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Published by the Undergraduate 

Student Body of the University of 

Maryland, College Park. Maryland. 



Cover design and picture by Paul Connor 

terrapin 67 

vol. 66 

Ken Firestone 
Marci Scherr 
Judith A. Siegel 
Ellen Kurtz 
Joe Trocino 



managing editor 
art director 
copy editor 
picture editor 


distribution by Alpha Phi Omega 
National Service Fraternity 
Phil Geraci, Faculty Advisor 

Writing Staff: Kathy Blieth, Dave Bourdon, Michael 
Dodd, Peggi Drum, S. Einbinder, Stan Goldberg, Ann 
Keller, Fran Klatzkin, Linda Lightbody, Drew Marks, 
Liz Miller, Mike Olesker, Sannmy Schenker, Dick 
Stoll, Carl Tretter, Ruth Wagner. 

Photographic Staff: Richard Berlin, Gene Boyars, 
Milton Buchler, II, Dave Bourdon, Joe Carson. Hen- 
ning Christoph, Bill Clark, Ken Firestone, Bill Kesler, 
Claude Morse, Mike Rossoff, Karl W. Sanger. 

Assistant Editors: J. Englebrect, B. Goffman, S. Kan- 
tor, E. Rosenberg, L. Taylor, B. Weiner. 

Senior Section Staff: L. Billingsley, E. Block, M. 
Bryant, M. Diamond, M. Gold, R. Humiston, B. Kna- 
pik, C. Marlow, P. Perry, B. Rascouar, B. Rose, M. 
Robinson, G. Sherman, B. Simms, S. Smith, C. Tutle, 
L. Ward, S. Yevzeroff. 

Editorial Assistants: Gene Boyars, Fran Klatzkin, 
Mike Nugent. News Board: Ira Allen, Jerry Ceppos, 
John Purnell, Larry Werner. 










AKI' ■:■■§: 


Wf^ ^'^ 

Table of Contents 

Creative Maryland 8 

Dance 10 

Art 22 

Theatre 34 

Music 46 

Photography 58 

Experimental Theatre 70 

Flying Follies 76 

Madrigals 82 

News Log 88 

Features 108 

Homecoming 156 

Features 160 

Commuters 200 

Football 214 

Cross-Country 226 

Soccer 230 

Basketball 234 

Wrestling 244 

Swimming 248 

Lacrosse 252 

Baseball 256 

Track 260 

Tennis 266 

Graduation 268 

Administration 276 

Colleges 285 

Communications 291 

Dorms 307 

Sororities 333 

Fraternities 343 

Honoraries 360 

Organizations 380 

Queens 396 

S.G.A 405 

Teams 413 

Seniors 428 

Creative Maryland 

Freedom through disciphne 


>*■ ■" "w 

by Ann Keller 

1 . . . .2. . . .3. . . .pull up in the torso. . .2. . .3 .. .that's 
better. . . .now. . . .SHARP!. . . .No. . .No. . .No. . .let's try 
again . . . 

Dance. The outer expression of an inner life set to music. 
Modern dance . . . freer than ballet, but equally disciplined 
. . . more introspective than jazz ... A war baby, born with 
the century in the rebellion of a few against the tyranny of 
traditional dance forms that no longer throbbed with the 
rhythm of contemporary America . . . wafting its youth along 
the currents of free-flowing breezes, exulting in its liberation 
from the claustrophobia of rigid form, indulging too much, 
perhaps, in self-expression, mysticism .... running, as all 
youth, too swiftly for control. 

.... Waking from the revel of just being . . . turning inward, 
seeking the why and the how . . . experimenting freely, but 
critically, with body movement, with assymetry, with the 
arcs of space between an impetus, fall, and recovery, with 
the most organic of all beats, the pulsation of blood through 

its courses concerned now not with self, but with 

those common rhythms that link all selves. 

. . . Duncan, St. Denis, Shawn, Weidman, Humphrey, Gra- 
ham . . . each catching the pulse and quickening it toward 
maturity . . . The studio: "here you are in competition only 
with the dancer you hope to become" . . . where no half- 
way measures are tolerated .... where the body is trained 
with rigour so that one day, it may dance with freedom . . . 

October-summit conference . . . Guess what? We have to get 
started on the concert . . . Huh? It's only October! The con- 
cert isn't til April . . . And just how long do you think it 
takes to conceive, cast, choreograph, rehearse, stage, cos- 
tume, and light a show ... a week? . . . Who's doing dances? 
Has anyone gotten started? . .-. Well, several have ideas . . . 
perhaps they'd better get moving! 

November-rehearsal . . . 2 . . . 3 . . . that's better . . . now, 
again . . . No, the step is right but the feeling isn't there. 
I want more tension, more power . . . Hell, we've been re- 
hearsing for two hours ... I'm dead! What do you want? 
Blood? . . . Nope. Just more sweat . . . 

December-summit conference . . . Are the dances for the con- 
cert done yet? . . . WHAT ...?...? 

photographed by Ken Firestone 

■ .M 


^m wjj^^— ^■luiiH 

.......i^B^^K fBSBi^ 


.JLmMLJJ,..:liJA.Mm a 


J anuary — rehearsal . . . How about calling it quits for 
tonight? . . . Yeah? And when are we supposed to polish 
this dance? Opening night? . . . Look, you're doing great! 
It's my dance and I'm satisfied . . . You're going to kill your- 
selves! . . . That may very well be . . . Now, how about a 
couple more run-throughs? . . . (masochists) . . . 

1^ cbruary — technical rehearsal ... (2 A.M.) . . . Sorry, 
nobody leaves til the lights for all the dances are set . . . 


.arch— general hysteria . . . It's shaping up! I think 
we're going to be great! . . . It's awful ... I'm ashamed to 
show my face on that stage ... Oh God! I think I've sprained 
my knee! . . . IVIy costume is too baggy. 



April -Washington Post critique by Jean 
Battey, dance commentator: 

. . . "University of Maryland dance group shines . 
..."... high level of performance and creativity 
. . . "sureness and style . . . impressive . . ." 


f- * 

>- .'A-'-^J^' 


JVlay-no comments. Everyone is back at 
the studio working! 




• ■'■'■', 



.. • ■ .^, 



■ ■l.ii-. 






■ V 

Art: Reflections Filtered 
Through Trained Eye 

by Sammy Schenker 
photographed by Ken Firestone 


allery exhibitions and an evening lecture series are just 
a few signs of the expanding programs in the Art Depart- 
ment. This department which has its new home in the Fine 
Arts Building includes courses in art history, are education 
and studion art. 

The faculty consisting of over 30 members has shown a 
great desire to continue its quest for recognition as one of 
the finest departments on campus. During the past year the 

Department has received two substantial grants from the 
National Humanities Foundation. One grant will go toward 
establishing M.A. candidates for students learning the process 
of setting up an art gallery. At present Art History can give 
only M.A. degrees, but plans are already underway to create 
a PH.D. program. M.A. candidates in studio specialize in 
painting, sculpture, printmaking or drawing. 










> \ v^ 


- 1 



Studio Classes 

A wo major exhibits were displayed by the De- 
partment this year. They were "Meticulous Real- 
ism" and "Spontaneous Creation," an abstract art 
collection borrowed from the American Federation 
of Art in New York. Both exhibits met with 
great success. 

A college collection of the noted Arthur G. 
Dove was introduced by a lecture from Mrs. 
Edith Halpert of the Downtown Gallery in New 
York. The Department lecture program averages 
two guest speakers a month. These have included 
"The Symbology of Color" by Sidney Gross of 
the Art Students League of New York and "Egyp- 
tian Revival Art" by Richard Carrott. 



ntaglio printmaking in the University's Art Depart- 
ment is done on copper plate. After lines are etched 
into the plate it is inked and set on the etching press. 
Usually from five to several hundred copies are printed 
and numbered, after which the plates are destroyed. 

In Lithography, another form of printmaking, de- 
signs are made by causing chemical changes on the 
surface of stone. The stone must be kept wet while 
the printing is in process. 

Students who have experimented in printmaking 
have come up with several new ideas. One student 
built up plates with modeling paste and used card- 
board for the raised surface. Another used old records 
as a surface with modeling paste added. 

Relief printing often is done in wood cuts and lino- 
leum cuts. In this method you cut away all material 
that you do not want to print. 


<==z^^ f' 



The Gallery 



by Peggi Drum 

Before Annie could get her gun, she and her cast of 60 
had to learn songs, dances, lines, and movement. To the 
beginning actor the word theatre began to mean more than 
bowing to an applauding audience. To the seasoned UT 
performer, theatre means another round of experimentation, 
frustration, and occasional satisfaction. To everyone in a 
production, theatre means hard work and single joy. 

Rehearsals began in early November. After surviving the 
trial of auditions, the cast list was posted and two students 
were given the chance to play in the exciting but exhausting 
role of "Annie." For the rest of the cast this meant a double 
chance also. Working with two personalities as "Annie" 
meant adjusting to the different interpretations of the char- 
acter. Of course this is more difficult but it is also experi- 
ence; it is learning and that is why students come to UT, 
to learn the technique of theatre. 

photographed by Ken Firestone 






Roger Meersman 

JT irst, it was chorus rehearsal. With only four weeks to 
learn the whole show, those first few music rehearsals make 
one month's preparation seem like five months too short. 
But everynight at 6:30 voices are exercised and after a week 
of fighting with Irving Berhn's music, the possibility of hav- 
ing the show ready seems somewhat more likely. But, there's 
still dancing and blocking to learn. 

No one realizes how clumsy two feet can be until dance 
rehearsals begin. Strange, but the right couldn't go with the 
left foot even if one knew where the other is attempting to 
go. And, the aching muscles. It is during rehearsal for a 
musical when the sheer luxury of a steaming bath is the only 
pleasure that makes existing livable. But, now it's only time 
for quick showers- — and cold ones at that. 


'n the stage everyone is really trying to follow the direc- 
tor's instruction. "Walk down left, turn, and face Annie. 
No! Down LEFT. Use your upstage hand to gesture. Where's 
your technique?" Where is my chance to change my major? 
Okay, we'll do it again. This time it is almost right. Next 
time. . . . 

Another disaster. Up and down all those stairs, walking 
and singing? No one can expect everyone to get on stage so 
quickly. But everyone IS expected and does enter quickly — 
yes, and in Cowboy Boots. 

Costume fittings mean standing, bending, stooping to see if 
you can move in the costume. After being pinned and pricked 
for what seems to be an eternity, it's time to try make-up. 

Jars of cream, paint, and spray are almost the signals 
to bid theatre a fast good-bye and library science so warm a 
welcome that Dewey's decimal system would skip a digit. 
But something says its too late to turn back. 


hat makes the four weeks even more impossible is that 
everyone volunteers to participate in the production. All 
those hours of singing, memorizing, dancing are donated. 
Repeating scenes over and over so they are perfected take 
hours from leisure and are spent to tell the story of some 
country-bumpkin called Annie Oakley. 

Sometime between auditions and opening night a deter- 
mination, a stubbornness developes and you know you won't 
quit. You discover something about "Annie" and you have 
to share it with the audience . . . You work harder as THE 
day gets closer and rehearsals get longer. Suddenly, it is so 
simple to understand. You know why. 

All the hours are spent creating magic. You ignore the 
fear of failing by concentrating on success. You give your 
whole personality to capture the audience. Actor and director 
mold a world of fantasy by transporting everyman to a mo- 
ment of crystle illusion. Designer and technician suspend 
the dream by color, line and whispering light. 

And when the final performance is punctuated by the 
curtain, the actor knows the most alone moment of empty joy. 
That laugh, that song, that feeling with the audience — none 
can ever be recreated. For the actor there is only the answer 
— to "play" more is to give again. And this is the work in 




by Kathy Blieth 

J. he Music Department, headed by Homer Ulrich, does 
more than just help the general student develop sound 
critical judgment and discriminating taste in music or pro- 
vide professional training. It also provides an atmosphere in 
which students can develop and cultivate all musical interests, 
an opportunity for self-expression and a place where individ- 
ual talent can be discovered and perfected. 

The Men's Glee Club provides male students with an 
opportunity to study and perform choral arrangements. Many 
of the group's concerts are given in conjunction with the 
Women's Chorus, including the annual Christmas Concert. 

Originally, the University Chanel Choir was organized for 
the specific puroose of performing services taking place in 
the Memorial Chanel. However the Choir's present partici- 
pation on camous does not stop here. Each year the Choir 
sings "The Elijah" by Mendelssohn at their Thanksgiving 
Concert and Handel's "The Messiah" at their annual Christ- 
mas Concert. 

\ ■ 


he Madrigal Sinrcrs is a closelv-knit group made up of 
students from all colleges at the University. Their perform- 
ances are enhanced by the beautiful Elizabethan costumes 
which were designed and made by the Home Economics de- 
partment. The Madrigal Singers present a variety of pro- 
grams, but most of them focus on the group's specialty, a 
vast repertory of music from the fifteenth and sixteenth cen- 

The University Bands provide many opportunities for 
talent expression. The Marching Band performed its usual 
pre-gamc and half-time performances this year, but with all 
new sousaphoncs. The Band's half-time performances in- 
cluded such themes as "Annie Get Your Gun," "St. Louis 

Blues," and "Crazy Rhythm." 

In addition to the standard orchestral programs, the Uni- 
versity Svmphony Orchestra has given a "pops" concert, 
accompanied performances with campus choral groups, per- 
formed in the opera production, at the President's Convoca- 
tion, and has given two "concerto" concerts which provide 
opportunities for students to appear as soloists and conduc- 
tors. The two full symphonic programs featured faculty 
soloists, while one program featured the performance of a 
work composed by a MU graduate and commissioned by the 
University Orchestra. Services arc provided by the orchestra 
to the Maryland Orchestra Director's Association by hosting 
the annual contest-festival and playing new publications. 

photographed by Ken Firestone 





erman Conducts 



. ij<-?.t- 'j' ^ 



i ' '■ 


^25 » 



' 1ft -aktriiBiSiiS' ^ '. 

v^ < 


f . \\ 

\ *' 

^^^^Hb^HEHv w^HjH^H^I 






»^^^"v^^v A'.^JSIh 







the newest art 


JT holography is an art! Many "artists" say otherwise, but 
lately many more have agreed that it is. Photography takes 
practice, as music does. Photography takes skill, as painting 
does. Photography takes experience, as writing does. And 
photography needs that magic touch, inspiration, as all 
arts do. 

When a photographer creates, he usually does so in a 
time period lasting less than a second. But behind this deci- 
sive moment goes an entire personality. The photographer 
must probe his subject deeply, whatever it may be. To do 
this, he must be well-read, tasteful educated in other arts; 
in short, he must be a well-rounded person. 

Photography is a relatively recent art. It started in the 

last century as a substitute for the portrait artist. Before long 
some of the art's practitioners pointed their cameras at the 
world. They were delighted with the results. Photographers to- 
day explore many realms, from the atomic to the galactic. 
But even today they constandy turn to the realm that has 
intrigued every artist since time began: the exuberant world 
of man. 

On the next ten pages we present the works of five senior 
photographers who have worked for the publications of the 
University of Maryland. 

Ken Firestone 





l\t age 23, Diamondback photo ed- 
itor Henning Christoph has been a 
successful photographer for six years. 

The mustached leader of the Dark 
Room Putsch got his first break at age 
17, when the Washington Daily News 
played his shot of a fight at a soccer 
game on the front page. 

After high school, the German-born 
Henning free-lanced in Europe, Mexi- 
co, and the United States with a short 
stint in between as an industrial pho- 
tographer in Hann Munden, Germany. 

in "62, Henning won first prize in 
the Washington Star photo contest; in 
'6.*i, he won first, second, and fourth 

Last summer, he worked as a press 
photographer for two Gannett news- 
papers in Rochester. N.Y.: the Times- 
Union and Democrat and Chronicle. 

After his craduation in June, Hen- 
ning will studv photocraphy in Essen, 
Germany at the Volkwangschule, an 
art institute directed by the famous 
Otto Steinert. 




^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^p i : Is^^^Hl' ' - ''^^^1 










^ it? 

^^^^^^^f^^^^ "* J^^ 

^^^^^_^^ ^^^^^^•^ ' * 

p Jl 


Ken Firestone 

Lt home backstage at the theater, or in the middle of a 
civil rights demonstration, Ken Firestone has had experience 
on both magazines and newspapers. He has worked for the 
Washington Star, the Houston (Texas) Post, and the Na- 
tional Geographic. Recent assignments have taken Ken to 
Canada's Yukon Territory to photograph moving glaciers, 
and the top of the Washington Monument for a night to 
photograph a laser. 

Last Christmas found Ken covering a reenactment of 
Washington crossing the Delaware. He now claims that he 
is an unofficial Revolutionary War correspondent. 

Ken's latest project is editing and photographing for this 
yearbook. When he graduates this June, he hopes to go into 
freelance magazine work. 



l\. concentration on the feminine form pervades 
the portfolio of Mike Edward Rossoff. Mike, who 
has worked as a Diamondback and Terrapin photog- 
rapher, feels that through posing and lighting, the 
camera and a practiced eye "can show the best of a 
beautiful girl." 

His modern girl captured in a nymphlike setting 
of trees and forest conveys a "statuesque" appear- 
ance the artist believes captures the image of a 
female. The nude simple presents a figure study. 

His candid shot of an old man's gaze is inserted 
here, the photographer confesses, to show that he 
doesn't just concentrate on women. 

Mike began his photographic endeavors at age 
13. Last spring he won grand prize in a campus 
picture contest. A zoology major, he will venture to 
Africa next year to add an international note to his 
portfolio of women. 






Karl Sanger 


arl Sanger's camera specialties range over a wide field, 
from impressionistic blurred-action interpretations of basket- 
ball to the candid, character-revealing photographs of young- 
sters shown on these pages. A native Washington suburbanite, 
Karl had been taking pictures even before he entered Mary- 
land. His fondness for unusual and exciting outdoor activities 
— skin diving, caveing, skiing — has led to many pictures not 
usually found in a young photographer's portfolio. 

In 1965, Karl took his camera and a case-full of lenses 
to Baltimore. His objective: Baltimore harbor. His innocent 
arrival in full view led to polite refusals from harbor officials. 
Most of the details of the ensuing skirmish are confidential, 
Karl maintains, but never hesitates to display the three-board 
display of enlargements he shipped off to the Kappa Alpha 
Mu college photo contest the following year. 

Shown on these pages are some of the pictures Karl feels 
are more expressive of his talents. Included to the left is his 
most recent award winner, selected by the judges of the 
1966 KAM college contest. 




Steve Thompson 


f one word had to be chosen to sum up the work of 
photographer Steve Thompson, that word would be variety. 

Photo editors say Thompson is the sort of versatile pho- 
tographer who can get along with anyone on any assignment. 
Since becoming a regular Diamondback staff member in 
February 1966. Thompson's assignments have run the gamut, 
from basketball games to modern dance performances. His 
photos consistently get top play in the Diamondback. 

In addition to his campus-oriented shots. Thompson has 
used his varied photographic equipment extensively in sum- 
mer jobs on cruise ships to the Caribbean area. Russia and 
other ports. 

However. Thompson's main interests in addition to ex- 
tensive free-lance work are his positions as photo editor of 
the Greek newspaper and as a stalT photographer for the 
Diamondback and Terrapin. 


::'-tfr •>/,._'■,•.• ya ^-'>>-rr<y-,.\-': v -- »7. ,-T'inswiBBat n.i^tM?., j«ii»m.m 

Experimental Theatre 


by Peggi Drum 

X_/xperimental Theatre is a small room that offers the audience 
of seventy-five in capacity the opportunity to see new interpre- 
tations of little or well known dramas. The directors in ET 
are graduate drama students or upper-class undergraduates 
who have studied advanced directing. 

Operating on a minimum budget with extra effects supplied 
by friends and generous colleagues, the directors cast each pro- 
duction by using undergraduate actors to tell the story. Though 
most productions are less than one hour in length, rehearsal 
time is long and demanding. There is always one rehearsal, 
usually a few days prior to the opening performance, when the 
director considers changing major study and the actors want 
to enlist for the next USO tour to the Australian Bush. Every- 
thing possible goes wrong — IT just isn't there. What is present 
is short tempers, hurt feehngs, and despair. But that despair 
is challenge and that means try again. Everyone tries and 
somehow that magic IT appears. The experiment is complete 
and successful — IT is theatre! 

photographed by Ken Firestone 











.n February, 1967, Experimental 
Theatre produced Esctirial. It was di- 
rected by Roberta Hughes, while the 
mad king was played by G. Randolph 
Burnham and the soulful fool by David 

Hscurial is the story of a king in the 
last stapes of feverish decay who is at- 
tended by howling dogs, an execution- 

.^ ^2 


3^"^ ^-t *^, ^^ 


S^-?^?'-- : 

er, a priest, and his Flemish jester. His 
queen is dying and rather than lament- 
ing her death as he should, he reveals 
to the audience by means of a game, 
the cause of her death. He has poi- 
soned her because she loved the jester. 
He delights in tormenting the jester up 
to a point and then kills him. 

... in the end, the King had his clown strangled 



Z.- ^t-^j, '. ', I^K':r^4ljti 








i ^^ 




*^ JtSm 





"J , , ,,., .. 

''' i^^B^ 

m *£'■■ 



ut • 







';: •'^:'-' 






- - 












^ 21 

by Kathy Blieth 


he Flying Follies has been a successful entertainment 
group since 1958 when several college students returning 
from a U.S.O. tour organized the Follies at Maryland. 

Completely student run, the Follies is a shining ex- 
ample of dedication and enthusiasm among college stu- 
dents working together to achieve an entertaining goal. 
Each year, Flying Follies performs at army installations 
throughout the area and its members have toured the 
world taking with them their many and sometimes un- 
usual variety acts. 

"Over Here, Over There" was the theme on which the 

Follies Troupe built their 1966-67 variety show. Filled 
with excitement, sparkle and abounding with talent, the 
Follies took their audiences into the great American past 
giving them a review representative of that bygone era. 
Also, with emphasis on the present, the group performed 
musical numbers centering around New York. Turning 
their attention to "Over There," the Follies danced and 
in the spirit of the old and new Europe. Tying the show 
together, a girl in a balloon flew over the stage offering 
amusing commentary on the world in general and on the 
acts being presented. 





A he University of Maryland Madrigal Singers are a group 
of undergraduate students whose success and critical acclaim 
have been phenomena! since their establishment in 1958. 
Members of the organization represent a variety of academic 
fields in addition to music. 

The rcportoire of the ensemble includes vocal and instru- 
mental music of the Renaissance and pre-Renaissance, as 

well as early and contemporary American music and folk 
songs. The music of the Renaissance is performed in color- 
ful costumes of the time; instruments — recorders, lute, guitar, 
harpsichord, clavichord, rebec, viola da gamba — are used for 
accompaniment and solos according to performance prac- 
tices of the periods. The American music repertoire is per- 
formed in modern dress. 




photographed by Ken Firestone 


he University of Maryland Madrigal Singers have been 
heard in concert nationally and internationally. They were 
selected by a panel of experts from the most competent pro- 
fessional and collegiate talent in the United States to tour 
the Near East, North Africa and Great Britain for the De- 
partment of State as part of the Cultural Presentations pro- 
gram. The fourteen-week tour in the spring of 1965 took 
them to eleven countries where they gave over ninety concerts. 
They have appeared on the national network of NBC radio 
and television. In Maryland, Pennsylvania, and the greater 
Washington area they are particularly well known as the 
WBAL-TV Carolers, having performed as such in community 
concerts and on television since 1959. Their unusual Christ- 
mas programs of ancient carols and noels have also been 
heard on Washington television and radio stations WRC and 
WTTG. They have also performed on WTOP-TV and other 
television stations. 


Left to right: F. Klatzkin, M. Britowich, B. Ellis, D. Duey, C. 
Balthrop, J. Burtram, E. George, S. Mangis, P. Marvin, R. Craig, 
E. Jurgela, G. Johnson, G. Fennel, C. Andrejack, R. Fitzgerald, 
(assistant director). Not pictured: Rose Marie Grentzer (director), 
J. Spicknall (assistant director — instrumental group). 


mm M^l^^ gfiMfr 

A rofessional engagements include concerts for colleges 
and universities and for community concerts, as well as an 
impressive round of special invitation appearances. The 
most recent invitation appearances include a concert at the 
White House during the 1965 Christmas season, given after 
the President's dinner honoring former West German chan- 
cellor Ehrhardt. During the 1966 Christmas season the 
Madrigal Singers performed an invitation concert at the Pan 
American Union's Hall of the Americas. 



Edward Teller 


Lore than 1,000 members of the student body, faculty 
and general public accepted the challenge by Edward H. 
Teller to attend a lecture on physics aimed at the non- 

Teller, often called the father of the H-Bomb, is a nuclear 
physicist noted for his work on the Manhattan Project begun 
in 1942. He also received the Enrico Fermi award in 1962. 

Teller gave a series of three lectures at the University 
entitled "The Forgotten Revolution in Physics." He feels 
that science appreciation should be brought to the attention 
of practically all college-level students. 



he University's little sister may still be in her infancy, 
but like any new baby she is crying loudly and being heard. 
Only 710 students registered at the Catonsville Campus for 
the first fall term as compared to the tens of thousands at 
the Reckord Armory in College Park. 

Although both campuses are known as the University of 
Maryland, they are separate entities, as are Maryland State 
College at Princess Anne and the Baltimore professional 
schools. For this reason football fans may some day see a 
rivalry emerge between "Cate State" and the Terps. Perhaps 
by that time the new university in Baltimore County will 
have matured and developed such adult problems as park- 
ing, registration and housing. 

photographed by Karl W. Sanger 






Jonathan Prater 

X he University has "grown up a good deal" reflected 
Jonathan L. Prater, freshman class vice-president and the 
first Negro to have competed for any campus wide office. 
With a margin of 300 votes out of a total of 1600 cast, 
Prater not only clinched the vice-presidency but also received 
the second highest number of votes cast in the election. 

"I was campaigning as a qualified candidate and not as a 
Negro, and I attribute my victory to my qualifications," 
said Prater. He cited his past positions as president and 
treasurer of the student council, recipient of two student 
council leadership awards, student government outstanding 
member award and Voice of Democracy award. 

photographed by Mike Rossoff 





by Peggi Drum 

niversity Theatre opened its second season in the Fine 
Arts Theatre with Shakespeare's HAMLET. Robert Milli, 
an alumnus of Maryland, returned to his Alma Mater to 
recreate the lead role. Milli first played Hamlet as an under- 
graduate when he was cast in the title role in the 1957 UT 

Since graduation, Milli has earned an enviable profes- 
sional theatre reputation with a repertoire that includes 
Broadway, off-Broadway, and Television credits. One of the 
highlights of Milli's career was playing Horatio opposite 
Richard Burton as Hamlet in the John Gielgud production 
in 1964. 

Though most of Milli's time was spent in rehearsal, he 
visited the speech and drama classes. He always found time 
to exchange professional information with the students. 
Whenever Milli was in the theatre he was always working 
with two or three student-actors on a scene experimenting 
with different interpretations or helping the students with 
movement and projection. And at cast parties after Hamlet, 
Milli and his wife always managed to talk to everyone — 
remembering names, exchanging jokes and advice. 

Working with Milli gave UT members an opportunity 
unavailable elsewhere. We came to know and admire Robert 
Milli, the actor and person. 

photos by Richard Berlin 




photographed by 

Henning Christoph and Bill Kesler 


.arijuana, L.S.D., dexidrine and codeine were only a few 
of the drugs discussed in a controversial Diamondback article 
about the availability of drugs to Maryland University stu- 
dents. The article drew ire from several University officials, 
who thought it irresponsible and out of perspective, but the 

story portrayed a situation as it exists, claimed the Diamond- 
back Editor. 

The story was recognized by the William Randolph Hearst 
Foundation as an example of excellent feature writing. The 
writer of the article, senior Anne Groer, was awarded a 200 
dollar scholarship by the Foundation. 


\ w 



Professors Ponder 

Over Ober Act 

photographed by Henning Christoph 


Maryland State Senate committee investigating tlie Ober 
Act found tliat four of tiie seven speakers against the contro- 
versial law were from Maryland University. 

Although the Supreme Court has recently supported repeal of 
similar loyalty oaths in several states, the Judicial Processing 
Committee of the Maryland Senate squelched the repeal move- 
ment in this state by reporting it out of committee with an 
unfavorable recommendation. 

One speaker was a student who was asked to sign the oath 
in order to get a job as a waiter at the University. Another 
opponent was a history professor who explained that opposi- 
tion is "by no means" limited to the University and that the 
ineffective law is opposed by people from all sides of the 
political spectrum. 





he University's Fourth Career Convocation was open this 
year to students in every Class. The Convocation is a gathering 
of employers who talk to students concerning both full time 
and summer jobs. The employers represent governmental and 
educational sources as well as private industry. 

This year 1 10 employers were represented. For the students 
who did not have a definite career in mind, these meetings 
offered opportunities to learn about different areas of interest 
and the best methods of preparation for future career success. 

The Convocation drew much interest on campus including 
that of the S.D.S. members who were peacefully protesting the 
participation of some corporations in the Vietnam War. 

photographed by Gene Boyars 

Conducts at 

IVAod music hit the campus in full force when noted 
composer Aaron Copland conducted the Washington Na- 
tional Symphony in a concert of contemporary American 
music in the less than contemporary Ritchie Coliseum. 
Copland conducted only two of his own works "Quiet 
City" and "Connotations For Orchestra", the latter being 
the highlight of the evening. Also on the program were 
works by Elliot Carter ("Holiday Overture"), Carl Rug- 
gles ("Of Men and Mountains" . . . based upon the poe- 
try of William Blake) and Roy Harris' "Third Sym- 

photographed by Mihon Buchler, 11 




\ ' 


^ -^ 






f X 







* ^., 




m i 




• .4 



S. D. S. 

by Liz Miller 

L he University of Maryland's three year old chapter of 
Students for a Democratic Society received much publicity 
this year by challenging the academic community with its 
radical ideas and actions. The group provoked thought and 
commanded the student body's attention concerning both 
campus issues and the political system of the United States. 
Its primary activity was to protest the American involve- 
ment in the war in Vietnam. In line with this issue, the 75 
members of this group called upon their fellow students to 
educate themselves concerning the facts of what they called 
"America's murderous and aggressive war against the Viet- 
namese." Other issues that SDS presented were Black Power, 
students rights and academic freedom. 

In the beginning of the year SDS set up a "peace table" 
in the Student Union lobby for the purpose of discussing 
the issue of the Vietnamese war and selling Hterature to 
clarify its position. Early in December they stationed their 
table in direct confrontation to a Navy recruiting table with 
a sign saying "Sign up for war crimes here." A rage of con- 
troversy rang in the S.U. lobby and one sign was ripped 
from a protester's hand. The following day they again set 
up their table confronting the Navy recruiters. This time 
however they were confronted by a screaming mass of mili- 
tant defenders of the Vietnamese war. Blinding T.V. lights, 
radio and newspaper reporters and photographers aided 
the progress of the hysteria. SDS then challenged their oppo- 
sition to debate the issue instead of resorting to riotous 
melee. This was the beginning of three days of heated but 
enlightening arguments. 

After the Christmas recess SDS returned to find that the 
Student Union board had passed a regulation banning the 
holding and carrying of signs in the Student Union. SDS 
immediately began to circulate a petition to protest what 
they called a violation of their constitutional rights of free 
speech and a rule "aimed at preventing . . . SDS from carry- 
ing signs protesting the war in Vietnam." They also made 
appeals through various channels in an effort to have the 
sign regulation repealed. Eventually SDS broke the sign 
regulation in order to bring a constitutional test case against 
the ruling. The director of the Student Union took sixteen 
undergraduate and seven graduate students' names and iden- 
tification numbers and barred SDS from using the Union. 

photographed by Bill Kisler 


u. s. marine! officer iprogr- 

_J m^'- *3 







ik , ^B ''jl 









he individual participants were interviewed by Darrell 
F. Risiiel, director of the Judicial Office, who decided to 
refer the case of the sixteen undergraduates to the Central 
Student Court. SDS presented the Student Court with a list 
of six demands concerning constitutional due process, that 
they felt should be met before their case be heard. They 
demanded : 1 ) an open hearing, 2 ) the right of legal rep- 
resentation, 3) the right of oral cross-examination, 4) that 
graduate students be heard at the University judicial pro- 
ceedings, 5) that the constitutionality of the sign rule be 
discussed as their defense and 6) that SDS's use of the 
Student Union facilities be restored. Only the first and the 
last demands were met before SDS went to court. Another 
issue had arisen from their protesting the Vietnamese war — 
the fairness and the constitutionality of the University's 
judicial procedure. This time not only SDS, but also IFC 
protested against what they considered an unfair and illegal 
judiciary process. 


n March, SDS went before the Central Student Court, 
defying the proceeding by bringing their own legal counsel. 
When their lawyer tried to speak, he was silenced. Finally 
the defendants decided the court was a mockery of justice 
and walked out in protest. The Court decided to give the 
defendants a reprimand which would be recorded in their 
files and gave them warning concerning any other incidents. 
The next step SDS took was to appeal their case to the 
Faculty Senate committee on disciplinary action. SDS plans 
to continue to act in behalf of their ideals and to urge the 
University to think about important issues. 

Photographed by Bill Kesler 

La Boheme 

W hen La Boheme opened at the Fine Arts Theatre, the 
audience found an emphasis on drama as well as music. 

Director William C. Winden in keeping with current trend 
in opera production emphasized acting to make the produc- 
tion a complete theatre experience not just a musical repre- 
sentation. Winden has a degree in opera production from 
Stanford University. 

The opera which was presented in English has a very 
strong story line and well developed characters. Enacted by 
the Music Department and produced by the University 
Theatre, this story of Bohemian life in Paris, 1830, blends 
the romantic and realistic. In this way it typifies Puccini's 
mastery of the opera melodrama. 






he University Theater touched the experimental field 
as the players presented Duerrenmatt's tragi-comedy The 

U.T. Director Roger Meersman explained that the 
group was utilizing a theatrical style called the Theatre 
of Cruelty. The chief apostle of this particular style has 
been Antonin Artaud, a French theorist, who believed 
that true theatre disturbs the senses' repose and frees the 
repressed unconscious. 

"The Theatre of Cruelty is cruel in that it forces men 
to see themselves as they are: it causes the mask to fall, 
reveals the lies by which men live and demonstrates their 
baseness, slackness and hypocrisy," explained Meersman. 

Original music for the production was written by 
Stewart Gordon of the University's Department of Music. 
Choreography was done by Dr. Dorothy Madden, Head 
of the Dance Department. 


f • 






■a ■* >v. 








; J! ^ -> a^S 


1-1 ' 


e At Ritchie 





A Queen is chosen 

tears of happiness for 
Yvonne Frenkel 

photographed by Gene Boyars 


excellence in teaching 


'n November 17, for the second time, the University pre- 
sented excellence in teaching awards to ten outstanding mem- 
bers of the faculty. University President Wilson H. Elkins 
conferred the awards, consisting of certificates of recognition 
and checks for $1,000.00 at an honors convocation held in 
the Tawes Fine Arts Center. All ten arc assistant professors. 

Dr. Lloyd H. Elliot, president of Cicorgc Washington Uni- 
versity spoke on "The Comniiimcnt of the E.vpcrt." 

680 university students who achieved a cumulative aver- 
age of 3.5 or better for the previous year also received 
certificates of scholarship in recognition of their academic 



". . . has earned widespread recognition 
among undergraduates, graduates and fac- 
ulty as a teacher who enUvens a deep seri- 
ousness of purpose with wit and lucid in- 


". . . teaches, therefore, by making his 
students partners in a common philosophic 
quest, stimulating them to a fresh think- 
ing through of their subject . . ." 



". . . is able to present the intellectual chal- 
lenge of physics in such a way as to excite 
and hold the interest of his students, and 
to relate his subject to the more general 
concerns of our modern world ..." 


". . . poses situations and issues which en- 
courage his students to relate their own 
experiences and knowledge to the subject 
being investigated . . ." 



". . . His innovations in the teaching of 
acting, directing, and creative dramatics 
for children have been especially helpful 
to education majors with limited theatre 
background . . ." 


". . . has employed actual case and prob- 
lem material obtained in substantial mea- 
sure from his consulting and research 
activities ..." 



". . . Scrupulously fair in his evaluation 
of his student's work, he insists upon the 
highest standards of scholarly perform- 
ance . . ." 


". . . brings to his role as teacher a broad, 
humanistic view of history and a love for 
the process of learning that stimulates stu- 
dents to their highest endeavors . . ." 



"... a vital example of the educational 
philosophy that teachers and students are 
cooperators in a common educational en- 
terprise ..." 


". . . remarkably successful in stimulating 
the intellectual involvement of students in 
his introductory classes and in urging stu- 
dents and enriches his instructional activi- 
ties . . ." 


Sammy Davis, Jr. 

by Carl Tretter 


f there is anyone in all of show business that can hold an 
audience's attention for an hour and a half, it is Sammy 
Davis, Jr. 

Without any intermission, Sammy showed his amazing 
versatility; singing seventeen songs, mimicking fifteen differ- 
ent personalities, telling a number of jokes, gags, and asides, 
doing a tap-dancing routine to each section of the large crowd 
in Cole, and even giving a fast-draw exhibition which might 
have made Billy The Kid blush. 

While strapping on his gun and holster, Sammy grinned 
and remarked: "... you just don't lind many colored Jewish 
cowboys around today. . ." 

When reaching the end of "What Kind of Fool Am I", 
Sammy mulTed the last note. He stopped the show and said: 
"That was a very bad note. You have paid to hear me do my 
best, that wasn't my best, so I'll do that last part again." 
This time, he belted the note to every corner of the field 
house, to long applause. This is the Sammy Davis, Jr., "Mr. 

pnologrophed by Mike Rosso ff 








College Casino 



ictorians and Puritans found outrageous goings-on at 
the armory when Campus Chest held its annual College 
Casino night. Roulette wheels and go-go girls kept the crowd 
spinning for an interesting evening and a worthy cause. 

This year's Campus Chest events earned well over the 
goal of 4000 dollars. The money is donated to various 
charities including Care, Heart Fund, Project Hope and var- 
ious Cancer and Cerbral Palsy funds. 


^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^■A l\li!\ ^^^^^^^L ^^^^^^^^^K^^^^^^^H 



Karl Sanger 




w mC 








'I >. 






' 'i 







Campus Radio 


by Sammy Schenker 

1 his is WMUC, tlie campus voice and the campus 

choice of the University of Maryland." This year, for the first 
time all dormitory residents heard these words emanating 
from the campus radio station. 

"Progress and professionalism" has been the key to 
WMUC's 23 year history and 1967 is no exception. Not 
content to rest on the laurels of past awards (such as selection 
as All- American College Radio Station in 1965. 

photographed by Karl W. Sanger 

..3 -- . t .J *■ 



Miss Midnight 

Kathy Schwartz 

Becky Evans 


' ^^9| 




Malcolm Boyd at Maryland 

A Priest In Touch 

by Ellen Kurtz 


t's Thursday afternoon, Lord. Here's that light and sound 
all over again. I've got to move fast ... to the University 
of Maryland, Lord. Got to wash up, grab a bite to cat and 
run some more. 

The Reverend Malcolm Boyd may indeed have contem- 
plated this modification of his favorite poem as he headed 
to the University of Maryland Student Union, December 
first, 1966. Boyd's appearance was part of the Contemporary 
Culture in Religious Perspective series. 

Boyd is no ordinary preacher. He doesn't need a church 
pulpit to deliver a sermon. "Religion must go where the 
people are." Boyd says. "It should speak an everyday lan- 
guage in everyday places ... in the theater, in tilms. in folk- 
singing, in jazz; on campuses, in nightclubs, on freedom rides 
and in the mainstream centers of life as well." 

photographed by Ken Firestone 



he Episcopal priest travels widely to meet people. As 
minister-at-large to colleges and universities, Boyd visits 
more than one hundred campuses each year. In October, a 
stool at San Francisco's "hungri i" nightclub became his 

Boyd's book of prayers entitled Are You Running With 
Me, Jesus?, has captured national attention. His message is 
intensely personal and filled with concern for human prob- 
lems. Julius Duscha, of Stanford University says of Boyd, 
"His subjects are as contemporary as racial relations and 
traffic jams, but he is also deeply concerned with the loneli- 
ness and mystery of life and man's inhumanity to man." As 
Boyd has explained, "You must judge a man by what his 
life, is, not by his words." 

Guitar player, Charlie Byrd, accompanied Reverend 
Boyd's reading as he has in several other public perfor- 
mances. Byrd is well known as a versatile musician. He has 
appeared as a jazz performer at Washington's Showboat 
Lounge, and as a classical artist with the National Symphony. 




Computer Science 



t: . -^^Ffl B I 

^r '^■— ' ' 


wm IBP" 

ITB=5-P^ •• I'B^ 

V f FP" 





photographed by Gene Boyars 


9 <S 



O O C 

39 40 41 

# O ® C 

7 58 59 60 

(D*®m© O © O 

© ^ €) ? 

Flashing lights, Buttons, Tape 

and cards allow man to communicate 

with his computers 

o © o 

48 49 50 

© o o © o 

i4 65 66 67 68 


mm <* 









Computers look to the future 

JL he Computer Science Center is indeed becoming 
the center for many University programs. 

The Center was established in February 1962 as an 
interdisciplinary department, not affiliated with a spe- 
cific school or college. Much of its workload comes 
from undergraduate courses in BPA, Electrical Engi- 
neering and other computer related colleges. Many A 
and S students have also become aware of the Center 
on receiving back their computer-graded exams. 

September 1966 welcomed the new director of the 
Computer Science Center, Dr. William F. Atchison, for- 
mer head of the Dick Electronic Computer Center at 
Georgia Tech. Dr. Atchison places special importance 
on the currently developing graduate program for which 
approval is anticipated before the 1967-68 academic 

Six undergraduate courses dealing directly with com- 
puter science have been initiated by the Center as 
well as informal courses for groups of faculty members 
and selected graduate students. 

At present the Center occupies the first floor of what 
will be eventually a four-story building devoted entirely 
to research and education on computer science. Two 
experimental remote control stations are currently set 
up at the Center with hopes that similar stations will 
eventually be built throughout the campus. 



This Is The Coach That Was 

by Stan Goldberg 


he Lou Saban era began suddenly at Maryland when 
the former Coach of the Year in the American Football 
League retired from the Buffalo Bills to take over the 
vacancy at Maryland. It ended just as suddenly when he 
quit Maryland to go to Denver after stating that he could 
not build winning football at Maryland under the present 
football program. 

In between, he switched Alan Pastrana from linebacker 
to quarterback and made him one of the best in the ACC; 
made headlines when he kicked four stars off the team; 
built one of the best defenses in the ACC and finished with 
a 4-6 record. 

When Saban came to Maryland it was with the idea of 
building up teams equal to those of the Jim Tatum era. 
After the first six games he appeared to be doing just that 
as his team compiled a surprising 4-2 record, highlighted 
with a victory over Duke. From then on, it was down-hill 
as the Terrapins suffered loss after loss and Saban suffered 
a shoulder injury. 

He created a lot of excitement until the final downfall. 
Right from the beginning, top prospects who planned to 
attend other colleges, decided to come to Maryland so they 
could work under Saban. During the spring drills he experi- 
mented over and over again — switching players from one 
position to another. With Pastrana he took a linebacker 
and tried him at quarterback where he was to star in the 
coming year. 

The Terps under Saban had a dismal beginning when they 
lost to Pcnn State. Although he was criticized for the deci- 
sion, it appeared to pay off as a new spirit took hold of the 
Terps. They won four of their next five games. The alumni 
came back, thinking of a new Tatum era. 

But injuries and lack of depth began to tell during the 
end of a season. These, plus the lack of a running attack, 
made Pastrana the key man in the Terp line-up. The junior 
teamed with Bill Van Heusen, who Saban finally found a 
home for as a receiver, he lead the Terp offense. 

Even with the dismal second half, hopes were high for 
the next season. Pastrana and Van Heusen would both be 
back along with some promising freshmen. 

But Saban had been offered a half million dollars to sign 
a ten year contract with the Broncos. To the dismay of Terp 
fans, he accepted the offer, taking many of his assistants 
with him. 

Before he left. Saban claimed that he could not build 
winning football at Maryland under the present program. 
Before departing, he had advised the school to get out of the 

So the Saban era came to an end. Bi>b Ward was named 
the new coach. But if he liid nothing else. Saban created a 
controversy. If he could not build winning football at Mary- 
land under the present program how could anyone else? The 
days of .lim Tatum appear to be dead and with it the hopes 
of building winning fixjtball at Maryland. 

photographed by Karl Sanger 

Saban ... A Teacher 




Saban . . . 

A Public Relations Man 



In The Office 

,v <' 



On The Field 








Onow is a wonderful thing. It is even better when classes 
are called, as on the second day of second semester when 
10.3 inches fell. Many students, finding it was too early in 
the semester to study, went to tray sled on the golf course 
and have snowball battles around the complexes. Some 
hardy people tried to learn how to ski. 

photographed by Gene Boyars 



U. S. Senator Joseph Tydings greets his fellow alumni of the classes of 1915 
and 1916 who returned to the campus to be honored on the field prior to the 
Maryland-Clemson game on November 12. 

photographed by Bill Clark 


The old warriors were introduced to the crowd wearing reproductions of their 1916 football 

Alumni register at the Student Union during Homecoming morning. 


Russell McFall, President of Western Union, President 
Elkins, and Col. J. Logan Schittz chat at the Home- 
coming luncheon, at which Mr. McFall received the 
National Outstanding Alumnus Award. 

Alumni Association President M. Downey and Mr. Schutz pose with 
the Gamma Phi Beta representative. Her sorority won the Alumni 
Homecoming Poster Contest. 

Homecoming Luncheon 


The Montgomery County Alumni join for their annual 
Oyster Roast. 

-Tew undergraduates realize the wide range of festivities in- 
cluded in the Alumni Association's spring semester version of 
Homecoming. The Spring Reunion, held in May, attracted 
almost a thousand participants this year. Graduates from the 
classes of 1917 to 1952 joined in events including a bus tour 
guided by Angel Flight, a luncheon at the Adult Education 
Center and a LaCross game — Maryland vs Army. 

From the class of 1927 comes the new president of the Asso- 
ciation, Mylo S. Downey, who received a Bachelor degree in 
Agriculture and a Masters degree in Agriculture Education 
from the University. Downey was a former president of the 
Agricultural Alumni Chapter and has served as Assistant 

County Agent of Allegheny. After joining the Maryland State 
4-H Staff in 1936, he was appointed to the 4-H and Youth 
Development Division of the Federal Extension Service, a 
division which he now heads. As Alumni president, Downey 
formulates a long-range Alumni program which includes keep- 
ing up-todate on University happenings. 

Alumni members share more university events with students 
than those at Homecoming. Who in the cast of Annie Get your 
Gun can forget the on-stage theater party given by the Alumni 
Association? Alumni awards and scholarships also show Alumni 
recognition of other outstanding student achievements. 




by Lisa Taylor 

Lomecoming 1966, wrapped up by the annual Home- 
coming Dance held in Reckord Armory, created a package 
of prizes, parties, and enthusiastic crowds. 

Pride in a winning team, a beautiful float, and a queen 
for a date highlighted the whirlwind weekend of events. 

Two weeks of active planning, hammering, and chicken 
wire stuffing fresh in the memories of participants, all 
transmitted an air of excited expectation as the competing 
floats, 39 strong, paraded around Byrd Stadium's track; 
each viewer selecting his choice of winning entries. 

Delta Tau Delta and Delta Delta Deha won the Greek 
entry with "Testudo Signs His John Gamecock," a Declara- 
tion of Independence adaptation of the overall Homecom- 
ing theme, "Terps Retrace Time." 

First in the residence halls category was Chestertown 
A and B with Elkton, depicting "Terp Revolution," a guil- 
lotined gamecock under the master executioner, Testudo. 

The Newman Center's "First Wheel Put to Good Use" 
scored first in the independent organizations category. 

Float runners-up were Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Kappa 
Kappa Gamma's "Testudo Salutes Heroes of Freedom's 
Past" for the Greeks, and Prince Georges and Montgomery 

Center's "Terps Stoke the Gamecocks and Win the West" 
for residence halls. 

Judges based their decisions on overall appearance, 
theme adaptation, originality, and workmanship. 

University President Wilson H. Elkins crowned Gail 
Kleger of Alpha Epsilon Phi as College Park campus 
Homecoming Queen, and Joyce Fugii as queen of the Balti- 
more campuses. 

Runners-up for Homecoming Oueen at College Park 
were, in order, Sandy Rosencrantz of Kappa Delta: Janie 
Cronin of Anne Arundel Hall: Lani Feris of Carroll Hall; 
and Linda Lee Lanham of Delta Delta Delta. 

The alumni poster contest, a new addition to this year's 
Homecoming created bv Mary Jo DeMatteis, gave firsts to 
Gamma Phi Beta sorority, and Prince Georges Hall. 

Reckord Armory, decorated with posters of Testudo as 
various historical figures — from "Testudostone" to "Testu- 
donaut" — received a capacity crowd entertained by the 
Cyrcle and Ruby and the Romantics. 

Homecoming 1966. as tradition prescribes, was indeed, 
a weekend to remember; awaking memories of college years 
past, while establishing those for the future. 


* <e. - ..1.',- n -v^~ 


Some cheerful spectators 


Gail Kleger, Homecoming Queen, reigns 









^^^^^^^■f '-^' 





'"■ -'- .'r: ••>•*■■■■. 

^^B : ' - ' 

■,■'. ^<-/;:,^. " 







^^^^^^^^m * :JHIIH^Hil^l 




Harry Belafonte 

by Ellen Kurtz 


nternationally famous singer Harry Belafonte highlighted 
the school year's first Interfraternity Council Presents pro- 
duction, in October. 

Belafonte's entourage included a new singing discovery 
from Greece, Nana Mouskari, as well as one of the most 
articulate comedians in show business, Nipsey Russell. 

The show, which was a distinct success, attracted an audi- 
ence of 13,000 to Cole Field House or "Noah's Ark" as 
Belafonte called it. The evening opened with familiar negro 
spirituals Look Over Yonder and Glory Manger, soulful 
religious melodies. Belafonte's intense concentration com- 
bined with a purity of sound enriched these selections. 

Comedian Russell managed to keep the audience in 
stitches with witty "in" comments like, "I was a freedom 
runner, I didn't wait for the bus," and Miss Mouskari, who 
has the uncanny ability to sing in most European languages, 
almost stole the show. 

Belafonte returned to the stage with much contemporary 
material drawn from his infinitely varied repertoire. "I want 
to sing songs of every day. not just of an era that is gone," 
he said. "I want to be able to sing songs that reflect reality 
and truth" — and he did. 

photographed by Mike Rosso ff 

Comedian Nipsey Russell 


From a radio station 
in Athens to College 
Park with Belafonte- 
Nana Mouskari 

The trio takes another bow 


Student Teacher 

During one semester of his senior year, 
a student in the College of Education 
spends part of it student teaching. Bill 
Sears, an Industrial Education major, 
taught in a public junior high school. 


Bill gets advice from his cooperating teacher 
and his supervisor. 


Bill, like his fellow student teachers, finds 
that he spends many hours preparing lessons 
and grading papers. Such preparation is nec- 
essary in order to face his class. 



Bill learns that a teacher must be able to 
explain techniques clearly and patiently, 
as well as to be an understanding person. 


photographed by Karl W. Sanger 




^ ■^■rx.i^-f- . .,> ' 4 



^1 ~" — i^^^HI^^^M 




^BHU^^^^^^^B-'* i— ~^^^^^^^H 

- - 





FM 1 1 

:Kjg'^/. »♦ i8f4* 


.n this building a spirit has been given proud and worthy 
residence ... the spirit that is the true bequest of our day of 
Plato, Aristotle, and Thomas Jefferson and of the large and 
truly humor minds of the past ... the essential spirit of the 
university." So said Vernon W. Clopp at the dedication of 
the new University of Maryland library on the third of May, 
1958. Named in honor of Governor Theodore R. McKeldin, 
the University library opened on January sixth of the next 
year. Today it stands at the center of the campus and is 
the principal library unit. Annexes are found in the Chemis- 
try, Math and Physics buildings. Medical and Law branches 
are found on the Baltimore campus. The McKeldin library 
seats 2,000 people and has a shelving capacity of 1,000,000 
volumes. The building cost approximately two and a half 
million dollars. 

Governor McKeldin once said that the library "is the only 
place on campus where everything is relevant." In addition 
to the facilities which most students are familiar such as those 
in Reference, Fine Arts, Social Science and Technology, there 
are many services of which most students are unaware. The 
Juvenile collection. Bibliography room, Map room. Curricu- 
lum laboratory. Microfilm room, Maryland and rare books 
room are several examples. There are also seminar and 
typing rooms. 

Thomas Jefferson's comment that "the field of knowledge 
is the common property of mankind" is found engraved in 
the facade of the library. This seems to express the feelings 
of many people who have contributed to the library collec- 
tion. Among the more well known contributors are Dr. 
Mansueti, who gave the library over 20,000 books and 
periodicals on Oceanography, Herpatology and basic science, 
and former congressman Carlton Sickles who has contributed 
personal papers, files, legislation on various government 
projects and campaign files. Except for some of the personal 
papers these acquisitions are open to interested students. 
There are also political papers which belonged to Joseph C. 
Tydings. Pulitzer prize winning novelist Katherine Anne Por- 
ter has given her personal library of over 60,000 volumes to 
the McKeldin library. This includes manuscripts, lecture 
notes, letters, photographs and personal papers. An expert 
on rare books claims that this was "a unitial collection for 
all research on twentieth century American writing which 
reflects all facets of the contemporary literary scene in this 
country and abroad." 

The second inscription on the facade of the library is by 
Thomas Carlyle. "In books lies the soul of the whole past 
time." Indeed the students of this University have a great 
opportunity to discover what this soul is. 


photographed by Karl W. Sanger 




a place to do work 



a place to relax 

a place always busy 

The Dairy: 

From Moo . . . 


. . to You 

by Dick Stoll 

J— /ocated on the forearm of the University of Maryland 
campus is a stunted looking redbrick building known as the 
University Dairy. Reverberating from its submissive appear- 
ance is its renown reputation in quantity and quality of 
ice cream. With facilities equivalent to a modem commercial 
market-milk and ice cream operation, the Dairy serves not 
only the University students but also the dairy farmers within 
the state and the general public. Products are under strict 
control by county and state inspectors as well as University 

The dairy facilities are intended primarily for research, 
teaching, and extensive activities however non-students of 
agriculture also partake in bacteriological studies and mer- 
chandizing problems. Besides aiding and abetting the dairy's 
production of edible merchandise, the University's herd of 
seventy milking animals are also used for research. The 
University not only employs cows looking for a college 
education but also provides an opportunity for students to 
work while going to school. 

photographed by Karl W. Sanger 


Jr^cople from all over flock to buy the dairy's ice cream. 
By working closely with the Department of Agriculture and 
the school's department of Horticulture, the dairy has been 
able to produce via scientilic experiments such novel flavors 
as sweet potato, persimmon, rhubarb, and merigold which 
were exhibited at the Maryland Pavilion at the New York 
World's Fair. What makes the ice cream so delicious is the 
fresh fruit products used instead of artificial flavoring. To 
"coin" a phrase from one of the University's Phi Beta Kappa 
cows, 'the Dairy functions as a community service to promote 
University rapport from Moo to You.' 



by Ruth Wagner 

A he bi-annual ritual called registration became a per- 
petual topic of conversation for students and administra- 
tors this year. It was impossible to deny the fact that 
improvement is needed. 

Walter Waltjen, vice president for administrative affairs 
announced that President Elkins was appointing a com- 
mittee to re-evaluate registration procedures. The commit- 
tee would consider registration procedures used at other 
universities. One result of such research occurred at spring 
registration when students were asked to list their social 
security numbers, which will eventually be used as I. D. 

Besides complaints about misinformed advisors and 
mix-ups in matching housing and admissions cards, many 
problems concerning impersonal attitudes and procedures 
were brought to campus-wide focus. 

Editorial suggestions were also in abundance. One pro- 
posed an extended deadline for dropping a course. It was 
noted that many universities, including Johns Hopkins, 
use this policy so that a student can better evaluate his 

photographed by Milton Buchler II 
and Gene Boyars 









by Michael Dodd 


X he purpose of the Student Union is to complement the 
students' educational experience by presenting programs to 
stimulate ideas and discussion, and by ofTering worthwhile 
leisure activities. In order to perform these functions the 
Student Union employs over 80 people, including part- 
time student help. 

To aid in rounding out the students' cultural back- 
ground, numerous guest speakers have appeared as part 
of the Student Union programs. Among them were Sargent 
Shriver, the late Gus Grissom, Professor Teller, and mem- 
bers of the Russian Embassy in Washington. Every two 
weeks, the Student Union provides a Classical Film Series 
which presents outstanding films of our time. Also avail- 
able for student use arc private rooms where students 
can practice individually with musical instruments. There 
is a Fine Arts Room which displays paintings by both 
students and faculty. The new Student-Faculty Coffee 
Hour was recently created to provide an informal contact 
with the faculty on mutually interesting topics. 

For students' relaxation and entertainment are provided 
weekend movies, dances, modern bowling and billiard 
facilities and the Spotlight Series which brings famous 
names in the entertainment world to the campus. These 
events are planned by the Student Union Board which is 
made up entirely of students and serves as a liaison be- 
tween the student body and the Union director. Over 
8,000 students pass through the Union doors each school 
day. Their interest in the Union is reflected in the 325 
student organizations and clubs that use the Union as 
their headquarters and meeting place. To cater to these 
organizations and activities, there are sixteen rooms avail- 
able for meetings, lectures, and other group gatherings. In 
order to keep up with the ever-increasing enrollment, the 
Student Union administration has planned for completion 
in 1970 the addition of a theatre, outdoor patio on the 
second floor and several more meeting rooms. 

A popular place for debates. 

photographed by Gene Boyars 


« , 'i^ w,«<^ 


The cashiers desk: a popular place for dorm 
residents to cash checks from home. 

Downstairs, commuters 
and dorm residents 
continuously line up 
for food. 



A place to play cards, play pool and 





<«m Tl^•^ . 
1<"'<v Kit . 
<*«»f. »t.Mir. 
:^\ Truxst 

rhr IViiv HosNvrll Co. 

;Mn« ifM* lominun»t> o\rr 40 Yr« 

( OLl.KC.i: TAHK 

foivfHl K»t. udMtn v»irHii>\\«, nr 


4-NNlnu btk , lu»( off hrn;;v^\>nh 
«\o . hui'! in K«(r.t«:o. mil hvmi . . 
tiv. nv . h».«ulifal lol 70 by 300 K.. 

C:01 LKCl!] PARK 

If xrtu h.t\f a f.»nulv «'♦ thU 
5 N\1niv hrk CoKmv.s!, lar^o r<H-. 
rnv. full b5mt . ? biks. to »vhooI 
«iv1 park. Priced ni:ht at i:4.'?50. 

rniioh Realty. 474-3000 

frrrrd »W AOO. trtm« VMll r, 
v« tlh ni'tlon 

(urpJ . I > hii«h«. rrntrwl nU «t n, 

A(^(()Ki:i K i;i AI lY 

COMrct r\RK Cory all hnc* 

bur • -'s^t N^5^nls . 1 CMth. larso 
>^' TMM' t^ aituv Bcautifn! 

Co: v«'i<'I> fono«1 
Ik'IIO. G(v«d AS- 

ITi' CO 

1 o\ r!> 

' oot hMM* can rv' 
wkk* It Abe 

withetirnrt or 

,.y t 13 per BM. &90C 
1 PECK, Reaftor 


lU' .V2<H)() 

i;i .^3^,: 

0\0N III! I. • '^» » 

N.'s» i»>,-.l(tii f<nr r«m»>!rT. rrr r 
s*itii fin'plJ.v. •>'iilt in e.*r ^ <• 

K-K-l-.'l-ll ll.VlCy: 

o\t>N nil • \n\ \ 

$1()0 DOWN 

>«xwty < M» 5000 N\M\N nv M.n 

You Must S( 


30 BKArTIFl' 
A\ All A 




3, 4 and S brdr 

Fa:r. :!v r- 

10 iT'iir.'jVs »o A: 


House Without A House 

photographed by Gene Boyars 


~ ~'^^^mr 




^ij. *. 










-iss Polly Adler, a housemother whose 
brood worked out of towns other than Col- 
lege Park, did not have Phi Epsilon Pi 
fraternity in mind when she remarked, "A 
house is not a home," but she was not far 
from the point. 

The Phi Eps have had neither a house 
not a home since the Beta Theta chapter 
was founded at Maryland in 1962. They 
have been forced, instead, to live in dormi- 
tories, apartments or their own nearby homes 

and to hold meetings in classroom buildings 
on campus. 

The Phi Eps have had brief quarters, but 
they've had nothing permanent and nothing 
at all in the last two years. 

In 1963-64, Maryland's wanderers rented 
an apartment building endearingly called the 
"Cluse Arms," but they left shortly to live 
in a temporarily vacated fraternity house. 

As the University is unable to provide 
housing due to the closing of its endowment 
fund, the search for a house goes on. 




R. O. T. Gi Looking to 
the Wild Blue 

by Lisa Taylor 

J. hroughout history, nations once strong have grown weak and, in time, 
fallen prey to stronger ones — the cycle repeats even today. 

The citizens of the United States enjoy the most advanced civilization 
in the world, but other nations with different ideologies vie for similar 
power and prosperity. To keep our society free, we must be strong; mili- 
tarily, politically, economically, and physically. Air Force ROTC at the 
University of Maryland, as well as Army, Navy, and Air Force ROTC 
units at other colleges and universities, is designed to maintain this 
strength. The ROTC programs do this by traininc college students to be- 
come officers of the reserve forces in our military establishment. The 
reserve forces have been the backbone of our military strength since the 
first "citizen soldier" in the American Revolution. 

photographed by Claude Morse 


i>.\S«?«->, .!*.««' >« 


maiMliat.':im<vtfm»L'iMiaiistr>t,t ■ 



If/ I 

■» --r- 

Abnve: Angel Alice "Little Colonel" Kennelly enters a Cherokee 700 for an orientation flight. Top Right: Door-bunny C/Col. Gary 
Smith escorts Miss Genny Smith to be crowned Military Ball Queen. Bottom Right: Prospective Angel Flight pledge Gail Kent 
faces a pledge board comprised for Angel Jo Lynne Betz, C/Col. Richard Lazarus, Angel Mary Howe, Air Force Lt./Col. Albert 
Hamby. and Angel Karen Crocker. 



pon graduation, a qualified cadet is commissioned in the 
United States Air Force Reserve. While striving to achieve a high 
caliber of officer quality, the cadet strives to achieve just as high 
a caliber as a gentleman. The social aspect of military life is 
actually an integral part of the life of an ROTC cadet. 

Part of the Wing social functions include the Flight Orientation 
Program base visitations. During these visits, cadets become 
better acquainted with their future fellow officers. 

This year the detachment officers organized trips to the State 
Department and the NASA Space Flight Center, attended by 
cadets and Angels. Membership in one of the three special organ- 
izations in the corps provides additional opportunity for comrade- 
ship among cadets and social contact with the Angels. 

The major corps social functions are the Military Ball (fall 
semester) and the Arnold Air Society /Detachment Dining-In 
(Spring semester). 

The Military Ball was held on Nov. 11, 1966, in the Skyroom 
of the Boiling Air Force Base Officer's Open Mess. The Dininc-Tn, 
a formal dinner for the members of the Arnold Air Society, Wing 
Staff, and detachment officers, was held at the Fort George G. 
Meade Officer's Open Mess on March 3, 1967. 








Row I (seated): D, Williams, Admin. Officer; C. Morse. Info. Officer; C. Platz, Exec. Officer; L. Altpeter. Cdr.; J. Blanch. Ops. Officer; 
E. Magee, Compt.; R. Lazarus, Chap. Row 2: R. Elsberry, B. Ferrill, J. Sonneborn, W. Yri, E. McGuirk, R. Cain, R. Arengo, E. Kiraly, 
R. Sherman, K. Pope, T. Curly, H. Dorney, D. Pyne. Row 3: G. Smith, C. Carlo, E. Grine, Y. Laporte, M. McCracken, W. Brown, 
W. Loring, D. Reid. Not Pictured: F. Shapira, and advisor Maj. Martin Whalen, USAF. 


he Arnold Air Society is the Air Force ROTC service honorary, composed of outstanding junior and senior cadets, 

which the Angel Flight. 

This year the Arnold Air Society worked to save College Park Airport, the nation's oldest operating airport. It was 
here in College Park that the first military pilots won their wings. The campaign received national attention when artist 
Milton Caniff drew a history of the airport. 

History of the 


wptsT cotrmtiAuy ontMtP aivokt- AwwHEgt 





n the past couple of years, several organizations have 
called attention to the U.S. involvement in Viet-Nam; the 
bombing of North Viet-Nam by Air Force pilots in particu- 
lar. As cadets of the 330th Cadet Wing at the University of 
Maryland, we are proud of the officers commissioned from 
our ranks who have unselfishly dedicated their services to 
our country in South East Asia. Many of our officers who 
so recently were our fellow cadets have given their lives to 
protect our right to speak freely. 

The University of Maryland campus as seen from a U-3. 




hen a strongman fully armed is on guard over his castle his possessions are safe. But when 
someone stronger comes upon him and overpowers him, he carries of the arms and armour on which 
the man had relied and divides the plunder." 

LUKE 11:21-22 

Aerospace Studies 


Edward McGuirk 

Executive OfiRcer 
Jeremiah Riordan 

Special Assistant 
Richard Lazaras 

Operations Staff Officer 
Charles Platz 

Administrative Staff Officer 
William Garret 

Accounting and Finance 
Staff Officer 

George Parton 

Information Staff Officer 
John Peeke 

Supply Staff Officer 
Michael Kiraly 

Security and Law Enforcement 
Staff Officer 
Robert Marshall Inspector 

Emerson Taylor 

Personnel Staff Officer 

Richard Lazarus 

Executive Officer 
Gary Smith 

Special Assistant 
Robert Elsberry 

Administrative Staff Officer 
Yolan Laporte 

Information Staff Officer 
Barry Springer 

Operations Staff Officer 

James McAllister 

Personnel Staff Officer 
Edward Stillie 

John Seither Security & Law 
Enforcement Staff Officer 
Walter Pierce 

Supply Staff Officer 
James Caldwell 

Accounting and Finance 
Staff Officer 

Cadet Wing Commanders 

FALL 1966 


SPRING 1967 199 


photographed by Karl W. Sanger 
and Gene Boyars 


. „, — 

— — ~^^^~sr 





'msil^ ^.^ ' 

J» — _-^ 


^ /^mi 


F ^wMm. 1 




Can Be Fun 

V-'vercoming the daily trials of traveling to and from school, 
the university commuters once more braved the snow- 
covered roads, the car-filled highways and the congested 
parking lots. More than ever, the commuters were given a 
chance to become a part of campus life. 

The University Commuter's Association provided many 
services of great benefit to the traveling student. At the 
beginning of the year, carpools were formulated through 
the aid of the club. Services such as providing students with 
the best bus routes to school were also available. During 
Freshman Orientation Week, the organization planned open- 
houses for incoming freshman commuters and new students. 

The U.C.A. also represented the commuters in university 
politics. The President and Vice-President of the association 
both held membership on the Student Government Associa- 
tion Cabinet. 

Several important social functions were sponsored this 
year by the U.C.A. Highlighting them all was the Play Boy 
Ball. The Commuter's Den, in the Student Union, furnished 
an informal atmosphere in which commuters could come to 
eat, study or mingle with friends. 

Commuter women were given a chance this year to par- 
ticipate in the Dorm-Affiliation Program. Through this 
program, the commuter could become a "temporary resi- 
dent." She could take part in the dorm's many activities, 
while she visited her new "on campus" friends. This pro- 
gram, sponsored by the A.W.S. was held in addition to the 
Big Sister Program which exists to provide Freshman 
commuters with an uppcrclassman's help during the first 
hectic days of college life. 





The Den 


Elsewhere in the union, 
commuters eat, relax, 
and find rides home. 


^k V M 


Donna Dye 




,-'-; '^.. 



photographed by 
Ken Firestone 

J- he acute shortage of campus housing at the University 
of Maryland has given rise to a new breed of commuters — 
the apartment dwellers. From Adelphe to Greenbelt, from 
Hyattsville to College Park the apartment dwellers set up a 
temporary home for a year with their own small family of 

Living near campus and away from home leaves the com- 
puter with more time for school responsibilities. It also takes 
him less traveling time if he sets up housekeeping in an area 
immediately adjacent to campus. 



'onna Dye has been an apartment dweller for two 
semesters. Currently she and her roommate Jan are staying 
in Langley Park — a ten minute drive from the University. 
Donna must get up by 6:30 in order to make her eight 
o'clock class. This leaves her time to dress and prepare 
breakfast. She also explained that "in order to find a park- 
ing space in lot 3 it is necessary to leave a little earlier." 

When Donna's classes are over in the afternoon she spends 
her time running errands, cleaning house and shopping for 
food. Since cooking is one of Donna's favorite hobbies she 
usually prepares the dinner, but "no matter which meal it 
is- — or who is cooking, we have an unwritten agreement 
that one prepares and the other does the cleaning up," she 

Evenings are spent going to activity meeting and studying 
for her history major. This year Donna has been vice presi- 
dent of the Free State Party, Banquet Chairman of the 
Junior Prom, Chairman of publicity for the Student Union 
Board, a member of the Election Board and a member of 
the University Commuters Association. 

On the weekend Donna goes to the fraternity parties of 
her pinmate and sometimes even has parties in her apart- 
ment — "one great convenience over a dorm room." 

Donna feels that apartment living is an important experi- 
ence. "Aside from being fun it makes you responsible for 
yourself and considerate of others," she pointed out. "It 
also makes you appreciate home just a Uttle bit more." 




X^ ootball at Maryland in 1 966 featured a new head coach 

who shuffled in from Buffalo and then off to Denver, a 
record-breaking defensive letterman at quarterback, and the 
return home of a Terp Ail-American. Coach Lou Saban, for- 
mer Buffalo Bills coach, installed Alan Pastrana at quarter- 
back, and Maryland finished with a 4-6 record. But at the 
end of the year Saban resigned to join the Denver Broncos, 
and the head coaching chores fell to one of the greatest play- 
ers in Terp football history. Bob Ward. 

Coach Saban, who said later that he had never seen a 

safety scored against one of his teams, saw enough of them 
in his Maryland debut to last him a lifetime. Penn State piled 
up three of them, plus a touchdown and a field goal, to down 
the Terps, 15-7. Ernie Torain gained fifty yards in ten car- 
ries for Maryland, including a 15-yard touchdown scamper. 
But the shock of the week was not the Maryland loss. 
Dubbing Phil Petry, Whitey Marciniak, Ron Nalewak, and 
Lorie McQueen "not good enough to play for Maryland," 
Saban dishonorably discharged the four seniors from the 



laryland's home opener was also Band Day, and the 
Terps played a merry tune all afternoon, walloping Wake 
Forest, 34-7. The Deacons were held to 1 30 yards offensively 
by the tough Maryland defense. John Hctrick recovered two 
fumbles directly leading to touchdowns, and he and Jim Lav- 
ruskey picked off Wake Forest passes. Meanwhile, Pastrana 
threw three scoring passes, including 48 and 49-yard bombs 
to Ernie Torain. Torain also scored a third touchdown on a 
short run. A non-scoring 50-yard completion, Pastrana to 
Ralph Donofrio, set a Maryland record. 

The first of eight straight victories for Gator Bowl-bound 
Syracuse occurred the next week at Maryland's expense. 28-7. 
Keyed to stopping the Orange's great Floyd Little, the Mary- 
land defense was stunned by four touchdown passes by Syra- 
cuse quarterback Jim Del Gaizo, who was starting his first 
college game. Not that Little did nothing — he caught one 
touchdown pass, breaking Ernie Davis' Syracuse scoring rec- 
ord, and gained 1 18 yards, in contrast to Maryland's —45. 

And then odd things began to happen, things no one at 
Maryland, including Saban, was expecting. Maryland won 
three consecutive games and was listed as a contender for a 
bowl berth. 





_rvercoming a 12-0 deficit, the Terps thrilled a home crowd 
of 28,400 by dropping an undefeated Duke team, 21-19. 
Pastrana connected on 11 of 18 throws for 181 yards. His 
cohort in victory was Billy Van Heusen, who snared five 
aerials for 104 yards. Maryland had a bit of trouble stopping 
the Devil's Dave Dunaway, who tied an ACC record with 
eleven receptions, but led by Lou Stickel, who intercepted 
two passes, the defense preserved the win. 

It was West Virginia's turn ne.xt, and Maryland's linemen 
bullied the weaker Mountaineers on the way to a 28-9 vic- 
tory, despite 138 yards rushing by the visitor's Garrett Ford. 
Sophomore fullback Bill Lovett, behind the crisp blocking of 
Tom Cichowski, accumulated 140 yards as the Terps 
mounted their best rushing attack of the season, 223 yards 
altogether. Not to be forgotten, Pastrana hit on six of nine 
passes for 130 yards, including touchdown throws of 15 and 
44 yards to Van Heusen and Rick Carlson, respectively. For 

Saban, it was a bittersweet victory: his collarbone was broken 
when a Maryland tackier blindsided him on the sidelines. 

A Homecoming crowd of 35,400 saw a tremendous effort 
by the Tcrp defensive unit as Maryland struggled by South 
Carolina, 14-2. Down 2-0 in the third period, cornerback 
Tony Santy intercepted a pass for Maryland. Three plays 
later Van Heusen went 67 yards with a Pastrana pass to put 
the Terps in the lead. Bobby Collins, who had a spectacular 
day returning punts, with runbacks of 34, 37, and 49 yards, 
caught a five-yard pass for Maryland's other score. A side- 
light was the first two-sport day of Chilean Bernardo Bram- 
son, the team's soccer-style place kicker. After a morning 
soccer game, Bramson switched uniforms and kicked two 
extra points. After the triumph, the Terps held a 4-2 season 
record and the Atlantic Coast Conference lead with a 3-0 




Alan Pastrana 



he beginning — of the end for all of Maryland's hopes 
and dreams — a winning season, a Conference championship, 
a bowl bid — came in the next game, a 24-21 heartbreak loss 
to N.C. State. The Wolfpack held a 24-0 lead with but six 
minutes left to play. In the next 114 seconds, a fumble re- 
covery by Ron Pearson and a successful onside kick by Ber- 
nardo Bramson enabled Pastrana to hurl three touchdown 
passes — of 41 and 36 yards to Van Heusen and 56 yards to 
Collins. But it was midnight for Maryland's Cinderella quar- 
terback. Pastrana fumbled the next time the Terps had the 
ball and State ran out the clock. Saban, disturbed by the of- 
ficiating, called it "the worst I've seen." 

Maryland's chance of a Conference title disappeared in a 
14-10 home loss to Clemson the following week. Frustration 
was the name of the game as the Terps penetrated the Tiger 
25-yard line five times and scored but twice. Van Heusen 
played another excellent game, grabbing six passes for 88 
yards. Clemson's Buddy Gore rolled up 1 19 yards rushing to 
aid Frank Howard to his 1 50th coaching victory. 

Away Day at Virginia was a debacle. The handkerchiefs 
brought for cheers were used for tears instead as the Cava- 
liers humiliated the Terp's proud defensive unit, 41-17. Bob 
Davis, the ACC Player of the Year, completed six of nine 
passes for two touchdowns, but the day belonged to Frank 
Quayle, who set a Conference record by gaining 221 yards 
in 25 carries. Pastrana broke the Conference record for 
touchdown passes by throwing his 13th and 14th ones of the 

The Terps spent their Thanksgiving weekend having the 
stuffing knocked out of them again, 45-21, by Florida State. 
Pastrana, who did not start because of an injury, came off the 
bench to throw three more touchdown passes, two of them to 
Van Heusen. 

It was in the middle of December that Saban left for 
greener (an estimated $500,000 ten-year job) pastures, with 
three years left on his Maryland contract. After deliberating 
for two weeks, a committee selected Bob Ward, an Army 
assistant coach, for the job. 

While Ward loses such standouts as Bramson, Collins, 
Fred Cooper, Cichowski, and Dick Absher, an All-ACC pick, 
he retained a nucleus of good players. Jim Lavrusky, who 
captained the second best defensive unit in the Conference, 
will return, as will Bill Lovett, who gained 451 yards for a 
4.6 average. Pastrana will be back to try to break his Mary- 
land records of 1499 yards passing and 17 touchdown 
throws, and he will be aided by Van Heusen, who snared 25 
passes, seven for touchdowns, tying a Tcrp record. If it's all 
put together, and a little luck is added, maybe next year. . . . 







^ r «^* 


by Dave Bourdon 
photographed by Dave Bourdon and Karl Sanger 


'i-st- . aK2:'s.'*c' 

t: ^l^«£' *»^Sii»-r'Li^ 



.aryland's cross-country team powered its way through 
a second consecutive undefeated season in 1 966 and climaxed 
it with a third straight ACC Championship. Coached by 
former Terp middle-distance star Jim Kehoe, the harriers, 
noted for their poise and teamwork, utilized their superior 
depth in fine distance runners to overwhelm opponents. 

North Carolina, Maryland's major opposition for the con- 
ference title, lost its only dual meet of the season when the 
Terps took over after an early Tar Heel lead and went ahead 
to win 15 to 49 at Chapel Hill. 

Victory over the United States Naval Academy is top 
priority for Maryland cross-country teams, and this year's 
edition of the annual classic turned into a strategic battle for 
low scoring points. Having the advantage of the home course. 
Navy's Buz Lawlor and Jim Dare copped first and second as 
expected, but the Terps' balanced running attack scuttled 
the Academy's bid for an addition to their win column. 

Maryland's harriers also topped their closest competitors, 
Quantico, 19 to 45 to retain their District of Columbia AAU 

The Terp runners capped their undefeated season with the 
ACC crown, and neither the difficult University of South 
Carolina course nor the 48 runners from the seven other 
conference schools bent on revenge could halt Maryland's 
seven-man team in the championships at Columbia. With 
Matthews taking a third overall in the meet, the rest of the 
squad finished in the top fifteen. Jim Kehoe, in his twenty- 
first season as head coach, received the cross-country cham- 
pionship plaque for the third year in a row as each member 

of the winning team brought back a gold medal to Maryland. 

Senior Milt Matthews was the No. 1 man for Maryland's 
harriers this year as he led the Terps over the finish line in 
every outing. The wiry New Jerseyian, who runs well at any 
distance from the quarter to the two-mile, established him- 
self as an excellent cross-country performer. 

George Henry, the Maryland course record-holder and 
1965 ACC individual cross-country champion, spent most 
of his final season recovering from an extended illness which 
cost the native of Elkton, Virginia, most of his junior outdoor 
season. But the fastest Terp miler since Burr Grim still made 
valuable contributions with his third in the DCAAU and 
low scoring positions in the Navy and ACC meets. 

Charlie Koester was the epitome of endurance and de- 
termination in his best season ever. The senior from Balti- 
more consistently outdistanced his teammates only to be 
caught at the finish by Matthews with his powerful kick. 
Fellow Terp Charlie Harris, the DCAAU six-mile champion, 
also completed a fine career at Maryland. 

Maryland Opponent 

15 Virginia 50 

18 Duke 45 

15 North Carolina 49 

15 N. C. State 50 

25 Navy 32 

19 Quantico 45 

ACC Championship Meet: Maryland (winner), 30; North 
Carolina, 52; Wake Forest, 82; Duke, 99; South Carolina, 
149; N. C. State, 158; Virginia, 168; Clemson, 201. 


Milt Matthews, the Terns' No. I cross-country runner this season 
breaks the tape for Marylaml in a home meet. 

The Maryland pack is out in front on the University of Maryland Golf Course. 




-Ithough beset by academic problems at the beginning of 
the year, the sophomore-dominated soccer team finished 
with a 7-2 record and its 14th straight Atlantic Coast Con- 
ference title. 

Coach Doyal Royal had some satisfaction in the return 
of Bernardo Bramson after a two-year absence. Bramson 
had originally come to Maryland on a soccer scholarship and 
was one of the stars of the freshman team several seasons 
ago. But he gave up the sport for football until this year. 

The Terps began easily enough by routing North Carolina 
State, 11-0. But after that, they had a rough time before 
edging tough Howard, 3-2. Maryland didn't come out as 
well in the third game of the year, against Navy.The always- 
troublesome Middies had few problems in beating the Terps 
5-1 and handing them their first defeat of the season. An easy 
9-0 win over George Washington followed the Navy loss and 
uppcd the record to 3-1. The Terps made it 4-1 by squeak- 
ing by Georgetown, 3-2. The team then met the tough North 

Carolina Tar Heels. The Carolina boys gave Maryland a 
scare, before the Terrapins finally pulled away with a 2-1 
win. Following a 1-1 tie with Penn State, Maryland was 
routed by Army, 6-0. The Cadets, who along with Navy con- 
sistently have one of the best soccer teams, had litde trouble 
against the youthful Terp squad. 

Maryland then finished the season with successive wins 
over Duke and Virginia for the ACC title. The Terps also 
extended their string of ACC wins to 54 straight without a 

Bernardo Bramson and Rusty Kindratiw led all season 
scorers with nine goals each. Dennis Casey, who scored all 
his goals in the first game of the season followed with four. 
Maurice White and Thomas Stout were next with three goals 
each. Alvaro Bitencourt led in assists with four. Stout was 
next with three and King had two for the Terrapins. 

Next year Coach Royal hopes to improve his record and 
include among his victories Army and Navy. 

•^. HW^, 

S U«lk.^l.K. 









X he central cog slipped out of a seventeen year Maryland 
basketball operation late in March when H. A. "Bud" 
MiUikan stepped down as head coach and assistant athletic 

With pressure mounting from parts of the administration 
and the student body, Millikan's decision came swiftly, but 
not totally unexpectedly. He was immediately succeeded by 
Frank Fellows, who has been assistant basketball coach for 
the past six years. 

There were those who greeted the departure with some- 
thing less than grief, but for those who knew MiUikan, the 
release from the athletic office came like a blow to the head 
or a message from the war department. 

The coach's "image" was not good with those who knew 
him only as a name in print but, as one of his players re- 
marked, "The only people that like him are those that know 
him — ^and they love the guy." 

MiUikan's career won-lost record was very respectable — 
his teams won better than 60 per cent of their games — but 

he leaves a superb off-court record. 

MiUikan was one of that rare breed of men who could 
be called totally honest — even to the point of personal hurt. 
In an age when college coaches are likely to promise — but 
hardly ever deliver — everything but a share of the gate re- 
ceipts to prospective players, MiUikan never stooped. 

His players say that Millikan's frankness about conditions 
at Maryland were paramount in their coming here in the first 
place. As players under him, they knew the coach as a gen- 
tleman and a sound teacher of basketball. 

MiUikan had some standout teams — one captured the 
ACC championship, several others finished second or third, 
and there were a number of tournament championships — but 
in the 1960's his teams had trouble getting beyond the first 
round of the conference play-offs. 

This year's team finished with an 11-14 record, including 
a first round loss in the tourney, but there were some com- 
pelling moments over the course of the season. 





-ertain pictures of Millikan's last squad will be remem- 
bered long after their won-lost record will be forgotten : Gary 
Williams and Billy Jones stealing the ball from underneath 
some giant; Rich Drescher dunking the ball while an enemy 
draped himself about Drescher's shoulders; Pete Johnson 
leaping into the air, pausing there, then popping in a 20- 
footer; Joe Harrington clawing for rebound; Jay McMillen 
scoring again, then again. 

Marked down at the start of the year as being strictly 
also-rans, the cagers shocked the entire basketball community 
by winning eight of their first 1 1 games and one mid-season 
tournament championship. With almost no depth on the 
squad, Millikan was forced to go with the same six or seven 
players each game, though, and the effects began to show. 

A weary squad staggered home with only three wins in the 
final 1 4 outings, including heart-breaking losses to Duke and 
North Carolina at Cole Field House. 

For four players — McMillen, Harrington, Williams and 
Mike De Cosmo — the 1966-67 season was an end to their 
college basketball careers, too. 

McMillen finished his career with moments of brilliance — 
scoring feats surpassed only by Gene Shue, rebounding sur- 
passed by no one on this year's quint. There were times — 
notably, against Penn State and North Carolina — when Jay 
was magnificent. 




.gainst Penn State, in the opening game of the season, 
he scored 20 points and had 20 rebounds. In the last home 
game of his career, against nationally ranked Carolina, he 
scored 21 points in the first half. Lifetime, only Shue scored 
more points for Maryland. 

Williams finished his stay at Maryland with his best cam- 
paign. The Terps' floor leader was surpassed in shooting 
percentage by only three other ACC players, but he will be 
remembered most for other feats. 

Gary performed courageously in the face of full-court 
presses, hit the open man consistently, and he was Maryland's 
toughest defensive performer. At times, too, he was a shooter 
of surprising skill — he hit, for instance, on eight shots in 
eight tries against South Carolina and almost carried Mary- 
land to victory. 

Harrington finished his Maryland career on and off the 

bench and in and out of street clothes. Joe tore muscles in 
his knee in his junior year, after a splendid sophomore sea- 
son, and this year the knee was slow coming around. 

When he did play, with his leg heavily bandaged, Harring- 
ton had some heroic moments. His top performance was 
when it counted most — in the ACC tourney. He scored in 
double figures against South Carolina, despite playing after 
a long layoff. 

DeCosmo, the good-natured back-court man, saw limited 
action this year. His best season was his soph campaign, when 
he averaged about six points a game. "Waxie" was one of 
the best ball-handlers on the squad. 

The four seniors leave, then, with Bud Millikan, a sound 
tactician who turned out some fine basketball teams, but a 
man who will be remembered by his friends as an honest 
and dedicated gentleman. 






For Twenty-Four Gaines (11-13) 
At Home: 5-5 ACC: 5-9 Away: 6-8 


Maryland, 45; North Carolina State, 38 (At N. C. State) 
Maryland, 60; North Carolina State, 55 (At Maryland) 
South Carolina, 65; Maryland, 63 (At Maryland) 
South Carolina, 80; Maryland, 53 (At South Carolina) 
Maryland, 85; Virginia, 65 (At Virginia) 
Maryland, 87; Virginia, 76 (At Maryland) 
Wake Forest, 68; Maryland, 59 (At Maryland) 
Wake Forest, 78; Maryland, 64 (At Wake Forest) 
Duke, 72; Maryland, 69 (OT) (At Maryland) 
Duke, 81; Maryland, 58 (At Duke) 
Maryland, 68; Clemson, 48 (At Maryland) 
Clemson, 65; Maryland, 61 (At Clemson) 
North Carolina, 85; Maryland, 77 (At North Carolina) 
North Carolina, 79; Maryland, 78 (At Maryland) 


At Home: Won 3, Lost 4 
On Road: Won 2, Lost 5 







photographed by Karl W. 
Sanger and Dave Bourdon 


1 966-67 was an exciting year full of promise for the Mary- 
land Matmen. Facing possibly the toughest schedule ever 
arranged for the "Wrestling Terps" who posted a mediocre 
4-4 record in 1966, head coach "Sully" Krouse had little 
reason to be optimistic before the season began. There were 
key vacancies to fill. Outstanding competitors Olaf Drozdov, 
HVW and Amando Soto, 167 had been lost to graduation, 
and senior lettermen Kent Webster was out with an injury. 
But coach Krouse was never one to under sell his team. "We 
have a lot of sophomores," he said, " — and I think they're 
going to surprise some people." 

The amazing Terrapin grapplers quickly established their 
coach a seer. With seven sophomores in their opening nine 
man lineup, the Krousemen stunned rugged Minnesota 17- 
12 in the season opener and crushed a supposedly strong 
V.M.I, mat squad 35-0 just twenty four hours later. 

A pin by first year man Randy Umberger, 177 and a 
clutch victory by sophomore heavyweight Howard Zachmann 
were decisive in the win over the Gophers. Gobel Kline, 152 
and Gary Blood, 160 also played key roles. 

The high flying Terps ran into an experienced Army team 
next, and the Black Knights escaped with a 14-14 tie by 
scoring victories in the final two weight classes. Maryland 
controlled the meet, and Army never had the lead. Sopho- 
more Jeff Paxton, 137 was a standout for the Terps in this 
one, decisioning Army's defending Eastern Champion Claude 
Johnson, 7-4. 

Led by two time NCAA Champ Mike Caruso, 123 per- 
ennial Eastern champion Lehigh, 5th ranked nationally, 
jumped out to an early lead and managed to hand the Mary- 
landers their first defeat of the sea.son, 20-13 before a record 
crowd of more than 400. But the match could have gone 
either way. Engineer coach Gerry Leeman confessed he may 
have "underestimated" the young Terps. Four ties by Blood, 
160, Kline, 152, Umberger, 177, and Zachmann, HVW, and 
a fall by Senior Captain Bob Karch accounted for the 1 3 
Maryland points. Junior Keith Billote, 130 stood out in 
losing effort. Billote waged a fine battle against Lehigh's two 
time NCAA runnerup Joe Peritore before bowing 5-3. 

Matched against a conference foe for the first time, the 
Terps trounced Virginia 40-3 thus giving strong indication 
that they would continue to dominate ACC competition. The 
Terps scored five falls in the meet. Virginia's John Shurberg, 
1 30 won his 20th consecutive dual meet to account for the 
only Cavalier points. 115 and 191 lb. classes were added 
for this dual meet in the hope that the ACC would adopt 
them on a permanent basis. These weight classes are already 
used in tournament competition. 

The nationally second ranked Cyclones of Iowa State, 
iiheaded by NCAA runnerup Vic Marcucci, and 6-4, 325 
giant Ted Tuinstra, handed the grapplers their worst defeat 
of the season 20-8. Paxton, 137 and Umberger managed the 
only victories for the Krousemen. Gary Blood, 160 scored a 
draw. Larry Yocum wrestled well, but lost due to a shoulder 
injury after piling up a point advantage. The Cyclones have 
a national title and five second places to their credit in the 
last ten years under coach Harold Nichols. Several individual 
matches were close in this match, and the total effort was 
better than the score indicated. 

The 1966-67 season marked the end of a successful ca- 
reer for team captain and two time ACC champion Bob 
Karch, 5-11, 167 who compiled a 17-9-0 record through his 
first three seasons. Through six matches this year he had a 
4-2 record with two falls to his credit. 

The freshman mat squad under head coach Tom Schleicher 
compiled a 1-1 record, losing a tough 16-14 decision to the 
Lehigh frosh and downing Stevens Trade 19-11. The frosh 
squad, loaded with state champions and other outstanding 
high school stars, showed considerable poise in their first 
two matches. 

The history of wrestling at Maryland has been a successful 
one, and this year's sophomore dominated mat squad could 
have foreshadowed even better things to come. In their first 
six matches the grapplers demonstrated they could hold their 
own with the best in collegiate wrestling, compiling a 3-2-1 
record against the roughest competition. They looked en- 
tirely capable of holding on to their ACC championship title, 
and gained considerable prestige nationally. Tcrp fans hope 
it is just the beginning. 




photographed by: Gene Boyars and Karl W. Sanger 


by Drew Marks 


X^ or Swimming Coach Bill Campbell, .this was the year of 
his 100th career victory. Beginning the season with a win- 
lose record of 93-25, he led his primarily sophomore-junior 
squad through an excellent season. 

Leading the tankers were Co-captains Bud Beatty and 
Doug Springer. Beatty was the Terps' point man in the dis- 
tance freestyle events and often doubled in the individual 
medley. Springer was last year's recipient of the John T. Bell 
Award for the year's most outstanding swimmer. He is de- 
fending ACC Champion in the 200-yard breaststroke and 
was Eastern Regional finalist in that and in the individual 
medley events. Of the 1 1 pool records which the Terps seized 
on the road. Springer grabbed four of them. 

Wayne Pawlowski combined with Springer to make the 
breaststroke events the Terps' strongest asset. He is defending 
ACC Champion in the 100-yard breaststroke. 

Rounding out the freestyle arsenal was a triplet of sopho- 
mores. Mike Golub and his teammates, Morris Spitzer and 
Jim Martin, all showed great potential in this category. 

Jim Hill, a junior, did well in the butterfly and long dis- 
tance freestyle events. He was the triple winner of the mara- 
thon at VMl when he won the 1000-yard and 500-yard free- 
style and the 200-yard butterfly. He also broke the pool 
record at AU with a 200-yard butterfly time of 2:09.4. 

Hill's double in the butterfly events was senior Joe Wechs- 
ler. He had his best day against Villanova when he took a 
crucial second in the 200-yard butterfly. 

Senior Bruce Phillips, "one of the most versatile swimmers 
in the ACC," and the Terps backstroker, lost only once on 
his back this fall. Phillips holds the varsity backstroke record 
of 2:03.3. The Terps' second backstroker is junior Dave 

Two mbre sophomores who came on strong in their varsity 
debut were butterflyer Dave Karol and distance freestyler 
Bob Sikorski. Both men found themselves in the distance 
freestyle events, usually side by side. 

The diving events were especially strong this year with 
the return of ACC finalists Pat Morgan and Jack Jordan, 
and the arrival of sophomore sensation Dave Fox. 

photographed by Joe Carson 







1 1*^ ' 


.*i.. ■ V ^>- :'i'.»..i.'T^™ 
















■ *• , ■■ *• 



MMMPSg^I^B^'.^T^^i^: •■?^*"gr-ig4?>y*?:feMPftgy^^^'?V-^''>i^^^B 







.aryland's mighty lacrosse team enjoyed a 10-1 record 
in 1966. Under new head coach John Howard the Tcrps 
easily won the Atlantic Coast Conference championship. 

The season opened with a 12-7 win over Princeton. Mary- 
land was led by attackman Jack Heim, who scored seven 

Heim starred again in the Terp's next triumph, a 19-5 
rout of the Maryland Lacrosse Club. Five goals and five 
assists by Heim put the game out of reach. 

Maryland outshot Brown, 78-28, in their next contest, to 
win 15-0. Brown goalie Dick Alder had a busy afternoon, 
compiling 30 saves. 

Reserve goalie Bud DeHoust chalked up six saves to help 
the Terps whip Penn State. Following this, Maryland raised 
its record to 5-0 by crushing Baltimore University in a game 
played in a near whirlwind. The weather didn't seem to 

bother Alan Lowe, who led the Red and White with six 
assists and two goals. 

In the biggest game of the year, the largest crowd ever to 
see a Maryland lacrosse game, 14,500, witnessed Navy's 
great Jimmy Lewis lead his team to an 11-9 win over the 

Maryland came back to dump Duke, 19-5. and then have 
its defense, led by Alan Pastrana, completely dominate North 
Carolina. When the slaughter was over, the Terps owned an 
18-0 victory. 

Steve Lavaute and Heim scored in the final period to break 
a 6-6 tie against Army in the Terp's next match. Maryland 
went on to wrap up an 11-7 triumph. 

Wrapping up the season, Maryland defeated neighboring 
Virginia and John Hopkins. 



■' T" 







- M,^ 



■ t " 






ll_l 1 



... ^ 



■ f 






,., , J 








"" T' 

-, I-, 

■ T 



F' " 

T ■■ 

■ T" 

p" ' 

■'▼"■■■ ' 





" ' * • 



▼' ' 


r — 

r - 

"" ■1|'" 




—.— J- 


photographed by Karl W . Sanger 



t took five long years, but the 1966 season made a believ- 
er out of varsity baseball coach "Jack" Jackson. The loss of 
Jerry Bark and Brad Frost convinced Jackson that pitching 
is the name of the game. 

Without the pair of aces that led the Terps to the NCAA 
regionals the year before, Jackson turned to senior Chris 
Sole and a trio of right-handed sophomores. As it turned 
out, Sole, a southpaw from Frederick, started only four 
games and failed to go any distance in any of them. 

The leader of the "sophomore set," Mark Harris, was 
the only real surprise that Jackson could point to in review- 
ing the season. Harris, who pitched his high school in Over- 
lea, led the staff in complete games (3), innings pitched 
(51), wins (4), and ERA with a 1.59 mark. 

Georee Manz, the second member of Jackson's sopho- 
mores, finished the year with a 3.1 1 ERA and led all pitch- 
ers in innings pitched (55) and strikeouts (51). 

The third member of the "kiddie corps," Frank BonVardo, 
was actually the only sophomore Jackson expected to step 
into the starting rotation. However, the "Blazer" had control 
problems as he surrendered 20 walks in 14 innings. 

The only moundsman to finish with a perfect record was 


the Terps' fireman, Winnie Prange, who wound up with a 
2-0 slate and a 1.59 ERA. 

Among the bright spots in the hitting department, the 
brightest was Danny Kerns, who had a .359 average. Mary- 
land's only other .300 hitter was firstbaseman Larry Davis, 
while leading the Terps in runs scored and RBIs with 18 
and 22 respectively. Davis and senior Bill Seidling tied for 
first place in the home-run derby with three apiece. 

Although Steve Sauve was Maryland's third leading hitter 
with a mediocre .244 average, his value does not lie in the 
batting column. In addition to his innate qualities of leader- 
ship, Sauve has proven himself to be one of the greatest 
defensive catchers ever to play in Shipley Field. 

Also, defensively, the keystone combination of shortstop 
Jerry Kremer and second baseman Skip Rogosky pulled 
off a total of 13 double plays and looked like seasoned 
veterans in their first year with the varsity. 

An 11-12 record was just about what Coach Jackson 
expected from a unit composed mostly of sophomores, play- 
ing most of their games on foreign sites, using untested 
pitching. It was a frustrating season, but it made Jackson 
a believer. 



r-- ^ 



ACC Record: 6-8 Record: 11-12 At Home: 7-4 Away: 4-8 


Dartmouth, 12; Maryland, 11 (H) 
Maryland, 8; Syracuse, 3 (H) 
Connecticut, 6; Maryland, 2 (H) 
Connecticut, 5; Maryland 3 (H) 
Maryland, 6,; Delaware, 3 (H) 
Maryland, 10; Georgetown, 2 (A) 
Clemson, 1 I; Maryland, 2(A) 
Clemson, 12; Maryland, 7 (A) 

Maryland, 4; South Carolina, 3(A) 

Maryland. 4; South Carolina, 0(A) 

Maryland, 4; Duke, (H) 

Maryland, 8; Wake Forest, 4(H) 

North Carolina, 8; Maryland, 3 (A) 

N.C. State, 4; Maryland, 2(A) 

Maryland, 1 1 ; Vircinia, 1 (H) 

Wake Forest, 5; Maryland, 1 (A) 

Duke, 3; Maryland. 2 (A) 

North Carolina, .S; Maryland, 2 (H) 

Maryland, 4; N.S. State, 3(11 inns) (H) 

Maryland, 3; Georgetown, 1 (H) 

Virginia, 5; Maryland, 4(16 inns) (A) 

Maryland, 3; Penn State, 1(A) 

Navy, 4; Maryland. 3(A) 



• «ta 


ill i 











/\ V 


photo by Karl W. Sanger 

1 he 1965-1966 indoor and outdoor track teams compiled 
what had to be the most successful year in Maryland track 
history. Not only did they run away with the indoor and 
outdoor ACC titles for the eleventh straight year, they also 
garnered the IC4A indoor and outdoor championships, sym- 

bolic of Eastern track supremacy. The success of the track 
team is a testimony to coach Jim Kchoc, and has brought the 
University of Maryland great prestige across the nation. 

There were heroes galore and many outstanding perform- 
ances. The campaign began indoors with a convincing 59-41 


photo by John Scrivener 

triumph over arch-rival "The United States Naval Academy," 
as Coach Kehoe refers to the Annapolis school. Enroute to 
the ACC Meet, the Terps competed in such meets as the 
Boston A.S., Philadelphia Inquirer, and the National Track 
and Field Federation Meet. At Boston, Frank Costello es- 

tablished a university record in the high jump with a leap of 
7'i/4". Dave Starnes ran a 9:09 in the two-mile run at Phila- 
delphia to set a school record in that event. The two-mile 
relay quarter of Dan Donahue, Steve Washburn, George 
Henry, and Milt Matthews ran a 7:48.6 at the Federation 
meet to set still another Terp record. 


.aryland next traveled to Chapel Hill, North Caro- 
lina, where they ran up an impressive 85 points to head 
off second place North Carolina with 32 '/2 points, and 
the rest of the ACC. Individual champions included 
Pete Kowzun in the pole vault with a record-setting 
15'3'/2"; Bruce Carson in the 70 yd. high hurdles; 
Frank Costello in the high jump; Ed Marks in the broad 
jump; Dave Starnes in the two mile; John Warfield in 
the 600 yd. run; and Milt Matthews, whose 2:16.7 set 
a record in the 1000 yd. run. 

The following week, the ACC Champions arrived in 
Madison Square Garden as underdogs to Villanova in 
the IC4A Champinion. The Terrapins, however, 
proved the "experts" to be amateurs as their 28 points 
outdistanced Villanova, with 17, and the rest of the 
Eastern field. Most coaches would have been happy 
with one individual champion, but Coach Kehoe had 
four. Reigning NCAA high jump champion Frank Cos- 
tello led the way by leaping 6' 10" for first place. Ernie 
Hearon upset his nemesis Rod Stewart of Duke in the 
shot put with a heave of Sl'lVi". Ed Marks, then an 
unknown, surprised everybody by taking the broad 
jump with a 24' 10%" effort. Sophomore Tom Gagner 
captured the pole vault with 15'4". 

At the NCAA Meet in Detroit, Maryland finished in 
a tie for seventh. Frank Costello was runner-up in the 
high jump behind Otis Burrell; Ed Marks took fourth 
in the broad jump; and Ernie Hearon set a University 
record of 58' 1" as he placed fifth in the shot put. 

Above: With spikes flashing, IC4A indoor broad jump champion Ed 
Marks soars to victory over the Midsltipmen. Below: Javelin thrower 
Dick Dull displays the form that brought him championships in the 
ACC and the Penn Rclavs. 


Above: Former NCAA champion, Frank Costello, clears the bar at 6'H", 
for first place in tlie Navy meet. Below; Grimacing as he hits the tape, 
sprinter Jim Lee takes first in the 220 against Navy. He holds the University 
record in this event, 20.9, as well as in the 100, at 9.4. 



. aryland's first appearance outdoors was on April 3rd, 
when they spHt the squad, sending tracksters to both the 
South CaroUna Relays, and the American University Relays. 
Although no official team scores were kept, the Terps scored 
heavily in both meets. 

After defeating Duke and Virginia in a triangular meet, 
the Terps warmed up for the Penn Relays with 1 1 5-27 rout 
over North Carolina. The highlight of this meet was Frank 
Costello's jump of 7'1" which broke his own University rec- 
ord. In the Penn Relays, three Terrapins won gold watches. 
Consistent Frank Costello paced first in the high jump; im- 
proved Dick Dull took first in the javelin throw; and sopho- 
more Ed Marks won the triple jump with 48' Vi" — an event 
in which he had never participated before coming to Mary- 

The following week, Maryland stayed at home to host arch- 
rival Navy. Prior to the meet Coach Kehoe had warned his 
squad, "If it's close, you're going to lose it!" The Terrapins 
heeded his warning. The only thing close was the locker 
room, as the Terps gave Coach Kehoe a satisfying 89-51 
victory. The Terps were paced by double winners Jim Lee, 
with wins in both the 100 and 220, and Ed Marks, who took 
firsts in the broad jump and triple jump. 

The ACC meet was next. For the eleventh year in a row, 
Maryland sought the ACC crown, and for the eleventh year 
in a row, they brought it home. Blessed with great depth, the 
Terrapins literally dominated the whole meet, scoring 103 
points. South Carolina was second with 54, and North Caro- 
lina was third with 23. Maryland captured an amazing 10 
individual championships. Bruce Carson was a double win- 
ner, setting an ACC record in the 440 IH with 54.3, and 
winning the 120 high hurdles. Jim Lee also pulled off a 
double, winning the 100, and setting an ACC record of 21.0 
in the 220. Dick Dull won the javelin, Frank Costello placed 
first in the high jump, and sophomores Dave Starnes and 
Tom Thompson took honors in the two-mile and pole vault 
respectively. A third double winner was Ed Marks who set 
an ACC record in the triple jump with 49' '/i", and also won 
the broad jump. Dick Drescher set a University record in the 
discus with 159''^", while placing behind Art Swarts of 
South Carolina. 

When Maryland arrived at Randall's Island, N.Y., for the 
outdoor IC4A's, the question in track experts minds was 
whether the Terps could outscore a strong team from — that's 
right — Villanova. The Maryland cindermen answered that 
question with a successful defense of their crown, scoring 40 
points to runner-up Villanova's 32. Morgan State was third 
with 20 points and Penn State fourth with 17. Two first 
places — Frank Costello with 6' 10" in the high jump, and Ed 
Marks with 49'6'/2" in the triple jump — coupled with great 
depth proved to be the key to Maryland's victory. An exam- 
ple of this support was Ernie Hearon's toss of 58'6" in the 
shot put — good enough for second place and a University 

In the NCAA in June, Frank Costello was second in the 
nation in the high jump, and Jim Lee was third and sixth in 
the 220 and the 100. Enroute to his places, Jim Lee estab- 
lished University records in both races with a 9.4 clocking in 
the 100, and a sensational 20.9 in the 220. 

Maryland's 1966-67 team will be strengthened by a strong 
frosh team which was undefeated in dual competition. The 
track future at Maryland thus seems certain to continue its 
upward swing. 

Above: University record-holder (250V2"), and former ICAA cham- 
pion, Riiss White, hurls the spear on a long journey. Below: A jubi- 
lant Terp track team parades Coach Jim Kehoe around Madison 
Square Garden after capturing the 1966 ICAA indoor championship. 




aryland's Tennis Team managed a 9-5 season and a 
third place tie in the Atlantic Coast Conference Tournament 
despite early predictions of a rough season. 

A rash of graduation losses and the return of only two 
first-stringers, Len Modzelewski and Tom Merriweather, 
prompted Team Coach Doyal Royal to say at the beginning 
of the year, "We will have to fight very hard to stay in the 
top half of the conference. 

The team relied on the performance of the promising first 
year men, John Shaffer and Dick Harrington. Both boys 
came through with winning records. 

The coach of the netmen, Doyal Royal, originally came 
to the University of Maryland in 1947 as the soccer coach. 
Coach Royal's tennis teams have never finished below fourth 
in the ACC. In 1957 and 1964, Maryland teams captured 
the conference title. Royal considers 1964 the best season 
Maryland has enjoyed in tennis. That year Maryland was 
rated in the top ten in the country and number one in the 
east. That season Maryland had two finalists in the tourna- 
ment championships. 

This season Maryland found league competition greatly 
improved over past year. Coach Royal thinks that the teams 
in the ACC are getting closer in their ability and toughness. 
Teams such as Wake Forest, South Carolina, and Virginia 
are now top threats to take the conference title. The Univer- 
sity of North Carolina dominates the ACC as can be seen 
with their 9-0 defeat of Maryland. The ACC being a southern 
conference has more clement weather in which to practice. 
This plus fine coaching has made the ACC one of the top 
tennis conferences in the country. 

Maryland opened their season against a tough Ivy League 
team in Dartmouth. This match was the start of a five game 
winning streak when Maryland edged Dartmouth 5-4. With 
relatively little trouble, they subdued Cornell, Syracuse, Johns 
Hopkins, and South Carolina. After losing to Clemson and 
beating Penn State, the Terp netmen trounced Wake Forest 
9-0. With a record of seven wins in eight matches, the Terps 
prepared to meet the highly touted University of North 
Carolina. Despite great momentum and a home court ad- 
vantage Maryland failed to win a point and lost to the Tar 
Heels 9-0. From there the Terps went on to lose three of 
their last five matches including a 5-4 loss to arch rival Navy. 

Maryland received consistent play from the top seven men. 
All but one of the top seven had winning records. The in- 
dividual records run: John Shaeffer 10-4, Rich Davis 8-6, 
Len Modzelewski 12-2, Frank Kready 8-6, Tom Merri- 
weather 5-6, Ken Chapman 6-2, and Dick Harrington 7-3. 

Next season the netmen will have stars George McGuire 
and Dave Werchen from the freshmen team. Coach Royal 
thinks that Maryland will again finish in the top half of the 

Dartmouth 5-4 

Cornell 6-3 

Syracuse 9-0 

Hopkins 9-0 

South Carolina 8-1 

Clemson 4-5 

Penn State 5-4 

Wake Forest 9-0 

North CaroHna 0-9 

Navy 4-5 

Virginia 4.5 

North Carolina State 9-0 

Duke 7-2 

Georgetown 4.5 



•• '^ 


1 If • 

'im'* * 


1^ r* li 

V > ^ « 

(tt-t > 

U /I I 

.... ', /, .» 

., 'I f ■) \ -s 

' I .1 ^ u 

Hj^ - •!• • 

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♦ -L. 

\*<^ ^.'i 

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f V- :« 

- " • 

' He ' « I 


^ » 4 

1 4 % » * *> • 

V *> 

i . >. 

7 >Vi > 



n June 3, 1967, Cole Field House will be filled to the 
rim with graduating seniors, their proud parents, relatives, 
and friends, and all the members of Maryland's academic 
family. Each and every one of approximately 4,000 stu- 
dents will receive a diploma with his name on it. This 
assembly Hne graduation is truely one of the miracles of 

modem times. Each successful graduate gets to meet his 
dean, briefly, for the first (and last) time in his academic 
career. As a graduating senior is on his way out (and 
up, we hope) this seems to be a very fitting farewell to 
standing on numerous long lines during his four year stay 
at Maryland. 





photographed by Ken Firestone 



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9 9[9[9 9 9 9!9'~ 

5 el ni 9 10 nil? 

11919 9 9 9lF~^' 
\A% 9 10 nil! '^ ( , 

9 9'957?rc\'j; 

9 10 im O <^/,C 



00 3 3 30/,^ c> 
00 33 5 V '\ 


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T-OmX 3 91919 9 9"'^ 
ISJyi s elils 9 i( 

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Board of Regents 

A he two new members appointed by the Governor to the 
Board of Regents arc Judge Mary Arabian of the Municipal 
Courts in Baltimore and Harry Boswcll, Maryland attorney. 

Though known for their responsibility to University policy 
and finance, the Board also acts as the State Board of Agri- 
culture and in addition is responsible to the state for in- 
specting weights and measures. 


President Wilson H. Elkins 

Dr. Wilson H. Elkins, president of the University of Mary- 
land since September 1, 1954, has a background of outstand- 
ing achievement in scholarship, leadership and athletics. 

From 1933 to 1936, Dr. Elkins was a Rhodes Scholar at 
Oxford University, where he earned his Doctor of Philosophy 

His administration at Maryland has been marked with a 
consistent strengthening of academic standards despite tre- 
mendous increases in student enrollment. Doctor Elkins ex- 
plained this year that Admission requirements will be raised 
as more facilities become available on the junior college level. 

To the Freshman class he advised "Self discipline does not 
just happen. It requires concentration, thought, and prac- 
tice." He urged the students to stand on their own two feet 
and think for themselves. 

In December, Dr. Elkins was elected president of the 
Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools 
during its 80th annual convention. 


University Administrative 

Dr. R. Lee Hornbake 

Vice President for 
academic affairs 

Dr. Walter B. Waetjen 

Vice President for 
administrative affairs 

Dr. Albin O. Kuinn 

Vice President for 
Baltimore campus 

Dr. Michael J. Pclczar 

Vice President for 
graduate studies and research 

Mr. Robert A. Beach 

Assistant to the President 
for University Relations 

Dr. Frank L. Bentz 
Assistant to the President 

Mr. Robert E. Kendig 
Assistant to the President 

Dr. Justin Wilhams 

Research Assistant to 
the President 

Dr. Leslie R. Bundgaard 
Executive Dean for Student Life 

Mr. Thomas E. Florcstano 
Assistant to the Dean 

Mr. Francis A. Gray, Jr. 
Administrative Director 


Dr. Darrell L. Rishel 
Director, Judiciary Office 

Dr. Helen E. Clarke 
Associate Dean of Students 


Dr. Thomas M. Magoon 

Associate Dean of Special 
Student Services 

Dr. Furman A. Bridgers 

Director, International 

Services and Foreign 

Student Advisor 

Miss Margaret C. Lloyd 
Director of Housing 

Mr. William L. Hoff 
Manager, Student Union 




Dean Gordon Cairns 

Founded under the land grant college system in 1856, 
the College of Agriculture is the oldest division of the Uni- 
versity of Maryland at College Park. Today the college, 
under the guidance of Dean Gordon Cairns still plays an 
important role in Maryland University training. 

Many changes have taken place in the college since its 
establishment. A new wing which has recently been added 
to the H. J. Patterson building provides additional classroom 
space, including area for new geology laboratory facilities. 
A new Animal Science building is presently in the planning 
stage. Expansion is also taking place in facilities ofT the Col- 
lege Park campus. The College of Agriculture has been 

granted one-hundred acres on the upper Eastern Shore from 
the Wye Institute for crops and soil research. 

Advancements in Agricultural research have also been 
taking place. The Salisbury farm has undergone expansion 
in p<niltry research, particularly in breeding studies and in 
environmental research. Etomological research facilities have 
also been expanded. A graduate study in connection with 
adding vitamin E to milk flavor has been initiated. Research 
advancements are also taking place in such areas as bio- 
chemical studies of food and milk flavors and studies of 
insect control through the use of pesticides. 


Arts and Sciences 

Dean Charles Manning 

Formerly a sector of the English Department, the Com- 
parative Literature program has become the sixteenth de- 
partment of the expanding College of Arts and Sciences. 

An extension of the Art Department can be seen in the 
new graduate program in museum training. One of the many 
exhibits run by graduate students this year was the outstand- 
ing collection of paintings in Meticulous Realism, shown at 
the Fine Arts Gallery. 

To accommodate the expanding programs and mounting 
enrollment architectural supplements such as the Physics 
Lecture Hall and the addition to the Chemistry Building are 

m progress. 

Of the ten Excellence in Teaching Awards given at the 
University the College of Arts and Sciences received six and 
on the nationwide scene, three of the fifty-seven endowments 
given by the National Foundation on the Arts and Humani- 
ties were received by members of the Arts and Sciences 
faculty. Another important honor was a further accrediting 
of the Music Department awarded by the National Associa- 
tion of Schools of Music. 

In addition to its sixteen departments the College of Arts 
and Sciences includes the Institute of Molecular Physics. 


Business and Public Administration 

Dean Donald W. O'Connell 

Expansion has earmarked the College of Business and 
Public Administration. The 1966 school year brought to 
B.P.A. a total of 3,522 students, a figure which has doubled 
itself since the year 1961. In order to satisfy its growing 
need for new facilities, the college enlarged its physical plant 
by refinishing and converting the attic of its main building 
into twenty-two new offices and seminar rooms. 

Academically, the college carried on the spirit of expan- 
sion by innovating several new programs, the most important 
being the addition of the Doctor of Business Administration 
Program. The Department of Government and Politics is 

presently in the process of formulating a new honors pro- 
gram for its undergraduates wiiich will allow students in the 
honor category to work independently on advanced studies 
in their chosen fields. 

The growing faculty of B.P.A. became involved in various 
new and noteworthy projects. Dr. Frank Burdettc, head of the 
Bureau of Governmental Research, holds membership on a 
committee which is investigating revision of the Maryland 
State Constitution. Dr. Dillon of the Department of Govern- 
ment and Politics is editing and compiling the papers of 
Governor Tawes. 



Dean Vernon E. Anderson 

The College of Education under the supervision of Dean 
Veron E. Anderson has continued to grow and expand phy- 
sically, administratively, and educationally. The new Edu- 
cational Technology Center, the Science Teaching Center 
and several faculty offices and classrooms will, by summer 
1967, occupy the basement of the new Education building. 
The College also expanded administratively with the crea- 
tion of three new departments which represent past pro- 
grams: Administration, Supervision and Curriculum; Coun- 
seling and Student Personnel; and Special Education. 

Educationally the College has grown by the addition of 
new programs and grants. The Early Childhood-Elementary 

Department in cooperation with the University College has 
received a federal grant for the training and development of 
teachers in the Pennsylvania-Maryland-District of Columbia 
areas for project "Head Start." The program includes an ex- 
perimental nursery-kindergarten for children in "a pocket of 
poverty" where new ideas, methods and equipment can be 
tested. The Maryland Elementary Mathematics Inservice 
Program (MEM IP) under a federal grant was initiated 
during the summer of 1966 to develop and demonstrate a 
team-taught inservice mathematical model for local elemen- 
tary school teachers. 



Dean Robert B. Beckmann 

The College of Engineering was established in 1 894 and 
has conferred over 5000 baccalaureate degrees in engineer- 
ing since 1898. Today there are over 2500 undergraduates 
500 graduates enrolled in this ever expanding College. It is 
comprised of six departments; aerospace, chemical, civil, 
electrical, fire protection and mechanical. Although the 
largest department is electrical, with over forty percent of 
the students, the chemical is the striking. Last year the 
Chemical Engineering Department conferred thirteen Ph.D. 
degrees which ranks that department among the top six in 
the country. 

The most outstanding feature of the College is its rapidly 
expanding graduate departments. Over $1.5 million have 
been allocated for graduate research program this year. The 

Fluid Dynamics and Applied Mathematical Institute is inter- 
nationally known for its research. On campus the new Space 
Sciences Building is pan of the Fluid Dynamics research 
divisions. Also, Dr. H. Lansberg, a member of the National 
Academy of Engineering recently joined this graduate divi- 

Retiring Dean Allen's office was taken over last September 
by Dr. R. B. Beckmann who was formerly head of the 
Chemical Engineering Department. 

The goals of the College are to lead in the education of 
engineers by keeping pace with new emerging ideas and by 
developing in the student proficiency in the methods and 
techniques essential to the profession of engineering. 


Graduate School 

Dr. Michael J. Pelczar, Jr. 

The rapidly growing Maryland University Graduate School 
has as its new leader Dr. Michael J. Pelczar, Jr., of the 
microbiology department. Dr. Pelczar is the former president 
of the American Association of University Professors and 
the Washington Branch of the American Society for Micro- 

This year the University's Graduate School has grown 
more in percentage of students than the undergraduate 
school. Besides extensions in Baltimore, graduate facilities 

will find housing in the future South Annex to the adminis- 
tration Building. 

New positions of leadership are necessary to organize this 
expanding program. Dr. David S. Sparks of the University 
History Department is the first to hold the title of Associate 
Dean for Humanities and Social Sciences. 

In the Graduate Program, professors are selected to help 
a student's thesis work and formulate an appropriate program 
of research in the student's chosen field. 


Home Economics 

Dean Erna R. Chapman 

Saving the brainpower of thousands of children is a not- 
able topic in the College of Home Economics. Publicized 
experiments porformed this year in the Nutrition Depart- 
ment have demonstrated that a common form of mental 
retardation caused by a lack of the amino acid PK U can 
be eliminated by a specific diet. Because of an inborn fault 
in metabolism the children concerned cannot utilize this 
acid without the artificial supplement in the newly discov- 
ered diet. ' 

Also this year in a project concerning weight loss, reason 
was found to believe that a change in body composition is 

only successful in diets including e.xcrcise. 

In conjunction with the State Department the College 
of Home Economics held a summer course to instruct nine- 
teen African women how to teach Home Economics in sec- 
ondary schools back home. Participants were from Gabon, 
Malagasy, Scnegad. and Togo. 

The Dean of the College, Erna R. Chapman, noted that 
Home Economics students work directly with the public 
in many of their Health, Education, and Commercial proj- 
ects. Dean Chapman also announced the renaming and re- 
furbishing of Home Economics building next fall. 


Library Science 

Dean Paul Wasserman 

On the fourth floor of the McKeldin Library lies the 
headquarters for all students working toward a Library 
Science Certificate. This year more than 100 students are 
enrolled in this expanding program. After taking the six 
undergraduate courses offered in this field, each student 
must spend a total of sixteen weeks in Librarian capacities 

in local public schools. 

Professor Dale W. Brown, who instructs the courses con- 
cerning children's materials, is particularly proud of the 
5000 volumes comprising the children's book collection at 
McKeldin Library. Records, film strips and pictures are 
also available in the collection. 


O. I. R. 


Dr. Macon H. Capelle 

Is it necessary to think of changing your goals? The OIR 
can help. 

The OfTicc of Intermediate Registration was established 
in 1957 to enable students through counseling to undertake 
the work they are best suited for. If a student decides to 
transfer colleges, he may not do so if on probation or having 
less than a 2.0 cumulative average in courses applicable to 
the college he wishes to enter, but he may register in the 
OIR program and begin immediately in his new field instead 
of spending time improving in a curriculum he has already 

decided to drop. 

The student in OIR receives intensive guidance from ad- 
visors who have an interest in the individual and a reliable 
knowledge of the inner workings of every college on campus. 

The OIR. directed by Macon H. Capelle. fulfills a defi- 
nite campus need to reduce academic frustrations. Plans 
for expanding the program were begun in November by a 
committee established by R. Lee Hornbake, vice president 
for academic affairs and by Leslie R. Bundgaard, executive 
Dean for Student Life. 


Physical Education 

Dean Lester M. Fraley 

The College of Physical Education this year altered its 
format by initiating a three department type system which 
consisted of the Department of Phyiscal Education, the 
Department of Health, and the Department of Recreation 
each of which was directed by a separate department head. 

Under the leadership of Dean Lester M. Fraley, the col- 
lege continued to offer stimulating programs in Dance and 
Physical Therapy. It also boasted an outstanding faculty 
whose individual members contributed to the literature and 

development of Health and Physical Education through the 
publication of textbooks and through research. 

In the required physical education program, several new 
courses were inaugurated. A free exercise class was started 
as was a course in conditioning which made use of various 
types of Physical Apparatus. Also, the department continued 
to operate its unique Indoor Golf Stadium which allowed 
students to participate in actual golf games during inclement 


University College 

Dean Ray Ehrensberger 

The University College, with an enrollment of approxi- 
mately 97,000, serves adults throughout the Washington 
and Maryland area by otTcring standard college courses 
during the evening hours. Headed by Dean Ray Ehrens- 
berger, University College offers courses at two hundred 
education centers in twenty-four foreign countries on four 
continents. The services of University College have also 

been extended to serve GI's in Europe and the Far East. 

Two programs are offered to those attending University 
College's evening courses: a BA in General Studies and a 
BS in Military Studies. By establishing education centers 
throughout the world. University College is able to extend 
the services of the University. 








V'V-^' '° 


terrapi n 




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Oc toe'*- " op ^"^ 4^ 

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,.e. -«^ ^::; ,e.«--\ 










«3S »'4,f PUSH'S 



Ken Firestone. Editor 

Phil Geraci, Faculty Advisor 

(l-r): Marti Seherr. Managing l-ditor; Judy Sicgcl. Art 
Director; Ellie Kurtz, Copy Editor. 


Assistant Editors: (I-r) E. Rosenberg, B. Weiner, B. Goffman, J. Englebrecht, I. Solomon. Missing: L. Taylor and S. Kantor. 

Copy Staflf: (l-r) K. Blieth, R. Stoll, M. Dodd, S. Schenker, E. Kurtz, S. Einbinder, L. Lightbody. 


Senior Section: (l-r) M. Bryant, B. Knapik, S. Smith, G. Sherman, S. Yevzeroff, M. Robinson, M. Gold, J. Siegel. 

Photographers: (l-r) Karl W. Sanger and Gene Boyars. 


From the editor's desk . . . 

4t becomes difficult to do a yearbook for a school with 
over 20,000 students. Everybody can't have his picture in 
the book. Somebody is going to be displeased because her 
favorite club didn't get a four page spread. Unfortunately, 
we can't please everyone. 

We did try to represent the University with a series of 
picture stories touching on many different facets of campus 
life. This idea is not a new one. It was first tried in 1963 
by Emory Kristof, and every Terrapin since then has used 
the picture story concept. We are using more picture stories 
than ever before, almost 300 pages. 

We are also featuring a new "arrival" at Maryland: The 
fine arts; dance, drama, music, art and photography. The arts 
have always been with us. This year, during the first full 
year for the Tawes Fine Arts Center, they have come into 
their own. University Theater's productions have all been 
sell-outs. Thousands were turned away from the Martha Gra- 
ham and Van Qiburn performances. Many students have 
been filing through the art gallery to see the wonderful shows 
displayed there. In short, Maryland is experiencing a "cul- 
tural revolution." We salute this revolution, and hope it 
continues in years to come. 

Putting together a book as large as the Terrapin is no 

small task, and many long hours of work by many people, 
went into its production. I would like to thank some of 
these people: My staff, who actually made this book; Phil 
Geraci, our advisor, who always provided a needed shoulder 
to cry on; Mrs. Mary Donaldson for her help in keeping 
our finances straight; Clayton Plummer and Paul Thomas 
for their help in designing the specifications for the book; 
Mrs. Doris Powell and Jim McWilliams, of Foote and Davies, 
our printer, for their patience, understanding, and interest; 
Buck May, of Harris and Ewing photographers, for getting 
over 2,000 seniors photographed; Jim Sams, of Kingsport 
Press, for an excellent job on our cover; all the members 
of the Diamondback staff who helped us out with copy and 
pictures for the Newslog and sports features; and the Dance, 
Drama, Music and Art departments for their help and co- 
operation in producing the Creative Maryland features. 

To those new yearbook editors who are wondering: We 
used a 1 pt. Times Roman Body Type with one pt. of lead, 
Times Roman and Baskerville display faces, printed on an 
enamel stock. The cover design was silk screened on a linen 
finish buckram. 

Ken Firestone 



X_/nterprise reporting that gained national attention high- 
lighted the 1966-67 Diamondback. Investigative reporter 
Anne Groer won a national award for her in-depth study of 
drugs on the University campus. In another article. Political 
Affairs Editor Ira Allen was quoted around the country 
after he discovered that draft cards were being illegally re- 
produced and sold by a University student. His front page 
story brought a quick end to the enterprise. 

Diamondback statTers also won awards for an article about 
the University's veterans housing and an editorial questioning 
judicial procedure at the University. Accompanying that 
enterprise was a continuation of the Diamondback's broad- 
based policy of service to campus organizations. An expand- 
ed news staff — sometimes involving a hundred or more cor- 
respondents — helped bring the Diamondback's basic com- 
modity of campus news to its audience of campus readers. 
And more than ever before, the Diamondback aimed at 
reporting exclusive news only hours after it took place, regu- 
larly beating metropolitan newspaper competition. In Decem- 
ber's Student Union disturbances, for example. Diamond- 
back editors pooled special task forces daily for saturation 
coverage of the news — and for clearly-labeled interpretation 
of its causes. 

With the addition of an Associated Press wire. Diamond- 
back editors also examined state news as it affected the Uni- 
versity. They supplemented wire service profiles of major 
gubernatorial candidates with exclusive interviews and pro- 
vided the fastest, most accurate election returns of any news- 
paper in both primary and general elections. 

And with the creation of the exchange editor's position, 
editors hoped to broaden the Diamondback's perspective by 
offering significant news from other campuses. Meanwhile, 
the Diamondback's sports department also won its share of 
top stories. The paper reported exclusively, for example, 
that three top aides to former football coach Lou Saban 
would join Saban in Denver. In addition, sports editors in- 
creased coverage of late-night events for the next morning's 

A new look on the Damondback's editorial pages, com- 
plete with specially-chosen type faces, also greeted Univer- 
sity students this year. Meanwhile, the Diamondback con- 
tinued enlarging its photo staff, one of the most honored in 
collegiate journalism. Consistently receiving high ratings from 
national groups, Diamondback photographers prepared a 
record number of photo pages on subjects ranging from 
mini skirts to sports to theatre. 

In another area, the Diamondback boosted circulation to 
a record 17,000 four times a week to better serve University 
students. In advertising, the Diamondback also sported 
another record and helped support the greatest number of 
pages in 59 years of publication. 

John M. Purnell, Editor-in Chief 


Photo Staff 

PHOTO STAFF: (L-R) Front Row — Hollace Goldberg, Photo Editor Hening Christoph, Milton 
Buchler II. Back Row — John Hendrickson, Stephsn Thompson, Carl Harris, Bill Kesler. 


EDITORS: (L-R) Assistant Managing Editors, Nancy Ohlson, Larry Werner; Managing Editor, Jerry Ceppos, State Editor, Ira Allen. 


»u»v«»» »««»>«• 

BUSINESS AND ADVERTISING STAFF: Front Row— (L-R) Ad. Mgr. Alan Kellam, Business Mgr. Bobbi Evans, Jean 
Inouye, Marie Coleman, Sara Myers. Back Row — Carol Toula, Linda Schevitz, Barbara Cox, Judy Evans, Steff Valentino, 
Elaine Eutsler, Susan Cromer, Burt Blumberg, James Clements, Elaine Ginsberg. 

Business and Advertising Staff 

Sports Staff 

SPORTS STAFF: Front Row — Sports Editor Barry Fishier, Exec. Sports Editor Larry Walsh. Back Row — Dave Bourdon, 
Jeff Isnev, Mike Olesker, Larry Becker, John Prevar. 

NEWS BOARD (L-R): Front Row — Carolyn Holstein, Maxyne Bill, Anne Groer, Gail Conlin. Back row- 
Myrna Lippman, Larry Werner, Ira Allen, HoUace Goldberg, Virginia Broadbeck, Debbie George. 

-Margie Solomon, Stan Goldberg, 

News Board 

Standing (L-R): 

Dennis Luther 

Weds. C.C. 

Steve Parks 

Fri. D.E. 

Seated (L-R): 

Jim Fellows 

Thurs. D.E, 

John Renner 

Thurs. C.C. 

Judy Appel 

Weds. D.E. 

Margaret Hill 

Fri. C.C. 

Daily Editors and Copy Chiefs 


ARGUS — Front Row I-r: P. Nesbitt, Jr.. P. Randolph, B. Harper, J. Kidder, T. Walker, L. Rains. 2nd Row: B. 
Reynolds, P. Framis, L. Beach, G. Allen, T. Beck, J.Amberson, S. Miller. 3rd Row: D. Woodbury, J. Potthast, W. 
Hooker, H. Raza, J. Davidson, D. Meers. Missing: T. Baxter, Editor. 



WMVC— Front Row I-r: D. Goldstein, A. Kaffen, C. Weese, E. Sacks, R. Diickman, Manager. G. Maynard, P. 
Suarez, C. Ford, J, Dowling. 2nd Row: C. Diekmann, J. Policy, J. Haifley, R. Ferrara. F. GroflF. B. Malkin, J. 
Hartge, H. Eisenberg, G. Warner. 3rd Row: G. Glasser, J. Samuels, J. Smithson, C. Tillman, P. Bedford. R. De- 
Vroom, T. Moffit, M. Silverman, 4ih Row: R. Schaub, F. Lipshultz, R. Wolfe, J. Moore, R. King, R. Lett, R. Fisch, 
R. Povich. 







Paul Connor 


CAMBRIDGE COMPLEX COUNCIL— Fro/ir Row: M. Kuhn. M. DeMatteis, W. King, Treas.; M. Stein, V. Pres.; R. Bartnik. Pres.; R. War- 
field, Soc. Chrm.; L. Choin, Sec; N. Maynard. Back Row: R. Dietrich, W. Gifiin, D. Robinson, J. Coyle, P. Plunkert, K. Gregory, L. Davis, 
J. Corl, J. Davis. 

Cambridge Complex Council 

Denton Complex Council 

DENTON COMPLEX COUNCIL— Front Row: K. Frazier, Sec; J. Hastings. Pres.; A. Kozlowski, A. Coord.; B. Cohen. V. Pres.; M, Don- 
nelly, Treas. Second Row: M. Bryant, N. Noack, J. Graham, M. Holzapfel, S. Patterson, C. Roach, S. Kline. Third Row: J. McAllister, E. 
Shaver, J. Frushour, R. Snead, S. Langfeld. Back Row: L. Lowenthal, M. Jones, D. Dickson, G. Ord, C. Kelly. 



HILL AREA COUNCIL — Front Row: S. Thompson, K. Borofka, T. Courchen, Sec; S. Zweig, Treas.; D. Eisler, V. Pres.; R. Paritzky, Pres.; 
L. Young, Adv.; P. Xenakes, Adv.; B. Payne, B. Milker. Second Row: I. Bloom, R. Kadesch, T. Stearns, L. Brock, J. Williamson, L. Knoerkin, 
P. Geisenkotter, D. Kohne, S. Dansicker, S. Gordon, L. Yarmosky, D. Simkowitz. Back Row: R. Laber, J. Mahoney, A. Loomis, S. Miller, E. 
Frey, J. Lehmann, T. Shivers, A. Elgahil, H. Wolpert, A. Brown, M. Gaflfney. 

Hill Area Council 

Mobile Unit Council 

MOBILE UNIT COUNCIL— Fro/z/ Row: B. Farver, A. Coord.; R. Morgan, Sec; C. Weincek, Pres.; F. Bender, 
V. Pres.; B. Borzymowski, Treas. Back Row: I. Rosenberg, M. Dorsch, J. Cooper, H. Purnell, A. Holt, J. Bembe. 

Residence Hall Council 

RESIDENCE HALLS COUNCIL— Fro«/ Row: D. Eisler, T. Shepherd, T. Courchen, Sec.; R. Woolf. Pres.; B. Larson, 
V. Pres.; L. Choin, B. Cohen. Back Row: R. Bartnik, F. Bender, C. Wiensek, W. Lawrence^ R. Paritszky, J. Hastings, 
N. Adelman, W. Grove. 

* '.f « t -* X J 



Anne Arundel 

ANNE ARUNDEL— Fro/ir Row: M. Brill, P. Miller, M. Siavitz, A. Korson. M. Shaffer, R. Woodward, L. O'Nei!, treas.. R. Pfeiffer, v. pres., 
S. Barnes, pres., G. Duncan, sec, C. Hubbard, G. Donalds, C. Holcves, M. Dowden, C. Holt, S. Jarosinski, B. Miller, E. Pepper. Second 
Row: F. Sherr, T. Page, T. Pierce, E. Floyd, S. Streeter, S. Mann, P. Cryer, P. Collins, R. Laniado, S. Flax, M. Coleman, E. Grimes. P. Kar- 
linsky. S. Werter, P. Lohsen, G. Joachim, P. Radwell, J. Cronin. Back Row: L. Jones, A. Caplan, J. Flayhart, L. Copony, J. Burns, G. Max- 
well, D. Sherr, C. Morgan, C. O'Brien, B. Allegri, J. McQuaid, C. Davis, M. Mullen, L. Smith, A. Stevens, M. Gordon. 


CAROLINE HALL— Fro/ir Row: D. Herndon, B. Parrino, B. Blondes, S. Armstrong. V. Pres.; M. Gabor, Pres.; S. Adams. Sec; D. Hard- 
esty, L. Boyer, P. Neil, N. Shevchik, C. Cooper, S. Brudno. Second Row: M. Walsh, B. Maddox, B. Brendel, B. Hull, L. Weitzman, C. 
Soth'oron, A. Richman, B. Podolsky. M. Goldman, K. Prevatte, F. Bennett, L. Love. P. Francis, K. Peterson. Third Row: K. Holmes, S. 
Lithfield. K. Davis, C. Brogan, L. Robley. D. Sinway. M. Milwicz, L Brodnick, L. Miles. B. Stolker. P. Harmsen. D. Rebert. M. O'Brien, M. 
Williams. J. Charlton. Back Row: B. Errickson. K. Knight. L. Jori. A. Musgrove, N. Knight, J. Myers, S. Harans. B. Fox. A. Kcllerman. 
G. Murphy, J. Hill, J. Beebe, P. Germak, M. Hird. 


CARROLL HALL — Front Row: V. Marcuse, M. Brafman, A. Denser, P. Firth, B. Stultz. S. Danz, M. Mejia. J. Branyan. Pres.; I. Caplan. 
V. Pres.; N. Hall, Treas.; C. Ford, E. Antin, S. Bitter, V. Spriggs, L. Colaguori, M. Kcmcrer. Second Row: J. Bame. T. Rudo. S. Ginsberg, S. 
Goggi. L. Kaufman, C. Strauser. R. Snce. P. Appleby. S. Stangil. C. Thibautt. M. Zcll. A. Wilkins, L. Alcott. R, Gloyd. D. Boldcn. D. Miller. 
B. Fishman. Third Row: E. Bell. B. Hollenbeek. M. Icvinson. L. Jones. I). Snoops. S, Pritchard. A. Palmer. S. Pusey. K. Th.ickcr. C. Blum. 
K. Davis, C. Bowen. C. Kirby, C. Shipp, N. Daly, C. Branyan, J. Hastings, S. Jeffrey. Back Row: B. Levy, J. Bankhead, S. Hamill, M. Sei- 
bert, P. Beatty, K. Lapp, F. Miller, P. White, N. Hcarn, K. Towson. G. Anthony, E. Levan. N. Mcllvaine, F. Mowry. P. Van Middlcsworth, 
B. Wirtz. 

Centerville North 

CENTERVILLE NORTH— Fronr Row: D. Shea, K. Aydelotte, S. Fried, L. ConiflF, E. Woytowitz, F, Cromwell, M. Kuhn, N. 
Maynard, T. Lubin, K. Henry, soc. chrm.; Finneran, sec; K. Gregory, pres.; S. Blacker, v. pres.; J. Wilhelm, treas.; P. Plunkert, 
S. Hall, B. Finch, soc. chrm. Second Row: A. Ross, C. Violette, N. Paul, D. Brooks, F. Eeedy, J. Regal, L. Monisera, M. Ponte- 
landolfo, V. Peck, B. Cooke, N. Broden, M. Lipinski, J. Becker, E. Summer, J. Barr, C. Gles. Third Row: K. Lazun, B. Hahn, C. 
Miller, M. Gamerman, S. Nathanson, S. Gannon, A. Yutzy, T. Yonych, B. Shaw, R. Mahone, S. Kloss, D. Mattes, K. Nissley, 
N. Frey, S. Kirk, S. Shaw. Back Row: G. Hermann, S. Phillips, P. Orinane, S. Brill, J. Welch, J. MacCallum, K. Seganish, B. 
Crampton, L. Mosher, M. Anderson, V. Buckson, J. Powers, L. Leisure, K. McGovern, S. Evans. 

Centerville South 

CENTERVILLE SOUTH— FroA!/ Row: C. Lum, K. Skruch, S. Welty, C. Krinsky, M. Keehan, S. Hess, G. Robins, J. Drum- 
mond, M. Bornt, T. Jeffers, G. Blackmore, Pres.; V. Soo Hoo, Sec; E. Embrey, N. Farmer, R. Lafferman. Second Row: M. De- 
Matteis, J. Young. V. Price, J. Stewart, M. Kesecker, S. Munday, C. Neidorf, L. Sobczak, R. Willey, M. Craig, J. Schlaudecker, 
J. Johnson, A. Loring, N. Lee, C. Lapausky, B. Jacobs. Third Row: C. Romano, B. Whipp, C. Saukel, L. Means, T. Miller, C. 
Mika, M. Luckett, C. Leverton, D. Clarke, M. Cohen, S. Hackerman, M. White, K. Cantwell, S. Josephson, V. Fields, L. Hesoun. 
Fourth Row: L. DeVan, F. Polky, J. Weiss, S. McAbee, S. Itzel, I. Heisserman, M. Worthington, P. Hayes, E. Gurganus, D. 
Haefett, J. Gawthrop, M. Shashaani, P. Smith, M. Harris, S. MacDonald. Back Row: B. Quick, B. Clydesdale, L. Summers, L. 
Hall, M. Vogel, D. Martin, C. Martin, R. Lindemann, L. Bennett, V. Finch, X. Lax, I. Young, C. Groves, K. Hunter, M. Pappas, 
M. Estes, G. Metcalfe. 


DENTON— Fronr Row: G. Miyaskai, M. SeflF, M. Sass, S. Brill, L, Freidson, C. Lo, J. Gilds, M. Wilder, C. Roach, S. Kline, L. Van Scoy, 
V. Pres.; S. Patterson, K. Roome. C. Borowsky, M. Markowitz, L. Mosner, H. Speakman. Second Row: E. Learman, C. Wright, B. Gallagher, 
V. Aanenson, D. Merritt, N. Kimmel, P. Reuter, S. Broadwater, M. May, C. Benedetto, K. Grubman, B. Schachter, V. Roecker, L. Matthews, 
L. Graham, M. Tarollo. Third Row: A. Schmidt, L. Tyrie, D. Perry. E. Shook, C. Lyons, S. Cox, K. Noren, N. Elliott, L. Gassman, A. Rizzo, 
J. Kempers, B. Damico, D. Felker, M. Mainville. Buck Row: J. Murray, P. Paulsen, M. Schettewi, A. Steffey, S. Antholz. S. Fagerstrom, M. 
Martin, P. Baden, J. Williams, D. Good, J. Geer, L. Allik, S. Warfield, M. Brown. 


DORCHESTER HALL— Fron/ Row: F. Gaiiano. C, Phipps, S. Greenfeld, S. Lipman, S. Pridgeon. R. Timmons. N. Hauser. S. Glackin, 
Pres.: R. Woolf, D. Mosco, A. Kraszewski, T. Roper, C. Baluta, D. Madera, M. Bioomquist. Second Row: N. Lewis, K. Hatfield, T. Armacost, 
K. Kelly, B. Hall, B. Shulman, E. Ressin, R. Schnider, M. Shanklin, T. Snowhite, M. Marcus. K. Brautigam. E. Hoflfman, D. Cramer, C. 
Hargy, S. Geyer, D. Deterding. Back Row: J. Marks, L. Haas, M. Hazard, S. Hazard. J. Streckfus, L Grigg, N. Edwards, E. Tobias, M. Cay- 
ford, D. Knoller, S. Norman, S. Lewis, G. Ahl, P. Hiscox, L. MatisofF, S. Ahalt, P. Schcuerman. 


ELKTON — Front Row: B. Meadows, J. King, M. Smith, D. Francies. S. Smith, P. Bell, treas.; E. Ening. pres.; M. Holapfel. v. pres.: C. Lee, 
D. Lew, E. Mullins, E. Bunnell. N. Slemmer, S. Kawamoto, D. Ludicke. B. Cunningham. S. Thynn. Second Row: J. Magnuson. V. Hood. M. 
Rodgers, G. Nyburg. R. Corbin, S. Buckwaiter. S. Sonncniciter. M. Gray. B. Newman, M. Vellie, J. McKim. C. Steinberg. L. Ingerto, P. 
Moody, C. Wyett. C. Luttrcll, C. Withcrow. C. Smink. D. Outlaw. Third Row: S. Willis, J. Marsh, K. Brytc. P. Wingert. M. Harmon. P. 
Shipley. R. Farrcll, M. Lowney, M. Klingelhofer. G. Pegucs, D. Richer. H. Znamirowski. C. Erase. S. Close. A. DuBree. K. Suvdani. V. 
Dominick, R. Mapp. Back Row: L. Ward, H. Hardiner. K. Ripley. J. Zeitlih. L. Billinglcy. S. Conklin, E. Hook, R. Sneeringer, P. Watkins, 
S. Smith, J. Graham, S. Engclbert, S. Taylor. C. Hogan. B. Coed. M. lafans, C. McDermott. 

Montgomery East 

MONTGOMERY EAST— From Row: H. Fruman, B. Fein, T. Schwartz, B. Wolkstein, A. Carpenter, M. Lewis, K. Borafka, 
V. Pres.; N. Rawlings, Pres.; J. Gaynor, J. Nieminen, M. McKay, H. Bluefeld, B. Price, S. Ragan, S. Tabor, S. Simon. Second 
Row: R. Krosin, M. Ruck, S. Cohen, J. Kellert, J. Lyies, J. Young, J. Shepler, E. Strickman, M. Maloflf, D. Staub. E. Brodsky, R. 
Polovoy, B. Gossard, S. Csicsek, S. Klein, L. Barnhart. Back Row: E. Wilhide, S. Crouse, D. Hopkins, M. Lason, E. Cohen, H. 
Davis, J. Sharp, C. Wagner, C. Dillon, S. Campen, S. Wilner, P. Franck, L. Hinch. 

Montgomery West 

MONTGOMERY WEST— Front Row: C. Schwartz, G. Berry, K. Bradley, Pres.; R. Turner, Sec; B. Cromwell, I. Lowenstein, M. 
Michalski, L. Nieves, H. Edelson. Second Row: D. Thomas, S. Rochkind, E. Andrys, S. Saperstein, J. Payfer, N. Fox, D. Pavlos, 
S. Cohen, K. Morris, J. Cohen. Back Row: B. Wall, B. Telton, S. Guertler, L. Nally, I. Wolpert, P. Mayte, M. Gilstad, J. Puckett. 


Montgomery Center 

MONTGOMERY CENTER— /?ro«r Row: P. Moes, J. Freeman. G. Einbinder, L. Greenberg, S. Yager, R. Purnell, J. Swartz. L. Koonce, N. 
Ginsberg, Pres.; J. Bogan, K. Joseph, B. Henkc, B. Witlzak, J. Schwartz, M. Silberstrom, L. Hale, D. Lynn, S. Spear. Second Row: M. Wock- 
enfuss, S. Gordon, A. Suskin, R. Flax, K. Wooley, D. Holladay, W. Nichols, B. Adler, P. Michini. M. Goldbloom, E. Simpson. S. Morgan, K. 
Hutherson, J. Mullican, J. Thomas, E. Lohr, B. Bottonose. Back Row: B. Neuner, I. Moss, S. Gellman. F. Symons. K. Wagner. K. Vice. J. 
Watson, L. Sutton, E. Coupe, C. Emrich. C. Gudmundson, B. Peterman, V. Pekich, S. Fuller, L. Murray, J. Tucker. 

Queen Annes 

QUEEN ANNE'S — Front Row: T. Lovin, J. Harris. N. Walker, S. Datres. C. Hoffeditz. P. Mullinix, B. Prifchett. Pres.: P. Geisenkotter, 
V. Pres.; D. Deacon, V. Betz, B. Keedy. P. Leonard, A. Mihm, B. Davis, M. Gardner, L. Paul. Second Row: C. Austin, C. Fouche. M. 
Kemp, M. Buckler, M. Benedykcinski, P. Brodie. B. Flotte, M. Schmidt, S, Haymaker, M. McCourt, K. Shanahan. C. Gaffney, D. McKay. D. 
Kilmore. Third Row: L. Weinstein, K. Herrell, N. Troxler, C. Linzey, R. Maisti. D. Spurling, H. Vanek. J. Wilson. E. McKittrick. G. Manuel. 
J. Carasso, D. Cannon, P. Brenner. Back Row: C. Formwalt, D. Byers, M. Davis, A. Fasimpaur, J. Holljes, J. Stieber, S. Lannon, G. Rode, 
J. A. King, E. Rynarzewski, E. Volkmer. 

St. Marys 

ST. MARY'S HALL — Front Row: M. Home, M. Prisak, D. Geraghty. J. Lambert, v. pres.; L. Hoch, soc. chrm.; S. Roman. P. Kinahan. Sec- 
ond Row: L. Tracy, P. Harrison, E. Lang, A. Tyneson, B. Knapik. M. Mudd. Back Row: D. Habicht, M. Smith, C. Engle. C. Miller. 


SOMERSET HALl^Front Row: B. Hoffman, C. Kuckuda, M. Urbas, N. Shehavs, L. Parker, V. Pres.; J. Owens, Treas.; A. Young, Pres.; 
P. Marsiglia, Soc. Chrm.; J. Ditlow, L. Eaton, J. Hall, S. Murray, M. Kienzler. Second Row: A. Kolman, J. Kelly, H. Morgan, M. Linden- 
mayer, J. Galloway, J. DeMeike, P. Harrison, J. Lurie, J. Griggs, I. Freedland, P. Grant, V. Van Holten, G. Hyatt. Third Row: S. DeCoste, 
A. Balacek, J. Cooper, N. Wilkinson, L. Hinkel, B. Milker, C. Clark, C. Robinson, L. Hart, B. Beasley, B. Day, B. Henson, S. Townsend, P. 
McCoy, L. Hupart. Back Row: D. Austin, C. Pearson, P. Carter, K. Ripple, L. Holland, K. O'Connor, K. Larkin, L. Kwitkoski, R. Aleksle- 
wicz, S. Lamm, P. Triplett. 


WICOMICO— Fronf Row: C. Kyne, L. Knoerlein, S. Phillips, D. Sullivan, D. Johnson, treas.; J. Fleming, sec; S. Eraser, v. pres.; B. Schnei- 
derman, H. Loring, A. Griber, S. McLaurine, L. Budelis, S. Lazarus. Second Row: S. Lloyd, A. Schwab, P. McMichael, S. Moore, J. Ryd- 
zewski, S. Maguire, C. Schwartz, S. Heindel, C. Kellstrom, E. Budlow, P. Scott, D. Greenberg, E. Eberly. Back Row: K. Johnson, K. Keely, 
K. Richardson, C. Anders, G. Pszwaro, L. Asch, S. Johnson, D. Lewis, J. Stockton, S. SaUn, J. Naylor, S. Martin, M. Rolfs, M. Poole. 


WORCESTER HALL— Front Row: L. Stambach, P. Kacala, A. Lipitz, B. Feller, S. Dean, F. Funkhouser, D. Kerschensteiner, Soc. Chrm.; 
E. Glass, V. Pres.; A. Boswell, Pres.; J. Ralph, Sec; A. Cochran, Treas.; M. Stein, B. Parkin, J. Aucremanne, E. Grey, L. Arzt. Second Row: 
A. Smith, P. Burney, D. Davis, P. Patchen, P. Bosak, B. Weiner, P. Taylor, H. Bartner, E. Max, E. Mager, P. Orr, R. Guben, P. Cohen, R. 
Applebaum, G. Smith, S. Nickel. Third Row: J. Masser, J. Hartley, P. Waters, C. Harding, B. Jones, I. Jackson, B. Stafford, D. McMahon, R. 
Susman, A. Biser, J. Sherwood, C. Tolbert, H. Seidman, S. Weinstein, A. Bell. A. Billmeier, C. Ebel, M. Freeman. Back Row: L. Blum, S. 
Hankey, C. Pratt, R. Tolly, C. Johansen, J. Will, E. Marcus, C. Weinstein, L. Koerber, D. Yingling, R. Lephardt, S. Evemgam, V. Hoover, 
R. Blumberg. 


Allegheny A and B 

ALLEGHENY A and B — Front Row: D. Bowman, sec; A. Jones, treas.; S. Walters, D. Peck, pres.; D. Couchman, J. Mahoney. R. Noveck, 
pres.; W. Brown, v. pres.; M. Mattem, treas.; K. Wright, J. Knee, D. Buhrman. Second Row: S. Voshell, J. O'Day, G. Hastings, E. Pietra, D. 
Miller, S. Ades, M. Kletman, B. Siegel, R. Bolt, F. Davis, M. Smelkinson, G. Buschman, S. Book. Third Row: R. Sandler, K. Robertson, J. 
Hubner, B. Miller, R. Glowitz, A. Urbas, R. Fox, E. Smith. Back Row: P. Anderson, S. Hough, J. Behrens, R. Ward, D. Sonerville, S. Katz, 
S. Longley. 

Allegheny C, D, and E 

ALLEGHENY C. D. E DORM— Front Row: T. Poteet. R.A., W. Pritchard, M. Gaflfhey, J. Arnaiz, v. pres., P. Farrell, R.A., J. Howes, 
pres., C. Wobbeking, C. Collison. Second Row: C. Fink, J. Garner, J. Kerr, R. Braunstein, R. Karpook, L. Timmons, A. Barbarika, R. Du- 
bicki, J. Pfeffer, M. Levi. Back Row: D. Hawley, M. Richmond, treas., D. Wolfe, S. Freud, D. Yelton, v. pres., W. Stone, R. Kadlubawski, 
M. Sober, R. Neiswender. 


ANNAPOLIS — Front Row: S. Oden, E. Shollenberger, B. Robbins, B. Seymour, A. Fenton, S. Vogelhut. Soc. Chrm.; G. Hankin, H. Klein, 
Treas.; J. Herrst, V. Pres.; W. Jung, R. A.; L. Yarmosky, Pres.; E. Leifson. Sec; G. Raffel. A. Lewis, Athl. Chrm.; B. Wondersck, S. Amer- 
nick. Second Row: J. Stump, M. Stone, K. Tillcs, L. Gordon, J. Parkany, J. Friedman, S. Cohen, L Ades. R. Attman, B. Goble. K. Kantor. 
K. Ri.sscr, J. Raphcl. Third Row: V. Gocbel, G. Blood, F. Myers, D. Katz. J. Naiditch. E. Andrews. A. Cohbin, R. Paritzky, S. Cohen, H. 
Moralcs-Macedo, P. Pinzon, D. Young, J. Pugh, J. Kcstler. Back Row: D. Kahuna. G. Belsinger. K. McCahill. A. Frilts, P. Bright, S. Tawes. 
J. Murphy, J. Warren, S. Levin, P. deKowzan, K. Malkus. 


t # t 



ft' f f 

Antietam A and B 

ANTIETAM A&B— Front Row: M. Garaek, D. Pilitt, R. Bailey, Sec; J. Luley, Sec; G. Grobaker, V. Pres.; A. Holt, Pres. A; J. Cooper, 
Pres. B; T. Malinky, Treas. A; E. Meerholz, C. Young, A. K. Wu, C. W. Hogan, R. Ashton. Second Ro^^:■ C. Tiedebohl, C. Eastridge, E. 
Helmstetter, J. Sternberg, A. Wilps, R. Whiteley, S. Purdum, L. Yarris, W. Wallace, D. Bartnik, R.A.; B. Long, S. Kramer, M. Kern, H. 
Buchanan. Third Row: R. Jordan, J. Petro, R. Richman, D. Yeagle, E. Wildasin, J. Strozykowski, L. Bopp, C. Swears, R.A.; F. Roberts, 
J. K. Bass-Food, S. W. Ranes, R. Malczewski, J. Gilhooly. Back Row: C. Woods. A. Lebson, C. Martin, D. Sive, R. Stinchcomb, N. Salatti, 
W. Reece, R. Young, A. Terry, D. Eckman, D. Bouling, W. Pawlowski, S. Wah, R. Peppier, M. Peltz, J. Kelsey. 


BALTIMORE HALL— Fronr Row: R. Frick, G.R.; A. Terl, R.A.; S. Markle, Treas.; C. Dorney, A. Kaffen, Sec; E. Eaten, M. Malone, 
V. Pres.; J. Pantelides, Pres.; J. Brown, Pres.; M. Fradkin, V. Pres.; C. Hellman, Sec; T. Devlin, J. Burbette, J. Williamson, W. Beasman, 
M. Pazornick. Second Row: B. Amos, A. Obstbaum, R. Chideckel, R. Ginnett, J. Valentine, O. Biddick, J. Sonneborn, J. Easter, C. Cantales, 
C. Carlin, B. Miller, J. Hart, H. Klippcn, R. Lawrence-Hopley. Third Row: R. Kuhns, R. Myer, R. Paschak, R. Willen, E. Howard, J. Fine, 
J. Semuels, A. Kreworuka, B. Keller, W. Grahe, C. Wesses, S. Levy. Fourth Row: J. Miller J. Tribbitt, J. MacDonald, J. Bottoms, M. Mur- 
phy, L. Higgins, G. Abbott, J. Kirkemo, F. Bradstreet, D. Sanborn, W. Smith, G. Solhan. Back Row: R. Morris, J. Kirsh, T. Aune, S. Hurley, 
J. Davis, P. Hoffermann. 

Bel Air A 



Jl.ilJ^ ? ' 

f f 't f 






Bel Air B 

BEL AIR B — Front Row: C. Logan, R. Krastel, S. Kleczyaski, C. Kucera, C. KoUias, J. Coyle, Pres. A; R. Dieterich, Pres. B; S. Moore, Sec. 
B; C. Pascale. V. Pres. B; C. Woods, Treas. B; L. Mclka, C. Tittle. T. Watts. Second Row: A. Haspert. N. Brandt, T. Sombatpium, R. Bull, 
L. Lawton, M. Heck, R. Harrison, E. Fox, R. Bisker, A. Baumann, G. Manz. Third Row: J. Graves, R. Dempsey, D. Konick, D. Cowman, 
D. Greifinger, J. Goldstein. V. Pres.; J. Rock, R. Baumgardner. B. Wallick, C. Boteler, R. Tully, D. Baker. Foiirih Row: G. Henning, L. Bee, 
J. McDermott, D. Bliden, A. Ronde, R. Contino, C. Grabowski, D. Bruther, L. Fossett, G. Moser, P. Leiss. Back Row: R. Lukens, L. Shan- 
naban, R. Jackson, B. Samm, E. Nawrocki, Treas.; J. Badger, T. Smith, J. Weiler, D. Schneider, J. Wood, P. Blackiston. P. Breakfast. 

Belvedere A 

BELVEDERE A— From Row: R. Turner, G. R.: L. Merling, R.A.; L. Wolff, J. Rosenberg, Pres.; R. Morgan. V. Pres.: D. McGrael, Treas.; 
T. Moser, Sec; L. Wiest. Second Row: R. Pye. D. Neily, D. Mayo. G. Usrey, A. Wcinstein, D. Shaffer, T. Krciser. J. Kissinger. B. Wenger, 
J. Gilmore. Third Row: P. Paz, M. Zepp, H. Bounds, H. Dunn, C. Samet, N. Ament, D. Kress, B. Mayer, E. Vezzi. Back Row: S. Leahy, 
G. Withnel, R. Yankowsky, R. Stokes, P. Meyer, E. Timmerman, D. Mally, J. HalL 

Belvedere B 

BELVEDERE B— Front Row: T. Lankford. J. Slade. D. Hartlove, J. Libert, G. Lonergan, Treas.; M. Dorsch, Pres.; J. Dryden, V. Pres.; B. 
Poole, G.R.; D, Henson, R.A.; A. Farver, Area Coord.; E. Patterson. Second Row: T. Morales, R. Holmes. R. Holland. J. Frecland. C, 
Weincck, B. Mace, J. Ncwirk, R. Peloquin, C. Elmer, B. Levin. Back Row: B. Borzymowski. J. Catchings, J. Duchcz, S. Kamali, R. Rumpf, 
F. Taylor, B. Gerring, B. Allen, D. Mcssineo, S. Dalis. 



BYRD HALL — Front Row: B. Gordon, jud. chrm.; B. Walker, soc. chrm.; W. Roth, treas.; M. Quin, v. pres.; R. Wolfinger, pres.; M. Smith, 
pres. of B; B. Brewer, treas. of B; C. Schultz, v. pres. of B. Second Row: W. Harper, J. Jeffries, G. Arnold, M. Palamaras, T. McCabe, M. Rob- 
erts, L. Pearl, E. Scott. Back Row: S. Isaacs, J. Hendricks, R. Grier, L. Garber, D. Gross, J. Kaes, J. Kolakowski, R. Isom, G. Hornseth. 










^^^^^P'^^I^^BV ' * u 


^t~ '^^^^^^^^V^^^^^^K^ 

1 ^^'^'^^^H 






Catoctin A 

CATOCTIN A — Front Row: F. Behlke, C. Listner, C. Wenz, D. Schwaninger, C. Simpler, v. pres.; W. Bohli, J. Benbe, pres.; T. Rykken, 
J. Freistat, v. pres.; D. Mulligan, sec; L. Cunningham, treas.; J. Molino, D. Gerwig. Second Row: G. Cohen, T. Stanton, J. Proksa, P. Mur- 
phy, L. Santiago, M. McGraw, N. Willner, K. Fyhr, R. Meyer, J. Roseberry, D. Rencher, W. Boyse, A. Brauer. Back Row: W. Marker, J. 
Rianhard, W. Richards, J. Smith, A. Shepherd, R. McAllister, N. Smith, J. Insley, C. Koliais, F. Bender, W. Olsen, C. Reeder, S. Fickett. 

Catoctin B 

CATOCTIN B — Front Row: N. Hagura, R. Lawson, B. Nesvitt, F. Leaf, M. Waranch, G. Loew, R. Cunningham, J. Rohlhaus, v. pres.; H. 
Purnell, pres.; R. Brooks, sec; G. Price, W. Onorato, v. pres.; M. Gaugel. Second Row: L. Palman, A. Clay, J. Lee, R. Hall, J. Laws, F. Sal- 
lustio, H. Stedman, E. Pritchard, V. Loving, R. Hutsler, D. Lemon. Back Row: J. Papirmeister, D. Purdum, W. Kutz, J. Symons, L. Bayne, 
S. Ellison, R. Pone, D. Rebarchick, J. Raidma, P. Mendlesohn, W. Ritter, M. Zimmerman. 

Calvert A and B 

CALVERT A&B — Front Row: R. Carroll, Sec; B. Jones, Treas.; D. Eakin, V. Pres.; M. Fechter, Pres.; R. Roberts, Treas.; J. Harris, R. Ber- 
linrut, R. Annas, A. Brzostowski, J. Rohde, D. Hoffmeyer, C. Crumley, P. Moreno. Second Roh: T. Thomson, L. Dieffenbach, G. Spiclea, H. 
Miller, M. Townscnd, E. Molesworth, R. Kaestner, J. Rabovsky, C. Enis. J. Keenum, K. Mills, A. Burris. Back Row: C. J. Strobe!, W. Posner, 
H. Levy, L. Brantley, K. Kcenan, D. Freitag, J. Stevenson, M. Marcellind, N. Haines, J. Mullaney. J. Williams, W. Carmean. D. Lewis. 

Calvert C and D 

CALVERT HALL C&D—Froni Row: B. Bramson, C. Peters, B. Salsberg, B. Hoffberger, D. Fornwald, S. Gelfand, L. Camardo, E. Rush. 
J Engel M. Mortazavi. Second Row: A. Brzostowski, T. Florenz. J. Motsko. A. Shank, J. Goldstein. J. Bush. C. Konya. R. West. C. Tamres. 
R. Lee C Motsko. Third Row: L. Ellinger, B. Cohen. E. Holm. L. Dare, W. Whalen, J. Black. S. Mahan. S. Mangis. Sec; W. Alker, M. 
Hertsfein. Back Row: R. Wood, L. Casalino. M. Suarez, W. Houck. D. Buck, W. Preston, B. Magladry, P. Stillmock, S. Gordon. G. Perrygo. 
G. Wiebking, Treas.; B. Panebaker, R. Pass, V.P. 

Cambridge A 

CAMBRIDGE A— Front Row: B. Phelps, D. Wallace. O. Koleade, V. Skinner, sec; A. Kanaan, pres.: B. Brownstein, treas.; M. Nusbaum, 
B. Stonebraker. Second Row: G. Sears, G. Smith. C. Bruner, B. Smart, B. Williamson. B. BrinkerhofT, S. Chimg, Y. Lalezar. soc. chrm.; D. 
Jones, J. Schreiber,. L. Dobrowski, F. Singer. Back Row: M. Nugent, Graduate Resident; M. Eddy, S. Edwards, S. Goldstem. S. Mmor. C. 
Eiscnberg, M. Minnich, W. Schleicher. C. Hedstrom, J. Wilinson, J. Beck. P. Schroeder. 




Cambridge B 

CAMBRIDGE B— Front Row: B. Leonard, A. Freeh, B. McLaughliw, pres.; K. Burke, soc. chrm.; T. Kennedy, cul. chrm.; S. Stuart. Back 
Row: I. Dolle, W. Toula, Jr., K. Kemp, R. Noble, R. Tognocchi, P. Piasecki, M. Donohue. 

Cambridge C and D 

CAMBRIDGE C & D— Front Row: D. Shures, A. J. Tang, L. Smith, D. Bouchard, Treas.; J. H. Morris, V. Pres. Camb. C; D. Robinson, 
Pres. Camb. D; H. Kuhr, V. Pres. Camb. D; R. Ingles, Sec. Camb. D; J. Bolotin, Soc. Chrm.; H. Siegel. Second Row: M. Jones, S. Sagal, 
R. Jackson, W. Phelps, W. Ray, G. Schofield, V. O'Day, B. Williams, K. Basile. Third Row: R. Mattes, D. Browne, B. Centofanti, V. Wolyn- 
ski, J. Bruce, W. Riall, P. Callis, G. Stum, P. Uiian, J. Borkowski. Back Row: J. Cunningham, G. Whitson, M Sherr, R. Peterman, G. 
Pfeufer, D. Middlekauff, W. Renninger, R. Boley, R. Armacost, G. Schultz. 


CECIL HALL — From Row: J. Magin, J. Allen, L. Cooper, R. Taylor, R.A.; A. Fabiszak, treas.; B. Lumpkin, pres.; R. Eskow, v. pres.; K. 
Morgan, sec; J. Stasiewicz, B. Dwyer, S. Schneiderman. Second Row: J. Hancher, G. Priebe, G. Mangum, R. Robinson, G.R.; Mrs. Hugg, 
C. Himmelheber, S. Zweig, G. Roche, B. Tune. Third Row: J. Weddle, P. Conner, T. Burton, J. Trumbauer, D. Shkor, C. Monroe, J. Hartge, 
L. McGinn, R. Rosier, J. Maldonado. Fourth Row: J. BenchofT, M. Stitely, D. Stevens, B. Wildasin, L. Bane, J. Fitzwater, J. Wliitelaw, K. 
Smith, R. Mulkey. Back Row: R. Kuklewicz, R. Sontag, C. Hoffman, H. Stinefelt. 


^ .&.V 

St. sf 

I 'I ^ I 

»», A 

Yft^f*»ff t 

ilUl * 

Lt*f l*t t 

^f¥f f A^ 


CHARLES — Front Row: J. Freedman, D. Smith, J. Garman, K. Travers, J. Dewey, V. Pres.; R. Piepoli, Treas.; J. Bond, Soc. Chrm.; D. 
Schmitt, F. Perego, R. Rinehardt, D. Yenkel, Pres.; D. Smith, T. Ryan, J. Clark. Second Row: Marsh Gabson, A. Witkin, R. Rinehart, D. 
Dunlap, E. Hessong, D. Taylor, W. Foster, R. Hildebrand, J. Mudol, J. Loontz, T. Stearns, V: Pres.: C. Roberts, Sec. Thin! Row: H. Kline, 
Pres. West; S. Glassman, L. Knight, L. Clark, B. Trmiuk, H. Becker, B. Edgerton, E. Furd, A. Lipkey, R. Green, R. Davis, S. Kandel, M. 
Jacobs, J. Connor, H. Gibson. Back Row: J. Nelson, S. Strasbaugh, P. Bright, S. Donaldson, W. Booth, W. Rice, R. Snyder, A. Mac Kenzie, 
P. Blum, Soc. Chrm.; C. Case, K. Johnson, J. Malina. 






(wK \^m Pm '^m 

\jj€ jf^ 

Iv ^ 


w ^^^!a ^^Ih 'I^BAi^I 

|M|^^ ^ LI 

J I^KeiZS^I 







srf ^^^n^^ 







; toj" 'ill d ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^B 


Chestertown A 

CHESTERTOWN A— Front Row: R. Hertsch, P. Keyser, R. Holtz, W. Murphy, W. Miller, pres.; F. Finklestein, sec; J. Reger, E. Steel, R. 
Bartik. Second Row: D. Barnett, J. Czaja, A. Vu. D. Bcchtold, J. Murk, R. Berner, C. Young, T. Czarnecki, A. Quart. J. Arnold, C. Downs. 
Back Row: F. Sawtoni, G. Wojtech, V. Elhai, B. Hartman, D. Osmond, E. Hevner, K. Clark, F. Sykes, G. Kuehn, M. Bey, D. Mason, P. 

Chestertown B 

CHE.STERTOWN B~Front Row: J. Marshall, N. Coalc, P. Meckel, B. Bochenek. N. Stevenson, C. Selby. T. Boswell, graduate resident: B. 
Giffin, pres.; T. Duttercry, v. pres.; B. Cole, sec; J. Nuckels, treas.; L. Smith, N. Addleman. Second Row: T. Grabowski. J. Fahrman, R. 
Mea-sell, D. Klein, P. Kcperling, W. Stevenson, P. Dahan, C. Vanik, R. Nicholas. R. Creager, D. Baldwin, G. Daniel. Back Row: M. Cluster, 
D. Drackley, H. Burch, R. Soblotive, R. Riggs, D. Hummer, M. Segal, V. Melcski, T. Dawson, J. Lieblein, E. Dasch. 



Cumberland A, B, and C 

CUMBERLAND A, B, C — Front Row: F. Marmarosh, W. Hickman, J. Evans, K. Lehnbeuter, J. Gibson, sec; L. Weinecke, D. Palmer, A. 
Kirchner, A. Kehs, treas.; T. Gahley, J. Davis, pres. B; F. Wagner, T. Zmudzinski. Second Row: R. Gareau, E. Deutsch, R. Rollman, T. 
Kemp, C'. Kidd, W. Kramer, D. Vasser, D. Babb, T. Hammond, C. Adano, W. King, pres.; J. Nieberlein, A. Costas, T. Nawrocki. Back Row: 
J. Hull, T. Soya, K. Miesmer, S. Great, R. George, G. Kay, C. Webster, R. Lang, G. Smythers, W. Gray, J. Worth, K. Stout. 

Cumberland D 

CUMBERLAND H— Front Row: S. Marclerode, J. von Dreele, G. Snow, Soc. Chrm.; S. Collinson, Dlevan, Sec; M. Steer, V. Pres.; J. Mc- 
Auley. Back Row: S. Price, B. Grabau, R. Godwin, P. Johnston, S. Michalec, M. Ashley, J. McCamant, G. Miller. 

Cumberland G 

CUMBERLAND G — Front Row: S. Petit, W. Murley, G. R.; F. J. Dexter, S. Zaharoflf, R. Harrill. pres.; A. Vaisi, M. Morgan, T. Thomp- 
son, L. Cook, J. Nicholson, V. Krai, J. Gresko. Second Row: W. Wong R. Meleney, A. Cheung, B. Barila, A. Ballant, v. pres.; T. Murphy, 
soc. chrm.; R. McNabb, C. Storrs, R. Thomas, M. Dunham, K. Wachter. Back Row: J. Brown, R. Heaney, Leister, M. Luzuriaga, sec; S. 
Schepeare, Wilkinson, Robertshaw, H. Ryall, Grumbine. 




1 ' 



#■ t 




r f^ 





^ i. 



t ^1 







f -^ 






DAMASCUS — Front Row: N. Rogers, T. Henatch, D. Seaman, J. Braun. Second Row: B. Harmon, W. Lane, L. Porter. Back 
Row: S. Hershey, J. Fauguier, A. Wootten. 

Cumberland H 

CUMBERLAND H— Front Row: P. Welk. R. Warfield, soc. chrm.; L. Davis, pres.; L. Tedrow, R. Gordon. Second Row: M. 
Smoot, D. Detrick, M. Krepner, C. Smith, R. Bryce, J. Van Dermark. Back Row: E. Cockey, B. Harcum, J. Meyers, K. Dean, L. 
Fiedler, T. Kamerick, J. CornelL 


f t f f 

Easton A 

EASTON A- — Front Row: M. Somers, S. Graff, K. Dungan, S. Sirkin, K. Lentz, sec; G. Frushour, pres.; D. Thamet, v. pres.; B. Rogers, R. 
Carlton, M. Steinberg, G. R. Hoffman, K. Eister. Back Row: J. Lewandowski, R. Smead, W. Dellinger, C. Washburn, L. Schuman, M. Cos- 
tanza, D. Anderson, E. Lorenz, G. L. Itnyre, R. E. Grossard, G. F. Mitchell, J. W. Wills. 

Easton C and D 

EASTON C & D— Front Row: A. Rat, Don Walker, V. Golt, Pres.: B. Dershiell, V. Pres.; R. Berglowe, Treas.; J. Solie, C. Home, D. Jacobs, 
J. McAllister, Pres.; B. Cropper, V. Pres. D. Second Row: A. F. Gebler, A. J. Brzeclko, S. Housh, J. Prigel, B. Sewell, J. Ecker, J. Kohanz- 
deh, S. Gottsagen, C. Messick, L. Gassman, G. Phillips. Third Row: D. Bucrler, L. Ganter, W. Bransford, B. Wilson, J. Wirth, T. Hawthorne, 
J. Finn, M. Elliott, D. Weiss, C. Rockey. Back Row: J. Meyer III, R. Harvey, J. Glowa, T. Brady, J. Ritzmann, J. Barrows, D. Evick, R. 

Easton E and F 

EASTON E & F— Front Row: B. Beals, T. Gresham, B. Holtzscheiter, T. Imhoff, Sec; S. Izac, Pres.; R. Greenawalt, R. Robertson, R. Engel, 
T. Sonkford, S. Langfeld, R. Prescott. Second Row: J. Nelka, J. Foor, R. Rivers, J. Ohlmacher, F. Wilkins, W. Knicely, J. Steger, T. Thorn, 
H. Press, Treas.; H. Lins. Third Row: S. Robbins, H. Lew, R. Rosenkoff, H. Pollack, R. Heslin, D. Newhouse, I. Monsef, P. Sewell, L. Gan- 
non, G. Dodge, R. Holliday, L. Dawson. Back Row: Doug Wall, V. Pres.; B. Poole, M. Ruberry, R. Brenner, R. Engorn, J. Sewell, M. 
Rhoderick, R. Schneider, L. Doggett. 



*§ 3l 


S »f 



(7 1 

If If »* 

f J t 

f t 








1' # i 

" t! ? 



Easton G 

EASTON G— Front Row: B. Landers, L. Lowenthal, J. R. L., Ray Daniel, G. Ord, pres.; R. Schneider, v. pres.; J. Smith, R. Kimmel, C. 
Horton, W. Vance. Second Row: D. Eisenhuth, G. Comer, W. Evans, S. Graham, G. LeCompte, J. Scott, S. Nugent, C. Easter. A. Quincoses, 
S. Grube. Third Row: T. Knop, T. McHugh. R. Kinsley, D. Tral, J. Grunk, J. Hastings, R. Klau, J. Cak. Back Row: M. Donnelly, R. Beaser, 
L. Vincent, D. Tash, E. Kienzle, R. Humphries. J. Rudert. 

Easton H 

EASTON H — Front Row: R. Blackford, J. Wilson, C. Walsworth, sec; C. Kelly, pres.; A. Schneider, v. pres.; P. Kratzer. D. Knisely. Second 
Row: S. Maltese, N. Schoeck, P. Krejci, N. Nitsch, E. Fountain, W. Markham, G. Gilhland. Buck Row: P. Jackson, D. Butler, J. Heeter, J. 
Mix, L. Bordley, W. Fountain. 

Ellicott City A and B 

ELLICOTT CITY HALL — Front Row: C. Hr.rvey, treas.; M. Kirschen, J. Lund, pres.; R. Castor, v. pres.; J. Schacffer, G. Murray. Second 
Row: M. Beitz, B. Ginsberg, F. Knapp, H. Thompson, M. Holmes, D. Benson, J. Ford, 11. 

Ellicott City C 

ELLICOTT C — Front Row: W. Clatanoff, G.R.; M. Lusby, J. Schlaffer, G. Wetzel, treas.; F. Rickles, pres.; T. Schindler, F. Moonves, sec; M. 
Xillas, soc. chrm. Second Row: L. Myers, A. Skurnik, R. Scott, C. Paglio, S. Warner, W. Gilbert, G. Rill B. Clar. Back Row: L. Michaels, 
P. Brandenburg, F. Sheley, R. Rollins, K. Rothstein, L. Gordon, J. Debone, D. Waltrop, S. Weber. 

Ellicott City D 

ELLICOTT D — Front Row: E. lannotti, fr.; R. Dean, treas.; H. Shulman, pres.; G. Tersani, G. Kleiner, J. Abate, R. Zsakany. Back Row: C. 
Roesle, A. Midler, L. Owens, B. Dye, S. Diener, D. Morris, B. Thomason, R. Zellmer. 

Ellicott City E 

ELLICOTT E— Front Row: C. Radey, G.R.; R. Burkland, S. Van Nostrand, J. McClafferty, P. Suthard, Sec; D. Standefer, V. Pres.; K. 
Weiner, Pres.; B. Blakey, P. GriflRn, G. Hurtt. J. Bair. J. Kennaugh, D. Wilhide, R. Neubert. Second Row: F. Silva, R. Schlerf, B. Rothstein, 
B. Danielson, A. Bowers, D. Dunn, M. Sherlock, M. Blair, F. Goebeler, G. Ward, C. Baughman, R. Neubert. Third Row: W. Clark, R. Kam- 
mer, J. Pinsch, C. Murphv, J. Van Fossen, J. Klinger, D. Ruber, J. Schultz, G. Bassett, Treas.; S. Jones, J. Robertson, G. Roth. Back Row: 
M. Welsh, E. Baluta, R. Mish, G. Gottlials, P. Healey, R. Pettit, G. Kepler, D. Rogers, A. Leifer, A. Sheffler, A. Sheridan, C. Sleichter. 

n _» 

t f f f 

EUicott City F 

ELLICOTT CITY F— Front Row: M. McAmis, J. L. Edmonds, A. Trantas, F. Harrison-Ward, R. Webster, B. Attinger, E. Eisenbrey. 
Second Row: J. Richardson, J. C. McCullough, A. Datcher, M. Farrell, S. Wise, J. Solomon. Third Row: M. Keyworth, G. Haesler, 
A. Platou, G. Beckward, D. Pram. Back Row: P. Bedford, R. Gittings, R. Urban, H. Bowie, J. Wilson, P. Foley. 

Frederick Hall 

FREDERICK HALL— Front Row: G. Guynn, E. Schonenberg, T. Leikach, Kelly, Treas.; B. Turnes. Pres.; E. Lehmann. V.P.; N. 
Levy, T. Tabackmann. Second Row: I. Hoffmann, W. Schucker, S. Layton. W. Burnotes, D. Pickett, R. Stansbury, P. Eberlein. Third 
Row: H. Dorer, E. Bair, A. Sensabaugh, D. Coleman, L. Lehmann, R. Covell, G. Beacht, Back Row: G. Fox, E. Grihben. T. Bell. B. 
Byrd, E. Lawyer, N. Mannel, T. Hyde, J. Sicgmund, R. Spencer, D. Brechbicl. 


Ellicott City G and H 

ELLICOTT G & H— Front Row: J. Johnson, G. DeAngelis, G. Wilmot, E. Murphy, H. Goldberg, J. Eaton, Pres. H; S. Jacoby, Treas. H; B. 
Reiss, Pres. G.; R. Gregory, G.R.; L. Rothschild, Treas. G; J. Rhodes, S. Bennett, V. Pres. G; R. Sparks. Second Row: R. Cybulski, J. Pow- 
ley, A. Yurek, T. Mapp, D. Norton, K. Humark, A. Stahl. K. Malinow, M. Schocken, W. Hoover, B. Herzberger. Third Row: G. Rajaram, 
P. Rassier, P. Campbell, B. Magin, L. Franklin, G. Oaksmith, R. Kupersmith, J. Lowery, W. Robey. Fourth Row: S. Flynn, A. Chenowith, 
R. O'Rourke, D. Jones, T. Schafer, R. London, T. Conlon, V. Pres.; B. Frisinger, J. Molosworth, J. Garvey. Back Row: T. Nikirk, B. Berg- 
strain, K. Phillips, G. Phipps, D. Mays, R. Rill, G. Morrison, F. Jones, S. Berberich, P. Davis. 

J J .f , 


ii ' 


Garrett Hall 

GARRETT HALL — Front Row: J. Roby, N. Bain, R.A.; R. Price, J. Cox, F. Love, Sec; S. Hyman, D. Burrows, V. Pres.; W. Compton, 
Pres.; R. Peterson, Treas.; S. Jacobe, B. Inman, C. Barker, J. Karpinski. R. Winik. Second Row: S. Mackley, A. Rosenfeld, R. Wagenheim, 
B. Cohan, G. Taub, J. Finglass, J. Cane, R. Brocato, G. Kaplan, H. Chne, K. Baker, R. D'Angelo, A. Loomis, T. Given, D. Edwards. Third 
Row: T. Sullivan, R. Craig, M. Pearman, L. Churchville, C. Smith, P. Harding, P. Thomas, K. Kelly, R. Miller, P. Zcigler, A. Bell, W. 
Coppersmith, R. Micklos, P. Aynesworth, R. Crum. Fourth Row: R. Hill, M. Sapperstein, C. Gribavo, P. Vogel, W. Kubat, H. Willis, R. 
Fischer, R. Shape, R. CroU, D. Right, G. Bauersfeld, B. Hossbach, K. Hunt. Back Row: B. Bavlsir, J. Shipley, B. Brooks, E. Eldridge, M. 
Nalley, D. Blazer, G. Petrlik, D. Hilsinger. 

Harford Hall 

HARFORD HALL — Front Row: E. Jendrek, A. Chantker, R. Lombard!, G. Sullivan, Treas.; J. Foran, Pres.; R. Liston, V. Pres.; M. Nachman. 
Second Row: E. Alexion, J. Swift, R. Berwanger, F. Mamani, J. Daulton, G. Kohne, G. Hardegen, W. Williams. Third Row: G. Timberlake 
Jr., W. Russell, G. Cook, D. Deuvall, M. W. Henig, J. Crosby, N. Bergstein, D. Fritz, T. Martinez, S. Miller, D. Donaldson. Back Row: W. 
Malesh Jr., G. Godshalk, R. Billups, J. Zsakany, T. Bassett, Y. Laporte, N. Lehneis, R. Wood, T. Curley, T. Peters, B. Ferguson, J. MacRae, 
R. Bolgiano. 

I if.^ 


f f f f 

I' f -L* 1' • #' 

AmS 1 t f ' 

'5W¥¥ # # i* 

f f ^' 

f ' f 


i:^ ^ * J 

Howard Hall 

HOWARD — From Row: A. Baker, A. Mardousian, V. Pres.; J. Bryant, Pres.; S. Edelman, T. M. Garry, B. Powers, Sec; W. Shinnick. C. 
Patrick, T. Broderick. Second Row: M. Wiatrowski, S. Barrick, T. Bartolec, R. Hart, T. Lewis, N. Wackter, J. Taylor, N. Dowling. Back Row: 
J. Betz, J. Cianos, T. Ford, C. Huston, M. Jolnstone, S. Latchaw. 

Kent Hall 

KENT— From Row: S. Walker, P. Fink, C. Klemm, D. RofTman, A. Fox, Pres.; J. Cannon. P. Phillips. Second Row: M. Brett, K. Som- 
mer, J. Demsey, D. Simkowitz. E. Demutteis, J. Klien, G. Younkins, E. Birkmire, R. Boram, J Belt. Back Row: M. Wojton, B. McDonald, 
M. Fallin, K. Wrightson, R. Covey, J. Gabor, F. Dryden, T. Brooks, G. Holdefer, E. Jarobe, R.A. 

Prince Georges Hall 

PRINCE GEORGES — From Row: M. Jankiewicz, G. Jackson, J. Robinson, treas.; J. Novotny, sec: J. Mahoney. pres.; D. Taylor, 
V. pres;. R. Grcengold. B. Stokcly, R. Holter, J, Murray. W. Franz, T. Kelly. Second Row: D. Clark. T. Draper. S. Livingston. T. Fowler, 
M. S. Klein, S. Friedman, R. Barron, R. LiLssahn, B. Spencer. M. Kuklewwicz. M. Eisen, H, Houseknecht, W. Kurinij. Third Row: J. 
Yates, W. Boehm, J. Warfield, J. Downing, A. Meyerson. D. Gumnitsky. H. Lanham, K. Bryant. D. Dalmall. H. Gareis. B. Nielson. 
Back Row: J. Veise, H. Mason, R. Somers, D. Karel. B. Rozzoni, D. Bolton, S. Gough, J. Luddcr, R. Sommer, E. Kiser. K. Bellinger. 

Talbot Hall 

TALBOT HALL — Front Row: E. Drawbaugh, C. Landrum, v. pres.; J. Sadowski, pres.; A. Brown, E. Keuhl, R. Heird, soc. chrm.; 
W. Megary, treas. Second Row: P. Hearn, B. Hill, B. Danforth, E. Cherry, J. Reilly, A. Sorush. Third Row: G. Bowden, K. Larash, 
D. Casic. Fourth Row: J. Stallard, J. Sutton, J. Badinelli, T. Bruce. Back Row: M. Swomley, P. O'Neill, J. Zinreich, C. Butler. 

Easton B 

EASTON 'R— Front Row: D. Krizek, E. Raupach, E. Shaver, Pres.; D. Ebersole, V. Pres.; D. Duval, Sec; J. Necker, Treas.; C. 
Miller, R. Mann, D. Genovese. Second Row: S. Bowen, S. Yoffe, J. Determan, R. Shafer, W. Eaton, M. Michaels, L. Myers, K. 
Dean, P. Tawes. Third Row: R. Alberts, J. Imphong, R. Miller, J. Coleman, J. Rannels, L. Jordan, L. Garrison, R. Mooney. Back 
Row: S. Witt, R. Dietzel, W. Wright, R. Balclunas, J. Richardson, F. Fabin, N. Leatherman, D. Baker. 


Washington J and K 

WASHINGTON J & K— Front Row: T. Shepard, K. Sevier, J. Payne, Sec; A. Puca, Treas.; M. Noll, Pres.; T. Shivers, V.P.; G. 
Downs, L. Long, S. Metzner, W. Shoemaker. Second Row: R. Clagett, D. Cedrone, R. Hancock, J. Layton. J. Davis, M. Ragan, D. 
Holton. Third Row: R. Day, W. Routson, W. Lawrence, J. Coby, R. Arengo, A. Alexander. Back Row: C. Slade, G. Sohn. J. Schnei- 
der, IV., J. Fitzpatrick, R. Taylor, II. J. Brown. 







^ If 





it ' 














^ ^^0 



-^& ^^* 


Washington G and H 

WASHINGTON G & H— Front Row: P. Vale, M. Weisfeld. R. Kaminski. E. Jacques, J. Cordiano. Pres.: S. Rome. Treas.: R. 
Sprecher, M. Frank, L. Bamrick, R. Bair, M. Dreyer, W. Pergerson, G. R. Second Row: E. Lushbaugh, N. RIcklen. B. Anderson. 
H. Owen, R. Fox, N. Salafia, F. Groff, L. Young, H. Brackstone. Third Row: K. Briers, G. Esham, B. Jenkins, G. Stone. J. Stew- 
art, T. Stemmer, M. Anderson, D. Short. C. Gable, W. Quimby. Back Row: B. Webster, F. Cathell, L. Brockson. T. Wayne, W. 
Harger, F. Menke, R. Tanner, R. Dubnoff, J. Bean, S. Bryant. 



' ' .' ' - 






4.' A%. 


k .^ 4.* ^ A^ ^^ ^- AIL ^^ ^W 

ALPHA CHI OMEGA — Row I: R. Gingerich, J. Conrads, J. Zimmerman, B. Evans, M. Altman, B. Jiles, S. Valentino. J. Arnold, 
L Emel. J Inouye B. Piquet, C. Higgins, L. Lougee, V. Woodrow, S. Davis, C. Orban. Row 2: B. St. Clair, L. O'Neill, G. Grim. 

B. Gardner, B, Cox, treas.. A. Korab, corr. sec, J. Staley. v. pres., M. Beneke, v. pres., T. O'Neill, pres., B. Domingus, v. pres., L. soc. chmn., C. Toula, J. Douglass. J. Ward, J. Gray. Row i: C. Mintz, S. Bond. B. Walter, L. Wood. E. Morreale. J. Sykes, 
J Orban P. Patchen. L. Green, housemother, N. Gatlin. W. Otto. D. Benson. S. Meyers. P. Stewart, K. Roome, C. Tait. Row 4: 

C. Worden, P. Keenan, P. Klinges, L. Morgan. C. Steele. B. Peters, P. Peley. C. Little. L. Koerber, C. Thomas, M. Woods, D. 
Haesloop. Row 5: C. Sterling. M. Coleman, M. O'Neill, R. Rodgers. J. Evans. B. Miller, S. Nadeau, L. Copony, M. Welsh. Row 6: 
B McKay, B. Duffey, L. Wendel, L. Naylor, C. Stuart, M. Costello, S. Runnels, R. Garretson, S. Cooper, S. Hendricks. 

>V.I^ ^^F ^m-* f^^ VT'^ f^H I^V fl^M ^ '^^M 

ALPHA DELTA PI— Row I: C. Jones. M. Gcley. V. Hnmburg. M. Nelson. F. Dclmorc. K. Earnest. J. ramorria. corr. sec., J. 
Davis v pres.. C. Lawson. pres.. C. Stark, treas.. D. Holmes, rec. sec. D. Casselbcrry. K. Honlz. V. Luke, C. Mcintosh. J. Irclaml. 
Row 2: J. Rovce. T. Bugel. R. Anderson, K. Palmer. S. Cassidv. N. FIcigh. C. Gatchell. J. Kaper. Mrs. M. Gucnlher houscnioihcr. 
N Hooker. L.' Pellcgrino, L. Davis. F. Lang. R. Blumcnlhal. M. Bochm. M. Kriicgcr. «<-., .?; A. Hardman. J. Zabriskie K. liirvn. 
D Harris, K, Foster. E. Savage. D. Matejko. E. Rarksdalc. Row 4: M. Gundy. J. Walburgh. B. Hamill. V. Strecp. M. Smith. K. 
Farrell, L. Thompson, C. McDonough. J. Gillis. K. Gundy. Row 5: E. Nash. P. Francis. C. Hogan. B. Errickson. G. Coombs. M. 
Adams, K. Walsh, E. Shaw. E. King, S. Fink. 






ALPHA EPSILON PHl—Row 1: R. Katz, B. Warranch, G. Branoff, S. Rappoport, G. Kleger, B. Katz, B. Bonnett, E. Rosenberg, 
T. Rothstein, S. Resnick, T. Cohen, R. Kaplan, J. Morrell, G. Teitel, E. Kurtz. Row 2: J. Eisenberg, B. Goffman, I. Zetlin, M. Cap- 
Ian, J. Satine, S. Podgur, L. Hoch, L. Rubin, I. Kleinman, M. Freeman, N. Zaslowsky, L. Golden, A. Zinn, B. Bondy, R. Rose, D. 
Swartz. Row 3: R. Potash, R. Sandler, J. Goldstein, S. Steinbach, soc. chmn., I. Hackerman, rec. sec, A. Kassalow, treas., R. Goda, 
V. pres., C. Coburn, pres., M. Scherr, v. pres., S. Goldstein, hse. pres., B. Malin, corr. sec, E. Harris, ass't treas., J. Markin, panhel, 
J. Katz, L. Erlich, T. Gross. Row 4: M. Litwin, C. Stoolman, J. Kaplan, J. Goldman, L. Stein, B. Needel, E. Goldberg, H. Klotz- 
man. S. Reicher, M. Rubin./?oir 5: K. Berlin, E. Safro, L. Greenstone, E. Rosenzweig, B. Miller, A. Korson, R. Sass, B. Kind, S. 
Wolf, L. Jacobson. Row 6: T. Solomon, L. Becker, I. Solomon, D. Sandler, P. Rosen, L. Smolen. 


ALPHA GAMMA DELTA— Roii' /.• J. Putnam, R. Williams, G. Wise, L. Lightfoot, A. Cable, panhel, D. Eggleston, corr. sec, 
E. Best, treas., N. Monitor, v. pres., E. Folk, pres., M. Heggestod, v. pres., K. Boesch, sec, E. Barney, hse. chmn., M. Petrini, 
B. Mayer, J. Martin, A. O'Neill. Row 2: J. Kearns-Preston, B. Russ, N. Adams, S. Wilks, F. Brinley, hse. mother, K. Duncan, 
P. Hegarty, S. Simpson, C. Peter, L. Quinn, C. Grennon, L. Cheslosky, P. Koenig, P. Duflf, L. Oursler. L. McCron. Row 3: S. Baba, 
P. Whitehead, M. Russell, C. Brophy, E. Holland, N. Veraa. Row 4: J. Lovell, K. Dunn. L. Minor, R. Long, J. Bley, J. Hannawald. 
Row 5: C. Fehlner, G. Theodore, B. Hines, M. Liden, M. Page, A. Carter, M. Emmons, S. Pitts. 



ALPHA OMICRON P\—Rou- 1: L. Lyon, N, Brien. K. Bell. M. Gleason, S. Schloss, S. Miller, D. Ferjanec, S. Lyon. A. Kniger, 
P. Jones. N. Herchcnroeder. L. Kirby, M. Buckley. B. Zeiller, R. Richard, M. DeCoste. Row 2: B. Dente. C. Montgomery, W. 
Flegal, C. Snead. P. Voneiff. N. Crowther, treas., M. Shannon, corr. sec, D. Skirven, v. pres., S. Landriev, pres.. K. Kovval, v. 
pres., S. Samsel. sec. S. Gerwe. hse. pres., J. Mockabee. P. Furland. E. Reed, N. Rydell. Row .?.• D. Taylor. V. Kontos. S. Buch- 
holz, C. Frazier, K. Wise, B. Bees, L. Hersh, C. Plachta. W. Ellis, hse. mother, A. Catrambone, G. Williams, J. Herman. C. Sacks. 
N. Regnier, C. Anders. L. Olson. Row 4: P. Sholtze, M. Kollman, B. Brannen, K. Smith. A. Blakeslee. S. Martin. P. Rimbos, J. 
Guinan, P. Heller. Row 5: K. Bloom, L. Thackston, C. Dicio, N. Bienia. M. McHale, J. MacCallum, P. Rever, M. Bennett. Row 6: 
S. I.azar. B. Cooke, A. Pappas, B. Thompson. C. O'Brien, M. Sausser, J. Broking, S. Jacks. 


ALI'lll I'lll «.n, /. n. Harry. P. Grams, C. Bodkin, J. Powers, G. Grubhs. S. .Sicuarl, S. Komegay. C. Davis, C. Dictz. M. Wise, 
N. Funkhouser, S. Highlower, J. Zihlman, C. Porter. H. Tollcfson. N. Piigh. Row 2: M. Cockcy, L. Schwartz. C. Bascom. C. 
Kane, N. Best. B. Wood, R. Cheney, trcas.. J. Reeves, v. pres.. P. Roach, pres.. R. Ferguson, v. pres.. S. O'Mcara, chap., S. Scer- 
back. C. Andrcjack, M. Whitehill. D, Langcler, K. Millinglon. Row .J. ,M. O'l.cary. B. .Shipp. P. Kemper, P. Clark, K. Nelson, K. 
Callanan, B. Brown, S. Bascom, M. Wood. hse. mother. P. Bucklcv, S. Williams. J. Veach. J. Davis, M. Peters. C. Smith. C. Bo- 
land. Row 4: D, Doolan. M. Perry, S, Nelson, V. Brogan. B. ShaefTer. F. Shav. K. Kochan, J. Peabodv. V. Lolhrop, C. Necly. L. 
O'Meara. Row 5: E. Jarvis, M. Egan, L. De Lizia. C. Sutton, L. Kimball, N. Samburolf, P. Gatto, E. Hall, C. Sweeney, M. Meehan. 



ALPHA XI DELTA— Roir /. N. Glasgow, B. Vance, J. Cox, L. Leach, S. Simmons, treas., B. Ullman, rec. sec, P. Johnson, v. 
pres. J. Terzick, pres., E. Ott, memb. chmn., S. Miller, corr. sec., N. Knauff, pi. ts., B. Reinmouth, soc. chmn., D. Barker, L Stanne, 
P. Gallogly, T. Price. Row 2: P. LeBeau, K. Millar, J. Shedlock, M. Thompson. P. Fuller, B. Holmes, N. Bonner, M. Gemmel, H. 
Funkhouser, hse. mother, A. Carlin, E. Krupen, K. Boseck, J. Ramsen, C. Robidoux, A. Diffendall, J. Curran. Row 3: C. Day, L. 
Gray J. Amberson, L. McVey. M. Cross, D. Fela, B. Smilski, G. Sartoris. Row 4: E. Reeves, S. Schmidt, P. Purchase, K. Kersey, 
T. Lombard!, S. Rinehart, J. Tinney, C. Miller, E. DeSalvo. Row 5: P. Bugden, C. Schaub, M. Tuma, M. LeRoy, M. Chase, C. 
Holladay, F. Tzanis, J. Ebner, P. Martin, L. Phair. 


DELTA DELTA DELTA— Woic /.• C. Faulkner, C. Kenney, L. Quick. K. Hober, J. Flynn, M. Kidder, D. Hasslinger B Hicks, 
C. Harding, L. Taylor, D. Deakyne, S. Mossburg, D. Stephens, M. Williams. P. Brown, J. Wmslow. Row 2: P. Randolph, P. Mac- 
cubbin, N. Jobe, L. Hildebrand, schlshp. chmn., S. Sandford, hse. pres., E. Kaiser, treas., S. Smith, rec. sec, A. Ulman, pres., B. 
Hamilton, v. pres., L Bowden, corr. sec, C. Vallely, mrshl., L. Flaningam, chpln., L. Lanham, D. Fulkerson, R. Chu, D. Howe. 
Row 3: G. Forman, E. Pelecanos, B. Nesbitt, D. Newcomb, D. Woodbury, S. Culver, J. Blythe, M. Rogers, Mrs. Fletcher, hse. 
mother, S. Pearson, S. Dix, J. Edwards, D. Shellenberger, J. Hildebrand, G. Moore, P. Kaiser. Row 4: E. Hoffmaster, M Fagan, 
R. Wright, G. Sharpe, J. Harris, G. Smith, D. Fries, M. Higgins, M. Adorian, G. Sessums. Row 5: E. Sither, P. Lebling, N- Floyd. 
S. Thornburg, L. Cobb, K. Ford, J. Ament, H. Walker. Row 6: J. Strickler, J. Schniering, K. Street, M. Warren, M. Wilhams, 
B. Baker, G. Capozzalo, L. Dermott. 







DELTA GAMMA— Row I: R. Wasielewski, P. Long, D. Hackman, C. Werner, S. Mech, S. Coppage, C. Baker, G. Graham, V. 
Neal, E. Cissel, K. O'Brien, M. Warhol, J. Askren, S. Mai, B. Althoff, B. Harper. Row 2: O. Harrison, M. Zetter, D. Fowler. J. 
Dunn, J. Messer, B. Capasso, treas., C. Morris, corr. sec, S. Waters, 1st v. pres., J, Milliken, pres., M. Fozo. 2nd v. pres.. J. Rine- 
walt. J. Vansant, D. Siepert. N. Oosterhovs, S. Minion. Row 3: J, Hardin, L. Gregor, A. Kennelly, D. Hovanec, C. Harrison, 
A. Waters, M. Kennelly, P. Wismer, R. Allan, hse. mother, S. Diehl, C. Dillehay, K. Maloney, L. Hall, L. Lawson, E. Williams, 
M. Reifenstein. Row 4: C. Dodd, M. Samuels. A. Commerford, M. Wueste. S. Fisher, E. Cirillo, C. Taylor. C. Enlow, S. Cerveny, 
J. Green. Row 5: J. Green. M. Worden, M. Zetter, L. Stradinger, W. Budd, A. Yourtee, K. Jaegerman, V. Kates. Row 6: K. Hidle- 
baugh, C. Innes, D. Myers, C. Hunter, C. Clark, J. Knox, M. Banyasz, B. Meyers, M. Bulow, S. Gardner, L. Culbertson. 






1)1 i;[ A PHI lil'SILON- Woir /.■ C. Fink. S. Zitomer, M. Kaplan, D. Kaufman, L. Rosen, J. Gold. G., E. Sagal, E. Burg, 
B. Bernian. J. Stheider. M. Blauer, S. Ruhin, J. Greenhaum. H. Goldberg. C. Hilsberg. Row 2: L, Feld, S. Woolfson. L. Lazeroflf, 
J. Barnett. B. Bacharach, hse. nigr., D. Fishbcin, soc. chmn.. A. Mcyerowitz, rec. sec, G. Zwirn, v. pres., S. Dcitz, pres.. P. Bel- 
dock, plds. mthr., L. DanofT. corr. sec. M. 1 cvin. treas.. N. Horwitz. rsh. chmn.. S. Rubcnslcin, L. Foer. M. Sacks. Row .?.• E. 
Paul, J. Rumizcn, M. Cohen, M. Segal, C;. I isogiirsky. J. Briggs, E. Friedman, R. Posncr. F. Siberstcin. hse. mother, P. Bahn, C. 
Ostrusky, C. Meier. T. Kot/in. K. Blumcnthal, B. SchifTman. I.. Abrams. Row 4: J. Zvarcs. E. Coffee, S. Green. H. Hoffman. A. 
Golomb, H. Funk, K. Gotkin, S. Blankcn, J. Starr, K. Baurmash. Row 5: P. Bernstein. H. Blumenthal, M. Malickson, F. Brooks, 
A. Sapperstein, C. Hess, M. Alexander, S. Sher. 


GAMMA PHI BETA— Row !: M. Follow, P. Allen, E. Chapman, D. Hughes, rec. sec, R. Grim, treas., J. Kaiser, rsh. chm., L. 
Higginbotham, soc. chm., E. Peebles, v. pres., G. Holland, pres., E. Lawless, pldge. trnr., S. Tropin, corr. sec, K. Turnbull, schlship. 
chm., R. Kern, stndrds. chm., T. Cunninghman, pnhl. del., R. May, N. Rogers. Row 2: A. Gaddis, D. Winter, G. Renaud, G. Shaw, 
M. Avram, S. Russ, J. Hammer, L. Habersat, N. Gscheidle, hs. mthr., H. Swartz, J. Gallia, J. Jones, R. Ruffner, D. Reynolds, M. 
Witham, L. Frowert. Row 3: D. Casel, H. Harner, R. McMullen, B. Holland, N. Hull, S. Kent, L. Rockett, G. Schermerhorn, G. 
Bianco, N. McDowell, hs. mgr. Row 4: M. Glem, L. Beach, C. Muzzy, M. Hauver, M. McMullen, M. Tripe, V. Davis, D. McMa- 
hon. Row 5.- C. Dombrowski, M. DeVan, L. Ephraim, M. MuUer, L. Tiemey, G. Olson, E. F?.ber, T. Howard. 



KAPPA ALPHA THETA— /?ovv /.• B. Koester, P. Yutz, S. Anderson, S. Gibson, A. Hayes, B. Loveless, N. Eyster, T. McClung, 
C Carr, R. Blaul S. Eidson, S. Jones. K. Cooney, L. Wilson, C. McKenna, A. Whitebread. Row 2: R. McMmn, J. Lee, D. Gushing, 
L. Daisied S. Cromer, J. Fondren, B. Reynolds, treas., E. Christner, v. pres.. D. Crawford, pres., N. Auleta. pi. educ , S^ lovmg, 
corr. sec, D. Davdelin, L. Murray, S. Richards, J. Crist. C. Guy. Row 3: B. Halstead, K. Uglow, E. Fisher. L. Brown, B. Rauch, J. 
Kempers J. Pierce, D. Onofrio, M. Abram, hs. mthr., C. Hock, J. Kempers, B. Ford, S. Richards, G. Ulrich, R. Todd P Moore. 
Row 4: N. Fox, R. Hughes, R. Hammond, C. Glenn, K. Walter, B. Reck, R. Gloyd. Row 5: K. Tamzarian. M. Wilson. K. Howard, 
M. McCarthy P. Pierson, D. Meade. Row 6: M. Mooers, M. Beamer, V. Johnson, E. Mullins, R. Huston, W. Wood. 




KAPPA DELTA — Row 1 : B. Gloth, C. Fechtelkotter, K. Scott, N. MacDonald, C. Houghton, S. Rosencrance, C. Caputo, J. 
Fowler, S. Bradshaw, J. Martin, P. Poole, M. Elkins, B. McKenna, B. Jahnel, D. McClain, B. Sarto. Row 2: N. Smull, K. Foster, 
S. Silvers, E. Huff, J. Bach, N. Stein, C. McCarthy, N. Haeseler, A. Ligon. L. Andrews, D. Devendorf, B. Frey, C. St. John, P. 
Sullivan, C. Moreland, A. Nowacek. Row 3: S. Boston, K. Frisch, R. Crumlish, M. McClayton, cor. sec, S. PoUara, treas., G. Miller, 
hse. pres., C. Langer, v. pres., G. Bloch, pres., S. Walker, mbrshp. chmn., J. Andrews, sec, J. Davies, soc chmn., L. Conway, asst. 
treas., S. Vernay, ed., J. German, M. Henkel, P. Sharkey. Row 4: E. Ecton, S, Gifford, J. MacDonald, M. Kupiec, L. Mitchell, L. 
Tunninpham, G. Donalds, J. Keith, K. Cox, J. Cameron, C. Caparosa, D. Sabagh, P. Kelly, C. Rose, M. Campagna, L. Whitehead, 
Row 5: F. Hanning, C. Niller, P. Walker. 


K.-XPPA KAPPA GAMMA -Row I: T. Clarke, E. Edmunds, S. Connelly, D. I audenslagcr, K. Wilson. B. Hornbakc. M. Trofast, 
A. Jones, S. Stinc, S. Hansen, A. Fukada, J. Kratz, S. Higgle. S. Wills. M. KralT, J. Lamond. Row 2: B. Coleman, R. Beers, S. 
Foster. M. Ehearl, S. Wells. C. Snoddy, T. Dcming, S, Wells, G. RowcU, J. Edwards. C. Pcnncfcalher. G. Keithley, C. Wright, J. 
Walker, S. Gifford, L. Schmcdcgaard. Row 3: L. Sutton, M. Matlhews, P. Weaver, C. Manuel. S. Kline. L. Bevcridge. treas.. M. 
Kernan, cor. sec, P. Hollon. 1st v. pres.. M. Quinn, pres.. M. Smith. :nd v. pres,. R. Sisler, rec. sec, T. GrifTin. D. Jones, N. Ohlson. 
S. Ott, K. Hansen. Row 4: C. Carrick, J. Long. W. Shocklcy. M. Davis. P. Hurrocks. J. Howard. R. Taff. D. Gould, V. Stallings. P. 
Jones, M. Melson, B. Kchoc, S. Nickel. M. Gricr. C. Sisler, J. Gchringer. Row 5. M. Loreman. M. Brady, D. Ball. S. Clevenng, M. 
Tupling, M. Del Canto. S. Graf. Row 6: M. Jager, R. Cassou. T. Chcbithcs. B. Moscr. Y. Frenkcl, S. Corkran, B. Gula. 

PHI SIGMA SIGMA — Row 1 : T. Handloff, D. Maizels, J. Eger, rush chmn., G. Abrahams, rec. sec, B.'Dubnoff, treas., N. Choti- 
ner, pres.. S. Wineburgh, v. pres., C. Slazman, cor. sec, J. Reitman, hse. pres., L. Hammond, pledge mistress, B. Segal, brd. rep., 
J. Berkowitz, scholr. chmn., K. Robinson, soc. chmn., H. Settler, pan rep., M. Alperstein, D. Bass. Row 2: J. Wilner, N. Auerback, 
B. Silber, G. Friedman, K. Winston, N. Lipsitz, S. Kramer, D. Cohen, B. Freehof, P. Simon, J. Rothchild, E. Levin, J. Lev, B. 
Kolodner, L. Myerberg, I. Beitler. Row 3: M. Davies, B. Lerner, E. Mandel, T. Shapiro, C. Miller, E. Bomstein, I. Coplan, L. Reichel. 
Row 4: R. Laniado, L. Scher, M. Feldman, G. Lang, S. Falck, A. Bloomfield, M. Fruchtbaum, M. Bisker. Row 5-' J. Wasserman, 
B. Wolf, S. Goldberg, S. Naden, E. Winkler, F. Wolke, L. Narcisenfeld, L. Zelkovitz, I. Shulman, S. Teichman. 


PI BETA PHI— «oii' /; S. Harper, P. Tolson, H. Ham, L. Weaver, house mgr., M. Manser, Panhellenic del., J. Adams, pledge sup., 
C. Siegman, rec. sec, P. Laramore, v. pres., N. Mott, pres., C. Kerr, treas., M. Parks, rush chmn., P. Clark, asst. rush chmn., J. 
Hart, cor. sec, N. Terry, soc. chmn., J. Bateman, D. Dugan. Row 2: C. Smith, S. Hetzler, C. Langrall, G. Terry, C. Argyropoulos, 
L. Smith, C. Albert, E. Blair, J. Hack, K. Kells, K. Kelly, M. Downing, T. Swan, B. Shoemaker, S. Paulson, D. Towne. Row 3: S. 
Gillock, M. Collinson, J. Kimball, K. Burke, K. McDonald, D. Elliott, R. Los Calzo, J. Williams, V. Reamy. Row 4: B. Baden, D. 
Cimokowski, A. Brittingham, E. Barnard, K. Bowen, K. Kerr, D. Pringle, L. Tucker. Row 5: N. Browning, C. Whitaker, K. Lapp, 
L. Koonce, G. Reilly, P. Pearce, G. Kiesel, M. Richards. 




SIGMA DELTA TAU— /?oii- /• M. White, A. Cohen, D. Rice 
Kremer, L. Kempner. L. Seidenman, J. Shinderman. A. Katz, M 
tarian, B. Bloom, rush chmn., C. Rosoff, cor. sec. J. Cohen, treas., 
pres., R. Plotnick. rec. sec, R. Fisher, house pres., J. Littman, soc 
Herman, B. Gimble, R. Lieberman. J. Friedman, J. Rothchild, E. 
R. Spector, D. Rudden, S. Kronenberg, C. Tompakov, B. Kessler, 
A. Press, R. Karl, E. Garin, M. Greenberg, F. Sherr, J. Silver, M 
Levine, L. Cohen, J. Tannenbaum. Rom- 6: P. Lewine, P. Cohen 
Silverman, A. Taylor, M. Beris, S. Kolker. S. Seibel. J. Lubcher 

L. Mondell, M. Settler, A. Milner, S. Bloom, R. Geenblat, C. 

Abrams. Row 2: S. Carton, J. Abelman, M. Goldberg, parliamen- 

L. VanGrack, 1st v. pres., J. Epstein, pres., J. Schwartz, 2nd v. 

chmn., M. Meyerson, historian, N. Abramowitz. Row 3: F. Sil- 
Adler, S. Goldberg, M. Abraham, F. Greenberg, D. Light. Row 4: 
F. Baum, M. Rubin, N. Frank, A. Kameron, R. Yudin. Row 5: 
. Taylor, housemother, D. Polatnick, G. Schwartz, J. Marks, D. 
, S. Leonard, S. Feldman, B. Gimble, J. Winkler, J. Miller, N. 
A. Smith. 

^^ Af 

SICjMA KAPPA — Row I: S. Singleton, M. Spicknall, C. Cooper, L. Cummings, M. Ross, S. Gardiner, J. Sayrc, I . Slifcr. F. Jones, 
J. Richstatlcr, B. Robinson, E. Glover, S. Huslcr, J. Grayson, L. Cantwcll. B. Mclle. Row 2: J. Meredith. C. Eves, S. Hill, N. Steg- 
man, hist., B. Brough, soc. chmn., B. Mclcncy, rush chmn.. C. Machis, trcas., S. Mclnlyre, 1st v. pres., K. Yablonski, pres., C. Lewis, 
2nd v. pres., G. Cooper, rec. sec, A. Barton, cor. sec, J. Seigrist, hsc. pres., M. Sippcl, soc. chmn., J. Smith, T. Harp, Row .?.■ D. 
McCann, R. Smith, K. Bright. G. Pszwaro, P. Kuhns. K. Jones, S. Ooak, V. Gideon, D. Jacobs, J. Tuozzo, S. Grigsby. S. Brown, 
N. McCullough, B. Mattingly, N. Jackson, L. Ritchie. Row 4: C. Oiiprcy, M. Gill, S. Dellonc, S. Dunn, M. Phipps, S. Kacena, A. 
Mcdbery. Row 5: V, Dahl, K. Digennaro, C. Schmick, P. Rhodes, I. Truitt, J. Nealc. 

e Interfraternity Council asl 

w much do you spend a month 

^ -C^^^yO* lb, <t .» „6 <:-<^ J, 

— = SJ. o 3 ft» 
-< S 2 S" ^. = 

c - 3 S «a. ** 





sauXBH jjeqoH puB !. 
MiiO Bui3iS JO XaiUJi 
!}uep5sajd ao^A puooa 
3?iaa md JO «oos c 
-tsaadaoiAjsjij'nw bu< 
io 3j8qpioo Jn^JV ' 
'bui3tS BddBM TUd JO 
uioj, 9JB sjaoijjo S.JB 

Sim ui pauiBU aq \\]t 
OJI do; IIV 'uonoa 
aiOA auo sB»i XuujejB 

uona^ia uo jooo aio u 
aq osiB treo snoT^BUii 
•qaj suonoaia miM '91 
paxnpaiiDs mou a jb suor 

•XBpuns spua pu 
UBSaq qsnH 'pouad q! 
jlBii 3uunp 3uiu3iB(lUJ 
aABii ptnoM }ii3iu ^sx 
-luiou pres isnoijaa 'uo 






•sasnoij u! 
asnBoaq 3unaaui aio 

r-^ nSED NIGHT am "^op »no o, ?us 
L.L.UOL.i-' ^^ pa}sa33ns aq pn 

nPFN HOUSE, ( •suonBUituouauocHsod 
'-'^^ s,}q3iu }SBt »B uonoui 

OPEN HOUSE, < -ut 'Xnuja»Bjj biuSts 

JO juapisaad 'jsnoqac 


Ur&i^ •^il3iu }SBi JO; 

IM HOUSE PAR uaaqpBq }Bin suohbuii 
^^ jiaaM auo joj pauodjs 

OUT OF HOUSE .,uBun SBq iiDunoo 
^ _ -jaiui aifl 'aAoui as?J( 

Spsodojd J931 

,od '^ 






ALPHA EPSILON PI— Top Row: M. Newman, M. Schlenoff, R. Weintraub, W. Reiss, A. Berg, A. Hais, R. Armstrong, B. Miller, 
B. Klein, E. Summerfield, J. King, J. Malickson, S. Tarason, L. Waldorf, S. Liptz, S. Wishnow. Second Ron.- H. Kimmel, S. Cutler, 
scriv., J. Miller, excheq., P. Savanuck, mast., P. Stein, It. mast., J. Klausner, scribe, J. Baumel, pi. mast.. P. Sobel, M. Kossack, L. 
Walczak, M. Ferber, 1.. Goldberg, J. Gude, M. Turk, F. Keyser, H. Gitelson. Third Row: F. Sachs, R. Newman, G. Molonovsky, 
J. Eselstein, P. Kagan, R. Brown, A. Schoem, L. Solomon, hsmthr., SLOE, D. Zetchik, H. Slotzky, F. Fresciz. L. Leonard., S. Halle, 
S. Grossman, D. Fow. Fourih Row: A. Benesch, J. Gould, S. Maged, E. Shapes, M. Smelkinson, D. Sandler, F. Moonves, P. Woolf- 
son, A. Rosen, A. Kraft. Fifth Row: M. Strick, B. Silverman. S. Shaffer, B. Eanet, A. Keller, G. Bulmash, M. Segal, S. Gordon, H. 
Rosen. Sixth Row: S. Barsky, A. Hoffman, B. Miller, N. King, R. Wolf, A. Moien, R. Babiskin, L. Roth. 


ALPHA GAMMA RHO— Woiv /.■ J. Hannawald. S. Westin, L. Jones. R. Puc, C. Streaker, C. Huff. J. Carr, treas., K. Stiles, prcs., 
W. Gordon, v. prcs., R. Sciders, sec, M. Barnard, hsmthr., C. Ay, W. Watson, R. DeLauder, C. Cramer, D. Leishear. Row 2: D. 
Hoshall, T. Robertson. R. Jenkins, J. Edwards, J. Robison, S. Bowen, R. Merritt, R. Jones. Row 3: R. Pearson, E. Fry, D. Edwards, 
D. Jarrctt. Row 4: B. Stiles, T. Sidor, R. Simpson, J. Podlesny. 






ALPHA TAU OMEGA — Row 1: R. Lamb, E. Pappas, E. Hallengren, K. Fisher, C. Cooper, R. Donaton, T. Geiger, K. Claggett, 
T. Machen, M. Fatten, B. Russell, G. Loew, G. Jump, R. Graham, T. Monahan, J. Kidder. Row 2: J. Frew, G. Brouillet, N. Mills, 
R. May, R. Garreth, K. Swanson, W. Waetjen, R. Ott, B. Orvedal. J. Fleming, F. Gatchell, W. Funk, T. Fisher, J. Ditto, J. Small, 
T. Ramick. Row 3: J. Pizzarelle, A. Gonzales, R. Thompson, C. Algire, R. Graham, J. Mitchell, cor. sec, J. Gingell, treas., J. Har- 
ris, pres.. B. Grewell, v. pres., W. Robertson, sec, B. Benson, pi. mstr., J. Roth, J. Buczek, B. Mildenberger, S. Stine, H. Hancock. 
Row 4: J. Safley, B. Lagarde, D. Drury, R. Jones, D. Rippeon, W. Curtis. M. McGinn, M. Pyles, M. Estes, hsmthr., R. Sibert, S. 
Bale, W. Reinhardt, J. Mihok, J. Barley, R. Learmouth, J. Small. Row 5: R. Ziegler, R. Benna, W. Deissler, V. Hollidge, S. Dering, 
R. Smith, J. Eraser, J. Beever, R. Ullrich, R. Lewis. Row 6: M. Hancock, F. Adams, S. Beattie, S. Plemens, J. Mundy, S. Cocharo, 
P. Brown, G. Small, D. Crane, R. Jackson. Row 7: W. Ziobro, T. Beers, D. Clark, P. Grill, J. Reid, M. Weathersby, K. Salvatore, 
H. Johnson, D. Hanna. 

DELTA SIGMA PHI— «oii' /.• B. VanHart, J. Martinson, J. Ritz, R. Trogolo, R. Ferguson, mgr., E. Jones, pi. mast., J. Smith 
treas., C. Bongar, pres., J. Gregg, v. pres., W. Belfield, sec, J. Sroka, J. Jackins, M. Martinson, F. Baktis, R. Pevenstem, J. Williams. 
Row 2: E. Guthrie, W. Furr G. Scaboo, J. Ernstedt, M. Schwartz, R. Ramlow. M. Moore, R. Dixon, hsmthr., Schotze, G. Mclntire, 
B. Lewis, D. Laboissiere, P. Roach, R. Helm, J. Shaffer, D. Jenkins. Row 3: T. Wieneke, H. Kimball, R. Mohler. L. Flynn, R. Nel- 
son, J. Pulasky, R. Walburn, T. Halligan, C. Thibault, P. Pennesi, S. Raymond. Row 4: J. Forinash, R. Dernetz, O. Thumel, B. 
North, R. Neall, R. Jollensten, M. Lackett, D. Dougherty, R. Faust, C. Hopwood, R. Hutchins. 


DELTA TAU DELTA— ^oic /; R. Boyce, T. Clarke, C. Sockwell, T. Buckwalter. pi. trnr., A. Balo, sgt.-at-arms. J. Mines, asst. treas., 
R. Stevens, treas., R. Tyner, pres., A. Hongell, v. pres., M. Hays, rec. sec, D. Furtney, cor. sec, J. Andrew, mgr., N. Hallman, 
guide, P. Messenger, J. Boggs, M. Lupiwok, Row 2: S. Meacher, C. Jeffcoat, D. Collins. G. Greeson, R. Ritter, W. Harvey. R. 
Deckert, A. Cooper, hsmthr., S. Mahaney, A. Cucina, R. Sutkus, R. Stansburg, J. Duffus, M. Redden, J. Weldon, G. Rady. Row 3: 
E. Humphreys, J. Koontz, F. Birks, R. Tinari, F. Storm, R. Walker, J. Buckwalter, D. Shidemantle. Roh- 4: T. Hetherington, J. 
v^rme, G. Barnes, W. Ruh, E. Plotner, J. Intfen, R. Gonzales, D. Jersey. Row 5: N. Oliver. H. Doyle, F. Tedesco, J. Rupard, W. 
Williams, R. Covell. 



KAPPA ALPHA— /?«ii' /.• M. Doilney, J. Bennett. J. Gibbons. J. Collins. P. Waltrup. D. Finn, J. Hcrshbcrper. S. Scrio. J. Mc- 
Incry. T. Browning, T. Wallace, V. Kaikman, A. Bowie, J. Tiirpin. G. Walton. M. Racdcr. Row 2: J. Scully, F. Sullivan. G. RalTo, 
S. Lcchliter, A. Crisafulli, D. Newcomb. R. Sullivan, treas., C. Moran, pres.. J. DcBenedclto. v. pres.. J. Ripken, sec, A. Gcorgc- 
lakos, A. Dresbach. A. Banks, W. Congdon. R. McMahon. D. Dillon. Row .?. W. Frin/. B. Hinkel. J. Albert. G. Jackson. R. Putnam. 
R. Schmidt. K. Glacs, Max. W. Thomas, W. Howard. W. Knighl. G. Wadden. G. Greer. B. Borcz. J. Clcmenls. W. Szymanski. Row 
4: J. Pine, T. Halverstadls. F. Ellis, M. Grimn, J. Austin. W. Moss, R. Intlckofer, J. Vinson, W. Beckman. N. Townscnd. Row 5: 
T. Medlin. R. Moyse. G. Bresee. J. Ruth, T. Ball. J. Simpson. E. Kochneke, D, Ramsey, M. Thomas. Row 6: J. Reigle, L. Sterner, 
J. Bohn, G. Diakoulas, J. Emery, G. Gettman, M. Drummond, D. Fry. 

•» t 



LAMBDA CHI ALPHA— Row 1 : D. Rofz, P. Gunby, B. Bitancio 
H. Allen, J. Firmin, W. Intelkofer, R. Biggs, J. Donahoe. L. Ador 
manager, G. Hollidge, rush chmn., F. Faff, ritualist, R. Bricker, J 
R. Tanner, Jr., sec, W. Ray, IFC rep., W. Allen, II, soc. chmn., T 
J. Szymkowicz, P. Morgan, L. Pearson, J. LeDowe, J. Trachy, P 
J. Cerefice, L. V. Cobb, A. Foster, W. Rineheart, G. Thompson 
Row 5: D. Wade, G. Kanode, R. Payne, D. Rhodes, R. Killion, R 
Lobfeld, W. Callahan, S. Mangiapane. Row 6: J. Jarboe, B. McCal 
housemother, D. Adams, D. Giaugue, G. Gosnell, W. Bartholome 

ni, B. Cowman, E. Santucci, P. Clancy, W. Weeden, J. Schwerin, 
ian. Row 2: F. Angier, Jr., scholarship chmn. J. Northrop, house 
r., cor. sec, J. Erskine, treas., J. Clark, pres., A. Tortora, v. pres., 
Carpenter, pledge trainer, E. Putens, steward. Row 3: J. Barron, 
Wiles, G. Fitzgerald, K. McCahill, A. Hickey. Row 4: T. Crehan, 
J. Averill, R. Barbour. F. Jones, J. Vandelley, D. O'Neal, S. Smith. 
. lafrale, R. Cox, C. Korns, R. Willoy, E. Welch, D. Heggestad, R. 
1, D. He.-shey, G. Meredith, Jr., M. Murray, J. Lofquist, M. Mayo, 
e, J. Knecht, D. Paxson. 



SIGMA NU — Row ! : R. Moore, J. Cammerman, B. Frost, W. Becker, R. Maddox, A. Bond, R. Berglund, M. Pearmun, D. Hind- 
man, D. Kerr, R. White, J. Crosby, R. White, R. Martz, J. Maxwell. D. Hintze. Row 2: J. Rhodes, P. Parvis, A. Birdwell, K. Ban- 
croft, M. Anderson, G. Maynard, L. Crippen, S. Minnich, R. Offutt, J. Trocino, R. Urban, J. Yates, T. Rossi, D. Butler, J. Smith, D. 
Starnes. Row 3: J. Haigh, R. Shull, J. Mickanis, P. Gately, T. Mazzaccaro, A. Caselli, soc chrm., A. Kunz, rec, M. McElroy, cmndr., 
S. Christiansen, It. cmndr., R. Koehler, treas. E. Hanratty, pldg. marshall, J. Dykstra, W. Booth. P. Krall, W. Poole, R. Schar. Ro» 
4: T. Greshko, T. Skobodzinski, C. Prechtel, E. Driscoll, L. Fox, E. Tokar, G. Phillips, L. Eason, M. Young, hsmthr., L. Schallinger, 
M. Schatz, S. Robertson, M. Raff, R. Farrell, G. Wojtech, R. Glesener. Row 5: G. Whitfield, W. Stine, R. DuBois, W. Moores, R. 
McKean, J. Hewlett, M. Mclnturff, R. Strickland, E. Anthony, T. Wilson, J. Bellas. Row 6: C. Woods, C. Tiedebohl, D. Seitz, G. 
Edgley, D. Bausch, M. Kleinsorge, R. Kammer, C. Martin, D. Redlin, D. Cassidy. 


31$' §> 



I'Hl HPSILON PI— «fm' /; S. Deitch, A. Schwartz, R. Starr. B. Fingerhut, A. Rafel, W. Oster, pldg. master, A. Danenberg, treas., 
J. Fine, superior, J. Menich, v, superior, S. Block, rec. sec, R. Tettclbaum. cor. sec. M. Greenberg. M. Citron, R. Hatwell. N. Oles- 
kcr. D. Garfinkel. Row 2: G. Kanegis. E. Boyars, G. Schechter, M. Kamoroff. R. Rothstein. A. Pearlman, S. Goloskov, M. Dubeck, 
M. Helman. sweetheart, E. Rosen, S. Friedman, G. McVeigh, I. Bloom, M. Chariken, D. Kaye, P. Proger. Ron- 3: R. Mayers. M. 
Diamond, M. Koperwas. D. Kaplan. K. Klein. T. Mintzer. R. G-iIhow. L. Fishlowitz. Row 4: M. Rosen, G. Bass, M. Gold. B. 
Snyder. R. Kodesch. B. Gimble, S. Lebow, T. Lutins. Row 5- S. Mudrick, S. Metzner, E. Wasserman, B. Fingerhut, alum, adviser, 
J. Roth, K. Brown, J. Rosen. 

^^H ^^^^^^^H ^^m^ ^^H ^^^r ^H ^^^k ^I ^^H^^^^H ^^V^^^H ^^V^^^^I ^^m — ^^H ^W I^H ^^^^H^H ^^V^^^l ^^^^^^^H ^^^HP^^H ^^^^' *^H ^^^V* 

Y'm ^rl' I kitJI ^b*j| Bi'l ^^'1 Kirl pE^9 K)'^B E^3 ^^1 B^fl ^^fl ^E^H ^Er^ ^b' 









PHI KAPPA SIGMA— «ou' /.• A. Rubino. P. Milloy, L. McQueen. E. Hearon. M. Badger, T. Lalli. T. Mai shall. L. Mezzullo, 
R. Absher. J. Rea, J. Humlcr, R. Fusting, S. La Vaute, P. Mullcr, B. Dunn. J. Kelly. Row 2: J. Heim. J. McMillen. C. Leimbach, 
pldg. irn.. W. Belleville, hse. mgr., S. Pfeiffer, ath. chmn., J. Mezzullo. stwrd.. R. Barrow, cor. sec. W. DcHoust. pres., T. Aydelotte, 
V. pres., P. Samois. treas.. M. Rioux, soc. chmn.. R. Johnson, hist.. J. Coale. IFC rep., R. Heck, fac grad. res.. "Skully." mascot, S. 
Mcnningcr. Row .?.■ T. Anderson. L. Evans, R. Frazcr, A. Stewart. W. McFugc, J. Fava, C. Fisher, W. Dawe. Row 4: W. Shade. T. 
Beck, J. Potter, J. Sumner, C. Daggs, R. Parker, V. McKewin, W. Wright. Row ^: W. Anderson, P. Keller. R. Chase, R. Abbott, 
D. Carter, R. Connor, G. Bottiger. 




PHI KAPPA TAV— Row 1: T. Nalley, D. Flanagan, O. Hill, P. Dubinsky, J. Oliver, J. Curtis, treas.; G. Harding, pres.; J. Sisson, 
V. pres.; F. Reese, sec; D. Edwards, res. fellow; "P. T.", R. Farquhar, T. Bell, L. Hoffman, T. Laudicina, R. Ihndris. Row 2: L. 
Mayhew, B. Cook, B. Phillips, P. Hoffman, E. Storo, J. Niemeyer, J. Lusby, R. Longley, C. Blackman, S. Earle. Row 3: J. Con- 
rad, R. Richcards, M. Wilson, J. Gladstone, R. Spearlman, P. Williams, J. Centra, F. Giambusso. Row 4: C. Gladstone, G. Pierson, 
E. Harger, D. Jensen, J. Sosville, A. Spealman, B. Harris. 




PHI SIGMA DELTA— Row 1: M. Rubinstein, S. Krieger, F. Hoffman, R. Shapiro, B. Hoffman, pi. mstr.; J. Poulos, soc. chrm.; 
B. Rappaport, treas.; M. Gewirtz, pres.; S. Remer, v. pres.; R. Feland, sec; D. Rosen, rush chrm.; A. Slan, hs. mgr.; S. Ismart, 
K. Lechter, J. Cohen, L. Schneider. Row 2: S. Rubin, A. Stark, M. Goldstein. S. Futterman, N. Blinken, R. Zitin, C. Goldberg, 
D. Stump, hs. mthr.; L. Frowert. sweethrt.; J. Leventhal, S. Michelsen, S. Morrison, J. Rosenberg, M. Dubinsky, H. Horowitz, S. 
Tash. Row 3: M. Campbell, T, Sobol, S. Blacker, J. Anshel, B. Gordon, A. Rosenbloom, G. Simon, J. Lissy, J. Sperling, L. Shafer, 
R. Schulman, B. Blayatt. Row 4: I. Malamut, P. Radler, B. Rubinstein. D. Levin, R. Greenberg, L. Walker, B. Wohl, A. Hiller, 
D. Cypes, D. Katz. Row 5: M. Protas, J. Salus, D. Blond, J. Roth, H. Kass, D. Jacobs, R. Aserkoff, R. Friedman. Row 6: W. 
Stern, H. Pressman, J. Friedman, S. Berenson, N. Oremland. 



PHI SIGMA KAPPA— Row /; D. Sirman, R. MacDonald, A. Zahniser, R. Smolinski. R. Fielder. B. McHugh. V. Guida, J. Lillard, 
J. Allen, G. Scalafani, R. Hill, M. Arbutina, J. Reese, R. Haynes, G. Winn, A. Cerra. Row 2: H. Lins, B. Harrington, J. Mancini, 
D. Driscoll. M. Hoch, L. Johnson, soc. Chrm., R. Charamella, pldg. ind.. C. Yount, treas., S. Chebithes, R. Masterson. v. pres., F. 
Denvir, sntnl., H. Given, stwrd., C. Stearns, V. Seskunas, A. Comi, B. Smith. Row 3: D. King, J. Reilly, W. Palmer, D. Stofa, T. 
Gallagher, E. Kane, F. Gawlick, H. Gannon, G. Haser, C, Trayers, T. Anderson, M. Mesmer, J. Coddington, J. Carson, O. Jones, 
J, Morris. Row 4: M. Grace, B. Stec, B. Campbell, D. Swan, C. Given, R. Adkins, M. Brant, P, Balys, M. Kelly. Row 5: W. Lovett, 
J. Myers. P. Anderson, R. Borden, R. Muirhead, W. Brewster, H. Murphy, M. Moore, Row 6: J. Pancza, T. Leppert, B. Creer, M. 
Grobaker, W. Lomax. W. Niziolek, E. Becker, A. Brzostowski. 













PI KAPI A ALPHA— «ou 7. D. King. A. Muegge. P. Jankovic. M. I ippincott. W. Callaghan. W. Fanzonc. J. Hciulman. F. Fafflc /. 
M. Collins, R. Bauer, J. C artcr, R. Phillippy, E. HoulT. W. Slacum, W. Bransford, B. Van Atta. Row 2: W. Mills, H. Mippcn, M. 
McFadden, R. Cunningham. V. Burns, T. Ogle, E. Stacy, trcas., W. Ya^ola, pres., S. Fhringer. v. prcs., M. Headman, sec. R. Davis 
G. Miller, R. Hamilton, W. Tceplc, M. Rawl, I). Walp. Row .?.■ W. Cavanaugh, S, Ncwhouse, J. Benson. D. I'tlenreithcr. C, Sinlock, 
W. Kocnig, J. Koodrich, F. Bolton, "Mike," E. Colbert, M. Roberts, W. Apollonv. J. Milo, T. Shancr, D. I ight. J. Cooper. Row 4: 
G. Combs, B. Black, J. Cordiano, H. McGlcw, P. Corcoran, G. Pclzold, J. Rickman. Row 5: S. I oewingcr. C. Clark, L. Ward, J. 
Waters, R. Klav, L. Jacksits. Row 6: T. Dunn, M. Basye, R. Wozniak. D. Budd, G. Denlein, P. Kratzer. 




SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON— ^oir /; J. Murphy, G. Cramer, C. Obrecht, R. Mitchell, D. Robinson, N. Anthony, soc. chrm.. M. 
Hendricksen, treas., R. McCann, pres., R. Race, v. pres., D. Dobry, sec., H. Thompson, E. Dougherty, W. Guidotti, A. Tackett, R. 
Collura, T. Bichy. Row 2: G. Obrecht, J. Tanney, M. Moore, R. Legg., R. Parks, A. Little, R. Wimbrow, W. McLaird, J. Gailbraith, 
hsmthr., S. Wright. M. Moore. G. Hendrickson, H. Mann, T. Aaron, T. MeCary, J. Sakers. Row 3: M. Wilbur, W. Albrecht, E. 
Davis, D. Merritt, J. Meloy, R. Elling, E. Peterson, R. Hoover, N. Culbertson, S. Hallaj. Row 4: G. Gridley, W. Walsh, C. Blische, D. 
Quein, J. Edwards, R. Field, D. Chamberlain, D. Perry, R. King. 

SIGMA ALPHA M\)~Row I: H. Berg, A. Dorenfeld, J. Morstein, R. Greenberg, S. Landsman, A. Coven, R. Finklestem, S. Levm, 
M. Sigler. R. Kress, A. Goldberg, S. Levin, S. Becker, H. Lipsitz, N. Melnick, M. Schenker. Row 2: S. Salzman. R. Keck, C. Fme- 
blum. H. Shapiro, C. Gross, G. Svk-eren, M. Tabackman, L. Levy, W. Gann, M. Weinberg, A. Blum, M. Feldman, J. Berenholz, M. 
Sindler, D. Ehrehpreis, I. Weiner. Row .?,• D. Schneeweis, M, Levin, S. Bernstein, I. Click, R. Miller, Y. Feldman, H. Kirk, excheq., 
D. Himelfarb, pres.. R. Fine, v. pres., I. Zimerman, sec, L. Scherr, J. Tand, L. Klein. M. Sommerfield, R. Aldrich, B. Asch. Row 4: 
J. Winer, H. Left, J. Greenberg, J. Hoders. R. Merembloom, R. Katz, E. Solomon. L. Allen, hsmthh,, PRINCE, F. Bondroft, G. 
Tand, T. Winer, M. Rosenberg, B. Steinfelder, A. Pasarew. D. Wight. Row 5: A. Richman. B. Landes. L. Wolfe. B. Siegal, R. Ga- 
ronzik, M. Rosenker, M. Boyarsky, D. Kerbel, S. Hoffman, N. Friedman. Row 6: L. Needle, J. Wohl, D. Greenberg, W. Basen, M. 
Einstein, D. Mazer. P. Sindler, M. Weisfeld, J. Knable, M. Sugar. Row 7: J. Rosenberg, W. Ricklin, S. Katz, S. Mazer, B. Himel- 
farb, P. Selnick, J. Freed, F. Glick. 



SIGMA CHI — Rii\i- I: J. Firmin, B. White. R. Bryer, G. Kaminski, E. Heether, A. Panhans, J. Mininger, E. Gramm, W. Peters. 
W. Arnold. B. Barkley, R. Casazza. G. Walls. K. Fay, C. Boyer. W, Berry. Row 2: D. Schanberger. V. Spong, M. Roy. M. Ferrara, 
W. Randall, K. Harrington, P. Constantinides, R. Sage, D. Dybowski. A. Randall, E. Griepenkerl, C. Koontz. M. Duques, R. Nicho- 
las, R. Beachley. D. Diibel. Row 3: M. Miller, S. Shewchuk, C. Pontlitz, G. Cressman. S. Hash, F, Waikart. H. Fleischer, mag.. J. 
Schoolfield, Quaestor. R. Hubscher, consul, P. Buckley, pro. con.. T. Ferry, annot., C. Brown. M. Allen, F. Witherspoon. W. Jenkins, 
G. Boyd. Row 4: R. Flanagan. G. Tevis. N. Schafer, S. McGrath, J. Forsbacka. R. Bilbo. W. Gise. C. Marshall, hsemoth.. Sig. J 
Allen, sweetheart. N. Stinchcomb. F. Peede. K. CafTrey. A. Trantas. J. Warfield. A. Flower. Row 5: P. Lavery, G. Avge. P. Novick. 
E. Sealover. A. Saunders. B. Stinton. R. Gardner. R. Keller. R. Nicholas. P. Bell. G. CofFman. R. Browning. Row 6: G. Courtois, F. 
Elliot, C. Ganley, J. Kelly, G. Douglas, J. Elm, J. Boan, T. Green, M. Fry. D. Piper. E. Laird. 




PHI DEITA THETA—Row I: R. Mayer, J. Richardson. Ill G. 
R. Harrington. R. Parker. J. I.ears. R. Cole. T. Hare, J. Bowlin, 
P. Cawley, J. Blomquist, J. Becbe. H. Lampc. house mgr., G. Mon 
II, sec, A. Michaels, N. Schaus. J. Blanos, R. Walkins. T. Miller. 
N. Sykcs. B. Hooper. R. Baikauskas. S. Lighlner. G. Mitchell. W. 
Vinyard. R, Tarrington. K. Zcren. M. Park. B. Thoroughgoo<l D 
Klakring. Row H: S. Halota. W. Vollmer. V. Ward. H. Bailey. J. 
mother. M. Paris. D. Wilson. T. Pavlinic, W. Mitchell. H. Fridley 
bcrt J. McCluskey. B. Beacham. M. Lears. R. Harrington. W. Va 
R. Goldschmidt, W. Mead. G. Swarlz. J. Bickley. C. Burton. I.. B 
G. Dunsten, C. Zubritsky, T. Bavis, D. Reyaud, J. McAulcy. R. R 
Wells, G. Holtje, T. Brannan. 


Bassford. J. Clark. J. Balka. P. Clemmitl. L. Powell. R. Mortimer, 
P. I issy. W. Woods. H. Orthner. Row 2: J. Bickley, M, Davis. Ill, 
eypenny. treas., R. Campbell, pres., R. Scott, Jr.. v. pres.. J. long. 
Row .?; J. Stuart. S. Hilinski. L. Hughes. J. Bartkowiak. B. Finlcy, 
Harper. W, Davis. Row 4: T. Dudley. G. Kclley. T. Nichols. H. 
. Dodge. W. Betts, Jr.. G. Cosper. T. Stables. III. A. Wagener. G. 
Conner. R. O'Brien. J. Ragland. M. Millikan. R. Miller, house- 
. IV. R. Dudley. H. Harrison. G. Owens. Row 6: L. I'rmcr. S. Hil- 
n Heusen. R. Hitchncr. D. Hcnson. B. Covington, J. M,icDonald, 
arbcr Rom- 7. J Deckman. D. Gray. K. Tamblingson. S. Kehnc, 
owny. Row S: J. Jordan, E. Hovland. C. Everhart, R. Moats, P. 







SIGMA PHI EPSILON— /Joir /.■ D. Dutterer, R. Wright, T. Lantz. T. Painter, J. Hutchinson, R. WiUiams, T. Casey, T. Williams, 
M. Williams, F. McCarthy, W. Prange, R. Butcher, J. Mansolillo, W. Boyd, P. Weber, P. Duley. Row 2: W. Hogan, J. Moore. L. 
Short, T. Everitt, O. James, F. Silvestro, M. Dutterer, sec, A. Zdobysz, treas., L. Manarin, pres., M. McMahan, v. pres., G. Book, 
rec, J. Manfreda, S. Thompson, W. Haley, T. Floresca.N. Procaccini. Rotf 3: J. Jones. J. Irwin, T. Imphong, W. Hahn, D. Mint- 
zer, W. Hahn, W. Snyder, E. Johnston, hsmthr., Barron, C. Johnson, P. Glasgow, R. Bell, G. Greenip, V. Ruehl, M. Kovach, D. 
Prater. Row 4: W. Long, B. Dodd, R. Boyce, H. Belcher, H. Book, V. Bauer. Row 5: L. Burton, R. Cannone, S. Fryling, M. Scibi- 
nico, R. Hudgins, J. Webster. Row 6: R. O'Bryan, K. Gilbert, J. Burke, T. McConnaughey, L. Barnes, S. Longley. 



SIGMA PI — Row I: B. Ainsworth, D. Benson, D. Wendel, N. Massey, J. Grier. D. Watson, sgt.-at-arms. B. Booberg. treas.. M. 
Klosek, pres., T. Wilson, v. pres., C. Polinger, sec, D. Denham, hrld., D. Watson. D. Powers. R. Holter. W. McCoy, R. Worral. 
Row 2: R. Smith, E. Strasser, A. Korzun, S. Cieplak, H. Bates. P. Vale. Row 3: B. Simmons, B. Sledz. J. Moore, E. Verschueren, R. 
Barr, S. Gordon. Row 4: R. Pacelli, T. Lesniewski, J. Williams, fac res., J. Mockabee, sweetheart, R. Pechulis, J. Meara. 



E. Cohn, J. Sommer. 
Konack. M. Barth, R 
cellor. H. Metro, vice 
D. Keller, A. Hettlcm 
S. Gendason, J. Oppe 
Bossin, A. Scheffer, J. 
Row 5: R. Greene, M 
Miller, J. Kesslcr, A 
Isner, A. Schoen, K. 
coflf, L. Rosenthal, S. 
J. Lilien, R. Abel, B 

—Row I: R. Levy, S. Pokotilow, W. Cole, J. Morgenthau, M. Heneson, S. Freedman, N. Perman, D. Simons, 
D. Mitnick, R. Mensh, R. Rubin, B. Taff, R. Julius, R. Epstein. Row 2: J. Sherman, L. Spector, J. Rosen, M. 
. Isaacson, R. Pencus, out of house brd. of gov't., B. Jeweler, scribe, H. Goldman, bursar, M. Farbman, chan- 
chancellor, S. Sagman, in house brd of gov't.' S. Milner, pledge master, E. Boyer, M. Hutt, A. Brucker. Row 3: 
an. A. Weyman, M. Ross, P. Kanter, S. Kraner, N. Rosenthal, J. Robbins, H. Dubin, S. Biars, H. Leibowitz, 
nhcimer, R. Layton, B. Feldman, M. Fredrichs. Row 4: A. Bennett. P. Bodner, I. Blumenthal, J. Siskind. R. 

Synder, A. Levy, B. Shufeld, R. Waldmun, R. Brodsky, A. Korb, B. Laderberg, F. Liss, R. Levine, L. David. 
Levin, L. Singer, R. Isen, R. Shapiro, A. Pollin, R. Lager. C. Bricken, F. Gordon, J. Fleischer, D. Kahn, R. 

Porter, S. Kamins. Row 6: B. Cook, P. Rubin. J. Cohen. G. Cooper, P. Levin, I. Marxowitz, G, Katz, J. 
Kravitz. R. Collier, S. Klein. L. Brown. B. Novick, S. Rollins, E. Decter. Row 7- C. Scher, S. Sloane, T. Isaa- 

Schwarz, R. Footer, G. Kaufman, B. Shulman, S. SablofT, M. Herson. Row 8: S. Van Grack, K. Magidson, 

Kirson, A. Munaker, P. Sandler, J. Silver. 




f 4 


TAU KAPPA EPSILON— Wow /.• L. Russomanno, T. Catalano, S. Yablonski, J. PofTel, V. Minich, F. Contino, R. Berry, V/. Oxen- 
ham D. Kupchyk, R. Smith, T. Rich, J. Cassizzi. J. Arnoult, R. Michael, C. Winerey, G. Capone. Row 2: L. Mariany. C. Tucrk, 
L. Mcomanino, R. Baker. L. Yocum, J. McCormick, F. Hunsicker. pledge trn.. J. Bochl. treas., J. Riley, pres.. R. Spinella, v. pres.. 
D. Fanst, sec, J. Topfcr, G. Knauer. L. Coster. J. Stallard, W. Nahm. Row .?. L. Rixham. K. Ford, J. Bowen, J. Bowcn, F. Maskol, 
W. Masterson, J. Connor. M. Pavlos, G. Davis, E. Cury, T. Strum, W. Strum. Row 4: J. Connolly, M. Schwartz. J. Smith, F. Wa- 
.suta, K. Gilead, P. Remington, H. Owen, G. Malloy, M. Radebaugh, J. Paxton, J. Aumiller, T. Greenawalt, T. Smith, J. Patinella, 
J. McGowan, S. Maltese. 


THETA CUl—Row 1: R. Merrill, D. Loss, V. Lomacky, D. Chaffon, A. Holten. S. Mann, G. Florence, K. Catterton, W. Reed, P. 
Zubritsky, W. Brodinski, P. Kittas, A. Day, H. Romberg, P. Tansey, J. Puglisi. Row 2: P. Quimby, A. Cross, S. Craigen, J. Ad- 
dabbo, G. Thompson, C. Greene, J. Griber, sec, C. Morton, v. pres., S. Smith, pres., C. Kuhne, treas., L. McClary, S. Dowling, 
J. Hodges, R. Wald, J. Watson, D. Maryott. Row i- H. Harner, W. Oleksinsk, B. Westerfield, G. Lewis, W. Donaldson, A. Turowski. 





-^ r^m ^^^ ^'TV ^^ r 

ZBT — Row 1: L. Bergerson, J. Taylor, P. Gerber, R. Mason, M. Miller, R. Neborsky, J. Nason. M. Epstein. R. Jolson, H. Baker, 
R. Brenner, L. Rosenberg, M. Bass, D. Lambert, R. Caplan, R. Gardner. Row 2: S. Ginsberg. A. Kramer, M. Cohen, R. Shapero, 
G. Samet, R. Lamb. M. Goodman, hist.; A. Mann, treas.; M. Mason, pres.; J. Schinitzer. v. pres.; S. Koenigsberg, sec; R. Wolf, S. 
Benjamin, D. Kuryk, K. Schulkin, K. Himmelstein. Row 3: D. Dubansky. A, Rottman. L. Shapiro, S. PolakofF, J. Gitomer, M. 
Fox, M. Janofsky, J. Gordon, M. Huddleston, hs. mothr.; S. Gilman, M. Himelfarb, J. Crystal. L. Taubman, A. Friedland, F. 
Setren, L. Baris. Row 4: L. Silber, R. Rotner, M. Rabineau, S. Levine, M. Kallins. H. Berman, M. Appeal. Row 5/ H. Sny- 
der, P. Levene, R. Berger, S. Legum, J. Axel, D. Sykes. Raw 6: W. Berger, D. Rosenberg, M. Sitnick, D. Carton, N. Rothstein, 
L. Simonson. 

PANHELLENIC COUNCIL— Fro/ir Row: S. Pollara, M. Litwin. H. Settler, B. St. Clair, treas., J. Messer, v.pres., K. Cooney, 
pres., L. Van Grack. rush chrm., A. Cable, V.pres., M. Manser, sec. Second Row: L. Oursler, N. Knauflf, C. Argyropaulos, D. 
Langeler, N. Stein, Rush pub. chrm., J. Kratz, L. Foer, head rush couns., N. McDowell, T. Cunningham, soc. chrm. Back Row: 
G. Cooper, S. Doak, J. Pelecanos, J. Rothchild, L. Brown, M. Cockey, C. Sterling, J.' Lev, S. Martin. 

Panhellenic Council 

DIAMOND— E. Barney. S. Walker. S. Pollara, S. Deilz. v. pres.: D. Skirven. pres.; K. Hobcr, .sec; C. Fink, P. Beldock. Sccoml 
Row: B. Evans, N. Monitor, M. Manser, G. Holland, D. Crawford, J. Epstein, S. Rappopi>rl, K. Murphy, J. Reeves, D. Rice. 
ThirJ Row: J. Siegrast. M. Scherr. C. Lawson, N. Hooker, C. Coburn, B. Graham. F. Tollcfson, C. Ferguson, L. VanGrack. 
Back Row: M. Goley, G. Cooper, K. Kowal. M. Quinn, S. Landricu, S. Foster. M. Kernan. A. Ulman. 







IFC — Front Row: V. Bauer, L. Manarin, R. Scott, v. pres., T. Marshall, pres., B. Barkley, sec, R. Haynes, treas., J. 
Harris. Second Row: M. Chaiken, S. Christiansen, M. McElroy, B. Cook. R. Field, M. Farbman, R. Pincus, A. Mun- 
aker, D. Dutterer. Third Row: J. Fine, J. Niemeyer, A. Keller. T. Winer, D. Himelfarb, W. DeHoust, C. Moran, J. Rip- 
ken, J. DiBenedetto, R. Royce. Back Row: A. Hongell, K. Stiles, L. Pue, T. Clarke, D. Dunn, R. Simpson, R. McCann, 
L. Jones, K. Harding. 


IFC COURT— Front row 1-r: R. White, L. Powell, Chief Justice. Second row l-r: W. De- 
Houst, R. Find, M. Farbman. 

IFC Court 


open house 

happiness is getting the bid you want 

skit night, a popular 
show each fall 


Greek Activities 

sorority Olympics — part of Spring Greek Week 


XI, i\, 



C0\J \m»<m>V>/ ^mvaxa^^ 


ALPHA CHI SIGMA— Chemistry Hon.— Front Row: D. 
Flanagan, pres. Second Row: C. Fleck, L. March. Third 
Row: W. Bixby, sec; D. Gonci. Fourth Row: E. Coale, H. 
Dobres, R. Spellman, v. pres. 

Alpha Chi Sigma 

ALPHA KAPPA DELTA— Sociology Hon.— Front Row: D. Monds. Treas.; G. 
Sedlack, Pres.; E. Gordon. Second Row: Dr. Janes, Advisor; D. Corrigan, R. 
Mathers. Back Row: S. SpiUer, J. Stanley, V. Pres.; N. Tavani. 

Alpha Kappa Delta 

Alpha Delta Sigma 

ALPHA DELTA SIGMA — Advertising Hon. — Front Row: V. Ash, D. Zimmerman, v. pres.; G. Hardwich, pres.; W. Lauth, sec; T. Hieber, 
sec; J. Pisani, F.A. Second Row: N. Burns, D. Appier, R. Steffensen, R. Seifert, R. Neyman. Back Row: K. Laird, S. Dowdy, R. Suit, R. 
Wood, M. Sherr. 


ALPHA PHI OMEGA — National Service Fraternity — Front Row: S. Klein, Sgt. at Arms; C. Hedstrom, Corr. Sec; S. Harris, Alumni Sec; D. 
Gurts, Treas.; D. Durretl, V. Pres.; D. Hayes, Pres.; G. Harrell, V. Pres.; J. Horstkamp, Rec Sec; T. Keener, Hist.; Major J. Harrington, Adv. 
Second Row: R. Melintz, W. Busse, I. Lerner, J. Ditzpatrick, T. Simmons, J. Murray, (Sweetheart), R. Strand, M. Tull, D. Cook, R. Wolfman. 
Third Row: R. Rosenberg, J. Daugherty, M. Pearlman, T. Hall, R. Helstowski, J. Rosenbloom, T. Gundersen, D. Murray (Pledge Sweetheart). 
Back Row: C. Lawson, R. Waldrom, P. Clemens, G. Rampacek, R. Eligin, R. Pollock (Sweetheart), H. Wolpert, E. Winston, J. Houser. 

Alpha Phi Omega 

ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA — Freshman Women Hon.— Front Row: L. Liang, D. Faxon, Treas., B. Baba, V.P., R. Gordon, Pres., R. Miller, Sec; 
L. Bladen, Hist.; V. Maiorana. Second Row: M. Litwin, T. Pierce, R. Zwerling,, S. Grigg, A. Wilkins, M. Sternberg, J. Naylor, M. Shayne. Back 
Row: E. Mager, A. Henderson, D. Snoops, C. Blanar, B. Thorne, C. Hughes. 

Alpha Lambda Delta 





BETA ALPHA PSI— Accounting Hon.— Front Row: R. Olson, Faculty V. Pres.; 
J. Shelton, R. Shack, Sec; D. Kaufman, Pres.; F. Dalton, V. Pros.; G. Bulmash. 
Second Roh:- D. Gurtz, S. Goldberg, M. Miller, L. Schneider, K. Niefeld. Back Row: 
T. Rowley, R. Koehler, C. Swears. 



CHI EPISLON — Civ. Eng. Hon. — Front Row: J. Siminou, B. Smith, Hist.; S. Bennett. Sec: M. 
Steer. Pres.; A. Urbas, V. Pres.; R. Trachtenberg, Treas.; G. Collison. Second Row: J. Cun- 
ningham, R. Harrill, L. Paulick. G. Mehlbaum, L. Lantz, R. May. R. Lamb. Back Row: A. 
Dorenfeld, C. Collison, F. Springer, R. Taylor. 

Scott, R. Sec; M. Stein. Pres.; J. Monaco, V. Pres.; P. Burney, C. Sec; D. Snoops. 
Second Row: E. Pheterson, R. Pisciotta, D. Hopkins, P. Berney, L. Bocinec Back 
Row: R. Smith, G. Tarutis, A. Terl, L. Merling. 









^^Hrr '^^^^^^^^^A 








^^^^k ''^ 4fl 


^K' ^^1 









Council of 



ft i't^f f ! 



DELTA NU ALPHA — ^Transportation Hon. — Front Row: J. Howes, R. Price, Sec, G. Connely, Treas., B. Johnson, 
2nd V.P., T. Hopp, 1st V.P., A. Romersa, Pres., P. Pantazes, D. Cregger, N. Moore, D. Mathews. Second Row: 
R. Spencer, R. Elgin, E. Winston, R. Klaswick, R. Day, S. Mastbrook, R. Nelson, Dr. J. Suelflow. Back Row: R. 
Putnam, L. Falter, J. Grambo, D. Burnette, A. DePaul, P. Phelps, P. Stanley, P. Hoey, Dr. S. Hille. 




DELTA SIGMA PI — Business — Front Row: C. Best, Hist.; D. Mann, Rec. Sec; D. Van Asdlen, Jr. V. Pres.; D. Fuller, 
Pres.; S. Kaufman, Sr. V. Pres.'; R. Felter, Corr. Sec; S. Blum, R. Eibel. Second Row: R. Hentz, J. Shujman, D. 
Alien, G. Voglino, G. Altmeyer, M. Stein, N. Foster, R. Christopher. Back Row: J. Lucas, P. Sutton, B. Grundy, M. 
Steinberg, R. Posner, P. Mullan, A. Flax, E. Pheterson, S. Book, L. Bocinec. 


DIADEM — Jr. Womens Honorary — Front Row: Messer, P. Beldock, V. Pres., T. Deming, Pres., S. Armstrong, Treas., S. Cromer, Sec. 
Second Row: I. Hackerman, B. St. Clair, L. Van Grack, S. Glackin, H. Goldberg. Back Row: S. Chu, S. Rubin, K. Cooney, B. Grim, S. 
Band, T. Cunningham. 

Kappa alpha MU — Photojournalism — From Row: M. Rossoff. v. p.; K. Firestone, pres.; H. Christoph. Back Row: P. Lamp; S. Thompson; J. 
Purnell; W. Kessler; L. Walsh. 

Kappa Alpha Mu 



M'^ ''^^^^^^^^^^r^^^^i 



\' t^^^^^^^K 1 ^^^^^^^^F^ ^^^^^^^^^M 

F^^^^K .^^H 

1 'n^^^K ">3 


V -^^^1 

^^^^^ft ^^^^^^^^^^L ■ i^^^^^^^l 









^^HH^L/ ]^^^^^^^Bi ^IH 

^^^^Bik vN^^^^^^B ^i^HBIL 

^^^^^^^^^^^ •' ^^^^^^^^^^^^ M 



ETA KAPPA >i\J— From Row: N. Bluzer, L. Paul. J. Rumbaugh, Fac. Adv., S. L. Pendergast, Sec, J. Frew. M. Minnich, Pres., H. Solomon, 
R. Roscnblum. M. Phillips. R. Bell, A. Ewing, Treas., W. Hamer. Scconii Row: J. Patrick, F. Connor, J. Bodycomb, V.P., J. Lee, J. Lawrence, 
W. Formwall. J. Lchmann, C. Eisenberg, W. Hcrmach, R. Epstein, Back Row: W. Bottoms, T. Finnegan, R. Stanton, F. Durilla, L. Markle, 
J. Moorcones, W. Taylor, A. Judy, E. Greville, S. Ponczak. F. Lebert. 

Eta Kappa Nu 


GAMMA SIGMA SIGMA — Women's Service Sorority — Front Row: S. Harans, S. Brill, P. Lowenstein, Treas., B. Blonder, Rec. 
Sec, P. Wheeler, Assistant 2nd V. Pres., J. Sessoms, Assistant 1st V. Pres., S. Phillips, Pres., B. Hull, 1st V. Pres., S. Kelly, 2nd 
V. Pres., B. Ronald, Corr. Sec, K. Lazur, Sec Chmn., L. Choin, Hist. Second Row: J. Murray, D. Staub, M. Klein, S. Cawley, D. 
Gordon, J. Garmey, S. Smith, J. Maclean, J. Thompson, C. Loveless, B. Crampton, S. Christopher. Third Row: M. Lowney, N. 
Rosenfelder, D. Jones, L. Myers, C. Mancusi, T. Katz, G. Springer, L. Cheslosky, P. Foringer, M. Shayne, S. Munday, B. Nulk. 
Fourth Row: J. Marsh, L. Holstrom, E. Carrellitti, J. Martin, E. Reaud, M. Kluger, R. Kopit, C. Mcdeiros, H. Ordway, C. Estes, 
M. Robinson, E. Piercy, C. Prase, A. Selby. Back Row: L. Haynes, J. Pynn, E. Cohen, J. Guers, J. Dalgewicz, D. Gruel, S. Pinkos' 
G. D'Onofrio, M. Pinkos, M. Gill, S. Hill, E. Shook, J. Kaplan, L. Silvester, L. Perdue. 

Gamma Sigma Sigma 




GAMMA THETA UPSILON— Geog.— Fronr Row: R. Massie, 
V.P., E. Kane, Sec, D. Rever, Pres., J. Lee, Treas. Second 
Row: H. Romberg Jr., H. Lins, B. Rabenhorst, K. Paduda, 
T. Rabenhorst, P. Jachowski. Back Row: D. Mackenzie, A. 
Ward, D. Bonenberger, T. Blakeney, D. Robinson. 

KAPPA DELTA PI— Educ— Fro/ir Row: B. Katz, M. Quinn, 
M. Kernan. Second Row: R. Katz, R. Kaplan, T. Hexstone. 
Back Row: S. Stine, L. Beveridgc. 



KAPPA KAPPA m— Front Ron-: C. Radcliff, J. Turner, K. Waibel, V. Pres.; R. Shafer, Pres.; J. Sisson, Sec; L. Jacoby, S. Robin- 
son. Back Row: D. Goss. A. Witkin, W. McCullen, R. Smith, J. Solie, G. Sears, L. Paul. 

Kappa Kappa Psi 

Hoffman, Pres.; J. Gaudio, Sec. Back Row: B. Nomis, S. DeCoste, J. Shea, 
D. Klevan. 






OMICRON NU— Home Ec. Hon— Front Row: J. Bladen. V. Pres.: D. Lilley, Pres.; C. Elam, Sec. Back Row: D. 
Grove, M. Thompson, M. Walter, M. Kemp. 

Omicron Nu 

PHI ALPHA EPSILON— Fronf Row: J. Dopp, V. Pres.; P. Griffin, Pres.; 
C. Gibson. Back Row: J. Blana, J. Henn, S. Stargel. 

Phi Alpha Epsilon 

Phi Chi Theta 

PHI CHI THETA — Women's Business Honorary — First Row: 
M. Miller, Pres.; M. Parsons, V. Pres. Second Row: M. A. 
Rogers, Sec; R. Frazzano, Treas.; N. Carreira. Back Row: L. 
Zollo. J. Davis, M. O'Connell. 



PI DELTA EPSILON — Communications Honorary — 
Front Row: A. Greer, Sec; J. Hendrickson, Pres.; L. 
Lougee, V. Pres. Back Row: M. Scherr, B. Graham, 
S. Kehoe, S. Valentina, M. Kuhn. 

Phi Mu Alpha 

PHI MU ALPHA— Music— Fronr Row: O, Olson. Adv.; 
C. Moore, Pres.; C. Shmitt, V. Pres.; R. Berlin, Sec. Second 
Row: N. Sullivan, B. Rigler, J. Hatkin, R. Danner, J. 
Fulcher. Third Row: K. Miles, Treas.; R. Bergman, J. Car- 
son, D. Hackett. Back Row: T. Jackson, S. Murray, J. 
Worslev, C. Barker. 

PI SIGMA ALPHA— Political Science— Fronr Row: R. Weissman, Sec: 
J. Stevens, Pres.; A. Terl, V. Pres. Back Row: D. Piper, Fac. Adv.; R. May, 
J. Strouse. 

Pi Sigma Alpha 


PI TAU SIGMA — Mechanical Engineering — Front Row: W. Sell, Jr., C. Hayleck, Adv.; J. Devereaux, Treas.; C. Cooper, Cor. Sec; 
R. Jenson, Pres.; R. Smith, V. Pres.; R. Tupper, J. Somerville. Second Row: W. Belts, D. Drackley, S. Markle, D. Stokes, W. 
BohU, B. Hassett, J. Hemingway, F. Hall, J. Beard. Back Row: D. Stacy, K. Szeliga, L. Burchett, R. Milstead, J. Nelka, L. Mel- 
hart, F. Wilkins, J. Bethke, J. Deoms. 


SIGMA ALPHA IOTA— Music— Fro/i/ Row: C. Wright, 
Pres.; R. Searles, Rec. Sec. Second Row: R. Capet, C. Cal- 
lahan, V. Pres.; J. Davis. Back Row: M. Jones, Treas.; 
P. Ritt, M. Korth, C. Estes, Cor. Sec. 

SIGMA ALPHA ETA— Speech Therepy Honorary— Fron/ Row: C. 
Turner, Cor. Sec; G. Abrahams, Rec. Sec; K. Scott, Pres.; L. Lougee, 
V. Pres. Second Row: M. Fuzo, L. Williams, L. Weiss. Back Row: 
L. Dodds, S. Brickman. C. DesRoches, M. Scherr. 

Sigma Alpha 



SIGMA ALPHA OMICRON— Microbiology— fran/ Row: S. Rochkind, Treas.; E. Steel, Pres.; 
K. Lemon, Sec; K. Noon. Back Row: L. Jori, G. Loew, N. Knight, G. Ferrari, S. Kehoe. 

SIGMA DELTA CHI Jmirnalism Honorary — Froni Row: H. Christoph, 
Sec; L. Walsh, Pres.; R. Helfrich, V. Pres. Second Row: 3. Hendrickson, 
S. Kehoe, A. Grocr, S. Tash. Third Row: D. Steil, S. Haley, J. Fellows. 
Back Row: J. Heim, S. Thompson, J. M. Purnell, J. Ceppos. 







SIGMA GAMMA TAV— Front Row: D. Hall. V. Pres.; P. 
Waltrup, Pres.; E, Parson, Treas.; D. DeMaio, Sec Second 
Row: C. Marriott, J. Oliff. R. Wcinraub, S. Norton. Back Row: 
N. Clerman. R. Mahaffey, B. Brownstein. 


Sigma Tau 

! SIGMA TAU EPSILON— W.R.A.—Fro/if Row: P. Griffin, L. 
Kassalow, Pres.; C. Salzman. Back Row: A. Ulman, E. Kesler, 
-^ Adv. 

Tau Beta Pi 

% ft 1 1 t f t 'f-M 

r r * Y If f !!^ r ^ ^v>' 

TAU BETA PI — Engin. — Front Row: C. Trachtenberg, E. Steer, J. Rumbaugh, F. A.; S. Penoercast, J. Frew, Treas.; D. Hall, C. 
Cooper, Sec; J. Beard, Pres.; J. Somerville, V. Pres.; R. Bell, Sec; H. Solomon, R. Rosenblum. M. Phillips, A. Weing, W. Hamer. 
Second Row: F. Springer, L. Paul, W. Boyce, J. Patrick, F. Connor, J. Bodycomb, J. Lee. J. Lawrence, W. Formwalt, J. Lehmann, C. 
Eisberg, W. Hermach, C. Kaueman, F. Wilkins, B. Springer. Third Row: N. Bluzer, H. Seirafi, H. Gersch. R. Stanton, F. Durilla, L. 
Markle, J. Meefcones, W. Taylor, A. Judy, E. Greville, S. Ponszak, F. Lebert, D. DeMaio. Back Row: G. Collison, R. Harrill, M. 
Minnich, W. Belts, A. Urbas, W. Sell, Jr., R. Mahaffey, P. Waltrup, R. Weinraub, R. Mustead, C. Wobbekins, B. Hassett, J. Oliff. 

Tau Beta 

TAU BETA SIGMA— Band— Fron/ Row: Mrs. 
Wakefield, Advisor; L. Davis, Pres.; Mrs. Thom, 
Advisor. Second Row: B. Hawkins, Treas.; N. John- 
son, Sec; Y. Counts, V. Pres.; L. Williams. Third 
Row: J. Nichols, C. Carmack, D. Johnson, J. Light. 
Back Row: R. Miller, M. Trofast, B. Robinson. 

Phi Beta Kappa 

X o be eligible for consideration by Phi Beta Kappa, a student 
must be a junior or a senior in the College of Arts and Sciences. 
A junior must have achieved at least a 3.75 cumulative average; 
a 3.5 overall is required for a senior. Last year, Gamma chapter 
at the University of Maryland initiated 53 members. Dr. Dudley 
Dillard, economics professor, is president of the University's chap- 
ter which was chartered in 1964. 


Christine Abrams 
Saul Adelman 
Betty Ammerman 
David Armstrong 
Carla Bouker 
Nadine Bricker 
Olivia Brickey 
Frances Burke 
Barry Bye 
Francis Cecil 
Jenny Gable Clagett 
Phyllis Cook 
Jerald Davitz 
Donald Dunphy 
Michael Deutschman 
Charles FefTerman 
Kenneth Folstein 
Robert FIdridge 
Joyce Gordon 
Carl Greifzu 
James Godfrey 
Caren Harnest 
Christopher Herron 
Donald Hordes 
Sheila Hunt 
James Johnston 

Bonnie Kirby 
Marjorie Larson 
Carole Lillienfield 
James Loftus 
John Loth 
David Miller 
Loftin Montgomery 
Stephen Mudrick 
Maria de L Negron 
Jeanne Nicholson 
Lawrence Powell 
Neal Quarles 
Jeanne Quinlan 
Barbara Rochow 
Barbara Scott 
John Slocomb 
Suzanne Spence 
Robert Stevens 
Larry Strausbaugh 
Robert Stonebraker 
Mary Tabor 
David Tapper 
Lillian Veal 
John Walsh 
Alice Zupan 


Phi Kappa Phi 


edicated to the Unity and Democracy of Education, Phi Kappa 
Phi selects its memberships from all fields of University study with 
recognition and encouragement of superior scholarship as its pur- 
pose, the society strives to fulfill its motto: "The love of learning 
rules the world." New members are elected from all schools of 
their respective universities and are chosen from the upper ten 
percent of the graduating class. This year the University of Mary- 
land Chapter honored approximately 150 seniors for their aca- 
demic achievement. 


Willard Green, President 
Ralph Klein, Vice President 
Clodus Smith, Secretary 
James Morgan, Treasurer 

John Thomas Allen 
Lee Sterling Altpeter 
Edward Leslie Ansel 
Pinar Arcan 
Martin Robert Babst 
Neson Lee Bain 
H. Randall Bell 
Leslie Adrienne Berkow 
Cheryl Ann Beveridge 
Lynn Ann Beveridge 
Leah Pearl Bimblich 
Jeanne Louise Bladen 
James V. Bodycomb 
Robert Michael Bosma 
Barbara M. Bourgeois 
Joseph H. Bredenkamp 
Richard Thomas Brown, III 
Barbara Ann Bruns 
Margaret Burr Buckler 
Eugene Arthur Carver 
Cary Montgomery Cooper 
Susan Estelle Coppage 
Eileen F. Cox 
Francis Edmond Dalton 
Alan Edward D'Appolito 
David John Daniel 
Ursula I. Davis 
Robert Kelly Dean, Jr. 
Beth Marie Decker 
Andre Derzavis 
Pamela Jean Drinane 
Edward Patrick Duggan 
Shirley Dunton 
Irma Hope Eastland 
Cheryl Faye Eberlin 
Carol Marie Elam 
Thomas Donaldson Elgen 
Robert Thomas Elsberry 
Eileen I. Faatz 
Michel Neil Favin 
Ruth Mary Ferguson 
Lawrence A. Fleming 
Frank Foust 
Michel Susan Foster 
Maury Lee Fradkin 
Heather Nash Frankle 
Kent Stafford Frazier 
Paul John Ghelev 
Ellen Janet Glass 
Stephen Gordon Glazer 

Gary Daniel Godshalk 
Judith Norma Gold 
Paul Eugene Goldhagen 
Stanley Harris Goldstein 
Genevieve M. Hagan 
Douglas Galloway Hall 
William C. Hamer 
Diane Pearce Hardwich 
Mary Elizabeth Hassman 
Wayne Lee Heckrotte 
Nancy E. Horwitz 
Peter Daniel Hruschka 
Lorraine Johnson Hutchison 
Joyce T. James 
Robert Couper Jer, sen 
M. Gwenyth Jones 
Heidi L. Joos 
Ethel F. Karp 
Adil Jubran Kanaan 
Ruth Alice Keeting 
Shawn Elizabeth Kehoe 
Morton Alan Kesler 
Carol Ruth Kestler 
Susan Rita Kinsey 

Norma J. Kirwan 

Harold George Klemcke 

Nancy L. Knight 

Eliabeth Clay Kocher 

Mirijana Kocho 

George E. Lauterbach, Jr. 

Victor Richard Lebedoff 

Joseph Leo, Jr. 

Barbara Sue Levine 

Doris Mai Lilley 

Dennis McConnell 

Joan Adele Lipsitz 

Janette Lysher McGaughy 

Donald Joseph McGraw 

Eleanor McKay 

Florence Madsen 

Marilyn Elizabeth Manser 

Ronald W. Massie 

Edward Carmine Mattie 

Wolfgang Paul Menzel 

George Malcolm Merriman, Jr. 

Alan Lester Meyrowitz 

Michael Edgar Minnich 

Lynne Mondell 

Joel Lee Morgenthau 

Oneida Carol Morningstar 

Carol Ann Neuman 
Lawrence Marc Paul 
Pamela N. Payne 
Lawrence Ward Pearson 
Stephen L. Pendergast 
Ivan James Phillips 
Michael Allen Phillips 
Linda Margaret Poole 
Kenneth Davis Powell 
Thomas John Pozzuoli 
John Fortney IHirinton 
David Earl Raley 
Howard G. Rode, Jr. 
Marilyn Lee Roman 
Helen Maxine Ryan 
Hallman Wayne Schindler 
Leslie Jay Schneider 
Lois Sandra Schwartz 
Charles Martin Shub 
Margaret Deal Smith 
Harvey Edward Solomon 
Anne Elizabeth Soria 
Penny L. Smith 
James Andrew Somerville, Jr. 
William Floyd Stagg 
Christian William Stauffer 
Willa Sydney Stem 
Sandra Jeannine Stine 
Dorothy Jayne Stirn 
Robert J. Stonebraker 
Larry James Strausbaugh 
Allen Lee Stockett 
James Ichard Tammany 
Susan Tavela 
William Edward Taylor 
Helen Arm Tegnell 
John Joseph Testa 
Russell Gardner Thomas, Jr. 
Margaret Jean Thompson 
Claire Turner 
Mary L. Walton 
Frank Anthony Warner 
Faye Fuller Weedman 
Robert Allen Weinraub 
Mark Alexander Weiss 
Richard Davis Whitney 
Miriam Leah Wilkenfeld 
Bernadette Mary Williams 
Charles Adolph Wobbeking, Jr. 
Margaret Faith Wolfe 
Richard Everett Wood 


Omicron Delta Kappa 


John Amoss 

Dr. Norman C. Laffer, Ad. 

Wayne Pawlowslej 

John Barron 

Dr. Peter Lejins, Ad. 

Lawrence Pearson 

William Belts 

Tom Marshall 

Steve Pendergast 

James Bodycomb 

Dick May 

Alan Rafel 

Bernard Bramson 

Dennis McConnell 

Ken Rinlzer 

Carry Cooper 

Jay McMillen 

Robert Rothbard 

Steve Glaber 

Wolfgang Menzel 

Gary Smith 

Joe Harrington 

Howard Metro 

Barry Springer 

Dr. Charles Haylock. Ad. 

Mike Mimmich 

Larry Strasbaugh 

John Hendrickson 

Pat Morgan 

Kenneth Stiles 

Mr. William Hoff, Ad. 

Dick Mortimer 

Milt Thomas 

Francis Hoffman 

Thomas Painter 

Larry Walsh 

Robert Jensen 

John Warfield 

Terry Baxter 

James Beard 

David Couchman 

Miller Hudson 

David Klevan 

Lawrence Powell 

Neal Quarles 

Steven Rosen 


John Slade 

James Somcrvillc 

Robert Stonbraker 

Mortar Board 

Lynn Beveridge 

Gail Blackmore 

Josephine Burke 

Sheila Deitz 

Laurie Emil 

Ilene Herstone 

Betty Jiles 

Drena Kaufman 

Elizabeth McPhee 

Terry O'Neill 

Marilyn Quinn 

Margaret Smith 

Marjorie Solomon 

Anne Ulman 


Who's Who 


William Becker 
Sheila Dietz 
Timothy Geiger 
Barbara Hamilton 
Richard May 
Theresa O'Nell 
Lawrence Pearson 
Robert Rothbard 
Robert Smith 
Robert Stumpff 
Susan Waters 
Reesa Woolf 

Richard J. Bartnick 

Terry Baxter 

James Lawrence Beard 

Nancy Benjes 

Lynn Beveridge 

Sharon Brooks 

Nancy Chotiner 

Patrick Clancy 

David Couchman 

June Gaudio 

Miller Hudson 


David Klevan 

Mary Lefans 

Barbara Loveless 

Janet Milliken 

Lawrence Powell 

Steve Rosen 


R. William Seiders 

R. Sisler 

J. Slade 

Martin Stein 

Robert Stonebraker 

Lawrence Walsh 





Agronomy Club 

ACCOUNTING CLUB— From Row: R. Willen, Pres.; B. Parkin, 
N. Morgenstein. V. Pres.; J. Shelton. Back Row: D. Miller, Sec; 
T. Rowley, T. King, R. Wood. 

Accounting Club 

^^^^L H^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^V'^*^^^! 

AGRONOMY CLUB— Fro/if ^oiv; S. Gillen. Sec; H. Jeffries, I Yeas.; 
J. Doran, Pres.; W. Ray, V. Pres. Second Ron-: G. Nzewl, D. Fan- 
ning, Advisor; S. Walker, J. Knepley, Jr. Third Row: J. Hannawald, 
G. Brown, E. Hevner. Back Row: Dr. E. Deal, R. Cominsky, P. Ensor. 


Amateur Radio Club 

TICS — Front Row: D. Hall, C. Marriott. Treas.; P. Waltrup, V. Pres.; 
R. Mahaffey, Pres.; R. Weinraub, H. Dorney. Second Row: J. Moore, 
R. Bryer, J. Oliff, E. Parsons, S. Norton. Third Row: C. Miller, R. 
Wachtter, P. Perry, R. Kedzierski. J. Petrakis. Back Row: J. McManus, 
K. Maillar, N. Leatherman. D. E)eMaio. 

AMATEUR RADIO CLVB— Front Row: K. J. Dcxlcr. D. Schnei- 
der, Treas.; G. Powell. V. Pres.; R. Piepoli. Pres.; J. Fellows, Sec; 
R. Schlerf, P. Pyne. Back Row: G. Baltz. J. Silva. J. Nelscn. A. 
Hoffma.ster, S. Affens, F. Saul, M. McAmis. 


AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERING— Fro«r Row: E. Coale, r. sec; I. Hastings, R. lohnson, c. sec; R. Feldwick, 
treas.; I. Levin, pres.; M. Maaghoul, H. Epstein, B. Paul. Second Row: D. Merchant, D. Taylor, H. Seirafi, B. S6race, S. Rome, W. Foun- 
tain, V. Mendes. Third Row: W. Bixby, H. Gersch, M. Potter, R. Bennet, M. Bermejo, P. Urian. Back Row: R. Rhinehart, P. Hartlove, E. 
Forsht, D. Harrah, D. Rosser. < 

American Institute of Chemical Engineering 
American Society Of Civil Engineers 

AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS— Fran? Row: C. Collison. Ill, I. Siminou, F. lones, H. Wellens, Treas.; T. Shepard, Sec; 
L. Lantz, Pres.; F. Carpenter, R. Neyman, R. Lamb, Pari,; J. Monar. Second Row: M. Steer, I. Bickley, S. Hagis, D. Hayes, J. Mahan, D. 
Wiles, V. Clark, I. Cunningham, G. Mehlbaum. Back Row: J. Bembe, J. Wessel, G. Collison, M. Carter, K. O'Day, V. Pres.; C. Harris, 
G. Bennett, R. Trachtenberg, L. Paulick, P. Van Der Goes, R. Speight, J. Looney. 

American Society of 
Mechanical Engineers 

Vella, K. Knight, F. Hall, C. Polinger, D. Stokes, R. Tupper, v. pres.; P. Fleck, 
sec; L. Davis, pres.; M. Kuklewicz, treas.; W. Sell, L. Melka. R. Gipe, R. Muns- 
terteiger, R. Smith. Second Row: D. Drackley, D. Kluckhulm. D. Peugh, C. 
Maple, J. Carey, A. Lostaunau, F. Kuehl, I. Morris, M. Plumb, W. Boehm, R. 
Given, C. Cooper, I. Sommervile, K. Szeliga. Back Row: S. Devereauz, J. Anton, 
D. Biehl, N. Noulas, B. Hassett, S. Merchant, W. Bohli, S. Markle, W. Miller, H. 
Hemmingway, D. LaMarr, M. Edwards, C. Young, L. Burchett. 

AMERICAN SOCIETY OF TOOL AND MANUFACTURING ENGINEERS — From Row: G. Merrill, advisor; B. Mills, 2nd chrm.; R. 
Sarlin 1st chrm.; C. Hartley, chrm.; K. Rodda, sec; R. Loy, treas.; D. Ruokonen, C. Reese, J. Carman. Second Row: D. Craig, A. Comproni 
L Zin'del, G. Buckingham, F. McNerney, R. Culp, R. Kaminski, S. Klein. Third Row: J. Harrison, B. Dishman, S. Schwartz, B. Dempsey, 
B. Gray, T. Peters, J. Click. Back Row: M. Williams, C. Pacione, J. Oliver, O. Gruel, C. DeVore. 

American Society of Tool and Manufacturing Engineers 


ANGEL FLIGHT — Front Row: S. Bond, C. Mann, P. Harrison, J. Royce, Comptroller; M. 
Hermann, Exec. Officer; C. Faulkner, CM.; J. Bentz, Administrative Officer; C. Crocker, A. 
Kennelly, K. Henry, S. Vernay. Second Row: P. Klinges, K. Nis.-ley, G. Miya.saki, M. Paglio, 
S. Mossburg, G. Rowel!, E. Woytoyitz, Q. Adorian, B. Reynolds, J. Lee. Third Row: M. 
Woods, D. Weymouth, D. Rothwell, M. Stoklasa, S. Sandford, M. Kraff, N. Smull, C. Enlow, 
J. Edwards, D. Shellenberger. Back Row: M. Howe, M. Trofast, S. Riggle, V. Buckson, B. Lee, 
J. Pierce, D. Newcomb, D. Deakyne. 


AQUALINERS— Fron/ Row: J. Wilson, P. Gibson, J. 
Arnold, pres.; S. Moore, sec. Second Row: A. Ruderman. 
P. Kecnan, N. Carter, B. Reich. Back Row: B. Newton, B. 
Simms, B. Reck, J. Williams, M. Yannuzzi. 

Computer Machinery 

Renard, Sec, Treas.; J. Ruddell, Pres.; L. Leach, Memshp. Chrm.; E. Lcider- 
man, V. Pres. Second Row: C. Enis, D. Wallace. R. Coles, M. Ncvhaus. R. 
Long. Back Row: R. Spencer, T. Lojacono, V. Skinner. E. Fromm. C. Kelly. 

W. Seiders, L. Bimblich, sec, treas.; J. Robison, pres.; D. Hoshall, v. pres.; S. Sweet, 
J. McAulay. Back Row: R. Felsman, R. DeLauder, R. Perkins, J. Faulkner, D. Edwards, 
E. Fry, E. Simpson, L. Pue. 

Block & Bridle 
Dairy Science Club 

Calvert Forensic Union 

BRIDGE ChXJB— Front Row: J. Skelly, sec; K. 
Schardt. Back Row: A. Clark, treas.; A. Kolkin, 
pres.; V. Skinner, v. pres. 

Bridge Club 

CALVERT FORENSIC UNION— Fra«/ Row: R. Rinaldo, V.P.; M. Waller, Sec- 
Treas.; M. Egan, Pres.; J. Suirbely. Second Row: E. Cherry, D. Jennings, B. Con- 
nelly, T. Brushe. Back Row: S. Greene, J. Bolotin, A. Kellogg, R. Borden, L. Sab- 
bath, T. Bruce. 

Chinese Club 

CHINESE ChVB— Front Row: C. Lo, see. chrm.; W. Foo, cult, chrm.; R. Yee, 
treas.; J. Lee, v. pres.; C. Lin, pres.; L. Liang, sec; V. Lee, soc. chrm.; J. Kung. 
Second Row: D. Lee, B. Haupt, M. Wu, V. J. SooHoo, F. F. Jen, M. Kung, P. 
Srasawangwat, M. Young, P. Liau, J. Young. 

Color Guard 

COLOR GUARD — Front Row: M. Trofast, capt.; 
B. Loveless, co-capt. Second Row: J. Hildebrand, 
Y. Counts, J. Edwards. D. Johnson. Third Row: 
D. Shellenberger, E. Rynarzewski, J. Dunn, S. 
Eraser, J. Fleming. 

t .I.C 

f Xt 











COLLEGIATE 4H~Front Row: C. Huff. S. Adams, sec: H. 
Morgan, v. pres.; J. Payne, ag. council rep.; L. Bladen, publicity 
chrm.; B. Seiders. Second Row: B. Whipp. R. DeLauder, S. 
Whipp, M. TTiompson, E. Husbands, R. Klingathof, M. Klingel- 
hefie, R. Voorhees. Back Row: R. Durhin, C. Pearson. J. Jones, 
S. Bowen, J. King, S. Ahalt, T. Smith, R. Lindcmann, J. Fielder. 

Collegiate 4-H 

DRAMA Wl^G— Front Row: D. Berger. v. pres.; R. Sisler, pres.; L. 
Hollar. Second Row: L. Teal, S. Murray, E. Sorgnet. Back Row: W. 
Miller, D. Goettoe, E. T. Starcher, dir. 

Drama Wing 

Economics Discussion Club 

Fencing Club 

John, treas.; A. G. Gruchy, adviser; R. Berdey, pres.; V. Agresti, 
sec; M. Stein. Back Row: R. Freer, T. Raveson, M. Reinhard, J. 
Grant, E. Pheterson, A. Chavrid. 

FENCING CL\JB~Front Row: J. Haldeman, v. pres.; G. Haldeman, 
treas.; A. Stottlemyer, pres. Secotid Row: C. Walker, M. Maier, C. 
Quass. Back Row: D. Cedrone, C. Maple, J. Moefan, C. Reistetter. 

Flying Follies 

FLYING FOLLIES — From Row: K. Bums. J. Littman, L. Emel, A. Rafel, L. Silverman, sec; D. Roffman, pres.; I. Herstone. treas.; J. 
McGee, N. Brien, C. Martin. Second Row: D. Bigclow, A. Baumann, B. Ford, C. Craig, E. Coupe, T. Gotkin. J. Streilfcid, R. Paritzky. Back 
Row: B. Clarke. A. Whitehead. B. BogdanofT, R. Hopkins, M. Mitchell. 




GYMKANA TROUPE — Front Row: S. Holtan, M. Vaeen, P. Pope, E. Harne, treas.; M. Friedel, v. pres.; G. Kramer, adviser; J. Murray, pres.; 
P. Holtan, sec: J. Tanner, hist.; J. Martin, L. Chubb, M. Sorady, A. Luce. Second Row: R. Bracey, J. Schulz, C. Dempsey, P. Siskind, R. Robey, 
J. Grier, A. Growther, N. Crone, D. McKamey, S. Gammon. Third Row: D. Zeisel, M. Hall, M. Benisek, M. Comberiate, R. Zieg, R. Lundgren, 
P. Howe, N. Baker. Fourth Row: R. Rhinehart, K. Allen, D. Buttman, R. Bloyer, D. Zier, C. Selby, B. Hillman, J. P. Howe. Back Row: B. 
Sherfey, J. Herget, R. J. Miller, J. Cannon, W. Thiele. 

Gymkana Troupe 




HOME EC. CLUB — Front Row: M. Hull, P. Moody, J. Jones, S. Allman, v. pres., M. 
Thompson, pres., B. Brush, L. Bladen, D. Lilley. Back Row: D. Hopkins, E. Best, N. 
Monitor, S. Fouche, M. Weirich, N. Lee, C. Saukel, S. Whipp, J. Bladen. 

X . X_/ . X_/ . J—/ . 

INSTITUTE OF ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERS— Fro«r Row: R. Stokken, R. Rosenblum, H. Solomon, J. Frew, H. 
Ingorvate, v. pres.; Zsuffa, pres.; H. Price, E. Quinn, sec; R. Miller, treas.; W. Bottoms, J. Nickle, R. Bell, W. Hamer. Second Row: R. Willard, 
A. Humans, S. Gordon, S. Pendergast, C. Diekmann, T. White, W. Thielz, H. Laflamme, W. Formwalt, L. Paul, K. Hayes. Third Row: A. 
Ewing. H. Katz, M. Ressler, C. Riley, A. Riley, J. Siegel, K. Boegli, R. Epstein, R. Baldauf, A. Peugh. Back Row: J. Cooper, D. Middlekauff, 
R. Robins, N. Bluzer, W. Fishman, E. Wimbush, F. Brown, A. Forsbacka, F. Lebert, C. Schwendinger, B. Sunday. 

INTERNATIONAL CLUB — Front Row: J. Rodousakis, P. 
Burney. D. Monos, R. Rizik, M. Madaressi, pres.; F. Mamani, F. 
Behbin, S. Kamali, M. Shashaani, A. Azhdam. Second Row: K. 
Behizan, S. Tom, A. Papanicolaou, S. Rayanian, H. Safaipour. 
E. Ghaem, A. Sorush. Back Row: E. Alexiou, T. Martinez, M. 
Suarez, G. Palumbo, T. Maske, H. Seiraft, I. Monsee. 

International Club 


M. Lee, A. Baker, P. Harrison, sec; L. Strausbaugh. pres.; L. Matthews, sec; 
T. Dietrich, treas.; R. Elhs, S. Carruth, J. Flayhart. Back Row: A. Heinlein, W. 
Corduan, S. Walker, A. Chii, E. Janzegers, G. Veohlesky, G. Diggs, D. 
Tliomas, M. Coleman, J. Burdett, W. Corduan. 

Intervarsity Christian 

Iranian Club 

IRANIAN CLVB^Front Row: A. Mahmudi, A. Shashaani, Y. I.alezaris, M. Shashaani, sec; J. Siminou. pres.; M. Hosscinlou, treas.; H. Safaipour, 
V. pres.; E. Ghaen-Maghami, I. Monsef. Second Row: F. Behbin, N. Shams, K. Bet- Aharon, M. P. Modaressi, A. Azhdam, P. Aryan-Nejaid. S. Roy- 
anian, S. Sedghi. Third Row: B. Modaressi, M. Shirazi, H. Scirafi, M. M. Mortazavi, A. Abrishamian, M. Maaghoul, J. Kohanzadeh. Back Row: H. 
Sorush, M. Khojandi, S. Kamali, Y. Mokhtarzada, A. N. Adham, M. H. Seirafi, M. Farhadi. 

LITTLE SISTERS OF MINERVA— Fronr Row: C. Obrecht, P. Lacey, S. 
Brooks, V. pres.; S. Howells, pres.; C. Werner, treas.; C. Walter. Back Row: L. 
Brown, D. Maurcr, E. Bichy, J. Leatherwood, W. Nichols, J. Shrum. D. 

Sisters of 

Louisa Parsons 
Nursing Club 


LOUISA PARSONS NURSING CLVB— Front Row: P. Duggins, v. pres.; 
P. Radwell, pres.; D. Herndon, sec.-treas. Second Row: J. Bostetter, L. 
Menzer, M. Wong. Third Row: B. Meadows, G. Joachim. J. F. Smith, A. 
Scherlis. Back Row: K. Duey, B. Thome, K. Steer, K. Russell- 


M-CLUB— Fro/ir Row: D. Harrington, C. Koester, D. Millikaw, B. Bramson, J. Phillips, advisor; R. Wright, sec; M. Matthews, pres.; D. 
Starnes, v. pres.; D. Dodge, treas.; G. Stem, advisor; K. Webster, J. Arnoult, M. Thomas, K. Billotte, R. Stumpflf. Second Row: M. Rogosky, 
J. Bickley, B. Phillips, J. Wechsler, P. Kowzun, W. Donelon. P. Morgan, J. Amoss, L. Stickel, S. Bouchers, R. Olson, T. Bartolec, R. Martino, 
R. Emmet. Third Row: T. Nawrocki, P. Rawleigh, J. Hill, B. Dranginis, B. Beatty, B. Bilancioni, B. Karch, G. Williams, G. Boxer, B. Carson, 
F. Alston, J. Jordan, T. Gagner. Back Row: J. Prevar, T. Thompson, D. Springer, J. Harrington, J. Trachy, Jr.; F. Costello, Jr.; D. Donahue, 
D. Smith, S. Washburn, R. White, D. Dull, A. Brzostowski. 

Men and Women's Glee Clubs 

MEN AND WOMEN'S GLEE CLUBS— Fro«/ Row: A. Whitehead, D. Kelley, M. Highstein, treas.; R. Searles, v. pres.; C. Estes, sec; C. Wool, 
pres.; D. Roffman, pres.; G. Long, manager; G. Dodge, v. pres.; R. Hopkins, treas.; J. McCamant, sec; D. Henderson. Second Row: L. Gordon, 
M. Korth, O. Walker, G. Anthony, N. Bricn. L. Saks, C. O'Meara, C. Blum, D. Fleisher, G. Younkins. M. Seibert, P. Munson. Third Row: C. 
Balser, M. Gorman, D. Long, E. Morreale, J. Ashworth, H. Ordway, K. Roberson, A. Spada, B. Newman, E. Messer, R. Schramm. Back Row: 
S. Powell, C. Cranford, L. Clark, S. Carruth, E. Coupe, L. Ludwig, M. Alston, M. Feldman, B. Dye. 


J. Francis, M. Sippel, T. Smith, sec; H. Orthner. v. pres.; A. 
Jones, pres.; B. Moflfett, treas.; C. Herman, R. Pisciotta. Back 
Row: M. Bauman, E. Reuben, M. J. Hoose, D. Deacon, C. Stark, 
G. Houck. 


w 1^^ A 

OLD LINE PARTY— From Row: J. Prater, D. Duffus, treas.; A. Speizman, 
ind. V. pres.; D. Mortimer, pres.; B. McKenna, sec; T. Dove. comm. v. pres.; 
E. Rosenberg. Second Row: T. Hendrickson, N. McCulIough. S. Cohn, J. Roth- 
child, B. Dubnoff, R. Potash, B. Bondy, B. Thoroughgood, T. Aaron. Back 
Row: L. McClary, G. Cooper, L. Leach, G. Maxwell, F. Crystal, J. Fleischer, 
C. Taylor, J. Askren, E. Fry. 

Old Line Party 

Pershing Rifles 

t t*f 



PERSHING RIFLES— Fro/i/ Row: J. Yarrison, J. Lea, O. Riddick, W. Garrett, Ist/Lt.; J. Peeke, CM.; L. Fulcher, sweetheart; R. Bathke, 
advisor; D. Reichard, J. Sonneborn, F. Marlow. Second Row: R. Allison, W. Eugene, A. Comulada, P. Prout, J. Tcsch, W. Fod, R. Wake- 
field, R. Yeh, A. Beliaeff. Third Row: C. Smith, J. Gilhooly, J. Ranes, Jr., L. Seastrum, Jr., A. Brooks, E. Brcitschwerdt, T. Schaner. Back 
Row: W. Kramer, C. Benedick, D. Erickson, J. Skutch, D. Jones, D. Walker. 

Pharmacy Club 

PHARMACY ChVB— From Row: N. Yockelson, P. Firth, 
treas.; D. Hopkins, pres.; A. Riley, v. pres.; M. Levi, D. 
Snoops. Back Row: T. Page, S. Pi-istoop, M. Young, K. Thack- 
er, A. Cocoros, R. West, V. Stevenson. 

P.E. Majors 

PHYSICAL EDUCATION MAJORS— Fro/i/ Row: L. Davis, sec; G. 
Castroville, pres.; V. VanDyke, treas.; P. Harmsen. Second Row: J. 
Nichols, R. Capelle, F. Husman, D. Dcterding. Hark Row: R. Yannuzzi. 
R. Lewis, D. Griggs, B. Fupper, L. Allen, P. Nlaiil. 

PHYSICAL THERAPY CLUB — Front Row: P. Pope, R. Middleman, C. Sielski, P. Krizanek, J. Carlucci, G. Carver, L. Sample, J. Pynn, sec; 
K. Unerfusser, pres.; L. Gwiazdowski, treas.; M. Trout, S. Hohnson, B. Schneiderman, A. Kalos, M. Schmitt, A. Randall, N. Zamorski. Second 
Row: L. Hupa'rt, M. Boehm, E. Volkmer, R. Pope, N. Carter, B. Harris, J. Goldstein, J. Johnson, P. Dick, E. DeCoursey, R. Brocato, H. Wagen- 
heim, A. Rosenfeld, J. Barnes, D. Sager. Third Row: A. Steele, T. Snowhite, K. Nissley, L. Lanbert, J. VanNewkirk, D. Pilla, S. Ramsburg, 
S. Boston, J. Dianmon, F. Elkin, K. Fahey, B. Kopit, M. Spegele, C. Davis, D. Usher. Back Row: J. Pugh, T. Dalton, J. Emel, L. Moss, B. 
Allegri, E. Jamieson, P. Maute, K. Crane, D. Zwack, L. Schweer, C. Molina, T. Shapiro, J. Snyder. 

Physical Therapy Club 

Physics Club 

Political Science Club 


1 4 1 * 


PHYSICS CLUB— Front Row: C. Alley, adviser; D. Yates, 
pres. Second Row: D. Mudrick, A. Twitty, sec; D. Bur- 
chick, V. pres. Back Row: M. Nork, S. Killion, G. Pfeufer. 

POLITICAL SCIENCE CLUB — Front Row: J. Sheehan, B. Murik, v. pres.; 
G. Tarutis, pres.; K. Petroitis, treas.; J. Streitfeld. Back Row: A. Terl, J. 
Haifley, M. Silverman, C. Leverton, L. Silverman, M. Mitchell. 

RECREATION AND PARKS SOCIETY— Fro«/ Row: W. Miller, v. pres.; 
N. Gustafson, sec; C. Maddoz, pres.; J. Churchill, adviser. Second Row: 
}. Williams, B. Mafness, R. Hoglund, A. Comulada. Third Row: C. Luscomke, 
I. Paul, L. Jones, D. Millikan. Back Row: R. Gregory, E. Temple, K. Ernest, 
N. Krentler. 


and Parks 


SOCIETY FOR ADVANCEMENT OF MANAGEMENT— Fr«;!/ Row: E. Brick, R. Frazzano, J. Shelton. treas.; L. Zindel, pres,: D. 
Kaufman, sec; P. Stanley, v. pres.; G. Nichols, v. pres. Secontl Row: C. Boyd. L. Bocinec, T. Nalley, M. O'Connell, W. Garrison. L. Pearl, 
M. Stein, B. Borzymowski. Back Row: i. Hardisty, J. Harrison, M. Browne, V. Agresti, C. Hartley, R. Sarlin, G. DeVore, L. Merling. 

Society for Advancement of Management 

Society of Fire Protection Engineers 

SOCIETY OF FIRE PROTECTION ENGINEERS— Fro/if Row: K. Dungan, G. Priebe. D. Decker, pres.; G. Lingenfelter. v. pres.; W. 
Cannon. Second Row: E. Shollenberger, W. Boyce, R. Arengo, J. Shelley, J. Hancher. 

Sociology Club Student Affiliates of A.C.S. 

SOCIOLOGY CLVB—Fronl Row: S. Fuller, v. 
pres.; A. Dashoff, pres. Back Row: Dr. J. Wilson, 
advisor; B. Fishman, sec; A. Fink. 

Row: E. Cohen, pres. Secontl Row: C. Fleck. R. Jung. Back Row: B. Creitz. v. pres.; 
A. Fine. T. Sturgill. 

STUDENT NATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION — Front Row: Dr. Amershek, advisor; G. Lisogursky, B. Deitz, I. Olivio, treas.; M. 
Levin, pres.; B. Blonder, v. pres.; I. Reger, treas.; A. Cohen, C. Steinberg. Second Row: N. Lee, R. Woodward, S. Haas, L. Rosenberg, C. 
Sauke'l, G. Springer, C. Blacksin. Back Row: C. Peter, E. Rynarzewski.J. Rothchild, L. Sborofsky, P. Bahn, L. Mondell, L. lones, F. Kelly. 

Student National Education Association 

Terrapin Ski Club 

TERRAPIN SKI CLUB — Front Row: C. Horton, K. Orsi, H. Dulberg, L. O'Rourke, V. Westervelt, B. Shaw, E. Schehr, J. Kemper, R. Warner, 
J. Jimmyer, v. pres.; R. Mahaffey, pres.; L. Lawry, sec; M. Burke, treas.; C. lordan, E. Nachlas, A. Solomon, J. Kearney, C. Kaestner, A. 
Hirntz, D. Pittman. Second Row: G. Campos, M. Kessler, P. Rodwell, S. Pridgeon, R. Meyer, W. Morris, C. Barnes, V. Roecker, S. Richard- 
son, L. Friedman, M. Stoss, S. Myers, I. Mikus, T. Simmons, U. Baegli, D. Clanet, J. Pflaum, B. Chute. Third Row: K. Campbell, C. Hargy, 
S. Olson, P. Campbell, P. McCaig, K. Hunt, A. Ashton, K. Lopatkiewiz, M. Rosen, C. Olson, W. Hamer, J. Carey, M. Stacy, D. Wade, D. Capik, 
P. Brogger. Fourth Row: R. Perkins, E. Harding, J. Leach, A. Chute, E. Binning, K. Clark, P. Kemper, W. Wildes, A. Bohacek, B. Freyman, 
P. Selby, S. Morrissey, J. Frey, S. Bennett. Fifth Row: J. Twark, R. Ehrhardt, L. Slagle, M. Tarallo, S. Olds, G. Robinson, R. Lara, K. 
Diefenbach, D. Moore, C. Cohanim. Back Row: W. Konyu, I. Ziegenfuss, S. Pawliuk, L. Roberts, R. Milliken, M. McColgan, J. Swab, S. 
Hobelmann, S. Collinson, S. Leslie, R. Friedland, M. Sothoron, C. Miller, G. Duncan, T. Smith, G. Roberts, N. Edmiston, W. Dungey. 

Trail Club 

TRAIL CLVB— Front Row: F. Ahern, J. Reich, G. Reich, A. Chute, P. Mallary, pres.: J. Lock, treas.; B. Nurmi, sec; H. Stacy, v. pres.; 
E. Scherl, Second Row: G. Schaffer, J. Peake, B. DeLoache, V. Roecker, S. Platkin. L. Baer, R. Bucca, T. Pearce, R. Roepke. Back Row: I. 
Scire, B. Chute, W. Bailey, A, Lord, R. Canter, V. Goebel, H. Tegnell, L. Dodds. J. Pearce, M. Krepner, R. Blumberg, J. Baden. 


Galloway, adviser; R. Landers, pres.; H. Crawford, v. pres.; 
B. Richardson, sec, treas.; N. Bowser. Back Row: T. Snell, 
E. Crawford, T. Henning, J. Tomczak, J. Schwerin, A. Foster. 

Underwater Diving 

UNIVERSITY THEATER— Fronr Ron: B. Sherman, C. Schleinhege, S. 
DeCoste, sec; B. Nomis, pres.; J. Shea. v. pres.; L. Bothe. Second Ron-: 
L. Rafel, S. Shakewitz, S. Hoffman, J. Lewis, K. Petnitis, J. Gaudio, A. 
Penn. Back Row: B. Bogdanoff, D. Klevan, B. Norkin. F. Futoran, C. An- 
ders, L. Miller, A. Rafel, G. Greene. 

University Theater 

Vandenberg Guard 

VANDENBERG GUARD — Front Row: J. Church, I. Engelbrecht, R. Ives, J. Gregory, Ist/Sgt.; B. Springer, CM; P. Smith. R. Roberts, R. 
Wohrman, R. Okamoto. Second Row: M. Silvert, K. Brady. B. Springer, J. Charters, L. Kim, W. Howser, F. Snapp. Back Row: R. Lawlcr, 
H. Collin, J. Kay, V. Smith, E. Schmader, R. Thorntor, F. Conner. 

Veterinary Science Club 

Leisure, sec; G. Rampacek, pres.; R. Waldron, v. pres.; G. Terry, 
R. Jackson. Second Row: T. Sidor, D. Klevan, J. Calpin, B. 
Powers, J. DcBoy, M. RossofT, L. Platshon. Third Row: T. Janifer, 
B. Covington, J. Lillie, E. Fountain, J. Blunt, W. Dittmann, R. 
Jones, G. Robinson. Back Row: D Klein, J. Hall, B. Hahn, T. 
Kerr, F. TTiomson. K. Canter. 

Volunteers for Mental Health 

M. Kocver, J. Savage, treas.; L. Ingerto, pres.; A. Pogorelskin. S. Platkin. 
Back Row: J. Stokes, S. Harness. T. Price, P. Wcltv. V. McKenney, G. 
BranofT, W. Dorer. 

V.O.U.S. SEMINAR — Front Row: A. Musgrove, J. Stockton, D. James, 
G. Ferrari, D. Kohne. Second Row: D. Luira, S. Raymond, D. L. Cady, 
M. A. Kahoe, Back Row: L. Jori, L. Case, M. Jones, K. Richardson. 

V.O.U.S. Seminar 

P. Griffin, treas.; C. Salzman, pres.; D. Hasslinger, v. pres. 
Second Row: S. Willey, L. Kassalow, K. Millar, P. Fuller. 
Back Row: M. Sneider, E. Kesler, advisor; J. Henn, B. 

W. R.A. 

Young Democrats 

Young Republicans 

YOUNG DEMOCRATS — Front Row: J. Sheehan, A. Speizman, sec; A. 
Terl, pres.; B. Murik, treas.; E. Byrd, advisor. Second Row: J. Haifley, M. 
Silverman, G. Tarutis, del.; S. Page, T. Bruce, R. Weissman, M. Tarses. 
Back Row: W. Miller, J. Keering, R. Vetling, H. Hoffman, R. Long, W. 
Hunt, J. Strouse. 

YOUNG REPUBLICANS— Fra;;f Row: J. Engel, S. Kent, 
sec; L. Bashook, v. pres.; K. Petraitis, sec; T. Aaron, A. 
Wbotten, T. Hutchins. Second Row: L. Leach. J. Richardson, 
M. Rutland, R. Eihel, L. Hulshaf, S. Price, P. Vale, J. Lackey. 
Back Row: P. Trapkin, V. Agresti, J. Lange. C. Stoecker, V. 
Stokely, S. Hatos, W. Scholtz, M. Estes, M. Stein. 

Women's Press Club 

WOMEN'S PRESS CUJB— Front Row: S. Cohen, r. sec; M. Kuhn, S. Kehoe, v. pres.; L. Matthews, pres.; A. Groer, treas.; M. Lipprnan, 
M. Brill. Second Row: M. Avram, M. Armiger, H. Goldberg, A. McLaughlin, C. Holstein, S. Broadwater. Back Row: P. Rouzer, B. Ifshin, 
L. Winterling, D. Casselberry, M. DePorter. 




■■-- - ^.' 




Dayle Seipert 


University of Maryland 


Gail Kleger 
Homecoming Queen 



Nancy Watts 

Miss Maryland 

Genny Smith 

Military Queen 


Meredith Williams 
LF.C Queen 

Gail Lang 
Pledge Queen 


Linda Conway 
Best-Dressed Co-ed 

Bobbi Badin 
Campus Chest 


Isabel Del Canto 
Freshman Queen 



Barbara Gola 
Belvedere B 

Kathleen Lonert 
Calvert B 

Kathy Henry 
Cambridge D 

Jill Hartley 
Catoctin A 

Carol Dodd 
Cecil Hall 

Dorm Sweethearts 

Penny Smith 
Cumberland A 


Nancy Watts 
Charles South 

Karen Murrey 
Eston A 

Suzi Graf 
EUicott D 

Greta Schultz 
EUicott E 

Sally Larson 
Prince George's 

Dorothy Kalinsky 
Cumberland North 


Michele Mayerson 


Johanna Murray 

Gail Kent 

Bo Kelley 


Yvonne Digenis 

Meryl Helman 


Janice Davies 

June Allen 

Nancy Jobe 

Joann Mockabce 

Linda Van Grack 

Melody Schaub 

Sue Glasheen 










SGA Cabinet and Officers 

STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION CABINET— Fro^ir Row. J. Barron, v. pres.; M. Hudson, pres.; T. Hendrickson. treas. Second 
Row: D. Mortimer, sr. class pres.; Fleischer, soph, class pres.; R. Woolf, residence halls pres.; K. Cooney. p^nhel. pres.; S. McGrath, fr. 
class pres.; R. Fine, jr. class pres. Back Roh-: T. Aaron, men's league pres.; M. Williams, U.C.A. v. pres.; S. Powell, U.C.A. pres.; M. Lafans, 
A.W.S pres.; T. Marshall, I.F.C. pres.; B. Larson, residence halls v. pres. 

Senior Class Officers and Legislature 

SENIOR OFFICERS AND LEGISLATURE— Fron? Row: C. Lawson, sr. aws. rep.; S. Rappoport, treas.; B. Bourgeois, sec; D. Mortimer, 
pres.; S. Deitz. v. pres.; S. Perry, sr. prom chrm. Second Row: N. Chotiner, sr. leg. sec; R. Urban, sr. leg.; G. Abrahams, sr. leg.; R. 
Scott, sr. class presents. Back Row: B. Martz, leg.; B. Bauer, leg.; L. Waldorf, men's league rep.; E. Lampe. gift chrm. 


V ^ 


Junior Class Officers and Legislature 

JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS AND LEGISLATORS— Fron/ Row: S. Chu, sec; I. Weiner, v. pres.; R. Fine, pres.; B. Thoroughgood. Back 
Row: C. Orban, leg.; I. Hackerman, AWS rep.; M. Rawl, leg.; J. Orban, leg. 

Sophomore Class 
Officers and Legislature 

L. Lawson, sec; B. Landes, v. pres.; J. Fleischer, pres.; C. Meier, treas. 
Second Row: R. Lamb, leg.; D. Cohen, leg.; S. Berenson, leg.; C. Little, 
leg. Back Row: S. E. Cohn, leg.; B. Eanet, men's league; K. Burke, AWS; 
B. Bondy, leg. 

Freshman Class 
Officers and Legislature 

T. Truitt, sec; S. McGrath, pres.; J. Prater, v. pres. Back Row: 
D. Fisher, men's league rep.; K. Walsh, AWS rep.; J. Evans, leg.; 
J. Walker, leg. 


AWS Pres. Council 

AWS PRESIDENTS' COUNCIL — Front Row: A. Boswell, N. Benjes, pres.; J. Ralph, sec. Second Row: 
N. Rawlings, N. Ginsberg, J. Branyan, M. Gabor. Back Row: S. Barnes, E. Ewing, K. Gregory, G. Mc- 

Associated Women Students 

ASSOCIATED WOMEN STUDENTS — From Row: C. l.awson. sr. rep.; I. Hackerman, jr. rep.; N. Benjes. v. pres.; M. Lafans, pres.; K. 
Cooney, v. pres.; E. Ewing, sec; B. Brough, treas.; K. Burke, soph, rep.; K. Walsh, fr. rep. Second Row: M. Litwin. S. Bond. B. St. Clair, 
C. Worden, R. Katz, L. Beveridge,, P. Harrison. Back Row: S. Rhodes, co-chrm. academic comm.; S. Cerveny, G. Cooper, elec. chrm.; B. 
Reynolds, cult, chrm.; C. Salzman, WRA pres.; S. Valentino, D. Laudenslager, T. Deming. 





^■^ ^ v^v Ik. 3* ■ 


V ^ J^L ^^B i^E^I 


L ^m A 



Hull. I.. Powell, chrm.; B. Dubnoff, sec. Second 
Row: S. Smith, J. Ahclman, S. Mossburg. Back 
Row: R. Blumenlhal, H. Dubin. 

Campus Chest 
Executive Council 

Row: A. Speizman, sec; S. Sagman, pres.; M. 
Litwin, AWS rep. Back Row: E. Winston, v. pres.; 
H. Goldman, treas. 





COUNCIL — Front Row: M. Hall, treas.; J. Gar- 
mey, sec; S. Powell, pres.; M. Williams, v. pres. 
Second Row: N. LeCocq, D. Rowe, L. Silvester, 
M. Clarke, hist. Back Row: D. Gurtz, R. Kazley, 
C. D. Kowalski, M. W. Henig. 

Elections Board 

ELECTIONS BOARD — Front Row: L. Myerberg, sec; E. Pappas, chrm.; L. Ham.mond, co-chrm.; A. Coven, 
treas. Second Row: M. Melson, L. Golden, B. Polen, L. Slifer, C. Higgins. Back Row: L. Preston, R. Smith, W. 
Albrecht, M. Neuhaus. 


People to People 

PEOPLE TO PEOPLE— Fron/ Ron-: T. Deming, sec; P. Holton, pres.; S. Andersen, v. pres. Second Ron: E. Cirillo, 
M. Kraff, R. Wasielewski, D. Hovanec. Back Row: D. Duffus, D. Blankinship, T. Dudley. 

Pep Committee 

PEP COMMITTEE— Front Row: M. Baldwin. L. Hirz, S. Rinehart, C. Rinehart, C. Day, J. Siegel, D. Paladino. C. Eastlack, K. Gould, overall 
chrm.; R. Anderson, sec; L. Baer, P. Smith, R. Paladino, F. Landman. C. Marcus. Second Row: J. Barron, J. Snyder. M. Maher, B. Reinmuth. 
J. Willis, C. Lyon, G. Withncll, N. Willner. B. Ullman. Kathy O., C. Miller. T. Sturgill, P. Kamerick. B. Mangiapane. Back Row: J. Hubner. 
B. Hager, D. Ringuette, J. McKay, I. Hurwiu, S. Michelson, J. Pearl. B, Karlin, D. Sonimerville, C. Woods, K. Palmer. E. Fox, D. Wells. S. 


Placement Committee 

PLACEME>fT COMMITTEE— Fronr Row: G. Tarutis, R. Scott, chrm.; D. Hackman, M. Stein. Back Row: R. Campbell, E. Lampe, 
N. Schaus, N. Sykes, H. Vinyard. 

Student Union Board 

STUDENT UNION BOARD — Front Row: R. Eskow, H. Goldmunz, B. Ullman, R. Lippman, chm. social comm.; N. Brien, treas.; 
F. Lipshultz, chm. special events; E. Zirkind, chm. publicity; R. Cook, chm. performing arts; C. Komitasky. Second Row: E. Simi- 
mer, I. Marks, E. Hoffman, M. Brill, B. Rosenberg, C. Schwartz, L. Silverman, J. Steger, P. Milliard, J. Jones. Third Row: B. Brown, 
S. Gairoard, J. Pearl, D. Urban, E. Baumann, T. Janifer. J. Jolens, V. Hertz, J. Cranford, J. Sondheimer, I. Wolpert. 


WHO'S WHO SELECTION COMMITTEE— Fra;i< Row: B. Graham, C. Cooper, chrm., C. 
Taylor, sec, R. Perry. Second Row: B. Reynolds, S. Cromer, G. Kent, S. Chu. Back Row: T. 
Ferry, J. Grewell, J. Beever 

Laurence V. Lauth 
acting director of student activities 


-.jiis*-' .^.-^-iu'jef-. 





From Row (l.-r.): J. Trachy. C. Myrtle. B. Aquilina. B. Bilancioni. 
F Cooper, J. Rannels. W. Marciniak. B. Collins. L. McQueen. R. 
Nelewak. T. Cichowski. B. York. P. Pelry. M. Vucin. D. Absher. 
Second Row: A. Brzostowski. T. Santy. D. Stofa. A. l.ce. T. Plcvin. 
D. Defino, J. Lonpo. B. Leckie. A. Pastrana. E. Kane. M. Patryn, 
F. Gawlick, B. I.ovett. J. Miloszewski. TliirJ Row: L. Stickel. N. 
Chappcl. B. Van Heusen. Frnie Torain. B. Bach. S. Battaglia. M. 
Hoch. D. Brady. J. Acton. C. Morlenscn. R. Carlson. B. Fanes. K. 
Bell. J. Hetrick. J. Simoldoni. Fotirlh Row: L. Vince. R. Donofno, 



C. Tine, R. Pearson, D. Walker, H. Teubner, G. Swartz, B. Colbert, 

B. Bramson, J. Foran, B. Haley, M. Brant. T. Sinibaldi, Albrano, 
L. Bracken. Fifth Row: M. Grace, J. Lavrusky, P. Baker, B. Bauer, 

D. Rushing, D. Hilsinger, W. McQuown, T. Myslinski, E. Gunder- 
man, R. Maleta, T. Burger, M. Galloway, J. McCluskey, J. Ganley, 

C. White, R. Friedgen. Back Row: Coach Lou Saban, Coach Dewey 
Wade, Coach Bernie Reid, Coach Sam Rutigliano, Coach Whitey 
Dovell, Coach Paul Massey, Coach Dick MacPherson, Mgrs. L. 
Gertz, J. McCamant, W. Burnotes, Trainers J. Jarboe, G. Burroughs, 

D. Ambrose, G. Petzold, E. Castrovillo, K. Mettler, D. Wyre. 



Baseball: Front Row (l.-r.): J. Kehoe. B. Camera. L. Butts, T. Bichy, 
B. Reed, C. Sole, C. Sullivan, D. Smith. Second Row: L. Hendershot, 
Mgr. Coach Jack Jackson, S. Graves, S. Rogosky, S. Sauve, G. Scla- 
fani, L. Davis. D. Wright, J. Meckel, Coach Bill Flynn, D, Sandler, 
Mgr. Third Row: B. Frost, M. Long, B. Siedling, B. Sutyak, W. 
Prange, J. Kremer, M. Harris, F. Huffman, J. Clark, G. Manz, F. 



Basketball: Standing (l.-r.): S. Feeney, R. Drescher, J. McMillen, J. 
Harrington, D. Veith, T. Truax, B. Jones. Kneeling: P. Johnson, G. 
Williams, L. Brown, J. MacDonald, M. DeCosmo, G. Silva, J. Avery. 


Cross Country 

Cross Country (l.-r.): G. Henry, M. Matthews, D. Starnes. C. Harris, 
E. O'Boyle, J. Jacobs, J. Amos, C. Koester, R. Beauchamp. 


Lacrosse: Front Row (l.-r.): Thomas, Hinkle, Lowe, Catalano, La- 
vaute, Newkirk, Helman, Scheffer, Sharra, Mintzer, Wright. Second 
Row: Head Coach Howard, Felter, Shade, Himelfarb, Leimbach, 
O'Brien, Howard, Brisee, Keck, Heim, Grau. Third Row: Coach 
Smith, Yurfeat, Harlan, Stewart, Pfeiflfer, Bonds, Badger, Dehoust, 
Fisher, Fesche, Norris. 



Soccer: From Row (l.-r.): R. Connor, R. Spinclla. Co-capt. R. Wal- 
lace. Co-capl. A. Bitencourt, R. Kindratiw, C. Blische. Second Row: 
T. Stoul, R. Buckley. J. King. B, Bramson. M. While. R. McAllister. 
R. Erich. Third Row: A. Tang, W. Thoroughwood. D. Casey. L. 
Rotondo. R. Tamblingson. J. Cryan, P. Bodner. G. Hay. T. Swieco- 
nek. Back Row: Coach Doyle Royal. C. Clay. R. Schaller. N. Deror- 
jiannis, E. Mcerholz, B. Dabrowski, A. Pflugrad, F. Delvecchio, M. 
Rioux, T. Pick, Mgr. 



Swimming Team: Front Row (l.-r.): R. Sommers, D. Karol, R. Hoff- 
man, J. Jordon, P. Morgan, B. Rydze, D. Fox, F. Bizzoco, M. Golub. 
Second Row: M. Spitzer, B. Phillips, J. Karsdon, B. Sikorski, D. 
Springer, B. Beatty, D. Dodge, V. Meleski, J. Wechsler. Third Row: 
B. Alston, W. Pawlowski, J. Buchert, J. Hill, B. Dranginis, D. Heim, 
A. Zitnay, J. Martin. Fourth Row: D. Marcks, Mgr., Coach BiU 
Campbell, S. Mahaney, Mgr. 



Tennis Team (l.-r.): R. Harrington. J. Shaffer. R. Davis, B. Bramson, 
K. Chappman. F. Kready. J. Merryweather. J. Summers, L. Modye- 
lewski, J. Rickman, Mgr., D. Millikan. D. Royal. 



Track Team: Front Row (l.-r.): F. Costello, A. Caron, J. Lee, R. 
Williams, G. Kuntz, R. White, T. Finley, P. Kowzun, C. Harris, C. 
Koester, S. Arthur, W. Whol, D. Smith. Second Row: R. Beauchamp, 
M. Matthews, G. Henry, J. Bickley, G. Boxer, M. Lockard, T. Pat- 
terson, D. Starnes, A. Carson, T. Thompson. Third Row: Coach J. 
Bland, B. Springer, G. Cramer, E. Hearon. A. Schenetzka, C. Mid- 
dleton, H. Kline, T. Bryant, J. Warfield, J. Amoss, E. Hunter, R. 
Offutt. Fourth Row: Coach Jim Kehoe, P. Stroup, E. Marks, H. Non- 
nenberg, T. Gagner, D. Dull, T. Nawrocki, D. Donahue, S. Wash- 
burn, D. Donelon, R. Drescher, J. Prevar. 



U H 

C * 

Wrestling: Fra«r i?ou' (i.-rj; J. Paxton, E. Parsons, B. Terrill. M. 
Gaizauskas, J. Arnoult, F, Wasuta, M. Thomas. K. Billotte, T. Ball. 
Second Row: K. Webster. B. Hart. D. Reich. W. VanNuys. K. Gilead, 
D. Knisely, D. Lilly. G, Kline. T. Cox. L. Yocum. Back Row: Coach 
Tom Schleicher, Coach Sully Krouse, T. Mulligan, O. Fletcher. T. 
Sinibaldi, R. Umberger, T. Myslinski, B. Karch, G. Blood, B. Walker, 
T. Pronti, T. Nichols, B. Stumpff, Mgr. 






1 '7 





Gracie Rowell 

Gail Kleger — Captain 


Rosemary Sisler 

Mil<c k:im(irotf 



Dottie Wells 

Carol Caputo 

Steve Plemmens 

Mel Shatz 



AP P L\c>vrio WS 



■151 ^ 



1 1 



i i;! 




■^ .;,: i^i^ 










-- ' ^^^HHHEH 

be^^ '^^^^i^^V^^b^^H^I 


■ jflHp'^r 

■ ^^^^1 




• tap 


■^mm» ■ 


■ II 

"'''"""■ — "'"- iFBr'— °»^- 


•»■ < 



1 " 



1 i 

! t 

1 . 

! 1 

i - 







Abderrahman. Ulfal 

Abell, Gilbert — Indian Head; Speech — Intramurals; Radio-T.V. 

Workshops: WML'C. 

Abraham, Joan 

Abrahams. Gail — Bcthesda; Speech Therapy — *2S; Diamond: 

DAII. Rucordinii Sec'y; Legislature; Old Line. 

Abramowiiz. Feroe — Ballimore; Speech Therapy — SAT; Bridal 

Fair: AWS Committees. 

Absher, Richard 

Acevedo, Ramon 

Ackerman, Dennis 

Adams. Eileen F, — West Hyatisville; Home Economics — American 

Home Economics Association. 

Adams, Jesse J. — Denver, Colorado; Geography — Ski Club. 

Addleman. Nathaniel — Washington, D.C.; Fire Protection Enyi- 

neerinj; — Soc. Am. Mil. Engr.; Soc. Fire Protection Engr.; Dorm 


Agresti, Alfeda — Belhesda; Finance — SAM; Economics Club; 

Young Republicans. 

Akin, Alfred K. — Chevy Chase; Economics — Amateur Radio Assn., 
Pres.; Economics Discussion Club; WMUC; Band. 
Aldridge, William F. — Frosiburg; Government and Politics — 
Aleskaw, Bella 
Allen, John 

Allen, Phyllis — Brentwood; Government and Politics — T*B; Dia- 
mond; Angel Flight; SUB; FOB; Younji Rcp"blic:ms; M-Book. 
Althen, Thomas — Bowie; Animal Science — Pre-Velerinary Science 

Altmeyer, George — Baltimore; Transportation — AS IT ; Dorm Ac- 

Altpeter, Lee — Baltimore; Agricultural Economics — 2 n : Arnold 
Air Society; Dean's List; Vanderberg Guard; General Dynamics 

Alvey. Janice — Silver Spring: Music Education. 
Alwine, Walter — Bladensburg; Science Education. 
Andersen, Susan — Silver Spring; Elementary Education — KA©; 
People-To-People. VP; AWS. 
Anderson, David 

Anderson, Karen — Silver Spring; English — DBK; Ass't Photo Ed.: 
Homecoming Committee; Dorm Activities; University Theatre 

Anderson, Mary — Silver Spring; Psychology — VMH; Cambridge 
Complex Publicity Chm. 
Anderson, Thomas 

Angler, Frank — Colorado Springs, Colorado; Aerospace Engineer- 
ing — .\XA; AlAA; Fraternit' lnir:tmurals 

Ansel, Edward — Baltimore; Psychology — H'X; VMH, Sec'y; Dean's 
List; Honors Convocation. 
Anton, James — Silver Spring; Mechanical Engineering — ASME. 

Anthony — Lanham; Marketing — UCA; Intramurals; 




Antosh, Gerald — Forest Heights; Economics- 

Aptaker, Eleen 

Apter, Steven — Silver Spring; Psychology. 

Archer, Elizabeth 

Arengo, Romeo — Baltimore; Fire Protection Engineering — Arnold 

Air Society. 

Armes, Andrew — Federalsburg; Botany. 

Armiger, Mary — Silver Spring; English Education — Women's Press 


Arnall, Margaret — Spray. North Carolina; Physical Therapy — 

Ballimore Professional Student Senate; Senior Class Pres., Physical 

Therapy; "Physical Terrapin," Jr. Ed. 

Arnold, Vickey 

Aronson, Martin — Washington, D.C.; Psychology — Pre-Dcnt Club. 

Ash, Carolyn — Belhesda; Secondary Education, Social Studies and 

Psychology— DBK; VMH; Newman Club; Jud. Board. 

Ashman, Steven 

Askin, Martin — Baltimore; History — ZBT; Basketball, Mgr.; Dorm 


Atzert, Stephen — Silver Spring; Zoology — Newman Club; UCA. 

Austin, Daniel — Baltimore: Economics — WMUC. Sports Director; 

Economics Discussion Club; Sociology Club; House Rule Chm. 

Avon, Richard 

Babington, Katliy 

Bacharach. Bahette — Levittown, Pennsylvania; History — A*E; Mil- 

Icl. VI'. I OH. Jud Hrard C hm 

Rachman. Carol— Baltimore: Physical Education. 

Baclnoglu, Mchmet — Ordu, Turkey; Electrical Engineering — IEEE; 

MCliib; ANS; International Club. 

Dadinclli. Joseph 

Bain. Nelson — Irumbull. Connecticut; History — *AO; Sharum; 

Dorm Pres ; Resident Ass't. 

Balr, Jeanne — York. Pennsylvania; Early Childhood Education — 

F.xccutivc Dorm Council; Dorm Jud. Board; Academic Chm.; 

Chapel Choir; Md. Girls Swim Team. 

nair, Richard — Baltimore; Physics — Dorm Comm.; Intramurals; 

CnllcRc I lie. 

Baker. Arthur Jr. — Clinton: Industrial Arts Education. 

Raker, Carol — Ankara, Turkey: Microbiology — AT; Fresh. Prom; 

Pfople to People; WRA; Campus Casino; Career ConviKation. 

Raker. Carolyns-Campus Springs; Social Studies Education — Dorm 

IriMMircr; Dorm I xcc C'onnt.iI; Jud Ho.ird; Big Sister. 

Raker. James — University Park; Education. 

Raker, Richard — Halethorpe; Electrical Engineering — HKN; IEEE. 

Ralchunaiv, John — Jersey City, New Jersey; History — Dean's List; 

Vctir.m's ( luh; WciKhtlifting Club. 

Ilaldauf. Richard— Grccnbclt: Electrical Engineering — IEEE. 

RalcNtru. Adeline— Wheaion; Home Economic Education — Newman 

( luh — AO. Home l.c Club. Pub. Chm. 

Rank, l.arrj -Baltimore; Psychology — Homecoming. Co-Chm; Pre- 

Dcni ("luh; Legislature; Co-Chairman Spring Follies. 

Ranks, Robert — Meally, Kentucky; Russian — Russian Club. 

RarantmskyJ, Vera — Hyattsville; Microbiology — Daydodgers. 


Barila, Bernard, III — Annapolis; English — Donn activities; Intra- 

murals; Pre-Law Club. 

Barila, Susan 

Baritz, Richard S. — Silver Spring; Fine Arts. 

Barkhan, Harriet H. — Baltimore; Elementary Education — Dorm 

activities; SUB. 

Barker, Diane 

Barker, Mark 

Barkley, Brian E. — Closter, New Jersey; Psychology — SX, VP; 
Kalegthos; ODK; IFC, Sec; Free State, Treas.; Soph. Prom 
Comm. Chm.; Men's League Rep. 

Barlow, David — Baltimore; Accounting — Accounting Club. 
Barmash, Stephen J. — Silver Spring; Accounting — Sports Car Club, 

Barnard, William F. — Chevy Chase; Electrical Engineering. 
Barnes, Adelaide — Havre de Grace; Business Education — $X0; 
Dorm Pres.; AWS Pres. Council; Jud Board; AWS Orphans Party. 
Barrett, Barbara L. — EUicott City; Sociology — Dean's List; New- 
man Club; Sociology Club. 

Barrie, Jeffrey— Baltimore; Civil Engineering—ASCE; TERRA- 

Barron. Barbara A. — Bladensburg; Psychology. 
Barrow, Marilyn — Chevy Chase; History. 
Barth, Alfred 

Barth, Linda — Washington. D.C.; Elementary Education — Dorm 
Pres.; Dorm Activities; Tennis Club. 

Bartkowiak, John B. — Baltimore; Economics — *A0; Old Line 
Party; Parents Day Comm.; Placement Comm.; People-to-People. 

Bartnik, Richard J. — Baltimore; Marketing — Sharum; Dorm Pres.; 
Res. Hall Council; Pres. Cambridge Complex Council; Homecom- 
ing Float Chairman. 
Barton, William 
Basile, Kenneth 

Bass, Judy M. — Baltimore; Art Education — Art League. 
Bassett, Gerry N. — Silver Spring; Journalism — Band; Dorm Treas.; 

Bateman, Joanne M. — Hyattsville; Marketing — ^AMA; AWS Day- 
dodger; Little Sister Program; nB$; $Xe. 

Bauer, Robert J. — New Berlinville, Pennsylvania; Zoology — 11 KA; 
Football; Senior Legis.; Dorm Pres.; Resident Men's Jud Board. 
Baumel, Jack R. — Baltimore; Business — AEIl; Dorm Secretary; 
Alumni Chairman; IFC Rep. 

Baxter, Terry L. — Harrisburg, Permsylvania; Speech and Psychol- 
ogy—Sponsor Fresh. Orient.; ARGUS. Ed.; TERRAPIN, Ed., '64; 
Hill Area Council; Fencing Team, capt. 
Baylus, S. Richard — Baltimore; Art History. 
Beach, Donna M. — Silver Spring; Biology Education. 
Beale, Allan 

Beard, James L. — Silver Spring; Mechanical Engineering — 
A.S.M.E.; *HE; TBH; HTS; OAK; <I.Kn. 
Becka, Mary Alice — College Park; History. 
Becraft, Wayne E. — Laurel; Personnel 
Beckley, John 

Behn, Mark — Towson; Economics. 

Behymer, Charles, Jr. — Mamaroneck, New York; English — March- 
ing and Symphonic Bands; Dorm, Treas., Pres.; Jud Board. 

Bell, H. R. — Landover; Electrical Engineering — TBIl. Corres. 


Bell, Kathryn A. — Montreal. Quebec, Canada; Sociology — AOIT; 

Rush Chairman; Jr. Prom Comm. 

Bembe, Jarrett 

Bemis, Warren E. — SSgt. USAF — Orlando, Florida; Business— 

S.A.M.; Veteran's Club; Masonic Lodge. 

Bender, Keith G. — Detroit, Michigan; Government and Politics. 

Benjes, Nancy M.— Baltimore; English Ed.— AWS, 1st VP; Dorm, 

Pres.; Dorm Jud Board Chm. 

Benedik, Robert 
Benezia, Barbara 
Bennett, Carol 

Benson, Brian M. — Rockville; Zoology, Pre-Med — ATQ, Pledge- 
Master; Men's League, VP, Acting Pres.; Who's Who Comm. 
Senior SGA Rep; Dean's List: Men's League Key. 
Benson, Douglas H., 11 — Cheverly; Transportation — 2 IT ; ANA; 
UGA; Bowling Leagues. 
Benson, Serge H. — Silver Spring; General Business. 

Berg, Abe M. — Baltimore; Psychology — AETT. 
Berg, Howard — Baltimore; History — SAM. 
Berger, Ann M. — Annapolis; Elementary Education— =-KA IT. 
Berger, EUnor D. — Fulton; Speech and Dramatic Arts — Drama 
Wing. VP: WMTIC Brondcas'T; Dorm Chm. 
Bergeron, Jon D. — Dundalk; Biological Sciences — Dorm, Scholar- 
ship Chm., H^nse Rules. 

Berglund, Richard L. — Baltimore; Education — 2N; Free State 
Party; UCA Political Chm. 

Berkis, William O. — Baltimore; Marketing — Tennis. 
Berkow, Leslie A. — Baltimore; Zoology — AAA; Big Sister Pro- 
gram. FOB Chm.; Physical Therapy Club, Denton Complex 

Berman, Barry R. — Baltimore; Psychology — DeMolay Club; Pre- 
Dent Club; Dorm, Newspaper, Social Comm., Scholarship Comm. 
Berman, Carol 
Berman, Eleanor 

Berman, Martin — Baltimore; Psychology — Sports Car Club; VMH; 

Bemer, Robert C. — Baltimore; Civil Engineering — ASCE; Dorm, 

Athletic C, mm.. Float Crmm. 

Berry, John N. — Catonsville; Education for Industry — ASTME. 

Bethke, James J. — Garrett Park; Mechanical Engineering — 11X2; 

Dorm. Social Chm.; Softball Intramurals; ASME. 

Beveridge, Cheryl A. — Greenville, South Carolina; Psychology. 

Beveridge, Lynn A. — Hyattsville; Elementary Education — KKF, 

Treas.; Diadem; Mortar Board, Pres.; KA fl ; Freshman Legislature; 

Jr. Class. Sec'y; Fresh. Orientation Sponsor; Faculty Senate 

Comm; Student Traffic C-^nrt. 

Biedennan, Fred A. — Baltimore; French — Hillel. 


BIchI, DouKla!i — Whcaton; Mechanical Engineering — ASME. 

BlUups, Thomas — Silver Spring; Mathematics — Veteran's Club. 

Bimlicb, Lmh — Kensington; Animal Science — Block and Bridle; 

Dairy Science Club. 

Birch, Herb 

Birch. Susan 

Blrdwell, Arthur C— Bethesda; Economics — ZN. 

BImbaum, Marcy B. — West Hyattsville; Art History. 
Bishop, John W. .-Laurel: Mathematics. 

Bisker. Susan C. — Silver Spring; Speech Education; Reader's Thea- 
tre; Publicity Comm.; Forensic Speaking Judge; Intramural Vol- 

BIttmann, Patricia L. — Edgewater; Elementary Education — New- 
man Club; Ski Club. 
Blacker, Susan M. — Greenbelt; English. 

Blackmore, Call M. — Pasadena; English — Mortar Board; Jud 
Board; Drama Wing; Outstanding Independent Sophomore Woman. 

Blackslock, Carole A. — Baltimore; Chemistry — KAri; Dorm Orien- 
tation Chairman. 

Bladen, Jeanne L.— Beltsville; Food and Nutrition — ON; AAA; 
4-H; Home Ec Club; Ag Council; Daydodger Big Sister. 
Blaueh, James L. — Washington, D.C.; Sociology; ♦!)£; Arnold 
Air Society; Pershing Rifles; FOB; Gold Medal. 
Bllcher. Michael 

Bliss, Jack C. — Baltimore; General Business. 
Block, Nancy M. — B;iUimore; French — Dorm Treas.; Chm. Pres. 
Convocation Comm., F.O.B.; Dorm Sports. 

Blonlan, Judith 

Bloom, Barbara 

Bloom, Michael B. — Takoma Park; Personnel. 

Bloom, Susan 

Blum, Barbara L. — Baltimore; French Literature. 

Blumberg, Ricbard E. — Media, Pennsylvania; Zoology — Trail Club; 

Dorm Pres. 

Blumenthal, Donna L, — Washington, D.C.; Art — Dorm Soc. 
Chmn.; Art League; Old Line Rep. 

Bluzer, Nathan — Baltimore; Electrical Engineering — TB n ; HKN; 

Bobb, Emanuel — Washington. DC; Psychology — TE*. 
Bocinec. Lawrence P. — Brackenridge. Pennsylvania; Marketing; 

Bodkin. Carolyn B. — Warren Township. New Jersey; Early Child- 
hood Education — A*; Ski Club. Newman Club. 
Bodlcomb, James V. — Hagerstown; Electrical Engineering — TBII; 
II KN; *Ili;. VP; Dorm Activities. 

Boesch, Kathryn L. — Kensington; Social Studies Education — ATA; 


Boggan, Lois A. — Silver Spring. 

Bondy. Burt R.— Silver Spring; Public Relations — TE*; M-Club; 

DBK Sports Staff; Varsity Swimming Team. 

Bonnett, Barbara L. — Baltimore; English — AE*. 

Boring, Barbara A. — York. Pennsylvania; Marketing. 

Borsky* Arthur — Silver Spring; Music. 

Boruta, Gertrude M. — Silz. Austria; Secondary Education — Dorm 


Bosma, Robert M. — University Park; Finance — Newman Club; 

Greenbelt Amateur Radio Club. 

Boswell. Margaret A. — Towson; Secretarial Education — *XB; Jud. 

Board; Dorm Pres. 

Bothwell. Christopher L. — Cheyenne. Wyoming; History. 

Bottom, Gordon R. — Hyattsville; German — Chapel Choir; German 


Bottoms. William T. — College Park; Electrical Engineering — &£*; 


Botzin, Marc H. — Silver Spring: Finance — Prc-I aw— *rA. Sec'y; 


Boulay, Frances L. — B.-iltimore; History. 

Bourgeois. Barbara M. — Catonsville; Government & Politics — 

KAW; A,\A: II KA; Sr Cl.iss Scc's ; Jr CI.tss Lee VP; Dorm Pres. 

Bowder, Inga L. — Bethesda; Government & Politics — AAA; HSA; 

Diadem: DBK. 

Boyce. Richard 

Boyd, Howard 

Boyer. Robert N. — Takoma Park: Philosophy Qub; Pre-Law 
Club; DeMol.iv Club 

Boyle. Diane F. — Washington. D.C; Sociology. 
Brafman. Marsha L. — Baltimore; Elementary Education — Dorm 
Activities; SNFA: WRA: Hill Area Rep ; rrS. 
Brallerman. Stuart N. — Baltimore; Economics — SAM; Young 
Dcmocrais; Fci^nomics Discussion Club. 
Brandt. Norman 

Branyan. Jane A. — Cheverly; Elementary Education — Dorm Ac- 

Bralhwalle. Poler— Baltimore: Hisiors — YAF; Youne Republicans. 

Braver. Sharon R. — Silver Spring: Early Childhood Ed. — Dorm 


Bredekamp. Joseph H. — Landover Hills; Malhcmalics— II ME; 

•MIK; <^K* 

Brelghmer. Russell 

Brewer. Margaret E. — Silver Spring; Art Historv — Newman Club. 

Brewer. Seoit C. — Timonium; Government A Politics — Freshman 


Briekman. Sharon C. — Chew Chase; Speech and Hearing Science 

— lAH: Deans List. 

Brien. Nancy L. — Wavnesboro. Pennsylvania; Advertising — AOri; 

Mvint; Follies: SGA Treas.; SUB Treas.; Women's Glee Oub. 

Rrill. Sandra 

Brisker. Henry C. — Washington. DC; Electrical Engineering; 


Broadwater. Sandra S. — Frostburg; English — Women's Press Oub; 

WMl'C; Dorm Activities. 


Brockman, Lora Jane 

Brodsky, Richard F. — Silver Spring; Public Administration — 

AEIl; Jr. Class Men's League. 

Brodziak, Thomas A. — Ferndale; English. 

Brooks, Sharon E. — Denton; Economics — AAA; AAA <fK$; BAS; 

Honors Convocation; Dean's List; AWS, Intramurals. 

Broome, Susan 

Brough, Elizabeth A. — Canandaigua, New York; History — 2K, 

Social Chairman; AWS; FOB; Dorm Jud Board. 

Broughton, Elmwood 

Brouillet, George H. — Towson; Psychology — ATQ. Sec'y, IPC 

Rep.; Free State; SGA Cultural Comm.; FOB Sponsor; Men's 

League; Who's Who Comm.; Dorm. VP. 

Brown, Billy J. — Darlington; Geography — Weight Lifting; Judo 

Club; Intramurals; rSE. 

Brown, Douglas L. — Wheaton; Transportation. 

Brown, Gary L, — Woodstown, New Jersey; International AHairs — 

Dorm, RA, Soc. Chmn.; Ski Club; Spanish Club. 

Brown, Gerald W. — HyattsviUe; Agronomy — AZ; Agronomy Club. 

Brown, Janet M. — Rockville; Journalism — KTA; National Society 

of Interior Design. 

Brown, Judith A. — Darlington; Physical Therapy. 

Brown, Jo Ann 

Brown, Richard T. — Howard County; English — Dorm Treasurer. 

Brown, Sharon 

Browne. Helene 

Brucker, Alexander J. — Silver Spring; Psychology — TE*; Red 

Cross Drive, TEP-IFC Sing Conductor, Fall Greek Week; House 

Rules Committee. 

Bruder, Roslyn 

Bnidzenzinski, Walter J. — Stratford, New Jersey; History — ex, 

VP; IFC; Old Line. 

Bruns, Barbara 

Bryer, Robert J. — Silver Spring; Aerospace Engineering — 2X; 


Buccinna Jo-Anne C. — New York, New York; English — Dorm 

Jud. Board. 

Bucco, Merle E. — West HyattsviUe; Early Childhood Education. 

Buckler, Leo 

Buckler, Margret 

Bunnell. Arlene — Baltimore; Botany — Christian Fellowship. 

Burbank, Bonnie E. — Milford, Connecticut; Social Studies — 

SHARUM; Dorm VP; Big Sister; Denton Complex Council; RHC. 

Burcbett, Larry 

Burdette Joseph B. — Bethesda; Industrial Education — Amateur 
Radio Assn.; Am. Tnd. Arts Assn.; UCA. 

Burgess, Forbes H. — Frederick; Accounting — Complex Treas.; 
Dorm Scholarship Comm. 
Burgess, Patty 

Burglorf, George H. — Ellicott City Psychology — Choir. 
Burke, Anne R. — Laytonsville; English. 

Burke, F. Josephine — Bethesda; Psychology — AAA; Diadem; Mor- 
tar Board; *BK; VMH; AWS; Newman Club. 

Bumette, David F. — Silver Spring; Transportation and Traffic 
Management — ANA. 

Bumey, Paulette F. — Rockville; Economics — *X0; International 
Club, Treas.; CPO. Sec'y; Newman Club. 

Bumotes, Walter H. — Baltimore; Marketing — Dorm Treas., House 
Rules Comm., Soc. Chm.; Football; M Club; Newman Club; 
Glee Club. 

Bums, Kathryn R. — Towson; Speech — Flying Follies; UCA; Var- 
sity Card Section; CEC. 
Burrough, Garry 
Burrell, Janet M.— Ellicott City; English. 

Burrows, Donald M. — Caracas, Venezuela; Latin American Area 

Studies — Dean's List; Dorm: VP, Exec Comm.; DBK; People-to- 

People; DIAMONDBACK Service Key. 

Burtis, Peter J. — Binghamton, New York; Labor Relations and 


Bustamante, Arturo — Arequipa, Peru; Electrical Engineering — 

IEEE; International Club. 

Butcher, Robert 

Butts, Larry — Baltimore; Physical Education — Varsity Baseball. 

Calder, Sharon 

Caldwell, James R. — Street; Goverrmient and Politics — Dorm: 

Sec'y, Jud Board; Athletic Comm., Academic and Cultural 

Comm.; AFROTC. 

Cambridge, David J.— Cedar Rapids, Iowa; Political Science — • 

9K*; ASA; nSA. 

Campbell, David D. — Takoma Park; History. 

Campbell. Patrick B. — Langley Park; Economics Education — 

Newman Club. 

Campbell, Robert D. — Rockville; Public Relations — *Ae, Pres.; 

IFC; Placement Comm.; Old Line; DBK. 

Capelle, Robert A. — Silver Spring; Physical Education — *2K; PE 

Club; Frosh Swimming; Ski Club; Gymkanna; Weightlifting Club. 

Capet, Rboda — Cheverly; Early Childhood Education — SAI; MENC. 

Caplan, Ilene — Baltimore; Elemen^^'-v Education; Dorm. VP; 

Dorm. Sec'y; Hill Council Comm.; TSS Social Chmn. & Chaplain. 

Caponiti, Carol 

Caraseb, Rona 

Carbonem, Annette — Ridgefield, New Jersey; Early Childhood 

Education — rss Sec'y; Dorm. Pres. and VP; Newman — AO 


Cardona, Flora — Havana, Cuba; Spanish — International Club; 

Newman Club. 

Carlsen, Robert 
Carney, Rodger S. 

Caron. Alfred — Silver Spring; General Business and Public Ad- 
ministration — Varsity Track Team; Jr. Varsity Track Team. 
Carr, Crickett — Washington, D.C.; Elementary Education — KAB; 
Free State. Treas.; FOB, Chm. 
Carvel, Eugene 
Carson, Jacid 

HTf f||33 Si 


Carter, James — Berwyn. Pennsylvania; Chemical Engineering — 

riKA; FOB; Dink Sales; Free Slate Dclcgalf; Jr. Prom. Publicity 


Carter, Maurice — Baltimore; Civil Engineering — ASCE. 

Caruso. Ronald 

CasIroTillo. Eugene J. — Haddon Heights. New Jersey; Physical 

Education — P.E. Club. Pres.; M-Club; Student Ass't Athletic 


Centa, Sylvia — Takoma Park; Elementary Education — SNEA. 

Chaconas, Irene — Silver Spring; Institution Administration. 

Chadirick, Janice — Chillum; English — Glee Oub. 

Cbadwick, .Marilyn — Orangeburg. New York; English. 

Chalker, Judith — Kensington; Science Education — Newman Club. 

Personnel Chmn. 

Chan, Sieve — Hong Kong; Electrical Engineering — TB fl ; KKN; 

Dorm. Treas.; Chinese Club. Pres.; International Club; IEEE: 

Dean's List. 

Chaney, Alanna — Laurel; Personnel Management. 

Chanlkers, Arthur — Greenbelt; Information Systems — Dorm Exec. 

Council; House Rules Comm.; Cupid's Frug. Chmn.; Dorm 

Homecoming Chmn.; Cultural Comm. Chmn. 

Chapman, Edith — Baltimore; Home Economics — r*B, 
Chardon, Ruth H. — Ponce, Pucno Rico; Accounting — SAM; Ac- 
counting! Club. 

Chasanow, Myma — Greenbelt; Home Economics Education — 
Home Ec. Club. 

Chase. Linda — Silver Spring; Elementary Education — AXQ; Angel 
Flight; FOB Co-Chmn.; Jr. SGA Legislature; AWS Bridal Fair; 
First Runner-Up Soph. Prom Queen; ATQ Campus Chest Queen 

Chavrld, Alexander — Greenbelt; Economics — Economics Club. 
Choin. Linda — Towson; Home Economics — SHARUM; Dorm 
Sec'y; Dorm Pres.; I'^lS; Dorm Jud Board. 

Chotlner. Nanev — Bowie; Public Relations — ^TZ Pres.; Diadem: 

Diamond; PanHel. Pres.; AWS; Senior Qass Legislature; M-Book 

Section Ed.; President Convocation Comm.; Outstanding Sorority 


Chomodolsky. Andry 

Chrlster. Michael 

Chrlstner. Ellen 

Christiansen. Janice — Maywood. New Jersey: Early Childwood 

Education — SNEA; Altar Guild; Aqualiners; Terrapin Ski Club; 

SU Bowling League. 

Christopher, Robert 

Chu, Anne — Dar-es-Salaam. Tartzania; Social Science and Library 
Science — KAFI; University Choir; International Club: Chinese 
Club; Dorm. House Chmn.; Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. 
Clotola, Ouida L. — Baltimore; General Home Economics. 
CIssel, Eileen — University Park; English — AT; Diamond. Activities 
Chm.: Central S'luicnt Court: SG.A F'mnce Comm.; People-to- 
People; Summer Orientation Sponsor: Cultural Comm. 
Citron, Matthew — Silver Sptinc: Civil Engineering — *EA. 
Clancy. Georee Jr. — Hvattsville: English. 

Clancy, Patrick — Hvattsville: Government and Politics — .\XA: 
Chief Justice. Student Traffic Court; Pre-Law Club; Political 
Science Club: Student Rep. Senate Faculty Comm.; Free State. 

Clark. Aueustus 

Clark. Jackie E. — Beverly. Ohio: Science Education — *Ae; OAK: 

Varsitv Basketball; Varsity Baseball; M Club. 

Clark. Stephen 

Clarke. Bruce A. — Silver Spring; Government and Politics — Flving 


Clarke. James 

Clarke. Maureen E. — Takoma Park: General Business — UCA. Soc. 

Chm.. Historian. Parliamentarian. 

Clarke. Ton! M, 

Bridal Fii' "ooth 
Clears. J. Fdear 
Cl'Iind. Robert 
Cliff. Barbara L.— 
Clopton. Brjan E.- 
Cobum. Carole R - 

-Silver Spring; Elementary Education — KKr; 


i'ollepe Park; General Home Economics. 

-Chevy Chase; Accounting. 

-Silver Spring; English — AE*. Pres.; Diamond: 


Cohen, Arlene I. — Silver Spring; Elementarv Education — SAT: 
Hillel; SNEA; M Book; FOB; Bridal Fair Comm. 
Cohen. Barh-ira L.— n<-ihosda; .Social Studies — SHARUM. Sec'y; 
Dorm. VP. Scc'v; RHC Rep.; Sccv Workshop. Chm : VMH. 
Cohen. Edward E. — Silver Spring; Chemistry — Amer. Chem. Soc.. 


Cohen. Eileen F. — Baltimore: Speech & Hearing Science — lAH; 

Dorm Brc Sister. 

Cohen, Joyce S. — Silver Spring; Sociology — lAT; Flving Follies; 

AWS El<-c Board; People-Io-People; Sr. Prom. Prog. Chm.; 


Cohen. Leslie 

Cohen. Mark P. — Baltimore: Government A Politics — Dorm. 

cnmm.; Intrnmiirals. 

Cohen. Mllchell N.— Silver Spring; Economics and Pre-L.nw. 

Cohen. Vormon E. — Rnlttn>nrc; Chemistry — Dorm. Comm.. Chm.: 

House Rules Comm.: Jud Chm. 

Cohen. Ponild 

Cohen. SvMa M. — Baltimore: Journalism — WRA; Woman's Intra- 

murals: Hillel Comm ; Dorm Comm 

Cohn, L. Marc — Baltimore; Accounting — AEIl; tFC Rep. 

Cohn. Mure 
Cohn. Michael 

Colh. Michiel \. — Washineton DC: Psvcholocry A Pre Dentistrv 
— *r\. A^si Pledge Master: "TX; TERRAPIN; Pre-Dent. Club; 
C,k Wk 

Coleman, Donald 
Cnl-s. R'eh"d 

Collins. Bnhhr M.— Willinpboro. N J ; Marketing— Varsity Foot- 
ball; MClub; AMA: Dorm. Sec'v. 

Collins. Michael J. — Baltimore; Electrical Engineering— LI K A; 
IEEE; Terrapin Ski Club. 

Colllsoo, Gary H.— Baltimore; Civil Engineering— TB n ; XE; 

Comlnsky. Ronald J. — Monongahela. Pennsylvania — AZ. Chan- 
cellor. Aeronomv Club; .-Xeri Conn ■ Dean's List. 
CompronI, Arnold J. — Greenbelt: Education for Industry— SAM; 
Commuters AsstK. 

ConkMn. F.dw«i»-d M. — Rockvillc; Animal Science. 
Coanely, Gary D. — Arnold, Neb.; Transportation — ANA. 

Connor, Mary 

Conway, Kathleen J. — Whitlier, California; English Education — 
Jud Board: AWS Orphans Party. 

Cook, Elien N,— D.C.; Elementary Education— SAT; SNEA. 
Cook, Stephen R. — Takoma Park; English — SUB, Performing Arts 
Chm., Social Comm., Exec Board; Calvert Debate; DIAMOND- 
Cooke, Carol 

Cooper, Cary M. — Bethesda; Mechanical Engineering — ATQ; 
run. Rec. Sec'y; HTS, Corres. Sec'y; Who's Who Comm.; 

Cooper, Patrick M. — West Hyattsville; Conservation — Vandenberg 


Cooper, Virginia L. — Salisbury; Sociology — SK. Rec. Sec'y; Dia- 
mond; AWS; FOB, Treas., Social Chmn.; Old Line; Jr. & Sr. 
Prom, Pubhcily Chmn.; Panhel. 

Copenspire. Joan T. — Baltimore; Social Studies Education. 
Coppage, Susan E. — Cheverly; Psychology — Ar; AAA; Diadem; 
Panhel Council. 
Corkran, Bea 

Corl, Jerry L. — Baltimore; Marketing — Dorm, VP, Sec'y. Scholar- 
ship Chm., Homecoming Float Chm.; SAM. 

Cos(ley» Carolyn L. — Marlow Heights; Spanish Literature. 
Couchman, David H. — Silver Spring; Personnel Management — 
ODK; SHARUM; Hill Area Council, Pres.. Comm. Chm.; RA; 
RHC; Dean's List, SHAHRUM, Pres. 

Counts, Yvette L. — Aberdeen; Elementary Education — TBS, VP, 
Sec'y; Symphonic Band; Color Guard; Aqualiners. 
Cowgill, IVIarylee E. — Glen Dale; Animal Science — Block & Bridle; 
UCA; WRA; Livestock Judging Team. 

Cowman, Brian W. — Baltimore; History — AXA; Jr. Prom, Decora- 
tions Comm. Chmn.; Young Rep. 
Cox, Judith 

Coyle, James F, — Baltimore; Government & Politics — Dorm, Pres., 
Social Chm.. Committees' Chm.; Newman Club; University Public 
Relations Comm,; Alumni Homecoming Poster Comm. 
Cramer IV, Charles B. — Damascus; Agriculture Education — ATR; 
AZ; Collegiate FFA. 
Cramer, Gregory 

Cramer, Majorie A. — Hyattsville; History. 
Craven, Catherine E. — D.C.; Nursing. 

Crawford, Dorothy A. — Chelmsford, Massachusetts; Speech Thera- 
py— KAB. Pres.; SAH; Diamond; VMH; Soph. Prom, Comm. Chm. 

Crawford, Patricia S. — Silver Spring; Education. 

Crawley, James E. — D.C.; Civil ^Engineering — ASCE. 

Creegan. William J. — Riversdale; Zoology — Pre-Med Society; 


Creelman, Donna L. — Hyattsville; Elementary Education. 

Crisafulli, Frank A. — Bethesda; Marketing. 

Croll, William A., m — Glen Bumie; Marketing— Basketball; 

Dorm, Exec Council, Athlete of the Year; Newman Club. 

Cronin, Mary J. — Aberdeen; Sociology — Women's Chorus; Dorm, 


Cross. John D„ Jr. — Coitons Point; Elementary Education. 

Crossfield, Cathleen R. — Silver Spring; Elementary Education — 

AWS Big Sister; Fresh. Prom Comm.; University Choir. 

Crowther, Nancy L. — Baltimore; Interior Design— AOIl, Treas.; 


Cunningham, Jacqueline 

Cunningham, Joseph E. — Eckhart Mines; Civil Engineering — XE; 

ASCE; House Rules Comm. 

Curran, Mary Jane — Kensineton; History. 

Curtis, Hank — Kensington; English; Calvert Review. 

Curtis. John 

Dackman. Elliot — Baltimore; Marketing — ZBT; Intramurals. 

Dalton, Francis E. — Rainbow Lakes, New Jersey; Accounting- 

BAY. VP; BFS; 4>K$; Veterans Club. 

Daly, Nina 

Daly, Patricia 

Damico, Frank 

Daniel David J. — Baltimore; Science Education — Dorm House 

Rules; Dorm Scholarship. 
Daniel. Mitnick 

Danoff, Marsha — Baltimore; French — French Club, Pres.; Dorm 
Jud Board: Hillel, Pub. Chm.. Cultural Chm,; Intramurals. 
Dashoff, Arnold — Baltimore; Sociology — $SA; Sociology Club, 
Pres.; Radio & Television Workshop; Dorm Cultural Comm, 
House Improvement Comm.; Pharmacy Club. VP; Hill Area 
Council, Dining Hall Comm. 

Daugherty, Maurice W., Jr. — Crisfield; Governments & Politics — 

Veterans Club; Dorm Social Chmn. 

Daughton, Sandra L. — Baltimore; French — Chamber Chorus. 

Davis, Carolyn R. — Beltsville; Elementary Education — r22, Rec. 


Davis, Catherine M. — Silver Spring; Psychology — TX; UCA; 

VMH; Student Union Hospitality Comm. 

Davis, Constance E. — Bethesda; Spanish — A*, Social Chmn.; 

Chapel Choir; Ski Club. 

Davis, Dann 

Davis, E. Linwood — Mardela; Mechanical Engineering — ASME, 
Pres.; Dorm Pres.; Engineering Open House Chmn.; ASME Re- 
gional Chmn. 

Df^vis, J-smes A. — Annapniis; Sociology — Dorm VP. 
Davis, Joan E. — Timonium; Information System Management — 
4»xe; SAM. 

Davis, Linda J. — Somerset. Pennsylvania; Physical Education — 
TBS; Majorettes, Capt.; P.E. Majors' Club. Sec; Marching Band; 
Apprf'ntice Mo-iern Dtnre Gmnp: Jnd Board. 
Davidson. Gloria — Cheverlv — Social Studies. 
Davidson, Robert B. — Military Studies. 

Davies, Russell E. — Adelphi; Government & Politics. 

Day, Herbert F. — Island Creek; Electrical Engineer — IEEE. 

Day, John H. — Bethesda; Marketing; AMA. 

Day, Robert C. — Cheverly; Transportation — ANA. 

Deacon. Diane H. — Baltimore; Interior Design — Home Economics 

Club; NSID; Dorm Social Chmn. 

Dean, Rudolph 




DeCosmo, MJchael J. — Cherry HiU, New Jersey; Zoology — Varsity 
Babkeiball: Prc-Mcd Socieiy. 

OeFina, Maurizio E, — Brooklyn. New York; Electrical Engineer- 
ins— IEEE. 

Deitz, Carol J. — Baltimore; Home Economics Education — AO, 
Rush Chm- Suindiirds Bojrd; Dorm Comm.; Jr. Prom Comm. 
Deitz, Sbeila R. — Hyattsville; Psychology — A*E, Pres., Recording 
Sec'y; Mortar Board; Diamond; Diadem; TX; Sr. Class VP; Jr. 
Legis.; SGA. 

DeLauder, Robert S. — Jefferson; Agricultural Education — ATP; 
AZ; FFA. Pres.; Ag. Council; 4-H Club; Block and Bridle; Band. 
DellavaUe, Jacques A. — Hyattsville; Advertising. 

DeMatteis, Mary Jo — RockviUe; Public Relations — IIAE; Women's 

Press Club; DBK; Dorm Committees; DIAMONDBACK Key. 

Deema. James J. — Wheaton; History — Pre-Law Club; Young 


Denny, George D., Jr. — La Plata; English Education — Dean's List. 

De Porter, ^ia^y 

DePrenda, Peggy E. — Rockville; Art — Newman Club; Dorm. Big 

Sister. Academic Comm.. Homecoming Comm.; Frosh. Prom 


Desind, Herbert S.— SUver Spring; Speech— DIAMONDBACK; 


DesRockes, Constance P. — Baltimore; Speech Therapy — KA0. 

Rush Chm.. Sonj: Leader; 1"AH; Djamond: M. Book. 
Devereaux, Jobn P. — Kensington; Mechanical Engineering — UTS; 

DeVore, Chester A. — Greenbelt: Education for Industry — ASTME; 

DeWeese, William R, — Lakewood. Ohio; Government and Politics. 
, DeYoung, Edith H. — West Milford. New Jersey; Art Education — 
KAII; rSS. Alum Sec'y; Intramurals; Dorm, House Manager, 
Exec. Council. 
Dicken, Gerald M, — Washington, D.C.; Psychology. 

Dlckerson, Reglna 

Dickey, David P. — Business Administration. . . 

Dickman, Marilyn B. — Baltimore; Early Childhood Education — 

SNEA; Sprmii Weekend Comm. Chm, 

Dilannl, Joseph — East Riverdale; Transportation — ANA; Intramural 

Football. Basketball; CropeUor Club. Sec'y; ROTC. 

Dillon, James 

DiPersio, Joseph R. — Aberdeen; Microbiology — SAO. 

DIrzoukian, Sosse — Hyattsville; French. 

Diskin Sheldon D. — Baltimore; Psychology — Pre-Dent Club; Dorm, 
Soc, Comm. 

Dorren, Ira C. — Brooklyn, New York; History — Young Demo- 
crats; Symphonic Band. 

Dobres, Howard L. — Baltimore; Chemistry — AXX; ACS. 
DobrzykowskI, William E. — Glen Bumie; Accounting — Account- 
ing Club; Drama Wing; Intramurals. 
Dodds, Lexa 

Doemer, Martha 

Doggin, Joseph 

Domingus, Betty J. — Silver Spring; Physical Education — AX, 

Pledge Trainer; AWS. 

Donahue, Edward 

Donnelly, Melvin 

Dopp, Judith R. — Mt. Clemens. Michigan; Physical Education — 

SAE; WRA. Exlramurals; Clinic Tor Special Children; Officiating. 

Dorenfeld, Alan S. — Baltimore; Civil Engineering — XAM; XE; 

ASCE; AIAA; Intramurals. 

Dougherty', Edward 

Donling, Waller E., Jr. — Pasadena; General Biological Sciences. 

Downey, Carolyn — WiUiamsport; Elementary Education — Dean's 

List; Dorm Activities. 

Downle, Rollnda J. — Bcthesda; Secondary Education — SNEA; 

Diogenes Society; Dean's List. 

Draper, Thomas 

Drees, Herbert 

Drinane, Pamela J. — Catonsvillc; Mathematics — SUB Dance 
Comm.; Certificate for Outstanding Achievement. 
Dubel, Donald 

DuBois, Jacques H. — Silver Spring. Foreign Area — SAE. 
Duckman, Robert M. — New York. New York; Radio and TV — 
II AE: WMUC. Station Manager. Program Director; Frosh Ten- 
nis; ALIE Broadcasting Award. 

Duffy, Mary Michael— Bowie; English— DIAMONDBACK; Crea- 
tive Writmg Club. 

Duggan, Edward P — Silver Spring; History — Economics Discussion 


Duley, Patrick 

Duncan, Ann M, — Tantallon; Political Science — Woman's Press 


Dunlho, Michael A.— Dallas. Texas; Studies. 

Dunn, Judv 

Durrelt, James D.— Rockville; Marketing— AeO. VP. Treas., 

Rush Chmn.. Historian; Dorm. House Rules. Improvements; 


Dustin, Betty J. — Burtonsville; Physcial Therapy — SAE; Gym- 

kana; Am. Physical Therapy Assoc. 

Dullerer, Dennis A. — Westminster; General Businesji — SeE. Pres.; 

Kalegcthos. VP; The Greek. Ed. in Chief; DIAMONDBACK; 


Duvall. I.orce 

Earhart. Robert 

Earlcs. Marcle J. Paonia. Colorado; Commerce. 

Earnest, Kathryn L. — Virginia Beach. Virginia; History — AAIl. 

Standards Chmn., Jud. Board; Swim Club; Ski Club. 

Eaton. Eric L,— Rockville; Conservation — AZ. Treas., Chronicler. 

Natl Rep ; Chapel Choir; Dorm. VP. Improvements. Scholarship. 


Eberiin, Cheryl F.— Baltimore; French— KAH; Dorm, Pres., 

Treas ; AWS; French Club; Hillel. 

Eckert, William A. — Baltimore; Government and Politics. 

Ediovlich, Frances Jo — Takoma Park; Physical Education. 

Edmunds. Ev^lvn P.— Silv.r Spring; Psychology— KKV. Pledge 

Tramcr. Skil NishI; Bridal Fair. 

Edwards, Kathleen F, — Indianhead; Nursing. 


Edwards, Kathryn A. — Lanham; Accounting. 
Edwards, Marvorene 

Edwards, Nancy R. — Silver Spring; Sociology — Sociology Club, 
Complex Cultural Comm. 

Egan, Michael — Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; Economics — Debate 
Club, VP, Pres.; Newman Club, Treas.; Pep Club; Adlai Steven- 
son Memorial Debating Award. 
Eglin, Faye 

Eibel, Richard H. — Hyattsville; Economics — A2n; Economic Dis- 
cussion Club; Young Republicans Club. 

Eiland, H. B. — Daytona. Florida; Mechanical Engineering — *K2; 

ASME, Men's League; Dorm Treas. 

Einbinder, Rosalind — Silver Spring; Early Childhood Education; 


Einschlag, Lana — College Park; Business Administration — Dean's 


Eisberg, John C. — Wesminster; Electrical Engineering — TB n ; 


Eisenberg, Alan M. — Baltimore; Economics; $£A. 

Eisenberg, Susan 

Eisenike, Howard M. — Silver Spring; Mathematics — IIME. 
Eisterj Warren K. — Gaithersburg; Economics — Dorm House Im- 
provements Comm. 

Ekrem, Sandra L. — Oxon Hill; Elementary Education — Tennis; 
SNEA; Ski Club; Riding; Fencing Club. 
Ekstrand, Laurie E. — Cambridge; Government & Politics. 
Elam, Carol M. — Silver Spring; Home Economics Education — ON; 
Bridal Fair Arrangements Chmn.; AHEA; College Casino. 
Eldridge, Robert F. Jr. — Rockville; Governments & Politics — 
*K*; *BK; ROTC. 

Elgin, Jeanne 

Elgin, Richard — Indian Head; Transportation — A*n; ANA; Dean's 


Ellenes, Torvald H. — Landover; Chemistry. 

Ellington, Kenneth T. — Silver Spring; Marketing. 

Elliott, William D. — Federalsburg; Psychology — Dorm, Treas., In- 

tramurals; Freshman Track Team. 

Ellison, Diane B. — Silver Spring; Government & Politics — Young 

Democrats, Sec'y, VP; Political Science Club. 

Elsberry, Robert 
Embrey, Elaine 

Emel, Laurie J. — Chester, New Jersey — Criminology; AXQ; Mor- 
tar Board; Flying Follies; Chamber Chorus; Harmony Hall. 
Emmet, Robert — Chevy Chase; History — Golf Team Mgr.; M 
Club: Newman Foundation. 
Endres, Arthur — Landover Hills; Sociology. 
Endslow, Katberine 

Eppard, Georgia 
Epstein, Charlotte 

Epstein, Joan F. — Bethesda; Education; Dorm. Jud Board, Pho- 
tographer; Free State Comm.; Spring Weekend Comm.; WRA. 
Epstein, Merle H, — Baltimore; Early Childhood Education. 
Epstein, Michael 

Erlanger, Kathleen A. — Baltimore; Early Childhood Education — 
Spring Weekend Chmn. 

Evans, Bobbi A. — Baltimore; Government and Politics— AXQ, 

Sec'y; Diadem; Diamond; IIAE; DIAMONDBACK, Business 

Mgr., Office and Circulation ivigr.; FOB; Free State. 

Everett, Mary 

Ewing, Robert A. — Bladensburg; Electrical Engineering — TBII; 


Eyster, Nancy 

Ezrine, Alan B. — Baltimore; Business and Public Administration 

— ZBT; Intramurals. 

Fader, Marllyim J. — Louisville, Kentucky; History. 

Fagert, Ricbard L. — Rosenberg, Texas; Finance. 
Fahlbeck. Robert 

Faidley, Robert S. — -Baltimore; English. 

Fair, Donald 1., Jr. — Mt. Washington; Social Studies — SHARUM; 
Vandenburg Guard; Dorm, Pres., Homecoming Chmn., Exec. 
Comm.; Intramurals; Hill Area Council. 

Falin, Frederick C. — Dundalk; Electrical Engineering — *H2. 
Fanzone, Wayne — Baltimore; Electrical Engineering — ^XTKA; Intra- 

Farber, Anne Z. — Baltimore; Early Childhood Education — Dorm, 

Big Sister; Exec. Council; Outstanding Junior Woman. 

Farbman, Mark L. — Baltimore; English — TE*, Pres., Historian: 

IFC, Court, Council; Blood Drive; Campus Chest. 

Fan*, Maureen 

Faul, Harry E.— ^Baltimore; Mechanical Engineering — Vandenburg 

Guard; ASME. 

Faulick, Larry 

Faulkner, Carol A. — Bethesda; Government and Politics — AAA; 

Angel Flight, Commander. 

Faust, Leroy M. — D.C.; General Business — AFROTC. 
Favaloro, Mary K. — Towson; Textiles and Clothing — T22, Pres., 
Rec. Sec'y, 2nd VP; Dorm, Big Sister, Jud Board. 
Fechter, Maury J. — Silver Spring; Psychology — Dorm, Pres.; 
Hillel Exec. Board. 
Feinberg, Marion 

Feland, Robley L. — Huntington, New York; Journalism — *2A, 
Offlcer; SUB; Young Republicans; DIAMONDBACK; Dorm, 

Feldman, Jane E. — Kensington; Sociology — Flying Follies; Sociol- 
ogy Club. 

Feldman, Paul S. — Baltimore: Engineering — SAM. 

Felsman, Robert J. — Silver Spring; Animal Sciences — AZ, Treas.; 

Block and Bridle. 

Felter, James 

Felter, Lawrence X. — Hyattsville; Business Administration — Cadet 

Leadership Academy; ANA. 

Felter, Ralph 

Fenwick, Terri 


Fergusan, Chapin A. — Baltimore; Journalism — IIKA; DIAMOND- 

Fereuson. John 

Fercuion. Ru(h M. — Bethesda; Social Studies Education — A*. 
Pledge Trainer, V.P.; AAA; Diamond. 
Ferkler. William 

Ferrara, .Michael R. — Trenton. New Jersey; Accounting — 2X, His- 
torian. Sciiolarship Chm.; Soph. Class Comm.; Intramurals. 
Ferrari. Gloria A. — Leonardtown; Microbiology — AAA; SAO; 
Dorm, Jud. Board, Academics Chm., Big Sister. 

Ferraro, Eugenia L. — Glen Rock, New Jersey; Advertising — DIA- 


Fields, Ann F. — RocliviUe; English Education — Skin Diving Qub. 

Fields, David 

Fields. John 

Filluh, Connie 

Filloramo, Angelica M. — Mayo; Physical Therapy & Psychology — 

APTA; Physical Therapy Club; Physical Terrapin. 

Finch, Sam B. — Avondale; Sociology. 

Finch. Vida 

Fine, Michael L. — Takoma Park; Zoology. 

Fineblum, Charles A.~Ballimore; English — SAM. VP; IFC Ball 

Comm.; Intramural Golf; M-Book. 

Fingerhut, Barry K. — Silver Spring; Finance — *En. 

Fink, Carol R. — Hyattsvillc; Sociology — A*E. VP; AKA; VX; 

Diamond; Sociology Club; SGA Spring Weekend. 

FInnegan, Timothy E. — Baltimore; Electrical Engineering — HKN; 
Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers. 
Firestone. Ken — Bcihesda; Economics — KAM. VP, Pres.; EAX; 
Honors Dorm; TERRAPIN, editor; Diogenes Society, Pres.; DIA- 
MONDBACK; Dean's List. 

Firmin, James E. — Takoma Park; Accounting — SX; Intramurals; 
Accounting Intern Program. 

Fishbein, Daria J.— Baltimore; English— A*E. Social Chm.; SGA 
Cultural Comm.; AWS Cultural Comm.; Freshman Prom Comm.; 
Homecoming Comm. 

Fisher, Kenneth C. — Phoenix; Business and Public Administration 
— ATO; Soccer; Lacrosse; People to People; Dorm. Social Chm. 
Fisher, Robert E. — Kensington; Geography — Newman Club; In- 
tramurals; Veterans Club. 

Fisher, Thomas M. — Gaithersburg; Agriculture Economics — ATO. 
Social Chm.; LBA; Dorm. Treas.; Intramurals. 
Fishier, Barry P. — Silver Spring; Journalism — ITAE; DIAMOND- 
BACK. Sports Editor. 

Fishman, Belty E. — Baltimore; Sociology — Sociology Club. Sec"v, 
Treas.; Dorm. Homecoming Float Chm.; Free State; VMH. 
Fishman, Waller — Baltimore; Electrical Engineering — IEEE; In- 

Flanagan. Dennis F. — Oxon Hill; Biochemistry — *KT; AXS. Pres. 
Flehinper, Rhona J. — Baltimore; elementary Education. 

Fleming, Evelyn 
Fleming. Gerald 
Fleming. Lawrence 

Fleshman. Alice A. — Berwvn Heights; Home Economics Educa- 
tion—Ski Club; AHEA. 

Fletcher, Constance V. — Washington. D.C.; English. 
Flynn, Richard P. — Silver Spring; Civil Engineering — ASCE. 

Fogarty. Nancye 

Folk, Elaine L. — Lineboro; Textiles and Clothing — ATA. Pres.; 

Sorority Pres. Council. Pres.; TBS. Sr. Legislature; Panhel. 

Philanthropic Chm.; Symphonic Band. 

Foole, Mary 

Formwall, Charles W. — Mayberry; Electrical Engineering — TnO; 


Forrest, John 

Foster, Alice A. — Baltimore; Chemistry — Dorm Intramurals, Exec. 



; Bo'any — HK*; Marching Band; 
General Physical Sciences — Chem. 

Foster, Joseph A. — Oxon 
Concert Band; AZ. 
F'osler, Michel S. — Rockville; 
Honors Program. 
Foure. Lvnne 

Fowler, James A. — Washington. DC; English Education — New- 
man Club: Baseball. 

F'owler, Marjorle H. — Rockville; English — Cambridge Complex 
Treas. Soc. Chm. 
Fowler. Richard 

Fox, Arthur L. — Baltimore; Electronic Engineering — Flying Fol- 
lies; Dorm Pres.. House Improvement Chm.; Dorm Pres. 
Fradkin, Maury L.— Baltimore; Zoology — «HJ:; *i; Dorm Treas.. 
VP; PrcMi-il Socicly. 

Francles. Dianne — While Hall: Home Economics Education — 
Deans Lisi; Dorm. Homecoming Chm.. Orientation Chm., Hall 
Pres.. Campus Chest Rep. 
F'rank, Martin 

Frank, .Sandi L. — Baliimore: Social Studies Education — Dorm. Soc. 
Chm : Spring Weekend, Sec, Co-Chm.; Hill Area Council Comm. 
Frankle, Heather 

Sociology — AK; Dorm Treas.. 
Sociology Club. 

Franz, Barbara D. — Reisterstown; 

Exec. Council. Big Sister. Chorus; 

Frasclnn. A Ida 

Fnuler. Kent S. — College Park; Mathematics. 

Frazlcr. Norma J. — B.iltimore; Microbiology — Big Sister Program. 

Frazzano, Ressa — Hvalisville; Executive Secretarial — ♦X©, Treas.; 


Fredericks, Stanley W. — Washington, D.C.; Accounting — Dorm, 

Intramurals, Float Comm., Rules Comm. 

Frecdman. Jack H. — Baltimore: Sociology. 

Frccdman. Stephen 

Freer. Joan 

Frellag, David G. — Kensington: Industrial Arts Education — Dorm 

Pres. r.iMs : Mobile Units Treas; HRC Chm: AlAA. 

Frew, James D.^Adelphi; Electrical Engineering — ATQ; HKN; 

THIl; Who's Who Commiiiec; IEEE; Dean's List. 

Frey, Nancy — Carlstadt, New Jersey; Home Economics. 


Frey, W. E.— Aberdeen; Mathematics — Hill Area Council; Dorm 

Exec. Council, Intramurals. 

Frick, Kathleen A. — District Heights; Elementary Education. 

Fried, Francis 

Fried. Sharon A. — Baltimore; French — TBS; University Band; 

Hillel; Dorm Big Sister; Dean's List. 

Friedel, John M. — Baltimore; Geography — Gymkana Troupe, VP; 

Best Trouper Award; Dorm Intramurals 

Friedman, Stephen A. — Silver Spring; Finance — Dorm Intramurals 

Fringer, Martha L. — Baltimore; English Literature. 

Frisbee, Lawrence W. — Silver Spring; General Business. 

Fritz, Steven L. — Riverdale; Physics — Newman Club; Bridge Club; 


Frye, Howard L. — Wheaton; English. 

Fukuda, Kimiko A. — Hyattsville; Elementary Education — KKr; 

Cultural Chm.: People-to-People. 

Fuller, David B. — Silver Spring; Economics — A2II; Pres., VP; 

AMA; Ski Club. 

Fuller, Sandra K. — Hagerstown; Sociology — Dorm Jud. Bd. Chm.; 
WRA; Jud. Council Sec'y. 

Funk, William M. — Memphis, Tennessee; Foreign Service — ATfi; 
Intramurals; PeopIe-to-People. 

Furtney, Charles D. — Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Economics — ATA, 
Corres. Sec. Athl. Director; Grecian Columns Rep.; Intramurals. 
Futterman, Steven H. — Silver Spring; Psychology — *S4. Soc. 
Chm., Rec. Sec; IFC Pub. Comm., Greek Week Chm.; TERRA- 

Fuzo, Marguerite P. — Woodstock, New York; Speech Therapy — 
AP; 2AH; TERRAPIN; AWS; WRA; Honors Convocation. 
Gailney, Michael J. — Shamrock. Texas; Agronomy. 

Gairoard. Virginia S. — Baltimore; English — AWS Big Sister; Per- 

formmg Arts Comm.; Homecoming Comm. 

Gaizband, Marilyn S. — Silver Spring; Elementary Education. 

Call, Nancy 

Gallagher, Florence M. — Washington. D.C.; English — Newman 

Club; Young Democrats. 

Gallihugh, Benjamin J. — New Madison, Ohio; Psychology — A$Q; 


Gallo, Ronald 

Gallun, Gerald H. — Hyattsville; Personnel Management — ROTC. 

Gamage, John W. — Silver Spring; Physical Education. 

Gans. Susan — Chevy Chase; Fine Arts. 

Garlitz, Robert E. — Cumberland; English — Newman Club. 

Garmey, Joyce — West Hyattsville; Sociology — rSS; UCA, Sec'y, 

Membership Chm.; AWS Big Sister. 

Gamer, Joyce 

Gamer, Patricia E. — University Park; Elementary Education. 

Garrett, John M. — Annapolis; Finance — Young Republicans; Ski 


Garrett, Martha 

Garrison, William S. — Walden, New York; Business Management 


Gary, James 

Gass, Joseph 

Gaudio, June C— Brooklyn. New York; Drama — Nat'l. Collegiate 
Players; Diadem; UT; Flying Follies; SUB; Young Republicans. 
Gauthier. Charles L. — Washington. D.C.; General Business. 
Gayo, Christopher G. — Baltimore; Aeronautical Engineering. 
Geisler, Paul J. — Bethesda; Economics. 

Geissler, Volker R. — Edmonston; Civil Eneineerinc — ASCE. 
General, Ellen A. — Baltimore; Early Childhood Education. 

Genut, ADan 

Gerdes, Wolfgang H. — Rockville; Foreign Aifairs — Freshman Soc- 
cer; Intramural Basketball. 

Gerwe, Susan T. — Towson; Home Economics — ^AOIl; Blood Drive; 
Bridal Fair; TERRAPIN; House President. 
Gevins. Eileen B. — Baltimore; English — SDS. 

Gibbons, James S. — Lutherville; Business Administration — KA; 
ASn; AMA. Treas.; Ski Club; The Greek. 

Gibson, John W. — Irwin, Pennsylvania; Mathematics — Varsity 
Football; ACM, 

Gibson, Sharon L. — Silver Spring; Physical Education — KA©; 
*AE; TX; Chapel Choir; AWS Jud Board; Baptist SU; Big 
Sister; WRA. 

Gick, Joseph R. — Baltimore; Education for Industry — Vandenberg 
Guard; ASTME. 

GifHn, William E., Jr. — Hagerstown; Business Management- 
Dorm, Pres., Soc. Chm.; Improvements; AMA; University Pub. 
Relations Comm, 
Gilkey, Diane 

Giller, Lois L. — Baltimore; Elementary Education — Jr. Prom 
Gillespie, Ray K.— Takoma Park; Electrical Engineering— IEEE. 

Gingerich, Robyn 

Ginsberg. Albert I.— Baltimore; History — SAM; Golf Team; Pre- 

Med Club. 

Gipe, David R. — Silver Spring; Mechanical Engineering — ASMB. 

Given, Ronald 

Glasser, Marcia H. — Pikesville; History — DBK; Old Line; Dorm, 

Jud Board; Soc. Chm.; SUB. 

Glass, Charlene — Baltimore; Art Education — Art League; SUB; 

Big Sister. 

Glass, Ellen J. — Baltimore; English Education — KAII; Dorm, VP, 

Pres.; Campus Chest; College Casino; Spr. Wkend; Dean's List. 

Glazer, Stephen G. — Bethesda; Comparative Literature — 4HS; 

'M-iK: Dorm, Pres., VP, Sec'y, Jud Board; Honors Convocation. 

Gleason. Meg 

Glover, Gail V. — Cambridge: Home Economics. 

Glowitz, Robert J. — Randallstown; Zoology — Dorm. Scholastic 

Comm.. Exec. Comm.; Pre-Med Club. 

Goda, Ester D. — Chevy Chase; Government and Politics — AE*, 

VP; TERRAPIN; FOB; Big Sister; People-to-People. 



Gocttec, David W. — Annapolis; Statistics and Economics — Univer- 
sity Choir; SAM; UCA; Economics Discussion Club. 
God, Mariorie S. — Baltimore; Home Economics Education. 
Goeiio. Valrae C. — Riverdale; Sociology; SUB. 
Gold, Judith N. — Cherry Hill. New Jersey; Education — A*E: 
KAII; AAA; SNEA; AWS Cultural Comm.. Orphans Parly; Biit 
Sister; Dean's List. 

GoldberK. Aaron — Baltimore; Marketing — A AS. Trcas.; Hillcl 
Foundation Pres.; AMA; SAM; Dorm Comm. Chm.; Inlramurals; 
HiUel Gold Key. 
Goldberg, Belly 

Coldbere. Charles S. — Baltimore; Accounting — Pre-Law; ♦SA, 
Steward; Dorm Sec'y; Jr. Prom Publicity Comm. 
GoldherE. Gerald — Silver Spring; Radio and Television. 
Goldberg, Linda B.— Washington. DC; Elementary Education — 

Goldhagen, Paul E.— Silver Spring; Physics— *Hi:; SnS; Phy- 
sics Club. 

Goldman, Laura C— West Hyaltsville; Spanish; 2AIT. 
Goldman, Michele — Baltimore; English — *Ae; SGA Culture 
Comm.; AWS Cultural Comm.; Dorm VP. 

Goldsmith, James 

Goldstein, Marc 

Goldstein. Mark L. — Baltimore; Education for Industry — ASTME; 

Israeli Folk Dancing. 

Goldstein, Susan R. — Baltimore; Speech and Hearing Sciences — 


Goley. Mary A. — Silver Spring; Art History — AAO; Diamond; 

IIAE: DBK, AD Layout Ed.: FOB: M-Book. 

Golighty, John H. — Cumberland; Accounting^Intramurals. 

Good, William 

Goodwin, Yanela — Rivcrsdale; Psychology. 

Gorban, Lawrence D. — Silver Spring; Government and Politics — 

USA: Dean's List. 

Gorden. Howard, III — Temple Hills: Physics — Gymkana; Physics 

Club; Anlhropolopv Club, 

Gordon, Shirley D. — Temple Hills; Biological Sciences. 

Gorman, Edward H.— Baltimore; Chemistry — Aqualiners. 

Graham. Barbara E. — Magnolia, New Jersey; English — AF. Schol- 
arship Chm.. Rush Chm.: Diamond: n AE: People-to-People, 
Treas.; Who's Who Comm.; TERRAPIN; FOB; M-Book; Wood- 
row Wilson. 

Grahe, Wilbur A. — Baltimore: Philosophy; University Choir. 
Grambo. Francis F. — Silver Spring: Education for Industry: 

Grambo, John E. — Hyaltsville; Transportation. 
Grane. Richard 
Grant, Armond 

Grant. William E. — Berkshire: Chemical Engineering; AICHE; 

Scholarship Award. 

Graybeal. Alfred 

Green, Michael S. — Glen Bumie; Government and Politics; ITIA; 

Inlramurals; Dorm Treas. 

Green, Sheldon— Baltimore; Accounting — BAT. Sec'y, Tutoring 

Chm.; Dorm Sec'y. 

Greenawalt, Rodgers 

Greenbaum, Martin — Greenbelt; Psychology — Hillel; Inlramurals. 

Greenberg. Michael ^. . ^^^ „ ,. 

Greenhood. Kalhv — Baltimore: Elementary Education — *S:r; Rush 

Chm.. Soc Chm.: College Casino; AWS; Old Line. 

Greenspan, Robert— Silver Spring; Zoology— Philosophy Club; 

Ski Club. 

Gregory, Kalherinc — Hughesville; French — FSS; 

Treas.. Outstanding Soph.. Orphan Chm.; Jr. 

Dean's List. 

Gresham, Sharon — Glen Bumie; Government and 

Sec'y. Big Sisters: FOB; Invitations Chm. Soph 

Greville, Edgar— Washington. DC; Electrical 

TBH: HK.N; Ski Club. 

Dorm, Pres., 
Prom Comm.; 

Politics — Dorm 

and Jr. Prom. 

Engineering — 

Greverblehl, Diane 

Griber, Ann — Baltimore: English — Homecoming Chm.; Orienta- 
tions Chm.. Newman Club. Choir. 

Griffin, Palrleia— Silver Spring; Phvsical Education — *AE: STE; 
Shahrum: Dorm Pres.: WRA Treas ; Women's Hockey. Swim- 
ming. Lacrosse. Baskelb;ill- 

Grim, Barbara— Hvattsville; Mathematics: r*B: FSS. Diadem; 
Panhellcnic Second VP: Sorority Trcas.: Big Sister: Constitution 
Comm Chm.; Panhellcnic Recognition Key. 
Grindrod, Peggy- Severna Park; Social Science Education. 
Grobaker, Gary 

Groer, Anne — Silver Spring: Journalism — FIAE; Sec'y; SGA Leg- 
islature: Women's Press Club. Trcas.; DBK News Board. Ed.. 
Copy Chief: Dorm Exec Council; Course Guide Section Ed.; 
Hearst Writing Award. 

Groseclnse, Richard — Baltimore; Marketing. 

Grove, Dorothy- Hagerstown; Textiles and Clothing; ON; Col- 
legiate 4-H. 

Grove, Waller — Ml. Victoria: Industrial Education: Dorm Pres.; 
Mobile I'nit Area Council: RHC: AIAA. 

Groves, Judy — Woodbine: Government and Politics: UCA; Young 

Grundbom, Robert — Bethesda: Phvsics; SAME; Pershing Rilllcs; 
Terrapin Ski Club; NSPS. 

Cnldnlll, Warne 

Gullfov. Thomas— Kensington; General Business. 
Gundr. Edward— <'rreenbelt; IndustrinI Education: AIAA; VWCA; 

Gunlher, Marlcne — Home Economics Education. 
Guppy, Dlanne— Silver Spring: Elcmenlary Education— m:: New- 
man Club: VMH; CFC; SNEA; Special Education Fellowship 
Senior 'Vear Trainecship Program. .^^^ , 

Guth, Douglas— Baltimore; Electrical Engineering; IEEE; Inlra- 

Guy, Joseph — I conardlown: Electrical Engineering. 

Haas. Susan— B.illimorc: Elementary Education- VMH: SNEA. 

Haekcrman. Carl Baltimore: Marketing— ZBT; NAPAI ; SAC. 

Hackell. Donald— Eldorado: Music Education — *MA: KKY; 

MINC: I'niversilv Band Pres . Tre.ns. 

Hackman, R.— Beihesda: Interior Design: AE; College Casino: 

Sr Gift Comm.; Career Convocation. 

Hxan, MIcbael — Bethesda; Economics — Newman Club. 


Hagen, Walter L. — Gaithersburg; Mathematics— n ME; Baptist 

Student Union. 

Hagert, Hugh 

Haggard, David 

Haig, Suzanne M. — Camp Springs; English — Dean s List. 

Hajimihalis, Alec 

Haldeman. Joe W. — West Hyattsville; Astronomy — Physics Club; 

Fencing Club. 

Haldeman, Mary G.— Bethesda; Spanish— 2A II ; Fencing Club, 

Sec'y, Treas.; Club Iberoamericano. 

Halloway, Dorothy 

Hamer, William C— Hyattsville; Electrical Engineering — TBII; 

IEEE; Ski Club. 

Hannon, Nanci E. — Timonium; Fashion Design — Dorm Activities; 

Adv. and Fashion Club. 

Hamratty, Eugene J., Ill — Honolulu, Hawaii; Sociology — SN, 

IF Queen Pag., Homecoming Comm., Sec'y. Pledge Master; 


Hansen, Bonnie L. — Culver City, California; Recreation. 

Hanson, Rubin G. — Fort Worth, Texas; Business Administration. 
Harding, Eugene H.— Rochester, New York; Government and 
Politics— Ski Club. 

Harding, G. Kent— Chesapeake, Virginia; Physics— *KT, Pres., 
IFC Rep.. IFC Comm. 

Hardisty, John T. — West River; Business and PubUc Administra- 
tion— *Ae; AMA; SAM; Veterans Club. 

Hardwich, Gerald C. — Towson; Marketing — AA2, Pres., Sec'y.; 
AMA; Dorm, Academic Chm. 
Harley, John K. — Laurel; History. 

Harmsen, Patricia A. — Easton; Physical Education — 4-H Club; 

P.E. Major's Club; Gymkana. 

Hamer, Joyce L. — Baltimore; Personnel Management. 

Harper, Sharon G. — Baltimore; English Education — IIB*; Angel 

Flight; FOB; M-Book. 

Harper, William F. — Baltimore; Psychology — *Ae; *n2; Intra- 

murals; People-to-People. 

Harrell, Glenn T.— Rockville; English— AOQ; UCA; Pershing 


Harris, John W. — Franklin Square, New York; Marketing — ATSJ, 

Pres.. VP; Kalegethos; Elections Board; Who's Who; Free State. 

Harris, Joseph 

Harrison, David 

Harrison, Janet 

Harrison, Patricia A. — Baltimore; Elementary Education — MCF, 

Sec'y. Soc. Chm.; Dorm, Pres., "Treas., Jud Board; AWS, Exec. 

Comm.; University Choir. 

Harrison, Priscilla G. — Ellicott City; English — 2K; Angel Flight; 

Information Officer. 

Harrison. Raymond B., Jr. — Mooresville, North CaroKna; General 


Harrison, Trish 

Harry, Diana L. — Towson; History — A*; Sr. Prom Comm. 

Harry, Dwight 

Hart, Joanne 

Hart, Mildred R. — Kensington; Psychology. 

Hartert, Jacqueline F. — Silver Spring; Physical Education. 

Hartley, Charles W., Jr.— SH; ASTME; SAM; SAME; IFC Rep. 
Hartley, Jill R. — Towson; English. 
Hartman, Nancy 

Harvey, Kay F. — Salisbury; English — Chapel Choir. 
Hassett, Robert J. — Takoma Park; Mechanical Engineering — 

Hasslinger, Donna L. — Baltimore; Sociology — AA4; WRA, VP, 
Sec'y. Sports Day Chm., Banquet Chm., Hockey, Capt., La- 
crosse, Capt. 

Hassman, Mary E. — Geneseo, New York; English — Varsity Band. 

Hastings, James R. — Delmar; Chemical Engineering — KK^; 

SHARUM; Denton Complex. Pres.; Dorm, Pres., Treas.; AICHE; 

Marching Band. 

Hatwell, Nidia L. — Hyattsville; French — UCA. 

Hatwell, Ronald J. — Hyattsville; Mechanical Engineering — OEII; 

Soccer; Wrestling; ASME. 

Hauck, John A. — Towson; English. 

Hauss, Beverly — Silver Spring; English — UT; Hillel; Course Guide. 

Hawkshaw, Mary 

Hayes, Anne M. — Lanham; Art Education — KAS, Jud Board; 

Angel Flight; Bridal Fair; WRA. 

Hayes, David P. — Rockville; Civil Engineering — A$n, Pres.; 

ASCE, Sec'y. 

Hayes, Kenneth O., Jr. — Washington, D.C.; Electrical Engineering 


Haynes, Sara 

Hazard, M. Sharon — Potomac; Early Childhood Education — Dorm, 

Exec. Council; WRA; Home Ec. Club; Newman Club; Big Sister. 

Headley, Raymond F. — Palmer Park; Electrical Engineering — 


Headman, Joseph I. — Palmyra. New Jersey; Education — riKA. 

Headman, Michael W. — Palmyra, New Jersey; Government and 

Politics — riKA. 

Healy, Edmund 

Healy, Irene 

Heam, William L. — Baltimore; Chemistry — ACS; Underwater 


Heath, Mary K.— College Park; Speech and Hearing Science. 

Heckendorf. Jon 

Heckrolle. Wayne L. — Baltimore; Government and Politics — nSA; 

Intramurals: Dean's List. 

Hedden, Robert 

Heether, Carolyn 

Heether, Ernest L.— Baltimore; History— XX; DIAMONDBACK; 

Intramurals; IFC. 


Heindenbere. M>rna 

Heinbuch. Dennis V. — Rockville; 

IntramurjK; Old Lint* Pany. 

Heisserman, Mary I. — Oxon Hill 

Dean's I.isl; Honors Convocaiion. 

Heller. Susan H. — Silver Spring; Sociology. 

Hendhckson. John E.. Jr. — Hyaitsville; Journalism — SAX 

Pres.; KAM; OAK; DBK, News Ed., Copy Chief. 

Henin^er, Elizabelli 

Electrical Engineering; IEEE; 
; English — Dorm Big Sisier; 



Hennessey, Kathleen 
Henry, Clarice 

Henry, Kathleen M. — Chevy Chase; Secretarial Business Educa- 
tion — Aqunlincrs; Dorm Social Chm.; Angel Flight, Pledge Trainer. 
Henry, Mary E, — Riverdale; Persi)nnel Management — SUB. 
Henschel, Victor R. — Silver Spring; Marketing. 
Henyon, Charles W., Jr. — Hyattsvilie; Education for Industry — 
SAM; Ski Club. 

Hepfee, Franklin R. — Grampian, Pennsylvania; Physical Educa- 
tion — Wrestling Team. 

Hermann, Mary V. — Bethesda; Sociology — KA0; Angel Flight, 
VP; AWS Council; SGA Elections Board; VMH; Homecoming 
Co-Chm . 

Hemdon, Aubrey 

Herrell, Stephen R. — Bethesda; Sociology — AVQ; Band. 
Herstone, Ilene, S. — East Orange. New Jersey; Elementary Educa- 
tion — ^>S5;, Treas., Sec'y; Mortar Board; Diadem: Diamond; 
KAll; Flying Follies. Treas.; SGA Election Board; M-Book; 
Jr. Prom Comm.; SGA Forum. 

Hess, Sally L. — Hagerstown; Early Childhood Education — Exec. 

Hess, Vireinia 

He*-ner, Edwin J. — Union Bridge; Agronomy — Agronomy Club. 

Hickley, Timothy A. — Mobile. Alabama; Government and Politics. 

Hicks, Arnita — Baltimore; Spanish — Big Sister; Diadem; Dorm 

Treas.; Latin American Club. 

Hicks, Barbara D.— Wheaton; Art — AAA; FOB Chmn., Dean's 

RecL-ption; Chmn. Jr. Prom Dec; Spotlight Comm. 

Hickson, Haney M. — Salisbury; Accounting — Accounting Club; 

Dorm Disciplinary Comm.; Intramurals. 

Hieber, Thomas W, — Greenbelt; General Business — AA2, Rec. 
Sec'y; Young Repub. Club. Trea,s.; Ski Club. 

HiKeins, Carol A. — Washington. D.C.; Elementary Education — 
AXfi, Rec Sec'y. House Manager; WRA Treas.; FOB Chm.; 
Elections Board. 

Hiehstein, Micbele — Baltimore; Socialogy — SAT; AKA; Dean's 
List; Women's Glee Club, Treas.; Dorm Academic Chmn.; 
VMH; SGA Elections. 

Hilinski, Stanley J. — Baltimore; Physical Education — *Ae; Fra- 
ternity Intramurals; P.E. Majors Club. 
Hill, Olwav 

Hillman, Emily L. — Baltimore; Early Childhood Education — Dorm 

Himelfarb. Ellen — Baltimore; Early Childhood Education — Dorm. 
Jnd Board. Exec Board. Soc. Chm.; WRA; Intramurals. 
Hindin, Karen — Silver Spring; Economics. 

Hint7e, Donald L. — College Park; General Business — 2N; Intra- 
murals; IFC Queen Pageant. 
Hilt, Betsey E.— Washington. DC; English. 

Hoffenherg, Lynn M. — Silver Spring; Early Childhood Education — 
*Si:; Dean's List; Greek Week; AWS; President's Welcome. 
Hoffer, Jonne M. — MillersviUe. Pennsylvania; Home Economics 
Education — Dorm. Sec'y, Jud Board; Big Sister. 

HofTord, Robert 

Hogan, Daniel J. — Riverdale; Social Studies. 

Hogan, >Villiam J. — Silver Spring. General Business — Z9E. 

Hoglund. Ruth 

Hohlbein. Lester H. — Gambrills; Business Administration. 

Hooke, Robert 

Holland, John — Riverdale; English. 

Holland, Marilyn — French — r*n, Pres.; Diamond; Dean's List: Convo.; French Club; CALVERT REVIEW; Big Sister. 

Ilolstrom, IMonlca 

Holt, Arley 

Holte, Caroline A, — Yorba Linda, California; General Studies — 

MI'.V; Newman Club. 

Holton, Patricia A,— Bellsville; English— KKF. Pres.; People-to- 

People, Pres.; Who's Who Comm.; Summer Sponsor; Old Line. 

Holzer, Patricia — Elizabeth, New Jersey; Elementary Education — 
i:.\T; Flections Board; Cultural Comm.; Jr. Prom Comm.; Home- 
commg ("iimm.; AWS. 
Hoose, Mary Jane 

Hoop, Thomas W, — Baltimore; Transportation — ANA, VP; Inter- 
Professional Frat. Council. 
Hnrlick, Jeffrey — Riverdale Heights; Physics. 
Horn. Carol S. — Silver Spring; Zoology 
Horn, EiiRcne L. — Bethesda; Mathematics. 

Hnmbake, Barbara A. — College Park; Elementary Education — 
KKl'; FOB; Old Line; Homecoming Comm. Chmn. 
Horwilz, Ellen 

Horwitz, Michael R. — Silver Spring; Sociology — Golf Team; VMH; 
Peace Corps. 

Horwil/. Nancy E. — Silver Spring; Elementary Education — A*E. 
Ircis . Rush Chmn; M Book; Bridal Fair; FOB; KAII. 
Hoshall, Norma C. — Millers; Early Childhood Education — Univer- 
sity Bands; TIlS 
Hnsshach, Bryan S. — Baltimore; Geography — rft"P. 

Houck, Geraldlne R, — Glen Bumle; Home Economics — Home Ec. 

Club; NSID. 

Hougton. Carole 

Howe, Thomas 

Howes, James G. — Lulherville; Transportation — ANA; Dorm, 

Scc'v. Pres . Fxec. Council. 

Hiiber Stanford 

Hudson. Miller N.— OIney; Psychology— SAE; OAK; TX; Kale- 

geihos; Frosh Clasis Pres.; Soph. Class Press.; SGA, VP. Pres.: 

Dorm, Pres. 


Huesman, James 

Huff, Charles — Smithsburg; Agriculture Education — ArP; Col- 
legiate FFA, 4-H; Block and Bridle; Baptist Student Union. 
Huffman, Wayne — Washington, D.C.; Electrical Engineering; 

HuU, Brenda— Bryan's Road; Sociology— rS£, VP; Dorm VP; 
Student Religious Council; SGA Cultural Comm.; AWS Campus 
Cultural Panel. 

Humphreys, David — Baltimore; Education for Industry — Chm. 
House Judiciary, House Rules; AIAA; Newman Club; Archery 

Hupp, Sandra — Hyattsville; Physical Education — Intramurals; 
Aqualiners Show; Maryland Basketball Team. 

Hurley, Sean — Rockville; Sociology — Sociology Club; Intramural 


Hussong, Margaret — Bethesda; Elementary Education. 

Hutchison, Lorraine — Jefferson; Personnel Management — Young 

Republicans, Dean's List. 

Imlay, Gary — Wheaton; English — KKW; Band Calvert Review. 

Ingorvate, Henry — Silver Spring; Electrical Engineering; IEEE. 

Ingnersen, Revert — College Park; History — £*£; Freshman Golf 

Club; Newman Club; UCA. 

Inouye, Jean — Bethesda; Psychology — AXQ; DBK Circulation 
Mgr.. Office Mgr.; Senior Legislature; FOB; Big Sister. 
Intlekofer, Walter— Whitier, California; French — AXA. 
lovino, Stephanie — Bristol. Pennsylvania; Elementary Education — 
KA(->; Corresponding Sec'y, VMH; Homecoming; Big Sister. 
Ippolito, Charles — Laurel; Government and Politics — Young Re- 
publicans; Ski Club. 
Irwin, John 

Jackson, Vincent — Washington, r.C; English Literature — New- 
man Club. 

Jacobi, Marcia — Wheaton: Government and Politics — Search; 

Ugly Man Comm. 

Jacobi, Susan 

Jacobs, Marsha — Silver Spring: Art Education. 

Jacobs, Susan — Silver Spring: Historv. 

Jacobson, Barbara — Silver Spring; Elementary Education. 

Jacobv, Lowell — Silver Sp-in"; Economics — KK1'; SHARUM; 

Symphonic and Marching Bands; House Rules Comm.: Pre-Law 


James, Joyce 
James, Edward 

James, Owen — Towson; Production Managment — SAE; Dorm. 
VP. House Mgr. 

Jankovic, Paul — Baltimore: Marketing — ITKA. Pres.. VP. Rush 
Chmn.. House Mgr., Sec'y; ANA: SAM: rST: AMA; AA2: FOB: 
DBK: Intramurals. 

Jarboe, John — Baltimore: Marketing — AQ; RA: AMA: Intra- 
murals: Newman Club. 

Jeffries, Howard— Falls Church, Virginia: Horticulture-Floriculture 
— Agronomy Club, Treas.; Intervarsity Club: AFROTC; Intra- 
murals: Flower Judging Team. 

Jendrek, Edward — Baltimore; Zoology — KKT; House Rules Work- 
shop; Marching Band; Symphomc Band 
Jenkins, Mac — Ocean City; Philosophy. 
Jenkins, Richard — Mitchellville; Floriculture. 

Jensen, Robert C. — Potomac; Mechanical Engineering — TBIl: 

Jewler, Bernard P, — Silver Spring; History — TE*; Scribe; College 
Casino; FOB; Senior Prom: Publicity Comm., Homecoming. 

John, Douglas H. — Annapolis; Horticulture. 
Johnson, Bernard L. — Washington, DC; History. 
Johnson Dawn L, — Salisbury; Textiles and Clothing — Dorm Ac- 

Johnson, Edward R. — Towson; Transportation — ANA; Ski Club. 
Johnson, Judith A. — Rockville; Home Economics Education — Jud 
Board. Chm.; Hill Area Council; 4-H Club. 
Johnson, Jule A. — West Hyatts; Accounting. 

Johnson, Margaret — Early Childhood Education — AHA, VP. 

Johnson, Ncdenia L, — Adelphi; Mathematics — TBS; Majorette. 

Johnson, Roy F. — Bethesda; Chemical Engineering — SAE; AX2; 

AICF; Dorm Activities. 

Johnson, Sheila S, — Baltimore; Business and Public Administration 

—SAM; Ski Club. 

Johnson, Barbara L. — Baltimore; Sociology — University Choir; 

Dorm Activities; Jud Board. 

Johnson, William L. — Blaisville, Pennsylvania; Government and 


Jolson, Robert — Baltimore; General Business — ZBT, Social Chair- 
man; NAPAL. 

Jonas, Audrey B. — Baltimore; Physcial Therapy — Physical Therapy 

Club, Sec'y, Physical Terrapin, Senior Editor. 

Jones, Arthur J. — Havre de Grace; Geography — reT, Dorm, 


Jones, Carol A. — Glen Bumie; English — AAII; College Casino; 

Jr. & Sr. Prom Comm. 

Jones, David A, — Baltimore; Electrical Engineering — IEEE. 

Jones, David L. — Grantsville; Marketing — Honors Dorm.; Dean's 

List; AMA; ANTA, House Rules Comm. 

Jones, Ernest B. — College Park; General Business Administration 

— Intramurals, Dorm, Treas. 

Jones, Frederick W.— Rockville: Civil Engineering — ASCE. 

Jones, Marva C. M. — Mountainside, New Jersey; Government and 


Jones, Mary G. — Hyattsville; Psychology — TX; ATA. 

Jones, Robert L. — Brentwood; Accounting. 

Jones, Thomas H. — Salisbury; Industrial Education — AIAA. 

Jori, Lee A. — Rockville; Microbiology — EAO; Big Sister; College 

Casino; Dorm Intramurals; Orphans Party; Parent's Day, Co- 


Joslin, Becky J, — Rock Springs, Wyoming: Physical Therapy— 

AHA; Physical Therapy Club. Aqualiner's. 

Jung, Walter, Jr. — Baltimore: Zoology — Chapel Choir. 

Kaar, Mia A, — Baltimore; English. 

Kaffen, Arnold S. — Baltimore; Accounting — WMUC, Announcer; 

Band. Symphonic Band. 

Kahler, Philip A. — Baltimore; Accounting — TKE; Lacrosse. 


Kaho«, Mary A.— Belair; English Education — Dorm Activities; 
SUB; Newman Club. 
Kaiser. June 
Kakkinakos, Ceoree 
Kalcrizan, Marly 
Kalec. Patricia 

Kalfon. Caroi M. — Baltimore; Science Education — Dorm Activi- 
ties; Homecoming Float; Spring Blood Drive; Horseback Ridmg 

Kalkman, Vernon D. — Baltimore; Marketing — KA; AMA; AAZ; 


Kaminski, Richard E. — Baltimore; Education for Industry — Band, 

Dorm Scholarship Chairman; ASTME. 

Kanaan, Adil J. — Brummana. Lebanon; Physics — SIIS; OME; 

Honors Dorm Pres. 

Kane. Barbara 

Kanowitz. Michael E.— Randallstown; Civil Engineering — XE. 

Dorm Treas.. Area Athletic Comm. Chairman; Intramurals. 

Kaplan, Ellis H. — Baltimore; Ornamental Horticulture — Hillcl, 

Yavnch; SZO; Intramurals. 

Kaplan, Marjorie L. — Bowie; Sociology — A^E; Parliamentarian; 
Big Sister. 

Karallas, Vasilios G. — Silver Spring; Electrical Engineering — IEEE. 
Karlinsky, Invin M. — Silver Spring, Transportation — ANA; SAM; 

Karp. Elhel 

Kassalow, Allyn S. — Madison. Wisconsin; Sociology — AE*; Treas., 
STE. Pres Cultural Comm.. Arrangements Cochm.; WRA; TER- 
Katsimpiris, Ceorgios — Hyattsville; Electrical Engineering. 

Katz, Barbara A. — Beihesda; Elementary Education — AE*. Schol- 
arship Chairman; KAH; FSS; V.M.H. 

Katz, Joseph C. — Baltimore; Government and Politics — WMUC, 
Officer. Political Science Club; Young Democrats, Pres., 


Rose S. — Washington. D.C.; Elementary Education — AE*. 

Treas.; Mortar Board; Diadem; KAIT; AWS Activities; 
AWS Liaison; FOB; Panhel Rush Counselor; AWS Service Key. 
Kalz, Susan J. — Baltimore; Physical Therapy — Physcial Therapy 

Kaufman, Drena G. — Silver Spring; Accounting — A*E; BAT, 
Pres ; Mortar Board. Treas.; ATA. Treas.; Dean's List; Account- 
ing Club; SAM. Sec'y.; Pre-Law Club; BIT Award. 
Kaufman, Steven — Bowie; Accounting — AS 11 , VP. 

Kazio, Martha P. — Wcstemport; Psychology — Dorm Pres.; AWS 
Jud Board. Dorm Jud Board Chm.; Prc-Med Club. Sec'y. 
Keatine, Jean 

Kedzierski, Ronald P. — Glen Bumie; Aerospace Engineering — 

Kehoe. Shawn — Riverdale; Microbiology — SAO; AAA; HA; 
DMK: Women's Press Club. VP; Student Traffic Court. 
Kelk, Waller V. — Wilmington. Delaware; Agriculture. 
Keller. Richard L. — Baltimore; Government & Politics — Home- 
coming Dance Comm. House Rules Comm; Intramural Football. 

Kelley, John M. — Baltimore; Aerospace Engineering — Dorm, 

Treas., Rules Comm.; AIAA. 

Kelley. Sharon 

Kelly. James E. — Redbank. New Jersey; Marketing — *Kr. Social 

chm , Sec'y; IFC, Social Comm.; SGA. Placement Comm. 

Kelly, Jean F. — Dickson, Tennessee; Elementary Education — 

KMl : SNEA, 

Kemelick, Janet — Potomac; Elementary Education. 

Kemp, Gary A. — Frederick; Industrial Education. 

Kemerer, Marilyn 

Kemp, Mary Ann 

Kemper, John 

Kennedy, Barbara 

Keren, Susan G. — Washington. DC; Early Childhood Education. 

Kern. Marilyn D. — Baltimore; Sociology — Dorm, Jud Board. Big 

Sister. Commuter Chm.; Intramurals. 

Keman, Kathleen M. — Towson; Elementary Education — KKT, 

Corr. Sec'y. Panhel Rep.; Diadem. Sec'y; Diamond;KAn. Sec'y; 

WRA Rep.; FOB; College Casino. 

Kcsler, Morton A. — Baltimore; Accounting — HAT. Dorm. Pres., 

Rules Comm.; *HJ:, Treas. 

Kestler, Carole R. — Caionsville; Spanish — AAA. Jud Board Chm. 

Keys, John R. — Baltimore; History — Dorm. Pres.. Social Chm., 

Cultural Chm. Band. Complex Council. 

Kerper. \'ernon 

Khayetl, Jorge 

Kidder, John L. — Groton. Connecticut; Industrial Relations — 

ATO; KAM, Photo Ed, ARGUS, Harmony Hall; SAM; IF Sing 


Kidder. Margaret L. — New London, Connecticut; Education — 


Kilhy, Nancy 

Kimmcl, Steven H. — Silver Spring; Mechanical Engineering — AEFI; 

ASMU; Homecoming Float tThm. 

Kimmel, Joseph I. — Cheverly; Economics. 

KImmel, Ross 

King. Joseph — Adelphi; Accounting — AEFI. 

King. Mark E.— Baltimore: Psychology— VHM. Pres. 

King. Sandra G. — Adelphi; Elementary Education — KAII. 

King. Thomas 

King. William J., Ill — Ellicott City; Electrical Engineering — Dorm, 

Treas . VP; Complex. Treas.; IEEE. Public Relations Comm. 

KInsey. Susan R. — Silver Spring; French — AAA; Dorm Jud Board 

Chm,; German Book Award. 

Klralv. Michael 

Kirk, Sharon A.— Edgewood; Textiles A Clothing — Dorm. Jud 

Board. Orienlalion Chm.; Home Economics Club; Newman Club; 

AWS Bridal Fair. 

KIrklcy. Edward H.— Catonsville; American Civilization — ROTC; 

Dorm Pres . Intramurals; Mobile Unit Area Council. 

Kirschncr. Nell — Bavside. New 'York; Psychology— TX. 

Kltschik, Linda — College Park; Russian— Young Democrats, Treas.; 

Ski riiib SI' Social Comm. 

Kleld. Wallace— Baltimore; Speech— ZBT; Junior Class VP; Men s 

League Exec. Board; IFC Representative; Prc-Dcnt Soc., Treas.; 

Pre-Law StKiety. 


Klein, Benson — Wheaton; Business Administration — AEII; Ath- 
letic Chm.; Free State; Intramurals. . 
Klein, Brenda M. — Baltimore; Elementary Education — Dean s List; 
Big Sister; Dorm Exec Council. 

Klemcke, Harold G. — Hyattsville; Zoology — Zoology Honors Pro- 
gram; NSF Fellowship, Dean's List. 

Klevan, David L. — Lakewood, New Jersey; Theatre — OAK, VP, 

Klimek, Stanley J.— Hagerstown; Accounting. , ^, ,. 

Kloch, John E. — Scottsbluflf, Nebraska; Economics— French Club; 
Veterans Club; Dean's List. 

Klosek, Michael A. — Baltimore; Economics — SN; President, Her- 
ald, Intcrmural Sports; LF.C. Preferred Rush Comm. 
Kluckhuh, Daniel 

Knapp, Michael ,.,.■. 

Knicely, William H, — Martinsburg, W. Virginia; Floriculture — 


Knight, Nancv L. — Frederick; Microbiology — AAA; SAO; Jud. 

Board Pres., Big Sister; Traffic Court; Mortar Board; Honors 

Convocation. _ _, . _- ,,. ,, , 

Knott, Jack V., Jr. — Baltimore; Drama — Flying FoUies; Mens 

Glee Club; Dorm Social Chrm.; Chapel Choir; U.T. 

Knox, Sandy 

Kocher, Elizabeth C— Glen Echo; Psychology— AAA; TX; Honors 
Koester, Barbara 
Kohler, Susan 

Kohne, Dorothy L. — Glenwood; Zoology — QS, Sec'y; A&S Honors 
Council; HAC Constitution Comm.; Dorm Exec Council, Wes- 
ley Foudnation, NSF Research Fellowship. 
Komitzsky, Leslye — Baltimore; Education. 

Koopman, Susan 

Koper, John M. — District Heights; Aerospace Engineering — U.C.A. 

A I A A Sec'y. 

Koplin, ' Marcia A. — Baltimore; Early Childhood Education — 

Dean's List; KAFI; Dorm Exec. Council. 

Korb, Barry R.— Bethesda; Mathematics— SNS; HMS; Chess 

Club; Physics Club; Dorm, VP. Academic Chm. 

Kornegay, Sally A. — Silver Spring; Economics — A*; FOB Comm.; 

College Casino, Big Sister. 

Kowal, Kathleen H. — Nutley, New Jersey; Psychology — AOn, VP; 

Diamond; FOB; Old Line; M Book; Jr. Class Comm. 

Krai, Vernon J. — Pasadena; General Business — Dorm, House 

Rules; Intramurals. 

Kramer, Linda 

Kramer, Nathan I, — Baltimore; Zoology; Dorm, House Rules. 

Krantz, Eleamor K. — Frederick, English Education — Dorm, Jud 

Board, Treas.; Campus Chest Rep. 

Kreiser, Fredrick B. — Salisbury; General Business — Dorm, Pres., 

RA; MUAC, Sec'y. 

Kruse, Carol S. — Baltimore; Art Education — Modern Dance 

Group; Art League. 

Kubat, William 

Kuehl, Fred L. — Baltimore; Mechanical Engineering — ASME; In- 
tramurals; Dorm, House Rules, Athletic Comm. 
Kuhn, Maryann— Bethesda; Journalism— HAE; DIAMONDBACK 
Women's Press Club; Dorm, Exec. Council; WRA. 
Kuhne, Carl F. — Bowie; Education for Industry — BX, Treas. 

Kuhr, Hans J. — Baltimore; Electrical Engineering — Dorm, VP 
Soc. Chm., Scholarship Chm; Intramurals. 

Kuklewica, Mark E. — Hagerstown; Mechanical Engineering — Wes- 
ley; ASME, Treas. 

Kun, Ronna 

Kurtz, Lucinda K. — Trauerse City, Michigan; Histop'. 

Kurzmiller, Thomas A. — Dundalt, Electrical Engineering — IEEE; 

Dorm Athletic Ctim., House Rules, Intramurals, Soc. Comm. 

Lacey, William 

Landon, Edward 

Ladue, Ronald 

Lafans, Mary S. — Salisbury; Home Economics Education — 2TE; 

AWS, Pres.; SGA; Fac. Senate Comm.; Dorm, Pres.; Home Ec. 

Club, Pres. 

Laflamme, Herbert A. — Greenbelt; Electrical Engineering — IEEE. 

Lagas, Robert A. — Oakland, California; English — Course Guide. 

Laing, Douglas B. — Hyattsville; Marketing — UCA; CBP; Jr. Prom 


Lake. George 

La Kind, Robert J. — Teaneck, New Jersey; History — 2N, Rush; 

Intramurals; IFC Queen Pageant; FOB. 

Lalli, Tom J. — Red Bank, New Jersey; Psychology — iKS; Foot- 

La Macchee, Kenneth 

Lamarr, Donald R. — College Park; Mechanical Engineering — 

Lamb, Robert — College Park; Civil Engineering — ATO; XE; 
ASCE; Intramurals. 

Lampe, Eric A. — Erie, Pennsylvania; Government and Politics — 
*A0, House Manager; Swim Team, Cap't.; M Club, Pres.; Sr. 
Class Comm. 

Landren, Suzanne M. — Summit, New Jersey; Physical Education — 
AOn. Pres.; IIAE Diamond; Sr. Class Comm.; M Book; TER- 
RAPIN; Blood Drive. 

Landvoight, Lois T. — Greenbelt; Food and Nutrition — Home Ec. 

Club; Episcopal Foundation. 

Lange, Gail L. — Baltimore; Mathematics — NA; Space Ed. Inst.; 

German Group; Karate Club; Honors Convocation. 

Lange, Mary L. — McLean, Virginia; Speech Therapy — CEC; 


Langer, Carolyn W. — Chevy Chase; Art Education — KA, VP; Jud 

Board; DIAMONDBACK; Prom Comm. 

Langfeld, Stanley C— Bethesda; History— SHARUM; Complex 

Cultural Chm.; Pre-Law Club, Pres. 

Lanigan, Martha 

Lanigan, Mary A. — Silver Spring; Psychology — Ski Club; Sociol- 
ogy Club; Newman Club. 

Lapausky, Carol G. — Baltimore; Interior Design — NSID; Complex 
Social Chm.; Dorm, Jud Board, Big Sister, Historian. 
Lapin, Robert M. — Morganton, North Carolina; Microbiology. 
Laporte, Uolan J. — Harwood; Radio and Television — Arnold Air 
Society; ROTC; Radio-TV Workshop, Treas.; Dorm, Academic 
Comm.; Intramurals. 

Laramore, Prudence A. — Bethesda; English — IIB*, VP; FOB; 
Parents' Day Comm.; Old Line. 
La Rock, Gerald 



Larson. Sally 

Larson. Susan, G. — Takoma Park; Zoology — AAA; Dean's List; 

Honors Cunvocjiion; Pre-Mcd Club. 

Lasken Cuhn, Roberta 

Laudenslager. Diane N. — Annapolis; Home Economics — KKP; 

Harmony Hall; AWS. Chm Pub-An Comm.; WRA Alttrnatc Rep.; 

Fresh. Prum Comm.; FOB Comm. 

Lauer, George. Jr. 

Launais, Nancye E. — Silver Spring; Sociology. 

— Bcrwyn Heights; Zoolopy. 
-Timonium; Elementary Education. 

Transportation — ANA ; House 

Lauterbach, George E- 
Lawrence, Patricia M.- 
I.awrence. I'uul 

Lawrence. Thomas R. — Baltimore; 
Rules Comm.; Iniramurals. 
Lawson, Carol R. — Raleigh, Nonh Carolina; Elementary Educa- 
tion — AAII, Pres.; Diamond; Angel Flight. Corres. Sec'y. Chap- 
lain; AWS. Cult. Comm., Sr. Rep.; Flying Follies; Chamber 
Choir; Jr. and Sr. P.Tnhel. 

Lawson. Sbaryn E.— Silver Spring; Psychology— TERRAPIN; 
Fresh. Prom Comm.; UCA. 

Laycock, Robert L. — Annapolis; Transportation — ANA. 

Lazarus, Linda S. — Cumberkmd; Sociology — VMH. 

Lazerow, Frunces — Washington. D.C.; Criminology. 

Lazun. Kathleen M.— Bethlehem. Pennsylvania; Textiles and 

Clothing — T2S. Social Chm.; Newman Club; Aqua Liners; Big 

Sister Program; Home Economics Club. 

Leanos, James S. — Baltimore; Government and Politics — 


Lebert. Fredrick J.— Riverdale; Engineering— TB n ; HKN; IEEE. 

Lebow, Marda F. — Baltimore; Physical Therapy — *AE; Physical 

TTierapy Club, Pres.; Aqua Liners; Pres. Jr. Physical Therapy 

Class; Dorm Comm.; Representative to Baltimore Professional 

Student Senate; Dean's List. 

Lechter. Kenneth 

Lee. Edward C. — China; Electrical Engineering — IEEE. 

Lee. Gertrude I. — Baltimore; Social Psychology — People-io-PeopIc; 

Sociology Club; Psychology Club; VMH. 

Lee, Henry 

Lee, Jack N. — Fairfax, Virginia; Geography — TQ^. 

Lee, Jong S. — Seoul. Korea; Electrical Engineering — ♦HZ; HKN; 

TRH; Honor Dorm; IEEE. 

Lee, Phillip — Washington. DC; Civil Engineering — ASCE. 

Leet, Robert T.— Beihesda; Studio Art— *AE; WMUC; DBK 

Cartoonist; Chesapeake Bay Party. 

Lehman. Carol 

Lehmann, John C. — Baltimore Electrical Engineering — TH H ; 

HKN; Dorm. VP: IEEE. 

Lehr, Darlene, R. — York, Pennsylvania; Nursing — VMH. 

Leitch. Thomas, Jr. — Annapolis; Sociology — Fresh. Lacrosse. 

Leizear, James 

Lentz, Kenneth J. — Mahwah, New Jersey; Accounting — Dorm 

Sec*y; House Rules Comm.; Intramural Sports. 

Lentz, Lewis 

Leocha, Lynn 

Leonhard, Ann 

Lemer, TamI — Baltimore; Early Childhood Education — Dorm 
Exec. Counsel. 
Lesher, Ronald 

Lessin, Nathan R. — Maplewood. New Jersey; Sociology — Swim- 
ming Team; Pre-Deni Club. 

Leven. Jennifer E. — Alexandria, Virginia; Government and Poli- 
tics — Pcople-to-People; Diamondback; AWS Orphan's Party; Dorm 
Homecommg Com.; Young Democrats. 

Leventhal, Joel S. — Baltimore; Government and Politics — 4^£A; 
Levin, Gary 

Levin, Howard H. — Baltimore; Government and Politics — Inira- 
murals; Dorm Gov*t; Hillel. 

Levin. James E. — ^Cumberland; Chemical Engineering — AXS; 
AICHE, Pres. 

Levin. Marjorle S. — Whcaton; Elementary Education — A*E, 
Treas.; KAH; Peopleio-People; SNEA. Pres., VP. 
Levlne. Barbara S. — Silver Spring; Elementar>- Education — SNEA; 
Hillel; Dorm Homecoming Com. Chm.; Dean's List. 
Lewis, Cynthia M. — San Francisco. California; English — 2K, VP; 
Angcl Flight; FOB; SGA Committees; Old Line Party. 
Lewis, Rita 

Lewis. Sharon K. — Hyattsville; Sociology. 
Lewis. Warren 

I.cHila<t. Alvin R. — New York, New York; Business Administra- 
tion — Veterans Club; Dean's List. 

l.lcclnl, Stephen L. — Silver Spring; Mechanical Engineering — 
ASM!:; AIAA. Sports Car Club. 

Meberman. Robert A. — Silver Spring; Psychology — Prc-Med Club; 
I tncmg Club; Intramural Basketball. 

Lillard. Jon F. — Hasiings-on-Hudson. New York: Zoology — ♦SK; 
Who's Who; Pres. Juiuor Class; Frosh. Orientation Instructor. 

Lllley. Doris M.— Delmar; Food and Nutrition — AAA; ON. Pres.; 

Home Ec. Club; Council of Prof. Organization; 0^4 Award. 

Linaberr>. Mary M. — Silver Spring; Phvsical Education — Sports 


IJndrrman, James E. — District Heights; Malhemalics. 

Lindsay, Sandra K. — (amp Springs; Sociology — International Club; 

Sec'v, Public iiv ( hm. 

Lineburger. Edward 

LlnRcrfelter, Gerald E. — Lccchburg, Pennsylvania; Fire Protection 

Engineering — Dorm Judiciary Com.; Dorm VP; Society of Fire 

Protection Engr., VP. 

Link. Donald A. — Grcenbclt; Mathematics Education. 

LInfhIriim. William R.— Middlcburg; Zoology— Dorm Cultural 

( hin . AD 

LIpford. Elaine B. — Silver Spring; English — VMH. 

Llpford. Marvin R.— Frederick; Physics— VMH; Physics Club. 

Llpman. .Sherry J. — West Orange. New Jcrscv; Institutional Ad- 

miniMT.iUon — FOB; Big Sister; Home Ec. Club; AWS Com 

LIppman. Richard D.— SUver Spring; History— «£A; SUB; Flying 



Lipsitz, Joan A.- — Baltimore; Elementary Education — KAIT; Dean's 

List; Hillel; Dorm. VP. Exec Board. Activities Chm., Social Com. 

Lipsitz. Sigmund S. — Baltimore; Public Relations — ZBT; NAPAL, 

Pres.; SAC; H&H Comm. 

Liss, Frank D. — Baltimore; General Business — Dorm, Treas., VP; 


Liss, Nancy J. — Baltimore; History — Riding Interest Group; Girl's 

Tennis Team; Dorm, Academic Comm., Activities Comm. 

Lissauer, Jack S. — Silver Spring; Psychology — TX; Hillel; Rikkud 


Little, A. G.— Bethesda; Zoology— SAE, Pledge Trainer, Rush 

Chm., Sec'y; FOB. 

Little, Wayne 

Littleton, Susan 

Lloyd. Alexander L. — Indian Head; Accounting. 

Lockwood, William O. — Silver Spring; General Business — AMA. 

Loda, Elaine 

Logan, Howard P., Jr. — North East; Marketing. 

Lojacono, Thomas P. — Hyattsville; Mathematics — UCA. 

Lomas, John E. — Kensington; Statistics — AMA; SAM. 

Long, Donna R. — Lancaster, Pennsylvania; Nursing — Women's 

Glee Club. 

Long, Patricia A.— Salisbury; English— AT; FOB; Greek Staff; 

Newman Club. 

Loomis, Penne 

Lougee, Anne L. — Baltimore; Speech Therapy — AXQ; SAH, VP; 

IIAE, VP; DBK, Accounting Manager; VMH; Free State. 

Lovaas, John L. — Washington, D.C.; International Affairs — Intra- 

murals; Varsity Pep Club. 

Lovelace, Patricia 

Loveless, Barbara A. — Clinton; Sociology — KA0; Diadem; TBS; 

Frosh VP; Soph. VP; Central Student Court; Color Guard, Co- 

Capt.; Who's Who Com.; AWS, Newsletter Ed. 

Loveless, Carol K. — Silver Spring; Early Childhood Education — 

rsr, VP. Alumni Sec'y; Newman, AQ; Dorm Officer. 

Lovell, Willis W. — New Windsor; Government and Politics — 

Young Democrats; Pre-Dental Club. 

Lowenbach, Fred 

Lowery, Brian G. — Baltimore; Industrial Arts Education. 
Lowman, Ronald W. — Baltimore; Mechanical Engineering — ASME. 
Lowman, Virginia 

Loy, Russell R, — Landover; Education for Industry — AMA; ASTE; 
UCA, Treas.; Pre-Law Club. 

Lubinski, David J. — Ellicott City; Marketing — AAS; AMA; Foot- 
ball, Frosh., Varsity; Ski Club; Intramurals. 
Lucas, John J. — Baltimore; Marketing. 

Lucey, Ginnylea — Colesville; Education — Gymkana; Aqualiners. 
Lum, Estella 

Lumpkin, Judy A.— Shady Side; Early Childhood Education- 
Dorm, Sec'y. 
Luray, Judy 
Lutheran, Vincent 
Luttrell, Carolyn L, — Baltimore; Criminology — Dorm Pres. 

Lutz, Randall M. — Bethesda; Business Administration — AE IT ; 
SAM; Young Republicans; UN Model General Assembly. 
Lyon, Linda L. — Silver Spring; Textiles and Clothing — AG n ; 
M-Book; WRA Sports Day. 

Lyons, Anne M. — Glen Arm; Mathematics — Jud Board; WRA 
Rep.; Floor Activities Chm. 

MacCallum, Clare A. — Glen Arm; Elementary Education — Physical 
Therapy Club; Newman Club; VMH. 

Machen, Theodore D. — Hyattsville; Government and Politics — • 
ATQ; Young Democrats. 

Mackely, James W. — Sykesville; Entomology — AZ; Dorm Intra- 

MacLean, Joann 

MacMillan. Larry 

Maddox, Christopher 

Maddox, Robert C. — Silver Spring; Secondary Education — 2N, 

Pres.; Who's Who; Kalegethos; SGA Treas.; IFC Rush Chm.; 

FOB Treas. 

Madeory, Rtaona 

Madsen, Florence E. — Greenbelt; Elementary Education — KAIT. 

Magee, Edward B. — Penn Valley; Air Transportation — ANA; Arn- 
old Air Society. 

Mahaffey, Raymond, Jr. — Silver Spring; Aerospace Engineering — 
SAE; TBH; SFT; AIAA, Pres.; Terrapin Ski Club, Pres.; SGA 
Placement Com. 

Mahoney, Ellen G. — Takoma Park; Spanish Literature — SK; 
Angel Flight; UCA; Spanish Club. 
Mahoney, Margaret 
Maiolatesi, Sandra 

Maione, Michael R. — Lutherville; Government and Politics— 
nSA; Jud. Board; Dorm VP and jec'y; Chm. House Rules Com. 

Makoff, Brian 

Malickson, Jeffrey W. — Silver Spring; Finance — AEII Treas. 

Mally, Dennis A. — Baltimore; Accounting — SAM; House Rules 


Mancher, John 

Manchester, Jay A. — Bethesda; Finance — SAM. 

Mandshlne, Marlene 

Mann, Charles E., FV— Ellicott City; General Agricultural— ATP; 

Livestock Judging Team; Block and Bridle Club; College 4-H. 

Mann, Daniel 

Mann, David H. — Baltimore; General Business — ASH; Corres. & 

Rec. Sec; SAM. 

Mann, Mary 

Manning, Francis E., Jr. — Boston, Massachusetts; Business. 

Mansolillo, Joseph 


Marbur)'. Carol 

Marcool. Ralph 

Marcuse, Vivian M.— Elementary Education — rXX; SNEA; Hill 

Area Council; Dorm Academic Chm. 

Mari;e(i<t, Monique R. — Silver Spring; Zoology — AAA; Diadem; 

DIAMONDBACK; SGA Cultural Comm.; Honors Convocation. 

Markle, Larr> 

MarkridKC Jill M. — Baltimore; English — Dorm, Soc. Chm., Jud. 


Marlow, Frederick K. — Bethesda; Geography — Arnold Air Society; 
re*; Mil Ball Comm.; Dorm House Rules Comm.; Cadet Lead- 
ership Acad. 

Marriott, Carroll L. — Baltimore; Aerospace Engineering — SIT; 
AIAA; Treas. 

Marshall, Kalhryn A. — Chevy Chase; English. 
Martin, Joan 
Marlin. William 

%Iart7, Robert D. — Putistown, Pennsylvania; Marketing — IN; 
SHARUM; SCiA, Cabinet, Legis.; Men's League, Pres.; Hill Area 
Council, VP; SGA Finance Comm. 

Marvel, James L, — Easton; Marketing — Intramurals. 

Marvel, Joan 

Mason, Edward 

Masse, Judllh A.— Silver Spring; History. 

Massey, Nicholas G. — Berlin; Accounting — 211. 

Massie, Ronald W.— Cleveland, Ohio; Geography— rST. 

Maslerook, Stephen C, — Landover Hills; Transportation — Vanden- 

burg Guard; ANA. 

Mastrovilo, Sandra L. — Riverdale; Early Childhood Education — 
College Life; Away Weekend. 
.Matherly, Jane 

Maltem, Michael L, — Dundalk: Zoology — Pre-Med Club; Dorm. 
Intramurals, Treas., Academic Comm.. Cultural Comm. 
Matthews, Doris L. — Elllcott City; Journalism— TS*. Pres., Soc. 
Chm.; Christian Fellowship; Hockey Team; DBK; Young Re- 
Mauck, Daniel 

Mauck, Ray 

Maupin, Wanda L, — Washington. DC; English. 
Max, Esther B. — Baltimore; Early Childhood Education — Hillel. 
Maxey, Janet L, — Oxon Hill; Elementary Education — KA*; Hon- 
ors Convocation; Dorm Treas. 

Maxim, Karin A. — Central Islip. New York; Elementary Educa- 
Maxwell, James G., Jr. — Bethesda; Education for Industry — SN; 
Intramurals; Dorm Activities; Young Republicans. 

Mayer, Constance J. — New CarroUton; Art — m, 

McAllister, James 

McCarthy, Fred 

McCauley, Margaret R, — Cheverly; Social Studies. 

McCloud, R. Benson — Baltimore; Psychology. 

McClung, Patricia E. — Stewartstown. Pennsylvania; Zoology — 

KAS, Treas.. Scholarship Chm.; TERRAPIN; Concert Band; 

AWS Com., Orphans, Daydoger Big Sister. 

McCoach, James S, — Essex; Physical Education — Track Team. 

McCoy, Johnie 

McCullough, Joseph B. — Washington. D.C.: Economics — 2N; Free 

State. VP; Men's League, Treas.; Dorm Council. 

McDermotI, Paul L, — Hyattsville; History. 

McDorman. Audrey L, — Jessup; Sociology. 

McFaul, Edward J, — Baltimore; Electrical Engineering — HKN; 

Dean's List. 

McGarry, Thomas E, — Towson; Anthropology-Anthropology So- 
ciety; Dorm Activities; Dorm Jud. Board. 
McGaughy, Janette 

McGce, Joyce L. — Huntngton, Long Island; Psychology — AAIT, 
oflicer; Flying Follies; Experimental Theatre. 

McGuIrk, Edward D. — Hawthorne. New Jersey; Transportation — 
Arnold Air Society; WMUC; Newman Club; Intramurals; Dorm, 
Pres . VP. 
McGurk, Edward 
McHargue, William 

McHenry, Michael T, 

Mclnlyre, Sharon L, — Silver Spring; Elementary Education — IK, 
Social Chm . VP; SNEA. 

McKay, Eleanor— Washington, DC; History — *AB; ♦K»: His- 
tory Honors; SFU; Course Guide, Honors Council; Mortarboard 

McKcnney, Jane — Baltimore: Elementary Education — VMH. 
McLauchiln. Anne S. — Butler, Pennsylvania; Journalism — AOII; 
Women's Press Club; AWS. 
McLauKhlln, Mary K.— Chevy Chase; Textiles and Clothing. 

McLean, Sheila 

McMahon, John D.— Luthcrvillc; Studies — Newman Qub; 

Air Force RO IC 

McManus, Kathleen T, — Bethesda: Historv- — Course Guide. 

McMurlrIc, Hudson O.— Buckhannon, West Virginia: General 

Business — I'SAI- Bootsrop Student. 

McPhee, Elizabeth H.— I aPlata; Zoology— Mortar Board, VP; 

Diadem Tour Director; Dorm, Pres., Exec. Council: Women's 

Choir: AWS. 

McRoy, Dou( 

McWIIIIams, Martha 

Mccsc, Jessie 

Mrhlhaum, Gerald E,— West Hvattiivillc; Civil Engineering — XE; 


Mchlhop, Patricia 

Mehin, Man L, — Marquette, Michigan: Home Economics Edu- 


Mcndclson, Ellen P, — Baltimore; Education. 


Mensing, Carl E. — Baltimore; Education for Industry — ASTME; 

Vandenberg Guard Staff; Newman Club; Dean's List; Intramurals. 

Mensing, Elizabeth A. — Baltimore; Biology — Complex Council; 

Dorm Pres., Intramurals. 

Menzel, Wolfgang P.— Silver Spring; Physics— IINE, sn2. VP. 

Merchant, Dennis W. — Mt. Rainier; Chemical Engineering — UCA; 


Meyer, Marilyn 

Meyers, Margery 

Meyrowit7: Alan L. — Silver Spring; Mathematics — Putnam Math 
Team; Freshman Chemistry Award; Honors Convocation. 
Michaels, Andrew F. — Silver Spring; Business Administration — 
«>A0; Arnold Air Society. NSPR. AFROTC, Band. Junior IFC. 
Millar, Katherine C— Adelphi; Spanish—DIAMONDBACK. 
Miller. Anita 

Miller, Barry W. — Washington, D.C.; Marketing — AMA, Pres., 
Publicity Director. 
Miller, Charles 

Miller, David F. — Rochester, New York; Accounting — -Veteran's 
Club; Accounting Club Sec'y. 

Miller. Edison W. — Clinton, Iowa; Government & Politics — Vet- 
erans Club. 

Miller, Gary W. — Adelphi; Biological Sciences — Pershing Rifles; 

Miller, John D. — Easton; Accounting — Accounting Club. 
Miller, Marilyn W. — Silver Spring; Accounting — BAY, *X0, Pres. 
Miller, Marvin B. — Baltimore; Mathematics — Dorm, Treas., Social 
Chm., Rules Comm., Intramurals. 

Miller, Marvin S.— Baltimore; Sociology— ZBT, Pre-Dent Club; 

Sociology Club. 

Miller. Paul 

Miller, Paula E. — Beltsville; Home Economics — Home Economics 

Club. Baprist Student Union, 

Miller, Roger L. — Greenbelt; Electrical Engineering — IEEE, 

Treas., Student Job Placement Comm. 

Miller, Sheila B. — Baltimore. Early Childhood Education — Dorm 


Miller, Sidney A. — Baltimore; Marketing — Hill Area Council, 

SUB, Dorm Treas. 

Miller, Warren E. — Bowie; Psychology. 

MUliken. Janet B. — Bethel Park. Pennsylvania; Textiles & Cloth- 
ing — AAA, <&K$, Diamond; Diadem; ON, AP. Pres.; People-to- 
People; FOB; SGA. 
Mills, Billie Sue 

Mills, Carolyn A. — Gaithersburg; Textiles & Clothing — Big Sister, 
Home Economics Club 

Mills, Norman A. — Gaithersburg; Animal Science — ATQ. AZ; 
Vet. Science Club. 

Milner, Arleen J. — Baltimore; Elementary Education — SNEA, 
Free State, Bridal Fair, AWS, SGA Elections Comm. 

Milton, Diana — Bethesda; Interior Design — NSID; Homecoming. 

Mindell, Morton H. — Baltimore; Government & Politics — ZBT. 

Minnich, Michael E. — Hagerstown; Electrical Engineering — HKN; 

TBn: *H2:; Dorm VP. 

Mintzes, Marilyn R. — New York; Early Childhood Education — 

Dorm Activities; Complex Athletic Comm.; AWS Orphans Party 


Misler, Dennis 

Mitchell, Paul F. — Baltimore; Accounting — Dorm. Social Chm.; 

Float Comm.; Intramurals. 

Mitchell, Gregory 

Mitchell, Suzan W. — Sumner; Sociology — Bridge Club. 

Mix, John E. — Timonium; History — Dorm Rules Comm. 

Mladinich, Kenneth E.— College Park: Chemistry— THS. AX2. 

Pres.; Prof. Interfratemity Council, VP; Economic Club. Pres., 

Young Republicans; Pre-Med Club. 

Modelski, Thomas P. — Chevy Chase; Mathematics. 

Moir, Basil 

Molineaux, John P. — Washington. D.C.; Physics — Newman Club. 
Monahan. Gregory P. — Saint George Island; Electrical Engineer- 
ing — IEEE. 

Monasterski, Patricia A. — Marvland.s Psychology. 
Mondell, Lynne — Baltimore; English— SAT; AAA; KA IT ; FOB; 
Jr. Prom Comm.; Campus Chest; Dean's List. 
Mondshine, Marlene A. — Baltimore; Elementary Education — 
Dorm. Historian, Homecomine Comm.; SNEA. 
Monroe, James P. — Lanham; Geography — FBH'. 

Montriloff. Victor — College Park; Zoology. 

Mooney, Robert J. — Baltimore; English — Dorm Pres. 

Moore, James C. — Takoma Park; Aerospace Engineering — S$E, 

AIAA, The Greek. 

Moore. Larrv 

Moore, MacDonell C. — Catonsville; Marketing — 2AE. 

Moore, Norman C. — Aberdeen; Transportation — ANA. 

Moore, Patricia G, — Cumberland; Spanish. 

Moore, Sandra K. — Ellicott City; Home Economics — Aqualiners 

Moran, Charles R. — Lutherville; Chemical Engineerinc — KA. So- 
cial Chm.. Rush Comm., Pres., IFC. Intramurals; AICLE. 
Morgan, Anne 

Morgan. George W. — Silver Spring; Personnel & Industrial Rela- 
tions — Dorm, Pres.. Scholastic Chm.. House Rules; Complex 
Council. SAM 

Morgan, Patrick T, — Harrison. New York; Economics — AXA; 
Swimming Team; M Club. 

Morgenthau, Joel L. — Yonkers, New York; History — TE$; *A©, 
Blood Drive, Collp"e Casino. 
Momingstar, Oneida 

Morris, James A. — Baltimore; Mechanical Engineering — ASME. 
Morris, Joseph H. — Stevensville; Mechanical Engineering — ASME. 
Dorm, VP., Scholastic Comm., Improvements Comm. 
Morris, Maxine F. — Sevema Park; Secretarial Education. 
Morrison, Douglas E. — Boonsoro; Astronomy. 



VP. Historian; Diamond. Old 
Eleclrical Engineering — IEEE, 

Morrison, Mary E. 

Morschauser, David H. — Paramus. New Jersey; Marketing — Dorm, 
Pres,. Jud. Board Chm.; Hill Area Council; Intramurals. 
Morse, Claude S. — Silver Sprinu; Public Relations — Arnold Air 
Society. KAM. 11 AE. ROTC Newspaper Ed.. TERRAPIN, Pho- 
tographer; Arnold Air Society Civil Service Award. 
.Morse, Robert F. — Silver Spring; Business & Public Administra- 

Morstein, Jay I. — Baltimore; Psychology — SAM. 
.\1ortinier. Richard F. — Beihesda; History — *A0, Alumni Sec'y; 
Senior Class Pres.; Old Line, Pres.; SGA Away Weekend Chm.; 

Moschetti, Anthony P. — Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; Journalism — 

Arnold Air Society. 

Mroz, Robert 

Mull, Paul L. — College Park; Zoology — Marching & Symphonic 


Muller, Phyllis M. — Essey; English. 

Mullin, Victor — Aberdeen; Business & Public Administration — 

*Ki;; Latch Key Society; Basketball Mgr. 

Munk, Joyce 

Munsterteiger, Richard C. — Washington, D.C.; Mechanical Engi- 
neering — Pershing Rifles, ASME. 
Murphy, John 

Murphy, Kay — Towson; Art — KA, 
Line. AWS Swim Meet, UT Comm. 
Murphy, William H. — Baltimore; 
Newman Club. Big Brother. 
Murray, Jack E. — Baltimore; Industrial Sociology — RA, Dorm, 
Exec. Council, Athletic Chm.; Intramurals. Sociology Club. 
Murray, Johanna M.— Silver Spring; Textiles— rSS, VP, Treas.. 
Awards Chm.; Dorm Publicity Chm. 

Murray, Sterling E. — Catonsville; Music — *MA. VP; University 
Orchestra, UT Orchestra; Marching Band; Concert Band; Wood- 
wind Quintet. 

Myatt, Paul F. — Ouincy, Massachusetts; Finance. 
Myerberg, Joel D. — Baltimore; Government & Politics — SAM; 
Pre-Law Club. 
Myers, Sally 

Nachman, Mark H. — Baltimore; General Biology Sciences — Or- 
chestra; Pre-Dent Club. 
Nack, James 

Nalley, Thomas G. — Port Tobacco; Production Management — 

*KT, Chaplain, Treas., Steward, Board of Governors; SAM 

Exec. Board. 

Nash, Joyce 

Nason, John C— Salisbury; Marketing— ZBT; IPC; Old Line; 

Tennis Intramurals; SGA Comm. 

Natoli, Ruth J.— Takoma Park; Early Childhood Education — 

Women's Chorus; DBK Staff Copy Ed.; SNEA; UCA. Wesley 


Ncborsky. Robert J.— Baltimore; English — ZBT, College Bowl 

Comm.. ZBT. Social Chm.. Athletic Chm., Treas.; Intramurals. 

Needel, Deborah — Baltimore; Elementary Education — People-to- 

People, VMM Chm.; CEC, Secy. Cultural Chm.. Dorm Activities. 

Silver Spring; Finance — Open League Softball, 
Sociology — Intramural Foot- 

Needle, Lester P 


Negron, Rafael — Upper Marlboro 

ball. Veterans Club. Fencing Club. 

Nelka, John J. — Baltimore; Mechanical Engineering — FITE. IT ME, 

Dorm Pres.. Intramurals. 

Nelson, Linda S. — Laurel; Textiles & Clothing. 

Nelson, Robert G.— Baltimore; Zoology — Hillel Exec. Board, 

Chemistry E. Society. Trail Club. Dorm Comm. 

Nelson Susan 

Neuberser, Susan M. — Baltimore; Interior Design — WMUC; NSID; 

Dorm. Sec'v. Activities Chm.. Exec. Council. 

Neuhaus, Michael A.— Rochester. New York; Finance — SGA 

Elections Bd . Dorm. Sec'y, Historian; Complex Publicity Chm., 


Neuman, Carol A. — Baltimore; Government and Politics — Dorm 

Exec Council. Big Sister. Complex Legislature. 

Neumann, Calhleen J. — Accokeek: American Studies — Young 

Democrats. Fair Housing; Peace Corps Support Group; Ski Club, 

Historv Club. 

Neumann. Horst R. — Baltimore; Physics — Physics Club. 

Neuwirth, .Susan R. — Silver Spring; Marketing. 

Newman, Barl Ann 

Ncwpher, Mark E. — Beihesda; Marketing- AAS. AMA. 
Nevman. Robert S. — Beihesda; Civil Engineering — ASCE; AAS, 
Sec'v. Treas ; IEEE; Ski Club 

Nichols, Buy R.— St. Petersburg, Florida; Commerce — Veteran's 
Club. Treas.; SAM. VP. 
NIcol. William R.— Laurel; Personnel. 

NofTslneer, Kathleen M.— Gaithersburg; Elementary Education- 
Dorm. VP. Orientation Chm.; SU An Comm. 

Nonnenber. Henry J.— Asburv Park. New Jersey; Physical Educa- 
tion — Varsitv Track Team; M Club. 

Noon, Kerry F. — Hvatisville; Microbiologv — EAO. VMH. 
Nonlas, Nlek B. — Nafpactos. Greece; Mechanical Engineering- 
ASMF. Int'-rnational Club. 

Novcck. Robert J.— Bristol. Connecticut; Psychology— Dorm. 
Pres . Social Chm.; Pre-Med Club. 
Nuckels, John 
Ober, Janet E. — Silver Spring: Elementary Education. 

O'Brien. Catherine C. — Silver Spring; Social Science— Young Dem- 
ocrats: Newmnn Club; CFC. 

O'Connell, Mary E— College Park; Business Administration — 
1>v«. SAM Yi'unc Democrats; Newman Club. 
0'f~onnell. M'chael J. — College Park: Government A Politics. 
O'Connor. Sharon L. — Towson; Elementary Education — KAH; 

OTUay, Kelly D.— Silver Spring; Civil Engineering— ASCE. VP; 
UCA: Inirnmurals. 
O'Donnell, Jim 

Ohnslad. Joan K.— Bethesda; Early Childhood Education— Dorm 


O'ckle. E'l»en M. -Glen Burnie; English. 

Oksner, Michael I..— Silver Spring: Accounting — Ski Club. 

Oliver. Saundra R. — Baltimore; Music Education — SAI; Chapel 

Choir; Dorm Exec. Council; Parents' Day Comm.; Big Sister; 

Student Rcltcioiis Council. 

O'Menra. Sharon E.— Miami. Florida; Textiles & Clothing— A*. 

Standards Chm.. Chaplain; Panhel Council; The Greek; Pres. 

Convocation Comm. 

On, Tony 


Onolato, Dominick^Yonkers, New York; History. 

Orange, Marilyn L. — Silver Spring; Social Studies — KAFI, SNEA; 


Oiiborn, Mary H. — Aberdeen; Interior Design — NSID; Course 


Owens. Joyce E. — Hanover; Sociology — Dorm, Treas., WRA Rep., 

Scholarship Chm.; Campus Chest. 

Pace, Linda M. — New CaroUoton; English — Modern Dance Group. 

Paglio, Mary Victoria — Newark, New Jersey; English — Dorm 

Academic Comm. 

Palmer, Norman 

Pantazes, Peter W. — Silver Spring; Transportation — 0X; ANA; 


Paradise, James F. — Baltimore; Mechanical Engineering — ASME; 

Dorm, Intramurals, House Rules. 

Pariseau, Robert A. — Attleboro, Massachusetts; Transportation — 

ANA; Lacrosse. 

Parkin, Bonnie M. — Hagerstown; Accounting — Dorm, Big Sister, 

Homecoming Comm., Parliamentarian; Accounting Club. 

Parsons, Edwin 

Parsons. Richard 

Pass, Ellen I. — Baltimore; Early Childhood Education. 

Patrick, John F., Jr. — Baltimore; Electrical Engineering — TBII; 


Patterson, Correne 

Patterson, William 

Patterson, William 

Pattman, W. David, Jr. 

Patton, Douglas A. — Silver Spring; Personnel Management — As- 
sistant to Sports Info. Director. 

Patton, Michael D. — Wheaton; Public Relations — ATQ; Wrestling; 
Track; Free State. 

Paul, Beverly J. — Baltimore; Early Childhood Education — Young 
Democrats; Dorm, Homecoming, Cultural Comm.; WRA. 
Paul, Lawrence M. — Mt. Rainier; Electrical Engineering — TBII; 
HKN; KKW; Marching Band; IEEE; Dean's List. 
Payne, Pamela N. — Garrett Park; Mathematics. 

Payne, Sharon K. — Saginaw, Michigan; Elementary Education. 
Pazzuoli. Thomas 
Pearce, Diane 

Pearl, Lawrence R. — Baltimore; Economics — Dorm, RA, Soc. 
Chm.. House Improvements; Honor's Convo.; Econ. Discussion 
Club, VP; SAM; Dean's List; Ski Club. 

Peck, David F. — Baltimore; Fire Protection; Fire Protection En- 
gineering — Dorm, Pres., Intramurals; Soc. of Fire Prot. Engin. 
Peebles, Ella Jane M. — Wood Acres; Social Studies; Education — 
r<I)B, VP. 

Peed, David M. — Silver Spring; History— Diogenes Society; UCA; 

University Fair Housing Comm. 

Pelzer, Susan 

PendergasI, Stephen L. — Baltimore Engineering — *H2; HKN; 

TBII; IEEE; Calvert Debate, Pres.; Newman Club; Dean's List. 

Pendorf, Frank 

Penello, Anne 

Pepersack, David F. — Towson; General Business — KA; AMA; 

SAM; Ski Club. 

Pepper, Mary V. — Hillsboro; Physical Therapy — PT Club; Wesley 

Foundation; Dorm Exec. Council. 

Perkowski, Peter J. — Kearny, New Jersey; Business Marketing — 

ROTC; Veterans Club. 

Perlmutter, Franklin S. — Greenbelt; Government and Politics — 

*K<[>; HBP; Hillel, VP; WMUC; SZO; Hillel Book Award. 

Perlow, Linda M. — Bridgeton, New Jersey; French — KAII; French 

Club; AWS. 

Perry, Sondra L. — Silver Spring; Food and Nutrition — Sr. Prom; 

FOB; Jr. Prom; Soph. Prom. 

Perrygo, John 

Perch, Susan — Silver Spring; Elementary Education. 
Persin, Charles, Jr. — Anaandale, Virginia; Military Studies. 
Peters, Thomas G. — Baltimore; Education tor Industry — Dorm 
House Rules. Softball; ASTME. 

Petraitis, Karel C. — College Park; Speech — UT; Young Republi- 
cans; Political Science, Treas.; FOB; Frosh. Prom. 
Phelan, Mary 

Phelps, William D. — Frederick; Electrical Engineering — Marching 
Band; Symphonic Band; Md. Christian Fellowship; IEEE. 

Phillippy, Richard L. — Hagerstown; Psychology. 
Phillips, David B. — Baltimore; Sociology — $K2; Lacrosse; IFC. 
Phillips, Kathleen K. — Baltimore; Microbiology — IIB*; 2AM. 
Phillips, Michael A. — Silver Spring; Electrical Engineering — TBII; 
HKN; *HS; IE£E. 

Phillips, Sharon L. — Hagerstown; Physical Education — Dorm, Ac- 
tivities Chm.; Big Sister; Aqualiners. 

Phillips, Sydney E. — Silver Spring; Home Economics — rSS; Home 
Ec. Club. 

Pick, Benjamin 

Piechocki, David 

Piercy, Eileen A. — Leonardtown; History — TSS; Homecoming 


Pilitt, Dana R. 

Ping. Janice R. — Baltimore; Elementary Education. 

Piquet, Barbara L. — Washington. D.C.; Psychology — AXQ, Soc. 

Chm.; People-to-People, Jud. Board; M-Book; AWS; SUB. 

PIsciotta, Robert D. — Silver Spring; Interior Design — NSID; Pro- 
fessional Organizations Council; Course Guide: Career Week 
Pitt, Sara — Baltimore; French and Spanish — AAA; International 
Club. Sec'y. Cultural Chm.; Course Guide. 

Pittiglio, Margret M. — Silver Spring; French — Dorm, Soc. Chm., 
Jud. Board. Exec. Council. 
Pleel, Ellen S. — Baltimore; Speech Therapy. 
Pleines, John H. — Baltimore; History. 

Podberesky, Samuel — Baltimore; Aerospace Engineering — AKAA; 
Hillel, Intramurals; Dorm House Rules. 





Polakoff, Lawrence M. — Baltimore; Government and Politics — 
ZBT, Soc. Chm. 

Polen. Rebecca — Baltimore; Sociology — Flying Follies; Elections 
Hoar J; VMH: Dorm Officer. 

Pollock, Robert M. — Silver Spring; Government and Politics — 
A*l). Soc. Chm ; Univ. Band; Pre-Law Club. 

Poole. Linda M. — Center Valley. Pennsylvania; Astronomy — SflS; 
Astronom.v Honors Program; International Club. 
Poole, Mary D. — Towson; Science Education — Dorm Orientation 
Chm.; Big Sister; Modern Dance Club. 

Porter, Richard R. — Towson; Botany — NRH; Dorm, Pres.. Home- 
coming Chm.; HAE Rep. 

Potash. Esther B. — Silver Spring; Art and Sciences. 

Poller. Michael F. — Baltimore; Chemical Engineering — AIChE; 

Dorm. Intramurals. Comm. Chm. 

Potts. Frances V. — Baltimore; History — Newman Club. 

Pound. Susan M. — Baltimore; Elementary Education. 

Powell. Kenneth D. — Greenbell; History — Wesley Foundation: 

Chapel Choir. 

Powell. Lawrence N. — Newark. California; History — 4>A0. Trcas.; 

<I>1!K; ODK; CHS; Kalegethos; SGA Cultural Comm.. Chm.; IFC 

Court. Chief Justice. 

Powers. Jane E. — Bethc^da; Soci"loBy — A*. Activities Chm ; 
Cultural Comm. 

Pratt. Pamela J. — Wonalancel. New Hampshire; French. 
Press. Howard A. — Washington. DC; Mathematics — Pharmacy 
Club; Assoc, for Computer Machinery; Dorm. Treas. 
Preston, Maurice L. — Towson; History — Freshman Prom. Chm.; 
Sophomore Prom, Chm.; SGA Elections Board: Dorm Com- 

Pridgeon, Sandra A. — Scvema Park; Art Historv — Dorm. Cul- 
tural Chm ; WMUC; Terrapin Ski Club. 

Priebe, Gary W. — North Branch. New York; Fire Protection 
Engineermg— Society Fire Protection Engineers. Sec'y.. VP; Dorm. 

Pritchard. Edwin G. — Colton's Point: Historv — R.A.: AFROTC. 
Pritchett. Elizabeth W. — Bethesda; Education — Hill Area Council 
Rep.; Dorm, Pres.. Sec'y. 

Propps. Rodney L. — Bladensburg; International Marketing — AMA: 
Ski Club; Sports Car Club. 

Proudfoot. Dlanna D. — Silver Spring; Home Economics Educa- 
tion — Dorm Council; Complex Council. 
Puglisi. Carmela J. — Whcaton; Elementary Education. 
Putman. Janis R. — Farmington. Illinois; Mathematics — ATA. Cor- 
res. Sec'y. Jud. Board; Greek. StatT: Homecoming Float Chm.: 
Jr. Prom Comm. 

Putzel. Carol J. — Baltimore; Sociology— Sociology Club; Intra- 

murals; Dorm Activities. 

Pynn. Helen F. — Beltsville; English Education. 

Quarles. Neal H. — Baltimore; Comparative Literature — ^HS; 

<I>K<1'; ODK; 4>HK; Dorm. Pres., Scholarship Comm.. House Rules 

Comm.; R.A. 

Quleta. Nancy 

Quinn. Marilvn E. — Silver Spring; Elementary Education — KKT. 

Pres.. Rush Chm ; KAH, Pres.: Mortar Board; Bridal Fair. Chm.; 

Campus Chest; AWS Exec. Council. 

Quinn, Martin R, — Glen Bumie; English. 

Ouinn. Marv 

Raderman. Michael A. — Beltsville: Zoology — KKT; Pre-Dent Club; 
Concert Band. 

Radua20. Charles F. — Riverdale; Government and Politics. 
Rafel. Alan C. — Arlington. Virginia; Drama — *En; Nat'l. Col- 
legiate Players, VP; UT; Madrigals; Flving Follies: Chamber 
Chorus; UT Key. 

Raffel. Silvan F. — Riitimore; Social Studies — Jud Bo:irri; Complex 
Board of Review; Dorm. Elections Comm.. Cultural Comm., Ac- 
tivities Comm. 
Rambo, Georce W. — Parkville; Botany — M Club: Track. 

Randan, William 

Randolph, Michael G, — Bethesda: Chemical Engineering — UCA: 

AICHE; Ski Club. 

Rappoport, Ellen H. — Union, New Jcrscv; Education — Hillel; 


Rappoport, Shelah F, — Capitol Heights; History — AE*: Diadem: 

Diamond; AWS; Jr. Panhcl, Trcas,; Sr. Class Treas. 

Ratterree, Jeannine C, — Cheverly: Early Childhood Education. 

Ray, Wyndham E,— West Hartford, Connecticut; Psychology. 

Reardon, Denis P, — Primos. Pennsvlvania: Accounting. 

Reaud, Evelvn — Havana. Cuba: Zoology — TI'S: Newman Club: 

International Club; Fiesta Chm. 

Rebcrt, Deanna F, — Westminster: Home Economics Education — 

Big Sister; Collegiate 4-H; Home Ec. Club. 

Reddine, Carol L, — Silver Spring; Early Childhood Education. 

Reece, William 

Reed, Geonse E„ Jr, — Cookeville, Tennessee; Personnel. 

Reeves, Jacquelyn A. — Silver Spring; English — ^A*. VP; Free State. 

Reeves, Paul W. — Glen Bumie; Historv 

Reser, James P. — Clear Spring; Chemistry Education — Dorm, 

Sec'v-Trcas.; SNEA. 

Rehkemper, Arthur 

Reld, Linda M, — Baltimore; Home Economics — Dorm Jud. Board: 

Rig Sister; Home Ec. Club. 

Rellly. John 

Relnes. Herbert 

Relnhard. Manfred J. — Baltimore: General Business — Econ Dis- 
cussion Club. 

Reiss, Barrv — Baltimore: Phvsics— Pershing Rides: Varsity La- 
crosse: Dorm. Pres.. VP; Univ. Public Relations Board; M Club. 
Remer. Stewart S.— Flushing, New 'York: Personnel Management 
— *rA. VP 

Renard, Annette H,— Rockdale; Mathematics Education— Univer- 
sity Band. WMl'C; UCA. Sec'v. 

Renaud. Gloria M.— Takoma Park; Joumalitsm— P^B: VMH: Stu- 
dent-Faculty CofTcc Hour. 

RendfiT, Marsha— Takoma Park: Social Studies — International 

riuh; People lo-PeopIc; Hillel. 

Rennie. Donald E. — CumberLind: Accounting. 

Rcnshnw. John 

Krnshawe. Michael L. — Rockville; Government .and Politics. 

Rrsch. Henry 

Reynolds. Iliomas 


Rever, David M. — College Park; Geography — *KT; reT. 

Revera, Carmen 

Reznick, Wayne M. — Baltimore; Psychology — VX; SGA; Student 

Research Comm. 

Rhodes, James W. — Adelphi; Education for Industry — 2N; Dean's 

List: SAM; Ski Club. 

Rhodes, Sandra 

Rical2one, Janice C. — Oxon Hill; English Education. 

Ricci, Patricia S. — Pittsfield, Massachusetts; Government and Pol- 
itics — University Fair Housing Comm. 

Rice, Dianne — Baltimore; Enghsh — SAT; Diamond; AWS Exec. 
Board, Activities, Bridal Fair. 
Richardson, Michael 
Ridgly, John 

Ries, Lawrence E. — Westminster; English — Honors Residence Hall, 
Dorm Planning Comm.; DIAMONDBACK. 
Rieck, Janice K. — Chester, West Virginia; Elementary Education. 

Riismandel, John N. — Takoma Park; History. 
Rinis, Michael J. — Bethesda; Elementary Education — AEH; 
SNEA; Hillel. 

Rita, Patricia A. — New York City, New York; Elementary Edu- 

Roach, Patricia L. — New Winsor; Home Economics Education — 
A'I>, l^res., House Pres.; Aqualiners; Bridal Fair. 
Roberts, David S. — Hughesville; Electrical Engineering — IEEE. 
Roberts, Diane G. — Schenectady, New York; English — WRA. 

Roberts, Marshie — Germantown; Elementary Education — Newman 


Robey, John G. — Hyattsville; Chemical Engineering — AICHE. 

Robinson, Denny 

Robinson, Donna H. — Blenheim, New Jersey; Psychology — Angel 

Flight; VMM. 

Robinson, Jeffrey 

Robinson, Lawrence T. — Washington, D.C.; General Business 

Administration — SAM. 

Robinson, William 

Rocco. Kenneth M. — Bethpage, New York; Physical Education — 

*AE. Sec'y-Treas.; Dorm, RA, Athletic Chm. 

Roche, Gerard J. — Baltimore; Marketing — SHARUM; Dorm, 

Pres.. Soc. Chm.; Intramurals; AAS; AMA. 

Rochkind, Sue — Silver Spring; Microbiology — SAO, Treas. 

Rode, Howard G. — Pittsburg, Pennsylvania; Electrical Engineering 

— THIl; HKN; Dean's List; Honors Convocation. 

RofFman, David S. — Baltimore; Zoology — Flying Follies, Pres.; 

Men's Glee Club, Pres.; Dorm, Kouse Improvements, Float Chm. 

Rogers, Nancy L. — Silver Spring; Government and Politics — Ti>B; 


Rogers, Robert 

Roma, Alfred L. — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Psychology. 

Roman, Marilyn 

Rome, Rita 

Romberg Henry A. — College Park; Geography — SX, Pres.; IFC; 

UT; Freshman and Varsity Swimming; T8T. 

Romersa, Anthony J. — Camp Springs; Transportation — NA, Pres., 

Placement Comm. 

Rosdol, Ellen L. — Silver Spring; Sociology — Dorm Soc. Chm. 

Rose, Louis 

Rose, Pamela A. — Olney; Public Relations — Dorm, Homecoming 


Rosen, Barbara 

Rosen, Leslie G.— Silver Spring; Elementary Education — A3>E; 

SNEA; College Casino. 

Rosen, Steven H. — New York, New York; Government and Poli- 
tics— OAK; nSA; Dean's List; Golf Team; M Club; M Club 
Scholar — Athlete. 

Rosenbach, Louis S, — Baltimore; Government and Politics. 
Rosenberg, Burton A. — Silver Spring; Government and Politics — 
SUB, Soc. Comm.; DIAMONDBACK, Advertising Rep. 
Rosenberg, Ellen — Bethesda; Sociology — Old Line Party. Rep., 
Campaign Comm.; TERRAPIN, Assoc. Ed., Ass't. Sec. Ed. 
Rosenberg, Marlene — Hyattsville; Science Education — KAH. 
Rosenblum, Robert L. — Silver Spring; Electrical Engineering — 

Rosensky, Annette — Silver Spring; French — French Club; UCA. 
Roslyn, Vivian — Oxon Hill; Sociology — Dorm, Treas.; AWS 
Comm. Chm. 

Rosoif, Cheryl S. — Silver Spring; Elementary Education — SAT, 
Corres. Secy.; Flying Follies; AWS; Elections Bd.; Jr. Prom 
Comm.; Homecoming Comm. 
Ross, Andrea 
Rosser, David 

Rossolf, Michael E. — Silver Spring; Zoology— KAM. VP; DIA- 
MONDBACK Photographer; TERRAPIN, Photographer; Pre-Vet 
Club; Hillel Israel Folk Dancing. 

Roth, John D. — Takoma Park; Accounting — Band. 

Rothert, Donna L. — Baltimore; English Educ:ition — Dorm. Jud 

Board. Exec. Council. Orientation Chm.; Big Sister; WMUC. 

Rotz, Douglas M. — Altoona. Pennsylvania; Information Systems 

Management — AXA, Pledge Class Pres.; ACU Bowling Champion. 

Rowe, Marjorie 

Rowley, Clive 

Rowley, Thomas H. — Adelphi; Accounting — HA'P; Accounting 


Rubenstein, Gary 

Rubenstein, Eileen G, — Baltimore; Speech and Dramatic Arts — 

UT, Ass't.; Complex Council, Sec'y.. Soc. Chm.; Experimental 

Theater, Publicity Dir.; Dorm, Special Activities Chm. 

Rubenstein, Bonnie G. — Owings Mill; Early Childhood Education. 

Rudacille, Hannah E, — Baltimore; English. 

Rudden, Sharon L. — Rockville; Elementary Education — -VMH; 

Dorm Committees. 

Rudo, Jay 


Rubenstein, Michael S. — Ml. Ranier; Sociology — ^£A; Pre-Law 

Russack, Elena A. — Silver Spring; Elementary Education — Aqua- 

Kus^omannd, Lawrence P. — Newark. New Jersey; Pre-Med — TKE; 
I'rc-Mcd Society; UCA; IPC Com.; Interfraternity Wrestling. 
Ruttenberp. Judith 

Ryan. Helen M. — Kensington; English — AAA; Chapel Choir; Epis- 
copal Foundation; DBK. 
Ryan, Patricia — Teaneck, New Jersey; Physical Education. 

Ryder, Julia E. — Matamoras, Pennsylvania; Sociology — University 
Choir. Historian. Trcas. 

Sachs, Jane E. — Baltimore; Elementary Education — 4>2:5:; Dean's 
List; SUB; AWS Housemother's Luncheon; Poll Worker; College 

Sachs, Stephen 

Sacks. Fred E. — Baltimore; Electrical Engineering — IEEE. 
Salata, Donna M. — Silver Spring; Conservation and Resource De- 
velopment — Aqualiners. 

Saldukas, Birule R. — Washington. D.C.; French — International 
Club; German Club; French Club; Newman Club. Tutoring Pro- 

Salzman. Cvnihia B. — Baltimore; Sociologv — *2:S; STE; WRA. 

Pres ; Jr. Class Leg.; Old Line; AWS Exec. Board; M-Book; DBK. 

Samsel. Sara J.— Washington. DC; Drama — AOri; Chapel Choir; 

Ralph Penn Memorial Award. 

Sandford, Susan L. — Wcstbury, New York; History — AAA, Pres.; 

.Xn^cl Flight. Sec'y; Free State; WRA Activities. 

Sandlass. Elinor J. — Baltimore; English. 

.Santucci, Edward A. — Cranford, New Jersey; Biological Sciences 

— AXA. 

Sapperstein. Harriet 

Sapperstein, Marshall S. — Baltimore; Government and Politics. 

Sari. John J. — Bound Brook. New Jersey; Economics — 0X. 

Sarlin, Ronald A. — Greenbelt; Education for Industry — SAM, 

Executive Ed.; ASTME. 

Sausser. Sue A. — University Park; Secondary Education. 

Saxe, Cornelius B.^-Catskill, New York; General Agriculture — 

Intramurals; Dorm, Academic Comm. Chm. 

Sborofsky, Linda S. — Baltimore; Early Childhood Education — 


Scarbrough, Judy W, — Bowie; English. 
Schafer, Robert 

Schaffer, George U. — Brookeville; Agricultural Engineering. 
Schanberger, Denis C. — Baltimore; Physical Education — SX; In- 

Schardt, Kathleen A, — Kensington; English Literature — Bridge- 
lander. Ed. 

Scharnikow, Susan K. — College Park; Elementary Education — 
KAH; UCA; Newman Club. 

Schaub, Melody L. — Baltimore; Fashion Design — Dorm, VP; 
Homecoming Comm. 

Schaus, Nicholas J. — Baltimore; Transportation — *A©; Place- 
ment Comm. 

Schenker, Samuel S. — Baltimore; History — *Ae; WMUC; Course 
Guide; Pre-Law Club; Dean's List. 
Scherr, Alan D.— Baltimore; General Business. 
Scherr. Marci J,— Baltimore; Speech Therapv— AE*. VP; nAE; 
FOB; Diamond. SAM; TERRAPIN. Managing Ed.; Bridal Fair; 
Schifter, Kenneth — Greenbelt; Statistics— SAM. 

Schilling. Estelle — Baltimore; General Biological Sciences — Modem 
Dance; Israeli Dancing; Tennis. 

Schleicher. Thomas I. — Allenlown. Pennsylvania Physical Educa- 
tion — Varsity M Club; PE Majors Club; ATQ. 

Schleicher. William A. — Mount Vernon. New York; Govenunent 
and Politics — r4>N. 
Scheenberg. Linda 
Schmeiser. .Margaret S. — Baltimore. 

Schmuhl, Karl A. — Silver Spring; Electrical Engineering — IEEE; 


Schneider, Leslie J. — Baltimore; Accounting — *SA; BAT; UrS; 

iI>K<I>; Dean's List; Honors Convocation. 

Schocke, Ule L— Hyattsvillc; Chemistry — WRA Sports. 

Schoenfeld, Ardene 

SchotI, Glenn H.— Baltimore; Electrical Engineering — MCF. Pres.; 

Cultural Chm. 

Schotta. Linda M. — Catonsvillc; Home Economics Educauon — 

TilK Sweetheart. 

Scholller, Herbert E. — Baltimore; History— Dean's List: Scholarship 


Schreilz, Ann M. — Severna Park; Art — Chapel Choir; Trad Club; 

Art League. ^^^^ ,, 

Schroedcr. Leonard T. — Hagerstown; Economics — ROTC; House 

Rules Comm. 

Schwab, Anne 

Schwan, Charles F.. Ill— Adelphi; Sociology— AXA. 

Schwartz. Bea 

Schwartz. Joan M. — Silver Spring; English— SAT. VP. Recording 
Scc'v; Bridal Fair; Big Sister. 

Schwartz. Lois S. — Baltimore; Elementary Education — AAA; 
Dean's list. 

Schwartz. Sheldon J.— Randallstown: Education for Industry — 
ASTME; IEEE; Dorm. House Rules Comm. 

•Schwartz. Nell A.— Occanside. New York; Physical Education- 
Track Team; Dorm. Athletic Chmn.. House Rules Comm.; Intra- 

Seoll. Kalhy— Alexandria, Virginia; Speech Tlierapy— KA. Social 
Chm.. Standard Bd. Chm ; AH. Pres.; Council of Prof. Org.. 
Scc'v; Old I inc; Honors Conv. 

Sears. Ronald J.— Howard County; Psychology— Philosophy Club; 
Newman Club; CBP. 

Seganlsh. Karen L.— Temple Hills; Elementary Education — Cain- 
hridgc Complex Council; Dorm. Building Comm.; Ski Club. 
Sridcl. Ronald D. — Ardmorc; Intcrn.itional Affairs — Political Sci- 
ence Club 

Seldcn. Reginald W., M- Harpers Ferry. West Virginia; Animal 
Science— All"; Madrigals; Block & Bridle Club; Collegiate 4-H. 
Selfert. Jack „, „ 

Sell. William H.. Jr.- Baltimore; Mechanical Engineering- TH U ; 
UTS; ASME; Engineering Open House. J* 

Semel, Leslie * 


Settler, Mara 

Sewell, John M. — Trappe; Advertising. 

Shaffer, Lorrie A. — Silver Spring; Accounting — $SA; Freshman 


Shane, Betty 

Shannon, Mary Alice — Ft. Sumner Hills; American Studies — AOIT, 

Corr. Sec'y; Aqualiners; People-to-Peopie. 

Shantz, Joan 

Shapiro, Mary L.— Rockville; Elementary Education. 

Shapiro, Robert 

Sharp, Twiia 

Sheehan, Judith E. — Hyattsville; Government and Politics — Young 


Shellon, Charles 

Shepard, Thomas B. — Silver Spring: Civil Engineering — SHARUM; 

nME; RHC. Treas.; HAC, Treas.; Dorm Pres.; ASCE, Sec'y; 

Wesley Foundation. 

Sherfey Brad 
Sherman Carole 

Sherr, Mitchell A. — Silver Spring; Economics — AA2; Dorm Cul- 
ture Comm. Chmn.; House Rules; Economics Club. 
Sherwood, Douglas 
Shiloh, Leonard 

Shlian, Joel N. — Baltimore; Psychology — 1'X; Dorm VP; Pre-Med 
Society; Scholarship Award. 

Shoemaker, Fred 

Shpritz, Eve 

Shujman, Jaime — Havana. Cuba; Business Administration — ASH; 

Hillel; Ibero-American Club; International Club; UCA. 

ShoUnan, Mark M. — Baltimore; Government and Politics — Gym- 


Shuman, David L. — Marion, Ohio; Government and Politics. 

Shutt, Carol L. — Hyattsville; Sociology. 

Siegman, Cynthia C. — Westminster; Secretarial Education — HB*, 
Secy; *Xe; SUB; TERRAPIN. 

Siegrist, Jean M. — Silver Spring; tarly Childhood Education — DK; 
Bridal Fair; Daydodger Big Sister. 

Silver, Stephen A. — Rockville; Accounting — Accounting Club. 
Silverman, Karen S. — Silver Spring; Elementary Education — De- 
bate Society: Chapel Choir. 

Silverman, Laren — Silver Spring; Speech and Drama/English Edu- 
cation — Flying Follies, Sec'y; Sr. Prom, Chmn.; Drama Wing: 
SUB. Soc. Comm. 

Silverman, Maxene B. — Baltimore; Government and Politics — 
HBP; WMUC; Hillel, Treas.; WRA; Dorm Academic Chmn.; 
Young Democrats; Political Science Club. 

Silvestro, Frank E. — Hyattsville; Accounting — S*E, Treas., Float 

Chmn., Activities Chmn., Public Relations Chmn., Heart Fund 

Drive Chmn. 

Siminou, Javid — Tehran; Civil Engineering — XE; "Varsity Soccer; 

Iranian Club, Pres.; ASCE. 

Simmons, Morton A„ Jr. — Rockville; Zoology — KK'P; Marching 

Band; Pre-Med Club: Symphonic Band; Dorm Sec'y and Treas. 

Simms, Martha J, — Silver Spring; Social Studies Education. 

Simonds, Michael D. — Takoma Park; Physical Education — 

AAHPER; PE Majors Club; SNEA. 

Simons, Donald J. — Takoma Park; Jiumalism — TE*; College 

Casino; Blood Drive; IFC Rep.; DBK; Spring Weekend Comm. 

Simons, Howard B. — Baltimore; Transportation — ZBT; ANA; Old 

Line; IFC Rep. 

Simpler, Linwood 

Simpson, John P. — Washington. DC; Government & Politics — 

Dorm, Sec'y, House Rules Comm.; Intramurals. 

Sims, Linda 

Sinay, Diane S. — Baltimore; Sociology — Dorm, Homecoming 


Singer, Gary A. — Silver Spring; Marketing — AMA. 

Singer, Howard J. — Silver Spring; Physics — ^Physics Club. 
Singleton, Thomas M. — Bethesda; General Business. 
Siskind, Marian S. — Takoma Park; Art Education — Amateur 
Radio Club. 

Siskind, Paula F. — Baltimore; Physical Education — Gymkana; 
P.E. Majors Club. V.P. 

Sisler, Rosemary A. — Bethesda: English — KKr, Sec'y; Cheerlead- 
er; Drama Wing, V.P., Pres.; Flying Follies. 
Sisson, Richard 

Sitaris, Panayiotis L. — Baltimore; Zoology — Pre-Med Society; 
Ethos Club; Weight Lifting Club. 

Sitzamer, Clara — Baltimore; Microbiology — Pre-Dent Club, Sec'y. 
Skillen, Su^-'nne E. — Lansb'^wne. Penn^vlvnnia; Sp'^'^'^h — SAH. 
Skinner, Vemon L. — Baltimore: Mathematics — Dorm, Sec'y; 
Bridge Club. V.P.; RHC Sec. Workshop. 

Skirven, Diana. L, — Baltimore; Microbiology — AOIT, VP; Dia- 
mond, Pres.; Diadem; KAE; SAO; Greek Week Chm.; TERRA- 
PIN, Sec. Ed.; FOB; Homecoming Pub. Chm.; Old Line; TER- 
RAPIN Service Key. 

Sklar, Susan K. — Silver Spring; Personnel — Aqualiners, Sec'y; 
Dorm Homecoming Chm. 

Skruch. Kathleen V. — Silver Spring; Sociology— PSS. Rec. Sec'y; 

AKA; Dorm, Jud. Bd.; Soc. Club; Newman Club; Big Sister. 

Slade, John F.— Valley Lee; Economics— 04K; SHARUM; RHC 

Pres.; SGA Cabinet; Mobile Area Council: Dorm, Pres. 

Slocomb, Jon T.— Cumberland; Zoology — $HS; *BK; Wesley 

Foundation. Pres.; Chapel Choir. 

Small, Jeremy B. — Newcomb; General Business — ATQ; Frosh 


Smith, Barry 

Smith, Betty 

Smith, Carol L. — Harrington. Delaware; English — A*, Corres. 
Sec'y; TERRAPIN: DBK; The Greek: Ski Club. 
Smith, Donald M. — New Carrollton; Recreation — M Club; Track. 
Smith, Elizabeth 

Smith, Gary A. — Hyattsville; History — Arnold Air Society; Cen- 
tral Student Ct.; Faculty Senate Comm.; Vandenberg Guard; 
ROTC Wing Cdr.; Air Force Times Award. 
Smith, James 
Smith, Jane R.— Linthicum Heights; English. 


Smith. Jane W. — Glen Bumic; French— AAA. 

Smith, Junet 

Smith. Joan 

Smith. Karen L. — Bcihesda; Modem Dance — riAE; STE. Sec'y- 

rrcis.; Adv. Modern Dance Concert Group. Pres.; University 

Thcaue; Hying Fullics; WRA. 

Smith. MarKaret D. — Bcihesda; English — KKl'. VP; Mortar Board, 

Him.. Diadem; AAA; IIAE; Student Traflic Court; TERRAPIN; 


Smith, Marsarel 

Smith, Patricia J. — Glen Ridge. New Jersey; Marketing — Complex 
Cultural Comm., Co-Chm.; Dining Hall Comm.; Newman Club; 

Smith Penny L. — Baltimore; History — AAA; ^A6; Honors Convo- 

Smith, Richard B. — Springville, Pennsylvania; Mechanical Engi- 
neering— II TS; ASME. 

Smith, Sue F. — Silver Spring; Government and Politics — AAA; 
SCjA Cultural Comm.; People-To-People. 

Smith. Tommie D. — Bowie; Applied Design And Interior Design^ 
NSID; Ci)urse Guide. 

Smithson, John H.— HyattsviUe; Speech— WMUC; Radio-TV 

Snisky, Edwaril 

Snyder, Carolyn M, — Baltimore; Elementary Education — Dorm, 

Floor Sec'v. 

Snyder, Dale E. — Bcltsville; Marketing — Bridge Club. 

Snyder, Fritzi — Baltimore; English. 

Solotar, Anne P. — Silver Spring; Elementary Education. 

Sokul, Ann L. — HyattsviUe; Biology Education — SAT; AAA; 

Dean's List; Campus Casino. 

.Solomon, Marjorle — Baltimore; Journalism — Mortar Board; ITAE; 
KMA; *KH; Women's Press Club; DBK; Prof IFC. 
Somers, Max 

Somerville, James .A., Jr. — Alexandria. Virginia; Mechanical Engi- 
neering— TH II ; nTS; OAK; ASME; Dean's List. 
Speicher, Thomas A. — Accident; American Studies — Dorm. VP, 
Treas.. House Rules Comm.; Intramurals. 
Speieel, Howard 

Springer, Bobbi M. — Alexandria. Virginia; Government and Poli- 
tics— ATA. Scribe; HEA; French Club; Pre-Law Club; University 

Springer. Fred E. — Silver Spring; Civil Engineering — TB H ; XE; 

ASCE; Pershing Rifles. 

Springer. Gail I. — Alexandria. Virginia; Elementary Education — 

Hillel: Universltv Theatre; Aquallners; VMH. 

Spurr. Brenda J. — Aylesford. Nova Scotia. Canada; Elementary 


Stacy, Erie M. — Silver Spring; General Business Administration — 

riKA. House Manager. Treas.; Ski Club; Intramurals. 

Stanback, Thomas 

Stanley. Paul R. — Rivcrdale; Production Management — SAM. VP. 

Sec'y;'ANA; UCA; 'Young Democrats' Club. 

Stark. Carolvn P. — College Park; Interior Design — AAII; Dis- 
ciple Student Fellowship; NSID; WRA. 
Steele. Karen L. — Silver Spring; English 

Steer, Michael D. — Baltimore; Civil Engineering — TR IT ; XE; 
ASCE; Dorm Activities; Intramurals. 
Steffen. Warren 

Steffensen, Ronald S. — Baltimore; General Business — ADS; DBK; 
Universltv Theatre; Dorm Foat Comm. 
Sleil, Donald K. — Baltimore; Journalism — SAX; DBK. 

Slein, Esther — Silver Spring: Home Economics — Dorm. Fashion 

Show. Comm.; Big Sister; DBK; Home Ec. Club. 

Slein. Marilyn K. — Havre de Grace; Sociology. 

Stein. Martin M. — Baltimore; Economics — ASH; OAE; CPO; 

Econ. Disc. Club; Placement Comm.; SAM; AMA; Dean's List; 

Honors Convo. 

Stein. Sherry A.— Pikesvillc; Early Childhood Education— Dean's 


Slelnbere. Carol I, — Universltv Park; Early Childhood Education 

— SK; Ski Club; Dorm. Homecoming Comm.. Big Sister; SNEA. 

Slennelt, Robert 

Stephens. Constance 

Stern. Willa S.— HyattsviUe; Spanish— ZA IT ; AAA; Ski Club. 

Sternherger. .Susan 

Steuart. Susan C. — Monkton; Recreation — A*; Recreation Society. 

Stevens. David L.— Baltimore; Zoology. 

Stevens. Frederick L.. Jr.— Cambridge; Psychology— TX; Dorm 

Pres.; Varsity Football Mgr.; Intramurals. 

Stevens. Robert K— Silver Spring— Physics— ♦US; S H S. 

Stewart. Burreli H. — Glen Bumie; Transportation — ANA; WMUC; 

Dorm Pres. 

Sllceler. James H. — Washington. DC; Electrical Engineering — 


Stieslcr. Joan ,.„„ 

Sllne. Sandra J. — Suitland; Latin-Secondary Education— KKP; 

KAIl ; Harmony Hall. 

Stirr. Dorothy J. — Greensboro; History — Dorm Pres.; Complex 

Council; VMH; Jud Board. 

St. John. Wayne R. — Weslport, Connecticutt; Economics — ASH, 

VP; r-ciinomics Discussion ITlub. Treas. 

Stockett. Allen L— Baltimore; English— KA II . 

Stokes. Dallas F — Oak Tree. New Jersey; Mechanical Engineering 

-II Ti;; ASMF. 
SInkcs. John C— Silver Spring; Civil Engineering — Olympic Bar- 
hill t hih; VMH; A.SCE. 
Stolker. Harvey M.— Pikesvillc; Marketing. 

Slonehrakcr. Robert J. — Hagcrstown; Economics — •nK; OAK: 
"MIS; Dorm Pres; DBK; Glee Club; Complex Council. 

Strandqulst. James M. — Salisbury; Zoology — Dorm, Soc. Comm., 

House Rules Comm. 

SIrausbaugh. Lam J.— College Park; Zoology— ♦HK; MCF, 

I re. IS.. I'res. 

Strauss. Sandra L. — Bcltsville; Amcricm Studies. 

Streaker. Charles B— West Friendship; Dairy Technology— ATP. 

:VP, Sec y; AZ. Scc'y; 4-H. Treas ; Ways and Means Comm. 

Strecks. Michael 

Strecn. Leslie M— Baltimore: Education — AE*. Soc. Chm.; Deans 

List; lERRAPIN. Sect. Ed.; Campus Jud. Board; Freshman 

Prom Queen. 


Mechanical Engineering — *Ae; 

Streitman, Robert 

Stuart, Jack C. — Baltimore; 

ASME; Placement Comm. 

Stude, Rodney , „ .,j, ^ ^ . 

Stuetz. Susan J. — Edgewood; Early Childhood Education. 

Stuetzer, Donald G. — Arbutus; SAM; AMA. 

Stump. Margaret 

Erwin H.— Washington, DC; Psychology— People-to 

Corres. Sec'y; 





Sullivan, Edwin G. — Bethesda; Marketing 

tramurals; AMA; Sec'y; IPC Presents. 

Summers. Robert E.— Beltsville; Economics. 

Surles, Virginia L. — Rockville; Psychology— Angel Flight. 

Sutherland. Bob „ , „, . 

Sutton, John P. — Randallsown; Marketing — AMA; Pre-Law Club; 
Young Democrats. 

Sutton, Mary 

Swears, Clayton C. — Odenton; General Business and Accounting- 


Swears, Robert C. — Odenton; Government and Politics. 

Sweeney, Michael 

Swift, Carolyn 

Swift, Mary 

Swinski, Edward R. — Baltimore; Chemical Engineering — AXS; 

Dorm, Treas., Social Chm.; Resident Assistant. 

Sydney, Sharan J. — Baltimore; Special Education — Free State; 

FOB; Dorm, Exec. Council; WRA Intramurals; Hillel Publicity 


Szeliga, Kenneth 

Tabinski, Carolyn 

Tablonski, Karen 

Tamorria, Joan E.- 

AAn; Sr. Invitations & Tickets Comm. 
Chapel Choir; AWS Cultural Comm. 

-Alexandria. Virginia; Elementary Education — 

Jr. Prom Queen's Comm.; 

Tancibok, Edward A. — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Civil Engineer- 
ing — ASME. 
Tanner, David 

Tanner, Robert J., Jr. — Wilmington, Delaware; History — AXA; 

Tapscott, Sandra A. — Silver Spring; Business Education — *X©, 
Pres., Sec'y; Dorm. Treas.. Judicial Board. 

Tarses, Mark I. — Baltimore; Business Administration — SAM; Chess 
Club. Treas.; Stamp Club. Pres.; Young Democrats. 
Tash, Robert L.— Washington, DC; Public Relations — *rA. 
Pledgemaster, House Manager. Rush Chmn.; IFC. Public Rela- 
tions. Asst. Rush Chmn.; Yearbook Distribution; DBK. 

Taylor, Emerson B., Jr. — Mechanical Engineering — 2AE. 
Taylor, Vicki I. — Baltimore; Elementary Education — Dorm Activ- 

Tennant, John A. — Canoga Park. California; Psychologv — VX. 
Terl, Allan H. — Baltimore; Government and Politics — nSA. VP; 
Young Democrats. Pres.; Political Science Club, Pres.; Dorm 
Pres.. Academic Chmn.; Wm. H. Everett Academic Award. 
Terry Michael G., Jr. — Hyattsville; Civil Engineering. 
Terry, Nancy E. — Long Island. New York: Textiles and Clothing 
— nB*; Bridal Fair. Pub. Chmn.; AWS Day-Dodger Big Sister; 
Dorm Exec. Council; WRA. 

Tetro, Robert C. — Bethesda; International Affairs— KA, Treas.; 


Thayer, Beatrice V. — College Park; English. 

Thielz, Warren A. — Timonium; Electrical Engineering — IEEE; 


Thomas, Marion — Adelphi; English. 

Thomas, Phillips O. — Fruitland; Sociology — Dean's List; Dorm 

Scholarship Chmn.; Sociology Club. 

Thompson, Fred 

Thompson, James H. — Silver Spring; Economics. 

Thompson, Margaret J. — College Park; Textiles and Clothing — 

AAA; ON; Newman Foundation; Ag. Council; 4-H; Home Ec. 

Club. Pres.; Council For Prof. Org. 

Thot, Janet 

Tiffany, Harriet. 

TInsley, Madelene 

Tobias, Elizabeth A. — Owings Mills; Education — Dorm Activities; 

Intramural Basketball. 

Tolson. Pamela L. — Bethesda; English — ITB*. Scholarship Chmn.; 

FOB; AWS Day-Dodger Big Sister; Parents Day Comm. 

Toscano, Guv 

Towner, Michael P. — Glen Bumie; International Relations — Dorm 

VP; Dorm Treas. 

Towscnd, Marvin S. — Baltimore; Chemistry. 

Trachy, John A. — Sparta. New Jersey; Production Management — 

AXA; Varsity Football: M Club; Dorm Pres.; Intramural Track. 

Trachtenbere, Robert D. — Silver Spring; Civil Engineering — XE; 


Trent, Fred E. — Clifton. New Jersey; Government and Politics — 
Dorm Sec'y; FOB. 

Trislcr, Doris A. — College Park; Elementary Education. 
Trocino. Joseph R. — Elizabeth. New Jersey; Urban Geography — 
2N; rer. Pres.; HAE; KAM; Council for Prof. Org.. VP: Occu- 
pational Preview Program; SGA Placement Comm.; TERRAPIN, 
Picture Ed. 

Trofast, Marilyn E.— Silver Spring; Textiles and Clothing— KKF; 
Angel Flight; Color Guard. Capt.; Newman Foundation; People- 

Tropin. Sue M. — Wheaton; Journalism — F*B. Corr. Sec'y; DBK; 
SGA Newspaper: UT. 
Trumbauer, James 

Truppner, Carol 
Tull, Melvin 

Tunanidas, Pete E.— Baltimore; Marketing— AAS. 
Tupper, Robert B. — Bowie; Mechanical Engineering — FITE; 

Turnbull, Karen L— College Park; Criminology— r*B. Scholar- 
ship Chm.; "PX; AWS. Exec. Council. Const. Chm.; SUB; FOB- 
DBK; AWS Service Award; Studley Award. 

J.f^"u Alan— Baltimore; Psychology— Tennis Team; Pre-Dental 
Club; Dorm Treas. 


Turner, Claire J. — Chevy Chase; Speech Therapy — SAH, Sec'y; 
Aqualiners; Dorm. Jud. Bd.. Exec. Council; CEC. 
Tumes. Ernest V. — Baltimore; Personnel Management — Dorm, 
Pres.. Trcas.; House Rules Comm. 

Turofl, Carol A. — Baltimore; Elementary Education — Angel Flight. 
Turpin, John K. — Mendham. New Jersey; Economics — KA. 
Tyrell, Mary P. — Bethcsda; Home Economics — Home Ec. Club; 
Newman Club. 

Ulman, Anne C. — Towson; Government and Politics — AAA; Mor- 
tar Board; Diadem; Diamond; USA; 2TE; People-to-People; 
AWS; WRA; Homecoming Comm.; Free State. 

Urbes, Anion I.— Frostburg; Civil Engineering — TBH; XE. V.P.; 

Dorm. V.P.; House Rules Comm.; ASCE. 

S'accarelli, Robert 

Valentino, Stephanie M. — Baltimore; Advertising — AXO; FIAE; 

DBK. Ads .VIgr.; AWS. Pub. Chm.. Cultural Comm.; Senior 

Prom; Parents Day Comm. 

Vandyke, Claude S. — Rising Sun; Physical Education — *AE; PE 

Majors Club. Trcas. 

Van Asolen, David L. — Baltimore; Accounting — A2:n; Intra- 


Vandergoes, Philip C. — Edgewater; Civil Engineering — ASCE. 

Vanderhook. Ray 

Vantucci, Daniel J. — Chicago. Illinois; Accounting — Accoiinting 

Club; SAM. 

Vaughn, Merritt — ^Annapolis; Advertising — KA. 
Velarde, Luis — Lima. Peru; Economics— International Club; New- 
man Club; M Club: Soccer; International Fiesta Chm. 
Vella, Gregory J. — Greenbelt; Mechanical Engineering — ASME. 
Venable, Charles F. — Wheaton; Industrial Education — ATA; 
AIAA; Greek Week; Campus Chest; Intramurals. 

Vlckery, Curtis B. — Baltimore; History. 

Voglino, Gerald E.— Waldorf; General Business — AlFI; CPO; 

Younp Republicans. 

Wachter, Frederick C. — Wheaton; Aerospace Engineering — AIAA. 
Wade, Charlotte A, — Riverdale; Early Childhood Education. 
Waibel, Klaus J. — Guttenberg. New Jersey; Mathematics — KKV: 
Marching Band. 

Walder, Jeffrey M. — Baltimore; Industrial Education — Dorm, Cul- 
tural Chm., Social Chm.; Ski Club; Campus Tide, Assoc. Ed.; 

Waldorf, Lynn — Baltimore; Sociology — AEFI; Sr. Men's League 
Rep.; Athletic Chm. 

Walker, Donald M. — Nutley, New Jersey; Industrial Education — 
IAS; AIAA. Pres. 
Walker, Nancy 

Walker, Stevrart E. — Damascus; General Agriculture — Inter- 
Varsity; Young Republicans; Collegiate 4-H; Agronomy Club; 

Walker, Susan E. — Norfolk. Virginia; Speech Education — KA, 
Rush Chm.; Diamond; Women's Career Convoc; Children's 

Wallace, Thomas T. — Bethesda; Business Administration — KA, 
Rush Chm.; AMA; Newman Club. 

Waller, Marcia 
Walls, George 
Walpert, Barry M. — Baltimore: Psychology — ZBT; Pre-Dental 

Club; Dorm, Soc. Chm.. Trcas. 

Walsh, James W. — Ellicott City; Mechanical Engineering — ASME. 
Walsh, Lawrence J. — Germantown; Journalism — SAX, Pres.; 
KTA; nAE; HAM; DBK, Sports Ed.; TERRAPIN. Sports Ed.; 
Varsity Track; Dean's List; ACC Athlete's Academic Honor Roll. 
Walsh, Maryann — Silver Spring; Sociology. 

Walsh, Michael 
Walsworth, Craig 

Waller, Martha M. — University Park; Home Economics Educa- 
tion — AAII; ON; Home Ec. Club; Wesley Foundation; Home- 
coming Dec. Comm.; SUB. Hospitality Comm,; Big Sister. 
Walter, Rebecca Van S. — Baltimore; French Literature — Art His- 

Wallers, Sanford K. — Baltimore; Personnel Management — Dorm, 
VP, Jud. Bd., Chm.; SGA Pep Comm.; Young Democrats; Hill 
Area Council. 

Walton, Rosemary A. — Arlington, Virginia; English — Dorm. Soc. 
Chm., Sect. Pres.. Exec. Council. Fresh. Rep.; Hill Area Council. 

Wallrup, Paul J. — Jacksonville; Aerospace Engineering — KA, 

Treas,; SPT, Pres.; TBH; Dean's List; AIAA. VP; Intramurals. 

Waranch. Barbara 

Ward. Steven A. — Silver Spring; Mathematics. 

Warner, Frank A. — Silver Spring; Statistics. 

Warner, Gary A.— Abingdon; EngUsh— WMUC; DBK; Radio-TV 


Wamick, John G. — Lonaconing; Zoology. 

Warren, John R. — Riveria Beach: Speech — *MA; Intramurals: 
Dorm. Soc. Chm., Planning Comm.; Men's Glee Club. 
Warwick, James L. — Hyattsville; Mechanical Engineering — Van- 
dinhcrp c;uard: ASME; Sports Car Club. 

WaslelewskI, Rita — Bethesda; English — Pcople-ToPcople. Hosp. 
Chm.; WRA Comm. Chm.; Jr. I'rom; Career Convocation; Old 

WatUns, Phyllis H. — Germantown; Executive Secretary^4-H, 
Sec'y; Dorm. Orient. Chm.. Sec'y. 

Wal-son, William S. — Bowie; Agricultural Extension Education — 
ATP. Pledge Trainer: Dorm Jud Board. 

Way, Llllo— Havre dc Grace; English— STE: Modern Dance 
(iroup. Pres.; University Theatre; SGA Cultural Comm.; Chris- 
tian Science Org. 

Weaver, Anne B. — Chevy Chase; Physical Education — WRA. 

W'caver, Lynne 

Wehb, Glen F,. — Hyattsville: Psychology. 

Webb, Tyler 

Weber, Ann C. — Bethesda: Early Childhood Education — Dorm 

Jud. Board; Fresh. Prom Comm.; Jr. Prom Comm.; People-to- 


Webwe, Patrick S.— Okon Hill: Transportation — 1*E, Treas.; 

Greek. Sports Ed ; Free State; IFC; Dorm Chm. 

Webster, Randal D.— Dundalk; Speech— WIVIUC; Radio-TV 


Wechsler, Susan J, — Silver Spring; Mathematics — Aqualiners. 

Weesc. C'harlntle 

Weichhrod. Michael H. — Silver Spring; Sociology — UCA, Soc. 

Comm.. Exec, Council; SDS, Pres. 

Weill, Leo 


Weinberg, Barbara 

Weinberg, Harriet M. — Baltimore; Early Childhood Education — 

Dorm activities. 

Weincek, Craig J. — Annapolis; English — SHARUM, Area Council 

Pres.; VP; Dorm, Pres., Athletic Chm.; Intramurals. 

Weinfield, Robert 

Weinraub, Robert A. — Silver Spring; Engineering — AEII; TBII; 

2irT' AlAA 

Weiiislock, Raellen — Baltimore; English — *S2, Ass't Rush Chm., 

Sorority Formal Cochm.; FOB; People-to-People. 

Weisblut, Jacqueline B. — Silver Spring; Statistics — *xe, Treas.; 


Weissman, Rutb M. — Chevy Chase; Government & Politics — AAA; 

nSA; Dorm. Exec. Council, Jud Board; Peace Corps Support 

Group Pres.; Young Democrats; Political Science Club. 

Weiss, Gail E. — New York City; History — A*E. 

Weiss, Kenneth J. — Baltimore; Psychology — Pre-Med Society, 

Treas.; Dorm Scholastic Comm. Chm. 

Weiss, Lois H.— McKeesport; Speech Therapy— SAH; FSS. 

Weiss, Mark A.— Glenn Dale; Zoology— *H2; *S, VP; Pre-Med 

Society, Pres. 

Weissberg, Stephen M. — Baltimore; Civil Engineering — ASCE; 


Wellens, Harry J. — Silver Spring; Civil Engineering — ASCE, Treas. 

Wells, Barbara J. — Hyattsville, General Business. 

Welsh, Timothy F. — Silver Spring; Secondary Education — Newman 

Club; UCA. 

Wendell, Mary 

Werner, Carol D.— Bethesda; Music Education— AF; 2AI; Old 

Line; Little Sisters of Minerva. 

West, Sharon L. — Baltimore; French. 

Wessel, John M. — Forestville. Civil Engineering. 

Westrick, Emily J. — Linthicum Heights; Art Education — Art Ed. 


Wheeler, Hugh G. — Louisville, Kentucky; Government & Politics. 

Wheeler, Patricia A. — Wheaton; International Relations — F22. 

White, Angelica C. — Silver Spring; Early Childhood Education — 

AAA; SHARUM; Dorm, Pres., VP; Area Council. 

White, Madeline 

White, Roy G.— Baltimore; Civil Engineering — SX; ASCE. 
White, Thomas 

Whitney, Richard D. — Hyattsville; Mechanical Engineering — TBIT; 

Wicker, Diane L. — Glen Burnie; History — Dorm Jud Board. 
Wiegard, Andrea M. — Baltimore; Elementary Education — New- 
man Club; Ski Club; WMUC. 

Wieland, Louis A. — Silver Spring; Economics. 
Wilder. Melissa A. — North Kingstown, Rhode Island; Sociology. 
Wiles, Darrell A.— Baltimore; Civil Engineer— AXA; ASCE. 
Wiikenteld, Mimi 

Wilkins, Frank W. — Baltimore; Mechanical Engineering — TB n ; 
FITS; FIMS; Dorm, Treas.. House Improvements Chm.; Fresh- 
man Lacrosse; Intramural Football. 
Wilkinson, John 

Willen, Richard S. — Baltimore; Accounting — Accounting Club 

Williams, Bemadette 

Williams, Laura E. — Baltimore; Speech Therapy — FSS;; 2AH. 
Williams, Melvin F. — Washington, D.C.; Economics — SSE; 
Williams, R. B. 

Williams, Terry E. — Cumberland; Zoology — j:*E; Dorm, Cul- 
tural Comm. Chm., Float Comm., Exec. Comm., House Rules 
Comm.; Pre-Med Society. 

Willis, Patricia 

Wilson, Kathleen L. — Easton; Elementary Education — KKF; Bridal 
Fair; WRA Activities; College Casino. 

Wilson, Margaret E. — FaUs Church, Virginia; Elementary Educa- 
tion— CEC Pres.; SNEA; Dorm Pres. 

Wiltbank, Joan — College Park; History — Newman Club; Young 
Democrats, VP; Ski Club; Frosh Prom Comm. 
Wimbrow, Robert W. — Salisbury; Economics — SAE. 
Windmoeller, Karen A. — Glen Burnie; Chemistry — Newman Club; 
Chapel Choir; Big Sister. 

Winemiller, Janet M. — Riverdale; Education-English. 

Winkler, Robert N. — Baltimore; Psychology. 

Winn. Barbara 

Winter, Donailee;] C. — Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; English — r$B, 

Wirschnitzer, Gay T.— Baltimore; Early Childhood Education- 

AAII; AAA; AAD; Angel Flight; Dorm Soph of Year. 

Wise, Glner 

Wise, Marian M. — Cambridge; Elementary Education — A$, Treas.; 
VMH; Campus Casino; Ski Club; DBK. 
Wisnieski, Bemadine 

Wisner, Caroly K. — Clinton; Home Economics — Home Ec. Club: 
4-H Club. 

Withee, William R, — Jersey City. New Jersey; Psychology — Intro- 
mural Football; Veterans' Club; Chesapeake Bay Party. 
Wobbeking, Charles A.— Arbutus; Mechanical Engineering— KKV; 
Tnn; nT2, Sec'y; ASME; Marching Band; Frosh Tennis; New- 
man Club. 

Wolf, Malcolm H. — Wheaton; Personnel & Labor Relations — 
AEn, Pres.; Dorm Treas. 

Wolfe, Edward H. — Baltimore; Accounting — $2A; Flying Follies, 

Dir.; IFC Activities; Band; Accounting Club. 

Wolfe, Sharon L. — University Park; Early Childhood Education. 

Wolfersbergcr, Wayne E. — Arlington, Virginia; Conservation of 

Natural Resources — AXA. 

Wolford, Chester 

Wolfson, Phyllis 

Wood, Frederick W.— Towson; Marketing— AAS; SAM, AMA. 



Wuod. Kicluird 

Woodrovt, VkU 

Wool, Carol J.— Silver Spring; Mathematics Education— HBP; 

Women's Glee Club. Pres.; Dorm, Outstanding Jr. Woman; B'Nai 

Briih Book Award. 

Woolf, Reesa S. — Baltimore; Speech and Hearing Science — 

Shahrum; IIAH; RHC. Pres.; Hill Area Council, V.P.; SGA, 

Cabinet, Elections Board; Dorm, Exec. Council; WMUC. 

Workman, Janet L. — Baltimore; History — Dorm, Soc. Chm., Jud. 

Bd . Orientation Chm., Homecoming Chm., Old Line. 

WriKhl, Phil 

Wrighe. Robert J. — College Park; Physcial Education — !♦£; 

M Club. Sec ; I acrosse. 

Wright, Russell 

Wrlghl, Shanna E. — Baltimore; Physical Education — *AE; Dorm. 


W)benga, Irene J. — Adelphi; Elementary Education. 

Yackl. Thomas 

Yager, Susan J. — Silver Spring: Sociology — Religious Council, 

Sec; Sociology Club; Hillel. 

Yakely, Paula A. — Baltimore; Mathematics — Gymkana Troupe, 


\'arbro, Roger 

Yarrlson, James L. — Baltimore; History — Pershing Rifles; Dorm, 

Sec. Jud Bd.; Distmguished Military Cadet. 

Yarwood. Clifford A. — Beltsville; Accounting — AS*. 

Yates, Douglas A.— Silver Spring; Physics — *HS; Sill; Dorm, 

Pres.; Physics Club. Pres. 

^'ork. Stephen 

Youth, Edward E. — Millville. New Jersey; Aerospace Engineering 

Young, Iris J. — Baltimore; Advertising — Dorm. Sec.-Treas.. Home- 
coming Comm , Big Sister. Ugly Man Comm., Glamour Rep. 
Yudkoff, Ruth 
Zachidney, Ellen 

Zeitler, Peggy — Baltimore; Physical Education — PE Majors Club; 
Dorm. WRA Chm. 

Zemsky. Alan J. — Silver Spring; Speech — *MA; University Choir; 
Radio-TV Workshop. 

Ziegler, William J. — West Hvattsville; Marketing — AMA. 

Zimmerman. Albert C. — Wausau, Wisconsin — Military Studies. 

Zimmerman, Donald L. — Baltimore: Marketing— ZBT; AAS, V P 

Sec; Frosh Pub. Chm.; Terrapin Ski Club, Ski Team. 

Zimmerman, Robert E. — Walkersville; Fire Protection Engineering 

— SFPE. 

Zindel, LouLs G, — Wheaton: Education for Industry — SAM. Pres.; 


Zisman, Esther B, — Silver Spring; American Studies. 

Zilomer. Signe I,— Adelphi; Sociology — A*E; Dean's List; WRA; 

Frosh Prom; Hillel; Spring Weekend Comm. 

Zorrilla, Antonia — Silver Spring; English. 

Zugby, Donald E,— T,-ikoma Park; Production Managament-Eco- 

ni>mics — Newman Club; SAM. 

Zukerberg, Alan P. — Baltimore; Marketing — ZBT: IFC; SAM. 

Zwirn, Gloria I. — Bowie: Elementary Education — A*E, Sec'y., VP; 

Big Sister; Away Weekend Comm.; Free State. 

Amsley, Theodore E. — Hagerstown; English — Dorm Pres. 

Andrews. George M. — Germantown; Business Administration — 

Bergantz, Arthur — Eddystone. Pennsylvania; Fire Protection Engi- 
neering — Soc. of Fire Protection Engr. 

Browdy. Donna — Pikesville: Elementary Education — Dorm Activi- 

Cluster. Michael— Baltimore; Sociology— UFHC; SDS; CBP; 
SFL': Dorm Exec. Council; Dean's List. 
Cohen, Charlene 
Dague, Darlene E. 

Decker, Diek A. 

Khringer, J. Sheldon 

Kmberger, Cta — Cireenblel; German. 

Freifeld, Elaine T,— Wheaton: Sociology— UCA; VMH. 

Graham, Judy A, — Fredericksburg. Virginia: English — Complex 

Soc. Comm ; Dorm Soc. Chm.; TERRAPIN. 

Gray, James E. — North Forestville: English — KA. 

Creul. Otto J. — Baltimore; Education for Industry — SHARUM: 

Dorm. Homecoming Chm . Secy.. Pres.; RHC Comm. 

Hallahan. William J.— Washington. DC: English. 

Hancher. John W. — Central City Pennsylvania; Fire Protection 

Engineering — Soc. of Fire Protection Engr. 

Harrison. James W. — Chesapeake City; Personnel— KKV: Dorm. 

House Rules Chm. Float Comm.; Marching Band Symphonic 


Hober. Kay B. — Silver Spring; Elementary Education— AAA, Rush 

Chm.; Diamond, Sec'y.: Panhel Rep. 

Holmes. Diana C. — Colesvillc; American History — A, Sec'y.; 

C\WIege Casino; Judo Club; AWS. 

Holmes, Richard M.— Towson: Transportation- Dorm, VP. Intra- 

murals. Scholarship comm. 

Hook. Elsa M.— Baltimore; Home Economics — Christian FcUow- 

sliip. College life. 

Huber. .Stanford 

lohnslon. Donald M. — Delray Beach. Florida; Commerce. 

Joos, Heidi I,— Ponliac, Michigan: Microbiology; SAO; AAA. 

Kcyser, Vemim D. — Allen. Ncbra,ska: Accounting — HAV; Ac- 

ctnintmg Chib- 

Kleckhcfcr, Ronald I.,— Hyattsville: Marketing — Chapel Choir. 
Klauda. Eric R. -Kensington: Elementary Education — SMSTA. . SNFA 

Kolmnn. Meryl — I.akewood. New Jersey; Elementary Education 
— Dorm VP; Campus Chest; Jud Board; SU Dance Comm.: WRA. 
Lantz. L. Edwin, III— Hagerstown; Civil Engineering — XE: ASEC, 
Pres.. Treas ; Intramurals 

I.anl7, Thomas t. — District Heights; Accounting — S*E: UCA: 
Newman (^lub. 

Manser Marilyn E.— Bethesda: Malhematices — H P*: AAA; Dia- 
mond; Panhel., Sec'y; Angel Flight: M Book. 


Maple, Charles R. — Wheaton; Mechanical Engineering — ASME; 
Fencing Club. 
Marano, Robert 

May, Richard E. — Silver Spring; Government and Politics — ATQ; 
nSA; Legis.; Homecoming Chm.; Central Student Court; Class 
Chm.; FOB. 

McGonigle, William R.— Freehold. New Jersey; Psychology— 
CAPOG; DIAMONDBACK; Pre-Dent Club; Dorm House Im- 
provements Chm. 

Oliff, James A. — Baltimore; Aerospace Engineering — TB FI ; SFT; 

Plotnick. Roslyn L. — Baltimore; Elementary Education — SAT, 
Recording Sec'y. 

Poliner, Charles E. — Takoma Park: Mechanical Engineering — 

SO, Sec'y.; ASME; UCA; MKS. 

Scott, Robert 

Scaafani. Gus W. — Stamford, Connecticut; Secondary Education — 

4>J:K; Baseball; M Club. 

Shack, Richard— Silver Spring; Accounting — BA>P; Accounting 


Shafer, Robert C. — Havre De Grace; Journalism-Public Relations 

—A TO. 

Sinclair, Elaine M. — Potomac; Fashion Illustration — Dorm VP; 

Ski Club; Aqualiners. 

Smith, Eugene H., Jr. — Abington, Pennsylvania; Business Admin- 
istration — AMA; SAM. 
L'rdan, Rodell L. — Adelphi; Government and Politics — SN; 

Marching Band; Legislature; UCA. 

Yablonski, Karen L. — California. Pennsylvania; Government and 

Politics— SK, Pres., Rush Chm.; Ski Club; Old Line. 

Seniors Not Pictured 

Antholz, Susan C, — Baltimore; Marketing — AMA. 

Arbutina, Matthew — Aliquippa, Pennsylvania; Physical Education 

— *SK; Football; M Club. 

Bank, Phyllis — Baltimore; Elementary Education — Dorm, VP, Soc. 


Baumann, Raymond E. — Baltimore; Music Education — University 


Birshak, Michael — Silver Spring; Physical Therapy — *2A; Swim 

Team; M. Club. 

Blakeney, Thomas L. — College Park; Urban Geography — POT; 

Pershing Rifles. 

Bloom, Sandra — Baltimore; Elementary Education — SAT, Sec'y.; 

Sr. Class Presents; AWS. 

Blum, Stephen L. — Hyattsville; Accounting — AS 11; Dorm Intra- 


Bonenberger, Dolf L. — Hagerstown; Urban Geography — Intra- 

murals; Dorm, Council, Athletic Comm. 

Branoff, Gayle M. — Baltimore; Psychology — AE*; WX; M Book; 

VMH; Course Guide. 

Brewer, James F. — Silver Spring; Psychology. 

Browdy, Donna — Baltimore; Elementary Education — Big Sister. 

Burkert, Nancy J, — Baltimore; English. 

Chen, Bella — Taiwan; Business Management — Chinese Club. 

Cleveland, Harly R. — Beltsville; Electrial Engineering — IEEE. 

Cohen, Daniel L. — Baltimore; Microbiology — ZBT; Old Line 


Connor, Frank R. — Greenbelt; Electrical Engineering — TBII 

HKN; *HS; IEEE; Dean's List. 

Coven, Allen E. — Baltimore; Psychology — SAM, VP, Treas.; IFC 

Elections Board. 

Crosby, J, Michael — Towson; Geography — SN; TBT; Young Re- 

Cummings, William R. — New York City, New York; Government 
and Politics — Veterans Club. Pres. 

DeCoste, Stephanie — Seabrook; Dramatic Art — National Collegiate 
Players; AQ; UT; Newman Club; Dorm Cultural Chm. 
Ebel, Christina H. — Rockvillc, Science Education — People-to- 
People; AWS; 4-H Club; Hill Area Council. 

Epstein, Joyce I. — Baltimore; English — SAT, Pres.; Diadem; Cam- 
pus Jud Board; Panhel Council; M. Book. 

Epstein, Roger H. — Takoma Park, Accounting — TE*, Exec Board; 
Blood Drive, Inlramurals. 

Finkelstein, Roy — Pikesville; Political Science — SAM; The Greek; 

Folger, Catherine L. — Baltimore; Psychology. 

Gilbert, Judith A. — Hyattsville; Sociology — UCA; Young Repub- 

Glenn, Kathleen — Silver Spring; English. 
Green, Richard M. — Silver Spring; Mathematics. 
Hardwich, Diane P. — Towson, Elementary Education — KATI; 
SNEA; Honor's Convocation; Dean's List. 

Hongell, Andrew K.— Rockville; Psychology— ATA, VP; IFC; Old 
Line; Freshman Soccer. 

Keats, Beatrice B. — Annapolis; Physical Therapy Club. 
Kem, Ronna — r*B; Dorm Activities; Uinversity Orchestra; 
Chamber Orchetra. 

Layer, George R., Jr. — Burtonsville; Social Studies — UT; Flying 

Licklider, Shirley M. — Hyattsville; Education. 

Martin, Frank B. — ^Allentown. Pennsylvania; Marketing — AMA; 
Intramurals; Glee Club; Dorm. House Rules, VP. 

Martino, Roger C. — Silver Spring; Personnel Management — Var- 
sity Golf; M Club. 

Miller, Stefan N. — Baltimore; Physical Therapy^ — *AE; House 
Rules; Homecoming Comm.; Intramurals; Physical Therapy Oub; 
Dean's List. 

Mitnick, Daniel W. — Baltimore; Personnel — TE$; Blood Drive; 
College Casino; Campus Chest; Homecoming. 
Morison, Charles T. — Glen Head, New York; Government and 
Politics — Dorm Cultural Chm. 

Nelson, Mary L. — Catonsville; Spanish Education— AA 11; SAX; 
Chapel Choir. 

Pittman, Walter D., Jr. — Cheverly; Mechanical Engineering — 
ASME; Gymkana; Ski Club. 

Prevas, John — Baltimore; History — Weightlifting Team; House 

Rollman, John R. — Catonsville; Personnel. 

Sandefer, Diane G. — Silver Spring; Elementary Education — VMH; 
Course Guide, Chapel Choir. 

Schlegel, Walter H. — College Park; Education for Industry — 

Scott, Leroy — Baltimore; Accounting — Dorm, Pres., VP; Account- 
ing Club; Hill Area Council; Intramurals. 

Shields, Lee B. — Greenbelt; Journalism — KTA; SAX; Gymkana; 

Simmons, Herbert T.— Laurel; Fine Arts— A*Q; UCA; Ski Club. 
Smith, Angela J. — Lake Forest, Illinois; English — Swim Team. 
Smith, Robert W. — Oxon Hill; Elementary Education — Pershing 
Rifles; *MA; ROTC; Marching Band; Concert Band. 
Snyder, Phillip — Baltimore; Sociology — SAM; Sociology Club; La- 

Speclor, Larry R.— Baltimore; History— TE*; IFC; FOB; Soccer. 
Sprinkle, Mary D. — Riderwood; Social Studies Education — r$B; 
HAE; Young Republicans; Free State; DIAMONDBACK. 

Stockman, Judith B. — Scranton, Pennsylvania; History — Dorm, 
Jud Board; Cultural Comm. 

Tarutis, Gerald R.— Hampstead; History — Pol. Sci. Club, Pres.; 
Young Democrats; SGA Placement Comm.; Pre-Law Club. 
Thompson, Stephen R. — Baltimore; Journalism — S*E; KAM; 

Trythall, Raymond C. — Parkville; Political Science — SII; Cheer- 
leading; Intramurals. 
Vinicur, Dale M. — Silver Spring; English. 
Wall, Linda D. — Northampton, Pennsylvania; Zoology. 

Watson, Douglas J. — Government and Politics — Sn, Pres.; Kale- 

gethos; nSA; IFC; The Greek. 

White, Rulhannette — Alexandria, Virginia; Journalism — AAII; 

KTA; Diamond; DIAMONDBACK; The Greek; Panhel. 

WUIiams, Kathleen G.— Oxon Hill; Journalism— AAA; KTA; 

Womens' Press Club. Treas.; ESS; Complex Council. 

Wimbush, Edward E.^-Cheverly; Electrical Engineering. 

Wing, Michael R. — Allentown, Permsylvania; Physical Education 

— Football; Track. 

Whitson, Earl G. — Alexandria, Virginia; Horticulture — AZ; Dorm 

Officer; Intramurals. 

Wolynskl, Victor W, — Baltimore; Aerospace Engineering — AIAA; 

Dorm Sec. Chm. 

Yablonski, Stanley P, — Baltimore; Education for Industry — TKE; 


Volken, Barbara W. — Baltimore; Elementary Education — Dorm, 

Pres., Exec Council; Hillel. 


■^■ r 

;M^:.</j. ,;\„.::;: 

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■A j*-a^^