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JoWn Doubles DroftdaH 
Names Fortas to Hiah rl. 

Medicare Wins 
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High Court! 

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Footprints of a 








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...^h ■'' ' 


The 1966 


by the 

Student Government Assn. 

of the 

University of Maryland 

William Ellery Clark 

Nancy Rainier Ringgold 
Layout Editor 

Louis Steven Groer 
Photography Editor 

Doran Jay Levy 
Business Manager 

1966 Staff 

Marge Fuzo 

Dave Kearse 
Lisa Taylor 

Mike Jennings 


Bill Browne 
Linda Lanham 


Nancy Carouther, SCA 

Carole Coburn, Honoraries 

Ronnie Coda, Organizations 

Barbara Graham, Creeks 

Ina Hackernian, Residences 

Lynn Kassalow, Religion 

Sue Landrieu, Seniors 

Barbara Loveless, Administration 

Trisha McCIung, Music 

Claude Morse, Aerospace Studies 

Vicki Ordey, Colleges 

Marci Scherr, Croups 

Margaret Smith, Profiles 

Leslie Streen, Queens 

Joe Trocino, Sports 

Bill Bott 

Henning Christoph 
Al Danegger 
Jay Graham 
Jay Lange 
Bill Miles 
Claude Morse 
Dave Powell 
Mike Rossoff 

Philip C.Geraci 



University of Maryland 
Coilejre Park, Md. 

All rights reserved. No part of this hook mutj 
be reproduced in any form, by mimeograph or 
any other means, without permission in writ- 
ing from the Student C.overnment Associa- 
tion at the University of Maryland or its 
authorized agent. 

Library of Congress 
Catalog Card Number: 55-39755 


Table of Contents 







Student Government 


Events and Impressions 








Music and 1 )rama 








Residence Halls 






hlditor's Page 




Ever Towards Greatness . . . 

ALMOST fiom the time men heard of Amer- 
/Vica they were planning its universities. 
Long before the first permanent settlers ar- 
rived in Maryland an idealistic English 
gentleman, Edward Palmer, purchased an 
island in the Chesapeake in order to estab- 
lish a university there unfettered by tradi- 
tion. The colonial legislature of Maryland 
talked endlessly about the need for a univer- 
sity, and in 1784 incorporated Washington 
and St. John's Colleges as "The University 
of Maryland," guaranteeing its professors, 
freedom from taxation and its students free- 
dom from the draft. So active were Maryland- 
ers in their talk of higher education that for 
many years it seemed likely that a national 
university, endowed by George Washington, 
would be established close to what is now 
College Park. Of course, talk outdistanced 
reality. Rivalry between the Eastern and 
Western shores, religious revilry and a lack 
of qualified students caused the first Uni- 
versity of Maryland to fail; and someone 
absconded with the money Washington left. 

Meanwhile in Baltimore the present in- 
stitution was born in 1807 when an angry 
mob destroyed the laboratory of Dr. John B. 
Davidge who was using cadavers to teach 
his apprentices human anatomy. Physicians 
of the town persuaded the legislature to 
provide them protection by chartering a 
College of Medicine. It was entirely faculty- 
owned with no administration whatever. Stu- 
dents paid each professor directly for the 
right to attend class, and bad professors got 
no students. When students thought they 
were ready, after about two years, they took 
an examination for their M.D. degree. 

The College of Medicine was so success- 
ful that in 1812 the legislature changed its 
name to the University of Maryland and 
allowed it to offer other degrees in the same 
way. Without fixed salaries, administration 
and discipline, the undergraduate college 
was never very successfrd, but the unusual 
system of faculty ownership allowed Mary- 
land to assume a national leadership in the 
creation of professional schools. It gave birth 
to the first dental school in the world, one 
of the country's first effective schools of 
law, and the fourth school of pharmacy. Its 
medical professors suggested evolution and 

the germ theory long before Darwin and 
Pasteur; the once scarce cadavers for dissec- 
tion became so plentifrd that Frank, the fam- 
ous janitor, pickled the surplus ones in bar- 
rels of whiskey to supply the medical col- 
leges of New England. 

As professional schools emerged, the 
aristocratic planters of Maryland sought to 
secure their own position in society by estab- 
lishing the Maryland Agricultural College. 
Far out in the country, far from the corrupt- 
ing influences of a town, they built a hand- 
some five-story gothic structure, located on 
the hill where the main dining hall stands 
today. Led by the lordly Charles Benedict 
Calvert, it was an elite institution when it 
opened in 1859, designed as a college where 
rich men's sons could learn stern discipline, 
modern science, and the social and cultural 
values of a gentleman. Unfortunately for the 
college, the day of the gentleman planter 
was almost over. 

Like the state, the institutions in Balti- 
more and College Park were bitterly torn by 
the Civil War. From both institutions, about 
a third of the faculty, students and alumni 
went South to fight for the Confederacy. 
Both institutions remained enclaves of 
Confederate sympathy and perhaps espion- 
age. When Confederate troops passed 
through College Park late in the war, the 
administration entertained them with a 
grand ball. 

Both campuses had difficulties adjusting 
to the post-war industrial era. Although the 
trustees of the Agricultural College accepted 

Typical lecture room scene at the old A^. school. 





' -' -'■ ' \ 

•»• .• «J|-*«*i ■■; 






nanyland SideCoHeqe of fior'mtohe 

This campus aerial view of 53 years ago shows two distinct present day buildings: Annapolis Hall and the Dairy building. 

fiinds from the land-grant act, they clung 
defiantly to their old planter values and 
elected eight Confederate officers in a row 
to serve as president. All during the 1870's 
and 1880's about fifty students in modified 
Confederate uniforms paraded about the 
little military college on the hill while the 
politics of Maryland swirled around it. In 
Baltimore, the very success of Maryland's 
faculty-owned professional schools inspired 
dozens of competitors. Almost any group of 
doctors, dentists or lawyers could set them- 
selves up as a school to offer degrees, each 
one attracting students with lower tuition 
and easier standards than their competitors. 
Then, during the 1890's, the institutions 
at College Park and Baltimore began to rise 
again. The small farmers of the state began 
to assert themselves, gained control of the 
Agricultural College fiom the broken plant- 
ers, and transformed its curriculum to empha- 
size practical subjects like farming and engi- 
neering. Agricultural research agencies, 
agricultural control bureaus and farm demon- 
stration agents spread out over the state, 
giving the College a bioad popular base. The 
Wright Brothers arrived in College Park in 
1909 to make the little village into the world's 

first air corps boom town. When the main 
college building burned in 1912, that only 
stimulated state-wide concern for the in- 
stitution. The state legislature took control 
and bore the costs of rebuilding. Football, 
fraternities, and rah-rah came, giving the 
college a life of its own. 

As the rural Populist spirit revitalized 
the Agricultural College, the urban Pro- 
gressive spirit revitalized professional ed- 
ucation. Accrediting agencies appeared 
and state licensing laws were passed, 
driving disreputable schools out of business 
and allowing the University to grow power- 
ful. In order to provide fiuther aid and ftirther 
control, the state took over the faculty- 
owned University in 1920, merging it with 
the state-owned institution at College Park. 

During the early 1920's, jazz was hot, and 
during the early 1930's, depression was 
bleak. The able president Albert F. Woods 
took full advantage of the merger, giving 
new emphasis to standards, to the arts and 
sciences, and to graduate work. Students, 
newly affiliated and proud of their institu- 
tion as never before, set out to enjoy them- 
selves. Sometimes the jazz got too hot, and 
after the Washington Post called the Uni- 

versity a "Pajama Paradise," Woods 
resigned. Standards as well as spirits 
sagged. Some students tore the vel- 
vet off their tunedoes to wear them 
to class. Others were expelled for 
refusing to join the ROTC, and 
there was an anti-Semitic riot. 
Everyone around the University 
seemed to be looking for a strong 
new leader. 

They called him "Curley." 
Charming and handsome, football 
hero in 1908 and later coach, H. C. 
Byrd had long been the best known 
man on the campus. As president 
from 1935 until he retired to run for 
governor in 1954, he was one of the 
most spectacular and controversial 
men in Maryland politics or in Amer- 
ican education. Although profes- 
sors sometimes feared him as a dic- 
tator, even they were generally 
proud as the University launched 
bold new programs and institutes, 
as "progressive" education flow- 
ered, as the plant expanded and en- 
rollment soared, and as champion- 
ship football teams brought un- 
precedented publicity. 

When Wilson H. Elkins became 
president in 1954 saddle oxfords 
were giving way to the Ivy League 
look and a new purposefulness was 
coming over education. The presi- 
dent was a Rhodes scholar who 
talked about self-discipline, indiv- 
idual initiative, quality and excel- 
lence. The emphasis was on librar- 
ies, research and higher faculty 
salaries. Restricted admission and 
an academic probation plan brought 
a dramatic rise in standards. An 
honors program began, and in 1964 
Phi Beta Kappa established a chap- 
ter at Maryland. Enrollment con- 
tinued to soar, from 3,(K)() in 1934, 
to 12,()()() in 1954, to more than 
26,()()() in 1966. In Catonsville an 
entirely new campus began. 

Today the University ol Mary- 
land stands proud in the siunmer of 
its maturity, one of the oldest and 
largest educational institutions in 
America, moving ever towards great- 

This account is a synopsis hy Dr. GeoTfie H. 
Callcott from his book, "A History of the Uni- 
versity of Maryland" (Maryland Historical 
Society, 1966). 

Dr. H. C. "Curley" Byrd 

Early twentieth-century scene in College Park where the Maryland Book 
Exchange is presently located. 

Maryland U. 

Experimentation with high intensity light beam 

is many things . . . 



opportunity for expression . . . 

Beat Navy Bonfire 


Halftime refreshments 

Homecoming 1965 


vvs;<t>'- '■< 


LMst minute preparation 

tradition to uphold . . . 


Maryland's Terps vs. N.C. State's Wolfpack 








, « I. %■> % ,'SW; V - 



'^'^ w w** 




Maryland's Color Guard 

The blizzard i>f 'fifi 

|l^*i&, ... 


^ ^ * 


environment . . . 

IFC Sing is TEP victory 





atmosphere . . . 



^^^^^^^L "* P^^^^^^^^^H 




K' i 


•w*»'_* "^ j 




a wealth 

Sprinf> — a welcome change 


vf'^P^V^ ^|y»' 


of moods . . . 

Between classes 

Commencement, June 5, J965 

and end, yet a 

^»^X.v. .^.C 


fl #f »* ^ 




Left to right: Charles McConnick, President Elhins, Vice-President Humphrey, 
Governor Tawes, Attorney-General Finan, Judge Walsh. 

"History is written about per- 
sons who accepted the challenge of 
excellence and creativity and ul- 
timately prevailed. I am fully con- 
fident that this era will be remem- 
bered as the time when America 
provided every person with an op- 
portunity to accept this challenge — 
when we discarded forever the 
shroud of hate and bigotry for the 
shining mantle of human freedom 
and dignity." 

-Hubert H. Humphrey 


Knowledge, in truth. 

is the 

Great Sun 

in the firmament. 






Our Minds 

Maryland's Senator JOSEPH A. 
TYDI1\GS addressed the incoming 
freshman class during orientation, 
and presented to the students a 
challenge for rehabilitating state 
and local governments. Tydings 
cited several needs for changes, 
among them the need for secretar- 
ies, minimal office space prob- 
lems, and larger staffs for branches 
like the Ways and Means Commit- 

In addition, he mentioned the 
possibility of a rapid trtinsit system, 
and he finally stressed the need for 
the students to take an active part 
in this improvement. 

Known as "the father of the 
atomic bomb," DR. EDWARD TEL- 
LER stressed at the annual honors 
convocation that todeiy's intellect- 
uals can best fulfill their responsi- 
bilities "by demanding that we be 
intellectual in a thoroughly demo- 
cratic society." Teller was one of 
the major developers of the first 
atomic bomb and later helped in 
the design of the hydrogen bomb. 
He is currently a professor-at-large 
from the University of California. 


Social satirist DICK GREGORY 
entertainecl his packed-house aud- 
ience at Ritchie Coliseum as he re- 
marked on national security, hu- 
man foibles, and "the doubtful 
brotherhood of whites and Ne- 
groes." After a very refreshing per- 
iod of jokes and comments, Gregory 
turned the spotlight upon the aud- 
ience and asked for questions. Civil 
Rights, his political (tspirations, 
and the U.S. defense policy were 
among the topics discussed. Gre- 
gory engendered laughter through- 
out the evening and left his audi- 
ence with a profound impression of 
his ability as a comedian. 

"Who can iindersttind it?" is a 
common question which tirises 
when the subject of opera is men- 
founder, director and producer of 
the Goldovsky Opera Theatre, is 
the man who changed all that. 

He has translated some of the 
greatest works of European com- 
posers for the enjoyment of Amer- 
ican au€liences. His adaptation of 
Mozart^s "Don GiovannV was 
staged in Ritchie Coliseum with a 
company of fifty, full orchestra 
and specially designed sets and 

A fine, balanced program of pi- 
ano duet characterized Cultural 
Committee''s Spectrum Series pre- 
sentation of FERRAISTE AISD 
TEICHER. The program was a col- 
lection of motion picture themes 
and popultir ballads. Ferrante and 
Teicher were representative of the 
quality of program ivhich the 
S.Cr.A. Cultural Committee worked 
hard to obtain during the year. 

Students were treated to an out- 
standing series of lectures which 
were sponsoreel by the History De- 
partment. DR. GALBR.4ITH, a 
Regius Professor from Oxford, 
spoke on anglo-saxon history, 
about which he is consideretl to be 
a leading authority. 


The Inter-Fraternity Council's 
Rush Forum was addressed by Su- 
preme Court Justice TOM CLARK 
as the opening of Fall rush took 
place at Ritchie Coliseum. Mr. 
Justice Chirk is national vice 
president of Delta Tau Delta fra- 
ternity and an alumnus of that 
fraternity's University of Texas 

A campus controversy arose last 
Fall when an invitation to civil 
rights leader BA YARD RVSTIN was 
challenged by a John Birch Society 
member. This began as a result of 
Rustin's refusal to sign the Mary- 
land Loyalty Pledge. Rustin spoke 
before the Law Enforcement Insti- 
tute on October 12, after it was 
decided by the state legislature that 
it would not be necessary to sign 
the pledge for one appearance. 

The genius of ARTHUR FIED- 
LER has fused into the repertory 
of the Boston Pops Tour Orchestra 
the best of two musical worlds — the 
classical and the popular. The old 
maestro led his unique musical or- 
ganization in one of its character- 
istic smorgasbord concerts Uist 
spring. The program, sponsored by 
the Panhellenic-Inter fraternity 
Council, included selections rang- 
ing Rachmaninoff s first piano 
concerto and passages from ^^Swan 
Lake" to music from ''''Mondo Cane" 
and ''Hello Dolly." 


The Green Years 

T^ OR MANY incoming freshmen like 
-^ Nancy Morrey, college life here among 
27,000 students was at first a lonely exper- 
ience. There were just a few friends and 
activities in that exploratory interim, but no 
real feeling of belonging. 

As that first semester rolled on, the future 
1969 graduate discovered campus life in the 
form of football. "I feel like I can cheer be- 
cause I really belong here," she said at last. 

Physical education, in which she is major- 
ing, and other classes brought with them 
friends with mutual interests, and soon teach- 
ers "seemed to make an effort to learn our 
names and get to know us," she found. 


Nancy prepares her vital statistics for the ID card she will keep for 
the next four years at the University. 


The importance of the "University Community" is emphasized by 
Miller Hudson during the summer orientation program. 

"Well, if James Bond can he 007, I guess I cant complain about 
my new label, zero-eight-five-nine-two-five." 

"Hey, look me over," is the 
theme which prevails during 
sorority rush. 

Three days of Open House parties gives freshman girts a chance to meet sorority women and get a glimpse of 
Greek life. 

Nancy relaxes htj shootirifi another 
strike in the Studerit Union alleys. 

Watchitifi an exciting; football name provides Nancy with a chance to cheer and develop school spirit. Her attendance and participation allows 
her to become an integral member of MU's college community. 

FOR THIS commuter, gone were the days 
of alienation from "the group," of long 
hours just studying in the Student Union or 
being alone in the library. 

She had finally found new friends, new 
interests — and new ideas. 

Nancy became not just Number 085925 
among all those entering freshmen during 
summer orientation, among the vast student 
body, but an active person, a "part of her 
University of Maryland. 




LOOKING FORWARD to graduation 
j"with anticipation" this June is 
Chris Okikiade, one of the few Niger- 
ians at the University and a senior who 
has contributed much to its inner life. 
"After graduation, what next?" is 
a question oft-posed by seniors and 
this would-be civil engineer answers 
with "the MU Graduate School." 

He has managed to maintain a 3.9 
average, remain in the top 10 percent 
of his class of civil engineers and excel 
at such diversities as the college soccer 
team, being International Glub presi- 
dent and speaking at the Rochester 
Conference On People-to-People. 

Physical exercise and mental strain have Chris 'sliding into gradua- 

Even though he is extremely active in campus-wide extra-curricular 
activities, Chris still finds time to socialize with his friends. 


. . a rung of the ladder 

Smilitifi happily, Chris puses beside Testudo, Maryland 
mascot, which welcomes each student 071 cantpus. 


diversity, an 
universal quality 

chatting over current events, Chris enjoys a local social. "Right 
foot forward, now back two steps." 

LISTED IN "Who's Who in American 
jUniversities and Colleges," Chris still 
finds time for sports, the Chapel Choir, 
Baptist Student Union and the American 
Society for Civil Engineering. 

His four-year contributions have also in- 
cluded the Nigerian Exhibition for the In- 
ternational Fiesta and the Nigerian cultural 
event sponsored by the International Club. 
He has made the Atlantic Coast Confer- 
ence and the University honor rolls and 
rounded out his college career by being a 
member of two honoraries. 



112 115 




The Apprentices 

/\that permits teaching and "ex- 
citing facilities" are two attrac- 
tions that drew at least one co- 
ed to the University Graduate 

Margo Aylesworth chose to do 
graduate work in radio and tele- 
vision here "because they offer 
a good assistantship program that 
involves teaching." She will also 
tell you that "the TV facilities in 
the new (J. Millard Tawes) fine 
arts building are really quite ex- 

Now in her second year here 
at MU, Margo is minoring in pub- 
lic relations and received her 
undergraduate degree at Ohio 
State University, where she was a 
member of Delta Gamma Sorority. 

This car-less gal lives in an off- 
campus apartment and commutes 
by bus or gets an occasional ride 
with friends. 

In addition to rehearsing the scene, Margo must 
also learn the proper orientation and coordination 
of the lighting controls. 



The life of a graduate student is directly influenced by many people. Not only is.Margo's time devoted to absorbing the newest tech- 
nological advances in the field of radio and television, but also is shared in consultation with her adviser. As an instructor in the 
basic public speaking program, she finds time to direct and guide her students, and in her spare time she occassionally enjoys leis- 
ure reading. 

AT SCHOOL, as graduate as- 
xVsistant, Margo teaches several 
speech classes, including speech 
1 and 7, which are basic public 
speaking courses. At home, when 
"in the mood," she may be found 
playing the guitar for relaxation. 
But due to the continual pressures 
of instructing and working to- 
wards her masters degree, Margo 
finds "too little time for relaxa- 

Of the Washington area she is 
fond because of the "vast resource 
material available," she says. 


Though Margo spends many hours doing research and 
preparing her lesson plans, she also finds time to pur- 
sue her musical interests. 


The Pacesetters 

To WHAT goals does a col- 
lege professor aspire? To 
Harry E. Hickey, assistant pro- 
fessor in the College of Engi- 
neering's fire protection cur- 
riculum since 1960, they are 
threefold, simple and far-reach- 

He is guided by the desire 
"to be ever-cognizant of the in- 
dividual's dignity; to motivate 
genuine enthusiasm for the field 
of endeavor; and to extend the 
person's horizons of knowledge 
beyond traditional approaches 
to problem-solving in his chosen 

Education never ends for 
Hickey, who is currently at work 
on his doctorate in public ad- 
ministration at American Uni- 
versity. He already holds a 
master of science degree in sci- 
ence education from the State 
University of New York. 

The business world once 
called him to become director 
of fire administration for a cor- 
poration before coming here 
and he also served as research 
consultant for a chemical firm. 
He responded to local govern- 
ment's beckoning by working as 
field instructor in the Bureau of 
Fire Mobilization and Control 
in New York State, from which 
he hails. At MU, he enriches 
student life by serving on a 
variety of key committees. 

Professor Hickey, as a pace- 
setter here at the University, 
represents one of the many 
important men of our faculty. 
It is these men who, with abil- 
ity, have met the challenge. 



The nature of intelligence, the conquest of knowledge develops "fire" in our minds. 
This is exemplified by Assistant Professor Harry Hickey. In daily life, delivering lec- 
tures in rooms aptly labelled with "No Smoking" signs is followed by laborious search- 
ing through the book store for books, old and new. The end of a harrowing day still 
leaves Professor Hickey "burning the midnight oil." 

Av the 9H.6i;t's stand watching attentively, information is gained 
about the circuitry of this thermoelectric pyrometer. 

As a key figure in the Nugent house burning fire tests, 
Hickey coordinated instrumentation and data collection 
with the assistance of one of his fire protection classes. 


After a lon^ day. Assistant Pro- 
fessor Hickey finds a warm, 
well-earned greeting from his 
youngest daughter, Linda. 



The Governor 

Executive Department 

Annapolis, Maryland ziaoa 

*R D TAwes 

The Honorable 
J. Millard Tawes 


We citizens of Maryland take great pride in 
the University of Maryland and the achievements of 
its students, faculty, administration and alumni. 

The vital role played by this great University 
is significant as are the contributions it is making to 
the lives of individuals, to our State and to the Nation. 

The outstanding leadership provided by President 
Wilson H. Elkins and the dedicated men and women serv- 
ing the cause of higher education in Maryland has enabled 
you to receive an education of the highest caliber. Each 
of you now faces the task of fulfilling your obligation to 
utilize that education to provide capable leadership and 
significant service to your State and Nation and to the 

I offer my sincere congratulations to all the 
members of the University of Maryland Class of 1966. 





Board of Regents 

BOARD OF REGENTS: L, L. Kaplan, H. H. Nuttle, T. B. Synions, E. F. Hotter, Dr. W. H, Elkins, C. P. McCormick, B. H. Brown, W. C. Walsh, 
R. W. Case, Mrs. J. L. Whitehurst, W. B. Lon^. 

of Regents of the University of Mary- 
land serve in a capacity which is not always 
evident to the majority of the student body. 
In addition to the educational role which 
they fulfill, the Board act as the Board of 
Agriculture for the State of Maryland, and in 
addition are responsible for inspecting the 
weights and measures for the state, beside 
making regulatory rules. 

The Board members are appointed by the 
Governor for a nine year period. This ap- 
pointment is with the advise and the consent 
of the State Senate. 

This gioup of people represent a cross- 
section of society which includes educators, 
statesman, philanthropists, and industrial- 

ists. They are responsible for the broad policy 
and finance of the University. This past year 
they proposed a capital improvement budget 
of $13,193,00().()() to the General Assembly. 
The Board of Regents has recently approved 
a request to the Governor of $60,552, ()()(). 00. 
For the 1965-66 fiscal year, the University's 
budget was in excess of 83 million dollars. 
The Board deals with this immense amount 
of money consisting of state appropriations, 
special funds, and dedicated funds. 

For the dedication which these educators 
exhibit in their service to the University, in 
the undying willingness to devote long hours 
and voluminous paperwork, the students 
sincerely thank the members of the Board of 


University of Maryland 


President, Wilson H. Elkins 

HIS DOOR IS never closed to the 
student, his goal is greater 
educational achievements in the 
future and his accomplishments 
based on the premise that "The Uni- 
versity is the rear guard and the ad- 
vance agent of society" are many — 
he is President Wilson H. Elkins, 
administrator at the helm of the vast 
University of Maryland. 

The leader has admitted that the 
presidency of a university is a 
"unique and sometimes frustrating 
job," but since 1954, Dr. Elkins has 
kept steadily at it, fighting the often 
slowness of progress and realizing 
academic and concrete, physical re- 

Along the way, the executive 
has insisted that the student must 
develop his own desire to learn and 
that the quality of the teacher re- 
main high, the tools of academic dis- 

Dr. Elkins enjoys dinner at the Newman Center dedication. 

Conferences consume the majority of the average working day for Dr. Elkins in 
which many important decisions are decided. 

Taking time out from administra- 
tive duties. Dr. Elkins often enter- 
tains as a guest speaker. 


To BE A successful leader, it 
is'said that "the boss" must 
be able to perform the jobs of 
those whom he directs. 

Nonetheless true academic- 
ally, the axiom has been proved 
by Dr. Wilson H. Elkins, Presi- 
dent of the University. 

Before arriving at the top 
here, he received both his bach- 
elor and master degrees at the 
University of Texas. Those 
achievements were followed-up 
by obtaining on a Rhodes Schol- 
arship, his bachelor of letters 
and doctor of philosophy de- 
grees from Oxford University 
in England. 

In the undergraduate days, 
he excelled at sports, winning 
eight varsity letters in foot- 
ball, basketball and track. 

While serving as "boss" at 
MU for the past 12 years, the 
president has been awarded 
honorary degrees from Washing- 
ton College and Johns Hopkins 

He sees the university as a 
testing ground for the ability, 
perseverance and patience of 
the student, as is the outside 
world for others. 

Dr. Elkins is uwarded honorary membership 
in the Boy Scouts of America. 

Many times pleasure must be mixed with business as President and Mrs. Elkins attend 
numerous university-oriented social events. 

The University of Maryland's new head football coach Lou Saban is welcomed at a 
press conference in Cole Field House. 


Dr. Albin O. Kuhn 

Vice-President for the 

Baltimore Campuses 

Dr. R. Lee Hornbake 

Vice-President for 

Academic Affairs 


Mr. Robert A. Beach, Jr. 

Assistant to the 

President for 

University Relations 

Dr. Walter B. Waetjen 

Assistant to the 

President for 

Administrative Affairs 

Dr. Frank L. Bentz 

Assistant to the 


Long Range Planning 


Dr. Justin Williams 

President's Office 

Col. Robert E. Kendig 


President's Office 

Budget Development 

Mr. G. Watson Algire 

Director of 

Admissions and 



Dr. James P. Hill 

Associate Director of 




Dr. Leslie R. Bundgaard 

Executive Dean for 

Student Life 

Dr. Francis A. Gray, Jr. 
Associate Dean for Student Life 

Deans for 
Student Life 

THE OFFICE of the Executive 
Dean for Student Life can be 
found in the North Administration 
Building, and the position is held 
by Dr. Leslie R. Bundgaard. The Of- 
fice functions to supervise the wide 
variety of departments and activ- 
ities that make up the student's life 
outside the classroom. 

There are several deans who 
serve under Dean Bundgaard, 
among them Dean Thomas E. Flor- 
estano, who coordinates all student 
activities, and advises the Student 
Government Association. 

In his first full year here. Dean 
Alfred E. Miller has supervised the 
activities of the Inter-fraternity 
Council, and also acts in the capacity 
of advisor to the Cultural Commit- 

Dean Salvatore R. Esposito is 
in charge ot the judiciary system 
of the University. His office deals 
with all major disciplinary problems 
which are not dealt with by the Stu- 
dent Courts, which he also super- 

Macon Capelle 
Assistant Dean 


Mr. William G. Clutter 
Assistant Dean 

Mr. Thomas E. Florestano 
Assistant Dean 

Mr. S. R. Esposito 
Assistant Dean 

"^ fe-*^^ 

Mr. Alfred E. Miller 
Assistant Dean 




Mr. Doyle P. Royal 
Assistant Dean 
Prof. Furman A. Bridgers 
Int. Ed. 


Dr. H. Palmer Hopkins 





Dean of Women 

Marian Johnson 

Dean of Women 




* 4i 

^^|y-> ."j^^^ 

Deans of Women 

THE OFFICE of the Dean of Women, 
under the leadership of Dr. Helen 
Clarke, works with the four assistant deans 
in advising women's organizations and ad- 
ministering regulations for their discipline. 

Miss Marion Johnson handles counseling 
for women and arranges senior interviews 
and building repairs. 

During her first year here, Mrs. Macon 
Capelle handled all the women's organiza- 
tions, and coordinated numerous campus 
social affairs. 

The enormous task of accommodating the 
thousands of co-eds who request rooms is 
handled efficiently by Dean Joan McCall. 
Dean Janyce Notopoulos serves in the 
capacity to advise the several thousand sor- 
ority women at the University. 

Dr. Helen E. Clarke 

Joan McCall 
Assistant Dean of Women 

Janyce E. Notopoulos 
Assistant Dean of Women 


;^^>^ J1 



^fl^^^L.^^ M 





^yyyyy^ yyy:/ ^ ^^^ yyyyA^^r^^^^r^yy::^. 



9 ////M^ // /^/^ /*y>^y^y/yyy^ 




In Teaching 

^^/^^REATIVE AND imaginative approaches to teaching" have 

v_> earned six University of Maryland faculty members $1,000 

individual awards and recognition for outstanding achievement. 

The winners were named during November's Honors Con- 
vocation, at which Dr. Wilson H. Elkins, university president, re- 
warded the excellence in teaching of Dr. Edgar F. Beall, Dr. 
Charles G. Crispens, Jr., Dr. Roger H. Hermanson, Dr. Davis G. 
Kyle, Dr. Jackie G. Weatherred and Irvin Weintraub. 

"Through the application of their unusual talents, each of 
the recipients has furthered those ideals that the University of 
Maryland strives to promote," it was noted at the convocation. 

Each man, each educator has made his individual mark on 
his students. Comments by them bear testimony. 

Of Dr. Beall, it has been said that he is "very knowledgable" 
and "academically astute;" of Dr. Crispens, "an expert in his 
field;" and of Dr. Hermanson, "an extremely logical mind." 

Equal praise has met Dr. Kyle: "very popular with his stu- 
dents;" Dr. Weatherred: "enthusiasm for teaching, genuine in- 
terest in students;" and Weintraub: "a humanitarian; regards hu- 
man aspects." 

These, then, are the persons whose influences on the stu- 
dent body have been singled out by their fellow faculty members 
for the awards. 



Weintraub, who holds the master of sci- 
ence degree, is an instructor in the Depart- 
ment of Economics at the University, where 
he is a candidate for the doctorate degree. 

This former school librarian was a re- 
search assistant with the National Science 
Foundation, utilizing his proficiency in the 
Russian language, in 1961. He has taught 
here since 1962 and is a member of the 
American Economic Association. 


Dr. Crispens, assistant professor of an- 
atomy, previously won the Lederle Medical 
Faculty Award in 1964, at which time he also 
served as president of the Maryland Bio- 
logical Society. 

He earned his Ph.D. at Washington State 
University. He is the author of nvmierous 
papers and a member of both the American 
Association of Anatomists and the American 
Society of Zoologists. 


Dr. Hermanson is an assistant professor of accounting, 
having been at MU for three years. 

He earned his doctorate at Michigan State University 
and has penned several textbooks and papers on accounting. 
The Maryland membership chairman for the American 
Accounting Association, he is also a member of the National 
Association of Accountants and the Academy of Manage- 
ment. He has helped develop programming techniques be- 
ing tested here. 


Dr. Kyle received his Ph.D. in education from this uni- 
versity, where he is an ^assistant professor of education. 

Formerly he was a public school teacher, guidance 
counsellor, psychologist and pupil personnel coordinator. 

An instructor on both the undergraduate and giaduate 
levels here, his own undergraduate work was done at the 
University of Denver. 


Dr. Weatherred, assistant professor in 
the Department of Physiology, is a member 
of the Faculty Council, Curriculum study 
Committee, and other MU organizations. 

The University of Texas awarded him 
doctorates dental surgery and philosophy. 
He belongs to such professional organiza- 
tions as the American Dental Association 
and the Maryland Biological Society. 

Texas-born, he joined the School of Den- 
tistry three years ago. 


And Dr. Beall, assistant professor of 
physics, has developed an introductory 
course in his subject. 

He has to his credit the authorship of 
several technical books and articles on 
physics. His Ph.D comes from the University 
of California at Berkley. He began teaching 
here in 1962. In the Department of Physics 
and Astronomy, he has introduced new types 
of experiments. 

Their achievements, energies and ambi- 
tions, combined with the standards they have 
set for students, have produced awards for 
these recipients at the convocation, spon- 
sored by the University Committee on Pub- 
lic Functions and Commencements. 


THE OLDEST division of the University 
of Maryland at College Park is the Col- 
lege of Agriculture dating back to 1856. 
Headed by Dean Gordon Cairnes, the col- 
lege offers a wide variety of programs. Striv- 
ing to meet the needs of society, the college 
stresses the economic importance of agricul- 
tural science, technology and business. Food 
is a most important aspect of this college. 
Therefore a great amount of emphasis is 
placed upon soil conservation, production 
of pesticides and marketing of products. 

Teaching is complimented with several 
research projects. There is an agricultural 
teaching station, a research experimental 
station and an extension service in the state 
of Maryland. In addition there are outlaying 
research farms in horticulture around Mary- 
land. A recent addition is the two year term- 
inal program in Applied Agriculture. 

An eminent member of the faculty is Mr. 
B. Jones. This year he was awarded the Ca- 
reer Development Award by N.I.H. This 
grant will support his work comparing blood 
cells of invertebrates to insects for five years. 


landscaping blue prints are carefully studied. 


The Afiriciiltural College encompasses such diverse areas as veterinary science, elementary botany, and test tube exploration. 

' 11 

Petals, delicately soft 
flourish with life through 
the gentle care of skillful 

"Bugged" students take their 
work seriously as boxed 
butterflies wait for 


. >iW£?i 




. - '>&,»■/' ^ 





Arts and Sciences 

-to our campus is the building which 
houses the fine arts portion of the Uni- 
versity. The fourteen departments of the Col- 
lege of Arts and Sciences offer such courses 
as American Studies, Speech and Dramatic 
Art, General Physical Studies, Government 
and Politics, History and Psychology. This 
year there was an addition made to the Art 
department, consisting of new courses and 
new instructors. Dr. George Levitine is in 
charge of the new program. 

The honors program for the English De- 
partment has now been consolidated under 
the Direction of Mr. John Portz. In the past, 
there was more than one director, but in 
order to make the program more efficient, it 
has been placed under one person's direc- 

Many research projects and new innova- 
tions have been introduced into the pro- 
gram of the College of Arts and Sciences. 
Among these is the new cyclotron installed 
in the Physics building, and the Speech 
Therapy Clinic. 

Lobsters are one of the many types of animals studied in the Zoology Department. 

The diversity of the 
College of Arts and 
Sciences is shown in 
the different courses 
offered — anything 
from chemistry to ra- 
dio and television. 


KCII=>'*C1 ' 

A physics student uses a laser, a device that 
utilizes the natural oscillations of atoms for 
generating? electromagnetic%waves in the 
visible region of the spectrum. 


Concentrating maestros in the orchestra. 

A study of satisfaction 




THE COLLEGE of Business and Public 
Administration can certainly be proud of 
the five college professors who have received 
the "Regents Awards for Excellence in 
Teaching" during the years 1963-65. In- 
cluded are Dr. Norton Dodge, Dr. George 
Smerk, Dr. Walter Jacobs, Mr. Irvin Wein- 
traub, and Dr. Roger Hermanson. These 
awards deserve special recognition since 
the college faculty has been honored five 
times since the program was established. 

One significant change which has oc- 
curred within the college is found in the 
Department of Journalism. The shift now 
places emphasis on the core program rather 
than the treatment of journalism and busi- 
ness as alternatives. 

The administrative abilities of Dean 
Donald W. O'Connell, who has received his 
B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. from Columbia Univ- 
ersity, has enabled the six departments to 
greatly expand in fimction and size. A new 
department, Information System Manage- 
ment, is encouraging careers in computer 
systems work, and is presently placing stu- 
dents in summer positions. 



An introductory government 
and politics class is held in 
one of the many campus lec- 
ture halls, the BPA Aiiditor- 

An International Eco- 
nomics instructor ex- 
plains supply and de- 
mand conditions for 
international ex- 

The Associated Press wire 
is a valuable source of 
copy for the Journalism 
Department's News Edit- 
ing class. Here a student 
"pulls the wire," scan- 
7}iri^ the sheet for the lat- 
est developments. 



An Ecotwrnics instructor takes time out after doss to answer questions concerning the day's lecture. 

Concentration and interest register on the face of a student in economics class. 


THE NEW Education Building was the 
first to be built especially for the Col- 
lege of Education. Under the able planning 
of Dean Vernon E. Anderson and other mem- 
bers of the faculty, the reality of three years 
planning was finally completed. In this new 
building are located the science laborator- 
ies, the curriculum library, a nursery school, 
and lounges. The basement, which is next 
to be completed, will have an enlarged sci- 
ence teaching center which will enable stu- 
dents and faculty to become familiar with 
various educational media. 

The reading center of the College is de- 
signed for the preparation of reading teach- 
ers. Children who need help in reading are 
assisted by graduate students. 

Several faculty members are now super- 
vising research programs. Among these is 
Dr. Maley's projects involving the vocation 
concept in secondary schools. 

Dean Anderson speaks of the "significant 
growth of the College." This Fall, there was 
a thirty-seven percent increase in the num- 
ber of entering freshmen as compared to 
last year. 




■ •< - 

One, two, three, four ... A student teacher enjoys recess with one of her students. 
To teach is to work, to love, to hope, to inspire. 

The young build toward the future with 
the sparkle of hope. 

THE ART of learning 
and teaching are 
the goals of the educa- 
tion curriculum. This 
school offers courses 
which benefit any pro- 
fessional person in the 
realm of teaching, from 
teaching art in elemen- 
tary school, to educa- 
tional statistics. In 
addition, the College of 
Education offers a com- 
prehensive program for 
observation and prac- 
tice teaching for fu- 
ture teachers. In the 
student teacher's sen- 
ior year, she is given an 
opportunity to teach 
the grade for which 
she is prepared in an 
area school, for the 



THE COLLEGE OF Engineering headed 
by Dr. Russell B. Allen is indeed one of 
the finest in the country. It offers degrees 
in aerospace, chemical, civil, electrical and 
mechanical engineering or in fire protection. 
For the year 1964-65, out of the 71 colleges 
in the United States conferring Doctor of 
Philosophy degrees in Chemical Engineer- 
ing, the University of Maryland was proudly 
awarded the fifth highest number. The col- 
lege comprises six teaching departments and 
one research department; the Institution for 
fluid dynamics and applied mathematics. 

Dean Allen came to the University in 
1933 as associate professor in civil engi- 
neering and has since become Dean and 
faculty advisor to ODK and TBPi. 

The engineering honorary, Tau Beta Pi, 
won the Outstanding Chapter Award for 
the third time this year out of 120 engineer- 
ing colleges. This is the sixth consecutive 
year that TBPi has won a national award. 
The University was honored this year to host 
the 60th national convention of TBPi. 


A research associate in Electrical Engineering adjusts one of the components of a vacuum system. 

The electrical "mouse," a small 
remote-controlled vehicle de- 
signed to navigate the inside of 
a fiberglass sphere, undergoes 
a final check out before its 
first run. 

The college maintains a fully equipped machine shop to facil- 
itate the construction of research apparatus. 

This hypersonic wind tunnel is the Aerospace Engineering 
Department's newest research facility. 


Main entrance to the Engineer- 
ing Building, as seen through the 
huge brass key which symbolizes 
Tau Beta Pi, the Engineering hon- 


The ine-mixed oxygen falme from a chemical engineer's torch helps to speed molecular interaction in his complex experiment. 



Graduate School 

THE UNIVERSITY of Maryland's Gradu- 
ate School was established in 1918, for 
the purpose of providing advanced study 
programs for those students in pursuit of 
research programs beyond the undergradu- 
ate level. There are more than fifty depart- 
ments in the University which are qualified 
to offer advanced study and degrees. While 
each program is rapidly expanding, the in- 
dependent study theme still prevails. 

The Graduate School has grown more in 
terms of percentage of students than the 
undergi-aduate school. Dean Ronald Bamford 
has been the administrative authority for 
thirty-five of the forty-eight years the school 
has been in existence. 

Although the main emphasis of instruc- 
tion of the graduate school is centered in 
College Park, there are growing extensions 
in Baltimore. Professors are selected to help 
direct a student's thesis work and formulate 
an appropriate program of research in the 
student's chosen field. 

An extension of graduate facilities will 
be provided with the addition to the H. J. 
Patterson Building. 

Many hours are spent evaluating data which will either confirm or reject this mechanical engineering student's hypothesis. 

IUm 1^ 




A student in the Physics department curefulhj tightens the 
lever on a payload which will event uulhj fit into the nose- 
cone of a missile. 

Many aruduate students assist in department work by leach- 
ing students and acting us lah instructors. 




Grad school can he trying, es- 
pecially with a reading list of 60 

The Computer Science Center, 
fully-equipped with many types 
of computers, is a boon to many of 
the departments of the Utiiversity 
for solving technical problems. 

Home Economics 

The College of Home Economics is organ- 
ized into the departments ot" Food, Nutri- 
tion, and Institution Administration; Family 
and Life Management, Housing and Applied 
Design; and Textiles and Clothing. The col- 
lege is concerned with contributing to the 
education for home and family life of women 
and men enrolled in other schools and col- 
leges, as well as those majoring in home 

This fall the college conducted a meta- 
bolic experiment with twelve girls involved. 
The project extended over a thirty day 
period. The first ten days the girls were fed 
steaks followed by ten days of amino acid 
synthesis and another ten days of wheat 
gluten as a protein substitute. The purpose 
of this feeding experiment was to compare 
complete protein to incomplete protein. 

Other research projects within the Col- 
lege include dietary programs, research pro- 
grams related to problems of mental retarda- 
tion, human nutrition, food service, and 
home furnishings. 

The College of Home Economics is now 
directed by Acting Dean Erna R. Chapman, 
who is also the immediate past president 
of the University of Maryland Alumni As- 


Color and texture are fundamental considerations in interior 

The College of Home 
Economics offers courses 
ranging from family plan- 
ning to silk screen print- 
ing. Here an instructor ex- 
plores the "raison d'etre" 
of applied design. 



Sheets of paper flash in pattern 
designing class. 

Physical Education 

HEADING THE College of Physical 
Education at the University of Mary- 
land is Dean Lester Fraley. The college 
awards bachelor degrees in areas of physical 
education which include physical education, 
dance, health education, recreation and phys- 
ical therapy. In addition, this college pro- 
vides special curricula in varied fields as 
safety education and elementary physical 
education. Dance is becoming an increas- 
ingly important program in education. There- 
fore, the college tries to meet all the demands 
made for teachers. Through the recreation 
program, graduates obtain leadership posi- 
tions in industry, hospitals, public depart- 
ments, and churches. Graduates of physical 
therapy work in helping the ill and handi- 

There are many extracurricular organiza- 
tions open to students enrolled in the col- 
lege. Among these are Sigma Tau Epsilon, 
Major's Club; the Recreational Society, a 
campus affiliate of the national professional 
organization; the Modern Dance Group. 
Students are also participating in groups like 
Aqualiners, while they are busy in classroom 
and laboratory. 



"We were once 90 lb. weaklings. 

Think positively! 

Concerned with the physical welfare of students, aspiring "killers" are shown 
how to avoid a broken hack. 


Advance, Advance — Plunge! 


University College 


'HE NEW Adult Education Center has 
X greatly expanded the University Col- 
lege facilities. Under Dean Ray Ehrens- 
berger, University College offers evening 
courses for adults in the state of Maryland 
and nearby District of Columbia. 

In 1949, University College extended its 
program overseas. Thousands of GI's abroad 
now take college credits at University of 
Maryland branches in Europe and the Far 
East. Approximately two hundred education 
centers in twenty four foreign countries on 
four continents offer college level courses. 
The main purpose of University College is 
to extend the services of the University 
through conveniently established centers 
throughout areas served. 

University College offers two degree 
programs which included the Bachelor of 
Arts in General Studies and the Bachelor of 
Science in Military Studies. Evening courses 
are a great aid to those who work and wish 
to continue their education at night. 

Teacher registration looks sur- 
prisingly the same as the confus- 
ing undergrad procedure! 



Plans for the Fall semester are 
discussed at the Systems Con- 






Student Government Association 

EMERGING FROM the fuss and flurry of 
a soggy, hectic spring election were the 
1965-66 Student Government Association 
leaders. Fall, the beginning of a new year, 
brought both problems and innovations. 

The storms of controversy were aroused 
several times. The SGA voted in November 
to back the SLAP-VC petition supporting 
the present policy in Viet Nam. In December 
the Central Student Court O.Kayed the SGA 
Viet Nam resolution in a case concerning the 
matter. The Chesapeake Bay Party's Consti- 
tution was taken away by the SGA for fail- 
ure to comply with the SGA rules and regula- 
tions. The SGA also opposed a decision to 
phase the majorettes out of the University 
band. The most controversial case of the 
year centered around the Martz-Pearman 
decision by the Faculty Senate. The SGA 
supported Bob Martz and Mike Pearman in 
appealing to Dr. Elkins for modification of 
disciplinary probation slapped upon the two 
campus leaders for violation of a rarely used 
alcoholic regulation. 

To the delight of coeds and men alike, 
the SGA-AWS got women's curfew hours 
lengthened. There was a corresponding ex- 
tension of hours for the library. The pereni- 
ally controversial dress code was finally 
settled by the SGA to allow women more 
freedom in campus attire. In the fall, the 
University acquired a $3,500 mechanical 
mascot, courtesy of the SGA, which was pre- 
sented to the student body at the televised 
Penn State game. 

Elsewhere in the innovation category, 
the SGA reorganized the cabinet and legis- 
lature and established a Pep Committee. 
The SGA was instrumental in forming a joint 
student-faculty committee to study drinking 
regulations. They also established a photo 
feature magazine, extended a line of credit 
for RHC Presents, got Macke milk prices 
lowered from 15c to 10c, and financed the 
Student Course Guide. 

Theodore Levin 



Row: R. Conlin, UCA Pres.; M. Hall, Secty; T. Levin, SGA Pres.; 
M. Hudson, SGA \'. Pres.; B. Maddox, SGA Treas.; S. Susnian, 
Sorority Rep. Second Row: J. Slade, RHC Pres.; W. Legum, I. EC. 


SGA LEGISLATURE -Fronf Row: D. Zimmerman, A. H. Metro', 
S. Deitz, B. Bourgeois, M. Hudson, Speaker; C. Chung, D. JoUes, 
D. Mortimer. Second Row: L. Chase, C. Birely, C. Orban, J. Orban, 



Pres.; R. Martz, Men's League Pres.; C. Harnest, Ind. Women's 
Rep.; J. McMillen, Junior Class Pres.; N. Brayton, Sr. Class Pres.; 
M. Mitchell, Freshman Class Pres. 


J. Munk, G. Abrahams, D. Cohen, C. Salzman, B. McKenna, D. 
Shelter, C. Little. Back Row: D. Browne, L. Thomas, M. Dubinsky, 
R. Collier, J. Fleisher, D. Wright, B. Bories, E. Burke. 

r' fi 


SGA FINANCE COMMITTEE -Fronf Row: G. Kleger, Jr. Class Treas.; B. Maddox, Chrm.; D. Zimmerman, Chrm. Appropriations; S. Deitz, 
Acad. Life Chrm. Back Row: G. Moneypenny, Soph. Treas.; E. Dodd, Sr. Treas.; A. H. Metro, Soph. Leg. 

Finance Committee 
Cultural Committee 

SGA CULTURAL COMMITTEE-Fronf Row: D. Fishhein, J. Abehnan, A. Parker, B. Dubnoff, J. Weaver. Bach Row: C. Tretter, M. Goldman, L. 
Kassalow, B. Hull, L. Powell. 

SGA PLACEMENT BUREAU-Front Row: G. Moneypenny, B. Scott, B. Clipper, E. Donnelly. Back Row: D. Cole, H. Vinyard, R. Hitchner. 

Placement Bureau 

Associated Women Students 

ASSOCIATED WOMEN STUDENTS -Front Row: K. Seward, Treas.; K. Tulin, Sec; T. Kincaid, Pres.; N. Chotiner, 2nd V. Pres,; C, L, Foley, 
1st V. Pres. Second Row: S. Bond, K. Turnbull, B. Grim, B. Jiles, R. Katz, A. Ulman. Bach Row: T. Deniing, A. Herron, E. Ewing, V. Roslvn, K. 
Knabe, J. Hoffman, B. Scheffler. 

SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS -J. Toye, AWS Rep.; J. yuigley, Secty.; N. Brayton, Pres.; R. Felter.V. Pres.; E. Dodd, Treas. 

Senior Class 
Junior Class 

JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS -J. McMillen, Pres ; I. Hamilton, Prom Chrmn.; G. Kleger, Treas.; L. Beveridge, Secty.; W. Kleid, V. Pres. 


Sophomore Class 

SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS -S. Wills, Secty.; T. Hendrickson, Pres.; D. Henson, V. Pres.; P. Geiger, Prom. Chrmn. 

Freshman Class 

FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS -R. Lamb, V. Pres,; L. Lawson, Secty,; R, Smith, Treas, 



Loveless, M. Perry, J. Selznick, G. 
Smith, J. Ross, Chief Justice; J. 
Weaver, D. Tapper, M. Shearin, B. 
Rothbard, Dean Esposito, Adviser. 

A.W.S. Judicial Board 

AWS JUDICIAL BOARD-L. Brylawski, S. Waters, Dean Notopoulos, Advisor; G. Schwarting, M. Kolevzan, M. Kelly. Not pictured: P. King. 

Resident Men's Judicial Board 

RESIDENCE MEN'S JUDICIAL BOARD-J. Skrach, R. Bauer, S. Rund, Dean Esposito, M. Maione, D. Myerowitz, L. Jacoby. 




P. Geiger, L. Seaholt. Back Row: B. Parks, B. Benset- 

Pep Committee 

SGA PEP COMMITTEE -Fron< Row: S. Kendrick, T. Manuel, K. 
Lemon, J. Barron, K. Palmer, K. Gould, R. Anderson, J. Briggs, C. 
Miller. Second Row: R. Paladino, D. Paladino, R. Sellers, T. Ryan, 
M. L. Koudelka, B. Reinmuth, C. VVoons, P. Green, P. Arbuthnot, P. 
Smith. Back Row: W. Kirkpatrick, T. Stearns, B. Murik, B. Himmel- 

stein, C. Debuskey, R. Sellers. Not Pictured: B. Nuta, H. Hoffman, 
K. Harmon, G. Anibrosetti, J. Pearl, D. Lewis, C. Eastlack, S. 
Thompson, S. Adams, D. LIde, B. Bogdanoff, S. Gilliam, M. Mitch- 
ell, J. Jenkins, L. Hilton, J. Seigel, J. Lewis, P. Burgess, B. LUI- 
nian, C. Baldwin. 


SGA RED CROSS COMMITTEE -Fronf Row: M. Schatz, S. Rubin, K. Bancroft, Chrm.; P, Keenam. Not Pictured: S. Rodin. 

Red Cross Committee 

Newsletter Committee 

Editor; C. Carr, Asst. Man. Editor; C. Debuskey, Editor-in-Chief; 
B. J. Dubnoff, Layout Editor; J. Barron, Editorial Board; M. Mitch- 

ell. Second Row: D. Devahey, D. Simons, M. Dubinsky, L. Ostrow- 
sky, G. Tand, K. Palmer, C. Tamres. Back Row: P. Scholtz, J. Fleis- 
cher, C. Little, C. Chung, B. Himmalstein, S. Yevzeroff, P. Smith. 



1 ! 



I , 

t : ' 






! I 


Events . . . 

And Impressions 

Registration Trauma 

A kaleidoscope of frustrations, mirrored 
hy ... 

early morning lines, 

hurrying to wait, 

camera mugs, 

and five 8 o'clocks remedied 

only by the confusion of 


Neither wind, nor rain, nor snoiv, nor sleet . . . 


"Give me your blue card, your 
green card, your yellow card, 
your red card, you keep your 
white card, next?" 


Problems and Solutions 

Just two dollars down and 
you have the commuters prized 
possession— the parking permit; 
a license to . . . 

play hide and seek 


give up, 

or rendezvous. 

Campus Police 

Growth has its problems, and 
U of M is not exempt. A parking 
space is hard to find, as evidenced 
by the increasing number of tickets 
issued, but isn't three dollars a 
strong enough hint? 

t/^,. . : / ^.»— ;< ,-i .A^i^. . .., 


Radio patrol cars enable the 
police to render assistance any- 
where on campus in a matter of 

Practically all students, at one time or another, have en- 
countered Sergeant O'Brien attempting to solve a parking 

"Ya mean ya'd deprive us of our last five 
bucks? Aw, officer, lemme explain . . ." 

Captain Daniel B. Wiseman 

Captain Wiseman has been Chief of Police at the University for 
thirty years. He is presently responsible for manning the force 
of more than 40 people who are employed by the Police 


for anything from 

Don't forget your student number. 

A snow storm plays havoc with equilibrium. 

Big boys 

The Infirmary offers aid to the suffering student, ranging 
from a shoulder to cry on, to isolation. 

When registration's snowstorm hit, the Infirmary was beset 
by a host of sprains and breaks, followed shortly thereafter by 
that study menace, the flu. 

Good weather doesnt put an end to the aches and pains 
either. There is always sunburn, and the skateboarder. 


Health Service: 
aspirin to traction 



Thorough medical examinations. 

"Ah, that's better, now we see eye to eye. 

Dr. Lester M. Dyke 

Dr. Dyke has been here at the University since 
1958. Although he is the Director of the Student 
Health Service, he also finds time to see patients. 


After-Dinner Dessert 

Two hours of coffee and confusion 
may be deadly at times, but often one 
meets next Saturday night's date. 

Twist and Shout! 



Gee Vm Glad It's Friday . . . 

If desserts seem tame, just wait until 
Friday afternoon, for no one needs any 
urging to go to a GIGIF. Festivities start 
Friday afternoon, and last all evening . . . 


At any rate, GIGIFS 
cure the week's ills 
immeasurably. At times 
a GIGIF may even 
lead to moonlight, 
roses and engagements. 


■1 ' V WW 1 

{ mar 


i •' IP 1 

b 1 IP ^B if 1 




The weaker sex. Charging? Blocking? Ah, yes -rehixiiif. 


WRA Sports Day 

Why would coeds from all over the state 
fllock to Maryland? No, not for husband 
material, but to compete in hockey, tennis 
and golf, during the WRA's 10th annual 
Sports Day. 

Playing the absurd hostess, Maryland 
swept up firsts in tennis and golf along 
with the best record for hockey. 


Culture comes to Maryland 
Ferrante and Teicher 

^^^^HflFjBV ^ 





/^[ j^^H 

^^^^^^^^^^Kr^ ^HHBH^^^^^K^^^^^^^H^^' 1 -^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^B 



Playing original scores to a packed Ritchie, this famed piano 
duo aroused memories and stirred emotions within each of us. 










K. 1?' . .-a 





Sigma Nu 
Christmas Party 

Favorite dates, 
comic gifts, a 
decorated house, 
Christmas lights, 
and Santa, all 
make the evening 
a special one. 



IFC Children s Christmas Party. 

An afternoon of fun in which the gymkana, Flying Follies- 
Greeks, and Independents all contributed, capturing the true 
spirit of the season with special gifts of entertainment, favors, 
and personal concern for each child. 

"You ^ive hut little when you aive of your possessions. It 
is when you give of yourself , that you truhj give." — 

KaliliF Gihian 


Christmas Caroling 


Groups from many 

Universittj organizations 

created a Christmas-y 


for would-be studiers 

as well as for 

themselves, through 



<- '*i ^j 



t' ^ 

Career Convocation 

Twice yearly, 
the professional 
world invades 
Cole Field House 
seeking student 
recruits for 
both summer 
and full-time 

"Think you can learn all that in a year?' 
A hundred roads wait to be traveled. 




■z \V 






Snow : 





A shrouded world of white dressed walks echoes the sounds of 


' v3^iv MflMK'* ■^ft**.. k. 

Snow is . . . 

Slippery danger 

Sleighride fun 

Costly repairs 


An empty stadium 

A long walk home. 


Learn to Ski Weekend 

''Seven Springs or bust" chorused 
enthusiastic snow bunnies, to be greeted 
only by a slush covered mud hill. 

Although the weather did not co- 
operate, would-be skiiers enjoyed the 
thrill of schlussing down mountains 
via old stories from seasoned skiiers. 

'Do I get a refund if I break my leg?' 

"Find me a better way to spend my time, and I'll eat tny hat! 


'He was gain' down the mountain doin 90 miles an hour. 

Na dzorov'a 

Rounds of good cheer. 




IL 4 





1^ vHH 


^^^^r ^^^^M 



Wf^^^ '^^P5iH 











Maryland's Symphony Orchestra 

Emerson Head, 

"Music and rythm find their way 
into the secret places of the soul."— 




*!^ ."T^^ 

jfllHH^^V ^ 




- Jft*-^"- 




±iL JE. 

India: land of Ghandi, rich saris, ivory, and teeming jungle. 

International Fiesta 

Sponsored by the International Club, the Fiesta featured 75 
countries, through display tables, of arts and crafts, travelogues, 
and samples of domestic food. Several foreign students enter- 
tained with the dances of their lands. 


Medieval Fair 

Browsing through the booths, many embassy 
people appeared colorful in native costume. 

Hey you Calypsonian? 

Oriental Charm 

Cultural exchange 


Gymkana Presents 

"As We See It,'' an expose of the gymnast's 
art, requiring strength, balance, endurance, 
and showmanship. 

Under Director George F. Kramer's inspira- 
tion, the troupers perform throughout several 
states in preparation for their final Home 
Show production. 


Y'all Come . . . 
Dining Hall Picnic 
to hay fever 


And they did! The annual Spring 
included everything, from fried chicken 


The changing face of 
Maryland grows, and grows. 

A bird's eye view 

In the 
pursuit of 
our physical 
size must 
adjust to 

"Maybe we could shift it over 3 feet before 
the cement sets." 



The addition of the Cyclotron, a Fine 
Education Building are an attempt to 
population boom. 


the University, 
and grows! 

of the Cyclotron. 

Arts building and an 
accommodate our 

Reflections in a mud puddle. 

10 per cent inspiration, 90 per cent perspiration. 

^ ! !]p(»>^ 


Spring is the whole world 


coming alive again. 

Sneaking bread to feed the birds; 
Opening windows and mothball cans; 
Planning Greek Week, parties, and proms; 
Hunting for jobs and combing the beach; 
Spinning dreams and sewing seams; 


Spring unlocks 
the flowers, and 
paints the laugh- 
ing soil"— 

R. Heber 

it •« 


worshippers reappear 

after the 

winter seige. 


"You've not it in reverse! 

"Thi\ time of year, I iiliuays 
lose my head." 

Come gentle 

Spring, aura 

of madness! 


>i . 




Graduation: Past Meeting Future 

Looking back on the past, 
we see a foreshadowing of 
the future. It is the end of a 
struggle for some, the symbol 
of responsibility for others, 
but an entree into the future 
for all. 


The Alumni Association 

Director of Alumni Affairs 

To promote the interest 
and welfare of the 
University of Maryland 

These are the objectives of the University 
Alumni Association, presently under the 
direction of Colonel J. Logan Schutz. 
Colonel Schutz serves as the representative 
of the University in alumni relations and is 
also Executive Secretary of the organization. 
In addition, his specific duties include 
formulation of a long-range alumni program, 
and keeping alumni up-to-date on University 

Colonel Schutz has had an outstanding 
background, as an active Maryland under- 
graduate, up to his brilliant career in the 
U.S. Army. Colonel Schutz has served as 
Alumni Director for the past two years. 

This is the way it all begins . 




Mayor »f the Cau c( >i-u'YovU 
do hereby present tins 

Certificate of Appreciation 


illmvw5ituof?nonaftiw . 

»^ir.r«. ror- -,oj« ^«.-"» a™ «»"■ ""- 

„.r.t<» or"! tl"' '« ~»"»»«« »' ""^ """ 
or. ;,r.,.n.I> ..a<i»l»« »' '"" ~»«"~"' »" ' 

a ,p.oI.J i-y. »«!/ ». "«• " »•' """ ^"' 
tl.. Alo«»I t.»I.It IM .«» l^rt «"•"'* '^""■ 

In Ultiies uihtiTof. /^ilf /rrrrulK 

THE ALUMNI Association of the Uni- 
versity of Maryland extends as far back 
as 1892. It was constituted in its present form 
in 1948 with the objective of promoting the 
interests and welfare of the University and 
to assist in furthering beneficial relations 
between our University, her alumni, and the 
citizens of the state of Maryland. 

The Alumni Council is composed of three 
representatives from each alumni chapter, 
an "M" Club representative, a representative 
from each geographical area, and the past 
presidents of the Council. Serving as the 
secretary-treasurer of the Council, and the 
Director of Alumni Affairs for the University 
is Colonel J. Logan Schutz. 

Mr. Schutz returned professionally to his 
alma mater two years ago, assuming the post 
which he now holds. An outstanding under- 
graduate student leader and athlete, his dis- 
tinguished U.S. Army service record earned 
him many decorations. 

Every graduating senior is rewarded with 
a gift fiom the Alumni Association, which is 
a one year complimentary membership in 
the Association. 

.' I „. 




=» ' A ♦ 

♦Cr— . 


The banquets and reunions of the Asso- 
ciation are very important, but the most 
significant factor in the organization is ef- 
ficient membership in order to extend the 
institution's influence outside the gates of 
the University. With the increased enroll- 
ment, and enlarged building underway, more 
and more alumni are needed to assist the 
University. On the other hand, a great num- 
ber of college graduates realize that through 
their support and assistance both they and 
their alma mater benefit. 

Spring Reunion is the scene of the annual award given by 
the Education Alumni to outstanding students in the Col- 
lege of Education. William A. Burslem, Ed. '32, presents the 
Award to Suzanne Hardy, Ed. '65. 

Temple D. Jarrell, AirS '09, greets an old friend at the an- 
nual Spring Reunion. 


■J' - 

Dean Emeritus S. S. Steinherf!, of the College of Engineering, 
is serenaded on his 74th birthday, at the Engineering Bull 

University Golf Course Director, Frank H. Cronin,AhS '38 
briefs participants during the annual Alumni-"M" Club 
golf outing. 

The annual Engineering Bull Roast dreio a large early Fall 


,.^- ^ 



^^Hp^^^« -^ 



Mi- "4 

The annual Oyster Roast, sponsored by the Alumni Club of 
Greater Baltimore, allows Dr. William H. Triplett, MED. 
'11, to turn Chef for a Day. 

*"J .—*■!. .■WW. »«,-"S«»i»K#«i« 


Maryland Alumni Celebrate ''Showhoaf' Debut 







At the Homecoming 
lunchqon, Dr. Elkins pre- 
sents the first national out- 
standing alumni award to 
Jerome Hardy, Publisher of 
Life Magazine and Vice 
President oiTime, Incorpor- 


WHO'S WHO IN AMERICAN C0LLEC;ES AND UNI\'ERSITIES-Fr<)u( Row: T, Levin, M. Hall, J. yuigley, I. Esau, P. Michael. SeconrfRou;: 
L. Ed^ely, T. Kincaid, C. Debuskey, D. Tapper, D. Lev\ . Third Row: H. Myie, B. Hortoii, C. Foiidren, D. Robertson, \V. Pentecost. Fourth Row: 
W. Scott, C. Donibrowski, A. Parker, C. Okikiade. Back Row: R. Maddo.\, K. Stiles, N. Brayton, J. Lieb, M. Kuhn. 


Spearheading many of the events and impressions 
that create an exciting environnient here at the Uni- 
versity are the seniors who are selected to "Who's 
Who in American Colleges and Universities.^' 




Laurie Stevenot 
Military Queen 

Connie Chung 
Freshman Queen 


Joan Quigley 
Homecoming Queen 



Joy Littman 
Greek Week Queen 


Patricia Clark 
Miss Maryland Union 

Molly Wueste 
Miss Campus Chest 

Iris Esau 
Best Dressed Co-ed 

Joyce Munk 
Sophomore Queen 

Catherine Kenney 
Pledge Queen 


Miss University of Maryland 

Teresa Dale O'Neill 

A step toward the "Miss America" crown was provided hij the Junior Class, throufih the 
enlargement of the traditional Junior From Queen title. "Miss Maryland University" is now the 
official entry of the Junior Class and the University in the "Miss Maryland" Pageant, held to 
choose the State's representative to the national Pageant in Atlantic City, New Jersey. 

Preliminaries began in early March, as each campus dormitory and sorority house elected 
a junior representative to compete in the official swimsuit, talent and evening gown competi- 
tions. The preliminary judging and personal interviews held in the BPA auditorium on March 17, 
produced, eleven semi-finalists. 

The semi-finalists competed in Ritchie Coliseum on March 24, in a fast moving panorama 
oftaletit and beauty, supplemented by entertainment from Flying Follies and live coverage by 

Alpha Chi Omega's entry, Terry O'Neill, emerged as the winner after a dazzeling display 
of her talents as a modern dancer. Runners-up were Suzanne Javoroski, representing Centerville 
Hall, Joyce McGee of Alpha Delta Pi, Sandy Rosencrance of Kappa Delta and Edeen Aptaker of 
Caroline Hall. 

Terry began her reign as she was crowned by Imogene Haber, "Miss Maryland University 
1965" and Lynn Hamilton, "Miss Maryland" and Junior Prom Chairman. 

Fraternity Sweethearts 

Joyce Hardman 

Phi Delta Theta 

Jan Orban 

Alpha Gamma Rlio 

Carol Davidsen Bixby 

Delta Tail Delta 

Betty Jo Crook 

Delta Sigma Phi 

Penne Loomis 

Sigma Pi 


Lynn Edgley 

Sigma Nu 

Nancy Rosenfelder 

Alpha Phi Omega 

Pat Fenimore 

Sigma Chi 


Sharon Frisbie Etridge 

Phi Kappa Tau 

Michele Meyerson 

Alpha Epsilon Pi 

Ellie Sukrow 

Phi Sigma Delta 

Barbara Hornbake 

Lambda Chi Alpha 

Sandra Myrant 

Phi Sigma Kappa 

Ernestine Gichner 

Zeta Beta Tau 

Betsy Cingell James 

Tau Kappa Epsilon 

Pam Green 

Phi Epsilon Pi 

Carolyn Birely 

Tau Epsilon Phi 




THE TERRAPIN staff is faced with 
the monumental task of recreating 
in 472 pages the University's vibrant 
life of the preceding year. Approach- 
ing yearbook production with a new 
format, the 1966 Terrapin has placed 
emphasis on student lite through the 
feature story approach. 

In spite of the prevailing opinion 
that the University is comprised 
merely of 27,000 numbers, there is no 
typical student. There are only in- 
dividuals as varied as their interests. 
This publication has been an attempt 
to mirror this community — the scholar, 
the athlete, the non-conformist, the 
conformist, the loner, the partier, the 
B.M.O.C, the All-American, the for- 
eign student. 

A new section on events and im- 
pressions has been added to this 
year's book in the hope that some of 
the seldom publicized campus events 
will be artfidly portrayed to give to 
the student body a better conception 
of common-place, yet little discussed, 
occurrences in the University com- 

The Terrapin Staff is open to all 
students interested in publications 
and photo-journalism. Of course, the 
staff is — b\ all means — not limited to 
Journalism majors. The 1966 Ter- 
rapin staff is comprised of under- 
graduate students representing all 
of tlie colleges here at the CA)llege 
Park campus. 

William E. Clark 


Steve Groer 

Photography Editor 

Dor an J. Levy 

Business Manager 

Nancy R. Ringgold — layout editor 


• ti .' 

Neal Hall 
Technical Consultant 

Joe Trocino 
Sports Editor 

William Browne 
Cover Artist 

Linda Laiiliain, dividers artist; Lisa Tixyhn, feature COPY ST tWV ~ l-'orefiround: S. Minion, J. Dunn, M. Snnlli, K. J'alnu r, J. Rinewalt. Seated: 
u>riter. L. Gregoor, B. (;rahani, R. Wasielewski, N. Oosteihous, J. Messer. Standing: K. Bancroft, 

M. Fnzo. 


Mike Jennings, 
Distribution Manager 

David Kearse 
Feature Specialist 

SECTION EDITORS -P. McClung, L. Kassalow, L. Streen, C. Coburn, R. Barbara Graham, Greek editor' Marge Fuzo, Copy Editor; 
Goda, M. Scherr, I. Hackerman. Margaret Smith, Commuters Editor. 

Marei Scherr 
Groups Editor 

Phil Geraci 
Faculty Adviser 

AN AWARENESS of off-campus events as 
xV-they affected University students marked 
Diamondback coverage this year. 

For example, as the \'iet Nam conflict 
became more and more important, the news- 
paper assigned a special reporter to cover 
only the Selective Service "beat." 

Editor F. Martin Kuhn and Managing 
Editor John M. Purnell also supervised 

award-winning coverage of such stories as a 
state Ku Klux Klan rally and a study of state 
motion picture censorship. 

In addition, expanded campus coverage — 
with more reporters and more spot news — 
helped the four-time-a-week paper publish 
the greatest number of pages in its history 
and gain an All-American rating from the 
Associated Collegiate Press. 

F. Martin Kuhn 







MAKAGEMEKT -Seated: Managing Editor J. 
Purnell. Standing, left to right. Assistant Man- 
aging Editors J. Hendrickson and J. Ceppos. 

News Board 

NEWS BOARD-Seaferf, left to right. Row One: H. Goldberg, S. Kehoe. Row Two: A. Groer, M. DeMatteis, M. Solomon, M. Kuhn, J. Wolpert. 
Standing, left to right: P. Manger, S. Singleton, R. Malikin, S. Thompson, L. Werner. 


BUSINESS STAFF -Seated.- D. Myerowitz, Bus. Mgr.; B. Evans. Standing: S. Valentino, B. Cox, L. Lougee, P. McGinty, E. Ginsberg, J. Inouye. 

Business Staff 

Advertising Staff 

ADVERTISING STAFF -Seofed; R. McDonald, Sales Mgr.; D. Fagan. Standing: C. Salzman, M. Glaser, G. Conlin, B. Silber, M. Galey, D. Kim- 
melman, I. Harrison. 




f .V 




DAILY EDITORS AND COPY CHIEFS-Sea<ed; I. Allen, S. Parks, M. Solomon, N. Ohlson, M. Lippnian. Standing: R. Stonebraker, R. Wishart. 

Daily Editors and Copy Chiefs 


B. Fishier, S. Goldberg, Sports 
Ed.; B. Bondy. Back Row: C. 
Salzman, D. Mortimer, L. Walsh. 





Nancy Rinj^j^old 

Jason Williams, Steve Thompson, Carl Sanger, Hennin^ Christoph. 

Jay Graham 

Bill Miles 




WMUC, now in its 22nd year of broad- 
casting, is the University's student- 
operated radio station. This past year is 
considered to be a rebuilding year, with 
credit for the vast improvement of the sta- 
tion going to the programming department. 
In addition to the new programs such as 
"Pipeline SGA," and "Voice Your Opinion," 
the news department of MUC presents news- 
casts every half hour, national news from 

NBC, and the new series "Comment," and 
in depth feature of interest to students at 
the University. MUC also covers sports of 
major interest, with away games covered via 
the sports network. 

A spirited campus organization, com- 
posed of both men and women, the staff of 
MUC offers training to students interested 
in commercial radio, and entertains and 
serves the students of the University. 

Robert M. Duckman 

Station Manager 



V. .1 


Susan Spalter 

Program Director 


Programming Staff 

ANNOUNCERS-Fron* Row: R. Ferraia, S. Norwitz, C. Lamison, G. Rustin, F. Lipshultz, R. Fisch. Back Row: R. Schaub, J. Katz, J. Smithson, J. 
Erwin, B. Leet, B. Tune. 

Business Manager and Announcers 

Russ Russo, Business Manager; Ralph France, Antwuncer. 

Announcer Ralph France 


EXECUTIVE STAFF -Frotit Row: A. Anderson, IBS Representa- 
tive; C. Ford, Asst. Public Relations; C. Weese, Traffic and Con- 
tinuity Director. Back Row: J. Dowling, Asst. News Director; J. 

Moore, Sports Director; B. Sourwine, Public Relations Director; 
E. Sacks, Asst. Program Director; R. Russo, News Director. 

Executive Staff 

PROGRAMMING STAFF- Randy Scliaub, Bob Ducknian, Frank 
Lipschultz, Andi Anderson, Cindy Ford. 

Frank M. Zappala, Business Manager 


A capsule view of University life is pre- 
sented to new students in the M-Book. 
Described in its contents are the University's 
administration, academic procedures, his- 
tory, traditions, events, Student Government 
Association, organizations, athletics and 
social life. The aim of the M-Book is to pro- 
vide every freshman with a compact guide to 
the opportunities which college life offers. 

Anne Nicholas 


M-BOOK STAFF-First Row: E. Doirdson, E. Harris, K. Kowal, D. 
Sheiler, N. Crouther. Second Row: S. Chu, N. Horwitz, B. St. Clair, 
S. Bedshaw, S. Harper, S. Cerveny, F. Greenberg, C. 

Third Row: S. Myerberg, C. Plachta, N. Herchenroeder, R. Richard, 
M. Goley, L. Lyon, M. Einspruch. 

University Relations 

Tom Orpwood 
News Bureau Editor 

Students emploijed by the News Bureau gain practical ex- 
perience in public relations while serving the University. 

Robert H. Breuiiig 
Publications Editor 

ALTHOUGH student publications are not 
/^included in their area of responsibility, 
the Publications Editors take a great deal of 
interest in counselling student editors and 
making their facilities avaihible to them. 

The University Publications Office is 
responsible for the design and production of 
all official University publications, and for 
reviewing the majority of faculty publications. 
Some of the publications of this office in- 
clude the President's Annual Report; the 

Record; and the General and Academic 

The News Bureau, another phase of the 
Office of University Relations, is the public 
relations group for the University. They 
supply newspapers, magazines, radio and 
television stations with campus information. 

Each year the News Bureau receives the 
senior portraits from the TERRAPIN which 
are then mailed to the graduates-to-be home 
town newspapers. 

/ \ 




Al Danegger, the university staff photographer, has directed the Photographic Section for the past fifteen years. A recipient of 
the Oscar Fisher Award for "Outstanding service to Professional Photography," he has recently been named "University Photog- 
rapher oj the Year" by the University Photographers Association. Danegger is presently the Chairman of the Faculty Committee 
for the Catholic Student Center. He has worked closely with Terrapin staff members and helped organize a new system oj film 
processing and printing for the 1966 Terrapin. 


PI DELTA EPSILON -Front Row: M. Siegel, V. Pres.; P. McGinty, D. Myerowitz, G. X'larke, Pres. BacfeRou): R. Duckman, R. Helfrich, J. Hend- 

rickson, W. Clark. 

Pi Delta Epsilon 
Sigma Delta Chi 

SIGMA DELTA CHI-Front Row: J. Wood, Pres.; L. Walsh, J. Guffey, R. Helfrich. Back Row: W. Lewis, J. Ceppos, H. Wieland, W. Wilson, M. 
Kuhn, H. Christoph, J. Hendrickson, S. Groer, T. Baxter, J. Purnell. 






;'a 111 I St 

/'.I''" (if 

,, t-iH"'!'' 

ill'' V I 


ll'-li |!l^l'Mu !r:,.':\ 


University Chapel Staff 

The Reverend David J. Loomis, U.C.C.F. Chaplain; the Reverend Theodore R. Caspar, Lutheran Chaplain: the Reverend Richard 
F. Veith, Methodist Chaplain; Rabbi Abraham Sheinnold, Asst. Jewish Chaplain; Rabbi Meyer Greenherg, Jewish Chaplain; 
The Reverend William C. Tepe, Roman Catholic Chaplain; The Reverend Eustace Coronado, Asst. Episcopal Chaplain; The 
Reverend Wofford K. Smith, Episcopal Chaplain; Miss Julie Burroughs, Episcopal College Worker; The Reverend William J. 
Kane, Asst. Roman Catholic Chaplain; Miss Beth Platz, Lutheran Campus Associate; The Reverend James A. Harrell.Asst. Meth- 
odist Chaplain; The Reverend John Jamison, Baptist Chaplain. 

For thou, 


hast made me glad 

through thy work 

— Psalms 92:4 


Prayer Breakfast 

Maryland's Governor J. Millard Tawes addresses the guests. 

Time for meditation after the meal. 

The Chapel Choir performs under the direction of Dr. Springmann. 

Eat Bread and Salt 

Ted Levin and President Elkins enjoy a bit of humor in Governor Tawe.i speech 

and Speak the Truth. 

Russian Proverb 

For the second consecutive year, several hundred students, several University 
Chaplains, and other notable guests enjoyed the Prayer Breakfast. The Prayer 
Breakfast held here at the University was sponsored by the Student Govern- 
ment Association, and there were student representatives from many of Mary- 
land's colleges. An overall purpose of the Prayer Breakfast is to emphasize 
the role of religion in all our lives, and to stress the idea of religion and 
prayer on a common ground. 

B'nai B'righ Hillel Foundation 


HILLEL IS the campus foundation which 
fosters participation in and appreciation 
of the religious, social and cultural aspects 
of Judaism. It represents all Jewish students 
at the University, and facilitates their en- 
trance into the adult Jewish community. Pro- 
gramming is both secular and religious, in- 
cluding films and a speech by a civil rights 
worker, Israeli folk dance lessons and study 
groups on topics of Jewish interest, guitar 
classes and social events. Every Wednesday 
night members tutor needy children, while 
on Friday nights, Saturdays and holidays 
they conduct traditional services. The Hillel 
House provides facilities for recreation and 
study, and also houses the nation's largest 
Kosher Dining Club for students. 

Conductinf!, the High Holiday services for University stu- 
dents. Rabbi Sheingold Mows the shofar, the traditional 
ram's horn, which calls the congrep.ation to prayer. As- 
sistinfi him are Allan Stark, Hillel president, left, and Stan 
Fishkind, who are each holding a Torah, the story of the 
Jewish people. 

Hillel House is oriented toward recreational as well as spiri- 
tual development. 

To make some nook of God's creation 


Hillel unites the University faculty with the local Jewish 
community in a panel discussion. 

A Hillel member tutors an underprivileged youngster during 
an important weekly project. 

a little more fruitful, better, more worthy of God 


Newman Center 

THE LONG awaited dedication of a New- 
man Center on campus finally took place 
on Saturday, April 10, 1965. Among the many 
eminent guests and speakers at the Dedica- 
tion ceremony were Lawrence Cardinal She- 
han, Archbishop of Baltimore; Patrick A. 
O'Boyle, Archbishop of Washington; Phil- 
lip M. Hannan and John S. Spence, Auxiliary 
Bishops of Washington. Also present were 
Reverend Tepe and Reverend Kane, the 
University's Catholic Chaplains. 

The Newman Center provides a place 
for Catholic students to meet, study, and 
work, as well as supplying countless aca- 
demic and social fimctions. The dedication 
of the Center culminates the effort to estab- 
lish a Newman Center since the initial or- 
ganization of a Newman Club in 19.33. Stu- 
dents, alumni, parents and guests listened 
with pride to the ceremony — a ceremony 
which marked the beginning of a great op- 
portunity to form young men and women in 
the image of Christ. 

Archbishop of W'ushiunton Patrick A. O'Boyle and Arch- 
bishop of Baltimore Laicrcnce Cardinal Shchan proudly 
watch the dedication of another Newman ('enter. 


A processional led by Father Tepe through the corridor of the new Center is flanked by Knights of Columbus. 

World Day of Prayer 

WITH A spirit of faith 
in the future of 
mankind working to- 
gether through "the grace 
and goodness of God," 
the World Student Chris- 
tian Federation cele- 
l^rated a day of prayer at 
the University Chapel. 
Appropriately called the 
"Universal Day of Pray- 
er," this calling together 
of peoples of all denom- 
inations represented a 
common destiny which is 
so often forgotten in such 
a swiftly-moving world. 
This second annual re- 
dedication brought all 
Christian denominations 
once again to a shared 
sense of thanksgiving for 
new and creative oppor- 
tunities that today pro- 
vides for both socializ- 
ation and science. Stu- 
dents, professions, and 
administrators have a 
dut\ to mankind to un- 
derstand the significance 
of their newh' gained 
knowledge as all man- 
kind will share a com- 
mon prcdcsti nation . 
"With hope and laith, let 
us give thanks to God for 
tlic ricli diversity of oxer- 
world . . . and let us pra\ 
to (;<)d that his spiiit 
made axailable in Clirist 
ma\ open our e\<,'s to be- 
hold His great gifts to 


. . It is work for a God. 

Music & Drama 

A statuesque movement 
is executed with delicate 
precision before a choral 

An impressionistic dance 
becomes a living Seurat 

Modern Dance ^ t 7 7 • ^ • 

Club Presents: KjClTvlLLl/ y^ (XTlTlvTiCl 


FLUTTERING, pestering 
spirits attempt to rile the 
center of women's servile at- 
tention in one of the Modern 
Dance Troupe's opera, Catulli 
Carmina. Frenetic movement 
and pulsating music combined 
to generate an impact that was 
effective in the extreme. 


The confrontation — all it lacks is movement. 

Frozen motionless, death for a time, at least, is avoided. 


University of 

long summer 
days of hot, 
tiring, frustrating 
practice . . . 


Maryland Marching Band 

. . . and finally, 
opening day. 

Alice thumbs her nose at 
disbelievers in the Experi- 
mental Theater's presenta- 
tion of "An Evening With 






in Wonderland 

The White Rabbit invites Alice to follow her into Wonderland. 

Wondering, wondering, Alice speculates 
on that land of the fantastic that might 
be soooo . . . nice! 



Vm late, I'm late, Vm late 

EARLY THIS season, the University of 
Maryland's Experimental Theater pre- 
sented a musical version of Lewis Carroll's 
"Alice in Wonderland." Primarily a presen- 
tation for children of elementary school age, 
Sarah Schlesinger's adaptation of the known 
Victorian fairy tale proved by virtue of its 
professional excellence to be appealing to 
those who viewed it, children and adults 
included. Under the direction of Roger 
Meersman, the play which is written mostly 
in dialogue delighted the audience by the 
flying in and out of the queens. In addition, 
song and dance are an important part of mak- 
ing the play so lively with a mysterious ele- 
ment provided by quick scenery changes. 
Fresh, new talent made the presentation 

*w \J 11 



^B^^C ^ 

\ ■'i^fc 

H^ftojF^ >jj 


^^HK >^i 


^I^^^H ^W^^^Vl 



Kg^fc^^^^K^ ^^^^^^^B 




The red queen readies her crown prior to her part in "An 
Evening With Alice." 

Although he isn't aware of the fate which awaits him, the "frowning" Cheshire Cat is about "to get the ax." 

chancellor Ludwig Ehrhardt is in- 
troduced to the entertainers. 

at the 

The First Family looks delighted at the prospect of being entertained by the Mad- 

BY PRE-ARRANGEMENT, the 17 madrigal singers and dieir 
director, Rose Marie Grentzer, Professor of Music and 
founder of the University's madrigal group, were asked to 
present a 15-minute program of Christmas music at the White 
House. Among guests entertained were President Lyndon B. 
Johnson, Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey, and Chancellor 
Ludwig Erhardt of the German Federal Republic. 

The Madrigals, singing songs of the Renaissance period 
in German, received a standing ovation, then were invited to 
enjoy some refieshments and stay for the dance. The Madrigal 
girls were taken for a spin around the floor by President Johnson, 
and the boys all had a chance to dance with Luci and Lynda 

The. madrigal group, composed mostly of music majors, 
toured the Near East, North Afiica and Europe during the spring 
of 1964, under the auspices of the State Department's Cultural 
Presentations Program. 

Attention is focused on Maryland's Madrigal singers, as they begin their world-famous performing. 


UT's Showboat 

THE University Theater's presentation of 
"Showboat" halhnarked many new in- 
novations for the Department of Speech and 
Drama. In addition to being the first presen- 
tation staged in the Fine Arts Building 
Auditorium, it was also the first musical of 
its kind ever to be presented at the Uni- 
versity of Maryland. 

As the curtain rose, the audience was de- 
lighted to witness the appearance of a minia- 
ture showboat, which progressed slowly 
across the stage on an invisible screen. The 
effect was much like that of a motion picture 
production. From this point onward, "Show- 
boat" began to unfold a story of joy, sorrow, 
romance and humor of the 1880's. Each act 
and scene held an unexpected surprise for 
the viewers. The shifting of the massive 
showboat to disclose the inner stage of the 
boat was the clima.x of the presentation. No 
other show could liave been more appropri- 
ate for the christening of the new auditorium. 







"> V*-' 'V'* ^> 








^^F ''^B^^ir^^** # *'*^ * ' 




^^p^**.» " '1 


Cr*"*^* "*',^B 

!*■ '^lTSu'^u^HJ^^^^^h 











* • 


* * 

* * 



::- ' 




'»*." J 




^^QHOWBOAT" preparation began months 
O in advance of opening night. Many 
hours were spent stringing lights, rigging the 
cyclorama and hanging the grand drape. 

While work was being completed on the 
stage, immediately below it, in the make-up 
and costume rooms, much work was also 
being accomplished. First, research was con- 
ducted to assure accurate 19th century cos- 
tumes. Next, enough materials and orna- 
ments were bought to provide each member 
of the cast of forty with at least three costume 


Parasols were made to order to match the 
bright polka dot and checkered gowns. 
Bustles were fabricated fiom cotton and foam 
rubber. Even bright, white spats were 
fashioned to accent the male's patent-leather 

Many problems were faced and over- 
come by the production staff. The top hats 
which were ordered fiom New York were 
much too large and had to be stuffed in order 
to be usable. The revolving showboat came 

off it's tracks many times and often held 
up rehearsals. The musical director was 
delayed in Canada. The long hours of 
rehearsal and staging finally paid-off as 
the curtain rose on opening night and 
the audience was delighted. This pro- 
duction was the first to be performed in 
the new "Tawes Mahal." 






4 T 


"Showboat" marked several 
new innovations for The University 
of Maryland. First, it marked the 
opening of the J. Millard Tawes 
Auditorium in the new Fine Arts 
Building. In addition, a play with 
the scope and glamour of "Show- 
boat" made this opening a brilliant 

Drama Wing 



,RAMA WING" was established as the 
nation's first dramatic service fratern- 
ity. Averaging some 460 productions a year 
(inchiding two plays weekly), the wing pre- 
sents dramatizations of family problems for 
local PTAs and other civic organizations con- 
cerned with the behavioral problems of chil- 

Since its founding, the group has trav- 
elled 24,000 miles and performed for 43,000 
persons. The success of its 1963 tour of Mis- 
souri and Arkansas prompted the University 
of Arkansas to initiate similar productions. 

Dr. Thomas Starcher of the Speech De- 
partment acts as advisor to the wing. 

The cast of "High Pressure Area" is introduced to the aud- 

Drama Win^ members join the elite at Sardi's in New York 

Stage and screen actor Henry Fonda graciously accepts an honorary membership to the Drama Wing. 

Flying Follies . . . 

Once more expresivo. 

Energetic direction, competent cast, striking lighting . . . and girls, girls, girls! 



Flying Follies sirens tempt ii laiw male perforiner. 

Form and shadow screen the cast as they run throiitlh a 
daihj rehearsal. 


Jr> i".'-. 

... a little bit of everything. 

THESE ARE the words which 
describe the variety group 
here at the University of Mary- 
land. Well-known as the Flying 
Follies, this group, which has 
recently increased its member- 
ship to thirty-four performers, is 
completely student-run. The 
people involved with the Fly- 
ing Follies make their costumes, 
the music is composed and ar- 
ranged by the members, even 
the stage and lighting crews are 
students. Director of Flying 
Follies is Frank Tudisco, who 
is responsible for much of the 
production work. The most re- 
cent performance of the Follies 
was entitled "Potpourri," and 
was performed in the Fine Arts 
Building Auditorium. 

Put the blame on Mame. 




ALPHA CHI SU;MA-Fr()(if Row. C. Seaton, Rec. Secy., J. Stokes, 
\'.P., K Mladinich, Pres., C. Fleck, Treas., T. Kirchner, Corr. 
Secy., F. Warner. Second Row: A. Schwartz, R. Engel, G. Moxon, 

B. To, J. Farhood. Third Row: \'. Mendes, M. Ha\ man, R. Simon, D. 
Malatesto, D. Gonci, P. Frallic. Back Row: .\1. Maajjhoul, G. King, 
\V. Arthayukti, H. Aliah, E. Coale, J. M. Boyd. 

Alpha Chi Sigma 

ALPHA CHI SIGMA is a national fraternity in the field of chemistry which brings together 
students planning careers in chemistry. 

Alpha Delta Sigma 

ALPHA DELTA SIGMA is the national advertising and marketing fraternity. 

ALPHA DELTA SIGMA -Fronf Row: R Ashmen, Advi,ser, C. 
Hinkel, \V. Thomas, Pres., D., H Hotniann, \'.P., M. 
Sherr, \ .P., C. Weir, Rec. Secy., J. R. Pisani, Adviser. Second Row: 
R, Wood, H. Bnindick, H. Warfield, E. Apostolos, B. Fairbrather, G. 

Hardwicli, J. Curtis, J. DeHascn, T. Hieber. Back Row: R. Schatra, 
G. Tamanaha, L. Marshall, R. Suit, M. Newpher, R. Roberts, M. 
Enorin, J. Roche, D. Jones, R. StefFenson. 

<m\ jfni 

k 1 


TA is the sociology 
honorary society who's 
purpose is to promote 
human welfare. 

ALPHA IC\PPA DELTA- Front Row: R. Sedlack, C. Harnest, D. 
Corrigan, D. Costello. Second Row: E. Gordon, C. Rudy, N. Tavani, 

R. Kistler, B. Mowry. 

Alpha Lambda Delta 

ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA is a national honorary society composed of freshman women who 
achieve a 3.5 average in their first or second semesters. 

ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA-Froni Row: M. Bornt, A. Heubeck, 
S. Pristoop, \'.P., H. Goldberg, Pres., G. Duncan, Treas., N. Kaplis, 
Hist. Second Row: J. O'Neill, R. Woodward, B. Hall, P. Davies, E. 

Barney, M. Heggestad. Third Row: M. Bauman, N. Kirthner, B. 
Bowers, XL Hochman, B. Cronipton, R. Kobin. Back Row: R. Pfeif- 
fer, M. Feller, J. Steinberg, J. Carasso, L Gravitis, P. Plunkert. 

ALPHA PHI OMEGA- Front Row: D. Hayes, S^t -At-Aims, E. 
Winston, Rec. Sec, D. Durrett, Treas., M. Jennin«s, 1st V.P., P. 
Thomas, Pres., R. Strand, 2nd \'.P., J. Daugliert\ , Cor. Sec, DR. 
Cook, Alum. Sec, T. Simmons, Hist. Second Row: L. MacMillan, 
W. Busse, R. Price, J. Horstkamp, N. Rosenfelder (Sweetheart), 
Maj. J. Harrin!,ton, G. Stephens (Sweetheart), M. Tull, J. Shutt, H. 

Wolpert. Third Row: J. Fitzpatrick, C. Berr\ , E. Huang, R. Rosen- 
thal, P. Pollock, I. Lerner, G. Rampacek, C. Lawson, D. Chen, R. 
McGuckin, R. Eveson. Back Row: T. Gunderson, M. Allen, D. 
Gurtz, C. Hedstrom, J. Houser, R. Mehntz, M. Sanmions, S. Klein, 
W. Wagner, S. Harris. 

Alpha Phi Omega 

ALPHA PHI OMEGA, the national service fiaternity, is a brotherhood composed mainly of 
Scout trained men who are assembled on Campus in the spirit of the Scout oath and law. 

Alpha Zeta 

ALPHA ZETA, the agricultural honorary fraternity, promote the profession of agriculture and 
render many services to Maryland students. 

ALPHA ZETA-Fronf Row: J. Foster, adv., E. G. Mac Ewen, 
cheonicidar, W. H. Ragsdale, chancellor, B. Schneider, censor, 
R. Card, sec, R. R. Dc Lauder. Second Row: K. Barrel, H, (idlchu.ui. 

G. Whitson, C. Pearl, R. Cominsky, E. Ketel. Third Row: T. Brown- 
ing, R. Felsman, K. Stiles, G. Mac Cubbin. 

BETA ALPHA VS\-Front Row: G. Bulniash, sec, J. Bedinsrfieia, 
\'.P., M. Heinle, Sec, G. Yungmann, Pres., M Jennings, Tieas. 

Back Row: S. Laycoek, J. Heinz, W. Gartliner, T. DiFiancesco, R. 
Olson, Adv. 

Beta Alpha Psi 

BETA ALPHA PSI awards membership to outstanding future accountants who have met string- 
ent academic requirements and have also written a research paper and passed a four hour written 
examination on accounting. 




BETA GAMMA SIGMA is the honor- 
ary scholastic fraternity in business 
administration and is recognized by 
the Association of Collegiate Schools 
of Business. 

BETA GAMMA SIGMA-Front Row: J. Mattingly, D. W. 
O'Connell, Pies., A. Fisher, Sec-Treas. Second Row: 
B. Wing, G. Bulniash, W. Lovelace. Third How: M. Uore, 
R Weatherbee, E. Meyers. 


CHI EPSILON -Fronf Roic: M. Novak, Sec, J. Arnquist, \.P., 
C. Jones, Pies., C. Aokikiiule, Hist., A. Jeinisian, Marsh., R. Stia- 
chan. Second Row: M. Steer, R. Gordon, F. Cirillo, J. Stamberji, S. 

Stalil, P. Townsend. Back Row: \V. Forlines, C. Giliiiore, K. Spates, 
A. Bistrain, C. Snyder, R. Trachtenberj;. 

Chi Epsilon 

CHI EPSILON, the Civil Engineering honorary fiaternity, recognizes outstanding students in 
this field. 

Delta Nu Alpha 

DELTA NU ALPHA, the transportation fraternity, stimulates the growth and interest in the field 
of transportation. 

DELTA NU ALPHA-Fronf Row: .1 Dijanni, Sec, J. Creeiian. 
2nd \'.P., B. Johnson, Treas., P. Standridjie, Pres., F. RuiJKeri, 
1st \'.P., S. Snider. Second Row: D. Hayes, R. Price, S. Bass, L. 

Kania, R. Lindley, J. Keppel. Third Row: R. Hoyan. D. Burnette, J. 
Spencer, S. Mastbrook, C. Gray, G. Shupp. Back Row: H. Pearre, 
P.. Nieberlein, E. Johnson, S. Sussan, N. DeMonte, R. Da\ . 





V. f 




^-"^>»« -^ 

A A 

DELTA SIGMA VI -Front Row: P. Killam, P. McShane, Sec, G. 
Nahas, Treas., R. Bessio, Pies., W. Dahl, M. Stein, Sr. Ward., B. R. 
Perkins, M, F. Lombardv. Second Row: D. Kasten, S. Blum, R. 

Davis, R. Christopher, S. Kaufman, E. Reinsch, D. Kiny, G. Alt- 
nieyer. Back Row: D. Mann, D. \'an Asdien, R. Shack, W. St. John, 
D. Alion, T. Maged. 

Delta Sigma Pi 

DELTA SIGMA PI, the professional commerce and business fraternity, is composed of male 
BPA students who have completed 15 credits and have attained the all men's BPA average. 


DIADEM, the Junior Women's honorary, offers membership to students having a 2.5 overall 
average and have performed service for the University. 

DIADEM -Fronf Row: M. Smith, M. Kernan, Sec, S. Rappnport, 
Pres., A. Ulnian, V.P., B. Jiles, Treas., B. McOlin. Second Row: R. 
Katz, L. Beveridge, J. Gaudio, I. Herstone, N. Chotiner, J. Epstein. 

Back Row: B. Grim, B. Loveless, S. Coppage, D. Skirven, K. Se- 
ward, B. Evans. 




^^ ' w^m '^■^ i^nkt 


ETA KAPPA W -Front Row: F. Piiscoe, Rec. Sec, J. Kenney, 
\.P., R. Reidler, Pies., J. Runil)au«h, Adv., L. Thompson, Tieas., 
\V. Koontz. Second Row: H. Soloniaii, R. Fink, R. Bell, S. Pendei- 
uast, Y. S. Chuans, A. Frasja, R. LeSa«e, VV. Taslor Third Row: R. 

Welch, E. Huang, J. Hurt, J. Rouse, L. Llano, H. Rode, R. Mauck, 
|. Crupi. Fourth Row: S. Byrd, S. Bacon, L. Amtniann, M. Minnich, 
T. Painter. 

Eta Kappa Nu 

ETA KAPPA NU, the Electrical Engineering honorary fraternity, specializes in tutoring under- 
graduate students in electrical engineering courses. 

GAMMA SIGMA SIGMA-Front Row: M. Haber, C. Davis, L. 
Ghoin, M. Smolka, 1st V.P., M. Wendel, 2nd V.P., K. Favaloro, Pres., 
G. Davis, Rec. Sec, S. Durm, Hist., B. Martin, Treas., G. Wise, 
Alum. Sec, J. Murray, R. Duval), G.orr. Sec Second Row: P. Robin- 
son, C. Dehuskey, J. Garmey, P. Arbuthnot, S. Thompson, J. Draper, 
D. White, D. Gordon, C: Gannon, F CIrizzard, D. Savary, S Phil- 

lips, L. Bartoo. Third Row: J. MacLean, J. Rinewalt, B. Blonder, B. 
Deitz, J. Thomas, B. Hull, D. Bartoo, I. Caplan, J. Branyan, L. 
Williams, K. Gregory, L. Green, K. Skruch, B. Garber. Back Row: 
A. Kennelly, S. Kelly, P. Wheeler, C. Harris, P. Bishton, C. Kube- 
luis, J. Turner, B. Ronald, L. Bryce, D. Guppy, B. Grampton, D. 
Davidson, E. Brick. 


Jijrf/.Li'rlnik mJai^^LiiJ^^ 




GAMMA ALPHA CHI recognizes outstand- 
ing women in the field of advertising. 

GAMMA ALPHA CHI-Front Row: D. Insley, J. Roper (Adviser), 
J. Smallwood, Pres. Back Row: E. Luterwald, J. Downs. 

^^^H| ^piv^ ^H^K^ 

1%.,. \v■„^^ " 


GAMMA SIGMA SIGMA, the women's 
service sorority, assists many University 
organizations with their dedicated members. 


GAMMA THETA L'PSILON -Fronf Row: J. Tioeino, Pres., L. St. Cyr., Sec, T. Kierz- 
kowski, \'.P. Second Row: A. Liebermann, J. Lee, B. Hossbach, H. Omar. 

Gamma Theta Upsilon 

GAMMA THETA UPSILON, the geography professional 
fraternity, is dedicated to frirthering the study of geog- 
raphy at Maryland. 

Alpha Mu 

KAPPA DELTA PI- Front Row: R. Tse, A. Muldawei, M. Kernan, 
Sec, M. Quinn, \'.P., \V. Byrd, Pres., J. Ritz, Treas., B. Katz, Hist., 
R. Katz, J. Willsie, B. Maston. Second Row: C. Seabrease, L. Lane, 
E. Forkel, A. Berfier, J. Lipsitz, E. Glass, L. Beveridge, P. Looniis, 

C. MacEwen, J. Charlton. Third Row: R. Duvall, D. White. M. Shaf- 
fer, S. Gordon, D. Pearce, J. Gold, S. Sher, A. Cooley, C. Blackstock, 
C. Eberlin, L. Perlow. 


KAPPA ALPHA \\V-Front Row: P. Geraci, Faculty Adviser; N. 
Rinnyold, Pres.; R, Sybrant, \'. Pres,; J. Graham. Back Row: J 
Wood, J. Purnell, C. Morse, J. Wood, M Rossoff, S. Groer, N. Hall, 
W. Clark. 

KAPPA ALPHA MU is the national honorary 
in photojournalism and the student affilate 
of the national press photographers associa- 

KAPPA TAU ALPHA- Fronf Row: D. McGee, S. Draut, M. Rich- 
ardson. Back Row: B. Noall, Adviser; L. Rock, P. Geraci, Lecturer. 

Kappa Tau Alpha 

KAPPA TAU ALPHA recognizes and pro- 
motes scholarship in the field of journalism. 

Kappa Delta Pi 

KAPPA DELTA PI, the College of Education honorary, pledges 
to uphold the standards and ethics of education and to encourage 
excellence in all academic fields. 

Omicron Nu 

OMICRON NU, a Home Economics honorary, promotes scholar- 
ship, leadership, research, and international understanding in 
the field of home economics. 

OMICRON NU-Front Row: J. Weaver, V.P., S. Rovinson, Pres., 
T. Barron. Second Row: P. Floyd, S. Greiner, S. Sanzo, F. Polinj;. 


• >' JHJk ^ 





^ J 

^^^-. ^g^mmm 



■ jiA*i 



-.Ji ■B''' 







S^^^SP" ^i 









Phi Chi 

PHI CHI THETA-Fwnt Row: J Piitcli.ird, S, Tapsciitt, L. Zollo. Second Row: S. Barnes, M. 
Wester, L. C;hitty, K. Kane, D. Kirclienbauer. Back Row: J. Bander, M. Martin, C. Kemp. 

PHI CHI THETA, the busi- 
ness women's professional 
fraternity, promotes higher 
education and training for 
all women in business. 

PHI MU ALPHA-Fronf Row: P. Prather, N. Sullivan, T. Jackson, P. Johns. Second Row: C. Moore, R. Berlin, C. Slnnitt, K, Warren 

Phi Mu Alpha 

PHI MU ALPHA, the music fraternity, works for the advancement of music and the brotherhood 
of music students. 

PI ALPH.A \l-Front Row: D. Doll, R. Wootton, \\ . Noble, L. Everett. Second Row: T. Mac- 
Cnl)l)in, H. Rohitaille, R. Cloklman, L. Rose. Back Row: K. Barker, J, Swasey. 

Pi Alpha 

PI ALPHA XI, a honorary 
professional fraternity in 
floriculture, promotes high 
scholarship and good Icl- 
lowship among its mem- 

PI TAU SIGMA-Fron< Row: L. Motter, B. Sanders, M. Bayne, VV. 
Sell, W. Leasure, E. Hemhy, B. Rickaid. Second Row: J. Beard, 
R. Para, R. Webb, J. Schaible, J. Watson, C. C;ooper, L. Masters. 

Back Row: E. DeWitt, C. VVobbekinj;, R. Jensen, J. Hemingway, 
J. Sonierville, D. Koutek, F. Wilkins, R. Whitney. 

Pi Tau Sigma 

PI TAU SIGMA, the National Mechanical Engineering Honorary, recognizes outstanding 
mechanical engineering students by their academic or practical achievements. 

Sigma Alpha Eta 

SIGMA ALPHA ETA is an organization comprised of persons interested in the field of Speech 
Pathology and Audiology. 

SIGMA ALPHA ETA-Front Row: M. Settler, S. Bubert, J. Brewer, 
C. Taylor, J. Hurvitz. Second Row: D. Sponsler, K. Tidin, J. Ross, 

M. Schunian, M. Scherr. Back Row: S. Toney, W. Klotznian, L. 
Ldiiuee, K. Scott, P. Cinibel, A. Mahaffy. 


SICMA ALPHA lOTA-Front Row: M. Jones, M. KkiTiiaii, \'.P., P. Ritt, C:i)n. Sec, M. Blaek, 
eliiiplaiii. Second Row: L. Stouffer, E. RuljeTistein, S, Oliver, C^ I'etersciii. Third Row: P. Maniiii, 
C). Estes, R. Searles, R. Capet. 




professional fraternity 
based on musical ability 
and achievements. 




The honorary for outstand- 
ing students in microbiol- 
CRON, promotes fellow- 
ship and stimulates inter- 
est in scientific research. 

K. Sarlin, treas., K. Theil, \.P., S. Speiiee, 
Sec. Second Row: M. Nejjjaard, J. Closers, 
A Holian, P. Green. Third Row: K. Taylor, 
j. McCarthy, M. Merber, P. KinK, J. Sav- 
age, J. Nyhan. 

Sigma Tau 

and honors women of outstanding 
leadership in the Women's Recreation 

SIC;MA tau epsilon -Fronf Row: A. Ulman, Pros., 
E. Kesler, Adv., K. Smith, Sec. -Treas. Second Row: L. 
Kassalow, M. Kernan, C. SalziiiaTi. Ruck Rotv: P. Zirnnier- 
man, C Tavlor. 


TAU BETA P\-Front Row: J. Kenney, R, Fink, T. Paintui, \V. 
Koontz, Treas., J. Lieb, \'.P., J. Cnipi, Pres., L. Thompson, C'ori. 
Sec, J. Williams, Rec. Sec, J. Rumbaunh, Adv., L. Lano, F. Pascoe, 
R. Reidler. Second Row: R. Welch, L. Anitmann, S. Byid, H. Solo- 
mon, J. Beard, J. Somerville, R. Jensen, W. Leasure, R. Whitney, E. 

Hemby, A. Fraga, G. Hokenson. Third Row: E. DeWitt, B. Sanders, 
L. Markle, E. Huang, S. Bacon, R. Bell, S. Pendergast, W. Taylor, 
M. Minnich, L. Masters, B. Rickard, R. Munsoii. Back Row: A. 
Schwartz, J. Grams, T. Kirchner, H. Rode, J. Hurt, J. Rouse, R. 
Mauck, C. Okikiade, I. Levin, V. Novak, I. Stamberg, L. Jernigan. 

Tau Beta Pi 

TAU BETA PI, a national engineering honor society, was founded to mark those who have 
achieved honor by distinguished scholarship and exemplary character. 

Tau Beta Sigma 

TAU BETA SIGMA is an honorary sorority for the women in the University of Maryland bands. 

TAU BETA SIGMA -Fronf Row: L. Davis, Treas., V. Counts, Sec, 
D, Merr\iiian, Pres., D. Shnider, \'.P., L. Williams, Sergeant-At- 

Arms. Second Row: S. Russ, C. Chiville, B. Hawkins, C. Birely, B. 



I L- 



\.P.; D. Cliurchey, Pres.; \V. Phillips, \.P.; \V. Holland, Set-.-Treas. 

Economic Club 


promotes interest in study of agricultural 
economics and supplements class studies in 
the subject. 

Agricultural Student Council 

The AGRICULTURAL STUDENT COUNCIL coordinates the activities of the various clubs 
and organizations of the College of Agriculture. 

Laiider. Sec , R Wiley, Treas., D. Miller, Pres., J Rinehart, \'.P., 

J. Carr, Editor. Second Row: W. Seiders, E. Hawkwe, W. Wa^s- 
dale, R. Downin«, R. Card, B. Dehnam,C. Huff. 

Agronomy Club 

A(;R()\()MV Cl.VH-Fnint Row: E Ketel, H. Jeffries, Treas.. M. 
Stipheiisoii, Sec. B. Coffman, Pres., B Seliueider, \' P. Second 

The AGRONOMY CLUB furthers the inter- 
est and activities of students in crop and soil 

Row: ('■ Broun, J Doran, R. Coii)iiisk>, J. Seol.ik. Third Riur: C. 
Scliii.ippiiiizer, .XiK .; E., Adv.. C Kres^e, Adv.; W. Ray. 




CIETY is composed of students in- 
terested in Chemistry and rehited 

AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOC:iETV-Fro»f Row: M. Miller, Sec; J. l.ephaiclt. 
Pies.; T. Marks, \' P., H. Debres. Second Row: J. Hart«e, R. Bloomtield. K. Kr.mier. 


in the aerospace field. 

Row: G. Hokenson, A. Martucci, Sec, G. Cannon, Pres., J. Williams, \'.P., J. Cole, 
Treas. Second Row: R. Weinrauh, D. Hall, \'. Wolnski, T. Kotras, J. Paff, J. Greeson. 
Third Row: D. Sherman, P. Waltrup, J. Tafjle, R. Kedzierske, A. Simanis. Fourth 
Roic: |. TalcDtt, S. Norton, P. Perry, J. Hoelzer, S. Taylor. 


Front Row: E. Liebei, Tieas., T. Kiixlinei, \ .P., R. Engel, Sec, 
M. Boyd, Pres., J. Levin, Con. Sec, W. CAinniiiKliani. Second Row: 

R. Miinson, J. IJansa, R. Feldwick, A. Seliwaitz, J. Hastiii«s, D. 
Merchant. Third Row: J. Grams, G. ,Mo.\on, M Potter, C Kini;, F. 
Coale, E. Aniey, R. Thomas. 

American Institute of Chemical 


ICAL ENGINEERS is a professional society 
which brings guest speakers to the campus 
and conducts phuit trips to local chemical 

Society of 


GINEERS encourages the enrichment of the 
civil engineering curriculum and the es- 
tablishment of future professional contacts 
and assoc-iations in their field. 

Collison, R. Stepp, C:. Gihiiore, J. Henderson, C;. \'au,i.;hn, L, Dick- 
inson, R. Strachan, Treas., \V. Hammond, Sec, A. Recacliinas, Pres., 
S. Stahl, \'.P., J. Pnmphrey, R. Sheer, pul)licity chairman, R. Gor- 
don, |. Barrie, Pnbhcit\ Chairman, R. Mannion, Mascot. Second 


GINEERS -Froiif Row: R Geisler, Sec, B. Cohen, \.P., G. Mer- 
rill, Adv., E. BliibauKli, J. Liietkemeyer, Adv., L. G. Zindel, V.P., 

R. Stralin, Treas. Second Row: R. Loy, O. Greul, J. Wharton, J. 
Gill, |. Shipley, S. Vahlonski Third Row: C. Kuhne, R. 
B. Milk, K. Rodda. 

American Society of Tool and 
Manufacturing Engineers 

sional society to help increase knowledge of tool and manufacturing techniques. 

Row: G. Snyder, M. Sfahl, K. Spates, M. Sniariya, L. Tippernian, R. 
Berner, H. VonBendorff, G. Schoenfeld, C. Okikiade, T. Shepard, 
A. Bistrain, A. Azhdani, D. Kelley, R. Lamb. Third Row: J. Don- 
nelly, A. Jernigan, M. Steer, S. Weissbern, F. Springer, H. Wellens, 
G. Berts, J. Staniberg, J. Bembe, R. Trout, G. Mehibauni, F. Car- 

penter, I. Burge.s.s, R. FKnn. Fourth Row: R. Robins, E. Doyle, B. 
Insawyer, A. Sartwell, K. O'Day, J. Thomas, A. Urbas, R. Milbourne, 
C. Soellers, F. Jones, J. Thompson, L. Fanlick, R. Rice. Fifth Row: 
S. Hagis, C. Gilmare. R. Speight, D. Hayes, A. C^apizza, A. Tang, M. 
Kornblit, .M. Levin, R. Trachtenberg, R. Rea. 




AgUALIXER CLVB-Fwnt Row: D. Binks, S. Phillips, D. Aiiltz, 
Pres., J. Wechsler, S. Sklar, J. Martin, P. Savior. Second Row: 
J, CriiTulljorn, S. Wynne, S. Weclislei, K. Henry, P. Ballentine, B. 

Tahinski. Third Row: B. Miller, J. Wilson, 1. Lowenstein, P. Gib- 
son, A. Hardnian, M. Gemmell, C. Day. Not Pictured: J. Hendrick- 
son, K. Kells, J. Kreanier. 

Aqualiner Club 

The AQUALINERS develops aquatic skills and presents a yearly synchronized swimming show. 

Block and Bridle — Dairy Science 

The BLOCK AND BRIDLE-DAIRY SCIENCE CLUB promotes closer relationships between 
the students and the professional field of dairy-animal science. 

BLOCK A.\D BRIDLE-UAIRV SCIE.NCE -Fronf fiott. J. \ anilez- 
sall. Adv.; W. Seiders, M. Brown, Sec. Treas.; J. Rinehart, Pres. 
Second Row: C. Huff, V.P.; R. Deiauder, D Miller 






/.. j^ 



CALNERT DEBATE -Fron( Row: G, Smith, L. Fussell, S. L. 
Pender, Pies., M. EaHiin, \'.P., T. Warner, Sec, A. Oliver. Second 

Row: L. Algaze, B. Williamson, E. Abbott, P. Lunga, E. DeMatteis 
J. Berknian, R. Booze. 

Calvert Debate 

The CALVERT DEBATE SOCIETY represents the University in inter-collegiate Debate 

Collegiate 4H 

The COLLEGIATE 4-H CLUB maintains interest in 4-H club work and activities on the Mary- 
land campus. 

COLLEGIATE ■i-H-Fwnt Row: J. Martin, M. Brown, H. Morgan, 
Treas., C. Breck, Pre.s., |. Bladen, \'.P., E. Hawker, D. Grove, Sec, 
C. Ebel, C. Conawa\, Adv. Second Row: C. Huff, J. Hoffman, M. M. 

Smith, S. Adams, R. Voorhees, S. Whipp, R. Delauder, M. Hahn, D. 
Ahalt. Third Rotv: C. Streaker, T. Stranton, P. Atkins, J. Payne, B. 
Hahn, J. A. King, S. Jones, J. Rabison, L. Bladen. 


v^. Jr . J_j. v_>. 


encourages purposeful ed- 
ucation of teachers of ex- 
ceptional children. 

COUNCIL FOR EXCEPTIONAL CHILDREN -Fronf Row: M. Wilson, \ .P., J. Ritz, Pres., H. 
Schlesinsjer, Treas., M. Cleary, Pro>rrani, G. Beckham, Sec. Second Row: I. Sinsky, R. Miller, C. 
Hardin, E. Gorman, Publicity Chairman. 

Economics Discussion 

The ECONOMIC DISCUSSION CLUB discusses topics of an economic nature and sponsors 
speakers to lecture on various aspects of economics. 

ECONOMICS DISCl'SSI()N-Fr(i(i( Row: J. Hialy, E. Kmladinicli, A. Griincy, Adv., M. Stein, Pre.s., J. A. Valaini.s, Sec.-Treas,, R. Warner, Jr. 


CLUB teaches and pro- 
motes the art of fencing. 

FENCING CLUB-Fr»ii( Row: C. 
Walker, J. Horlick, Pres., G. Halde- 
nian, Sec.-Treas., J. Haldenian, \'.P. 
Second Row: B. Springer, S. Sliiimak- 
er, A. Slottleniyer, R Jaiuowitz. 

'Jt 4 



FREE STATE-Front Row: S. Sydney, Convention Chrm., C. Can, 
Historian, L. Hamilton, Corr. Sec, J. Barron, V.P., P. Savanuck, 
Pres., C. Debuskey, V.P., B. Evans, Rec. Sec, B. Barkley, Treas., 
D. Dye, party whip, A. Goldberg, Parliamentarian. Second Row: 

J. Carter, D. Browne, J. Munk, J, Orban, M. Mitchell, C. Orban, L. 
Eagley, C. Chung, G. Tand. Third Row: L. Loujiee, L. Ostrowsky, 
T. Kyan, K. Palmer, S. Cromer, J. Littnian, C. VVeiner, T. Levin, T. 
Winer. Fourth Row: R. Shafer, J. Sisson, L. Seabolt. 

Free State 

The FREE STATE PARTY is a political organization dedicated to the election of qualified 
people to the S.G.A. 

FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA-Fronf Row: B. Stewart, Adv., \V. Gordon, Treas., C. Huff, 
Pres., R. Peterson, V.P., R. DeLauder, Sec Second Row: T. Stanton, B. Debnam, C. Cramer, D. 
Miller. Third Row: Smitley, H. Burns, C. Grove, R. Measell, L. Jarrett. 


AMERICA develops 
leadership, citizenship, 
and cooperation for pro- 
spective teachers of voca- 
tional agriculture. 



KANA TROUPE is an or^^anization foster- 
ing gymnastics throughout the state and 
surrounding communities. 

^^^^^^^^^^ ' i^^^^^^^^F ' v^^^^l 

jH r J^ 

B^ i^^^^Hr 'I 

^^9 ' 









■ / M/.^ \ 


OaL' ^I'^fffi 


GYMKANA-Fron< Roxu. J. M.iitin, A. Stieil), J. Boniu-i, P. Viikely, 
sec; C. Patterson, Treas.; G. Kramer, J. Murray, Pres.; J. Snyder, 
\'.P.; D. Zier, C, Hoehl, S, Holtan, D. Glenn, P. Harmsen, Second 
Row: A. Holtan, H. Brunditk, C Toiila, R. Cole, A. Crowther, N. 





trips to private and government laboratories 
and invites speakers to lecture on current 
electrical engineering technology. 

IEEE-Front Row: T. Conroy, E. Qiiinn, R. Fink, L. Potter, R. 
Stokken, H. Laflamme, Secy., R. Welch, \'. Chairman, S. Bacon, 
Chairman, H. \V. Price, Faculty Adviser, E. Zsuffa, Treas., D. Bol- 
linger, Program Chairman, E. Huans, W. Tate. Second Rote: J. 


Olson, P. Peridier, P. Siskirul, H. Ht-iulf rson, S. Caiiiiiion, M. \'a- 
den, M. Flynii, R. (loldschmiot. Third Row: R. Backus, M. Comber- 
iate, P. Howe, D. Morse, B. Hillinaii, J. Crier, E. Harne, R. Rohey, 

R ZieK, S. Jarvis, J. Tanner, D. Zeisel, R. Braee\, D. Buttman. 
Fourth Row: R. Rliinehart, J, Her^et, B. Sherley, M. Friedel, J. 
C^innon, H. CJordon. 

Malloner, J. D. Frew, D. Middlekauff, R. Curtis, P. Ward, D. Jones, 
D. Heinbuth, D. Catterson, R. Bendelac, T. Tate, J. Baker, R Hill, 
H. Sanders. Third Row: M. Patrick, S. Wolfe, R. LeSage, E. Mat- 
thews, C. Molino, C:. Keeney, V. Chuanji, T. Wheeler, R. Baldauf, E. 

Meyer, R. Bushnell, R. Miller, S. Tropea. Back Row: E. Parsons, 
|. Sabet, C. Andrews, A. Bulawka, J. E. Kaechele, \V, Hanier, R. 
A. Ewinn, R. Bell. 

Sift i I f 


^ \^ fKj" Y ^ -]» g 



INTERNATIONAL CLVB-Front Row: R. Niilenui^i, P. Burney, 
Tieas.; R. Tories, \'.P.; M. PeKahi, Am Chen, Pres.; S. Pitt, M. 
\'iner, S. Lindsey, M. Rojas, Sec. Second Row: (). Koleade, J. 

Wlasco, Dimitri, V. Blanco, J. Toro, C. Okikiade, R. Huriaux. 
Third Row: P. Pinzon, Jr., J. Pena-Solano, Y. Sonisino, C. Lerner, 
E. Chalom, M. Hinote, P. Warfield. 

International Club 

THE INTERNATIONAL CLUB sponsors social and cultural gatherings of foreign students and 
students from the U.S.A. At these socials, which provide a gathering place for foreign students, 
customs of particular countries are presented to the entire club. 

Louisa Parsons Nursing Club 

FELLOWSHIP among nursing students on this campus can be found in the LOUISA PARSON'S 
NURSING CLUB. Young women in the nursing field learn to grow professionally and culturally 
through the many activities this club plans. 

Fahrney, L. Jaejier, A. CInnnett, N. Schmidt, I.. Scott. Second Row: 
C. Miller, N. Adams, C. Byrd, V Dimums, M Yukon, R Davis. 


TIOK-Front Row: K. Zucker, \'.P.; C. \';inDyke, Treas.; P. Haini- 
sen, C. Harris, Pres.; NL Broadwater, Sec; M. Eclhmcl. Second Row: 

M. Wilderson, L. Davis, L. Allen, C. Maddox, P. Siskind, R, Hoff- 
man, (;. Castrovillo. 

RE. Majors Club 

THE MAJORS CLUB serves to stimulate a wider and more professional interest in physical ed- 
ucation, recreation and health. 

National Society of Interior Design 

interior decorating upon recommendation by the faculty sponsor. The purpose of this organiza- 
tion is to gain an insight into the professional aspects of interior design. 

\Vea\er, Sec; J. Hawicins, \.P.; K. Stewart, Adv.; B. White, Pres., 
A. Jones, S. Connelly, H. Orthner, Treas. Second Row: N. C:rowther, 

C. Cooke, L. MaKiii, R. Hi^Hins R. Sachs, C, Jones. Third Row. 
I. A. Barron, J. CInne, J. Davis, S. McNinth, L. Walsh. 


M Club 

Maryland athletes who have earned the ritfht 
to wear a varsity letter are honored by mem- 
bership in the Varsity M Club. This club 
gives University athletes an opportunity to 
discuss ideas and plan programs for the bet- 
terment of the University's athletic program. 

M CLUB-Froii/ Roiv: J. Bickley, N. Gibson, H. McCaslin, Tieiis., 
G. Stem, Sec, C^. Harris, Publicity, E. Lampe, Pres., D. Wann, 
Social Ghairnian, D. Smith, Sarneant-At-Arms, H. Nonnenberu, D. 
Kliimcniiaii, B, Springer. Second Row: S. Cold, B. Williams. V. 

OLD lANK-Frout Rote: S, Rosciicraiice, Sec, A. Parker, Pres., B. Dulmoff Second Row: 
P Patterson, \'.P , K Stiles, \' P 

Old Line 

As one of the major political 
parties on campus the OLD 
presents a slate of officers who 
represent all the factions of 
the student body. 

PKOPLE TO I'KOPl.K -FroNf Row: A. Ulnian, Trcas., C. Ceclarland, Sec, P. Micliacl, 
Pres., B. .\iMiiienii.iM. \'.P. Second Row: P. Kdw.irds, F. (iatcliell, S. Andersen, T Deniiiin, 
B. Graham 



In the words of its founder. 
President Eisenhower, "I'EO- 
PLE TO PEOPLE is a vol- 
untar\' elfortofprix ate citizens 
to hnther the cause ol inter- 
national frii-ndship." 


Kowzun, W. (iodwiii, C. Koestei, G. Boxer, J. Williams, B. Phillips, 
J. Minniiifjer, P. Denkevitz, L. Hendershot. Third Row: B. Beatty, 
J. Weclisler, M. Loii^;, C. Sole, T. Nawrocki, T. Finley, B. Frost, 

S. Jolmson, E. Hearon, R. (lelaiul. Fourth Row: C. Miildleton, B. 
Dranninis, B. Sclirefzka, F, C^ostello, M. Thomas, R. White, M. Mat- 
thews,]. Harrinjiton, R. Dull. 

Pharmacy Club 

The PHARMACY CLUB was founded to enlighten the Pharmacy student to the many career 
opportunities in the field of pharmacy. 

PH,\RMACV CLUB-Fr()»i( Row: V. Farkas, A. Riley, J. Stires, K. 
Luiiz, Sec-.; D. Flojikins, W. Aleorii, Jr., Treas.; D. Spri^ns, (i. 

Hokleter. Second Row: G. Homie, D. Snoops, M. Le\ i, D. Klei 
D. Seher, J. Hunt, P. Firth, C. Lawrence. 



PHYSICAL THERAPY CLVB-Front Row: C. Beiullieiin, E. K.ipl.m, Pies.; J. Scanlon, Sec., 
M. Kaiserski, A. Thomas. Second Row: D. Harper, R. Blair, J. (Kililstein, J. McElroy, K. Nissley. 

Through service projects, 
presentation of various 
speakers, and a recruit- 
ment proj.?ram, members of 
CLUB gain knowledge and 
experience in their chosen 

Physics Club 

The PHYSICS CLUB was established to create an effective means of communication between 
undergraduate students in Physics and the current work being done in the field of Physics. 

PHYSICS CLl'h-Front Row: C. Alley, Adv., B Reiiiiex, Pres., E. Talbert, \.P., Treas., M. Nu.s- 
inov. Sec., F. Cecil, Chaplin. Second Row: J. Niemeyer, U. Twitty, S Killioii, T Brown, E. 


The purpose of the UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND PRE-DENT SOCIETY is to assist Pre-Dent 
students to become knowledgable in the field of Dentistry and to aid them when applying to 
Dental school. 

PRE 1)E\T-Fmri( Row: .\I Xachman, M. Aronson, W. Kleid, J, Davidson, J. Dress, F. Daniico, 
A. Le\y Second Row: M S. Ashman, C:. Sneidennan, J. Coviello, M. Blicher, W. 
C:()<)k, K. Sitzamer. Third Row: R. Mali.dfy, I. C.rose, \. Kaplis, L. Kaplan. 

RECREATION CLVB -Front Row: D. Boyer, S. Welsh, Sec, J. 
Churchill, Adv., K. O'Brien, Pres., C. Harris, \ .P., G. Wells. Second 

Row: E. Temple, M. Hinote, M. Wilkerson, C. Maddox, W. \titchess, 

N. Gustafson, R. Hoylund. 

Recreation Club 

The UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND RECREATION SOCIETY, a professional service organiza- 
tion, promotes leadershi-p and service in the field of park and recreational services. 

Pre-Med Society 

The PRE-MEDICAL SOCIETY aids in promoting a better relationship between Pre-medical 
students and in giving them insight into the true nature of the medical profession. 

PRE-MED SOCIETV-Fron( Row: D. Greul, M. Weiss, V.P., J. 
McCarthy, Pres., L. Shapritz, Treas. Second Row: M. Goldstein, W. 
Cree^an, E. K. Mlandinich, J. Rogers, R. Sarlin, K. V\'eiss Third 

Row: C. Day, R. Staubly, M. Kamoroff, J. Jarels, M. Dodd, S. Ayapis, 

P0LITK:AL science -Froii( Ron: B Murik, Treas., A. Terl, Pres., R. 
WeisMiiaii, Sec. Second Row: D. Hollinysvvortli, C. R. Tariitis, C;. Debiiskey, 
A. Silverstroin. 



was formed as a medium to communi- 
cate political attitudes and ideas to the 
student body. 

Ski Club 

The SKI CLUB, one of the festest growing groups on campus, offers its members films, lectures 
and demonstrations on the techniques and equipment of skiing at weekly meetings. 

SKI CLUB-Fronf Row: J Spiniur, I.. Powers, L. Nathaiison, J. 
Policy, L. Lawry, J. Swab, S. Doljay, S. Douylierty, T. Warner, M. 
Litwin. Second Row: S. Pawlink, G. Foster, J. Wakler, P. Huhn, R. 
Capellelo, C. Enule. R. Burcli, R. Baker, G. Phipps, P. Simmons, R. 

Tully. Third Row: S. Clark, D. Drehmel, G. Jackson, H. Stinefelt, 
R. Myers, J. White, J. Ritzniarr, C. Sachs Jr., R. Crooks, J. Florin, 
.•\. Kiilweil. Fourth Row: P. Shepard, L. Slagle, S. Ekrem, L. Sch- 
weer, S. Schultz, B. Zeiiler, K. Steer, K. Smith, P. Selhy, M. Boskin. 


Front Row: R. Jaft'e, R. Shipley, P. Stanley, Sec, A, Aliimithy, \'.P., 
B. Cohen, Pies., Dr. C. Spivey, Adv., E. Blubanyht, J. Courtis, Treas., 
D. Rowle\ . Second Row: M. Browne, R Florida, R. Frazzano, L. 
Zindel, P' Boone, R. Hafford, L., R. Sarlin, R. Povenz, D. 

Pawlak, K. Sherman, L. Pearl. Third Row: E. Willey, B. Arret, F. 
Knapp, R. Wood, G. Hif;«in.s, T. Morris, B. Winn, I. Karlinsky, N. 
Palmer, E. Lyon, G. Nichols, J. Calisto. Fourth Row: D. (loettee, 
R. Baxter, G. Bnrrouylis, C;. McCain, G. Oliver, D. NenKel,.|. Kinn, 
J. Campbell, S. Yovanov, D. Mahaffey. 

Society for the Advancement 
of Management 

The SOCIETY FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF MANAGEMENT is a professional organiza- 
tion which presents frequent lectures by outstanding speakers in the field of management and 
conducts tours to nearby industrial plants. 

Society of American Mechanical 


Engineering students or members of federal military training units at colleges or universities are 
eligible for admission to the SOCIETY OF AMERICAN MILITARY ENGINEERS. 

Row: A. Plitt, R. Freemire, V.P., R. Eldrid«e, Pres., M. Leihelson, 

Treas.; B. Ferrill. Second Row: M. Martin, D. Webb, S. Beitsch, P. 
Matthews, F. Arbofiast, T. Michalek. 


Coax, R. Toth, Secy.; \V. Clark, Pres.; G. Piiebe, V.P.; J. O'Neill, 
Tieas.; R. Tiapp W. Doyle. Second Row: J. Sharry, R. Alston, R. 

Zinimernian, E. Radtoid, O. Bittinger. Back Row: K. Totli, J. Han- 
cher, D. Pieelioeki, S. Kimble, D. Decker, J. Craeford. 

Society of Fire Protection Engineers 

The University of Maryland Chapter of the SOCIETY OF FIRE PROTECTION ENGINEERS, 
one of the two student chapters in the United States, promotes the role of science and engineer- 
ing in fire protection. 

Student N.E.A. 

The STUDENT NATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION is the pre-professional organiza- 
tion for students who plan to enter the field of teaching. 

STUDENT N.E.A. -Fron( Row: T Levin, B. Blonder, Sec, M. 
Haher, Pres., C. Davis, State Pres., N. Daly, P. Forte, N. Coulter. 
Second Row: M Boskin, J. Monfried, M. Basen, R. Polovoy, J. 

Sharp, S. Ekreni Third Row: J. Ritz, C. Hardin, E. Gorman, S. 
Leventlial, R. Natoli, B Masfon. 


T" ■*] 


\ I 





m' ^ /».• 



TRAIL CLUB-Front Rove: U. Schloss, J. Rones, \V. Taylor, R. 
Blumberg, pies., K. Enf^ler, A. Bush, M. Cohn. Second Row: S. 

Platkiii, A. Kidwell, S. CJordon, D. Kaifer, N. Adams, L. Doggs, G. 
Schaffer, B. Reinimith. Third Row: E. Norman. 

Trail Club 

The purpose of the TERRAPIN TRAIL CLUB is to bring together people with an active interest 
in ourdoor activities such as canoeing, hiking, spelunking, rock climbing, and camping. 

Veterans Club 

The VETERANS' CLUB is a social and service group which stresses friendship and service. 

VETERAN'S CLVB- Front Row: D Duffy, R. Ba.xter, C. Christen- 
son, W.\Vagner,\'.P.; E. Radford, Sec; \V. Witliee, Pres.; A. Bertaux, 
Treas.; (". Frost, T. Billups, G. Nithols, R. Grane. Second Row: 

J. Renshaw, R. Blair, N. Saarinen, F. Dalton, G. Negron, J. Browne, 
J. Pino, J. Monaco, D. Bartilson, R. Williamson, J. Kramer, D. 


VET SCIENCE CLUB-Fron( Row: R. Downing, R. Card, A. 
Severtsen, S. Chadwick, ]. Hottiiian, M. RadebauKh. Second Row: 

S. Berry, C;. Raiiipacek, (;. Soniiiiers, M. Heck, L. Platshon, D. 

Vet Science Club 

The VETERINARY SCIENCE CLUB was founded to acclimate pre-veterinary students as to 
the various fields of veterinary medicine. 

Women's Press Club 

The WOMEN'S PRESS CLUB composed of journalism and communications majors is a prepeti 
tioning group for the Theta Sigma Phi Women's Journalism fiaternity. 

WOMEN'S PHESS- Front Row: S Draiif, V.P, K. Williams, Treas., 
M. M.iNTiartl, Set., E. Burke, Pres., M Kayne, Sec. Second Row: A. 
Groer, S. Cohen, L. Parre.sol, M. Richardson, J Fuchs, L Mat- 

thews, S Kehoe. Third Row: S Singleton, A. McLaughlin, A. 
Zouck, F. Leilich, J Wolpert, M. Solomon, .M. Kuhn, M. De.Mat- 


£ # 

YOUNG DEMOCRATS -Fronf Row: C. Delniskey, J. Wiltbank, 
V.P.; J. C. Katz, Pres.; L. Kitschik, Treas.; D. Ellison, Sec; A. Terl. 
Second Row: P. Kolstroni, S. C. MacDonald, J. Diaper, J. Mudd, N. 
Warren, H. Grove, S. Braiterman. Third Row: G. Fleming, K. Com- 

mander, R. O'Connell, S. J. Taylor, L. J. Platshon, M. Lawrence, J. 
Lindley. Fourth Row: D. Borinsky, VSS.; C. Tamres, L. Pearl, P. 
Peters, D. Tepper, B. Murik, G. R. Taratis. 

Young Democrats 

YOUNG DEMOCRATS CLUB was organized locally in 1920 to foster interest in politics and the 
democratic process. 

Young Republicans 

The YOUNG REPUBLICANS is a work force which has helped organize SLAP-VC and pub- 
lishes a newsletter for its membership. 

YOUNG REPUBLICANS -FroiifRou). M. Peebles, Pres, T. Aaron, 
\'.P., L. Bashoor, \ .P., K. Petraitis, Corr. Sec. Second Row: T. Hie- 
ber, A. Gaddis, S. Kent, D. Winter, S. Johnson. 


Aerospace Studies 

"Every citizen who enjoys the protection 
of a free government, owes not only a 
proportion of his property, but even of 

his personal services to the defense of it" 

George Washington 

Veteran Guidance 

MARYLAND'S Professor of 
Aerospace Studies is Col- 
onel Vernon H. Reeves. Colonel 
Reeves is a career Air Force Of- 
ficer, command pilot and educa- 

During World War II, Colonel 
Reeves was a B-17 pilot. He was 
assigned to Hickam Field in De- 
cember, 1941. After the attack 
on Pearl Harbor, he flew subma- 
rine reconnaissance missions. He 
later flew reconnaissance mis- 
sions over Guadalcanal prior to 
the U.S. invasion. 

The Colonel piloted the first 
American bomber in air opera- 
tions against the Japanese in the 
Battle of the Bismark Sea. During 
the course of the battle, his air- 
craft sustained serious damage, 
and every member of the crew, in- 
cluding Colonel Reeves was in- 
jured. With skill and courage in 
the highest tradition of the Air 
Force, he brought the aircraft back 
to its base. 

Colonel Reeves has continued 
his distinguished service since 
World War II in several assign- 

Looking back on Colonel 
Reeves' educational background, 
he received a Bachelor of Arts 
degree in education from Arizona 
State College, and received his 
Master of Arts degree from Co- 
lumbia University. Since that 
time he has attended several Air 
Force schools, among them the 
Air Force Air Command School 
and the Staff School. 

Both the men of the ROTC pro- 
gram and all the students at the 
University salute Colonel Reeves. 
It is men such as he, in combina- 
tion with his outstanding and 
qualified staff, who so effectively 
instruct Maryland cadets who are 
ftiture Air Force officers. 




C/Col Robert W. Smith 
Executive Officer 

C/Col Rix M. Mills 
Operations Staff Officer 

C/Lt Col William B. Mera 
Personnel Staff Officer 

C/Lt Col Albert J. Snyder 
Administrative Staff Officer 

C/Lt Col Joseph B. York 

C/Lt Col William B. Howarth 
Supply Staff Officer 

C/Lt Col Harris R. Wilburn 
Acct & Finance Staff Officer 

C/Lt Col Carl A. Dalton 
Information Staff Officer 

C/Lt Col Claude S. Morse 
Security & 
Law Enforcement Officer 

C/Lt Col Daniel O. Pine 



C/Col Rix M. Mills 
Executive Officer 

C/Col Albert J. Snyder 
Special Assistant 

C/Col Joseph B. York 
Operations Staff Officer 

C/Lt Col Richard B. Fowler II 
Personnel Staff Officer 

C/Lt Col Romeo S. Arengo 
Administrative Staff Officer 

C/Lt Col Harold B. Caplinger 

C/Lt Col Frank N. Shapira 
Supply Staff Officer 

C/Maj James L. Yarrison 
AccT. & Finance Staff Officer 

C/Lt Col Craig M. Kirkpatrick 
Information Staff Officer 

C/Maj George P. Parton 
Security & Law Enforcement 


C/Maj Robert T. Elsberry 

C/Col Rix M. Mills, Cadet Wing Commander of the Spring 1966 
staff and Executive Officer of the Fall 1965 Staff. 

CICol Robert W. Smith, Cadet Wing Commander of the Fall 1965 

CICol Albert J. Snyder, Cadet Wing Executive Officer of the Spring 
1966 staff 





WHEN A student becomes a Cadet he is starting on 
a four year journey to become an Air Force 
officer. This is the first year that AFROTC has been 
voluntary at Maryland and the results have been sur- 
prising. Over a thousand students signed up in the 
fall. But all of these will not become Air Force of- 
ficers as some will decide on other careers. 

The cadets, from the first day they draw a uni- 
form to the day they become a cadet officer, undergo 
an indoctrination program which trains them to func- 
tion as leaders. 


Field Training 

^<:tT 7ELCOME TO field training-the Air 

V V Force version of perpetual motion. 

Forget the idyllic life of the campus, 
mister, we're going to turn you flabby col- 
legians into dynamic, forceful leaders of 
the aerospace team. You'll rise before the 
sun, fall in, and run a couple of miles just 
to work up an appetite. 

After morning drill comes classes — 
classes you can't cut or sleep through. 

You can relax with a fast game of soft- 
ball, and we'll even take you on a few flights, 
just so you can get the feel of it. 

It's a rough life, but you'll love every min- 
ute of it — won't you mister?" 



. '^. 



'^'^^''"■■'- .-L 

i \ 

Cadets training in staff administration. 

WHEN AN AFROTC cadet reaches 
his senior year, he is ready to 
hold a staff position. By this time he 
has completed field training and is 
ready for an office position. Qualifiers 
may also earn their private pilot's 
license under a flight indoctrination 
program. At graduation the cadet be- 
comes a 2nd lieutenant in the United 
States Air Force. 

New Officers receive their commission. 

ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY -Front Row: W. Loring, Chaplain; R. Fowler, Comptroller; R. Carr, Cdr.; D. Pyne, Exec; E. McGuirk, Admin. 
Officer; R. Lazarus, Ops. Officer; C. Morse, Info. Officer. Back Row: T. Ramick, E. Nievies, R. Arengo, J. Riiz, P. Patterson, J. Harling, H. 
Dorney, H. Caplinger, H. Pein, W. Mera, G. Smith, A. Michaels, E. Magee, J. Blanch, H. Willburn. 


PERSHING RIFLES-Frorif Row: W. Kirkpatiick, P. CluiRliill, 
Exec; P. Kalec, J. Varrison, C-dr.; G. Smith, T. Blakeney. Second 
Row: T. Purtlin, J. Sonneborn, H. Crawford, D. Skillman, R. Rivers, 

R. Lane, D. Drye, R. Gore. Back Row: F. Sackett, J. Mundy, T. 
Dowegan, P. Prout, S. Gunter, B. Bauer, T. \'aughn, L. Watson. 

Pershing Rifles 
Angel Flight 

ANGEL FLIGHT — Front Row: C. Lawson, Corr. Sec, G. Timin, 
Comptroller, S. Sandford, Rec Sec,' N. Howe, Commander, C. 
Smith, Executive Otticer, P. Allen, Information Officer, R. Seaton, 
Second Information Officer, L. Goldberg, Pledge Trainer. Second 
Row: A. Hayes, M. Pittman, G. Hermann, S. Harper, M. Manser, 

S. Soper, S. Chu, S. Vernay. Third Row: D. Larkin, G. Shaw, E. 
Ott, N. Gustafson, C. Lewis, B. St. Clair, C. Turoff, P. Celly. Fourth 
Row: C. Fauldner, M. Trofast, K. Trebilcock, R. Higgins, N. Sayre, 
L. Hildebrand, L. Borzello, Publicity Chairman. 


Freeniire, V. Pres.; R. Eldiid^e, Pres.; M. Leibelson, Treas.; B. 

Ferrill, Back Row: M. Martin, D. Webh, S. Beitsch, P. Matthews, 
F. Arhogast, T. Michalek. 

Society of Military Engineers 

Vandenberg Guard 

VANDENBERG GVAKD-Fwnt Row: M. Leiblson, CM/Sgt; B. 
Springer, Clst/Lt.; D. Vore, Clst/Lt,; W. Lechert, Clst/Capt.; L. 
Altpeter, C/Capt.; M. Howe, A.F. Major; J. Ritz, Clst/Lt.; S. Check- 
oway, Clst/Lt.; J. Koermer, Clst/Lt.; R. Freemire, C2nd/Lt.; 

Second Row: J. Meahl, Mst/Sgt.; T. Grabiiwski, R. Roberts, G. 
Georgieff, J. Garrity, T. Kennedy, J. Howe, J. Trey, G. DeAngelis, 
G. Wells. Back Row: L. Miller, R. Feldpush, T. Lippy, G. Ward, 
R. Junkins, R. Lawler, M. Welling, W. Grandy, D. Nys, D. Bennett. 

yj^r , , r ^ 

«~!l^> r^« ^ *-i-> s^^ vji cJjj 





1965 TERHAPINS- Front Row: Krahlinn, Arbutina, Bagranoff, Sullivan, Corcoran, Ainbru.sho, Johnson, Stolick, Kenny, Stem, 
Melcher D., Humphries, Melcher M., Absher, Cichowski. Second Row: Evans, Myrtle, Rurkhardt, Murciniak, Springier, Klinfier- 
man, Aquilinu, Bresnahan, Martin, Miller, Proffitt, Collins, Vucin, Gibson, Runnels. Third Row: Simoldoni, Reinhardt, Van 
Heusen, Petry, Bilancioni, Trachy, Cooper, York, McQueen, Putryn, Elasik, Lavrusky, Baker, McCluskey. Fourth Row: Brzostow- 



ski, Hoch, Stofa, Donofrio, Leckie, Rushing, Gawlick, Pastrana, Stickel, Bell, McQuown, Bauer, O'Brien, Lee, Nye. Fifth Row: 
Santy, Myslinski, Mortensen, Dill, Defino, Torain, Nalewak, Tine, Battaglia, Delagrange, Sutyak, Cerra, Schwartz, Burger, Teub- 
ner. Sixth Row: Gibson, McCament, Leslie, Albarano, Burnotes, ForanJ., Acton, Brady, Gunderman, ForanJ., Galloway, Boyd, 
O'Connell, Castrovillo. Seventh Row: Arrigoni, Massey, Corso, Reid, Hunter, Nugent, Toomey, Dovell, Mann, Wyre. 


Terp Coaches Tried Harder . . . 

Maryland coaches Nugent, Arrogoni, and Hunter show varied emotions. 



The Fans Were Enthusiastic . . . 

Multicolored horns, home-made signs and "spirit" were common sights on Home-game 


The Team Gave Its All . . . 

Maryland's passers found rough going against a stiff Midshipmen line. 




Right— A terp hoists two Navy anchormen up, up, up 

Below — Bobby Collins gives Maryland her only touchdown 
at Homecoming. 

Offensively . 

offensively, the Maryland Terrapins packed 
a potent punch at times during the past sea- 
son. Some of the scoring stars that led the 
Terp attack are above, Dick Absher, and, 
right, point-after-touchdown specialist, 
Bernardo Bramson. Below, the Terps huddle 
in their own end zone for an attack on the 
North Carolina State line. 





. . . And Defensively 

A high punt means good coverage by a strong Terp defensive line. 


But The Breaks Went The Other Way 

Above — The Maryland defensive squad looks on as an injured Terp lineman is placed in a Navy ambulance. 

Right— Another Middle touchdown puts the mythical "State Championship" back into Navy hands for another year. 


New Hope From Buffalo For Next Year- 
Coach Lou Saban 

New Terp mentor Lou Saban faces the Press — and an empty 
Byrd Stadiurii. 

Other Things, Part I: 



Above, Right — Co-Captatn George Stem addresses the stu- 
dents attending the Pep Rally, some of whom brought 
"psych" signs. 


Part II: 





The Maryland Terrapins were seen on nation-wide T.V 
inbetween the coverage of a Gemini space shot. 


Part III: Homecoming— Beauty, Fun, 
and Preparation 


One of the pleasanter duties of being a University President -placing an official seal of approval on the Homecoming Queen. 


Floats loaded with campus beauties and oddly-costumed students are some of the many Homecoming attractions. 

Much of the hard work of float construction is spent in hours of tedious work. Here, Crickett Carr puts the finishing touches on 


Right, ^anne Lamond, Far RiKht, Dottie Wells 

Gail Kleger 


Molly Wueste 

Co-C/iptains Judij Klein and June Toye. 


Margie Krause 

Cheerleaders . . . 

Betsy Parks 

. . . And her Majorettes and Color Guard 

Tina Temple, head majorette, twirls into action with her g,irls. 


add color to any game. 

The Majorettes and Color Guard step out in style at Byrd 


All In All . . . 

A new craze hits Maryland fans 


The Winds Blew Hot— 
And Cold— 

At Byrd Stadium 
This Year 






Crunch! A tense moment for the Army in the Maryland- 
Army soccer game. 



A neat steal for the Maryland soccer team. 


Maryland Soccer: 

Maryland team watches anxiously as a goal attempt is 






Winter Sports 

Wintertime' s 

King Sport 

MANY TERRAPIN ALUMNI return to cheer the Maryland Hoopsters on to victory. Below, a cross-section of loyal alums cheer a 
Terp basket. 


X \ 









Front Row: B. Franklin, C. Williams,]. Johnson, N. Brayton,]. Clark, B. Jones, M. DeCosmo,J. Avery. Second Row: R. Drescher, 
C. Ward, J. McMillen, R. Wise, J. Harrington, D. Mueller, D. Brotman. 

Terrapin Hoopsters 



^^fm/w «' 

T, '^^ 


Maryland's Hoopsters 
Battle Navy 

IN DOWN COURT ACTION, Rick Wise goes up for the 
jump against an out-reached Middie guard. 

RICHT— Guarded closely hij two lanky Navy men, Gary 
Ward snares a pass from Rick Wise. 



B. >^ 


?• i^< 

f ■>!•»*»? 

C'liW- . 



f -^ 









/ .^•-"l. 


.. 1 


r > 



JAY MCMILLEN wheels for a long hook shot against West Virginia. 

West Virginia 




THE TERP'S outlook was good this fall 
with ten returning lettermen who had 
played 64 per cent of last year's games away. 
With an average height of 6'3", good depth 
and good speed, Maryland hoopsters drew 
enthusiastic crowds to Cole Field House for 
exciting games. Starting off the season with a 
hang, the team won the Sugar Bowl Basket- 
ball Tournament in New Orleans over sem- 
ester break, but failed to make any impres- 
sion in the ACC Tournament, losing to North 
Carolina, 77-70. 




t • 

Jim Arnoult, 123 lb. ACC Champion. 

John Henderson, 137 lb. ACC Champion. 

Wrestling at Maryland 

Tom Norris, 115 lb. ACC Champion. 

Butch Drozdov, first three sport letterman 
at Maryland since 1946. 


Above -r/ungs look bad for tough terp grappler Steve Suave, but (below), Steve comes through for Maryland with a reversal. 



Front Row:7. Williams,]. McCaslin, P. Morgan, J. Minninger, J. Jordan. Second Row: B. Leahy, W. Hudson, B. Alston, E. Lampe, 
B. Nulbneyer, D. Dodge, B. Phillips. Third Row: J. Carson,]. Eijler, W. Powlowski,]. Buchert, N. Salkind, B. Drangnis, P. Denke- 
vitz, S. Mahaney, Coach, B. Campbell. Fourth Row: B. Doheny,]. Hill, C.]ordon, M. Stack,]. Karsdon, B. Beatty, D. Springer, 
]. Wechsler. 

Terrapin Tankmen 

Below — The signs of stomach butterflies are evident before the Maryland Tankmen and divers hit the water. 

Above — Terp Tankmen cheer their own on. 

Leh-lts hard work and wet, swimming for Maryland. 

Bill Campbell 

Maryland's Mr. Swim7ning 


Ten Years 

after 10 years at the University of Maryland, 
has either shared, or won, the Atlantic Coast 
Conference swimming title six of the ten 
years he has been at College Park. A three — 
sport letterman in high school, Coach Camp- 
hell went on to letter in swimming and track 
at Springfield College where he captained 
the swimming team and was New England 
Intercollegiate Diving Champion in 1947. 
An Assistant Professor of Physical Educa- 
tion, Campbell's academic speciality is 
kinesiology, which he teaches and in which 
he has presented numerous academic papers 
at Physical Education Conventions. 


Right — Between the ceiling and the deep, green pool, a Terp 
diver concentrates on perfect form. 

Above, butterflyeryi'm Hill launches expertly for the medley 
relay. Below, Bruce Phillips shoves off against UNC in the 




*Vi- ^J- '-..•' 





Spring Sports 

1965 A.C.C. Champions 

Maryland Opp. 

9 Maine 

2 Syracuse 1 

7 Georgetown 4 

7 Harvard 4 

3 Wake Forest 5 

2 Duke 3 

6 Clemson 1 

2 Clemson 1 

S. Carolina 1 

4 S. Carolina 

4 U.N.C 6 

4 N.C. State 3 

7 Wake Forest 3 

2 Duke 

8 Georgetown 5 

6 Navy 4 

2 N.C. State 1 

4 U.N.C 1 

5 U.Va 

3 U.Va 1 

2 Penn St 8 

1 Penn St 5 

3 Furnian 4 

3 Fla. St 7 





Above — Superstar Brad Frost "snake-hops" a pitch toward the plate. Above, left ~ Another line-drive base Iiit for the Terp Dia- 



Front Row:-y. Bark, S. SauveJ. Quattrocche, P. Breslow, T. Bichy, L. Butts. Second Row; L. Hendershot, Mgr.;J. Kreissig, B. 
Issacson, G. Sclafani, S. Graves, Brad Frost, B. McCarthy, B. Seidling, M. Long, B. Franklin, B. Walter, Assistant Coach. Third 
Row: J. Jackson, Coach; D. Coughlan, D. Thompson, T. Rohino,]. Fowler, B. Pence, K. Zimmerman, W. Prange, L. Davis, B. 
Feter,}. MacMillan, D. Wright, C. Sole. 


HI* <!k> 

FRONT ROW: R. Sikovic, D. Robinson, S. Borchers, R. Olson, S. Rosen, B. Klein. SECOND ROW: R. Scales, Coach, D. Hyduke, T. 
Stables,]. Pugh, L. Pearson, R. Martino, C. Sleichter, T. Bartolec, T. Righter,] . Jokovics, B. Emmet, Manager, R. Myers. 


DENNY ROBINSON with a fine chip to the green. 

The Record 

Terrapins Opp. 

25 Dartmouth 5 

11 Ohio Univ 10 

IIV2 Princeton 91/2 

1 6V2 Georgetown 4V2 

8 N.C. State 13 

9 South Carolina 12 

6V2 Clemson I4V2 

IIV2 North Carolina 91/2 

IOV2 Penn State IOV2 

14V2 Duke 6V2 

11 Navy 10 

I4V2 Virginia 61/2 



Terrapins OpP- 

5 Dartmouth 4 

9 Syracuse 

5 Clemson 4 

9 South Carolina 

8 Duke 1 

4 Virginia 5 

2 North Carolina 7 






.Wake Forest 

.Penn. State 1 

. Georgetown 2 

.George Washington 1 

.Navy 2 

A look of concentration and a forehand drive. 

University of Maryland Tennis Team. 


Front Kow: R. Thomas, O. Drozdov, H. Thompson, M. Cole, S. Markley, S. Lamb, D. Sheer, C. Croft, A. Torrice, C. Harris. Second 
Row: B. Tiiretsky, S. Arthur, D. Duffy, D. Smith, B. Williams, P. Kowzun, G. Cramer, E. Pellegrino, B. Middleton, L. Walsh, G. 
Leonard, C. Koester. Third Row: E. Hunter, M. Matthews, B. Springer, F. Costello,}. Bickley, G. Boxer, B. Schnetzka, H. Kline, 
D. Mueller, G. Henry. Fourth Row: Coach J. Kehoe, Coach N. Kovalakides, B. Goodwin, H. Nonnenberg, D. Dull, R. White, T. 
Nawrocki, D. French, Manager M. Cemack, Manager D. Offutt, Coach J. Rickert. 


HAIL TO MARYLAND — F/us/iecf ivith victory, the merry men of Maryland raise their arms, and Coach Jim Kehoe, into the 
air after they dethroned Villanova and captured the IC4A track championship. 






Frank Costello 
NCAA Champion 

A NATIVE OF UNION, N.J., Frank Costello 
probably had more to do with the Terp's 
successes this season than anyone else. 
Costello has brought under the Maryland 
banner the high-jump titles for the Rich- 
mond Invitational, The Philadelphia In- 
vitational, the V.M.I. Winter Relays, the 
A.C.C. Indoor and Outdoor Meets, and, 
finally, the NCAA Indoor and Outdoor 
Meets. In the NCAA Indoor Meet, the lanky 
leaper placed himself among the best high 
jumpers in the United States with a jump of 

It is said that many have the will to win 
on the contest day, but few (the champions) 
have the will to prepare to win — and Frank 
Costello works out as hard as any athlete 
you will see on any practice field. 

Ernie Hearon 

University of Maryland 

Shot Put and Discus 

Record Holder 

ERNIE Hearon, a senior and top Terrapin 
weight man, set new University of Maryland 
shot put and discus records last year with a 
heave of 56' %" with the shot and a discus 
toss of 158' 5". In the IC4A Outdoor Meet at 
New Brunswick, New Jersey, Ernie placed 
third in the shot put event, and fifth in the 
discus event, helping the Terrapin Field men 
win their first IC4A Outdoor title. 

MfP*'*' J0M. 







Front Row: B. Davies, A. Kearson, P. Smith, C. Samakowitz, B. Fisk,J. Schofield, R. Rombro, W. Buck, J. Trojan, R. Wright. 
Second Row: R. E. Heldmar, A. Lowe, T. Catalino, A. Levine, R. Newkirk, W. Cavanaugh, D. Sermon, B. DeHouse,]. Felton, 
C. Rupersbury. Third Row: J. Reese, C. Harlon, D. Himelfarh,]. Kelleij, D. Beardmore, F. Steel, W. Lineback, C. Vanock, M. Fesh, 
S. Becker, Mgr. Fourth Row: L. Bagranoff, F. Fick, M. Badger, P. Flannagan,]. Heim, B. Dunn,]. Hughes, L. Wright. 

.fV^^^«)l^^-,;*.-v...>w-v-?M^.:-.-. ^ ■ 


Residence Halls 

RESIDENCE HALL COUNCIL-Froni Row: B. Pentecost, G. 
Walls, J. Slade, Pres.; P. Courchen, Sec; D. Couchman. Second 
Row: M. Noll, B. Burbank, R. Woolf, C. Wiencek, W. Grove. Back 
Row: Dr. Smith, Adv.; P. Chaney, Treas.; G. Gotwals, P. Paterson. 

B. B. Barila, J. Schnell, D. Brogaii, S. Glazer, \l. Nygaarci, u. Ku- 
cera, J. Cheek. Back Row: D. VVhitworth, G. Loew, R. Bartnik, W'm. 
Woods, J Keys, B. Stonebraker, O. Greul, Jr., D. Tokosch. 

Resident Halls Council 

IN THE PAST year the Area Councils 
(Hill, Cambridge, Denton, and the Mo- 
bile Units) have coordinated their efforts 
through the newly formed Residence Hall 
Council comprising the entire 8,()()() resident 
students and 97 residence halls. 

Each residence hall belongs to its area 
council, and sends representatives to its 
meetings and events. Each area council has 
its president and another elected representa- 
tive sitting on the over-all Residence Hall 
Covmcil. Starting next year, the President and 
Vice-President of the Residence Hall Coun- 
cil will be sitting on the SGA Cabinet to as- 

sure residence hall students adequate rep- 
resentation in the SGA. 

They have tried to better the position of 
all dormitories within and on the campus. 
The Area Councils have worked with the 
Dining Halls to help provide better service 
for the residents. For the first their own 
newsletter in which they try to keep their 
residents informed on what their Council 
and other residence halls are doing. The 
Area Councils do all they can to help the 
residents and residence halls to have a well 
rounded program in athletic, social, cul- 
tural, and academic pursuits. 


.' f V % 


Cambridge Council Denton Council 

CAMBRIDGE COUNCIL-Fronf Row: L. Choin, T. Poteet, W. 
King, Treas.; I. Esau, V. Pres.; W. Pentecost, Pres.; B. Schumann, 
Sec; M. Stein, D. Schneider. Second Row: K. Seganish, S. Blacker, 

DENTON COUNCIL-Fronf Row: M. Lafans, F. Burgess, Treas.; 
G. Walls, Pres.; B. Larson, V. Pres.; B. Cohen, Sec; B. McPhee. 
Second Row: S. Langfeld, L. Berkow, L. Young, B. Burbank, T. 
Laskey, D. George, J. Renner. Back Row: P. Chaney, J. McAllister, 
J. McClean.J. Hastings,]. Nelka, M. Donnelly. 


MOBILE UNIT AREA COUNCIL- D. Valentine, B. Borzamowski, \V. Barger, E. Kirkly, A. Doyon, president; G. Piccinni, \V. Grove. Not pic- 
tured: C. Weincek, J. Benibe, R. Yarbro. 

Mobile Units Area Council 

HILL AREA COUNCIL-Fronf Row: D. Couchman, Pres.; R. VVoolf, V. Pres.; D, Eisler, Sec.; T. Shepard, 
Treas. Second Row: L. Young, .\I. Johnson, K. Wliite. Third Row: M. Noll, M. Levvandowski, S. Zweig, R. 
Paritzky. Fourth Row: P. Ro\ zer, D. Yeakel, N. Bain, R. Porter. Fifth Rote: C. Eberlin, S. Walters, A. 
W'einer. Sixth Row: E. Nussbauni, B. Pritchett, E. Tnrnes. Seventh Row: M. Pearman, F. Damico, A. Terl. 
Eighth Row: M. Hazard, J. Sadowski, J. Johnson, H. Kline. Ninth Row: S. Eraser, C. Weisbecker, J. Schaf- 
fer, R. Brock. Back Row: F. Philpot, N. Watts, K. Booth, J. Benus. 




^ . •$% 

U S^- 


Women's Residences 


ANNE ARL'NDEL-Frori/ Row: E. C.vunes, J. C;rainmer, \'. CUiv- 
elli, R Pteiffer, Trea., M. Goldman, \'. Pres., S. Barnes, Pres., J. 
Cronin, Sec, N. Conklin, T. Rose, C. Jezorek, D. Kohne. Second 
Row: M. B. Illsley, D. C;iinn, A. Caplan, C. Grice, C. Herbert, L. 
Sniitli, M H Johnson, H Kresan, P. Morris, G. Dnncan, C. Heether, 

S. Webster. Third Roic: M, Shatter, S. Galloway, J. Shackley, R. 
Woodward, J. O'Neill, C. Pepper, P. Lohsen, S. Jarosinski, J. Flay- 
hart, K. Lunz, M. Woorman, C. Rigger. Back Row: E. Floyd, S. 
Schwartz, J. Sachs, A. Lon;;, P. Cryer, B. Simmons, M. Dunn, B. 
Zvirblis, M Garroll, A. Cannon. 

CARROLL HALL-Froii( Row: F. McKenna, J. Branyan, L Kaplan, 
Sec., P. Celly, Soc. Chrm., P. Carter, M. Haber, Pres., N. Daly, C. 
Da\ is, L Eletaiite, A Palmer, P White. Second Row: L. Levin, C. 
Erickson, J. .■\llen, K. Leventhal, B. Stultz, M. Schwartz, J. Brothers, 
M. Classman, S. Horowitz, S. Pusey, F. Miller. Third Row: J. Fiocca, 
D. Crosbie, C. Kaifer, B. Johnson, G. Glover, L. Bell, T. Kerr, G. 

Furnian, D. Snoops, B. Hollenback, M. Levinson, S. Pritchard. 
Fourth Row: M. McLvaine, L. Alcott, E. Levan, L. Jones, K. Tow- 
son, N. Watts, M. Boskin, A. Wilkins, J. Bankhead, \'. Anthony, M. 
Seibert, B. Jacobson, C. Thibault. Fifth Row: D. Bolden, J. Thomas, 
K. Callahan, B. Wirtz, B. Fishman, D. Harpwr, E. Antin, C. Ford. 

f) f> a a P^^ f^ n A A a^^ 

CAKOLINE HALL-Fronf Ron;; H. Colu-n, I. Wilner, A. Odenhei- 
iiRT, B. Hull, \ . Pies , S. Tapsfott, Treas., N. Benjes, Pies., L. 
Boyer, Seer., J. W'alstad, Historian, G. Murpli\, P. Neil, C. Rinnier, 
D. Fisher. Second Row: B. Parrino, J. Charlton, P. Harmsen, K. 
Prevatte, L. Sehuaninjier, A. Musurove, N. Clydesdale, J. Edwards, 

C. Robiehek, D. Poitras, R. Desiderio, L. Saks. Bach Row: S. Cremil- 
lion, S. Kraiitz, M. Henkel, L. VVeitzman, B. Soper, M. Smith, E. 
Cirillo, R. Etelsoii, L. Blum, J. Hull, J. MacDonald, P. Srisawan- 
wat, F. Bennat. 

CENTERXILLE NORTH -Frorif Row: D. Davison, L. Dixon, L. 
Mosher, D. Grvel, K. Lazvin, D. Needel, B. Coldbery, D. Beroer, 
N. Schmidt, A. Gunnett, S. Diehl. Second Row: P. Scott, J. Sesseme, 

M. Wueste, B. Case, C. Perry, J. Leasure, B. Cranipton, P. Plunkert, 
K. Gregory, J. Fisher, S. Blacker, T. Lubin. 

^ n A n A 



ip^^'y^',/! Ajfi 


CENTERXILLE SOl'TH-Fron? floii'. J. Weiss, J. Bateman, H. 
Palmer, H. Tiffany, M. Boint, I. Esau, Pres., |. Leber, V.P., G. 
Blackntore, D. Schneider, C. Lapaiisky, H. Williams. Second Row: 
L. Rathell, C. Turner, G. Kerstetter, M. Larson, K. Skrurli, J. Wat- 

son, L. Giller, B. Koloclner, S. Willey, G. Kozak, M. Karl, D. Hargett, 
A. Stafford. Third Row: G. Cooper, P. Wilson, L Young, J. Martin, 
P. Mullinix, C. Graves, S. Berry, C. Keverton, M. Luckett, M. Tani- 
niaru, D. Guppy, T. Meisel 

DENTON — Front Row: J. Hoffman, K. Knabe, A. Rizzo, L. Young, 
.3rd Fir. Pres., M. Sherbert, 1st Fir. Pres., T. Laskey, 2nd Fir. Pres., 
B. McPhee, Dorm Pres., P. Brantley, G. Letts, D. Felker, A. Steffey, 
Sec. 4th Fir., C. Wright. Second Row: \'. Aanenson, C. Dunie, M. 
Robinson, S. Okon, J. McO.icken, E. Searcy, B. Orkin, D. A. Snuggs, 
L Matthews, S. Kline, M. Douning, J. Warfield, D. Fox. Third Row: 
J. Mann, Acad. Chair., G. Boruta, S. Kohler, M. Kessler, R. Zaba, 
B. Lentz, B. Damico, J Siudhcim, J. Rocklin, S. Patterson, S. 
Beruer, Activities Chair., R. Dickerson, M. Sprich. Fourth Row: H. 

Speakman, A. Nelson, P. Buser, S. Broadwater, B. Franz, M. Lani- 
gan, M. Farr, M. Foote, A. Oglesby, P. Renter, K. C. Lifford, C. 
Draper, C. Ewing. Fifth Row: P. Lackey, K. Merritts, E. Osborn, 
A. Canter, K. Noren, B. Richardson, E. Nochumowitz, S. Schuster, 
E. Pinto, P. Otto, B. Disharoon, N. Coulter, L. Tyrie, J. Hack, G. 
Grant, T. Brown. Back Row: L. Hersh, J. Larrimore, B. Royer, N. 
Scott, E. Sandlass, P. Sessions, J. Pickett, E. Oland, C. Clark, J. 
Spinner, J. Kreamer, L. Chitty, J. Sherman, L. Define, S. White. 

f^ ^ o ^ 

^ IV f * ft e 

DORCHESTER HALL-Front Row: B. Dessel, B. Beach, D. 
Mosto, M. Kurek, C. A. Phipps, S. McClay, M. Mondshine, P. 
Mehlhop, pres., S. A. Glatkin, v. p., S. Smith, J. Steinberg, M. 
Baxter. Second Row: S. Hess, C. Little, B. Liddy, M. Grubman, D. 
Frid, J. Veager, D. Zinimerman, S Norman, J. Strecktus, B. Hall, 

C. Gooding;, L. Melntire, D. Norton, M. Novinsky. Back Row: L. 
Nitzberji, A. Olin, M. Hazard, S. Hazard, K. Corbin, E. Moerschell, 
H. Harner, S. Gairoard, J. Lloyd, L. Roark, T. Hengst, D. Creighton, 
B. Logan. 

ELKTON HALL-Front Row: S. Kaplan, B. Newman, B. Johnston, 
P. McCcmias, Sec., M. Lafans, V.P., J. Ritz, Pres., S. Schlinie, Treas., 
D. Jordon, Soc. Chrm., L. Gwiazdowski, Frosh Rep., C. Luttrell, 
P. Lunjia, J. Bach, R. M. Crumlish. Second Row: M. Bold, M. 
Schmitt, M. Holzaplel, D. Lawry, C. Frase, S. Bell, N. Kritsings, J. 
Cooke, S. CJorsnch, D. Akehnrst, J. Beck, M. Reeve, S. Smith, M. A. 
Noone, S. Ashurst. Third Row: M. M. Smith, S. Hyder, T. Carroll, 
S. Engelbert, J. Gallia, S. Richards, S. Slonim, C, Keys, C. Lyons, 
G. Bell, L. Denchler, B. Januska, J. McKim, B, Hall, S. Smith. 

Fourth Row: T. Rhoten, S. Taylor, M. Daniels, ]. Brown, T. Price, 
M. A. Rogers, N. Carreira, P. Watkins, R. Ellis, S. Richards, P. 
Shipley, M. Wyatt, M. Eden, L. Ingerto, E. Goodley. Fifth Row: 
H. Phillips, J. Grundborg, B. Bowers, M. Kennedy, A. Scroggy, K. 
Seibert, B. Burbank, J. Burke, B. Klein, S. Levin, J. Burket, K. 
Roberts, A. Stinnett, F. Ling, M Haynes, B. VVheatley, C. McDerm- 
ott. Back Row: V. Adamson, S. Sills, K. Francis, S. Platkin, K. 
Gerstner, B. Foster, A. Carbone, L. Cochran, E. Davidson, S. How- 
ells, B. Perry, R. Wanderman, J. DeLoach, S. McCabe. 

J1.M ^« „ .«. a tt'It 'li-lt-il. 

fH n ^ ^ ^^ ^ fi C\ n C^ 


MONTGOMERY CENTER- Front Row: D. Towne, C. Burnett, 
S. Kent, M. Silberstrom, P. Moes, S. Gordon, B. Winn, Pres., A. 
Beckwith, B. Dearing, S. Bernian,]. Swartz. Second Row: M. Hawk- 
shaw, C. Mooshian, J. Markridge, K. Vice, C. Baker, B. Binstock, 
B. Miliman, L. Murray, J. Began, C. A. Davis, C. Gay. Third Row: 

S. Yager, R. Flax, P. Rubin, D. Tingler, S. Gordon, K. Wooley, K. 
Dolan, P. McConnell, R. Peterman, R. Richard, J. Howell, D. Lynn, 
C. Ostrusky, B. Buttonnose. Back Row: S. Davis, J. Buell, J. Thomas, 
M. Kisielewski, M. Davis, L. Dickey, P. Jungers, N. Ginsberg, L. 
Hale, I. Moss, R. Kirsner, P. Gorman, B. Neuner. 

MONTGOMERY EAST-Fronf Row: H. Bluefeld, S. Tabor, S. 
Klein, N. Burroughs, J. Nieminen, N. Christy, B. Eubank, J. Young, 
B. VVolkstein, J. Thomas, S. Dirzoukian. Second Row: C. Staub, C. 
Blanar, E. Strickman, S. Cohn, B. Weinberg, M. Haas, J. Sharp, 

G. Norton, R. Polovoy, K. Borofka, T. O'Brien, D. Marsden. Third 
Row: M. A. Yukon, C. J. Wool, E. Cohen, B. Johnson, S. Wilner, 
E. Knitz. 

^ f^ o ^ 

MONTGOMERY WEST-Front Row: C. Eberlin, Pres., J. Burke, 
J. Engel, A. Cohen, Fresh. Rep., R. Silverman, ]. Payfer, N. Fox, 
S. Burton, R. Turner, Hist., S. Pristoop. Second Row: K. Bradley, 
Secy., S. Lipsitz, C. Taddeo, R. Todd, L. Smith, B. Ford, D. Pavlos, 

B. Cromwell. Bock Row: K. Miller, C. Byrd, J. Wall, N. Olsen, K. 
Morris, L. Worley, G. Berry, S. Guertler, M. Danoff, C. Yule, D. 

QUEEN ANNE'S HALL-Front Row: P. G. Kotter, L. Klein, V. 
Betz, G. Carraway, Soc. Chair., L. Frick, Homecoming Chair., M. 
Brugger, Pres., E. Shinners. Jud. Board Chair., N. Ordway, Cultural 
Chair., J. Thot, S. Lannon, A. Datres. Second Row: G. Deitchman, 
W. Miller, K. Bentley, C. Boiler, S. Knox, P. Warfield, N. Koltay, 
E. Leiserson, B. Braunstein, D. Spurling, E. Rynarzewski, M. 
Gardner. Third Row: N. Darnell, A. Mihm, K. Geller, N. Burkert, 

L. Cederberg, J. Rouse, P. Miller, A. Foster, K. Landis, M. Tabor, 
B. Keedy, S. Harness, C. Spicer. Fourth Row: J. Stieber, V. Hollings- 
worth, S. Kilmore, B. Simms, I. Granat, J. Carasso, P. Verdi, B. 
Baum, D. Cannon, L. Weaver, ]. Smith, K. Inman, M. Pegahl. Back 
Row: N. Silva, C. Schorr, C. Gaffney, B. Miller, R. Maisti, M. Kupin, 
L. Eierman, H. Vanek, N. Beall, J. King, D. Elliott, B. Mack, E. 
Volkmero, J. Herbert, S. Datres. 

fi'ii/^ ^j^/i 

n. »iumt%«VL<\t 

SOMERSET HALL-Front Row: P. Triplett, S. Manlove, D. Hani- 
son, J. SaFtlas, S. Neuberger, Sec, E. Abbott, Pres., E. Bernian, 
V.P., J. Monfried, M. Basen, P. Affeld, B. Lebow. Second Row: E. 
Jones, L. Covell, N, Howard, P. Arnold, J. Hall, R. Segal, L. Wil- 
liams, M. Lindenniayer, E. Grauer, P. Droter, M. Urbas, J. Gallo- 

way. Third Row: S. Corkran, S. Gulotta, C. Kuckuda, A. Akelaitis, 
C. Gunderson, S. Work, B. Deitrich, M. Eraser, P. Grant, E. Frei- 
feld, H. Harris, S. Blatt. Fourth Row: S. Miller, B. Milker, P. Cal- 
lahan, J. Griggs, V. McManus, H. Fearing, S. Free, C. Muller, S. 

SAINT MARY'S HALL -Front Row: P. Mavity, K. Lease, P. Rouzer, 
B. Colbert, K. Kress, P. Harrison, Pres., L. Roth, V.P., B. Knapik, 
M. Nomkin, D. Smulwitz, M. Sterner, E. Melle. Second Row: 

E. Younkin, J. McTurnal, C. Miller, P. Eckel, G. Moore, P. Frech- 
ette, S. Jenkins, C. Rollins, J. Lambert, J. Kahl, R. Cole, J. Taylor, 
L. Tonioli, B. Payne. 


o f^ 6 A n 

WICOMICO HAhL-Front Row: B. Conn, C. Ferrari, L. Lynch, J. 
Lipsitz, V.P., M. Kazlo, T. Hopkins, Pres., M. Pittiglio, C. Miller, 
D. Savemo, C. Harrod, D. S. Pivec. Second Row: D. Johnson, S. 
Phillips, J. Fleming, L. Harris, L. Flaherty, B. Stengle, J. Moss, 
S. McLaurine, K. Zellers, E. Schlimer, M. Miller, F. Herman, S. 
Title. Third Row: E. Gratz, P. Bedell, D. Lewis, L. McCrom, L. 

Zolin, K. Johnson, J. Henn, K. Keely, J. Widmer, V. Dempsey, J. 
Rydzewski, L. Budelis. Fourth Row: C. Shaw, F. Hilterbrick, 
A. Strawsburg, J. Clingen, V. Pszwaro, S. Miller, N. Miller, N. 
Spence, V. Maiorana, M. Weed, A. Schwab, C. McQuiston, D. Cole, 
D. Sullivan, T. Phantom. 

WORCESTER HALL-Front Row: S. Everngani, D. Ahalt, C. 
Johansen, B. Scheffler, Soc. Chrm., J. Brown, \.P., M. Marshall, 
Pres., A. Boswell, J. Keith, Sec, C. Seabrease, C. Ebel, V. Hoover. 
Second Row: B. Feller, A. Stanibaugh, C. Pratt, K. Seward, M. A. 
Baldwin, C. Adkins, R. TuUy, P. Simmons, S. Bushey, K. Witz, J. 
Will, G. Jackson. Third Row: D. Kerschensteiner, M. Hull, N. Rose, 
P. Burney, K. Trafton, P. McEvoy, B. Parkin, L. Candy, J. Ford, 

S. Cheplowitz, P. Greenway, L. Webb. Fourth Row: F. Funkhouser, 
S. Dean, E. Carson, P. Watson, \'. Zavoyna, I. Hofferberth, J. Wood- 
ward, M. Boyd, T. Griffin, J. Galbreath, D. Schumch\k. Fifth Row: 
L. Koerber, B. Peacher, M. Davies, A. Billmeier, L. Fahrney, S. 
Fried, K. Beck, A. Cochran, K. McCill, J. Bell, J. Fiddes, R. Capet. 
Sixth Row: P. Patchen, N. Durgin, S. Hess, M. Stein, L. Coblentz, 
N. GoU, P. Drake, P. Kelley, D. Grove, J. Smith, J. Hartley. 

Men's Residences 



ALLEGHENY HALL \B,C, -Front Row: J. Beck, Jr., D. Buhrman, 
R. Pencek, Sec. Alle. A., J. Wright, E. Jasnow, Fac. Res. D. Tapper, 
R.A., F. Mitchell, Pres., A. Urbas, V.P., S. Walters, A. Morningstar, 
E. Smith. Second Row: J. McCormick, J. Beannan, M. Naftaniel, 
K. Haapala, R. Bloonifield, B. Miller, B. Josephson, S. Hallaj, W. 

Miskiewicz, S. Whelan. Third Row: D. Piechocki, C. Carlson, B. 
Elder, R. Glowitz, J. Cook, J. O'Day, G. Perry, G. Buschman, J. 
Craig, R. Fisch, H. Cook. Fourth Row: J. Edelstein, G. Jackson, 
C. Crandell, C. Eccard, B. LaGarde, W. Chang. D. Hunt, S. Book, 
A. Bowers, M. Mandell, J. Speargas. 

ALLECIHENY HALL-D&E-Fronf Row: H. Schupple, R. Bunker, 
J Lindley, J. Simpson, Sec, J. Mahoney, R.A., D. Wirth, F.R., 
J. Trachy, Pres., C. Behymer, Treas., P. Phelps, I. Kaufman, W. 
Fishman. Second Row: A. Ptlugrad, M. Lears, B. Brinkerhoff, R. 
Patt, M. Richmond, M. Levitt, J. Rickman, D. Velton, L. Leibowitz, 

R. Hutchinson, L. Timmons. Third Row: D. Hawley, D. Stone, R. 
Brittingham, G. Knouse, C. Sober, E. Wellschlager, W. Pritchard, 
E. Shollenberger, R. Ducknian, J. Pavlovsky, C. Fink. Fourth Row: 
J. Kehoe, G. Stanim,C. Brooks, S. Keener, W. Kachur, R. Braunstein, 
N. Timnev, R. Boyd. 


# # ♦* 



^ Ih ' -iiA • nVlJ- • 4 -A - r^'^ A - iV - 

ANNAPOLIS HMA.- Front Rinv: K. \kC;.iliill, \V. Callahan, S. 
Cohen, B. Laken R.A., L Varniosks Tieas., N. Bain Pres., D. Kinj; 
\'.P., J. Herlist Sec , H. ThdnipMin F.R., J. Eaton, R. Attman. Second 
Row: J. Miiiphs, A. Mat-Donald, B (;al)le, B. Cohen, M. Snyder, J. 
Deinpsey, L. Foxwell, H. Klein, S. Cohen, P Pinzon, H. Levin. 
Third Ruw: \V. Douglas, J. Parkany, A. Corbin, M. Ruhack, F. My- 

ers, J. Collier, R. Lutz, L. Gordon, B. Bobbins, K. Tilles, B. Leboe, 
M. McFadden. Fourth Row: M. Gordon, S. Podberesky, J. Naiditch, 
R. Sacks, D. Couchman, G. Crogg, J. Port, C. Kach, K. Kantor, A. 
Fritts, S. Oden. Last Row: P. Kestler, D. Netherwood, C. Gaines, K. 
NLdkus, S. NLnK-h, S. Tawes, W. Lawson, A. Lewis, D. Taylor, J. 
Benson, C;. Belsinger, R. Warren, J. Gorton. 

ANTIETAM-A&B-Fron< Row: L. Conrtney, .M. Dntterer, B. 
Young, M. Xillas, R. Varbro, Pres., D. Plitt, K. Macallini, \V. Leasure, 
J. Thomas, K. Mentzel, T. Bergin. Second Row: J. Murphy, D. Butt- 
man, J. Cassizel D. Binks, E Meerholz, S. Berberich, R. Hicke\, ('.. 
Sehmittle, H. Collinson, C. Miller, C. Mone. Third Row: M. Ring, 
J. Parks, M. Chilcoat, W . Hakkarinen, S. Maged, N. guarles, M. 

Novak, G. Grobaker, NL Barker, L. Jones, T. Malinky, \V. Freburger. 
Fourth Row: }. Hayes, R. Shope, M. Nierwienski, R. Malczevvski, 
R. Ashton, M. Marcuni, T. McC;ibney, F. Menke, G. Parke, D. 
Veagle, J. Begula, N. Hoppe. Fifth Row: J. Luley, D. Jacobs, L. 
Meomartino, T. Moore, E. VVildasin, W. Machin, J. Blose. 


© 9^ JL 6^ f f 

t f -f- K h I : 


9. ^3^f. 

BALTIMORE HAI.L-f'n)/i( Haw: D. yuKii, R. Kulins, T. Miller, 
M. Maioiie, E. Howard, L. Scott, Prt",., .|. Eiiic, C. Sollian, O. 
Riddick, E. Eaton, \'.P., B. Alllo^. Second Row: A Cayle, W. Crahe, 

S. Markle, V,. Al)l)olt, J. Kirkemo, R. Shaffer, K. Earley, D. Bonen- 
beryer, J. Trilibitt, P. Axelrod, R. Chideckel. 

BEL AIR A&B-Fronf Row: B Alston, \V. Ewen, C. Espeland, A. 
Pusj,M Broadhurst, I Keys, Pres. Bel Air B, C. Tittle, D. Schneider, 
C. Boteler, \'.P. Bel Air B, N. U'aszezenko, A. SuKiura. Second Row: 
A. A. Beale, C. P. Frizzell, R. Dieterich, Treas. Bel Air B, R. Web- 
ster, C. Pascaie, (;. Diekniann, F. Falin, M. Etjorin, A. Baumann, 
R Feldpiish. Third Row: R. Spacek, W. Jeffries, M, Ba\ne, Sec. 

Bel Air B, C;. Piper, M. Heck, K. Rocco, J. Paradise, L. Melka, S. 
Moore, T. Wheeler, Soc. Chrm., G. Manz. Fourth Row: R. C.rubbs, 
D. Antosh, J. Beck, J. Farhood, \'.P., R. Smith, ]. Goldstein, M. Mc- 
Call, B. Gollins, N. Brandt, Mac McEwan, W. Ward, B. Linthicuni. 
Fifth Row: W. Kurinij, W. Woods, Pres. Bel Air A, H. Dobres, J. 
Lavriisk\', T. Costello, Adv. 


































It Wl 



^^^^Hf^ ^^^ 

^^^1^- M 

1 ^ Ik 


VU— V 

^m IH 

m M 






^9B i^ 







""^m (d^^** 

© f JLA,5 

BELXEDEKE AlkH-Frout Roiv: R. Holmes, \'.P., \V. HenniiiK, 
R. Jester, C;. (iniiul, J. Niceuiiiner, D. Harris, D. X'alentine, Pres., 
B. Townslieiicl, S. (ireen, M. Braiiii, B. Disal\(). Second Row: (.',. 
Wejiziu'k, \'. M\ers, J. Dodd, K. Sclniler, R. Ciiinett, J. Cerelice, 
I Niclidlsoii, D. CdAid. S Bolz, (\ Old. Third Row: J. Dowiiin^, 
Ci. JacksDM, S. \\ eiiitr.iid), E. TaiRibok, C. (iayo, J. Hall, A. Bidle. 

C. Peurl, \'. Krai, G. Lonernian, H. Davis, L. Wiest. Fourth Row: 
J. N'oiulreele, T. Stornier, J. Cox, R. Honiick, E. Rahll, C. Weincek, 
I Ducliez, |. Libert, C. Green, J. Catchings, \V. Barger, B. Borzy- 
niowski, R, Wade, J. Mehotf. Fifth Row: \V. Loomis, M. Dutcher, 
E. Diamond, C. Allen, S. Stasiewicz, J. Garrity, W. Turetsk\'. M. 
Dorscli, J. HeaK, J, Drsden, D. Myerowitz, D. Dyrany. 

BVRD HAI.I, .\~Front Row: M. Caiigliliii, R.A., J. Cooke, B. Tor- 
sani, J. Fuklier, R Dean, M. KelK, Pres., R. Moore, T. Samaras, B. 
Dahrowski. Sec, D. Nelson, L. Steiner, \'.P Second Row: J Ham- 

mond, A. Lowe, A. Misler, L. Owens, T. Mills, P. Spano, B. Trahb 
S. Wardlaw, R. Hummer. 

BYRD H- Front Row: J. Devereiix, D. Estes, \V. Kiiby, D. Givarz, 
Pies., M. (iephardt, Adv., J. Hope, \'.P. & Treas., (;. Ivleiner. S. 

Diener, P. Dean. Second Row: M. Jones, R. Lyons, R. Friedberg, 
C. Roe.sle, R. He.s.s, D. Hanlon, Sec, S. Stuart. 

CAIAERT HALL A&B-Fronf Row: S. Lewis, R. Beilinnit, E. 
Beres, T. Liitins, G. Neniplies Sec., L. Sewell Pies. B., |. Hetken- 
dorf \'.P. B., E. Jones, J. Pleines, R. Fuchs R.A., A. Biostowski 
F.R. Second Row: C Crumley, J. Harris, J. Humphrys, B. Snyder, 
C. Tanires Pres., K. Toth, R. Barber, S. Carriek, L. Feihier, J. Hester. 
Third Row: (.'.. N'oppenl>er>;er, C;. Fink, D. Hicks, R. C^arroll, H. 

Muller, W. CJardiner, N. Kinipel, W. Carmean, M. Rosenberg, W. 
Baldwin, F. Bowman. Fourth Row: T. Wilson R.A., D. Rattan, L. 
Butler, D. Cosner, K. Ricbmond, R. Torres, J. Shapiro, J. Rabovsky, 
M. Towsend, S. Doekstader, R. Roberts, R. Sherman \'.P. A. Last 
Roiv: B. Niziolek, D. Raw], R. la^er, H. Roman, K. Gambrill, J. 
Newman, H. Spieker. 

# % # 







m * ^> «i |\( 

I 1 Jll 









CAIA'ERT C- Front Row: J. Stokes, C. Cohanim, R. Heasty, F. 
Trent, Sec, R. C^hais, \'.P., S. (iordon, T. Winer, D. Fornwald, R. 
Matliias, J. Motski). Second Row: H. Cllessner, T. Applestein, C. 

Shank, R. Gehring, R. Baker, R. Lukens, A. Shank, Pres., C. Dick- 
man, J. Spangenberg, B. Brugger, J. McNichohis. 

CAMBRIDGE HALL A -Front Row: B. Williamson, W, Koleade, 
E. Woods, J. Oliver, M. Secanish, C. Tew, A. Kanaan, B. Stoneberg- 
er, M. Miller, \'. Skinner, E. McKav. Second Row: S. Goldstein, 

B. Brownstein, K. Hoffman, P. Schroeder, R. W'illson, T. Lalezer, 
T. Nichols, G. Parks, C. Downs, W. Taylor. Third Row: J. Body- 
comb, C. Elseberg, G. Smith, M. Minnich. 

J T 3C 

^ - 

CAMBRIDGE HALL B-Front Row: R. Hoch, L. Dolle, C. Bridge- 
foicl, K. Kemp, T. Dixon, J. Blair, S. Byid, J. Carson, L. Antniann, 
D. Myers, E. McLewee. Second Row: W. N. Sears, T. X'aughan, T. 
Kennedy, C, Sleichter, B. Barillo, P. Piasek, J. Havrilla, J. Crupi, 
J. V'onderhorst, M. Kress, B. McLaughlin, L. John. Third Row: K. 

Levine, M. Uonohue, J. Becker, L. Triplett, K. Burke, J. Vazzana, 
G. Jordan, P. Mandel, J. Kacur, S. Bell, R. Wishant. Fourth Row: 
F. Jones, X. Trash, B. Blakely, W. Toula, R. Thate, T. Coucon, R. 
Tognochhi, B. Frisinger, R. Gadol, P. Woltreck, B. Campbell. 

CAMBRIDGE HALL C&D-Fron( Row: L. Elter, F.R., J. .Morris, 
R. Backus, G. Bitner, R. Felter, L. MacMillan, Pres., O. Groul, Pres., 
D. Robinson, V.Pres., L. Slagle, Sec., W. Dempsey, F.R., A. Hy- 
mans. Second Row: S. Steyer, J. Mackley, G. Pfeufer, R. Balderson, 
J. Fisher, R. Boley, C. Keeney, G. Molino, E. Matthews, R. Bennett, 
P. Wahl, C. Rada, M. Ruthenberg. Third Row: J. Barrow, Jr., V. 

Wolynski, D. Bouchard, L. Masters, R. Silverman, G. Whitsow, J. 
Bolotin, D. Korte, D. Allender, C. Trader, S. Schultz, P. Urian, J. 
Borkowski. Fourth Row: B. Bozarth, K. Basile, D. Middlekauff, S. 
Beattie, D. Lassiter, G. Parker, J. Rock., W, Hanson, B. Whitmore, 
P. Sun, A. Tang., \V. Cunningham. 




^^ 3r? 



^A <#» 

att « 

# ■■ « 



» • <<■ 

V f I ,t f : ', 

i-^^^lit/^/^ V 

CATOCTIN HALL A-Front Row: F. Hiitton, B. Andrew, F.R., 
A. Piccinini Jr., Pres., R. Starcher, R.A., C. Harvey, Treas., C. 
Simpler, \'.P., K. Swope, J. H. Insley, F.E. Knapp, P. Campbell, 
A. L. Chenowith. Second Row: R. Norway, D. Hudson, M. Lupiwok, 
D. Eisenhuth, G. Mansperger, L. Mothershead, S. Feeney, D. 
Benson, J. Kramer, G. Reeves, J. Jones. Third Row: R. Smith, C. 

Wirsing, A. Daidakis, G. Koliais, T. Edel, T. Stantan, D. Bosley, R. 
Gassell, D. Bowman, E. Eisenbrey, J. Murk. Fourth Row: P. Keyser, 
C. Houermale, G. Murray, T. Mapp, G. Fuller, D. Mulligan, T. 
Howard, C. Blandford, J. Dyson, G. Olson, T. V'andeHey, L. O'Gon- 
nor. Fifth Row: F. Bender, J. Misenko, V.P., J. Bembe, D. Rencher. 

GATOGTIN -Front Row: A. Turowski, F. Rapisarda, D. O'Neal, 
T. How, A. Doyon, Treas., D. DeRoo, Sec, L. Phillips, Pres., R. 
Thomson, T. Speicher, R. Henrichson, Adv. Second Row: W. 
Boyce, R. Pope, R. Furbish, P. Pumphrey, E. Kirkley, B. Alder- 
hold, B. Lloyd, J. Northrop, D. Gerwig, T. Laverty. Third Row: 
B. McDonnell, B. Rill, R. Strock, W. Poole, M. Zellers, R. Putman, 

J. Corun, B. Boulier, D. Rebarchick, J. Pohlhaus. Fourth Row: 
P. Gilbert, J. Garvey, B. Herzberger, J. Lee, D. Baur, D. Freitag, 
R. Vanderhook, G. Stanton, F. Ricles, T. Lankford, R. Lawrence, 
B. Rickman. Fifth Row: T. Rutan, Adv., E. Pritchard, Adv., R. 
Davis, D. Proser. 



r 1 

^H^ ^P^^^^^^^h'^ *f ^^^Kmi^r^'^^^^M 



t t ^! 


^J V 

CECIL HALL-Front Row: A. Capizzi, C. Nyborg, A. Fabiszak, 
B. Salzman, C. Himmelheber, J. Roche, Pres., J. Allan, C. Balser, 
B. Ross, J. Harrison, R. Ashmore. Second Row: G. Priebe, J. Han- 
cher, M Rogosky, D. Wilmoth, J. Mihok, M. Meyer, L. Hinkle, 

M. Cornfield, H. V'oight, A. Difrancesco, J. Maxwell, T. Markewich. 
Third Row: R. Eskow, C;. Bulmash, T. Beck, D. Madison, C. Mon- 
roe, J. Crist, J. Anthony, D. Hare, L. Montgomery, J. Benchoff, M. 
Stitely, K. Ford, A. Kenneth. 

CHARLES HALL -Fronf Row: P. Vaughter, F. Combs, W. Par- 
ham, G. Boyd, N. O'Neill, J. Scruggs, E. McMillan, C. Carlson, R. 
Samuels, R. Trapp, C. Travers. Second Row: R. Zenoble, J. Dewey, 
B. Coiien, D. Tayman, R. Hiklebrand, H. Hawkins, E. Hessong, D. 
Cammarota, R. Rinehart, D. Taylor. Third Row: J. Bond, C. Tren- 
ary, M. Will, G. Holdefer, R. Scarborough, W. Koenig, R. Pupole 
Treas., R. Bezanson, S. Silverman Pres., South, T. Kridler, M. Weal 

Sec, R. Green. Fourth Row: S. Donaldson, N. Conaway, J. Freed- 
nian, S. Gla.ssman, L. Knight, D. Levine, D. Yeakel Pres., R. Snyder, 
K. Scharenberg, R. Fremire, S. Andrews, O. Bittinger. Last Row: 
T. Stearns, H. Kline Pres. West, A. Witkin, G. Imlay, K. Kriewald, 
M. Goldstein, A. MacKenzie, T. Kotras Treas. C, E. Coburn, D. 
Morrison, R. McAllister, T. Reiser. 

^ J ^ ^^.M f Jk.A. ^^ e 

1 f 

cs P 


# # 


Ip^ /^ 

^ 1^ -# w 



CHESTERTOWN-A -Firsf Row: J. Miidulla, F. VonBendorff, W. 
McGonigle, J. Reger, Sec, R. O'Griffin, Treas., R. Bartnik, Pres., 
R. Downing, V.P., T. Carski, J. Corl, J. Hyatt, R. Steffensen. Second 
Row: L. Smith, W. Garvey, R. Osmond, F. Makonnen, J. Tucker, R. 
Holtz, R. Horwitz, G. Deoms, J. Arnold, J. Hartman. Third Row: W. 

Lewis, R. Schultz, J. Gainor, W. Miller, E. Hevner, J. Shupp, T. 
Czarnecki, C. Young, H. O'Frieman, R. Davis, F. Finkelstein, C. 
Blackburn. Fourth Row: R. Huhn, I. Lerner, R. Berner, R. Coleman, 
W. Murph>', W. Heilman,G. Kuehn. 

CHESTERTOWN B- Front Row: T. Grabouski, R. Stevenson, P. 
Keckel, B. Bernian, J. Shilian, \'.P., L.K. Schwarz, Adv., G. Loew, 
Prcs., A. C;iicina, T. Dutterer, S. Pleniens. Second Row: L. Shpritz, 
J. NnckfK, R Nichols, D. Drackley, D. Baldwin, W. Ciilfin, S. Paw- 

liuk. C. Cohlentz, I. Marshal, B. Cole, R. Fox. Third Row: G Daniel, 
W Melcski, H. Sanowski, T. Dawson, C. \anik, M. Segal, H. Burch, 
R Rigg'', C. Brahms, R Friedgen, R. Measell. 


© .e 

f . e 

ir .%# 

# i 




CUMBEKl.AM) A&B-Fron/ Row: W. KiiiK, M. Neuliaus, A. 
Schwartz, B Rubinstein, D. Wliitwoitli, pres., D. Pawlak, W, 
Thielz, C;. Moxon, C. Greasley, C;. Gold, R. Shernian. Second Row: 
VV. Yri, A. Costas, R. Carlson, C. Arias, R. Myers, T. Nawrocki, B. 
Korl), T. Hopp, S. Cieplak, W. Gray, A. Roojjow, F. Younkins. Third 
Row: J. Small IV, F. Wanner, Jr., J. Llansa, J. Setta, T. Kemp, K. 
Miesmer, J. Hunt, I, Ijack, S. Rivers, F. Bell, R. Mebnrlein,T. Aaron. 

Fourth Row: T. Soya, C. Weigel, A. Samclelli, N. Bluzer, D. Hall, 
H. Brown, E. Lieher, B. Simmons, W. Clipper, T., R. 
Clelaiid. Fifth Row: D. Korte, D. Koutek, E. Stock, B. Grepps, G. 
Miller, J. Giljson, M. Beavan, M. Tomic, W. Thomas, F. Palulis, A. 
Cunih. Sixth Row: M. Hornthorst, J. Sandler, D. Bradfield, T. 
Kirchner, E. Cohen, R. Rollnian, R. Fox, J. Glazer, C. Johnston, Jr., 
M. Price, Jr., R. Freeny. 

CUMBERLAND CMD-Front Row: S. Klimer, S. Harte, R. Enyle, 
D, FeiKin, H. Bosley, N. Berman, W. Graham, J. Pica. G. Muhlen- 
dore, M. Boiizek, R. Shagojiiie. Second Row: D. Krepp, D. Springer, 
M, Bartosh, B. Ma«alotti, M, Shealey, J. Levin, M. Da\is, L. Ramsey, 
D. Kle\an, J. (Iracki. Third Row: R. Lehr, E. Wiskman, D. Palmer, 
R. (Joukl, U. Bro^an, (i. Bamba, C. Feldwick, S. Harclerode, L. 

Beerwink, M. Steer, M. McHenry, D. Bennett. Fourth Row: E. 
Hemby, J. Hoelzer, M. Dobson, J. Grams, T. Germroth, R. Monis, 
E. Huang, P. Wright, R. Godwin, P. Johnston, S. Price. Fifth Row: 
R. Griggs, L. Wienecke, R. Chase, M. Green, R. Robertson, S. 
Bonnett, G. Clark, T. Michalek. 


V ^** * * 

CrNlBEHI.A.ND K&K-Froiif Row: \\ Foniey, Pies., H. Ik-ssio, 
Si'f., N. Kaplan, W. (limninnhani, M. Stein, J. Monaco, \'. Pies., 
|. Williams, T. Poteet, Pies ,T. Leach, J. Lyncli, M. Binder. Second 
Roil: \\ T.islor, P Sdlis, T Hosen, T. Kiavitz, M. Davis, T. Caslin, 
J. Blose, \\ M nplc, I. HillinKslea, J. Roeilei, C. Carlo, Jr. Third 
Row: K l.ihcrslial, D l.ilu-rslial, .A. Friedel, R. Plank, R, Bennett, 

R. Bloxom,.!, Pottinuer, M. Schneider, (). Hill, R. Lan, S. Albershein. 
Fourth Row: C Weller, P. Clrossnian, R. Hajewski, K. Midivich, R. 
Eniinian, J. Marchione, R. Taylor, R. Taylor, S. Feidnian, E. Leache, 

B. Harris. Fifth Row: J. N'ernon, F.R., M. Stone, T. Anisley, A. 
Riley, S. (.utowski, R. Boley, A. Tokosch, R. Fritz, Jr., J. Anient, 

C. Trader, R. Kimble, R. Kuerberth, W. Stafford. 

Cl'NUiKHl.A.Nn (.till^Front Row: R Walbmn, S. Karrell, M. 
Allen, R. Hoke, R Mclmt/, 1) l.cttwick. Second Row: L. Cook, 
T Tliompson, M (, J Cliesnes, ('• Trotter, B. Barila, F. 
I.upp.itto, 1' Kiulitcn, W Hardurovc. R Heaiic>, M. Hall. Third 
Row: \) Wall.icc, R. Ferrara, B. Brown, A. (iiasbeal, F. Dexter, \1. 
MiMaims, R Donaldson, J. Lund, T. Doiionuhe, R. Thomas, K. 
Wachter. Fourth fi<m (; Weller, R. Woods, J. Deitz, \\. Manning, 
J, Cooper, T Hall, D. Diibey, R. Zsakany, S. Zaharoff, D. Bier, T. 

Crumbine, L. Braver. Fifth Row: C. Elbert, NL Radebangh, R. 
Wilb\ , D. Weiss, J. Chaires, J. Yates, J. Evans, N. Dewyiannis, G. 
Holland, J. Adams, W. Harris, J. Fradin. Sixth Row: R. Robins, A. 
Woltsoii, C. Lndlow, R. Warfield, J. Van Dermark, R. Sntton, R. 
Webster, J. Schnell, W. Biilli\ant, R. Gordon, R. Ketterman, L. 
Fiedler, H. Wright. Buck Row; E. Cockey, H. Wolfson, D. Hanson, 
C;. C^oleman, W. Janes, E. Hottmaii, S. Schepcaro. J. Xeubaner, D. 
Detrick, J. Cornell. 




e f> 



IC^ e 


f* y^ 

trr #|vr 

.t .^ M 

DAMASCUS HALL-Fronf Row: T. Sdimidt, \V. Sliockky, H. 
StiiH'-ilall, (;. Wills, C. Mulder, H,R., K. Sliet'ley, F. Moonves, W 
RoUt'is, D. Wriyht, K. Wetzil, T. Siliiiicllti. Second Row: R. W'en.ner, 
J. Wilson, i'.. Ward, Sell. Chiin., J. Mafiin, E. Rubin, A. Tlioiupson, 
T. Sniitli, (;. Wells, j. Srhlalfer, R. Siuipson. Third Row: R. O'Neal, 
(; Vdunkiiis, M W rciten, 1) Sniitli, W. Zentz, (.'.. Sander, C. Spieka, 
J Siinouik, D. Rnnaldue, 1', Noiiel, D. Waltrup, R. Fe^eas. Fourth 

Row: D. Thiimas, A. Runyan, R. Zellmer Escj., John Foyin, Jr., R. 
Truitt, S. Russell, Soc. Ohrni., S. Sehnidernian, G. Viekery, T. 
Lewis, R. Rosier, J, Scliell, R. Smith, J. Whitelaw. Fifth Row: J. 
X'alentine, R. Siinns, L. Sinniions, W. Grove, Pres., C^. Storrs, M. 
Speelit, B. Thornason, R. Rogers, R.A., T. Uzzell, J. Soloninka, 
P. Siriano. Su7/i Row: R. Simpson, M. Ward, T. Shaner, M. Gilbert, 
P. \ess, E. Salemi, D. Shidemantle, A. Sinclair. 

EASTON A. -Front Row: H Marder, W. \oorhies, J. Biizzard, Soe. 
Ghrm., J, MrC'lean, \'. Coord., S. Greenfield, Pres., (.'•. I,innentelter, 
\'.P., T. Kirtland, See. J B> iie, Treas., J. Wheeler, C. Bowers, J. 
Fnishonr Second Row: D. Fowler, E. Buekaley, R. Carlton, B. 
Rogers, E. Slater, E. (Joodrieh, L. Ashley, B. Blaek, P. Fisher, C. 

Washburn. Third Row: P. Smith, J. Buezek, K. Eister, B. Shelley, 
K. Lentz, R. MeCormiek, Soe. Chrm., K. Talbutt, Stud., C Battigen, 
D. Decker, R. Toth, C.. Quickley. Fourth Row: D. Crone, D. Tho- 
mey, K. Cool, E. Camnins, W. Lueck, J. Cupa, D. Melcher, Stud., 
M. Melcher, C:. Brown, F. Zantlponr. 



t^^%f i'f i 

r , ^ 

KASTON \i -Front Row: B. K.iiiiio, FK. H Mocmuy, I'rt-s., C. 
(iottvvals. \\'.. D. Diivall, Sec, M. Haiiko, Trt-as , P. Cllianey, 
Cooidiii., B. H()j;ei>, Tieas., J. D()Pas(i\i.ile, K. Cloie, D. Troop, 
B. Clutter. Second Row: J. Knight, D. Eheisole, C. Smitli, C. John- 
son, |. Carpenter, A. Fraizier, C. DiFatta, B. Phillips, K. Bet-Aharon, 
R. Canry, A. (ierard. Third Row: C. Shelton, A. Myatt, J. R.innels, 

E. Shaver, C. Miller, S. Votte, T. Cox, J. Hijjuins, J. Necker. S. Witt, 
L. Garrison, R. Shafer. Fourth Row: J. Yinnlinj;, R. Dietzel, D. Kriz- 
els, H. Brown, J. Enler, \V. X'on Brann, T. Nugent, R. Baliunas, E. 
Presley, P. Riibirosa, D. J Kauhnan, S. Berber, B. Dodson. Fifth 
Row: F. Messing, T. Iniphon^, N. Leathernian, S. Flook, C, Caiha. 

EASTON C-Fro(i( Row: B. Fernandez, Adv. B. Wilson, C. Seaman, 
V.P., T. McCnllooKh, Pres., D. Dickson, Exec. V.P., jane. House 
Mother, M. Dninin, B. Larson, J. Parr, Min., M. Pazoniitk, R. Nor- 
man, Treas. Second Row: L. Gonter, L. Kesselrin^, H. Safaipour, 
V. Smell, M. Cox, S. Chicosky, R. Courtney, P. Reniinton, K. 
Schneider, F. Hubbard. Third Row: S. Beitsch, P. Matthews, J. 

Lane, S. Tammsaar, R. Berglowe, D. Elliott, R. Walker, J. Leahy, 
Soc. Chrm., R. Huddleston, J. Derwart, J. Golt. Fourth Row: B. 
Sewell, C. Duced, A. Brzeczko, B. Ebav^h, D. Hurtz, J. Glowa, A. 
Dutkanych, A. Seivold, D. Cooper, A. Gebler, Sec, J. Yates, R. 
Gidick, J. Goldberg, D. Monnison, L. Marvel. Fifth Row: W. Hand- 
ley, D. Daniel, J. Meyer, R. Harvey. 



3 ClJL 

I 1 

1 ^P^^^{$ ^^^^At^^^B 


i^ ^mf» 

EASTON D -Front Row: R. Walker, R. Peacock, Adv., B. Cropper, 
Sec, B. Sbarra, U. Monster, I. Dick, H. Beard, W. Nielsen, Pres., 
R. Heller, J. Strandquist, B. Selbats. Second Row: E. Benues, F. 
d'Eustachio, Soc. Chrni., W. Wujek, J. Renner, S. Berger, P. Thomas, 
G. Phillips, I. McAllister, V.P. C. Messick, D. Scud, R. Dsris, D. 

Harrison. Third Row: E. Dann, Treas., C. Rockey, S. Head, L. 
Gassman, G. Coilbert, D. Weiss, P. Gozinya, D. Hurtz, J. Donians, 
J. Auer, D. Geiger, J. Donians. Fourth Row: G. Ward, J. Harrington, 
I. Hurt, T. Bone, P. Daily, W. Litzau, E. Wiessner, J. Maxa, C. 
Powers, D. Robinette, J. Kohanzadeh. 

EASTON E.-Fronf Row: J. Bailey, D. Goettee, L. Munyon, D. 
Corbitt, S. Langfeld, V.P., D. Ackerman, W. Kelly, E. Jones, P. 
Sewell, M. Rhoderick, M. Woodfield. Second Row: H.Dumler, B. 
Caruso, R. Holliday, G. Shipley, J. Santord, Soc. Chrni., H. Gern- 
heinier, R. Schneider, G. Long, W. Hucke, W. Haroth. Third Row: 

H. Pollack, M. Jagger, M. Zarachowlcz, W. Tillman, R. Plummer, 
C. Harris, T. Carroll, Pres., A. Tenipel, P. Ergler, R. Hopkins. 
Fourth Row: A. Beard, T. Bernarr, S. Weibe, J. Smith, C. Stone, G. 
White, W. Churchill, D. Wilfords, M. Beard, D. Edwards, D. 

© Jl 





'■\^' ^ *^ 

EASTON F-Front Row: T. Staljles, H. Ellison, Soc. Chim., L. 
Jiicoby, Sec, R. Greenawalt, V.P., J. Danek, Adv., J. Nelka, Pres., 
F. Wiikiiis, Treas., P. Foster, T. Iinhoff, S. Liccini, J. Crane. Second 
Row: P. .\hillan, P. Bracit, R. Nutwell, M. Holmes, VV. Knicely, J. 
Steger, G. Bretzel, .\I. Kirshen, P. Milliard, B. Walston, R. Roeth. 

Third Row: S. Robbins, J. Gorsuch, E. Holtzscheiter, P. Griffith, 
P. Hastniann, R. Heslin, M. Shulnian, D. Humphreys, H. Pollack, 
E. Ohaneson, R. Rosenkoff. Fourth Row: R. Grundborn, \'. Ohl- 
macher, R. Horton, F. Balsam, G. White, R. Goldschmidt, J. Foert- 
schbeck, D. Welsh, S. Izac, R. Fabe\ , P. McDonald. 

EASTON G. -Front Row: R. Landers, R. Kinsley, Ath. Dir., J. 
Tennant, D. Wiles, Treas., R. Menton, V.P., R. Cole, Adv., J. Hast- 
ings, Pres., T. Bennett, P. Smith, Soc. Chrm., M. Barrett, G. Kijow- 
ski. Sec. Second Row: B. Donnelly, D. Tash, M. Towner, M. Edel- 
stein, J. Smith, A. Quincoses, M. McKenzie, J. Scott, G. LeCompte, 
1, \'imtnf r/iir(/ Row: H. Lowe, L. Hogue, G. Dod«e, D. Har- 

rington, J. Lodge, ]. Wood, M. Hansborough, R. Bowen, R. Castor, 
J. White, R. Schneider. Fourth Row: B. Harding, R. Henderson, L. 
Hodnett, L. Davis, S. Berenson, D. Tralins, \. Dewitt, J. Grnmbach, 
P. McGuire, W. Norrell, D. Middleton, H. Pressman. Fifth Row: 
P. Wingo, C. Comer, R. Kinniiel, P. Lerch, D. Knowles, L. Lowen- 
thal, G. Ord. 


^ JL^i J 


f if^t t 




EASTON H. -Front Row: A. Schneider, R. Mallonee, R. Hyman, 
F. Wasuta, K. Bridgford, F, Giozinger, R. Hedden, Treas., V. Cobb, 
Pies., M. Ko, C. Stolte, M. Blendy. Second Row: B. Mozer, Adv., 

D. Knisely, D. Cearfoss, A. Kidwell, P. Reid, \V. Fountain, P. 
Maggitti, R. Whittenberge, J. Hull. Third Row: C. Kelly, R. Lownian, 
C. Walswoith, Sec, S. Attinger, M. Lenet, C. Ferguson, G. Jenkin.s. 

FIRE SERVICE -Fronf Row: J. Walter, J. O'Neill, J. Deskins, E. 
Lebowitz, \V. Miles, W. Clark, Fire Marshal. Back Roiv: R. Jones, 

A. Bergantz, E. Radford, B. Greenwood, Engr.; E. Willey, Capt. 



— '^ 

e © 

FREDERICK HALL- Front Row: S. Luyton, E. Janowitz, W. 
Taylor, J. Morton, E. Hoffman, L. Waldhauser, G. Eshelman, G. 
Boatman, D. Fox, B. Dorer, R. Caple. Second Row: F. Kirsch, J. 

Fleischer, A. Lewie, R. Spencer, W. Burnotes, G. Ringsdorf, S. 
Croot, J. Hartge, E. Wicks, J. Pena-Soland. Third Row: V. Lush, 
D. Brechbiel, C. Schaniel, M. Tabackman, D. Ries. 

GARRETT HALL -Fronf Row: G. Keys, L. F. Lhino, Treas., D. 
Burrows, Hse. Mgr., W. Croll, E. Del Tatto, V.P., VV. Compfon, Sec, 
M. Pearman, Pres., W. NrChiin, Fac. Res., B. Gosnell, H. Mallow,]. 
Harling. Secorjd Row: G. Chapline, M. Jennings, J. Kienzler, B. 
Kuhat, (;. Baursfeld, G. Merrinian, F. Love, W. Coppersmith, K. 
Hunt, D. Edwards. Third Row: R. Berlin, S. Dackson, M. Patinella, 

L. Edwards, R. Crum, J. Rubin, R. Price, M. Daugherty, \V. Moffett, 
C. Trey, K. Baker. Fourth Row: T. Jenkins, J. Leitch, J. Letmate, 
J. Trumbaur, C. Sachs, R. Millikin, J. Florin, R. Crooks, J. Hines, 
M. Frank, J. Wechsler, C. Rader, J. Shipley. Fifth Row: E. Swinski, 
R. Wood, J. Slocomb, B. Brooks, J. McMahon, J. Montgomery, Ji. 
Kline, J. Cox, G. Kaplan, T. Given. 




L t e 


' 1 

■M ; M 

^..Ji^B V ^^^^^^^1 



^- V 

k - , Ji 1 r J. ^ . fe f^^i =. iJ^ 


^ e e 

HARFORD HALL-Front flouj. N. Dowling, M. Nachman, E. 
Jendrid, F. Mamani, G. Timberlake, Treas., W. Alexander, V.P., 
F. Damico, Pres., M. Burke, R. Tucker, R Wood, R. Liftig, H. 
Shulman Second Row: H. Jeffries, D. Price, R. Billups, G. Rotli, 
J. Bair, A. Chantker, O. Beniser, B. Rigler, A. Silbersrom, W. Rus- 
sell, A. Terl. Third Row: R. Meade, R. Griffin, W. Mickey, J. Moore, 
W. Sullivan, L. Borowicz, J. Zsakany, J. Macrae, H. Feinberg, V. 

Columna, A. Brucker, J. Arford. Fourth Row: R. Liston, L. Scanlon, 
R. Brown, S. Norwitz, M. Flaven, T. Curley, R. Garrett, G. Tarutis, 
J. Morris, R. Bair, M. Beauchamp, F. Tinney. Fifth Row: J. Hardee, 
W. Brown, R. Hogan, R. Rose, H. Schlesinger, M. Hayman, T. Bas- 
sett, T. Bassett, T. Peters, J. Krebs, W. Malesh, B. Reinhardt, W. 
Hayes, B. Conner, C. Gross. 

HOWARD HALL-Front Row: J. Cianos, A. Baker, S. Kimble, L. 
Baker, S. Grossman, V.P., J. Benus, Pres., J. Sutherland, J. O'Brien, 
R. Ellis, T. McGarry, R. Smith, Fac. Res. Second Row: G. Erbe, 
J. Cooper, S. Kehne, R. Lawley, H. Rebbert, B. Eckard, J. Foley, J. 

Bryant, J. Buhite, W. Shinnick. Third Row: M. Butcher, D. Dubam- 
sky, A. Wagener, W. Elliott, T. Modlin, J. Brocato, V. Ivlorris, P. 
Radler, N. Wachter. 










■,..._» t fl 





M^ ♦ 4P^»^ 5;^^ "^ 


^ /m 

KENT HALL-Front Row: R. Spencer, Fac. Res., R. Paritzky, V.P., 
D. Rofftnan, W. Bowers, P. Fink, A. Fox, B. Hodges, T. Noble, S. 
Newhouse, S. Wolfe, D. Stoetzer. Second Row: N. MacDonald, T. 

Bryant, B. Taube, D. Simkowitz, C. Cropp, E. Jarboe, E. Messer, 
B. Semler, L. Burton, J. Hoffman, J. Belt, S. Walker. 

PRINCE GEORGE'S HALL-Front Row: S. Pendergasy, D. Dal 
mau, J. Fletcher, R. Barron, Treas., D. Porter, Pres., ]. Murray 
R.A., B. Farver, F.R., B. Reiss, V.P., L. Taylor, Sec, J. Robinson, R, 
Lassahn. Second Row: J. Veise, N. Rogers, D. Parker, H. Robbins 
W. Bohli, T. Crothers, J. Nataro, M. Jankiewicz, N. Spencer, J 
Novotny, H. Sindler. Third Row: D. Guth, R. Balser, M. Kuklewicz 
A. Schwartz, R. Sterling, J. Walder, C. Wolfordus, E. Bagranoff, B 

Stokely, J. Bishop, R. Kaiss, W. Yokes. Fourth Row: N. Baker, J. 
Anderson, Capt. O. Karol, J. Menhl, T. Plevin, S. Battle, C. Felty, 
J. Mahoney, C. Gough, W. Boehm, K. Perry. Fifth Row: H. Mason, 
S. Livingston, L. Sherman, T. Kilduff, R. Nielsen, J. Warfield, T. 
Thomas, D. Dixon, D. Clark, M. Eisen, R. Helstowski. Sixth Row: 
P. Bystrak, J. Estep, R. Holter, J. Ludder, R. Somers, R. Greengold. 

£ © J. 




'" «■ '§ 'I' 't # # 'S- 

'f '# ''S- >t . 


'!>#' « 

■w ^^ 


_ t 

TALBOT HALL-Front Row: J. Rohrer, A. Brown, D. Bianca, J. 
Stallard, R. Cohen, Sec, J. Katz, J. Sadowski, Pres., R. Streitman, M. 
Bierig, T. Bowman, Soc. Chrm., J. Reilly. Second Row: G. Bowden, 
R. Anderson, H. Twilly, P. Demarco, C. Grouc, R. Carey, S. Moores, 

J. DeBoy, P. Heam. Third Row: S. Saulsbury, R. Heird, F. Kuehl, 
J. Greco, B. Lavett, T. Laudicina, J. Badinelli, K. Larash, J. Wamick, 
A Jonson, W. Megary, E. Kinling. 

WASHINGTON HALL-Front Roto: G. Downs, F. Gross, V.P., 
T. Garrigan, T. Shepard, A. Goldfein, Adv., M. Noll, Pres., W. Rout- 
son, L. Summers, W. Shoemaker, P. Levin, L. Long. Second Row: 
M. Chain, B. Coupal, J. Hoiler, W. Keir, G. Skepton, T. Shivers, 
R. Hancock, J. Payne W. Dixon, S. Rund. Third Row: D. Van Bus- 
kirk, F. Veeder, A. Macklin, P. Patterson, J. Layton, D. Sohn, J. 
Davis, H. Sohn, K. Sevier, R. Anderson, O. Jones. Fourth Row: P. 
Moyer, L. Brockson, C. Koms, R. Tanner, S. Rome, Treas., W. Web- 

ster, Sec, C. Boyer, V.P., G. Hoover, Pres., R. Kaminski, L. Young, 
W. Maske, R. Sprecher. Fifth Row: G. Jacques, M. Murphy, T. 
Stemmer, B. Jenkins, M. Swann, J. Stewart, W. Quimby, Soc. Chrm., 
A. MacAdams, C. Regan, M. Anderson, N. Salafia, R. Strickland. 
Sixth Row: M. Shumate, J. Weisbrod, A. Schramm, E. Osbom, J 
Bell, H. Wolpert, I Pres., R. Elgin, I V.P., H. Elliott, I Sec, P. 
Rebert, I Treas., D. Vore. 


. J.A^-'i 




1 1 \ \ ' 

1 t f 1 

V V ^ 1 


' . 

s ^ 

V ^ 

'^ f0 

^ nht 



« #yfl 

^ "^ ^ ^ ^ ^^ T \r '5 

bolt, R. Scott, R. Barkley, T. Marshall, T. Finley, Sec; E. Stark, 
Pres.; D. Dutterer, 2nd V. Pres.; R. Haynes, Treas.; B. Ferguson, 
R. Zitin. Secotid Row: H. Fleischer, B. Fingerhut, W. Brucizinski, H. 
Romberg, P. Jankovic, R. Frederick, K. Brace, G. Hendrickson, R. 
White, M. McElroy, J. Gregg, A. Hongcll. Third Row: R. Campbell, 

S. Smith, J. Menick, A. Hettleman, J. Riley, W. Howard, S. Cheb- 
ithes, R. O'Neill, y Curtis, S. Renier, K, Harding, T. Clarke. Back 
Row: L. Ridgely, M. Farbman, J. Combs, T. Everitt, J. Cotton, P. 
Savanuck, C. Leimbach, W. Robertson, HI, J. Harris, G. Brouillet, 

W. Kleid, M. Mason, P. Robertson, R. Simpson. 

Interfraternity Council 
Pan Hellenic Council 

PANHELLENIC COUNCIL-Fronf Row: M. Meyerson, J. Huber, 
H. Settler, L. Felid, M. Cockey. Second Row: J. Notopoulos, N. 
Chotiner, J. Epstein, S. Rappoport, B. Grimm, R. White, E. Moke. 
Third Row: K. Cooney, S. Anderson, J. Zimmerman, B. St. Clair, 

A. Cable, T. C^uimingham, J. Messer, S. Coppage, E. Folk, M. Ker- 
nan, D. Skirven, K. Hober, L. Cryon, B. Reed, S. Pollara, C. Caputo, 
S. O'Meara, J. Davis. 

Alpha Chi Omega 

ALPHA CHI OMEGA has had a busy year 
/Vwith activities ranging from Flying Fol- 
hes to Majorettes. Lynn Edgley was on Sen- 
ior Legislature, Who's Who and Mortar 
Board. Linda Chase and Joyce Munk were 
on Junior Legislature, and Carol and Jan 
Orban were on Sophomore Legislature. In 
honorary fraternities were Sue Robinson, 
President of Omicron Nu and Sue Herbert, 
President of Sigma Alpha Eta. Representing 
Alpha Chi Omega in Diadem were Bobbie 
Evans and Betty Jiles. Working together in 
the true spirit of sisterhood. Alpha Chi 
Omega received honors by taking third place 
in IPC sing and Sorority Olympics. Carol 
Higgins was elected WRA secretary and 
Karen Tulin was elected AWS secretary. 
Beauty is present in the Alpha Chi Omega 
house and this was evident when Terry 

O'Neill was second runner-up for Inter- 
fraternity Queen. The A Chi O's also helped 
in the library for two months as a service. 

ALPHA CHI OMEGA-Front Row: J. Zimmerman, Panhel., R. 
Gingerian, Treas., B. Jiles, Sec. V.P., S. Hubert, First V.P., B. Tait, 
Pres., E. Keller, House Dir., L. Rachuba, Cor. Sec, L. Chase, Soc. 
Chrm., T. Temple, Schl., C. Cady, Chap. Second Row: M. Sanquin- 
etti, J. Inouye, S. Bond, R. Walter, E. Zurborg, S. Valentino, ]. 
Ward, J. Sykes, P. Peley, C. Thomas, P. Keenan, J. Arnold, B. 
Gardner. Third Row: S. McCarty, C. Rinnier, B. Piquet, C. Little, 

C. Orban, F. Klimges, D. Haesloop, C. Sterling, L. Emel, L. Wood, 
L. Edgley, J. Orban. Fourth Row: M. Beneke, J. De Moll, B. Sanger, 
J. Munk, J. Staley, M. Coleman, D. Davis, A. Korar, B. Peters, C. 
Tait, B. St. Clair, S. Myers. Fifth Row: L. Lougee, N. Gustafson, C. 
Toula, M. Woods, T. O'Neill, C. Worden, B. Cox, K. Tulin, S. Mc- 
Kean, L. Morgan, B. Tabinsky, B. Evans, E. Morreale, P. McGinty, 
C. Mintz. 

Q/)^ A h ^^^I^^ 4^|\e^fi 

A ^ n o ^ 


ALPHA DELTA PI -Front Row: N. Hooker, Rush, J. Kaper, 
Stand. Chrm., D. Holmes, Rec. Sec, K. Volland, Treas., B. Field, 
Pres., Mrs. Guenther, House Mother, C. Lawson, V.P., V. Trinter, 
Schl. Chrm., V. Hambury, House Pres., C. Stark, Cor. Sec. Second 
Row: J. Glunt, M. Blumenthal, M. Walter, C. Thomas, L. Wilson, 
C. Jones, E. Bailey, J. Davis, J. Tamorria, K. Oberle, M. Nelson. 

Third Row: A. Joroan, F. Delmore, J. Hank, J. Graham, M. Goley, 
K. Palmer, S. Martin, K. Thrasher, J. Dietrich, K. Turyn, N. Fleigh. 
Fourth Row: J. Royce, B. Soper, T. Bugel, P. McGuire, M. Boehm, 
C. Gatchell, M. Weaver, J. Powers, K. Foster, K. Earnest, D. Cassel- 
berry, L. Gurney. 

Alpha Delta Pi 

THE ONLY white brick sorority house on 
campus houses the sisters of Alpha 
Delta Pi. They have won several honors on 
campus, and many members have attained 
positions of honor on campus. Carol Lawson 
is the president of Angel Flight, and Jeannine 
Royce and Barbara Soper are also members 
of Angel Flight. R.A. White is Panhellenic 
Rush Chairman; Chapter President Bettie 
Field is Secretary and Social Chairman of 
Radio-T.V. Workshop. Carolyn Dickerman 
has become a member of the Royal Canadian 
Ballet, and is going to London next year to 
study and teach. Jane Powers was a Pledge 
Queen Finalist in November, and Susan Mar- 
tin shot her way to the WRA Archery Cham- 
pionship. Loosening their vocal cords, the 
ADPi's won first place in Harmony Hall 
this year. The more athletically-minded 
sisters swam their way to first place in the 
WRA Marathon Swim. 


0,^ f f) ft 

ALPHA EPSILON PHl-Front Row: T. Rubin, R. Katz, E. Gichner, 
Corr. Sec, J. Klein, 2ncl V.P., B. Fox, Pres., L. Streeii, M. Skaist, 
C. Cobiirn, Rec. Sec, M. Sherr, Treas., S. Rappoport. Second Row: 
S. P(Kl«iir, M. Caplan, P. Ginibel, B. Sager, D. Joltes, D. Hantman, 
C. Schapiro, B. Malin, M. Schuman, S. Watts, T. Beinian, J. Risen- 
berg, B. Goffman. Third Row: E. Kaplan, J. Markin, G. Branoff, B. 
Waranch, B. Bonnett, R. Goda, C. Cohen, L. Kassalow, B. Katz, 

S. Goldstein, T. Gross, R. Kaplan, T. Cohen. Fourth Row: J. Gold- 
stein, J. Katz, A. Zinn, R. Potash, G. Teitel, S. Resnick, J. Morrell, 
E. Harris, T. Rothstein, I. Zetlin, L. Rubin, S. Steinback, D. Swartz, 
N. Zaslowsky. Fifth Row: C. Stoolman, L. Ehrlich, I. Kleinman, M. 
Litwin, J. Goldman, R. Sandler, J. Feldman, J. Kaplan, C. Sandler, 
\i. Freeman, L. Stein, B. Bondy, R. Rose, J. Goteiner, M. Lyman, A. 

Alpha Epsilon Phi 

2k'V!!>A:.i;;+iAON ■ <i>i ) 

THE GIRLS who live on Eleven Fratern- 
ity Row, the sisters of Alpha Epsilon Phi, 
are noted for their enthusiasm in participat- 
ing in all forms of campus and greek activi- 
ties. AEPhi has representatives in honoraries 
like Diamond, Diadem, Mortarboard, Kappa 
Delta Pi, Alpha Lambda Delta, and Pi Delta 
Epsilon. The sisters are members of the 
People-to-People committee, the Dorm Ju- 
dicial Boards, the Student Union Board and 
various SGA committees. Many AEPhi's have 
fared well in several beauty contests, as was 
seen when Leslie Kogod placed in the Miss 
Maryland Union contest, and when Judy 
Kaplan was chosen First Runner-Up to the 
Pledge Queen. This year the Maryland 
AEPhi chapter was honored to receive the 
National award for the most active chapter. 
Regardless of their busy schedules, the 
AEPhi's still find time to have an annual 
Christmas Party. 

Alpha Epsilon Pi 

FOUNDED IN 1913 at New York Univers- 
ity, Alpha Epsilon Pi did not come to 
this campus until 1940. The brothers are a 
charitable group, as attested by their well- 
known annual Christmas Party at the Na- 
tional Institute of Health and their party in 
the Spring for mentally retarded children. In 
campus activities, the brothers claim the 
president of the Free State Party, Paul Sav- 
anuck, Richard Keller in Kalegathos, and 
Richard Brodsky and Jeff Lintz, both class 
representatives to Men's League. Very much 
interested in athletics, the guys have won the 
bowling championship and various Softball 
playoffs. Their present officers include Rich- 
ard Keller, president; Mark Newman, vice- 
president; Mike Gelman, treasurer; and Paul 
Stein and Ron Weinraub, secretaries. 

ALPHA EPSILON Pi-Front Row: M. Ferber, M. Wolf, P. Sum- 
nierfield, M. Newman, R. Keller, Master; Mrs. L. Solomon, B. Wein- 
raub, R. Boertnik, M. Cossak, S. Cutler. Second Row. L. Leonard, 
B. Eanat, M. Rinis, S. Wishnoh, S. Tarason, L. Goldberg, C. Schein, 

S. Scheaffer, J. Kaiser, B. Silverman. Third Row: R. Lotz, S. Kimmel, 
A. Hais, G. Molivinski, S. Maged, P. Sobel, J. Miller, B. Colton, A. 
Rosen, H. Gittleson. Back Row: T. Benesch, D. Fox, J. Gould, J. 
Bauniel, S. Grossman, F. Sax, R. Browne, S. Zeitchak, A. Kraft. 

§ # 



s #^ >*^^ '^l 

Alpha Gamma Delta 

THE SORORITY'S active members have 
put in a busy year under the leadership 
of their president, Elaine Folk. Bringing 
honor to Alpha Gamma Delta was Eleanor 
Barney and Margot Heggestad, who joined 
Alpha Lambda Delta, and Elaine Folk who 
joined Alpha Lambda Delta, and Elaine 
Folk who joined Tau Beta Sigma and Gamma 
Sigma Sigma. Susan Miller, Carol Hardin 
and Christy Peterson joined Diamond. 
Christy Peterson had a second honor when 
she was asked to join Sigma Alpha Iota. The 
Alpha Gamma Delta's were also very proud 
of their pledge class this year. They came in 
second place in the Pledge Skit Night. 
Rounding out an active year, Alpha Gamma 
Delta had their annual Apple Polisher's Din- 
ner for their professors. 

ALPHA GAMMA DELTA-Front Row: E. Bese, Act. Chrm., K. 
Boesch, Rush, J. Putman, Cor. Sec, P. Reik, Treas., E. Folk, Pres., 
Mrs. Brinley, House Mother, C. Hardin, V.P., R. Seaton, Rec. Cor., 
A. VVilks, House Pres., A. Cable, Panhel. Second Row: L. Quinn, P. 
Koenig, N, Monitor, K. Duncan, L. Cheslosky, C. Fugitt, N. Adams, 

M. Russell, B. Mayer, S. Wiese, J. Kearns-Preston, E. Barney. Third 
Row: K. Hicks, S. Wilks, O. Eggleston, H. McCauskland, J. Jones, 
F. Burgess, S. Miller, L. McCron, M. Heggestad, L. Oursler, B. 


ALPHA GAMMA RHO- Front Row: T. Robertson, K. Stiles, C. 
Streaker, Sec, S. Westin, V.P., L. Ridgely, Pres., Mrs. Barnard, J. 
Rinchart, 2nd V.P., W. Gordon, Treas., J. Carr, J. Edwards. Second 
Row: P. Brundrett, C. Huff, D. Edwards, D. Leishear, W. Watson, 
E. Hawker, L. Jarrett, D. Hoshall, P. Willett, W. Leaman, J. Pod- 

lesny. Third Row: W. Holland, R. Edwards, R. Jenkins, J. Hanna- 
wald, R. DeLauder, W. Seiders, C. Cramer, R. Stunsfield, R. Merritt, 
W. Knowles, J. Hoffman, J. Bowie. Fourth Row: H. Griffith, T. 
Sidor, T. McMaster, R. Simpson, W. Boyd, J. Robison, E. Fry, J. 
Holt, J. Badger, J. Messer, F. Shipley, L. Pue, F. Bennett. 

Alpha Gamma Rho 

GREEN AND gold are the colors which 
represent the Maryland chapter of Alpha 
Gamma Rho. The brothers have been es- 
pecially busy this year, with campus and 
house activities. They recently won the Pi 
Beta Phi Door Decoration Contest, with a 
multi-colored peacock designed with a pro- 
fessional flair. Several of the brothers repre- 
sent the fraternity in campus honoraries; 
among these is Ken Stiles and Max Perry in 
Who's Who and Omicron Delta Kappa; Bill 
Boyd, Bryan Streaker, Ken Stiles, and Bob 
DeLauder in Alpha Zeta; and Lee Ridgely, 
Ken Stiles and Dave Miller as members of 
Kalegathos. Bill Seider is a member of Mary- 
land's Madrigal Singers, and Lee Ridgely 
was recently awarded a special alumni award 
for outstanding achievement. A busy sched- 
ule of social and cultural activities keeps 
the AGR's especially active. Last Spring they 
escorted the sorority housemothers to the 

[ ^>;^4J~rqt'>^° JJP^ 

Flower Show at the D.C. Armory, and to add 
to their others activities is the annual Soror- 
ity Cow Milking Contest. 


« A fiAA A . " 

ALPHA OMICRON PI -Front Row: A. O'Donnell, S. Waldie, Cor. 
Sec, S. Sears, Rec. Sec, M. Gleasni, PI. Trainer, M. Koziol, V.P., 
Mrs. Stacy, House Mother, H. Hyve, Pres., V. Ordey, Treas., A. 
Nicholas, House Pres., L. Gibbs. Second Row: M. Shannon, S. 
Landrieu, S. Miller, L. Kirby, S. Samsel, L. Rose, A. Cateambone, 
P. Scholtz, B, Reed, A. Kruger, S. Schloss, C. Holmes. Third Row: 

P. Voneiff, M. Miller, J. Herman, M. Kullman, K. Kowal, K. McCaf- 
fry, D. Skirven, \'. Kontos, L. Snow, J. Vojik, C. Snead. Fourth Row: 
S. Grubb, P. Jones, B. Zeiller, L. Olson, B. Bees, S. Gerwe, A. Sad- 
tier, D. Amoroso, N. Brien, D. Ferjanec, S. Martin, J. Allen. Fifth 
Row: N. Rydell, P. Furlano, W. Flegal, R. Richard, N. Crowthen, A. 
Zouck, C. Sacks, G. Hau, S. Lyon, J. Mockabee, J. Fields. 

Alpha Omicron Pi 

THE SISTERS of Alpha Omicron Pi have 
been active in numerous organizations 
this year. The honoraries they represent are 
Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Kappa Phi, Pi 
Delta Epsilon, Phi Alpha Epsilon, Sigma 
Alpha Eta, Phi Chi Theta, Diamond and 
Diadem. They also have members on Mortar 
Board and Who's Who. Active in other fields 
are Anne Nicholas, M-Book editor and Kathy 
Kowal, FOB Handbook editor. The AOPi's 
have also been busy in the Women's Press 
Club, Flying Follies, University Theater, 
Women's Clee Club and the TERRAPIN. The 
Red Cross Blood Drive on campus was spon- 
sored by their sorority. For the future. Alpha 
Omicron Pi is expecting their new house ad- 
dition to be completed by September, 1966. 


Alpha Phi 

THIS YEAR, the sisters of Alpha Phi have 
gained recognition on and off campus for 
their activities and their beauty. Sandra 
Bascom and Mary Whitehill have been busy 
working as Aqualiners. The sorority placed 
first in IFC sing and WRA bowling and 
swimming. They are active on Diamondback, 
Greek and M-Book. Beauty also holds an 
honored position with these girls. Pat 
Murphy was a finalist for Homecoming 
Queen and Nancye Bahen was a finalist in 
the Miss Maryland contest. Finalist for Miss 
Maryland Union was Trish Clark. The active 
sisters are not the only outstanding members 
of Alpha Phi, for pledge Joyce Newman was 
a finalist for Pledge Queen. Off campus, Pat 
Slevin was a finalist for Glamour's Ten Best 
Dressed Women and Diane Longeler par- 
ticipated in the Eastern Shore Tennis Cham- 
pionships. Completing a busy year, the sis- 
ters of Alpha Phi had their annual Spring 
Fashion Show and their Spring Formal. 

ALPHA PHI -Front Row: G. Grubbs, Sec, P. Grams, E. Cahill, 
Soc. Chrni., B. Kelley, G. Baker, Pres., M. Wise, Treas. M. Church, 
Corr. Sec, C. Ferguson, V.P., C. Davis, P. Roach, Pres. (House). 
Second Row: B. Wood, D. Langeles, T. Clark, L. Baker, J. WarfieJd, 
S. Nelson, C. Porter, S. Scerback, K. Post, J. Newman, J. Reeves, 
M. Peters. Third Row: M. Witt, S. Kornegay, D. DuVal, C. Bixby, 

P. Murphy, M. Alder, J. Deitz, L. Ford, C. Smith, R. Cheney, M. 
Ruprecht. Fourth Row: S. O'Meara, J. Powers, M. Praetorius, D. 
OMeura. K. Nelson, P. Kemper, C. Perry, B. Shipp, K. Milhnnton, 
E.Tollefson, C. Bronson, N. Funkhouser. Fifth Row: K. Tilghman, J. 
Zihiman, S. Bascom, M. Cockey, S. Steuart, C. Andrejack, M. 
Hall, C. Bodkin, C. Ba.scom, N. Best, C. Kane, J. Hawkins, J. Davis. 

/> A !FtJ\J^/^/iC\ ft Of' 


Alpha Tau Omega 

ALPHA TAU OMEGA-Front Row: M. Leibovici, J. Baisey, R. 
Donation, B. Possmn, Treas., G. Biouillet, Sec, D. Robertson, 
Pres, J. Harris, \'.P., J. Mitchell, J. Ditto, R. Monsour. Second Row: 
T. Monahall, T. Kinf, B. Deissler, D. Buckingham, B. Allan M. 
Clreathouse, J. Frank, B. Reinhardt, R. May, R. Graham, Third Row: 
E. Halleni;en, G Cooper, D. Frew, K Fisher, W Keller, J. HardinK, 
R. Lamb, J Poll.ick, W, Robertson, B. Benson, J. Giniiell. Fourth 


^ -t 

ALPHA TAU Omega, founded at VMI in 
1865, is celebrating its centennial birth- 
day this year. ATO has won innumerable 
honors, and its members have attained many 
high positions of leadership on campus. Don 
Robertson is president of Omicron Delta 
Kappa, and John Ross is also a member of 
ODK. Pete Michael is Chairman of the Who's 
Who Committee and of the People-to-People 
Committee. Bob Smith was elected treasurer 
of the Freshman Class, while Dick May is 
a member of the SGA Legislature and will 
be the Chairman of next year's Homecoming 
activities. John Ross is Chief Justice of the 
Central Student Court, and vice-president 
of the Men's League is Brian Benson. ATO 
was awarded the Individual and Team Sports 
trophies, and they placed second in football, 
basketball, and football. The ATO's were 
awarded the Hillock Trophy for the out- 
standing fraternity. 

Row: B. Tucker, M. .Machen, R. Smith, B. Lagarde, P. Nesbitt, D. 
Perry, G. Kozar, N. Mills, K. Weymouth, B. Sutherland, R. Graham, 
J. Fraser. Fifth Row: S. Spero, E. Pappas, B. Mildenberger, J. Mo- 
hok, A. Gonzales,. D. Dierker, J. Buczer, J. Barley, R. Ullrich, J. 
Peever, S. Stine. Sixth Row: M. Ely, J. Small, R. Gladhill, M. Pyies, 
D. Trausersnake, T. Fisher, K. Swanson, D. Drury, J. Kiddler. 

# t 

fit. I 





^' /^ 

ALPHA XI DELTA-Fwnt Row: E. Ott., Hist., S. Townshend, A. 
Muse, R. Matteson, Soc. Chrm., S. Kelbaugh, Pres., Mrs. H. Funk- 
hauser, housemother, D. Barker, Rec. Sec, B. Blades, V.P., P. 
Nucci, Treas., J. Cox, PI. Trainer, N. Glasgow. Second Row: J. 
Tainter, A. Diffendall, J. Ramsen, K. Boseck, D. Schuller, C. Robid- 

oux, P. Gallagly, J. Judge, B. bmilski, K. Millar, B. Heinmuth, P. 
Fuller. Third Row: K. Steer, J. Dean, L. McVey, N. Bonner, S. 
Simmons, C Day, B. Ullman, B. Holmes, T. Price, J. Stanne, S. 
Miller. Fourth Row: M. Brewer, B. Vance, P. Johnson, J. Toula, 
M. Fink, L. Parresol, M. Gemmell. 

Alpha Xi Delta 

THE NEW ADDITION to the Alpha Xi 
Delta house was completed this year 
and amid this new background, the girls have 
been quite active. Sharon Kelbough, Betsy 
Blades and Nancy Glasglow were members 
of Diamond. Mary Gemmel and Chris Day 
were busy as Aqualiners. Athletically, Sharon 
Miller, of the Maryland Bowling Team, and 
Karen Miller, chairman of the WRA bulletin 
board committee, have gained recognition 
for Alpha Xi Delta. Other honorary members 
are Bonnie Vance, Alpha Psi Omega, and 
Lana Parresol, Theta Sigma Phi. Off campus, 
their members tutor at Spingarn High School 
in Washington, D.C. For the future, Alpha 
Xi Delta plans to continue the Grace Hill 
Memorial Award and also sponsor a mag- 
azine drive. 

> A\|i»hd Xi Delta. <r 


fi/X^f^ a A ft a o 

DELTA DELTA DELTA-Fronf Row; P. Edwards, Rec. Sec, M. 
Cato, Soc. Chrm., S. Smith, Treas., J. Weaver, J. Quigley, Pres., B. 
Finn, V.P., S. Amos, J. Carnevale, C. Birely, J. Brown, Corr. Sec. 
Second Row: S. Mossburg, D. Sponsler, G. Smith, S. Andrews, C. 
Cedarhind, P. Adorian, C. Faulkner, N. Jobe, J. Hildebrand, L. 
Hildebrand, K. Hober, M. Kidder. Third Row: J. Blythe.S. Pearson, 
S. Sandford, J. Bowden, S. McCency, L. (^uick, L. Sither, P. Brown, 

D. Hasslinger, C. Kenney, C. Coker. Fourth Row: P. Randolph, S. 
Culver, J. Vastine, D. Fulkerson, R. Wright, J. Polek, J. Edwards, 
S. Chu, D. Shellenberger, T. Triplett, D. Woodbury, D. Hicks. Fifth 
Row: P. Maccubbin, M. Fagan, J Hardman, S. Brouillet, A. Ulman, 
D. Stephens, G. Moore, M. Williams, G. Fornian, C. Vallely, B. 
Nesbitt, A. McKinstry, L. Lanham. 

Delta Delta Delta 

THE STRAINS of "Delta, Delta, Delta" 
echo through Ritchie Coliseum each 
year at the Inter-Fraternity Sing, which the 
Tri-Delts sponsor. Delta Delta Delta, 
founded nationally in 1888, and bearing the 
colors of silver, gold and blue, was founded at 
Maryland in 1934. This has been a busy year 
for the active Tri-Delts as they placed first in 
the Sorority Olympics and WRA Bowling 
Tournament, and won the well-earned WRA 
Participation Cup. The members who have 
made outstanding contributions on campus 
include Joan Weaver, president ot Mortar- 
board, Joan (,^)uigley. Homecoming Queen, 
Bonnie Finn, Captain of Color Ciuard, and 
Anne Ulman, vice-president of Diadem. A 
Tri-Delt always maintains her lady-like ap- 
pearance, as seen by Jean C-arnevale, who 
was chosen best-dressed co-ed on campus. 
The Tri-Delts also claim a new addition to 
the cheerleading scjuad, and Pledge Queen. 


Delta Gamma 

THE WARMTH AND congeniality of the 
sisters of Delta Gamma exists not only 
in their house, but also in their participation 
in campus life. Outstanding members were 
tapped for Diadem, Diamond, Kappa Delta 
Pi, Sigma Alpha Iota, and Sigma Alpha Eta. 
Eileen Kelly and Muriel Zetter are members 
of the senior and junior legislatures respec- 
tively, while Linda Lawson serves as Fresh- 
man class secretary. Delta Gamma's also 
take part in publications' work, with Marge 
Fuzo Copy Editor, and Barbara Graham 
Greek Section Editor of the Terrapin. Last 
Spring found Molly Wueste wearing the 
crown of "Campus Chest Queen," while 
Ros Elaine Zetter won the title of "Miss 
Southern Maryland." Friendly and helpful 
to fiaternities, Molly Wueste and Carol 
Werner are Little Sisters of Minerva. Last 
Spring, with the added assistance of their 
housemother, the DG's were chosen "most 
sociable. ' 

DELTA CWWW-Front Row: P. Huntington, E. Ktlly, J. Baker, 
M. Wiiestf, Mrs. Ruth H. Allen, M. Wright, Pres., A. Sykes, V.P., 
M. Fiizo, Treas., M. HuKeaye, S. C:()\. Second Row: V. Neal, B. 
Harper, S. Mui, A. Baetz, J. Rinewalf, B. Capa.sso, M. Zetter, A. 
\Veatherl)y, E. Cissel, B. Graham, C;. Werner, D. Hacknian,- C. 
Morris. Third Row: (). Harrison, P. Lony, J. Dunn, D. Fowler, M. 
Warhol, C. Baker, J. Messer, K. O'Brien, S. Hobson, S. Mech, N. 

Oosterhous, L. Stouffev. Fourth Roiv: P. Wismer, C. Taylor, M. Sam- 
uels, |. Hardin, \'. Jetfers, L. Lawson, M, Reifenstein, R. Bohrer, C. 
Dilehay, L. Gre^oor, \\. Powell, K. Maloney. Fifth Row: C. Ryn- 
kiewiez, J. Askren, D. Hovanee, S. Minion, R. Williams, E. Cirillo, 
S. Hipp, \L Kennelly, A. Waters, M. Wueste, L. Hall, D. Bartoo, 
S. Diehl. 

ili '!» -M tt^* 

Delta Phi Epsilon 

ONE OF THE sorority houses in the area 
known as the "grahamcracker" is that of 
Delta Phi Epsilon. The sisters of DPhiE 
are interested in almost every phase of 
campus life, as exhibited by the many girls 
who are participating in activities, and by the 
many honors the girls have won. Sheila Deitz 
is a member of the Junior Class Legislature, 
Hollace Goldberg is a daily editor of the 
Diamondback, and Judy Selznick is secretary 
of the SGA Finance Committee. In addition 
to this wide variety of committee and or- 
ganization membership, honoraries such as 
Sigma Alpha Iota, and Sigma Alpha Eta are 
represented by Maxine Black and Wendy 
Klotzman respectively. Darla Fishbein was 
recently awarded a Student Assistantship in 
pediatrics research. The girls have also sung 
their way to fame in the 1965 IFC Sing and 
Harmony Hall. 

DELTA PHI EPSILON-Fronf fioa.- B. Bacharach, B. Bergman, G. 
Zwirn, Corr. Sec, C. Fink, V.P., S Slier, Pres., Mrs. J. Hall, S. Deitz, 
Rec. Sec, N. Horwitz, Trea.s., D. Fishbein, Soc Chrni., J. Huber. 
Second Row: S. Zitonier, M. Sacks, L. Foer, E. Paul, E. Burg, L. 
Rosen, B. Bernian, J. Sehneier, C. Hilsberg, L. Feld, M. Blanar, G. 
Weiss. Third Row: B. Boykoff, J. Ciolcl. I. Rotskv, M. Kaplan, S. 

Farb,J. Greenbauni, J. Briggs, J. Rnniizen, M. No\ak, S. Rubenstein, 
A. Sherman. Fourth Row: C. Ostrnsky, A. Muldawer, P. Beldock, 
\V. Klotzman, L. Abrams, T. Kotzin, A. Berger, A. Meyerowitz, E. 
Sagal, J. Barnett, G., K. Schneider. Fifth Row: C. Meier, 
M. Cohen, S. Cutler, M. Komisar, M. Segal, E. Friedman, H. Gold- 

itmttjm M ^ in^i 

DELTA SIGMA PHI -Front Row: J. Giganti, L. Jones, E. Howe, 
H. DeMoll, Mrs. Dixon, R. Ferguson, Pres., C. Bongar, V.P., R. 
Trogolo, Sec, J. Williams, J. Reeve, Treas. Second Row: L. Foxwell, 
J. Sroka, E. Reich, G. Harrison, J. Gregg, J. Ernstedt, B. Gilchrist, 

]. Smith, W. Belfield, R. Helm, T. Wieneke. Third Row: C. Brown, 
J. Moderno, J. Jackins, W. Furr, M. Moore, R. Sybrant, J. Ritz, C. 
Lancaster, R. Welton, A. Grapes, D. Watters. 

Delta Sigma Phi 

DELTA SIGMA Phi distinguished itself 
by having the only housemother hurt in 
an IPC football game. This fraternity was 
established at the University of Maryland in 
1924, after having been founded at City 
College of New York in 1899. At present there 
are many of the brothers who are active in 
different phases of campus life, namely Rob- 
ert Ferguson in Kalegathos, and Marty 
Schwartz, a swimmer on the Maryland team. 
Academically, the Delta Sigma Phi's are in 
good standing, after they placed third in the 
fraternity scholastic averages in the Spring. 
The officers of the fraternity are Robert 
Ferguson, president; Chuck Bongar, vice- 
president; John Reeve, treasurer; and Rich- 
ard Trogolo, secretary. This year the brothers 
had an excellent fall rush, and plans for the 
friture include redecoration of their ball- 

DelU Sigma Phi 

DELTA TAU DELTA-Front Row: A. Hongell, J. Koontz, J. 
Graham, T. Clarke, V.P., F. Cirillo, Pres., T. Buckwalter, Sec, R. 
Tyner, Treas., D. Arnold, R. Zukowski, R. Ritter, Sec. Second Row: 
G. Rady, D. Coleman, D. Milhollan, S. Fisher, D. Collins, D. Lari- 
more, I. Smith, D. Shidemantle, G. Jones, G. Ewell. Third Row: J. 

Buckwalter, J. Bedingfield, D. Furtney, D. Zier, D. Boyce, S. 
Meacher, R. Bafford, C. Sockwell, G. Barnes, D. Duffus, M. Hays. 
Fourth Row: R. Deckert, N. Hallman, A. Bale, W. Nicholson, S. 
Rothe, J. Ornie, T. Ciicina, M. Redden, J. Hines. 

Delta Tau Delta 


THIS YEAR Delta Tau Delta boasts an out- 
standing and diversified list of activities 
and fimctions. Brothers hold positions on the 
Interfraternity Council Court, the University 
Band, Men's League, and the Sophomore 
class. Politically, they strongly support the 
Old Line Party. In sports and athletics, the 
Softball and bowling team, last >ear's di\ision 
champs, are looking forward to another suc- 
cessful winning season. The Delts ha\ e the 
rare distinction ol assembling the list ot halls 
for parties and other social functions, tor the 
IFC. The brothers have demonstrated their 
artistic ability by winning the Homecoming 
Float contest and taking honorable mention 
in the Door Decorating contest at Christmas. 
The Delts arc represented in Kalegathos by 
Bob Pur\'is and Frank Cirillo, and in Omi- 
cron Delta Kappa b\ Jim Bedingiield. 


Gamma Phi Beta 

VERSATILE AND active, the sisters of 
Gamma Phi Beta have endowed our 
campus with their charm for twenty-five 
years. Originally founded in 1874 at Syracuse 
University, Syracuse, New York, they pres- 
ently have eighty-nine chapters throughout 
the United States. Their colors are light 
brown and dark brown. Their members are 
active in many groups and organizations on 
campus. Ella Jane Peebles is president of the 
Young Republicans, Barbara Grim is second 
vice-president of Panhellenic Council; Phyl- 
lis Allen and Georgia Shaw are members 
of Angel Flight and Diamond, and Tina 
Cunningham was Chairwoman of the Pledge 
Dance Queen's Committee, and Chair- 
woman of the Junior Prom Queen's Com- 
mittee. The Gamma Phi Beta's had finalists 
in Pledge Queen and Miss Maryland con- 
tests. The sisters are now anticipating their 
25th annual Founder's Day at Kenwood 
Country Club. 

GAMMA PHI BETA-Fronf Row: M. Peebles, N. Rogers, A. Cad- 
dis, Treas., E. Blumenthal, Soc. Chrm., G. Holland, Pres., Mrs. G. 
Dutton, Housemother, P. Allen, PI. Trainer, E. Allen, Corr. Sec, 
B. Grim, R. May, Rec. Sec. Second Row: E. Chapman, M. Witham, 
M. Avrani, E. Castillo, G. Shaw, M. Sprinkle, S. Johnson, K. Turn- 

bull, E. Lawless, P. Ricketts. S. Fleming. Third Row: D. Duffy, T. 
Cunningham, J. DeMarr, G. Hynson, N. Davidson, K. Gullstad, H. 
Harner, L. Higginbotham, N. McDowell, M. Follow, D. Winter. 
Fourth Row: R. McMullen, D. Witherow, S. Kent, D. Hughes, V. 
Dempsey, B. Holland. 

f^ f) ri 

Kappa Alpha Order 

FOR TWO YEARS now, Kappa Alpha has 
placed first in intramural touch football. 
In 1964, they won the IFC touch football 
championship. But athletic ability isn't their 
only claim to lame. Dick O'Neill, current 
president for the fiaternity, is also a member 
of Kalegethos, Greek Men's honorary. 
George Ralfo, KA's corresponding secretary, 
is chairman for the IFC Ball Committee. At 
their annual Rose Dance in the fall, the KA's 
crowned the Rose Queen, their "sweetheart." 
Each year the KA's hold a Spring Weekend 
in Ocean City, Maryland, where the fun is. 
Another annual project that the Kappa Al- 
pha's have a lot of fun doing is the Orphan's 
Party each Christmas, which the KA's spon- 
sor in conjunction with Kappa Delta sorority. 

KAPPA ALPHA ORDER-Fron( Row: M. nardesty, C. Noren, J. 
Ripken, \'. Kalkman, H. O'Neill, Pres., G. Bowie, V.P., P. Waltrup, 
Treas., S. Serio, G. Raffo, J. Bendetto, D. Newcomb. Second Row: 
J. Turpin, A. Georgelakow, T. Browning, J. Gebhardt, K. Sullivan, 
M. Raeder, R. Schultz, B. Cave, D. Bower, T, Birniin^hani, D. Finn. 

Third Row: T. Wallace, E. Sline, B. Doyle, D. Dillon, \V. L'tz, T. 
Curtis, G. Bresee, J. Mclnery, D. Mahaffey, E. Brooks, P. Haven- 
stein, J. Pine. Fourth Row: B. Szymanski, J. Kennedy, C. Deltuva, 
R. Sullivan, B. Tydings, G. Walton, G. Jackson, S. Krug, J. Sasscer, 
C. Moran, B. Borcz, D. Thoma.s, L. Dougliert\ . 

Lit Jl JLiri 

^ <^^ ^^ ^itm 

f (% o 

KAPPA ALPHA THETA -Fronf Rotu; S. White, Rec. Sec, S. 
Andersen, T. McClung, Treas., B. Bourgeois, Soc. Chrni., C. 
Fondren, Pres., L. Laffan, PI. Trainer, C. Page, E. Christner, J. 
Davis, N. Eyster. Second Row: D. Gushing, K. Cooney, A. Hayes, 
N. Auleta, S. lovino, M. Sornithson, D. Larkin, D. Daudelin, P. 
Habih, B. Koester, J. Crist, R. Hammond, J. Lee. Third Row:R. 

Todd, C. Molina, J. Pierce, S. Kempers, A. Herron, S. Huff, L. 
Brown, J. Fondren, S. Cromer, S. Gibson, C. Garr, C. Burns, F. 
McKenna. Fourth Row: C. Mugno, R. Hughes, C. Hock, B. Ford, 
G. Canby, M. Hanrahan, B. Ranch, M. Yutz, L. Murray, C. Mc- 
Cambridge, P. White, L. Dalsted, B. Reynolds, C. Smith. 

Kappa Alpha Theta 

VERSATILITY was the key word for 
Kappa Alpha Theta this year. Their girls 
represented them in Diamond, Diadem, 
Who's Who, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Beta 
Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Angel Flight and 
Aqualiners. They won scholarship awards 
fiom Maryland and Washington Panhellenic 
Councils. Some of their outstanding mem- 
bers were Gretchen Schwarting, head of 
Campus Judicial Board, Barb Lovelass, 
Central Student Court, and Barb Bourgeons, 
Junior Class Legislature. In the Spring, the 
Theta's were busy sponsoring the annual 
kite flying contest during Greek Week. The 
officers who guide this sorority are Cathy 
Fondren, president; Gretchen Schwarting, 
vice-president; Lorraine Laffan, pledge 
trainer; and Trish McClung, treasurer. 

KAPPA DELTA-Front Row. E. Hutf, S. Pollara, K. Scott, K. 
Murphy, \'.P., A. Bender, Pres., Mrs. R. Smith, A. Hoiiahton, Sec, 
L. Ernst, S. Walker, B. (Iloth. Second Row: C. Crandell, K. Cowan, 
J. Fowler, N. MaeDonald, P. Sadler, S. Bradshaw, J. Davies, B. 
Wilkinson, P. Kiluore, C. Caputo. Third Row: M. Doub, A. Ligon, 

B. Ciray, J. Rinaudot, S. Yinyling, S. Silvers, L. Conway, K. Foster, 

C. Langer, B. Cloth. Fourth Row: R. Martin, C. Blocii, J. Martin, 
F. Sharkey, J. Mirabella, C. Miller, N. Miller, N. Stein, S. Vernay, 
J. Andrews. 

Kappa Delta 



THE SISTERS of Kappa Delta have been 
very active on campus this year, and they 
are very proud of their members. Carol Cap- 
uto was selected for the cheerleading squad 
and Lorraine Ernst was first runner-up for 
the Homecoming Queen. Susan \'erney and 
Janice Davies also brought honor to Kappa 
Delta by being selected for Alpha Lambda 
Delta. Kathy Scott was selected for Sigma 
Alpha Eta, the honorary for speech thera- 
pists. Representing Kappa Delta in Diamond 
are Barbara Miller, Ruth Xhutin and Ann 
Bendel. This Christmas, the\ had their an- 
nual orphan's party. Politically, Sandy Ros- 
encrance was secretary of the Old Line party. 
In the arts, Kay Murphy was in Drama Wing 
and Margaret Elkins was in University 
Theater. This year. Kappa Delta also had a 
mother-daughter and father-daughter ban- 


Kappa Kappa Gamma 

KAPPA KAPPA Gamma was founded at 
the University of Maryland in 1929. 
Since then the Kappas have shown their en- 
thusiasm in the campus and greek activities 
in which they take part. The Kappa's are rep- 
resented in many campus organizations, 
with many of their girls leading these organ- 
izations as officers. In Mortarboard, we find 
Mary Jane Nystrom, who holds the vice- 
presidency of the organization, and is also 
president of the KKG's. Several of the sisters 
hold offices in their classes; Lynn Beveridge 
is secretary of the junior class, and Sue Wills 
is the secretary of the sophomore class. The 
girls have exhibited their poise and charm by 
representing several fraternities as their 
sweethearts. Kappa's also find time in their 
busy schedule to sponsor various philan- 
thropic projects. They sponsor a pumpkin 

KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA-Front Row: M. Kiause, M. Quinn, J. 
Toye, Sec, J. Shuping, V.P., V. Stallings, M. J. Nystrom, Pres., P. 
Connelly, V.P., S. Bagwell, B. Barnhardt, Treas., B. Hanson, S. 
Soiitlinia>(!. Second Row: J. Galbieath, T. Deniing, J. Tracy, C. 
Pennefeatlier, J. Howard, S. Foster, C. King, C:. Manuel, J. Walket, 
M. J. Warlnirton, K. Hansen. Third Row: R. Sisler, C. Yound, P. 
Ellis, J. Ault, C. Carrick, D. Alexander, M. Smith, K. Kearns, M. 
Kernan, D. Landensjager, S. Higgle, P. Holton, B. Park. Fourth 

sale to raise money for their nursing scholar- 
ship, and they co-sponsor a Christmas Party 
for orphans each year. United Nations Day is 
graced by their presence as usherettes, and 
they also sponsor Pledge Skit Night. 

Row: B. Coleman, D. Kirchenbauer, M. Miller, B. Hornhake, E. 
Jones, L. Beveridge, W. Shockley, S. Connelly, M. Tisfast, K. Wil- 
son, J. Long, S. Peahody, M. DelCanto. Fifth Row: P. Weaver, E. 
Edmunds, A. Fukuna, D. Jones, R. Taff, M. Eheart, P. Clahill, S. 
Wells, G. Rowell, M. Kraft, M. Stinson, S. Stine, T. Kincald. Sixth 
Row: S. Wells, T. Clarke, M. Melson. D. White, H. Cooper, C. 

'^/lr\<* -f> 

Lambda Chi Alpha 

■ tn^liJo C 'h i Alpha ^ 

^^"OEHIND THE green door, brotherhood 
D is our most important product." This is 
the motto of the brothers of Lambda Chi 
Alpha at Number 6, Fraternity Row. Their 
brotherhood lias led many members to fame 
and honor on campus. Charles Dombrowski 
is the first vice-president of the Inter-Fra- 
ternity Council, and president of Kalegathos. 
Bob Bories and Duffy Brown are both mem- 
bers of the Student Government Associa- 
tion Legislature, John Barron is vice-presi- 
dent of the Free State Party, and chairman of 
the Pep Committee, while Mike Mitchell is 
Freshman Class President. Together with 
Phi Sigma Sigma, the brothers of Lambda 
Chi acted their way to first place in the Kappa 
Kappa Gamma Skit. Night. Among their 
philanthropic efforts are projects for the 
Salvation Army, and a Christmas Party for 
underprivileged children. 

LAMBDA CHI ALPHA-Fronf Row: C. Kiikpatrick, T. Whisen- 
and, Soc, Chrm,, R. Tanner, Sec, R. Bories, \'.P., M. Mayo, House- 
mother, C. Dombrowski, Pres., B. Hornbake, Sweetheart, F. Anjiier, 
P. Moruan. D. BijiHs, J. Erskine, Treas. Second Row: B. Cowman, 
W Ra\ , E. Browne, (',. Thompson, \V. Cia^ier, T. X'erzi, L. Dix, Jr., 
P Roebmk, H. Allen, F. lones, (.'.. Sexton, K. Dunn Third Row: 

D. Wiles, E. Putens, K. Brace, B. Allen, J. Averill, W. Rinehart, C.. 
Hollidjie, A. Hickey, M. Smariga, M. Key, T Tortora. Fourth Row: 
R. Bricker, C. Stnhler, R. Menton, P. Smith, M Blair, J. Barron, T. 
Carpenter, E. Santncxi, J (.ates, T. C'rehan, J. Northrop, J. Dona- 

si^. e 

^ ^ 

yf w^- w 

PHI DELTA THETA-Front Row: T. Hare, J. Harrison, R. Cole, 
Soc. Clirm., L. Powell, Treas., T. Finley, \'.P., A. Parker, Pres., 
B. Scott, Sec., C;. Moneypenny, Rush, Ci. Kelley, PI. Trainer, H. 
Vinyard. Second Row: D Schulte, C Mitchel, B. Do«, T. Merry- 
weather, H Rice, D. Docile, A. (larrett, J Bartkowiak, D. Mortimer, 
A. Wanner, J. Lon«. Third Row: B. Ward, B. N'oMnier, C. Hart,' F. 

Lanipe, P. Cnennnitt, N. Schaiis, J. Bowlin, W. C^lipper, B. Finle\ 
B. Halota, R. Hitclmer. Fourth Row: R. Baikauskas, K Zern, J 
Stuart, J. Bickley, J. RaKland, T. Baldwin, B. Dudley, T. Pavlinic 
A. Michaels, T. Stables, jr., R. Mayer, B. Hooper. Fifth Row: J 
Blanos, W. Smith, (;. Creen, E. Donnelly, R. O'Brien, W. Harper. 
J. Sheaffer. 

Phi Delta Theta 

<:<-pHI DELTA, Phi Delta Theta," are the 
X strains of a traditional song which the 
brothers of Phi Delt sing at their many 
parties and social functions. One of the larg- 
est houses on campus, Phi Delta Theta has 
members in almost every phase of campus 
life. They have won the All-Sports award, the 
IFC Track Championship, and the IFC Foot- 
ball championship. In addition, there are 
several Phi Delts on the varsity basketball 
team. On the political line, they have of- 
ficers of the Sophomore and Senior classes, 
and officers on the IFC. The brothers take an 
active part in strong support of the Old Line 
Party, with Al Parker as the president. Cam- 
pus events like the Spring Greek Week find 
the Phi Delts taking an active part, with their 
sponsoring an event. All-American track star 
Mike Cole also can be found listed in the 
register of "Who's Who." Completing the 

long line of versatile activities which this 
fraternity participates in is the Comminiity 
Service Day which they hold in the Spring. 


PHI EPSILON PI -Front Row: S. Goloskov, S. Deikh, D. Gar- 
finkel, Corr. Sec, J. Menick, Treas., B. Feinberj;, Pres., D. Hordes, 
V.P., G. Levin, W. Oster, Rec. Sec, J. Fine, S. Friedman. Second 
Row: M. Chaikem, A. Schwartz, I. Miller, E. Boyans, M. Dubeck, 

B. Gimble, D. Kaplan, T. Mintzer. Third Row: S. Block, G. Shach- 
ter, G. Bass, E. Rowen, B. Fingerhnt, M. VVicher, M. Olesker, R. 
Mayers, A. Pearlman, A. Danenberg. 

Phi Epsilon Pi 

•tJ -^ i3> 

ALTHOUGH THE Maryland chapter of Phi 
x\Epsilon Pi was able to attain housing for 
only one year, while they did live on campus 
they became well-known for their contribu- 
tions in the fields of academics, sports and 
social life. Phi Ep Mike Weiner was the high 
scorer for the IFC intermural basketball 
games. In academics, the Phi Ep's have made 
their marks by having the most improved 
scholarship last year, and by having the high- 
est overall fraternity average for a two year 
period. The first president of the Maryland 
chapter ot Phi Ep, Steve Tulkin, was also one 
of the first members of Phi Beta Kappa on the 
Maryland campus. The officers of the fra- 
ternity at present are Bruce Feinberg, presi- 
dent; Don Hordes, vice-president; Jeff 
Menick, treasurer; Michael Weiner, pledge 
master. On the philanthropic side, the Phi 
Ep's held a fireside chat with Dr. Yaney on 
the political scene, and the brothers also 
brought a group of orphans to the zoo. Future 
plans are hopes for a new chapter house. 


Phi Kappa Sigma 

THE COLORS old gold and black belong 
to the fiaternity whose Maryland chap- 
ter was established in 1898, namely Phi 
Kappa Sigma. Phi Kap, as they are commonly 
called, is located on the row. The brothers 
are active in both their chapter activities, and 
numerous campus functions. They claim 
members in Kalegathos, including Jeff 
Evans, Hunter Kesmodel, and Tom Marshall, 
and one of the brothers. Jay McMillan, is 
president of the Junior class. Jack Heim is an 
All-American lacrosse player, while there are 
several other lacrosse players in the fiatern- 
ity. Among the Phi Kap alumni are such 
notable men as Maryland's Senator Joseph 
Tydings, Rod Breedlove of the Washington 
Redskins, and Maryland Justice Judge Pen- 
dergast. Among their well-known ftaternity 
functions is their annual Weekend in Ocean 

PHI KAPPA SIGMA-Fronf Row: M. Edgell, Pi. Trainer, C. Sur- 
macewicz, B. Fisk, J. Kelly, Soc. Chrm., T. Marshall, Pres., C. Hud- 
son, M. Sargis, \'.P., Skully, Mascot, W. Shade, T. Rubino, B. Dunn. 
Second Row: P. Muller, R. Abbott, J. Mezullo, p. Spedder, E. H^ar- 
on, L. Evans, J. Robertson, J. Fa\a, J. Coale, J. Slagle. Third Row: 
E. Adams, S. Pfeiffer, J. Summer, C. Daggs, R. Barrow, R. Chase, R. 


P ^Ji 


! i t' f 

Fusting, v. McKewin, C. Carter, B. Anderson, D. Keller. Fourth 
Row: W. Belleville, L. Winberry, R. Conner, C. Leimbach, T. Beck, 
C. Santaniiello, W. Norrell, T. Hood, T. Lalli, R. Johnson, P. Saniios, 

B. McGlynn. Fifth Row: P. Head, C. Ruppersberger, W. Leimbach, 

C. Sothoron, D. Absher, S. La\'aute, B. Fuge, J. Humler, M. Rioux, 
T. Stewart, H. Kesmodel. 



Phi Kappa Tau 

EACH YEAR during the Fall semester, the 
brothers of Phi Kappa Tau sponsor the 
largest activity provided for by one fraternity, 
Harmony Hall, a barbershop singing com- 
petition participated in by the Greek houses 
on campus. In addition to this activity, the 
Phi Tau's also present the Bronze Bucks 
Award, which is given to an outstanding sen- 
ior fraternity man who is not fiequently 
recognized for his contributions. In addition, 
they award the well-known "Battle Axe" 
given to the outstanding housemother on 
campus. The Maryland chapter of Phi Kappa 
Tau was established in 1950, and is presently 
located in the Gulch. Their plan for the fu- 
ture, however, is to re-locate in a new and 
bigger chapter house. The Phi Tau's are wait- 
ing in great anticipation of their yearly week- 
end in Ocean City. 

PHI KAPPA TW -Front Row: R. Loimley, R. Farqiihar, T. Nalley, 
R. McCall, J. Sisson, Sec, J. Curtis, Pres., K. Harding, Treas., S. 
Formanek, Corr. Sec, G. Storo, J. Liisby. Second Row: J. Conrad, 

B. Taylor, J. Glenn, T. Laudicina, T. Bell, P. Hoffman, J. Beaston, 
A. Johnstone, M. Wilson, B. Phillips. Third Row: E. Reese, R. 
Ihndris, J. Cherry, D. Flanagan, G. Berts. 



^. mm 

PHI SIGMA DELTA-Front Row: B. Wohl, S. Krieger, Corr. Sec, 
S. Kiirr, G. Simon, R. Zitin, Pres., Stan Ismait, V.P., M. Gewirtz, 
Treas., K. Lechter, Sec, A. Eisenberg, A. Stark. Second Row: R. 
Schulman, J. Barrie, H. Pressman, J. Leventhal, D. Cypes, E. 
Goldherg, B. Blavatt, L. Walker, L. Shafer, D. Greifinger, B. R;.ip- 
paport, B. Gordon. Third Row: D. Hurwitz, D. Smith, R. Feland, 
R. Shapiro, M. Dubinsky, B. Hoffman, M. Goldstein, M. Ruben- 
stein, S. Kahan, J. Sperling, J. Rosenberg, S. Renier. Fourth Row: 

J. Anshel, S. Morrison, J. Poulos, N. Oremland, J. Lissy, M. Camp- 
bell, S. Michelsen, M. Botzin, S. Rubin, A. Rosenbloom, M. Birn- 
baun, S. Berenson, B. Rubenstein. Fifth Row: D. Katz, R. Green- 
berg, J. Friedman, L. Schneider, J. Roth, B. Cleveland, R. Fried- 
man, J. Cohen, B. Agins, A. Slan, W. Stern, M. Protas. Sixth Row: 
H. Horowitz, S. Levine, L. Rubenstein, D. Rosen, P. Radler, A. 
Frisch, D. Cohen, J. Karsdon, J. Shapiro, S. Blacker, M. Colb, E. 

Phi Sigma Delta 

<:<pHI SIGMA DELTA -the one to 
X watch," is the motto of the brothers of 
the fiaternity as they strive to enhance their 
position on campus. This year they were off 
to a rousing start by winning first place in the 
Blood Drive with a huge gold trophy, and 
capturing second place honors in the Home- 
coming, 1965 Float Building Contest. The 
enthusiastic chapter officers this year are 
Bob Zitin, president; Stan Ismart, vice-pres- 
ident; Ken Lechter, secretary; Mike Gewirtz, 
treasurer; and Skip Tash, pledge master. 
Among their annual social events, the mem- 
bers of Phi Sigma Delta co-sponsor the an- 
nual boatride together with Sigma Nu. As 
their service project, the brothers sponsor a 
Christmas Party for needy orphans. 


PHI SIGMA KAPPA-Front Row: J. Sullivan, H. MacDoiiall, M. 
Gregus, S. Chebitlies, \'.P., E. Stoei, Pres., J. Mamiel, Sec, R. 
Haynes, Treas., E. Stark, M. Arbiitina, (;. Hiii;hs. Second Row: 
J, Driscoll, J. Reilly, C. Given, L. Donmoyer, R. Capelle, R. Warner, 
C:. Andersoni, B. C;liaraniel!a, M. Spieer, C. 'ionnt. Third Row: M. 
Anderson, M. Kaliiiunns, J. (\)nii, J. Allen, F. Gawliek, B. Harring- 

ton, F. Carson, L. Johnson, W. Barron, M. Mesnier, D. Kiati. Fourth 
Row: W. Yavorsky, B. Palmer, M. Grieb, \'. Sesknnas, J. Wheeler, 
J. Sinioldoni, C. Stearns, S. Adkins, R. Freeman, J. Carson, D. 
Heson, E. Giblin. Fifth Row: F. O'Brien, R. Smolinski, C. Trayees, 
B. McHugh, v. Guida. 

Phi Sigma Kappa 

PHI SIGMA KAPPA, founded at MU in 
1897, certainK has not become stapiant 
in its old age. Although they won first phice 
in the IFC Ciolf Tournament, the Phi Sig's 
claim more intellectual rather than athletic 
ability. Eric Stoer, current Phi Sig president, 
is also a member of the Faculty Senate Pub- 
lications Board, and Kalegethos. President 
and Treasurer ot IFC> are Elvvood Stark and 
Robert Haynes, respectively. Bob Haynes 
is also treasurer for Kalegethos and Phi Sigma 
Kappa, and editor of Greek Magazine. Mich- 
ael Grieg is president ot the pre-lavv club, 
and Mike Gregus is the president of the 
Maryland Ghapter of C:.G.A. But the Phi 
Sig life isn't all work; they won first place 
in the ('hug-a-lug Cireek Week contest, and 
their "Si's" Gigifs are famous. The Phi Sig's 
sponsor an annual Ghristmas Party for chil- 
dren from Junior \'illage. 


Phi Sigma Sigma 

THE SISTERS of Phi Sigma Sigma first es- 
tablished their Maryland chapter in 
1936. Represented by the colors king blue 
and gold, the sisters have taken an active 
part in the academic, social and cultural life 
at Maryland. Several of the sisters have 
shown a flair for acting and singing as ex- 
hibited by Imogene Haber's participation 
in University Theater's Anything Goes, and 
by the outstanding performance of Phi Sigma 
Sigma's Harmony Hallers, who placed third 
in the last competition. Honoraries like Dia- 
mond, Diadem and Sigma Tau Epsilon are 
represented by Susan Katz, Nancy Chotiner, 
and Cindy Salzmen respectively. Imogene 
Haber placed in the second runner-up posi- 
tion for the Miss Prince George's County 
title, and was also chosen as Miss Congenial- 
ity. Phi Sigma Sigma's pledges stole the 
show on the night of the Pledge Skit competi- 
tion, and as a result walked away with the 
first place trophy. This Fall the sisters spon- 
sored a Halloween Party with SAM for chil- 
dren from the D.C. area. 

PHI SIGMA SIGMA-Fwnt Row: D. Bass, S. Wineburgh, K. 
Greenhood, L. Hoffenberg, I. Herstone, Treas., S. Katz, Pres., N. 
Chotiner, V.P., P. LaBorwit, S. Gold, S. Rovin. Second Row: N. 
Lipsitz, L. Hammond, B. Silver, A. Tendrith, D. Cohen, S. Kramer, 

B. Kolodner, I. Beitler, L. Levinson, E. Mandel, B. Lerner, S. Gito- 
mer. Third Row: M. Davies, H. Settler, J. Berkowitz, E. Wolff, B. 
Dubnoff, C. Salzman, J. Reitman, K. Winston, S. Friedman, A. 
Bassin.J. Lev. S. Libouitz. 

Pi Beta Phi 

THE GOLDEN arrow of Pi Beta Phi can 
be seen at all the major campus func- 
tions this year. Dawn Sheeler is on the Sen- 
ior Legislature, and is copy editor for the 
M-Book. Sue Dayton is secretary of the 
Central Judicial Board. Pi Phi's members of 
Angel Flight include Sharon Harper and 
Marilyn Manser. Judy Adams is a member of 
Alpha Lambda Delta, the freshman women's 
honorary. Karen Kells is a member of the 
Aqualiners, a precision swimming group. Pi 
Beta Phi has also won several trophies as 
proof of their efforts. They shared first place 
with Delta Tau Delta in the 1965 Homecom- 
ing Float Contest. Last year's canned food 
drive won them another first place trophy. 
Scholarship has certainly not ebbed with all 
this activity, though, as attested by the award- 
ing of the first place trophy for Most Im- 
proved Scholarship. 

PI BETA PHI-Fronf Row: P. Laramoie, N Mott, L. Weaver, 
C;on-. Sec, \V. Johnston, C. Floefjel, Treas.,D. Slieeler, Pres., S. 
Myiaiit, Rec. Sec, P. MuUendore, T. Clark, N. Terry, Soc. Clirm. 
Second Row: P. Pineles, D. Elliott, K. McDonald, L. Smith, P. 
Tolson, M. Downing, M. Manser, J. Batenian, L. Irey, S. P.inlson, 

A. Miller. Third Roiv: S. Hetzler, J. Johnson, S. Adams, S, H,irper, 
P. Clark, M. Parks, E. Simons, J. Hart, H. Ham, D Di«an, J. Mnllen. 
Fourth Row: S. Ciallowas', M. Olsson, B. Baden, L. Peeler, C. Al- 
bert, S. Brill, A. Warnock, K. Kells, P. Peavy, E. Shoemaker, C. 
Hjertbery, C. Sieyman. 

PI KAPPA ALPHA -Fronf Rou: H Sotlionm, Hist., C. Bt-sser, C. 
Crowe, Sec, L. Sealiolt, Pres., P. Jiinkovic, \'.P., L. Dowlei, Hiiiise- 
niother, M. Stacy, T. Brouan, PI. Trainer, B. Vacola, J. (airter. 
Second Row: F. Fiffley, M. Rawl, J. Coinhs, D, L'tteiireither, K 
Morris, A. Montillo, W. Mills, A. MiiejiKf, C Sinlock, .\1. Lippin- 

ccitt. Third Row: B. Slacuni, B. (iarcelon, D. Kin^;, M. McKadclen, E. 
Houff, J. Hfadiiian, R. Jesiieck, M. Headman, M. Oollins, D. Velton, 
\V. Cailaylian. Fourth Row: \V Koeniu, D. Beall, T. Shaner, \'. 
Burns, J. BobI), T. ()«le, D l,ii,'ht, J. Harris, J. McC:lafferty. 

Pi Kappa Alpha 

PI KAPPA Alpha, founded at the Univer- 
sity of Maryland in 1952, was estab- 
hshed originally in 1868 at the University of 
Virginia, and presently has 131 national 
chapters. Here at Maryland, their house is 
located on College Avenue, and the brothers 
can often be seen playing football on their 
spacious front lawn. In keeping with their in- 
terest in football, two of the brothers. Bill 
Slacum and Jay Headman are All-IFC 
basketball. Lee Seabolt represents the fra- 
ternity in Kalegathos, the Free State Whip, 
Sophomore Legislature, and FOB Social 
Committee. The fraternity came out with top 
academic honors by placing first in fraternity 
averages, by having the highest number of 
pledges initiated, and whose pledges re- 
ceived the Pledge Scholarship award. The 
PiKA's were also charitable enough to con- 
struct the College Park Playground for area 


SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON -Front Row: D. Obrecht, I. Dobry, C. 
McLairil, K. Henrickson, Mrs. C.albraith, housemother, H. Tackett, 
Pres., E. Ellinn, A. Mitchell, D. McCain, S. Roop. Second Row: K. 
Peterson, A, Ant]ion\ , B. Tansey, T. Aaron, C Kramer, F. Burrows, 
T. Hendrickson, \V, Albrecht, \V. Robertson, (;. Gridley, F. Ayal- 

on, W. Hewitt. Third Row: S. Collura, H. Murphy, D. Leahy, D. 
Merritt, D. Lannhorne, R. Kirkwood, R. Field, J. Little, R. King, R. 
Hoover, P. Holcomb. Fourth Row: C. Albrecht, Sec, D. Quein, J. 
Holloman, D. Perry, T. McCory, R. Parks, PI. Trnr., T. Bichy, D. 
Wann, VV. Guidett, E. Tavlor, H. Mann, B. Wimbrow. 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon 

'<rpHE MARCHING SAE's," as the words 
JL of their fraternity song say, live on 
fraternity row with their house dutifully 
guarded by two gold lions, whose colors 
often change according to the whims of dif- 
ferent sororities and fraternities. The broth- 
ers of Sigma Alpha Epsilon founded their 
Maryland chapter in 1943, and they have 
since made their mark on our campus. This 
Fall their Harmony Hall Barbershop Quar- 
tette earned first place with their rendition of 
"Alexander's Ragtime Band, " and last Spring 
the brothers won first place in the Kite Fly- 
ing Contest. SAE's candidate for Miss Cam- 
pus Chest won first place in the competition, 
during Creek Week. The SAE's claim mem- 
bership in many of the University's well- 
known honoraries, such as ODK, and sev- 
eral of their members now hold class offices. 
The brothers of Sigma Alpha Epsilon are 

busy with social functions throughout the 
year, with the AWS-SAE Christmas Pageant 
during the holiday season, and their Spring 
Formal in Mav. 


Sigma Alpha Mu 

THE BROTHERS of Sigma Alpha Mu are a 
politically-minded group, as is exhibited 
by their interest in campus politics. Frater- 
nity president Arthur Goldberg is active on 
the Interfraternity Council, Junior class, and 
the Free State party. Other politically-ori- 
ented brothers include Glen Taud, Freshman 
legislature, and Alan Coven and Bob Fine, 
Election Board. In the realm of athletics, the 
fraternity has members of the lacrosse, ten- 
nis and golf teams. The SAM's spend much 
of their time organizing and sponsoring phil- 
anthropic projects, among them a Halloween 
Party for underprivileged children, and the 
"College Night Casino Royal" for the Ernie 
Davis Scholarship Fund. Last year the 
housemother of Sigma Alpha Mu, Mrs. Allen 
won the coveted "Battle Axe Trophy," for 
the outstanding housemother on campus. 
SAM's plans for the future include an Easter 
party, fireside chats, and improvements on 
their house. 

SIGMA ALPHA MV- Front Row: J. Myeiberg, S. Lanclsnuin, R, 
Finkelstein, A. Coven, \'.P., A. GoklherK, Pies., H. Lipsitz, Treas., 
D. Himelfarl), A. Doreiilekl, C. Finebluin, C DeCiialle, J. Colvin, 
M. Schenker. Second Row: G. Tand, M. SoniineilieUl, I. Click, T. 
Winer, C:. Sweren, N. Melnick, A. Blum, R. Raffel, B. Steinfeltler, 

A. Pasarew, B. Huddles, J. Kravatz, I. Weiner. Third Row: H. Kirk, 
S. Salzman, M. Feldnian, M. Sindler, S. Suser, D. Sclineeweiss, A. 
Rosenberg, P. Feldman, B. Aaronson, M. Weinberg, H. Berg, J. 
Berenboltz, S. Warner. 

m o 







m, ^ '^^ 

/^ fm 

^ /^ ^^ 

Sigma Chi 

THE SIGMA CHI'S are very proud of 
their new house addition which gives 
them a new kitchen, dining room and eleven 
new sleeping-study rooms. Besides this new 
addition to their house, the men of Sigma 
Chi have added recognition to their chapter. 
Ned Quales, Jim Owens, Gary Adams and 
Brian Barkley are members of Kalegathos. 
The M Club members in Sigma Chi are Joe 
Minninger, Vaughn Baker, Stan Graves and 
Chico Medina. Bob Casazza and Carl Boyer 
are both active on the Diamondback. This 
Winter, Sigma Chi sponsored a Christmas 
party for orphans and old folks. This Spring, 
they sponsored the Derby Day, involving 
sorority competition. The Sigma Chi's were 
certainly heard from on campus this year, and 
so was their mascot, Siggy. 

SK;MA CHl-Frout Row: J. Banz, Jr., R. Biyci III, C: Slifwclnik, 
J. Terrill, C. Adams, Pies., B. Hubscher, V.P., B. Bankley, A. 
Mt'dina, E Oiainni, J. Minninj;er. Second Row: F. Buckley, B. 
Flaiiiuan, J Pliimmei, M. Fenaia, H. Ricliaidson, M. Diuiues, H. 
Fleischer, K. H,irriiii;t()ii, T. Ferry, B. Jenkins Third Row: D. 

Schanberger, W. Berry, G. Wall, C. Boyer, M. Allen, H. Fischer, 
D. Piedmont, M. Roy, W. Peters, S. Graves, R. Casazza, D. Cooper. 
Fourth Row: D. Dubel, \'. Spong, J. Davidson, D. Wright, S. Hash, 
F. Witherspoon, C. Pontlitz, G. Auge. 



% ^ 

% ^li> ^' 


SK;MA delta TW-Fwnt Row: S. Bloom, C. Rosoff, M. White, 
D. Rice, \'.P., C. Schwiutz, Pies., Mrs. Keyset, F. Bukziii, \'.P., S. 
Popluder, J. Cohen, R. Ph)tiiick. Second Row: L. Kenipner, J. Litt- 
inaii, J. Friedman, J. Aljehiiitn, C. Kremer, F. Gerber, L. \'an C.rack, 
M. Meyerson, R. CJeerlihit, D. Riidclen, C. Tompakov, J. Shinder- 
man. Third Row: M. Lipsou, R. Viidin, R. Lieberman, E. Adler; A. 
Kafz, R. Lipsie, F. Silberman, E. N'athanson, B. Cimble, S. Kronen- 

berg, N. Frank, M. Stewart. Fourth Row: L. Mondell, J. Alberstadt, 
L. Seidenman, M. Abrams, M. Settler, M. Worton, F. Freedman, M. 
Goldberg, L. Rapkin, J. Goldscheider, B. Kessler, F. Baum, R. 
Spector. Fifth Row: A. Milner, A. Kamerow, J. Germont, V. Julius, 
J. Rothchild, B. Bloom, A. Press, N. Abramowitz, J. Brickell, S. 
Carton, R. Fisher, R. Robin, R. Karl. 

Sigma Delta Tau 

THE SISTERS of Sigma Delta Tau know 
how to plan a year that is versatile in ac- 
tivities, academics and social fimctions. The 
SDT's have a wide scope of programs for 
the philanthropic portion of their sorority. 
Each year they spend time with groups of 
orphans, work with foreign students, and 
coordinate meetings with various inde- 
pendent students to attain better unity be- 
tween Greeks and independents. Three of 
the sisters are in Alpha Lambda Delta, name- 
ly Ruth K bin, Ann Sax and Lynn Mandel. 
Frannie Bukzin is president of Diamond, the 
Sorority women's honorary, and Cookie 
Schwartz and Joyce Epstein are also mem- 
bers of this honorary. Represented in beauty 
contests, the SDT's candidate for Greek 
Week Queen won First Place. The sisters 
of SDT are a group with varied interests, 
as shown by their school participation. 


ft 'ft ^ <^ ^ 


SICMA KAPPA-Fron< RouJ. J. SieKiist, S. Mclntyre, Soc. Chrm., 
J. BaniK.m, Rec. Sec, E. Moke, V.P., D. Chase, Pies., S. Klaus, PI. 
Trainer, A. Morgan, Treas., D. Driver, Corr. Sec, K. Vablonski, C. 
Weaver. Second Row: J. Meretlitli, B. Meleney, M. TaHsiart, C. 
C^ooper, M. Hall, N. Sayre, B Reese, M. Pittnian, C. Lewis, S. SinK- 
leton. M dill, (; Knciepp Third Row: L. LiiulberK, C. Diiprey, E. 

Glover, C. Brown, V. Cooper, M. Suppel, S. Charney, S. Brown, S. 
Doak, B. Brouuh, M. Wester. Fourth Row: P. Altimont, S. Dunn, 
L. McCann, L. Cantwell, M. Pillatt, C. Machis, A. Douglas, H. Mc- 
Laujihlin, G. Newkirk, L. Cuniiiiinj;s, E. Haymaker, J. Alewine. 
Fifth Row: B. Parker, B. Mattin),'ly, B. Rochow, K. Little, L. Millei, 
S. Hill, A. Barton, L. Oyan, F. Jones, T. Harp. 

Sigma Kappa 

SIGMA KAPPA was founded in 1874 and 
has been established at the University of 
Maryhmd since 1940. This year, the Sigma 
Kappa's held many honorary positions on 
campus. Margaret Hall was a member of 
Diadem and Diamond, SGA secretary and 
former Junior class officer. Emmy Lou Make, 
also a member of Diamond, is first vice-presi- 
dent of Panhellenic Council. The Sigma 
Kappa's also had a very exciting Homecom- 
ing weekend. They had a finalist in the 
Homecoming Queen contest and they took 
second place with their Homecoming Float. 
This spring, they began an Annual Tea for 
all the retiring faculty as a part of their Na- 
tional Gerontology project. 


Sigma Nu 

^^fTKD CONTINUE our phenomenal growth, 
X both quantitatively and qualitatively," 
is the slogan to which the Sigma Nu's here at 
Maryland are aspiring. The brothers of Sigma 
Nu are renowned for their annual sponsor- 
ship of the IPC Greek Week Queen Pageant. 
At present, the brothers of Sigma Nu are ac- 
tive in such organizations as Kalegathos, 
Gamma Theta Pi, Traffic Court, Marching 
Band, and Who's Who in American Col- 
leges and Universities. A bit of spice is 
added to the all-male environment of the 
fraternity by the local auxiliary to the frater- 
nity, the Sigma Nu . Girls. In athletics, 
Sigma Nu claims varsity baseball and track 
stars, and Mike Kerr is a member of the 
cheerleading squad. This fraternity also has 
Bob Maddox in the position of treasurer of 
the SGA. Sigma Nu's pledge class has won 
a name for itself by placing first in pledge 
class scholarship. 

SIGMA UV -Front Row: A. Kunz, D. Hintze, M. Crosby, PI. 
Tniiner, S. Minnich, Treas., R. White, Pres., M. McElroy, V.P., 
S. Cliristiiinsen, Sec, J. Roberts, Soc. Chnn., J. Trocino, M. Kerr. 
Second Row: D. Butler, F. Potts, R. Oftutt, K. Lawson, G. Wojtech, 
M. Sdiatz, K. Ell)ert, B. Becker, C. Strickland, F. Moran. Third Row: 
S. Moores, S. Roliertson, M. Nclntiirff, M. Whitfield, A. Bond, A. 

Caselli, D. White, B. Frost, G. Hanratty III, R. Urban, S. Slocomb. 
Fourth Row: A. Hansen, R. Martz, W. Booth, D. Hindnian, J. Max- 
well, P. Morin, R. Shidl, Jr., J. Doyle, T. Mazzaccaro, J. Canimer- 
nieyer, M. Anderson, L. Leach. Fifth Row: K. Bancroft, M. Raff, E. 
Tokar, C. Prechtel, R. Koehler, E. Anthony, J. Lapes, W. Cox, A. 
Linch, P. Parvis, M. Alexander, S. Tash, R. Schar. 


IL. # 

5 * m *• 1%^ if <i» V /K> <)))« IK #( V <1k 

Sigma Phi Epsilon 

SIGMA PHI Epsilon has representation in 
many and varied honoraries this year. 
Edward Dodd, the fiaternity president, and 
Dennis Dutterer were recently tapped by 
Kalegathos. Warren Koontz and Thomas 
Painter are both in Omicron Delta Pi and 
Tau Beta Pi. Richard Zimmerman, Mary- 
land's Drum Major, was chosen as a member 
of Who's Who. Sig Ep is also very active in 
campus activities. Edward Dodd serves on 
the SGA Finance Committee, and is also the 
Senior Class treasurer. Dennis Dutterer is 
second vice-president of IPC. Richard Zim- 
merman is a member of the SGA Legislature. 
Martin McAlwee is secretary of the Men's 
League. The fiaternity men are champions of 
volleyball. A philanthropic project of the 
Sig Ep's is an annual raffle for the Heart 

SIGMA PHI EPSILON-Fronf Row: L. Manarin, D. Dutterer, J. 
Hatcher, Sec, T. Everitt, E. Dodd, Pres., Mrs. E. Johnston, P. 
Weber, Treas., F. McCarthy, M. McMahan, B. Boyd. Second Row: 
R. Wright, M. Kovach, W. McGraw, M. Dutterer, V. Bauer, D. Pra- 
ter, D. Mintzer, R. Orendorf, F. Preller. Third Row: D. Zimmerman, 

P. Duley, B. Hogan, J. Brusseau, J. Moore, W. Haley, B. Bell, G. 
Greenip, D. Cooper, B. Keyser, N. Protaccini. Fourth Row: P. 
Tribull, P. Glasgow, M. Halley, R. McCracken, R. Toth, P. Ruehl, 
A. Zdobysz, H. Kozell, N. Sparks. 

f A 

M\ fth 


TAU KAPPA EPSILON-Front Row: L. Bernhardt, R. Hunsicker, 
B. Conieau, S. Bounds, Treas., J. Riley, Pres., S. Barone, R. Spinella, 
Sec, L. Mariany, W. Kotchin, Jr., W. Marciniak. Second Row: P. 
Kahler, J. Topper, J. Chareczko, C. Tiierk, T. Laverty, W. N4aster- 
son, PI. Trainer, J. Bentkowski, R. N4ichael, G. Davis, L. Rixham. 

Third Row: T. Rich, P. Flanagan, J. McCorniick, L. Schwarz, R. 
Sterk, J. Patscher, W. Oxenham, D. Kupchyk, R. Mascharka, C. 
Winfrey, L. Kirwan. Fourth Row: E. Bullock, J. Caslin, G. Perry, 
A. Soto, D. Faust, R. Berry III, F. Maskol, V. Minich, J. Connolly, 
L. Yocuni. 

Tau Kappa Epsilon 

ALTHOUGH IT WAS founded nationally 
/l-in 1889, Tau Kappa Epsilon did not find 
its way to the University of Maryland until 
1949. But since that time, this fraternity has 
accomplished a great deal. Bill Oxenham, 
Jerry Cherezco, Rick Spinella, Lee Bernhardt 
and Frank Contino are on the soccer team; 
Whitey Marciniak is a football letterman; 
Pat Flanagan and Tom Catalano are both on 
the lacrosse team. John Bertinatti, who is 
presently president of the chapter, and Fran 
Knowles, are in Kalegethos, the Greek Men's 
honorary. Although sports and athletics 
seem to be the highpoint in this fraternity's 
activities, with Bob Kopnisky winning the 
NCAA wrestling tournament, they are also 
very socially-minded. Each Christmas they 
sponsor an Orphan's Party for the children 
from Junior Village. This they co-sponsor 
with Delta Gamma, with a party for the guys 
and girls afterwards. 


THETA CHI-Front Row: A. Turowski, H. Romberg, Jr., R. Mer- 
rill, G. Florence, C. Kuhne, Treas., S. Smith, Pres., C. Morton, 
V.P., D. Loss, Sec, S. Roger Mann, A. Andrew Holtan. Second Row: 
J. Watson, G. Hay, P. Kittas, G. Lewis, J. Hodges, S. Dowling, J. 

Addabbo, R. Wald, P. Quiniby, W. Donaldson. Third Row: M. 
Reed, W. Westerfield, L. McClary, H. Harner, D. Maryott, G. 

Theta Chi 

FOUNDED AT Maryland in 1829, Theta 
Chi returned to the campus this fall. 
They didn't waste any time becoming active 
on campus, and at present are represented 
in Tau Beta Pi, the engineering honorary, as 
well as the Gymkana troupe. The fraternity 
officers are Steve Smith, president; Charles 
Morton, vice-president; Detlef Loss, secre- 
tary; and Charles Kuhne, treasurer. The 
spicy atmosphere of the streets of Paris pre- 
vails when the brothers of Theta Chi hold 
their annual French Part>' in the Spring. 
Before long, the Theta Chi's hope to frilfill 
their plans by building a new addition to 
their present house. 


Zeta Beta Tau 

ALTHOUGH Zeta Beta Tau was founded 
/^nationally in 1898, a chapter was not 
chartered at Maryland until March, 1948. 
The brothers of Zeta Beta Tau are very 
active on campus. Their ranks include Bicky 
Lamb and Wally Kleid, vice-presidents of the 
Freshman and Junior classes respectively. 
Gene Walman serves as the Chief Justice of 
the Interfraternity Council, and Mark Mason 
is the Treasurer of Men's League. The chap- 
ter's officers at present are Gene Walman, 
president; Larry Pearson, vice-president; 
Joel Taylor, secretary; and Bonnie Caplan, 
treasurer. The ZBT pledges performed ad- 
mirably at the annual Skit Night, and ran 
away with second place honors. During 
Greek Week in the spring, Zeta Beta Tau 
sponsors an exciting bike race. As for their 
future plans, they promise "another gieat 
social program." 


ZETA BETA TAV-Front Row: M. Epstein, R. Neborsky, M. 
Appel, R. Caplan, Treas., Hate, G. Walman, Pres., Mrs. Cooper, J. 
Taylor, Sec, D. Rugg, E. Phant, C. Hackerman, S. Lipsitz, L. 
Polakoff, M. Mindell, C. Zeke, M. LafFerman, A. Jolson. Second 
Row: J. Goldfarb, H. Simons, D. Duck, J. Gitomer, D. Dubansky, R. 
Gardner, J. Nason, D. Kuryk, A. Mann, S. Koenigsberg, S. Benja- 

min, R. Ginsberg. Third Row: S. Keyser, P. Gerber, S. Gilman, M. 
Goodman, M. Bass, R. Posin, J. Gordon, R. Lamb, L. Bergerson, A. 
Kramer, J. Schnitzer. Fourth Row: M. Janofsky, M. Askin, R. Sla- 
kin, M. Miller, J. Siegel, M. Himelfarb, L. Rosenberg, G. Samet, R. 
Wolf, T. Jaskowitz, K. Schulkin, B. Jones. 

t t 

Tau Epsilon Phi 


SINCE its establishment at Maryland in 
1925, the Tau Beta chapter of Tau Ep- 
silon Phi has grown to a membership of one 
hundred brothers. Today an unwavering en- 
thusiasm permeates TEP's social, academic, 
athletic and campus endeavors. For their 
interpretation of songs fiom "West Side 
Story" the TEPs captured first place in IF 
Sing. Also during Greek Week the fraternity 
won the chariot race. In the area of athletics 
TEP placed second in the overall inter-fia- 
ternity sports competition. The brothers 
placed first in track and participated in the 
semi-finals for basketball and volleyball. The 
Blood Drive, College Casino, and Operation 
Match were sponsored by TEP. In addition 
to these fraternity endeavors, TEP boasts 
individuals who have been extremely active 
on campus. Four brothers are members of 
SGA among them Ted Levin, president of 
SGA. Other TEPs have been chairmen of 
the SGA Homecoming committee and of the 
Spring Weekend. 

TAU EPSILON Plll-/>i^;i( Row: S. lUichmaii, G. Meliker, S. 
Friedman, K. Kravit/, H. Le\in, S. Biars. Second Row: D. Mitwick, 
N. Perman, J. Schvvart/, H. Diibiii, II. Friedman, president; A. 
Ilcttlcniaii, \', Prcs.; D. Ca>;an, H. Ennle, .\. Epstein, II. Snyder. 
Third Roiv: K. .Miller, A. Weynian, A. Bennet, W. Cole, R. I.ayton, 

R. Sletkiir, J. Oppenlu-im, S. Kramer, R. Bricken, M. Farhnian, R. 
Sandler, B. Taff, B. Jewler. Bach Row: H. Metro, S. Goldberg, S. 
Milner, S. Lager, H. Goldman, II. Pincns, J. Robins, D. Keller, R. 
Rubin, I). VV'einer, A. Zinberg, B. Pinciis, F. Hoclnnan. 


KALEGETHOS -Fronf Row: R. Keller, R. Frederick, R. Ferguson, 
R. Haynes, C. Dombrowski, J. Evans, L. Pearson, D. Dutterer, R. 
White. Second Row: E. Dodd, T. Verzi, F. Cirilio, F. Cirillo, L. 

Seabolt, E. Stoer, T. Marshall, T. Levin, \V, Leguni. Back Row: E. 
Stark, B. Barkley, L. Ridgely, D. Miller, R. Maddox, R. O'Neil, 
J. Boiseau, K. Stiles, D. Robertson. 



DIAMOND -Front Row: R. Martin, A. Sykes, S. Miller, C. Hardin, 
J. Klein, B. Fox, S. Rappaport, M. Kernan, J. Toye. Second Row: 
A. Gaddis, B. Blades, P. Murphy, J. Epstein, B. Tait, E. Cissel, F. 
Buzkin, N. Chotiner, Dean Notopoulos. Back Row: C. Schwartz, 

A. Bender, S. Sher, N. Mott, B. Evans,]. Huber, N. Baker, C. Fergu- 
son, S. Kelbaugh, N. Glasgow, M. Hall, K. Yablonski, D. Skirven, 
S. Laundrieu, E. Moke, S. Dietz, C. Lawson, C. Dickerman, P. Ed- 
wards, S. Bryan, A. Ulman. 





\y ^^ r?9 

AARON, CHARLES E.- Baltimore; English. 

ABBOTT, ELAINE R.-Silver Spring; Government and Politics -Dorm Pres.; Jud. 

Board; Chesapeake Bay Party Comm. 

ABRAMS, JR., VERNON G.-Atlonta, Go.; French-Art Club Pres.; German Club; 

French Club. 

ABRAMOWITZ, BARBARA A.-Wheaton; Elementary Education -Dorm Pub. 


ADAMS, EMERY J. -Bowie; Government and Politics. 

ADAMSON, DIANE E.- Silver Spring; Sociology -Newman Club, Soc. Club, Com. 


ADAMSON, VERNA E.- Baltimore; English -Chapel Choir. 

ADELMAN, SAUL J.-Wheaton; Physics. 

ADLER, MARTIN E.- Baltimore; Zoology. 

AFFELD, PHYLLIS R.-Upper Falls; Home Economics Education- Dorm Exec. 

Coun, Dorm Chm., H.Ec. Club. 

AHMUTY, ALICE L.-Odenton; Personnel and Industrial Relations -SAM comm. 

CH., V.P. Pub. Rel. 

AKELAITIS, ADRIENNE L. - Flemington, N.J.; Sociology -Newman Club; Dorm 

Sch. Chm. 

ALABA, AQUILLA Z.- Baltimore; Elementary Education -International Club. 

ALBUS, ANN W.- College Pork; Secondary Art Education -KKF; Frosh Prom; 

A.W.S. Bridal Fair Comm. Ch. 

ALDER, MARIE E.- Princess Ann; Home Economics -A<]>. 


ALEXANDER, DIANE H.-Wheoton; Textiles and Clothing-Dorm Secy.; Parents' 

Day Chm.; Orphans' Party Rep.; Jud. Board Memb.; Home Ec. Club. 

ALEXANDER, JANE M.- Baltimore; Early Childhood Education. 

ALFANDRE, DIANNE-Bethesda; Art History- Dorm Academic Chm., Jud. Board. 

ALGAZE, LENORE R.-Greenbelt; Spanish -Dean's List; Chapel Choir; Honors 


ALLEN, EMILY C.-Goithersburg; English -r<t>B; Ponhel. Rep., Corresp. Secy.; 

Campus Chest; Free State Conv.; Young Dems.; Intermurals. 

ALLEN, SHIREEN P.-Silver Spring; Early Childhood Educotion-Women's 


ALPER, MICHAEL N.-Silver Spring; Marketing -IE*; Marketmg Club; Chm, 

Finance Committee for Spring Weekend. 

AMES, CATHERINE S.-Annopolis; Music Education -Univ. Band; Univ. Orch; 

Opera Orch. 

AMEY, EARLE B.-Eoston, Pa.; Chemical Engineering -Newman Club; AlChE. 

AMMERMAN, BETTY L.-Riverdole; History Honors -Diadem; People to People; 

International Club; UCCF; Terrapin Trail Club; Dean's List. 

AMPULA, ROBERT F.-Binghomton, N.Y.; Gov't, and Pol. -International Club; 

Veterans Club. 

AMTMANN, LOUIS G.- Baltimore; Electrical Engineering -Tou Beta Pi; Etc 

Kappa Nu; House Rules Chairman. 

ANDERS, JUDITH A.-Hyattsville; Elementary Education -BSU; WRA. 

ANDERSON, JOHN A.-Summit, N.J.; Economics. 

ANDERSON, WILLIAM T.- College Park; English. 

ANGLE, LARRY E.-Hogerstown; English -<t>A(-); Infr. Football. 

ANTHONY, JOHN S.-Rosedole; Economics. 

ARBUTHNOT, PAMELA J- Wheaton-Elementory Education. 

AQUILINO, ROBERT R.-HyoMsville-Math. 

ARFORD, JOHN B.-Aberdeen-Civil Engineering -ASCE. 


Frederick; Civil Engineering-Chi Epsilon. 

-Pawtucket, R.!.,- Elementary Education-SNEA; Newman 

-Bangkok, Thailand; Chemical Engineering - 




AX2; AlChE. 

ARTHUR, STANLEY H.- Chevy Chase; Government and Politics -Var. Track 

Var. Cross Country; M-Club. 

ASTON, EDWARD E.-Ridgefield, N.J.; Pre-Med-Pre-Med. Honorary; Dorm Soc 

Chm.; Pre-Med. Club; Young Repub. Club. 

ASTRAR, MARGO H.- Silver Spring; Sociology. 

AUERBACH, LINDA R.-Roslyn, N.Y.; Speech Therapy -<t>lX; Rush Chm., 

Corres. Sec'y-; Best Dressed Finalist. 

AULT, JANE A. -Gibson Island; Sociology -KKF; Women's Chorus. 

AUMACK, MILLARD P.-Rumson, N.J.; Economics- Placement Serv.; Social 

Comm. Ch.; Cult. Comm.; House Improve. Comm.; Float Build. Comm. 

AY, CARL C.-Boltimore-APP. 

AYERSMAN, DAVID W. - Frederick; Accounting -Intra. Sports. 

AZHDAM, AZIZOLLAH- Tehran, Iran; Civil Engineering -Annap. Volleyball, 

House Rules Comm., Am. Society of Civil Engineers. 

BASIN, SUSANNE A. -Silver Spring; Elementary Education - D<t>E, Senior Pan- 

hel., 2nd V.P., Jr. Panhel., Treas., AWS Big Sister, Social Chm. 

BABINSKI, EDWARD C- Kearny, N.J.; General Business. 

BACHMAN, CATHY -Chevy Chase; Early Childhood Education -Volleyball, 

Powder Puff Football, Ski Club. 

CLASS OF 1966 


BACKORA, ELEANOR, M.-HyaHsville; Elementary Education. 

BACON, STEVE G.-Silver Spring; Electrical Engineering-TBII; HKN; IEEE; 

Commuter Club. 

BAER, BANKARD F.- Baltimore; Arts and Sciences -Intramurals. 

BAETZ, PALM A. -Baltimore; French -AP; French Club; Career Convo. Comm.; 

Senior Prom Comm,; WRA. 

BAGWELL, SUSAN G.-Bethe$do; English-KKP; Jud. Board; Old Lme Party 

Whip; KKr Officer. 

BAIKAUSKAS, ROBERT R.- Baltimore; Journalism & Public Relations -*A0; 

Placement Service; DBK Reporter, Copy Ed.; Dorm V.P., Comm. Chm.; SPRA. 

BAILEY, MARY C.-Hyottsville; Personnel Administration- New/man Club. 

BAILEY, RICHARD L.-Chicago, Illinois; Fisheries- Intro. Swim Team Copt.; 

Bel-Air B Soc. Chm., Cult. Comm.; Cambridge Complex Pub. Comm. 

BAKER, ALICE J. -Springfield, Virginia; General Biologicol Science-Pre-Med.- 

Pre-Med. Society. 

BAKER, JACK L.-Arbutus; Electrical Engineering -IEEE. 

BAKER, JACQUELYN L.-Wheaton; History-Ar, Secy.; FOB, Chairman of Pres. 

Convocation; AWS, Banquet Chairman; Terrapin, People to People, Placement 

Committee; Old Line, Delegate. 

BAKER, NANCYE M.-Hyattsville; Elementary Education -Ai]), Pres.; Diamond; 

Angel Flight; M Book, Section Ed.; Diamondback; Miss Maryland, Semi-final. 

BALDAUF, RICHARD K. - Greenbelt; Electrical Engineering - IEEE 

BALDWIN, RICHARD J.-Baltimore; Finance-Newman Club; Commuters Club. 

BALDWIN, THOMAS E.- Baltimore; Psychology -<t>A0; Dorm Pres.; Senior 

Prom; Miss Md. Chm.; Navy Bonfire Rally Chm. 

BALLEW, ARLETTE C.-Hyottsville; English Education -Newman Club; Dorm 

Homecoming Chm.; Nat. Coll. Red Cross; WMUC. 

BALSER, MILTON H.- Baltimore; Mathematics -Mens Glee Club; Dorm Tennis 

Lodder; House Rules. 

BANDIERE, RICHARD C.-Reisterstown; Finance. 

BANGE, GERALD A. -Glen Burnie; General Agriculture. 

BANZ, JOSEPH J., JR.- Baltimore -SX; House Rules; Sports. 


BARGER, KIRBY J.-Silver Spring; Horticulture-AH. 

BARGER, WILLIAM R.-Boltlmore; Chemistry-<t>HI. 

BARNES, BEVERLY E.- Westminster; Elementary Education. 

BARNHARDT, ELIZABETH A.-Phoenlxville, Penn.; Elementary Education- 

KKr, Soph. Prom Comm., People to People Comm., College Casino. 
BARRETT, JAMES E.-Hyatt$ville; Psychology. 

BARTOLILLO, MARY J. -College Park; English Education -Person to Person; 

Daydodger Big Sister Progronn. 

BARTOO, LINDA J.-Silver Spring; Psychology -liv. 

BASEN, MARSHA E.- Silver Spring; Elementary Education. 

BASS, CHANA F.- Baltimore; English Education -FH, Cultural Chrm.; Calvert 


BASS, GERALD -Baltimore; Public Relations-Hillel; House Rules Comm.; 

House Rules Chrm.; Diamondback. 

BASS, SANFORD B. -Hyattsville; Business Organization and Monagement- 

DS*, Soc. tor Adv. of Mgmt. 

BASTIAN, KAREN D.-Vinelond, N.J.; Education and Social Studies -Newman 


BATTON, CHARLEEN- Silver Spring; Recreation. 

BAUERNSHUB, LAWRENCE R.- Baltimore; Production Management. 

BAUMAN, FRANK A. -Silver Spring; Electrical Engineering -IEEE. 


BAXTER, ROBERT B.- Detroit, Mich.; Marketing -Soc. for Adv. Monagement; 

Amer. Mark. Assoc.; Veterans Club. 

BAYNE, MERLE E.- Baltimore; Mechanical Engineering -ASME. 

BEACH, JOHN M.-Cheverly; Political Science -UXA; Pre Law Soc. 


BECCO, LAWRENCE A. -Birmingham, Ala.; History. 

BECK, BETTY L- Hollywood, Flo.; Microbiology- ADII. 

BECK, KATHERINE E. -Baltimore; English -Bridal Fair Comm.; Homecoming 

Comm.; Dorm Big Sister. 

BECKER, RONALD H.- Baltimore; French. 

BECKHAM, ELIZABETH A.-Riviera Beach; Elementary Educotion-AIP. 

BECKNER, NANCY M.-Newville, Po.; English -Honors Convoc. 

BEDINGFIELD, JAMES P.-District Heights; Accounting- AI A; BA<C. 

BEEBE, G. PERRY -Hyattsville; Statistics. 

BEEK, MICHAEL C.-Chevy Chose; Accounting -Dorm Pres. 8. V.P.; Hill Area 

Coun. Soc. Chm.; Pep Club. 

BEHM, CARL III -Baltimore; English -Calvert Review Winner; Prose Award, 

Calvert Review. 

BEISER, JACOB P. -Baltimore; Psychology. 

BELAGA, GARY A. -Baltimore; Psychology. 

BELL, BEVERLY A.-Londover; Education. 

BELL, DAVID H., JR. -Baltimore; Sociology -Soccer; Lacrosse; ROTC. 

BELMONT, JOHN R. - Huntington, L.I., N.Y.; Electrical Engineering - Dorm Treas 

urer; IEEE. 

BENDELAC, ROGER -El Jodido, Morocco; Electrical Engineering -IEEE; French 

Club; Soccer. 


BENDER, SHARON M.-Hyattsville; Moth-ACM. 

BENDICH, JUDITH E. - Baltimore; English. 

BENNETT, DONALD L.-Derwood; Physics-inS. 

BENNETT, JOHN M.-Landover; English. 

BENNETT, YVONNE S. - Glen Burnie; History - Big Sister, Big Sister Dorm Comm. 

Dorm Sports. 

BERBERT, SHARON F.- College Park; Elementary Education. 

BEREZOSKI, MARY A.-Tokomo Pork; Sociology. 

BERG, SUSAN R.- Baltimore; Art Education. 

BERGEN, INGE S.-Germony; German. 

BERGER, MARTIN L.-Silver Spring; Social Studies. 

BERGMAN, BARI l.-Rockville; Secondary Education-English-A4>S. 

BERGMAN, JOHN E.-Frederick; Civil Engineering -SX, Spring Wknd.; Rush 

Chm.; House Manager; ASCE; Intramurols. 

BERGROOS, ALLAN-North East; Chemical Engineering -Amer. Inst. Chem. 

Engin.; Dorm Sports; House Improvements Comm. 

BERRY, ROBERT A.-Fairfox, Vo.; Hi$tory-*SK; *SK V.P.; Greek Wk. Chm.; 

IPC Sports Comm. Assf. Chm.; Intramur. 

BERTS, GEORGE A.-LaPlata; Civil Engineering -AISCE. 

CLASS OF 1966 

BESORE, ANNE H.-Baltimore; Sociology-WRA-Bowling, Horseback Riding; 

Soc. Club; Mental Health Volunteers. 

BEST, ROLAND -Towson; Business and Public Administration -SAM. 

BEYERLE, CAROLYN J.-Linthicum Heights; General Home Economics. 

BIANCANIELLO, RALPH A.-Bladensburg; Economics. 

BICHY, THOMAS L.-Frederick; Physical Education -SAE; Phi Alpha Epsilon; 

Varsity Baseball; Physical Ed. Major's Club. 

BIDLE, ARTHUR K.-Myersville; Physical Education. 

BIEN, KAREN S. -Towson; Institutional Management. 


BIRELY, CAROLYN S.-Ashton; Early Childhood Education -AAA; Colorguord; 

Young Republican Club, Sec. 

BISHARA, JUDY J.-Greenbelt; Latin- Dean's List. 

BISHOP, LAURA-Coldro; Home Economics Education -Wesley Club; WRA; Hill 


BISTRAIN, ANTONIO S.-Ooyoco, Mexico; Civil Engineering -ASCE; Soccer; 

Swimming; Football. 

BITTINGER, BETTY L.- Oakland; English. 

BIXBY, CAROL D.-Baltimore; Social Studies-A<t>; Rush Chairman; Diamond; 

Jr. Ponhel, Pres.; Sr. Panhel, V.P.; Panhel Recognition Key. 

BLACK, MAXINE- Baltimore; Music Education -AXE; XAI. 

BLACKBURN, ROSALIND C.-Silver Spring; Elementary Education. 

BLACKMON, MARQUITA M.-Bethesdo; English. 

BLADES, BETSY C.-Sudlersville; Zoology-AHA treas., Membershp. Ch., 

Diamond Trees.; <J>2; Pre-Med. Society. 

BLAIR, SANDRA -Art - League; UCA. 

BUIR, THOMAS L.-Cheverly; Economics. 


t;;!i|-,r ' T^qkK 



BORZELLO, LOLITA A.-Lonhom; Applied Design- Costume -UCA; Student 

Union Brd.; Inter. Fiesta Dance Comm.- Fresh. Prom Queen finalist. 

BOSKIN, MAUREEN l.-Owings Mills; Elementory Education -Terrapin Ski 

Club; SNEA Club. 

BOSWELL, BEVERLY R.-Glenndole; Home Economics -Inst. Administration- 

r<l>B; Home-Ec. Pub. Chm. Student Union Host.; Commuter's Assoc. 

BOSWELL, THOMAS G.- Silver Spring; Government and Politics - AXA, niA. 

BOWERS, KAY F.-Riverdole; Home Economics Education -Home Ec. Chopt. 

Hosp. Chm. 

BOWERS, KENNETH R.-Timonium; Education for Industry-Res. Assist., Dorm 
V.P., Pr. Intra. Football, SAM. 

BOWERS, WILLIAM W.-Boltimore; General Agriculture-Trail Club, Md. Chris- 
tian Fellowship, Peace Corps Support Group, Dorm Fire Marshall. 
BOWLUS, STUART R.-Burkittsville; Accounting -Dorm Treas., Dorm Rules 

BOYD, JOHN M.-Clear Spring; Chemical Engineering -AXl, TBI, AlChE-pr. 
BRAHMS, GERALD B.-Baltimore; Psychology- Dorm Exec. Comm., Scholarship 
Comm., Chesapeake Boy Party. 

BRANCH, ARTHUR S- Baltimore; History. 

BRASFIELD, DORN K.-Greenbelt; Economics -BPA, UCA; Young Repub. Club; 

SAM; Young Dem. Club; Del. State & Reg. Con. 

BRAVE, DENNIS G.- Baltimore; Dentistry -ZBT. 

BRAYTON, NEIL W.-Youngstown, Ohio; Zoology -<t>d@; ODK; Jr. CI. Pres.; 

Dorm Sec. & V.P.; Vor. Basketball; Intromurals; Sr. CI. Pres.; Outstanding Soph. 

BRESNAHAN, THOMAS M.-Londover; Education lor Industry-Vor. Football. 


BREWER, JOANNE D.-Washington Grove; Speech Theropy-AXll; Free State; 

AWS Comm. Chm.; Orphans' Party; SAH. 

BREWER, MAY C.-Timonium; Home Economics Education -AHA; Aquallners; 

Dorm Exec. Council. 

BRICKEN, MARGARET S. -Baltimore; History-Jud. Board. 

BRICKEN, RICHARD -Silver Spring; History. 

BLANCKE, CAROLE A.-HyoHsville; Sociology -Newman Club, Com. Club. 

Young Dem. 

BLANKER, ELLEN F.- Silver Spring; Elementary Education -NEA, CEC. 

BIEHED, ABDULLAH M.-Jiddah, Saudi Arabia; Public Administration. 

BLOOMFIELD, RICHARD A. -Glen Burnie; Chemistry; Pre-Med.-Agualiners, Jr. 

Aff. of Amer., Chem. Soc, Fresh. Chem. Ach. Award. 

BLOW, LINDA l.-Takoma Pork; Germon-CBP Sec, VMH Sec, Sub. Co Ed 

Newsletter, Daydodger Big Sis., Internal. Club. 

BLUBAUGH, EARL D.-Moriow Heights; Education for Industry -ASTME, Chrm.; 

SAM, V.P.; Veterans' Club; UCA. 

BLUMENTHAL, ALAN -Washington, D.C.; Accounting. 

BLUMENTHAL, ELISSA A. -Silver Spring; Sociology -r<t>B, Social Chrm.; People 

to People; Free State; International Club; Host and Hospitality Comm. 

BOISEAU, JOSEPH E.-Rockville; Americon Studies -<t>XK, Pres.; Free State; 

Homecoming Tickets; Sophomore Prom; IFC; Kalegethos. 

BOLASNY, SHELDON I. -Washington, D.C.; Government and Politics. 

BOMSTEIN, ALAN C.-Boltimore; Accounting- ZBT, Treos., Pledge Master, 

House Mgr.; IFC, Ball Chrm.; Self-Evol. Chrm.; WMUC; Old Line Chrm. 

BOND, CAROLYN A.-Mankton; Home Economics Education-Coll. 4-H, V.P.; 

Home Ec. Chap., V.P., Pres. 

BONEBRAKE, NANCY M.- College Pork; Elementary Education -KAH; Commut 

er's Club; Honors Convo. 

BORIES, ROBERT F.-Hyottsville; Speech-AXA, Rush Chrm., Cor. Sec.; KAH; 

Dean's List; Marching Band; Asst. Drum Maj.; Gk. Wk.; Intromurals 

BORTNICK, RONALD H.-Silver Spring; Finance-AEll; AEII, V.P.; Rec Sec.; 

Soc. Chrm.; Alum. Rel.; Free State; IFC, Rep. 


BRICKEY, OLIVIA A.-Daihart, Texas; English, 
BRIGUGLiO, NOREEN N.-Hyamvllla; Elementary Education. 
BRISCOE, JOSEPH H.-Riverdalc; Business and Public Administration. 
BROCKBANK, STEPHEN W.- Schenectady, N.Y.; Physics -4>2. 
BRODIE, DOUGLAS A. -Detroit, Mich.,- Social Studies. 

BRODNICK, MARilYNN l.-Boltimore; English Literature -Toured Germany in 

U.T., Production of Anything Goes in role of Bonnie, played woman in U.T., 


BROGAN, THOMAS W.- Baltimore; Electrical Engineering -HKA, Treas. and 

House Manager of HKA, IEEE. 

BROMER, MARCIA B.- Silver Spring; Microbiology -Chair. Comm. Parent's 

Day, Co-Choir. Com. Homecoming, FOB Free State-2 yrs., Yg, Democrat$-2 yrs. 

BROOKS, EDWIN M.-Towson; Finonce-KA. 

BROOKS, MICHAEL l.-Boltimore; Education For Industry -<t>X A, Historian, 

Homecoming Float. 

BROWN, JANET M.- Kensington; Elementary Education -AAA, Librarian, His- 
torian of pledge class,- AWS, Social Chrm.; Bridal Fair,- Hall President,- Homecom- 
ing; Judicial Board. 

BROWN, MARY J.-Lewistown; Elementory Education-Collegiate 4H; Block 
and Bridal Dairy Science; WRA. 
BROWN, MARY L.-Glen Burnie; French Education. 

BROWN, RANGELEY A. - Lexington, Kentucky; Commerce -Mojor-US Marine 
BROWN, RICHARD H.-Loganvill«, Pa.; General Business -Chapel Choir. 


BROWN, THOMAS J. -Silver Spring; Moth. 

BROWNE, HARVEY S.- Silver Spring; Industrial Sociology -XAE. 

BROWNSCOMBE, THOMAS E.-AdelphI; Economics. 

BROWNSTEIN, JEFFREY E.- Baltimore; American Studies -ZBT. 

BRUGGER, MARY E.- Baltimore; English -Big Sister Program; Dorm Pres.; 

Dorm Exec. Council; Intramurols; Dorm Comm. 

BRUSSEAU, JAMES F.- District Heights; Personnel. 

BRYAN, SUSAN E.-Bethesdo; English-AAA Diadem; DBK News Board; Secy., 

SGA Leg. Cultural Comm.; Who's Who Comm. 

BRYCE, LINDA E.-HyoHsville; English -FSS; Commuter Club; International 


BRYLAWSKI, A. JULIAN -Bethesda; Psychology. 

BUAS, ANASTASIA- Silver Spring; Elementary Education. 

BUBERT, SUSAN P.-Timonium; Speech Theropy-AXH; SAH; Aqualiners; AWS 

Big Sister.- Free State Del. 

BUCHANAN, DAVID -Seobrook; Accounting. 

BUCHMAN, BARBARA S.- Baltimore; Social Studies -Dorm Elec. Chrm. 

BUCHOFF, DAVID E.-Boltimore; Mothematics-nME; IEEE; House Rules Comm., 

Chrm.; Dorm Fire Marshal, Sgf. of Arms. 

BUCKWALTER, BONNIE E. -Kensington; English Education -United Christian 

Fellow; Forth & Life Sem.; Egeme de School Aide. 

BUFFINGTON, JOHN T.-Highland; Sociology- Newman Club. 

BUKZIN, FRANCES B.- Silver Spring; Elementary Education -I AT; Pledge 

Trainer, V.P.; Diamond Pres.; Bridol Fair. 

BULAWKA, ALEX -Baltimore; Electrical Engineering -Ukranian Club. 

BULMASH, GRAY F.-Boltimore; Accounting -BA'y; BFS; Yg. Dem.; Accnt. 

Club; Dorm Comm. Chm. 

BURCH, GARY A. -Silver Spring; Civil Engineering -ASCE. 



CAHIU, EDWARD H.-Hyattsville; Zoology -KK^I', U. Band. 

CAHILL, ELLIN J.-Ellicoti City; Early Childhood Education -A>t> Social Chr, 

Hostess, Public Relations, Angel Flight. 

CALCUTT, JAMES K.-Bel Air; Business Administration -Yg. Dem., Dorm Sec, 

Intramural Football, Society for Advmt. of Mngnt. 

CALDCLEUGH, CYNTHIA A.-Son Antonio, Texas; History-Ski Club, Swimming 

Club, Newspaper Reporter, Dorm Sec. 

CALDER, JAMES D.-Bethesda. 

CALISTO, JAMES C.-Takoma Park; Industrial Education -SAM, ASTME, Ski 


CALLAN, CHARLES W.-Goithersburg; Mechanical Engineering-ASME. 

CALLAWAY, MARY A.-Mt. Rainier; Elementary Education. 

CALURE, BERNARD A.-Greenbelt; Economics. 

CALVERT, DONALD -Elkton; General Business-SAM; Veterans Club. 

CAMINIS, STEVE J. -Baltimore; American Studies -Calvert Debate Team; Out- 
standing Debater Award. 

CAMPBELL, JOHN V.-Silver Spring; Industrial Education -XAM; ASTME. 
CAMPBELL, JOY M.- Baltimore; Psychology. 

CANNAMUCIO, NANCY A. -Baltimore; Childhood Education -Newman Club 
Comm. Chm. 

CANNING, THOMAS J.-Wheoton; Mathematics -Newman Club; Chemistry 

CANNON, CAROL A.-Hyattsville; Elementary Education -IH. 
CANNON, GORDON F.-Boltimore; Aerospace Engineering-AIAA chm. 
CAPIZZI, ANTHONY M.- Baltimore; Civil Engineering- aT A; ASCE. 
CAPLAN, ANNE G.- Baltimore; Elementary Education. 
CAPONITI, FREDERIC R.- Silver Spring; Civil Engineering- 1 IKA; ASCE. 

BURGESS, LAIN S.-HyaHsville; Civil Engineering-ASCE; Olympic Barbell Club. 

BURKE, FRANKLYN N.- Baltimore; Government and Politics -International 

'Club, Cult. Chm. 

BURKE, MICHAEL R.-Hillondole; History. 

BURKE, SALLY E.- Aberdeen; Journalism- HAE; <-)l<t>; DBK Asst. Man. Ed.; 

Soph. Prom, Pub. Comm.; Parents Day, Pub. 

BURKHOUSE, MARTIN T.- Baltimore; History & Economics -Dorm Pres. 

BURKHOUSE, MARY M.- Baltimore; Elementary Education -Newman Club, 

Introm., Fresh. Prom, Dorm Big Sis., Dorm Com. 

BURNS, HARRY N.- Brunswick; Agriculture Education -Col. FFA, Wesley 

Found., House Rules Chm. Dorm. 

BURNS, JACK L. -Oakland; Mechanical Engineering. 

BURROUGHS, THOMAS P.-Mechanicsville; Personnel Management -BPA, 

House Rules Com. 

BURY, STANLEY J.-Havre de Grace; Geography -Arnold Air Society. 

BROOMALL, NANCY E.-Lourel; General Home Economics-Commuter's Club; 
Home Ec. Club; Sociology Club. 
BUTTON, ANNA M.-Boltimore; Elementary Education. 
BYRNE, EDWARD P.-Boltimore; History-Dorm Sec.; House Rules; Scholarship 

CADY, M. CHRISTEL-Lewisdole; Elementary Education -AXO; Color Guard; 
Schol. Chrm. 

CAGAN, DANIEL W.-Boltimore; English -IE*; IFC, co-chrm., By-Laws Revi- 
sion; Blood Drive. 

^ f^ O 0lk(T^ 



CARGNELLI, FRANCES S.- Washington; General Home Economics -Newman 


CARGNELLI, MARY A. -Washington; History -Newman Club. 

CARLSON, GAIL R.- Kensington; English. 

CARMEAL, DONALD L.- Baltimore; Physical Education -Fresh. Lacrosse, Chr. 

House Jud. Comm. 

CARPENTER, ARLENE M.- Silver Spring; Social Studies Education -UCA, Volun- 
teers for Mental Heolth; Dean's List. 

CARR, ROBERT V., JR. -Baltimore; Marketing -Arnold Air Society,- American 
Marketing Assn.; Society for the advancement of Management; Advanced 

CARROL, JJ.-EllicottCity. 

CARROLL, JAMES J.-Ellicott City; Psychology -Marching Band; Arnold Air 
Society; Concert Band. 
CARROLL, JULIE E.-Elementory Education -SNEA; Dorm Exec. Council. 

CARROLL, LINDA M.- Denton; Early Childhood Education -Color Guard. 

CARRUTHERS, THOMAS E., JR. -Chevy Chose; Marketing -AM A. 

CARSKI, THOMAS E. - Baltimore; BPA Marketing -Chestertown B; Dorm; 

Treas., Float Chm.; Dorm Exec. V.P.; Newman Club. 

CARSON, LARRY -Baltimore; Philosophy -Volunteers For Mental Health; Home 

Rules Comm. 


CLASS OF 1966 

CARTER, WILLIAM C, JR., LT. COL.-Fordyce, Ark.; Business Administration. 
CASSELL, HAROLD M.-Broddock Heights; Zoology-Trail Club. 
CATTERSON, DONALD J.-Bethesdo; Electrical Engineering -IEEE. 
CATTERTON, KENNETH W.-Annapolis; Marketing-0X,V.P., Treas. 

^ ir=f f^ L-l E^ ' 


CHAIT, PHILIP I. -Baltimore; Accounting-Accounting Club. 

CHALUPSKY, JOHN P.-Silver Spring; Education for Industry-SAM; ASTME. 

CHAMBERLAIN, DENNIS O.-Bethesdo; Education. 

CHAMBLEE, LAWRENCE W.-New York, N.Y.; English-ATH; ATH Social Chm. 

Coll. Casino; Sports Car Club; Trail Club; UCA. 

CHANEY, SUSAN L- Kensington; Textiles and Clothing -^K V.P. Pledge Class; 

Dorm Sec'y. 

CHANG, KIEN-CHZNG-Hong Kong; Aerospoce Engineering -AIAA; Chinese 


CHANG, WILLIAM G.-Forest Heights; Mathematics-Chesapeake Boy Party; 

House Rules Comm. 

CHAPMAN, KENNETH F.- Huntington, N.Y.; Government and Politics -Vor. 

tennis; M-Club; Young Republicans; Hill Area Council. 

CHARLTON, JOAN B.- University Park; Elementary Educotion-KKI ; KAH. 

CHATZKY, MICHAEL, G.- Chevy Chase; Accounting -Soc. Amer. Mil. Engr.; 


CHEN, DAVID H.-Rockville; Zoology -A<t>n; Pres., 1st. V.P. 

CHENEY, CAROL E.- Dallas, Texas; Home Econimics-KKF; Diadem; EM; Fresh 

& Soph. Class Off.; FOB Chrm.; Stud.-Facul. Council, Sec.; Angel Flight; AWS 

Exec. Coun.; Jr. Schol. Award; Dean's List. 

CHESIEY, RICHARD D.-Wheoton; Mechanical Engineering -ASEM. 

CHILCOAT, MICHAEL W.- Baltimore; History. 


CHIN, SUE Y.- Washington, D.C.; Mothematics Education -Chinese Club, Com. 

Club Intern. Club, Not. Stud. Ed. Assoc. 

CHITTY, LINDA B.- Upper Marlboro; Economics -<t>Xe, Vice Pres. of Denton, 

Jud. Br.-Denton, Orient. Chr. 

CHIVILLE, CAROL F.-Greenbelt; Elementory Education -SAI, TBX; Univ. Cone. 

Band, Clarinet Choir. 

CHRISTIAN, CHANDRA C. - Bethesdo; Elementary Education. 

CHRYSAM, WALTER R.- Baltimore; Civil Engineering -ASCE, Dorm Blood Dr. 


CHUANG, YUNG S.- Singapore; Electrical Engineering -Baptist Student Union; 

Chinese Club; IEEE. 

CHURCH, MARGARET K.-Bethesdo; Home Economics -A<t>, Corres. Sec, Song 

Chairman; Home Economics Club; Convention; Aqualiners; Women's Resident 


CHURCHEY, DALE E.-Sharpsburg; Agricultural Economics -Agric. Econ. Club. 

CIRILLO, FRANK A. -Washington, D.C.; Civil Engineering -dlA; XE; IPC Court; 

ASCE; Frosh Swimming. 

CISSEZ, CATHERINE M.-Woodbine; Business Administrotion-Aquoliners. 

CITRENBAUM, CHARLES M.-Boltimore; Psychology-Vol. for Mental Health; 

Intramurals; Dorm Social Chm. 

CLAGETT, JENNY R.-Silver Spring; Zoology-ATf!; Zoology Honors Program. 

CLAGETT, KENNETH A.-Silver Spring; Business Administration -AT; Intro- 


CLARK, MARGARET M.-New Orleans, Louisiana; Government and Politics - 

Political Sc. Club. 

CLARK, SUSAN E.-Annopolis; Elementary Educotion-lERRAPiN, Aquoliners; 

Blood Drive; Campus Chest. 


CLARK, WILLIAM E.-Annapolis; Fire Protection Engineering -SFPE, Pres.; 
Terrapin, Editor-in-Chief; riAE; KAM; Publication Board; Photographic Section, 
Photographer; Journalism Dept., Lob. Asst.; Engr. Open House Committee; 
WMUC; Political Science Club; College Pork F.D., Fire Marshal. 
CLARKE, FRANK L.-Essex; Biological Science-ATfl, intromurols. Volleyball 
and Softball. 

CLARKE, NORMAN P.-Wheoton; Aeronautical Engineering. 
CLATTERBAUGH, PATRICIA A.-Lonhom; Elementary Educotion-AAn, Day- 
dodger Big Sister; People to People. 
CLAUSEY, CATHLEEN M.- Annapolis; English Education. 

CLAYTON, JANET A. -Perryville; Home Economics Education -Homecoming 


CLEMMER, RONALD M.- Silver Spring; Economics -Foreign Affairs. 

CLEMONS, CALVIN K.- Baltimore; Urban Planning; IN; l(-W: IN Secy. Social 

Chm.; Soph. Carnival Chm. 

CLIFFORD, FRANCIS A.-Bethesda; Mechanical Engineering-ASME Treasurer. 

CLIFFORD, JANET A.-Quincy, Mass.; English. 

CLINTON, JOSEPH S.-LeviHown, Pa.; Psychology-^'X. 

CLIPPER, WILLIAM T.-Parkville; Economics -<t>A(-); SGA Placement Serv. 

Chm.; Pres. Amer, Mkt. Assoc.; Intromurols; Dorm Soc. Chm. 

CLORE, KENNETH R.-Silver Spring; Zoology -Band. 

COFFMAN, CHARLES B.- Arbutus; Agronomy -Agronomy Club. 

COHEN, BERNARD A.-Silver Spring; Industrial Education -SAM Pres.; ASTME 

Sec.; Terrapin Ski Club. 

COHEN, HENRY R.- Washington; History. 


COHEN, PATRICIA S.- Baltimore; Elementary Education- Dorm Ex. Coun., 

Dorm Election Chr,, Student NEA. 

COHEN, RONALD S.- Baltimore; Chemical Engineering -AlChE, Rush Chr,; 

Sec'y., Vice Pres. of AEII; Sports Cor Club. 

COHEN, SYLVIA M.-Boltimore; Journalism -Diomondback. 

1:5 <i1 


COHEN, VICTOR L. -Silver Spring; Accounting- Accounting Honorary. 

COLBURN, RICHARD B.- Havre de Grace; Entomology. 

COLE, JOHN -Silver Spring. 

COLE, PAUL F.-Hillsboro; Speech -UT. 

COLEMAN, WILLIAM R.- Arlington, Vo.; Mechanical Engineering. 

COLLINS, GAY, LANCE -Ottawa, Canada; History. 

COLLINS, JILL E.- Baltimore; Early Childhood Education -Angel Flight Pledge; 

Dorm Moll pres.; Stu. Dem. Soc, Pres. 

COLONA, BEVERLY K.-Solisbury; English-Color Guard; AWS Pub. Chrm.; 

Soph. Prom Comm. 


CONLEY, MICHAEL W.- Silver Spring; Business Statistics -AXA. 

COOMISS, LAWRENCE W.- Washington, D.C.; Electrical Engineering. 

COOPER, H. REBECCA-Hompstead; Science Education -AAA, House President; 

Chm. Invitotions Jr. Prom. 

COOPER, HARRIET C- Baltimore; English -KKF; Harmony Hall. 

COOPER, JAMES E.-Baltimore; Electrical Engineering- Dorm president; Dorm 

Secretary, IEEE; Intramurals. 

COOPER, JOHN W. Ill -Baltimore, Mechanical Engineering -WMUC; Demolay 

Club; Pershing Rifles. 

CLASS OF 1966 

#% #^' JH f^ 

K^ J^J^ ^^ ':^ '-% 

CONLIN, RALPH P. -Washington, D.C.; Physical Education -UCA V.P. Health, 

Rec. & P.E. Majors Assoc.; Vor. Baseball. 

CONNELLY, PATRICIA H.-Annapolis; Interior Design-KKP; KKF V.P. & House 

Manager; WRA V.P.; 10 Best Dressed. 

CONNOR, PAUL J.-Brentwook; Fine Arts-Newman Club V.P. 

CONROY, DANIEL J. -Baltimore; Accounting. 

CONROY, THOMAS W.-Bethesdo; Electrical Engineering-IEEE; UCA. 

CONTI, LUCY C. -Bethlehem, Pa.; Home Economics- Exec. Coun.; Hall Pres. 

Newman Club; Dorm Comm. 

COOK, DENNIS R.- Washington, D.C.; Electrical Engineering -A<t>n; IEEE; 

Explorer Space Program. 

COOK, PHYLLIS A. -Kensington; French-Dean's List; French Club; Newman 


COOKE, EDWIN J.-Blodensburg; Government and Politics -ROTC; Prelaw 

Club; Intramurals. 

COLLEY, ANN L.- Silver Spring; Elementary Education -Dean's List, Honor's 

Convoc; UCA; Inter-varsity fellowship. 

COOPER, KATHERINE G.-Randallstown; Home Economics Education. 

COOPER, MICHAEL E.-Hillcrest Heights; Physical Education -Dean's List. 

COPPEL, LAWRENCE D.-Silver Spring; Government and Politics. 

CORRINNE, RITA D.-Forestville; French -UCA. 

COSTA, ANTHONY J. - Wayne, N.J.; Psychology Pre-Med - Newman Club; Young 


COUGNET, ROLAND B., JR.-Ellicott City; General Business. 
COURTNEY, LEO A.-Dundolk; Zoology-Dorm V.P.; Dorm Pres. 
COURTOIS, RENEE C.-Eost Riverdole; English -Newman Club. 
COVIELLO, JOHN -Silver Spring; Zoology. 
CRABB, JOHN H.- Baltimore; Economics. 



DAHL, WARREN C- Hampton, Virginia; MarJceting-BPA, D^ll, Dorm Soc. 

Com., Placement Rep. 

DAIDAKIS, ARTHUR -Baltimore; Economics. 

DAPKUNAS, ALBINA J.-Baltimore; Home Economics Education-ON, KOII, 

Honors Conv., Dean's List, H.Ec. Club. 

DARE, MARGARET A.-Aberdeen; Mathematics Education- Dorm SAG Rep. 

DASH, ERIC M.-Tokoma Parl<; Government and Politics-*SO, Stud. Un. Br. 

DATRES, ANNE R.-Fort Monmouth, N.J.; Sociology -Dorm Soc. Chm.; Exec. 

Coun.; Deon's List; Honor's Convoc. 

DAVEY, LINDA A.-Clinton; Journalism -Dorm Big Sister,- Diamondback; AWS 

Orphan Party. 

DAVIE, CLINTON, W.-Thurmont; English-KA, Var. Lacrosse; 'M" Club; In- 


DAVIS, CHERYL -Rockville; Elementary Education -TBi; 111: Stud. Nat. Ed. 

Assoc. Pres.; U. of M. Band; Student MSTA. 

DAVIS, EDWARD A.-Hyattsville; Physical Sciences -U.C.A.; Pre-Med. Soc. 

DAVIS, JANET E.-Severna Pork; Elementary Education -KA; Big Sister; AWS 

Orphan Party Comm., Homecom. Queen Comm., Nat. Ed. Assoc. 

DAVIS, MARCUS J. -College Park; Psychology. 

DAVIS, ROBERT A.-Cheverly; Accounting- A^i 1 1 

DAVIS, RONALD A.- Alexandria, Virginia; Zoology. 

DAVIS, RONALD W.- Baltimore; Economics. 

DAVIS, SHEILA E. -Camp Springs; Sociology -Inter-Varsity Christian Fellow- 
ship Pub.; Dorm Hall Pres., Elections Bd. Chm. 
DAVITZ, JERALD S.- Baltimore; Philosophy Pre-Med. -Dean's List. 
DAWSON, GEORGE W.-Dundolk; Economics. 

DAY, PATRICIA A.-Baltimore; Business Personnel Administrotion-ADII; 
Dorm Secy., Jud. Board; FOB; Old Line Con. Delegate. 

DAYTON, SUE L.- Salisbury; History- 1 IB'1>, Pres ; Diamond; M Book, Sec. Ed. 
and Copy Ed.; Terrapin Sec. Ed.; Jud. Board Secy.; Bridal Fair Chm. 

CRAMER, DWIGHT E.- Frederick; Mathematics -Pre Med. Club. 

CRAMER, GEORGE H.-Braddock Heights; Zoology -Track Team, Varsity. 

CRAMER, VALERIE M.- Baltimore; Elementary Education -NEA. 

CRESSMAN, RUTH M.-Suitlond; Elementary Education -Dorm Floor Pres.; 

Council for Exceptional Children. 

CROFT, CHARLES P., JR.-Hagerstown; Chemistry -Pres. of Dorm, Varsity 

Track, Fresh. Track, Chr., House Rules Comm.; American Chem. Soc. 

CRONE, HARRY D. Ill -Baltimore; Electrical Engineering -(t>HX; Amateur Radio 

Assoc. Tr., V.P., Pres., Sec. 

CROOK, JAMES O.-Silver Spring; Civil Engineering -Amer. Soc. Civil Eng. 


CROWLEY, LAWRENCE A. -Brooklyn, N.Y.; Marketing. 

CROWLEY, TERESE A.-Bethesda; Sociology -Angel Flight. 

CROWN, KATHRYN A. -Seat Pleosant, Social Studies. 

CRULL, ALBERT J. -Sullivan, Mo.; Art Education. 

CRUPI, JOSEPH R.-Temple Hills; Electrical Engineering-TBII, HKN, IEEE. 

CUNNINGHAM, ERNEST L- Baltimore; History -Dorm Treasurer, Athletic 

Chairman, SDS, Intromurals. 

CUPPETT, THOMAS H.-Glen Dole; English. 

CURTIS, JIMMY G.- Washington, D.C.; BPA Marketing -Varsity Baseball, 
SAM Treasurer, AAS, AMA. 



DAVISON, MARGERY G.-Boltimore; Elementary Education -AE*, Community 
Service Coun., Compus Chest, Infer. Collig. Rep.; Red Cross Council; Terrapin 
Dist. Staff. 

DEBNAM, CHARLES B.-Upperco; Agriculture Education-AGR, 4 H Agr. Coun- 
cil, Ag. Conv., Coll-o-Ag. 

DEBUSKEY, CHARLOTTE C- Baltimore; Elementary Education - 1 :l1, Natl. 
Res. Hall Hon., SGA; Dorm Pres.; Parli. Yg. Demo; Vice Pres. Free State Party; 
SGA Newspaper. 

DECELLE, MARGARET L.-Rockville; English. 
DECKER, RONALD -Baltimore. 

DECIMA, CAROL L.- District Heights; Home Economics Education. 

D'EUSTACHIO, FERDINAND J., JR.-Kingsville; Mathematics -Dorm Gov.; 

House Improvements Chm.; National Council of Teachers of Math; Scholarship 


DEHAVEN, JAMES E. -Corriganville; Marketing -AAS; American Marketing 

Assn., Treos. 

DELANEY, SUSAN M.- Silver Spring; Elementary Educotion- Modern Dance 

Club; Social Chm. Centerville; College Casino; Chapel Alter Guild; Executive 

Comm. Dorm. 

DELLINGER, FRANCES K.- Washington, D.C.; Sociology -Newman Club. 

DELLINGER, WILLIAM G.-York, Penn.; Zoology. 

DELTATTO, EUGENE R.-Mendham, N.J.; Accounting- AJIO; Dorm V P. Sec.; 

Accounting Club. 

DEMAS, LOUIS J.-Takoma Pork; Mechanical Engineering -EMOS; ASME. 

DeMONT, BARBARA V.-Jocksonville, Fla.; English-UCA. 

DENRICH, DINA- Baltimore; Zoology Pre-Med.- Modern Dance Club; Dorm 

CLASS OF 1966 

DeMOLL, HARRY T.- Silver Spring; Industrial Educotion -AS* UCC IPC Pre 

sents; ASTME. 

DENNEY, JOHN D.-Lonham; Zoology. 

DePALMA, BARBARA A. -Lake Intervale, N.J.; Elementary Education -Dorm 

Exec. Coun.; WRA; Dorm Big Sister, Parent's Day Chm. 

DETRA, CAMILLA J. -Blue Ridge Summit, Pa.; Botany -Jud. Board; AWS; 


DEUTSCHMAN. MICHAEL R.-Silver Spring; American Studies Pre-Law-SAM; 

JML Society. 

DiCHIACCHIO, JOSEPH N.-Woshington, D.C.; General Business Administra- 
tion -ATA. 

DICK, JEAN LYNN-Hyottsville; Home Economics. 

DICKERMAN, CAROLYN H.-Tokoma Pork; Art Education -AAIl; Modern Dance 
CI.; Doydodgers Big Sis; WRA Rep.; AAll Act Chm., Rush Chm. 
DICKINSON, LEMOINE V.-Hillcrest Heights; Civil Engineering -ASCE 
DICKTER, JEANNE -Langley Park; Elementory Education. 

DiFRANCESCO, ANTHONY-Woshington, D.C.; Accounting- BA*; Deans List; 

Dorm Infromurals, Dorm-Scholar. Comm., Orphans Comm. 


DINGEE, MARTHA -Landover Hills; Entomology. 

DISERENS, ANN L.-Silver Spring; Music Education -SAT; Concert Band; 

Orchestra; Madrigals. 

DIVELBISS, CHERYL, A.-Hagerstown; History -Miss Cecil Hall Finalist. 

DIX, LESLIE F., JR.-Oxon Hill; Animal Science- \XA; EMA; Newman Club; 
Block and Bridle Club; Intermurals; Archery Club. 
DOBIES, LOUIS -Dundalk; Physical Educotion-Var Tennis 
OOBRONTE, MARY K.- Virginia Beach, Vo.; Elementary Education -People to 
People, Campus Chest; Dorm act. chm.; Frosh prom queen; Dorm rep, to 

DODD, EDWARD T.-Waterbury, Conn.; Economics -S*E Recorder, IFC Dele- 
gate; Comm. Chm. of SUB: SGA Comm. 

DOMBROWSKI, CHARLES H.- Silver Spring; Production Management- \XA 
Pres., V.P. Pledge Trainer; iiaE; Kalegethos Pres,; DBK., Terrapin, Summer 


DONMOYER, LEONARD H.- Philadelphia, Pa.; History -l-iK, Frosh Swm., In 

tramural Football & Basketball; IFC; Adv. ROTC. 

DONNELLY, EDWARD G.-Baltimore; Mechanical Engineering -<]>A0. 

DONOHUE, RICHARD A. -White Plains, N.Y.; Education for Industry. 

DOWLING, WALTER E., JR. -Pasadena; Psychology. 

DOWDEN, CHARLES J. -Baltimore; Government and Politics-Hill Area Coun. 

Pres.; No. Atlantic Assoc, of Res. Hulls, Sec.-Treos.; Dorm Pres.,- Resident Asst. 

DOWNS, JEANNE L.-Hyottsville; Advertising -TAX, Til, Univ. Com Assoc, 

Sports Car Club. 

DOYLE, BRUCE N.-Hyottsville; Marketing -KA. 

DOYLE, HOWARD T.-Jersey City, N.J.; Physical Education-Football, P.E. Mai. 


DRAGUNAS, ANTHONY A. -Baltimore; Statistics. 

DRAPER, KATHLEEN M.- Silver Spring; English -Newman Found., Chapel Choir. 

DRAUT, SHARON M.-Riverdale; Journalism -Mortar Boord; Diadem; riAE; 

KTA; C-)S*, V.P.; SGA Cult. Comm.; DBK Asst. Man. Ed,; News Board, Copy 


DRINKWATER, HOANNA K.-Fort Wayne, Indiana; Social Studies. 

DROZD, RICHARD A. -Baltimore; Mechanical Engineering -Weight Lifting 

Club; Amer. Soc. Mech. Engr.; Fire Marsh. 

DRYDALE, ELIZABETH F.-Catonsville; Spanish-Dorm Jud. Bd. Chrm.; AWS 

Chrm.; Dorm Acad. Chrm.; Chapel Choir; Dorm Exec. Coun. 

DUCHATEAU, RICHARD A. - Baltimore; Latin American Area - Dorm Soc. Chrm. 


DUDASH, ELIAS J. -Washington, D.C.; Government and Politics- Political Sc. 


DUDDERAR, ANN K.- Sociology -DBK; AWS; Hill Areo Comm.; Dorm Exec. 


DUNCAN, WALLACE T.- Washington, D.C.; Accounting. 

DUNKLE, FRANCES A. -Prince Frederick; Home Economics and Textiles -AAA; 

Diadem; Chm. AWS Dorm Acad. Bd.; Co-Chm. AWS Elec. Comm.; Acad. Chm. 

Dorm; Bond; Student Advisory Bd. Sec.; 1964 Outstanding Soph. Dorm. 

DUNN, MICHAEL L.- Chevy Chose; Business Administration -AMA; Sports 

Cor CI. 

DURILLA, FRANK F.- Baltimore; Electrical Engineering -IEEE. 
DURM, MARY SANDRA -Towson; Elementary Education - 1 :i:L, SNEA. 
DUVAL, DIANE-Towson; Home Economics -A*, FOB; Yg. Repub. 
DUVALL, ROBIN -Rockville; Elementary Educotion-lnternat'l Club, rSX. 
DYER, DAVID C- Silver Spring; Engineering -ASME. 

EARP, SHARON K.-Silver Spring; Elementary Education -UC A. 

EATON, KENNETH R.-Urbono; Business Administration. 

EBAUGH, JOHANNA S.-Glen Burnie; Education. 

EBERLY, MARK J.-Hagerstown; Mechanical Engineering-ASME. 

EBERSBERGER, MARC L.-Linthicum; Transportation- ANA; Dorm V.P., Sec.; 

Soc. Club. 

EDWARDS, GEORGE L- Laurel; Transportation. 

EDWARDS, MARTHA A. -Silver Spring; English -AAA; Diadem V.P.; SGA Sec. 
Cult- Comm.; AWS Exec. Coun.; People to People; Stud. Ambass. to Brit. Isles. 
EDWARDS, RICHARD A.-Ridgely; Agricultural-AI R; Colliote 4 H Club. 
EGORIN, MARVIN -Baltimore; Business & Public Admin. -Social Chm. Cam- 
bridge Complex, Bel-Air B. 
EIERMAN, TANYA L.- Towson; Sociology. 


EIGENBROT, RICHARD L.-Medfora, New Jersey; Home Economics -XAE, 

Sec, Pledge Trainer,- Advanced ROTC; Pershing Rifle Exec. Officer, FOB Atfiletic 

Chairman; Flight Instruction Program; SAfi. 

EINHORN, ARTHUR C.-Rockville; Pre-Low. 

EISMAN, STUART L.- Baltimore; Pre-Dentistry-ZBT 

EKLEBERRY, ROBERT H., JR.-ClnclnnatI, Ohio; Psychology -Joseph Poland 

Award in European History. 

ELDER, GEORGE R., JR.-Havre de Grace; History-Dorm Sec.; Athletic Chrm.; 

House Rules Comm. 

ELEFANTE, LENE M.- Baltimore; Art Education. 

ENGEL, HAROLD J.-Oxon Hill; Sociology -TE*, College Casino, See. Club, 

FOB, Soph. Carnival, TE* Service Key. 

ENGEL, RAYMOND -Baltimore; Chemical Engineering-AXI, Am. Inst, of Chem. 

Engr., Dorm V.P. 

ENGLER, KATHLEEN F.-Forest Hill; English-TERRAPiN Troil Club, Chapel Choir, 

Dorm Big Sister. 

ENNIS, ROBERT T.-Capitol Heights; Information Systems and Monagement- 


ENSOR, PETER D. J. -Bel Air; Chemistry -AXX. 

EPSTEIN, PHYLLIS A.-Boltimore; English -<t>XX; ASA. 

ERBE, DAVID C- Baltimore; General Business. 

ERICKSON, JEAN C.-Silver Spring; History-FOB; WRA Field Day Hostess. 

ERNST, STANTON G., JR.-Wheoton; Zoology -UCA. 

CLASS OF 1966 

ERTEL, PETER H.- College Park; Foreign Language. 
ESPELAND, CARL E.- Frederick; Electrical Engineering. 
ETERGINIO, RICHARD M.-Woterbury, Conn.; Speech Therapy. 
ETHERIDGE, MICHAEL J. -Baltimore; Mechanical Engineering -IITX. 
ETZEL, ROBERT V.-Hyottsville; Sociology- Newman Club. 

EVANS, OMAR D.-Ewell; Government and Politics. 

EVENCHICK, ISABELLE R.-Boltimore; General Physical Sciences-AAA, OME, 

Ski Club, Skin-Scuba Diving Club, ACS. 

EVESON, RONALD H.-Allentown, Penn.; Marketing -A<J>n, KK'C, Band and 

Band Quartermaster, MMA, Chr. House Rules Comm. 

EWING, ROBERT J. -Washington; Finance. 

FABER, WILLIAM W.- Baltimore; Accounting. 

FAGIN, STEVEN C.-Silver Spring; Psychology. 

FALVEY, CHARLES L., JR.-Hyattsville; Economics. 

FARB, SANDRA -Hyattsville; Elementary Education -D<J)E; FDll; FOB 

FEDERMAN, DEBBIE L- Silver Spring; English. 


FEIFFER, JEFFREY S.-Woshington; Chemistry -Distinguished Scholarship. 
FEIG, STEVEN A. -Salisbury; Pre-Med. Psychology -SA, Frosh Tennis 
FEINBERG, BRUCE D.-Silver Spring; Art Education -<1>EI1. 
FEINSTEIN, MICHAEL A.-Nev» York, N.Y.; Journolism-Diamondbdck, WMUC. 
FELTER, ROBERT O.-Baltimore; Social Studies Educotion-Sr. Vice-Pres., 
Sr., Jr. Prom Com., Frosh., Soph. Leg. 


FERGUSON, ELIZABETH A.-Towson; Government and Politics-Dorm Jud Bd , 

Cult. Comm.; AWS Cult. Comm.; Young Dem. 

FERGUSON, HELEN D.-Bethesdo; Music. 


FIELD, ELIZABETH A. -Chatham, New Jersey; Speech-Radio and T.V.-AAIl 

Pres., Soc. Chrm,, Act. Chrm., Ponhel Counc, Newman Club. 

FINGOPE, PHILLIP C.-Ho-Ho-Kus, New Jersey; Public Relations -Commuters 

Club; Res. Asst.; P.R. Club. 

FINK, HOWARD M.- Baltimore; French Areo-Deon's List; Dorm Intromurals; 

French CI. Prelaw. 

FINK, ROBERT J.-Greenbelt; Electrical Engineering -*H5.; Ski Club. 

FINLEY, THOMAS F. - Chevy Chose; Government and Politics - <tA(-); Kalegothos 

Society; <t>M.-> V.P.; Var. Track; M-Club; IPC Scholar Chm. 

FIRESTER, LLOYD B.-New York, N.Y.; Sociology-Vol. for Ment. Heolth; Dorm 


FISH, KATHLEEN L- Washington, D.C.; Sociology-Ski Club; Dorm Exec. Comm.; 

German-Amer. Club; Swim Club. 

FISHER, ANNABELLE- Baltimore; Sociology -FOB; Election Bd.; Women's 

Chorus; Free Stote Party. 

FISHER, CAROLYN J.-Edgewood; Mathematics. 

FISHER, CECILIA M.- Washington; D.C.; Elementary Education -AE*; Parents 

Day Chm., Bridal Fair Comm. Chm., FOB; WRA rep. 

FISHER, STANFORD E.-Boltimore; Mechanical Engineering -ATA; ASME. 

FISHER, STANLEY A. -Kensington; Physics-Arnold Air Society; Newman Club 

ROTC, Intromurals. 


FISHER, THOMAS M. - Goithersburg; Agriculture Economics - ATO. 
FISHKIND, STANLEY A.-Boltimore; Electrical Engineering- IRE IEEE; Relig. 
Chr.-Hillel Publications Chr.-Hillel; Yovenh; OAS; NSC. 

FITERMAN, JUDITH M.-Boltimore; Speech and Dromo-Diodem, Natl Col- 
legiate Players V.P.; UT, 

FLANAGAN, JANICE L. -Sioux City, Iowa; Speech and Droma-KAe, Dean's 
List, Ploys. 
FLAVIN, PATRICIA A.-Bethesda; English -Newman Club. 

FLESNER, RODNEY L.- Arlington, Va.; Elementary Education -KKI; Soc Chm, 
KKI; Soph. -Prom Comm.; DBK Copy Ed. 

FLOEGEL, CAROLYN D.- Silver Spring; Elementory Educotion-lIB<t>; SUB; 


FLOREK, MARIO J. -Colorado Springs, Colo.; History -German Club; Ski Club. 

FOLEY, CARROLEE-Star Route Woverly, Pa.; Physics -AWS 1st V.P.; Pres. 

Dorm Council; AWS Exec. Coun. 

FONDREN, CATHERINE E.- Silver Spring; Home Economics -KA(-); Diamond; 

Diadem; Pres. KAH; Sec. Fresh., Soph., Jr. Class-Outstanding Soph. Sorority 

Woman 1963. 

FORD, M. SUSAN -Chevy Chase; Elementory Education -KA0, Rush Cnm., 

Stondords Chm.; Sophomore Legisloture; Angel Flight Area Officer; Queens 

Chairman, Jr. Prom., Frosh Prom. 

FORLINES, WILLIAM H. Ill-Adelphi; Civil Engineering-ASCE; Sports Cor Club; 

Amateur Radio Club. 

FORMANER, SIDNEY J., JR.-Belcomp; Government and Politics -<t>KT, Corr. 


FORREST, GAYNL A.-Oxon Hill; Recreation-AOll, Social Chm; Terrapin 

Section Ed., 2 Yrs; Greek; AWS Big Sister Program. 

FORTE, GLORIA E.-Boltimore; Elementary Education -SDS; Chnpel Choir; 

Soc. Club. 

FORTE, PATTY M.- District Heights; Elementary Educotion. 

FOSTER, BONNIE LYNN-Timonium; English Education. 

FOSTER, JOHN E.-Hyattsville; Economics. 


FOWLER, RICHARD B.-Torrance, Calif; Physics -Arnold Air Society, Society of 

Military Engrs. 

%i-^> ^^ %.M, ^P 


FOY, BARRY G.-W. HyaHsville; Science Educ. 

FRAGA, ANDRES A.-Montevideo-R.O. del Uruguay; Electrical Engineering - 


FRALLIC, M. PAULEnE-Chevy Chose; English Education -AXH; Chapel Choir, 

Frosh Comm. AWS Comm.; Doydodgers Big Sis.; FOB. 

FRANCE, RALPH E.- Baltimore; Psychology -Dorm V.P.; WMUC. 

FRANCIS, JANNES R.- Baltimore; Art. 

FRANCIS, JOSEPH J.-Elmhurst, Pennsylvania; Military Studies. 
FRANCIS, KATHIE l.-Tokoma Park; Art Education-Art League. 
FRACK, WALTER B.- Chevy Chose; Philosophy. 
FRANK, DAYE E.- Washington, D.C.; Sociology. 
FRANK, ELIOT C.-Boltimore; Sociology -Dorm Activ. 

FRANKLIN, JAMES W.- Mount Airy; Physical Education -<t>A@; Basketball, 
Baseball, Varsity Club; Student Union Comm. 
FRANKLIN, MARY C- Westminister; Home Economics. 
FRAZIER, NORMA J. -Baltimore; Microbiology. 

FREDERICK, RODNEY E.-Boltimore; Civil Engineering -<I>KT, Pres.; Kalegathos 
Society; Pershing Rifles; Civil Eng. Amer. Society; IFC Rep.; Varsity Track. 
FREEMAN, JUDY A. -Washington, D.C.; Recreation-AHA; Pres., Social Chm. 
Activities Chm. Rec. Society; WRA Rep. 

CLASS OF 1966 

FREENY, VIRGIL R.-Centerville; Mechonical Engineering -ASME; Cambridge 
Comp. Coun.; Cumber. South Pres., V.P., Sec'v. 

FRICKS, JAN D.-Silver Spring; French Foreign Areo-^K; Angel Flight; DBK 
Editorial Staff, Copy Ed., OAE; Women's Press Club; Frosh AWS Rep. 
FRIEDMAN, ALAN J. -Washington, D.C.; Physics -Sports Car Club. 
FRIEDMAN, CHERLY M.-Boltimore; Early Childhood Education --t-XX. 
FRIEDMAN, EDWARD J.-Hyattsville; Physics -Sports Car Club. 

FRIEDMAN, HOWARD N.-Baltimore; English-TE<t>, Pres., Sec.; Feat. Ed. 

GREEK; IFC Hist., Rush Chrm. 

FRIEND, PATRICIA A. -Silver Spring; Elementary Education -M Book; Jr. 

Prom Comm. JUB Soc. Comm., Bridal Fair. 

FROELICH, NORMAN H.-Freelond; Industrial Education. 

FUGITT, CAROP A. -Silver Spring; Early Childhood Education -AFA, Treos., 

Guard.; Baptist Stu. Union Chapel Choir. 

FULGUM, ROBERT D. - Fayetteville, N.C.; Government and Politics. 

GADDIS, DOROTHY A. -Upper Marlboro; Zoology -r<l>6; Diomond; Young 


GAGER, WILLIAM C.-Hyottsville; General Bus.-AXA, Pres., Rush Chm., 

Alumni Sec.; IFC Rep. 

GAIL, HENRY W.-Boltimore; General Business -House Rules Chm. 

GAINOR, JOHN H.- Baltimore; Physical Education -Intramurals. 


GALLOWAY, JANET R.-lebonon, III.; German -German-Americon Club (Mun- 

GALLUP, GRACE V.-Coronodo, Calif.; English. 
GAMBRILL, LINDA B.-Hyottsville; Elementary Education. 
GAMBRIIL, KENDALL W.- Highland; Government and Politics- Dean's List, 
SFU, Young Democrots, Dorm President. 

GANDEL, TOBY R.- Silver Spring; Mathematics -SAT Treos., AAA, KAIl Treos., 
AWS Judicial Board, Bridal Fair. 


^5 *rS CTi P^ ^^ 




GERHARDT, MARIE B.-Newburg, N.Y.; Early Childhood Education -Chorus, 

Ski Club. 

GERMEROTH, STEPHEN R.- Baltimore; Physical Education -Frosh. Wrestling. 

GIANFAGNA, JAMES H.- Pittsburgh, Pa.; Marketing -BA^C; Dorm Pres.; Univ. 

March. Bond, Univ. Theater. 

GIBBONS, EDWARD E.-Severna Park; Electricol Engineering. 

GIBBS, LINDA C- Cumberland; English-AOIl; Campus Chest; DBK; AWS; 


GIBBS, MONROE W.- Brooklyn, N.Y.; Finance -Dorm Sports. 
GIBERMAN, VALERIE G.- Chevy Chase; Psychology -Chapel Choir, Dorm Of- 

GIBSON, NELSON R.-Fair Haven; Physical Education -Football Manager 
(head), M Club, PE Majors Club. 

GICHNER, ERNESTINE -Washington, D.C.; Childhood Education -AE<I>, Corre- 
sponding Secretary, Co-Chairmon Community Service Council, Svi^eetheort of 

GIFFIN, RALPH E. -Hogerstown; Social Studies -Dorm House Improvements 
Ch., Homecoming Floot Ch., Complex Olympics Choirmon, Dorm Constitution 
Ch., Agnes E. Meyer Scholarship. 

GIGANTI, JOHN J.-Solisbury; Electrical Engineering -AS<1>; Rodio Club; IEEE. 

GILL, JOHN J. -Arbutus; Education for Industry-Track; ASTME; SAM. 

GILMORE, CHARLES P.-Bellemead; Civil Engineering-ASCE. 

GINSBERG, STANLEY P.-Silver Spring; Accounting-Commuter's Assoc.; 

Bnai Brith; Chesapeake Boy Party. 

GLAGOLA, ALLEN F.-Clifton, N.J.; Industry Education -SAM; Intermurals. 

GLASGOW, NANCY A.-HyaHsville; Moth -AHA; Diamond; People to People; 

Bridal Fair. 

GLASNER, CAROL-LEE -Baltimore; Art Educotion- Flying Follies; Homecoming 

Float Chm.; Dorm Dec. Chm. 

GLAZIER, WILLIAM G. - Peterborough, NJ.; Government and Politics -Radio 



GLICK, LAWRENCE A.-Silver Spring; French -<I>K<t>; French Club, Pres.; Inter- 

not'l Club. 

GANDLER, VALERIE R.-Hyottsville; Microbiology -UCA. 
GANLEY, WILLIAM F- Monrovia; Agricultural Business. 
GARDINER, ROBERT W.- Waldorf; Accounting -Dean's List; Honors Convoca- 

GARDNER, RONALD D.-Wheaton; Psychology -KKY Marching Bond; Concert 
Bond; Flying Follies. 

GARflNKLE, PAULA E.-Silver Spring; English Education -Alpha Lambda Delta; 
UT Box Office; Cumberland Jud. Boord; Honors Convocation, 2 yrs. 

GARONZIK, JOSEPH -Baltimore; History-cfHS; <t>BK; Dorm Scholarship Comm. 


GARRETT, HERBERT E.-Cheverly; Zoology-ATO; Frosh Swimming; Intra- 

murols Harmony Hall. 

GARRISON, KENNETH A. -Laurel; Mathematics. 

GASTLEY, HARRY L.- Frederick; Government and Politics. 

GATELY, MARY E.-Tokoma Pork; Sociology-UCA. 

GEER, BRUCE N.-Baltimore; Mechanical Engineering-ASME; Frosh Lacrosse; 


GEIS, CHARLES J. -Baltimore; Business Administration -Dorm Trees. & Sec.; 

House Rules Comm. 

GEISLER, ROBERT F.-Bethesda; Education for Industry -ASTME. 

GELFAND, STEVEN J.-Silver Spring; Biology-<I>En 

GEPHARDT, MEIVIN L.- Baltimore; Electrical Engineering -Resident Men's 

Jud. Bd.; Dorm V.P. 



GOCHENOWN, JOHN C- Richmond, Vo.; History -Intramurals. 
GODFREY, JAMES A. -University Park; English -Dean's List. 
GOLD, SANDRA M.- Silver Spring; Elementory Education -<t>XX Trees., Pan- 
hellenic Rep., Panhellenic Liason Committee Chairman, Freshman and Sopho- 
more Prom Queen Committee Chairman. 

GOLDBERG, EDWARD M. - Hyottsville; Marketing -Skin Diving Club. 

GOLDBERG, STANLEY 0. -Silver Spring; History -Diomondback. 

GOLDMAN, PHYLLIS H.- Torrance, Calif.; Speech and Drama -AOE, ei<t>, 

WMUC, Univ. Theater. 

GOLDSCHMIDT, BARBARA L.- Baltimore; Government ond Politics. 

GOLDSTEIN, SHERLYN B.-Silver Spring; Elementary Education. 

GOLTZ, BARBARA P.- Mayland; Art Education. 

GONZALEZ, ALINA D.-Cardena, Cuba; Economics. 

GOODALL, PHILLIP E.- Hyottsville; Government and Politics. 

GOODIN, CONNIE F.- Lexington; Modern Dance -<t>AE; STE; Modern Dance 

Group; WRA. 

GOODLEY, EARLEN E.-Riverton, New Jersey; Marketing -Elkton Hall Pres.; 

Denton Leg., Homecom. Comm.; Dorm Comm. Chrm.; See. Adv. Monog. 

CLASS OF 1966 


~ cy f^ o ^ 


GORDON, ELLEN -Potomac; Philosophy. 

GORDON, HOWARD Ill-Temple Hills; Physics -<t>KY; Gymkono. 

GORDON, RICHARD D.- Silver Spring; Civil Engineering -4>S A; ASCE. 

GORDON, SHARYN- Silver Spring. 

GORDON, TIMOTHY W.-Hogerstown; Economics -Intramurals; Dorm Officer; 

Dorm Comm. Chm. 

GORSUCH, SUSAN T.- Baltimore; Psychology. 
GRABENSTEIN, JOHN J. -Baltimore; Economics. 

GRAHAM, JAMES M. Ill -Sandy Spring; Journalism- Diomondbock Photog- 

GRAMS, JOHN C.-Knoxville; Chemicol Engineering. 

GRASSO, ANTHONY P.-Nutley, New Jersey; Moth-SOE, Treos., Social Chm.; 
IPC Presents; IPC Pood Drive; FOB. 

GRATER, MARGARET K.- Walnut Creek, Calif; English -Pre-Med. Society, 
SUB, Hostess Committee Ch., Nursing Club. 

GRAVES, CHARLES S.- Washington, D.C.; Education for Industry -£X, Base- 

GRAY, C. EDWARD -Adelphi; Business Administration -ANA. 
GREASLEY, CHARLES R., JR. -Baltimore; Education for Industry -Dorm House 
Rules Committee. 

GREBELDINGER, RICHARD-Cooksville, Ontario; Economics- TAM', American 
Scuba Diving, Bridge Club, Hockey Club, Open League Basketball. 

GREEK, DAVID C- Baltimore; English -Pep Club; Nevi-mon Club; Dorm Pres. 

GREEN, CARLTON M.- College Pork; General Business. 

GREEN, ELLEN L.-Silver Spring; Economics- rSS. 

GREEN, HERBERT A. -Silver Spring; Personnel Monagement-<|)SA. 

GREEN, IRIS -Hyottsville. 


GREENBAUM, OLIVIA E.-HyaM$ville; French -Modern Dance Club, Physical 

Therapy Club; French Club. 

GREENE, HOWARD 0.- Lewes, Del.; History. 

GREESON, JAMES 0.- College Pork; Aero. Engineering. 


GREINER, ELIZABETH A. -Baltimore; Elementary Education. 

GREINER, SHIRLEY A. -Mount Rainier, Md.; Advertising -AAA; Honors Convo- 
GRIEB, MICHAEL A.-Hyattsville; Government and Politics -<t>XK; UT; Pre 

Law Club; Young Democrats; "tSK Scholarship Award. 
GRIZZARD, FRANCES A.-Wheoton; Sociology- liS, Social Chm., Most Valu- 
able Pledge; Vice President Sophomore Class; Frosh Orientation Board Chm.; 
Aft; Sociology Dept. Award; Vol. for Mental Health Rep.; Student Gov. Assn. 
GROBMAN, SUSAN R.- Bowie; English -Volunteers for Mental Health; Dorm 
Float Comm. 

GROER, I. STEVEN-Silver Spring; Journolism-TERRAPiN; Diamondback; 

GROSS, FRED W.- Baltimore; Business Administration. 

GROSS, GARY S.-Silver Spring; Animal Science-Vet. Science Club, Treas. 

GROSSMAN, BERTA- Baltimore; Early Childhood Education -Dorm Jud. Board. 

GROTH, JOHN H.-Tokomo Park; Political Science. 

GRUBMAN, CAROLE M.- Baltimore; Elementary Education -Council for U.N.; 

NEA; Young Democrats. 


GURNEY, LORA-Cheverly; Elementary Education -AAII, Treas.; KAII; New- 
man Club; SNEA; Frosh Prom Comm.; Intramurals; Dorm Big Sister; Dean's List. 
GUTMAN, JOAN B.-Boltimore; Sociology-<t>X2.; lElecfion Polls; Frosh Prom 

HAAPALA, KENNETH A. -Harvard, Mass.; Economics -VMH. 
HABER, IMOGENS -Greenbelt; Physical Education -<t>Il Treas.; <t>AE; Flying 
Folies; Adv. Mod. Dance; U.T.; Chm. Adele Stamp Award; Miss Maryland. 
HABER, MERLE P. -Kensington -Elementary Education- IXS; Carroll Hall 
Pres., Jud. Board; Officer Student NEA; Aqualiners; Dorm Intramurals; Out- 
standing Soph, of Dorm. 

HADDAWAY, RICHARD M.-Eoston; Accounting. 

HAGAN, BILLIE P.-Compsprings; Art Education -Dorm Social Chairman and 

Exec. Council, FOB, Univ. Theater, Art League. 

HAGEAGE, MARGARET S.-HyoHsville; Textiles and Clothing -Home Ec. Club, 

Bridal Fair, Fashion Shows. 

HAGH, SHARON A. -Bowie; Business Education. 

HAIGHT, DOROTHY M.-Edgewood; Speech and Dramatics -Univ. Theoter, 

UCA, Art Exhibitions, Intramural Basketball. 

HAKKARINEN, WILLIAM D.-Hyonsville; Zoology -Pershing Rifles; P/R Trick 

Drill Team, Silver Medal. 

HALL, MARGARET D.-Rockville; Art-iK; Diadem, Diamond; SGA Sec.; Comdr. 

Angel Flight; Jr. Class Pres., Sec. Leg., Fresh. & Soph. Leg.; Soph. Woman of 

Year; Military Ball Queen. 

HALLENGREN, ERIC C- Baltimore; Journalism -ATft; Campus Chest; Free 

State Rep., College Casino; DBK. 


HAMILTON, JOHN R.-Johnstown, Pennsylvania; Social Studies. 

HAMMAKER, WILLIAM F.-Hagerstown; Mechanical Engineering -ASME 

HAMMOND, WAYNE B.-Hyattsville; Civil Engineering -ASCE. 

HAND, NINA S. - Sparrows Point; Speech Therapy - AOll; iAH; Yeorbook Staff. 

HANEY, J. CHRISTOPHER - College Park; Generol Business. 

HANEY, JOYCE S.- Laurel; History. 


HANKA, BARBARA C.-Adelphi; Government and Politics -Young Democrats. 

HANNA, CECILIA F.-Bel Air; English Educotion-^K, Diadem, 4>AE, 0SX, 

Terrapin, Diomondback, Information Please. 

HANSON, ELIZABETH A. -Silver Spring; Home Economics -KKI, VII, Campus 

Chest, Home Ec. Club. 

HANTMAN, DIANE L- Silver Spring; History -AE<t>. 

HARDEN, ROBERT S.- Baltimore; Economics -AMA, Dorm Activities. 

HARDIN, NATALIE C.-Temple Hills; Home Economics-AFA Corresponding 

Sec'y., 2nd V.P.; Home Ec. Club; SGA Placement Week; College Casino. 

HARDING, CAROLE L.-Glen Burnie; Psychology -Vol. for Mental Health; Dorm 


HARDISTY, LINDA N.- Silver Spring; Elementary Educotion- Organizations 

Day Comm.; Glamour Mag. Contest. 

HARDY, THOMAS R.-Tokomo Pork; Government and Politics. 

HARE, THOMAS T.-Baltimore; Economics -OA3 Social Chm.; MNB; Student 

Placement Service. 

HARKER, DIANE E. - Randallstown; Economics -TBI; Band; Dorm Sud. Board. 
HARLING, JOHN H.-Towson; Industrial Education -Arnold Air Society, Comp- 
troller; House Rules Chm.; Sports Cor Club. 
HARNE, CHARLES E.- Silver Spring; Geography -Gymkona. 
HARNEST, CAREN L.- College Pork; Sociology -Diadem; Commuters' Assoc, 
Pres.; AWS Exec. Council; SGA Cabinet. 
HARR, JOHN P.-Adelphi; Economics -<t>Ae, Soc. Chm. 



'^Sf r-\ 


HARRIS, AINSLEE-Chevy Chase; English -Christian Science Org. 

HARRIS, CHARLES D.-Dundalk; Physical Education -Cross Country; Track; 

M Club; Phys. Ed. Majors Club. 

HARRIS, CURTIS B., JR.-College Park; Civil Engineering-ASCE. 

HARRIS, CYNTHIE A.-Myersville; Recreation -FSX; Sec. Md. Rec. Society; 

Dorm Jud. Board Big Sister Program. 

HARRIS, JOSEPH G., JR. -District Heights; Accounting. 

HARRISON, DALE H.-Annapolis; Social Studies-Schol Comm. 
HARRISON, ELLSWORTH W.-Towson; Economics. 

HARRISON, JOSEPH G.-Berlin; Government and Politics-Dorm Pres., Pol. 
Science Club; SU Soc. Comm., Placement Comm. 

HARRISON, NANCY S.-Easton; Psychology-Women's Chorus Lib., Dorm Home- 
coming Chrm. 

HART, CHARLES M.-Baltimore; Public Relations -<1>A0, Sec.; SAX Sec.; Place- 
ment Comm.; IPC Rush Cord.; Lacrosse Team; Intramurols. 

HARVEY, ALAN R.- Cheltenham, Pa.; History. 


HART, WILLIAM B.-Takoma Park; Marketing-Advancement of Management 


HATCH, SUSAN J.-Erie, Pa.; Elementary Education- Dorm Big Sister. 

HATCHER, JAMES E. - Frederick; English - SOE; Secy.; Free State Party. 

HAU, GRETCHEN T.-Adelphi; French-AOO; Dean's List; French Club; Nev^mon 


HAUCK, CAROL A. -North Forestville; Executive Secretary- UCA. 

HAVENNER, ARTHUR M.- Washington, D.C.; Economics-Ski Club. 


HAWKER, GEORGE E.-Frederick; Dairy Production -AGl; Dairy Science Club; 

4H Club. 




HELIMAN, JOHN L.-Sporrow's Point; Entomology- Swimming Team,- Entom- 
ology Club. 

HEMBY G. EDWARD -Frederick; Mechanical Engineering-TBH; IITI; Pershing 
Rifles; ASME; Dorm President. 

HEMINGWAY, JACOB E.-Oak Park, III.; Mechanical Engineering-ASME. 
HEMMETER, KENNETH W.- Baltimore; Marketing. 

HENDERSHOZ, NIAH L.-Warfordsburg, Pa.; Journalism-^ AX; SPRA; M-Club; 
Baseball Team; COSIDA. 

HENDERSON, JOHN B.-Fort Royal, Pennsylvania; Science Education-Varsity 
Wrestling; M-Club; Varsity Letter. 

HENDERSON, JOHN B.-Hyottsville; Civil Engineering -ASCE; Sports Car Club; 
Newman Club. 

HENDRICKSON, JOHN E.-Hyattsville; Journalism -2 AX; IIAE; DBK News Ed- 
itor; Copy Chief. 

HENKIN, GARY J.- Washington, D.C.; Psychology. 

HENRICHSEN, RICHARD E.-Wheoton; German-Munich Ski Club, Munich Ger- 
man Club; Cadet Leadersp. Acad. 

HERVERT, ELTON W.-Sykesville; Entomology. 

HETTIEMAN, ALLEN R.- Baltimore; History -TE*; Campus Chest; College 

Cassino; Old Line Party; IFC Comm. 

HEWITT, JERRY F.- Baltimore; General Business. 

HEYMAN, MEYER R.- Baltimore; Zoology. 

HICKEY, ROBERT W.- Annapolis; Government and Politics -Dorm Schlshp. 

Comm.; House Rules Comm. 

HICKEY, TIMOTHY J.-Woshington, DC; Economics. 



HIGGINS, RITA M.-Silver Spring; Interior Design-NSID Pres.; Angel Flight; 

Home Ec. Club; Newman Club. 

HIGH, CAROLYN -Washington, D.C.; Interior Design -AI; NSID 

HAWORTH, BETTY E.-Son Diego, Calif.; Home Economics -fiome Economics 


HAYES, DANIEL-Kensington. 

HAYMAN, MITCHELL J.-Fruitland; Chemistry -Honors Dorm; ACS Student 

Affiliates; Comb. Comp. Ath. Comm.; Combr. A Ath. Chrm. 

HAYNER, BERTRAM C, JR.-Wheoton; Mechanical Engineering. 

HAYWOOD, CHARLES F.-Hyattsville; Pre-Low. 

HEDGES, DOROTHY R.-Bethesdo; Social Studies Education -WRA; UCA. 

HEDGES, ROBERT E.- Brunswick; Economics. 

HEETHER, CAROLYN W.-Boltimore; Art Education-Art League. 

HEILMAN, WILLIAM R.-Silver Spring; Microbiology- Dorm Treos.; House 

Rules Comm.; Intromurols; Float Comm. 

HEINMILLER, ROBERTA A.-Silver Spring; Government and Politics-Old Line 

Pol. Party. 

HEINE, JAMES L.-Hyattsville; Accounting -BA4>; Dean's List. 

HEISE, HARRY J. -Baltimore; Microbiology-Jud. Board. 

HEISLER, BARRY N.- North East; Biology. 

HELFRICH, ROBERT J.-Dundolk; Public Relations -SAX, Treas.; TME, Secy.- 

Treas.; IIAE; Diomondbock, Daily Ed.; Student Pub. Rel., Treos.; Hill Council; 

V\/m. Randolph Hearst Writing Award. 

HELLER, ALLAN -Baltimore. 


HILL, DAVID L.-Towson; General Business. 

HILL, JOANNE M.- Harrison, N.Y.; English -Gymkana. 

HILL, ROBERT F.-Catonsville; Electrical Engineering -Placement Service; 

IEEE; Weightlifting Club. 

HILLMAN, ILENE S.- Baltimore; English. 

HINDMAN, NANCY F.- Washington, D.C.; Political Science. 

HINMAN, ASHLEY -Cheverly; Aeronautical Engineering -Dorm Sec.; AIAA. 

HINZMAN, CAROL A.-Zonesville, Ohio; Biology Education -Capital Univ. Choir. 

HNAT, KIEFFER N.M.N. -Hyattsville; Electrical Engineering. 



HOEFNER, MARY V.- Baltimore; Public Relations-WMUC bus. mnger; Cumber- 
land North pres., soc. chm., orientation chm. 

HOELZER, JAMES R. -Cumberland; Aeronautical Engineering-AIAA. 
HOENACK, FRANCIS A.-Bethesda; Art-Univ. Orchs.; Chamber Orch.; Bran 

HOFFMAN, KENNETH M.- Baltimore; General Physical Sciences -<t>H2:; Pre- 
Med. Society; Dorm Activities. 
HOFFMAN, PETER F.-Bethesda; English-Pre-Med.-AEn, pledge master. 

CLASS OF 1966 

ill 'i^iii 

HOFMANN, HAROLD-Bethesda; Marketing -A AS v.p.; American Marketing 

HOGAN, ROBERT l.-Lockhaven; Transportation -Free State Party. 
HOLEWINSKI, CAROLYN A. -Baltimore; Executive Secretarial Program -Or 
phan's Prog.; Bridal Fair; Big Sister. 

HOLLAND, WAYNE M.-Pocomoke City; Agricultural Economics -Ai'P Econom- 
ics Club. 

HOLLOWAY, RAYMOND C.-Sykesville; Government and Politics -Men's Glee 

HOLTAN, ANDREW A.-Lourel; Microbiology -@X, Gymkana. 
HOLTGRAVE, MARY L.-Towson; Social Studies in Secondary Education. 
HOOD, JANIS C.-Ellicott City; Home Economics Education -Home Ec. 
HOPKINS, MARGARET A. - Beltsville; Secretarial Education. 
HOPKINS, PATRICIA A. -Frederick; Sociology -Chapel Choir. 


HORDES, DONALD B.-Silver Spring; Economics-OEIl; Dean's List. 

HORN, IRENE R.-Chevy Chase; Sociology-Big Sister; Vol. Mental Health. 

HORN, ROBERT J. - Laurel; Government and Politics. 

HORTON, CHARLES R.- University Pork; Mechanical Engineering -Dean's List; 

Intromurals; freshman wrestling; ASME. 

HORTON, JAMES R.- University Pork; Government ond ■'olitics- Chesapeake 

Bay Party; Intramural Wrestling. 

HOTTINGER, JOHN A.-Taneytown; Psychology -<l>A0, Soc. Chn.; Band; 

Diamondback; Old Line Party Chn.; Dorm V.P., Soc. Chn. 

HOUFF, THOMAS F.- Hyattsville; English. 

HOWARD, JAMES RAYMOND, III -Baltimore; Psychology, Pre-Med.-Dorm 

Cultural Comm., Chn.; Dorm Jud. Board, Chn.; Pre-Med. Club; Psych. Club; 

Vol. for Mental Health. 

HOWARD, KATHERINE M.-Bethesda; Early Childhood Education -I XX. 

HOWARD, PATRICIA A. -Silver Spring; Elementary Education. 



HURVITZ, JUDITH A.-Woshington, D.C.; Speech Therapy-WMUC, Pub. Dir., 
Contin. and Traffic Dir. 

HURWITZ, DENNIS J. -Baltimore; Pre-Med.-<t>5:A, House Manager, Steward. 
HYDER, RICHARD J. -Baltimore; Mechanical Engineering -Dorm Treas., In- 

HVRE, HELEN L.-Chevy Chase; Psychology-AOll, Pres , A,\A, Diadem; Dia- 
mond; lldE; Mortor Board, Sec.; "tK*; Ponhel Pres.; Who's Who Comm.; Ter- 
rapin, Section Ed.; AWS, 2nd V.P.; Outstanding Sorority Woman. 
lAGER, JUDITY E.-Fulton; Secretarial Education-TBX; Band; Campus Church 
Org., Pres., Sec. 

INDERDOHNEN, JOHN M.- Silver Spring; Accounting. 

INGRAM, JOHN O.-Adelphi; Business and Public Administration. 

INVERNIZZI, ELLEN B.- Baltimore; Sociology- Dorm Jud. Board; Soph. Pi 


IRWIN, BERNADETTE M.- Baltimore; Sociol Studies -Soc. Chrm.; Orphan Pc 


JACKSON, GAIL -Baltimore. 

JACKSON, JAMES E.-Forestville; Economics -Newman Club; Amateur Radio 

JACKSON, THOMAS E.-Landover Hills; Music Education- (DMA Sinfonio, 
treos.; Concert band; Marching band; Donc-e bond; Mus. Dept. Biblio. Project. 

JACOBS, STEPHANIE R.-Adelphi; Psychology-SAT house pres. ond rush chm.; 
Diodem; Diamond; SGA legis., cabinet; Ponhel Council; Parhellenic Recogni- 
tion Key. 

JAFFE, ROSLYN L.-Silver Spring; Home Economics -Social Chm. of SAM; 
Sec. SNEA; Cult. Chm. of Dorm; Yg. Democ. 

JAMES, DAVID C.-Bel Air; Marketing -Amer. Mkt Asso. 

JAMES, ELIZABETH G. -Silver Spring; Home Economics-AI; FOB; co chrm. 

Dutch Dinner; TKE Sweetheart; Nat. TKE Sweetht. runner-up. 

JANOf SKY, STEPHEN L. - Silver Spring; Marketing. 

JAQUITH, NANCY L.-Hyottsville; History AAA. 

JARBOE, FRANCIS L.- Great Mills; History -Jud Boara. 

HOWELL, ROBERT C.-Hyottsville; Personnel. 

HUANG, EDDY H.-Bethesdo; Electrical Engineering -TBII; HKN; International 

Club; Chinese Club; Physics Club; IEEE; A<J>a. 

HUBER, JUDITH M.- Wollingford, Pa.; Sociology -A4-E; Diamond; FOB. 

HUBER, KATHY A.-Catonsville; Textiles and Clothing -Home Ec. Club; Dorm 

Fl. Pres.; Dorm Jud. Bd, 

HUGHES, CHRISTINE D.-Middletown, Conn.; Library Science. 


HUGHES, SENEATHA K.-Comp Springs; Biological Sciences. 

HULL, JOHN C- Westminster; History. 

HUMPHREYS, JOHN W.- Baltimore; Physics- Dorm V. P.; Athletic chrm. 

HUNT, MARTHA L.-Oxon Hill; French -French Club; WRA. 

HUNT, SHEILA L. -Reisterstown; Psychology -*K<t>; Psychology Honors Prog. 

Dorm Jud. Board. 

HUNTER, LAURIS -Potomac; Sociology. 

HUNTINGTON, PENELOPE -Chevy Chase; English- Al; Soph. Prom Comm, AWS 

Intramurols, Big Sister. 

HURLEY, DAVID E.- Baltimore; Chemistry. 

HURT, GERALD F.-Sykesville; Elementary Education. 




J ARRELL, THOMAN E. - Hyattsville; General Business. 

JARVIS, PETER -Yonkers, N.Y.; Accounting-TE*; Accounting Club. 

JASKOWITZ, THEODORE J. -Philadelphia, Pa.,- Sociology -ZBT; Intramural 


JENKINS, EMMA S.- Lexington Park; Elementary Education. 

JENNINGS, MICHAEL V.- Washington, D.C.; General Physical Sciences -BAvf; 


JERNIGAN, JAMES A.-Rockville; Civil Engineering-ASCE, Intramural Basket- 
ball and Volleyball. 

JESTER, JOHN R.-Catonsville; Finance-Frosh Lacrosse; R.A. 
JEZOREK, CAROL ANN-Linthicum; Botany -Parents Day; Dorm Big Sister; 
Newman Club; People to People; DBK. 
JOHN, GEORGE V.-Landover; Mathematics. 

JOHNSON, JUDITH A.-Silver Spring; Advertising -I1B4>; Aqualiners; Home 
Ec. Club. 

JOHNSON, SHEILA S.- Baltimore; Business Education. 
JOHNSON, SUSAN A.-Annapolis; Biology-International Wk. Chrm. 
JOHNSTON, CHARLES N.-Baltimore; Philosophy-Varsity Rifle Team; Fresh- 
man Rifle Team. 
JOHNSTON, JAMES B.- Silver Spring; Chemistry -4>E^; Madrigal Singers. 

CLASS OF 1966 

K ^ J. 

JOHNSTON, WENDY R.- Garrett Pork; Early Childhood Education- nB*; 

Sr. Ponhel Delegate; Bridge Club. 

JOLIES, DORINDA D.-Silver Spring; Speech-AE*; SGA Jr. CI. Leg.; St. Act. 

& Welfare; SGA Comm.; Old Line Del. 

JONES, CHARLES -Hyattsville. 

JONES, JAMES S. - Baltimore; Electrical Engineering - IEEE. 

JONES, PAUL E.-Poolesville; Accounting. 

JONES, ROBERT L., JR. -Hyattsville; Mechanical Engineering-ASME Club. 

JORDAN, CAROL W.- Baltimore; Home Economics Education. 

JORDAN, FRANCES B.- Baltimore; Physical Educotion- Freshman Orientation; 

WRA Activities; Physical Education Majors' Club. 

JORDAN, PHALA J. -Silver Spring; English Education. 

JOSEPH, JOHNSON B.-Mechanicville; Business Administration -International 


KAECHELE, JAN E.-Coloa Beach, Florida; Electrical Engineering -<t>E:i:; IEEE; 

Fla. Engr. Soc; Underwater Club. 

KAHAN, JAY S.-Silver Spring; Zoology-<I)2A; Diamondback; <t>iii Corr. Sec. 

& Rec. Sec. 

KANE, KATHLEEN E.-Rockvilie; Economics. 

KANIA, LESLIE J. -Silver Spring; Transportation. 

KAHN, RICHARD S.- Baltimore; American Civilization -Dorm V.P.; Soc. Chrm. 

KARPA, WILLIAM P. -Baltimore; Government and Politics -ZBT; Basketball; 

Intramural Sports. 

KARPOOK, DIANNA- Baltimore; Home Economics Education -Pres. ETHOS. 

KARR, STEPHEN D. - Baltimore; Psychology- <l>i.i; Vol. for Mental Health. 

KASIN, EILEEN D. - Baltimore; Mathematics. 

KATZ, SUSAN R.- Washington, D.C.; Home Economics- Practical Art; "DSS; 

Diadem V.P.; Diamond; <PIX Pres.; SGA Elect. Board, Co-Chm. 


KAUFMAN, STEVE -Baltimore; History -ZBT; Old Line Frat. Rep.; Old Line Pub- 
licity Chm. 

KAYNE, MICHELE I. -Baltimore; Journolism- Women's Press Club, corres. 
sec.; Section Ed. M Book; Calvert Review; SGA Nevvispoper; SFU Course Evalua- 
tion Catalog. 

KECKEL, D. PETER-Berlin, Germany; Government and Politics -Bridge Club; 
Soccer; House Rules Committee. 

KEENEY, CALVIN A. -Baltimore; Electrical Engineering -KK^f, sec.; IEEE; 
Morching Band; Symphonic Band; Bach Choral Society. 
KEENY, BARBARA J.- Wheoton; Elementary Education -Gymkano. 

KEETING, RUTH A.-HyoMsville; History- AAA; UCA sec.; Daydodger Big Sister; 

SDS; Chesapeake Bay Party; Dean's List. 

KEITH, CAROL J.-Parkton; Home Economics Education -Chapel Choir; FOB; 

Parents' Day Chm.; Homecoming; Dorm Hall Pres, 

KELBAUGH, MADONNA S.-Pikesville; Social Studies Educotion-AHA 

KELLEY, DONALD L. - Silver Spring; Civil Engineering - ATSi; ASCE. 

KELLEY, ETHEL B.-Oceon City; Marketing -Ait>; Aqualiners; rush chm. A*; 

Dorm Jud. Boord; Free State Rep.; Homecoming Comm. 

KELLEY, JOHN M. -Baltimore; Aeronautical Engineering. 

KELLEY, WAYNE D. - Owings Mills; Education for Industry. 

KELLY, EILEEN M.- Dallas, Texas; Elementary Education -AI; Sr Leg.; Jr. & 

Sr. Prom Comm. Chm.; S.U. Bd. Sec.; AI' Sec. 


KENNEDY, SHARON LEE -Baltimore; Elementary Education- Dorm Activities. 


KENNY, JOHN J.-Steubenville, Ohio; Business Administration -Athletic Honor 

Roll; Football; M-Club; House Rules Comm.; Unsung Hero Football. 

KENWORTHY, JOHN O.-Baltimore; Mechanical Engineering-ATU; M-Club; 

ASMD; Varsity Lacrosse; Intermurols; Dorm Officer; 1st Team All Amer. 

Lacrosse; William Cole Award, 

KEPPEL, JOHN D. - Chevy Chase; Tronsportation - ANA. 


KETEL, ERNST J.-Londover; Agronomy -AZ; Agronomy Club. 

KEY, CHARLES J. - Baltimore; History- Social Chrm. Allegany B. 

KEYSER, DOROTHY J.-Baltimore; Elementary Education -WRA; Intramurals; 

Dorm Exec. Council; Jr. Class Rep. 

KIDWELL, ARTHUR S., JR. -Baltimore; Sociology-Sociology Club; Terrapin 

Trail Club; International Club. 

KIDWELL, WESLEY E., JR.-Wheoton; History. 

KIERSARSKY, CLAIRE C.-Ellicott City; Psychology- Newman Club. 

KIERSON, RICHARD 6. -Baltimore; Accounting. 

KIETLAND, TOWNSEND W.-Chevy Chose; Government and Politics -Frosh 

Cross-Country and Track; House Rules; Dorm Sec. 
KILBY, MARGARET M- Bowie; English. 
KIM, YANG JA- Seoul, Korea; Mathematics. 

KIMBLE G. STUART- Rancocos, N.J.; Fire Projection Engineering-Fire Protec- 
tion Engr. Soc; Dorm Intramurals; Dorm Comm. 

KINCAID, MARY T.- University Pork; Textiles and Clothing -KKI; pledge 

trainer; recording sec.; AWS pres.; Business mongr. SGA; Jr. AWS rep.; FOB 

exec, council. 

KING, DAVID E.- Baltimore; Mechanical Engineering- 1 IKA; Young DemocrotS; 

ASME; Dorm V.P. 

KING, JOHN G. -Silver Spring; Industrial Education -Society of Advancement 

of Mgmnf .; American Society of Tool and Manufacturing Engr. 

KING, PATRICIA-College Park; Microbiology -A \D; UCA; CBP. 

KIRBY, RITA E. -Early Childhood Education -Dorm Section pres.; Cambridge 

Complex Council. 


KIRCHENBAUER, DIANE G. - Pasadena; Government and Politics -KKr, Sec. 
<J)X0; WRA; College Casino. 

KIRCHMAN, ROBERT A.-Crownsville; Education for Industry -ASTME. Veter- 
ans Club; Ski Club; Sports Car Club. 

KIRCHNER, THEODORE N. -Temple Hills; Chemicol Engineering -AXX; TBH; 

KIRSON, AILEN W.- Baltimore; Psychology- Lacrosse; Basketball; Senior 
Award Basketboll. 

KLATSKY, PAUL -Baltimore; Pre-Med. Psychology -Ski Club; Fencing Club; 
Scubo Diving Club. 

KIAVENS, SETH K.-Silver Spring; Economics-WMUC News Dir.; Var Debate 
Team; DBK Edit. Bd.; Free State Party; S.U. Bd. 
KIEIMAN, MARGIE S. - Baltimore; Music Education - XAI; KAH. 
KIEIN, NORMAN l.-Sociology-WMUC; Ski Club; Terrapin 
KLEINHEN, AGNES F.-Hyattsville; Early Childhood Elementory Education - 

KLEMMICK, SIMONE L- Baltimore; International Relations -SGA News Bur- 
eau; Jr. Class News; Freestate Comm. Chm. 

KLINE, THOMAS F.-Annapolis; Microbiology- Pre-Med. Club. 

KLOTSCH, CAROL D.-Adelphi; History-WRA. 

KLOTZMAN, WENDY S.- Baltimore; Speech Therapy -A<t>E; lAH; Speech 

Night; Parliamentarian A<l>E; A<t>E Pledge Scholor. Award; Dean's List; Honors 


KNEPPER, LUANNE - Clear Spring; English Education. 

KOCH, CHARLES H.-Riverdale; Government and Politics- UC A; Young Dems. 

ClASS OF 1966 

f^^ <^ %m '^ '7'"^ */ 

KOENICK, JANET B.- Chevy Chase; Early Childhood Education. 

KOENIG, HELAINE L.-Boltimore; American Civilization -AE<t>; Asst. rush chm.; 

People to People; Jr. Prom Choperone Chm. 

KOHLER, CAROL A. -Baltimore; Early Childhood Education. 

KOONTZ, WARREN I.G.- Tuscaloosa, Alabama; Electrical Engineering -£<t>E. 

KOPERA, ANTHONY -Baltimore; Mechanical Engineering. 

KOPPEl, BARRY W. - Baltimore; Finance - ZBT, See. Chm.; NAPAL. 

KOPPEl, WALTER B.- Baltimore; Zoology -Pre-Med. Society; Dorm Officer. 

KOPPER, JAMES A.-Adelphi; Zoology. 

KORTE, DONALD R., JR.-Federolsburg; Electrical Engineering -KK<<'; March 

Band; IEEE. 

KOTMAIR. NANCY L.- Baltimore; Early Childhood Education. 

KOTRAS, THOMAS v.- Baltimore; Aeronautical Engineering -HME. 

KOUTEK, DOUGLAS J. -Baltimore; Mechanical Engineering -nT2; ASME 

sec.; House Improvements ch. Executive Council. 

KOWALSKI, DIANE R.-Aquosco; Horticulture-Dorm Executive Council; Wesley 

Foundation, soc. chm., workship chm. 

KOWZUN, PETER -Wharton, N.J.; Physical Education-Varsity Track; Dorm 

president; Mobile Unit Area Council. 

KOZIOL, JOHN S.-Wheoton; Criminology -ATfl; Terrapin Staff. 

KOZIOL, MARGUERITE A. M.- Silver Spring; Elementary Education -AOn, 

vice president; FOB Chm. Organizations Day; M Book; Terrapin Section Ed. 
AWS Daydodger Big Sister; Freshman Class Comm. 

KRAHLING, CHARLES E.-Woshington, O.C; English-Varsity Football; M Club. 
KRAKOW, ROBERT M.- Silver Spring; Accounting -TE*. 
KRAMAN, FRANCES -Roslyn Heights, N.Y.; Elementary Education-*ii, 
assistant house president; Jud. Board Ch.; Freshman Orientation Board; Cam- 
pus Jud. Board; Student NEA. 

KRAMER, IRIS K.-Boltimore, Elementary Education -*i;i;; Judicial Board 


KRAMER, KENNETH E.- Silver Spring; Chemistry -Student Affiliate, Amer. 

Chem. Soc. 

KRAMER, WILLIAM G.-Baltimore; Education for Industry -Veterans Club, 


KRAUS, SALLY ANN -Silver Spring; Americon Studies -IK Pledge Trainer, 

Angel Flight, Capt.; Jr. Prom Comm.; Daydodgers Big Sis; WRA Comm. 

KRECKMAN, ALFRED H., JR. -College Park; Marketing -Amer. Mktg Assoc 

KREITZ, HARRY M.- Baltimore; Mechanical Engineering -ASME. 

KRIEG, EDWARD J. -Baltimore; History -Newman Club; Radio Club; Young 

KUDIRKA, RASA J.-Cotonsville; Psychology -Newman Club. 
KUHN, FRANK M.-Flint Mich.; Journalism-X, Pres., Sec.; Diamondback Editor- 

KULIA, BRYNA J.-Bethesda; Social Studies Education -"tSI; KAH. 
KUPIN, MARY R.-Linthicum Heights; Mathematics. 

KUZMINSKY, STUART A.-Adelphi; Aeronautical Engineering -HilleL AIAA. 
LA BORDE, MICHAEL E.-Tokomo Pork; French -Dean's List. 
LABORWIT, PHYLLIS A.-Boltimore; Sociology -<J>li:; Diamond; AWS Exec. 
Coun.; Co-Ch. FOB Camp; SGA Elections Board; M Book section editor; Scholar- 
ship ch. <J)1S. 

LACILLA, DENNIS F.-Woterbury, Conn.; Zoology. 

LAFFAN, LORRAINE T.- Louisville, Kentucky; Elementary Educntion-KA@, 
pledge trainer, Recommendations chrm.. Alumnae sec.; Homecoming Queens 
Committee; Jr. Prom Queens Committee. 


LAFFERMAN, ALAN I. -Baltimore; Government and Politics -ZBT; NAPPAL. 
LoFLAMME, HERBERT A.- Greenbelt; Electrical Engineering- IEEE. 

IN, ANNETTE E. -Baltimore; English -Student Zionist Org.; Volunteers 

for Mental Heolth. 

LAKEN, BARRY B.- Baltimore; English- II AE; Resident Asst.; House Rules 

Comm.; Intramurals; WMUC, News Dir. 

LAMB, RICHARD G.- College Park; Civil Engineering -ATO; ASCE; Intramurols; 

Soph. Carnival. 

LAMBE, WILLIAM M. - Bethesda; Philosophy and Economics. 
LAMOREAUX, WILLIAM F.-Towson; Sociology. 

LANDIS, JOYCE A. -Silver Spring; Mathematics -Campus Chest 
LANDIS, KATHERINE H.- Baltimore; Early Childhood Education -Dorm Execu- 
tive Council; Class Committee. 

LANDON, CECILE M. - Crisfield; Recreation. 

LANE, JAMES V. -Federolsburg; Agriculture Extension -Dorm Intra -basket- 
ball, football, softball. 

LANE, LINDA C. -Bethesda; Mathematics-Newman Club. 
LANG, SELIA K. -Washington, D.C.; Spanish Education. 

LANGE, FRANCES S.- Silver Spring; Home Economics -AAll-corresp. sec. 
People to People, Chapel Choir, Day Dodger Big Sister. 

LANGER, GARY M.-Westbury, L.I.; Journalism -TE<J>; Wrestling; M-Club. 

LANHAM, EDGAR S. - Baltimore; Marketing - TKE; Intramnmls, Rush Chm. 

LAPES, JOHN A. - Washington, DC; English - iN; V. P 

LAPIDUS, JANET R.- Passaic, N.J.; Early Childhood Education -<t>II Rec Sec, 

Jud. Bd.; Diamondback Ad. Man. 

LARRIMORE, DIXIE L.-Rock Hall; Home Economics Education -Dorm Comm. 




LASKA, LOUISE E.- Aberdeen; Psychology. 

LAYTON, ROXANNE B.-Pikesville; Elementary Education. 

LEADBETTER, JANET A.-Temple Hllls; Mathematics Education-TBX, Univ 

Marching Band Concert Band. 

LEAHY, ETTA SUSANNE-Wheaton; Home Economics Educotion- Newman 

Foundation; AHEA. 

LEASURE, WILLIAM A., JR. -Cumberland; Mechanical Engineering -UTS; 

ASME; Newman Club; Intramural Athletics; Dorm House Rules Chm.; Dorm 
Scholarship chm. 

LEBER, WIIMA J.-Baltimore; History -Student Court; Elections Board; Par- 
ents' Day Comm. FOB chm. Dorm Exec. Council. 

LEDOUX, JOHN C.-Towson; Psychology -,AXA; Rush chrm. Frosh Lacrosse; 
Dorm pres.; Dorm v. p. 

LEE, PAUL R.-Baltimore; History-UCA; Dorm Chm. Dining Hall Party Chm.; 
Frat. sports. 

LEGUM E. WAYNE -Annapolis; Accounting-TE<t>; IFC treas.; Jr. legislature; 
Chrm. College Casino; Cultural Committee Bus. Mnger. Kalegethos. 

LEHRMAN, ALAN M.- Silver Spring; Government and Politics. 

LEILICH, MARY P.-Towson; Journalism-DBK; Co-Chm. Homecoming Dance. 

LEISTER, KATHERINE G.-Annapolis; Elementary Education-ALD; TBI; KA<I>; 

Symphonie Bond. 


lENTZ, JOSEPH J., JR. -Baltimore; Physical Education. 

CLASS OF 1966 

lA f^ 1-^' C^.; pi 

LEPHARDT, JOHN O.-Boltimore; Chemistry-SAACS. 

LeSAGE, RAYMOND -Bladensburg; Engineering. 

LESCHE, ROBERT F.-Corning, N.Y.; Accounting -BA^'; Accounting Club Pres. 

LEVIN, DENYSE B.- Baltimore; English -Student Union Board; DBK; WRA; 

Dorm Jud. Board, Section VP. 

LEVINE, DIANE A.-Tokoma Park; Spanish Foreign Area-Red Cross; Hillel. 

lEVIN, E. THEODORE -Baltimore; History -TE<J>; SGA President; Frosh & Jr. 
Leg.; Blood Dr. Chm.; Old Line Plot. Chm.; SGA Finance Comm. 
LEVIN, MARC R.-Baltimore; Civil Engineering -XE; ASCE; Dorm Athletics; 
Cert, of Scholarship. 

LEVIN, RUSSELL S.- Baltimore; Zoology -Dorm Scholarship Sec.; House Im- 
provements Chm.; Intramural Sports; Flouse Jud. Bd. 
LEVY, DORAN- Baltimore. 

LEVY, LEONARD M.-Silver Spring; General Business-AEII; Rush Chm.; IFC 
Rep., Rush Chm.; Accounting Club. 

LEVY, SHIRLEY L.-Baltimore; Sociology-WMUC Staff; Sociology Club. 
LEWIS, LLOYD H. - Silver Spring; Social Studies Education. 
LIEB, JOHN G.-Taneytown; Mechanical Engineering -<t>A(-), scholarship 
chrm., executive council; University placement committee; TBIl; I Hi; <t>HI. 
LIEBER, EFREM-Miomi Beach, Florida; Chemical Engineering -<t>Hl; AlChE; 
Cambridge A-Honors; Secretary "tHS; Dorm. Treas. Dorm Afhic. Chm. 
LIBEN, SUSAN E. - Silver Spring; Social Studies Education. 

LEIBEL, RHONAG.-Pikesville. 

LIEBERGOTT, RUTH S.- Baltimore; English -VMH; Dorm Float Comm. 

LIEBERMANN, BERNARD T.-Salisbury; Civil Engineering-TBII; XE; Dorm. 

Treas., Pres.; Resident Asst. 


LINDSAY, LINDA C.-Hyattsville; English -A.-VA; Dorm. Cult. Chm.; Big Sister. 





LONG, DOROTHY J.-LaVale; Home Economics Education- Home Economics 

Club; Historian of Denton Hall. 

LONGMORE, MILDRED A.-Silver Spring; Spanish-International Club; Indian 

Students Association; M Book Comm. 

LOVE, ROSE L.- Silver Spring; Sociology. 


LOVELESS, JOY A. -Maryland; Interior Design -Newman Club; Interior Design 

LOWE, BRIAN L.-Wheaton; Public Relations -SPRA. 

LOWE, HENRY J.-Boltimore; Music Education -*MA; Men's Glee Club; Cham- 
ber Chorus. 
LOWRY, KATHLEEN E.- Flint, Michigan; Elementary Education. 

LUCHINSKY, JOAN R.- Baltimore; Early Childhood Education. 

LUGAR, NANCY J. - Silver Spring; Accounting -Ar.i; 111: UCA. 

LUNN, JAMES H. -Gary, Indiana; General Business -TME; SPRA. 

LYON, EDWARD B.-Takoma Park; International Economics -St. Zionist Organ. 

MACLEAN, ANNE F.-Takomo Park; General Biological Sciences -Deon's List; 

sec.; Ski Club, V.P., Pres.; Trail Club. 

MACEWEN, CAROLYN M.-College Park; English-Kill; AAII; Scholarship 

chrm., v.p.. Judo Club, Student NEA; Pledge Scholarship Award. 

MACEWEN, EDWIN G.- College Park; Pre-Veterinary Medicine -AZ; Pre- 

Veterinary Medicine Club. 

MACMILLAN, J. LARRY-Rockville; Economics -A<W1; Diamondback; Dorm 

pres.; Sr. rep. Men's league. 

MACMILLAN, JAMES T.-Newburgh, N.Y.; Physical Education-University 


MACQUESTIN, KAREN A.-Bloomfield, N.J.; English -Newspoper; Ski Club. 

LINDSAY, PEGGY J.-Elkridge; Zoology. 

LINN, ROBERT P.-Bethesda; General Business -Vor. Swm.; Chess Team, Pres 


LISSAU, FREDERICK G.-Baltimore; Finance. 

LITMAN, MADELINE D.-Boltimore; Sociology-A.\A; iTE; Adv. Mod. Donee, 

Sec, V.P.; LAB Theatre; Univ. Theatre Prod. 

LITTLE, NANCY J.-Hyattsville; English -Eng. Honors' Program, VMH, Peoce 

Corps Support Group. 

LLANO, LUIS F.-Bogata, Colombia; Electrical Engineering-4>H^. 

LLOYD, BRYAN -Takoma Park. 

LO, BRYON-Hyattsville. 

LOERCHER, PETER R.-Baltimore; Education for Industry-Society of Tool ond 

Manufacturing Engineers, dorm-treos., sec, Olypiodo Certificate, Hill Area 

Council Representative. 

LOFFLER, BARBARA JEAN - Hyattsville; Secretarial Education - U.C.F. 

LOKOS, ALYCE SANDRA - Wheoton; Psychology. 

LOMACKY, VICTOR -Washington, D.C.; Econ.-Theta Chi; Weight Lifting Club; 

Ukranian Club. 

LOMBARD, ALAN KENT-Bethesda; Accounting-Accounting Club. 

LOMBARDY, MICHAEL FRANCIS -Greenbelt; Accounting-A^Lll; Accounting 




MAHAFFEY, DAVID P.-Pokomoke City; Industrial Management -KA, SAM, 


MAHAFFEY, JUDITH ANN-Bethesda;BPA-*X(-); Dorm Judicial board. 

MAHATANANKOON, VANCHAI - Bakgkok, Thailand; Mech. Engineering. 

MAHONEY, JOHN DANIEL-Baltimore; Psychology -ATH; Newman Club; 

Intramurol Sports. 

MALLONEE, JOSEPH ALBERT -Baltimore; Engineering -IEEE; Dorm, Jud. 

Board, Publicity chrm. 

MALLOW, HAROLD L.- Baltimore; Business & Public Admin. -Dorm. Social 


MALLOY, MARY M. - Washington; English - Newman Club; Young Dems. 

MANCH, STEVEN B.- Kensington; Library Science. 

MANDY, SARAH B.- Baltimore; Elementary Education -:iTE; WRA; Aquoliners; 

Univ. Theater. 


MANN, GRETCHEN GARSEN- Silver Spring; History. 

MANN, SAMUEL ROGERS -Pikesville; English -Gymkona. 

MANNING, MARGARET E.- Silver Spring; French. 

MANNION, ROBERT E., JR. -Chevy Chase; Engineering -ASCE; Advanced 


MARCUS, DAVID -Chevy Chose; History. 

CLASS OF 1966 

MARGOLIS, BRYAN E.- Baltimore; American Studies -ZBT; WMUC; IPC Rep. 
MARSHALL, WAYNE E.-Berwyn Heights; Agricultural Chemistry. 
MARK, SUZANNE-Hyattsville; Sociology-AFA; Diamond; WRA; Spring Week- 
end; Pres. rXS. 

MARKIEWICZ, DARLENE A. -Baltimore; Elementary Education -Dorm Big 

MARKIEY, STEWART G.-Hyattsville; Physical Educotion-SAE; Track Team; 
P.E. Majors Club; Developmental Clinic; ACC Pole Vault Champion Senior Track 

MARKMAN, BARRY -Pikesville. 

MARKS, TOBIN J.-Bethesda; Chemistry-*BK; SAACS Pres., Treas.; NSF- 

URPS Student; Runner-up Nathan Drake Award. 

MARLOW, WILLIAM C- Silver Spring; Psychology -Student Traffic Court; 

SUB; UCA; Men's League; International Club; Men's League Key. 

MARSHALL, MARILYN D.-Cotonsville; Elementary Education -Jud. Board; 

Fencing Club. 

MARSHALL, NANCY A.-Bethesdo; Secretarial Education- Al; Rituals Chm.; 

Jud. Board; FOB; Campus Chest; Daydodger Big Sister. 

MARTH, RICHARD B.-Hyottsville; Physics. 
MARTIN FSC, BROTHER JOHN -Tiverton, R.I.; English. 
MARTIN, MARY E.- Silver Spring; Economics -*X0; 1X2. 
MARTIN, MERCADES M.-Boltimore; English-AAII, pledge president, out- 
standing sophomore and freshman, reporter historian, rush charm.; Flying 
Follies; Bridal Fair; Jr. Ponhel; Finalist Miss P.G. County; People to People. 
MARTIN, RUTH E.- Baltimore; History -KA; Old Line, Sec.; Campus Chest; 
People to People; Soph. Prom Comm.; Diamond. 

MARTIN, SANDRA E.-Hyottsville; Elementary Education -SNEA 
MARTINELLI, THERESA M.- Silver Spring; Art Educotion-FOB Co-Chm.; Bridal 
Fair Comm. Chm.; Home Ec. Club; SU Bd.; Community Serv. Coun. 
MARTUCCI, ANTHONY R. - Riverdale; Aeronautical Engineering -AIAA. 
MARX, CAROL A. -Silver Spring; Economics -Newman Club. 
MASTERS, LEWIS W. - Bethesda; Mechanical Engineering - ASME. 



McCAUSLAND, HELEN S.-Towson; American Studies Pre-Law-AI A. 

McCLEAN, JOHN W.-Towson; Finance -Dorm Secretary, Vice President, 


McCOMAS II, MARGARET S.- Abingdon; Sociology -Lutheran Student Assn.; 

Dorm Exec. Council; Volunteers for Mental Health. 

McCULLOUGH, THOMAS A.-Towson; Psychology -Dorm President; Young 

Republicans; Dean's List. 

McCULLY, GEORGE C- Silver Spring; Accounting. 

McDERMOTT, JOHN D. -Waldorf; Marketing-Ill; Dorm president; Mobile 
Unit Area Council pres.; Society for the Advancement of Management; AFFIP; 
House Rules Committee. 

McElHONE, SUSAN M.-Hillcrest Heights; Art Education -Dorm Big Sister; 
Newman Club; Tennis Interest Group. 

McEVOY, PATRICIA G.- Baltimore; Home Economics Education -Home Econom- 
ics Club; Dorm Big Sister Program; Dorm Jud. Board; Homecoming Comm. 
McGEE, WALTER T.- Baltimore; Finance -Marketmg Club. 
McGINTY, PATRICIA K.- Washington, D.C.; Sociology-AXO; AWS Big Sister. 

McGUCKIAN, PATRICIA A. - Silver Spring; History- French Club. 

McGUIRK, JOHN J. -Hawthorne, N.J.; Personnel -Dorm Treas & Pres.; Soc. 

for Advan Mg't. 

McGURTY, ALICE C.-Bethesdo; French-Newman Club. 

McHALE PATRICK E. -Baltimore; Accounting-Newman Club, Treas. 

MclNTOSH, JOHN L., JR.-Hyattsville; Government and Politics. 

McKAY, EUGENE C.-Bethesdo; Mathematics -Newman Club. 
McNULTY, MARGARET A.-Severno Park; History-Dorm Intramurals; Dorm 
Exec. Counsel; Big Sister; Dorm Outstonding Soph. 

McPHILLIPS A. SCOTT-Boston, Mass.; Electrical Engineer-IEEE; Fluid Dynam- 

MECH, CONSTANCE C. -Baltimore; History-Dorm Exec. Coun. 
MEISEL, TREVA A. -Dundalk; History; -(IjAH; Young Demo ; NEA; Dorm Comm. 

MATHEWS, JAMES R.- Washington, D.C.; Government and Politics-Young 


MATHIAS, MARCIA A. - Kensington; Elementary Education. 

MATTES, ROBERT L.-Boltimore; Mechanical Engineering-Amer. Soc. Mech. 


MATTESON, RUTH E. - Pittsburgh, Pa.; English-AHA; Dorm Jud. Bd.; Ski Club; 

Newman Club. 

MATTHEWS, CAROL F. - Baltimore; Psychology - SDS; Angel Flight. 

MATTHEWS, ERNEST C. - Salisbury; Electrical Engineering - *ME. 

MATTINGLY, JEFFREY L.-Leonardtown; Industrial Education. 

MAY, ROBIN L.-Rockville; English -1*8; UT; Diamondbock Staff. 

MAYER, WILLIAM E.-Manhasset, N.Y.; Morketing-SN; American Marketing 

Assn.; Ski Club. 

MAYNARD, MARCELLE M.-Riverdole; Journalism -e:^<l>. Sec.; Daydodger 

Big Sister. 

McALWEE, MARTIN F.-Hillcrest Heights; Government and Politics -I4>E, 

V.P.; Men's League Sec.; IFC Comm. Chm.; Young Dem. Club. 

McCABE, PHILIP M.-Towson; Mechanical Engineering -::iri, Treos., Corr.; 


McCAHILL, KATHLEEN M. - Laurel; Fine Arts- Dorm Comm.; Newman Club. 

McCANN, ANN M.- Silver Spring; Social Studies. 

McCASLIN, JAMES B.-Mt. Levanon, Po.; Economics -Frosh & Var. Swm.; 

M-Club Treos. 


MEISTER, DAVID - Baltimore; Political Science - Intermural Sports. 
MEIHUISH, WILLIAM M.- Greensboro; Government and Politics -Univ. Band. 
MELNICOVE, JOAN L.- Baltimore; Sociology -Young Democrats. 
MELVIN, WENDY L.-Baltimore; Home Economics Education -A4>; Home Ec- 
onomics Club; 2nd v. p. A*. 
MENK, PAUL H.-Chevy Chase; Sociology-Sociology Club. 

MERBER, MARILYN J.-Oxon Hill; Microbiology- St. Troff. Ct.; PreMed. Club. 

MERRYMAN, DIXIE-Greenbelt; English-TB2; March Band; Symph. Band. 

MERRYWEATHER, E. THOMAS -Cambridge; Government and Politics -<1> A3; 

Var. Tennis; M-Club. 

MERSKI, WALTER P., JR. - Baltimore; Civil Engineering - ASCE. 

MERZEL, MARILYN S.-Silver Spring; Elementary Education -Dorm Big Sis.; 

U.T. Pub. Crew. 

MESSER, JOHN A. -Frederick; Dairy Production -AIR 

MEYER, DIANE L- English -Angel Flight; WMUC; AWS Cultural Comm. 

MEYER, EDWIN F. II -Atlanta, Ga.; Electrical Engineering -IEEE. 

MEYER, MELVIN H.- Baltimore; Marketing Administration -Dorm House Rules 

Comm.; Dorm Sports. 

MEYER, RONALD -Hyattsville. 

CLASS OF 1966 


MEZAN, MELVIN C.-Aberdeen; Mechanical Engineering. 

MICHAEL, PETER H.-Bethesdo; Electrical Engineering & Business Administra- 

tion-ATn Schol. Chm.; Who's Who Pres.; Sr. CI. V.P.; People to People Pres.; 

Dorm Pres.; 2 Acad. Scholshps; 5 Publications. 

MICHEL, MARGOT- Annapolis; Government and Politics -Women's Chorus. 

MiCHNOFF, RINA M.-Hyottsville; Sociology. 

MIDDLESTADT, JOHN H.-Baltimore; Mechanical Engineering-ASME. 

MIDGLEY, RICHARD P. -Hyattsville; Social Studies -Intramural Sports. 

MIGLIORINI, CATHERINE M.-Baltimore; Educotion-WRA rep.; Intramurals; 

Big Sister; Newman Club. 

MILANESE, FSC BROTHER GABRIEL- N.Y. City; Physical Science. 

MILBOURNE, RICHARD P. -Hyattsville; Civil Engineering -SAE; Intramurals; 

Float; U.P. 

MILES, JAMES T.- Baltimore; General Business. 

MILES, RAY A.-Savage; Music-*MA; *K*; OAK; MENC, V.P.; Chapel Choir; 

Chamber ChoruS; Opera Orch. 

MILES, WILLIAM L.-Milwoukee, Wise; Fire Protection Engineering-College 

Pork Fire Dept.; Society of Fire Protection Engineering. 

MILLER, ANTHONY J. -Glen Burnie; Electrical Engineering. 

MILLER, BARBARA A. -Herald Harbor; Physical Education -KA; <t>AE; STE; 

Diamond; Gymkano; WRA; KA house pres.; Hockey Team; Childrens Clinic; 


MILLER, BETTY-Baltimore. 

MILLER, CHARLES B.- Hyattsville; Finance -lAE; Intramurals. 

MILLER, DAVID A.-Burkittsville; Agricultural Education -AI'P, Outst. Pledge, 

2nd V.P.; Coll. FFA Pres.; Dairy Sc. Club; Agr. Pres. 

MILLER, DAVID P. -Bel Air; Government and Politics -K ; G&P Honorary; 

Intra. Bowling, Golf; St. Crew. 

MILLER, GERALD L.-Glen Burnie; Electrical Engineering -IEEE; Pershing Rf. 

MILLER, HAROLD W.-Eldridge; Microbiology. 


MILLER, MARY K.- Washington, D.C.; History. 

MILLER, MERILYN-Hyottsvilie; History-KKr,- AAA; FOB, Bridal Fair, "Info 



MILLER, NANCY W.- Baltimore; Elementary Education -WRA Dorm Rep., 

Spf. Dy.; Pub. 

MILLER, SHIRLEY A. -Baltimore; English -TXX. 

MILLER, SIDNEY A.-Boltimore; Finance-SAM; S.U.Bd.; Hill Area Coun. 
MILLER, SUSAN P.-Severno Pork; English-AI A; French Club. 
MILLS, MICHAEL A.-University Park; Elementary Education -Terrapin 
MILLS, RIX M. -Covington, Tenn.; Government and Politics -Arnold Air So- 
ciety; AFROTC. 

MIRVIS, ANN -Baltimore; Elementary Education -Sec. Acad. Chm.; Fr St. 
Rep.; Dean's List. 

MISTER, ROBERT C.-Solomons; Finance-*SK, V.P. 

MITCHNER, CAROL D. -Baltimore; French-International Club, sec.; French 
Club; Film Club. 

MODZELEWSKI, LEONARD J. -Pittsburgh, Penn.; Physical Education -Infra- 
mural basketball; Tennis. 

MOIR, BASIL R. - Baltimore; Marketing - Society for Advancement of Manage- 
ment; American Marketing Assn.; Christian Science Org., V.P. 
MOKE, EMMY LOU -Silver Spring; Elementary Education -IK; Diamond; 
SK, president, v. p., panhellenic officer. 


MOLESKY, EDWARD J.-Adelphi; Production Management-Ski Club. 

MOLING, GARY L. -Baltimore; Electrical Engineering. 

MOLLOY, SARA P.-Annapolis; Educotion. 

MOLTRUP, DONALD B.-Hyattsville; Electrical Engineering. 

MONBLATT, FRANCES P.-Atlontic City, N.J.; Secondary Education-Social 

Studies; AWS Big Sis. 

MONFRIED, JUDY C.-Pikesville; Early Childhood Educotion-Jud Bd.; Dorm 

Schl. Chm.; Exec Bd ; Big Sis. 

MONTGOMERY, WILLIAM E.-Waldorf; Zoology-Zool. Honors; Nevirmon Club. 

MOOD, STEPHEN -Riverdole. 

MOORE, HELEN F.-Hillcrest Heights; Elementary Education. 

MOORE, PAULETTE- Silver Spring; English-AOll; Campus Chest; Old Line; 

Diomondback; Blood Dr. 

MORRELL, JEFFREY B.-Boltimore; Psychology -TE<Ji; Good and Welfare Chm. 

MORRISON, DENNIS M.- Kensington; History. 

MORSE, ROBERT F.- Silver Spring; Electrical Engineering. 

MOSS, DONEL L.-Oundalk; Economics -UC A; Veterans Club. 

MORSTEIN, WILLIAM H.- Baltimore; Government and Politics. 

MOTTER, LEWIS E.-Glenn Dale; Mechanical Engineering-ASME. 

MOXON, GEORGE W. Il-Oxon Hill; Chemical Engineering- AXi; AlChE; New 

man Club. 

MUDRICK, STEPHEN E.-Wheaton; Physics. 

MUELLER, RICHARD E- Independence, Missouri; General Business-Var. 

Basketball; Vor. Trock; Just. Men's Leog. Ct.; Just. St. Tr, Ct.; M-Club. 

MULDAWER, ANN R.- Philadelphia, Po.; Elementary Education -A<:>E; KAII; 

AWS Big Sis; Soph. Prom Comm.; Dean's List; A<J)S Schl. Chm. 



MULDOON, JAMES P. -Gary, Indiana; Government and Politics -4><\0, house 

manager; Dean's List; Chm. senior gift comm.; Jr. IFC; Chm. Parents Day 

Registration; Chm. Jr. IFC Survey Comm.; <t>A(-); USA. 

MULLEN, ELIZABETH J. -Glen Burnie; Mathematics. 

MULLENDORE, PATRICIA D.-Silver Spring; English -nB<t>, rush chrm. FOB; 

Bridal Fair Chrm.; Homecoming chrm.; M Book photo editor; Old Line. 

MUNZ, JANE K.-Annopolis; French Foreign Area. 

MURARO, LEO J. -Baltimore; Mechanical Engineering -ASME. 

-College Park; Physical Educotion-A^; Daydodger Big 

-Gymkana Troupe, 



MURRAY, JOSEPH F.-Teaneck, N.J.; Physical Education - 

president, v. p.. Best Trouper Award. 

MURRAY, MAUREEN -Towson, Sociology. 

MURPHY, PATRICIA A.-Rockville; Textiles and Clothing -A4>, v.p.; Free State 

rep.; Sec. Speakers Comm.; Information Please; Intramural Finalist Soph. Prom 


MUSE, ANN E. -College Park; Textiles and Clothing- AHA, scholarship chrm.; 

Bridal Fair; Student Union Board, sec.; Home Economics Club; Public Relations 

Comm. FOB. 

MUSSON, RICHARD W.-Wheoton; Industrial Education-in, hearld; American 

Industrial Arts Assn. 

MYEROWITZ, P. DAVID -Baltimore; Pre-Med. Psychology -*HS; OdE, treas.; 

Diamondback Advertising manager; business manager; House Rules Comm. 

NACHMAN, MARK H. - Baltimore; General Biological Science in Microbiology - 

Univ. Orch; Pre-Dent. Club. 

NALLEY, THOMAS G.-Port Tobacco; Electrical Engineering -4>KT, treas., sec. 

NANAYOU, NOPPHORN T.- Bangkok, Thailand; Early Childhood Elementary 

Education-International Relations Club; Dorm cultural Chairman; Big Sister 


CLASS OF 1966 

NAYLOR, SUSAN A.-Burtonsville; Art Education -Art League President. 

NEEDELMAN, DALE R.-Boltimore; Early Childhood Education -Dorm Exec. 


NEEDHAM, DAVID M.- Wash., D.C.; English Literature -Orchestra. 

NEGRON, MARIA D.- District Heights; Spanish -Spanish Honorary. 

NEIL, KENNETH E.-Bethesdo; General Business -SX; IFC Comm.; M Book Ed.; 

Diamondback Staff. 

NENGEL, DAVID P.-Baltimore; Education for Industry-lntramurals; Social 

Chairman, Hill Area, dorm. 

NEUKAM, LINDA A. -Baltimore; Elementory Education. 

NEVIASER, EVE A.-Tokomo Pork; History-Young DemocroTS. 

NEWBERRY, DONALD M.- Washington, D.C.; Civil Engineering-ASCE. 

NICHOLAS, ANNE G.-Cambridge; History-AOn, House pres., HDE, DBK, 

Ed. Bd., Copy Chief, Blood Drive, Chrm., M-Book, Ass't. Ed., DBK Service Key! 

NIEBERLEIN, RICHARD W.-Rocks; Transportation -ANA. 
NIEMEYER, MARY K.-Reisterstown; Art Educotion-Art League. 
NODJOMIAN, ZEKIYE T.-Baltimore; Sociology-Islamic Assoc, Pres. 
NOEL, SUSAN, E.- Baltimore; Sociology. 
NONBERG, MICHAEL P.-Baltimore; Psychology. 

NORLAND, SANDRA B.- Frederick; Elementary Education. 

NORRIS, JOHN B.-Leonardtown; Agricultural Engineering. 

NORRIS, KAREN C.-Rockville; Elementary Education -KA Ass't. treas.; Chapel 

Choir; Jr. & Sr. Panhel. 

NORTON, DIANE, M.- Ridge; English -Dorm Exec. Coun.; Fire Marsh.; Fire 

Lieut.; Newman Club chrm. 

NORTON, SUSAN B.-Baltimore; Advertising -Dorm Soc. Chrm. & Hist. 




OLIVER. WILLIAM E. - Marlow Heights; Generol Business. 

OLMER, RICHARD E. - Baltimore; English - Dorm Sec. 

ONION, PERRY W.- Baltimore; History -Dorm treas.; Vandenberg Guard; 

House Rules Comm., pres. 

OPPENHEIM, WILLIAM L.-Silver Spring; Chemlstry-*ES; Flying Follies, pres.; 

Diamondback Editoriol Board; Jr Class Pub. Comm., pres.; Amer. Chem. Soc. 

Aff.; Honor's Assembly. 

ORDEY, VICTORIA L.-Silver Spring; Elementary Educotion-AOII, treas.; 

Terrapin section ed.; Diomondbock; M-Book; Big Sister; Blood Drive Chrm. 

OSSEN, REGINA R.- Baltimore, Elementary Educotion. 

OSZTREICHER, TIBOR- Budapest, Hungary; Chemistry Education -Soccer; 

Inter. Club. 

OWENS, JAMES G.-Dollas, Texos; Public Relotions-iX, Pres., Sec, Rush 

Chrmn., Social Chrmn., Nat. Conv. Delegate; Gate & Key; Kalegethos; PRSA; 

I.F.C. Exec. Council; Free State Porfy; Dorm Pres.; Diomondbock; Homecoming 


PALACIOS, BETSY -Rockvllle; Arts and Sciences. 


PALMER, JAMES D.- Mexico, N.Y.; Government and Politics -,\XA; Wesleyan 

PALULIS, FRANK W., JR.-Ellicott City; Electrical Engineering -Institute of 
Electrical and Electronic Engineers; MRC; Deiches Award; WAIEEE Award. 
PAFF, JOSEPH P. -Baltimore; Aerospace Engineering -Al A A; Intramurol Ath- 
letics; Dorm House Rules. 

PANITZ, JOAN E.-Bethesda; Radio and Television -WMUC; Sec. Radio TV 

PARA, RAYMOND P. -Baltimore; Mechonical Engineering -ASME; Dorm Secre- 

PARK KATHLEEN A. -Silver Spring; English Education -KKI, AWS Daydodger, 

Religious Chr,; Intram. 

PARK, JOHN J. - Baltimore; Electrical Engineering - Pershing rifles. 

PARKER, ROBERT M.-Chillum; Business Administration. 

PARKER, RUSSELL A. -Salisbury; Psychology -Kalegethos, <DdW Pres.; Pres. 

Old Line Party, SGA Chairmanships. 

PAROLSKI, RICHARD A.-Adelphi; Government and Politics -Intram,; Olympic 

Barbell Club. 

NORWITZ, JOAN -Baltimore; History-Dorm. Sec, Jud. Board ch Cult Ch 

NOVAK, MELVIN E. - Catonsville; Civil Engineering -XE. 

NULLMEYER WM. MARSHALL -Rockville; Am. Hist.-Sv^rimming Team, Frosh 

and Varsity. 

NYBORG, CARL E.- Baltimore; Physics. 

NYGAARD, MARY H.- Chevy Chase; Micro. -Dorm Sect. Pres.; Cambridge 

Complex Council. 

NYHAN, JACK W.- College Pork; Microbiology. 

N YSTROM, MARY J. - University Park; Home Economics Education - KKG, Pres.; 
Diadem; Panhel Rush Chm.; SGA Elections Boord Secy.; Jr. Prom Pub. Chm.; 
W/ho's V\/ho Comm.; Outstanding Soph. Woman Finolist. 
OBERDORF, MARY E.- Baltimore; Education. 

OBRIEN, CATHERINE C. -Silver Spring; Elementary Education- Neuman Founda- 
tion; Young Dems.; Mental Health Volunteers. 
OBRIEN, KEVIN F.- Silver Spring; Recreation -(t>lK; Recreation Society. 

O'BRIEN, WILLIAM D.-Easton; History -Comm. Club; Ski Club. 

O'BRYON, CAROL A. -Frederick; Interior Design- IIB<J>, NSID, Terropin Ski 

Club, treos., FOB. 

OBRYCKI, RICHARD A.-Boltimore; Mechanical Engineering -ASME. 

OKIKIADE, CHRISTOPHER A. -Awe, Nigeria; Civil Engineering -X^, TBII, 

Internotionol Club-Pr., Boptist Student Union. 

OLIVER, CAROLYN L.-Temple Hills; Early Education-Big Sister Program, Intro., 

1 st runner-up Campus Chest Queen. 

Q .O. ^ IP' il 

^ c^.- fy. ^ (^ 




PARR, JACK-Cockeysville, Economics-U, of Md. Marching Band; WMUC An- 
nouncer; Dorm Soc. Chrmn.; Dorm Athletic Chrmn. 

PARRESOL, LANA A.-Riverdale; Journalism-AHii, M-Bool< Sec. Edit.; FOB 
Customs Comm.; Univ. Commuter's Assoc. Sec.; Diomondbock Reporter; New- 
man Club. 

PARSONS, KENNETH M. - Baltimore; Electrical Engineering - <J>Hi:; IEEE. 
PASCHALL, VERNICE S.- Washington, D.C.; Early Childhood Education. 
PASCOE, FRANK -Adelphi; Electrical Engineering. 

PASTOR, ELAINE N. - Baltimore; Early Childhood Education. 

PATRICK, FRANCIS H. -Alexandria, Virginia; General Business-Fr. Basket 

ball; Chrm. Spec. Events Stu. Board. 

PATRICK, MICHAEL C.-Greenbelt; Electrical Engineering -IEEE. 

PATTERSON, ANGELO T.- Silver Spring; Spanish -Spanish Club; Ethos. 

PATTERSON, CHRISTOPHER E.-Silver Spring; Physical Education-Gymkana. 

PATTERSON, MARY K.-Silver Spring; Spanish-Ethos V.P. 
PATTERSON, RUTH A. -Bel Air; Theatre Art, English -XK, UCCF, UT. 
PAYNE, PHILIP M.-Hyottsville; History. 
PEARLE, CHARLES A.-Middietown; General Agriculture -AZ. 
PEARRE, HARRY R.- Baltimore; Transportation. 

CLASS OF 1966 

PEARSON, LAWRENCE -Hyattsville. 

PEASE, WILLIAM D.- Warwick, R.I.; Amer. Civ.;-KA. 

PEDOLSKY, LORAINE F.- Baltimore; Art, Zoo. -Dean's List; Dorm. House Ch., 

Exec. Council, Big Sister; Aqualiners; Speech Night. 

PENDERGRAPH, JANET H.- Annapolis; Elem. Art Ed. -Art League Club; Dorm 

Homecoming Committee. 


PENN, JANET M.- Baltimore; English -^<t>E, Secy., KAIl, Historian; Student 

Nat'l. Educ. Assoc. 

PENTECOST, WILLIAM O.-Essex Fells, N.J.; Chemical Engineering -Nat I Res. 

Holl Hon.; Cambridge Complex Pres.; AlChE, Secy., FOB; Chesopeoke Bay Dep. 

Chm.; Delegation chm. NAACURH. 

PEPPER, MARY V.-Hillsboro; Physical Therapy -Wesley Foundation; Dorm Off., 

Physical Therapy Club. 

PERRY, MAXWELL- Baltimore; History-AlP, Pres.; Who's Who; ODK, Secy.; 

Kolegethos, Secy.; Cent. Student Court, Chief Justice; Frosh of Year, 1962; 

AAS, Exec.; S & B, Pres.; Charles Hall, Pres.; General Dynomics Award. 

PETTEBONE, BONNIE J.- Annapolis; English-Dorm Free State Rep. 

PETERS, WILLIAM J. -Baltimore; Civil Engineering -SX; ASCE; IFC rep.; IFC 

Rush Comm.; IFC Presents Comm. 

PETERSEN, MARGUERITE H.-Silver Spring; Physical Education-Gymkana 

Troupe; P.E. Majors Club. 

PETERSON, JAMES W.- Silver Spring; Mechanical Engineering -iAE; ASME; 

Sports Car Club. 

PETERSON, ROBERT A. -Potomac; Government and Politics -An. 

PETRO, FRANCES E.-Baltimore; Elementary Education-SNEA. 

PHILLIPS, RICHARD H.-Clarksville; Electrical Engineering -Dorm Treas., 

Pres.; Resident Assistant. 

PHILLIPS, WILLIAM C. -Quantico; Agricult. Econ. - ATO. 

PILLATT, MARY J. -Baltimore; Sec. Ed. -Chapel Choir; Young Republicans; 

SK -House Comm., Jud. Board, Song Chairman. 

PINCUS, HAROLD J. - Chillum Terrace; Zoology - Pre Med.; TE*. 

PINES, SUZANNE; Educotion. 


PIOTH, CLARENCE -Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; General Studies. 
PLETZER, GOTTFRIED -Washington, NJ.; Public Relations -SPRA. 
PLITT, ALIEN R.- Fairway Hills; Electrical Engineering. 
PLUMMER, JOHN H.- Preston; Civil Engineering -SX; ASCE. 
POE, LINDA C- Laurel; Marketing. 

POLAKOFF, RENEE E.- Baltimore; Elementary Education -KAII, Legislature- 

SGA, Section Ed.-M Book, Ch. Queen's Com.-fr. Prom, World's Fair Com., Fr. 

Exec. Bd., SGA-Leg. Service Pin. 

POKINCHOCK, MICHAEL E.-Lonsford, Penn.; Business Administration. 

POLLARD, RICHARD -Beltsville. 

POMEROY, LEONARD H- Washington, D.C.; Economics. 


POPE, WILLIAM T. - Camp Springs; Pre-Veterinory - Pre Vet. Club. 

POPLUDER, SUSANNE- Baltimore; Elementary Education -:l AT Soc Chr.; 

Bridal Fair; Archery Chr. of Women's Tournament. 

POSSI, JEANNETTE A.-Peckville, Penn; Chemistry -TBS music hon.; Band, 

Homecoming Chr. for Dorm. Orientation Chr. for Dorm. 

POTTER, LAURIN E., JR. - Hagerstown; Electrical Engineering - IEEE. 

POTZNER, SUZANNE C. -Silver Spring; Elementary Education-lnternat'l. 

Club, Sec. Pres. of Dorm, Outstanding Soph. Woman 1963-Centreville N. 


POWELL, LENORA E.-Severna Park; Psychology- Psychology Club; Tennis 

Interest Group. 

POWELL, JOHN D.- Baltimore; Zoology. 

PRAETORIUS, MARY JANE-Bethesdo; Art Education -A<t>. 

PRAHINSKI, LEO-College Park. 

PRALEY, JOYCE D.-Boltimore; Secondary Education-Social Studies; Cultural 

Chrm. Hill Area Council. 

PRATHER, PAUL R.- District Heights; Music Education - <tMA Pres., V. Pres.; 
University Band; University Orchestra. 

PRIAL, MARY L.-Elkton; Elementary Education -Women's Chorus; Diamond- 

PRICE, CAROL L. - Baltimore; Education. 
PRICE, MILTON O.-Hydes; Accounting -Dorm Intromurols. 
PRIDGEON, SANDRA A. -Severna Pork; Elementary Education. 

POEHLMAN, JOHN - Silver Spring. 

PROUDFOOT, SCOTT G.-Honolulu, Hawaii; Transportation- AT! 1; I HI'; In- 


PRYCE, NANCY L- Sociology -^K*; fX; Dorm Acad. Chrm.; AWS Acad. 

Bdl Vol. Mentol Health. 

PURNELL, JOHN M.-Oceon City; Journalism -Diamondbock Man. Ed.; Editorial 


PURVIS, WILLIAM J. -Waldorf; Real Estate and Insurance -Dorm Pres., Sec. 


RAGSDALE, WILLIAM H.-Silver Spring; Agr. Econ.-Agr. Econ. Club; AZ. 

RAINE, SUSAN-Takomo Pork; Moth.-Dorm Big Sister, Section Jud. Board. 

RANDOLPH, MARY A. -Silver Spring; Soc. Studies (Education)- Newman 

Foundation, Pres.; FOB. 

RANNO, ALFRED J.-Hyattsville. 

RAPHAEL, JEFF C.-New York; Psych, Pre-Med.-Pre Med. Society; Psych. 



RAPKIN, LESLIE R.- Baltimore; Elementary Education -SAT, Fr. Prom Comm., 

Elections Comm., Homecoming Dec. Comm. 

RAU, HERBERT F.-Severn; Science Education. 


REA, RICHARD T.-Bethesdo; Civil Engineering -Intromurais, Cor Club, ASCE. 

RECACHINAS, ANDREW J. -Washington, D.C.; Civil Engineering-ASCE, treas. 

REDMOND, LEAWOOD C. - Baltimore; Math. 

REED, CAROL L.-Towson; Moth-Dorm ocodemic chrm. bulletin Board chrm., 

hall proctor; Hockey team. 

REED, RONALD C.-Hillcrest Heights; English -French Club; UCA; Amateur 



REESE, REBECCA -Rockville; Elementary Education-SK; Angel Flight. 

REID, RICHARD C.-Boltimore; Marketing- UCA Pol. Comm.; Dorm Athletic 

Chrmn.; Intramural Soffboll, Bosketball. 

REID, WILLIAM A. -Baltimore; Sociol Studies. 

REIDIER, ROBERT N.-Lcnoconing; Electrical Engineering-TBII; IIME; 4>EX; 

HME; Resident Assist. 

REIGLE, MARGARET A.-Towson; Accounting -BA1' Aqualiners; Judicial Board. 

REMINGTON, CAROLYN S.-Hyattsville; Elementary Education. 

CLASS OF 1966 

wi ^md>mmmh&^}'^mi'Mi a --g^'j^ja.^^i^ 


REXROTH, JUDITH A.-Rockville; Home Economics-Institution Administration. 
REYNOLDS, HERMAN C- Rising Sun; Psychology -tAelntra., Com. 
REYNOLDS, ROBERT V.- Chevy Chase; Mechanical Engineering. 
RHATIGAN, PATRICIA C- Baltimore; Elementary Education -Newman Club. 


RICHARDSON, HARRY E.-Bel Air; Civil Engineering -XX; ASCE; Soph. Prom; 

Weightlifting Club; SGA Rep. 

RICHARDSON, JAN K.- Baltimore; Early Childhood Education -KAH; Archeol- 

ogicol Societv. 

RICHARDSON, MICHAELA P. -Aberdeen; Journalism -0X<I>; Deon's List; Dio- 


RICHER, DONALD K.- Baltimore; Electrical Engineering -Frosh. Track. 

RICKARD, BRUCE C. -Silver Spring; Mechanical Engineering-*H5;, IlME, 

nlS-Pr., TBn, ASME, IITS Outstanding Soph. Award. 

RICHTER, CHARLOTTE B.-Tow(son; Sociology-Dorm Big Sister. 

RICHTER, LOIS A.-Boltlmore; Morketing-OXe, TAX, Am. Marketing Assoc. 

RIDGELY, OLIVER L.-Woodbire; Economics-ArP-Pr., Housemanoger, Special 

Alumni Award. 


RINEHART, JOHN W.-Taneytown; Dairy Production -AIP 2nd Vice Pres.; 

Dairy Science, Pres.; 4-H Club., Ag. Council. 

RIEF, CAROLEE J.-Oxon Hill; Childhood Education -Dorm Big Sister. 

RIGHTER, THOMAS E.-Cheverly; Accounting-AXU, Golf Team. 

RILEY, SUSAN A.-Berwyn Heights; Commercial Floriculture-Newman Club, 

UCA, FOB. ^ ^ , 

RILEY, SUSAN E.-Hyottsville; Early Childhood Education -AAA, Sec. Gymkona. 



ROONER, JOAN M. -Baltimore; Elementary Education -Dorm V P., Soph. 

Rep. to exec, council, SNEA, Hillel Found. Dorm Jud. Board Chairman. 

ROFSKY, IRENE S.-Baltimore; Early Childhood Education- A<tE; Parlia., Comm. 

Service chr,. Publicity chr., Free State Deieg., Homecoming comm. 

ROGERS, JOHNS.- Silver Spring; Pre-Med. Microbiology. 

ROGERS, VINCENT C. - Baltimore; Pre-Dent. English - Pre. Dent. Club. 

ROHRBAUGH, STEPHEN E.-York, Penn.; Accounting -itE, Account. Club, 

Dorm Jud. Boord, Univ. Foul Shooting. 

ROHRER, M. DOLORES -Baltimore; English. 

ROHRER, RUTH A. -Baltimore; Sociology-Dorm Vice Pres. and Pres.; Jud. 


ROMAGNA, ROBERT C. -Silver Spring; Social Studies in Education -Intram. 

ROMAN, WILLIAM R.-Suitlond; History. 

RORER, JAMES D.-Derwood; Psychology- KK'C, Bond. 

ROSENFELD, MARY ANN - Silver Spring; Elem. Ed. 

ROSS, ANITA l.-Bethesda; English-Women's Glee Club,- AWS-Orphons' 

Party Comm., Big Sis.; lii. Rush Ch.; Dorm Homecoming Comm. Ch. 

ROSS, JANET L.-Silver Spring; Speech Therapy-SAH; Dorm Noll Pres., Jud. 

Boord; Volunteers for Mental Health. 

ROTH, LOUISE A.-Boltimore; Elem. Ed.-KAII; Veep. Newman Choir, Newman 

Foundation; Women's Glee Club; Not. Student Ed. Assoc.; International Club. 

ROTH, PATRICE T.- College Park; Soc. Studies -Dorm Social Committee. 

ROTHMAN, NANCIE M.-Boltimore; Early Childhood Education -Glee Club, 

Jud. Board, Tennis Team. 

ROUSE, JOSEPH H.-Glen Burnie; Electrical Engineering- IIME, IEEE, Dean's 


ROVIN, SONYA O.-Frederick; History -<l'li; 

ROYER, CHARLES E.- Westminster; Government and Politics. 

RUBIN, ALAN R.-Owings Mills; Government and Politics -Hill Area Cult. 

Comm., House Rules Comm., House Imp. Comm. 

RINGEL, ELLEN D.-West Orange, New Jersey; English. 

RINGGOLD, NANCY R.-Monkton; Political Science -KAM; Terrapin Photo 

Ed., LoyoutEd.;SkiClub. 

RINI, THOMAS V.- Baltimore; History -Pre Med. Club. 

Rin, PHOEBE -Silver Spring. 

RITTERPUSCH, JANICE B.-Baltimore; Art-Jud. Bd.; Chapel Choir; Hall proc. 

ROBINSON, SUE A.-Cheverly; Home Economics-AXO; Diadem; People to 

People; Porents Day; Home Ec. Club; Newman Club. 

ROBEY, JANET A.-Wheoton; English. 

ROBERTSON, DONALD W.- Silver Spring; General Business -ATO; OAK, pres.; 

Kolegethos; Fr. Class V.P., Soph. Class Pres.; Homecom. Chrm.; IFC Court; 

Jud. Rev. Chrm.; Outstond. Cont. to Homecom. 

ROBERTS, JON N.- Upper Darby, Pennsylvania; English. 

RITZ, JOANNA L.-Catonsville; Elementary Education -Dorm Pres.; V.P.; 

Complex Counc; TiJ.; President's Coun.; Rep. to Diadem. Conv. 

ROBINSON, THOMAS D.-Coral Hills; History- UCA, UCA Bowling League. 

ROCHOW, BARBARA F.-Silver Spring; Government and Politlcs-IK, Chapel 

Choir, Old Line Party, Young Democrots. 

ROCKEFELLER, PETER J.-Hyattsville; Psychology -Olympic Barbell Club, 

UCA, Newman Club. 

RODERICK, ELLEN M.-Silver Spring; Elementary Education-AAA, Newman 

Club, Doydodger Big Sister, Dean's List. 

RODGERS, RODNEY W.-Wheaton; Electrical Engineering. 


RUBIN, RONALD L.- Baltimore; Pre-Med-Psychology-TE<t>, Pre Med. Society, 
Fr. wrestling. College Casino Ch., Blood Drive, Old Line Party-Distributions, 
Spring Weekend, overall chrm. 

RUBIN, TAMMIE F.- Baltimore; Home Economics-College Casino, WRA Elec- 
tions Comm., Bridal Fair Pub. Comm., Jr. Prom Comm., Home Ec. Club. 
RUGGERI, FRANCIS D.- College Park; Transportation -ANA, SAM. 
RUND, GLORIA R.-Annapolis; Textiles and Clothing-Ch. Mr. Montgomery 
Donee, Dorm Fire Marshall, Dorm Big-Little Sister Ch. 

RUND, STEPHEN G.-Baltimore; Pre-Med.-Zoology-Mens Jud. Bd. Chief Just., 
R.A., Pre-Med. Society, Jud. Workshop Speaker, Dorm Cultural Chairman, 
Dean's List. 

RUPPRECHT, MARY CARROLL -Towson; Elementary Education -WRA, Free 

State Soc. Chr. of A<t. 

RUSNAK, FSC BROTHER JUDE STEPHEN -New York City; General Business. 

RUZICKA, LYNN E.- Towson; Early Childhood Education -AXn Vice Pres.; 

AWS Orphon's Party, White Rose Queen, Sweetheart of Sigma Nu. 

RYALL PAMELA K.-Adelphi; Early Childhood Education-Chapel Choir. 

RYAN, JAMES J., JR.-Silver Spring; Sociology- Baseball. 

RYAN, PATRICIA A.-Hagerstown; English -Newman Club, Dorm Big Sister. 

SAARINEN, NEWTON -Moynard, Mass.; History -Chess Club, Veterans Club. 

SACHS, CARL A., JR.-Arlington, Va.; Personnel Administration -Dorm Athletic 

Chrm., Ski Club, Library Ass't. 

SACHS, CAROL -Chevy Chase. 

SAFTLAS, JUDITH S.-Silver Spring; History-Jud. Bd. Dorm. 

CLASS OF 1966 

RADLER, FELICE G.- Newark, New Jersey; Elementary Education -<t>5Z, 

Ass't Rush Ch., House Pr., Judicial Bd. Ch. 

RAGLAND, MARY A.-Clinton; Science Educotion-Jud. Bd., Executive Coun. 

QUIGLEY, JOAN E.-Bethesdo; Interior Design -AAA, Rush Chairman, Diadem, 

Ponhel.-Sec, Summer Orientation Sponsor, Campus Chest Queen. 

QUINAN, JANET L.- Baltimore; Elementary Education -Dorm-Fr. Rep. Exec. 

Coun., WRA Rep., Hockey Intert. Group, Intra.-Volleyboll, Basketball. 

QUINLAN, JEANNE A.-Ellicott City; Zoology-AAA, Montgomery E.-V.P. 

SAGER, ROSALIE R.- Arlington, Va.; American Studies -A2*, rX2, Vol. for 

Mental Heolth. 


SAKRAN, NASRA ANN-Mechanicsville; Comparotive literature. 

SAMIOS, NICHOLAS A. -Westminster; Generol Business -*KS. 

SAMM, BERNARD -Baltimore. 

SAMPSON, GEORGE H.-Wheaton; Physics-AXA Sociol Ch (63), VP Men's 

League, Varsity Golf Team. 

SANDERS, BARRY W.-Oaklond; Mechanical Engineering -HME, nil. 

SANDERS, HARRY E.- Baltimore; Electrical Engineering. 

SANDLER, LINDA A. -Baltimore; Elementary Educotion. 

SANGSTER, KAREN L.-Rockville; English. 

SANN, MARGRIT J. -Magdeburg, Germany; Mathematics. 

SANTELL, FREDRICA A. -Flushing, N.Y.; General Biological Sciences -Newman 

Club, UCA. 

SANTOS, CHRISTINA- Washington, O.C; Elementary Education. 

SARLIN, ROBERT F. - Silver Spring; Microbiology. 

SAUNDERS, ELIZABETH C.-Lansing, Mich.; Psychology- Homecoming Dorm 

Chairman, Exec. Coun. Dorm. 



SCHMIDT, CAREN J.-Takoma Park; Elementary Education -UC A, Hillel, V.P.; 


SCHNEIDER, DALE E.-Towson; Elementary Education -Dorm Exec. Council, 

Dorm Fresh. Orient. Chr., Biq Sister Proqram. 

SCHNEIDER, KAREN N. - Bel Air; Textiles & Clothing - AOE; Treas., Homecoming 

Queen Comm., M-Book, Ho.Ec. Club. 

SCHNEIDER, KEITH C.-Baltimore; Speech-T.V. and Radlo-nAE, WMUC, 

Radio-T.V. Workshop. 

SCHNEIDER, SUSAN R.-Adelphi; Elementary Education- A<]>E, historian, 

Hillel Pub. Chr., Parents Day Comm., Orphans Party Comm., Big Sister. 

SCHOENFELD, GARY D. -Baltimore; Civil Engineering-ASCE; Dorm Chairman- 

SCHULTZ, RICHARD B.-Catonsville; Chemistry and Education -Mouse Rules 
Officer, Chesapeake Bay Party, Repub. Club, Cult., Scholastic Chr. 
SCHUMAN, JUDITH E. - Chevy Chase; Mathematics - Education. 
SCHUMAN, MARILYN B.-Boltimore; Speech Therapy-AE*, lAH, Cultural 
SCHUMANN, BEVERLY A.-Baltimore; English Education-Dorm Soc. Chr. 

SCHWARTING, GRETCHEN E.- Washington; History-KAH Treas., Vice Pres. 

of KAi-l, 'VAM: AWS Jud. Board Chr., Who's Who Comm. Sec. 

SCHWARTZ, ARTHUR J.-Silver Spring; Chemical Engineering -AXi, AICHE. 

SCHWARTZ, JEREMY IRA-Sollsbury; Government and Politics -IE*, Yg. 


SCOTT, LOUISA D.- University Park; English -KA(-). 

SCOTT, PAMELA J. - Phoenix; Early Childhood Education. 


SEABREASE, CAROL A.-Upperco; Home Economics Education -Dorm Treas.; 

Big Sister Chrm.; Freshman Orientation Board; Chapel Choir; Homecoming 


SEAMAN, CARL F. -Lutherville; Electrical Engineering -Dorm Treas.; Intra- 


SEARS, SHERRON L.- Mount Jay, Pa.; Physical Education -AOII, recrd. sec.; 

P.E. Majors Club executive; WRA Intramurals; Terrapin 

SEATON, ROBERTA-Silver Spring; Foods and Nutrition -AIA, house president, 

recording sec.; Angel Flight, information, officer; AWS Orphan's Party Comm. 

SAVARY, DONNA M.-Rockville; Sociology -lii. Commuters assoc. 

SAYRE, NANCY L.- Annapolis; History -iK, Diadem, TBI, Concert March. 

Bond; Sec, Angel Flight, Color Guard, People-to-People. 


SCHAEFFER, FRANCINE-Wheaton; Sociology-Soc. Club; V.P., Vol. for Mental 


SCHEFFER, BETH M.-Maplev^ood, N.J.; Sociology-AWS Act. Chr., Dorm Social 

Comm., Dorm Hall Pres., SGA Placement Comm., Campus Chest. 

SCHAFFER, JUDITH K.- Baltimore; Home Economics -Wesley Found., Hill 
Area Coun. Rep.; Home Ec. Club; Intram. Danforth Fellowship Award. 
SCHAFFNER, JANET E. - Silver Spring; Home Economics Education. 
SCHAIBLE, JASPER JACOB, JR.-Milford, N.J.; Mechanical Engineering- IIT£, 
IIME, Veterans Club, ASME. 

SCHAPIRO, CAROL A.-Baltimore; Sociology-AE*, Aqualiners, WRA Elec- 
tions Comm. 
SCHATRA, ROBERT M. -Trumbull, Conn.; Advertising-Swimming Team, AA2. 

SCHEIN, CLIFFORD-Greenbelt; History-AEII, Young Democrats, Free State. 
SCHERR, ROBERT -Baltimore; Speech Therapy-iAE Treas., Banquet Ch. 
SCHILDWACHTER, NANCIE E.-TovKson; Elementary Education-Ar. 
SCHLESINGER, HOWARD T.-Baltimore; Science Education-Men's League Rep. 
to Fresh., Fresh. Oriet. Board, Sec. Bel Air, Men's League Key. 
SCHLIMME, SANDRA C.-Baltimore; Mathematics Education -Hall Pres., 
Dorm Academic Ch. and Treas. 


t^ ^ IH 


SEIIG, BARRY F.- Cambridge; History. 

SELIGMAN, DALE B.-Owings Mills; General Home Economics. 

SELL, WILLIAM H., JR. -Baltimore; Mechanical Engineering-ASME. 

SELZNICK, JUDITH A.-Baitimore; Social Studies Education -A<t>E Central 

Student Court judge, A*E Rec. Sec, Treas., FOB, M-Book Sec. Ed. 

SENCER, JO ANN - Silver Spring; French - Dean's List. 

SETT A, JAMES V. - Easton; Economics. 

SEWELL, WILLIAM S.-Ablngdon; Personnel, BPA-SAM. 

SEYBOLT, JAMES D., JR.-Mt. Rainier; General Business. 

SHACKLEY, JOYCE-Sprlngfield, Vo.; Home Econamics-4-M Club. 

SHAGOGUE, RICHARD R.-Baltimore; Civil Engineering- House Rules Comm. 

SHANK, ALAN H.-Williomsport; General Business-Dorm Pr., SAM. 

SHARPE, GLENNA B.- Silver Spring; Physical Education -WRA, Hockey and 

Volleyball Intert. Group, P.E. Majors Club. 

SHEARIN, MARY A.-Aberdeen; Spanish -Central Student Court, Angel Flight, 

Free State Rep. for Dorm, Dorm Jud. Bd. 

SHEELER, DAWN E.-Bel Air; Journalism-IIB4>-Pr., Ponhel Delegate, Sen. Leg., 

M Book Copy Editor, Dorm Jud. Bd. 

SHEER, RICHARD M.-Silver Spring; Civil Engineering -AEII, Track Team, 

M Club, ASCE. 


SHER, SANDRA L.- Silver Spring; Elementary Education -A<1>E, KAH, Diamond, 

Student Coun for Exceptional Children, SNEA, M Book. 

SHERBERT, MARYLIN M.-Dunkirk; Sociology-JUD Board, Wesley Foundation. 

SHERMAN, DALE A. - Baltimore; Aeronautical Engineering - AIAA. 

SHERMAN, RICHARD A. - Cumberland; Accounting. 

SHIELDS, PENELOPE A.-College Park; Spanish-Spanish Club, UCA. 

SHINDERMAN, SUSAN C.-Greenbelt; Sociology -lAT, Homecoming, chm.. 

Poll worker. Class comm. 

SHINNERS, ELAINE A.-Rockville; Elementary Education -rXS, Historian, 

Jud. Board, Parents Day Chm., Big-Little Sister Chm., Hall Pres. 

SHNIDER, DARLENE A.-University Hills; Psychology-TBS, WRA, Band. 



SHPRITZ, LOUIS A. -Baltimore; Psychology -Pre Med. Sac. 


SHUMAN, MARTIN J. -Baltimore; Zoology. 

SHUPING, JANE E.-Hagerstown; Sponish-KKr 2nd V.P., liS, Homecoming 

Comm., Skit Night Comm, 

SHUPP, GERALD E.- Clear Spring; Transportation -ANA, Arnold Air Society, 

Dorm V.P. Secy. 

SIBLEY, MARCIA E.-Boltimore; Home Economics Education -AXO; Hist.; 

Chaplain, Diadem, Terrapin Copy Staff, AWS Hist.; Over-all Publicity Chr., 

Pub. Chr, Bridal Fair. 

SILBERSTROM, AARON -Baltimore; Government and Politics -Vor. Track, 

Dorm Soc. Chr., Young Dem., Pol. Science. 

SILVA, NANCY J. - Forestville; Elementary Education - SNEA. 


SILVERMAN, CAROL A.-Silver Spring; Childhood Education- Dorm Soc. Chr., 

Dorm Exec. Council, Parents Day Comm., Homecoming Comm., Dorm Big Sister. 


SILVERMAN, MICHAEL A.-Silver Sprlng-Zoology-PresI Flying Follies, In- 


SIMANIS, ANDREJS- Silver Spring; Aerospace Engineering-AIAA. 

SIMENSEN, HELEN P. - St. Matthews, S.C. Recreation. 

SIMMONS, MARILYN L.- University Park; Elementary Education -K.^11, Yg 


SIMMONS, EIDA K.-Hillondole; Home Economics Education -nB<{>, Intro; 

Vol. for MH; Home Ec Club. 

SIMONSON, DAVID M.-Boltimore; History-Pre-Law-Diomondback Editorial 

Bd., Calvert Debate Society, Captain Debate Team. 

SINGER, DELANA M. - Silver Spring; Psychology -VMH, Film Club. 

SINGMAN, DONALD-Takoma Park; Psychology -1)1 A. 

SINSKY, ILENE J.-Chevy Chase; Speech Therapy-SAH, WMUC Broadcaster, 

Denfon-constitution and fire morsholl. College Casino, Soph. Carnivol. 


SKAIST, MARJORIE B.-Boltimore; Elementary Education -AE<t> House Pres. 
and Ass. Treas., SGA Cult. Comm., WRA. 
SKALINSKI, RICHARD A. -Baltimore; Economics- Dorm Treas. 
SKALKOS, STRATFORD B.-Lynn, Mass.; Spanish Area-lAn, Bovorion Terra- 
pin in Munich, Univ. Theater. 
SLATE, SHARON -Greenbelt. 
SLATE, SUNNY T.-Bethesdo; Elementary Education -AAA. 


SLATKIN, ROBERT B.-Stevenson; American Studies-ZBT Treas., Intras 

IFC Pub. Comm. 


SLOSSBERG, ROBERT M.-Hyattsville; Mathematics. 

SMALLWOOD, MARTHA J.-Ellicott City; Advertising -TAX, AMA. 

SMARIGA, MICHAEL - Libertytown; Civil Engineering - AXA, ASCE, Dorm Treas 

House Rules Comm. 


SMINK, DEBORAH A. - Baltimore; Early Childhood Elementory Education - Dorm 

Jud. Board. 

SMITH, CECILIA M.-Fork; Physical Education -<}>Ai, Gymkana Troupe, Dorm 

Sec. Pres., Pres. Phys. Ed. Majors Club, Cambirdge Complex Council. 

SMITH, GLENN C. - Baltimore; Government and Politics. 

SMITH, GORDON L.-Boltlmore; Economics-Dorm Pub. Chr., Editor Compus 

Tide, Chesapeake Bay Party; Assis. Dep. Chr., Dorm Porlio. 

SMITH, JOSEPH E.- Baltimore; Business Administration -*i;K, Dorm Sec. and 

Jud. Ch,, Intramural Sports, SAM. 

SMITH, JUDITH L.-Buff Point, N.Y.; English. 

SMITH, LINDA -Hyottsville. 

SMITH, MARGARET M.-Adelphi; Early Childhood Education. 

SMITH, MICHAEL S.- Baltimore; Government and Politics -ZBT Pledgemaster, 

IFC Activities, Soph. Prom. Comm., Intromurols, Greek Week Activities Ch. 

SMITHSON, MARTHA L.- Annapolis; History, KA(-), Soph Prom. 

SMITLEY, KENNETH R.-Camphill, Pa.; Agricultural-MHK, Dairy Science Club, 

V.P.; FFA. 

SNELL, KATHERINE E.-Silver Spring; English-Newman Club. 

SNIDER, SAMUEL H.-High Point, N.C.; Transportation -DN A. 

SNYDER, GEORGE-Washington, D.C. 


SNYDER, GEORGE J.-Coral Hills; Civil Engineering-XE, ASCE. 

SOTHORON, RICHARD H.- Upper Marlboro -Public Relations -PKA Hist., 

Student Pub. Rels. Assoc. Young Dem., FOB. Comm. Co-Ch., DBK Music Rep. 

Marching, Pep Bond. 

SOUTHMAID, SUSAN D.-Summer; English-KKI Soc. Ch., AWS Comms., 

Old Line Rep., WRA, Comms., Alter Guild. 

SPALTER, SUSAN D.- Silver Spring; Speech Education -Debote Team, Young 

Democrates, WMUC Prog. Dir. 

SPEIDEN, KATHARINE D.-Chestertown; Early Childhood Education. 

SPELLERBERG, ANTOINETTE M.-Riverdole; Elementary Education -Newman 


SPENCE, SHERRY L.-Kensington; Speech Therapy. 

SPENCER, ELIZABETH J. -Baltimore; Food & Nutrition -Jud. Board, Ho.Ec. 


SPENCER, JOHN W.-Landover Hills; Transportation -Am. Marketing Assoc, 

Young Rep. 

SPERO, STEPHEN A.-Moywood, N.J.; General Business-ATn, Intromurols, 


SPICER, CAROLE J.-Wheaton; Home Economics -KKr, Bridal Fair, Home Ec. 

Club, sec'v.-treas. 

SPILIAN, LAWRENCE M.-Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; Spanish -Dorm Social chm. 

SPIVOK, JORDAN M.- Chevy Chase; Sociology -TE<t>. 

SPONSLER, DEANA K.-Corydon, Iowa; Speech Theropy-iAA, Majorette, 

Angel Flight, WRA, People to People, Pledge Queen. 

SPROESSER, HELEN M.-Silver Spring; History- Newman Club, UCA, Socio 

Chm., Exec. Council. 



STACY, JAMES A.-Takoma Park; Education for Industry-Terrapin Trail Club, 

STAMBAUGH, ALICE G.-Rocky Ridge; Home Economics Education-Collegiate 
4-H Ways and Means Comm., Home Economics Club. 

STAMBERG, JOHN B.-Silver Spring; Civil Engineering-TBIl, XE, nME, Amer- 
ican Society of Civil Engr., Ice Hockey Club. 

STANDRIDGE, PAUL A.-College Park; Business and Public Administration - 
Transportation -ANA Pres. 
STANLEY, THOMAS B.-Silver Spring; Zoology. 

STANTON, GUY S.-Grantsville; Animal Science-Collegiate 4-H Club, FFA Club. 
STANWOOD, THORA E.-Bethesdo; International Affairs -Dorm Exec. Council, 
Dorm Elec. Board Chr., Homecoming Comm., College Casino. 
STARK, ALLAN B.- Baltimore; Sociology -*SA, Terrapin Distrib. Comm., 
Ticket Comm. Senior Class Presents. 

STARK, ALLAN L.-Baltimore; History Honors-Pres. Hillel Found., V.P. Wash- 
ington J&K, Dorm Scholarship Chr. 
STARR, JOYCE -Providence, R.I.; Marketing -Hillel, Am. Mk. Assoc. 

STARR, RICHARD G. - Silver Springs; Finance - lEP; Ski Club, Free State. 

STATON, ALICE A. -Severn; French. 

STATZ, MICHAEL K.- Balboa, Calif; General Business-ATn, SAM, Golf, Frosh 

and Varsity. 

STEELE, CARROLL W.- Baltimore; Chemical Engineering -ALCHE. 

STEELE, FREDERICK J. -Red Bank, N.J.; Business Administration -Lacrosse, 

Frosh and Varsity; Intromurols, Dorm, athletic chm., jud. board. 

STEFFENSEN, RONALD S.-Baltimore; General Business -AAi;, Univ. Theater, 

Diomondback, House Rules Comm., Float Comm. 

STEINBERG, ALAN -Baltimore; Psychology -lAM, Greekana, IFC Convention. 

STEINBERG, STANLEY M.-Boltimore; Sociology-Sociology Club, Hillel, Dorm 

House Rules Comm., B'nai Brith Womon Hebrew Award. 

STEINBERG, SUSAN -Kensington. 

STEINHARDT, HOWARD F.- Washington, D.C.; Psychology -Intromurols, Dorm 




STELLO, JANET A.-Hyattsville; Early Childhood Education -KAO, Women's 



STEVENS, LEAH J. -Falls Church, Va.,- Conservation. 

STEVENSON, EDWARD T.- Washington, D.C.; Public Relations -SPRA. 

STEWART, JOHN S.- Philadelphia, Penna.; Psychology -<t>KT Soc Comm 


STILES, KENNETH Y.-Rockville; Dairy Production -AFK, V.P., SGA Comm. 
Chm., Fin. Comm.,- Dairy Judging,- Block end Bridle, V.P. 
STILWELL, RICHARD M.-Annapolis; Electrical Engineering-IEEE. 
STIPPICH, THEODORE W.- Westminster; Personnel Administration and Labor 

STOER, ERIC F.- Baltimore; Government and Politics- , Pres.; FOB Chair- 
man; Soph., V. P.; IFC; Lacrosse; Kalegathos. 

STOER, NICHOLAS S.- Baltimore; International Relations -<]>^e; People to 
People; German Club; FOB Assem. Chm.; Resident Assis. 

STOUFFER, LORENA B.-Hogerstown; Music Education -DP, IM, Chamber 

Chorus, Organist. 

STRACHAN, RICHARD B. - Hollywood, Fla.; Civil Engineering - ASCE. 

STRICKLAND, JESSE C. - Silver Spring; Accounting - ^N. 

STRIMEL, ROSIER E. - ClorksvHIe; Marketing. 



STROUP, GILBERT S., JR. - Myersville; Marketing - BPA - Dorm Comm. 
STROUSE, JAMES C. -Baltimore; Government and Politics-nSA, Cult. Comm., 
Student-Fac. Comm., Calvert Debate, Internship from Md., Municipal BIdg. 
STUMPF, ELAINE C- Baltimore; Secretarial Education. 
STUP, CAROL A. - Frederick; Sociology - Dorm Sec. 
SUGIURA, ATSUSHI - Camp Springs; Electrical Engineering. 

SUUAK, GEORGE -Baltimore. 

SULLENBERGER, PAXTON J. -Laramie, Wy.; History-UCCF, Trail Club. 

SUSSAN, SIDNEY M.- Silver Spring; Finance and Transportation -BTl, 4>K4>, 

ANA, SAM VP, Dean's List, Honor Convocation, Hillel, UCA, Alcoa Foundation 

Scholarship, Va-Md. Bankers Assn. Schol. 


SVATIK, STEPHEN -Denton; English -Dean's List. 

SWARTZ, SUSAN C. -Annapolis; Art Education -Panhel, Cultural Comm. Har- 
mony Holl, M-Book, art ed. 

SWEENEY, RAYMOND S.- Washington, D.C.; History. 
SWEETMAN, CAROLE D.-Glen Burnie; Sociology. 

SYKES, ALICE N.-San Francisco, Calif.; American Studies -Diamond, Panhel. 
Rep., Campus Chesf, Tres., House Pres and Vice Pres. 

TABINSKI, CAROLYN A. -Washington, D.C.; Elementary Education -Newman 

Club, Ski Club, 

TABOR, MARY L. -Baltimore; English -A \.i, Dorm Sec. Dorm Big Sister Chr., 

Honors Convoc, Speech Night Winner. 

TAB, KENNETH C- Baltimore; Marketing Administration. 

TAGGART, MARION G.-Adelphi; History. 

TAGGART, MARY J. -Kensington; Social Studies-XK, College Casino, Chapel 

Choir, UCCF. 


» ■^ -IT, 


TALKIN, HELENE B.-Bethesdo; Elementary Education. 

TAMANAHA, GlENN M.-Kaneohe, Hawaii; Advertising -Weight Lifting,- In- 


TAMBLYN, ELIZABETH S.-Baltimore; Geography- AAA, Diogenes Soc, SDS. 

TAPPER, DAVID -Baltimore; Psychology -<t)HS, V.P., Treas., ODK, Resident 

Assis.; Student Court; Honors Convocation. 

TARCZA, FRANCES R.- Baltimore; Science Education- Big Sister. 

TATE, ATWOOD B.-Glen Burnie; Government and Politics. 
TATE, THOMAS H.-Hyottsville; Electrical Engineering-IEEE, Swim. Intros. 
TAYLOR, CAROL L.-Baltimore; Physicol Education-STE Trees., WRA Hand- 
book Ed., WRA Rep., Interest Groups. 

TAYLOR, CASSANDRA B.-Annapolis; Speech Therapy -Women's Chorus, DBK. 
TAYLOR, SAMUEL J. -Glen Burnie; Aeronautical Engineering -AIAA, Pershing 

TEMPLE, TINA A.-Riverdole; Elementary Education -AXn, K^U, Heod Major- 
ette, AWS Orphans Party, Ponhel Philonthropic. 
TENLEY, GEORGE W. - Hyattsville; Government and Politics. 
TENNANT, HELEN V.- Baltimore; Home Economics Education -Dorm Hall Pres., 
Dorm Big Sister, Dorm Jud. Board. 
TERLIZZI, JUDITH A. - Chevy Chase; Art Education. 

CLASS OF 1966 

vT^' 7^ fPf 

ifai t 

THACKER, CHERYL K.-Dundalk; History- Inter-Varsity, Dorm Relg. Chr., 

Hockey Team, Young Life Leader, Dorm Intromurals. 

THOMAS, CAROLE W.-Cambridge; Institutional Administration -Ho.Ec. Club. 

THOMAS, JAMES R., JR.-Cambridge; Civil Engineering -Pres., Treas. of Dorm, 

Hill Area Council, ASCE, Intromurals. 

THOMAS, JOYCE P. -Baltimore; Music Education -XAI, Orchestra. 

THOMAS, PATRICIA E.- Silver Spring; Institution Administration. 

THOMAS, PAUL J.-Hillcrest Estotes; Pre-Med-<t>HX, KK*, A<l>n, UCA. 
THOMAS, RONALD H.- Baltimore; Mechanical Engineering -ASME, Intro- 

THOMPSON, BARBARA A. -Long Beach, Calif.; institutional Administration - 
Dorm Chm., Bow/ling, UT. 
THOMPSON, DIANNE F.- Denton; Advertising. 
THOMPSON, LESLIE L.-HyoHsville; Electrical Engineering -<I>HS. 

THORNTON, JOHN-Woldorf; Chemistry-ACS, modern dance club, CSO, ACS. 

THORWARTH, LINDA L.-Glen Burnie; Physical Education. 

TIPPERMAN, LELAND S.-Silver Spring; Civil Englneering-ASCE. 

TOGNOCCHI, RONALD W. - Baltimore; Electrical Engineering. 

TOLSON, LUCY L.-Bethesdo; Textiles and Clothing -KAT Jud. Bd., Corres. 

Secy., S<t>E Sweetheart. 

THOMPSON, SANDRA L.-Silver Spring; Early Childhood Education- rXS, 

SGA Legis. UCA. Sec, Old Line Party, AWS Big Sister Chr., UCA Exec. Council. 

TRACY, JANET K.- Silver Spring; Art Education -KKI, KM\, Fresh. Prom Pub. 

Chr., Spring Weekend Pub. Chr., Skit Night Chr. 

TREBILCOCK, MARGARET F.-Lonhom; Textiles & Clothing -March. Bond, 

Concert Band. 

TRETTER, CARL E.-Silver Spring; B.P.A. Economics -Cult. Comm., Orchestra, 

Diombk. Music Critic, Flying Follies. 

TRINTER, VERNA M.-Boltimore; English Educotion-AAII, Dorm Treas., Pres. 



UNDERSTEIN, NORMA- Bethesdo; Secondary Art Education. 

UTZ, WILLIAM F. - Annapolis; Marketing - KA. 

VALAINIS, JURIS A.- Silver Spring; Economics. 

VALLERY, STELLA J.-Ambler, Pa.; Interior Design-Dorm V.P.; NSID; KA Rose 


VANDERHOIST, BARBARA B.-Catonsville; Art Education -Home Ec. Club; 

Dorm, Historian, Big Sister; Art League. 

VAN HOOZER, CHARLES V.-Arlington, Va.; Government and Politics- Intro- 

VAN HORN, JOAN M.-Hlllcrest Heights; Psychology. 
VAUGHN, GEORGE H.- Washington, D.C.; Civil Engineering -ASCE. 
VERZI, THOMAS K.- Arlington, Vo.; Government and Politics -,\XA Pres., 
Kolegethos, Pershing Rifles, AFROTC, Var. Rifle Team, M Club, Newman Club. 
VILLAFANA, ROBERT L.- Smith's Parish Bermuda; Industrial Management - 
Soccer Team Mgr., Tennis Team Mgr., Internatnl Club. 

VILLAROMAN, MARIA A.-Cheverly; Nursing-Commuters Club. 
VINICK, ETHEL F.-Hyattsville; Elementary Education. 
VOGELSANG, SUE C- District Heights; Accounting -UC A. 
VOLK, MICHAEL I. -Baltimore; Government and Politics-Volunteers for Men- 
tal Healtti, Dorm Comm. 

VOLK, SHARON K.-Takoma Park; Home Economics -iliT, Rec. Sec.; Home Ec. 
Club, AEri Sweettieart. 

VEERLAND, DAVID R. - Silver Spring; Sociology. 

WAGNER, ROBERT L.-Silver Spring; B.P.A. Marketing -*i.K, Intramurals, 

Am. Market, Assoc. 

WALDERMAN, ELLEN SUE -Baltimore; Early Childhood Education -<I>11, 

Standords Board, Harmony Hall, Homecoming Comm., CuHural Chr. 
WALDIE, SUSAN D.-Omoha, Neb.; Elementory Education- AOlI, Terrapin, 
Diamondbock, Dorm Big Sister, Jud. Board, Intramurals, AOIl Corres. Sec. 
WALDMAN, CARL R.-Glen Burnie; Economics. 

TOMSHO, GERALDINE B.- Baltimore; Early Childhood Education. 

TONEY, SHARON A. -Baltimore; Speech Therapy -iAH. 

TOWNSEND, PHILIP G.-Catonsville; Civil Engineering. 

TOWNSHEND, HELEN S.-Pikesville; Home Economics Fashion Illustrations - 

A=A, Soph. Prom, AWS Orphans Party, Bridal Fair, Philanthropic Ch., House 
Pres. Marshall. 

TOYE, JUNE E.- Washington, D.C.; Early Childhood Education, KKI , Diamond, 
Co-Coptoin Cheerleading, AWS Senior Rep., Old Line Rep., Corresponding Sec. 
and Rush Ch. 

TRIPIETT, BRUCE A. -Baltimore; Industrial Education -Dorm, pres.; Mobile 
Area Sec, House Rules Comm. 
TROOP, DOUGLAS T.-Rockville; Psychology -AA(t>. 

TROPEA, SALVATORE D.- Washington, D.C.; Electrical Engineering -Md. Chris- 
tian Fellowship, IEEE. 

TROUT, RAYMOND S.-Wheaton; Civil Engineering -ASCE. 
TSE, RITA K.-Mocau, China; Elementary Education -International Club. 

TUDISEO, FRANKLIN J.-Vineland, N.J.; English-Flying Follies, U. Theatre, 
Experimental Theatre, U.T.-Old Line Best Character Actor Award. 
TULIN, KAREN E.-Lantana, Flo.; Speech Therapy-AXO, Over-all ch. AWS 
Daydodger Big Sister Program, Jud. Bd., SGA Traffic Com., UCA. 
TURLEY, JAN P.-Lawrence, Mass.; Spanish-Education -Hall Pr., Dorm Improve- 

TURNER, KATHERINE M.-Hyattsville; Early Childhood Education. 
UHER, JOHN R. - McKeesport, Pa.; Business Administration - General. 



WALLACE, JAMES T.- Baltimore; Music -Band; Chapel Choir; Student Recitals. 

WALMAN, EUGENE S.- Baltimore; Hi$tory-ZBT, Pres., Sec.; IFC Rep. 

WALSH, EUGENE F.-Silver Spring; English-Dorm, V.P., Athletic Chn., Soc. 

Chm.; Intramurals. 

WALSH, JOHN F., JR. -Silver Spring; Mathematics. 

WALSTAD, JAN M.-Hillcrest Heights; English Education -SGA; Dorm Council. 

WAFTER, CHRISTINE W.-Lutherville; Sociology -Prom Exec. Council. 
WALTON, BARBARA O.-Ft. Bragg, N.C.; History -Co-Ch. AWS Christmas Pro- 
gram, Information Please Com., Dorm Ch. of Year, Madrigals. 

WANN, DONALD C.-Parkville; Physical Education -XAE-Assist. Sociol Ch., 
V. Cross-Country, V. Track, Vorsity M-Club. 
WARBURTON, MARY J.-Elkton; History-KKr, CCUN, College Casino. 

WARD, CHARLES L- Baltimore; Transportation -HKA, MA. 

WARD, CYNTHIA T.- Baltimore; English. 

WARD, WAYNE D.- Baltimore; English. 


WARNEKOW, JUDITH P.-Baltimore; Elementary Education-VMH, Dorm Soc. 


CLASS OF 1966 

WARNER, DAVID G.-Posodeno; Physical Education. 

WARNER, DIANE R.-Boltimore; Elementary Education -WRA, Riding; Demo 

erotic Club; Soc. Club. 

WARNER, ROY C, JR.-Silver Spring; Economics-Accounting Club; Econ. Club. 

WARNICK, CHARLES - Cumberland; Microbiology. 

WATKINS, ELIZABETH- Westminster; French-French Club. 

WATSON, JAMES K.- Kensington; Mechanical Engineering -ASME, nJX. 
WATTS, ALICE L.-Bethesdo; English -Inter-varsity Christian Fellowship, rec. 
sec'y.. Dorm chm. 

WATTS, JOHN M.-Caienovia, N.Y.; Fire Protection -SFPE, *HS. 
WEAVER, CYNTHIA M.- Kensington; Advertising Art-SK, A.\A, TAX. 
WEAVER, JOAN W.- College Pork; Textiles and Clothing -AAA, Bridal Fair, 
chm.. Who's Who Comm., Central Student Court, Home Ec. Club, Pres., SGA 
Investigation Comm., Apple Blossom Princess. 


WEBSTER, DELANCEY-Brentsville; English-WMUC News Director VP. 
WEBSTER, JANET L.-Arlington, Va.; Agronomy-AAA, Agronomy Club. 
WECKER, MARLENE R.- Silver Spring; English -TiS, Student NEA. 

WEIDNER, GEORGANA L- College Pork; Spanish -Spanish Club, Newman Club. 

WEINBERG, TOBA R.-Baltimore; English Education-*SS, KAH, *S5 Rush 

Chr.KAn, Sec, Old Line Rep. 

WEINBLAn, ROBERT L.- Baltimore; Insurance -ZBT, Band, Drama. 

WEINER, ALLEN l.-Boltimore; Accounting- House Jud. Comm., House Sec, 

Intramural Activities. 

WEINSTEIN, ARNOLD J.-Takoma Pork; Psychology Pre-Dent-*AM. 



WHEELER, PATRICIA A.-Wheoton; International Relations. 

WHELEHAN, CATHERINE A. -Baltimore; Elementary Education- Dorm-Jud. Bd., 

Exec. Council, Pr., AWS-Dorm Council. 

WHITE, BETTY A.- Hyattsville; Recreation -WRA, MD. Rec. Society. 

WHITE, DEBORAH L.- Salisbury; Childhood Education -KKr, II'S., Student 

Traffic Court, Justice, Compus Chest, SNEA. 

WHITE, THOMAS M.- Hyattsville; History. 

WHITSON, EARL G.-Alexondria, Vo.; Horticulture -AZ, Intros. 

WICKENS, JOEL H.- Baltimore; Government and Politics -French Club. 

WICKS, EARL N.-Seneco, III.; General Business. 

WIELAND, HENRY-Baltimore; Journalism-DBK. 

WIENER, MICHAEL L.- Glasgow, Scotland; Personnel Management --tEfl 

Sec, Pledgemaster, IPC Rep., Ath. Ch., Intros. 

WILANSKY, ELILEEN S.-Silver Spring; English-Secondary Education-r22 

Sec. Women's Chorus, Diomondback, Conv. Chr. Free State, People to People. 
WILDES, WAYNE D.-Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; BPA-Marketing-Univ. Theatre, Sec. 
Veterans Club, Sports Cor Club. 

WILDESEN, JOHN W.-Oakland; Economics & Psychology. 
WILHELM, SHARON K.-Adelphi; Music -Madrigal Singers, MENC, Flying Fol- 
lies, Commuters Club, Univ. Theatre, Sweetheart. 

WILKS, ADRIENNE M.-Silver Spring; Government and Politics-AI ,1, House 
Chr., Chapel Choir, AI'A Jud. Board, Nevi'man Club, Province Conv. Chr., Chap- 
lins Award. 

WILLIAMS, JAMES H. -Baltimore; Advertising -Varsity Swimming, House 

Rules Comm. Ch. 

WILLIAMS, JOSEPH B. - Rock Hall; Aeronautical Engineering - IIME, Dorm Pres. 

ond V.P. AIAA. 


WILLIAMSON, GERALD L.-Chevy Chose; PersonoL 

WILLIAMSON, JOYCE D.-Boltimore; Sociology-Children's Physical Devel. 


WEINSTEIN, FREDERICK-Bolfimore; Psychology -*H1, ^X, Intram., Vol. for 

MH; Pre-Med. Society. 

WEINSTEIN, IRIS -Hyattsville; Elementary Education -v AT. 

WEINTRAUB, GERALD P.-Silver Spring; Accounting-AEn Corr. Sec. and 

Scholorship Chr.; Frosh Orientation Board, BAH'. 


WEIR, CHARLES R. -Carlisle, Ind.; Business Administration -AAX. 

WEISER, SUSAN R.-Takomo Park; Educotion-Hillel. 

WEISS, ROSALIND G.- Chevy Chose; American Civilization. 

WELLER, BARBARA J. -Lancaster Pa.; Sociology. 

WELLER, CHRISTINE J.-Clinton; Physical Education -<]>AE, WRA Interest 



WEMPLE, PETER -Greenbelt; Mathematics -IIME, Philosophy Club, Episcopal 

Youth Foundation, Pres. of Hall, Rep. to Men's Assoc. 

WENDEL, DOUGLAS P.-Silver Spring; Political Science -Track. 

WEXLER, JOYCE A. -Silver Spring; Education. 

WHARTON, JEFFERY D.- Upper Montcloir, N.J.; Civil Engineering -ASCE. 

WHARTON, JOHN S.-Upper Montcloir, N.J.; Education for Industry-ASTME, 



WILLIAMSON, THOMAS, JR.-LaVale; Mathematics -Newman Club, Dorm 


WILISIE, JANET L.-Galthersburg; Elementary Educatian-AAd, KAH, Dorm 

Pres., AWS Const. Comm., Homecoming Comm. 

WILSON, DORIS J. -Baltimore; Philosophy- lii;, SDS, Philosophy Club, Young 



WILSON, LINDA C.-Hyattsville; Textiles and Clothing-AAH, WRA, Wesley 

Foundation, Home Ec. Club. 


WILSON, ROBERT M.-Washington, D.C.; Sociology. 

WILSON, THOMAS W.- Cambridge; Social Studies Education -Dorm Sec. and 

Pres. and Res. Assoc. 

WIMBUSH, JUDITH A.-Cheverly; Zoology. 

WING, BRUCE L- Columbus, Go.; Finance. 

WINKLER, ALICE M.-Seabrook; Elementary Education -UCA.Orphans Party, 

Homecoming Decorations. 

WINNER, JANE L.-Baltimore; Early Childhood Education -WRA, Homecoming, 

Parents Day. 

WINNER, LESLIE S.- Baltimore; History. 

WINTER, OONAILEEN- Pittsburg, Pa.; English Education -r<t>B. 

WINTERS, MARTHA G. - Baltimore; History. 

CLASS OF 1966 


WIRSING, CHARLES J. - Baltimore; Zoology - Pre Med. Soc. 

WISE, RICK S. -Wilmington, Del.; Information Systems Management -<t>A0, 

Varsity Basketball, Dorm Secy., Career's Convocation. 

WISEMAN, PAULA -Hyottsville; History-Social Studies. 

WISHART, ROBERT G.-Towson; Mechanical Engineering -ASME. House Rules 

Comm., Intros. 

WITT, CAROLE L.-Salisbury; English-AOA, MCF. 

WITT, MARILYN L.-Baltimore; English -A<t>, FOB, Speakers Comm. 

WOLFE, SAUFORD-Wheaton; Electrical Engineering -UCA Paper, Ed., IEEE. 

WOLFF, EILEEN R.-Baltimore; Elementary Education -fSS, Social Chm., 

Poll Worker, College Casino, Parent's Weekend Comm., Old Line Comm. 

WOLFSON, CAROL L.-Baltimore; Sociology-Big Sister Program, Young Demo- 

crots. Sociology Club. 

WOLIN, RICHARD H.- Silver Spring; Sociology. 

WOLINSKY, CAROLE J. -Silver Spring; Elementary Education. 

WOLPERT, JOYCE B.- Baltimore; Journalism -<t>X©, Womens Press Club, Young 

Dem., Student Union Boord, Terrapin, DKB Doily Ed. obd Newsboard. 


WOOD, JACK L.-Fort Dodge, lowo; Journallsm-SIAX Pres., Terrapin Com- 

munic. Ed., FSR Ed. -in-Chief, Veterans Club, Journalism Scholarship Aw/ard. 


WOODS, WILLIAM C. - Rockville, Business Administration. 

WOWRA, CRAIG G.-Riverdole; History -Chesapeake Bay, vice chm.. Peace 

Corps Group. 

WRAASE, DENNIS R.- Districts Height; Accounting -nKA, Marching Bond, 

Symphonic Bond. 

WRAY, DONNA K. - Wheoton; Elementary Education - m. 

WRIGHT, ANN V.-Arnold; English-A4>, Treas., FOB, International Club. 


WRIGHT, CHARLES J. - North Linthicum; Personnel Administration. 
WRIGHT, MARY F.-Annopolis; Business Administration -^r President, FOB, 
M Book Ass't. Ed. 

WUESTE, MOLLY -Bethesdo; Home Economlcs-dl V.P. and Social Ch., Cheer- 
leader, FOB Co-Chairman, Reed and Barton Campus Rep. Little Sisters of Min- 

WYCHERLEY, DAVID H.-Annopolis; Physics-Varsity Baseball. 
WYNNE, SANDRA M.- Petersburg, Vo.; German- Jud. Board Rep , WRA Rep. 

WYVILL, SARAH A.-Upper Marlboro; Elementary Education-IAI, Catholic 

Chapel Organist. 

YANSSENS, DAVID J. -New Golilee, Pa.; General Business. 

YINGLING, RONALD K.-Adelphi; Education for Industry -Pershing Rifles, 

Sports Car Club. 

YOUNG, ARTHUR P.-Hyattsvi1le; English. 

YOUNG, ROBERT L- Baltimore; General Business. 

YOVANOV, STEPHEN K.-Catonsville; Economics -SAM. 

YUNGMANN, GEORGE L.-Baltimore; Accounting -BA'f, Alumni Scholarship 


YUTER, MARCIA L.- Silver Spring; Microbiology. 

ZADEIL, WILLIAM L. -Johnstown, Penna.; Electrical Engineering -IEEE, Sports 

Car Club. 

ZAJIC, MICHAEL J. -District Heights; English -French Club, Diogenes Soc. 

Treas., VMH Fencing Club. 


ZARKIN, SHARON - Hyattsville; Commercial Art-SU Comm. 

ZASLOW, BARBARA D.- Baltimore; Elementary Education. 

ZEITZOFF, CHARLES -Boltimore; American Civilization -ZBT, IFC chm.. Young 


ZALENKA, DONALD J. - Baltimore - Accounting Club, Athletic Comm. 

ZEMIL, MARCIA R.- Baltimore; Sociology. 

ZIEHM, RUTH A. - Severn; English. 

ZIER, DOUGLAS L.-Beltsville; Physical Education -Aid, Gymkana Troupe,- 

Hist P.E. Majors Club. 


ZIMMERMAN, RICHARD E., JR. -Frederick; General Business -i<tiE, Pres. 

KKY, Arnold Air Soc, Band-V.P., Drum Major, i<t)E, Scholar. Chr., Young Dem. 

Club, ROTC Band-Commander, Pershing Rifles, Sonsof Amer. Rev. 

ZOME, CHARLOTTE HELEN -Baltimore; Advertising- IIB*, Pledge Trainer, 

FOB, GE College Bowl, Homecoming Comm. Chr., Daydodger Big Sister. 

ZOUCK, ANNE N.-Ruxton; Journalism; AOII, Terrapin, Diomondback, Greek, 

Women's Press Club, Old Line, People to People. 

ZSUFFA, EUGENE T.-Massopequa, N.Y.; Electrical Engineering-Student LJnion 

Board, IEEE. 

ZURBORG, ELLEN L.- Kensington; Fine Art-AXn. 

ZUBRITSKY, PAUL D. -Baltimore; Mechanical Engineering-TX, ASME. 

ZUCCO, DOROTHY S. -Baltimore; Elementary Education-Dorm, Exec. Council, 

Jud. Board, Social Chm. 

TOTH, ROBERT -Fire Protection Engineering -SFPE, Secty.; Engr. Open House. 

DIBISSHOP, HOWARD -Fire Protection Engineering -SFPE, Tou Beta Pi, Engr. 
Open House. 




Seniors Without Pictures ^ 

BROWN, DONALD A. - HyoHsville; Fine Arts. 

CADIGAN, MARIANNE L.-Hyattsville; Spanish-UCA, International Club, New- 
man Club, French Club, Economic Club. 

CAILEY, BROTHER CONRAD- Syracuse, N.Y.; Physical Science. 
CARIER, ROBIN L- Baltimore; English. 

CECIL, FRANCIS E.- Baltimore; Physics -Track, Frosh and Varsity, Dorm, 
Social Chm., Rules Comm. 

LARSON, KAREN E.-Tokomo Park; English. 

LAUR, JAMES A. - Baltimore; Transportation - StE. 

LEIBEL, RHONA G.- Baltimore; Philosophy -HAE, Phil. Club Secy., Treos., 

Terrapin, Jud. Board, Dorm Acad. Ch. 

ILANSA, JORGE I. - Washington, D.C.; Chemical Engineering -AXi, Cult. Comm. 

MARDER, ROBERT -Pikesville; Education for Industry -Pershing Ritles, SAME, 

Var. Rifle Team, M Club, ACM. 

COLE, JAMES A. -Cumberland; Aeronautical Engineering -AIA. 

CORNFELD, MICHAEL A.-Silver Spring; History-Young Democrats. 

CRENSHAW, MARVIN R.-Alexandria,Va.;-Mechanical Engineering -ASME. 

CUMMING, ROBERT G. - Shreveport Lo.; Zoology - Pre-Med. Society. 

DE BISSCHOP, HOWARD A. -Oxford, Conn.; Fire Protection Engineering -4>HZ, 

TBn, Episcopal Foundation, Society of Fire Protection Engs. 

MUSCI, RICHARD J. -Cortland, N.Y.; Electrical Engineering -HKN. 

REDD, THOMAS F.-Silver Spring, Civil Engineering -SAE, Vice-Pres., Social 

Chm., FOB. 

SALZMAN, BERNARD B.-Baltimore; Psychology-Vol. for Mental Health, 

Vice-Pres., Float Comm. Chm., Ski Club. 

SANDEFER, DIANE G. - Silver Spring; Elementary Education - AEi^. 

SARTWELL, ARTHUR D. - Wheaton; Civil Engineering - ASCE. 

FOX, BONNIE G.-Ventnor City, N.J.; English -Mortor Board, Diadem, Trees., 
Diamond, riAE, KAD, AE<t>, Pres.; Fresh., Soph., Jr. Class Treas., Terrapin, 
Assoc. Ed., SGA Finance Comm., Sec, Publications Board. 

FRUCHTBAUM, LAWRENCE- Nutley, N.J.; Economics -ZBT, Vice Pres., Treos. 

GILL, JUDITH A.-Baltimore; Elementary Educotion-Hall Pres., AWS Orphans 

Party, UMH, Homecoming Queen Finalist. 

GREGORY, BARBARA L. - Bethesdo; Elementary Education. 

GROCE, JILL-Silver Spring; English-Dorm Jud. Board, Social Comm. 

SCHMUHL, KARL A.-Silver Spring; Electrical Engineering-Bond, IEEE. 
SCHNEIDER, BERNARD A.-Silver Spring; Agronomy-AZ V.P., Agronomy Club 
V.P., Coll-o-Ar rep. Dean's List. 

SHIPLEY, JAMES D.- Pikesville; Education for Industry -ASTME, Flying Fol- 
lies, Marching, Pep, Symphonic Bands, AFROTC, GM Scholarship. 
SNUGGS, JANEE L.-Arnold; French-French Club Treas., Internatnl Club, Peo- 
ple to People. 
SNYDER, ALBERT J.-Dundalk; Geography-Gymkano V.P. 

GUNTHER, CHRISTOPHER -Edgewood; Marketing -AMA. 

ISSACSON, ROBERT K.- Washington, D.C.; Journalism and Public Relations - 

TE*, SPRA, Var. Baseball, M Club. 

JACKSON, BARBARA A.-Glenwood; English -AAA. 

KALTMAN, GWENDOLYN -New York; Eorly Childhood Education. 

KELLNER, BRUCE A.-Baltimore; History-*A0 Jud. Board, Cult, and Ed. Comm. 

SOBEL, NORMA K. - Baltimore; Education - <t>£l, KAO, Diamond. 

SOLE, JAMES C- Frederick; Physical Education -Baseball, Fresh and Varsity. 

SPACEK, ROBERT E.-Severna Park; Electrical Engineering- Intramurols, Dorm 


THOMPSON, JOHN O.-Madison, Wise; History. 

TO, BYRON H.-Hong Kong; Chemical Engineering. 

KEY, MELVIN F. - Staunton, Va.; Government and Politics - AXA. 

KILLAM, PHILLIP P.-College Park; Economics. 

KIRPATRICK, CRAIG M. - Wheoton; Government and Politics - XXA. 

KLEIN, JUDITH E.-West Chester, Pa.; Education -AE*, 2nd vice-pres., co-copt. 

Cheerleaders, Panhel. Exec. Council, Sorority Jud. Board, Pres., People to People, 

Exec. Council, Diamond, AWS Outstanding Service Award, AE* Outstanding 

Jr. Woman. 

KNOLL, DARREL R.-Hyattsville; Zoology. 

TOTH, ROBERT E.-Munhall, Po.; Fire Protection Engineering -S*E, SFPE, 

Sec, Dorm Rules Comm., Social Chm. 

VESPERMAN, WILLIAM C- Baltimore; Chemical Engineering -AICE, Intromur 


WILLIAMSON, RILER S. - Baltimore; Industrial Arts Education - 0X. 

WILMOTH, DOUGLAS A. - Bel Air, Mechanical Engineering - ASME. 

WILCOVE, LESLIE A.-Silver Spring; English- AAA, Vol. for mental health. 




■ II 


Corinne Armstrong 
Space Reservations 

Delmas W, Barr 
University Press 

John T. Broadbelt 
Service Supervisor 

Mary L. Donaldson 
Account Clerk 

Linn Hendershot 
Sports Publicity 

Editor's Page 

THE 1966 TERRAPIN, in completed form, 
physically represents a quarter of a 
million pounds of books which total 17,000 
volumes in number. Financed by the stu- 
dent activity fee paid each semester, our an- 
nual is distributed at no additional cost on a 
first-come first-serve basis to the undergrad- 
uates at the close of the spring semester. 

Past Terrapins have served many ftmc- 
tions such as door stops, bonfire material, 
etcetera. On the serious side, however, this 
one publication is a continuing history of the 
University. The staff is charged with the as- 
signment of accurately reporting the previous 
year to the best of their ability. This publica- 
tion therefore serves as an important public 
relations tool in revealing the many aspects 
of college life. 

The 1966 Terrapin has been planned in 
such a way as to give the reader, if he has 

been at MU during the past year, I.M.R. 
(instantaneous mental recall). The front end- 
sheets of the book are headlines, courtesy 
of the Washington Evening Star, which serve 
to bring the readers mind back to this year. 
The back end-sheets from the Diamondback 
bring back even fmther I.M.R. with campus 
news items. The 472 pages meshed between 
these end-sheets have recorded a variety of 
events through the feature story technique. 
Behind the staff of the 1966 Terrapin is 
a group of persons who, year after year, have 
helped us in many ways. We wish to give 
special recognition to them, some of whose 
pictures appear on this page. I also would 
like to thank my staff for a difficult job which 
was "well done." 

William Ellery Clark 

Eileen K. Howard 

Laurence V. Lauth 
Student Union 

Patricia Orndoff 

Clayton R. Pluiuuier 
Purchasing Agent 

Paul E. Tlionui', 
Publication Office 


Aerospace S tudies 264 

Agriculture-Economic Club 242 

Agricultural Student Council 242 

Agronomy Club 242 

Alice in W'otiderland 210 

Alpha Chi Omega 374 

Alpha Chi Sigma 226 

Alpha Delta Pi 375 

Alpha Delta Sigma 226 

Alpha Epsilon Phi 376 

Alpha Epsilon Pi 377 

Alpha Camma Delta 378 

Alpha Camma Rho 379 

Alpha Kappa Delta 227 

Alpha Lambda Delta 227 

Alpha Omicron Pi 380 

Alpha Phi Omega 228 

Alpha Phi 381 

Alpha Tau Omega 382 

Alpha Xi Delta 383 

Alpha Zeta 228 

Alumni 153 

American Chemical Society 243 

A.I.A.A 243 

A.I.Ch.E 244 

American Society of Civil Engineers 244 

A.S.T.M.E -245 

Aqualiner Club 246 

Associated Women Students 103 

AWS Judicial Board 106 

AWS Field Day 126 

Band Day 14 

Beat Navy Bonfire 11 

Beta Alpha Psi 229 

Beta Gamma Sigma 229 

Block and Bridle-Dairy Science 246 

B'nai B'rith 196 

Board of Regents 47 

Calvert Debate 247 

Campus Police 116 

Central Student Court 107 

C.F.F.C 248 

Chapel Staff 192 

Chi Epsilon 230 


Agriculture 64 

Arts and Sciences 68 

BPA 7J3 

Education 77 

Engineering 81 

Graduate 85 

Home Economics 88 

Physical Education 92 

University College 96 

Collegiate 4-H 247 

Cultural Committee 102 

Delta Delta Delta 384 

Delta Gamma 385 

Delta Nu Alpha 230 

Delta Phi Epsilon 386 

Delta Sigma Phi 231 

Delta Sigma Pi 231 

Delta Tau Delta 388 

Diadem 415 

Diamond 415 

D iamondbiitk 178 

Dining Hall Picnic 144 

Dra ma Wing 220 

Economics Discussion 248 

Eta Kappa Nu 232 

F.A.A 249 

Fencing Club 248 

Finance Committee 102 

Flying Follies 221 

Free State 249 

Freshman Class Officers 105 

Freshman Orientation Board 108 

Gamma Alpha Chi 233 

Gamma Phi Beta 389 

Gamma Sigma Sigma 233 

Gamma Theta Upsilon 234 

GIGIF 121 

Graduation Scenes 152 

Gymkana 250 

History of University 6 

Homecom ing 12 

I.E.E.E 250 

Interfraternity Council 373 

IFC Children's Party 131 

IF Sing 17 

International Club 252 

International Fiesta 140 

Junior Class Officers 104 

Kappa Alpha Mu 234 

Kappa Alpha Order 390 

Kappa Alpha Theta 29i 

Kappa Delta 392 

Kappa Delta Pi 235 

Kappa Kappa Gamma 393 

Kappa Tau Alpha 235 

Kalegethos 415 

Lambda Chi Alpha 394 

M-Book 187 

M-Club 254 

Madrigal Singers 213 

Marching Band 208 

Men's Judicial Board 107 

Music and Drama 202 

M.C.C.P.E 253 

National Society of Interior Design 253 

New man Center i 98 

Newsletter Committee J 09 

Nursing Committee t 252 

Old Line 254 

Omicron Nu 235 

Patihellenic Association 373 

Peo ple-to-People 254 

Pep Committee 108 

Pharmacy Club 255 

Phi Chi Theta 236 

Phi Delta Theta 395 

Phi Epsilon Pi 396 

Phi Kappa Sigma 397 

Phi Mu Alpha 236 

Phi Sigma Delta 399 

Phi Sigma Kap)>a 397 

Phi Sigma Sigma 401 

Physics Club. 256 

Pi Alpha Xi 236 

Pi Beta Phi 402 

Pi Delta Epsilon i89 

Pi Kappa Alpha 403 

Pi Tau Sigma 237 

Placement 103 

Political Science Club 258 

Prayer Breakfast i93 

Pre-Dent 256 

Pre-Med Society 257 

Profiles in Teaching 60 

P.T.C 256 

Queens 161 

Recreation Club 257 

Red Cross Committee 109 

Registra tion 112 

Religion 190 

Residence Hall Councils 338 

S.A.M 259 

S.A.M.E 259 

Senior Class Officers 104 

S.F.P.E 260 

Showboat 18,214 

Sigyna Alpha Epsilon 404 

Sigma Alpha Eta 237 

Sigma Alpha lota 238 

Sigma Alpha Mu 405 

Sigma Alpha Omicron 238 

Sigma Chi 406 

Sigma Delta Chi i89 

Sigma Delta Tau 407 

S igma Ka ppa 408 

Sigma Nu 409 

Sigma Nu Christmas Party 130 

Sigma Phi Epsilon 410 

Sigma Tau Epsdori 238 

SkiClub 258 

Ski Weekend 136 

Sophomore Class Officers i05 

Spring Scenes 148 

Student Government Association 98 

Student Health Service 118 

Student N.E.A 260 

Student Publications Photographers 182 

S weethearts, Fratern ity 170 

Tau Epsilon Pi 414 

Tau Beta Pi 239 

Tau Beta Sigma 239 

Tau Kappa Epsilon 411 

Terrapin 1'4 

Theta Chi 412 

TrailClub 261 

University Relations 188 

University Theater 214 

Veteran s Club 261 

Veterinary Science 262 

Who's Who 160 

WMUC 184 

Women's Press Club 262 

World Day of Prayer 200 

Young Democrats 263 

Young Republicans 263 

Zeta Beta Tau 413 







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i^t- Social Responsibility^- 

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leal «8ap«« portJUit," h" **"*- ' 

'lift, *•«*.. «IaA *<■'/«- '^frfl, . 

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mfc Presents' set 

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of engineer insiJcu popartment. vm} k" 

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