramer, A. Cioldman, 
S. Cohn, J. Hoffman, J. W'illen, M. Wolf, C. Mensh, 
B. Rosen, K. .Ahramson, K. Ruliin, A. Markowitz. 

Third Row: M. Finkelstein, G. Rosenberg, F. Sirlin, 
L. Flom, M. Cohen, D. Abelman, R. Rosenbloom, 
P. Jafft, H. Bloom, D. Litman, B. Brown, M. Hass, S. 
Shaixitz. Fourth Row: M. Darhanson, P. Goldberg, 
H. Strauss, A. Lask\-, W. Sliuger, I. Scherr, E. Breuer, 
S. Landay, M. Miller, M. iMunmethal. Fast Row: J. 

ALPHA GAMMA DELTA- Fron( Row: P. Carter, cor- 
responding secretary; E. Keene, recording secre- 
tary; J. Allen, P. Parker, vice president; Mrs. J. May- 
pole, housemother; K. Dunkin, president; M. Yeal, 
treasurer; K. Jacobsen, S. Osburn. Second Row: B. 
Schindler, J. Campa, A. Loring, T. Stanwood, S. Cris- 


tofane, B. Valiant, B. Meredith, S. Stephenson, M. 
Matzek, K. Reynolds. Third Row: D. Campa, F. Ezzo, 
D. Chubb, C. Kadan, A. Sargent Reiter, R. Wagner, 
M. Freno, G. Ritterbusch, B. Gulick, J. Knapp. Last 
Row: A. Bain, T. Jeffords, C. Ryan, A. Morris, N. 
Davis, N. Pope, A. Foster. 


\ h 

THE YOUNG-AT-HEART with new found friends. 

The "A" of pearls shining brightly . . . 
anticipating adventure and activities . . . 
Sir Winston, grooming for the derby, the 
backwards dinner, the mouse hold . . . end- 
less episodes . . . return of those "Golden 
Rule Days" for Dads, the Apple Polishers 
Dinner, the Christmas Party with Phi Delt 
. . . contributing and cooperating on campus 
. . . Mortor Board, Alpha Lambda Delta, 
AWS president, Diamondback, Who's Who 
. . . second place IFC Sing . . . Permanent 
traditions of Alpha Gam's — the roving pho- 
tographer, the hayride. Sorority Olympics . . . 


ALPHA OMICRON PI -Front Row: C. Schuiz, 
M. Shure, J. Montgomery, secretary; C. Grawbowsk, 
vice president; Mrs. Hardy, liouseniother; M. Turner, 
president; D. Schemni, treasurer; E. Marval, L. Met- 
calfe. Second Row: J. Schiller, M. N'alencia, P. Rightor, 
J. Wells, S. Greenaway, C. Bond, J. Ross, M. Cox, A. 
Wire. Third Row: S. Whitworth, N. Loew, 1. Pritchett, 
M. Fitzpatrick, K. Webster, B. Wright, G. Mack, V. 

Hauser, L. Chappelear, P. House. Fourth Row: J. 
Schroeder, L. Seiier, S. McNeil, E. Christensen, M. 
Blackburn, J. Hyre, S. McGlasson, S. Reed, J. Over- 
street, S. Allmond, D. MacMillan, R. Hillovv. Last 
Row: J. Waterman, B. Watson, L. Hoehn, M. Cunning- 
ham, C. Shearer, R. Palmere, B. Davis, L. Kaiser, A. 
Widerman, B. Little, P. Crowe, C. Martin, N. Lau, 
W. Cross, M. Baker. 

DID YOU HEAR that one of the pledges left a Venus 
tly-trap in the house? 

Colorful Christinas Formal . . . swinging 
Jazz Concert . . . desserts and exchange din- 
ners are the social story of the AOPi's this 
year . . . active in Mortar Board, TERRAPIN, 
Legislature, AWS, University Theater and 
Campus Chest . . . 2nd vice president of 
AWS, KA Rose, Who's Who members. Sen- 
ior Class Secretary, Miss Maryland 2nd run- 
ner-up, secretary ot Old Line Party, TERRA- 
PIN co-editor. Diamond treasurer, finalist 
for Sorority Woman of Year Award . . . Phi 
Chi Theta, Pi Delta Epsilon . . . Psi Chi . . . 
Pi Delta also sponsor Red Cross Blood Drive 
. . . (juiet hours . . . midnight snacks . . . 
downstairs phone duty . . . tribute to the 
l)US-boys . . . the "Snowman" ... a room with 
a belfry . . . remembrances of a good year! . . . 


A never-to-be-forgotten year of growth . . . 
from eleven to forty-four . . . coming up in 
the world, aiming high and trying hard . . . 
active participation in Alpha Lambda Delta, 
Sigma Tau Epsilon, Judicial Board, WRA, 
Angel Flight . . . receiving enjoyment from 
those special extras . . . the Alumnae Christ- 
mas Party . . . washing windows for Theta 
Chi . . . the Cardiac Project . . . planning for 
the new home in the fall . . . the Champion 
Guernsey cows . . . fond memories always 
present . . . the "suite" ... a Danish house 
director . . . delicious food and gaining 
weight . . . the long-distance engagements 
. . . the work, problems and joys of two event- 
ful years at Maryland . . . 

RELAXATION in the Alpha Phi apartment. 

ALPHA PHI- Front Row: J. Beaver, M. Wharff, 
corres. secretary; J. Wilkinson, treasurer; H. Schmidt, 
vice president; K. Porter, president; P. Swoger, A. 
Knoblock, J. Ward, recording secretary; B. Shirrefs, 
A. Sakers. Second Row: C. Hale, I. Weaver, K. Ekman, 
A. Navazio, M. Thompson, S. Tydings, C. Maxwell, B. 

Rapelye, L. Chamness, A. Wright. Third Row: L. 
Duval, J. Soper, C. Anderson, L. Sullivan, S. Mead, 
M. Ruppersberger, D. Collison, P. Callighan, M. Sch- 
mitt, M. Znamirowski, C. Lutheran. Last Row: J. 
Zavetz, S. Willis, P. Fenimore, C. Mancha, K. Small, 
M. Daugherty, S. Langmack, G. Braun, D. Cummins. 

Friendship, fun, and fcstixity . . . merry 
mischief in the making . . . Phi Sig's missinj^ 
trophies, the "Ten and Ten," \ isiting snakes 
. . . Chapel choir, PuhHcations, Aquahners, 
AWS officers . . . re\eahn^ a more serious 
side — participating:; in the prexention of 
juxenile dehnquenc\ , the orphan's Christ- 
mas piuty, cultural trips . . . recalling the 
household highlights — turning the tables on 
the bus boys, pledge entertainment, the 
BOW, breakfast with fraternities . . . proud 
of tlieir housemother for recei\ ing the co\- 
eted "Battle-Ax of the Yem" award . . . 

AND THEY say Pledging is fun? 

ALPHA XI DELTA- Front Row: J. Colangeio, L. 
Leizear, corrfspoiKling secretary; D. Stiller, treas- 
urer; V. C'liiriiiyas, vice president; Mrs. C. T. Reed, 
housemother; D. Glasj^ow, president; S. Haack, G. 
Fallon, recording secretary; E. Mancuso, J. Scullin. 
Second Roiv: D. Morgan, J. Brill, J. Terzick, T. 
Sheperd, D. Roijinson, P. Gruhb, \'. Smart, G. Gera- 
thewohl, L. Russuni, |. Deeney, M. Caponiti, N. Roth- 

well. Tliird Row: L. Reyman, B. Thorn, S. Gorluim, B. 
Blades, B. Gonners, H. Taylor, S. Feland, S. Stone, 
G. Signor, R. Leizear, J. Birks. Fourth Row: M. Barter, 
A. Schaefer, K. Laver\, G. Jones, J. Faulstich, P. 
Nalley, G. Taylor, S. Rumeanos, M. Randour, B. 
Lamhere, I. Gamble. Last Row: M. Masucci, J. Van- 
kuyk, D. Barker, J. Limerick, S. Haus, J. Beales, M. 
Liberatore, S. loluiston. 

DELTA DELTA BELTA-Front Row: P. Martin, C. 
Harris, B. Gundersdorff, recordinjj secretary; J. 
Cohey, vice president; Mrs. Scott, housemother; 
L. Robinson, president; K. Ramsay, treasurer; S. 
Wild, corresponding secretary; B. Hastings, A. Bryant. 
Second Row: J. Gate, F. Stiertz, A. Furman, M. Fil- 
ler, J. Schafter, T. Resce, C. Miller, M. Lawrence, N. 
Carrodus, A. Grain, R. Rudolph. Third Row: S. 
Ghurchman, L. Hardin, M. Royer, R. Hatfield, J. 

Hazeihaker, G. Goleman, G. Ingalls, G. Nhi\er, M. 
Leahy, J. Edwards, J. F'inn, G. Brown. Fourth Row: 
J. Favier, j. W'liarton, J. Flesner, G. Gouey, NL Whar- 
ton, R. Gooper, P. Pardew, P. Winberry, G. Klein- 
wachter, L. Insle>', j. Weaver, T. Kelly. Last Row: 
S. Pimpei, F. Harding, B. Goby, G. Grossman, P. 
Price, E. Kisli, S. Stanlev, I. Baker, L Taylor, S. Enger, 
B. Hicks. 

SOUNDS OF MUSIC echo throughout as annual 
practice for the LF. Sing begins. 

The crescent moon and shining stars high- 
hghting a memorable year . . . with the ar- 
rival of every new dawn — new dreams and 
designs for an enlarged house . . . elating 
experiences . . . awards for Sorority of the 
Year and the Outstanding Junior Woman . . . 
organizations with responsibilities and re- 
wards . . . presidents of WRA and Diamond, 
SGA Secretary, AWS Freshman Representa- 
tive, Mce President of Diadem, publications 
. . . honored by Homecoming Queen and first 
runner-up. Pledge Queen first runner-up . . . 
adding vim and vitality on the field with 
majorettes, cheerleaders and color guard . . . 
moments of merriment . . . trips to Mexico, 
damp crepe paper, the Symphony Concerts 
. . . thriving through togetherness . . . 

DELTA GAMMA-Front Row: M. Wilson, B. Brad- 
ley, J. Becker, recording secretary; L. Andretta, vice 
president; P. Clayton, president; C. Cone, B. Good- 
ridge, treasurer; J. VVueste, corres. secretary; C. 
Kalk, E. Cranimatte. Second Row: M. Blair, B. Jump, 
B. Brooks, M. Gerster, J. Wallower, J. Athanas, J. 
Gregory, K. Disney, L. Calder, F. Morell, C. Ehrman- 
traut, D. Dunn. Third Rotv: J. Bode, J. Ba\is, S. 
Neary, A. Cochran, B. Gingell, S. Smith, J. Johnson, 

L. Hamann, M. Knox, A. Smith, L. Mudd, S. Crossley, 
D. Kelly. Fourth Row: B. Foreshew, P. Dunn, B. 
Baker, P. Maclntyre, S. Evans, J. Althoff, M. Shak- 
hashiri, D. Camenzind, J. Bartley, J. Johnson, J. John- 
son, P. Peers, S. Gibbons, B. Berry. Last Row: X. 
Linden, J. Senn, N. \'ansant, S. Hockett, K. Dougherty, 
S. Hartney, C. Gordon, P. Shephard, K. Waring, S. 
Weiss, J. Thomas, S. Quam, B. Heisner, B. Wilcox. 


WHO KNOWS the one about Santa Glaus? 

A well-rounded group of girls . . . abun- 
dant in personality and poise with Pledge 
Queen, Miss Cecil Hall, May Queen, Miss 
Success . , . (affluent with scholars) — Dia- 
mond, Mortar Board, Diadem, Alpha Lambda 
Delta . . . acti\'e in campus organizations — 
Terrapin, Angel Flight, (-aptain of Color 
Cuard, three cheerleaders, and swinnning 
meet champions . . . Hannah has taught 
lier girls well . . . 

Rapidly expanding — in number and in- 
fluence . . . many prominent activities in- 
cluding Junior Prom Co-Chairman, chairman 
of Day Dodger Big Sister program, rep- 
resented on Freshman legislature, TER- 
RAPIN, Diamondback, Bridal Fair, and 
Diamond . . . with the spring comes the an- 
nual sorority fashion show — DPhiE sponsors 
. . . shining with beauty in the form of Miss 
Maryland 1961, and a National Football 
Queen finalist . . . very anxious about the 
plans for Grahamcracker Square . . . 

SWEET NOTHINGS in three ears. 



t^,-nsi ion 

DELTA PHI EPSILON-Fronf Row: C. Bahn, H. 
Stoler, E. Zippermann, M. Siegman, recording secre- 
tary; J. Magidson, president; M. Weinstein, vice 
president; M. Portner, corresponding secretary; F. 
Horwitz, treasurer; E. Friedman, S. Lebowitz. Sec- 
ond Row: E. Pomerance, I. Torop, B. Rosenfeld, S. 
Fertick, N. Pomerance, P. Serber, D.. Pollekoff, B. 
Macht, C. Peltz, F. Goldberg, M. Sandler, B. Hill- 

man. Third Row: E. Siegman, S. Lisogursky, M. Aber- 
man, E. Sommers, B. Kanegis, M. Kurland, B. Glass- 
man, L. Berkow, R. Weinstein, A. Silver, C. Feder. 
Last Row: B. Pillersdorf, S. Rottman, M. Petrushan- 
sky, J. Goldberg, S. Altman, C. Sondheimer, M. Sura- 
sky, C. Bernstein, D. Buchman, B. Goldberg, S. 
Woods, C. Stecknian, J. Rossen, F. Gluser. 

THAT'S NOT tlif wav 1 K'ained it in music Hi! 

RolliiiU up the lu^s for another success- 
liil Basin Street Stomp! . . . Gamma Plii's 
al\\a\ s on the go . . . active in SGA, AWS, 
W'HA, Terrapin, Diamondback,Aud Colnr 
CJuaixl . . . honoiaiies and professional or- 
Uanizatioiis chiiminij Camma Phi's as mem- 
l)ers . . . hite-at-night slucK' session . . . yatli- 
erinjis and goings-on in tlie kitchen . . . "an 
ice machine on a dr\ campus" ... a crusade 
to keep the SAE hons gold? . . . presenta- 
tion of the sorority schohirship troph\ . . . 
"Axon calling!" . . . "Standing united — tor 
e\er and e\er." . . . 

GAMMA PHI BETA-Fwnt Row: A. Plummer, trcas- 
urtT; M. Bateinaii, coirespoiuliiiK si'cretary: J. StaiiiTii, 
ifcoidiii^ secretary; J. Schmidt, vice president; Mrs. 
G. Diitton, liousetiiother; P. Lotz, pre.sident; A. C-'oIe- 
nian, J. Tolson, N. Scollon, E. Fitz. Second Row: L. 
Frazier, S. Cauch, C. Swojier, D. Latimer, N. Cun- 
niii^liam, J. Schlotzhaiier, P. Mitchell, S. Welsh, L. 
Kssiii, I. RaiTika, M. Hartman. Third Ri>w: M. .Ste\eii- 

son, S. Eaip, C. Schaeter, H. Catchell, D. Keougii, S. 
Pritchett, M. Watkins, M. Kidd, J. Porter, S. Bemilier, 
P. Morton. Fourth Row: 1^. Snow, L. Kern, A. Riiitort, 
C. Kenney, C. Connor, |. Rrown, K. Sander, S. Ma- 
riner, C;. Jones, L. Molesky, D. Wood, J. Woodruff. 
Last Row: C. C^ochran, N. Corkran, B. Corhin, ). 
Selckmaini, S. Sirrin, K. Trofast, L. Phillips, A. 
W ells, C:. Walker. 




KAPPA ALPHA THETA-Front Row: P. Prusch, 
treasurer; D. Bixel, L. Alligood, L. Caviii, L. Grant, 
vice president; S. Foulis, president; C. Brush, C. 
Chaney, corresponding secretary; K. Voorhees, P. 
Kent, recording secretary; A. Calderwood. Second 
Row: ]. Pennefeather, L. Hannemann, P. Hogan, F. 
Wetzel, S. Whiteley, C. Matzek, D. Dietrich, M. Mil- 
ler, B. Lampton, M. McWhite, C. Cole, S. Sims. Third 
Row: M. Richardson, T. Patrick, J. Kerr, J. Lineberry, 

B. Burnett, D. Fuchs, J. Standquist, S. Hannnond, 
M. Stack, J. Nightingale, D. Kohler, P. Royer. Fourth 
Row: E. Coddington, D. Endlich, P. Mitchell, C. 
Stump, S. Eaton, B. Britt, C. Isiminger, (). Gebert, 
A. Fisher, S. Weissman, N. Scott, B. Janz. Last Row: 
|. Buckingham, M. McClung, D. Pike, M. Woodchek, 
P. Best, D. Hammett, S. Tribbett, M. Leonard, S. 
Tressler, K. Zettler, K. Harrison, A. German, C. 



rooms filled ceiling-high with 

Theta kites tly high over the campus 
and busy Thetas are found as Junior class 
secretary, Sophomore Prom chairman, TER- 
RAPIN associate editor, cheerleaders, and 
members of legislature, ALD, Diadem, 
Angel Flight, and Diamondhack, to mention 
a few . . . the annual campus-wide kite- 
flying contest for Campus Chest again a big 
success . . . second place honors for "Hawai- 
ian" Thetas in Harmony Hall and third place 
in IFC sing . . . stuffing animals at Christmas 
for national philanthropy project . . . remem- 
ber the 5 A.M. awakening on the morn of 
Homecoming? . . . newspaper stuffed in an 
unsuspecting sister's room . . . skip nights, 
serenading and parties, all contribute to a 
wonderful year that will be long remem- 
bered . . . 

KAPPA DELTA-F;o;if Roiv: K, Myers, secieUiiN ; 
K. McAdoo, C. Etclu'lls, E. Ricca, vice presitknt; 
Mrs. \aii\'aley, houscmotlier; L. Wray, piesidt-nt; 
R. Goodell, treasurer; B. Hennegan, P. Brotherton, 
K. Moomey. Second Row: V. Bassett, P. Reisiiiger, 
M. Smith, L. Brown, J. Bartlesoii, J. Smith, L. Tij^he, 
G. Forman, D. De\iii, B. Wolf, L. Bassett, B. Kiipiec. 
Third Row: D. Kellett, C. Coimell)-, K. Kenerick, C. 

Htzell, C. Croghan, \. Tiltord, M. Howard, E. Hur- 
le\-, S. Tiltord, C. Zaciewski, G. Slieridan. Fourth 
Row: D. Kessler, j. Huii, G. Masters, J. Hale, C. 
Joyce, A. Haie\, H. vanReuth, C. Marcuccio, K. Kes- 
sler, B. Harxsough, S. Huhhard. Last Row: C. Siiarp, 
B. Smith, B. Nhirvel, D. Pillas, J. Buiidy, E. Carpen- 
ter, A. Swanson, S. Fitch, j. Rude, M. Howard, A. 



JUST ONE more glass of warm milk, please? 

A home reminiscent ot former times ... a 
touch of the EHzahethan . . . the e\er- 
precious white rose and diamond pin . . . 
activities, activities, acti\ities . . . Senior 
(Mass \'ice President, AWS Junior Represent- 
ati\e, Diadem, Old Line Secretar\ , Alpha 
Lambda Delta to state just a few . . . beauty 
honors abundant too . . . Cireek Week Queen, 
Miss Prince George's Count\, fraternity 
sweethearts . . . interests for Inn or fancy — 
indi\ idual and \aried . . . theater time and 
the Drama W inu .Award, W'HA Swim-meet, 
second place in Pledge Skit Night . . . 
memories in the making . . . the chorus line 
for KA . . . the Black and White Hall . . . 
"I can't believe it" ... a diluge of acci- 
dents . . . 

Sponsors of Pledge Skit Night . . . third in 
scholarship . . . many activities — Junior Leg- 
islature, secretary and Senior Representa- 
tive of AWS, captain of cheerleaders plus 
two new additions, TERRAPIN, scholarship 
chairman of Panhellenic, first place at Har- 
mony Hall, Flying Follies, chairman of 
Career Week, Angel Flight . . . honoraries, 
too — Diadem, Alpha Lambda Delta, secre- 
tary of Diamond . . . Oh, that Kappa Formal! 
. . . again offered their nursing scholarship 
. . . sold pumpkins for philanthropic . . . 
beauties including 2nd runner-up for Miss 
Washington, Miss Maryland State . . . en- 
thusiastically awaiting future ground break- 
ing ceremonies . . . 

MUSIC, music, music . . . with Harmony Hall winners. 

Kappci Kappa Gamma 

KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA-Front Row: T. Jen, J. 
Murray, L. Cook, J. Da\is, secretar>'; C. Heisler, 
president; D. Skaer, \ice president; H. Wanless, treas- 
urer; B. Wasser, J. Miles, A. Boice. Second Row: N. 
Wantz, S. Corn, M. Canby, J. Moser, J. Robinson, P. 
Briggs, A. Bouker, E. Downs, B. Simmons, M. Goggin, 
B. Bauer, S. Hughes, S. Gant. Third Row: P. Morgan, 
T. Etienne, C. Zoda, J. Patchen, D. Gibbas, B. Zoda, 
K. \'oyatzis, J. Short, S. deSinion, A. Teter, B. Smith. 

Fourth Row: L. Koehneke, J. Ritchie, M. Coppock, 

C. Jennings, B. Wheeler, J. Raith, C. Ryan, R. Broad- 
hurst, R. Zehring, G. Healy, N. Albrecht, A. Ban\ ille, 

D. Widmeyer, S. Chebithes, D. McNeil, D. McNeil. 
Last Row: J. Jones, M. Krause, G. Martini, D. Owens, 
K. xMoonly, J. Clark, S. Armstrong, P. Short, D. Guise, 
P. Moon, \i. Mclntire, B. Rawak, L. Livengood, R. 
Scarborough, B. Davenport. 

WHAT WOULD we ever do without our Lil' Bus. 

Shining trophies for a record of firsts . . . 
Ugly Man candidate on top, first place for 
Sophomore Canii\al booth decorations and 
attendance, thrilling first for Homecoming 
House decorations . . . getting up at 5 A.M. 
. . . Chapel chimes striking 9 as last girl 
rushes in . . . beauties, too — Homecoming 
Queen fourth runner-up, ZBT sweetheart . . . 
rush of activities — Panhellenic president, UT 
publicity chairman. Alpha Lambda Delta, 
president of Diadem, WRA, chairman of 
Parents' Da\ , Elections Board, May Day, 
and AWS cultural committee . . . always 
near by for a good serenade . . . 

PHI SIGMA SIGMA- Front Row: H. Hnnian, C. 
Meadotf, M. Kulleii, H. Strinberji, S. Okou, recording 
setii-tary; Mrs. .\Iilier, liouseiuotlier; C. Kalni, pres- 
ident; N. Julius, corres. secretary; E. Alperstein, tri'as- 
uri-r; ]. Lihsluitz, L. Berl<is. Second Row: S. I'^Icisch- 
inaii, E. Wolff, J. Kfein, J. Cramer, .\l. Soltoli, L. Kol- 
ker, S. Heiter, G. Heft, M. Saks, J. .Saxtoii, M. Tabor, 
S. Layton, L. Nevvnum. Third Row: D. Cliesier, G. 
Fish, E. Selinmau, C'. Berkow, R. Leil)son, H. Wein- 

traufj, M. Hersfi, S. Schecter, P. Lainot, L. Garonzik, 
J. Heft, K. Rielunond, L. Ricliniond. Fourth Row: P. 
Colien, R. Eugel, (). Clieeiihauiii, A. Goldl)looiii, B. 
Levy, M. Nemo, .S. Kaliii, R. Scliwartz, C. Hoifman, 
R. Guss, J. Grott, C. Sil\erstein, D. .^ronow, C^. Le- 
\ins, B. Eisman. Last Row: |. Lewis, .\. Rosen^arden, 
XL Solomon, P. Ilollins, S. Rosi-ni)er^, S. Merowitz, 
P. Henesoii, NL Chotiuer, L Ivilm, F. F'akin, L. 
Tal)acii, P. Trivas, J. Tenuhin. 

- Jw >^ ^iL 

PI BETA PHl-Front Row: P. Duggan, M. Barnes, 
corres. secretary; M. Cooper, treasurer; N. Jones, 
vice president; Mrs. Alexander, housemother; L. 
Poore, president; J. Richey, recording secretary; 
S. Russell, B. Ross. Second Row: B. Colby, S. Jack- 
son, N. Robinson, J. Brocksmith, C. Schneider, J. 
Laird, D. Di Francis, G. Hayden, S. Taylor, R. Arcuri, 
L. Dawson, E. McCarthy. Third Row: S. Lum, D. 
Pincuspy, S. Brittinghani, J. Hazen, T. Kossiakoff, 

B. Winchell, K. Raffaelo, P. Harrington, K. Longridge, 
J. Aufferis, V. Kidner, A. iMiller, B. Moore. Fourth 
Row: B. Kerin, S. Grace, J. Dumler, E. Rol)ey, C. 
Shallcross, C. Merrill, W Ogden, J. McBride, K. 
Sanborn, B. Spencer, D. Duggan, F. Logan, G. John- 
son. Last Row: J. Weser, T. McCurry, S. MacCoy, 
E. Flood, C. Holmead, M. Holmes, D. Delanoy, J. 
DeHalt, J. Kugler, K. Moore, H. Coins. 

The bow is drawn and the Pi Phi arrow 
flies . . . into athletics — "Trixie" placed first 
in Turtle Derby, 2nd place in Sorority Olym- 
pics, athletics after dinner on the mall, mod- 
ern dance club . . . into varied academic 
honors — Diadem, Alpha Lambda Delta, 
Diamond, Phi Alpha Epsilon . . . into public 
offices — section editors of TERRAPIN, Old 
Line, Diamondhack, sorority representative 
to SGA, FOB, secretary of Student Religious 
Council, Sophomore Carnival, Daydodger 
Big Sisters, Angel Flight . . . the golden 
arrow has reached its target — a very success- 
ful year . . . 


playing against destiny. 



i^- A\ 

SIGMA DELTA TAU -Fronf Row. L. Shay, P. 
Franck, E. Aslinian, Z. Weinman, \'ice president; 
Mrs. Gt)rcl()n, housemother; S. Greenvvald, president; 
B. BondarefT, secretary; L. Abehnan, treasurer; P. 
Hoffman, M. Berman. Second Row: G. Belaga, K. 
Decker, C. Pines, J. Barnett, B. Besterman, R. Seltzer, 
J. Emselleni, I. Gruher, S. Brill, P. N'ogelluit, J. Horn- 
stein. Third Row: G. Besterman, A. Harrison, C. 


Roseni)limi, S. Friedman, D. Slotskv, S. Sommers, 
L. Kolker, M. Kaim, M, Messeloff, J. Rosen, L. Hill- 
man. Fourth Row: K. Weil, L. SiKerman, J. Perlz- 
weig, A. Gudelsky, I. Emselleni, C. Cohen, B. Levin, 
E. Samet, S. Le\ine, L. Pollack, S. Schwartz, E. 
W'echsler. Last Row: M. Grossman, L. Markowitz, 
C. Becherman, S. Kanu-netz, B. Klein, J. Solins, S. 
Flax, S. Kamenetz. 

*^iqma ] >^lta Tau 

IF THERE'S one thing I can't stand, it's someone 
who won't pay attention. 

The "Graham Cracker" at . . . lin jeer- 
ing thoughts of the white house in the gulch 
. . . moinents to remember . . . regional eon- 
clave on Maryland campus . . . first place in 
the bi-annual Blood Drive, the pajama party 
in\aded by octopi . . . dixersitied talents . . . 
Freshman Class Treasurer, Diamondhack, 
FOB, Sophomore Carnixal and Homecoming 
connnittee chairmen . . . emphasis on scholar- 
ship—Alpha Lambda Delta and Dean's 
List . . . presentation of the Mort\- Cohen 
.-Xwurd to an outstanding senior man ... a 
brightK- binning torch on campus . . . graced 
1)\ ;i l(i\cl\ HilleJ Queen . . . 

Lights . . . Camera . . . Action . . . musical 
memories . . . Sigma Kappa and UT . . . again 
contributing on campus . . . color guard, 
Angel Flight, Diamondback, Homecoming 
Committees, Diadem . . . artistic talents, 
too — second place in Homecoming decora- 
tions . . . household highlights . . . song and 
paddle night, clue week, the cinderella- 
candy shoe, the steak or beans treat . . . work- 
ing for others . . . Shoeshine Night and Cam- 
pus Chest . . . the Maine Seacoast Mission 
. . . the traditions of the satin triangle at the 
Winter Formal . . . 

ONE OF OUR more pleasant chores — the S.K. Crest. 

SiPTTia Kappa 

SIGMA KAPPA-Front Row: M. McClellan, C. 
Shook, corresponding secretary; Y. Wood, B. Baum- 
ner, D. Gloss, president; \'. Taggart, L. Tatum, vice 
president; J. Lord, treasurer; C. Myers, recording 
secretary; D. Fratta. Second Row: E. Richell, L. Gar- 
rett, S. Boose, N. Haase, P. Kraus, C. Lokstein, C. 
Slattery, J. Morgan, B. Stewart, B. Michael, S. Cashan, 

A. Maier. Third Row: H. Higgins, J. Scheel, D. Smith, 
L. Hall, D. Staubs, J. Whitman, J. Carey, S. Pickens, 
L. Nalley, B. Hull, C. Guidry, P. Miller. Last Row: 
A. Morsell, K. Connaughton, M. Niel, M. Karchner, 
N. Atkinson, S. Morrison, E. Johnson, A. White, S. 
Wight, T. Brumbaugh, R. Murray, J. Latimer, B. Bow- 
man, C. King. 

>*'fim J 



A. BaiiM'lle, D. Latiiiifr, rusli chin.; M. Carhart, 
2nd vice pres.; N. Julius, pres.; Dean McConnick, 
advisor; V. Wood, 1st vice pres.; F. Horwitz, sec; 
E. Ricca, treas. Second Row: B. Wilcox, M. Hender- 

son, S. Osburn, S. Smith, N. Littman, M. Schinitt, R. 
Klein, P. Hojiaii, L. Haniienian. Last Row: S. Wright, 
J. Short, L. Newman, j. Sclilotzliauer, S. Gorham, B. 
Shirrefs, J. Emsellem. 


II 1 


















ifi. ^jiig^^ 




Row: F. Hoiwitz, sec; E. Ricca, treas.; N. 
Julius, pres.; \'. Wood, 1st vice pres. Standing: 
M. Carhart, 2nd vice pres.; D. Latimar, rush 


from a sororit)' rush part\'. 

)eliiiid sou" rinjjs out 

Purpose of Panhelkniic Council to help 
with problems concerning sororitx' standards, 
inter-sorority functions, scholarship, and 
campus activities . . . coordinates sorority 
rush . . . showed off the new pledges by in- 
itiating the successfid Pledge Debut . . . an- 
nual Pledge Dance giaced by Pledge Queen 
. . . introduced sorority-fiaternity Fireside 
Chats . . . sorority exchange dinner always 
enj()\ ed b\ all . . . fun and fitness in the IFC- 
Panliel Iwjwling tournament . . . satisfaction 
in helping needy families at Christmas . . . 
Dean Stamp scholarship gi\ en to outstanding 
sophomore woman e\ery spring . . . success- 
ful "Campus Twist" put on by Jr. Panhel 
. . . co-sponsorship of Greek Week for the 
first time . . . aiuiual adoption of an oxer- 
seas orphan ... 


Cooperation — password for IFC this year 
. . . participation in Cancer Carnival helped 
to raise $5000 for research . . . IFC made 
$3500 fiom a near capacity audience to Ella 
Fitzgerald . . . new rush book for Frosh in- 
troduced, including a summary of each frat 
. . . thanks to this and Greek Assembly, dur- 
ing Orientation, rush reached a peak of suc- 
cess . . . the Duke and Coasters scored a real 
success at IFC Ball . . . entire IFC Council 
plus Dean Grey, Council Advisor, attend- 
ing National IFC Convention in Boston were 
rewarded by commendation of rush book and 
the Greek newspaper . . . other high points: 
intiamural program boosts smaller frats, 
and $1200 reserved in expanded scholarship 
program . . . the best year yet with insights 
into an even better futuie . . . 

FRATERNITY RUSH provides lines and more lines 
as men wait for name tags. 



treasurer; L. Granat, 2nd vice pres.; J. W. 
Kenney, president; J. Haas, 1st vice pres.; N. 
Thigpen, secretary. 

Starling, D. Sykes, R. Greer, B. Clark, C. Hook, I. 
Bell, J. Randolph, R. Leimann, L. Polt, D. Judy, W. 
Johnson, I. Gellman. Second Row: R. McNamara, F. 
Gale, B. Barry, B. Binch, treasurer; L. Granat, 2nd 
vice pres.; J. W. Kenney, president; J. Hans, 1st vice 

pres.; N. Thigpen, secretary; R. B. Schaftel, A. Rothen- 
berg, J. Reynolds. Last Row: J. Melvin, G. Freeland, 
B. Valente, J. Montedenico, D. Secor, W. Adkins, J. 
Wood, G. Harper, B. Hurwitz, M. Lewis, C. Hart, A. 
Libbv, B. Pettee. 





t If 1 



* f 




f f 



M «^ w 


k ^^^ W W ^^W >v f^^ 




\i '^ 


iKr ^Br '-i<^^^ S 

L m 



*a \ 

H.t^^ ^^^A ^^^1 

k. ^<i' i 

w w iwe m 

f M 

' w 


m ^ 



^^ ^ ^ '^ 




fm ^ 










% '\ 


1 i 




. ^M 

^?^T ^t f f 

ALPHA EPSILON Pl-Fwnt Row: N. Heilpern, 
R. Stern, L. Kahl, R. Sherman, secretary; H. Trattler, 
vice president; R. Rose, president; S. Milwit, J. Sus- 
nian, S. Tattar, R. Buren. Second Row: A. Horn, R. 
Blum, J. Persh, S. Davis, M. Bukzin, J. Steinberg, 
treasurer; H. Kohn, S. Milwit, S. Michaelis, B. Laser- 
son, M. Heimberg. Third Row: A. Stern, L. Weinberg, 

A. Brodsky, NL Gershon, A. Shapiro, S. Stuppler, E. 
Mendelson, C. Brenner, E. Cohen, S. Cohen, A. Mit- 
nick, D. Sabbath, A. Madresh. Last Row: M. Lessing, 
S. Shapiro, J. Rein, J. Suetlow, R. Sheer, M. Migdal, 
L. Rothman, R. Cohen, K. Jewler, N. Schwab, D. 
W'eitzmahy, R. Schlesinger, R. Keller. 

Alpha Epsilon Pi 

AND there will be room for one more. 

Chri.stmas time lirings hope.s of big move 
into new AEPi house for members . . . Num- 
ber 13 Frat Row . . . AEPi took first place 
in scholarship among fraternities . . . three 
men in Kalegethos and four in Honorary 
Engineering Society . . . Acti\e on the Hill 
. . . Mens League Representative, Inter- 
fraternity Rush Brochure Staff, and Fresh- 
man Legislature are a few of the activities 
of "Apes" . . . Turtle Derb\' sponsored by 
this house is a tradition of (neck Week . . . 
much sought-after tropin presented to win- 
ner of the event . . . social season includes 
parties on weekends . . . Spirits high as 
AEPi looks forward to the future . . . 

Who's that big "little" dog on campus? 
. . . Bozo, Jr., of course! . . . AGR's most 
loyal fan . . . first to initiate pajama party . . . 
second in the nation for chapter activities . . . 
sponsors of sorority milking contest . . . well- 
known for agriculture clubs and activities . . . 
campus-wise — membership in Kalegethos 
and ODK . . . president of campus political 
party . . . SGA Legislature . . . soccer team 
players . . . winners of scholarship trophy 
(2 out of 3 years) ... in the process of. re- 
modeling the house ... in short, the AGR's 
are really busy . . . 

WILL THE REAL Frank Lloyd Wright stand up? 


Alpha Gamma Rho 1 

ALPHA GAMMA RUO- Front Row: S. Powell, H. 
Hilleary, D. Smith, R. Dryden, W. Harlan, treasurer; 
G. Adkins, president; F. Padovano, vice president; 
K. Holland, secretary; T. Bowman, B. Hewitt. Second 
Row: R. Dougherty, L. Reeve, L. Ridgely, H. Cha- 

wonga, M. White, H. Gottwals, D. Davis, R. Diebold, 
J. King, H. Streaker. Last Row: W. Godwin, G. Bew- 
ley, C. Neels, G. Ijams, J. Zalar, J. Jenkins, D. Gar- 
rett, J. Doyle, .W. Thatcher, R. Secor, G. Bailey. 

m I 

ft f 

ALPHA TAU OMEGA- /->()» ^ Row: \\. WhittMu-r, 
H. McCaitIn, W. Hancock, C. Moiitalhaiio, treasurer; 
B. Pettee, president; W. Duckett, vice president; T. 
(".rilTin, secretary; T. Et/.ler, secret;ir\ ; P. Bowen, 
li. WlKmumh. Second Row: K. Mc("artliy, J. Stephens, 
E. Spencer, M. Wells, W . Samora, B. ()' Flaherty, R. 
Maunder, B. Smith, B. Lamb. Third Row: B. Dovvnes, 
J. Adams, P. Jung, D. Ott, C. DeFelice, C. Kitchin, 

T. LoN'd, ). X'anDiTwerker, H. Anderson, J. Harris. 
Fourth Row: R. Farrell, G. Adkins, ). Bohar, R. 
Chappell, B. Detwiler, .). Norris, D. Kelley, T. Chil- 
ders, I. Douatiu, D. Ott, S. Bossirt. Last Row: A. 
O'Neiii, C. Wasko, H. Brown,.!. PluinliotI, R. Phelps, 
R. Clingan, H. CiemberlinK, P. Toliin, S. Blunt. R. 
Harris, P. Och. 

Alpha Tau Omega 


COFFEE, TEA, or milk or ... ? 

Not a^ain! . . . yes, they're still on top . . . 
busy hoys . . . lots of results . . . The Atlantic 
Coast Conference found three ^ood wres- 
tlers . . . the\' still draw the crowds for track, 
lacrosse and hasehall . . . how about Student 
Government? . . . you bet! . . . and the Sr. 
(]lass Treasiucr too! . . . lots of trophies . . . 
Hillock, team sports and all sports . . . just 
an ole dirt\' shirt and a smile . . . it's the Tau 
Tramp party! . . . 

Charleston, Ball-and-the-Jack, Black- 
bottom . . . yeah! . . . that's the Delta Sig's at 
their Roaring Twenties party . . . wearing the 
Delta Sig pins are: two baseball managers, 
a varsity football player, and members of 
Kappa Kappa Psi (Band Honorary) . . . the 
Varsity Grill also helps to supply the Delta 
Sig's with outside campus activities . . . hop- 
ing to regain scholarship trophy . . . helping 
to carry out their theme of engineered leader- 
ship is Alumnus Shure, District Court Judge 
of Montgomery County . . . 

"LOOK, I saw her first!' 

Delta Sigma Phi 

DELTA SIGMA PHI- Front Row: A. Poffel, K. Kropi- 
nack, L. Munson, D. Mook, G. Avery, B. McCullough, 
R. Neuman, G. Morgan, J. Warhol. Second Row: C. 
Jones, D. Thompson, R. Norment, B. Hainiliar, E. 
Myer, H. Simon, E. Walker, T. Barry, S. Bass. Third 

Row: J. Giganti, A. Booth, W. Yarwood, R. Ziepolt, 
R. Halm, M. Kimack, G. Fiackos, R. Jones, J. Eppes, 
R. Witt. Last Row: ]. Crook, T. Dillon, K. Halter, W. 
Shinker, H. Taylor, N. Kraft, L. Bell, R. Schick. 

f 1 1 1 1 1 f f 

tTrtf If 

DELTA TAU DELTA- Fronf Row: R. Belcher, M. 
W'liitinoif, L. C'liza, K. Bass, vice president; T. Brown, 
president; G. Riuklick, treasurer; T. Brown, D. Fox, 
D. Keller, M. Starling, D. Laramore. Second Row: T. 
Arturi, D. Stine, J. Foskett, J. Blake, B. Ewing, B. 
Nicholson, T. Whitinore, L. \iaytield, T. Rollins, W. 
Farnandis, G. Webh, L. Klipp. Third Row: J. Welty, 
B. X'alente, F. Goriup, B. Purvis, J. Br\an, P. Engel, 

L. McCullough, C. Scurto, R. Horman, S. Hays, A. 
Biniasz. Fourth Row: M. Caulk, R. Yeager, G. Ewell, 
B. Brockman, E. Dasliiell, B. Pearson, J. Putman, J. 
Underwood, F. Anding, G. Peyton, R. Schultz, R. 
Hesson, J. Cole. Last Row: G. Higgins, A. Schuet- 
tinger, E. Naill, J. Treat, G. Tenley, R. LaGrone, W. 
Bixby, VV. Pierrel, 1. Giordano, T. Wilson, R. Fobes, 
B. Seibold. 

Delta Tau Delta 

AIVY MAN'S CODE — cooperation without discrimina- 


Munius . . . lais . . . palm trees s\va>' as 
the DTD's go Hawaiian at theii part\ 
... 70 active nienihers help make the DTD 
fratennty the largest national one in the 
U.S. . . . aeti\e in eampns lite . . . \'iee 
President and Treasurer of Men's League . . . 
Treasurer of the Sophomore Class . . . photog- 
rapher on Terrapin Stall . . . the DTD house 
presents "Sororitx ol the ^Car Award," 
largest trophy presented on the Mar>land 
eampus . . . scholarship is important to the 
1) id's who have members in ODK and Kale- 
gethos . . . the DTD's, though large in size, 
all uniti- in a hannonx ol ellort . . . 

Beta Kappa . . . Northern-most chapter 
of KA ranks high in "Southern Spirit." Banjos 
. . . spats . . . black faces . . . all traditions 
of KA's annual "Cotton-Pickers Minstrel" 
. . . forty-first consecutive year of its presenta- 
tion at Maryland . . . southern warmth lends 
itself to the annual Christmas Party for or- 
phans . . . KA spirit high in varsity sports 
. . . swimming, football, and lacrosse . . . 
members active in "M" Club . . . Diamond- 
back staff . . . National Business Fraternity 
. . . events of Social Season . . . Rose Dance 
. . . South Sea Island PtHty . . . Roman Toga 
Party . . . well-known on campus, KA's 
friendly spirit will always remain . . . 

WHAT'S in a dance? 

Kappa Alpha 

KAPPA ALPHA-Fronf Row: C. Mannix, B. Mon- 
cure, L. Heinze, H. Fairman, T. McGee, vice presi- 
dent; Mrs. Maholni, housemother; D. Sykes, presi- 
dent; F. Romeo, secretary; N. Heaton, treasurer; 
J. Seline, J. Rowe. Second Row: B. Hallett, R. Mantel, 
j. McClellan, R. Greer, B. Lavelle, F. Betz, W. Grif- 
fith, M. Simpson, J. Langton, D. Pond, K. Cooper, E. 
Kalajian. Third Row: P. Shepard, T. Heiser, L. Haly, 
B. Woods, P. Lassotovitch, J. Plummer, J. Albin, M. 

Sanders, M. McMahan, W. Hickey, F. Davis. Fourth 
Row: M. Maiorana, S. King, B. Mellen, C. Dorn, L. 
Burd, M. Lynch, B. Neely, S. Kisley, F. Black, M. 
Chahners, S. Reeves, A. Shoemaker, R. Disharoon. 
Last Row: R. BiHings, T. Lamond, O. Thomas, W. 
Schmidt, B. Suter, G. Traley, D. Rollings, N. Kauff- 
man, J. Ebrite, R. Roman, T. Smith, G. Smith, J. 
Smith, D. Aeming. 


f f 


t ■ 


t ' 

t t 





k % 








^ ^ 


# 1 






^. f 















" f 

- ". If '' " r If 

f f 1 1 t.l.l'f f 

? f iLit « * 


LAMBDA CHI ALPHA- Fron^ Roiv: W . Hooks, VV. 
Demas, P. Ostrowski, \\. Bfaii, J. Merkel, secretary; 
Mrs. Ma\o, liousemotlu'r; J. Clark, president; P. 
Ostrowski, vice president; R. Geyer, J. N'aruola, D. 
Fielding. Second Row: C. Sampson, M. Adair, H. 
'Iinney, M. .\Iatliews, D. Jolnison, D. Patterson, F. 
Halm, H. Sanders, N. Hoppelt, L. Miekle, D. Woody. 
rhircl Row: }. Win. C Flaiitt, j. Derr, R. Halenger, 

M. Costic, W . Meatle, D. Hoitnian, W. Tliomas, T. 
Hessenaner, \\ . \\ '()ltersl)erger, J. Conihs. Fourth 
Row: G. Moore, L. Zarfoss, j. N()l)le, J. Gra\es, j. 
Williamson, C White, R. Zinmierman, C. Deidrick, 
(]. Dombrowski, F. Cook, B. Tlianies, D. Manns. Last 
Row: P. Sitaras, T. \'erzi, J. Bnll, W. Alewine, T. 
Borziller, P. Holfnian, R. Rea, R. Jones, S. Bennett, 
T. jaeksoii, S. Kruslev, P. .\lenk, B. Nhirsiiall. 

Lambda Chi Alpha 

WATCH THE BIRDIE -and say cheese. 

What .secrets do tlic Lamlxla (Mii's keep 
heliiiul that "Green Door"? . . . inn loving 
brothers . . . xoealizinu harher-shoi) style 
their speciaitx . . . prool? . . . captured cov- 
eted F1arnion\ Hall troph\- again this year . . . 
hrothers actixi' in sports and campus actixi- 
ties . . . the Lanilxla Chi house boasts treas- 
urers ol Men's League and junior ilass . . . 
sparkling social season set oil i)> traditional 
Oriental C)rg\' and Bagdad Ball. 


Busy year for Phi Delts again . . . well- 
rounded boys in all major Terp activities . . . 
honors high here . . . president of Tau Beta 
Pi . . . Kalegethos . . . Kappa Kappa Psi . . . 
brothers active on both TERRAPIN and Dia- 
mondhack staffs . . . Phi Delts love sports 
. . . proof? . . . winners in swimming and 
track . . . runners-up in basketball . . . "gather 
'round ye brothers and sing" . . . favorite 
pastime when they are not not studying . . . 
second in Harmony Hall . . . convertible 
Serenades and the Civil War party have be- 
come traditions of the house. 

1^ -^ 

"CUT IT OUT, guys -that tickles!' 

Phi Delta The 

PHI DELTA THETA-Frottf Row. D. Montgomery, 
R. Eaton, P. Tucker, W. Beville, secretary; W. Craw- 
ford, vice president; C. Hart, president; B. Smith, 
treasurer; J. Talbott, S. Brown, \V. Roeper, B. Walter, 
B. Johnson. Second Row: C. Glaser, P. Brohawn, F. 
Edgerton, D. Thompson, T. Hranicka, C. Staut'fer, W. 
Smith, D. Dobosh, R. \'ermillion, G. Schoppert, J. 
Twining, T. Hummel, R. Morgan, E. Walder, I. Hahn. 
Third Row: L. Richardson, D. Hollis, W. Allen, J. 
Routenberg, J. Snyder, R. Baker, A. Libby, j. Gorely, 

R. Home, D. Bates, J. Humphrey, P. Nolan, J. Tragic, 
B. Royer. Fourth Rotv: D. Franyo, P. Clcmmitt, E. 
Brooks, M. Hegeler, D. Beadles, S. Brewer, J. Webb, 
M. Murdock, T. Childs, B. Smith, C. Webster, R. Gale, 
M. Snyder, D. Schroeder, P. Bouker, R. Potts. Last 
Row: T, Bond, R. Hamilton, B. Wood, L. Madden, 
P. Davis, J. Sanford, D. Conway, W. Eruight, B. Lewis, 
M. Conllev, H. Minetree, R. Reeves, R. McCullah, 
R. Lewis,']. Bland, S. Smith, W. Wood. 

?»??! t 

# t t 

it|f,f f_f f'lf Hr» 


1 1 f f f f f 


PHI KAPPA SIGMA -/'Vonf Row: B. Daiido, C;. 
llockiT, H. Kludzuwfit, treasuifr; H. Cerniak, secre- 
tary; J. Robinson, Mrs. Hendley, housemotlui; B. 
Barr\-, president; Skull\', niaseot; J. Fenton, vice presi- 
tlent; F. Johnson, C Mennin^er, J. Harlan. Second 
Row: B. Seahold, D. Buckler, K. Lawrence, H. X'oss- 
winkel, B. Hanna, D. Moore, D. Batten, W. Slitty, 

D. Lipinski, .S. Buppi'rt, F. .-Kstroth. Third Row: L. 
Dennis, T. Hood, R. Heck, W. BiUtholoniaN , J. Hicks, 
.\1. .Stefanowicz, F. Gale, D. Nardo, J. Clough, E. 
Orntlott, N. Kalcounos, R. Ki^ht. Last Row: ]. Pluni- 
mer, R. Roe, H. Wessel, C;. Wikander, (). R(«)ney, F. 
W'aidner, U. Li^e, D. W'arnei-, J. Martin, j. E\ans, 
L. Kaiss, G. Looinis, B. Sulli\an. 

Phi Kappa Sigma 

IT'S NOT for knowledge that we came to college. 


Athletes predomin;int at tliis house . . . 
brothers represented in e\ er> phase of eani- 
pus sports . . . take pride in All-Aniericans 
in soceer and lacrosse . . . honors high here 
. . . Phi Kappa Phi . . . Kalegethos . . . presi- 
dent of ODK . . . hard workers on TERRAPIN 
stiilf . . . editor of "Tlie CIreek" . . . Phi Kap's 
known soeialJN too . . . shipwri'ek party 
swinging success . . . Spring Formal . . . 
Christmas party and Dads' night round out 
the year . . . 

And the curtain falls on another year of 
Harmony Hall presented by Phi Kappa Tau 
Fraternity . . . weeks of practice and stiff 
competition make Harmony Hall one of the 
most colorful events of the year . . . Battle 
Axe Award . . . insult? . . . no, honor ... as 
the Phi Tau's present the outstanding house- 
mother with the award . . . other awards in- 
clude the Bronze Bucks given to the out- 
standing fraternity man . . . weekends bring 
parties . . . Undertaker's Ball, Greek and 
Roman Party, and Fiji Fling spotlight the 
year . . . 

HOLD IT- It's the only song I know! 

>> •'■SK'mc.'SSimwtmii^iSiims, 

Phi Kappa Tau 

PHI KAPPA TAV-Front Row: R. Frederick, B. 
Hoffman, A. Spencer, R. Hamilton, vice president; 
M. Jordan, president; N. Nasuti, treasurer; D. Rever, 

R. Nixdorf, W. Robinson. Last Row: J. Fieser, J. 
Paiper, J. DuBuque, R. Bankson, T. Johnson, J. Bode, 
H. Griffith, T. Oliva, T. Johnson, B. Oring, D. Nemier. 

I f t f^ I f^f t 

PHI SIGMA DELTA-Z-'ron^ Row: F. Hark'in, L. 
Ciiimat, H. Oiiiii^f, H. W ciiu-r, H. Levin, vice presi- 
dent; B. Hurwitz, president; L. Coffee, treasurer; 

B. Kaininsky, K. Fedder, secretary; D. Fradkin, B. 
Steinbach, S. Saldnian. Second Row: R. Krellen, M. 
Howard, P. Freidman, R. Katz, N. Mirne, J. Wien, 

C. Levi, S. Dohres, A. Westerman, M. Gefter, S. Jar- 
vis, M. Siegel. Third Row: E. Korth, S. Shevitz, N. 
Goldstein, S. Gordon, R. Feldnuui, S. Malinow, C. 

H()l)ins()n, M. Friedenberji, H. Rosen, D. CJoiild, N. 
Schulnian, H. Mendelson, S. Saidnian. Fourth Row: 
R. Epstein, K. Niefeld, L. Solomon, A. Aknian, R. 
Goldman, H. Litofsky, S. ()\enstein, S. Le\ine, S. 
Knoch, B. Kaye, L. Kessler, S. Bond, G. Bronstein, 

C. Berenholtz, J. Gopelaiid. Last Row: R. Landsman, 

D. Samuels, S. Lippeniiolz, R. Edla\itch, B. Siegel, 
R. Lenkin, M. Brooks, E. Ezrine, G. Fisher, L. 
Rosen, A. Weinberg, L. Polt, B. Beren, A. Eisenberg. 

Phi Sigma Delta 

.ii">»6giWBVvg ■?•'?■> •'^^mr'r : •jr^Z'Vjxrt^tj'^'i^'-ti^'a 

BUT what do von reailv think about Einstein's theory 
of Relativity? ' 

Chapter opens a new xolnnie in tlu'ir 
history when the\- nu)\e in 19(i2 to \o. 14 
Fraternity Row . . . memories ol the past on 
College A\'enne: beatniks . . . hi-fi sets . . . 
hlood chives . . . and hooks . . . and who could 
forget tlie Poison l\y part> and dessert 
uncK r tlie stars? . . . work on the Sophomore 
C'arni\al paid off in hni and pri/.(>s . . lots 
of laughs and loads of hui . . . and, undying 
fraternit> spirit . . . the hiture holds the key to 
volume two . . . 


House in middle of Row boasts show- 
case full of unstolen trophies . . . brothers 
very active in sports . . . "Fore" — the cry 
of the Phi Sig's as they won the intiamural 
golf championship . . . hold many offices on 
the Hill . . . vice president of Junior class 
. . . IFC treasurer . . . and IFC rush chair- 
man . . . it's not all work for these brothers 
as their Roaring Twenties and Hobo parties 
come around . . . sponsoring Sorority Woman 
of the Year award, the Phi Sig's are a well- 
rounded house . . . 

LET'S GET THIS show on the road. 

Phi Sigma Kappa 

PHI SIGMA KAPPA-Front Row: G. Buck, B. 
Bounds, R. Aaronson, L. Young, secretary; C. Hook, 
president; Mrs. Earle, housemother; M. Stevenson, 
vice president; C. Childs, treasurer; R. Shumate, 
J. Rever, P. Rever. Second Row: T. Clemons, E. Sch- 
wartz, L. Faber, A. Teel, J. Scancarella, R. Clow, 
J. SulHvan, C. DeKanter, N. Limar, E. Lee, VV. Car- 
hsle, H. Lins. Third Row: R. Rayne, R. Thacker, M. 

McMahon, P. Smith, T. Chapman, R. lannacone, W. 
McA'icker, M. Limdreau, S. Decroes, J. Farr, W. Ator, 
M. Miller. Fourth Row: ]. Williams, VV. Robertson, 
J. Tydings, R. Foskey, J. Duffey, E. Stark, F. Richter, 
J. McWilliams, J. Megby, D. A'Hern, J. Kirby. Last 
Row: D. Carpin, VV. Nichols, J. Faly, J. Plei.ste, D. 
Coder, E. Banks, G. Moentmann, ]. Smyles, N. VVasi- 
leski, D. Mellinger, C. Middledorf, T. Allder. 

PI KAPPA ALPHA— li. Kin^, \ict.- pif.siclfiit, L. l'"agaii, secre tar\ ; L. Pliallrr, prt-sidciit; W . (,'liii^aii, tix-as- 

^Tl '1 i'-^i*iiii»- 

Pi Kappa Alpha 

"FRATERNITY MEN seeking the "1)ettcr tliiii«s in life. 


"Hard Times" are here- uj^ain . . . as PKA's 
hold their annual lall theme part\ . . . famous 
alumni helping the PKA's in their role of re- 
organization are: Senators Sparkman and 
Morris and actor Fess Parker . . . Delta Psi 
chapter was chartered in 1952 . . . looking lor 
men willing to accept the challenge ol build- 
ing anew . . . joining (k'orge Washington 
chapter for their famous Shipwreck part\' and 
other acti\ ities . . . getting started in campus 
action . . . memhershij) in Arnold Air Society 
and Agricultural Student (Council . . . work- 
ing amhitiousK on leadership and scholar- 
ship . . . 

Big campus mystery solved . . . wander- 
ing SAE lion returns . . . the mighty SAE's are 
off to a roaring start again . . . hold many of- 
fices ... I PC president . . . presidents of 
freshman and sophomore classes . . . these 
brothers excel in sports . . . carrying the pig- 
skin this year . . . five top starters as well as 
Terp co-captain . . . brilliant social season 
highlighted by the Bar-Beta, the Spring For- 
mal, and the Christmas Program . . . 

"TAKE MY PLACE- I've got to go!' 


Sigma Alpha Epsilon ^ 

SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON-Fron^ Row: J. Sippel, 
J. Davidson, B. Coultas, J. Moiitedonieo, \ice presi- 
dent; J. Lauer, pre.sident; Mrs. Galbraith, lioiise- 
niother; F. Rapson, vice president; M. Stivaletti, 
secretary; C. Brown, secretary; C. Baldwin, treas- 
urer; D. Sullivan, R. Blase. Second Row: R. Bristow, 
P. Hodiak, treasurer; W. Kirchird, L. Poole, W. John- 
son, P. Ross, E. Stevens, M. Sherman, N. Roberts, 
J. Schmieler, D. Ward, J. Stafford, H. Decker, W. 
Martin. Third Row: C. Gray, E. Roberts, G. Burkhol- 
der, R. Becknian, R. Burkley, J. Domich, B. Carlson, 

S. Darrow, \'. Maisel, E. Teague, J. Loger, R. Strong, 
T. Gretz. Fourth Row: D. Roop, R. Robinson, H. 
Brierley, J. Kenney, R. Cole, M. Dorsey, W. Moriarity, 
P. Norris, W. Frazier, C. Wise, J. Griffin, R. Cone, 
J. Fennel, R. Scheid, A. Ahalt, W. Korab. Last Row: 
T. Haskell, C. Hart, E. Dougherty, T. Brown, R. 
Fleming, R. DeN'ane, D. Champion, R. Davis, F. 
Lafarle, E. Schneider, L. Goodwin, J. Logan, R. 
Nhers, W. Bartleson, D. Wirth, C. Husenian, W. 

» '» 

ft* f f t V "' 

' f f f f f.f 



f Mi'r'f-rtf 




SIGMA ALPHA MV-Fwnt Row: S. Kaulman, 1. 
Tituiiik, S. Kailiii, A. Lura.v, F. Bank, N. Helman, 
president; K. Waissnian, vice president; S. Neu- 
hauser, treasurer; L. Levin, secretary; E. Rosen- 
Kiirden, NL liluniherg, H. Wiener, A. Rehert. Second 
Row: D. Sclierr, H. Settler, S. Briekell, R. Kessler, 
S. Levin, J. Ballan, XL Rodman, XL Barrash, J. Gim- 
bel, C. Lott, A. Gillis, S. Siegel, L. Hunovice, E. 

Dworkin. Third Roic: M. Schlossnuin, B. Silher, S. 
Goldman, J. Epstein, J. Shugarman, A. Gladsden, R. 
Roml)ro, M. Caplan, D. Berlin, K. Michlovitz, H. 
Feldman, S. Coven, NL Kramer. Last Row: R. Ogdens, 
L. Miller, S. Lielitstralil, A. H()tlienl)erg, R. Orem- 
lano, R. Klein, D. Clleiman, F. Brown, NL Jacob, P. 
Markin, H. Miller, B. Halpert, \L Harmatz, R. Sachs, 
L Chor, M. Kaminetz, G. Goetz, S. Rogers. 

Sigma Alpha Mu 

"TO HELL with the lousy SAE's." 

Big goings-on behind SAM's l)lack door 
. . . members are outstanding both socially 
and athletically . . . politics is big business for 
the SAM's with President of Free State 
Party . . . active on the Hill with th(» (nlitor of 
the Old Line . . . Kalegethos . . . participation 
in sports includes . . . track . . . swinnning . . . 
away weekend held at ski lodge in Phila. 
higldights social season . . . snow . . . cold 
faces . . . fire places and loads oi Inn . . . 
Roaring Twenties adds sparkle to social sea- 
son . . . second place in Homecoming float 
helps wind up anotlui successful xcar lor 
the SAM's . . . 


Looking for leaders? . . . if so, contact the 
Sigma Chi's . . . ranking high-up on the Hill 
. . . president ot SGA . . . editor of Diamond- 
back . . . IFC secretary . . . Commander-in- 
Chief of R.O.T.C. . . . membership in ODK 
. . . Kalegethos ... I FC Court . . . outstand- 
ing alumni — Dean Eppley, Coach Bud Mil- 
lican, and Dr. Avery help Sigma Chi's cele- 
brate their 20th Anninversary . . . Sigma Chi's 
social calendar is climaxed by their annual 
Sweetheart Weekend . . . 

WHO'S GOT the Old Maid? 

Sigma Chi 

SIGMA CHI-Front Row: R. Carney, R. Smith, J 
Gemmill, J. Anderson, S. Johnson, treasurer; W 
White, president; N. Thigpen, vice president; J 
Sims, secretary; P. Schrirer, P. Wasmer, G. Lapes 
C. Harvin. Second Row: S. Hoyer, P. Prinz, D. Grimes 
L. Denson, B. Hoyle, A. Toth, N. Quarles, W. SuUi- 
van, R. Cangelosi, C. Mathews, F. Carabello, R. Wid- 
meyer, G. Adams. Third Row: ]. Ward, L. Gempp, 
J. Owens, W. Cox, R. Stramski,"R. Mills, T. Corbin, 

R. Don Bullian, D. Co.\, S. Mitchell, D. London, C. 
Cummings, J. Woods, R. McKelvy. Fourth Row: H. 
Cole, D. Rollin, P. King, L. Evans, J. MacDonald, J. 
Klair, D. Bowers, D. Wertz, R. Wheatley, M. Potter, 
E. Douglas, H. Switzer, W. Arnold, V. Baker, J. Boron. 
Last Row: K. Neil, J. Stewart, D. Doeller, J. Thomp- 
son, D. \'italone, R. Freunb, D. Burkhardt, N. Wilson, 
J. Mcintosh, E. Peters, J. Hamerski, C. Longley, S. 
Corddry, J. Rowell, J. Moss. 

f f fyt^f^f,!.! f f I 

SIGMA NU-FroHf Row: P. C;rav, J. Eavey, D. Doiie- 
^an, T. Tliomas, secrt'tary; D. Smith, treasurer; H. 
Hotlu'iibiirji, president; G. Harper, vice president; 
C. demons, H. Hains, M. Matinire. Last Row: i'. Zipp, 

K. Barto, D. Delavij^ne, |. Chandonnet, P. Benoit, 
R. McClearv, W. Duvall," \V. Barnes, W. Wood, R. 

Sigma Nu 

"ALL RIGHT, let's get organized, which one next?' 


Hey! Sigma Nu's . . . that was some hay- 
ride! ... a small group with big phins . . . 
busy in activities on the Hill . . . overall FOB 
treasurer . . . treasurer of (j\ il War (Hub . . . 
trainer tor lootball team . . . traek team mem- 
ber . . .mi'inbership in Kalegetlios . . . active 
in Free State partv . . . Pirates" Ball and White 
Bose Formal . . . diese activities spotlight an 
active social calendar . . . that's the Sigma 
Nu's . . . alwavs on the move . . . 

What's behind that red door and those 
red vests? . . . Sig Ep men maintain their 
annual tradition with the presentation of the 
"Hot as Hades party" . . . with a fiery trail 
they blaze through the year with their 
Heart Ball, French Cafe party and Winter 
Weekend . . . on the Hill, Sig Ep sparks the 
scene in IPC, Free State Party, and FOB . . . 
fire out of control as plans tor residence 
expansion seen in future . . . new customs 
here to stay ... a growing chapter with a 
growing future . . . 

"AH FAIR DAMSEL- sing me a song." 

Sigma Phi Epsilon ^M 

SIGMA PHI EPSILON -Fronf Row: D. Gorrell, 
E. Haley, R. Carroll, W. Bell, J. Taggart, J. Salvo, vice 
president; D. Judy, president; J. Dunbar, comptroller; 
D. Hardesty, secretary; G. Bell, R. Easmann, J. Harris. 
Second Row: D. Glyda, E. Jord;ui, A. Morris, R. Zach- 
idny, J. Anderson, VV. Butcher, E. Wheeler, J. Ham- 
mer, R. Goetz, S. DeGraw, L. Manarin. Third Row: P. 

Wright, S. Wittmann, J. Comstock, D. Cayelli, M. 
Wheatley, J. Koontz, R. Edwards, C. Holtzman, P. 
Bell, E. Whitehead, S. Graves, K. Co.xon. Last Row: 
J. Reynolds, O. James, J. Anderson, C. Orndorff, L. 
Repass, W. Sengstack, T. Murray, D. Holt, J. Kincaid, 
C. Gruhb, J. Leimanis, F. Shearer. 

1 ^. 



1 t 

1 f 


^ f f 

f t t f 


« % ml. 

* ff ^ 

t t , 








% f ? 

SIGMA PI- Front Row: A. Pavlatos, T. Scamiiicll, 
J. Al)at(), J. Williams, J. Ft'ckluini, prcsidfiit; H. 
B()>lf, socrc'tiin-; J. Kane, trc-asiiicr; CI. liuil^i, vice 
pifsidfiit; K. Lrilicli, P. M<,(!al)c, I., Coiiwa). Last 

Row: C. Watts, A. Lord, H. Nklntiif, H. Anderson, G. 
Malioii, j. Stricklaiul, K. liulli\ant, J. Owens, A. 
Tnniolo, D. (,'apron, C Hartle\, D. Manioii. 

Sigma Pi 

THE NATIVES are restless. 

From a small lioust- on kiiox Hd. to a large 
Iiouse on (College Axe? . . . Fall rush pro- 
gram saw many new Sigma Pi's ... it look.s 
as if the pledge- elass will add strength to 
already supported eampus aetixities . . . ae- 
tivities inelude student government, religi- 
ous organizations, and intramurals . . . and 
yes! . . . Sigma Pi's are eertaiuK soeially 
aetixe! . . . the calendar is dotted xxith 
parties . . . parties . . . the x car is elimaxed 
by the Orehid Ball . . . right nox\ xxc nnist ad- 
mit —"Progress is their most important pro- 
duet" . . . 


Football season again . . . pep, spirit, 
participation ... a helping hand horn the 
card section with TEP's Saul Rockman 
supervising . . . then the big game . . . Home- 
coming ... a swingin' occasion for a swingin' 
party . . . followed by a no less eventful bas- 
ketball season . . . fiaternity championship? 
. . . school championship? . . . yes, and don't 
forget the big Area Meet . . . spring . . . ber- 
mudas, baseball, formals, and . . . look out, 
here they come! ... all Eastern TEP chapters 
visit the U. of Md. . . . lots to look forward 
to . . . 

THE HUSTLER strikes again. 


Tau Epsilon Phi 

TAU EPSILON PHI- Front Row: B. Salganik, I. 
Feldnian, D. Sagal, J. Sidle, \ ice president; Mrs. 
Carroll, housemother; J. Forster, president; P. 
Epstein, R. Offin, M. Kreiss, S. Roekman. Second 
Row: L. Kaplan, M. Gershen, E. Goodman, S. Stadd, 
S. Walters, S. Gerber, C. Freeland, H. Diener, S. 
Savitz, H. Louis. Third Row: G. Landsman, J. Fore- 
man, L. Stolberg, H. Spector, M. Roseman, L Gell- 

man, \[. Scharf, R. Lipitz, W. Stone, L. Bennett, H. 
Friedman. Fourth Row: C. Ressin, E. Packer, R. 
Bloom, J. Burkom, J. Brecker, G. Inoff, B. Silver- 
man, P. Malcolm, E. Singer, R. Snyder, \l. Krongard. 
Last Row: N. Levy, N. Leventhal, R. Flax, P. Chait, 
F. Bonnett, J. Rubin, R. Kaplan, H. Hettleman, P. 
Scher, S. Kellman, J. Sabloft, S. Dubnoff. 

\mi ym» 

\ t f 

f t t f 

TAU KAPPA E PSILON -Fro/i/ Rou. W. Sral)()l(l, 
P. Milk'i', H. lA'imiimi, (". W'atlisnmtli, st'ci rtars ; J. 
Apostol, treasurer; W. Joliiison, pii'siclciit; (". Katklcs, 
\ice president; J. Parker, 1''. Kn'u/.l)uiK, \ . (lalclcr, 
H. Bowif. Second Rotv: P. Kalilcr, D. Brown, S. 
Sta^jls, K. Bullock, K. Ciroslioii, 11. Ercole, R. Clay, 
T. Pliipps, B. Conieau, B. Ahrll, J. Mftcalf. Third 
Row: W. Manii, E. Liitey, 1^. StaiilerberKer, Z. Bar- 
bour, C. Litchfield, J. Costello, C. Regnier, C. 

Slnaiula, 11. McC'artin, E. Scliu('i)el, j. .Stotknian. 
Fourth Row: \\ . .SpraKue, D. Fisher, J . Christensen, A. 
DiPietro, {;. .Morris, K. My\ill, W . Pt-tterolt, C Ley- 
die, \\'. Me(;ii\er\, L. Grapski, G. Elder, R. Cuni- 
niings. Last Row: B. Medle\', ]. X'erdecchis, W. Ed- 
wards, |. Hnnsiekei', (.". Brad\ , \\ . Tripp, W. Hough, 
R. Shathes', .S. Eiiades, \{. Williamson, G. Spieer, 
I. Edzwald'. 

Tau Kappa Epsilon 

TKE'S POLISH their hell lor the next Tern \ ietorv. 



there's that TKE 

vietory hell! . . . pre.sented h\ the B (k () 
railroad, the- hell i.s taken to all ioothall 
j!;ame.s . . . TKE ha.s helped out many olMar\- 
laud's varsity teams with real sportsmen . . . 
mustn't fbruet the hiuh oliiee ol Senior 
C'lass President . . . eharitx' work isn't oxer- 
looked . . . TKE and Amie Arundel ^i\e an 
annual .\mas Far(\ h)r underprivileged 
ehildren ... a \isit to a honn' lor the a.ued 
ineludes painting, reixiirinif, and landseap- 
in^ . . . what's hi-eome of Ralph? . . . she's 
still around s(>ekin^ knowledjj;e in e\ crx' elass 
she tan attend . . . social hi^hliuhts inelude 
a (Jamhiin.u and i^oarin^ Twenties Part\' . . . 


It's war! . . . with a tug at both ends . . . 
and Theta Chi's addition to the Greek Week 
frolics ... a new semester brings a new 
theme . . . scholarship plus Sobriety equals 
. . . success! ... on the international scene 
the Theta Chi's excel with their French party 
. . . chiffon, crepe paper, soft music . . . all 
for a Dream Girl ... if it's a debate you want 
try Paul Beatty, but for tlie listeners Julian 
Tepper leads with "Guys and Dolls" . . . 
shouts, cheers, excitement . . . they won! . . . 
taking the TEP Basketball Ghampionship . . . 
Shelley gives a bark of approval . . . many 
parties, many pledges . . . still with that 
Dean's List in mind . . . 


Theta Chi 

THETA CHI-Front Row: \V. Connell, E. Staples, 
P. Beatty, secretary; J. Bunyaii, vice president; M. 
Lewis, president; J. Merrill, treasnrer; G. Sutherland, 
J. Tepper, J. Klein. Second Row: T. Kleis, W. Bnrgan, 
H. Wilson, J. Haddaway, K. Sulli\'an, R. Hopkins, J. 
Tischinger, F. Silver, D. Richardson. Tliird Row: D. 
Detlef, D. Gibbs, P. Hayes, R. Fucetola, j. Clements, 

E. Barucli, D. Walker, J. Porter, |. Randolph. Fourth 
Row: G. Florence, T. Trott, D. Wilson, K. Hinkle, R. 
.Moore, J. E\ans, J. Culluin, F. Garrett, P. West, J. 
Sari, P. Mantegna. Last Row: L. George, T. O'Don- 
nell, D. Davies, B. Barnes, J. Manougian, K. Catter- 
ton, R. Turner, \'. Ferraris, y. Dew, ]. Zuhritskv, 
P. Zuhritskv. 

» t t"t -^ 


•l f ft 

T W 

* ^ t f 

fr ff 7 1 

t f- f -'' 



"^' '' y u I' }' 

f * 1 1' r I »' 
f f f t f f 

ZETA BETA TAV -Front Row: S. Shapiro, B. Anier- 
nick, F. Hurman, G. Bernian, S. Rolid, st'tretary; 
R. Flax, treasiirt-r; R. Scliaftel, prt'siclt-iit; S. Salup, 
vice president; R. Fox, S. Ahraiis, R. Pinkiu-r, ). 
Haas. Second Row: M. Gorevvitz, H. Brickt-ii, J. 
Shapiro, S. Malls, K. Kellar, F. Haik-, B. Fuller, L. 
Miller, D. Kirsoii, N. Barnett, B. David, H. (ireen- 
herj^, K. Rosenthal, R. Sachs, A. Steiner. Third Row: 
M. Leavey, L. Lendenbaum, H. Cardin, B. Silberg, 
R. Denenberg, L. Lewitt, J. Goffman, M. Kaliner, S. 


Frieman, S. Baum, C. Silbiger, L. Givner, D. Taback, 
J. Bernstein. Fourth Roiv: A. Fzrine, R. W'einblatt, 
A. W'einer, J. Feidstein, C;. Cioldstein, J. Xussbauin, 
|. Nelson, R. Altnian, A. Freidson, R. Sher, C. Askin, 
H. Glick, B. Gollier, H. Kaplan, M. Kirshner, D. 
Kemper, A. Kaplan. Last Row: M. Janoft, M. Mordes, 
D. Fleischniann, B. Pasareu', S. Oxerheck, S. Miller, 
P. Finkelstein, M. Lapides, S. Lanii), D. Sn\der, S. 
Kitl, S. Miller, D. Diamond, N. Rosenfeld. 

Zeta Beta Tau 



BE IT EVER so hnmble, there's no place like home. 

Go, Maryland, Go! . . . the ZBT turtles 
never fail to amuse the erowds at the inter- 
collegiate loothall ganie.s . . . nail-dri\ing 
Zebe.s came up with another first place 
Homecoming float . . . leaders abound in 
the great white mansion . . . \ice president 
of I FC . . . supreme justice of I FC (]ourt . . . 
chairman of SemOr Glass Presents . . . 
bridge and bikes? . . . yes, Zeta Beta Tau 
sponsors botli the bridge tournament and tlu' 
Greek Week l)ike race . . . \ariet\ is the key 
word when planning social e\ cuts . . . the 
ZlVl "s have e\er\'thing from an ice-skating 
to a Miami Beach party . . . 




^ ^^ <#v/rf^ 4^ ^ 


^ A 

— a: 



COMMUTERS CLUB-Fronf Rou;.- F. Santell, J. 
Birks, A. Difabio, J. Rossomondo, S. Riley, K. Chalfant, 
S. Eisenberg, N. Davis, C. Holland. Second Row: C. 
Taylor, M. Da\, F. Krauch, P. Dvviggins,\\'. Goodwin, 
L. Kissinger, J. Graff, B. Tate, C. Moeser, W. Prince, 

R. Forester, J. Suter, M. Holmes. Last Row: R. Mar- 
dres, A. Levine, J. Tvvitty, M. Priniar, S. VVolfson, 
Miss Marian Johnson, ad\isor, T. Tate, J. Ambler, R. 
Bortnick, M. Botkin. 

Commuters' Club 

Gra\', pari.; R. Pasnak, treas.; J. Scanlan, \'ice pres.; J. 
Mitchell, pres.; P. Garner, sec; R. Warner, Men's 
League rep.; L. Goldenberg, AW'S rep. Last i^ow: C. 
Schneider, C. Tranchitella, E. Gscheidle, Dean John- 
son, advisor; H. Henegar. 

"A .social .service club" giving commuters 
a chance to participate in campus acti\ ities 
. . . provides an opportunity for socializing 
through dances or activities every two weeks 
. . . boasts overall membership of approxi- 
mately 500 members . . . kickotf pledge night 
and dance introducing purpose of club drew 
o\ er 300 students . . . hayride to Great Falls 
will long be remembered by all . . . gala 
Thanksgixing party with contests and sca- 
\enger hunt . . . coed bowling and participa- 
tion in all intramural sports . . . touch of 
gaiety added to the holiday season by dec- 
orating the Student Union at annual Christ- 
mas parts' . . . traditional bantjuet with awards 
given to outstanding club members . . . week 
long campaigning before club elections . . . 
busy, activity-filled year climaxed with the 
annual Spring Formal . . . 


reception are: J. Gray, pari.; J. Mitchell, pres.; and 
Dean Johnson, advisor. 

before 300 new UCC members. 

COMMUTERS CLUB RECRUIT new members at the information desk 
during Freshman Orientation Week. 

MEMBERS GETTING READY for UCC's first party. 


freshments at an October reception in the lower 
dining hall. 

39 I 

'4 € Vf :^* 

THE EFFORT !)>■ the commuters illustrates that professors also have difficulty 
getting to class in the snow. 


Student Union. 

A HARD WEEK past, a trailer student hitches a ride with two commuters. 



commuters will soon enjoy the facilities offered by the new 

'the commuter parking problem the easy way. 








'BUT I was so late for class." 






Senior Associate Editor Fran Horwitz 

Pictures Sharon McNeil 

Copy Carol Steckman 

Layout Sheila Rosenzwog 

Index Donna Skoglund 

Drawing By James Forbes 


ABBOT, THOMAS G., JR. -Baltimore; History-Varsity Golf, Dorm Council; Civil 
War Club; Newman Club. ABEU, JOSEPH M. -Waldorf; Electrical Engineering. 
ABEU., WIUIAM FRANCIS, JR. -Chevy Chase; Accounting -TKE, pledge trainer; 
IFC, pub. comm.; Old Line Party, puP. comm.; Freshman Baseball; Accounting 
Club; Commuters Club. ABEU, WIUIAM ROBERT III -Baltimore; Chemistry -Amen 
can Chemical Society. 

ABERNATHY, JOHN EMMONS, JR.-Mt. Rainier; Electrical Engineering -I RE ABRAMS, 
ARNOU) G. — Baltimore; History— Dorm, v. p., treas., air raid warden, house rules 
comm. chm.; Free State Party; Hillel, treas., sgt.-at-arms; Vandenberg Guard; 
Student Food Service Council. ABRAMS, HENRIETT-Hyattsville; Elementary Educa- 
tion— Honors Convocation, Cert, of Distinguished Scholarship. ACQUA, FRANK 
DEU— Baltimore; Economics— Dorm, pres., v.p.. House Rules comm. 

ADAMS, DONAU) UE-Woshington, D.C.; History- Varsity Swimming Team. 
ADKINS, GEORGE WOODROW- Salisbury; Agriculture Education -AFP, pres; AZ, 
pres., v.p.; Collegiate 4-H Club; Collegiate FFA; Pershing Rifles; Kalegethos; 
OAK; FOB; Danforth Senior Fellowship. AIDER, WALTON WIUIAM -Princess 
Anne; History. ALDRIDGE, HUBERT G.- College Poric; Electrical Engineering -I RE. 

AUXANDER, liLAND G.-Ariington, Vo.; Mflitary Studies. AUEN, DONALD C- 
Hyattsville; Mechanical Engineering- SAM; ASME; Track Team; Baptist Student 
Union. AL1£N, ETHAN C. — Hyottsville; Economics — Economics Discussion Club. 
AUEN, JEAN ELIZABETH -Germontown; Food - Nutrition-AFA; Baptist Student 

ALLEN, THEODORE MURRAY -Neavitt; Civil Engineering- Intramurols. 
ALLEN, THOMAS G.-San Marino, Calif.; Psychology -ATA; "f-X; Weight- 
lifting Team; Frosh Track. ALLMON, GEORGE TRUETT, JR. — Sihrer Spring; Personnel — 
ATn. AMODEI, MARGO-Cr«w$ville; French- French Club 

^ -* « rT-,5- *S^\ 

*»>• (. 

:i» «■ 

AMOS, HIUEL J. -Baltimore; Civil Engineering-ASCE ANDERSON, JAMES 
D. JR. -College Porit; Mechanical Engineering— S.X, sec'y., pledge trainer; ASME. 
ANDERSON, JOHN FREDERIC - Ariington, Vo.; Military Science. ANDREHA, LYNN 
M. — Sihrer Spring; History — AF, v.p.; IIAS; Terrapin, ossoc. ed.. Terrapin Key; 
"Information Please," ed.; Elections Board, chm.; Who's Who Comm.; Finance 
Comm,; May Day, rep., comm. chm.; M-Book, ossoc. ed.; Dorm Council, sec'y. 

fT: ^ .Ci. 

APOSTOL, JOHN CUO- Annapolis; Accounting. APPLESTEIN, CAROL- Pikeville; 
Psychology— SAT, sec'y., pub. chm.; IIAS, hist.. Diamond; Diomondbac/t, fea- 
ture ed., news ed., columnist, managing ed., key; Ernie A. Coblentz Award; Frosh. 
Prom. pub. chm.; Terrapin; Student Activities Comm.; Old Line, ed. ass't. 
ARMSTRONG, ROBERT H. -Silver Spring; Commerce -<I>SK; <t>Hl: FOB, chm 
ASCHENBRENNER, HAROLD JOSEPH -College Porit; Psychology -Weight lifting Club; 
Dorm, treas. 


^ ^ o o 

ASHMAN, EDITH — Baltimore; Speech Therapy — iAT, treas., v p, pledge trainer; 
Diomondbach, Soph Prom Comm., lAH Hon. Hist., Diamond. ASRAEL, AARON 
ROBERT -Bohimore; Pre-Law-ZBT Hillel Intromurols ATKINS, PIERCE -Blodens- 
burg; Music- Bond, Orchestra, Dance Bond AnEBERRY, WIlllAM- Washington, 
D.C.; Educotion for Industry — Wesley Foundation 

AUS, EDWARD REYNOLDS - Baltimore; Accounting -Deon's List, Young Democ 
Club AUS, ROBERT M.- Baltimore; Educotion for Industry- SAM, Young Democ 
Club AUSTIN, SALLIE LOU -College Porfc; Home Economics. BABB, RICHARD M. - 
Norristown, Pa.; Commerce — SAM, international Club. 

BAGELMANN, HENRY A., JR.-Lonhom; Recreation - Recreotion Society, pres 
BAIUY, BESSIE LEE-Woshington, DC; English. BAILEY, CLARK A. -Princess Anne; 
Accounting- AS ri, treas BAIRD, ANN MARIE -Cheverly; Social Studies-Civil 

War Club, Newman Club. 

BAKER, BARBARA H.-Bethesdo; English -AP, Terrapin: WRA BAKER, ROGER 
ALAN -Sociology -(PAT, socio! chm , Sociology Club BALLINGER, BETTY A.- 
Physical Education- Women's Professional Club, WRA BANK, FRED- Baltimore; 
Sociology-AM, social chm., cult, chm,, stevi^ord; IFC Presents, reception comm,; 
Cord Section Comm. 

Cj fy} C^ fl^ 

lu ..^ '-^ ^■'• 

BARBEE, JOYCE ANNE - Hyattsville; Accounting- <l>.\<t), treas ; WMUC; Accounting 
Club BARGTEIL, MICHAEL EMMANUEL- Adelphi; Public Relotions-.^EII, treas,, 
hist,, lib , 1A.\, treas., Diomondfaoclc, Hillel, Vandenberg Guard, Student Public 
Relations Society BARINEAU, PAM PLUMLEY-Shreveport, Louisiono; Sociology - 
nB<t>, Angel Flight; Vandenberg Guard "Angel", Homecoming Court BARKER, 
FRANK A., JR. -Hollywood, Florida; Military Affairs. 

BARRACLOUGH, DONALD F.-Alexondrio; History BARREH, WILLIAM E -Baltimore; 
Education for Industry. BARRY, ROBERT C. -Attomonf, NY.; Economics -'I>Ki., 
pres., OAK, pres.; Kologethos, <l>Ka', IFC, boat ride chm,. Dean's List, Men's 
League, sec'y., ossoc. court justice, leadership banquet chm ; SAM; Soph Carnival 
Comm,. Pol, Science Club; Economics Discussion Club; Honors Certificate, Stu- 
dent Placement Library Comm, chm BARSALLO, ORLANDO A. -Remedios, Chir- 
iqui, Ponomo; Zoology — Newman Club, Internotionol Club; Spanish Club 

BARTHOLOMEW, GORDON W.-Both, Po.; Physical Educotion- Wrestling Team; 
M Club. Modern Dance Club BARTHOLOMAY, WILLIAM PETER III - Boltimore; Zool- 
ogy- "PKi; Dorm, football, basketball, softball teams. Soph Carnival, Job 
Placement Library BARTLISON, JANE L. - Elementory Educotion- KA, treas 
Diamond, Diamondbock, Old l,r\e. Frosh Prom Comm , Intromurols. BARTO, 
ROBERT t., JR. -Adelphi; Civil Engineering -i\, trees, secy, Rifle Team; M Club; 


BASIL, RONALD WILLIAM - Education for Industry- Newman Club. BASS, STANLEY 
KIRTLAND — Westfield, N.J.; Transportof Ion — AT A, v.p, sec'y., pledge trainer, 
ANA, freas., Pershing Rifles, Intromurais, Propeller Club. BATES, CHARLES C.- 
Kensington; Mechanical Engineering — ASME BATES, DONALD D. — Baltimore; Educa- 
tion for Industry- riAT, Terrapin, photographer, SAM. 

BAUM, MARSHA GAIL — Baltimore; Social Sciences — AAA; Dorm, Judicial Board 
rep BAUMGARDNER, MARY MARGARH - Westminster; Home Ec. Education. BAUR, 
JOHN W. — Baltimore; General Agriculture — AZ, Membership chm., FFA; Agronomy 
Club, Dorm Comm BAVIS, JUDITH JANE - Annapolis; Clothing & Textiles. 

BAXTER, UURA JENNEHE-Bethesdo; Elementary Educotion- Angel Flight. BEAU, 
CHARUS L. - Joppo; Electricol Engineering. BEALL, THOMAS M. - Silver Spring; Gov- 
ernment & Politics -AXn. BEAN, ANN M.-EllicoH City; Physical Educotion -Cheer 

leader; WRA, sec'y.; Dorm, sec'y. 

BEARCE, NEIL ROBERT -Foxboro, Mass.; English -Vondenberg Guard; Pershing 
Rifles; Regimental Staff; Arnold Air Society. BECKER, BERNARD J.-Chillum; 
History- Newman Club BECKER, JANE UNGWITH-Bethesdo; History-AP, secy; 
Chinese Club; Soph Carnival, sorority chm. BEECHENER, GEORGE W., JR.; Science 

Education— Dorm, house manager; Intromurais. 

BEEKMAN, GERALD R.-Cconto, Wise.; Military Science. BEER, BEVERLY L.-West 
Hyottsville; English. BEGGS, CHARKI WESLEY - Cambridge; Electrical Engineering - 
IRE; AIEE BEHRMAN, PAUL CHRISTIAN, JR. - Baltimore; Psychology- Psychology 

BENKERT, MICHAEL J.-Cotonsville; Air Transportation -TKE, v.p., music chm.; 
ASri; Sr. Class Men's League Rep.; Intramurols; Homecoming Comm., treas.; 
Sr. Class Presents, treas.; Old Line Party; Dorm, treas., social chm.; Flying Club. 
BENNETT, WALTER H.-Allentown, Pa.; Economics- ASH, v p; Economics Discus 
sion Club, pres. BENSEL, CAROLYN RUTH - Boltimore; Botany- Dorm, v.p.; Judicial 
Board chm, fire morshall BENSON, JAMES S.-Upperco; Civil Engineering- AFP, 
reporter, social chm.; IFC, Jazz Concert chm.; Cancer Carnival chm.; IFC Presents 
orrongements chm.; Kolegethos; Sr. Class Legislature; Old Line Party, rep.; ASCE; 
FOB; Soph. Carnival. 

BERMAN, GEOFFREY M. - Baltimore; Zoology- ZBT; Intromurais BEVIUE, ROSS 
HARWOOD, JR.-Bethesdo; Mechanical Engineering-* AT, sec'y, sch. chm.; (tHS; 
TBn, pres,; Soph. Mechanical Engineering Award; OAK; OKO; IITS; Terrapin, 
Circulation Mgr., Bus, Mgr,; Chemistry Book Award, FOB; EICC, chm.. Who's 
Who BICHELL, ELAINE R.- Washington, D.C.; Textiles & Clothing-SK, chaplain; 
Intramurols, Home Economics Club, Wesley Foundation. BILLER, SHIRL£Y — Balti- 
more; Sociology — Terropin, Psychology Club; Dorm, exec, council. Homecoming 





^ .(T. ^, 




BINKlfY, FLORENCE AlETHEA - Hogerstown; Sponish- Spanish Club, Chapel Choir 
BISHOP, ROBERT B., JR. -College Parte; Electricol Engineering -<t>I^T, OAK IRE 

AIEE; WMUC, chief engineer, Mr, & Mrs. Club, pres.. Men's Leogue Independent 
Rep , Dorm Council, pres., Amoteur Rodio Association, trustee. BISPHAM, MARY 
JO-Ariington, Va.; English Educotion-H'X. SNEA, D/omondbock, Student Coun 
selor Bimi, BERNARD H.- Education for Industry - SAM; intromurols 

BIVEN, RONALD. BLACK, ERNEST W.- Moses Lake, Wash.; Military Science BLOOM, 
Hyottsville; Military Studies. 

BLOOMGARDEN, BARCLAY H., JR.-Chestertown; General Business -SAM Persh 
mg Rifles, Ski Club, Accounting Club; Economics Club, BLUMBERG, MORTON 
BARRY - Baltimore; History — i,-\M, Dorm, treas.; Junior Prom, ticket chm.; Ski 
Club BLUMBERG, NORMAN JOSEPH - Silver Spring; Chemicol Engineering -.'VXl, 
Varsity Basketball, monoger. Flying Club. BOARD, MICHAEL EDWARD - Baltimore; 
Music Education- KK'J', v.p.; <1>.\1.\; Bond, pres., drum major, v. p., Pep Band, 
student director, Convior Award; Flying Follies; Arnold Air Society; Newman Club; 
Football Shows Comm., chm.; Scabbard and Blade, OOK, Who's Who. 

BOCHLfT, CHARlfS J., JR. - Hyottsville; Mariceting. BODE, BARBARA FRANCES- 
University Pari; Foreign Areas-German — Transferred from Munich Branch. 
BOICE, ALLIE LEE-Hall; Childhood Education— kKP, registrar, osst pledge trainer; 
Chapel Choir, Flying Follies, Bridal Fair BOUN, PHILIP A. - Washington, D.C.; 
Physical Education — <1>,\E, pres. 

BOND, DAVID MALCOLM - Bethesdo; Accounting- B,\1'; SAM BORCHELT, BEN J, - 
College Pari; Journalism — 5.A.\, Chapel Choir, Diamondback, sports ed,; Olympic 
Barbell Club, Mens Glee Club BOROR, JEROME J. -Detroit, Mich.; Education for 
Industry-iX, SAM; WMUC BOSWELL, BENJAMIN WYAH, JR. - Baltimore; Eco- 
nomics— Frosh. Soccer; Varsity Soccer, Frosh Baseball; SAM, Newman Club 

O ^ f"| f? 

BOTTNER, MARY THERESA - Dovidsonville; Textiles & Clothing -Dorm, exec council, 
hall pres , ludiciol board; Campus Judicial Board, sec'y , May Day Rep Newman 
Club, 4H Club. Home Economics Club BOULDIN, BILLY D. — Lourel; Military Science. 
BOVELSKY, BERNARD JOSEPH - Baltimore; Civil Engineering- ASCE, Dorm Activities 
BOWEN, PAUL, JR.-Sevenw Parit; Sociology-.\ 1 li, rush chm, OAK, Scabbard 
& Blode, pres , Kolegethos, Who's Who, Who's Who Comm , chm ; Jr. Class Legis- 
lature; Sr Class, treas , Varsity Lacrosse, 

BOYER, NANCY LUDORA - Baltimore; Home Economics Educotion-Dorm, exec coun 
cil, ludiciol board, hist , bulletin board chm , counselor Home Economics Club; 
AWS Orphan's Party BRADLEY, JAMES R, - Mordela Springs; General- House Rules 
Comm BRADSHAW, RICHARD KENRICK-Rockville; Industrial Administrotion, 
BRADY, CAREY RUSSEU- Laurel; Tronsportation - r k I ; A\IA Newman Club 



BRADY, EDWARD A. - Riverdale; Mechanical Engineering. BRASHEARS, SIDNEY S.- 
Laurel; Physics -Physics Majors Club. BRATFISCH, CARL E. - NewaHc, Ohio; Militory 
Science. BREAKALL, PHYLLIS L-Hancock; Business Educotion- Newman Club. 

BREEN, PATRICIA MAY - Bethesda; Elementory Educotion- Newman Club, Com 
mufers Club; Dorm, Dining Hall rep. BRIGHT, JEAN ANN -Silver Spring; English. 
BRILL, CELIA E.-Silver Spring; Art Education - TAX, Old Line: Spanish Club, secy., 
AWS, pub. comm.. Pep Club. BRISKER, LISA-Woshington, O.C; Elementory Educa- 
tion -A<1>E; Terrop/n, sect, ed.; Women's Chorus, pres., v,p. 


BROADRUP, ROBERT EASTERDAY - Frederick; Zoology- House Rules Comm, chm , 

Scholarship Comm. BROWN, GERALDINE H. — Bladensburg; French — Dorm, exec 
council, judicial board, social chm., Newman Club,- French Club, Munich Terra- 
pin: Glee Club. BROWN, JOHN M. - Baltimore; Physics- Chapel Choir BROWN, 
LAVERNE — Hogerstown; Spanish— KA, house pres.; SAIl; Sorority Council; Aqua- 
liners; Red Cross Hostess. 

BROWN, NANCY ANN-Coloro; Government & Politics-HSA; Political Science 
Club, pres., treos., sec'y.; Young Democrats; Student Union Comm. BROWN, 
ROBERT — Beltsviile; Chemistry — Student Affiliate-American Chemical Society. 
BROWN, RONALD LEE - Fairfield, Po.; Sociology - ATO; rush chm; FOB, tour 
leader; Frosh. Mixer Chm.; Sociology Club; Intramurals. BROWNING, PERRY W. 
Ill-Hyattsville; Education for Industry -OX; SAM 

BRUSH, CLAUDIA ANNE-Sevemo Pari(; Textiles & Clothing -KAO, treos, v p, 
pledge trainer; Angel Flight, pledge class pres.; Acquoliners; FOB; Home Ec. 
Club, pres., treas.; Student Faculty Council; Home Ec. Career Forum, co-chm. 
BRYANT, ALICE J. -Bethesda; American Civilization- AAA, house pres ; Angel 
Flight; Drill Teom; University Theatre; Jr. Prom. Comm. BUBECK, ELLEN - Hyatts- 
ville; History- AAA; AftA; riA©; Jr. Prom Chm.; Soph. Carnival Chm.; Uni- 
versity Theatre; Student Union Board Chm.; Elections Board; Placement Comm.; 
AXA Crescent Girl. BUCHANAN, SUSAN - Boltimore; German -S^E, pledge queen; 
Judicial Board, pres.; German Club; Bridge Club; International Club; Spanish 

BUCHER, ROSE MARY-Tokomo Pari(; Elementary Education. BUCKEL, JUDITH A- 
Bittinger; Home Economics Education — Collegiate 4-H Club, sec'y., pres.; Home 
Ec. Club; Lutheran Student Association; Chapel Choir; Dorm, judicial board chm.; 
Campus Judiciol Board; Ag. Council, sec'y.; SNEA. BUDD, ROBERT W. - Greenbelt; 
Transportation -ASH; ANA, pres.; Propeller Club BUFFUM, CHARLES, JR.- 
Bladensburg; Journalism — Diamondbock; Terrapin, sect, ed.; Commuters Club; 
Publications Photographer; NCO Academy, outstanding cadet. 

BULL, UWRENCE VINTON - Edgewater; Industrial Education -<t>M A; IAEA; SNEA; 
Marching Band; Dance Bond. BURBUL, EDWARD J. -Kearney, N.J.; Psychology- 
Dorm, v.p.; Tennis; Newman Club. BURDETTE, COURTNEY BOWMAN, JR.-Wood- 
bine Agriculturol Educotion- FFA; Collegiate Reporter BUREN, RONALD- Jersey 
City, N.J.; Accounting — AEII; SAM; Accounting Club. 




1^ ^ '*T r% 

^nt ^^^^ ^^i' ^^r- 


^. (^ o o ' 

r^ f^ P £ 

r^ r% (^ r 

BURGER, JOHN L. - Middletown; Education for Industry -Dorm, v p, pres , Intra 
murols SAM BURGER, JUDITH ANNTOINmE - Towson; Social Studies Educotion- 

Dorm, pres., treos , fire marshal, big sister, Dorm Council, lAWS Delegate, Intro 
murals, Westminster Fellowship BURKE, ALFRED JOSEPH, JR. - Baltimore; Account- 
ing. BURKE, GEORGE J. -College Poric; Electrical Engineering- IRE 

BURKHALTER, JOSEPH T- Silver Spring; Civil Engineering -ASCE BURMAN, FREDRIC 
HOWARD — Baltimore; History- ZB'!', rush chm , social chm , pledge trainer, 
Kolegethos, Fresh, Soccer Team, Frosh, Locrosse Team, Homecoming Donee 
Chm.; IFC Presents Comm., Sr. Prom Comm.; Soph. Carnival BURNIKAS, ALFRED 
A. -West Hyansville; Military Science- Flying; Judo BURNEHE, MclUTHER- 
Beoumont, Texas; Military Science. 

BURNS, HUGH P., JR.-Mt. Roinier; Public Relations -£ AX; Newman Club; Vanden 
berg Guard; Advance ROTC BURR, EDGAR STOUFFER-Bethesdo; Mechanical En- 
gineering- ASME BUSHER, LEO F., JR. -Silver Spring; Personnel. BUTCHER, WIL- 
LIAM E. - Ft. Belvoir, Vo.; Military Science. 


BYRD, CAROL CHRYSTINE- Chevy Chase; Elementory Education -.\.\n, mystogogue 
chm; FOB; French Club; SNEA; Home Economics Club BYRD, JOHN W.-Sevemo 
Porlc; Accounting-Accounting Club CALDER, LUCY MARGARET -Cotonsville; Recrea- 
tion— AI"; WRA, Wesley Foundation, Sociology Club, Maryland Recreation So- 
ciety CALDER, VICTOR ANTHONY - Capitol Heights; Accounting- TKE; Frosh Bose 
boll; Intramurols; Newman Club; Accounting Club. 

CALITIS, JURIS -Bladensburg; Philosophy -Glee Club, v.p CALL, CLAIR R. -Aurora, 
Colif.; Military Science. CALLAGHAN, JERRY TED-Posodeno, Calif.; Aeroiuuticol 
Engineering- IAS CAMAROTE, CHARLES J.-Bridgeton, N.J.; Accounting- Young 

Democrats Club, Accounting Club. 

CAMERON, WILLIAM F. - Hyottsville; Music Education -Chapel Choir Prot Service 
Choir Director; Music Educators National Conf.; Flying Follies, University Theatre; 
SNEA, Opera "Madam Butterfly"; Symphonic Bond, soloist CAMHY, MARSHA- 
Boltimore; Elementory Educotion-4>}il, secy, sch chm, Panhellenic Council, 
2nd vp. Bridal Fair CAMPBELL, JUDITH ANNE - Hogerstown; English -Oiomond- 
bock, Newman Club, University Theatre, Big Sister, Old Line Party, Platform 
Comm CANNON, MARY JEANNE -Bethesdo; English -Newman Club, Dorm. 


CAPONITI, JOHN, JR. -Washington, DC; Financial Administration -Dean's List; 
Newman Club CAPRON, DONALD L-Bethesdo; Psychology - i. II Newman Club 
Young Repubhcians Club, Calvert Debate CARBAUGH, DONOVAN C- Clear 
Spring; Chemical Engineering — <i> 11}:^, IHII, AICE, vp, scholarship award David 
Berman Memorial Awnrd, American Chemical Society CARHART, MARY GAM- 
BRILL- University Park; History -.\AII, sec'y , treos, Diamond, Panhellenic 
Council, 2nd v p. FOB, Student Union Board. 



CARICO, ROBERT B. — Baltimore; Accounting- HA*, Dean's List, Accounting Club. 
CARNEY, ROBERT MICHAEL -Baltimore; Psychology -S.\, Frosh Lacrosse Team. 
CARPENTER, SANDRA H.- Kensington; Childhood Educotion- Women's ChoruS; 
Wesley Foundation CARR, PATTERSON — Bombay, India; French Area — AAA; 

AAA; Modern Dance Club, Concert; Newman Club; French Club; "Children's 
Hour," leading role; Flying Follies. 

CARR, PAUL D. — Boltimore; Recreation — Maryland Recreation Society; National 
Recreation Society. CARRICK, JACQUELINE -Baltimore; History- Mortar Board; 
AAA, v.p,; Dorm, academic chm., v.p., pres.; United Nations Club, pres.; Out- 
standing Independent Sophomore Women Award; May Day, script chm.; AWS, 
cultural comm chm CARROLL, LEROY WHITLOCK- Baltimore; Philosophy. CARTER, 
PATRICIA LU — Bethesdo; Recreation — .ATA, corr. sec'y., rec, sec'y., house pres., 
v.p.; AWS, Orphans party, Canterbury Association, v.p., pres.; Recreation So- 
ciety, sec'y.; Professional Club, WRA, rep., interest groups. 

CASE, WILLIAM N.-Artington, D.C.; Military Science. CASTINE, UWRENCE S.- 
Baltimore; Psychology- Psychology Club, trees CECCARELLI, RONALD V.-West 
Hyattsvllle; Electrical Engineering -HKN; IRE AIEE CECCHINI, LEO FRANCIS, JR.- 
Oxon Hill; Foreign Service & Economics — TO U; Newman Club, treas. 

f^M F^^ %*^ 

C? f^ Tj 

CECIL, ALFRED W. - Baltimore; Civil Engineering -Weight lifting. CHAMBERLIN, 
ROSALIE MILBOURNE — Kingston; Elementary Educotion — Dorm, fire It ; Intramurals; 

Women's Chorus, treas.; Canterbury Association. CHAMBERS, LUCY DIANA- 
Salisbury; Chemistry — .'\ All, sec'y., sch. chm., standards chm., chaplain; AAA; 
University Theatre; Chapel Choir; Women's ChoruS; Christian Science Org., 
pres , American Chemical Society CHAMPION, DANIEL FLORY - Pleasontville, N.J.; 
Agronomy — 2AE; Agronomy Club; Terrapin. 

CHAPLIN, J. RICHARD -Salem, N.J.; Accounting-Accounting Club CHAPMAN, 
TERRY HUGHES -Takomo Park; Sociology - <t)S K, pledge master, Interfraternity 
Golf & Softball. CHANG, CHEN PAO-College Pari<; Accounting-Accounting Club. 
CHERINGAS, VICTORIA -Silver Spring; English. 

9 P^f^ Q 


CHERNOW, MARCIA BERLIN -Silver Spring; Childhood Education -(I>SS; Dean's List; 
Parent's Day Comm CHERRY, CHARLES, JR.-W. Hyattsvllle; Psychology. CHIIDERS, 

THOMAS AILEN-College Porit; English- Dean's List; Student Union Poster Serv- 
ice CHIIDS, THOMAS LEE - Boltimore; Mechanical Engineering -<I>A6; Terrapin, 
sect, ed., ossoc. ed.; Intramurals; Dorm, officer. 

~- .^ 

-l" • V 

Rainier; Accounting — Newman Club CICHETTI, DANIEL J. — Baltimore; Mechanicol 
Engineering -ASME CISSEL, W. UMBERT- Woodbine; Agronomy- Rifle Team 

Q, o Q r^ 


ClABAUGH, JOANNE - Bethesda; English - Dorm, v p , pres CUFFY, ROBERT MICHAEL 
-Silver Spring; Electrical Engineering -Newman Club AIEE IRE CLARK, JACK M., 
JR. -College Parit; Physicol Education. CURKSON, PAUL STEPHEN, JR. - Boltimore; 

Philosophy — Mens Glee Club, Bridge Club 

CLAY, LILLIAN H. - Hyattsville; Sociology- A( )ll Psychology Club, secy. Terra- 
pin: Sociology Club CLAYTON, PAMELA JANE-Hatboro, Pa.; English -AP, pres., 
rush chm., sch. chm.. Mortar Board, trees,, Diamond, IIAK, Medol of Merit; 
Terrapin, Sect, ed., co-ed.-inchief, Foculty Senate Pub. Comm., Diamondback, 
copy ed ; Finance Comm, Frosh Prom, co-chm.. Soph. Prom; Bridal Fair; AWS, 
publications comm chm , Homecoming Comm,; Assoc. Col, Press Conv. Del. 
CLEAVER, JOE M. — Hyattsville; Economics — Economics Discussion Club, v.p 
CLEMONS, OLIVER W., JR. -Boltimore; Civil Engineering -ASCE; SAME; Newman 

CLIFTON, FRANK RAYMOND - Baltimore; Mechanical Engineering -ASME, Dorm, 
social chm CLOW, JOHN LIONEL-Hovre DeGroce; Transportation- A\ A, 2nd v p; 
Dorm, pres,. Marching Band; Intromurols COBEY, JULIA ANNE -University Park; 
History- AAA, v p.. Mortar Board, sec'y,; <l>.\("); Cheerleader; Terrapin, ossoc. 
ed.; WRA, handbook ed.; M Book; Sr. Prom, co-chm., Bridal Fair, co-chm,; SGA 
Cultural Comm.; Campus Chest, assist, chm., sec'y.; Who's Who Comm,; Moye 
Doye, invitations chm,, FOB; Jr, Prom , comm. chm.; Soph, Carnivol, comm, chm,; 
Homecoming, comm, chm,, Daydodger Big Sister. COCHRAN, ALICE -Bethesda; 
Elementory Education- AT, Angel Flight; Canterbury Club 

COCHRAN, CLAIRE JANE-Silver Spring; Childhood Education- r<l)B; SNEA, Day 
dodger Big Sister CODER, DAVID WILLIAM - Hyattsville; Mechonicol Engineering - 
<l>i:K, <t)HS, pres , THIl, sec'y ; IITi, treas , ASME; Chess Club; Wesley Founda 
fion COFFIN, JOHN L- Washington, D.C.; Industrial Relations -<t)K I; SAM, v p, 
conf chm , public relations newsletter ed , American Management Association 
Student Coordinator COHEN, ARTHUR-Chevy Chase; Psychology- AEFI; SGA 
Legislature, Elections Board, FOB, Biology Club 

COHEN, DONALD WARREN - Baltimore; Pre-Vet-^^.X; Dorm, treas ; Psychology 
Club, Veterinary Club; Food Services Comm, Intromurols COHEN, FRED S, - 
Baltimore; History- Sports Car Club COHEN, ORA RICHARD -Adelphi; Zoology. 
COLB, NANCIJOY- Silver Spring; Sociology. 

V '- 


d, CS f^ |F 

COLEMAN, VIRGINIA ANNE-Silver Spring; Elementory Education- r<t>li, sch chm , 

membership chm , Maye Daye Jr Class Legislature Terrapin FOB AWS, news 
letter ed , big sister, Apple Blossom Princess CONE, CARIN ALICE -Ridgewood, 
N.J.; Elementary Education- Al', v p Chapel Choir CONKLIN, THOMAS H,-Spring- 
ville Rd,, N.J,; Electrical Engineering— 1 HI I IIK\ Western Electric Scholarship. 
CONNELLY, WILLIAM AUXANOER- Silver Spring; Insurance & Real Estate. 

CONNOR, GEORGE BRADY -Psychology CONWAY, DANIEL E.-Bethesdo; History - 
<I>AH COOK, LINDA FAYE-Silver Spring; English- KKl sch chm Cheerleader, 
caploin. Pep Club; Old Line Porty, rep COOK, PETER A. -Silver Spring; History- 
TKK; Intromurols, 



COOPER, tUINE- Elementary Education- FSS; Dorm Activities. COOPER, JOSEPH 
A. -Lexington Park; Electrical Engineering. COOPER, WILLIAM HARRISON, JR.- 
Eden; Marketing — <I>A0; Dorm, pres., SAM, Sports Car Club, Marketing Club; 
Intramurals COPPER, BERNARD FRANKLIN -Washington, D.C.; General -Varsity 


CORBIN, BRUCE ROBINSON -Towson; Physical Educotion-Frosh Football, Soccer, 
Frosh Baseball; Varsity Baseball; M Club. COUGHENOUR, CLYDE l.-Greenbelt; 
Mechanical Engineering. COUNCILMAN, LAURETTA, ELAINE -Baldwin; History - 
Women's Ctiorus; "Madame Butterfly." COWGILL, SHIRLEY ANN -Preston; English 
Education — AAA; Dorm, sec'y., v. p., pres. 

COX, MYRON EDWARD-Glen Burnie; Spanish Education -WMUC; Spanish Club; 
Flying Club COX, WILLIAM FRANCIS, JR.-Mayo; Education for Industry- Marching 

Band; Dance Band; SAM; Advanced ROTC; Pershing Rifles. COX, WILLIAM L.- 
Bel Air; Music Education — 11 MA; Bond; Dance Band; Lutheran Student Associa- 
tion; Weight-lifting. CRAMMATTE, EDITH F. -Adelphi; Home Economic Education- 

AP, philanthropic chm.; Dorm, pres.. Terrapin, sect, ed.; AWS Orphans Party, 
co-chm.; Intramurols; Diamondback; Home Economics Club, pub. chm. 

CRANE, THOMAS C. — Baltimore; Civil Engineering — Civil Engr. Honor Society, treas 
XE; TBH; ASCE. CRAVARITIS, GERALDINE M.-Adelphi; Art-TAX; Expression, 
University Commuters Club; Women's Chorus, hist., social chm.; Madrigals, 
Newman Club, personnel chm. CREAMER, CHARLOnE ANN-Art Education- SNEA, 
Intramurals. CROCKER, VIRGINIA BEATRICE -Silver Spring; Dance-Modern Dance 
Club; WRA; University Theatre, "Kiss Me Kate," "I am a Camera." 

CRONIN, DAVID COURTHEY-W. Hyattsville; Aeronautical Engineering- IAS. 
CROOK, LU ANN -Silver Spring; Elementary Education. CROSBY, ALBERT B.-HyaHs- 
ville; Physical Education. CROSS, HERBERT H.-W. Friendship; Physical Education. 



CROSS, ROBERT C.-Catonsville; Government & Politics. CROSSLEY, SUE-Towson; 

Elementary Education — AF; Flying Follies; Harmony Hall; Women's Chorus. 
CUMMINGS, ROBERT HENRY - Baltimore; Physical Education-Varsity Soccer, co 
captain; M Club, sec'y.; Dorm, manager. DAHLIN, KENNETH WAITER -Rockville; 
Music Education -S.\; OAK; <t>AM, v. p., pledge trainer; Madrigal Singers, 
pres., treas.; Marching Bond; Concert Bond. 

ton, D.C.; Childhood Education — Dorm, exec, council, social chm.; Red Cross 
group; WRA, Interest groups; Soph. Carnival comm.; Canterbury Club. DAVIS, 
CHARLES QUENTIN- Baltimore; Social Studies Education- Dorm, pres., v. p., social 
chm., house rules sch. chm.; Young Democrats Club. DAVIS, ERNEST PAUL, JR. — 
Hagerstown; Accounting — BA^; Weight-lifting Club; Accounting Club. 


DAVIS, JOAN BARBARA -Beollsville; Elementary Educotion-KKr, secy , rush chm . 
Diamond. AWS, sec'y , leadership workshop, Jr. Legislature, rules comm. chm., 
Maye Daye, sec'y. Homecoming Dance, co chm. Who's Who Comm . Military 
Boll Queen Runner up. Intramurals DAVIS, MARTIN ALAN - Hyattsvllle; Electricol 
Engineering- IRE DAVIS, NANCY JEAN - Bettiesda; Foods & Nutrition- AFA West 
minster Fellowship, Home Economics Club. SGA Placement Comm DAVIS, 
PATRICIA ANN -Hyattsvllle; History. 

DAY. ALVIN liON-Hyattsville, Mechanical Engineering -ASME SAME. Advanced 
Air Science. Arnold Air Society DeAMICO, PATRICIA A. - Baltimore; Practical Art & 
Interior Design — .\.\n, sch chm.. Women's Chorus, Home Economics Club, Dorm 
Big Sister Newman Club DEBEUUS, WARREN HOLIDAY, JR. - Baltimore; Industrial 
Arts — Dorm, exec, comm , house rules chm., float comm., Intramurals. DEBOLT, 
ROY A. — Mt. Rainier; Electrical Engineering- AIEE. 

DeCAMARA, PHILIP, JR. -Silver Spring; Accounting- BA'C DeCARLO, GUY R.-Fort 
McPherson, Co.; Economics -Economics Discussion Club. Dorm Counselor, Chorus, 
Ski Club DECKER, ARLEEN - Arnold; French -ESA, Dromo Wing, Newman Club, 
Nat'l Exec Comm., SNEA, French Club; Intramurals. DEFELICE, CHARLES ERNEST - 
Hagerstown; Pre-Med — ATfl. 


f^ f% 

DICK, GEORGE F, JR. -Washington, DC; Chemical Engineering - A.\:>: AICE DICK- 
INSON, BARBARA LEE -Recreotion- Maryland Recreotion Society, Young Republi- 
can Club DIEBOLD, RAYMOND J.-Elkton; Agronomy- APP, reporter; Ag Student 
Council, Newman Club, Block & Bridle Club, Agronomy Club, Dairy Science Club, 
vp, Doiry Cattle Judging Team DIETRICH, DIANE ELLEN - Bethesdo; Textiles & 
Clothing- K,\0, hist , asst house pres,, archivist; FOB; Newmon Club; Dorm Big 
Sister, Home Economics Club. 


DIHRICH, FLORENCE -College Porii; Elementary Educotion. DIPPOLD, MARGARH S. - 
LaPlato; Textiles- kAH, archivist, sch chm., A.\A, FOB, tour leader WRA, 
handbook comm , Dorm, exec board, sociol chm , May Day, staging comm , 
WRA Intramurals DOBRES, SHELDON - Bethesdo; Sociology. DOBSON, CHESTER C, 
JR. — Silver Spring; Chemical Engineering. 


DEFFINBAUGH, ROBERT A. -Silver Spring; Physical Education- ^<t>E, athletic chm., 

social comm,, Newman Club, Intramurals DEITEMEIER, EDWARD R., JR. -Tokomo 
Park; English. DELANOY, DIANA D.-Chevy Chase; Sociology- riH*:), politicol rep.; 
FOB. Dorm, exec council. Judicial Board, Aqualiners, Angel Flight, pub. chm.; 
Homecoming Queens Comm ; Lab Theatre. Sociology Club; Elections. DENNEY, 
DAVID KENYON- Frederick; Agriculture Education-AFP, chaplain; AZ, sec'y., hist.; 
Pershing Rifles. FFA; Collegiate 4 H Club. 

DESANTIS, LAURENCE FRANK - Hyattsvllle; History -Veterans Club; Scholastic 
Honor Award DEVLIN, MARY A. -Bethesdo; Practical Art. DIAKOUIAS, CHRY- 
SANTHE — Baltimore; Elementary Educotion — Dorm, Soph. Carnival chm,, Homecom 
ing Dec co chm , porliomentorian; Free State Party. DIBELLA, GEOFFREY ANGELO 
WILLIATON-Hyottsville; Zoology -*!, Bridge Club, International Club. 


DONN, GEORGE E. - Nokomis, Florida; Science Education. DONNELLY, JOSEPH FRANK- 
LIN— Industrial Administration — TKE, pledge class pres,; SAM, v. p., pres., 
American Management Association. DORMAN, ANN MARIE — Londover; Recrea- 
tion—Chapel Choir; Baptist Student Union, Maryland Recreation Society, 
Women's Professional Club DOWELL, JAMES FRANK -Falls Church, Vo.; Agricul- 

DOYLE, SARAH MARCIA-Woshlngton, D.C.; English- AP DRASS. PATRICIA E. -Silver 
Spring; Personnel. DREVENAK, DONNA L- Clinton; English. DRISSEL, JOHN C.- 
Washington, D.C.; Civil Engineering — ASCE, Agriculture Engineering Club. 

DUCKEn, WARREN BIRD, JR. - Annopolis; Government & Politics -.ATO, secy, 
v.p., OAK, Kolegathos, SGA, v. p. appropriations comm. chm., finance comm., 
Jr. Legislature, Soph. Legislature, Sr. Class treas.. Lacrosse, IPC, Old Line Party, 
platform comm. chm., Awoy-Weekend Comm. chm.; Homecoming, pub. comm. 
chm , Org. & Cont. Comm., chm.; Greek Week, pub. comm. chm.; Sr. Class En- 
dowment Comm DUNKIN, KAREN - Hyottsville; Mathematics - APA, pres., v.p.; 
Mortar Board; S-XE; AAA; Diamond, AWS, treas., const, comm. chm., big 
sister co-chm.; WRA, rec'd. sec'y.; Aquolmers, v.p., Westminster Fellovi/ship, 
pres ; Central Student Court DUNN, MICHAEL FREDERICK -College Porit; Account- 
ing- BA'I' DUNNIGAN, GERARD JOSEPH -Baltimore; Electrical Engineering- BKN; 
TBO; IRE; AIEE; Newman Club. 

EAST, EDWARD JOSEPH-Silver Spring; Civil Engineering- A<J>n; ASCE EBRITE, 
JOHN WAYNE, JR.-KA, social comm.; Varsity Rifle; M Club; Job Placement 
Comm. ECCLES, JAMES ARCENEAUX - Speech & Drama- University Theatre, v.p., 
best actor; Judo Club, sec'y., treas.. National Collegiate Ployers. ECKERT, HENRY 
B., JR. - Baltimore; Electrical Engineering -AIRE; IRE. 

EDGAR, RICHARD A.-Seat Pleasant; Accounting- KK*; Dorm, pres RMA, pres., 
treas., SAM, chm. job placement comm.; SGA Finance Comm.; Marching Band; 
Pershing Rifles; Accounting Club. EDLAVITCH, STANUY A. - Baltimore; Mathe- 
matics— <t>SA; riME; ^.\; DiomondbacJc; Free State Party, rep.; Career Week 
Forum; Dean's List; RMA, financial comm. EDLUND, BARBARA R. — Hyottsville; 
Elementary Education- Newman Club SNEA EDWARDS, MARY ANNE -Baltimore; 
Home Economics Education; ON; AWS, overall orientotion chm.. Dorm, academic 
chm., big sister chm., frosh. counselor; Wesley Foundation, supper club; Stu- 
dent Religious Council Diamondback. 

EHLERS, EDWARD MARKLYN - Baltimore; History. EHLERT, G. ROBIN -Silver Spring; 
Government & Politics — S.AE, rush chm., social chm., v.p.; Frosh. Day Chm., 
Frosh, Golf Team; Varsity Golf Team. ELLIS, EDWARD WARREN - Boltimore; Ac- 
counting— AIFI, treas., BA^, Accounting Club; Maryland Consumers Finance 
Association Scholarship. ELLIS, FREDERICK WALES - Annapolis; Mothematics- 
Lob Theatre; University Theatre Workshop; French Club. 

DVOSKIN, PHILIP BRYAN -Baltimore; Psychology. DURKIN, THOMAS P.-Mt. Rain- 
ier; Transportation — 0.\; ANA; Propeller Club; Soph. Carnival; Intromurols, 
champion basketball team EACKLES, CHARLES W., JR. -Baltimore; Education for 
Industry. EAGEN, ROBERT — Glassmanor; Agricultural Civil Engineering — ASCE; 

Agriculture Engineering Club; Wesley Foundotion. 

.i^ .. . ^ ^hm^ 

■ 5^ k-T ,1^-^ 

>(^' pvj l^p* 




^ C) r^ 

^- ' / 


ELLIS, JOAN LYNN -Silver Spring; Elementary Educotion-WRA, Bowling, Soph 
Carnival, Hillel Skit Night ENGLE, ETHEL- Boltimore; Physicol Education -Intro 
murals ENGLf, HOWARD J. -Electrical Engineering- Tlin Dorm, house rules 
comm., intromurals. Weight lifting Club, NCO Academy, AIEE-IRE, Honor Dorm, 
V p, intromurois EPPICLY, LINDA JO-Stevensviile; Elementary Education-TBI 
Bond; Wesley Foundation 

EPSTEIN, MARSHA NAN - Elementary Education -.\.\A Dorm, freos , judicial board, 
blood drive chm,, May Day rep. ERICKSON, JAMES -Hankins, N.Y.; Civil Engineer- 
ing-.\E, TBH; ASCE; Intromurois ERLY, MAURICE CHARLES -Scotlond; Socio! 
Studies Education- SAM, Commuters Club, Newman Club, council officer, ext 
v.-chm, of Middle Atlantic Province. Dorm, resident osst. ESLINGER, RICHARD L.- 
Baltimore; Philosophy. 

EHLIN, JEROME LAWRENCE -Baltimore; Physical Education- Dorm, vp ETZIER, 
THOMAS HEWES- Annapolis; Sociol Studies Educotion-.ATH Dorm, v p OAK: 
Men's Glee Club, pres., sec'y.. Harmony Hall, Intromurals. EVATT, HENRY C. — 
Washington, DC; Military Studies. EXPOSITO, LORENZO P.- Washington, D.C.; 
Electricol Engineering— IRE, AIEE 

FARIS, DAVID B. -College Pork; English -.'\(t>n, treos FEIKIN, FRANCIS - Baltimore; 
Speech Therapy — i^iS, sec'y.; DJomondbacIc, photo ed.; University Theatre, 
Key for outstanding service, pub. manager; May Day, stage manager; SGA 
Cultural Comm , pub. chm.; Sr Prom, pub. chm.; AWS, culture comm. chm.; 
Homecoming, awards chm FEJFAR, MARY EDITH — Belchamp; Home Economics 
Education — Home Economics Club, Dorm, hist., judicial board. FELDMAN, LINDA 
DEE — Baltimore; English. 

FELDSTEIN, CLAIRE ANN -Baltimore; American Civilization- AE<t>, pres., treos.; 
O/d t/ne, bus. mgr ; Terrapin; Frosh. Prom; IntramuralS; WRA, rep.. Bridal Fair, 
decor comm. House Director Day, inv comm. FERREIRA, ABELARDO B.- Porto 
Alegre, Brazil; Psychology. FINE, STUART LEE - Baltimore; Philosophy -X .A.M. sec'y, 
olumni recorder, sch. chm , Jr Class, v. p.; Jr Prom, overoll chm., Men's League, 
soph, rep., exec, council, student court; SGA Finance Comm., Homecoming 
Comm., Card Section Comm.; Soph. Prom Comm.; "No Shove Week," chm. 
FINKEL, DAVID- Baltimore; Mari<eting-SAM, Marketing Club; Intromurois. 

' - -4 w^ -^ '^ J. 

'^C ^ ^ n 

FISHER, DAVID CURUY, JR. -Laurel; Government & Politics-TKK Intromurois 
FISHER, GEARY -Bethesdo; Accounting. FISHER, PATRICIA MAE - Edgewood; English - 

D;omondfaoc(t. Old line; Wesley Foundation, Dorm, comm. & teoms. FISHMAN, 
BARRY STUART- W. Hyaftsville; Accounting- B.\*, SAM; Accounting Club, Hillel, 
Honors Convocation, W'i. 

FITCH, MARY KAY-Surrey, England; Spanish -Chorus Ski Club, Spanish Club, 
Soph Counselor Prot Club FITZ, M. EILEEN -Richmond, Vo.; Social Science Edu- 
cotion-r<l>B, Ponhellenic Council, Intromurois. SGA Committees FLAX, RICHARD 
LEROY-Silver Spring; Zoology-/.B r, treos, '1>K<1>, *i, Sr Class Presents, or 
rongements. General Motors Scholarship, Homecoming Float Homecoming 
Ticket Committee, Greek Week, bike race chm. FLETCHER, MERLE JEANNE -Silver 
Spring; Elementary Educotion 


--'■ C3' ^^< 9^,^ 


FliTCHER, WILLIAM DWAYNE - Strasburg, Va.; Sociol Studies Ed.-ODK, Frosli 
Football, Varsity Football,- All America Academic Football Team, Best Defen- 
sive Back, Dorm, v. p.. Distinguished Military Student; American Legion Award; 
M Club; Arnold Air Society, area chaplain; Scabbard & Blade. FLICK, JAMES A., 
JR. -Laurel; Accounting -B A* FLOYD, ROBERT M.-Glen Bumie; Accounting. 
FOLSTEIN, MICHAEL NORMAN - Silver Spring; Geogrophy-r0U, membership chm., 

FORD, RICHARD D.-College Park; Electrical Engineering- 1 RE FOSKEH, JAMES H.- 
West Acton, Mass.; Accounting— ATA; BA^; Westminster Fellowship; Varsity 
Track Team FOULIS, SANDRA -Bethesdo; Art Education- KA0, treas , social chm., 
pres.; May Day rep.; Angel Flight, hist., pres., area exec, officer; Flying Follies; 
Red Cross Hostess; Home Economics Club. FOWlfR, JAMES E. - Hyottsville; Public 
Relotions — D/amonc/bock; Lob Theatre, pub.; FOB; PRSA. 

FOWLER, JOAN RUTH - Owings; Home Economics Education — Marching Bond; 
Collegiate 4-H Club; Wesley Foundation. FOWLKES, ROBERT L. - Boltimore; English. 
FOX, CHESTER E., JR.-Woshington, D.C.; Electrical Engineering- AIEE FOX, ROGER 
A. — Brooklyn, N.Y.; Psychology — ZBT; Track Team. 

FRANCESCHINI, DINO - Tarrytown, N.Y. — Economics-Economics Discussion Club; 
Newman Club. FRANK, JOAN ESTELLE- Baltimore; Elementary Education - AE(t>; FOB; 
Bridal Fair; Aquoliners; WRA, interest groups; Elections Board; Jr. Prom Decora- 
tions; SNEA. FRANKENBERG, HELEN JOAN - Bethesdo; English -Red Cross, Jr. Host 
ess; Westminster Foundation; Dorm, fire marshal. FRATINO, JAMES JACKSON — 
Hyottsville; Transportation — <I> A©; ANA; Dorm, chm.; All Star Inter-frot. Foot- 
ball Team; Intromurals. 

FREAS, PAUL W.-Silver Spring; Accounting. FREDA, ERNEST -Roselle, N.J., Jour- 
nolism- AAS; SAX; Diamondback, Men's Glee Club; SAM. FREEUND, CHARUS- 
Pikesville; Accounting — TE4>, asst. treas., Stewart; ASn, audit comm.; AAS, v. p.; 
Pershing Rifles; Old Line Party; SAM; O/d Line; Terrapin; Blood Drive Comm.; 
Flying Club; IFC; FOB; Hillel. FREIDSON, ALLAN-Silver Spring; American Civiliza- 
tion— ZBT; Diomondboc/c, sports ed .; Political Science Club; Sociology Club; 
Spanish Club; Intromurals; M Boole. 

' ^ 4© ^-St ws.T[ ,Jf<^ T> 1 -» "SS^ " 



/ -- - V 

L- > 


FRESE, RANDOLPH E.H.-Boltimoris; Education for Industry- Intromurals; Wesley 
Foundation FRICK, GEORGE KELLY, JR. - Williamsport; Civil Engineering- ASCE 
FRIEDEL, MICHAEL PHILIP -Baltimore; Civil Engineering- Dorm, treas ; Intromurols 
FRIEDMAN, RICHARD WILLIAM - Silver Spring; Government & Politics- KKI', pres, 
v.p.; nSA; Bond, treas., v.p.; Political Science Club; Young Democrats. 


FRY, WILLIAM ALBERT - Washington, D.C.; English Education. FULLERTON, THOMAS 
E. — Volencio, Venezuela; Economics -Economics Club; Newman Club, Dorm, chm., 
International Club FUND, BARBARA A. -Silver Spring; Social Studies Education — 
D/amonc/back; Aquoliners; Lutheran Student Association, sec'y GABRIEL, 
DONALD ALBERT -Boltimore; Finance. 




GAIOIS, HENRY L - Boltimore; Economics — Economics Discussion Club GALE, 
FRED -Huntington, N.Y.; Public Relations -<t)Ki, secy , The Greek, ed m chief, IFC 
Public Relations Comm , Terrapin, sect ed,, Diomonc/boct, columnist, feoture 
writer. Placement Service Publicity Comm GALLIE, DONALD L. -Silver Spring; 
Insurance. GALLOWAY, BILLY COINS - University Poii; Sociology - I'X. Psychology 
Club; Sociology Club. 

GANT, SUE ELLEN -Arlington, Vo.; Textiles & Clothing- KKF, treas , social chm ; 
Who's Who Comm,, Newman Club, Home Ec. Club, sec'y., Student-Faculty rep,. 
Parent's Day Conhm,, Jr. Prom, Banquet chm , Sr. Placement, Chapel Choir, 
GARREH, DAWES FRANCIS -White Holl; Agriculture Education -.\rP, Stewart; 
FFA, 4H Club, Intramurals - Football, Basketball, Softball, \'A, Soph Carnival 
Chm GATES, SALLY C. -Washington, DC; Speech Therapy- KD SAH; Drama Wing; 
University Theater, Terropin; Old Line Party Officer. GAWRYLUK, IGOR- Baltimore; 
Industrial Arts. 

GEISWINKLER, J.F.-Educotion for Industry- Dorm, pres , Resident Asst ; SAM 
GELBERG, PHYLLIS KURNOW- Silver Spring; Social Studies Education -I AT; D,a- 
mortdbock; Sociology Club GEMMILL, JOHN NORRIS- Baltimore; Sociology- 
1\, corr secy, rec secy,; FOB, GERBER, S. BRUCE -Boltimore; Zoology-IE*; 

Campus Blood Drive chm. 


GHZ, JEFFREY MARTIN -Cumberiand; Psychology -^.\; Exel Scholarship; Hillel, 
Religious Comm,, Cantor, Certificate of Honor, RNA, sec'y.; Resident Ass't., 
SGA Cheoting Special Comm GIBBONS, SUZANNE L. -Government and Politics — 
If; SGA Legislature, AWS, sec'y , Mortar Board, sec'y , Newman Club. Fli.'V, 
sec'y; Diamond, Centreville Hall, pres ; Worster Hall, pres GIGLIOTTI, DOMINICK- 
Baltimore; Mechonical Engineering -ASME GILBERTSON, BEVERLY MAE - Baltimore; 
Elementory Education — .^.Xfl, IF Sing Director, Day Dodger Big Sister, FOB, Tour 
Leader, Customs Comm. Chm., UT-props comm.; Chapel Choir, Women's Cho- 
rus; Homecoming Dance Decorations Comm.; Fencing Club. 

GINDLESPERGER, ANNE G. - Riverdole; Social Sciences. GIVIN, KATHY - Bethesdo; 
Childhood Education. GLADU, CLIFFORD J. -Clorksville; Social Studies Education. 
GLASGOW, DORCAS T. - Hyottsville; Biological Science Education- AHA, pres, 
sch. chm.; Ponhellenic Council, 1st v. p.; FOB, Tour Leader, Doy Dodger Big Sister; 
May Day; Harmony Hall, Terrapin; M Book. 

GLOSS, DONANN - Silver Spring; Sociology-SK, pres, rec sec'y, Ponhellenic 
Council; WRA Basketball FOB. GLOTFELTY, THOMAS A.-Oaklond; Agriculture Edu- 
cation- FFA, Maryland Christian Fellowship, Agric Student Council Cod O-Ag, 
ed , Co//egiate Reporter, ed GOINS, H. HARRIET- Washington, D.C.; Government & 
Politics- II H*, house pres ; Sorority Council, Political Science Club. GOLANER, 
SUSAN — Baltimore; Speech Therapy. 

GOLD, BRUCE JAY - Yonkers, N.Y.; Educotion for Industry- Dorm, pres ; RMA, v p, 
awords & sch chm , "presents" comm , Dining Hall Buffet Dinner Dance chm , 
Men's League, pres , Arnold Air Society, Scabbard & Blade. GOLDFINGER, HOW- 
ARD - Baltimore; English -'/BT, Stewart, Soph. Carnival, Intramurals GOLDHEIM, 
DALE B. - Baltimore; Sociology — Louisa Parsons Nursing Club, Sociology Club 
GOLDSTEIN, HARRIET GLORIA - Boltimore; Biologkol Sciences -Homecoming Dec 
orations Comm , Intromural Sports, Deon Faculty Tea, Dormitory Resident Ass'l 


GOODMAN, DAVID -Baltimore. GOODMAN, SUSAN C.-Tokomo Pari(; Social Studies 

Education — Frosh., counselor,- Diamondback; Terrapin; Dorm, Judicial Council, 
exec, council. Placement Service rep.. Big Sister Chm., <t>K<I>, "JjEA. GORDON, 
CYNTHIA — Baltimore; Elementary Education — All; Aqualiners. Glee Club, Women's 
Chorus, Soph Carnival GORDON, SUZANNE -Birmingham, Ala.; Childhood Educa- 
tion— AE<I>, Frosh., prom comm.. Soph. Carnival, sec'y . AWS Tea Comm., Home- 
coming Dance Decorations Chm.,- Bridal Fair Comm., "Most Typical Freshman," 
Coordinator for Council for Exceptional Children Conference, 

GORWITZ, BERTRAM KALL, IT. COL. -Silver Spring; Military Studies- Dean s List, 
Scholastic Achievement Medal. GOTTHELF, BARRY -Baltimore; Mari<eting - AA2, 
SAM GOTTWALS, HARRY CLIFTON - Millersville; Agriculture Business- AFP, v p 
AZ GOULD, ALAN VINCENT - Mayo; Electrical Engineering-AIEE; IRE, TBO; BKN 

GOULD, SARA MARIE - Glenwood; Practical Art-TAX; Newman Club, NSID, secy. 
GOUNDRY, FREDERICK W.-Binghamton, NY.; Social Science Education. GRABOWSKI, 
CAROLYN ANN -English Education- AOIl, v. p., rush chm., nA0; Terrapin, sect, 
ed.; Diamondback, accounts manager; Frosh. Counselor; Dorm, exec, board; 
Newmon Club GRAHAM, USLIE H., JR. -Washington, D.C.; Economics. 

GRAND, PAUL S.-Adelphi; Economics. GRANET, LARRY -Silver Spring; Sociology - 

<t>SA, pres., pledge master, rush chm.; IIAE, treas.; Kalegathos; Men's League 
Outstanding Sr. Award; IFC, 2nd v. p., social chm.; "IFC Presents Ella Fitzgerald" 
chm.; "IFC Presents" & pub. director; Diamondback, business mgr., advertising 
mgr.; Free State Party, pres., 1st v.p.; SGA Cultural Comm. GRANT, LINA — Wash- 
ington, D.C.; Fine Arts — KA0, v.p.; Soph. Prom Queen; Angel Flight, sec'y.; 
Military Ball Queen; Area Commander; A & S Sr. Student Council; Diamond; 
Homecoming Queen; FOB; May Day, comm. chm.; Career Week. GRAY, WILLIAM 
CALVIN, JR. — Baltimore; Marketing — SAE; Interfroternity Council; Men's 
League; SGA, Away Week-End Comm., Legislature. 

GREEN, JUDITH GAIL- Philadelphia, Pa.; Microbiology- A(I>E, sch. chm; Hillel; 
<PK.4>: SAO, treas. GREEN, LYNDA JEAN -Cottage City; English -Certificate of 
Merit, Soph. & Jr. years. GREEN, ROBIN E. — Brookmont; Psychology — Newman 
Club; Pershing Rifles GREENE, ANTHONY - Linthicum Heights; General Business - 

Frosh. Soccer & Lacrosse Teams; Varsity Soccer. 

GREENWALD, SUSAN MERLE - Baltimore; Childhood Education -SAT, pres.; Diamond; 
Terrapin; Soph. Carnival Comm. GREGG, DAVID M. — Silver Spring; Pre-Vet — AE<J>; 
A'/; Intromurols GRIER, WILLIAM C, CAPT. - Havertown, Pa.; Military Science. 
GRIFFIN, THOMAS-Silver Spring; Government & Politics - AlO, rush chm.; iAfi; 
Diamondback; Away Week-End, co-chm., pub. chm.; Traffic Comm. 

GRONER, DANA D.-W. Hyattsville; Educotion for Industry -<I>K2; AMA; SAM; IRE; 
AIEE; Sailing Club; Intramural Skish Champ; Intromurals; AIAA. GROSE, ANDREW 
PETER - Cheveriy; Government & Politics — 2X, parliamentarian; IISA; Arnold Air 
Society, commander; Scabbard & Blade; AFROTC, Commander; Intromurals, 
basketboll, badminton. GROVEN, JEAN PIERRE -Chevy Chase; Electrical Engineer- 
ing. GRUBB, PATRICIA ANNE - Hyattsville; Elementary Education - AH A; Chapel 
Choir; Newman Club; Dorm, social comm., culture comm. 




GRUDZIESKI, RONALD UE - Boltimore; Metollurgkol Engineering-TKE, pledge 
moster, rush chm , Old Line Party, Sr Class, pres , FOB WMUC, Newman Club. 
GRUMAN, HAZEL L.-Takoma Pork; English Education. GUARDIA, GARY - W6shington, 
D.C.; Civil Engineering-ASCE, treas GUENSCHEL, HELMUT OHO - Boltimore; Civil 
Engineering— International Club; ASCE. 

GULCK, FREDERICK K. - Boltimore; Industriol Educotion-ASME, Open House, In 
dustrial Ed GUMPPER, KATHARINE ALICE -Silver Spring; Spanish Educotion- AAA, 
chaplom. Cheerleader, co capt , Soph Carnival Comm , Student Union Comm , 
FOB GUNDERSDORFF, BARBARA JOY -Boltimore; Executive Secretarial- AAA, 
sec'y-, HPi; .\^^, secy Dorm Council, pres,; AWS, 1st v.p GUNTER, BENJAMIN 
L, JR. — Durham, N.C., Military Science. 

GURVIN, PHER E.-Omoho, Nebr.; Civil Engineering. GUTMANN, JOSEPH D., JR- 
Silver Spring; Mechanical Engineering -ASME HAAS, RICHARD THOMAS — Lonsdowne, 
Po.; Public Relations -<t)A(-), All Star Basketball, Diomondback, Terrapin. 
HACKER, ROBERT - Hyottsville; Physicol Education- Football team; Wrestling team; 

HAHN, FRANCIS WILLIAM -Woodsboro; Sociol Studies Educotion- A X.^, v p, schol 
orship chm,, public relations, pub, chm., VQ'^, Dorm, v.p., exec, council; Frosh. 
football mgr.. Head Varsity Football Mgr., Chm. Sorority Olympics; IFC, sch. 
chm.; Men's League, Sr. rep.. Court, Exec. Comm.; Sr. Class Exec. Comm.; No 
Shave Week Chm., Winter Wonderland Chm.; Homecoming tickets chm.; Student 
Placement Chm.. Student Court, SGA Organization and Controls vice chm.; 
M Club; LSA HAHN, JOAN - Gostonio, N.C.; Elementory Educotion. HALL, CAROLYN - 
Cheveriy; Physical Education — Professional Club; WRA; Intromurols, Soph. Carni- 
val, chm. HALUHAN, PATRICIA P. -Valley Stream, N.Y.; History- KKP 

HALIIDAY, ANN -Silver Spring; Elementary Education- r<I>B; THS, Color Guard; 
Angel Flight, Dean's List HALSTEAD, JAMES FREDERICK -Glenn Dole; Economics - 
Aifl, lif'i, WMUC, advertising mgr., business mgr.; Econ. Discussion Club. 
HAMBLIN, ROBERT W.- Silver Spring; Accounting. HAMEROFF, STEPHEN - Brooklyn, 
NY; Psychology. 

^v^ ir^rrn !^^» f^^ 

ifM;^', k-*' '7^W T-»«J 

HAMILTON, JAMES R., JR.-College Porli; Electrical Engineering - <I>AB AIEE; IRE; 
lerrapin, circulation mgr , sect, ed , Gymkona, Sr Education Comm IFC Presents 
HAMMERMAN, DAVID M. - Boltimore; Engineering-Fire Protection. HAMMETTE, 
ROBERT L-Oceon City, N.J.; Mortceting- Alll SAM HAMMOND, PHYLLIS R.- 
Baltimore; Accounting — Dorm, treas., jud board, exec, council, Intromurols 

HANEY, MICHAEL J. -Frederick, Zoology-^i! Dean's List; Intromurols. Liasion 
Comm HANEY, RAYMOND J.-Posodeno; Physical Educotion. HANKIN, STANLfY- 
Boltimore; Education for Industry — SAM Dinmondbock, Dorm, rules comm 
HANLEY, ROBERT A. -Gardiner, Maine; History. 



HANSON, JAMES H- Aberdeen; Militory Science. HARDESTY, DAVID AUSTIN - 
Hyattsville; Aeronautical Engineering -Sc^E, secy, IAS, secy., Band; FOB 
HARKINS, DOROTHY EDWINIA- Aberdeen; Interior Design-FAX; Home Ec Club; 
4-H Club; Madame Butterfly; Women's Chorus; Dorm, house chm.; Episcopal 
Student Association. HARRELL, RONALD KEITH -Baltimore; Educotion for Industry. 

HARRIS, CAROLYN L. -Silver Spring; Elementary Educotion- AAA; TB2,, secy.; 
Diamond,^ Angel Flight, Chapel Choir Color Guard. HARRIS, JAMES C. 0., JR.- 
Silver Spring; Zoology- AXn, parliamentarian; bylaws chm.; Old Line; Elections 
Board; FOB, customs comm. chm., over-all chm.; Olympic Barbell Club, trees.; 
Dean's Comm. on Parking; University Commuters Club. HARRIS, JERRY W.- 
Springfield, Va.; Military Science. HARRIS, MARLENE LINDA -Takoma Park; Ele- 
mentary Education- AOE, social chm.. Miss Maryland 1961; Hillel; Elections 
Board; Soph. Prom; FOB. 

HARRISON, JOHN R., JR. -University Paric; Fine Art. HART, CHARLES JAMES, JR.- 
Bethesdo; Psychology & Sociology -* AT, pres., sec'y., house mgr., sch.' chm.; 
IFC, pub. comm.; Greek Week, comm.; House Rules Comm., chm.; SGA Closed 
Circuit TV Publicity chm .; Gate & Key; FOB; Intromurals; Soph. Counselor 
Pre-College Program; Arnold Air Society; Campus Chest; Sociology Club; Psy- 
chology; Old Line Party rep.; Wesley Foundation; Bus Boys' Union ROTC In- 
spector General HARTMAN, MARION RUTH - Hompstead; Speech Therapy-ril>B 
standards chm.; AAA, sec'y.; AH; Diamond; Terrapin, Index Ed SNEA pres ' 
WRA; Campus Chest. HARWOOD, SALLIE A. - Riverdole; Mathemotics-AAA; Mil- 
ton Abramovi/itz Memorial Prize in Math, 1961; <I)K<I). 

HASTINGS, ROBERTA L. - Cockeysville; Fine Arts -AAA, social chm., rush chm; 
2TE; Jr. Panhellenic, pres.; Panhellenic Council, pub. relations chm.; AWS, Stu- 
dent Counselgrs chm.; WRA, pres., sec'y.; Diamond, pres.; SGA Cultural Comm.; 
Terropm, sect, ed HAWKINS, THOMAS DARYL-Woodsboro; Psychology- KK*; 
Marching Bond; ROTC Band; House Rules Comm.; Psych. Club; Sr Placement 
Comm. HAYDEN, CHARLES DONALD- Beltsville, Transportation -ASH ANA 
K^a. SAM; UCC; Sports Car Club. HAYDEN, THOMAS C, JR. -La Plota; Academic 
Education -ITS A, v. p.; Dean's List; Intramurals; Dorm, pres., treos.. House rules 
comm.; Newman Club; Dorm Newspaper; Miss Cecil Hall Comm.; RMA, sec'y.; 
Frosh. Baseball. 

HAYES, DORCAS M. - Baltimore; Recreation- WRA rep.; Dorm, proctor; Intra- 
murals; M.R.S., treas.; Fencing Interest Group. HAYS, JAMES E. - Hyattsville; 
Psychology-WMUC, chief engr.; Judo club; Trail club; Psych, club, sec'y. HEARNE^ 
IDA ALICE-Hebron; History - (J) A0; AWS Big Sister Chm.; Dorm, AWS, Academic 
Board; Academic Chm HEAVNER, RICHARD ALLAN - Cumberland; Education - 
4-H Club, treas., v. p., pres., sentinel Block & Bridle; FFA; Ag. Council. 


f> r^ .-:>, 


HEFUY, WILLIAM T., JR. -Hyattsville; Psychology- Ski Club, Munich Branch 
HEIDEMAN, JOHN -Hyattsville; Psychology- fxpress/on, Asso Ed Psych Club 
Lab Theatre HEIMBERG, MICHAEL JAY - Chevy-Chase; Zoology-AEO, v p pledge 
master, sec'y., scholastic chm., IFC rep.; <t>nS; Biology Club Philo Club 
Bridge Club; FOB. HEISLER, CYNTHIA - Boyd; English -KKP, pres.; AWS, Sr. Class 
rep., treas.; Wesley Foundation, sec'y.; Panhellenic Council; May Day Attendants 
chm.; WRA; Diamondback reporter; Diamond. 

HEISTER, NANCY LEE-Hummelstown, Po.; Nursing-AAD, house pres ; AWS, so 
rority council; Chapel Choir HELMAN, BERNARD S.-Baltimore; Sociology -SAM, 

pres., recorder, sch. chm.; Free State, treas., pres.; FOB; IFC Rep.; IFC Presents' 
'61, treas.; Jr. Prom Comm.; o\d Line, distribution ed.; Card Section Comm. 
HELMEN, GUNNLEIN-Asker, Norv»ay; Chemical Engineering- Frosh , Varsity Track, 
Cross Country; International Club; ASCE; Resident Ass't.; Resident Hall v p' 
HELWIG, WILLARD PETER -Gory, Ind.; General Studies. 


f^- ip^ Q 

O, P P r^ 

HEMPHILL, LARRY UE - Baltimore; Economics- I" B.\, Ski Club, Weight lifting Club, 
Physics Club Deons List HENDERSON, WAYNE COLEMAN -Cheveriy, Chemicol 
Engineering -.Wi, AlChE; Sports Car Club HENESON, PHYLLIS R. - Baltimore; 

English -<J>i.S, best pledge, cultural chm , ilTK, WRA, exec board, Intromurals; 
Oiomondbock; Year Comms , Campus Chest, hist , May Day, comm, chm., Old 
Line Porty, pub chm HENLTf, JOSEPH LEO-Wheaton; Civil Engineering -XE, 
ASCE, pres program chm,. Dorm, social chm,, pres,, Intromurals, Trail Club; 
Newman Club, D-Club, 

HENN, JOHN JOSEPH -Baltimore; Chemicol Engineering- AlChE HERAIY, ELROY P.- 
Granite City, III.; Military Science. HERBERT, BERNARD -Baltimore. HEURING, 
PHYLLIS TILGHMAN-Hyattsville; Dance-i;'H;, treas . <l).\i:, WRA, rep , Women's 
Professional Club; Modern Donee Club, pres,, Flying Follies, University Theater; 
Intromurals, Lacrosse Interest Group, teocher. 

^ n 1^ r> 


HILDER, JANET LOUISE -Beltsville; Childhood Education -IK, hist Women's Cho 
rus, treas Student Union Comm HILLEARY, HENRY MARSHALL -Centerville; Gen- 
eral Agriculture-, \ri'. Soccer, Veternanan Science Club, HILLOW, DIANA LOUISE- 
Woshington, D.C.; Elementory Education — .\.\n. Bulldog Club; Pandora, Women's 
Glee Club HIMMELHEBER, PETER E. - Hollywood; Electrical Engineering. 


HINDERER, PAUL E. - Baltimore; Electricol Engineering. HINE, ARTHUR BROMFIELD, 
JR. - Baltimore; Psychology — A<t>n, ^\ Amateur Radio Club, v.p. Biology Club, 
Psych Club HINE, JOSEPH EMANUEL, JR. - Baltimore; Education for Industry. 
HINEGARDNER, E. KAY - Hyattsville; Elementary Education-Sq Donee Club. Md 
Christian Fellowship, Chapel Choir, Baptist Student Union, 

HINELY, ROBERT E. - Brentwood; Education for Industry - SAM HOAG, JAMES F. , JR. - 
Edgewater; Mechanical Engineering -ASME HODIAK, PAUL THOMAS - Riverdole; 
Mechanical Engineering- 1 A lO, ASME ETHOS, treos HOfBERG, SANDRA LEE- 
Chevy Chase; Elementary Education — .A E<t>, Bridal Fair Comm., Pledge Queen, 1st 
runner up 

HOFFMAN, CHARLES GILBERT, JR. - Annapolis; Chemical Engineering -a>k I', secy, 

steward, chaplain, ed , IPC TBI! <l'lli. AlChE, AlChE, scholarship award; 
Dean's List HOFFMAN, HEIDI -Bethesdo; Childhood Education- Hillel. program 
chm , Philosophy Club, treas FOB, Diogenes Society; Big Sister Comm , SNEA, 
SGA, Cultural Comm HOFFMAN, JOHN C. - Annopolis; Electrical Engineering- 
OKI', secy, IFC HOFFMAN, PAULINE - Atlantic City, N.J.; Elementary Education - 
SAT, rush chm. 

HOFFMAN, RONALD B -Baltimore; Physics -Physics Club, v,p, treas HOOK, CAL- 
Chillum Terrace; Public Relations -<MK. pres, sec'y , sentinel, house mgr Oio- 
mondbock; Job Placement Service, pub, chm,, Canterbury Association, PRSA, 
Prince Georges Beauty Pageant Contest HOPKINS, JOHN J., JR. -Dundolk; Real 
Estate and Insuronce- AIM X'Ml Accounting Club, Newman Club, RMA, Dorm, 
pres HOPKINS, STANOFORTH TAYLOR - Baltimore; English. 



Washington, DC; Social Studies Educotion. HOUGHTON, JACK FULMER - Binghomton, 
N.Y.; History— Intramurals; Young Democrats Club, Frosh, Baseball, Transporta- 
tion Club; Civil War Club. HOUTS, LINDA LOU -Washington, D.C.; Childhood Edu- 
cation— Dorm, hall pres., intramurals, exec, council; WRA, rep. 

HOWARD, SUSAN LOUISE - Salisbury; Pre-Medical- AAA; Wesley Foundation, study 
chm.; Dorm Jud. Board, ch,; Campus Jud. Board. HOWARD, WILHELMINACORUTH - 
Rockville; Music Education — Women's Chorus, pres.; Music Educators National 
Chap., treas. HOWE, RICHARD GRANT - Hyattsville; Economics -TKE, Intramurals; 
Soph. Carnival; Econ. Discussion Club; Greel< Week. HOWSER, THOMAS JOSEPH - 
Mt. Rainier; Civil Engineering — ASCE, Newman Club. 

HOYLE, LEONARD HUGHES, JR. - Gaithersburg; Journalism -S.\; IA.\, pres ; HAE; 
ODK; Diomondback, Editor-in chief. Editorial & News coordinator; Executive 
Sports Ed.; Kalegethos; M-Book, Athletic Ed.; Baltimore Sunpopers Scholarship, 
Robert Carey Award. HUANG, ROSALIND -Washington, O.C; Physics- Chinese 
Club HUDSON, ALLEN McGARITY- Silver Spring; Accounting. HUDSON, EDWARD C, 
JR. — Fenndale; Electrical Engineering — TBFI; HKN; Intramurals; Resident Ass't., 

HUDSON, MARJORIE ANN -Glen Burnie; English -AUH; Angel Flight; Oiamond- 
bock. HUGHES, CHARLES EVANS - Timonium. HUMMEL, SUSAN - Baltimore; Educa- 
tion— AE<t>, sec'y.; Ponhellenic Council, scholarship chm.. Diamond, Bridal 
Fair, cosmetic booth; House Directors Team chm.; Campus Chest, calendar 
comm .; Dean Stamp Day, chm.; Jr. Prom comm.; SNEA; Jr. Ponhellenic, sec'y.; 
May Day HUMPHREYS, WILLIAM WENDELL, JR. - Hyottsville; Science. 

HUNOVICE, HARRIETT -Pikesville; Speech Therapy- Representative to dorm, soph., 
jr., sr.; AWS House Directors Reception, Invitations chm.; Soph. Prom Invita- 
tions chm.; Fresh. Prom, programs chm.; Jr. Prom, publicity comm.; Dime-a- 
Dance chm HUNT, LINDA IRENE -Silver Spring; An Education- AOO, Homecoming, 
sec'y HURNEY, MICHAEL LEWIS-W. Hyattsville; Art-Guitar Club HURTIG, JOEL 
RUSSELL -Baltimore; Psychology. 

HUTCHISON, JOHN EARL-Cordoua; Agricultural Economics- AZ; 4 H Club; Block 
and Bridle Club; Agr., sec'y; Student Council. HUTCHISON, JUDITH ANNE-Silver 
Spring; Elementary Educotion — A() 11; SGA, sec'y; May Day Voting chm.; FOB, sub 
chm.; Homecoming programs, chm.; Red Cross Blood Drive chm.. Cultural 
Comm.; Organization and Controls Comm.; Terrapin; Leg. Rules Comm.; Old 
Line Party HYNES, PATRICIA MARY MARGARH- Washington, DC; Social Studies- 
AOn, philanthropic chm.; AAA; Homecoming comm.; May Day comm,; Dorm, 
pres., jr. rep. for May Day, Newman Club; Old Line rep.. Dorm Council. ILLINSKY, 
GEORGE - Baltimore. 

IMLAY, RICHARD URRY-Silver Spring; Physics-SOS, treas ; OK* INGRAM, 
GILBERT LEWIS -Laurel; Psychology. INGRAM, JUDITH ANN - Hyattsville; Physical 
Education — <t>AE, historian; Women's Professional Club, sec'y.; Basketball In- 
terest Group; United Campus Christian Fellowship, social chm.; Fencing Interest 
Group IRVING, GEORGE WASHINGTON III -Chevy Chose; Animal Husbandry -A^P; 
AZ; OK*; Vet. Science Club; Meat Judging team; .\Z; Fresh. Scholarship Award. 


IVINS, CAROLYN -Baltimore; Physicol Educotion- Majors Club, WRA Interest 
Groups, Basketball Team JABLON, SAUL- Silver Spring; History -Veterans Club. 
JACOBS, JAMES W. - Woshington, Pp.; Tronsporfotion-ANA, v p JACOBS, MARTIN 
HOWARD - Boltimore; General BPA — Dorm pres , treas , secy; House Rules 
comm.. House Mgr. 

JACOBS, STEPHEN J. -Silver Spring; Transportation -<t)i. A, Intramurols JACOBSEN, 
KAREN -Burtonsville; Fine Arts-APA, social chm , rush chm,, A.\A; Diomond, 
Who's Who, AWS, pres , SGA Cultural Comm , May Day Director. Free State, 
hist; Bridal Fair; Soph, Carnival; Frosh. Prom. JAFFE, BARBARA ANNE -Washing- 
ton, D.C.; History- A KiJ), Tour Leader, v. p., pledge mistress, <t>A(-), History 
Club. Philosophy Club. Fencing Club; Modern Dance Club, Hillel. JAMISON, RUS- 
SELL E - Hyottsville; Military Science. 

JARBOE, WILLIAM D., JR. -Silver Spring; Social Studies- Newman Club JIIUS, 
PAUL W. -Camden, N.J.; Microbiology - ilAC ). Varsity and Freshman Basketball; 
M Club JEN, GERTRUDE YI-CHUANG-Wheaton; Costume Illustration- KKI"; Angel 
Flight; Chinese Students Club, treos ; Home Ec. Club, Sr. Job Placement Comm., 
Home Ec Student Faculty Council; Doydodger Big Sister; FOB, JENKINS, JOSEPH 
HAROLD - Adelphi; American Civiliiation— "Typical Freshman " '54 55. 

JENKINS, PENNIE MARIA -Bethesdo; General Science-Angel Flight; Dorm, exec 
council JEW, ROSE - Washington, D.C.; Practicol Art. JOHNSON, DIANE -District 
Heights; Public Relations -Diomondback JOHNSON, ELAINE CAROLYN - Baltimore; 
English-^K, Angel Flight, pres., v. p.; Dorm, social chm.; Lutheran Students 
Assoc ; SNEA, FOB 

JOHNSON, FAYE M. - Baltimore; Sociology- Soph Carnival, Baptist Student Union; 
Dorm, Big Sister JOHNSON, FRANKLIN JOHNSON -Hyottsville; Zoology-Soph 
Leg; Biology Club JOHNSON, FREDERICK V- Sugar Grove, Po.; Agricultural Eco- 
nomics. JOHNSON, PATSY CAMILU-Dundalk; English- Dorm, treos. Fresh coun 

JOHNSON, PHILLIP V. - Hogerstown; Marketing -*KS, v.p, treos, secy AAS, 
pres Marketing Club; Sailing Club, treas , Terrapin, sect, ed JOHNSON, SANDRA 
GAY — Alexandria, Va.; Home Economics — Angel Flight, Terrapin. International 
Club Home Ec Club JOHNSON, THOMAS MURRAY - College Poii; Zoology. JOHN- 
SON, WILLIAM H.- Arlington, Vo.; Sociology- 1 A Iv Varsity Track Team M Club, 
V p Who's Who 

JONES, LEROY ALLAN - Baltimore; Civil Engineering- ASCE. Westminster Fellow 
ship JONES, LINDA E -Baltimore; Mathematics -Carroll Hall, vp. Orientations 
chm , Student Counselor, Lutheran Student Assoc, Jud Board chm JONES, 
MARILYN RUTH -Baltimore; Microbiology -Newman Club JONES, NEVA JEAN- 
Alexondrio, Va,; Elementary Education— II h<I>, v p, rush copt . outstonding pledge; 
Pestle ond Motor, Diomond, AWS Sorority Council, sec'y.; Faculty Award Comm.; 
Doydodger Big Sister; WRA, Inframurols; Aqualiners; Women's Chorus, v.p. 



JORDAN, MALCOLM B. - Baltimore; English -<t)KT, pres , Harmony Hall, master 
of ceremonies, D-Club, Expression; Veteran's Club. JOSEPH, CAROL JANE -Chevy 
Chase; English Education — Dorm, v. p., jud. board, soph, carnival chm.. Campus 
Jud. Board, Jr. Prom chm., FOB, D/omondbock, Dean's List, Soph. Prom, Queens 
Comm. JUDY, DANA - Woodlown; Physical Education- X<t>E. KADESCH, CHARLES S. - 
Tokomo Pork; Electrical Engineering. 

KADISON, JAMES -Baltimore; Zoology- Biology Club KAHN, CAROL ANN-Bolti- 
more; Mathematics Education -(tSS, pres., v. p.; AAA, trees.. Homecoming, over 
all chm.. Old Line Party, v. p.; Diomondbocfc, copy chief, AWS Academic Board, 
sec'y.. Diamond, Bridal Fair, sub-chm., Frosh. Mixer, sub-chm. KAISS, A. LEE — 
Hogerstown; Industrial Management -OKS, SAM, Sailing Club, treos KALAJIAN, 
EDWARD -Palisade, N.J.; Civil Engineering- KA, ASCE. 

KAIIN, HARRIET SANDRA -Baltimore; American Civilization -^SS, social chm, 
WRA rep., SGA Calendar Comm.; Bridal Fair Comm., SGA Elections Board, Sr. 
Prom, comm chm KALINSKY, ALBERT STEPHEN -Mt. Rainer; Sociology. KALK, 
CAROLYN E. — Chevy Chase; Microbiology — AF, scholarship chm.. Dorm, trees.; 
SACJ, sec'y.. Placement Comm.; University Orchestra. KALLINS, HARVEY A.- 
Boltimore; Pre-Dental. 




KAPLAN, LOUISE !. — Baltimore; Government & Politics — TE*, house mgr., scholar- 
ship chm., social chm., rush chm., sec'y.; Hillel Old Line Party, campaign comm. 
KARLIN, STANLEY -Baltimore; Sociology-SAM; Varsity Lacrosse Team; Frosh. 
Lacrosse Team; Intramurals; Interfroternity All Star football team. KARPEWICZ, 
PAUL -Baltimore; Electricol Engineering- IRE; AIEE KATZ, ELAINE -Baltimore; Speech 
Therapy — AAA; SAH; Hillel; Diamondback, copy ed. 

KATZ, ROBERT -Boltimore; Medical Illustration -<t)S A; National Science Founda 
tion, Softball. KATZ, STEPHEN IRA -Chevy Chase; History -Psychology Club; Dean's 
List KATZ, STEVEN MARTIN-Silver Spring; Accounting & Law-ctSA; Intramurals; 
Education Comm. chm.; Accounting Club; SAM. KATZEL, WILLIAM LEWIS- 
Bethesdo; Real Estote & Insurance— ASFI, sec'y., hist., alumni chm.; House Rules 
Comm.; Pep Club; Men's League Jud. Court. 

*•• J. 



KAUFMAN, SAM D. - Baltimore; Government & Politics-SAM, hist; Spanish Club 
KEEFE, FRANK P.-Hyottsville; Marketing. KEENE, SAMUEL JAMES, JR. -Silver 
Spring; Physics. KEESEE, DONALD GARY - Hyattsville; General BPA- Notional So 
ciety of Pershing Rifles. 

KEHOE, PATRICIA MURRAY - lutherville; History-AAH; l^E, Diamond Princess; 
Diamonc/boc/<; Newman Club; Dorm, pres.; Student Dining Hall Comm.; WRA, 
exec, comm.. Riding Interest Group Chm. KEIDEL, LOUISE K. — Towson; History. 
KELLEHER, BRUCE -Silver Spring; Marketing -SAM; Varsity Basketball; Intramurals; 
M Club; Marketing Club KELLER, AGNES M.-Freeland; Physical Education- Intra- 
murals; WRA rep.; Nevi^mon Club. 




^ ^ rs 

KELLER, DONALD W. - Middletown; Agricultural Economics- ATA KEM, ROBERT 
SHELTON — Cheverly; Physical Education — '!> \l\ vp Arnold Air Society Frosh 
Numerals Baseball KENNEDY, THOMAS M - Stanford, Conn.; Commerce- ASH 
KENT, PATRICIA DIANNE- Frederick; Elementary Education- k AH, secy Dorm, 
iud board, exec, council. 

KESSEN, THOMAS P. -Cincinnati, Ohio; General Studies. KESSLER, JAMES -Hyatts- 
ville; Physical Education. KERCHNER, WILLIAM F., JR. -College Porlt; Education for 
Industry- Frosh Lacrosse; University Theoter KIDNER, VALERIE LYNN-Balti- 
more; Physical Education- nH'I', corr secy , <1>,\K, secy.; Westminster foundo 
tion; Student Religious Council, sec'y ; Chapel Choir. 

Bethesdo; Transportation — A.\.\. SAM, ROTC Non Commissioned Officers Corp, 
KILDEA, ALICE E. -Jackson, Mich.; Physical Education — Women's Professional 
Club WRA; Newman Club, KING, JOHN D- Washington, D.C.; Personnel Monoge- 


.^ (D (i| 

^ A O O 

KINSELLA, KATHLEEN -Silver Spring; Home Economics Education- \\!i Newman 
Club, May Day Costume Chm KINSER, MURIEL -Bethesdo; Elementory Education- 
Westminster Fellowship KIPPNES, ELINOR BEA- Baltimore; History -.\AA, tutor 
mq, M'X; Frosh Prom, comm chm , Bndol Fair comm, chm , Soph, Prom, sec'y,; 
May Day rep. Dorm, pres , sec'y, AWS, vp,. lAWS Contact KISHTER, HER- 
BERT -Baltimore; Civil Engineering -ASCE, social chm,, constitution comm,. Intro 
murals. Dorm, v p , treas,; Citizenship Award, Cecil Hall, 

KITCHIN, CHARUS R.-Linden, N.J.; Social Studies Education- \ I U. hist, chariot 
race chm Intramurals KLAMNER, SAMUEL A. - Baltimore; Sociology- TK*, 
social chm,, rush chm; IFC, Intramurals, WMUC, Election Board, KLAVENS, 
ROBERTA LEE - Baltimore; Elementory Education -<1>S1, philanthropy chm Hillel, 
skit night. Modern Dance Club, Modern Dance Concert, KLEIN, JERRY L. -Wash- 
ington, D.C.; Psychology -0.\, pledge pres., ^.\; IFC Football, Wrestling, Psych. 
Club, Soph Carnival. 

KLIMEN, GARY R -Bethesdo; Biological Sciences. KLINE, ELLEN WOLFSON - Balti- 
more; Elementary Education-i.A I , rerropm, sect ed Hillel KNABE, FREDERICK 
G - Baltimore; Education for Industry. KNIBB, ROBERT R. - Hogerstown; Electricol 

Engineering -Amateur Radio Association, pres , IRE. Dorm, treas , Generol Motors 
College Scholarship 

KNICELY, WALTER W. - Mortinsberg, W Vo , Floriculture- \/ II \\ FFA Coli 
A.| Dorm, officer. Intramurals KNIGHT, JOHN W. -Washington, DC; Electricol 
Engineering-AIEE IRE KNIGHTON, WILLIAM MICHAEL- Ariington, Vo ; Geogrophy- 
I (-)')' Weiqhtliftinq Club, Intramurals, Sports Car Club KOHN, IRENE -Silver 
Spring, Childhood Education — Hillel 


KOLESAR, ARMAND M.-Fort Hancock, N.J.; Military Science. KOUKOULAS, TOULA- 
Baltimore; Sociology. KOWALSKI, KARL, JR. - Bourron Mariotte, France; Government & 

Politics — Munich Branch, Student Council, Town rep., Election chm.; Activities 
Week chm., Newman Club, J.V. Basketball, Volleyball Team. KRAHNKE, KARIA F.- 
Washington, D.C.; Elementary Education — ,\On, secy., social chm., Sr Class sec'y.; 
Panhellenic sec'y.. Old Line Party, sec'y,, AWS, Publicity Comm. 

KRAMER, MADELYN- Silver Spring, Elementary Education. KRESOVICH, NICHOLAS, 
JR.-Hyattsville, Chemical Engineering -AX2, AlCh E KRISO, STEPHEN A.-Wolling- 
ton, N.J.; Pre-Medicol- Newman Club, Intramurals, Amateur Radio Club. KRUSE, 
JUDITH KATHARINE -Baltimore; Biology -Modern Dance Club; Dorm, sec'y.; Orien- 
tations chm. 

KUPERSTEIN, ALYSE - Washington, D.C.; Physical Education- Hillel; Women's Pro 
fessional Club; P.E. Majors Club; WRA. LACKEY, JOEL LEE-W. Hyattsville; Jour- 
nalism— Diamondbock, publications photographer. LAIAKIS, CHRISTOS S. — Thes- 
soly, Greece; Mechanical Engineering-ASME; ETHOS; International Club; Dorm, 
House Rules Comm Chm LANDAY, SHELLEY -Baltimore; Elementary Education- 
AE*, pledge pres., open house co-chm., WRA rep.; May Day, Jr. rep.; STE; 
AWS, Frosh. & Soph, rep., Bridal Fair, co-chm.; House Directors Reception Chm., 
publicity chm.; SGA Calendar Comm. Chm.; Mortar Board, keeper of the robeS; 
Frosh. & Soph. Class Exec. Council; Sr. Class Presents, sec'y.; Jr. Prom, publicity 
chm.; Campus Chest, chm., program chm.; Women's championship singles, 
badminton, tenniS; Diamondback: Dime-a-Dance chm. 

CT) ^% (72 ^^ 



LANDRUM, PATRICIA- Hyattsville; English-AXfl, treos.; D/omondbocIc; Expres- 
sion; Aqualiners; Ski Club; FOB. UNE, FRANK A.-Silver Spring; General BPA- 
Newman Club; Diamondback, cartoonist. LANGE, RICHARD S. — Chevy Chase; 
Education for Industry. LAOHAVANICH, YENCHAI-Woshington, D.C.; Physics- 
SnS; International Club; Physics Major Club. 

f\ O O ,(|ft 

UPES, GEORGE A.-Woshington, D.C.; Psychology -SX; KK^; ^X; Psych Club; 
Ethos; University Marching Band; University Dance Band. LARSON, LARY C — 
Kensington; Industry. LAURANCE, RICHARD B. — Towson; Mechanical Engineering. 
LAURO, PHILLIP A.- fairview, N.J.; Psychology -2N; Intramurols; Free State Party. 

LAWRY, NELSON H.- Silver Spring; Zoology- Pershing Rifles LEAMAN, ALAN B.- 
Silver Spring; Electrical Engineering -Varsity Rifle Team; Terrapin Club. LEATHER- 
MAN, ANNABELLE-Cumberiand; Physical Education -Basketball Interest Group; 
Modern Dance Presentation, Sports days-Ploy days; Professional Club. LeBRUN, 
PATSY RUTH-Finksburg; English. 

LEE, PHYLLIS -Baltimore; Public Relations -Dorm, pres.; AWS, rep, SFAC, notional 
convention. Orientation Fashion Show, Big Sister Program; Old Line, adv. mg.; 
Terrapin, sec. ed.; M Book, see. ed.; Diamondback, copy ed.; Career Week Forum, 
Placement Service; May Day, outstanding Jr. & Sr.; Homecoming Queen Candi- 
date; Old Line Party; Public Relations Day; SPRA, sec'y. LEIBEL, AARON -Balti- 
more; History — Young Democrats Club; Intramurals. LEIZEAR, LEAH — Laurel; 
English-Speech -AHA; Chapel Choir; A^ Soot; Old Line; Diamondback; FOB. 
LELAND, LOUIS S., JR. -Washington, DC; General Studies -A(t>n; "fX 

tf)^ik1b^k civ 

^ ^> m ft 


I ^J. \^\*^ ft '^ %T 

liPSON, RONALD GARY-Bolfimore; Civil Engineering- ASCE Dorm, pres UVEN- 
DUSKY, ROBERT J.-Mt. Roinier, Industrial Arts Education. LEVERrTT, JAMES FRED- 
ERICK -Mt Rainier; Civil Engineering. LEVINE, JERRY A.-W. Hyottsville, Physical 
Education — 4) .A K 


LEVINE, ROBERT NORMAN-Silver Spring, Government & Politics -'I'l A D.o nonrt 
bock, sports ed IFC Presents LEVY, ARTHUR - Silver Spring; Art LI, SICHI - Takoma 
Pari<; Education for Industry-SAM Weightliftiny Club LIBERTY, JENNINA- Hyotts- 
ville; Sociol Studies Education- Newman Club 

LICHTIG, MICHAEL B. -Boltimore; Civil Engineering -ASCE LIMPENS, VICTOR - 
Brussels, Belgium; Electrical Engineering. LIPIN, LLOYD EDWARD -Baltimore; Civil 
Engineering -ASCE LODGE, MARIAN JEANNE -Baltimore; French Educotion-Frosh 

Class, v.p.; WRA sports; French Circle; Jud. Board, Exec. Council, Fire Warden; 
Bridge Club; SNEA. 

^ .(^ f? 

lOEZOS, ELIZABETH J. -Washington, DC; Elementary Education. LOHR, NANCY LEE- 
Boltimore; History Education- A \U, vp. WRA, treas , vp. iTE, vp; Dorm, 
v.p., AWS Orphans Party, Hood Sports Day, chm , Miss Maryland, finalist, WRA, 
intramurals LONGFELLOW, WILLIAM J. - Wheoton; Milltory Studies. LONGEST, HENRY 
III — Boltimore; Civil Engineering — ASCE 

LORENZ, WAYNE FRANK - Hyottsville; History-Weightlifting Club; Advanced Air 
Science LOTZ, MARGARET ANN-Ellicott City; Executive Secretarial- FOB, pres, 
rush chm., soph carnival chm , '1>.\H, hist ; Student Union Comm., AWS Con- 
stitution Comm., Newsletter, Secretarial Comm.; FOB; May Day, Comm, chm.; 
Dorm, exec council. Intromurols; Doydodger Big Sister; Dorm Big Sister; SAM. 
lOUGHMAN, LARRY -Rochester, Pa.; Transportotion- ANA, SAM; Intramurals. 
LOWE, THOMAS DALE- Adelphi; Accounting- BA1', Dean's List, Accounting Club, 

■^ ^ ni r' 


LUBBERT, ROBERT F.-Glen Bumie; Civil Engineering- \i: ASCE D Club, v p, pres.; 
Intramurals. Dorm, pres., athletic chm LUH, DONALD A. — Ariington, Vo.; Chem- 
i$try-Mens Glee Club; U C C LUNDGREN, ROY H. -Riverdole; Milltory Studies. 
LUSTMAN, LEIBA — Boltimore; Elementary Education — Dorm, Jud Board, exec coun 
cil, big sister. 

MocDONALD, DOUGLAS DANIEL- Woshington, DC; Government & Polltics-Mens 
Chorus MACIDUll, JOSEPH C -Ft lee, Vo ; Military Science. MoclNTOSH, ROBERT 
CAMPBELL -Ridgewood, N.J.; Electrical Engineering- Varsity Swimming AltE. 
IRE, M Club, Resident Assistant. MocNEAl, JANE CATHERINE -Silver Spring; 
Textiles & Clothing-ON. Home Ec Club 


MACRIS, NANCY lOU-Hyotfsville; Elementary Education -AOO, Terrapin, sec 
ed.; FOB, Tour Leader; Soph, Prom Comm., Soph. Carnival, Red Cross Drive 
May Doy, voting comm NIADEJ, JOSEPH J. -Glen Burnie; Mechanical Engineering - 
ASME; Newman Club, Dorm, pres MADEL, JOHN L, JR. - Leonardtown- Electrical 
Engineering- 1 RE MAGEE, MICAHEl W. - Baltimore, Education for Industry 

MAGIDSON, JANE-Silver Spring; Sociology- A<I>E, pres, rush chm.. Diamond 
MAGNEHI, MARY PATRICIA -College Pork; Music -SAI, Women's Chorus MAINE, 
EDNA ANN -Friendly; Elementary Education -Marching Band, Concert Band, Wes- 
ley Foundation, Modern Dance Club. MALAN, HOWARD JOSEPH -Pikesville; Elec- 
trical Engineering — IRE, Amateur Radio Club. 

MALL, AARON -Baltimore; Electronics- 1 RE, Dorm, treas., Inframurols. MANTEL, 
RICHARD C.-Wheoton; Criminology- KA, Varsity Swimming Team, M Club. 
MARAHA, EUGENE THOMAS JOSEPH -Mt. Rainier; General Business -SAM, spring 
mgt. conf. chm.; Prince Georges County Senatorial Scholarship; Intromurols 
MARCERON, DENNIS A. -Silver Spring; English. 

MARCERON, RALPH A. - Greenbelt; Transportation- ANA MARCUS, JOSEPH BAER- 
Baltimore; Zoology- Intramurals; Bridge Club; House Rules Comm. MARINELLI 
ARTHUR ORESTE - Greenbelt; Physical Education -Wrestling Team, co-capt 
60 61; M Club. MARSH, JEAN-College Park; Elementary Education. 

MARTIN, JUAN CARLOS -Washington, D.C.; Pomology -Varsity Soccer, M Club; 
Newman Club MARTIN, LAWRENCE E., JR. - Hyaftsville; Military Science! MARTIN^ 
NORMAN L.-Ft. Meade, Va.; Military Studies. MARTIN, PENELOPE ANN-Rock- 
ville; Speech-AAA; Panhellenic Council; Pledge Debut, chm.; Color Guard; SGA 
Finance Comm., sec'y. 

fTA- 't 

MARTIN, ROLAND E. - Hyattsville; Chemistry. MARTIN, WILLIAM V., JR. - Baltimore; 
Transportation -ANA; Propeller Club. MARVAL, EDNA L. -Trenton, N.J.; Elemen- 
tary Education- AC) 0; Newman Club; Terropm; AWS; May Day Voting Comm. 
MASLANIK, GERALD JAMES - Greenbelt; Music Education-OMA; Marching Bond; 
Concert Bond; Symphony Orchestra, 

MATHIS, WILLIAM WALTER - Takoma Park; Sociology- KAM; Gymkano; Diomond- 
bock; Terrapin; Intromurols MATLICK, THOMAS LINCOLN -Cumberland; Electrical 
Engineering. MATTINGLEY, RICHARD G. - Beltsville; Aeronautical Engineering -ASO, 

pres,, v,p,, rush chm.; IAS; IFC; Young Democrats Club; Jazz Concert, chm. 
MATZEK, MONICA KAY — Silver Spring; Journalism — APA, activities chm.; Dia- 
mondback, news ed., copy chief; University Theater; Terrapin; Flying Follies, 
pub. chm.; May Day, pub. chm.; Parents Day, pub. chm.; Frosh. Prom Comm.; 
Lab Theater; Soph. Carnival; SGA; AWS. 


y^.O "^ 

McADOO, KATHRYN MARSHA -Hyattsville, Americon Civilization- K A, rush chm , 
scholarship chm,, ed Modern Dance Club. University Theater, Terrapin, staff 
mgr , FOB Tour Leader, Intromurals, May Day McCABE, OLIVER L - Baltimore; 
Psychology-<I)Ki;, Track Team, Olympic Barbell Club McCARTHY, PETER-New 
YorV, N.Y., Sociology. McCARTHY, WILLIAM C.-Ellicott City; Psychology- AIH 
SGA, FOB. Chapel Choir, University Club, 

^^t ^ O O 

McCAUUY, CHARLfS OTIS -North East; Journalism -SA.V Diomondboct Mc- 
CLENNY, ERNEST B.- Silver Spring; Military Science. McCOLUM, REGINALD E.- 
Springfield, Vo.; Militory Studies. McCULLOUGH, DAVID BRENT-Mariton, N.J.; 
Aeronautical Engineering — AX<t>; IAS 

^ P i^ Q 



McDonald, GERALD L. - Greenbelt; Finonce- Newman Club McDONALO, MICHAEL 
DONALD — Baltimore; Journalism -i.A.\. Diomondbock; Welghtlifting Club 
McELWEE, ARUNE JOYCE -Baltimore; Sociology- Newman Club; Dorm, Big Sister 
McFARLAND, RONALD G. - Baltimore; Personnel- AX fl; Newman Club; SAM; House 
Rules & Scholarship Comm. 

McGARVIE, BETTY -HyoMsville; Sociology --\.\n, vp; <I>X0, treos.; Newman 
Club; Free State Party, sec'y ; FOB; WRA; Soc. Club; Outstanding Jr., May Day; 
Campus Cheating Comm , Daydodger Big Sister, Diomondbock, circulation mgr.; 
Elections Board MclNTIRE, BURTON WAnS - Cheveriy; Sociology -S 11; IFC, rep , 
Internotional Club, Soc. Club, trees , Greek Week Comm,. Cancer Carnival, pub- 
licity comm., FOB; SAM, Spanish Club, MclNTOSH, JAMES F.-Adelphi; Military 
Studies. McKENNA, BERNARD J. -Baltimore; History- lliA, AKK Rulert Scholar 
ship Comm. 

C f^ C^ fTsi" 

McKENZIE, WALTER F., JR. - Lonoconing; Mothemotics-f^iK KKH'. Marching 
Band, Career Week, comm. chm.; intromurals. Dorm, exec council; Gordon 
Davis Linen Campus Agent McLEAN, BARBARA FAY-Sevema Park; Procticol Art- 
Dorm, pub comm. chm ; Intromurals. Ice Skating Club. Ski Club McLEAY, FRED- 
ERICK M.- Laurel; General Business. McLEAN, WARNER H.- Wayne, Mich.; Account- 
ing—Accounting Club, Intromurals. 

MEADOFF, GAIL ROBIN -Long Island, N.Y.; English -<t>5.X, rush chm, pledge mis 
tress. Old Line Party, chm. Homecoming Decorations Comm, MEININGER, 
RICHARD CARL-Chevy Chose; Civil Engineering- Civil Enqr Honor Society ASCE; 
Wesley Foundation MEISER, BRUCE R. -Duluth, Minn.; Economics -Diomondbock, 
ed.. Soph Counselor, Newnion Club MENDEL, CHARLES - Baltimore; Education for 

MERKEL, JON C— Ariington, Vo.; Psychology— \\\. pledge trainer, treos, secy 
Intromurals MERMELSTEIN, ILONA- Baltimore; Childhood Education- Bridge Club 
Jr Prom Comm , Bridal Fair Comm. MCTCALFE, LYNDA KAY -Indian Heod; Elemen- 
tary Education — .vol 1. Dorm, treos, vp, |ud boord, Frosh Counselor, Drama 
Wing MaCALFE, ROBERT E.-Dillwyn, Vo.; Electrical Engineering -Veterans Club, 
pres,. IRE, AIEE, Wesley Foundation, 


MEYERSON, NATALIE - Hyottsville; Childhood Education- Dorm, hist, hall pres , 
proctor, exec, council, Intramurols. MICHAELS, LARRY — New Britoin, Conn.; Physi- 
cal Education -Newman Club, Intramurols. MIKULA, STEPHEN - Dayton, Ohio; 
Business — OKi; SAM, American Management Association, Newman Club. 
MIKULA, GERALD VERNON - Bethesda; Education for Industry- <I>Ae, SAM, Newman 
Club; Soph. Carnival co-chm.; Dorm, v. p. 

MILES, JUDITH ANN -Silver Spring; English -KKP, Homecoming; FOB MILLARD, 
ALFRED J.-Oxon Hill; Military Studies. | MILLER, EDWARD F.- Hyottsville; Agricul- 
ture Educotion. MILLER, GEORGE E. - Uniontown, Pa.; Business-SAM; UN Club. 

MILLER, HARRY WALTON - Spring Gap; Transportation -BPS; AN.\; Chapel Choir; 
Maryland Christian Fellowship; Westminster Fellowship, v. p. MILLER, MARJORIE — 
Washington, D.C.; English — AE<t>; Old Line, Ed. -in-Chief, Art Ed.; Diamondback, 
Cartoonist; Bridal Fair; Homecoming, Chm. of House Decor.; Outstanding Soph. 
& Jr., AWS pub.; Soph. Carnival, pub.; Co-ed Volleyball; Dean's List. MILLER, 
MARJORIE LEE — Mt. Roinier; English — Commuter's Club; University Theater Usher; 
Md Christian Fellowship MILLER, ROBERT LEWIS - Baltimore; Mechonical Engineer- 
ing— ASME. 

MILLWARD, WILLIAM N., JR. - Lewisburg, Pa.; Military Studies. MILSTEAD, SPENCER 
COLVEn-Morbury; Industrial Monagerment-BrS; ASH MINTON, MALVIN 
PRICE III -Salisbury; History-Dorm, pres.; Intramurols. MIROCHNA, THADDEUS 
M.-Ft. Meade, Vo.; Military Studies. 

MONTALBANO, CHARLES V.- Silver Spring; Public Relotions-AXn; SA.\; PRSA 
American Public Relations Assoc, Newman Club. MONTEDONICO, JOSEPH - 
Bethesda; Sociology — SAE, v. p., sgt.-at-arms, homecoming chm., public rela- 
tions comm. chm.; Kolegothos; SAX; All Star Frat. Football; "IFC Presents," 
pub. chm.; Terrapin; Greek Newspaper; Sociology Club, pres.; Frosh. Lacrosse; 
IFC Chm.; IFC Cancer Carnival chm.; Intramurols; Homecoming Chm.; Gate & Key 
Society MONTEITH, ROY T.- Washington, D.C.; Commerce- SAM MONTGOMERY, 
ANDREW WINFIELD- Washington, DC; Geography - TO Y, v p 

MONTGOMERY, DONALD LEE-Glen Bumie. <J>A0, ath dir., ass't. pledge moster; 
Intramurols; FOB; Wesley Foundotion; SAM. MONTGOMERY, JANICE M.-Silve.r 
Spring; English — AOFl, sec'y., pledge pres.; ^.\; AAA; FIAE; Mortar Board; 
<t>K<t>; Who's Who; Psych. Club, treas., v. p.; Commuter's Club, v. p.; AWS, 2nd 
v.p.; FOB; Bridal Fair; Terrapin, co-ed. -in-chief; Daydodger Big Sister, chm.; 
Publ. Board, Women's Employment Conf. MOON, GEORGE W., JR. - Greenbelt; 
Biological Science. MOORE, BARBARA JUANITA- Alexandria, Vo.; Elementary Educa- 
tion— nB<t>, pres., social chm., rush captain; Prestal & Mortar; Frosh. Prom 
Comm.; Bridal Fair; Angel Flight, hist.; Diamondback: SNEA; Terropin; Home- 
coming Comm. 

MOORE, CONSTANCE LOUISE - Greenbelt; Secretarial-Business -A AH, secy, co 
rush chm., Daydodger Big Sister; WRA; Terrapin Ski Club; Wesley Foundation. 
MOORE, HARRY D.-Ellicott City; Electronics- Newman Club, sociol chm., pub. 
chm.; Snow-Boll Dance Chm.; Varsity Rifle Teom; House Rules & Sch. Comm., 
co-chm.; Vandenburg Guard Trick Drill Team, commander; ROTC Rifle Team; 
Outstanding Cadet; AIEE-IRE; Honors Dorm; German House Improvements 
Comm MOORE, JOHN S.-Glen Bumie; Education. MOORE, MARION - Greenbelt; 
Music Education— MENC. 



r^ ^, f^- 

O Q 







MORIARITY, WILLIAM BRYANT ll-Befhesda; Economics-SAE, Economics Dis 
cussion Club, Political Science Club MOROOSE, SANDRA SHARON - Baltimore; 
Psychology- Psychology Club MORREY, CAROLYN M.-Silver Spring; Art History- 
rOB MORRIS, SANDRA -Hyottsvllle; English Education. 

MORRISON, JAMES P. -College Park; Music Education-* MA, Sinfonio Band; 
Symphony Orch ; MENC MORTIMER, RICHARD C. -Clinton; Music Education- 
Band, Trophy for Most Improved Musician, 58-59, Dance Band, MOSER, E. LEE — 
Hagerstown; Industrial Educotion — ,\rF. I,\S, House Rules Comm MOSES, ED- 
WIN GEORGE — Baltimore; Electrical Engineering— Newman Club, trees 

MOSS, LINDA ARLEEN-Pikesville; Childhood Education -OSS Parent's Day Regis 
tration. Elections Board, University Theater Box Office; Frosh, Prom, Soph, 
Prom; Hillel MOULDEN, OWEN M. - Burtonsviile; Industrial Engineering. MRYNCZA, 
AOOLPH A. - Baltimore; Electrical Engineering- House Rules Comm., IRE. MUDD, 
DONALD G.- Silver Spring; Electrical Engineering- ATO; HKN; IRE; Diamondbacks 
Newman Club, Election Board. 

MULLIS, 0. RAY-Macon, Co.; Physical Education — <t>AE, treas ; Newman Club, 
sec'y Veteran's Club, chaplain. Dean's List; Intramurols. MURPHY, HELEN E.— 
Hyottsville; English- Diomondback, office mgr,; Newman Club. MURPHY, KATHRYN 
E. — Bethesdo; English — French Club. Westminster Fellowship; Chapel Choir; Dorm, 
Cultural Chm , social chm,; AWS, cultural comm., constitution comm, MURRAY, 
JOANNE ESTHER — Silver Spring; Home Economics Education— KKP, Home Economics 
Club, v.p. 

MURRAY, JOHN JOSEPH - Lonham; Sociol Science- University Theater, Calvert De 
bate. Forensic Conf, Reader's Theater; SAM; SNEA, MUSUMCCI, JOSEPHINE ANN - 
Silver Spring; Fine Arts-Newman Club; Chapel Choir MYERS, KEVERA - Linthicum 
Hgts.; Government & Politics— KA, sec'y., v.p, of Sr, Class; Angel Flight; Greek 
Week Queen '61; SGA, Who's Who, pub. relations comm.; Frosh. Day Chm,, May 
Day rep,. Homecoming, Flowers Chm,, Aqualiners, Old Line Party Exec, Council; 
Diomondbock; Military Ball Queen Finalist, Dorm, Exec. Council, Social Chm,, 
AWS, sec'y O/d Une; Bridal Fair NEAl, ROBERT JEn-College Pork; Aeronautical 
Engineering— IAS 

(^^ -^ I f -a- J \ ^ * 

^' ^ !^ ^ 
0ik ^ 

t- '•5 

i r 




c^ rs r^ 

NEARY, SUSAN H- Kensington; Elementory Education-AP, XWI Color Guard, 
capt Intramurols, May Day rep , Dorm, iud, board, v p , exec council NELSON, 
MARION M.- Columbia, S.C; Militory Science. NELSON, PETER BOWMAN -College 
Porit; Acodemic Education. NEWLAND, EDWARD - Rochester, NY.; Politicol Science - 
WiK, Political Science Club. 

NEWMAN, RUSSELL J -Hyottsville; Accounting. NICHOLS, HERBERT W -ft. Belvoir, 
Vo , Military Science. NILSON, DAVID M. -College Pork; Electrical Engineering. 
NIMHZ, ARTHUR -Silver Spring; Physical Education -AAH, PER 


NIXDORF, RICHARD H.-Claibome; Civil Engineering -OKT. ASCE NOLIMEYER, 
UO F.-Hyattsville; Accounting -ASH NORFOLK, CALVERT W., JR. - Hyattsville; 

Dairy- AFP, Frosh. Soccer, Varsity Soccer; Kalegethos; Dairy Science Club; 
Sears Roebuck Scholarship; Borden Co^ Senior Scholarship. NORINS, ELLEN — 
Baltimore; Elementary Education — Diomondboc/c,- NEA; WRA, University Theatre; 
Bridge Club; Homecoming Comm.; Hillel. 

NOVOTNY, J. THOMAS -Laurel; Education for Industry- NEA; SAM; Newman Club; 
Vondenberg Guard; Dorm, pres NOZIGLIA, ROBERT E. — Hyattsville; General Studies. 
NUSSBAUM, MARILYN GAIL-College Pari; Chemistry -AAO; FOB; Doydodger Big 
Sister; Soph. Queen, runner up; Chapel Choir. OCHSE, WILLIAM G. B.- Baltimore; 
Social Studies. 

O'CONNEL, JEAN M. -Silver Spring; Marketing- Newman Club; Marketing Club; 
Diamondback, copy ed OFFUTT, GEORGE C- College Park; Zoology- <I>S; New- 
man Club; Chess Club OFFUH, WARREN L. - Hyattsville; Social Science. OIDICK, 
ALVINH.-Pikesville; English. 

OKON, SUE ARLEEN- Baltimore; English-*2S; secy.; Sr. Panhellenic, 2nd v.p.; 
Homecoming, sec'y.; Sub-chm. Frosh Prom; Sr. Prom, sub-chm. OLIVER, ALFRED — 
Hyattsville; Mathematics. OMINSKY, BARRY EDWIN LEE - Baltimore; Zoology. 
ORFUSS, CARL J. - Baltimore; Zoology- Dorm, athletic chm., v.p., house rules 
chm,; Intramurals; Biology Club; Bridge Club. 

Jessup; Sociology. OVERTON, DONALD EDWARD -Hyattsville; Agricultural Engineer- 
ing- ASME; Agricultural Engineering Club, pres.; Agriculture Student Council. 
PADOVANO, FRANK A. -White Plains, N.Y.; Agricultural Economics -APP; Block & 
Bridle Club; Agriculture Council; Intramurals; Superintendent of Student Live- 
stock Show. 

■r'9» 1CS- 



PAUHER, DAVID FUNK - Hyattsville; Zoology. PAPAVASILIOU, SYLVIA - Baltimore; 
Mathematics -Dorm, jud board PARK, THURLOW F.- Silver Spring; Physical Edu- 
cation—Swimming Team, capt. 59 60. PARKER, JON B. — Silver Spring; Education 
for Industry— TKE. 

PARKER, PENELOPE JO-Elkton; Textiles & Clothing- AFA, vp, pledge trainer; 
Parents Day; Greek Comm.; Westminster Fellowship; Home Economics Club. 
PARKMAN, DONALD N- Silver Spring; Education for Industry. PASS, CAROLYN J.- 
Baltimore; Pre-Medical, Zoology — Zoology Club, sec'y ; Doydodger Big Sister; 
Dorm, Academic chm., jud. board; Hillel; Soph. Carnival, ass't. treas.; AWS, 
exec board PAnERSON, CLARENCE ARTHER, JR.-W. Hyattsville; Industrial Man- 
agement— <t>K2; Varsity Lacrosse; Sailing Club, pres. 


c^ r> ip\ 

PAHERSON, JOHN -Washington, DC, Educotion for Industry. PAHERSON, ROBERTA 
LEE — Bethesdo; Elementory Education — AHA, treas , pres., Dean's List. FOB Sr 
Class Presents, program comm , Bridal Fair, comm. chm, PECORA, FORTENO 
NICHOLAS — Boltimore; Metallurgy — Newman Club, Metals Club, American Society 
for Metals, House Rules Chm,. Intramurols. PICARSKY, BEATRICE -Silver Spring; 
Childhood Education. 

PECKHAM, JASON MAXWELL - Tiverton, R.I.; Agronomy-SFl Agronomy Club, 
pres, Intramurols, Agronomy Council, House & Rules Comm PENDLfTON, 
NATHAN S. Ill -College Par^; Industry Management. PENDORF, PAUL W- Balti- 
more; Chemical Engineering — AlChE RMA, editor Swimming Team PENKIUNAS, 
BIRUTE A. — Baltimore; Zoology— Dorm, |ud boord, Newman Club; Lituanica Club, 
sec'y . treas 

PERDIKARIS, STEPHANOS C.-Kolomitsi Lefkos, Greece; Mathematics. PERSEGHIN, 
GEORGE L. - Baltimore; Electrical Engineering- T hi I HKN IRE AIEE PETRESKY, 
JOHN J.-Lourel; Military Science. PETRUSHANSKY, MARLINE - Woshington, D.C.; 
Elementary Education- A<l>K, WRA Council; FOB; SNEA; Intramurols; Terrapin. 


f% 9 f^ '^ 

PEHEE, GEORGE BENJAMIN-W. Hyattsville; History-.^TO, pres., v.p, pledge 
master; Kalegethos, pres , Who's Who, Varsity M Club, Intramurol Athlete 
Award, Frat. All Star Football & Basketball (4 yrs.X OAK.; IFC, jud. revision 
comm chm,, ath, chm,, sch. chm.; SGA, Frat. rep,. SGA Clemson TV Game chm.. 
Judicial Revision comm.; Traffic Comm., Old Line Party, v.p., pledge sch. award, 
ath chm PFANNENSTIEL, RALPH J. -Baltimore; Pre-Medicol. PFEIFFER, LAWRENCE 
D. - Hyattsville; Mathematics. PFlfEGER, STEPHEN F.-Adelphi; Tronsportation - 
Maryland Flying Club 

PHELPS, ROLAND ALAN - Boltimore; Industrial Arts-.MU: Frosh Track Team. 
Varsity Track Team, Intramurols. Dorm, social chm PHILLIPS, ALLEN LAUREL- 
Hyattsville; Military Science. PHILLIPS, PATRICIA MARIE -Towson; English -Aqua 
liners. Chapel Choir; Newman Club; Swimming Club. PIXTON, MARVIN F. Ill-Gulf 
Shoes, Ala.; Finance- 0A8; IFC; Varsity Track, Atlantic Coast Conference low 
hurdle champion, M Club, special comm. chm. 



PLEXICO, PERRY SPRATT - Adelphi; Electricol Engineering- Ml', vp, house mgr , 
rush chm, IFC, Greek Week Comm., IFC Presents, IRE PLOWMAN, PAUL M.- 
Baldwin; Agricultural Economics — FFA; Intramurols; Dorm, treas Agr Council. 
Agr Econ Club; RMA PLUMHOFF, JAMES EARLE - Baltimore; Philosophy -.\l"n 
FOB, Frosh Lacrosse PLUMMER, ANNE - Preston; Textiles & Clothing- 1*11; 4H 
Club; Doydodger Big Sister. 

PLUTSHOK, CAROLYN DIANCE - Federalsburg; Music- AAA IM. vp. Dorm, 
sec'y. Exec Council, Cultural Chm., big sister. Women's Chorus, Accompanist; 
Moy Doy. music chm University Theater POE, JAMES E. — Kensington; Militory 
Science. POMERANCE, NEAU FERNE - Pikesville; English-A<t>l„ scholarship chm 
POND, R. DOUGLAS - Silver Spring; Accounting- K A, secy, athletic chm. Intro 


Burnie; Physical Education. POORE, LINDA B. - Baltimore; Sociology — 11 B(t>, secy, 
pres.; Rifelry Interest Group; Terrapin: University Theater. POPP, RICHARD 
JOSEPH — Hyattsville; Psychology— Newman Club; Newman Club Choir; Chapel 
Choir, Flying Follies. 

PORTER, JOHN S. — Baltimore; Electricol Engineering— IRE, Arnold Air Society; Air 
Forces Assoc POWELL, MARIE WARDEN - Kensington; Sociology- Chapel Choir, In- 
tramurals; Wesley Foundation; Dorm, Red Cross rep, POWERS, RICHARD J.- 
Bethesda; Accounting. PRATT, WILLIAM CLIFTON — Formington, Moine; Sociology — 

Terrapin Ski Club; Sociology Club; Dean's List. 

PRESTIFILIPPO, JOSEPH R- Newark, N.J.; Psychology. PRICE, CHARLES M.- Silver 
Spring; Psychology. PRICE, LOIS - Adelphi; Childhood Education -<1>SS, house pres.; 
Frosh. Day Comm,; Soph. Carnival, pub. chm.; ZBT, sweetheart, PRICE, WAYNE 
LEE — Odenton; Agricultural Economics — AZ; Dorm, athletic chm., pres,; RMA, 


«»t -^ f, 








PRINTZ, DAVID L.- Washington, D.C.; Electricol Engineering- 1 RE PRUSCHS, WIL- 
LIAM S.-Mt. Rainier; Electrical Engineering. PRYOR, MARGARET LOUISE -Frederick, 

English -Dorm, vp, jud board pres PUGH, WILLIAM N.- Hyattsville; Physicol 
Education — <J)KS; Frosh. Lacrosse; Varsity Lacrosse; M Club. 

•Wis -""^ 1-3? »> f 

PULIDO, RODOLFO A.-Woshington, D.C.; Civil Engineering-ASCE; Newman Club; 
International Club; Dorm, house rules comm,; Resident Ass't, PUTMAN, JAMES 
FRANCIS — Frederick; Accounting — ATA; "tHS, John W, Guckeyson AAemoria! 
Scholarship; Dorm, pres,, RMA, Exec, Council, QUICK, ELEANOR J. - Riverdole; 
Elementary Education. QUINLAN, JAMES ARTHUR, JR.-Ellicott City; Pre-Medicol, 
Psych. — Dorm, Government. 

Timonivio; Civil Engineering. RAFFAELO, KATHLEEN - Newark, N.J.; Elementary Educa- 
tion-niiO); Dean's List RALPH, PHYLLIS C.-Mt. Rainier; English-TOB, Scholar 
ship chm,, v,p,; AAA; Terrapin, sec, ed.; May Day Rep,; Jr, Ponhellenic, vp,; 
SNEA; Sr. Ponhellenic. 

RALSTON, AUN ANDREW -Washington, D.C.; Civil Engineering-ASCE RAND, 
BERTIE-Silver Spring; Childhood Education -A<t>E, pledge mother; SNEA; Ski Club. 
RANDOLPH, JOHN N., JR.-Silver Spring; Economics - 0.\, v p, secy, rush chm.; 
IFC rep,, rush comm., Men's League; IFC Presents. RAPP, JANET L. — Rockville; 
Home Economics — ON 


Ci f^- 

RAPSON, FREDERICK WILLIAM - Baltimore; Educotlon for Indusf ry - S A K RAY, 
LINDA GAIL — La Plato; English -Mortar Board, ed , Dorm, pres , AWS Social Chm , 
SGA, RMA Service Key, May Day rep , Homecoming Comm , Dorm Council Big 
Sister Comm REAMS, WILLIAM H. - Hagerstown; Mechonical Engineering. RECHES, 
HENRY - Baltimore; History- Hillel, Soccer 

REDMILES, MILDRED GLADYS - Laurel; Science Education. REED, SANDRA ROSE -Silver 
Spring; Textiles & Clothing-Home Economics Club REESE, DAVID HARPER-Edge- 
water; Zoology. REEVES, ARTMAN B.-Mognolio, N.J.; Science Education- Ik h. 

Football Team. 

REHERT, ALLEN F.-Boltimore; Electrical Engineering -i.WI, lUn, AIEE, Soph 
Prom, pub comm REICHERT, F. RONALD- Arbutus; Civil Engineering- ASCE REID, 
JAMES H., JR.-Hyattsville; Military Studies. REIN, JANET HELENE-Cheveriy; Social 
Studies — .A^U, May Day, pub chm , Lab Theater. 

REINHOLO, CHARLES HOWARD - Queene Anne; Agriculture Education. REISNER, WIL- 
LIAM F. -Silver Spring; Transportation- iAK, A\A, FOB RESTIVO, JOSEPHINE 
M. — Boltimore; English — Newman Club, chm.; Women's ChoruS; ACS; University 
Theater, Chess Club. REYNOLDS, JULIA ANN - Baltimore; History -Sociology Club, 

REYNOLDS, WILMER E, -Chinoteoque, Va,; Physical Education -l^ A l-„ pres., Intro 
murals <t>k<l) RHODES, DEWEY DALE - Aberdeen; Industriol Educotion- I AS, In 
dusfrial Education Assoc.; Dorm, House & Rules Comm chm; IE A.; Diamond- 
bocl< Rep; Intramurols RICHARDS, ALAN KENT-Silver Spring; English-SAE; 
Sports Car Club RICHARDS, BARRY A. - Boltimore; Mechanical Engineering. 

O n o « 

n. Os O C 


JR. — Baltimore; Political Science — Hi!. \, Dorm, House Rules & Scholorship Comm. 
B. JEAN — Hillcrest Heights; Art — (;<^, pledge supervisor, sec'y ; Moy Day rep.; 
Soph Cornivol, pub chm,, Moy Day, pub, chm , Homecoming Queen's Chm., 
AWS, v.p.. Sorority Council, v. p.; Sr. Panhellenic; Diamond; lerraptn, sec. 
ed , art ed , assoc. ed.; SGA. 

RIliY, ROBERT FRANKLIN -Forest Heights; Science -Baptist Student Union Dorm, 
pres ; University Club RING, JOSEPH - Boltimore; Electrical Engineering- AIEE 
IRE, vice chm RISHELL, WILLIAM A, - Mockeyville, Po.; Poultry Husbondry - ( ) A K 

Wrestling Team, ACC Champion; Varsity M Club, Eastern Intercollegiate Poultry 
Judging Team, Ralston Purina Sr Scholarship Award RITTINGER, ROGER GIBSON - 
Hyattsville; Public Relotions — <l>Sk, IFC pub comm Diomondbock; PRSA Lob 
Theater Publicity Co chm , ilA.X, SPRS. 


ROBISON, WADE L.-Takoma Park, Philosophy. ROBINSON, UNNEIL-Severna Park; 
History — AAA, pres., IIAK; Mortar Board; SGA, sec'y . finance comm., Who's 
Who Comm,, Cultural Comm., Adele H. Stamp Award, Outstanding Jr. Women; 
FOB, sec'y. Frosh, Soph., Jr. Class Sec'y.; May Day, business mgr.; Terrapin, 
asso. ed,, sec. ed,; Dorm, exec, council, political rep., M eook, sec. ed. ROBINSON, 
MYRNA JOYCE — Baltimore; Interior Design — National Society of Interior Designers, 
treas.; Ski Club; Dorm, pres,, Fencing Interest Group, ROBINSON, NORMA LEE — 
Forest Hill; Textiles & Clothing— 1); Diomondbock; Terrapin; Red Cross; Soph, 
Carnival, pub, comm,; WRA, handbook; Panhellenic Council; Pledge Dance, pub, 
chm.; Homecoming Queen Comm.; FOB; Daydodger Big Sister, 

ROBINSON, WILLIAM W.-Cheverly; Social Studies. ROGERS, J. LYNNE - Boltimore; 
Elementory Educotion-SNEA ROGERS, JACK H.- White Hall; Physical Educotion. 
ROMAN, ROBERT JOSEPH - Beltsville; Electrical Engineering- IRE; Newman Club 

ROMINE, RICHARD A. -Clear Spring; Physical Education -OAK; Varsity Soccer; 
Varsity Lacrosse; All-Americon Soccer, All-South Soccer Team; John W Guckey- 
son Memorial Award for Athletic Ability; M Club, ROMOSER, BRUCE — Silver Spring; 
Sociology. ROMOSER. DONALD FRANCIS -Baltimore; Generol Business. ROOT. MARY 
CATHERINE- Rapid City, S. Dak.; Foods & Nutrition -Newman Club; Terrapin; Stu- 
dent Union Board, Dorm, jud, board; Home Ec, career week chm,; Student 
Faculty Council. 

ROSEN, ELLIS H. — Baltimore; Social Science Education — Dorm, house exec, comm., 
scholastic chm.; SNEA; Coffee chm. ROSENFELD, BEVERLY - Silver Spring; Speech 
Therapy — AttE, sec'y., pledge mother; ,'\AA; SAH; 'tK't; Soph. Carnival. 
ROSENGARDEN, EUGENE -Baltimore; Economics-SAM; Intromurals; Jr Prom 
Co chm.; Soph, Carnival Comm. ROSS, ELIZABETH A. - Gloucester City, N.J.; 
Sociology— nH<I'; Scholarship Comm.; Intramurals; Terrapin; Sociology Club; 
Westminster Fellowship. 

ROSSMAN, THEODORE LEO, JR. -Baltimore; Civil Engineering -ASCE ROTH, ROLF J.- 
Takoma Park; Accounting- ASH; BFi; Accounting Club; SAM ROUSH, ANN- 
North East; Social Studies — .AAA; SNEA, v,p,; AWS Orphan's Party Comm.; Dorm, 
Exec, Council, v,p,; FOB ROVNER, JEROME S. - Baltimore; Zoology-<tH; OS, edi 

tor; Biology Club, 

ir^ ,£D cy ^% 


\ - 


'V^ 1%'^' 

ROWELL, GILLIAM MARY - University Park; Practical Art-TA.X; Rush Chairman. 
RUBIN, SANDRA FAY-Tokoma Park; Accounting- AOE, treas ; AAA; V,\^; HI2; 

Chaplain; Jr Prom Comm,, sec'y,;' Daydodger Dutch Dinner, co-chm,; Accounting 
Club; Diamond; May Day rep,; Tri-Delt Scholarship Award, RUCK, BRUCE STE- 
PHEN -Washington, D.C.; Spanish. RUDICK, STANLEY AARON - Boltimore; Speech- 
Radio & T.V. — IIAE; SA.X; WMUC, music director, ass't, program director, key, 
station mgr.; HilleL Pub. Comm. 

Abell; Electrical Engineering- THH; HKN; IRE RUSSELL, SALLY PENN-Towson; 
Sociology— n BO, pledge trainer, settlement school chm.; AWS Bridal Fair; FOB; 
Dorm, Big Sister Program; Psychology Club; Student Ass't. Library. RUSSELL, 
WILLIAM PAUL-Abell; Electrical Engineering-TBH; HKN; IRE 


RUTLEDGE, ANNE HOPE -Rocks; English- Westminster Fellowship Women's Cho 
rus. Dorm, iud board. Elections Council, Bxec- Council RYERSON, ROBERT — Silver 
Spring; Aeronautical Engineering. SABEL. AUGUST J —Alexandria, Vo.; Militiary 
Studies SACHS, SYDNEY LOIS -Baltimore; Elementary Educotion-'tll AAA, Dio 

mondback, reporter. Ponhellenic Council, lour leader. Bridal Fair. Harmony Hall. 

C' p a p 

B ^ ^ ^ 

SAGEL, GERALD — Baltimore; Industrial Arts Education — Dorm, pres , social chm 
Olympic Barbell Club. Intromurols. SAGli, BARBARA L. -Silver Spring; Elementary 
Education- kA(-). Tennis Double Tournament SAILOOM, PATRICIA ANN - Cheverly; 
Elementary Education — .-WH, sociol chm., song leader Pledge Queen. WRA, Inter- 
est Group. Newman Club SALO, PAUL — Baltimore; General Business. 

SALUP, STEVE-forest Hills, NY.; Government & Politics-ZBT, v p.; Varsity Track, 
M Club. Political Science Honorary, History Honorary; Dean's List; Debating 
Team, IFC Court, chief lustice, U.S. Affairs Student Conf , rep SANBORN, JAMES 
M.-Doyton; Horticulture. SANFORD, DAVID B. - Hyottsville; Psychology -^.\ 

Bond; Wesley Foundation SANTONI, WAYNE DAVID - Baltimore; History -Dorm, 
pres., athletic chm.; Weight lifting Club, Newman Club; RMA Council, Intromurols. 

SAPPER, CHARLES H.-Westover; Economics. SASS, LOIS ELAINE -Baltimore; Speech 
Therapy- AAA 'J'.\ iAII Ski Club. Dorm, academic chm. SAUREL, DENISE 
EILEEN — Governors Island, N.Y.; History — terrapin, WMUC; Aqualiners, French 
Club SAYLER, ANNE MOSKOS- Hyottsville; Zoology -Orchestra, v p, <t>1' Biology 

Club, Women's Chorus. 

^ f) f^ 

;; ^\y 





SCANLAND, VERA B. -Baltimore; Sociology. SCHAEFER, ELLEN LAURA -Tokomo Pari(; 
Speech Therapy— .\.\A. i.MI, v. p. AWS, exec, council sec'y. Dorm, sec'y.. 
rerropin, Hillel SCHAEFER, PHILIP F. - Baltimore; Education for Industry. SCHAFFER, 
JUDITH MARY-Silver Spring; Procticol Art-AAA, ass't house pres . itfe), dreom 
girl. Angel Flight, Newman Club, NSID, pres , Interior Decorators Club, sec'y.. 
Home Economics Club; N\ Book; Frosh. Prom, comm. chm.. Soph. Prom, Queen's 
Comm., Homecoming Comm.; Col. of Home Economics Student Exec. Council. 

SCHAFTEl, ROBERT B. -Baltimore; American Civilization -'/. HT, sec'y, hist, social 
• chm., pres, OAK. Kolegathos, vp. OAk. IFC. FOB, pre-college orientation 
sponsor; Soph. Class treos.; Frosh. Men's League rep.. Men's League Key; Home- 
coming Comm., overall chm.. Old Line Party, pres., platform comm. chm.. Sr. 
Class Presents Chm ; Diomondbock. SCHELZ, JOHN PEIRSON - Boltimore; Chemis- 
try- A.\. American Chemical Society - Student Affiliate SCHEMM, CLAUDIA 
RUTH -Baltimore; English — A< )n, treos , Soph Carnival. Blood Drive. SGA Comm. 
SCHERR, ILEEN JOAN - Baltimore; Speech Therapy- A KfJ), sec'y; tour leader, oc 
livity chm. i..\ll. Bridal Fair, Fashion Show chm.. Frosh Prom, comm. chm.; 
Jr. Prom, comm. chm.; FOB; O/d iine; ferrapm. Old Line Party. AWS, Invitations, 
Soph Prom 

SCHEER, JEROME DAVID -Silver Spring; Industrial Management. SCHLAUDECKER, 
JULIE ANN -Chevy Chose; Sociology- A.XH, rush tour leoder FOB, custom's 
comm , WRA, interest groups. Campus Cheating Comm Dorm, exec council, 
big sister comm.; Newman Club; Sociology Club. SCHLESINGER, SARAH-Bolti- 
more; Speech— \.\A. pres , business mgr FOB, co chm . May Day, overall chm . 
M Book, ass't ed . Mortar Board, pres . SGA, Culturol Comm. chm SCHLOSS, 
DANNY J. -Hyottsville; Americon Civilization — Oiomondbock; Swimming Team 


SCHMIDT, HALM ELLA — Towson; Elementary Education — A(t>, pledge pres., vp, 
Free State Party, rep SCHMIDT, JUDITH ANN-Upper Darby, Po., Art Education- 
r<t>B, vp., PAX, Varsity Rifle Team, National Intercollegiate Women's Rifle 
Champion SCHMIDT, JULIA ANN-Sllver Spring; American Civilization- ^X, Free 
State Party, rep., Newman Club; Dorm, academic ctim., exec, council. May Day, 
rep.. Dean's List, Big Sister, Frosti. counselor, Gymkano. SCHMIDT, WILLIAM E. — 
Cheverly; Social Studies Education — <t>SK 

SCHNEIDER, FREDA MARIE BEAN -College Park; Dairy Technology- Veternarian 
Science, Dairy Science, Block and Bridle Club, Dairy Products Judging Team, 
Sports Club, Big Sister, Newman Club, Ag. Week-end; Dairy Div. res. Champion. 
SCHNEIDER, MELVIN L.-East Riverdale; Physics -Physics Majors Club SCHOFER, 
MARCIA E. — Baltimore; Childhood Education — .\E<t>, STE; Modern Dance, pres.; 
WRA Honorary; Dance Concerts SCHROCK, LOVEE L.-Landover Hills; Social Studies 
Education — FOB, social chm., pub. chm.; University Theater; Chapel Choir; 
Terrapin; AWS Newsletter Comm.; Daydodger Big Sister. 

SCHROEDER, DAVID HARRY-Media, Pa.; Accounting -<J>A0; Frosh Basketball; 
Varsity Basketball. SCHULZ, CAROL LEE -Baltimore; Sociology- Terrapin, Bridal 
Fair; Sr Prom Comm SCHWAB, NORMAN K. - Rickville; Government & Politlcs- 
AEn, pledge master, rush chm., social chm., Intromurals; Hillel. SCHWARTZ, 
JACK JOEL-W. Hyattsville; Electrical Engineering-AIEE IRE. 

SCHWARTZ, LINDA SUE -Baltimore; Childhood Education -(]>IE, house pres , pledge 
mistress; Diamond; Sorority Council. SCHWARTZBERG, CHARLES JULES -Annapolis; 
Physicol Education — S.-\.\l; Varsity Lacrosse Team; All American Lacrosse. 
SCIANNELLA, JOSEPH A.-Lonham; Sociol Studies Education. SCLAR, MARCIA SHIR- 
LEY— Silver Spring; Elementary Education — .■\E<t>, house pres ; Sorority Council; 
Dad's Day Comm.; AWS Fashion Show. 

^1 n 

'-J hi\ I'*''' ^^' 

SCOVILLE, MARIANNA-Bervvyn Heights; Personnel - OX0, v p; Newman Club. 
SCURTO, CONRAD VINCENT- Denton; Physical Education -Dorm, exec comm, 
social chm.; Newman Club; Phys. Ed. Majors Club. SEELER, MARJORIE- Chelten- 
ham, Pa.; Nursing — AAIl; Diamond; Free State Party, rep.; Intromurals. SELDEEN, 
BARBARA LEE-Silver Spring; Psychology -*X; Psychology Club; SGA Cheating 

SEMB, ALLEN R, - Military Studies. SERVICE, PAUL DAVID -Catonsville; Art- Notional 
Society of Interior Designers; Newman Club; Notional Senior Merit Scholarship 
Award; Dorm, house mgr.; Homecoming Float Comm. SHAFFER, DAVID A. — College 
Park; Mechanicol Engineering-ASME, v p; Hillel Foundation SHAFFREY, ROBERT 
M.- Laurel; Government & Politics- TKE; <t>A.\, Newman Club; SAM. 

SHAMP, MARY K- Silver Spring; Elementary Education. SHANNAHAM, SAMUEL 
VALLIANT, JR.-Eston; Public Relations -SAX, SAM; Vandenberg Guard, charter 
member; Diomondback. SHAPIRO, SANFORD M. - Baltimore; American Civilization - 
ZBT, pledge master, social chm., IFC, boot ride chm.; Homecoming, Queen's 
Comm chm.; Sr, Class Presents, seat comm. chm. SHAPLIN, LAWRENCE N. -Silver 
Spring; History. 

3^ <v>^ 

rife r 


C^ ftk f^ ^ 

SHAVER, WILLIAM E. - Baltimore; Military Studies. SHAW, ARTHUR ROBINSON - 
Spencerville; Civil Engineering — ASCE Civil Engineering Honor Sociefy. Wesley 
Foundation SHAY, ELIZABETH A. - Hyottsvllle; Spanish Educotlon-SA I, social 
chm,, activities chm,, SGA Legisloture, Diamondbock, magazine ed,, drama critic. 
University Theater, pub. dir., FOB, tour leader. Free State Party del., Daydodger 
Big Sister, SGA Publications Comm , SGA, University Theater, and D/omondboct 
Keys SHERRILl, RICHARD JAMES -Boltimore; Social Science Education -.^<t>A, 
pres., v.p., hist., sgt -at-arms, alumni sec.; F©; Civil Wor Club; Vandenberg 

SHERWOOD, M. PAUL-Hyaftsville; Moriceting-l*!-: Aill, Lacrosse Team 
SHOOK, CAROL S.-Adelphi; Elementary Educotion-iK New/man Club SHUGER, 
RICHARD DAVID -Pikesville; Zoology. SIDU, JULES M. - Baltimore; Sociology- TK<:>, 

V p.. Old Line Party, Blood Drive Comm,, Cord Section Comm. 

SIEGMAN, MYRNA WILMA-Silver Spring; Government & Politics- A<t>K, secy, 
parliamentarian WRA bowling SIMMONS, URRY KENNETH - Havre deGrace; Ac- 
counting. SIMMONS, MARVIN B- Silver Spring; Mechonical Engineering. SIMMONS, 
RONNIE M. -Silver Spring; Mathematics Education -i. A I, .\.\A 1 ii., 4>k<l), 
Dorm, Big Sister. 

SIMMS, WILLIAM JOSEPH -Hyattsville; Speech -Maryland Christian Fellowship, 
treas , v p, pres SINGLEY, ANN W. — Baltimore; Criminology- Ski Club; Women's 
Chorus, social chm.; Food's Comm.; Dorm, v.p. Judicial Board. SITNICK, RITAC — 
Silver Spring; History- AOh',, pledge trainer, Panhellenic Council, Young Demo- 
crats Club Diomondboct SISCOVICK, HARRIET -Baltimore; English. 

SKALICKY, EMIL J.-Duquesne, Pa.; Marketing -AiR; SAM; House Rules Comm; 
Dorm, resident asst , Newman Club, Marketing Club. SLENNING, BRADFORD N., 
LT. COL. - Portland, Ore.; Military Studies. SLYE, ORVILLf , JR. - College Poric; Fire 
Protection- .\.\.\, Marching Band, Society of Fire Protection Engineers, pres 
SMELKINSON, RITA — Baltimore; Crime Control- Dorm, fire marshal, proctor, big 
sister program, Hillel, May Day, Job Placement rep.; Career Week Forum, comm. 
chm ; Judicial Board, Sr. rep 

^ ^' ^ ^ 

^% ^' f^ Cj 

SMITH, CLIFTON LUTHER II - Sharpsburg; Social Studies Educ. - Dorm, pres , reporter; 
RMA, Intromurals SMITH, DELANO E.- College Pari(; Economics. SMITH, HAROLD 
B. — W. Hyottsvllle; Economics- SAM Economics Discussion Club Veterons Club 
SMITH, HARRY LEROY, JR. -College Poric; Electricol Engineering- A lA. HKN; TBIl; 
OHi.. Chess Club, pres,, SAMR, Scobbord & Blade. <I>Ka> 

SMITH, JENNIE E. -Annapolis; Spanish -Chapel Choir SMITH, J. HOWARD -New 
Hyde ParV, NY.; Mechanical Engineering— Intromurals SMITH, REX C — Hyotts- 
vllle; Sociology. SMITH, ROBERT WENDELL -Baltimore; Mari(eting-^\; SAM; Dorm, 
rules comm.. Glee Club, frosh Leg, 





SMITH, RONALD EDWARD - Silver Spring; Zoology- Dorm, v.p., University Com 
muter's Club, Newman Club. SMITH, SALLY LYNNE-Mkrabiology. SMITH, SUSAN 
JANE — Boltimoro; Fr«nch— AAA; French Club,- Angel Flight; M Booli; FOB; Dio- 
fnondbock; Soph. Prom, Queen's chm.; Jr. Prom, Queen's chm. SMITH, WAYNE 
ALAN — AHingtoii, Vo.; Personnel - <I>A8; M Club, trees.; Varsity Track Team. 

SMITH, WILLIAM B. -College Paii; Electrical Engineering -<I>HX, Sr advisor; HKN, 
pres.; TBIl; <1>K*; ODK, sec'y.; Scobbord & Blade; Chess Club, pres.; SAM, 
v.p.; SAME; Canterbury Society; IRE; Frosh. Chemistry Award; Soph. Award 
for Top Engineer; St Court. SMYTH, JOHN THOMAS -Landover Hills; Spanish Edu- 
cation— Newmon Club, v.p., chaplain's award; WMUC; Young Democrats Club; 
Spanish Club. SNAY, ROSWITHA A. - Kensington; Geman- Chapel Choir; Aquo- 
liners; Ski Club, secy SOBER, MARVIN ALLAN - Baltimore; Pre-law. 

SOBERS, DAVID G.-SiWer Spring; Agronomy- Newman Club; Agronomy Club, v.p.; 
Col-O-Ag, reporter; Vandenberg Guard. SOKOL, GENE DALE -Havre deGrace; Mehan- 
icol Engineering -nT2; <I>K<I>; Dean's List; Frosh. Baseball. SOLGERE, JUDITH 
ANN-Tokomo Paric; American Civilizotion. SOLLOD, PERIE- Baltimore; English Edu- 

cotion— Dorm, v.p. 

WAYNE PRESTON -Hogerstown; Mechanical Engineering -ASME SOUSANE, JOSEPH 
RICHARD -Silver Spring; Finance. SOUTHWORTH, ANNE MARIE -Kensington; Dromo- 

SK, treas., standards comm., house comm.; Jr. Ponhellenic Council; FOB, 
tour leader -"best group"; University Theater, sec'y.; "South Pacific"; "I am 
a Camera," "Julius Caesar," "Streetcar Named Desire"; Homecoming Queen 
Candidate; Flying Follies; Chapel Choir; Diamondbock, calendar girl. 

SOWERS, DENNIS ALLEN -Si^er Spring; Aeronautical Engineering- IAS SPAR, TOBY- 
Chorlestown, S.C; Economics — AE^, treas.; Homecoming; Terrapin, sect, ed.; SGA 
Elections Board. SPARHAWK, JOHN C, JR.-Hyattsville; Mathematics- Vandenberg 
Guard. SPEDDEN, GEORGE JOHN - Baltimore; Pre-Dental. 

V^ - P \> m^% 

SPEERT, BONNIE -Baltimore; English -AE<I>, steward; AWS House Directors Tea, 
invitations comm.; Intramurols; Old line, Expression: Bridge Tournaments. 
SPENCE, JAMES W.-Baltimore; Pre-Medical-lntromurols; House Rules Comm. 
SPENCER, ALAN L. - Lutherville; Electricol Engineering -<I)KT, sch. chm., athletic 
chm ; Dorm, sec'y. SPENCER, ERNEST III -College Parit; Science Education -ATO; 
Men's Glee Club, treas.; Dining Hall Club. 

SPICER, CURTIS JONES-East RiveHole; Mariceting-TKE; Veterans Club SPITZ, 
RICHARD, JR.-Greenbelt. STAEHUNG, NORMAN WALTER -Ariington, Vo.; Mathe- 
matics. STAUINGS, WILUAM H. Ill - Suitland; Electrical Engineering- 1 RE 




STAMM, JACQUEUNE B.-McUon, Vo.; EleiMntorY Education -FOB, secy SNEA, 
membership chm., Chapel Choir, Angel Flight, exec, officer, STATON, HAROLD liE- 
Bottimore; Electricol Engineering. STAUFENBERGER, RICHARD - Mapiewood, N.J.; 
GovemfflMt & PoTitici — TKE, pledge trainer, IFC, pub, comm , Ul\ Old Line 
Party Pub. Comm., Young Democrats Club. STEHU, WILUAM NORRIS-Annopolls; 
Rrt Protection. 

STEINBACH, BARRY STEPHEN - Bohimora; Psychology - <t>I A, .AAI, Marketing So 
ciety. Psychology Club, Sociology Club, Terrapin- Diomondboc*;, Campus Elec- 
tions Board SHINBEIR, G. WIUIAM- Washington, D.C.; Sociology. STEINBERG, 
PHYLLIS E. -Chevy Chose; Elementary Education - i; A I' WRA, Interest Group, 
Placement Library, chm STEVENS, HOWARD L- Frederick; Speech -TK.\, pres.,' 
OAK; SAX; WMUC, announcer, station mgr., business mgr.; Calvert Debate 
Society, v. p., hist.; Newman Club; French Club; Student Publications Communica- 
tions Comm.; Dorm, house rules comm., v.p 

STEVENS, JAMES RONALD - Boltimore; Mechanical Engineering -ASME STIVAinTI, 
MICHAEL P. — Washington, D.C.; Mechanical Engineering — S.\E, secy , sports chm , 
ASME; Inframurals; Pep Club STODDARD, SUSAN GAY -Baltimore; Advertising- 
AOri; TAX, treas., Terrapir\: Homecoming; Frosh Day Comm., Frosh. Prom, 
decorations comm.; AWS Poster Comm.; Home Economics Club; Canterbury 
Club. STOUR, HANNAH E.-Bohimore; Elementory Education- AOE, rush chm.; 
FOB; Dorm, hist., exec, counsel, sec. pres.; Diomondbock; Big Sister. 

Ci ITS f^ Q' 

STOMBUR, MILTON -Baltimore; Physics-AED; *HS; American Institute of 
Physics, pres STONE, HOWARD W., JR. — Sihrer Spring; Mechanical Engineering — 
ASME STONER, CHARUS E. - Westminster; Sociology- S<l)E, v p Culture! Comm 
FOB, trees. Organizations Day chm STOUT, LILBURN GRADY, JR. - Baltimore; 
Mechanical Engineering— [ITS, v.p.; ASME 

STOUT, MARGIN, JR. - Pittstown, N.J.; Dairy -AZ; Dairy Judging Teom 4 H 
Club; Block and Bridle Club STRASBAUGH, GEORGE WIUIAM, JR. - Baltimore; Public 
Relations -<l>Ki; Diomondbock; Dorm, vp STRAUB, HENRIK H,-BethesdG; 

Aeronautical Engineering- IAS, Lutheran Student Association; Internotionol Club, 
Young Democrats Club STRAUGHAN, PAULA-Silver Spring; Elementary Educotion- 

IK, v.p.; Diamond; Angel Flight; Dril^ team; May Day, rep.; FOB, tour leader; 
Dink Debut, co chm.; Soph. Carnival Comm.; AWS Dutch Dinner Chm.; Bridal 
Fair; Dean's List; WRA, handbook, elections chm., constitution, interest groups. 
Frosh. Picnic chm. 

STROPE, BARBARA BELMONT -W. Hyottsville; Sociology. STRUCK, JUDITH A -Houer- 
town. Pa.; Nuning-AAII, Free Stote Party, rep., Intramurols. STUART, MARGERY 
LYNN-Bethesdo; Spanish. STURM, THOMAS E. - PikesviHe; Psychology- Dorm, 

sociol chm., cultural chm.. Judo Club, Psychology Club. 

SULLIVAN, EMILY -Glen Bumie; Mothemotics-Dorm, treas, social chm., cultural 
comm Westminster Fellowship, AWS Orphans Party (deceased) SULLIVAN, 
MARY LOUISE - Boltimore; Sociology-Criminology -Newman Club; Dorm, exec 
council, Sr Jud Board rep SUSEL, RICHARD M. - Boltimore; Zoology -Dorm, house 
rules comm., v p., pres., resident ass't , RMA leg comm chm , IFCRMA Lioson 
Comm; Soph Carnival, treas. Dorm Presidents Leadership Weekend, chm. 
Zoology Club SUnON, DAVID B.-HyaH$vllle; Accounting- Ai II, Frosh Locrosse 


SUnON, MARGARET KERR - Hyottsville; Finonciol Administration. SWANSON, ANNE 
VERONICA — Boco Raton, Flo.; Elementary Educotion — K A, Diamondback; 0!d Line; 
Intramurals, Frosh. Prom. Comm. SWANSON, ROLAND AlAN - Greenbelt; Music 
Education — KK^, v. p., pres., Band, sec'y.treas., co-drum maior, ROTC Bond, 
drum major, Dorm, pres.. Dining Hall Club, v. p. SWEENEY, CECIL F.-Wheoton; 
Economics, Pre-medicol — International Club; Economics Discussion Club, Univer- 
sity Commuters Club. 

SWEENEY, EDWARD WAYNE - Bristol, Po.; Transportation -AN A, Propeller Club; 
Dorm Officer; Intramurals SWEREN, MARTIN - Baltimore; Accounting- B A*; 
BrS; Accounting Club; Dorm, house rules comm. SWITZER, RICHARD DAVID- 
Springfield, Pa.; Accounting— Dorm, treos., v. p., house rules. SYBOR, ADRIAN W.- 
Baltimore; Journalism — Diomondboclc, news ed.; Young Democrats Club; Veterans' 

TALBOn, RICHARD BUn - Gaithersburg; Military Studies -<!>£ K Scabbard and 
Blade TALLEY, JAMES F. W. - Randollstown; Government & Politics-Marching 
Band; Wesley Foundation; Political Science Club; Young Republican Club. TAM- 
BURO, STEPHEN S. — Baltimore; Civil Engineering — Weight-lifting Club; Dorm, social 
comm., "Miss Cecil Hall," chm. TASE, ALBERT G., JR. -Palmer Pork; Industrial Ed- 
ucation— KK'l', pres., v.p., sec"y.. Band; Veterans Club, pres., v.p. 



M^^ Wr^v- ^^'^' ^*«^\: 

ADDIS — Hyottsville; English — AHA; Panhellenic Council; Daydodger Big Sister; 
SGA Placement Comm TAYLOR, JOHN R.-Adelphi; Real Estate. TAYLOR, PATRICK 
R. - Adelphi; History. 

TAYLOR, RICHARD M.- Hyottsville; Accounting- Frosh. Baseball; Varsity Base 
ball; M Club THEIS, JOHN W., JR.-Silver Spring; Chemical Engineering -AXS, 
pres.; Chapel Choir, Resident Ass"t.; AlChE. THOMAS, JOHN ANTHONY - North 
Springfield, Vo.; Zoology — SN; Frosh. Lacrosse; Biology Club, treos.; Civil War 
Club, treos., FOB. THOMAS, WIUIAM EDGAR -Brentwood; Chemical Engineering- 

THOME, DENNIS M. - Baltimore; Zoology- Flying Association; Biology Club. THOMP- 
SON, ALBERT E., JR. - Baltimore; Mechanical Engineering -ASME THORNTON, BETTY 
JEAN — Adelphi; Physical Education — Women"s Professional Club, frosh. rep., v.p.; 
Majors Club, pres ; WRA. TIHON, SUZANNE -Washington, D.C.; Chemistry -Chinese 

Student Club. 

TILFORD, SALLY LINDA -Hoverford, Po.; Elementary Education - KA, hist., pledge 
class sec'y.; KA Minstrel Show; O/d Line; Aqualiners;iUorm, exec, council; Dia- 
mondback. TIPPEH, WILFRED TOWNSHEND, JR. - Cheltenham; Economics - AS*; 
ASn; Economics Discussion Club TOBIN, PATRICK MICHAEL- Callicoon, N.Y.; 
Civil Engineering — ATll; XE; Intramurals; Arnold Air Society; Civil Engineering 
Honor Society; Newman Club; ASCE. TOLSON, JANET LEE-Bethesdo; Physics- 
T<1)B, house pres.; Student Union Board; Diomondbock, copy chief; Terrapin; 
• M Book, sec. ed. 



TOPPING, GRAYDON EDWARD- Westhampton Beoch, NY.; French -Marching Band 
French Club, Dorm, Cultural chm TORRIERI, RINA- Baltimore; Joumolism-Dio- 
mondbock, mgr, ed., Newnnan Club, Homecoming Donee Decorations Chm,, 
Homecoming Comm , Student Union Boord, Old Line; Old Line Porty TRATTIiR, 
HENRY LEONARD - Silver Spring; Zoology -.VE 11, v p, pledge master, Jr Class 
Men's League rep., Jr Closs Exec Board; Jr. Prom Comm., Men's League Exec. 
Comm , Campus Chest Comm , Intramurol Comm Chm , FOB, IFC, Biology Club. 
WMUC Ski Club TRtnER, STEVEN AUN- Silver Spring; Electrical Engineering- 
.\h:U HKN, <t>Hl. THIl, Band 

TRIAS, MICHAEl-Son Juon, Porto Rico; Government & Pontics- ni,\ Veterans 
Club; Sponish Club,lnternationol Club. TRIPP, WILLIAM JAMES -Hyottsville; Trans- 
portation -'IKK. A.\.\. SAM, Motor Fleet Supervisor's Award TROTTER, BAR- 
BARA L.-Londover Hills; Home Economics Education- Newman Club, secy, pub 
chm.. Student Foculty Council, University Commuter's Club; Home Ec. Club; 
SNEA TROY, WILLIAM B.-Bradshow; General Business. 

TRUST, DONALD B.-Follston; Chemical Engineering -TH II; Varsity Football, 
M Club, AlChE, Dorm, pres , Honor Section, House Rules Comm. chm. TUCCI, 
FRANCIS X. — Bronx, N,Y.; Journalism — Men's Glee Club; Diomondfaoclt; Terrapin; 
managing ed TUCKER, PETER WARREN -Mt. Lakes, N.J.; Transportation - <1)A0; 
AN.\, Frosh Track, Vorsity Track, M Club, Propeller Club, TURNBUU, JEANNE - 
Blodensburg; Elementary Educotion-Dorm, culture chm., hall pres.; Moryland 
Chrislion fellowship. 

TURNER, MARJORIE JEANEnE-Philodelphia, Pa.; Elementary Education- AOO, 

pres , pledge trainer. Terrapin, managing ed , assoc. ed., sect, ed , Diamond, 
FOB TURNER, STEPHANIE E.- Hyottsville; Economics -*.\e, secy , SAM, member 
ship chm FOB, Newmon Club, Economics Discussion Club, sec'y TURNER, WIL- 
UAM PRESTON - Silver Spring; History- Frosh Baseball, Varsity Baseball TUUR, 
MARY ANN - Boltimore; Sociology- Dorm, |ud, board, academic chm,, sect, pres.; 
Wesley Foundotion; Intromurols. 

TWEED, MCDONALD D. - Silver Spring; Military Science. VALENTE, WILLIAM EDWARD - 
Philodelphia, Pa.; Economics- ATA, v. p., Newman Club, SGA Finance comm, In- 
tromurols VAN, PHAN TUONG-CHOLON- Vietnam; Zoology. VonARNAM, WILLIAM 
L-Farmingdale, N.Y.; History- UMVETS 



VANCE, DIANE EVELYN - Ariington, Vi.; French Education -,\Xn, ocademic chm.; 
Homecoming, decoration comm.; French Club, FOB, customs board, Intromurols, 
Silver Spring; History-,\ TO, Dorm, vp Intromurols Von ROYER, ANNELISE 

JEANNE-EllicoM City; Chemistry- WRA, hockey. Trail Club, International Club 

VARRE, PASQUALE A, -Mill Hall, Po ; Physical Education- K\ Wrestling Team, 
M Club VASS, OSCAR RAY - Baltimore; Mechanical Engineering- HTS, TBR 
ASME Flying Association VEIASCO, BALDOMERO E, -Cusy, Ecuodor; Electrical 
Engineering- 1 RE AIEE, Dorm, vp. Newman Club, Soccer Team, Chess Club 
VERSIS, THOMAS -Silver Spring; Tronsportotion. 


VIDELA, HUGO LOPES-LoPaz, Bolivia; Civil Engineering - XE. ASCE VIGIL, RAFAEL- 
Morionoo Aov, Cuba; Poultry Husbandry — Newman Club; Intercollegiate Judging 
Team, 2nd place VILIAMIZAR, MARIO F. -Bogota, Colombia; Agricultural Eco- 
nomics-Newman Club; Foreign Students Comm.; Ski Club; Soccer. VIRDEN, JON 
F. — Chevy Chose; English. 

VOGEL, DONALD B.-Silver Spring; Pre-Medical-lntramurols, Hillel; Psycnoiogy 
Club; Spanish Club, Dorm, treos.; Ski Club, Young Democrats Club. VOSSWINKEL, 
ROBERT JAMES-New Hyde Pori(, N.Y.; Marketing - <I>K2, hist., treos , v.p., pledge 
pres.; Kolegothes; Frosh. Soccer; Varsity Soccer, co-coptoin. All South, All 
American; M Club; Morketing Association; Sailing Club; Sr. Class Presents, 
comm CO chm WADE, HUGH S., LT. COL. - Portland, Oregon; Business. WADE, JANE 
ANDERSON - Silver Spring; Textiles & Clothing- Home Economics Club, West- 
minster Foundation; Student Food Counsel; Dorm, exec, counsel, homecoming 
comm., big sister program. 

WAIDNER, GEORGE IGNATIUS, JR. - Pikesville; History Education - <t>KA; Varsity 
Lacrosse; M Club, Flying Club. WAISSMAN, KENNETH JAY -Baltimore; Speech- 
2AM, social chm., hist.. Sr. Legislature; Diamondback, reporter, cartoonist; 
Old Line, art. ed.. Flying Follies, pres., business mgr.. University Theater Produc- 
tions; FOB, All University Night chm.; Soph. Prom. WALDEMAR, JOHN-Hyatts- 
ville; Mechanical Engineering. WALXER, CAROLYN E. - Washington, D.C.; Fine Arts- 
rOB, hist., WRA, rep.; Wesley Foundation. 

WALKER, JUNE L-Boiman; German- Student Life Comm.; Dorm, pres.; Diamond- 
bock; AWS, exec, council; Angel Flight; German Club; Exchange Student in 
Germany WALL, LOUIS SAMUEL -Washington, D.C.; Geography -r0Y, pres. WAL- 
lACH, NOLAN R.-Wheaton; Mathemotics. WALLIS, THOMAS LEE - Vyilliamsport; 
Electrical Engineering- Newman Club; IRE; AIEE. 

' '*- *?f 



•HI .f -» ^SS^j 

WANLESS, HEUN LOUISE - LoVole; English -KKF WARD, DALE L., LT. COL.-Hyatts- 
ville; Military Studies. WARD, DONALD T. — Glen Bumie; Civil Engineering — i A E; 
XE; ASCE, secy., pres.; TBO. WARD, WILLIAM H. - Greenshore, N.C.; Electrical 



WARHOL, JOHN J., JR.-Mohwah, N.J.; History - AS*, secy; Ethos, v.p.; FOB; 
SAM; Young Republicans Club. WARREN, EDWARD WYAH- Indian Head; Art Edu- 
cation- intromurals; House Rules, chm. WASILESKI, NICHOLAS -Newburgh, N.Y.; 

History — <t>SK, sentinel; AOfl; Newman Club, Parent's Day Comm.; Dorm 
Council, pres.; Intromurals, Soph. Carnival. WASMER, PEDRO E. — Batlimore; Civil 
Engineering — 2.\, v.p.; OAK; SGA, pres., Jr. Class, pres.. Soph. Class, pres.; 
FOB, overall chm., Culturol Comm.; Who's Who Comm. 

WASSER, BARBARA B.- Washington, D.C.; Speech Theropy-KKr, house pres.; 
2AH, WRA, SGA Cultural Comm WAHS, WINONA -Bethesda; Sociology -AXn, 
chaplain; Dean's List; Chapel Choir; Md. Christian Fellowship, sec'y. WAYS, 
FRANKLIN L. - Brentwood; Social Studies Education -Wesley Foundation WEAVER, 
CAROLYN — Hyottsville; Home Economics Education. 


O ^ f^' 

WEAVER, JEAN-Siker Spring^ Business Education -AAA, TRX, ITE, Modern 

Dance Club, v p, Maiorettes, head maiorette. Flying Follies, Bridal Fair, Home 
coming Queen mSSTER, CHARLES DENNIS - Bohimore; Proctical Art-Advertising - 
<J>AB, choploin, pledge master, vp, NSID, v p., SGA Pep Comm , Intramurals. 
WEINBERG, LESLIE G. - Baltimore; Pre-Medicol Zoology- AKIl <t>H:>: WEINGER, 
SANFORD DALE-Tokomo Park; Mechanical Engineering-.^KIl, hist , OUS, v p, 
IHII, pub comm chm II Ti. IAS ASME Bridge Club. 

WEINSTEIN, BOBBI-Silver Spring; Elementary Educotion- A*!-:, rush chm. May 
Day Comm , Election Boord, Hillel WEINSTEIN, MARJORIE SUE - Boltimore; English - 
A4>K, V p, sch chm Diamondbock, clubs ed , reporter. Dorm, Judiciol Boord; 
Terrapin. WEISS, MARILYN JOAN-Silver Spring; Sociology. WELLER, DAN W., JR.- 
Hogerstown; Mechanicol Engineering -TBIl; IITS; ASME, Dorm, pres ; Chess Club; 
Arnold Air Society 

WEILS, ANN ELIZABETH -Silver Spring; Speech Therapy- I'm, song chm, i.\H 
Chapel Choir, Diamondbock, Red Cross. WELSH, RALPH D., JR. -Salisbury; 
Mechanical Engineering -.MP, ASME WELTY, NEIL J.-Greenv»ich, Conn.; History- 

A'l'A; AM. SGA Cultural Comm., pub. director; M Book, sect. ed.. Men's League, 
vp; Vandenburg Guard; Westminster Fellowship. WERLE, CHRISTIAN F.-Oxon 
Hill; Electrical Engineering. 

WESSEL, L. HERMAN — Laurel; Entomology — <J>KS, house mgr., pledge class sec'y . 
AZ, V p, Olympic Barbell Club WESTERMAN, ARNOLD-Silver Spring; History- 
<t>l^ WESTIN, PAUL EDWARD -Silver Spring; Electrical Engineering- 1 AE Amateur 
Radio Club, secy WHEATLEY, MICHAEL A. - University Paric; American Civiliza- 
tion— 24>li; FOB; Oiomondbock; Civil War Club; Newman Club. 

WHITE, ANDREA G. - Baltimore; English -SK, pledge sch. chm.. Shoe Shine Nite 
chm.. Triangle correst., act. chm., house pres.; Sr. Class Rep.; TB, sec'y., 
pub. chm , Aquolmers; Veternory Science Club, WRA, basketball chm.; Flying 
Follies; Color Guard, co captain, captain WHITE, DOROTHY ANN -University Part; 
Horticulture -Wesley Foundation WHITE, KATHERINE E. - Silver Spring; Recreation- 
,'\AiI, pres , social chm., guard, reporter hist., outstanding pledge, outstanding 
jr. women, Not'l sch. award of excellence; iTE, pres., 'J>,\f;, Mortar Board; 
Dean's List, Diomond, FOB; Recreation Society, pres.. Sorority Council, WRA, 
exec, council, team mgr , intercollegiate sports day chm. WHITE, LINDA JOAN — 
Baltimore; Sociol Studies Educotion-Dorm, frosh. counselor, fire marshal, FOB 
Chm , FOB, cultural comm , Dean's Council, Col. of Ed., Old Line; Oiomondbock; 
Legislative Senatorial Scholarship. 

WHITE, THOMAS -Washington, DC; Microbiology. WHITE, WILLIAM F., JR.-Wosh- 
ington, DC; Social Studies Educ. WHITEHEAD, EDWARD R. - Laurel; Electrical Engineer- 

ing-i.<M;, I Hll, <l'lli; HKN, AIEE, Swimming Team WHITELY, SARA ANN- 
Sarosoto, Flo.; Elementary Education— K,\(-), olumni sec'y.. Angel Flight FOB 


WHITON, MAUDE ANN - Hyattsville; General Home Economics - Wil, pres , warden, 
hist., ass't rush chm.. Diamond, May Day, Ponhellenic Council, rush chm.; Stu- 
dent faculty Council of Col of Home Ec , Frosh rep.. Soph rep , Jr. rep., sec'y 
WHiniNGTON, CAROLYN VICTORIA - Baltimore; Psychology- Dorm, hall pres, 
class rep, ludiciol board chm v p, big sister program, frosh. counselor, Intro 
murals, Moy Day, rep . Campus Judicial Board, rep chm . Frosh Testing Pro 
gram WIENER, RICHARD NEIL- Woodmere, NY.; Economics - :i A M , social chm, 
corres recorder WIGGINTON, ROBERT F. -Leonardtov»n; Electrical Engineering 


WILBURN, JUDITH ANNE - Riverdale; Entomology- TBS, pres , Marching Band; 
Concert Bond, Job Placement Board, WIUIAMSON, FRED H., JR.-Hyottsville; 
History. WILIICH, THOMAS EDWARD - Salem, N.J.; Accounting- BA^; Accounting 
Club; Dorm Officer; Intramurals. WIlllS, DONALD H.- Washington, D.C.; Electrical 
Engineering-4)HS; HKN; TBH. 

WILSON, ALBERT WINFIELD, T/SGT. - Ridgely; Government & Politics -Political Sci- 
ence Club. WILSON, HAROLD WALLACE -Babylon, N.Y.; Pre-Dentol- Track Team; 
Dorm Officer. WILSON, JAMES ATCHESSON III- District Heights; Aeronauticol 
Engineering. WILSON, NEILL R. - Porcellville, Va.; Mechanical Engineering- 4) KT; 

TBH; mi: ASME. 

WILSON, RICHARD A., IT. COL. - Springfield, Va.; Military Studies. WILSON, ROBERT 
S.-Ariington, Va.; Military Science. WILMER, WARREN B- Silver Spring; Transpor- 
tation-<t>SK, v. p., social chm.; IPC; "IPC Presents," ticket sales chm.; SGA Elec- 
tions Board Chm.; Calvert Debate Society; SAM; FOB, tour leader. WINDISCH, 
JACK -Baltimore; Floriculture- Frosh. Soccer; Varsity Soccer; Prosh, Baseball; 
Varsity Baseball; Dorm, public relations man. 

WINGATE, THOMAS H., JR. - Wilmington, Del.; Physical Education - KA, pari; 
Kalegethos; Swimming Team, captain; NCAA Swimming Championships; Sun & 
Pun Club, V p WIRTH, RICHARD J. -Pasadena; American Civilization -Md Christian 
Fellowship, treas.; Student Religious Council. WITTMAN, STEPHAN J. -Riverdale; 
Psychology. WOLF, CAROL- Baltimore; Childhood Education -AE<I>; Red Cross; SGA 
Cultural Comm.; Soph. Carnival. 

O. O L>' ^'^ 

WOLF, RONALD GLEN-Silver Spring; Accounting- Hillel; Accounting Club. WOOD, 
JAMES H., JR. — Cambridge; Speech-<t)2K, pres.; Sr. Class Legislature; IPC, rush 
chm.; WMUC; University Theater; Organization & Control Comm., chm.; Elec- 
tion Board; FOB, chm.; "62" Assembly chm.; Homecoming Comm.; IPC Intra- 
murals WOOD, RAYMOND C. - Hyottsville; Electricol Engineering. WOODARD, ROBERT 
L., JR. — Sevema Parte; Industrial Education. 

WOODCHEK, ROBERT ERNEST - Silver Spring; Transportation -SAE; ANA; SAM 
FOB; Propeller Club. WOOLLEY, EVELYN RUTH - Kensington; Mathematics - AAA 
nME; Tennis Interest Group; Md. Christian Fellowship; Wesley Foundation, 
Big Sister; Dorm, cultural chm. WORKMAN, DAVID McCAIN- Washington, D.C. 
Real Estate & Insur. — A.XA, pledge trainer; IFC; Intramurals. WRAY, LILLIAN 
BOYCt - Johnsville, Pa.; Speech & Drama— KA, pres,, rush chm,; ESA; Angel 
Plight, 1st runner up Military Ball Queen; "Miss Prince Georges County"; Drama 
Wing, Award Trophy; University Theater; Diamondback; Old Line, office mgr, 
cartoonist; May Day, narrator; Lob Theater; Md,-Wash. Forensic Conf, win- 
ner; M Book; Pres. Council; Arena Theater, 

WVERFEL, JUDY -Baltimore; English, Art -AAA; Dorm, porl, sect pres WYMAN, 
PAUL W.- Silver Spring; Electrical Engineering. YANIGER, NESSA R. - Baltimore; 

English -Women's Chorus; Chapel Choir. YEHL, MARY LOUISE - Hommonton, N.J.; 
Practical Art — AFA, corr. sec'y., treas.; Canterbury Assoc.; Home Economics 
Club; Sorority Council. 


Seniors Without Pictures 

ARTHUR, GAIL JOHNSTON - Baltimore; Elementory Educotion BURKE, 
JOSEPH STEPHEN -Hyoftsville, Chemistry CASE, PAUL f^ Baltimore; 
Journalism- D.omondbock, mannyinc) ed , exec ed CESTONE, JOHN- 
Brentwood; Business Administration. DURIGG, WALTER M -College 
Park; Chemicol Engineering- Wl, pres. SACS, AlChE M Club Vor 
siiy Lacrosse, 

YOUNG, SUE ELLEN -Elkridge; Agricultural Chemistry -Terropin Trail 

Club, International Club Intromurols WRA, rep, Interest Groups; 
Student Affiliate of American Chemical Society YUDIN, HENNE IRENE- 
Baltimore; Elementary Education- iA I Hillel WRA Council ZALEWSKI, 
ANDREW A-Bethesdo; Zoology- Zoology Club Weight Training Club, 
ZAUMEYER, CAROL -Chevy Chase; Elementary Educatian - A A A 

ASCt GILLESPIE, SHIRLEY ANN - Hyottsville; Physical Education- Inter 
est Groups, horseback ridmg, basketball, sottball, MITCHELL, JOHN- 
Silver Spring; Psychology- UCC, pres,; SGA, Independent Rep Men's 
Leogue, Independent Rep,, ()1)K, Dean's Committees, University 
Theatre Productions, Vandenberg Guard, Advanced ROTC; Pre-College 

ZDANIS, ANTHONY A -Washington, DC; Accounting- All I, secy 
SAM ZENITZ, JUDY - Baltimore; Art Education- \|;<I), social chm , 
hist,, best pledge, outstanding frosh Diamond Homecoming chm , 
Diamondback, fashion ed Intramural Swim Meet, winner Co-ed 
Volleyball teom ZIPPERMANN, ENID-Tokoma Park; Secretarial Edu- 
cation— A'I'lv hist,. Women's Chorus, lib,, Terropin, Chapel Choir 
Marketing Club; WRA Intramurals; Porents Day Comm ZOOK, BEVERLY 
J. — Bethesdo; Elementary Education- WRA Rifle Interest Group, chm,; 
AWS Big Sister Program NEA 

YOST, ROLAND E. — Baltimore; Mechanical Engineering- Newman Club 
House Rules Comm YOUNG, CARL L -Washington, DC; Military Sci- 
ence. YOUNG, DIANE JOAN - Baltimore, Textiles & Clothing- \.\n. 

house pre; I Ki., treas Marching Band Home Economics Club 
WRA Interest Groups YOUNG, LESLIE DAVID -Philadelphia, Pa.; Fi- 
nance - "t'i; k, secy SAM 

ZUCKER, MAXINE-Wheoton; Home Economics Educotion CHRISTIAN, 
SUE -Boltimore; English 

Driiwiiii; lU k.iiiii S.imlii 

4 40 

Organizations Index 

Accounting Club 216 

Administrative Deans 85 

AG Council 216 

Agriculture, College of 88 


Allegany Hall 324 

Alpha Chi Omega 346 

Alpha Chi Sigma 123 

Alpha Delta Pi 347 

Alpha Epsilon Phi 348 

Alpha Epsilon Pi 366 

Alpha Comma Delta 349 

Alpha Gamma Rho 367 

Alpha Lambda Delta 120 

Alpha Omicron Pi 350 

Alpha Phi 351 

Alpha Pi Omega 219 

Alpha Sigma Mu 126 

Alpha Tau Omega 368 

Alpha Xi Delta 352 

Alpha Zeta 126 

Amateur Radio Club 218 

Amer. Soc. of AAech. Eng 219 

Angel Flight 144 

Annapolis Hall 325 

Anne Arundel 310 

Antietam 326 

Aqualiners 220 

Arnold Air Society 141 

Art League 221 

Arts & Science, College of 91 

Associated Women Students 1 52 

AWS and Men's League Committee 152 

Baltimore Campus 103 

Baltimore Hall 327 

Baseball 286 

Basketball 280 

Bel Air Hall 328 

Belvedere 329 

Beta Alpha Psi 137 

Block and Bridle 222 

Board of Regents 86 

Bridge Club 223 

Business & Public Administration 92 

Calvert Hall 330 

Cambridge Hall 331 

Compus Chest 154 

Caroline Hall 311 

Carroll Hall 314 

Catoctin 332 

Cecil Hall 333 

Central Student Court 151 

Centreville Hall North 312 

Centreville Hall South 313 

ChapelChoir 208 

Charles Hall 334 

Chemical Engineering 218 

Chess Club 225 

Chestertown Hall 335 

Chi Epsilon 127 

Chinese Club 225 

Civil War Club 226 

CLA 145 

Color Guard 214 

Commuters Club 390 

Cross Country 266 

Cultural Committee 154 

Doiry Science Club 277 

Deans of Men 85 

Deans of Women 84 

Debate Club 244 

Delta Delta Delta 353 

Delta Gamma 354 

Delta Mu Alpha 127 

Delta Phi Epsilon 355 

Delta Sigma Phi 369 

Delta Sigma Pi 124 

Delta Tau Delta 370 

Diadem 122 

Diamond 1 18 

Dorchester Hall 315 

DramoWing 204 

Education, College of 95 

Engineering, College of 96 

Eta Kappa Nu 128 

Ethos 166 

Executive Staff 83 

Expression 192 

Finance Committee 151 

Flying Follies 202 

Football 250 

Football Coaches 305 

Four-HClub 227 

Frederick Hall 336 

Free Stote 229 

Freshman Class 156 

Freshman Orientation Board 151 

Future Farmers 230 

Gamma Alpha Chi 128 

Gamma Phi Beta 356 

Gamma Sigma Sigma 231 

Gamma Theta Upsilon 129 

Garrett Hall 337 

Golf 294 

Graduate School 104 

"Guys & Dolls" 194 

Gymkana 228 

Harford Hall 338 

Hillel 167 

Home Economics, College of 99 

Home Economics Club 231 

Home Economics Student Council 232 

Howard Hall 339 

Institute Aero-Space Society 232 

Interfraternity Council 365 

Intermurals 298 

International Club 233 

Islamic Association 167 

junior Class 160 

Kalegethos 119 

Kappo Alpha 371 

Kappa Alpha Mu 137 

Kappo Alpha Theta 357 

Kappa Delta 358 

Kappa Kappo Gamma 359 

Kappa Kappa Psi 1 29 

Kappa Tou Alpha 130 

Kent Hall 340 

"King Lear" 372 

Lacrosse 291 

Lab Theater 204 

Lambda Chi Alpha 372 

Legislature 150 

Lutheran Students 167 

M Book 184 

MClub 303 

Madrigal Singers 209 

Marketing Association 234 

Maryland Christian Fellowship 168 

Maryland Mojorettes 214 

Maryland's Marching Band 212 

Men's Glee Club 210 

Men's League 1 53 

Men's League Judicial Court 153 

Modern Dance Club 234 

Montgomery ABC Noll 316 

Montgomery DEFG Hall 317 

Mortar Board 112 

New Testament Study 166 

Nursing Club 235 

Old Line Party 235 

Omicron Delta Kappa 114 

Omicron Nu 130 

Panhellenic Council 364 

Pershing Rifles 143 

Phi Alpha Epsilon 132 

Phi Alpha Theta 132 

Phi Chi Theta 133 

Phi Delto Theta 375 

Phi Eta Sigma ]21 

Phi Kappa Phi ]](, 

Phi Kappa Sigma 374 

Phi Kappa Tau 375 

Philosophy Club 236 

Phi Sigma Delta 376 

Phi Sigma Kappa 377 

Phi Sigma Sigma 360 

Physical Education, College of 100 

Physical Therapy Club 236 

Pi Beta Phi 361 

Pi Delta Epsilon 131 

Pi Kappa Alpha 378 

Pi Mu Epsilon 133 

Pi Sigma Alpha 138 

Pi Tau Sigma 134 

Political Science Club 237 

Prince George's Hall 341 

Psychology Club 238 

Publications Board 192 

Queen Anne's Hall 318 

"Romanoff & Juliet" 196 

Sailing Club 239 

Saint Mary's Hall 319 

Scabbard and Blade 141 

Senior Class 162 

SGA Cabinet 150 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon 370 

Sigma Alpha Iota 135 

Sigma Alpha Mu 380 

Sigma Alpha Omicron 135 

Sigma Chi 381 

Sigma Delta Tau 362 

Sigma Kappa 363 

Sigma Nu 382 

Sigma Phi Epsilon 383 

Sigma Pi 384 

Sigma Tau Epsilon 1 36 

Sigma Tau Eta 134 

Society of Am. Military Eng 240 

Soccer 264 

Somerset Hall 320 

Sophomore Class 158 

Sports Cor Club 241 

Student Religious Council 165 

Swimming 279 

Symphonio 239 

Talbot Hall 342 

Tau Beta Pi 1 25 

Tau Beta Sigma 136 

Tou Epsilon Phi 385 

Tau Kappa Alpho 131 

Tau Kappa Epsilon 386 

T.D. #3 343 

Tennis 296 

Terrapin 187 

Terrapin Ski Club 242 

Terrapin Trail Club 243 

Theta Chi 387 

Track 274,288 

UN Club 244 

University College 106 

University Orchestra 209 

University Theater 206 

Vandenberg Guard 142 

Washington Hall 344 

Wesley Foundation 165 

Who's Who no 

Wicomico Hall 321 

WMUC 190 

Women's Chorus 21 1 

Worchester Hall 322 

WRA 301 

Wrestling 272 

Young Democrats 244 

Young Republicans 244 

Zeta Beta Tou 388 


Personal Index 


Aaronson, Russell 377 

Aboto, James 384 

Abbott, Thomas 325,397 

Abel!, Bill 386 

Abell, Joseph M 397 

Abell, William f 397 

Abell, William R 397 

Abelman, Diane 239,348 

Abelmon, Linda 1 18,362 

Abelson, Chuck 296 

Aberman, Myra 355 

Abernathy.JohnE 397 

Abroms, Arnold G 397 

Abrams, Henrietta 397 

Abrams, Stonley 388 

Abramson, Karen 1 87,348 

Acker, Harry 337 

Acker man, Neil 326 

Ackman, Joseph 187,325 

Aequo, Frank D 397 

Adair, James 372 

Adorns, Donald L 397 

Adams, Gary 381 

Adams, John T 251 

Adams, Ron 251 

Adams, William 217 

Adkins, George G 121,125,134,368 

Adkins, George W 1 10,1 1 4,1 19,1 26 


Adkins, Robert 227,327 

Adkins, W 365 

Adier, Leonard S 238 

Aeming, D 371 

Ahalt, Arthur 379 

Aheorn, Dole 206,377 

Ahmuty, Matthew 326 

Aiken, David 342 

Aiken, Diane 223 

Akin, Erol 233 

Akman, Allan 121,376 

Albersheim, Michael 326 

Albert, Charles 324 

Albin, James 371 

Albrecht, Nancy 359 

Albrecht, William 141 

Alder, Walton W 397 

Aldridge, Hubert G 397 

Alessi, Galen 326 

Alewine, William 372 

Alexander, Leiand G 397 

Alexonder, Patrick 218 

Alexander, Ron 251 

Algire, Richard 326 

Allder, Thomas 377 

Allen, Donold C 219,336,397 

Allen, Elizobeth 315 

Allen, Ethan C 397 

Allen, Jean E 349,397 

Allen, Norris 397 

Allen, Theodore M 397 

Allen, Thomas G 397 

Allen, William 373 

Alligood, Linda 357 

Allison, Lou Allen 227,317 

Allmon, George T 397 

Allmon,Sue 152,350 

Alloucherie, Yves 233 

Alperstein, Eunice 1 18,122,360 

Althous, Karen 310 

Althoff, Joanne 354 

Altman, Raymond 291,388 

Altmon, Susan 355 

Alvez, Deanno 319 

Ambur, J 390 

Amernick Burton 388 

Amodei, Morgo 397 

Amos, Hillel J 333,397 

Anders, Richard 329 

Anderson, Barry C 191,324,384 

Anderson, Carole 313,351 

Anderson, James 381,397 

Anderson, John S 383 

Anderson, Julio 317 

Anderson, Mark 337 

Anderson, Richard 368 

And in g, Fred 370 

Andretta, Lynn M 354,397 

Andrews, John 333 

Andrews, Nancy 314 

Angell, Joan 242 

Annesley, Ronald 334 

Anspacher, Lynne 242 

Anstine, David 327 

Aposlol, Georgia 317 

Apostol, John C 386,397 

Applefeld, Louis 327 

Applestein, Carol 397 

Arcuri, Rosalie 361 

Arford, John 340 

Arizzi, Ernie 250 

Armacost, Brenda 322 

Armour, Marjorie 322 

Armstrong, Bonnie 314 

Armstrong, Robert H 397 

Armstrong, Sharon 322,359 

Arnold, Arite 358 

Arnold, William 381 

Aronou, Dorothy 360 

Arrigoni, Roland 251 

Arturi, Tony 370 

Asc he, Walter 34 1 

Aschenbrenner, Harold 397 

Ash by, Catherine 317 

Ashley, Dorothy 208 

Ashmon, Edith 118,362,398 

Askin, Charles 388 

Asreol, Aaron 398 

Astroth, Frank 374 

Ater, Richard 342 

Athanas, Joan 315,354 

Atkins, Pierce 398 

Atkinson, Diane 319 

Atkinson, Norma 321 

Alor, Wayne 377 

Atteberry, William 398 

Auff ens, Jill 361 

Augsburger, Russell 324 

Augustine, Judith 231 

Aulbock, John 208 

Aumack, Millard P 326 

Aus, Edword R 398 

Aus, Robert M 398 

Auster, Elaine 311 

Austin, Sollie L 398 

Avery, Guy 369 

Avis, Louise 315 

Ayers, Bonnie 317 


Boor, John 325 

Bobb, Richard M 398 

Bo bits, Lawrence E 226 

Ba boy ion, Hrant 141 

Bader,J 313 

Boer, Richard C 324 

Bagelmann, Henry A 398 

Bohn, Cindy 355 

Bahr, Leonard 221,336 

Bailey, Bessie Lee 398 

Bailey, Clark A 124,367,398 

Bailey, Gordon 227 

Boiley, Mary J 319 

Bain, April 349 

Boines, DC 142 

Bair, Emerson 329 

Baird, Ann Marie 398 

Boird, Steve 102,103 

Baker, Barbara 354 

Baker, Judy 353 

Baker, Maridell 350 

Baker, Nancy 314 

Baker, Raymond 342 

Baker, Roger A 373,398 

Baker, Vaughn H 381 

Baldwin, Charles 239,379 

Baldwin, Gerry 334 

Baldwin, Thomas F 324 

Balenger, Richard 372 

Ballon, Jeffrey 380 

Bollinger, Betty A 398 

Bondiere, Dick 339 

Bangartz, L 142 

Banister, John 325 

Bank, Fred 380,398 

Bonks, Edward 377 

Bankson, Ross 375 

Banner, Murnis 250 

Bennett, Diane 313 

Banville, Anne 181,359,364 

Bonz, Joseph 329 

Borod, Cory 326 

Borbee, Joyce A 133,398 

Borbour, Zebulun 386 

Bargteil, Michael E 398 

Boricley, Valerie 220 

Barineau, Pom 398 

Barker, Diana 352 

Barker, Frank A 398 

Barkley, Valerie 319 

Barnes, Bonnie 120 

Bornes, Bryan 387 

Barnes, Dennis 326 

Barnes, John 241 

Barnes, Mourien 361 

Barnes, Shirley 315 

Barnes, Wilson 382 

Barnett, Joan 362 

Bornett, Normon 388 

Bar one, Salvatore 330 

Borr, Brian 334 

Borr, George 343 

Borr, Steven 336 

Borroc lough, Donald F 398 

Barrosh, JayM 380 

Barrett, Bob '. 141,398 

Barrett, Maureen 313 

Barrow, E 330 

Barry, Bob 110,114,116,151 


Barry, Thomas 369 

Barsallo, Orland 398 

Bortelt, John 142,341 

Barter, L 144 

Bortholomay, William 239,374,398 

Bartholomew, Gordon 398 

Bortleson, Jane 358,398 

Bartleson, William 379 

Barlley, Jane 154,237,354 

Borto, Robert 382,398 

Bartol, Karen 133 

Bortolec, Thomas 124,294,324 

Boruch, Edwin 387 

Basil, Ronald 325,399 

Bass, Michael 336 

Bass, Stanley K 370.399 


Bass, Stuart 369 

Bossett, Linda 358 

Bassett, Vicki 358 

Bast, John 326 

Batemon, Margaret 356 

Bates, Charles 399 

Bates, Donald 373,399 

Battaglia, II va 318 

Batten, Allan 191 

Batten, Dave 239,374 

Batten, George 192 

Battles, Martha 318 

Boucher, Robin 346 

Bauer, Beth 359 

Bauer, Henry 334 

Bauer, Richard 132 

Bauersfeld, Paul 329 

Bauher, Ann 359 

Bourn, Marsha 399 

Bourn, Stuart 388 

Boumann, Cynthio 316 

Baumgardner, Mary 399 

Baumner, Barbara 1 44,363 

Baur.JohnW 126,339,399 

Bautro, Susan 320 

Bavis, Judith 130,399 

Baxter, Diane 234 

Baxter, Laura 31 8,399 

Baxter, Mary 352 

Bayne,Jerry 182,183,340 

Beocham, Bob 319 

Beadles, David 373 

Beole, Charles 399 

Beoles, Janet 182,183,317,352 

Beall, Thomas M 399 

Bean, Ann 399 

Bean, Joan 319 

Bean, Robert 372 

Bearce, Neil 141,399 

Beard, William 137 

Bearden, Robert 338 

Beardmore, Buddy 291,293 

Beattie, James 121,150,153 

Beattie, Rosamond 319 

Beatty, Paul 153,224,387 

Beaver, Judy 351 

Beck, Borbara 346 

Beck, James 123,218 

Becker, Bernard 399 

Becker, Jane 354,399 

Beckerman, Carol 362 

Beckham, James 338 

Beckman, Gerald R 379,399 

Bedell, Rodie 220 

Bedellski, P 321 

Beechner, George 399 

Beer, Beverly 399 

Beer, Carol Ann 321 

Bedford, James 186 

Beid, Bernis 263 

Beilen, A 329 

Beitsch, Lilliom 311 

Belago, Gail 362 

Belcher, Richard 370 

Belitza,John 288,289,290 

Bell, Edward 343 

Bell, Fred 338 

Bell, George 324 

Bell, Glenn 383 

Bell, Jeff 206 

Bell, Longford 369 

Bell, Potrick 383 

Bell, William 125,128,383 

Bells, Dow 228 

Belt, Norman 332 

Be mi Her, Sandra 358 

Benchoff, Rodney 334 

Bender,James H 142 

Benedict, Nolo 227,231,316 

Beneviez, Dennis 326 

Benkert, Michael 124,399 

Benner, Joseph 340 

Bennett, Glynn 333 

Bennett, Lorry 385 

Bennett, Stephen 153,372 

Bennett, Walter 124,399 

Benney, Wilma 314 

Benort, Peter 382 

Bensel, Carolyn 129,321,399 

Benson, Glenn 1 37 

Benson, James 119,150,399 

Bentz, Dr. Franklin 91 

Bercu, Barry 376 

Berenholtz, Carl 334,376 

Berger, Barbara 314 

Bergeron, Barry 326 

Bergeron, Bonito 313 

Bergofsky, Henry 338 

Berkis, Lynn 360 

Berkow, Carolyn 31 5,360 

Berkow, Lois 355 

Berl, Thomas 342 

Berlin, Dennis 380 

Berman, Geoffrey 388,399 

Bermon, Joel 209 

Berman, Margie 362 

Berman, Ricky 360 

Bermingham, Peter 244 

Berney, Susan 315 

Bernsohn,Jay 324 

Bernstein, Carol 355 

Bernstein, Florence 314 

Bernstein, Jay 388 

Bernstein, Joselle 313 

Berry, Bobbi 354 

Berry,John 326 

BertI, Kerin 311 

Best, Pom 133,357 

Best,Weldon 342 

Bestermon, Barbara 362 

Besterman, Gail 362 

Bethke, Roger 226 

Betz, Frederick 371 

Beville, Ross 110,114,121,125 


Bewley, Arthur 244,327 

Bewley, George 367 

Bianchi, Marion 316 

Bichell, Elaine 128,231,363,399 

Bickel, Angela 233 

Bigelow, George 243 

Bigelow, Tom 141,241 

Biggs, Martha 313 

Bilbrough, Lorry 327 

Bildkin, N 319 

Bill, 1 365 

Biller, Shirley 399 

Billia,P 154 

Billig, Pat 348 

Billings, Julio ." 92 

Billings, Ronald 371 

Binch, Bill 365 

Biniasz, Albert 370 

Binker, Carl 340 

Binkley, Florence 321,400 

Biosca, Roderick 142 

Biven, Ronald 400 

Bixby, Bonnie 347 

Bixby, Wallace 370 

Bixel, Dobney 357 

Black, Ernest 400 

Black, F 371 

Block, Leroy 326 

Blackburn, Margaret 350 

Blacksten, Ric 192 

Blackwell, Luther 330 

Blades, Betsy 311,352 

Blahut, Frank 330 

Blair, Marge 234,354 

Blair, William 326 

Bloke, James 330,370 

Bio nor, Evelyn 1 20 

Bland, Bonnie 346 

Bland, James 288,373 

Blase, Robert 379 

Blasier, Vernona 136 

Blazek, Frank 337 

Bledy, Betty 310 

Blevins, Harold 240 

Blicher, Charlotte 313 

Blitz, Sheila 315 

Bloom, Barbara 318 

Bloom, Gilbert 1 37,400 

Bloom, Harriet 348 

Bloom, Jerome 333 

Bloom, Richard L 326,385 

Bloomer, Donald 400 

Bloom garden, Barclay 400 

Blum, Barry 325 

Blum, Richard 366 

Blum berg, Morton 380,400 

Blumberg, Norman 123,400 

Blumenthal, Marti 348 

Blunt, Samuel 368 

BIythe, Shelby 329 

Board, Michael 110,114,129,141,214 


Bochlet, Charles 400 

Bode, Barbara 400 

Bode, Janet 354,375 

Bode, Thomas 330 

Bogosh, Martin 124,341 

Bogle, Emory 132 

Bohar,Jim 368 

Boice, Allie Lee 359,400 

Boileau, Robert 338 

Boinis, John 250 

Bolen, Philip 132,400 

Boiler, John 327 

Boiler, Ronald 129 

Bom i Her, Sandra 314 

Bonos, Robert 325 

Bond, Cassandra 350 

Bond, David 137,400 

Bond, Steven 376 

Bond, Thomas 373 

Bondareff, Bette 362 

Bonnett, Frederic 385 

Boone, Edward 129 

Boorom, Betty 228 

Boose, Sondra 321,363 

Booth, Andrew 369 

Borchelt, Ben 400 

Bordelon, Derrill 133 

Born, Barbara 312 

Boror, Jerome 381,400 

Borreson, B. James 91,192 

Bortnick, R 390 

Borzilleri, Thomas 372 

Bosley, Rhody 191 

Bossert, Samuel 368 

Bos we 1 1, Leonard 325 

Bos we II, Benjamin 400 

Botkin, Marshall 390 

Bottcher, Christel 233 

Bottner, Mary Theresa 227,231,316,400 

Boucher, Carol R 312 

Boucker, Peter 333,373 

Bouldin, Billy 400 

Bounds, Alan 342 

Bounds, Wilson R 377 

Bourdon, Ernest R 332 

Bourget,Nell 135,208 

Bovelsky, Bernard 400 

Bovis, Judy 354 

Bowen, D 291 

Bowen, Paul 1 14,141,368,400 

Bowen, Samuel S 339 

Bower, Marilyn 313 

Bowers, Charles 340 

Bowers, David H 381 

Bowers, William W 333 

Bowie, Richard M 286,386 

Bowman, Betsy 220,363 


Bowmon, Broadus 336 

Bowman, Corroll 336 

Bowmon, Jeffrey 208 

Bowman, Thomos 367 

Boyd, Collin 132 

Boyd, Doniel 218 

Boyd, Ursel 132 

Boyd, Walter 208,338 

Boyer, Nancy 23 1 ,400 

Boyer,S 150 

Boyer, Theodore C 143,325 

Boyle, Richard 384 

Boyle, Sharon 310,347 

Bozmon, Morris 330 

Bozof, Barbara 313 

Bradley, Barbara 354 

Bradley, James 337,400 

Bradley, Sydney 343 

Bradshow, Richord 400 

Brody, Carey 386,400 

Brody, Edward 401 

Brody, Shoron 318 

Broga w, Robert A 141 

Broger, Elliott 340 

Broithwoite, Anne 243 

Brand, Stephen 244,245,326 

Brondon, Ronald 217 

Brosheors, Sidney 401 

Brass, Leslie 220,236,310 

Bratfish, Carl E 401 

Broun, G 351 

Bround, Roberto 318 

Breokoll, Phyllis 401 

Brecker, Joy 385 

Bree, Carol 318 

Breen, Patricia 401 

Br eg man, Rochetle 314 

Brener, Elaine 348 

Brennemon, Dovid 332 

Brenner, Barbara 318 

Brenner, Charles 366 

Brent, D 291 

Brewer, Scott 340,373 

Brickell, Stephen 380 

Bricken, Barry 388 

Bridgers, Furmon 93 

Brlele,^usan A 318 

Brierley, Harold 379 

Briggs, Penny 359 

Bright, Jean 401 

Brilhort, Judith 314 

Brill, Celia E 128,401 

Brill, June 352 

Brill, Susan 362 

Brinton, George 343 

Brisker, Lisa 401 

Bristow, Ryland 379 

Britt, Bonnie 235,314,357 

Brittinghom, Ernest 324 

Brittinghom, Sylvia 361 

Broodhurst, Roy 359 

Broadrup, Robert E 401 

Brock man, Frederick 370 

Brocksmith, Judy 361 

Brodsky, Arnold 366 

Broee, Sharon 211 

Brogh, Arlene 211 

Brohown, Philip 373 

Bronstein, AAork 376 

Brooke, Betty 317 

Brooks, Bonnie 354 

Brooks, Edward 373 

Brooks, Michael 376 

Brooks, Peggy 31 1 

Brotherton, Peggy 239,358 

Brown, Brendo 348 

Brown, Carl 379 

Brown, Carolyn 1 44,2 1 4,228 

Brown, Chorles 324 

Brown, Donald 286,287,386 

Brown, Frederick 380 

Brown, Geraldine H 401 

Brown, Herbert 94 

Brown, J 329 

Brown, James E 333 

Brown, Jo Ann 313,356 

Brown, John M 208,332,401 

Brown, Loverne 358,401 

Brown, Nancy 237,401 

Brown, Robert 401 

Brown, Ronold L 368,401 

Brown, Sandy Jo 150,346 

Brown, Stanley ^ 373 

Brown, Tom H 250,287,286,379 

Brown, Tom W 153,370 

Browning, J 182,183,333 

Browning, Perry 401 

Brsenick, Dole 314 

Brubaker, Franklin 326 

Bruce, Sharon 321 

Bruffey, Evelyn E 316 

Brumbaugh, Tisha 363 

Brusock, Judith 318 

Brush, Claudia 130,231,232,357,401 

Bryant, Alice 206,353,40 1 

Bryant, Harold 337 

Bryant, James 370 

Bryant, Norvell 200 

Bryk, Joseph 124,329 

Bubeck, Ellen 401 

Buchanan, Susan 401 

Bucher, Rose M 401 

Buchman, Debby 355 

Buchner,J 144 

Buchta, Frederick W 143 

Buck, Carolyn A 31 1 

Buck, EloineM 310 

Buck, George H 377 

Buckel, Judith 227,401 

Buckel, Rolph 227 

Buckingham, Jean 357 

Buckler, Donold W 374 

Buckley, Donna 227 

Buckner, Judy 347 

Buckner, Stephen L 333 

Budd, Robert W 124,401 

Budnick, Frank 324 

Budoff, Morilynn 321 

Buff um, Chorles 401 

Bugyi, George 384 

Bukzin, Mitchell 366 

Bull, Jomes P 372 

Bull, Lawrence 401 

Bullivant, Kenneth 329,384 

Bullock, Ernest 386 

Bundy, Judy 239,358 

Bunyan,John 387 

Buppert, Stuort 374 

Burbul, Ed word 401 

Burch, Lawrence R 142 

Burd, Laurence 371 

Burdette, Courtney 401 

Buren, Ronald 366,401 

Burgan, Waller 387 

Burger, John L 330,402 

Burger, Judith A 321,402 

Burgess, Dennis 326 

Burke, Alfred J 402 

Burke, George 402 

Burke, Richard 121 

Burke, Sheilo 182,183,316,133 

Burkett, Jere D 327 

Burkhalter, Joseph 402 

Burkhordt, Doniel 381 

Burkhordl, George 219 

Burkholder, Gary 379 

Burley, Robert G 379 

Burkmon, William 324 

Burkom, Joseph M 385 

Burmon, Frederic 132,388,402 

Burn, Lester 343 

Burnett, Barbara 357 

Burnette, Luther 402 

Burnickas, Alfred 402 

Burns, Hugh 338,402 

Burns, Jim 228 

Burr, Edgar 219,402 

Burton, Bob 250 

Burton, Edward L 325 

Buscher, Leo 402 

Buschman, Richard F 124,324 

Butcher, William 324,383,402 

Butler, Dennett 341 

Butler, Mary A 31 \ 

Butsko, Horry 262 

Bwereky, E 3)3 

Byers, Williom A 313 

Byrd, Carol C 346,402 

Byrd, John W 402 


Cohill.J 141 

Colongelo, Julie 352 

Colder, Kathleen R 319 

Colder, Lucy 354,402 

Colder wood, Ann 357 

Coldwell, William M 326 

Colitis, Dagnido 211 

Colitis, Juris 116,2iJ0,402 

Call, Cloir R 402 

Calloghon, Jerry T 402 

Collaghen, Patricio W 310,351 

Callaway, Carolyn R 320 

Callowoy, Nino 321 

Cologero, Robert 143 

Camorote, Charles 402 

Camenzind, DiDi 354 

Cameron, William F 402 

Camhy, Marsha 402 

Compo, Delphine 349 

Campbell, Jane E 312,346 

Campbell, John R 142,219 

Campbell, John V 341 

Compbell, Judith M 402 

Compbell, Terry 339 

Camps, Jo 349 

Canby, Marilyn 359 

Cangelosi, Robert 381 

Cannon, Mary J 402 

Cannon, Wayne 228 

Copizzi, Anthony M 333 

Caplan, Ellis S 326 

Caplan, Harriet M 310 

Caplan, Michael 333,380 

Caple, A 286 

Coponiti Jr., John 402 

Coponiti, Morguorite 352 

Capony, Susan 346 

Capron, Donald L 384,402 

Carabello, Frank B 381 

Carbaugh, Donouon 1 14,218,402 

Cordarello, Joseph J 326 

Cordin, Howard L 388 

Carey, Joan 363 

Corhort, Mary 347,364,402 

Corico, Robert B. .: 403 

Carl, James 208 

Corlin, Carol A 313 

Corlin, S 291 

Carlisle, George 377 

Corlock, Carol 321 

Carlock, Zondo L 310 

Carlson, Brent W 379 

Carney, Robert 381,403 

Coppenter, Sandra H 403 

Carpenter, Ellen 358 

Corpin, David J 377 

Corr, Patterson 403 

Corr, Paul D 403 

Corr, Robert 218 

Carrett, Dawes 367 

Corrick, Jacqueline 112,244,310,403 

Cor rod us, Noncv 353 

Carroll, Horry C 326 

Carroll, LeRoyW 336,403 

Corroll, Mrs 385 


Carroll, Richard 137,383 

Carswell, Alexander 330 

Carter, Patricia 349,403 

Cory, Thomas 210 

Cascio, George T 333 

Case, Dacy 311,353 

Case, George 206 

Case, Paul 130,281 

Case, Richard 94 

Case, William N 403 

Cashan, Sandra 144,363 

Casper, Pauline J 315 

Cassell, Harold M 340 

Cassidy, JaneA 321 

Castine, Lawrance 238,403 

Castrilli,John R 336 

Cathell, Edward K 123,326 

Cato, Joanna 353 

Catterton, Kenneth 387 

Caulk, Martin E 370 

Causey, Shirley A 311 

Cavallaro, John C 330 

Cavanaugh, Patrick 337 

Cavin, Linda 1 1 2,1 1 8,1 32,1 36,357 

Cayelli, DonielM 383 

Ceccarelli, Ronald 128,217,403 

Cecchini 129,403 

Cecchini, Maurice J 326 

Cecil, Alfred W 403 

Cemminelio, Jim 251 

Cermok, Kenneth 374 

Choit, Philip 1 385 

Chalfant, Kathleen M 390 

Chalmers, James 371 

Chalmers, William 322 

Chamber I in, Anne 322 

Chamberlin, Rosalie 403 

Chambers, Diana 347 

Chambers, Lucy D 403 

Chamness, Linda L 31 3,351 

Champion, Daniel 217,379,403 

Chan, Yu Woh 218,225 

Chandonnet, John R 382 

Chaney, Carolyn 357 

Chang, Chen Pao 403 

Chang, Franklin 126,223 

Channell, Donna S 310 

Clark, William 150,372 

Clarke, Dorothy 135 

Clarke, James M 343 

Clarke, Linda 208,313 

Clarkson Jr., Paul S 404 

Clarkson, Steve 210,223 

Cloy, Lillian H 404 

Clay, Richard 386 

Clayton, Helen 318 

Clayton, Pom 110,112,354,404 

Cleaver, Joe M 404 

Clement, John 387 

Cleminson, Jack 251 

Clemmitt, Paul 373 

demons, Calvin 382 

demons, Oliver W 404 

demons, Thomas 208,324,377 

Clemson.Cicude 343 

Clifton, Frank R 134,219,404 

Clifton, Noncy 220 

Clingan, Bod 326 

Ctingan,Joan 321 

Clingan, Robert 368 

Clingan, Wayne 324,378 

Cloghan, C 150 

Clough,John 374 

Clow, Jon 337,404 

Clow, Richard 337,377 

Clutter, BillG 339 

Coady, JoAnne 321 

Cober, Donald 217,342 

Cobey, Betty 187,253 

Cobey, Julio 111,112,132,154 353,404 

Cochran, Alice 144,354,404 

Cochran, Claira 356,404 

Cockey, Frances L 315 

Codd, Patricia 321 

Coddington, Ellen P 311,357 

Coder.Dovid 115,121,125,134 


Coffee, Louis 281,376 

Coffin, John L 404 

Coffman, Pot 235 

Cohn, Stanley 327 

Cohan, Parviz 337 

Cohen, Arthur 404 

Cohen, Carol 362 

Cohen, Donald W 404 

Cohen, Edward 334 

Cohen, Elliot 366 

Cohen, Fred 241,404 

Cohen, Marcia 348 

Cohen, Ora R 404 

Cohen, Paulo 360 

Cohn, Sue 348 

Coile, West 240 

Colavita, Frank 288,289 

Colb, Nanci 504 

Colby, Elsbeth 361 

Cole, Cynthia 357 

Cole, Harry 142,326,381 

Cole, Hugh F 334 

Cole, James 370 

Cole, Robert C 379 

Coleman, Ann 356 

Coleman, Carol 322,353 

Coleman, Virginia A 404 

Colhoon,John 137,182,183 

Collier, Barry 388 

Collins, Gary 275 

Collins, Terry 325 

Collison, Dorothy 245,310,351 

Columno, Alicia 311 

Colvin, Lynne 192,310 

Combs, Joseph 372 

Comeau, Bernard J 386 

Comstock, John 383 

Cone, Corin 354,404 

Conklin, Herberts 344 

Conklin, Thomas 125,128,344,404 

Conlley,M 373 

Connaughton, Kay 363 

Connell, William 330,387 

Connelly, Carol 358 

Connelly, Charles 324 

Connelly, William 404 

Connor, Carolyn 208,356 

Connor, George 404 

Connors, Barbara 352 

Constinett, Patrick 127 

Contreras, Sollie 233 

Conway, Daniel 373,404 

Conway, Lawrence C 384 

Cook, Frank 372 

Cook, G 342 

Cook, Linda 359,404 

Cook, Peter A 404 

Cook, Prof. Allon 234 

Cookson, Judith 320 

Cooney, John 336 

Cooney, Thomas 337 

Cooper, Bernard F 405 

Cooper, Bill 192 

Cooper, Elaine - 405 

Cooper, Joseph D 405 

Cooper, Keith 371 

Cooper, MaryAnn 361 

Cooper, Phyllis 228,320 

Cooper, Rebecca 321,353 

Cooper, Williom 234,405 

Coorge, P 314 

Copeland,Joy 376 

Coppock, Mary 144,359 

Cor bin, Beverly 356 

Corbin, Bruce R 405 

Corbin, Dick 262 

Corbin, Todd 381 

Corddry, Riley S 381 

Corkran, Nancy 356 

Cormeny, Alvin 91 

Corn, Sandra 322,359 

Cornblott, Theodore 336 

Corso, Lee 251 

Costello, James 344 

Costello, John 343 

Costic, Michoel 372 

Cote, Arthur 332 

Cotes, Patricia 314 

Cotton, John 143 

Couchman, Charles 141 

Couey, Cynthia 310,353 

Coughenour, Clyde 405 

Cougnet, John 343 

Co u I by, Lawrence 344 

Coultos, Bruce 379 

Councilman, Lauretta 405 

Counihon, Robert 341 

Coven, Sander 234,380 

Cowgill, Shirley 405 

Cowne,Chorles 333 

Cowne,John 217 

Cox, Archibald 34,35 

Cox, Donald 381 

Cox, Morrow 239,350 

Cox, Myron E 405 

Cox, William 381 

Cox Jr., William F 141,405 

Cox, William L 405 

Coxon, Kenneth 383 

Coyle, Katherine 310 

Crabb,John 329 

Crabbs, Robert 330 

Craft, Richard 330 

Craig, Sharon 314 

Grain, Ann 353 

Cramer, Janet 315,360 

Crammatte, Ede 231,239,354,405 

Crandell, Gwen 312 

Crane, Thomas 405 

Cravaritis,Geraldine 128,405 

Craven, Fred 210 

Crawford, William C 294,373 

Creamer, Charlotteo 128,405 

Cristofane, Susie 349 

Crocker, Virginia 132,234,405 

Crockett, Donald 330 

Crodin, Frank 294 

Croft, Charles 336 

Croghan, Casey 235,358 

Crohhardt, David 236,405 

Cronyn, Willord 128 

Crook, Jim 324,369 

Crook, Lu A 405 

Crooks, Charles 217 

Crosby, Albert B 405 

Crosby, Douglas 324 

Cross, Herbert 344,405 

Cross, Robert G 405 

Cross, Wendy 350 

Cross ley, Suzie 354,405 

C rouse, George 286,330 

Crouse, Robert L 210,227,330 

Crowe, Pat 350 

Crowell, Alfred 137,192 

Croyle, Horry P 142 

Cullison, James 330 

Cullum,John 387 

Cummings, Charles 381 

Cummings, Robert H 291,386,404 

Cummins, Donna 351 

Cump, Gerald 333 

Cunningham, Marjorie 350 

Cunningham, Nancy 356 

Cutlett, L 337 

Cuzo, Luis 370 

Cysyk, Richard L 324 



Dobrowski, Charles 324 

Dadmun, John P 332 

Dohl, Richard 333 

Dohlin, Kenneth 405,115,240 

Doil, Howord 338 

Doley, George W 343 

Dolinsky, Susan 405 

Do llmon, Jerry 208 

Dolton, Carl A 142 

Damron, Calvin 329 

Damulh, Millicent 144 

Dondo, Blaine 374 

Oando, Gary 239 

Daniel, Mary 211,312 

Daniels, Kay 150.241 

Dansie, Williann G 334 

Darby, Charles 150 

Darden, Dove 224 

Darhanson. Margie 348 

Darrow, Stewart 210,379 

Dorwin, Robert 125 

Dosher, Elizobeth A 405 

Doshiell, Earl 370 

Dauberman, Marshall R 333 

Dougherty, Margaret 351 

Doumont, Al 222 

Dovenport, Barbara 359 

Davens, Gregor 329 

Dovid, Bob 388 

Dovid.John 125,128 

Davidson, Deedee 134 

Davidson, Hugh 125,127 

Davidson, James 379 

Davidson, Louise 311 

Dovies, Ernest 137 

Dovies, Paula 316 

Davis, Carol 322 

Davis, Charles Q 405 

Dovis, Donald C 235,387 

Dovis, Donald T 367 

Davis, Ernest P 405 

Davis, Frank 371 

Davis,J 152 

Davis, Joan 118,359,405 

Dovis, Kay 320 

Davis, Martin A 406 

Dovis, Mary 21 1 

Dov.s, Michael V 329 

Dovis, Nancy J 349,390,406 

Dovis, Patricia A 406 

Davis, Paul 373 

Davis, R 326 

Dovis, Ross 379 

Dovis, Stephen B 366 

Dawson, H 286 

Dowson, Leah 235,361 

Day, Alvin 219,240,406 

Doy, Mory 390 

De Amico, Pot 130,346,406 

Dean, Don 228 

Dean, George 343 

Dean, Robert 327 

Dear holt, Catherine 31 1 

Debulius, Wor/en 343,406 

Debott, Roy 406 

Debuskey, Charlotte 312 

De Comoro, Philip 216,137,406 

De Carlo, Guy 406 

Decic, Pat 220 

Decker, Arleen 406 

Decker, Hoyte 325,379 

Decker,Koren 211,310,362 

Decrees, Stephen D 377 

Dee, Brian C 143 

Deems, D 291 

Deeney,Judy 352 

Defobio,A 390 

Defelice, Charles 135,368,406 

Deffinbaugh, Robert 406 

DeGoston, Jean C 310 

Deghetto, Suzann 315 

DeGrow, Marshall S 383 

DeHart,Joline 208,361 

Deidrick, Craig 343,372 

Deitemeier, Edward 406 

Deil2,JohnB 151 

DeKonter, Cornelio 377 

DeLonoy, Diano 1 50,361 ,406 

Delavigne, Dorsey 382 

Delgodo, Matilde 233 

Delmor, Copt. R 141 

Deliotto, David 123,218 

Demos, William 372 

Denenberg, Robert 388 

Denney, David 406 

Denning, John 344 

Dennis, Lorry H 374 

Denny, Walter 330 

Denson, Lawrence 381 

Dent,G 144 

Deppo, Bruce 330 

Derby, Janice 236 

Derr, John 153 

DeSantis, Laurence 406 

DeSimon, Suzanne 359 

DeTle<, D 387 

Detwiler, Rob 368 

DeVane, Rufus 379 

DeVass, R 143 

DeVermond, Mary 208 

Devey, Dale 234 

Devin, Diane 358 

DeVito,JoAnn 208,235,310 

Devlin, Mory 128,130,406 

DeVries, Charles 326 

Dew, John 387 

Dewey, George 191 

Dewey, Kathie 192 

Diokoulos, Chrysanthe 406 

Diamond, David 388 

Diomond, Rita 244,315 

Dibbern, Peter 336 

DiBello, Geoffrey 406 

Dick, George 218,406 

Dicker, A 318 

Dickinson, Barbara 406 

Dickinson, Charlie 123 

Dick men. Gay ...313 

Diebold, Raymond 216,217,227,367,406 

Diener, Ira H 385 

Diering, Potricia 321 

Dietrich, Diane 315,406 

Dietrich, Florence 406 

Di Franc is,' Donna 361 

Dillinger,JamesJ 192,221 

Dillon, M 333 

Dillon, T 369 

Dinkel, Dennis 329 

Dinkle, Emily 208 

Dinsmore, Billy 338 

DiPietro, Anthony 386 

DiPietro, Joseph 327 

Dippold, Margaret 231,406 

Dirk, Stephen 210 

Disharoon, Robert 371 

Disney, Kathy 354 

Dithe, Chester 251 

Dittmar, Joy 234,319 

Dixon, Alexander 341 

Dobbs, Douglas 125,128,288 

Dobosh, Denis 373 

Dobres, Sheldon 376,406 

Dobson, Chester 406 

Dochter, Ronald 150,324 

Dodds, Matthew 288 

Doddy, H 325 

Doebler, Eugene 337 

Doeller, David L 142,326,381 

Ooetsch, R. N 192 

Dolecek, Goyle 326 

Dolecek, Quentin 330 

Dombrowski, Charles 372 

Domich, Horold J 379 

Donotiu, Joseph 368 

DonBullion, Ron 381 

Donegon, Dennis 382 

Donhorl, Dennis 342 

Donn, George 407 

Donnelly, Joseph 407 

Donohue, Terrence 334 

Donovon, Joan 321 

Dormon, Ann 208,31 1,407 

Dorn, Abby 221 

Dorn, Charles 371 

Dorn, Karen 211,310 

Dorn, William 334 

Dorsey, Mike 234,379 

Dougherty, Edward 379 

Dougherty, Koy 354 

Dougherty, Richard 121,126,227,367 

Douglas. Edwin 381 

Douglas, Jean 321 

Douney, Lee 230 

Dove, Linda 313 

Dove, Thomas 208 

Dovell. Bill 251 

Dow, David 329 

Dow, Owen 332 

Dowden, Charles 324 

Dowell, Mary Lynn 208 

Do well, James F 407 

Dowgiollo, Helen 319 

Downes, Bruce 368 

Downey, Frank 230 

Downey, Richard 337 

Downs, Eloine 174,150,359 

Downs, Jeanne 231 

Doyle, Howard 251 

Doyle, Jock 367 

Doyle, Saroh M 407 

Doyler, B. Q 143 

Drager,JohnA 121 

Dross, Patrick 407 

Druex, Pearl M 310 

Drevenak, Donna 407 

Drissel, John 407 

Droneburg, Donald 334 

Drozd, Richard 343 

Drumm, Barbara 310 

Dryden, Robert 228,367 

Drymolo, Joseph 324 

Dubnoff, Stephen ■•■ 385 

DuBuque, Michael 375 

Duckett, Warren 1 11,11 5,1 19,150 


Duffey, Jerry 377 

Dugeni, Paul 339 

Duggan, Diane 361 

Duggon, Poddy 361 

Dunbor.John 383 

Duncan. Corville 329 

Dung, Huynh Thi Kieu 233 

Dunham, Lawrence 325 

Dunkin, Karen 111,112,118,136 


Dunn, Corolyn 315 

Dunn, Dorothy 354 

Dunn, Jeffrey 245 

Dunn, John 141 

Dunn, Michael 1 16,137,216,407 

Dunn, Pot 354 

Dunn, Wade 244 

Dunnigon, Gerald 125,128,334,407 

Dunson, Williom 344 

Durigg, Walter 123,291 

Durivoge, Edward 324 

Durkin, Thomas P 407 

DuVol, Lindo 144,318,351 

Duvoll, William 382 

Dvoskin, Philip 407 

Dwiggins, Paul 390 

Dworkin, Edwin 333,380 

Dworkowski, Robert 338 

Dykes, Herman 336 

Dyson, William 337 



Eackles, Charles 316,407 

Eagen, Robert 407 

Earle, Mrs. Roberta 377 

Early, Anthony 343 

Early, Potricio 315 

Earon, R 373 

Eorp, Sharon 318,356 

Easley, David 324 

Easmann, Ronald 330,383 

East, Edward 407 

Eaton, Sallie 133,357 

Eavey, John 382 

Eberly, /Work 341 

Ebrite,John W 371,407 

Eccles, James A 11 1,407 

Eckles, Kenneth 334 

Eckles, Phillip 134 

Eckert, Henry 407 

Eckhardt, Carolyn 222 

Edieman, Peggy 235,316 

Edelson, Charles 137,216 

Edgar, Richard 152,154,407 

Edgerton, Frank 373 

Edlovitch, Ronald 376 

Ediavitch, Stanley 133,324,407 

Ediund, Barbara 407 

Edmunds, Nancy 315 

Edson, Robert 286 

Ed wards, J 320 

Edwards, Jane 310 

Edwards, Linda 347 

Edwards, Mary A 130,407 

Edwards, Monte R 229,318 

Edwards, Richard 339,383 

Edwards, William 386 

Edzwald, James 386 

Ehlers, Edward 407 

Ehlert, Robin 407 

Ehrmantraut, Carol 354 

Eierman, Frederick 326 

Eigenbrot, Richard 143 

Einhorn, Frances 315 

Eisenburg, Alon 376 

Eisenburg, Roy 223 

Eisenburg, Sue 235,390 

Eisenburg, Terry 330 

Eismon, Barbara 360 

Ekin,Judy '. 220 

Ekman, Karen 351 

Elder, George 386 

Eldridge, J 210,329 

Elkins, Pres 295 

Eliodes, Stephen 386 

Ellenson, Donna 182,183 

Ellinger, Dorothy 318 

Elliott, Linda 312 

Elliott, Virginia 320 

Ellis, Charlene 234 

Ellis, Edward 124,137,407 

Ellis, Frederick 1 16,407 

Ellis, Joan 408 

Emerson, J 332 

Emery, Clayton 330 

Emsellem, Frances 364 

Enders, Martin K 141,143,324 

Endlich, Diane 357 

Engel, Ethel 408 

Engel, Paul 370 

Engel, Rita 360 

Engelmon, Sandra 314 

Engerman, Merry 320 

Engle, Howard 408 

Engles, Robert 324 

Enright, William 373 

Ensellem, Irene 362 

Ensellem, Joyce 362 

Ensor, Benson 329 

Eppes, John 369 

Eppicly, Linda 408 

Eppley, Geary 93 

Epps, Jo 314 

Epstein, Joe 380 

Epstein, Marsha 408 

Epstein, Philip 385 

Epstein, Robert 376 

Ercole, Henry 386 

Erickson, James 125,127,408 

Eriy, Maurice 336,408 

Ernst, Betty 321 

Ernst, Vera Mae 122,150,227,231,317 

Ertel, Peter 332 

Eskow, Robert 121,333 

Eslinger, Richard L 408 

Essig, Linda 152,356 

Etchells, Carol 358 

Etienne, Terry 187,359 

Etridge, Allan 332 

Ettlin, Jerome L 408 

Ettner, B 320 

Etzler, Thomas 132,368,408 

Euker, Diane 317 

Eurich, John H 338,141,142 

Euzent, Lee 191 

Evans, Ann 321 

Evans, Annette 1 4 1 ,322 

Evans, Jeffry 239,374 

Evans, John 324,387 

Evans, Lee 324,381 

Evans, Lynne 128 

Evans, Robert 326 

Evans, Robert 341 

Evans, Sue 1 44,354 

Evatt, Henry 408 

Evenchick, Eleanor 133, 3 12 

Everett, Herbert 340 

Eversman, Diane 316 

Evirs, Dick 336 

Ewell,Gillem 390 

Ewing, Bill 370 

Exposito, Lorenzo 408 

Ezrine, Alan 388 

Ezrine, Edwin 376 

Ezzo, Flearette 233,349 


Faber,John 192,293 

Faber, Leo R 377 

Fabres, Kathy 346 

Fagan, Lewis F 324,378 

Fairman, Harold 371 

Falin, Franc hia 360 

Fallon, Goil 352 

Fang, David 217,225,228,233,324 

Fangmeyer, Sally F 322 

Faniola, John N 344 

Faris, David B 219,408 

Farnandis, William W 330,370 

Farr, J a mes 377 

Farrell, Richord M. 368 

Farris,J.C 151 

Farris, Marcie 228 

Faulstitch, Joon 322,352 

Faustman, Paul E 338 

Fautashi, Tom 250 

Favier, Judith 144,187 

Fechter, Edi 128 

Fedder, Kennard S 376 

Feder, Carol B 310,355 

Federici, James 296 

Feelemyer, Arthur N 334 

Feiken, Franc ia 408 

Feinberg, Richard 343 

Feit, Alvin 325 

Fejfar, Mary E 128,408 

Feland, Sally 352 

Feldman, Gloria 321 

Feldman, Harris J 380 

Feldman, Irving 1 385 

Feldman, Linda 408 

Feldman, Richard A 376 

Feldstein, Claire 348,408 

Feldstein, James M 388 

Felter, Linda 214 

Fender, Herschel S 338 

Fenimore, Patricia 313,351 

Fennel, John W 379 

Fenner, Judith A 120,316 

Fenton, John 239,374 

Ferrante,Joe 251 

Ferrari, Silvia 233 

Ferraris, Valentine 387 

Ferreira, Abelardo 408 

Ferris, Faith A 314 

Fertick, Sheila 355 

Fessenden, Mary C 322 

Feustler, Joseph 338 

Fiockos, George P 369 

Fiakis,Gus 251 

Field, Michael L 326 

Fielding, Daniel E 372 

Fieser, John B 375 

Filler, Marilyn 353 

Fine, Norman E 344 

Fine, Stuart L 408 

Fingado, Philip C 332 

Fingerhut, Bertho 133 

Finkel, David 408 

Finkelstein, Doris 224 

Finkelstein, Marlene 150,348 

Finkelstein, Paul 388 

Finn, Bonnie 318 

Finn, Joan 234,214 

Finnin, Michael J 153 

Fiordaliso, Gloria L 319 

Fi Tester, Harvey 343 

Firestone, Ken 137 

Fischer, Beverly 320 

Fischer, Richard B 333 

Fischer, Walter 137 

Fish, Gerri 360 

Fisher,Ann 357 

Fisher, B 332 

Fisher, Charles A 376 

Fisher, David 324,386,408 

Fisher, Geory 408 

Fisher, Nancy D 317 

Fisher, Patricia M 408 

Fisher, Rita 236 

Fisher, Stanford 330 

Fishman, Barry S 137,408 

Fitch, Mary K 408 

Fitch, Sandra 120,358 

Fitz, Eileen 356,408 

Fitzell, Carol 358 

Fitzgerald, Gabrielle 322 

Fitz Patrick, Marjorie 350 

Flanigan, Robert L 330 

Flautt, Gilmore R 372 

Flax, Richard L 388,408 

Flax, Roger E 385 

Flax, Susan 362 

Fleischer, Carl 330 

Fleischman, Sue 360 

Fleischmann, David J 388 

Fleming, Roy 241,379 

Flesher,Jane 353 

Fleshmon, Allen D 337 

Fletcher, Joyce 220,314 

Fletcher, Merle 408 

Fletcher, Owen L 141,337 

Fletcher, William 11 1,115,409 

Flichman, Howard J 337 

Flick, James 137,409 

Floam, Steve 182,183 

Flom, Linda 348 

Flood, Ellen 361 

Flook, Billy G 329 

Flook, Sylvia J 315 

Florence, Gary F 387 

Flory, Charles M 341 

Flowers, Mary A 152,316 


Floyd, Robert 409 

Flutschak, D 311 

Flynn, Donald 219,337 

Fobes, Molcom 370 

Folstein, Morshol 409 

Folstein, AAichoel 129 

Foltz,linda 120 

Foly,Jim 377 

Fong, Hoe B 225,234 

Ford, Charles 206 

Ford, John 322 

Ford, Richard D 128,409 

Ford, Wilbur L 324 

Foreman, Joel E 385 

Foreshow, Bridgette 228,354 

Forester, Robert 390 

Formon, Earl L 339 

For man, Gail 31 3,358 

Formanek, Sidney J 330 

Fornil, Ernest 330 

Forsht, Donald 143 

Forster, Josephs 154,385 

Foskett, James 288,370,137,409 

Foskey, Ronald 377 

Foster, Alice 349 

Foulis, Sandy 357,409 

Fowler, James E 130,287,409 

Fowler, Joon R 31 4,409 

Fowler, John 121 

Fowler, Judy 314 

Fowler, Lorraine 200 

Fowlkes, Robert 206,409 

Fox, Bernard 344 

Fox, Chester 327,409 

Fox, Dick 370 

Fox, Jim 243 

Fox, Roger 388,409 

Foxwell,John 142 

Frobizzio, Frank J 343 

Frodkin, David 376 

Froley, Frieda S 182,183,316 

Fronceschini, Dino 409 

Fronch, Phyllis 362 

Frank, Joan 409 

Fronkenberg, Helen 409 

Franyo, Donald S 373 

Frotino, James 409 

Fratto, Doris 144,363 

Frottaroli, Joe 251 

Frozier, Lindo 356 

Frazier, R. A 121 

Frazier, William B 379 

Freos, Pool 409 

Fredo, Ernest 409 

Frederick, Robert L 333 

Frederick, Rodney 375 

Freed man, Mike 191 

Freelond, Chorles 124,365,385,409 

Free mo n, John 228 

Friedman, Paul 376 

Freidson, Allan 388,409 

Freno, Moria 349 

Frese, Randolph 333,409 

Freund, Robert J 325,381 

Frew, Donna 322 

Frey, Ralph W 324 

Fribush, Patricio L 316 

Frick, George 409 

Friedel, Michael P 334,409 

Friedenberg, Marvin 376 

Friedmon, Emile 355 

Friedmon, Howord 385 

Friedman, Louis F 333 

Friedmon, Notolie B 310 

Friedman, Richard W 1 38,409 

Friedman, Ronald 142 

Friedman, Shelly 250 

Friedman, Sue 348 

Friemon, Barry 388 

Fritz, Suson L 312 

Fry, Bill 251,409 

Fuca, Joseph E 333 

Fucetolo, Rocco 387 

Fuchs, Donna 357 

Fuller, Barry C 388 

Fuller, Linda 312,346 

Fullerton, Thomos 409 

Fund, Barbara 409 

Funk, Melvin G 334 

Funk. Roberta 220,316 

Furmon, Adella 353 

Furmon. Mike 239 


Gabis,Jean 182,183 

Gobis, John 319 

Gobor, Anne Marie 321 

Gabriel, Donald A 409 

Goidis, Henry 410 

Galbroilh, Mrs 379 

Gole, Fred 365,374,410 

Gale, Robert 373 

Gollie, Donald 410 

Galloway, Billy 410 

Gamble, Joan 352 

Ganjon, Frederick 329 

Gont, Sue 231,232,359,410 

Gardosik,John K 142 

Garner, Peggy 390 

Garnett, Nancy 310 

Gornoz, Leslie 360 

Gorpstas, Theresa 310 

Garrett, Dawes 126,210,410 

Garrett, Ferris 208,209,387 

Gorrett, Lynne 363 

Gastley, Harry 327 

Gatchell, Helen 356 

Gates, Sally C 321,410 

Gotlin, Rhonda 318 

Gotts, Thomas F 125,128,217 

Gouch, Sue 356 

Gowryluk, Igor 410 

Gebert, Carol 187,321 

Gefter Molcolm 376 

Geis, Charles 324 

Geiswinkler, J. F 410 

Gelberg, Phyllis K 410 

Gellmon, Irwin F 153,365,385 

Gemberling, Horry 368 

Gemmill.John 381,410 

Gempp, Leonard 38' 

Gentile, Gail 234,346 

George, Edward 330 

George, Leon 387 

Gerathewhol, Grata 352 

Gerber, Bruce 385,410 

Gerdom, Ralph 325 

Gerhard, Paul A 121,242,243 

German, Ann 357,310 

Gershen, Michael 385 

Gershon, Mark 366 

Gerster, Mario 354 

Getz.Jeffry 410 

Getz, Richard 332 

Geyer, Robert 372 

Ghodir, Yousef 326 

Ghrist, Marilyn 211 

Gioime, Mary Ellen 187 

Gibbos, Donna 136,359 

Gibbons, Suzanne 111,1 12,354,410 

Gibbs,Droke 387 

Gibbs, Gory 329 

Gibson, David 217,344 

Gibson, N 330 

Gibson, Patricia 226 

Gidden, Lucy 132,156 

Gietko, Carolyn 133,310 

Gigonti, Joseph 369 

Gigliotti, Dominick 410 

Gilbert, Holly 313 

Gilbertson, Beverly 4)0 

Gilder, Leslie 313 

Gilhooly, Robert 324 

Gillis, Alon 380 

Gillis, Edward 339 

Gilmore, Ed 263 

Gimbel, Joseph 380 

Gindelsperger, Anne 410 

Gingell, Betsy 354 

Giordona, Alphonse J 326,370 

Girordi, Jim 251 

Given, Kothy 315,410 

Givner, Lorry 388 

Glodsden, Andrew 380 

Glodu, Clifford 410 

Gloser, Charles 373 

Glaser, Steve 251 

Glasgow, Dorcas 362,410 

Gloss, Gerald 325 

Gloss, Richard 330 

Glossmon, Bobby 355 

Glaze, Bette 208 

Gleoson, Deidre 347 

Gleoson, Potty 242 

Gleiman, Donald 380 

Glenn, Bonnie 320 

Glenn, Charles 329 

Glenn, John 341 

Glick, Harold 388 

Glickmon, David 325 

Glickman, Eileen 310 

Glode, Virginia 236,318 

Closers, Borboro 322 

Gloss, Donann 118,363,410 

Glotfelty, Thomas 410 

Glover, Wayne 342 

Gluck, Edward 325 

Giuser, Fran 355 

Glushokow, Allen 245 

Glushokaw, Ann 225,243,326 

Glyda, Dewaine 383 

Godwin, William 367 

Goettee, David 343 

Goetz, Gilbert 380 

Goetz, Robert 383 

Goffman, Joel 388 

Gogyin, Morgo 234,359 

Goins, Harriet 361,410 

Gold, Bruce 111,141,145,150 


Goldberg, Betty 355 

Goldberg, Feme 310,355 

Goldberg, Judy 355 

Goldberg, Paula 239,348 

Goldbloom, Anita 360 

Goldenberg, Tine 152,241,390 

Goldfinger, Howore 410 

Goldheim, Dale 410 

Goldman, Richard 376 

Goldman, Stephen 333,380 

Goldstein, Gory 388 

Goldstein, Harriet 410 

Goldstein, Leonard 54,55,327 

Goldstein, Mark 325 

Goldstein, Neil 371 

Gomberg, Alan 332 

Gomez, Alberto 121 

Gonter, Theodore 341 

Goodenough, Phillip 326 

Goldforb, Stanley 333 

Goldmon, Ann 348 

Goldstein, Leonord 224 

Goldstein, Norman 216 

Goodell, Robin 358 

Goodenough, Phil 208 

Good hand, J one 317 

Goodhood,J 152 

Gooding, Lindo 208,318 

Goodkind, David S 332 

Goodman, David B 124,342,41 1 


Goodman, Ellis 154,385 

Goodman, Susan 4J 1 

Goodridge, Betty 354 

Goodwin, Lorry 379 

Goodwin, Philip 343 

Goodwin, W 390 

Gordon, Charles 344 

Gordon, Cindy 354,41 1 

Gordon, David L 326 

Gordon, Stephen 376 

Gordon, Suzanne 41 1 

Gordy, Kay 321 

Gorley, John 373 

Gorhom, Susan 152,154,352,364 

Goriup, Franklin 370 

Gorowitz 411 

Gorrell, David 383 

Gosnell, Lois 231 

Gossard, Terry 125,127 

Gotthelf, Barry 234,333,41 1 

Gottwals, Harry C 126,367,41 1 

Gould, Alan V 125,128,334,411 

Gould, David 376 

Gould, Gay 319 

Gould, Sara 128,411 

Gould, Tom 191,333 

Gounaris, Nicholas 337 

Goundry, Frederick 41 1 

Grobawski, Carolyn 350,41 1 

Grobner, John N 324 

Grace, Barbara 320 

Grace, Sue 361 

Groef, Jomes 332 

Graf, Pamela 318 

Graff, Dave 241 

Graff,John 390 

Graham, Leslie 41 1 

Graham, Ray 141,143,324 

Grohl, Joyce 313 

Grammer, Bruce 137,324 

Granat, Larry 1 1 1,1 31,365,376,41 1 

Grand, Paul 41 1 

Grandmaison, C 288 

Granger, Bryan 330 

Granofsky, Persis 208 

Grant, Lina 11 8,22 1 ,357,4 1 1 

Gropski, Lodd 386 

Graves, D 343 

Graves, Edward 344 

Graves, John 372 

Graves, Stanley 383 

Gray, Col 119,150,234,379 

Gray, John C 336 

Gray, John R 390 

Gray, Mary Ellen 346 

Gray, Phillip 327,382 

Gray, Sally 322 

Gray, Sarah 211,310 

Gray, William C 411 

Grebas, Yvonne 314 

Greek, David 330 

Green, Judith G 116,135,311,411 

Green, Lynda 411 

Green, Robin 411 

Greenawalt, Lee 342 

Greenawoy, Sandra 350 

Greenbaum, Diane 312 

Green bourn, Olivia 360 

Green berg, H 388 

Greenberg, Jane 315 

Green berg, Terrie 312 

Greene, Anthony 41 1 

Greene, Richard G 142 

Greenstreet, Philip 327 

Greenwald, Jean 11 1 

Green wold, Susan 1 18,362,41 1 

Greenwood, Terry 126 

Greer, Robert 324,365,371 

Gregg, David 411 

Gregory, Barry 208 

Gregory, Joyce 322,354 

Gretz, Thomas 379 

Grey, Sue 322 

Grey, William 288,344 

Grier, William 411 

Griffin, James A 330 

Griffin, John J 332,379 

Griffin, Thomas 368,41 1 

Griffith, Howard 375 

Griffith, W 371 

Griffiths, Peggy 313 

Griffiths, Robert 327 

Grimes, Donold 329,381 

Grimes, Kay 144,208 

Grist, Dopper 317 

Groner, Dana 411 

Grose, Andrew P 1 1 1,11 6,1 40,1 41 ,41 1 

Groshon, Kenneth 386 

Gross, Paul 324 

Gross, Stephanie 311 

Gross, Steven 327 

Grossman, Bio 315 

Grossman, Carlo 31 1,353 

Grossman, Marilyn 362 

Grott, Judy 360 

Grove, J . D 240 

Grove, Mary Ellen 227,314 

Groven, Jean-Pierre 333,41 1 

Grubb, Charles 383 

Grubb, Patricio 315,352,41 1 

Gruber, Isabel 362 

Grudziecki, Ronald 119,150,412 

Gruman, Hazal 412 

Gschwondtner, Ronald 325 

Guordia, Gary 412 

Guckeet, J 326 

Guckenburger, Paul 374 

Gudelsky, Arlene 362 

Guenschel, Helmut 412 

Guercio, Michael 330 

Guido, Vincent 340 

Guidry, Claudia 322,363 

Guise, Diane 359 

Gluck, Frederick 412 

Gu lick, Bonnie 349 

Gumm, Sue 223 

Gumpper, Katherine 412 

Gundersdorff, Barbara 353,412 

Gunter, Benjamin 412 

Gurvin, Peter 412 

Guss, Maynard 344 

Guss, Roberta 360 

Gutman, Joseph 412 


Haack, Sharon 352 

Haas, John 234,388 

Haas, Richard T 412 

Hoase, Nancy 363 

Hacker, Robert 412 

Hockett, Ronald 388 

H odd a way, John 387 

Hadlock, Earl 208 

Hogan, Billie 312 

Hagemonn, William 332 

Hahn, Francis William 412 

Hahn,Joan 412 

Hahn, Robert 369 

Haines, Steven 21 1 

Hoinos, Gwen .347 

Haitas, Demetrios 208,324 

Hale, Carol 351 

Hale, Jacqueline 358 

Hale, Roger 142 

Haley, Ann 358 

Haley, Edward 383 

Hall, Barry 231 

Hall, Carolyn 412 

Hall, Helen 315 

Hall,J. R 143 

Holl, Liz 122,131,151,181 


Hall, Reeretho 322 

Hallohan, Patricia 412 

Halle, Frederick 388 

Hollett, Bill 371 

Halliday,Ann 214,412 

Hollins, Paulo 360 

Holpert, Burton 380 

Holsteod, James 116,124,412 

Ho Iter, Kenneth 369 

Holy, Franklin L 371 

Homonn, Leoh 231,316,354 

Homblin, Robert 412 

Hambriek, Ernestine 310 

Homer, Thomas 338 

Homeroff, Stephen 115,412 

Hamerski, John 210,381 

Hamilton, Barbara 318 

Hamilton, James 412 

Hamilton, Ronald 373 

Hamilton, Ricardo 375 

Hamilton, Wayne B 230,368 

Hommoker, W 333 

Hammer, James 383 

Hammerman, David 412 

Hammett, Denni 357 

Hammette, Robert L 412 

Hammond, Mary Ellen 208 

Hammond, Phyllis 412 

Hommond, Susan | 351 

Hancock, Rolond 338 

Hancock, Wood row 368 

Hondler, Norman 225 

Handy, Andrew 333 

Honey, Michael 412 

Honey, Raymond 412 

Hankey, Clifford 326 

Nankin, Stanley 182,183,412 

Honley, Robert 412 

Honna, Bill 239,374 

H anno wold, Jim 222 

Hannemon, Linda 133,357,364 

Honnigon, John 251 

Hans, J 365 

Hansen, P 334 

Hansen, Patricia 310 

Hanson, Eric 343 

Hanson, James H 413 

Ho pp, John 340 

Harder, Peggy 208 

Hordesty, David 383,413 

Hardesty, Don 121 

Hardin, Louise 353 

Harding, Feme 122,187,315,353 

Harding, John 340 

Hard wick, Robert 333 

Hardy, Brendo 317 

Hardy, Potricia 320 

Hare, Michael 339 

Hare, Thomas 340 

Hareshape, Robert 126 

Harkins, Dorothy 128,322,412 

Horksough, Bonnie 358 

Harlan, Joseph 374 

Harlan, William 367 

Harlem, Frank 376 

Hormotz, Marvin 291,380 

Hormeyer, Grayson 324 

Harney, Borboro 320 

Harper, Bob 324 

Horper, Guy 119,365,382 

Harper, Patricia 321 

Horrell, Ronald 413 

Harrington, Patricia 318,361 

Harrington, Ron 222 

Harris, Carolyn 118,214,253,413 

Harris, Dennis K 123,344 

Harris, J 384 

Harris, James C 368,41 3 

Harris, Jean A 31 I 


Horris.JerryW 413 

Horris, Kathleen 310 

Horris, Morlene 319,413 

Horris, Roger 34 1 ,368 

Horris, Sandra 1 319 

Horris, WilliomC 343 

Horrison, Arlene 362 

Harrison, Arthur 343 

Horrison, Beverly 319 

Horrison, Eileen 357 

Horrison, Joonn 315 

Horrison, John C 219,221,337 

Horrison, John R 413 

Horrison, Lindo 322 

Harrison, Raymond 210,325 

Horrymon, Carole 322 

Harry man, T. E 143 

Hart, Charles J 365,379,413 

Hort, ChorlesM 373 

Hart, Wayne 129 

Hartley, Charles 384 

Hartmon, James 339 

Horlmon, Marion 118,134,356,413 

Hortman, Poulo 208,312 

Hortmon, Susan 314 

Hortmonn, Edward 327 

Horlney, Sheilo 154,354 

Horvin, Charles 381 

H or wood, Soltie 413 

Hosh, Stanley 334 

Haskell, Tom 379 

Haspert, Julian K 327 

Hass, Merle 348 

Hassan, Al 251 

Hostings, Roberto 111,118,221,353,413 

Hotcher, Christi 200 

Hotfield, Ruth 353 

Haughey, Sandra 352 

Hous, M 333 

Hous, Sandra 352 

House, Priscillo 350 

House, Wayne 336 

Houser, Valerie 350 

Haven, Charles 340 

Havriliak, Bortholomew 369 

Howkins, D 327 

Hawkins, Robert 334 

Hawkins, ThomasD 413 

Hawkins, Virginia --. 321 

Hoyden, Charles D 413 

Hoyden, Grace 361 

Hoyden, Thomas p 333,41 3 

Hayes, Charlotte' 208,315 

Hayes, Dorous 413 

Hayes, Fronces 322 

Hayes, Miss 235 

Hoyes, Poul 387 

Hoys, James F 238,243,413 

Hoys, Rebecca 21 1,322 

Hayes, Samuel 370 

Hozelboker, Janet 353 

Hozen, Jonet 361 

Headridge, Ada 317 

Heogerty, Nancy 320 

Heogy, John 291 

Heoly.Goil 359 

Heoly, Thomas 343 

Hearne, Alice 116,132,318,413 

Hearne, Stanley 341 

Heoton, ThomosN 371 

Heovner, Richord A 413 

Hecaker, Pete 342 

Heck, Dorothy 314 

Heck, Ron 239,374 

Heckendorf,Jon 210,326 

Heer, Roger W 340 

Hefler, Undo 322 

Hefley, William T 413 

Heft, Owen 360 

Heft, Joyce 360 

Hegeler, Hartley 373 

Heidemon, John 413 

Heilpern, Neil 181,182,183,366 

Heimberg, Michael J 366,413 

Heinen, Ken 137 

Heinly, Norbert 124 

Heinze, Lowrence 371 

Heiser, Thomos 371 

Heisler, Cynthia 111,118,152,359,413 

Heisler, Richard 342 

Heister, Noncy L 413 

Heitmon, Robert 330 

Helfrick, Robert 327 

Heller, Robert H 240 

Hellmon, S 144 

Helly, Louis 332 

Helman, Bernard S 380,413 

Helman, Gunnleiv 326,413 

Helwig, Willord 413 

Hemken, Roger 222 

Hemphill, lorry L 414 

Henderson, B 341 

Henderson, Leslie 320 

Henderson, Morcio 118,346,364 

Henderson, Paul 327 

Henderson, Wayne 218,241,414 

Hendley, Mrs '.....'374 

Hendricks, Roy 194 

Hendrix, Robert 327 

Henegor, Harold 390 

Heneson, Phyllis 360,414 

Henley, Joseph 334,414 

Henn,JohnJ 414 

Henne, Edward 337 

Hennegan, Beverly 358 

Henney,Alan 133 

Henney, Dagmor 133 

Henning, Frederick 326 

Heppner, Harriet J 322 

Heraly, £lroy P 414 

Herberg, Richord 340 

Herbert, Bernard 414 

Herd, Turtle 241 

Herling, D 312 

Herman, Suson 314 

Hersh, Marsha 360 

Hertzler, Borboro 187 

Hertzler, Eleanor S 311 

Hertzlich, Ruth 311 

Heruoldsheimer, A 317 

Herzfeld, Harriet 311 

Hess, Martha 314 

Hessehauer, James T 372 

Hesson, Raymond 370 

Hettjemon, Howard 385 

Heuring, Phyllis 414 

Hevner, Jacqueline 227,310 

Hewitt, Bob 327,367 

Hickey, William 371 

Hicks, Beverly 353 

Hicks, Donald 239 

Hicks, Joe 251,288,330,374 

Hicks, Willie 317 

Higgens, Bill 206 

Higgins, George 370 

Higgins, Helen 363 

Highlond, Linda 321 

Hilder, Janet 211,414 

Hilker, John 337 

Hill, Arthur 326 

Hill, Bryan 219,344 

Hill, Francis 154,339 

Hill, Virginia 129 

Hilleory, Henry 367,414 

Hiller,L 327 

Hillman, Borboro 318,355 

Hillmon, Lois 362 

Hillow, Diana 414 

Hillow, Rosalie 350 

Hiltoe, Richard L 234 

Himes, Borboro 208 

Himmelheber, Peter 414 

Hinderer, Paul 414 

Hine, Arthur 414 

Hine, Joseph 329,414 

Hinegardner, E. Kay 414 

Hinely, Robert E 414 

Hinkle, Kenneth 387 

Hirsch, Stephen 321 

Hoog, James 414 

Hocker, George 239,374 

Hockett, Susan 318.354 

Hodes, Lance 288 

Hodge, Charles 123,326 

Hodge, Soro 311 

Hodgson, Lynn 220,222 

Hodiok, Paul 379,414 

Hodinko, B 151 

Hoehn, Lynn 350 

Hoerl, Walter 344 

Hofberg, Sandra 414 

Hoff, Marilyn 194 

Hoffo, Thelmo 317 

Hoff mon, Bert 218,324,341 

Hoff mo n, Charles 414 

Hoffmon, Cindy 360 

Hoffman, D 372 

Hoffman, Dudley C 325 

Hoffman, Heidi 414 

Hoffmon, Joel 1 219,326 

Hoffman, John C 414 

Hoffmon, Judy 348 

Hoffman, Patrick 372 

Hoffman, Paulo 362,414 

Hoffman, Ronald B 344,414 

Hogan, Patricio 357,364 

Hogg, James F 219 

Holcomb,Jock 219 

Holden, S 336 

Ho Id way, John 210 

Holland, Charlotte 390 

Hollond, Kenneth 227,367 

Holland, M 315 

Hollis, David 373 

Holloway, Gory 344 

Holmead, Carole 361 

Holmes, Lynn 333 

Holmes, Mary 233,390,361 

Holmead, Carolyn 313 

Holt, Deone 353 

Holier, Edward 94 

Holtzman, Carroll 383 

Holzman,John 330 

Horn, Betty 225 

Hood, Tom 239,374 

Hook, Col 365,377,414 

Hook, Elso 314 

Hook, William 372 

Hoosel, Morionne 208 

Hooton, Cecelio 312 

Hoover, Gordon 137 

Hopkins, Borboro 313 

Hopkins, Joan 346 

Hopkins, JohnJ 414 

Hopkins, Robert D 330,387 

Hopkins, Stonoforth 330,387,414 

Herman, Joseph 121,324 

Hormon, Russell 370 

Horn, Arthur ." 366 

Horn, Sandra 312,346 

Hornbocke, Dr. R. Lee 91 

Hornbaker, Cecil 216,415 

Home, Raymond 373 

Hornstein, Joyce 362 

Horrow, C 321 

Horwitz, Fran 122,152,355,364 

Hoss, D 314 

Hottinger, John 329 

Houchen, Virginia 415 

Hough, Williom 341,386 

Houghton, Jock 415 

Houts, Linda 415 

Howard, James R 343 

Howard, Larry 340 

Howard, Martha 313,358 

Howard, Marvin 376 

Howard, Suson 415 

Howard, Wilhehmino C 415 

Howory, Mary 358 


Howe, Richard G 415 

Howell, Marie 182,183 

Howie, Mary 318 

Howser, ThomasJ 415 

Hoyer, Steny H 151,229,381 

Hoyle, Leonard H 111,115,131,181 


Hranicka, Thomas 373 

Huong, Rosalind 225,415 

Hubbard, Susan 358 

Hubberf, Susan 358 

Hubbert, Tilghman 330 

Hudson, Allen M 415 

Hudson, Barbara J 314 

Hudson, Edward C 125,128,415 

Hudson, Marjorie C 415 

Huebner, Roland 329 

Huff, Janet 239,358 

Hugg, Mrs 338 

Huggins, Gordon 344 

Hughes, Charles E 219,333,415 

Hughes, Sandy 313,359 

Hull, Barbara 122,136,363 

Hull,J 342 

Hull, Robert 210 

Hullman, H 318 

Hum berson, Mary 322 

Hummel, Jane 319 

Hummel, Susan 415 

Hummel, Thomas 373 

Humphrey, James 192,373 

Humphreys, William W 415 

Hungerford, Bryant 329 

Hunovice, Harriett 134,415 

Hunovie, L 380 

Hunsicker, James 386 

Hunt, Allan 339 

Hunt, Carol 315 

Hunt, Linda 1 415 

Huntress, Carroll 251 

Hur,Jon 372 

Hurley, Betty 317 

Hurley, Emily 358 

Hurley, Larry 142,343 

Hurlock, Thomas 329 

Hurney, Michael L 415 

Hurt, John 325 

Hurtig, Joel R 415 

Hurwitz, Barry 365,376 

Huseman, Charles' 379 

Husen, A ^ 144 

Huska,W 342 

Hutchinson, John E 126,216,222,227,415 

Hutchinson, Judith A 415 

Hutkins, Linda 3)8 

Hyde, Elaine 208 

Hynes, Patricia M 415 

Hyre, Joanne 1 18,350 

Hysson, L 1 44 

loconangelo, Amelia 321 

lager, Charles 230 

lannacone, Carmine 377 

Ignatowski, John 243,245 

Ijams, George 367 

lllinsky, George 415 

Imlay, Richard L 415 

Ingalls, Carole 353 

lngangi,John 123,344 

Inger, Susan 353 

Inglesby, Susan 221 

Ingram, Gilbert L 415 

Ingram, Judith A 132,415 

I nof f , Gary 385 

Insley, Richard 342 

Insley, Laudell 353 

Insley, Nancy 318 

Insley, Wade 324 

Irons, Sharon 318 

Irving, George W., Ill 415 

Irving, Mary 346 

Irwin, Eloise 320 

Irwin, Mary Susan 1 1 1,320 

Iserman, Michael 143,337 

Isiminger, Carol 357 

Itkin, Henry 223 

Ivins, Carolyn 416 


Jablon, Saul 416 

Jack ley, Michael 332 

Jackowski, Richard 243 

Jackson, Clifford 142,326 

Jockson,John R 286,287,333 

Jackson, Sandy 361 

Jackson, Sterling 200 

Jackson, Thomas G 339,372 

Jacob, Melvin 380 

Jacobs, James W 416 

Jacobs, Martin H 416 

Jacobs, Stephen J 416 

Jacobsen, Karen 1 11, 112, 150,154 


Jacobsen, Robert A 326 

Jaffe, Arlene 313 

Jaffe, Barbara A 132,416 

Jaffe, Paula 348 

James, Larry 333 

James, Nancy 220 

James, Owen 383 

Jamison, Russell E 416 

Janniche, Paul 217 

J a nof f, Marshall 388 

Januska, Margaret 320 

Janz, Barbara 357 

Jarboe, C 144 

Jarboe, William D 416 

Jarnell, Herbert 222,330 

Jarvis, Stephen 216,376 

Jeffords, Thelma 349 

Jelus, Paul 111,115,135,416 

Jen, Gertrude 416 

Jen,Trudi 128,231,359 

Jenkins, Joyce 320 

Jenkins, Joseph H 367,416 

Jenkins, Pennie 144,416 

Jennings, Cece 359 

Jernigan, Lynette 320 

Jeskulski, Barbara 242,319 

Jew, Rose 128,416 

Jewler, Kenneth 360 

Johansen,Carl 338 

Johnson, Asa 342 

Johnson, BertilC 142,373 

Johrison, Bonnie 191,3 15 

Johnson, C 141 

Johnson, D 390 

Johnson, Daniel H 372 

Johnson, Diane 321,416 

Johnson, Elaine 144,363,416 

Johnson, Faye M 310,416 

Johnson, Francis E 330 

Johnson, Franklin J 416 

Johnson, Frederick V 416 

Johnson, G 315 

Johnson, Gail 317 

Johnson, Ginger 361 

Johnson, Joan 354 

Johnson, Joan W 321 

Johnson, Judith 220,317 

Johnson, Marian J 31 1 

Johnson, Miss Marion 92,390 

Johnson, Patsy C 416 

Johnson, Phillip V 239,243,374,416 

Johnson, Sandra 322 

Johnson, Sandra G 314, 4 16 

Johnson, Steve 1 90,38 1 

Johnson, Tom 208,375,416 

Johnson, William G 289,291,386 

Johnson, William H 119,365,379,416 

Johnston, John R 324 

Johnston, Mary L 322 

Johnston, Sandi 352 

Jones, Conrad M 142,369 

Jones, Carol... 223 

Jones, Cynthia 356 

Jones, Garnett 182,183 

Jones, Julie Anne 313,359 

Jones, L 152 

Jones, Leroy A 416 

Jones, Linda E 314,416 

Jones, Marilyn R 416 

Jones, Neva Jean 361,416 

Jones, Robert B 329 

Jones, Robert G 336 

Jones, Robert M 369 

Jones, Ronald 372 

Jones, Sally Garnet 352 

Jones, S 329 

Jordan, Edward L 383 

Jordan, Frances 315 

Jordan, Malcolm B 375,417 

Joseph, Carol J 315,417 

Joyce, Carolyn 358 

Judy, Dona 365,383,417 

Julius, Nancy 122,360,364 

J ump, Bonnie 1 87,3 1 5,354 

June, Paul 368 

Junker, Stanley 216 

Jusi, K 144 


Koor, Mia 313 

Kodon, Cathie 349 

Kadesch, Charles S 417 

Kadison, James 417 

Kadlvrowski, John 132 

Kogen, Sandi 137 

Kohl, Larry 366 

Kohl, Henry V 332 

Kahn, Carol A 118,235,360,417 

Kahn,Judy 360 

Kahn, Marsha 310,362 

Kahng, Hewon 130 

Kaiser, Lee 241,350,208 

Kaiss,A. Lee 374,239,417 

Kol, Steven 208 

Kalajian, Edward 371,417 

Kalcounds, Charles 374 

Kale, Frederic 324 

Kalin, Harriet 417 

Kalin, Sandy 360 

Kaliner, Michael 388 

Kalinnsky, Albert 417 

Kalish, George 133 

Kolk, Carolyn 135,354,417 

Kallins, Harvey 417 

Kalman,Michele 182,183 

Kalpos, Raymond 330 

Kaltenbacher, Bill 325 

Kaludis, George 150,154,93 

Komenetz, Sonne 362 

Kamenetz, Sylvia 362 

Kaminetz, Marvin 380 

Kaminsky, Barry 376 

Kanler,Phil 386 

Kanarchuck, Jinaita 321 

Kane, Joan 120,315,182,183 

Kane, Judith Rae 310,235 

Kane, John 384 

Kanegis, Brenda 355 

Kaplan, Barbara 321 

Kaplan, Harvey 388 

Kaplan, John 124 

Kaplan, Louis 94,385,417 

Kaplan, Marsha 321 

Kaplon, Roger 385 

Karlin, Stanley 380,417 

Karpewicz, Paul 417 

Kotcher, Philip 226 

Katoen, Maurice 233 

Katz, Elaine 417,134 

Katz, Robert 376,417 

Katz, Stephen 132 

Katz, Steven 1 417 

Katz, Steven M 417 

Katzel, William 330,153,124,417 

Kauffman,N 371 


Kauffmon, Phyllis 322 

Kaufmann, Carl 315 

Kaufmon, Sam 380,41 7 

Kousch, Dolores 315 

Koye, Barry 376 

Koye, Janet 317 

Koye, George 338 

Keefe, Fronk 234,417 

Keeler, R.Wayne 127 

Keene. Eleanor 111,130,232,349 

Keene, Mildred 320 

Keene, Samuel 417 

Keesee, Donold 417 

Kehoe, Jim 288,289 

Kehoe, Potricio 347,417 

Keidel, Louise 417 

Keiser, Russell 326 

Kell, Howord 341 

Kellor, Kenneth 388 

Kelleher, Bruce 417 

Keller, Agnes 417 

Keller, Donald 370,417 

Keller, John 332 

Keller, Karyn 220,346 

Keller mon, Kay 346 

Kellett, Dorotheo 358 

Kelley, Donald 334,368 

Kelley, Fronk 334,127 

Kelley, Louis 123 

Kelley, Wayne 344 

Kellman, Steven 385 

Kelly, Diane 354 

Kelly,Mory 321 

Kelly, Teddie Lou 150,214,353 

Kelly, William 210 

Kern, Robert 132,141,418 

Kemp, Dawne 314 

Kemper, Daniel 388 

Kemper, Linda 314 

Kenerick, Koye 358 

Kennedy, Thomas 124,418 

Kenney, Corol 356 

Kenney.James 119,131,365,379 

Kent, Patricio 357,418 

Keough, Doreen 356 

Kepner, Thomas 327 

Keravuori, Tuula 310 

Kerchner, Williom 206,418 

Kerin, Berta 361 

Kern, Laura 356,714 

Kerr, Joanne 31 1,357 

Kersloke, Mary Lou 220,322 

Kesner, Geraldine 312 

Kessel, David 244,245,326 

Kessen, Thomas 418 

Kessenger, L 390 

Kessler, Dione 239,322,358 

Kessler, Kotherine 358 

Kessler, James 418 

Kessler, Lawrence 376 

Kessler, Richard 380,343 

Kessler, Robin 318 

Kettells, Sharon 120,235,310 

Key, Charles 324 

Keys, John 333 

Kibby, Gilbert 340 

Kidner, Valeria 361,418 

Kieffer, James 333 

Kiernon, Tony 239 

Kies,Mortho 346 

KieuDung, Huynh Thi 11 6,225,3 1 7,4 1 8 

Kight, Robert 239,374 

Kiik.Motti 332 

Kilby, Richard 418 

Kildeo, Alice 418 

Kim, Hyun 233 

Kimock, Michoel 369 

Kincaid,John 143,383 

King, B 378 

King, Corolyn 363 

King, Gloria 227 

King, Jeon 313,227,310 

King, John L 216,227,230 

King, John D 418 

King, Jack 367 

King, Kothy 346 

King, Paul 329,381 

King, Sarah 227,317 

King, Spencer 371 

King, William 324 

Kinsello, Kathleen 346,418 

Kinser, Muriel 418 

Kinsley, Steven 372 

Kippnes, Elinor 11 1,152,418 

Kirby,John 377 

Kirchiro, William 333,379 

Kirsch, Barbora 314 

Kirschner, Murray 388 

Kirson, Donald 388 

Kish, Edith 353 

Kishter, Herbert 418 

Kisley, Steven 371 

Kitchin, Charles 368,418 

Kitt, Stanley 388 

Klag, Sarah 231 

Kloir, Jomes 329,381 

Klammer, Samuel 418 

Klatt, Christina 317 

Kloyens, Roberto 418 

Klein, Barbara 362 

Klein, Gory 228 

Klein, Judy 234,310,360 

Klein, Jeroy 387,418 

Klein, Morshall 228 

Klein, Regino 118,364,380 

Kleinwochter, Carol 353 

Klemm, Robert 332 

Klimer, Gory 191,418 

Klimik, Carol 346 

Kline, Ellen 418 

Klinedinst, George 286,287 

Klipp, Lawrence 370 

Klohr, Robert 341 

Kluckhuhn, Carolyn 317 

Kludzuweit, Ronald 374 

Klugerman, Carole 314 

KlvocJohn 338 

Knabe, Frederick 418 

Knapp,Jane 349 

Knebel, Lewis 93 

Knibb, Robert 218,336,418 

Knicely, Walter 126,418 

Knight, John 125,128,217,418 

Knight, Priscilla 313 

Knighton, Mike 129,241 

Knoblock, Ann 351 

Knoch, Sidney 376 

Knox, Kothleen 314 

Knox, Marge 144,354 

Kobren, Gino 310 

Kocher, Dovid 338 

Koehneke, Lynn 232,359, Sydney 326,191 

Kohler, Donna 187,357 

Kohn, Howord 366 

Kohn, Irene 418 

Kokoski, Rosemarie 319 

Kolesan,Armand 419 

Kolker, Lono 362 

Kolker,Lois 360 

Kolman, Ira 325 

Komionos, Dortheo 318 

Konoposek, Frank 341 

Koons, Marjorie 310 

Koontz, John 383 

Koopmon, William 141 

Korob, William 379 

Korth, Eugene 376 

Kosnoman, C 336 

Kossiakoff, Tanya 361 

Kotzin, Sidney 316 

Koudeiko, Harold 142 

Koukoulos, Toula 419 

Koutsos, Evelyn 120 

Kovalokides, Nick 289,290 

Koupmonn, S 141 

Kovler, Dorothy 235 

Kowolski, Karl 4] 9 

Kozlowski, Bert 342 

Kraeling, Robert 338 

Kroft, Judith 3)8 

Kraft, Nickolas 367 

Kroknke, Koria 419 

Kramer, George 228 

Kramer, Modelyn 419 

Kramer, Melvin 38O 

Kramer, Morianne 348 

Krontz, Carol 133 

Krauch, F 390 

Kraus, Patricio 363 

Krause, Merrily 359 

Kraut wurst, P 142 

Kravitz, Frank 342 

Krowczel, Froncis 330 

Kreisel, Robert 324 

Kreiss, Martin 385 

Krejci, Joseph 324 

Krellen, Renee 234,376 

Kresge, Dr. Conrad 217 

Kresovich, Nickolas 419 

Kresslein, Dennis 332 

Kreuzburg, Franklin 386 

Kriso, Stephen 342,419 

Kronberg, Robert 338 

Krongard, Monus 385 

Kropinock, Kenneth 369 

Krosin, Stanley 329 

Krueger, Marilyn 208 

Kruse, Judith 234,321,419 

Kugler,Jill 361 

Kuhl, Marsha 318,356 

Kuhn, Dr. Albin 91 

Kuhn, Carol 316 

Kullen, Marilyn 360 

Kullowney, Goyle 220 

Kummerow, Kent 239 

Kunkel, Henry 333 

Kupenstein, Alyse 419 

Kupiec, Barbara 358 

Kupin, Jo Ellen 235 

Kupper, Philip 123,286 

Kurinij, Wasyl 344 

Kurland, Marilyn 355 


Lackey, Joel L 

Lockey.Lee 130,137 

Lockey, Steven 1 24 

Lady, John 143 

Lagmoy, Ester 31 1 

La Grone, James R 370 

Laiokis, Christos S 419 

Laibson, Lawrence 123,327 

Lainof, Priscilla 360 

Laird, Jeri 361 

Loken, Marilyn 322 

LoMacchia, Evelyn 346 

Lamb, Buck : 368 

Lomb, Rich 241,242 

Lamb, Steven 388 

Lambert, Barbara 352 

Lomdin, Willis 332 

Lomond, Thomas 371 

Lampton, Betsy 357 

Landoy, Shelli 112,136,154,348,419 

Landreou, Motthew 377 

Landrum, Pot 346,419 

Landry, Joanne 311 

Londsmon, Gary 385 

Landsmen, Robert 376 

Lone, Charles 116 

Lone, Frank A 419 

Long, Jone 142,316 

Langdon, Dione 317 

Longe, Richard S 419 

Longenbach, John 236 

Langmoch, Sue 321 

Longton, John 371 

Lonno, Evo 318 


Laohavanich, Yenchai 233,419 

LaParle, Frank 319 

Lapes, George 381,419 

Lapides, Karen 234 

Lodipes, Michael 388 

LoPorte, Carole 316 

Lapriola,Mike 251,333 

Larrabee, Eleanor 310 

Larson, Lary 419 

Laserson, Bruce 366 

Lasky, Andrea 348 

Lassilo, Leena 144,182,322 

Lassotovitch, Peter 371 

Latimer, Dee 1 18,356,364 

Latimer, Joyce 144,363 

Lau, Nancy 350 

Laura nee, Richard 219,336 

Laurd, Philip 238,419 

Lauster, Barbara 243,419 

Lavelle, Bill 371 

Lavery, Kathleen 313,352 

Lawrence, Barbara 233 

Lawrence, Kenneth 374 

Lawrence, Melody 353 

Lawrence, Scott 223,243 

La wry. Nelson 419 

Lawton, Rebecca 318 

Layton, Sue 360 

Leahy, Mary Ann 353 

Leamann, Alan 419 

Learman,Ann 144,318 

Lea sure, William 324 

Leatherman, Annabelle 132,419 

Leatherwood, Robert 333 

Leovey, Marshall 388 

Leavy, Harry L 294 

Le Bovit, Susan ne 312 

Lebowitz, Sylvia 355 

Le Brum, Patsy R 419 

Lee, Brenda 310 

Lee, Edward 377 

Lee, Eugene 343 

Lee, Freda 225 

Lee, Phyllis 314,419 

Lee, Shirley 228 

Leef, Pamela 182,183 

Lefkov, Phyllis 120 

Legal, Elaine 208 

Leibel, Aaron 419 

Leibowitz, William 244 

Leibson, Roni 315,360 

Leilich, Ken 228,384 

Leimanis, John 383 

Leimann, Robert 365,386 

Leimboch, John 324 

Leizear, Leah 352,419 

Leizear, Rosanne 352 

Leiand, Louis S 219,419 

Lemback,John 192 

Lemken, Robert H 291,293 

Lendenbaum, Larry 388 

Lenhoff, Carl 333 

Lenkin, Roger 376 

Lentz, Eileen 31 1 

Lentz, Milton 333 

Leonard, Margaret 357 

Lepson, Ronald G 127,334,420 

Lerch, Marilyn 347 

Lerner, Davis 226 

Lessing, Melvin 366 

Lessner, David 332 

Levendusky, Robert 420 

Leventhal, Norman 385 

Leverett, James 420 

Leverton, Martha 313 

Levi, Carl 376 

Levin, Barbara 187,317,362 

Levin, Gordon 336 

Levin, Joel 325 

Levin, Louis 380 

Levin, Menlee 206 

Levin, Myra 318 

Levin, Simon 376 

Levin, Stephen 380 

Levine, Aaron 390 

Levine, Jerry 420 

Levine, Lewis 338 

Levine, Michael 124 

Levine, Robert N 420 

Levine, Suson 362,376 

Levins, Claire 360 

Levinson, Carole M 206 

Leviton, Joyce 318 

Levy, Arthur 420 

Levy, Bayla 360 

Levy, Norman 385 

Lew, Shirley 312 

Lewis, Bob 373 

Lewis, Judy 360 

Lewis, Maurice 365,387 

Lewis, Nancy 316 

Lewis, Rodney 373 

Levitt, Larry 388 

Leydil, George 386 

Li, Sichi 420 

Liao.Chi 225 

Liao,Chi-Sing 225 

Liao, Chi-Wing 225 

Libby, Arthur 1 1 9,365,373 

Liberature, Michelle 352 

Liberty, Jennina 420 

Libshutz, Janet 360 

Lichtig, Michael B 420 

Lichtstahl, Steven 380 

Lieberman, Michael S 330 

Liebermann, Alfredo 1 29,321 

Lieshmon, S 141 

Lige, Ulo 239,374 

Lightorr, Jeannette 322 

Lilly,Kay 231 

Limar, Nich 333,377 

Limerick, Joy 352 

Limpens, Victor 420 

Lin, Chi 329 

Lincicome, Judy 313 

Linden, Nancy 354 

Linder, T 338 

Lindner, Robert 326 

Lindsay, Judy 346 

Lineberry, Jean 133,182,183,357 

Ling, Michael 225,337 

Lins, Henry 377 

Linzey, Wendy 31 1 

Lipin, Lloyd 333,420 

Lipinski, Dave 239,374 

Lipitz, Roger 385 

Lipnjch, Robert 123 

Lippenholz, Stephen 376 

Lippincott, Michael 334 

Lipstiz, Herbert 339 

Lisogursky, Sandy 355 

Lister, Mildred 322 

Litchfield, Gary 386 

Litman, Dove 348 

Lifman, Madeline 234 

Litofsky, Harvey 376 

Little, Bunnie 321,350 

Littman, Nancy 54,55,224,364 

Litwin, Robert 325 

Livengood, Linda 359 

Lloyd, Ann 332 

Lloyd, James 230 

Lloyd, Thomos 368 

Lodge, Marian 320,420 

Loercher, Peter, R 326 

Loew, Nancy 316,350 

Loezos, Elizabeth 1 16,420 

Lofgren, Merriam 143 

Logon, Fron 361 

Loger,Jan 379 

Lohr, Nancy 346,420 

Lokstein, Cathy 144,363 

Lombardo, Philip 341 

London, Dennis 381 

Long, Nancy 1 50 

Longest, Henry 420 

Longfellow, William J 420 

Longley, Colby 331 

Longridge, Kay 3^1 

Loomis, Gary Lee 239 374 

Loomis, Judith 315 

Lord, Allen 334 

Lord, Judy 118,363 

Lorenz, Wayne 420 

Loring,Anne 349 

Lote, Peggy 118,133 

Lott, Charles 234,380 

Lotz, Charles 333 

Lotz, Margaret 356,420 

Lotze, Patricio 209,347 

Louch,Alma 317 

Lough man, Larry 420 

Louis, Ronald 373 

Loverra, Madeline 318 

l-ovis,H 385 

Lovrenci, Paul 337 

Low, Betsy 208 

Lowdermllk, Thomas 327 

Lowe, Dale 137 

Lowe, Harold 332 

Lowe, Thomas 21 6,420 

Lowenstein, Mile 223 

Loweth, Noncy 319 

Lu, G 330 

Lubbert, Robert F 127,420 

Lucas, John 288 

Lucey, Edward 386 

Luchini, Nancy 316 

Luh, Donald 420 

Luke, Nancy 317 

Lum, Max 244,336 

Lum, Susan 361 

Lund, Dorothy 120,231 

tund, John 344 

Lundgren, Roy H 420 

Lupien, Hugh 134 

Luroy, Allen 380 

Lustmon, Leiba 420 

Lutheran, C 351 

Lynch, Kenneth 341 

Lynch, Michael 344,371 

Lynch, Richard 341 

Lynn, Kathleen 316 

Lyon, Thomas 326 


Ma, Pauline 208,225 

Mac Coy, Sara 361 

Mac Dona Id, Douglas 420 

Mac Donald, James E 381 

Mace, Ron 250 

Macht, Beverly 182,183,355 

Mocidull, Joseph 420 

Macintosh, Robert 425 

Moclntyre, Peggy 239,354 

Mack, Joyce 350 

MacKenzie, Andrew 329 

MacMillan, Bruce 141 

MocMillan, Dolores 314,350 

MacMillan, George B 342 

MacNeal, Jane 130,420 

Mocrrs, Nancy 421 

Macurda, Hoyden 334 

Madden, George 329 

Madden, Walter 373 

Model, Joseph 219,327,421 

Model, John L 421 

Madigan, Mary 135,211,421 

Madison, Dale 244,245,329 

Modison, James 218 

Mad res h, Arthur 366 

Magee, Michael 421 

Ma gee, Carol 21 1 

Mogidson, Jane 31 5,355,421 

Mognetti, Mary 135,211,421 

Moguire, Michael 382 

Moholm, Mrs ■ 371 

Mahon, George 334,384 

Mahoney,Anne 312 


Mahoney, Barbora 319 

Mahoney, Shoron 313 

Maier, Audrey 363 

AAaine, Edna 421 

AAoiorona, Mitchell 371 

Moisel, Joy 379 

Molon, Howord 217,218,421 

Malcolm, Robert 385 

Malinow, Stanford 376 

Molkus, Williom 325 

Moll, Aaron 421 

Mollow, Harold 337 ■ 

Molls, Stephen 388 

Monarin, Leonard 383 

Moncha, Corol 211,351 

Mondelson, Ralo 226 

Mancuso, Eleonor 352 

Monion, David 384 

Monn.Woiter 151,386 

Monnion, Robert 325 

Monnix, Charles 371 

Monougion, John 387 

Montegno, Peter 387 

Mantel, Bob 371,421 

Mar, Eugene 333 

Mar, Michoel 337 

Morotto, Eugene 421 

Morceron, Dennis 421 

Morceron, Ralph 421 

Morchione, John 327 

Morcuccio, Cioire 182,183,358 

Marcus, Byron 241 

Moslanik, Gerald 421 

Morder, Robert 325 

Mardonw, Dave 239 

Mardres, Melvin 390 

Margolius, Joan 315 

Moriani, Joseph 325 

Marine, Joanne 317 

Morinelli, Arthur 421 

Moriner, Sharon 356 

Mar hoi, Sandy 181 

Morkei, Lynda 316 

Morkin, Philip 380 

Markline, Charles 141,143 

Markowitz, Abby 348 

Morkowitz, Loretta 250 

Marks, Suson 319 

Marlow, Edwin 141 

Marques, Paul 1 26,324 

Morquette, Charles 326 

Marrs, Don 372 

Marsh, Jean 421 

Marshall, Bruce 372 

Marter, Joseph 332 

Martin, Corol 350 

Martin, Charles 250 

Martin, Fred 340 

Martin, JuonC 374,421 

Martin, Kathleen 347 

Martin, Lov^rence 326,42 1 

Martin, Norman 421 

Martin, Penny 214,353,421 

Martin, Roland 421 

Mortin, William V 336,421 

Mortin, William 379 

Mortini, Ginny 359 

Mortz, Fronklin 286,287 

Marvol, Edno 350,421 

Morvel, Thomos 325 

Morvell, Bonnie 144,358 

Marvin, John 225 

Morx, Kenneth 329 

Moslonik, Gerald 421 

Masters, Gail 358 

Moslropoolo, Carlo 334 

Masueci, Morcio 352 

Motheney, Williom R 330 

Motheny, James 208 

Mathews, Charles 381 

Mothews, John 372 

Mathieu, Beverly 315 

Molhij, Bill 137,228,421 

Mottick, Thomas 421 

Mottera, Attilio 217 

Matthews, Carroll 208 

Motthews, Jeon 314 

Matthews, Sandy 208,347 

Mattingly, Richard 421 

Motzek, Carolyn 357 

Motzek, 137,349,421 

Mouck, Joon 316 

Maunder, Ronald 368 

Moury, Sarah 347 

Mous.B 132 

Moxa, Jerry 317 

Maxwell, Christine 351 

Moxwell, George 324 

Maxwell, Linden 208,209 

May, Jean 346 

Mayer, Connie 346 

Mayer, Georgia 353 

Mayfield, Lorry 137,370 

Mayo, Bonnie 208 

Mayo, Mrs 372 

Maynord, Janet 320 

Mays, Nancy 321 

McAdoo, Kolhy 358,422 

McArthur, Helen 322 

McBride.Jonnett 319,361 

McCobe, Oliver 422 

McCobe, Philip 384 

McCobe, Stanley 324 

McCarthy, B 368 

McCarthy, Eloyne 361 

McCarthy, Kevin 368 

McCarthy, Peter 422 

McCarthy, Williom 344,422 

McCartin, H .386 

McCouley, Charles 422 

McCleory, L 318 

McCleory, Robert 382 

McClain, Jess 227 

McClellan, John 371 

McClellan, Margie 214,363 

McClenny, Ernest 422 

McClernon, Lynn 242 

McClung, Morvene 190,322,357 

McColum, Reginold 422 

McCormock, Tom 239 

McCormick, Charles 94 

McCormick, Dean Eileen 364,92 

McCoy, Mary 207 

McCrocken, Dorothy 322 

McCullan, Robert 373 

McCullough, David 369,422 

McCullough, James 370 

McCurdy, Dennis 208 

McCurdy, Harry 326 

McCurdy, James 123,326 

McCurry, Terry 208,361 

McDermott, Ival 199,200 

McDonald, Gerald 422 

McDonald, Michael 422 

McDonnell, Jim 216 

McDonough, John 1 41,240 

McElhone, Susan 313 

McElwee, Arlene 422 

McElwee, Pomelo 311 

McEwon, John 340 

Mc For land, Gloria 235 

McForlond, Ronald 422 

McGorvie, Betty 422,118,229,346 

McGee, Thomas 371 

McGilvery, William 386 

McGlosson, Sharon 350 

McGlotton, Borboro 3)4 

McGrow, Margaret 318 

McHorgue, Kenneth 286 

Mclntire, Burton 384,422 

Mclnlire, Madolyn 359 

Mcintosh, James 381,422 

McKay, Douglas 123,125,218,336 

McKay, Morgoret 208 

McKeIvy, Richord 381 

McKenno, Bernard 138,422 

McKenney, Joan 317 

McKenzie, H. F 143,240 

McKenzie, Sandy 120,231 

McKenzie, Walter 422 

McKinzey, Walter 229,336 

McLaughlin, Charles 332 

McLaughlin, Pot 145 

McLean, Borboro 422 

McLean, Worner 422 

McLeoy, Frederick 422 

McMahon,M 371 

McMohon, Michael 332 

McNomara, Marsha 317 

McNomoro, Reggie 235,365,368 

McNeil, Dee Dee 359 

McNeil, Shoron 350 

McOrmond, Peter 330 

McTuirk.J 338 

McVey, Sam 208 

McVicker, William 377 

Mc White, Mortho 317,357 

McWillioms, John 377 

Meod,Sondra 317,351 

Meade, William 372 

Meodoff.Goil 360,422 

Medley, Bill 386 

Megby, Joe 377 

Megonigol, Joel 329 

Mehl, Meredith 316 

Mehl, Richard 338 

Mehlman, Arthur 333 

Meininger, Richard C 125,127,422 

Meiser, Bruce R 422 

Meivers, Michael 141 

Melezoglu, Ceudet 233 

Mellen, B 371 

Mellen, C 332 

Mellen, Luther E 326 

Mellen, Richard 343 

Mellinger, Dick 130,377 

Melton, Cliff 251 

Melton, Jane >- 315 

Melvin, J 365 

Mendel, Charles 422 

Mendelson, E 366 

Mendelson, Harold 376 

Mendelson, Joseph 218 

Mendelson, Michael 150 

Menk, Paul 372 

Menninger, Harold 374 

Mensh, Rosalind 348 

Menzet, Loretta 317 

Merchant, Henry 121 

Meredith, Bobs 349 

Meredith, William 343 

Merkel, JohnC 372,422 

Mermelstein, Nona 422 

Merowitz, Solly 312,360 

Merrill, Christy 361 

Merrill, Jock 228,291,387 

Merson, Richard 339 

Messeloff, Mottye' 362 

Metcalf, J 386 

Metcalfe, Lindo 350,422 

Metcalfe, Robert 217,422 

Mettler, Kenneth W 288 

Meyer, Arthur 333 

Meyer, Barbara 231 

Meyer, Melvin 329 

Meyers, Sue 151,223,322 

Meyerson, Notolie 423 

Mibulo, Steve 239 

Michael, Bonnie 363 

Michael, Charles 324 

Michael is, Steven 366 

Michaels, Larry 423 

Michlovitz, Charles K 326,380 

Michny, Frank 338 

Mickle, Loren 372 

Middledorf,Corl 377 

Middlestodt, John 333 

Mifsud, Joseph 337 

Migdol, Meyer 366 


/Wikula, Gerald 423 

Mikula, Stephen 423 

Milan, Roy 340 

Miles, Judith 359,423 

Miles, Roy 201 

Milhousen, Ruth 120,311 

Millard, Alfred 423 

Miller, Ann 336,361 

Miller, Carlotta 223,324 

Miller, Claudia 128,187,353 

Miller, David 230,324 

Miller, Edward F 423 

Miller, George E 340,423 

Miller, Harmon 124,234,380 

Miller, Horry., 208,423 

Miller, Judith H 315 

Miller, Larry R 326,388 

Miller, Lee 121,245 

Miller, Lou 380 

Miller, Luther 237 

Miller, Margie J 348,423 

Miller, MorjorieL 113,131,423 

Miller, Maureen 1 33,357 

Miller, Michael 377 

Miller, Pamela 363 

Miller, Peter 322,386 

Miller, Robert L 143,423 

Miller,Sally 227,311 

Miller, Stuart 388 

Miller, William 336 

Miller, William 325 

Millhouser, Dick 150,138 

Mills, Connie 227,322 

Mills, Donald 243,245 

Mills, Robert F 381 

Millword, William 423 

Mil stead, Spencer 423 

Milwit, Samuel 366 

Milwit, Sandy 182 

Milwit, Sanford 366 

Minetree, Herbert 263,291,373 

Minton, Melvin 423 

Mintz, Barbara 312,346 

Mintz, Sylvan 341 

Mi ra bile, Samuel 340 

Mirne, Norman 131,376 

Mirochna, Thaddeus 423 

Miskelly, Dorothy 313 

Missel, Pat 346 

Mister, Robert C 34 1 

Mitchell, Franklin 324 

Mitchell, John 390 

Mitchell, Peggy 352 

Mitchell, Priscilla 356 

Mitchell, Stephen^ 381 

Mitnick,Alan 366 

Moentmann, Gerald 377 

Moiser, C 390 

Molesky, Lenora 356 

Moncure, Bob 371 

Monje, Sandra 319 

Montalbano, Chorles V 368,423 

Montedonico, Joseph 365,379,423 

Monteith, Roy T 423 

Montgomery, Andrew W 129,423 

Montgomery, Donlad Lee 373,423 

Montgomery, James R 288 

Montgomery, Janice M 1 1 1 ,1 1 3,1 52,1 86 


Mook, David 369 

Moon, George 423 

Moon, Patty 359 

Mooney, Karen 358 

Moonly, Karen 322,359 

Moore, Barbara 361,423 

Moore, Bryan 227,330 

Moore, Constance 347,423 

Moore, David 214,313,374 

Moore, George 343,372 

Moore, Harry D 423 

Moore, Kotherine C 321 

Moore, Kathryn M 316,361 

Moore, Marion 313,423 

Moore, Ronald E 387 

Moore, William 127 

Moorjani, Kishin 233 

Mora II, Frances 354 

Morose o, F 344 

Morell, Frances 120 

Morgan, C 311 

Morgan, Diane 352 

Morgan, Gloria 369 

Morgan, Jean 363 

Morgan, Marion 220,318 

Morgan, Phyllis 315,359 

Morgan, Ronald 373 

Morganstein 123 

Moriarity, William 379,424 

Morley, William 338 

Moroose, Sandra 238,424 

Moroose, Shiela 234 

Morrey, Carolyn 424 

Morris, Arthur 383 

Morris, Anne 349 

Morris, Carolyn J 15 

Morris, Ed 386 

Morris, George 250 

Morris, Sandra 424 

Morrison, C 343 

Morrison, James P 240,424 

Morsell, Amelia 231,363 

Morsey, F 333 

Morsinger, F 339 

Mort, Kenneth 338 

Mortimer, Richard C 424 

Morton, Larry 343 

Morton, Pomelo 314,356 

Morton, Potricia 234 

Moryer, B 316 

Morys, Nancy 313 

Moser, Jeanne 23,187,359 

Moser, Joanne 1 18 

Moses, Edwin 332,424 

Moses, Lee 424 

Mosley, Carl 142 

Moss, James 381 

Moss, Linda A 424 

Moss, Thomas L 286 

Moulden, Owen M 424 

Mowry, David 334 

Moxley, Rosa 231,232,317 

Moxon, George 332 

Moysey, John 344 

Mryncza, Adolph 333,424 

Mudd, Donald G 424 

Mudd, Lynn 354 

Muhr, Rita 135 

Mulhe'rn, Melinda 133 

Mullar, Dale 315 

Mullenax, George 324 

Mullinix, Wayne 341 

Mullis, Ray 132,424 

Mulready, Deirdre 319 

Mund, Joseph 332 

Munderloh, Charles 344 

Munson, Lawrence 369 

Munson, William 336 

Murdock, Michoel 373 

Murphy, Helen E 424 

Murphy, JohnW 124,341 

Murphy, Katharine 152,208,315,424 

Murphy, Madeline 321 

Murphy, Sara 318 

Murphy, William 333 

Murray, Ann „ 220 

Murray, Howard 334 

Murray, Joanne E 359,424 

Murray, John J 424 

Murray, Rebo 363 

Murray, Terry 383 

Musch, Robert 336 

Musumeci, Jo Ann 128,208,424 

Myer, Edward 369 

Myers, Cynthia 128,329,363 

Myers, James 340 

Myers, Kay 358,424 

Myers, Mora line 131 

Myers, Neal 341 

Myers, Patricia 312 

Myers, Richard 379 

Myers, Veronica 1 50 


Nachmon, Harriet 348 

No ill, Ellsworth 137 

No ill, Luther 370 

Nale, Bruce 129,240 

Nalevonko, Margaret 319 

Nolley, Lois 363 

Nolley, Patricia 352 

Nardo, David 374 

Nasuti, Dana 375 

Noughton, Charles 324 

Nausbaum, Jay 388 

Navozio, Morion 351 

Neal, Paul 324 

Neal, Robert J 424 

Neary, Susan H 214,315,354,424 

Neels, Carl 367 

Neely, Robert 143,371 

Neiner, Joan 316 

Neil, Kenneth 381 

Nelms, Mary 322,347 

Nelson, Harold L 291 

Nelson, John 388 

Nelson, Marion M 318,424 

Nelson, Peter B 424 

Nelson, Rodger 221 

Nemier, Douglas 1 16,132,337,375 

Nemo, Marsha 360 

Neradka, Vincent 330 

Neuhauser, Stanley 380 

Neuman, Ronald 369 

Neumuller, Robert 330 

Newcomer, Richard 338 

Newhouse, Marilyn n 315 

Newland, Edward 424 

Newman, Charles 332 

Newman, Linda 360,364 

Newman, Robert 234 

Newman, Russell J 424 

Newman, William 343 

Nicholls, Madeline 347 

Nicholls, Herbert, W 424 

Nichols, Jean 228 

Nichols, Kenneth 219 

Nichols, W 377 

Nicholas, Joseph 142,343 

Nicholson, Bruce 327,370 

Nicholson, Margaret 333,3 1 

Nick, Anno 314 

Nickerson, Robert 324 

Nieberlein, Richard 332 

Niefeld, Kenneth 376 

Nightingale, Jane 133,357 

Nilson, David M 424 

Nimetz, Arthur 424 

Nineitchka, B 321 

Nixdorf, Richard H 127,375,425 

Nizioiek, Lucy 318 

Nooll, William 137 

Noble, James 372 

Noble, Michael 329 

Noel, Clarence 332 

Nof singer, Michael 1 11,115,132 

Nogrady, John 296 

Nolan, John 222 

Nolan, Patrick 373 

Noll, William 343 

Nollmeyer, Leo F 435 

Nora nbrock, Charles 142,330 

Norfolk, Calvert W.,Jr 425 

Norins, Ellen 425 

Norment, Richard 369 

Morris, James 368 

Morris, Paul 379 


Norris, Warren 1 25, 1 27 

Northwood, Robert 219 

Novotny, Thomas 425 

Nowoskey, Arthur 332 

Noziglia, Robert E 425 

Nugent, Thomas 251 

Null, Charles 332 

Null, Gory 142 

Nullowney, G 313 

Nussboum, Goil 347 

Nussboum, Marilyn G 425 

Nuttle, Horry 94 

Nyborg, Richord 334 


Ookley, George 342 

Obrecht, Charles 334 

O'Brien, Cormeito M 211 

O'Brien, Eileen 316 

Obrycki, Richord 343 

O'Bryon. Corol 317 

Och, Fronk 368 

Ochse, William 425 

O'Connell, Jeon M 234,425 

O'Connell, Vol 242 

O'Connor, Thomas 332 

OHult, George 425 

OHutt, Worren 425 

Odgers, Susan 319 

O'Donnell, Thomces 387 

Offin, Richard 385 

O'Floherty, Harold 208,368 

Oheorn, Dole 206 

Ogden, Thomas 334 

Ogden, Virginia 313,361 

Ogdens, Ronald 380 

0'Hara,J 150 

Oidick,AlvinH 425 

Oineill, Allan 368 

Okerlund, Carol 235 

Okon,Sue 360,425 

Oles,Edword 123,218,334 

Olivo, Thomas 375 

Oliver.Alfred 425 

Oliver, Jomes W 344 

Olson, Potricio 310 

Olstad,Jill 318 

O'AAoliey, Paul 241 

Ominskey, Barry 425 

O'Neill, Denny 191,262 

O'Neill, Richard 341 

Onken, Carl 324 

Opie, Dennis 346 

Oppenheimer, Stffven 326 

Opresko, Gregory 1 2 1 ,324 

Orange, Bruce 376 

Oremland, Robert 380 

Orenstein, Stephen 324 

Or go in, Jean 322 

Oring, Bob 220,375 

Orlando, James 143 

Orndoff, Noah E 374 

Orndorff, Cloude 151,239,383 

Orrison, Loretta 235,310 

Orfuss, CarlJ 425 

Orion, George 336 

Osborne, Catherine 312 

Osburn, Sondy 152,208,349,364 

Osgood, Judy 208 

Osier, Robert 333 

Ostrovitz, Williom 425 

Ostrowski, Paul 372 

Ostrowski, Peter 372 

On, Dick 368 

Otto, Gregory 191,330 

Oursler, Donna 346,425 

Ouslecky, Henry 344 

Ovenstein, S 376 

Over beck, Stephen J88 

Overstreet, Judy 350 

Overton, DonalcJ E 425 

Owen, Allon 32 7 

Owens, Donna 359 

Owens, James G 381 

Owens, James H 384 

Owens, Ronold 324 


Pace, Gail 144 

Packord, Ginny 315 

Packord, Susan E 235,319 

Packer, Elliott L 385 

Podovono, Frank 367,425 

Poft, Joseph P 341 

Poi.Sue 225 

Painter, Margaret E 315 

Poiper, John R 375 

Polijezuk, Wosyl 115 

Palmer, David 425 

Palmer, Josephine S 311 

Palmer, Kenneth 336 

Palmer, Shellie 242,333 

Palmere, Rita 316,350 

Pong born, Thomas 94 

Popavosiliou, Sylvia 425 

Paro, Raymond 337 

Pordue, Patricia 353 

Parish, George 237 

Park, John J 332 

Park, Thurlow F 425 

Parker, Frederick 340 

Parker, Jon B 386,425 

Parker, Katherine H 317 

Porker, Penelope J 349,425 

Parker, R.N 142 

Parker, Donald N 425 

Parr, Leslie 208 

Parran, Rebecca S 311 

Porron, Joel 324 

Parson, Duane C 241 

Pasa,C 152 

Pasko, James 334 

Poskoff, Lewis R 336 

Pasnak, Robert 234,390 

Pass, Carolyn J 425 

Possalacqua, Alessia 144,244,310 

Passarew, P 388 

Pataky, Karen 235 

Patoshno, Michael J 334 

Potchen, Judith L 313,359 

Patrick, Terry L 311,357 

Patterson, Alicia 314 

Patterson, Chris 228 

Patterson, Clarence A 425 

Patterson, Dennis C 372 

Patterson, John 426 

Patterson, Roberta L 426 

Paulis, Edward T 336 

Povlotos, Arthur L 143,384 

Pa viovsky, Timothy 338 

Peacock, GlenG 210,332 

Peacock, James S 326 

Peacock, William E 341 

Pearce, Thomas W 209,243 

Pearl, Charles E 329 

Pearson, Albert 132 

Person, Bob 370 

Pearson, Robert C 317 

Pecorsky, Beatrice 426 

Peckmon, Jason M 216,217,384,426 

Pecora, Forteno N 426 

Peers, Penpy 354 

Pelhom, Robert R 338 

Pellis, Elizabeth 220 

Pelovitz, Cecille 234,310 

Pelovilz, Morcio S 310 

Peliz, Celeste 355 

Pemberton, B 326 

Pendleton, Nathan S 426 

Pendorf, Paul W 341,426 

Penkiunos, Birute A 310,426 

Penefeather, Jane 357 

Penney, Richard 208 

Pentecost, William 330 

Peosact, Shellie 321 

Perdikaris, Stephanos 426 

Perkins, Roger L 330 

Perlstein, Dione J 321 

Perlzweig, Judith E 310,362 

Perseghin, George 125,128,217,426 

Persson, Sonjo 2 1 1 ,236 

Petermon, Elizabeth 312 

Peters, Edward L 381 

Peters, George A 121 

Petersen, Sylvia 135 

Peterson, Carl E 341 

Peterson, Joanne 314 

Petresky, John J 426 

Petrisin, Lucindo R 318 

Petro, Frances E 314 

Petr ushansky, Marlene 355,426 

Pettee, Ben 111,115,119,150 


Pettit, Bill 263 

Peyton, George S 343,370 

Pezzoro, James 124 

Pfoff, Joseph E 330 

Pfonnenstiel, Ralph 426 

Pfeffer, Heleno 233 

Pfeifer,John D 330 

Pfeifer, MorshallL 341 

Pffeiffer, Lawrence D 426 

Pffeiffer, Nicolo 143 

Pffeiffer, Philip E 240 

Pfleeger, Stephen F 426 

Phaller, Lawrence J 324,378 

Phelps, Roland 368,426 

Phillips, Allen L 426 

Phillips, Carole 233 

Phillips, Dennis 243,329 

Phillips, James 143,342 

Phillips, Louise 356 

Phillips, Mike 326 

Phillips. Patricia M 426 

Phillips, Richard 329 

Phillips, Ruth 320 

Phillips, William C 337 

Phipps, Thomas W 386 

Picho,Joane 347 

Pickering, Richard S 338 

Pickett, Judith L 319 

Pickons, Sharon 314,363 

Pieike, Bob 141,143,338 

Pierce, Bob 324 

Pierce, Marilyn 120,312 

Pierce, Tom 209 

Pierrel, Winthrop G 370 

Pietrowiok, Martin 344 

Pietrzok, Joseph R 338 

Pigeon, Frances M 319 

Pike, Dorothy 357 

Piftmon, Dave 228 

Pixton, Marvin F 288,426 

Pillos, Diane 358 

Pimper, Sandy 353 

Pincus,JohnM 334 

Pincuspy, Diane 361 

Pines, Carol 362 

Pinkner, J 388 

Pinkus, Charlotte 144 

Piper, Don 250 

Pittle, Shorie 236 

Plontholt, James 210 

Plontholt, Richard 210 

Pleiste,J 377 

Plitt, Carl 326 

Plowman, Paul 330,426 

Plumhoff, James E 368,426 

Plummer,Ann 356,426 

Plummer, James 239,325,371 

Plummer, John E 374 

Pluischok, Diane 113,116 

Plutshok, Carolyn D 426 

Poe, James E 426 


Poffel, Allan W 369 

Poffenborger, Helen C 313 

Poist, Suzanne L 31 1 

Pokorny, Anne 31 1 

Pokorny, Arthur 343 

Polanowski, Edward R 288 

Pollack, Linda 362 

Pollack, R.E 143 

Pollekoff, Debbie 150,355 

Pollin, Carole A 320 

Polt, Leslie 365,376 

Pomerance, Betty 355 

Pond, Roberto 371,426 

Poole, Johanna E 426 

Poole, Lenwood 376 

Poole, Virginia L 427 

Pooley, Charles K 330 

Pooley, Donald 324 

Poors, Linda B 361,427 

Pope, Nancy 349 

Popp, Richard J 208,427 

Porman, A 341 

Porter, Carolyn 313 

Porter, Jackie 356 

Porter.J 387 

Porter, John S 427 

Porter, Kothy 35 1 

Portman, Bonnie J 322 

Portner, Marlene 355 

Portosh, Susan L 321 

Potrushonsky, Marlene 311 

Potter, Milton 381 

Potts, Russell H 373 

Potzner, Barbara 122,152,208,233,317 

Powell, James M 324 

Powell, MorieW 427 

Powell, Steve 367 

Powers, Ellen 347 

Powers, Richard J 427 

Pratt, WilliomC 427 

Presiosi, R 318 

Pressman, Harriet 319 

Prestifilippo, Joseph R 427 

PriaUohnW 181 

Priol, Mary L 320 

Price, Annie M 319 

Price, Charles M 191,427 

Price, H 217 

Price, Katherine 318 

Price, Lois 427 

Price, Patty 353 

Price, Susan 322 

Price, Wayne L 126,326,427 

Primar, M 390 

Prince, Pamella S 318 

Prince, Warren 390 

Printer, Fran 321 

Printz, David L 217,427 

Prinz, Peter F 329,381 

Pritchett, Julie 350 

Pritchett, Sally 208,356 

Proctor, Charlene 321 

Prout, Charles W 324 

Prusch, Poula 144,357 

Prusch, Williams 427 

Pryan, Margaret L 427 

Pue, Michael E 324 

Pugh, Edward 325 

Pugh, William N 291,427 

Pulido, Rudolfo A 330,427 

Pullen, Melonee 220,315 

Purvis, Bob 370 

Putman, James F 370,427 


Qebert, Carol 357 

Quom, Sandy 357 

Quarles, Charles 381 

Quesenberry, Edward 324 

Quick, Eleanor J 427 

Quinlan, James A 336,427 

Quinlisk, Jon F 324 

Quinn, P 294 

Quinn, Paul 295 

Quintilion, Tony 326 


Root, Jan 233 

Robbitt, James 338 

Rachuba, Lawrence 427 

Racenstein, Fred 137 

Rader, Ralph 324 

Rader, Richard A 125,127,336,427 

Radinsky, Benjamin 336 

Raeder, Bernadette 316,346 

Raffaelo, Kathy 361,427 

Roglond, Robert 344 

Roinka, Janice 356 

Raino, B 382 

Rains, B 142 

Rains, James 326 

Raith, Joan 239,359 

Raivel, William 330 

Rakes, Bonnie 321 

Ralph, Phyllis 427 

Ralston, Alan A 427 

Ramsey, Kay 1 18,353 

Ramsburg, Harry R 143,334 

Rand, Bertie 427 

Randolph, John N 153,365,387,427 

Ran dour, Mary Lou 352 

Ranere, Ronald 332 

Rankin, Gary 332 

Rapelye, Barbara 313,351 

Raphel, Paul 333 

Rapp, Janet 130,427 

Rappaport, Jane 236,314 

Rapson, Frederick W 379,428 

Rash, Herbert 294 

Rash, Mare D 294 

Rosko, Doniel 330 

Rathgeber, Ruth 317 

Rauch, Loura 194,206 

Ravikio, Lois 310 

Rawak, Barrie 359 

Ray, Grafton 339 

Ray, Linda G 111,317,428 

Rayne, Ronald 377 

Rea, Richard 372 

Reagle, George 334 

Reams, William 428 

Reches, Henry 428 

Reck, A 346 

Reck, Ken 240 

Reckner, S 291 

Redfield, Allen 219 

Redmiles, Mildred 428 

Redmond, Cecil 330 

Redmond, James 133,208 

Reed, Patricia 347 

Reed, Phil 228 

Reed, Sally 350,428 

Rees, Judith 317 

Reese, David H 428 

Reese, H 338 

Reeve, London 126,367 

Reeves, Artman 428 

Reeves, Raymond 373 

Reeves, S , 371 

Ragnier, Charles 386 

Rehert, Allen F 380,217,125,428 

Reich, Joanne 347 

Reich,John 329 

Reichert, F. Donald 428 

Reid, James A 428 

Reighter, R 294 

Reigle, Patricia 314 

Reil, R 333 

Rein, Janet H 428 

Rein, Jeffrey 366 

Reinhold, Charles H 428 

Reinstein, Leon 121,341 

Reisinger, Patricio 319,358 

Reinsner, Barbara 354 

Reisner, William F 428 

Reiter, Ann 349 

Reiter, Sheila 360 

Remy, Geles 242 

Renfro, Buddy 201 

Rennie, Robert 327 

Renoff, Ronald 337 

Resel,Terri 353 

Respass, Howord L 383 

Ressin, Charles 385 

Restiro, Josephine 428 

Reusch, George 324 

Rever, David 375 

Rever, John 377 

Rever, Philip 377 

Rexrood, Eve 231 

Reyman, Lynn 352 

Reynolds, Joe 241,242 

Reynolds, Julia A 428 

Reynolds, Wilmer E 327 

Reznikoff, Neil 137 

Rhine, William 327 

Rhodes, Dewey 428 

Ricca, Elaine 154,358,364 

Rice, Donna 220 

Richards, Alan K 428 

Richards, Barry 428 

Richards, Ernest 234,428 

Richards, Robert P 428 

Richardson, Donald W 326,387 

Richardson, Lawrence 373 

Richardson, Martha 357 

Rich burg, Dorothy 134,310,428 

Richey, Jean 1 18,361,428 

Richmond, Keren 360 

Richmond, Lee 360 

Richter, Fred 377 

Richter, Lois 313 

Rickey, Morlin 243 

Riddick,MaryT 235 

Riddle, William 121,340 

Rider, Mary 312 

Ridgley, Oliver L 367 

Ridgley.W 329 

Rightor, Pot 350 

Riley, Bill 228 

Riley, Dick 241,326 

Riley, Robert F 428 

Riley, Samuel 390 

Ring, Joseph 217,428 

Ringger, Ronald 334 

Ringgold, Nancy 243 

Ringler, Terry 217,325 

Riordon, John 239,343 

Ripley, Catherine 313 

Ripley, Stafford 324 

Rishell, William 1 15,428 

Ritchie, James 206 

Ritchie, J ayne 359 

Ritterbusch, Gloria 349 

Rittinger, Roger G 428 

Riutort, Anne 356 

Rivere, S 314 

Roomer, R 314 

Robb, Solly 209 

Robbins, David 343 

Roberts, Al 251 

Roberts, Edward 379 

Roberts, Neil 379 

Roberts, Philip 337 

Robertson, Robert 326 

Robertson, W 150,377 

Robey, Donald 127 

Robey, Elaine 133,361 

Robillard, R 338 

Robinson, Charles 376 

Robinson, Dorothy 1 18,221,352 

Robinson, Ira ^ 334 

Robinson, Jonice 359 


Robinson, John 239,374 

Robinson, Linnell 111,113,132,150 


Robinson, Myrna J 429 

Robinson, Norma 361,429 

Robinson, Richord A 379 

Robinson, Wade 429 

Robinson, William W 375,429 

Roby, Joy 321 

Rock, Walter 250 

Rockman, Isadore S 385 

Rodes, Carole 120,231 

Rodman,*Murray 380 

Rodriguez, Roberto 233,333 

Roe, Richard 239,374 

Roebuck, Bob 228 

Roeder, Robert 337 

Roemer, George 340 

Roeper, Wilbur 286,373 

Rog, Ed 263 

Rogers, Jock H 429 

Rogers, John 186,187,192,286 

Rogers, Lynne 131,311,429 

Rogers, Philip 286,287 

Rogers, Rita 144,320 

Rogers, S 380 

Roginski, Thomas 225 

Rohd, Stanley 388 

Rohrer,Judy 227,311 

Roll. Gloria 233,317 

Rollin, Dennis 381 

Rollings, Doreen 371 

Rollins, Thomas 370 

Roman, Robert J 371,429 

Rombro, Robert 380 

Romeo, Frank 371 

Romersa,HJ 129 

Romine, Richard A 429 

Romoser, Bruce 429 

Romoser, Donald F 429 

Ronco, Brodley 242 

Rooney, Patrick 374 

Roop, Donald 329,379 

Root, Mary C 429 

Roppelt, Norman 372 

Rosdol, Alice 313 

Rose, Alexandria 315 

Rose, Joseph 217 

Rose, Morsha 319 

Rose, Richord 360 

Roseman, Mark 385 

Rosen, Barbara 348 

Rosen, Ellis 429 

Rosen, Howard 376 

Rosen, Judy 362 

Rosen, Louis 376 

Rosenberg, Gail 348 

Rosenberg, Gwen 348 

Rosenberg, Suzanne 360 

Rosenbtoom, Rono 348 

Rosenfeld, Laurence 326 

Rosenfeld, Mork 336 

Rosen garden, Audrey 360 

Rosengorden, Eugene 380,429 

Rosenthal, K 388 

Ross, Elizabeth 361,429 

Ross,Joanne 54,55,224,350 

Ross, Joseph 340 

Ross, Philip 379 

Rossen, Judy 355 

Rossiter, Charlie 191 

Rossman, Theodore 429 

Rossomondo, Judith 390 

Roswell, Patricio 319 

Roth, Rolf 124,429 

Rothe, Michole 206 

Rothenberg, Alan 365,380 

Rothenberg.C 291 

Rothenburg, Richord 382 

Rothmon, Lawrence 366 

Roth well, Noncy 352 

Rottmon, Sue 355 

Roundy, Judy 346 

Roush, Ann 429 

Routenberg, John 187,373 

Rovner, Jerome 429 

Rowok, Barrie 236 

Rowe, James H 371 

Rowell, Gilliom 128,429 

Rowell, John 381 

Rowland, Jeanette 182,183 

Royal, Doyle 93 

Royer, Bill 373 

Royer, Mary Ruth 353 

Royer, Peggy 357 

Rubin, Bob 54,55 

Rubin, Eve 348 

Rubin, Jay 385 

Rubin, Robert 54,55,224 

Rubin, Sandra F 429 

Rubin, William 336 

Rubinstein, Nathan 133 

Ruck, Bruce S 429 

Ruck, Dennis 208 

Rudd, Dorrell 237 

Ruddick,Gray 370 

Rude, Julie 358 

Ruderman, David 142 

Rudgers, David 344 

Rudick, Stanley 131,190,192,334,429 

Rudolph, Robyn 136,152,154,187,353 

Ruffead, Harold 333 

Ruggiero, Robert 337 

Ruhling, Robert 234 

Ruhs, John 344 

Rulhern, M 314 

Rumponos, Sheila 352 

Ruppersberger, N 351 

Rusenfeld, N 388 

Rush,Corol 320 

Russell, Edward B 429 

Russell, Robert A 115,116,125,128,429 

Russell, Sally 361,429 

Russell, William P I 16,125,1 28,429 

Russum, Linda 352 

Rutledge, Anne H 430 

Ryan, Cathy 233,349 

Ryan, Gail 359 

Ryan, Linda 319 

Ryan, Michael 329 

Ryerson, Robert 125,430 

Ryskewich, Grace 317 


Sabbath, Dennie 366 

Sobel, August J 430 

Sabloff, Jeffrey 385 

Sochs, Alvin 223 

Sachs, Beryl 325 

Sachs, Carl 337 

Sachs, R 380 

Sachs, Robert 150,388 

Sachs, Sydney L 430 

Sacor, R 367 

Sadler, Louis 142 

Sadowski, Finka 320 

Sadtler, Samuel 291 

So gal, David 385 

Sogel, Gerald 333,430 

Sogle, Barbara L 430 

So id man, Sheldon 376 

Sailer, Terry 310 

Sointz, Doris 315 

Sakers, Amy 351 

Saks, Marilyn 360 

Sologonik, Bernard 385 

Salganik, Shirley 314 

Salloom, Pot 346,430 

Solo, Paul 430 

Saloukos, Efthalio 315 

Salup, Steve 388,430 

Salvo, Joseph 383 

Solzer, Richard 325 

Samboro, Maryonne 144 

Somet, Ester 362 

Somoro, Walter 368 

Sample. John 329 

Sampson, George 372 

Sampson, Max 233,244,326 

Somsel, Sue 208 

Samson, Arleen 208 

Samuels, David 330,376 

Sonalitro, Barbara 231 

Son born, James M 430 

Sanborn, Kathy 361 

Sander, Koren 356 

Sandera, Vivien 322 

Senders, Horry J 372 

Sanders, Michael 371 

Sondler, Alan 327 

Sandler, Marsho 355 

Sandler, Sandra 313 

Sonford, David 430 

Sonford, Joseph 373 

Santo Lucia, Michael 343 

Sontorella, Daniel 342 

Sontell, Frederica 390 

Santen, Susan 310 

Santoni, Charles 340 

Santoni, Wayne 430 

Sontz, Ruth 222 

Sepp, David W 240 

Sopper, Charles H 430 

Sapperstein, Barry 344 

Soppington, Phoebe 144 

Sari, Gloria 321 

Sori, John 387 

Soslew, Richard 326 

Sass, Lois 134,430 

Sotterfield, Alf 251 

Saunders, Melvin 329 

Seur, Berry S 242 

Saurel, Denise 430 

Souter, Frank 352 

Savage, Charlotte 316,346 

Saver, Barry 241 

Savitz, Stanley 385 

Sowyer, Benjamin 327 

Saxton,Jane 360 

Sayler, Anne M 430 

Scoggs, Horry 386 

Scales, Ronald 294 

Scammel, Barry 286 

Scommell, Terry 384 

Sconarella, John 377 

Scania n, Jeen 390 

Sconlond, Vera B 430 

Scorbrough, Carolyn 241 

Scarbrough, Rachel 359 

Schoef, Betty 317 

Schecher, Rodella 311 

Scahdebeck, Richard 219 

Schaefer, Anita 317,352 

Schaefer, Cam 242,356 

Schaefer, Dick 182,183 

Schaefer, Ellen : 430 

Schoef er, Phillip 430 

Schaefer, Pomelo 31 1 

Schoffer, David A 431 

Schaffer, G 286 

Schoffer, Judy 353,430 

Schaffer, Roy 228 

Schaffer man, Ed 222 

Schoftel, Robert 115,119,365,388,430 

Schammel, Thomas 141,325 

Schopiro, Sandi 182,183 

Scharf, Michael 385 

Schoub, Cathy 122,311 

Schaub, Robert L 344 

Schecter, Shirley 360,316 

Scheer, Jerome D 430 

Scheible, Bruce 330 

Scheid, Robert 379 

Schelz, John P 334,430,123 

Schemm, Claudia 350,430 

Scher, Philip 385 


Scherr, Daniel 380 

Scherr, lleen 348,430,134 

Schick, Robert 369 

Schiff, James W 288 

Schiller, Jane 350 

Schimel, Barbara 318 

Schindler, Bonnie 349 

Schlavdecker, Julie 346,430 

Schlegel, Anne-Marie 128 

Schlesinger, Ronold 366 

Schlesinger, Sarah 192,154,430,111,113 

Schloss, Danny 430 

Sch loss man, Marc 380 

Schlossnagle, Roy 339 

Schlotzhauer, Jean 208,356,364 

Schmidt, Halm 431 

Schmidt, Holly 351 

Schmidt, Judy 128,356,431 

Schmidt,Julie 132,228,431 

Schmidt, Richard 336 

Schmidt, Roger 336 

Schmidt, William 239,371,431 

Schmidt, William L 374 

Schmieler, Jeffrey 379 

Schmitt,Mary 31 1,351,364 

Schneider, Carol 318,361 

Schneider, Charles 327 

Schneider, Edward 338,379 

Schneider, Freda M 431 

Schneider, John F 332 

Schneider, Melvin L 340,431 

Schnering, Sandra 316 

Schoedler, James 324 

Schoeffield, Charles 217 

Schoen,Mary 314 

Schofer, Marsho E 136,431 

Schofield, Brenton 219 

Scholtholt, Beryl 319 

Schonberg, Paula 231 

Schoonover, Gary 324 

Sc hop pert, Gary 373 

Schreitz, Ann 208 

Schrewberry, Jerry 228 

Schriver, Philip 381 

Sch rock, Lovee L 431 

Schroeder, David 373,431 

Schroeder, Joyce 187,350 

Schuebel, Geoge E 386 

Schuerhalz, Wilson 338 

Schuettinger, Arthur 370 

Schul, Jane ^ 363 

Schull, Harry 334 

Schulman,Neil 376 

Schultz, Carol Lee 350 

Schulfz, Rodger 370 

Schuiz, Carol L 431 

Schwab, Norman K 366,431 

Schwartz, Andrea 320 

Schwartz, Barbara 313 

Schwartz, Brian 220,337 

Schwartz, Cynthia 346 

Schwartz, Edward 377 

Schwartz, Jack J 431 

Schwartz, Linda S 431 

Schwartz, Michael L 336 

Schwartz, Riche 360 

Schwartz, Sandra 362 

Schwortzberg, Charles J 431 

Schweitzwe, S 320 

Schwejt, F 339 

Sciannella, Joseph A 431 

Sclar, Marcia 431 

Scollon, Nancy 356 

Scott, Gary 141 

Scott, John 329 

Scott, Judith 314 

Scott, Nancy 357 

Scott, Pamela 346 

Scoville.Marianna 133,431 

Scullin, Joanne 352 

Scurte, Conrad V 337,431 

Scurto, Conrad 370 

Seabold, Bob 239,374 

Seabold, William 386 

Seabrook, Richard 334 

Seaby,Bill 191,324 

Sebra, Sara 320 

Sechtman, Ed 130 

Sec or, Dick 365 

Seeler, Marjorie 431 

Seeney, K 319 

Segelbaum, Huguette 233 

Sehen, Ronald 217 

Seibold, Bill 370 

Seller, Marguerit 320 

Seller, Nancy 319 

Selckmann, Joanne 31 4,356 

Seldeen, Barbara L 431 

Selig, Barry 330 

Seligmon, Ellen 360 

Seligson, Sandra 200,206 

Seline, John 371 

Sell, William 327 

Sellierg, B 388 

Seltzer, Renee 362 

Selznik, Jeff 191 

Semb, Allen 431 

Semma, Sandra 321 

Sener, Lynda 350 

Sengstack, Warren 383 

Senn, Judy 354 

Serber, Pat 355 

Serrin, Shirley 356 

Service, Paul 431 

Settler, Harold 380 

Shadid, Raymond 208 

Shafer, Robert 333 

Shaffer, David 134 

Shaffer man, Edward 216 

Shaffrey, Robert M 386,431 

Shakhashiri, Amal 144 

Shakhashiri, Moha 354 

Shallcross, Carolyn 321,361 

Shalvitz, Sally 348 

Shamp, MaryK 431 

Shannahan, Samuel 431 

Shapiro,A 143,366 

Shapiro, Charles 296 

Shapiro, Joel 388 

Shapiro, Sandi 187,388 

Shapiro, Sanford 366,431 

Shaplin, Lawrence 431 

Sharp, Carol lynn 358 

Sharp, Karen 311 

Sharp, Ralph 208 

ShoveY, William 432 

Shaw, Anne 318 

Shaw, Arthur 125,127,432 

Shaw, Borbaro 220 

Shaw, T 339 

Shawker, Thomas 334 

Shay, Liz 362,432 

Shearer, Carol 350 

Shearer, Francis 383 

Sheehan, Daniel 330 

Sheehan, Kathleen 310 

Sheehan, Pat 191,317 

Sheehe, John 135 

Sheehy, Maureen 317 

Sheer, Richard 366 

Sheesley, John ^ 344 

Sheffler, Paul 327 

Shelton, Maurice 336 

Shemer, Joyce 322 

Shepard, Pam 354,371 

Sheperd, Toni 352 

Sheppard, Philip 144 

Sheppe, Wayne 340 

Sher, Richard 191,388 

Sheridan, Gail 358 

Sherman, Judith 310 

Sherman, J 313 

Sherman, Michael 234,239,379 

Sherman, Richard 366 

Sherrill, Richard J 432 

Sherwood, Paul 432 

Shevitz, Stephen 376 

Shewchuk, Serge 132,344 

Shields, Faith 220 

Shinn, Alan 330 

Shiner, Dick 250 

Shinker, Warren 367 

Shipley, Donald 334 

Shipley, Gerald 341 

Shirk, Jeonellen 144 

Shirrifs, Bunny 351,364 

Shoemaker, Alan 371 

Shook, Carol 363,432 

Short,Joyce 187,359,364 

Short, Peggy 359 

Shorthall, William 330 

Show, Glenn 129 

Shreiber, Joseph 241 

Shuey, Kenneth 233 

Shugarman, Joel 380 

Shuger, Rebecca 348 

Shuger, Richard D 432 

Shuman, Candy 206,234 

Shumate, Roland 377 

Shure, Marilyn 350 

Shuster, Sandra 319 

Shvonda, Charles 386 

Siahatgar, Sodegh 233 

Sibley, Robert 329,382 

Sidle, Jules 385,432 

Siegel, B 376 

Siegel, Fern 321 

Siegel, Malcolm 376 

Siegel, Stephen 380 

Siegmon, Ellen 355 

Siegman, Myrna 355,432 

Sigel, Barry 343 

Sigler, 132 

Signor, Virginia 352 

Sikora, John 251 

Silber, Barry 380 

Silbiger, Clifford 388 

Silver, Arlene 236,318,355 

Silver, Frank 387 

Silver, Karen 321 

Silverman, Bob 385 

Silverman, Lynn 362 

Silver stein, Gloria 360 

Sima, Gordon 334 

Simmons, Bonnie 31 7,359 

Simmons, Larry 21 6,432 

Simmons, Marvin 432 

Simmons, Ronnie 432 

Simms, Brenda 134 

Simms, William 124,432 

Simon, Herbert 369 

Simpson, Alan 123 

Simpson, Michael 371 

Simpson, Norman 208 

Simpson, Roy 132 

Sims, James 381 

Sims, Sylvia 357 

Singer, Elliott 385 

Singley, Ann 432 

Sippel, John 379 

Sirlin, Francis 348 

Siscovick, Harriet 432 

Sitaras, Anthony 327 

Sitaras, Panayiots 372 

Sitnick, Rita 432 

Skalicky, Emil 124,432 

Skarr, Robert 325 

Skebo, Richard 341 

Skinner, Bobbie 312,346 

Skoglund, Donna 187 

Sla iter, Carolyn 363 

Slater, William 330 

Slavin, Margaret 182,183 

Slaybaugh, George 333 

Slenning, Lt. Col. Bradford 432 

Slevin, Patricia 318 


Slicher, Nancy 315 

Slifer, Stephen 329 

Slotsky, Deno 362 

Slolt, Borry 344 

Slye, Orville 432 

Smoll, Kathleen 316,351 

Smallwood, Martha 321 

Snnariga, Bob 227 

Smort, Valerie 352 

Smelkinson, Rito 432 


th, Andrew 341 

Ih, Ann 245,354 

Ih, Armine 318 

ih. Barbara 358 

th, Bege 359 

th. Bob 373 

Ih, Bob 234 

Ih, Bobbi 315 

th, Bruce 373 

th, Burt 330 

th, Clifton 138,341,432 

th,D 288 

th, Dovid 210 

th, Delano E 432 

th,Dick 289 

Ih, Dottie 322,363 

Ih, Doug 382 

th, Dudley 241 

ih,G 371 

Ih, Gary 371 

ih.Guy 218 

th, Harold B 432 

ith, Harry L 1 15,141,217,432 

th, Howard 432 

ih,J 371 

Smith, J 332 

Smith, Janette 358 

Smith, John H 336 

Smith, John H 330 

Smith, Kenny 230 

Smith, Lea 315 

Smith, Leonard 334 

Smith, Leslie 120 

Smith, Marcia 339,358 

Smith, Mary 347 

Smith, Philip 329,377 

Smith, R 286 

Smith, Rex 432 

Smith, Richord K 143 

Smith, Robert M 332 

Smith, Roberts 339,368 

Smith, Robert W 432 

Smith, Ronald E 433 

Smith, Solly 135,354,433 

Smith, Samuel A 338 

Smith, Sandro 346,364 

Smith, Shelby 373 

Smith, Stuart 330 

Smith, Susan J 315,433 

Smith, Thomas E 206,371 

Smith, Woyne 289,288 

Smith, Woyne A 433 

Smith, William B 1 1 1 ,1 I 5,1 25,1 28 


Smith, William D 217,324 

Smyles, Joseph 377 

Smyth, John T 433 

Snoy, Roswitha 242,433 

Snider, Donald 333 

Snow, Barbara 317,356 

Snyder, Allon 191 

Snyder, Diane 208,388 

Snyder, Marshall 373 

Snyder, Ronald 385 

Snyder, Timothy 329 

Snyderman, Stephen 334 

Sober, Dave 216,217 

Sober, Eugene 330 

Sober, Marvin A 433 

Sobers, David G 433 

Sobhani, Ashore 234 

Sokol,Gene 134,1 16,219,337,433 

Soldstein, N 288 

Solgere, Judith A 433 

Solins, Judy 362 

Sollod, Perie 433 

Sollod, Sandy 120 

Solomon, Larry 376 

Solomon, Mimi 360 

Sollof f , Marilyn 360 

Somerville, Shirley 208 

Sommer, B 313 

Sommer field, Edward 433 

Sommers, Emily 355 

Sonderegger, Jean 322 

Sommers, Sharon 362 

Sondheimer, Carol 355 

Soper.Judy 120,351,317 

Sours, Wayne P 433 

Sousane, Joseph 433 

Sousane, L 310 

Southworth, Anne 206,194,433 

Sowers, Dennis A 433 

Spor, Toby 348,433 

Sporhowk, John 142,433 

Sporti, Helen 318 

Specht, David 340 

Spector, Herbert 385 

Spedden, George 338,433 

Speert, Bonnie 433 

Spellmon, Beverly 318 

Spence, David 340 

Spence, James W 433 

Spence, William 329 

Spencer, Alan L 375,437 

Spencer, Betty 361 

Spencer, Ernest 210,368,433 

Spero, Stephen 344 

Sperschneider,Mary 234 

Spicer, Curtis 386,433 

Spiegel, Butch 289 

Spiegel, Jonas 288 

Spiegel, Morlene 313 

Spinello, Joseph 333 

Spitler, Philip 344 

Spitz, Richard 433 

Sprague, William 326,386 

Sprecher, David 188 

Springer, B 336 

Springmann, Fogue 208 

Spuros, Jennia 317 

Sroer, Diana 359 

Srnka, Diana 231 

Stack, Frank 234 

Stock, Melino 357,144 

Stodd, Steven 385 

Stacy, James 243 

Staehling, Norman W 433 

Stafford, John 150,151,318,379 

Slag, Irene 321 

Stohley, Sharon 353 

Stohmer, Carsten 325 

Staley, Constance 321 

Stoley, Thomas 141,338 

Slallings, William 433 

Stallone, John 344 

Stallone, Peter 333 

Stomm, Jackie 356,144,434 

Slant, Marianne 346 

Stan wood, Thora 349 

Stapf, Irwin 334 

Staples, P 387 

Storbuck, Larry 324 

Stork, Carolyn 347 

Stark, Elwood 372,341 

Stark, Louise 120,235 

Starling, Michael 365,370 

Slarner, Carl 334 

Starr, Beverly 321 

Stasiulotio, William 295,150 

Slathom, Thomas 338 

Staton, Harold 217,434 

Stoufenberger, Richard 386, 1 28,434 

Stoubs, Donna 363 

Slouffen, Chris 289 

Stouffer, Gory 373,288 

Steckman, Carol 355 

Steelberg, Healey 340 

Slefanowicz, Melvin 374 

Stehle, William 434 

Stem, Nancy 322 

Steinboch, Barry 237,376,434 

Steinbeir, G. William 434 

Steinberg, Joseph 153,366 

Steinberg, Phyliss 434 

Steinmon, Stephen G 388 

Steiner, Allan 143 

Steiner, Cheryl 321 

Stellmocher, Inga 208 

Stellmocher, Irene 233 

Stephens, John 121,368 

Stephenson, Robert 143 

Stephen son. Sherry 349 

Stern, Allan 366 

Stern, Barry 366 

Stern, Joan 182_3 

Stern, Susan 182_3 

Sternberg, Rhoda 360 

Sterrett, Frank 332 

Stetler, Russel 339 

Stevens, Dennis 338 

Stevens, Ed 239,379 

Stevens, Howard L 131,190,434 

Stevens, James R 219,333,434 

Stevenson, Diana 152,322 

Stevenson, Morgoret 356,377 

Stevenson, Sue 244 

Stewort, Beverly 31 0,363 

Stewart, John D 329,381 

Stewart, Kathy 346 

Sliertz, Francis 353 

Stiller, Dianne 208,352 

Stine, David 310 

Stinehart, Lynn 314 

Stirling, Judy 208 

Stivoletti, Michael 379,434 

Stockdale, William 343 

Stockman, William 386 

Stockton, Vivion 319 

Stoddard, Susan 434 

Stokes, Mary 314 

Stokey, Roger 24 1 

Stolberg, Lawrence 385 

Stoler, Hannoh 355,434 

Stombler, Milton 434 

Stone, Andrew 330 

Stone, Howard 134,434 

Stone, Susan 352 

Stone, W 385 

Stone, William 379 

Stoner, Charles E. 434 

Stolon, Sharon 208 

Stottlemyer, Carroll 217 

Stonebroker, Dale 313 

Stouffer, Carolyn 318 

Stout, Lilburn 134,434 

Stout, Margin 126,216,222 

Stover, Judy 1 44,346 

Strockue, D 314 

Stramski, Robert 381 

Strandquist, Jean 357 

Strosbough, George 434 

Stroub, Henrik 434 

Straughon, Paula 434 

Strousbough, W. L 192 

Strauss, Helene 348 

Streaker, Herbert 227,367 

Strickland, Carolyn 144,346 

Strickland, Jennis 330,384 

Siriegel, John 338 

Siriegel, Lillian 313 


Strobel, Charles 338 

Strohm, Thomas 336 

Stromberg, Roland 132 

Strong, Charles R 379 

Strope, Borbora 434 

Struck, Judith 434 

Stuart, Margery 434 

Stump, Cecilia 313,357 

Stuppler, Stephen 366 

Sturgill, Larry 243 

Sturm, Thomas E 434 

Sukeena, Dick 251 

Sulen, Alex 282,283 

Sullivan, Bob 374 

Sullivan, Davie' 150,379 

Sullivan, Emily 434 

Sullivan, James 377 

Sullivan, K 387 

Sullivan, Lucille 317,351 

Sullivan, Mary 320 

Sullivan, Mary L 318,434 

Sullivan, W 381 

Summers, Jackie 206 

Surasky, Millie 355 

Susel, Richard M 324,434 

Sus&man, Gerald 366 

Suter, B 371 

Suter.Joan 390 

Sutherland, Gerry 387 

Sutphin, Hazel J 316 

Sutton, David B 124,434 

Sutton, Margaret 435 

Sutton, Paula 232 

Sutton, Robert 330 

Swanson, Anne 358,435 

Swanson, Carolyn 357 

Svi/onson, Jean 220 

Swanson, Roland A 435 

Sw/artz, Linda 322 

Sweeney, Cecil F 435 

Sweeney, Edward W 435 

Sweren, Martin 137,334,435 

Swetlow, Joel 366 

Swick, Carol 322 

Swick, John 338 

Switzer, George 324,381 

Switzer, Richard D 435 

Swoger, Carol 356 

Swoger, Pot 351 

Sworn ley, Susan 318 

Sybor, Adrian 130,435 

Sykes, David 365,371 

Symons, T. B 94 

Symonds, Thomas 141 

Szeliga, Leonard 342 


Taback, Stephen D 388 

Tabor, Merle 360 

Tachois, L 314 

Taggart,Ginny 118,383,363 

Togtmeyer, Elizabeth 311 

Tolbott, John D 373 

Talbott, Richard B 435 

Talk, Helen 310 

Talley,James 435 

Talley, John R 399 

Tamburo, Stephen 333 

Tankersley, Albert 329 

Tant, Kalene 21 1 

Tanneboum, Stanley B 325 

Tapper, Michael 344 

Tarcaz, Frances 314 

Tarkington, Frank 143 

Tarleton, Diane 208 

Tose, Albert 435 

Tate, Bob 390 

Tate, Tom 390 

Tattor, Stuart 366 

Tatum, Linda 122,128,231,221,363 

Tatum, Myrna 435 

Tawson, Peter 210 

Toylor, Bill 243 

Taylor, Carol 208,352,390 

Taylor, Dick 287 

Taylor, Douglos 224 

Taylor, Helen 352 

Taylor, Inga 353 

Taylor, John R 435 

Taylor, Janet 311 

Taylor, Judy 31 1,347 

Toylor, Lawrence A 337,219 

Taylor, Norman 343 

Taylor, Patrick 435 

Taylor, R 286 

Taylor, Richard 216 

Taylor, Richard M 435 

Taylor, Ronald E 219 

Taylor, Sue 361 

Toyman, Barry 344 

Teague, Ernest 379 

Teare, Paul 208 

Teel, Adrian 377 

Tegges, Nicholas 333 

Telfer, Pot 314 

Tenley, George 370 

Tennant, Helen 317 

Tepper, Julian 387,194 

Teramani, Mary 315 

Terzick, Jane 352 

Teter, Ann 359,313 

Tackcer, Richard 377 

Thames, Bob 372 

Thatcher, Curtis 294 

Thatcher, William 367 

Theis,John 123,208,218,435 

Thigpen, Neal 381,365 

Thom, Betty 352 

Thomas, Daniel 326 

Thomas, John A 124,435 

Thomas, Judy 354 

Thomas, Maryon 187 

Thomas, 371 

Thomas, Susan 318,346 

Thomas, Tony 382,226 

Thomos, William 125,338,372,218 

Thomason, Joan 310 

Thomasson, Cathy 235 

Thome, Dennis '435 

Thompson, Albert 333,219,435 

Thompson, Barbara 313 

Thompson, C. Susan 319 

Thompson, Durke 373 

Thompson, David 369 

Thompson, J 381 

Thompson, James E 330 

Thompson, James R 343 

Thompson, Joan 310 

Thompson, John L 326 

Thompson, Mary 351 

Thorton, Betty 435 

Thrgben, Neal 119 

Tighe, Lynne 358 

Tihon, Suzanne 435 

Tilford, Nancy 239,358 

Tilford, Sally 358,435 

Timchin,Joan 360 

Timin, Paul 340 

Timmerman, Jack 206 

Tippett, Lewis 336 

Tippett, Wilfred 124,435 

Tischinger, Jack 387,228 

Titunik, Ira 380 

Tobach, Libby 360 

Tobin, Patrick 127,368,141,435 

Tolle, Kayleen 314 

Tolson, Janet Lee 356,435 

Toomey, Frank 251 

Tommey, William 332 

Topping, Graydon 339,435 

Torop, Irene 355 

Torrieri, Rina 310,436 

Toth, Alexander 381 

Toth, Nick 241 

Townsend, Lawrence 142,338 

Tracet, Donald 182 

Trogle, Joseph 373 

Trakas, Robert 326 

Trainor, Paul 135 

Traley, G 371 

Trammell, Teri 144,221 

Tranchitella, Catherine 390 

Troppe, Jacques 239 

Trassevin, Jeanne 345 

Trattler, Henry 366,436 

Trover, Paul 210 

Treot, John 343,370 

Trebilcock, Karen 136,316 

Trebilcock, Margaret 317 

Tressler, Sheila 357 

Tretter, Steven 1 1 5,436 

Trias, Michael 436 

Tribbett, Susan 357 

Tripp, William 386,436 

Trivas, Paula 360 

Trivits, Donald 337 

Trofost, Karen 356 

Trott, Thomas 387 

Trotter, Barbara L 436 

Troy, William 333,436 

Truitt, Glorio 311 

Trambauer, Joseph 340 

Trust, Donald 116,125,153,218,436 

Trust, W 286 

Tubbert, B 339 

Tucci, Frank 436,186 

Tucker, Edward 325,216 

Tucker, Peter W 373,436,288 

Tudisco, Frank 200 

Tumcio, A 327,384 

Turn bull, Jeanne 436 

Turnes, David 326 

Turner, Garland 336 

Turner, Marjorie 1 18,350,436 

Turner, Robert 387 

Turner, Ronald 143 

Turner, Stephanie 133,436 

Turner, William 286 

Turner, William P 436 

Turney, Richord 372 

Tuscek,J 319 

Tutum, M 314 

Tuttle, C.E 94 

Twining, J 373 

Twitfy, Jerold 390 

Tydings, Carole S 351 

Tydings,J 377 

Typings, S 313 

Tyler, L 344 

Tuur, Mary A 436 

Tweed, McDonald W 436 


Uhlfelder, Dennis 326 

Ulmon, Frieda 321 

Ulrich, David 208 

Underwood, John 370 

Updyke,John 325 

Upham, Charles 141,338 

Urailes, C 325 

Urban, Allan 326 

Uriock, John 344 

Uttenreither, Karl 338 

Utz, Harry 212 

Utz, Richard T 338 



Voezi, Hossah 233 

Valosco, Baldomero 436 

Valcik, Jerry 127,324 

Valencio, Morio 150,350 

Volenle, Bill 365,370 

Valenle. Williom E 436 

Volionl, Betty 349 

Volls, Rofoel 341 

Von, Phan Tuong 436 

VonArnom, William L 436 

Vance, Diane E 436 

Vanderwelde, Kent 436 

Vonderwerker, John 368,436 

Vonkuyk, Joan 352 

VonNess, Corroll 336 

VanOrder, Sue 232,346 

VanRouth, Hedy 358 

VanReenan, Donald 288 

VonRoyon, Anneliese 243 

VonRoyer, Annelise 436 

VanSont, Nancy 354 

VonSont, Potricia 226 

VonScoyoc, Stephen 343 

Vargo, Andrew 340 

Varre, Pasquole A 436 

Vortobedion, Joseph 330 

Voruola, Joseph 372 

Voss, Oscar 125,134 

Voss, Ray 219,330,436 

Veerhees, Kay 357 

Veitch, Fletcher 218 

Veith, Reno 315 

Veley, Peter 129 

Verbit, Vicki 234 

Verdecchia, Joseph 386 

Vermillion, Robert 373 

Versis, Thomas 436 

Verzi, Thomas 372 

Vesperman, Williom 34 1 

Videlo, Charles 340 

Videlo, Hugol 125,127,437 

Vigil, Rafael 437 

Villomizar, Mario F 437 

Villaromon, Mario T 233 

Violett, Robert 141 

Virden, Jon 437 

Vitolone, Dick 381 

Vogel, Donald B 437 

Vogelbut, Phyllis 362 

Vogelsang, Arthur 344 

Vogt, Leonard 343 

Vogt, Morilynn 317 

Volcyak, Edward 338 

Voorhees, Kay 1 33 

Vosswinkel, Robert 1 19,239,374,437 

Voyotzis, Kathy 359 

Vrono, Borboro 346 


Wochsmuth, Charles 386 

Woddell, Jone 314 

Wode, Hughs 437 

Wode, Jane A 437 

Wogomon, Penny 187,239 

Wogner, David 344 

Wogner, Emily 231,316 

Wogner, Judith 318 

Wogner, Renetto 236,349 

Woidner, Fritz 291,292,374 

Waidner, George 1 437 

Wo in Wright, Soroh 322 

Woissmon, Kenneth 111,192,380,437 

Woldemor, John 437 

Wolder, Edword 373 

Wolker, Bernard 324 

Wolker, Carolyn 356,437 

Wolker, Donold 387 

Walker, Elizobeth 314 

Walker, Esoios 369 

Walker, Jomes 286 

Wolker, June L 437 

Wolker, Lynn Allen 144,322 

Wolker, Orris 210,344 

Wolker, Patricio 322 

Wolker, Robert 332 

Wolker, Sondro 322 

Wall, Louis S 129,437 

Wolloch, Nolan R 133,437 

Wollenhorst, Charles 344 

Wollis, Thomos L 437 

Wollower,Jockie 315,354 

Wolls, Leslie 330 

Walsh, Kothleen 235,318 

Walsh, Michoel 333 

Walsh, Richard 224 

Walsh, William C 94 

Wolston, James 327 

Wolstrum, Annolee 133,310 

Wolter, Bernard 286,373 

Walter, Patricio 220,236,319 

Wolters, Stephen 385 

Wo m pier. Ho word 338 

Wo m pier, Wayne 123 

Wonless, Helen 359,437 

Wonn, Fronces 225 

Wontz, Nancy 359 

Word, Dole L 437 

Word, Donald T 379,437 

Word, John 325,381 

Ward, Joyce 351 

Word, Susan 313 

Word, William H 142,216,437 

Warfield, Joanne 144 

Warfield, Susan 318 

Warhol, Alexandria 347 

Warhol, John J 369,437 

Waring, Kothi 354 

Worner, Dorryl 239,374 

Worner, Robert C 141,152,153,154 


Warren, Edword 327,437 

Warren, Susie 346 

Wosileski, Nicholas 377,437 

Wosko, Carl 333 

Wasmer, Pedro 1 1 1,1 15,1 19,150 


Wosser, Borboro 134,359,437 

Water mo n, Joon 350 

Watkins, Kristine 133 

Wotkins, Maureen 356 

Wotrous, Laurence 344 

Watson, Barbara 350 

Watts, Dovidson 208,327 

Watts, Glenn 384 

Wotts, Winona 346,437 

Way, Edword 333 

Ways, Franklin L 437 

Weary, Sue 214 

Weover, Corolyn 437 

Weaver, Iris 317,351 

Weaver,Jeon 136,170,214,353,438 

Webb, Glenn 370 

Webb, James 373 

Webb, Rolph 324 

Webb, Von 334 

Weber, Borboro 318 

Weber, Bruce 181,240 

Webster.Ariel 135,208 

Webster, Charles 373,438 

Webster, Jonet 319 

Webster, Kothy 350 

Wechsler, Ellen 192 

Weeks, Suson 320 

Weems, Raymond 333 

Wehlond, Charles 329 

Wehmonn, Kenneth 344 

Weidmonn, Michael 330 

Weil, Karen 362 

Weinberg, Arthur 376 

Weinberg, Leslie 366,438 

Weinberg, Priscillo 118,122 

Weinberg, Vickie 21 1 

Weinblott, Robert 388 

Weiner, Alon 324 

Weiner, Arnold 388 

Weiner, Ronold 376 

Weiner, Wendell 216,224 

Weinfeld,JulionS 142 

Weinger, Sonford D 125,134,438 

Weingroff, Gary 245,326 

Weinkom, Mary 321 

Weinman, Z.J 362 

Weinstein, Morgy 355 

Wei n stein, Ronny 355 

Weintraub, Rona 360 

Weirch, Lynn 233 

Weiss, Lenora 313 

Weiss, Morilyn Joon 438 

Weiss, Sondy 354 

Weiss, Walter 137 

Weissmon, Sharon 357 

Weitzmon, Donald 366 

Welch, Nor mo n 332 

Weller, Jr, Don 134,125,153,219,438 

Weller, Donold 325 

Wells, Ann 356,438 

Wells, Jane 350 

Wells, Morcus 288,289,368 

Welsh, Jomes G 237 

Welsh, Jr., Ralph D 438 

Welsh, Sharon 208,356 

Welty, Neil Jerry 119,153,370,438 

Wendt, Chorles 324 

Wendt, Ed 228 

Wenzing, Thomas 344 

Werle, Christian P. F 128,438 

Wertz, Dennis 381 

Werweth, Russ 125,134,219 

Wescoe, Corolyn 321 

Wessel, Herman 126,216,374,438 

Wessel, Ronald 230 

Wesser, Jocelyn 223,361 

West, Bonnie 141,316 

West, Philip 387 

Westermon, Arnold 376,438 

Westin, Paul E 438 

Wetzel, Ann 317 

Wetzel, Fran 357 

Wexler, Allan 181 

Wholen, Sandro 322 

Wharf f, Mory Jane 351 

Wharton, Jane 122,151,154,353 

Wharton, Margoret 353 

Wheotly, Michael 383,438 

Wheotly, Pot 135,21 1 

Wheotly, Robert 381 

Wheeler, Borboro 359 

Wheeler, Edmund 383 

Wheeler, William 208 

Whisenond, Thomos 329 

White, Andreo : 136,214,363,438 

White, Don 251 

White, Dorothy A 438 

White, Edna 236 

White, George 338,372 

White, Kotherine E 438 

White, Koy 1 13,136,310,347 

White, LindoJ 438 

White, Maurice 367 

White, Peggy 346 

White, Thomas 438 

White, Williom 119,381,438 

Whilebock, Emily 208 

Whiteford, Daniel 330 

Whitehead, Edword 383,438 

Whitehurst, Mrs. John L 94 

Whiteley, Soroh 357,438 

Whitener, Wode 368 

Whitmon, Jeon 363 

Whitmore, Mork 370 


whit more, Thomas 370 

Whiton.Anne 118,346 

Whiton.Maude A 438 

Whittington, Carolyn 152,438 

Whitwarth, Susan 350 

Widerman, Andrea 133,350 

Widmeyer, Diane 359 

Wiedecker, Charles 330 

Wiedel.Joseph 129 

Wien, Joel 376 

Wiener, Richard 380,438 

Wiener, Wendell 54,55,131 

Wiest, Sue Ellen 316 

Wigginton, Robert F 438 

Wight, Sandra 363,364 

Wikander, Frank G 374 

Wilbert, Blaine 243 

Wilburn, Judith A 136,439 

Wilcox, Betty 354,364 

Wilcox, Donna 320 

Wild, Skip 353 

Wilder, Patricia 310 

Wiles, Darrell 326 

Wiley, R.C. (Dr.) 216 

Wilfong, Margaret 321 

Wilfson, Sally 315 

Wilhelm,Gary 330 

Wilkinson, Joan 120,351 

Will, Deanna 319 

Willasch, Roland 339 

Willen, Ida 118,122,221,348 

Willen.Joan 221 

Williams, Forrest 208 

Williams, Joseph B 324 

Williams, Jim 384 

Williams, John 377 

Williams, John T 336 

Williams, R 332 

Williams, R 329 

Williamson, Earl 330 

Williamson, Jr., Fred H 439 

Williamson, Jon 372 

Williamson, Ray 386 

Willich, Thomas E 137,439 

Willis, Dennis 125 

Willis, Donald 115,116,125,128 


Willis,Judith 318 

Willis, Sandra 351 

Wilmot, Wayne 121 

Wilmoth, Douglas 338 

Wilmoth, Robert 341 

Wilson, Albert W 439 

Wilson, Barbara 313 

Wilson, Cheryl 3)5 

Wilson, David 387 

Wilson, David H 326 

Wilson, Harold W 288,439 

Wilson, Henry 387 

Wilson, James A 324,439 

Wilson, Joan 310 

Wilson, Mary 228 

Wilson, Mary Ann 354 

Wilson, Neill 381,439 

Wilson, Richard A 439 

Wilson, Roberts 439 

Wilson, Susan 321 

Wilson, Thomas 342,370 

Wilt, Milgrig 208 

Wimer, Warren B 439 

Winant, Walter 243 

Winberry,Pam 126,316,353 

Windham, Noncy 227,322 

Windisch,John 333,439 

Winebrener, Thomas 330 

Winehell, Barbara 361 

Wingate, Thomas H 439 

Winkler, Patricia 310 

Winmeyer, Robin 381 

Winter, Bruce 121,245,326 

Wirok, Donald 129,208,336 

Wire, Ann 317,350 

Wirtensohn, Marie 208 

Wirth, Richard J 379,439 

Wise, Carl 344,379 

Wise, Susan 310 

Wiseman, Michael 336 

Wishart, Robert 330 

Wisotski.C 294 

Witt, Robert 369 

Witten, Robert 343 

Wittmon.Stephon 383,439 

Wobbeking, Lea 311 

Wolf, Barbara 358 

Wolf, Carol 348,439 

Wolf,Erich 210 

Wolf, Marilyn 348 

Wolf, Ronald G 439 

Wolfe, Wayne 141 

Wolfersberger, Wayne 372 

Wolff,Elise 360 

Wolf son, Israel 325 

Wolfson, Stanley 390 

Woo, Lem F 225,337 

Wood, Anne Shirley 208 

Wood, Bill 151,373 

Wood, Chancy L 142 

Wood, Diane 312,356 

Wood, Dot 346 

Wood, James 343 

Wood,Jomes H 365,439 

Wood, Mary Lynne 144,346 

Wood, Raymond 217,439 

Wood, Sandra 144,321 

Wood, Valerie 363,364 

Wood, William G 386 

Woodard, Robert 141,439 

Woodbury, B 291 

Woodchek, Marjorie 357 

Woodchek, Robert E 439 

Woodruff, Joanne 356 

Woods, Bill 371 

Woods, Jock 381 

Woods, Susan 31 7,355 

Woodward, Susan 318 

Woody, David 372 

Woolley, Evelyn 133,312,439 

Wool ley, George 219 

Woolley, Sarah 316 

Wooten, Bob 338 

Wooten, Richard 338 

Workman, David M 439 

Worrall, Douglas G 151,192 

Worsham, Robert 332 

Wortmon, Dennis 133 

Woryk, Willard 342 

Wray, Lillian 358,439 

Wright, Anne 317,351 

Wright, Barbara 317,350 

Wright, David 141,324 

Wright, Paul D 383 

Wright, Preston W 329 

Wu, Gordon 225,342 

Wu,R 324 

Wuesfe,Judy 354 

Wverfel.Judy 439 

Wyand, Frances 346 

Wyatt, Barbara 321 

Wycherley, Alan 324 

Wylesworth, Theodore 140 

Wyman, Paul 128,217,325,439 

Wyre, Duke 251 

Wyvill, Buddy 386 


Yaffe, Sue 348 

Yoney, George 244 

Yang, Jackson 225 

Yaniger, Nessa 208,439 

Yano, Gail 144,31 1 

Yarwood, William 369 

Yeager, Mary Ann 208 

Yeager, Roy 370 

Yeol, Mimi 349 

Yehl.Mory L 439 

Yingling, Donald 330 

Yost, Ronold 219,336,440 

Young, Barbara 208 

Young, Carl L 440 

Young, David 338 

Young, Diane J 136,346,440 

Young, Leslie D 377,440 

Young, Neil 330 

Young, Sue E 243,440 

Younkins, Frederic 325 

Yudin, Henne 1 440 


Zocherle, Alan K 343 

Zachidny, Robert 383 

Zolar, Jose 367 

Zaiewski, Andrews A 440 

Zalis, Frances 321 

Zainer, Albert 342 

Zoner, Jock 241 

Zaprowski, Dorothy 310 

Zarfoss, Lewis 372 

Zaumeyer, Carol 440 

Zavadil, Lee 321 

Zavetz, Joanna 351 

Zdanis, Anthony A 124,440 

Zebelean, John 330 

Zedosky, James 341 

Zehring, Robin 359 

Zeigler, Demma 314 

Zeiglsr,K 329 

Zelenka, Frank 330 

Zeller, Beverly 321 

Zeller, Em 208 

Zenitz,Judy 118,348,440 

Zerller, B 344 

Zettler, Kothy 357 

Zeipolt, Robert 369 

Zimmerman, Jack H 206 

Zimmerman, John G 327 

Zimmerman, Robert K 141,145,325,372 

Zimmerman, Sandy 223,243 

Zipp, Charles 382 

Zipper man, Enid 355,440 

Znamirowski, Marilyn 31 7,351 

Zociewski, Carol 358 

Zoda,Barbora 187,231,239,359 

Zoda, Carol 128,359 

Zook, Beverly 440 

Zook, Roger 226 

Zorick, Frank 225 

Zubritsky, John 387 

Zucker,Maxine 440 

Zugler, Ruth 231 

Zunser, Bruce 242 

Zwolinski, Ronald J 127,141 


.1 •••■;■; 

• ^: \.!\ 


\ >4 

■».•■ .r::--'/^.'