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Full text of "Testamenta vetusta: being illustrations from wills, of manners, customs, &c. as well as of the descents and possessions of many distinguished families. From the reign of Henry the Second to the accession of Queen Elizabeth;"

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%t8twmnt!i mrtttsta: 







I^enrg tlje &tama to tije SttWiaa of Ouecn ^(;abett) ; 

Ltw; riLLOw or Tut locKTy or »NTien>ui 



/d ii 





. William Norreys, of Asshe, Gentleman, 10th September 
I486. My body to be buried in the Chancel of our Lady 
in the parish of Asshe^ at the South end of the altar there. 
I will that my red cloth of Bandkyn be laid upon my body 
in the said Church of Asshe, and so there to remain for a 
perpetual remembrance ; and especially to be provided for 
therewith an hearse and a black cloth, with two tapers 
thereupon set, to be light and burning in the time of saying 
divine service there, to be had and ordained over my tomb 
for a special remembrance of prayer ; I will that a conve- 
nient stone be. 3et in the wall afore my said tomb, under 
the image of Mary Magdalen there, with an image of the 
Trinity, graven in brass, and a picture of my body apd 
arms therein, set in like .frame, for a special remembrance 
of prayer. And I constitute Anne, my wife ; William Nor- 
reys, Knight; and Philip Fitzhewes, Esquire, my execu* 
tors; Joane iny mother; John Norreys, my younger bro* 
then Proved before the Prior and Chapter 20th Novem* 
ber 1486, at Canterbuiy. 


. John Roper, Esquire', of St. Dunstan's Canterbury, 5th 
April 1487. To Thomas Roper, my son, all my manors of 
Breule*, Botelar, Tarncourt, and Apperwall, with their 
rights, metobers, and appurtenances, in the parishes of 
Bocton subtus le Blene, Selling, Harnehill^ and Feversham, 
according to a certain deed made by me to the said Tho- 
mas, in full satisfaction of his share of my lands, of the 

I I 111 I I » I I ■ I . I ■ !■■ I I ■ ■■■■— 1^— ^ ■■ ■■ I I ■ I 

^ Apparently John Roper, who was one of the Surveyors of the 
Cinque Ports, and who married Margery, daughter and coheir of 
John Tattersall, and was ancestor of the Right Hon, Lord 
Teynham. * Query. 

c c 


teBure of Gavelkind, which might come to my said son by 
my death, and if this my will had not been made ; I will 
that all other my manors, lands, and tenements, heredita^ 
ments, with the reversion of the saikie, in the parishes of St. 
Danstan, Hackington, Stourdiouth, Preston, Bocton sub-* 
tus le Blene, and Holy Cross Westgate of Canterbury, or 
elsewhere, immediately after the death of Margaret my 
wife, shall remain to John Roper, my eldest son, and his 
heirs for ever; Richard Long, Vicar of St. Dunstan's^ 

Proved 1 1th January 1469, at Canterbury. 


John Blount, Lord Montjoy ', October 6th, 1485. My 
body to be buried in the Chapel of the Friars Minors, Lon- 
don, where the body of my father is interred. To that 
house XX /. ; to Lora, my wife, the manors of Belton and 
Alexton for life, together with all my lands in Cotesmore, 
Gretham, Leicester, and Defford, in the counties of Rut- 
land and Leicestershire, with the advowson of the Church 
of Alexton, with remainder to the heirs male of the late Sir 
Walter Blount, Knight, Lord Montjoy, which was my 
dearest father; to William, my son and heir; to Rowland, 
my son, my chain of gold with a lion of gold, set with dia' 
monds; to William Blount, my brother; to Constantine, 
my daughter, c /. to her marriage ; to Ann and Elizabeth, 
my nieces, daughters of Sir James Blount, my brother ; my 
manor of Falde, in Staffordshire ; to Humphrey Blount my 
cousin. And I appoint Lora, my wife ; and Sir James 
Blount, my brother, my executors*. 

Proved November £2d, 1485. 

' He was second son of Walter Lord Montjoy, K. G. and suc- 
' ceeded Edward, his nephew, 15th Edward IV. in that title, being 
then thirty years of age. 
* From Dugdale*s Abstract, vol. i. p. h90 ; and MS. Note. 



Thomas Hampden, of Hampdeoi Esquire \ on the Feast 
of St. Luke the Evangelist*, 1482. My body to be buried 
before the image of St. Mary Magdalen, in the Chancel of 
the Church at Hampden. To the parson of Hampden 
XIII 5. IV el.; to a priest to sing for my soul xxxs. ; to 
Margery, my wife, whom of youth I have known well con- 
scienced, and to me a true and loving wife ; John my fa- 
ther ; to my cousin John Wroughton ; to Mr. William Co- 
let, Parson of Hampden; to John my son, and Elizabeth 
his wife, my manor of Hampden ; with remainder to Ed- 
mund, my second son, Edward, my third son, Francis, my 
fourth son, Alexander, my fifth son, and to Henry, my 
sixth son ; remainder to my daughters Alice, Katherine, 
Jane, and Eleanor, until my daughters be married; my 
manors of Bledlowe, Chilton, and Elsyngton, Upton, 
Wales, and Waldrege, in the county of Bucks. And I ap- 
point my sons John and Edmund my executors. 

Proved November 22d, I486. 


The following will is exceedingly curious, from its being 
engraved on a tombstone in the Church of Rothley, in the 
county of Leicester, and is extracted from Nichols's His- 
tory of that County, vol. iii. part ii. p. 96O '. 

to |)atie an nhtt fitppD onpjj tb*i} pere for me and €lTf 

* Ancestor of the celebrated patriot. 

• October 18. 

' The subjoined description of the tomb is taken from that 
work, in which there is also an engraving of it : ^' In the North 
Chape), adjoining to the North wall, is a very large altar-tomb, 
about three feet high, with the effigies of a man in armour with 
long strait hair, head on cushion, sword and dagger, and large 



inp tepfC, tnp fab', and mp moD', on p' UtonDap nept 

aftec iSpmo'D Dap and ^nbe; pe tolipcb obet to be iiept 
toth pe p'fetjj 0ff pe ijji^^ g^jji „|^^0 pt g[ f,0jj|jt 0£ ®pn*m 

florofee, to^ ii acarjj off medo in 0\xtt't'n n^eoo; p<^ 6frj$t 

$1 tDpIl p<^ becai: l^abe for oenge itti^* anb to be offero 

at maj^^e be p* |)anDpj$ of ti)e feffet^ ;:bn \ ; anb to t|)e ^apbe 

tiecac for p^ bepbron taiu^*; anb to btti clariii^ for recp'g 

of bill It^^mf jrbiu \ anb a po^nb of itoap to be brent at 

|)te berge anb mei^jje, anb af tpr p^ to be j^ett afore p<^ $repurfter, 

m time of pace S anb aftpr pt tone ^ete to bren afor 

p® crucifiFi onb p^ tobpr afore p^ image of our fUbp, anb for p« 

loajlt of mi ttKtl)tf pai^; anb to tiii pore me' to I^olb tf^e tord)pj$ 

liti ^. ; anb p® re^ebeto of p« p'f ett^ off p® s^apb lanb anb mebo to be W^ 

po^pb m meptte anb brMe among pore men* 

ge pere of our Jlorbe a tl^ouj^anb €€€€%¥%%'fl% 


Thomas Darcy, Esquire, son and heir of Sir Robert 
DarcjTy Knt. March 5th, 1483 ^. My body to be buried in the 
aisle where the bodies of my grandfather and father are bu- 
ried, in the parish Church of Allhallows of Maiden, in the 
diocese of London. To Robert Darcy my brother ; to John 
Darcy my uncle; to Margaret my wife; I will that my 
daughters be married by the advice of my mother ; my aunt 
Anne Montgomery, And I appoint Thomas Lord Bishop 

spur-TowelB ; a greyhomid at his feet looking back. His Lady, 
who sits on a cushion, has a veil head-dress and a cordon ; at her 
feet a dog, looking up, and lifting up his fore-paw. Over their 
heads the arms of Kingston, and the inscription, which on the 
tomb is reversed.'* 

■ That part of tlie mass at which the pax is given to the parti- 
cular friends of the deceased. 

• Query, 1488-4? 


of London % John Lord Dinbam, Sir James Tirrell, Knight 
my father Richard Hawte, and my uncle John Clopton, 
Esquire, supervisors of this my will*. 

Proved June l6th, I486. 


Ann Molence, sometime wife of William Molence, called 
that time Lord Molence, and now Ann Lady Molence, last 
day of February I486*. If 1 die in London I will that my 
body be buried in the Church of the Gray Friars ; and 
if I depart this life at Hampden, then I will that I be buried 
in that Church. To my daughters Dame Eleanor Molence 
and Frideswide; my cousin Alexander Hampden; Edmund 
Hampden the elder; my nephew John Hampden, Esquire. 
And I appoint my daughter Dame Eleanor Molence, my 
nephew John Hampden, Esquire, and Sir Robert Cambyn', 
my executors. 


John Catesby, Knight^, Justice of the Common Pleas. 
My body to be buried in the Abbey of St. James at North- 
ampton; my manor of Whiston^ in the county of North- 
ampton; my wife Elizabeth ; my sons Humphrey, Euseby, 
Walter, Anthony, George, Hugh, and Thomas; my daugh- 
ters Ann and Elizabeth. Proved 1485. 


' Thomas Kemp was Bishop of Loodon from 1448 to 1489. 

* An abstract of this Will, from the Collection of Mr. Baker, 
states that he also mentions his aunt, the wife of John Clifton. 

• Query, 1486—7? * Query, Chamberlyn? 

^ He was appointed one of the Puisne Judges of the Common 
Pleas, November 80, 1483. 




Joaa Fynes Lady Dacre *, October ISth, 1485. My body 
to be buried in the quire of All Saints at Hurstmonceaux, 
between the high altar and the tomb of Sir Richard Fynes, 
Knight, my late husband ; to Thomas, son of Sir John 
Fynes, Knight; to Edward Fynes, brother of the said Tho- 
mas '; to Elizabeth Lady Clinton', and Thomas Fynes, my 
son and daughter, all my chattels. And I appoint my sons 
Thomas and William Fynes, and Thomas Oxenbridge, my 
executors. Proved June 14th, 1486. 


Margaret Lady Beauchamp. My body to be buried in 
the Church of the Friars Preachers at Worcester, by the 
body of my Lord and husband. And I appoint my brother 
Richard Ferrers, Esquire, executor of this my will. 

Proved 29th January 1487 *. 

' She was the daughter and heir of Thomas Dacre (who died 
V. p.), son and heir of Thomas Lord Dacre, and married Sir 
Richard Fiennes, Knt. who became Lord Dacre in her right. 

* This Thomas and Edward appear to have been her grand- 
children, the sons of Thomas her eldest son, who died v. p. though' 
Dugdale only mentions Thomas, who succeeded his grandfather as 
Lord Dacre. 

» Wife of John Lord Clinton. 

« Query, 1487-8 ? 



John Dudley, Knight, Lord Dudley % August 17tb, 
1487. My body to be buried iu the Priory of St. James at 
Dudley, by my wife, and I will that a tomb be made over 
us, which shall cost xx/. ; also I will that twenty-four new 
torches be lighted duriog the performance of divine service 
at my funeral, and that every priest or religious person 
coming thereto shall receive iv d. and every clerk singing, 
III d.; I will that xx marks in money be disposed in alms 
on that day, and on the morrow, to poor people to pray for 
my soul, and for the soul of my wife, and all our friends ; 
also I desire that one thousand masses be said for me so 
soon as possible after my burial, which masses to cost 
XVI /. XIII 5. IV d.; Edward Dudley my heir •. And I ap- 
point Sir William Hussey, Knt. Chief Justice of England; 
and Sir Reginald Bray, Knight, my executors *• 

No Probate, 


John Fane, of Tunbridge, Esquire', April 6th, 1486. 
My body to be buried in the Church of St. Peter and 
Paul of Tunbridge. I will that a priest celebrate mass 
there for my soul, for my ancestors souls, and for the souls 
of all the faithful deceased, for three years, and to have 
XX L for his wages ; to every priest coming to my funeral vi /. ; 

* He was summoned to Parliament from Ist Richard III. to 
3d Henry VH. soon after which he died. 

* His son, afterwards Knight of the Garter, and summoned to 

* From Dugdale*s Abstract, vol. ii. p. 216; and MS. Note. 
' Ancestor of the Right Hon. the Earl of Westmoreland. 


to the Prior and Convent of Tunbridge to pray for my sonl, 
XX 5. ; to the high altar of the Church of Tunbridge xx«. ; to 
the structure of the rood loft thereof v marks, on condition 
that the churchwardens build it within two years; to each 
of the Churches of Hadloe, Leigh, East Peckham, Seale^ 
Morden, Lamberherst, Bitberyk, Wittersham, and Suer- 
gate, in the county of Kent, in all of which parishes I 
have lands ; to my daughters Ann^ Alice, and Mercie, xx 
marks each, with an annuity of v marks per annum for 
their lives, and to each of them on their marriages certain 
lands, &c.; the residue of my goods and chattels F be- 
queath to Isabel, my wife', and Henry Fane, my son, whom 
I appoint joiiit executors of this my will ; and as to the dis- 
position of my manors, lands, tenements, &c. in the 
county of Kent, or elsewhere : First, I will that Isabel, my 
wife, shall have all those lands of which we were jointly 
seised, to her use during her life, and while she remains a 
widow, all that is due to her as dower ; also I will that my 
feoffees Richard Fane, Henry Fane, Thomas Fane, and 
John Fane, my sons, suffer Isabel, my wife, to receive the 
issues and profits of all my lordships, manors, lands. Sec. 
(besides her jointure) for the space of four years, except my 
lordship called Albonys, with the appurtenances in East 
Peckham, in Kent, the which I desire my feoffees to deliver 
to Henry, my son, for his own use, in fee simple, for ever. 
Also I will that the said Isabel, my wife, do with the pro- 
fits of the said lordships, &€. pay my debts and bequests ; 
and, after the said term of four years, to revert to Henry, my 
my son and heir ; to Richard Fane, my son, my manor of 
Suergate, with the appurtenances, and, after the death of 
my wife Isabel, my lands lying in Marden and Lamber- 
herst to remain to the said Richard and Agnes his wife, and 
his heirs and assigns ; to Thomas Fane, my son, the man- 
sion, with the gardens and edifices, &c. which belonged to 
Henry Fane, my father ; to John Fane, my son, when he 
comes to the age of twenty-one years, all my lands and te- 

^ Daughter of John Darell, of Kent, Esq, 


nementa called Holynden, and all other lands and appnrte- 
nances assigned to him as by deed of fee simple bearing 
date the Ist of April more plainly shews; if either of my 
sons die before the age of twenty-one years, I will that the 
lands entailed on him shall go to such as survive ; to Hum- 
phrey Fane, my brother's son, a house in fee simple with a 
garden at the town's end of Tunbridge ; the residue of my 
lands not bequeathed, to Henry my son. 

Proved June 3d, 1488 *. 


Richard Edgcoumbe, Knight \ at Penryn, on the Friday 
before the Feast of St John the Baptist% 4 Henry VIL 
1489. I bequeath my soul to Almighty God, beseeching 
the blessedful Virgin Mary, his mother, to be a mean unto 
his most benign grace to shew his most pitiful grace and 
mercy to my soul; and ipine in especial good master. Saint 
Thomas of Canterbury, to be a rememberer unto her for the 
same; to my cousin Rowley's daughter and heir, in my 
keeping, c marks to her marriage, in recompence of what I 
had of her father ; to my sister Elizabeth Tremayne xi 
marks ; to every of my household servants xl5. ; 1 will that 
a priest be found to pray for me for the space of five yjears 
in the Church of Calstock : the residue of my goods and 
chattels I bequeath to Joan my wife ', Sir Reynold Bray, 

* From the Abstract in Collins' Peerage, vol. iii. pp.219, 2^0. 
A MS. Note of this Will states that the Probate is dated January 
89, 14^8-9. 

' Ancestor of the Right Hon. the Earl of Mount Edgecumbe. 
He was a distinguished personage in the reign of Henry YII. by 
whom he was appointed Comptroller of the Household and a 
Privy Councillor, and was a candidate for the Order of the Garter 
at a Chapter held November 16, 1488, when he had the sufirages 
of the Duke of Bedford, the Lord Chamberlain, the Lord Daube- 
ney, and the Lord Dynham ; but Sir John Savage was elected 
He died September 8, 1489. Collins. ^ June 19. 

' Daughter of Thomas Tremayne, of CoUacomb, Esq. 


Roger Holland, and Falk Prideauz, Esqotres, for my chil-* 
dren, at the will and pleasure of my said wife, by the over- 
sight of the Bishop of Exeter % and John Arundel, Dean of 
Exeter. Proved April ^Qth, 1492 *. 


Dame Margaret Darcy, widow, late wife to Thomas 
Darcy, Esquire •, 9th July 1489, being at Beardwell in the 
diocese of Norwich. My body to be buried in the Church 
of All Saints at Maldon. To Roger my son ; to Thomas 
my son ; to Elizabeth and Anne my daughters. And I ap- 
point John Clop ton, Esquire, my uncle; Robert Crane; 
and Thomas Froxmere, Esquires, my executory. 

Proved January 1489 '• 


Thomas Beaumont, Esquire «, October ISth, 1487* My 
body to be buried in the Chapel of our Lady at Pilton, in 
the North wale. To John, my son, my manor of Luscott; 
I will that a marble stone be laid on my brother Philip's 
grave, with these verses graven on the same : 

Ce^tt j tu Cbri^te qant non jacet 1)it lapij^ t^tt 
Corpus tit mmtai tfeb nc fpixitnf ne memotetttr. 

To buy new bells in the Church of Heanton Punchardon 
xh8.; to the Prior of Mary Magdalen xx 5. yearly out of 
my manor of Hakington ; I will that my executrix pay all 

>■ Richard Fox was Bishop of Exeter from 1486 to 1492. 

* From the Abstract in Collins* Peerage, vol. v. p. 339*340. 

. * Apparently the widow of Thomas Darcy, Esq. whose will is 
inserted in p. 388. ' Query, 1489-1490? 

* Of Devon. The following pedigree from Glover's Collection 



debts QwiDg bj me, my fatber Tbomas Beaumontf Knigbt^ 
William BeaamoDt, and Thomas Beaumont, Esquires, my 

Harl. MSS. 807^ f. 71 » throws some light on the above will ; but it is 

singular that the testator is not mentioned. 

Philippa, sister to LorcU^Sir Tho- =p. . . . daugh-=^. . . . daughfcr 

Dinnam, aunt of the 
last Lord, John E^- 
ron Dinham, K. G.; 
Ist wife. 



Jane> married John 

Alice^ married Gay 

vel Golworthy. 

mas Beau- 

ter of . » • . 

Monke ; of 


shire; 8d 

Hugh=y=Martha, daughter A daughter^ 
Beau- I and coheir of Oli- whomarried^ 

but died s. p. 

of ... . Stuke- 
ley ; third 


mont. I verWise. 

Margaret, daughter and coheiri wife 
of John Chichester. == 

Prince, in his Worthies of Devon, p. 61, has the following notice 
of this family: 

Ist wife.i^Sir Thomas Beaumont, Knight.===2d wife. 

Thomas* Beau- 

WillmmsJoan, daugh— 
Beau- ter of an no- 
monty nourable 
son and house in the 
heir. county of 


% . . . Bo- 


Phinp, sue- 
ceeaed his 
brother in 
his lands ; 
ob. 8. p. 

mont, on whom 
his half brother 
Philip settled 
Hugh, heir to his 

( Margaret, dau. and heir.=. . .Chichester. 

John, about whom there was a controversy relative to the inherit- 
ance of the Beaumont property. As he was bom in the life- 
time of his mother*8 husband William Beaumont, and it coming 
before Parliament, it was determined, << that they would not make 
a bastard of one born in wedlock ;" but it was afterwards pro- 
claimed that he should be considered the son of Joan Bodrugan. 
An agreement was at last made, and the afiair settled amicably. 
The posterity of this John however assumed the name of Beau- 

* This Thomas Beaumont appears to have been the testator, and 
as his brother Philip settled his estates on him, gratitude perhaps 
iMMiaed him to order a memorial to be placed over his remains.; 
the son John mentioned in his will probably died witliout issue, 
which may account for Prince saying he left no children. 


brothers ; ta my brother Hagh Beaumont all my arms ; to 
Martha, my wife, my manors of Wornlegh and Enkyngton 
for her life, and I appoint her my executrix. Proved Ist 
December 1489. 


Thomas Montgomery, Knight, July 28th, 1489. My 
body to be buried in the Abbey of Tower- hill, in the Chapel 
of oar Lady, which I have lately made there. To John 
my brother; Thomas my uncle; I will that a priest be 
found to pray in the said Abbey for the souls of my father 
and mother, my uncle the Lord Sudley, my .uncle Thomas 
Montgomery, and of my sister Anne Montgomery; to 
Alice Langley my sister; to Dame Low, my wife, my 
household stuff; if I have any issue male ; whereas I have 
bought the marriage of William Blount Lord Montjoy, 
which I give to my wife to marry as she pleaseth ; I will 
that my wife keep my household at Falkborne for half a 
year after my decease ; to my nephew Ralph Norbury xx /.; 
to my niece Anne, his sister, xx marks; to my niece Jane; 
I will that the body of my wife Dame Philippa be removed 
from Falkborne to the Tower-hill, to be laid by me 
in the place which I have ordained there, at my own 
cost and charge; my manors of Cooks and Nethersall, 
in the county of Kent; my manors of Falkborne and 
Bluntishall, and the advowson of the Church of Falk- 
borne; and my manors of Braksted and Revenhall, in 
of Essex, Chaulton in Hampshire, and Shipton in Oxford- 
shire, and Fowfield in Worcestershire; my sister Alice 
Spice ; John my brother; John Clopton my brother. And 
I appoint Sir Thomas Tirrell, Sir Edward Barkley, Knight, 
and John Clopton, my executors ; and constitute my Lord 
Canterbury ', my Lord of Oxford, and Sir Thomas Borough^ 
Knight, supervisors of this my will. 

> John Morton was Archbishop of Canterbury from 1486 to 1501. 



Dame Margaret BrowDe, of Stamfordy late wife of Wil- 
liam Browne, June 25th, 1489- My body to be buried in 
the Chapel of St. Mary in the Church of Allhallows in 
Stamford. To John Elmes, my elder son, and Elizabeth 
his wife, a whole bed of linen cloth stained ; to William 
Elmes, Katherine Elmes, John Elmes the younger, and 
Isabel Elmes ; to Thomas Stock my brother ; to every son 
and daughter of the said John Elmes the elder, a board 
cloth. And I appoint John Elmes and William Elmes, my 
sons« my executors. Proved 30th January 1489-1490. 


Thomas Cooper, of Horley, in the diocese of Winches- 
ter', August £9th, 1489. My body to be buried in the 
Chapel of St. Katherine, in the parish Church of the 
blessed Mary of Horley. To the said Church two torches, 
each of the value of xiiis. iiii J.; John Cooper my eldest 
son ; William Cooper my second son ; my daughters Ag- 
nes, Margery, and Joan ; the residue of my goods and chat* 
tels to Joan, my wife, whom I appoint my sole executrix; 
and constitute my cousin John Cooper supervisor of this 
my will ; and I desire that they dispose of my said goods 
for my soul as they shall deem expedient* 

Proved November 12th, 1489*. 


Thomas Roose, of Eton in Buckinghamshire, May 4th, 
1489* My body to be buried in that Church. To my 

* Ancestor of the Right Honourable the Earl of Shaftesbury. 

* From the Abstract in Collins* Peerage, vol. iii. p. Sd3« 


two daughters Elizabeth and Florence xl/. each. And I 
appoint Agnes my wife, Thomas Barghe* and Abraham 
Clarke, my executors. Proved February 10th, 1490 '. 


Paul Darell, Esquire, January 24th, 1490*. My body 
to be buried in the Chancel of the Church of Lylling:8t 
Darell. To every altar in the said Church v/.; to the 
torches there vis. \iiid. ; to poor people at my burying ; to 
Thomas Darell my son. And [ appoint William Rysley, 
John Pygott, and Mr. John Brigge, Parson of Lylleham- 
sted, my executors. Proved May i5ih, 1491- 


Sir Gilbert Stapylton, October 28th, 1490. My body to 
be buried in the Bla'clcfriars within Ludgate, London. To 
the Abbess of Aston Church, in Buckinghamshire, a girdle 
of silver gilt, to hang at an image of our Lady in the said 
Church ; I bequeath my antiphon unto Howsall Church, 
where I was born, to pray for my soul and for the soul of 
Mr. Thomas Tate ; I Will that my goods «be sold, and a 
priest founded therewith to sing for my soul in the Church 
of Abbey Eston, as far and as long as the goods will reach. 
And I appoint Mr. William Putnam and Sir Thomas Crof- 
ton my executors. Proved November 8th, 1490. 


Philip Agmondesham, Citizen and Mercer of London, 

Query, 1490-1? « Ibid. 


May 4th, 1 490. My body to be buried in the Church of St. 
Lawrence in the Old Jewry, London^ To the Church of 
Bekenyssed, in the County of Bucks, a torch of wax; to 
the Church of Oborne a torch of wax, and towards repair- 
ing and making the steeple of Oborne yi5..yiii d.; to my 
cousin Ralf Agmondesham my best gown and xx /. ; to the 
Church of Agmondesham xx 5. ; I will that Margaret, my 
wife, and John, my son, be jointly seised in the parish of 
Agmondesham, in the county ,of Bucks, excepting what 
John Bertelott late held, being of the yearly value of 
jyL And I constitute Margaret, my wife, Christopher 
Hawe, Citizen and Mercer, and John Agmondesham, and 
Ralf Agmondesham, my sons, overseers of this my will. 


Drugo Brudenellf of Chalfont St. Giles, Esquire *• My 
body to be buried at Amersham. My manors of Chalfont 
and Hugeley. I will that my heir have my manors of 
West Tilbury and Finchingfield, in the county of Essex; 
to all my sons excepting my eldest son and- William c 
marks, and to each of my daughters cc marks when twenty- 
one years of age. Proved 7 Henry VII. 1491-2. 

■ Apparently eldest son of Edmund Brudenell, whose Will will 
be found in p. ^28^, the ancestor of the £arl& of Cardigan. The 
said Drue Brudenell was Justice of the Peace 13th Edward IV. 
and Sheriff of Bedford and Bucks 1st Richard III. He married 
Helen, daughter of John Broughton, of Toddington, and is said- 
to have died 14th March, 1489 (1490), which must be erroneous, 
if the conjecture is correct, that the said Drue was the testator, 
for his will is stated to be dated 13th May, 1490. His issue is 
said soon to have become extinct in the male line. Collins, vol. ii. 
p. 495. 



Richard Isham % son of Robert Isham, of the county of 
Northampton; mj sons Richard and Robert, and my 
daughter Dorothy. And I constitute Alice, my wife, my 
executrix. Proved 1490*. 


Thomas Fitz-Williara, of Mablethorpe, Knight, 15th 
June 1494. My body to be buried at the Priory of Ha- 
genby, in the county of Lincoln. Thomas my father; 
Margaret my wife ; George and William my sons *• 


John Fogge, Knight, 15th June, 1490. My body to be 
buried in the Church of Ashetisforde, in a tomb there or- 
dained by ipe for that purpose. I bequeath my jewels and 
ornaments to the said Church, for the honour and worship 
of God; to Alys, my wife,*I bequeath my manors of Rep- 
ton and Cheryton, and my lands called Stone in Romney 
Marsh, and all other my lands purchased in the parish of 
Ashetisforde, except two acres for my wife, and in West- 
hythe, unto John Fogge, Esquire, and the heirs of his 
body coming ; remainder the heirs of my own body com- 
ing; remainder to my nephew John Foughter in like 
manner ; remainder to my own right heirs for ever ; I be- 
queath my manors of Oveu, Hepynton, Dane, and Hyrkes- 
dale, and my lands purchased of Broke, beside Hyrkes- 
dale, to my wife, until she shall have raised 300 /. for the 
^ of my three daughters Anne, Elizabeth, and 

' Apparently ancestor of the Baronets of that name. 

* Ex ioform. George Baker, Esq. * Query, portions ? 


Margaret, and after to her for her use during life; and after 
her death I beqaeath the manor of Dane to John Fogge, 
my son, and the heirs of his body coming ; and in default 
thereof, then, with the like remainder as before, in the ma* 
nors of Cheriton, Repton, and Stone ; and as to my manors 
of Oven, Hepyngton, and Kyrkesdale, and my lands pur- 
chased of Broke Krykesdale, then to my son Thomas Fogge, 
with the like remainder as above declared ; and as to my 
manor of Tonford, to my said son Thomas, with remainders 
as aforesaid ; and whereas I have purchased of John Bett 
the reversion of a tenement and certain lands in Ashetis- 
forde, I will that after his decease, and the decease of Mar- 
gery Walton, mother of the said John Bett, the said tene- 
ment to four of the most trystiest and discrete dwellers 
of the said parish, so that always none of my children nor 
any of their heirs be any of the said four, to the intent that 
the whole revenues coming of the same, over the necessary 
reparations and rents paid out of the same, be paid yearly 
to the wardens of the said Church for the time beinsTy to be 
applied by them in and about the said Church, for the re- 
paration thereof; also I will that the wardens of the same 
for the time being, shall find of the revenues of the same 
two tapers of a pound apiece, upon the great candlesticks 
in the quire, to bum every high double feast, most principle 
in the yere; and also iiij.ivcf. to be paid to the vicar, 
and his successors, for an obit yerely, for me to be done 
in the said Church for evermore ; also I will that when two 
of the said four dwellers decease, that the other two make 
good state of the same to four other like dwellers, other 
than tny children, or their heirs> as aforesaid, that the same 
may be continued for evermore ; and as to my manors of 
Walmer and Mongeham, after the recovery of the same ; I 
will that XX marks a year of the revenues thereof be paid 
to John Kyriell, Esquire, during his natural life, and the 
remainder of the revenues thereof, to go towards the dis- 
charging of the aforesaid ccc /. so as the manors and lord- 
ships above assigned for the same may be the sooner dis- 
charged ; and then I bequeath the said manors, lands, and 
appurtenances, to Thomas Fogge my son, with the likere- 

D n 



maiDders, as is afore rehearsed; also^ as to my staff that 
belongeth to my Chapel at Repton^ I will that it remain 
UDto my soQ John Fogge^ except that my wife shall have 
thereof a vestment of velveti a masse booke, which she will 
choose of the twayne, two basyns of silver for the aultar, a 
crosse of silver and gilt, ii cruetts silver and gilt, and a sa- 
keryng bell gilt, which basons, cross, cruets, and sakering 
bell sbejl^ be to her for lyfe, or as long as she shall remain 
sole, and on her decease or marriage the same to remain to 
the use of the said Chapel for my said son, or his heirs 
then being alive. And 1 constitute my executors the Re- 
verend Fadyr in God, Majister James Goldwell, Bishop of 
North wich>. Dame Mistogge, Maister Nicholas Goldwell, 
John Fineux, and Squire Thomas Wylmott, Vicar of Asher- 
tisforde; further I will that my son John Fogge shall bear 
and pay all manner of cost and charges for the recovery of 
the manors of Osty whanger, Walmer, and Mongeham, to- 
wards which he shall receive of my executors hi. and after 
the recovery of the same, I will that John, my 3on, shall 
have the said manor of Osty whanger, with such remainders 
as is before declared, bearing the charges of the said an- 
nuities of XX marks unto John Kyriell, £squire. This my 
said will, otherwise before ordained notwithstanding, unto 
which I have set my sign manuel. Proved at Canterbury. 


Margaret Moyle, relict of Walter Moyle, Knt. 20th Ja- 
nuary 1491 •. My body to be buried in the quire of the 
blessed Mary of Estewell, close to the sepulture of the said 
Walter Moyle; to the fabrick of the steeple of Chary ng 
XL*.; Richard and John Moyle, my sons; Lucia Clerke, 
ray daughter. Proved 1st June 1493, at Canterbury. 

Bishop of Norwich. • Query, 1491-9? 



Thomas Roper ', Gentleiiian^ of the parish of Wyngham, 
1 4th December 1492. My body to be buried iu the Church 
aforesaid. 1 bequeath x marks to the repair of the body 
of the said Church. 

Proved £ed October 1493, at Canterbury. 


Richard Wodvill Earl Rivers', February 20th, 1490 »• 
My body to be buried in the Abbey of St< James at North- 
ampton, in a place made ready for the same. To the pa- 
rish Church of Grafton all such cattle as I now have at 
Grafton, viz. two oxen, five kine, and two bullocks, to the 
intent that they shall yearly keep an obit for my soul, viz. 
dirige and mass of requiem by the curate, four priests, and 
four clerks, also a herse and four tapers, every priest tak- 
ing for his wages vd. and every clerk uid.; 1 will that the 
Lord Thomas Marquess Dorset « be my heir, to whom I 
therefore bequeath all my lands ; and [ desire him to cause 
as much underwood in the woods at Grafton to be sold as 
will buy a bell to be a tenor at Grafton to the bells now 
there, for a remembrance of the last of my blood *'. 

' Apparently of the family, from which the Right Hon. Lord 
Teynham is descended. , 

* Last Earl Rivers of the House of Wodville. He succeeded as 
heir to his brother Anthony, 2d Earl Rivers, K.G. the brother-in- 
law of Edward IV. whose will is inserted in a former page, and 
died s. p. 6th March, 1490-1. ' 1490-1. 

< This Thomas Marquess of Dorset was the testator's nephew, 
being the son of his sister Elizabeth^ Queen of King Edward IV. 
by her first husband, John Grey, Lord Ferrers of Groby. 

* From Dugdale*s Abstract, vol. ii. p. 233. 

D D 2 



Margaret Dutchess of Norfolk ', May I3th, 1490. My 
body to be buried in the quire of the Church of our Lady 
in Stoke^ before the image on the side of the high altar; I 
.will that immediately after my decease, besides the day of 
my burying, my executors find three hundred priests, secu- 
lar, and religious, to say three hundred masses and diriges 
for my soul, within eight or ten days after my decease, 
every priest having for his labour ivd.; also I will that 
my executors, with as much speed as may be, find two vir- 
tuous priests to sing in the Church of Stoke, for the 
space of three years, for my souU as also for the soul 
of my husband John Norreys, Esquire, and of all others 
unto whom I am beholden; to my daughter, the Lady 
Berners, and to my son, her husband, all my household 
goods except plate, as also what belongs to my Chapel, 
with the chalice, but I will that of my plate they shall 
have two great pots of silver, two flaggons, and six 
great bowls with covers; to my daughter Marney% a 
chain of water-flowers ; to the reparation of the Church of 
Stoke V marks ; to the guild of St. Johja i«L Stoke xx 5., to 
keep my obit and to pray for me; to the house of St. 
John of Colchester xxvi s. viii d. ; to the nuns of Brusyard 
and friars of Clare the like sum; to the house of St. Bo* 
tolph*s, to the Gray Friars and the Friars of Sudbury 
XXVI 5. viu d. each, to keep my obit and to pray for me. 
And I appoint Edmund Daniel, Esquire, and Thomas 
Swayne, Vicar of the Church of Stoke Neyland, my execu- 
tors ; and I constitute my Lord and son the Earl of Surry, 

* She was the daughter of Sir John Chedwortli, Knight, and 
second wife of John Howard, 1st Duke of Norfolk, K. G. by 
whom he had Katherine, wife of John Bourchier, Lord Bemers. 

* Neither Dugdale or Collins mention such a daughter in their 
account of the is;sue of the Duke of Norfolk. Betham, in his Ge- 
nealogical Tables, calls her the daughter of the testatrix, by the 
Duke of Norfolk, and which is probably correct. 


supervigor of this my will, to whom I beqaeath a cup of 
gold, and a cross with the foot silver and gilt*. 

Proved 3d December HQ^* 


Thomas Bourgchier, the elder, Knight % 17th October 
1491. My body to be buried in the parish Charch of 
Ware. I will that the bones of Dame Isabel, my late wife% 
be taken and laid by my bones; for the doing whereof t 
give XX /. for their cost, and x marks for their labour ; to 
my nephew my Lord of Essex, a bed of blue damask ; I will 
that a priest be found to say mass for ten years in the 
Church of St. Andrew at Baynard's Castle, for my soul. 
And I appoint Dame Anne, my wife, my executrix. 

Proved igth November 1491. 


In the name of God, Amen. This is the laste will of me 
Olyver Seynt John, Esquyer', sonne to the excellent Dut- 
chesse of Somersett. First, I bequeath my sowle to Al- 
mighty God, and to our Lady Seynt Mary, and to the 
Saynts of Heven ; and my body to be buried in the quier 

* From Dugdale's Abstract, vol. ii. p. 267, and Collins* note of 
this will, vol. i. p. 65. 

■ A younger son of Henry Bourchier, Ist Earl of Essex, K.G. 
and uncle of Henry 2d Earl of Essex, K.G. Dugdale. 

* She was the daughter and heir of Sir John Barre, Knight, and 
widow of Humphrey Stafford, Earl of Devon. Dugdale. 

» Second son of Sir Oliver St. John, of Lydiard Tregoze, by 
Margaret^ daughter of Sir John de Beauchamp, and sister add sole 
heir of John Lord Beauchamp, of Bletsho ; the said Margaretmar- 
ried, secondly, John Beaufort, Duke of Somerset, K. G. and her 
daughter by him was the mother of King Henry VII. ; her third 
husband was Lionel Lord Welles. 


afore SayDt Andrew^ in the parish Church of Stoke. Also 
I will^ that my wife haVe^ duryng her life^ all my lands and 
tenements in Legeard Tregoes, and Polton, with the manor 
of Borwodc and What61d-hall, which is myne by the re- 
Sonne and gift of my Lady my modre, with a place which 
I purchased in the lordshippe of Hacksmore, called Hillis- 
thing, in Dorsetshire ; also 1 will, that my wife have all 
suche landes as be myne, by the reason and gift of the 
Kynge's grace, ^t Hatfield Peverall, with the ternyns and 
wayea south, with Depford and Depford Strond, otherwise 
called West Greenwich ; also I will, that she have the 
lordesbip of Garseynton ; and that after her decease all the 
forsaid lordshippes, landes, and tenements, returne unto my 
Sonne John, and to his heirs ; also I will, that my wife have 
the lordeship of LoUam, the which I purchased to give and 
sell, as in fee simple; moreover I will, that Rauf Rochford 
have all such landes and tenements as I purchased within 
the lordeship of Sowth Stoke and North Stoke ; also I will, 
that my wife have all my goodes, moveable and unmove- 
able, and that she occupie as myne executor, sole by her- 
self, and to dispose all my goodes for the helth of my 
sowie, as she thinks best. Thees being witnesses. Master 
Richard BuUok, John Writh, Henry Bigote, and Rauf 
Rochford, with other yeomen ; and made the seconde daye 
of Marche, in the year of oure Lord God mcccclxxxxvi.* 


George Nevill, Knight, Lord of Abergavenny », July 1, 
1491. Being sick, &c. My body to be buried in the 
Monastery of St. Pancras, called the Priory of Lewes, in 
Sussex, on the South side of the altar, where 1 have late 
made a tomb for my body. I will that twenty-four poor 

* From Collins* Peerage, vol. vi. p. 69. 

^ He was second Lord Abergavenny of the house of Nevill, and 
died 20th September 1492. 


men, clothed in black, shall carry torches barning at my 
funeral, and at the celebration of masses for my soul, and 
that they receive viii ^. in money for their pains. Also I will 
that my executors pay cc marks to the Prior of that house 
to cause mass to be sung at the altar near the place of my 
burial every day, and to keep my obit yearly in that church. 
To George, my son and heir. I will that John', my son, 
and his heirs, sh^ll have the manor of Worfield, in Salop. 
To William, my son, the manor of Bergnorth, in Norfolk, 
for life; to Edward, my son, the manor of Hokham, in 
Norfolk, to him, and his heirs; to Thomas, my son, the 
manor of Claxhall, in Suffolk, to him and his heirs; to 
Richard, my son; the manor of Otteley, in Suffolk, to him 
aiid his heirs. And I appoint Edmund Bishop of Roches- 
ter*, Sir Henry Heydon, Knight, and James Hobert, Gent. 
&c. my executors *. 


Henry Vere, of Addington, Esquire, 1493. My daugh- 
ters, Elizabeth, Anne, Constance, and Audley. 


William Marquess Berkley', February 5, 1491*. My 
body to be buried in the Church of the Friars Augustines, 

■ This John is omitted by Dugdale and CoUiiis. 

* Edmund Audley was Bishop of Rochester from 14S0 to 1492. 

* From Dugdale's Abstract, vol. i. p. 309, Collins* Abstract, 
vol. vi. p. 291, and MS. notes. 

3 He was the son and heir of James Lord Berkley, by Isabel, 
daughter and coheir of lliomas Moubray, Duke of Norfolk, K.G. 
In the 21st Edward IV. he was created a Viscount in 1481, ad- 
vanced to the Earldom of Nottingham in 1483, and appointed Earl 
Marshal of England 1st Henry VII. in the 4th of whose reign 


in Loudon. I will that my executors shall cause two 
Friars to sing perpetually in the White Friars in Fleet- 
streeti in the suburbs of London^ at the altar of St. Gascon, 
for my soul, and the souls of my father and mother, my 
wives' souls, and the soul of my son. Sir Thomas Berkley, 
for evermore ; and likewise another friar, perpetually to sing 
in the Grey Friars at Gloucester, for my soul, and the souls 
aforesaid. Also I will that my executors shall purchase 
lands to the value of x marks yearly, therewith to found a 
perpetual chantry at the altar of our Lady of Petre, in £p- 
worth, in the County of Lincoln, to pray for the souls 
aforesaid. Also I will that they shall purchase more lands, 
to the value of xxii marks, therewith to find two perpetual 
priests at Longbrigge, one of them to sing daily in the 
Chapel of the Trinity there, and the other in the Chapel of 
the Church of Berkley, where my father and my said son 
lie buried, to pray for their souls for evermore. Also I 
will that my executors dispose of c marks in building a 
house at Longbrigge for those Priests to dwell in. To buy 
ornaments and vestments for the Chapel at Longbrigge xl 
marks. Also I will that my executors shall purchase a par- 
don from Rome, as large as might be had, for plein remis- 
sion of the sins of all those who shall be confessed and con- 
trite at Longbrigge, from even song to even song in the 
feast of the Trinity, and there say pater-nosters and three 
aves for my soul, and the souls aforesaid. I will that the 

he was advanced to the dignity of a Marquess ; considering 
the high share he possessed of the favour of Edward IV. and 
Henry VII. it is very singular that he was never honoured with 
the Order of the Garter. He was thrice married, firsts to Elizabeth, 
daughter of Reginald Lord Delawarr, from whom he was divorced ; 
secondly, to Jane, daughter of Sir Thomas Strangways, and widow 
of Sir William Willoughby, Knight, by whom he had Thomas and 
Katherine, who died young ; their mother died on St. Matthias's 
day, Ist Richard III. 24th February 1484. His third wife was 
Ann, daughter of John Fiennes, Lord Dacre, who survived him, 
and re-married Sir Thomas Brandon, Knight. The Marquess 
died 8. p. 8. February 14, 1492. 
* 1491-2. 


manors of DonyDgton, Tfawajts, 8ic. shall remaia to Tho- 
mas Earl of Derby % if I die witboat issue of my body^ ac- 
cording to indentures made between him and me. To 
Anne, my wife*. 


Stephen Roper, of Goutherst. To John Roper, of 
Tysherst, John Roper of Staplehurst, my sons ; my sons, 
Stephen Roper and William Roper. 


Humphry Talbot, Knight, Marshal of the town of Calais*, 
February 18th, 1492. I will that a priest shall pray for my 
father and mother, and for the prosperity of my sister Eliza^ 
beth Dutchess of Norfolk ', and for the soul of John Wenlock 
and Elizabeth his wife ; I will that a stone be put into the 
pillar before the grave of my Lady Mother in Paul's, of her 
portraiture and of her arms, according to the will of John 

* Thomas Stanley, K. G. The Manors are recited by Dugdale. 

* From Dugdale*s Abstract, vol. i. p. 366, and a MS. note. 

* He was a younger son of John first Earl of Shrewsbury, by 
his second wife, Margaret, daughter and coheir of Richard Earl 
of Warwick, and died at Mount Sinai without issue : his wife was 
Mary, daughter and heir of Jobn Champernoun. Collins. Vide 
her will in a subsequent page. 

' Under Dugdale*8 account of the family of Moubray, vol. i. 
p. 131, he states that Jisim Moubray, the last Duke of Norfolk, 
married Elizabeth, daughter of John first Earl of Shrewsbury, 
which is corroborated by the above will ; but he does not mention 
her in speaking of the issue of that nobleman, and Collins, in 
his History of the Talbot family, omits noticing her in the proper 
place, and merely speaks of her in p. 91 as the aunt of Sir Gilbert 
Talbot^ of Grafton. 


Wenlock « ; also I will that the son of Wenlock have the 
lordships of Tresham, in the County of Gloucester, for life, 
after the death of my wife; and that my nephew Sir Gil- 
bert Talbot^ have the rule of my lordship of Glossop, with 
remainder to Humphrey Talbot, my nephew's son. 

Proved 11th November 1492. 


Thomas Lovett, of Astwell, in Northamptonshire, Octo? 
ber 29th, 7 Henry VII. My body to be buried in the Ab- 
bey of Bitlesden, by my wife; to Joan, my wife, late wife 
of John Hawlys% one of the Justices of the Common Pleas; 
to Thomas Lovett, my son and heir by the said Joan my 
wife; to Nicholas Lovett my son; my term of years in 
Wedon Pinkehey; to Isabel Lovet and Margaret, my 
daughter, cl. which John Bdteler oweth me; to Thomas 
Thorne my brother^ to Richard Osborne my son; John 
Thorne my brother; to my brother John a crimson gown; 
Co Richard Osborne's wife ; to brother Thomas a cross bow; 
to Stephen Hawlys, son and heir of Joan my wife. 

Proved 28th January 1492. 


Edward Viscount L'isle ♦, January 17th, 1492. My body 
to be buried in the new tomb in the new Chapel of our 

* Vide the Will of this John Wenlock, and a note thereon, p. 343. 

• Sir Gilbert Talbot, of Grafton. He was the son of his half- 
brother, John 2d Earl of Shrewsbury. 

3 Beatson*s Political Index, vol. i. p. 302, states that John 
Haugh was appoinfed one of the Puisne Justices of the Common 
Pleas February 3, 1487) but does not mention any John Haidys, 

^ Edward Grey. He was second son of Edward Grey, Lord 
Ferrers of Groby, and brother of John Lord Grey of Groby, whose 


Lady^ by me begun in the college of Astley^ where the body 
of Elizabeth lieth. To Jane, my now wife % all my pur^ 
chased lands in Warwickshircy for her life ; and I will that 
she amortize certain Iftnds, therewith to endow and find a 
priest to sing perpetually in the said Cbapel for my soul, 
and the soul of Elizabeth my wife, for the soul of the said 
Joan, and for all Christian souls ; to Margaret and Eliza- 
beth my daughters ; I will that my wife shall have the go- 
vernance of my son and of bis lands, and likewise the mar- 
riage of him ; whereas my brother is steward of my manor 
of Drayton, in the county of Stafford *. 

Proved 26th August 149^. 



10th September, 1492. I, Henry Lord Gray «, make my 
last will and testament. . I will my body to be buried in the 

widow married King Edward IV . In consequence of his marriage 
with Elizabeth Talbot, sister and heir of Thomas Talbot, Viscount 
L'lsle^ he was, 15th Edward I.V. created Baron Lisle, and 28th 
June, 1st Richard III. Viscount LTsle. 
' Vide her will in a subsequent page. 

* From Dugdale's Abstract, vol. i. p. 7^% and MS. notes. 

* Henry last Lord Grey of Codnor; Dugdale says, that he 
<« much affecting the study of chymistry, in the Sd Edward IV. 
obtained a licence from the King to practise the transmutation of 
metals by his philosophical skill : how he sped therein I cannot 
say;" and that for his services to the King he obtained several 
extensive grants. That eminent writer does not state who he mar- 
ried ; but although from his Will it would appear that Katherine^ 
whom he describes as the Duchess of Norfolk's daughter, was 
not living when that instrument was made, yet, from a note in 
Glover's autograph, it is evident that she must haVe been so, for that 

correct genealogist says she married to her ^econc? husband 

Ailmer. The Katherine in question was the daughter of Thomas 
Strangeways, by Katherine, daughter of Ralph Nevill, Earl of 
Westmoreland, and widow of John M oubray, Duke of Norfolk. 
The only farther information we possess of this Lord Grey is, that 
he died 8th April 1496, s. p. 1. aged about sixty-one years. 


Chancel of our Lady ia the Fryers of Aylesford. I give to 
my wife Katben'ne half of my moveables, she to have for 
her jointure Aylesford and Hoo Hundred in Kent, Thnr- 
rock Grey in Essex, Bitham Park, Stoking, and South* 

witham, in Lincolnshire, Sapcote, and and iii 

pounds in Staunton, in Leicestershire, Langwinter Bassetts, 
in Derbyshire, and that she have the rule of my three sons^ 
till they be 18 years old. I owe to my cousin, Sir Thomas 
Barrow, %xL 1 give to the White Friars of Nottingham 
the rent of Barton Mills, with the new Fish Garte, to find 
a friar or priest to pray lor my soul after my decease, and 
for the soul of Margaret, that was my wife, my father's 
soul, and my mother's soul, and for the soul of Katherine, 
that was my wife, which was the Duchess of Norfolk's 
daughter, and for all my kin's souls. Also •! will that 
Richard Grey, my bastard son, have my manor of Rat- 
cliiTe-upon-Trent, in Nottinghamshire, and the heirs of his 
body lawfully begotten. If he die without heirs of his 
body, 1 will that it go to the two Henries^ my bastards, to 
have to them, and the heirs of their bodies lawfully begot- 
ten, for ever. Also I will that the same two Henries, my 
bastards, have the manors of Tonton and Barton, in Not* 
tinghamshire, to them and to the heirs of their bodies law- 
fully begotten for ever. If it happen the one die without 
heirs of his body, then the other to have all the whole 
Lordships for evermore. Also I will that little Harry*, my 
bastard, which is Katherine Flindern's son, have Cicely 
Charlton to his wife ; and I will that my cousin. Sir Tho« 
mas Barrow, pay a hundred pounds to the marriage of 
Richard Grey, and the greater Harry, my bastards, or else 
that the land of his part stand still in feoffees' hands, till two 
hundred marks be raised and paid to the marriage of the 
said two children. I will that my wife have the rule of my 
three sons till they be 18 years of age.. Also I will that my 
cousin Zouch' deliver his son and heir according to his 

' His natural sons. 

• Ancestor of the Greys of Langley, co. Leicester. 

3 Dugdale states, that Elizabeth, the aunt of the testator (sister 



writing, which my wife hath the bill of, or else to pay six 
haodred marks of money to me or mine executors, to go 
to the payment of my debts, and to my burial, and per- 
formance of my will at Aylesford. 1 will that Lentall 
part' and Newport part ' of my land, and that each one of 
my household servants have an annuity, or yearly fee or 
rent, for term of their lives, going out of those two parts^ 
yearly. And if any of mine heirs will not fulfil this my 
last will, that then I will that their part stand still in my 
feoffees and executors hands for term of forty years, to fulfil 
this my last will ; the residue of my goods I bequeath to 

of his father Henry Lord Grey), and wife of Sir John Zouch, was 
his heir. 

' Sic in the MS. It is difficult to explain the meaning of this 
passage, excepting that persons named Lentall and Newport were 
to have part of his ]ands, and which is in some degree confirmed 
by the following extract from Leland, cited by Banks : '* The last 
Lord Grey of Codnor left three daughters, whereof one was mar- 
ried to Sir Rowland Lentalle, of Notynghamshire ; another to 
Newport in Shropshire ; and the third to one Souche, a younger 
brother of the house of the Lord Souches. Tlies three had 
the Lord Grayes landes in copartition, whereof 'the Lordship of 
Ailresford, in Kent, and How Hundred, was parte. There were 
some of the Lord Grayes of Codnor buried at Ailresford Friars. 
Lentall dyenge wiljiQut issue male, left two daughters; whereof 
one called Catarine was married to one of the Lord Zouqhes, the 
other to Cornwale Baron of Barford, and so cam they to be co- 
partners in the L9rd Grey of Codnor's lands.'* It is evident from 
this Will, and from the Inquisition cited by Dugdale, that the last 
Lord Grey of Codnor left no legitiipate issue, and hence if he 
really had the daughters mentioned by Leland, they must have 
been his natural daughters. In Blore's Rutland. Richard Lord 
Grey of Codnor, K. G. the grandfather oT the testator, is 
said to have left a daughter, Lucy, who married Rowland 
Lentall, who was living 13th Henry VI. and who left by the said 
Lucy two daughters and coheirs^ Elizabeth, wife of Cornwall, and 
Katherine, who married William Lord Zouche, of Haryngworth, 
which corroborates Leland's statement. In this imperfect state 
of the printed accounts of the coheirs qf the last Baron Grey 
of Codnor, the Editor is happy to be able to add the following 
statement, taken from Vincent's Baronage, in the College of Arms, 



Katherine my wife. Thomas the Archbishop of York V 
my cousin Sir Thomas Barrow, Sir John Babington, 
Knight^ John Abbot of Darley, Prior Richard of Lenton, 
Thomas Prior of Newstead. Thomas Leak, whom I make 
and ordain mine executors. And they to garre to make a 
tomb over me like my Lord Beamonde's tomb at Sempring- 
ham. In witness whereof, 8cc.* 


Geoffrey Sherard%. Esquire, December lOth, 1492. My 
body to be buried in the Church of All Saints of Stapleford. 
My three daughters and four sons ; to my daughter Isa* 

(obligingly communicated to him by Francis Townsend, Esquire^) 

and which he presumes explains the facts of the case. 

Richard Lord Grey,=j=Elizabeth, daughter and coheir of 
of Codnor, K. G. I Ralph Lord Bassett, of Sapcote. 

John Lord 
Grey, son 
and heir ; 
ob. 1430, 
8. p. 

Henry LordipKa- 
Grey, of the- 
Cod!nor;ob. rine. 
22 Henry 
VL ^ 

William Grey, Bi- 
shop of Ely. 

Elizabeth, marr. 
John Zouche, of 
Codnor. ^ 

Eleanor, ma. Tho- 
mas Newport. ^ 

cia. land 

Elizabeth mar- 
ried to John 
Wells, and 
was living 19 

Edward IV. 
s. p. 


Catherine Lenthall, mar- 
ried to William Lord 

Elizabeth, married Tho- 
mas Cornwall, of Bur- 

Henry last Lord Grey, 
of Codnor ; ob. 8th 
April 11 Henry VH. 
(ThbTestator.) =p 

Richard. Henry. 

» Thomas Rotheram, * Harl. MSB. 245, f. 160. 

* From whom the Right Hon. the Earl of Harborough is 
lineally descended. It is evident that it is this Geofirey She- 
rard whom Collins (vol. iv. p. 362-363) describes as being Sheriff 
of Rutland 8th and 20th Edward IV. and 1st Richard III. ; he 
however says that his wife^ Joyce, died September 16, 14d2, about 
two years after him, which is an error. It is also said that this 
Geoffirey had seven sons and seven daughters. If this be correct, 
seven of his children must have died before him, for he expressly 
'speaks in his Will of his <* three daugJiiers arid four sons.* 


bella ; to Geoffrey Sherard^ son of Thomas Sherard > ; to 
Thomas Sherard, brother of Geoffrey; my sons William^ 
Laurence, and Robert. Proved February 6th, 1492-1493. 


John Denton^ 6th September 1493. I will that my wife, 
if living sole, have all my lands in Oxfordshire and Berk- 
shire. To my brother Philip Purefoy's father; to my fa- 
ther Browne, and my mother, his wife. My manor of Fox- 
cote, during the non-age of my son. And I appoint 
Isabel* my executrix. Proved 17th November, 1497. 


John Stourton, Knight', August 18, 1484. My body to 
be buried in the Chapel of the Chantry of the Virgin in 
the parish of Mere. And I will that my obit, and the obit 
of my wife Katherine, be kept in the said Chantry. To 
Katherine, my wife, my manor of Over-moigne, in the 
County of Dorset. Proved 1st July, 1493. 


James Blount, Knight, July .24th, 1492. My body to be the Church of the Grey Friars, near Newgate, in 
London. I desire that the wills of my father, and of my 
Lord my brother, be fulfilled and performed by my execu- 
tors. I will that my wife Elizabeth have my manor of 
Bylston, with remainder to my nephew, William Blount. 
And I appoint Elizabeth, my wife, and Robert Lytton, 
Esquire, Under Treasurer of England, my executors. 

Proved 24th May, 1493. 

* This Thomas appears to have been his son and heir. 

* Query, his wife ? 

3 Third Lord Stourton. He married Katherine, daughter of 
Sir Maurice Berkley, but died s. p . 



Roger Townshend, Knight *, August 14, 1493. My body 
to be buried in the Chapel of St. Katherine^ in the Church 
of St. Mary of Raynham, if I die there ; but if I depart 
this life in London I will that I be buried in the Church of 
the White Friars, in Fleet-street, before the crucifix. I ap- 
point my wife my sole executrix, and will that she have 
the governance of my eldest son Roger Townshend *. 


lienry Finch % January 18th, gth Henry VH. 1494. My 
body to be buried in the Chapel of St. Nicholas of Iklesham. 
And I will that one hundred masses be said for my soul, 
and the souls of my ancestors, within one month next after 
my decease. To the reparation of the said Chapel of St. 
Nicholas, and the building of an altar like to the altar in 
the Church of Iklesham, xls.; to the reparation of the said 
Church ^L5. ; to the mending of the ways between Clegge 
Cross and Iklesham-street, xls. I will that my executors 
suffer Alice, my wife', to take the profits of all my lands^ 
&c. as well within the franchise as without, till such time 
as she receives cc/. to be applied to the marriage of my 
two daughters. Also I will that my younger sons have out 
of the said lands their sufficient finding during their non- 
age, by the guiding and oversight of my said wife ; also 
that my said wife and executor shall receive the yearly sum 
of XX /. out of the profits of my manor of Nethersele, until 

> Ancestor of the Lord Viscount Townshend. This Sir Roger 
Townshend was appointed Justice of the Common Pleas 1485, and 
was knighted at Worcester by Henry VI L He died 8th Hen. VII. 

* From Collins* Abstract, vol. vi. p. 38. 

• From whom the Right Hon. the Earl of Winchelsea and Not- 
tingham, K. G. is lineally descended. 

3 She was the daughter and heir of Philip Belknap, of the Moat 
near Canterbury, uncle to Sir Edward Belknap. 


the sum of ci. be fully received, the which aam I will be 
bestowed for the health of my soul at their discretion. I 
will that Alice^ my wife, shall have her choice^ either to 
have the manor of Iklesham, with the appurtenances, in 
the name of her jointure, or else the jointure that is assigned 
to her. Also I will that Henry, my son« when he comes to 
the age of twenty-one years, shall have the marsh at 
Dymesdale during the life of his mother, i|s also my lands 
at Winchelsea. To Philip, my son, my land called Don<- 
ham, during his mother^s life; and after her decease my 
manor of Morley, with the appurtenances, in fee tail^ and, 
in default of issue, with remainder to my son William^ and 
Henry, my youngest son, and their issue. And I consti- 
tute Alice, my wife, and Edward Belknap, Esquire, my 
executors*. Proved May 18th, 1493. 


Dame Isabel Sapcote, wjfe of Sir Richard SapcCte, of 
Burley, in the County of Rutland. My body to be there 
buried. My son, Thomas Sapcote, and my daughter, Jane 
Sapcote. Isabel Palmer, daughter o^ my daughter, Jane 
Nevill. Isabel, wife of Richard Flore. To three priests to 
say masses for the souls of Sir John Fraunces and Sir 
Richard Sapcote, my husbands. " Proved 1493 f. 


Thomas Wilraott, perpetual Vicar of the Parish Church 
of Ashford, 25th April, 1493. My body to be buried in the 
Chapel of St. Nicholas, in the Church aforesaid. I will 
that the image of St. Mary, now standing in my study, be 

* From Collins* Abstract, vol. iii. p. 274. 
t Ex inform. George Baker, Esq. 

£ £ 


placed at my expence in the said Cbapel of St. Nicholas. 
I bequeath my goods and household furniture to my 
successors in the Vicarage, on this coBdition, viz. if the 
foundation of the College by King Edward IV. shall re- 
main firm and stable, provided that my executors, before 
the delivery of the same, shall cause to be made an inven- 
tory, with praisement of every thing therein, tripartite, of 
which one part shall remain with theni^ the second with 
my future successor, and the third with the Churchwar- 
dens, to the intent the same may continue to my future 
successor from time to time for ever. 

Proved 29th April, 1493, at Canterbury. 


Alexander Clyfford, of Bobbing, Esq.* 3d September, 
1494. My body to be buried in the said Church in the 
Chapel of our Lady there, next to Margaret, my wife. To 
Lewis my eldest son, Christopher my second son, Hum- 
phry, Sampson, Thomas; and Richard Clyfford, my younger 
sons. I bequeath my manor of Sutton Valence, with its 
appurtenances, to Lewis, my son, in tail; remainder to the 
heirs of my body; remainder to Elizabeth, wife of William 
Laycroft, my sister, in tail; remainder to John Clyfford, 
my uncle, in like tail; remainder to Lewis Blewet, in like 
tail ; remainder to Nicholas Colepepper, and his heirs for 

' Son of Lewis Clifford (who died vita patris) and grandson and 
heir of William Clifford, Esquire, son of Sir Lewis Clifford, K. G. 
(whose Will is inserted in p. 164) ; ancestor of the Lords Clifford 
of Chudleigh. It is said in Collins* Peerage, voT. vii. p. 157» that 
this Alexander Clifford married Margaret, daughter of Walter 
Colepeper, who died 19 January 1488, and " by her had two sons, 
Nicholas and Richard, from whom the Cliffords of Kent are de- 
scended.** It is singular, if this statement be correct, that the 
'testator does not mention his son Nicholasy and from the'particular 
manner in which he describes his sons, it may be doubted if he hiui 
a son of that name. 


evermore. Meldred, wife of Lewis Clifford. I bequeath 
my manor of Shorne to Lewis^ my sod, in tail male ; re- 
mainder to the heirs of my body lawfully begotten ; re- 
mainder to the heirs general of my body as aforesaid ; re- 
mainder to the said Elizabeth, in tail ; remainder to John 
Clyfford, my uncle, in tail; remainder to the said John 
Cly fford's heirs general for ever ; remainder to John St. 
Leger of Edcombe, in tail male; remainder to Nicholas 
Colepepper aforesaid for evermore. I bequeath my manor 
of Bobbing, and my manor or tenement called Ustede, 
with their appurtenances, to Lewis, my son, in tail (charged 
with certain annuities to my younger sons) ; remainder to 
the heirs of my body; remainder to my sister in like tail; 
remainder to John^ my uncle, in like tail; remainder to 
John St. Leger, in tail male; remainder to the said Nicho- 
las Colepepper, and his heirs for ever. And I will that, 
after the decease of the said Mildred, the said Lewis, my 
son, have my manor of Bracie, with it appurtenances, in 
tail male; remainder to my heirs male ; remainder to Eli- 
zabeth, my sister, in tail male; remainder to my uncle 
John, in tail male; remainder to John St. Leger, in tail 
male; remainder to Nicholas Colepepper in fee. A water- 
mill, called Kingsmill, in Middleton, a place called Che- 
chyley, in Newington. My lands, rents, and fee-farm 
of Berley, belonging to the Cbapeli Chesyllkeld. 

Proved 1494, at Canterbury. 


Katherine Dudley, March 1, 1492 ^ My body to be 
buried in the Parish Church of Stowe ; and I bequeath all 
B^y goods to the disposition of Richard Lord Latimer*, 
whom I constitute my executor. Proved March 4, 1493. 

* Richard Nevill, Lord Latimer. ' 1499-3. 

£ £ 2 



Robert Talboys, Knight, Lord of Kyme and Redisdale', 
November l6tb, 1494. My body to be buried in the Priory 
of Kyme, on the North side of the Choir, and there I will 
have a tomb with a pictu)re of me, and another of my wife. 
My son George ; my son William ; my two sons, Robert 
and John. Whereas a marriage is intended between 
George^ my son, and Elizabeth, sister to Sir William Gas- 
coigne. Knight ; I will that my manor of Faldingworth, 
and the advowson . of the Churchi and the manor of 
Rotringham, in Lancashire, be setjtled on my son, William 
Talboys, for life. I will that my manors of Newton, Kyme, 
Hornington, and Oxton, in the County of York, be settled 
on Robert Talboys, my son, for life. My sons John, Wil- 
liam, Robert, and Richard. My daughters. I will that 
an obit be kept yearly for me in the Priory of Kyme; and 
the like obit in the Priory of Bolington, in Lincoln. And 
I appoint William Hussee, Thomas Welby, and Thomas 
Wymbishe, uiy executors. Proved IQth June, 1495. 


Edmund Verney% February 24, 1494*. My body to be 
buried in the Conventual Church of the Friars Preachers at 
Warwick, between the altar of our Lady and the altar of 

* Ancestor of Gilbert Talboys, who was summoned to Parliament 
27 Henry VIII. Elizabeth, daughter and coheir of this Gilbert 
Lord Talboys, married Thomas Wimbish, Esquire, who claimed 
the barony jure uxoris, but having no issue by her, it was solemnly 
determined before Henry VIII. ** that neither Mr. Wymbish, nor 
none other from thenceforth, should use the style of his wife's dig- 
nity but such as by courtesy of Kngland hath also right to her pos- 
sessions for term of his life." Collins on Baronies, p. 1 1. 

• Ancestor of the Lord Willoughby de Broke. 
^ Query, 1494-5? 


St. Dominicky on the North part. I will that my executors 
cause a lamp to be contiaually maintained burning in the 
Chancel of that Church before the Host *• 


Ralph Hastings, of Wanstead, in Essex, Knight^, 17th 
September 1495. My body to be buried in the. Church of 
Sti Bridget of Middlesex, if I may be suffered to be buried 
there; otherwise, in the Abbey of Barking. To Amy, my 
daughter, to her marriage; to Ann Longfield, daughter of 
Sir John Longfield, Knight, my little primer; to my bro- 
ther. Sir Richard Hastings, Lord WilloughbyS my best 
horse, with the saddle, &c. And I appoint Amy, my wife, 
my executrix ; to the which Amy I bequeath all my ma- 
nors add lands in Wansted and Woolriche, in the Counties 
of £s8ex and Kent. Proved 1st December, \495. 


John Cooper, of Hertyng, Esquire 3, May l6, 1495. 
My body to be buried in the Parish Church of St. Mary 
the Virgin of Hertyng. To the Churches of. St. Mary of 

* From Collins* Abstract, vol. vi. p. 398. 

' Younger son of Leonard Hastings, and brother of William 
first Lord Hastings, and of Richard Hastings Lord Welles. Vide 
his facer's will, p. S6S. 

^ His brother Richard Hastings was summoned to Parliament as 
Lord Welles 9^ Edward IV. from having married Joane, the sister 
and heir of Sir Robert Welles ; he was called by his brother Lord 
Willooghby, because the mother of the said Joane was the daugh- 
ter and heiress of Robert sixth Lord Willoughby of Eresby. 

> Immediate ancestor of the Right Honourable the Earl of 



Durford and St^ Mary of Peter, where I have lands, xl«. 
each. For a priest to say mass in the Church of Hertyog 
for my soul, and the souls of my ancestors, x 2. to be paid 
by my executors. To John, my son, after the decease of 
Alice, my wife, my manor of Bosham, with the appnr^ 
tenances, as in an indenture to him more plainly appears. 
To my SODS, John and Richard Cooper, my stock of horses, 
oxen, sheep, and also my lands in the counties of Sussex 
and Southampton; to my said wife my lands and tene- 
ments in Petersfield, in the county of Southampton, to 
dispose of to my sons as to her may seem expedient* And 
i appoint her my sole executrix*. Proved Oct. 29, 14Q5* 


John Bourchier, Knight', June 4, 1495. My body to 
be buried in the Abbey of Bylegh, by Maldod in Essex, 
near my Lord father' and my Lady mother, beneath their 
sepulture and tomb; and there I will have a tomb made 
for me, and both my wives, according to my degree. And 
I appoint Elizabeth Bourgchier, my wife, my sole execu- 
trix. Proved 3d November, 1495. 


" Cecily, late wife of Richard Duke of York, and mother 
to King Edward the Fourth %" April 1, 1495. My body to 

* From Collins* Abstract, vol. iii. p. 394. 

» Apparently the fourth son of Henry Bourchier, first Earl of 

Essex, K. G. whom Dugdale states to have married Elizabeth, the 

niece and heir of William Lord Ferrers of Groby, and widow of 

Edward Lord Grey of Groby ; it does not appear whether she was 

his first or second wife, but probably the latter^ 

• She was the daughter of Ralph Nevill, K. G. first Earl of West- 



be buried near tbe body of my late husband , Richard 
Duke of York, in his tomb within tbe Collegiate Church 
of Fotheringay. To my daughter Ann * my largest bed of 
baudekyn, with a counterpoint of the same ; to my daugh- 
ter Katherine^ a traverse of blue satin ; to my daughter of 
Suffolk ' my chair with the covering, all my cushions^ 
horses, and harnesses for the same, with all my palfreys ; 
to my son of Suffolk |t cloth of estate ; to my son Hum- 
phrey two altar-cloths of blue damask^; to my son Wil- 
liam a traverse of white sarcenet; to my daughter Anne, 
Prioress of Syon, a book of Bonaventur^. I bequeath all 
my plate for carrying my body from the Castle of Berk- 
hamstead to the Castle of Fotheringay. To Dame Jane 
Pesemershe, widow, mine inn called the George, in 
Grautham, for her life; with remainder to tbe College of 
Fotheringay- And I appoint Mr. Oliver King, Bishop 
of Bath; Sir Reginald Bray, Knight; and Sir Thomas 
Lovell, Knight, Councillors to the King's Grace, my exe- 
cutors. And I constitute Sir Henry Heydon, Knight, 
Steward of my House, supervisor of this my will*. 

Proved Sfth August, 1495. 

moreland, hy His second wife Joan, daughter of John of Gaunt, 
and married Richard Plantagenet Duke of York, who was killed 
at the battle of Wakefield December 24th, 1460. Edward, their 
eldest son, ascended the throne as Edward IV. 

' She married first, Henry Duke of Exeter ; and secondly, Sir 
Thomas St. Leger ; Anne, her daughter and heir by the said Sir 
Thomas, was the wife of Sir George Manners Lord Roos, from 
which marriage the present Duke of Rutland is descended. 

* Query, her grand-daughter, daughter of Edward IV. and wife 
of William Courtenay, Earl of Devon ? 

' Her daughter Elizabeth, married John De la Pole, Duke of 
Suffolk, K. G. 

* This bequest is taken from Dugdale*s Abstract, but it is omitted 
in some MS. notes of this will. It does not appear, from the dif- 
ferent pedigrees of the House of York, that she had a son or 
grandson so called. 

* From Dugdale's Abstract, vol. ii. p. 161, and MS. notes. 



William Lenthall, of Latcbford, 1495. To the Church of 
Lenthally in which parish I was born, xxs. My wife Cathe* 
rine; my sons Thomas and Edmund. I appoint my son 
Thomas, and my cousin Nicholas Green, of Haseley, my 
executors. And Mr. Thomas Danvers, of Water Stoke^ 
overseer *. 


Kateryn Martyn^ of the town of Feversham, widow, 14th 
April, 1495. My body to be buried in the Parish Church 
of St. Nicholas of Ashe, in the same tomb where the body 
of John Septuans, sometime my husband^ resteth. To the 
Chauntry of the Upper Hall, founded by my husband, for 
ever xx s. annually, of the land which lieth or joineth next 
iinto the said Chauntry, upon this condition, that there be 
kept annually, in the Parish Church of Ashe, an obit for 
the souls of my relations and friends. I will that, after the 
decease of my daughter, Edythe Wygmere, the manor of 
Shert be divided among the four daughters of my son, 
John Wygmere, viz. Margaret, Elizabeth, Anne, and Bea- 
trix, each of them to have portion alike, and each to be 
the other's heir, in case of death ; and if they all decease 
unmarried, then I will that the same be distributed towards 
maidens' marriages, highways, and other charitable deeds. 

Proved 19th January, 1498, at Canterbury. 


John Fagge, of Linne, 20th April, 1495. My body to 
be buried in the Church of Liune. I will that my execu- 
tors lay to keep in Christ Church of Canterbury cxx /. unto 
the time that my children come of age. To the reparation 

* Ex inform. George Baker, Esq. 


of the body of the Cbureh of ttetit inf. ivrf. ; to the repa- 
rtition of the body of the Church of Westhythe vis. viirrf.; 
to the BedonroD of Courtop^dtreetrs^; to Richard Knatch- 
bally of MershacDy and John Knatchbull, of Sellinge next 
Horton*; to John Hart, of the same; to ' AgneSj my wife, 
my place in Linne, with all the lande th^te or in Borough- 
marsh, during her life; after which I bequeath the same^ ex- 
cept twenty-two aeres in Boroughmarftb, t6 John, my son, 
and the heirs male of his body, and the said twenty-two acres 
^ying in the fee of St. Austin's, Canterbury, to Nicholas, my 
soh/in likematmer; toThomas, my son,my messuage ntuaied 
at the Roode, in the tenure of Pulton^ in the parish of 
Aldyngtony *d^d other lands in tbe ^atd tenure atid parish, 
to him and bis heirs for ever. I willthat, if eitherof my sons 
die before the age of twenty-two, or without such heirs atf 
aforesaid, thiit the survivor shall be the dthePs heir, and if 
all should die as aforesaid) then the whole of my lands and 
tenements shall remain* to my daughters, Margaret and 
Alice, for evermore^ excepting my tenement at AMyngtbn^ 
with its appurtenances, which I will remain to Thomai 
William Crosby and bis heirs for ever; And if thy said 
daughters die without heirs, then I wiU that my Lands and 
tenements as aforesaid be sold. - Proved at Canterbury.^ 


WiYliam Benet, son of Robert Benet, of the parish of 
St. Andrew, in Canterbury. My body to be buried in the 
Church of St. Augustin, beside Alice my wife. I will 
nils, iiiirf. of quit-rent of the tenement of William Fellow, 
and now the tenement of John Robinson, also chapman in 
Clement's lane, the which said rent 1 will that my feoffees, 
the Parson of St Andrew's, and the two Wardens of the 
said Church, hare to sustain and keep up the dock of the 
said Church for evermore. Forasmuch as the Wardens of St. 
Andrew's have no good in hand, as other Churches have, I 
will that my executors deliver it to tbe said Church. I will 
that my executors buy three hundred feet of Ashler of Folke- 


Stone stone, to make a wharf about the King's Melle there* 
I bequeath v/. for the reparation of the shambles for 
strange butchers to occupy every market day ; for paving 
of the streets from St. Andrew's to the Pillory, that the 
people may go the cleaner thereto, x /• I will that Thomas 
atte Wode have the Beme at Castelgate, with the lands 
thereto belongingi the which be rehearsed in the bills in- 
dented made between the said Thomas and me, he fulfilling 
the covenants of the same* 1 will that John k Neve^ of 
Berham, have all the lands and pastures, and xiiid* of 
quit-rent, that I have in the parish of Berham^ as it is re- 
hearsed in the bills indented made between the said John 
and me, the said John k Neve fulfilling the covenants re- 
hearsed in the said bills. I will to certain trustees all the 
tenements that I have in the parish of St. Mary Bredman, 
beside Juey-lane, to the welfare and common profit of the 
tity for evermore, except xs. duly to be paid yearly for . 
evermore to the Parson of St. Andrew's, or his deputy, and 
to the two Wardens of the said Church, for certain services 
for the good of my soul. I will to the angel steeple of 
Christ Church xiiis. iv<2. Isabella, Alice, Elene, and Ga- 
radine, my wives* I will that my executors give the place 
that Roger Goldfinch dwelleth in, and the lis. of quit-rent 
that he hath of the tenement sometime of John Goodale, 
and now the tenement of John White, to the Brethren and 
Sisters of Maynard Spetell, and to their successors for ever- 
more, they to pray for my soul. I will a stone of value v /. 
be laid over William Chiltone, and over Elene my wife. 
To the making of the angel steeple x marks '. 

Proved at Canterbury. 

* He appears to have been a man of some consideration and 
wealth) from his many charitable bequests ; he lived in St. An- 
drew's parish, and mentions the place where his father dwelt iq 
Stoure-street, by the name of his *^ principal place there, with a 
garden adjoining thereto.** 



Richard Pinchbeck, of Pinchbeck, Esq.* My body to 
be buried there.- My manor of Hackbichall, and my lands 
in Bourne, Morton^ Witham, Hackenby, and Pnxworth. 
Thomas and John, sons of my son Thomas ; Richard, son 
of my son Richard ; Sir Adelard Welby, my uncle. And I 
appoint Thomas Welby, my nephew, overseer of this my 


John Spencer, of Hodnell, co. Warwick, Esq. My body 
to be buried at Hodnell. My wife Joane; my son Thomas; 
my daughter Elizabeth ; my daughter Jane, wife of Wil- 
liam Cope. And I appoint my nephew, William Spencef, 
Joan, wife of Walter Graunt, and my nephew John Spen- 
cer, my executors. Proved 1496*. 

' Supposed to have been dated circa 1495. 

* Ex inform. George Baker, Esquire. It appears from Collins* 
Peerage, vol. i. p. 350, that he was the second son of John Spencer, 
Esquire, ancestor of the present Duke of Marlborough and Earl 
Spencer. The abstract of this will in that work differs in a slight 
degree from the above ; it is there stated that it was dated 15th 
September 1486^ and that the testator died in 1498 ^ that he be- 
queathed his body to be buried in the chancel of the parish Church 
of HodenhuU, and constituted his nephew John Spencer, of Mitter - 
field, Knt. son of his brother William, one of his executors, entail- 
ing his lands on him in default of issue male of his own son Tho- 
mas (from whom the Spencers of Hodnell are descended), and in 
default of issue of him, the said John, to the heirs male of Thomas^ 
the said John*s late brother. 



^ Thomas Burgh, Knight', February 18, 1495'. My body 
to be buried in my new Chapel withiu the Parish Church 
4>f AH Saints at Gainsborough, in the. county pf Lincoln, 
in which I will that a tomb be made at .the North end of 
the altar of the same, with two images or figures thereon, 
^z. of me in armour,, and of my wife, with our anna, and 
the days of our obits ; and I will that the image of me 
have my mantle of the Garter, and a garter about my leg. 
Also I will that in the same Chapel there shall be founded 
a perpetual chuntry of one priest, whom I will be honest, 
discreet, able and cunning, in reading and singing, to help 
jtQ, serve God and to keep the quire daily in the said 
Church; also to. sing and pray in the said Chapel for my 
soul and the soul of Dame Margaret my wife, as likewise 
for the souls of my father and mother, and all my ances- 
tors ; and the said priest to have an annual rent of x /. for 
evermore out of my manor of Tunstall ; whereas Sir Ed- 
ward Cornwall, Knight, Lord of Strumache, hath founded 
another chauntry in the said Church ; also I will that a 
.stone be laid upon my mother lying interred in the Abbey 
of St. James near Northampton, somewhat raised in height, 
with the arms of my father and mother thereon, and an in- 
scription, for the doing whereof I bequeath x /. ; also I 
will that there be founded at Gaynesburgh an hospital for 
.five poor bedemen, for evermore, every one of whom to re- 
ceive for bis support i d. a day, and to have every other 
year a gown of 1115. iv^. price; I will that the said poor 
men be chosen of such as have done me service, or service 
to my heirs ; and for lack of such, then of those who have 
been tenants within the town of Gayensburgh, unto me or 
to my heirs, and come to poverty; I desire that the said 

> Knight of the Garter ; he was created a Baron 29th Septem- 
ber, 3 Henry VII. ; his wife was Margaret, daughter of Thomas 
Lord Rocs of Kendall, and widow of Sir Thomas Botreaux, Knt. 
by whom he had the children mentioned in his will* 

* Query, 1495-6 ? 


five bedemen be daily present at the mass of my chauntry 
priest, to help him to s&j de pr^undis in audience, and 
sQch of them as be learned, their paternoster, ave, and 
creed, at the least,; to my son Sir Edward, and to his heirs, 
the barony of Gayensburgh; to my son Thomas, in case 
he be living, at the day of my burial, to his chamber xlL 
the one half in plate, and the other in household stuiF; to 
my daughter the Lady Fitz-Hugh, a book of gold ena- 
melled, which was my wife's; to my godson Thomas, eldest 
son of my son Sir Edward, a cross of gold set with an feme-i* 
raid in the midst, which wfts my mother's ; to my daughter 
Anne a cross of gold, which was my wife's, ^t with stoned 
and a great ruby in the midst; 1 will that my son Sir £d^ 
ward's three sons Thomas, George, and Humphrey, remain 
in the keeping of my executors, until they be each twenty 
years old*. Proved May 19th, 1496. 


Edmund Bedingfield, of Oxburgb, co. Norfolk, at Calais, 
1496. I will that my wife Margaret have Denhamfor life; 
with remainder to my son Edmund. I bequeath all my 
lands to my heir. My sons Thomas and Peter. To each 
of my unmarried daughter^ cccc marks. 1 will that a priest 
pray for the soul of Sir Thomas Tudenham, my uncle f* . 


William Nevill, of Carlton, co.. Northampton. My Son 
Thomas and his wife, and daughter Margaret. I will that 
restitution be made to Holt Chapel. Jane, now my wife. 
And. I appoint my son Thomas, and my cousin Palmer, 
my executors. Proved 1498 f, 

- * From Dugdale's Abstract, vol.ii. p.989» and MS. notes, 
t Ex inform. George Baker, Esquire. 



Robert Restwolde, January 8th, 1496 ^ My body to be 
baried in the Chancel before St. Nicholas in Hedsore. To the 
making the steeple and mending the seats in the Chnrch 
of Hedsore x marks ; to Robert Ingoldesby in s. iv J. ; to 
Richard Restwolde, Knight, my nephew, the manor of 
Hedsore after my decease and the decease of Sybil my 
wife; to Ralph Restwolde x marks ; the rest of my goods 
{ bequeath to the disposition of Richard Restwolde my 
nephew, Mr. .Seymour, Thomas Restwolde, and William 
Thomson^ whom I constitute my executors ; and I appoint 
my Lord Bishop.of Salisbury* supervisor of this my will. 

Proved January 4tb, 1497. 


Jasper Duke of Bedford and Earl of Pembroke ', at my 

manor of Thombury, in the county of Gloucester, Decern^ 

ber 15th, 11 Henry Vil. 1495. My body to be buried in 

the monastery of our Lady at Keynsham, in the said 

county, where I will that my tomb be honourably made 

after the estate whereunto it has pleased God to call me, 

• Query, 1496-7 ? 

* John'^Blyth was Bishop of Salisbury from 14d3 to 1500. 

s Knight of the Garter ; he was the son of Owen Tudor, by 
Catherine, daughter of Charles King of France, widow of Henry V. 
and uncle of King Henry VII. by whom he was created Duke of 
Bedford, having been created EarLof Pembroke by his half-brother 
Henry VI. in the 18th year of his reign ; he was also Lord Lieutenant 
of Ireland and Justice of South Wales ; by his wife Katherine, 
youngest daughter of Richard Earl Rivers, and widow of Henry 
Duke of Buckingham (who married to her third husband Sir 
Richard Wingfield, K.G.)} he had no issue, and died 26th Decem- 
ber 1495. 


Had thereon to be employed c marks ; I will that certain of 
my lordships and lands lying in the counties of Notting- 
ham^ Derby, and Warwick, of the yearly value of xlZ. 
be amortized, for the finding of four priests to sing perpe- 
tually in the said monastery of Keynsham for the wele of 
my soul, and for the soul of my father; as also for the souls 
of Katherine, sometime Queen of England^ my mother, 
Edmund late Earl of Richmond my brother, and the'souls 
of others my predecessors; also I will that upon the day of 
my interment there be distributed to every poor man and wo* 
man that will take it \id»\ and likewise at my month's mind ; 
to the house of Gray Friars at Harford East, where my fa* 
ther lies interred^ my second gown of cloth of gold, to make 
a cope or vestment there; to every parish Church into 
which my body shall be carried betwixt this place and 
Keynsham xx s. and two torches *• Proved 2d July 1496« 


Jane, late wife of Sir John Dynham, Knight *, 26th Ja- 
nuary 1496. My body to be buried in the Black Friars 
church of Exeter, by my Lord and husband, where our 
tomb is made; to my son Oliver a suit of vestments; to 
Charles Dynham my brother ; to Charles Dynbam my son ; 
to my son John Carew * ; to my daughter Jane Carew '; to 

* From Dugdaie's Abstract, vol. ii. p. 242 ; and MS. Notes. 

* She was the daughter and heiress of Sir Richard Arches, Knt. 
and by Sir John Dynham, had John Lord Dynham, K. G. who 
died 1500, s. p. 1. and four daughters^ who were eventually coheirs 
to their brother ; viz. Elizabeth, who successively married Fulk 
Lord Fitz-warine, Sir John Sapcoat, and Sir Thomas Brandon ; 
Katherine, who married Sir Thomas Arundel, ancestor of Lord 
Arundel of Wardour ; Joan, wife of John Lord Zouche of Ha- 
ryngworth; and Margaret, who married Sir Nicholas Carew, 

* Her grandson. ' Her grand-daughter. 


mj Wfi Esmond Carew, Kniglit ' ; to my daughter Jane 
Zoucbe to her marriage*; to my daughter Katberine 
Z^ttche, to her marriage^ c marks'; to ray daughter Mkr- 
garet Zouche l marks «; to my daughter Cecily ZoucheH 
marks; to my. son William Zouche*; I will that my Lord 
Johu Dynham have the remainder of my goods, if be have 
issue of his body ; to my Lady Fitzwarine a cup of gold ; to 
my Lady Zoucbe a salt of gold. And I appoint John Lord 
Dynham and Oliver Dynham, my sons, my executors* 

Proved 3d November 14y6. 


Sir William Sandys, the elder % 17th October 9 Henry 
VI I. 1493. I will that William, my son, and Margaret, 
my wife, pay all my debts oat of my goods at Andover and 
at the Vyne; I will that Richard, my son^ have all my pur- 
chased lands. . . Proved 8tb April 1497. 


Elizabeth Brandon ^ 12 Heniy VII. 1496. My body to 
be buried as near as may be to the tomb of my late hus- 
band Sir William Brandon. I bequeath my manor of 
Cravens, in Henham, to Sir Robert Brandon, my son, and 
the hei^s male of his body; remainder to Thomas Brandon* 
my son ; remainder to William Brandon, nephew to the 

' Her grandson. ' Her grand-daughter. • > Ibid. 

* Ibid. ^ Ibid. ' Her grandson. 

7 Apparently the father of William first Lord Sandys, of the Vine. 

* Daughter of Sir Robert Wingfield, and widow of Sir William 
Brandon, Knight, and grandmother of Charles the celebrated 
DukeofSnffolk, K.(jl. 

' Afterwards a Knight of the Garter. Vide his will, in a subse- 
quent page. 


aaid Thomas ; remainder to Charles Brandon, brother to the 
said William; remainder to Ann, sister to the said Charles; 
remainder to Elizabeth Lenthorp, aunt to the said Ann, 
my daughter; remainder to Eleanor Glenham, my daugh- 
ter; remainder to Mary Redinge, my daughter; remainder 
to Ann Sidney, my daughter; remainder to Thomas Bran- 
don, my son; remainder to Dame Margaret Lovell, my 
daughter; remainder to Katherine Gurney, my daughter; 
remainder to Anne Loveday, my daughter; remainder to 
Eleanor Sidney, daughter of Anne Sidney; remainder to 
the right heirs of Sir William Brandon. 

Proved 8th May, 1497. 


Maud Lady Willoughby *, July 18, 1497. My body to 
be buried in the Church of the College of Tattershall, in 
Lincolnshire, before the high altar, on the right hand of 
my uncle, Ralph Lord Cromwell, under a stone provided 
by me ; and I .desire that if I die in the parish of Tatter- 
shall, my solemn exequies, excepting burial, shall be done 
in that Church*. Proved Slst November, 1497. 

Robert Radclyffe, Knight On the eve of St. Kathe- 

* She was the daughter of Sir Richard Stanhope, Knight, by 
his second wife Maud, sister and heir of Ralph Lord Cromwell, 
and eventually coheir to her mother, and married, first, Robert Lord 
Willoughby of Eresby ; secondly, Sir Thomas Nevill, Knight, son 
of Richard Earl of Salisbury ; and thirdly, Sir Genrase Clifton ; 
and died 30th August 1497* 

* From Collins* Abstract, vol. iii. p. 303 ; Dugdale's Abstract, 
vol. ii. p. 86 ; and MS. notes. 

F F 


rine the Virgins 1496. My body to be buried on the South 
^ide of the Chapel of Hunstanton. To the Parish Churched 
of Hedersel and Wymondham, each a black vestment of 
velvety with my arms, and the arms of the Lady Cromwell, 
late my wife ; to the* Church of Tattershall a vestmi^nt. 
I will that a tomb be made of free stone, with the images 
of myself and two wives on the top. To Ann Radclyffe, 
my. daughter, a bed of gold; and I make the said Ann and 
Elizabeth, my daughters, my executors, and will that they 
have Dccc marks betwixt them to their marriage, when 
they come to sixteen years old; to be levied out of my 
lands in Dokkinge, Stanhbw, Trynge, Snetesham, Sherne- 
borne, Secheforth, Brycham, Darsingham, Inglethorpe, 
Hecham, Hunstanton, Ryngested, and Holme. And I con- 
stitute Robert Drury, Esq. Robert Lestrange, Esq. and 
John Lestrange, Esq. my executors. Proved igth May, 1498, 


John Lord Scroop*, at Esh Harlyng, in the county of 
Norfolk, July 3, 1494. My body to be buried in the Abbey 
of St. Agatha, in the county of York, in case I depart this 
life in that county ; but if I die in Norfolk, then I will that 
I be buried in the Black Friars at Thetford. To Ann *, my 
wife, all iny goods South of Trent; to Sir Henry Scroop, 
my son and heir, all my goods at Bolton Castle ; to Ralph, 
my brother, my little Bible at Bolton ; to Robert, my bro- 
ther, my chamlet gown ; to Ann, my wife, and my brother, 
Henry Spelmasi*. Proved 8th November, 1498*. 

» Nov.«4th. 

* Eighth Lord Scrope of Bolton. He died 12th July 1494 ac- 
cording to Dugdale. 

3 Vide her Will in the next page. 

* A note in the margin of the MS. abstract of this will, says, 
<< query, Thomas Metcalfe?** but this Henry Spelman was pro- 
bably related to Ann his toife; of whom Dugdale gives no account. 

* From Dugdale*s Abstract and MS. notes. 



Ano Lady Scroop, of Harlyng', 28th August, 1498. 
My body to be buried in the Chapel of St. Anne, joined to 
the Chancel of St. Peter and Paul at Est-Harlyng, in the 
tomb of my late husband, Sir William Otamberlyne. To 
the Austin Friars of Thetford, where my great grand-dame, 
Margery Tudenham, daughter of Sir Thomas Jenny, lieth > 
to my daughter. Dame Isabel Hengrave, a vestment; to 
my nephew, Robert Wingfield, a round bed of crimson; to 
my niece, Elizabeth Wingfield, my god-daughter, a dymy- 
sent of gold, and a pair of beads of gold, which were my 
sister's, Dame Elizabeth Wingfield ; to my niece Eleanor 
my gown; to my brother Brokenham mj' russet gown 
furred; to my Lady my Lord's mother my embroidered 
psalter ; and to my Lady, wife to my son, now Lord Scrope, 
one of my dymysens, or little girdles ; to my young Lady 
of Upsall a glass garnished with silver; to each of my Lord 
my son's daughters a convenient remembrance; to my 
brother Mr. Ralph, and to my brother Robert Scroop, a 
crewse of silver; to my sister By got a pair of tables of 
ivory; to my sister RadclyfF a little coffer of ivory; to 
my sister Katherine a pair of brades of coral ; to my 
niece. Dame Ann Wingfield a pair of towels of works; 
to my niece Anne Echingbam a ring qf gold ; to my niece 
Katherine Brewse; to my niece Margaret Bardwell a fine 
feather-bed; to old William Bardwell a standing gilt cup, 
which I will he leave to his daughter, my niece Margaret; 
to William Bardwell the younger a noble of gold •; to Ro- 
bert Bardwell, my godson, eleven ewes and lambs ; to my 

' Widow of the above John I^rd Scrope. Dugdale states, that 
his first wife was Joan, daughter of William Lord Fitz- Hugh, and 
Blore makes Elizabeth, daughter of Oliver St. John, Knight, and 
widow of Lord Zouche, his second wife. In this case this Ann 
must have been his third wife. Her will is peculiarly valuable 
from the number of persons mentioned in it, and affords important 
information relative to the families of Scrope, and of those houses 
with whom it was at that period allied. 

p F 2 


god-daugbter, Amie Fitz-walter, a primer ; to Sir Thomas 
Lovell* a garter of gold; to my sister Wyndham a little 
girdle; to my niece Margaret Bard well ; my nephew, Ro- 
bert Wingfieldi Esquire, whom I have brought up of a 
child of three years. Proved 8th November, 1498. 


Anne Lady Audley % llth November, 1497- My body 
to be buried in the Monastery of Bermondsey. I will that 
a priest be found to pray for the souls of John late Lord 
Audley, my husband, and James late Lord Audley, my 
son, and of John Rogers, late my husband. And I appoint 
my son, Henry Rogers, my executor. Proved 24th June, 


Dame Elizabeth Bourgchier, widow^ February ]8th^ 
1498. My body to be buried within Our Lady's Chapel, 
in the Monastery of Bylegh beside Maldon. I will ^that 
the bones of Sir John Bourgchier, Knight, late my bus* 
band, that now rest in the Church of Stellinge, in Essex, 
be taken up and carried to the said Abbey of Bylegh. To 
my sister, Florence Zouche ; to my nephew, Henry Chiche* 

ley, two rings of gold. Proved May 14th, 1498. 

■ Evidently Sir Thomas Lovell, the 254th Knight of the Garter, 
who died 25th May 1524, and whose testament will be found in a 
subsequent page. This bequest probably meant a garter worn as 
part of the insignia of that illustrious order. 

* Dugdale does not state of whom she was the daughter, but 
Collins, vol. vi. p. 30G, says, that she was the daughter and heir of 
Sir Tliomas Itchingham, Knie[ht ; John Tuchet, Lord Audley, her 
husband, was Treasurer of England 2 Richard III. and died Sep- 
tember 2Gth, 1491; James Lord Audley, her son^ was beheaded for 
joining the Cornish insurrection June 28th, 1497* 




Edward Stafford, Earl of Wiltshire*, March 2l8t, 1498 •. 
My body to be buried in the Church of St. Peter of Luf- 
wyke, in the County of Northampton, in Our Lady's aisle, 
by my grandfather Greene ; and 1 will that my executors 
make a convenient tomb there for me. My manors of 
Buckworth, Comberton, Raundes, Ringst^d, Irtlingbnrgh^ 
Haryngworth, Hardwyck, and Drayton, in the counties of 
Hunts, Northampton, and Cambridge* To my cousin, the 
Earl of Shrewsbury, my collar of the King's Livery ; to my 
• • • • Margaret Viscountess Lisle' ; to my wife, all the plate 
I had with her in marriage ; to my uncle Wytilbury, and 
my aunt his wife, a plain cup. Proved April 24, 1498. 



John Viscount Welles*, February 8, 1498. My body to 
be buried as the King and Queen, and the Lady Margaret 
Countess of Richmond and Derby, and my own wife, shall 

' Son and heir of John Stafford, K. 6. first Earl of Stafford, by 
Constance, daughter and heiress of Sir Henry Green ; he married 
Muriel, sister and coheiress of John Grey, Viscount Lisle, but died 
8. p. 24th March 1498. 

• Query, 1498-99 ? 

> Hie MS. note of this will has the following hiatus : '* To my 
■ Margaret Viscountess Lisle ;" but as Dugdale's Abstract 

states, ** to Margaret, my wife, all the plate, &c." there can be 
little doubt that he described his toifey who is generally considered 
to have been called Muriel, as Viscountess Lisle, notwithstanding 
that she had no claim whatever to that title. 

* He was summoned to Parliament from 3 to 12 Henry VII. in 
the third year of whose reign he was created a Viscount ; and 
having married Cecily, daughter of King Edward IV. died Febru- 
ary 9th, 1498. 


think fit« And I will that Lady Cecily, my wife, shall have 
all tny castles, maoors. See. during her life *. 



John Cooper, of Bekynton*, August 29, 1498. My 
body to be buried before the high altar of St. John the 
Baptist, in the Church of St. Gregory of Bekynton. To 
the said Church xl5. ; to my mother Church of Wells, in 
Somersetshire, for my tythes forgotten, uis. ivd.; the resi- 
due of my goods to Philippa, my wife, and John Cooper, 
my eldest son, whom I appoint my executors ; and I con- 
stitute Thomas Compton supervisor of this my will. Wit- 
nessed by Thomas Compton, Hugh Trapnal, and Nicholas 
Gonvylef. Proved November 18, 1498. 



Christopher Willoughby, Lord of Eresby, November 1, 
1498. My body to be buried in the Church of the Nuns 
of Campsey, in the county of Suffolk, before the high altar, 
where my father is buried. To the Prioress there xx5.; to 
every of the old nuns vi s. viii J. ; to each of the young nuns 
III 5. ivd.'y to the master of the Chauntry there xL5.; to 
every priest there, to sing mass of requiem and dirige in 
the quire for my soul, x s. For the making another tomb 
for Robert late Lord Willoughby*, at Melyngham, x marks ; 
to William Willoughby, my eldest son, or to him who 
after my death shall be my heir, half my plate and jewels . 

* From Dugdale's Abstract, vol. ii. p. 13. 

* Of the family from which the Earl of Shaftesbury is descended, 
t From Collins* Abstract, vol. iii. p. 393. 

* His great uncle, who died temp. Henry VI. s. p. m. 


Dame Margaret^ my wife ; my auot, Dame Margery Me- 
kylfield; my sister Hotoft; my daughter Katherine; to 
youog Henry HeydoD^ and to Margery his sister, x marks 
each; Christopher Heydon; to my brother^ Sir Henry 
HeydoD, Knight, a new black velvet gown ; and to Dame 
Ann Heydon, his wife, a gown of satin ; William Mekyl- 
field ; my nephew, William Jenney, my godson. 

Proved July 13, 1499. 


William Culpeppyr', Esq. of the parish of Aylesford, 
•)2th June, .1499* My body to be buried in the Church of 
St. Peter of Aylesford, in our Lady's Chapel there, before 
the image of St. Michael, next unto Margaret^ my late 
wife. I will that Edward Culpeppyr, my son, have all my 
lands, tenements, 8cc. in Kent, Essex, and Worcestershire, 
to hold to him and his heir» male; remainder, in like man- 
nar, to my daughter Ursula, wife of John Tudor; remain- 
der to Margery Lymor, my daughter, in like manner; re- 
mainder to the right heirs of me, and of my said late wife 
Margaret. To Philippa, daughter of the said John Tudor. 
Katherine and Elizabethi daughters of Edward Culpeppyr, 
my son* 


Sir Henry Wentworth, Knight, August 17, 1499. To 
Jane, my daughter, cccc marks, to her marriage ; to Doro- 
thy, my daughter, cccc marks, to be raised out of my ma- 
nor of Gedney. Richard, my son and heir. Elizabeth 
Lady Scrope, my wife ^ My manors of Chetham, Syber- 

' Probably ancestor of Sir John Colepeper^who was created a 
peer 20 Charles I. 

* Daughter of John Nevil, Marquess of Montacute, and widow 
of Thomas Lord Scroope of Ma^am. Vide her wiH in a subse- 
quent page. 


ton, Gouxill| and Kjneston ; also the custody of all my 
ward William Drainsfield's manors ; also the custody and 
wardship of Thomas Nawnton, son and heir of William 
Nawnton, which I passed away to Sir Henry Tey, Knight 

Proved «7th February, 1500. 


Thomas Kebill, Serjeant at Law, 1500. Margery and 
Ann, my two wives. Joyce and Elizabeth Kebill and Mary 
Villiers, my nieces. George Villiers, my nephew. Dame 
Mary Billing, my aunt. My lands in Stretton, Barkley, 
Queenboroughy &c. co. Leicester. 


Isabel Bourgchier, daughter of Sir William Bx>urgchier*, 
10th October, 1500. My body to be buried in the Church 
of St. Michael, called Whittington College, London, where 
my sister, the Lady Ferrers", lyeth. To my Lord and bro- 
ther Henry Earl of Essex cL which is in the hands of my 
aunt, Sir Thomas Bourgchier's wife ; to my Lord brother 
Richard Grey > c/. which is in the hands of Mr. Kemp knd 
Mr. Roper, executors to my uncle Lord Jofin Bourgchier. 

Proved 14th May, 1501. 

' Daughter of Sir William Bourchier, who died v. p. son and heir 
of Henry first Earl of Essex, K. G. and father of Henry second 
Earl of Essex, K. G. 

* Cecily Bourchier, who married John Devereux, Lord Ferrers 
of Chartley. 

' Query, for her pedigree does not shew any connection which 
can explain this passage ? In another MS. abstract of this will the 
expression is '' Richard Grey my Lord's brother.'* 



Elizabeth N evilly Lady of Bergdeane, of the parish of 
Chartham, in the couaty of Kent, widow % April 14, 1500. 
My body to be buried in the Charch of St. Martin Out- 
wiche, Bishop's*gate, London, in a vaalt in the Chapel of 
Our. Lady there, where the body of Richard Naylor^ my 
husband, resteth. My sons, John Naylor and Robert Nay- 
lor. I bequeath my lands in Chatham, Chilham, Perham, 
Sellinge, and Boughton under the Blore, in Kent, to John 
Naylor, my son, and his heirs ; with remainder to Hugh 
Naylor and Robert Naylor, brothers to the said John, and to 
Thomazine, Alice^ and Joan, sisters to the said Hugh. and 
Robert, respectively. I will that a priest be found to pray 
in the said Church of St. Martin for the souls of George 
Nevill Knight Lord Bergavenny, Richard Naylor, Robert 
Bassett, and John Stokker, my husbands. 

Proved 19th June, 1500. 


Thomas Grey, Marquess of Dorset*, London, Aug. SO, 
1501 ». My body to be buried in my College of Astley, in 
the county of Warwick, before the image of the blessed 

' Daughter of , and married, first, George Nevill, Lord 

Abergavenny ; and secondly, Richard Naylor, Citizen of London ; 
from her will it appears she had afterwards two other husbands, 
hence, as her first husband died in 1491, she must have been thrice 
married in the short space of nine years! 

' Knight of the Garter an4 son-in-law of Edward IV. being the 
son of Elizabeth Woodvile, Quee^ of England, by Sir John Grey, 
Ix)rd Ferrers of Groby, her first husband ; he died September 20, 
17 Henry VII. 1501. 

* Dugdale erroneously states that there is no date to this will ; 
he probably meant that there is no probate. 


Trinity, in the midst of my closet in the said College. I 
will that my execntors shall cause one hundred masses to 
be said for my soul in every of the four Orders of Friars in 
London, and that at the time of my banal c marks be dis- 
tributed in alms to poor people. Also I will that the 
Hospital of Lutterworth, in the county of Leicester, of my 
patronage, be appropriated to the Dean of my College of 
Astley, to the intent they, the said Dean and his brethren, 
shall specially pray for the souls of King . Edward the 
Fourth, Queen Elizabeth his wife, my mother, as likewise 
for the souls of my father, and of my wife, my own soul, 
and for all Christian souls ; also I will that my son and 
heir apparent shall have the manora of Groby, Bradgate, 
Rotby Newton, Ansty, Coventry, Glenfield ; the manor of 
Higham, in the county of Leicester, with Winchester fee ; 
the manors of Grafton, Hartwell, Asseheune, Roode, Wyke 
Hamund, and Wyke Dive, Stoke upon Teame, Wutton- 
under- Wyvor, Broughton Asiley, the Lee Shrofold, and the 
Lee Bancors and Levisham, widi all my lands in Calais ; to 
Cecily*, my wife, the manor of Astley with the appurte- 
nances; for the performance of my legacies, and that every 
of my unmarried daughters may have m /. I will that the 
revenues and profits of my manors of Lutterworth, Creke, 
Clay-Coton, Willoughby-Waterlesse, Wedyngton, Tre- 
lawne, Tregewell, Trewardreth, Colrige, West-Kington, 
and Leysthorp, also be received by my executors; the 
lordships of Stablyng, Woodham, Friars, and Fairsted ; 
I will that the agreement made between my Lord Dudley 
and me for the marriage made betwixt his son and heir ap» 
parent and my daughter Cecily, be in all things performed ; 
also I will that if the Lord Ferrers, who hath married my 
daughter Mary, die before carnal copulation, or disagree 
to the marriage, then that my said daughter shall have m L 
to her marriage •. No probate *. 

^ Ehe was the daughter and heir of William Lord Bonville and 
Harrington, from whom she inherited the manors of Trelawne, Tre 
werdeth, and Tregewell, &c. in Cornwall. 

* In Dugdale's Abstract, " then that thousand pounds return." 

* From Dugdale's Abstract, vol. i. p. 7%; and MS. Notes. 



Edmand Bohun, of Fressynfield, in Suffolk. My body 
to be buried in the Church of St. Peter and Paul, in the 
Priory of Eye, in the county of Suffolk* To my daughter 
Margaret Bohun, to her marriage, c marks ; my sister 
Alice Bohun ; my daughter Agnes Cooks ; John Bohun, 
'' nepos meus/' all my lands and tenements inf ressynfield, 
to him and his heirs, by paying annually to the Prior of 
Eye III /• VIS. viii d. ; with remainder to Alice Golyns, my 
daughter; I will that Nicholas Bohun have my lands in 
Mendham. Proved Slst December 1501. 


John Teryngham, Esquire, February J6th, 1500*. I will 
that the great bell shall ring fropi six of the clock in the 
morning until six at night, on the day that I am buried ; 
and that a stone be laid on my grave, with my picture and 
my arms, with scriptures as my friends shall think most 
convenient; also I will that an obit be kept yearly to pray 
for the souls of me, and jof my father, and for my ancestors 
souls, the which be passed to God. And I appoint Dame 
Elizabeth Teringham, and Mr. Thomas Raynes, Parson, 
my executors. Proved 10th May 1501. 

, Richard Hastings Lord Willoughby ^ March 18tb, 1501. 

^ Query, 1500-1? 

* He married Joan, the sister and heiress of Sir Robert Welles, 
whose mother Joan was daughter and heiress of Robert sixth Lord 
WiUoughhy of Eresby; this Richard Hastings was Lord Wil- 
loughby jure uxoris, but was smnmoned to Parliament 29 Edward 


My body to be buried in the Church of the Gray Friars of 
London^ in the Vestry Chapel there. I will that xx L be 
expended for a tomb ; and I appoint Joane, my wife, my 
executor. Proved 5th October 1501. 


Sir Robert Battresby, Curate of Deal. My body to be 
buried in the middle of the quire of the Church of St' 
Leonard of Deal. To the common Library of the Univer- 
sity of Cambridge one book, called ** The Life of J'hu/* 
and zx s, to the common chest of the same University. 

Proved 22d October, 1502. 


Robert Lord Willoughby de Broke', August 19th, 1502. 
My body to-be buried in the Church of the parish wherein 
I shall happen to die. I will that part of the issues and 
profits of Mitham and Kelmasham, in the county of Wor- 
cester, and the manors of Helpringham, Thorpe-Latimer, 
Skredryngton, Heckington, Ledynghall, and Twynehed, in 
the county of Lincoln % shall be employed for the space of 
twenty years next after my decease, to the finding of a 
priest to sing in the parish Church of Hoke, in the county 

IV. and 1 Richard III. as Lord Welles, and which, though his ac- 
knowledged title, it appears he did not use, for he not only styled 
himself Lord Willoughby in his will, but his brother, Sir Ralph 
Hastings, in his testament, likewise describes him as his << brother 
Richard Hastings, Lord Willoughby ;** he died s. p. 

' He was summoned to Parliament in the II th and 19th Henry 
VII. and married filanch, daughter and coheir of John Champer- 

^ Then lately belonging to Richard Lord Latimer. 


of Dorset, for that term, taking for his salary every year x 
marks, and to the relief of fourteen poor men and women^ 
for the space of the said twenty years to pray for my soul ; 
as also for the soul of Blanch, my wife, and for the souls of 
my father and mother** Proved December 25th, 1502. 


George Vere, Knight '. My body to be buried in the 
Conventual Church of the Priory of Colne. To Margaret, 
my wife, XL /. and all my plate; to each of my daughters 
Katherine, Margaret, and Dorothy, " unam Catheriam," of 
gold, weighing twenty-six pounds, when they attain the 
age of fourteen. I will that all money not bequeathed be 
divided between my wife and my second son, at the discre- 
cretion of my brother, John Earl of Oxford. To John 
Vere % my son and heir, a seal of the best gold, called a 
signet; to Sir Richard Fitz- Lewes', my cousin. The resi- 
due of my goods I bequeath to Margaret my wife, Richard 
Fitz-Lewes Knight, John Eyer Prior of the Priory of 
Colne, and William Cooke, whom I appoint my*executors, 
to be disposed of for the health of my soul. Witnessed by 
John Ospleth, Thomas Goodknapp, William Oxkely. 

Proved dd April, 1503, by Margaret, his selict, and John 
Eyer Prior of Colne, his executors. 

* From Dugdale's Abstract, vol. ii. p. 88. 

» Brother of John Vere, thirteenth Earl of Oxford. 

* Who succeeded his uncle, and became fourteentli Earl of 

' Probably the descendant of Sir John Fitz-Lewes and Alice his 
wife, daughter of Alberic de Vere, tenth Earl of Oxford. 



Reginald Bray, Knight S August 4, 1503. My body 
to be borjed in the Charch of Our Lady and St« George, in 
the Castle of Windsor, in the West end and South side of 
the said Church, within the Chapel there new made by me 
for that intent. To every house of Friars in Eugland xhs. 
to pray for two years for my soul; to the Friars at Guild- 
ford, where my mother lyeth, cc /. by x /. per annum, to 
say mass for the souls of Dame Katherine, my wife, of 
Richard Bray, my father, and Joan my mother. I will that 
my feoffees of my manors of South Morton, in Berkshire, 
and Staundon, in Berks and Wiltshire, with my other lands 
in East Herlinge, W^st Herlinge, and Rogate, in Sussex, 
of my manor of Chelchyth, in Middlesex, suffer my wife to 
receive the profits thereof during her life. Whereas I have 
in my keeping Elizabeth and Agnes, daughters and heir^ 
of Henry Lovell, Esq. [ will that Elizabeth be married to 

* Knight Banneret and Knight of the Garter ; he was Steward 
of the Household fo Margaret Countess of Richmond, and, ac- 
cording to Stow, was instrumental in placing the crown on the head 
of Henry VII. in whose reign he was elected a Knight of the 
Garter. BuswelFs, in his account of this Sir Reginald, states that 
he was one of the executors to Margaret Countess of Richmond, 
but it is unquestionable that he died five years before she made her 
will. Sir Reginald Bray died s. p. and there is raudicontradic- 
•tioQ in the statements relative to his heir ; Dugdale, in one place, 
saying that Margery, the daughter and heirpf his brother John, 
and wife of Sir William Sandes, was his heir ; yet, immediately 
after asserting that John his brother was the father of Sir Edmund 
Bray, who was summoned to Parliament the 21st Henry VIII. and 
whose six daughters became coheirs to their brother John, the se- 
cond Lord. The will in the text renders it certain that John Bray, 
the brother of Sir Reginald, had issue a son Edmund and other 
sons, and from the will of Sir Edmund Bray, in a subsequent page, 
there can be little doubt but that he was the nephew of Sir Regi- 
nald, for he speaks of his father John ; hence, unless the testator had 
two brothers called John, it is evident that Margery Bray, who mar- 
ried Sir William Sandes never was either an heiress or coheiress. 


one of my nephews^ son to my brother John Bray ; and 
that the said Agne» to another son of my said brother ; 
and I bequeath all my lands and manors after the death of 
my said wife to my said nephews, that shall marry the said 
Agnes and Elizabeth, and their heirs, to be equally divided 
between them. Also I will that all the lands in Susseir, 
which I purchased of Sir William Redmyll, Knight, shall 
remain to my said nephews, failing issue of my own body. 
Also 1 will that my manor of Frysok^ and my lands in East 
Widhay and Quidhampton, in Hampshire, be estated on 
my nephew, Richard Andrews, and Elizabeth his wife, the 
daughter and heir of John Rogers, and his heirs, with re- 
mainder to the next heir male of my brother, John Bray. 
Also I will that my manors and lands in the counties of 
Middlesex, Bedford, Buckingham, Northampton, Warwick, 
Berks, Oxford, Essex, Surrey, Gloucester, and Somerset, 
except such as my wife hath for her life, be estated on my 
nephew, Edmund Bray, son of my brother John Bray, and 
his heirs, when he cometh to the age of twenty-one yean ; 
with remainder to my niece Margery, wife of Sir William 
Sandys, Knight, and the heirs of her body. To Alice, my 
sister, wife of Richard Hyde. I will that my nephew, Ro- 
bert Isaak, son of my sister Joan Isaak, and Joan his wife, 
the daughter of John Ottun, have an estate of the yearly 
Talue of xx/. to them and the heirs of their bodies. Also 
I will that the new work of the body of the Church of Our 
Lady and St. George at Windsor be finished. And I ap- 
point William Smith Bishop of Lincoln, Sir John Shaa 
Knight, Sir John Cuft, Knight, and Richard Empson *, 
my executors. Proved 28th November, 1503. 

William Pelham*, February 12, 1503. My body to be 

* The celebrated instrument of the rapacity of Henry VII. 

* He died without issue February 94th, 1503, leaving Thomas 
Pelham, Esquire, his brother and heir, who was the immediate an- 
cestor of the Right Honourable the Earl of Chichester. 


brought to the Church of LaughtoD, and from theuce to be 
had into the new Priory, and to be buried within the Chan- 
cel there. I will that my household be kept at Laughton 
until my month-day be past, on which day I will that every 
one of my servants have a black gown and their wages. 1 
will that my feoffees settle on my nephew, John Pelham, 
son and heir apparent of my brother, Thomas Pelham, and 
on such gentlewoman as he shall marry (so as he married 
by the advice of my said brother, his father), my manors of 
Burghershe, and Bevylham, with the hundreds of Haweks* 
berg and Shoiswell, the forest and chase of Dalyngton, 
with all the courts, liberties, 8cc. within the rape of Has- 
tings thereunto belonging ; and I will that all the said ma- 
nors remain to the heirs male of my said brother Thomas, 
and in default of such issue to the heirs male of Katherine, 
Cecily, and Joan, my sisters, with remainder to the right 
heirs of Sir John Pelham, Knight, my late father. To my 
brother, Thomas Pelham, my manor of Laughton, with the 
appurtenances ; as also the manor of Colbonds, with the 
hundred of Shiplake; and after the decease of Joan Ash- 
burnham, my sister, my lands and tenements in Westhi- 
]am, &c. and, in default of heirs male of the said Thomas, 
to the heirs male of Katherine, Cecily, and Joan, my sisters; 
with remainder to the right heirs of Sir John Pelham, 
Knight, late my father. The residue of all my goods not 
willed 1 bequeath to Robert Brent, Dean of South Mailing, 
Edmund Dudley, E^iquire, my brother, Thomas Pelham, 
Esquire, and John Root, whom I ordain my executors ; 
and I will that if there be any article in my said testament, 
or any part of it, the which is not good nor certain ac- 
cording unto the law, for lack of due form in making the 
same, that it be always reformed and amended by the dis- 
cretion of two of my said executors *. 

Proved March 11, 1503*. 


* From the Abstract in Collins* Peerage, vol. vlii. p. 115. 

• Query, 1503-4 ? 



Thomas Bryan^ Knight ^ though unworthy Chief Jus- 
tice, 7th February 1495 •. My body to be buried in 
the religious house of Ashruge, if I die within twenty 
miles, in which case I bequeath to the Rector and 
Brothers for my burial xx /. ; if I die more than twenty 
miles from Ashruge, then I desire that my body be buried 
where my executors shall think fit ; if Thomas Bryan *, my 
son and heir, and Margaret, his wife, survive me, I be- 
queath all my lands to them and to the heirs of their bodies ; 
remainder to Elizabeth, my daughter^ and the heirs of her 
body ; remainder to my own right heirs ; to the high altar 
of St. Andrew's, Holborn, for tithes forgotten and specially 
in the times of Masters Northington and Greene ; to the 
high altar of the parish Church of Masseworth, for tithes 
forgotten in the times of William and Thomas Paulyvere; 
to the high altar of St. Sepulchre's, London, for tithes for- 
gotten in the times of Masters Dalton, Welles, and Browne ; 
I will that bread and drink be given to the prisoners in New- 
gate, the Fleet, Ludgate, King's Bench, and Marshalsea ; to 
Elizabeth, my daughter, twelve silver spoons, which I re- 
ceived as part of my legacy of Lady Otteley, and x /. for 
her relief; Joan, my bastard daughter, late wife of Thomas 
Clement ; Anne Dilcock, daughter of the said Elizabeth ; I 
will that my executors fulfil the will of Lady Katherine 
Otteley, late wife of Bartholomew Seman, of London, as 
far as c marks ; Margaret and Anne, daughters of my son 
Thomas ; to my son Thomas and Margaret his wife mcccc 
marks to fulfil the engagements entered into between me 
and the Earl of Surrey and Lady Elizabeth his wife, on the 

^ He was iqppointed Chief Justice of the Commoo Pleas 39th 
May 1479, in which office he was succeeded by Sir Thoma9 Wopd 
28th October 1501 ; though from the date of the probate of Sir 
Thomas Bryants Will it is evident that he died about November 
1500. • Query, 1495-6 ? 

' Vide his Will in a sidbsequent page, in the notes to which some 
genealogical particulars relative to many of the persons mentioned 
in this testament will be found. 

G G 


marriage of my said son Thomas with Margaret his now 
wife ; and I constitute my son Thomas and Margaret his 
wife my executors. Witnessed by Master Richard Baker, 
Clerk; Thomas Betonsar^ Chaplain; Christopher Michell, 
Chaplain; Henry Herde, Ironmonger; Robert Serle, 
Brewer, &c. 

'^Thoma, Thoma> fili mi Thoma, rogoet requiro te ut 
filiali dilectione diligas animam meam, et tu mihi predilecta 
Margareta uxor ejus rogo tu illam adjuva Valeted" 

Proved 11th December 1500*. 


In Dei nomine Amen. The twenty-second day of No- 
vember, in the year of our Lord 1503, and in the nyne- 
teenth year of the reigne of King Henry the Vllth, I Ka- 
therine Lady Hastings ', widow, late the wife of William 
late Lord Hastings, having perfect memory and bole mind, 
considering that nothing is more certain than death, and 
therefore at all times willing to be ready unto death, and 
to look for the time of the coming of the same, in such 
wise that death steal not upon unprepared ; whereunto is 
required not onely disposition ghostly, but also of such 
goods as God of his immeasurable goodness hath lent me 
the use and exercise of; intending, through his special 
grace, so to passe by these temporalis and momentary 
goods, that I shall not lose eternal ; make, ordaine, and 

* This exhortatioD, from its great curiosity, is given in the ori- 
ginal words. * Karl. MSS. 380, f. 76. 

' Daughter of Richard Nevill, Earl of Salisbury ; she marrfed, 
first, William BonviUe, commonly called Lord Harrington, - by 
whom she had Cecily, who became heiress to her great grand- 
fatlier, William Lord Bonville, and married Thomas Grey, Mar- 
quess of Dorset: her second husband was William first Lord 
Hastings, of Ashby-de-la-Zouch, by whom she had Edward, 
second Lord Hastings, Francis, William, George, and Anne, who 
married George Earl of Shrewsbury. 


declare, this my testament and last will^ in manner and 
form following : First, I most humbly bequeath my soule 
to God Almighty, my Redeemer, to our blessed Lady St. 
Mary the Virgin, and to all the Company of Heaven ; and 
my body to be buried in our Lady Chappell within the 
parish Cfaarch of Ashby-de-la-Zouch, between the image 
of our Lady and the place assigned for the vicar's grave ; 
Item, for my mortuary, I bequeath according to my cus- 
tome ; Item, I bequeath to the Cathedral Church of Lin- 
coln twenty pounds. Item, I bequeath to the high altar in 
the parish Church abovesaid xxs. Item, I will that a priest 
be found to sing in the said Chapell for my fadyr and my 
Lady my modar, my Lord my husband's soule ; for my 
soule, and for all Christian soules, and in special for those 
soules which I am mosi bounden to cause to be prayed for, 
for the space of three years next ensuing after my depart- 
ing ; and the said priest to receive yearly during the said 
three years for his stipend six pounds ; and if my priest, Sir 
William Englonde, be contented to pray for me in the said 
place, and for the other abovesaid, then I woll that he be 
admitted to the said service before any other priest; and I 
bequeath unto the said Chappell a suit of vestments of 
bawdekyn, red and green, and my little gilded chalice, a 
printed mass-book, and a printed portvous, which I will my 
said preest have the use of, for the said three years, at the 
times when he shall be disposed to say his service divine in 
the said place. Item, I bequeath to the said Church of 
Ashby seaven surples, to be occupied and used by the mi- 
nisters that shall doe service in the said Church. Item, I 
woll that my masse, covered with red velvet, that is occu- 
pied in the Chappell, be given to a poor Church, after the 
direction of myne executors. Item, 1 woll that the colledge 
of Mewarke of Leicestre have, to them and their successors 
for ever, all my lands and tenements, with all their appur- 
tenances, in the townes and feildes in Burton, Overy, and 
Wigston, in the countie of Leicestre aforesaid, which I 
lately purchased of Elizabeth Kent, widdow, for a yerely 
obit, to be kept in the said college, for my Lord my fadyr, 
my Lady my moder, m}' Lord my husband, and for me for 

o G 2 


^ver ; Item, where ' I owe unto Cecilie Marquesse Dorset ^, 
certain sum'es of money^ which I have borrowed of her at 
diverse times, as appeareth by bills indented thereof made; 
I woU that the said Cecilie, in full contentation of all such 
sum'es of money as I owe unto her, have my bed of arres, 
tillor, tester, and counterpane, which she late borrowed of 
me ; and over that I will that she have my tabulet of gold 
that she now hath in her hands for a pledge, and three cur-* 
tains of blew sarcionett, and a traverse of blew sarcionett, 
and three quishions of counterfeit arres, with imagery of 
women, a long quishion, and two 8bort,of blew velvet; also 
two carpets. Item, I bequeath to myne especial good Lord 
George Earl of Shrewsbury a cope of cloth of gold of white 
damasce, with terpens cloth of gold and velvet upon velvet. 
Item, a vestment of purpure velv^, with a crucifix and 
images of St. Peter and St. John embroidered upon that 
oon of them. Item, I bequeath to my Lady of Shrewsbury 
a cope of cloth of gold with lillyes embroidered, and that 
oon with the image of the Trinitie, with a frontrail for an 
altar ; Item, my prym'ar, which is now in the keeping of 
my Lady Fitz Hugh ; also two cushions of counterfeit 
arres with imagery of women ; a long quishion, and two 
short, of blew velvet. Item, a long covering for a quishion 
of purpure velvet, and oon short; 'also two carpets. Item, 
I bequeath to my son Edward Lord Hastings a suite of ves* 
timents, now being in the bands of the Abbot of Darley for 
a sum'e of twenty pounds, which suite I will be pledged 
oute of my proper goods; also an owche, being in the 
keeping of my son William ' ; also an image of our Lady, 
now being in the hands of my Lady Marquesse*. Item, a 
salt of gold, being now in the hands of my daughter Mary 
Lady Hungerford' ; alsoe a faire prym'ar, which I had by 
the yefture of Queen Elizabeth ; alsoe where * my seyd son 
oweth unto me for certain charges which I took upon me 

> Whereas. * Her daughter. Vide note ', p. 450. 

» Vide note to p. 373. 

* Apparently her daughter Cecily Marchioness of Dorset. 

s Her daughter-in-law, wife of Edward Lord Hastings, her son. 

• Whereas. 


for his sake an baodred markes, as appearetb by bis writing 
tbereof made, I, considering tbe kinde demeanor of my 
said son at tbis time in granting of a certain annuity, remit 
and pardon unto bim tbe said bundred markes due to m^ 
by the bequest of William Strote, in part of payment for 
my debts, and for my servants at the next audit ; aIsoe> I 
bequeath unto my said son two coverings for quisbions of 
counterfeit arres, with imagery of women; Item, two ^ 
quisbions of counterfeit arres with my Lord's armes ; alsoe 
two paire of curtaines of green tartarin; Item, two short 
quisbions of tawney velvet; alsoe a long quisbion, and 
short, of crimson velvet; alsoe such pieces of bawdekyn, 
with a frontaile of cloth of gold of blew sattin, as bath 
been accustomed to be occupied about tbe sepulchre of 
our Lord ; alsoe a cloth of bawdekyn, with a frontaile of 
red bawdekyn for tbe font. Item, an old banging of coun- 
terfeit arres of Knollys^ which now bangeth in tbe ball ; 
and all such bangyngs of old bawdekyn or lynen paynted as 
now hang in the chappeli, with the altar-clothes and oon 
super altare, with oon of the vestiments that now be occu- 
pyed in the cbappell. Alsoe all such pieces of hangings as 
I have, of blew and better blew, with my lord's armes, with 
banquyrs and cupboard-clothes of tbe same sort. Alsoe 
three barrehides for carriage ; and two barrebides for clothe 
sekks. Also the third part of my bey that is at Kerby, 
and all such tymber as I have there. Also all the bedding 
that he hath of mine which late was at London, reserved 
only two fedurbedds and a cowcher that I wol Richard my 
son have, and also two carpets. Item, I bequeath to my 
sons Richard and William four coverings for quisbions 
with my lord's armys of counterfeit arres. Also two hang- 
ings for an aultar, with the twelve Apostles embrodered 
vrith gold, with a crucifix and tbe Salutation of our Lady, . 
Alsoe all the pieces of hangings of verd that now bang in 
my chamber and in the parlour; alsoe all my stuffe of 
napree pertaining to tbe pantree ; alsoe two pair of blan- 
kets, and two pair of fustains; alsoe four pair of fine 
sheets; alsoe my stuffe of kitcbin, as platters, dishes, saw- 
cers, broaches, pots, and pans ; alsoe all my hey that is in 


Lnbbestborp, proyided that William have the more part of 
the hey; also two parts of the hey at Kerby; also two 
yestiments, oon that hath been accustomed to be occupied 
in my high house, and oon that's occupied in the chappell; 
two Masse-booksy two super-altars, oon of white to Richard, 
and oon of jett to William ; two corporauxes ; alsoe to 
Richard four pair of brigaunters; and to William two 
payre ; and to them both thirteen saletts. Item, to my son 
William all such stuffe of bedding as he hath now in his 
chamber of mine ; that is to say, a feller, tester, and coun- 
terpoint of roosemary, a quilt happing, a white mantell, a 
white square happing; a square happing, white and black. 
Alsoe to my son William all such plate as was in the hands 
of John Holme, with that he pay unto the said John^ at 
the feast of St. Andrew next coming, fifteen pounds, in 
part of payment of a greater sume ; and over that to do 
such charitable deedes of almes as 1 have appointed to be 
done by him. Also I bequeethe to my son William four 
fedur beds and couchers, and to Richard two fedur' 
beds that he hath, a coucher that was at London, a 
coucher that's here, and a fedur bedde. Item, [ bequeth 
unto them all the hangings of saye which be at Kerbye 
now, as appeareth by the inventory thereof made ; and I 
woll that William have foure paire of sheets of such sorte 
as he now occupyeth. Item, to my Lady Margaret a 
payre of little salts of silver and parcell gylt. To my sister 
Fitz-Hugh oon of my standing cupps; alsoe a bedd of 
tymbre ; and such pledges as she hath of mine, I woll they 
be pledged out by William, and he to have them. Item, 
to my daughter Hungerford my part of a crosse, which she 
hath in her keeping for a pledge. Item, to my son George 
Hastings a good fedur bedde, a boulster, a pair of blankets, 
a paire of fustians, and a pair of fine sheets. Item, to my 
nephew William Ferrers % and to my niece his wife, a fedur 
bedde, a boulster, a blanket, a chike happing, an old coun- 

^ Feather-beds. 

* Son of Thomas Ferrers, of Tamworth, Esquire, by Anne his 
wife, sister of William Lord Hastings, the testatrix's husband. 


terpointy sillor and tefttor, which they oow occupy. in their 
chamber; also four payre of ^heets^ and oon of my finest 
gownes. Item, to my Lady Mary a ring, which William 
Bamsell hath for a pledge^ to be pledged out of my goods. 
Item^to my neece Brokesby, three payre of sheets^and oon 
of my best gownes: my gownes to be given among my 
other gentlewomen, and oon to Mrs* Booth, and oon to 
Margaret Cooke, and oone.old gowne to moder Cecill of 
Leicestre, and oon gown cloth of my groome's livery to 
Richard TwhytuU. Item, to Sir Christopher Hayward, my 
preest, in monie or stuff, whether he woll, ten marks, to- 
wards soch chardges of reparations of his chauncell as he 
shall have* Item, I bequeath to the same Sir Christopher 
Hayward a vestiment of crimson velvet, and the crosae of 
black cloth of gold. Item, I woll that he entre immediately 
after my departing into the fermeof Kerby appertaining unto 
him, and to take all such fruits as have growne this year, 
with thithes, oblations, and other profits belonging to the 
said ferme; and over that he to receive in money fift}'- 
tree shillings foure-pence, and to content himself for the 
the rent of the said ferme for this year, and to pay unto 
the preest of Kerby his full wages unto the Annuntiation 
of Our Lady next coming. Alsoe I woll that my house- 
hold be fully contented and paid for their whole quarter's 
wages to be finished at Christmass next, and all such wages 
that has been unpaid due unto them ; and over this I woll 
that every oon of my gentlemen shall have thirteen shillings 
four pence; and every yeoman ten shillings; and every 
groom six shillings eight pence. Item, I woll that John 
Lolls have twenty pounds. Item, I bequethe to Mr. Doc- 
tor Christopherson oon of my best horses, also a gowne 
of my fine black. Item, I woll that such hangings or bed- 
ding as shall be sold for the payment of my debts and per- 
formance of my will, be refused of my Lady Marquisde and 
of my son Edward Lord Hastings before they be any par- 
cell to be sold to any other body, so that the said Lady 
Marquiss and Lord Hastings woll give as much for the 
said as any other woll doe, and make as quick payment. 
The residue of my goods not bequeathed, my debts fuHy 


paid^ with all my cattail^ somes of monie, rents, anouities, 
debts, and arrearages, which it shall happen me to have 
and to be possessed of, or dae unto me, by any grant or 
lawful meane, at the time of my departing, I woU be equally 
divided between my sons Richard and William* And for 
the true execution and performance of this my present tes-i 
tament and last will, I make and ordaine CeiciU Marquiss 
Dorset, widdow ; George Earl of Shrewsbury and Anne his 
wife, my daughter; Edward Lord Hastings, Richard Hast* 
ings, and William Hastings^ Esquires, my sons, myne exe- 
cutors ; most humbly beseeching and praying them, in the 
way of charity, to take the peyne and labour for the true 
performance of the same, as myn special trust is in them *• 


Richard Martyn ', Bishop in the Universal Church, 9th 
November 1498. My body to be buried in the Church 
of the Order of the Grey Friers in Canterbury. Agnes, late 
my brother's wife; to the Church of Lyde my second 
mitre, my cross, staff, and the crosshed that Oly ver the 
joiner made; to John Martyn, my brother's son, the farm of 
my Church and Vicarage of Lyde, the farm of my Church 

* From Nichok's Leicestershire, vol* iii* p. 572-3. 

> He was by Papal provision Bishop of St. David's, by bull dated 
6 cal. Mail (April 26) 1482, he had the temporalities of that see 
restored to him on the Ist of July, and made his profession 
of obedience on the 8th of the same month in that year; Le 
Neve adds, '^ I cannot fix the certain time of his death, but be- 
lieve it was in 1483. He was buried in St. Paul's Cathedral, 
London," and both this writer and Bishop Godwin state, that in 
1483 Thomas Langton succeeded him in the Bishoprick of St. Da- 
vid's. There is, however, evidently an error in these statements, 
for it is manifest, from his will, that he was living in November 
1498, and probably until March 1502-3. It is possible that in 
1483 he was deprived of his spiritual dignities, but no account 
is recorded of the fact, and in his testament he expressly styles 
himself^' Bishop in the Universal Church." 


and Parsonage of Ickham ; to Master John Diggys, Gen- 
tleman, my bote, with the apparel thereto belonging ; to 
the place of Gray Friars of Canterbury my chrysmatory of 
silver, and parcel thereof gilt, and the case thereto belong- 
ing ; to the Chapel of St. Saviour in the said Church ; Ed- 
ward Gylford, Prior of the House of St. Gregory of Can- 
terbury. Proved 9th March 1502', at Canterbury. 


Elizabeth Hussey, widow of Sir William Hussey, Chief 
Justice ', 1503. My sons Sir John, Robert, William, and 
George Hussey ; Ann, daughter and heiress of Sir John 
Sylvaine, wife of my son William; my daughter Lady 
Grey ; my brother and sister Marmion ; my brother and 
sister Gaton; my sister Porter. And I appoint my son, 
William Hussey, and my brother. Sir Maurice Berkeley, 
my executors. Proved 1504 ♦. 


William Oxenbridge, of Gestling, 1503. My body to be 
buried there. My wife Alicia and my father-in-law Rich- 
ard Knight; my sister Margaret Cheney, and my niece 
Ann Bannister; my brother Goddard Oxenbridge ; Robert 
Oxenbridge, son of Martin Oxenbridge; to my daughter 
Ann the manors of Smalesham, Gravehurst, and Malley, 
when of age; to Robert, son of Thomas Oxenbridge. 

Proved 1504*. 

» Query, 1502-3? 

* 8ir William Hussey or Husee, the testatrix's husband, was 
appointed Chief Justice of the Court of King's Bench, 7th May 
1482, and was succeeded by Sir John Finux, the 24th November 

* Ex. inform. George Baker, Esquire. 



Nicholas Talbot, July 150K My body to be buried at 
Berkbampsted. My wife Jane, widow of David Griffin; 
my brother Edmund Talbot; my nephews Giles and Ed- 
mund Talbot and Giles Livesay ; my sister Anne Livesay ; 
to Sir John Talbot my best gown ; to Edmund Talbot^ heir 
of Bashall, a gown *. 


Ann Wake, late wife of William Wake, of Hertwell, in 
Nohhamptonshire, widow, 20th April 1504. My body to 
be buried in the Chapel of our Lady in the Hospital of St. 
John of Northampton; to Nicholas Wake my saltcellar; 
to my son John Southwood a silver salt ; John and Rich- 
ard my sons ; Elizabeth and Margaret my daughters. 

Proved 14th Mav 1504. 


Thomas Stanley, Earl of Derby, Lord Stanley and Lord of 
Man, and Great Constable of England ', 28 July 1504. My 
body to be buried in the midst of the Chapel in the North 
aisle of the Church of the Priory of Buscough, of my ances- 
tors foundation, where the bodies of my father, mother, and 
other of my ancestors lay buried, having provided a tomb to 
be there placed, with the personages of myself and both my 
wives, for a perpetual remembrance to be prayed for; also 
1 will that the personages which I have caused to be made 

* Ex inform. George Baker, Esquire. 

> First Earl of Derby, and Knight of the Garter. At the battle 
of Bosworth Field he placed the crown on the head of Henry VII. 
and for his services in that monarch's cause was created Earl of 
Derby, and so6n afterwards obtained a grant of the office of 
Constable of England for life. Afler being distinguished by se- 
veral honourable offices, he died in 1504, shortly after the date of 
his will. 


for my father and mother^ my grandfather and great-grand- 
father, shall be set in the arches of the chancel within that 
priory, in the places provided for the same ; and whereas I 
have before given to the said Priory and Convent great 
gifts of money, jewels, and ornaments, and also done great 
reparations in the said Priory, I nevertheless bequeath 
thereto xx /. to the intent that the said Prior and Convent 
shall be. boand by their deed, sealed with their common 
seal, to me and my heirs, to cause one of the canons thereof 
to say mass in the said Chapel for my soul, and for the soul 
of my Lady now my wife, after her decease, and for the 
soul of Eleanor late my wife ', and for the souls of my fa- 
ther, mother, ancestors, children, brethren, and sisters^ and 
for the soul of William late Marquess Berkeley ; also for 
the souls of them who died in my or my father's service, or 
that shall die in my service, and for the souls of all those 
that I have in any wise offended, and for all Christian souls 
for evermore; also I will that at every mass before the lava* 
torie, they shall audibly say for the souls I have appointed, by 
name and all other in general, '' De profundis clamavi/^ and 
such orisons and collects as are used to be said therewith; 
also I will that my executors provide a priest to say mass 
for a year in the Churches of Winwick and Werington, es- 
pecially to pray for the souls of all those I have any wise 
offended, and for all Christian souls ; to the Bishop of Man* 
xl/. ; to the Abbey of Whalley xx/. ; to the Abbey of 
Cockersand x/.; to the making Garstang Bridge xx/.; to 
the purchase of the rent and toll of Werington Bridge ccc 
marks, to the intent that the pass shall be free for all 
people for ever ; and also for the making of the said bridge 
D marks, that no further toll or farm be there asked ; and 
I will that Sir Geoffrey Trafford and Henry Rysley, Es- 
quire, be supervisors to see the same performed; to my 
Lord th« King a cup of gold, and I pray him to be a good 
Lord to my son, and to the performance of my will, as I 
have been a true servant, and so shall depart out of this 

' Eleanor, daughter of Richard Nevill, Earl of Warwick, by 
whom he had the children named in his will. * Huan Hesketh. 


wretched world ; also I beseecb his majesty to be a good 
Lord to Sir Thomas Stanley % my grandson, James Stan- 
ley * and Sir Edward Stanley ^, my sons, whom I charge on 
tny blessing to do as good service as lay in their power, 
Itnd so to continue during their lives to him and all his; to 
Elizabeth * and Jane, daughters of my son the Lord 
Strange, cc marks, and to Henry Clifford c marks if he 
should take to wife the said Jane ; I will that my Lady my 
wife^ shall peaceably enjoy all the lordships, manors, 8cc« 
assigned for her jointure, as by act of parliament Ist Henry 
VII. ; I will that my son Sir Edward Stanley shall have and 
enjoy the castle of Hornby so long as he lives ; the residue 
of all my lordships, lands, &c. I bequeath to Sir Thomas 
Stanley, Knight, my heir apparent, whom with James and 
Sir Edward Stanley, my sons, I constitute supervisors of 
my will; and executors, my trusty servants David Griffith, 
Sir Geoffrey Traffbrd, Richard Hesketh, and John Leigh, 
Esquires*. Proved 9th November 1504. 

* Son and heir of George Stanley Lord Strange, jure uxoris, 
who died vita patris ; on the death of his grandfather he became 
second Earl of Derby. 

* This Sir James Stanley commanded the rear of the English 
army at Flodden Field, and for his conduct on that occasion was 
summoned to Parliament as Lord Monteagle, and was installed a 
Knight of the Garter 8th May 1514. Vide his will in a subsequent 

9 Afterwards Bishop of Ely ; he died 22d March 1515. Vide his 
Will in a subsequent page. 

4 She married Sir Edward Stanley of Kent. 

s His second wife Margaret, daughter and heir of John Beau- 
fort Duke of Somerset, widow of Edmund Tudor Earl of Rich- 
mond, and mother of King Henry VII. ; the Earl of Derby had no 
issue by this celebrated lady. Vide her will in a subsequent page. 

* From the Abstract in Collins* Peerage, vol. iii. p. 45, and in 
Dugdale^s Baronage, vol. ii. p. 249. 



Henry Home, £3d Jane 1504. My body to be baried in 
the Monastery of the Charch of St. Sexburgh in Shepey. 
Elen my daughter ; to Gervas Home, my sod, all my uten* 
silsy with the manor of Kenarton ; to the said Gervas my 
place in Kenarton in tail male; remainder to Robert and 
Henry my sons^ and the longer liver of them in like tail; 
remainder to Henry Guildeford, youngest son of Sir Rich* 
ard Guildeford, Knight, in like tail; remainder to William 
Home, son of my brother Gervas Home, for ever ; to St. 
Martyn's Pounteney in Romuey ; to Margaret, my wife, 
my place in Feversham that I dwell in, and other premises 
in Preston and Hernehill^ for her life ; remainder to Robert 
my son in tail general ; remainder to Henry my son ; re- 
mainder to Margaret his wife and her heirs. 

Proved at Canterbury. 


John Knatchball, of the parish of Lympore, My body 
to be buried in the Church of St. Stephen of Lympore. 
Tbomasine my ,wife ; Margery my daughter ; to the works 
of the Church at Westhytbe lus iv J»; to the repar^tiojo 
of the Chapel of St. Mary of. Streete uis. ivif.; to the re- 
pairs of the steeple of Limne iii L via*; Richard Knatch- 
buU my brother ; Richard Kuatchbull my son ; Thomas 
my son ; to Tbomasine, my wife, my messuage at Somfeld, 
called LordySy for her life ; remainder to John my son ; re- 
mainder to Richard and Thomas my sons. 

Proved 1504 at Canterbury . 

John Mordaunt, Knight^, 5th September 1504. My 
" Of Turvey, co. Bedford. On I6th June 1484, he was one of 


body to be buried in the Chapel of the Blessed Virgin in 
the parish Church of Tnrvey, I will that my executors 
found a chauntry in the said Chapel of Turvey, and find 
two chaplains to celebrate divine service for the good es- 
tate of King Henry the Seventh whilst livings and for his 
soul after his decease, and for the souls of Elizabeth late 
his consort, and their progenitors and predecessors ; also for 
the good of my soul, of that of William Mordaunt my 
father, and Margaret his wife my mother, and all my an- 
cestors souls, and likewise for the soul of Edith my wife, 
daughter and one of the heirs of Nicholas Latymer, Knt. 
of bantysb, in the county of Dorset ; for the soul of Ann, 
late Countess of Warwick, and of all my benefactors ; I 
will that my chaplains and their successors, for ever, be 
paid for their service out of the manors of Melbourn, Me- 
reth, and Royston, in the county of Cambridge ; I will 
that my manors in the counties of Bedford, Bucks, North- 
ampton, tiertford, Essex, Surrey, and Northumberland, re- 
main to William Mordaunt, my son and heir ', and his 
heirs male ; in default of which to John * my son and his 
heirs, failing which to Joan my daughter and her heirs ; 
remainder to Elizabeth my sister, wife of Wistan Browne. 

Proved 6th December 1504*. 

the KiDg*8 Commanders at the battle of Stoke ; he was also ap- 
pointed King's Serjeant at Law in the 11th of Henry VII.; Justice 
of Chester 15 Henry VII. ; and soon afterwards Chancellor of the 
Duchy of Lancaster, and was knighted at the creation of Henry 
Prince of Wales 18th February 1503. 
' Who died without issue. 

* Who was heir to his brother William Mordaunt, just mendcmed, 
and was summoned to Parliament 4th May 91 Henry VIII. 1533 ; 
his descendant John fifth Ix>rd Mordaunt was created Earl of 
Peterborough in 1698. 

* Collins' Peerage, vol. iii. p. 240. 



Roger Wake, Esquire *. My bodjr to be buried in the 
parish Church of Blythsforth, in the county of Northamp- 
ton. I appoint Elizabeth, my vfife, my executrix, whom 
I will shall have the manors of Clyvedon in Somersetshire, 
and Blisworth, for life; remainder to Richard Wake* my > 
son ; to William Wak^, my son, my lands in Carynton in 
Bedfordshire, for life ; John my son » ; I bequeath to Isa- 
bel, wife of Thomas Wake \ my eldest son, lands to the 
value of XX I. out of Dessinge ; I will that Elizabeth V il- 
lars, my daughter, have all my lands in Bromeham in Bed- 
fordshire, for her life ; remainder to Clement Villars, her 
son, and to his heirs ; to Margaret Garnard, my daughter, 
all my lands called Haggishaws, in the parish of Milksted, 
in Kent, for life; remainder to Richard Garnard, Esquire, 
son of John Garnard, Esquire, and of the said Margaret, 
my daughter, and to his heirs ; to my brother William 
Wake my manor of Midelton beside Colingtre, and Co- 
lingtre in Northampton, for life, according to the will of 
Thomas Wake, our father; Nicholas Wake my brother 
William Wake's son ; Edward Villars and Elizabeth Vil- 
lars my daughter ; my cousin Thomas Wake. 

Proved l^h May 1504. 

^ Son and heir of Sir Thomas Wake, Gentleman of the Privy 
Chamber and of the Council to Edward IV. and Knight of the 
Shire for Northamptonshire temp. Henry V. and Henry VI. by Ag- 
nes, daughter of Sir Thomas Lovell ; the testator founded a free- 
school at Blyesworth in 2 Richard III. and for his adherence to 
that monarch at the battle of Bosworth Field was attainted 1st 
Henry VII. but was afterwards pardoned, and obtained the resti- 
tution of his lands« His wife was Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Wil- 
liam Catesby, of Ashby Legers, co. Northampton, by whom he had 
the children named in his will, and died 19 Henry VII. 1504. 

* His second son, from whom Sir William Wake, the present 
Baronet, is descended* 

* Who was seated at Milton, co« Somerset ; his only issue was a 
daughter and heiress. 

* Thomas Wake, the testator's eldest eon, married Isabel, sister 
and coheir of Sir Edward Sapcotes, of Burleigh, co. Rutland, but 
his issue failed. 



Joan Hastings, widow, late wife of Richard Hastings, 
Knight, Lord Willoughby *, IQth Marcb^ 1504*. My body, 
to be buried in the Church of the Friars Minors within 
Newgate in London, in the vault there purposely made for 
my said husband and me. I will that six priests shall pray 
for me, whereof one priest shall sing for ever in the Monas- 
tery of Montgrace, another, at the chauntry founded by my 
father in the parish Church of Northallerton ; to the four 
Orders of Friars iv pounds to pray for my soul; and also 
to sing placebo and dirige, and m^ss of requiem, with a 
trentall of masses for my soul and the souls of my Lord my 
husband, and the soul of Richard Pygot late my husband. 

Proved 7th AprO 1505, 


Sir Humphrey Catesby, Knight. My wife Grace and 
her children William Grey, Fulk Grey, and Margaret Grey ; 
my sons Anthony and Thomas Catesby; my brothers 
Francis, Anthony, Euseby, and George Catesby; my 
daughters Anne and Elizabeth. Proved 1504. 

■ She was the daughter of Richard Lord Welles, by Joan, 
daughter and heir of Robert Lord Willoughby of Eresby ; her 
father was beheaded in 1469, and Robert, her brother, being also 
beheaded in the same year, she became the heiress of her family, 
but in consequence of the attainders of her father and brother in 
1474, the honours of her house became forfeited. To her first 
husband the testatrix married Richard Hastings, who was sum- 
moned to Parliament in 22 and 23 Edward IV. but died s. p. s. in 
1503, and by her second husband, the above-named John Pigot, 
ahe had no issue, and died in 1505. 

« Query, 1504-5? 



William Tayllard. My wife Elizabeth ; my son Walter 
Tayllardy and his sons William, Laurence, and Giles Tayl- 
lard ; my danghters Mary Penycock, Jane Stukeley^ Anne 
Wanton, Agnes Burgoine, and Joan Tayllard ; I bequeath 
my lands^ in default of issue of my sons to my brother Joba 
Tayllard ;remainderto Dr. William Tayllard. Proved 1505. 


William Boleyn, Knight', 7*th October 1505. My 
body to be buried in the Cathedral of Norwich, near the 
sepulture of Dame Ann Boleyn, my mother ; I will that my 
son Thomas Boleyn, according to the will of Geoffrey Bo* 
leyn, my father, have the manors of Blickling, Calthorp, 
Wykmere, and Mikelbarton, to him and his heirs male, he 
paying to Dame Margaret, my wife*, cc marks yearly ; to 
my daughters Alice' and Margaret^ m marks between 
them ; my daughter Ann Skehon^; my sons James*, Wil* 
liam, and Edward': my manors of Hoo, Q£9ey, Cokenhoo, 
Fylby^ West Lexham, Stiffleby, and Betingham, in Nor- 
folk, and my manors of Heber and Seale in Kent, 

Proved 27th November 1505. 

' Son and heir of Sir Geoffrey Boleyn, whose will is inserted in 
a former page, by Ann, daughter of Thomas Lord Hoo and Hast- 
ings, and father of Thomas Boleyn, Earl of Wiltshire, K. G. who 
is mentioned in the above will. 

* Daughter and coheir of Thomas Butler, Earl of Ortaonde and 
Carrick, in Ireland, and Baron Ormond of Rochford« in England. 

> Who married Sir Robert Clere. 

* She became the wife of John Sackville. 
s Wife of Sir John Skelton. 

* Who died s. p. 

' He married Anne, daughter and heir of Sir John Tempest. 

H H 




Joan ViscouDtess L'isle, widow ', 8th August 1500. My 
body to be buried in the pariah Church of St. Michael opoo' 
Cornhill, under the sepulture where Robert Drope, late my 
husband, lieth. I will that my executors cause two tapers 
of wax, both weighing ten pounds, daily to burn at thef said 
tomb during divine service in the quire there, in honour of 
our Lord God and our blessed Lady, for the space of one 
whole year immediately ensuing the time of my decease, 
and twenty-two -torches, every one of the weight of twenty 
pounds, to bum at my funeral service and exequies ; also I 
will that my executors provide three hundred shirts and 
smocks for poor folk, th^ one half for men, the other for 
women ; also I will that my executors shall find two honest 
and virtuous priests to sing masses and other divine service, 
the one of them for the space of three years, in the Chapel 
of Astley, where my Lord and late husband lieth buried, 
and the other by the space of five years in the Chapel 
of St. Katherine within the Church of St. Michael afore- 
said ; also I will that my executors cause to be made and set 
up on the high rood loft in the said Church of St. Michael 
two escotcheons, the one of them with the arms of my right 
noble Lord and husband the Viscount L'isle and my own 
arms jointly, and the other of the arms of my right worship- 
ful husband Robert Drope and my own jointly, to the in- 
tent that our souls, by reason thereof, may the rather be 
there remembered and prayed for; [ exhort my son* John 
Grey, Viscount L'isle, son and heir of my late Lord and 
husband, and the three noble sisters of the same my young 
Lord, to consider my honest mind towards the performance 
of the will of my said Lord and husband ; whereas I have 

* She was the second wife of Edward Grey Viscount L'isle, 
whose will is inserted in p. 410, by whom she had no issue ; it does 
not appear whether Robert Drope ^i» her first or second husband. 

* Her husband's son by his first wife, Elizabeth, sister and coheir 
of Thomas Talbot second Viscount L*Isle. 


lent to my brother Thomas Grey * two vestments ; my 
daughter* the Countess of Wiltshire; my daughter' Eliza- 
beth Grey; my daughter Ann Willoughby *; to Sir Henry 
Willonghby, Knight, for a ring; to my cousin Edward 
Hnngerfordy Esquire, five yards of cloth for a gown ; my soa 
JohnTreguran; to my brother Richarfl Norton; to my sister 
Christian More, widow, my broad girdle ; to my sister Alice, 
widow, my russet girdle, harnessed with gilt; my nephew 
John Harpesfeld; my nephew Nicholas Harpesfeld, a 
scholar at Bonony-; my nephew George Harpesfeld; my 
nephew John Morton, draper; to my niece Philippa Har- 
pesfeld, who is to marry Thomas Dynley ccc marks ; Do- 
rothy, daughter of Sir William Capel, Knight; my god- 
son Reginald Bray, nephew of Sir Reginald Bray *• 

Proved 2lst November, 1505. 


William Lyttelton, Knight'. My body to be buried 
before the image of the Blessed Virgin in the Monastery of 
Hales Owen, near the place and grave where my first wife 
lieth baried^ To Mary^ my wife, the manors of Fcank- 

* Apparently her husband Viscount L*Isle's brother. 

* Viscount L'isle's daughters by his first wife. 

* From M$. note of his will; and from Dugdale*8 Abstract, vol. 

i. p .7^. 

* Son and heir of the celebrated Judge Lyttleton, whose will is 
inserted in p. S69 ; the testator is spoken of in the note to p. 366, 
and it is therefore only necessary to state here that he died at 
Frankley in December l&OTi aged 63. The date of his will is not 
given, but it is presumed to have beenmade shortly before his death. 

4 Elyn, widow of Thomas Fielding, Esquire, and daughter and 
heir of William Walsh, of Wanlip, co. Leicester; by her he had 
an only daughter Joan, who became the wife of Sir John Aston, 
of Heywood, co. Stafford. 

* His second wife ; she was the daughter of William Whitting- 
ton, of Pauntley, co. Gloucester, by Elizabeth, daughter of Ren- 
fred Arundel, of Lanhearn, co. Cornwall, and sister and coheir of 

H h2 


ley and CoulesdoD, in the county of 'Worcester; Rid§ak«r, 
in the county of Salop.; and Over-Alley, in the couniy of 
Stafford; I will that a 'priest be provided to pray for; my 
sout during sev^n years after my decea^e^ and for tb^ Boulfi 
of my father and mother, of William Burl^y,\ my grandf4t 
ther, and ail Christian souls ; to say Placeba and Dirige the 
day of my anniversary, with other annual obit Bervicea, §i>t 
all of which I will that he ha^e viii marks a year, the said 
divine service to be performed in the Chapel of St. Leonard 
,at Frankley, to which 1 bequeath ray velvet gown for a 
cope and vestment; 1 will that all my other lands remfun 
for my son, and I will that he have xx L a year for his exy 
hibition and finding till he come of age ; to my daughter 
Elizabeth DC marks to ber marriage, if she mames with her 
mother's consent ; I will that my yearly obit be constantly 
celebrated in the monastery of Hales Owen, and that my 
executors pay xiii «. iv J. for it; also I will that John 
Smith have the keying of my park at Frankley during 
life, and that all my servants have a year's wages at their 
departure; to the Cathedral Cfatirch of Worcester ti$. 
ruid.; I will that my executors procure a marble stone 
with two images and sculptures according, to be laid over 
me and Elyn, my first wife, when God shall do his mind 
with mc*. . 


Roger le Strange, of Hunslaunton, in thie county of 
Norfolk, 1505. My body to be there buried* My wife 
Anne; my son John Le Strange,- now under age ; my bro- 
thers Robert and John Le Strange ; my brothers John and 
William Heydoh; my sisters Hey don, Townshend, and 
Gurney, and Ann and Margaret Le Strange f. 

John Arundel, Bishop of Exeter, who it is recorded gave his sister 
cccc marks for her marriage portion. 

' Vide note S p. 363. 

* From the Abstract in Collins' Peerage, vol. vii. p. 436. 

t £x inform. George Baker, Esquire. 



John Mortimer, of Bassingbourne, in the county of Cam- 
bridge. My body to be there buried. Whereas my wife 
Katharine had lands in Bassingbourne^ in Cambridgeshire, 
and Baldocky Weston, and Clothall, in Hertfordshire; my 
mother Joan; my sons John, Robert, and Thomas Mortimer; 
my daughters Agnes and Katherine ; my brother Thomas. 

Proved 15th June 1505 *. 


Edmund Talbot, of the parish of St. Elphe, in Canter- 
bury, 28 October 1506. My body to be buried in the 
sanctuary of Christ Church in Canterbury. My brother 
Parson of St. Martyn's; Maister John Williams, Parson 
of St. George's. Proved at Canterbury. 


Margery Yehrerton *, of Norwich, widow, 4th June 1501. 
My body to be buried in the Friars St. Austin in Nor- 
wichyuear to the body of John Yelverton, late my husband, 
to the parish of Castle St. Edmund's iv. / ; to John, my son, 
a monk x marks ; T bequeath my manor of Castle St. Ed- 
mond's, and all lands and tepements within the same, toge- 
ther with Markeshall, to Richard Walter, nly son-in- 
law, for seventeen years, to pay my debts and legacies ; 
and after that time to William Yelverton^ son and heir to 

* Ex in;form. George Baker, Esquire. 

' Daughter of William Morley, Esquire, and widow of John 
Yelverton, ancestor of the Earls of Sussex. 



William YelvertoD, lately deceased; remainder to Amy 
Yelverton, sister to the said William. Proved 1503 *. 


Elianore Wyndham% widow, late wife of Sir John 
Wyndham, Knight, living at Carowe, 1 1th December 1505. 
My bodj' to be buried in the choir of the Austin Friars at 
Norwich, beside the high altar there, to which I bequeath 
a pair of chalices silver and gilt, to the intent that the 
Friars there shall pray for my soul^ and for the soul of Sir 
John Wyndham, late my husband ; also I will that a friar 
shall sing and pray for my soul within the said place, the 
space of a whole year, and that he have for his salary 

* From CoUins' Peerage, vol. iv. p. 337- 

* She was the daughter of Norman Washboume, of Washboume, 
CO. Worcester, Esquire, ^nd married, first. Sir Richard Scrope, 
younger sou of John Lord Scrope of Bolton ; and secondly. Sir 
John Wyndham, Knight, ancestor of the Earls of Egremont. From 
the numerous persons mentioned in her will as her children, it is 
thought advisable to subjoin the following short genealogical table, 
to avoid numerous notes : 

Sir Richard: 
le Scrope, 
Kt. second 
son of John 
Lo. Scrope 
of Bolton; 
first hus- 

:Eleanor, daugh-: 
ter of Norborne 
(The Testa- 

Ir John Wynd-=Margaret, 

ham, Knt. be- 
headed the 6th 
of May 1502. 

Frances Wyndham, ob. 
8. p. 1505. 

Elizabeth, married, first, 
William Viscount Beau- 
mont, who died 1507; 
and secondly, the John 
£arl of Oxford, who is 
mentioned in her mo- 
ther's will, and died 26th 
June 1537> s. p. 


daughter of 
first Duke 
of Norfolk, 

all died s.p. 

Mary, mar. Sir Edward 



son and 
heir. (Vide 
his wUl in a 


Lin I. IV <2.; to the White Friars of Norwich, the Black 
Friars of Norwich, aad the Grey Friars in Norwich, and to 
the Abbey of Barking ; also I will that on the day of my 
burial ▼ 2. be bestowed in alms ; and at my burying day, 
my month's day, and year day, there be disposed for me 
XL /• after the discretion of my executors; I will that an ho- 
nest priest sing for me in theUniversity of Cambridge for 
two years, and be allowed for his salary viii marks every 
year; to my Lord of Oxford a cross of gold with diamonds, 
and to the Lady his wife a ring with a ruby ; to the Lady 
Beaumont, my daughter, a pursle of sable, my best feather 
bed, and other furniture; to Thomas Wyndham, my son*in* 
law, a vestment and mass book, three hangings, and other 
furniture ; to my daughter Alianore Wyndham, wife of the 
said Thomas, a gown of black velvet furred with marten ; 
to Dame Anne Scrope, my daughter; my daughter Mary 
Scrope; my daughter Jane Scrope; my daughter Frances 
Wyndham ; to George Wyndham, Elizabeth, Margaret, 
and Eleanor Wyndham, Edmond Wyndham, and John 
Wyndham ; to my daughters unmarried, by my first hus- 
band Sir Richard Scrope, all the residue of my array and 
household stuff not before bequeathed ; the residue of my 
goods I bequeath to my executors, Sir Thomas Tyrrell, 
Knight, Sir John Tey, and Richard Wode, Gentleman. 

Proved January 1505-6, 


Dame Jane Talbot, widow, late wife of Sir Humphrey 
Talbot, Knight', lOth January 20 Henry VH. 1505. My 

^ Hie daughter and coheir of John Champemon, of the county 
of Devon, Esquire, and widow of Sir Humphrey Talbot, whose will 
is inserted in p. 409, in the note to which, on Uie authority of Col- 
iins» she is erroneously called Mar^. Her husband merely speaks 
of her as his wife, without mentioning her Christiaii name. 


body to bebaried in the Church of the Friar&Minors without 
Aldgate London^ near the place where Anne Montgomery, 
late wife of John Montgomery, Esquire, is buried. I wiU 
that a convenient stone be laid over me with my arms 
and my husband's engraven thereon, which said hus- 
band died and is buried at St. Katharine's Mount ' ; to the 
making a window in the Church of Glossop^ in Derby 
XLS.; Anthony Willoughby my nephew^; to my Lady 
Dinham my niece % a device of gold ; I will that a priest 
pray continually for the souls of me, my husband Sir Hu^i- 
phrey Talbot, and for the souls of John Champernon and 
Elizabeth his wife, my father and mother, and for the souls 
of my sister Lady Blanch Willoughby, daughter to the 
said John and Elizabeth^ and for the children and good 
eatate of the noble. Earl of Shrewsbury, and of the Lady 
Margaret his wife, and of Dame Elisabeth Dutchess of 
Norfolk, my executrix, with Mr. Thomai Cosyn, Doctor of 
Divinity in Cambridge. Proved 4th October 1605. 


Thomas Woodmancie, 1st November 1505. My body to. 
be buried in the College of Ascherigge. Mary my daugh- 
ter ; Ann my wife ; to Thomas, my son, my farm of Iving- 
hoe. And I appoint my sons Thomas, John, and Francis, 
my executors, and John A Moore, supervisor. I will that 
Ann my wife have my manor of Mantyl; my manors of 
Pycheltorne and Whaddon ; Thomas, my eldest son, when 
of full age ; Francis my youngest son. 

Proved 9th February 1505-6, 


■■ ■ . - ■ .... . . « , . 

' Her husband died at St. Katherine*s on Mount Sinai. 

* Apparently a younger son of Robert first Lord Willoughby 
de Broke, by Blanch his wife, daughter and coheir of John Cham- 
pernon, and sister of the testatrix. 

' Daughter of the said Lord Willoughby and Blanch his wife ; 
she married John Lord Dynham. 



Elizabeth Wallops 10th September 1505. My body to 
be buried in the parish Church of Farley, near the sepul- 
chre of Richard Wallop> Esquire, late my husband. To 
the maintaining the lights and other ornaments in the 
Churches of Farley and Old Stoke such money as shall 
arise from the sale of one hundred sheep ; to the Churches 
of St. Michael Basingstoke and Over Wallop ; to Giles 
son of Stephen Wallop to provide for his being brought up 
a priest. 


Joan Pusey, of St. Laurence Westcombe% ISth Decern* 
her 1506; to the repair of the highway between Lowdwa- 
tene and Holport xzvis. viiij^; Michael my son; WiU 
liam Pusey my son; 'Chris tophex my son; Joane Hobby 
my daughter. And I appoint Christopher Pusey and Mi* 
chael Pusey, my sons, my executors. 

Proved Slst December 1506. 


Joan Kyrnell, of Newport?, 2d January 1506. My body 
to be buried in the Church there, nigh my husband. 
Margaret Impeswellmy daughter; my three daughters Eli« 

' Widow of Richard Wallop, Esquire, who was Sheriff of the 
county of Southampton 17 Henry VII. ; she was the daughter and 

coheir of Qampton, of Old Stoke, in the county of Southamp- 

ton» Esquire. It appears that they had no issue, for Robert, the 
next brother of this Richard succeeded to his estates, and from 
him the Earl of Portsmouth is descended. 

^ In the county of Buclcingham. ' Ibid. 


zabethy Beatrice, and Margaret KyrnelL And I appoint 
Henry Impsewell and Sir John Blett, my executors. 

Proved 3d December, 1506. 


William Dormer \ of West Wycombe, d2d September 
1-506. My body to be baried in the chancel of the Church 
of West Wycombe, before the image of St. Lawrence;' to 
poor folks xl/. ; to buy a cope and vestment to be given 
to the Church of West Wycomb ; to amending the high- 
ways leading from West Wycombe xl/.; to Joan Alburgh, 
my daughter, x marks; Lettice Dormer; Agnes, my wife, 
the third part of all my lands for life ; remainder to Robert, 
my son and heir; to Margery Deane, my daughter, wife 
of Thomas Deane, x marks ; to Agnes, my daughter, wife 
of William Baldwin, x marks ; Robert my son. And I ap- 
point the said Agnes and Robert my son my executors, and 
John Baldwyn and John Colynbourn overseers. 

Proved 7th October 1506 *. 

1 Ancestor of the Right Honourable Lord Dormer ; be married 
Agnes, daughter of Sir John Launcelyn, a French Knight, and by 
her had one son, Robert, who was Sheriff of the counties of Bed- 
ford and Buckingham 14, 'iS, and 30 Henry VIII. ; also four 
daughters, Margaret, wife of Thomas Deane ; Joan, of ... . Ald- 
burgh, of Bromweil ; Agnes, of William Baldwin, father of Sir 
John Baldwin, who was appointed Lord Chief Justice of the Com- 
mon Pleas in 1536 ; and Bridget, who married, first, Brit- 

tayne, of London : and secondly, .... CoUingboume. 

* From a MS. note of this will, and from Collins* Abstract, vol. 
vn.p. 63. 



Greorge Catesby^ son of William Catesby. My body to 
be buried at Ashby St. Legers^ in the connty of Northamp- 
ton. My wife Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Richard Empson ■ 
and Dame Jane his wife ; my mother Margaret. 


John Wilcocks, of Chipping Wycombe^ 5th July 1506. 
My body to be buried in the Church of All Hallondon on 
Wye, before the rood. To the repair of our Lady's Chapel 
of my grant xxiii s. ivrf. ; I will that my executors pay the 
charge of new glazing the window in the said Chapel; also 
I will that an obit be kept yearly; I will that my executors 
buy a marble stone to lay on my grave, with the picture of 
my two wives of vii foot in lengthy the stone mentioning 
her sons Thomas and Michael Wilcocks. I appoint Wal- 
tier, my son, my executor, and also Robert Ashebrooke and 
Robert Brampton, priest, and John Aley, my executors. 


In the name of God, Amen. The 4th day of November, 
the yere of our Lord 1506. I, Edward Hastings Knight*, 

> Apparently the notorious instrument of Henry the Seventh's 

* £x inform. George Baker, Esquire. 

' He was second Lord Hastings of Ashby-de-la-Zouch, to 
which dignity be succeeded in 1483 ; but having married Mary, 
daughter and heir of Thomas Hungerford, son and heir of Robert 
Lord Hungerford and Molines, he was summoned to Parliament 
as Lord Hungerford in 1483, and died in 1510. 


Lord Hastings and Hangerford; hole in mynde, make my 
testament and last willj, in ma^nqer and fonne following^ &c. 
My body to be buried yf I depart this world in London^ 
QX within twenty miles of the same, in the College of Wynd- 
sore^ nyghe to the tombe of my Lord my father * (whose 
souleGod pardon) yfit may be conveniently, else I remitte 
the same to the discretion of myne executors, &c. by the 
oversight of the Erie of Shrewsbury s Lord Steward of the 
King's most honourable household, or of my two brethren, 
yf they be at my said departing ; also I woUe that the con- 
veyance of my body to my buriall, w:ith all the observances 
and other things pertaining to the same, and also to my 
month's mind and yere day, be ordered and done by my 
said executors or other above reherced; also I woll that an 
honest preste aqd virtuous be provided to sypg and pray 
for my soul, and the soules of my father and mother, and* 
all other my frends, with the soules of them that I am 
bounden to pray for, and all Christen soules in-the Chapell 
or Church where my body shall be interred, by the space 
of seven years next ensuing my said departing, and the same 
prest oons in every day shall say placebo, dirige, and com* 
mendations, with mass of requiem, on the morrow, for my 
soule and the soules above rehersed ; and other orisons and 
prayers as my said executors shall appoint, and that the 
said prest have yerely for the doing of the same observances 
during the same seaven yere ten marks ; also I woll that 
my brother Richard Hastings have oone annuyte of xx 
marks by yere out of my lordeship of Thometon and Bag- 
worth, not oonly to him but also to my Lady his wyfF, or to 
the longer lyver of them, to be made sure as the learned 
counseil of my sed brother can devise ; also I woll that my 
brother William Hastings shall have and enjoy the offices, 
and stewardships, and bailyfwyke, of my lordships of 
Thorneton and Bagwortb, with the herbage yielding ac* 
count of the same ; to have and occupie to. him and to his 
deputies, with all such fees and profits as to the same office 

■ I II' ■ I ' - ■ ■■■..111 I II I I I ■ ^ I I I « « ■ I I ■ I ■ — ^—1^— —1.^— — ■ M — — ■— — 

' Vide his WiU in p. 368. 

* His brother-in-law. Vide note ', p. 450, 


in anywise appertain or belong for terme of his lyfF oonely ; 
and whereas 1 bare granted unto my said brother William 
oon annuyte of xx marks be yere to be percevyd of my 
lands in the North parts, as by my letters patents to him 
made of the same more pleynly it doth appere, I wool aD4 
pnt it to be in cfaoyse of my said brother whether be woU 
have the saiid annuyte in the place appoynted in m^ said 
letteris patients ; «ls my said recoverers and feoffees to male* 
hnto bym an estate or graunt thereof, as by his couneell 
lerned shall be thought gtood, for terme of liis lyff out of 
such of my- lands as he shall thioke most profitable^ 8ce» ( 
also whereas my said Lord and father, whose soule Go4 
pardon, hath taken a place within the Friers at Calais foi 
certeo yeres, to hym and to his heires, I woU that the said 
friers and their successors saying yerely for evermore for 
my soule an obite upon the same day it shall please Al- 
mighty God to call me to hys mercy, that is to say a so* 
lempne dirge over even, and masse upon the morrow, with 
commendations, and oons in the week for evermore, one 
frier saydirige and commendations, with masse of requiem, 
upon the morrow, for the souks of ray said Ix>rdand father, 
and me, and also to perform and fulfil cetten masses jto be 
seid accordyng to the graunt made by the provinciall and 
the general chapter of their order at Gippiwic, as it ap- 
peareth by a bill sent untQ roe of the same, that then they 
shall have and enjoy the said place to them most profite 
and advantage, any condition made unto my said Lord and 
father notwithstanding, &c. ; also I will that my feoffees 
shall make sale of the manors of Welford, county of North- 
ampton, Lubbesthorpe, Wystow, and Braunston, county 
of Leicester, as also of Bewike, Alacborow, and Slyngesby, 
county of York, to pay my debts and perform this my 

* From Nichols* Leicestershire, vol. iii. p. 574. 



John Turville, of Newball, in the county of Leicester, 
Esqaire^. 22d June 1506. My body to be buried in the 
Chancel of the Church of Thurleston ; to Katherine> my 
wife, the office of Barne Park ; to William, my son, a ba* 
son and server of silver, and [ charge him to leave it to his 
spn and heir, and so from heir to heir ; to Anthony and 
Richard, my sons, lands in Crest, Thornford, and Wood- 
hnrat, Walton, and Burton, for their lives ; Elizabeth and 
Ursula, my two daughters ; to every tenant at will in Thur- 
leston, Normanton, Turvill, and Crost, that tenants to me 
IV d. Proved 3d November 1.506. 


Robert Witleburie, of Masham, co. Northampton 1506» 
My wife Anne; to Thomas and Edward Montagu xz<. a 
year; to Edward and Clement Villiers xl«. yearly out of 
Walsall, in' Staffordshire *, 

In the name of God, Amen. I, John Comwaleys ', of 

* Ex inform. George Baker, Esquire. 

■ Son and heir of Thomas CornwaUis, Esquire, Knight of the 
.Shire for Suffolk in the 28th Henry VI. The testator died without 
issue in 1505, and was succeeded in his estates by his brother Ed- 
ward, who also died s. p. when Robert, his brother, became his 
heir, who likewise dying issueless, the inheritance devolved on his 
brother William Comwallis, who became the ancestor of the Earls 
Comwallis, and whose testament will be found in a subsequent 


Broome, id the cooDty of Saff. Sqayer, being of whole 
mynde and good memory, the xvi day of August, the yere 
of our Lord God mv^vi. make my testament in this wise. 
First, I bequeth my soul to Almighty God, our Lady Seint 
Maryland to all the holy company of Hevyn; my body to 
be buried in the Chauncell of the Churche of our Lady of 
Broome, nygh to the walle of my Chapell there, if that I 
die in the said parish of Brome, or nygh to it; and if Idie 
eliswhere, as it shall please God, to be buried where myn 
executor or assign shall think most convenient ; I bequeth 
to the parson of the saide Churche of Brome, for breking 
•of the grounde in the highe chauncell, vi«. viu d.; I be- 
queth to the highe alltar in the said Churche yt$^ Tind. 
for my tiths forgotten, and other dutyes neglected; Item, 
I bequeth to the belles of the saide Churche of Broome 
XX, Si ; Item, I bequeth to the reparacions of the saide 
Churches of Okely xx s, Sturston xx «• and Thran»ton xx s. 
to the Church of Bartylesdon xx i. in Essex ; Item, I be* 
queth to Ellyn Barker, my servant, vi 4. viii d.; Item, I be- 
queth to my nece, Elizabeth Froxmore x /6«' and to hyr sus- 
tenaunce lxvi«. viii d. ; and to my nece Elizabeth Com- 
walleys lxvI'5. viii<{.; and to Agnes Fastolfe x/i.* to hir 
marriage; Item, I will and bequeth that myn executors 
shall leve at Lyng Hall, theiras now I dwell, to hym that 
shall be myn heyre these pressis following ; first,, in the 
Chapell my greate masse booke, a vestiment of silke, one 
challice, one corporas case with a corps therein. In the 
hall, the table, formys, and all the brewying vesselLand 
standards in the brewhouse and bakehouse^ one hole plow, 
a cart and v horse to go withall, a gilt got>let with a cover, 
that was my faders, and a gilt cuppe with a cover standing, 
a grete potte of brasse, and a secunde potte of brasse^ ii 
spits, a grete and a lesse, ii coberdy, and a garnish of ves* 
sell in the chambyr ovyr the parlour, the bedde of bokkys. 

> Daughter of his sister Katherine, the wife of Francis Frox- 
more, Esquire. 

* Daughter of his brother William above-mentioned ; she after- 
wards married .... Shingleton. 

480 T£8T4MfiNTA VfiTUSTA^ 

tester seder, corteyDs, oottnterpoyat^ fether«bedde^ bolsteri 
and II pelowesi and one payre of blanketu ; Itein^ I bequeth 
to the priour and mookys of Ey Abbey xx s. ; Item, I be^ 
(^uetb to th^ Churche of £y four combe whete; to thi^ 
Cbalrche of Oxon iiii combe whete; to the Churche of 
Dy$ae,liii combe whete; to the Church of Palgrave, one 
^ombe whete ; to the Churche of Shotle one combe whete i 
to the Churphe of Billiogford one combe whete ; to the 
Gharohe of Yaxley, a combe whete; the residue of my 
goodes and corn at BartiUisdon, at London, or elUswhere, 
in. the- reahne of England, not bequethide, my dettis and 
my bequ«s8tfr payde, I give irely unto Ell8ab(eth$ no# my 
wife. Item, I beqiieth to a preest to ^yng akid ptay for my 
gonte, my faders soule, my moders soule, all my frendys 
Mmles, and all Cristeyn soules for lii yeres xxtiu mArd 
sterling; Item, I ordeyn andmakf to the etecution of myn 
testament, and other my last wille, Elisabeth, now my wife^ 
my broder William CornwaUeys, and Robart Melton^ to 
to whome I give for their labour ecbe of them Lxyi f« xtndii 
and my brother Robart Cornewaleys. Theise bearing wit* 
nesse, John Whitte, Doctour, William Singulton^ John 
Constable,. Clerk, person of Brome,- John Ckrk. Also I 
bequeth to the Abbot of Bury myn ambulling nagge, that 
I bought of John Revett. Also, I bequeth to John Reve^ 
my godson xx «•* 


John Willynson, of Iver, in Bucks, 2d May 1499* My 
body to be buried in the Church-yard. I will that if Alice, 
my wife, recover my lands in Woodsbrigge, that she shall 
have them for term of her life ; remainder to Thomas, my 
son ; remainder to my daughter. 

Proved 13th March 1606*. 

* From Collins* Peerage, vol. i. p. 302. ' Query, 1506-7 ? 



Henry Colet % Citizen and Alderman of London, 27th Sep- 
tember 1 505. My body to be buried in the CathedralChurch 
of St. Paul of London, in some convenient place there, after 
the discretion of mine executors, if it happen me to decease 
within the City of London ; or else, if it happen me to de- 
cease at Stebunhithe, then I will that my body be buried in 
the parish Church there, at sepulture before St. Dunstan in 
the same Church, if the vicary thereof be so pleased, and 
my body so buried, then I will that all my debts be truly 
paid. To the high altar of the parish Church of St. An* 
tony, of London, whereof I am now a parishioner, for my 
tithes and oblations forgotten or negligently withholden, if 
any such be, in discharging of my conscience, as I know 
none so to be, and to the intent the curate there pray for 
my soul X «. ; to the high altar of the parish Church of 
Stebunhithe to the like intent xs; also I will that my exe- 
cutors, as soon- as they may goodly after my decease, pro- 
vide and ordain two honest chaplains of good name and 
fame and honest conversation, that one to sing and say 
mass, and other divine service daily, when he is disposed, 
in the parish Church of Stebunhithe, and the other in the 
parish Church of St. Antony aforesaid, and to pray espe- 
cially for my soul^ the souls of my father and mother, and 
of my children, and for all Christian souls, by the space of 
fifteen years next following after my decease, and that either 
of the same chaplains have for their labour yearly, during 
the said fifteen years vii/. vi<. viiidf. ; to the exhibition of 
poor scholars studying in holy divinity at the Universities 
of Oxford and Cambridge, to be disposed amongst them 
after the discretion of mine executors c/.; Item, I bequeath 
another c/. to be disposed by the discretion of my said ex- 
ecutors in noyous ways, where they shall think most need- 
ful and nK>st meritorious for my soul ; to the marriages of 
poor maidens of good name and fame c/. ; and I will that 

* He was Sheriff of London in 1477) and Lord Mayor thereof in 
1486. His son mentioned in his will was the celebrated Dean Co- 
let, whose testament will be found in a subsequent page. 

1 K 


every of my maiden servants which shall happen to be in 
household service with me at the time of my decease, have 
to her marriage a portion of the said p /. after the discretion 
of mine executors, and beside that a gown cloth of black 
cloth ; to William Colete, my brother's son his children, 
and other of my kin, to the number of ten persons, with the 
same William and his children, to be named by the discre- 
tion of mine executors, c /. to be paid unto them weekly, 
that is to say, to every of them iv d. by the week ; to the works 
of the body of the parish Church of Stebunhith aforesaid 
XL».; to every roan servant being in service with me at the 
time of my decease xls. in money and a black gown, beside 
their wages; to William Middilton, late my servant xLt. 
and a black gown; to William Baley, of Wendover xhil; 
to William Rote, of Stebunhith aforesaid xl 5. ; the residue 
of all my goods, 8cc. I give and bequeath wholly unto 
Dame Christian, my wife, and to M. John Colette^ Doctor 
of Holy Divinity, my son ; the which Dame Christian and 
the said M. John Colette 1 make and ordain jnine executors. 

Proved 20th October 1505*. 


Her first Will, made when she was the widow of 
Sir Humphrey Bourchier. 

I, Elizabeth, daughter and heir of Frederick Tylney, son 
and heir of Philip Tylney, sometime Canon and Residen- 
tiary of Lincoln, late wife of Humphrey Bourgchier, Knt* 
son and heir of John Bourgchier, Lord Berners, Knight, ift 
pure widowhood, 28th Feb. 11 Edward IV. 1472. All my 
manors, lands, 8cc. whereof John Say, Knight, and others* 
are enfeoffed, in Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Lincoln, 
York, and Stafford, to my use to peiform my will. I will 
that my feoffees give all my said manors, lands, &c. ex- 
cepting Stonham, Aspale, Est Bergholt, and Cowling, in 
Suffolk, to me only, or to me and the person with whom 1 

* From Knight's Life of Dean Colet, ed. 18^, p. 398. 


shall ikiarry for term of our lives without waste, with the 
reversion in the feoffees, &c.; to Margaret and Anne, my 
daughters, c /• each. 

Her Second Will, when the wife of Thomas Howard, son 
and heir apparent of John Lord Howard, afterwards 
Duke of Norfolk. 

Dame Elizabeth Howard, daughter and heir of Frederick 
Tjiney, late the wife of Humphrey Bourgchier, Knight, 
son and heir of John Bourgchier, Lord Berners, Knight, 
and now the wife of Thomas Howard, son and heir of John 
Lord Howard, Knight, made, and by me openly declared at 
London 8th May 1472, of all the manors, lands, Sec. in 
Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridge, Lincoln, York, and Stafford, 
whereof Sir John Say, Knight, and others are feoffees ; I will 
that they convey to my foresaid beloved husband Thomas 
Howard, after my decease, for his life only, half dele of 
them, and the other half to the like uses ; I will that if 
John Bourgbchier, my son, die without issue during my 
and my husband's life, then Margaret and Anne to have 
none of the c /• given by my other will. 

Her third Will made after her husband became Duke 

of Norfolk. 

Elizabeth, Duchess of Norfolk ', 6th November 1506. 
My body to be buried in the nun's quire of the Minories 
without Aldgate in London, nigh unto the place where 
Anne Montgomery is buried. 1 will that no more than xx 
torches shall be used at my burial and my month's end; 
also that no dole or money be given at either of those so- 
lemnities, but instead thereof f will that c marks be distri- 
buted to poor folks, viz. to every poor man and woman in 
the parish of Whitechapel and Hackney viii J.; whereas 
I had the marriage and .wardship of Gilbert Pynchbeke, 
son and heir of Thomas Pynchbeke, which I bought of the 

^ She was the daughter and sole heir of Sir Frederick Tylney, 
Knight, and married, first. Sir Humphrey Bourchier^ Knight; and 
secondly, Thomas Howard, secpnd Duke of Norfolk, K. Q. 



Earl of Oxford. And I constitute Sir Robert Lovely 
Knight, Sir Edmund Jermy, Knight, Mr. Thomas Cosyn, 
Doctor of Divitiity, Mr. John Talbot, Doctor of Physick, 
and Mr. Williani/Holme, Clerk, my executors *. ^ 

Proved 28th June i507. 


John Warde, of London, of the age of xvii years, son of 
Thomas Warde, of Agmondesham, 2d September 1507. My 
body to be buried where it fortune me to die ; to the re- 
paration of which Church xls.; I will that a priest sing 
for my soul at Agmondesham for a year, and I bequeath 
tor his salary x marks; to Alice Brawying, my aunt, xx 
marks; the residue of my goods I bequeath to Henry Jos- 
kyn and Richard Brawcbyng» my executors. 

Proved S 1st July 1508. 


William Ingswell, Citizen and Mercer of London, 22d 
January 1506^ My body to be buried in the Church of St. 
Thomas D' Acres. To the Church of Fenny Stratford; 
Maryon, my wife, now great with child ; Mary my daugh- 
ter; Simon Rice, James Gentill, Merchants; Mr. John 

Yonge, parson of ; I will that Maryon, now my 

wife, have my lands in Brickhill and Turneteston for life; 
remainder to my son, if any born, or else to my daughter 
Mary and the daughter, if any bom ; remainder to Henry, 
my brother, and his heirs. Proved 15th February 1506*. 

* From Dugdale*s Abstract, vol. li. p. 268, and a MS. note of this 
will, and the abstracts in Collins' Baronies by Writ, p. 335. 
« Query, 1506-7 ? ' Ibid. 



Christopher Peyton, of Iselbam^ in the county of Cam- 
bridge, Esquire'^ 1505. My wife Elizabeth; my brother 
Francis Peyton, and Christopher his son ; my nephews Sir 
Robert and Edward Peyton. Proved 1507*. 


Humphrey Tirrell, of Thornton, in the county of Bucks. 
My body to be buried in Leez Priory. My wife Elizabeth ; 
my sons John, Thomas, Humphrey; my daughters Eliaa* 
beth, Anne^and Maud. Proved 1507 *• 


Christopher Petytt. My body to be buried in the 
Church of the Blessed Virgin of Westwell. Richard 
Neale, Vicar there. John Petytt, my brother ; John Clarke, 
my brother«in-law« Proved April fiOth 1507 at Canterbury. 

' Apparently the eldest son of Thomas Peyton, Esquire, by Man* 
garet his second wife, daughter and coheir of Sir Hugh Francis, 
and widow of Thomas Garnish, Esquire. He was l%eriffof Cam- 
bridge and Huntingdon 12 Henry VII. and having married ElizsF- 
beth, daughter of Leonard Hide, Esquire, died s. p. 15 Henry 
VH. leaving Francis Peyton his brother and heir, from whom the 
Saronets of that name are descended. 

* Ex inform. George Baker, Esquire. 



John Sapcote, Knight My body to be buried at Hart- 
land. To Richard, my 8on and heir, my gold chain ; my 
daughter-in-law Elizabeth Beaumont ; to my wife all my 
plate at Alington, in the county of Huntingdon, for life; 
remainder to my son Richard. Proved 28th May 1507 *• 


Richard Burwashe, of Hederon, 12th November 1507. 
I will that Margery, my wife, take and receive the profits 
of my lands lying within the parish of Egerton-upon-the- 
Denne, of Keldryden, and of my messuage cadled the 
Moote, lying within the parish of Hederon, for her life; 
remainder to John and Edward, my sons, jointly for ever ; 
Eleanor my daughter. Proved at Canterbury. 


Sir William Water, Vicar of the parish Church of 
New Church, 30th June 1508. My body to be buried in 
the high chancel of the said Church, before the image of St. 
Peter there. My long gown of the colour of black murry, 
and my best bonnet ; my coat of the colour of violet bound 
with velvet ; my short gown ; Sir William Marshall, par- 
son of the parish of Warehorn; my velvet tippet; my furred 
coat. Proved at Canterbury. 

* Ex inform. George Baker, Esquire. 



Thomas Boys, of Godengston, 22d August 1508. My 
body to be buried in the Church there, before the altar of 
St. Margaret. Agnes, Mercy, and Anne, my daughters; 
Tbomasine niv wife; I will that a marble stone be laid for 
me and my wife upon my grave ; to William, my son, all 
my lands and tenements in the parish of Godenytone, in 
tail male ; remainder to my son Robert in like tail; remain- 
der to my son Richard in like tail; remainder to my bro« 
ther John Boys and his heirs for ever; 1 bequeath all my 
lands and tenements in Adsham to my son Robert in tail 
male; remainder to Richard; remainder to William in 
like tail ; remainder to Agnes, my daughter, in tail gene- 
ral ; remainder to Mercy, my daughter, in like tail; re- 
mainder to my daughter Anne and her heirs, for evermore; 
I bequeath all my lands, tenements, and brewhouse, within 
the town of Fordewiche, and my house in Sandwich to 
Richard, my son, in tail male ; remainder to Robert in 
like tail ; remainder to William, my son, and his heirs, for 
ever; I will that my manor of Wenterton be sold. 

Proved at Canterbury. 


Robert Browne, Esquire, 9th December 1509, Comp- 
troller of the honourable house of the right noble Lord 
Thomas Earl of Arundel. My body to be buried in the 
Abbey of Feversham, before the rood of Pity, in the 
overharde of the Church, or else in the College of Arundel 
within our Lady Chapel there, next unto the Earl Thomas, 
sometime Earl of Arundel's image of St. Margaret, in the 
Church of Luddenham : to Anne, my wife, all my manors, 
lands, and tenements, rents^ and services, in the county of 
Kent, for her life; remainder to my daughter Eleanor, wife 
of Thomas Fogge, Sergeant Porter to the King, and the 
heirs of her body; remainder to my own right heirs. 

Proved at Canterbury. 



Dame Katherine Bray \ sometime wife of Sir Reginald 
Bray, loth December 1507. My body to be buried in the 
College of Windsor near my husband. 

Proved 7th February 1507-8. 


Thomas De la Launde, of North Witham^in the county 
of Lincoln^ son of Sir Thomas De la Launde, 1507. My late 
wife Katberiue; Anne now my wife ; my father Tempest; 
my brother Richard De la Launde ; my sisters Anne De la 
Launde, Margaret Berkley, and Jane Wymeswold. 


William Kaleway, Knight, 1507* My body to be buried 
in Rokeburne ; my wife Joan and my son John Kaleway^ 



Robert Broughton, Knight, 20th June 19 Henry VIL 
1504. My body to be buried in Denton Church. To Ka- 
therine, my wife, my manors of Crowley and Chicheley, 
in the county of Bucks, for life; to my brother William my 
manor of Wolston, in Bucks; to my brother Edward my 
manor of Denton Broughton, in Bucks, for life. And I 

* Apparently the widow of Sir Reginald Bray, K. G. whose will 
18 inserted in p« 446. 


appoint KatheriDe, my wife, Edmund Felton, John Leyn*- 
ton the elder, John Andrews, and Henry Spalding, my 
executors, and John Earl of Oxford, supervisor. 

Proved 10th July 1507. 


John Byssbope, 26th February 1508 *. My body to be 
buried in the Church of St. Michael at Chinden in Bucks. 
Amy my wife; Thomas Lane and Joan his wife. I ap- 
point my brother Robert Phelpe, and Roger Brampton^ 
and William Bysshope, supervisors of this my will. Wit- 
ness William Ketyng, Vicar of Hutchinden. 

Proved 30th September 1509. 


Anthony Brown, Knight % Lieutenant of the Castle of 
Calais 25th September 1505. My body to be buried in the 
Church of the Resurrection in St. Nicholas's Chapel, near 
my wife. To every brotherhood within the said Church 
xs,; to the Lord Prior of Christ Church Canterbury a 
standing cup of silver gilt; also the like cup to Sir Ed- 
ward Poynings and Sir Hugh Conway, whom I appoint 
overseers of my will, and I constitute Lucy% my wife, my 
executrix. Proved IQth November 1506. 

• Query, 1508-9 ? 

* Eldest son of Sir Thomas Brown, by Eleanor, daughter and 
coheir of Sir Thomas Arundel, alias Fitz-Alan, brother of John 
Earl of Arundel. He was seated at Cowdray in Sussex, and in 1485 
was constituted Standard Bearer throughout the whole realm of 
England, and was knighted for his conduct at the battle of New- 
ark ; at his death, which took place in 1506, he was Lieutenant of 
the Castle of Calais, and' appears during the whole of the reign of 
Henry VIL to have been a valiant soldier and a faithful subject. 

3 His second wife, daughter and coheir of John Nevill, Marquess 



Richard Latham^ of Coblington, 19th September 150B. 
To the repair of the bells at Coblington vi s. viii d. ; to the 
Church of Upston, where 1 was born xx s. ; I will that a 
priest siDg at CoblingtOQ for a year. And I appoint Ja- 
net, my wife, and Nicholas Latham, my executors. 

Proved 1st December 1508. 


Richard St. Amand, Knight', Lord St. Amand, 12th 
June 1508. My body to be buried in the Church of Black 
Friars, London, next Ludgate. To my niece Leverseye % 

of Montagu, and widow of Sir Thomas Fitzwilliamy of Aldwarke, 
CO. York ; by her Sir Anthony Browne had Anthony his son and 
heir, who was afterwards a Knight of the Garter, and father of 
Anthony, who was created Viscount Montagu Slst September 
1554, which dignity is now extinct. 

* Richard Beauchamp, Lord St. Amand, son and heir of Sir 
William Beauchamp, who having married Elizabeth, eldest daugh- 
ter and coheir of Gerard Braybroke, son and heir of Sir Gerard 
Braybroke, by Alianore, daughter, and eventually sole heir of Al- 
marie fourth Lord St. Amand, was summoned to Parliament as 
Lord St. Amand from 27th to SSd Henry VI. and died in 1457> 
leaving Richard (the testator) his son and heir. Richard Lord 
St. Amand was attainted 1 Richard III. but was fully restored in 
blood and honours 1 Henry VII. and was summoned to Parliament 
12 Henry VII. ; it does not appear who he married, but it is cer- 
tain that he died in 1508 without lawful issue. 

* It is a point of some importance to ascertain whether his niece 
Leoenaye was the daughter of his otun sister, for if he had a sister 
who left issue, the Barony of St. Amand must be vested in her de- 
scendants. The editor is not aware of any pedigree which states 
that William Beauchaipp, Lord St. Amand, had any other issue by 
Elizabeth Braybroke than his son Richard, the testator; and it is 


a cup gilt; I will that my feoffees stand seised of all my 
lands in the counties of Bedford, Hereford, Devon, Backs, 
Berks, and Huntingdon, to the use of myself and Ann my 
wife, and the heirs of my body ; remainder to Anthony St. 
Amand ■, son of Mary Wroughton, and the heirs of his 
body ; to Elizabeth St. Amand % and her heirs ; to the right 
heirs of Sir Gerard Braybroke ; I bequeath my manor of 
Charlton Wilts to Henry Longe, son and heir of Sir Tho- 
mas Longe, Knight, and his heirs ; I will that my executors 
sell my manor of Weston Longueville. And I constitute 
Anne, my wife, and Sir Thomas Long, my executors, and 
Edmund Dudley, Esquire, overseer. 

Proved 8th July 1508. 


Thomas Ramsay, of Hucham, in the county of Bucks, 
Gent. 23d September 1509* My body to be there buried. 
To Ann, my daughter, xl /. out of my manor of Crolton ; 
to Jane, my daughter, xl/. out of my manor of Ildesley ; 
to John my son; to Margaret, my wife, my lands in Bucks, 
Berks, and Northampton, for life; and I appoint her my 
sole executrix, and William Bulstrode, Esquire, supervisor. 
Witnessed by Robert Woodford, Gent, and Sir Richard 
Sperman, Parson of Hucham. 

Proved d7th February 1509-10. 

Dame Elizabeth Greystock, widow, late wife of Sir John 

possible that he might describe the child of his toife*s sister as his 
mecCf but as we are not informed who he married, it would require 
much research to decide the question satisfactorily. 

> His natural son. 

* Query, if his natural daughter ? 


Vavasour, Knight % 14th May 1509. My body to be boned 
in the Monastery o( St Elene within Bishopsgate, in Lon^- 
don, in the Chapel of our Lady in the North side of the 
same Chapel. To the Priory and Convent of St. Elyns my 
bason and ewer of silver; my brother Robert Taylboys*; 
to my sister Maud Tirwhit *, my chain and cross of gold, 
and to my cousin Agnes^ her daughter, my collar of gold 
and XX marks. Proved 1 6th July 1509. 


Robert Sandys, of Harleford, in Great Marlowe, 26th 
May 1509. To John, my son, my house and lands at Col- 
mantborp, and my copyhold at Worpesden in Surrey; Jane 
my daughter ; my brother John Sandys. And I appoint 
Margaret, my wife, my executrix ; and Richard Andrews, 
John Sandys, Gentleman, ahd Richard Weston, Esquire, 
supervisors. Proved 21st June 1.509* 


Benett Webbys, of the parish of St. Mary, Sandwich, 
28fh March 1508. My body to be buried in the same 
Church before the altar of Jesus. To the finishing of the 
reparation of the Church-yard walls of St. Mary, which I 
had begun, as much money as will finish it, by the discre- 
tion of my executors ; to the reparation of the bells of St. 
Clements vis, viii^.; to the Friars Carmelites xl<.; Alice 

■ She was the daughter of Sir Robert Talboys, and aunt of Gil- 
bert Talboys, who was created a Baron by Henry VIII. and is said 
to have married Sir John Vavasour, but it does not appear why she 
styled herself Elizabeth Greystock. 

* Who is said to have died s. p. 

» Wife of Sir Robert Tyrwhit, of Kettleby. 


my daughter; Katberine my wife; John and Thomas my 
sons ; . • . . Tykenberste, in Norbone ;• my manor of East 
Court, in the parish of Gillingham, with all my lands, rents, 
and services, woods, pastures, meadows, and saltmarsh, to 
the same belonging, with all and every its appurtenances, 
which sometime were belonging to the ancestry of me and 
my uncle John Grenestede wholly; remainder to my son 
John, in like manner as is aforesaid ordained and provided 
by my said ancestors Gyllinghams, sometime of the parish 
of Gillingham aforesaid. Proved at Canterbury. 


John Agmondesham, Gent. l6th May 1509* My body 
to be buried in the Priory of St. Bartholomew, London* To 
my two daughters Joan and Alice cc marks each; to 
Emma, my wife, my man<Mrs in Bucks, to keep my son John 
during his non-age; Emma, my wife, and Richard Balton. 

Proved 3d July 1509. 


Ranf Shirley, of Westneston, in the county of Sussex, 
-Esquire, 11th February 1509'* To the repair of the 
Churches of Chesham, Woborne, and Little Missenden, 
in Bucks, vis.viud. each ; I bequeath my lands in Hunde- 
rnge, Charlnruge^ Botley, Chesham, Leycestre Chesham, 
to Thomas Shirley, my second son; remainder to my eldest 
son and heir, Richard Shirley. Proved 8th May 1510. 

• Query, 1509-10? 



Robert FeDjs, of the parish of Hecham, in SuflTolky 
Knight, 28th March 1509. My body to be buried in the 
Church there. To Dame Eleanor, my wife, my lands at 
Hecham, and in Chelesworth, and in Ketewaston, in Suf- 
folicyfor life; remainder to my eldest son, and respectively 
to my other sons ; remainder to my daughter Elizabeth. 

Proved 12th May, 1509. 


Edward Courtenay, Knight, Earl of Devon', 27th May * 
1 Henry VIII. 1509. My body to be buried in the Chapel 
of Tiverton, hear the grave of my wife, and I bequeath 
lands to the yearly value of iv /• to found a chauntry in the 
said Chapel I will that c marks be yearly distributed to 
the finding and exhibition of Henry Courtenay', son of 
William Courtenay, Knight, my son% until the said Harry 

* Son of Sir Hugh Courtenay, of Boconnock, co. Cornwall, and 
heir male of John, who was slain in 1471 at the battle of Tewks* 
bury, the brother and heir of Thomas Earl of Devon, who was 
slain and attainted in 1461. This Edward Courtenay was created 
Earl of Devon for his adherence to Henry VII. and was afterwards 
installed a Knight of the Garter; he married Elizabeth, daughter 
of his kinsman Sir Philip Courtenay, of MoUand, Knight, and died 
28th May 1509. 

* In Dugdale*s imperfect abstract of this will the date is stated 
to be the 27th March ; if the date in the text be correct, it appears 
that the Earl made his testament the day before his death, which is 
not improbable. 

* His grandson, afterwards Earl of Devonshire and Marquess of 

* Who married Katharine Plantagenet, daughter of King Ed- 
ward IV. Having been attainted vita patris he did not succeed to 
his father*s honours ; but, at Henry the Eighth's commands, he 
was buried with the honours of an Earl. 


be twenty-one years ; also cc marks for the exhibition of 
Margaret Courtenay', sister of the said Harry , until she be 
married; to Elizabeth, Maud, Isabel, and Florence, my 
sisters *. And I appoint John Smith, Doctor of Physick 
and Canon of St. Paul's, in London, and John Skewys, that 
hath married my sister's daughter, supervisors of my will. 

Proved 1 ith July, 1509. 


Sir Thomas Marriott, Clerk and Parish Priest of New- 
ington, 1st October 1509- My body to be buried in the 
Chancel of our Lady in the parish Church of Newington 
aforesaid. To my master the Vicar of the said Church, 
for my sepulture vi s. viii d. ; .1 will that my e'xecutors pro- 
vide and ordain a marble stone, with an image and por- 
traiture of our Saviour J'hu and of a priest kneeling, with 
a cedule in his hand, to the foot of the said image of J'hu, 
and in the cedule written these words : 

$|'i)u fin ?gd bibt mtfittttt mei, 

and other writings, with my name, in due order, to be added 
to the same, to lie on my grave, the which stone, with the 
portraiture and writings to be to the order and value of xx s. 
or thereabouts. William Adamson, Clerk and Vicar of 
Raynham and Ne wen ton. Proved 8th November 1509. 

> This Margaret died young, being, it is said, choked by a fish 

* Elizabeth, married John Trethurflfe, of Trethurffe, co. Corn- 
wall, Esquire ; Maud became the wife of John Arundel, of Talvern, 
CO. Cornwall, Esquire ; Isabel married William Mohun, Esquire ; 
and Florence was the wife of John l>elawney, ancestor of the pre- 
sent Sir Harry Trelawney, Baronet. On the death of Edward 
Courtenay, Marquess of Exeter and Earl of Devon, in 1556, s.p. 
the representation of the second branch of this family became 
vested in the issue of the four ladies above-mentioned. 



John Dynham^ Knight ^ Lord Dynham^ 7tb January 
1505. My body to be buried in the Abbey of Hartland, in 
Dorsetshire, of which I am founder, if I die within one 
hundred miles thereof, otherwise in the Greyiriars London. 
To Lady Elizabeth, my wife, all household stuff in my 
place at Lamehithe, in Surrey, and one thousand six hun- 
dred and ninety ounces of plate. And I appoint Sir Re- 
ginald Bray, Knight, and Sir Robert Lytton, my executors. 

Proved 4th May 1509. 

Thomas Brandon, Knight*, 11th January \50J. My 

* Knight of the Garter. He stood high in the favour of King 
Edward the Fourth, and preserved his political importance on the 
accession of Henry VII. ; for in the first year of that monarch's 
reign he was constituted one of his Privy Council and Treasurer 
of his Exchequer; he died s. p. 1. leaving his four sisters his heirs ; 
his wife was Elizabeth, daughter and heiress of Lord Fitz-Walter, 
who married, secondly, Sir John R'atclifie, Knight. 

* Apparently the unde of Charles, afterwards the celebrated 
Duke of Suffolk. Dugdale, in his account of the House of Bran- 
don, states that Sir ITiomas Brandon, the father of the said Duke, 
obtained the wardship of Lord Say, was elected a Knight of 
Garter, and married Elizabeth, daughter and coheir of Sir Henry 
Bruyn ; but pedigrees of this family in Hari. MSS. lOTQ, 1^3, and 
1411, make Sir William Brandon to have been the father of Charles 
Duke of Suffolk, and which is confirmed by the above will, for it is 
evident the testator had no issue. His wife, whom he describes as 
the Lady Marquess Berkeley, was Ann, daughter of John Flenes 
Lord Dacres, and the widow, having been the third wife, of William 
Marquess Berkeley. It appears that this Sir Thomas Brandon was 
the person described by Dugdale as having been elected a Knight 
of the Garter, although that writer erroneously calk him the' father 
of the Duke of Suffolk, who was the son of Sir JViUiam Brandon, 


body to be buried in the Church of the Friars Preachers of 
London^ as nigh the sepulture of Sir John Wingfield^ 
Knight^ as may be. I bequeath lx /. to the Friars Augus- 
tin^s^ London^ for a perpetual memory to be had of the 
Lord Marquess Berkley and the Lady Marquess, late my 
wife, my Lady my wife, my brother Sir Robert Brandon ; 
to Charles Brandon all my go was not bequeathed; my sis- 
Redinge ; my niece Yaxley ; my niece Dorothy ; my niece 
Katherine; .my sister Catherine Gorney ' ; Charles Brandon 
my nephew ; to Lady Jane Gylford, widow, my place in 
South wark, with my lease, which I have of my Lord of 
Winchester; I will that the marriage of the Lord Say, 
whose wardship I have, shall remain to Charles Brandou, my 
nephew, during the Lord Say's non-age ; I bequeath all my 
purchased lands in Norfolk and Suffolk to Lady Jane Gyl- 
ford, for life, she to pay to my nephew William Sidney xx 
marks a year ; remainder thereof to Charles Brandon and 
his heirs; and I constitute Sir Thomas Lovell, Knight % and 
John Roydon, Esquire, my executors. 

Proved 11th May, 1510. 


Dame Eleanor Fenys ', 8th October 1509* My body to 
be buried in the Parish Church of All Saints of Hecham. 
Katherine and Elizabeth my daughters; John and Robert 
my sons. Proved 12th November 1509. 

^—^—i ^— — — ^—^^—M ^— — I I I 1 ^ ^ ■ IP ■ ■ 


slain at Bosworth Field. Vide the will of Elizabeth Lady Brandon, 
mother of the testator in p. 432, for proof that Dusdale's state- 
ment is erroneous. These observations were made on the narra- 
tive in Dugdale's Baronage, p. 299 ; the pedigree in p. 300 of that 
work agrees with the account here given. , 

* Query, Ginney ? Vide Dugdale, vol. ii. p. 300. 

* His sister Margaret is callec} ^' Pame Margaret Lovell,*' in her 
mother^s will, and this Sir lliomp was probably her husband. 

' Apparently the w|dow of Sir Kobert Fjnes, whose will is in- 
serted in a former page. 

K K 



Giles Bruges, Knight % 19th Novetnbeir 151 1. My body 
to be buried in the Chapel of Cobberligh. To my daughter 
Anne cc /. and my best chain of gold^ which I will be kept 
by my brother Henry, until she shall marry; Thomas* and 
William my sons ; I will that the c /. which was promised 
with the marriage of my daughter Katherine, be paid to 
Richard Pole, Esquire, so that he leave such lands to his 
son Leonard Pole as he promised ; to John, my son, ell my 
apparel ; Ursula my daughter. And 1 constitute Henry 
Brugges, my brother, and Edmund Tame, Esquire, my ex- 
ecutors. Proved 18th February, 1511-12. 


In Dei nomine Amen. Undecimo die mensis Julii,anno 
dominice incarnationis millesimo quingetesimo undecimo, 
ac anno illustrissimi principis, ac regis nostri Anglie Hen- 
rici octavi tertio. I Robert Fabyan, Citizein and Draper 
of London ^, thanke and law'de be thereof geuen to God and 

* Father of John first Lord Chandos of Sudley; he was knighted 
by Henry VIL for his bravery at the battle of Blackheath in 1496, 
and having married Isabel, daughter of Thomas Baynhan^ died in 

* Ancestor of the Brydges of Hampshire. 

' The well known Chronicler. For the following particulars of 
this celebrated character, as well as for the copy of his testament 
the Editor gladly acknowledges himself indebted to the research 
of Henry Ellis, Esq. F. R. S. and Sec. S. A. from whose valuable 
edition of Fabyan's Chronicles they are extracted. 

Robert Fabyan appears to have been respectably descended ; 
the name of Fabyan is occasionally to be found in early records, 
as people of some consequence and property, but there is no 
positive evidence to connect his descent with the persons men- 
tioned therein. It seems that he was regularly destined for 


to hifl blesfted moder our Lady Sejrnt Mary^ hole of body 
and of mynde, ordeyne and make this my present will and 
testament in maner and forme as foloweth. And first I 
bequeth my soule to the infynite mercy of our Savior J'hu 
Cristy and to the prayers and tuycion of his moost blissed 
'moder our Lady Seynt Mary, blissed Seynt Cristoffer, my^ 

trade^ and at an early age he became a member of the Dra- 
per's Company, and was afterwards elected an Alderman of the 
Ward of Farringdon Without ; in 1493 he served the office of She- 
riff, and in 1S09, to avoid accepting the situation of Lord Mayor, 
resigned his Alderman's gown on the pretence of poverty, when 
his public life terminated. It is not, however, by any other means 
than by his literary reputation that his name has been preserved 
iVom oblivion, as Pabyan possessed the singular and unprecedented 
merit of uniting the character of a merchant with that of a faithful 
ehronicler. Nor were his literary exertions confined to the duties 
of an historiaiv for some efforts of his Muse are still preserved, and 
although they cannot be considered as very successful aspirations, 
they are entitled to attention from their curiosity, when it is re- 
membered that their author was a merchant in the fifteenth or very 
early in the sixteenth century. But perhaps the most singular 
production of, Fabyan*s pen is his testament, and which the 
Editor hopes he is justified in reprinting at length in this work, 
from the curious bequests and details which it contains, and espe- 
cially as it perhaps affords the most perfect illustration, which is 
extant, of the manners and customs of the times in which the 
testator lived ; whilst highly important for that reason, is also de- 
serving of notice from its displaying those traits of character which 
we are justified in attributing to Fabyan ; for the minute directions 
given by him on every circumstance connected with his funeral and 
affiurs, are no less characteristic of the merchant th^ of the patient 
circumstantial chronicler ; and it also presents us with a specimen 
of his poetic genius. After his retirement little or nothing is known 
of him, nor were his able biographer, Mr.£lli6*s,^ehdeavours to find 
some memorial of his habitation attended with success. He is sup- 
posed by his learned Editor, to have died on the 98th February 
1513. It will be seen from his will that he left four sons, but though 
several pedigrees of Fabyan are recorded in the College of Arms, 
none are connected with the testator, and as it may be useful to 

K k2 



advowry *, and to all the glorious company of Heven, my 
body to be buried, if I die within the Citie of London, 

within the Church of ; and if it happen me to 

decesse at my mansion called Halstedys, then I will that 
my corps be buried atwene my pewe and the ^high awter 
within the qwere of the parisshe Churche of Alhalowen, of 
Theydon Garnon, in the shyre of Essex ; at whiche tyme of 
burying, and also at the monethis mynde, I will that myn 
executrice doo cause to be caried from London xii newe 
torches, there beyng red}' made, to burne in the tymes of 
the said burying and monethes mynde; and also that they 
doo purvay for iv tapers of iii lb. evry pece, to brenne 
about the corps and herse for the forsaid ii seasons, whiche 
torches and tapers to be bestowed as hereafter shalbe de- 
vised ; which iv tapers I will be holden at euery tyme by 
foure poore men, to the whiche 1 will that to . everych of 
theym be geven for' their labours at either of the saide ii 
tymes iiii d. to as many as been weddid men; and if any 
of theym happen to be unmarried, then they to have but 
HI cf. a pece, and in lyke maner I will that the torche berers 
be orderid ^ and I will and bequeth unto as many persones 
as here my body to Church, to everyche of them vi J. and 

some future genealogists, the following pedigree, compiled from 
his Will, is here submitted to their attention. 

John Fabyan.=pAgne8. 

John Fabyan, ap- 
parently dead m 

Robert Fabyan, tub CHRO-=p£lizabeth *, 

NicLSR ; Will dated 11th 
July 1511;ob. 2Sth Feb. 

r I 1 1 

living 1511. 

1. John Fabayn,^ all living, 

2. Robert, I and un- 

3. Thomas, T der age 

4. Anthony, J in 1511. 

Joan, who ap- 
pears to have 
married .... 

Mary, unmar. 
in 1511. 

I I I I J 1,1 I 
Apparently also, 

four oUier sons 

and four daugh- . 
ters, who are all 
presumed to have 
died young. 

* Apparently used as patron^ St. Christopher probably being his 
tutelar saint. 

-* From the particular mention of the family of Sharp in the will 
of her husband, it is very probable that this Elizabeth was the 
daughter of a person of that name. 


to suche II as laj m; corps io my grave to every che of. 
them II c^.; and I will that myn execatrice, in as covenable 
wise as tbey may after my decesse^ cawse three trentalls 
to be songen for my soule, and all Cristen soules ; whicbe 
III trentallys 1 will bie songen at the Freer Augustines, the 
Grey Freers, the White Freers, for the which I will that 
myn executrice geve unto every che of the said houses vi s, 
VIII d. ; and if any of the saide orders refuse to synge the 
saide trentall for the said stypend, than I will that myn ex- 
ecutrice gev^ all such money of the freers so refused, and 
depart it among poore householders of the parisshes of 
Seynt Benett Fynk, and Seynt Barthilmews the Litell, if I 
be buried within London, that is to say, to every household 
man and wif vi d. and to an householder beyng unmaryed 
lyd,; and if it happen me to be buried in the Church of 
Theydon Garnon foresaid, then I will that the half of such 
money of the freers refucid, be divided and geuen among 
the poore parisshons of the saide Theydon Garnon, and 
other parisshes next adtoynaunt, and the other half as is 
abovesaid; also I bequeth unto the parson of Theydon 
Garnon, if he be present other at my burying or monetbs 
mynde, if I be there buried, xii d. and if he be absent vnid.; 
and I will that myn executrice cause at the least to be vi 
preests present at myn burying, whereof I will the highe 
masse of oon be of requiem, and the other v to be desyred 
to sing, oon a masse of the v wounds, the u^ a masse of 
thassumpcion of our Lady, the iii^^ a masse of all martirs, 
with a speciall memory of Seynt Cristoffer, the iv^ a 
masse of all coufessours, with a speciall memory of Seynt 
Nicholas, and the vtb a masse of all virgyns, with a speciall 
memory of Seynt Dorothe ; to the either of which preests 
I bequeth, and euerych of them v d. with condicion that at 
the tyme of the lavatory, eueryche of theym tume theym 
to the people, and exorte theym to pray for the soules fol- 
lowing and all X'pen soules, the soules of Robert Fabyan 
and of his children, the souls of John and Agnes his pa*^ 
rents, the soules of Nicholas Sharp, Cristoffer Sharp, Amy, 
Mary, and Robert Sharp, Edmond and Cristoffer Sharp the 
younger, the soules of John Pake the yonger, and Jobane 
his wif, John Wodchurch and Elizabeth his wif, Dame 


Jane Lisle, Maister Peter Hnse, Robert Tat^e, John Fabyail 
my brother, Thomas Gotton, Joha Benet, and all X'pen 
soules ; add that doon to saye for the said soales De fmn 
fimjdiSf with the other prayers; also I bequeth unto the 
brotherhood of Seynt CristoiFer of Yorke xi.d* yrith condi» 
<)ion that that the receyvor of the said 1115. ivd, make 
fast, promyse, and cauwse suerly to be doon, that all the 
preests whiche be reteyned of the saide fratemytie may ooa 
tyme in their masse, after the first receipt of the saide xli2; 
remember and pray for my souleby name; also I bequeath 
unto the brotherhode of Seynt Cristoffer.. holden within the 
parisshe Churche of Seynt Mighell in Cornhill xiid, and 
to the fratemytie of our Lady, and Seynt Anne within the 
said Church xii ^2. requyring the masters of the fratemytie 
of our Lady and Sejrnt Anne, to desyre their preest, oonys 
in his masse to remember my soule, and all the soules be- 
fore written ; also I bequeath unto as many godchildren as 
I have lyying in the countie of Essex, and especially in the 
parisshes to my mansion adioynaut, to every of them viii^ 
willyng theym that be lernyd to saye, at thre sundry tymes 
De profundis, with the other prayers ; and such as bee un* 
lernyd, to say oon tyme our Lady psawter^ remembring my 
soule and all Cristen soules ; also I will that if I decesse at 
my tenemente of Halstedis, that myivexecutrice doo purr 
vay ayenst my burying competent brede, ale, and chese, 
for all comers to the parisshe Churche, and ayenst the mo- 
neths mynde I will be ordeyned, Qt the said Churche, com* 
petent brede, ale, pieces of beffe and moton, and rost 
rybbys of beffe, and shalbe thought nedefull by the discre* 
cion of myn executrice, for all comers to the said obs6quy> 
over and above brede, ale, and chese, for the comers unto 
the dirige over nyght; and furthermore, I will that my said 
executrice doopurvay ayenst the said moneths mynd xxiv 
peces of befie and moton, and xxiv treen * platers, and 
xxiv treen sponys; the whiche peces of fleshe, with the 
said platers and spoonys, with xxiy d. of silver I will be 
given unto xxiv poore persones of the saide parisshe of 
Tbeydon Garnon, if within that parisshe so many may be 




foande; for lak^ whereof, I will the xxiv peces of flesh 
and 11 s* in m<Hiey, with the foresaid platers and sponja be 
geven unto suche pooie persons as may be fonnd in the pa4 
rishes of Theydon at Mount and Theydon Boys, after the 
discrecion of myn executors; and if my said monethes 
myode fall in Lent, or upon a fysshe day, then I will thai 
the said xxiv peces of fleshe be altered unto saltfyche or 
stokfyshcy unwatered and unsodeyn, and that every pece of 
beef or moton, saltfysh or stokfysb, be well in Yaiue of a 
peny or a peny at the leest ; and that noo dyner be pur^ 
yeyed for at bom, but for my household and kynnysfolks ; 
and I will that my knyll be rongyn at my monethes mynde 
after the guyse of London ; also 1 will that myn execu trice 
doo assemble upon the said day of monethes mynde xii of 
|he porest menys childern of the foresaid parisshe, and after 
the masse is ended and other obseruances, the saide chiU 
dern to be ordered aboute my grave, and there knelying, to 
say for my soule and ail Cristen soules^ Deprafiindis, as 
many of theym as can, and the residue to say a pater nos« 
ter, and an ave oonly ; to the which xii childern I will be 
geven xiiid. that is to meane, to that childe that begynneth 
Depr^ndiSf and saith the preces ii d. and to eueryche of 
the other ii2. ; also if it happen me to dye at London, than 
1 will that suche iiu of my feliship as here me to Churche 
have ray ryngs of gold, wheryn ys graven ** jMtttnentO,** 
and the other too which goo upon the side of the here to 
have viiid. a piece of theym, so that either of the vi per* 
sones saye * time De profundu for my soule and all Cristen 
soules ; and to such ii of my brethren as lay my body into 
the pytt I will be geven via d. that is to every of theym 
IV d. ; and I will that my knylle be rong att the tyme of my 
burying, and that noo cost be doon upon noo monethis 
mynde, except a secret dirige kept by note and masse of 
requiem, upon the morn by note, and vi preests to syng vi 
masses, as afore is rehersed, doyng as above is said; also 1 
will, that if I decesse in London, that mya executors doo 
then purvey xvi torches newe, and iv tapirs, weying euery 
■fc I ^ . ' . _ ■ ■ ■ ■ ... ....—. 

• Query, one time, i. e. once ? 


tapir VI lb* the which I will be holden by iv poor men^ and 
not to be sett upon candilstykks^ and not to be otscbpied 
nother torches nor tapirs, but at my burying tyoie oonly, 
and upon the morn at the masse^' and nott at the moneths 
mynde ; and also that at the moneths mynde be kept nother 
drynking nor dyner, but at the pleasure of myn executrice ; 
also I bequeth to the high aulter oF Seynt Benet Fynk in 
London, for cbnsideracion me moeving xii d. ; and I will 
that after my funeral and monethes mynde ended, as above 
ys said, be it in London or in Essex, that xii of the fore- 
said torches be bestowed as after followeth ; that is to say, 
first, II of theym be geven unto the parissshe Church of 
Tfaeydon Garnon/ and oon unto the parish Church of They- 
don Mount, and unto the parishe Churche of Theydon Bo^s, 
and oon unto the parish Churche of Lamborn, an4 vii other 
I will be followeth, that is to meane, ii of theym 
to be given unto the parisshe Churche of Seynt Benett 
Fynke, in London, and oon of theym unto the parisshe 
Church of Stanford Ry vers, in Essex ; and also more I will 
that twoo of theym' be geven to Seynt Mighell parisshe in 
Cornhill^ and oon to the parisshe Churche of Seynt Bar- 
thilmews the Litell, and the viithanto the parisshe Churche 
of Seynt Cristofer, all in parisshes beyng in London; and 
if any leve by the reason that I be buryed in London, I will 
that the tapers and also the said torches be at the dispo*- 
sicion of myn executrice ; and over that I will that .myn 
executrice, at the tyme of the deliuery of the foresaid 
torches, geve unto eueryche curat or curatts deputie of the 
forenamed ix parisshes iv d. to thende that my soule, and 
the soules above written may be remembred in their pa- 
risshe bede rolle by the whole space of a yere after ; also I 
bequeath unto the ii pryson houses of Ludgate and New- 
gate X 8. that is to saye, to every of theym v s. to be given 
to the prisoners most nedy, in brede, that is to meane, to 
that oon of these prysons euery weke, by the space of xx 
weeks sid. begynnyng at Ludgate the first weke, and the 
secunde week at Newgate ; and that weeke that Ludgate is 
served, that other to be spared ; and in likewise when New- 
gate is served Ludgate to be spared, so that the said almes 


may be contynewed to both prysonys by xx weks, as above 
is said : and the said vi d, in brede be given wekely to oon 
of the said ptyson houses upon that day in the wekethatit 
shall happen me to departe owte of this present lif, Sondays 
oonly excepted; also I will that after my funeralls fynysshed 
and endid, all my moevable goodes, as well stuff of house- 
hold plate and other, what soo it be, except my wiffs' appa- 
rel!, with ryngs, beds, girdills, and all other necessaries, 
what soo to her belongith, with also such stuff of houshold 
and quyke cattail as I have at my tenemente or mansion 
of Halstedis, in Essex, be praysed and ingrossed in a 
summe, whiche said stuff of household, plate, and other 
what sob it be in London, and also my stuff of household 
and quyke catall beyng off myn at my foresaid tenemente 
of Halstedis, soo beyng praysed, engrossed, and sum'yd 
shall be devided in three even porcions or parts, whereof 
the first part I will be reserued to the payment of my detts, 
and of other charges, as my funeralls and legacies in this 
my present will before and after expressed, all which detts 
and other charges beyng clerely discharged, I will that the 
surplusage that of this my part clerly remayneth, be saffly 
and suerly kept by the discrecion of myn executrice, to the 
use and behoff of Mary my doughter, towards the sume of 
xl/i. whiche to her I bequethe as to her marriage, by this 
my present testament, and the other ii parts of my movea- 
ble before expressed, except before iexcepted, I will shalbe 
devided, soo that to Elizabeth, my wife, I will the oon 
moytie be geven, and that other, moytie I geve and be- 
queth unto my iv sones, that is to saye, John, Robert, 
Thomas, and Antony, soo that euerycfae of theym have 
lyke porcion, and noon of theym have more than another; 
the whiche porcions I will be deliuered to eueryche of 
theym by myn executrice, at such season as eueryche of 
theym comy th unto his lawful age ; and if it happen any 
of the said iv sonys to dye, whiche God for bide, or they 
come unto their lawfull ages, I will that then all such por- 
cion or porcions as shulde come to hy m or theym soo dying, 
remayn unto the other on lyving evynly amongs theym to 
be devided ; provided alway, that if the said li parts, be in 


any taianer of staff or catall, or any part of theym, and not 
brought into money^ that then my said wif to have the 
eboyse off whtcbe half she best lyketb, and my said iv 
cbildera to holde theym contented, with allsucfae half as 
she refusith ; also I will that my chalioe, with my ii crew- 
etts and, pax of silner, before the praysement or division 
made: of my foresaid moveables, with my best anltar clothis, 
9Dd best vestment cbyssibile, awbe, and all other to the 
saide vestment belongyng, with my great masse booke, and 
also the great prymar, whiche before daies I gave to my 
wify remayn styll to her, in angmentyng of hir porcion ; 
also I bequeth unto Johane Haryat, my doughter, a ryng 
of gold sett with a ruby; and I bequeth to John, myn 
eldest sone, my signet of gold, the bigger of the twoo; and 
th&t other signet of gold, with my puncheon of ivory and 
silver, I geve and bequeath unto Robert, my secunde son ; 
and to Thomas I geve and bequeth my bagg ryngs of sil* 
ver ; and to Antony, my Spaynyshe bagg gamysshed with 
silver ; and to Mary, my doughter, I bequeth a ryng of 
gold, sett with a turques, a dyamaunt, and a ruby ; Item; 
unto my cousyn Dorothe I bequeth . • • • of money with 
that she byde with her after my decesse ; also I will, that 
by the ierme of ix years after my decesse be kept an obite 
within the parisshe Churche of Seynt Benet Fynk, of Lon'- 
don forsaid, at the which I will be yerely present vi preests, 
to thende that oon of theym may syng a mass of requiem 
by note, and the other fy ve to syng v masses as before been 
specified, and to say DeprqfiindU, at the time of the lava? 
tory, for the soules above written; to eueryche of which vi 
preests I will be geven, soo they be present at the dirige 
over nyght, v d> ; also I will that the Gierke of the naid 
Churche have for his seruice in the quere and ringyng at 
the said obite, soo that oon pele over nyght be rong with 
all the bellys, and oon pele upon the mornyng in likewise 
XII d and to the sexton, if any then be, and such laye men 
as be present and syng in the quere at the said obite, I will 
be geven to eueryche of them ii d. and unto xii children^ 
not passing the eldest of theym xii years, I will be geven 
XI II D^. that is to meane, that the said xii children over 


nyght, when the dnige ys ended, goo unto the place of my 
burying) and there knelyngi and inJikewise upon themelti 
after mas^e and other obsera'nces be fynisshed say Dej9n>^ 
fundis, for my sonle and all Cristen «ouIes^ for the whiche 
oharitie soo by theym executed, I will that he whiche is as- 
signed to begyn Deprofvndii, and saye the preoes^ have 
Md. and to euery of the other I will be given i d, ; and if it 
soo happen that I be buried in Essex, as above is said^ than 
I. will that the saidxiiid, be distributed amongs the poor< 
people of the abovesaid parisshe Churche of Seynt Benett^ 
after the discreco' of the churche wardeyns -of die said pa* 
riashe, to whom I pray that ibey will of their charitees take 
upon theym yerely tOr see the-orderyng of this obite; ami 
for their diligence and labor aboute the same, I will that 
every of theym have yerely xiiil.; furthermore I will that 
the said church wardeyns doo to be ordeyned in spice bred 
Tid. and in white benny s xiii2. and a kylderkyn of goode 
ale with vt ii d» chese, to refresshe all comers to that obite, 
and to have the saide brede and drynke, and chese, spen^ 
within the Church, or in suche place as by the said wardjma 
discrecions shalbe thought more neceiisapy ; and 1 will that 
what remayneth of the said brede, ale, and ehese, after the 
honest of the parisshe and comers to that diynking be 
servid, that it be dealed and geven upto the poor people of 
that parisshe, if any be, and ellys to suohe as the said war* 
dyns shall thinke it most nedefal ; and I will that yerely 
during the said ix yeris^ if my body be there buried, that 
there be ordeyned ii tapers of ii lb. every tapir, and ii can« 
dilstykks, of the waxchaundler, and they to be sett at my 
grave, and to brenne the tyroe of the hole obsequy; and if 
my body be ellys where buryed, that then the said li can* 
delstykks, and upon theym the ii tapirs, be sett in the 
Church at an hers, and there to brenne as above is said, fbv 
the which 'Candilstykks and wast, and making of the said- ii 
tapirs I will the chaundiler have s\\\d.\ for mayntenyng 
of which said obite I will that my wif« or suche as holde my 
tenements within the said parisshe of Seynt Benett Fynke, 
yelde and paye unto the churchwardeyns for that tyme 
I^^yiig y^irely, during the foresaid ix yeres^ every yere xiii^w 


IV d. for lake of payment whereof I geve nnto the saide 
church wardejns/ for that tynae beyng, sufficient auctoritie 
to distreyn in any of the said tenements, hede place; and 
other, as often as the said xiii s. ivd. is unpaid, or any par- 
cell therieof, during the full terme of the foresaid ix yeres, 
wylling and praying the said wardeyns that after the charges 
of this obite be fully contented and discharged, that all 
suche money as shall remayn, whiche I estyme to be every 
yere xii d, or nere about, that they will geve the said sur- 
plusage, what so it be, unto som poore freer Augustine that 
will promyse to saye oonys Deprqfundis, and three masses 
for my soule and the soules before written, with the 
psalmys of the passyon by oon tyme; apd moreover I will 
that thesoo son as the terme of these ix years be expired, 
that incontinently, at that xii monthes ende, another obite 
begyn to be holden within the parisshe Churche of Alha- 
lowen in Garmons towne forsaid, and there to be conty- 
newed by the terme of xii yens ; where first I will be iii 
preests yerely at the said obite, whereof oon to be assigned 
to syng masse of requiem, another masse of the v wounds, 
and the thirde to syng a masse of thassumpcion of our 
Lady, and at the tyme of the lavatory euerych of tbeym to 
say De profimdi$ for my soule and the soules above writ- 
ten ; to the which iii preests I will be geven to eueryche of 
them V d. \ and furthermore I will that there be ordeyned 
for the comers to the said obite, in brede. \is. and in ale 
III 5. XX peces of befFe or moton, price xxd. ii chiesis, price 
of both XII d. ; and I will and pray the churche wardeyns of 
that parisshe Churche, from yere to yere, then beyng, to or- 
deyn for the said vitaylls to the moste advauntage yerely as 
it Cometh aboute, and for all other besynes concernyng the 
said obite; to the whiche wardeyns I bequeth yerely for 
their diligence aboute the premysses, to eueryche of theym 
XII J. ; and more I will that the saide wardeyns doo purvey 
for XII childem, not passing the age of xii years, the which 
to be sett aboute my grave by ii tymes, as above is said, 
and to say De profandis, for my soule and all X'pen; soules, 
if I be buried within that Church, and if I be buryed ellys 
where, then I wijil that- the saide childern be ordeyned 


standiDg aboute the hers^ and there to saye. their prayers ; 
and if so many may not be, had of that age that can say 
Deprofundis, than I will that so many as lake may be such 
as can ^ay their pater noster; all whiche children I will that 
they be rewarded as in the other obite is devised ; also I 
bequethe unto the Gierke of that Churche, for. ryngyng, 
and other obseruances to be doon by hym in the tyme. of 
the said obitie vi^. and to the werks or profitts of the said 
Churche for the wast of ii d. of theyr^ sepulcre tapers to 
stand aboute my grave if I there be buried, or at the hers 
ellis where I be buried iidr, for mayntenyng of which said 
obite I will that my wif, or such as holde my londs called 
Pokis Tenement andHalsteds, with th'appurten'nces by the 
said yeris paye yerely during the terme of the foresaid xii 
yeris unto the church wardeyns forsaid, for that tyme being 
XIII s, and iv d» for lake of payment whereof, or of any part 
or parcel] of the said xiiis. ivd. I geve full power over 
the said church wardeyns for that tyme beyng, and to their 
successours then yerely folowyng, to distreyn within any of 
the foresaid londs and teneme'ts, and their appurtenances^ 
and the distres so taken to withold and ftepe till the said 
annuytie for the terme abovesaid, and eueryche parcell 
thereof, be fully contented and paied ; and furthermore I 
pray and requyre the said wardeyns, that with suche mo- 
ney as shall remayn yerely over the charge paid and con- 
tented for the jsaid obite, whiche I estyme to be x d. or there 
aboute, that they with the said surplusage will bye vi treen 
platers^and vi treen sponys, and vi peces ofibeeff; the 
which platers, sponys, and peces of beffe, I will be geven 
unto VI poore householders of the said parisshe, upon the 
Sonday next after the Sonday that my said obite shalbe 
kepid upon; for I will that my said obite be kepid yerly by 
all the forsaid terme of xii yeris, upon the Sonday next fo- 
lowing the daye of my decesse ; and if it happen the said 
obite to fall in Lent, than I will that for the peces of beeff 
abovesaid, and for the cbese, be ordeyned pyes of elys, or 
som other goode fysh mete, to the value of the ns.'viiid. 
above expressed; and then also the vi peces of beeff before 
geven to the vi poore householders, be altered into goode 

fjnhei <afttr > die diaciecidn of tbe said cburcbwardejm, 
and so deUaered ab above is specified ; and also I will that 
if I deceBse within the Citie of London, that within three 
yeres folowing myn executors doo make in the walle, nere 
unto my grave, a litell tumbe of freestone, upon the which 
I will be spent lium* ivd, att the moost, and in the face of 
this tumbe I will be made in too plates of laten ii figurysof 
a man and a woman, with x men children and vi women 
ohildern, and over or above the. said figurys J will be made 
a figure of the Fader of Heven inclosed in a «onne ; and 
from the man figure I will be made a roll^ toward the 8ai4 

figure of the Fader, and in hit to begraven <d ttUt ; 
and from the figure of the woman another lyke roU^ 

Whereyn to be graven i&O^ tttutn pa^cere btCf^ : and at the 
feete of the said figurys I will be graven thes ix verses fo^ 

jpreterit t^ta Die^^ critoc ongo jfeoinfei, 

an labotf an xtuniti; tit ttmfit gloria munbi. 

%fht at tfie'bap i^if aimt doetf) consume, 

and tf^e nm mocotn tvvw^ ^S^pn ^^ ^ ^i^^ 

Ad man anti isoman bp naturpit cu^tume 

€W life boo vanity and la^it in nti) ar (a^r 

3n iope anb j^orotoe tai)ic|be \)tct ti)tif tpme bibe \aatu 

l^ec in Qon jttate, but in (o'^ tcan^itor^* 

i&oo full txt ct)aunge it ot t^it tnoclbe tjbe gtecp* 

And before upon the said tumbys border I will be writ- 
ten these words folowiog : 

OCumulu^ Itobtcti Jpabpan, bubum pannatiu^ ac aibecmannn^ 
X^nbon, (lui obijt Jpebr 

And if I be buried in the Church of Theydon Garnon 
forsaid, than I will that within a yere folowing myn execu- 
tors doo purvey a stoon of marbill to laye upon my grave, 
aboute the borders whereof I will be fastyned a plate of la- 


ton, asd withia that plate graven thiea wordd folowiag : 

I(it jdtet ftobettui! f abpan, tmvm tiuif et pdnnattu^ %m^ 
ton, flC Hfcecomei! et aibermdnnujt, ^ai obiit, liie, 

Sec And in the apper part of that grave stone I will be aett 
a plate, and thereyn graven a figur of our Lady with her 
child Bittyng in a sterr, and under that ii figurys with the 
children before specified; and either of the taid ii figures 
holding a roUe, wheryn, upon the mannys part, I will be 
graven i&teDa Jftaria xnttCif. And upon the womannys roUe 
jftutcnrre (tj^^tma nobt^* And in it convenient places of 
the said grave stone I will be sett iv platts graven with iv 
skochens of Drapers armes, and at the fett myn own 
armes'y and my merchaunt marke; and I* will that this 
stone be of suche quantitie that it excede not the price 
with all costs of plats and graving ouer the sum . • . • • 4 
also I will that if it fortune me to be buried owte of Lon- 
don, that suche iv ryngs of gold, as before I bequeathed 
unto IV of my brethren Drapers whiche shulde here my 
corps unto the Churche, that they be then geven unto theis 
IV of my brethren Drapers, whos names be folowing ; that 
is to saye, to William Gam the first, the secunde to Wil- 
liam Dixen^ the thirde to Edmound Tryndill, and the iv 

unto whiche said my brethern I requyre and 

pray that of their charities they will oonys, at tyme conve- 
nyent, say for my soule and all Cristen soules, P/ac^&o and 
Dirigef with the ix lessons and other prayers to the same 


Also I will and bequeth unto Elizabeth, my great tene- 
mente, with all th'appurtenences and gardyn thereunto be- 
loDgingi with all myn other tenements, as well chatell as 
free and fee symple lands whiche I have within the parisshe 
of Seynt Benett Fynk, within the warde of Bradstrete, of 

* His arms were, Ermine^ three fleurs de lys, within a bordure 
engrailed Gules, 


London; with also my tenemente ^ith th'appertenances 
standing in the parisshe of Seynt Mighell, in the warde of 
Cornhill, of London forsaid, the whiche John Lamplew, 
Draper, now dwellith yn and occupieth ; to have and to 
holde all the foresaid greate tenement, with. gardyn, and 
all other th'appurtenances, as is abovesaid, standing in the 
parisshe of Seynt Benet Fynke forsaid, with also the 
aforesaid tenement standing in the parisshe of Seynt 
Mighcll forsaid, nnto the said Elizabeth my wif, terme 
of her life, upon condicion that she lyve soole and 
withoute an husband, she bering all the charges and 
quyterents wI|atsoever they be goyng owte of the same ; 
and also yerely, over and above the forenamed charges 
and quyterents, to paye unto the church wardeyns off 
Seynt Benet Fynke forenamed by all the terme of ix 
yeres xiii s. iv d. for the mayntenance of myn obite before 
refaersed, and to repayre and sufficiently to uphold all the 
foresaid londs and tenements, for so long tyme as she doeth 
occupye the same; and after the decesse of Elizabeth, my 
said wif^ or within a yere after she is or shalbe maried, if 
she soo be disposed not to live aloon, I will that then all 
the foresaid londs, as my greate tenemente, with the gar- 
dyn, and all other the appurtenances, with all the other my 
londs and tenements, as well free chatell and fee simple 
land, which I have within the parisshe of Seynt Benett 
Fynke forsaid, be solde by myn executors to the moost ad- 
vauntage, and of the money that shall come of that saide 
sale^ I will that Msltj, my doughter, have as moche as shall 
make up the hole sum of xl li, before in this my present 
testament to her bequethen, to be to her deliuered at the 
tyme of the said sale, if she be then maried, and the residue 
what so it be, comyng in money or money worth of the 
said londs sale, I will and bequeth it unto Robert, my son, 
except X li, I will and bequeth to Antony, my youngest 
sone ; and that then the forsaid xiiis. iv d. sett out for myn 
obite be yeerly paid of my tenemente in Comhill, for so 
many yeris as then shalbe to come of the ix yeris forsaid; 
and then also the said tenemente to remayn, after the de- 
cesse of Elizabeth, my wif, unto Robert, my son^ fore- 


named, he than to bear the charge of the foresaid obite, 
till the fall of the saide ix yeris be expired, to have and to 
holde the foresaid tenemente^ with all thappartenances, to 
the said Robert my son, and to his heyres and assignez for 
evermore ; and if it happen the said Robert^ my son^ to dye ^ 
before he come unto his lawfull age, which God defende, I 
will that then the saide tenemente, with all thappurtenances 
remayn to Antony his broder, and the money to the said 
JRobert also before beqaethed^ the moytie thereof I will be 
geven unto the said Antony, and that other moytie unto 
Thomas his brother, if he then lyve, and ellys unto John* 
my n oldest son, to have and to hold the foresaid tenemente, 
with all thapportenances, to the saide Antonys my son, and 
to his heyres and assignez, for evermore, they then to here 
the yerely charge of xiii s. iv d. for myn obite, if than any 
of the foresaid ix yeres be for to come ; and if the said An- 
tony deeesse or he come to his lawful, whicheGod defende, 
I will that then the said tenement, with all thappurtenances, 
remayn to Thomas, my son, to have and to holde the fore* 
said tenement, with all thappurtenances, unto the said 
Thomas, and to his heyres and assignes for evermore ; and 
for lake of Thomas then ly ving, I will that the saide tene- 
mente, with thappurtenances, remayn to John, myn eldest 
son, if he then lyre, to have and to holde the foresaid tene- 
ment, with all thappurtenances unto the said John, and to 
his heyres and assignes for evermore ; also 1 will and be- 
queth unto my said wif Elizabeth, all my lands and tene-* 
ments standyng, lying, and beyng, within the parisshes of 
Esth'm, Westh'm, Leyton, as well freehold as copy, Affe- 
brigge otherwise Lamborne, Theyddn Boys, Theydon Gat* 
non, Theydon at Mount, and Stanffbrd Ry vers, or ellys 
where within the countie of Essex, with all their appurte- 
nances to the said lands and tenements belonging, to have 
and to holde, all the foresaid lands and tenements as well 
free as copy, with their appurtenances, unto the said Eliza* 
beth, my wif, for the terme of her lif, she berying all quyte-* 
rents and other charges, to the said londs and tenements be** 
longing; and ouer that yerely to pay unto the church war* 
deyns of Teydon Garnon xiii 3. iv d. by the terme of xii 

L L 


yeres, for the majntenyng of an obite within the said 
Churche^ as before is more playnly expressed ; and also that 
she repayre and sufficiently mayntayne all the said rents by 
all hir lives tyme, and so leve them well and sufficiently re* 
payred ; and also that she of hir modirly goodnesse and 
disposicion give yerely during her said lif^unto John, mya 
eldest sone and heyre, vi /. xiii s. iv d. towards his lyving, 
soo that he be kynd and loving^ and obedient unto hir in 
all her nedys ; and after the decesse of my. said wif, I will 
that all my londs and tenements lying in the parisshes of 
.Esth'm, Westh'm, Leyton, as well free as copy, AfFebrigge 
otherwise Lambourn, Theydon Boys, Theydon Garnon, 
and Theydon at Mounts remayn unto John, myn eldest son, 
with all their appurtenances in the said londs and tene- 
ments belonging, to have and to hold all the forsaid londs 
and tenements, with 'all their appurtenances, as well copy 
as free holdis, unto the said John, and to his heyres and as- 
signez for evermore, therewith to doo and dispose after 
their owne proper willys, they berying and paying yerely for 
the abovesaid terme of xii yeres to the churchwardeyns of 
Theydon Garnon forsaid, for the maynteyning of myn obite 
forsaid, if then any of the said xii yeres be to come xiiis. 
ivd.; and for my lands and tenements whiche I have 
within |;he parish of Stanffbrd Ryvers, with all their ap- 
purtenances, I will that after the decease of my wif, that 
they remayn holly unto Thomas, my son, and to his 
heyres and assignez for evermore, to have and to. hold 
all the said londs and tenements^ with their appurte- 
nances, unto the said Thomas and to his heirs and assignez 
for evermore^ so that he ly ve tyll he come unto his lawfuU 
age of XXI yeres, and if the said Thomas decesse or he 
come to the age abovesaid, which God forbide, I will that 
they the said londs and tenements with all their appurte- 
nances, remayn to Antony, my sone, to have and to holde 
all the saide Jonds and tenements, with all their appurte- 
nances, unto the said Antony, and to his heyres and as* 
signez for evermore, if. he then ly ve and be of lawful age, 
as above is said, and if the said Antony dye, as God de- 
fende, or he come to the full age of xxi years, I will that 


than all the said lands and tenements, with all their appur- 
tenances, be sold by my execators, and the money of theym 
comyngy be devided evenly atwene my two sonys^ that is to 
say, John and Robert, if they then lyve; and for defawte of 
theym not then lyving, whiche God of his mercy forbide, I 
Will that then the said money comyng of the saide londs 
and tenements within Stanford, be devided atwene my ii 
doaghters, that is to say, Johan and Mary, soo that Mary 
have II parts of the said money, and Johane the thirdepart. 


Edmund Lord Grey, Lord of Wilton, 5th May 1511. 
My body to be buried in the parish Church of St. Mary of 
Blechley, to which I bequeath x s. for tithes forgotten. To 
the Cathedral Church of Lincoln vi 5. viii d. And 1 appoint 
Florence ', my wife, and Thomas Stafford, Esquire, my ex- 
ecutors. Witnessed by Richard Grey, Chaplain ; Regi- 
nald Grey, Esquire; and Thomas Musgrave, Chaplain. 

Proved 15th May 1511. 


Thomas Cadogan, '* Valectus Corone^' % 12th June 151 1 . 
My body to be buried in the Church of Dunster. To the 
Church of the Blessed Mary of Penrise my best tunick ; to 
Lewis Cadogan one of my gowns ; the residue of all my 
goods and chattels I bequeath to Christian, my wife, and 
to William Cadogan and John Cadogan, my sons. And I 
constitute my said wife my sole executrix. 

Proved 12th July 1511 *. 

' The daughter and coheir of Sir Ralph Hastings, third brother- 
of William first Lord Hastings^ of Ashby-de-la-Zouche, by whom 
he had several sons, all of whom, excepting Wilb'am, died infra 
setatem, when the said William succeeded to the Barony. 

* Ancestor of the Earls of Cadogan. 

* From Collins* Abstract, vol. vii. p. 262. 

L L^ 



Dame Muriel Viscountess Lisle, late wife of Sir Thomas 
Knyvett ', ISth Octo.ber 1512. I bequeath all mj three sons 
and two daughters to the King's Highness, together with 
my wedding ring to him, desiring hiin to be a good Lord 
to them. And I appoint my father the Lord Treasurer of 
England, my executor. Witnessed by my Lord Treasurer, 
my father, my Lord Howard and Sir Edward Howard, my 
brothers. Proved I2th January 1512-13. 


In the name of Almighty God, Amen. We, Margaret 
Countes of Richmond and Derby ', moder to the most ex* 

* She was the daughter of Thomas Howard, second Duke of 
Norfolk, K. G. Lord Treasurer of England, by his first wife Eliza- 
beth, daughter and heir of Sir Frederick Tylney, and married, 
first, John Grey Viscount Lisle ; and secondly, Sir Thomas Kne- 
vet, of Bokenham Castle, co. Norfolk, Knight of the Bath ; by her 
first husband she had one child, Elizabeth, who was twice married, 
but died s. p. 

* This illustrious lady was the only child of John Beaufort, Duke 
of Somerset, brother and heir of Henry Beaufort, Earl of Somerset, 
son and heir of John Beaufort, eldest natural son of John of Gaunt 
Duke of Lancaster, son of King Edward III. She married, first, Ed- 
mund Tudor, (son of Sir Owen Tudor, by Katherine, widow of 
King Henry V.) who was created Earl of Richmond 3 Ist Henry 
VI. with precedence before all other Earls ; he died d5th Henry VI. 
leaving by. the said Margaret an only son Henry, who^ afterwards 
ascended the throne as King Henry VII. and became the progeni- 
tor of all the subsequent sovereigns of this Country. Margaret 
Countess of Richmond, married, secondly. Sir Henry Stafford, a 
younger son of Humphrey Duke of Bubkingham, whose Will is in- 
serted in a former part of this work ; her third husband was Tho- 
mas Lord Stanley, who placed the crown on the head of his son-in- 
law, at the batUe of Bosworth Field, and was created Earl of 


celknt Prince King Heniy tbe V Ilth, by the g'ce of God 
King of England and of Fraunce^ and Lorde of Iriande^ 
oar most dere son, have called to our remembrance the 
unstabilnesse of this transitory worlde, and that ev'ry crea- 
tar here lyving is mortally and the tyme and place of deth 
to ev'y creator uncerteyn. And also calling to o'r remem* 
brance the great rewards of etemall ]if that ev'y Cristen 
creatar* in stedfast faith of Holy Churph shal have for their 
goode deeds doon by theym in their present lif, we there- 
fore beyng of bole and goode mynde^ 8lc. the vi day of 
Jayn> the yere of our Lord God a thousand five hundreth 
and eight, and in the xxiii yere of the reigne of our saide 
most dere son the King, make« ordeyn> and declare our 
testament and last will, in' man' and forme folo wing, that is 
to saye, First, we gif and bequeth our soule to Almighty 
God, to o'r blessed Lady Sey nt Mary tbe Virgyn, and to all 
the holy company in Heven. And our body to be buried 
in the monastery of Seynt Peter of VVestm'r, in suche con- 
venable place as we in o'r lif, or our executors after our 
decesse, shall provide for the same within the Cbapell of 
o'r Lady, which is nowe begon by the said o'r most deer 
son. It'm, we will that placebo and dirige w't lauds and 
w't all divine s'vices, prayers, and observants belongyng 
thereunto, besolempnly and devoutly songen and said in 
the daye of o'r decesse, by all the preests, mynisters, and 
children, of o'r Chapell, and masse of requiem, w't note in 
the momyng nexte ensuyng, with all divine s'rvice, prayers, 
and observants belonging thereunto, in as solempne and 
devoute wise as they can doo or devise ; and so to con* 
tinue to synge and say .daily ev'y day fto daye, as long as 
o'r bo^y shall reste there unremoeved toward the said place 

Derby ; but she had no issue by her two last husbands. This ce« 
lebrated woman is distinguished by her co&couragement of leamjDg, 
for the advancement of which she founded Christ's College, Cmn- 
bridgOy and by other splendid benefiu^ons. She died S9th June 
1509> having just survived the coronation of her grandson Henry 
the Eighth. Some account of the Countess will be found in Cot- 
tonian MSS. Vitellius C. xvii. f. 339. 


of our interment ; and that ev'y preest and layman of oV 
said Cbapell have for his labor in that behalf for ev'y daye 
for ev'y suche placebo, dirige, and lauds, w't masse of re- 
quiem, xiid. and ev'ry child of the Cbapell ivd. ; It'm, we 
will that like placebo and dirige, with lawdes, and masse of 
reqaiem, be solemply and devoutly said and songen daiely 
ev'y day during all the saide tyme in the parisshe Church 
of the place where it shall please Almighty God to call us 
owte of this transitory lif to his infynite m'cy and grace by 
all the preests and clerks of the same Church ; and by other 
preests to the nowmber of lx or under, and clerks to the 
nowmbre of xxx, or under, resortyng to the said Church. 
And that ev'y of the same preests beyng p'sent, and help- 
ing to suche placebo and dirige w't lawdes and masse of 
requiem, and saying also ther^ masse for our soule have for 
his labor and reward in that behalf for ev'y suche time 
XII J.; and ev'y of the said clerks being present and 
helping at suche s'vice of ev'y such placebo and lawdes 
with high masse of requiem have for his reward lyd. and 
soo to contynue daiely till o'r body be remoeved, and to- 
have like reward for ev'y daye It'm, we will, that o'r ex- 
ecutors assone as >they convenyently may aftir our decesse, 
cause solemply and devoutly to be songen or said fof our 
soule in ev'y of xv parisshe Churches next adjoyning to 
the place of our decesse, by all the preests, clerks, and 
mynisters, of ev'y such Churche, placebo, dirige, with 
lawdes and masse of requiem, with all divine prayers and 
observ'nces belonging thereunto ; and our excutors cause 
to be geven and deliv'ed therefore to the chiirch-wardeyns 
of ev'y suche Church x s, to be distributed^ that is to saye, 
to ev'y pi'est beyng p'sent, and helping all divine s'vice of 
the same, and also ther saying masse of requiem xiid. and 
to ev'y clerk iv d. and the residew of the same, if any re- 
mayn, to be disposed to the reparacions or ornaments of 
the said Church. It', we will, that ev'y preest, to the 
nowmbre of lx, beyng present in the parisshe Church 
where our body shall reste eny nyght betwene the place of 
o'r decesse and the place of our interment that shal be 
helping at all divine s'vices of placebo and dirige with 


lawdes and masse' of requieoii with note^ and there saye 
placebo, dirige with lawdes, and masse of requiem shall 
have for his labor Tin d. ; and ev'y clerk, to the nowmbr' 
of XXX clerks, beyng p'sent, and helping to sing and say 
placebo and dirige, with lawdes and masse of requiem, or 
seying there placebo and dirige, with lawdes, ivd. It', we 
bequeth to the curate of ev'y Church where our body shall 
reste at nyght ms. ivd. ; and to' the wardeyns and pa- 
risshoners of ev'y such Church to th'use of the same 
Church xs. in money, and ii torches; and to the ryngars 
of the bells of ev'y suche Church \u s. iv<2. ; and we will 
that ev'y preest, laymen, and childern, of our Chapell have 
for their reward for the same dale like somez as is ap- 
poynted to be gefen to theym in our Chapell, as is bifore 
said ; and we will t^at all the said masses and other masses 
that shalbe said for our soule aft' our decesse unto the tyme 
of o'r enterment excepte the high masse of requiem shalbe 
orderd and said as can be aft' the forme and order of a 
trantall. It'm, we wiH that o'r executors geve and deliver 
to the church-wardeyns of ev'y other parisshe that our body 
shall pa.s8e through toward the said place of our enterment, 
other then in the said citie of London xvii s. yiud. and a 
torche, to cause placebo and dirige with lawdes, and masse 
of requiem, to be solemply and devoutely songen or said in 
ev'y suche Churche by the preests and clerks of the same ; 
and to geve therof to ev'y preest for his labor \id, and to 
ev'y clerk iv d, and the residew therof to be disposed for the 
reparacion of 'the ornament and Church of the same pa- 
risshe. It'm, we will that in like wise our executours yeve 
and deliver to the church-wardeyns of ev'y Church that our 
body shall passe through within the said city of London 
xf. and a torche to cause like placebo and dirige with 
lawds, and masse of requiem, to be solemply and devoutly 
said and songen by the preests, ministres, and clerks, of 
ev'y suche Churche, and to geve to ev'ry prest for his labor 
VI d. and to ev'y clerk iv d. and the residew thereof to dis- 
pose to the reparacions of the ornaments and Church of 
the same parisshe. It'm, we will that our executors yeve 
and deliver to the freres of ev'y of the iv orders of freers 


f Q the said citie of London, for their ' labour to' g^ve theif 
attendaance apon the comyng of oar body through the 
same citie, and for placebo and dirige, with lawds and 
masse of requiem, to be solemply songen and said in ev'y 
of the Churches of the said freers xx s. It', to the prior 
and covents of Grist's Churche in London, Seynt Mary 
Spitell, Seynt Barthilmewes, and to the Abbotts and Co- 
vents of Tower-hill and Bermondsey, for a solempe dirige 
and masse to be hadde and kepte in e?'y of the same place 
to ev'y of theym xx s. It'm, to the Crowche Freers, and 
to the Prior and Coven t of Elsyngspitell for a like dirige 
and masse to either of them xiii $. iv J. It'm, we bequeth 
to th'Abbot and Covent of the monastery of Seynt Peter of 
Westmynster, for placebo and dirige, with lawds and 
masse of requiem, and other divine service and observances 
to be had and doon in the same monastery at the daie and 
in the tyme of our enterment, as followeth, that is to saye, 
to the abbot of the same monastery, if he be there present 
XX s. to the prior if he be present xs.'to ev'y mbnke. present 
there, beyng a preest, 115. to ev'y monke beyng professed 
and noo preest, xii d. to ev'y monke beyng novice and not 
profeste, viii d.; and at our moneths daye to every of the 
persones of the same monastery above rehersed, for like 
placebo and dirige, with lawds and masse of requiem, with 
all divine service and observannce belongyng therunto, 
the like somes of money as is above specified ; and to the 
bells ryngars the tyme of our enterment, xvis. viii J.; and 
at our monethes daie vis. viiid.; and to the deane and 
chanons of the College of Seynt Stephen, for a like so- 
lempne dirige, with lawdes and masse of requiem, there by 
theym to be said and songen in the tyme, and in the daie 
of our saide enterment lx s. to be distributed by the discre- 
cion of the deane and trcsurer of the same place for the 
tyme beyng, for al maner of charges to b.e doon aboutequr 
saide enterment ; and to the deane and chapiter of the Col- 
lege of Wynburn, for a like solempne dirige, with lawdes, 
and masse there to be said and songen at the tyme and in 
the daie of our enterment xhs. It', we will, that our exe- 
cutours geve and deliver to the churche-wardeyns of the 


{mrisshe Church of Seynt Margarets of Westm^ xl «. and a 
torche, to cause a like solempue dirige> with lawdes and 
pnasse of requiem, there to be solemply and devoutly said 
and songen, in the same Churche, by the prests, miniatres, 
and clerks^ of the same Churche^ at the tyme and in the 
daie of the entermeot of our body ; and to geve to every 
preest therof for his labor xit cL and to ev'y clerk vi d, and 
the residew of the samexLS. to be disposed to the repara« 
cions of the ornaments and Churche of the same pari^she* 
It'm, we will that in the daye that it shall please Almighty 
God to call us from this p'sent aud transitory lif to his In- 
fynite mercy and grace, and in the daie of oV entermetit 
there to be distributed in almes amongs poore people, by 
the discrecion of our executours, cxxxiii lu vis. viiicl. or 
more, as shall be thought convenyent by their discrecions ; 
and cc li. to be disposed in hying of clothe for our exeou* 
tors and servants, men and women, or other persones, by 
the discrecion of our executours that shall give their ati- 
tendance upon the cohveyaunce of our body, and our said 
entermenty and at our moneths daie. It', we will that o'r 
executors provide and ordeyne a convenyent herse« by their 
discrecion to be sett and occupied in the place where we 
shall decesse, in our Chepell, during all the tyme that our 
body shall reste there. It', we will that our executours 
provide and ordeyn by their discrecion another convenyent 
herse, iu the parisshe Church where we shall decesse, there 
to be sett and occupied during all the said tyme. It', we 
will that our executours provide and ordeyn a convenyent 
herse by their discrecion in the said monastery of Seynt 
Peter of Westm', where our body, with Godd's grace, 
shalbe interred. It'm, we will that o'r executours provide 
and ordeyn by their discrecion torches convenyent to be 
occupied and spent in the place where we shall decesse ; 
and in the parisshe Church of the same, till our body shalbe 
removed ; and also to be occupied and geVen by .the way 
in conveying of our body unto the citie of London, ap4 
through the same citie unto the same monastery at the 
tyme of our enterment. It'm, to the torche holders in the 
said Chapell and parisshe Church for ev'y day till the body 


be removed to ev'y of them it d. It% for the wages of the 
torche bearers fro the place of our decesse unto the said 
monastery of Westm', and in the same monastery, to ev'y 
of thcym, by the day xii d. It'm, we will that our ej^ecu- 
tours content and paye the costs and charges of our house- 
hold servants and officers, and of suche other convenyent 
and necessary persones that shall geve their attendance in 
conveying of our bodye from the place where we shall de- 
cesse unto the said monastery of Westm', and geve to every 
p6rsone for his costs for' every day viii/f. It'm, we will, 
that our executours content and paye to every of the -same 
p'sones for their costs for ii daies lying at Westm', and in 
the citie of London, the tyme of our interment, for every of 
them XII d. by the daye. It'm, we will that our executors 
geve to every of our household servaunts viiid. for every 
day, for their costs, to bringe them fro' Westm' unto the 
place where our household shall be kepte aftir our decesse, 
by the space of a quarter of a yere. It'm, we will that our 
executors cause placebo and dirige, with lawdes, and masse 
of requiem, with divine services, prayers, and observaunces 
belonging thereunto, to be solemply and devoutly said and 
songen by the prests, mynistres, and children of our Cha- 
pell, in the place where our Chapell shal be kepte at the 
tyme of our decesse bifore the enterment of the same, and 
in some other convenyent place, by the discrecion of our 
executors, by the terme of xxx daies next ensuyng our said 
enterment; and to geve to every preest and layman of our 
Chapell beyng present and helping thereunto for his labour 
for every day that he shalbe so present and helping ther* 
into ivd. and to every child of the Chapell id, It'm, we 
will that our executors, in as goodly haste and brefF tyme 
as they can or maye aftir our decesse, content and paye all 
our detts ; and we will, that our said executors cause all 
our household servants to be kepte togider, and household 
kepte in all things convenyent for theym at and in suche 
convenyent place as shalbe thought by o'r executors most 
necessarye for the same from the tyme of our decesse by 
the space of oon quarter of a yere at the leste ; and that our 
executors, by all the same time, shall provide and ordeyn. 


or (Cause to be provided and ordeyned for all ottr'said house- 
hold senraunts ; that is to saye, for as many of theym as 
trill there soo tarrey and abide by all the said tyme, mete, 
drynke, and other thing convenyent for household, as they 
have used and accustomed to have had heretofore in oure 
householde ; and also to content and pay to every of our 
household servaunts, bothe man and woman^ their wages 
for oon halfe yere next after our decesse, as well to them 
that will departe within the quarter of oon yere after our 
decesse, as to theym that will tarry and abide togider in 
household during all the same quarter. It% we will, that 
our executors aftir our funeralls and detts contented and 
paid, ^hall truely deliver, content, and paye, all other le- 
gacies conteyned and specified in a scedull to this our pre- 
sent testament and last will annexed ; all whiche legacies 
conteyned in the same scedull we will and ordeyn that they 
shalbe had, reputed, and taken as parcell of this our pre- 
sent testament and last will, according to the true entent 
and meanyng of the same ; neVthelesse we will, that if at 
any time hereaftir we for any cause reasonable doo altecate 
or chaunge any thing conteyned or specified in this our 
present testament and last will, or in the said scedull ther- 
unto annexed, or ellys adde any thing in writting scedull 
or codicell, the whiche shalbe heraftir in this our present 
testament and last will annexed, we will and declare that 
the same writting, scedall, or codicell, and every thing in 
them, and in ev'y of theym conteyned and written, shalbe 
taken, reputed, executed, and fulfilled as parcell of this our 
present testament and last will, according to the true en- 
tente and e£fecte of the same ; and of this p'sent our testa- 
ment and last will, we make and ordeyn our executours 
Richard^ Bisshop of Wynchester^ John* Bishop of Roches- 
ter, my Lord Herbert the King's Chamberlayn, Sir Thomas 
Lovell > Tresuror of the King's Household, Sir Henry Mar- 
ney Chauncellar of the Duchie of Lancaster, Sir John 

' Richard Fox. * The celebrated John Fishen 

3 Knight of the Garter. Vide his will in a subsequent page. 
« Ibid. 


Seynt John ■ oar Chamberlayn, Henry Homeby our Chaun* 
cellor, Sir Hugb As&hton Comptroller of owe Hoasehold ; 
moid we, in oar most bumble .wise, harily pray and besecbe 
the King our soveraigne Lord and moost deere abn, that it 
wold please bis higbnes to be sup'visors of this oui p'sent 
testament and last will^and to be goode and gracious Lori!, 
and to sbewe his speciall favor, helpe, and assistance^ to our 
said executors, and to ev'y of them in executing and per- 
forming of this our present testament and last will ; and 
also that it would please bis highness to see and cause as 
well all the premissez afore rehersed as all tha;t hereafter is 
specified in this our present testament and last will, or in 
the said scedull therunto annexed, or that shalbe cont^yned 
in any other writting or codicill to be hereafter hereunto 
annexed to be well ^d traely executed and performed in 
every behalf for the singular love that we bare and ever 
have borne unto his highness, as he will have our blessing, 
and be discharged before God> and for the singular trust 
we have in the same; and also we specially will and des«re 
the most Reverend Fader in God William Archbisshop of 
Canterbury to be and cause as moche as in hymis or may 
be, all our said testament and last will, and every article 
therof, to be truly executed and performed, according to the 
true entent and eflfect of the same, as we putt in hym our 
singular trust *• Proved 17th October 1512. 

' Apparently her nephew of the half-blood, viz. son and heir of 
Sir Oliver St. John of Bletsho, eldest son of Sir Oliver St. John, 
by Margaret, sister and sole heir of John Lord Beaachamp of 
Bletshoe^ which Margaret marrying, secondly, John Beaufor^ 
Duke of Sotnerset, was by him mother of the testatrix. 

* From Nichols's Royal WiU^^ p. 356, in which work the testa- 
trix's foundation of Christ's College is inserted, but it has been 
considered too long to be re-printed in this volume. 



Thomas Bourgchier, Knight, 3d September 1512. My 
body to be buried in the Church of the Monastery of Boxle, 
in Kent, where I intend a chaplain to be founded to pray 
for the souls of my Lord Cardinal Bourgchier, late mine 
uncle ; Dame Agnes and Dame Ann, late my wives ; my 
Lord my father; my Lady my mother; Edwiard my son; 
to my nephew Thomas Nevill a jewel ; to Thomas Colepe* 
per, son of Alexander Colepeper, my godson : to Anne, my 
wife, the manor of Hasted, in Kent; I will that my manor 
of Aynford be sold, and that cc L be given to the two Uni* 
versities of Cambridge and Oxford, which is the gift of the 
Cardinal my nacle. And I appoint Sir Edward Poynings 
and John Peche, Knights, and Alexander Colepeper, Esq* 
my executors. 


Nicholas Sydney, of Sussex, Esquire % 1st February 
1512\ My body to be buried in the chancel of St. Peter at 
Yoxford, by my sister. I bequeath all my lands in Sussex 
and Surrey to Ann, my wife, for life ; my sons Thomas Syd- 
ney, Robert Sydney, and Francis Sydney; my daughter 


Thomas Walpole, Esquire', 24th May 1.512. Joan late 
my wife ; Alice my wife ; John, my eldest son, deceased, 

' Apparently of the family from which the Earls of Leicester of 
tiiat name were descended. * Query, 1512-13 ? 

' Ancestor of the Earls of Orford; he married, first, Joan, 
daughter of > William Cobb, of'Sandringharo, Enquire, by whom he 
had the issue mentioned in his will, and died 524th January 1513. 


Ann^ late the wife of my said son John; my daughter Ag- 
nes, wife of William Russell ; Edward Walpple, my son 
and heir. And I appoint Henry my son, and my brothers- 
in-law Geoffrey and William Coble my executors. 

Proved 7th April 1513*. 


Edmund Gorges, Lord of Wroxhall, in the county of So- 
merset, Knt. 26th April 1511. My body to be buried in the 
chancel of the parish Church of All Saints in WroxhalL 
To my son the manors of Birdecumbe in Wroxhall, Nayl- 
see, Tykenham, and Porteshed ; with remainder to me and 
my heirs ; my sons John Gorges and Edward Gorges ; to 
Jane, my wife, late wife of Sir Morgan of Kyd welly, all 
such goods as came with her outof Dorsetshire. And I 
appoint Edward Gorges, my son and heir, my executor. 

Proved 3d April 1512. 


John Vere, Earl of Oxford », 10th April 1509* My body 

* From Collins* Abstract, vol. v. p. 38. 

^ Thirteenth Earl of Oxford. He filled a very prominent part 
in the transactions of his times, and experienced to the full extent, 
all the vicissitudes of fortune which attended personages of dis- 
tinction in the wars between the roses. At the battle of Bamet 
Field he commanded a wing of Henry the Sixth's army^ and after 
its defeat retired to St. Michael's Mount, in Cornwall, where, after 
sustaining a siege, he was taken prisoner, and was soon afterwards 
attainted ; he continued in confinement until the usurpation of Rich- 
ard, when, having effected his escape, he rendered such eminent ser- 
vices to the Earl of Richmond at the battle of Bosworth, that after 
the accession of Henry to the throne, he obtained important grants 


to be buried at the high altar of oar Lady's Chapel, in the 
' Priory of Colne^ Id Essex, in a tomb which I have made for 
me and Margaret my late wife, where she is now buried. To 
the apparelling of the said Chapel (where my tomb and the 
tomb of my ancestors and friends before rehearsed be now 
and hereafter shall be jnade) of the ornaments and apparel 
now used belonging to the Chapel in my closet, viz. a cha- 
lice, &c. ; to every house of religion hereafter ensuing, 
.being of the foundation of mine ancestors, as well men as 
women, viz. the houses of Woborne, Stratford, Hatfield 
Broadoake, the Black Friars of Oxford and Cambridge, the 
house of St. Osilthe, the nuns of Swaffham, Hedingham, 
Skelton, the houses of Threnmall, Blackborough, and 
Bromhill ; the White Friars of Lynne, and the houses of 
Blackmore, Royston Mendham, and Hempton;.my ne- 
phew John Vere*, son of my brother Sir George Vere, 
Knight; my uncle Sir Robert Vere"; to my nieces Doro- 
thy' and Ursula* dc marks, when they become twenty-five 
yeara of age ; I will that my household of Colne be kept 
for one year after my decease ; to making the Church of 
Lavenham. And I constitute Elizabeth, my wife. Sir Tho- 
mas Lovell, Knight, Sir James Hobart, Knight, Sir Robert 
Drury, John Vere the elder, Esquire », Humphrey Wing- 
field, Esquire, John Danyell, Esquire, and Joseph Josselyn, 
Esquire, my executors. Proved 10th May 1513. 

of lands, as well as of honours, and was elected a Knight of the 
Garter. He married, first, Margaret, daughter of Richard Earl of 
Salisbury; and secondly, Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Richard 
Scroope, and widow of William Viscount Beaumont, but died 
a, p. s. in 1519. 

y Who succeeded him in the Earldom of Oxford* 

* Grandfather of John fifteenth Earl.of Oxford. 

' Daughter of his brother Sir George Vere ; she married John 
Nevill Lord Latimer. 

« Also a daughter of his said brother; she was twice married, 
first, to George Windsore, Esquire ; aad secondly, to Sir Edmund 

« Apparently his first cousin, son of his uncle Sir Robert Vere, 
and father of John fifteenth Earl of Oxford. 



George Maiiers, Knight *, ^th October 1513. My body 
to be buried next unto the place where I shall happen to 
die, or elsewhere, at the discretion of my executors. To the 
Abbey of Rievanix l marks ; to the Abbey of Kirkham i. 
marks ; to the Abbey of Wartre l marks, to the intent that 
they shall each find an honest priest to say mass dsuly for 
my soul for the space of seven years next after my decease, 
and once in every year to keep an obit for my soul and my 
friends souls; to each of my daughters unmarried ccc 
marks in ready money, if they will be ruled by my wife, to 
be paid at the time of their marriage, or within four years 
after, if the husband be not tventy-one years of age, or at 
such time as the husband come of age ; I will that my feof- 
fees suffer my executors to receive the profits of my lord- 
ships, manors, &c. called Helmesley, Storthwaite, Haugh, 
Cowhouse in Grane, Harom, Ravinshorp, Botteby, and 
Twineham Halle, in the county of York ; except in Storth- 
waite^ which is appointed part of my wife's jointure ; also I 
will that my feoffees in my lands which Sir Robert Maners, 
my father^ held and took the profits, except the manor of 
Barington, in the county of Northumberland, make a grant 
of XX /. issuing thereout yearly, to each of my younger sons 
for life, with a clause of distress, according to the inden- 
tures between me and my uncle Sir Thomas Lovell, Knt. 
dated 2Ist February, 4 Henry VIII. ; also I will that my son 

' Lord Rods, in right of his moiher Eleanor, sister and heir of 
Edmund Lord Roos ; he is said, by Collins, to have died at the 
siege of Therouene and Toumay 2d November 1513, but there is 
apparently some mistake about the date of his deadi ; his Will is 
stated, both in a MS. note of it, and by Dugdale, to have been 
made on 26th October, whilst Collins asserts that it was dated on 
the SOth of that month, three days before his demise, but that writer 
gives the inscription on bis tomb, from which it appears he died 
the " XXIII daye of Octobre, in the yere of our Lorde God 
MV«xiii." that is, three days before the date assigned to his will by 
Dugdale, and in. the MS. abstract, and 9€ven days antecedent to 
the date given by Collins. 


Thomas Maners ^ and Elizabeth his wife, daughter of Sir 
Robert Lovel, Knt. and the heirs of their bodies, take the 
profits of the manors, lands, and tenemenu, called Poxley, 
Bindlowe, Howsom, Oswoldkjrk, and Ampleford, iq the 
county of York ; and that they stand seised of the same to 
the use of the said Thomas Maners and Elizabeth his wife, 
and the heirs of their bodies. And I constitute Anne' my 
wife, my uncle Sir Thomas Lovely and my brethren Wil- 
liam Fayrfax% and Thomas Fayrfax^ Gilbert Stoughton, 
and Ralph Elwick, my executors*. No probate. 

< His eldest son, who was created Earl of Rutland 18th June 17 
Henry VIII. 1595, and was also elected a Knight of the Garter. 
Elizabeth Lovel iQentioned in his father's will was his first wife ; 
she died s« ?• 

' Daughter and heir of Sir Thomas St. Leger, Knt. by Anne 
Plantagenet his wife, widow of Henry Duke of Exeter, and sister 
of King Edward IV. in consequence of which splendid descent her 
son received the following honourable augmentation to his Arms, 
*^ Or, two bars Azure, and a chief Gules ; viz. the chief quarterly. 
Azure and Gules; on the first quarter, two fleurs de lis Or ; the 
second quarter, a lion passant gardant of the third ; the third quar* 
ter as the second ; the fourth as the first." 

' Vide the will of this Sir Thomas Lovel in a subsequent page ; 
it does not appear in what manner he was related to Uie testator, 
nor is he described as his uncle in Collins*s Abstract, though he is 
twice expressly so called in the MS. note before alluded to. It 
seems that the Sir lliomas Lovel in question was the brother of Sir 
Robert, whose daughter married the testator's son, but this con- 
nection does not account for his calling him his uncle, 

* Sir William F^mrfax, of Steeton Castle, co. York, Knight, a Jus- 
tice of the Common Pleas, who had married his sister Elizabeth. 

> Son of Sir William Fairfax and husband of his sister Dorothy. 

* From Collins' Abstract, vol. ii. p. 496; Dugdale*s Abstract, 
ToL ii. p. 296 ; and a MS. note of this will. 

M M 



Roger Newbarghy of Dorsetohirei Koight, 2d August 
1514. My body to be baried in the Abbey Church of 
Bury. To my good brother Nicholas Wadhatn, Knight, 
one hundred sheep ; my aunt Dame Jane Bolney, of Wyl- 
ton ; to Sir John Mamey and my daughter Christian his 
wife XX /. ; and I constitute them my executors. 

Proved SOth October 1515. 


Margaret Dutchess of Suffolk '. My body to be buried 
in the house of the Minoresses without Algate, London, 
with my husband. To the Countess of Oxford, my sister, 
the image of St. Michael, adorned with pearls and precious 
stones. Proved 15th May 1515*. 


Thomas Butler, Earl of Ormond % 3 1st July 1515. To 
my godson John Talbot, son of Sir Gilbert Talbot, Knight, 
x /. and to Sir Gilbert Talbot', that he may be overseer of 
the executors of my last will, all my term of years after my 


* She is by Dagdale called the daughter of Richard Lord Scrope, 
and widow of Edmund De la Pole, Duke of Suffolk, who was be- 
headed doth April 1513, by whom she had a daughter Anne, who 
was a nun in the Minories, London. It is however doubtful if she 
was the daughter of Lord Scrope. 

* From Dugdale*s Abstract. 

* Earl of Ormond and Carrick in Ireland, and Baron Ormond of 
Rochford, in England ; he died s. p. m. 

> Knight of the Garter, and Governor of Calais. 


decease of the place I dwell in^ situated in the parish of St. 
Peter at Paul's Wharf in London, also xx marks in money, 
with two of my best gowns of silk farred, and all manner of 
harness which I have for war, for myself or my servants. 

Proved 85th August 1615. 


John Tate, Alderman of London '. My wife Magdalen ; 
ray brother Robert Tate; my sister Alice Wayte ; my cou- 
sin John, late Alderma^i of London. Proved 1514. 


Everard Fielding, Knight*, 19th April 1515. My body 
to be buried before the altar of our blessed Lady in the 
Black Friars at Northampton, to which I bequeath a cope 
of blue velvet with garters, and a pax of silver and gilt, 
with two cruets of silver. To Dame Julys Fielding', my 
wife, Lx L of my lands in Martinshope, in the county of 
Rutland, and Stormouth, in Northamptonshire, in name of 
her dower, to the use whereof my brother Martin Fielding, 
with John Meryfelst stand enfeoffed ; remainder to William 

■ A Sir John Tate was Lord Mayor of London in 14739 and ano- 
ther Sir John filled that office in 1513 ; they bore for their arms, 
per fess Argent and Gules, a pale counterchanged, thriee Cornish 


* He was Sheriff of the Counties of Warwick and Leicester 21st 
Edward IV. and in 1487 commanded part of the King's army at the 
battle of Stoke, and was also at the battle of Blackheath in 1497 i 
on the marriage of Prince Arthur, 17th November 1501, he was 
appointed a Knight of the Bath, and in the 14 Henry VII. he was 
Custos Rotulorum of the County of Leicester, and di^ in April 
1516. ' Daughter of Russell. 

M M2 


Feldyng S my son and beir^ and to bis beirs and assigns ; Itetn^ 
I bequeath to tbe said William, my son, all my lands in Pa- 
dox Newnham, Paylyngton, Streteston, Shelton, and Corley, 
in tbe county of Warwick, and in Billiswell, Lutterworth, 
Sbawell, Catborpe, Bruntyngsborpe, and Claybroke, in tbe 
county of Leicester, and in Claye Coton and Nortost, in 
tbe county of Northampton, also in Manton and Egleton, 
in tbe county of Rutland ; to Peter Fsldyng, my second 
son, all my lands in th6 Isle of .Ely during bis life ; remain- 
der to William, my son and heir, and to bis heirs and as- 
signs; to John, my son, all my lands in Thedyngworth and 
Mysterton, in Ldcestersbire, and Yolvertoft, in Northamp- 
tonshire, for bis life; remainder to William, my ion and 
heir, and his assigns; to Humphrey, my son, x marks 
yearly, to be paid by the hands of Martin Feldyng, 
my brother, out of all my lands in Holborn and Catborp ; 
to Jane, my daughter c L to be paid out of my stock in Ca- 
lais and of my other goods moveable ; the residue of my 
goods I bequeath to Dame Julys Feldyng, my wife, Mar- 
tin Feldyng; my brother, and William Feldyng, my son 
and heir, whom I constitute my true and lawful executors. 

Proved 30th April 1515*. 

William Capel, Knight, Alderman of London^; my wife 

■ Ancestibr of the Earls of Denbigh and Desmond* 

* From Collins' Abstract, vol. iii. p. 807. 

* Ancestor of the Earls of Essex. This eminent merchant is ce- 
lebrated for his resistance of the extortions of Empson and Dudley^ 
in consequence of which he was imprisoned in the Tower, where 
he continued until the accession of Henry VIII. He was knighted 
17th December 1485, and represented the City of London in Par- 
liament in the 7th Henry VII. and again in 1512 and 1514, and 
died September 6th, 1515. 


Margaret * ; my sod Sir Giles Capel and his sods Henr} 

aDd Edward Capel ; my daughters % wife of Sir John 

Zouch, and Elizabeth, wife of William Paulet'; my ma- 
nors of Hadham aod Walkem, in the county of Herts, Bar 
CODS in Essexy Beanies in Wiltshire, Kingsworth and Cla- 
versham in Hampshire, Norton in Kent, South Wotton, 
Goderston> and Massingham, in Norfolk, and Stoneham 
Aspall in Suffolk. Proved 17th March 1515*. 

Edward Howard, Knight % 1512. - My body to be buried 

' Daughter of Sir Thomas Arundel, of Lanhearn, co. Cornwall, 

• Dorothy, wife of John Lor4 Zouch, of Haryngworth. 
First Marquess of Winchester. « 1515-16. 

* Second son of lliomas second Duke of Norfolk. This emi- 
nent personage ranked amongst the most distinguished soldiers of 
his times ; his first essay in the career of arms was in Flanders, un- 
der the Emperor Maximilian, against the French.7 Henry VH. ; 
in 1497 he was knighted, when with his father in the expedition 
into Scotland, and for his eminent valour was appointed Standard 
Bearer to the King on the 30th May 1509. On the 7th April 1512 
he was advanced to the important post of Admiral, Captiun Com- 
mander in Chief and Leader of all the King's Ships, Captains, and 
otliers, to be employed in the service of the Pope for the defence 
of the Christian Religion ; and in the following year he was consti- 
tuted Admiral of England, Wales, Ireland, Normandy, Gascoigne, 
and Acquitaine. These honours he was not destined long to enjoy, 
as he shortly afterwards fell a victim to his ardent intrepidity in an 
attack upon some French ships in the harbour of Conquet, when he 
was unfortunately separated from his companions in the enterprize, 
and forced overboard by the pikes of the enemy, having first, with 
the romantic feeling of the age, thrown his badge of ofiice into the sea. 
He thus perished, on the 25th April 1513, leaving a name which will 
ever be associated with all that is chivalrous and brave. He was 
elected a Knight of the Garter, but died before he received notifi- 


where God will. My manor of Morley in Norfolk, which 
my wife hath for her life, paying yearly to the Prior and 
Convent of Ingham in Norfolk, to find a priest to sing for 
me and her at the altar there called St. Esprit ; also whereas 
that I have two bastards, I give the king's grace the choice 
of them, beseeching his grace to be good Lord to them, and 
that when he cometh of age he may be his servant, and 
him that the king's grace chuseth I bequeath him my bark 
called '' Genbtt," with all apparel and artillery^ and l L to 
begin his stock with ; the other I bequeath to my special trusty 
friend Charles Brandon ', praying him to be good master 
unto him, and for because he hath no ship, I bequeath to 
him c marks to set him forward in the world ; to the 
queen's grace St Thomas' cup ; I will that Henry Parker, 
Esquire, son and heir of my said wife, have, after her de- 
cease, the said manor, to him and his heirs^ upon condition 
that he amortizes to the said house x marks a year within 
twelve months after the death of my said wife ; and I will 
that the Abbey shall be bound to find one secular priest 
called ^^ Howard's Priest," and a new Friar, which shall be 
called ''Howard's Friar." And I appoint Alice Lady 
Morley, my wife, and Charles Brandon, my executorsi and 
for the labour of the said Charles I bequeath him my rope 
of bowed nobles that I hang my great whistle * by, con- 
taining ccc angels ; also, for the strengthening of this my 
last will, I beseech the king's noble grace to be supervisor, 
and I bequeath his grace my great whistle. 

Proved 18th July 1513. 

cation of the honour that had been conferred upon him ; his wife was 
Alice, sister and heir of Henry Level, Lord Morley, and widow of 
Sir William F&rker, Knt. but he had no lawful issue ; by her first 
husband the said Lady Morley had Henry Parker (afterwards Lord 
Morley, jure matris) mentioned in Lord Edward Howard's will. 

■ A^rwards Duke of Suffolk, K. G. and brother-in-law of 
Henry VHL 

* The insignia of his office of Admiral of the King*s Fleet 



William Cope, Esquired My body to be buried at 
Banbury. My sons Stephen ^ Anthony ^ William, and 
John Co\\e. Proved 24th May 15 IS "i^. 


Alice Tayllard 1513. My body to be buried at Doding* 
tonkin the county ol Huntingdon. My sons Lawrence and 
Giles Tayllard, in ward to my brother-in-law Dr. William 
Tayllard *. 


James Stanley % by the sufferance of our Lord God, Bi- 
shop of Ely, ^th March 1514\ My body to be buried in 
a new Chapel in my Cathedral Church of Ely, or else in 
my new Chapel now in building at Manchester. I will that 
the Chapel be made for me to be buried and rest my bones 

' Ancestor of the Baronets of that name ; he is siud to have 
been in high favour with King Henry VII. and to have died 7th 
April 1513. 

* His eldest son ; he was Serjeant of the Poultry to the House- 
hold of Henry VIII. 

' His sons Anthony, William, and John, were by his second wife 
Jane, sister and keir of Thomas Spencer, of Hodnell, co. Warwick, 

* Ex inform. George Bak^r, Esquire. 

* Son of Thomas first Earl of Derby, and uncle of Thomas the 
second Earl. He became Bishop of Ely 5th November 1506, and 
died 83d March 1515, and was buried, according til the directions 
in his will, at Manchester, 

* Query, 1514-15? 


in at the East end of my Cathedral Church, for the which 
I will c marks to be bestowed upon walls, iron work, glass, 
and covering, besides my tomb, on which tomb I will xl 
marks be bestowed, by the advice of Master Alday, Sir Ra- 
nulph Pole, and Sir John Claydon, my receiver; I give and 
bequeath to remain in the said Chapel a chalice gilt, &c. ; I 
will that another Chapel be builded and made at Manches- 
ter on the north side of the Church, betwixt St. James Cha- 
pel and the east end of the same Church, with a tomb 
therein for me, by advice of Master Alday, Master War- 
den of Manchester, with xx h a year for finding two priests 
to sing in my said Chapel; to Doctor Standishe xl<.; I 
will that Sir John Stanley, Knight, Thomas Stanley hia 
brother, William Serjaunt, and Alexander Tyldersley, be 
my executors. Proved 23d May 1515 *• 


Amye Brent, of Charing in Kent, Gentlewoman, and 
the widow of William Brent, late of the same, Esquire, 3d 
May 15 16. My body to be buried in the Chapel of onr 
Lady of my own edification within the Church of Cbaryng. 
I will to my most singular good Lord my Lord of Berga- 
venny *, my bason with the ewer of silver, and thirteen sil- 
ver spoons with the figures of J'hu and his twelve Apostles ; 
unto my own my especial good Lady, and my most singu- 
lar comfort and trust in this world, my Lady of Berga- 
venny, a new cope of silver, with a cover parcell gilt, and 
a salt cellar of silver, with the cover- double gilt ; to my 
son John Brent a little bowl of silver gilt double, with the 
cover, &c. ; to my daughter his wife ; to Margaret Brent, 

* Lansdowne MSS. 949. 

' George Nevill was Baron of Abergavenny at the date of this 
will, but though the testatrix styles -the Lady Bergavenny her 
daughter, the Editor is not' aware of any connection between 
them which could justify the appellation. 


the daughter of my son John Brent; my little daughter ' 
Amye Brent ; to my son John Brent all my lands, manors, 
&c. in Cornwall and Devonshire for ever ; remainder in tail 
general to my daughter my Lady of Bergavenny. 

Proved at Canterbury. 


John Yonge, Master of the Rolls and Dean of the Ca- 
thedral Church of York % 28th April 1516, 8 Henry VIII. 
My body to be buried in the Chapel of the Rolls there as 
the organs now doth stand. I will that a tomb be made 
over the place of my sepulture ; I give and bequeath to 
my Lord of Canterbury', a salt of gold and my two gay 
salts clean enamelled ; I remit clearly to my said Lord of 
Canterbury two bills of debt, beseeching his Lordship to 
be a good Lord unto my friends, namely to my poor ser« 
vants ; to my Lord Cardinal * a standing cup ; to the new 
College of Oxford six gilt goblets; to the new College of 
Winchester six gilt goblets; to the making of the conduit 
in Rye c Z. ; I will that Master Grocen shall have his plate 
delivered unto him which I have now in pledge, without 
any manner of redemption. 1 ordain and make executors 
Mr. John Taylor, Doctor; Master William Trockmorton, 
Doctor ; Mr. William Shager, and Mn William Skynner. 
Item, I beseech my Lord of Canterbury to be overseer. 

Proved 17th May 1.516- 

' Query, Grand-daughter ? 

* He was admitted Dean of York 17th May 1514, and was ap* 
pointed Master of the Rolls 22d January 1507. He died ^5th 
April 1516, and was buried in the Rolls Chapel : some account of 
him will be found in Knight's Life of Colet, from which work this 
Will has been taken. 

' William Warham. * The celebrated Thomas Wolsey. 



Myles *, by the grace of God Bishop of L^mdaff, 29th 
November 1516. My body to be buried in the North end 
of our Lady Chapel, before the image 'of St. Andrew at the 
Gaunts* of Bristol ; my heart and my bowels to be buried at 
the high altar in the Church of Marthem 'before St. Theo- 
dorick ; to the Church of Marthern xx /• ; to my Cathedral 
Church of Landaff my mitre and staff; I will that my 
written books in parchment, and my books of Hugo de 
Vienna be delivered to Ensham. 

Proved 22d January 151&-17. 


In Dei nomine Amen, the 10th day of March, in the 
year of our Lord God 1513. I Raufe Shirley S Knt. being 

* Miles Salley, who became Bishop of Landaff 19th May 1500» 
and died about the end of the year 1516. 

* A distinguished literary friend, for whose valuable assistance 
the Editor has peculiar pleasure in acknowledging his gratitude, 
explains this passage in the following manner ; << llie Hospital at 
Bristol, which is a very beautiful Chapel, belonging to the Mayor 
and Corporation, and is at this moment repairing in a splendid 
style at iheir Expense, is called 'Gaunt's/ Bishop Salley rebuilt 
the eastern end of the Gaunt's Chapel, with its fine altar-piece, 
now restored, and his tomb was placed therein, according to his 
will. His recumbent effigy, dressed in pontificals, carved in free- 
stone, still exists, but no inscription remains.*' 

> Mathem, in Monmouthshire, where there was a palace of the 
Bishops of Landaff, and which was their usual residence. The tes- 
tator either rebuilt or greatly improved it. The building is now 
in ruins. 

< Ancestor of the Earls Ferrers. For his valour at the battle of 
Stoke, 16th June 1487, he was made a Banneret, and died, ac- 
cording to Collins, 6th January 1516-17- He made a second Will 
a few days before his death, vide p. 545. 


in sound mynde and memory, the periele of death dreding, 
make and ordayne this my last will and testament in man- 
ner and form following. First, I bequeath my soule to 
Almightie God and to his blessed moder Mary, and to all 
the company of Heven, and my body to be buried in the 
Abbey Church of Gerondon, in the Chapell where my fa« 
der and my wife been leyd, with my due mortuarie and 
torches and other lights brenning about my corps the day 
of my burially and xx L of money to be distributed among 
poor people in almouse, by the direction of myne executors. 
Also [ will, that there be songen and said, th^ day of my 
buriall, and as soon after as godely possible may be, a 
thousand masses of requiem, and other masses most expe« 
dient and behovefull for my soul's health. Also I will that 
my debts be fulJy content and paid^ without dyminlition. 
Also I will that there be paid to the prior and convent of 
Tutbnry xiii s. iv J/ out of the rents and profits of my lands 
and tenements in Esterleek yearely for evermore. Also I 
will that every of my six brethren, that is to say, Thomas 
Shirley, Robert Shirley, Hugh Shirley, Nicholas Shirley, 
Richard Shirley, and Baudewyn Shirley, have, and be paied 
of my lands, foure poundes of lawful money of England, at 
the feast of the Annuntiation of our Lady and St. Michaell 
the Archangel!, by even portions yearely, for tearme of thier 
lives, according to my fader's bequeath. Also I will that 
my feoffees which I have enfeoffed in the manner of Shir- 
ley, with the appurtenances, stand enfeoffed to the use de- 
clared in the same feoflment. Also 1 will that my feoffees 
which be infeoffed by me of and in the manner of Ham- 
broke, with the appurtenances, and in all the meses, lands, 
and tenements, medowes, lesunes, and pastures, woods, 
rents, reversions, and services, and other myne heredita* 
ments, with the appurtenances, in Hambroke, Erthcote, 
Westbury, and Combe, in the parish of Westbury^ in the 
county of Gloucester, Magna Chelworth, in the county of 
Wiltes, and in the towne of Bristol, after my decease, make 
a sufficient and lawful lease by indenture of the same ma- 
nor and other the premisses to Thomas the abbot of the 
monasterie of our blessed Lady of Geroudon, and the con-' 



vent of tbe same place, and their successors, for tearme of 
ninety-nine years; bynding tbe same abbot and convent, and 
their successors^ to fynde an honest priest to singe dayly in 
the Chapell where Anne my last wife lyeth buried, and I 
purpose to lye^ for the soules of me and the same Anne, and 
for the soules of Thomas Warner and Elizabeth the pa* 
rentes of the sam^ Anne, and for the soules of John Shir- 
ley and Elioner the parentes of me the said Raufe, and for 
the soules of Elizabeth and Anne my former wives, and for 
all Christian soules ; and also to fynde a convenient lodg- 
yng within the Abbey of Gerondon for foure poore men, 
to be kept of almouse, for the love of God ; and on woman, 
to be ther keeper; provided alway^ that they be such per- 
sons as be well disposed, and bath neede thereoi*^ and hath 
no other ly ving ; and to give to every said four men and 
women vii d, oW every weeke, and to be paied on the Sat. 
terday with harbor and launder, to pray |for all the soules 
above rehearsed, during the said tearme of ninety-nine years ; 
and theru pon sufficient and lawful writing to be made betwixt 
my feoffees on the on party, and the said abbot and con* 
vent, and ther successors, on the other party, after the wis- 
doqa and discretion of the same feoffees. The revertion of 
the said manner of Hambroke, and other the premisses, to 
tbe right heire of me the said Raufe Shirley for ever, after 
the said tearme determined, if the same mannor and otfier 
the premisses be not mortized afore the ende of the 
same tearme ; and then the said revertion to be extinct and 
annulled, if it be mortized in the meane tyme. Provided 
alway, if the said abbot and convent, and their successors, 
perforate not the charge above rehearsed contynually for 
ever in forme abovesaid, then it shall be lawful to the 
heires of me the said Raafe to re-enter into the said man- 
nor of Hambroke, with the appurtenances, and in all the 
said meses, lands, and tenements, and other the premisses, 
in the said countyes of Gloucester and Wiltes, and in the 
towne of BristoU, and the said mannor and other the pre- 
misses to reteigne and hold as in my first estate, and tbe 
said abbott and convent, and their successors to put out 
any thioge to the contrary made notwithstanding, Also I 


will that my feoffees which I have enfeoffed itt iny mannoi' 
t>f Barnhaai, id the county of Suffolk, suffer, ayde, and 
helpe my servantesand other?, to have and take the yssues 
and profitts of the same lordship, to the use and profitts ac-* 
Cording to these patents by me to them thereof made; and 
ftfter the decease of my said servantes and others, I will 
thdt my said lordship of Barnham, with all the yssues and 
profitts of the same, come and be to the use and profitt of 
the monastarie and monkes of Gerondon, to pray for the 
soule^ of me the said Raufe, Jane * my wife, iny parents^ 
and friends, and all Christian soules. Ako I will that all 
my landes and tenements in Hone be to Anne Pulteney * my 
daughter and her heires, if I decease without other yssue 
of my body begotten ; provided always, that if the said 
Anne, or her husband that now is, or any other husband in 
tyme to come, their heires, executors> or liny other, tnyne 
heires, vex or trouble, or sue any action or acconntes of 
debt, by reason of covenants made in tyme passed by any 
of tnyne ancestors, or by me to any of the ancestors of them, 
or of any of them, or lett or disturbe the performing and 
execution of this my last will ; then I will that my feoffees 
of and in the manner of Shirley, and myne executors^ 
shall receive, reteigne, and keep in their hands, the yssues 
and profitts of all the same manner, and all the lands and 
tenements in Shirley, till they have received thesumeoftwo 
hundreth pounds, to defend the same actions ; and, after 
that dune, I will that the revertion of the same manner and 
lordship of Shirley be to my right heires* Also I will that 
my feoffees which be enfeoffed of and in the lands and te- 
nements^in Ratcliffe upon Wreke, Worthington, and Mel- 
burne, with the appurtenances, which I purchased myselfe^ 
take and perceive all the rentes and profitts of the same 
lands and tenements, and to see the same rentes and pro- 

^ His last and fourth wife Jane> dai^hter off Sir Robert Sb^^ 
field, Knt. 

* His daughter by his second wife Elizabeth, daughter and co- 
heir of Thomas Walsh ; she married Sir Thomas Poultney, Knt, 
and was heir to her said mother. 


fitts yearely to come unto the uae and profitt of the chaan- 
terie pries te of St, Katherin in St. Michael's Church in 
Melburne, in the county of Derb. beforesaid; which 
chaunterie priest I will shall uphold a freeschoole at Mel* 
hume aforesaid for ever, taking of every scholar one peny 
by the quarter ; and also to singe or saye dayly or yearely 
for ever, on the Sunday, masse of the Trinity; on the 
Monnday, masse of Requiem ; on Tuesday and Wensday, 
masse of Salus Populi; on Thursday, masse of the 'Holy 
Ghost ; on Fryday, masse of the Holy Cross ; on Saturday, 
masse of our Blessed Lady; with Placebo and Dirige 
dayly, except a double feaste do lett it; for the profitt of 
me the said Raufe Shirley, and for the soules of John Shir* 
ky and AUeanor his wife, the parents of me, jAnne, Eliza-' 
heth, and Anne, my former wives, and Thomas Warner 
and Elizabeth his wife, and dayly an Antiphyn of our 
Blessed Lady, with De Profundis, for the founders and be- 
nefactors soule of the said channtery, and all Christian 
soules ^ provided alway, that my said feoffees see that the 
said chauntery priest be an honest priest, and of good ver- 
tue and disposition and living. Also I will that my feoffees 
which be enfeoffed of and in all such lands and grounds 
which I purchased myselfe in a close called Willowes 
field, within the parish of Rakedale, in the county of Leic. 
se that the rents and profits of the same lands and grounds 
goe to the fypding and upholding of a lampe, to burne con- 
tinually day and night before the blessed Sacrament, in the 
parish Church of Raicedale aforesaid, for ever. Also I will 
that all my lands and tenements that be entayled to the 
heir male, and came to me by inherrittance, in Raicedale 
and Willowes, Ratcliffe upon Wreke, Long Whatton, and 
Dunion, remayne unto myne heires male, according as 
they ought to do of right. And I will that all other my 
lands and tenements before not rehearsed goe and remaine 
unto the heire-generall, according unto right. Also I will 
that all such persons as I have made leases or grants unto, 
of lands, tenements, meadowes, and pastures, or any other 
myne hereditaments, by indentors, copies, or patents, have, 
occupie, and enjoy the same lands, tenements, meadowes. 


and pastares, or other my hereditaments, with the appur-^ 
tenances, according to my leave and grant. Also I will 
that all lands and tenements in Little Hambroke, £rth* 
cote, Westbary, and Combe, in the parish of Westbury, in 
the county of Gloucester, with the yssues and profitts of 
the same, goe to the use and profitts of Sir James Smythe, 
Chaplen, for tearme of his life, to sing, say, and pray, at the 
Abbey of Gerondon, in the countie of Leicester, for the 
soule of me, John and AUeanor, the parents of me, Anne^ 
Elizabeth, and Anne, my former wives, Thomas Warner 
and Elizabeth his wife, and all Christian soules ; and after 
the decease of the said Sir James, I will that the said lands 
and tenements, with the profitts of the same, goe and re- 
maine to the said house of Gerondon, according to the te- 
nure hereafter ensuing. Also I will that my feoffees which 
be enfeoffed of and in my lands and tenements in the coun- 
ties of Gloucester and Wiltes shall make and ordayne 
an honest priest, to sing and pray at Lugborowe, in the 
countie of Leicester, for the soules of me, John and AUea- 
nor the parents of me, Anne, Elizabeth, and Anne, my for- 
mer wives, Thomas Warner and Elisabeth his wife, and all 
Christian soules \ and also the same priest to uphold a free 
schoole at Lugborowe aforesaid, during the tearme of 99 
years ; and the same priest to have and perceive yearely, 
during the said tearme, x /. of lawful money, going out of 
my lands and tenements in Chelworth, in the county of 
Wiltes, and in the towne of Bristol!* And at the end of 
the said tearme, I will the said landes, with the said x L 
rents, shall come to my right heire, if they be not mortized 
in the mean tyme. Also I will that there be paid yearely 
to John Lout, my servant, during his life, vi f. viii d. going 
out of my lands and tenements in Bristol! aforesaid ; and 
after the decease of the said John Lout, I will that the said 
some of VI «. via d. and the residue and remaynement of 
the said lands, above the said x h remayne and come to the 
use and profitt of the house of Gerondon beforesaid, ac* 
cording to the tenor following. Also I will that the residue 
of all my lands and tenements in the town of Bristol, with 
the yssues and profitts of the same, and the rents and re- 


mayKiements of all my lands and tenements in Little Ham<* 
broke, Ertbcote, Westbory, Combe, and Chelworthy and 
elsewhere, within the counties of Gloucester and Wiltes 
(after the decease of the said John Lout), except the said 
^ /. as is before rehearsed, revert, remayne, and come, unto 
the use and profitt of the said house of Gerondon, of tearme 
of 99 years: and at the end of the said tearme, the said 
lands, with the profitt of the same, to revert and com€ unto 
my right heire, if they be not mortized in the mean tyme ; 
and the abbott of the said house of Gerondon and his suc- 
cessors to fynde two priests of the bretbei^en of their house, 
to sing or say masse, and pray perpetually, during the said 
tearme, for the soules above rehearsed ; and to keep the 
obit of me the said Raufe and Anne on St. Katherin eveu, 
or on the day before, yearely during the said teafme. Also 
I will that my feoffees which be enfeoffed by me in any of 
the said lands and tenements above rehearsed, when God 
shall fortune them to decesse all but six persons named in 
my dede of feoffment made by me, then 1 will that those six 
persons make another like estate. And for the performing 
of this my last will and testament, I make and ordeigne my 
executors my couzen John Porte', the king's solicitor; 
Raufe Lemington, of Loughborough, merchant ; Nicholas 
Shirley, my brother ; James Smithe, chaplain, and Thomas 
Fitzherbert ; whom I hereby require and pray, as those per- 
sons in whom I put my best confidence and trust, to exe- 
cute and performe this my last will, as they will answere at 
the day of dome before the Great Judge. And also I make 
and ordayne Thomas the abbot of the said monasterie of 
Gerondon my supravisor of this my last will and testa* 
meat, in whom likewise is my great confidence and trust. 
In witnesse I will one part remaigne in the keeping of 
myn executors, and another part in the keepyng of my 
feoffees, and the third part to remaigne in the keeping of 
the supervisor of myn executors, 1 have put to my- seal and 
sign manuell *• 

* He was appointed Solicitor General in 15 Ij, and promoted to 
the rank of Puisne Justice of the King's Bench 26th January 1541. 

* From Nichols* History of Leicestershire, vol. iii. pp. 710-712. 



Rauf Shirley, of Staunton Harauld, co. Leicester, 
K nighty 2d January 1517. My body to be buried at the 
discretion of my executors. To Jane, my Wife, my ma- 
nors of Shirley and Brailsford, with the lands, rents, 
and services, in full of her jointure and dower for term 
of her life; to tlie monastery of Gerondens my manor of 
Barnham for the term of fifty years; to my five brothers 
V marks each, yearly* out of Stanton and Long Whatton ; 
I bequeath all my household furniture, plate, &c. to my 
wife and my son Francis, to be equally divided between 
them; to my nephew Ralph Shirley the keeping of Stanton 
Park, ten beasts, and iv/. out of Rugdale and Willowes 
for life; to my niece Elizabeth Hasylryg* xx marks yearly 
until she be paid her marriage portion of c marks; to my 
cousin Sir Richard Sacheverel* a cross of gold hanging at 
my chain; my manors of Staunton Harold, Rakedale, and 
Willowes Burton, Long Whatton, RatelyfF, Dunton, £s- 
terleyke, Sutton Bonyngton, and Newton Regis. And I 
constitute my cousin Sir Richard Sacheverel, my brother 
Robert Hasylryg % Sir James Smith my priest, and Thomas 
Herbert, my executors *. 


In the name of God, so be it, the 5th day of Marc)i, in 
the year of our Lord 15 16^ I, William Fitz- William >, of 

' Daughter of his sister Eleanor, who married Robert Hasylryg, 

ft In Collins* Abstract of this will this person is called Sir 

Robert Sackvil, but the name in the text is that given in a MS. 

note of this wfli. 

s His brother-in-law, above-mentioned. 

* From Collins* Abstract, voL iv. p. S7I9 lucid a MS. note com- 
municated by George Baker, Esquire. 

* Query, 1516-17? 

^ He was the last heir male of the eldest line of Fits- William, of 

N N 


Sprotborough, Esquire, of whole mind and perfect remem- 
brance, thanked be God, maketh this my last will and tes- 
tament, of all my lands in reversion, and will that William 
Lord Conyers, and all other my co-feoiTees, and their heirs, 
that be specified in a deed of feoffment, bearing date the 
27th of January, in the 7th year of King Henry the £ighth ', 
after my debts and legacies paid, and after the death of 
Thomas Suthill, of Suthill Hall, Margery his wife, and 
Elizabeth Suthill his daughter, stand seised of my manors 
of Emley, Darrington, and Hathilsay, and their appurte- 
nances, in the county of York, to the use of John Fitzwil- 
liam, of Sprotborough, and to his heirs and assigns forever^ 
eldest son to Ralph Fitzwilliam, that was Captain De Salva 
Terra in France, in Henry the Sixth's days, and was third 
son of Sir John Fitzwilliam, of Sprotborough, Knight, 
Lord of Elmley; for whereas William Fitzwilliam, my dear 
ancestor, entailed the aforesaid lordships, with the manor 
of Plumtree, in com. Nottingham, to the said John Fitz« 
William and his heirs male, it shall never be justly said of 
uie, that I am a hinderer of him, and his being of my blood 
and name, which God hath so long blessed with worship 
and ancienty, that I think all such as go about to prejudice 
the same, cannot avoid his plague and indignation ; and 
therefore I have given nothing away at all from the said 
John and his heirs; but only to Margaret, my wife, for 
term of life, and to the above- writ ten Thomas, Margaret, 
and Elizabeth, for term of their lives, to pay my debts and 
legacies; in consideration whereof I do give unto the said 
John Fitzwilliam, and his heirs for ever, my manor of 
Cromwell, with the appurtenances in com. Nottingham, 
after the decease' of the said Thomas Suthill and Margery 
his wife, and Elizabeth his daughter* In witness whereof, 

Sprotborough and Elmley, from another branch of which ancient 
fiunily the present Earl Fitz- William is descended ; he married 
Margery, daughter of Sir Robert Broughton, Knigbt, but died 
8. p. His Will> which is a very interesting document, exhibits his 
sense of justice, and his respect for the honourable house from 
which he sprung in a very amiable light. 
> Anno 151<?. 


t .have set to my seal the day and year above written, in 
the presence of these witnesses; Sir Thomas Rockley, 
Knight $ John Everingham, Parson of Sprotboroagb ; 
Hngh Boswell, Parson of Darfield; Sir Thomas Silles, 
Priest^ and others*. 



William Knevit, late of Bokenham, in the county of 
Norfolk^ Esquire,', cousin and heir of Sir John Clifton, 
Knight, 18th September 1514. My body to be buried in 
the parish Church of our Lady in Wymondbam. To my 
son Edward Knevit my manors of Mendlesham and West 
Bradenham, and the moiety of the manors of Hethersett 
Plashunhall in Besthorpe, and Bokenham in Norfolk; 
Charles my son; whereas Elizabeth, my daughter, hath 
cccxxxiii/. yis, viii d. to her portion ; Ann, my daughter, 
the wife of Charles Clyfford, by whom she hath children; 
to my said son Edward all my castles, manors, and lord- 
ships of Bokenham Castle, Old Bokenham, New Boken- 
hem. Lathes, Tibenham, and Carlton, my two parts of my 
manors of Gresham in Wymondhaip, also the moiety of 
Stowleton in Norfolk, with the advowson of the Church of 
Stannowe, Thasbourg, and Congham, by the conditions 
between Ralf Cromwell and Maud his wife, and Constan- 
tine Clifton, in the days of King Richard the Second, the 
heir of which Constantine I am ; to my son Charles Kpe^ 

' ■ ■ ■■ I II ■!■■■> II I I I ■ ■ I » ■ I 1 

* From Collins* Peerage, voK v. p. 166. 

* Grandson of Sir William Knevit, by Elizabeth, daughter of 
Constantine second Baron Clifton, and sole heir of the said Con- 
stantine, and consequently of that Barony. He is said to have 
been thrice married ; first, to Alice, daughter of Leonard Lord 
Grey of Ruthyn, or of John, brother to the said Reginald ; secondly, 
to Jane, daughter of Humphrey Duke of Buckingham ; and 
thirdly, to Joan, widow of Roger Clifford, and sister and coheir of 
Thomas Courtenay sixth Earl of Devon, but the pedigrees give 
very contradictory accounts as to by which wives he had his nume- 
rous children. 

N N 2 


Tit and Ann his wife, for their lives, my manors of Hamer- 
ton and Wynwke, in the counties of Huntingdon and 
'Northampton ; I will that after my decease the moiety of 
the manor of Cromwell, the moiety of my lands in Bar- 
worth, Papworth Everard, Papworth Agnex, and the ma- 
nor of Cawdreys, shall remain to the heirs of the body of 
Sir Thomas Knevit, Knight, with remainder to my right 
heirs; whereas Eleanor, late wife of my sron, holdeth the 
manors of Hydelburg worth for life, upon condition that 
she pay to Sir Thomas Knevether son xx /. yearly \ 

Proved 19th June 1516. 


Thomas Parr, Knight*, 7 Nov. 9 Henry VHI. 1517. My 
body to be baried without pomp in the Church of the Black- 
friars, London, if 1 die within twenty miles of London. I 
will that all the lands which descended to me as heir of Sir 
William Parr, Knight, my father, remain to Maud >, my 
wife, for her jointure; I will that my daughters Katherine* 
and Anne s have dccc /• betwixt them, except they prove to 
be my heirs or my son's heirs, and then I will that they shall 

■ In a note of this will communicated to the Editor by Mr. Ba- 
ker, there is the following difference from that given above : The 
testator's daughter Anne is there called the wife of Charles Clif- 
ton ; his daughter-in-law Eleanor is described as the widow of bis 
son Edmund and mother of Sir Thomas Knevit, to whom she was 
to pay the annuity of xx /• ; and he speaks therein of his grandson 

* Father-in-law of King Henry VUL He was appointed Es- 
quire of the Body to that monarch, and in 2 Henry YIII. Knight of 
the Body of that King. 

> Daughter and coheir of Sir Thomas Green, Knight. 

* She married, first, Edward Borough ; secondly, John Nevill, 
Lord Latimer ; thirdly, King Henry \IIL ; and fourthly, Thomas 
Lord Seymour, oi Sudley. 

' She became the wife of William Herbert, Earl of Pembroke* 


not, but thai the said sum be bestowed in copes and vest-: 
ments to be given to the house of Ciarvaux ; to thechaun- 
try of Kendall ; I bequeath to my cousin Richard Dukett 
the younger the farm he now bath, called Garnet House, 
for his life ; to my brother Sir William Parr \ all lands which 
I have of the King in farm for year in Kendall during the 
non-age of my heir ; to the College of Irtlingburghe vi/. 
III9. ivd, to pray for my soul; to my son William*, my 
great chain of gold which is worth cxlZ. that the King's 
grace gave me^ Maud my wife. And I constitute Dr. 
Tunstall, Master of the Rolls S and Sir William Parr, my 
brother, my executors. Proved 27th January 1517-18. 


Richard Grenvill, Esquire*, 8th October 1517- My 
body to be buried in my Chapel of St. Mary Magdalen and 
St. Katherine, in the Church of Wotton. To the lights of 
our Lady St. Katherine in the said Church ; to each of my 
daughters lxxx /. towards their marriage ; to my son 
George, after my decease, my house at Chipping Wycomb, 
in the county of Buckingham, called the George, and all 
my lands in the county of Berks, also the reversion of the 
rent of Stoke Talmage, in the county of Oxford, which my 


' Afterwards created Lord Parr of Horton. Vide his will in a 
subsequent page. 

' He was created a Baron of the Realm in the SOth Henry VIH. 
about two years before the King's marriage with his sister, and in 
1546 was advanced to the Earldom of Essex, and by Edward VI. 
was created Marquess of Northampton. , 

' Cuthbert Tunstall, who was appointed Master of the Rolls l^th 
May 1516^ afterwards Bishop of London and Durham. 

4 Ancestor of his grace the Duke of Buckingham and Chandos, 
K. G.; he died October 8th, 1517> the day on which he made his 
will, at which time his son Edward was above thirty years of age, 
whose will is inserted in a subsequent page. 


brother Eustace hath for term of his llfe^ but with reversion 
to me, to hold to the said George and the heirs of his body 
lawfully begotten^ in default of which to Edward GrenviH 
my SOD; and the heirs of his body, failing which to my 
right heirs ; the residue of my goods, chattels, &c. I be- 
queath to Joan my wife, and to Edward my sod, whom I 
constitute my execnton, to pay my debts, legacies, 8cc. as 
they shall think most expedient and vsefol £ar the heidlb 
of my soul*. 


William Findeme, of Carlton, co* Cambridge. My body 
to be buried in a Chapel built by me at Horkesley, or at 
Wodington. My grandson Thomas Fiuderne; Bridget^ 
my daughter. Proved 21st October 1517t« 


Edward Saunders, of Harrington, in the county of 
Northampton, 1514. My body to be buried at Rowell ; my 
wife Joan ; my sons John, Lawrence, William, and Tho* 
mas Saunders; my daughter Grace; my brother Sir Ni- 
cholas Saunders f. 


Thomas Digby, Knight, 1516/. My body to be buried 
at Oiney, in the county of Bucks. My wife Dorothy ; my 

* From Collins' Abstract, vol. v. p. 242. 
f Ex inform. George Baker, Esquire. 

* Apparently of the same family as that from which the Qarons 
Digby are descended. 


sons John, Everard, and Simon Digby^ and Thomas, ton 
of Simon Digby ; my daughters Ann, Katherine, Bridget, 
and Elizabeth Digby ; the daughters of my brothers Ben- 
jamin and Rowland Digby *• 


Thomas Cotton, of Cunnington, Esquire. Jane my wife ; 
Richard my son; my daughter EUen in ward; to my bro- 
ther Granstock ; my brothers Richard and Anthony Cot- 
ton ; my uncle Richard Cotton ; my sister Eleanor, married 
to Mnlso; and my sister Margaret a nun. Proved 1517 *• 


I, Sir Thomas Bryan^ Knight •. I will my body be bu- 
ried at St. Saviour's at Bermondsey, if f dye in London, or 
within XII miles of it, if my goods may stretch thereto ; and 
if I dye in my country my body to be had to Assheringe, 
to be buried in the Chapel where my son Thomas lyetb ; 
and if I dye any where ells my body to be buried after the 
discrecion of my executors. Item, I bequeath all my 
lands, manors, and tenements, to my son Francis*, and to 

* Ex inform. George Baker, Esquire. 

' Son and heir of Sir Thomas Bryan, Chief Justice of the Com- 
mon Pleas, whose will is inserted in p. 449* 

* Who was afterwards knighted, and is known as the intimate 
friend of Sir Thomas Wyatt. After being educated at Oxford he 
was employed in several embassies during the reign of Henry VIII. 
and was Gentleman of the Privy Chamber. At the battle of Mus- 
selborough he appears to have distinguished himself so highly that 
he was created a Banneret in September 1547> and about the same 
year was appointed Chief Justice of Ireland, in which elevated of- 
fice he died at Waterford in 1548, s. p. Sir Francis Bryan was 


the heirs general of his body, and for default of issue, of 
him to remain to my two daughters Margaret * and Eliza* 
beth y and for default of issue of mjr daughters to remain 
unto my sisters' children; and for default of issue of them 
to remain to the next of my blood ; Item^ I will that of all 
my goods moveable and unmovieable my wife* have, the 
one half to her own use, and the other half to my children, 
equally to be divided, by my wife's discretion and the su- 
pervisor of my will ; Item, I will upon my blessing that my 
son Francis never interrupt my wife of her jointure or 
dowry given by my will, according to the lawe, nor my 
daughters in likewise upon my blessing ; Item, I will that 
there be done for my soul a m masses in all haste conve- 
nient ; Item, in alroes, at my burying, five pounds by penny 
mete to bed-ridden folks ; Item, also to have a dirige and a 
mass by note at my burying, every priest viii J* and every 
clerk jyd.\ Item, I will that mine heirs find in the year a 
dirige and mass by note where I am buried for my father's 
soul, my mother's soul, my wife's father's soul and mo- 
ther's soul, my soul, my wife's soul, my children's souls, 

both a scholar and a poet, evidence of the former being extant in 
his translation of Gunevara's Dissertation on the Life of a Courtier^ 
published in London in 8vo, in 1548, and his poetical talents were 
displayed in several fugitive pieces of some merit. Vide Wood's 
Athen. Oxon. and Theatrum Poetarum, ed. 1800. 

^ In a pedigree in Had. MSS. 380. The testator is said to have 
left two daughters, Elizabeth^ who married Sir Nicholas Carew, 
and Jane, who was the wife of Sir Henry Guildford, but their 
Christian names appear to have been Margaret and Elizabeth. 
Their grandfather in his will, in p. 449, speaks of Margaret and 
Ann his grand-daughters, and it is most likely that the Ann there 
mentioned died young, and that Elizabeth was not born until after 
his death. 

* Margaret, daughter of Sir Humphrey Bourchier, Knight, 
who died vita patris, by Elizabeth, daughter and heir of Sir Frede- 
rick Tylney, which Elizabeth married, secondly, Thomas Duke of 
Norfolk. Sir Humphrey Bourchier was the eldest son of John 
Lord Berners, and his son John succeeded his grandfather in that 


and all Cbristian bouU, for eTermoTe^ once in the year for 
ever; Item, 1 make my wife sole executrix^ and my Lord 
Bernersy her brother, and for fault of him, my Lord Da<- 
cres^ supervisor of my vrill; Item, I will that my. dehtt 
be paid, as is shewed by a bill of my hand ; Item, my fa* 
ther's will to be performed as sheweth by a bill of my hand; 
Item, I will that Dame Margaret, my wife, have the lord* 
ship with the manor of Masworth, and as much as lyeth in 
the parish of Crynge and Chedington of the yearly value 
of xhL to her joynture; Item» to see the will of James La- 
ton performed, according to the tenor of the will, and that 
will to be performed by the goods of my will. This is my 
last will written with mine own hand, the first day of Octo* 
her in the year of our Lord J'hu m. v. and viii. and 
the XXIV year of the reign of our Soveraigne Lord King 
Henry the VI F. Proved in the Prerogative Court of Can* 
terbury by Lady Margaret Bryan, his relict, dOth January 


William Mordaunt, of Hempsted, in the county of Es- 
sex, 22d December 1517 ^ My body to be buried by my 

■ ■ > ■»■ I ' I .. .lit.. ■ I ...■.■..■ I ■ y. 

> Thomas Fienes Lord Dacre, who had married Anne, the othe^ 
daughter of Sir Humphrey Bourchier. 

* Haii.MSS.380,f.74. 

* He was the second son of William Mordaunt, of Turvey, the 
ancestor of the Earls of Peterborough and Monmouth ; the testa- 
tor married in June 1495, Ann, second daughter and coheir of 
Thomas Huntingdon, of Hempsted, in Essex, and by her had the 
issue named in his will, and also Robert, his eldest son, from whom 
the Baronets of this name were descended; the said Ann it appears 
died Saturday, the 12th December 1517* It is evident, from the 
inscription which he orders to be placed on his tomb, that he was 
Chief Prothonotary of the King's Bench, and the extreme care 
which he takes to prevent his legal and other books being dis- 
persed or alienated from his descendants, is well deserving of at- 
tention, as it presents an instance of literary zeal, of which at so 


Mrife in the Chureh of Hempsted if I die in Loodon, or as 
near to Hempsted as London ; to the Chorcb^ of Hempsted 
a saitof vestmeots and a cope of black velvet of the price 
of XX /• with the arms of me and my wife on the cope ; I 
will that a stone of marble be provided by my executors to ' 
be laid upon me and my wife, with our images^ and this 
inscription graven on the said stone : 

Bic jacet iBtHtelmu^ JBtortiannt he H^empifteo, nnper Ca^t^ 
taliit ]^ot|)onotaciuj$ <(luc. Domini iftegfji de Com. SB^ancOi filing 
I0iatelmi jitodaunt be CuAep, in com* SSeDfocb» airmiger ; $ 
dtnna ujroc eju^bem IBWelmi fllii, qus flnns obiit die ;6abbati, 
pi bie ®ecembrijf» Sinno iSomini IBtinesiimo 4&uinguente^imo 

And that my executors cause the day and year of my de- 
cease to be put on the same stone, with 

4&uorum animabu^ propitietuc ®eujf * Slmen* 

Also I will that my Bible and all my other books, as well 
of the law as of entries, English books and Latin books, re* 
main to the heirs male of my body lawfully begotten, from 
one to the other, without selling or putting away any of 
them ; to Christopher Mordaont, my son,my manor of Weld- 
berne and lands in Depden ; to Edmund Mordaunt, my 
son, my manor of Burghall and my lands and tenements in 
Swaffham-Bulbeck, Swaff ham Prior, and Roche, and else- 
where, in the county of Cambridge; to George Mordaunt, 
my son, my manor of Dales in Thundersley, and all iny 
lands at Wymbish *. 

early a period it would perhaps be difficult to find a similar ex- 
ample, and cannot fail to excite the interest and secure the respect 
of every bibliographer. 
* From Collins* Abstract, vol. iii. p. 238. 



Margaret Tale, widow otfSir Jolm Tate, Lord Mayor of 
Loadoa \ 1517. My sobs Thomas and Bartholomew Tate; 
Elisabeth, dadghter of my son Thomas ; John Stone, my 
sistei^s son. Proved 1517*- 


Thomas Bulstrode. My body to be buried at Herryng-' 
stoke. To my sons William and John Bulstrode all iny 
goods, with remainder to my brother John Ludlow and my 
sister Philippa his wife, Edward, William, and Dorothy 
Ladlow, children of the said John and Philippa; iny sister 
Joan Bulstrode*. Proved 1517. 

Robert Sheffield, Knight*, 8th Aagust 1518. My body 

' Who was Lord Mayor of London in 1513> and who must have 
died between 15 13 and 1517. 

* Ex inform. George Baker, Esquire. 

* Grandfather of Edmund first Lord Sheffield, aud ancestor of 
the Dukes of Buckingham. The following notice of this personage 
is extracted from Mr. Sheffield Grace's beautiful volume, entitled, 
** Memoirs of the family of Grace/* in which, as his brother Sir 
William Grace, Baronet, represents the ducal house of Sheffidd, 
an elaborate account of that family is appropriately introduced, 
and which is rendered valuable by several portraits of that family, 
among which is a very good one of the testator. ** Sir Robert 
** Sheffield, of Butterwick, in the county of Lincoln, son and heir 
<< of Sir Robert Sheffield, of the same, commanded in 1487 the victo- 
<< rious army of Henry VII. against John de la Pole, Earl of Lincoln, 
*^ at the battle of Stoke^ near Newark-upon-Trent ; and was 
** knighted under the royal standard on the field of battle. In 
^M5]8 he was chosen Speaker of the House of Commons ; anid died 
<' 10th of August 1516, leaving issue by Hellen, daughter and heir 


to be buried in the Church of the Augustine Friars, Lon- 
don, near the tomb of Eleanor my wife. To my four 
daughters, Anne, Elizabeth, Margaret, and Bridget, each 
cccc marks and the inheritance of such lands and tene- 
ments that were the said Elene's^ some time my wife; Do* 
rothy my sister; Anne now my wife; my brother Edward 
Sheffield, Doctor in both Laws. And 1 constitute my son 
and heir Robert Sheffield, and my brother Sir Thomas Shef- 
field, Knight, at Rhodes, my executors, and Sir Thomas 

** of Sir John Delves, of Doddington, in the county of Chester, 

^' two sons and four daughters, viz. first, Sir Robert, his successor ; 

<< second, Edward, who died s. p. Of the four daughters : first, 

** JanCf married, first, Sir Ralph Shirley, of Stanton Harold, in the 

^'county of Zr£nco/ff, ancestor of Sir Robert, created Earl Ferrers 

<Mn 1711 ; and secondly, Sir William Hastings; second, Anne; 

« third, Elizabeth; fourth, Margaret.*' To this statement the Editor 

has only to submit the following corrections : His friend Mr. Grace's 

natural zeal to invest his ancestor with as elevated a rank as possi* 

ble, has, in ibis instance, unfortunately affected his usual accuracy, 

for he has attributed to the said Sir Robert Sheffield much too ex-> 

alted a station in stating that he commanded thearmy which defeated 

the Earl of Lincoln at Stoker That army we are expressly informed- 

was conducted by the Duke of Bedford and the Earl of Oxford ; 

and moreover, it appears that King Henry was present in person ; 

Dugdale correctly asserts that Sir Robert Sheffield << too; one of the 

ammanders in King Henry the Seventh's array against the Earl of 

Lincoln.'* It is manifest, from th^ date and probate of his will, 

that Sir Robert Sheffield did not die on the 6th August 1516> for 

as that instrument was made on the 8th August 1518, and proved 

^th February 1519, his death must have occurred within that 

period. Mr. Grace has iflso omitted to notice liis second marri* 

age, mor does it appear from his will that either of his four daugh«4 

ters was called Jane, though in Collins' account of Sir Ralph 

Shirley, of Staunton Harold in Lekestershiref he not only states^ 

that die said Sir Ralph married to his third wife Jane, daughter 

of Sir Robert Sheffield, but in the abstract of his will dated in Ja-» 

Auary 15179 Sir Ralph Shirley mentions his wife Jane, The pro« 

bability, from a comparison of dates, is, that the Jane in question 

was the sister instead of the daughter of Sir Robert Sheffield the 




Lovell, Knight, stipervison To my chaantry at Butter* 
wicke, in Leicestershire, and to the chauntry of South 
Cane ; I bequeath to Ann my wife c marks yearly out of 
Park Conysby, and West Butterwyk, in Lincolnshire; 
Ralph Sheffield late my brother; Christopher Sheffield, my 
brother. Proved 28th February 15liB-19. 



John Broughton, Esquire, 9th May 1517. My body to 
be buried in the parish Church of Thorington. Whereas 
Thomas Cardinal and Archbishop of York S and others, 
stand seised of my manors of Alyngton, Coin Engayne, 
Groffeham, Sanday, Fiigrave, Crainiield, Stony Stratford, 
Barkeston,Shelton,and Blatherwyk^to the use of meandmy 
heirs ; Anne my wife ; to my three daughters oc /. ; my son 
John ; whereas Robert Broughton, my brother, is to have 
the manor of Seynes, in Huntingdonshire, for life, when 
twenty- one years of age, according to the will of Sir Ro* 
bert Broughton, my father. And I constitute Thomas 
Dake of Norfolk, my brother-in-law Henry Everard, and 
Robert Broughton, jny brother, my executors. 

Proved 4th January 1519** 


Hugh Thurlow, of Bnmham Sutton % 1519. My body 
to be buried in the Church of Burnham Westgate. To the 
$aid Church XL 5. towards the purchase of an antiphoner. 
I will that my obit be kept with solemn dirige and mass with 
lights upon the hearse for ten years, and that a secular 

' Cardinal Wolsey. • Quisry, 1519-20? 

s Of the family from which the Right Honourable Lord Thurlow 
is descended. 


priest shall sing for me a whole year at Cambridge, to 
whom I bequeath vi L for his pains ; to my son John my 
lands in Barnham Sutton, with remainder^to my other sons; 
to my wife Agnes all her jewels. And I constitute Simon 
Dey and Thomas Bloy my executors, and my brother Wil- 
liam Thurlow supervisor*. 


William CornwalUs'y 8th November 15 19* My body to 
be buried in the Church of St. Nicholas of Ockley. To 
the high altar of that Church iiis. lyd. ; to the high altar 
of the parish Church of Broome vi«. vine/.; I will that an 
hones t4>rie8t be provided to sing for my soul,. and all my 
friends' souls, in the Church of Ockley^ for the space of 
one year, and that viii mark vi s. viii d. be given him for 
his wages ; to Elizabeth % my wife, the manor of Bokley, 
with the appurtenances, and purchased lands thereto be- 
longing, for term of her life, as also her own inheritance in 
Bedfordshire, and after the deceese of the wife of my bro- 
ther John \ my place in London called Barones, but I will 
that the residi^e of my sister-in-law's jointure shall, as to 
the rents, go yearly to the fulfilling of my will ; to my 
daughters Prudence, Edith, Affra, Katherine, and Dorothy; 
I bequeath the residue of my purchased lands to John, my 
son and heir, and to his heirs male ; in default of which to 
my next heirs. And I ordain the Lord Bishop of Nor- 
wich * supervisor of my will, and my wife Elisabeth and 
Thomas Golding, Clerk^my executors. 

Proved 29th November 1519. 

* From the abstract in Debretfs Peerage, vol. i. p. 536. 

* Ancestor of the Earls Cornwallis. In the 18th Henry VI. he 
was certified as being one 'of the Gentlemen of the County of Suf. 
folk possessed of a sufficient estate to support the degree of a 
Knight of tlie Bath; 

* Daughter and coheir of John Stanford, Esquire. 
> Vide his will in p. 478. * Richard Nix. 



Edmund Denny, one of the Barons of the Exchequers 
20th July 1519. My body to be buried in the Church of 
St Beoett beside Paul's Wharf, in London. I will that 
twenty-eight trentalls of masses be said for my soul and 
the souls of Margaret, Mary, and Jane, late my wi^ves, de- 
ceased and of William and Agnes, my fatherland mother; 
to my two daughters Joice and Mary iv marks ; Thomas 
Denny, my eldest son, Anthony Denny, my second son, 
Martha my daughter; to Wymond Carew and Martha his 
wife cc marks, to be paid when he hath made her a join* 
ture, according to indentures of marriage made between 
$ir Thomas Denny, Knight, on the one part, and John Da- 
nyell on the other part, dated 1st July 11th Henry VIIL* 
And I constitute Thomas Denny, my eldest son, and John 
Smithy the Treasurer's Remembrancer, and John Danyell, 
of Messing, my son-in-law, my executors. 

Proved dd June 1520. 

' He was appointed one of the Barons of the Exchequer 6th May 
1514, and it is not improbable that he was the same person as the 
Edward Denny who is mentioned by Dugdale as being *' a Clerk of 
the Exchequer 20 Henry VII. and at that time constituted the 
King's Remembrancer, to whom succeeded Anthony his son,*' and 
from whom Edward Denny, who was created Earl of Norwich by 
Charles I. was descended. It appears from his will that Anthony 
Denny was his second son ; as Dugdale's account of the family of 
Denny is very unBatisfactory, this testament is important from the 
information which it affords concerning it. 

^ 1519. The Martha in question appears from the pedigrees of 
Carew, in the Visitation of Cornwall, to have been the daughter of 
Sir Anthony Denny, and the wife of Sir Wymond Carew, of An- 
thony, CO. Cornwall, the graod&ther of the well-known Cornish 
historian and poet; she was probably the testator's grand- 



Robert Rodes. Margaret my wife; William Rodes my 
father, and Joan my mother ; I will that my lands be di«^ 
vided into four parts, between Bridget, wife of Thomas 
Willooghby, Esquire; Dorothy, wife of Edward Wotton; 
Joan, wife of John Carrill ; and Mary ', late wife of Sir 
William Barentyn ; Robert Willoughby, of Bore Place, in 
Kent, son of my daughter Bridget ; my daughter Eliza- 
beth, a nun at Mailing ; my brother Richard Rodes ; my 
niece Agnes Lewknor. Proyed £9th December 1518 *. 


Thomas Pigott, Serjeant at Law. My body to be bu- 
ried at Whaddon, in the county of Buckingham. To my 
son William Pigott my manor of Doddershull, in the said 
county, with remainder to my sons Francis, Thomas, Ro- 
bert, Roger, and Richard Pigott ; my daughters Margery 
and Elizabeth ; whereas the said Margery is betrothed to 
Sir Robert Cotton. Proved 1520*. 


Robert Throckmorton, of Cough ton, in the county of War- 
wick \ My body to be there buried. My wife Elizabeth • ; 

' Evidently his daughters. 

* £x inform. George Baker, Esquire. 

* The testator was a personage of some eminence ; he was Privy 
Councillor to King Henry VII. and a Knight of the Bath, and died 
on his pilgrimage to the Holy Land. 

' Query, if he does not speak of her as his deceased wife, for the 
pedigrees of this family assert that by his^r;^ wife Elizabeth, he 


to my son and heir John Throckmorton '» married to the 
daughter of Sir Nicholas Vaux, my manor of Coughton, 
&c.; to my younger son Michael Throckmorton^ my ma- 
nor of Towslaod, in the county of Huntingdon, mortgaged 
to George Monux, Alderman of London % for d /. ; my son 
Anthony Throckmorton; my daughters Mary Burdet', 
Margaret, Joyce, Alice, Ursula, and Anne Throckmorton. 

Proved 9th November 1520*. 


John Goringe*, l6th October, 12 Henry VUI. 1520. My 
body to be buried in the Church of Bukedon, nigh my fa- 
ther, and I will that my executors make a tomb upon my 
burial, with this writing : 

SeHcta Slubentati^ mtet et ignotantia^ mea^ ne meminetf^^ 

Also I will that a priest be found to pray for my soul in the 
Church of Bukedon for the space of seven years ; I will that 
William Goringe, my son, have all my books at Gray's Inn, 
in London ; I will that ray evidences be safely kept in the 
Priory of Heringham, until William Goringe be of the full 
age of twenty-four years; to each of my four daughters 
unmarried, that is Sybil, Eleanor, Jane, and Ann c/. ; to 
my sister Shirley a ring of gold value iv nobles; John 

had issue only one daughter Ursula, and that all his other children 
were by his second wife Katkeriney daughter of Sir William Marrow,. 
Knight, Alderman of London. 

* Ancestor of the Baronets of this family. - 

* He was Lord Mayor of London in 1514. 

» Wife of Thomas Burdet, of Bramcote, co. Warwick, and after- 
wards of Richard Middlemore, of Edgbaston, in that county. 

* Ex inform. George Baker, Esquire. 

< Apparently the ancestor ofthe Baronets and Earls of Norwich 

of that name. 

o o 


Gbringe my grandfather. And I constitute John Dautrey 
the elder^ and the Prior of Heryngham^ my executors, and 
my brother Robert Shirley, Cofferer to the King, surveyor. 

Proved 7th February 1520-21. 


Robert Knollys, Esquire, Gentleman Usher of the Privy 
Chamber of the King, ISth November 1520. My body to 
be buried in the place where Elizabeth Knollys, my late 
mother, now lieth buried. To the Prioress and Convent of 
the monastery of St. Ellen's within Bishop's Gate, a suit of 
copes and xx/. ; Mary my daughter; Jane my daughter *; 
Francis* and Henry my sons; Lettice' my wife; my lands 
in London, Henley-upon-Thames, and the manor of Ro- 
therfield Gray. Proved 19th January 1521 *. 


Robert Lord VVilloughby de Broke*, 1st October 1521. 
My body to be buried in the Hospital called the Savoy in 

* Who married Charles Wingfield, of Kimbolton Castle, son of 
Sir Richard Wingfield, K. G. 

' The celebrated Treasurer of the Household to Queen Eliza- 
beth, by whom he was honoured with the Order of the Garter ; he 
was grandfather of William Earl of Banbury. 

> Daughter of Sir Thomas de Penyston^ 

« Query, 1521-2? 

* Second Lord Willoughby de Broke. He was twice married, 
first, to Elizabeth, daughter and coheir of Richard Lord Beau- 
champ of Powyck, by whom he had Edward, who died vita patris 
8. p. M. ; and secondly, Dorothy, daughter of Thomas Marquess of 
Dorset, by whom he had Henry, William, Elizabeth, and Anne, and 


the saburba of London, before the image of St. John the 
Baptist. And I will that a priest of iionest conversation 
be provided to sing and pray for my soul, and also for my 
wives' sonls^ and all my ancestors' souls^ for ever, in the place 
where I shall be buried, having for his salary vii7. yearly 
to my bastard sons William and George, when they shall 
arrive to the age of twenty 'four years, each of them lx /• 
XIII «. IV d. for their promotion and living; to Margaret, my 
bastard daughter, when she shall come to eighteen years of 
age, xLvi/. XIII*. IV d.; to my son Henry all my bows, ar- 
rows, and all other my weapons defensive, to the intent 
that he shall be therewith ready to serve his prince in time 
of need. 

died, says Dugdale, by a pestilential air loth November 13 Henry 
VIII. 15^1. The will in the text is taken from Dugdale's Abstract, 
vol. ii. p. 88 ; but the following is taken from a MS. note of his 
testament : 

- Robert Willoughby, Knight, Lord Brooke, 1st October 
1521. My body to be buried in the hospital of the Savoy, 
London. I will that my wife have my warrens of Wyr- 
mynster and Bewfores, during her widowhood, with re- 
mainder to my son Henry, who is yet under age ; whereas 
I have enfeoffed Thomas Tirrell, Knight, Anthony Fitz- 
Herbert, John Rowe, Serjeants at Law, John Gilbert, John 
Chamond, Esquire, in the manors of Helpringham, Siston 
Skerington, Helyngton, Swatton, Byke, and Thorpe Lati- 
mer, with , in the county of Lincoln, to the use of 

Robert Willoughby, Knight, my father, with remainder to 
me for life; remainder to George Willoughby my son, be- 
gotten on the body of Dorothy my wife. Proved 28th Ja- 
nuary 1521-2. 

o o 2 



William Lychefelde, Clerk '^ 2d November 1517. My 
body to be baried in the Chancel of the parish Church of 
Willesdon, before the image of the blessed Virgin Mary. 
I will that my obit be celebrated in the Cathedral Church 
of St. PauPs London, with mass and requiem on the mor- 
row, and that each Dean then present have xx $• and each 
Canon then present vi5.viii^. 1 bequeath to Thomas 
Lychefeld, my brother, at Cardiff, xl/. ; to Master Rich- 
ard Foxforde, ray scholar at Oxford xiiiZ. xiii 5. vi J. ; to 
D'n Andrew Stoketon, my scholar at Oxford xitiL vs. 
VII] d. Proved 30th January 1517-18. 


Richard Knatchbull% of Sellynge beside Monkenhor- 
ton. My body to be buried in our Lady's Chancel of 
Sellynge Church. William Clerk, of Aldington; Agnes 
my daughter ; Parnell my wife ; William KnatchbuU ; my 
house wherein I dwell in Sellynge, lying at Stonehill, which 
I purchased of Richard Roger, late of Eshetisforde, my 
son. Proved March 8th 1517 ' at Canterbury. 


Thomas Fisher, Vicar of Gelden Morden, 26th August 
1518. To the house of Freres in Bedford x s. ; to the four 
Orders of Friars in Cambridge xl5. ; to the White Friars 

* Chancellor of the Church of St. Paul's, London, to which of- 
fice he was collated 20th December 1504. 

* Apparently the ancestor of the Baronets of that name. 
' Query, 1517-18 ? 


of Hitchin x «• ; to the four Orders of Friars in Stamford 
ZL5. ; to the White Friars ia Nottingham x s. ; to the Gray 
Friars there xs.; to the Abbey of Barnwell xs.; to the 
Abbey of Royston x s. ; to my brother Robert Fisher xv /. 
I ordeyn my executors Robert Fisher my brother and John 
Godfrey of Gilden Morden. Proved 4th October 1518. 


Hugh* Bishop of Exeter, l6th December 1518. If I 
die within the Diocese of Exeter. My body to be buried 
in the South part of St. Peter's Church in Exeter, in the 
Chapel that I have caused there to be made and hallowed 
in the honor of my Lord God St. Saviour ; and if I die 
without the diocese of Exeter, then I will my body be car- 
ried to Oxford, there to be buried in Corpus Christi Col- 
lege, that my Lord of Winchester hath caused there to be 
made ; and if my goods will not suffice to bring me to Ox- 
ford^ then I will my body be buried in the next College 
Church or religious house of Monks or Canons. I will that 
in the Chapel that I have caused to be made in Exeter 
Church, one of the Vicars Chorals there say mass daily for 
ever, with a collect for my soul ; I have provided for mine 
obit V marks yearly; also I will that Richard, Bishop now 
of Winchester % be prayed for as well in the course mass 
as in the said obit by the whole quire, and also among the 
vicars severally, to whom the said Richard hath been a 
special benefactor in establishing them together in t^eir 
commons; to the house of the Gray Friars in Exeter xl5. 
for an obit ; to the house of Black Friars xl5. I name to 
be mine executors Richard * Bishop of Winchester; Tho- 

^ Hugh Oldham, appointed Bishop of Exeter, by bull dated 
S7th November 1504; he died 25th June 15199 &nd was buried in 
his own Cathedral. 

• Richard Fox. 


Bishop of Salubri^ns, my suffragan*; Master John Voysy' 
.Dean of Exeter ; Master Hugh Ashron, Canon Resident in 
the Cathedral Church of York ; Master Robert Weston, 
Sjibdean of the Cathedral Church of Exeter; Master Ni- 
cholas Henshaw and Roger Hetton, my servants. I will 
that my obit be kept in Corpus Christi College, to which 
College I give all such houses, lands, &c. lying in Chelsea, 
which I bought of Reynold Braye, whereof the deeds re- 
main with Stephen Coope, to have and to hold to the same 
College for ever, by the ordinance of my Lord of Win- 
chester. Proved l6th July 1519 *• 


John Sixtini ', Doctor in both Laws, in the parish of St. 
;^,*<tjc«J George, near the Church of St. Paul, London, 24th March 
1518. My body to be buried in that part of Paul's com- 
monly called Pardwi Church Yard, and I will that my grave 
be covered with a marble stone, and a plate of brass on it 
with this inscription : 

4&tatt pro anima 3|0l)annt &\0nU 

&c. I bequeath one moiety of my estate in Frisia to the 
poor of Bolsward, and the other half to the monastery of 
Owgocloyster, near Bolsward, in which my sister is pro- 
fessed, but I will that my brother Albert shall have one 

* Sic in the MS. from which this Will is taken. The Bishop of 
Salisbury appears to be alluded to, but Le Neve and other writers 
state that Edmuad Audley was Bishop of Salisbury from 2d April 
1502 to 23d August 1524. 

* John Voysey was elected Dean of Exeter 28th October 1509, 
and succeeded the testator as Bishop of that diocese. 

* Lansdowne MSS. 949. 

, V , .4 ^^ » This individual, who was a physician by birth, is chiefly known 

as the very intimate friend of Erasmus and of Dean Colet ; he was 
Rector of Egglescliffe, in the diocese of Durham, and of Haccomb, 
in that of Exeter, and died in 1519. Vide Knights Life of Colet. 


half part of the profits of the same during his life; to the 
reparation of the Church of Eglescliffe^ in the diocese of 
Durham, though I had not one penny for dilapidations 
from my predecessor the Bishop of Ely x /. sterling ; I will 
that XX /. be distributed among the poor inhabitants of the 
said parish, for the purchase of tools and other instruments 
for their rustic labours, at the discretion of my executors; 
to the honour of God and St. Blaze, towards the reparation 
of the Church of Hakkamb, in the diocese of Exeter, 
though 1 had not a penny for the delapidation of the same 
XT /. ; to be distributed for exhibitions to poor scholars in 
the universities' of Oxford and Cambridge xl/.; to Cuth- 
bert Tunstall, Master of the Rolls, whom I make and or- 
dain one of my executors with Albert my brother, xx marks 
for his labour. Proved 7th May 1519- 


Thomas Brokeman, of Lyminge. My body to be bu- 
ried in the Church-yard there. William my son ; Thomas 
Brokeman my godson; Edborough and Elen my daugh- 
ters; Agnes my wife; Harry, son of William my son; 
Alyce my daughter; Harry my son. 

Proved 27th July 1519 at Canterbury. 


Agnes Vyncent, of St. Elphy in Canterbury, widow. My 
body to be buried in the cemetery of Christ Church, beside 
my husband Talbot; to the children of the ambrye of 
Christ Church that bring my body to burial, to spend 
among them iv d. ; to my Lord Prior and the Convent of 
Christ Church, to admit my sister of the Chapter with 



them, iny best girdle ; Thomas Davies; Parson of St. Al- 
pbys. Proved 2l8t February 1518 ^ at Canterbury. 


John Colet'^ Dean of the Cathedral Church of St. Paul 
in London, 22d August 1519* My body to the Church of 
St. Paul aforesaid, to be buried nigh unto the image of St. 
Wilgefort, where I made a little monument; as touching 
my burying and funeral^ with the circumstances thereof I 
commit to the discretion of my executors. To Edmond 
Knyvett, Esquire, Serjeant Porter to our Sovereign Lord 
the King xl/. in money or in money worth; to John Co- 
lette the son of Williatn Colett my kinsman xl 2.; to Mas- 
ter Docter Aleyn the cup with the cover that he gave unto 

« Query, 1&18-19? 

' The celebrated founder of St. PauVs school, and Dean of that 
Church, he was the eldest of twenty-two children of Sir Henry Co- 
let (vide his will. in p. 481), Katght, Lord Mayor of London, 
younger son of Robert Colet> of Wendover. As the Life of the 
Dean, by Dr. Knight, has for above a century been before the 
public, and was re-printed about a year since at the Clarendon 
Press, Oxford, it is not requisite to say more in this place of so 
distinguished an individual. In that work the following abstract of 
the will of John Colett is given, who is presumed to have been of 
the same family as the Dean : 

John Colett, Citizen and Mercer of London, 5th May 
1461. To each of the Churches of Wendover, Aston, and 
Clinton xxs.; to Thomas Colet his brother, Alice his wife, 
Robert, John, and Geoffrey, his sons c /. each. 

Proved 27th October 146l. 

From this abstract being given in the third person it is not cer- 
tain whether Alice, Robert, John, and Geofirey, were the sons and 
wife of the testator or of kis brother Thomas^ though the former is 
most probable. 


tne ; I will that my master Doctor Morgan have my best 
gown with the hood, my beat coat of chamlet^ furred with 
black bogys, and a vestment; to master John Bambrughe 
a silver pot having on the ere written 9W)n Cofctt my bed 
at Charter House that I lay upon myself, with mattress and 
blankets to the same bed belonging, and certain of my 
printed books called St. Jerom's Works, and other that may 
be conveniently given unto him ; I will that Maister Dan- 
caster have in money to support him in his virtue vi/. 
xiiis. ivrf. ; to Sir Robert Hopwood a little goblet, with a 
cover, having a white rose in the top of the cover, a little 
square salt with a cover gilt, the which I bought of Mais- 
ter Lychfeld, and above xl shillings by year for term of his 
life, to be paid out of the mercery of London, according to 
their promise thereupon to me made; I will that Thomas 
Lupeshed, my scholar, be remembered after the discretion 
of my executors, and to have all such books printed that 
may be most necessary for his learning ; to Master William 
Garrard a cup with a cover of silver and gilt chased stand- 
ing on a rose ; to Master Nicholas Curlewas a standing 
cup with a cover gilt, with the moris dance upon it ; to 
John Danet, my godson, a little silver pot, having on the 
top t^ and K, which his father gave me ; to Bartholomew 
Barham, sometime my servant, a silver pot, having on the 

ere written S|Q!)n Cotett; Item, the New Testament and other 
of mine own making, wryten on parchment, as comments 
of Paul's Epistles and abbreviations, with many such other, 
I will shall be disposed at the disposition of mine executors, 
which disposition I leave to their discretion, and all my 
books imprinted in paper I will- also by them be disposed 
to poor students, and specially to such as have been scho* 
lars with me; Item, as touching my lodging at the Charter 
House, I will that all my board-work made of wainscot, as 
tables^ tresshills, great coffers, cupboards, and all painted 
images upon the walls, remain to that lodging in perpe- 
tuum, all other stuffs there beside afore rehearsed, I will be 
disposed by the discretion of mine executors ; I will that l/. 
sterling be disposed of amongst my household servants, ac- 
cording to the tenor of a will subscribed with mine own 


haiid^ aver and above their wages dae at the quarter day 
after my decease ; to William Bowerman v marks by year, paid by the mercers aforesaid^ for bis life; to Benja- 
min Digby an ewer of silver aad gilt; to Henry Digby my 
little primer covered with green velvet; to the Church of 
Chiswick a vestment of white damask; to the Church of 
Standon a vestment of green damask ; to the Church of 
Lambome a vestment of bawdekin with flowers; to the 
Church of Borne a vestment. Furthermore, whereas I, the 
said John Colet, all things above named have given and 
bequeathed, nevertheless, if any thing happen, or to mine 
executors, to whom I put my trust, if any just cause be 
seen, that the said bequests and legacies cannot be duly 
performed, that then of the said legacies and bequests be 
made defalcation after the discretion of my said executors, 
in which thing I charge their conscience. The residue of 
my goods, &c.I bequeath to mine executors, whom I name, 
ordain, and make, my mother Dame Christian Colett, 
Maister William Garrard, and Master Nicholas Cuyleurs, 
they to order and dispose them as they shall think best to the - 
most comfort of them that hath need. In testimony, &c. 
These being witnesses. Sir Robert Asheleyn, Subdean of 
the Church of Paul's ; Sir John Rogers, Almoner of the 
same ; and Sir William Taylor, Priest. 

In Dei, 8cc. This is the testament and last will of me 
John Colet, Dean of the Cathedral Church of St. Paul, 
London, and son and heir of Sir Henry Colet, Knight, 
made the 22d day of August 1519^ and in the lUh year of 
the reign of King Henry VIII. as to the disposition of all 
and singular my manors, messuages, lands, 8cc. 1 will that 
if it happen me to decesse out of this transitory world lyv- 
yng Dame Christian Colet, shall have, during her life na- 
tural, all my messuages^ lands, 8cc. in the town fields and 
parish of Wendover, in the county of Bucks, also my ma- 
nors of Weldon, Denthorp, Kirkby-Dene, Bulwyk, and 
Thyrning, in the counties of Northampton and Hants, which 


the said Sir Henry Colet^ my father^ purchased of Sir 
William Knyvett, Knight, my messuages, tenements, 
&c. lying in the towns and fields of Grea'l Weldon and 
Little Weldon, in the county of N6rthampton, which the 
said Sir Henry Colet, my father, purchased of Eushy 
Catesby and other, also my six messuages, eleven hundred 
acres of land, forty acres of meadow, twenty acres of pas- 
ture, and twenty acres of wood, and xs. rent in Great 
Weldon and Little Weldon, in the said county of North- 
ampton, which the said Sir Henry Colet, my father, pur- 
chased of Edward Ciimberford ; also all my lands, tene- 
ments, 8cc. in Kirkby-Dean and Bulwyk, in the said 
county, which my father purchased of Thomas Stok, Gen- 
tleman ; also the manor of Thyrning, called M ullesworth 
Manor, and the advowson of the Church of Thyrning, &c. 
in the said county of Huntingdon, which my father pur- 
chased of Thomas MuUesworth ; also my two messuages 
and twenty-five acres of land which my father purchased of 
Thomas Henson; also my messuage, with a courtlarge and 
half a yard, and three acres of land, which my father pur- 
chased of Thomas Newman ; also all those my lands and 
tenements, rents, services, wards, marriages, reliefs, es- 
cheats, pightill, and meadows, leases, pastures, mores, and 
marosses, &c. in the towns, fields, and marosses, of Chip- 
pesby^ RoUesby, Brough, Biliokby, Ontly, Repps, Bate- 
wick, Martham, Askby, and Cherne, or elsewhere, within 
the hundred of East Flegge, and West Flegge, in the 
county of Norfolk, I will remain to the use of the said. 
Dame Christian during her life natural ; also I will that 
such persons as stand feoffed to my use in all my said ma- 
nors of Weldon, Denehorp, Kirkby-Dene, Bulwyke, and 
Thyrning, in the counties of Northampton and Hunting- 
don, which was purchased of Sir William Knevet, Knight, 
immediately after the decease of me and of the said Dame 
Christian Colet my mother, shall make estate unto Edmund 
Knyvet, Esquire, Serjeant Porter to our Sovereign Lord 
the King, of and in all the said manors to hold to him and 
his heirs lawfully begotten; remainder to Christopher 
Knyvet, brother to the said Edmund, and to his heirs ; 


remainder to Antony Kny vett, brother to the said Edmund 
and Christopher, and his heirs, provided alway that the said 
Edmund Knyvet, his heirs, or whosoever shall fortune to 
have the said manors of Weldon, and other the premises, 
shall truly pay unto. William Newbold, my servant, during 
his life natural, the annual rent of. XLS. according to the 
tenor of a deed by me to him thereof made, bearing date 
12th May 1 1th Henry VIII. ; also I will that my feoffees of 
the lands and manors aforesaid, in Great Weldon and 
Little Weldon, in Kirkby-Dene, and Bulwyk, of Thyrning, 
called MuUesworth Manor, the advowson of the Church of 
Thyrning aforesaid, shall immediately after the decease of 
me and of the same Dame Christian Colet, mj^ mother,* 
make estate to the said Christopher Knyvett; of all the said 
manors, lands^ 8ic. to him and to the heirs of his body ; re- 
mainder to the said Edmund Knyvet, and to the heirs of 
his body ; remainder to the said Anthony Knyvet, and to 
the heirs of his body ; also Iwill that my feoffees of all my 
said messuages, shoppes, lands, 8cc. in the said town, fields, 
and parishes of Weldon, in the said county of Bucks, im* 
mediately after the decease of me and of the said Dame 
Christian Colet, my mother, shall make estate to John Co- 
let, the son of William Colet, of Wendover, of and in all 
the said messuages, shops, lands, &c. to him and his heirs 
and assigns for ever ; also 1 will that my feoffees in those 
my said lands, tenements, rents, services, wards, marriages, 
reliefs, escheats, pighyts, meadows, 8cc. in the towns, fields, 
find mares, of Ceippesby, Rollesby, Burgh, Billokesby, 
Cateby, Reppis, Batwyk, Martham, Asceby, and Therne, 
or elsewhere, in the hundred of Eastflegge and Westffegge, 
in the said county of Norfolk, immediately after the de- 
cease of me and of the said Dame Christian Colet, my 
mother, shall make estate to John Neele, my servant, of 
and in all my said lands and tenements, to him and to 
his heirs for ever ; also I will that my feoffees of all those 
my seven acres of pasture and four acres of land in the pa- 
rish of Stebunhith, in the county of Middlesex, which my 
father purchased of Edmond Ratcliffe, immediately after 
the decease of me and of the said Dame Christian Colet, 


my mother, shall make estate to William Bourman, my 
servant, of the said land to him and to his heirs and assigns 
for ever. In witness whereof, Sec* These bearing witness 
and testimony to the same, Benjamin Digby, mercer of 
London, Sir William Taylor, Sir Robert Hopwood, priests, 
and other more. Proved 5th October 1519** 


Richard Finenx, of the parish of Saint Peter, Dover, 
27th July 1518. My body to be buried in the said Church, 
before the image of St. Mary Magdalene. To St. Rook's 
light there ; to the Churches of our Lady and St. Nicholas 
and St. John in Dover ; I bequeath my lands in Deal and 
Sholden to my daughters Magdalen and Agnes, to be sold, 
and the money from them to be paid them at their mar* 
riage, and I will that the overliver be the other's heir, and if 
both die unmarried the same to remain to my two sons ; I 
will that X 2. yearly be paid out of my lands in Hougham 
and Charleton Dane, to my wife yearly, and after her 
death to my son William ; all my said lands in the parish 
of Hougham and Charlton Dane that was Hextall's, ex- 
cepting a close lying behind the Bakehouse Close of the 
priory, and one acre and one half, which lyeth next the 
same close without . the hedge ; to Thomas, my son, my 
place in Dover, in which I now dwell, with the garden and 
new bam, Queue Garden, and the barn on the other side of 
the street, against the same^ and a garden I bought of 
Freshill and bis wife ; to my said son all my free lands in 
Ay thorne Dane, sometime called Monyns ; I will that my 
lands in St. Margaret's, and within the town of Dover, and 
in Charleton Dane, be sold, after the decease of my wife, 
to pay my debts and perform my will; if my son William 
decease without issue male, I will that my lands in 

* Knight's Life of Colet. 


Hougham remain to Thomas my son, and his issue male^ 
and if he die, the overliver to be the other's heir, and if they 
both die without male issue, then I will that my lands in 
Hougham remain to the next heirs male of the name of 
Fineux. And [ constitute my brother William Finenx my 
executor. Proved 6th November 1520 at Canterbury. 


Robert Frevyll, Esquire, 7th April I2th Henry VHI. 
'1521. My body to be buried in the parish Church of 
Little Shatford^ in the diocese of Ely, among my ancestors 
and friends if I happen to decease within seven miles of the 
same town, or else if I decease of a further distance from 
the same town then to buried by the discretion of my Exe- 
cutrice. I will that my Executrice do cost of burying of 
my body, according to my behaviour, and to keep my 
month's day according, and that my Executrice dispose the 
said day of my burying and month day among the poor 
people of the town of Shetford, to every family xud.; to 
the parson of the same Church my curcite, for my tithes 
negligently forgotten or withholden xiii s. ivd.; to the re« 
paration of the same Church of Little Shetford xlx.; to. 
the maintenance of the bells of the same town vi s. viii d»; 
to the torches in the same Church vi s. vin d. ; to the main- 
tenance of the great Bryge in Shetford aforesaid xl«. ; 
Item^I becfueath to the towns of Witelford, Newton, Hars- 
ton, and Hawkston xl5. equally to be divided among them, 
in recompence of harms and stares by me and my cattle to 
them done ; to John, my son, in ready money, at his full 
age of twenty-two years xl /. ; to George and Nicholas, 
my sons, each of them xl /. to be delivered to them at their 
said age of twenty-two ; to Anne, my daughter, twelve sil* 
ver spoons ; to each of my other daughters, when they 
come to the full age of twenty years, or else at their mar- 
riage, if they be married before, l /. and if the said daugh- 
ters or any of them will not marry, but live chaste or enter 


into any religion, then I will that either of tbem so doing, 
have but xx/. ; I will that all my children be kepted and 
maintaiDed at my cost and charge, that is to say, John, 
mine eldest son, till he come to the fall age of twenty-two, 
in learning of the law in Court, if )ie be so disposed, or 
otherwise in virtue ; and my other sons to be maintained, 
some of them in learning, and some of them at good crafts 
at London, by the discretion of my Ezecutrice ; to John, 
my son, a cup with a cover parcell gilt, six silver spoons, a 
feather bed, a coverlet and a bolster, a pair of sheets, a pair 
of blankets, the hanging cloths in the hall, a stone cobard 
in the hall,* two standing tables in the hall, and all the 
hanging cloths in the parlour, and a chest corned in the 
great chamber, with all the hanging cloths in the said 
chamber; to George, my son, amairass, a pair of sheets, a 
pair of blankets, and two silver spoons ; to Nicholas, my 
son, a matrass, a pair of sheets, a pair of blankets, and two 
silver spoons ; to Margaret, my daughter, a feather bed, a 
bolster, a coverlet, and two silver spoons; to Tbomasine, 
my daughter; to Mary my daugliter; to my daughter Eli- 
zabeth ; to either of my said children four quarters of bar- 
ley and ten sheep ; to Robert Waynsted, my servant, six 
quarters of barley atkd six sheep ; to John £llys, my ser* 
vant VI 8, VI II J.; to Jane Colyne,my servant, a quarter of 
barley; to Jayn Barker, my servant, three quarters of bar- 
ley, four sheep, and a pair of sheets; to the gild of Corpus 
Christ! in Little Shetfurd, a table cloth and a garnish of 
pewter; to the gild of our Lady in Great Sbetford xiii«. 
IV d. ; to the gild of St. Anne in the same town xuis. i v J.; 
to John Huddleston, my godson, a silver spoon; to Robert 
Curson, Robert Middleton, Robert Bradley, Robert Bar- 
ber, and Robert Hebden, my godson, in <. Iv^. each; the 
residue of my goods I bequeath only to Rose my wife. This 
is the last will of me the said Robert Frevilh As to the 
disposition of all my manors, lands, and tenements, in the 
county of Cambridge : First, whereas Sir Henry Went- 
worth, Knight, John Wood, and Robert Curson, now 
being in live, and Sir Thomas Cheneyy Knight, and divers 
others now deceased, recovered against John Frevyll, Es- 


quire, my father, whose son and heir I am, all his manors, 
lands, See. in Little Shetford aforesaid, and Great Shetford. 
And also, whereas I have purchased divers other lands, 8cc. 
and the same manors, lands, in the county of Cambridge, 
Sir Gyles AlyngtoD, Knight, Sir Robert Paynton, Knight, 
Francis Hasilden, Esquire, and others have recovered. See. 
for the use of me and mine heirs, and for the performance 
of my will, I, the said Robert Frevill, will, that the said re- 
coverers against my father now being in live, shall stand 
seised of lands to the yearly value of xviii L to the use of * 
Anne Wythipool, late the wife of mine eldest brother, for 
term of her life natural, according to a pair of indentures 
made between me and William Rede late husband, to the 
said Ann, bearing date the 12th May 22 Henry Vll.' ; also 
I will that the said recoverers and other my feoffees, stand 
seised of lands and tenements, &c. also of a messuage 
which John Bradley now occupieth, and a tenement which 
I late purchased of Henry Parker, the son of John Parker, 
for the jointure of the said Rose my wife, according to the 
indenture between me and Sir Robert Payton, Knight, and 
other friends and kinsmen of the said Rose my wife, dated 
27th April 5th Henry VI H.* If the said Rose, my wife', 
decease before d L be received of the issues of the manors 
before rehearsed, then I will that the said feoffees shall stand 
seised of the same, to the use that Thomas Hutton, Esquire, 
and William Colyns, Gentleman, shall receive the residue 
of the said d 2. for the performance of my will. I will that 
John, mine eldest son, shall have the said xviii /. after the 
death of the aforesaid Anne Withy pool, and also all the 
said manors after the decease of Rose' my said wife. I 
will that an obit be kept for me and my wife and my 
friends for ever, in Little Shetford aforesaid, and I will that 
there be spent at the said obit as hereafter foUoweth, that is 
to say, to two priests at the dirige viiiJ.; to the clerks 

* 1607. • 1513. 

3 Rose FrevilFs will was dated 20th April 1529, and proved the 
31st May the same year, by which she appointed Thomas Hutton, 
Christopher Burgoyne, George Frevyll, John Frevyll, and William 
Walpole, her executors, and Philip Parlse, Esquire, supervisor. 


being there present vi d, ; to four men^ holders of the 
torches ivd. and for the waste of the same torches ivd. for 
the offering of the soals ivd.iio the poor people xnd. and 
a combe of wheat to be spent in bread, and six bushels of 
malt to be spent in ale, and also to be spent in cheese xxd.; 
moreover I will that Rose, my sole executrice, have in her 
possession, for term of life, the manor of Hokyngton and 
other lands in Long Stanton and Milton, to the intent that 
she fulfil my will, pay my debts, and keep my two sons, 
George and Nicholas, till they come to full age, and after 
they be of lawful age, they to take the whole value of the 
foresaid lands for their lives, by even portions, and after 
them to remain to the right heirs of me the said Robert 
Frevill. And for the performance of this my testament and 
last will 1 ordain and make Rose, my wife, my sole exe- 
cutrice; supervisors of this my testament, I ordain and 
make Thomas Hulton, Esquire, and William Colyns, Gen- 
tleman, and I give and bequeath to the said Thomas Hul- 
ton for his labour and business IV /• and to the said Wil- 
liam Colyns for his labour and business xl s. Witnessed 
by Mr. Thomas Wardall, Parson of Little Shalford, Ed- 
mund Acrody William Barber, and other men. 

Proved 2d May 1521 ». 


Thomas Twisden, of Newenden, November 22d, 1521. 
My body to be buried in the Church-yard there. Joan my 
wife ; Joan, Benet, and Isabel, my daughters ; Agnes my 
youngest daughter ; the children of my son John ; I be«- 
queath all my lands and tenements to my sons John and 
Thomas and their heirs for ever, after the decease of my 
said wife; Lord Dacre, lord of the manor of Ewhurst. 

Proved at Canterbury February 26th, 1521-22. 

* Harl. MSS. 7043, fo. 159—165. 




John Ward, Vicar of Waterbeche, 2d April 1522. For 
reconciling of the said Church xxx«. ivd.; I will that a 
trentall of masses be said for me at the Austin Friars at 
Cambridge ; tjjje residue of my goods I will be disposed of 
for my soul by John Stobs, Bachelor of Divinity, Prior of 
the Austin Friars, whom I constitute my sole executor. 


Agnes Covell, of Abyngton Parva, 14th June 1522. To 
the four Orders of Friars in Cambridge each x«. ; to a priest 
studying divinity at Cambridge, to his exhibition half a 
year, to pray for me and my friends; the said priest to be 
assigned by the discreet Doctor John Edmonde being iti 
Jesus College. I constitute Dr. Edmonde^ President of 
Jesus College, Cambridge, supervisor. 


Edward Poynings, Knight ', 27th July 15214 My body 
to be buried in the parish Church of Oston Hanger. Dame 
Isabel, my wife, who was daughter to Sir John Scott; to 

* A distinguished soldier in the reign of Henry VII. by whom 
he was honoured with the Order of the Garter, and appointed of 
his Privy Council, and was one of the eighteen personages reconi- 
mended to his son in his will as worthy of his confidence. In ike 
reign of Henry VIII. he was ambassador to the Emperor Maxin^- 
lian ; and in 1513 was present at the battle of Therouenne and the 
siege of Toumay, of which place he was appointed governor.. 
Shortly before his death he was constituted Governor of Dover 
Castle, in which important office he died s. p. l. 


Dame Jane Clynton •, late wife of Lord Thomas Clynton^ 
one sparner • of silk, with curtains of the same ; to the Mo- 
nastery of Muttenden St. Radegund, where I am founder, 
XL «• to pray for my soul; William Scott my brother; I will 
that my feoffees stand enfeoffed of my manors of Osten- 
banger, Boroughmersh, Estbrigge, Salrewood, Lyn'sson, 
and Sellinge besides Horton the Monks, for twelve years 
to the use of Edward Thwaits, my servant, and after 
to the use of Thomas » my bastard son and his heirs ; 
remainder to Adrian, my bastard son, and his heirs ; Re- 
mainder to Edward my other bastard son; remainder to 
the Lady Jane Clynton, wife to Thomas Lord Clynton for 
her life ; remainder to Edward Clynton, son and heir of 
Thomas Lord Clynton, and his heirs of his body; Isabel 
Clynton and Barbara Clynton, daughters of the said Lady 
Jane Clynton, now in non-age. And I constitute Sir John 
Newton, Knight, and James Digges, Esquire, supervisors. 

Proved IQth December 1521. 

Thomas Wyndham, Knt.*at my manor of Felbrigge, 22d 

' Thomas eighth Lord Clinton is stated to have married Mary, 
natural daughter of Sir Edward Poynmgs, K. G. and by her to 
have left issue Edward, his son and heir, who succeeded his father 
in his honors 7th August 1517 ; this account is fully confirmed by 
the above will, excepting that the name of the said Lady Clinton 
appears to have been Jane. 

• Sic in the MS. whence the above abstract is taken, but it is evi- 
dently an error ef the transcriber, as it should be ^an;«^, abed: 

» This Thomas was created by patent, 30th January 1545, Baron 
Poynings, but dying the same year s. p. the dignity became 

* Son and heir of Sir John Wyndham, Knight, by Margaret, 
daughter of John Howard, first Duke of Norfolk, K. G. He was 
one of the commanders of the fleet, which, after scouring the seas^ 
arrived at Portsmouth 4th Henry VHL In the expedition to Bis- 



October, 1521. First, for the recommendacion of my soule 
into the moost mercifull hands of him that redemed me and 
made it, I make and say this my accustomed prayer. Do" 
mine Ihu Creste, qui me ex Nichelle Creasti, Fecisti, Redimisti, 
et PriBdestinasti ad hoc quod sum, Tu scis, quod de me facere 
vis. Face de me secundum Voluntatem tuam cum Miseracordia. 
Therfor do of me thy wylle, with grace, petie, and mercy, 
humbly and intirely I beseche the ; and into thy moost 
mercifull hands my soule [ commytte. And howe be it, as 
synfull creature^ in synns conceyved, and in synne have 
lyved; kn o win ge perfectly that of my merits I cannot atteyn 
to the lyfe everlastyng, but only by the merits of thy blissid 
passid, and passion, and of thyne infinite mercy and grace. 
Nevertheless my mercifull Redemer, Maker, and Savyour, I 
trust that by the speciall grace and mercy of thy blessyd 

cay in the same year he accompanied Lord Edward Howard, the 
Lord Admiral, and was by him knighted in the Bay. of Croyton. 
Sir Thomas VVyndham was also with that distinguished hero at his 
fatal attempt on Brest. Being one of the Esquires of the King's 
Body he attended his majesty at the sieges of Therouenne and 
To urn ay, and was appointed a member of that monarch's Privy 
Council. The last notice which is recorded of him is, that in the 
13th Henry VHI. he attended the King at his conference with the 
King of France between Guisnes and Ardres, having in his retinue 
a chaplain, eleven servants, and eight horses. He was twice mar- 
ried, first, to Eleanor, daughter and coheir of Sir Richard Scrope, 
Knight, second son of Henry Lord Scrope of Bolton, by whom he 
had Sir Edmund Wyndham, of Felbrigge, and Sir John Wyndham, 
of Somersetshire^ ancestor of the EarJs of Egremont ; also three 
daughters, Margaret, who married Sir Andrew Lutterel ; Mary, 
wife of Sir Erasmus Paston ; and Elizabeth, who probably died 
young, and unmarried ; his second wife was Elizabeth, daughter of 
Sir HenryWentworth, Knight of the Bath, and widow of Sir Roger 
D*Arcy, Knight, by whom he had Sir Thomas Wyndham, Knight, 
an eminent naval officer, and the progenitors of the Wyndhams of 
the Counties of York and Durham. Sir Thomas the testator died 
early in 1522. His will is a very interesting document, and proves 
that even so late as the year 1521 the superstitious feelings which 
are so manifested in the early testaments in this work, were as pro- 
minent as in the darkest ages of our history. 


mother, ever virgyn, our' Lady Mary, in whom, after the in 
this mortall lyfe, hath ben my moost singular trust and 
confidence, to whom in all my necessities I have made my 
contynuall refuge, and by whom I have hitherto ever had 
my speciall comfort and releef ; will in my moost extreme 
nede, of her infinite pitye, take my soule into her hands, 
and hit present unto her moost dere sonne ; whereof^ swete 
Lady of mercy, very mother and virgyn, well of petie, and 
surest refuge of all nedefull, moost humbly, most intirely, 
and roost hartely I beseche the, and for my comfort in this 
behalfe I trust. Also to the singular mediacions, and 
prayers of all the holy company of hevyn, aungells, arch- 
aungells, patriarches, prophets, apostells, evangelists, mar- 
tyres, confessoures, and virgynes ; and specially to myn 
accustomeed advourrys *, I call andcrye, Saint John Evan- 
gelist, Saint George, Saint Thomas of Canterbury, Saiut 
Margaret, Saint Kateryn, and Saint Barbara, humbly be- 
.«eche you, that not onlye at the houre of deth, soo too 
ayde, socour, and defend me ; that the auncyent and goostly 
enemy, nor noon other yll or dampnabell spirite, have 
power to invade me, nor with his tereablenes to anoye me ; 
but also with your holy prayers, to be intercessorice, and 
mediatrice, unto my Maker and Redemer, for the remyssion 
of my synnes, and salvacion of my soule ; and for as 
moche as J intende and purpose, to the honor of God, and 
our blessed Lady Saint Mary the Virgyn, to adowrne and 
vawghte a chapell, called our Lady Chapell, set and 
buylded at the estende of the quere, within sight of the mo- 
nastery of the Holy Trinitie, at the citie of Norwiche; and 
also to have in the same monastery, for the comforte of my 
soule, and remission of my synnes, a yerely memorial of 
my obyte, in perpetuum, I will and bequethe that whenso> 
ever it shall please my Savyer J'hu Crist, to call me owyte 
of this transitorye lyfe, my body be buryed in the mydst 
of the same Chapell of our blissed Lady, after my poor es- 
tate and substaunce that God hath gevyn me, without 
dampnable pomp, or superfluities. Where, uppon my 

' His tutelar patrons. 


body I woU have a tombe, as shall be thought convenient 
to myn executors, sufficiently large for me and my two 
wyfs, yf my wife Elizabeth woll be there buried. And as 
touching the funerall interment of my body, and charges of 
my sepulture, Iremitt it to the discrecion of my executors, 
desyring theym that it may be convenient after my littell 
substance. And in any wyse, I woll have a sermon made 
by a doctor of divinitie, at the mass of requiem. Also I will 
have immediatelie after my decesse, as shortly as may be 
possible a m masses to be said within the citie of Norwich, 
and other places, within the shire of Norfolk ; whereof I 
will have, in the honor of the blissed Trinitie, one hun- 
dreth; in honor of the five wounds of our Savyoar J'hu 
Crist, one hundreth ; in honour of the five joys of our blissed 
Lady, one hundrelh ; in the honor of the nine orders of 
Aungells, one hundreth ; in the honor of the Patriarchs, one 
hundreth ; in the honor of the twelve Apostells, one hun- 
dreth; in the honor of all Saints, one hundreth; of Re- 
quiem, one hundreth; in the honour of St. John the Evan-' 
gelist, thirty; in the honor of St. George, forty; in the ho- 
nor of St. Thomas of Canterbury, thirty ; in the honor of 
St. Margaret, forty ; in the honor of St. Kateryn, thirty ; 
and of St. Barbara thirty, which maketh the whole nombr 
of M masses. Also I will that all my debts, first and before 
all other charges, be paid by the handes of myne executors ; 
wherewith I charge theym as they will aunswere before 
God, and discharge my conscience. Also [ will yf any 
man or woman cause or complayne of any injuries, or 
wrongs doen by me, and so duely proved before myn exe- 
cutors, or supervisors, that they be restored to the uttermost. 
Also I will that myn executors, as sone as it may be boom 
out of my goodes, doo cause the said Chapel of our blissed 
Lady to be wawtyd ' with free stone after the workmanship 
and wawtyng ' of the Church there, as well in stars and co- 
lours, as in gilding with sterrys,as shall bedevysed by myn 
executors ; and with myn arms, badgys, and devyses. Also 

' Query, vawted ? Vide the preceding page; probably to vault 
or arch over. 


I will have a priest^ secular or religioaS} to synge for me, 
Qiy said wyffs and frends, in the said Chapel in perpetuum, 
with an yerely obite, to be kept with a solemne dirige and 
masse of requiem, by the prior and convent and their suc- 
cessors; every such a daye as it shall happen me to die 
^pon, or as near as it may be conveniently ; and the said 
prior and convent, and their successors, shall distribute 
yerely as they think convenient, in perpetuum. 

Proved 4th March 1522, by Elizabeth his relict and 
Thomas Earl of Surrey \ 

As to his manors, laqds, &c. he made the following dis- 
position ; 

I, Sir Thomas Wyndham, Knyght^ sonne and heire of 
Sir John Wyndham, Knyght, this I2th October, 13 Henry 
VIII. As to the disposition of all my manors, lands, tene- 
ments, rents, services, and reversions, hereditaments, with 
their appurtenances. And also of all my wards and mar- 
riages now bowght by me, with all advowsons by any 
means belonging to me, or to any other to my use» in the 
counties. of Norfolk and Yorkshire, or ells where within the 
realme of Englond. 

First, I will that my co-feoffees suffre Dame Elizabeth my 
wife to occupie my manors of Bentley and Hamelthwayte in 
Yorkshire, and all purchased lands within the same manors ; 
and my o»anor of Melton Constable, in the county of 
Norfolk, for term of hir lyfe, according to the purport 
of indentures the same shall descend; remainder to my 
Sonne Edmond and to the heires of his body ; and in de- 
faulte to the right heires of me the, said Sir Thomas Wynd* 
ham. And yf it forEune my next heir to be not of full age 
at the death of my said wyfe, that then my executors shall 
receive and take the profitts of the manors of Bentley and 
Hamelthwayte, in Yorkshire, during the nonage of my 
said next heire, toward the performaunce of my last will 
and testament. I will that my son Edmonde, my heir 
apparent, shall have all my manors of Crownthorpp, Wy- 

* Apparently his first cousin, son and heir apparent of his uncle 
Thomas second Duke of Norfolk, K. G. ^ 


bjlwode, and Hackforth^ immediately after my decease, to 
hym and to Susanne • his wyfe, and to the longer ly ver of 
them, and to the heires of his body lawfully begotten. And 
for defawte of issue, to the right heires of me the said Sir 
Thomas, in fee simple. And yf it fortune the saide Ed- 
monde, and Susanne his wyfe, to dye without yssue within 
vii yeres next after my decesse, and yf my next heire be 
then of full age, I wille that he shall have the said manors to 
him and his heires. And I will that his executors shallreceive, 
towards the performance of my will, all the proffitts of the 
manors of Felbrigge, Aylmerton, and Kunton, with the ad- 
▼owsons and presentations to the same ; and of the manors 
of Todyngion, Barnyngham, Yngworth, and Colby, with 
the like advowsons and presentations ; and of the manors 
of Briston and Wolterton, and of the manor of Whighton, 
in Yorkshire, with all purchased lands within any of the 
said manors ; excepted suche purchased lands as I have 
graunted to Peter Nobis, D. D. for terme of his life. To 
holde the said manorsfor term of vii yeres fully complete after 
my decesse, to be imployed to the use of my wille. Also I will 
that my wyfe shall have the manor place of Felbrigge, the 
manors of Aylmerton and Runton, for terme of her lyfe, being 
a widowe, sole and unmaryed. Andyf she will dwell io the 
said place, to pay to my executors for the performance of 
my will, yerely xl L out of the said manors. And I will that 
Doctor Peter Nobys shall havethe proffitsof two parts of the 
manors of Lystens in Metton, and of all the lands called TyK 
locks, and Sadclers, lying in Colby and Suffeld; and also of 
the manor of Yves in Bryston, by me purchased, for terme 
of his lyfe; as I have graunted unto him by my dedes. I will 
that my sonne £dmonde, or who shall fortune to be my next 

• Daughter of Sir Roger Townshend, of Raynham, co. Norfolk ; 
by her Sir Edmond Wyndham left three sons, of whom Sir Francis 
Wyndham became one of the Judges of the Court of Common 
Pleas ; but as they all died s. p. the manor of Felbrigge de- 
scended to the heir male of tlie family, viz. Sir John Wyndham, of 
Somerset, the grandson and heir of Sir John Wyndham, second son 
of the testator. 


heire, shall have the manors of Felbrigge, Aylmerton, and 
RuntoD^ after the seven yeres exspyred. And after the de- 
cesse of my wyfe, to him and to the heires of his body ; and 
for defaulte of the heires of my sonne Edmonde^ to re* 
mayne to the right heires of me the said Sir Thomas, ac- 
cording to an intaile thereof made by my grauntfader John 
Wyndham, Esquier. I will that my sonne Edmonde, or any 
other that shall fortune to be my next heire, shall have ont 
of the said manors of Felbrigge, Aylmerton, and Runton^ 
yerely after the vii yeres exspyred, the which I have ap- 
poynted for the perfourmance of my wylle, xl /. to be paid 
by my wyfe, Dame Elizabeth Wyndham, yf she will dwell 
in it. Also I woll that my sonne Edmond, or any other that 
shall fortune to be my next heire, shall have the manors of 
Todyngton, Bamyngham, Yngworth, and Colby, imediatly 
after the seven yeres exspyred next after my deth, and to 
his heirs of his body lawfully begotton. And for defawte 
of issue of him, the said manors to remayn to the right 
heirs of me the said Sir Thomas, according to an intayle 
thereof, made by my grauntfader John Wyndham, Esquier. 
Also I woll that immediatly after the seven yeres exspyred, 
for the performaunce of my will, the said Edmoude, my 
sonne, or any other that shall be myn next heire, shall have 
the manor of Bryston to him and to his heires, in fee sim- 
ple. Also I woll that my executors shall take and recey ve 
the profits of the manor of Susted, called Danys, and of all 
other londes thereto belonging, the which I lately pur. 
chased of Robert Danne, for terme of seven yeres after my 
decesse; and after the seven yeres exspyred^ and the deth of 
my wyfe, to my next heire, upon suche condicion as before 
expressed. I will that my sonne, John Wyndham, shall 
have my parte of the manor of Wulterton after seven yeres 
exspyred for the performance of my wille, and also the 
manor of Melton Constable, after the decesse of my wyfe, 
to hold the said manors to him and his heires, and for de> 
faute of yssue of him, to the right heires of me the said 
Sir Thomas. I will that my sonne Thomas Wyndham, shall 
have my manor of Whighton, in Yorkshire, when he 
comyth to the age of twenty-one yeres ; to hold to him and 


to the heires of his body ; and for defaale of suche issue, to 
tke right heires of me the said Sir Thomas. I will that 
my said son, Thomas, shall have the moytie of the manors 
of Bowkingy called Dorwarde ; and also of the moytie of 
the manor of Alseford, of the which manors I lately bought 
the reversion. I woll that Erasmus Paston, sonne and 
heire of William Paston, Knyght, shall marry, and take to 
wife, Mary Wyndham, my daughter : but yf the said mar- 
riage happen not to take effect ' for lack of agreement, ca- 
sualtie of deth or otherwise, then I will that myn executor 
shall receive all suche sumes of money comprysed in certain 

I will that my sonne Edmonde, or any other of my 
sonnes and their heires, that shall happen to be myn heire, 
whensoever it shall happen them to have my purchased 
londsy with the profits of my manors of Felbryge, Aylmer- 
ton, and Metton, Runton, and Snsted, with their appurte- 
nances, and all my purchased lands within the same; and 
my manors of Todyngton, Barnyngham, Yngwoith, and 
Colby; that he or they shall fynde an honest preest to 
synge in the Chnrche of Felbrige^ for my soule, for my wyfs 
soule, my fader, and mcder soules, and all my frends soules. 
And that he shall have x marks by yere, without mete and 
drynk. And yf he will have mete and drynk with them at 
the place, then he to have v marks for his stypende ; and 
this to be contynued as long as it shall please God, that any 
of my blood shall contynue, and to kepe myne obeite. In 
recompense whereof, I have purchased certeyn lands in 
Aylmerton, Suffeld, Colby, Albye, Melton, Briston, Crown- 
thorpp, Wykylwood, Sustede, and Bentley, in Yorkshire, 
and in other places, to the yerely value of xlvi/. by the 
yjre and above. 

I will that myn executors shall take the proffits of all 
such londs, as 1 now have in my hands, by the reason of 
the nonage of Edmond Knevet, or of his next heire; or by 
reason of any bargain made with Edmond Knevet, by the 
will of Sir William Knevet; and of suche lands as shall 

' This marriage was aflterwards consummated. 


happen to fall in revetsion* by any graunt made by the 
King, of the said Edmond or of his next heires. Also I 
wyll that Anthony Wyngfield shall buy the marriage of the 
said Edmondy yf he will pay cccc /. at the lest^ for he cost 
me D /• And I will that he shall have to kepe him xx L by 
the yere at the moost. And wher I have putt certem ma- 
nors in feoffment, and declared my last will of them, to- 
warde the helping of my two younger sonnes, I think it 
very reasonable, and that my next heire shuld in noo wyse 
grudge at it; for I have redemyd all my lands out of King 
Henry the Seventh's hands % who had of me in money, for 
the same mmdcgcl marks, over and above my costs of sute 
for the same. Also I have paid to Mary, Jane, and Kate- 
ryn Scrope, my first wyfs susters, m L in redy mony, the 
whych was owyng for the purchas of Bentley, and Hemel- 
thwayte, in Yorkshire, purchased by my fader Sir John 
Wyndham. And also I have left in possession ane rever- 
sion, as much lands to my next heire, of myn own'purcheas, 
as I have gevyn to my two younger sonnys, the which 
lyeth more necessarye for him, than the other dyd. In wit- 
nesse, &c. Proved 4th March 1522. 


Elizabeth Lady Scrope, of Upsall and Masham, widow % 
7th March 9th Henry VIII. 1518. My body to be buried 

* As the testator's father Sir J<^n Wyndham was beheaded and 
attainted, his lands fell to the Crown, which circumstance explains 
this passage in his will, 

* She was the daughter of John Nevill, Marquess of Montagu, 
by Isabel, daughter and heir of Sir Edmund Ingoldsthorpe, Knt. 
and coheir to her brother George Nevill, Duke of Bedford. Her 
first husband was Thomas Lord Scrope of Masham and Upsall, by 
whom she had an only child Alice, who became the wife of Henry 
Lord Scrope of Bolton, but died s. p. s. in 149^. It does not ap- 
pear that she had any issue by her second husband Sir Henry 


in the Black Friars in London, beside my lord my hnsband 
Thomas Lord Serope of Upsall and Masham. I will that 
five tren tails of masses be sung and said for my soul at the 
place of my barial, and for the soul of my said lord and 
husband, and of Alice his daughter and mine, for Sir 
Henry Wentworth's soul, and for the soul of my lord my 
father John Marquess of Montagu, and [the Lady Isabel 
his wife my mother, and for all Christian souls ; I will that 
my executors lay a stone over my grave, with three images^ 
the one of ray lord and husband, another of me, and the 
third of my said daughter, with our arms on the said stone, 
and scripture making mention what we were, to the value 
of X 2. ; also I will that a tomb be made over Sir Henry 
Wentworth, Knight, late my husband, lying in Newsom 
Abbey, in Lincolnshire, to the value of xx L sterling ; also 
I will that a tomb be made over my said lord father, and 
my lady mother, lying buried in Bisham Abbey in Berk- 
shire, to the value of xx /. ; to Mary, daughter in base unto 
Thomas Grey, Marquess of Dorset, my bed that my Lord 
Marquess was wont to lie in ; to my Lady Lucy % my sister, 
a primer and a psalter, which I had of the gift of King 
Henry the Seventh's mother •; to my niece Lucy', her 
daughter, who is married to John Cutt, the son of Sir John 

Cutt, , but in case she do disagree, she shall have 

no part of my lands ; there be three chauntries in my inhe- 

* She married, first, Sir Thomas Fitz- William, of Ad warke, co. 
York, Knight ; and secondly, Sir Anthony Browne, Knight, father 
of Sir Anthony Browne, K. G. whose son Anthony was created 
Viscount Montagu in 1554. 

^ Margaret Countess of Richmond. 

» This Lucy it appears married Sir John Clifibrd, third son of 
.Henry Earl of Cumberland. From the passage relating to her 
in the above will, it may be inferred that she was very young 
when betrothed to Sir John Cutt's son, and that her aunt, by the 
words " in case she do disagree,'* meant, that if, on coming to years 
of discretion, she refused to confirm the engagement with Cutt 
she was to forfeit any benefit she would have derived under this 
will. As she married Sir John Clifibrd, it is evident either that her 
betrothed husband died young, or that she afterwards rejected him. 


ritance in Borow ia Cambridgeshire; my niece Lucy 
Browne now called Lucy Cutt. And I constitute Sir John 
Cutt, Knight, and my niece. Lucy Browne^ my executors*. 
Proved 9th December 1521, 12 Henry VIU/ 


Thomas Stanley, Earl of Derby, Lord Stanley'. My 
body to be buried in the Priory of Burscough, in the 
county of Lancaster, if I happen to die within the said 
county, but if I die elsewhere then I will that my body 
be buried in the monastery of Syon, or the College of 
Assherugge, as my executors shall think fit, and I desire 
that my body be buried according to my honor, but with- 
out pomp or excess. Whereas I had mmmm marks as my 
wife's portion; to my daughter Margaret % to her mar- 
riage, MMDCLXvi/. xiii^. IV d.; whereas my lord my 
grandfather did give to Elizabeth, my sister cc marks to 
her marriage, I will that my executors pay the said cc marks 
unto her ; and whereas my sister Jane, now wife of Robert 
Sheffield, Esquire, hath an annuity of xx /. out of the lord- 
ship of Bisham, in the county of Lancaster,^ during my 
pleasure, 8cc. I will that my executors pay the debts of my 
dearest father Sir George Stanley, Knight, Lord Strange, and 
the debts of my mother Dame Jane Lady Strange his wife; 
whereas my uncle Sir Edward Stanley, Knight, Lord Mont- 
eagle, enjoyed of my gift and grant the castle and demesnes 
of Hornby Castle and other manors, for the special love, 

* From Dugdale's Abstract, voL i. p. 660, and a MS. note. 

* Sic in the MS. whence this will is taken, but the 9th Decem- 
ber 1521 is in the thirteenth year of Henry VIIl, 

' Second Earl of Derby, in which dignity he succeeded his 
grandfather Thomas the first Earl in 1504, having in 1497 suc- 
ceeded his father in the Barony of Strange. He married Anne, 
daughter of Edward Lord Hastings and Hungerford, and sister 
of George first Earl of Huntingdon, and died at Colham, in Mid- 
dlesex, 23d May 1521. 

' Who married Robert Ratc]iffe first Earl of Sussex. 


tru»t, and kindness^ I then found and supposed he had to 
me^ which lands he held on conditions, I will, that for the 
great unkindness I have since found, and do find in my 
uncle, and for that he has not observed or performed the 
said conditions, he shall have none of the rents and profits 
thereof, but that the said gifts, grants, &c. be null and none 
efiect; to my loving brother James Stanley, Esquire, an 
annuity of l/. yearly out of my lordships of Bygston, in 
Cheshire ; to my right well beloved son Henry Stanley, Es- 
quire, an annuity of c /. yearly out of my manors of Barl- 
borough in Derbyshire, Heveringham and Flyntham in 
Nottinghamshire, Boseley in Cheshire, and Cople in Bed- 
fordshire; to the churchwardens of Ormskirk xxxl. to buy 
a bell for that Church; I will that my executors see that 
the debts of my father Sir George Stanley Knight Lord 
Strange, and Dame Jane, my mother^ be paid ; I will that 
my Lieatenant of Man, and other my officers and servants 
there, be continued until my heir comes of age, and that 
they have the wages they now have for term of their lives, 
and that the said wages be doubled to them till my heir 
comes of age. And I constitute my trusty friends Sir Hugh 
Hesketb, Bishop of Man ; Sir Henry Halsal, Steward of my 
Household ; Sir Henry Sherman, Clerk, Dean of my Cha- 
pel; Thomas Hesketb, Esquire; Sir Edward Molineux, 
Clerk, Parson of Sephton ; Richard Hesketh ; Richard 
Strede, Gentleman ; and Richard Halsal, Clerk, Parson of 
Halsal, my executors, but I will that none of them shall 
have power to give any release or acquittance without the 
consent and agreement of them all; and I appoint Thomas 
Wolsey Lord Cardinal, Archbishop of York, and Chancel- 
lor of England ; Hugh Oldham, Bishop of Exeter ; Geof- 
frey Bly th. Bishop of Litchfield ; John Vesey, Clerk, Dean 
of the most honourable Chapel ; and Thomas Larke, Par. 
'son of Wynwick, supervisors of my will *. 

Proved 27th June 15124. 

* From CollinsTeerage, voL iii. and a MS. note of this Will. 



William Compton, Knight S Bth March 1522-23, 14 
Henry VIII. I will that wheresoever I shall die my body 
be baried at Compton, where my ancestors lie, and if it 
fortune my Lady to decease before the time I return from 
my journey, if it be the pleasure of God I should return, I 
will that she shall likewise be there interred. I will that a 
tomb of alabaster be made by the discretion of my execu- 
tors, for my father, and set over his grave, with his arms cut 
thereupon ; also I will that the body of my mother be taken 
up ^om where she is now baried, and be laid by my said 
father ; also I will that my executors shall found, in my 

* The ancestor of the Right honourable the Marquess of North* 
ampion $ it was this celebrated^fsonage who kid the foundation 
upon which the family of Compton have since been raised to emi- 
nence and power. Having been attached to the person of 
Henry the Eighth, when Duke of York, that monarch no sooner 
ascended the throne than Mr. Compton was advanced in honours, 
probably in consequence of his chivalrous abilities, having on 
several occasions been selected to tilt with the sovereign against all 
challengers. In the 4th Henry VIII. as a special mark of the 
king*s favour he received out of the royal arms' the following ho- 
nourable augmentation to his arms : viz. alien passant gardant Or, 
and likewise an additional crest. He was shortly afterwards ap* 
pointed Usher of the Black Rod ; and for his gallantry at the battle 
of Spurs he received the honour of knighthood, and the office of 
Chancellor of Ireland. In the year 1523 being ordered on a mis^ 
sion to the Emperor Charles V« he made his will, and to which 
journey he alludes in that instrument ; as a last mark of Henry's 
favour, he was, in the 17th year of his reign, constituted << Burcifer 
Regis/* or Keq>er of the Klng*s Jewels and money, now styled 
Keeper of the Privy Purse. It is likewise recorded of Sir William 
Compton that in the chapter of the Order of the Garter, held at 
Richmond 23d April I4ih Henry VIIL as well as in other chap- 
ters, he was in nomination for admission into that illustrious order, 
and had several suffrages. He died Slst May 20 Henry VUI. ti^B, 
oi the sweating sickness. 


name, two chauntries at Comptony for priests to perform 
daily service in praying for the souls of the King, Queen, 
and the Lady Anne Hastings \ as also for my soul and the 
souls of my wife, my ancestors, and for all Christian souls ; 
which priests, and every of them shall be presented to the 
ordinary of the diocese, and he to make institution ac- 
cordingly, and I will that every of them shall have yearly 
for his salary x marks, and if those priests or any of them 
shall die, then I will that the Abbot of Winchcombe and 
his successors shall present convenable clerks within two 
months after the vacancy, and in case he fails so to do, 
I will that the Abbot of Evesham shall do the same in form 
as aforesaid; also I will that forty pair of vestments be pro- 
vided by my executors, and given to forty Churches in the 
counties of Warwick and Worcester, next unto Compton, 
and that all my apparel be disposed of for making of vest- 
ments and in other works of charity, at the discretion of 
my executors and my wife; to the Abbey Church of Winch- 
cumb, in the county of Wigorn, my wedding gown of tinsel 
satin to make a vestment, to the intent that they shall pray 
for my soul, and the souls of my ancestors, and for all 
Christian souls ; to the Abbey of Denny x /. to pray for my 
soul, and also all such money as is owing to me ; to ^every 
of the houses or monasteries of Evesham, Hayles, 
Wynchecomb, Worcester, Croxton, the Charter House of 
Henton, and the Charter House in Coventry xx marks, 
that they may perform a yearly obit for ever, for the souls 
of the King, the Queen, the Lady Anne, the souls of me, 
my wife, my children, my ancestors, and all Christian 
souls; I will that cc marks be distributed to poor house- 
holders, and to the marriages of poor maidens in the coun- 
ties of Warwick and Worcester ; to every of my servants 
that go with me in my journey a whole year's wages during 
their lives ; to my wife my goods at Bettishone and the 
great park at Windsor, and all such plate as was late Sir 
Francis Cheyney's, my predecessor, and if my said wife be 

V Apparently the wife of George Earl of HimtingdoD, daughter 
of Henry Duke of Buckingham. Sed quere ? ^ 


delivered of a son % I bequeath to bim all my household 
goods at C(Sbipton, with all such plate as I had in the gift 
of the French King ; to my Lord the King, from whom I 
acknowledge I have received all my preferment, a little 
chest of ivory, whereof one lock is gilt, with a chess board 
ander the same, and a pair of tables upon it, and all such 
jewels and treasure as are inclosed therein, now remaining 
in the keeping of my wife, most humbly desiring his high- 
ness to accept thereof, as a remembrance of me; also I be* 
queath to my Lord the King certain specialties to the sum 
of M marks, being for money lent to Sir Thomas Boleyn, 
Knight, to the intent that his highness would be so gra- 
cious to my lady and children as to permit my said will to 
be performed as is expressed '. And I constitute Dame 
Werburge% my wife; the Bishop of Exeter*; Sir Henry 
Mamey, Knight, Lord Privy Seal ; Sir Henry Guildford, 
Knight^; Sir Richard Brook, Knight, one of the Justices, 

* It appears the child of which she was then enceinte was Peter 
his only son, who was found in the inquisition taken after his fa- 
ther's death, to have been between five and six years of age at his 
demise, which agrees with his having been born some time in 
the year 1523. 

* This bequest and others of a similar nature contained in nume- 
rous testaments in this volume exhibit a frightful picture of so- 
ciety, when a bribe was thought necessary to be given to the sove* 
reign to insure the fulfilment of the Will of a dying person. 

* Daughter and heir of John Brereton, and widow of Sir Francis 
Cheney, Knight, whom it appears Sir William Compton styles in 
his will his predecessor. 

* John Voysey, or Harman, Dean of Windsor. He resigned his 
bishoprick in 1549, but was restored in 1553 by Queen Mary. 

' It was apparently this Sir Henry Guildford, who with Wol- 
ston Browne and William Sydney, left the fleet destined for the 
assistance of the King of Arragon against the Moors, and went to 
the Spanish court, where they were not only honourably enter- 
tained, but, according to Baker, the two former were made Knights 
of Spain ; and Sir Henry Guildford received for an augmentation 
to his arms a canton of the arms of Granado, whilst his compa- 
nion Sir Wolstan Brown's ensigns were augmented by a chief of the 

Q Q 


of the King's Bench;* Sir John Daunce^ Knight; Dr. 
Chambre; Humphrey Brown, Serjeant at Law; Thomas 
Leson/Clerk; James Flavel and Thomas Unton, Esquires, 
my executors. And I appoint the Archbishop of Canter- 
bury % supervisor, to whom I bequeath a cup and xx /. ; to 
the Bishop of Exeter a cup and xL; to Sir Henry Marney 
a cup and xx /. ; and to Sir Henry Guildford a cup and x L* 


Thomas Elrington. My body to be buried at Hogsden 
with my ancestors. My wife Alice, now pregnant ; Simon 
Elrington, Esquire, late my father; my sons Thomas and 
John Elrjington; to my daughter Mary c marks, and the 
manor of Devencourt on failure of issue of my sons. 

Proved 27th January 1523 •. 

Dame Margaret Capell >, widow of Sir William Capell. 

arms of Sicily. Sydney, we are told, declined the honour. Sir 
Henry Guildford was afterwards elected a Knight of the Garter. 

* William Warham. The appointment of this prelate to the office 
of supervisor of the testator s will, gave occasion to remarks too 
curious to be passed unaoticed. In the 29d of Henry VIIL when 
the extortion of the Clergy became the subject of the considera- 
tion of the House of Commons, Sir Henry Guildford, K. G. above 
mentioned, one of Sir William Compton*s executors, cited, in proof 
of the inordinate rapacity of the primate, that notwithstanding he 
was appointed supervisor of Sir William Compton*s will, and was 
bequeathed a legacy of considerable value, he nevertlieless exacted 
one thousand marks sterling of his executors for the probate of it. 

* Collins* Peerage, ed. 1779, vol. iii. pp. 175, 176.* 
« Query, 1523-4 ? 

' Daughter of Sir Thomas Arundel, of Lanherne, co. Cornwall, 
and widow of Sir William Capel (whose will is inserted in a for- 
mer page), ancestor of the Earls of Essex. 


To my ton Sir Giles Capell King Edward the Fifth's 
chain, with remainder to Henry and Edward Capell re- 
spectively, remainder to my daughter Elizabeth Paulet ' 
and her heirs. Proved 18th April 15£2*. 


George Harvey, of Thurleigh, in the county of Bedford. 
My grandfather John Harvey and his wife, the daughter of 
John Neyremuil, lying buried at Thurleigh ; my lands in 
the counties of Bedford, Huntingdon, and Herts, and Fleet 
Marton, and Blagrave, in Buckinghamshire. I constitute 
John Harvey of Highworth, and Robert Lee, Esquire, my 
executors. Proved 6th May 152£*. 


John Boteler of Weresley, in the county of Huntingdon. 
My father Thomas Boteler and my grandfather John Bote- 
ler; to my son Edward Boteler my lands in Weresley and 
Grantsden ; my daughters Margaret, Elizabeth, Katherine, 
and Christian. Proved 10th May 1521 *. 


Richard Preston, Parson of Mersham, Hartest, and Box- 
stede, Sd October 1521. My body to be buried within my 
Chancel in the middle of the quire, in the Church where 
my body is buried. I will that my body be bound and well 

■ ■■■I I . I I ■ . 

* Wife of William Paulet, the first Marquess of Winchester. 

* £x inform. George Baker, Esquire. 


winded with a cerecloth and a winding sheets and that it be 
put in a coffer of board closed^ and that a marble stone be 
laid upon my body^ and my name thereupon written, with 
this epitaph, well engraven in brass or let into the stone^ 
and set thus : 

SCe moneat pieta^ jjrrato ^uccurrere mottt ; 
j^am gimili ^orte ^tfn^ cadtt omni j et a^tafi^ 

And I will that my name, and the day of my deathing, be 
graven as aforesaid, and well set in the stone. 

Proved at Canterbury. 


Robert Goseborne, Clerk, 3 July, 1523. My body to be 
buried in the Chancel of the Virgin Mary^ before the high 
altar in the church of St. Alphage, Canterbury. To the 
altars of the blessed Virgins Katherine and Margaret, in 
Penshurst church; my parishioners of Penshurst; Alice 
Hardres, widow; to Master Roger Downvylle, Vicar of 
St. Pauls, Rector of St. Mary Magdalen^; Master William 
Page, Vicar of Northgate; the Vicar of St. Dunstan's; 
the Rector of All Saints; the Rector of Bredman; Sir 
William Bull, and Sir William Hart. I will that iv/. xs. 
be expended for a marble stone for my tomb. 

Proved 5 October, 1323, at Canterbury. 


Harry Goseborne ', of St. Alphe, Canterbury, Gent, and 
Alderman, of Burgate Ward, 11th April, 13 Henry VUI. 
1522. My body to be buried in the Chapel of our Lady, 
before her image, in St. Alphe's Church. The Lord Prior 

» Apparently brother of Robert Goseborne, Clerk, whose will is 
inserted above. 


of Christchurch ; Lord Abbots of St. Austin's and St. 
Gregorie's; mj wives, Katherine and Agnes; Edward, my 
son; Margaret and Anne, my daughters; Elizabeth, my 
daughter, wife of Edward Gay; Agnes, my daughter, wife 
of Robert Hardinge; Alyce Symon, my daughter; Master 
Robert Goseborne, my brother ; my lands in the City of 
Canterbury, and in the parishes of Wingham, Snave, Ive- 
church, Brenzet, Chartham, Pelham, Hackyngton, Wal- 
tham, Goodnestone, and Monkton, in Thanet ; Dame Ur- 
sula my daughter, a nun in Shepey, in the place of St. 
Sexburgh. I will that my son, Edward, when he come to 
the age of 22, shall have all my lands aforenamed, to him 
and his heirs for ever ; and if he die before that age, I will 
that my lands in Canterbury, and in Hackyngton, Wyng« 
ham, and Goodneston, be sold, and that out of the money 
n^ay be paid to the Mayor and Commonalty of Canterbury 
XX marks, toward the reparation of the City wall, at such 
place or places as the Abbot of St. Austin's, and the Mayor , 
for the time being, may assign ; I will that the said Mayor 
and Commonalty shall not receive this gift, unless they put 
in fluificient security to bestow it according to my will and 
mind, immediately after receiving the same. If my said 
son marry after he is twenty years of age, and die before 
he is twenty-two, then I will that the said lands and tene- 
ments remain to such issue as he may have ; but if he die 
before twenty-two, leaving no issue, then I will that the 
said lands and tenements be equally divided among my 
then surviving daughters. Proved at Canterbury. 

Richard Fitz- James*, by Divine permission Bishop of 

^ The descendant of an ancient Somersetshire family ; he was 
consecrated Bishop of Rochester 17th May 1497, was translated to 
Chichester 29th January 1504, and was removed to the see of 
London 1st August 1506. He died 15th January 1521, (query 
15^1-2 ?) and was buried in the Cathedral of St. Paul's. 


London, lltb April, 1518. My body to be buried in the 
Nave of my Cathedral Church of St. . Paul's, London, 
under the altar of St. Paul, of my own foundation, or in 
the belfry, under the tomb of marble lately erected and 
prepared by me. The residue of my goods I bequeath to 
Dom. Henry Nyott, Richard Broke, Knt. John Fitz- 
James, senior, my nephew, and to Master Hngh Saunders 
and John Adams, Professors of Sacred Theology, whom I 
constitute my executors; and D. John Fineux, Knt. Chief 
Justice of the King's Bench, and Master John Edmondes, 
S.T.D. Chancellor of my Cathedral Church, supervisors 
of this my will. 


Item, I will that my payre of portatyres, being in my 
chapels in the palace of London, mine organs, also being 
and standing in my chapels within my three manors of 
Fulham, Hadham, and Wykeham, shall there stand still 
and remain to my successor, next Bishop of London, that 
they may be used there to the honor and service of God. 

Proved 22 May, 1522*. 


John Leeke, Knight ^> 10th September 14 Henry VIIL 
1522. Intending to go unto the wars in Scotland, under the 
conduct of the Earl of Shrewsbury •. Anthony Fitz- Her- 
bert, Justice ' at Law, and Godfrey Foliamb, Knight, feof- 
fees of my manors of Sutton in the Dale, Sandacre, Hick- 

* Lansdowne MSS. 949. 

> Ancestor of the Earls of Scarsdale. 

* Who in that year was appointed Lieutenant-General of the 
North, and made several successful inroads into Scotland. 

3 Query, sergeant ? for his name does not appear in the list 
of judges of that period. 


Iragy NonnantoD, Chesterfield, Hicknall^ Torkam, Little 
Leeke, Great Leeke, Nottingbam/ Stoke juxta Newark, 
Lanfortby Colwiche, Carcolston, and Wynerton. Anne 
my daughter^ by Jane ' my wife; Thomas Leeke, of Hasyl- 
land, my uncle ; Thomas Leeke my brother ; to Susan, 
Elizabeth, and Dorothy, my daughters, by Anne Mayn* 
waring my wife, each c marks. And I constitute John 
Leeke, my son, and Anne Maynwaring my executors. 

Proved 10th October 1523. 


Nicholas Lord Vaux, of Harowden', 1523. My body to 
be buried at Harowden if I depart this life in the county of 

* Collins, ed. 1735, states, that he married Jane, daughter of 
Henry Foliambe, and by her had Francis, his successor, and John, 
also two daughters, Anne, and Katherine, who married Francis 
Mering; it is evident however, from his Will, that he was twice 
married, and had several children by his wife Anne, If Francis 
was his eldest son, it is singular that he is not mentioned therein. 

* For his services at the battle of Stoke he received the- honour 
of knighthood, and appears to have stood high in the favour of 
Henry VII. in the seventeenth year of whose reign he was present 
at the marriage of Arthur Prince of Wales, on which occasion, 
Stow informs us, "he wore a gown of purple velvet adorned with 
pieces of gold so thick and massy, that besides the silk and furs it 
was valued at a thousand pounds, as also a collar of SS. weighing 
eight hundred pounds in nobles ;** hence it is not a subject of sur- 
prize, that in the bequest of his " wearing gere'* to his sons, he 
should have excepted apparel of cloth of gold and cloth of silver and 
tissue, for it is not improbable that the chief part of his wealth,, be- 
sides his lands, consisted in articles of dress of that description. 
He was appointed Lieutenant of the Castle of Guisnes in Picardy 
in the 1st Henry VIII. and afler filling other important offices was 
advaficed to the peerage on the 27th April 1523, an honour which 
he enjoyed but a few months, as he died before July in the same 


Northampton^ but if I die in London then at Blackiriars, 
and if at Guisnes then in the Charch there. I will that c L 
be bestowed upon priests, clerks, and poor people, at my 
funeral, and that a chantry be founded for one priest to sing 
masses in the parish Church of Harowden for the souls of 
my grandfather, father, and mother, as also for the souls of 
my two wive's, my children's, and my ancestor's souls* To 
my daughters Margaret, Bridget, and Maud, d /. each, to 
their marriages ; to my sons Thomas and William all my 
wearing gere, except cloth of gold and cloth of silver and 
tissue. Proved 3d July 1523 *. 


Thomas Ashburnham, of Gesseling, in Sussex, \2 April 
1523. My body to be buried before the image of our 
Lady in the parish Church of Gesseling. Elizabeth my 
wife; Ellen and Anne, my daughters; I bequ^^ath all my 
lands in the counties of Kent and Sussex to Thomas my 
son and his heirs; remainder to William Ashburnham', of 
Ashburnham, Esquire, son of John Ashburnham, my bro- 
ther *. 


Robert Brandon, Knight', 22d February 1522*. My 
body to be buried in the Church of St. Peter in Wangforth, 
by my wife, betwixt two pillars. I will that Dame Kathe- 

* From Dugdale's Abstract, vol. ii. p. 305. 

* Ancestor of the Earls of Ashburnham. 

* From Collins' Abstract, vol. v. p. 3. 

^ Apparently the uncle of Charles Duke of Suffolk ; according 
to Dugdale, he married .... daughter of ... . Althorpe, who pro- 
bably was his first wife, but it may be inferred that he died s.p. 

' Query, 15^2-3? 


rine % my wife and executrix^ shall pay unto Jane Caro^e» 
and Elizabeth Carowe, daughters of John Carowe, of H^k« 
kooa, in Devonshire^ all such money as I have received of 
them. Proved 28th November 1594. 


Edward Stanley, Knight, Lord Monteagle, of the Order 
of the Garter*. My body to be buried in the new Chancel, 
to be made at my cost at the East end of the Chapel of St. 
Margaret's at Hornby. I will that on the next day 
after the dedication of the same Chapel my body be exhu- 
mated and transferred, with the consent of the Prior of 
Hornby, irom the place where it shall rest in the interim ; 
to the Priory of Hornby xl s. I constitute Thomas Darcy, 
Knight, Lord Darcy, Lord Meynell, and Lord of Knath ; 

' The daughter of William Lord Zouche, of Haryngworth, and 
widow of John Carew, of Haocombe, in Devon ; by the said John 
Carew» she had John and Thomas Carew, and two daughters, Jane 
and Elizabeth, who ieire mentioned in her second husband's will. 

* He was fifth son of Thomas first Earl of Derby, and com- 
manded the rear of the English army at the battle of Flodden 
Field; for his important services on that day Henry YHLin 15 H, 
commanded, that as his ancestors bore the eagle in their crest and 
he had gained the hill and vanquished all who opposed him in that 
battle, he should be proclaimed Lord of Monteagle, by which title 
he was summoned to Parliament, and was installed a Knight of the 
Garter 8th May in the same year : he was twice married, first to 
Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Thomas Vaughan, widow of John Lord 
Grey of Wilton, and of Sir Thomas Cocksey, by whom he had no 
issue ; and secondly, to Anne, daughter of Sir John Harrington, 
by whom he had Thomas, his successor in the Barony, and Eliza- 
beth, who married Thomas Langton, Esquire, mentioned in his 
will ; he is said to have died 6th April 1523, and was interred at 
Hornby, in Lancashire, but the Visitation of Cheshire states, that 
his demise occurred in the 16th Henry VHI. 1524, and which 
is supported by the date of the probate of his will. 


Sir John Hassey, Sir Alexander Radclyffe, Knights ; Lau- 
rence Starky, £squire, and John Banke, Gentleman, my 
executors. Thomas, my son and heir; Edward my base 
son ; Thomas Langton, Esquire, Baron'of Walton, and Eli- 
zabeth' his wife, and Edward Langton their son, my godson; 
I will that Geoffrey Redmayne, Esquir^, have the tythe of 
the bame at Wratton during the non-age of my son Tho- 
mas; I will that James Anderton, Esquire, shall enjoy the 
office of Constableship of my Castle of Hornby % having 
the fee accustomed of v /. Proved 25th August 1524. 


In the name of God, Amen. We, Thomas Duke of 
Norfolk*, being hole of mind and of good memory, 8ic. 

^ She died 17th June 15S3| and was buried in St. Sepulchre's 
Church, in London. 

'In the will of his nephew Thomas second Earl of Derby, 
inserted in a former page, some curious particulars relative to 
Lord Monteagle*8 tenure of the castle of Hornby, &c. will be found, 
as the Earl asserts, that his uncle merely possessed it in virtue of 
his grant, but which, for his subsequent unkindness, he thereby 

' Second Duke of Norfolk: He was created Earl of Surrey by 
Richard III. but being attainted 1 Henry VII. his honours were 
forfeited* In the 4th Henry VII. he was restored to the Earldom 
of Surrey, and in the I6th of the same reign was constituted Lord 
Treasurer of England. This distinguished personage is chiefly 
known by his important services inihe command of the royal army 
at Flodden Fi^ld ; in commemoration of which the King granted, 
as an honourable augmentation to his arms, on the bend thereof, 
on an escutcheon Or, a demi lion rampant, pierced through the 
mouth with an arrow, within a tressure flory and counter flory 
Gules. He was created Duke of Norfolk 1st February 1514, 
and died ^Ist May in the same year. His Will is remarkable as 
being perhaps the latest instrument extant in which a subject speaks 
of himself in the plural number. 


My body to be buried in the Priory of Tbetford., For 
levying cxxxii /. vis. vin d. for making of oar. tomb before 
the high altar atXhetford, as devised by us. Master Gierke, 
Master of the Kinge's werkes at Cambridge, and Wassel 
free mason of Bury, aqd pictures of us and of Agnes ^ our 
wife to be set together thereupoD, as well as may be for the 
saide sum. I bequeath ccc /. each for the marrying of our 
doughters ; to our soane and heire apparent that shall be 
living at our decease, our great hangede bedde, palyd with 
cloih of golde, whyte . damask and black velvet, and 
browdered with these two letters, V* 9.* and our hangyng 
of the story of Hercules, made for our great chamber at 
Framlingham; to our wyfe Agnes all manner of plate, 
jewels, garnyshed and ungamyshed, with all our goods, 
that is to say, all our household stuff, beddings, hangings, 
sheets, fustians, blankets, pelows, cusheons, hanged beds 
of gold and silk, or what other stuffe. that ever they be of, 
and all other stuffe belonging to bedding and apparelling 
of chambers. Item, we give her all our naprie, and all our 
chapell stuffe, with all maner of kechyn stuff. Item, we 
give and bequeath unto Agnes our said wife all our apparel 
for our body, with all our horses, geldings, &c. Item, we 
give and bequeath unto Agnes our said wife all our har- 
ness, and other abillaments of warrys, with long bowes, 
cross bows, and bendings, all our rynges, jewels of gold, 
garnished and ungarnished, and all other plate of gold 
and silver, and silver and gilt, with all our wyne, f;oId and 
silver, and all other our goods and cattells. All maner 
of detts owing to us, as well the revenues of our lands, and 
their arrerage of the same, as other detts by specialities, 
obligaciones, bills, or otherwise, due to us at the time of 
decease, and she therewith to pay the charges of our burial 
and costs borne. We will that our said wife have and 
enjoy all our said goodes of our bequest above written, to 

— - - — ^ 

' His second wife Agnes, sister and heir of Sir Philip Tylney, 

* The initials of his Christian name and that of his contort the 
said Agnes. 


fair owne behove and use. And in our most humble wyse 
we beseech my Lord Cardinal of York ' good grace^ of bis 
charitie to be good and gracious Lord unto our said wife, 
in hir right, that she may enjoy such things as we have 
given her by this our last will and testament, and we be* 
seech his grace, that for a poor remembrance he will take 
pur gift a pair of our gilt pots called our Skotish pots. In 
witness whereof, we, the said Duke, have subscribed our 
name and sette our seale, 8cc. this the last day of May, 
1520, 12th Henry VIIL And I constitute Agnes, our said 
wife, and Sir Thomas Blenarhasset, our servant, our execu- 
tors. All these persons whose names be here subscribed 
were present at the subscribing and ensealing of this tes- 
tament by the said Duke, and required specially by him to 
set their names hereunto, to thintent they may at all tymes 
hereafter witness the same. T. Norfolk, John Berners, per 
me, John Jenny, Henry Eward, John Uvedale, William 


" Thomas Earl of Arundel*, 12 October 1524. My body 
to be buried in the Chancel of my Collegiate Church at 
Arundel, where my Lady » my wife doth lie. I constitute 
Robert * Bishop of Chichester, and my son William Arun- 
del*, Lord Maltravers, my executors. To the Church, 
Prior, and Convent of my house of Tortyngton Liii 9. iv d,; 
to my daughter the Lady Lincoln % a ring. 

Proved 29th December 1 524 *. 

II - - - ■ - ■ — - — - - . 

■ Cardinal Wolsey. 

* And Knight of the Garter. He died at his park of Danley 
25th October 1524. 

» Margaret, daughter of Richard Widvile, Earl Rivers. 

« Robert Sherburn. 

s Who succeeded his father in the Earldom of Arundel. 

* Margaret, wife of John de la Pole, Earl of Lincoln. 

* From Dugdale*8 Abstract, vol. i. p. 324, and MS. notes. 



Thomas West, Lord La Warre, Knrght of the Garter', 8 
October 1524, My body to be buried in a tomb of free 
stone within the Chancel of the parish Church of Broadwa- 
ter, according to my honour. To the mother Church of 
Chichester xxs.; to the Church of Broadwater my mantle 
of blue velvet of the Garter, and my gown of crimson velvet 
belonging thereto, to make two altar cloths ; to the Church 
of Boxgrave my gown of tawney velvet; to Thomas West*, 
my son and heir, all my hangings and beddings within my 
great chamber of Offington and the Chapel chamber there, 
also the Chapel as it is now adorned with altar cloths of 
white satin embroidered with the garter, and a bed of tin** 
sel satin and crimson damask, embroidered with my arms 
and the Garter, likewise my crimson velvet gown, furred 
with black ; also my manors in the Counties of Sussex, 
Southampton, Wilts, Dorset, Somerset, Gloucester, Devon, 
Herts, Warwick, Leicester, Lincoln, and Lancaster, to him 
and his heirs male; remainder to Owen West, my son, and 
his heirs male; remainder to my sons George and Leonard, 
and their heirs male ; to Thomas my son and Elizabeth his 
wife the manors of Bradmere, Charleton, Fountell, and 
SwaclifFe, with the appurtenances in Wiltshire ; to Eliza* 
beth, late wife of William, my son, deceased^ the manors 
of Compton Valens and Draperton, in the county of Dorset, 
an^ Testwood and Wynketon, in the county of Southamp- 
ton ; to Owen West, my son, my manors of Hinton Mar- 
telly in the county of Dorset, and Folkington, in Sussex, to 
him and his heirs male; remainder to Thomas my son and 
heir; to Leonard West the manors of Sutton Maundeville 
and Hasilden, in Wiltshire, and Bradele, in Dorset, to him 
and his heirs male; remainder to The mas West, Knight, 

' He was made a Knight of the Bath at the creation of Arthur 
Prince of Wales, was elected a Knight of the Garter I Henry 
Vin. and died in 15^5. 

* Who succeeded to his father's honors. 


my son and heir ; to my daughters Mary, Katherine, and 
Barbar , to their marriages d marks each ; I will that the 
obit of Dame Elizabeth', my first wife, who was buried in the 
Church of White Friars, London, on St. Peter's Day, be 
celebrated for thirty years, and also the obits of Richard 
West, late Lord La Warre, my father, and Katharine his 
wife, my mother; and I will that x marks be paid yearly 
for thirty years, to a priest, daily to say mass in the Church 
of Broadwater, and to pray for my soul and the souls of 
Elizabeth late my wife, Eleanor *, my present wife, Richard 
West and Katherine, my father and mother, and all Chris- 
tian souls ; my daughter Dorothy Owen, and my daughter 
Anne St. Amende. I constitute Eleanor, my wife, my sole 
executrix, and Sir Richard Brook, Knight, Thomas West, 
my son, and Sir Roger Copley, Knight, overseers. 

Proved February 25th, 1525 ' *. 


In the name of the Fader, the Sonne, and the Holy 
Ghost, Three Persones and One God, 1 Thomas Caven* 
disbe of the King's Escheker^ being hole of mynd, and in 

* Sister and heir of Sir John Mortimer, of Mortimer's Hall, co. 

* Daughter of Sir Roger Copley, of Gatton, in Surrey, Knight. 
3 Query, 1525-6? 

* From the abstract in CoUins's Peerage, vol. v. p. 385. 

^ Ancestor of the Dukes of Devonshire. Having studied the 
law, in the 17th Henry YIJ, he was employed by Thomas Earl of 
Surrey in a plea between him and Thomas Lord La Warre ; and in 
the reign of Henry VIII. was appointed Clerk of the Pipe in the 
Exchequer ; he was twice married, first, to Alice, daughter and 
coheir of John Smith, of Podbrook Hall; she died 12th November 
1515, leaving four sons George, William, Thomas, and another 
George, and a daughter Mary ; by his second wife Agnes, daugh- 
ter of , it does not appear that he had any issue. 


good memory, the Idth day of April, in the 15th yere of 
the reigne of King Henry VIII. ' make my testament and 
last wille, in manner and fourme as ensueth. First, I be- 
queth and geve my soul to Almighty God, my Maker and 
Kedemptor, to whom I crye for help and grace, daring my 
natural lyfe in this world, and to his blissid moder our 
Lady St Mary, and to all the companye of Hevyn, to pray 
for me at the departyng of my soule oat of my wretched 
body, for marcy and pitie ; and that my soale may be saved 
by th^ merits of the most precious passion of my Sovrayn 
Lord God Jesu Criste. Also 1 will, That all other testaments 
and willes made, and- bering date before this day, be void, 
adnulled, and of noon effecte : and my body to be buried 
in holy sepulture, that is to witt> with Godd's sufferaunce, 
in the Church of St. Thomas of Acres, within London, in 
the north isle of the quere, next unto my grandfather Wil- 
liam Cavendish, yf it may conveniently be. And if it may 
not, then sumewhere ells in the same churche, by license 
of the maister of the same place for the tyme being, yf it 
fortune me to depart this present lyfe in London, or nygh 
aboute; or ells in Cristen sepulture, in such place as it 
shall please God to provide and ordeyne for me. Also I 
will, require, beseke, and pray, on Godd's behalf, myn 
executors, that they paye and content my own debts, 
which I owe of right or conscience, that may be provid 
dew before myn executors, and the maister of the said 
Church of St. Thomas of Acres for the time being, in the 
discharging of my soul and their consciences. Also I be* 
queth to the Church-werks of the Church of St. Botulphe 
without Aldriche^Gate of London, vis. vuid. And to the 
reparacions and bilding of the chauntrie of the Trinitie in 
the same parish xxs. Also I bejjueth to the said master 
of Saint Thomas xiii^. luid. for my sepulture there, and 
XII £2. for being at the dirige and masse; and to every 
priest of the same place iiiid. and to every clerk n^. 
Item, I bequeth to the high awter of the parishe churche 
of Saint Alban Wood-street, where I am a parishioner, for 



my offerings aad tythes forgotte^, or negligently paid, id 
discharging of my soule, yis,yiiid. Also I bequeth to 
. nil orders of Freers in London, that is to say, White, 
Black, Greye, and Aagustine, to every of them vi«. viiidf. 
bringing my corps to the said church, and there say de 
profundis for my soale, and all Cristen scales. Also I will, 
that myn executors shall fynde and geve twenty pounds at 
my burying, and for other my funeral expences, and all 
other the circumstances belonging thereto. And over that 
XLS. for a stone to lye upon my grave. Also I will, that 
Agnes, my wife, shal have all my landes and tenements in 
the countie of Kent to sell. And the money thereof, 
coming of the said sale, to take and retayn to her own use, 
one hundred and twenty pounds: And of the residue of 
the said money, that the same Agnes content and paye, or 
cause to be contented and paid, to my doughter Mary, 
fourty pounds, at the tyme of her marriage. And yf the 
said Mary decesse before she be married, then I will, that 
the said fourty pounds be equally divided between Thomas 
Cavendishe and William Cavendishe, my sbnnes. And yf 
any of my said two sonnes happen to decesse ar they come 
to lawful age of xxi yeres, then I will, that the parte of 
him so departing shall remayne to the other brother so 
over-lyving. And of this my last will and testament I 
ordeyn and make myn executors, Agnes my wife. Sir 
Richard Broke, Knyght, one of the Justices of the Comen 
Place, and Henry Walter, Gentleman. And to every of 
the said Richard Broke and Henry Walter I geve and 
bequeth a blacke gowne and xxs. for their labours, de- 
siring them to take the labour for to se the execution of 
this my last will and testament. And George Cavendishe, 
my Sonne, to be my overseer of the same, after my decesse, 
in manner and fourme aforesaid. These witness, Sir John 
Webb, John Newyngton, Henry Walter, and other *. 

Proved 1594. 

* Collins' Peerage, ed. 1779, vol. i. p. ^83. 



Henry Marney, Knight, Lord M arne; *, 22 December' 15 
Henry VIII. 1523. My body to be buried in the Chancel 
of the Charch of Leyr Marney, where diyers of oiy ancestors 
are interred, if I depart this life in or near London. 1 will that 
my body be conveyed out of London with the four Orders of 
Friars of that City, and I bequeath to each of the said Orders 
xxs. To every church meeting my corpse by the way iii«. 
«v<7.; to every churcU where my body shall rest by the way 
VIS. vjiid.; also I will that twenty*four poor men hold 
twenty-four torches at my burying and mass^ and that 
each of them have a black gown and a hood, and xiid* in 
money ; I will that my executors, immediately after my 
death, cause a trentall of masses to be said for my soul, 
and for the souls of Sir William Marney, my grandfather. 
Dame Katherine, his wife, and Sir Robert Marney, my 
great grandfather, and his wife. Sir John Marney, and 
Dame Joan his wife, and for the souls of my two wives, 
Thomasine and Elizabeth; also for the souls of Thomas 
Marney and my other children, first, at Scala Cceli, in 
Westminster, at the Friars Observants at Greenwich, at 
every of the four Orders of Friars in London, at the Black 
Friars in Chelmsford, at the Cross Friars and Gray Friars 
in Colchester, and at the Friars at Maldon ; also I will 
that, with the profits of my .lands, the Chapel which I have 
begun adjoining to the Chancel of the Parish Church of 

^ He was created a Baron by patent 9th April 1523, and having 
been elected a Knight of the Garter, died in the following year. 
Dugdale states, that he was twice married, first, to Thomasine, 
daughter of Sir John Arundel, of Lanhearne, co. Cornwall ;. and 
secondly, to Elizabeth, daughter of Nicholas Wifield ; that by his 
first marriage he had John, his son and heir, and Katherine, the 
wife of Thomas Bonham ; and by his second wife, a daughter, 
who married Sir Henry Bedingfield ; but it is evident, from his 
Will that he had other daughters. 

^ Dugdale states, that his will was dated the 29d May 1593. 


Leyr Marney, shall be new made^ with a substantial roof 
of timber covered with lead, and the windows glazed with 
imagery accordingly ; also that a tomb of marble shall be 
set in the wall bet,wixt the Chancel and the same Chapel, 
vaulted over with marble, and my image of black marble 
or touch thereon % with every thing convenient and apper- 
taining to the same ; also that two images of laton be made 
with the picture of my two wives, with their coat armours 
upon them, Thomasine on my right hand, and Elizabeth 
on my left, on the said tomb ; also I will that a new alms- 
house be made, and set up with five partitions, for five 
poor men, and one common kitchen for them all, the walls 
to be made with brick, roofed with timber, and tiled; also 
a ground for a garden place, to be closed with a brick wall, 
and that the said poor men shall have yearly twenty loads 
of wood in their yard, out of the profits of my lands, and 
each of them toward his maintenance xd. every week, and 
against the feast of St. Michael the Archangel one gown 
of russet frise/ ready made; also that every of the said five 
poor men shall be such as shall say at the least their pater- 
noster, ave, and creed in Latin ^ for the which wages and 
salary I will that every morning at their uprising they shall 
say for the souls of Sir Robert Marney, Knight, and his 
wife, Sir John Marney, my father, and Jane his wife, also 
for the souls of Thomasine and Elizabeth, my wives, of 
Thomas my son, and for the souls of all my children, five 
paternosters, five aves, and one creed, and every day go to 
the Church of Leyr Marney, and there hear mass in the 
new Chapel above-mentioned; moreover I will that at their 
first coming into the Church every of them shall kneel down 
before the Sacrament and say a paternoster and an ave, and 
then go to my tomb, and there kneeling down, say for my 
soul, and for the other souls above named three paternosters, 
three aves, and one creed in worship of the Trinity, and 
then go down into the Chhrch, and there, in the time of 
mass or masses, or else before their departure from the said 
Church, say for the before-named souls our Lady's PsaUer, 

* Sic in Dugdale's Abstract. 


and at nigbt before their going to bed, every one of them to 
say, kneeling on their knees^ five paternosters^ five aves, and 
the creed, for the souls aforesaid; also I will that such of them 
as can say -De prqfundis shall say it, in lieu of the said five 
paternosters, five aves, and one creed ; also that every Wed- 
nesday and Friday they go into the Church at afternoon, 
and there kneeling about my tomb, say for my soul and the 
souls aforesaid our Ladys Psalter, and if any of them can 
say dirige I will that they say it in lieu of our Ladys Psal* 
ter ; also I will that my executors shall find two good and 
honest priests to say mass daily in the Chapel aforesaid, 
and in their masses every day to say Deprofundis for my 
soul and the other souls before rehearsed ; also every Sun- 
day to say Mass of the Nativity of our Lord and of the An- 
nunciation of our Lady ; on Monday of the Holy Ghost and of 
the Nativity of our Lord; on Tuesday of the Trinity and the 
Conception of our Lady; on Wednesday of the Resurrection 
and Purification; on Thursday de Corpore Christi and the 
Assumption of our Lady ; on Friday of the Five Wounds and 
of the Cross; on Saturday de Omnibus Sanctis et de Requie; 
and I will that every Wednesday and Friday every of the 
said two priests shall say Placebo, Dirige, and Commenda- 
tionsj for my soul and other the souls before named ; also I 
will that there shall be a chamber made over the said alms- 
house to lodge these two priests, to the intent that these 
poor men might be the better guided and ordered, every of 
the said priests having yearly for his salary x marks; my 
manors of Kylquite in Cornwall, and Grebreke in Essex; 
my Lord Fitz-Walter ', Edmund Bedingfield, and Thomas 
Bonham, my sons-in-law ; John Bonham, son and heir unto 

» The only connection between the families of Mamey and Rat- 
cliff (who then possessed the Barony of Fitz-Walter), stated by 
Dugdale, is, that George Ratclifie, second son of Lord Fitz-Walter, 
married Katherine» daughter of Sir John Marney, second Lord 
Mamey, and the testator's grand-daughter -, but this by no means 
explains his calling Lord Fitz-Walter his son-in-law ; probably the 
MS. abstract from which the above is taken is erroneous in apply- 
ing that expression to Lord Fitz-Walter. 

R R C 


Thomas Bonham ; William Bonham, second son to the said 
Thomas Bonham ; to the son and heir of Sir Edmund Be- 
dingfield ; to William Lathum and my daughter his wife ' ; 
to Ann Bonham, daughter to Thomas Bonham. I consti- 
tute my son Sir John Marney my executor. 

Proved 15th June 1525*. 


John St. John, of the parish of Bletnesho, Knight % 22d 
March 1524 \ My body to be buried in the Chapel 
of St. Edmund, in the North side of the Church of our 
Lady St. Mary of Bletnesho aforesaid. To Oliver^ my son, 
all my lands in Sharnebrok, Milton, and Risley, in Bedford* 
shire; to Alexander, my son, my lands about Bedford. 
And I constitute John St. John, Sir William Gasken, Knt. 
and Oliver and Alexander St. John, my sons« my executors; 
and my Lord Morley *, my supervisor. 

Proved 23d May 1525. 


Ralph Swilliugton, 1523. My body to be buried in the 
Temple Church, London. To George Swillington> my ne- 
phew, my purchased lands in Dryfield in Yorkshire; to 
Elizabeth, my niece c/. ; to every daughter of Katharine 
Hulcot, my wife's daughters, xL to their marriages; Eliza- 

' No such daughter is assigned to him by Dugdale. 

* From Dugdale*s Abstract, vol. ii. pp. 301, 302, and a MS. 


* Grandfather of Oliver first Baron St. John of Bletsho. He 
was made a Knight of the Bath 17 Henry VII. 

» Query, 1524-5? 

« His son-in-law, having married his eldest daughter Alice. 





beth my wife. I constitute Sir Roger Swillington, priest, 
my brother, and William Babthorpe> my executors. 

Proved 14tb February 1525 ». 


John Vemey% Knight, 20th May 1525. My late wife 
Anne ; my son and heir Ralph Vemey ; to my son Francis 
Verney, the manor of Salden ; to my daughters Ellen, Ka«- 
therine^ and Anne Verney, d marks each ; my brother Ro* 
bert Vemey ; my uncle Sir Ralph Vemey, sen'. ; my cousin 
John Verney *. 


Vincent Finche', of Sandherst, Gent. 10 March, 1523 «. 
My body to be buried in the chancel of St. Nicholas 
Church, in that parish. I constitute Beatrice, my wife, 
my servant Jane Twesynden, and Edward Finch and Ro* 
ger Twesynden, my executors. I will that my feoffees 
enfeof Henry Finch, and Agnes, his late^ wife, daughter of 
Thomas Bettenham, in my manor of Whatlington, and 
my tenement of Wode-place, with other lapds, tenements, 
8cc. in Sedelescombe, Battell, Mondefeld, and Whatting- 
ton, except those within the Borough of Battell, to the 
yearly value of x/. to them in tail male, remainder to 
Edward Finche, my son, in like tail ; remainder to Herbert 

' Query, 1525-6 ? 

* Ex inform. George Baker, Esq. 

* Of the family whence the Viscounts Fermanagh and Earls 
Verney, in Ireland, were descended, vide p. 350, and Lodge's 
Peerage of Ireland, 

* Apparently descended from Vincent Herbert alias Finch, the 
.comifion smcestor of the Earls of Winchelsea and Nottingham, and 
i^ numerous families of the same name. Vide Collins* Peerage, 

vol. iii. p. 273. 

* Query, 1523-4 ? * Sic in the MS. 


Finch ; remainder to Nicholas Finch, my son, and his heirs 
for ever. I will that, after the death of me and my wife, 
my son Nicholas shall have my lands and tenements in 
Plqckley, to him and his heirs in fee simple for ever. I 
will that my manor of Lewens, in Haylsham, stand in 
feoffees hands, to the performance of my will; that is to 
say, that if Herbert Finch do interpose, and will not suffer 
my executors to perform my will, then I will that Laurence, 
Lord Abbot of Battell, shall order that matter after his 
discretion ; and if he find defective, then I will that my 
feoffees take the profits of those lands by the space of three 
years, and the same to be bestowed according to my will ; 
and after those three years, so that he offend no more, to 
make a state thereof to the said Herbert Finch, and to his 
eldest son and heir male, and so from one to another, and 
for default of such'issue, the remainder thereof to Walter 
Finch, and to his eldest son, and so lineally from heir to 
heir. To Margaret, my daughter, and her heirs, my field 
in. Sandberst, that I bought of Patynden ; to Edward 
Fynch, my son, my lands and tenements in Ewehurst, and 
in the Borough of Battel!^ to him and his heirs for ever ; 
and to the said Edward, in like manner, my lands and 
tenements, rents and services, in Wittresham, Stone, and 
Lydd. Proved 1 June 1524, at Canterbury. 


Clement Frengham, of Roloynden, 26th April 1523. 
My body to be buried in Skolles Chancel, before the image 
of the Trinity. My daughters Thomasine, Lucy, and Joan. 
M. Richard Guldeford, my master's son. John Newland, 
my son-in-law ; Henry Frengham my cousin; my cousin 
Edward Frengham, of Halden; George my son; Robert 
Wyse, Vicar of Rolvy nden ; to Eustache, my son, a mes- 
suage and piece of land, that I purchased of John Wellys, 
to him and his heirs for ever; to my son George my princi- 
pal messuage and lands when he arrive at 21 years ; to my 



son Nicholas all my lands and tenements in the parish of 
Tenterden, and such marsh land lying in the parish of Rol- 
vynden as I have not already bequeathed, when t,he said 
Nicholas arrive at the age of 21 years, and all my lands in 
Wodecburch, on condition that he discharges the wages of 
the chantry priest of Tenterden aforesaid, as he stands 
bounden to do by specialitie; my cousin Thomas Freng- 
ham, of Northiam; Frencham Bregge; if any of my sons 
die under age, and without issue, 1 will that my surviving 
sons inherit in equal shares, and if all my sons die before 
21, and without issue, then I will that my estates remain to 
my daughters in tail male; remainder to the next heir 
male^ lawfully begotten, of the name of Frengham, in fee 
simple; I bequeath towards buying a new cross in the 
Church of Rolvynden xl5. and to the said Church all my 
pryksong books, and all other books that I have conve- 
nient for the quire. Proved at Canterbury. 


Sir Giles Talbot, Parson of St. Martin's next Canterbury, 
15 March 1523 ^ My body to be buried in the Chancel 
of that Church. Master Edward Broughton, official and 
Parson of St. George's, Canterbury ; John Clerk, Vicar of 
St Paul's. Proved Qth May, 1524, at Canterbury. 


Richard Syday, of Egerton, 26th April 1524. I will that 
my feoffees deliver to the Churchwardens of Egerton a suf- 
ficient estate in a piece of land called Yokefeld, to find 
every Sunday in the year for ever, a pennyworth of white 
bread, holy bread to be made of ; and twenty-six Sundays 

Query, 1523-4 ? 


in the year to be delivered in the said Church to poor peo^ 
pie an obit^ and to pay the parish priest for his troable, 
every year, to pray for my wife's soul, and all Christian in 
the bede rollviiic^. ; and I will that the residue arising 
from the said lands, the Churchwardens then being, have 
for their labour and attendance ; to my wife Margaret my 
messuage and lands called Bullgamyshylls, in the parish of 
Westwell, for ever. 

Proved 25th October 1524, at Canterbury. 


Thomas Knatchbull, of Marsham. My body to be bu- 
ried in the parish Church next behind the sepulture of my 
father. To the Church of Herst vi «. viii d. ; my two sis- 
ters ; my brother John's wife. I appoint my brother John 
KnatchbuU my residuary legatee and executor. 

Proved 21st February 1524 ', at Canterbury. 


Richard Townley, of Ickham. To the painting of the 
image of St. Nicholas in the Church there iii«. iv<i.; to 
Alyse, my wife, my house and garden during her life, after 
which the same to remain to the parish Church of Ickham 
for ever, to defray the cost of ringing the curfew. I appoint 
Sir John Boram, priest of Ickham, my attorney, to enfeoff 
John Franklyn, Parson of Ickham, and John Gazon, of the 
same parish, yeoman, in the same, for the aforesaid pur- 
pose. Proved 4th December 1525, at Canterbury. 

» Query, 1524-5 ? 



I, William Mylsent \ the elder, of Great Lyoton, in the 
county of Cambridgeshire, perceiring and seeing the casu- 
alties of this world, and remembering also how death is dae 
to every creatare and the time uncertain, trusting also sted* 
fastly to be saved by the infinite merits of Christ's passion, 
and the mercy of God, which is not denied to any 
Christian man that eflfectually desireth it, and is in will to 
forsake sin and live after his law to his power, therefore, 
according to the ordinance of the Church, I, the said Wil- 
liam, being in a whole and perfect mind and memory, 
thanked be God, the 18th day of October, the year of out 
Lord God 1523, the year of our Sovereign Lord King 
Henry VIII. 15th, make this my last will and testament, 
declaring how I would have my goods ordained and spended 
by such as I chuse for my friends under this form and 
manner here following. First, in my most hearty manner 
and reverent, I give and bequeath my soul to the great 
mercy of my Lord God my most merciful maker and piti- 
tious redeemer, with as humbly, meekly, and interly desire 
as my tongue can speak or heart can think, and by the me^ 
ditation and help of our blessed Lady and all the Saints in 
Heaven, desiring his infinite grace and goodness to accept 
and take it to his everlasting joy and bliss; and my wretched 
body to be buried in Linton Church-yard, if I die there, or 
in any other Church-yard where it shall please our Lord 
God to take it out of this world, the costs and charges of 
my burial and other alms deeds, in the day of my burial, 

■ Apparently the ancestor of Sir Roger MiUecent, of Barbam 
Hail, in Linton, in the county of Cambridge, who was High 
Sheriff of Cambridge and Huntingdon 8 James I. and died in Oc- 
tober 1691, leaving by his first wife, Alice Gray, widow of William 
Cook, of Cheshall Hall, in Essex, Robert, and Henry MiUecent; 
and by his second wife, Amphilis, daughter of Richard Grymes, of 
Norfolk, two daughters, Amphilis and Katherine. 


in the seventh day^ and in the month's day« for my soul's 
healthy and all Christian souls^ 1 pat it unto the discretion 
of mine executors, desiring them to do forme as they would 
that other men should do for them ; to the high altar, for 
my tithes negligently forgotten, and not done in 5. i v (2. ; to 
my son William, for t6 pray for me, my wife, and my 
friends, and all Christian soals v /. vi s. yiwd,; to Sir Wil- 
liam Long, for to do likewise xxyis. yiiid. and meat and 
drink for the space of half a year; Item, to Master Prior 
of Barham, to pray for me and all Christian souls in Lin- 
ton Church HIS. iv d.; to every child of my son Thomas 
that is unmarried xxs. with the which money I will that 
the father buy barley or malt, withal that it may increase to 
the behoof and profit of the children at such time as they 
be married or take any other degree upon them ; to every 
godchild of mine and of my wife's, and to every servant of 
mineivi^. ; and to Philip Meade and John Taylor xiicl. 
each of them ; to every poor man and woman that keepeth 
a house in Linton a bushel of malt and a bushel of bread 
corn ; to the mending of the highway al hissyd Barham, 
forty load of stones, to be laid there where most need is ; to 
the Trinity Gild of Linton, ibr the mending of the cawsy 
and pergetyng of the Gild Hall xi s. viii d. ; also I will, if 
the town be content, tbat two almons houses, within three 
years after my death at the farthest, be builded upon the 
parsonage ground thatlongeth unto the Gild Hall, for four 
poor men and women, at the least, of the same town which 
bath most need of help and succour, as it shall be seen 
always unto mine executors, for to pray for me, my wife, 
my friends, and all Christian souls ; I will also that they 
that shall dwell. in them shall take no vagabonds into them, 
nor no other, except my assigns give them license, and so 
that they be good and honest that they take in ; and they 
that.will not be content with this, I will that they be put 
forth, and others set in their place that will be content; I 
will also that one oyer chamber at the one end be builded 
' for them that will hire it, for to lay in corn, and the vant- 
age and rent of it I will that mine^ executors have it to re- 
pair the houses sufficiently withal at all times; and if the 


town be not content that these houses should be builded 
upon their ground^ then I will that mine executors distribute 
the valour of it in alms deeds unto poor men and women 
there most need is^ or to some other good thing ; for an 
obit to be done in Linton Church for me^ my wife, and my 
friends, and all Christian souls, vi «. viii d. and if it fortune 
at any time that the said obit be [unsay d] or not kept, by 
thje space of a month, then I will that the curate of the pa* 
ri»h have authority to assign whom he will to take a stress 
in my house in land for it (whosoever dwell jn it) and he 
that taketh the stress to have for his labour lYd. The re- 
sidue of my goods not bequeathed I give free unto my two 
sons Thomas and William, to do with them as it shall please 
them ; if it fortune that Thomas, my son, dye before Johan 
his wife, 1 will that the said Johan have my house and land 
her life time, provided that she repair them up sufficiently. 
I make my two sons Thomas and William mine executors, 
and supervisor of the same Maister Nicols, Fellow of Pem- 
broke Hall, desiring them, in our Lord Jesu Christ, to be as 
I take them, my most true iriends, to pray for me, that it 
may please Almighty God, my celestial father, of his great 
mercy and goodness, and by the merits of Christ's passion, 
his well-beloved son, to deliver me from everlasting pain, 
and to receive and bring me to his celestial kingdom, with 
his elect and chosen children, there ever to reign and con* 
tinue with him in true felicity, to whom be glory and ho« 
nour, now and ever, Amen. Witnesses of this last will of 
mine, Maister John Xhixtill, Fellow of Pembroke Hall, and 
John Stacy, of Linton, with other more. 

• Proved 14th December 1527 *. 

John Zouche, Lord Zouche and St. Maur ', 8th October 

* Harl. MSS.704S,f. 167. 

■ Baron Zouche of Haryngworth. He was attainted 1st Henry 
VU. for his services to Richard HI. at Bosworth Field, but -was 


1525. My body to be buried in the Priory of Stavordale, 
in the Chapel of the Chauntry of Jesus there, lately by im 
founded in the Chapel of the Chauntry of Stavordale afore* 
said| in the county of Somerset. I will that my debts be 
paid out of my manors of Clisseshamy Launde, Bramfield, 
and Little Houghton, And I constitute Sir John Fit9- 
James, Koight, Chief Baron of the Exchequer, and Sir 
John Zouche, my son and heir, my executors. 

Proved 90tb March 1 525-6. 



William WiUonghby, Knight, Lord of Willoughby and 
Eresbyi, 4th May 1526. My body to be buried in the 
Collegiate Church of Spillesby. To the Church of Par- 
ham, for my tithes and offerings negligently forgotten, iyLp 
to Lady Mary, my wife, for term of her life, my manors of 
Hello w, A bye, Swabye, Welles, Alford, Partcney, and The- 
dilihorpe, in the county of Lincoln, Walcote, Wheatacre, 
and Wheatacre Burrough, in the county of Norfolk; Uf- 
fordy Bredfelde, Sogennowe, Winderfejde, Woodbridge^ 
Qrford, Wykes, Ufford, and Cambys, in the county of Suf- 
folk, according to the covenants of marriage made betwixt 

— — —i^— ■» III . 111! ■»— — ^P^^— l^l » »lll»l | l> ll -l t t ^fTi^^l I ■ ■ I ■ I ■ 

fully restored in blood and honours in the 11th Henry VII. and 
died ISth Henry VIIL ; by Joan his wife» sister and coheir of John 
Lord Dynham, he had issue John, who succeeded to his father's 
honours, William, and also four daughters, viz. Jane, Katherine, 
Margaret, and Cecily, all of whom are mentioned in the will of 
their grandmother Lady Dynham, in p. 431. 

' He succeeded to the Barony of Willoughby of Eresby, and 
was summoned to Parliament 1st Henry VIL and died 7th Henry 
Vn. leaving by Mary, his wife, daughter of ..... . Salines, a Spa- 
niard, who had been nuiid of honour to Katherine of Arragon, 
one daughter, his sole heir, viz. Katherine, who married, first, 
Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk ; and secondly, Richard Bertie, 
Esquire, in whose descendants, by the said Richard Bertie, the 
ancient Barony of Willoughby of Eresby, became vested. 


Hfl. And as to the residae of all my other manors, viz. of 
Ereiby» Spillesby, Toynton, Willoughby, Steping, the great 
Hanby, Fullistowe-Beke, FuUistowe-Arsick, Salflet Haven, 
Cokeringtoni Friskeney, Yngolmeles, Westerkele, Slyk- 
ford^ Ratheby, Skyrbek, the tolle in Boston Dubledike, in 
Gosberkirke, otherwise called Gosberton, and Pinchebek, 
in the county of Lincoln, Rowton, in the cxMinty of Norfolk* 
and Parham, in the county of Suffolk ; also the reversion 
of my manors of Egefelde, in the countyof Norfolk, and 
Wespringe, in the county of Lincoln, after the decease of 
my brother John Willoughby and Cecily his wife, with the 
reversion of my manor of Bandesey, in the county of Suf- 
folk, after the decease of my brother George Willoughby 
and Anastace his wife ; also I will that my manors of Orby, 
Brugh, Hoggishorp, Skidbrok, Belcheforth, and Folleby, 
in the county of Lincoln, shall go to the performance of 
my will ; and after the decease of my brother Thomas Wil- 
loughby ' and Bridget his wife, and the heirs male of his 
body lawfully begotten, that the manor of Brandon, in the 
county of Warwick, shall remain for the performance 
of my will and payment of my debts ; also I will that a 
tomb be erected for me and my wife in the College of Spil- 
lesby, and another at Metingham, for the late Lord Wil* 
loughby. Sir Robert that lieth there, my near kinsman ; 
also I will that there be expended upon my burial, in all 
charges, viz. black gowns, the dole, the dinner, the carriage 
of my body to Spillesby, cc /. sterling; also I will that the 
chauntry of Spillesby have to the building of it and the 
Church cc L in sterling money, in recompence of the lead 
that I had there ; also [ bequeath vi L every year to find a 
priest to sing for me, my wife, my father, mother, and chil- 
dren, and good friends ; as also iv /. for an obit every year 
for me for ninety-nine years; to Katherine, my daughter ; 
to my brother. Sir Christopher's son and heir ; my godson 
William Willoughby • .... with my best harness, twelve 

■ Ancestor of the Barons Middleton. 
• First Baron Willoughby of Parham. 


bowsy eight bills, and twelve sheafs of arrows; to my bro* 
ther George's son and heir ten almaine rivetts ; to my bro- 
ther Thomas's sod and heir ; to my brother Ever's son and 
heir as to my brother George's son and heir; to my bro- 
ther Tirrell's son and heir ; to my nephew Digby's son and 
heir six almaine rivetts ; my nephew Townsend ; to my ne- 
phew Clere as to my nephew Digby's son and heir ; to Eli- 
zabeth Fynes my kinswoman xx I. to her marriage if she be 
ruled by my wife anA my brother Sir John *. 


Charles Earl of Worcester, Lord Herbert of Gower and 
Chepstow, and Chamberlain to our sovereign Lord King 
Henry the Eighth *, 21st March 1524. My body to be bu- 
ried in the Church of the College of our Lady and St. 
George within the castle of Windsor, where my first wife is 
buried, and where her tomb and mine is made by the con- 
sent and agreement of the Dean and Chapter and Canons 

* From a MS. abstract, and Dugdale*s note, vol. ii. p. 87. 

^ And a Knight of the Garter. He was natural son of Henry 
Beaufort, Duke of Somerset, by Joan Hill ; in the 1st Henry VII. 
he was appointed of the Privy Council to that monarch, and in the 
3d Henry VII. became Admiral of the King's Fleet. He was sum- 
moned to Parliament 1st and 3d Henry VIII. to which monarch, as 
well as to his father Henry VII. he was Lord Chamberlain, and 
was created Earl of Somerset in the 5th Henry VIII. By his first 
wife Elizabetli, daughter and heir of William Herbert, Earl of 
Huntingdon, he had issue Henry his son and heir, who succeeded 
to his honours, and from whom the present Duke of Beaufort is 
descended, and a daughter Elizabeth, who married Sir John Sa- 
vage, Knight ; his second wife was Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas 
West Loril La Warr, by whom he had Sir Charles Somerset, Sir 
George Somerset, and a daughter Mary, who became the wife of 
William Lord Grey of Wilton. His third wife was Alianore, 
daughter of Edward Lord Dudley, but by her, who appears to have 
survived him, he had no issue. 


oF the same place, at such time as I foanded a priest to say 
mass daily and perpetually there, for the souls of me and 
Elizabeth my first wife, her friend's, and mother's, and all 
other souls, which foundation I desire and charge Henry 
my son and his heirs truly to perform and keep ; I will that 
in case I depart this life in Loddon, Kaiho, or near the 
river Thames, that my body be brought by water to the 
said Church of Windsor, as privately as may be, without 
pomp or great charge of torches or cloathing, hearse, wax, 
or great dinner, but only for them that must needs be had, 
that is tp say twenty men of my own servants, to bear every 
man a torch, and to have cloathing, and the bier or hearse 
to be covered with black cloth, and my body under the 
same with a white cross upon it ; also I will that no 
month's mind dinner shall be kept for me, but only an 
obit of an hundred masses to be said for me at Windsor or 
other places where my executors shall appoint ; to Alea* 
nore, now my wife, dc marks in plate, with all my jewels, 
chains, rings, &c. ; to my son Henry. all my harness, artil- 
lery, and habiliments of war, except the harness for my 
own body, the which I bequeath to George my son ; to my 
said SOD Henry all my robes of estate and robes of parlia- 
meut^ with my mantle, gown, and hood, of the order of the 
Garter; to Elizabeth and Mar}' my daughters; I will that 
Alianore, my wife, have my manor of Brickhill, in the 
county of Bucks, for life, with remainder to my son George 
Somerset and his heirs*. Proved 20th November 1526. 


John Dowmau, Doctor, Archdeacon of Suffolk', 8th No- 
vember 1526. My body to be buried within the Chapel of 

* From a MS. note, and Dugdale's Abstract, vol. ii.p. 294. 

* Le Neve states, that the time of his admission to that dignity 
does not appear, but that he resigned it in 1526. The vacancy was 
more probably occasioned by his death. Fasti EcclesisB Anglican®. 


St. Katherine^ on the South side of the Cathedral of St. 
Paul, against the pavement under the altar there by me 
made. To my brother Christopher Dowman two great flat 
bowls; to Elizabeth Dowman, daughter of my said brother 
Christopher, a bed, and to each of my brother Christopher's 
four daughters. Proved 6th December 1526. 


Henry Brokeman, of Lyminge. My body to be buried 
in the Church of St. Edburgh there. To the making of the 
steeple there v 1. to be paid as the work goes forward ; Sel- 
lester my wife ; Harry and John my sons ; Alice, Agnes, 
and Thomasine, my daughters ; I bequeath all my lands 
and tenements in Lyminge and Elham to Harry my son, at 
the age of 21 years, in tail general; remainder to John my 
son ; remainder to be sold by my feoffees. 

Proved 11th July 1527, at Canterbury. 


Robert Burton, Priest and Vicar of Ikelington, in the 
diocese of Ely, 1st September 1527. My body to be bu- 
ried in some sanctuary where it shall please God. And I 
give my vestment unto the parish Church of Ikelington, 
for ever ; to my Lady Prioress of Ikelyngton, and to her 
sisters, and to her Chaplain xs. to say a dirige and mass for 
all Christian souls ; to the Master and Fellows of St. Mi- 
chael College, in Cambridge, all such parcel of debts as be 
owing unto me of my poor debtors, of the which 1 have de- 
livered a letter with my hand written, to the hands of the 
president of the same College, to the reparatioqs of the 
same place ; to Master William Nicolson, the president of 
the College of St. Michael, in Cambridge, my little maser, 
to pray for me; and I give unto my Lady Prioress my best 


pane, and my greatest pot of brass. The residue of all my 
goods, here not written or given, I commit them to the 
discretion of the foresaid Mr. William Nicolson, and to 
Sir Thomas Knolls, whom I make conjunctly mine exe- 
cutors. Proved Md October 1527*. 


Anthony Haselden, of Gilden Morden, in the County 
of Cambridge. My wife Jane ; my son, William Hasel- 
den; my daughter Elizabeth, betrothed to George Anstie; 
my nephews, William Caldecote and John Docwraf. 

Proved 1st January 1527 '• 


Richard Druell, of Clothull, in the County of Hertford, 
3d May 1526. My manors and Lands in the Counties of 
Herts, Cambridge, Huntingdon, and Northampton; my 
late wife, Mary Penycock; my now wife, Grace; my 
daughters, Ann and Jane Druell; my brother, John 
Druell t. 


Walter Bulstrode, Esq. My body to be buried at Beacons- 
field, in the County of Bucks ; my brother. Sir William 
Bulstrode'; my sister Broke.. Proved 12th July 1526 f* 

* Harl. MSS. 7043, fo. 172. 

f Ex inform. George Baker, Esquire* 
' Query, 1527-8? 

* It appears that this Sir William Bulstrode's testament wa» 
proved 1 1th April 15279 in which he mentions his wife Maud. 

s s 



Elizabeth Lady Clifford, widow of Robert Clifford, of 
Aspenden. My body to b.^ baried there ; my sod^ Thomas 
Clifford. Proved 20th February 1526*. 


William Waldegrave, of Smallbridge, in Suffolk, Knt. ' 
26 January, 1524-5. My body to be buried in the Parish 
Church of St. Mary Baers, in a tomb I have caused to bie 
made under the arch between the high altar and the Cha- 
pel of Jesu; and I will that I be buried within the space of 
twenty-four hours after my decease. To Dame Margery % 
my wife, all my jewels ; my manors and lands in the Coun- 
ties of Suffolk, Essex, and Northampton ; above all things^ 
I desire my executors to pay my debts, and if I have 
wronged any man to satisfy him ; my wife has the manor 
of Edwardstone ; I constitute Margery my wife, and my 
sons George and William, my .executors. 

Proved March 6, 1527-8 f. 

John Mamey % Knt. Lord Marney, of Mamey, in the 

* Query, 1526-7? Ex inform. George Baker, Esquire. 

^ Ancestor of the Earls Waldegrave ; he was made a Knight of 
the fiath I4th November 1501, at the marriage of Arjthur Prince of 
Wales, and died 30th January 1528. 

* Daughter of Sir Henry Wentworth, of Cobhaoi, in Essex. 
+ From Collins' Abstract, vol. iv. p. 419. 

3 Second Baron Marney, of Leyr Marney. He was Esquire of 
the Body to Henry VIII. and Governor of the Castle of Rochester. 


Coantj of Essex, 10th March, 1524*. My body to be 
baried in the new aisle on the North side of the Parish 
Chnrch of Leyr Marney, in the midst of the said aisle* 
direcdy against the midst of the said new Chapel, six feet 
from the partition betwixt the Chapel and aisle, in a vault 
of brick, so large that two bodies may be laid therein ; over 
the which vault I will that a tomb shall be set, and made 
of such stone as my father's tomb was made, if it can be got- 
ten, else of grey marble, and to be eight feet in length 
and five in breadth, and four feet high, to be wrought in 
like sort as my father's tomb, except the vault above and the 
arms about the tomb, which I will be changed according to 
the direction of the H^ald ; also I will that about the said 
tomb there shall be made a grate of wainscot, and at every 
comer thereof a principal pillar, with a white lybard upon 
the top thereof, and upon it an image of myself, like unto 
that upon my father's tomb, and pourtrayed in coat ar- 
mour, with my helmet and crest at the head, and a white 
leopard at the feet, and on either side of my image one 
image of brass for each of my two wives. Dame Christian 
and Dame Bridget, with their coat armours; also I will that 
at the West end thereof there shall be an altar whereat a 
priest to sing for me perpetually; whereas I am sole execu- 
tor to Sir Roger Newburgh, who willed that all his cattle 

He married, first, Christian, daughter and heir of Sir Roger New. 
burgh, Knight, by whom he had two daughters, Katherine, who 
married George RatcliflFe and Elizabeth, who became the wife of 
Lord Thomas Howard, afterwards created Viscount Bindon, se- 
cond son of Thomas third Duke of Norfolk, His second wife was 

Bridget, daughter of Sir Waldegrave, and widow of Findeme, 

butit does notappear that he hadany issue by her, who survived him 
above twenty years (Vide her will in a subsequent page) . It might 
be inferred from a passage in the above will that Lord Mamey 
had a former wife Amy, but probably the inference arises from the 
confused manner in which the abstract of his will is given by Dug- 
dale. Dying without male issue, the Barony of Mamey became 

' Query, 1534-5? 

s s 2 


ninbequeathed to me and my wife, should be divided betwixt 
John Pytty Henry Combe, and John Doble, by the discre* 
tion of me and my wife Christian his daughter; Katherine 
and Elizabeth my daughters; I will that Dame Bridget my 
wife have c /. in plate, with remainder to my brother Sir 
Edhiund Bedingfield and my sister Dame Grace his wife: 
my brother Thomas Bonham, Esquire, and my sister Ka« 
therine his wife; I bequeath cc /. sterling towards the new 
building of the Church at Leyr Marney, and I will that my 
executors find an honest priest to pray for me and those 
after named, within that parish Church for ever ; as also to 
say mass at my chauntry altar at the end of my tomb, and 
there to pray for my soul and for the souls of Sir Henry 
Marney late Lord Marney ■ my father, of Dame Thomazine 
my mother, and also for the souls of my wives Dame 
Bridget, Dame Christian, and Amy Marney, and for the 
soul of my brother Thomas Marney. And I constitute Sir 
Robert Dymock, Chancellor to the Queen's Grace, Sir Wil- 
liam Walgrave, Knight, and Sir Roger Wentworth, Knights- 
Overseers of this my will *. Proved 28th January * 1525« 


Thomas Denny >, son and heir of Sir Edmond Denny, 
late one of the King's Exchequer, 10th May 1527. My 
body to be buried in the parish Church of Chesthunt, where 
I dwell, and I will that a stone be laid on me, and that a 

* Vide his will in p. 609. 

* From the Abstract in Dugdale's Baronage, vol. ii. p. 302, and 
a MS. note. * June in Dugdale. 

' Eldest son of Sir Edmond Denny, whose will is inserted in p. 
559. It 18 evident, from his ordering the 10th of May to 
be engraved on his tomb as the date of his demise, that he ima* 
gined himself at the point of death when he made his testament, 
which is dated on that day, but as it was not proved until the 
middle of July following, he probably survived for some weeks. 


picture of death be made on the said stone^ with scrolla 
bearing this writing, to be written thereon : 

. Slfi^am ^0 ^1)011 pe be 
i^m pcap for me oC ft cf^arttp 
leitl) a Jj^atemos^tec and an 2[be 
jpoc ti)e itit o( ti)t jroul of Xf^oma^ ®ennp^ 

iDbtcf) hith ttt V ttn ot IBap JBt9)r^mSIS[» anti for t!)e ^ouI$r 
of tffcmonti ®ennp anb saarp Jt^ toif e, my father and mother, 
Mb J©fIHam ®ennp antJ ajne^ Ji^ iaffe, my grandfather and 
grandmother. To the nans at Chesthunt xx s. ; John my 
son; Elizabeth my daughter; to Eleanor, my brother Wil- 
liam Walsingham's daughter, a little chain ; to my brother 
Edward Mannocke, my gown of damask ; Ursula and Ger- 
trude my daughters ; to Anthony my brother, and to the 
children of my sisters Joyce, Mary, and Martha. I will 
that Elizabeth, my wife, have the goods in the chamber of 
the Temple. Proved 17th July 1527. 


John Rooper, Gent, dwelling in the Hospital of St. John 
without the walls of Canterbury. I will that there be made 
as large a window at Our Lady's altar of the said Hospital 
as there now is at the high altar of the said Hospital, to 
be glazed within two years after my decease^ with such 
imagery or pictures as I shall show to my executors. 
Tbomasine, my wife; Sir William Braborne, Prior of St. 
Gregory; Master Wootton; William Brent, Gent.; my 
lands in Wyngham, Staple, and Goodnestone, purchased 
of William Broke^ and in Westbere and Chistlet, purchased 
of Overton ; Alysi Wode, my grandmother; William Tucke, 
my grandfather; my lands in Bonghton, purchased of 
Richard Potman; Johanna, my daughter. My manor of 
Hawe in St. Stephen's of Hackington, and a court-lodge 
and dove-house in St. Dunstan's, 8cc. to the use of me and 


my wife in tail male; remainder to our right heirs; re- 
mainder to my wife, and her heirs in fee. I will that my 
manors, lands, &c. in Whitstaple, Costonus« Bleane, Stur- 
rey, and Bekesborne, late belonging to William Wood- 
land, my grandfather', and which Alys Woode, daughter 
of the said William, my grandmother, devised to me by 
her will, shall remain to Thomasine, my wife, for \ik, and 
afterwards to the heirs of my body in tail male; remainder 
to the heirs general of my body, &c. My manor of Brend- 
ley, in Boughton, with its appurtenances, in like manner. 
Sir Dnnstan Petle, Vicar of Westgate, Canterbury ; Benet, 
my sister, wife of Richard Ramsay. 

Proved at Canterbury, 12th October, 1527. 


George Waldegrave% 6th July, 1528. My body to be 
buried near the tomb of my father; to Ann, my wife, my 
manors of Smalbridge-Silvester, otherwise Netherhall, 
Overhall, and Freps in Buers, together with the manor of 
Wethermonsford, alias Wormynford, in Essex, during the 
minority of William, my son and heir; but if it so happen 
that the said William die within age, then I will that she 
hold them until George, my second son, come to the age 
of twenty-one years ; and if he die within age, then that 
she hold them in like manner until my third son, Edward, 
come to the age of twenty-one ; and if he die within age 
then that she hold them until Richard, my fourth son, come 
to the age of twenty-one. And I constitute Ann, my said 
wife, my sole executrix*. Proved 25th August, 1528. 

* Query, Great-Grandfather ? Vide infra. 

^ Son and heir of Sir William Waldegrave, whose will is inserted 
in p. 6^6* He was born in 1483, and survived his father but a 
few months ; by Ann, his wife, daughter of Robert Drury, of Hal- 
sted in Suffolk, and who married, secondly, Sir Thomas Jermyn, of 
Rushbrook in Suffolk; he had the sons named in his will and two 
daughters. From William Waldegrave, his eldest son, the present 
Earl Waldegrave is descended. 

* Collins* Abstract^ vol. iv, p. 420. 



Robert Wallop*, 2fid August, 1529. My body to be 
btaried in t&e Church of Farley, ivithin the Chancel, next 
to ntiy father^s tomb. To the Mother Church of ISt. S within 
zf.; 'also xks. because I am a brother of the Chapter^^house 
there. Whereas I have, by deed bearing date 7th April, 
10 Henry VIII. 1519, enfeoffed my manor of Chiddesden^ 
fen: the space of twienty years, the issues and profits thereof 
to be applied to charitable uses; to' Rose, my wife; the 
residue of the profits of my said manor of Chiddesden, or her 
executors, to be disposed of in deeds of charity and mercy 
without any account. I constitute Rose, my said wife, 
my sole' executrix, without any overseer, and I bequeath 
to her all my debts and goods; to Oliver Wallop, my 
nephew, all my laiids and tenements in Andover, to him 
and his heirs. To this my will, written with my own hand, 
the Bishop of Durham, John Sarkfield, William Roper, 
and others, have at my request set their hands*. 

Proved l6th June, 1535. 


Cecill Marquess of Dorset, Lady Haryngton and Bon- 
vyll, late wife of Thomas Marquess of Dorset*, 6th May 

^ He was Sheriff of the County of Southampton in the Ist, 7th, 
and 15th of Henry VII. and in 6th Henry VIII. was by act of Par- 
liament appointed to collect a subsidy of j£l6S,000 by a poll tax,, 
he being <'one of the most disoreet persons, Justices of the 
Peace/' and died circa 1535 s. p. 

* From Collins* AbBtrHCt, vol. v. p. 53. 

* She was the daughter and heir of William Bonville, Lord Ha-* 
rington, jure matris, son and heir of William BonviUe, who died 
vita patris, eldest son of William Baron BonviUe ; and married, 
first, Thomas Grey» Marquess of Dorset, whose will is inserted in 
p. 441 ; and secondly, Henry Stafford, Earl of Wiltshire, by whom 

^SS testame;nta vstusxa* 

19 Henry VIII. 15«7*. My body to be buried in the Chapel 
within the Church of the College of Astley, in Warwick- 
shire^ in the tomb where the body of the said Lord Mar- 
quess my husband is buried. I will that, soon after my 
decease, a thousand masses be said for my soul, in as coor 
yenient. haste as may be. I will that a goodly tomb be 
made in the Chapel of Astley over the said Lord Marquess 
my husband, and another over me. I will that my execu- 
tors provide two priests daily to sing in the said Chapel of 
Astley, by the space of eighty years, to pray for the soul of 
the said Lord Marquess, and for my soul, and that each of 
them have viiil, yearly stipend for their pains. Whereas 
Cecily y Dorothy, Elizabeth, and Margaret, daughters ta 
the said Lord Marquess, had each m /. to be raised out of 
divers manors of my inheritance. Cecily, my daughter, 
wife of Sir John Dudley, Knt. son and heir to the Baron 
Dudleys Dorothy is Lady Mountjoy; Elizabeth is now 
Countess of Kildare. I will that my beloved Lord Richardj^ 
my son, have the manor of Multon, in the county of Lin- 
coln ; to my son Lord Grey the manors of Yarde, Pokin- 

she had no issue. By her first husband she had six sons, viz. Tho- 
mas secoad Marquess of Dorset, Edward and Anthony, who died 
young, Richard, John^ George, a priest, and Leonard, who was 
created Viscount Graney in Ireland, but was executed and at- 
tainted in 1541 ; also seven daughters, viz* Dorothy, who married 
i^Tst, Robert Lord WiUoughby de Broke, and secondly, William 
Blount Lord Mountjoy ; Cecily, the wife of John Sutton^ Baron 
Dudley ; Eleanor, the wife of John Arundell, of Lanheame, in 
Cornwall, Esquire ; Elizabeth, of Gerald Earl of Kildare; Mary, 
of Walter Devereux, Lord Ferrers of Chartley, who was after- 
wards created Viscount Hereford ; and Margaret^ who married 
Richard Wake, of Blisworth, in the County of Northampton. 
Dugdale and other writers also state, that she had another daugh-^ 
ter Ann, who was the wife of Richard Clements, but it appears 
from the will of Thomas, the second Marquess of Dorset {vide in" 
fro) that this Ann was the widow of Lord John Grey, his brother,, 
and that the said Richard Clements was h^r second husband. 
- ' Dugdale.states that this will was dated 6th March 19 Heory 
VTTT viz. 1538, sed quere. 


fcm^TorrellBi and LittIesdoii| iq the county of Somerset, 
for his life. Wherea3 I gave to Lord Leonard Grey my 
manors of Says-Bonvill, and Pixton, in Somerset, and the 
manor of Albryngton, in Dorset, and the manor of Mars- 
ton, in Sussex, for his life ; my feoffees, Robert Ratcliff 
Viscount Fitzwalter, Henry Lord Stafford, Edward Lord 
Courtney, George Lord Hastings, William Blountj Lord 
Monntjoy, Francis Lord Talbot, Henry Lord Montague, 
Walter Devereux, Knt. Lord Ferrers, Charles Blount, son 
and heir-apparent to the said Lord Mount) oy, Henry Fran- 
cis Fitzgarrett*, one of the sons of the Earl of Kildare, John 
Sutton, Knt. son and heir-apparent of the Baron Dudley, 
Richard Devereux, Esq. son and heir- apparent of the said 
Lord Ferrers, Henry Willoughby, son and heir male to 
the Lord Brooke, William Willoughby, brother to the said 
Henry, John Arundell, Esq. son and heir of Sir John Arun- 
dell, Knt. John Arundell, Knt. son and heir-apparent of 
the said John Arundell, Esquire, Thomas Arundell, EsquirCj^ 
brother to the said John Arupdell, Edward Sutton, Esquire, 
son and heir-apparent of the said Sir John Sutton, Knight, 
Thomas Sutton, another son of the said Sir John Sutton, 
Henry Sutton^ another of the sons of the said Sir John 
Sutton, George Carew, son and heir to Sir William Carew, 
Knight, Hugh Stewkley, son and heir of Sir William 
Stewkley, Knight, Giles Heron, Esquire, Walter Deve- 
reux, another son of the said Lord Ferrers, Hugh Paulet, 
Esquire, son and heir of Sir Amyas Paulet, Knight, Robert 
Dormer, Esquire, Thomas Brudenell, Esquire, son and heir- 
apparent of Sir Robert Brudenell, Knight, Chief Justice of 
the Common Pleas, George Stafford, Esquire, Jerome 
Hampden, Esquire, Anthony Lee, Esquire, son and heir- 
apparent of Sir Robert ^ Lee, Nicholas Gierke, son and 
heir-apparent to Sir John Gierke, Knight, Thomas Stafford, 

* Or Fitz-Gerald. Though ColliDs does not appear to notice 
the fact, Baker's Chronicle, sub anno 1537, speaks of << the family 
of the Geraldines or FStZ'^Garrets Earls of Kildare in Ireland/* 
Neither Lodge nor Collins notice a son of the Earl of Kildare, 
whose baptismal name was either Henry or Francis. 


son and beir of William Stafford, Esq. John StaffbtcP, 
another son of the said William Stafford, William Dor- 
mer, son and heir- of the said Robert Dormer, Richard 
Briges, son and heir of Henry Briges, Giles Briges, brother 
to the- said Richard, George Stafford, Gent, brother to 
the said John Stafford, John Goodwin, Gent. Thomas 
Packington, John Packington^ son of Robert Packington, 
Gent. Alexander Fetif^acei, son and heir of Anthony Feti- 
place, Esquire, Richard Bulstrode, Gent. Waiter Bui- 
strode, Gent. Richard Stafford, Gent, and brother to the said 
Thomas Stafford, William Dormer, Walter, Geoffrey, John, 
Martyn, Humphrey, and Ambrose Dormer, sons of Michael 
Dormer, of London, Merchant of the Staple of Calais. 
And I constitute William Blount, Knight^ Lord Mountjoy, 
and Sir John Fitz-James, Knight, Chief Justice of the 
King's Bench, my trusty and dearly beloved son Thomas 
Arundell, Esquire S Richard Lyster, Gent. Attorney Gene- 
ral to the. King, John Baldwin, Esq. and Walter Cocks, 
my chaplain, my executors *• 

Proved 5th November, 1530. 


Dame Isabell Poynyngs, of Smeethe, in the County of 
Kent. My body to be buried in the Church of Braborne. 
To our Lady Chapel of Curt of Strete a yard and two 
nails and a half of cloth of gold, for a vestment. William 
Benyngfeld, Rose Benynfeld, Isabella Barry. To the hery- 
mete of Curte of Strete, vi «. yuid, Nicholas Benynfeld. 

Proved at Canterbury 5th Oct. 1528. 

> Apparently her grandson Thomas Arundel of Wardour, se- 
cond son of John Arundel, by Eleanor her daughter ; from which 
Thomas Arundel the present Lord Arundel of. Wardour is de- 

* From Dugdale's Abstract^ vol. i. p. 781} and a MS. note. 



la the name of God, AmeDi 8cc. I, Edward Knyyet^. 
Knight % being hole of mind and in good remembrance 
God be praysed the xxii day of October, in ye ycr of oar 
Lord God M.cccccxxviiith and in the xx yer of onr'soTe-* 
reyne Lord King Hendry the viii mak my testament and 
last will in this manner' as folowy the. First^ I beqnethd 
my sowle to Allmighty God, to our blyssd Lady, and t6 all 
the Holy Compeney of Hevyne, and my body to be buryed 
in the Monasterye of oar blyssed Lady of Wymondham' 
befor the hye ault' bye the new work ther done, mad, and 
set by me, wher I will a stone of marbyll be laid npon mry 
said body, uppon the wiche stone I will a scochyeon with 
my arms be sett at the foot thereof, so yt the prest and 
other ministers of the hye masse, shall dayly, sitting in the 
said new wark, after the Epistylle of the Mass, where I re* 
qucT them, in the name of God, and in the way of chary tye^^ 
yt they, in the tyme so sitting, shall dayly 3ay for my 
sowle, and for the sowle of my father Sir William Knyvet, 
Knight, and Dame Jane his wyfe, my mother, this psalm 
De PrcfimdU^ with the p'ces and orisons of the same, and 
for this memory perpetually to be done, I wHl and bequeath 
to the Abbot and Convent of the said Monastery xl /. to be 
bestowed upon the buylding and repa'cons of and in the 
said Monastery, with this condic'on, that the said Abbot 
and Convent, for ye tyme being bye ye sufficient deed shall 
bynd themselfs and ther successors to ye p'formance of the 
premysses, according as it shall be reasonably devysed by my 
executors, or by ther councell lemyd, provided allway that 
as moche money as hath byn spendyd and bestowyd upon 
the new wark aforesaid, shall be part of the some of the 

■ Son and heir of William Knjrvet, Esq. whose will is inserted in 
p. 547, which William is there erroneously called *' grandson of 
Sir WiUiatn Knyvet," instead of grandson of Sir John Knyvet 



said XL iL and yt my executors shall be dischargyd thereof, 
and the residew of the said some to be paid to the said Ab- 
bot and Convent and their successors within ii yers next 
after my discease^ so yt the said Abbot and Convent within 
ye said ii yers shall be bound by the deed sufiycient mad 
and delyvered to myn executours in manner and form as it 
is aforesaid^ to and for the p'formance of the same. Also- 
I will and bequethe to the Abbot at that tyme beyng in the 
said Monastery xx^. and to every monk of the same Mo- 
nastery being a priest vi s. viiid. and to every monk there 
being no prest iii s. iv d. Also I will that my e^ecutors^ in 
as convenient tyme as may be after my decease, pay my 
debts, and also yt they mak restitution to every person that 
can prove sufficiently and evidently any injuries or wrongs 
by me done to them. Item, I will that Dawne Thomas 
Thackxsted, Monk and Sellerer of the said Monastery, shall 
pray for my soule and for ye souls of my said father and 
mother, and my anycetours soules by the space of ten yers 
nexty and immediately after my decease havyng to hisyerly 
wages and stypend fy ve marks. Item, I will yt my execu- 
tours shall fynd and bryng upp yong Antony Kny vet, my 
pevew^ the son of my late brother Charles Kny vet» decessyd^ 
80 long as eny of my goods shall remayne in the hands rule 
of my executors or the executors of them. Item, I will that 
Dame Ann, my wyfT, shall have all such moveables and 
goods as she brought unto me of her owne, now being in 
my possession, except my debts to me owing, my ready 
money, n^y silver plate, and my cattell, as my oxen and my 
9iylche neate, wherof I will the said Dame Ann, my wyffe, 
shall have xii mylcheneat and one bull. Item, I will that 
Dame Ann, my wyff, shall have moitie of all my moveable 
goods, and I will the rest of the moitie, with all my said 
debts and redy money be to my executors, to ye p'formans 
of this my last will and testament. And I will that all my 
said silver plate being gylt or p'cell gilt, and all my said 
cattel, except the xti mylche neat and one bull gevyne to 
Dame Ann, my wyffe, be sold by mine executors, lo the 
p'formance of this my last will and testament, except of my 
said plate I give to Dame Ann, my wiif, one bason and one 


ewer^ and one boll covered all wight^ and also one salt with 
the cover gilt, one goblet with the cover gilt; and one do* 
son silver spons. Item^ I give unto Thomas May^ my ser-* 
vant^ five marks, item^ I give unto John Havel> my ser- 
vant, five marks. Item, I will yt every one of my servants, 
being in wages at the time of my deth» yt my executors 
shall pay to every one of them yr wages at the time to 
them due; and over yt I give and bequeath to every* one 
of ray servants an hole yers wagis, to be paid to every one 
of them within a month next after my decese, and in yt 
time also mete and drink within my place, and after ye said 
month be expired every one of them to provyd new mas- 
ters, and to avoyd my place and service. 

This is the last' will of me ye said Sir Edward Knyvet, 
Knight, mad and dated the day and yer abovesaid, of all 
my manors, lands, and tenements, with the appurtenances, 
revoking and renownsing by the sam all other former w^'IU 
by me mad, and to declax my will in this manner and wise 
ensuyng. That is to say, where Sir Robert Drury, Knight, 
Sir Thomas Bedingfield, Knight, Sir Roger Townsehend, 
Knight, Thomas Le Strange, Edmund Wyndham, and 
Edward Chamberlyn, Esquires, stand and be seased in the 
demeane as of fee,^of and in ii parts of the manor of 
Grishaugh, in three parts devided, with ye appurtenances, 
in ye county of Norfolk, aiid of and in all other my lands 
and tenements in Wimondham, Crownthorp, Morley, Ass* 
wellthorpe, Fundenhall, Besthorpe, Wramlingham, Melton, 
Colton, and Wakton, in the said county, which they re*' 
covered against me, the said Edward by the name of ii 
parts of the manor of Gryshaaghe, in thre parts devided, 
and three hundred meases, two thousand acres of lond, 
two hundred acres of medow, a thousand acres of pasture 
two hundred acres of wood, a thousand acres of moore, 
three hundred acres of heth and lyng, and twenty pounds 
of rent, with their appurtenances, in Wymondham, CroWn- 
thorp. Sec. aforesaid, as by the said recovery remaynyng of 
record before ye King's Justices of his Comen Benche 
more playnly doth apper, which foresaid recovery was had 
and done to the use of me the said Edward, and of my 


beirs^ to and for the accompUshmeDt and p'formance of 
the last wyll of me the said Sir Edward ; by virtue whereof 
I^ the said Sir Edward, will and declare that ye said Sir 
Robert Drurye^ and other the said recoverers, whicbe now 
stand and be of the premisses, that they and their heirs shall 
stond and be seasid, after the death of me ye said Sir Ed- 
ward; of and in londs and tenements, rents and servicesj^ 
p'cell of the said ii parts of the manor of Gryshaughe, and 
other ye p'misses, to the cler yerly value of ten pounds by 
ye yer, over and above all charges and re'pes to be rea* 
dyvyded in sev'alte from ye residew, to ye use of my sister 
Anne Clyfford % for term of her lyfe. Also I will y t the 
said recoverers, and their heirs, shall stond and be seased 
of and in other londs and tenements, rents, and services, 
p'cell of the residew of the said ii parts of the manor 
of Gryshaugh, and other ye premisses, to ye cler yearly 
value of other ten pounds by yer, over and abovie all 
charges and reprises, &c. I will that the said 'Sir Robert 
I>rury, and other the said recoverers, shall stand seased of 
the said ii .parts of the manor of Gryshau'gh, to ye only 
use and behoof of Dame Ann, my wiie^ as long as she will 
lyve sole and not maried, upon condition that she will, 
within one quarter of a year next after my death, by her 
sufficient and lawful ded^ in the law, release to my feoffees 
|dl her interest and tytle of dowry, which the said Dame 
Ann, my wife, hath in the said lands appointed to the said 
Ann Clyfford, 8Cc* Also, I will that if my said wife foiu 
tune toHlecease within ten yeresi next after my death, or if 
fhe perform not the said condition, or. if she do marye and 
take a husband, that then the said Sir Robert Drury, Scc^ 
shall stand seased of the said ji parts of the said manor; 
Sec. untyl such tykne yt they receive from the issues and 

. * She was the widow of Charles Clifford, Esquire, son of Roger 
Clifford (younger son of Thomas Lord De Clifford, by Joan, 
daughter of Thomas Lord Dacre of Gille9land), by Joan, daugh-> 
ter of Thomas Courtenay and'sisiter and heir of Thomas Courts- 
nay Earls of Devon, ' 


.profits of the 8amj$;fe numpf cci^arbi; and of the Mid 
sum of cc marks, so by them le^ed, I vill and bequeath 
unto my nece Elusabeth Knyyet, daughter 6f my brother 
Charles Knyvet, a c marks towards the preferment of hir 
marriage, iff she be maryed by the advyse of my especiall 
good lady the Duchess of Norffolk, with whom the said 
Elizabeth is in service, as also by the advyce of such other 
as hir grace will appoint ; and if she be maryed without y t 
advice and counsell, then I will yt the said sum of c marks be 
disposed by mine executors in dedes of charite. And over 
this I will yt the residew of the sayd sum of cc marks shall 
be disposed by mine executory to ye poor people, and spe^ 
cially to the poor tenants and inhabitants of Wymondham, 
Bokenbam, and Tybenham. And of this^ my testamfsnt 
and last will I, the said Sir Edward Kny vet, Knight, laak 
and ordeyn myn executors Edward Cham;berlayn, Eaquiro^ 
and Maister John Deye» Clerk, and Richard Bwnyai^ 
and to be supervisor of the same I will and desyer.Sir Roh 
ger Townshende, Knyght, .and for .a remembrance 1 give 
aod bequeath unto the.said Sir Roger my gilt gobl^^tt with 
the croune upon the cover; and to the said Edwart} Cham? 
berlayne I give for his labour c> and to the said Mastir 
John Drye, Clerk, v marks, and unto the said Richard 
Bannyard v marks. Item, wher I was minded to have a 
secular priest to sing and pray for my soule, and for the 
soule of my ancestors, having to his yerly stipend and 
wages X marks, now I will that D. Thomas Thaxsthed, 
monk and sellerer of ye Monastery of Wymondham, shall 
sing and pray for my soule, and the souls of my father and 
mother, and mine ancycestors souls, by the space of ten 
yers next and mediately after my decease^ having to his 
yerly stipend v marks ; and ye other five mark^, residew of 
the aforesaid ten marks, tp hellp towards finding and bring* 
ing up of young Anthony Knyvet, my nephew, the son of 
iny late brother Charles Knyvet, deceased, as long as any 
of my goods shall remayne in ye hands or role of myu^ 
executors. Item, I give and bequeath to Thomas Mason, 
iny servant, five marks. Item, I give and bequeath: to Joha 



HaveU^ my servant, five marks. These witness, John 
Symonds, Priest, John Cressen, and others. 

Proved at Norwich, 10th December, 1528. 


John at Woode, of Holyngborne. My body to be bu- 
ried in the Church-yard there. Benet Hawkins, my wife^s 
daughter. I will that Agnes, my wife, shall have all my 
lands and tenements in Holyngborne for life, according to 
her jointure ; remainder to my three sons, Richard, Robert, 
and Christopher, in tail. To John, my eldest son, the 
messuage I dwell in, and all my other lands and tenements 
in Kent, in fee. for ever; and if either of the said Richard, 
Robert, or Christopher, shall die without issue lawful, I 
will that the lands so devised tp them shall come to my 
son John; remainder of all my lands to my own right 
heirs. Johan, my daughter. / 

Proved at Canterbury 28th July, 1528. 


Thomas Lovell, Knight of the Garter ', 10th December 
14 Henry VIH. 1522. My body to be buried within the 

1 The 254th Knight of the Garter. In 1485 he was appointed 
Chancellor of the Exchequer for life» and had an annuity of xi« 
marks per annum, settled on him as Esquire of the King's body ; he 
was knighted at the battle of Stoke in 1487, and in 1502 was iqp- 
pointedTreasurer of the Household, and nominated a member of the 
Privy Council. In consequence of the great trust reposed in him 
by Henry VII. he was constituted one of that monarch's executors, 
and was likewise one of the executors of the Countess of Rich** 


Monastery of Nuds called Haliwell beside London, in a 
little Chapel there made by me. To my cousin Chamber* 
Iain's daughter, married to John Derhick xl/.; to Dorothy 
Hansard, to her marriage cL; Item, I give to enrich Wil- 
liam Husey, John Fitz- Lewis, Anthony Gorney, and John 
Billesby, which have married my brother Sir Robert Lo- 
veil's daughters c /. towards the finding their children to 
school and marriage of them ; 1 will that Thomas Maners, 
DOW Lord Roos, have my manor place I now dwell in at 
£nfield> called Elsinge, in Middlesex, and all my manors 
and lands in the parish of Enfield, to him and his heirs 
male, remainder to Oliver Maners, Knight, brother to the 
aaid Lord Roos; remainder to Richard Maners, brother 
to the said Oliver; remainder to the right heirs of the said 
Thomas Lord Roos; Item, I willthat the said Thomas 
Lord Roos have all my lands in the town ^nd fields of Chi- 
Chester, in Sussex, in the towns of Andover and Basing- 
stoke, Nether Wallop, Bucklandi Over Wallop, and 
Broughton, • in the Counties of Wilts and Southampton, 
and in the town and fields of Leigham,in Suffolk, with re- 
mainder as is abovesaid, with albmy lands in the town and 

mond, Henry's mother. He was elected a Knight of the Garter 
and appointed Constable of the Tower, Surveyor of the Court of 
Wards, and became Steward and Marshall of the Wards to Henry 
VIIL Amongst his works of piety he rebuilt the nunnery of Ha- 
liwell, Shoreditcb, and distinguished himself by other acts of mu- 
nificence. ' In the will of George Manners Lord Roos, p. 528, that 
nobleman calls Sir Thomas his uncUf but it is there remarked, that 
there does not appear to have been any relationship between th^m 
which could account for the appellation ; it is manifest, however, 
that the testator was in some way connected with the house of Man- 
ners, and which strengthens the conjecture stated in a note to p. 
599) that he was uncle to Elizabeth I^vel, daughter of Sir Robert 
Iwovel, Knight, the first wife of Thomas Maimers Lord Roos, men- 
tioned in this will. Sir Thomas Lovell died at his house of Elsyngs 
at Enfield 25th May 1524, according to Busweirs Knights of the 
Garter, but according to the note to Nichols's Royal Wills, p. 
:i66i in 1528, and which is supported by the date of the probate, 
and was buried in the nunnery of Haliwell, conformable' to the 
directions in his will : it would appear that he bad no issue. 

T T 



fields in Coysalis and Fordham, in Cambridgeshire ; to my 
cousin Francis Lovell, all my manors and lordships in Est 
Harlinge, Bridgeham, Knotsale, Bransell, Chohell^ Bo- 
chamwell, Ashfields in Bochamwell^ Fernham, Wyeonhall^ 
VTratton, Denver, Tyringtonby, Tilney, Syd, St. Giles, 
Sporle^andPalgrave, in Norfolk and Suffolk, and my manors, 
lordships, and lands in Burghwell, Badlingham, Harstori^ 
andUpwarre, in Cambridgeshire ; my manors and lands in 
Wolley in Kent, my manor of Ruyall in Rutlandshire, my 
manors, lordships, and lands, inBroughton, Easthorpe,and 
Manby in Lincolnshire; my farms of Yardley and Walt- 
ham Cross in Heretord; my lands in Iselden, Holwey, 
Edelmeton, and Tolenham, in Middlesex ; my tenements 
in Sandwich, Everington, and Marsham, and the rever- 
sions of the manors of Swannyntonin Kent and Mersbam; 
my manors and lordships of Dakelington, Cockthorpe, and 
Dregnford, in Oxfordshire ; my lands in Redlinge and 
Berfords, in Wiltshire, to my cousin Francis Lovell for 
life ; remainder to the said Francis Lovell's right heirs ; 
remainder to the next heirs of my cousin Sir Thomas Lo- 
vell, Knight. I v^ill that after the death of my cousin 
Francis Lovell my manors of Lome and Sibells in WiU 
burgham, and Welles in Westwickham, in the County of 
Cambridge, shall go to the next heir of Sir Thomas Lovell, 
Knight, of his body begotten ; to Edward Lovell, brother 
to my cousin Francis Lovell, the moiety of the Castle of 
Bassingboume, in the County of Cambridge, for life ; re- 
mainder to my cousin Francis Lovell ; remainder to the 
right heirs of my cousin Sir Thomas Lovell for ever; to 
James Oriell, son of Sir Lewis Oriell, my manors and lands 
in Aishwell, Tyrwell, and Hendworth, in Hertfordshire, to 
him and his heirs; to my cousin Francis Lovell my man- 
sion place at Haliwell, which I dwell in, for two years. 

Proved 126th September 1528. 


John Broke the Elder, of St. James, Dover. My body 
to be buried in our Lady's Church there, before our Lady. 


My lands in Dover, at Gateberst in Denton, and Brandred 
in Acrise. I bequeath my manors of Nether Hardes, the 
third part of the manor Trenveld, and all my lands and 
tenements in the parish of Denton, Bereham, and Acrisey 
to John, my son, and the heirs of his body, and in default 
of such heirs, to Alice> my wife, and Christian, daughter 
of Edward Monyns ; and after their decease the same to 
be sold, and of the money coming from the same I will 
that xl/. be bestowed in the Church of St. James, Dover, 
on a suit of vestments complete; xxl, to the Maison Dieu; 
Y\L XI1I5. IV J. in the Church of Netherhardres, in some 
vestments or honourments in the Chapel of St. James there, 
that I may be praj^ed for in each of them for ever. If 
Christopher Hales will buy my manor of Nether Hardres, 
I will that he shall have it x marks cheaper than any 
•other. Whereas there is an agreement between me and 
Edward Monyns, Enquire, that John, my son, shall marry 
Christian, his daughter, with c marks portion. 

Proved at Canterbury, 25th February, 1329'. 


In the name of God the Father^ Son, and Holy Ghost, I, 
Thomas TretherfFe, Esquire % the xxth day of September, 
the xxth year of King Henry the Eighth ', being whole 

• Query, 1529-30? 

* The representative of an ancient Cornish family; and, in right 
of his mother, Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Hugh Courtenay, of Bo- 
connock| in Cornwall, Knt. he was one of the coheirs of Edward 
Courtenay, Marquess of Exeter, and last Earl of Devon of that 
family. J<^n Vyvyan, mentioned in his Will, was the husbsnd of 
his eldest daughter, Elizabeth', who was eventually his coheir, and 
from whom Sir Richard Vyvyan, Bart, the present Knight of the' 
Shire for the County of Cornwall, is descended. It would perhaps 
be difficult to explain the motive which induced the Testator to be- 
queath the chief part of his property to Alice, the wife of WilHam 
Christopher, in a manner creditable either .to his memory or hier 
virtue. ^ 15^8. 

T T 2 


and perfeci of mind and remembrance^ thanked be Al- 
mighty God, and considering that the hour of death is 
uncertain, and that it is necessary every good Christian 
roan, while his reason and health endureth. to dispose him- 
self to be in readiness to abide the mercy of Almighty 
God, make and ordaine this my present testament and last 
will in this manner and form following. First, I the said 
Thomas Tretherffe bequeath my soul to Almighty God, 
our blessed Lady St. Mary Virgin, and to all the Holy 
Company of Heaven ; and my body to be buried, when it 
shall please God to call me to his mercy, in my parish 
Church whereat I shall fortune to depart this world ; and 
I will that the day of my death there be said for my soul, 
and for all Christian souls, placebo and dirige, with masse 
of requiem on the morrow following. And I will that 
there be a trigintall of masses sung for my soul, and all 
Christian souls, the day of my burying, in the Church 
where I shall fortune to be buried, and that every of the 
said priests that shall sing and say dirige, and any of the 
said XXX masses, shall have for their salary and wages 
viij^^. sterling. And I will that the day of my burying 
every man, woman, and child, that shall be present at my 
burying, and pray for my soul, have one penny steriing. 
And I will that the Church that [ am buried in have to 
their rom'eis* box immediately after my decease xs. to the 
intent that my name may be put in the beadroU, and prayed 
for every Sunday in the pulpit by name, as the custom of 
the country is. Item, I will and bequeath to St. Martin's at 
Reprynne mine avowre, to the parish storevi^. viiicJ. sterling. 
Item, I will to St. Peran's store in the Sands vis. \iud* 
Item, I will to St. Michael at Mount xud. Item^ I will 
to the Image of Our Lady, called Our Lady Portiall, at 
Truro, to the use and intent of and for the reparations of 
the said Chapel, and of and for part of the priests' wages, 
there singing, and of and for the name of the said Thomas 
to be put upon the BeadroU of the said Chapel, xxs. ster- 
ling. Item, I will and bequeath all my tin-works, where- 

* Query, if this word be correctly written : it is nearly illegible 
in the MS. whence this Will has been copied. 


soever they be^ as be within my several grounds, or in 
waste ground, or elsewhere within the shire of Cornwall, 
to Alice Christopher, the wife of William Christopher, 
during her iife, according to my last will triplite indented, 
and my deeds of feoffment triplite indented, to the said 
will annexed, whose date beareth the xxth dav of July, 
and the xviiith year of our Sovereign Lord King Henry 
the Eighth*, as by my said will more plainly appeareth, to 
have and to hold to the said Alice, according to the said 
will, during her life; and after her decease f will and be- 
queath all the said tin-works to the Warders of the Shryen 
of St. Enoder, and their successors for ever, to the intent 
that the said wardens and their successors shall cause 
yearly my soul to be prayed for, my father and mother's 
souls, and all Christian souls. Also, I depute, ordaine, 
and constitute, by this my testament and last will, that 
John Chapell and William Bere, immediately after the 
decease of me, the said Thomas TretfaeriFe, and Alice, the 
wife of the said William Christopher, shall receive and 
take all the issues, profits, rents, revenues, of all and singu- 
lar the dwelling-places, lands, tenements, rents, revenues, 
and services, with all and singular their appurtenances in 
Penpith, Picherine, Windesore, within the parish of St. 
Fjlye, Tradenwartha, within the parish of St. Enoder, and 
Nancarowe, within the parish of St. Mighell Penkevill, 
with the issues and profits of all my tynne-works in Whele 
Ankeye, Whele Flatt, Whele en duse gen till, and Whele 
Linna, Whele Angrovose, within the parish of St. Agnes, 
Whele Peyse in Elezar bonnale vine, within the parish of St. 
Peran, Beame, quifer', Penwinnas, within the parish of St- 
Austell, Trewilke Whele, within the parish of St. Mewan, 
Dogowise and Trethillan, within the parish of St. Stephen 
in Brannel, and St. Enoder Beanne, within the parish of 
St. Columb, and elsewhere within the county of Cornwall, 
to that use^ as is expressed in my said last will tripartite 
indented. Also, I give to the Church of St. Enoder, to be 
used at the tombe, my chalice and my payre of vestments, 
sacred or halowed. Also, I will that after my decease my 

1526. * Query this word? it is scarcely legible in the manuscript. 


best gowne of damask be d^ivered to SU Enoder^ and 
thereof a robe to be made^ and so tbere to be nsed to the 
honor of God, of Our Ladye^ and St. Enoder. AIso» I 
will after my decease that the Churches Store o| St. Co- 
lumb the Nether shall have tb'one halfe of my bote» with 
th'half of xny seynne nett\ and all things belonging to the 
same att Towne. And th'other half I give to Alice, the 
wife of the said William Christopher. And as for my 
goods within my doors and howse, furst, I geve to John 
Vy vyan, my son, to the entent that he be good to see my 
will performed and fulfilled, and to helpe and ayde the 
forenamed Alice to have and to enjoy all such things as I 
doo will and entend hereafter to geve her, for her great 
labor and paynes taken with me and my howse : firsts a 
pott of silver, a salte of silver with a cover, a great brasen 
pott, achitell^ twoo fether-bedds, and two flock-bedds. And 
all the residew of my goods and stuffe within my doors and 
howse I geve to Alice, the wife of the said William Chris- 
topher. Alsoy I will that after my decease all my come 
and cattell, as horses, kyne, oxen, 8cc. be devided between 
my son, John Vivian, and Ales, the wife of William Chris* 
topher. And to the entent that the said Ales may have 
and enjoy all such things as I have geven her, or do entend 
to geve her, I do constitute and ordayne them too, scil. 
my Sonne, John Vyvyan, and Ales, the wife of the said 
William Christopher, mine executors, to dispose the rest 
of my goods to the pleaaure of God, to the helthe of my 
sowle, aud to the discharge of their conscience. And if 
my sonne^ John Vyvyan, will not ayde and helpe her to 
obtayne and enjoy the forsaid gifts and bequests, I will 
then that the forsaid Ales, the wife of the said William 
Christopher, shalbe my sole and full executrix, to dispose 
all my goods to the pleasure of God, to the welthe of my 
soule, and to the discharge of her conscience. Also, I will 
that my cosen Nicolas Carminowe, and my cosen John 
Rosowyan, be overseers to see and help that this my last 
will and testament be fulfilled ; and every of them to have 

1 '' One half of his boat and sean net.*' 
* Sic In the MS. but query the meaning ? 


fot bis paynes xxvis. viiidf. Item, I will that the freers oF 
Truro have x$* to synge a solempne dirige and masse of 
requiem for my sowle, and for all Christian souls, and to 
ing XXX masses that contyneth Gregories trentall, for my 
sowle, and for all Christian souls, as shortly as they may 
after my decease conveniently. These witnesses, Mr. Wil- 
liam Reskymer, Parson of Ladoke, Sir Henry Bone, Freest, 
and Mr. William Bere, Ge ntleman . 

Proved in the Court of the Archdeacon of Cornwall, 
26th October, 1529> and Administration was granted to 
the John and Alice within named*. 


WilliamChapman, of Paddleworth, January 12tb, 15S6\ 
Td Henry Brokman, my brother, my best bow of ewe and 
my arrows ; to my mother Margaret Brokman ; Elizabeth 
my wife ; to William Hogben, for life, my farm of Pad- 
dylsworth, which I have on lease of the Abbot of St. Ra- 
degotides ; Thomas Chapman my son. 

Piers Edgcomb, Knight*, Sd March 21 Henry VIII. 

* Harl. MSS. 597, fo. 28, 29. 
' Query, 1530-1 ? 

* The representative of an ancient Devonshire family, and the 
ancestor of the Right Honourable the present Earl of Mount 
Edgcumb ; at the creation of Prince Arthur he was one of the 
twenty individuals who were made Knights of the Bath on the Eve 
of St. Andrew, 5 Henry VII. 29th November 1489 ; he was Sheriff 
of Devon 9, 10, and 13 Henty VII. and in the 9d Henry VIII. Sir 
Robert Willoughby de Broke, Sir John Arundel, Knight^ Sir 
Richard Carew, Knight, and this Sir Piers Edgcomb, or any three 
of them, were appointed to review and array all men at arms, 
archers, and others, who were to accompany Sir Thomas Darcy, 
Knight, Captain of the Castle of Berwick, in his expedition against 


1530. My body to be buried where it shall please God to 
dispose of it. To the parish Church of Plymouth in /. and 
I eotreat the curate thereof to pray for my soul ; to each of 
the Churches of Calstock and of Bodmin in /. to pray for 
my soul; I will that every chaplain present at my exequies 
and there doing service for my soul at the time of my obit 
and burial xiid^i I will that my executors cause inconti- 
nently after my decease a trentall of masses to be said for 
my soul in such convenient place and time as to them shall 
seem most expedient ; also 1 will that they provide an ho- 
nest priest to sing mass daily for my soul in the parish 
Church of Mewye, in the County of Devon, for the space 
of five years, and I bequeath to him for his salary and wages 
L marks ; also I will that another honest priest sing for my 
soul in the parish Church of Calstock, in the County of 
Cornwall^ for the space of five years, with the like salary 
and wages ; Item, I will that my executoFS distribute x /. 
in penny-dole to poor folks, and cause an obit or anniver- 
sary yearly to be holden for my soul in the parish Church 
of Plymouth during ten years after my decease, expending 
in every such obit xxs. ; to every of my household servants 
a year's wages; and whereas Sir John Arundel and Sir 

the Moors and Infidels^ and to certify to the King and his Council, 
the number of men at arms, archers, &c. Sir Piers Edgcumb was 
in the expedition into France 5 Henry VIII. and for his distin- 
guished gallantry at the sieges of Therouenne and Toumay, and at 
the battle of Spurs, he was created a Knight Banneret. He mar- 
ried, first, Jane, daughter and heir of Stephen Dumford, of East 
Stonehouse, co. Devon, by .... , daughter and heir of .... Rame, 
of Rame, Esq.; and secondly, Katherine, daughter of Sir John St. 
John, of Bletshoe^ Knt. and widow of Sir Griffith Ryce, Knt. but 
by her, whose testamentjwili be found in a subsequent page, he had 
no issue ; by his first wife he had three sons, Richard, John, and 
James, who are named in his will, and three daughters, Elizabeth, 
wife of John Arundel, of Lanhearne, co. Cornwall, Esquire ; Jane, 
wife of Sir Thomas Pomeroy, of Sandridge, co. Devon, Knight ; 
and Agnes, who was single when her father made his will, and who 
probably died immarried. Sir Piers died 14th August 3 1 Henry 
VIII. 1539, leaving Richard Edgcumb his son and heir, then forty 
years of age. 


William Courtenay, KDights, are enfeoffed by the name of 
Esquires, with Andrew Hillersdon, John Wise^ Thomas 
Tremayne, Esquires, and Stephen Trevyllian, to the use of 
me and the performance of my last will, and of my heirs in 
the honor and borough of Totness, and in the manor of 
Comeworth in Devonshire, by deed bearing date 3d May 
12 Henry VIII.; also, whereas I have enfeoffed Andrew 
Hillersdon, John Wise, Thomas Tremayne, Esquires, 
George Tanner, and Stephen Trevyllian, in the manors of 
Bodringan and Wother, in Cornwall, by deed, bearing 
date 24th April 12 Henry VIII. for the performance of my 
will, I now bequeath to them the tin ^orks in the said 
manors in the Counties of Devon and Cornwall, as also all 
my plate, &c. for the performance of my will and the pay- 
ment of my debts ; and after my will and testament be fully, 
performed, my debts truly paid, and restitution made of 
wrongs by me done, or by my commandment, if any such 
be and can be proved, then I will that my said feoffees shall 
release all their right and title to the heirs male of my body, 
and that my tin works in Devonshire shall wholly remain 
to my son John and the heirs of his body ; and my tin 
works in the County of Cornwall to my son James and the 
heirs of his body ; to Dame Katherine, my wife, to her 
own use and behoof, all the plate in her keeping which was 
Sir GrifBn Rice's, her late husband, with all her apparel 
and stuff of household left by him ; and in case my son and 
heir do trouble or take from her any parcel of lands which 
I have given her in jointure, or attempt to procure to be 
done any thing to the least breach or accomplishment of 
this my will or any part thereof, or disallow any grants 
possessed by me either of Dame Jane, his mother's, inhe- 
ritance, of my own, by indentures, copies, &c. for which 
upon their oaths they may prove I have made grants and. 
am paid fines ; and in case it may by any manner of due 
proof appear that I have taken fines of any of my tenants, 
of my own inheritance, or of the inheritance of Dame 
Jane, sometime my wife, and the parties have not their 
writing, according to my promise, 1 will and require my 
son and heir for the time being to make them grants ac- 


Henry VIII. My body to be baried in the Chapel of 
Astley, in Warwickshire, near to my father- I will that 
my executors shall cause three honest priests to sing and 
pray there for my soul, and also for the soals of my father 
and mother, and for all Christian soals. Also, I will that 
my executors, with all speed and diligence, after my fane* 
ral be performed and debts paid, make and build a Chapel 
at Astley, according to the will of my father, with a goodly 
tomb over my father and mother ; which being done, I will 
that they make another tomb, in the midst of the chancel, 
where I have resolved to be buried; and after that be 
finished,, then I will that they build an almshouse for thir- 
teen poor men there to inhabit, and to be for ever nomi- 
nated by my executors during their lives, and afterwards 
by my heirs, each of them to receive xii J. a week for their 
maintenance, with a livery of black cotton yearly, price 
IV (2. which payment I will be made out of the rents and 
profits of my manors of Bedworth and Pakington, and all 
such lands and tenements as were in the occupation of the 
Lord Lisle, reputed or taken as parcel of the said Lord- 
ships ; the surplusage to be bestowed in repairing the said 
almshouse, and keeping my obit yearly. I will that Henry 
Brooke, schoolmaster to my son Henry, have xxL per 
annum. To my son Edward, when he comes of age, my 
manors of Bedworth and Pakyngton, in Warwickshire, 
for life; to my son John, the manor of Bardon, in Leices- 
tershire, for life; to my son Thomas, after the death of my 
sister, Ann Gray » (late wife to my brother, John Gray, and 

Wotton, of BoctOD, in Kent, and widow of William Medley, by 
whom he had four sons, viz. Henry, who succeeded him in his ho- 
nours, and was afterwards created Duke of Suffolk ; John, of Pirgo, 
CO. Essex, ancestor of the Earls of Stamford and Warrington ; 
Thomas and Leonard ; also three daughters, Elizabeth, wife of 
Thomas Lord Audley, of Walden; Katherine, of Henry Fitz- 
Alan, Earl of Arundel ; and Anne, of Henry Willoughby, of Wolla- 
ton, CO. Notts, but which marriage her father, in his will, orders to be 
dissolved ; hence it appears it had not then been consummated. 

■ This Ann is erroneously called, in all the pedigrees of Grey, his 
own sister. Vide a note to the Will of the Marcliiopess of Dorset, 
in p. 631. 


now wife to Richard Clement), the manor of Boswortb, in 
Leicestershire, for life; to my daughter Mary \ hL to her 
marriage; Margaret, my wife. I will that the marriage 
which bath been solemnized between my daughter Anne 
and Henry Willoughbyy Esquire, son and heir-apparent of 
Sir Edward Willoughby, Knt. be dissolved*. 

y Proved 18th November, 1531. 


Thomas Lord Dacre*, 1st September, 1531. My body 
to be buried in the Parish Church of Hurst Monceaux, on 
the North side of the high altar. Iwill that a tomb be 
there made for placing the Sepulcre of our Lord, with 
all fitting furniture thereto, in honor of the most blessed 
sacrament. Also, I will that cL be employed towards the 
lights about the said sepulcre, in wax-tapers of ten 
pounds weight each, to bum about it. Also, I will that 
roy funeral be solemnized according to the degree of a 
Baron, and that a tomb be set over my grave, to the end 
that it may be known where my body resteth. Also, I will 
that an honest priest shall sing there for my soul by the 
space of seven years, taking annually for his salary, and 
to find bread, wine, and wax, xii marks sterling. 

Proved 1534t. 

■ His natural daughter. 

* From Diigdale*s Abstract, vol. i. p.7^h &iid a MS. note. 

* Thomas Fienes eighth Baron Dacre ; he married Ann, daugh- 
ter of Sir'Humphrey Bourchier, and by her had Thomas, who died 
vita patris, leaving a son Thomas, who succeeded his grandfather 
in the Barony in 1534. 

t From Dugdale*s Abstract, vol. ii. p. 244. 



John Lyttelton *. My body to be buried in the Church 
porch of the Parish Church of Halesowen, and my soul to 
Almyghty God, to our Lady St. Mary, and all the Holy 
Company of Heaven. To the said Church xxwis. viud.; 
to the Mother Church of Worcester iii«. ivd.; to theCha* 
pel of Frankeley uil. vis. ivJ.; to my son John my ring 
of gold, with the seal of my arms thereon ; also a chalice, 
and all the Chapel stuff bequeathed by my grandfather 
unto the family of Frankley, sixteen kine, a bull and ten 
oxen, provided that my wife have the rule, use, and govern- 
ing of the said stuff, till he come to the age of twenty-fo^r. 
To my said wife all such chains of gold, jewels, rings, and 
all other apparel belonging to her body ; to each of my 
servants zl«. over and above their wages. I will that my 
executor pay vi/. yearly to a priest, to sing daily for my 
soul for five years after my 'decease, and v/. yearly to Ed- 
ward Street, my chaplain, to pray for my soul. To each 
of my daughters ccc marks for their portion ; and I will 
that Dccc marks be divided among my younger sons; to- 
gether with the rents and profits of my manor of Sheriff's 
Naunton» alias Newenton-Beauchamp, and also of my 
lands in Coulesdon, Pipulton, and Upton Snodsbury*. 

' Ancestor of the Lords Lyttelton; he married Elizabeth, 
daughter and coheir of Sir Gilbert Talbot, of Grafton, co. Worces- 
ter, by Ann, daughter and coheir of Sir William Paston, by Ann, 
third sister and coheir of Edmund Beaufort, Duke of Somerset, 
grandson of John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster. Collins states 
that he died at Frankley 17th May 1532, though he says that his 
will was dated 24th May, 24 Henry VIII. i. e. 1532 ; he lefi seven 
sons and two daughters. 

* From Collins' Peerage, vol. viL p. 437- 



Thomas Berkeley \ Knight, Lord Berkeley, Mowbray, 
and Segrave, 1 1th January 1532-3, 24 Henry VHL I will 
that my body be buried withoat great pomp or pride, in 
the Parish Church of MangoUsfield, in the place where I 
use to knee], under the partition between the Choir and 
my Chapel, and that afterwards, within a quarter of a 
year, it be brought to the Abbey of St. Augustine, near 
Bristol, and there buried, near to the body of my first wife. 
I will that the executors of my late brother, Maurice Lord 
Berkeley, pay such legacies as he gave to the Abbots of 
St. Augustine's, in Bristowe. To Dame Cecily, now my 
wife, my chain with the cross. I will that my executors 
find a priest to sing where my body be buried for the space 
of ten years ; and ajso that they bestow xl/. for the making 
a tomb to be raised over my grave. To Katherine Row- 
don, now wife of William Reede, Gentleokan, hL which 
her uncle Walter Rowdon, and her father Richard Row- 
don, gave to her; to Bridget Parys, niece to my wife, xjlL 
to her marriage; to Thomas Berkeley, my sou and heir; 
to my daughter Frances, wife to my son Morice Berkeley, 
cxl/. that is to wit, for a chain of gold which her uncle 
Walter Rowdon gave unto her; to my brothei-in-Iaw 
John Arnold, x2. a-year for his life. My manors of Mel- 
ton Mowbray, Segrave, Cyledy, Dalby, Chaucomb, Coldo- 

' He succeeded his brother Maurice in the Barony of Berkeley 
in 1593, but was only a c(^eir of the Baronies of Mowbray and Se- 
grave ; he married, first, £leanor, daughter of Sir Marmaduke 
Constable, by whom he had no issue ; and secondly, Cecily, widow 
of Richard Rawdon, of the County of Gloucester, Esquire, and by 
her had two sons, Thomas, who succeeded to the Barony, and 
married, first, Mary, daughter of Joseph Hastings, first Earl of 
Huntingdon ; and secondly, Anne, daughter of Sir John Savage ; 
and Maurice, who married Frances, daughter of Richard Rowdon; 
also two daughters, Mary, wife of Sir Robert Throckmorton; and 
Jane, who married Sir Richard Poynlz. 



verton, with the park of Coldoverton^ and my manors of 
Moultsorrer^ to Thomas Berkeley, my son and heir, and 
his heirs ; remainder to Morice^ my second son ; remainder 
to the use of Meryall Throgmorton and Johan Poyntz, my 
daughters; remainder to the use of Mary Perot *^ daughter 
to my brother James Berkeley; remainder to my sister 
Anne Denys, and Lady Mary, now wife of Thomas Berke- 
ley, my son and heir-apparent*. Proved 6th June 1533. 


Thomas Fane, Gentleman % of the parish of St. Peter the 
Poor, of London, Slst July, 1532, 24 Henry VIIL My 
body to be buried where it shall please God. To my bro- 
ther John Fane 3, my grey ambling mare, which I had of 
his gift, and my lands lying in Tunbridge, called the Vauh- 
ney ; to Alice, daughter of my brother John Fane, my god- 
daughter. My manors, lands, and tenements in the 
parishes of Tunbridge, Bytborough, Leigh, Sevenoke, 
Ashe, and Harteley, in Kent, part of which was of the gift 
of John Fane, late my father, to Thomas S the son of me 
the said Thomas, and Margery James, whom I appoint to 
receive the profits therof, while she remains sole and un- 
married, to find the said Thomas my son and Alice my 

■ James Berkeley, the testator's brother, married Susan, daugh- 
ter of ..• . Veale, and widow of .... Weddall, and by her left two 
daughters, his coheirs, viz. Mary, who married, first, Sir Thomas 
Perrot ; and secondly, Sir Thomas Jones ; and Ann, the wife of 
Sir William Dennis, of Derham, Knight. 

* From Dugdale's Abstract, vol. i. p. 3C8, and a MS. note. 

^ Brother of Richard Fane, ancestor of the Earls of Westmore- 

s Ancestorof the Earls of Darlington. 

* Ancestor of Thomas Fane, of Fairlaoe, co. Kent, Esquire, who 
died unmarried in September 1698> and left his estates to Mild- 
may, seventh son of VereFane, Earl of Westmoreland. 


daughter during their minority ; and if the said Thoma» 
my 8on die before the age of twenty^two, and not married, 
or without heirs, the aforesaid lands to remain to Alice his 
sister, remainder, failing her heirs, to Edward Garth, on 
condition that he pays c /• to the amendment of the high- 
ways about Tanbridge within five years, and to a tuneable 
tenor bell to the bells at By thorough. 

Proved 24th October 1532*. 


In the name of God Amen, the 3d day of March, in the 
year of our Lord God 1532, I, John Bourchier, Knight, 
Lord Barnes ', the King's Deputy General of the Town 
and Marches of Caleys, make this my present testament 

* From the abstract in Collinses Peerage, vol. iii. p. 299. 

■ John Bourchier, second Baron Beraers ; he married Kathe- 
rine, daughter of John Howard, Duke of Norfolk, and sister of 
Lord Edmund Howard, whom he appoints overseer of his will ; by 
her he had two daughters and coheirs, viz, Mary, who married 
Alexander Linton, Esquire, but died s. p. ; and Jane, who married 
Edmund Knyvet, Esquire, Serjeant Porter to King Henry VIU. 
Hie testator, by Elizabeth Bakyn his concubine, bad also four na- 
tural children, viz. James, who was a man at arms in Calais, and 
from whom the Bourchiers of Benningborough in Yorkshire are 
descended, Humphrey, George, and Ursula who married Sir Wil- 
liam Sherington, Knight, but died s. p. In the 5th Henry VUL 
Lord Bemers was Captain of the Pioneers at the siege of Therou- 
enne, and the next year was made Chancellor of the King's Ex* 
chequer for life, and attended Lady Mary, the King*8 sister, to 
France, on her marriage with Louis XII. ; though distinguished as 
a soldier and a courtier he is best known to posterity by his literary 
acquirements ; besides his translation of Froissart, he translated 
from the French, Spanish, and Italian, several other pieces, amongst 
which were the Life of Sir Arthur, an Armorican Knight ; the fa- 
mous Exploits of Hugh de Bordeaux ; Marcus Aurelius ; and the 
Castle of Lore. He also wrote a Book of the Duties of the Inha* 

tJ u 


and last wUl| in manner and foim following. First^I be^ 
queath my soul to Almighty God, and my body to be 
buried in the Parish Church of our Lady St. Mary the 
Virgin of the said town of Caleys, within the Chauncell of 
the same Church. Also, in most humblest manner, I be- 
seech the King's Highness to be so good and gracious a 
Lord unto me as, for the d /. sterling that I owe unto his 
grace, payable in five years, to accept, after the decease of 
my lady my wief, the manners of Houghton, Offley, and 
Doxey^ in the county of Stafford, to have and to bold the 
same maners, with the appurtenances, to his highness, his 
heirs and assigns, his grace paying for the same unto mine 
executors, over and above the said d /. sterling, such some 
of money as it shall please his highness, for and towards 
the performance of this my last will and testament. Also, 
I will that mine. executors, of such goods as I shall leave 
unto them, do pay soche of my debts as shall appear good 
and tru^, which I have not set over in the King's books, or 
otherwise provided for the payment of the same. Item, I 
give unto Humphrey Bourchier, my son, my gown of 
tawny damask furred with jennets, and my coat of black 
velvet furred with martems, with six pair of alman rivets 
complete, with splints, sallets, and all things thereunto 
belonging. Also, I will that all such gifts and grants of 
plate, goods, and stuff, as I have made and delivered unto 
James Bourchier, my son, and also unto Francis Hastings, 
Esquire, and Jane his wife, that they hold and enjoy the 
same. Item, I give and bequeath to the said Francis 
Hastings, and Jane his wife, my great tenement I dwell in 
in Caleys. Item, I will that my executors doe sell all such 
iDj reversion, and use of reversion, of the maner of Sende, 
in Wilts, of the which maner, after my decease, William 
Sherrington, Gentleman, and Ursula his wife, my daugh- 
ter, have the use, to them and to the heirs of their two 

bitants of Calais, and a comedy, intituled, << Ite in Vineam.*' It 
dices not appear in what year he was appointed Lieutenant of Ca- 
lais, but he died whilst holding that important office on the 16th 
March, 4th Henry VIII. 1533. 


bodies lawfully begotten, except xl, steVling by the yeat of 
the same maaer^ of which x /. sterling, after my decease, 
George Bourchier, my sonne, shall have the use to him^ 
^and to his heirs of his body lawfully begotten, as by inden* 
ture tripartite between them and me thereof made more 
plainly appear^ and the money thereof coming my execu- 
tors to dispose for my soul's wealth. I constitute Francis 
Hastings, and Robert Rolf, Recorder of Calais, my execu- 
tors ; to Robert x marks sterling. I make my Lord Ed- 
mund Howard^ my brother, overseer of the same my pre* 
sent testament, to whom, my brother, I give a standing- 
cup of silver and gilded, weighing twenty-two ounces* 
Witness whereof, to this my present testament and last 
will, I have set my seal of arms, and subscribed my name, 
the day aud year first above writ, in the presence of the 
said Lord Edmund, my brother, and Sir Edward Ringesley, 
Knight, High Marshal of Calais, Sir Edward Brindelyolyn^ 
Paroche Prest of the abovesaid Church of Our Lady, our 
ghostly father Sir William Petons, my chaplain*. 

Proved by Francis Hastings, 4th Februarj' 1533 '- 


George Earl of Huntingdon, Lord Hastings, Hunger- 
ford, Botreaux, and Molines*, I3th June, 1534, 26 Henry 
VHL My body to be buried in the Parish Church of St. 
£lyne, in Ashby de la Zouch. To that Church my best 

* From Collins' Precedents, p. 337. ' Query, 1533-4 ? 

* First Earl of Huntingdon, to which dignity he was created 8th 
Dec. 1599. He married Ann Stafford, daughter of Henry Duke of 
Buckingham, and widow (tf Sir Walter Herbert, 'Knt. By her he 
had Frauds, who succeeded to his honors, Edward, Thomas, 
Henry, and William ; and three daughters, Dorothy, who married 
Sir Richard Devereux, son and heir apparent of Walter first Vis- 
count Hereford; Mary, who married Hiomas Lord Berkeley; 
and Katherine. The Earl died 24th March, 35 Henry VUL 1544. 

u u 2 


pair of altar-cloths of crimson velvety which are em- 
broidered with the blessed name of S[C^U^ ; as also the 
copes and whole suits of vestments belonging thereto; 
likewise one pair of candlesticks of silver gilt ; a pair of 
basons of silver gilt; a pair of censers of silver; a cross of 
silver and gilt, with a fleur-de-lis on the top, and a fleur- 
de-lis on either side; also one flat ship of silver gilt; and 
my best chalice of silver gilt; likewise my water-stock of 
silver gilt, with the sprinkle belonging thereto ; my best 
pax of silver' and gilt, with a crucifix, whereon are Mary 
and John ; a pair of cruets of silver and gilt ; and a sepul- 
chre-cloth of crimson velvet, embroidered with drops of 
gold; likewise another suit of vestments, of white tinsell, 
with two copes of the same; as also a suit of vestments of 
crimson velvet, which has the cross embroidered thereon 
with acorns. To the Abbot and Convent of Repyndon, 
in the county of Derby, a vestment, with the tunicles and 
stuff thereto belonging, of black tinsel ; and to the Chapel 
of St. Bartholomew at Kirby, in the county of Leicester, 
another vestment; to every gentlewoman unmarried, who 
has done service in the houshold to my wife within the 
space of six years before my decease, six pounds sterling ; 
and 1 ordain that my executors shall cause a' thousand 
masses to be said or sung, in as short a time as may be after 
my decease, by secular priests and others, in the county 
of Leicester, and other places adjoining. To Francis, my 
eldest son, I bequeath all my furs of sables ; and I will that 
all the outsides of my gowns and apparel, fit for that pur- 
pose, shall be made in vestments, and delivered to poor 
churches within my lordships ; to my daughter Dorothy 
a thousand pounds, to her marriage ; to my daughter Ka- 
therine the like sum. I ordain that my executors, out of 
the revenues of my lands in Woodcote, and Burton Hastings, 
in the county of Warwick, shall provide two priests, to sing 
in the parish Church of Ashby, for the space of twenty 
years, for all Christian souls, with a salary of vi/. xiiis. ivd.* 

* From Nichols's Leicestershire, vol. IIL p. 676; and Dug- 
dale's Baronage, torn. i. p. 587* 




. Anne Culpeper^ widow, 4th September, anno 24 Henry 
VIII. 1632. If I die at Cantetbury^ my body to be buried 
at the Friars Observants there ; and if at Cranbrook, at the 
Friars of Lassenham, beside my father. Cbapel of Hasle- 
rigge. To Anne Tooke, my daughter. Children of my 
daughter Elizabeth; to Francis, second son of TboQia^ 
Wilford; Anne, Constance, Katherine, and Mary, datigh- 
ters of the said Thomas. My feoffees, Thomas Wilford, 
Esquire; Gervase Hendley the Elder; Walter his son; 
William Lynch, &c. I bequeath my lands in Newenden, 
Holvynden, Biddenden^ or elsewhere in Kent and Sussex, 
to William Culpeper, my son, in tail. My late father, 
Harry Ager, Esquire. 


Henry Hatche, of Faversham, 6th May, 1533. My body 
to be buried in the Church of our blessed Lady there, 
before the Bachelor's Light. To that Church my chest 
bound with iron, to put the church jewels and plate into ; 
to the Monastery of St. Saviour's there x/. My lands 
Hartye, called Elliots, Walts, and Caleys, which I bought 
of John Joye, of Gillingham ; Richard Dryford the Elder, 
of Faversham, Gentleman ; to Johan my wife all my lands 
and tenements, not before assigned by me to be sold, viz. 
the Flower-de-Luce and the George, at Faversham, in 
the town and liberty of Faversham, my lands, &c. in Har- 
tye, and in Ikelsham, Gastling, Odemer, and Brede, in 
Sussex, purchased of Reynold Lewknor, of Faversham, 
Gentleman, for her natural life ; and after her decease I 
will that one of the jurates, and one of the commoners of 
that town, be appointed by the mayor, and the more part 
of the jurates and some of the commonalty, to receive the 
rents and profits of the said premises for twenty years, and 


to have for their pains^ over and above their expenses^ 
either of them xx 5. for the first five years, they yielding 
yearly, before the mayor and four of his brethren, and four 
of the most honest and discreet commoners of the town, in 
the messuage where I now dwell, a true and just account; 
and r will that there be paid to the mayor, &c. yearly, 
during the said five years, to be employed by them thus, viz. 
xl/. of the said rents, for the reparation of Paryche-lane, 
and of the way from thence to the Key of Faversham, and 
X L for the reparation of the common walls of the town, 
and XV 5. yearly to the Observant Friars of Canterbury; 
after the said five years, I will that all the rents and profits 
of the said premises be bestowed by the advice and direc- 
tion of the said mayor, &c. to the raparation and maintain- 
ing of the Haven or Cryl^e of Faversham, for the next nine 
years after the said five years be expired, the yearly acr 
count of the same to be given at the place and in the man- 
ner aforesaid; and for the next six years after the said 
nine are expired (being part of the said twenty years), I 
will that the said rents and profits shall be employed in 
the reparation and maintenance of the parish Church of 
Faversham, and the ornaments of the same, viz« xxvi /• 
XIII 5. iwd. in the buying a new payr of organs ; xvL in 
buying a new pall and hearse-cloth for the same Church; 
and the residue, at the discretion of the mayor and his 
brethren, in the making a new jewel-house, and other 
necessaries within the said Church. I will that, if the said 
mayor, &c. at any time during said twenty years, obtain 
the King's licence, that then, immediately after the said 
twenty years be ended, they shall have to them and their 
successors for ever all the said lands and tenements, 8cc. to 
the use and maintenance of the said haven and cryke, and 
highways within a mile of the said town, and maintaining 
the ornaments of the said parish Church. But if the said 
licence for amortizing the said lands and tenements cannot 
be obtained, then I will that they be all sold immediately 
after the said twenty years, and the money arising there- 
from to be employed as follows: cxxL toward buying a 
suit of coopes to the use of the said Church ; xx /. towards 


buying for it a pair of silver candlesticks ; xx /. towards 
buying a pair of silver censers for it ; ccxl /. towards the 
repair of the said haven or cryke; l/. towards the making 
of a new market-house in Feversham; xl/. for repairing 
the highway between Hogcross and Ewell ; x /. for the re- 
pairing of the Church-lane ; xx /. towards maintaining the 
morrow mass in the said Church ; xx L to be laid out in 
smocks and sheets for the poor of the said parish ; xx /. to 
the repairing of Sondryche Churchy where 1 was born ; x /. 
to the reparation of Iklysham Church in Sussex ; vi /. xiii «. 
ivd. for the same purpose to the Church of St. Thomas the 
Apostle, in the Isle of Harty ; v/. for the same purpose to 
the Church of the Monastery of St. Saviour, Faversham ; v 
marks to every house of Observant Friars through Eng- 
land ; V marks to the house of Black Friars in Canterbury ; 
xl/. to either house of Friars in Winchelsea; xx /. towards 
the reparation of the highways from Hogg through Pres- 
ton-street to Boughton ; xx /. towards reparation of the 
sumpter way between St. Agnes Cross and Stone Church ; 
X /. to the repair of Lynsted Churchy and x /• to repair the 
footways in Lynsted ; v /• to the repair of the Church of 
Ore ; v /. to the repair of that of Luddenham ; xl s. to the 
repairs of the Church of Buckland ; x /. to that of the Cha- 
pel of Wylryngton ; xxx s. to that of the Church of Good- 
wynston ; x /• to the marriage of ten poor maidens of the 
parish of Lynsted, and x /. to the same number of Faver- 
sham ; xL^. to each the said Mayor, &c. who should make 
sale of the said lands for their labour therein ; and the re. 
sidue of the money arising from said sale I bequeath to 
poor people of Faversham, at the discretion of the said 
mayor, brethren, and churchwardens. 

Proved at Canterbury. 


Thomas Scotte, of Hawkhurst, Gent. 8th May 1533. 
My body to be buried in the Chancel of our Blessed Lady 
of Hawkhurst. For a tomb-stone x/.; Mildred my wife 


Barbara and Maud my sisters ; Henry Scotte my brother; 
Henry and Stephen Scotte my brothers' sons ; my sister 
Webbe ; John Congehurst ; Robert Forsette ; Henry Sy • 
mon, Parson of Hawkhuxst ; my lands in Hawkharst, Sand* 
berst, Halden, Bedynden, Frytenden, Hedecorne, Goude- 
herst^ Charyng, Wychlyng, Stallysfield^ and Ottrynden ; I 
bequeath my principal messuage of Congehurst, with its 
lands, and all my lands, &c. on the Dennes of Congehurst* 
and Great and Little Riesden, to my wife Mildred for . life, 
and after to George my son^ Venisse, and Mary> my daugh* 
ters, successively, in tail male; to George, my son, all my 
other lands and tenements in Hawkherst and Goudherst, 
in the shire of Kent ; I will that if all my goods and chat- 
tels moveable be not sufficient, that then my executors fur<- 
nish out of the rents and profits of all my lands (except 
such as are devised to Mildred my wife) to build, set up, 
and finish my house, which now lyeth in ffame, at Conge- 
hurst Proved at Canterbury. 


John Marten, of Graveny, ]2th September 1533. My 
body to be buried in the Church of All Saints there, in the 
Chapel of St. John Baptist. My brother Cotton ; Lam- 
bert's land ; my brother Richard Dryland ; to my brother 
Robert Marten all my purchased lands • in the county of 
Kent in tail ; remainder to my brother Thomas ; remainder 
to my brother William ; remainder to my next of kin ; Jo- 
ban my wife. Proved at Canterbury. 


John Fogge, of Ashettisford, Knt. November ,4th, 1533. 
My body to be buried in the Church there ; to my daugh- 
ter unmarried c marks ; to Bridget and Isabel, my other 
two daughters, now married, x L each ; John Goldwell and 
John Asherste, my godsons ; I constitute William Gold* 


well^ my brother, and Thomas HarlakyndeD, my executors, 
and Edward Lee^ Archbishop of York, overseer ; I be* 
qaealh all my lands to John my son, in tail male ; remain- 
der to George and William, my sons, in like tail ; remain- 
der to my own right heirs ; to my executors my tenement 
in Ashettisford, called the Bull, wherein my father some-^ 
time dwelt, all my lands there, and in Shadokherst, and the 
wood and timber on the landa I hold of the Dean and 
Canons of St. Stephen Westminster, to be sold, and if the 
produce should not be sufficient, I will that they then re* 
ceive the rents of my manor of Newell's Flete, in the parish 
of Ash, near Sandwich ; and if my son John disturbs the 
execution of my will^ then I will that my executors sell the 
said makior, and apply the money arising therefrom to the 
purposes of my will. Proved at Canterbury. 


William Fitz William the elder, of Milton, in the county 
of Northampton, Knight', 28th May 26 Henry VIIL 1534. 

' Ancestor of the Right Hon. the Earl Fitz- William. He was 
an eminent merchant of London/ of which City he was Sheriff in 
1506. He was likewise Alderman of Bread-street Ward, and re* 
built die greatest part of the Church of St. Andrew Und^vhaft 
at his own expence. ' In 1514 he served the office of Sheriff of 
Essex, and was Sheriff of Northamptonshire in 1521. This emi- 
nent person had been one of the retainers of Cardinal Wolsey, and 
is distinguished by his gratitude to his old master when in dis- 
grace ; for after the Cardinal's fall from power Sir William hospita- 
bly received at his house at Milton, to which he retired, and where 
it appears he was treated with that kindness which the recollec- 
tion of past benefits naturally produced in a generous breast, but 
which formed a striking contrast to the- conduct of Wolsey's for- 
mer parasites. Henry the Eighth, on being informed df the man- 
ner in which his disgraced Minister had been received, interrogated 
Sir William Fitz- William on his daring to entertain so great an 
enemy to the state, and his noble reply, that he had not done so 
from contempt or disobedience to his Majesty, but solely from 


My body to be buried in the new Cbancel at Masbam^ ia 
the said county of Nortbamptony wbich I bave of late 
caused to be made and newly edificed tbere ; and I will 
tbat my executors cause a tomb of marble to be made tbere 
with a scripture, making mention of my name, as shall be 
devised by my executors ; and I will that wherever [ hap-^ 
pen to decease within the realm of England, my corpse be 
conveyed to the said Chancel of Masham. I will that my 
executors, without fraud and delay, cause all just debts at 
the time of my decease to be immediately paid, and also 
the expenses of my funeral, and also make such restitution 
to every person or persons as they can duly prove I have 
injured them. If I happen to decease in London I bequeath 
Y /. to the five orders of friars within that city, viz. the Grey 
Friars, the Black Friars, Augustine Friars, White Friars, 
and the Crossed Friars, lo the intent that they shall bring 
forth my corpse (if I decease there) out of the liberties of 
the said city, and to have in each of the said places a 
trental of masses ; to the four orders of friars at Stamford, 
if they be at my burial at Masham iv /. they saying a 
trental of masses, in every of their places, for my soul and 
all Christian souls ; to each of the parishes of St* Peter 
the Poor's Church, and St. Thomas the Apostle within 
London, and the like siim to the parish of They don, in 
the County of Essex, they saying a trental of masses as is 
aforesaid ; to the marriages of poor maidens c /. sterling, 
to be distributed by the discretion of my executors, as well 
amongst my tenants within the Counties of Northampton 
and Essex, as within the City of London. I remit and forgive 
all such poor as be in my debt and not able to content the 
same, whose names appeareth in the seventh book of debts, 
under whose names I have written. " Amore Dei Remitto;** 

gratitude, the Cardinal having been his former master, and partly 
the cause of his present fortunes, so deeply impressed the Monarch 
with efiteem for his character, that he magnanimously observed, 
that he had few such servanU, and instantly knighted him, and 
made him one of his Privy Council. He died 9th August 1534, 
having been tlirice married, and by his first and second wives left; 
numerous issue. 


and I will that they be in no wise troubled for the same by my 
executors. And whereas I have given, and executed by in- 
dentures; to my right dear and well-beloved wife, Dame 
Jane Fitz- William, for term of her life, the manors of Hen- 
nials, Maydells, Marshalls, and Arneways, with other lands 
and tenements in the County of Essex, for and in the name 
of her jointure ; I will that she shall peaceably enjoy the 
same, and after to descend to Sir William Fitz-William, 
my eldest son. Also I bequeath to her my bason^ with the 
e^er thereunto, of silver gilt, and d marks sterling, on con- 
dition that she suffer Robert Dormer, Esq* to enjoy the ma- 
nor of Eytborpe, with the appurtenances, according to alease 
made by me, the said Sir William Fitz-William, I paying her 
yearly c/. sterling, during her life, for the same manor. Sic. 
Also I will that the said Dame Jane, my wife, shall have the 
possession of my mansion-house, &c. within the parish of 
St. Thomas the Apostle, in the City of London, during her 
life, while she remains a widow, on condition of paying ivL 
per annum to my executors, which I order them to bestow 
yearly for the delivery of poor prisoners within the City of 
London, that shall be acquitted and remain for their fees. 
I bequeath to the poor scholars within the Universities of 
Oxford and Cambridge xl /. to be distributed by the advice 
of two Doctors of Divinity, and xxxL amongst poor people ; 
also, hi, on the making the highway between Gaynes- 
Park-Hall and Chigwell, in Essex ; also, the like sum of 
L /. to mending the highways between Thornhaugh and 
Sawtrey-Chapel, in the County of Huntingdon. To 
the Prior and Convent of Clerkenwell, in London, xl. to 
have a dirige and mass for my soul within their monastery. 
Also, to the Master and Wardens of the Fellowship of 
Merchant Taylors, in the City of London, my best stand- 
ing gilt cups with covers, for a perpetual remembrance of 
me, to be kept in their hall, and they to pray for my soul. 
I bequeath to Sir William Fitz-William, my eldest son, 
ccc marks sterling, with all my harness and coats of fence 
in my gallery-chamber; my rich briganders, my cross of 
gold with a ruby, set with three diamonds, on condition that 
he keep it as long as he liveth ; likewise several pieces of 


plate^ and all my household-stuff, 8cc« at Gaynes-Parli 
I] ally and my manor-place of Milton. Also, besides my 
wife's jointure, before specified, I bequeath to him my ma- 
nors of Milton,^ Marholme, alias Marham, Etton cum 
Woodcroft, Butlers, Thoroldes, Mynskipes, aod Gaynefr* 
Park^Hall, and all and singular my other manors, &c. with* 
in the Counties of Northampton, Essex, and Lincoln, not 
by my will bequeathed ; to hold to my said eldest son 
and heir. Sir William, for the term of eighty years, if he 
should so long live, and after to my grandson, William 
Fitz-William, and his heirs male ; in default, to John Fitz- 
William, second son, in tail male ; in default, to. Brian 
Fits- William, third son of my said eldest son. Sir William 
Fitz-William ; in default, to the heirs male of the body of 
the said Sir William Fitz-William, their father; in default, 
to Richard Fitz-William, in tail male ; in default, to Chris- 
topher Fitz-William ; in default, to Francis Fitz-William ; 
in idefault, to Thomas Fitz-William, sons of me the said 
Sir William Fitz-William, the elder; in default, to the 
daughters of me the said Sir William Fitz-William, viz. Eli- 
zabeth, Anne, Ellen, and Mary, for their lives only; and 
after their decease to the right heirs of the body of Sir 
William Fitz-Willidm^ my eldest son ; in default, to the 
right heirs of his brothers before recited, in tail ; in default, 
to the next heirs of me the said Sir William Fitz-William 
the e der* To Richard Fitz-William, my second son, I 
bequeath my lands at Lambourn, in the County of Essex, 
and all such manors, &c* specified in indentures between 
me the said Sir William Fitz-William, Sir John Dansie, 
Knt. John Cheney, and Anthony Babington, Esquires, 
dated the l6th of November, 20 Henry VIII.' to the use of 
the said Richard, and the heirs male of his body ; in de- 
fault, to William Fitz-William, his elder brother, in tail 
male; in default, to Christopher, Francis, and Thomas, 
before mentioned, my younger sons* Also, my manors 
of Colys, Ringstede, and Raunds, with the appurtenances, 
in the Ct)unty of Northampton, lately bought of Robert 
Dormer, Esq. and of the manors of Champneys and 
Forsters, in Wiggington, in the County of Hertford, with 

Anno 1528. 


tbe like remainders. I bequeath to Christopher Fitz-WiU 
liam, my third sod^d marks, to purchase, landa^ &c. to 
him, and the heir? of his body lawfully begotten; also, my 
mansion and dwelling-place, with th6 garden and other 
appurtenances, in the parish of St* Peter^ in Bread-street, 
London, to him, and the heirs male of his body; in default, 
with like remainders to his brothers, as aforementioned. 
To Francis^ my fourth son, I bequeath my manor of Fen- 
ton, in the County of Lincoln, to him and the heirs male 
of his body ; in default, with like remainders to him and 
his brothers. To Thomas Fitz* William, my youngest son, 
I bequeath the manor of North borough^ alias Norborough, 
with the appurtenances, in the County of Northampton, to 
him and the heirs male of his body ; in default, to Sir Wil- 
liam Fitz-William, my eldest son ; in default, with like re- 
mainders to his brothers before-mentioned, in tail male. 1 
bequeath to my singular good Lord, the Earl of Wiltshire, 
my rich rose of diamond and rubies, beseeching him to be 
aiding to my executors in the performance of my will. 
Aly manor of Etton, in Northamptonshire. I constitute 
my executors, John Baker, Esq, Recorder of London ; An- 
thony Cook, the younger, Esq.^ Richard Waddington, 
my cousin ; and my conssin Richard Ogle, the younger ; 
and they to dispose of all my goods and chattels, pay my 
debts, legacies, and bequests; and I direct that the residue 
of my plate, jewels, ready money. Sec. and whatsoever I 
have not bequeathed by this my last n^ill, shall be divided 
into two parts ; the one half among my children indiffer- 
ently ,.and the other to my poor kinsfolks, and for the health 
and profit of my soul, according to the discretion of my 
executors*. Proved 5th Sept. 1534. 


Thomas Osborne ', of Hartlesse K My body to be 
buried in the quire of the said Church. I will that my 

- . - m. . 

* From Collins' Peerage, vol. v. p. 170 et seq. 
^ Apparently of the family from which his Grace the Duke of 
Leeds is descended. ' Or Harlip. 


son John shall have all my lands and tenements in Hart-^ 
lesse, Upcburch, and Detling, as I have delivered an estate 
in the same to him, as appears by a deed. Alexander and 
William my sons; Agnes my daughter; Agnes my wife. 

Proved at Canterbury 27th April 1 534. 


Symon Fagge \ My body to be buried in the Church- 
yard or Church of Chatham. I bequeath a taper of a pound 
of wax to our Lady in St. Gyles Chapel; Elizabeth my sis- 
ter's daughter; I will that my lands and tenements in 
Smeethe be sold ; Elizabeth my wife ; John Coke^ my sis- 
ter's son. Proved May 18th, 1534, at Canterbury. 


William Blount, Knight, Lord Montjoy^ 13th October, 
1534. If I die within the Counties of t)erby or Stafford, I 
will that my body be conveyed to the Parish Church of 

■ Ancestor of Sir John Fagg, Baronet. 

* Fourtli Baron Montjoy, a Knight of the Garter, and a 
member of the Privy Council to Henry VII. ; in the 1st Henry 
VIII. he was constituted Master of the Mint in the Tower of Lon- 
don, and also throughout the whole realm of England and town ot 
Calais ; he was thrice married, first, to Elizabeth, daughter of Sir 
William Say, Knight, by whom he had Gertrude, who became the 
wife of Henry Courtenay, Marquess of Exeter, and died in 1557 ; 
his second wife was Alice, daughter of ; and his third, Do- 
rothy, daughter of Henry Keble, and by her he had Charles his 
successor. He died in 1535. 


Barton, in which parish I was bom, and there buried in aa 
mrch on the Soath side of the same Church, near the high 
altar, in a tomb by me appointed to be made ; but if I die 
in Northamptonshire, then I will that I be buried in the 
College of Fotheringay ; if at Standon then in the Chapel 
there; and if in London then in the Gray Friars, where my 
grandfather, grandmother, my father, and the Lady Alice 
my wife, with other of my kindred and friends do lie; and 
I will that a convenient tomb be made for me, by reason 
that the King hath called me to the Order of the Garter \ 
Dorothy my now wife*; whereas Charles my son is mar- 
ried; John Blount, Knight, late Lord Montjoy, my father; 
whereas the Lady my mother lyeth in the new Abbey with 
Sir Thomas Montgomery >, her last husband, I will that a 
better fashioned tomb be there made, with two portraitures, 
one of my father, the other of my brother Sir Rowland, 
with scriptures about the tomb; and forasmuch as Henry 
Keble, whose ^daughter I married, lieth in Aldermary 
Church in London, and no stone over him, and was a spe- 
cial benefactor to the building of the same, to the value of 
MM /. and above, I will that a stone be provided to lay over 
him. Whereas Lady Elizabeth, my first wife, mother unto 
my Lady Marquess of Exeter^ lyeth in the parish church 
of Essenden, in Hertfordshire, and no stone upon faer, as 
her father. Sir William Say, promised at sundry times, to 
have removed her, and did not, I will that there be a fair, 
large, and convenient stone laid over her. 

Proved Uth February, 1535*. 

' ^rhis clause relative to the Order of the Garter is omitted in 
the MS. note of this will, but is copied in the text from Dugdale*s 

* So in the MS. note, but in Dugdale's Abstract is the following 
passage : *' Moreover he willed that if he should depart this life in 
London there should be a stone laid over his grave, the Lady Do- 
rothy, and the Lady Alice, his wife, being there buried. 

* See the will of this Sir Thomas Montgomery, p. 396; he 
there speaks of his wife as " Dame Low ;** her name appears to have 
been Lora, but it is not stated of whom she was the daughter. 

* From Dugdale*s Abstract. 



William Fogge, of St. Elphe, Canterbury, Gentleman. 
My body to be buried in the Church of Christ Church 
Canterbury, beside my ancestors. To the bell ringers of 
said Church '^ for the plele and for the marking of my 
poole 1115. IV J.;'' Katharine, my wife; to Francis my son, 
now an infant, all my lands, to him and his heirs for ever ; 
Master William Scott, Esquire, Master Richard Engeham, 
and Master John Toke, of Great Chard, my feoffees. 

Proved August 1535, at Canterbury. 



Roger Twisden, of Wye, Gentleman. My body to be 
buried in the Church of Wye. Jane my sister ; William 
my son. Proved at Canterbury 20th February 1536 \ 


Eleanor Lady La Warr% 10th May 1536. My body to 
be buried in the tomb with Thomas Lord La Warre, my 
late bedfellow in the Chancel of the Parish Church of 
Broadwater, in the county of Sussex ; I will that a priest 
shall sing for me at Broadwater, for the space of one year) 
and that my executors shall give him for his wages x 

• Query, 1636-7 ? 

• Daughter of Sir Roger Copley, of Gatton, co. Surrey, and se- 
cond wife and widow of Thomas Lord La Warr, whose will h in- 
serted in p. 605. 

• Dugdale-s Abstract, toI. ii* p 141. 



In the name of QoA, Amen. The 2d day of March 1536> 
I, Edward GreDevile^ of Wotton Underwood in the county 
of Buckingham, Esq.' being in health of body and mind, 
and considering the uncertainty of this world, and the great 
affliction that now is daily, make my last will, &c. I leave 
my soul to God, the blessed mother, and all the company 
of heaven. My body to be buried within my chapel at 
Wotton, if it fortune me to depart there. I bequeath to 
the high altar at Wotton iiJ-for unremembered tythes, and 
to the parish of Wotton xx s. I bequeath to my younger 
sons, Richard, George, and Ranulph, my fourth son, till 
they be of age, payable out of the profits arising from Bur- 
well's manor. And to whichever of my sons is my heir, at 
the time of my death, and of the age of twenty-two years, 
I bequeath several implements of household stuff, 8cc. to be 
delivered by my wife, and other executors, if they think my 
heir have any towardness in him; else, not to deliver th^ pre- 
mises till he be twenty-three years old. I bequeath to my 
wife all my other household stuff, and also my beasts and 
cattle ; of the which I would have, after my debts are paid, 
one half to be kept for my younger children, in a stock for 
their increase, by the advice of my wife, aud other execu- 
tors, until they are every one xxiii years old. The residue 
of my goods, chattels, &c. not bequeathed^ I give to Isa* 
bel my wife, George Grenevile my brother, aud Christo- 
pher Westcote, to dispose of them for the health of my 
soul, and my friends, and all other things, as shall be 
thought convenient by their discretion, whom I ordein my 
true and faithful executors, with full power to mynister in 

* Ancestor of his grace the Doke of Buckingham and Chandos, 
K. G. He was Sheriff of the Counties of Buckingham and Bed- 
ford in 1B87, and married Isabel, daughter of Thomas Denton, of 
Caversfield, oo. Bucks, Esquire, by whom he had five sons, Ed- 
ward, Richard, George, Ralph, and William ; also one daughter, 
Mary, who died an infant. The testator died 14th April 1 536, 

X X 


wiyting^ in the fonne of the law, thys my testament in 
part, or in all,, so that they change not the matter in my 
will. In witness whereof I the said Edward have wrytten 
thjs will and testament with my hand *. 


Elizabeth Countess of Oxford * SOth May 1537. My body 
to be buried in the Church of Wyvenho, by the body of 
my husband William, late Viscount Beaumont. And I will 
that my executors shall cause to be said or sung for my 
soul, as also for the souls of my father and mother, and 
for my husband's soul, two hundred masses, viz. fifty of 
the Trinity, fifty of the Holy Ghost, fifty of the Five Wotmds, 
and fifty of Requiem, and to reward the sayers xii d. in mo- 
ney ; to John Vere Earl of Oxford seven tappets of coun- 
terfeit arras of the story of Solomon ; to my Lord Bulbeck 
my godson, my ring of gold, with a rose of diamonds ; to 
the Lady Dorothy his wife a tablet of gold ; to his brother 
Aubrey, also my godson, my ring of gold, with a sapphire 
ofdivers squares, and to the Countess of Surrey, his sister^ 
a book of gold ; also, to my god-daughter Elizabeth Darcy, 
his sister, my largest ring, with a sharp diamond, and to 
the Lady Anne Vere, his sister, a book of gold; to my 
sister Vere, my image of our Lady of Pity; to my niece 
Wingfield, her daughter, my ring with the five roses; to 
my brother Sir William Kingston, Knt. my Jesus of dia- 
monds set in gold ; to my sister. Dame Mary his wife, a 
bason and ewer of silver, and to my sister Jane Brewes, a ba- 
son and ewer gilt, weighing 106 ounces; to my brother Sir 
John St. Clere, Knt. a bason and ewer of silver gilt ; to my 
sister. Dame Frances his wife; to Philip Paris, Esq. a bason 
and ewer parcel gilt, weighing 78 ounces; my nephew 
Henry Jerningham ; to my nephew, John Brews, my cross 

* From Collins* Abstract, ed. 1779, vol. v. p. 844, 
> See pedigree, next page. 




1 o S 




•Or i i?lS 

a — 'S I 


si si 

? i-l si 

s - * .5F3 g £ 

ffii4lllS| "-^5^«^^ •E.-SMS 


of gold ; my nephew John St. Clere ; my nephew Edmund 
Jerningham; to my niece Luttrel, my tablet of gold; my 
niece Andley; to my nephew, John Wyndham, a round 
loop of gold; to my nephew, Giles St. Clere, my godson, a 
cross of gold ; to my niece, Elizabeth St. Clere, a beare 
pot of silver, and lx /• which her father, Sir John St. Clere, 
oweth me ; to my nephew, Edmund Aodley, a cup of silver 
gilt. And I institute my sister, Jane ' Kingston^my execu- 
trix. Witness my brother. Sir William Kingston * ; Philip 
Paris, Esq. Proved 6 November 1537. 


Guy Machell*, of Crackenthorpe, in the county of 
Westmoreland, 24th October 28 Henry VIII. 1536. My 
body to be buried within the Church of St. Michael 
of Appleby; for the portion of my mortuary iii 5. ivd. 
and if that be not sufficient, I will that it be fully 
paid ; for my tithes forgotten, my soul to be discharged of 
the Church xx d. ; to my son Thomas Machell my best 
jack^; to Henry my son, my best steel coat, and best 
sword'; to my son Edward, my other steel coat, with one 
other sword ; to my son Leonard, one basilard ' ; to my son 
Guy one little sword ; to my wife Margaret Machell, and 
to my sons Henry, Edward, Leonard, Guy, Wylfryde, 
Gyllys, Myghtsell, Robert, and to my daughter Anne, 

* So in the MS. but evidently miscopied for Mary^ see the 
pedigree in the last page. * See his 'will in a subsequent page. 

* From Dugdale*s Abstract, vol. i. p. 19S, and a MS. note. 

> He was of the family of Machell, of Crackenthorpe, in Ap-^ 
pleby, supposed by the Reverend Thomas Machel, to be descended 
from the Catyli of the ancient Romans. He died soon after the 
date of his will. 

4 A kind of defensive coat armour worn by horsemen in war, of 
several square pieces of steel scaled fish-like, and covered over 
with leather. Leather doublets, being less and lighter, are called 

3 A poinard, or dagger. 


whom I order my true executors, all my goods, &c. not be- 
fore bequeathed. I will that my goods remain wholly un- 
der the rule of my wife Margaret till the youngest of my 
sons aforenamed comes of perfect age, and then that they 
be. evenly divided between my wife, sons, and daugh- 
ter aforenamed. I make and ordain supervisors of my will, 
Henry Earl of Cumberland ', his son Lord Henry Clifford*, 

and my right worshipful friend Sir Thomas Ch , Knt. * 

Records « of my will Thomas HyU, John Shepperth, Henry 
Nelson, with others more *• 


Everard Digby. My body to be buried at Welwyn, in 
the county of Hants. My sisters Elizabeth and Bridget 
Digby t. Proved 1 August 1537. 


Christopher Villiers. 1537. My nephews. Sir John, 
George^ Thomas, William, and Edward Villiers, and Fran- 
cis Brooksby t. 

' So created by Heury VIIL June 18^ 1525. He married, first, 
Margaret, eldest daughter of George Talbot, fourth Earl of 
Shrewsbury ; 2dly, Margaret, daughter of Henry Percy, fifth Earl 
of Northumberland, and died 34th Henry VIII. 

* Knight of the Bath. He succeeded his father in 1549 as Earl 
of Cumberland, and married, first, Eleanor, second daughter and 
coheir of Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk ; and secondly, Anne, 
daughter of William Lord Dacres, of Gillesland ; by whom he had 
George, the .celebrated Earl of Cumberland, father of the Countess 
of Pembroke and Montgomery. 

* Query, who? * Witnesses. 

* Nicolson and Bum*s Westm. and Cumb. vol. i. p. 348. 
t Ex inform. George Baker, Esquire. 



Thomas Eoglefield », Justice, 1537. My father Sir Tho- 
mas Englefield and my mother Dame Mary his wife. I 
will that my wife Elizabeth have Englefield for life. My 
sons Francis and John Englefield; my daughter Susan; 
my nieces Eleanor Clovell* and Elizabeth Young*; my 
nephew Thomas White '. ♦ 


John Knatchbull, of Lympne. Helyn my wife ; Edward 
my son; my daughter Alys, wife of William Browning. 
Thomas Gardiner vicar there. 

Proved at Canterbury 20th Feb. 1537* 

> He was Sheriff of Berkshire and Oxfordshire in the 11th 
Henry VIII. and having been brought up to the Bar he was called 
to the dignity of Serjeant at Law by the King's letters patent, 
dated 3d December 15 Henry VIII. at Hampton Court^when he had 
one hundred pounds a year granted him for life. In 15^ he was 
appointed one of the Justices of the Common Pleas, and received 
the honour of knighthood. He married Elizabeth, daughter of Sir 
Robert Throgmorton, by whom he had the issue named in his will. 
Elizabeth, his relict, died in 1548, as her will was proved on the 
16th of February in that year. Sir Thomas deceased in 1537» and 
from Francis, his eldest son, the Baronets of this family are de- 

* Daughters of the testator^s sisters, but as neither of them ap- 
pear to have married persons called Clovell or Young, it may be 
inferred that his said nieces were then married. 

3 Son of Robert White, by Elizabeth, tlie testator's sister. 

* Ex inform. George Baker^ Esquire. 



Nicholas Ti&ftoa ^, sou and befar of Wiiliam Tafton, Esq. 
2 Jasiuary 1537-8. My body to be buried in the Church 
of the Blessed Virgin of Northiam, before the altar of St. 
Nioolus ; and I will that a stone be laid over me, with my 
picture thereon, and an inscription. To Isabel Cryour 
my daughter ; to the marriages of six poor maidens in 
Northiam xx $. each ; to the reparation of that Church, re- 
pairs of yestments, and other necessaries there v marks; 
also, I will that xx s. be distributed by my executors to the 
pocNT of that parish ; to Nicholas Cryour, son of John Cry- 
our, and all the other sons and daughters of the said John 
Cryour, by my daughter Isabel. And I constitute John Tuf- 
ton, my son, to whom I bequeath all my lands, my exe- 
cutor ♦. 


Elizabeth CornwalHs*, of Thrandeston, 30th May, 1537* 
My body to be buried in the Chancel of the Church of 
Thrandeston. And I appoint Thomas Cornwallis', my 
second son, my executor*. 

« I ■..II I t ■ I 1^1 1 ^1 »— — 1^^-^— ■ » 

' Ancestor of the Eark of Thanet; he married Margaret, 
daughter and heir of Jdin Hever, of Cranbroke, in Kent, Esquire^ 
by whom he had John ; Alice, the wife of Richard Sharp ; and 
Isabel, who married John Cryour : by the inquisition taken after 
his death it appears that he died on the 31st December 1538> leav- 
John his son and heir, then nineteen years of age. 

* Memorials of the Tuflon family, p. 15. 

* ^dow of William Comwallis, £squire> whose will is inserted in 
p. 558, and daughter and coheir of John Stamford, Esquire. 

' Ardideacon of Norwich. 

t From Collins' Abstract, ed. 1779, vol. v. p. 305. 



George Earl of Shrewsbury, Lord Steward of ^the King's 
House', is ist August, 29 Henry VIIL 1537 • My body to 
be buried in the Parish Church of Sheffield, by my late 
wife Dame Anne^ without any ceremonies but Dirige on 
the eve, three masses, and a sermon on the morrow ; and 
twenty-five poor men to have black gowns to carry torches 
at my burial; but I will that not above one hundred black 
gowns be given to my servants, besides the gowns to my 
wife's gentlewomen. Also, I will that a tomb of marble be 
set over my grave, with three images to be laid thereon, 
viz. one of myself in a mantle of the Garter, another of my 
first wife in her robes, and the third of Elizabeth, now my 
wife. I will that, immediately after my decease, my exe- 
cutors cause to be given to a thousand priests sixpence a 
piece, to say Placebo and Dirige and Mass for my soul, 
and all Christian souls. And I will that xxv marks in 
money be distributed, on the day of my burial, to such 
poor people as shall be thereat, to pray for my soul. To 
my daughter, the Countess of Northumberland, a chain of 
gold with white enamel. I will that three priests, for the 

' Fourth Earl of Shrewsbury, a Knight of the Garter, and 
a distinguished military commander in the reigns of Henry VII. 
and Henry VIII. He was twice married, first, to Ann, daughter 
of William first Lord Hastings, of Ashby-de-la-Zouch, by whom 
he had Francis his successor, three sons, who died young, and 
William, afterwards Mai^hal of Ireland ; also, five daughters, Mar- 
garet, wife of Henry Clifford, Earl of Cumberland ; Elizabeth, 
who married William Lord Dacre, of Gillesland ; Anne ; Dorothy ; 
and Mary, wife of Henry Percy, Earl of Northumberland. His 
second wife was Elizabeth, daughter and coheir of Sir Richard 
Waldea, of Erith, in Kent, Knight, by whom he had John, who 
died young, and Anne, who became the wife of his ward Peter 
Compton, and after his death of William Herbert, Earl of Pem- 
broke. Dugdale states, that the Earl died 26th July 33 Henry 
VII|;I54], in which case the date of the probate of his will, as 
given in the text from a MS. note of it, must be erroneous. 


Space of twenty yeara next after my decease^ shall sing for 
my soul; whereof two in the Parish Church of Sheffield^ 
at the altar where Lady Ann, late my wife« lieth, and the 
other in the Chapel of onr blessed Lady of the Bridge in 
Sheffield, and that eyery of them have xiii marks yearly 
daring that time. Whereas I have the custody and mar- 
riage of Peter Compton, son and heir of Sir William 
Compton, Knight*, who hath the manors of Maxstocke, 
Great Wilford and Little Wilford, and Long Compton, in 
Warwickshire. Francis Lord Talbot, my son ; my daugh- 
ter, the Lady Dacre; George Talbot, my son*} William 
Hastings*! my brother-in-law*. 

Proved ISth January, 1538. 


Amias Paulett^ Knight «, 1st April, 1538. My body to 
be buried in the Church of Cherscomb, in the county of 
Somerset. To the Cathedral Church of Wells, and to the 

* Vide the will of this Sir William Compton in p. 591 • 

* This George is not mentioned in the account of the Talbot fa- 
mily in Dugdale or Collins ; query, if he was the testator's grand" 
Sim George, afterwards sixth Earl of Shrewsbury ? 

' Second Lord Hastings and Baron Hjxageriord jure uxoris, 

* From Dugdale*s Abstract, vol. i. p. 339, and a MS. note. 

* Ancestor of the Right honourable Earl Paulett. He was 
knighted for his gallantry at the battle of Newark 16th June 1487, 
and is well known for having placed the celebrated Cardinal Wol* 
seyin the stocks, when the latter^ was a schoolmaster at Lyming- 
toor, in Somersetshire, an indignity which that statesman never 
pardoned, and which he frequently resented when basking in the 
sunshine of Henry the Eighth's favour. Sir Amias Paulett was an 
eminent member of the Society of the Middle Temple, and on 
rebuilding the gate of that Inn he attempted to appease the dis-* 
pleasure of the powerful favourite by ornamenting that edifice with 
the Cardinal's cognizance and badges. He was Treasurer of the 
Middle Temple in 13 Henry VUI. and died in 1538. 


ChBrches t>f Henloa, CbeTicooib>. Cfaardy Cfookhoroe, 
Ilouosier, Soatli Peterdooi Dyniagtoo, and the Abbey 
and.Convtot of Ford. All my lands, goods, &c. I bequeath 
to my son and heir^ Sir Hugh Paulett, Knt. whom 1 make 
my sole execator; and I chaif^ him to be loving to my 
4iont John and Henry, and to help them to preferment. 

Proved £5th Jane, 1538 *• 


In the name of God; Amen. The 26th of October, the 
yere of our Lord God a thowsande fyve hundred thirty and 
eight, J, William Pelham, Knight % in the countie of Sus- 
sex, being hole in mynd, and of good memory, doth make 
and ordeyn my last will and testament, in maner and 
fourme following : First, I bequeth my soule to Almighty 
God my Creator, and to all the company of Hevyn, and 
my body to be buried in the chancel of Lawghton. Item, 
I bequeath vi/, xiiu. iiii^. for twenty sermons to be 
preached in Lawghton, and in the parishes thereaboute 
Item, I will that my three sonnes, William, Francis, and 
Edwarde, shall have twenty pounds sterling by the yere, 
during their lyves, owte of my lands, to be divided equally 
between them into three parts, and my wyfe to have the 

* From Collins* Abstract, vol. iv. p. 197* 

* Ancestor of the Right Honourable the Earl of Chichester. He 
was knighted for his services to Henry YIH. whom he attended on 
90th October 15SS, at the meeting between that monarch and 
fiancis I. aeitt' Boulogne. He died 97th October 1538| leaving 
by his first wife Mary, daughter of Sir Richard Carew, of Bed- 
diagton, co. Surrey, Knight ; Nicholas ; Edward ; Mary, whomar<» 
ried .... Hawkins ; Aiine, wife of Sir Edward Capel ; and Jane, 
who married Richard Dryland, of Bobbing in Kent. By his se- 
cond wife, Mary, daughter of William Lord Sandys of die Vino 
who survived hira and married J<^n Palmer, Esquire, he had three 
sons, William, who became one of the most celebrated men of his 
times, Francis, and Edward. 


same twenty pounds every yere during the tyme of their 
nonage, towards their fyndinge, forthwith after my dedv. 
Item, I bequeth a thowsande marks staling, to be levyed 
upon my woods, to the marriage of my fyve daughters'; 
that is to sey, Bryget, Margaret, Mary, Anne, and Jane, 
and to be divided equally between them. Item, I bequeth 
to every of my servants a coote. Item, I bequeth to John 
Devynyshe, my best geldinge* The residue of all my 
gooses, debts, stuffe, and substance, I geve unto Mary my 
wife, whom I make myn executrix of this my last will. 
These being witnesse, Mary my wife, Nicholas my sonne, 
and his wyfe, John Devynyshe, Gentilman, Sir Robert 
Fourde, Freest, with many otbc^r. 


Richard Fane, Esquire', 20th March, 1540. My body 
to be buried in the Chapel of Tudeley, in Kent, which 
Chapel I caused to be made. To Margaret^ Elizabeth, 
and Anne, daughters of John Brown^ who married my 
daughter Alice ; to Katherine Fane, daughter of George 
Fane, my son and heir. And I constitute my well-beloved 
wife, Agnes, and the said George Fane, my executors. 
And as to the disposition of my lands, tenements, &c. I 
bequeath to Agnes, my wife, all such lands as I have 
allotted to her in certain writings ; to Thomas Fane., eldest 
son of my son George, my lands and tenements in Hadlbe, 
and the lands that were sometime William Carter's, when 
he comes to the age of seventeen years, and to the heirs of 
his body ; in default, to remain to Qeorge, my son, and his 

■ Next brother of Henry Fane, whose will is inserted in a former 
page, and immediate ancestor of the Earl of Westmoreland. He 
was seated at Tudeley, in Kent, and married Agnes, daughter and 
heir of Thomas Stidolph, by whom he had one son George Fane, 
and a daughter Alice, who was the wife of John Brown, Esq. 


fieire; to Thomas'^ the seeond son of the said George, all 
my lands and tenements in Bethrisden and Smarden, when 
he comes to the age of seventeen years, and to the heirs o^ 
his body, with remainder to Thomas, the first son of the 
said George j in default, to the said George. 

Proved 2d April, 1540 *. 


Richard Beaumont, of Overton Quatermarshe, Esq.* 10th 
October 28 Henry VIII. 1536. To my three daughters, 
Albre, Dorothy, and Anne, all my moveable goods, and I 
will that they be ruled by my mother, Mary Beaumont, and 
my cousin, John Beaumont of Belgrave. Nicholas Beau- 
mont, my son and heir apparent; Edward Beaumont my 
brother. Proved 19th Feb. 1538-9. 


In the name of God, Amen. The xii day of May, in the 
XXV year of the reign of our Sovereign Lord King Henry 

* It appears that both the sons of George Fane were called 

* From Collins* Abstract, vol. iii. p. 92S. 

* Ancestor of the Baronets of this family; he was son and heir of 
William Beaumont, by Mary, daughter of Sir William Bassett, of 
Blore, CO. Stafford* Kimber, vol. ii. p. 161, states, that he married 
Collett, daughter and heir of Richard Gierke, of Buckingham, (who 
married, secondly, William Viiliers, Esquire,) and by her had Ni- 
cholas, his son and heir, and three daughters, viz. Anne, who be- 
came the wife of Keldon ; Mary, who married .«•... Sharp 

who died s. p. ; and Ethelred, thenrife of Thomas Findeme, and 
who likewise died without issue. From the above will it would 
however appear that his daughters* names were Albre, Dorothy, 
and Anne. The testator died early in 1539. 


VIII % I Henry Fane, of Hadloe, in the County of Kent^ 
Esq.* declare and make my testament, in manner and form 
following. First, I bequeath my soul unto Almighty God; 
and my body to be buried as the body of a true Christian 
may, where it shall please God, by the discretion of my 
executors. Also, I bequeath to the high altar of the parish 
church of Hadloe, for my tyihes forgotten, xun. ivd. and 
to the same Church two chalices of four pounds price ; to 
Sir James Baynes, my chaplain, till he be provided of a 
benefice in perpetuity, iv marks yearly; to my brother, Ri- 
chard Fane', my best gown; to my brother, John Fane, my 
second best gown. The residue of my goods and chattels 
I bequeath to my brethren Richard Fane and John Fane, 
whom I appoint my executors. And as to the disposition 
of my manors, lands, and tenements, first, I will that Alice 
my wife have the lands appointed for her jointure for term 
of her life; I will that my brother, John Fane, and the heirs 
male of his body, have all my lands, &c. lying in Great 
Peckham, in Kent, with remainder, in default of issue 
male, to Ralph Fane^, and to the heirs male of his body; in 
default, to Richard Fane, my brother, remainder in default 
to the eldest son of John Fisher, of Hadloe, my brother-in« 
law ; in default, to remain from one brother to another of 
the said Fisher's sons ; in default, to Thomas Wombewell, 
my sister's son ; in default, to remain to the next heirs of 
me, the said Henry, and for default, to remain to Ralph 
Fane and to his heirs for ever. Also, my will is, that im- 
mediately after my decease, the manor place that I dwell 
in, with all the lands thereto adjoining, shall remain to 
Ralph Fane, and the heirs male of his body, so that he do 
not suffer a recovery to be had against him thereof, or sell 

> Anno 1533. 

' Son and heir of Henry Fane, whose will is inserted in p. 391* 
He was Sheriff of Kent in 93 Henry VII. and married Alice, sister 
of John Fisher, Esquire, but died without issue. 

' From whom the Right Honourable the Earl of Westmoreland 
is descended. 

^ It does not appear what relation this Ralph was to the testa- 


aitj of the lands whereof he hath a posnbility to reiain by 
this my last will. And also I will, thftt the profits shall be 
einployed to the finding of my brother John Fane's chil- 
dren, that is to say, to Henry Fane and Richard, his sons ; 
and after their decease, without heirs male of their bodies, 
the said lands to be entailed as is above recited. Also, I 
will that after the decease of Alice my wife, my brother, 
John Fane, shall have all the lands of her jointure, and to 
the heirs male of his body ; in default, to the said Ralph 
Fane and his heirs male ; in default from heir to heir as be* 
fore entailed ; in default, to the said Ralph and his heirs for 
ever* So that my intent and meaning is^ that Ralph Fane 
shall have all my lands in Hadloe and Capel; my brother, 
John Fane, all my lands and tenements in Great Peckham 
and Tunbridge; and to be entailed to every of them', as is 
before recited. Proved 7th June 1538*. 


Dame Elizabeth Fineux, widow, Slst May, ldS9« My 
body to be burled in the Church of Heme, in the high 
Quire, and in the South side of the high Altar. To the 
works of the said Church v /.; to Master Nicholas Rydley, 
Vicar of Heme, ly marks; my son, William Fineux; my 
godson, John Fineux ; my god-daughters^ Elizabeth FyU 
borow and Elizabeth Sonds^ Margery Sonds, Elizabeth 
Dryland ; my brother. Sir William Paston ; my daughter- 
in-law, Mrs. Jane Roper ; Elizabeth, one of the daughters 
of William Roper, Esq.; Sir William Bonker, parson 
of Tuns tall ; William, son of John Dygges, Esq. late of 
Berham. Proved at Canterbury. 

* From Collins* Abstract, ed. 1779, vol. iii. p. 221. 



Edmund Bray, Knight, Lofd Bray % 18th October 15S9. 
My hody to be buried at Chdsea, beside the sepulture of 
John Biay, Esq, my father; and I constitute the Lady Jane, 
now my wife, my executrix* 

Proved 12th March 1540 \ 


Thomas Martyn, Gent* My body to be buried in Herne- 
hill Church ; my wife Elianor, and my brother William 
See ; my brothers, Robert and William Martyn ; William 
Marshall, vicar. 

Proved at Canterbury 15th April 1 539' 


William Twisden, of Great Chart. My body to be bu- 
ried in the Church of Chart. To be bestowed on the stee* 
pie of the Church xx nobles ; to my sister Hawker; to my. 
sister Alys ; to Christopher Blenchyden, the woods I lately 
purchased at Bethersden ; William Sharpe, of Chart ; my 
cousin, of Wye ; Nicholas Toke ; Maister Goldwell ; my 
cousin, Thomas Twisden ; Cheyne Mayle, my godson ; my 
cousin Woodward ; my sister Fynch ; Master Thomas 
Mayle ; Master Walter Mayle. 

Proved at Canterbury 20th Nov. 1539* 

* First Lord Bray. It would appear that he had two wives, but 
Dugdale merely notices Jane, daughter and heir of Richard Hali- 
well, by ... . daughter and heir of John Norbury, by whom he had 
John his successor in the Barony, and seven daughters. 

* Dugdale says, that his will was proved 18 June following the. 
date of his will. 




Syr Henry Arundell, one of the Prestes of the Almery in 
Christ Church. My body to be buried in the church-yard 
of Christ Church. Syr Humphry Garth^ parson of St. 
Mildred in Canterbury. 

Proved at Canterbury £gth Oct. 1540. 


Robert Bellasis*. My body to be buried in ^'terr' sanctu'.*' 
To my wife Margery cc marks ; to my son and heir^Wil- 
liam Bellasis my plate at Henknowle as an heir loom, and 
my lands at Rickenhall ; I bequeath the parsonage of Le- 
tham to the use of my son Richard ; my son Anthony Bel- 
lasis ; my daughters Margaret and Jane Bellasis ; my 
brother Doctor Bellasis*; my sisters* Smith and Hutton; 
and my sifter Kiirkham^s son John. Proved S 1st July 1540*. 

^ In CoUins' Peerage, vol. v. p. 353, his baptismal name is said 
to have been Richard, He was the son and heir of- Thomas Bda- 
syse, by his second wife, Margaret, daughter of Sir Lancelot Thir- 
keld, and on the 4th March 1597-8 the testator was constituted Con- 
stable of the Castle of Durham for life, and he was also a member 
of the Council of the North on its first establishment. He died 
S6th March 1540, leaving by Margery his wife> daughter and heir 
of Richard Errington, of Cokel and Uorton, Esquire, se?eral chH- 
dren. William, his eldest son, was Uie ancestor of the Eark and 
Viscounts Fauconberg, which title became extinct in 1816. 

* Anthony Bellasis, LL.D. and Master in Chancery, and, al- 
though a layman, likewise Archdeacon of Colchester and Pre- 
bendary of Westminster and Lincoln; he died in 1669. 

' The only sisters attributed to the testator by Collins are Eliza- 
beth, wife of William Clervaux, of Croft, co. Yor]c, Esqaire ; and 
Margaret, of Anthony Smith, of Kelton, Esquire ; his sisters Sut- 
ton and Kerham were possibly his wife's sisters, or one of his own 
sisters might have married twice. 

* Ex inform. George Baker, Esquire. 



Ralph Lane, of Hogshaw, ia the county of Bucks. My 
body to be there buried. Maud my wife ; my uncle George 
Lane ; my uncle Ralph Lane, who has the manor of Clen* 
tlon, in the county of Northampton. 

Proved 17th November 1540*. 


Everard Digby, of Stoke, Knight \ My wife Margery ; 
my eldest son Kenelm ; my son Anthony Digby, and Ka- 
therftie my daughter. Proved 1540*, 


John Tyrell, of Little Warley, in the County of Essex, 
Knt. 20 February 22 Hen. VHL 1531. My body to be 
buried in the chancel of the Church of Little Warley ; and 
I will, that a stone be put over me, as my father, Hum- 
phrey Tyrell, lyeth in. East Thorndon Church. To my 
daugliter Fry with, to her marriage, or living sole, c marks ; 
to Stephen, Morris, and Humphrey, my sons^ v marks 


' Apparently Sir Everard Digby, of Drystokey co. Rutland, who 
was Sheriff of Rutland in 1513, 1518, 1528, and 1532, and of Lei- 
cester and Warwick in 1521, and who, according to Collins, ed. 
1779> vol. viii. p. 243, married Mary^ daughter of Sir John Hey« 
don, and by her had Kenelm Digby, of Drystoke, Esquire. This 
Sir Everard died 1 1th April 1540, and is buried in the chancel of 
Diystoke Church, under a handsome tomb, on which is the fol- 
lowing inscription : 

tie jatet ^becdtbu^ 9tgbp, JKtile^, qtui obttt unaectmo fete 
Stynlij^, anno Domini M€€€€€Jl% cuja^ anuns propittetor 
9ctt^. Sbbta. 

* Ex inform. George Baker, Esquire. 

y y 


yearly, out of ThoradoD Hall, for life; to. my son Elalph, 
when he comes to the age of twenty-ooe years ; to my son 
William xls. yearly, immediately after my decease) to 
Mary, sometime a nun at Barking, a ring with a saphire; 
to Elizabeth Hopton, my wife's daughter, provided she 
gives no trouble to my executors about the will of her 
father, John Hopton; to Dame Ann Tyrell, my wife; Wil- 
liam Wourtington, my son-in-law. And 1 constitute Mar- 
garet Tyrell, my daughter, John- Tyrell, my son and heir, 
Humphrey Tyrell, my brother, and Anthoi^y Brugge, my 
son-in-law, my executors. Proved 19th March, 1540*. 



David Cisell*, of Stamford, in Northamptonshire', Esq. 
On the feast of the Conversion of St. Paul*, 1535 \ My 
body to be buried in the Parish Church of St. George, in 
Stamford. To Jane, my wife, all my lands in Stamford, 

> Query, 1640-1 ? 

* Grandfather of William Cecil, the first and celebrated Lord 
Burleigh ; he was the younger son of Philip Sicelt, and having 
purchased a good estate in Lincolnshire in 2^ Henry VIL founded 
a chauntry in St. George's Church in Stamford, and in 3 Henry 
VIU. was constituted Water Bailiff of iWittlesey Mere, in Huntings 
donshire, and Keeper of the Swans there, and throughout all the 
waters and Eena in the counties of Hunts, Cambridge, Lincoln, and 
Northampton, for thirty years ; two years afterwards he was ap^ 
pointed one of the King's Serjeants at Anns, and having progres- 
sively risen in the royal favour, obtained grants of some import- 
i^nce ; in 1599 he was escheator of Lincolnshire, and in the 23d 
Henry VIII. became Sheriff of the County of Northampton : by 
Jane his wife, daughter and heir of John Dichons, of Stamford, he 
had two sons Richard and David, and a daughter Jane, and died 
in 1541. Collins* Peerage, vol. iii. p. 154. 

* Sic in the MS. note, but Collins' abstract of this will states that 
it was dated at Stamford in Lincolnshire; and as there is a place of 
that name in both counties it is difficult to say which account it 

* January 25. * Query, 1535-6 ? 


Na88yDgt6Dj and eUewberev for term of her life/ and after 
lier decease to Richard Giseli, my son and heir, and to hia 
heirs for ever, AlsoJ bequeath to Jane, my mfe, all the 
plate, wliich was her's before I married her, and twenty 
kine and a bul). To Richard, my : eldest son> my best 
gowny aad two complete feather beds; to Joan^ my daugh- 
ter, XX /. and one half of the household good^ at Dowsby. 
and Nassington ; to Dayid \ my son^ two complete feather 
beds, my black gown of cloth lined with damask, a doublet 
of satin, streaked, with a jacket, and my green coats; to 
Anthony Villiers my second best gown, my best doublet, 
and my velvet jacket. I will that a priest shall sing a year 
at St. George's Church at Stamford for my soul. The resi- 
due of my goods I bequeath to Richard Cysall, my son, to 
the honour of God, and for the health of my soul, after the 
most laudable manner that he can do or devise; and I or* 
dainhim my sole executor. . Proved l6th March 1541 ^ 


Lady Margaret Countess of Kent', 10th December 1540. 
My body to be buried in the Cbu;rcb of the late* Whi^ 

* David m>f father, in the MS. abstract, but as aboTe'iil Collins, 
which is evidently correct, as his father wasnomed Philip; 

^ Query, 1541-3 ? 

* Dugdale, . in his^nanttti ve of the ikmily of Grey EkrU of Kent, 
gives a very imperfectaocouat of Ridiard Earl of Eeat^ K.G^ the 
testatrix's husband, as he merely informs us that he succeeded his fa- 
ther Geoi^e in the 20th Henry VII. was at the siege of Therouenne 
4 Henry VIIL and that haviDg married Elizabeth, daughter of Shr 
William Husee^ Knight, and much wasted his estate by gaming, 
died at the sign of the George in Lombard-street, in London, in. 
15 Henry VIIL s. p. and was buried in the White Friars, leaving 
Margaret bis wife alive, who died in the 32d Henry VIIL and was 
likewise .buried in the White Priars, under her husband's tomb-' 
stone. If this statement be correct Margaret must have been his 
9econd wi£e. 

* The order of White Friars, London, was suppressed 17th No- 
vember 1539, and she appears to have doubted whether she might 
be allowed to be buried in the Church which belonged to it. 

y y 2 


Friars ia Fleet-street, London, under the tomb where Riclf-^ 
ard Earl of Kent, my late husband, lyeth, if it may be 
suffered. To my brother, Nicholas Wariilge, a black 
gown ; to my cousin, Robert Brooke, and his wifte^ a black 
gown. And I constitute Edward North, Esq. Treasurer of 
the Augmentation, and Robert Brooke, Common-serjeant 
of London^ my executors, and Mr. Dr. Leighton, Dean of 
York, overseer. Proved 7th January 1540-1. 


Richard Grey, Knight ', uncle to Henry Marquess of 
Dorset, 28th March 1541* I bequeath all my goods to 
the Lady Florence my wife. Proved 28th March 1541. 


John Bourchier, Knight, LordFitzwarine*, 20th October 
1535. My body to be buried in the Church of Baunton, 
in the County of Devon, or in the Chapel there, where my 
fatber is buried. I will that a tomb, or stone of marble, 
be laid over my grave>.with my picture in brass, and my 
arms, with the day and year of my death graven thereon. 
Also, I will that a hearse be placed over my grave, with ta- 
pers upon the same, burning at all times of divine service 
and prayers, there to be said and done for my soul at the 

* Younger son of Thomas first Marquess of Dorset^ and uncle to 
Henry Grey, third Marquess of Dorset, and afterwards Duke of 
Suffolk. It does not appear whom the testator married, or whether 
he left issue.' 

* Eleventh Baron Fitzwarine ; he was created Eai*! of Bath 9th 
July 1536, and died 30th April 31 Henry VIIL 1539. Dugdale 
states that his wife was Cecily y sister and heir of Henry Earl of 
Rridgewater^ by whom he had John his son and heir, two other 
sons, and five daughters. If the MS. abstract be correct in stating 
that he made Elizabeth his wife his executrix he was probably 
twice married. ^ 


vime of my burial, and that a trentall of masses be said at 
my month's mind ; and also, another trentall on the day of 
my anniversary, with Placebo and Dirige, and other ori- 
sons. Also, I will that an honest secalar priest shall sing 
mass in the said Chapel for the health of my soul, for th^ 
space of twenty years next after my decease. To my son 
and heir apparent. Sir John Bourchier, Knight, all my bed- 
ding, hangings, and household stuff, being at Towestock *, 
in the County of Devon, with all my harness and armour ; 
and I constitute Elizabeth my wife my executrix \ 

Proved 2d June 1541. 


William Kingston, Knight of the Noble Order of the 
Garter*, 26th January ]5d9* To my son, Anthony King- 

* Tavistock. 

* From Dugdale*s Abstract, vol. ii. p. 131, and a MS. note. 

* He was Comptroller of the Household of Henry VIII., Con- 
stable of the Tower of London, and one of that monarch's Privy 
Council, by whom he was employed in several embasmes and other 
important services. Buswell, who describes him of Kingston Hall 
in GloQcestershire^ asserts that he was Captain of the Guards to 
Edward VI. and that after the Duke of Somerset's fall he retired 
from all his employments and died in 1552, This^ statement is 
however manifestly erroneous, for as his will was proved in 1541, it 
is obvious that he died five years before Edward ascended the 
throne ! The person whom Buswell mistakes for the testator was 
Provost Martial to the forces sent in 1547 to quell the rebellion in 
Cornwall, and of whom Baker relates what he terms <' the bloody 
jest," and *< merry cruelty,'* concerning the execution of the 
Mayor of Bodmin, and of a miller of that place. Bfiker and 
Buswell call the Provost Martial in question Sir William 
Kingston, but Carew, Lysons^ and other historians of Corn- 
wall, state that it was Sir Anthony Kingston. Carew quaintly 
describes the circumstance in the following words : << Sir Anthony 
Kingston, then Prevost Martial of the King's Army, hath lefl his 
name. more memorable than commendable amongst the townsmen 
Zof Bodmin]] for causing their Mayor to erect a gallows before his 


8ton, six great bowls of silver; to my son-in-law, Sir Henry 
Jerningham^ xxl. and a gown of black satin furred with 
sables, which the King gave me ; to my son-in-law, Ed- 
.mjond Jerningham, xx L ; to my brother, George Kingston, 
towards the marriage of his daughters, xl /; Mary my wife ; 
to my son Anthony my manors of Clopton and Russhe, in 
the County of Berks, which I purchased of Leonard Kecle, 
Esq. Proved 5th July 1541. 


Francis Browne, of Tolthorpe, in the coanty of Rutland, 
Esq, 1 March 32 Hen. VIH. 1541. To Beatrix my wife, 
• • • • yearly, out of my lands at Tolthorpe and Little Cas- 
terton. I will that my- debts to my son Henry, and to my 
daughter Joan, a:dd to all others be paid. The residue of 
my goods 1 bequeath to my younger sons, when they be- 
come twenty-four years of age. To my soa and heir, 

Anthony, and my younger son, William Browne, out of 

I _ I - — ' ■■—■I.I- .,_ ^ — 

own door, upon which (after having feasted Sir Anthony) himself 
.wa».haoged. In like sort (say they) he trussed up a miller's roan, 
thereby, for that he presented himself in the others stead, saying he 
could never do bis master better service. But men's tongues, readily 
inclined to the .worst reports, have lefl out a part of the truth in 
this tale, that the rest ipight carry the better grace : for Sir An- 
thony did nothing herein as a judge, by discretion, but as an of- 
ficer, by direction; and besides he gave the mayor sufficient watch- 
words of timely warning, and large ispace of respite (more than 
which, in regard of his own peril, he could not afford) to shift for 
- safety, if an uneschewable destiny had not haltered him to that ad- 
vancement. As for the miller's man he equalled his master in their 
common offence of rebellion, and therefore it deserved the praise 
of mercy, to spare one of the two^ and not the blame of cruelty to 
hang one for another." It is probable that Sir Anthony Kingston^ 
mentioned by Carew, was the son of the testator Sir William King- 
ston, K. G. whose will is given in the text, married Mary, daughter 
; and coheir of Sir Richard Scrope^ of Upsal, Knight, and widow of 
Sir Edward Jerningham, by whom it appears he had a son An- 
. thony last mentioned. 


my lands in Kyrton ia Holland. Robert and Edmund^ 
my brothers. I will, that a priest be appointed to sing 
for me for twenty years. If I die at Tolthorpe, I will 
that my body be buried at Little Gasterton ; but if I die in 
London, then 1 will that I be biiried with my grandfather, 
John Pynchebeke, of Gray's Inn. 


Gilbert Talbot, of Grafton, in the county of Worcester, 
Kniglit ', 19th October 1542. My body to be buried in the 
Chapel of St. John the Evangelist, of Why techurch, in Sa- 
lop, and I wUl that a tomb of marble be kiid upon me. I 
will that my executors found a perpetual chauntry within 
the said Chapel of St. John the Evangelist, for a priest to 
celebrate daily service therein, and pray for my soul, and 
the soul of my father. Sir Gilbert Talbot, my mother's soul, 
and my ancestors' souls, and that he have for his wages 
vL sterling out of my lands and tenements in Whit- 
church. I will that four banners be carried at my 
sepulture, one of the Trinity, one of the Annunciation 
of our Lady, on^ of St. John the Evangelist, and one 
of St. Anthony. To every Church which my body passes 
a torch and iii s.vvd. Whereas Sir Gilbert Talbot my 
father, deceased, bequeathed a gown of cloth of gold, 
one robe of blue velvet, used for the honourable order of 
the Garter, to the use of the said Chapel, one table of tim- 

' » ■ . ' - 

, \ He was the son and heir of Sir Gilbert Talbot, Knight of the 
Garter ; and by bis first wife Anne, daughter and coheir of Sir Wil- 
liam Fasten, of Paston, in Norfolk, Knight, by Ann, sister and co- 
heir of Edmund Beaufort Duke of Somerset, had two sons, Hum- 
phrey and Walter, who both died without issue, and three daugh- 
ters, who became his coheirs, viz. Margaret, who married Sir Robert 
'Newport, of Rushock, co. Worcester, Knight ; Elizabeth, wife of 
Sir John L^jrtdeton, of Frankley. co. Worcester, Knight ; and Mary> 
who married Sir Thomas Astley, 6f PatershuU, co. Stafford, Knight ; 
Sir Gilbert Talbot, the testator, was Sheri|r of Worcester in the 31st 
Henry VIII. and died 22d October 1543. 



ber for the altar in the said Chapel, one image of oar 
Blessed Lady the Virgin, and one book lined with gold, I 
will that they be kept in a coffer for the use of the said 
Chapel. To Dame Elizabeth Talbot, my wife, all my jewels 
and household goods, and this half-yearns rent of the lands 
that are her jointure by her late husband William Wyater ; 
to Margaret Newport, wife unto Robert Newport, one of 
my daughters, six of my heifers, six bullocks, and a cham* 
bre; to John Littleton^ Esq. one. of the sons of Elisabeth 
Littleton, another of my daughters, a gown of russet yei- 
vet; to Humphrey Talbot, one of my sons, over and be* 
sides the manor of Langford, a gown of tawney velvet, the 
lease of Bauton Mills, and the lease of a dove-bouse in 
Wyche ; to Walter Talbot, another of my sons, my lands 
in Worcestershire ; to Eleanor Dudley, wife unto Geoffrey 
Dudley, Esq. one of my daughters, lands and rents in 
Feckenham ; to my son Dudley, a gown of black velvet ; 
to Margaret Talbot, another of my daughters, a bed, and 
fifteen kine; to Gilbert Talbot, Gilbert Asteley, Gilbert 
Talbot, son of Walter Talbot, and Gilbert Littleton, son of 
John Littelton the elder, Gilbert Littleton, son of John Lit- 
tleton the younger, one of the younger of my five godsons, 
each XX ^.; to my brother. Sir John Talbot, Knt. all my 
lease of the tenements in London, in Thames^street, within 
the parish of St. Peter, which I have of the lease of the 
Dean and Chapter of Paul's. And I constitute my bro- 
ther Sir John Talbot, my son Humphrey Talbot, my exe- 
cutors, and my right good Lord the Bishop of Worcester ' 
overseer ; and for his pains I bequeath unto him two pots 
of silver. And, my will fulfilled, I bequeath the residue of 
my estate to Walter Talbot, Humphrey Talbot, and Mar- 
garet^ my children. Proved 15th January 1543*. 
I -^ - - ■ ■ ■ — ■' 

* John BelL 

* From Collins' Peerage, ed. 1768, vol. ii. p. 41S6, and a MS. 
note. Collins asserts, that the will was proved 15th June foUow- 
ing.October 1542, but as he died on the 82d October 1549, it is 
more likely that it was proved in January 1543, as stated in the 
MS. note of it just cited. 



Thomas Lovett, of Astwell/in theCoanty of Northamp-' 
ton, dOth November 1.542. My body to be buried in the 
parish Church of Wassenham, under a certain stone that 
I bought at Bettlesden, that lay upon my wife there. 
Whereas Jane, now my wife^ hath the third part of the 
manor of Astwell and Fawcote; to my sons George Lovett, 
and John Lovett his brother, each xl«. ; to Amy Lovett, 
my son's daughter, xx /• to be paid at her marriage by her 
broAer Thomas LoTett>; And I constitute my brother, Ni* 
cholas Lovett, the said Thomas Lovett, my cousin and 
heir appai^ent, and James Bury, my son-in-law, my execa- 
tor«. To William Palmer, my daughter's 8on> being lame, 
VI /. XIII $. IV d. to iind him to grammar-school ; to his sis* 
ter, Grace Palmer, vi /. xiii s. iv d. 

Proved 19th January 1542-5. 


Andrews Windsor, of Stanwell, in the County of Middle- 
sex. Knight, Lord Windsor % 26th March 1543. My body ' 
to be buried in the choir of the Church of the Holy Trinity 
of Hounslow, in the said County of Middlesex, whether 
I decease within the realm of England or without, if by any 
reasonable means I can be conveyed thither; and to be 
placed between the pillars where my entire well beloved 
wife, Elizabeth Lady Wyndsore, lieth buried ; I will that 

there be made a convenient tomb of freestone, with such 

i - — ---—■■,.-■ ■■-■■■, , ^ ^ 

* From the testators describing this Thomas in another part of 
his will as his cousin and heir apparent, it appears that he and 
Amy his ^ster, were his grandchildren, namely, the children of his 
eldest son, who it is most probable died in his father's life-time. 

* fir^t Lord Windespre of Stanwell, and one of the most cele* of bis times. By his wife Elizabeth, sister and ci^ir 
of Edward Blount Lord Mountjoy, he had four sons and four 
daughters, all of whom are named in his will. 


arms, images, and scriptures, as shall be thought best by 
the discretion of my executors; also, I will that my son 
George's * tomb be also finished. And I desire^ that my 
said burial be conveniently done according to my de- 
gree^Avith such clothing to my household aervants, and 
such mourners as shall be appointed by my executors, ami 
U> none others. I will that, at the day of my interment, there 
be twenty^four torches, and . four great tapers about my 
Jiearse, to be holden by twenty-eight poor men, eviery torch 
^Mreighlng sixteen pounds, and every taper containing 
twelve pounds, and every of the poor men, which I desire 
jnay. be of the parish of Stan well, to have vi d. and a gown 
of friae. I will, that during one month after my decease. 
Placebo and Dirige, with mass qf Requiem, be said daily for 
jne in the said Church ; and that x /. be given to poor te* 
nants in Stanwell and Horton. Also, I will that my exe- 
cutor, or next heir, keep soleoinly an obit yearly in the 
Church of StanwelU or in such church or parish as I shall 
hereafter happen to dwell in, for tne, my wife, my father, 
mother, ancestors, and friends, and all Christian souls, on 
the day of the decease of my loving father, Thomas 
Wyndesore, Esquire, or within fourteen da^s> ^ he same, 
for the space of fourteen years next after my aecease, with 
as many priests and clerks as by my said father's Will is di- 
rected, to be paid out of such part of the revenues and pro- 
mts as shall come and grow of my manor of March Bal- 
dyngton, otherwise called Baldyagton Wyndsore, within 
the county of Oxford, over and above such sums of money 
as I have assigned for two Chauntries to be- founded in the 
Churches of Stanwell and Dorney ; for the which obit 1 will 
that the Vicar of Stanwell shall, have xxd. and every priest 
assisting at Dirige and nuus x d, and for mass only viJ.; 
every clerk, for Dirige and mass, viif d. and for mass only 
ivd. except the clerk of Stanwell, to whom I will itx d, and 
to the bell-ringers xvi di Also, I will that there be bestowed 
on the poor people of the parish, at every obit, one quarter 
of wheat, two kilderkins of beer and malmsey, and comp- 

* His eldest son^ who died in his father's life- time s. p. s. 


fitts for the quire, as heretofore has been usual, I will, 
that all such plate and household goods as I had of my 
lady my mother, be left with Sir William Windsor, 
Kuight, my son and heir apparent, or such other as shall 
happen to be my next heir, for the occupation of my 
heirs and their wives, during their lives, finding suffi- 
cient security for delivery thereof to the same heirs, when 
they may come to it. To my son Edmund, all my house- 
hold goods, 8cc. in my house of Bonyorden, in Stoke-Poges 
in Bucks. To my son Thomas, all my household goods, &c. in 
my chamber at London, and in my own chamber at Stanwell. 
To my daughters, dame Elizabeth, wife of Sir Peter Vavasor 
of Spaldington in York; Anne, wife of Roger Corbet, of Mor- 
ton-Corbet in Shropshire, Esq.; Edith, wife of George Lud- 
low, of Hill-Deverell in Wilts, Ssq.; every of which I mar- 
ried in my life-time, and well provided for, desiring them to 
pray for my soul. To my sister, Margaret Windsor, late 
Prioress of the late monastery of Sion, an annuity of lxxx /. 
vi 5. VIII d. out of my manor of Crainford, in com. Mid- 
dlesex, to pray for my soul, my father and mother's souls, 
&c« To Sir William Windsor, my son, my chayne of gold, 
with a cross of diamonds and pearls; my cup of silver 
gilt, called the helmet; a bason and ewer of silver, with the 
Lady BedylFs arms on it, and other plate, to remain to my 
heirs males, and to the heirs males of my brother. Sir An- 
thony Windsor. To Edith, daughter of the said Sir An- 
thony, c marks. And I direct, that if I have wronged 
any man, or am indebted to any, if it can be proved, 
that my executors recompence them. And that the will 
of my. loving motber, dame Elizabeth Litton, and the will 
of my lady my wife, and of my son George Windsor, 
be fulfilled, t bequeath to Agnes Windsor, and Ursula, 
daughters of my son Thomas Windsor, c marks on their 
marriages, and, on their decease without issue, to Peter 
Windsor, Miles Windsor, and Andrew Windsor; and, in 
default, to my son Thomas, younger brother of Edmund. 
The residue of my goods, chattels, &c. my debts and lega- 
cies paid, I bequeath to my son and heir, William Wind- 
sor, Knight, And I appoint executors Sir Thomas Audley, 


Knight; Lord Audley of Walden^ and Lord Cbancellor; Sir 
John Baker, Knight, Chancellor of the Tenths ; SirWilliatn 
Windsor, my son and heir ; and my son, Edmund Wind- 
sor, Esq. ; and overseers of my will, Thomas Duke of Nor- 
folk, and my brother^ Sir Anthony Windsor, Knight. An4 
for their labour, to the Lord Chancellor, l /•; to Sir John 
Baker, xxx /. vi s. viii d.; to Thomas Duke of Norfolk, 
XL /. ; to my brother. Sir Anthony Windsor, x /. ; praying 
them to be aiding and assisting in the execution of this my 
will and testament. Proved 31st July 154S*. 


David Owen, Knight^ 20th February, 1529- My body 
to be buried in the Priory of Essebome, after the degree 
of a Baronet *, that is, with helmet and sword, my coat 
armour, my banner, my standard, my pendant, and set 
oyer a banner of the Holy Trinity, one of Our Lady, and 


* From Collins' Abstract, ed. 1779, vol. iv. p. 222. 

* Sic in the MS. but more properly Banneret. This person is 
by some writers considered to have been a natural son of Owen 
Tudor, grandfather of King Henry the Seventh, but from his or- 
dering an obit to be kept for his Jaiher and mo^A^, and from the 
dates, it would rather appear that he watf the son of the natural son 
of that personage. It is certain that his second wife was Ann, sis- 
ter of Walter Devereux Lord Ferrers of Chartley, afterwards 
created Viscount Hereford, and that by her he had issue ; but in 
most pedigrees of that family the fiiud Anne is said to have married 

. Henry Lord Clifford. The first wife of Sir David Owen appean 
to have been Mary, daughter and coheir of John de Bohun, of 
Midherst, and by her he probably had Jasper Owen and Sir Henry 
. Owen, Knight, the father of David Owen mentioned in his will. It 
was in all probability this Sir David Owen whose disposition in ite 
cause of the divorce between Henry the Eighth and Katherine of 
Arragon is preserved in the British Museum, in the Cottonian M& 
Vitellius, B. xii. f. 98. In HarL MSS. 1507, cited in Bank*' Dor- 
mant and Extinct Peerage, the pedigree stands thus : . 


ftootber of St* George, borne after the order of a man of 
^y degree, and the same to be set over my tomb in the 
said Priory. I will that an obit be kept yearly, the morrow 
for the soals of King Henry the Seventh/ Edmund some- 
time Earl of Richmond, Jasper Duke of Bedford, my 
father, my mother, &c. I will that a vault of brick be 
made under the ground, where my body shall lye, and that 
a tomb be set upon the same vault, and mine image, and 
the image of my iSrst wife; and I will that my tomb be 
new gilt and painted. Anne, my wife> sister to Walter 
Devereux, Lord Ferrers of Chartley; to my two daughters 
by my wife Anne each d marks ; to Barbara, my bastard 
daughter, ccc marks ; to my daughter Anne Hopton a 
standing cup of silver. I constitute Robert Norwiche, the 
King's Serjeant'at-Law, Sir William Fitz- William, Trea- 
surer of the King's Household, my executors, who shall 
stand seised of my manor of Southwick, in Wilts, and the 
Chauntry there, and of my manor of Wooton, in Surrey, 
with the Advowson of the Church there, and the free Cha- 
pel of the same, and all my lands and tenements in 
Rousper and Horsham, in Sussex, with my land in -Far- 
thingston, Hallowell, and ^rneley^ in Northamptonshire, 
for my use for term of my life, remainder to Owen, my son, 
begotten on the body of Anne, my now wife ; remainder 
to my second son, John Owen and the heirs male of his 
body ; remainder to the use of my son Jasper Owen ; re- 
mainder to David Owen, son of my son Sir Henry Owen, 

Ann, daughter and=s^r Davids==Mary, daushter and coheir of 
heir of William Owen. ( John de Bohun ; Sd wife. 

Blount ; ob. s. p. | 

Sir Henry Owen;:^ Jasper. Roger. Anne. 

David Owen. 
The will in Ae text proves that this statement is not strictly cor- 
rect, unless he had three mves ; in all probability by his wife Mary 
Bohun he had the children assigned him in the HarL MSS. just 
referred to, and that the daughter Ann tUere mentioned is de- 
scribed in his will as his dai^^hter Anne Hopton. But it is cer- 
tain from his will that by his second wife Ann Devereux he had 
two sensy Owen Owen and John Owen, and likewise two daughters. 


Kfit. Such persons as are seisied of my manors of Wooton 
and Buekby, and the moiety of the manor of Creke, late 
William Catesbie's, and my manor of Much Creton, 
caHed Watford Manor in Macb Creton, in Northamp-^ 
tonsbire. I will that my manor of West Corbet, itf 
the County of Southampton, shall remain to Anne, my 
wife I will that such persons as are seised in my manors 
of Lageham^ Walkhampsted, and Merdon, in Surrey; and 
my manor of Bodington, in Sussex, with all my lands 
in Bodington, Esseborne, Lynehemore, and Famhurst, in 
the same County, and in the manors of Watford, in North* 
amptonshire, Isampsted, in Buckinghamshire, and Wolde; 
in Northamptonshire. To the Pridry of St. Mary Overeys, 
where my grandmother by my second wife* ly^lh, cl. for 
an obit there to be kept; to the daughter of my niece cl. 

Proved loth May, 1542. 


Sir Edward Ringeley, Knt. 24th July, 1543. My body buried in Gur Lady Church, Sandwiche, in Jh^^us 
Chapel, on the left-hand .side the altar. Dame Jane, my 
wife; my brother, William Boys% and his wife, my sister; 
my sister Margeret ; to Dame Jane, my wife, and her heirs 
for evermore^ my great house called the King's Lodging, 
and both my Btables, and my great garden, and a doye«* 
bouse, and my bams and housetsgsin-St. Clement's Pa- 
rish, and all my houses and lands in Chillenden wbibh t 
bought of James Griggs. I will thai my house called Pai- 
radyse, with all the houses and orchard belonging thereto, 
and a bam on the West side of the orchard called Hell 
Barne, and all the parcels of stuff shall be for her use and 
occupation during her life, and after her decease the same 

> Apparently Ann, daughter and sole heir of WtUIacn Ferrers 
Lord Ferrers of Chartley, and grandmother of the' testator's second 
wife Ann DevereUx. 

* Vide his will in a subsequent page. 


to my nephew and godson^ Edward Bojs. Likewise, I 
bequeath to my said wife my lease of Jhesus House, Lydde 
Court, and the Parsonage of Godnestone, my cattle and 
household stuff at Knolton, my household stuff at Sand* 
wicb, my servants and cattle in the Downs; my brother 
Edward Peyton } the daughters of my brother Boys ; John a 
Perche, my kinsman; the children, if any living, of my 
brother, William Ringeley; to my nephew, Edward Boys 
aforesaid, all my harness, bows and arrows, and also ray 
axe, that is parcel gilt, garnished with crimson velvet, my 
long gilt sword, and the girdle; Thomas Boys, brother of 
the said Edward* I make overseer of my will the Right 
Rev. Father in God Thomas Archbishop of Canterbury \ 
and fo^ a remembrance of his pains I give him three gilt 
bollesi with a cover weighing eixty-fout ounces. Witness 
Thomas Boys^ man at arme, John Cheyne, and Bartholo- 
mew Barham^ &c. Proved at Canterbury* 


Robert Upton, of St. Margaret, of Cliff, 15th .February 
154£-3.. My body to be buried in the said Church before 
the Crucifix. Christian Cooke, my daughter;. Alice, my 
daughter; to Christian, my wife, my manor. of Wanstoo, 
with the lands belonging to it, for life, and . afterwards to 
Valentine my son, to whom I will all my lands and tene* 
ments lying in Westcliffe, Ringwolde, Kingsdown^ and in 
the lordships of Walmer, in tail male; remainder to my 
two daughters, Christian and Alice, in tail general. I be- 
queath all my lands and tenements in the parish of St. Mar- 
g^et and in Westcliffe, to Alice my daughter, in tail gene* 
ral, except my manor of Wanston, with the lands thereto 
belonging, and also my lands and tenements excepted in 
Westclyffe, before willed to Valentine my son. Felice Up- 
ton, my mother ; Thomas lilforths, vicar of Stw Margaret's. 

Proved at Canterbury dd April 1543. 

^ Thomas Cranmer. 



Katharine Countess of NorthumberlaDd S 14th October, 
1 542. My body to be buried at Beverley, in the tomb of 
my late husband. To Sir Robert Gell, my chaplain, my 
lease at Witherfosse, to sing mass yearly for my soul and 
my husband's soul*. 


John Nevill, Knight, Lord Latimer*, 12th September, 
1542. My body to be buried on the South side of Well 
Church, in the County of York, where my ancestors lie, if 
I should die in Yorkshire. I will that the Master of the 
Hospital and the Vicar there shall take and receive all 
the rents of the Parsonage of Askham- Richard, in the 
County of York, for the space of forty, years, as also of 
the Parsonage of St. George's Church, in York, for the 
like tcirm, therewith to find a schoolmaster at Well afore» 
said during the term of forty years, for teaching of gram-^ 
mar, and to pray for me and all others for whom I am 
bound to pray. I constitute my daughter Margaret Ne- 
Till, my brother Christopher Nevill, and my cousin Con- 
stable, my executors ; to John Nevill, my son^ all my uten- 
sils in my house at Snape ; to my daughter Margaret Ne- 
vill D marks and my lease of the parsonage of Kirkedale; 
to my brothers Thomas and Marmaduke Nevill each v 

> She was daughter and coheir of Sir Robert Spenser, Knight, 
by Eleanor, daughter of Edmund, and sister and coheir of Henry 
Duke of Somerset, and widow of Henry Percy Earl of Northum- 

* From Dugdale's Abstract, vol. i. p 283. 

« Third Lord Latimer, of the house of Neville. His marriages 
issue, and relationship to the di&rent persons mentioned in his 
will, are best shewn by the pedigree in the next page. 






V o 

S o 












^ • 
-c o 

9 c 


BO '^ 








Ms iP 

i' S « o 

08 C4^ 

B * 





S 0) .53 *• H 









4 "^ 


V*^ O l-l 

z z 


marks ; to my brother Richard Norton my best horse, and 
my sister, his wife, my best gpwn ; to my sister Dorothy, 
my best broach ; to my nephew, John Gascoigne, my best, 
save one ; to my coasins> William Constable and John 
Constable, each a horse ; to my cousin. Sir Marmaduke Con- 
stable, the elder. Knight, my younger ambling gelding; 
and to my cousin, Robert Constable, his son, my best mare. 
I will that the Lady Katherine, my wife, have my manors 
of Nunmonketon and Hamerton; to every younger son of 
my brother Sir Richard Norton %h a. per annum; and I be- 
queath all my lands in Treske, in York, to him and his 
heirs for ever ; to Richard Nevill, son of mine uncle Tho. 
mas Nevill, iv marks yearly, what he had of my father's 
gift; to, every one of my said uncle's children xls. per 
annum, out of my manor and lands in Cbildeswyckham, in 
the county of Gloucester ; to my nieces, my brother Wil" 
liam Neviirs children, each xxvi5. vnid. per annum, for 
their times. Proved 16th March 1542-S. 


William Earl of Arundel *, 23d January 1543, being sick 
at my manor of Downelay, in Sussex, bequeath all my good 
moveables and immoveables to Henry Lord Maltravers my 
son, whom, with the Lady Aune, py wife, I constitute my 
executors. Proved 5th March 1543. 

' William Fltz-Alan, seventeenth Earl of Arundel, and a Knight 
of the Garter. He married, first, Anne, daughter of Henry Earl of 
Northumberland, by whom he had Henry his successor, and two 
daughters, who both died unmarried. By his second wife Eliza- 
beth, daughter of Robert Lord Willoughby de Broke, he had two 
daughters, Margaret and Elizabeth, who likewise died unmarried. 
The Earl died on the 23d January 1543, and was buried at Arundel. 

testaMenta vetusta. 707 


William Fitz- William^ Knight of the Order of the Gar- 
ter^ Earl of SouthatnptoD, Lord Keeper of the King's Privy 
Seal^ and Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster \ 10th 
September 1542. My body to be buried in the parish 
Church of Midherst, in the county of Sussex, if I die 
within one hundred miles of iu I will that my executors 
build a new chapel, adjoining to the said parish Church, 
and that they build a tomb therein for Mabyll my wife and 
me, for the building whereof I bequeath b marks. Item, 
I give to the King's Majesty my great ship, with all her 
tackle, and my collar of the Garter, with my best George, 

' He was son of Sir Thomas Fitz- William, of Aldwarke, co. 
York, by Lucy, daughter and coheir of John Neville, Marquess 
Montacute, and brother of Thomas Fitz- William, who was slain at 
Flodden Field; in the 2d Henry VIII. he was appointed an Es- 
quire of the King's body, and became distinguished as a naval 
officer, and in the 5th Henry VIH. '< being one of the chief com- 
manders in the fleet then sent out against the French, he was sore 
hurt with a broad arrow in fight near Brest in Brittany,*' towards 
the end of which year he received the honour of knighthood 
for his services at the siege of Toumay. In the 12th Henry VIIL 
he was Vice Admiral of England, and three years afterwards was 
constituted Admiral of the English fleeL His eminent services 
and the favour of his sovereign combined to render his advance- 
ment to the highest honours of the state speedy and certain, and 
in a few years he was successively created to the dignities of which 
he styles himself possessed in his wilL He died at Newcastle to- 
wards the end of the year 1548, being then one of the leaders 
of the army destined for the invasion of Scotland, and in which, 
Dugdale observes, notwithstanding his death, <' so high an estima- 
tion continued to his memory, that to the honour thereof his 
standard was borne in the foreward throughout that whole expe- 
dition." He married Mabel, daughter of Henry Lord Clifford, and 
sister of Henry first Earl of Cumberland, but had no legitimate 
issue ; he left, however, a natural son called Thomas Fitz- Wil- 
liam, alias Fisher. The following pedigree shews the relationship 

ot most of the persons mentioned in his will. 




beset with diamonds. To Sir Thomas Wryothesley, Knight, 
Chief Secretary, the best of my gilt caps ; to every servant 
that I have, man and woman, two years wages, to be paid 
out of the rent of such manors and lands as were my Lady 
Lucy Browne my mother's. To the poor within four miles of 
my mansion of Guildford, c /• I desire that the will that I 
have in keeping, to the use of my cousin Thomas Harvye, 
be delivered to him, according to the will of Sir Nicholas 
Harvye, his father. Whereas I have given to Mabyll 
Browne, daughter of my brother Sir Anthony. Browne, for 
her advancement in marriage c h per annum, going out of 

Sir Thomas z^Lucv Neville, sister and=pSir Anthony Browne, 

Ist husband. 

Ist son, 
1515. =^= 

coheir of George Mar- 
quess Montagu. 


Kniffht ; second hus- 

mar. Sir 

Elizabeth, mar. William, Earl of South- 

;StV Nicholas 
Harvey ; 2d 


ampton, the Test a* 
TOR ; ob. s. p. 1542 ; 
married Mabel, 
daughter of Lord 

Margareti married 
Godfrey Foljambe. 

Alice, marr. S^r James 
Foljambe ; ob. s. p. 

Sir Thomas 

SirAnthonyt^ Elizabeth, marr. Henry John =pLucy.=Sir . . 

Browne, ) Somerset, Earl of Wor- Cutt. I Clif- 

ob. 1548. I cester ; ob. 1549.=T= ford. 

1 ^ "- - 

Mabyll Other William Lord Herbert, who sue- John Cuity 
Browne, issue. ceeded as Earl of Worcester. vide below. 

The circumstance of the testator describing John Cults as his 
nephew merits some attention. In the will of Elizabeth Lady 
Scrope, p. 587-8) who was the sister of the testator's mother, dated 
in 1518, she speaks of her niece Lucy, daughter of her sister Lady 
Browne, and states that she was then married to John Cutt, but 
is in the pedigrees of the Browne family the said Lucy is said to 
have only married Sir Tliomas Clifford, it was conjectured in the 
note to that will that the marriage with Cutt was never consum- 
mated. It would appear, however, from the Earl of Southampton 
speaking of a John Cutt as his nephetoy that the marriage in ques- 
tion actually took place, and that there was issue from it. 


my manors of Cowdray, Dumere^ Dowgate, Shawe, and 
Vanbargb, and oat of other lands lately appertaining to 
the late dissolved monastery of Waverley in Surrey, or the 
late priory of Essbome in Sussex, at the time of the Disso- 
lution of them. To my cousin, Elizabeth Burgh, wife of 
Thomas Burgh, xx marks ; to my cousin, the Lady Kathe- 
rine Heneage, wife of Sir Thomas Heneage, Knight, xx/.; 
and to every one of her daughters unmarried, xx /.; to my 
nephew, John Cutts, c marks, twelve feather*beds> and all 
the furniture; to my nephew, William Lord Herbert, c 
marks; my cousin, Thomas Harvey; to my cousin Marga- 
ret Foliambe, c marks. Mr. Heneage, of the King's Privy 
Chamber. Proved l6th February 1542-3. 


Richard Champyon, Preste and Prebendarie of Christ's 
Church, Canterbury, 20th May, 1543. To my nyce, Mar- 
gery Champyon, my stuff at Eastry; to my especial good 
frend Mr. Dram, St. Augustine's works ; to Mr. Dr. Rydlye, 
the Preacher, St. Ambrose, or some other like work ; also, to 
Dr. Rydlye the Prebendarrie, " Complutens Editio," other- 
wise called the Spanish Bibles, or such other kind, of old 
amitye and friendship; which two last I appoint supervisors 
of my will ; also, a boke to Mr. Broke and Mr. Icory, my 
2 harty frends. My p'sb in London ; my p'sh of Eastry ; 
my brothers, Thomas and John Champyon. Witness, Dr. 
Nicholas Rydley " and Dr. Lancelot Rideley. 

Proved at Canterbury 20th June 15'43. 

' It was apparently this person who was afterwards Bisliop of 
Rochester and London, and who suffered martyrdom in October 
1555. This notice of so distinguished a personage, however 
trifling, is not without interest. The Dr. Ridley, who is 
T^escribed by the testator as " the Prebendary," was the person 
here alluded to, for Le Neve states, that Dr. Nicholas Ridley 
was appointed Prebendary of Canterbury in the fifth stall on its 



Sir William HoUis, Knt. and Alderman of London. To 
each of my three sons, Thomas* William, and Francis HoU 
lis, lands worth m marks. To my son William lands 
bought of Sir Ralph Longford^ and the moiety of the manor 
of Cromwell, bought of Sir Edmund Knivett, and the 
manor of Houghton, lately bought of Sir John Babington. 
To my son Francis the manor of Garton, in the county of 
York, bought of the Earl of Rutland, with my lands in St. 
Clement's parish, bought of Sir William Haute and Sir 
Thomas Elliot. To my wife Elizabeth the priory of Flecham 
in Norfolk, bought of Sir Richard Cromwell, alias Wil- 
liams, with Yoxall, co. Stafford, with remainder to my son 
Francis. My daughter, Jane Weedon. And I constitute 
my brothers. Sir Thomas and Edward HoUis, ^Andrew 
Judd, Alderman of London, and Anthony Bon|||Be, mer- 
chant of *Lucca, my executors. 

Proved 18th December 1542*. 


Sir William Pickering. My body to be buried at St. 
Helen's, Bishopsgate. My wife Eleanor; my son, William 
Pickering; my daughter Anne PickeriDg. 

Proved 6th February 1542*. 

erection in 1549, and elected Bishop of Rochester in 1547. (Fasti 
Ecclesiffi Anglicans.) Dr. Lancelot Ridley was probably nearly 
related to him. 
* £x inform. George Baker, Esquire. 



Sir Richard Sapcots. My body to be buried at Foilier- 
ingay. My wife Christian ; my son Robert Sapcots ; my 
daughters, Elizabeth, Thomasine, and Alice Sapcots. 

Proved 4th July 1543 »• 


Thomas Skevington. My body to be buried at Skeving- 
ton, in the county of Leicester. To my don, William Ske- 
vington, my lands in Bedfordshire, and the manor of Bilds- 
den. My sons Francis and George Skevington *. 

Proved 1544. 


Sir John Villers, of Brooksby^ in the county of Leices- 
ter. My body to be buried there. To my daughter Do- 
rothy, the manor of Gonham, in the county of Lincoln. 
My brothers, Edward and George Villers ; my sister Wing*- 
feld. To Thomas Villers, son of Charles, lands in Fulnetby, 

Lessinton, Newbell, and Swynhope, in the* county of Lin- 
coln, for life. To Alexander Villers, and Jane his wife, 

Lands in Rotherby. Proved 3 Ist January 1544*. 


William Pickering, of Titchmarsh, in the county of 
Northampton. My body to be buried there.. My father 
Gilbert Pickering, and ray mother Elizabeth ; my brother 


* Ex inform. George Baker^ Esq. 


Boniface Pickering ; my sisters, Joan Pickering, Katherine 
wife of Sylvester Harness, and Agnes wife of Nicholas 
Abery. To my uncle Henry Pickering; my annts, Maud 
Pickering, and •..., wife of William Lenton. 

Proved 24th Nov. 1542*. 


Joau Rop^r, widow, late wife of John Roper, E8/]uire ', 
36 Hen. VHI. 1544. My body to be bnried in the Chapel of 
St. Dunstan without the walls of Canterbury, in the tomb of 
my late husband John Roper; to my son Christopher, my 
house of the Marsh in the parish of Denham. My daugh* 
ter Ellen Lady Montague ; Sir Edward Montague, Knight, 
Lord Chief Justice of England ; my daughter Anne Lady 
Madison'; my daughter Elizabeth Pillaborow; my daugh- 
ter, Agnes Roper, late nun at Dartford ; to my son Wil* 
liam Roper, and to the wife of the said William >; my sis* 
ter Jane Sandes; my son Edward Roper*; my manor of 

* £x inform. George Baker, Esq. 

> She was the daughter and coheir of Sir John Fineux, Knight, 
Lord Chief Justice of England, and widow of John Roper, of 
Eltham, in Kent, Esquire, Attorney General to King Henry the 
Eighth, by whom she had two sons, William Roper, and Christo- 
pher, the ancestor of the present Lord Teynhara ; also six daugh- 
ters, Eleanor, who married, first, John Moreton, and secondly. Sir 
Edmund Montagu, Lord Chief Justice of the King's Bench, and 
thirdly, Sir John Digby, Knight ; Elizabeth, who married, first, 
John Pilborow, one of the Barons of the Exchequer, and secondly, 
Leonard Sanders ; Margaret, wife of Henry Appleton, of Dart- 
ford, in Kent ; Anne, who married Sir Edward Mackson ; Eliza- 
beth, wife of Sir John Dawney ; and Agnes, a nun at Dartford. 

* She is called by Collins wife of Sir Edward Mackson, and 
in the MS. note of this will is described as Agnes, but as she had 
a sister of that name, it was probably a mistake. 

> The said William, who was Clerk of the King's Bench, married 
Margaret, daughter of Sir Thomas More, the celebrated Lord 

< This Edward is not mentioned in Collins* account of the Roper 

. testaMenta vetusta. 713 

Bedmangow, and lands in Lymston^ Dodyngton, Rodroer- 
sham, Kygestoni Morton, Fenham, and Bassechildin Kent. 

Proved 29th July 1544*. 


John Villiers, Knight % 24th May 1544. Whereas I in- 
tend» by the grace of God, shortly to pass the seas unto the 
realm of France, to serve the King's Majesty in his wars 
against the French King, I will that my body be baried in 
the chancel of the parish Chqrchof St. Michael of Brokes- 
by, if it fortune me to die in Leicestershire; or else, that 1 
be buried where it shall please God. I will that my execu- 
tors shall cause a great stone now lying in the chancel of 
Brokesby Church, to be laid on my father and mother, and 
that they cause two images of laten, with their arms, to be 
set on the same stone, with scripture round about it, and 
that also another stone of the like value be laid over me if 
I die in England. To my brothers, Edward, Thomas, Wil- 
liam, and George Villiers ; to my daughter Dorothy, my 
lands at Fulnethy, Lessington, Newbell, and Swinthorpe, 
in the county of Lincoln, as also my manor of Covenham 
in the same county ; to my good lord Sir EdwaM Montague, 
Knight, Lord Chief Justice, to whose care I leave this my 
will, my bason and ewer of silver, and my best ambling gel- 
ding, and I pray him to be a good lord to all my friends ; 
and I constitute my brother, George Villiers, my sole exe 
cutor. To him I give the residue of my goods not be* 
queathed. Proved 1st January 1544-5*. 

' Query, 1544-5 ? ^ 

* He was Sheriff of Leicestershire and Warwickshire in the S3d 
and 29th Henry VIIL and died 8th December 1544, leaving by 
Elizabeth, his wife, daughter of John Wingar, Dorothy, his sole 
daughter and heir, who married Francis Browne, Gent. From 
George Villiers, his brother and heir male, descended George 
Villiers, Duke of Buckingham, K. G. (the well known favourite of 
James L and Charles I.) and the present Earl of Jersey. 

* From Collins* Abstract, ed. 1779, vol.iv. p. 175. 



Sir John Cornwallis, Knight*, April 10, 1544. I com- 
mend my soul to Almighty God, and to the whole company 
of Heaven. Sf y body to be buried with Christian burial, 
where it shall please God to suffer me to depart this world. 
I order my executors to distribute, within one month after 
my decease, v /. among poor householders within the pa- 
rishes of Broome, Ocleye, Stuston, Thrandeston, Yaxley, 
Und other towns adjoining, wherein any of my lands lie, to 
be divided equally between them. I bequeath to Thomas, 
my son and heir, all the furniture of my houses at Broome 
in Suffolk, Frense in the county of Norfolk, or elsewhere, 
within the realm of England ; likewise all my cattle, com, 
&c. upon condition that he gives to his two sisters, Anne 
and Mary, their double marriage apparel, according to the 
degree of every such person or persons they may marry 
withal. I bequeath to my daughter, the wife of the said Tho- 
mas, my wife's gown of black velvet ; to my son Henry, my 
own gown of tawney taffeta ; to my son Richard, my ward 


' Ancestor of the Right Hon. the Earl ComwalHs. He served 
in the expedition under the Earl of Surrey IS Hen. VHI. and for 
his gallantry, in storming the town of Morlaix, in Britanny, the 
Earl conferred on him the honour of knighthood. His wife was 
Mary, daughter of Edward Sulyard^.of Qtea^ in'Sussex, by whom 
he had Thomas, Henry, Richard, and William ; also, thre e daugh- 
tersy Elizabeth, who married John Blennarhaa^et ; Ann, wife ot 
Thomas Kente, of Suffolk; and Mary, who married Edward 
Halse, of Devonshire. Sir John Cornwallis died 2Sd April, and 
is buried at Broom, under a very handsome tomb, on which is the 
following inscription : 

S|ot)annej( €oxmMti0, mtle^i a^iatetmi 4ConiiDaUef^ armi^ 
geri filtu^, in 9omo l^mcipf^ €blDatDi <^etonomu^, et ujtoc 

eju^bem M^na, <£dtoar5t i&QHiarbi tie <E^^ejr filta« ^ut 
quiDem '3ial)annejl vfiii iJpcilijJ, anno ®om. JBt.®.?fL3[3S(3I. 
obiit xtj^tru^ie in €omitatu ^ucfttngbdntt cum ibidem l^rincep^ 
(t^titDartm^ taetjiaretur* 


Margaret Lowthe s which I hought of my Lord of Norfolk, 
to marry her himself, if they both will be so contented; but 
if not, I will that he shall have the wardship and marriage of 
her, with all the advantages and profits. And whereas I 
had a grant from Richard, late bishop of Norwich, of the 
' adyowson and presentation of the archdeaconry of Norfolk, 
I will that, when it falls void, my executors present my son 
William to it, if so be he takes upon him priest's orders ; 
but if he be not minded so to do, I will that he shall have 
the nomination to the said archdeaconry. I bequeath 
to my daughter Anne my ring with the rock ruby in it, and 
ccc marks to her marriage portion ; also to my daughter 
Mary ccc marks, to be paid on the day or days of their 
marriages; and if one dies the other to have her portion, 
t give to my daughter Hasset my wife's gown of black sa- 
tin ; and to my Lady Hasset, my gilt cup with the cover, 
that has the two ears with an antick boy with a child in his 
hand on it. I bequeath to my brother Edward my gown of 
black damask, wealted with velvet, and furred with mar- 
terns ; to my brother Francis, my gown of black satin lined 
with velvet; and to my brother William, such of my apparel 
as my executors shall think fit^ and I will that he shall have 
an annuity of v /. for life, out of my lands in Broome, pay- 
able at the four usual feasts, as also his board with my son 
Thomas, or, on refusal, a further annuity of vi /. xiii 5. iv d. 
The rest of all my goods, moveable and immoveable, with 
all my manors, lands. Sac. in the counties of Norfolk, Suf-* 
folk, Middlesex, and London, I dispose, by deed of settle- 
ment, on Thomas my son and heir ; and constitute him, 
with the Lady Blennerhasset, and John Blennerhasset, my 
8on*in-law, my executors. 

Proved July 9th, 1544* 

' This Richard Comwallis afterwards ^firried the said Margaret 
Lbwthe, who was daughter and heir of Lionel Lowthe, of Pawtry 
Beaumys, co. Hunts, Esq. 

* From Collins' Peerage, ed. 1770, vol. v. p. 305. 



Michael Dormer, of LondoD^ Knight, Alderman and Mer- 
cer of London *, 1 7th September 154^. My body to be buried 
in the church-yard of St. Lawrence in the Jury in London, 
where Elizabeth my wife lyeth. To every one of my bro- 
ther Peter's children x/.; to Elizabeth, my brother Ed- 
ward's daughter^ x /. ; to my sister, Elizabeth Towley, vi /. 
X1115. VI d. and every of her children, vi/. xiim. viii^. To 
Thomas Dormer, my eldest son, all my lands in Heydon, 
Maston, and Water Eton, with remainder to his heirs. To 
William Dormer, my son, and his heirs, all my lands in 
the parishes of Tame, Aston, Stoke Church, Rowson, 
Downford, Sowthorne, Hepall Aston, Wendlebury, Ilberry, 
Wykham, Kirtillon, Dorton, and Coynton, in Oxfordshire, 
except my part of my manor of Coyndon, which I bought 
of my Lord Marquess of Dorset; remainder to my son Wal- 
ter Dormer; remainder to my daughter, Jane Stapulton. 
I constitute Katherine, my wife, and John Dormer, my son, 
uiy executors ; and my cousin. Sir Robert Dormer, Knt. and 
Anthony Stapulton, overseers. Proved 2d October 1545. 


William Yelverton, of Rougbam, the elder, Esq. • 30th 
January 1540-1. My body to be buried in the Church of 
Our Lady of Rougham ; and I will that my executors give 
to poor people at my funeral as much money as they think 
(it ; and that they make restitution to all persons whom they 
think in conscience I have wronged. To Margaret Yelver- 
ton, my wife, and Sir Roger Townshend, Knt. whom I 
constitute my sole executors, all my goods, moveable and 
immoveable, debts, plate, household stuff, and all other 
utensils, they to part them among my children as they 
shall think best. Proved 17th August 1541^. 

* He was the third son of Geoffi-ey Dormer, the ancestor of the 
Right Honourable Lord Dormer. In 1529 he served the office of 
Sheriff of London, and was Lord Mayor thereof in 1541, and died 
COtb ^ept. 1545. * Ancestor of the Earls of Sussex. 

* From Collins* Abstract, ed. 1779, vol. iv. p. 337. 



John Maynard ', 4th October 1546. My body to be bu- 
ried in the Chapel of the Holy Trinity, within the Cbnrch 
of St. Mary Arches in the City of Exeter. I will that a 
yearly obit be kept in the said Church on the 3d of Novem- 
ber (if not on Sunday) to pray for the souls of John Brad- 
more, my father-in-law, my father's and mother's souls, 
and all the souls I am bound to pray for. To my brother, 
John Maynard. I will that all my evidences concerning 
my lands be by my overseers sorted, and put in boxes, and 
t^en put in a coifer with three locks» and three several keys 
belonging to each of them; one to remain with the Mayor 
of Exeter for the time being, another with the overseers of 
my will, and the third to be kept by the head-warden for 
the time being of the parish of St. Mary Arches ; and the 
said coffer to remain in the Council Chamber till such time 
as my son and heir come to the full age of twenty-eight 
years. My lands in the parishes of Kenne, Rew, Wymple, 
Morchard Crucis, Ax minster, in Devonshire. My sons^ 
John and Richard*. , 


George Sandys, of Estwaite Furnese, in the county of Lan- 
caster*, April 23, 1548. Considering the uncertainty of my life, 
I commit my soul into the custody and hand of our Saviour 

' Younger brother of John Maynard, Esquire, the ancestor of 
the present Viscount Maynard. He is said to have married . . . . , 
daughter of William St. Leger, alias Snelling, of Chedlewood, Esq. 

* From the Abstract in Collins' Peerage, ed. 1779, vol. vi. pp. 
968, 269. 

* Ancestor of the Lords Sandys of Ombersleigh, and of the 
present Marchioness of Downshire, Baroness Sandys of Ombers- 


Jesas Christ, trastiDg surely, that through the sprinkling of 
his blood I shall be partaicer of the inheritage prepared for 
the faithful. To my grandson, Roger Sandys, son of George 
Sandys, I bequeath half of Watside Park, ficc; to my son 
Christopher, my estate at Garthwaite, in Lancashire, with 
other lands, after the death of his mother ; to William my 
son, jointly with his brother Christopher, I bequeath my 
lease of Hawkshead Church, and three bloom smiddyes, 
with all the ore which I have in Mithland and Low Fumess, 
paying to Miles and Anthony, my sons, and their brothers, 
a. hundred pounds. I further will, to my said sons. Miles and 
Anthony, equally and jointly, all my rights in Louson Park^ 
Parkamore, and the one half of Watside Park ; to my daugh* 
ter Anne, and to my grand-daughters, Agnes, Margaret, 
and Elizabeth, daughters of George Sandys. I will also, that 
my son, Edwin Sandes, vicar of Haversham, shall have of 
my goods, &c. xx /. desiring him heartily, upon my bless^ 
ing, to see this my last will and testament fulfilled, and good 
rule and loving order to be had among his mother's bre- 
thren, and sisters and children of my said son George. 
Moreover, it is my will and mind, that .in case any of my 
sons, or others, be not contented, lovingly and jointly, to 
fulfil this my last will, that then they which offend and 
break this my said will and testament, shall forfeit all such 
possessions, 8cc. bequeathed to them ; and the same to be 
at the sight of John Preston, Esq. and other supervisors of 
this my said last will and testament. I constitute my sons, 
William, Christopher, Miles, and Anthony, my executors; 
and John Preston, Esq. my son, Edward Sandys, vicar of 
Haversham, William Dixon, Miles Dixon, Thomas Ben- 
son, Richard Mackereith, William Sawrey, Miles Sawrey, 
and Richard Sandys, of Lancaster, supervisors ; and do ap- 
point, that if my estate be not sufficient to discharge tho 
legacies, that they shall then be lessened* at the discre* 
tion of Mr. Preston, and Edwin Sandys, my son, vicar of 

, — : 1— 

* FVoiQ Collins* Peerage, ed. 1779, vol. vii. p. 557- 



Charles Brandoo, Dake of Suffolk', 20th Jane 1544. My 
body to be buried iu the Collegiate Church of Tatsfaall^ in 
the Couuty of Liacolo> if it might conveniently be, but 
without any pomp, or outward pride of the world. I wiJI^ 
that Mtwes and Diriges be done for me there by all the 
priests of that College, and other my chaplains^ according 
to the ancient custom of the Church of England. I will, 
that no black gowns or coats be given at my funeral, ex* 
cept to my own servants and torch bearers. I will that c L 
be distributed to the poorest householders of my tenants, 
and others dwelling next to my houses of Tatsball, Gresh- 
am, EUow, and Gaynesthorpe, in the County of Lincoln, 
to pray for my soul. I will^ that a cup of gold be made out 
of my Collar of the Garter, and given to the King*. 


Thomas Earl of Rutland^, l6th August 34 Hen. VII L 
1542. Whereas I am seized of the manors of Belvoir an<t 
Wollesthorpe, and of other lands there ; also, of the Castle 
of Hemsley, the scite of the late Monastery of Rivault, and 
the scite of the Priory of Warter, in the County of York, 

' The brother-in-law of King Henry the Eighth. He died on 
Saturday 34th August 15459 and was not buried at Tetshall, 
agreeable to his directions^ but in the Chapel of St. George of 

* From Dugdale*8 Abstract, vol. ii. p. 300, but it is evidently 
very imperfect. 

* Thomas Manners, first Earl of Rutland of that name^ and a 
Knight of the Garter. He was twice married^ first, to Elizabeth, 
daughter of Sir Robert Level, Knight, by whom he had no issue ; 
and secondly, to Eleanor, daughter of Sir William Fasten, Knight, 
by whom he had the children named in his will. The Earl died 
20th September 1543. 

U I 


and the scite of the late Monastery of Garodon. and the 
scite of the late Commandery of the Eagle in Lincoln, the 
scite of the Priory of Belvoir in Lincoln, with lands in di- 
vers towns belonging to the said Monasteries, all of which 
lands Margaret' Countess of Rutland, my wife, hath in 
dower. Whereas I am also seised of the scite of the Mo- 
nasteries of Newsted next Stamford, and of Croxton in Lei- 
cestershire, all which manors extend to the clear yearly va- 
lue of M.DcccLXxii /. To Oliver Manners, one o( my 
younger sons, the manor of Howson in Yorkshire, with all 
the appurtenances for his life. After my son, Henry Lord 
Roos, and the Lady Margaret Rocs' have had carnal 
knowledge in lawful matrimony, I will that the said Mar- 
garet hold the manors of Melton Ross, in the County of 
Lincoln, and all my lands in Melton Ross, Beckby, Ker- 
nyngron, Barniy^y, Ulceby, Wrawby, Glamford-Bruggs, 
Elsham, and Wotton, the manor of Orston, and the Sok-^- 
and all lands, 8cc. in Orston, Streton, Kneton, Scavingt^*" 
Carcolston, Thnrverton, Staunton, and Dalington, in the 
County of Nottingham, as her jointure. To John Manners, 
one of my younger sons, my manor of Thornton in Craven, 
with the appurtenances in Thornton in Craven, £aresby, 
and Kelbroke, in the County of York. To Roger Man- 
ners, another of my younger sons, the manor of Linton 
upon Ouse, with the appurtenances in Linton ind Yolton, 
in the County of York. To Thomas Manners, another of 
my younger sons, my manor of Turnham Hall and Cliff, in 
the parish of Hemmyngburgh, with the appurtenances. To 
my three daughters Elizabeth, Frances, and Katherine, lx /. 
per a^num each, till they be married, and m L each towards 
their marriages. And I constitute Eleanor Countess of 
Richmond my wife. Sir Richard Manners, Knt. my brother. 

• Sic in the MS. note of this will, but query, if not Eleanor ? vide 
the note to the last page. 

• She was the daughter of Ralph Neville, Earl of Westmoreland 
and died in 1560. 


Sir John Cbawortb^ Knt. my brother»iD-law^ Augustine 
Porter, Heory Digby, and Robert Thurston, Esquire, my 
executors. Proved. igth May 1545*. 



Charles Blount, Lord Monrjoy, 36 Henry VIIT. 1544. 
Being in the wars of France, I will that a stone be laid 
over my grave, in case I shall happen to be slain, with the 
following epitaph thereon, for a monument to my children, 
to continue and Iceep themselves worthy of so much honour 
as to be called hereafter to die for their Master and Country. 


IDiKtngfp \)aht SI $^nB!)t, 

^nd iDilImg i)atie S| founb 
Cbe fatal enD ti^at tDrou8i)t 

IBe f)tti)er, a^ Dutp bounb. 

9t|{dbarg*d SI am of ti^at 3| ougf)t 
Zn mp conntrp bp f^one^t toonde ' 

Mv l^oul departed, €ifciit jbati) bought : 
€ift end of man it ground. 

I will that, if I die out of the wars, that then my body, with* 
out any curiosity or costly ceremonies, be brought to the 
Church most of resort thereabouts; and that a tomb be 


* From a MS. note, and the Abstract in Collins* Peerage, ed. 
1779, vol. ii. p. 432. 

' Fifth Lord Montjoy, of whom but little is recorded^ though from 
bis will he seems to have been a singular character. He married 
a daughter of Lord Willoughby de Broke, by whom he had three 
sons, James, his successor in the Barony, Francis and William. 
Lord Montjoy died in 1545, and appears to have survived the wars 
in which he was engaged. * 

* Ownde in Dugdale, but n)onde in the MS note of this will. 

3 A 


ibeM ejre^ied for me aoeordiog to my degree, Alao, I will 
thau for ibe space of two years after my decease, a go41y 
and discreet man may be chosen to edify the yoalh of the 
parish of Westbury under the Plain, in the County of 
Wilts, with two lectures, whereof the first lecture to be 
every day in the morning ordained for the catechising of 
children, that thereby they m9y be perfectly instructed to 
know what they profess in their Baptism^ in their Pater 
Noster how to pray; in their Ave Maria to know how our 
(lOrd ought to be honoured, and in the T^n Commandment$ i 
and that he who may be Reader, shall not only read unto 
tbem, but also appose them, as they do in matters of gram- 
mar* The second lecture to be within the same parish, at 
afternoon four times in the week ; that is to say, on Mon- 
day, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday, to them that come; 
wherein chiefly to be declared the duty of subjects to their 
king and magistrates, for maintenance of good order and 
obeysance, not only for fear but for conscience, with Scrip- 
tures Divine and profane policies consonant thereunto ; as 
also increpation of vice with their texts of Scripture; and 
for the performance thereof the Reader to have xx marks 
by the year. To my wife, my manors of Barton, in Der- 
byshire, and Sprytlesbury and Pulfaam> in Dorsetshire, for 
her life; Franei^ and Wiljiamt my sons; Richard Blount, 
my cousin. Proved \^\h Pecembc^r 1545*. 

John Scrope, of Hamylden^ in the County of Bucks \ 

* From Dugdale*s Abstract, vol. i. p. 521, and a MS. note. 

* It is certain from this John Scrope speaking of his nepken 
Sohn Lord Scrope of Bolton, that he was a younger son of Henry 
Mtoentk Lord Scrope of Bolton, by Elizabeth, daughter of Henry 
Earl of Northumberland, though Dugdale states, that it was a 
younger son of Henry the eighth Lord, by Mabel, daughter of 
Thomas Lord Dacres, who settled at Hamildon; in the County of 

Mtli A<agtist 1M4. M5 body to be biirkd \k&tt. Tte 
Right Hon. iobn Lotd Scrope of Boltob, my ttephew^ tty 
wife, Fdyft; my^ldeit wm^ H^nry ; «iy dau^fater^ Mufgai^t 
Wyvell; my sons Jofaik and Ralph; my maoor 6f Diamyl- 
deo4 *>y ^Ds Adrian atid RobtrCi I consthute John Ldifd 
Scrope^ Lord Scrope of Bolton, my wife Felys, and Tho- 
mas Rokeby, her brother, my executors. 

Proved 27th November 1547- 


Ed^^d Grey, Lord Powis*, 11 th June, 36 Henry VIIL 
1.544. My barony and lordship of Powys, with my castle 
and manor of Poole, and my other lordships in the county 
of Montgomery; and also, my castles and manors of 
Cherleton and Poiitys%ury, in the coudty of Salop, to the 
heirs of my body lawfully begotten; failing which, my 
castle and manor of Charltofi, aild mbnor of P^nrysbiiry, 
to Jatie Orwell, daughter of Sir Lewis Ot'w<<U^ Knt. aod 
her assigns^ duridg lier natural lif(i. And, 10 default cS 
isaoe of my body lawfuiUy begotten^ I will that Edward 
Orey, my illegitMate son by the jiaid Jane Orwell^ shaU 
kaVe and enj6y my said barony and manor of Powis, my 
cattle and manor of Poole, and all other my lordships ta 
tile county of Mocitgomery^ and the reversion of tJhe eastio 
and manors of Cherleton ilild Pontysbury, to Irins and iht 
heirs of bis body lawfully begotten ; in di^fanlt of which, 
the same to remain to> that cbild« in case it be a son, where- 
with the said Jane Orwell is now great by me, and to the 
heirs of his body lawfully begotten; but if it should not be 
a son, or if a son and he die without issue, then 1 will that 
the whole Barony of Powys, and the premises aforesaid. 

* Edward Grey, last Lord Grey, of Powis ; he married Anne, 
daughter and coheir of Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk, who 
survived him, and married, secondly, Handle Hornworth, Esquire. 
Lord Grey died without legitimate issue in 1559. 

3 a9 

• , 

«hall Qome to Jane Grey, my daughter, and to the beire of 
her body lawfuMy begotten; and for lack, of sucbjssue, to 
Anne Grey, my other daughter^ and the heirs of her body 
lawfully, begotten; and for default of such issue, to such 
firomau child as shall be bora of the body of the.said Jane 
Orwell*. . . 


Felice Upton, l6th September 1548. My body to be ba« 
ried in the Church of St. Peter, Dover, before the font 
there. Proved at Canterbury. 


Thomas Brooke, alias Cobham ', of the parish of Recul- 
ver, Esq. My body to be buried in the Choir of Hothe. 
To^my especial good Lord, the Lord Archbishop of Canter- 
bury *, my great black horse, and my signet. To Susan, 
my wife, my lease of Chistlett Park for life; remainder to 
Thomas, my youngest son. John Sethe, of Heme. I be- 
queath my patent of Fourde Park, in Chistlett, to Susan 
my wife, for life; remainder to my eldest son, Cranmer 
Brook, for ever. The Lord Cobham, my brother. . . 

Proved at Canterbury 17th January 15i7« 

* From Dugdale's Abstract, tome ii. p. 984, and Collins* Prece« 

dents, p. S97< 

* Apparently brother of George Lord Cobham. 

* Thomas Cranmer. 



George Lord DarcyS 1548. My body to be buried in 
tlie Quire at Bempton, nenr to my wife. I will that aeon- 
venient tomb be made and set over us both, accordlntc to 
my estate and degree. To Agnes Fairfax, my daughter, c 
marks; also, my best Wrought silk carpet, bordered with 
crimson velvet, which she made. To Mary, my daughter, 
c marks. To my daughter Dawoey, my best cup. To 
Elizabeth, Clare, and Mary, my daughters*. 


Ralph Dayman, of Milton. My body to be buried in 
the Church there, before the high quire. I will that a 
stone of marble, graved with my picture, iny three wives, 
and my three sons and fodr daughters, to the value of iv/. 
be laid on my sepulture. Maryon, my wife, i will that, 
when John Feltwell comes to the age of twenty-four years,^ 
if iiiv said wife be deceased, that be shall have the bouse 
that 1 bought of Lawrence Haester and Feter Smytbe, and 
the Smyth's forge, to him and the heirs of his body ; the 
remainder to be sold by my feoifees. To Ralph, son of 
Peter Hayman, my manor of Backchilde, with the lands, 

■ Second Lord Darcy of Darcy ; he was restored to the Barony 
which had been forfeited by the attainder of his father the first 
. Jjord* but with remainder to the heirs male of his body, by Act of 
^Parliaments Edward VI, ; he married Dorothy, daughter andKeir 
of Sir John Melton, of Aston, co. York, Knight, and by her had 
John, his son and heir, and six daughters, viz. Agnes, wife of Sir 
lliomas Fairfax, Knight; Mary, who married, first, Henry Ba- 
bington, Esquire, and secondly, Henry Foljambe, Ertjuire;- Edith, 
wife of Sir John Dawney ; Dorothy, wife of Sir Thomas Metham ; 
Elizabeth, who married Bryan Stapeltoh, Esquire; and Clare, who 
died unmarried. Lord Darcy died 2StIi August 4th and 5tli Phih'p 
and Mary 1557- 

* From Dugda]e*s Abstract, tome i. p. 374. 

rents, services, &c. thereto beloogiDg; but if he should not 
dwell within the said hundred of MiHon, and should dye 
within twenty- four years next after my decease without 
l^eini piale called Ralpb Hayman, of his body )a»faliy 
hegqip^tfii, then I will that the said maw aod its appoi- 
^napoei r^Q^aioj to n^y executorss, lo find axk honest prietly 
horn wit^fa t)ie county pf Tiet^ tdt sing witluii the Cbisr«li 
9f Mi)toa yearly for twenty year^, and he to have for hia 
li^bpar vii/. a year, ^d I will that the lopgesl lixar of 
ipy ex^cqtqrs shall receive (he sao^e, and find the said; 
priest during t)ie s^id years. 

Proved at Canterbury d7th March, 1548. 


WilliaBi BojB^ of Nonninton, Eaq* If I die wh#ro I now* 
dwelU I will that my body be bufied io the Gfaapal vAtte I 
ah. Ellen, Mary, and Elisabeth, my daughters^ My dangh^ 
tinr*s uncle. Sir Edward Ringley, Kuu To the poor of every 
pariahi, within the Hundred of Eastry^ vi Lxiu $. iv A My 
five sons,. Eclwavd, Thontas, WiHiani, JohB> aodf Vincent. 
Mary ray wife. I will that Edward, asy eldest son, hav« all 
my manors, lands, and tenemems, as were entailed to* hrm, 
and his eldest heir male, according to the nulentoi^es made 
between me, his father, and Sir Edward Ringtey, Knt. ^ at 
ttia time of bts marriage. My sister Margaret. My a»aodr 
of Eredfeid; my lands of Frogbam% To Edward my s^ 
my leases of Aceolte, and three barrows, which I hare ob» 
tained of my Lord of Canterbury, and my lease of six score 
Hores of land, which I have obtained of the late Prior pf 
Dover, called Westcorland. I bequeath a moiety of Kettec- 
ton, which was lately Brymers, and also eight score acres of 
land, called Ketterton, which I took of my (^rd of Canter- 
bury, to the said Edward, my son, to apply the profits to the use 
of my two sons, John and Vincent, until they come of age. 

»m ii 

* Vide the will of this Sir Edward Einglayp in a foim^er pagp. 

when he shall be at libertj to purchase the said moiety, at 
twenty years purchase, aud the lease of the eight score 
aicres, af sixteen years purchase, or else both to remain to 
my two sonsy John and ViuceDt, for ever. Robert Boys* ' 
Proved at Canterbury 2dd July 3 £d. VL 1^40. 


Bridget Lady Marney *, Little Horkssey, l6th September 
]549« My body to be buried at the end of the high altar, 
in the Chancel of the Parish Church of Little Horkssey, 
whene I will that a vault of brick be made^ so large that 
one body may be eot^.veniently laid thdreki; abd I will 
that over it be set d tomb, more tkan half the length df 
ttter tomb wherein Dame Katherine Finderde lietk buried^ 
and upon the same that there be pot three pictures at 
brass, oae of myself, wichoat any coat-amour, and uffotk 
my right side the picture of, the Lord Mamey, my last baa- 
band, in his coat-armour; and upon my left side the pic^ 
tnre of my husband Finderne, in his coat-armour; and ift 
the head or feet a scripture of brass to show the tini^ of 
my decease, what stock I was of, and to what men of w6r» 
ship I was married. AUo» I will that there shall be sung 
by note such service as is set out and appointed by the 
King's Book to be used at burials, with so many priests 
and clerks as my executors shall think convenient, every 
priest to have xiid. and every clerk, behig a man helping 
to sing, ivi{.* 

* Widow of John Lord Marney, and of Finderne, and 

daughter of ... . Waldegrave. 

* From Dagdale's Abstract, tome ii. p. 303. 

""JtS ttitAUBHTA VST«f«TA. 


Owen West, KnC 17tb Jul; 1551, being tiek, See. Mj 
bodj to be buried wbere I may depart this liFe. To Dame 
*Marj West, my wHe, my lordship of Hyoton Martell dur- 
ing ber life, and after ber decease to my two daogbters, 
Mary and Aooe. And I constitute Dame Mary, my wife, 
my sole executrix ; and tbe Lord my brother, and my bro- 
ther Guildford, supervisors. ' Proved SOtK Oct. 1551 ^, 


David Cyssell, of Stamford, in the coonty of Liocoln*, on 

the Feast of tbe Conversion of St. Paul% 1535. My body to 

be buried in tbe Parish Church of St. George, in Stamfaid. 

.1 bequeath to Jane, my wife, all my lands in Stamford^ N«is- 

syngtoDy and elsewhere, for term of her life, atad after ber 

'decease to Richard, my son and heir, and to bis heirs for 

ever; and to Joan, my daughter, one half of my household 
stuff at Dowsby. To Richard, my eldest sob; my best 

gown; to Anthony Villiers my secMid best gown, my bent 

doublet, and my velvet jacket; to David, my son, my black 

' Eldest son of Thomas Lord La Warr, K. G. by his second Wife 
Eleanor, daughter of Sir Roger Copley, of Gatton, Knight. ' $ir 
Owen West married Mary, daughter of Sir George Guildford,' of 
Henipsted- place, co. Kent, Knight, by whom he had the two 
daughters named in his will. Mary, the eldest, married ftrs^ Sh: 
Adrian Poynlngs, Knight; and secondly, Sir Richwd Rdgibrs, 
Knight, and became eventually sole heir to her father ; add in the 
heirs bf her body, it is contended in the Editor's Synopsis of ' the 
Peeirage, vol. i. p. 184, that the ancient Barony of LoWatt is 
now vested. 

* From Collins* Abstract, ed. 1779, vol. v. p. 389. 

* Ancestor of the Marquesses of Exeter and Salisbury. In the 
Sd Henry VIIL he was constituted Water Bailiff of Wittlesm^re, 
and Keeper of the Swans there. He was Escheator of the County 
of Lincoln in 1599 and 1530, and Sheriff of Northamptonshire 94 
Henry VJII. By Jane, daughter and heir- of John Dickons^ of 
Stamford, he had the children namied in his Will. 

» 25th January. 


gowu of cloth lined with damask^ a doublet of sBttiD.slreakedy 
with a jacket and my green coats; and the residue of my 
gbods I bequeath to Kicbard Cyssel^ my son* to thebonaur 
t>f.Gody and for the health of my soul, after the most Irad- 

'able manuer that he can do or devise ; and I ordain him 

r my ' sole* executor *. 


William Stourton, Knt. Lord Stourton", Deputy General 
of Newhaven and the Marches of the same, 8th September 

"• * Frort toWinfi* Peerage, ed. 1779, vol. iii. p. 1B5. 
' ^ Sixth Lord Stourton. He married Elizabeth, daujgbter ofEd- 
Bnind Dudley, Duke of Northumberland, and by her had Charles 
his son and heir, Abdrew, Arthur, John, Giles, and George, ind 
; two daughters, Ursula, who married E4ward I^rd Clinton, and 
,Dorothy, who married Sir Richard Brent. Collins states, that he 
,married| secondly, Aune or Agnes Ryse, daughter of the Countess 
of Bridgewater, whilst other authorities assert, that his second wife 
was the said Countess of Bridgewater. The Countess of Bridge- 
water in question was Katherine, daughter of Thomas Howard se- 
cond Duke of Norfolk, who married, first, Sir Griffith Rhese, or as 
he is more generally called Sir Bhese Ap Thomas, Kk G. ; and se- 
condly, Henry Daubeney, Earl of Bridgewater. It is almost cer- 
tfin^ from the manner in which Lord Stourton speaks of ** ]^rs* 
Anne Rhese,*' that she was not his wife at the date of his will, and 
..»p)efis he had married the Countess of Bridgewater, and the ^d 
' iMfs; Anne; Rhese was her daughter by her first husband Sir Qri^th 
.: RheBe»K. G. the inference to be drawn from the testator's bequest 
. 10^ aEid description of her, tend to raise a suspicion by no meai^^fa- 
toucable to her memory. Collins goe# on to state that the p)rpba(e 
of tliis will was dated 1 5th July 15579 &nd that Agnes Sioufior9,.m' 
dim, of the deceasedy administered, whilst Dugdale informs us that it 
: vj^as proved 15th November 1548. Neitlier of these statements ap- 
\ . p<?ar, on exa,mination, to be correct, for what Collins calls thepfobqie 
of. William Lord Stourton's will, was the commiFsion issued; on. the 
^ 15ih July 15l57> to Anne Stourton, widow, of the gopdsi^^c. of 
. Chad«« late Lord Stourton : hence it seems^that the will in the iezt 
was never proved until after the death of the testator's son and 
successor, Charles Lord Stourton, who was executed for murder 16th 


.]54ft» beiDg now sick^ Stc. I will that my body be buried 
wbcm it shall please God. To my daughter Clioton lw« 
silver pots, of the valae of xjlL ; to my daoghier Brent tw« 
Others^ of the same value, with my arms and names there* 
on; to Mrs; Anne Ryse, daughter to the Countess of 
Bridgewater^ all my plate of silver gilt or parcel gilt now 
remaining at Newbaven, and in her keeping, with all my 
beds and other stuff of household, moveable or immoveable, 
in all places within my manor and lordshi})' of Stonrton, as 
well corn and hay as other necessaries ; the residue I be- 
^iieath to Charles Stourton, my eldest son, whom I don* 
stitnte my sole executor, and to bestow for my soul's bealtli^ 
as conscience and reason shall require. And I appoint 
the Lord William Howard, and Sir Joba Bridges, Knt. 
OQW Deputy of Bologne, overseers, to each of whom I be* 
qneath x L for their trouble. 

IN A CODICIL, dated 10th September IM8. 

I will to my servants, if they serve my son Charles, such 
wages as I gave them, with meat and drink during thetr 
lives ; but if not, a whole year's wages, and to depart when 
they please. The said Mrs. Anne Ryse, Scc.^ 


Sir John Menys, Prebendary of Christ Chumb, Canter- 
bury *. My body to be buried in the North aisle of the said 

March 3 and 4 Riilip and Maryl557i when Anne, his widow, dau^« 
ter of the Earl of Derby, in admiDistering to his ^eets, also pro^«fd 
Cfte will of his father William Lord Stoarton% The Testator died 
sKortly after the date of the codicil to his will, and it eoasequenUy 
■my be concluded that Mrs. Anne Rhese never became his wiAf : 
whether the Countess of Bri^ewater was hts second wife hasMt 
been positively ascertained. 

* From Collins* Abstract, ed. 1779, voK vu p. S9S* 

* He was constituted Prebend of Canterbuiy in the satk sCali by 
the charter of erection in 15451. 

T«(^AM9VTA VBTV9TA. ?9t" 

Cknrcbj wbeve tbc fi|»t lo^ss wi^ woAl to be said. JobQ • 

Proved «t Canterbary 8th M^r^^b 4ib Ed. VL t5fi0. i 


Boneface Henekeri of the parish of Nonnington. Agnes 
my wife; Jane, Isabel!, and Margaret, my daughters; Tho- 
masy Edward, Robert^ WilliaQi, and Richard, my sons; 
ThppMs my brother; William Hamoiv* I bequeath my 
lauds and tenemeDta at Progbam Street, ia.NoDniqg|oa, to 
Thomas my son, in tail male ; remainder to my other (|OPf» 
PioTed at Canterbury, 7th Jan. 4 Ed. VL 15^1. 


Richard NeTill, of Canterbury, 15tb April 5 Edw. VL 
I5S1. Alexander, Thomas, and Thomas, my three sons; 
tfa^ farm of Westgate, and of St. Nicholas in Thanet, and 
the lands of St. Gregorie's, which I hold by several inden- 
tures. To my wife, for life, the scite of the house of Gre- 
gorieS| and afterwards to my son Alexander; and if he die, 
to my souy the elder Thomas; and if he die, to the younger 
Thomas my son. To George Toftes, my servant, the farm 
q( Qpck^rypge^ and the parsonage of Hannington for forty 
yearsy be paying yearly for the same viii/. vs.^and dis- 
charging the priest during the said term; and likewise the 
ffirm of Raddersrley for the like term, be paying xzx s. iv d. 
Ta my son Alexander, my lease of St. Gregories; to my 
SOD,, the elder Thomas, the lease of my farm of Westgate, 
8te^; to my son, the younger Thomas, the lease of my farm 
of Thanet, each to be the other's heir in seniority, if any 

i* H PI 

* Query, if he #as not also a Prebead of Canterbury ? Vide Le 
Weve's Pasd Eeclesieft Anglieanai, p. 1& 


should die before the age of twenty-one; remainder to 
George Nevill, my elder brother's son. To Anne my wife, 
my manor of Nackington for life; remainder to be disposed 
of among my children. My daughters. 

Proved at Canterbury 13th June 1551. 


Robert Fenyes, of St. Margaret's of CHffe. My body to 
be buried in the church-yard there. Thomas Lytt!lforth» 
Vicar there. Isabell, ray wife. Thomas^ William, and 
Walker^ my sons. John, my son. 

Proved at Canterbury 9th June,5th Edw. VI. 1551. 


May 22, 1551. I, Sir John Wallop, Knight of the right 
honourable Order^ Lievtenaunte of the Castill and Countye 
of GuysnesS being of whole mynde and in perfitt memory^, 
and sicke in bodye; considering the vanitie of this worlde,. 
and the soden chaunge of man out of this transitorie. 

* Sir John Walpole was distinguished, equally by his military as 
by his civil merits, in the reign of Henry VIIL In the 6th 
Henry VIIT. he was Admiral and Commander in Chief of the 
King*s Fleet; and in the 18th he was sent as Ambassador to thie* 
Princes of Germany. On his return from Guisnes, in 1&43, o^ 
which he had been appointed Governor and Captain General, be' 
was elected a Knight of the Garter. He closed a life spent with' 
zeal and fidelity in his Sovereign's service, at Guisnes,' in July, 5th 
Edward VI. 1551, where he was buried. Sir John was twice mar* 
ried, first, to Elizabeth, widow of .Gerard, son of Thomas Earl of 
Kiljdare, and daughter of Sir Oliver St. John, of Lydiard Tregoz ; 
and, secondly, to Elizabeth, daughter of Sir OJement Harleston, 
of Okfngdon, co. Essex, Knt.; but, having no issue, |iis -bloA^er, 
^r Oliver Wallop, became his heir, from whom the present Earl 
of Portsmouth is descended. 


Worlde; and nothing to be more certayne then death, and 
the ty me thereof to be uncertayne : do therefore deliberately 
and advisedly ordeyne and make this my testament and 
last will, in manor and form following. First, I revolce and 
EDnuU all former testaments, &c. And then, afore all other 
worldly things, I give and bequeathe my soul to Almightie 
God my Maker, Redeemer, and Saviour, humbly desiring 
our Ladye Sayut Marie, the virgin mother of our Lord 
Jesus Christ, and all the holy company of Heaven, to be 
mediators and intercessors for me, that my soul may be 
saved by the merits of Christe's passion, and have place of 
glory that he redeemyed me to with his precious blood, 
thorrowe the abundance and multitude of the mercy of our 
Lord Jesus Christe. And my body to be buried in Chris* 
tian burial, wharemyne executrice undernamyed shaH 
think m6st expedient at the tyme of my deathe. Item, I 
give and bequeathe to my singular good Lord the Duke of 
Somersett's Grace, one of the two great guylt cuppis that 
King Ferdinando^ K^ng of Romayas, did give to me, being 
the King's ambassfidor with hyme. Item, I give and be- 
queathe to -my very good Lord Therle of Warwick, thother 
greate gilt cupp the fellow of the same. Item, to my Lord 
Therle of Wilteshire m.y great gilt boll with a cover, that 
I brought out of France with me. Item, to my loving bro- 
ther Sir Thomas Chayne, Lord G warden^ of the Five Ports- 
my great gilt cupp that the Kinge of Pole dyde give me, 
and my mules. Item, to my loving frende Sir William 
Herbert, Knight, Master of the Horse, one of my three 
new bollys, with a cover gilt, bought at Bruges. ' Item, to 
Sir fiidward Wotton, Knight, my gilt cupp with a* cover; 
' whiche I and my wife did use to drynke caudels in. And 
yf it happen the said Syr Edward Wotton to dye afore me, 
then I bequeathe the said gilt cupp to Mr. Nicholas Wot« 
ton. Dean of Canterbury, his brother. Item, to my brother 
Oliver Wallop my gown furred with sables, and all my stuf 
of. household which I now have at my house of my manor 
of Farley. Ite9S» to my cosyne Cooke, Sergeant of the 
King's HertboundSy my gown furred with lucems, and mj 
velvet doke. Item, to John Smale, my steward, my gowHe 


emhrodered with savfleoet, and the sarsenet |;owne Carved 
with black coDjre. Item, to Chester the Harrolde my sene- 
net doke embioderyd. Item, to Ouyens the ParseYaDte, 
my bestcapp aod the best kroebe, the same that the Qaene' 
chat last dyed dyd give me with the great urbite stdDe. 1 ten, 
to Nicholas Alexaoder, Captayne of Nevrnam Bridge, mj 
Uie Secretary, a aoouitie of vi /. xiii s. iiii <f. to be paid, 
8cc. I bequeath to all my servants of my hoaaehoM 
half a year's wages, and v/. to tbe reparatioBS of the 
ehurch at Gaisoas, and v/« to the poor there. I be» 
qaeath my manor of Bory and Barlieb, in the cofttity of 
Somerset, aod my maoor oi Morebaeh, in thd coanty of 
Devon, to Elizabeth my wife, to the intent tbai ihe, rei*eiv-^ 
iog the issues and profits thereof, shall pay aU my.debtsi^ 
and the several annuities which I leave payable out of tbe 
laid manors. And after her decease, I bequeath the said 
manors to my brother Oliver Wallop, and to the heirs male 
of his body lawfully begotten; and tbe residue of tny goodi, 
Ibc. to Elizabeth my wife, wfa<>m I ordain my sole execu«- 
triic. And I most humbly beseche the Kinge's Majesty; 
that in considerafidn 1 haveseryyed his gracious noble fa* 
ther and his Highness all my lief, truly and faithfully, and 
faavie spent in bts Grace's service;, not only tbe revetnies 
and profytts of mine office, but also the rents and profytti 
of myne owne lands, and yet remayoe sore indebted to bia 
Highness, tliat -yt m»y lyke iiis Grace, of his Majesty's ole- 
menrey, aod my goodLordes of hin Grace's Counsail, to re* 
mjxx my said debt, or patte tbeHeof, as that shall slaad Wtib 
bis Grace's and dieir pleasure: and the rather that jthet^ 
was nyne hundiretb crownys due to me for the ransoih of 
Foench prisoners that were takyn, whicheprysboerl ( dely* 
rered by hts Graoc^s Counsayll's commaundment^ without 
any money paying for their ransom, to me due. And far*- 
tber beseecbifig most humbly his Highness, and my said 
good Lordes of his Grace's Comnsaill, to suffer my said 
wcsf, bemg mine eacecuArice, to have for the performaactf of 
my wiil, ami tl>e help aod reUie of my poore iseryants^ tlie 

,^,^0^m^m^^^^"^»0^m'^* *i P ■ I X . « 

^ ^ Agparantly .Kathgrina Howa^, who was beheaded i3th .Fe- 
bruary 1547. 


cotDodite and profytt of myne office at Gajsoys, payiog 
the waiges and charges to be due mttill the 17th daye of 
October next corny nge, that the half yere I have entryd 
into, doo end ; whereby his Grace afaall rewarde your sicke 
servauDte, that h sorry he hath no longer life to serve your 
Highness *. 


Robert Dormer, Kot.* 20th June, 1552. To the poor 
of West Wiceombe zl/.; to Jane, my dear and entirely 
beloved wife, my manors of Weoge, Ascote, Broughton^ 
and Grove, with their appurtenances, as also my manor of 
Abbot's Aston, for life. 1 will that William Dormer, my 
son, assure the manors of Elhill and Crenwell to Dorothy 
bis wife, for the payment of c marks per annuMf for life, 
in accomplishment of my promise to Anthony Catesby, 
Esq. her father. To Jane and Anne Dormer, daughters of 
the said William % each xxLfer annum out of my manors 
of Huchendon and Ravenesmer, alias Ravenersmore, ia 
the parishes of Hutchendon and Little Missenilen, for term 
of their lives, and also d marks in money, towards their 
marriages. To Robert Dormer, my godson, and son of 
the said William', my best chain of gold* The residue of 
all my manors, &c. I give to William, my son acd heir,, 
wbo^ with Jane my wife, I ordain my executors. 

Proved 20th October 1552*. 


* Vwm ColUhsf Fe^age, ed. 1779^ voL r» p..69 et seq. 

' Anecstor of the present Lord Dormei:, and son aad heir of 
'WIQiam Dormer, whose will is inserted in p. 474. He was Shsxlff 
of the cewnties of Bedford and Buckingham io the 14th» 23d, and. 
SQth years of Henry VUL and received the honour of knighthoad 
October 18, 1537* His wife was Jane, daughter of John Newdi- 
gate, of Harfield, co. Middlesex, Esq. Serjeant at Law. 

* « fly his first wife." 

^ " By Dorothy, his wifc." fiic in ColUos' Abstract xhaAitw 
Tery doubtful if these words formed part of the XettatorV WiB. 

* From CoUim' AtMtsaet, ^ 17M voLtiL|>p^.«|U.««. 



Sir Thomas Wyndsor, of Princess Risborougb, in the 
county of Bucks, Kut/ 8th November 1552. I bequeath 
foy manors of Princess Risborough and Darlington, after 
the decease of my wife, to Ann, my daughter, and her heirs, 
and in default thereof to my brother, William Wyndsor; 
and I will that my uncle, Edmund Wyndsor, have the ma* 
nagement thereof, until he attain the age of twenty-one 
years. To the Lord my father my black horse. And I 
constitute my uncle, Edmund Wyndsor, and the Lady 
Dorothy, my wife, my executors. 

Proved l6th January 1553*. 


Christopher Nevynson, of Addisham, Doctor of the 
Civil Law, born at Wedderall, in Cumberland. 15th March 
1550-1. Anne, my wife; Jane, my daughter; my uncle, 
Richard Nevynson; my cousin, James Nevynson; my cou- 
sin, Stephen Nevynson, M. A. of Cambridge; my cousins, 
Alexander and John Nevynson, brothers; my brothers, 
Roger, John, and Richard Nevynson. To my servant, 
Robert Stamp, my lease of Henford, after my mother Mo- 
nin»'s death ; to my cousin, Thomas Nevynson, my lease of 

■ Son and heir apparent of William, second Lord Windsor, 
lie was nominated a Knight of the Bath at the Coronation of 
Edward VI. 90th February, 1547; and married, in the 39th 
Henry VIIL Dorothy, daughter of William Lord Dacre of Grey- 
stock (and died vitft patris), by whom he left a daughter, Ann, but 
she is presunied to have died before her grandfather. Lord Wind- 
sor, because he takes no notice of her in his will, and if she had 
survived him, the Barony of Windsor, being a dignity in fee, 
would have devolved on her instead of her uncle Edward, the 
third Baron Winder. 

* I^dtn Collins* Abstract, ed. 1779, vol. v. p. 89. 


Hedcorne Parsonage ; Mr* Bland, Parson of Addesham ; 
my leases of the Parsonage of Addesham and Chapel of 
Staple ; my lease of Key tmarsh, parcel of the manor of 
Wingham Barton ; my lease of the Parsonage of Gold- 
nestanton; my lease of Bassington; my lease of the Par- 
sonages of Goodneston, Nonnington^ and my lease of the 
Portion of Well, in the parish of Adesham. To my son 
Thomas my lease of the Manor-place at Wingham^ and of 
the lands belonging to it, and my lease of the scite of the 
manor of Eastrye, and the lands belonging to it,, and my 
lease of the manor of Ratlynge, and the marsh in Wyng* 
bam Valley, and the lease of the land belonging to St. Ste- 
phen's Chapel, in New Romney, in Romtiey Marsh, be- 
Ibpging to Magdalen College, in Oxford; my lease of the 
scite of the manor of Tenham, and of the lands belonging 
to it; to my brother, John Nevynson, my lease of Tykneys, 
in the parish of Northbone; and to my brother, Richard 
Nevynson, my lease of Mays, in Heron ; to my brother, 
Roger Nevynson, and to Humphry and Roland, his sons, 
my lease of Maison Dieu Broke, in Romney Marsh, in the 
parish of Rokynge ; to Thomas, my son, and to his heirs 
male, my garden at Sandwich, and two acres of land at 
Stelling, and all the.tythes of the parish of Nonnington 
and the late Chapel of Wenningwold, and the parish of 
Goodnestone, near Wingham. Witness Edmund Farlley, 
Rector of Mongeham, John Orgraver, Vicar of Eastry, 
William Berrinell, Vicar of Ashe, Humphrey Chirde, Rec- 
tor of St. Alphage, Canterbury. 

Proved at Canterbury, 12th September 1551. 


Edward Monyngs, of Waldersham, 1st January, 1 Edw. 
VI. 1546. My body to be buried in the Church there. 
To my son William the next Advowson of the Church of 
Eythhorne, whereof I am' Patron. My sister, Jane War- 
rens; my sister Sybelle; Syreake Petty t, Gent, my over- 

3 b 


s^er; nsy manor of Waldenhare^ with all other my lands, 
t^nemenU, &c» ia Waldershare, Colred, Nortbbome, West 
Langeden, and Ewell, as well as the Patronages of the 
Churches of Eythorne and Waldershare, to Parnell, my 
wife, for her life; remainder to my several sons succes- 
^vely in tail male ; remainder to my brother, John Mo- 
jaynges, in like tail; remainder to my four daughters. 
Christian Broke, Elizabeth Engeham, Margaret Lane, and 
Alys Hammond, and to their heirs for ever. To Parnell 
my wife, for life, my manor or tenements called Swan ton, 
in the pariah of Lyden, with all the lands lying in Lyden, 
Alcam, Livynfeld, and Walton; remainder to my sons 
auccessively in tail male; remainder to my cousin, William 
Bedynfeld, and his heirs for ever ; excepting certain lands 
called Everinge^ in Alcam, which, after the death of my 
3ons witfaoot heirs male as aforesaid, I bequeath to Daniel 
Everinge, son of my cousin, John Everinge, apd his 
heirs male; remainder to my cousin, William Beddyn? 
feld, and his heirs for ever. To Parnell my wife, for 
her life, all my lands in Tenterden, Rolvenden, Hal- 
den, and Smalled; remainder to my son Richard and 
Katherine his wife, and their heirs male. To my said 
son Richard, and Katherine his wife^ my manor or mes- 
suage called Reggway, in Heme, and all other lands and 
tenements therein, to them and their heirs in tail male ; 
remainder in like manner lo my other sons and daughters 
successively. My lands in Beculver to Parnell my wife, 
for life; remainder to all my sons and daughters succes- 
sively in tail male. To my son George Monyngs, and his 
heirs for ever, my manor of Seberston, and all my lands in 
the parish of Hougham, and lands lying in St. Mary's, in 
Romney Marsh. To William, my son, and his heirs for 
ever, all my lands in Winesborough, and in the town, 
port, and liberty of Sandwich. To Christopher, my son, 
all the rest of my lands in Romney Marsh, within New 
Romney, and within the liberties of the same. Witness, 
Alexander Barteon, Vicar of Coldred. 

Proved at Canterbury 21st March, 6 Edw. VI. \552. 

nnMkWTA YNvwtA^ 739 


Katherine Lady Edgvnmbe \ at Cutbele^ itk the coQatj 
of Cornwall^ ^b. December, 1 Marj, 1553, To the poQV of 
the parisbea of Calstock, Tavistock, Laandeaton, St. Mary 
Magdalen, and St. Dominick. To my daughter, Mary 
Luterel, all my bonsehold gooda tkat &tie hath of mine at. 
Dunster, in the coanty of Somerset, vrhichi some time be- 
longed to Sir Griffith Rhese, my husband. To each of my 
chaplains and servants a black gown and a whole year's 
wages. The residue of my goods and chattels, tin-works 
in Cornwall, 8cc. after my funeral is defrayed, and my lega- 
cies paid, I bequeath to my exequtorsi my trusty and lov- 
ing brother Sir John St John, Knt. and my tyt^sty nephew 
Sir Thomas Stradling, Knt. and if they be sued or molested 
concerning my Will, or for any mattar or ca^ise concern- 
ing my late husbands. Sir Griffith Rhice or Sir Piers Edg- 
camby Knt. or either of them, I will that they pay them- 
selves. Proved 12th December 1553*. 



Sir Roger Ponsonby, Clerk, Parson of the Church of 
Chekindon, in Oxfordshire, 28th October, 1554, being sick 
of body, but of sound mind^ Sec. My body to be buried in 
the Church of Chekindon. I will that my manor of Che- 
kindon be sold for the performance of ray Will. To the 
parishioners of Chekindon xx/. And I bequeath xx/. for 

' She was the daughter of Sir John St. John of Bletsboe, Knight 
of the Bath, and married, first, Sir Griffith Ryce^ of Wales, Knt. 
by whom she appears to have had issue ; and, secondly, Sir Piers 
Edgcumbe, Knt. ancestor of the present Right Hon. the Earl of 
Mount Edgcumbej to whom she was second wife, but by him had 
no children. 

* From Collins* Abstract, ed. 1779, vol. vii. p. 342. 

3 B 2 



a yearly dirge, and the mass of Jive nx>und$, to be said 
in the Church where my father and. mother lie; and I will 
that a stone be laid over my father's grave. To my ser- 
vants; to the mending of the highways, &c. ; to. my bro- 
ther, Sir Matthew Ponsonby, xiiiL yis. viiirf. ; to my 
brother, Edmund Ponsonby, xlvi/. xiii^. ivrf.; to six of: 
my brother John Ponsonby's children xxL each. And I. 
constitute my brother, Edmund Ponsonby, my executor, 
to whom I bequeath'the residue of my goods, &c«*' 


Edward Lord Hastings', 10th May, 1556. My body to 
be buried in the Parish Church of Sloke-Pogeis. To the. 
poor, at my burial, xx/.; to a preacher, to preach three 
Sundays after my funeral, xls. ; to the Parish. Church of; 
Stoke*Pogeis a pair of altar-cloths, a cope, and a vestment,, 
with my arms wrought on each of them. I likewise or«i 
dain, that, on every Good Friday, for the space of three. 
years after my death, four marks shall be distributed 
amongst poor people of the parish of Stoke-Pogeis. To 
the poor of the parish of Harfield (within which 1 now 
dwell) I bequeath x/.; and.xx/. to be bestowed upon the 
highways in the same parish; to poor scholars in Cam- 
bridge xx/.; to, poor scholars in. Oxford. XX /.; to the Ncav 
Hospital in London xx /. ; to the Observant Friers at Green* . 
wichxx/. ; to every prison in, London, Westminster, and. 
South wark, viz. Newgate, Ludgate, Bethlehem, the Fleet,, 

* From Collins* Abstract, ed. 1779, vol. vii. pp. 403.^04. 

* He was the second son of George Hastings, first Earl of 
Huntingdon of that family; having obtained the favourable con* 
sideration of Queen Mary, he was successively appointed Re- 
ceiver of the Duchy of Lancaster, a Privy Counsellor, Chamber- ' 
lain of tlie Household, and Master of the Horse. On the 19th 
January, 1558, he was created a Peer, by the title of Baron Hast- 
ings of I^ughborough, co. Leicester; and was also elected a 
Knight of the Garter, but dying in 1558 without legitimate issue, ' 
his honours became extinct. 


the Marshalsea, the King's Bencbi both thie Counters^ and 
the Gate-house^ £ve pounds, to be bestotved on such as 
live on alms. Moreover^ I appoint that my executors 
shall build a Chapel of stone, with an altar therein, adjoin- 
ing to the Church or Chancel of Stoke-Pogeis, where the 
late Earl of Huntingdon and the Lady his wife (my f&ther 
and mother) lie buried ; and that they shall cause a tomb 
to be made in the said Chapel, with the images of my said 
father and mother of stone; as also their arms placed 
thereon; and a vault under it for their bodies, and for the 
body of my brother^ William Hastings, in which vault I 
purpose that my own body shall lie ; and appoint that a 
plate of copper* double-gilt, shall be made, to represent 
my image, in harness, with the garter ; and a memorial in 
writing of me, with my arms, to be placed upright on the 
waU of that Chapel, without any other tomb for me. Also, 
that my executors shall cause to be built, at Stoke afore- 
•aid, five convenient chambers, with chimneys in each of 
them, for one chantry-priest and four poor bedesmen ; and [ 
bequeath my manor of Bosworth, in the county of Leicester, 
unto my nephew, Henry Lord Hastings ', and his heirs, to 
maintain a priest at Stoke aforesaid, in the lodging before ap- 
pointed, to sing and say mass, Sec. for the souls of my father 
and mother, my own and my ancestors' souls, in the same 
Chapel, and to help the curate there in time of necessity ; 
which priest io have a yearly stipend of x/. as also five 
loads of good fire-wood. Likewise, to the four poor men 
XX /.yearly, and every of them four loads of fire- wood, 
with a blue gown of broad cloth, of four yards, and a buIFs 
l^ead ^ on the sleeve, once in two years ; which poor men to 
be chosen by my executors out of the parish of Stoke 
aforesaid, but afterwards by the Vicar of Stoke and the 
chantry-priest for the time being, with five of the most 
substantial men of that parish ; and to repair daily to the 
same Church to hear God's service, as also to pray for the 
souls aforesaid, and all Christian souls. Furthermore, I will 
that the said Lord Hastings shall pay five pounds a year to 
soDie learned man or men, for ten sermons every year, in 

' Afterwards third Earl of Huntingdon, K.G. 
^ The Crest of the family of Hastings. 


perpetuity, in the same Chardi of Stoke; for every sernioii 
X8. Lastly, I beqoettth the profits of my maaor of Michel* 
creche, in the county of Somerset, unto my executors, till 
Edward, my base «od, shall come to tbe agfe of eighteen 
years, for his edacation; the rerereion to him the said £d« 
ward, and the heiars male of his body, and, for want of such 
issue, CO my nephew <ileioi^ Hastings, And tlie heiis male 
of his body-i^. 


John Mooyngs, Geist. Lieutenaot of the Gasde of ZHn* 
ver* Jane, my wife; Bathell, wife of WiHiam Hanyngtont 
Pamell Stockwtth, my^daoghter; Edmund Stockwith, my 
daughter's husband; Joane and £atberiBe» my •daughtem; 
Thomas Culpepper, my servant; my sister Wasren ; John 
Monyngs, my igodson; my Airm •f C ui deswoode> To 
Thomas, my son, my tenements and lands in EMiamy and 
my tenements and lands at Eastbfidge^ kk Romney Marshy 
in tail male ; remainder to my son William, and then to 
my daughters successively, in like tail. My barn and land 
in Deal, Sholdee, and Mongeham, tn like manner, and 
Kkewise my parsmiage of Chailton. To William, my son, 
aU my right, part, and purport in the manor of Chequer^ 
in Ashe, and aU my lands in that parish, in tail male, with 
remainder to my son Thomas; to my said son William my 
lease of the Parsonage of Sholden ; to my son Thomas my 
lease of the farm called Barton, with the pastures and lands 
belonging thereto, and of and in all the gavelkind land in 
the occupation of Thomas Colley, of Dover; and likewise 
of and in my lease of the Downes called Warden Downes; 
to Richard, my base son, my term of years in my Par- 
sonage of the Leden, and the glebe lands belonging. 
Christopher Engehaoi, an infant, to whom I am guardian. 
My cousin, Mr. Richard Monyngs. My cousin, George 
Monyngs* M}' cousin, Thomas Hamon. 

Proved at Canter^bury, £lst January 1554. 

* From Dugdale's Abstract, tome i. pp. 587, &88. 



Sir Edward Montacute % 17th July 1556. I bequeath my 
soul to the blessed Trinity^ and my body to be buried in 
Christian burial, without great pomp or great solemnity, or 
common dole distributed ; but I win that alms be sent to the 
poor people, to their own homes, in the towns next adjoin- 
ing, if so be I decease in the country, but if in London, 
then such dole to be distributed as my executors think 
convenient. For the reparations of the Churches of He- 
myngton, Wekeley, Brigstock, Scaldwell, and Werkton ; 
to fifty poor maidens XL «• each, towards their advancement 
in marriage, and to the intent that they shall pray for my 
soul, and the souls of Roger RadcUff, Jeffery Radcliff, and 
John Asheton, with all Christian souls. I will to my eldest 
son and heir, Edward Montagu, my great ring with a sign- 
wynarye in it, which my father gave me, that remaineth in 
my study at Brigstock ; and my ring of gold, with my seal 
of antis it it; as also my ring with the best pointed dia- 
mond, and my broche with a bluesaphire set in it, fashioned 
like a flower-de-luce ; which ring, with the diamond and 
broche, I bought of my father Kirkham. Also, 1 will to 
him my manors, lands, and tenements in Werketon, Brig- 
stock, Houghton, Langeport, Mallesley Holwell, Gilles. 
borough, Brington-Magna, Brington-Parva, Grafton, and 
the Parsonage of Wekeley, in the county of Northampton, 

' Ancestor of the Dukes of Manchester, &c. At an early age 
he entered on the study of the Law, and in the 2dd Henry VIIl. 
was called to the degree of a Serjeant ; six years afterwards he 
was appointed Chief Justice of the King's Bench, which office 
he resigned in 1545, when he was removed to the Court of Com- 
mon Fleas. In the question relative to the Succession to the 
Crown on the death of Edward VI., his official situation, and, still 
more, his having been nominated one of Henry's executors, neces- 
sarily involved him, in consequence of which he was imprisoned; 
he was, however, shortly afterwards released, though with the loss 
of his judicial appointment.* Sir Edward McHitagu died on the 
10th February 1557, having been thrice married, and by his first 
and third wife he left a large family. 


and all and singular my manors and lands in Wekeley, 
Denfordy Benyfield, Sprotton, LufEck, and Eltington, in 
the said county ; and in Collworth^ Sirenbroke^ Souldrop, 
Felmershamy Luton Hoo^ Pertenhall^ Mechelborne, Swines- 
bed, and Woodend, in the county of Bedford; and in 
Knighton, in the county of Leiciester; Folkesworth, Stil- 
ton, Little Styvecley, Much Styvecley, and Alconbery, in 
the county of Huntingdon; and all my leases, lands, tene- 
ments, &c. in the parish of St. Dunstan's in ithe West, 
London. I constitute my executors my sons Edward and 
Roger Montagu ; and, moreover, will that they sell as much 
of my plate, china, rings, and jewels, as they think conve- 
nient; and that EdWard, my eldest son, shall have the re- 
mainder, and all my timber and stone, as well free-stone as 
rough-stone, lying at Houghton, Wekeley, Brigstock, and 
Hemynton, or elsewhere ; and if the said Edward die before 
he is married, the same to be equally divided between my 
sons Roger, Thomas, and William. I settle all my lands in 
tail male on my sons Edward, Roger, Thomas, William, 
and Simon, and the remainder to the heirs of my father, 
Thomas Montagu. I bequeath to my cousin. Sir Edward 
Sanders, Knt. one of the Justices of the Common Pleas, 
my book of abridgments, and Mr. Englefield's abridgment, 
in the keeping of Mr. Cordell, the Queen's Highness' soli- 
citor, as my letters shew. Which Sir Edward I make su- 
pervisor of my Will, praying him to be an assured friend 
to my son Edward, and the rest of my children^. 


John Maynard, of St. Alban's, Esq. ' I8th October, 3 and 
4 Phil, and Mary, 1556. My body to be buried in the 
Parish Church of St. Michael, in St. Alban's. To my son 

* From Collios* Peerage, ed. 1779, vol. ii. p. 82. 

> Ancestor of the Right Hon. Viscount Maynard. He was mem- 
ber for St. Alban's in the Parliament held 1st May, and died 21st 
October, 1556. 


Ralph x/. yearly, for his education in the law, but if he 
withdraw himself from diat study I will that the said an- 
nuity shall cease; also, all my goods in my dwelling-house 
at St. Alban's. My son's . wife, the daughter of John 
Bridge; *'Ann Bridge, his wife's daughter*;'' Henry and 
Robert Maynard, my sons ; Dorothy, Mary, and Awdry, 
my daughters. And t constitute Dorothy,' my wife, my 
executrix, and my brother, Thomas Skipwith, my over- 


John Walpole, Esq.* 1st November 1557. I desire Tho- 
mas Lord Bishop of Ely ' to take into his rule and govern- 
ment my son William, till he accomplish the age of twenty- 
one years. I leave my daughters Mary, Jane, Katherine, 
and Anne Walpole, to the government of my executors. 
Martin Hastings^ Esq. my cousin Henry Ipylman, Esq. 
Robert Cook, Esq. my cousin Geoffrey Cobb, Esq. my 
brother Christopher Walpole, and Thomas Scarlet, my 
servant. Proved l6th February 1558t. 

* Collins* Abstract, from which this Will is taken, is written in 
the third person; hence it is not certain whether '^his wife's 
daughter'- means the daughter of the Testator's wife, or of the 
wife of the Testator's son. 

* From Collins' Abstract, ed. 1779> vol. vi. p. 969. 

* Of the family from which the Right Hon. the Earl of Orford is 
descended. He was a Serjeant at Law, and was one of the most 
eminent lawyers of his time. By his wife Katherine, daughter of 
Edmund Knyvett, Esq. (by Jane, daughter and heir of John Lord 
Bemers, ) he had the children named in his Will, but William his 
son and heir dying without issue, his daughters became his coheirs. 
Serjeant Walpole, the testator, died in 1557. 

» Thomas Thirlby. 

t From Collins* Abstract, ed. 1779, vol. v. p. 39. 



Alice Lady Burgh ^ £4th March 1558.; My body to be 
buried in the Parish Church of Ewston^ by my husband, 
Rokewood. I will that my executors find an honest priest 
to pray and sing for my soul^ and the souls of both my 
husbands, as also for the souls of my father and mother, 
during the space of seven years. Also, I will that they 
make another tomb where the Lord Burgh my husband 
lieth buried *. 


William Fineux the Elder, of Heme, Esq. son and heir 
of Sir John Fiueux, Knt. deceased. Richard^ son of my 
cousin Thomas Fineux ; Mr, Henry Oxendon ; Sir John 
Norton. To Frediswide, my wife, my manor-house of 
Hawe, with the lands belonging to it, for her life. To 
John Fineux, my son, all such lands and tenements as 
came to me by inheritance, or by my purchase, in the 
parishes of Heme, Chisllett, Swinfeld, Alcam, Leyden, 
Denton, and Wotton, and also all the ground belonging 
to the Chauntry of Heme, now in my lands and not sold, 
(except that before devised to my wife for her life, which I 
will shall be his also after her decease,) in tail ; remainder 
to Christopher, my son, in like tail ; remainder to my own 
right heirs. To Christopher, my son, my lands in St. Dun« 
Stan's, St. Stephen's at Hackington, Harbaldowne, Sturry, 
and Cosmus, Blean, in tail ; remainder to my son John ; 
remainder to my own right heirs. 

Proved at Canterbury, 6th April 1557- 

> Dugdale does not state of whom she was the daughter, but in- 
forms us that she was twice married^ first, to Thomas Lord Burgh 
of Gainsborough, to whom she was second wife ; and, secondly, 
to Edmund Rokewood. 

* From Dugdale's Abstract, vol. ii. p. 289. 



Jvim Hony wood, late of Newingtoti, near Hjthe, Eiq. ' 
My body to be buried in the Cathedral Church of Canter- 
bury« To Myldred, my wife» my house at St. Gregotie'a. 
To Thomas Honywood, my sod, all the ornaments pertain- 
ing to my Chapel at Sene. My lands in Dimchurch and 
Burmarsfay late purchased of my nephew, John Knight. 
To my son Thomas my manor of Caseborne» in Cheriton, 
and my mansion-house called Sene, and all my lands in 
Newington, Cheriton, and Saltwode, and my lands called 
Boundlesse^ in Newchurch, Bilsington, Bennington, Alin- 
tOD, and Browm'she, excepting all those lands called the 
Ovyn, in Dimchurch and Browm'sbe, and lands called 
Crowlands, in New church, Eastbrige, and Orgarswicke, to 
hold to him and his heirs male, according to an indenture 
before made of them^ to my said son Thomas. To the said 
Thomas, likewise, my lease of lands called filackwore, or 
Canon Courte, and another of Senewarde. To John, my 
son, my lands called the Ovyn, in Dimchurch and Borow* 
m*she, and my manor of Enbroke, in Cheriton, and all the 
lands in Cheriton now in the said John's occupation (ex- 
cept the said lands called Boundlesse), to bold to him and 
his heirs for ever. I bequeath all my lands called Crowe- 
lands, above-mentioned, to Christopher, my son, in tail 
male ; remainder to Thomas, remainder to John, in like 
tail; remainder to my own right heirs. Witness, Richcurd 
Engeham, Thomas Hales, &c. 

* Ancestor of the Baronets of this family. He married Mildred, 
daughter of John Hales, Baron of the Exchequer. Thomas his 
eldest son, and Christopher the youngest, were Members of 
Parliament for Hythe 26, 27> and 89 Eliz. but died s. p. 
John, their brother, their heir. 



Edward Cope, of Hardwick, ia the county of Oxford, 
-20th JuDe, 1557. My body to be buried in Banbury Church, 
.in the county of Oxford. I bequeath my lands in Hanwell 
and Hardwick, in the county of Oxford, to my son Wil- 
liam, when he shall arrive at full age ; in the mean time, I 
will that my father, Walter Mohun, and my wife Eliza- 
beth, shall hold them, to the use of my daughters '. To 
my younger sons, my lands in Banbury, in fee, to be 
equally divided. Proved 28th July 1557*. * 


Sir John Cope, of Ashby, in the county of Northamp 
ton, 2d July 1557. My body to be buried in the North 
aisle in Ashby Church, if 1 die within a hundred miles of 
it. To Edward Cope, son of my son and heir Erasmus 
Cope, deceased, my great gilt standing-cup with branches, 
which James King of Scots, amongst other things, gave 
to William Cope, my great-grandfather. My son George 
Cope, to whom I have already given lands in the counties 
of Berks, Warwick, and Northampton. To my youngest 
son, Anthony Cope, my lands in Byfield, in the county 
of Northampton, and the lease of the farm of the Rectory 
or Parsonage of Woodford cum Hinton and Farndon, in 
the said county, and the lease of my house in Halliwell, in 
Shoreditch. My wife Margaret; my daughters, Elizabeth 
Dryden and Joan Cope. My late father, William Cope. 

Proved 20th May, 1558*. 

» Qu.? "filiflrs" or "filiors." 
* £x inform. George Baker, Esq. 



Anthony Cope, of Ads.ton, in the county of Northamp- 
ton, 6th June, 1558. My body to be buried in the church of 
Ashby, near my father, Sir John Cope. My wife £Ieanor/ 
sister of. Sir Humphry Stafford, and daughter of Dame' 
Margaret Cope. To my brother George Cope my lands in 
Eydon, in the county of Northampton. My brother-in-law, 
John Dryden. Proved 20th December 1558*. 


William Cope, of Ashton,in the county of Northampton, 
gth December, 1558. My body to be buried in the Church' 
of Ufibrd. To Stephen Harrington, son of my sister, my 
capital messuage in Henbury, in the county of Oxford, for 
forty years. My three daughters. My wife Joyce. 

Proved 6th February 1559*. 


Margaret Mylles, of Wingham, Gentlewoman: My na- 
tural son, Ralphe Mylles ; my cousin, Richard Engham, of 
Northgate, Canterbury; my daughter, Anne Warham;, 
Nicholas Mylles, my natural son ; Henry Oxenden, of 
Heme, Gent.; my son-in-law; Richard Thornhill, of: 
Cheapside, London, grocer ; William Mylles, my son's 
son; Margery Mylles^ my son's daughter; Margaret 
Thornhill, my natural daughter, in London ; Anne War- ' 
ham, my natural daughter; Richard Warham, my son- 
in-law; Edward Warham, Gent. 

Proved at Canterbury, 13th Fiebruary 1558. 


* Ex inform. George Baker, Esq. 



John Crypp8> of MonktQH^ Eaq* My body to be buried 
ip the Cburcb there. I will that my executors place my 
arma m the next window to where I may liet Anqe^ my 
wife; FrediBwide and Aveys, my daughters; Anne and 
Maryi daughters of Richard Lee, £sq.; my brother. Sir 
Henry Cripps, Knt.; Gervas Lynche, Priest; my lease of 
Mr.. Dingley's land ; my brother William Crypps \ Nicho- 
las Cripps; Richard, my son and heir. To Henry, my 
son, my lands and tenements in Romney Marsh, and at 
Hawe and Feeles Court^ (except the lands belonging to 
Cleve Court, in the parish of Minster, and the wood be* 
longing to it,) to him and his heirs for ever. To Richard, 
my son, my house and lands called Cleve Court, with 
their appurtenances, and all my lands in Minster, Moqki 
top, and Woodchirch, (the lands of Hawe and Peek's 
Court only e;ccepted,) and my lands and outlands at 
Acolte, in Birchington and Monketon, to hold to bim iu 
fee simple. To the said Richard, likewise, my garden in 
the parish of Kyngeston, and also in Mansh, called South 
Lees, in St. Michael's at Wade. 

Proved at Canterbury, 8th October 1558. 

In the name, 8cc. I, Sir Thomas Hastings, Knt. Scc.^ 

* He was the second son of Greorge, first Earl of Hufitingdon, 
and brother of Edward Lord Hastings, whose Will is inserted in 
p. 740. In 1$S5 and 1556 he was Sheriff of Warwick and Leices- 
ter, which Shire Dugdaie says he represented in Parl&ment i and 
2 Philip and Mary ; and married Winifred, (afterwards the wife 
of Sir Thomas Barrington,) daughter and cphdr of Henry fole^ 
Lord Montagu, son of Sir Richard Pole, K* G. by Margaret Plaa« 
tageuet, Countess of Salisbury, daughter and heiress of George 
Duke of Clarence. Sir Thomas Hastings, the testator^ died with- 
out issue in 1558. 


ordeyn this my testameDl, &c. 28th March 1558. My 
body to be buried ia the parish church of Stoke Po- 
geis, or within the chapell there, being lately founded 
and erected at the only chardges of my most en- 
tirely beloved brother Edward Lord Hastings of Lough- 
borough. Lord Chamberlayn of the Queen's Majestie's 
Houshold. Jtem^ I give to the said parish church of Stoke, 
towards the mayntenance of the same in reparation, xLf. 
Item, to the same church, my best chalice of silver and gilt, 
and a vestment of russet^velvct, with the awbe, and all 
things pertaining to the furniture of the same. Item, &c. 
to the vicar of Stoke aforesaid, to pray to God for my 
soule and the soules of my ancestors, xx t. Item, &c. to 
the four almesroen and two almeswomen, within the almes« 
bouse of Stoke, being of the foundation of my said entirely 
beloved brother, to every of them xxa. apiece. To the 
fryers of St. Bartholomew in London, xl s. ; to the fryers of 
Grenewicb, xl3.; to the nuns of Langley, xl«.; to the 
prisoners within the four prisons in London, viz. Ludgate, 
Newgate, the King's Bench, and the Marshalsea, to every 
of the said houses, xls. Provided always, that if it shall 
please God to call me out of this transitory life, I being re- 
moved out of the citty of London and suburbs of the same, 
then I will, that the sumes of money above bequeathed to 
the prisoners, or prisons, shall be distributed to and among 
the poore of the parish where it shall fortune me to dye, 
&c. according to the discretion of myne executrix/ &c. ; 
that she, with such of my goods as shall come to her hands, 
shall forthwith after my decease provide and hyer one ho- 
nest virtuous priest, to say and celebrate the divine sacrifice 
of the masse, within the church or chapell wherein I shall 
fortune to be bnryed, during the space of three years then 
next following, 8ic. ; in daily celebrating of which said di- 
vine service and sacrifice, I will that special commemora- 
tion and prayer be made for my soule and the soules of my 
late father George Earl of Huntingdon and Anne his wife, 
and for all Cristen soules. Item, I will that my wife shall 
keep in houshold all my houshold servants, &c. which I 
shall fortune to have in my check- roll, for and during the 


space of one year after my decease^ &c. The residue of all 
my goods, 8cc» not above bequeathed, I do hereby giye, 8cc^ 
to my entirely beloved wife, Winifrede Hastings, &c. And 
of the execution, &c. of the same my present testament, I 
make and ordeyn my said wife chief and sole executrix^ 
&c. Item, I give, &c. to my right ho'ble and wel-beloved 
brethren, my Lord Huntingdon, and Lord Hastings of 
Loughborough, Lord Chamberlaine of the Queene's Majes* 
tie's Houshold, to either of them. one standing-ciip of syl- 
Ver and gylt, every one of them being of the value of xx 
nobles, &c. And I most humbly and most heartily desier 
and pray my most reverend father in God, and my most 
singular beloved uncle, my Lord Cardinall's grace ', to be 
overseer of this my present testament, &c. ; and I give and 
bequeath to his grace, for his paynestaking therein, a cup 
of silver and gylt, of the value of ten pounds, &c. In wit- 
nesse, 8cc. 

Proved at. Canterbury 4 8c 5 Philip and Mary, 1558*. 


William Wyndesore, of Bradenham, in the county of 
Buckingham, Knight, Lord Wyndesore % August 10, 1558; 
My body to be buried on the right side of the choir, within 
the Parish Church of Bradenham, and the right side of the 
same Church, if I decease within the county of Bucking-- 
ham ; but, if I die elsewhere within the Realm, then my 
body to be buried in the Conventual Parish Church of 
Friers, in Hounslowe, within the county of Middlesex, in 

* His wife*s uncle, the celebrated Cardinal Pole. 

* From Nichols's Leicestershire, vol. iii. p. 577- 

" Second Lord Windsor, and ancestor of the present Earl of 
Plymouth. This nobleman was a personage of considerable, im- 
portance, and appears to have stood high in the favour of Queen. 
Mary, by whom he was honoured with several confidential ap- 
pointments. He was thrice married, and had issue seven sons and' 
nine daughters ; and dying on the 2Qth ef August 1558, was suc- 
ceeded in the Barony by his eldest surviving son Sir Edward Wind- 
sor, Knight. 


s^uch place as shall be thought most decent and convenient 
by my executors, if it shall so come to pass, that the 
Church of Hounslowe, at the time of my decease, be a 
parish church. Also, I will that my burial entertainment 
and anniversary be conveniently kept in such Church as my 
body is buried in, according to my degree and estate, with 
such cloathing for the Lady my wife, my children, and 
menial and household servants, with such moneys as shall 
be appointed by my executors, at the several days of my 
burial and anniversary; and that viL xuis. uiid. be given 
among poor householders, on the day of my interment ; also, 
i will that, from and after my decease, there be yearly kept 
on the Monday next before the feast of St. Michael the Arch- 
' angel, where my body shall be buried,one anniversary service, 
according to the godly order of the holy Catholic Church, 
with certain priests and clerks, to pray for my soule, and 
the soules of Andrews Lord Wyndesore, my father, Tho- 
mas Wyndesore, Esq. my grandfather, and all their wives, 
ancestors, friends, and childrens souls, and all Christian 
soules* And I will that my son, Philip, for ever yearly, 
the said Monday, or before, cause to be paid to the Minis- 
ter, or other governour or governess of the house of 
Hounslowe, for the time being, a yearly rent of xxxuu. 
iuid. out of my manor of Cranford le Mote^ at Cranford 
St. John's, in the county of Middlesex, and, in default of 
payment thereof, the said Minister or Governor, &c. may 
distrain for it ; and be divided among the priests and clerks 
that shall sing and say mass and dirige, and amongst the 
poor householders of Hounslowe. I bequeath to the Vicar 
of Herlard, for his tythes forgotten, xiiu« iiiic^. I will to 
Sir Edward Windsore, Knt. my eldest son and heir appa- 
rept, my arras, tapestry, beds and bedding, pillowes, sheets, 
blankets, &c. there and now being at Bradenham; also, 
all my chapel stuff, apparell, and ornaments at Braden- 
haih; and all the great kitchen stuff at Bradenham, as 
potts, pans, spittes, plates, dishes, jcc. and all other neces- 
saries. 1 bequeath to Walter Windsor, my son, and Wil- 
liam Windsor, my son, beds, &c. ; also, to Philip, my son, 
household stuff remaining at Heriard, in the county of South- 



ampton. I will that my son William, when he is twenty- 
one years of age, have my indenture of ^the Prebend and 
Parsonage of Thame, towards his finding, either at school, 
at Oxford, or in one of the inns of court, or of chancery; 
and I further bequeath, to him and his heirs, the manor of 
Monks-Risborough, with my copyhold lands in Ascote, in 
the county of Buckingham, and other lands, called Li- 
chingams, Brandes, and Champions. I bequeath to my 
son. Sir £dward Windsore, my lease of Towresay, and all 
profits thereof, which 1 had of the late Edward Ferrers, of 
Badsley, my son-in-law ; also, all my estate, after the life 
of Lady Knightly, in the manors of Barleyham, Wilsham, 
Aldam, Taston, Darnesdon, and Barkings, in the couniy 
of Suffolk, and during all the term of the life of the said 
Lady Knightly, Paying to her yearly two hundred marks, 
as by indenture appeareth. And for the disposition of my 
plate, I will that my said son Edward shall have that which 
was bequeathed to him by the Lord Andrew Windsor, my 
late father, which I entail on him and his heirs male, and 
in default, according to the will of my father, Andrews Lord 
Windsor. To my sons Walter and William plate, &c. I will 
that my daughter Ann take to her husband John Danvers, 
if they be so contented. Whereas there is owing to 
me, by the Earl of Oxford, a thousand marks, I will my 
executors to get it into their hands at such times as it shall 
be due, and out of it pay my son, Walter Windsor, one 
hundred pounds, and the residue towards the performance of 
my will. I bequeath to every gentleman, or gentlewoman, at 
the day of my death, xxvis. viiic2. every yeoman xxs. and 
every other servant xxxs*u\id. I bequeath to my son Philip 
my farm of Allesborne, in the county of Suffolk ; and I will 
that all my stocks of cattle at Heriard, in the county of 
Southampton, remain to the Lady Elizabeth, now my wife, 
for her life, and after her decease, to Philip and Elizabeth, the 
children of the said Elizabeth, and me the said Lord Windsor, 
and Mary Powlet, daughter to my said wife. Also, I will to 
my said son, Philip, such plate as is severed and sorted at 
Bradcnhaui, and a cup which King Philip gave him to his 
christening, and a standing cup gilt and cover, given at his 


christening by the Bishop of Winchester, and a drinking 
cup of silver and cover, given him by the Lady Marquis of 
Winchester his godmother. And my mind is, that the 
Lady Elisabeth, my wife, being his natural mother, shall 
have only the custody thereof during her life, putting 
in sufficient sureties to my executors for the deliverance 
thereof to my son Philip after her decease, and to my daugh- 
ter Elizabeth, if the said Philip die before his said mother. 
Also, I will that my wife have^ during her life, my house 
in Mogwell-gtreet, in London, called Windsor-Place, with 
the garden, and all hangings of tapestry and arras, during 
ber life, and being unmarried ; also, my new lodging there, 
adjoining to London Wall, with the appurtenances in the 
Ward of Cripplegate, London ; and, after her decease, to 
my next heir male, to whom I give the said new build- 
ing and garden, and not to be severed from Windsor- 
Place; likewise the manor of Snaylesham, in Icklesham, 
and Gestling parishes, that she holds in jointure. I fur- 
ther will, that all such debts as I owe, as also my father's 
that are unpaid, be well and truly contented by my exe- 
cutors, with all convenient speed. I will that the Lady Eliza- 
beth, my wife. Sir Thomas White, of Southwamborow, 
and my executors, have the governance and finding of my 
said son Philip, and daughter Elizabeth, until my son 
comes to the age of twenty-one years, and my daughter to 
eighteen years. I ordain executors of my will, Dr. White, 
Bishop of Winchester, with a legacy of x/.; Lord Chtdioke 
Poulet, vi/. XII15. ii]i(f. ; Sir John Baker, Knt.xiii/.xvi 5. 
yiud.'y Sir Thomas White, of Southwamborow, x /. ; and 
William Roper, Gent; and overseer^, the Marquis of 
Winchester, Lord Treasurer of England, to whom I be- 
queath XX /. ; and Sir George Paulet, the other overseer, 
VI /. XIT15. iiii^f. praying them to accept it in good part. 
The residue of my goods, chattels, &c. (except my harness, 
armory, weapons, guns, shot and powder, and my tent, 
which I give to my son Sir Edward Windsor,) I bequeath 
to my son Philip, and Elizabeth his sister ; and, if they 
decease before the age of twenty-one, then to remain to my 
son Sir Edward Windsor, and his heirs male. To my grand- 



SODS and grand-daughters, plate, 8cc. Provided always, and 
my full mind and will is, that if my said executors, and 
every of them, do refuse and deny to take on them the 
probation and execution of this my last will, contr€u*y to 
such trust and confidence as I have in them put, as I do 
verily trust they will not, then I will that my said son. Sir 
Edward Windsore, shall in no wise attempt or make any 
enterprize in or concerning this my will, or the order or 
administration of any of my goods and chattells, debts or 
credits. But I will that the said Elizabeth, my wife, and 
Sir Thomas White^ Knt. or the survivor of them, shall, on 
such refusal, take on them the execution of my said will, 
according to the purport and tenor of the same. My ma- 
nors of Bradenham and Penne, called Bealing's ; also, my 
lands, 8cc. in Cheping- Wycombe and West- Wycombe, and 
Weston- Turvile, called Molen's manor, and Butler's manor, 
in the towns of Weston-Turvile and Puttenham, and Ascot, 
in the counties of Buckingham and Hertford ; the manor 
of Millcourt, in the county of Southampton; the manors 
ofElmanston, Amstanton, Hatton, Bentley, Thurwaston, 
Alkemanton and Alkemanton-Bentley, in the county of 
Derby; the manor of Maidley-Home, in the county of 
Stafford; also, the manors of Medeley, Houghton, and 
Belyngley, in the counties of York and Nottingham, im- 
mediately after the decease of Dorothy Lady Windsor, 
wife of Sir Thomas Windsor, Knt. and the manor of Myn* 
chinhampton and Penberye, in the county of Gloucester^ 
together with the manor of Cranford St. John's, Cranford 
le Mote, with the appurtenances, in the county of Middle- 
sex, which 1 will to remain to my son Philip, and bis heirs 
for ever, yielding and paying out of the premi3es^ to the Mo- 
nastery of Hounslow, forty pounds yearly, at the feasts of 
Our Lady and St. Michael ; and, for lack of issue male of 
the said Philip, to remain to William Windsor, and his 
heirs male ; and in default, to Sir Edward Windsor, and 
his heirs male. I also will, that my executors pay for the 
making up of the Friers' House in Hodnslow, and for the 
obtaining of the lease and reversion of the domains of the 
said house, which one Rone, the auditor, now hath. I 


will the manor of Southcote, with the lands in Birfield and 
Shinfield, in Berkshire, to the Lady Elizabeth, my wife, if 
she lives sole and unmarried, and to her heirs male ; in de- 
fault, to Sir Edward Wyndsor, Knt. my eldest son, and 
his heirs male, with remainder to my sons Walter Windsor 
and William Windsor, and their heirs male, in default, to 
my own right heirs. I further bequeath to Walter Wind- 
sor, my son, my manors of Lushill, the third part of Hen- 
donweeke, and the manor of Sopworth, in Wiltshire, to 
him and his heirs male, in default, to the right heirs of 
him, the said William Lord Windsor. And to my son, 
William Windsor, and the heirs male of his body (with 
like limitation), the third part of the manor of Langage, 
with the advowson, the manor of Chipenham, and all the 
lands purchased of Giles Wilson, in Hydon-Wyke, Ker- 
son, Mylford, Hepton, and Crowbridge, in Wiltshire and 
Somersetshire. I bequeath to Sir' Edward Windsor, my 
son and heir, the Advowson and Parsonage of Monks-Ris- 
borough, with the glebe-land; and law-day, at Ascote^ 
once in the year to be kept ; and to him, or who shall be 
his next heir^ my manor of Okebrook within Chadesden, 
in the county of Derby, the manor of Tredberk, with 
Brodsley, in the counties of Worcester and Warwick ; the 
manors of Hedeley and Hursmere, in Surrey ; the manor of 
Eton, near Windsor, in Buckinghamshire; the manors of 
Bailham, Willesham, Goodeford, Rowes, Aldenbam, Tas- 
ton-hall, and Brandeford, in the county of Suffolk; the 
manor of Farnham and White-Waltham, in Berkshire; 
the manor of Stoke-Doile in the county of Northampton; 
the manor of Bunkhurst, in Wiltshire ; a tenement in Mo- 
gil-street, and a tenement in Lothbury, called the Abby, 
and the house called Windsor- Place, sometime Westmore- 
land-Place, in Silver-street, in London; the reversion of 
the manor of Boneforden, in Stoke-Pogey, 8cc. with lands 
in reversion 'in Stanwell, in Middlesex, some time of the 
Monastery of Ankerwike. All which I entail on my heirs 
male ; and, in default, on the heirs male of my father, 
Andrews Lord Windsor. Proved December lOtb, 1558*. 

* Collins' Peerage, ed. 1779> vol. iv. p. 90. 



Thomas Onslow^ Gent.> 10th August 1556. To all the 
children of Thomas Onslow^ my son and heir, cc marks, to 
be equally divided amongst them ; and, if he have no chil- 
dren at the time of my decease, then to the said Thomas. 
To all the children of Isabel Onslow, my daughter, cc 
marks, with remainder to the said Isabel. To William 
Onslow, my brother, xxx/.; to Arthur^ son of the said 
William, vi /. xiii a. iv^.; to Edward Onslow, son of Hun^ 
phrey Onslow, my brother^ vi/. xiiis. iv J.; to Fulke, son 
of Roger Onslow, my brother, x /. I appoint Thomas 
Onslow, my son, my executor, and Humphrey Onslow, my 
brother, and Kichard Onslow, son to Roger Onslow, my 
brother, supervisors. To the said Richard Onslow, for his 
pains taken in my affairs at divers times, c marks ; and in 
case my son Thomas Onslow, and my daughter Isabel,, 
shall die before me, then I appoint the aforesaid Edward 
Onslow, and Richard Onslow^ my executors. 

Proved 15th May, 1560*. 


In the name of God, Amen. I, Sir Nicholas Pelham, 
of Laugkton, otherwise Laston, in the county of Sussex % 

* Of the family from which the Bight Hon. the Earl of Onslow 
18 descended. 

* From Collins* Abstract, ed. 1779, vol. vii. p. 238. 

^ Ancestor of the Earl of Chichester. He was elected a Re- 
presentative in Parliament for the Borough of Arundel in 1547; 
was Sheriff of Sussex and Surrey in 1549; and received the 
honour of knighthood at Westminster on the 17th November in 
the same year. In the 4th and 5th Philip and Mary, and in 
1558-9> he was Knight of the Shire for the county of Sussex, 
and died 15th December, 1560. His wife was Anne, daughter of 

T£8TAM£NTA V£TU«TA. 759 

Knighte, ihe vi daye of Februarj^ in the yere of our Lord 
God 1559, and in the second yere of our most dread Sove- 
raigne Ladie Elizabeth, by the grace of God, Quene of 
Englonde, Fraunce, and Irelande, Defendor of the Faith, 
etc. being whole of bodie, and of good and perfecte me- 
mory, our Lord God be praised, knowing and considering 
the brittleness of this short transcitory lyef, do make this my 
present testamente and laste wil]e, of certaine my manors> 
landes, tenements, and hereditaments, and of all my goods 
and chattals, in manner and forme hereafter following ; re- 
voking, and plainely, by these presents, annulling all other 
testaments and wills heretofore by me made by worde or 
writing. First, knowledginge my self a grevus offender and 
sinner against the lawes and commaundiments of Almighty 
God, through the frailetie of this mortal flesh, and suerdley 
trusting unto his most swete and comfortable promise^ that 
in whatsoever hour the sinner doth bewaile and repent his 
synnes, that he will graciously here hym, and. receive him 
to his Savior. I, hartely repenting my sinful lyef, and be- 
ing in parfecte love and charitie with all men, do righte so 
aske of Almightie- God, mercies and forgiveness of my 
said offences and sinnes, certainely believing, that through 
the merits of Christ's blessed passion, to be accompted and 
received among his elect, and chosen to the most joyus and 
everlasting kingdom of God, according to his licke promis 
made unto all them which faithfully believe in him; of 
which number, I trust dughtless to be one : and my boddie, 
which after my soule departeth from the same is but yerth. 

John SackviUe, Esq. by whom he had issue six sons and four 
daughters ; of the latter, Mary married John Thatcher, of Priest- 
haws, CO. Sussex ; and Anne was the wife of Thomas Shirley, of 
Isfield, in the same county, Esq. This Will, though dated a few 
years after the period with which this Collection professes to 
close, is introduced as an example of the religious sentiments ex- 
pressed in Testaments after the Protestant became the authorized 
religion in this Country. The singular contrast which it forms to 
the superstition and bigotry exhibited in die preceding Wills 
printed in this Volume, cannot fail to be particularly noticed. 


I wil it be buried by the discretion of my executors and 
overseers. I will to Dame Anne, my wife, my manor 
called Colbornes, w]th the appurtenances, and my lands 
called Poundfelde and Frotsham, Scottes» and Murlands, 
in the rape of Laughton, during her life, as ako a yearly 
rent of xxx /. out of the three manors of Burwish, Beyelham, 
and Crowhurst, in the rape of Hastings ; likewise the manor 
of Cowden, on condition she find and bring up Thomas 
Pelham, my second son, in virtue and learning, till be 
comes to the age of eighteen years, and then to pay him 
out of the said manors xx l. per ammm during his life. I 
bequeath also to the said Dame Ann my wife, all my lands, 
called Melwoods, Cresselands, Yonge, Wikeland, and 
Hired, otherwise called Highred and Farthingland, lying 
in Laughton, on condition she bring up, in virtue and 
learning, Robert Pelham, my youngest son, till he comes 
to the age of eighteen years, and then to pay my said soo 
XX /. yearly. And if so be my said wife dyes before my 
said sons accomplish the age of eighteen yeres, I then will 
the issues of the ssiid lands to my heir, paying unto them 
the said yerely rent. I further bequeath to Dame Ann, my 
wife, half my plate, and three hundred pounds in old gold^ 
in the hands of my uncle, Anthony Pelham, as also my in- 
terest in the Parsonage of Glynds. And to my daughter, 
Anne Pelham, towards her finding and bringing up, until 
such time as she married, xl. yearly, and five hun- 
dred marks, and all her apparel, at the day of her mar- 
riage; and if she happens to dye before she be married, 
that then Ann Thatcher and Margery Thatcher, my daugh- 
ter's daugjbters, have each of them one hundred marks out 
of the five hundred so bequeathed, tu be paid them at the 
days of their marriage. The residue of all my goods* chat- 
tels, plate, jewels, and ready money, my debts paid, and 
my last will in all things performed, 1 give and bequeath 
. to John Pelham, my eldest son, whom I ordain my sole 
executor; and George Goring, William Morley, and John 
Leighe, Esquires, overseers; and into thy hands, O Lorde, 
I commende my spirite; Thou hast redeemed me, O Lord 
God of truth. Nicholas Pelham. 

Witness, my brother, Edward Pelham, and four others'*^. 

* From Collins* Peerage, ed. 1779, vol. viii. p. 121. 





I, Ricbardy by Divine Permission Bishop of Chicbester, 
6cc/ 1253. I bequeath my body to be buried in the Cathe- 
dral Church of Chichester, in the nave, near the altar of St. 
Edward the Confessor, to the building of the Church xl/. 
To the Friars Minor of Chichester my psalter glosed, and 
XX8,; to the same at Lewes, the Evangelists Luke and 
John, and xx s, ; to the same at Winchelsea^ Mark and 
Matthew, and xx«.; to the Friars Preachers at Arundel^ 
the Book of Sentences, and xxs. ; to the same at Canter* 
bury, the Prophet Hosea, glosed^ and xxs.; to the Friars 
Minors of the same town, Isaiah, glosed; to the Friars 
Preachers of London, the Book of Job, Acts of the Apostles, 
Canonical Epistles, and the Revelations, glosed, or with a 
commentary, all in one volume ; to the Friars Minors there, 
the Epistles of St. Paul, glosed ; to the Friars Preachers of 
Winton, the "Summarium;" and to the Friars Minors 

1 He was consecrated Bishop of Chichester in 1245, and died^ 
according to Le Neve, on the 2d or 3d of Aprils 1253. After his 
death he was canonized. An imperfect abstract of this Will is 
given in p. 47 of this Work ; but the above is inserted from Dal- 
laway's Western Sussex, vol. i. p. 47, because it is a much longer 
and more satisfactory account of its contents. No date is affixed 
to his will, but as his linniversary was kept on the 3d April 1254, it 
is certain that he died in the previous year. Some curious parti- 
culars of the Testator will be found in the History of Sussex just 
cited ; and in several Wills in this collection, different relics ef him 
are bequeathed as valuable gifls. 


of the said town, the twelve Apostles, glosed, and xxs, 
/For the aid of the expedition to the Holy Land, I bequeath 
L marks, to be paid to Robert Chandos, my brother, that 
he may go for me, if it be his will, but to a substitute if he 
should decline to go. To the Abbot of Laoock my great 
mazer bowl; to the Abbot of Marham, in Norfolk, another 
mazer bowl ; to Walter Camden two pitchers and one cup 
of silver ; to William de Selsey my Bible, with a rough 
cover of skin ; to Fulinus, a monk, the books of Damascene, 
with some others ; to William, a monk of Colchester, the 
sn)all book of St. Anselm. Likewise, to Willard, my cook, 
X marks ; to Adam, my butler, c marks ; to Richard,, 
my baket, x marks; to John Radley, my marshal, e$.; 
to John, the keeper of my palfreys, vi marks ; to Henry, 
^y hoy, the nephew of J. Sunning, of Ferring, and like- 
wise to the boys my servitors, not named to my executors, 
c 8, to be shared by the said boys at their discretion ; to 
John, Bishop of Norwich my seal and ring, and the salt- 
cellars placed before me when at table ; to Simon Clymp- 
ing my best palfrey, with my book of all virtues, and notes, 
upon the psalter, and the silver bowl which Simon Lang- 
frers gave me ; to William de Berambre a bow! of silver, . 
and a small book concerning the vices; to Robert of 
Hastings my book of Decretals; to the 3Uhop of Aries a 
silver cup, which the Abbot of Battle gave me; to Jphn 
Mansel and Hugh of St. Edmundsbury, an altar-clotli 
which was given me by the Abbot of Battle; my cross,, 
which the Earl of Lincoln gave me, to Edward Lucy and 
W. Kemsey; to the marriage of one of the daughters of 
my sister xx marks; to Niget, my bailiff of Alding- 
bourne, and Richard, bailiff of Oakebam, c s, each, to be 
paid from these lands. 


Walter Frampton, 6th December 1388. He leaves his 
wife a large property, with this strict injunction. "Item 


volo, quod quam cito dicta Isabella se maritaverit (vel 
quod absit)| scortata fuerit;, et boc probari poterit, quod ex 
tunc executores mei si vivant, intreot et penes se retineant, 
omnia preedictu teneoienta^ &c. prKdictae Isabellas, supe- 
rius legates, et earn totaliter inde eypellant in perpetuo' 
fact& prius triQ& proclainatiope^ cum tub&, ad altam 
crucem *." 



In the name and honour of the most high and undivided 
Trinity of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost, 
Aoien* Since every thing which is created in time will be 
destroyed in time, and since every mortal living gradually 
passes away and fails^ until it arrives at its last termination, 
which is death ; and I know not how long I may exist, and 
when my Maker may take me away; since I am daily, 
during my warfare^ expecting the arrival of my pbange^ I, 
William of Wykeham, by permission of the Most High, 
the humble though unworthy Minister of the Cathedral 
Church of WintonS being continually anxious and im- 

^ This very severe prohibition of a secoi^d marriage, or con- 
cealed concubinage, occurs in several other wills of the inha- 
bitants of Bristol, dated about this period, and was probably there- 
fore considered by the prudent burgesses as a proper preciiution. 
The practice of holding auctions after three proclamations made 
by sound of trumpet, at the high cross,. is a curious evidence of 
a local custom. The abstract in the text is given in the original 
words from its singularity, but the remaining part of the will has 
not sufficient interest to render a longer abstract desirable. 

* The name and character of this distinguished personage are 
so well known that it is unnecessary in this place to state much 
beyond the dates of the most eventful circumstances of his life. 
He was born at Wykeham in Hampshire between the 7th of 
July and 97th of September in the 18th year of Edward II. 1324, 
and is generally supposed to have taken his name from the place 
of his birth, though many circumstances noticed by Bishop 


pressed with these serious reflections, not resting my hope 
on this present short life, which is a vapour appearing for 
a brief space and suddenly passing away, knowing that I 
must necessarily depart from this vale of misery, but being 
ignorant of the day and hour of my departure, and desir- 
ing to anticipate my death before I go to Him that sent 
me, to the honour of my Creator, and of the Lord Jesus 
Christ, the son of God, and for the salvation of my soul, 
and for the remission of all my faults and sins, I ordain 

Lowth tend to prove that it was the name of his parents. In a 
pedigree^ however, preserved in an ancient register of Winchester 
College, given in Dr. Lowth's Life of the Prelate, and printed in 
a following page, his father is described as John Longe, ** bnt 
whether it was the proper surname, or a personal bye-name [or 
soubriquet] g^ven him on account of his stature, in which case his 
true surname might be Aas, the same that was borne by his bro- 
ther Henry, it is neither material nor possible to determine." At 
an early period of l^is life he was secretary to Nicholas Uvedale, 
Lord of the Manor of Wykeham, and Governor of Winchester 
Castle, by whom he was recommended to Edyngton Bishop of 
Winchester, and by them introduced to the notice of King Ed- 
ward the Tliird, who, it is well known, patronized him in a 
munificent manner. After receiving various ecclesiastical be- 
nefices and dignities, he .was in 1367 consecrated Bishop of 
Winchester, the Cong^ d*Elire for his election to which See was 
dated on the 13th October 1366, William de Edyngton, the pre- 
ceding Bishop, having died on the 8th of that month. The vari- 
ous attempts of the Bishop's enemies, in the latter part of his life, 
to ruin his fortunes, his own conduct on the occasions, and still 
more those splendid endowments which still render Wykeham's 
name an object of admiration to the world, and of gratitude to hh 
kindred, have been justly expatiated upon by his able biographer, 
and by historians. Bishop Wykeham died on the 27th September 
1404, having completed his 80th year. His Will is translated 
at length, because it affords a perfect specimen of the testa- 
ments of persons of his wealth and importance, early in the 
fifteentli century ; and because, independently of many curious 
bequests, the mention made of his kindred may be a useful guide 
to those who believe themselves entitled to the benefits arising 
from his institutions. 


and make my testament or last willi with a sound mind and 
pure hearty after this manner. Imprimis, I bequeath and 
recommend my soul to Almighty God, my Creator and 
Saviour, who made it out of iiothing^ imploring his mercy 
with a humble heart, and beseeching that he would deign 
to place it, of his great mercy, among his elect. Item, I 
bequeath my body, when I shall have departed from this 
light, to be delivered to ecclesiastical burial in the middle 
of a certain Chapel lately built by me in the nave of the 
said Churchy on the South side of the same* But concern- 
ing my goods, which the mercy of my Saviour hath con- 
ferred on me,* I thus dispose, will, ordain, and bequeath; 
viz. That, over and above the expenses to be laid out upon 
my funeral, to the honour and praise of God, whose ser* 
vant I am; which I entrust to the disposal of my executors 
and friends, that all my debts, whatsoever may be. due to 
any persons, from whatever cause arising, shall be , fully 
and entirely paid, without any hesitation, contradiction, 
impediment, or delay; and then that the underwritten 
legacies shall be fully and entirely paid, concerning which, 
however, I charge the consciences of- my executors, that 
they shall perform and execute in all respects whatever 
hereafter is specified and bequeathed, fully, well, faith- 
fully, and entirely, 8cc: as they shall themselves be willing 
to answer before the Supreme Judge, my Lord Jesus 
Christ. Also, I bequeath that in the castle, manor, or 
whatsoever other place in which I may happen to die, my 
executors shall give and distribute to the nu>re infirm and 
indigent persons of my tenants of my Bishoprick, and in 
every place through which my body may happen to pass 
to my Church of Winchester, to pray for the salvation of 
my soul, to each iv J.; and to every other asking alms for 
the love of God, iid. or id. at least, according to the dis- 
cretion of my executors* Item, I ordain that my executors 
shall distribute, on the day of my burial, to every poor 
person who comes to Winchester and asks alms for the 
love of God, and prays for the salvation of my soul ivJ. 
Item, I bequeath cc/. to be divided among the poor prison- 
ers in the prisons of Newgate in London, the King'« Bench, 


Marsbalsea, Wolveseye, Winchester, Oxford, Berks, Guild* 
ford, Old and New Saram, for the lore of God and the 
health of my soul. Item, becanse God loves the honour 
of his house, and the place of his habitation, to the hononr 
and praise of God himself, and of our Lord Jesus Christ, 
and of St. Mary his Mother, and of his Apostles Peter and 
Paul^ and the Patrons of my said Church, also of St. Beri- 
nus, St. Swithin, and St. Edda, and St. Ethelwolf, whose 
bodies and relics are deposited in the said Church, I will 
that my executors shall honestly and honourably cause to 
be rebuilt the body or middle of the said Church, between 
the North and South aisles, from the West gate, or en- 
trance of the choir of the said Church, backwards, to the 
West end of the said Church, in the walls, windows, and 
vaults, conformably and decently, according as the form 
and manner of the new work of the said aisles shall re^ 
quire, &c« and duly rebuild the same, to the amount of 
MMD marks, if so much be necessary to be expended on 
the same, upon condition that the Prior and Convent of 
the said Church shall find the whole scaffold necessary, or 
even convenient, for the said work, and that they shall 
freely and gratuitously permit and allow the lime and sand 
from the lands and quarries of themselves and their tenants, 
wherever my executors shall consider that it can be best 
dug and carried away by the workmen, for the greater 
expedition of the said work, until the whole be completed, 
in ibe sau»e manner that the stones, ironwork, glass, and 
other old materials, shall remain and be converted to the 
use of the new work. Also, I ordain that the disposal and 
direction of the new work shall be in the hands of Master 
William VVynford, and other sufficient and discreet arti^ 
zans. And that Dominus Symon Membury, the present 
supervisor and paymaster, shall in future be the paymaster 
and supervisor of the said work, under the supervisal and 
testimony and " con tra-ro tula tione*' of Brother John 
Wayte, monk of the said Church, and now, on the part of 
the aforesaid Prior and Convent, the comptroller, as 
long as he shall be in health, and able to undertake the 
same, but, if he should be unable, then by the supervisal. 


Sic. of another monk of the said Church, to be named by 
the aforesaid Prior and Convent. And that the payments 
for the said work shall be made from time to time, at the 
discretion of my executors, or at least of five of them. To 
therepairs of the windows of theSouth side of the saidCburch 
D marks ; and . I also ordain that they shall be made of 
stained glass. Item, I bequeath to my Lord the King one 
pair of silver gilt covered pitchers, with double roses ' en- 
graved on the bottom of the same ; and I remit to my said 
Lord the King the sum of d L in money borrowed of me *. 
Item, I bequeath to my Lord the Archbishop of Canterbury ^ 
one gold ring with astoneof ruby ; likewise a pair of beads 
of gold, appended from a bracelet of gold *, having these 
words engraved on them, % H. C t9t fitnoc tnen^* ; also, 
one elemosynary dish, newly made, in the form of a ship. 
Item, I bequeath to my successor in the Bishoprick of 
Winchester my best book, *' De Officio Pontificali** which 
begins in the second leaf, " Dicavt Excq>to;'^ also, my best 
missal, which begins in the second leaf after the Calendar, 
'' Turn Angelumf^ also, I bequeath to my said successor my 
larger gold pontifical ring with a sapphire stone, surrounded 
and ornamented v^ith four balas-rubies' and two small 
diamonds, and eleven pearls; also, my better gold chalice, 
enamelled on the foot with figures of the Passion ; '* Item, 
Ponsere* men m meliorem,'' worked and ornamented with 
four rubies and cxLi pearls. Item, I bequeath to the 

' Argent, two chevronels Sable between three rosesy were the 
Bishop*8 arms. 

* Vide a Note on the subject of the King's debts to Bishop 
Wykeham in Lowth's Life of the Prelate, p. 262. 

3 Thomas Fitz-Alan. 

^ Precum, a pair of beads, the same as Prectdarum, thus de- 
scribed by Du Cange : '< Preculata, globulorum sacrorum series 
ut videtur nostris chapelet ; << unum par precularum de coral ;** 
" unum par prectdarum argenti,** &c. 

' In the original Baleysy Balois, i. e. a species of rubies of a ver- 


meil rose colour. Chambers. 

* This word is not to be found in Du Cange's or any other 


Reverend Father ia God, Robert Bishop of London*,. my 
great red bed of silk, which usually hangs in the great 
/ chamber of the Palace of Winchester, with the whole suit 
of red tapestry belonging to the said chamber, which I am 
accustomed to use with the same. Item, I bequeath to my 
Church of Winchester my new vestment of blue cloth, 
striped and embroidered with lions of gold, with thirty 
copes of the same cloth, embroidered with the history of 
Jesse in gold ; also, one vessel of beryll, ordained for the 
body of Christ; also, one cross of goljl, with relicks of .the 
Cross of our Lord. Item, I bequeath to the Prior of the 
said Church, to pray for my soul, one cup silver-gilt, with 
a cover, and one silver-gilt water-pot, both of the price of 
XX /. Item, I bequeath to each of the monks of the said 
Church in priest's orders, to pray for my soul, v marks^ 
and to each monk of the said Church not a priest xl5. to 
pray for my soul. Item, I bequeath to my College at Ox- 
ford my mitre and pastoral stafF^ and my dalmaticks and 
sandals. Item, I bequeath to my College at Winchester 
my other plain mitre, ornamented with gold, and my com- 
mon Bible'; also, the book called ^* CcUhoUcan ;*' also, a 
book called '^ Rationale Divinorum ;** also, a book called 
** Fhrarium BartAolomei;" also a book of the life of St. 
Thomas, called ^^ Thomas;** also, a book called '* Pars 
Oculi" Item, I bequeath to the Warden of my College at 
Oxford X marks, and one silver-gilt cup and cover, and 
one silver-gilt water-cup, both of the price of xx marks, 
which cup and cover and water-pot I will shall .remain to 
the said Warden and his successors, for their use* and of 

* Robert de Braybrooke» who died 27th August 1404. 

• This Crosier Is still preserved at New College, Oxford, and a 
drawing of it is given in Lowth*8 Life of Wykebam before cited, 
p. 263. It was about six feet and a half long, and was splendidly 
enamelled near the top with images of the Saints, and ornamented 
with other Scriptural subjects. See Carter^s Ancient Painting. 

> This Bible is thus described in the Register of Winchester 
College; '^Biblia cum clapsulis de argento de aurat : ex legato 
Domini Fundatoris. Pret. viii. -marc.** The above entry is worthy 
of attention, as it shows the price of a Bible at the period. 

APDENDA. 7fi9 

the 9aid College, for even Items to every actaal Fellow of 
the 899d College ip priest's orders X3^v{s. viiicl.; to each 
Fellow qot a priest, bat in holy orders, xx«.; to every Fel- 
low ia inferior orders xvis, vuid* ; and to every scholar of 
the said College under the years of probation, provided he 
has remained for a year in the College after he shall have 
been admitted an actual Fellow xiiu. ivd. sterling. Also, 
to every stipendiary Chaplain who shall remain for two 
years continually from the day of my death, and celebrate 
Divine Service in the same, x^$.; and I will that, every 
day from the time of my death beiqg known, vntil the day 
of the splemnity of my faneral, and for forty days immedi- 
ately following, the service for the dead and a ^lemn mass 
•hall be said, for the health of my &quJ, and the sonU of 
all the faithful deceased. Item, I bequeath x/. to be dis« 
tribttted among the <;]erks and choristers of the Chapel of 
my said College at Oxford, and common servants of the 
•aid College, according to the discretion of the Warden, 
Vice- Warden, and Pursers of the College. Item, I be*, 
queatb to every actual Fellow of my College of Winches* 
ter, being a pries t» xtlju. vii\d>\ and to each stipendiary 
Chaplain of the Chapel of the said College xx •• ; to Mas<- 
ter Thomas Romsey, teacher of the scholars of the said 
College, c««; to the sub- teacher, or ufther, xx$. And I 
will that, on each day from the day of my decease mitil 
that of my funeral, aod for forty days afterward^^ Ae ser- 
vice for the dead and mass of Recjuiemi shall be solem* 
pized, for the health of my »oul, and of all the faithful 
deceased. Item, I bequeath to each of the scholars of xxxj 
College of Winchester vii. yiud. Item, I bequeath x 
marks sterling to be divided between the clerks and choris*- 
ters of the said College of Wintpn, and the household ser- 
vants of the said CoUege^ at the discretion of the Warden* 
Vice- Warden^ ajg4 9ui)ser of the same College. Item, I 
bequeath to the faJbrick of tke Church of Sarum xxL for 
the celebration of exequies on the day of my deai^ji and 
thirty days afterwards^ by the Canons apd Ministers of 
the said Church. Item^ I bequeath to the Abbot of the 
Monastery of Hyde, to pray for my soul, a cup of silver- 

3 D 


gilt, with a cover, of the price of x/. ; and to each monk of 
the same in priest's orders xls; and to each monk of the 
said Monastery in inferior orders xx s. to pray for my soul. 
Item, I bequeath to the Abbess of the Monastery of St. 
Mary of Winchester v marks sterling; to each of the nuns 
of the same Monastery xiim. lyd. Item, I bequeath to the 
Prior and Convent of the blessed Mary of Overe, in South- 
wark, in my patronage and diocese, for the reparation of 
the Church, and to pray for my soul, xl/. sterling, in 
which sum they are bound tome. Item, I bequeath to the 
Abbot and Convent of Waverle, in my patronage and 
diocese, to pray for my soul, x L^ To the Abbey of Tich- 
field, in my patronage and diocese, a pair of vestments, 
with a chalice ; to the Prior and Convent of Taunton, of 
my patronage, and in the diocese of Bath, to pray for my 
soul, c marks sterling; to the Abbess of the Monastery of 
the Nuns of Romsey v marks sterling ; to Felic Aas ', a 
nun of the said Monastery, cs., and to each of the other 
nuns of the said Monastery xiit5. ivd; to the Abbess and 
Convient of the said Monastery, for reparation of their 
Church and Cloisters, xl /. sterling, in which they are now 
bound to me ; to the fabrick of the Parish Church of the 
same xx marks ; to the Abbess and Convent of Wherwell, 
to pray for my soul, xx marks ; to the Prior and Convent 
of St. Dionysius near Southampton, to repair and supply 
the defects of their Church, xx marks ; to the Prioress and 
Convent of Wynteney, to pray for my soul, x /. sterling, 
to the Priory and Convent of Tawrigg, in my diocese, to 
pray for my soul, c s. ; to be distributed among the brothers 
and sisters and poor of the Hospital of St. Thomas in 
Southwark, to pray for my soul, at the discretion of my 
executors, x marks ; to the Hospital of the Holy Cross 
near Winton a pair of vestments, with a chalice, and a 
pair of silver dishes, with a fer de Moulin engraved in 
the bottom of the same, in the form of a cross ; to the 
Hospital of St. Nicolas of Portsmouth a pair of vestments ; 
to the Church of the blessed Mary of Southampton, a pair 


I Ays, Regist. Arund. 


Cf Testments, with a chalice ; to the College of St. Eliza- 
beth a pair of silver vessels, with the image of. St. Martin 
sitting on horseback engraved on the bottom of them, also 
two silver cups*, for the use of the high altar ; to the Hospi- 
tal of St. Mary Magdalen, near the City of Winchester, 
for the reparation of the Church, and house and tenements 
of the said Hospital, cs. ; to the sisters of the Charitable 
Hospital of my Church of St.Swythin xls. to be equally 
divided among them, to pray for my soul; to the Church 
of Uameldon a portiforium of my Chapel, at the choice 
and discretion of my executors, and a chalice; also, in a 
like manner, to the Churgh of Estmeone, another portifo- 
rium of my said Chapel, and a chalice ; to each of the 
following Churches, viz. Wytteney, Farnham, Chiriton, 
Havonte, and Burgclere, of my patronage, an entire vest- 
ment, viz. for a priest, deacim, and subdeacon, with a cope 
also, and one chalice ; to each of the following Churches, 
vis. Fallegh, Crawle, Alwardstoke, South Waltham, and 
Drokensford, of my patronage and diocese, one cope of 
the copes used in tny Chapel, at the discretion of my exe- 
cutors, also a chalice ; to each of the four Convents of the 
Order of Friars Mendicants of the City of Winton^ marks, 
to pray for my soul ; to Alice Perot, my cousin, c /. ster- 
ling; to Master John Wykeham, Rector of the Church of 
Crondall, c /. sterling; to Edithe Ryngebourne, my cousin, 
for herself, and her children no.t married nor advanced, c/. 
sterling; to Agnes Wodelok, my cousin, for herself, and 
her children, not married nor advanced, c /• sterling ; to 
Johanna, wife of William Mavyell, for herself, and her 
children not married nor advanced, xl/. sterling; to 
Edithe, the wife of William Croyser, my cousin, c/. ster- 
ling ; to Domina Agnes Sandes, my cousin, for herself and 
her children not married nor advanced, c/. sterling; to 
Thomas Warenner l marks, in which sum he is bound to 
me by writings ; to Thomas, son and heir of the said Tho- 

* in the original ** ac duos urcwlos argenteos, Ac.** Ducange 
explains the word ** Urceolus,*' to be ^' inter ministeria seu vasa 
Mcra recensetur/' 




masy iDj cousioy xxL sterling; to Reginald, son of the 
said Thomas Warenner, my cousin, xx /. sterling ; to Wil- 
liam Ryngeboarne, my cousioi xx^ sterling; to John 
Bennet, of Bottele, my oousin, xxL sterling; to Master 
John Wykeham, Rector of the Church of Brriton, for 
taking his degree of Doctor in Divinity, and other scho- 
lastic acts, liL sterling ; to Elena, sister of Master Nicholas 
Wykeham, for her, and her children not married nor ad- 
vanced, XX L ; to Selote Pnrbyk x /. ; to the two Chief Jus- 
tices of our Lord the King of the Bench of our Lord the 
King, and of the Common Bench *, to each of them a ring 
of gold with one diamond, or one ** de parvis tablettis," of 
the value of cs.; to Dom. William Hengford a ring of 
gold« ''vel unum tablett%'' to the value of cs. ; to Dom* 
Robert Faryngton a psalter " et unum par precum • ;" to 
John Uvedale a cup of silver, or other jewel, to the value 
of X marks; to Henry Popham a cup of silver, or other 
jewel, to the value of x marks ; to John Chamflour, Nicho- 
las Bray, and Stephen Carr, to each of them a cup, or 
other jewel, to the value of cs.; to Dom' William Savage, 
Rector of the Church of Overton, xx /. ; to Dom' John 
Ketouy Precentor of the Church of Southampton, xxL 
Item, I will and ordain that my executors give and distri- 
bute to the persons in the Roll to this present Will an- 
nexed, and sealed with my seal, the things and sums in 
the said Roll expressed *. Item, I will that my executors, 
and the administrators of this my present testament, shall 
take M /• to be among them equally divided, as remunera- 
tion for their labour in the execution thereof; but I will 
that none of my said executors shall participate in the divi- 
sion of the said snm, unless they shall have sworn upon 
the Holy Evangelists, before him by whom this will shall 

* Apparently the Chief Justices of the King's Bench and Com- 
mon Heas, the former of whom was Sir William Gascoigne, 
Knight, and the latter William Hiirning. 

* Query, small table diamonds ? > Vide note S p. 767. 

* These bequests Dr. Lowth informs us he discharged in his life- 
time with his own hands. See the codicil to the Bishop*s:will, p. 775. 


be proved, to the faithful administratioQ of the goods be- 
queathed ia the same. The rest of my goods, not be- 
qaeathedy I give, bequeatbi and commit to the disposal oi 
my executors under written, to be by them faithfully dis- 
posed of {or the good of my soul, as they will answer be- 
fore the Supreme Judge* Of this my will I ordain and 
make my executors the Reverend Father in Christ Robert 
Bishop of London ', and the venerable men Masters Nicho- 
las WykehamS John £lmere% and John Campeden^ Tho- 
mas Cbdrey, Steward of the lands of my Bisho|M:ick of 
Winchester, Thomas Wykeham, my cousin and heir^ and 
Dom' Thomas Ayelward, Rector of the Church of Ha- 
vonte. Dated at South Waltham^ xxivth day of July, in the 
year of the Incarnation of our Lord, according to the 
course and computation of the Church of England, oQe 
thousand four hundred and three. In the' eleventh indio- 
tion, and in the xivth year of the Pontificate of the most 
holy Father in Christ and our Lord, Dom' Boniface the 
Ninth, by Divine Providence Pope : in the presence of the 
discreet men Dom' William Norton, Thomas Lavington, 
William Butiller, and John Knyght; also one William 
Doune, Notary Public, writer of this Testament, wit- 
nesses to this specially called and requested. And I, Wil- 
liam Doune, Clerk of the Diocese of £xeter, 8(c. &c. 



To Thomas Chelrey, Thomas Wykeham, Master Nicholas 
Wykeham, Master John Ellemere, Master John Campeden, 
ThomasAylward, each, silver vessels to the value of l/. ; Mas- 
ter Robert Keton, William Norton,Thomas Lavyngton, each, 
vessels of silver to the value of xxvi /. xiii s. iv d. ; William 

* Robert Brajrbroke. * Archdeacon of Wilts. 

' His official general. « Archdeacon of Surrey. 

' He was his great nephew and heir (vide the genealogical 
table), but is described in the original << coDaanguineimi meum et 


Batillere xx /. with a chalice besides ; Walter Aude xx /. ; 
John Sturminster XX 2. with a chalice; John Lytton x/. ; 
John Bnssh xx/«; Richard Chichester yil.xius.uud.; 
John Knight xx L with a chalice ; John Langele vi /. xiii «w 
uud.; John Hende^ Joe* Bailiff, each c^.; William 
Brocheband xx /. with a silver cup; John Foxle, William 
Westynton, each x/.; Ralph Arches cs.; John Daotre 
C5. deoblig*; William Changelton, John Coudray, Guy 
Denham, each c s. ; Nicholas Gifrewast, Thomas Penne, 
each Lxvif. viii d, ; John Arnold, John Shire^ each ct.; John 
Devenish cs. de oblig*; John Rewes lxvis. viiid.; John 
Pope VI /. XI1I5. ivd.\ Nicholas Hackestalle lxvis. viii J.; 
William Doune cs.; William Grene lxvis. viii J.; John 
Boseham, Stephen Anstel, Nicholas Sturgeon, William 
Welde, each xl5. ; Roger de Camera cs.; Peter Knight 
VI /. xiiis. iv(2.; John Barbour, Nicholas Gerveys, Wil- 
liam Peti-John, each lxvu. viiiJ.; William Saleman 
vi/. xiiM. viiid.; Richard Crokhere lxvis. viiii{.; John 
Combe vi2. xiiis. ivd.; John Cranbourne, Thomas Somer, 
Robert Hertele, Robert Goos lxvu. viiicJ.; Richard Bou- 
get XLS.; John Skyrewhit, Thomas Squiler, Robert Grey, 
John Namby, John Golde, John Gay, Wiiliam Wayte, 
each Lxvis. vin<2.; Thomas Bakere Huntere xls. ; John 
Ferrour lxvi s. viiid.; Peter Hyndon, Thomas Payn, John 
Mundy^ William Russel, Richard Winthrythe, Geoffrey 
Bowyar, each xx(2.; Nicholas Bucher, John Gare, Butel- 
lar', Richard Howe, Roger Gare, Aula, John Bury, Tho- 
mas Lavender, John Boll, John Fry the, Nicholas Bonde, 
Roger Gare, Pristina, Richard Smith, g. Camere Dom*i, 
Thomas Rede, Gardiuar de Waltham, John Fox, William 
Gog, John Martyn, Richard Bikebrok, John Stanes, Wil- 
liam Bailif, John Billebury, Robert Bathe, John Lemere, 
William Aldewyne, each xhd.; Garcio, Venetoris, Pag. 

* The name of the office held by this and several other persons 
in the above list, viz. the pages of the kitchen, poultry^ butchery, 
horses, bakehouse, &c. are inserted in the original, because it 
would be difficult to give a translation which would precisely de- 
scribe their several situations. 


Cliar. Goos, Pag. Cbar. Somer, Pag. Lavendr', Pag. Pis- 
triaa, Pag. Palfr., Pag. Pult., Pag. Carnific, Roger Sour- 
landy Pag. Squiler, Joba Smith, John Fox, Junior^ Johp 
Wayte, Pag. Hak, each xxd; Simon Membrury x /. ; to 
the Vicar of Sombourn Registry a silver cup with a cover 
to the value of x marks ; Sir John Down, Clerk of the Re- 
gistry, y marks; William Ma vy el, John Arches, William 
Faulkner, John Dekene, Edward Coudray, JohnFromond, 
Richard Wallop, Richard Elys, Thomas Warenner, Wal- 
ter Hoke, to each of them cs* or a silver cup of the value 
o(cs. at the choice of the executors; Richard Prewes,. 
Clerk to the Bishop, William Portmau, Clerk of Tauntou;, 
William Lamport, Clerk of Dounton; Edmund Nyng, 
Clerk of Twyford; Richard Sydal, Clerk of Wytteneye;. 
John Compton, Clerk of Wergrave; Henry Habraham, 
Clerk of Sutton ; William Knight, Clerk of.Meone; Rich- 
ard Kuollere, Clerk of Waltham ; William Pope, Clerk of 
Ciere; John Shire, Clerk of Farnham ; John Myst. The 
Janitors of Tauntou, Wolvesey, Farnham, London, at the 
discretion of the executors. The Keepers of the Parks of 
Taunton, Waltham, Farnham, Hameldon, Meone, Merdon, 
Mere well, Clere, Jutton, Farnham, Biterne, at the discre- 
tion of the executors. The Keepers of the Warrens of 
Overton, Farnham, Wergrave, Longwode, at the discre- 
tion of the executors. Thomas Buckingham, Warrener 
of Esshcre. 


In the name of God Amen. I, William of Wykeham, 
by Divine permission Bishop of Winchester, &c« consider- 
ing that the will of testators is variable until the end of 
their life, and recalling to my mind and recollecting that, 
after having made my Will, some things bequeathed and 
ordained in the same have been fulfilled and' really exe- 
cuted by myself, with the assistance of the Divine favour, 
according to the disposition of the said last Will; there- 
fore, in making my Codicil, with regard to all legacies of 
this kind, which 1 intended to be specially expressed in 
the present Codicils, I will that my exetutors^ named in 


the aforesaid testamedt, shall be efitilrely exonerated and 
undisturbed i ai!id by these presents I do expressly annnl 
the sam^ legacies. In the first place, the legacy to, Sec* 
[Here are ^bnmerat^d most of the legacies giTen in the 
jHreceding Will.] I also will and ordain, that if any other 
of the legacies in my WiH bequeathed shall have been 
made, paid, or even executed, iti the present Codicil by 
me, eithe^r formerly ot hereafter, white I live, I will that 
they shall cease after my death, ttnd I aohul them both 
now and at that time, atid I will that my executors shall 
by no means be charged to make, pay, or perform the 
same, but that they shall in all of them be flree, undis- 
turbed, and dissolved. Dated at South Waltham, lOth 
January 1403, &e. 

Proved before Thomas, 8tc. on the 9th day of October 
1404, incur Palace in the City of Cotentry, by our beloved 
sotis in Christ, John Miay Denheth, our Vicar Geberal, 
and Warden of the Spiritualities of the City and Diocese 
of Winchester during '' sede Episcopali ibidem vacante,^ 
attd our brother Thomas Nevyle, Prior of the Church of 

' - -- 

* Prom the Appendix to Lowth's Life of Wykeham. See the 
genealogical table, page 777. 




^ Ihl 










In the name of God, Amen. I, John Gower ', baling of 
sound min<i, wholly commending myself, in the Catholic 
faiib, to the divine mercy of oar Lord Jesus Christ, make 
my Will in this manner. First, I bequeath my soul to 
God my Creator, and my body to be buried in the Church 
of the Canons of St. Mary of Overes, in a place specially 
destined for this purpose. And I bequeath to the Prior of 
the said Church for the time being xhs. Item, I bequeath 
to the Sub-Prior xxs. Item, I bequeath to each of the 
Canons, being priests serving God there, xius. ivd.; and 
to the Canons of the same being noviciates I bequeath 
V18. viiiJ. each, that all and each of them may devoutly 
perform my funeral obsequies, praying for me. Item, I 
bequeath to each valet within the doors of the said Priory, 
serving the Prior. and Convent, ii^. ; and each boy xii J. 
Item, I bequeath to the Church of St. Magdalene xl^. for 
the lights and ornaments thereof. Item, I bequeath to the 
Parish Priest of the same x s. that he may pray for me, 
and cause me to be prayed for. Item, I bequeath to the 
' Master Clerk there wis. Item, I bequeath to the Sub- 

* The well known poet : it is stated that he was born about 13^, 
and that he was. descended from an ancient family, which is now 
represented by the Marquess of Stafford, K. G. but the connexion 
between the poet and that house has never been clearly established. 
Gower is said to have studied in the Middle Temple, but little 
appears to be known of his biography. To posterity he has led 
an acceptable legacy in his works; and illustrious as the family of 
Gower unquestionably is, it is acknowledged that they would 
feel proud to establish their descent from a man who has conferred 
immortality on their name. From the poet*s will it is certain that 
he was possessed of considerable property, but tlie inference to be 
drawn from his not naming any other relation than his wife Agnes, 
decidedly is, that he died without issue. His death, it is evident, 
from the date of his testament, and of the probate thereof^ oc- 
curred in 1406. 

lADDBNDA. 779 

Clerk IIS. Item, I bequeath to the four Parish Churches 
in Southwark, viz. St. Margaret, St. George, St. Olave, 
and St. Mary Magdaleue juxta Bermondsey, to each of 
them severally xiiis. \vd. for the ornaments and lights, as 
above, and to each Parish Priest or Rector, residing fox 
the time in the same, and serving the Church, vm. viiid. 
that they may pray for me, and cause and procure me to 
be prayed for in their parishes. Item, I bequeath to the 
Master of the Hospital of St. Thomas the Martyr, in 
Southwark, xl5. ; and to each priest who is in the bosom 
of the same hospital, and serving the same, vis. vui J. 
that they may pray for me there. Also, I bequeath to every 
sister professed in the said hospital ins. iv<2.andtoeach of 
tbem who is a nurse of the sick xxd. Item, [ bequeath ta 
eveiy sick person in the said hospital xiid. Item, I be- 
queath to each of the undermentioned hospitals, St. Tho- 
mas Elsing Spittle, Bedlam without Bishopsgaie, St. Mary 
Spittle near Westminster, to each sister professed, wh^re 
there are sisters in the said hospitals, together with the 
nurses and patients in the same, that they shall severally 
receive in manner as above. Item, I bequeath to each of 
the House for Lepers in the suburbs of London x s. to be 
distributed among them, that they may pray for me. Item, 
I bequeath to the Prior of Elsingspittle xl s. ; and to each 
Canon in Priest's orders vis. viii J. that they may pray for me. 
Item, 1 bequeath for the service of the altar in the Chapel 
of St. John the Baptist, in which my body is to be buried, 
^iz. two vestments of silk, with all their appendages, pf 
which one is a blew baudkin mixed with white colour, and 
the other is of white silk. Item, I bequeath to the service 
of the said altar a large and also new missal, and a new 
chalice ; and my will is that the said vestments, together 
with the missal and chalice, shall remain for ever for the 
service of the said altar only, and no other. Item, I be- 
queath to the Prior and Convent a certain large book 
lately composed at my expense, which is called Martirolo* 
gium, so that I ought to have daily a special memorial 
written in the same, according to their promises. ' Item, I 
bequeath to Agnes, my wife, c /. of lawful money. Item, 


I bequeath to the same tij cups, one cover, two salt- 
sellers, and twelve silver spoons. Item, I bequeath to the 
same all my beds, chests, together with the furniture of 
the hall, pantry, kitchen, and all vessels and utensils what- 
soever of the same. Item, I bequeath to the same one 
chalice and one vestment for the altar which is in the ora- 
tory of my house* Item, I will that if the said Agnes, my 
wife, survive me, then that she shall freely and peacefully, 
immediately after my death, receive all my revenues and 
dues firom the farms of my manors of Southwell, in the 
county of Nottingham, as well as of Multon, in the county 
of Suffolk, as may /uUy appear in a certain writing exe- 
cuted there under mv seal, as well as the seals of others. 
Of this testament I make and appoint my executors Agnes 
my wife, Dom. Arnold Savage, Dom. Pryce, Esquire, 
Dom. William Denne, Canon of the Chapel of our Lord 
the King, and John Bruton, Clerk. Dated in the Priory 
of St. Mary of Overes in South wark, on the feast of the 
Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary ^ in the year 1406. 
Proved before Thomas Archbishop of Canterbuty, 
by Agues, the testator's widow and execntrix, 7th 
October, and letters of administration granted to 
the said Agnes 24th October 1408 «. 


In the name of Almighty God, Amen. I, William Be* 
Till % of ChestertoUj; in the County of Huntingdon, Gentill- 
man, of an holy mynde and good remembrance, being the 

I August 15. 

* 'From Todd's Illustrations of Gower and Chaucer, p. 87. 

* Ancestor of the ancient family of Bevill, of Chesterton, in the 
county of Huntingdon ; he died 3 Henry VII. leaving two sons, 
William, his heir, who died 19 Henry VII. and Robert, from whon 
the fkmily are descended. 


XXX day of the 1noi\^th of July, in the yeare of our Lord 
God MccccLxxxvii, make my testament and my last will 
in this wise. First, I give apd bequeath my soule onto 
Allmighty God, bis blessed Modyr and Mayd our Lady 
Saint Mary, and all the blessed company of Heven ; and 
my body to be buried in the Chircbe of St. Michael of 
Cbestirton aforesaid, afore the autre of ye blessed Lady St. 
Mary the Virgin, with my best hors, in ye name of my 
mortaary, after the custom of the Cuntre. Also, [ be* 
queath to my sonne, William Bevill, a great chest, a 
prewce cofer. Also, I bequeath to my sonne, Robert Be- 
vyll, a fedre bed, with a bolster, twoo pillowes, blanketts, 
&c. The residue of all my goods not bequeathed, my 
detts paid, I give and bequeath to the aforesaid Robert 
Bevill, my sonne, whome I ordeyne and make of this my 
testament myne executor. This was done the day, yeare, 
and place above written. Than present ye Parson of Ches- 
terton aforesaid, and othir*. 


In Dei no*i'e. Amen. In the year of the Incarnaton of our 
Lorde Chr' the xvi dale of Octobie, I, John Mid* 
delton, of Longefelde, being in goode memory, make and 
ord' this my testament and laste will, in maner and forme 
foUowyng. Furste, I bequeath my soull to Cbr<, my bodie 
to be buried in the Cbapell of our Lady w'in the Churche 
of Longefeld. It'm, I bequeathe to the highth ault' vid, 
It'm, to the raayntenance of the rode ligtht in the saide 
Churche a cowe, the whicbe I wille in the keping of some 
honeste p'son, to the saide use, according to the discreton 
of myn exec'. And I will that Margaret, my wife, shall 
by my torches, to the valow of xxs. to buryne at my bury- 

* Cott. MSS. Julius F. VIIL The Heralds* Visitation of Hunt- 
iDgdoQshire in 161 1, f. 4 b. 


inng, and at my monyth mjnde. And immediately aft* 
my said monitfa mynde is paste, I will that ij of the saide 
torches be given to the Cburche of Longefelde, and the 
third to the P'isshe Churche of Nosted : and the iiij to 
the Churche of Hartley. Also, I will yr shall singe at my 
burynng in the said Churche iij prestis, and at my monitb 
mynde iiij p'stis. Also, I bequeathe to Joan, my daughter, 
vij quarter malt; and to Agne3 Brown, my servant, an'oh' 
quart' malt. And all the residue of xny goodes moveables, 
I gif to Margarete, my wif, and she to rewarde and give 
unto John, William, and Rich', my sonnes, such parte of 
the said moveables as she thinketh beste, after her discre- 
tion ; and I make and ord' the said Margarete to be my 
sole executrix of this my testament and laste will, and Ric' 
Bamarde,of Dertforde, snp\isor w'h hur, to whome I geve 
for his labor and bis diligence ins. ivJ. and his <;osts. 
This is the laste will of me the- foresaid John Middelton, 
made the dale and yere above writon, as toucheing all my 
landes and te'nts, whereof I or any o'r man is seized or 
possessed to my use. Furste, I will that Margarete, my 
wif, immediate after my decease, shall have all those landes 
and tenements that I late bougthte of John Videy, of Me- 
peh'm; and also, all those landes and ten'ts that I late 
boughth of William Rugge, whiche was recordyd of the 
saide William in the comon place at Westemester, before 
the Kinge's Justices, and to have and to holde all the fore- 
saide landes and te'nts, w' all com'odites and app*tenannces 
th'rto belonging or app'tenyng to the forsaide Margarete, 
and to hur assignes for ever, in fee simple. Also, I will 
that John Myddelton, my son, ^hall have all my other 
landes' and te'nts that be in the p'isshe of Longefelde 

> The lands above stated to be situate'at Longfield, were devised 
by WiUiam Middleton, of Longfield, by his will, dated 2d June 
1463, and proved in the Consistory Court at Rochester, to his 
eldest son the said John Middleton, in whose blood and family 
ihey have been uninterruptedly transmitted to their present pos- 
sessor Henry Cox, Esq. of Charlton Famingham, Kent, the 
grandson and heir of Henry Cox, by Mary his wife, daughter, and 


aforesaidei exoepte ij croftes co'tenyng v acres, whearof 
the on' is called Taillor's Croft, and the other South Crofte, 
the whiche ij croftes ar p'cell of the laodes above namyd, 
and dem'ed to the said M argarete ; and all the other w'in 
the said p'isshe, excepte the said ij croftes, I will it shall 
reniayn unto the foresaide John Myddelton, and to the 
beyres male of his bodie lawfully begoten ; and for defawte 
of issue male of the saide John lawfully begoten, I will 
that the saide landcs shall remayne to Richarde, my yong- 
este Sonne, and to the heyres male of his bodie lawfully 
begoten ; and, defawte of issue male of the said Ric' law- 
fully begoten, I will the saide landes shall remayne to 
William, my son, and to the heyres male of his bodie law- 
fully begoten ; and for defaut of heyres male of the said 
John, Richard, and William, lawfully begoten, I will that 
all the saide landes and ten'ts shal be solde by myn execu- 
trix or faur assignes, and ye money to be devyded in man'r 
folowyng ; that is to saye, a honeste p'ste to be founde to 
synge in the p'isshe Churche of Longefeld, by the space of 
iii hole yeres, for my soull, my fath'r and mo'h'r, my chil- 
dren, 8c all my bVfactors, of wbome parte of the said 
Jandes furste com' by, and for all cristen souUes, and the 
residue of the money than leffte to be devyded equally in 
ii parties ; and the on' half y'rof to be devyded to the next 
of my kinred, and the other half to be bestowed in amend* 
yng of high ways and other dedes of charite, after the dis- 
cretion of my saide executrix or hur assignes, and I will 
and require Nicholas Bonyfaint, Gent.* Willia' Sedley, 
Gent. Willia' Parrage, John Skudder, James Lainert, and 
Thomas Mansfield, the whiche be infeoffed in the foresaide 

at length sole heiress of Solomon Penury, the eldest son and heir 
of John Penury, by Joan his wife, daughter, and at length sole 
heiress of Nicholas Middleton, son and deyi8e.e of Nicholas Mid- 
dletoD, the eldest son and heir of Henry Middleton, son and de- 
visee of John Middleton, the eldest son and heir of the said John 
lyiiddleton, the testator of the Will in the text 

* Of Scadbury Southfleet, Kent, ancestor of Sir Charles Sedley, 
the poet. 


Ifiodes and ten'ts, that tbej make & deliver a state' ac- 
cording to this my testament and laste wiU^ at such tyme 
as they th^runto shal be resooably requyred, as they wijl 
ansor before Gpd at the daye of juggement. Witness, 
John Middelton, Sir John Robynspn^ P'son of Fawkh'm, 
William Prays, Thomas Ketill, Ric' Bamarde, and o'rs. 

Proved at Rochester Ist March 1512*. 



In the name of God, Amen. Anno Domini 1516, on 
S4th of July, I, Richard Byrcbett, of Pesemershe, of sound 
mind and sane memory, make my testament in this forme. 
Imprimis, I bequeath my soul to God Almighty, the 
blessed Mary^ and All Saints* and my body to be buried 
in the cemetery of the Pariah Church of the Apostles Peter 
and. Paul of Pesemersh. Item, I bequeath to the high 
altar there, for the neglect of my tythes there ivd. Also, 
I bequeath for the repair of the Parish Church of pese-* 
mersb, vis. viiid. Also, to St. Richard of Chichester ud» 
Item, I will that my executor find ten priests to celebrate 
mas0 ibr the safety of my sonl qu tb^ day of my burial, 
and on the. folio wing day as many priesu, and as many on 
the day of my aoniversary. Item, also I bequeath to 
Richard a Watyll iv^.;. also, to Richard Herley ivdf.; 
also, to Joan Byrchet, my daughter, x{<«*; also, io Mar- 
garet By rcbet, my daughter, xt s, ; abo to Isabella, my 
daughter, xli.; alsow to the aoos pf John Bale one 
calf. The remaining v & of all my goods not bequeathed 
I give to Robert Byrchet, my son, whom I constitute, or<- 
dain, and make my true executor, that he may have and 
dispose of them for the safety of my soul, as to him shall 

* Ex inform. S. P. Cox, Esq. of tite Inner Temple, brother of 
Henry Cox, Esq. mentioned in tfie note to page 7M* 


seem best. These persons being witnesses : Stephen Samp- 
son, Robert Geroys, Henry a Watyll, and many others ♦. 

Thys ys ye last wyll of me Ryehard Byrchett* of Pey- 
marsby mad ye yere & day afore rehersed ; ffyrst, I wyll 
yt Robert Byrchett, my son, shall have my bouse yt I dwell 
in, wt' ye app'ten^ces, ye whych ys callyd Daggys, & I will 
yt John Byrchett, my son, shall have my bowse to ye app'- 
ten'ces ye wych ys in Haukeherst. It', I wyll yt Thomas 
Byrchett, my son, shall have niy land ytys at Uayshurtna, 
& every those of my sons shall be here to other, yf oi>y of 
them dy wVowt here of theyr bod's lawfully begotyng; 
and there shall no' of my sons sell there bowse nor land, 
but on br6ther to a liother, yf he wyll by byt, & yt w't'in 
ye pryce that a nother man wold gyf. ^ It', I wyll yt 
P'riell Byrchet, my wyfe, shall have iv keyn of ye best, 8c 
Robert Byrchet, my son, shall kepe ii of them, and pay to 
ye saydP'nell yerely viii^. iv J.and John Byrchet, my son, 
'shall pay to ye sayd P'nell my wyfe v 8, ; and Thomas 
Byrchet, my son, shall pay to ye sayd P'nell vi«. viii ^.; 
and the sayd P'nell, my wyfe, shall have ye chamber yt she 
lyes in, and lyberte at ye fyer in ye house, and ye dyspo- 
sy'on of all my howsehold ; all yese thy nges shall she have 
so long she ys wedo^ and yt yf ye foresayd P 'nell, my wyfe, 
do mary, yen dball have iv keyn, a bed to ye ap'p'tena's, 
halfe a seyme of wete, halfe a seyme of otts, and a yonge 
boge, 8c no more. 


In the name of God, Amen. The xvith daye of Janu- 
ary, in the yere of o'r Lord God m.cccccxlv. and in the 
xxxvith yere of the raigne of o'r Soverayne Lord Ky'g 

* The above is a translation from the fir^t part of tihis extremdy 
curious Will, which is in Latin ; the rest follows in English, as above 



Henry the VHIth, I Robert Tyrrold', of the p'rishe of 

Hagborne, beyng sik in body and p*fect of reniembrans, 

make this my last will and testament, after this man' and 

forme foUowyng. First, 1 bequethe my sowle unto AI- 

myghtie God, to o'r Lady Saynt Mary, and to all the holy 

co*paney of Hevy', and my body to be buryed w'in the 

Churche of Hagborne. I geve to the Mother Church of 

Sar' ud. It. to the by aut'r of the Churche of Hagborne 

XII d. It'm, the Church xxs. It. I gyve to Will', my son, 

X shepe. It. to Davi, my son, xx q'ters of barly, and the 

second cart, with ii hors and their harness, u kine next 

best after Avery. It. lo Davy vi pewet'r platters, a planke 

to make a table-bord, w'h a payer of trostels, ii pots, on 

great and on small, x shepe, ii quarters of wheat, on small 

flocke bed, w'h the app'tineng thereto belonging. It* to 

Ric', my sun, ii quarter barley, i q'r of wheat, on pot, and 

X shepe. It. to John Slade my xx shepe that he hathe in 

his kep'g. It. to a p'st to syng for me and for my frynds 

for 1 yere vi /. It. to ev'ry child's child xii d.; and to ev'ry 

on of my god-chyldren iv d. It. to Robert Rose, Robert 

Bewe, Wiir Stasey, Henry Sten, for berying me to Church, 

VI d. a pece. It. iv men to ryng my knele iv d. ; and four 

toryng after, each of them ivd. It. to Robert West vi 

bus' barly. Item, to Nicholas Gyles vi bush' of barly. 

It. to Jone Syuke xuis. ivd. besyds other wagis. It. to 

Will. Du'fdcn vi s, viii d. Ye resydew of my goods I gyve 

to my wife, and to Av'ry my son, whome I make myne 

executors, wt' this co'dition, yt is to say, yt if the sayd 

Agnes, my wife, do co'tynew and abyde wt' Av'ry, my 

sune, or els, if she do .marry, or depa'te away, I will that 

she shall have the thyrd p'te of all my goods, and when she 

^ Ancestor of the Editor's friend Edward Tyrrell, Esq., third son 
of Timothy Tyrrell, Esq. the present City Remembrancer, by 
whom it has been obligingly contributed to this collection. Though 
the testator was a yeoman, it is evident that he was a man of re- 
spectability ; and as an example of the testaments of persons of 
that rank in society, his Will merits a place in this work. 

ADD£KDA. 78? 

departythe out of this worlds I will that she give the sayd 
thyrd p'te of her goods to my chyldren, save A v'ry. It. I 
make Will' Treyte, of Hagbourne, my ov'sseer of this 
p'sent Will^ to home I gyve x s. to his costs to be borne. 
It. I gyve and bequeith unto Avery Turrold, my sune, the 
lease of my farme. If so be that my sayd sone Avery de- 
pute this world, I wyll my sayde lease shall remayne unto 
Davy, my sone ; and if Davy dep*t, I wyll my lease shall 
remayne unto WylPm, my sune. These wytnes, John 
Aldeworth, of West Hagbourne, Will'm Keyte, wt' other 

Se £ 


TV Figura imtmetKaielp after eaek Name rrfer to ike date if the fm, and 

ikefeUaeaing ones to the Page in which it oeeurs. 
A rrferenee to each Female* $ fFiU is also given under her maiden surname. 

Acton» Sir Richard, 1388, 185 
A^moDdetham, John» \b09» 493 

Philip* 1490, 398 

Alington, Williaan, 1485, 381 
Andrews, Elizabeth Lady, 1474, 329 

vide Wyche, 336 

Anfoleime, vide Huntingdon 
Archesy vide 0ynhain, 431 
Arpsnton, Sir William, 1419, 198 
Arundel, A^net de, 1401, 156 

— — Eleanor Countess of, 1455, 277 

Sir John, 13799 ^05 

— ~ Maud Countess of, 1436, 833 

Sir Richard, 1417, 196 

Richard Fits-Alan, Earl of, 

1375» 94 

Richard Fitx-Alan, Earl ^^ 

1398, 189 

Sir Thomas, 1485, 378 

——Thomas Fita-Alan, Earl of, 

1415, 186 
Thomas Fits Alan, Earl of, 

1584, 604 

Sir William, 1400, 150 

WiUiam, Earl of, 1543, 706 

vide Capel, 594 

Arundell, Henry, Clerk, 1540, 688 
Asbburnham, Thomas, 1583, 600 
Atte Launde, vide Launde, 78 
Atte Lesse, Lady Lora, 1378, 108 
At Wode, Juhn, 1528, 640 
AuUley, Anne Lady, 1497, 436 
Elizabeth Lady, 1400, 158 

— James Lord, 1385, 117 

Nicholas Lord, 1381, 114 

Aylesbury, John, 1428, 804 

Badlesmere, vide Northampton, 60 
Bacon, John, 1385, 180 
Baker, John, 1464, 306 

John, 1469, 309 

Agnes Lady, 1403, 168 

Wm. Philip Lord, 1438, 835 

William Lord, 1384, 116 

— vide Morley, 18.1 
Bassett, Joan Lady, 1408, 157 
Ilalpb Lord (of Drayton), 1389, 


Bath, John Boarchier, Earl of, 1535, 

Battresby, Robert, Clerk, 1508, 444 
Beauehamp, Sir Guy de, 1359, 63 

— John, Lord of Powyck, 1475, 338 
Sir John, 1411, 178 

— Margaret Lady, 1487, 390 

— Sir Roger, 1379* 103 

Sir Roger, 1406, 168 

Sir Walter, 1429, 817 

William de. 1268, 50 

— ^ of Powyck, Elizabeth Lady, 

1411, 178 
— — t^e St. Amand 

— vide Bergavenny 
— — vide Bergavenny 885 
^— vide Latimer, 357 
^•^-vti/eSay, 83 

viifif Suffolk, 193 

— vide Warwick 
Beauforr, Cardinal, 1447, 249 

jftde Exeter 

vide Richmond 516 

— »— vide Somerset 

— vide Worcester 
Beaumont, Sir Henry, 1471, 328 
Richard, 1536, 684 

Thomas, 1489, 394 

— ^ vide Audley, 158 

Bedford, John Plantagenet, Duke of, 

1435, 841 

Jasper Tudor, Duke of 1 495, 430 

Bedingfield, Sir Edmund, 1496, 439 

Margaret Lady, 1380, 108 

Bellasis, Roliert, 1540, 688 
Benet, William, circa 1495, 425 
Berforde, Edmund de, 1350. 54 
Bergavenny, Eliz. Lady, 1500, 441 

George Kevill, Lord, 1491. 406 

— ^- Joane Beauehamp, Lady, 1434, 


— Wm.Beaucbamp,Lord, 1408, 171 
Berkeley, Sir Edward, 1381, 113 
James Lord, 1404, 165 

Thomas Lord, 1415, 190 

— Thomas Lord, 1533, 655 

William Marquess, 1191, 407 

vide Arundel, 277 



Berkeley, vide Cobham, 81 
Berne, Richard, 1461, ?93 
BernerSy John Bourchieri Lord. 1473, 

•^— John Boorcbier, Lord, 153S> 657 
Bevill, William, 1487, 71 
Bigot, vide Nurfolk 
Bishop, John, 1465, 307 
Bluet, Mar^^aret, 1464, 301 
Blount, Sir Jamep, 1493, 415 
— — vide Monijoy 
Bobun, Edmund, 1501, 443 

Sir Humphrey, 1468, 303 

vide Courtenay, 127 

vide Gloucester, 147 

— — vide Herefprd 

Boleyn, Sir Geoffrey, 1463, S99 

Thomas, 1471,329 

Sir William, 1505, 465 

Bonvile, Sir William, 1407» 170 

— rii/eDorsec, 631 
Borough, vide Burgh 
Boteler, John, 1521, 595 

vide Ferrers, 180 

Botetourt, John Lord, 1383, 116 
Botreaux, William Lord, 1415, 191 

— vt4fe Hungerford, 310 
Bourchier, Elizabeth Lady, 1498, 436 
Isabel Lady, 1500, 440 

Sir John, 1495, 422 

Sir Thomas, J491, 405 

Sir Thomas, 1513, 525 

— vide Bath 

— vide Berners 

— — vide Nevill, 309 

t;u/« Welles, 310 

Bourne, James, 1467) 307 
Bays, Thomas, 1508, 487 

William, 1549, 726 

Brandon, Elizabeth Lady, 1496, 432 

Sir Robert. 1523, 600 

Sir Thomas, 1509, 496 

vide Suffolk 

Bray, Edmund Lord, 1539. 687 

Katherine Lady, 1507, 488 

Sir Reginald, K.G. 1503, 446 

Brent, Amy, 1516, 536 
Broke, John, 1529, 642 
Brokeman, Henry, 1527, 624 

Thomas, 1519, 56*7 

William, 1477, 348 

Brokhull, Sir John, 13B2, :15 
Bromfleie, Ht:nry Lord Vesey, 1466, 

Brooke, Thomas, 1547, 724 
Bruughton, Juhn, 517, 557 

Sir Robert, 1504, 488 

Browne, Sir Anthony, 1505, 489 
^ Francis, 1541, 694 

Margaret Lady, 1489, 397 

Robert, 1509, 487 

Brudenell, Drugo, 1491, 399 

Bradenell, Edmund, 14S5, 807 

Edmund, 1457, 282 

Henry, 1431, 2S0 

Bruges, WiHiain, Garter, 1449, 366 
Bruyn, Editba Lady, 1418, 197 

Elizabeth Lady, 1470, 323 

Joan, 1462, S98 

Biyan, Sir Thomas, Chief Jiutiee* 

I 495 449 

Sir Thomas, 1517, 551 

Brydges, Sir Giles, 1511, 498 
Buckingham, Ann Stafford, Duchess 

of, 1480, 356 

— Eleanor Stafford, Duchess of, 
1528, 651 

— Humphry Statford, Duke of, 
1460, 295 

Bullen, vide Boleyn 
Bulstrode, Thomas, 15l7» 555 

Walter, 1 526, 625 

Burgess, Ann, 1458, 289 
Burgh, Alice Lady, 1558, 746 

Elizabeth de, 1355, 56 

Thomas Lord, 1495, 428 

Burgbersh, Bartholomew Lord, 1369, 

•—»- t;ufe Despenser, 174 
Burton, Robert, Clerk, 1527, 624 
Burwa$be, Richard, 1507, 486 
Butler, vide Ormond 
Byrcbett, Richard, 1516, 784 
Bysshope, John, 1509, 489 

Cadogan, Thomas, 1511, 515 
Camois, Margaret Lady, 1386, 1S2 
Capel, Margaret Lady, 1522, 594 

Sir William. 1515, 532 

Carew, Sir Nicholas, 1387, 123 

Nicholas, 1432, 260 

Carminow, Sir Ralph, 1386, 121 
Catesby, George, circa 1506, 475 

Sir Juhn (Judge), 1485, 389 

John, 1486, 381 

Sir Humphrey, 1504, 464 

Sir William, 1485, 381 

Cavendish, Rose Lady, 1419, 201 

Sir John, 1380, 110 

^ Thomas, 1524, 607 

William, 1432, 222 

CecUl, David, 1535, 690, 728 
Cham per no w n, t'uftf Talbot, 471 
Champion, Richard, Clerk, 1543, 

Chandos, Richard, Bishop of Chiches- 
ter, 1258, 761 
Chapman, William, 1530, 647 
Cbedworth, vide Nurfolk, 404 
Cheney, Sir William, circa 1443, 249 
Chichester, Richard de la Wick, Bi- 
shop of, 1253, 47 } also Addenda, 



Cbicbester, Riebard de U Wick, aHmt 

Cbandos, Bisbop of, 1S58, 761 
Clare, vufe Burgb, 13559 $6 
CiareDce, Lionel Plantaigepet, Duke 

of, 1368, 70 
*— Thomat Planta^net, Duke of^ 

1417, 194 
Clifford, Asnes de, cirea 1$20, 45 

Alexander, 1494, 418 

Elizabetb, Lady, 1536, 6^$ 

Sir LeiVL«, 1404, 164 

Cliuton» Joan Lady, 1457« S84 

Julian Lady, 1367, 69 

Richard, 1436, S34 

WiUiam Lord, 1354, 55 

Clittetrow, Matilda, 1457, 289 
Cobbam, Ann Vcre, Lady, 1473, 335 

Joan Lady, 1369, 81 

i— Sir John, 1394, 136 

Ralph, 1403, 167 

Sir Reginald (of Sterborough], 

1445 346 

Sir Thomas, 1471, 333 

Thomaa, 1367, 69 

Thomas Lord, 1.439, 239 

Sir William, 1375, 96 

Coggeshall, Thomas c^e, 1375, 96 
Colet, Sir Henry, 1505, 481 

John, Dean, 15 19^ 568 

Compton, Sir William, 1533, 591 
Conyers, Maud Lady, 1460, 398 
Cooper, John, 1495, 431 

John, 1498, 438 

Thomas, 1489, 397 

Cope, Anthony, 1558, 749 

Edward, 1557,748 

SirJohn, 1557, 748 

Williaiii, 1513, 535 

William, 1558,749 

Copley, vide La Warr, 673 
Cornwallis. Elisabeth^ 1537, 679 
SirJohn, 1544,714 

John, 1506,478 

WiUiam, 15]9» 558 

Cornwall, vide Fanhope, 346 
Cotton, Thomas, 1517,551 
Covell, Agnes, 1533,578 
Courtenay, vide Devon 

vide St. Laudo, 177 

Criol, Sir Nicholas, 1379, 103 
Cromwell, Ralph Lord, 1455, 376 
Croysier, Sir William, 1386, 133 
Crypps, John, 1558,750 
Culpeper, Ann, 1533, 661 

— r- Walter, 1389,136 

William, 1499, 439 

Dacre, Joan Fienes, Lady, 1485, 390 

Thomas Fienes Lord, 1531,653 

D' Acton, vide Acton, 125 
D'Arcy« Philip Urd, 1398, 146 
George Lord, 154^ 725 

D'Arcy, Margaret Lady, 1489, 394 

Tbomat, 1483, 388 

Darell, Paul, 1490,398 
Oaggwortb, Sir Nicholas, 1396, 138 
Danrers, vide Sav, 347 
Daubeney, Sir Giles, 1400, 149 
I>e la Laund, SirJohn, 1465, 333 
De la t'ole, Margaret, 1473, 337 
-— vide Suffolk 
Delves, SirJohn, 1369, 83 
Denny, Sir Edmund, 1519, 559 

Thomas, 1537,638 

Denton, John, 1493, 415 
Derby, Thomas Stanley Earl of, 1504, 

Thomas StanleyEarl of,l 531,589 

Despencer, Edward Lord, 1375, 99 

Elizabeth Lady, 1409, 174 

- vide Warwick, 239 

Devon, Edward Courtenay Earl of, 

1419, 197 
^ — Edward Courtenay Earl of, 

1509, 494 
Humphrey Stafford Earl of, 

1463, 301 
Margaret Courtenay Countess 

of, 1391, 137 
Devereux, SirJohn, 1419, 301 

John Lord, 1385, 134 

Digby, Sir Everard, 1540,689 

Everard, 1537, 677 

Sir Thomas, 1516, 550 

I>»egef Sir Roger, 1375,89 
Dormer, Sir Michael, 1545, 716 

Sir Robert, 1553,735 

^ William, 1506,474 

Dorset, Cecily Grey Marchioness of, 

1537, 631 

- Thu mas Grey Marquess of, 1 50 1 , 

Thomas Grey Marquess of, 1 530, 

Dowman, John, Dr. 1536, 633 
Druell, Richard, 1536, 625 
Dudley, John Lord, 1487, 391 

Katberine, 1492, 419 

Oliver, 1469* 309 

Durem, Elizabeth, 1476, 343 
Durham, Richard de Kellaw^, Bi- 

shop of, 1316, 53 
^— Thomas Hatfield, Bishop of, 

1381 113 
Dynham, Jane Lady, 1496,431 
John Lord, 1505, 496 

vide Stafford 166 

Ebrington, Sir John, cirea 1478, 347 

Thomas, 1523, 594 

Edgcombe, Sir Piers, 1530,647 

Katherine I^ady, 1553^739 

Sir Richard, 1489, 393 

Edward 1. 1272^ 7 



Edward III. 1376. 10 . 

Eliza BKTHy Queen of Kdwsrd IV, 

1493, S4 
Ely, James Stanley Bishop of, 1514, 

Enrebam, Alaout, 1458, S89 
Englefield, Sir Thomas, I537t 678 
Evyas Tbeobal<)9 1478, 348 
Exeter, Ann Holland Duchess of, 

1457 281 

Hugh Oldham Bishop of, 1518, 


John Holland Duke of 1447, 

— — Margaret Beaufort Duchess of, 

1458, 393 
— — Thomas Holland Duke of, 1426, 


F«byan, Robert, U 1 1,418 
Fagge, John,' 1495,424 

Simon, 1534,669 

Fane, Henry, 1 533, 684 

John, 1488, 391 

Richard, 1540, 683 

Thomas, 1532, 656 

Fanhope, John Cornwall Lord, 1443, 

Felbrigge, Sir Simon, 1431, 245 
Fermour, alias Ricards, Thomas, 

1485, 378 
Ferrers, Margaret Lady, 1374. 90 
ulGroby,WiUiam Lord, 1368,76 

of Groby,vuie Warwick 169 

of Wemme, Elizabeth Lady, 

1410, 180 
Fielding, Sir Ererard, 1515, 531 
Fienes, Eleanor Lady, 1509,497 

Robert, 1541,732 

Sir Robert, 1509, 494 

viile Dacre 

vw/eSay, 264 

Finch, Henry, 1494,416 

Vincent, 1524, 613 

Finderne, Sir William, 1517, 550 
Fineux, Elizabeth Lady, 1539, 686 
.Richard, 1518,573 

William, 1557, 746 

Fisher, Robert, 1477, 340 

Thomas, Clerk, 1518,564 

Fitz Alan, vide Arundel 

— — t/ii/eBergavenny 225 ' 

- vide Peverell 97 

Fitz Herbert, Sir Edmond, 1386, 121 
Fitz Hugh, Elizabeth Lady, 1427, 212 

H«;nry Lord, 1424, 206 

Fitz James, vide London 597 
Fiiz Piers, vide West, 137 
Fitz Ralph, t;i4feCouyer8, 298 
Fitzwarine, Fulk Lord, 1391, 128 
Fulk, 1407, 171 

Fulke Lord, 1475, 341 


FitB Warine, 

Lady, 1466, 301 
Fitz Walter, Walter Lord, I43J, 981 
Fitz William, Sir Thomas, 1494,400 

William, 1516,545 

Sir William, 1534, 69^ 

— — vide Southampton 
Fogge, Sir John, 1490, 400 

Sir John, 1533, 664 

William, 1535,672 

Fouler, Richard, 1477, 345 
Frampton, Walter, 1388, 762 
Francis, virftfSalisbiiry 305 
Frengham, Clement, 1523,614 - 
Frevyll, Robert, 1521, 574 • 
Furnival, Thomas Lord, 1406, 168 

Glorcester, Eleanor Duebess of, 1399i 

Goddard, John, 1454, 376 
Golafre, Sir John, 1393, 135 
Goldingbam, Sir Alexander, 1408,193 
Gorges, Sir Edmuad, 1581, 526 
Goringe, John, 1520, 561 
Gosehorne, Henry, 1522, 596 

Richard, Clerk, 1523, 526 

Gower, John (the Poet), 1408, 778 
Grace, John, Clerk, 1460,291 
Grandison, Sir Otho de, 1358, 61 
Green, William, 1456, 277 

vu/tf Parr 650 

Grenvi lie, Edward, 1536,673 

Eustace, 1479i 351 

Richard, 1419, 199 

Richard, 1517, 549 

Grey, Sir Richard, 1 45 1 , 692 

- of Codnor, Heury Lord, 1492-, 

*— of Wilton, Edmund Iiard,l51 1, 

of Wilton, Richard Lord, 1442, 


vide Dorset 

vide Fitz Hugh, 212 

- vide Lisle 

Greystock, Elizabeth Lady, 1509,491 
John Lord, 1434, 230 

Hampden, Edmund, 1419, 800 

Thomas, 1482, 387 

Hampton, viiftf Wallop, 473 
Harington, Sir John, 1417, 197 
Harvey. Sir George, 1522, 595 
Haselden, Anthony, 1527,625 
Hastings, Edward Lord, 1 506, 475 - 

Edward Lord, 1556, 740 

- Katberine Lady, 1503,450 
Sir Leonard, 1455, 279 

Sir Ralph, 1495, 425 

Sir Thomas, 1558,750 

William Lortl, 1481,368 

- vide Huntingdon 



vide Lord Willougbby 443 

Hiitcbe, Henry* 1533, 661 

Hsilleld, vide Durham, 113 

Haute, William, 1469, 300 

Hayman, Ralph, 1 548, 735 

Henniker, Boniface, 1551, 731 

Henry II. 1189, 1 

Henry III. 1953, 5 

Henry IV. 1408, 17 

Henry V. 1417,90 

Henry VI. 1448, 91 

Henry Vli; 1509. 96 

Henry VIII. 1546,37 

Herbert, vide Pembroke 

Hereford, Humphrey de Bohun Earl 
of, 1^61,66 

-«— Humphrey de Bohun Earl of, 
1379, 89 

Heron, William; Lord Sav, 1404, 

HtUnry, Sir Roger, Chief Justiee, 

1356, 61 
Hoftof', John, 1443, 948 
Hullis, Sir William, 1549,710 
Holland, vide Exeter 
Honywood, John, 1470, 395 

John, circa 1558, 747 

^ Thomas, 1473, 331 

Uoo and Hastinp, Thomas Lord, 

Home, Henry, 1504, 461 

Thomas, 1471, 396 

Howard, Alice Lady, 1496, 91 1 

Sir Edward, 1519; 533 

John, 1409, 176 

vitfeL'Isle, 516 

Hungerford, Joan Lady, 141 1, 181 

Margaret Lady, 1476, 310 

Robert Lord, 1459, 994 

Walter Lord, 1449, 957 

Hontinedon, George Hastings Earl 

of, 1534,659 
.^.^ GuicharddeAngoleSmeEarlof, 

1380, 109 
Hiissey, Elisabeth Lady, 1504, 457 
Hussie, vide Hungerford, 181 

Ingnldesthorp, Elizabeth Lady, 1491, 

Sir John, 1419.909 

Thoman, 1491,904 

Ingswell, William, 1506, 484 
Isbam, Richard, 1490, 400 
Itchingham, vide Audley 436 

John, King, circa 1916,5 
Julier*, vu/e Kent, 179 

Kaleway, Sir WUliam, 1507> 488 ^ 

Katharine ov Arraoon, Queen op 

Henry Vn 1. 36 
Kebill, Thomas, 1500, 440 
Kellawe, vide Durham, 53 
Kempe, John, 1460, 991 
Kent, Elizabeth Juliers Countess of, 

1411, 179 
— ^ Lucy Holland Countess of, - 

1493, 'i05 
«— . Margaret Grey Countess of, 

1540, 691 

Thos. Holland Earl of, 1397, 139 

. vide Holland 

Kingston, Bartholomew, 1481,387 

Sir William, K. G. 1539, 693 

Kirriel, Cecily Lady, 1479, 397 

Elizabeth Lady, 1419, 198 

John, 1376, 100 

Koatcbbull, John, 1504, 461 

John, 1537, 678 

Thomas, 1594, 616 

Richard, 1517, 564 

KnyYet, Sir Edward, 1598, 635 
John, 1476, 349 

Rubert, 1419, 199 

Thomas, 1458,994 

William, 1514. 547 

Knollys, Rubert, 1590, 569 
Knowgbt, Joan, 1459. 991* 
Kyrnell, Joan, 1506,473 

Lacy, Peter de, 1375, 97 

Lancaster, Henry Plantagenrt Duke 

of, 1360, 64 
— — John Plantagenet Duke of, 

1397, 141 
Landaff, Miles Salley Bishop of, 1516, 

Lane, Sir Ralph, 1540, 689 
Langford, Sir William, 1411, 193 
Latham, Richard, 1508,490 
Latimer, Ann Lady, 1409, 160 

Elizabeth Lady, 1480, 3&7 

John Neville Lord, 1549, 704 

Sir Thomas, 1401, 158 

William Lord, 1380, 108 

Launde, Sir Robert, 1367, 79 

Sir Thomas de la, 1507, 488 

La Warr, vide Warr 

Leeke, Sir John, 1599, 598 
L'Engleys, vide Uglitrcd, 199 
Lenthall, William, 1495,494 
Liftle,Ed ward Grey Viscount, 1499,599 
L'lile.JoanGrey Viscountess, 1 505,466 
— «- Muriel Grey Viscountess, 15 19, 

London, Richard Fitzjames Bistop 

of, 1518,597 
Longespee, vide Salisbury 
Lovaioe, Sir Nicholas, 1375, 98 
Lovel and Holland, John Lord, 1408, 




Lovelly Sir Thomas, K. G. lSi99, 640 

- vide Arundel, 933 
Liovett, Thomas, 1493, 410 

Thomas, 1543, 697 

Lucy, Sir Walter, 1444, 347 
Lycbefelde, Wiinatt,Clerk, 1517>564 
Lyons, Marg^aret, 1396, 138 
Lyttleton, John, 1533, 654 

Sir Thomas, Chief Justice, 1481, 

Sir William, 1507, 467 

Machel],Guy, 1536,676 
Maltravers, Ann Lady, 1374, 91 
Mauley, Maud Lady, 1438, 334 
Manners, tnde Rous 538 

' vide Rutland 
Manney, Walter Lord, I37I9 85 
March, Philippa de Mortimer, Coun- 
tess of, 1378, 101 

- Edmond de Mortimer Eart of, 

Marney, Bridget Lady, 1549, 737 

Henry Lord, 1533, 699 

John Lord, 1534, 636 

Sir Thomas, 1417, 196 

Sir William, 1414, 183 

Marriott, Thomas, Clerk, 1509« 495 
Marshall, vide Pembroke, 47 
Marten, John, 1538, 664 
Martin, Katherine, 1495, 434 

Richard, Bishop of St. David's, 

1498, 456 

Marty n, Thomas, 1539>687 
Maynard, John, 1546, 717 

John, 1556, 744 

Menys, John, Clerk, 1550, 730 
Middleton, John, 1511, 781 
Mignell, vide Clinton, 384 
Mohun, vide Salisbuiy, 183 

vide York, 318 

Molence, Ann Lady, 1487, 389 
Moliues, Marfcery Lady, 1439, 340 
Molynton, Sir Thomas, 1408, 173 
Montacute, Sir Edward, Chief Jus- 
tice, 1554, 743 

John Lord, 1388. 134 

Thomas Dean of Salisbury, 1 404, 


— — vide March, 101 
Montagu, vide Exeter, 381 
Monteagle, Edward Stanley Lord, 

Montfort, Sir Peter, 1367, 69 
Montgomery, Sir Thomas, 1489,396 
Montjoy, Charles Blount Lord, 1544, 

— -i— John Blount Lord, 1485, 387 
Walter Blount, Lord, 1474,334 

WiUiam Blount Lord, 1534, 


MooyDi Simon, 1471> 336 

Monynsrs, Edward, r548, 737 

John, 1554, 749 

Mordaunt. Sir John, 1504, 461 

William, 1517.553 

Morley, Cecily Lady, 1386, 131 

- vide Yel^erton, 469 

William Lord, 1379, 104 

Mortimer, John, 1505, 469 

■ vide March 

— — vide Pembroke, 71 

vide Warwick, 1369, 78 

Mowbray, vide Norfolk 
Moyle, Margaret Lady, 1491, 403 
— — Sir Walter, 1479, 349 
Marshal, vide Pembroke 
Mussenden, Thomas, 1403« 161 
Mylls, Margaret, 1 558, 749 
Mylsent, William, 1533,617 

Nevill, Jane Lady, 1470, 309 
Sir John, 1449,364 

Richard, 1551,731 

William, 1498, 439 

— ^ vide Bergavenny 

■ ■ vide Buckingliam, 856 

vide Exeter, 393 

-^— vide Hastings, 450 
— ^ vide, Mauley, 334 

- vide Salisbury 
— - vide Scrope, 587 
vide York, 433 

Nerynson, Dr. Christopher, 1551, 736 
Newburgh, John, 1485, 377 

Sir Roger, 1514, 530 

Norfolk,. Elizabeth Howard Duchess 

of, 1506,483 
John Mowbray Duke of, 1433, 

—- ' Margaret Howard Duchess of, 

1490, 404 

Roger Bigot, Earl of 1358, 48 

Thomas Hovvard, Duke of, 

1530, 603 

Northampton, Elizabeth de Bohun 

Countess of, 1356, 60 
Northumberland, Katherine Pen^ 

Countess of, 1543,704 
Norreys, William, 1486,385 
Northwood, Sir John, 1378, 103 

- vide Scales, 184 
Norton, William, 1468, 308 
Norwich, Thomas Percy Bishop of 

1368, 84 

Oldham, vide Exeter, 565 

Ormond, James Butler Earl of, 1379, 

Thomas Butler Earl of, 1515, 

Onslow, Thomas, 1556, 758 
Osborne, Thomas, 1534, 669 
Owen, Sir David, 1539, 700 



QuMkhdAg; WI1Umb» 1504» 457 
Oxford, Elisabeth Vere. Countess of, 
1537> 674 

John Vere Earl of» 1358, 63 

John Vefe Earl of, 1509> 5S6 

t-p- — Maud Countess of, 1412, 18S 

Rjidiard Vere Earl of, 1415, I9S 

-*— Thomas Vere Earl of, 1371| 87 

Paulett, Sir Amias, 1 538, 68 1 
Paris, Henry, circa 1493, 305 

Henry, 1466, 303 

Parr, Maud Lady, 1S»39» 640 

Sir Thomas, 1517, 548 

Pastod, William, 1444, 347 
Payeley,Sir Walter, 1379, 106 
Pelham, Sir John, 1457, 380 

Sir Nicholas, 1559, 758 

William, 1503, 447 

Sir William, 1538, 683 

Pembroke, Agnes Hastings Coiuntess 

of, 1367, 71 

John Hastings, Earl of, 1373,87 

John Hastings, Earl of, 1374,90 

^— - Mary de St. Paul Countess of, 

1376, 100 
William Herbert Earl of, 1469, 

304, 305 
William Marshall Earl of, 1319> 

Percy, vide Buckingham, 651 
— ^- vide Ferrers, 90 
— — vide Norwich, 84 
Perreri alias Piers, vide Windsor 
Pette, Reginald, 1456, 386 
Petytt, Christopher, 1 507, 485 
Peverell, Katherine Lady, 1375, 97 
Peyton, Christopher, 1505,485 
Phelip, vide Bardulf, 335 
Pickering, Sir William, 1543, 710 

William, 1543, 711 

Pigott,John, 1464,301 

l^umas, 1530, 560 

Pinchbeck, Richard, circa 1495,437 
Plant agenet, Tfide Bedford 

vide Lancaster, Clarence, York 

vide SUfford, 337 

Plessington, Sir Henry, 1453, 376 
Pole, vide De la Pule 

De la, vtcfo Suffolk 

Pousonby, Roger, Clerk, 1554, 739 
Ponte, William, 1471,336 
Poole, Geoffrey, 1474, 33d 
Poynings, Sir Edyvard, 1521, 578 

Isabel Lady, 1538, 634 

Joan Lady, 1369,83 ' 

Sir Michael, 1368, 73 

Richard Lor4, 1387, 123 

Sir Richard, 1438,317 

—- ^ TbomasLord, 1374,93 
vicTe Bardulf 163 

Preiton, behard, 1531, 59a 
Pttsey,John, 1506, 473 

Radclyffe, Sir Robert, 1498, 433 
Ramsey, Thomas, 1509, 491 
Restwolde, Robert, 1497, 430 
Ricarda, alias Fermour, Thomas, 

1485, 378 
Richard II. 1399* 15 
Riche, Richard, 1463,399 

Thomas, 1471, 339 

Richmond, Margaret Tudor Countess 

of, 1508, 516 
Ringley, Sir Edward, 1543, 703 
Rivers, Antony Woodville Earl, circa 

1483, 379 
Richard Woodville, Earl, H90, 

Robesart, William, 1485,883 
Roches, Willielmi Lady, 1410, 176 
Rodes, Sir Robert, 1 5 1 8, 560 
Roos, George Manners Lord, 1513, 


Margery Lady, 1477, 346 

William Lord, 1418, IHl 

— - vide ZoQcbe, 173 
Roose, Thomas, 1489, 397 
Roper, Joan, 1544, 713 

John, 1401, 155 

John, 1487, 385 

^— John, 1527,689 
Thomas, 1493,403 

— Stephen, circa 1491, 409 
Rutland, Tbomai Manners Earl of, 

1543, 719 

Sackville, Sir Thomas. 1433, 381 
St. Amand» Alianore.Lady, 1436, 31 1 
— — Almaric Lord, 1400, 159 

- Richard BekucbampLord, 1508, 

William BeaucharopLord, 1457, 


St. David*s, Richard Martin Bishop 

of, 1498, 456 
St. John, Edward, 1458, 290 
^_ Joan Ladv, 1385, 130 
Sir John,' 1534, 613 

Oliver, 1496, 405 

Thomas Lord, 1428, 314 

St. Laudo, Margaret Courieiiay Lady, 

St. Leger, Joan. 1359, 64 
St. Lo, tfide St. Maur, 175 
St. Maur, £la Lady, 14D9, 175 

. John, 1485, 377 

St. Nicholas, ^ubn, 1463, 393 
- — Sir Thomw, 1375, 98 
St. Paul, videTtmbTokt, 100 
Salisbury, Elizabeth Moutaoule 

Countess of, 14H, 1B3 



Salisbury, WillUni de Longetpe E«rl 

ofy temp. Henry III. 49 
^-— r Maad Montaeote Connteu of> 

14123, 805 
— — Thomas Montacute Earl of, 

14S8, 815 
^^- William Montaeate Earl* of, 

1397, 145 


— — vide Montaeate 
Salley, vide Landaff, 538 
Salvain, Gerard, 1438, 804 

Roger, 1480, 803 

Sandford, vide Ugbtred, 199 
Sandys, George, 1548, 717 

— Robert, 1509,498 

— — Sir William, 1493, 438 
Sapcoate, Sir Jobn, 1507, 486 

— Isabel Lady, 1493, 417 

Sir Ricbard, 1543, 711 

Saragc, Eleanor Lady, 1374,93 

Joan Lady, 1418, 193 

Saunders, Edward, 1514, 550 
Say, Annes Lady, 1478, 347 

— ~ James Fienes Lord, 1449, 864 

Maud de Dame, 1369, 83 

Sir William, 1375, 97 

William Heron, Lord, 1404,163 

Scales, Joan Lady, 1414, 184 
Robert Lord, 1400, 151 

— Roger Lord, 1385, 180 
Scrope, Ann Lady, 1498, 435 
— - Jobn, Esq. 1544,783 

Margaret Lady, 1431, 880 

Sir Stephen, 1405, 168 

of Bolton, Jobn Lord, 1494,434 

of Bolton, Richard Lord, 1401, 


^— of Bolton, Ricbard Lord, 1480, 

— of Bolton, Roger Lord, 1408, 

of Upsal, Jobn Lord, 1451, 870 

of Upsal, Elisabeth Lady, 1518, 


vide Oxford, 674 

Scot, Thomas, 1533,663 
Segrave, Sir Jobn, 1358, 55 
Selly, Cecily, 1478,388 
Sheffield, Sir Robert, 1518,555 
Sberard,Geoflfrey, 1498, 414 
Shirley, John, 1485, 381 
Sir Ralph, 1513, 538 

Ralph, 1509,493 

Shrewsbury, George Talbot Earl of, 

Siatiiii, John, Clerk, 1518, 566 
Skevington, Thomas, 1544, 711 
Somerset, John Beaufort Earl of, 

1409, 174 
Sondes, William, 1473,338 

Southampton, WUilain FiU WlUiati 

Earl of, 1548,707 
Spencer, Heniy, 1476, 339 

John, 1496, 487 

Sprot, John, Clerk, 1461, 898 
Stafford, Ann Counteu of, 1438,837 

- Eliaabeth Lady, 1405, 166 
Sir Harry, 1471, 384 

Hugh Stafford Earl of, ]385| 


Sir Humphrey, 1448, 844 

' vide Cobbam, 385 

- vide Devon 
»-— vide Buckingham 

- vide Wiltshire 
Stanhope, vide Willoughby 433 
Stanley, vide Derby 

vid-Ely, 535 

■ oidir Monteagle 
Stapylcon, Sir Gilbert, 1490, 398 
8iourtnn,John, 1438,834 
'- John Lord, 1484, 415 

William Lord, 1548, 789 

Strange,Cons(anoeLady (of Knokyo), 

1438, 835 

Sir Roger le. 1 505, 468 

Stratton, vide Andrews, 389 
Strickland, Sir Thomas* 1430, 8^19 
Suffolk, Charles Brandon Duka of, 

Isaliel d*Ufford, Countess of, 

1416, 193 
— — Margaret de la Pole Duchess of, 

Michael de la Pole, Earl of, 

1415, 189 

Robert UffordEarl of, 1368,73 

William de la Pole Marquess of, 

1 449 856 

William Ufford Earl of, 1381, 


Swillington, Margaret Lady, 1418, 


Ralph, 1585, 618 

— ^'Sir Robert, 1391, 188 

Roger de, 1417, 195 

Swinburn, Sir Robert, 1481, 803 
Sydney, Nicholas, 1518, 505 
Syday, Richard, 1534,615 

Talbot, Edmund, 1506,469 

Giles, Clerk, 1583, 615 

Sir Gilbert, 1548. 695 

— - Sir Humphrey, 1498, 409 
Jane Lady, 1505, 471 

Nicholas, 1501,458 

Talboys, Sir Robert, 1494, 480 

- vide Greystock, 491 
Talbot, vide Sbrewsbuiy 
Ta(e, John, 1514,531 

- Margaret Lady, 1517,555 



Taank, Sir Wiyitai, Cbief Baron, 

1375, 93 
TaylUrd, Aliee, 1513, 535 

William, >505, 465 

Tendering, vide Howard 21 1 

Tenham, William, circa 1480, 383 

Terymcliam, John, 1484, 376 

— ^ John, 1501,443 

Thorpe, Sir Robert, Lord Cbaocellor, 

1373, 88 
— tn<fe Scales, 184 
pirockmortoii. Sir John, 1445, 248 

Sir Robert, 1520, 560 

Tburlow, Hugh, 1519, 557 
TiUey, Richard, 1485, 384 
Tiptoft,VKie Scrope, 880 
Toste, Master Robert, 1457, 888 
Townley, Richard, 1585, 616 
Townsbcnd,Sir Rof^r, 1493, 416 
Traily, Sir John, circa 1400, l49 
Trethurffe, Thomas, 1588, 643 
Trussel, Sir William, I3t9, 107 

Tudenham, Sir lliomas, 1461,897 

Tador, vide Bedford 

Tufton, Nicholas, 1538, 679 

Turville, John, 1506, 478 

Twiford, Robert, 1378, 88 

Tivisden, Roger, 1536,678 

— — Roger, 1464, 305 

Thomas, 1581, 577 

William, 1539, 687 

Tylney, vide Norfolk, 488 

Tyrrell, Humphrey, 1507,485 

Sir John, 1531,689 

Tyrrold, Robert, 1545, 785 

UflFord, vide Oxford 188 
— ^ vide Suffolk 
Ughtred, Idonea, 1419* 199 
Upton, Felice, 1548, 784 

Robert, 1543,703 

Uvedale, Sir Thomas, 1367, 70 

Vache, Sir Philip le, 1407, 171 
Vaux, Nicholas Lord, 1583, 599 

. William, 1368, 84 

Veic, Sir George, 1503, 445 
-i— - Henry, 1493, 407 
^— - vide Cobham, 385 
«... vide Oxford 
Verney, Edmund, 1495, 480 

Sir John, 1585,613 

Sir Ralph, 1478, 350 

Vesey, Henry Blomflete Lord, 1466, 

ViUiers, ChrUtopber. I537» 677 

Sir John, 1544,711 

Sir John, 1^44,713 

Vincent, Agnes, 1619,567 

Wake, Ann, 1504, 458 
«— Roger, 1504, 463 

WiOdegrave, George, 1588, 630 

Sir Richard, 1401, 158 

*-~ Sir William, 1585, 686 
Wales, Edward Prince op, 1376, 18 
— '— Joan Princess of, 1385, 13 
Wallop, Elisabeth, 1505, 473 ' 
^ — Sir John, K. G. 1551,738 

Sir Robert, 1 589, 63 1 

Walpole, Henry, 1443, 843 

. John, 1557, 745 

Thomas, 1518, 585 

Ward, John, Clerk, 1588, 578 
Warde, John, 1507, 484 
Warr, La, Roger Lord, 1368, 75 
— — Eleanor West Lady, 1536, 678 

Thomas West Lord, 1584, 605 

Warwick, Guy de Beauchamp Earl 

of, 1315, 53 
— ~- Katberine de Beauohamp 

Countess of, 1369, 78 - 
^-«- Margaret Beauchamp Countess 

of, 1406, 169 
— « Richard Beauchamp, Earl of 

— — Isabel Beauchamp Countess of, 

1439, 839 
.-— Thomas Beauchamp Earl of, 

1369, 79 
—i— Thomas Beauchamp Earl of, 

1400, 153 
.-^- William de Beauchamp Earl 

of, 1896,58 
Washbourne, vtde Wyndham, 470 
Water, William, Clerk, 1508, 486 
Webbys, Benett, 1508, 498 
Welles, Eliaabeth Lady, 1470, 310 
»-^ Joan Hastings Lady, 1505,464 

John Viscount, 1498, 437 

Weolock, John, 1477, 343 
Wentworth, Sir Henry, 1499, 439 
~.^ vtifeRoos, 1477,346 
West, Alice Lady, 1395, 137 

Sir Owen, 1551, 788 

ThomuLord, 1405, 167 

Sir Thomas, 1415, 190 

- vide La Warr 
Wbiche.Sir Maurice, 1383, 116 
Wich, Richard de la, alias Chandos 

Bishop of Chichester, 1858, 761 
Wilcoeks, John, 1506,475 
Willougbby de Broke Robert Lord, 


RobertLord, 1581, 568 

~-r of Eresby, Christopher Lord, 

1498, 438 

Maud Udy, 1497» 433 

Richard Hastings Lord, 1501, 

Robert Lord, 1395, 136 

Robert Lord, 1458,875 

William Lord, 1586, 680 

Willyason, John, 1506,480 



Wilmott, Thomas, Cle^c, 1493, 417 
Wiltshire, Edward Stafford Earl of, 

1498, 437 
Winchester, William de Wykabam 

Bishop of, 1402, 703 
Windsor, Alice Lady, 1400, 158 
— ' — Andrews Lord, 1 543, 697 
T»)oma8, 1479, 353 

Sir Thomas, 1552, 736 

William Lord, 1384, 1 16 

William Lord, 1558, 753 

WingBeld, Sir Robert, 1453,875 

■ ■ vufe Brandon, 433 
Witleburie, Robert, 1506, 478 
Woodmancie, Thomas, 1506,473 
Worcester, Charles Beaufort Earl of, 

Worth, Sir John, 1391, 139 
Wyche, Alice Lady, 1474, 336 
Wykeham, William de. Bishop of 

Winchester, 1403, 703 
Wyndham> Eleanor Lady, 1505, 470 

Wyndbam^ Sir Thomas, 1531, S79 

Yelverton, Mar^^ery, 1503, 469 

William, 1541,716 

Yong^f John, Dean, 1516, 537 
York, Edward Plantagenet Duke of, 

1415, 186 
— — Edmund Plantagenet Dnke of* 

1400, 151 
Cecily Plantagenet Duchess of, 

1495, 433 
»— — Isabel of Castile Duchess of, 

1393, 134 
*— — Pbilippa Plantageoet Duchesa 

of, 1430,318 
Younge, John, 1458, 389 

Zouche, Elizabeth Lady, 1408, 173 

Joan Lady, 1439f 341 

— — John Lord, 1535, 669 
»-i— William Lord, of Haryni^wortb, 
1466, 303 


Of Persom mentioned in the WiUs whose names were not the iome 

as thai qfthe Testators. 

Aberbury, Mons. Richard 143 
Abeiy, \gnt%7\2 

Nicholas 7 12 

Acred, Edmund 577 

Adams, John 598 

Adcocke, Wiliiam 388 

Addesbam-Bland, Parson of 737 

Admiral, Hifpb 41 

Ager, Henry 661 

Aghton, Richard SIO 

Agoldesbalf, Sir William 67 

Ailmara, Sir William 56 

Aksted, Margaret 78 

Albemarle, Edward Duke of 15, 16 

" vu/eAumerl 144 

Albert, Duke 86 

Albon, Sir William 56 

Albur^rb, Joan, 474 

Alcbam, Richard 151 

Alday, Master 536 (ts. 

Aldeworth, John 787 

Aldewyne, William 774 

Aldred, Richard S2 

Alen9on,Dukeor 194, 195 

Alexander, Nicholas 734 

A ley, John 475 

Aleyn, Mr. Doctor 568 

Ailcroach, Joan 90 

Nicholas 90 

Allington, William SOS 

Almoner to the Duke of Bedford 843 
Allovus, Stephen, Goldsmith 841 
Alnewyck,\Villiam Bishop of Norwich 

Alphege, St. Canterbury, Humphrey 

Chirde, Rector of, 737 
-— Thomas Davien, Parson of 568 
Alsop, Thomas 44 
Alyngton, Sir Giles 57$ 

William 194 

Amyaa, Sir Walter 88 

Walter 91 

Anderby, William de 876 
Anderson, William, Vicar of Rayn- 

bam and Newenton 495 

Anderton, James 608 

Andrew, John 165 

Andrews, — :— 890 

Elisabeth 354, 447 

John 354, 489 

Richard 447, 498 

Ai^ou, Bishop of 4 

Earl of 8, 4 

Ann, Quben (wife of Richard II.) 135 

Anstel, Stephen 774 

Anstie, George 685 

Appilton, John 318 

Appleyard, Nicholas 845 

Apultrefeld, 349 

Arches, John 775 

Ralph 774 

Arden, Elizabeth 361 

Ardenie, John 877 

Sir Thomas d' 107 

Aries, Bishop of 768 

Armorie, King of 135 

Arnold, John 655, 374 

Artour, Nicholas 57 

Arundel, Countess of 888 

— >^ Eleanor Countess of 858 

Earl of 48, 44, 93, 97, 105, 

181, l63»t# 

— — Eleanor 98 

Sir John 648 

-n — Philippa Countess of 814 

*— Richard Earl of 108 

Sir Richard 97 

Sir 98 

-— » Thomas, Archbishop of Canter- 
bury 139» 188 

-^— Thomas, Earl of \9y 80, 30, 35, 
178, 487 Us 

John, Dean of Exeter 394 

Sir William 180 

William 817 

Arundel and Maltravers, Lady of 817 
Arundel and Surrey, Richard Earl 

of 89 
Arundell, John 633 ter 
Sir John 633 



Anindell, Thomas 63S» 634 

AsfabttmhaiD, Joan 44 t 

Ashe, WillUm Berrin ll. Vicar of 737 

Asshebrook, Robert, Priest 475 

Asheby, William 603 

Asbeleyiiy Robert, Subdean of St. 
Paul's 570 

Assherste, John 664 

Ashertisforde, Thomas Wylmott, Vi- 
car of 403 

Asbeton, John 743 

Ashron, Master Hugh 563 

Ashton, Robert de 1 1 

Assells, Sir Aymer d' 100 

Elizabeth d' 76 

. Sir John d' 77 H< 

Assheboume, Friar Thooxos 139» 133, 
133 bis 

Asshton, Sir Hugh 534 

Assonhull, Dame Joan 304 

Sir Wilfiam 303, 304 

Astley, Gilbert 696 

— — » heir of 54 

— -— Lady Lora 70 

Aston, John de 61 

Sir Roger 838 

Sir William de 101 6ts 

Aston Church, Bucks, Abbess of 393 

At hoi. Countess of 59 

Atteford, John 67 

Atterbury» Sir Richard 14 

Aton, Lady d' 93 

William d' 84 

Attorney General 38 

Attorney General to the Duke of 
Lancaster 143 

Aobrey, John 309, 310 

Aude, Walter 774 

Auditor of the House of Friars of 
Hounsluw 756 

Audley, 676 

— ^ sape 55 

-X* Edmund 676 

John 651 

— — Margaret de 55 

— — Thomas 44 

, Thomas Lord (of Walden] 

700 bis 

William de 55 

Auger, Henry, of Newenham 393 
Augmentations, Chancellor of the 43 
Angustines, St. Canterbur>', John 

Godewyn, Prior of 300 
Aumerle, Edward Duke of 144 
Aunsey, Sir John d' 100 
Auri(abro, Walter 46 
Austin Friars, John Stobs, Prior of 578 
Austins, St. Kent, Abbot of 597 bit 
Avaranches, Bishop ol 4 
Avenell, John 61 
Ayelway, Da* John, Rector of Ha- 

voute 773 

Aylett, 44 

Aylmer, Thomas 57 

Babington, Anthony 668 

SirJobn414, 710 

Babtborpe, Sir Robert 31 

William 613 

Bache, Friar Alexander 91 

Bacon, John, Archdeacon of Rich- 
mond 1 1 7 

. John (Bailiff of Barton) 57 

«— - William 57 
Bagenhall, Nicholas 300 
Bailham, Parson of 339 
Ballif, William 774 

Joe. 774 

B^ker, Adam le 57 

— — - John, Recorder of London 669 

Sir John 44, 700 6tf, 755 

Richard, Clerk, 450 

Baldwin, Agnes, 474 

John 474, 634 

— •- William 474 

Bale, John 754 

Raley, William 483 

Balton, Richard 493 

Bambruge, Master John 569 

Bammebury, Gilbert 130 

Bimsell, William 455 

Banaster, Katherine 116 

Banchon, Margaret 56 

Bandes, Katherine 301 

Bianke, John 608 

Bannister, Ann 457 

Bannyard, Richard 639 

Bar, Joan de. Countess of Warren 59 

Barantyne, Thomas 135 

Barber, Robert 575 

William 577 

Barbo, Sir William 351 
Barbour, Richard 309 

John 774 

Barbowe, Thomas l65 
Bardolf, Lady 93 
Agnes 58, 83 

Isabel 58 

— - John de Mons. 58 
— ~ Lord 6a 

Robert 71 

William Lord 845 

Bardwell, Margaret 435, 436 
-— - Robert 435 

William 435 int 

Barentyn, Sir William 560 
Barham, Bartholomew 569, 703 
Barker, Ellyn 479 

Jane 575 

Barking, Maud Montagu, Abbess of 

Barnarde, Richard 783, 784 
Bafow, SirJubnde, Clerk 88 
— - Richard 133 



^arowe» William 979 

Barro, John 248 

Barrovr, Sir ThoiDM 419 hig^ 413 

Bvtj, Dame Eliiabeth 144 

Isabella 634 

Walter 1 15 

Bartean, Alexauder, Vioar of CoUred 

Bartilmeir, WlUian, Clerk 901 
Barton, John 900 

WilliaA'de 67 

Basset, John 933 

Sir Ralph, of Sapcote 76, 80 

— Robert 44! 
Bataile, John 56, 59 

Bath, John Bishop of 13, 945 

•— ^ OUver Kinjifr Bishop of 493 

Bath and Wells, Thomas Bi8hopof9l 

Bathe, John, Canon of WclU 930 

~ Robert 774 

Battle, Ablioc of 769 to 

Bawns, WintamSI 

Bayeux, Bishop of 4 

Baynard, Margaret 294 

— — Robert 994, 311— 320 stefte 

Baynes, Sir James, Chaplain 685 

Beaucbanp, Biizabeth 72 

Sir Gilbert 62 

— Sir John 86 

Philip 188 

Philippa de 76 

— — Roger de 1 1 
Sybil 149 

— «*- Thomas 189 
Walter 176 

Mons. Williafii 130 

Sir William de 14, 109, 1 19 

^—' of Powyke, John Lord 92 
Beaufoe, Ellen de 55 
Beaufort, John Marqais of Dorset 
149 Mf, 144 Ms 

Thomas 149,144 

Beaumont, Lady 395, 356, 357 Us, 


Lord 414 

Elizabeth Lady 986 

—- i- Elixabeth 486 

■ Joan de 159 
John Lord 98, 137 

— John Viscount 89, 836, 975 
— - Viscount 959 

William Viscount -674 

Beche, Henry 179 

Bedford, Isabel Countess of 1 1 

Jasper, Duke of 30, 701 

John Duke of 90, 950 

Richard, bastarrUf 949 

Bedelyngton, Robert 909 
Bedbampton, Thomas Cuke, Rector 

of 180 
Bedingfield, Edmund 61 1 

Bedingfield, Sir EdoNind 681 

— Dame Graoe 93% 
-^-^ Sif Tbomaa 637 

— William 738 H» 
Bedyll, Lady 699 
Bek, Anthony 8' 
Bekennesfeld, liIieholas7l to 
Beleter, Thomas 351 to 
Belknap, Edward 4^17 

— — Sir Robert 98 
Belle, Friar William 67 
— - Tbomasina 67 
Bellingham, Edward 43 
Belney, John 917 
Benet, John 509 
Beneyt, William 5^ 
Bennet, John 779 
Bennington, Sir John 63 
Benton, Thomas 7 IB - 
Benliche, Prior of 198 
Beoyngfield, Nicholas 634 
Rose 634 

William 634 

Berard, Thomas 10 
Berdefeld, Friar Geoffrey de 66 
Bere, William 645, 647 
Bergavenny, Lady 536, 537 

Lord 155,536 

Berkeley, Lord 88 

— — Marquess of 497 
— —> Marchioness «f 497 

Ann 279 

Sir Edward 96, 396 

Edward 979 

Sir John 979 

— Lora, Lady 979 

— Margaret 488 

Sir Maurice 43, 979> 457 

— — Maiiiloe 979 

Sir Thomas 89 

Thomas 279 

William Marquess 459 

Berkevoz, Sir William <le 59 
Berkswell, William, Priest*933 
Berkwey, Sir William de 56 
Berland, Kathertne 393 
Berlk>tt, JfArn, 29t 
Bermingbam, Sir John, Treasurer of 

York Minst«r 971 
Bermondsej , John Abbot of 96 
Bermyngharo, John 909 . • 

Bemcrs, Lord 553 

Lady 404 



John 603 

John Bourcbier, Lonl 909 

I Margery Lady 310 

Berneway, William 993 
Berrinell, William, Vicar of Ashe 737. 
Berry, Duke of 194, 195 




Besfordy Thomas 229 

Betonsar, Tbomaa^ Chaplain 450 

Betry» Johu» Rector of Estwell S9i 

Bett, John 401 bit 

Bettenham, Thomas 613 

Beverleye> John de 18 

<* Beverleye Prepositi" 7 

Beverlye Prepositi, John Mansell 48 

Bertelott, John 399 

Bertram, John 810 

Bewe, Robert 786 

Biemesy Maigaret 78 

Bi^otte, Henry 406 

Bikebrok, Richard 774 

Billesby, John 641 

Billibury, John 774 

Billing, Dame Mary 440 

Bilney, William 115 

BiritoDy John Wykebam, Rector of 

Birsingham, Sir Reginald de 843 
Blanche, Mrs. 37 
Bland, Parson of Addesham 737 
Blake, Sir John 80 
Blankany, Thomas 889 
Blenchynden, Christopher 687 
Blennerhasset, Lady 715 

John 715 

— ^ Sir Thomas 604 
Bletly Sir John 474 
Blewet, Lewis 418 
Blount, Charles 633 

Elizabeth 841 

'— ~— Sir James 30 
— - Marianne 67 

Thomas 841 

— — Thomasine 137 
Walter 67 

Mons. Walter 148, 143 

William 347 

Bloy, Thomas 558 

Blundel, Nicholas 158 

Blyth, Geoffrey, Bishop of Litchfield 

Bohun, Sir John de 814 
Bokelonde, Mons. John de66 
Bolesby, William de Cawood, Parson 

of 117 
Boleyn, Sir Thomas 593 
Boll, John 774 
Bolle, William 307 
Boluey, Dame Jane 530 

William 809, 810 

Bonaltet', John 67 
Bonde, Sir Nicholas 13 

Nicholas 774 

Bone, Sir Heiiry, PHest 647 

John 611 

Bonhan, Katberine 688 

Bonhan, Thomas 611, 618 ier. 688 

William 613 

Bonkeland, Richard 848 

Bonker, William, Parson of Tunstall 

Bonlise, Anthony 710 
Bonvalet, Agnes 888 
Bonvile, William Lord 887 
Bonyfaint, Nicholas 783 
Booth, Mrs. 455 
Boram, John, Priest 615 
Boraston, Hugh de 1 1 1, 118 
Borough, Katberine 651 
Sir Thomas 396 

— vide Burgh 
Boseham, John 774 

Boswell, Hugh, Parson of Darfield 

Bosiryle, Thomas 809 
Bote ler, John 410 
— - Sir Ralph Lord Sudley 848 

— of Sudley, Lord. Vide Sudley 
Botilfrr, John, of Tolesburst 90 
Robert 73, 123 

Botreauz, Elizabeth Ladyl71» 178 

William 338 

William Lord 177, 178, 31 1, 

Bouget, Richard 774 
Bourbon, Duke of 194, 195 
Bourchier, Cardinal 585 Hs 

Lady 651 

— Sir Humphrey 310 his 

•— — Sir Humphrey, Lord Berners 

488, 483 
—— John 838, 483 
Thomas 809,310 

— Sir Thomas 357 

William 838 

Bourgoine, Duke of 141, 147 
Boorman, William 573 
Bourne, Piers, Vicar of 163 
Bowerman, William 570 
Bowley, .... 393 
Bofvyer, Geoffrey 774 
Boxhull, Alan 805 

Boxsted, Hartest, and Mersbam, 

Richard Preston, Parson of 595 
Boynton, Christopher 813 bit 
Boys, Edward 70S fer 
John de 149, 174 

— Margaret 708 

Sir Roger le 115 2^ 

— — Thomas 703 bit 

William 508, 703 

Brabome, William, Prior of St.Gre- 

gory's, Kent 689 
Braoeour, John 57 
Bracy, Henry 151 
Bradley, John 576 



Bradky, Robert 575 

Bradmore, John 717 

Bradway, Robert 71 

BradweUy Nicholas de Lacy, Parson 

of 97 
Bramptoo, Robert, Priest 475 

Roger 489 

Bramshott, John 341 
Brandon, Charlei 534 ter 
Brawchynic, Robert 484 
Brawying Alice 484 
Bray, John 71 
— — Nicholas 779 

Reynold 384, 566 

Sir Reginald 30, 391, 393. 493, 

467 6u, 496 
Braybroke, Sir Gerard 149>491 
Breambre, Simon de 762 
Breante, Folk de 
Bredman, Rector of 596 . 
Brent, ..•• 730 

- Robert, Dean of South Mailing 
^ 448 

- Thomas 25 

William 629 

Bretagne, Sir John de 7 
Breton, John de 88 
Brette, Robert 200 
Brewer, Richard 210 
Brewes, Dame 74 

Giles de 74 

Jane 674 

John 674 

Sir John de 74 

— — Katherine 435 
— •— Lady 94 
Brian, Lady 156 

- Guy de 83 

- John 57 

Mons. William 131 

Brice, Roger 209 
BriddlewooO, Sir John de 1 12 6is 
Bridge, Ann 745 

John 745 

Bridges, Sir John 730 
Bridgwater, Countess of 730 
Brienne, Sir Guy de 80 bis 
Brigge, John« Parson of Lyllehamp- 

sted 398 
Brindelyolyn, Sir Edward, Priest 

Bristol, St. Augustine's, Abbot of 

Brocas, Sir Bernard 98 
Brocheband, William, 774 
Broke, .... 625 

Lord 633 

Mr. 709 

Christian 738 

Sir Richard 598 

William 639 

Brokenham, .* .. 435 
Brokesby, .... 455 
•— Bartholomew 226, 227, 228 
smpe, 230 f«ppe 

— Henry 229 

John 372 

Brokhully Thomas 103, 106, iir- 
Brokman, Henry 647 

Margery 64? 

Bromley, Justice 41, 43 
Bromsgrove, Christopher Goldsmith, 

Parson of 366 
Bromwich, Sir John de 71 iw 

■ Mons. John de 101 
Brone, William 209 
Brook, Sir Richard, Justice of King's 

Bench 593 

Sir Richard 606, 608 his 

Brooke, Henry 652 

Robert 692 bis 

Brooksby, Francis 677 
Broome, John Constable, Parson of 
^ 480 
Broogbton, Edward, Parson of St. 

George, Canterbury 615 
-^^ Dame Margaret de 55 

Richard, Priest 220 

Thomas, Priest 220 

Brown, Alice 683 

Agnes 782 

— — Dame Eleanor 291 bis 

— Humphry 594 
— — Mr. John 360 
John 683 

Sir Thomas 291 

Browne, •• ..415 

— ..... Rector of St. Sepulchre's, 
London 449 

-^— Sir Anthony 41, 43, 708 

" Elizabeth 462 

■ John, Alderman of London 351 

— Lucy 589 bis 
— - Lady Lucy 708 

Mabyll 708 

Wistan 462 

Browninr, Alice 678 

William 678 

Brudenell, Robert 376 

— — Sir Thomas, Chief Justice of 

Common Pleas 633 
Brudenell, Thomas 633 
Brugges, Anthony 690 
Bruli, Richard 51 
Brumpton, Robert de 53 
Brunbam, Thomas 162 
Bruton, John, Clerk 780 
Browne, William 5 
Bruyn, Isabella 200 
Bryan, Sir Guy de, 80, 86, 96 

— Mons. Guy de SO bis 

3 v2 



Bryan, Joan, bastard of Sir Thomas 

Bryan, Chief Justice 449 
BrycJgee, Giles 534 

Henry 634 

Richard 634 bis 

—— vide Bruges 
Bncber Nicholas 774 
Buckingham, Duke of 3$4 
— — Ann Duchess of 334 
Edward Duke of 30 

— — Humphrey Duke of 334 

Thomas, Warrener of Esshere 

Bulbeck, Lord 674 

- Dorothy Lady 674 
Bull, Sir William 596 
Bullok, Richard 406 
Thomas 310 

Bulmere, William Candysh, Rector 

of 158 
Bulstrode, Richard 284, 634 

Waller 634 

William 283, 491 

Bultus, John 829, 230 S€Bpe 
Burbach, John Newton, Parson of 144 
Burdet, Mary 561 

Sir Nicholas 243 

Burley, Sir John de 1 1 

Richard 229 

■ Sir Richard de 1 50 
' Sir Simon de 14 

William 363 468 

Burgh, Elizabeth 87, 709 
— - Mons. John de 57 bis 

Margaret Lady 319, 321 

Thomas 398, 709 

Sir Thomas 319, 320 

William 309, 210 

vide Borough 

Burgoine, Agnes 465 
Bumeby, Thomas S55 
Burnell,Sir Hugh 225, 226 

■ Robert 8 note 
Burnett, Robert 8 
Burnham, Abbess of 355 

Thomas de 162 

Burnierby, De 243 
Burton, Thomas 229 

William 199 

Bury, Abbot of 480 

James 697 * 

John 774 

Buscoujf^h, Prior of 459 
Busham, Henry, Prior of ... . 338 
Buskeby, Richard de 56 
Buskeley, Richard de 59 
Bussh, John 774 

Butiller, William 773 bis 
Bycovel, John 379 bis 
Bygot, .... 435 
Bynhrok, John de 144 

Byrde, John 345 

Byshopeston, Sir John de 111, 118 

Calais, RobttH Rolf, Recorder of 659 
Sir Edward Ringley^Higfa Mar- 
shall of 659 
Caldecote, William 635 
Cales, Walter 585 

Agnes 325 

Calthorpe, PhiUp 245 
Cambyn, Sir Robert 389 
Camden, Walter 762 
Camoys, Thomas 106 
Campeden, John 773 bit 
Campsey, Prioress of 438 
Camville, Richard de 50 
Candysh,William,Rect.ofBulmere 1 58 
Cank, Sir Rob. Parson of EnBetd 366 
Canonlegh, Abbess of 188 
Canterbury, Archbishop' of 17, 87, 

35,41, 43, 118, 150, 151 bis, 154, 
897> 328, 396, 537 ier, 594, 724, 
726 bu, 787 

~ Prior of 47 

— - Boniface Archbishop of 7 ' 

— Hen^ Archbishop of 19, 80 
— — Henry Chicfaeley, Archbishop 

of 189»195,219>284,843 

— John Archbishop of 3 1 , 99 
■ " ■ Richard Archbishop of 

•— — Roger Archbishop of 16 6if, 144 

Simon Abp. of llj 12,68, 91 

— - Simon Sudbury, Abp. of 1 1 1 , 1 13 

Thomas Abp.of 18,172,703,780 

— ' ThomasArundeI,AbpbOfl39»188 
William Abp. of 30, 71, 524 

William Wittlesey, Abp. of 89 

— <— William Courtehay, Archbishop 

of 101, 113, 127 

Henry, Archdeacon of 47 

— Mayor of 597 bis 
Capel, John de 7 1 to 

Sir William 467 

Captain of Calais 174 
Carbonell, Sir Richard 21 1 

Sir Joseph 198 

Carden, Sir James 43 
Cardinal of England 243, 249 
Caresbrok, John Muston, Vicar of 189 
Careswell, Dame Margery 107 
Carew, Sir Edmund 432 

Elizabeth 601 

George 633 

John 431, 601 

Jane 431, 601 

Lucy, Prioress of Redsparre 183 

Martha 559 

— Nicholas de 1 1 

Sir William 633 

Wymond 559 

Carleton, John 165 



Carlisle, Thomas Biihopof 16 
Carminow, Nicholas 646 
Carpenter, John SI 
Carr, Stephen 77?. 
Carter, William 683 
Carrill. Joan 560 

John 560 

Castilb, Kathbriitb Queen of 143 

King of 143 

■ Prinee of 34 ^ape 
Catesby, Anthony 735 

John S77 &tf,357, 358 5w 

William 360 bit, 361,381 

Caton, John 57 

Cavendish, Maud 180 

Cawood, William de. Parson of 

Cecill, Richard 44 
Chadworth, John 33 
Cham(>elyne, Margaret 390 
Chamber, Thomas de la 168 bis 
Chamberlain, ...•641 
.— Agnes 135 
— ^ Margaret 204 

Peter 135 

Richard 131, 161, 163 

Sybil 345 

Thomas 131 

Sir William 435 

Chamberlain, tbb King's 11, 18,35, 

of England 41 

to the King 633 

to the Queen 753 

of the Duke of Bedford 343 bis 

to the fiarl of Warwick 155 

Vice 43, 44 

Chambertayne, Philip 73 

Chamberlyn, Edward 637, 639 bis 

Chambre, Doctor 594 

.^^ Henry de la 67 

^— Raunde de la 67 

. Robert de la 57 

Walter de la 67 

Chamflour, John 773 
Chamond, John 563 
Champemoun, Elizabeth 473 bis 

: John 473 bis 

Chancellor, Lord 11, 41, 700 

— — of the Duchy of Lancaster 33, 
38, 35, 707 

— to the Queen 638 
r-^ of the Tenths 700 

of Cardinal Beaufort 353 

Chandos, Robert 48, 763 
Changetton, William 774 
Chapell, John 645 

Chaplains to the Princess of Wales 1 5 
Charer, Richard la 57 
Charlton, Cecily 413 
Dame 118, 119 

Charles, Stephen, Vicar of Tarrynf^ 

ton 391 
Charman, Alezs^nder 56, 59 

, Thomas 56, 59 

Cbarnele, Sir John de 66 
Chaucer, Thomas ^\9bis 
Chaucombe, Henry, Prior of 55 
Chaundeler, John de 57 
Chaondelerie, Robert de la 57 
Chaundrey, Richard de 309 
Cbaurii, Gilbert de 46 
Chautros, Sir Payne 8 
Chaworth, Sir John 731 
— — Sir Payne de 8 note 
Cheeseman, Edward 355 
Chekindon, Sir Roger Ponsonby, 

Parson of 739 
Chelvey, Thomas 773 bis 
Chene, Sir Hugh 113 
Cheney, Sir Francis 593 

Isabella 337 

Sir John 30 

John 384, 337 bis, 668 

———Margaret 457 

Sir Thomas 43,43,575,733 

Chercbe, John 336 
Cberington, Clemene 341 
Cheriton, Nicholas 309 
Cherletou, Lady 131 sape 

Lord 130,133 bis 

Chertesey, John de 67 
Chester, GeofFrey Bishop of 30 

Herald 734 

R. Earl of 6 

Richard Scrope, Bish9P of 136 

Chester, Herald 734 
Chesterton, Parson of 781 
Chetwin, Sir Pl^ilip 363, 367 
Cheyne,AlaD 13 

Sir John 165 

John 703 

Chicheley, Archbishop 388 
Henry 436 

Peter 7 

Chichester, Bishop of 5 

Adam Molyns, BUbop of 83 

Richard 774 

Robert Bishop of 603 

Chief SecreUry 708 

Chierllcu, Dam John, Prior of U wes 

Chiltone, William 436 
Chipham, Sir John de 56 

Chirde, Humphrey, Rector of St. Al- 
phage, Canterbttvy 737 

Chiveley, Nicholas 339 

Cbowne, Richard 33 1 

Christopher, Alice 645 ier, 646 sape, 

William 645 ter, 646 siqte 

Christopherson, Mr. Doctor 455 



Chritt*8 Church, Canterbuir, Dr. 

Sellini^e Prior of 384 
Piior of 489, 567, 597 

- London, Robert de Excestre 
Prior of 149 

Cishbert, ......85 

CUmforofre, Sir John 109, 113 
ClanTow, Sir John 14 

Sir Thomas 165 

Clare, John de 56 
Clarence, Duke of 202 

Thomas Duke of 153 

Clarendon, Sir Roger de 12 
Clarke, Abraham 398 

John 485 

Claydon, Sir John 536 
Clement, Kicbard 6S3 
— — Thomas, Jo»n (bastard of Sir 

Thomas Bryan, Chief Justice) wife 

of 449 
Clere, «...622 

William Pope, Clerk of 775 

Clerk, John 480 

John, Vicar of St. Paul's Kent 


Sir John 633 

— — Lucia 402 

Master 603 

Nicholas 633 

William 44. 564 

Clifford, Lady ]a5 

- Alice 291 

Ann 547, 638 his 

Sir Henry 243 

Henry 460 

Lord Henry 677 

John 291 

Sir Lewis 13, 14, 109, 159, 160 

— — Mods. Lewis 135 

Maud de 78, 80 

Richard 16 

Sir Roger 8 

Thomas Lord 23 

Thomas 547 

Clifton, Const ant ine 547 Ins 
-— Eleanor Lady 157 
— ^ Gervase 324 

- Sir Gervase 381 

Ignasio 209, 210 bU 

Sir John 245, 547 

Sir Nicholas 137 

Sir Robert 204, 245 

Thomas 137 

Clinton, ....730 

Elizabeth Lady 390 

Sir John 107 Ins 

CloptoD, John 357, 389, 394, 306 bis 
• vide Clynton. 

William 21 1 

Clovell, Eleanor 678 
Clymping, Simon 762 
Clyutou, Barbara 579 

Clyntoki, Edward 579 

— Isabella 579 

— Dame Jane 579 stcpe 

Thomas Lord 579 «^P« 

Clyvedon, John 312 
Cnappings, Henry 577 
Cobb, Geoffrey 745 
Cobham, Lord 724 

Lady 127 

John Lord 14 

— ^ Mons, John de 133 &» 

Katherine 166 

Margaret 156 

Reginald, bastard of Reginald 

Cobham 324 ter 

Sir Thomas 336 

John, Master of the College of 

Coble, Geoffrey 526 

William 526 

Cocks, Walter, Chaplain 634 
Cofferer of the Household 42 

to the King 562 

Coke, Sir John 1 04 
John 670 

— Thomas, Rector of Bedh'amp- 
ton 180 

Walter I6l 

Sir William 56 

Cokeyn, John. 143 
Cokkyng, John 133, 134 
Coksey, Sir Walter 107 
Sir William 107 

Culdrel, Alexander Barteton Vicar of 

Culeoestre, William de 57 
Colepcr, Alexander 525 bis 

— Nicholas 418, 419 /«r 

Thomas 525, 742 

Coleshull. Walter de 57 

Colet, William, Parson of Uamp. 
den 387 

Colfoxe, Mai^aret 343 

Colley, Thomas 742 

Collyn, William 274 

Collyng, John 156 

Culmah, Richard 162 

Colmpton, Sir Walter de HI, I12 

Colne, John Eyer, Prior of 445'6ir ' 

Colte, Joan 347 

John 347 

Colton, Mr. John de. Dean of Dub- 
lin 112 

Colville, Elisabeth 204 

Sir John 194,203,204 

Colynbourn, John 474 

Colyne, Jane 575 

Colyns, Alice 443 

-2 — William 576, 577 bis 

Combe, Henry 623 

John 774 



Common Pleat, Chief Justice of S7 

Serfeant of London 693 

Compton> John, Clerk of Winrrave 

Peter 661 

Thomas ABB 

Sir William 681 

Comptroller 766 

of the Household }$, 48 

■ of the Household of John 
' Duke of Lancaster 144 
Confessor to the Duke of Bedford S43 
Congehurst> John 664 
Constable, .. ••704 
— — - Agnes 347 
•»— John 347, 706 
— — John, Parson of Broome 480 

Lady Katharine 706 

— - SirMarmaduke 706 
Robert 706 

William 706 

Constable of Enjcland 89, 458 

of Horn^ Castle 60S 

Constantiis, Walter de 3 
Conway, Sir Hngh 489 

Conyers, Christopher, of Hornby 888 

William Lord 546 

Conyngsby, Humphrey 81 
Cook, Anthony 669 
•— Richard 57 

Robert 745 

Cooke, Christian 703 

Margaret 455 

Richard 44 hit 

Serjeant 733 

WiUiam 445 

Cooks, Agnes 443 
Coope, Stephen 566 
Cope, Jane 437 

William 437 

Copley, Sir Roger 606 
Copton, John 848 
Copy, John 341 
Coquina, William de 809 
Corbet, Ann 699 

Robert 130 

Roger 699 

Cordell Solicitor to Quaen 

Mary 744 
Cornwall, Sir Edward 438 
— Henry de 113 


— ^ John, bastard of Sir John (Lord 

Fanhope] 343 

Richard, Earl of 7 

Thomas, bastard of Sir John 

(Lord Fanhope) 346 
Comworth, Prioress of 188 
Cosyn, Thomas, D. D. 473, 484 
Cotton, ....664 
Sir Robert 560 

CoTcntiy and Lichfield, John Bishop 
of 31 *^ 

Coudray, Richard 775 
Courtena^, Sir Edward 31 

Edward Lord 633 

Elisabeth Lady 358 

Hugh de. Earl of Devon 67 

Sir Philip 358 

— William,Archbishop of Canter- 
bury 101, 113 

— William, Bishop of London 1 1 1 , 

Sir William 649 

Courtnay 140 

Cowdray, John 774 

Cowle, Joan 343 

Cowper, John 163 

Cowrtbjr, Robert 378 

Cowstede, Nicholas 886 

Crabb, William 360 hU 

Crakentborp, John 366 

Cranbourne, John 774 

Crane, John 304 

Robert 394 

Creke, Sir William 830 

Cressen, John 640 

Cressbam, John 139 

Criekelade, Thomelyn 88 

Crofton, Sir Thomas 398 

Crois, James de la 1 8 

Croke, John 339 his 

Crokhere, Richard 774 

Cromer, Doctor 44 

Cromwell, Lady 434 

Lord 833 

— Sir John 818 

Maud 547 

Ralph 547 

Ralph Lord 99, 348, 345, 375, 

887> 433 

aiiat Williams, Sir Richard 710 

Crondall, John Wykeham Rector of 

Crosby, Thomas William 435 
Crosier, Dame Eliaabeth 144 
Crosse, Robert 335 
Crozehorn, Simon 809 
Croyser. Edithe 771 

William 771 

Crundale, John Sprot, Rector of 393 
Cryour, Isabel 679 hit 

John 679 hit 

Nicholas 679 

Cuberley, Philip 339 

Culpeper, tfide Colepeper 

Cultario, Galfro 46 

Cumberford, Edward 571 

Cumberland, Henry Earl of 677 

Cunn, Benedict 36 

Curlewas, Master Nicholas 569, 570 

Curson, Richard 333 

Robert 575 bit 



Cory, Walter 217 

Cusson, Sir John I53 

Cutt, Sir John 35, 447, 588, 589 

— John 588 

Lucy 589 

Cutts, John 709 

Pabridgecourt, Mens. John 143 
Dacre, Lady 681 

Lord 553, 577 

Daily Waiters 44 
Dale, Mons. Thomas de la 74 
Dalmington, Alice 331 
Dalton, , Rector of St. Sepul- 
chre's, London 449 
Dammory, Mons. Nichol 59 

- Mons. Roger 57 W* 
Damory, Nicholas 56 
Dampore, Thomas 243 

Danby, Robert, Justice of Common 

Pleas 288 
Dancaster, Master 569 
Danet, John 599 
Danyell, John 527, 559 (fis 
Daniel, Edmund 404 

John 155, 361 

Danne, Robert 565 
Dansie, Sir John 668 
Danvers, Beatrice 350 

Henry 348,351 

i John 754 

Sybil 345 

Mr. Thomas 424 

Thomas 348 

William 348 

Darcy, Alyson 229 

Elizabeth 213,^74 

Margery 213 

Robert 227, 228, 230 

Thomas Lord 601 

Darcie, Sir Thomas 43 
Darell, Mrs. 37 

William 235, 291 

Darfield, Hugh Bosvrell, Parson of 

Darley, Abbot of 452 

John, Abbot of 414 

Dassels, vide Assells ' 
Daubeney, Giles Lord 30 

Sir Giles 378 

DauDce, Sir John 594 

Daunsey, John 229 

Dautre, John 223, 562, 774 

Davers, Heniy 360 

Davies, Thomas, Parson of St. Al- 

phys, Canterbury 568 
Davy, Henry 360 
Dawney, .•.,725 
Deal, Robert Battresby, Curiite of 

Deau of the Kiug*8 Chapel 28 

Deane, Margery 474 

Thomas 474 

Debenbam, Gilbert 210, 81 1 
Dedisham, Will. Underwode. Parson 

of 149 
Deincourt, Lady Alice 169 
Dekene,Jobn 775 
Delinggrigge, Sir Edward 100 
Denbande, Thotnas 49 
Denham, Gtty 774 
Denheth, John May, Vicar General 

of the Dioeese of Winchester 776 
Denken, John 145 
Denne, Dom' WiUiami Canon of the 

King's Chapel 780 
Denny, Sir Anthony 42 
DenlstoA) Clement, Clerk, 270 
Denys, Anne 656 

Depden, NieoN Mik Pftfton of 149 
Deputy General of New Ha?6u anil 

the Marches 729 • 
Deputy of Calais 657 
Derby, Stephen 55 

Thomas Eatt of 409 

Despencer^ Lady le 156 

- Conitancele 135 

Sir Philip J 37 

Ralph 45 

Dethick, John 641 
Devenisb, John 774 
Devereux, Agnes 6 1 
Richard 638 

Walter Lord Ferrers of Cbart- 

ley 701 

Walter 633 

Devon, Thomas Earl of 23 

— Countess of 67 

Hugh de Couftenay, Earl of 67 

Devynishe, John 683 Mi 

Dey, Simon 558 


~— Benjamin 570, 573 

Heniy 570, 721 

I>*g6e, Roger 70 
Digges, James 579 
I^>Sgy«> Mr. John 457 
Dilcock, Ann 449 
Dimocke, Andrew 381 
Dingley, Mr. 750 
Dinham, Lord 357 
Diprant, ....189 
Ditton, Sir William de 56 
Dixen, WiHUm51l 
Dixon, Miles 718 

William 718 

Dot>le, John 628 

Docking, Thomas 67 

Docwra,John 625 

Dodyngton, Robert Seman Rector 

of 201 
Donne, Dame Elisabeth S72 
' Sir John 372 



Domer> AmbroM 634 

Geoffrey 634 

— - Humphrey 684 

■' John 634 

Martin 634 

— ^ Michael 634 

Robert 6S3» 634^ 666,663 

Walter 634 

William 634 ftiv 

Dorset, Marquess of 253 to, 403, 588, 

— - Cecily, Marchioness of 452 ter, 

455 Um, 456 
— — Henry, Marquess of 692 
— ^ John, Marquess of 17 

John Beaiifert, Marquess of 149 
,l44 6tf 

•— Mary, bastard daughter of Tho- 
mas Grey, Marquess of 588 

Thomas, Earl of 19, 20 

—— Thomas, Marquess of 35 

Dover, Prior of 726 

Douefaeman, John 209 

Doune, William 773, 774 

Dounton, WftUiam Lamport, Clerk 

of 775 
Down,SirJohn, Clerk of tbo Reeis- 

try 776 
DoMrnvylle, Roger, Rector of St. 
Mary Magdalen and Vicar of St. 
Paul's Kent 596 

Dozen, 74 

Drainsfield, William 440 
Dram, Mr. 709 
Drew, William 145 
Drueys, Johannette 56 
Drury, Robert 434 

Sir Robert 527, 637, 638 ter 

Dryden, Eliaabetfa 748 

John 749 

Drye, Master John, Clerk 639 bis 
Dryford, Richard 661 
Dryland, Elizabeth 686 

Richard 26 1,664 

Dublin, John de Cotton Dean of 1 12 

Dean of 112 

Dudley, Lady 279 

- Lord 442, 632, 633 

Cecily Lady 632 

Edmond 448 

»-— Edmund 28, 35, 491 
-— — Eleanor 696 
— - Geoffrey 696 his 

Sir John 632, 633 

OliTer 358 


Dukett, Richard 549 

Dulabar, John 22 

Dunraowe, John de 57 

Dunstan's, St. Canterbury, Richard 

Long, Vicar of 386 
^— Kent, Rector of 596 

Dupater, Sir John de 243 
Durem, Thomas 200 
Durham, Bishop^ 151, 631 

Thomas, Bishop of 18, 19, 80, 


-~ Tonstal, Bishop of 41, 43 

— Walter Skyrlaw, Bishop of 1!Z6 

William, Bishop of 30, 845, 358 

Dye, Constance 348 Ins 

Dygges, John 686 

— John, of Beriiam 293 
William 686 

Dyke, Hugh 250 
Dymock, Sir Robert 628 
Dynham, Lady 472 

Lord 379 

— Charles 879 ' 

Dame Jane 379 ier 

Juhn Lord 30, 375, 389 

— ^ Roger 379 

Dyuley, Thomas 467 

Eastry, John OrgniTer, Vicar of 737 
Echlngharo, Ann 435 

: Elizabeth 103 

— ->- Robert 103 


Edmonde, Dr. John 578 iis 
Edmondes, Mr. John ^98 
Edward, King 80, r08, 146, 168 

IIL Kino 59, 65, 86, 90 

IV. King 316, 317, 418,489, 


V. Kino 595 

Edward, Esmond 57 

William 57 

Egert, Walter 22 
Eglington, Sir William 93 
Elesfield, Sir Gilbert de 55 
— — Dame Jane de 55 

— Thomas de 55 
Elizabeth, Queen of Edirard IV. 

^-. Queen of Henry VII. 468 
— — Queen 452 • 
Elliot, Sir Thomas'7 10 
Ellys, John 575 
Elmer, John 210773201 
Elmes, Elizabeth 397 
-—^ Isabel 397 
— — John 397 stepe 

Katberine 397 

William 397 his 

ElsyngspUtell, Prior of 520 

Elwick, Ralph 529 

Ely, Bishop of 379, 567 

— — • Geoffrey Rydall, Bishop of 2, 3 

— — John, Bishop of 30, 375 

-— — John Morton, Bp. of 357, 361 

Philip Morgan, Bishop of 210 

— Thomas, Bishop of 95,745 
Elys, Richard 775 



£mpfOD> Jane Ladjr 475 

Richard 31 » 447 

Sir Richard 38, 35, 475 

Enfield, Robert Cank, Parson of 366 
£ngaine,Lady 197 
— Dame Joan d' 119 
— •— Dame Katberine de 67 
Engeham, Chriitopher 743 

Elixabeth 738 

Mr. Richard 673 

Richard 747, 749 

England, Henry, Cardinal of 343 

John Radtngton, Prior of 130 

Englefield, 744 

Englonde, Sir William, Priest 451 
Eremyte, John L'56 
EreiweU, Sir Peter de 56 

Sir Piers 59 

Erpingham, Thomas 18 
Esquires of the Chamber 310 
Esquires to the Baroness Mauley 335 
Esquires of the King's Chamber 13 
Esquires of Princess of Wales 15 
Esquires of the Duke of Lancaster 

Esquires of Lady Say's Retinue 83 
Essex, Earl of 43, 43, 405, 651 
— Henry, Earl of 440 
William 343 

Esshere, Thomas Buckingham, War- 
rener of 775 

Estowe, John, Clerk 379 

Estwell, John Betry, Rector of 391 

^-— John Lane, Rector of 349 

Everard, Henry 557 

Everinge, Danier738 

John 738 

Everingham, John, Parson of Sprot- 
borough 547 

Evesfeld, William 93 

Evesham, Abbot of 51, 593 

Evre, ••..633 

Eward, Henry 603 

Ewe, Henry Earl of 338 

Ewer, Isabel de 57 

Nichol de 57 

Ewre, Maud 313 

Ezcestre, Sir Robert, Prior of Christ- 
church, London 149 

Exeter, Bishop of 394, 593, 594 

— — Edmund, Bishop of 16 

Hugh Oldham, Bishop of 590 

— John de Graudison, Bp.of 135 
■' ■ Richard, Bishop of, now Bishop 

of Winchester 30 
— «— John Arundel, Dean of 394 
— ^ John Voysy, Dean of 566 
— — blizabetb. Duchess of 143 

John, Duke of 15, 16 

Thomas, Duke of 30, 350 

— Marchioness of 671 

— Mayor of 7 17 

Exeter, Robert Weston, Subdean 

of 566 
Eye, Prior of 443, 480 
Eyer, John, Prior of Colne 445 Ms 
Eynesford, John de 197 

Fagnamilly, John 374 
Fairfax, Agnes 735 
Guy 33Q 

Sir Guy 376 

— Thomas 539 

William 539 

Fallesle, Sir John 100 
Falstoff, Agnes 479 
Sir John 333, 338 

Farlly, Edmund, Rector of Monge- 

ham 737 
Famharo, John Shire, Clerk of 775 
Faryndon, Dr. Robert 773 
Fauconberg, William Lord 388 
Faulkner, William 775 
Fawkham, John Robinson, Parson 
. of 784 

Felbrigge, Dame Margaret 156 
Felix, John 309 
Fellow, William 435 
Felton, Edmund 489 
Feltwell, John 735 
Fen, Sir Alan 80 

Ferrers, 378 

Lady Margaret 175 

Lady 440 

Lord 443 

Edward 754 

Sir Henry 383 

Sir Ralph 119 

• Sir Ralph de 99 

Richard 44, 390 

Thomas 77 

Sir Thomas 55 

— — - Dame Margaret de 84 

William Earl of 5 

Mons. William de 59 

William 454 

— — of Cbartley, Walter Devereux 

Lord 633 ter, 701 
Ferrour, John 139, 774 

. Mestre Thomas de 68 

Fetiplace, Alexander 634 

Anthony 634 

Feversham, John London* Mayor of 

Fillongley, Henry 239 
Finderne, .... 737 

- Dame Katberine 787 
Fineux,Mr. 384 

SirJohn, Chief Justice 598 

— - John 403 

Fisher, Cecily 376 

John 685 

Thomas 276 



FitM Garrett, Henry Francis $33 
Fitz Geoffrey, Elizabeth 343 bis 
— — John 843 
Fitzgarald, Heniy 47 
Fitz-Geraldy vide Fttz Garrett 633 
FiU-Herbert, Anthony 563, 598 
— — Lucy, Prioress of Shaftesbury 

Thomas 544 

Fitz-Hugh, Lady 489i 458, 454 
— — Lord 196 
•— Eleanor 975 

— Henry Lord 19, 30, 157 

Philip 385 

Fitz-James, John 377 hu, 598 
— » SirJohn, Chief Baron 690 
— *- Sir John, Chief Justice 634 
Fitz-Lewes, John 641 

Sir Richard 445 hit 

Fitz-Ralph, John 298 
Fitz-Stephen, Ralph 3 
Fitzsy Blonds, John S41 bis 
Fitz Walter, Lord 818, 610 

Aon 436 

Robert Radeliffe, Viscount 633 

Fitzwarine, Lady 438 

Fnlke 118 

— -« Dame Maud 98 

Philip 118 

' y von 98 

Fitz William, Thomas, Recorder of 
London 376 

Sir WilUam 701 

Flavel, James 594 
Fleet, William 883 
Flemenys, Robert 56 
Flinderne, Katherine 418 
Flore, Isabel 417 

Richard 417 

Roger 81, 189 

Flynt, Hugh 874 
> Fogge, Alice Lady 300 
— — Eleanor 487 

— Sir John 300 
, Thomas 487 

Foljame, • ... 93 
«— — Margaret 709 

Sir Godfrey 598 

Foray, John 174 
Ford, Sir WiUiam 111, 118 
Forde, Sir William 80 
Fordham, John 13 
Foreman, John 889 
Forest, Henry^ 44 
John 174 

— Thomas, Master of the Hospi- 
tal of Holy Cross, Winchester 854] 

Forester, Jost'an 57 
Forge, Richard de la 57 
. Forridor, Richard 57 
Forsette, Robert 664 
Forte8cue,5ir John, Chief Justice 376 

Foteman, Richard 809 
Foughter, John 400 
Fourde, Sir Robert, Priest 683 
Fowler, Lady 355 • 

. Thomas 358 

Foz, John 774 
»-— John, Jun.775 
Fozforde, Mr. Richard 564 
Foxle, John 774 
Frampton, Anastaeia 377 

— Robert, Baron of the Ezche- 
quer 838 

France, Kino of 99> 593 
— — Louis Kino of 31 
Franceys, Adam 89> 885 

Cecily 886 

Elizabeth 886 

— « Johan 886 

Isabel 884, 885 M>pe, 886 

Thomas 885 ter, 886 

Robert 85 

Frank, Henry, Parson of Hakwell96 
Franklyn,John, Parson of Ickham6 15 
Fraunces, Sir John 417 

Margaret 884, 885 J«pe,886 

Fray, Sir John 848 ter 
— ^ John, Baron of theEzcheq. 838 
Frenyngham, WiHiam 809 
Frere, WilUam 809 
FreresObserTants,ProTincial of the88 
Freshill, .... 573 
Freshville, Margaret 1 88 
Freville, Sir Baldwin 70, 136 
Friller, Thomas, Bishop of Roches- 
ter 90 
Frogenhall, William 108 
Fromond, John 775 
Frowick, Thomas 834 
Frozmere, Thomas 394 
Frozmore, Elizabeth 479 
Frythe, John 774 
Frywith 689 
Ftanysy Robert 874 
Fulborn, WiUiam de 15 
Fulsbu'^t, MatUda 809 
FuWesse, John 78 
Furnein, Mr. Philip 843 
Furnival, Mons. Thomas 59 
Fynch, ••..687 
Fynes, Elizabeth 6^9 
Fyneuz, Sir John 30, 35 

Gage, Sir John 43, 43 

Gainsford,John 877 

Galandre, Sir WiUiam 151 

Gam, WiUiam 311 

Gamage, WiUiam 67 

GamU, Sir John, Qerk, 133 bis, 134 

Gamul, Sir John, aUas Russel, Clerk, 

138, 134 
Garbedon, Roger 57 
Gardener, John, of Bergavcnny 289 




Gardinery Ricbird 174 

— — Thomas, Vicar of Lympne 678 

Gare, John 774 

Roger 774 

Garaardy Margaret 403 bis 
John 463 

Richard 4^3 

Garrard, Master William &69, 570 
Garth, Edward 657 

- Sir Humphrey, Parson of St. 
Mildred, Canterbury 6B8 

Gascoigne, John 706 

Mons. William 144 

William 860 

Sir Wiiliam 400 

Gasken, Sir William 619 
Gate, Dame Anneye 848 
Gatecomb, Richard 195 
Gates, John 43, 44 • 
Gatoo, .... 457 K# 
Gay, Edward 597 

Eliaabeth 597 

John 774 

Gaynsford, William S98 
Gayte, Richard le 57 
Gaytone, Walter 165 
Gazon, John 615 
Gell, Sir Robert, Chaplain 704 
Gentilly James 484 
George, St. Ganterbnry, Edward 
BrougbtoUj Parson of 615 

John Williams^ Parson of 469 

JohnWilliamson, Rector of 383 

Gerberge, Sir Thomas 151 
Gernon, Sir Nicholas 74, 1 1 S 
Gerondon, Thomas, Abbot of 539> 544 
Gerveys, Nicholas 774 

Robert 785 

Gifrewast, Nicholas 774 
Gilbert, John 563 

- John, Bishop t>f Hereford 1 IS Ht 
Gildburghe, Sir John 106 
GlanYille, Ralph de 2bis,S . 
Glenham, Eleanor 433 
Gloucester, Duchess of 139, 135 

— *- Duke of 141 

Humphrey, Duke of 30 

Richard, Duke of 361 

Thomas of Woodstock, Duke 

of 395 
Gloucester and Hertford, Clare Earl 

of 49 

Godewyn, John, Prior of St. Augus- 
tine's, Canterbury 300 

Godfrey, John 565 

Goffe, John 57 

Gogg, William 774 

Golde, John 774 

Goldfinch, Roger 486 

Golding, Thomas, Clerk 558 

Goldsmith, Sir Christopher, Parson 
of Bromsgrove 366 

Gold^rfcU, Master 687 

John 664 

John Bishop of Norwich 403 

- Mr. Nicholas 408 
— ;- William 664 
Gonvyle, Niofaolas 438 
Goodale, John 496 
Goodes, Bellamy 374 

Margaret 374 

Goodktaapp, Thomas 445 
Goodwin, John 634 
Goodyene, Richard'974' 
Goos, Charles 775 

Robert 774 

Goring, ^ofgc 768 
Gorney, Anthony 641 
Goss^ Mr. Nicholas 301 
Gotten, Thomas 503 
Gougb, John 66 

Grafton, John, Vicar of Romney 908 
Grandison, John d«. Bishop of EsMcf 

Sir John da 194 

Sir Otes 8 

Granstock, ••••551 
Gras, Oliver 346, 346 
Graswell, Sir John, Clerk 319 
Gravene, Roger PHtke, Vioar of 300 
Grauncest re, Johanna 178« 100 hs 
Graunt, Joan 437 

Walter 437 

Gray, John 331 
-— ^ John de 7 
Great MalTcme, Abbot of 61 

Green, Rector of High Hnl- 

born 449 

Nicholas 494 

Thomas 348 

WiUiam 774^ 

.... 437 

Gregory, John 309 

St. Canterbury, Edwaid Gnild- 

ford, Prior of 457 
— - St. Kent, Abbot of 697 
St. Kent, William Brabome, 

Prior of 639 • • • 

Grenested, John 493 — — 

Grevesbende, Stephen de, Bishop of 

London 68 
Grevill, WlBiam ISO 
Grey, Lady 457 

Fulk 464 

Sir Henry €1 

Henry 379, 980 

- Henry, bastard of Lord Grey, 
413 iope 

— — Dame Joan 81 

Margaret 464 

Sir Reginald 107 

^^ Richard 440 

Richard Lord 18 

Richard Lord, of Wilton 1 60 



Grey, Btcbard^ bastard of Heiliry Lord 

— Ricbi^rd, son of Richard Lord 

— — Robett Lord 193 
— — RobeK774 

William 464 

GreTstocky Lord ^3 

Ral|»b de 7S 

GriDftn» David 458 
-^•«— Jane 458 
Griffiths, David 460 
Griggs, James 703 
Grocen, Master &3T ' 
Groom of the Robes 44 
Grooms of the Chamber 18 
Gruffarth, William 57 
Guildbarghe, John 77 
Guildford, ..•• 738 

— Edward, Plrior of St. Gregory 
Canterbury 457 

Henry 461 

Sir Henry 593, 594 

— Lady Jaoe 497 Us 

Sir Richard 30, 461 

— ^ Mr. Richard 614 
Guisnes Pursuivant 734 
Gurney, .... 468 

— Agnes 379 

Katberine 433, 497 

William 379 

Guvbon, John 91 
Gyldesburgh, John de 89 Ms 
Gyles, John 180 
— — Nicholas 78)S 

Hackestalle, Nichol;i8 774 

Haddon, Thomas 370 

Haddeley, Master Nicbulas de 71 

Hadley, Thomas Walbery Rector of 

Haester, Lawrence 735 

Hagemont, Abbot of 96 

Hainault, Alice de. Countess Mar- 
shall 86 


Hakwell, Henry Frank Prior of 96 

Hales, Alice 131 

-— - Christopher 643 

-— Thomas 747 

Hales Owen, Abbot of 367 

Halle, Thomas de 309 

Halley, .... 18 

Halsal, Sir Henry 590 

— Richard, Parson of Haisal 590 bis 

Hamene, Stephen 91 

Hammond, Alys 738 

Hamon, Thomas 743 

— ^ William 73 1 

Hampden, Alexander 389 

-^— Edmund 389 

Hampden, Jerome 633 

John 3^9^M 

—— Jofen 8 tar lyitg,' Rector of 30i 

William Colet, Parson of 387 

Hampdon, John 31 d 
Hampton, John 33 
Hansard, Dorothy 641 
Hanyngton, Bathell743 

William 743 

Hanslay, Dn' Thomas 161 
Harcourt, Sir Richard 378 
Hardinge, Agnes 590 

- Robert 697 
Hardres, Alice IS9^ 
Hardy, John 374 
Harewood, William 309 
Hanngton, Stephen 749 
Harlakynden, Thomas 665 
Harleston, John, Clerk 88, 
— - John de 113 
Harley, Isabel dfe 78 
Harling, Th6mas l^^iest 186 
Harlyng, Thomas 133,134 
Rarman, Edmund 44 bis 
Harness, Katberine 718 

Silvester 713 

Harpeden, William 144 
Harpelc, William de 1 5 
Harpesfeld, George 467 
John 467 

Nicholas 467 

Pbilippa 467 

Harrington, William Lord 387 
Hart, John 435 

Sir William 596 

Hartests, Mersham, attd Brested^ 

Richard Preston, Parson of 595 
Harvey, Sir Nicholas 708 

Thomas 708 

Harwood, Sir Johii 80 

Haryat, Joban506 

Haselbech, John de 56 

Hasilden, Francis 576 

Hassel, Lady 715 

Hasset, .. ..715 

Hastings, Lady Ann 593 ^ - 

— — Lord, 357 

— ^ Edward, Lordof Looghhorough 


William Lord 346, 360, 361 ter 

^— Edward, bastard of Sfr Thomas 

Hastings 742 
— ^- Francis 658 Ms, 359 bis 

- George Lord 633 
■ ■■ ■ Jane 658 ^ 

- John 379 

Martin 745 ^ 

William 681 

Hasylrigg, Elizabeth 545 

Robert 545 

Haunson, Henry 309 
Haute^Sir William 710 



Havttlt John 6a7> 640 
Haverinf^ham, John de 196 
Havenham, Edwin Sandes Vicar of 

718 ier 
Haveryings, Cok 57 
Havonte/ JohnAylewayi Rector of 773 

Hawe, Christopher 399 

Hawker, ....SBf 

Hawkhanty Henry Symon, Parson of 

Hawkins, ••••367 

- Benet 640 

Master Thomas 311 to 320 $^pe 

Hawkstone, John de 83 
Hawkwood, John de 87 
Hawley, Beatrice 162 
Hawlys,Jobn, Justice Common Pleas 

— * Stephen 410 
Hawslepte, John 210 
Hawte, Richard 301, 389 
Haylfteld, Robert 143 
Hayward, Sir Christopher, Priest 

455 Hf 
Hehden, Robert 575 
Hebraham, Henry, Clerk of Satton 

Helen,St.Bi8hopsgate, Prioress of 562 
Helyng, Dn' John de 162 
^-^ Robert, Rector of 161, 168 
Hemenhale, Dame Katherine de 74 
— « SirRalfde 115 

Mons. Ralf 74 

Hende, John 774 
ilendley, Gervase661 

Walter 661 

Heaeage, Mr. 709 

- Lady Katherine 709 
-»- Sir Thomas 709 
Hengrave, Dame Isabel 435 
Henham, Thomas de 57 
Henle, John de 51 

Henry IV. Kino 188, 206, 249 

V. Kino 195, 206, 249 

VI. Kino 26, 242, 251 , 253 

VII. Kino 463, 517, 587, 701 

Henshaw, Mr. Nicholas 566 
Henson, Thomas 571 
Herbert, Lord 523 

Charles Lord 30 

Charles Somerset, Lord 27, 35 

Thomas, qu. Fitahcrbert ? 545 

William Lord 709 

Sir WilUam 42, 43, 733 

Herde, Henry 450 
Herdi, Thomas 174 
Hereford, BUhop of 47, 1 U 

Countess of 105, 132, 147, 150, 

156, 176 

Earl of 60 

Hereford, Duke of 141, 142 

»— - Humphrey de Bohuo, Bari of 

-— — Joan, Countess of 96 
— i— John, Bishop of 1 1, 13 

John Gilbert, Bishop of 112 bit 

Hergest, Roger 68 

Heriard, Vicar of 753 

Herley, Richard 784 

Heme, Nicholas Rydley,Vicar of 686, 

Hemehill, William MarsbaU,Vicar of 

Heron, Giles 633 
Herset,Edmondde 115 

Isabel 115 

Hert, Thomas 329 Ins 

— William 209 
Hertele, Robert 774 
Hertford, Eari of 41,43 
Heryngaunte, Sir Thomas 123 
Hei^'ngbam, Prior of 562 
Hesketb, Hugh, Bishop of Blan 590 , 
Richard 460, 590 

«— Thomas 590 
Hessewell, Thomas de 53 
Het ton, Roger 566 
Hereningham, Sir John 198 
Heveringham, Sir Thomas 328 
Hewet, Jbhn 344 
Heikicke, Robert 44 
Heydon, ••••468 
-^— Dame Ann 439 

— Christopher 439 

Sir Henry 407,423, 439 

Henry 439 

— - John 468 

William 468 

Hide, Thomas 223 
Hill, John 327 
HUlary, Margaret 118 
Hillersden, Andrew 649 bis 
Hinckley, John 120 
Hobart, James 31 

— « Sir James 527 

Hobby, Joan 473 

Hobert, James 407 

Hoby, Sir Philip 43 

Hogben, William 647 

Hoke, Walter 775 

Holand, Perot de 57 

Holbom, High, •• ..Green, Rector of 


— •• ..Northington,Rector of 449 

Holgot, Ph. 101 
HolgraTe, John 355 hif 
Holland, •••.44 

— Sir Edward 2 1 

John 14 

Roger 394 

Holme, Alan 209 

— John 454 , , . 


Holne, William, Qerk 484 

Holt. WtUiam 837 Hs 

Holts, Andrew 83 

Holy Cross. Hospital of, Wincbetter, 

Thomas Forest, Master of S64 
Honywode, Joan 384 
— - Robert 884 
Hooy Dame Ann 300 
-— * Thomas 810 to 
Hoode» Robert 810 
Hope, James 893 
Hoppa, Hermit of 45 
Hopton, Ann 701 

Elisabeth 690 

•*-^ Joan 196 
*-~ John 690 

Thomas 188, 196 

Hopwood, Sir Robert 569, 573 
Hore, John 819 Hs 
Hornby, Prior of 601 

Henry 584 

Home, Thomas, bastard of Thomas 

Home 387 
Horselee, John de 56 
Horton, Peter, Prior of 100 
Hothun, John 885 
Hotoft, ....439 
Howard, Lord 516 

— bastard of Lord Edward 534 

— Lord Edmund 659 bis 

Sir Edward 516 

Lord WilUam 730 

Howson, Sir Riobard, Priest 867 » 368 
Huchan, Richard Sperman, Parson 

of 491 
Huddleston, John 575 
Huffford, John 358, 361 

— Thomas 833,358, 361 
Hull, Sir Edward 88 

John 889 

Huleot, Katherine 618 
Hun|:erford, Lady 454 

Lord 879^ 

Sir Edward 88 

Edward 467 

— Margaret, Lady 879 
»— Robert, Lord Molines 879 
Thomas 77 

Walter Lord 88 

Sir Walter 19, 80, 810 

Hongria, Pdter de 47 
Hunte, Walter 57 
Huntingdon, Earl of 189> 741 
Huntyngdon, Sir John de 56 
Hurle, William 67 

Huse, Henry 97 
— — Mr. Peter 508 
—— William 357 
Husee, Sir Hugh 75 
Sir WUIiam 30 


Husee, Sir William, Chief Justice 

374 Ur^ 391 

William 480 

Httsey, WilUam 641 

Hussey, Sir John 608 

Htttchinden, William Ketyng, Vicar 

of 489 

Button 688 

Thofnas 576, 577 Ms 

Hyde, Ali^ 447 

Richard 447 

Hyndoir, Peter 774 
Hyll, Thomas 677 

Icory,Mr. 709 

lekham,John Franklyn Parson of 615 

Ikelyngton, Prioress of 684 bis 

— Robert Burton Vicar of 684 
llkiogton, John 16 
Impeswell, Heniy 474 

— Margaret 473 

Jngham, Katharine de, Abbess 57 

Prior of 534 

IngUby, William 85 
Inglefield,Sir Philip 55 
Ingoidesby, Robert 430 
Ipres, John de 1 1 
Irereby, William 16 
Ireland, John, 888 
Isaak, Joan 447 
— — Robert 447 
Isabel, Mrs. 37 

Istell, Sir William 77 
Ive, Hugh 876 

Master William 311 

Iward, Joan 376 

James, John 15 

Margery 656 

Jenkyn, Kath«rine 385 

William 385 

Jenny, Sir Edmund 484 

John 608 

Sir Thomas 435 

William 439 

Jeraingham, Edmond 694 
— - Edmund 676 

Sir Henry 694 

— r Henry 674 

Jerusalem, Vicar of 10 

Jesus College, Cambridge, John Ed- 

monde. Principal of 578 Us 
Jewel House, Master of 33 
John, Mr. 37 

Bastian 37 

Joliife, William 57 
Joskyn, Henry 484 
Josselyn, John 587 
Joye, John 661 

— Thomas, Rector of Penynton 



Jttddi AndKw 710 
Justices^ Chief 27* 35, 41 

Katherine, Queen 431 

-— ^ Queen of Henfy V. 86 

Katryk,WmiAmSI3 2«5 

Kat'yng, WiUiam 146 

Reble, Henry 671 

Kebyll, Walter, 8S6, S97» BS8, SS9 

UBpe, 930 s^epe 
Keeper of the Palace of Wettmin* 

ster 44 
Keepen of the Privy Seal ll> 16, 18» 

41, 693 
Kellawe, Pattick de 53 
Kemp, Mr. 440 
Kenitey,W. 763 
Kendale, Edward Ao 144 
Kent, Countess of 6, 13t 
— -— Alice, Counteaa of 179 
■ Joan Conntessof 179 

Earl of 14 

— -— Edmond, Earl of 806 849pe 
— — Thomas, Earl of 14 


- — John de 57 
— — John 153 
Kentwood, Sir John 188 
Kenyngham, John, D. D. 144 
Keoyngton, John Grace Vicar of 891 
-— — John Lfane Vicar or 891 
Kepston, Sir John de li8^u 
Kerdeston, .... 1 1 5 

Dame Margaret 181 

Ketill, Thomas 784 

Keton, Dom. John, Precentor of the 
Ch. of Southampton 778 

- Robert 773 

Ketyng, WiUiam, Vioar of Hutchen- 

den 489 

Ketyrini:, WiUiam 143 

Keyte, William 787 


Elisabeth Countess of 638 

Kino, Thb 135 to, 141 <«pc, 143, 144, 
169, 186, \S7s4Bpe, 188, 194, 195, 
808, 809, 406, 437, 459, 584, 534 
to, 549, 598 to, 593 to, 658, 694, 
710,734. 767 

King, Oliver 30 

Oliver, Bishop of Bath 483 

Kingeston, Richard de 56 

Kingsmele, John 31 

Kingston, Mary Lady 674, 676 

Sir WiUiam 674, 676 

Kireby, Sir John de 56 

*-— Walter de 56 

Kirkby, Agnes 90 

«-— Etisabetb 135 

— »- Roger 90 

WiUiam 90 

Kirkham, ....688, 743 
Kirton, John 809 
Knaresborgh, John 4t 56 
Knatehbull, John 486 

Richard 485 

Knevet, Sir John 88 
Knevit, Sir John 100 
Knight, Joan 384 

John 747, 773, 774 

Peter 774 

.— - Richard 457 

- Thomas 384 

William, Clerk of Meone 776 

KntghUey, Richard 848 

Lady 754 

Kniveton, Richard 383 
Knivett, Sir Edmund 710 
KnoUere, Richard, Clerk of Wal- 

tham 775 
Knolls, Sir Thomu 636 
Knyvet, Antony 578 ««epe 
--— Christopher 571, 578 t^pe 

- Edmond 568, 571, 578 Mpe, 
586 to,587««pe>710 

Edward 357 

John 11, 88, 100 

Sir Thomas 516 

Sir WiUiam 571 to, 586 

Kydwell, Sir Morgan of 586 
Kymes, Henry de 83 

- Joan de 83 
Kyngeston, Richard de 69 
Eyrriel, John 401,408 
i— John, bastard 387 

Lacock, Abbot of 768 

Lacy, Walter de 5 

Ladoke,Wm.ReskyiDer,Pai«>n of 647 

Lamert, James 783 

Lamport, WiUiam, Clerk of Doun- 

ton 775 
Lamplew, John 518 
Lancaster, Duke of 13, 59, 135 
— -- Dukes of 859 to 

John Duke of 11, 849 

•— — Eleanor de 94 

Katharine Duchess of 849 

Thomas Earl of 68, 80 

Lane, Joan 489 

John, Rector of Estwell 349 

John, Vicar of Kenyngton 891 

— ^ Margaret 738 
— — Thomas 489 
Langele, John 774 
Langfrere, Simon 768 
Langley, Alice 396 
Langton, Edward 608 

Elisabeth 608 

John 88 

— — Thomas 608 
Lanyogton, Richard de 57 
Lardiner, John le 57 



Larke^ TImidm, Pknon of Wynwick 

Latham, William 6iS 
Latimer, Lord 309 
«— . Richard Lord 419 

William Lord 1 1 

Sir Nicholas 468 

Laton, James 553 
Lavender, Thomas 774 
Lavenham, Sir William 63 
Lavington, Thomas 773 bit 
Laudo, Eliiabeth 178 
Laufence, .... 189 
Laycruft, Elisabeth 4J8 

William 418 

Leak, Thoma? 414 
Lebaudia, Peter de 7 
Lecester, Henry 3S9 
Leche, Sir John 59 

Sir Roger 19, SO 

Ledbume, Thomas 248 
Lee, Anthony 633 

Edward^Archbishop of Vork665 

Floris 3S9 

Ri hard 750 

— - Robert 595 

Sir Robert k 633 

Legett, Jane 344 

Richard 344 

Le^^h'es, Robert de 68 
Leicester, Abbot of 364 

William Abbot of 66 

Cecill of 455 

Simon de Montfort, Earl of 49 - 

Leigh, John 460 
Leighe, John 760 
Leighton, Dr. Dean of York 692 • 
Leisone, Mr. 304 Hs 
Leland, Sir Richard 843 
Lemere, John 774 
Lemingion, Ralph 544 
Lenne, Sir John de 56, 59 

Lent hall 413 

Lenthorp, Eizabeth 433 
Lenton, William 712 
Leson, Ihomas, Clerk 594 
Leve, Robert, Chaplain 299 
Leventhorp, John 20 his 
Leversege, . . /, 490 
Lewes, Prior of 97, 407 

John Cbierlieu, PHor of 129 

— — Dame Margaret 361 
— — Dame Maud 361 
Lewknor, Lady 273 
— — Agnes 560 

John 136 

Kathcrine 136 

Lewyn, Thomas 210 
Lexeden, Ann de 56 
Leybuni, Sir John 144 
Leynham, Sir John 348 
Dame Margaret 343 bis 

Leynton, John 489 

Lichel, Philip 56 

Lieutenant of Dover Castle 742 

— ^ of Guisnes 782 

Lilforths, Thomas, Vicar of St. Mar-' 

garet, Kent 703 
Ltllinge, Sir Nicholas 155 
Limerick, Thomas 360 bis, 361 
Lincoln, Bishop of 80, 142, 144 

John Bishop of 1 1, 65 

William Bishop of 21, 35,238 

William Smith, Bishop of 447 

Lady 603 

Earl of 762 

Lisle, Lord 652 

— — Viscount 41, 48 
*^— Dame Jane 502 

Margaret Viscountess 437 

LitchAeldj Geoffrey Blyth^ Bishop of 

Littleton, Elizabeth 696 
— '- Gilbert 696 Ms 

John 696 ssFpe 

Litton, Dame Elizabeth 699 

Robert de 153 

Livesay, Ann 458 

Gi!es 458 

Lokington, Walter 329 
Lolls, John 455 
London, Bishop of 27 

■ ■ Richard Bishop of 35 

Robert Bishop of 14, 17, 21, 

768. 773 

Simon Bishop of 89 to 

- Stephen de Graveshend, Bishop 
of 68 

— ^' Thomas Bishop of 389 

— — William Courtenay, Bishop of 

«->^ Robert Brooke, Common Ser- 
jeant of 692 

Humphrey Starky, Recorder of 

— «> John Baker, Recorder of 669 
— ^ Thomas Fitzwilliam, Recorder 

of 376 
— — John, Mayor of Ferersham 290 
Long, Harry 31 1^,312 
Richard, Vicar of St. Dunstan'a 

Canterbury 386 

Sir William 618 

Longe, Henry 491 

Sir Thomas 491 bis 

Longfield, Ann 421 

Sir John 421 

Longford, Sir Ralph 710 

Longley, Thomas de, Clerk 144, 145 

Lottwik, Margaret 93 

Loveday, Ann 433 

— John 55 

Lovell, Agnes 446, 447 S4Bpe 

EUzabeth 233, 546 bU, 447sape 




Lovelly Henry 446 

— Mods. John l\S 

— — Dame Marfraret 433 

— Sir Robert 484»^ 5S9 

— Sir Thomas S8, 30» 35, 483, 
436, 497, 5S3, 537, 538, 529, 557 

Loudham, Dame Joan de 74 

William S89 

Loudon, John, a monk SOS • 

— John, Chaplain 189 
Lout, John Mff, 544 
Low, Dame 396 

Lowe, Sir Robert, Priett 839 
Lowthe, Marj^aret 715 
Lowther, Sir Hugh de 800 
Lucas, Bernard 180 

John 809, 810 

LucMon, Robert 57 
Lucy, Edward 768 

— Godfrey de 8 
~ Thomas 849 
Ludlow, Edith 699 

— George 699 
■ John 555 

— Philippe 555 

Sir Richard 180 

Lufwyk, John 16 
Luminour, John 67 
Lumley, Marmaduke 808 tis 
Lupeshed, Thomas 569 
Luscelon, John 57 
Luterel, Mary 739 
Lutterell, .... 676 

Udy 187 

Hugh ]<28 

Lychefeld, Master 569 
Lyilehampsted, John Briggo, Parson 

of 398 
Lymon, Margery 439 
L^rmpne, Tho.Gardiner Vicar of 678 
Lynch, William 66 1 
Lynche, Gervase, Priest 750 
Lyndewood, William 811 
Lynk, Thomas Chamber alias 8 10 
Lynton, Thomas de 57 
Lyster, Richard,AttorneyGeneral634 

Lyttelfortb, Thomas, Viear of St. 

Margaret's Cliff, Kent 738 
Lytton, John 774 
*— - Sir Robert 496 
'-— Robert 415 

Mackereith, Richard 718 
Madison, Ann Lady 7 18 
Maine, Bishop of 4 
Mainwaring, Ann 599 his 
Malafant, Edmund ^05 
Maldon, Richard 67 
Malmayns, Richard 891 

Maltravers, Sir 105 

~- Lord 603 

— *- Heorv Lord 706 

MaltraTers, Sir John IWhis 

Malo Leone, Savaricum de 5 

Man, Bishop of 459 

— -« Hugh Hesketh Bishop of 590 

Manam, Peter 189 

ManAester, Master Warden of 536 


Manners, Sir Oliver 641 bit 

Richard 641 

— — Thomas, Lord Roos 641 tape 

Mannoeke. Edward 689 

Mausell, John 48 

Mansfield, Thomas 783 

Mansle, John 768 

Manton, Sir William de 59 

Mantous, Sir William de 56 

March, Earl of 888 

Marchell, Sir Nicholas, Chaplain 866 

Mare, de la, Sir John 81, 88 

Mons. Robert la 66 

Mareschal, Robert 59 

Marescball, Robert 56 

Mareys, William 858 

Margaret, St. Kent, Thomas Lilforlh, 

Vicar of 703 
Margaret's, St. Cliff, Kent, Thomas 

Lyttelforth, Vk»r of 738 
Margeiy, Mrs. 37 
Marham, Abbot of 763 
Market, Richard 360 

MarmioD, 457 bit 

Marney, Lady 404 

Christian Lady 530 

**— Sir Heniy 583, 593, 594 

Sir John 530 

Marowe, WiUiam 899 bit 

Mars, Sir Peter de la 1 1 1, 1 18 2n« 
Marshal of England 883 
— -^ of Calais 659 

to the Testator 768 

Marshal, Earl 130 

John 118 

Margaret 109 

— — Countess 86 

Alice de Henalt Countess 86 

Lady 131 

Mr. John 878 

Margaret 85 

William 844 

— -« WiUiam Earl of Pembroke 5 
William Vicar of Wareham486 

William Vicar of Hemehill 687 

Martin's, St.Canterbory, .... Talbot, 

Parson of 469 

Giles Talbot, Parson of 615 

Martin, Benediota 338, 333 
— ^ John 890 tape, 774 
— — John, Justice 890 

Richard 890 tape, 338, 333 

Robert 843, 890 tape 

Martyn's, St. London, Richard Rede, 

Parson of 351 



Maiy, Mn. 37 

--**- Lady Bartolyti 560 

Mary Magdalen and St. Paul's Kent, 

Roger DoiriiTyUe» Vicar of 596 
Mafy, St. or Calais, Edward Breads- 

ly vlyn Priest of 659 
Mary, St of York, Robert Rox^Viear 

of 341 bis 
Mason, Thomas 639 
MMse ndeo, tettioe de 67 
Masseworth, Thomas and William 

Paulyvere Rectors of 449 
Massy, John 999 
Master of the Horse 41 , 733 
— — of the Hoosehold 41 
of the Deke of Bedford's 

Household 843 
Maudelyn, Richard 16 
Maundeville, John 67 
Maonseli, John 7 
Mayyel, WiUiam 775 
Mavyell, Johanna 771 


Mawan, Piers de 151 
Maxey, John S09 
Mazimiliam, Empeior 34 
Mayell, John 879 
Mayle, Cheyne 687 

Matter Thomas 687 

— — Master Walter 667 
Maynald, Reginald 899 
Meade, Philip 611 
MekylBeld, Dame Margery 489 

William 439 

Melbom, Fiers 143 
Melretb, Sir Pb. dd 89 bit 
Melton, Robert 480 

Sir William de 1 17 

Membury. Simeon 766, 775 
Meone,William Knight, Clerk of 775 
Mersedon, John, Clerk 179 
Mersham, Hertext, and Boastcde^ 

Richard Preston, Parson of 595 
Merston, Henry, Clerk 194 
Merryn, John 330 j<^ 
Meiysfelt, John 531 
Messag*, John de 56 
Michell, Christopher, Chaplain 450 
Mieklefield, Alice de 109 
Middleton, John 67> 888 

- Robert 575 
-i— William 488 
Mignell, Joan 885 
- — Joan Lady 884 

Sir Ralph 384 

Milan, Duke of 70 

Mildred, St. Canterbury, Humphrey 

Gartb, Parson of 688 
Milles, John 331 
Milton^ Geoffrey de ISO 

Milx, Sir NicoU^ Panon of Depdea 

Misbone, Sir WiUiam ^5 
Mistogge, Dame 403 
Moatney, Sir Theobald 63 
Mohun, Lady 98 

Guy de, St. David's 136 

«— - Payne 93 

Walter 748 

Molines, Sir Reginald de 98 

— Robert Hungerford, tord 358^ 

Molineux, Kdward, PaMon of Seph- 

ton 590 
Molyns. Adam 38 
Molynton, Elixabeth 180 
-I — Thomas 180 to 
Mompesson, John 31 1 to 330 saipe 
Monemut, John de 5 
Mongeham» Edmund Farlley, Rector 

of 737 
Monimi, •• ..736 
Monkland, Friar William de 66, 68 
Montagu, Edward 478 

— Henry Lord 633 
— — Isabel Marchioness of 588 
-^— Joan Marquess of 588 

Maud, Abbess of Barking 115 

— — Thomas 478 

Montague, Sir Edward 41, 43 

•— Sir Edward, Chief Justice 71^, 

— — Ellen Lady 718 
— - Edward, bastard of Lord 603 

Edward Stanley, Lord 589 

Mont fort, Margaret 78 

"^-^ Simon de. Earl of Leicester 49 

Sir William 340 

Montfranc, Sir Gerard 843 
Montgomery, Ann 388, 478, 483 

John 478 

Sir Thomas 30, 338 bis, 357, 

Mon^oy, Lady 357 bis 

Dorothy Lady 633 

— — John Lord 383 

William Blount Lord 396, 633 

to, 634 
Montjoye, Thomas 57 
Monux, George 561 
Monyijgs, Richard, bastard of John 

Monyngs, Gent. 743 ' 
Monyns, Edward 643 to 
Moore, John k 478 
Mordaunt, John 31 
More, Christian 467 

Edmund 7 1 

John 103 

— » Thomas 91 

Morewic, Hugh de 2 ^ 

Morgan, Doctor 569 

Philip, Bishop of Ely 310 

3 62 



Morlee, Isabel de S6 

- Calmet de 56 
Morley, Lord 613 
~ Lady 175 

■ Alice Lady 534 

WiUiam 810, «11, 760 

Montede, Mr. Thomas 810 
Mortimer, Hugh 19^ 30 

- Isabel de 51 

- John de 68 

Sir John de 843 , 

John, Bishop of Ely 357, 361 

Sir Ro{[^r de 51 W* 

Morton, John 467 

Sir William 80 

Motelot, Sir Henry 56, 59 

John 57, 59 

Mouin, Ellen 90 
—— Simon 90 

Moulton, Mom. John de 89 lii 
Mourton, Mr. John 346 
Mowbray, Blanch de 93 

Dn' Thomas 163 

Mullesworth, Thomas 571 
Mulso, 551 

Elizabeth 551 4 

Mundy, John 774 
Musard,Sir Richard 71 
Musgrave, Thomas, Chaplain 515 
Muston, Marcus, Parson of 384 
■ " ■ John, Vicar of Caresbrok 1 89 
Muton, Isabella 239 

Myilis, John 731 
Myst^ John 775 

Nainby, John 774 
Nanfan, John 840 
Nash, William 158 
Navarre, King of 104 
NawDton, Thomas 440 
— - William 440 
Naylor, Hugh 441 
John 441 his 

Richard 441 his 

Robert 441 Us 

Neale, Richard, Vicar of Westwell 485 
Neele, John 578 
Neketon, Susan de 56 
Nelson, Henry 677 
Neve, John 209, 810 

John \ 486 his 

NevtU, Lord 108 

- George, Lord Bergavenny 441 

- Henry 44 ABpe 

- Sir Henry 360 
•— • Jane 417 
Sir John 81 

Maud 84 

— — Thomas 360, 525 

Ssr William de 14, 109 

Lord 1 19 

— — Margaret de 119 

Neville, Mons. Robert 141 

Nevyle, Thomas, Prior of Winches- 
ter 776 

Newark, Henry de Spicery, alias 

Newbold, William 149, 578 

Newburgh, John 313 

- John, Prior of 7 
Sir Roger 687 

New Church, WilUam Water Vicar 

of 486 
Newenton and Raynham, William 

Andrews Vicar of 495 
Newland, John 614 
Newlof, Bartholomew de 46 
Newmarcbe, John 93 

John de ^^ 

Thomas 883 

Newman, Thomas 571 
Newport, ....413 

Margaret ^^^ 

— - Robert 696 

William 158 

Newton, Sir Peter 43 

Sir John, Parson of Burbacb 


Sir John 679 

Sir Nichol de 67, 68 

Newyngton, John 608 
Neyremoil, John 595 
NicboUs, Walter de 46 
Nicholson, William, President of St. 

Michael's College, Cambridge 684, 

Nicols, Master 619 
Nobet, Katherine 67 
Robert 67 

William 67 

Nobis, Peter, D. D. 584 his 
Noffingham, Henry 804 
Norbery, John 18 
Norbury, Ann 396 

Ralph 396 

Norfolk, Countess of 78 

Duchess of 130, 138, 141,418, 

639 ■ 
Elisabeth Duchess of 409, 478 

Duke of 715 

Thomas Duke of 557, 700 his 

Norman, Robert 809 
Norres, John 23 
Norreys, John 404 
Norris, John 240 
North, Sir Edward 41, 43 

Edward 698 

Northampton, Earl of 68 

Elizabeth ef 67 

Sir Richard Periton, Governor 

of 80 
Northflete, Peter de Lacy Parson of 97 
Nortbgate, Kent, William Page Vi- 
car of 596 



Nofrtbineton Rector of High 

Holborn 449 
Northumberland, CounteM of 680 

Earl of 163 Iris 

Heniy Earl of 17,88,S3^ 118 

Northwode, John 809 
Norton, Henry 189 

Sir John 746 

Richard 467» 706 «# 

William 15 

Dr. William 773 U« 

Norwich, Blibop of 558 

John Bishop of SI bis, 8, 768 

— John Goldwell, Bishop of 403 

— Richard Bishop of 19» 80, 715 

Walter Bishop of 344 

Walter Lyert, Bishop of 88 

William Alnewyck, Bp. of 810 

— ~ Friar Ralph de 1 14 

Robert 701 

Sir Walter de 115 

Norw ode, John 890 
Norwood, Roger 93 
Noiys, Alianore 889 

" John 889 Ms 

Nowers, John 848 

Nicholas 56 

*— Richard 848 
Nolles, Hans85l hit 
Nyander» •...819 

Nyni^, Edmund, Clerk of Twyford 
f 775 
Nyott, Dom' Heniy 59i3 

Odingsells, Sir John d* 100 

Thomas d' 183 

Ogard, Sir Andrew 848 

Ogle, Richard 669 

Oldham, Hugh, Bishop of Exeter 590 

Ooley, Eleanor de 61 

— ~ Roger de 61 

Orgraver, John, Vicar of Eastry 737 

Oriell, James 648 

Sir Lewis 648 

Orleans, Duke of 194, 195 

Ormesheved, John 13 

Ormond, Countess of 67 

Elisabeth, daughter of the Earl 

of 888, 889 
— — John, son of the Earl of 887, 

888 Mpe 
— — James, son and heir of the Earl 

of 886, 887 Mpe, 888, 839 
Thomas, sod of the Earl of 837 

Mrpe, 888 Mpe 
Ortes, Nicholas d* 834 
Orwell, Jane 783 ««pe, 784 

Sir Lewis 783 

Osborne, John 44 

Richard 410 to 

Ospleth, John 445 

Otteley, Katberlne Lady 449 hit 

Ottom, John 447 . 

Overton, William Savage, Rector of 

Owen, Doctor 44 
Barbara, bastard of Sir David 

Owen 70 1 
— — Dorothy 606 
— — George 44 
Oaely ve, Robert 366 
Oxenbridge, Goddard 457 
-— ^ Martin 457 

Robert 457 his 

Thomas 390, 457 

Oxenden, Henry 749 

Oxendon, Henry 746 

Oxford, Countess of 61, 471, 530 

Earl of 1 1, 396, 471, 484, 754 

— — John Earl of 30, 445, 489- 

— — - John de Vere Earl ojf 810 
Oxkely, WiUiam 445 

Packington, John 634 

Robert 634 

Thomas 634 

Page,William,Vicar of Northgate 596 
Pageham, Lawrence de 94 
Paget, Sir William 48, 43 
Pake, John 501 
— — « Johanna 501 
Pakenham, John 181 
Palmer, •...489 
Grace 697 

- Sir Henry 56, 59 

Isabel 417 

Janet 361 

— -— Thomas 57 

William 838, 697 

Palriok, .... 44 

Par, Mons. William 143 bis 
Pargate, Edward 383 
Parii, Philip 674, 676 
Parker, Gilbert 68 

Henry 534, 576 

Ide 46 

- John 576 

-»— John, Bailiflf of Esbuiy 57 
— ^ John, of Southfrith 57 

Simon, of Trillek 57 

Thomas 64 , 

Parkers, Thomas 368 
Parrage, William 783 
Parsons, Robert 884 
Parys, Bridget 655 

Thomas 809 

Pasteler, Richard le 57 
Paston, Erasmus 585 

William 845 

Sir WiUiam 586, 686 

Patrick, ....44 

Patynden 614 

Paveley, Sir Walter 77 hit 



Paulety Lord Chidioke 755 
— — Sir Amyaa 633 
— - Elizabeth 533, 595 

— Sir George 755 
—— . Hugh 633 
William 533 

Paul's, St. Kent^ John Clerk. Vicar 

— ^ Robert Assheleyn^ Sobdean of 


— — Thomas Wyilterboume, Dean 

of 344 
and Mary Magdalen, Kent, 

Roger DowDTylle, Vi4!ar of 696 
Paulyn, John 101 
Paulyvere, Tbomas,Renor of Masse- 

wortb 449 

William, Rector of Maiseworih 

Payf reman, William le 55 
Payn, John SIO 

— Thomas 774 
Paynton, Sir Robert 576 bv 
Peche, Sir John 535 
Pecke, John 833 

Peckbam, Sir Edmond 42, 43, 44 

— James de 90 
Peiche, Simon 67 
Peintour, Sir Hugh, Clerk 149 
Pekbrugge, SirJohn98 

— John 99 

Peke, Sir William 158 
Pelham, John 63 

— Sir John 87 

— John, Sacrist of Upminster 153 

D*na Johan 194 

Pelleter, Stephen de 57 
Pembroke, Countess of 86 bis 

— ~ Mary de St. Paul, Countess of 59 

John Hastings, Earl of 171.178 

William MarshaU, Earl of 5 

Peiine, John 44 

Thomas 774 

Penycock, Mary 465,685 

Penynton, Thomas Joye, Reel* of 800 

Perche, John ^703 

Percy, Henry Lord 88 

— »- Lady Eleanor 877 

— ^- Mons. Henry 1 18 M» 

— — Sir William 133 

Mons. William 133 

Perimant, .... 68 
Perot, Alice 771 
— - Mary 656 
Pen, Sir John 118 
Persey, John 879 
Persiales, Sir Adam 889 
Pesebal, Sir John 
Pesemershe, Dame Jane 483 
Pestriue, Adam de la 57 • 
Peter, Sir William 48 
Peti, John William 774 

PeCon8« Sir WUliam, Chaplain 659 
Petle, Sir Dunstan, Vietr of West- 
gate, Canterbury 630 
Petteworth, Richard 853 
Pettyt, jAfan 88e • • 

—— Syreak 737 
Peyn, Piers 67 
Peyton, Edward 703 
Phelpe, Robert 409 
Philip, King, (qu. of France?) 754 
— ^ Anthony 37 

Sir John 19, SO, 1^ 

Sir WiUiam 810, 811 

Pbilippa, Queea 104 
Philippe, F^ncisoo 37 
Philpot, John 104 Mr 

Sir John 78 

Physictan to the Duke of Bedford 843 
Pickeringe, Thomas 651 
Piers, Alice 1 13 

— «» John,ParsonofWymoDdhaml44 
Pigott, Richard 574 ter 
Pinkney, Sir Arnold 100 
Piriton, Sir Richard 80 
Pistori, William 46 
Pillaborow, Elisabeth 713 
Plantagenet, GeoArey 8 
Pleistede, Thomas 188 
Plessington, John, bastard 876 
Plumber, John, Chaplain 341 
Plumpton, Richard 835 
Plonket, Edward 138 
Pobelow, Robert, Clerk 138 ^, 134 

— Sir Robert, Parson of West- 
bume 163 

Thomas, Priest 186 

Poland, Kino of 733 
Pole, Cardinal 758 
— — John de 70 
-— ^ Katberine da la II 9 
— ^ Leonard 498 

Sir Ranulph 536 

^— Richard atte 57 

— Richard 498 

Sir Walter de la 804 

Polesworth, Maud Abbess of 1 16 
Polsbo, Prioress of 188 
Pomfret, Rose 78 
Pondeman, Richard 809 
Pope, John 774 

— William, Clerk of Clere 775 
Popham, Henry 778 
Porchalion, Thomas 839 
Porpoiflt, Nicholas 809 

Port, William 858 
Porte, John 544 
Porter, ••..457 
-^ Augustine 781 

— Heniy 809 

Portington, John, Jostiee of Com- 
mon Pleas 876 
Portman, Wm. Clerk of Taunton 775 



PoRTUQAt, Philippa Qaeen of 149 
Popham, John de lia 
— ^ John 189 
Potac^er, Joha rouge 67 
PotiDao> Richard 639 
Potttr, Watkin 67 
Povy, Edward 844 
Poultney, heirt of 99 

Sir William 99 

Power> Sir Walter 66 

Powlety Mary 754 

Powysy Lord 305 

Poynet, Robert 381 

Poynings, Lord 877 

.— « Adrian! baitard of Sir Edward 


Sir Edward 31,489/585 

Edward, baitard of Sir Edward 

«— *- Thomas, bastard of Sir £d« 
ward 579 

Poyntz, Johan 656 

Prays, William 784 

Prestmere, John 881 

Preston, John 718 for 

Prewes, Richard, Clerk to Bishop 
Wykeham 775 

Prideaux, Fulke 394 

Prior, Master 618 

Pritkc, Roger, Vicar of Gravene 890 

Prophete, John 18 

Prothonotaiy of the King's Bench 

Provosts 57 

of Heniy VPi Colleges of Cam- 
bridge and Eton 83 


Pryce, Dom' Esq. 780 

Pulford, Christopher 809> 810 

PuUetier, Henry le 57 

Hugh Ic 57 

Pulteney, Ann 541 Wt 

Pulter, Thomas, Rector of Wyke- 
ham 180 

Purbyck, Sslole 778 

Purefoy, Philip 415 

Purtreour, Thomas le 57 

Putnam, Mr. William 398 

Puttenham, William 355 

Pye, Thomas 360 

Pygot, Bartholomew 71 ^ 

Richard 464 

Pygott, John 398 

I^ke, John 809 

Pykeringe, Sir James de 117 

Pyking,John 851 

Pylboroogh, Elisabeth 686 

Pynchebeke, Gilbert 483 


...» John 695 

Thomas 483 

Pytty John 688 

QuateYmains, Sybil 34S 

Queen, The 65, 80, 854, 437, 534, 

598 6» 
— Katharine Howard 734 
fiwytby. Sir Robert 143 

Raddiff, Jeffery 743 

^ Roger 743 

Radclyf, Thomas de 145 

Raddyff, Sir Alexander 608 

Raddyffe, •...435 

Radegond*s, St. Abbot of 647 

Radington, JohnJPriorof Englandl80 

Radley, John 768 

Rak, John 161 

Ralegh, Sir Edward 351 

.— — Joan 351 

.-.— Margaret 350 

Ralph, John 67 

Ramsey, Benet 630 

_-. Richard 630 

Randolph, John 389 

Ratdyflfe, Edmond 578 

Ravenestone, John 6d 

Rawmeris, Mr. John de 843 

Raynes, Thomas, Parson 443- 

Raynham and Newenton, William 
Andrews, Vicar of 495 

Raysh, Jacob 18 

Recorder of Calais 659 

of London 667 

Receiver and Attorney of th^ Dochy 
of Lancaster 83 

Receiver General of Sir Harry Staf- 
ford 384 

•»— of the Duke of Lancaster 144 

— of the Duke of Bedford 848 
Rede, Leonard 694 

Richard, Psrson of St. Martyn's 


Sir Robert 35 

-—^ Thomss 774 

William 576 

Redeney, Isabel Lady 138 

Sir Walter 138 

Redinge, •• ..497 

Mary 433 

Redmayne, Geoffrey 608 
RedmyU, Sir William 447 
Redsparre, Lucy Prioress of 183 

Redyngs, John de 57 
Redyns, Thomas de 57 
Reede, William 655 
Repyndon, Abbot of 660 
Reskymer, William, Parson of La* 

doke 647 
Retinue, Esquires of Lady Say's 83 
Reve, John 480 
Revel, Hugh 10 
Revett, John 480 
Rewes, John 774 
RhesOySir Griffith 739 Ms 



Rice, Sir Griffith 739 bis 
Sir; Griffin 649 

— Simon 484 
Rich, Sir Richard 44 
Richard, Kino 150, IGShU 

II. King 135, 187 

— — AndreirSS 

Richmond, Countess, of 35, 324, 357, 

— Margaret Countess of 35, 297, 

Earl of 324 

.^— Edmund Earl of 431, 701 
— ^ Henry Lord of 305 

— John Bacon, Archdeacon of 117 

Ridley, Dr. 709'lris 

— Dr. Lancelot 709 

— — Dr. Nicholas 686, 709 

Rineshale, John de 57 

Rinf^esley, Sir Edward, High Marshal 

of Calais 659 
Ringley, Sir Edward 726 bis 
Risley, Sir John 30 
Rivers, Richard Earl 334 
Robinson, John 425 
——Sir John, Parson of Fawkham 

Robsert, Sir Lewis 210 
Ruche, John atte 67 

John 218 

— — Sir Stephen atte 67, 68 

Rochester, Bishop of 27 

^— Edmund Bishop of'407 

— — - Edmund Bishop of, now Bishop 

of Salisbury 30 

— John Bishop of 35, 523 

Thomas Triller, Bishop of 90 

Rochford, Ralph 406 bis 
Rockley, Sir Thomas 547 
Rocliffe, Sir Guy 123 
Rodenhall, Sir John 21 
Rodney, Margaret Lady 258 

Sir Walter 2^8 

Lady Margaret 295 

Rody, Nicholas 233 
Roger, John 336 

Richard 564 

Rogers, Henry 436 

i— John 436, 447 

^— « John, Almoner of St. Paul's 570 

Rokeby, Thomas 723 

Rukewood, .... 746 

Rokselme, Alice 345 

Rolf, John 67 

-«— Robert, Recorder of Calais 659 

Rolls, Master of the 28, 35 

— - Clerk of the 149 

Rolvy nden , Robert Wyse, Vicar of 6 1 4 

Romans, Ferdinand Kino of the.733 

Ruroney, John Grafton, Vicar of 292 

Romsey, Master Thomas 769 

Rookswood, John 1 10 

Roos, Dame 118, II9 

Lady 61, 156 

Henry Lord 720 

- Margaret Lady 720 

Sir Robert 23 

- Thomas Manners, Lord 641 
Root, John 448 

Ruper, Mr. 440 

MrH. Jane 686 

William 681, 686, 755 

Rose, Robert 786 
Rospwyan, John 646 
Rote, William 482 
Rothall, Thomas 28 

Rotley, John, Vicar of Westgatc, 

Canterbury S92 
Rouen. Archbishop of 4 
Rous, John 80,248 
Rouse, Sir Robert 105 
Itowdon, Katlierine 655 
- — Richard 655 

Walter 655 6w 

Rowe, John 563 
Rowland, John 44 
Rowthale, Thomas 31 
Rowthall, I'homas 85 
Roy don. John 497 
Rufforth, James 44 
Rufo, William 2 
R«J?fre> William 782 
Russell, Lord 41,43 
Agnes 526 

John 189, 221,248 

Sir John, alias GamuL Clerk, 


- Sir Murice 195 
Thomas 195 to 

William 526,774 

Ruston, John d« 57 
Rutland, Earl of 151, 710 
Edward Earl of 135 

Rux, Robert, Vicar of St. Mary, York 

341 bis 
Rydley, Nicholas, Vicar of Heme 686 
Ryngebourne, Editha 771 

William 772 

Ryse, Mrs. Anu 730 bis 
Rvsley, Henry 459 

-^ — William 398 
Ryxton, Richard 209 

Sacheverel, Sir Richard 545 bis 
Sadler. Sir Ralph 43 bis 
Sagiensis, Bishop of 4 
Sainhoe, John 22 
St.Amand, Ann 606 
St. Asaph, Reginald Bishop of 23 

William BUbopof 13 

St. Barbe, William 44 bis 
St. Clere, Elisabeth 676 

Frances Lady 674 

Giles 676 



St. Clere, Sir Gay 54 

John 676 

Sir John 674, 676 

St. David'8> Guy Bishop of 16 
-^^ Guy de Mohun, Bishop of 136 
— John DuUbar, Bishop of S3 
— — John Lanf^ton, Bishop of SS 
St. George, Sir Baldwin 99 

Dame Elizabeth 98 

St. John, Sir Edward 84, 96»98 

Sir John 739, 5S4 

— — • Dame Katherine 98 

Lord 41,43 

— Roger 98 

St. Katherine'8, Master of 288 

St. Laudo, John 176, 177 

St. Leger, John 419 ter 

Thomas 115 

St. LisyDame Katherine 55, 156 

St. Martin, G. Cardinal of 5 

St. Maura, Aymer de 

Saint Paol, Alison S48 

Si. Paul, Mary de, qa. of Pembroke ? 

St. Peter, Westminster, Abbot of 

Saints, All, Kent, Rector of 596 
Salenan, William 774 
Salesbory^ John de 18 

Walter de 18 

Salisbury, Bishop of 381, 388, 430 
-*— . Edmond Binhop of 30, 35 
*-~ Richard Bishop of 16, 143 
— - Robert Bishop of 81 
^^ Thomas Bishop of 666 

William Bishop of SI 

— Countess of 185 

*^— Maud LoDgespee, Countess of 

Richard Earl of 83 

— Earl of 184, 838 
Salmon, Thomas 358 
Sampson, Stephen 785 

Sanders, Sir Edward, Justice of the 

Common Pleas 744 
Sandes, D'na Agnes 771 
— — Jane 718 
. Sandford, Idonea 800 

Robert 800 

Sandhurst, J'ne de 67 
Sandon, Thomas 809 
Sandys, Margery Lady 447 

Sir William 547 

Sapcote, John 360, 379 

Sir Richard 417 

•Sarkfield, John 631 
Savage, Dom^ Arnold 780 

Sir Arnold 64, 93 

Elisabeth 377 

Sir John 30 

John 377 

-'— Lady Katherine 185 hit 

SaTage, Dom' William, Rector of 

Overton 778 
Savoy, Margaret Duchess of 34 
Saunders, Mr. Hugh 598 
Sawrey, Miles 718 

William 718 

Saxton, Roger de 53 
Say, Lord 497 bi* 

> ■ James Fienes,-Lord 29 

Sir John 348, 488, 483 

»— William 83 

Sir William 67 1 

Scales, ..••115 

Lady 380 bis 

— — Thomas Lord 845 
Scarlet, Thomas 745 
Scharnesford, Sir Nicholas 13 
Scot, Thomas 57 
Scotland, James Kino op 748 
Scott, Sir John 387, 578 "^ 

William 579 

Mr. William 678 

Scrop, Mons. Richard le 118, 1 13 
Scrope, Dame Ann 471 

Eliaabeth Lady 439 

Jane 471, 587 

Katherine 587 

- Mary 471, 587 

Richard le 115 6m 

— — Richard, Bishop of Chester 186 

Sir Richard 186,471 

^— « Mons. Richard le 133 6tf 

William, Earl of Wilts 16 Ins 

-~ of Bolton, John Lord 783 ^ ^ 
Scruby, John 843 

Sebrook, Lawrence 116 

Secretary, ihe King's 88, 35, 48 bis 

Sedley, William 7t}3 

See, William 687 

Segor, Richard 57 ' 

Segrave, Lady 80, 109 

— ^ Lord 86 

i— Hugh de 13 

—— Sir Hugh de 96 

Sekden, Master John 311 to, 318 

Seller, John le 57 

Sellinge, Dr. Prior of Christ's Church 

Canterbury 384 
Selsey, William de 768 
Sely, Walter 188 
Seman, Bartholomew 449 
—— Robert, Rector of Dodyngton 

Sembram, Vicar of 775 
Sephton, Edward Molineux, Parson 

of 590 
Septuans, Lady Alice 889 

John 484 

Sepulchre's, St. London,.. ..Browne, 

Rector of 449 
I ■ ■ .... Dalton, Rector of 449 
— — .... Welles, Rector of 449 



Seijeant of the Kind's HtK HouiMlt 

Porter to the Kin^ 568 


SerlOy Robert 450 

William 16 

Setfae> JobD 784 

Sever^ Henry 99 

Seymour^ Mr. 430 

Sir Thomas 43^ 

SeyYill, John, of Copley 979, 980 

Sbaa, Sir Jobn 447 

Sbaftesbary, Lucy Fitz-Herbert, Pri- 
oress of 137 

— — Sir John 100 

Sbager, Mr. William 537 

Sbaresholl, Sir William 55 bis 

Sharpf Amy 501 

Christopher 501 hit 

■ Edmond 501 

Mary 501 

Nicholas 501 

Robert 501 

WUliam 687 

Shatford» Little, Thomas Wardall. 
Parson of 577 

Sheffield, Jane 589 

Robert 589 

Sheldon, Ann 361 

-— — Joiee 361 

Shene, William Ingelby, Prior of 25 

Shepey, Prioress of 384 

Sbeppertb, John 677 

Sherinfcton, Walter S2 

Ursula 658 

William 658 

Sherman, Sir Heniy, Clerk 590 
Shire, John 774 

— John, Clerk of Famham 775 
Shirley, .... 561' 

— — Mons. Hugh 143 

John 886 Ins 

— — Margaret 885, 336 

— r Robert 568 

Shotesbrok, Dame Isabel 344, 345 

Shrewsbury, Countess of 885, 344 Mt 

— — Ann Countess of 458, 456 

Margaret Countess of 885, 478 

— - Eari of 344, 437, 478, 476, 598 

— George Earl of 87, 378 jopf, 
458, 456 

— — John Earl of 83 

Sbropham.Ferman de 57 

Shuldon, Sir William, Canon of Lan- 

thony 147 
Sidney, Ann 433 
— -^ Eleanor 433 

William 497 

Silles, Sir Thomas, Priest 547 
Simeon, Geoffk«y 30 
— - Sinkyn66 
SinguUon, William 480 

Sion, Margaret WndsOr, Prioreift of 
699 , , 

Skarburght, John 879 
—•*- Robert 466 kit 

— Mons. Thomas 143 
Skewys , John 495 
Skipwitb, John de 168 

— Thomas 180, 745 
Skiriave, Walter de If 
Skinner, Wilfiam 96 
Skudder, John 783 
Skynner, Mr. WilUara 537 
~ Henry 67 
Skyrewhich, John 774 

Skyriaw, Walter, Bp. of Dniium' 186 
Slade, John 786 
Smale, John 733 
Smith, ....688 

John 468, 559, 775 

John, M. D. 495 

Richard 774 

William, Bishop of Lincoln 447 

Smyth, Helen 67 

—«— John 809, 810 
Smythe, Sir James, Clerk, 543 Mr, 
544, 545 

Poter 786 

Solicitor to the Queen 744 
Solis, Acnes 90 
— - John 90 
Somer, Charles 775 

— Thomas 774 
Somerset, Duchess of 405 
Duke of 783 

Henry Eari of 195 ter 

John Earl of 849 

— SirCharict87 
— — Jobn 99 

John, bastard of 854 

Somersette, Mr. John 810 
Sonds, Eliaabetb 686 

— Margery 686 
Sorel, Thomas 804 
Sourland, Roger 775 
South, Robard 31 1 bit, 318 
Thomas 318 

South Mailing, Robert Brent, Dean 

of 448 
Southam, Agnes de 56 
— — John de 56 
Southcot, John 78 
Southward, Sir Edward 56 
Southwell, Sir Richard 43, 44 
South wood, John 458 
Southwyke, Prior of 180 
Spain, Charles Prince of 34 
Spalding, Henry 489 
Spayne, Robert 889 
Specke, Sir Thomas 43 
Spelman, Henry 434 4 
Sperman, Rich. Parson o(Hiichaii491 



Spice, ^ee S9S 

Sprotboroagb, John ETeringfauB, 

Parson of 547 
Spylman, Henry 745 
Squiler, ••••77& 
SquiUer, Thomas 774 
Stacy, John 6J9 
Stafford, Earl of 80, I90 
Humphrey Earl of S39 

— Dame Elisabeth 118 

— George 683, 634 

— Henry Lord 633 
»— Sir Hamphrey 173, 749 

— Hamphrey 333 

John 634 bU 

'— Katheriae 348 
Philippa de 78, 79 

— Richard 634 

Thomai 360 5w, 515, 633, 634 

William S54 dtr, 634 Mf 

Stamp, Robert 736 ^ 

Standithe, Dr.536 

Stanet, John 774 

Stanley, Sir Thomas 93, 149 

Stanweil, Vicar of 698 

Stapilton, Sir Bryan S43 

SUple, Dane Katharine del 140, 145 

Supylton, Anthony 716 

Jane 716 

Starky, Hamphrey, Recorder of Lon- 
don 337 bis, 339 
— - Lawrence 603 
Starlyng, John, Rector of Uanpden 

Stasey, William 78e 
Staunton, John S84y S85 
Sten, Henry 786 
Stemhold, Thomas 144 
Steward of the Docbest of York's 
Household 4S3 

of England 64 

— — to the Black Prince 13 

of the Household 143 

to the Princessof Wales's Lands 


of the King's Hoosehold 476 

of Lady Paris' house 65 1 

Stirington, Friar David de 60 
Stobs, John, Prior of the Austin Fri* 

ars, Cambridge 578 
Stock, Thomas 397 
Stockwith, Edmund 743 

ParueU 743 

Stok, Thomas 571 

Stoke Neyland, Thooias Swayne, 

Vicar of 404 
Stokes Alayne 13 
StoketoD, Andrew 564 
Stokker, John 441 
Stone, John 555 

WiUiam de 57 

StonghtoD, Gilbert 539 

Stradling, Sir Edward 851, 855 

.— . Sir Thomas 739 
Stradlinge, Edward 345 
Stradlyng, Johanna Lady 351 
Strange, Lord 460 
— — Dame Alaine le 96 

George Stanley, Lord 589, 590 

— — Dame Jane, Lady 589, 590 

John le 434 

-~- Robert le 434 
— — Sir Roger le 95 

Thomas le 637, 639 bis 

Strangeways, Sir James 388 
Stratford, Robert 199 
Strede, Richard 590 
Street, Edward, Chaplain 654 
Strete, WUliam 13 
Strikland, Sir Walter de II7 
Strote, WilUas 453 
Stttkeley, Hugh 633 

Jane 465 

Sir William 633 

Sturgeon, Nicholas 774 
Siurminster, John 774 , 
Sturreie, Sir Richard 13 
Stury, Sir Richard 14 
— ■- Mons. Richard 135 
Stutevyle, WUliam de. Clerk 1 13 
Sudbury, Simon, Archbishop of- Can- 
terbury 111,113 
Sudley, Lord 396 

Ralph Lord 33 

uffolk. Countess of 155, 338 
Duchess of 483 

Duke of 433 

Earl of 110, 136 

WilUam, Earl and Marquess 

of 33 
— — • Hugh Dowan, Archdeacon of 

Sulby, Abbot of 370 smp9 
-— ~ Sir Bartholomew de 51 iit 
Suliard, Andrew 330 

Ann 330, 331 bii 

i— - John 331 
Sumpterman, John 809 
Sunning, J. 763 
Suoring, Elisabeth 304 
Sur, John Archbishop of 10 
Surrey, Countess of 674 

Elisabeth Countess of 449 

Earl of 404, 449 

— — Thomas Earl of 87, 30, 35^583 

Thomas Duke of 15, 16 

Suthill, Elisabeth 546 bii 

Margery 546 bU 

Thomas 546 bii 

Sutton, Edward 633 

— — Henry 633 

—— Henry Uabraham, Clerk of 775 

— — Sir John 63, 633 ter 

— Thomas 633 



Sutton, William 85, 102 

Sir William de 77 - 

Swanton, Thomas SO9, 210 
Svrayne, Thomas, Vicar of Stoke Ney- 
land 4o4 

Swillington, Sir Robert de 
Swynbourne, Robert de 140 
Swynford Mont. Thomas 142 

Thomas 209 bis 

William 254 

Sydel, Richard, Clerk of Wytteneye 

Sylvaine, Sir John 457 ' 

Symeon, Robert 144 
Symon, Henry, Parson of Hawkherst 

Symonds, John, Priest 640 
Synke, Joan 7B6 
S|yon, Ann, Prioress of 423 

Tailard, Ann 343 ter 
— • John 343 tape 
Tallboys, Sir Walter 137 
Talbot 567 

— Lord 235 

-— — Francis Lord 633 

Sir Gilbert 21, 30, 410, 530 

Sir Humphrey 343, 344, 410 

i— - John 169, 530 

— John, M. D. 484 

Sir John 76 

Maud 169 

Thomas 372 

Talhoys, John 276 
Tame, Edmund 498 
Tangeley, Rralph 78 
Tanner, George 649 
Tate, Robert 502 

— Mr. Thomas 398 

Taunton, Wm. Portman, Clerk of 775 
Taylboys, Robert 492 
Taylor, Doctor John 537 
»~ John 618 

Sir William, Priest 570, 573 

Tempest, .. ..488 

Tenyngton, Stephen Charles, Vicar 

of 291 
Terouenne, Louis Bishop of 242 
Testepyn, John 57 
Tey, Sir Henry 440 
— — Sir John 471 
Teye, Friar John de 66 
Thackxsted, Thomas Monk 636, 639 
Thatcher, Ann 760 
^— Margery 760 
Thawer, Edmund 209 
They don Garnon, Parson of 501 
Thixtill, Master John 619 
Thomaline, John IO9 
Thomson, William 438 
Thornbury, Si^r John 104 
T&ome, John 410 

Thome, Thomas 410 

Tbornliill, Margaret 749 

— - Richard 749 

Thorp, Sir Edmond le 184, 185 sape 

Thorpe, William 18 

Throckmorton, Dr. William 537 
Throgmorton, Meryall 656 
Throkmorton, John 233 
Thurston, Robert 721 
Tbwaits, Edward 579 
Tibetot, Sir Robert de 8 note 
Tigleston, John 341 • 
Tiletot, Sir Robert de 8 
Tiptoft, Lady Joyce 235 

Lord 233, 254 

Robert Lord 220 

— — John 18 

Mons. Payne 133 bit 


Tirell,Sir Thomas 11,276 
Tirrell, .... 622 

Sir James 389 

Sir Tbomas 293, 396, 563 

Tirwhit, Maud 492 
Tirwhitte, WilUam 70 
Tistot, qu Tiptoft ? le Sieur 218 
Tocotes, Sir Roger 31 1 to 320 tafpe 
Todenham, Sir John 120 
Toftes, George 731 
Togood, Richard 209 
Toke, Nicholas 687 

Mr. John 672 

Tokett, Sir John, Priest 355 
Toly, William 252 
Tooke, Anne 661 
Topdive, William 102 
Torald, Thomas 343 
Torel, Elizabeth 56 
Tortyngton, Prior of 603 
Touke, John 31 1 to 320 tape 
Towley, Elizabeth 716 
Townsend, .... 622 

Sir Roger 637, 716 

Townshend, • • • • 468 

Toy ere, Rxhard 57 

Tracy, Alice 348 

Trafford, Sir Geoffrey 459, 460 

Trapnal, Hugh 438 

Treasurer of England, Lord 136, 242, 


— Under, of England 415 
Under General 35 

Lord 516 

--*- of the Augmentation 693 

of Calais 242 

of the King's Household 701 

of the Household 28, 42 bis 

— oftheDuke of Bedford's House- 
hold 243 

of Thomas Duke of Exeter 21 1 

of the King's Chamber 33 

Treasurers 11, 16, 18, 27, 30, 35, 143 



Tregos, John 131 
Treguran, John 467 
Tremayne, Elizabeth 393 

Thomas 649 bis 

Tresham, William 99, 23 
Trevyllian, Stephen 649 Ht 
Tropenell, Thomas 3 IJ to 330 utpe 
Trowik, Sir Thomas 30 
Trassel, Maud 198 
Trussell, Edward 373 

William 360 

Tryndill, Edmund 511 
Tucke» William 639 
Tudenham, Margery 435 

Sir Thomas 439 

Tudbam, Hugh de 49 
Tudor, John 439 bit 

Ursula 439 

Tunbridge, Prior of 393 
Tunstal, William 381 
Tunsull, Cuthbert 567 

Dr. 649 

William Honker, Parson of 686 

Turberville, Dame Margaret 133 

John 377 

Turbevyll, Sir Robert 361 Hi, 363 

Thomas 361, 363 

William 361, 863 

Tulbury, Prior of 539 
Twesynden, Jane 613 

Roger 613 

TwbytuU, Richard 455 

Twyford, Edmund Nyng, Clerk of 775 

Tye, Mons. Robert de 89 bit 

Tyes, John de 133 

Tyldersley, Alexander 536 

Tyler, Edmund 810 

Tylney, Frederick 488, 483 

Philip 488, 483 

Tyrell, Richard 810 
Tyrrell, Sir Thomas 471 

Ulfe, Richard 334 
Ulster, Lady of 74 

Elisabeth Countess of 58 

Umfraville, Sir Gilbert 30 
— — — Sir Ingram de 90 bis 
Uiiderwode, Sir William, Parson of 

Dedishsm 149 
Unton, Thomas 594 
Upminster, John Pelham, Sacrist of 

Upton, Felue 703 
Urswicke, Thomas 899 ter 
Ussher, John 67 
Uvedale, John 180, 603, 773 

Vache,Dame Isabel 156 
— — Sir John le 15 

Sir Philip de 18 

Sir Philip la 165 Uf 

Valence, Sir Aymer de 100 
Sir Stephen 100, 106 

SirWilliamde?, 100 

Vampage, John 33 

Vavasour, Dame Eliaabeth^699 

Sir John 493 

' Sir Peter 699 

Vauz, Sir Nicholas 561 
Venour, John le 57 ' 
Verdon, Mons. Theobald de 57 bit 
Vere, Ann 334, 335 

- Sir Aubrey de $8, 99 
Vernon, Sir Henry 31 
Veiya8,Sabellof 37 
Vesey, John, Clerk 590 
Villiers, Anthony 691, 788 

Clement 463, 478 

Edward 463, 478 

Eliaabetb 463 bit 

George 440 ' 

- Mary 440 
Vincent, David 44 

Voysy, Master John, Dean of Exeter 

Vyall, Richard, Prior of Witham 358 
Vyvyan, John 646 tigpCy 647 
Videy, John 783 

Waddington, Richard 669 
Wade, Stephen 391 
Wades wyk, Ralph 309 
Wadham, Sir Nicholas 530 
Wake, Lady 66, 136 

Agnes 360 

John 360 ter, 361 

John, of Stowton 361 

— — Richard 361 

Thomas 360 

William 360 

Walbery, Thomas, Rector of Hadley 

. 810 

Waldegrave, Richard 61 

Sir William 688 

Walden, John 899 bit 
-^»- Dame Margaret 330 

William Abbot of 68 

Waleden, Humphrey de 56, 59 
Wales, Ajrcbdeaeon of 7 

Prince of 59, 65, 71, 80, 86, 


Waleys, Thomas 71 
Walgrave, Dame Elizabeth 348 

Walkynton 66 

Waller, Richard 853, 883 bit 
Wallop, Richard 775 
Walmesford, Sir Thomas de 67, 68 
Walpole, John 809 

Peter 309 

Walsham, Ralph de 88, 91 
Sir Robert de 13, 13 

William de 13 

WaUingham, WilUam 639 




Waiter, Hemry «08 $is 

- John 279 

Richard 469 

Waltham, Richard de 57 

•-^ Richard Knoliere, Clerk of 775 
Walton, Margaret 401 
Walynforde, Prior of 15 
Wanton, AUne Lady S45 

- Andrew 104 
— ^ Ann 465 
Sir Thomas ^5 

Wardali, Tbomasy Parson of Little 
Shalford 577 

Warde, Rohert 343 

Warden of the Cinque Porta 733 

■ of the Spiritoalities and Vicar 
General of the Diooese of Winches- 
ter 776 

Wardon, John de 57 ' 

Warehorn, Wiliianf Marshall, Vicar 
of 486 

Warenner, Reginald 778 

Thomas 771, 775 

Warer, William at S8 

Warharo, Ann 749 bis 

— — Edward 749 

Richard 749 

Waringe, Nicholas 693 

Warner, Elisabeth 540, 548, 543 bis 
— — Thomas 540, 548, 543 bu 
Warre, Katberinc Lady la 318, 330 
Warren, Joan de Bar, Countess of 59 

John 18 

Warrens, Jane 737 

Warwick, Countess of 137, 190 

— «- Ann Countess of 463 

Katherine Countess of 78 

Earl of 1 1 8, 393, 733 

— -— Richard Earl of 887 

— — Richard Beauchamp, Earl of 

— — Guy of 154 
Wassel, .... 603 

Waterbeche, John Ward, Viear of 578 
Waterden, Richtipd de 56 
Watere, Walter atte 9 1 
Waterton, Hugh 93 
— ^- Mons. Hugh 143 
Watfietd, Robert 73 bis 
Watts, Mr. 301 
Watyll, Henry 785 

• Richard 784 

Waynsted, Robert 575 

John 71,775 

-— ^ Juhn, Monk 766 

William 774 

Webb, Sir John 608 
Webbe, .... 664 
Weedon, Jane 7 10 
Welby, Sir Adelard 437 
I bomas 389, 480, 487 

Welde, WilUam 774 
Wele, John 385 

Robert 885 

Welles, Lord 373 bis 
Lionel Lord 83 

- John Viscount 30 

Rector of St Sepulchre**, Lon- 
don 449 

Sir Rohert 310 

Wellingburge, Sir John t8a 
Wellys, Henry, Priest 337 bu 

John 614 

Wendy, Doctor 44 

- Thomas 44 
Wene, Anneyes 818 

Richard 818 

Wengham, Henry de 7 
Wenlock, Lord 848 
John Lord 397, 898 

Elisabeth 409 

— — John 409, 4ia 
Wenman, Henry 378 
Wentworth, Henry 346 bis 

Sir Heniy 575, 588 bis 

Sir Philip 347 

Sir Roger 688 

Thomas 347 bis 

Werenner, Thomas, jon. 771 
Wergrave, John Compton, Clerk of 

Wesbury, William 83 
West, Robert 766 
Westbume, Robert Pebelow, Panon 

of 163 
Westcote, Christopher 673 

Guy 358 

Westgate,Canterbury,DonBtan Petlc, 

Vicar of 630 

John Rotley, Vicar of 892 

Westminster, Abbot of 314 
• John Abbot of 30 

William Abbot of 16 

Dean of 665 

West well,RichardNeale, Vicar of 485 
Westmoreland, Countess of 148, 14 

• Joan Countess of 809, 387 

^— - Johanna Countess of 850 

Ralph Earl of 19, 143, 145, 864, 


Weston, Richard 493 

— — • Master Robert, Subdean of Ex- 
eter 566 

Westynten, William 774 

Wbaplode, WilUam 358 

Whetelay, Robert 339 

Whiche, Joan 1 16 

William 116 

Whiller, Mr. 37 

Mrs. 37 

White, Dr. Bishop of Winchester 755 

— — John 436 



White, Doctor John 460 

— Thomas 678 

— Sir Thonu 755 Hs, 756 
Whitehened, John 57 
Wbi«enod» ....68 
Whittyngbam, Robert S4S 
Wich, vide Whiebe. 
WifcbtOD, Geordre S09 
Wilford, Francii 661 

— Thomat 661 ter 
Wilhale, Friar WiUiam 66 
Wilkoks, Williaa 135 
WUkyn 18 

Williamsy John, PatsoD of St^George, 

Canterbury 469 

aHas Cromwell^ Sir Richard 7 10 

Williamson, John, Rector of St. 

<3eor|^, Canterbury S8S 
WiUougbby, LadyS8l 

Lady Blanch 472 

Maud Lady 387 

— Ann 467 

— "^ Anthony 479 

Bridget 560 bis 

Sir Edward 653 

Sir Henry 383,467 

Heniy 633 bis, 653 

Nicholas 83 

— Richard Hastings* Lord 4S1 
-*-^ Robert Lord 21, S45 

— — Robert 560 

«— - Thomas 560 

William 633 

of Ertsby,Lord US 

Robert Lord 196 

— — de Broke, Margaret, bastard of 
Robert Lord 563 

Wilson, Giles 757 

Wilton, Stephen, Archdeacon of Win- 
chester S52 

Wiltshire, Countess of 467 

Earl of 14 1, 357, 669, 733 

John Earl of 334, 335 6is 

William Earl of 143 

William Scrope, Earl of 16 bis 

Wincbcombe, Abbot of 593 
Winchester, Bishopof 5,151,497>755 

■ Aymer, Bishop elect of 7 
^-^ Henry Bishop of 174 

Henry Beaufort, Bishop of 348 

— - Piers Bishop of 30 

Richard Bishop of 3 Us, 3, 37, 

SO bis, 35, 583, 565 sape, 566 

Dr. White, Btsbop of 755 

William Bishop of 13, 14, 16, 

33 bis, 88, 376 

WilliamWykbam.Bishcpof 101 

— — Marchioness of 755 

-—• Marquess of 755 

— — Stephen Wilton, Archdeacon 

of 353 

WlneheMeff,JolMi Neryle,Prfor or776 
Windsor^ Dean and Canons of 369 

Sir WUliam 77 

Sir WiUiam de 106 

William de 113 

Wingfield, ...,674,711 

Lady 84 

te_ Dame Ann 435 

Sir Anthony 43, 44 

— — Anthony 587 
Elitabeth 435 

— Dame Eliiabeth 435 

— Humphrey 537 

■ Dame Joan de 87 
Sir John 497 

— Robert 435, 486 

Sir WiUiam de 87 

Wingham, Robert Toste, Provost of 

«.— William Windsor,ProTost of 106 
Winslowe, Thomas 348 
Winter, John 139 
Wmthrythe, Richard 774 
Wise, John 649 bis 
Wisebeeh, Robert de 56 
Witerton, Robert 18 
Witbam, Richard Vyall, Prior of 353 
Witson, John 319 
Wode, Alys 639, 630 

Richard 471 

«— — Thomas atte 436 bis 

Mr. William 310 

Wodeham, Alison de 56 
— — Riehard de 57 
Wodehouse, John 80 bis 
Wodelock, Sir Thomas 813. 

Wodelok, Agnes 771 

WoUarz, John 341 

Wolsey, Cardinal 587 

— i— Thoma8,ArchbishopofYork590 

Wolwy, Robert 57 

Wombwell, Thomas 685 

Wood, John 575 

Woodchurch, EUzabeth 501 

— John 501 
Woodford, Robert 491 
Woodland, William 630 
Woodville, Isabel Lady 138 
-^- Sir John 335 

^ — Sir Thomas 138 
Woodward, ....687 
Wootton, Master 639 
Worcester, Bishop of 5, 53, 367,696 

Baldwin Bishop of 3 

— — Henry Bishop of 1 1 

John Bishop of 143 

.».. John Carpenter, Bishop of 31 

Thomas Bishop of 338 

— - Tideman Bishop of 16 

Richard Earl of 336 

— — Thomas Earl of 17, 143 



Worcester, Tbontss Percy^ Earl of 149 
WoTtbe, Sir John 15 
Wotton, Doctor 42, 43 ^ 
— - Duruthy 560 

Edward 560 

Sir Edward 42, 43, 733 bit 

Mr. Nicholas 733 

Wourtington, William 690 
Wright, John 294 
Wrio(he8ley,Sir Thomas 708 
Writh, John 406 
WrostoDy Mons. Thomas 151 
Wroughton, John 387 


Wryothesley, Lord 41, 43 

Wych, Maurice 91 

Wyche, Lady 330, 331 

— — Dame Alice 354 bis, 355 

Wygmere, Edith 424 

John 424 

Wyk, Robert 101 

Wykditfe, I lena 341 

Thomas 34 I6tf 

Wykeham, Thomas Pultery Rector of 

Wykbam, William, Bishop of Win- 
chester 101 

Wykkewaae, Sir William de 56 

Wyllym, Adam ap 57 

Wylmott, TbomaSy Vicar of Asbertis- 
forde 402 

Wymbishe, Thomas 420 

WymbuBsh, Sir Nicol, Clerk 238 

Wymeswold, Jane 488 

Wymondeswold, William de 162 

Wymondbam, Abbot of 635, 636 

- John Piers, Parson of 144 
Wyndesore, Alice 330, 337 

— — Andrews 337 

Bridget 330 

EUsabeth 330, 331 bis, 337 bis 

Thomas 331, 337 ier 

William .330, 337 

Wyndham, .... 436 
— — Edmund 63? 

John 676 

Wynehowe, Hugh, Chaplain 244 
Wynfordy Mr. William 766 
Wynter, Edmond 223 

Sir William 101^ 

William 696 

Wynterbottnie, Thomas, Dean of St. 

Paul's 344 
Wyntryngham, Robert, Clerk 189 
Wynwick, Thomas Larke, Parson of 

Wyot, Mr. Robert 210 
Wyse, Robert,Vicarof Rolvynden 614 

Wystok, Salkyn 68 • 
Wytharo, John 288 
Wytbcpool, Ann 576 ier 

Wyiilbury, 437 bis 

Wytteneye, Richard Sydal, Qerk of 

Wyvell, Margaret 723 

Yaxley, ....497 

YeWerton, William 245 

Yend, John 255 

Yeomen of Baroness Mauley 235 

•: of the Robes 44 

Yerdley, John 229 
Yemcmouth, John de 15 
Yonge, John, Parson 484 
York, Archbishop of 9, 132, 133 

- Aieiander Archbishop of II 
— — Christopher Archbishop of 35 

■ Edward Lee, Archbishop of 665 

— — Edmond Duke of 17 
-^— Edmund Duke of 188 
— ~- John Archbishop of 242 

John Cardinal and Archbishop- 


- Richard Archbishop of 16, 144- 
— -— Richard Scrope, Archbishop of 

Thomas Archbishop of 29» 30, 

Thomas Wolsey, Archbishop of- 

Cardinal and Archbishop of 252 

bis, 557» 604 
' Edmond Duke of 44 

Edward Duke of 18, 19> 20 

DukeofUOv 141 

Richard Duke of 279, 423 

Dr. Leighton, Dean of 692 

— — Minster, Sir John Bermingham, 

Treasurer of 27 1 
Young, Elizabeth 678 

John 28, 328 

John, D. D. 35 

Younge, Thomas 133, 134 
Yrford, Mr. Peter 243 
Yve, Katherine 155 

Zouche, .. ..412 

Sir John 533 

Lady 432, 533 

Cecily 432 

*-— Florence 436 
~ Jane 432 

Katherine 432 

- Lady Margaret 204 
— - Margaret 432 

— — William 432 


ThefolUnomg Index cotUaimt the Names of all Manors and Jdvtwsons men- 
Honed in the different mtle in the ffMk, together wUh the names qf sueh 
Churehes and Cheats as the different Tesfators ordered themselves to be 5if • 


Aeon, Cb. of ii9 
AtrM^ScTbumaa d%Cb. 

of 484 \ 
A^desbaitt, Panooai^ of 


160, 168» SOL 
Apnond^tbam, Ch. of 

207, 28« 
Alaoborow 477 
Albonyt 399 
All^nstoo 633 
Aldam 754 
Aldeby 191 
Aldenbam 757 
Aldingbam, Lord of 197 
Alexton,Advowaoni of 386 
Alford 630 
Alkmoiiton 335 
All Halloudon> Ch. of 475 
AIk 319 
Alscford 586 
AUborp 881 
Alytigton 557 
Amertham, Cb. oi 399 
Annpleford 599 
Angejrmfryii 130 
Ansty 449 
ApperwaU 385 
Appeltree 335 
Appleby* Cb. of 676 
Arnall 373 
AriiewayB 667 
Arnataiiton 756 
Arundel, Castle of 94, 

130. Cb. of 186,977» 

604. CoUefre of 487 . 
AscberifTSe, Cb. of 479 
Ascott 735 
Atb, Cb. of 989 

Atbby, Cb.of 748, 749 
Aabby-de-la-Zoueb, Ch. 

of 45 1 , 659 
Aibby Ledgers, Ch. of 38 1 
Atbby St. Legers, Cb. of 

Ashe, Ch. of 999 
Asbetiaforde,Cli.of 400 
Asbford, Cb. of 417 
AsbnigeyReligloas House 

of 449 
Askbam, Richard, Par- 
sonage of 704 
Aslakby 373 
Aspale 489 
Aspenden, Ch. of 696 
Assebeone 449 
Astb«,Cb.of385, 494 
Auheringe, Cb. of 551 
Assberugge, College of 

Assbettisford, Cb. of 664 
Assb»eltbarpe,Cb. of 185 
Astley 449. Ch. of 449, 

466. College of 41 1> 

639, 659 
Aton 309 
Audley, Ch. of 83 
Axbole, Carthusian Cb. 

In the Isle of 993 
Aylesford» Cb. of 439* 

Hundred 419 
Aylewaston, Cb. of 334 
Aylmerton 945, 584 his, 

585, 586 
Aynford 595 

Babyngton 317 
Backchild 795 
Bacons 539 
Bagworth 373> 476 bis 
Bailham331,3559 757 

Baldyngton, Windsore 

Bampton 309 
Banbury, Cb. of 535, 748 
Bandesey 691 
Bandon 963 
Bardelby 309 
Bardon 659 
Bareslow 980 
Barford 956 
Barington %98 
Barkeeton 557< 
Barkbam 541 
Barkings Abbey of 491 
Barkings 754 
Barlborough 590 
Barleybam 754 
Barlich 734^ 

Barowe 373 
Barton 419, 799. Ch.or 

671. Park of 335 
BaryH HaU 943 
Baryngton 149 

Castle of 649 
Bath, Cathedral of 176 
Battle, Abbey of 979 
Baunton. Cb. of 849, 698 
Bazterley 863 
Beaconsfield, Ch. of 695 
Beames 539 
Beaudesert, Peter de 

Montfort, Lord of 69 
Bedford, Barony of 997. 

Church of 109 
Bedhampton 179 5tt 
Bedington 193, 960, 961. 

Cb. of 193 
Bedmangow 713 
Bedworth 659 Us 
Begenever 131 
Bebemel, co. Cornwall, 

Church of 191 



BekeBhoorne 852 
BekyntOD.Ch.of 377>438 
Belchefortb, 631 
Bellaesses 803, 204 
Belvoir 7 19. Priory of 

182.late Priory of 720 
Belyn|>fley 756 
Bempton» Ch. of 725 
Bentley 182, 335. 363, 

583 his, 587, 756 
Berdefeld 58 
Berdrooniey, Monastery 

of 436 
Bergavenny, Lady of 224. 

Priory of 72, 304 
Bergdenne, qu. Berga- 

venny ? 44 1 
Berfi:nortb 407 
Bermondsey, Ch. of 551. 

Monast. of 328 
Bernuldwyk, co. York, 

140, 145 
Betin^bam 465 
Bettisbone 592 
Bevelbam 760 
Beverley, Cb. of 340. 704 
Bevylbam 280 »i#, 448 
Be w ike 477 
Bewyk 372, 374 
Beyfpbam, Cburchof 222 
Billesden, Abbey of 410 
Bindlowe 529 
Birdecumbe 586 
Birsbam, Cb. of 338 
Bisbain 599. Abbey 588 
Bitbam Park 412 * 
Blakburgb, Monastery of 

120. Priory of 151 
Blatberwyk 557 
Blecbeley,Ch.of 243,515 
Bledlo«ve 387 
Bleseby 373 
Bletnesbo, Cb. of6l2 
BUckling 465 
Biantlsball 396 
Blykling, Cb. of 300 
Blytbsfortb, Cb.of 463 
Bobbin|p4l9. Cb.of 418 
Bocton, Cb. of 106 
Bodington 702 
Bodrinf bam 649 
Bokenam 547. Old and 

New Bokcn bam Castle 

Bokley 558 
Bui ton Castle 434. Lords 

of 156, 160,201 
Boltonpercy 373 
Boneforden 757 
Bordsley, Abbey of 54 

Borou^rb Mersb 579 
Borow 589 
Borwode 406 
Bosbam 422 
Boswortb 653, 741 
Botelar 3lB5 

Botteby 528 
Bottele 319 
Bourdon 345 
Bowking 586 
Boxgrave, Priory of 214 
Boxle, Monastery of 525 
Braborne, Cb. of 634 
Bracie 419 
Brackley,eo. Nortbamp- 

ton,St.Jobnof 673 
Bradele 605 
BradenbaiD JSStapeitbS, 

Cb. of 752 
Bradgate 442 
Bradicot 464 
Bradlee 156 
Bradley 332 
Brad mere 605 
Brailsford 545 
BramEeld 620 
Brandeford 757 
Brandon 621 
Brantingbam 302 
Brantryngtborp, Adrow- 

son of 280 
Braunston 379* 477 
Braxsted 396, 100 
Brsy broke 159, 160 
Brecknock, Lady of 237 
Bredfelde 620 
Brembre 223 
Brendley 630 
Brentyngtborp 373 
Breule 585 
Briebam 58 

Bridget, St. Cb.of 421 
Bridgenortb 245 bis 
Bristol, Gaunt's Hospital 

Cb.of 538. Cb.of St. 

Augustine*8 165, 655. 

Bristol^ 584 
Broadwater, Ch. of 605, 

Brodsley 757 
Brokesroayie 273 
Brombam, Cb. of 176 
Brompton 302 bis 
Brooksby, Cb.of 711,713 
Broome, Cb. of 479 
Broughton 735 

Brougbton Astley 442 

Broxbonme 299 

Brugb 621 

Brune, Abbey of 139 

Brunne, Abbey of 205 

Bruseyard, Ch. of 182 


Buckby 702 

Buckstead, Church of 1 63 

Buckworth 437 

Baers, Cb. of 158 

Bakedon, Cb. of 561 ; 

Bukstepe 273 

Butbeck 203 bis 

Bulwyk570, 571 

Bunkburst 757 

Burgh 203. co. Cam- 
bridge, Cb. of 203, 204 

Burgall 554 

" Burgadalie Maior*' 149 

Burgbershe 280, 448 

Burley, Cb.of 417 

Burneby 302 

Burnham Westgate, Ch. 
of 567 

Burscougb, Priory of 689 

Burstwicke 296 

Burwell 673 

Burwasb 760 

Bury 734. Cb. of 630. 
Minister of 14? 

Burye, co. Esses 293 s^epe 

Bascottf .b, Priory of 458 

Bttstlesbam, Church of 
145, 183. Priory of 101, 

Butlers 668 

Bygston 590 

Bylegh, Abbey of 422,436 

Bylston 415 

•Byndon, Ch. of 377 

Cadbuiy, Cb.of 191 

Calais, Captain of 174* 
Cb. of 489, 658. Cb. of 
St. Mary of 113. Friers 
at 477 

Calthorp 465 

Cambridge, Chapel of St. 
Margaret and St. Ber- 
nard at 346 

Cambys 620 

Camoys,co.Cambridge 99 

Campasse, Cb. of 1 14 

Campesse, Abbey of, co. 
Suffolk 74, 193 

Campsey, Nan's House of 

Canterbury, Augustine 
Friars, Cb.of 300. Ca- 
thedral of 181, 747. 
Christ's Church 194, 




€h of 17. Cb. of St. 
Augustine 69, 102. 
IPciars Minors 1 15. Fri- 
ars Observants, Cb. of 
661. Friar Preachers, 
Cb.of39l. Grey Friars, 
Cb, of 456. St. Al- 
pbape, Cb. of 596 Ins, 
St. Au|^ustiQe*s, Cb. of 
495. St. Augustine's 
Tower of 993. St. Dun- 
stan's»Cb. of 155,719. 
St. George, Cb. of 383. 
St. Martin's, Cb. of 

615. St. Paul's, Cb. of 

Carisbrooke Castle S18 
Carlton 547 
Caseborne 747 
Casttrton, Little 695 
Castle Heiigbam, New 

Abbey in 63 
Castle, St. Edmund's 469 
Cathorp .59 

Catborpe, co. Lincololl6 
Cavenby 46 
Cavendisb, advowson of 

394. Cb. of no, 999 
Caversbgm47, 931 
Cawdreys 648 
Cballhuiit, Cb.of 171 
Cbampneys 668 
Charing, Cb.of 990, 536 
Cbarleton, Wilis 491 
Charlioii 605 
Cbart 333. Cb. of 687 
Chatham, Cb. of 670 
Cbaucombe, Church of 

St. Mary of 54. Priory 

of 55 
Cbaulton 396 . 
Cbawcomb 655 
Chekendon739.Chx>f 739 
Chelchyth, qu. Chelsea? 

Cheliesfield, Cb. of 69 

Chelsea, Cb.of 687* lands 

in 566 
Chequer 749 
Cheriton 401 
Cherleton 793 
Cherlewood, Cb. of 96 
Cherscouib, Ch. of 681 
Cbertsey, Monastery of 

Chesterfield 599 
Chesterton, Cb.of 681 

Chesthunt, Cb. of 698 
Chetham 439 
Cbevele Dittoa, co. Cam- 
bridge 99 
Chicheley 488 
Chichester,Choreh of 48, 

Chidcoke 379 
Chiddesden 631 bit 
Chilton 387 
Cbilvington 980 
Cbinden, Cb.of 489 
Chipenham 757 
Christ*8 Church, Ch. of, 

CO. Southampton 137, 

Cinque Ports 349 
Clapton 59 

Clare Hall, CarohridgeSS 
Clare, co. Suffolk>Cburch 

of Friars Augustioei at 

Clarete 58 
Claversbam 539 
ClazhaU 407 
Clay Coton 449 
Clendon 689 
Cliff, Cb.of 703 
ClifFe, Cb. of 739 
Clissesham 690 
Clapton 694 
Clyderow 90 
Cl> fe, Cb. of 396 
Clyff 309 

d:iyvedon 463 
Cubberleigh, Chapel of 

Cobbam, Cb.of 69, 167 
Cocktborpe 649 
Codford Petre 31 1,316, 

Coggesball, Abbey of 303. 
. Cb. of 96 
Cukenboo 465 
Cokerington 891 
Cokerno 974 
Colbonds 448 
Colby 945, 584,585, 586 
Colcolston 599 
Coldoverton 655 
Coldworton 83 
Coin Engayne 557 
Culne, Priory of 69, 87, 

199, 445, 596 
Colrige 449 
Colwicbe 599 
Culys 668 
Combe 539, 544 
Comberton 437 
Combesdene 193 
3 H^ 

Compton, Ch. of 591 
Compton Murdac 1.53 
Compton Valens 605 
Congham, advowtoD of 

Conham 7 1 1 
Cooks 396 
Cople 590 
Corne worth 649 
Cotton Ditton, co. Kent 

Covenham 713 
Coventfy 449 
Coughton 56 1 . Cb. of 560 
Coulesdon 468 
Cowdray 709 
Cowhouse In Grane 593 
Cowling 185 sape, 489 
Coyndon 716 
Cracampton 319 
CrainAeld 557 
Crainford 699 
Cranebourne 58 
Cranford le Mote 753,766 
CranfordSt. John*s 756 
Cravens 439 
Creke 449, 702 
Crenwell 735 
Crokeston 910. Advow- 

sonof 910 
Crolton 491 
Crombregge 961 
Cromwell 546, 710 
Crowell 548 
Crowburst 980, 760 
Crowley 488 
Crownihorp 583 
Croaton 730 
Cubleston 107 
Cuddeley 364 
Cukstede 973 
Cyledy 655 

Daggys, house called 785 
D^tkelington 649 
Dalby 655 
Dales 554 

Dalyngton 980,448 
Dane 400, 401 
Darlington 736 
Darnesdoii 754 
Darriugton 546 
Deal, St. Leonard, Ch. of 

Denny, Cb. of the Sisters 

of 100 

Dentborp 570, 571 
Denton, Cb. of 488 
Denton Broughton 488 
Denyngton, Ch. of 936 

Denyton 115 



Dereham, Cbufclrof 90 
Dergtte 990 
DoddershuU 560 
DoddiDgton> Cb. of 307 
Dodenhall 383 
Dodington 83. Ch. of 535 
Doncaster, Ch. of 310 
Dongate 183 
Donyngtong 409 
Dorchester, Grey Friars, 

Ch.of 378 
Dover, Ch. of 573, 643, 

Dowgate 709 
Downelay 706 
Downhall 343 
Doxey 658 
Drakenage 373 
Draperton 605 
Drayton 41 1,437 
Dregnford 643 
Driffield 371 
Dumere 709 
Dunhall, co. Essex 394 
Dun mow, Priory of 331 
Dunster, Ch. of 5 15 
Donton 545 
Darham, Chapel of 53 

Eagle, late Commandeiy 

of the 730 
East 386 

Ea8t!)oume, Priory of 303 
East Court 493 
Eastball 349 
East Herlinge 446 
East Lining 387 
Eastrye 737 

Edessdon, Cb. of 878 
Edmonton 373 
Edwardstone 686 
Eglefelde 631 
Elbill 735 
Ellerker 303 
ElmanstoD 756 
Elmley, College of 154 
Elsborough 338 
Elsinge 641 

Elsyng, AdvowsoD of 133 
Elsyngton 387 
Elvedon 398 
Ely, Cathedral of 535 
Emley 546 
Enbroke 747 
Enfield 641 

Engte, Church at 109 
Englefield 678 

Enkyngtoo 396 
Eppeworth 333 sape 
Erbury 58 
Ere8by631. Lordof375, 

Ertheote 539, 544 
Es8eboarne,Priory of 700 
Esseheden 307 
Essenden, Ch. of 671 
Essborne, late Priory of 

Est Bergholt 488 
Estbrigge 579 
Esterleyke 545 
Est Harlyng 434, 435. 

Cb. of 435 
Esthorp 303 
EstAngbam 398 
Estwell, Ch. of 349, 403 
Eton 757. Cb. of 397 
Etton 669 

Elton cum Woodcroft668 
Everingbam fee 373 
Ewston, Ch.of 746 
Exeter, Black Friars, Ch. 
of 431 Cathedral of 
137. Ch. of Friars 
Preachers of 117. 
Combe-street in 170* 
Friars Minor, Ch. of 
135. St. Mary Arches, 
Ch. of 7 17. St. Peter's, 
Cb. of 565 
Eye, Priory of 443 
Eythorne, Advowson of 
737, 738 

Fairstede 443 
Fakenbam Alpea 357 
Faldingworth 430- 
Falkbourne 396 s^epe 
Fangfosse 303 
FarHete 303 
Farleigh UuDgerford,Ch. 

of 181 
Fariey3 1 9. Cb. of 473,63 1 
Farley Hungerford 358 
Farnham 59, 757 
Farersbam, Ch. of 661 
Fawcote 697 
Felbrigge 345, 579> 584, 

585, 586 
Fenny Sutton 311, 316, 

Fenton 669 
Feversbam, Abbey of 487* 

Ch. of 308. Monastery 

of 348 
Fickney 373 
Filgrave 557 
FilloU Hall 303 

Fiaeham, co. Norfolk 73 
Finchingfield 399 
Fisherton, Church of 168 
Flecham, Prioiy of 710 
Fleckney 379 
Flyatham 590 
Folkington 605 
Fontbill 605 

Forde, Abbey of 197 
Fomsetts 333 
Forsters 668 
Foscote 345 
Fotheringayl87* Ch.of 

Fourde Park 734 
Fowfipld 896 
Framlingham 603 
Frampton 379 
Frankley 365, 468 
Frenge Reyuham 303 
Friars 443 
Friskeney 631 
Frysok 447 
Fulham 598 
FuUistowe, Arsick 681 
FuUistowe Beke 631 
I>lby 465 
Fynohtey 373 

Gainsborough, Ch.of 488 
Garodon, late Monastery 

of 730 
Garseynton 406 
Garstang Bridge (to the 

making of) 459 
Garten 710 
Gatesforth 303 
Gaynes In UpminiBterl53. 

Park Hall 668 bis 
Gaynestborp 719 
Grimesby, Church of 161 
Gedney 439 
Gerondon, Cb. of 539 
Gesseliog, Ch.of 600 
Gestling, Ch. of 457 
Gisborough,Priory of 146 
Gisbourne in Cleveland, 

Priory of 108 
Glamorgan 99' 
Glaston, Monastery of 1 35 
Glastonbury, Cb. of 301 
Glenaeld 443 
Glossop 410 
Gloucester, St. Anthony, 

Cb. of 337 
Glynds, Parsonage of 760 
Godenyston, Cb. of 487 
Goderston 533 
Goldnestanton, Parson* 

age of 737 


Goodeford 757 Harowden, Cb. of 599 Hilton, Abbey of 1 17,152 

Goaberten 6S1 Harpele S44 Hinderskelfe S31 

GoukUI 440 HartUody Abbey of 496. Hinton Martell 605 

Gower S33 Ch. of 486 Hodnell, Ch. of 437 

Grafton 38 1 , 442 Hartlette, Ch. of 669 Hoggisborp 6S1 

Grantban, George Inn, Hartwell 442 Hogsden, Cb. of 494 

in 423 Haryngworth 437. Cb. Hogsbaw, Cb. of 689 

GravAborst 457 of 303 Hokbam 407 

CiraTene290 Hatilden 605 Hokyogton 577 

Gravesend, Cb.ef 290,664 Halted 525 Holdernesse 195 

Great Chart 306 Hastinga^peof 273,373 Holme 302 

Great Hampden, Cb. of Hathileay 546 Holyngbome, Ch. of 640 

200 Hatson 756 Holywell 359 

Grebecke 61 1 UaTeringe at Bower 1 1 Hontlow, Cb. of 752, 753- 

Gisenwicb 1 8, 207 Haugh 528 Hoo 274, 465. Hun j„ j 

Gresham 547, 7 1 9 Hannton, Church of 94 412 

:Gfey8tock,Cburch of 230 Haatenprice, Ch. of 265 Hoone 382 
Griehaugh 637 to, 638 ter Hawe 629, 746 Horketley, Chapel of 550 

Groby 76, 442 HawkJiunt, Ch. of 663 Horley, Cb. of 3 97 

Gmffeham 557 Hawksbery 448 Hornby, Cattle of 466, 

Grotene, eo. Suffolk 294 Hawksbury 280 589, 602. Ch. of 601 

Grove 735 Haytesbury 279* Lord HomeuyngBbam 311, 

.6oi9ne8,Cb.of600 of 257 316,317 

Heber 465 Hornet, Lord of 257 

Hickbicball 427 Hecham, Ch. of 494, 497 Hurningtoii 420 

Haekforth 584 Heckyngton 444 Hothe, Cb. of 724 

Hackney, Pariah of 483 Hedeorne, Pareooage of Hoveden 58 
iladham 532, 598 737 Houghton 244, 658, 756. 

Hadloe, Cb. of 685 Hedeley 757 Cb. of 243 

Hagbome, Ch. of 786 Hedaore 430. Ch. of 430 Honnslow, Ch. of 697 
Hagenby, Prioiy of 400 Hegb 83 Howsom 529 

Hales, Abbey of 116 Heleigh 114, II7. Castle Howaon 720 

Halea Owen, Monastery 128 Hucham, Cb.of491 

of 467, 468. Ch.of654 Hellow620 Huehendon73S 

Halfnaked 214 Helme8ley528 Hugeley, Manor and Ad- 

Halingbury Magna, co. Helpringbam 444 rowson of 283 

Esaex 104 Hemptted,Chk of 554 Hull,CbarterUooseof256 

Haliwell 642. Monutery Hemaley, Castle of 7 19 Hulton, Abbey of 1 14 -4 

of 641 Henknowle688 Hunatanton, Ch.of 434 

Halle 245 Henniala 667 Hunataunton, Cb. of 468 

Halatedis 505 Henton 319 Huntingfield 264 

Halton 20 Hepynton 400, 401 Hursmere 757 

Halykeld, Wapentake of Hereford, Cb. of Frian Hurstmonceaux, Ch. o( 

145 Preachers of 91, 171, ' 290 

Hambroke 539, 540,543, 225 Hurst Monceaux, Ch. of 

544 Herlaxton, Ch. of 30 1 653 

Hamelthwaye 5d8Us,587 Herne, Cb. of 289, 686 Hydelburgerorth 548 
Hamerton 508, 706 Hemehill, Ch. of 687 Hygbam 307 

Hamerviea 256 Herryngttoke, Ch. of 555 Hykeradale 400, 40 1 

Hampden 387. Ch. of Hertyng, Ch .(»f421 Hynton Martell 728 

387, 389 Hetbersatt 547 Hy the, Cb. of 325, 33 1 

Hampton Meyse, Cb. of Herer, Ch. of 136 

129 Heveringham 590 Ifeld Pererell 123 

Hamylden 723. Cb.of 723 Heynstrigge 254 Iken 1 15 

Hailby62] Heyteabury311,3l6,3]7 lkleaham,Ch.of4l6,4l7 

Hangest, Wapentake of Hickltng 599 Jlbroer 379 

145 Hicknall 599 lldealey 491 

Harapote 242 Higbam 442 Ilkley, co. York 276 

Hardelagh Castle 86 Higham Ferrera 20 his Ingham 322 

Hardwyck 437 Hikeling 1 13 Ingleby 149 

Harald StauntOD 882 Holdersham 305. Cb. of Ingoldeathorp 203 
|lMom528 303 logtefiham203 



Ingworth S45 

Ipswich, Friars Minoni 

Cb. of 347 
Irtlingburgb 437 
Jtampsted 708 
Ittede S44 
Iver, Ch. of 480 

Jervaulx, Abbey of S06, 

Katherine, St. Mount 

Sana! 47S 
Kelmasham 444 
Kempiton 149.Ch. of 149 
Keiiarton 461 
Keiiestoii S64 
Kerby 373 
Kenalton26l • 
Keveles SIO 
KeynabaiDj Monastery of 

KitmFrsdon 317 
Kini^huTst, cu.Warwick 

Kingtnorton 363 

Kings v»ortb 53S 
Kins wood, Abbev of S33 
Kirkby Bellers, Priory of 

Kirkby Dene 570, 571 
Kirkby upon Wrestbek, 
• Priory of 1S8 
Kirkedale, Parsonage of 

Knath, Lordof6lO 
KnoltOHy Parsonage of 

Kylquite 611 
Kyroe 4S0. Lord of 4S0. 

Priory of 4S0 
Kyneston 440 

Lageham 70S 
Lanibletbian 99 
Lanaante> co. Cornwall 

Laneombe 58 
Lanforth 599 
Langave 757* Advowson 

of 757 
Langele Borell 81, 8S 
Langford Leycestre 319 
Langley 151 

Langley, co. Durbam SOS 
Lan|> t on,Chaunt ryof S 1 7 
Langwinger Bassetts 41 S 
Lanlehedron 379 
Lantian 58 

LAtbes 547 
Lavacbery 107 
Larenden, Abbey of 157 
Laagbton S80, S8I, 448, 

758. Cb. of 68S 
Launde 630 

Leden, Parsonage of 748 
Ledynghall 444 
Lee Banctirs 443 
Leeke, Great 599 
Leeke, Little 599 
Leez Priory 485 
Leicester, Castle of 65. 

Ch. of St. Peter's 300. 

College Charch of 65 
Lenesfelc, co. Kent 99 
Lenbam, Cb. of 336 
f^nne, Cburcb of 1 16 
Letbam,Parsonageof 688 
Levelaod 133 
Levisbam 448 
Lewens 614 
Lewes, Monastery of 97i 

131. Priory of 94, 105, 

139, 406 
LeyrMamey 183. Cb.of 

196, 609,637 
Lingfield, Chureb of 846, 

347, 334, 335, 333 
Linne, Cb.of 434 
Linton 303. Cb.of 617 
Linton upon Ouse 730 
Litch6eld, Cathedral of 

Litlewcrth 59 
Little Assbeby 373 
Little Horkssey, Cb. of 


Little Houghton 630 

Little Shat ford,Ch. of 574 

Little Warley,Ch. of 689 

Littlesdun 633 

Lollam 406 

London, Abbey of our 
Lady Grace near the 
Tower of 98. Abbey and 

' Convent of the Sister's 
Minocess 147, 148. Al- 
dermary Church 671. 
Aldgate, nuns of 138. 
Augustine Friars of 66, 
Ch. of 338, 556. B4- 




called, in 558. Bay- 
nard's Castle, Church 
of S^ Andrew -at 405. 
Bermondsey Inn 96. 
Betblem 136 ''Anker 
ill theWair* 356. Black 
Friars, Cb.of 398, 490, 

548, 588, 600, 650* 
Carthusians 306. Char- 
ter House 73, 86 bU, 
88. Cheapside, cross 
in 73. Christ's Church, 
prior of 149. Cb. of 
the Carthusians near 
West Smithfield 85. 
Ch. of Friars Preachers 
83, 103, 106. Cb. of 
Minories without Al- 
gate 73. Churches of 
518, 519, 530, 607. 
Friars Augustines 408, 
497,501. Friars Car- 
melites in Fleet- street 
140. Friars Convent of 
Observant 36. Friart 
Minors, Cb.of 386,464. 
473. Friars Preachers 
near Ludgate 196, 346. 

Church of 6o; 376, 497. 
Friars of St. Bartholo- 
mew's 751. Gray Fri- 
ars, Ch. of 134, 364» 
334, 334, 389, 415, 
Guildhall, Chapel of 
339. • Holy Cross Ch. 
173, 180. Holy Trinity, 
Chiircb of near Aid- 
gate, in the suburbs 
168,830. Priory of 305, 
806. Hospital of the 
Virgin near the Tower 
174. Hospitals of 740, 
779. House of Lepers 
in the suburbs of 779. 
House in Mogwell'Sir. 
called Windsor Place 
755. House of Nuns 
near the Tower 384, 
886. Houses of Friars 
of 608, 686. Ludgate, 
prison of 140. Man- 
sion house in parish of 
St. Thomas 667. Men- 
Taylors Hall 667. Mi- 
noresses 306. Ch. of 
530. Minories 76.87. 
Cli.of483. New Abbey 
near the Tower, Ch. of 
301. Newgate, pi ison 
of 140. Friars ofl3B. 
OUve, St. Cb. of 341. 
Orders, of Friars of 
530, 609 tU, Ottford, 
near London 1 IS.Poult- 
ney Inn 133. Prisons 
of 308, 850, 449, 504, 

London* cwHtuvedL 

< 740, 751, 765. Reli- 

l^ioot Hoaset of'SOS. 

, Rolls, Cbapel of the 

[ 537- St. Andrew's by 

* Baynard*s Castle 343. 
St. Andrew's Holborn, 
Cb. of 449. St. Ann 
Aldertb^te, Cb.of S84. 
St. Antony, Cb. of 481 
swpe, St. Aagustine de 
Pappey 16% St. Bar- 

• tholomew, Ch. of 343. 
4d3. St. Bartbolomew 
tbeLittle,Cb,of 348.St. 
501, 504. St. Benett 

. Fynk 501, 504 g^epe, 
506,512. St. Bennetts 
Paul's Wharf, Cb. of 
139,849,559. St. Bo- 
tolpb, Ch.of 116. St. 
ChrUtopber's504. St. 
Dennis Backchurch, 
Cb. of 389, 837. St. 
Dunstan's, parish of 
744. St. Elene, Mo- 
nastery of 498. St.EI- 
)en*s, prior of 562. 
St. Helen's, Cb. of 7 10. 

' St. John Zachary 91. 
St. Katherine near the 
Tower, Church of 255, 
Lawience, Ch. of 299, 
300,322,399,716. St. 
Martin Magnus, Ch.of 
120. St. Martin Out- 
wiche, Ch.of 441. St. 
Martin Pomery, Cb. of 
350. St. Michael 837, 
502,504,512. St. Mi- 
chael, Ch, of, called 
WHittington College 
440. St. Michael on 
Cornhill, Cb. of 466 
ter. St. 01 aye, Cb. of 
376. St. Olave's, nuns 
of 138. St. Paul 86, 
87. St. Paul, Cathedral 
of 344, 409, 481, 564, 
868, 598, 624. St. 
Paul's, Ch.of 124,140 
hi$, St. Paul's Church- 
yard,of that part called 
Pardon Church-yard 
566. St Paul's, e^oss 
«f 68. St. Peter's Bread ' 
.street 669. St. Peter's 
at Paul's Wharf, house 
in 531. St. Sepulchre's, 
Ch. of 364, 449. St. 


London, efmikmud. 
Thomas D'Aeres, Ch. 
of 607* Savoy, hospi- 
tal of the, Ch. of 563. 
Shoreditch 748. Cb. 
of 347. Silver-street 
bouse called West- 
moreland Place in 757. 
Sisters Minors, Church 
of 56. Skinner's-lane 
329. Temple Church 
6 1 2.Thames-8treet 696. 
Tower of (Mint) 282. 
Tower-bill, Abbey of 
396. Wall 755. Ward 
Smithfield Hospital, 
Ch. of 284. White Fri- 
ars 408, 416, 501. Cb. 
of302, 606, 692. Whit- 
tii^gton's College 440 

Lonesborough 308 

Lonesburgh 308 

Longbrigge 408 

LongCompton 681 

Longefelde, Cb. of 781 

Long Watton 545 

Lopham, Park of !223 

Lome 648 

Loogbton, Cb. of 448 


Lubbesworth 477 

Lucberche 336 

Lufiyke, Cb. of 437 

Lumley 373 

Lurkbere 359 

Luscott 394 

Lusbill 757 

Lutterworth 448 

Lychet MaitraYers 98 

Lyde 261 

Lye 88 


Lymlnge, Cb. o» 567,624 

Lympore, Cb. of 461 

Lyn'sson 579 

Lyng Hall 479 

Lystons in Metton 584 

Magna Cbel worth 539, 

Maidenhead 109 
Maidley Home 756 
Maidstone, Cb. of 84 
Maiden, Ch. of 388 
Maldon, Cb.of 394 
Malton 308 
Man, Isle of 590. Lord 

of the Isle of 145 
Manchester, Chapels of 

535, 536 


MangoUs6eld, Ch. of 6hhf 
Mannyngham 245 
Mantyl 473 
Much Baldyngton 693 
Marbam alias Marbolme 

Marholme alias Marbam 

Markeshall 469 
Marshalls 667 
Marsham,Ch.of 616 
Mantoke,Cb. of 295,296 

Priory of 55 
Marston 633 
Masham587. Cb.of666 
Massingham 538 
Masworth 553 
Mather n, Ch. of 538 
Mazstocke 681 
Maythma' 261 
Medeley 756 
Medmenbam 338 
Melbourn 462 
Melinge, co. Suffolk 54 
Melton Mowbray 655 
Melton Ross 720 
Melyngham, Ch. of 438 
Mendlesham 547 
Menmonketon 706 
Merdon 708 
Mere, Chapel of 41 5 
Mereth 468 
Merston Trussel, Ch. of 

Merworth 264 
Micbelcrecbe 742 
Midelton 463 
Midberst, Cb. of 707 
Mikelbarton 465 
Mildenhale, Cb. of 276 
Miilcourt 756 
Milton668&is. Ch.of 725 
Milton Keynes 204 
Minster, Christ's Church 

at 167- Monastery of 

St.Segebertof 102 
Mittingbam, Chapel of 

Molen's Manor 756 
Mulston 364 
Mongebam 401, 402 
Monks Risborough 754* 

Advowsonof 757 
Monkton, Cb. of 750 
Montenac 100 
Montgrace, Monasleryof 
, 464 
More 332 
Morgannock 99 
Morivele, Cb. of Blessed 

Mary of 241 


Morley 533 
Morpeth 331 
Mosele 363 
Moultsorrer BSS 
Mourton 345 
Much Creton 703 
Mulberton 3/4 
MuUesworth 571 
Multon 63d 
Mutford 310 
Mutton 780 
Mynchinharopton 756 
Mynskipes 668 

Nackin^on 733 
NaketoD, co. Norfolk 63 
Nayleee 536 
Netherhall 630 
Nether Hardes 643 bis 
Nethersall 396 
. New Church, Cb. of 486 
Newell's Flete 665 
Ke^wendetiy Ch. of 577 
Newenton, Bishop 654 
NewingtoiiyCh. of 495 
Newin^tonbelhouse 343 
NewpoW, Ch. of 473 
Newshamj Ch. of 347 
Newsom Abbey 588 
Newstead, late Monas- 
tery of 730 
Newton 430 
Newton Harcourt 379 
Newton Regis 545 
Nonninton, Ch. of 736. 

Parsonage of 737 
Norbury 960, 361 
Norfolk, Advowson of 
the Archdeaconry of 71 5 
Normanton 599 
North Cadbury 319 
North Cave 303 
Northale,co. Suffolk 183 
Northam, Ch. of 679 
Northampton^ Black 
Friars, Ch, of 531. 
"Rood in the Wall ill" 
161. St. James Abbey 
at 389, 403, 438. St. 
John, Ch. of 458 
Northborougb 669 
Northflete, Ch. or97 
Northwall,Churcfa of 394 
Northynton 307 
Norton 533 

Norwich, Cathedral of 
465. Austin Friars, Cb. 
of 469, 470. Ch. of 
Friars Augustines at 
104> 131. Holy Tri- 


nity,Monattery of 581. 
St. Edtoahd'k Bury, 


Notebourn 380 
Nottingham ^99 
Novell Gftiunge 58 
Nutfield 361 

Nywenhatnl, oo. Devoto, 

Odes, ee. Wilts TO 
Ockley^Cb. 0r'558 
OAngton 1305 < 
Qffley 374, 465, 658 
Oldbury 830, ^31 
01deaforfb<f73 ' 
Obiey, Ch. of 650 
Orby 631' 
Or«dn 730 
^pring, fio. Kent 99 
dty whangefl 403 his 
Oston Hanger 579. Ch. 

of 57* 
Oswoldkyrk 539 
Otteley 407 
Ottery,-Ch. of St. Mary 

of 63 
Overt 400, 401 
Over Arley 468 
Overhall 630 
Over Rekynghale 310 
Overton Quartermarshe 

Oaburge 398 
Oiford, Corpus Christi 

College, Ch. of 565. 

Friarr Pfeachers, Ch. 

of 159,311 
Oaton 430 

Piaton 633 
Plashanllallln Besborpe 

Ple4sy, Castle of 66, 68, 

147. College of 896, 

334, 356 
Plomestede 101 
Poktnttfn 633 
Pbote 733 ' 
Pbrttonde 58 
Potstedc,C1^aanti7 of 158 
Fbfrys, Castl^ llA bis 
Poijey ^39'^ 
Pd^ninrs,- Cb. of 78, 83* 
'139, Sir 
PrHt6nMoxta Ferlee, co. 

Suffolk' l!te 
Prtnee^ RUboroagb 736 


Pal man, qu. Polruan? 149 

Parham 631 * 

Park Cooysby 557 

Parteney 630 

Peblew 319 

Penberye 756 

Penford 319 


Penne 756 

Pentlow Hall 334 
Pepyring 130 ' 
Pery wade 390 
Pesemarsb, Ch. of 784 
Philipp Castle 139 
Pimperne 58 ^ 

Pinchbeck, Cb. of 437 
Pinchebeke 631 

Pbke 8^9' 
Puibanili 733 
P6flei6l * 
I^thettorne 473 
I^sche3d3 ' 

Radegund, St. Abbey of, 

'Ketii 93 
Radno 383 
RAinhani,Cb. of 416 
RAkedal^ 5^^ 
RlnlsVI^ta BeilHousejCh. 

'0^1&9 " -' ■ 
Raftisdehbelhoose, Ma- 
nor and Advowson of 
Ranes 307 

Ratcliffe-ttpou-Trent4 1 8 
Ratbeby 631 
Ratlynge 737 
Ravenhall 396 
Ravensmere 735 
Raven6wonh,Ladyof 3 1 8 
R,avinshbrp 538 
Raunds 661 
Raones 437 
Reading, Grey Friars of 

RedCastle, co. Salop 1 14, 

Reidfeld 736 
Redibdale, Lordof4SO 
Reds pan'. Prioress of 133 
R^liib^U'^ Advowson of 

Religious Hoase founded 
by the EarU of Otfoid 
Renton 401 
Rmgakar 468 

RieTaQlt»Prioqr:«f laS 
Rinptade 4a7> 668 
Rippills 308 Ht 
Rivault» late MoiiMterjr 

of 719 
Rochester^ Abbey of 196. 

Prioiy of 150, 156 
R(«ate446 , 
Ro^baripb^ oow Drron 

RokeboQiiiey €b. of 488 
Rokey381 • 

Rodiiey, Abbey of :106 
Rotby Newton 44S 
Rotherfield Gray 568 
Rbtringliaiii 480 
Rouen, Cb. of Blened 

Mary of 841 
Rougbam, Cb, o^716 
RoUton 845 
Rowell, Cb. of 550 
Rowes 757 
Rowton 681 

Ronton 584 bit, 585, 586 
RoyaU 648 

St. Agatha, Abbey of 484 

St.Alban*B, Cb;of744 

St. Jamee, Priory of at 
Dudley 391 

St. Martin 856 

St. Mary Boeri, Cb« of 

St. Romwold, Cb. of 844 

Salden 613 

Salflet Haven 681 

Salisbury, Catbedral of 
184,857,894. Church 
of 165. Cboreh of 
FUherton near 168 

Salva Terra in France546 
Sandacre 598 
Sanday 557 ' 
Sanderigg 880 
Sandberst, Cb.of613 
Sandwich 819. Cb. of 

Sapcote 418 ■ 
Says BonviU 633 
Seardeborgb, Church of 

Sobapewyk 131 
Seale 465 
Sebeiaton 738 
Segrave 665 
Sellinge 579 


Sellynge, Cb, of 564 
Sonde 658 
Sene 747 
Sere 59 
Sesaltre 808 
Seyuk 319 
Shafston 345 
Sbarielow 880,881 
Sbarpcnho 845 iis 
Shawo 709" 
.Sheffield, Cb. of«680 
Sbelton 557 * 
Sbepey, Moiiaatcry of 461 
Sheplako880, 881 
Sheriff Hoton 887, 880 
. Sheriffs Naunton 654 
Short 484 

SbetfordyMonasteiy of 49 
Sbiplake 448 
Shipton 886 ^ 
Shire, co. Surrey, Cb. of 

Shirley 388, 539f 545 
Sbobendon 345 ^ - 
ShoisweU448 ' 
Shome 419 
Shouldham,Monattery of 

64 '■• 

Shyngham 8)^8 

SidestroudyCO. Norfolk 73 
Sion, Monastery of 589. 

late Monastery of 699 
Skelton Hall 898 

SkeTiugtoniCb. of7ll 
Skidbrok 681 
SkoUes, Cb.of6l4 
Skredyngton 444 
Slykford 681 
Slyngesby 477 
Smalbridge Silvester 630 
Smalesham 457 
Soalesham 755 
Sogennowe 680 
Somerton 803 
Sonestoke 130 
Sopworth 757 
Southcote 757 
South Morton 446 
South Pederton 319 
South Piderton 149 
Soutbwark 850. Four 

ParishChorches of,Tiz. 

St. Margaret, St. 

George, St. Olave, and 

St. Mary Magdalene 


JaitaBermondscy TTP* 
Church of St. Mary's 

Overe 81, 805,770,778 
Southwell 780 

Southwiek 701 

South witham 418 

Sooth Wokindon, Cb. of 

South Wotton 6B8 
Speeheley 364 
Spillesby 6^1. Cb.of 186, 

680l . • 
Spiytelsbury 788 
Spycherwyk 188 
StaUyng 448 
Stamford, Cb. of 397, 

Standon, Cb.of 671 
Stanford, Cbapel at 14. 

Cb.of 866 
Stannowe, Advowson of 

Stanwell 854. Cb. of 858 
Staniwey,Ch.of348 ' 
Stanweye, co. Essex '894. 

Stapleford, Cb. of 414 
Staverdale, Churbh of 

J34. Prioiy^i-75 
Stavordale, Prioiy of 680 
Staundene 183 
SUundon 58, 446 
Staunton Harold 545 
Stebunhithe, Cb. of 481 

M^, 488 
Stellinge, Ch.of436 
Steping 681 
Stepul Levynton, Cb. of 

Sterboroogh, Castle of 

Stevynton 856 
Stockbury,Cburch of 886 
Stoke 59, 883. Cb. of 

Stoke Dabemon, Cb. of 

183, 197. Lady of I97 
Stoke Daubeney 373 

Stoke Doile 757 
Stoke-upon-Tearne 448 
Stoke Mandevllle 880 
Stoke juita Newark 599 
Stoke Neylaiid 811. Cb. 

of 811 
Stoke Pogeis, Cb. of 740, 

Stoke Fogeys, Cb. of 840 
•< Stoke yn boo*' 863 
StokhoU 345 



Stokiog 419 

Intone 863» 401. Prioiy 

of 118 
dtoneham Aspall 533 
Stonbam 185 Mpe, 482 
Stony Stratford 557 
^torthwaite 538 
StourtOD 730 
Stoutingey co. Kent 106 
Stowe359. Cb. of 419 
Stowleton 547 
StrateUe S45 bis 
Sitrumacbe, Lord of 428 
Strutton^ 319 
Stupel 58 
Stuteley 345 
Sulham 261 
l^ullyn^on 131 
Suited 585 
SuthiU Hall 546 

Sutton 302, 373 
Sutton Bonyngton 545 ' 
Sutton in the i>ale 598 
Sutton Maondeville 605 
Sutton, CO. Northamp- 
ton 373 
Sutton Valence 418 
Swabey 620 
Swadiffe 605 
Swaffham, co.Cambridge 

Swafbam 203 
Swanton 738 
Swineshed, Abbey of, co. 

Lincoln 75 
Syberton 439 

Talgartha 296 
Tarent 58 
Tarncourt 385 
Xaston 754 
Taston Hall 757 
Tatt ball 719. Cb.of719 
Tattersball, Ch. of 276. 

College Cb. of 433 
Tedington, Ch. of 122 
Tenbam 737 
Tenterden, Tower of 292 
T^ttwood 605 
Teicote 359 
Tewksbury, Abbey of 99> 

Thame, Parsonage of 754 
Thanet,Chun;hof 98 
Thaabourgb, Advovson 

of 547 
Thediltborpe 620 
Tbetford, Black Friars, 

Cb.of434.Prlory of603 
Theydon Garnon, Cb. of 


Thorncombe, Cb. of 239 
Tborndon Hall 690 
Tborneton 373, 476 to * 
Thornton 720 
Thoroldes 668 
Thorpe Latimer 444 
Tbrandeston, Cb. of 679 
Tburkelby 373, 374 
Thurlegh, Cb. of 332 
Tburleigb, Cb. of 595 
Tburleston. Cb. of 478 
Thurrock Grey 412 
Tburwaston 756 
Thwayts 409 
Thyrning570,57I. Ad- 

▼owson of 571 
Tihenbaro 547 
Ticbesey, Chapel of St. 

James in the parish of 
. 70 

Tichmark, Ch.of 711 
Tiverton, Chapel of 494 
Tizhale 366 

Todyngton 584, 585, 586 
Tolingley 336 
Tolyngton 298 
Tonford 401 
Turkam 599 
Torrells 633 
Tottyngton 130 
Totyngton 245 
Towsland 561 
Trebrigge, Hundred of 

Tredbeck 757 
Tregewell 442 
Tregruke 58 
Trelawne 442 
Trenveld 643 
Treps 630 
Trewardreth 442 
Trellik 58 
Troye 58 
Trussell Merston, Cb. of 

Tudeley, Ch.of 683 

Tudrington 311,316,317 
Tuubridge, Ch.of 391 
Tunstall 428 
Turnbam Hall 720 
Turvey, Ch.of 462 
Twenham, Monastevy of 
ChrisOs Church at 121 
Twineham Hall 528 
Twynehed 444 
Twynham, Cb. of 145 
Tykenham 526 

Tyrington Hall 380 
Tynedale, Lord of 151 

Vanburgh 709 
Verdon 59 

Ufford 620 to. Ch. of 749 
Ulvescrofc, Conventual 

Church of 76 
Universities of Oxford 

and Cambridge 525 
Upmerdon 130 
Upminster,Churebof 159 
Upsal, Lord of 270 
UpsaU 587 
Upton 387 
Usse 149 

Wakerle, co. Northamp- 
ton 75 

Walcote 620 

Walden, Ch. of the Ab- 
bev of 89 

Waldersham, Ch. of 737> 

Waldrege 387 

Wales, CO. Bucks 387 

Walkern 532 

Walkhampsted 702 

Wallingford, Priory of 93 


Walpole 244 

Walsale, Church of 61 

Walsall 478 

WaUham 210 

Walsingham 58 

Walsynham,Chapel of 77 

Waltham 254. Abbey of 

Walton 3 1 7 .Baron of 602 

Walyngford 14 

Wangford |298 

Wangforth, Ch. of 600 


Wanston703 to 

Warden 308 to 

WardourCastle, ccWilts 

Ware, Ch.of 405 

Warnecamp 130 


Warier, late Priory of 


Warwick, Ch. of 358. 
Ch. of Friars Preachers 
70, 42a CoUegiate 
Church at 69» 153, 
169 231 

Wassenham, Cb. of 697 

Watesfeld, Advowson of 

Watford 702. Manor 702 



Watrettratford 345 
Watside Park 718 
WattlcKfelde SIO 
Waverley, late Monas- 

terv of 709 
Weddesbury 364 
Wednesbury, Ch. of 3S8 
.Wedyngton 44S 
Welborne 373 
. Weldberne 554 

Weldon 570, 571,578 

Weley, Castle of 116 

Welford 477 

Well, Cb. of 704 

Welles 620, 6412 

Wellome 302 

Welwyn, Ch, of 677 

Wemme, Lord of 173 

Wenire 735 * 

Wepbam 130 

Werini^on Bridg<e (to 
purchasing the >ent 
and loll of, that it may 
iR foture be free) 459 


West Bradenham 547 

West Btitterwyk 557 

West Corbet 70S 

West Dene,co.6ttiFolk I S3 

West Herlinge 446 

West Kington 44S 

West Lexham 465 

West Lilling S87 

West Tilbury 399 
West Wolryngton,Cb. of 

West Wyeombe, Ch. of 

Westbury539, 544. Pa- 
rish of, eo. Wilis 72S 
>Vesthanger 387 
Westborp, Advowson of 

Westhorp atte Marshall 

Westminster, Blessed 

Edward, Church of 6» 

86. Abbey of 147. Cb. 

of the Abbey of IQO. 

Choreh of St. Peter of 
. 10, 15. Conventual 

Ch. of 818. Monastery 

of St. Peter 557- St. 

Margaret's, Ch. of 389. 
• St. Stephen's College 

Weston 83, 861 
Weston LongueTiUe 491 
Westrudan 844 

Westwell, Cb.of485 
Wetberrooniford 630 
Weton 308 

Whaddon 478. Ch. of 560 
Whatfeld Hall 406 
Whatlington 613 
Wheatacre 680 
WheatacreBurrough 680 
Wbighton 584, 585 
Wfaiston 389 
Wbitecbapel, Parish of. 

Whitechurch, Ch. of 695 
Wbite-lady-Aston 364 
White Waltham 757 
Whitney, Cb. of 378 
Whittington 170.Cburch 

of 188 
Wigmore, Abbey of 110 
Wight, Lady of the Isle 
of 818. Lord of the 
Isle of 145 
Wilberston 373 
WUford, Great 681 
- — Little ^81 
Willesdon,Cb.of 564 
Willesbam 757 
Willoogbby Waterlesse 

Willowes Burton 545 
Winchester, Cathedral of 
849. Church of Friars 
Minors of 179, 765 
Winderfelde 680 
Windsor, Chapel of 446. 
Chapel of St. George of 
368. College of 85, 38, 
476, 488, 688 
WiDgfield,Ch.of 190 
Wingham 737. Cb. of 

888. Provost of 106 
Wingbam Barton 737 
Winterbourne, St. Mi- 
chaelorKent,Ch. of 80 1 
Wirksop, Priory of 168, 

William 444 

Wodechurch, Ch. of 889 
Wodeton 108 
Wodington, Chap, of 550 
Wolde 708 

Wolston 488 
Wolverton 380, 584 
Wulvesey, Palace of 855 
Woodbridge 680 
Woodeballe 58 
Woodford cum Hintony 

Parsonage of 748 
Woodham 442 

Woodbay 159 
Woodmandesle 883 
Wooton 701, 702. Ad- 
vowson of 701 

Worcester, Dominican 
FriarB,Ch. of 338. Fri- 
ars Minors 50, 52. Fri- 
ars Preachers," Cb. of 
390 Monastery of 363. 
St. Mary and St. Wul- 
Stan, Cb4ircb of 5 

Worfield 407 

Wormynford 630 

Wormlegh 396 

Woiher 649 

Wotton, Ch. of 351,549, 


Wrabnasse 188 

Wriffurd 100 

Wrottiog 805 . 

Wrentbam,called North- 
ale, CO. Suffolk 183 
• Wulterton 585 

Wul wade 319 


Wuiton UDderWyvor442 


Wyesthorp 802 

Wyke Dive 442 

Wyke Hamund 448 


Wykes 58, 680 

Wykbam 308 


Wykmere 465 , 

Wymundlry,Prioi7 of 98 

Wymington 302 

Wyluiondbaro, Cb; of 547 
Monastery uf 635 


Wynerton 599 

wVnham, Cb. of 403 

Wynketon 605 

Wynwyk 548 

Wyrmgey 116 

Wystow 477 

Wystowe 879 

Wyvenbo, Ch. of 674 

Wy version 210. Ad vow- 
son of 810 

Yarde 633 
Yiigolmeles 631 
Yngworth 584, 585, 586 
York, Cathedral of 271. 

St. George's Parsonage 

of 704 
Yoxford, Ch. of 585 
Yvele, Advowson of 132 
Yves 584 


H Ou Index ^ery orHeU relating to the Semce rf ihe Altab, Wbaring Appabil, 
Aamoor, Books, Heraldry, Houbbhold Furmturb, Jbwblc, Plate, ontf 
RBLifiUBS, wiU be found in a^habetical oirkr under these heads m tie general 
arrangement. The toman numeraU refer to the nUrodu4tory maUer, when some 
ooservations iUusirative of the sulQecty or articles^ t» question wiil be found. 

AeoniSyembroidered on Tettments 6^0 
Advanced to testators cousins chil- 
dren not married nor 771 
Aisle, towards a new in the Church 

Alabaster, tooibs to be made of 86, 

93, 146, 346, 339, 591 
Ale and Bread for poor people at fu- 
nerals 876, 503 
— — a kilderkin of good 507 
Alienation of property from the heir 
of an ancient fiimily, said to merit 
God's indignation 546 
Allegiance, strong exhortation to the 
testator's son to preserve his 874, 
— - to the King, testator's children 
exhorted to be faithful to their 460 
— ^ duty of, to be taught by a lec- 
turer, provided by testator's exe- 
cutors 733 
All Souls College, Oxford, books be- 
queathed to 388 
Almighty, very curious address to 

the 760 
** Alms, in pure" 188 
— - ordered to be given by the tes- 
tator's wife with her own hand at 
Almshouses 349> 540,618, 653 
Almsmen 751 


Altar, service of the, a very curious 
description of articlesbequeathed 
for the 367> 368 

■ super, of white 454 

super, of Jet 454 

• aotiis 60, 336, 369, 370, 371 

bis, 453, 506, 60S, 740, 763 

.— — of blue damask 483 

— - of criBMon velvet, embroi- 
dered with tbe name of our 8a- 

— — of diaper 339 bis 

^-— of white satin, embroidered 
with the garter 605 


Altar, hangings for an 453 
Albs 50, 336, 367, 606, 751 
Amice SO 
Bell, Saciyng 366 

hand, of silirer60, 366, 349 

Branch fur lights 353 

— — of laton 368 

Candlesticks 75, 308, 356, 366, 

368, S69, 383, 363, 870, 40K 

604, 660, 663 

— of silver, wkh arms thenon 

of sSver wretben 396 

Censers 154, 188, 336, 366, 660, 

Chalices 13,60,71,99, 137, 154, 
456, 175, 303, 340, 356, 366, 
366, 370, 349, 865, 869, 370, 
451, 470, 506, 537, 534, 645, 
660, 685, 751, 767, 770, 771 
seppe, 774 

Chapel, Furniture of' the, hw^, 
vestments, Sec. 73, 75, 87, 101, 
137, 347, 356, 408, 603, 763 

•*— ornaments and necessaries of, 
described 369 bis 

Cbesibles 50, 335, 367, 369, 384, 
606, xxxiv 

— — diacones 367 bis 

Clnysmatory of silver, with the 
case thereto belonging 457 

" Ceeptorium" 46 

Copes 50, 173, 335, 367, 431, 474, 
549, 660, 663, 741, 771 steps 

— of black and red v«lvet, em- 
broidered like waves 359 

— — of blue velvet, with- garters 

— — of cloth of. gold, embroidered 
with lilies 453 

of doth of gold of .white da- 
mask, with torpens &c 453 

— embroidered with the image 
of th« Trinity 453 

— — embroidered with the hittoiy 
•f Jesse 768 



ALTAR, S&RviCBror THByConliwHAC 
Cope, of damask with gold S58 

■ of greefk velvet, with the or- 
fraies of clotb of gold tUaue 376 

— of silver 536 

-^— and vestment, a velvet gown 

fur a 467 
Coupe of silver, in which is a little 

box of ivory for the SacrameiitS66 
Corporassy cases for, of the same 

suitofvestmentsSe? Mr, 454,479 
Crom, with the foot silver gilt 405 

■ with a pedestal 73 

of black cloth of gold 455 

Cruets 506 

Cup and Patten 850 

Daimaticks 50, 267» 768 

Dish, an elemoeynary, in thaibnn 

of a ship 767 
Ewer, wherein to put the Sacra- 
ment on Corpoa Chtistl: Day 39 
Favon 50 
Font, fruntaile for the 453 
Frankinsense, ship of silver for 866 
Frees, of white cloth of gold, pow- 
dered with gartera 267 
Frontail, for an altar 468 
— — of red baudkyn for the font453 
— — of doth of gold of bluetatiB453 
Frontore,with arms thereonS I ,zxiii 
* Hangings for an altar, with the 18 
Apostles embroidered in gold, 
with a Crucifix and the Saluta- 
tion of our Lady 453 
Holy Water Scoop 866 
Host SiB6 

— a beryll for the 154 
Nets of silver for a chiUice 870 • 
Ornaments of Chapels 161, 857, 

369> 747 
Parures 267> 869 
Patten and Cup 850 
Pax, witb a Crucifix, whereon are 

Mary and John 660* 
Pax-bred 856, 349, 364, 369, 506, 

531 , 660 
Fixes S3, 50 
Porteiyres, pair of 598 
Pulpitary 60 
Rochet 389 
Sacrament, a ewer wherein to put 

the, on Corpus Christi Day 99 
■ cup of byrei for the 856 
— — a tomb to be mede for placing 

the Sacrament on 653 
Sacryng bells 966, 364, 408 
Sconces 188 
Sepolchre cloth, of crimson velvet 

Ship of silver for frankincense 366 
Sprinkle, silver wateratock with660 

ALTAR, 8BRVi«)B OP:TfiB» emUmud. 

Staff benaturc 866 

Stole 50 

Stoup for holy water 866 

Surplice 339, 330 W4, 451 

^Syngingbred" 866 

Tabernaclea 188,868 

«-— of silver 840 

Towels of works 435 

Tunides belonging to vettments 
50, 835, 660 

Veisel of beryll, for the Sacra- 
ment 768 

Vestments 46, 58, 54, 60, J 87, 
]37» 154, 158 to, 161, 188, 191, 
800, 831, 841, 856, 865, 387, 
338,365,370, 371» 431 ins, 458, 
454, 467, 471, 474, 479, 549, 
569, 598, 634> 643, 645, 660, 
679, 741 , 770, 77 1 #«y*> 780 

— — sixe of, describitd 634 

— 1— i and honourments 643 

andcbesible 506 

— — of baudkyn 570 

— — of baudkyn red«nd green 451 

— arms to b^ wrought on 858 
— — of,crimson velvet 455 

— ^»> sacred or hallowed 645 

— — embroidered 850 

red, given at the testator's 

marriage 130 
of black, with the arms of 

England 66 
Orlraie^of 359, 360, 376 

— with gold coronets 71, 
— — of russet velvet 367, 751 
—— certain words ordered to be 

embroidered on 349 
— — summer, powdered with leo- 
pards 74 
— — a black, of velvet, with arms 

thereon 434 
<— — of blaek, adorned with stara 

of gold 173 
— — of green doth of gdd 78 - 
— — for the altar, adorned with 

peacock's featheraand velvet 198 
— — best with three capes 101 
of black sating figwred with 

red velvet 869 
— — with the Cross and acorns 

embroidered thereon 660 

of black stuff 360 

-k.— of green velvet, embroidered 

with otea 349 
■ . a purple, with a Crucifix and 

images of St. Peter and St. John 

embroidered thereon 458 
— — of silk, with their appendages, 

of which one is a blue baudkyn 

mixed with white colour and &e 

other a white silk 779 



ALTAR, BBAVICB or thb, continued. 
Vestments, suit of^ of red cloth of 

gold 72 
whole suit of 99, 858 

— suit of, of cloth of gold with 
peacocks 886 

a suit of and a cope, of black 

velvety of the price of xx /. 554 
of damask 570 

— suit of, of velvet chequered 

• — — of blue cloth, embroidered 
with lions of gold 768 
■ of satin embroidered 140 
— - of velvet 403 

, white 101 

. -~~- of white damasks, powdered 
with bears and ragged staves of 
gold 359 
WiUer Pot 60 

Water Stock, of silver, with the 
sprinkle 660 
Altar, the place at, where the Gospels 

are read 834, 388 
Alyz, cloth of gold 840 
Amblings, gelding 706 ^u, 713 
Ambr>e of Christ Church, Canter- 
bury, to be children of the 567 
Anchorite in the Wall Dear Bisbop*s 

gate 356 
Aii<rel steeple, to the, of Christ's 

Chiijcb, Canterbury 486 Hi 
Angels, a cruet the shape of 154 
" Anker," images of gold of the tes- 
tate, each holding an 831 
An nets to be sung 93 
Antelopes, hangings with 356 
Aniiphon of our blessed Lady, to say 

Ml 548 
Apostles, twelve, spoons with the 536, 
XXX vii 

the twelve, embroidered on 

hangings 453 


Apparel 161, 649 
.— ^ for the body 380 
— ^ testatorV715 
.-— — marriage 760 

for testator's wife's body 

Belts 111 

Bonnet, testator's belt 486 
Buckles 141. 
Cap, testator's best 734 
Cloak 807; 367 

.— — ufsarsnet, embroidered 734 
^— . velvet 733 
Coaf, furred 486 

green 691 

—— and surcoat 68 
— — andiiood 184 

APPAREL, WEATIINC, eontithted. 
Coat, of cbarolet, furred with black 
bogys 569 

of black velvet, furred with 

marterns 658 
CoUar 141, xxxviii 

of gold 37,498 

of the King's livery 437 

Doublet of cloth of gold, blue 865 

— of satin streaked 691, 789 

— of velvet 865 

Girdles 435, 436, 467, 505, 568 ' 

— of green, harnessed with sil- 
ver 330 

—'— of testator's sword 703 

— russet, harnessed with gilt 

-^— - of black, gilt 813 

— silver 90 

— of red tissue 308 
of gold 7 1 bis, 85, 813 

— broad, a 467 

•^— of silver gilt, to hang at an 

image of our Lady 398 ' 
Gowns 37 bis, 161, 800, 813,354, 

367,399, 410,448,458,486,497, 

5 1 5, 608, 680, 685, 691, 698 bis, 

706, 789 

■ ■ five yards of cloth for a, 


— of green alyz cloth of gold, 
with wide sleeves 840 

^— russet 435 

■ ■ ■ of russet, with hoods 1 83 
— ~ of cloth of testatrix's grooms 

livery 455 

^ of black cloth 488 Mf 

— — of tawney tafFety 7 14 

of fine black 455 

;— - of velvet 371 
•^— blue, of broad cloth of four 

yards, with a bull's head on the 

sleeve 741 

of black velvet 865 

— ofsifk furred 531 

■ '■ ■ of black satin, furred with 
sables, which the King gave the 
testator 694 

— of russet, not furred 1 61 
— — of the colour of violet, bound 

with velvet 486 
• ■■ " and hood, of white cloth 

— »- black, of cloth lined with 

damask 691. 789 
-— of black velvet, furred with 

marten 47 1 
long, of scarlet, furred with 

red gray 161 

with the hood 569 

ofdamask 689,646 

*— of satin 439 


APPAR£L, WBARING, tumiimied, 
Gowns» of black drnmask^ wealted 
with veWet and furred with mar- 
terns 715 

of frixe 353 

— embroidered with lartnet 734 

— of tawiiey damask, furred 
with Jeonetts 658 

— of crimson velvety furred with 
white 395 

— a blue, furred with white 830 

— black, and hood 609, 68 J 
' of "black velvet, belonfing 

to testator's wife's 714 

— furred with sables, lucernes, 
and conyes 733, 734 

— — ol black satin, lined with vel- 
vet 715 

-^— testator's wife's, of black sa- 
tin 715 

of cloth of gM 695 

•— of crimson velvet, furred with 
black 605 

— — black, not to be given at 
testator*s funeral excepting to his 
servants and torch bearers 719 

~ of velvet 696 farptf 

— — of the colour of black murrv 

— — crimson gown single, and 
a fur of grey 330 

of cloth of gold, blue 265 

■ ■ ' furred with roarters(qu. mar- 
tens SS8, S39 

— — half, of purple velvet, furred 
with martens S69 

of black cloth 814 

wedding 840 

and hocKl of white or russet^ 

of one suit 335 
■■ — a single gown of velvet and 

fur of white 330 
— ^ ofchamlet434 
— — black velvet 439 

— fur poor bedemen, price iiit. 
iV4f. 488 

— *- of cloth of gold, to make a 

cope or vestment 431 
black, and hood 81 

— black 448 
crimson 410 

wedding, of tinsel satin 598 

'■ outsldes of, to be made into 

vestments 660 
Habit, best, i. e. gown, dokcy &c. 

367 Hs 
Hat, black 818 
Hood 367 

-^— gown with a 569 
Hooks for mantles 85 
** Hopolandes" 187» 818, xzxi 
Huykes not forred 187 


APPAREL, WEARING, amtlnued. 
Jacket, velvet 691 
Kirtles 300,313 
Mantle a black 304 

— of blue velvet of the garter, 
and a gown of crimson velvet to 
make altar cloths 605 

-— ^ black, furred with mineverl81 
I a white 454 

— — hooks for a 85 

Pursle of sable 471 

Robes 141 

-— ^ with a mantle €7 

■■■ of blue velvet, used for the 
Order of the Garter 695 

■■ of estate and parliament 633 

Shirts 880 

— — and smocks for poor people 

Shoes and Stockings 181 

Smocks 380, 466, 663 

Surcoat and Coat 68 

Tippet, a velvet 486 

Tonick, best 515 

«' Wearing gere" 600 
Apparel, testators ordered to be made 

into vestments 598 
— - of a ship 534 

of the plough 866 

'< Appose," lecturer to appose his 

pupils in matter of grammar 738 

Almaine Rivetts 638 bis, 658 

Ammunition 48 

Armour 68, 73, 93, 135, 807, 387, 
zxi, xxiii - 

complete suit of 810, 389 

— -^ suit of, for the justs 77 

— — of plate and'mail 118 

Armouries in mansions 358 

Arms, to be sold for the health of 
testator's soul 168 

Arrows 563, 647 

•— and bows 703 

sheafs of 688 

ArtilleiY 43, 683 

— of a ship 534 

Axe, parcel gilt, garnished with 
crimson velvet 703 

Basilard 168,676 

Bills 638 

Bows 688 

of ewe 647 

and arrows 54, 708 

— — arrows, and all other defen- 
sive weapons, that he may there- 
with be ready to serve his Prince 

•— — long and cross and bendings 

Breast Plates 189> 190 



WAR, canUnued, 
Brigauntiers 454 
** Brigaudiers/' Covered with red 

velvet and cbecquered 189 
Coau of Fence 667 
Coats ofMailS4J7«87,l4d,189>191 

d'Astere^ofNapMs 119 

of Milan 146 

— - which belonged to Guy Earl 

of Warwick 79, 154 
Coat of steel 676 bis 
Cross bows 4 1 0> 608 
Cuirassers, pair of 368 
Dagger 163, UT 
Doublet of defence 381 
Gauntlets 87 
Guns 755 
Habergeon 188 
HabilimenU of War 166, 603 
Harness and Coats of ience 667 
— — and other haBitimenu for war 


— for war, far the testator and 
two servants 531 

Helmets 54, 87, 189* 190 

-~ testAtor's, to be borne at his 
funeral 700 

to be placed under the effigy 

on tombs 133, 134 

— - to be placed on the coffin 77 

■■ to be placed on the corpse 98 

— — made at Bordeaux 1 19 

Jack 676 

Lances 190 

Mail, Coats of, vide Coats. 

Morion, iron 189 

Powder aiid Shot 755 
. Ordnance 4^ 

Rivetts, Almaine 633 to, 658 

SalleU and SpUnttf, and other 
things belonging to Almaiu Ri- 
vetts 658 

Sheafs of arrows 683 

Shot and powder 755 

Spears 135 

Splints, SalletSf and all other 
things belonging to Aknain Ri- 
vets 658 

Sword 77, 135, 163, 187» 189, 
303, 676 his 

— • testator's second 157 

-^— and harness for the Justs of 
Peace, which belonged to War 

— — - a long, which belonged to 
King Edward 168 

— — which was given in the name 
of the Earldom 74 

— long, gilt, and the girdle 703 

— made at Turenne 1 13 

garnished whh gold 111 

Sword, of Guy of Warwick 154 

WAR, cMtnued, 
War, habHimlenis of 165> 330 
Weapons 79, 755 

Army, debts of thd, kkeurred in Por- 
tugal 140 . 

AmB 141 to, 758, 756^ xzxv 

bed of 453 

— *-^ tappets of eovnterfeit 674 

— * cushions of counterfeit 453 Ms, 

— >- dorter of 358 

<< Arrearages of lands^ 603 

Artificers 887 

. Ateensioii of our Lady, tablet Ena- 
melled with the 76 

Asshetti8fiMrd,,a tenement in, called 
the BoU 665 

Assnnmce^ solemn,' that the person 
had no right to certain landSj a 
curious example of 153 

Avowfy, teAator's 581, 644 

Badger, vide Gray. 

«< Baehelier anion tresther" 143, 144 

Bailiffs 57 

<« Bailie en la** 58 

Baker to testator's>763 

Bakehouse, standards in the 479 

Banners 134 

— borne atfonerals 109,387,695,700 
.— p- at fonerals, forbidden 194 

— of the Trinity, of the Annun- 
ciation, of St. John, and of St. An- 
thony, to be bortte at testator's fu- 
neral 695 

of the T^estator, and of the Tri- 
nity, of our Lady, and ofSt.George, 

^ to be borne at his funeral 700 
Barley, bushels of 353, 575 Aepe,786 
->— — a bushel of, to the light of a 

Church 353 
Barrehides, for cloth sacks 453 
^— for carriages 453 
Bastard -dao^ter ■ described at 

«< daughter in base" 588 
— — choice of baatards given to the 

King 534 
Bark, called the Genett 534 
Bars, plain, to keep off the crowd at 

funerals 137 
Baudkyn, vestments 451, 453 sape, 

670, 779 
^— red cloth of 385 

— bed of blue 338 

— — bed of counter point 433 
Beads of gold and Jet 61 

— wooden 371 

»-— statutes of poor men and wo- 
men with their beads in their 
hands 340 

Beam in the Chareh, towards making 
a new 386 



Beans » a butbel of to the lights of a 

Church 352 
Bears, b«d embroidered with 154 
Beast, the best, in saii^laction of 

tithes forg^otten 79 
■ best for a mortaary 153 

Bed, noticed to have been borrowed 

by tbe Marchioness of Dorset of 

Lady Hastings 45S 
Bedemen S82 

— — poor hospital for 438, .741 
singular notice of their religious 

duties 429 
BederoU, parish 7» 388, 504, 644 bis 
Bedonrow of Courtop-street, to the 

Bedridden, to poor people 1B4, 326, 

Bee£, roast ribs of, to be provided for 

testator's funeral 502, 509 
_ — and mutton, pieces of, to be 

provided fur tc6taior*s funeral 502 
Beer, kilderkins of 698 
Bflchier, cup called 130 
Belfry, bequest to making a new one 


Bells, of the Church, to the mainte- 
nance of 282, 479, 490, 492, 574 

to the ringing of at testator's 

funeral 271, 443 

to buy a new, called a trebyll 

286, 394 

tenor 334, 403, 657 

ringers, to the 672 

. tower, to the building of 292 

Ben at ore 266 

Beneficein perpetuity 685 

Benesonue, ^ cup called 111 

Bennys, white 507 

Bestial, horses, oxen, and other S2b, 

545, 678 
Bill of testator's hand, debts to be 
paid according to a 553 

uf the king's wardrobe^ debts 

so contracted 86 
Blessing, God's and the testator's, 

given with a sword HI, 
. given and received with the be- 
quest of a chain 141, 142 

given with hooks and a gold 

cross 148 ^v 

. given with a bed 154 

Blue, and better blue hangings of 453 
Board, legatee to have his 7 15 
Boats 646 

.Bogys, black coat furred with 569 
Boudinen to be remembered 73 
B<»nomy, a scholar at 467 

*31, 54, 127. 130, 207,383 

of prayers, covered with 

green 313 

BOOKS, etniinued. 

Book great English 367, 554 

of abridgments 744 

Actsof the Apostles. 761 

Si. Ambrose, or some other book 

St. Anselm, small book of 762 
Antiphoner,to the purchaseof a 557 
_ . — «« chescun ove un grayel 58 
to buying a book called an 


365,398 , „ 

called «* Arthur de Brctagne 

Mvi, 127 

St. AuRU8tine*s work 709 

Bibles 5i^, 554 

Bible, common 768 

Bibles bequeathed to Oxford 283 

Bible, in two volumes xxvii, 133,148 

«• Complutens Editio,"attfl*Spauisli 

Bibles 709 
Bible, a little 434 
Bible, with a rough cover of skin 

Book of Bonaventure 423 
Book called " Catholicon 367 , * «>8 
Book called *' Causa Dei contra 

Pelagiouis" 58 
"Bookof Ch."78 ^ . . 

Chronicle of France in French, 

with the clasps enamelled wittt 

arms xnixi 1^8 
Canonical Epistles 761 
Damascene, book of 762 

Decretals, books of xavn, 58, I33> 

Devotions, book of 148 
Book of Entries 554 
Engleficld's Abridgement 744 
Epistles of St. Paul glossed 761 
Epistles and Gospels i"Jren«^4S 
Book called" FasiculusMorum 367 
Book called •• Florarium Barlholo- 

mei" 768 
Book, a French 233 ' 

Book, wiih the "Constitutions 

Provincial" and " De Gesiis Ro- 

maitorum" 367' 

Book of Giles " de regimine prin- 

cipum" xxix, 148 . ^ 
Gradual, Mass Book called a 236 
Book called " Medulla Grammati- 

ca" 367 ^ • 

« Grayel" books, called 68. 60 
The Prophet Hosea, glosed 7«1 ^^ 
«• Histoire de Cbivaler a eigne 

xxix, 148 . « i;io 

Bookof'Meistres Histoirea 148 

Books of Hugo de Vienna 538 

" Hugucion" 58 

Bool^ called the "Life of J W 444 

Isaiah glosed 761 



BOOKS, eomHmtfd. 
Books, primed, culled ** St. J«- 

rom's W«»rk8" 569 ' • 

Pookft, LHtiiiyiaiid French 03 • ' 
Lmin Books bb4 
BiMikf of LaiiDi Eiiglifiby and 

French 137 
Boi'k of Job, Acft bf <he Apoitlev, 

ReveUtions,&c.all in one vol. 761 
Book of Lancelot 51 
Law Book 554 - 
Legends 58, S56 
Legend, a large 179 
Book of English called *< Legetida 

Sanctorum*' 357 
*<Legendaaurea," illuminated 148 
Leicend of the Lives of Saints, in 

French.covered with red clntfa958 
Book in French, called " Luccem" 


A large book, lately composed at 
Te8tator*s (the poet Gower's) 
expense, called Martirokigiun, 
80 that be may have daily a 'Spe- 
cial memorial written in the 
Bame,according to agreement 779 

Mass Books 165, Sd6, 856, 365, 
369, 451, 454, 471, 479, 506 

Book of Maiteus, covered with 
velvet i79 

Matin Books 137, 190 

Missals 60, 142, 158 5», 160, 179» 
767, 779 

Book *' De Officio Pontifieair' 767 

Book called " Pars OeuK" 768 

Pastoral of St. Gregory 149 

« De vitis pat rum" 148 

Portfory60, 160 

Portboos 148, 165 

Portiforum xxai, 60i 179, 771 mpe 

. without notes 7 1 bis 

. with musical notes 71 Wf 

Pricksong books 615 

Printed Portoons 451 

Primer, a fair, given by Queeli Eli- 
zabeth [Woodville] 452 

■' with clasps of silver, covered 
with purple velvet 857 

— « covered with velvet 570 

m. a, covered in blue 813 

— — a, covered in red 813 

— — - little, covered with green 
velvet 670 

187, 190, 481, 4^, 506, 570, 


-^^ of gold 436 

Psaltert, &c 48, 59, 148, 149, 
813, 834, 588, ^68, 77^ 

— — made hrir looms 148 

«-»»- with arms thereon 136 ' 

•.— well illaminated 148 

^i*— •wibroidered 439 

BOOKS, ctffUJmictf. 

Psalter, notes upon the 697 

— -;>glosed367,i6l 

IJuestioiis, book ol 58 

•* Ouiiir«*s" of a b«Kik 58 

Book called Rationale Divinoram 

Revelations, gl<»sed 761 
Saints, L«*g(»nds of the 58 
New Ti^tamrnt and other books, 

written on parehmetit, with Tes- 
tator's comments 569 
The Twelve Apostle*, glosed 763 
Book of the Life of St. lliomas 

Bot>k called « Thomas" 768 
Bottlbul Tribulation xxavi,' 165 
« IVistram," a book called 809 
•Book of all VirtUM 768 
Bonk of Vices and Virtoes 148 
Vices, a book ounceruing the 768 
Book of gold 674 
— — of gold enamelled 489 
— — lined wit-h gold 696 - 
— — a little, with tablets of silver 

and gilt 190 
— — ordered to be bound with an 

iron chain to a certain part of a 

ehapcrl 367 
•^— given in testimony ** of old 

atnitye and ftiendship** 709 
Books, printed 569 

— bound with lesiber 58 

— — written, in parchment 538 
— «-* printed on paper 569 
— — - on parchment 538, 569 

— legacy to buy 191 
•^— atGray*s Inn 561 

— "- strictly entailed, and ordered 
not to be dispersed, coriout, early' 
instance of 554 
** Bosom" of the Hospital, to each 

priest in the 779 
Bosses, a bowl embossed with round 

Bote, with the apparel thei«to 45f • 
•* Botelleries, Garceon de la'* 57 

Booghs and leaves, beds embroidiMd 
with 14 

Bourbon, a Tablet ealled the tablet ol 

Boy antick, with a child in bis- hand; 

figures of on a cup 715 
— — to each of a Convent 778 . 
^— - to testator^s servitors 768 
Boa, fsstened with silver and massive 

lions gilt 133 
Box of Cy|iresa wood 141 
Boxwood, bed of 479 
Branches and -flowers, &c« bed of 187 
Brass» image in 665,687 
— — pUte for toaib 566 - 



BtfeAd tttd drink to ptwonert of Lod-- 
doii 449' 

■ ■ virhiie, a pennyworth- ifr to^ 
make holy bread, bequest fOf 6\S- 

■ ale and ckceae to be 'provHled 
for teal atur't funeral 602^ - 

■ and ale for poOr people at-fft- 
neraU 376 < 

Bcewbtniie 479» 4a7 

Bridges, to the nepairsof 8S6, 37^ 

— — to* tlm maknig of. Oarscang 

Bridfce 459 . 
« ■ * Wiirin|{ton, totbeporchaae of 
the toll of, in urd^r that in future 
it might be free for aU people for 
ever ccc marks 459 

Bncklft, a paternoster with 155 

beads o( gold vritb 80 

Bull, tenement in Aithetfislbrd call- 
ed the 6t»5 

Rnl oeks 403,696 

Bvlls 50. 654, 691 

•* Burgadalie» Maior^ 149 

Burial, Knii^'s pcrmiSMoii to be ba* 
ried in ihe Chapel of Windsor in a 
place puinUfd out by his migesty368 

— ■ " bequests to monks that thi*y 
may yot ^.fruteb'' test atria's S39 

«— money bequeathed to Churches 
fur license of', itt' 607 ' 

— *- to a house of i friars for tosta* 
tor^s 338 

— to the Rector for testator^s %tL 

Bury, to the building of the Praers 

at 384 
Butchers, to the shambles for strmngo 

Butler, to testator's 768 
BuUerfliea, bed onbroideredwith 136 

Cables 43 

Calendar in missalls 767 

Calf>a784 . 

Camak, beds of f 4, 99 

<• CaiD^U d'aMtre" 119 

Cambridge and Oaford, universities 

o^ 8001. given by Cardinal Bou»* 

chicr 538 
Gaasdca, bed of 18 Ms 
Candles 351 

Candlesticks of laton 868 
—- ~ ofsilveivfoftuppefiowintorlSl 
Canopy 51 
Canterbary, a good and loyal roan to 

bo sent -to,, to offet there xu. 68 
•* Carnal brother*' 150 
Carnages, barrebideefor 453 
•• Carrion^ stinking*!' the eorpse of 

the testator so dekOfibed 464 
Cart with ftto botaet c^dMw it»with 

their harness -898 


Cart and five horses to go witball 479 

— with two horses and their bar- 
ney 786 

C^ ol aChrysmatory 457 

Castles, pots wit b 335 

Cattle 139,345,403. 714 

Caudle Cup 733 

Gedar* tester of 479 • 

Cedule 495 

Cendal, yellow 50 * ■ 

red 77 Wf . 

Cere cloth 596 

Chain, a book ordered to be fastened 
with one of iron to a certain part 
of a Chapel 3(57 

Chair, wi h the covering, horses, and 
harness 433 

Chalispeee, a pieee of plate called 335 

Cha«fbe«, that occupied by testa- 
tor's widow to be possessed by her, 
with liberty at the fire 785 

— servant of the 187 

— ^ money bequeathed for the fur- 
niture of 67« 439 

Cbambre, a e06 

Chamletyooat of 5i69 

— - a gown of 434 

Chapel, ftttniture of a, pledged to 
raiso anney , inatanco of 1 88 

^— to be built for testator's bones 

ChapUin, to be sent to Jerusalem, 
&c. 68 

— — stipendiary 7<9 

Chapter House of St. Swithin, testa- 
tor a brother of the 631 

« Charetters" 68 

Chare 835 

■ horses in my 888 

— -* vide Chair. 

Chariot for the eonveyaaee of a 
corpse 77 

Chased plate, with gold 883 

Chattels 390, 398 • 

Check roll, servants names in the 758 

Checquered vestments 78 

Cheese 507, 577 - 

— — al<*, and bread* to ba provided 
for tiest ator*s funeral 508 

Chess board under a little chest of 
ivory 593 - • •• - ~ 

Chest or Coffin 345 

— a great .a prewce coffe70l 

** ' covered 575 , - « 

— — bound with iron, to pot 'the 

Church )ewela and plata Int^^l 
^-— of ivory, a little, whereof one 

lock is gilt 593 ' 
Chests 780 
Children bequeath to the King, pranr- 

log him to ba « good Lord to ihom 

516 . ^- 




ChildreOf the testator's oicncuriottsly 

described 341 
China, pfate, rinps, and jewels 744 
Christening, a cross given at a 754^ 

~ gifts at 80 
Cbrystal cup 54 Ins 
Church, to the repairs of the body of 

the 403 
• for carrying testator to 786 


wardens 507, 519 

^-*- yard walls, to the finishing of 

the 4dS 

Circle of gold, with which Lionel 
Flantagenet was created Duke of 
Clarence 7 1 

— - with which the Black Prince 
was created Prince of Wales 71 

City Wall of Canterbury, to the re- 
pairs of 597 

Clasps of a hook 357 

— -^ of books, enamelled wkh arms 

Clerk, to the master clerk 779 

— — to the sub clerk 779 

Clock of the Parish, to keep and sus- 
tain th», for evermore 435 

Cloth, black, ordered for mourning 


— gown of broad 741 

— blue, to be put over the corpse 

• 72 
— — linen, with a red cross, to cover 

the corpse 83 
— ^ peculiar, selected to cover the 

corpse 62 

— black, hearse to be covered 
with 218 

— ^ of silver tissue 600 

of gold 60, 164, 225, 226, 227, 

240, 600, 603, 695 
— — sacks, barrehides for 453 

■ ' - of silk 164 ' 
.^.-. of silk without furs 240 
■■■■ — white gown and hood of 208 

■ of gold, vestments of 72 
— ■ of gold, a yard and two and a 

half nails for a vestment 534 
. black, gowns of 214, 482, 691 

■ blue, vestment and copes of 768 

■ a legend covered with red 258 

of estate, a 423 

Clothes of red or green forbidden 335 

Clothing 226 

Clove, a bed called 131 

Coberdy 479 

Codicil, reasons stated for making a 

Coffer 365, 696 
-.— bound with iron 269 
_- of ivory 435 

Ccffer with three loeks, for title- 
deeds, to be provided 717 
— — aprewce 781 
— ^— of board, i. e. a coffin 596 
.~- with jewels therein 325 
Coffin or Chest 345 

of silver 266 

^— of elm board 269 

College, foundation of, with peculiar' 
regulations respecting 95 

Columbine, cup of gold of 380 

Combs of wheat 480 sape 

Comfits, to be given to the quire at- 
testator's obit 699 

** Compas," bed embroidered with a 

Concubinage, concealed, a curious 

instance of a prohibition 763 
Confessor 13 
«< Constable Bowl" 202 
<' Contra Rotulatione" 766 
Convent, to a, to admit testatrix*! 

sister among them 567 
Conye, black gown furred with 734 
Cook, to testator's 762 
Copper, portraiture on tomb in, or 
latten gilt 235 

images of for tombs 358 

Corn 480, 7 14, 730 

— — seed 58, 59 sape 

_-. a bushel of bread corn, bequest 

Corody 219 
Coronation, knives and saltcellars for 

the 154 
*' Coronatioun en le sommite/* of « 

tablet 132 
Coronet axv, 133, 190 
— — best, second best, and third 

best 96 
— — of gold, with stones III 
-— gold, embroidered on vest- 
ments 71 
■ to descend from heir to heir 96 
— — vide Circles and Crowns. 
Corpse, ordered not to be buried for 
three weeks 65 

.■ not to be buried for fifteen 

days 56 

— ordered to be kept unboried 

until testator's household were put 

in mourning 225 

— — not to be cered or eitibalmed 

— — ordered to be bound and well 
winded with a cere cloth and wind- 
ing sheet, and put iu a cofFer of 
board closed 596 
'* Corpse presen*," i. e. mortuary 265 
Corpus Cbristi Day 99 
Cotton, black, livery of 652 
-— a towel of 330 



Counterfeit ami, casfaiont of 45S 

bit, 453 bis 
Counen completely harneMed, &e. 

to be at testator's funeral 807 

- as a corpse present S65 
^— - black xxT, 100 

bay 824 

a, called •* Dunne" 810 

called "Gerfacon" 71 

called <« Ley wd Nevill*' 265 

— — called " Maungeneleyn" 7 1 
Cow, a milchy price IBs, 4d, 337 

- a, to tbe maintenance of the 
rode lights tbe wbicb to be kept by 
some bonest person, for tbe said 
use, at tbe discretion of testator's 
executor 781 

Crafts pood 575 

Crosses, bequests of 6 

— — ptim, to the 386 

— -— of silver gilt, with Imap^es 388 

^— - a tayew or cross tau 335 tit 


•»— part of a, held as a pledgee 454 
-~- to tbe maintenance of lights 

before the 883 
-—— in Churches 98, 615 
^— in Cbeapslde, to the building 

of 78 
. — — on garments 118 
Crossbed, Bishop's, that Olirer the 

Joiner made 456 
Crown, a piece of plate with, at the 

foot 365 
— «- of gold,to be made of a cbai n240 
' limitation of tbe, by Henfy 

VIII. 38 et teq, 

184, 135 

Crowns, thousand 805, 806 
*-<- and li«ns on noucbes 131 

on a cup 146 

Crucifixes 188 

~* on a tablet 138 

engraved on a tablet of gold 60 

in tbe Church 703 

in Fleet Street, London 416 

. Crusades 57 

■ vide Holy Land 
" Cunning Priest" 856, 265 
Cupboard, a (tone 575 
. Curatis, deputy 504 
Curcite, the parson of the parish 

called the testator's 574 
Cprfew, house and garden to defray 

the expense of ringing the 6 16 
Cypress w(M>d, box of 141 

Damask, white 603 
— — a cope of cloth of gold of wiiite 
858, 458 

bed of black 148 

gown of 689>646, 658, 691 > 7 15 

Damask, vestments of 359* 570 

Dance of men and women, on cup of 
gold with a 838 

Daughters of Knights and Gentle- 
men, money to 187 

** Daughter in base, i. e. bastard 
daughter 588 

Daylight, corpse ordered to be bu- 
ried by 806 

Death, a picture of to be placed on 
tomb 689 

*< Deathing, day of," ordered to be 
put on testator's tomb 596 

Debtors, poor 684 

Debts, certain, to be remitted SSS 

— of testatrix's son, taken upon 
herself 453 

— *— due to the King 658 

— of testator^s father and mother, 
ordered to be paid 590 

■ incurred by testatrix to the 
King, for her son's marriage and 
advancement, stated 651 

— — ordered to be paid, that tbe 
testator may be ** in no peril there- 
fore" 265 

— • to be paid in discharge of tes- 
tator^s Soul against God 359 

— ~- house to be sold to pay hus- 
ba^id's 81 

— •— by speciality 615 

— — by 8peciaUtie9,obligations,bill8, 
or otherwise 603 

^— - vide Tallies, Statute Merchant » 
and Bills of Household. 

Delegated religious Vows 103 

Desks, plain, to mHking 867 

Diaper 389 f«r, 330 

Dilapidations in Church Livings 567 

Dinner ordered for funerals 154,354, 

month*s mind forbidden 683 

— great, at funerals, forbidden 683 
and supper, bason for washing 

before 131 

".Disport and recreation,*' legacy for 
the, of the Convent 363 

Dogs, cup enamelled with 78 

— — a saltcellar in the shape of a 
111 bis « 

Dole, to be distributed 77> 743 

— — at a funeral 681 

Dolphins, a doser of green, pow- 
dered with 92 

«<Domicel!o" 174 

Don, a palfrey called 105 

Dove bouse 696, 702 

Dower 382, 392 

— — moiety of goods and chattels 
given as 288 

Drap de layne, black 98 

Drink, one quart of, one loaf, and 



one* meat of meat, «o be. given 

daily to poor pe-tyle SI 6 
Dubtets, stones to called S68* 
Dunne, a courier called 810 
Dwelling-house 745 

EagleSj on a pieee of plate 364 

— — — an oucbe called the 79^ 80 . 

*~ bed with the 74 

— — - bed powdered with IS, 149 

Earldom^ SMTord given in the naoieof 

an xxvi, 74 
Ears of a cup 715 
Education to the, of tettator's base 

son 74S 
Edward's, Kino, sword III, 168 
Edward IV. Kino, his aelecrion of a 

apot for the interment of William 

first Lord Hastings d68 
Edward the Fifth, Kino, his chain 

Edward VI. severe denunciation of 

his father against, in the event 

of disobedience of his commands 

Eel pies 509 
Effigy^ the testator's, in alabaster 

«* Egvell" signet of the 36 
Elisabeth, Qticen of Edward IV. her 

pathetic notice of her poverty S5 
Elm, coffin of S69 
Emtialming of the corpse, forbidden 

Embroidery 111, 131, 136. 140, 141, 

154, 181, 187. SS8, 350, S58, 395, 

349, 359. 435, 453, 453, 603, 605 

<«^,660,7S4, 768 to 
J^natnelledy plate, &c. six, 73, 76» 78, 

80. 83, 101, 111, 133 to, 148, 154, 

3S3r 353, 364, 4S9» 680, 767 

■ clear 537 

Engagements, religious, vide Vows. 
Entertainment at funerals 154, I9I, 


— at funerals, very minute ac- 
count of 503 et seq. 

■ - I of eating and drinking at fune- 

rals, forbidden 159 
Epitaphs, vufe Inscriptions. 
Ermine, bed covered with 161 
*«Escriptq'i P 1.13 
E<«picerie, tablet of 93 
Estate, a clotb of 433 
Evidences, i. e. title deeds, singularly 

curious directions for (he preser- 

ration of 561, 717 
Ewe sheep 63 
— — price 6d. each 337 

and lambs 486 

ExcommuDication,, sentence of 4 

Executors,, to decide polnte< -not 

strirtK legalintbetestiitOi'siMll448 
— — > d^sigltated *.'^|Vtnripal0. 'and 

Chiers," and<«^6ecundnlrer' 59 
Exhibition, to the,- of legaiee^e^Te 
-^— of poor scholars atOxford-and 

Cambridge 488 
— — of pobBjchOlan, to^be.5^ — 

— to th^, of: teafhtor^s' grandson 
and grand' daughter 493 ' * - "- 

— -» to testator's »otfs*and findtng 
468 .'•.'• I > t > 

EUhortation,singttlar^to the King 795 

-— singular^ to kgatees and sela- 
tions 101 • . 

'- " ■— affectionate, one to teatstor't 
wife 304 . • . 

— to testator's son, reiy curious 
instance of 450 ■ . i . . 

pious, singularly 450^ 580|58i, 

607> 619, 644,733 

— — ^ pipuff, alter tbe accession -of 
Queen Etizabetb/curioils instance 
ol 759 -. , .. ^. 

Expeuftcs usual for funerals to be -ex- 
pended in masses 109 ^ 

Farm, lease of testator's 787 • — 

a priest ordered to enter and 

take all thefrvits andpn»llt«of455 

Feasts at FuneralU, forbidden«83,38l 

— every high doiible<40l 
F«'athers and Leopards, bed with l%7 
Fed, those that corae unbidden to 

testator's funeral to be 313 
Fee,, robei bequeathed as a 67 
" Ferour, un garcon piirle^'.67 
Fetterlocks, Falcons^ and Garten. 

bed with 187 
Fetterlocks and Falcone, on- basons 

Feversham, tenements at, called the 

George and Hower de Luce, and 

curious particulars about 661 
'*Filife mea Spiritual!,'* God-cfaHd 

thus described 180 
Fire in the house and liberty at, i. e« 

the use of to be atlowed to the 

testator's widow 785 
Fish meat 509 ' 
Fish, salt, unwatered and unsodeyn 


stock, unftodeyned 503 

Fishing nets 646 

Fishmongers of London^ Company of, 

rent from', the 946 - 
Flock beds 646, 786 
Florence, badges wosked at 33 
Florins of gold 86 
Flowers, chain of water 404 
•— vestmenti with 570 
-~-— and branches, &e« bed of -337 



FIftirer ^ livoe at FeraithftiDy a te* 

' iiement to eallefl 661 
Folk«f tone sf oiii*, noticed 496 
Furfce^ the tniif b't 725 
Fratne* teitatof^t bifuse lying in 663 
France, the tettator purpotin|f to 

go to tbe ware of 7 IS 
Fraud on tbe €hiirrb,-reftitatioii or- 
dered fur a tinguUr 850 
Freestone, tombs to be made of 434, 
510, 697, t44 

— aCbiipeltobe vawgbfedwitb58S 
Friends, testntor's " two barty" 709 
Frise, gown vl 853 

Funerals and Religious Services for 
tbe dead, directioiit about 88,51, 
52, 6«. 74, 75, 77, 81, 9«, 94, 98, 
109, 110, 114, 118, 124> 197, 129, 
134, 135, 138, 140, 146, 147, 152, 
163, 154, 156, 159, 164, 169, 172, 
175, 181, 182, 183, 194, 206, 208, 
212,214,215,218,221, 225,281, 
' 235, 936, 271, 281, 287, 295, 353, 
354, 363, 376, 385, 387, 391, 405, 
406, 407, 408, 483, 443, 464, 466, 
47 1 , 476, 483, 499 ec seq. 517, 539, 
557, 575, 576, 596, 60l, 606, 607, 
608, 609, 621, 623, 644, 64%, 652, 
653, 666, 674, 680, 692, 695, 697, 
698, 700, 701, 719, T2I, 722, 740, 
741,743, 752, 753, 765; 769, 781, 
782, 784 

— ^ expencet for 76, 79, 88, 94, 
100, 1 10, 122, 125, 155, 194, 200, 
226, 245, 247, 287, 621 

— — i serrice appointed bjr tbe king's 
book 727 ^ 

-— * persons ordered to be ioTited 
to 65 

— -^ great men not to beinrited to $6 

— * vide also Entertainment, Din- 
ner, &c. 

— entertainments at, very minute 
and curious account of 502 etseq. 

Furred, Garments 161,228, 229, 325, 
485, 471, 486, 531, 569, 605, 658, 
694, 715,733,734 

Furs 269, 830, 660 

Gallery, cbamber in a 667 

••Garceon" 187 

«' GareioVenetoris'* 774 

•• Gard. Camere Domini" 774 

«• Gardiner^' 774 

Gardens 392, 703, 750 

Garnisbed silver vessels 214, 228,255, 

Garter, Order of tbe, robe of tbe 695 

»— tbe, and arms, bed embroi- 
dered witb 141,605 

— — on a saltcellar 141 

Garter, tbe, to-ba plaeed on ttatator*s 
efBgy on biS'tomb 741 

of gold, a 486 

— — being a knigbt of, tomb to ba 
made 67 1 

— collar of tbe, and tbe best 
George, beset witb diamonds 707 

— *- collor of tbe, to be made into a 

cop of gold, and given to tbe King 

— — - mantle, gown, and hood, of the 

orderof tbe628 
^— - poor Knigbts of tbe 88 
— — tbe, altar cloths embroidered 

witb, and testator's arms 605 

— testator's image on bis tomb 
ordered to have tbe mantle of tbe 
Garter, and tbe Garter round tba 
leg 498 

— trees powdered witb 267 
-^-^ cope of blue velvet witb 531 
•»— - gown of crimson velvet, and 

mantle of blue velvet, belonging 
to tbe order of tbe, given for altar 
cloths 605 

Gavelkind land 386, 742 

Geldings 613, 683, 706 5iff 

Genett, a bark called tbe 534 

Gentlemen and Gentlewomen of tes- 
tator's household, to 455 5tt, 754 

George, at Pevenbam, a tenement 
so called 661 

Gere, wearing 600 

Glass, a, garnisbed witb silver 435 

for a tablet 240 

— — specially ordered for a window 

of a Cburch 306 
to making a window, with tes- 
tator's arms 161 
— — stained windows to be made of 

766, 767 
Giaiing tbe window of a Cbnreb, to 

tbe 267, 475 
Glebe land 757 - 
Goblet bound witb gold, *' which I 

used to carry" 78 
Goo, tbe name of, on ebalnt 141 
Godchild, described as •« Filiss mea 

spiritual!" 180 
«« God daughter and servaiit' ' 285 
Gold, money in 201, 209,240,251,603 
— — three hundred ponndi in old 

gold 760 


Goods 343, 684,782 

Gospels, tbe place at tbe altar wfaeta 

tbey are read S34, 268 
Govemore of Castles, salaHcs of 86 
Grains 345 
Grammar School 697 

— to be taught -by a leetnrer to be 
provided bytestator'seatcQtors729 



Grammar Scbooli schoolmaster to be 
found to teach 744, 723 

Grantham, George Inn, in 433 

Grate of wainscot 637 

Gratitude, instance of in Edward 
DukeofVork 188 

Gray, fur of 161,330 

Green or red clothes, forbidden 335 

Greyhound, a bed embroidered with 
one 181 

Griffins, bed embroidered with 131 

— — two, supporters of arms 240 

— — bed marked with 99 

Groom's livery 455 

Ground, for breaking the, for testa- 
tor's burial 479 

" Gulec'em punctatam''* 46 

Guyse, i. e. fashion, of London 503 

Habilimenti of War6i3 

t;t(/e ARMOUR. 

•* Halfyndele" 363 

Handmaid 156 

Hanged beds of gold and silk 603 

Hangings and beddings ordered to be 
sold, but to be first offered to testa- 
tor's children 455 

Hangings of beds 330 

Harfleur, siege of 186, 1 87 

"Harm and stares" by testator's 
cattle done, in recompence of 574 

Harness 54, 79, 154, 187, 292, 423, 

borse 293, 380 

— — horse, of velvet 324 

for ibe body 633 

— — horse and cart 786 

— — image of the testator in 741 

^" for the justs of Peace, which 

belonged to War 173 
Haruesbed, girdles 330, 467 
Haven and Creke of Feversham, to 

the use of 663, 663 
Hay 453 bis, 454, 730 
— — a box to be stuffed with 269 
Heads, lady's, attire for 131 
Hearses xzxti, IO9, 1 18, 134, 137. 139, 

169/ 183, 183, 194,315, 225, 385, 


— curious particulars about 218 
— — a solemn, forbidden 381 

-~- cloth and pall for, to a new 663 

to be placed over testator's 

grave 693 
Heart, a broach in the shape of a 

— — - of pearls 135 

Heart, ordered to be preserved with 

spices 109 
-— — on cups 133 
Heifers 696 

Heir loom, plate given M an 688 

Henchmen 187 

Henry VII. lands redeemed out of his 
hands by testator 587 

■ monument ordered by, histo- 
rical observations on 33 

Henry VI 11. singular directions 
about his funeral S8 


Arms on altar-cloths and beds 605 

on beds 10,13, 111,131 

— enamelled on crosses 209 

' on the coverings of cushions 

— on the clasps of books 148 

■■ ■ badges and devices to housed 
in vaughting a Chapel 582 
* ■ on the cloth which covered 
the coffin 77 

— escotcheons of testatrix\to 
be place<l in the rood loft as a 
remembrance that her soul 
should be prayed for 466 

-— embroidered on frontor 81 
— — on hangings 131 

impaled, notice of 173, 240 

— -— on monuments ordered 588, 


on orfraires of vestmenta 359 

on plate 13, 73, 74, 90, 98, 

101, 113, 124, 126, 131, 137, 

161, 173,307, 309. 827, 233, 271, 

277, 394, 364, 365, 699 
— — on psalters 135 
— - ordered to be placed quarterly 


seal of, in a ring 654, 743 

■■■ ■ shield with, to be placed on 

the corpse 98 

■ supporters of 340 
— -— on tombs to be chsnged by 

the directions of a herald 627 

— to be engraved on loqibs, 
particular directions about 106 

~- on vest menu 66, 258, 434^ 

— ordered. to be placed in the 
next window to testator's grave 

— - on windows 161 
-"■ — a^)d name to be assumed 126 
property given upon condi- 
tion of assuming the testator's 
108 * 
Badges, arms, and devises, ordered 
for- the vawghiiug of a Chapel 
Banners, vide Banners, p. 848 
Banneret, minute directions for 
the funeral honours belongin|f 
to the degree of a 700 



Bears and ragged ttaTet, vestments 

powdered fvitb 359 
Coat Armour S30 
— — testator^Sy to be borne at his 

funeral 700 
DeTices, badges, and arms, to be 
used in vaogbting a Chapel 583 
Falcons and Fetterlocl&s, on ba- 
sons 187 

Fetterlocks and Garters, bed 

with 187 
Ferde Moulin, silver dishes with a, 
engraved on the bottom of them 
Fetterlocks, bed embroidered with 

Flower de luce, a broach with a 
stone, in the shape of a sap- 
phire 743 
Gyron S31 
Herald, an, to altar the arms on 

testator's tomb 687 
Label, in arms, particularly or- 
dered to be engraved 106 
Pendant, testaior'i), to be borne at 

his funeral 700 
Penoiis 23 1 
Quartering of Arms, early instance 

of 106 
Standard, testator's, to be borne at 

his funeriit 700 
Supporters 240 
Tau or Tayew, cross 335 bis 
Trefoils, cup «ith 132 
Herbage of certain lands 476 
Hercules,hangings of the story of 603 
Heriot 231 

Hermit of Courte, to the 634 
Highwavs, to the repairs of 152, 282, 
283, 292, 295, 337, 351, 416, 473, 
481, 618, 657, 662, 667, 740, 783 
— - to the mending of, forty loads 

of stone 618 
H^g, a yuung 785 
Holidays, vestments used on 60 
Holland tile 26^ 

" Holy Church, a meek daughter 
of," testatrix so describes herself 
Holy Land, vicarious pilgrimage to, 

instaiiceof 196, 762 
.» — a crobs brought from the 100 
■ ■ ■ pilgrimage to xxxii, 196 
to the maintenance of soldiers 

in the 52, 57 

— ^-> bequests of ancestors for the, 
ordered lo be paid 63 

Holy Land, to the aid of the expedi- 
tion to the 762 

Horses 62, $9, 80, 133, 189, 210, 

226, 8S9, 442, 455, 602, 646, 
Horses, a brown bay 121 

and saddle 421 

harness 380 

■ white ambling 327 

« my best low" 229 

** in my chare" 228 

- ••better gross" 135 
■ ■ - gnzzled, a 324 

. a black 61, 736 

.— — a great black 724 
^-^ and harness 423 
.— — and harness of a cart 766 
— « five, to draw a cart 292 

tilting 80 bit 

- Ave, and a cart 479 

_ — for mortuaries 52^ 53, 75, 104, 

— — — and saddles, for mortuaries 136 
Horn of gold 1 1 1 
Horns and cup of St. Hugh 51 
•• Hostel" 57 
«< Hostiaro Camefe" 174 

of the Duke of Bedford 243 

Hospital, rules for poor men inha- 
biting a 335 
.^— to be founded, curious regula- 
tions of 610,611 

to be founded 162, 170, 381 

. for poor bede men, founded 741 

.^— foundation- of, and rules re- 
specting 182 
Arras, stuff of 256 
Array, residue of testatrix's 471 
Bag, garnished with silver 506 
Banker, with arms thereon 105 
Banncoves or Bancours, 227, 228 

bis, 453 
Bedding 54, 226, 232, 372, 373, 

453, 454, 603, 605, 692, 753 
— — and bangines, ordered to be 
sold, but to be first offered to tes- 
tatrix's children 455 
Beds xix, 54, 58, 85, 101, 148 bis, 
I69i 190, 303, 365, 505, 569, 
588, 624, 696, 953, 780, 785 

feather 435, 453, 454 sape, 

47U 480,646,691,701,781 

■ - o^ arras 452 

__ ornamented with arms 10, 
11,67, 72, 76^*15 

with the arms of England 67 

velvet 126 

of black silk 229 

-—^^ white, with popinjays 256 
of red worsted 61, 175, 330 

■ ■ ' of black velvet, embroidered 
with fetterlocks 141 

— •«- white, with the hangings 330