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The 88th Division 
in the World War 

I' . 

. ^ >: c '-^ 

President of the United States 

Secretary of War 


CommaDding American ExpeditioDary Forces 


Marshal of France 


Field Marshal of Great Britain 






19 14 - 19 18 


PiililiNlu-H liy 


J'rinlers <r Hindrrs 

80 Lakaykttk Street, New Yohk 

Price, fiJH) per Copy, Piiilage 35c extra. 

Publishers' Note 

'I'his, llic oflicial History of the 88th Division, is published hy authority of 
the ('onuiiHiKhii^ (ieueral of the Division, who, under dale of June 3, 1918, made 
the following announcement: 


88tii Division 
r. S. A. 

The Wv.\K(K)P IIalm:nbi:( K (Irawfohd C'ompany has been authorize<l to 
publish the ollieia! History of the 8fUli Division, which will contain in pii^ture and 
in text tlie acln'evements of the DiNision — its training, its service overseas, its 
return home and demobihzation. A complete roster of all odicers and men who 
served in the Division overseas will form a part of th',^ History. 

All mendiers of the Division are assured that tin's History will, in every way, 
be a worthy volume, and id! are urgerl t.) secure a copy of what will be the record 
of one of the most iiil(\''t»s!!n.r chapters in their life's history. 


Major-GeneraU U. S. A. 

The pul)lishers undertook this work in view of the interest and enthusiasm 
evinced by the olllcers and men of the 88th Division, from the States of Iowa. 
Minnesota, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, the Didiotas and neighl)oring St^ites; 
and upon the assurances of co-operation and support from them and that there 
was a treiiH^ndous demand for a book giving in pictures and text the accomplisli- 
ments of the 88th Division. 

It is a pleasure to acknowledge, with appreciation, the co-operation of all 
those who have made its issuance possible, espec'ally 

William Weigel, Major-General, Commaudiug General. 

Fay W. Brabson, Colonel, General Staff, Chief of Staff. 

C S. Buck, Major, Adjutant. 

Tom D. Neuson, Captain, Assistant G-''2. 

liDGAR J. Larson, Captain. 

Jacob Hofto, Captain. 

W. T. Burns, isl Lieutenant. 

William Darrow, ist Lieutenant. 

L. R. Fariall, 1st Lieutenanf. 

July 15, 1919. 

Copyright 1919 by Wynkoop Hallenbcck Crawford Company 





tu tJJ tJJ 

Organization and Training at Camp Dodge 27 

Biography of Major-General William Weigel, U. S. A 37 

Arrival in France — Training and Life in the Trenches 39 

After the Armistice 77 

Two Years of American Acc:omplishment Since War Was Declared . . 107 
Roster Ill 

Hi I 


THIS short story of the Eighty-Kghth Division's participation in the world 
war was prepared mainly to give the men of the Division a few facts which 
would enable them in future years to recall the many pleasant recollections 
which they will surely have of their service in the United States and France. No 
attempt has been made to give a detailed account of the many noble things accom- 
plished by each organization or individual. The book is simply a story of what the 
Division as a whole accomplished; accompanied by photographs and maps. 

The Division passed through three big stages in its career, therefore, the book is 
divided into four main parts: First part, organization and training at Camp Dodge, 
Iowa, and the trip to France; second part, arrival in France, training, and life in the 
trenches; third part, the period after the Armistice, which includes training, athletics, 
entertainment, the trip home and demobiUzation; fourth part, complete roster of all 
officers and men who served with the Division in France. 

September 4, 1917, to July 24, 1918 

The 88th Division, a National Army Division, was organized September 4, 
1917, at Camp Dodge, Iowa, from men drafted from the states of Minnesota, Iowa, 
the Dakotas and Illinois. 

Later when these first drafts had been transferred in large measure to Camps 
Cody, Bowie, Doniphan, Pike, Travis and (lordon, newly drafted men from these 
original states, together with men from Missouri and Nebraska, constituted the bulk 
of the Division. 

The Division was officered largely by reserve officers from the First Training 
Camp at Fort Snelling, Minnesota, and from the Second Training Camps at Forts 
Sheridan, Snelling and Benjamin Harrison. 

July 25, 1918, to September 4, 1918 

July 25, 1918, the Division began moving from Camp Dodge overseas, and was 
assembled in the 21st Training Area with headquarters at Semur, Cote d'Or, France, 
less the 163d ArtiUery Brigade, which was sent to the artillery training school at 
Clermont Ferrand in the south of France and never rejoined the Division. 

September 5, 1918, to September 13, 1918 

On September 5, 1918, Major-General William Weigel, who had just been pro- 
moted from Brigadier General in command of the 56th Infantry Brigade of the 28th 
Division, U. S. A., which had taken part in the Second Mame offensive, was assigned 
as Commander of the 88th Division. The Division was assigned to the VI American 
Corps, First Army, for training in open warfare. 

September U, 1918, to September 27, 1918 

September 14, 1918, the Division moved by rail to the Hericourt, Haute-Saone 
Training Area near Belfort, France. Its position in support enabled the 29th American 
Division to be withdrawn from the Center Sector of Haute-Alsace and sent to take a 
prominent part in the Meuse-Argonne offensive, where, crossing the river Meuse at 


Samogueux, it advanced to the high ground east of Consenvoyeand captured the enemy 
artiUery observation points and massed artiUery there. This maneuver enabled the 
American divisions west of the Meuse River to advance without having their right 
flank held up by artillery fire from these heights. Thus, by releasing the 29th Division 
from the Haute-Alsace Sector, the 88th Division contributed, not indirectly, to the 
winning of the important Meuse-Argonne offensive. 

On leaving the 21st Training Area at Semur, Cote d'Or on September 14, 1918, 
the 88th Division was transferred to the VII American Army Corps (with headquarters 
at Remiremont) for administrative purposes. 

September 25, 1918, to November 1,1918 

On September 23, 1918, advanced elements of the 88th Division moved into 
the Center Sector of Haute-Alsace, which was being temporarily held by the 38th 
F^rench Division that had relieved the 29th American Division. These advanced 
elements, totaling eight officers and four hundred men, were augmented until on 
0(*tober 7, 1918, Division Headquarters of the 88th Division was moved to Montreaux 
Chateau, Haute-Alsace; and on October 15, 1918, the command of the Center Sector 
of Hautt^-ALsace passed from the 38th French Division to the 88th American Division, 
whi(!h formed part of the iOth French Army Corps of the VII French Army, while 
remaining under the VH American Army Corps for administrative purposes. 

To reach the sector, the infantry and engineers of the Division had been forced 
to make long marches — sometimes 25 kilometers a day — on congested roads, pulling 
with them their heavily loaded machine gun carts, combat and field wagons, in cases 
the average weight pulled per man being 250 pounds. 

Furthermore, the Division had been forced to go without essential supplies, 
because all available transportation was being used to the maximum in the Argonne 
drive. On arrival in France, the Division had been required to turn in all its field 
ranges, overcoats, and all except one blanket per man; and means of cooking had to be 
improvised, or secured by purchase from the French or by the utilization of small 
French stoves in biUets, supplemented by the extensive use of camp kettles and 
watercans. Until October 6, 1918, there were only two ambulances in the Division — 
and they had to serve the French troops in the area also. 

Meantime, on September 20, 1918, a wide-spread epidemic of influenza set in, 
and in eight days there were 1,370 cases in one regiment alone. This epidemic in- 
creased until October 14, 1918, on which date there were eighty deaths. All told 
there were 6,845 cases of influenza and 1,041 cases of pneumonia reported, from which 
444 deaths resulted. 

After arrival in sector, much additional marching was made necessary by reason 
of the withdrawal of French divisions and the re-arrangement of their forces on the 
north and south of the Center Sector of Haute-Alsace. On October 24, 1918, the 
Division took over the FuUeren subsector, of the South Sector of Haute-Alsace, mak- 
ing a total of approximately nineteen kilometers of front line held by the 88th Division. 

While in this (Haute-Alsace) sector, energetic patroUing, often in force, in con- 
nection with the French division in the sector and later when the 88th American 
Division alone occupied the sector, kept the enemy constantly on the alert, held in 
the south many German planes, considerable artiUery, and several divisions which 
had remained in this sector of the German line for a long time. All this force, conse- 
quently, was held out of the Meuse-Argonne offensive, and again the 88th Division 


contributed, less indirectly, to the success of that offensive. In this (Haute-Alsace) 
sector, several night raids were carried out by the 88th Division and a number of 
prisoners were captured, enabling the identification of the opposing divisions to b^ 
kept up-to-date. German "stormstruppen" troops, assigned to the duty of roving 
from one sector to another between the Voges and the Swiss Border, also made several 
raids on the line^ of the 88th Division, both at night and in the daytime. These 
enemy raids were accompanied by gas projector attacks and by intense artillery 
bombardments, but at no time were the German raiding parties able to enter the lines 
held by the Division. 

On November 2, 1918, the 88th Division began to withdraw from the Haute- 
Alsace sector, and on November 4, 1918, turned over command of the sector to the 
154th French Division; 88th Division Headquarters being established temporarily 
on the outskirts of Belfort. 

November 2, 1918, lo November 11, 1918 

Meanwhile, on November 1, 1918, the 88th American Division was trans- 
ferred to the Second American Army (with headquarters at To;il), and on November 
6, 1918, began moving the advance brigade to the Lagney Area, north of Toul, where 
it was placed in the IV Army Corps (American) Reserve, which corps had head- 
quarters at Wienville, preparatory to taking active part in the Meusc-Argonne offen- 
sive. The balance of the Division was placed in Second American Army Reserve, 
with 88th Division Headquarters at Lagney. 

Again, the presence of the 88th Division, this time on the Meuse-Argonne front, 
made possible during the days immediately preceding the armistice the delivery up 
to the very hour of the armistice of even more powerful blows by other elements of 
American divisions released by the arrival of the 88th Division in Corps Reserve. 
The plans of the Second Army for the contemplated attack east of the Mozelle River, 
effective November 14, 1918, and which was to strike the German line between METZ 
and SARREBRUCK, provided for the 88th Division an important part in what 
could have been a very important phase of the Metz coup). The signing of the armis- 
tice on November 11, 1918, stopped this new offensive — and effectively put an end 
to the fighting. 

The achievements of the 88th Division have been measured only by its oppor- 

Men Trained for Three Months or More in the 88th Division and then 
Transferred to Other Divisions and Miscellaneous Organizations 

Number of Men 

Transferred to 

Approximate Time 


30th Division 

March 28. 1918 


33d Division 

March 26, 1918 


34th Division 

October 22, 1917 


33th Division 

April 1-20, 1918 


82d Division 

April 1, 1918 


87th Division 

November 17, 1917 


90th Division 

May 16, 1918 



Sept., 1917. to Aug.. 1918 

48,490 Total of transferred men. 




Ptaoui HHrii A Kwini 


Commanding General, 163rd Depot Brigade 


Commanding General, 175th Infantry Brigade in the U. S. 


Commanding General, 163rd Artillery Brigade 


Chief of Staff, 8«th Division in tlie U. S. 


Tlie Headquarters Slajf of Ihe 88lk Division grouped around Major-deiierat WUIam Weigel. First Row, 
U/l to rtigkl: Captain H. B. Halhbun. Capl. J. U. Quinley, Major F. B. O'Leary. Major W. A. Graham. 
Liral.-Colonel L. A. Tombs, Lieul.-fkilonel W. J. O'Laughtin, Colonel F. W. Brahson, Major-General 
William Weigel. Lieut.-OitonH B. C. Clark. Major A. T. Wallace. Colonel J. R. Shook and Lieal.- 
Colonet F. Fields. Second Row, Left to Riylit: LieuUnani M. F. Kirdiead, Captain F. Huber. Major 
L. S. Smith. Caplain F. W. Arnold. Lieutenant H. A. Colgan, Major Percy Bordwell, Captain G. E. 
Wilkinson. LieulenenI It. Burnett, Lieutenant P. Vodable. Lieutenant W. P. Harrow, LieuUnanl A. B. 
Kachel and Lieutenant W. .1. Burns. Tliird Row, Ijtjt to Right: LieulenanI R. .-1. Shay, Lieulenanl 
R. J. Quinloten, (Aiptain T. D. I^eltain. Lieulenanl h. D. Flynn, Lieutenant E. A. Conway, Captain 
F. M. Herman. Major H. Hanson, Lieutenant M. H. Lotendresge and Lieulenanl C. C. Armstrong. 
lAigney. Meurlhe el Moselle. France, November 15. 1918. 



.• <^ 




Left to Right- Lieut. Colonel T. B. McChee. A . C. 

of S. C-3: CohnrI Fay W. Brabson. C- of S. 

Lieut. Colonel Bennett C. Clark. A. C. of 

S. G-1: Lieut. Colonel Eric Fisher 

Wood, A. C. of S. G-2. 

Left to Itighl— Major W. W. Parris, Assl. G-3: 

Isl LieuL W. T. Burns. Secy., G. S.: Major 

Russell B. Ralhbun, Assl. G-i; Capl. 

Tom D. Nelson. Asit. G-2. 



At Camp Dodge 

1-,0LL0WING the passage of the Selective Service Act 
and the registration June 5, 1917, of approximately 
10,000,000 men, the problem of housing the new army 
had been solved only on paper. The plan adopted by 
the War Department called for sixteen National Army 
cantonments having a capacity of approximately 40,000 
men each, and ground for drill, maneuvers and target 
ranges adequate for the training needs of such a number. 
On the 18th of June, 1917, the War Department 
announced by General Order that an infantry (the 88th) 
Division would be organized at Camp Dodge, near Des Moines, Iowa. The site 
selected for Camp Dodge was ten miles northwest of Des Moines, the state capital 
of Iowa. It had for many years been the camping ground of the Iowa National 
Guard. On June 29, 1917, when Major N. A. Butler, the constructing quartermaster, 
first rode over the cantonment site, there were no buildings except 12 company mess 
halls, which were used by the National Guard organizations during their annual en- 
campments there. There was also the arsenal of the Iowa National Guard, a concrete 
building of considerable size, located on the railway; and a small brick house, which 
was utilized as a Headquarters Building for several months. 

Limited as they were by the lack of adequate railroad facilities, the construction 
of Camp Dodge was no less remarkable than that of the other fifteen camps. A single 
track electric railway between Des Moines and Perry, Iowa, in no way adapted to the 
heavy freight traffic and almost totally lacking in passenger cars for more than civilian 
patronage, made the transportation of materials extremely difficult. By November 
24th, all buildings authorized to that date for the camp were completed with the 
exception of the theatre and two officers* quarters at the Base Hospital. The 129 
individual heating plants for officers' quarters and medical buildings, the sewer 
system with a total length of 131,052 feet, all water mains, having a total length of 
170,355 feet, the pumping stations, wells and million gallon reservoir, the electric 
lighting system, the telephone system and road work were all completed. There were 
many changes and additions to the original plans, but these are incidental to the 
history of the division. 

An important feature of the cantonment which contributed in a large way to 
the welfare of the men was a part of the camp, centrally located, and known as the 
Civic Center. Here a government-built and managed theatre seating 3,000 persons, 
a Y. W. C. A. Hostess House, a Y. M. C. A. Auditorium, a Lutheran Brotherhood 




Building, a Knights of Columbus Auditorium and a library erecte*d by the American 
Library Association, provided facilities for education, recreation and amusement 
of all kinds. 

The history of the 88th Division may be said to have commenced on the 25th 
of August, 1917, at which time, in compliance with a War Department order. Major 
General Edward H. Plummer arrived at Camp Dodge and assumed command. He 
was directed to organize a division according to the following table: 

Division Headquarters 

Headquarters Troop 

337th Machine Gun Battalion 

175th Infantry Brigade 

319th Infantry 

350th Infantry 

338th Machine Gun Battalion 

176th Infantry Brigade 

351st Infantry 

352d Infantry 

339th Machine Gun Battalion 

163d Field Artillery Brigade 

337th Field Artillery 

338th Field Artillery 

339th Field Artillery 

313th Trench Mortar Battery 

313th Engineers 

313th Train Headquarters and Military Police 

313th Ammunition Train 

313th Supply Train 

313th Sanitary Train 

In addition to the division organizations, the 163d Depot Brigade was established 
to which, later, all incoming drafted men were attached before being permanently 
assigned to the division. The Depot Brigade served also to take care of men physi- 
cally unfit for combatant branches of the service, and t^) hold specialists, such ai 
psychologists, chemists, etc., pending their assignment to special services. The camp, 
at this time, was only a row of partly completed wooden barracks, without water 
supply or lights. 

Headquarters were established in an old brick house near the southern end of 
camp and the following assignments made for division staff: 

Major Sam M. Parker, Division Adjutant 

Major Gary I. Crockett, Division Inspector and Acting Chief of Staff 

Lt. Col. Henry C. Bonnycastle, Division Quartermaster 

Lt. Col. Jay R. Shook, Division Surgeon 

Major Clarence G. Fronk, Division Sanitary Inspector 

Major Clyde L. Eastman, Division Signal Officer 

Major Wm. A. Graham, Division Judge Advocate 

1st Lt. George N. Northrop, Division Statistical Officer 

2d Lt. Michael M. Kinkead, Division Statistical Officer 

2d Lt. Nazard M. CoursoUe, Division Statistical Officer 


In addition to these the following assignments were made among general and 
field officers who had reported: 

Brig. Gen. Charles C. Ballou, 175th Infantry Brigade (never joined Brigade) 

Brig. Gen. William D. Beach, 176th Infantry Brigade 

Brig. Gen. Stephen M. Foote, 163d Field Artillery Brigade 

Brig. Gen. Robert N. Getty, 163d Depot Brigade 

Col. George E. Houle, 349th Infantry 

Col. Clyde E. Hawkins, 352d Infantry 

Col. George R. Greene, 337th Field Artillery 

Col. Samuel C. \ estal, 339th Field Artillery 

Col. Harrison J. I^rice (later Brigadier (leneral) and Col. Girard Sturtevant, 

163d Depot Brigade 
Col. James P. Harheson, Division Trains 
lA. Col. John J. Rvan, 319th Infantrv 
Lt. Col. Rush S. Wells, 350th Infantry 
Lt. Col. James F. McKinloy, 351st infantry 
Lt. Col. Francis W. lloneycutt, 338th Field Artillery 
lA. Col. Robert R. Wallach, 313th Ammunition Train 
Lt. Col. Robert P. Howell, 313th Engineers 
Major R. R. Ellis, 351st Infantry 
Major Horace N. Munro, 350th Infantry 
Major Henry A. Meyer, 352d Infantry 
Major Arthur J. Lynch, 349th Infantry 
Major Peter J. Hennessey, 349th Infantry 
Major William J. O'Loughlin, 337th Machine (*un Battalion 
Major George R. Somerville, 338th Machine Gun Battalion 
Major Thomas H. Cunningham, 339th Machine (lun Battalion 

The First Reserve Officers Training Camp which closed at Fort SnelUng, Minne- 
sota, August 15, 1917, supplied the division with its first assignment of junior officers, 
who had all arrived at Camp Dodge by August 29th. A definite plan was adopted 
in assigning these officers to commands: the first and second companies from Fort 
Snelling were used to officer the 349th Infantry, the third and fourth companies 
the 350th Infantry, the fifth and sixth companies the 351st Infantry, the seventh 
and ninth companies the 352d Infantry and the eighth company the three machine 
gun battalions. Likewise, the officers from the three batteries were assigned to the 
163d Field Artillery Brigade, the 313th Ammunition Train and the 313th Trench 
Mortar Battery. Thus officers who had been in the same company at the training 
camp were to a large extent kept together. This distribution made, 200 of the 
remaining officers were relieved and ordered to the 33d (National Guard) Division 
at Houston, Texas, September 2d, 1919, and fifty-two to the 42d (National "Rainbow" 
Guard) Division, at Mineola, Long Island, N. Y., September 1st. 

The officers* enthusiasm over their new work was the predominating note,, 
together with an insistent desire to get "over there" as soon as possible. The pros- 
pects for Germany were not at that time as bright as they had been earlier and as 
they became later, and much of the anxiety to sail for France was due to a fear that 
the war might end soon. This fear was a factor in causing many to decide to choose 
to go to other divisions. 

By the 5th of September, 1917, the Division had been organized — almost complete 
in officers — but without enlisted personnel. On that date the first draft men began 
to arrive, from Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota and Central Illinois. Coming from 


their comfortable homes, most of them without any conception of military life, they 
did not know what to expect, and the first impressions were not reassuring nor com- 

•^ - - September 8, 1917, Lt. Col. Charles S. Lincoln, General Staff, reported at Camp 
Dodge and was assigned to duty as Chief of Staff. With the exception of the period 
the following winter when he went to France with General Plummer, he held this 
position until October, 1918, when he became a victim of Spanish Influenza during 
the Division's stay at Hericourt (Haute Saone), France. He recovered sufficiently 
after several weeks to go to the Riviera, where he regained his health. He did not 
return to the Division, but became Deputy G-1 at (ieneral Headquarters, Chaumont, 
and finally G-1 of the A. E. F. During Colonel Lincoln's absence in France, the 
winter of 1917-18, his duties were performed by Lt. Col. H. L. Cooper. 

By September 9th, practically all the five per cent draft contingent had reported 
at Camp Dodge, but the quota amounted only to 2,350 men. About this time, there 
began to arrive in frequent detachments non-commissioned officers and privates 
from cavalry and infantry organizations of the Regular Army. These regular army 
soldiers proved an important adjunct to the training staff, but however competent 
the instructors might have been, too much cannot be said of the splendid spirit dis- 
played by the men who came with the draft. It was a matter of constant remark 
how they took hold of their work and how suddenly they emerged from untrained 
citizenry into alert, intelligent, well-set-up soldiers. 

Training was at first the same as for all American soldiers, with stress on physical 
drill. School of the soldier and school of the squad without arms became the daily 
routine, but it was never allowed to become a drudgery. The new men showed them- 
selves apt and intelligent. In a remarkably short time, the men had been whipped 
into shape and these formed the foundation of a skeleton division of select non-com- 
missioned officers and privates who could be ready, in turn, to train the men of the 
next draft. 

On September 10th, 1917, Major L. A. Toombs was assigned as Assistant 
Division Adjutant and April 8, 1918, became Division Adjutant. He succeeded 
Major Edward S. Hayes, who was appointed November 13, 1917. Colonel Toombs 
remained with the Division until February, 1919, when he was sent to Rome as 
American Provost Marshal of Italy. 

Camp Dodge was completed sufficiently to house troops as far as 7th Street 
when the first drafted men arrived. The camp was being built by a combine of 
contractors under Charles Weitz' Sons and their performance was unquestionably 
a feat of swift construction. The company buildings were erected according to 
plans and specifications made early in the war and were designed to hold 150-men 
companies. But in adapting the United States forces to be brigaded with French 
and British troops and to reUeve corresponding units in trenches, certain changes 
were made, among them, the increase of company strength to 250. It therefore 
became necessary to use three buildings to house two companies. 

In order to rush construction for the accommodation of other early arriving 
increments of drafted men, it had been necessary to impress every available man 
into the service of the builders, and it was a poor worker indeed who could not draw 
$7 to $10 per day at work in which he claimed to be proficient, but regarding which 
he knew almost nothing at the start. The contractors' report for the week ending 
September 15th shows that 5,759 men were employed. In spite of many poor work- 


Aeroplaite Vieu: of Camp Dodge 

men, conslruclion proceodcd swiftly and while heating apparatus was scarcely in by 
the first real cold weather, progress cannot be said to have been anything but mar- 
velous and the work well done. 

On September 19th, the second increment oi the first draft be^an to arrive at 
camp. By the end of September, the division had 681 officers and 18,428 enlisted 
men regularly assigned and 259 officers and 228 enlisted men attached. The 1st 
Infantry, luwa National Guard, which had been encamped adjoining the grounfls 
and had performed good service guarding Government property, had departed. 

Hardly had the latest recruit been put through the rudiments of military drill 
when there began a series of events which, in the succeeding months, threatened to 
take all the enthusiasm out of the officers and non-commissioned stalT. On October 
22d, in compliance with War Department orders, 3,000 men were transferred from the 
division to the 3Uh Division at Camp Cody, New Mexico. On the 25th, 1,000 more 
were transferred to the 33d Division at Camp Logan, Houston, Texas. November 
16th to 19th, 8,000 were sent to Camp Pike, Arkansas. By December 10, 13,500 
had been transferred from the Division. The lass of men was altogether disheartening 
to those who had come to look upon them as part of a permanent organization, but 
the rest of the division history at Camp Dodge is practically a repetition of this ex- 
perience. New draftmen would arrive, be in camp for a few weeks and just as military 
progress was becoming marked, they were withdrawn and sent away to fill up other 
divisions destined for early departure for France, 

The next increments were due February 15, 1918, but on account of railroad 
congestion, they were delayed. About 15,000 Iowa and Minnesota men arrived late 
in February, but in March came another heavy drain on personnel, 4,082 men being 
sent to Camp Doniphan on the 15th, later 2,800 to Camp Gordon, Georgia, 1,500 to 



:• f 





Camp Sevier, S. C. (30th Division), 1,047 to Camp Upton, L. I., and similar detach- 
ments to engineer regiments at American University, Washington, D. C, Camp 
Custer, Fort Leavenworth, Camp Meade and other points, while almost every day 
small groups left camp for various schools in various instruction centers. The division 
trained and transferred approximately 40,000 men before it received the permanent 
personnel which came to France. 

By this time, most of the officers with the division had come to believe that the 
88th was to be a replacement division and as a consequence, interest in training 
flagged for the moment. But in February a War Department telegram regaEding 
the disposition of the February draft directed that troops of the Depot Brigade 
ordered to other camps be transferred to the 88th Division instead, all men trans- 
ferred to have had at least three months training. Transfers continued fast through 
April and on the 26th, 9,000 men of the second draft began to arrive, so that at the 
end of the month the division had 7,539 men. 

During the months of December and January, General Pluramer and Colonel 
Lincoln were in France for a course of instruction and study of the Western Front. 
In the absence of the Commanding General, Brigadier General Robert N. Getty 
was acting division commander. General Getty had been transferred from the 
Depot Brigade, September 19th, relieving Brigadier General Ballou as commander 
of the 175th Infantry Brigade. General Ballou, after commanding the Training 
Ca](np for Negro Officers, joined the 163d Depot Brigade. 

Shortly after General Plummer's return, he was relieved from assignment as 
Division Commander on account of physical unfitness for future service abroad 
and was ordered to Fort Sill to command the post there. General Getty remained 
in command until he was relieved by Brigadier General Beach of the 176th Brigade, 
an(J Brigadier General M. B. Stewart took command of the 175th Brigade. 

An entire chapter could well be devoted to the subject of training and other 
activities which occupied the time of the men at Camp Dodge. Except for a short 
period in n?idwinter, when there was a pause in the influx of drafted men and many 
of the former increment had been sent away, training was of an intensive order. At 
first the fire breaks and spaces between barracks were used for close order driU and 
exercise, but the dust storms of October and the increasing sizes of companies as 
each draft contingent arrived, made it necessary to transfer activities to regimental 
driU areas in adjoining fields. 

-g As soon as anything like a permanent personnel had been organized, instruction 
was begun in every branch of the forms of warfare developed by the Europecm hos- 
tilities. Trench warfare as practiced since 1914 had brought many new methods 
and instruments that were strange to American arms. Both officers and men had to 
acquire an intimate knowledge of these things in addition to the standard Infantry 
DriU Regulations, Field Service Regulations and Firing Manuals. Schools were there- 
fore established in charge of officers who had attended special schools at certain 
instruction centers. Officers from the French and British Armies began to arrive 
at Camp Dodge in the faU of 1917, who acted in an advisory capacity to the training 
staff and conducted courses in the various schools. 

I' !^ November 5, 1917, schools were established in musketry (rifle and pistol) 
and heavy machine gun. Schools for grenade warfare, bayonet combat, automatic 
arms (automatic rifle and light machine gun), field fortifications, gas defense, sniping 
and camouflage, trench mortar, signal and liaison, 37 nmi. gun, intelligence, foUowed, 


u/ ikiniji IJiiiiije 

besides variuuK uther scbuols fur packers, horsesliiKTs, mc^ sergeants, company clerks 
and cooks and bakers. All instruction was of the most practical sort. Elaborate 
systems of trenches were constructed by classes from the field fortifications school; 
gas chambers were constructed where men attending the gas school were obliged to 
go through rooms filled with gas in order to gain confidence in their gas masks; 
bayonet courses for trailing in the new method of bayonet attack were built in 
regimental drill area and this form of fighting was gone into with absolute thorough- 
ness; small problems were conducted by the school of musketry and snipers were 
given special courses in camouflage. A model battalion was formed to demonstrate 
the new platoon formations with the 250-men companies- 
While, as stated before, intensive instruction lagged somewhat in midwinter, 
there was no idleness. The men had not had range firing, and in spite of the cold 
weather this was taken up. The day before Christmas, the Red Cross issued 16,000 
sweaters, 13,000 pairs of socks, 8,000 wristlets, 4,500 mufilers and 600 woolen hel- 
mets, which helped immeasurably those organizations which were having target practice 
during the zero weather in January. 

Krag rifles had been received to the number of 10,220 between September 12th 
and November 1st, while 20,.'i00 of the new U. S. model 1917 Enlield rifle had been 
received up to January 16, 1918, The men received their first instruction in the hand- 
ling, of the new piece at this time. 

Training was not, however, the only side of the soldiers' life at Camp Dodge. 
They had, at all times, proper and well-directed recreation. Drill was frequently 
interspersed with competitive games and these lulls in the routine were compulsory 
as much as any feature of the drill itself. Various welfare societies had constructed 


huts throughout the camp where there were libraries, writing rooms and musical 
instruments. Educational courses were offered and many classes in French were 

Toward the leist of May, telegrams from the War Department ordering the trans- 
fer to the Depot Brigade of all surplus officers and the establishing of a school for 
intensive training of field and staff officers were interpreted as indicating an early 
departure of the division overseas. 

Finally, on July 22d, a War Department telegram was received containing 
instructions for the movement of the Division to the Port of Embarkation with 
special instruction for the Advance Detachment and Billeting Party of 52 officers 
and men and the advance school detachment of 140 officers and 107 men to be sent 
at the earliest possible date. The train carrying these two detachments left Camp 
Dodge the night of July 28th. They were sent to Camp Upton, Long Island, New 
York, where equipment was checked and completed. On August 3d, the Advance 
School Detachment sailed on the "Leviathan," formerly the **Vaterland," and ar- 
rived at Brest, August 11th. From Brest they proceeded to Chatillon-sur-Seine to 
the 3d Corps Schools. The Advance Detachment and Billeting Party sailed on the 
Cunard Liner **Aquitania,'' August 6th, arriving in Liverpool, August 12th. Following 
four days spent in rest camps at Liverpool and Southampton, the detachment landed at 
Cherbourg, August 16th and through a misunderstanding on the part of the B. T. O. 
at that port proceeded to Tonnerre, Cote d*Or, intended for the Headquarters of the 
81st Division. After two days at Tonnerre, the party went on to Semur, Cote d'Or, 
the 21st Training Area, and established Headquarters there August 20th. 

Other organizations followed in their turn, spending from four to seven days in 
Camp Upton or Camp Mills, being inspected and equipped ; and units landing in 
England spent from one to five days in rest camps before proceeding to France. On 
August 9th, the 349th Infantry sailed on the White Star Liner **01ympic," arriving 
at Southampton, August 16th. Parts of the regiment left that same day for Le 
Havre, the remaining units following the 17th and 18th. The next units to leave 
the United States were Begimental Headquarters, Headquarters Company, the 1st 
Battalion, Medical Detachment, Machine Gun Company and Supply Company of 
the 350th Infantry, which sailed on H. M.S. **Delta," August 11th, arriving at Tilbury- 
on-Thames, August 25, and at Cherbourg, August 29th. On August 15th, Begimental 
Headquarters, the 1st Battalion Headquarters, Company **M,'* Supply Co. and 
Medical Detachment of the 352d Infantry and the 337th Machine Gun Battalion 
sailed from New York on the **Ascanius" of the Blue Funnel Line, arriving at Liver- 
pool August 28th and at Cherbourg, September 1st. 

The same day, August 14th, the 339th Machine Gun Battalion sailed from 
Philadelphia on the **Phens" of the Blue Funnel Line, arriving in Liverpool, August 
27th and at Le Havre, August 30th. The 3d Battalion and Company G of the 350th 
Infantry with the 338th Machine Gun Battalion sailed August 15th from Hoboken 
on H. M. S. "Kashmir." The remainder of the 350th Infantry sailed the following 
day on the "Messanabie" and arrived at Liverpool with the H. M. S. **Kashmir," 
August 28th. Troops aboard these ships debarked at Cherbourg, September Ist. 
In the same convoy with the "Ascanius" was the U. S. S. "Ulysses," which sailed 
from Philadelphia, August 15th, carrying the 2d Battalion and the 3d Battalion, 
less Company "M," of the 352d Infantry, landing at Liverpool, August 28th and 
at Le Havre two days later. Company **M" sailed from Philadelphia on the "City of 


Guard House al Camp Dodge 

Ejteter," August 14th, arriving at Manchester the 29tfa and at Le Havre the 3l8t, 
The "Ulysses" carried also the 3d Battalion of the 351st Infantry which debeu'ked 
in Cherbourg from Southhampton, September 6th. The remeiinder of the 351st 
Infantry sailed August 16th, on the ships "Saiton" and "Scotian," arriving at Liver- 
pool, August 28th, The French port for these troops was Cherbourg, 
h - August IRth, the 313th Ammunition Train and 313th Sanitary Train sailed on 
the "Vedic," arriving at Liverpool, August 31st and at Le Havre, September 5th. 
The 313th Field Signal Battalion sailed August 17th on H. M. S. "Bohemia," which 
arrived in Liverpool, August 31st. The French port for the signal battalion was Le 
Havre. Division Headquarters, Headquarters Detachment and Headquarters Troop 
embarked at Quebec, August 15th and sailed August 21st on H. M. S. "Demosthenes," 
from Sydney (Nova Scotia), arriving at Liverpool, August 31st and at Le Havre, 
September 4th. The 313th Supply Train sailed August 24th on H. M. S. "Empress 
of Britain," arriving at Liverpool, September 24th, and at Le Havre, September 7th. 
The sailing dates of the 163d Field Artillery Brigade and the 313th Trench Mor- 
tar Battery are not available at this time, but these units never joined the diviaon 
in France. 


Biography of Major-General William Weigel, U. S. A. 




Brunswick, N. J., August 25, 1863. Received his ap- 
pointment to the Tnited States Military Academy 
in 1883, graduating on June 11, 1887. 

In July and August, 1898, he laid out and estab- 
lished the camp at Montauk Point, Long Island, N. Y., 
for the reception of troops returning from Cuba. In Nov- 
ember, 1898, he was promoted to Captain of Volunteers 
and was sent to Havana, Cuba, where he remained until 
December, 1899. 

General Weigel sailed for the PhiHppines with the Uth Infantry on April 5, 1901, 
where he participated in the Philippine insurrection to its close July 4, 1902. At that 
time he displayed his qualities as a fighter by holding Bulangiga, Samur, P. I., with 
48 men for 16 days against insurgents after the massacre of Company **C,'' 9th In- 
fantry, September, 1901. He also participated in the Suragao Expedition. 

After the Philippine insurrection General Weigel serv ed in various regiments and 
on numerous details both in the United States and its possessions, receiving many 
promotions until war was declared upon Germany, which found him a colonel in 
command of the 1st Infantry at Schofield Barracks, Hawaiian Territory. 

On August 5, 1917, he was promoted to Brigadier-General, N. A., and assigned 
to command the 151st Depot Brigade at Camp Devens, Mass., where he remained 
until March 23, 1918, when he was given command of the 56th Infantry Brigade of 
the 28th Division, and it was this organization that he took overseas. While at Camp 
Devens he was in command of the 7th Division for about three months. 

General Weigel arrived in France in May, 1918, with his Brigade and they moved 
into line along the Marne opposite Chateau-Thierry July 4, 1918. It was here that 
his Brigade crossed the Marne, passing through Chateau-Thierry, in pursuit of the 
enemy on July 21, 1918. As Reserve of the 1st Corps his Brigade relieved a brigade 
of the 26th Division on July 23, 1918, taking two towns — Epieds and Courpoil — and 
pushed through the Foret-de-Fere to a depth of 15 kilometers. From there he pushed 
north and relieved the 32d Division in front of Fismes, capturing the city of Fismes 
that same night and crossing the Vesle River near Chateau-Diable, August 6-7. 
After making three attempts crossed the Vesle River at Fismes under terrific enemy 
fire, taking the village of Fismettes, capturing many prisoners. In the general attack 
September 5, 1918, succeeded in driving the enemy toward the Aisne and his Brigade 
was relieved from the line on September 10th, after being in the line continuously 
under fire at all times since July 4th. 

On August 26, 1918, he was promoted to the rank of Major-General and assigned 
to command the 88th Division. 

He was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal, the Croix-de-Guerre with two 

Palms, and made a Commander of the Legion of Honor for his excellent work in France. 

General Weigel is a bom fighter and leader and his wonderful personality has won 

for him the respect and love of all those ever fortunate enough to serve in his command. 


\s of Sonnenherg. in VillwK of i'.arsiiach. Hni, 




Training and Life in the Trenclies 

IRKCT from the rost camps at tho ports of debarkation 
al (Cherbourg, Lc Kavrtr and Brt^t, the troops were 
sent to the newly-organized 21st Training Area in the 
heart of Cote d'Or. Semur, one of the most beautiful 
little towns of this picturesque and historic region, was 
selected for Division Headquarters and was the first 
seat of the Division's a<rtivities in Europe. Students of 
Caesar's Commentaries will recall that it was at Lea 
Laumes, St. .\Iesia. about 15 kilometers from Seraur, 
that Julius Caesar won his great victory over one of the 

fiercest (lallic tribes led so 
ably by Vcrcingetorix, 

The advance party, con- 
sisting for the most part of 
small billeting detachments, 
arrived at Semur, August 
2l3t and immediately scat- 
tered itself over the wide 
area in which the units of 
the command were to be 
lodged during their pre- 
liminary training. Division 
Headquarters proper arrived 
a few days later along with 
the troop trains bearing the 
rest of the Division, less artil- 
lery. The 163d Field Artil- 
lery Brigade, which had been 
with the 88tb up to this 
time, was now separated 
from the division and went 
into training at Clermont, 
Ferrand and Bordeaux. It 
was destined never to see 
the front, and returned to 
the United States shortly 
after the signing of the 

•t,E»lablished by Ok 88lh Dhhion 
France, al Stmar, Cole d'Or, Franre, 
SepUmbtr i5. t9i8 


On September 10th, command of the Division passed from Brig. Gen. Wm. D. 
Beach to Major General William Weigel, recently promoted from a Brigadier Gen- 
eral, commanding the 56th Infantry Brigade of the 28th Division and fresh from the 
Aisne-Mame and the Oise-Aisne offensives. 

From the latter part of 

August until the move of the 
Division into the Haute Alsace 
Sector, every energy in the com- 
mand was devoted to intensive 
training. The First American 
Army was winning its first laurels 
at Saint Mihiel and in the Ar- 
gonnc and every man of the 88th 
Division was keyed to a high 
pitch in anticipation of an early 
opportunity to reach the front. 
AH troops were billeted in small 
towns surrounding Semur and 
training was carried out in the 
recently cutover grain fields and 
on the unused pasture lands. 

The Division had hardly 
settled itself into the routine of 
real trEuning, however, when 
orders came for a hurried move 
to the front. Directions for the 
move came in the form of field 
orders from Headquarters which 
read : 

"Division will move by 
rail, beginning Sept. 14th, 
to relieve, in connection 
with a French Division, a Division now in the hnc. Battalions will be ready 
to move at two hours' notice, and in readiness to relieve other units in the line 
upon arrival. Supply oflicers will requisition for two days' reserve rations and 
two days' travel rations per individual. 

"Personal equipment of officers in excess of bedding and clothing rolls will 
be shipped at once to railhead under guard of militcu'y police." 

Field Order No. 1 of September Uth designated Belfort as the new Division 
Headquarters. While transferred to the 7th French Army for tactical purposes, the 
Division was to pass to the administrative control of the 7th Corps (American). 

The Division began leaving Semur September Uth, expecting to go to Belfort. 
Four trains a day were run until the 18th. The Liaison Ofiicer, who had preceded 
by one day, intercepted the first train at Besancon with the information that the orders 
had been changed and the division would stop in the Hericourt (Haute Saone) Area, 
south of Belfort, with Headquarters at Hericourt. Aside from the fact that it was 


much closer to the front, the Hericourt Area resembled the Cote d'Or section in 
many respects and training schedules resumed where they had ended the week before. 
This training continued until the latter part of the month of September. 

Lt, Col. Fay W. Brabson, General Staff, who had been an instructor at 
the Army Genera! Staff College, joined the 88th Division in September, 1918, 
as Operations OfBcer, 

Lt. Col. Bennett C. Clark, 
Infantry, and Maj. E. F. Wood, 
Infantry, graduates of the 3rd 
course at Army General Staff 
College, joined the Division at 
the same time as Assistant Chief 
of Staff G-1 and G-2, respectively. 

On October 5th, when Col. 
Lincoln became sick, Col. Brab- 
son took over the duties of Chief 
of Staff of the Division. He was 
promoted Colonel later and re- 
mained Chief of Staff of the Di- 
vision until it was demobihzcd. 

As stated in the warning or- 
der above, the original plan was 
for the 88th to relieve a division 
in the line. The Division referred 
to was the 29th American Divi- 
sion, then serving its first tour in 
a quiet sector. However, besides 
a lack of transportation, the 
French Staff found the 88th with- 
out gas masks or steel helmets and consequently wholly unprepared for duty in the 
trenches. Hence, instead of sending the 88th to relieve the 29th, the 38th French 
Division was sent to relieve the 29th. Later, the 88th Division was sent into sector 
for instruction by the 38th French Division and finally relieved that Division. 
Official records. General Headquarters, give the date of entry of the 88th Division 
into the line as October 12th. That was the date command of the front line of the 
sector passed to battaUon commanders, 88th Division. On September 23d, two offi- 
cers and one hundred men from each of the four Infantry Battalions that were sched- 
uled first to take over the sector had moved by truck at night to the front. 
Medical and IntoUigence Units soon followed, but it was not until October 12th 
that French front fine battalions were wholly relieved by our advance BattaUons. 

Preparations for the Division's first actual tour of duty in the trenches were 
begun towfU'ds the close of September. Since landing in France, the entire command 
had been under a schedule of the most intensive sort of training. October first found 
the men in good physical condition, despite a very severe infiuenza epidemic. 
Specialists' schools in every regiment and separate organization had added the 
finishing touches to individual training earher acqiiired in the States and during 
the brief stop near Semur. At last the Division as a well trained organization was 
prepared in every way to deliver a mi^ty blow. 


The trenches to be occupied by the Division were those embraced in the Center 
Sector Haute- Alsace. The distribution of troops under the first allotment of positions 
was outlined as follows, under Field Order No. 6: 


88th Division 

5 Oct. 18—15 o'clock. 
Field Order 

No. 6 

Map: Region de Belfort et 

1. The 88th Division (less Artillery) will go into sector in the defensive zone 

of Haute-Alsace commencing on night 7-8 Oct. 18. 

2. The relief will be carried out in accordance with the attached table. Com- 

pletion of all moves and reliefs will be reported promptly. 

3. (a) The 175th Infantry Brigade will hold the northern sub-sector, with 350th 

Infantry in the forward zone and the 349th Infantry in the rear zone. 

(b) The 176th Infantry Brigade will hold the southern sub-sector, with 351st 
Infantry in the forward zone and the 352nd Infantry in the rear zone. 

(c) All defense schemes, trench maps, aeroplane photographs and details of 
intelligence will be taken over. The 38th Division defense scheme will 
remain in force pending issue of 88th Division defense scheme. 

(d) All movement necessary for the reliefs will be ceuried out at night in 
such a way as to escape observation by the enemy. 

4. Detailed orders for field trains follow in administrative instructions. 

5. (a) The C. 0. 350th Infantry, the C. O. 351st Infantry and the Battalion 

Commanders of these regiments will take over command from the corre- 
sponding French OflBcer by whom they have been instructed on comple- 
tion of relief. See F. O. 7. 

(b) C. G. 175th Infantry Brigade will take over command northern sub- 
sector at Fontaine 15 October, 18 at 6 o'clock. See F. 0. 7. 

At same hour, C. G. 176th Infantry Brigade will take over command 
of southern sub-sector with headquarters at Montreux Jeune. 

(c) Command of the sector will pass to C. G. 88th Division, U. S. at 8 
o'clock, 15 October, 18. See F. O. 7. 

(d) Division P. C. at Montreux Chateau. 

(e) See F. 0. 7. 


Major General, 



Copies to: 

C. 0. 319th Infantry 
C. 0. 351st Infantry 
C. 0. 352nd Infantry 
C. 0. 337th M. G. Bn. 
C. 0. 338th M. G. Bn. 
C. O. 339th M. G. Bn. 
C. 0. 313th Engrs. 
C. 0. 313th Engrs. Trn. 
C. 0. 313th F. S. Bn. 
G-3 Div. War Diary 
Div. Signal OlTicor 
Div. Ordnance Officer 
(i-3 Spare 
(i-3 Spare 
(r-3 Spare 
(]-3 Spare 

This order was carried out except that the lOth French (^.orps directed that it 
be amended so that the command of the sub-sectors passed to respective brigade 
commanders at 6 hours, 15 October, and the command of the sei^tor passed to Com- 
manding General, 88th Division, at 8 hours, 15 October, 1918. 


7th Army Corps 



40th French Army Corps 



38th French Division 



Capt. de Tilly, French Mission 












Chief Staff 



Div. Surgeon 



Div. M. G. Ollicor 



Div. Gas Oflicer 



Div. Billeting Oflicer 



Div. Adjutant 



C. G. 175th Brigade 



C. G. 176th Brigade 



C. 0. 350th Infantry 
























o ^ 












2 A 


• MS 



a; -a 

o *- 

c^^ C C 

-g.S £- e3 

^* 5 r — i; -^ 

^^ MM W ^ *^ .M 


. ^ 















a d 








cCQ C 
cd o 







a; CO 









CO , 

: o 


CO ^< 











X 3 



ha ^ >^ 






c,N 2i^ 


'''j 2 

i 52 c- 

2 a; 



? i^ C 

g^ . 5^ c a: 












< d 



CO (J 

S -^ Cf 

8 o 


« r>» 





^ fl ^ a> 





C 9^ S 









tf 8 





« o 


es Sd 
jO es 

u e 


CO to 







2 to 



c c 



► CO 

d - 
PqCQ q 



















Headquarters 88th Div., A.E F., 
France, 13 Oct. 18., 9:00 A.M. 

Copy No. 12 

Field Order 
No. 7 

1. Field Order No. 6. Hq. 88th Div., 5 Oct.— 18, and March and Relief Table 

accompanying same, are amended in the following particulars: 

Par. 5 (a) — Command will pass upon the completion of the relief in each cen- 
ter of resistance, instead of at 10:00 A. M. 17 Oct. — 18. 

Par, 5 (b) — Comdg. General, 175th Inf. Brig, will take over command 

Northern Sub-sector at Fontaine 15 October — 18 at 6:00 

At the same hour, Comdg. General, 176th Inf. Brig, will take 
over command of Southern Sub-sector, with headquarters 
at Montreux Jeune. 

Par. 5 (c) — Command of the Sector will pass to Comdg. General, 65th 

Division, U. S., 15 Oct. at 8:00 o'clock. 

Par. f) (e) — Commandant of the 1 A. C. D-38 will take command of the 

Artillery of the Center Sector 15 October — 18 at 8:00 

March and Relief Serials Nos. i, 2, J, 4 and 5: 

Table Accompanying Command will pass upon completion of relief, 

Field Order No. 6. night 15-16 October, 1918, instead of 17 Octo- 

ber— 18 at 10:00 o'clock. 

2. Special Instructions (Field Message No. 13) will cover movement of Serial 

No. 6, March and Relief Table accompanying Field Order No. 6. 

By Command of Major General WEIGEL: 

Fay W. Brabson, 

Lt. Col., General Staff, 

Acting Chief of Staff. 

19. C. G., 319th Inf. 

20. C. O., 350th Inf. 

21. C. 0., 351st Inf. 

22. C. O., 352nd Inf. 

23. 337th M. G. En. 

24. 338th M. G. En. 

25. 339th M. G. En. 

26. C. O., 313th Engrs. 

27. C. O., 315th Engr. Tn. 

28. C. 0., 313th F. S. Bn. 

29. Div. Sig. Officer 

30. Div. Ord. Officer 

31. G-3 War Diary 

32. Div. Gas Officer 

Copy io 

1. 7th A. C. (U. S. A.) 

2. iOth A. C. (French) 

3. 38th Div. (French) 

4. French Mission 

5. G-1 

6. G-2 

7. G-3 (also 8-9 10-11) 

12. Chief of Staff 

13. Div. Surgeon 

14. Div. M. G. 0. 

15. Div. Billeting Officer 

16. Div. Adj. 

17. C. G., 175th Inf. Brig. 

18. C. G.. 176th Inf. Brig. 

Accordingly, Division Headquarters closed at Hericourt at 8 o'clock, October 
7th and opened at Montreux Chateau at the same hour. 

Movement of the main bodies of troops was carried out at night and with great 
secrecy, for the enemy was maintaining close aerial observation of the entire sector 
at this time. For most of the organizations, the completion of the move required two 





'I Ueadquariers al Monlreui Chaleau, in tlie Haute Alsace Sector 

nights of steady marching. Elements were formed at dusk and marched by parallel 
roads toward the front, strict march discipline and absolute silence being maintained 
throughout the moves. 

In going into the line, the 88th relieved the 38th French Division, a veteran 
unit which had distinguished itself in the fighting on practically every front in the war. 
From October 7th to 17th, the French troops occupied the trenches jointly with the 
Americans, rendering great assistance to our troops in the matter of trench routine, 
patrolling and practical duties of a soldier which had been thoroughly studied theo- 
retically in the rear areas. On October 15th, the sector passed under the complete 
control of the 88th Division and the 38th French Division moved to the sector on the 
right or south of the 88th Division where it relieved another French Division (Slat). 

It is well at this point to give a brief description of the general features of the 
sector as it was organized at the time it passed into the hands of the BSth Division. 
The entire front was approximately 19 kilometers long. No Man's Land ranged in 
width from a kilometer at some places to less than 300 meters at others. During 
the early stages of the war, this territory had been the scene of some of the heaviest 
fighting, but for the last three and a half years, both sides had come to a standstill 
and stood facing each other, content to carry on a defensive war for the time being. 
The French Army had been committed politically to the relief of Alsace-Lorraine as a 
first step in case of war with Germany. Consequently, we find the general plans 
called for mobilization in the Belfort-Nancy region. Mulhoiise was taken in an 
early oflFensive. It was only when France became convinced that Germany was making 
her principal drive through Belgium that the mobilization in the South was halted 
and her troops shifted to the North to meet the Germans in Belgium. This depleted 


Artillery Diigoult near Bridge Soullieast of Dannemarie, Ilaale Almce Sector 

■ • :^ 

In Middle Foreground— DugouU oj Left Batialion of i76ih Infaidry Brigade, liauU Alsace Seelor 

German Mmhine Gun Oiilfiosl near Bemwiller, in Oie Ifaule Alsace Sector 

her strength to such an extent in the South that she was forced to evacuate Mulhouse 
and fall back to the outer defense of the Gate of Belfort. 

The general physical aspects of the terrain are much similar to those of the 
Middle West of the United States. It is a rolling country, with considerable wooded 
areas on both sides of the lines. Trenches in the north half of the sector lay mostly 
in the open, with small forests covering the lines of communication in rear. On the 
other hand, the front lines of the southern half traversed the Schonholz and Fulleren 
woods, giving excellent protection from ennmy observation but presenting special 
danger in the case of sudden hostile bombardment and raids. Offensively the sector 
offered in the north a spendid terrain for the use of tanks which, launched from con- 
cealment in the numerous woods near the front line, could play havoc against the 
old wire systems and poorly kept up trenches opposite the northern sub-sector, and 
advancing with the infantry towards Mulhouse, could turn the high table Umd of Alt- 
kirch with comparative ease. Defensively, the sector was weak because of the heavily 
wooded salient of Bois de Carspach and Schonholz Woods which prevented the placing 
of machine guns effectively without undue danger of capture by sudden hostile raids. 

The old Rhone-Rhine canal bisected the divisional area, traversed No Man's 
Land and ran into the enemy lines at the towns of Eglingen and Enschingen. For 
a mile or more to the north and south of this canal, the terrain was low and marshy 
and partly covered with underbrush. 

As a reminder of the fierce fighting which had taken place here in the earlier 
stages of the war, the entire sector was traversed with abandoned trenches, barbed 
wire and broken-down strong points. At the time the 88th took over the sector, 
these trenches were in places partly filled with water, the revetments caved in, some 


places filled in to the extent that a man while walking on the bottom of the trench 
would expose his head and shoulders in full view above the parapet. 

No Man's Land was a maze of shell holes and old fortifications. As many as 
eight distinct bands of barbed wire lay in front nf our lines at certain points. Little 
effort had been made to repair these entanglements. In addition, the terrain between 
the lines was overprown with brush and weeds, offering excellent opportunities for 
ambuscades and abundant cover foi- patroling. The labyrinth of wire and trenches 
placed apparently without system was the result of the revolution of style of fighting 
from the open warfare, marking the early offensive that secured Mulhouse, passing 
through the period when front lines were held strongly, to a stabilized warfare carried 
to the extreme. When Iwith sides recojjnized that the war was not to be won in this 
region, they settled down to holding a maximum of frontage with a minimum of man 
power. The confusion was added lo by the frequent change of commanders and on 
the part of the Americans by Ihe fact that new Divisions were going into quiet sector 
here for final training. 

The 88th Division ininiediately assigned the entire 3 Ktth engineer regiment to the 
work of rehabilitating and strengthening the essential parts of the trench system as 
selected by the Plan of Defense and each infantry brigade commander likewise put 
companies of infantry to work to clean up and make habitable the dugouts and trenches 
of their respective sul)se(ti)i-s. 

At the time the 88th went into the line, the enemy was of the opinion that the 
French and Americans in this sector were preparing for a large scale attack on the 
important city of Mulhouse which lay a short distance to the northeast. The presence 
of the 88th Division at Herlcourt while the 29th remained in sector lent color to this 

Trenches and Ikigoiila — Highl Ballalion. 17flth Brigade. Slokelle Woods. Haute Alsace Serlor 

belief. As a result, he maintained a constant observation by aeroplane, not only at 
the front, but in the rear areas as well. Prisoners captured by us stated that they had 
been cautioned that an attack was impending and that they had been told that the 
Americans had massed great numbers of tanks behind the lines to prepare the way 
at the opening of the drive. 

The German troops facing our sector constituted two of the Divisions of the 
Army Detachment '*B.'' The Army was commanded by (ieneral V. Gundell with 
his headquarters at Colmar. 

The 30th Bavarian Reserve Division was commanded by Lieut. Gen. Beeg with 
Headquarters at Colmar. This Division had one regiment in hne opposite our sector 
from the Rhone-Rhine canal to our northern boundary with two regiments at rest 
in the rear. 

The 44th Landwehr Division was commanded by (Jen. D. Inf. Krause with 
Headquarters at Mulhouse. This Division had two regiments in line opposite our 
sector from the Rhone-Rhine canal to our southern boundary. One regiment in 
reserve. A sch(K)l of Aviation was located a short distance behind the German lines. 
This gave them superiority of the air as we had very few planes to aid us. In addi- 
tion several special troops were located in the sector, among them a crack company 
of shock troops which were used in all raids. 

The distribution of our division at the time the 88th took over the line was as 

The first regiments to occupy the trenches with the French were the 350th and 
35 1st Infantry regiments. Each placed two battalions in the front line and one in 
support. The other two infantry regiments, the 319th and 352d, were stationed in 
reserve immediately in rear. 

Division Headquarters (P. C.) Montreux Chateau 

(Admin.) Novillard 

Headquarters Troop Montreux Chateau 

337th Machine Gun Battalion Bessoncourt 

175th Infantry Brigade Headquarters and Detachment . Fontaine 
349th Infantry: 

Regimental Headquarters 
Headquarters Company . 
Supply and Machine (iun Compani( 

1st I3attalion 

2nd Battalion Headquarters . 
Cos. E, F, H . 

Co. G 

3rd Battalion 

350th Infantry: 

Regimental Headquarters and Headquarters Co. 
Supply Company .... 
Machine Gun Company . 
1st Battalion Headquarters . 
Cos. A, B, C . 

Co. D 

2nd Battalion, Headquarters 
Cos. E, F, G . . 

Co. H 

3rd Battalion 

338th Machine Gun Battalion: 

Headquarters and Cos. A and Bessoncourt 








La Collonge 




St. (^osme 


C. R. Gildwiller 


Bueth wilier 

C. R. Balschwiller 


St. Cosme 


Co. D Buethwiller 

176th Infantry Brigade Headquarters and Detachment . Montreux Jeune 
351st Infantry: 

Regimental Headquarters Manspach 

Headquarters Co. and Supply Co Manspach 

Machine Gun Company Badricourt 

1st Battalion Badricourt 

2nd Battalion Fulleren 

3rd Battalion Hagenbach 

352nd Infantry : 

Regimental Headquarters and Headquarters Co. . Montreux Chateau 

Supply Company Foussemagne 

Machine Gun Company Bretagne 

1st Battalion Romagny 

2nd Battalion Lutran 

3rd Battalion Camp Norman (N. E. of 

339th Machine (iun Battalion: 

Headquarters and Cos. C and I) Bessoncourt 

Co. A Hagenbach 

Co. B Fulleren 

313th Engineers: 

Regimental Headquarters Novillard 

1st Battalion Elbach 

2nd Battalion WolfersdorfT 

Engineer Train Novillard 

313th Field Signal Battalion Montreux Chateau 

313th Train Headquarters and Military Police .... Fontaine 
313th Sanitary Train: 

Ambulance Section Chavannes-sur-FEtang 

Field Hospital Section: 

349th Field Hospital Co Be'lemagny 

350th Field Hospital Co Hericourt 

351st Field Hospital Co Chavannes-les-Grands 

352nd Field Hospital Co Romagny 

313th Supply Train Fontaine 

313th Ammunition Train: 

Horse Battalion Hericourt 

Sales Commissary Unit No. 301 Fontaine 

Machine Truck Shop Unit No. 367 Fontaine 

Clothing Unit No. 308 . Fontaine 

Division Medical Supply Unit Fontaine 

Graves Registration Service Unit No. 304 Hericourt 

Salvage Squad No. 22 Hericourt 

The 29th U. S. Division and the 38th French Division had discovered that 
Ammertzwiller and other towns on the boundary of the enemy territory were not 
held in their entirety nor occupied continually by enemy forces. The 7th French 
Army Commander accordingly directed that such portions of territory be taken 
over and amalgamated into our holdings. The hostile salient at Ammertzwiller in 
particular favored seizure and consoUdation into our own hues. It was partially 
encompassed on the north and south by salients already existing within our own 
lines and the simple expedient of digging two short trenches across No Man's Land 
centered a short distance within the point of the hostile sahent would cause a junction 
that would take in the desired portion of Ammertzwiller. 


The first casualties in action in the Division came on the night of October 12th- 
13th when the enemy launched a raid on the 2d Battalion. 350th Infantry preparing 
to effect this plan. During the attack, Captain Peter \". Brcthorst, Company "F," 
Sergeant J. A. Hora. Privates Fred G. Ekslrom and Clinton F. Lcasan, Company 
"F," and Privates Willie Leroy, Fred R. Creswell and Pat Morris, Company "G," 
were struck hy shrapnel and fatally wounded. Captains Henry A. House, Company 
"E" and Orren E. Safford, Company "G," with eight enlisted men, were caught in 
No Man's Land while reconnoitering and captured by the raiders, who were repulsed, 
however, before they reached the front line trenches. Approximately eighteen Ameri- 
cans and three Frenchmen were wounded more or less severely during the action, in 
addition to the killed and captured. One officer and four enlisted men (American) were 
awarded the Croix de Guerre by the French for gallant conduct in repelling the raid. 

A report of the engagement made to Headquarters was as follows: 

"On the night of October 12tb-13lh, 1918, two working parties were sent 
out from the 350th Infantry under command of Capt. Safford and Capt. House, 
respectively, their mission being to connect the advance line with the first Ger- 
man trench at Ammertzwiller. These two detachments were each to be pro- 
tected by French covering detachments. These were provided by reconnaissance 
parties which included a number of officers and N. C. O's. It was re- 
ported that these covering parties were late in arriving and the reconnaissance 
parties were cut off by a Minenwerfer barrage in advance of our Front lines. 
This was at 19 hours, at the same time our own barrage was laid down by the 


Iluule Afsnce Sechr 


Babchuiilkr con br ?wn ('" Wie 


C.'a» Sentry I'osI ii 

il Litir Tmirh uii/hixHp Am 

l-illlT. Il'lllll- W.VI 

-. NinvmlMT I. 1918 

French ailillcry in hU])iKirt. The n'Cdiinaissanro party Umk shelter in <ild shell 
holes and du);(itits. Wh»>n the hostile liarrane movrd hack, they wore? trapped 
by a {.lerman raiding party which follnwcd it.s own harraf;*'- The entire party 
were taken captive with the excepti(ni uf one Kreneh Lieutenant, one machine 
gun officer and unc 2d Lieutenant of the li\ llaltalioii. 350th Infantry. 

"The working' party in which Capt. Urcthorst and several of hi.s mon were 
killed was near the entrance tif lialsehwilicr and was caii|:hl by the (lorman 
bairajje as it moved hack." 

On the following ni^lit. October 13th -1 1th. an advance of the front lines of the 
350th sector into the villa^f^ of Ammcrtzwiller and lOnfiiiiif!*'" **i^ ordered by the 
French Headquarters. The attjick was launched at dawn. I Ith OctolK-r, in conjunc- 
tion with French triHips. Company D. in tin- 1st Itattaliun sector, [)enplratcHl into 
Ammertzwiller undis<'overcd by the enemy, and established outposts. Company 
H in the 2d Battalion sector, occupied the hostile fn>nt line in KnschinKen at the same 
hour. At daybreak, the enemy discovered our outiH>sts in Ammcrtzwiller and imme- 
diately attacked, at the .same time putting down an artillery haras.sin)! fire on the 
American- French support. The six out|HistH, altlioufth outnumbered, held off the 
initial attack, then gradually withdn-w into some old trenches, where they remained 
until night and retired, by order, under the cover of darkness. One American was 
captured. None were killed or wounded. Four Croix de (luerre were awarde<l as 
a result of citations in orders itUth French Division to members of the 88th Division 
for courageous conduct in this engagement. The attacking party from the 2d 


WliereRaido/OeloberlS. 19f8, took place, Haule Alsace Sfclor 

U Scene in Brechamoni, Ilaate AUace Seelor. Wa* Regimental Headquarters, 350th In/aniry, c 
later of 3i9lh*ln/anlJy, Here, on toil recovered from Germany, the French Crvix de Guerre 
loere mcarded American soldieri of 88ut Division for heroism it raid of 
Oeb^ta- 13, i9i8 


■Slreet Scene in Charannesttr-Elwig, in the llaiile Alsace Seek 

Battalion remained undiscovered in the enemy lines in Knschingen for several hours 
after the 1st Battalion outposts had fallen back, and began to consolidate, but were 
later ordered to withdraw. 

Aside from these two actions, the north half of the division sector saw little of 
the enemy during the month of October. On October 19th, the 3rd Battalion of the 
349th Infantry relieved the 1st Battalion of the 350th Infantry in the Center of 
Resistance Gildwiller and the 3d Battalion of the 350th Infantry took over the Center 
of Resbtance Balschwiller from the 2d Battahon of the same regiment at approxi- 
mately the same time. By this time, the Germans had been sufficiently impressed 
with the fighting qualities of the Americans to keep carefully out of hand-to-hand 
range. As a result, there was httle further activity on their part aside from occasional 
patrob, few of which ever penetrated our wire. 

The American troops, on the other hand, entered No-Man's Land every night 
almost where they pleased. The German trenches were frequently explored and all 
sorts of German equipment, including gas alarms, telephone apparatus, and trench 
signs were brought back as souvenirs. 

The 3rd Battalion, 350th Infantry, was relieved in Center of Resistance Bal- 
schwiller by the 2d Battalion. 349th Infantry, October 29th. The 1st Battalion, 
349th Infantry, would have gone into the line in the Gildwiller sector a few days 
later but for the order relieving the divbion in thb area and sending it into the Toul 

Machine gun posts in the north sub-sector of the division line were maintained 
throughout the tour by the 338th Alachine Gun Battalion. From October 7th to 
23d, Company D of the Battalion was stationed at Guevenatten and Company B 
at Traubach le Baa. On October 23d, Company A relieved Company D and Company 
C took over the Traubach region from Company B, 


The third event of importance in the Division sector took place Oitober 18th. 
when the enemy attempted a raid on the 351st Infantry in Schonholz Woods. 

Schonholz woods formed an extreme salient in the center of our sector. Located 
on a ste^p hill sloping toward the German lines with our communicating trenches 
viable to the enemy, it was one of the most diflicult parts of the entire terrain to 
hold or to suppt»rt. Thelines were within a few humh^ metersof each other and both 
being in the same w(X)(ls. observation was mutually diflicult and it was almost impos- 
sible to ward olf surprise. The Germans were in the habit of raiding this point to 
capture prisoners at least one or two times each month. 

Company I of the X5lst Infantry was given the task of first defending the 
salient and was the fii-st element of the division to repulse a raid there. A heavy fog 
had settled over the entiiT .sector on the mitrnin); of October 18th, affording the best 
condition possible for a raiding party. .\t 11:05 A. M,, a sergeant of Company I 
saw three Germans alxiut forty yards in front of Post 57-B Schonholz Woods and 
immediately gave an alarm. The (Germans threw several potato masher grenades 
and opened Im- with rillc grenades. The Americans opened fire and one (German 
was seen to fall: liis Inidy was not located. The (lermans attempted to cut off the 
3d Platoon which was stationinl at the most advanced part of the salient. However, 
due to the pluck of the Americans the raid was completely repulsed in a few moments 
and the Germans were compelled to withdraw, layinif down a smoke screen as they 
hurried back to their lines. The casuEdties were Private Kdgar L, McCord. Company 
I, 351st Infantry, killed at his post, and Private Harley -Miller of the same organiza- 

Company DugouU. Left Baltalion. 176th Infantry Brigadr. in the Cargpach Wooda. Ilaule AUace Srclur 

t'hiirrh in Uglen'/en, llaiili- 1/j 

tJon, wounded. The raid lastt-d abnul twenty ininiitrs. The strength of the raiding 
party is not known. The withdrawal of the raiding; party was coveii-d by an artillery 

During the time the 351st Infantry held the southern siib-scclor, very little 
happened except for the liomhardment on the night of Otlober 12th and the raid on 
S(;honholz woods. 

On the nifiht of OctolxT 2lth, the 2d Battalion, 3.52d Infantry, moved for- 
ward and relieved the 1st Battalion, 331st infantry, in the Badrirourt Settor. 
the '3d Battalion, 352d Infantry, relieved the 3d Battalion. 3.51,st Infantry, the same 
night in the Hagenlmch sector. The marching was done afti-r dark. This made 
necessary the placing of connecting files at intervals of ten feet between platoons. 

On October 2tth. the Kulleren Secti)r on the South— alxnit three kilometers 
frontage — was added to the .sector originally assigned t^i the Division. This exten- 
sion of front was made neces,sar>- because the 38th Division which had g(»ne intoset:tnr 
south of the 88th Division was very much depleU'd — the comi)anies lieing reduced 
to approximately thirty-live men. The extension of front niaile n«H'essary a rearrange- 
ment of the 88lh Division in sector. The northern sub-sector slill was held with two 
battalions of the front line regiment in the front area. In the southern sub-sector, 
all three battalions of the 352d Infantry were put in the frcmt zone and a battalion 
of the 35Ist Infantry was hn)ught up to general sup|Hirting {losition at \Ianspach. 

On the night of October 27lh. the 1st lialtalion, 352d Infantry, relieved the 
2d Battalion. 351st Infantry, in the Kulleren sector without incident. The 1st 
Battalion, 352d Infantry, was supporti'd by Company B, 33yth Machine Gun Bat- 


talion and the 2d Battalion by Company C, 339th Machine Gun Battalion; 3d 
Battalion by the 352d Machine Gun Company. 

During the period the 351st and 352d Infantry were in line, tliey held a front 
which was more eictended than that of the 349th and 3S0th Infantry. This was due 
to the addition of the Fulleren sector on the 24th of October. The Fulleren sector 
wa3 found to be well organized. In the early part of the war, a French Corps had 
been concentrated in rear of this narrow front. 

Disappointed in their failure to carry through to success the first raid against 
the 351st Infantry, the Germans attempted a second assault October 3Ist. At 8:50 
A. M., they placed a barrage lasting about twenty minutes on the Schonholz salient, 
which was held at that lime by Company "I," 352d Infantry. During the early part 
of the bombardment about thirty shells fell on Company "M" sector which was on 
the left or north. A machine gun was located al that point and it was evident they were 
trying to shell it out, but were unsuccessful. The artillery observation post promptly 
reported this hostile barrage and Division Headquarters directed the French artillery 
commander to lay down his S. 0. S. barrage covering this section. 

As soon as the hostile barrage lifted, about forty Germans came over the bluff 
converging on an isolated post at the extreme point of the salient. Nine men of 
Company I were stationed at the post with two automatic rifles. All of them were 
in a dugout with the exception of Private Crosby and Private Boyd. Private Boyd 
weis wounded in the early part of the engagement. Corporal Johnson came out of 
the dugout and ordered Private Boyd to the rear. The rest of the men in the dugout 
attempted to get out, but a grenade exploded at the entrance wounding the leading 
man, throwing him back against the others. In the meantime, Corporal Johnson 
got into the fight with the auto rifle rehnquished by Private Boyd. As soon as the 
Crermans were in sight Corporal Johnson and Private Crosby opened fire with auto 

HauU Alioce Sector — Supporting Arlilkry Pmitiont, 176lh Infantry Brigade 

Cook Shackt, Left Company of Right Ballalion. 1761k Infantry Brigade, Ilaiile Alsate Sector 

rifles and hand grenades. Corporal Johnson's auto rifle jammed three times because 
of dirt thrown into the mechanism of the gun by the explosion of hand grenades and 
shrapnel. He stopped firing while grenades and pistol shots were falling aU around 
him and the Germans continued to advance. He continued work on the rifle until 
it was repaired and then fired four clips and threw about twenty-five hand grenades at 
enemy until he checked them immediately in front of the post. Both of these men 
remained at their positions throughout the attack and repulsed the enemy so that 
they were unable to pass the line of observation. Private Crosby was severely 
wounded through the arms and legs and was finally overcome by the enemy who 
knocked him down and carried away his auto rifle. Two of the Germans were left 
behind, one dead and one severely wounded. The latter died a short time afterward. 
The wounded German stated that the raiding party consisted of forty men of the 
382dLandwehr Regiment. They had lefttheir linesat5:(K) A. M., and had come over 
in front of our wire just under the bluff at Schonholz woods. They had remained there 
until their preparatory barrage lifted, when they attacked. Their mission was to 
take prisoners. 

Aside from the four raids mentioned above, the 88th participated in no further 
combat during its tour in this sector. In retiring from the Une in early November, 
however, it left the enemy with a healthy conception of its fighting qualities. After 
the first week of the division's period of duty in the Haute-Alsace Sector, the enemy 
assumed an attitude almost entirely defensive. Our patrols crossed No Man's Land 
at wiU and penetrated the German lines at practically every point without opposition. 

The Division had demonstrated to the satisfaction of both the French and Amer- 
ican high commands that it was gaining a practical experience that would fit it for 


Dugout PlaliKin P. (',. 1761b Brigadr. Eaal l^rchenholz Wuod. Ilaule AUice Secbir 

offensive major opcraliuns. The muralc of the tnKips was excellent, their fighting 
qualities had been amply demonstrated in the four raids, and in every regard the 
command was fully prepared to take a full share in any major offensive for which it 
might be selected. 

General Paulinier, commanding the 40th French Corps, acting under orders 
of General He Mitrey, commanding the 7th French Army, had directed the prepara- 
tion of delailetl plans with sketches and amounts of artillery ammunition to cover a 
series of raids along the front of the division. Preparatory to submitting these plans 
on November 3d, the division intelligence section made a series of extended patrols, 
penetrating the enemy's lines to supporting trenches. The withdrawal of the division 
from sector prevented the carrying out of any of these projects. ( Ip to the time these 
detailed plans for raids were ordered, the French High Command had discouraged 
in every way the firing of artillery ammunition, particularly 75 mm. Primarily, they 
opposed further destruction of Alsatian villages, like Carspach and Altkirch, which 
up to this time had not suffered extensively. Second, the amount of ammunition 
used in the Argonne and in the northern drives had depleted the allied reserve of 
artillery ammunition to a dangerous point, and artillery ammunition was to be ex- 
pended only defensively, in quiet sectors. 

In compliance with Field Order No. 8, 88th Division, the command was with- 
drawn from sector and relieved by the 151th French Division on November 4th. 
On Noveralier 3d, orders were received by the Division Commander calling for a 
hurried move of one of the infantry brigades to the Toul region to support the pro- 


posed drive of the newly organized Second American Army. The rest of the division 
was to follow speedily. 

Accordingly, Division Headquarters closed at Novillard at 10 o'clock, November 
3d, and opened at Valdoic, a suburb of Bclfort, at the same hour. The division P. C. 
at Montrcux Chateau made a similar change the following day. On November 8th 
the P. C, closed at Valdoie and opened at Lagney (Meurthe et Moselle), northwest 
of Toul. 

In accordance with Field Order No. 9, the 175th Brigade began entraining at 
Belfort, November 6th. for the Bernecourt and Pagney-sur-Meuse areas, where the 
brigade was to act as reserve f<ir the IV Corps, Second Army (American). It re- 
mained in that capacity until returned to the command of the 88th Division, in 
reserve of the Secimd Army, November lOth. The last of the division entrained at 
Belfort for the new area November 1 1th, the day on which the armistice went into 
effect at 11 o'clock. 

At the juncture in the hostilities when the division was withdrawn from Alsace 
and sent n()rth, the battle line had receded toward (ieiniany through northern France 
and Belgium, but there was not much change in the l»rraine country. The situation 
for the enemy at the beginning of November was critical in the extreme, but he still 
clung tenaciinisly to the area about Metz. 

A decisive blow there that would be successful enough even to isolate Metz 
would render further military iTsislance not only futile but practically impossible. 
It was Ut join in such a movement that the 88th Division left the comparatively quiet 

mh Divimm I Ifadqaarirr). Valdoie, an norlheasl edge of Beljorl. NoKmbr U. 1918 

8Slh Division Machine Gun Nesl. U/l Bollalion of 175tli Infantry 

Haale Ahact Sector 

Alsace sector, which was used normally as a training sector for the Americans and a 
rest area for the French. Now the division was to see real war. 

There is more to be said about what was planned for the Second American Army 
under Lieut. Gen. Robert Lee Bullard than about what was actually accomplished. 
The operations have been referred to as "The Battle that was to Be." As has been 
said, the Allied armies were advancing everywhere from Holland to Metz, except 
in the sector fronting Metz itself, or that portion between Ornes and the Moselle. 
The movement of the Second American Army was to embrace a northward swing 
between Fresnes and Port-sur-SeiUe, pivoting its right on the front of the Metz fortress 
and advancing the lejt to the west of it in conformity with the still more sweeping 
movements of the First American Army near the Meuse. 

As soon as the Second Army should be well under way, it was planned by Marsha) 
Foch, supreme Allied chief, to launch the Tenth French Army under General Mangin, 
southeast of Metz, in the direction of Chateau-Salins. The Second American Army 
would carry its attack northward toward Conflans; the Tenth French Army would 
move northeast and east toward the Saar and the Rhine. Both would avoid direct 
attack on Metz, which would be engulfed between them. 

The remainder of the German line, between the Tenth Army's right and the 
Swiss border, including the portion which had been held by the 88th Division in Alsace, 
would thus be outflanked and have to fall back. This portion had not received much 
aggressive attention from either side for a long period. Neither side found it advisable 
to operate extensively there. 



























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The Second Army's advance, for which the 88th Division had arrived in reserve, 
was to begin November 10th, with four divisions in line and five in reserve alon 
its front of 50 kilometers. The 10th Army was to move forward its ten divisions, on 
November 14th, on a 90 kilometer front, its forces to be augmented later. 

On November 8th, the Second Army had the 92d, 7th, 28tb and 33d Divisions 
from right to left, in line. In support, or moving into support, the 2d Army had the 
88th, 4th, 35th and 82d American, and the 26th French Divisions, besides the 85th 
Division designated to furnish replacement troops for the Second Army. The greater 
part of the ground thus held was that which had been occupied about September 
15th, after the ejection of the enemy from the St. Mihiel salient. 

General Bullard issued detailed instructions for the attack November 6th. It 
was necessary to concentrate the troops and much artillery, so the drive was first 
set for November lllh, but the enemy, demoralized by reverses everywhere and the 
recent withdrawal of Austro-Hungarian troops from this front with the surrender 
of that nation, continued a rapid retrogression. This demanded earlier movement, 
and the attack was deUvered on the morning of the 10th. 

Facing the Second American Army at this time, the hostile troops which the 
88th Division was scheduled soon to fight, were Bavarian, Landwehr and Reserve 
troops of General von Fuch's Army, Detachment "C" of General Von Gallwitz 
Army Group, also troops of General von Bothmer's XlXth Army of the Army Group 
of the Duke of Wurtteinburg. 

Headipuirta-t of Fourth Army Corpi, A. E. F., al Boueq, ToiU Sedor, October, iSiS 


At 7 o'clock, the morning of November 10th, Maj. Gen. Charles C. Ballon, 
formerly in command of the 163d Depot Brifjade at Camp Dodge and later promoted 
and given command of the 92d Division, began an advance with the 365th Infantry 
of the 92d Division (colored) behind a rolling barrage, on the east side of the Moselle. 
The enemy's outpost line was driven back from one and one-half to two and one-half 
kilometers, when the resistance stifTened in the afternoon. Bois Frehaut, Bois de 
Voivrotte and Bois de Cheminot had been occupied. The attack was renewed at 5 ' 
o'clock on the morning of the 11th against lively artillery and machine gun opposition, 
eind ground lost the day before had been regained when hostilities ceased at 11 o'clock. | 

Meanwhile the 7th, 28th and 33d Divisions had gotten under way on the morn- 
ing of the 10th and made progress despite severe resistance, especially from machine 
gun nests. Two companies of the 56th Infantry, 7th Division, lost 40 per cent of their 
number in taking and attempting to hold Preny Ridge. 

In this fighting, halted so soon by the armistice, the Second Army had 1,380 
casualties, according to unofficial reports. The 7th, 28th and 92d Divisions each 
suffered practically alike. The 33d Division lost 614. The enemy captured 7 officers [ 
and 178 enlisted men. The 92d and 7th Divisions were practically new to offensive 
employment, but compared most favorably with the more experienced organizations. , 

Meanwhile, the 88th Division waited on its arms, literally, for the expected 
order to move forward at "H hour" on "D day" — the order that never came. The 
roar of the big guns could be beard from the battle line. 

The one visible reminder of the nearby presence of the enemy was the destruc- 
tion by anti-aircraft guns of a two seatar German biplane that was shot down in 
flames, Sunday, November 10th, at 12:30 P. M., and fell in one of the towns occupied 
by the 351st Infantry— Villey St. Etienne. 

All night the lOth-1 Itb, the guns redoubled their violence and frequency of their 
reports and the heavens were kept aflame with the signal pyrotechnics of all colors 
and combinations. 

At daylight the rattle of musketry and machine guns supporting the infantry 
attack vied with the field guns of the supporting barrage and the big guns of the 

counter battery eind barassing fire. About 10:20, the firing almost ceased, but sporadi- 
cally broke out afresh just before 11 o'clock, as if a final salvo of hate was being 
launched, by both sides. Promptly at 11 o'clock a great hush fell upon the whole 
line, followed by cheers aad ^outs of joy as both sides stood up in position and won* 
dered that such a thing as Peace could really be. 

General Orders 
No. 26. 

Headquabtehs, 88th Division 
American Expeditionary Forces 

France, 13th May, 1919. 

I. The unexpected hastening home of the Division renders an assembly of the 
entire Command before embarkation practically impossible; likewise, the assembly 
of the Division in the United States as a body, prior to demobilization, is problemati- 
cal — hence, commendation and farewell in written form becomes necessary, rather than 
a personal greeting which would have been preferred. 

II. It was with great pride aad gratification that the Division Commander 
published the praise accorded the Division by the Commander-in-Chief on the occa- 
sion of his inspection and review on April 19, 1919, in which the Commander-in- 
Chief states that "the appearance and bearing of all ranks was clear evidence of 
the high morale that permeates your command" and that "each individual in your 
command may return home, satisfied that he has done his full duty and proud that 
he has had the opportunity of being a member of one of our fighting organizations" 
— and expressing his thanks to "the officers and men of the 88th Division for their 
willing and efficient service since they became a part of the American Expeditionary 

To this may be added, the unstinted praise for the fine appearance, morale and 
record of the 88th Division, as expressed to the Division Commander by the Honor- 
able Secretary of War, Newton D. Baker, who favored us with his presence on this 
occasion and addressed the Command. 

[ttuint nf Bridge near FaUtran Wood*. HaiUt Altace .' 


Graves of 

Hericoorl, on road to Vyans 

III. The Corps Commander has likewise given the Division his praise, in the 
following words: "The high discipline and soldierly bearing of the Division demon- 
strate a high state of morale and reflect credit upon the elements of command and 
leadership in all grades. Every demand made upon the Division has been met by 
the most cheerful response and the most loyal compliance." 

IV. To all the above the Division Commander desires to eicpress at this time 
his sincere appreciation of the willing, efficient, and loyal support given him by 
every officer and every man of the Command at all times; meeting every emergency 
in training, and in the field, with that same spirit of friendly rivalry in each Individual 
and organization such as to inculcate proper pride and espril de corpn. 

As you return to your civil pursuits, on the farm, in the counting-house, or in 
other occupation, your military training will ever remain not only a national asset, 
but an individual one in your respect and subordination toward employers and also 
in a just control and direction of subordinates. 

The Division Commander regrets the severance of the most agreeable relations 
owing to the t«rmination of your military careers; and desires to thank every officer 
and man^^for the constant loyal support given him. 

William Wek:i:l, 
Major (ieneral, V. S. A. 

France, 21 Oct., 1918. 

(For Official Circulation Only) 

IIeadquabter.s 88th Division 
American Expeditionary Forces 

Genera] Orders 

No. 78 

I. The Division Commander takes pleasure in announcing that the 38th In- 
faatry Division (French) has seen fit to cite in orders the namei of certain members 
of Uie 88tii Division, and has presented to these members the Croix de Guerre. 


1. The extract of the 38th Division orders awarding the Croix de Guerre with 
silver star follows: 

Lieulenanl Lowell Forbes, 350lh Infantry. 

"Energetic and courageous officer, charged with carrying out, with his platoon, 
a very delicate mission on October 14th, 1918, acquitted himself of such mission 
perfectly, and, incidentally, took two prisoners." 

Corporal Richard Frania, 350ih Infantry. 

"A very brave corporal. While in charge of an advance post in a village which 
his section had just occupied, did maintain his position under very difficult circum- 
stances, due to his calmness and presence of mind in the face of the enemy." 

Private Ernest Nierman, SHOth Infantry. 

"During a hastile raid attempted during the night of 12-13 October, he did 
valiantly defend a bayou through which the enemy endeavored to penetrate into 
our lines." 

Sergeant Burdick Poliett, HUOth Infantry. 

"An excellent non-commissioned oirtcer. During the night of 12-13 October, 
when the enemy attempted a raid on our line, he gave proof of the greatest activity 
and absolute scorn of danger, going from one post to another to organize the defense, 
under an extremely violent bombardment." 

Sergeant Arthur Gude, 350t/i Infantry. 

"An excellent non-commissioned officer. During the night of 12-13 October, 
when the enemy attempted a raid on our lint', lie gavi' prcHtf of the greatest activity 
and absolute scorn of danger, going from one post to another to organize the defense, 
under an extremely violent bombardment." 

Lieutenant Oscar Nelson, 350th Infantry. 

"He excited comment by his spirit during a daring reconnaissance made in 
enemy lines the night of 11-12 October, 1918. Being in reserve the 12th Oct. at 
the moment when the enemy was attempting a raid on our lines, he voluntarily 

An 8Slh Dieision Cemelery in Alsace 


Cemetery in AUocr 

went to the position of the attacked company and there gave pr<K>f of the Rreatest 
activity and of an absolute scorn of danger." 

2. Citation by order of the French Brigade of the Croix de Guerre with bronze 
star follows: 

Private Emanuel Mauff, 350lh Infantry. 

"An automatic rifleman of great courage. Seeing a German non-commissioned 
oflpcer. Private HaufT shot at his feet without wounding him, in order to allow the 
capture of the enemy. This action permitted the non-commissioned ofTit'er to be 
taken prisoner immediately." 

By command of Major General WEIGEL: 

Fay W. Brabson. 
Lieut. Col., General Staff, 
Acting Chief of Staff, 

L. A. Toombs, 
Lieut. Colonel, A. G., 

Headquabtebs 88th Division 
American Expeditionary Forces 

France, 29 April, 1919. 
General Orders 
No. 23 

1. The Commending General, 88th Division, American Expeditionary Forces, 
France, takes pleasure in announcing that the following officers and enlisted men of 
the 88tJi Division are given Division Citations as set forth opposite their respective 
names, for acts of heroism ia operations with the 88th Division and with other 
American Divisions: 


Private Harold H. Crosby, 270U20U, Company "Z," 352d Infantry. 

"On October 31st, 1918, Private Crosby, with another man, occupied an isolated 
post in front of Company *r sector, Altkirch, Alsace, during a heavy box barrage 
laid down by the enemy. Private Crosby was wounded several times, but continued 
to fight, and with extreme bravery and coolness, repulsed the enemy until he was 
overcome by the severeness of his wounds, when he was overpowered, beaten, kicked 
and clubbed by the enemy. After losing one hand, he still endeavored to fire his 
automatic rifle with the other." 

Sergeant Hans Johnson^ 2185990, Company **/," 352d Infantry, 

"On October 31st, 1918, during a raid by the enemy, a heavy box barrage was 
laid around part of the sector held by Company *I,' 352d Infantry, near Altkirch, 
Alsace. Sergeant Johnson, then a Corporal, was in charge of one of ^e isolated posts. 
At the beginning of the barrage he came out of his dugout and made his way forward. 
Throughout the engagement he fought with great coolness and fortitude with his 
automatic rifle and when the same jammed, caused by the explosion of a grenade on 
the parapet, he took it apart and repaired it with one hand, while he kept the enemy 
back by throwing hand grenades with the other, and although wounded, he continued 
to fight and was responsible, with one Private Harold H. Crosby, in repulsing the 
attack of forty of the enemy." 

Private First Class John Zehren, Jr., 2162937, Company **L," 352d Infantry, 

"On the morning of October 31st, 1918, while Company *L,* 352d Infantry, 
was occupying the front line trenches in the Altkirch sector, Alsace, the enemy laid 
down a heavy barrage around Company T sector on the left, overlapping the fourth 
platoon of Company *L,' 352d Infantry. Private Zehren, in his capacity as fourth 
platoon runner, exhibited great heroism and courage in delivering messages through 
the barrage to the P. C. of his company commander." 

Wagoner Frank Welninski, 270i606, Supply Company, 352d Infantry, 

"At Ballersdorf in the C. R. of Badricourt, Alsace, on the 2d November, 1918, 
Wagoner Welninski exhibited great courage and, regardless of his own personal 
safety, continued to drive his water cart through heavy shell fire to assist in bring- 
ing up supplies to forward troops." 

Wagoner Lars E, Dahlin, 2703975, Supply Company, 352d Infantry, 

"At Ballersdorf in the C. R. of Badricourt, Alsace, on the 2d November, 1918, 
Wagoner Dahlin exhibited great courage and, regardless of his own personal safety, 
continued to drive his ration cart, loaded with supplies for forward troops, through 
heavy shell fire. During this period three spokes of a wheel on his wagon were cut 
out by shrapnel." 

Second Lieutenant Donald C. Elder, Company "L," 352d Infantry. 

"On the morning of October 31st, 1918, during the occupancy of Company 
*L,' 352d Infantry, of a portion of the front line trenches in the Altkirch sector, 
Alsace, a heavy box barrage was laid down by the enemy in Company *r sector. 
This barrage overlapped the sector of the 4th platoon of Company *L' on the left, 
which was under the command of 2d Lt. Donald C. Elder. Lt. Elder was severely 
wounded in the neck by shrapnel while directing his men outside of his P. C. in the 
early stage of the bombardment. After having received first-aid he exhibited great 
courage, fortitude and presence of mind; he went forward under heavy fire and 
took command of an isolated post of six men, where he continued to encourage those 
under him to resist the enemy until the close of the engagement." 

Major George H, Russ, Jr., Commanding 2d Battalion, 352d Infantry, 

"On the morning of November 2d, 1918, in C. R. of Badricourt, Alsace, Major 
George H. Russ, Jr., was in the act of returning from a tour of inspection of Obser- 
vation Posts located near the front line, when hostile artillery (ISO's) opened shrapnel 


fire on line of redoubts. A Supply Wagon and Water Cart were caught in this fire. 
The spokes were shot out of the wheels of the Supply Wagon, and large pieces of 
shrapnel struck the water cart. On seeing a third wagon about to enter the zone 
of fire, this oflBcer, without regard to his personal safety, passed through the zone 
and ordered this wagon back to the Battalion P. C. After a few minutes observa- 
tion of the character of the fire, this oflBcer saw that it was creeping toward an out- 
post consisting of a squad in position in a shallow trench, and that they would soon 
be directly in Sne of the fire. Here again, with great coolness and fortitude, he passed 
back through the zone under fire and ordered the squad forward out of danger, set- 
ting an example of bravery which inspired his command." 

Private First Class Leonard Harrison Ross, 3298U69, Hq, Co., 351st Infantry, 

"This telephone operator, on the night of 12th October, 1918, at Eglingen, 
Alsace, during heavy artillery bombardment of high explosive and gas, which con- 
tinued to cut lateral lines of communication and those to his Battalion P. C, skill- 
fully repaired these lines, wearing his gas mask the while, thus maintaining constant 
communication between the right flank unit and the Battalion P. C." 

Sergeant Boyd Mael, 2156737, Company "'K'" 351st Infantry. 

"On October 12, 1918, near Eglingen, Alsace, this soldier displayed extraordi- 
nary bravery and coolness while under heavy bombardment of high explosive and 
gas shells, in establishing and maintaining liaison between the platoon P. C. and 
front line trenches, and in guiding his platoon commander to the front lines, which 
were at that time under heavy fire/' 

Private First Class Charles A. Lyons, 3309525, Company "D," 350th Infantry, 

"On 14th October, 1918, during an attack by the Grermans at Ammertzwiller, 
Alsace, Private Lyons, together with another American and one Frenchman, were 
being surrounded. Private Lyons killed one of the enemy who was barring their 
escape, thus preventing the capture of all three." 

Private Anthony Mernofski, 372^703, Company "D," 350th Infantry, 

"During an attack at Ammertzwiller, Alsace, on October 14th, 1918, by a large 
number of Germans, Private Mernofski held the enemy with hand grenades until 
he was wounded and captured, thus allowing the safe escape of several of his com- 

First Lieutenant Edgar Campbell, Company "//," 350th Infantry, 

"During a heavy bombardment on the night of October 12, 1918, at Balschwiller, 
Lt. Campbell exhibited unusual coolness in leading his platoon from a heavily shelled 
area to a place of safety, and sent reports of the situation promptly to Company 
P. C." 

Second Lieutenant William H, Nourse, Company "i7," 350th Infantry, 

Second Lieutenant Stanley J, O'Connor, Company "//," 350th Infantry, 

"During heavy bombardment of the front Une on the night of October 12th, 
1918, at Balschwiller, Lt. Nourse and Lt. O'Connor personally visited the posts of 
their respective platoons, the co-ordinates of which were accurately known to the 
enemy, and removed their men to a place of safety, thereby avoiding heavy casual- 
ties; and sent a report of the situation promptly to Company P. C." 

Mechanic George W. Hinchcliffe, 32306^^, Company "//," 350th Infantry, 

"During a heavy bombardment at Balschwiller on the night of October 12, 
1918, Mechanic HinchcliflFe exhibited great bravery and coolness in directing the 
evacuation of the wounded to the Battalion dressing station, remaining in the heavily 
shelled area for that purpose, with utter disregard for his own safety." 







Private First Class Harvey M. Dorris, 323882, Company **/f," 350th Infantry. 

"During a heavy bombardment at Balschwiller on the night of October 12, 
1918, Private Dorris voluntarily and with absolute disregard for his own safety 
directed and helped remove sick men from an exposed position to a place of safety." 

Corporal Horace A, Love, 215535i, Company **//,'' 350th Infantry. 

Corporal Clarence 0. Sullivan, 323Ui7, Company **//,'* 350ih Infantry. 

"After having entered and occupied the enemy front line opposite Balschwiller 
with a detail of American and French soldiers and being cut off from communica- 
tion with our own troops, Corporals Love and Sullivan volunteered to return across 
No Man's Land to our own lines for the purpose of obtaining food for the detail in 
disregard of the advice of the more experienced French soldiers. They did this and 
returned with food for the detail, having made the trip over open ground and under 
constant observation of the enemy.*' 

Second Lieutenant Raymond L. Abel, Company "G," 350th Infantry. 

"On October 12, 1918, at Balschwiller, Alsace, during a German raid Lt. Abel 
showed coolness and absolute disregard for his own safety while under bombard- 
ment of guns of heavy caliber; visiting all the posts in his platoon sector, encourag- 
ing the men, and by so doing the enemy were driven out of a position in salient which 
they had penetrated in the center of company sector." 

Sergeant John Aschemann, 2857296, Company "G," 350th Infantry. 

Private First Class Lester Clark, 3230958, Company "G," 350th Infantry. 

"On October 12, 1918, in Balschwiller, Alsace, during a German raid on our 
trenches the above-named soldiers stuck to their posts during intensive bombard- 
ment of guns of heavy caUber and succeeded in driving out a detachment of the 
enemy which had penetrated a salient in the center of company sector; and, by 
their acts of bravery, defeated the plans of the enemy." 

Captain Peter V. Brethorst, 350th Infantry. (Posthumous Citation.) 

"On the night of October 12, 1918, at Balschwiller, Haute-Alsace, a heavy 
bombardment by hostile artillery was laid on his company, proceeding in column of 
half platoons along a ranged road immediately behind the first line trenches. This 
officer passed along the line several times, issuing orders and placing his men in 
safety, before taking cover himself. His coolness was responsible for saving the 
lives of many of his own men. He was fatally wounded in carrying out this plan." 

Private Lewis R. Eads, 3232336, Company "D," 350th Infantry. 

Private Jacob A. Hoover, 323H00, Company "JD," 350th Infantry. 

Private Joseph 0. Horton, 3231092, Company "D," 350th Infantry. 

"At Ammertzwiller, Haute-AIsace, on the 14th of October, 1918, the Ameri- 
can-French outposts were attacked at dawn by the (iermans and driven in. After 
capturing a German soldier, these men were cut off from retreat. They escaped 
capture by concealing themselves, with their prisoner, in an old cellar; remained 
there during an artillery bombardment throughout the day, and returned the next 
night with their prisoner to their own lines, displaying unusual coolness under try- 
ing circumstances." 

First Lieutenant George W. Prichard, Co. "D," 338th Machine Gun Battalion. 

"On the night of October 12, 1918, near Balschwiller, Haute-Alsace, this officer 
was ordered to make, in company with other officers and non-commissioned officers, 
a reconnaissance of an advanced position preUminary to the arrival of a working 
party. During the reconnaissance the group was surrounded and captured by an 
enemy raiding party. This oflBcer, by his coolness and wit, effected his escape from 
his captors and worked his way back to our lines." 


Sergeant Bernard Flannery, 21^7020, Company "D," 338lh Machine Gun Ballalion. 

"On October 12, 1918, near Balschwiller, Haute-Alsace, this Sergeant was 
ordered to make, in company with a number of officers and non-commissioned officers, 
a reconnaissance of an advanced position preliminary to the arrival of a working 
party. During the reconnaissance the group was surrounded and captured by an 
enemy raiding party. This noti-commissioned officer, by his coolness and ingenuity, 
eflfect^d his escape from his captors and worked his way back to our lines." 

Sergeant Morn's I. Me- 
Kenna, 2/75/2''/, Com- 
IKiny "D," 33m Ma- 
chine Gun Ballalion. 

"On the night of 
October 12, 1918, near 
Balschweillor. Haute- 
Alsace, while in com- 
mand of a detail of 
twenty men, this ser- 
geant located, and suc- 
cessfully conducted his 
men through the in- 
tense <larkness and an 
enemy bombardment to 
an officer near another 
town to whom he had 
been directed to deliver 
his detail. While so 
doing, two of his men 
were wounded. He 
directed their evacu- 
ation, maintained the 
American Cemelery on Ihe Abaee front. Here a buried formation of his detail, 

Ihe first of the 88tb DinUion to die in Fraitce. and in Spite of all di(B- 

Cemetery oJ Hericowl, France c u 1 1 i e s accomplished 

his mission, showing 
throughout great coolness and devotion to duty." 
Sergeant Hugh Jones, 167^59, Headquarters Troop, 8Sth Division. 

"On August 20, 1918, at Montaoa Farm, France, this soldier, being in charge 
of the Headquarters Depot, 56th Infantry Brigade, 28th Division, A. E. F., while 
under heavy artillery bombardment, with entire disregard to his personal safety, 
did see that his men were sent to cover, did assist in carrying two sorely wounded 
men to safety; and then did insist upon remaining in the open for three hours in 
order to direct any runners or signalmen to safety." 

Captain Harry Bwnell, Infantry A. D. C, 880% Division. 

"On August 20th, 1918, at Montaon Farm, France, Captain Burnett being on 
duty as A. D. C. of Commanding General, 56th Infantry Brigade. 28th Division, 
A. E. F., while under heavy artillery bombardment, with entire disregard to his 
personal safety, did see that the men of the detachment were sent to cover, did assist 
m cairying two badly wounded men to safety; and did remain on duty in the open 
directing runners and signalmen to 'safety. 

"On September 6, 1918, near Viilette, France, Captain Burnett did deliver 
important messeiges to the forward elements of the lllth Infantry, operating across 
the Vesle river, northeast of Viilette, at a time when the area was so badly shelled 
that it was necessary to use sidecars with duplicate messages in order to assure one 
message getting through." 


Captain George E, Wilkinson, A. D. C, Cavalry, 88ih Division. 

"On August 20, 1918, at Montaon Farm, France, Captain Wilkinson, being 
on duty as A. D. C. of Commanding General, 56th Infantry Brigade, 28th Division, 
A. E. F., while under heavy artillery bombardment, with entire disregard to his per- 
sonal safety, did see that the men of the detachment were sent to cover, did assist 
in carrying two badly wounded men to safety; and did remain on duty in the open 
directing runners and signalmen to safety. " 

"On August 28, 1918, near St. Gilles, France, Captain Wilkinson carried mes- 
sages to the regimental P. C. of the 112th Infantry, over an area then being sub- 
jected to fire from low-flying bombardment-planes; and by rare presence of mind 
in taking cover between successive bursts of bombs, was able to deliver important 
messages in safety." 

By Command of Major General WEIGEL: 

Fay W. Brabson, 
Colonel. General Staff, 
Chief of Staff. 

Frank O'Leary, 
Major, A. G. D., 
Acting Adjutant. 



As we hear (rom your cornra&es seized by us. 
your officers say. that we hill prisoners of war 
or 60 them some other harm. 

Don'l be suth Greenhorns! 

How can v^u smart Americans believe sudi 
s siily thing! ^ 

Sample of "German Propaganda" dropped by planes 01 



HE war was over, and immediately thoughts began to turn 
toward what came to be the burning question: "When do 
we go home?" Though the prospects for fighting further 
were practically gone, there was no let-up in the* work of the 
Division, and little time was lost in changing the war-time 
activity of a combat division to the peace-time program of 
intensive training, as the Army of Occupation might de< 
mand the service of the Division. Orders from higher head- 
quarters indicated that the same concentrated effort which 
had been demanded from the troops in the field would be de- 
manded in the task of learning the lessons of the war by carryingout a systematic sched- 
ule of general and special training, during theperiodofwaiting for transportation home. 
November 14, 1918, a Divisional School of Arms was established at Laneuveville 

. 1 






^^^^^M ^ 

Divisional HeadquarUri, j 

ri Notember 8, i9i8. 


under the direction of Colonel Isaac Newell. Instructors and students were hurriedly 
assembled, a system of administration established, and courses in gas defense, machine 
guns, grenades, signaling, Stokes mortar, one pounder, and automatic rifle began on 
schedule time, conducted by instructors, trained in army service schools, both in the 
United States and A. E. F. The enrollment was in the neighborhood of 900 men. All 
courses, excepting the course in Gas Defense, were for a period of one week. The 
Gas Defense course was a three day course. 

At this time, orders were received directing organizations to divest themselves of 
all equipment and stores not needed in a forward movement. Everything pointed 
toward the probability of the Division moving forward to occupy enemy territory. 
Hopes for an early return to the United States dwindled. This order was followed on 
November 19th by an order for the hasty salvaging of all property within the area of 
the Division. The work was divided amongst the troops, all units being assigned to 
certain sub-sectors. Practically the entire Division worked for a period of three days, 
collecting salvage at La Cumjie, Minorville, Boucq, Manoncourt and Cornieville. 
Thus began immediately the tremendous task of removing from the battle area the 
traces of over four years of bitter warfare. 

It was during the stay in this area that a division insignia was adopted and officially 
recognized. The design adopted was two solid figures "8," crossed at right angles, 
giving the appearance of a Maltese cross, made with loops, but more generally assumed 
to be a four-leaved clover. The insignia was to be worn on the left sleeve, adjoining 
and below the shoulder seam. The extreme height of the design was to be 23^ inches, 
and the extreme width of loops seven-eighths of an inch. The colors were to be blue, 
red and black, for infantry and machine gun units, artillery, and division and special 
units, respectively. Several designs had been considered. Sergeant Sylvan L. 
Lyksett Draftsman in the oflice of G-2 was the designer of the final 88th Division 
insignia, based on the clover-leaf idea which was originated by Corporal Robert J. 
Fitzgerald, 338th Machine Gun Battalion. 

In addition to the special training at the Divisional School of Arms, a schedule of 
general training began almost immediately after the armistice. It consisted of regular 
company and battaUon drill, and terram exercises executed by the Brigades and the 
Division. The training period was worked out on a basis of a four weeks' program, and 
began on November 26th, when the first terrain exercise was carried out by the 176th 
Infantry Brigade. This brigade exercise was closely followed on November 27th by 
the first division terrain exercise. 

Meanwhile, November 15th, the 313th Engineer Regiment was ordered to proceed 
under its own transportation to Pont-a-Mousson, reporting upon arrival to the Chief 
Engineer, Second Army, for reconstruction work. Moving with the utmost dispatch, 
this regiment proceeded to Arnaville, north of Pont-a-Mousson. Here, operating in 
the area included in the triangle formed by Metz-Conflans-Pont-a-Mousson, the 
313th Engineer Regiment carried out successfully the work of reconstruction for a period 
of six weeks. In twenty-six hours after the arrival at Arnaville, they repaired, and in 
places rebuilt, the Metz-Pont-a-Mousson line, so that French trains could be oper- 
ated north to Metz. This line was then double-tracked, after which the Arnaville- 
Conflans railway was built and double-tracked. The regiment, during this period, 
built and rebuilt railroads, repaired roads, destroyed mines, installed telephone lines, 
and operated electric light plants in this area. The regiment did not return to the 
Division until January, 1919. 


On the morning of November 27Ui, while the first Division Terrain Exercise was 
being worked out, came orders from the Second_Army, directing the 88th Division, 
less artillery and engineers, to move by marching to the Gondrecourt Training Area. 
On the day before, the Division had been relievpd from further duty with the VI 
Army Corps and had again been 
put into Second Army Reserve, 
in which it had been since No- 
vember 13, 1918. There it re- 
mained until December 5th, when 
it was assigned to the IX Army 

Previous to receipt of the 
move order, the Division had 
been directed by the Second 
Army to have its entire area and 
an additional area to the west- 
ward thoroughly policed by Sat- 
urday, November the 30th. This 
policing had been ordered done 
by the Division Commander 
for Friday the 29th, but as the 
Division was to commence its 
move to the Gondrecourt Area that date, it was found necessary to celebrate Thanks- 
giving Day in preparing for the move, all troops being engaged in cleaning up the area, 
and the staff devoting the entire day writing the field order and making the necessary 
administrative arrangements. 

On the 29th of November, the long march commenced. It was necessary to 
stage the troops during the move, and the Commercy and Void areas were assigned 
the Division for that purpose. It was the desire of the Army Commander that the 
movement be utilized for training, and inspectors from the Army accompanied the 
troops, observing the march discipline, and other elements so vital to miUtary opera- 

Division Headquarters closed at Lagney at 16 hours, 29th of November and 
opened the same date and hour at Gondrecourt in the department of the Meuse; and 
the first day of December found the entire division, less artillery and engineers, in the 
new area, the area which was known as the First Training Area, for it had been the 
training ground of the First American Division. 


The history now reaches a trying period in the life of the 88th Division. The 
Department of the Meuse was admitted by the inhabitants to be one of the poorest 
and least desirable in the country; poor, stony soil, dirty, shambling villages, and 
weather of the worst variety. The rain was almost constant, not in heavy downfalls, 
but in persistent, misty drizzles, and mud was everywhere. 

Without pausing first to make itself comfortable, and in spite of rain, mud and 
cold, the Division almost immediately after its arrival resumed the activities of the 
first training period since the annialice. The completioD of the move found the 


Division ready to launch into the activities of the second week of the four week 
schedule. On December 4th, the 176th Brigade carried out the third brigade terrain 
exercise. On the next day, the fourth brigade terrain exercise was worked out by 
the 175th Brigade, and on the 6th of December, the second division terrain exercise 
became a matter of history. At this time, Lieutenant-Colonel Torrey B, Maghee, 
General Staff, returned as G-3 to the Division from the Staff College at Langres, and 
took charge of the training. 

During the third week, eight regimental maneuvers were held, two by each in- 
fantry regiment, and were carried out on December 10th, 11th, 12th and 13th. The 
fourth week called for three division maneuvers, which were carried out on December 
16th, 17th and 19th. During the entire period, regular company and battalion training 
continued, and the 21st of December found the 88th Division leading the A. E. F., 
being the first Division to complete this fu-st period of training after the Armistice. 
Throughout this period, it rained continuously, sometimes in heavy showers, sometimes 
in a steady drizzle, and men marched many kilometers daily in mud of a most tenacious 
kind, returning to their billets at night wet to the skin, and without adequate means of 
drying their one change of clothing. 

The Division School of Arms had been discontinued at Laneuveville upon the 
movement of the Division from the Lagney Area. On December 5th, the School 
opened at St. Joire (Meuse), under the direction of Colonel Milton A. Elliott, Jr. 
On December 18lh, upon the transfer of Colonel Elliott to G. H. Q., Lieutenant^Coionel 
Napoleon W. Riley, of the 352d Infantry, was placed in charge of the school. By 

Dec. 18th, in the neighborhood of 
1,000 officers and men were at- 
tending the various schools at 
St. Joire each week. 

In the Gondrecourt Area, for 
the first time in France, the Di- 
vision received adequate trans- 
portation. In the latter pait of 
December, the Division was as- 
signed and received about 150 
motor trucks, aggregating a capa- 
cityof about280 tons, and several 
additional passenger and touring 
cars. Until December 26th, 1918, 
the Division had received only 
423 horses and 9 mules. On the 
last week of December, 700 more 
horses and mules were received, and in the month of January about 3,000 more 
animals were added. 

On the 25th of December, 1918, the 57th Field Artillery Brigade, including the 
119th, 120th. 121st and 147th Field Artillery regiments, and the 107th Ammunition 
Train, was assigned to the Division, It arrived in the Division Area between the 
20th and the 25th of December, 1918. This brigade had an excellent fighting record. 
It had supported in succession, the 32d Division, the 9th French Division, the 53d 
French Division, in the Haute-Alsace Sector from the 12th of June to the 22d of 
July, 1918. It supported, in succession, the 32d, 28th, and 77th American Divisions 


Some of the DirUion Traruporlati 

in the Aisne-Marne ofFtmsivc, from August 1st to August 25th, 1918. It supported, 
in succession, the 32d Division, the 1st Moroccan Division and the 10th French Army 
in the Oise-Aisne offensive, from the 28th of August to the 6th of December, 1918. 
It supported tlic 79th, 3d, 32d and 89th Divisions in the Meuse-Argonue offensive 
from September 26th to November 8th, 1918. 

The 107th Ammunition Train remained with the Division until January 14th, 
1919, when it pnx'ceded to Cobienz, Germany, being assigned to the Third Army, 
for return to the United States with the 32d Division. The remainder of the 57th 
Field Artillery Brigade remained with the Division until April 8th, when it was trans- 
ferred to the S. 0. S. for return to the United States with the 32d Division, to which it 
originally belonged, and with which it came to France. 

The 163d Field Artiiiery Brigade, consisting of the 337th, 338th and 339th Field 
Artillery Regiments, which was a part of the 88th Division at Camp Dodge, and which 
was in training at artillery training schools in the south of P'rance at the time of the 
Armistice, was returned to the United States in January, 1919, never having rejoined 
the 88th Division. Demobilization of its personnel was effected soon after its return 
to the I'nitt^ States. 

The Division, at the end of the first If^ning period, had been in France about 
four months. From the training area behind the lines, it had been rushed into the 
line in the Center Sector Haute-Alsace, from there, by rail, to the Second Army Area 
to act as reserve in the Meuse-Argonne offensive, and since the Armistice it had 
carried out a strenuous training program, executed long marches, and now for the first 
time since arrival in France the troops were given a rest during the Christmas period. 
Christmas and New Year's Day were holidays and during the two weeks from December 


22d to JaDuary 4tb, no work was dooe after noon dfdly. Christmas was observed 
byTthe Division in^true American'fashion. In most of the towns in the area where 
troops were billeted, Christmas trees were erected in the public squares for the troops 
and the French town people. Contributions were collected from the soldiers and 
gifta of candy, toys and articles of clothing were given to all the French children in 
these towns. Company funds were lavishly used for the purpose of supplying to the 
men Christmas and New Year dinners as nearly like those at home as conditions 
could afford. Christmas marked a clear dividing line between preceding activities 
of the Division and those that followed. 

On the 5th of January, the second four week schedule of training was begun. 
Orders had been received directing that all training of a purely military character 
would be limited to five hours daily, and that the fifth hour could be devoted to ath- 
letics. As a result, schedules were arranged so that purely military training ceased at 
noon, and the afternoon and evening were devoted to athletics, schools and enter- 
tainment. The second period of tretining, in addition to regular company and battal- 
ion drill, called for one brigade terrain exercise during the first week, a division terrain 
exercise the second week, and two regimental maneuvers the third and fourth weeks 
each. The third four week period of training was a repetition of the second. The 
fourth period of training commenced March Ist and continued to May 2d, 1919. 
During this period, training was placed more or less under the direction of the Division 
Commander, it being specified, however, that certain types of training were to be em- 
phafflzed. Thus training in musketry became the prime feature in the military educa- 
tion of the Division at this time. During each of the first two weeks of this period, 
two regimental maneuvers were held, and on March 25th, 1919, the last division 
terrain exercise was held under the supervision of the IX Corps. 

350lh Regimental Beeian, Gitraiaal 


For &ve months, now, the Division had been carrying out vigorously a schedule 
of training in spite of the most unfavorable weather and Uving conditions. Neither 
raia, cold, mud or snow had been allowed to interfere, and the result was that the 
fighting efficiency of the Division had been improved to a high degree. Much had 
been accomplished in the direction of organization of effort along line of unity of 
leadership and execution. When the Division came into the Gondrecourt area, there 
were no billets but the old buildings of a more or less nondescript character that are 
to be found in the ordinary country village in France. There were no drying rooms, 
no stoves, no lights but the primitive candle, no place for recreation and amusement. 
But shortly after the first of the year, conditions began to change and ameliorate. 
After some weeks, the ingenuity and resourcefulness of the American soldier began to 
evidence itself. Barracks were erected, stoves were obtained and huts were built 
in each town, operated by the Y. M. C. A., as a kind of community center to which 
the soldiers could go for warmth, comfort and entertainment. Organizations arranged 
for drying-rooms, where the men could go to dry their clothes when returning from the 
maneuver and drill field. Electric lighting plants were installed in many of the towns, 
life in general became more bearable. Lt. Col. A. F. MacLean, Cavy., who succeeded 
Lt. Col. Bennett C. Clark as G-1, brought much ingenuity to play in achieving this 
important trimsformation. 

Along with the general change for the better in the living conditions, came the 
authorization that one hour daily could be used for organized athletics. Later this 
was increased to two hours. Immediately Division and Organization Athletic Officers 
were appointed, and the men soon displayed that love of organized sport so character- 


istic of the American. Suitable grounds for football fields and baseball fields were 
not difficult to obtain, and a Division football team was organized under the direction 
of the Division Athletic OfGcer, Lt. Col, W. J, O'Loughlin. Beginning the middle of 
January, every afternoon the football squads worked out on the hill behind Division 
Headquarters at Gondrecourt. What looked like a championship team soon began 
to make its appearance. The first inter-division football game in the A. E. F. cham- 
pionship elimination was played against the team of the 5th Division in the field 
northwest of Houdelaincourt on the 15th of February, 1919. The game resulted in a 
tie, score to 0. On the 19th of February, the tie was played off at Esch-sur-AIzette, 
resulting in a victory for the 5th Division by a scorr of 3 to 0. The Division football 
team played the IX Corps team near Gondrecourt on the 25th of February, defeating 
them by the score of 38 to 0. The first week in March, the team made a trip into the 
Third Army area, playing the 33d Division at Diekirch, Germany, on March 1st, de- 
feating them 13 to 0; and playing the 89th Division at Treves on March 5th, resulting 
in a victory for the 89th Division by a scorn of 13 to 9. The 89th Division later be- 
came the A. E. F. champions. 

The Division basketball team was organized the middle of February and played 
Id the Second Army championship scries in March. The Division played two games 
each with the 28th, 35lh and T9th Divisions and \"I and IX Army Corps, taking third 
place in the series. The middle of March, the basketball team took a trip to the Third 
Army, there playing two picked teams, winning one game and losing the other. 

The baseball team was organized in April and has a creditable record, playing 
eight games, losing only one. The games are as follows: April 22d with Ton! Re- 
placement Depot, score 18 to 1. In the first week of May, the team made a trip into 

Sunday Afltmoon at Ihe 350lh Regwrnnial Pholograpk GalUry 

* i ■■*- 

.J £ ^ bv » ; 

Sto^ o/' J?firt Infantry Brigade al Brigade Ueadqiiarirr. 

r Tout, Franct 

the First Army Area, defeating the 6th Division in two games 8 to 1 and 9 to 3 ; beating 
the 36th Division 6 to 1 and A. E. F. University at Beaune 5 to 1, On May 5th and 
6th, the Division team played the 7th Division team two games, losing the first game 
5 to 3 and winning the second, 12 to 1. The last game was played with the Marines 
at St. Nazaire May 19th, resulting in a victory for the Division team, score 7 to 2. 

In February and March, boxing and wrestling tournaments were held in the Divi- 
sion to pick the best boxers and wrestlers of the Division. On the I7th and 18th of 
March, the Second Army eliminations in boxing and wrestling were held. Five 
wrestlers of the Division won the right at these contests to represent the Second Army 
in the A. E. F. championship boxing and wrestling tournament at Paris, in May. 

A Division track squad was organized in April. On April 17th, a Division track 
and field meet was held near Gondrecourt. The 338th Machine Gun Battalion took 
first place; the 351st Infantry, second place, and the 313th Supply Train, third place. 
The track meet showed that there was considerable track ability in the Diviuon, 
but the return to the United Slates of the Division, in May, prevented the track team 
from participating in the A. E. F. championship meet. 

During the months of February, March and April while championship divisioDal 
football, basketball, baseball, track, boxing and wrestling teams were being picked 
and were competing with teams from other organizations, these seune sports were 
emphasized throughout the unite of the Division. Two hours were given to athletics 
each afternoon of the week (excepting Saturday and Sunday). Pentathlon competi- 
tions were held in all the units of both infemtry brigades. Boxing and wrestling ex- 
hibitions were held frequently in towns through the divisional area. Athletics helped 
to make the stay at Gondrecourt pass more quickly and more happily. 


When it began to be apparent thata considerable period of time would elapse before 
thereturnof the A. E. F. could be accomplished, it beceime necessary to devise a means 
of turning the time of waiting to the advantage of the men. G. H. Q. was impressed 
with the need of contributing to the life of the soldier in the A. E. F. something that 
not only would make him a better soldier, but something as well that could be used by 
him to advantage after return to civil life. It was in harmony with this policy that 
soon after the Armistice a general order was issued providing that, the first of the 
year, post schools would be organized throughout the A. E. F. The Ii49th Infantry 
had organized such schools in the regiment about Ihe middle of December, and on 
January 2d, 1919, post schools were established throughout the units of the Division, 
under the immediate supervision of the school officer. The first post schools to be or- 
ganized in the Second Array, the 88th Division Schools, once more demonstrated the 
abihty of the Division to be araong the foremost. The initial organization showed 
120 instructors and about 1,600 students. Books were secured from Chaumont and 
Paris, and later from the Second Army at Toul. I'rench public school buildings, Y. 
M. C. A. huts, barracks and even the ordinary billets were utilized in this new educa- 
tional project. Courses wore conducted in the three "R's, " reading, writing and 
arithmetic, in American and French history, civics and several other advanced and 
special subjects. In the post schools the ilhtorates, of whom there were a number in 
the Division, were given special attention, and throughout the stay at Gondrecourt 


Meusf, France {GondrfcoaH Area), April 

marked improvement resulted, especially for these men. The greatest interest was 
evinced and soon the number of schools in operation in the Division area numbered 26, 
with an enrollment of approximately 3,000 students. 

In order to stimulate interest in the post school work, a contest was arranged by 
gradual elimination between representatives of the units of the Division. The con- 
test was held in Gondrecourt early in May, and consisted of oral and written cfunpeti- 
tion in history, reading, spelling, writing, rapid calculation and composition. This 
contest marked the close of the post schools, pronounced by educational experts of the 
Educational Commission to be the best system in the A. E. F. 

Opportunity for education was not Umited to study of elementary subjects within 
the Division area. On February 27th, 1919, the Division sent 80 officers and 121 
enlisted men to British and French universities to study law, science, letters and 
medicine for a period of three months; and on March 5th, 1919, 19 officers and 121 
enlisted men were sent as students to the A. E. F. University at Bcaune, Cote d'Or. 
About twelve officers and men had previously been sent from the Division to this A. E. 
F. college to act as instructors. No stone was left unturned to provide the greatest 
possible opportunity for education, and it was found that further facilities must be 
supplied for more advanced study within the Division. Orders had been received 
direcling that a vocational center of instruction be established in each Division in the 
A. E. F. to give officers and men the opportunity to pursue lines of study that would 
fit them better for civil life. The scope of this project rendered it necessary to provide 
a place where 2,000 students at least could be taken care of. An educational survey of 
the Division had been made and it was found that in the neighborhood of 6,000 
applicants wanted to take these vocational and advanced academic courses. 


It was decided that the Divisional School of Arms located at St. Joire (Meuse) 
be discontinued in order to make way for the new educational center. The School 
of Arms had accomplished a great work. During the winter several new courses had 
been added, including tactical handling of machine guns, lield engineering and a 
course for cooks and mess sergeants. Each week an infantry attack problem using 
auxiliary arms had been held. The school had developed an excellent spirit, and it 
was with a feeling of regret that on March 8th, " formal funeral services " over the dead 
school were held at St. Joire. During its life, 11,111 officers and men had been enrolled 
in the various branches. 

For a period of two weeks after the closing of the School of Arms, engineers and 
infantrymen were busily employed making preparations for the new schod. The town 
of St. Joire was found to be inadequate for handling such a large body of students and 
a great deal of work had to be done in a very short time. Barracks for students had 
to be erected, class-rooms and workshops had to be constructed. In the third week 
of March, the new plant was ready to commence operations. Lt. Col. Fred B. Ray 
of the 350th Infantry had been made Commandant of the School and Major Robert 
T. Layton of the 349th Infantry had been placed in direct charge of the Educational 
department of the new school. An administrative staff had been assembled, which 
was adequate for taking care of the matter of office work and supply. Approximately 
50 new buildings had been erected, and on the 24th of March, 1919, the Divisional 
Educational Center opened its doors to 1,661 students. Courses were opened in 
agriculture, automobile repairing, barbering, carpentry, mechanical drawing, radio, 
telephone repair, telegraphy, economics, history, French and Spanish. Instructors 
were drawn from the Division and a teaching staff of experience and exceptional ability 

Hairu of Roman AmphUhtaire at Nice, Frwux. Men <tf the 

had been organized. The enrolhnent increased gradually with the ability of the school 
to tEtke care of more students. Soon the number attending grew to 1,750. 

Thus began one of the largest attempts in the A. E. F. to furnish instruction and 
opportunity for improvement to the soldiers. Had the schools been permitted to go 
on, undoubtedly it would have become of the greatest service, but the early return of 
the Division prevented realization of plans to the full. In spite of the fact, a keen 
interest was created in the instructors and student body, and great progress was made 
during the spectacular but short-lived existence of the educational center. In the 
meantime, other schools of a minor importance had been established and were in 
operation continuously throughout the winter and spring. A school for balloon ob- 
servers had been begun, and a school in sanitation was commenced March 24tb at 
Hevilliers. Of a more strictly military nature was the school for officers in the new 
Infantry Drill Regulations, which commenced the 24th of February, which recalled 
to the officers of the Division the officers' schools of Camp Dodge. 

In addition to the regular school activities, educational work took the form of 
lectures on special subjects of a varied nature. Lecturers came to the Division from 
outside sources, being furnished by the Army Educational Commission. Other lec- 
turers were found within the Division, and were used to the best advantage. About 
2,000 men attended lectures weekly. Simultaneously, four Farmers' Clubs were or- 
ganized and operated successfully, with a total membership of 200. Some conception 
of the extensive nature of the educational program of the 88th Divbion may be had 
from the fact that at one time approximately 5,000 officers and men were engaged in 
this work in some capacity or other. 

One of the most pleasemt features of the memorable winter was the series of leave 

Nitx.imUuFaier^, Southern France, vrhert the majorify of the Tnen<tflht88lh Daition spent Ihtirk 


trips for officers and men of the A, E. F. Leaves were grant«d according to certain 
classes, some of those permitting trips to Great Britain, Italy and the Spanish border. 
The Riviera (Nice, Monte Carlo, Cannes) was an organized leave area and vied with 
Paris in popularity. Leave trains left at stated periods per week with large numbers of 
men from the Division, and they were kept in good hotels with real beds and excellent 
food free of charge. 

With so many men absent at school or on leave, companies were often reduced to 
only one officer and half strength in men, but the plan went far to remove the ennui 
of waiting, though it did not entirely remove the existence of the demand "When do 
we go home?" When the schedule of combat divisions to go home by July 1st was 
finally announced, the 88lh Division was not even mentioned in the list. 


Y. M. C. A. GirU Handing oul Sandwiehet al the M Hilary Tournament 

Maehint Gun CompttUion al Ote MUUary Toumamenl 


37 Millimder Gun Omtesi ot the MilHary Tournamenl 


















"Pup Trnlw" of Wie Mililary Tvurnanienl 



Tlie grand $iand from vrhUh General Wfigel and hi) guests viewed Die Military Tournamenl. General 

Weigel taid: " i can't tee anytliing from liere; luuie got to get oat antong Uie nien," and he did. 

He UKU loved by all hi) nuin 


A Military Burletque at the Military Toamament 


Generat Weiget, ajler being decoraUd by the enlitled men al the Mitilary Tournamenl. He said: "We 
am'l all be priie tciraiert, men. batyou haee all won fr^tl place inmy heart." The General 
aai very proad (^ hit Dtvuion 

A Tra t^ Real Leader* 
Left to right— Brig.-Gtntml Beach, i76ih Briaade: Major-Geimvi Wei^iel; Brig.-General Siewarl, 
{75a Br^ade 



During the stay of the Division at Gondrecourt, under the direction of the Divi- 
sion Entertainment OflBcer, an effort was made to furnish entertainment to every man 
in the Division every night. Y. M. C. A. productions, local talent shows or moving 
pictures were presented in every town in the divisional area almost every night. During 
these months the several units of the Division organized minstrel and vaudeville shows 
from talent within the organizations. The 175th Brigade, the 313th Engineers, the 
351st Infantry, with two shows, the 352d Infantry, the 313th Sanitary Train, all 
produced shows. They toured the Division and Second Army area. The first show 
of the 351st Infantry and the 313th Engineers show toured the Third Army area in 
Germany. The 175th Brigade show played in the Second Army area and. in the 
S. O. S. and Paris, and met with success everywhere. 

In April, Miss Margaret Wilson visited the Division and sang for the officers and 
men throughout the towns of the area and met with an enthusiastic reception every- 

The last and biggest show produced within the Division was the Division Show, a 
Song and Dance Revue, entitled "Who Can Tell." It had for its purpose not only 
to entertain but to present a genuine ** doughboy show," a show that would fairly 
represent what the doughboys could do. **Who Can Tell" was staged under the 
direction of Dinnie MacDonald. Captain Arthur B. Kachel, the Division Enter- 
tainment Officer, was general manager. The music of the show was composed by 2d 
Lt. Edward J. Collins. The book and lyrics were written by Elbert Moore, Dinnie 
MacDonald, 1st Lt. Wm. D. Darrow and Musician H. L. Gear. The Jewish Welfare 
Board contributed 75,000 francs for the costumes which were made by Landolff, 
Paris. The Salvation Army, the Y. M. C. A. and the Knights of Columbus assisted 
in furnishing property. The men of the Division contributed 15,000 francs for the 
general expenses of the show. 

After six weeks' preparation, the show was produced. During this time, the music 
was composed and orchestrated; lyrics were written; an orchestra of 35 men was 
selected and trained. A caste and chorus of 125 men were picked and drilled. Dough- 
boy amateurs were trained until they performed like professional actors and actresses. 
A theatre consisting of two aviation hangars had to be constructed to house the show. 
A stage had to be built and scenery painted. 

On April 21st, 1919, the Division show was presented in the double hsmgar 
theatre at Gondrecourt. Musician Harold Gilles as Head Waiter, detective and 
Hiram Scarum was the chief comedian of the show. His Scarumville act was a dis- 
tinct success. He was ably assisted by Musician Charles. Tolstel, Sergeant Milton 
Strauss and Musician Frank E. Soil. Corporal Carl McKee,. as prima donna, sang 
and danced his way to success. He sang " Love Divine " and the ** Clover Leaf Song. " 
Dinnie MacDonald, Musician H. L. Gear, Musician Charles Tolstoi, Private Kenneth 
Foley, Sergeant Rollo S. Thorpe, Sergeant G. Harrington, Corporal H. A. Mench and 
Private Walter Peterson sang other song hits of the show. Private W. R. Smith as 
Mrs. Gondrecourt played with distinction an important and difficult role. The 
chorus of West Pointers, Scotch Highlanders, French and Italian soldiers, of graceful 
show girls and dancing ponies was the distinctive feature of the show. There were 
graceful dancers and clever comedy. The gypsy scene was picturesque and the Per- 
sian scene was strikingly beautiful and spectacular, and the captivating music of 


Lt. Collins enshrined the American doughboy in the hearts of the French and American 

" Who Can Tell " was presented eleven successive nights at Gondrecourt. Twenty- 
five Hundred men of the Division were brought in by trucks each night to see the 
performance, until all the men of the Division and many French people and many 
troops of nearby units had seen it. From Grondrecourt, the Division show went to 
Coblenz, where it showed two nights. From Coblenz, the show went to Paris. In 
Paris the show was presented for the first time in a real theatre — ^the Champs Elysees 
Theatre. For six nights, commencing May 12th, the show played to a packed house. 
After the first night, several thousand persons were turned away nightly. President 
Wilson and party attended the last performance of the show. In its edition of May 
14th, the dramatic critic of the Chicago Tribune in a letter addressed to the editor 
made the following comment: 

"There have only been two things of real importance in Paris since you went away 
— the threat of the Germans to leave the Peace Conference, and the opening Monday 
night at the Champs Elysees Theatre of the 88th Division Show, *Who Can Tell.' 
Some show, Boy, some show I It's the best amateur show I have ever seen on either 
side of the water. There are a lot of Broadway shows getting three dollars that ought 
to be sent to warehouse to let this one in for a run." 

" It isn't a show — it's a production. In costumes, it makes the 'Garden of Allah' 
look Uke a rookie. I think Major General William Weigel must have assigned the 
whole regiment to the caste, for when they came out over the footlights on those run- 
around boards in the orchestra, they filled the duckboards and the whole stage." 

"And a pony ballet! With the cutest little fat legs you ever saw. They got a 
hand every time they came on. You would never know they were doughboys until 
they began to sing. * Who Can Tell' is a kind of musical burlesque with enough of a 
plot to keep the show in military channels for three hours. " 

Other events of the winter and spring that occupied the minds of oflBcers and men, 
and furnished relief from the monotony of months in a district devoid of diversion, 
were the Division Horse Show, the Motor Show, and the Enlisted Men's Tournament. 

The Horse Show was held on a field near Gondrecourt on February 26, 1919. 
Regimental and Brigade Horse Shows had been held previously to choose contestants 
for the Division event. An elaborate program of ring, track and oval events had been 
prepared. First place was won by the 352d Infantry, and second place by the 351st 
Infantry. Later, winners in this show were sent to compete in the IX Corps Show at 
Lerouville, in which the 88th Division won Second Place. 

The Motor Transport Show was held near Demange-Aux-Eaux on the 28th and 
29th of March, 1919. Both the Horse Show and the Motor Transport Show were 
spectacular eveilts, furnishing excellent entertainment for the oflBcers and men of the 
Division, and they assisted in putting the transportation of the Division in excellent 

The last big event of the Gondrecourt period occurred on the 26th of April, 1919. 
when the enlisted men of the Division gave a big Military Tournament and Field Meet, 
near Gondrecourt. A program was arranged to pick the best of the Division in all 
military, athletic and special events, and after the best Kitchen PoUce, the best 
military burlesque show, the best Jazz Band, the best billet, the best amusement hut, 
and the best in scores of other events had been picked, it was discovered that the 
351st Infantry had won flirst place, the 349th Infantry second place, and the 350th 


Infantry third place. After the program had Been 
completed, General Weigel was given a "Clover Leaf 
Medal" and a citation by the enlisted men of the 88th 
Division, as a recognition by the men of the Division of 
his interest in them and his untiring efforts in their 

Having mentioned the "Clover Leaf Medal," it 
becomes fitting in this place to describe its origin. It 
had been decided that some suitable recognition of ex- 
cellence in the various contests held by the Divbion 
be given. Major E. F. Wood made a rough sketch and 
with the aid of A. Bazor, a famous sculptor of Paris, the 
"Clover Leaf Medal," in gold, silver and bronze, resulted. 
Winners of First Place were to be given the Gold Medal, 
winners of Second Place the silver, and winners of Third 
Place the bronze medals. Medals were aw^u'ded to 
winners in the ring events of the Horse Show, in all the 
events of the Motor Show, and the Enlisted Men's 
Show; to the winners in tlie Post School competitions, 
and to all ollicers and men in the Division proper given 
Division citations for bravery. On May 2d, it was 
decided that a bronze "Clover Leaf Medal" be given to 
The Chuer Leaf Medat every soldier having been a member of the 88th Division 

while the Division served in the A. E. F. In the case of 
men who had died, a posthumous medal was to be sent to his representative. 

One of the successful accompUshments of the Division after the Armistice was the 
reappeeirance of the "Camp Dodger," known as the "Overseas Edition." The first 
issue of this paper was pubhshed the last week in January, 1919. News was collected 
from the units of the Division by courier, by courier it went from Gondrecourt to 
Bar-le-Duc, where in a small 
French press the paper was print- 
ed, under the editorship of Lt. 
L. R. Fairall. The paper was 
printed on book paper, and con- 
sisted of four pages, each of four 
columns. Later the paper grew 
in size and excellence. It moved 
to Paris in order to take advan- 
tage of better facilities and soon 
became an eight-page standard 
size newspaper, with a two-page 
pictorial supplement, featuring 
pictures of activities of the 
Division. It was published week- 
ly and distributed throughout the 
Diviaon area by ttuck.. It 
circulated throughout the A. E. F. 
area, and thousands of copies 

CWor Guard. 351*1 Infanlry. 


Ceneral Prraking inspecling one of llir i-pginipiits 


(leneral Pfntting pinn liig the deeorafhii m 

's flays. Secretary liaker it 


(knrral Perilling reviewing the S8lh Dkiiion. Perthing't $on in the right-hand corner of the grand stand 

General Perihing dteoraling Ihe eohrt of a Machine Gun BaUalion, 
Seerttary Baker in ehilian cUhei 


(jt'Kral Perilling dtxwaling S8lb fo/ws/w nerriee in Altnce 

General Penhino, SeereUuy Baker and General Weigel. after the n 


Wailing for the Parade to Form 

went across the water each week to keep the folks at home informed of the doings 
of the Clover-Leaf Divisioa. It was a "Doughboy" proposition all the way 
through, and proved to be a most successful undertaking. 

Early in March General 
Headquarters ordered several 
officers from each Division to 
report in Paris for a meeting to 
discuss plans for the welfare of 
the men oftheA. E. F. Lt.-Col. 
Bennett C. Clark, Asst. Chief of 
Staff G-1 and Major Eric Fisher 
Wood, Asst. Chir-f of Staff 
G-2 were selected to represent 
the 88th Division. 

These two officers, together 
with Lt.-Col. Theodore Roosevelt, 
were the orginators of the idea 
of forming the American Legion. 
They thought that there would 
never again be as good a chance 

aa at that time, as each Division was well represented, therefore the American Legion 
was given birth with Lt.-Col. Roosevelt as temporary Chairman and Major Wood as 
temporary Secretary. Latf^r Col. Roosevelt was ordered home and Lt.-Col. Clark 
was appointed Chairman. The American Legion is now 
growing into an enormous institution. Major Wood 
was made Secretary at the meeting in St. Louis later 
in the year, and is now devoting his entire time to or- 
iM-'i i^rifli^k ganizing posts all over the United States. The first 

^U ^^^^^^A annual convention will be held in Minneapolis, Minne- 

^B ^^^Hf^^H I sota, on November 11, 1919. Thus this institution, 

H % •^^^^^^^B^ which will surely be one of the greatest things in the 

United States, was really founded by 88th Division 

After a winter and spring filled with hard work, 
more or less discomfort, and considerable play, in April, 
events began to promise an early movement of the 
Division homeward. On April 19. 1919, the culmi- 
nation of the life of the 88th as a combat division 
came with the review of the Division on that date by 
General John J, Pershing, Commander-in-Chief of the 
A, E, F„ with Secretary of War Baker and Major 
General Andre Brewster. Major-General Weigel was 
decorated this date by General Pershing with the 
Distinguished Service Medal, also the Croix de Guerre 
with palm. Lt.-Col. Charles F. Wyman was also 
decorated this date with Croix de Guerre with silver star. The colors of the vari- 
ous units of the Division were decorated with battle streamers. After months of 
overcast skies and pouring rain, the 88th passed into history as a combat unit on 


Lieut. Col. Eric Fiihrr Wood 

Asil. Chief nf Staff G-2. 

Firit Secretary American Legion 

the horse showground south of Gondrecourt, witli beautiful sunshine giving promise 
of better times to come. After the review, the assembled officers and men of 
the Division were addressed by General Pershing and Secnstary Baker. 

On April 11th, 1919, the Division was directed to make first preparations 
for return to the United States; training was ordered discontinued and all avail- 
able personnel to be used for placing the First Training Area as nearly as possible in 
its original condition, preparatory to its being taken over by the French. On 
April 15th, the Divisional Educational Center was closed; on April 17th, the 
Post Schools were discontinued. The balloon school had been closed on the 19th 
and on the 26th of the month the school in sanitation clased. 

OnAprill5th, the 88th Division (with the IXArmyCorps) was transferred to the 
First American Army. Five days later, the Division (with the IX Array Corps) was 
placed under direct control of General Headquarters, American ICxpeditionary Forces; 
and on April 26th, 1919, the Division was transferred to the control of the Service of 
Supply for early return to the United States. 


On the 7th of May, 1919, under orders from the Advance Section, S. 0. S., the 
Division (less 313th Engineers) started movement to the La Suze area near Le Mans. 
The 313th Engineers remained temporarily at Gondrecourt to complete the cleaning 
up of the area. Movement to the La Suze area was completed on May 13th. Divi- 
sion Headquetrters closed at Gondrecourt at 18:00 hours, May 8th and opened at La 
Suze (Sarthe) the same date and hour. 


The stay in the 
Le Mans Area was 
brief. Before the last 
units had arrived in 
the area, the Division 
had received orders to 
move to St. Nazaire 
for embarkation to the 
United States. The 
first units entrained 
for St. Nazaire on the 
15th of May and the 
movement was hurried 
along so that the last 
units of the Division 
had cleared the Le 
Mans area by May 
18th and had reached 
St. Nazaire on May 
19th. The 313th En- 
gineers, proceeding direct from the Gondrecourt 
area, reached St. Nazaire May 20th. Division 
Ileadquarterii closed at La Suze 12 hours May 
17th and opened at St. Nazaire May 18th. 

No units of the Division stayed in St. 
Nazaire over four da^s. Before the last units of 
the Division had reached there, the first units to 
arrive there were al- 
ready on the water. 
Units of the 349th In- 
fantry were the first 
to sail for America. 
Regtl. Hq., 1st Bn. 
Hq., Hq. Co., Supply 
Co., M. G. Co. and 
Cos. A, B and C of 
that regiment sailed 
for the United States 
on the U. S. S. " Henry 
, ' nn \hi> lath. On May 19th, three 
ships carrying Iroops of the Division sailed for the 
linited States. The I.'. S. S. "Aeolus" carried the 
351st Infantry complete. The U. S. S. "Rijndam" 
carried the 175th Infantry Brigade Headquarters, 
Hii. and Co. C, 313th F. S. Bn. and Co. D., 2d and 
3d Bus. 349th Infantry. The U. S. S. "Pastores" 
carried the 337th and 339th M. G. Bns., the 313th 
Am. Tn., Co. A and B, 313th F. S. Bn. and 301st 



Sales Commissary Unit. On May 20tli, the U. S. S. "Mercury" sailed for America 
with the 176th Brig. Hq. and the whole of the SSlst Infantry. On May 21st, three 
more ships carrying troops of the Division sailed for the United States. On the 
"Canonicus" were the Ist Bn. and M. G. Co., 352d Infantry and the 313th Supply 
Train. On the U. S. S. "Pocahontas" were Division Headquarters, Headquarters 
Troop, 313th Tn. Hq., 313th M. O. R. S. and the 352d Infantry (less 1st Bn. and M. 
G. Co.). On the U. S. S. "Koeningen der Nederlanden" were the 338th M. G. Bn., 
88th and 275th M. P. Co.*8 and 313th Sn. Tn. The last units of the Division to 
le^ve France was the 313th Engineers. It sailed for America on May 24th on the 
U. S. S. "Madawaska." 

The 88th Division {leas engineers and artillery) was together as a unit under the 
control of the Division Commander for the last time May 15, 1919, in the LaSuzeArea. 
On arrival in the United States, in accordance with the policy of the War Department, 
the units were not kept intact, but the officers and men of the various units were 
sent to the camps nearest their respective homes for demobilization. Over ten 
thousand officers and men of tho Division wpfp draiobilizori at 
Camp Dodge, nearly three thousand oflict'rs and men wert' de- 
mobiUzed at Jefi'erson Bar- 
racks, St. Louis and Camp 
Fiinsl on , respectively. 
About one thousand five 
hundred went to Camp 
Grant. The remainder of 
the oflirers and men of the 
Division were demobilized 
at ramps srattered all over 
the United States. 

On arrival at Des 
Moines, Iowa, each Troop 
train was met by a reception 

committee composed of 
leading business mm. The 
troops were formed in 
column of squads and were 
paraded from the railroad 
yards to Wahiut Street 


Where the Big Meal wns Provided 

down to Eighth Street, over to Locust, down to Fifth, and then north t« Grand 
Avenue, where they found a big meai provided for them by the women of the various 
welfare societies of Des Moines. Throngs of people crowded the streets and, as the 
men marched, they were given a welcome such as has never been heard of 

before in the Middle West. The 
men found it very difHcult to 
keep their heads and eyes straight 
to the front. It was the day that 
the men have been waiting for ever 
since the Germans signed the Arm- 
istice — they were back again with 
their own people in (Jod's Coun- 
try, and the reception accorded 
them will never be forgotten. 

Immediat^'ly after the parade 
the men were sent to Camp Dodge 
and pushed through the demobil- 
ization machine and within forty- 
eight hours after arrival they 
appeared again in the city of Des 
Moines with the red chevron sewed 
on their left sleeve, indicating that they were again civilians. The railroad stations 
were swamped selling tickets to Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Illinois, 
Missouri, Nebraska and all parts of Iowa to the former Clover Leaf men and they 
were once more on the way to their own homes where the biggest reception of all 
awaited them. 

A word in conclusion. The 88th Division, although not permitted to come lo 

France until the summer of 1918, ^^ ^_ 

trained and sent forty thousand / 

men to France with other units 
to represent-it-gloriously-there. 
Immediately on arrival in 
France, it was rushed into the 
line in a quiet sector. Without 
transportation, without equip- 
ment, the Division rendered a 
splendid account of itself in the 
Haute - .\lsace sector. By its 
activity there it prevented the 
Germans from withdrawing 
troops on the south to be sent 
against our forces in the Meuse- 
Argonne olTensive. By its ac- 
tivity in Haute Alsace, and by 
its presence later as IV American Army Corps and Second American Army Re- 
serve, it permitted other American Divisions to be used directly with the First 
American Army in the Argonne Forest and along the Meuse. 

Paiwls Waiting far " Their Boy" 


Two Years of American Accomplishment 

Since War Was Declared* 


THERE have been some estimates publLshed of the number of Americans who 
fought in battle in France, and guesses have varied by very large numbers. We 
have an estimate now prepared in France which gives us, perhaps, as near as can 
be determined the number of United States troops that took part in actual fighting. 
"Division troops, including replacements, 1,100,000; corps and army troops, 
240,000; service of supply, 50,000; total United States troops taking part in action 
against the enemy, 1,390,000." 


Artificial limbs needed by disabled men who were in military service during 
the war are being provided by the Bureau of War Bisk Insurance, in accordance with 
the provisions of the War Bisk Insurance act. There have been more than 500 
artificial arms and legs furnished to disabled men to date by the bureau. The total 
number of amputations in the American forces was less than 4,000. 

There were no cases in which men lost both of their arms and both legs. Sur- 
geon General Ireland of the Medical Corps of the Army and Colonel Charles E. Banks, 
Chief Medical Officer of War Risk Insurance, were cited by the bureau as authority 
for this statement. 

There were but 125 cases of total blindness as the result of the war, and not all 
these cases have yet been declared as permanent by the medical officers in charge, 
according to reports to the bureau. 

The War Department, on March 25th, announced that reports on prisoners from 
all sources showed a total loss by the American Army of 4,765 military prisoners and 
281 civilians. Of the miUtary prisoners, 4,376 have been reported officially as released 
and 233 died in German prison camps. Only one American officer of as high rank as 
Lieutenant Colonel was captured during the war. Four Majors, 27 Captains, and 
363 Lieutenants were taken prisoner. 


Revised figures made public by the Chief of Staff April 6th showed that the total 
battle casualties — that is, men killed in action, wounded, missing in action and 
prisoners — for the American Expeditionary Forces was 240,197. 

"I have just received a chart," said General March, "from General Pershing's 
headquarters giving the total figures by divisions of the killed in action, wounded, 
missing in action, and prisoners, according to the division reports received at his 
headquarters. Possibly these figures will have to be modified in some slight way, 
but it is as nearly accurate as he could get. The total battle casualties, as we will 
call them, follow: 

2d 24,429 77th 9,423 35th 7,745 79th 3,223 

1st 23,947 26th 8.955 89th 7,093 36th 2,397 

3d 16,356 82d 8,300 30th 6,893 7th 1,546 

*Reprint«d from the New York Times Current History. 


28th 14,417 5th 8,280 29th 5,972 92d 1,399 

32d 12,948 78th 8,133 9l8t 5,838 81st 1,062 

4th 12,948 27th 7,940 80th 5,133 6th 285 

42d 12,252 33d 7,860 37th 4,303 88th 90 

90th 9,710 

"The total battle casualties," said General March, "that is, killed in action, 
wounded, missing in action, and prisoners, for the American Expeditionary Forces, 
is 240,197." 


The Mechanics and Metals Bank of New York issued a statement showing the 
debts of leading nations at the beginning and close of the war, which is herewith 

Gross Debt of Aug. 1, 1914 Jan. 1, 1919 

United States $1,000,000,000 $21,000,000,000 

Great Britain 3,500,000,000 40,000,000,000 

France 6,500,000,000 30,000,000,000 

Russia 4,600,000,000 27,000,000,000 

Italy 2,800,000,000 12,000,000,000 

Entente nations $18,400,000,000 $130,000,000,000 

German Empire and States $5,200,000,000 $40,000,000,000 

Austria-Hungary 3,700,000,000 24,000,000,000 

Teutonic nations $8,900,000,000 $64,000,000,000 

Gross debt, aU $27,300,000,000 $194,000,000,000 

A few of the statistics relating to our armed forces, casualties, shipping, and 
estimated cost of operations, April 6, 1917, tr> April 6, 1919: 

April 6, 1917— 

Regular Army 127,588 

National Guard in Federal Service 80, t66 

Reserve Corps in service 4,000 

Total of soldiers 212,031 

Personnel of navy 65,777 

Marine Corps 15,627 

Total armed forces 293,438 

Nov. 11, 1918— 

Army 3,764,000 

Navy 497,030 

Marine Corps 78,017 

Total armed forces 4,339,047 


Soldiers transported][over8ea8 2,053,347 

American troops in action, Nov. 11, 1918 1,338,169 

Soldiers in camps in the United States, Nov. 11, 1918 1,700,000 

Casualties, Army and Marine Corps, A. E. F 282,311 

Death rate per thousand, A. E. F .057 

German prisoners taken 44,000 

Americans decorated by British, French, Belgian and Italian 

Armies, about 10,000 

Number of men registered and classified under selective service 

law 23,700,000 

Cost of thirty-two National Army cantonments and National 

Guard camps $179,629,497 

Students enrolled in 500 S. A. T. C. camps 170,000 

Officers commissioned from training camps (exclusive of 

universities, &c.) 80,000 

Women engaged in Government war industries 2,000,000 


Railway locomotives sent to France 967 

Freight cars sent to France 13,174 

Locomotives of foreign origin operated by A. E. F 350 

Cars of foreign origin operated by A. E. F 973 

Miles of standard gauge track laid in France 843 

Warehouses, approximate area in square feet 23,000,000 

Motor vehicles shipped to France 110,000 


Persons employed in about 8,000 ordnance plants in TJ. S. at 

signing of armistice 4,000,000 

Shoulder rifles made during war 2,500,000 

Rounds of small arms ammunition 2,879,148,000 

Machine guns and automatic rifles 181,662 

High explosive shells 4,250,000 

Gas shells 500,000 

Shrapnel 7,250,000 

Cias masks, extra canisters, and horse masks 8,500,000 


Warships at beginning of war 197 

Warships at end of war 2,003 

Small boats built 800 

Submarine chasers built 355 


Merchant ships armed 2,500 

Naval bases in European waters and the Azores 54 

Shipbuilding yards (merchant marine) increased from 61 to 

more than 200 

Shipbuilding ways increased Irom 235 to more than 1,000 

Ships delivered to Shipping Board by end of 1918 592 

Dpadweight tonnage of ships delivered 3,423,195 


Total cost. approxitnaU^ly ? 21. 620.000, 000 



1 1,000.000,000 

9ia 83U53.000 


redits to eleven nations. 
Raised by taxation in 1918, 
Raised by Liberty Loans. . . 
War Savings Stamps to Nov 

War relief gifts, esliniated. . . 

I no J 


Complete list of every officer and man who served with the 
88th Division in the A. E. F. 


Nam, Rank and Home Addrai 

», ChMtoc C.. 2od Lt., 1123 Pine Si.. 8s 

Ben*. Pndcrio P., A. F. C. Gnindy Cen 

F. C. i 

JlBdBl. Edward. / 

Boyd, H«T» B,. r., , 

BnbHW. Fiy W.. Col.. GmnByillo, Tpnn. 
Broon. Aubrey K.. Capl.. 32SU Flourncy A 
Buck. ChurinS.. Moj.. Ulfi Drney Ave.. 
Burnntt, Hicry, Capl.. SouLliburouKh. Mi 

" — wsodeA T., UL Lt.. an " ■"■■■ "■ 

_eU. Chul« I.. Ill H.. Ii_, 

>, lloiry H., Capl,, GruhHin. N. C. 
Ciiudill, Boodfl L., 1st Li., EOma, ~ 

CUirk. Brnnatt C, L|,-CqI.. Bn.,-, 
CoUao- Hugh A., ]>1 Lt., Colgan, N. 
CUUm. Bdward 

22id Ave.. Rock rgland, tU. 


Nam. Kank and Horn AJdrtu 
llubec, Chariea F.. Capl.. 326 S. I4tli St.. Cedar Rapidi. lows. 
Isherwoud. Josejdi A., Ut Lt., 1 Lanark St.. Pittaburgh, Pa. 
JuurdHD. LioQol S., A. F. C, 2ia Kuber Ave.. Dalroit. Mich. 
Kachel. Arthur B.. I>t Lt.. 667 E. 4(]i St., St. Pud, Minn. 
Kslley. Chnrlm II., lu Ll., 606 K. Znd St., Dululfa, Minn. 
Kenna, A. IL. l>t Lt.. CJiap., 2108 Unenln Way W.. South Bend. I 
Kinkeed. Michael K., iBt Lt.. 69S E. 4lh St., ^1 P—l Mln» 
Jjdd, Jamm B.. ■ ' " ' " " - " 

Lan»on. Edgar J, 


n. Chai 

» s.,"c^^ . 

I, lOK 

I, MilinBBpcilii, Minn 


d Lt., Jnlicl 

» M., Maj.. IMI W. 99\h Su, Chica 

1. IlliDoia St., iDdiannpolia. Ind. 
ienuB, Ohio. 

DuroH, WUIiam D., 1st 
Davi>, MUIdt, Ut Ll., Terre II 
Deck«. Ralph S.. 2ad Lt., 252 
Deriiaa, JoHph P., Capl., Ne\ 
I>reiabBCh. Ciyds F., Ll.-Col. 

Eomoii, Ralph W.', Capl., 23L 

rairall. Lawrence R , lot Lt.. 1< 

Fidd. Albnt. Capt.. Bement. L.. 

Field), Frank, Ll.-Col.. SciotoviUe. Ohio. 

nyrm, Edward D., Znd Lt.. Union, S. C. 

PraHT. Milee E., Isl Lt.. 51« Pr.Bpect Art., MUwaukee, n 

Gault. Clarence R., A. ¥. C 144 ^Ih Kern Av<-., WidiJU 

Good, Caiman V.. lat Ll., 229 E. Siith St.. Ileleoa, Mont. 

GrahBm, WiUiom A.. Ll.-Col., Dih Moinw. Iowa. 

Guiteras. Harold G.. Capl.. Hotel MacaeLUea, New York, P 

■ lall, Kern L., 2ad Lt.. Pocahonlaa, Ark, 

Hbomh, Hana. Maj., Logaa, Iowa. 

Hennaii,£raakllii^„ Maj..H Maple N., Tarry town. N. 1 

» St^'Mil™"' 

McKcover, John W., Capt.. « 

UoKnight, Sumner T.. Capl , 

McLean, AUun F.. Ll.-Col.. San Antonio. Tei. 

Mean, Fjlward C, Maj., «6B Ereratl St,. Portland, Ore. 

Meek, Edward W.. 2ail Lt.. 912 ITIh St.. Rock laland. 111. 

MUler. Melvold II.. Zod U.. 51)1 N, Creen St.. Ottumwa, Iowa. 

Moore, Louia do I)., Maj., <)y>tcr Bay. N. Y. 

NelHin. Gilbert N., Ut Ll., 2222 NicoQet Ave., Minneapotit, Mian 

Nclnon. Tom D.. CBpt.. 213 S. Aah Si., CroolialoD, MUui. 

Northrop, George N., Maj.. Minneapolis, Minn. 

O'Leary. Frank. Maj., 316 S. Aah Si.. Spokane. Waah. 

O'L^ugldiii, William J.. Lt.-CnI.. IS22 Grayaon St.. Sun Antonio, T 

„._:...,„.._..; ^__. ,,,.1.,, -^ 'f-., Waihiogtoo. D. C. 

1. Huaaall H..,Muj„ Oi 

! GrayK.1 

FifUeolh St.. 
roil, Mich, 
DeU«. Neb. 

Heinhardt, Charles E., L-.. . 
Row. L. B.. Muj„ Larned, 1L__. 
Ruyariu., Jnai^. Maj.. Duncui 

Shook. Jay R.. Col.. Dea Moina. _. 

Smith. Uuyd S.. Maj., 322 No. 4lBt St.. Omaha, Neb. 

Stone, Frank R.. Lt.-Col., Surgeon Gcn'l Oflloe 

Symond, Robert R., A. F. C.. Dodgeville. Wit 
Toombs, Louis A.. Ll.-Col.. Meridian, Mi- 
Wallace. ArlhurT., Maj.. 2827 IngersoUA 

""'"" ";'..?:.. Lr.te'sc::.- 

imuel R.. lat Ll., Wdk«on Farm, Taooma. Waah. 

a. E.. Capl., 109 Liviagston St., New Brunswick. N. J 
■ " • •■ aiDeHopp, WoolworthBLdg., N.^ 

Wernli. Wallace IL. lat 

Wood. Eric F., Ll.-Col., c 

tve.. New 


. Charla L., Lt.-Col, 

Quigley. John H., Capt., 643 Polk Blvd.. Dns Moinn, Iowa. 

Conway, Elmer A.. 1st Lt,. N. E. Tayln St., Minneapolis, Mi 

Shay, Raymond A., 2nd Lt., Iowa City, Iowa, 

Uvercaah. Victor O., 2nd Lt. Kalliapell. Mum. 

Carpenter, William I., 2nd Lt., Baitar, Mont. 

Ahbelt, Earl F.. Sergl., MLuneapulii, Minn. 

Alton, Thomaa. Ccin., B«aifl, N. 1). 

Burke, SimpHHl S.. Wag., Atlantic, Iowa. 

Balchelder, Byron II., Wag., Fargo. N. D, 

Baku. Jamea ].. Cwik, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Benne, Calvin C . Wag., (Iptoo, Wvo, 

Berry, Hubbard K , Sorgl , Wmi JelTaaon, Ohio. 

Bieganiahn, Frank J., t'.t.. MarmarUe. N. D. 

Burnell, Hubert A.. Pvl.. Wolf Puint. Mont. 


Hilbert. Michael. Pvl., R. F. D. No. I. Zeoda. 

igle, Chester M..Ser«l., Chamberlain Hotel 
, Oseor C. Pvl., 1st Ci„ 3S1S 33rd Are. S., 
, Theodora W.. Pvl., Carroll. Iowa. 
M. Clinton G., Wag , Deuit. N. D., W„ PyL. lat CI.. S301 39th Ave. S., K 
"s D.. Wag., llBtlisburg, MIh. 

_ E.WaahingtooSl., ludianapolis.liid. Lee, 

Hampbdl. JcJin D.. Corp., Patton, Cal. Lee, 

Casey. Jam» C. Wag , Cedar Falls, Iowa. 

Chahnen, Samucd. M«s Sergt, Minakada Club. Minneapolia. Minn. 

i:<iaif«ys, WiUiamM ,l<vi., 719 0iKonSt., DnMoinra, Iowa. 

Court. CaH E., Pvl., lat CI.. 1209 Main St., Cedar Fells. Iowa. 

Cruaa, Frod, Pvt.. Scranlon. Iowa. 

[:urtis8. Clinton C Pvt.. 712 4th St. N, E.. Little Falls. Minn. 

Davidaon, Chariaa. Pvl., Wadeni, Minn. 

Duhson, Richard B., Pvi., 1st CI.. R. F, D. No. 2. Buriiiutoa. Iowa. 

Dunaton, Clarenoe C., Pit., 426 3rd E. St., HulchinKaTKu. 

Douelh. John, Coni., Decoroli, Iowa, 

Dunelion, Earl C, Wag., Lacon, 111. 

Drummond, Floyd N.TCotp,, R. F. D. No. 

Erickson, CorlA., Wag. 6D4H.F 

KIder, WiUiam B , Pvt., R. F. D. 


Hedrick, A _„ „ 

Henry. John W.. Pvl., 1st CI.. I>erTy, lov _ 

llinegardner. FerdineU E.. Pvt.. 534 N. Pearl St., Havana. III. 

Junes. Hugh. Sergl., DolieU. 3. C. 

Jackson. JamM C., Wag.. H. F. D. No. 3. Balavia, Iowa. 

Julius. Ray K.. Pvt.. 1031 4lh St.. Huron, S. D. 

Kelly, Jamea R.. Pvt.. Isl CI.. Amboy, HI. 

Knapp. Edward. Cook, Rockwell City. Iowa. 

Kiaky. Eunea. Pvt.. 1211 CulleKe Ave., Des Moines, lawn, 

Lee, Vern M., Sergt., Mt, Cory, Ohio. 

■ '■ .inW.. Pvl., 512 Onion St.. CoffeyviUe, Kan, 

lund. P.t.. VaUay Cily, N. D. 

Tgo A.. Cook, 211D H. 42nd St.. Minneapolk. Minn, 

ivid R.. Pvt., Thadlord. Neb. 
. — . ille E.. Sergt.. Newlon. lowu. 
Frank Y., Pvt.. 523 Loouat St.. Dea Muines. low*. 
Id, D, J.. Mess Sergt.. 242 Hennepin Ave., Minneapolk, Mini 

Lnlia J.. Svgl., 501 N. Tth Si., Grnod Forks, N. D, 

McKee, Carl S.. Corp.. Virginia, Minn. 

7, Logansport, Ind, 
Si., Dalrolt. Mich, 

n.iUe. Mini 

r, PvL, Amldoa, N. D. 

Lung, Fr 

MoKee, „. 

Maher, Michad, Pvl , T6 Park Ilace, St. Paul. Minn. 
Marshall. Don, Sup, SergL, Wahkeuaa Park, Da Mains. 
Meinken. Arthur F.. Pvt.. 116 6th Ave., H. Oelwein, low 
MiUer, Jack, Pvt "' - "' 

Morden, Barl E., 
Mousfl, Joaaoh V 
Myfn. Joseph C, 

., Mahooa 
'"ag., JeOerwiu. Iowa. 

.. Pvt.. DeU Rapids, S. D. 

'rl., Aurora, Neb. 

r.. Ilia Slolo St., Cedar Ftlla, I 

PhelBD. Geori 

Waller T.. Pvt., Corroll. Iowa. 

niiniit T„ let Sergl., 814 Van Bun 

II.. Bug,, Bnrkley, towa. 


Namt, Itauk and Htmt Aitlrat 
AOen P. Pn., T16 E. 5th St., Winflskt, Kan. 
. _jk B.. P>l.. BOT N. 4th St.. ArkBDUi City, Kan 
_fl. RoUa 8.. Pvt. H. F. D, "- ' "— -^ "' — ^ ■■- 
I, Gwn L., P*t., Wb^u 
^■at. Glana R.. Pit.. ISOS 

at. Ciri A., pYt.. Mamulh 

SandCLml' H., Pvt., RotiiiiHin. 

Sdiiinoceit. Edward O,. Wu.. 50 

SsUai; John. Pvt., R. F. D. No. 4 

Sheuir. Clauda N.. Pvl., lit CI.. niaHnci. lowa. 

SfanTO, Hirry M., Wu.. Giitlu-w CaDlo-, Iowa. 

Skidaabars, WiUiua J.. Pvt.. Rapnl City. S. D. 

SlooktoD, G«o. A., Cook. 3S0Z E. D St.. Taooma, Wa 

ToAtt. Waiiun D.. Pvt.. Atbyrd. Mo. 

TimioD. Lea E.. Wa«.. 328 N. Main St.. Csdai Falk. la 

North Girvd, I 
ii. St.. D« Moil 

DD. Iowa. 

Namt, Jtani and ttnmi AMt^u 
TrMtv. Philip, Cook, Cstipui. Livincnun. 111. 
Tliae. Sifurd H.. Pvt., Wilktt, Minn. 
VitquBin, John S., Corp.. BalJc Pluioe, Idob. 
Vlrden. Stialtoa. Pyt., Nordon, Midd. 
Wade, RuTord B.. Sad.. 1226 Standard A>«.. IndJaoBpolii, Ind. 

.t CI.. RookwpU 

,. ,_ ,. .. Pvt.. »6 ShaWDM St., Hi 

WeUur. itiia L., Pvt.. Amidon, N. D. 
Wood*. Willi*. Pvt., Clay, W. Vs. 
WaUh. Robst E: Pvt., 80 Como Ave.. St Pau 
Wells, Fred E., PyI., R. F. D. No. I. River*id«, 
Wbselock. Raymond C. Pvl., 1510 Woodland 
Yoniv. Alva G., Pvt., Auilin, Minn. 
Youel. Cecfl B.. Wag., Vinton, lowa. 



D. Wl., Q. M. C, 311 Atlantic Kl., Vtti^. 111. 

nold, ICdward M.. Pvl., lal CI., Reading. 111. 
' in. ChiiriH E., Seritt., Limn Springs. Iowa. 

- "war E.. Pvl,. I>t CI., 621 Marey St., Uitowc 
IvdoCC - " - "^ ■ 
ft., Sergl. 

a. 0«ar E.. Kl 

UaeRnon. Clvde G., Cor,. 

Baldridfe, P.ft., Sergt., 6SW Woodli 

i Ave., niiladetplila. Ph 
St., Ottumwa, lowa. 
- ■ ■ ve.. [tdena. 

il John R., Sercl., U. M. C, Y. M. C. A.. Pueblo, Coli 


., Mot 





BifiTnga, F. E.. Bn!%>rKt. Mui., Ill Wunhiiigtan Ave.. Red Oak, low 
llradbury, Jamee E.. Secst., 0- M. C, Bradgata. Iowa. 
Brokov, Omef L.. Reg. S«gt. MaJ,. St. Paul, Minn. 
Rtooo, tedwin A., Corp.. 2i Carli^e PI., Puvhlo, Cnlo. 
CBmpbcJl,S, C, Bn.Secct.MaJ. . 392,1 BniamoreAve., Kan 

CaMry.J.M., Pvl., I.t a., c/o U.S. Foreat Service, Misa 

Clauiel. Pierre F., Sent., ola WilUem Pcnn Hotel, Denver, CdId 

ConneU, Robert E., ShkL, Ut CI., S16 Columbua Ave.. Saodunk 

Corbett, L. J.. Bn. Sergt. Maj., 2416 BlomDington Ave., Minoei 

Coey. Harold E.. Bn, So-gl. Miu., Noahua. Iowa. 

Cray. WinKeld. Pvl., lat CI., Cheater, lowa, 

Cnitckshank, Roderick A., Coi^.. Sturgis. S. D. 

-■ ■■ " ■loep. Sergl., Pupblo, Colo. 

.__ I a.. IS14 34Ui St.. De* Moinia. lowi 

Qyde L., Pvl., lit CI., Le Man, lowa. 

Jeokina. Arthur R.. Pvl.. lit CI.. Rolfe, Iowa. 

Kauer. Anthony C, Pvt., lei Cl„ Ki^ry. Minn, 

Kaeleo, WalUr, Corp.. 1512 S. 6th St., Minneapolia, Minn. 

KellB>. John, Pvt., 423 4tli Ave., S., Si Cloud, Minn. 

Kennedy, M. R., Ser«l., M. D., 737 S. Kennrlh Ave.. Chlcaiio, III. 

King, Ruaaell F.. SergI,, U. M. C, WU Belt Ave.. St. LouiarMu, 

Kiniu-y, Vnnce F... Sergt,. A'alley JuBotion, Iowa, 

Kirkham, Herbert M.. Mr. Engr,, Carlide Rd., SpnniHeld, Ohiu 

Kuhlmann, Edward, Pvt., lat a.. R, No. 4, Lake Park, lowa, 

Kuhn, Karl E.. Pvl,, lit Cl„ 305 Lynn Sl„ Nevada. Mo, 

LuiDm, C L,, Sergl,. Ill a..3528 Miniuduha Ave,, Minnmpolia.Mini 

Lee, CUrenoe A., Bn, Sergt. Maj., 1105 2SUi St., Dot UoinH, lowi 

\Me. William H., Hi«,Sergl, Mai,, 504 Cunnin^uini Ave,, Urbana. II 

Lindalrom, Arvid A„ Pvt,, Ut CI., KarlBlad, Minn. 

I.ucai, Lloyd E.. Pvl., lat CI., 224 Fowler Sl, Waterloo, Iowa. 

Luek, Loreni A., Sergl., 1369 Hurveain Ave.. SI. Paul, Minn. 

Major, D. W., Sergt.. Ist CI., 5<)4Z Wella Ave.. St. Luiia, Mu. 

Martin. WOliam ¥.. Sergt,, Holdingrord, Minn. 

McNail, Quinlan J.. Pvl., 1017 Crocker St., »» Moinea, Iowa. 

Melvold. Julius. Corp., Cr»ca, Iowa. 

Mesmer. Carl W.. Sergt.. Q. M. C, 714 32nd St., Deb Moinee. Inwi 

Miller, Fred D . Sergt.. Q. M. C. 1617 2iid St., Perry, lowa. 

Moe. CM., On. Sergt., Maj.. 1109 26lh Ave. N.,MinneDpul>s,Miiii 

.. '--ie.D.,Corp„rf, No. 6 " ■ - - 

CulhberUon, William 
riariing, Paul W.jSergt-. 

II, CharW D., Sergt. M. C 3617 Clay St., Den 

fISm, Warold C'Pvt., ill CI., 311 8. E St., Indianola, lo. 
Flabavau.J, A., Bq. Sergt. Mai. ,2531 16thAve.S.,Miuneapi 
Fraiier, Uleun C, SergI., 3D7 W. Clark St., Champaigo. 
Gairell, John M., Pvt., Ist CI., Moullon. lowa. 
Gaull, Clareooe R , Reg. Sergt. Mai., 144 S. Pern Ave., Wid 
Geekie, William, Sergt., 424 seth^t., Btooklyn. N. Y. 
Gaberlaan, Palms S., Corp., 119 N. »->—«■ v™.ilii™ ' 
Gleaaon, Edward J., Sargt., Gilmai 
Gray, Fanlley L., 8«g4., 722 JefTenc.. _ 
Gray, Lflwia L.,_Corp.; lledgeviUe, Mon 
Grinun, Harry 
Gnlliok»n. Airi 


I 51„ St. Charica, 

D E„ Corp.. Barnm 

D, Minn. 

, , „, W. lOlhSt. DmMoIow 

Harding, Frank W.. Pvl,, Im CI., What Cheer, lowa. 
Harding, Uoyd Q., Stfgl., 103 Slahl Ave., Council BluRi, lowa. 
HeiriaTHanoe R.. Sertt,, lot CI, M, C, Y. M. C. A., Pueblo, T 
Havill. Oliber B., S«gt., 1SB3 Laurel Ave., 9. St. Paul, Minn. 
HendriekHlo. Fr«motll W„ Pvt., lal CI., Burlington, Iowa 
Hennkk, WiUard i., Pvt., Ist CL, Floyd. Iowa 
Hodgcn, Hanld B., Ocd. Sirgt. , 410 Fnmonl ° 

Hoff; Eoguia, Sergt., lal CI.. M. D.. Pekin 

Hafanoii, Bmnn F., Bn. Sergt, Maj., 4621 Gra< 
Howard. H, C, Bn. Serit. Maj., 2420 Jama Ave.. ,•.., ....>.■>. 
Hubbard, Stiqien D., Reg, Sergt. Mai., Guthrie Center. Ii 
Humphrey, Raymond 0.,S^gi.<itOrd.,Monango.N. D. 
lekd. George C., Sergt., Int O., Q. M. C Independence, I 
Ivie, Cari E.. Corp-, B. f- O No. 3, Eldorado Butlee, Kan 

OlKra. EmmeltlL, Pvl 

OToole, P. L., Reg. Sergt. Maj., 674 Si. Peter St., St. Paul, Minn, 

PurceU, Bobert H.,Tteg. S«gt, MoJ., 719 IBlh St., Denver, Colo, 

Ramiey. Huherl C Sirgt., lat CL, Q. M. C, Hdena, Mont. 

Bogen, Jani<» ¥., Pvt.. Elkader. Iowa, 

Rog<n, Le Roy, Sergt., lat CI., M. D., Seattle. Waih. 

RothicfaUd, R, N., Sargl.. IH CL, 220 Eiob, Bldg.. South Side, Omaha. 

Rot, Franklyn, Pvt., lat CI., Monland, lowB. 

Ruedi. Arthur. Pvl. , lit CI.. 3751 Ladede Ave., St. Louii. Mo. 

Schak, Seymour J., SergI., lal CI., Q. M. C, Waubun, Minn, 

Shielda, Jamea M., Pvt., 60t 2nd St., Waterlown, S. D. 

Shipley, Clyde D , Pvt., lal CI., 834 Wririitwood Ave.. Chicago, IB. 

Shuuway, Retrinald H.. Sergt.. lal CI., mTD.. Arlington, Iowa. 

Sigielkow, F. J . Pvt,, iBt CI., 2954 Pmn Ave,, N.. MiiineBpoliii, Minn. 

Soulh. Gsorn L., Corp.. 814 9lh Ave.. Council Bluffs, Iowa. 

Smith, IrvinY., Pvt., lit CI., £30 W. 9th St., Fremont, Neb. 

Smith, Jofaa B„ Pvt., 1st CL, 1439 W. lOlh St., On MoIms, Iowa. 

Sta[Jea. ImI E., Reg. Sergt. Maj., Wahpeion. N. D. 

SUnsbd, ClilTord, Bn. Sergt. Maj,,' Manly, towa. 

Sundberg, J. W., Bn. Strgl. Maj., 1504 E. Pine St., Brainerd, Minn. 


y, John I 

Sykaett, Sylvan L., Sergt.. El 
Sylvain, Philip L. G.. Corp.. 
thomaa, Fred.. Sergt., M. D. 

a, lowa. 


:9 Un<< 

i5l„ i 

*. 11. 

at St.. Marahalllown, loa 

ce St., ChicE 

Thorpe. Rdlo S., Sergt.. Apt, 3, 337 N. Market St.. Wichita. Kan 
Thul. Henry G., Pvt.. 448 Si. Peten St., SI. PauL Minn. 
Toman.SUnley J.Sergt., 2015 Portland Ave., Minnaapolia, 
TyW, Charles J., Sergt., Animosa, Iowa. 
Valby, Orvill P., Sergt. lal CL, S. C. Hudson. Wia. 


KOi*. Uoyd. l>t Ll. (Chap.), Dej Mmnw, lowa. 
IjjtU. Lyman L.. Capt.. 1116 N. 9tli Si.. Iturliniton, low 
Seymour. Roy F.. Mai- Fayette St.. Syrumsc, N. Y. 
Amia, Parrii E., C«p., Linavillc. I<»u. 
Armundaon, Steve O., W*g.,Coleri 
Btiekwf. Herbert. Pvt.. I " '" —■ 

dancy. George. Sergt., 1 . -. - . 

CoujdiliD, Rajmond M,. Com., 612 Pavonia 
Faual, Charin E., Pvt., lal CI., EarlvUlc, lo — 
Fredv>ch,JoHpb, WBg.,TyndnU, S. D. 
Knight, Kail L„ Pvt.. lal CI., PualviUe. [i>wa 
Kidd7jiun« E., Bn. Swgt. Maj., 994 Sherburne Ave., St. Pe 
Kuka, Tliomns J„ Wag,, Montroae, Minn. 
I«ary, Eugrne F., Pvl., 516 W, 3rd St., Faribault. Mimi. 
Luewe, Bernhaid F.. Pvt,, 1st CI.. Dennison. lowa. 
Marcelich, Joaoph O., Pn.. lit Q., Brainerd. Minn. 
MiUec, Frank L., Wag,. 3445 19lh Ava.. S., MionaapiiUs, K 

Moddelmog, Auguat IL, Wbi., y 
Mulvih ill. Jama P., Pvt., Eden 
NielaoB. Ham K., Wag., 105 S. ' 
Orm. George E.. Sergt., 112 N. 1 
Pelerwo. Arthur. Pvl., Ut CL, 

«ndrid«. Knn. 
illey. Minn. 

ir.Sylvesler^.Bn. Sergt. Maj..B1910Ili Ave 
e. Gaorge A., Cook. Towanda. lU. 
Francis C. Wag.. ColcavUle. Mo. 
rcbie, Pvt., Ist CL, BOO Eudide Ave., Indi 
Em«t M„ Pvt., Waukon, towa. 

Fay, Harry B., Pvt., lit. 

Heth. EarfM.. Pvt,. Cami- __. . . . 

Flwwn, Ralph S„ Pvt,. 1S31 Eaeraoo Ave 

, N., Forgo. N.D. 


IVanu. Rank'and Hme Aitt— 
Rln^ellMrg. Anhut F.. Pvt.. S£ 8. IBth St., Mioooipolia. Midi 
Whitney. Guy v., &vgl.. lit. CI.. WeDou. in. 
Woodwurlh. Bberl J.. Sergl., OchflrRUn. lows. 


S™veri. Signor J,. Cspl 
Cumstock. l>hUip v.. U 
Kirhy. Virgil D.. lot I 
JnhiutDn. fl. B.. Snd 
ShcvwDod. EdosRl B.. 
Piihan. Frank C. Znd I.I. ini. 
Rnccn. Ivan C. Ind Ll. Inf., Libbr. Mai 
»h.i. Arthi.r E , IVI,, .TOO* Jnekwin St., 
inll., PYt.,R. F. D. No. 

'. S2M 34th A>ii. 3., Minnapolis. Minn. 
t. Inf.. 11.1 Beech St.. ManiBto, Minn. 
in N. Ilden Si.. Sioui Cilv. Iowa. 
Inf.. No. 2 Crociu HiU. Si. Paul. Minn 
Lt. lor.. Mandovi, Wb. 

duff. Ua>u H 

_ .Iil6l.. Hollida 

_ __i. Alfred N., I'vl.. H. K. n. No. I. 
Jsuer. Frank T.. Wan.. 625 H>ete(l Avt 
e. Psttr L.. P*t.. Frederick^ure. Iowa. 

.. Kan» 

I City. Kna. 

ttr L.. P*t.. Frederick^ure. 
. .,. - -J. Wag.. Lordabura. New Slt_ 
Bui. G«irRe7.,Jr..PvI.. UlCl.. 1213 8. JelTmou St.. Msiico. Mo. 
Brckmon, Nyid L., Pyt,. li.f CI., Dimville. Ic«b. 
Ufnnelt, Walter. Pit., Ut CI., 27t6 22nd St., OnmliB, Neb. 
Berge, Henry C, Pyt.. R, F. D. No. 6, DwHah, Iu«h. 
Bt^iBnDon. PhUip, Corn,, 304 E. Main St.. HidimoDd, Ve. 
Bootbby, Georite II.. Pyt.. lal CI.. JsffecaoD City, Mo. 
Boyce, Benjamin M.. Prl., Ut CI., R. P. D. No. S, Boone, Iowa. 
Bradtey. VInosnC C. Pvt.. 11T5 Wnl 14th St.. Dubuque, Iowa, 
Bnmblet, Homer. Pyl., Frank ford. Mo. 

Brockbaga, S. R„ Pyt.. lit Cl„ 329 MiaatHiupi Ave.. Duxmport. la. 
ilurlmoo, Howard, Pvt., Isl CL, Kenial, N. D. 
Campbell. William. Pvl., Mullioville. Kan. 
Caldwell, Harry, Wa«., Bonner Sprino. Kan. 
Carlton, Albert, Pvt.. FlaiUia, N, D. 
Carlun. Edward Pyl.. R. F. D. No. S. Marinetle. Wii. 
Carlun. F.rDal W.. Corp.. 22 Church St.. Soudan. Minn. 
Carter. Edward S.. IVI., Mankata, Kan. 
Clae^tHU- Anthnny M.. Pvt.. Wiiounia. Minn. 
Colby, Edwb L.. Pvt.. Muon City, Iowa. 

Cooiier,'ChBitwK..I'vL, 1421 W. Main St., Dccalur. til. 

Couture. Jack. Wax.. Aberden. Waihincton. Dd. 

Crane. But O.. Pvl.. Boi 283. Monta Vnta. Culo. 

Denley, Clarence II.. Corp., 3047 E. Walnut St. Dei Moinet, Iowa. 

Dean, Floyd I.. Pvt.. Sabetha. Kan. 

Delaney. M. I., Pvt. l.ta. (Doc). H. F. D. No. 6. Decorah. Iowa. 

Dier. CJiaries E.. Pvl.. 1101 Saodutky Ave.. KauMU City. Kan. 

Dillefaunt. Thumai. E., Sergl., 760 E. CenUr St.. Decatur. 111. 

Dobun, Wealey E.. Pvt.. I>t CI., Fort Madison, Iowa. 

Duer, Ray E.. Swgt.. Clarion. Iowa. 

Duaenbe^. W. 3.. Pvl.. O/o Robert Guthrie. Waihinoton. Iowa. 

Ehrhardt. Ruby. PvU. lit CI.. Salnbury. Mo. 

Eikenberry, Franklin J.. Cook. Greene. Iowa. 

Evaiu. Guy M.. Pvl.. 814 S. W. Fin-t St., Dea Moiiua. Iowa. 

Frnneli, T. P.. Pyt.. Ut CI.. 1310 Douglaa Si., Siotu City. Iowa. 

Florida. WiUiam L., Pvt.. 685 Thomas Si., St. Paul. Minn. 
Ford. George T.. Wag.. 5525 Kenwood Ave.. Chicago. 111. 
Fowler, Frank G.. Pvt.. Eureka, Kan. 
Franklin, Robert B.. Pyt.. BowcBmont. N. D. 
Fraiier. Fred J., Corp.. York. N. D. 

French. WiUiam C, Sergt.. R. F. D. No. 6. Newtun. Iowa. 
^ . , r. .. . ■ - — 2(15 8. ,8^, 9t_ CeolerviUe. 
15 San Edwarda St.. Larado. 

(iilde, Edward W.. Pvl.. Fife Lake. Mkb. 
Gillenbeck. Herman. Pvt.. 605 S. E. 6tb Si.. 
r»lden. VAgai L.. Pvt.. 713 3. Main St.. Eldoi 

Longberg. Ralph W.. Wag., Goff.', Kan 
Lovelady, Ttaomaa S., Pvt., Dupree, S. 
Lundber;. Byron I., Corp.. Dayton. I 

ftfa'l^ng. WiUikm E.'. Cor^iTI 

Matlaon, Albert. Pvt,, Fremont, neb. 

Mellenbrucb, Arden Loy. Pvt., Powhatlan. Kan. 

Menzie. George. Sergt.. 483 Hewitt, Prin«le Boro. Pa. 

Meuarli. Walter D.. Pvt., Ut CI., Wadena, Iowa. 

Mills, Paul, Pvt,, Coalinga. Cal. 

Minkler, Loroe S., I'vt., lit. CI.. 309 North St., Algona. Iowa. 

Monsan, Marshall R., Pvl., 107 E. Main St.. Independence. Kan. 

MuUin. ioaeph S.. Pvl., Calicn Rock. Ark. 

McDan^NXTE.'.' Pvtf, Ru^avUie, I'nd. 

McEvcn. Christopher R.. Mecn., Ilailan. Iowa. 

Nelson. Clarenoe F.. Sergt.. R. V. D. No. S. Zaneaiille. Ohio. 

Nelwn. Uoyd E.. Pvl.. Erbard. Minn. 

Nelson. Nda H.. Pvl.. Suiobope. Iowa. 

Newman, Charla E.. Pvt., JeReraon. Kan. 

Olson. Henry A., Sergl.. 407 Ninth St.. S.. Virginia. Minn. 

OtaoQ, Oscar P.. Pvl,. Claire City. 3. D. 

O'Tode, Leo J., Pvt.. Norton, Kan. 

Pari*, Henry C, Pvt , 1st CI . Gordon St., Columbia, Mo. 

Parker. Jam« H.. Pvt.. IDlh and Ohio Ave., Kanaai City. Kan. 

Peat. Charles F.. Pvl.. Fowler. Kan. 

Penney. Marvin B.. Mech.. 1901 Hamline Ave., MlnneapoUi. Mini 

Pugue. James C. Pvt . R. F. D. No I. Brookinga. S. D. 

Poller, William O.. Pvt.. Nevis. Minn, 

Prist, Herman C, Mech.. Rochnter. Minn. 

Pye. James A.. Corp.. ft. F. D. No. 2. Kincaid. Kan. 

Rasiunaaen, Hani C.. Pvt.. Nashua. Iowa. 

Raulf. JoHph, Ut Sergt.. Boi 332. Jackaon, Minn. 

Reichardt. Alfred F.. Pvl., ut CI., Nodaway, Iowa. 

Remus. Alfred W., l>vt.. 1683 Lincoln Ave,. Dubuque, Iowa. 

Hichter. Rinhart O., Corp.. Algona. Iowa. 

Rood. George L.. Pvt.. Ut CL. R. F. D. No. «, Ami*. Minn. 

Sohanraldt.>jnU D.. Pvt.. Elma. Iowa. 

Hchurrer, William. Pyt.. Rockwell City. Iowa. 

Schmilt. Ivan E.. Pvt.. let CI., Paris, Mo. 

Ave., Dn MoinM, Io< 
Ave., Decorah. Iowa 

Ilarria. Henry B.. Pvl.. Lisbon. 
"-- '■■^--■-- " P.I.. McHien 

VI., lat CI.. B 

_r, Pvt,. Waubay, 8. D. 

Healey. RuaaeU J.. Pvt.. Kant. Iowa. 
Herting. AnUn. Pyl.. TI5 Setninary Si., Dubuiiu 
Hill, iruberiH., Pvt,. latCI., 504 8. ChainuiSi 
Hill. Ray C. Wag,, 221 E. MuUin Ave., Walerlo 
Ikula. EmU. Pvt.. 1st CI.. R. F. D.. Iron Junctk> 
Isle, Oacar T.. PvL. Brunawick. Mo. 
January. Isaac W.. Pvt . Ul C\.. Salanla. Kan. 
JaHoer. Frank J.. Pvt.. Watbinglon, Iowa. 
Jenkins, Arthur. Corp., Bunoombs, 111. 
Johnson. A. W., Pyt., lat CI., c,o M. Moriarily 
Johnson. Edward O.. Pvt.. Kennebec, S. D. 
Johnson. Otis, Pvt.. B, F. D. No. 3. iouishorg " 

■^R., Sergt.. r - ■' 

'" ' Sergt.. 1 

.uNowl „ 

Kock. Frederick G.. Wag.. Minium, Colo. 

Krafl. Henry E.. Pvt.. Tan Home, iowa. 

Krengel. Walter H^ Pvt.. 894 Thomaa St., Si. Paul. Minn. 

Latimer. Clament C.. Pvt.. ZSI Aabury Su, Dubuqua, Iowa. 

1. Donald J.. Sergt. 

r. Alvi. 

1112 Waihinglon St., Di 

ir J.. Pvl.. 186 Dodge S 

Wag.. Cast 
Ir.TWag . ( 

Dubutfue, low 

n ex.. R. F. D. No. 3 
neiu. rrea, r'yi.. lat i.i,. .>ladrid, Iowa. 
Shrader, Henry II.. Corp., I9U2 Filmore Si.. Minnaapolte, Minn 
Siecrist, Archie C . Pvt.. Isl CI.. Healy. Kan. 
Sigler. James H.. Pvt.. 924 Tlh St.. Da Moinea. Ia*a. 
Simpeou, Harold H.. Pvl.. Ut CL. lOIB ISth St.. MiaOii. Fla. 

II Ave.. St. Paul, Mini 

a, ChariH F . Pyt. 

Smith. Robert C , Pvl.. Madison, Mo. 

Sold ner. William I^.. Wa«.. 1 1 14 W«l lion, Salina. Kan. 

Swaneun. Ernest II.. Corp.. 190T E. Grand Ave.. D« Moinn. Iowa 

Tallman, Leonard A.. Pvl.. Colfeyville, Kan. 

Taylor. Dean, Pvl., H. F. D. No. 2, Topeka. Kan. 

Thilmany. Nick. Pyt.. R. F. D. No. 2. Dubuque. Iowa. 

Thompson. Ray, Pvt.. Boi 251, Wisner. Neb. 

Tisdel. Thomas B.. Sergu DeLamere. N, D, 

Tucker. Vance O.. Pvt.. Isl CI.. Cdby. Kan. 

VanGinkd. Joe G.. Pvl.. Ut CI.. 1805 6th Aye.. Dee Moion. iowa. 

VrchoU. Frank, Pvt., Isl CL. V^ilen. S. D. 

Walley. Louia II.. Pvt.. lat CI.. 105 S. lat Weal, Cador Bapida. Iowa. 

WalbeblDegei, Joaepli F.. Sergl.. Waseca. Minn. 

Wauon. Arthur W.. Corp.. Columbia. Mo. 

Webber. Leonard A.. Wag.. 309 S. M. St.. Lo* Angdea. Cal. 

Weeks. Jama G.. Pvt.. Blue Bapida. Kan. 

Wheeler. WiUiam A.. Pvt.. 

Whit tec. Guy L.. Pvt.. Oelwein. Iowa. 
Wileoi, Lucius P.. Pvl., Plnnkinglon. 8. D. 
Wilgers. WiU R.. Pvt.. R. F. D/No. 3. Brill 
WiUiamt. John L.. C^^ii.. Ut aud Locust St. 

., Pvt., 9 
It A,. Pvt. 

Dubuque. Iowa. 

7lh St.. Rock laland, 111. 
runcis St.. Dubuque. Iowa. 
W. M. McCldland. Clarinda. low 
16 Shawnee 3l.. Hiawalba, Kan. 

g, Arthur P.. Wag 

Colgan, Hugh 
Host. Sidney < 

Adams. V 

Adame. F_.. 

Bwt. Pvt.. Independence. Iowa 


2nd Ll.. Colgan, N. D. 

Isl Ll.. Leeds. N. D. 

k.. 2nd Ll., Far 

It Ll., CenterviUe, S. D, 

y J.. 2nd Lt., 307 7Ui Ave., N., Si. Cloud. Minn. 

I. low 

_. - ....._. 6, Jackaon, Minn. 

1. Wag., 501 Peacock, St., Yankton. S. D. 
Auatm. LAm J.. Pvl., Butlernul, Micti. 
Aahlock. Oryal. Corp.. R. F. D. No. 4. Cents Point, Iowa. 
Baird, Robert II.. PvL. Mailand. Kan. 

~ n R.. Corp.. B. F. D. No. S, Fort Dodge, iowa. 

-^ pyl. 


Rank and Home A 
■iHn, Morris, Corp.. SIT Duff Ave., 
HoBun J., Pvt.. Aouneby. Minn. 
- ■ -■■-'■ -Bville, Mo. 

'. D. No. 4, 

i>n«aivr, jmiu d., "vu.. ji- r- D. No. 1, llollB Summii. n«i 

BruwD. Louia M., Pvi.. B. F. D. No. S. Ne« llamplon. low 

Brandt, Wultor A., IVi. bl» S. E. 4th St.. Newlan. Kan. 

BrvHrn. Shsrman L.. I'vl., H. F. D. No. 6. Colutnbia. Mo, 

Gain, CbtI B.. Wau., 3,101 I-«uroJ Avo.. Sioui CitY. Iowa. 

Canden, Roy E.. Wag.. R. V. D. No. 2, 

Robot E.. Corp.. 2n»l Strong _ _, 

" ""vl., H. V. D. No. 6, Indepenilenco. lown. 

- - — K Avo.. *.. CwlBT Rapid", I 

Cain, Ci 

., Topoka, 

CvTsiki, George E. 

Ghedflater. JamvB ¥., i-vi.. siuiiinju. i«iu. 
ChowT. Robort. Wat.. Norlli Bend, Neb. 
Cluialjln. nuy. Pvt., Monroe Cjlv. Mo. 

ChrieliBa»D.LavreP.. P.L. R- F. D. No. !. BntUe Crwk. Iowa 
Clark, Uaiia F., Wag.. R. F. D. No. 2, Conned Grove.. Kan. 
Clinton, Gwrge M.. Ph.. LUlle Port, Iowa. 
Gooluon. Boa. F„ Cook, 6Sa 1^. North St.. Decnlur. III. 
ChrHoiBa. Fred, Pvt., 1721 Fremonl St.. Cednr FuUs, Iowa. 
Uavia. Mnley S., Pvt., Hinu, 111. 
Darii. Walls H., Pvt., New Salisbory. Imt. 
Deada. FVeok E. II., Pvt.. Geo. Dd., Liltla Bivir. Kan. 
" ' ^dwardM.,Mecli..6098iDiaSt.,Si. Piiul. Minn, 

-larlea E.. Prt.. Eariville, Iowa. 

n. Handd R.. Pvt.. 516 N. 6lh St.. Savanna. III. 

>. WOliam K.. Isl Serat.. 3fl» 3rd St.. Dm .Uoiiim. towa. 
u-iuUBODd, Keith, Wag., if F. D. No. 2. l^aulBle. Kan. 
Duooow. Waiiam J., Pvt.. R. F. U. No. 1. A<la. Minn. 
DuFour. R. E., Gook, 3M9 Itlooiniiiglon Avo.. MinneaiuliK, Mi 
DaPoat, Paul J.. Pvt., H. F. D. No. 2. Slewartville. Mo. 
Ehlen, Lewta i. II.. Wag., 1104 Benlon Si., Bonne. Iowa. 
Emenon. Arnold M,. Pvt.. Toronto. S. i>, 
Eri(&»n, Edwaid E.. Corp., Cnnnon Falla. Minn. 
Erickvin. Vem V.. Pvt.. Date. S. D. 
Ervio. Ldciib S.. C«p., Parker, S. D. 
Kvana. William. Wag.. Laki^ .Mills, luwa. 
FfluKT, (irover J,, i'vl., R. F. I). No. 3. Faycllr. I.nva. 
Rala, Henry A,. Pvt., Fort Dodge. luwa. 
Finlojr, Howard W., Pvl„ Everloo. Mo, 
Flomerfdt. Glen, Pvt., Sumner. Mo. 
Fowtio, Edwanl. Pvt,. lat CL, Calilwdl, Kan. 
FreeouuLDillii H.. Pvt., Stewart, Iowa. 
Frieaiej. Emeat J.. Pvt.. Woodward. Iowa. 
I^dla. J«* O.. Pvt., lilt CI., R. F. D. No I. Kirwiii. Kan. 
GaualuDd. Ole. Pvt.. Big Timber. Moil. 
George. Henry R.. Pvl., 6IB N. Blaine St. Wrllinglon. Knn. 
Gilbortwin. 0«!ar A,, Pvt.. R. F. D. No. S. Occuridi. Iowa. 
GleuniT.Syl. IVl., B. F. D.. RiJmwiiy. Iowa. 
Glover. Herbert H.. Pvt.. 19S4 W; 2Blh St., Kansa* Ciiy, Mo. 
Gordon. Thorps J.. Sergt.. 409 Monroe St., ii^enwii Clly, Mo. 
Coaa. Ray E.. Swgt.. Blainrtonn. Iowa. 
Gray. Harvey It,. Corp., R, F. P. No. 3. Pariii. Mo, 
GribUe. Gail H.. Pvt., 1402 Paris Road, Colomb'a. Mo. 
HaBina, Joe K.. Pvt., 1 103 61h Avr... Da, Moinea. Iowa. 
HaTloran. Charlea H.. Pvt., R. F. D. No, 7, Dncoroh. Iowa, 
Hallabrom. William II.. Pvt., 382S ISlh Ave. S,. Minneapolia. Mi 
ilalverson. Guilave A., I'vl.. K. F. U. No. 2. Calmer. Iowa. 
HamoHrB, William C. Pvt.. Seligmnn. Mo. 
HanU, Leatn L., Corp.. GutUnberg, Iowa. 
Hack. Francia N., Pvt.. Neiperce. Idaho. 
HiUa. Terenn G.. Cook, 1324 Jennings SI.. Sioui City. Iowa. 
Iloa^in. Hugh K., Bug.. R. F. D. No. 1, Maron, 111. 
Holland, Ariey A., Pvt.. Eden. S. D. 

Holland. Jamea W.. Pvt.. 1305 West Locust Si.. D» Moinei, lo 
Hunt, John P.. Mcoh.. 792 E. ITSth St.. New York City, N. Y. 
Huh. Geone A., i'vt.. Ul CI., Koyl»viIle, Mo 
JohowM. Hjabner B.. PvL, R. F. D. No. I. Wauu. N^. 

It CI.. R. F. D. No. 

Kupka. John J.. Pvt.. 1st CI.. R. F. D. 
LaHue. Oyde D.. Pvt.. Url 
■ ■ t. Elmei ■ - ■ 

io. 2. Fori 


S. D. 

None Bank and Hone Adiba* 
Lee. George G., Pvt., P. O. Box 34. Lily, 3. D. 
Lougmire, Jam«. Pvt.. 1413 W. 22ad SL. On Moinc*. Iowa. 
Lorenlson. Leo R.. Pvt., R. F. D. No. 3, Fort Rbuhhu. N. I) 
MaHin. Uruec C.. Bug.. New Market. Iowa. 
Monpin, lUrrit Q,. Pvt., H. F. D. No, 1, Stephpna. Mo, 
McCabe. Fred L.. Pvt., R. F. D. No. I. Greenwich, Kan. 
McCarthy, Andrew L.. Sergl., Manchester, Iowa. 
McCauley, Norbert P.. Pvl.. Z2S2 Grandview Ave., Duhnque 
McGraUi. Anthony J.. Pvl.. R. F. D. No. I. Kansas City, Ki 
McGowan, Raymond J.. Corp.. KioBman. III. 
McKeniie. Benjamin H., Pvl Colome. S. D. 

Meier. George C^f Pvt.. O^ckaa "' Iowa. 

Meighan, Fred L.. Cook. 160 Locust St.. Dubtique, Iowa. 

Mewenger, Roy G., Wag.. 1127 Wat Znd St., Pittsburgh. K> 

MQuworoery, Thomaa E., Pvt.. Ilotdville, Neb, 

Moll, Hoy R.. Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 2, Robinson. Kan. 

Moaber. Charles W.. Pvt., Aurora. Iowa. 

Matt, L«tcr P.. Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 6, BuHinglon. Kan. 

MucUer. John F.. Coirp,. 1914 4th Ave. S.. Fort Dodge, Iowa. 

Nevcnheim, William H., Wag., Bemia, S. D. 

Nieman, Harry L,. Corp., Avoca. Iowa. 

Nicmcycr. UxcaT C, Sergl., Gultcnberg. 

Niewoehner, Auguat II.. i>vt.. R. F. D.. Sumner, Iowa. 

Nohl. Andrew W„ Pvt.. R. F, D. No. 2. Sabelha. Kan. 

Nyberg. Walter P.. Pvt.. 2634 14tfa Avr. S.. Minnesuolis. Mi 

O'Connor, Walter L.. Pvt.. Lawler. Iowa. 

OffutI, tioqrgo E., Pvt., lat CL, 708 W. NorUi Si., SpringDeld 

IHsun, Clarence J., Pvt., Pawnee. Okla. 

PaulKin. CJiristonhcr. Pvl.. Tracy. Minn. 

Peterson. Waller, Pvl., lat CL. K. F. D. No. 2. Star 

Petnaon. Waller T.. Pvt., 1st CI.. R. F. D. No. 2, S 

Phillips. Roy. Wag,. Leon. Iowa. 

Randall, Fred A.TPvI.. Isl CI.. R. F, D, No. 4, Wei 

Randolph. Jam«, Pvl., 2311 W. 46lh Ave,, Denver. tJolo. 

Ransom, Royd A.. Corp.. 4S7 Bratwdwr St.. Waleriou. lo' 

Raymond. Albert C. PvL. R. F. D. No. 4. Manchealer. lo 

Reding. Hmil N.. Pvl., 103 Center PI.. Dubuiiuc. Iowa. 

Reel. Lawrence D.. Corp., 4106 Loyd Ave., Roaedale. Kan 

Reeae. Alfred .S.. SergL. 1W> S. 6th St., Columbia. Kan. 

Rockey. Alton E.. Pvt., lat CI.. R. F. D. No. 2, Hiawatha, 

Rugg, Ana W.. Pvl., R. F. D. No. I, Scottaville. Kan. 

Salvalor. Edward J.. Pvl.. R. F. D. No. 4, Yanklon. S. D. 

Sampson. I'heodorc E.. Wag.. CmacA. Iowa. 

.Snndberg. Edward. Pvl,, 9622 Avo. S. Soulh. Chicago. lU. 

Schmidt. Albert C. Pvt.. 227 Milwaukee St.. NewllampI 

Schmidt. Justus G., Sergt., 116 N. Scd Si., Manhalllowti 

Schueneman, Fritz A.. Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 2. Dallaa. S. D. 

Seeley. Albert C. Pvt., Dunraven Mace. Bismarck, N. D. 

SherriU. True, Pvt., R. F. D. No. I. Panuins, Kan. 

Silva. John V.. Pvt.. 1st Q.. P. O. Boi S2. Newman. Cal. 

Sloan, John C, Pvl., lat CI., Albia. Iowa. 

Smart. Frank. Pvl.. 1311 Commercial Su, Atchison. Kan. 

Shaw, Eugene L„ Pvt.. Sheffield. Iowa. 

Smith. Cari T.. Pvt.. B13 Linden Ave.. Milton Junction. 1 

Smith. Riley G.. Pvt.. Salisbury. Mo. 

SnodgrasH. Ji4n G., Pvt.. S40 7th Avo„ Durango. Colo. 

SouIh. Clifford E.. Wa«,. Aurora. Iowa. 

Sinker. Carl H., Pvt.. Woodward. Iowa. 

SlevenHin. Frank M.. Pvt.. Jameslowu, N. D. 

Strong. William F., I'vt., Ward. S. D. 

Sword, Ulysses G.. Wag., 1013 Neosho St., Emporia, Kan. 

Tailly, Hector. I'vl.. 3707 T, St.. Soulh Omaha, Neb. 

Thompson. George W., Sergl., Center St. East Pairia, III. 

Toben. John R.. Pvt.. R. F. D, No. 2, Langlord, S. D. 

Van DHel, Arlhur. PvU, 46 30th St.. Duhnque, Iowa. 

Waland. Berlel B., Pvt.. Grand View. Mom. 

Webb. David A.. Pvt., R. F. D. No. I, Ilidliday. Mo. 

Wedge. Harry J., Pvt.. B. F. D. No. 2. Winthrop, Iowa. 

Weiifler. Ernwt. Pvi., lat CI.. P. O. Box 36. Fredrricksbi 

White. Arthur J.. Pvt.. 20S2 Woahinglon St.. Dubuque. 1 

WUIard, Paul. I'vl.. Morrill. Kan. 

WiUiamson. J'lhn C, Pvt., Hopkinson. Iowa. 

WiUg. J, A.. Pvt., 1st CI.. Iowa Soldiers Home. MarshaUto 

Witt. Martin E,. Pvt., H. F. D. No. 4. Kcytesville. Mo. 

Wcdf. Fred G.. Sergt.. R. F. D. No. 3, Waverly. Iowa. 

Wutlke. Herbert C.. Pvt., Isl CI., fl. F. D. No. 4, Sumner 

Zenner. ClilTord 1... Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 2. Wentworth. S. I) 

Zimpfer. Frank, Cook. B. F. D. No. S, Walker, Iowa. 


Stawart. Merch B., Brig. Gen. U. S. A., 
DouidM, V. T., Capl., fof. U. S. A,. 2207 

Brown. Hoit S.. Isl Lt. U. S. A.. Trac^ 

FerauMo. Frank L.. 1st Ll. Inf. U. S. A.. Newpo 
WaDis. John R., lat Ll. U. S. A.. lOOS Bluff St 
FiliGerald, R J., Beg. Sergt. Maj.. 327 Cottage . 
Isclin. Fred. Sergt.. Denison. Iowa. 
Weathertord. Venus B.. Sergt., Philpot. Ky. 
Lund, Norman S.. Sergt.. Shelbdnirg. Iowa. 
Wheeltr. GuaUve A.. Cook. Marmarth. N. U. 
RoUins. Rii^ard B.. Wag.. lOB Marshall St., Wi 
Johnson. Harry P., Wag.. Eagle Bend. Minn. 
Bridge. Otto F.. Pvt.. 1st CL. 1721 Jackson St., 
Johnson, Jetoms A.. Pvt.. lat CI.. Swea Cily, I 
Lomai. George J.. Pvt., lat CL. TiskUwa. 111. 
Neubauer, Ira A., Pvt.. lat a.. Alden, Iowa. 
Bars. Edward M.. Pvt.. New Market, Minn. 
Byam, Daniel E., PvL, Hubbard. Iowa. 
BuiiMnn, Henry A., Prt., Denison, Iowa. 

Fargo, N. D. 
St../effersonCity. Mo. 

iSZlstSt.. Ogden, Ulah. 
St., Lincoln. Neb. 
E. Bib St.. Wai"lon law 
>!. C. A.. 19th I 

Adj. Gen. of Ihe Army. Elmer. David N., Pvt.. 714 Front St. 

■art Ave., Richmond, Va. Renner. WUIiam L., Pvt,, 218 W. Him 

linn. Richardson. Myron B.. Jr., Pvt.. 163 S 

-wport. Minn. Walker, WiUiam G,. Pvt,, 1134 L St., 

ffSt., Dubuque. Iowa. Perkins. Harry M.. Bd. Sergt., 120 E. Bui St.. Waterloo, Iowa. 

age Ave, Kankakee. III. SpieUaan. Guy H., Bd. Sergt.. Y. M. C. A.. 19th St., MoUne, III. 

Lenox. John B.. Sergl.. 324 W. 2nd St.. Wichiu. Kan. 

Creely. Franklin E., Sergt., 214 E. Roee Si., Pillsburg. Kan. 

Lawion. Raymond J., Sergl.. 803 S. 3rd St.. Clinlon, Iowa. 

Barry, Gerald J„ Sergt., 1105 D Sl„ SaciameDto, Cal. 

O'Conncll, John L., (Slip.. Raymond, Iowa. 

Ehkle, William E. R., Corp.. 952 Orchard SI., Milwaukee. Wig. 
la. Olewm, Kirkwood S.. 1st CI. Mns., 1104 Qay St., Cedar Foils, lot 

Smith, Glenn H.. 1st CI. Mua.. R. F. D. No. 3. Davenport, luwa . 

CanuH. Albert, Mus.. Znd Q., 130 Broadway, Dubuque. Iowa. 

Le Valle, Charin, Bug.. 72T B. Eaat. Hutchinson, Kan. 

Brehm, WiUiam H„ Pvt.. 1st O.. R. F. D. No, 1, Merrill. Iowa. 

Hardy. James T.. Pvt., 1st CL, 49S9 Wise St.. Si. Louis. Mo. 

Hougbtaling. Donald H.. Pvt.. Ist CL. GillBtts Grove. Iowa. 


jViDM. ffanJk owf Home AMtu 
HughM, Dsniia P.. Pvt., IK O., W«t Bead. loim. 
Urinager, PhUip H.. Pvt., lit CI.. Madwn. S. D. 
JahiHHi. Theoclcirs. Pvt.. 1st CI., Sw« City, Iowa. 
KJioe. Edward P.. Pvt.. l>t O., Shakapse. Minn. 
Ab«nallir. WiUiam 8.. Pyt.. LiDoolDlaD. N. C. 
Aodenon. Fraok B., Pvt., Lamar, Mo. 
Buah. Baloigh C. Pvt., BeU City. Mo. 

D.' Henry. P 
I, Carl B.. 


Alhw, Hadley J., lit Lt.. BIcMmfidd. lowii. 
BarlM. RteTnald, Mai., Now York City. N. Y. 
Qerfce. Samuel G.. M>j.. LawnoM. Kao. 
DiUiBcw. John L.. Ist Lt.. Avoca. Iowa. 
Crorea. Richard R.. Mnj.. Findley. Ohio. 
HaU. Fred M., lat Lt,. CoaU. Kan. 
llnuHr, Rupert V.. Cnpt., MinnonpoliB, Minn. 
HEory, Ward C, CapL.. Dn Moinoi. Iowa. 
IleoiuHaey, Pei<r J.. Lt.-Ctil.. Taoouia, WuiJi. 
HiRiiru, CUrenoe J., lit Lt.. OdeU. lU. 
Horiv, 0»en E.. Cant., MinnsappUB. Minn. 
', Michael B.. Tat Lt.. St. Paul. Minn. 
. John F., l>t Lt.. Ililbboro, M. D. 

cia H.. M^.. New York City. N. V. 

A., I>t Ll., Saala Roea, Cal. 

ha M. H.. Maj.. St. Paul. Miim. 

I, CbdI., MinuiBpolig. Minn. 

Iric, Cap!., Omaha, Neb. 

AniD, Moj.. Omaha, Pi>)>- 

■e^ A.. Itt Lt.. SlillwD 


_^ «. Minp. 

Slurtevant, Girard, Col., Etolroit. Mich. 
Turner, Frederiek G., Lt.-Col., Philaddphia, ? 
Williama. Edward C. I8l Lt.. St. Paul. Minn. 
Witt. Ralph P.. lit Ll. WiQUraat. lows. 

Brown, Royal 

GUb«l. WUIiai 

E.. lit Ll.. San Fraociwa, Cal. 
4.. lat Lt.. Pembina. N. D. 

ilolto. Jamb A.. Capt., L>« Moinee. Iowa. 

Houaa, Henrr A„ Capt.. Duluth. Midh. 

Laalie. Arthur L., lit Lt.. St. Louis. Mu. 

Potter. Cedric. Capt.. Omaha. Neb. 

Reinigx, WiUon S., lat Lt.. Oran«a City. Iowa. 

Scfaluer. Carl G.. Zud Ll.. D« Moiaea. Iowa. 

Ackraen. Rmmcei W.. Pvt.. Banheimei, Mo., 

Adell. CIrudon K., PyI., Ira, Mo. 

Allen. Arthur. Corp., ChillieoUie, Iowa. 

Almonder. John A., Cook. Cherry ville. Kan, 

Amain™, Edward J., PvL. Su CJuulea. Mo. 

AmuDdaon. Nel>, P>t., Eilhervilts, Iowa, 

Audera. Alva C, Corp.. 911 S. lllh Su, Kanaai City, Kar 

Anderun, Choriee I.. Bd. Corp.. 11)23 ITth St.. MoUne. II 

AudanoD. Clyde L.. Pvl., lat CI., Oakalooaa. Iowa, 

Anderson. Juaeph F.. Sergt., Princeton, IIL 

Andanua, Vfrdou H.. SwEt.. Obio. 111. 

Andieaioo. Scverine W.. Pvt.. lit CI.. Monroe. Utah. 

H.. SwEt.. Ol 
leW.. Pvt.. 1 
t.. New Nharon 

Arico. Paiqiule. Mui.. lat a.. 514 
Aibby. William H., Pvt,, Luooa, J 

' -■- Henry J,. PvL. Lealervaie. : 

1. wm, i 

Bais. Eniat N.. 
Hiit«. BavmonJ - 
Betaher. Uuyd C. 
Berj. Ant " ' 

>l Sergl.. 1 

' ■., lit " 

ttSt.. FaiusFalla, Minn. 

I. Im 

Berterman, Fra 


ll D.. MuB ^, 

"^ Pvt^, IluDtaviUe. Mo. 

.... -Mani'alltown. Iowa. 

Berquist, EbRr J., Mu9.. 2nd CI., Parker'i Prairie. Minn. 
■■ - - ■■ ' " , Corp., 205 LatimfT 3l., AWngdoQ. 111. 

, lat CI.. Hamburg. Mo. 

_._ja.. 3rd CL. 310 W. Walnut St., DnMoim 

e, John L.. Bd. Cun>.. El Paio. III. 
niiae, irvinc J.. Pvt.. 314 3rd St., Walerlown. S. D. 
Bueve. Atria, Pvt.. lit CI.. Hull, Iowa. 
Bollon. Egbert B,. Mua, 2nd CI.. Centecpoiat, Iowa. 
Boyd. Cbari» G.. lit Scrgt.. 520 4tb St.. Kawaoat. lU. 
Boydaton. Mai H,. Sent., Galeaburg. III. 
Brandt. Theodon W..Sint., B06 Hindi St.. Kmanae, HI. 
Brehm. WiUiam M.. Pvt., lit CI.. Merrill. Iowa. 
Brockfeld, Paul A.. Corp.. Tnitadala, Mo. 
Brouhard, Jeaa. Pvl.. Mill Spring. Mo. 

Browu, Arthur M.. Bd. Corp.. lOOS Franklin St., Cvdar Falli. I 
11 H. Pvt.. Alt. Pleasant. - 

Bruesgemuhadn. Pvt. 
Bryant. CrtorgoD.. P 

., Chari 

IL CI,. 

n T.. PvL. Je(r« 

. loa 
. _dolite_. . 
3 Latfarop Si 

Burlou, liiomas N., Pvt. 

:ity. Mo. 

IS aty, I 

Butts, Ernest E., Pvt., 1400 Mass, Ave., Topeka, San. 
CaUaby. Cbarlea R^ Mus., 2nd CI.. Fortat, ID. 
Camomile. Arthur L.. Pvt., 748 Braiiv Place, Salt Lake 

Campao. Leo J., PrU. lat CI., 4207 Brighlon Ava., Lo* Angele*, Cal 

Carpenler. John W.. Pvl., Bolokow, Mo. 

Carris. Joseph C. Sagl.. Vinton. Iowa. 

Canwright. ClareoGe A.. Sanlinel Butte. N. D. 

Case. Ralph. Pit.. Grand Island. Neb. 

CaKy, Archie A.. Pvt.. Ut CI.. Brown^I. Kan. 

Chase. Joseph F.. Bd. SergL. W«t Liberty. Iowa. 

Cbilden. John O., Pvl., R. F. D. No. 2. JudsoaiK. Ark. 

Chisholm. Roy G.. Sait.. 4449 La Qgde Ave.. SL Louk. Mo. 

Clark. John F., Pvl., Wuvilla. 3. D. 

Clear. Arthur E., Pvt.. Vennillion, Kan. 

Cochran. Forrest A.. Sergt.. Deiter. Kan. 

CotoniBD. KenD^th W., Bd. Corp.. 1301 Waah. Ave., Bcwdalown. IB. 

CoUier. George T., Sup. Sergt., Wsbaafaa, Minn. 

CameRey. Ray A., Pvt., YoeFord. Albena, Can. 

Collings, Ira £.. Corp.. 606 E. Cleveland St., Spring Valley. IQ. 

Callings. Dell. Ssgt., 606 E. Cleveland St., Spring Vidlay, HI. 

Cook. Clinton C, Pvl.. Weatfidd. Iowa. 

Cool. Julea v., Serct., 1882 Goodrich Ave.. St. Paul, Minn. 

Curtis. J«se B., Pvl.. 1st CI.. IB Califai Ave., Quincy, Mich. 

Dariey. 'Art*'!! PvL. w5iivLllo,'uiah! ""'" 
DBrmaTel, Stanley, Pvt.. 1379 Inncion Ave.. Detroit. Mlcfa. 

Ds BcTuardi. L W.. Mus.. 2nd CI.. 165 E. Main St., Brai" 

Drlana. Rubarl C, Mus.. 2ud CI.. Prinalon. HI. 
Doerrics, Earl A,, Bn. Sergt. Maj., Mobariy, Mn. 
Douabua, Jorison H., Corp., Mineral Spring, N. D. 
Dorothy. Glenn G.. Mus.. 3rd CI., Fairmont, Midd. 
Drnner. Orange D.. Pvt. ClearwatH. Kan. 

cnberry Ral[;diS..Mus., 2ndCl.,Or>ao, 

gsten,PBt.- ■ ■■^- - - 

l..,Braidwaod. ID. 

F,atao, Jobn 

Pvt., Cenlerville, Iowa. 
« O., Pvt., 515 Filliiw Ave.. OltnmwH, Iowa. 
- '" " - M2S Bryant Ave., Minneapolis. Hhm. 

Ernst, Willie P., Pvt., RuUo, lows. 

.. Minj 

a H„ Corp.. 

. Corp.. HiilUbarD, ll 
. D„&r(- — ■ 


Eyler. Keil 


. ... .... 2lB9S.71h St., Salt Lake City, UWh. 

a. Clarence E., Pvt., Rush Hill. Mo. 
" ' oepfa R.. Pvt.. 1st CI.. Illmo. Mo. 

- ".. Pvt.. 3644 Sbth St., S. MinneapoUa, HimL 

FerrieU. Joa. 

rt E.. Pvl. 

1.366 East St.. 1 

I'liter. Joseph F. P., Bn. Sergt. Maj., 366 E 

Foney, C>eor«e W,. Pvl,, lit CI.. Mammoth City, Uoh. 

Fonoy. Jama G.. Pvl.. 1st CL, Mammoth Cily.^Jtah. 

Fortunato. Veto. Pvl., Ist CI., 4935 Daggott St.. St. Louis. Mo. 

Freckman. Fred J.. Pvt.. 3S1T SheuHndc«h Ave., St. LouB. Mo. 

FredericUon, John A., Pvt.. Graady, Minn. 

Garland. Orel M.. Mus. 3rd CI., Scranlon, Iowa. 

Carman, Ora. Pvl., Moulton, Iowa. 

Geneva. Glenn G.. Mus. Ut CI., Albis, Iowa. 

Gerdemen, Carl E„ Pvt.. Pendlelon. Mo. 

Gibwin. Hoy S.. Pvl., 1st CI., Savannah, Mo. 

Cleisansr, Ralph, Mus., 3rd CI.. Brooklyn. N. Y. 

Gueplert. Conrad J.. Pvt.. Belleville. Iowa. 

Goldman, George, Pvt.. let CI.. 139 Eva St., St. Paul. Minn. 

Goldy. ErnntY.. Pvt., lit CI., Fulton. Mn. 

Coormachtifh, Gus. Sergt,. St. Davids, 111. 

Gaudy. GranviDe N., Pvl.. 1st CI.. Mt. Vernon, Iowa. 

Gray. Alonao W.. Pvt,. Case, Mo. 

Green, Claranu R., Corp., Lake City. Iowa. 

Green, JiJin H.. Pvt., ietmore, Kan. 

Greeno, William R., Pvt. lit CI.. Slurgeon. Mo. 

Greenowald. Cari A.. Sla. Sergt., Z25 irawlhurne St., BraoUyn. N. 1 

Grisbeum. WUIiam I.. Pvt., Ist CI,. 4TB N. Center St., Pottavilla, P 

Gruer, Irwon F.. Pvt.. Laddonis, Mo. 

Ilockmaan. Harry H., Pvt.. 1>1 CI.. Cenlertown. Mo. 

Hugen. Christian. Crvp., HaDdrum. Minn. 

Huf an. Lsooatd L., Cook. 602 Washington 31., Jeffetwo City, Mo. 

HamUlon. Edward J.. Mecb.. Esthsr>aie, Iowa. 

Haooe. WhiDdin 8., Mech.. Boi 403. Yaoklon, S. D. 

Ilallisey. WiUiam R., Col. SergU, Nashua, N, H. 

Hanseii. John S., PtL, iHt CI.. Ephraim. Ulali. 

Harrington. Frank K.. 

lit CI., Ringlij 
St CI.. 2M9Wi . 
.. Annandale. Mi 

;. Mant 

Hay, Cbs: 
TIefaelh, I 

e. Rae H,. Pvt., R. F. D. [> 

City, Utah. Uighlaod, Henry M„ PvU, McCud 


Name, Rant and Home AMiti 
Hill, Ralph M.. PyL. 407 S. Ittttnoa Ave., WdliDiton, 
Hlorl.CuI J., Pn.. Cmnvills, lit. 
liixe. Frama A.. Pvl.. RoUb. lawn. 
HoldivH. Ilani»n E.. Mm.. UI CI.. r>oiie»eu. lit. 
Uaont, Enua. Cam.. Mt. Staling. III. 
liana. WOUud S., Pvt., lat O., CiHlville, Uuh. 
iloakin. Wmum H.. PtI.. 1st CL. WdUkUIr. Uuh. 
H(nl>. FrSDcin J„ Pvt., aBDlonville, Pn. 
HowHKi. GewM W.. Cmk. S. Elm St., Uncoln. 111. 
Iloyt. Louis IC. Pvt., 3530 Evwgrma A>r.. ChkaKU, II 
Ilucba. Darwin P.. PvL. lit CL, W«l lt«nd. hiwa. 
Humii«er, WiUiam W., Pvl., Davia City, lowu. 
Hultgran. JuhQ O.. Pvt., Brirmmsdn. N. D. 
HuIh. Arthur e., Pvt., Fairfield, Iowa. 
Huntw. Gordoa, PvL. Cndsr Cil>. Utoli, 
Illilon. WiUiaiB H., IVt.. Onklaud, Kan. 
In«berg. Albnrt. So-gt., Hmdriim, Minn. 
IrgciB. Lnwrsuoi II.. Pvt., lit CI.. Fniswrll. Minn. 
Jaoubi, WUlbm T.. Pot., MarliiBbuig. Mo, 
JaoohMin. Jacob C. Bm, Swgt. Mai, — "'- ' — ' 
■ 1, Abn. Pvl.. IBMBLrdAvB., ( 

JflrvQIfl. E 

'.'. Mua'.. .- ■ 

i a.. 

I., St. Lauis. Mu. 
r. lu* 

S. lUH 

1. Eric O.. Pit.. 1007 E. «th St., D» Mnim 
0. Frank F., Pvt,, R. F. D, No. 1. Doon. lo 

PI.. Uinnp4i|.Ji>i. Min 

Karmaniind, Winilow P,. Pvl.. Sununum, III. 
Keaiins. Patrick II.. Pvl.. 607 W. Park St.. Mi 
Kanoadir. Gaorce C Pvt,. Ill Luciul St., Ctu 

Kc«uiidi,Doa^i»T., ' 

KlIviiKtaa, Vim M,. Pvl,, UlCI.Oi 

Koiaht. Walur C, P.I., Gibbs. -Mo. 

KlndlMpJre, Praok A., Pvl.. Wakr Prarie. \liuii. 

KdowIIoq. Lmb O. Pvt.. Wolhack. Neb. 

Kook, Eiria. Miu., 3rd CI.. WhnitluiKl, Iowa. 

Kohl. WiUiam M.. Mua., UI CI., 804 Kayellr St., I'r-orm. 111. 

Kolkmaxer. Adolph. Pvl., 231 >'. 4ili Kt., Si. Cbarlea, M.i. 

Kopito, Joe, Corp., Deal, Miun. 

Koa*. Henry, Pvt,. Academy, R. D. 

iS Kellni Ave. Ames. Iowa. 

Larwtu, Et^er, Man, S«^g(„'40H lbu"Tve..*liiat Muline. III. 

Uuber. Charles A., Corp., Sevunuah. Mu. 

Lee, Wilmer J., Corp.. East (Jraad Forks, Minn. 

Uidcr. John C Pvl., Ackky, Iowa. 

Laher, Hnrold U., Corp,, ^.nthervillc, lowi. 

Utton, Fred O., Bn. Sergl. Maj.. Bedlord, lad. 

Loggar. Theodora T,. Pvt., 4358 Hunt Ave, St. Loula, Mo. 

tx>D«, EHmer, Pvl.. Rook Rapids. Iowa. 

Lonialrelh, Warren H„ Pvl,, Lelle. Inwii. 

Lovsin, Edward. Pvl., I401I Oameut St.. Juliet. III. 

Lund, Wynee W., Corp,. Fruita, Colo. 

Manire, Ileory T.. Pvl., Ist CI., 1315 N. Taylor Ave.. Si. Louis, Mo 

MaTnvic, Mstt, Pvt.. 1312 Summilt, Joliet, III. 

Malloy, LaHoy E., Pvt.. North Betul. Nab. 

Maroy, Merrill L., Pvt., fi03 Mill St„ Chippewa. Wis. 

Margulis, Hury I., Pvt., Hibhine. Mi do. 

MwlcU. Ceorn, Pvt., Harper's Ferry, Iowa. 

Marnuudl, Ad^ph, Mus., Znd CI., 13U5 OsUind, Joilel, 111, 

Martin, aarenoe W.. Pvt., Savannah, Mo, 

MauiAer, Fred C. Mooh.. WUd Ruse. N. D. 

Mavity. Kamp G,. Secgl., Degue, III. 

Maybee. Frank M., Pvt., Brandon, Wis. 

McAfee, Uoyd C. Pvt., AniU, Iowa. 

MoCabe. Jofan E.. Corp.. R. 20Z, 640 Minn Ave., Kansas Cily, Kan 

McOaniel, Paul R,. Pvt., iBlCI., 620 E, MillcrSl, JeOersoii City, Mc 

McCormick, Enunett A.. Pvt.. Jst CI.. Oweniburo. Ky. 

McCormick. Fred H., Prt., Isi CI.. TOZ 2Ulh St.. Ruck Island, lU. 

McElhenny. GeuTKe D . Corp.. 1Z4S Mulvane St.. Topeka, Kaa. 

McUauliiy, Paul M.. S<TBt.. 24511 W(.sh. UlviL, St. Louis, Mo. 

McGahaan. Mkliad C. Corp., RockwpU. Iowa. 

MaGvwen. Archie L.. Asst. Bd. Lr.. Avon. lU. 

McKean. Henry C. Pvl.. Winner. S. D. 

MoKinlay. Cbarlcg F,. Sergl., Abbington St., Galf^wrg, III.. 

McKioley. Jam« H.. Corp.. 5056 Cat» Ave., St. Louis. Mo. 

MoLaughlin, Don H.. Pvt., Barnurn. Iowa. 

McVey, Cecil Y., Pvt,, Isl CI., R, F. D. No. I, Bosaell, Io«b. 

Medbus, Alfred, Mech., Foirbolt. Minn. 

Mendenhall, Clarence B., Pvt., Chariton. Iowa, 

Michel, Harry. Pvt., S4U Monroe St., St. Charlee, Mo. 

MiUv, Bertram A., Pvt., Stoamboal Rock, Iowa. 

MUdove. Williams., Pvl.. Is! CI., 612 W. FondalacSl., Ripon. Wi> 

Mildiidl. Eric O., Pvl., Sioui Cily. Iowa. 

MoUenkamp. Augutl L.. Pvl., IliiiinsviUe. Mo. 

.r, John H.. Mus 

Muir, Ldand G,. Wag.. Fulton. Mo. 

MulbolUnd. J«eph M.. Pvl.. Lansing, Iowa. 

Muipfay. Albert J.. Pvt,, Fonda, lows. 

MurjAy. Enuoell L.. Pvt.. Lyie. Minn, 

Murphy. Jofan E., Pvt.. Rockwood, lows. 

Nelaon, FihBore T., Pvl.. Coksto, Minn. 

Neil, Alvier D., Pvt.. lat CI.. Homer. lU. 

Nsth, Walur, Pvt., 91. LeUnrg, Ndi. 

Nianbeuaer. Oscar A.. Pvt.. lit CI., WentviUo, Mo. 

Noe. Cecil A.. Pvt,. 1st CI.. Garrwin. Iowa. 

Nuibaum, William C, Mui.. 1*1 Cl„ Streator, III. 

Ohirg, John A., Pvt.. 1st CL. 43 HotidiiiB. MiddletoiHn. Conn. 

OBrien. Jsry J., Corp,, Fonda, Iowa. 

Moredock. Gilbert II.. Cook, 501 lOUi 

I. Martin E.. Pvt., Pom(_ 
Norman, Corp., Bowling 


tve., St. Louis. 

1, Oscar M., Pvt,, 921 13th St., Sioui Cily, Iowa, 

" ' " .., 1st CL. 3040 Upton Ave. S..Minnenpc^, Minn. 
" 307 E. 6lb St., Fulloo. Mo. 

I. Harold E.. Pvl., : 

;a[k., i^^ge I 

nail, liowaid H., Mua' 

., Washini 

:, P?t", ClS.?il 

I., Comma nche. low 

Bagan. S. D. 
. . 03 in. ChiahoUn. CaldweU. Kan. 
,. Pocahonlas. Iowa. 

PraeTke, Frederick W. J., 
Pridgen. Columbus N.. P 
Rafler. Edward A., Sergl . 
Ramsey. Omer. Pvt.. Glascow. Mo. 
Rsuen, Edwin E.. Sergt.TWaconis, Minn. 
■■-■--■■-- "'■"■--I, Pvl.. Veri-- ■- - 

Miller Ave, Joliet, 111. 

Rcisa, Joseph. Corp.. R. F. D. No. Z, 
Renuer, William L.. Pvt.. 2IS W, Him . 
Reynan, Ray R., Pvt.. Milbsnk, S. D. 
Rhodes, Robert R.. Pvt.. 1st CI . Madsior 
Ringstad. Herman, Pvt., Canton, S. D. 
Rice. Beniamin E., Wag., Jefferson City, 
Hi.l.»v KriNlW., Pvt., Voter N.-h. 
a, Charies R.. Pvt.. 

Cedar Rapids. Iowa 

e, Charl 

I K.. Pvl. 

Ruby, Raymond C. Pvt., EalherviUe, Iowa. 

Huaht^d. Harry O., Pvl., Broolon, Minn. 

Ryetaon. Emmett. Pvt., Ist CL, Lake BenloD. Minn. 

SandeU. Carl L.. Mua., 3rd CL. Stralford, Iowa. 

Sanders, Roy, Pvt.. CenterviUe, Iowa. 

Saum, Thomas, Corp., 62S Ch»tnut St., Si, Lonia, Mo, 

Schmidt, tklmund, Pvl., 1025 Rymoulh St., Sioui City, I 

Schrinsr, Herndon L., Pvt.. lat CL. 1I5S LucaaSt.. Muacati 

SchaeffH, Homer II,. Mus., 3rd CI., Schenectady, N, Y. 

Schueli, WiUiam H.. Mech,, Z12S Slh Ave,. Moline, IlL 

Scbulti. Fred, Pvt,, HUUkvo. N. D. 

SchulU. Bernie A,. Corp., International Falls, Minn. 

Schuli, William A„ Corp,, Bichville. Minn. 

Schumacker, JcJin. Pvl , 69 Cheslnul St., Debuque, Iowa, 

Scbulte, Lue, Sergt,, 1401 3lsl St,. Rock Island. 111. 

Scully, Jam« K., Pvt., R, F. D, No. 4. Otlumwa, Iowa, 

S«man, Henry, Pvt,, R. F. D, No, 5, Pipeetone, Minn. 

Searle, CecU J., Corp., 4504 Xi 
Seel, Prank E,, Mus., lal CL. r 
Seiu, Ira D., Pvl., BT5 Colneli 

lalCL. Charlailown. S. C 

- ~ ■ lis Ave,, Chicago, 

CL. Rusbville. II 

Smith. Ernat A.. Pvt., Menlu. Iowa. 

Smith, (i.H,. Reg. Rergt,M^„ Orchard n,,Knoiville.Ml. Oliver 

Smith, WiUatd C. Pvl,, l»i Cl„ 822 N, Ault St„ Muberly. Mo, 

Sossb, Raymond 0„ Bd. Sej-gl,. Eslhcrville, Iowa, 

Sone, BavH, Pvt,. l.t CL. A23 E. Higli Si,. Jefferson City, Md. 

Spencer. Jtarclay A,. Pvt., I2Z E. Douglas Sl„ Wichita, Kan. 

Speilman. Guy II., Bd. Sergt., Falrlield, luwH, 

Slensland, John, Pvl,, Colh 
Stevens, Manle^ O^ Corp, 

I. Market Sl„Otlumwa, 

~ Jefferson Cily 

108 Uyfaiells St., Jet 
■ ■ CL. Meaico, Mo, 

r,"Cc^p!. Inwood.'ll 
- * -. Daylon, 

Slransky, Ijeorge L - 

Strobm. Carl E,. Bn, Sergt, Muj„ I1Z9 
Sullivan. Frank L., Corp,, Alvord, lovi 
Sullivan, Thomas E„ Corp., St, Louis, 
Sumpter, Krod C„ Pvt., Pi ' 

_,. Pvl.. 

Taylor, Waller. Pvt,, 4665 Aduns A 

Teiier, Osrar W., Pvl,, lat Cl„ 4227-A W. Papin St., Hi. 

Theel, William 11, Pvt.. 714 Benson St., Moberty, Mo, 

Thiel, Charin, Bd, Corp., Leonora, 111, 

Thomas, Archie C Corp.. Peabody, Kan, 

Tbomp«>n, John A, Pvl,. 74 Wadiinglun SI., 

Thompson, Joseph F„ Pvl,, IIS Berkley Ave,, HerUey, Va, 

ToliuS, Charles, Mus., 3rd CL, Philadelphia, Pa, 

Tveit, Carl G„ Pvt., Isl CL, AUwt Lee, Minn, 

Vwner, Alfred, Pvt,, Monleray. W, Va, 

Vickm, Hugh R., Sergt., Hanslord, W, Va, 

Vogel, PeUr A,, Mua, Znd CL, Leonn^, It], 

Wogwr, John W,. Pvt.. 1st a., St, Joseph, Ky. 

WAer, Lewis. Sergt. Bug,. Tribune. Ky. 

Walker, Anbur E.. Pvt,. 12 N. ZStb Si,, (dorado Springs, Colo. 

Walks, William G.. Pvt.. 734 L St.. Lincoln, Neb. 

Wobar, Guons C. Pvt., 3SU 8. Spring Ave.. St. Louia. Mo, 

, Chillicolhfl, Mo. 


W<^hrli. WUIian 

whid<;ck: Ji.n M. 

WiUey. L<w. .M.iH.. 

1.. Liberal. Kan. 

., South CarrolltoD. Ky 




WU«n. Johni), [' 

1 CL„ Alton. 111. 

Woodbury. TiMvi.l < 

I.. iHt a.. St. GtiODiB. 


Woodman. C.,,^la,; 

^•:"' : 




Wood*. Willium S , 

iTBl .TJOW. ClrwrySI. 
1 CI.. Sarlcll. Minn. 

ntaic. II 

Yaklich, Frank, Pi 

YoweU. VirgU F.. 

Iluii[»>.->lln. Mc. 


VI.. .lia Morfuri ,Sl.. A 

, Ul. 

Zrllncr. Aaron W., 

111 C.I.. Hunutill", M< 


1 U.. Anoka. Minn, 



, 777 Grand A.c. St. l-aul. 



Peoria. lU. 

Brtwklyn. Iowa. 

Namt. Rwil and Home AAbrit 
Jarrord. Will 0.. Mecb.. ConaYiUc. Iowa. 
JohnHin. William. [>vl.. Minnwpdui. Minn. 
Jidiuuin, Frauk A., Corp.. Cmiai. Minn. 
Jan«. William. Wa«.. Pvllaiille, lU. 
Kindclspire. Frank A.. Pvt., Lakepiirk- Minn. 
Kolkmoer. Adolph II., iVt.. 2St iVi 4tli St.. Si. I^hutia. Mo. 
Kuhlman, b^lward A.. P.t.. 1510 N. 3rd St.. St. Cfaariaa. Mo. 
KnBcbt. (jDorn. Waff.. LooicQ. III. 

Lana. Alfred R.. Much.. 1019 Gmtnland A*i^.. Pocjria, DL 
LinghDU, WUUuD, Wan.. PauUioa. loi... 
Lanuii. Bvar L.. Mscfa.. Snedsburn. Mo. 
Laughlin. Psisr. Wan., Si. Cbarln, Iowa. 
l^wrrnw JamaB P-> F.irh..^. Ill 
Lrider, Jofan C. Pvt. 

Whiu. Ralpfa li: : 
Ahrendi. WiUiam, 

OKin. Fred T.. Wag.. 3621 Cndar Ave.. Minoeapolia. 
«. Samurf M.. Wag., MillerahurK. Mo. 
a. lewd L.. Wag.. WenliviUf. Mo. 

I. Carl. Pvl.. Pla 

nrouRbloQ, Percjr C. IlutuahoH 

., Wag.. Madrid. low 
.«., Bonnie. III. 
:.. Maiinulia. III. 
1. Minn. 


>. HoUy 


Wag., Wharton. } 

Buealo, Nnniia, Wa«,. Dwighl, III. 

Furritr, EUk J.. Far.. FarmingUin. Iowa. 

Butler, WiUiam E., Wag., Norlh Topeka. Kan. 

Carbon. Carl T., Wag., Elkhum. Iowa. 

CaiT, Ernat D., Cook, W«l Ubartv, Itma. 

Cburch. Andl H.. Wag.. Biohland. Mo. 

CaTToU, Virgil V., Vim*.. 1216 Tilfsoy A.".. St. Louig. 

Castle. P«cy C, Pvt.,Tullon. Mo. 

Chown. Ibert »".. Pvt.. Connvine, Iowa. 

ChrBty, Sam P., Pvt.. QiTton Hill. Mo. 

Cobb. AIliHHi M.. Wag.. Huaaell. Iowa. 

Collin. Frank. Pvl., Strcalor. III. 

Cochran, Phillip L.. Sia. Sergi.. Woodsiock. N. H. 

Coops. Howard G., Pvt,. EaM Molinc. 111. 

Cooper, David L.. Mfch.. Maraeilloa, lU. 

Crawlord. Fnxj S.. Sergl.. Peoria. III. 

Coi, DanidL.. H. 3. ScTgl.. 511 South St.. Danvilk, ] 

Davidson. Charley, Wag.. Lenvcnuworth, Kan. 

DavidMHi. John J^. Wag.. Otlumwa. Iowa. 

Davis. Jamea W.. Wag., Mokane. Mo. 

Dawson. LwS., Wag.. Fulton. Mo. 

l>ownll. CIKlon E., Wag,. 120 Orgen Si.. Peoria. 111. 

Kcker. Chetlir W.. Pvt.. Z42S Brjanl Ave.. MinnneHp< 

Eggen. Jidin M., Wag., CenUrtown. Mo. 

Elgin. William. Wag.. Laoon. lU. 

Ferguson, John, Wag., 1^26 riladys Ave.. Lakewuul. I 

KeuU. Clarence E., Pvl . Biwb HiU, Mo, 

FrHmnn. Timolby A.. Pvt.. liL CI.. Moberlv. Mo. 

Friehun, Alfred L.. Konsfaoer, Saybruok. Ill, 

Fink, George H.. Wag,, Garvin. Minn. 

Ford, l»ed. A., R. S. Sergl., Henry. In. 

Foeter, Paul. Wag.. Boll. Mont. 

Core, lluiKfasI L.. Wag,, Lfnnville, lud, 

Guwena, Edward H„ Wag., Ceiilralia. Mo. 

lioens, Elmer C, Cook, Cliwlake, Iowa. 

Gray, Alonio W., Pvt.. Ca», Mo. 

Gravs, Evaell O.. Wag.. Wayni-ville, Mo. 

Guitin, Foeter J.. Pvl,. Richland. Mo. 

Haolei, Albert, Sad., Slmtor. lU. 

Harrington. George )l., Pvt.. Mobalv. Mo. 

Ilardiurik, George. SergU, 1010 Plumb St.. Slreator, III 

Harlan. Frank L.. Cofp., ClUlon Hill. Mo. 

Helm. WiUiam N., Wag., WaiDOaviUe.Mo. 

Ilendricka, Balpli E„ Pvl., Stielrin, Minn. 

Heivle), Samuel L.. Wag.. S4« S. lOUi St., Cedar Bap 

Henson, Homer, Wag. RicAland. Mo. 

IloTget. Edward F.. Sergl., 1016 Garden St., IVqria. 

Hilgenbrink, Albert II., Wag.. 159 W. ^l«1h St.. D«a 

lloolscher. Huge H., Wag., Kl, Qiaria. .Mo. 

Hoppe, Louja, Ilorsoahoer. Boon. Iowa. 

Holup. Andrew, Corp., 1119 Oltor St.. Slrealw, 111. 

Hsgedom, Ben.. Wag., Neola. Iowa. 

Ilouk, George M.. Wag., .Mendola. 111. 

Howard, Charlea B.. Wag.. »31 Myecs SI., MobeHy, ^ 

llustad, John B.. Wag., Wcnger, Minn. 

iruiakv. Sieve. Sla. Sergl.. Br 
wis, (Seorge T.. Wag., ]i2 Jon 
in, Cari W., Pvl., l.I CI., S13 i 
istead. Jamea P.. Corp., 1521 W 

ndSt.. Peoria, m. 

All«t e.. Wag.. Mnioeirork. f 
"ffty B.. Wag.,Tileiioo, Mo. 
'— - "„ Wag.. CenlralLa. Mo. 



Mohr, Otio. V 

MtHcen. William, »ta. Bergl.. i 
^einer. Louis J., Wag.. S924 T 
Niemeyer. Frank R., Wag., 22 
Obert, IJIward, Wag., Benson. 
O'Brien, William J., Wag., Sla 
O'Dunnsll, John S., Horsralian 


a, Hai 

y U.Corp.. Moborly, Mo. 
Wag., Doon. Iowa. 
D.. Pvt., Moberly, Mo. 

ariM, Pvl . CentH 

P>1., Isl CI.. Moberly, Mo 
I., Wag.. 3615 Maple Si., Oma 

Preble, Shei .., 

Reyckerl, Robert. Pvt. 
Randolph. Chalmers H 
Bedd, Waller. Sla 
Rapp. Cari M., Wag . M 
Baior, liim. Wag.. LeRc 
RiccHatrxA.. Pvi.. Ke 

. Charles, Mo. 

lech.. 692 Cam 
. Sergl.. Aleiandria, Vd 
ag.. Morton, III. 

1.. Detroit. Midi, 

llatry A 

.«, Cbariea A., Pvt.. Isl CI., ShelbyviL... 

Reoimous, Riley, Wag,, Moberly. Mo. 
Rawdeo, Guy L.. Pvl., Isl CI , Crocker, Mo. 
Roberta. Donna C, Saddler, Pink, W. Va. 

St^ Charles, Mo. 

_. _.iirSl..Sl.ChBrlf 
Main St., OllawB. III. 

Schroeder, Harold F.. Cook. It 
flcfaullehenrich. Joeinh C. Wag., St. C 
Schubert. Herman, Wag., Fran\i, Mo. 
Sebacher. Francis, Pvl.. 1st CI.. 553 ~ 
Seward, ArlhurO.. Corp., 1730 V " 
Shire, John L., Wog , Mei.. Mo. 

Slater, Benjamin F.. Pvl., 1st CI 

Small. Shelby C, Sergl.. Cbenoa, lU. 

Smith. Orville E., Wag., Renick, Mo. 

Rmitb. Joseph M., Wag.. CorreclionviUe. xma. 

Sparr, Herbert E., R. S Sergt., 210 E. Main, Morris, lU 

Spencer, Jama< H., Wag., Tebbela. Mo. 

Splitlstooser, Fred, Pvt., 2216 Brewster Si., Peru. 111. 

SplilUtoHsw. Fred A.. Wag.. Odnaa, Minn. 

Split la tonser. Olio, Pvl.. Odnsa. Minn. 

Spraok, John P.. Wag,. 925 Chioagn Ave, Minneapolis, 

Siricklan. Richard H., Pvl.. Vienna, Mo. 

.Sudbrock, Beccher W., Wag., Defianoe. Mo. 

SwansOD, Albert S., Wag., Chillicothe. 111. 

Thomas Boberi. Ilorseahoer. MarseiUcs. III. 

Thomsen, Emil C, Wag., Humboldt, Iowa. 

Tulwiler, Janua K., Private, Decatur, lU. 

~' ■ ■ " ., Chitlioothe. Mo. 

,d ^., Pvt, 

t. lov 


Tipaerd, Joseph K.. Su. Sergl., I 
Trenor. Dahl D., Cook, Sinkii'" 
Traak, William H., Wag.. Coo 
Troon. Paul. Wag.. F--"-'^ ' 

Trub, William, Wag 

Tyler. Ellis F.. Wag.. Cairo. Mo. 
Van Dar Karr, Irven. Pvt., 1st CI., I 
Warwick, Bija, Wag., Hefakell. Ten 

Wbeder, BenjamiD, Pvl., Walerlowi. 

Werner, Edward R., Wag., Saybrook. III. 
Whipp. Frad E., Wag., Maplcton, 111. 
While. Irvin W., Wag., Jaokiouville, Mu. 

r',' Coggiiin™ 

Va'J!«7?SJiirdB'n M." P.I,', Moberly! Mo." 

Zaho, Henry J., Wag.. 722 Aubott Ave., St. Louia, N 

Zobrist, Eli, Wag.. Goodfield, lU. 

Albert. Paul B.. lat Lt.. PaBboult, Minn. 
Derothy. Morton F., Zod Lt, Virginia, lU. 
Dwva, Jofan J., 2Dd Lt,. BL Paul, Minn. 
Gudiri*. John H., 1st Lt.. St. Paul, Mlon. 


SpQluiDe. Ji 

uid D.. Capt.. ColiUBbia. Mo. 
nT.. tU LI.. SU Paul. Minn. 

irdu J.. Pit.. Mechan 

B*»,. Adidnh A.. iVt.. Wanenlon. Mo. 
Bind. Wil^m. Pvt.. KnyMviUe. Mo. 
BidSMUll. CluHa A.. Ca>k. Urbana. lU. 
— ■ " In H.. Pn. Great BeDd. Ind. 

1. Pmd W., Pit., i 

BJorUand. ClilTonl H.. Pvl., Ill 
BoUl. Fmok P., Prt., DeWitt, 
BoocliauU. Albno. Pn.. Dave 
BuOer. Charl« W., S«gl.. Pon( 
Brill. Erik W.. Pvt.. Minaeywl 
Bnininc. Hamaii B.. Pvl.. Can 
Caim. Eddia C. P>t.. Facia. \ 
CuBdea. Noah M.. P<t., Salem 
Caovbdl. Er«iB A. P. O., Pvl 

a. Orvills L.. Pvt.. _ 

Davidml, CICM C. Pvt.. Mi 
DHWi " " ~ " 

3. Mo. 

Itodsn. Ksiry H., PVt'.'ut CUAna '"' ' 
Dr«kal«r, Olio L., Cop.. L«eu« C 
Dunbu. UoD B.. Wt.. r,uanl. Knn 
Dykehoiue. Ted A., Corp., LitllE Kc 
Drwirt. Denver C Corp.. MBiiou. 1 
E»ser. ]<ibnJ..Pyi. "' ' — ■- *'- 


r. ArOiiit I.. Pvt., 1 

iersL.. G«otpTtown. lU. 

Emorr. Odbert.^a 


FMUurr, Laalie C. lit Swgt.. Galesburi 
FiMTSun N., Stnt^ Nn. Madrid. M 
Flunsld, ShsTill C., Corp.. Emmeli 
Fleetwood, Cbarlea A., Pvt.. lit CI., 
I^aok. Waller J.. Pvt., Bock Baplds. 

a, Okst E., Pvt., MnPbeo 

Hinea. John U., Corp-, Madiaon. S. D. 
IlrimbDut, OtOLT. Pvt.. im CL. Keituiug 
" ■ e. Jamaa W., Pvl., Topeka, Kan. 


Honfaw. 'Willb^?'iVt'.''bIiWiri!l™a"'" 
Ilowdl. Waller M., Pvt.. 1*1 CI.. Kimball. Neb. 
HoUinnworUi, Rsy, Pvl.. Si. JcBimh, Ma. 
Huge. Berijurd D.. Pvt.. Sibley. Iowa, 
Ingwenma, Albert, Pvl., Mu neaunl, lown. 
Ivn, Ctaarln F.. Sergt.. Fomt. III. 
Jeuen, Neli. PvU. ifBrleni, Iowa. 
Jiakoal. Peta W.. Pvt.. li>l CI.. Sibley, lo»n. 
J,rii.M, lierlmrt L.. Pvt., Morria. Iowa. 
Jojnp, llarrv T., Corp.. Severanee. Kan. 
Kantca. WOlie H.. Pvt.. Maoning, Iowa. 
KamphaeTner, Fred J., Serit., New Mille, Mo. 
Kennedy, EbnerC Pvt.. Keouuqua. Iowa. 
Kindred. Frank, Pvl., let O., Gardeo Cily, S. D. 
Kent, Cbadaa A.. Pvt.. I» CI.. Trenton. Neb. 
Kinc. Henry J., Pvt.. lit CI., Hannibal, Uo. 
KitUeeen. P^mtr B.. IVt.. I>t CI., Buthton, Min 
Kittle, Theodore. Pvt.. lat a., St. Paul, Neb. 
Klindt, Harry A.. Pti.. Davenport. lown. 
Kohnka. John W.. Pvl., CanoT Iowa. 
Korand. Henry, Pvt., Onfaord Junclion, Iowa. 
Kri«er^Wali*r^R.._^ug.j Rinpe. Iowa. 

L, lin. 

Larrinctoa. Raymaud C. Pvi 
Laoey, Ceorfe, Msch., St. Loui 
Lamncm, Bglph, M.. Pvt.. lul 
Llnman. »wr- * ^^ 

LyndirEdwaid J., Pvi.. Ciuaininn. low 
Lyona. Henry A., Pvt.. Topeka, Kan. 

. .it C.[.. Si. Loula. Mo. 
'VI.. Cbarilon. Iowa. 

iVailH, Ron* and Home AMrru 
MatOBi, Edward J.. Pvt., Isl d.. Bsymond, S. I 
Maaa, Augual P., Sergt.. Omaha. Nefi. 
Mesinnia, Qyde W,. IM., lit a., Keokuk. low< 
McDmnoll. Tbomaa J.. Pvt.. Jamaica. lows. 
Meaeenbrink. Edwe ' ' ^. - . . 

Mount. LigD, Pvt.. ]>t CI 
Moor. Arlhur H.. Pvt.. 

Murnhy. Thdnuia F., Pvt.. Monroe City. Mo. 
Mulder, Jacob, Pvt., In CI., Orange City. lua 
Nebon. Albert E.. Pvt.. Ut CI.. Fa&Eeld. Iowa. 
O'Rourke. Jamn C. Pvl.. Miuouri VaUey. lo» 
Parka. EdwaH G. Pvt.. St. Charles. Mo. 
Parker. Harold E., Pvl.. SeatUe. Waah. 
Parks. Uoyd W.. Pvt.. Saleaburg. Mo. 
raulaen. John C. Pvt.. Monela, Iowa. 
PeUey. WiUiam E.. Pvt., lat CI.. Cornoll. Iowa. 

PoinU, Jane, Pvt.. Honey Creek. Iowa. 
Polls. Shannon A.. Pvt.. iat CL, Central 
Babe. Bombard C. Pvt.. Sidney. Neb. 
nhoadea, Daniel. Pvl.. Croweburd. Kan. 
Biley. Edward H., Corp . Joliet. III. 
Riley. Edward L., Pvt.. Lakenan. Mo. 

Buasell. Benwick D., Pvt.. Sioui Cily. Iowa. 

Salmons. Orla S.. Pvt.. Tibbitla. Mo. 

Sond. Georiie W.. Pvt.. Iat CI.. Osgood, Mo. 

Schrader. l.ouis L.. Pvt,. Clavaville. Mo. 

Shadefc, Millet A.. Pvt., Oiford Junclion. Iowa. 

Scbade, George D.. Corp.. Aapinwoll. Iowa. 

Smith, Vealer H., Pvt., Iat CI.. Paton. Iowa. 

Shaefer. F.dward. Sergt.. Si. Paul. Mian. 

Stewart. Archie E.. Corp.. Topeka. Kan. 

Shepard. Harold. Sergt., Clinton, lU. 

atiegemeior. Hennnn H.. Pvl., lit Q.. St. Charln.. Mo. 

Slodden. Herman J., Pvt.. lal CI.. Lyona. Iowa. 

Hwanaon, Claude M.. Sergt., Gibson City. III. 

Soelaerl. Maunce. Pvt.. Merrian. Kan. 

Sorensen, Tbomaa J.. Pvt.. Council BluSs. Iowa. 

Sleiert. Albert A.. Pvl.. O'Fallon. Mo. 

Sleuland. John, Pvt.. Colton. 8. D. 

Slroaaner. George A.. Pvt., Braiilo. Mo. 

Swallow. Joseph E., Sergt., Gibeon Oly, 111. 

Timmons. Mils. Pvt., Condon, Iowa. 

Tilton, Hebron. Pvl., IstCfl.. Indianola. Iowa. 

~" I. Henry. Pvt.. li "" ' 

g. Hon 

r G,. Pvl.. S 

cter. James W., Pvt.. Bussey. Io« 
latdumm. William C. Pvt.. Tori 
itb. Hobjrl K., Pvt.. Wsireolon, 

Wagnv, Joseph, Corp.. CJinlon, Iowa. 
Walker. Arthur E., Pvt.. Colorado Springa. C 
Walkinaon. Charin A.. Pvl.. St. Louis, Mo. 
Wolu. Marvin S.. Corp.. Grand Junction. low 
White. Charles O., Pvt.. EarUiam. Iowa. 
White. George O.. Sergt.. Paruidie. Kan. 
Wheeler. James V., Pvt.. St. Joeeph, Mo. 
Weljen. Albert G.. Pvt.. WilliamHhiir.. Io»n. 
Woods. JoaefA W., Pvt.. ~ 

nncl. Kan 



«.g... ill. 

ar C. Pvt. 

). Ulley K.. Pvl., _ . , 

.J = J ^ Sergt,. Oaka, N. D. 

„ Pvl., 1st CI.. Kingsley, N. D. 
Block, Martin M.. MaJ.. D. C. S3t3 Prairie Ave.. ( 
FJaey. Jamea B.. Capt., M. C, Glcnwood. Minn. 
Field. Albert. Capl.. M. C, Bemenl. 111. 
Harrington. William W.. Iat Lt.. D. C. Viroqua. Wia. 
Ilartmick, Knud, Capt., M. C. Downera Grove. 111. 
Johuon. Grover C Isl Ll.. M. C. Belle. Mo. 
Mayne, Frederick C, Capt.. M. C. Cbsrlevoli. Mich. 
McFadden, Harry W., Iat Ll.. M. C, Grseowood. N<4>. 
Mooney. Charlu R.. 1st Lt.. D. C Brodbead. Wis. 
Morriaon. Edward D.. Capt., M. C. 3id Ave. IS.. It. Dodge. Iowa. 
Perkins, Louis J.. Capt.. M. C.. Lewislon, Idaho. 
Ralatoo. Ehner H.. Isl Lt.. D. C ClarkaviUe. Minn. 
Turner. Ddoa A.. Maj., M. C. Oiddfidd. Nev. 
Twomey. G. W.. Capt. M. C. 2001 Talboll Ave.. Indiannpolia. Ind 
Warden. John B.. Capt., M. C. WbiteBeld. N. H. 
Westmoreland. J. D..Capl.. M. C. Base Koapilal. CampShdby. Misa. 
Ahernathy. Preston. Pvt.. 1st CI.. Noboba. Tenn. 
AndersDo. Arthur E.. Pvt. Hulchinaon. Minn. 
Andert. Anlhnny W., Pvt.. i:34 Fairin^lon Ave , St. Paul, Minn. 
Ashlon. Charlen A., Pvt. 946 16lfa St., D« Moinn, Iowa. 
Bargee. Robert E„ Pvl,, Laureni. Iowa, 
BeJ, Hury, Pvt.. lal Q.. Kinlyre, N. D. 
Berg. John P.. Sergt.. 1st CI.. 410 W. 6th St., Cedar 
Bladea, John L., Pvt., Iat CI.. Flat Hive ■" 

11. Chailea H.. Sergt.. Hcr< ' ' 

Dedon.'Lewia L..'^(t.. itou 

ir Falb. li 

1 1181 

Name. Rank and Ham AAttu 
RhtM, Walui L.. Pit., lit CI.. D«p BItv, Iowa. 
EiUen, CeBrgt, P., Pyt., MounLwn L^«, MinD 
Eriut. JuMph D.. Sergt., UT Pine St., Joliel. lU. 
hanv, Hnibeii N., Pvl., 1st CI.. Rnulii No. T. CHrndcn, Tcno. 
faUa. NaU E.. Pvt.. 729 N. SUi St.. ChanUn. Iowa. 
r.ijwoii. Cfaarl», Pvt.. Pine Camp. Neb. 
Green. leaac M.. Pvu. BrowDidiT Kan. 

Green. Meddie. P>t.. Int CI.. ZSI S. 6tii Ave., KBnkakee. III. 
Giue. Charlee J., Pn.. Owalonna. Minn. 
Haaa. Waijam L.. Pvl., Isl CI.. Wsukon. Iowa. 
Ilickey. Georie M.. Pvt.. lit CI.. VaQ. Iowa. 
llarnburR. Raymond. Pvt.. Hanover Ho«l, Silver Crerii. N. Y. 
JobaDnewn. V, R., Pvl.. lit CI.. 449 Paik Ave..C»mdl muffs, lo 
Jahn»n. CariA., Pvt.. R. F. D. No.I.McGni««. Minn. 
Jooei. Cecal M.. Pvt.. lal Q.. Fnuee. Mino. 
Kavaoauih. John E., Pvt.. (looby. S. D. 
Kidd, Ralph C. I'vt., MUford, Kan. 
KoHlloa. L«ler O.. Pvt.. Wolbach. Neb. 
Kraft. Jidin H.. Pvl.. Homer. S. D. 
Leap, Clarence, Prl,. BcMte No. 2. DbDbi. S. D. 
MoNew. VlTfO E., Pvl., Hhame, N. D. 
Mfvrill. RoDd C. Pvt.. Ada. Ada County. S. D. 
Mulboilflod, Jama V.. Pvt.. aUmore Cily, Iowa. 
O'Connell. Vincent A.. Pvt.. Moninoulb. Iowa. 
rtalerkil. Tobiai. Pvt.. Scranton, N. D. 
I'uuIhd. Henry J.. Pvt.. MiintiuUo. Iowa. 
Porter. Joe. Pvl.. lit CI.. Fella. Iowa. 
Printy, GBarn E., Pvl,. lal CI., Center. Neb. 
Riub. Harry. Pvt.. Union. Iowa. 
Baynor, Lloyd S,. I'vl.. l.t CI.. Newmarkel, Iowa. 
Hii. Max F.. Pvt.. Cool S|irin|t>.S.D. 

Shimon. Albert J., Pvt.. Poeahon' 
SiinpHin. RayiDond W.. Pvl.. lit CI., llouie no. 2 
Smith. John i.. P«.. IhI CI.. 87 JelTenwn St.. Solai 
Spenoer, Charlev G.. Pvt., Lucat. Iowa. 
Slevona. Albcrl E., Pvl., t>t Cl.. 33(1 sardSl.. Dee . 
Stnchman. Charlei. Pvt.. Kerwin. Kan. 
Tuwoaend, Dewey. Pvt., lat CI.. Boi No. 36. Siou 

Ordway, Colo. 


«n. Wilbur F.. Capt.. 1930 E. 4th St.. Dulutb. Minn. 
r. Lolie W.. l9t Ll., 2938 Cedar Ave., Minoeapolia. Mil 
en. Wallaco D.. lat Lt.. 19S4 Iglehardt Ave. St. Paul, n 
»un, Earl F.. 2nd Ll.. Omaha. Neb. 

il Cl.. 616 S. Slh St.. Oakak 

I. Mo. 


Beckhon... , 

Boaai. Giaoomo. Bug., S334 Patterson Ave., Si. Louii, Mo. 

BeUer. VirgU, Pvl., 1>1 CL, Hope. Mo. 

BolU. Clarence A.. Corp.. Fraiee. Mian. 

Howman. Eddie, Pvt.. Igt Cl.. Garnelt. Kan. 

Bramer, Guitav D.. Pvt. IslCl. HaHan. Iowa. 

Bnibaks. Charin O.. Pvt.. Isl CL. BouLe 6, Lyona. Kan. 

Buckafaaum. M.. Pvl.. lal Cl., il3 K. MsinSt., Marahalttown. 

Huseknia. Andrew P., Pvt.. 1st CL. Worreiilon. Mo. 

BakCT, MyroD L.. Pvt.. Dolliver. Iowa. 

Baker. Norman J.. Pvt.. WiUmar. Minn. 

Bally. Oxmr. FSit., lit CL. Medicino Lodge. Kj 

Ba.areeco. Giovana, Pvt,, 
RrKk,.ManinF.. Pvt., Bo 
Bern. Louis C, Pvl.. Ha 

Boi 533. V 
lie 1, Bo. 2 

■ptila, Mini 
Monahga, Minn. 

Brue«man. Charles. Pvt., Bouls 4. Hartley. Iowa. 

Briggs, Earl A.. Pvt.. Sioui City. Iowa. 

Casey. James A.. Corp.. 4.113 Norfolk Ave.. St. Louis. Mo. 

Comet. Oemence J„ Mech.. 39S3 S. Gr.nd Ave.. St. Louin, M 

CJirialenien. Nie. Pvt.. 1st CL. Route . Elk Horn. Iowa 

Cima, Tony. Pvt.. Ut Cl.. Noviq«er, Mo. 

Clark. Victor V.. Pvl.. 1st CL. Terry. Mont. 

Clauaaen. WiUiaio C. Pvt.. 1st Cl.. Boulo 2. WioU. Iowa. 

Colombo, Emelio. Pvt.. Im CL. S12S Pallenun Ave.. St. Lou. 

Cook. Charlw. Pvt-, 1st Cl., Shelby. Neb. 

Campbell. Clarence A.. Pvl., Ouanw, Okie. 

Campbell. Jt>hn W., Pvl., Dod«e Cily. Kan. 

Cargitl. Harry C. PrL, Route Z. Box Bl. Stoeklon. Mo. 

Carlm^. WiUiam P., Pvt.. Boi SS. Brentwood. Ark. 

Casey. Ednr J.. PvL. ST25 McDonald Ave., St. Louia, Mo. 

Caspeis, Henry J.. Pvt.. MonticeilD, Iowa. 

CasieUo. Tony, Pvt., 2D12 CoDi-er St., S' . Louia. Ho. 

Cawley. Joe^ E.. Pvt.. Lanaaa, Wis. 

CJirialewBii, Chris M,. Pvt.. Ringaled. Iowa. 

Chrislensen. Theodore. I'vt., Route 1 DoUiver. Iowa. 

Cida. Stenl.-y, Pvt,. Ul CL, IN">v Yurk UoleJ. Dululb Minn. 

Clark. WiUiam, Pvt., Beroio, Mo. 

CoUina. lamn E.. Pvt.. Route 1. Mulberry. Kan. 

Cromwdl. Andenen B., Pvt.. Route 2, WiUiamaburg. Kan. 

Davie*. Ge«ge A., So-gl., 3S21 MorfanJord. Si. Louia, Mo. 

Doeield. Hvia. Corp.. Route 4. Hijchee, Mo. 

Davidsen. Floyd R.. PvL. lit Q.. ftoate 4. Laoona, Iowa. 

DavidaoD. Jack K., Pvt.. Ok City. Kan. 

Namt. Itank and llant AdAtu 
Daterdinc, WaUan H., Pvl., Liberty, III. 
Dockim/Ehner M.. Pvt., Route 2. Boi 5. Maiden. Mo. 
Evvly. Charles L., Cook, 71 E. Side of Square. Canton, 111. 

Eaatcrday. Sam. Pvt.. Boynton, Mo. 

EoonomupDutea, George P.. Pvl.. lal CL, S03 MinneeoU A 

., Mou 

). Mo. 

EUb, Krvin H.. Pvt.. Route 2. Boi 11. Kimball. Mim 

ErickHin, Aiel W., Sergl., Oscora. Iowa. 

Enalund. Arthur A.. Isl Sergl.. lOS N. Liberty St., Elgin. 111. 

EUis. Ehner H.. Sergt., 324 23rd SI. E.. Eail MolineTTu. 

Fean. Harrv D.. Mech.. Indianola. Iowa. 

Frediu. Frederick S.. Pvl., Im a.. 923 Bcrlley St.. MobeHy. Mo. 

Freshley. Marion A.. Pvl.. 

I CL. I 

in. Malfaew. Pvt.. Roilte 1,~IWt2. St. J 
isephF., Pvt.. N ~ 

Hey St.. Mat 
dville, Mo. 


Krnnk. Emil E.. Pvt., Route I. Boi 1. Erliw, Iowa. 

Frederick. Theodore P.. Pvl.. Strawberry Point, Iowa. 

Forgy. Otis. Wt.. Vandalin, Mo. 

Galen. Jeu, Pvt., Fort Dodge. Iowa. 

Gatriaon. Byron K., Sergl.. Toulon. 111. 

GiUilund, Robert P.. Sergt.. Aledo. lU. 

Giolitii, Lucca, Corp., S023 Shaw Ave.. St. Louia. Mo. 

Garver. Arthur N.. Cook, IZI9 Edwards St. , Boardalown. 111. 

Gwaltney, Olia A., Cook. Columbia. Mo. 

Galhman. WiUiam F.. Pvt.. 1st CL. Peteraeu. Iowa. 

<iervais, Joseph A., Pvt.. 1st CL,c/o Paoli Tank Co., Paola. Kan. 

Gi»ioni. Mike. Pvt.. SISO Shaw Ave. St. Louia, Mo. 


r. lim 

.. Hint 

yM.. Pvt.. Gut 
.n. Pvl., LeMaci 

e Center, Ia« 

I, 136 Walnut St. Galesburi 

liu. <;. I[ . I'vt., IBI CL, 4023 N. Taylor Ave.. »t, Louis. Mo. 
iLiTi, [>i,.,n:.. i:c«p.. 307 N. Main St.. Fremont, Neb. 

(,-!>, Ll..><l V... Corp.. Cedar City. Mo. 

M. Oh...r « .. IM.. 1st. CL, 133S S. Waco Ave.. Wiohila. Kan. 

(. l'>un<'i>J..IM..]KiCI.,6nii6SehulieAva.. St. Louis. Mo. 

an. I-^dward. Pvl.. Route 1. Musselfork. Mo. 

ick, Joseph, Pvt.. St6 E. Broadway. Council Bluffa. Iowa. 

ell. Arthur L.. Pvt.. Lakins. K.,. 

a. WUI, Pvt., Monticdlo. \a* 

en. Clifford A.. Sergt., L 

ion. Martin C, Pvt.. Calendar. Ion 
wn. Aiel V... Mech.. Boi 43. Gowrie, 
■on, Fred A., Pvt.. llotd Wagner, W. 

Kruts. Henry J.. Corp.. 4Z3S Swan Ave.. St. Louia, Mo. 

Koch. Frank II., Pvl., Ill CL. Trdoer, Mo. 

Kuchanbucb. IL E.. Pvt., lal a.. 3631 Oxford Ave.. Maplewood. Mo 

KeeTcr. John D.. I 

V W.. Pvl., SooUan 

KeUy. WUIiam II., Pvt.. Caney, Kan 
"ey, Leeter T.. Pvl.. KeyesviUe. Mo 
oelling. Waller F.,Pvl„ lsta..Boui 
uhl. Olto H.. Pvt.. S314 Southwest A 

SHuKhes Pl.St. Louii. N 

Lnrsen. Joaeph J.. Pvl.. Atlantic 

le 5. Box 166. WeUler Gro' 

0. Joseph E.. Pvt.. Osoeolo. N^. 
•.arson. Clarenoe F., Route 4. llswarden. Iowa. 
l«ako, Olto L.. Pvl.. 1st CL. Route 3. Boi 7S. Fairmonl. Minn. 
Lenling, Fred, Pvt., Isl CL, Stratford. S. D. 
Lonetb. Joseiih, Pvl.. BeraTord, S. D. 

Linooln, Frederick V.. Pvt., 1st CL. 1414 Kansas Ave.. WiobiU. Kan 
Loewe, Paul J.. Pvt,. Route 3. Sheldon. Mo. 
Liihy. Dauiel D., I'vt.. Scrantun. Kan. 
Manaon. Leo G.. Sergl,. Galt^urg. lU. Now 2Dd Lt. 
M Andrews.AnlhonyA.,SerRl.. Panama. Iowa. 
Mann, William T., Srjgl., 928 W. Budi<iii<iii St.. Meiioo. Mo. 
MoClure. AUmtI L.. Corp., Criiwald. Iimu. 

Metachke. Herman G., C^.. 3729 Humb.''i^ Ave.. St. Loufa. Mo 
Montgomery. ChBrleaL..3er|rt.. ISS.I Nrv>liuuseAve..8t. Louis. Mo 
Msgaan, Guy G., Corp., 4156 Westmiiisl.i PI., SL Louis. Mo. 

Mann, Harry C. Pvt., Route I. Wicl 

Markoviu. Frank A.. Pvt,. Beebe. S _ 

MalbisBO, Olat. Pvt., Isl CL. Naples. 8. D. ^ 

McTlgho. Henry B.. Pvt.. Crocker, S. D. ." 

McVicker, Charlei L.. Pvl.. 436 S. I'JDporia Ave.. Wichita. Kan. 

Mortens. Henry J.. Pvl., DeGaoce. Iowa. 

Miller. Arthur A., Pvl., Boi 27. Tabbilts. Mo, 

MiUer. Daniel D.. PvL. 263 S. Fremonl Si.. Kanfeai Cily, Kan. 

Morseheail. Frank L., Pvl., Route 7, Akron, Iowa, 

Morrissey. Alphonsua M.. Pvt.. 41 Seltna Ave.. WebsUK Groves, Mo - 


General Pershing viaitiiig the Alfiiee Serlor. 

French Army Obtenalion Post — From Ihit post a iplendid 

tieui of Ihe entire Haute Ahate .Sertiir eould be bad. 

Note latie much it retembtes Wie trees. 


UK, Rank and Ham AJAtii 

.. Pvl., 2SS6 Madge Ave. WichiU 

P.I.. r.rk.old. IbwH. 

ooiHocket, a. D. 

, Sbioj A.O., Si. Louis. Mo. 

Mm, llmrik M„ lal Srrgt.. 130 N. llndwhUl, Peoria, 111. 

KD. iuhannn B.. Corp.. Elk Honi. looa. 

lerUell. William W.. Pvt.. lit Ci.. Waltincford, lowii. 

... T05 CwTin St.. Hi 
I'verKBBTcI, Andsni K., PiL.. Eiira. Idw 
Ponon. Will. Sergl., 1157 1.31b Ave., M> 
Pollock, Curl E., Corp.. Cumborland. li 
Patrick. Ben C, Corp.. nnnniun. loo 

Prqclor. (luy S., Corp. , 

PilM-Ji, John M.. Pvt.. lal CI.. Portor 
PuriwJli, Carlo, Pvl.. l»t CI.. 1217 W. . _ 
Packard, Urovrr I.. Corp , S3T S. tOOi Si.. K< 
Pape. Kddie. Pvt., AnnBtmng, Iowa. 
Pcch, (m«-ed H., Pvl., 1st CI.. Lamam. looa 
l-erry, CL - - - 

Ave.. Daovijie. III. 
ith. lo-ra. 

n. Earl R., Pvt,. Cri-wuld, Iowa. 

Pi^>pe, JoBRih. Pvt.. 6922 MairnuliB Ave., St, Louia, Mo. 
Putna. JoMph, Pvt,, Dale. Minn. 

Suiok. WitUum II.. Pvt.. in a.. 1149 Laclede Ave., St. Louia, ^ 
aimondo. Raviua, Pvt., lot CI.. i^MQ Kluulwlh Ave.. Si. Louia 
Romano. Coemo. Pvt.. UtCI., 1902 S. Kinsafainhway. St. I»uis 
Richarde, Thomas B.. Pvt.. lat CI., Haute 1, Dolliver, Iowa. 
Rinke. Joseph H.. Pvt.. Medidnr Ludne. Kan. 
Riser, Chester A., Pvt.. 2906 I>altee .St., St. Joeeph, Mo. 
Roberta, William J.. I'vt.. 523 Second Ava.. Fort Dodge, Iowa 
Ruochio, Jobn, Pvt., l.'t4TCrahanS>.,St. Louis. Mo. 
Rogeni, llnrold E,. Pvl.. UlCL. Houlel, Mriicu. Mo. 
Sutor, GuHtav A., Corp., Joneaburg, Mo. 
Snodgrass, Bejxiamia 11 . Corp.. 31S Pallen Si., Mc^ieri^, Mo. 
SchuunovcT, Frrd II., Corp., (iuthrie Center, luwa 
Soiisleby. Clarence A., Corp., Ilanly, Miua. 
SkriYseOi, CUreiice J.. Corp., Turtle Hivcr, Minn. 
Hchrodec, Aumsl K., Pvt., lat CI., Miodeu, Iowa. 
Snoderaon, Uavo L., Pvl.. 1st CI., Willow City, N. D. 
Sdiuater. Kmil M.. Pvl., Dyeravdie, Iowa. 
Scfaweder, Alfred J.. Pvt., 231 S. 161b St., Kanaai Cily, Kaa, 
SillMvy, ChsrUa P.. Pvl., 540« Rebs PI.. St. Louis, Mo. 
Smith, Harry, Pvl., Roule 3, •"-'-■ " — 

I, Guilav C, Pvl. 


1373 Ddmar Rlvd,, St. Louia, A 
Alcoater. 5. D. 
„. 112 Orchard PI., Knaiville, M 

h, Geor^ 11. 

lUfg. Don E.i'Cocp.. Meolo, Iowa. 

Turim, Jfsse L.. Corp , Routs 4. Columbia, Mo. 
Tarole. Tony. Pvl., 1st CI., Bon 459, Hoealu. Pa. 
Thompson, Arleigh B.. Pvl.. NorUiviood. Iowa. 
Thumseo. Georse. Pvt., 1st CI., Hudson. Iowa. 
Toler, Frank L., Pvt.. Linden, Iowa. 
ThurusoD. Oecar, Pvl., 1I2S Sib St. N.. FarRO, N. D. 

Ulbricb, Cari'w.."pvt.,"Allanlia.'lo»a! 
ViGan, Paul E.. Pvt., lat a., MontiDellu. Iowa. 
Vloheck. Froderick R., Pvt.. 1st CI., Thorne. Wis. 
Von llaKel, John, Pvt , Boi 63, Akron, lows. 
Vi-nard, Ilaridd. Pvt., Wsthena, Kan. 
Wibwn, William C. Sergl., CbandlerviUe, lU. 


AltradJ., I'vt.. 
_ _, Harvey T ' 
Henry. INt.. ) 

„ Isl CI., 4B03 Coin Brillianle, Si. I>»is, Mo. 

It CI., Ven 

D. N(d>. 


Route 3, Paris, Mo. 

lor R., Pvt.. lat CL, Me«Iow. S 
Henry F. T " 

eeks, toward A., Pvl.. EskridEe, Kan 
wendt. John F., Pvt.. Irwin. Iowa. 
Wilson, Moaa, Pvt.. Route 3, Box 10, Warrenlou, M 
White, Hullie, Pvl., Rockport. W. Va. 
Wurkmnn, Sam M.. Pvt.. Emav, Wia, 
Wri«hl, Joe II., Pvt.. Sioni RspidB. Iowa. 
Wrigbl, William J.. Pvt.. Geo. Del., Albana. Ore. 
Wiee, Robert T., Pvt,, lit CI,, Route 9. Fulton. Mo. 
WalUn. naile F., Sercl.. Mahard, Tei. 
Ward, Lee H., Corp., Hotel Hui, Rock Island, lU. 
Zbihley, J. A., Pvl., lat CI., 251S 3rd St. N. E.. Mil 

Adrian. Roy E,. Corp., R. No. 3, Scnnlon, Iowa 
Aleiander, Carr F., Bugia, OaUaad, Iowa. 
Albaugh, William C... Pvt,. MechanicavJIa. Iowa. 
Anderson, WalUr W.. Pvt., lat Q., Spencer, Iowa. 
Anderson. Verdon H., Sergt., Ohio, III. 
Herireo, Oscar W., Sergt., 1029 IBtb Ave,. Meline, I 
Bla»»>. Adam. SerKt., 703 E HroBoni St . Slnalor. I 
Barrett, Eari J,, Corp.. 714 Park Pi.. Clinton, Iowa. 
Bencdicl. George R.. Pvl., Plniaview, Ark. 

Itund. Isaac G., Pvt., 

jtCI. (Not 

., 1st CI.. Garfidd. Kaia. 
Vo. 1. Baatr' "' ' 
No. 4. Wito 

Branob. Robtrt C„ Corp.. I 

Brown. Leonard R.. Pvt.. Augusia, nan. 

Brown. ElmfT J.. Cook, Gibnau. lU. 

Bunland. Cari A.. Pvl., lat G.. 44 Bank St.. Bradford. Penn 

Bnrke. Edmund J., Pvt., 327 13tb Ave.. Qinton, la. 

Barnes, John Q., Igt Scrit.. Lumbcrlon. N. C. 

Carrick. Carl /., Sergl., RuafaviUe, III. 

Carry, Aleiander L.. Sergt., 304 De Witt St.. ClinloD. la, 

Carlson. Alvin W,. Pvl., 1317 FrauUin St.. Keokuk. la. 

Clayton, Lee W., Svgl., 2I1B Rock laland. Road Diion, III, 

Catdwdl, John R.. Pvt., R. No. I. Spenoer, Iowa. 

Cardenaa, Tbomas R., Pvt., Clerdo,Mei. 

Cfarislensen, August, Pvt., R. No. 2, Kingsled, Iowa. 

Conner, Aria S., Pvt.. Derby. Kan. 

Conns. Orval B., Pvt., Rronson, Kan. 

Cook, Rovd 8., Corp., 9«3 S. 4th St., Clinton, Iowa 

Crumb, Tom. Pvl„\Vymoro, Neb. 

Curry. Oren L.. Prt., Dickens. Iowa. 

Coi. William R.. Isl L[., 145 N. Ilth St , Salina. Kai 

_ _ ris. Myron T.. 2nd Ll.. Lisbon. N. D. 

Douglass. WUbur F., 2nd Lt.. BiggsviUe, in. 

Davis, Loonard C. Pvt., 1741 HoTyoke Ave,. Wichila 

" ' Edgar W., Pvt.. 331 E. Firat St., Lyona, Kan, 

-tl. Ray J., Pvl.. 711 7lb Ave,, Clinton, I^a. 

Delisa, Frank, Pvt.. Minneapolia. Minn. 
Denker. Herbert A., Pvl.. 1st a.. Lester. Iowa. 
"^ ' vwn. John M., Pvt., 2109 W. Adam St., Chicait 
Harm R.. Pvt.. 912 Howard St., UMar ' 

lorgeM.. Pvl . 614 JelTers 

■1 State, Topeka, Kan. 
• !.,Clinl ■ 

15 Madison St., Ottawa 

"toy M.. Sme1.,S05 h 

I. fredll. P.l..Hun , „. 

rge, Pvt., Isl CI.. R. No. 1, Henry. S. D. 
mes J,. Pvt., R No. «, U Mara. Iowa. 
■ ,Pvt.,R. N... 3. Alia. Iowa. 
" Pvl.. ls[ CI., Everly. la. 

„ 1925 41b Ave., S, Minneapolis, 

I L., Pvl., 1st CI.. R. No. I. I^veDworth, K 
R.. Pvt., King City, Mo. 

Fanning. Boberl F.. Pvl.. 

Feyder.Joe" ~ 

Fink, I>» L 

Forbb. WiUiam R.. Pvt., King C 

Foreman. John A„ Pvt,. Lovdanu. .- 

Good), EnuBt N., Sergl., Cenlerlon, Ind. 

Goldapp, Frank, Corp.. McCleUand, Iowa. 

Giaaler. George, PvL, Salisbury, Mo. 

Glenn, Ernest S.. Pvl., 1724 S. Maple St., Cartage. Mo. 

Goia, Silas C, Pvt.. Jackson. Mo. 

Greenquist, Lars N., Corp.. H. No. 4, EvanaviUe. Minn, 

Grindsuff. Beojamin F..PYt.. i^nton. Ma, 

GroMiwski, Ecnac. Pvl., 1st CI.. Kdly Lake, Minn, 

Hiebenihal. Waller P.. lat Lt.. Sdibnar. Neb. 

Ilaney, Harry V., Senl., RuabviUe, III. 

Ilarnden. Sidney P., Sagl., FairmuDt, Minn. 

Hild(«irandt. Miltfln C.Weralrand, Minn. 

Kenaler, Fred W„ Sergt.. U Man. Iowa. 

Ilaglund, Olaf C, Pvt.. Isl CI.. H. No. 3, Brandon. Minn. 

Hamann, William C. Pvl., 933 Comanche Ave.. CUnton, I 

Honmn, Arthur W . Pit.. 1st CI., 541 3nl Ave,, ainlon. li 

Horkins, John T., Pvl., 261 Ilawes St.. Clinton, la. 

! Clinl 

ildwin, loo 

„ rfaiellon, Kan, 

. McRee Ave,. St. Loub, Mo, 

4643 Luvadie Ave., St. Louia. Mo. 
Hrwsa, Jc^in P., Pvt.. Isl CI., 114 W. GermwiiaSl.. St. Paul, 
Hendetion. Ilarian B., Pvl.. Isl Cl„ MeobaniosviUe. la, 
llrndricksen, Charlie, Pvt., (None), Clinlon. Iowa. 
Henry, Harold S.. PvL, lal Cl„ 901 Clark St.. Chat"- '■■ " 
llrrsbtTaer. Abraham B., Pvt., lat CI., R. No, 1. B, 
Hialt, Ern«l E., Pvt.. lal CI.. Gen. Dd. Crealon. I 
Hill. Jamn T., Pvl., lit CI., R. No. 5. Fulton. Mo. 
Iludgaon. Floyd E.. Pvt.. New Boston, III. 
Ilolwiaw, Guy T., Pvl., 1117 Chealnut St.. Peoria, II 
Hupper, Marvin L.. Pvt., 1st CI., Cdumbia, Mo. 
Il.mall. Waller M.. Pvl., North Bend, Ndi. 

Jamaun, Herbert, Pvt.. 1*L G.. Sikerl 
Jsroscsk, Paul, Pvl., 1st CI., IZ2I Jelfeiao 
JelfMaon, Louia L., Pvt., Msrchline, Mo. 
Jenkins, Stephen B., Pvt., 701 Tando Ave. 
Johnaon, Herman. Pvt,. Avoca, lows. 
Johnson, Nicholas W., Pvt,, 1st CI., Cruwl 
Johivnn, Oscar S.. Pvt., Maivass. N. D. 
Juni», Frank F., Corp.. Nae 

Ketelsen. Arthur J., Corp^ 124 N. 

Kaplan, Louis. Pvl.. '" ■* 

Keliciier, John L.. Pi 

Kdler, Jcaae A.. Pvt., lat a., Whitedoud. n.u., 
N..^PyU let CI,. 3! Weat Burlin^toi 

a.7B. No! f.'CrMars, lowe. 

.„, , raCily. la. 

Kibl«, Arthur C. H.. Pvt.. 327 S. Peoria SI., Chicago, III. 

Kitna, Gsons L.. Pvt.. Ntponaet, III. 

Konvalluka, Frank V„ Cook. 514 N. Lucu St., Inwa City, la. 

KnuAoibKf , Chriatopbtr C. Pvt.. Ut O. , R. No. S. Ocheyd«i, Iowa. 

Kruae. Charim H., Pvl.. 110 FranUlii Av&. Clinton, Iowa. 

KniM. lidin P,. Pvt.. R. No. 2, Llnd Grove. Iowa. 

Kuabnv, Emil, Pvt., 1025:itb.^t., Kalamaioo, Mich. 


Ntpntt Rank and Home Addrtu. 
Lm, Edward L.. Scrgl., R. No. 1. Audubon. Minn. 
LangegfiQl. Johii> Pvt'. lot CI., Doodah Iowa. 
Lareon, John E.. Ph.. 2708 W. ITlh St.. Chicago. Ill 
\jataa. CbcI E.. Tyl.. Ut CI.. 1515 1911i ijt,. £. Mipi 

JVamt, Rank and home i4iUvu 
Toon. Mofaot L., Strgt., SOST »tb St.. Rodi IiUnd, lU. 
Talbott. B«rt K., Pvt.. 9Z1 E. Ninlh SL, Kaou* City. Kan. 
Tallett, Harry. Pvt., SII N. Fifth Si., CliDton. laws. 
TaKtaner. waiiam L.. Pvt.. ^e* HaU. Iowa. 

I..Pyl., Newman Crove. Neb. 
_ JWBB B.. Pit.. Isl CI., R. Nu. 1 
Lews. WiUiam E.. Pvt.. Sluplotoo. Neb. 
LlDd. John M., Corp., Clark Si. Rd.. Clim. 


Uojd. iofan ^J.. Pvt., R. No. 8. . ..„ 

Lol»ndo. Sam. Pvt.. Ba> 91. Benllry. Iowa. 

Loeohdocr. Herman A.. Corp.. 101 llarri«ai St.. ainlon, Iowa. 

Lone. Edward A., Corp., StsniiviUe. Mo. 

Millar. Charln W.. Corp. R. No. 4. Manihulllown. Iowa, 

McCMIan. Willard, Pvt., It. No. S. Fulton, Mo. 

McCormick. Jod A.. Pvt.. \aiulalia. Mo. 

McCocmick. Fred II., Pvt., Ut CI. 1U27 7lli Ave.. Clinlon. low 

McK«. WtiUiB C. Pvt., R. No. I. IliichcDck. S, D. 

Mahooey. John A., Pvil, LaiidHtale. MIdd, 

Malooe. George J.. Pvt.. 3312 Simple Avn.. St. I^iiu. M<,. 

Marcucci, Mareno. Pvt.. 612 8. 2nd St. CtinUin. Iowa. 

Martin. RetUey M.. Mcch.. 310 W, 6tli Sl„ Fullun. Mi.. 

Martin. Samud, Pvt.. Lcnvenworlh. Kan. 

Maaon, Lawrenco M.. Pvt.. Triplet. Mo. 

Maupin. Cecil C, Pvt., R. No. 3. FulLon Mo. 

M«ni. WUbur W., Pvt.. l!>t CI.. Oltawa. lowu. 

Mechlenbecg. Herman W., Pvl., Avuca. Iowa. 

Meyer, Fred J. Pvt., Starr Rome. I^ Porle. .Minn. 

Miller, Peler L.. Pvl.. H. No. 1, Mnroia. Iowa. 

MUler. John P., Corp., 24S Hickory Si.. Clinton. Iiiwa. 

Miller. laador H.. Kt. Medianiciville. luwn. 

Mill*. Orval C. l-vt., (ioldahufv. Mo. 

Moad, Hany. Pvt.. DulTalo. Mo. 

Moore, Kmeal A., I<vt., HlnnmOehl. Mo. 

Muney. Harvey. Corp.. 22 lA N. Ave., 1><9 Moiucs. lowi.. 

Muuy. Ray E., Pvl., Lc Clair. Iowa. 

tiiitaa. l-i,a W.. lit Sergt.. Cdva, 111. 

Nieben. John. Corp., 716 I2lli Ave.. Lyons. Iowa. 

NicoU. Frank J.. Pvl.. 120 S. Oiuge. Wichila Kan. 

Niiaon. Aiel. Pvt.. lal CL. 719 Woodwgrd Ave., Clinton lo»a. 

NincD. George. Pvl.. Roaie, Iowa. 

Oliidianl, Loo E., Pvt., R. No. 1. Tuddville. Iowa. 

MoDKin.JvneaL.. Cam.. lU2ll3lhSt. S.. Fargu, N. D. 

Oabome, Arlliur M., Corp., Aleiundrla. Minn. 

Oatd, Otto, Pvt.. 3822 Adam St.. Roredule, Kan. 

OtUuumeyer. W. II.. I'vt., lot CI., 3624 Chippawre St . St. l.oui>. 

l>rokuD, Andrew C, Sergt.. 12S W. F>ieSt. Sprinn \8lley, 111. 

Pappas. LouiaG.. Pvl..l8tCI.. I16K. 12lh St., Ksiuan City, M 

Petemn. GeorEC. Pvt., 2nd CI., 32B let Ave.. Clinlon. Iowa. 

Peumon. Carl C. Pvl.. Langdon, Iowa. 

Phillipa, Cecil J., Pvt.. l.t CI., 433 Phearson St.. Meiico Mo. 

Powen. Raymond W.. Corp.. Oirord. Iowa. 

Purcell. WOlard C, Pvt., Aahland. Mo. 

Roitji, Midiad, 2Dd Lt.. (Not known, no record). 

Riutameyer. Joeeph H.. Ill Lt., (Addre»9 nol kiiuwti). Si. Louis. Mo. 

Rosenbers, Werner A.. C«p.. 320 Prospect St.. Clinton. Iowa. 

Raimiuaen, Harold. Pvt. 1st CI., Wslnot, lows. 

Ray, William J.. Pvl., 3rd and Randolph Si.. Clinlon Iowa. 

Rachle. Jowiph. Pvt.. B. No. 1. New Cambra. Mo. 

Bail, Edwin/., Corp.. S471 Oreole Ave.. St. Louia. Mo. 

Rene. Theodore B., Pvt., Leola S. D. 

Ripley. Getne L.. Pvt.. lit CI . Adams. Neb. 

Rowher. JoadiimeA.. Carp..iei N. South St., Clinlon. Iowa. 

Roberta, iobn W.. Pvt., 752 Washington. Kanaaa City Kan. 

Rohluon. Frank C. Pvl., Hudson. S. I>. 

Boil. Cocneaui. Pvt.. R. No. 2. Pnlmer. Iowa. 

Rolbert. VAtiatd 1.. Corp., TOl S. I'lrih St., Lyons. Iowa. 

Secor, Wilbur E., Sergt.. R. No. 1, Melborae. Iowa. 

Solomon. Herman. C'lip. 201 W. Grand Ave.. Chicago. III. 

Scbnurr. Fred E., Jr., Corp., 5821 Garflrld Ave.. St. L<Mia. Mo. 

Samael.FloydC. Pvt. lslCI.,R. No. 1, Council UIiiITh. Iowa. 

Schwoherr, Cregor J.. Pvt.. Ma|^lon. Iowa. 

Scfaulu. Paul J.. Mech.. 425 Monroe St.. Jcirrrsoo City. Mo. 

Sooby. Joeeph V., Pvt., H. No. 1, Fulton. Iowa. 

Sherry. William. Pvt.. 10 Pall Rl., Frrcporl, 111. 

Rhibley, Earl E.. Pvl., 1st CI.. Lone Tree. Iowa. 

Shumake. Frank. Pvt.. 710 Filth Ave.. Lyons. Iowa 

Sieven, tlam, Pvt., R. No. 2, ADnamnasa. luwa. 

Skdion. Harvey E.. Pvt.. R. No. I. Lovdand. luwa. 

Smith. Ernsl L.. Pvl.. Uriiwdd, Iowa. 

Smith. Millard R.. Mech.. 113 N. Filth St.. Lyons luwa. 

Smith. Samuel A.. Pvt.. N. tat. Movalloy. Iowa. 

Smitben. WlUiam A.. I'vt. Ut CI.. 7S4Sunny>ide Ave,. CKnIon. I uwa 

Sodinl.Cuy, Fil.. l?r^ Third Ave.. Clinton lows. 

Soura. Roy S., M«li , 323 llaggood St.. Moberly. Mo. 

SpiUett. William. I'vl., R. No, 1. Thompson Iowa. 

Stark, Marvin, Pm.. Cherokee. Kan. 

SUlhea. George. I'vi. 311 fllJi St. S.. Minneui>olis. Minn. 

a. Ray. I 
[>ck, Geo 

Sluart, Clinlon 
Stuart. Wallso 

Sutko. Frank. 
Syiter. B(.y N 


Pvt.. Elbion. Neb. 

It CI.. 2324 2nd Ave 

rt Dodge, low 


Turner. L«l« E.. Pvt.. B. No. 1. Munci, 

Tussing. Walter W.. Pvt-. 120 3rd St.. Clinlon, Iowa. 

Tiliey, Lawrence II., Pvt.. B. No. 1. Lucas. Kan. 

Veaiie. Samuel C. Pvt.. later. R. No. 1, Ilavetock. Iowa. 

Vandemar. Albert. Pvl., 2109 W. 12th St.. Chicago. IlL 

Vergoa. Anaatoaias G., Pvt.. 1407 W. Locust St.. D« Moin». low 

Veitii, Harry E.. Pvt.. lat CI.. Oakland. Iowa. 

Vlahos. Theodore E.. Pvt.. Parsons. Kan. 

Vohs, George. Pvt., Fornlon. Minn. 

Vogl. August E.. Pvt., IstCl.. 1102 Chamber St.. Si. Louis, Mo. 

Wagner, Arthur W., Pvt.. 2120 Burd Ave.. St. Loub. Mo. 

Walker. Thomas R.. IVt.. R. No. 3, Meiico, Mo. 

Walker. John V.. Pvt.. lit CL. Milan. Kan. 

Wdhi, Cleve W.. Corp.. R. No. 1, Elk Point. S. D. 

Wallock. Romie. Pvt.. 51. Vincent 16lh SI.. La Salle. III. 

Ward, WUey B., Pvl., B, No. 1, Mullberry, Kan. 

Warren. Ebnore A.. Pvt.. R. No. 1, Spencer. Iowa. 

Whit*, Cad G., Pvt.. HeoU. Iowa. 

Wildi. Oscar I>.. Pvl.. Nandcock. Iowa. 

Wilier, I-yward F., Pvl.. 517 N. SUi SI.. Clinlon, Iowa. 

Wilaon. Chariea H.. Pvt.. 1st CI.. 920 RoUiwell St., Moberly. Mu. 

Wise, toward. Pvt.. B. No. 2. Walerville. Kan. 

Wilgalis, Tony, Pvt.. 1444 Jeffanton St.. Chicago. lU. 

W<^, ErmM O.. Pvt., lit CI.. 540 Elm Si.. Clinton. Iowa. 

Young. WiBiam IL, Scrgt.. Rushvilla, lU. 

Young. Waller Z.. Pvt.. R. No. 1. Elma. N^. 

Young. William R.. Corp.. S06 Comanche, St.. CliDton. Iowa. 

Youngblood. Chariea E.. Pvt,. Mulvanc. Kan. 

Zmunt. Frank V., Pvt., 800 N. KimbaU Ave.. Iowa City. Iowa. 

Erickson.H. A.. lat Ll. (U.S. A,), 4109 UplonAve.. Minneapolis. Min 
llealy. Kenneth C. 1st Lt. (U. S. A.). Mankato. Minn. 
Raniah. WiUiam J.. 1st Lt. (U. S. A.>. Dickin»n. N. D. 
Percy, Olto W., 2nd Ll, (U. S. A.), Crawford. Neb. 
Weldi. Jamee W.. 2nd L(. (U. 5. A.). Portland, Ore. 
Kelly. W. M.. Znd Ll. <U. S. A.), 1436 lOtb PI. S.. Birmingham. At 
Webb, John L. 2Dd Lt. (U. S. A.). 810 WoodUnd St.. Nash< 


Scbulie, II 

Vogel. B 


n, Minn. 

..Ft. Madsion. 1 
.e.. Moline. lU. 


Ludwick. Cheat , 

Taylor. Chartn L., Sergt.. 601 Aull St.. Mob«ly. Mo. 

Bercaw. Chester L., Sergt.. Hancock. Mo. 

Aoderwn. Ernnt J.. Sergt.. Buhl. Minn. 

Burns. Thomas F.. Sergt., 417 12lh St., Hock Island, III. 

Luey. James W., Sergt., Lucerne. Ind. 

Casey, Clarence A.. Sergt., B. F. D. No. 1, Cheltea. Iowa. 

McMahon. Fxiward G.. Sergt.. Titkilwa. HI. 

Bundall, LeRoy E.. Corp.. Vinlun. Iowa. 

Kurth. Elmer L., Corp.. Luana. Iowa. 

Vetter. Andy J.. Corp.. Marathon City, Wis. 

Loreni. Otio M., Crap.. Waverley. Iowa. 

Robinson. Irving J.. Corp.. 5223 Wells Ave.. St. Louis. Mo. 

Webber. John A.. Corp.. California Junction. Iowa. 

OOuin. Roy L.. Corp.. Brownfidd. Mo. 

Schmidt. Herbert, Corp., R. F. D. No. 1, Ddmar. Iowa. 

CoDDce. Ruby H.. Corp.. Harlshurg. Mo. 

Schwartz. Walter E., Corp., 4526 Gravois Ave.. St. Louis. Mu. 

Breylon. Lawson W.. Corp.. Worland. Mo. 

Lueth. John. Corp-. Loat Nation, Iowa. 

Krupa, Stanis P., Corp.. Avon, Minn. 

Cathcart. William, Corp-. 2900 Cedar Ave.. Matton. III. 

Wolverlon. Frank E.. Cncp.. Flagler. Colo. 

Doll. Raymond H.. Corp.. 107 N. Main St.. St. Charin. Mo. 

Cray. Karl C. Crap.. St. Charlee. Mo- 

(jatermann. August W,. Corp., 492U Leahy Ave-, St. Louis, Mu. 

Erkolein. JcMiph S., Corp., 1726 N- 2nd St.. St. Charln. Mo. 

Mea, Marvin JL Corp,, 1311 Buchanan St.. Moberly, Mo. 

Schulli. Jens N., Corp., R. F. D. Nu, 4. Itumboldl. lowa- 

Vayda. Joseph A,. Corp.. 330 East 70lh St.. New York. N. Y. 

Ilordman. WiUiam R,. Corp.. Wliita Lake, S, D- 

Sander. Ottu IL, Corp., Anduver, Iowa. 

Conley, Merrill V.. Corp., Princeton, in. 

Rulher. John N.. Corp.. Grand Junction. Iowa. 

Davk). Bert E., Corp.. Penia. Iowa. 

Cohnan. Wither R., Corp.. 802 Harrison St.. Kansas City, Mo. 

McDanid. Hoy D . Corp., Sharon, Kan. 

(lerage. Hoy, Corp., 1933 llollockSl,. Kansas City, Kan. 

Thomas. Nathaniel 11.. Corp.. Parr, Va. 

Babe, Frank, Cook, Piagah. Iowa, 

Brown. George V., Cook, Eldore, Iowa. 

Grigsby, John W., Cook, Seward. Neb- 

Hagmaa. Hugo C-. Cook, Lynn Center, lU. 

B^Oun, Edward, Mech., 179 16Lh Ave.. Moline, 111. 

PUmbeck. John. Mech-, Porlamoulh, Iowa. 

Price, Trevra. Mecb., 1162 Aubert Ave.. St, Louis. Mo. 

Bdltw. l«Hoy M,. Mech-, 3971 flora Blv , St. Louis, Mo. 

Mowry, Charlea F., Bug., Wyanet. Ill, 

Tniovsky, Henry W,/Bug.. Norway, Iowa. 

Asfaby. Tom. Pvt.. 1st Q., 611 rranklin Ave.. Kait Citr. Ku 

1 122] 

AtUbery. Noali O.. Pvt.. l«t CI.. H. F. D. No. 5. Fulloii. Mo. 
Hrngna. Carl P., Prt.. Ut a.. R. F. D. No. !, Daylon, Io«s. 
Hrym, ChaHn H., Prt.. I«l CL. 1022 Ridge Ave. Kanui City. Kan 
HiKd™. Albert. Pvl.. l>t CI., 6^4 AuLt St., Mobariy. Ma. 

Dnagkch. John F "' ■■'-' " ■•" 

-Ich. Petw L.. I 

mytba. Anthony T.. _ . _.. _ 

. jwlcr, Thonaa V.. INt.. Ul CI.. W™ti. 

Fredenbiirg. Charln, Prt.. l>t CI.. I92T N. 4th St.. St. Charim. Mi 
<iil|Hn, tloyd W.. Pvl., lit CI.. R. P. D. No. 9. Columbia. Mo. 
<;aiih. WiUfaa A., Pvt.. lU CI.. I.Acan, Iowa. 
TriMideDdorf. William. Pvt.. 1>t CI., Oswwi. til. 
liren. WilUrd R.. Pvl.. lai CI., GUmcini. fowa. 
CrinnHI. Bannia (j.. Pvl., lal CI.. H, K. I). No. .S. Woodbine, town. 
liroavnuir. iloTHOe W.. Pvt.. Ut CI.. R. F. D. No. 2, I>wi.n. lovta. 
GuHXItl. JoHvb D.. Pvl,, lal CI,. 121 Indianii St.. nanvilk, HI. 
iriairim, M^UiKm T.. I'vl.. lilt CI.. 1 15 9lh Si.. Roode, Iowa. 
lllnkle>.AIbertA..Pvl.. 1*1 CI,, Ills KanuxAva,. KatiBBi City, K»n. 

Lian. Cfari. 
McComb. H. 


Parka, John J., Pvl 
Parwnii. BlukeL.. frt.. 
Paacbedag, KdwinA., Pi 
Pavey. Bobvt A.. Pvl., 
Pfwnka. FtboI J.. Pvl.. 
PeUnwu. Andrew, Pvt.. 
Patcnon. Lewii E.. Pvt. 
Pholpa. Chai' " " 

ihC.Pvt. In! CI.. H. F. D. No. 

.. K. F. D. I* 

':!.. 302 UtAve.n.. Furl 
HtCI.. ITSSr.rwuAve..} 
CL. HullaDd, Iowa. 
1., B, F. D. No, 1, Tra< 

lat CJ.. For. 

litci., r 

iS61. r 

'. Io» 

Profaat. Olio C. Pvt.. Ut CI.. Kmbdcn, N. D. 

auinn, Wniiam P., Pvt., Ist Cl.. Tnnu. Iowa, 
allgan. Jamn J.. Pvl.. Isl CI., Furnt City. Iowa. 
Bead, WallsL., Pvt,. lit Cl.. 5113 Richmond SI.. RuckwaU City , Iowa 
Kitlcr. Shsnmn 11., Pvt., tat Cl., Fcwdom, Okla. 
Bouillard. Ernnl, Pvt.. 1st Cl.. B. P. D. No. 2. Niobrara. Nob. 
Schmidt, Honry, I'vt.. lat Cl., ISDOS. llthSt,,St. Louia, Mo. 
S^M, Andrew, Pvt.. Ut Cl., UU Cottonwood St., Uraud Forks, N. n. 
Shaw. Cliff D.. Pit, Ut Cl., Kinnlcy, Kan. 
Soderholm. John R., Pvt., lat Cl. Sheyenni', N. D. 
'Diomaa. Milo. Pvt.. Ut Cl.. Waldron. Kan. 

Tjadan. Edward ■■' ~ 

Ifpton. Ralph E. 

WilkidBon, Fran ., 

WiUianu. R. F. Wl.. lit Cl.. 5IH Saole Fe TraU. Dodiie City 
Ynina. Cari A.. Pvt.. lat Cl.. R. F. 1>, No. 1. l.<Ht Nation, lowt 
ZearroH. llarriHin. L,. Pvt.. Ut Cl.. Marysvilln, Kan. 
Zhorne. JohnL.. Pvt.UlCI., R. F. D. No. I. Tama, Iowa. 
Ahrenboli. JaccA, Pvt., 129 Miama St.. Lyoni, Iowa. 
Andaraon. WalUr E., Ph., Harcourt. Iowa. 
Rauma " ' -"-'■■-- 

iwardW., PvL 

ia E., Pvl., : 

bar St.. ' 

o II.. Pvt.. Hortoi 

Itenaon. Albert, Pvl., R. F. D. N 

R«g. Ingvald. Pvt., Fornt City. Iowa 
Rook. Frank, Pvl., MiUaladl, lU. 
Rowan. Edgar A.. Pvt.. 2203 N. 3rd S 
Rowen.Joha W.. Pvt., Nodaway, la. 
Brachaar. Lea, Pw. 1105 W. 10th S . 
Breiner, Moyd R.. Pvt. RlandinavUle. 111. 

■ lerioo, Iowa. 
e. Kan. 

loaaph, .Mo. 

CoffyviUe. Kan. 
Dodge. Iowa. 

Chaao, Kart M., Pvt.. H. P. D. No. 2. Raymond, S. 
Claypool. Elberl, Pvl.. IIOB Rroadway St., Columl 
Crutdifidd, Wilbs R.. I'vt.. 922 E. 5lh St.. Hutd 

, vt., R. F. D. No. 5. Bogersvill. 

Davia, WUIiam J., Pvt.. Diion, .Mo. 

DMker, WiUiam C. Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 3, Montiodlo. Iowa. 

Dakker, Auiuat W.. IVt.. H. F. D. No. 1, EIrod, S. D. 

IMaurier, Slmund. Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 2. Burbank. S. D. 

Fain. Junioua M., Pvt., Idaho Springi. Colo. 

Ffright, Bert. Pvu, Cardon Urovo, Iowa. 

Ffjaermah, Edward C. Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 1. Goom Uka, Iowa. 

Foadick. Joel D., PvL. B. F. D. No. 2, Miaaouri VaUey. Iowa. 

(iaumiU. Charlea U.. IVt.. Oark, S. D. 

Car. Alva L.. Pvt.. Winona. Kan. 

Ilanna. Leidie B., Pvl.. H. P. D. No. 3. Lake MiUa, Iowa. 

llaDson, Lars 1., Pvt.. Fonst City, Iowa. 

Heim, Curl L.. Pvt.. lOUi and Pawnee. Leavenworth, Kan. 

Ilodacher. RobntG.. Pvt.. 927 S. 5th St.. St. Cboriea. Mo. 

lloSman. Charlaa. Pvt,. Alton. Han. 

Ilohn, WLUiam W.. Pvt.. R. V. D. No. 1, Dimock. S. D. 

Hudson, Byron. Pvt., McCnualanil, Iowa. 

Ilubn. Goorge P.. Pvl., lOlh and Dakuta St., Leavenworth, Kan 

Ii^Ien. Ctieater R.. Pvl,, B. F. D. No. 3. Weaainglon Spriuga. S. D 

Jonkina. John. Pvt.. Scammon. Kan. 

Jena. Wallet II.. Pvt.. 2lg W. AmUy. St., Jeffecsoa City, Mo. 

Johnaon. Reuben W., Pvt., HarCDurl, Iowa. 

Kallsen, Otlo J.. Pvt., 500 Sih St.. LeMan, Iowa. 

Kamp, Henry F.. Pvt.. R. F. D, No. 4. Marill. Wis. 

Kcrating. Charlea S., Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 1. Gilown, Mo. 

Kircbifer, John C, Pvt., R. F. D. No. 1. Shumway. IlL 

Krapp. Fred W.. Pvl.. R. F. D. No. I. Qaik. 9. D. 
Laughton, Itarry L.. Pvt.. B. F. D. No. 3. LeMara. Iowa. 
Lee, Ehner J.. I>vt.. Leeda, N. D. 
Lcc. Cnorgo v., Pvl,. Pbuah. lowa- 
l>Jirman, Arthur. Pvt.. Stanwood. Iowa, 
I,eni. Edward »., Pvt.. 204 Bi^l St., BoalriM. Neb. 
Linper. Ijwrn. Pvl., Meiico. Mo. 
Ludhurol. Balph F.. Pvt.. Clark. S. D. 
Maier. Herman W„ Pvt.. B. F. D, No. 2. Carter. S. D. 
Monlanye. Curus F.. Pvl.. lOOtl S. Farndia St.. Sioiii City, I.iwa. 
Morrla. Hubert W.. Pvl., 415 W. Monroe St.. Mexico. Mo. 
MuagTove, Ihnrge C Pvt.. Malona. Kan. 
Nieoun. WiUiam B., Prt.. 715 36Ui Si., Dea Mnnea. Iowa. 
Ohm Adnlnh. Pvl.. 612 E. ltd St.. Carthage. Mo. 
Okerhind, Cari 1., Prt.. It. F. I>. No. 3 (iowrie. Iowa. 
tJlaon. Oscar. Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 3. Volin, S. D. 
OUon. Tlnvdore O., Prt.. 'rhiir. Iiiwu. 
Ornubce. Carl L.. Pvl., CopHand. Kan. 
Oalrrmanl, Andrew, Pvt.. B. F. ». No. 1, Bragale, Iowa. 
I>arker. Elmer Ci.. ISrt.. 1120 N. 4tJi St . Si. Charln. Mo. 
IVursun. Viclur IL. Pvt.. R. F. D. No. I. Creaco, Neb. 
I^HIcr. Klmrt K. Pvt., Waldron. Kan. 

RannTnlrlt. Ulto H.. I>rt., <lth St. and Slh Ave.. Lyoni. Iowa. 
Rider, i:UffDrd E., Pvt.. R. F. I). No. 1, Tama. Iowa. 
HiuiHiuiiit. llerbin E.. Pvl.. 2J2 S. 3rd St.. Salinu. Kan. 
Riakr. John W.. Prt.. R. F. D. Nn. I. New Melle, Mo. 
Rubolt. John. Pvl.. R. F. ». No. 2. llaople. N. D. 
Rohiod. U<a1. Pvt., Bnio, .Nrb. 

BnllcbMHi. Gilbert N.. Pvl., R. F. D. No. 1. Fonst City. Iowa. 
Rncholikp. William H.. l-vl.. Lowden, Iowa. 
Scbeper. Wniiam. Pvt.. R. F. [)., No. 1. WhcallaDd. Iowa. 
Si;hlunii, Cbiud II.. Prt.. R. F. D. No. I. Clinton. Iowa. 
Scholtos. Albrrl. Pvt.. H. F. D. No. 2. Lamontle. Iowa. 
Sn^elill,Fnnk W.. Pvl., Aldt^n. 111. 

Slieflic, Baymnnd L. Pvl., 132h N. 6lh St.. W. Cedai Rapids, luwi 
Simpwn, (annnce C, I'vt.. llillahoro. N. D. 
Sleiicr, Kvenlt A., IM.. Hnffalo Center. Iowa. 
SnnUi. Jamn F.. Pvt., F.ii4(T, Neb. 
Smith, Selwyn, J.. Pvl., MIT 2«h St.. Detroit. Mich. 
Suirk. Jnhn C, Pvl,, B. F. D. No. 1, Trace, Iowa. 
StrHOkhrin. Francis 11.. IM.. Lowden. Iowa, 
.■iword. OloT. I>rt.. 21B Tib St.. Boone. Iowa. 
1'abnr. iMWrge E.. Pvt.. Kirkwell. Colo. 
Teeplu, Charim F,. Prt.. 141T W. 6lh St.. Muscatine, Iowa. 
Thieman. Henry O.. Pvl.. R. F. D. No. 1 WenUvide, Mo. 
Thompson. Thorn. Pvt-. Bode, Iowa, 
rborahrim. Bert. i'rt.. TlHimpaon Iowa. 
Tietjens, Louia. Pvt.. R. F. D. No, 3. Lyons, Iowa. 
Tipple. Frnd F.. Pit.. Osmore. Kan. 
Van DiJol, Ihiorga F.. Pvt., Humholt, Iowa. 
Wagner, WiUinm Pvl.. R. F. D. No. 1, BeUevue. Iowa. 
Waite, Edward R. Pvt., Woodbine, Iowa. 
Wcllendorf. Carl, Pvt.. I.yai.3, Iowa. 
Henry. Ward C Capt. <U. S. A.), Deg Moinea, Iowa. 
Allen. Ahio C, 2nd I.t. W. S. A.), 3B Anehinoie Ave., Buffalo, N. ^ 
Sharp. Jraae F.. Ut Sergt.. (Ik Valley. Tenn. 
Bhizey, Royal A., Sergt., Tiekilwa 111. 
(ioben. Hoy P., Sergt.. Kilbourne. 111. 
Nelson, Clarence B., Serxl-. ShelGeld, 111. 
Strihling. WiUiam C. SiTgt.. Ashland. III. 
Dunham lluweU W.. Corp.. 34 Vine SI., AshUbula, Ohio. 
Iliuman. Gdotrd A.. Corp.. 420 Uth Ave. S. E.. Minneapolis. Miiij 
Jacobs Goil. Cnrn.. Lake City. Inwa. 

Morlerud. Arnotd W., Corp.. 230 W. Wabash St., Dulnth. Minn. 
Benun, John J., Corp.. Nrw IVanue, Minn. 
Winkln. Edward. Corp., Ift20 N. 3rd St.. St. Charles. Mo. 
(Iriabaum. William J.. Pvt. UIC1„47U N. Center St., PolUviUe, Pi 
Ijirsun. Harry U.. Pvt.. 1st Cl.. Scarville. Iowa. 
O'Dauiel, James O,, Pvt.. UtCL.B.F.D. No. 3, Monroe City, lowi 
Boehm. Henry H.. Pvt., Oaago Cily. Mo. 
I>urhnm. Jmiia J.. Pvt., I.eon, Iowa. 
Durosselte, Andy J.. Pvl.. Doerfield. Mo. 
Frieberger, Frank E.. Pvt.. Fulton, Mo. 
Ilughni. Henry M.. Pvl., Wrllon. Iowa. 
Kairnx, Jamen I.. Prt.. 402 E. 2nd St.. ADamoaa, Iowa. 
Kiltleaen. Airred L., Pvt.. St. Aussar. Iowa. 

MiJthH^Guslave. I'vt.. Hake, I^'a."""* 

Moore. Lawrenoe G., Pvi.. K. F. 1>. No, 3, Kdleaton, lowu. 

Penning. IVler. Pvl., Buffalo City. Iowa. 

I>lHlt. Howard II.. PvL. Comanche. Iowa. 

Ouick. Bennio Q,, Pvl.. Gayville. S. D. 

lliley, WUIiam. }>rt.. Wagner, S. I). 

BusseU, Renwick D.. Pvt.. IBIS Plametlo Ave., Siuus Cily. Iowa. 

Sicgman, Raymond H., Pvt., Offerle. Kan. 

Slrommcr. Widler C. INt.. Bed Ebn. S. D. 

Trenham. Octavous. PvL. Formtburg. S. D. 

West. Ellis E.. Pvl., Worthing. S. D. 

Ziuk, Harry R., Pvt.. R. K. E>. No. S. Salem. Ind. 

r.iU. Barney W..Capl., 1700 Jackson St.. Sioui Cil«, Iowa. 
AUyn. Ahio C. 2nd Ll. 3H Anehinoie Ave.. Buffalo. N. y. 
Dodge, Waller S.. Ut LI . 301 Wabasha. SL St. Paul, Minn. 
FerguBon. Frank L., ut I.t.. Newport. Minn. 
tWsey, WiUiam A., 2nd Ll. Mobile. Ala. 
Hiohenlhal, Waller P.. Isl Lt.. Stillwater. Minn. 
Hutchinson. WUIiam F.. Ul Ll. 14IT N. Grand Ave., Si. Louis, M 
Koaanti. Gordon B.. 1st Lt.. 701 Goodrich Are.. St. Paul. Minn. 
Payne. William A., 2nd Ll., 302 St. Anthony SL. Mobile, Ala, 
Simonet, Joseph S.. lat Lt.. Scribner, Neb. 
Towndrow, Harry A.. 2nd Ll. ITZT 61h Ave,. Moline. 111. 
Webb, John L.. 2nd Lt.. SIO Woodland St.. Nashville, Tenn 


Name, Rank and Home Addrett 

Widerquist, CheBier C, 2nd Lt.. 1169 26di St. A.. Moliae. III. 

Aascmid, Magnus O., Pvt., Flora, N. D. 

Abel. Leon A., Pvt.. 8 Monroe St., Gloversvtlle. N. Y. 

Abrahamson. Walter A., Corp.. 121 W. 28th St., Kerney. Neb. 

Ahrens, Wayne R.. Pvt.. R. F, D. No. 2, Fremont, Iowa. 

Albright, Edward W.. Pvt.. Ist CI.. MerrUl. Iowa. 

Anderson. Beverly Q.. Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 3. Anamosa, Iowa. 

Anderson. Carl A., Pvt.. Ist CI.. 1715 S. 6th St., Minn.. Minn. 

Anderson, Fred A.. Mech., 5420 Nottington Ave.. St. Louis. Mo. 

Anschutz, Frederick M., Pvt., 1st CI., Rippey, Iowa. 

Anthony, Peter, Pvt., R. F. D. No. 8, BuUer, Mo. 

Applebee, Ezra E.. Pvt., R. F. D. No. 1, Firth, Neb. 

Atwood, Clarence S., Pvt.. Elk City. Okla. 

Auld. Vernon, Pvt.. 1st CI., 1022 W. Locust St., Des Moines. Iowa. 

Ballew, WiUiam H.. Pvt.. Ist CI.. R. F. I). No. 3. Glasgow, Mo. 

Baxter, Roy H., Corp. Princeton. Iowa. 

Beard. Earl, Pvt., R. F. D. No. 1, Agricola, Kan. 

Becich. Samuel J., Pvt.. 123 Addie St.. Lead. S. D. 

Beeney. Coy. Pvt.. Ist CI , 302 Thayet St.. Pekin. 111. 

Bentxen, William F.. Jr., Sergt., 3935 Marcus Ave., St. I^uis, Mo. 

Berg, Anton J., Bug.. Courtnay. N. D. 

Birkland, Elmer L.. Pvt.. 70.34 Carpenter St.. Chicago, III. 

Biaooe, James T., Pvt., Willis. Tex. 

Blecha. Alvin H.. Pvt., R. F. D. No. 1, Claflin. Kan. 

Bodge, Willicun I.. Pvt.. Portis. Kan. 

Boekemeyer, Frank B., Pvt., 1612-A Semple Ave.. St. Louis, Mo. 

Bowes. RoUand E., Sergt.. R F. D. No. 5. Milan. III. 

Bradley. Walter. Pvt.. H. F. D. No. 4. Clarke. Mo. 

Brandherst, George. Pvt.. 5.342 Shaw Ave.. St. Ix>ui8. Mo. 

Brausey, Ralph. Pvt.. R. 5. Hmjiic. luwu. 

Brenneuen, Armin J.. Pvt.. Offrirlc. Kan. 

Brockman. WUliam H.. Pvt . 52.30 Mallilt Ave. St. Louis Mo. 

Brown. John, Pvt.. 103 HcwoJi St.. Peoria. 111. 

Broyles. WiUiam L.. (3orii.. Star Route. SuliHlmry. Mo. 

Brubaker. William H . (^orp.. Wanetla. Oklu. 

Calcaterra, Joseph Corp. 5U29 SJiuw Ave., St. Louis. Mu. 

Campbell. Archie F.. Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 2. Council BlufTs. Iowa 

Carroll. George D.. Corp.. Victor. lowu. 

Castanon, Joe, Pvt., 1st CI., Meridcn, Iowa. 

Catanzaro, Frank, Pvt., 5534 Euston Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 

Cederoth. George W., Scrgt . II84 S. Chamber St.. Galesburg, III. 

Chandler. Urban W., Pvt.. Ist CI.. 1400 Windson St.. Columbia. Mo. 

Christopherson. W. (i.. Corti.. 412 Cottage Ave.. Vermillion. S. D. 

ClemenU, Carl, Pvt., 1st CI.. Ilaynea. S. D. 

Clark. Grovor T.. Pvt., R. F. D. No. 2. Ludell. Kan. 

Coble, Edward, Pvt.. 4011 Euclid Ave., St. Ixiuis. .Mo. 

Comstock, James H.. Pvt.. Buxton. Iowa. 

Constantine, John. Pvt.. 1st CI.. 82B Central Ave.. Fort Dodge. Iowa. 

Cook, Carl C, Pvt., Plains, Kan. 

CorkiU, James E., Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 2. Box 107. Hillsdale. Ore. 

Cowden, Earl W.. Sergt.. 821 East 2nd Ave.. Monouth. 111. 

Crow. Clinton A.. Pvt., Gilmore City. Iowa. 

Cullen. Frank M., Pvt., 20 53rd Ave.. Duluth, Minn. 

Cunningham, James F., Coip., 6654 Mitchell Ave., St. Louis. .Mo. 

Curran, Martin J., Sergt., Gay lord. Minn. 

Dahl, Richard H., Pvt., 1st CI., Branden. Minn. 

Dahlgren, Erick, Pvt., R. F. D. No. I. Strandburg, S. D. 

Davis, Alton J.. Pvt.. Carterville, III. 

Demos, George, Pvt., 1st CI., 128 2nd St. S., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Dion, Anoel R., Sergt., Clifton. 111. 

Drager, George W., Corp., 65 School St.. Oshkosh. Wis. 

Drake, Jesse T., Cook, 1214 N. Polk St.. S. Topeka. Kan. 

Dyer, Emmett D.. Sergt.. R. F. D. No. 5. Indianola. Iowa. 

Dwyer, John J. Pvt.. 5253 Northland Ave., St. Louis. Mo. 

Eckrich. Lee B.. Corp.. R. F. D. No. 3, Neola. Iowa. 

Egger. Charles II.. Pvt.. 1st CI., ('arwin, Iowa. 

Eggerth, Ernest F.. Pvt., Ist CI.. R. F. D. No. 1. Renwick. Iowa. 

Ehrlich. Oscar A.. Pvt.. Cortland. Neb. 

Elbirs, Emil A.. Pvt.. Box 23, Aurelia. Iowa. 

Eldridge. WUliam A.. Pvt.. Ist CI.. 112 S. Clark St.. Mol)erly. Mo. 

EUerbeck. August W.. Pvt.. R. F. I). No. 1. Dumfries, Iowa. 

ElUott. OUver T., Pvt., Box 71. Sutherland. lowu. 

EUiott, Walter S.. Pvt., Box 71. Sutherland, Iowa. 

Enger. Edwin J.. Pvt.. 719 Huelsen Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 

Foust. Raymond F.. Pvt., Verden, S. D. 

Ferguson, Roy E., Pvt.. Ist CI., Yuma. Colo. 

Ferris, Robert W., Corp., R. F. D. No. 1, Turkey River. Iowa, 

Fiedler. Walter F.. Pvt., Virgil. S. D. 

Flaherty, Patrick J., Corp.. 5318 St. Louis Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 

Flora. Orvie F.. Pvt.. 524 Buchanan St.. Mexico. Mo. 

Flaiz, Albert L., Pvt.. Ist CI.. 6831 Manchester Ave.. St. I^uis. Mo. 

Ford, George O.. Pvt.. 1st CI., 507 1st Ave. N.. Fort Dodge. Iowa. 

Ford. Harry B., Pvt.. 1705 IlamUton St., Sioux City. Iowa. 

Gamon, Carl A., Corp., Columbus. Kan. 

Gaston, Charles W., Pvt.. 215 2nd St.. Fort Madison. Iowa. 

George, Edgar, Corp., 5005 Idaho Ave.. St. Louis, Mo. 

Gordes, Nanne, Pvt.. Brunning, Neb. 

Gibson, Charles H., Corp.. Ruskin, Neb. 

Gleason. Michael J., Pvt., R. F. D. No. 5, Wichita. Kan. 

Hamilton, Robert, Pvt.. I^ehigh. Iowa. 

Hankisen, George A.. Con>.. R. F. D. No. I, Wauneta. Kan. 

Hansen, George S., Corp., Neola, Iowa. 

Hapenney, John H.. Jr.. Pvt.. Ist CI.. R. F. D. No. 2. Delavan. III. 

Hardin, Charles, Corp.. Eldorado Springs, Mo. 

Harris, Abe, Pvt., 1st CI.. 5842 Theodoshia Ave.. St. Louis. Mo. 

Hawkins, Joe. Pvt., 1st CI.. Marengo. Iowa. 

Haynes. Fred E.. Corp., 312 Reed Ave., Peoria. lU. 

Haupt, H. I., Pvt., 1st CI., 4629 San Francisco Ave.. St. Louis. Mo. 

Haveman, Ernest O., Pvt.. 1st CI., Fairfax, S. D. 

Hickey, Jc^n H., Pvt.. Missler, Kan. 

HUsabeck, Auther. S.. Pvt.. Ist CI.. Dawson. Mo. 

Hitchcock, Morris I., Corp., McGrath. Minn. 

Holduska. Harry, Pvt., 630 N. 6th St.. Minneapolis. Minn. 

Name, Rank and Home Addrett 

Holtquttt, Bert G.. Pvt.. Ist CI.. R. F. D. No. 3. Milbank. S. D. 

Holtry. Floyd B., Pvt., Akron, Iowa. 

Horsley, Shady R.. Pvt.. 1st CI., Humbolt, Kan. 

Hostetter, Thomas E.. Pvt., 5841 Theodosia Ave., St. Louis. Mo. 

Huffhes, W. L.. Pvt.. 1st CI., 1459 Hodiamont Ave.. St. Louis. Mo. 

Huiderson. Sidney L.. Sergt., 810 S. 17th St., Fort Dodge, Iowa. 

HuUett. Ernest L.. Pvt.. 315 W. 2nd St.. Lamed Kan. 

Jensen. Edwin, Pvt., 1st CI., Fenry, S. D. 

Jiughello, Joseph, Bug., FrankUn, Kan. 

Hultgren, John O., Pvt., Brinsmade, N. D. 

Johnson, Peter A., Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 4. Cherokee. Iowa. 

Johnson, Hjalmar, Pvt., Hopkins, Minn. 

Johnson, Carl, Pvt., Box 653, Dayton, Iowa. 

Johnson, Frederick R., Pvt., 1st CI.. 56.37 Summit PI., St. Ix>uis, Mo. 

Johnston, Gabriel M.. Corp>i 5432 Marcus Ave.. St. Louis. Mo. 

Jones. Arthur B., Pvt.. Gen. Del., Correclionvillc, Iowa. 

Jones, Grover C, Sergt., Salisbury. Mo. 

Kabrinies. John. Pvt., Duluth. Minn. 

Kafka, Frank. Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 4. Wagnej. S. D. 

KaU, Newton S., Pvt., 1st CI.. 500 E. North St.. Ml. Vernon, HI 

Kayl, Charles H., Pvt., R. F. D. No. 4. Gregory S. D. 

Kemer, WUliam L., Pvt., Ist CI., Madison, S. D. 

Kelly. Daniel J.. Sergt.. Newton. Iowa. 

Kern, Nathan, Pvt., 601 Walnut St.. Helena. Ark. 

King. John L., Pvt., 330 N. James St., Kansas City, Kan. 

Klausmeyer, John W.. Pvt., 2708 Belt Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 

Cleveland. Henry E., Corp., Mayville, N. D. 

Knecht, Charles M., Pvt.. 5335 St. Louis Ave.. St. Louis. Mo. 

Kornack. Henry A.. Pvt., R. F. D. No. 2. Carlisle, Iowa. 

Krauter. William E.. Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 2. WUbur, Neb. 

Kroupa, Vladimir. Pvt., R. F. D. No. 2. KimbaU. S. D. 

Kulakofsky. Max. Pvt.. 1st CI.. 2312 N. 2ist St.. Omaha. Neb. 

Lambert. Charles. Mech.. 1002 RaUroad Ave., Moline, 111. 

I.^ndberg. Martin E.. Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 1, Pilot Mound. Iowa. 

Larson, Carl A.. Pvt.. 1st CI.. 865 York St., St. Paul, Minn. 

Larson, Ole S., Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 1. Gayville. S. D. 

Lawrence. John N., Pvt.. Ist CI.. Waterloo. III. 

Leeper. William T., Pvt.. Belraar, Neb. 

Lenard, Otis, Pvt., Ruge, Mo. 

Leonard, Earl W.. Pvt. R. F. D. No. 4. Monticello. Iowa. 

Leupold. Posey, Pvt., Frankfort. Kan. 

Loftus. Edward F., Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 2. KUkeney. Minn. 

Luconte, Paole, Pvt., Beach. N. D. 

Luchini, Frank, Pvt.. 14 CoUinsville Ave.. E. St. Louis, 111. 

Mader, Herman D., Corp., R. F. D. No. 1, Medicine Lodge, Kan. 

MaUatt, WiUiam H., Pvt., 105 S. 2nd St.. Fredonia. Kan. 

Malyen. Matthew R., Pvt., 1st CI.. R. F. D. No. 1, Glenwood, Minn. 

MaiUey, Leroy, Cook, New Ulysses, Kan. 

Marklev, PhUow L., Pvt., R. F. D. No. 1, Alton, Kan. 

Marshall, Albert H., Pvt., Lamoni, Iowa. 

Martin, Walter R., Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 1, Fremont. Iowa. 

McAninch, Cimiss R., Pvt., R. F. D. No. 2, Carlisle, Iowa. 

McCaskey. David A., Pvt., 414 Market St., St. Louis, Mo. 

McCaskey, Harry W.. Pvt.. 1st CI., R. F. D. ^o. 2, EUiott, Iowa. 

McElror, MUton L., Pvt., Indianola, Iowa. 

McGee. Ben H., Pvt., Ist CI., Bridgeport, Neb. 

McKinney, William, Pvt., Ist CI., Pearsen. Iowa. 

McMahon. E., A., Pvt., Ist CI., R. F. D. No. 3, Box 31, Bernard. Iowa. 

Mortens. Louie W., Pvt., MUbank, S. D. 

Mertx, Michael F., Pvt., R. F. D. No. 2. Camden. W. Va. 

Meyeretto. Lewis J., Sergt., R. F. D. No. 2, Mokane, Mo. 

Midiael, John L., Pvt., 1022 Cheuteau Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 

MiUer, Lee, Corp.. Gladbrook, Iowa. 

Montgomery Earl S., Pvt., Wakenda, S. D. 

MueJlej-, Henrv R., Pvt., 1st CI., R. F. D. No. 1, Humboldt, Kan. 

Nelson, Chris W., Pvt., R. F. D. No. 1, Manning. Iowa. 

Nugent. Leo. Pvt., 1st CI., Elkader. Iowa. 

Obermeyer, Fred W., Pvt., Forbes. N. D. 

Oliermeycr. N.. Pvt. 1st CI.. 4818 Kings Highway N. E..St. Louis, Mo. 

Olson. Ole N., Pvt., R. F. D. No. I, Sharon. N. D. 

Offenbecher, Frederick W., Jr., Pvt., Ist CI., Gerald, Mo. 

Olt. Harry. Pvt., 1st CI., R. F. D. No. 8. Lafayette, Ind. 

Paschel. WiUiam E., Pvt.. Ist CI., 1335 Locust St., Kansas City, Mo. 

Paul. John H.. Pvt.. Ist CI.. 5,363 West Ave.. St. Louis. Mo. 

Paul. Theodore G., Sergt., 4389 Beck Ave., St. I^ouis. Mo. 

Pearson. Harry A.. Pvt.. Artesian. S. D. 

Peterson. Lewis M.. Pvt.. Mackling. S. D. 

Peterson. Carl. Corp., ShcUy. Minn. 

Potter. Carl W.. Pvt.. Chamberlain, S. D. 

Priess, Charles. Pvt.. 1st CI., Stafford. Kan. 

l>roshek. John S.. Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 3, New Prague, Minn. 

Puricelli. Giovanni. Pvt.. Ist CI.. 52.36 Botanical Ave.. St. Louis, Mo. 

Quarnstrom. Oscar A.. Pvt.. 1st CI.. Ogden. Iowa. 

Ramsey. Roy E., Cook. Glasgow, Mo. 

Ramsey. Elmer, Pvt., 1207 WiUiams St., Keokuk, Iowa. 

Rasmussen, Ross H.. Pvt. 554 Central Ave., Kansas City, Kan. 

Reborn. Henry J.. Sergt., 3240 Walnut St., Chicago, 111. 

Ressel, WUliam J., Pvt., 4023 West 26th St., Chicago, lU. 

Rethwisch, John, Mech., Walnut, Iowa. 

Ringhouse, Eugene C, Sergt., R. F. D. No. 2, Havana. 111. 

Ritter. Henry D., Cook. VersaiUes. lU. 

Roeder, George L., Corp., 1212 LouisvUle, Ave.. St. I>ouis, Mo. 

Rogers, John L., PVt., R. F. D. No. 4, Cherokee, Iowa. 

Rice, Alfred I., Pvt.. Wakenda. S. D. 

Ronnebaum. John G.. Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 1. Chicasaw, Ohio. 

Rush, David E., Pvt., R. F. D. No. 3. Woodward. Iowa. 

Ruther. Fred P., Pvt., Clarence. Iowa. 

Ryken, James, Pvt., GayviUe, S. D. 

SanlxM-n, Edson R., Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 1, Tama, Iowa. 

Scheidekat, Frank, Pvt., 1200 Bacon St., Pekin. lU. 

Schmidt. Albert D.. Pvt.. Reinback. Iowa. 

Schmitt. Herman J.. Corp., 5032 Alaska St., St. Louis. Mo. 

Schneider, Harry J.. Pvt., n. F. D. No. 2, Wilton Junction, Iowa. 


Scully, A. r 
Hhatrr. Iru 
Shwhun. 1)1 

rru. Rank and 

ui CI., soot 

. SSOO S. Gfu< 
r«B,.8«gI.. H.F.DrK 

I, ClarluKlide, Mu. 

^ - ' i. Mo. 

« Ave., flt. 1.0UH. n^ 

J,. St. Louia. Mo. 

._ f. D. No. 2. ViUincB. lawn. 

Rmllh. Robert W.. Pvt.. isn Courl 81.. L«man. towa. 
Spsncs. (^(lurn E.. Corp.. R. No. I. DiYtB. Tenn. 
Suiidranl. CHirnKB. Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 2. Murun. Kon. 
Htarku, Hcninmin. Pvl.. IM CI.. StadvillE. Mo. 
SlrlODmnii.llawy W.. Cocn.. 5211 Euclid Avp.. Si. Louia, Mo. 
Slrlinr. Ilury, Corp.. Cuba. Md. 
Stihon. CnoriR K., Ut ShkI., KmrniiHi. III. 
Strand, Rumrll. INt.. IjiuIk, N. D. 

Stridnnhmn. Anbur A,. IVt.. 201 1 S. lot Avo.. Kort l>od_», low 
Strothman, Albert C Pvl., Jul CI., H. F. D. No. 3, W«l ^nl. Ii 
Sirullon. Jwlw H.. MhJi., Havrkcyr. Mo. 
KumplT. Kml C... Pvt.. hndlrv. Kan. 
ThompHUD, JuHflph F: Pvt., M<iDlcont«rT, Ala, 
TlunipHin, Hubwl I.., Pvl., Blacivdl, TawB. 
Thunjwin, Thnmai. Pvl., H. K. D. No. 2. Sbridon. N. D. 
Tomliii. tlnrr J.. Pvl.. Conwiiv SpriniD. Kan. 
Ofabmberv. Petor, Jr., Pvl.. lal CI.. Cuwin. Inwa. 
Vindirbvl. Walls. Pvl.. R. F. D. No. 5, PdIa, Iowa. 
Vannaman. Isaac I,. PvL, Ut O.. Cianaron. Kan. 
Vowkana. Ilrnn. Corp.. 3ZI Cardinf St., Pckin. III. 
Waikar, Lewiii, ^kL. Iron IliU, Ky. 
Waltac. Roy H.. Pvl.,(hiltabxmi. Iowa. 
Wairm. John W.. R. F. I). No. 3. FUridm;. Kun. 
Walklm. GmckcS.. Cwp. llTbUlhSt.Om Muiiiw, luwa, 
WsUiaar.A. n., IM,. latU.. R, K. D. Nu. I. II..1 13. Wliodcr II 
Wdbaume. Herhnt H., Pvl.. lat CI.. R. K, D,. No. S. Nrnila. I™ 
WeaUrhoff, Osnuu It., Corp., 56l« Columbia Avi^.. Si. Looii. 
Wfaiw. Jsaper M.. Corp.. 6307 Famoiu Ave.. St. Louia, Mu. 

WUkn, tiSia U™ Pvt.,"lalVl., 1^5 H^by Avs., St. Louia. Mo. 
WUiama. Hoyd F.. Pvt.. IbI CI.. Wray, Cilo. 
Wiboo. Loaia F., Corp.. R. F. D, Nu. t. Bravmer. Mo. 

Wright, VirgU. Pvl.. Isl CI., R. F. D. Nu. 2, kiowa. Kan. 

Youni, John 

Nami, Aonk and ffoni, 
KM. WiUiam H.. Corp.. Salem, Mo. 
Maaten, Elmer D., C«p.. Oakalooas. ' 
McGaulc,, Paul II.. Corp.. SI. Louia, \ 
V>»eriii«, Folkett J., Cook, Kureka. II 
GibwHi. Uuy G., Cook, Moberly, Mo. 
Den HsrIOK, Henry, Cook, Oakalooaa. 

' R., SrvRl., MawD 
Pvt.. Moinguaa, I 

„-■ E., lai Lt., MioL ... 

Egan, Vilah S.. lal Ll.. Dea Moinea, Iowa. 
BuiUiardl, Fred II.. 2nd Ll,. St, JoMipb, Mo. 
Reed, iloraoe O., 2nd I.I.. Bradford, 111, 
McCbire. Glenn A.. 2nd Lt., I adianapolia. Ind. 
' ■ " ■ -adLl., Sl. Paul, MirmT 

. .'nd Lt.. Wexlvnie. Va. 

Geame F, IBI Sergt, Auiora, 111. 
Johnaon. John B.. Meaa Serat,. Mankuto, Mini 
MucTBT. Clyde I... Semt.. Wbeaton. Minn. 

^chart B. Seril.. Eureka. lU. 

n M., S«gt.,&Bleiii. Mo. 

I B., Switt.. Ponliac, 111. 

, WiUiani A , Serirt , Palmyra, Mo 


r. Paul B., Switt.. 

!>.. SergL, Olatbe, Kan 

Baker. OUvn 

Sdimiedder. . .- , 

AtUuon. WiUiam II., Spr.I., Sl 
Holt. Benjamin, Sergl.. Waahioiilun. looa 
UvBon, Raymond J., SetKl.. Cllnlon. luwi 
Green, lea E., Sergt.. Mohilrly, Mo. 
Platlner. Prank C. Scrnl.. I-«an. 8. D. 
Adama. Frank W.. Seriit,. Pwria. 111. 
RUau. Ailam. Horit., Strealor. 111. 
PoweU. WUIiam D.. Sergl.. Ottawa, III, 
Thuiam. Jubn A.. SarKi,. Otiawa, III. 
Pearaon, Arvul L., Coip., Inlianalinnal Fa 
BoudieUe, aiatar L., Corp., Columbia, M 
Bomller. Paul, Cncp., I"[- K-" 
Gibba. Hr — " — = 

. loi* 

Gibba. Hbttv, Cotp., Salem, Mn, 
UpBDbulte. llflDry B.. Corp.. JrUm 
Mumne. Joaepb P.. Corp., ItHen- 
Olaaa, Herbert V.. Corp.. Olalhe. Kan. 
Proeacbuld, Walter O., Cocp,, Fort Dodoe, 
Shcmvidl, Biabu W., Coru.. MobeHy Mi 
SUpboni. Carl O., Corp.. Moberiy, Mo, 
aunuorn, WiUiam E.. Conf.. ioy, Mu. 
Lowray. Clyde. CorP'- EUawarlh, Kim. 
Van De Putle. Alldor, Corp., Molina. 111. 
GuuiIb. Mike, Cm-, JoUel, III. 
Ilnlni. Itarry F., Corp.. Columbia. Mo, 
Unuin. Paul. Corp.. Clinton. Iowa. 

11.11 ' ...p, Kofi Uodef. 

I ■ 'i,,.' Salem. Mo, * 
I . . II... I' I . r„. \l«Ji<-inB Lodgr 

Ji'.'iii'uiiin. JOin M'.!"o>rp.""winierKit, Ii 

I. Clau 

a. Mu. 

... .Jt CI.. Salem. Mo. 
itCI., MonrorCity. Mo. 
1., Pvl., Isl CI., Spencer 

I, Iver. Mecfa,, Fort Dodge, lovra. 

nann, iolin. Mecb.. Sl, Charie*. Mo, 
SchroedH-, Iterberl A., Rug., Cedar FaUa. Iowa. 
SobwiUer, CbariM C, Bur.. Tiinton, Iowa. 
Bumam. laaac II.. Pvt.. lal CI.. Eureka. Kan. 
Caratensen. DelUrC, Pvl.. lal CI., Ctinlon, Iowa. 
Cheyinen, Crtilialb. P>t., lat CI., Culumbua. Kan. 
Cummina. DavM SL. Pvl., lat CI.. C 
Dunbam. Dale I>.. P ' ■ - "■ ■■ 
Haya, AlpiiBL.,Pvl.. 

Houghlalinjt, Donald H., Pvl., Isl CI., Spence 
iermark. Herman. Pvl., lat CI.. Beloit. Kan. 
Juhm, Glenn 11., Pvl., lal CI.. Salem. Mo. 
Jobnalon. Stanly, Pvl., IrI CI.. Madiaoo, Mo. 
Kivetl, Lee H., Pvl., lat CI., WinteraRt. Iowa. 
Lawrence. Gualave IL, Pvt,, lal CI., Minneapolis. Mio 
Matheuy. Clarrnri' I.. Pvl.. lal CI., Keokuk, Iowa. 
MriGH. John M.. Pvl., lai CI,. Clinloii, Iowa. 
Meaaer, Clarence W., Pvl., lat CI., Clinton. Iowa. 
Mitchell, Milu ».. Pvt.. lal CI., Oikalooaa, lowe. 
McFall, Eugeiw T., Pvl., lal CI.. Oakaluuia. Iowa. 
Perdew. William B. L.. Pvt,, lal CI , PawnRo Ciiv Nrl 
Pinney, Charlea L., Pvl., tat CI., WaKoeny 
Rhoadn, Claude E., Pvt., lit CI., Sl. Johni 
Scantlin, John R., IM.. lat CI., Salem, Mo 
Schwab. CharW N.. Pvl.. lat CI.. Mnnmi 


Iwiit. Pvt-, lal CI., Clar 

imllh, Horace C, I'vt.. lat CI.. Culi 
llephee, Herbert N., P ' "' 

i, Pvl., 


<, loo 

„... KaiiBuaCity, Ken. 

rwdl, Joarph N.. Pvt.. lat CI.. Monroe City, Mo. 
niAm. Henry F., Pvl.. Aolhony. Kan. 
Amendl, Alfred, Pvt.. Cherokee, Iowa. 
Anlbony. Frank, PvL, Fori Soolt, Kan. 
AuKhd. Waller. Pvt,, Culumbua, Kan. 
Bain. Jamn K.. Pvl., Fairfidd. N. D. 
Bnckmann, Fredonck II., PvL, While River, S. I). 
Bean, WiUard D., Pvl., Do Moioaa, Iowa. 
Biorarlh, Benny N,. Pvt., Yanklon, S. D. 

Black. Lloyd E.>vl.."Bemia. S. D. ' 
Roe, Thorvald, Pvl.. Oacone. S. D. 
Buelinier, Rudolpli J.. Pvl,. Sioui Cily. Iowa. 
Boone, Chariey G.. Pvt., CarutberaYJUe. Mu. 
Bcrgquiat, OKar, Pvl.. Cherokee. Iowa. 
Bremaen, Adolph H.. Pvt., Yankton. S. D. 

1, Georos Ii.. Pvl. 

Cartaon, AidTPA.. ,., 

Carbon, Magne E. T„ Pvl., Jeffetaon, Iowa. 
Caaaena, Georiie A., pit., Suouroey. Iowa, 
Caiey, Mike. Pvt., Troy. Kan. 
Caary. Daniel. Pvl.. Nea> Cily, Kan. 
Cbapman, Roy C. Pvl., Salem, Mo. 
Childeni. Arthur E., Pvt.. Salem, Mo. 
Chillon. Jama D., Pvt., Kennetl, Mo. 
Chyma, Joaeph E., pvl., Monleiums. Iowa. 
Clavin, Juaepb L.. Pvt., Rrunawick, Mo. 
Clapton, Elmer C. Pvl.. Columbua, Kan. 
Condray, Paul E., Salem, Mo. 
(j»n, Kenneth A., Pvl., AUanlic, Iowa. 
Coon, Robert E„ Pvl., Oskalooaa, Iowa. 
Cook. Later. Pvl,. Waahiugtun, Iowa. 
Crawrord, George R., Pvt.. Linonin, Kan. 
Daiia, Cbarl» A.. Pvl., Lincoln. Kan. 
Davia, Ben F.. Pvl.. Ruab, Teiaa. 
DBuer.Jneph N.. Pit.. Wellalon. N. D. 
■1, Tony, Pvl., " - '■ 


, Joaeph T., Jeff era 

, lux 

y H,. Pvt., 

DoedBD, Andrew. I>vt., Worlbiniilon. Minn 
Doney, Cbarira E., Pvl.. Clinton, Iowa. 
Donovan, John ti.. Pvt., Marion. Kan, 
Duugal, Will L., Pvt., Humbolt. Iowa. 
DuBoU, Uoyd E.. Pvt., Siaournev, Iowa. 
Duane. Joee A.. Pvl., ^elrock. Iowa. 
Bbrart, John F.. Pit.. Sl. Louia. Mo. 
ErickaoD. Andrew G.. Pvt., PaM», Waib. 

ia J„ Pvl. 

1, lo. 

Fagreliua. . , _ _ _ 

Faaaler, Adolph, Pvl.. Cherokee. Iowa. 
Fink. EmU. Pvt.. Waahington, Iowa. 
FUier, Uoyd. Pvl., norence, 9. D. 
Forkey, Cbarite L.. Pvl., Keokuk, Iowa. 


Nairu. Ranh and Ilomi AOrat 
Garixr, JohD E., Pn., QidUid. Iowa. 
<:ryiiu»pr(.i, Chnrlo. Pvt.. Rock Islanil. lU. 
UilUraoD, CMe E.. Pvt., Clour Uks. S. D. 


*ch. Leroy. Pvt.. CherokeD. Iowa. 
1. Erncol P.. Pvt.. QinUiu, Io*a. 
s. Helmer »., Pvt.. Clnrk. S. U. 

Harris. Allen C, Pvt.. Erip. 

(Ju... WIULam K., P. 

emiKa, OKar N., P 

erkonrath. WmUiQ . 

-ODYor, Virgd H.. Pvt 

Hombiug. Eroat F.. Pvt.. Hi 
''oraookT Joec ' ' " ' " 
Howa. ThorHD 

. Cherokee, lux a. 
^ligu. Mo. 
St. (ipiw.a. Mo. 

Horaook. Jovopb J. 
Howa. Thomni L.. r.^, 
Ilouletts. CrotfB ¥,. Tvt. 


JfduHDn. Harry. Pvt-. ^^pukunv. ^> 
JnhiUHia. Iljulmar, Pvl.. Cliolun, 
JtdiiHnn. pmric I) . ['vt.. Mii.Ji^ 

Kirkpa'ui'ck. Ilacry. Pvi.. Eun-ku 
Kolb. Herman J., Pvt.. JeffCTHin ( 
Kook, Harry II.. Pvt.. Cliulun. In 
Krueoha. John. Pvt.. <:iiulun, lo 
Lanon, Carl O,. Pvt.. Clnir Lakp 
LUH>1I, Wi]li<4m. Pvt., VermiLlini 
Laveckin. Fruok. Pvt.. Juliet. Ill 
Linn. I^ter E.. Pvt.. Fori OodRo. i 

Pvl„ ToMku. Ki 

Lulfave, Waller L.. Pvt., Topckn. 
Wocfa. Basil L.. Pvt.. Ldiko Anilw 

l/arks. F 

D E.. Pvt.. Fori l>o.lKe, Iiiv 

Moelin, CJinrles It,. Pvl 

m!^; Jam^™., Pvt.?Wiul^": lIZu! 
Moon. Luriien. I>vt.. Salem. Mo. 
Moyer. Carl. Pvt., MDOlciuma. Iowa. 
Mayer. June H.. l-vt., Juncliun City, Kan 
N«l. Archie N., Pvt.. lluroD, S. D. 
NiDm. Le« U.. Pvt.. Dakota City. Iowa. 
Nelson. Carl E., Pvt., Fort Dodite. Iowa. 
Nonw. Henry. Pvt.. Salem. Mo. 
OUuin. Denver C. I'vt.. Oskalouaa. Iuwd 
PeaHi. Peter J.. PvL. RedBdd. S. D. 
Pelias. PeUir A., Pvt., Jt^iet. 111. 
Pennebaker, ClBronce D., Pvt., Mount Plo 
Peten. Edward J.. Pvt.. St. Cliurl.?. Mo. 
Peacock, Francis T.. Pvt., JerTerson. lowo 
Petenon, Edward J., Pvt.. Widiita. Kan. 
PeUn, Frank C>., I'vt.. Oskolooaa. Iowa. 
PhOlipa. Roy B.. Pvt.. Wintenet, lows. 
Pooch, Kred C, PvL, Fort Dod^m. luwa. 
Reed. Frank A.. Pvt.. WinLCTBot, Iowa. 
Rocech Ueorce P., Pvt.. Fremoul. Neb. 
Roae. Albert I.. Pvt.. Wiuhuiicloii. Iowa. 
Sarnnt. Cliff, Pvt.. Columbia. Mu. 

a.a.Iul.r.w.1. V;»«..t V LJ..I L'»..k..L T 


Harold a., P< 

It., Cr'istu 

Ddmar L.. P 

vl„ Meilie 

Sbea. Walter N.. Km 



CJiarlee E,. P 

vt.. Okbai 


WUIiam A., 

Pvl.. Kinn 

f.. Pvt.. S 


inton, low. 


,«_'?" C-'-v 

V- ^e'> 

Sutberland, Hoy, Pvt., Villewa. Iowa. 
Swift. ThtHuas 0.. Pvt.. W aidiiniilun. Iowa. 
Schulti, Williain A.. Pvt., Itrvila Uke. N. I>. 
Taylor. Henry W.. Pvl.. Monleuima. Iowa. 
ThompBou, Hrneat, Pvt.. .Monleiunw. Iowa. 
Tbnxkoiortoa. Cluirlm E.. Pvt.. Molmly. Mo. 
Tmoee, Albert N., Pvt., Sigouruey, Iowa. 
Travino. Lee. Pvl.. Kerns City. Kan. 
Vau(bn. Stewart 0.. Pvt.. Sulem. Mil. 
Vogt. Herniao C. Pvl., (kJumbin. Mo. 
Von Spybrook. Morris. Pvt.. St. J'lhm. Micb. 
Walk, Oaude F.. Pvl.. 1.^. Kan. 
Waltke. lleniy W.. Pvt.. Beatrice. Meb. 
Wassoa. Wilbur C. Pvt.. Wosliiimton. Iowa. 
Whitfidd. Enodi J.. Pvt.. Humb<ilt. Irnvu. 
Winniuiier, Seth T.. Pvt., KiuRmnn. Kan. 
Williania. WilUam W.. P>1.. Oskalonxa. Iowa. 
Woods, Owen C, Pvt., Washinirlon, Iowa. 
Wrieht. Fred F., Pvl.. Wintenel. lown. 

Spear. Boy G.. Capt., Two Harbors, Minn. 
Anderson, Richard H.. Ist I.t.. Alexandria. Mill 
Llewellyn. Hacbiun II.. Znd Ll., Wi». Va. 
Pickett. Jewel L.. Znd Ll., Danville. lU. 
Manball. Marviu. Sod Ll.. Preslonbiirg. Ky. 
Adolph, John C, Pvt., Eskrudge. Ksn. 

Andercgg, Nickoli J.. I 

llarnea. F. C, 1st Seril.. 104 Summit Ave.. E. Fergus Falls. A 

Beach. Robert. Pvt.. Vienna. HI. 

Beeiley, Cyrus It.. Cook. Salem. Mo. 

Beger. William C. SergU, 1511 Monterey St.. St. Joseph. Mo. 

BeTk, Oliver T., Pvt.. Goww. Mo. 

Berryman. Everett T.. Serpl., La Salle. lU. 

Bielow. Waller A.. Pvt.. Charier. la. 

Bontrom. Ijmiberl E.. Pvt., BulTalo. Minn. 

Book, Ralph, Pvt,. Emcraon. 111. 

Borgatabl. Waller J., Pvt.. 1st CI., ilawdls. Neb. 

Bradley. UrauviUe 1.. Pvl.. Rucker, Mo. 

Brinchke. Adolpb A.. Pvl., 4052 Fobom Are., St. Iduis. Mo. 

Brolliar. Homer C. Pvt.. Sigourney. lo. 

Ilrower. Cloreoco M., I'vt.. Ist CI.. What Chi-er. la. 

.._ . . . _.. _ .. ... . . ^. — i,ecbrick St.. Burlington, In 

Send.. I 
:.. Sl Ji 


in. K. W.. Krt. 1st CI. 

s. Chnrlio (i.. Pvu. Ja^ 

1. Hoborl v.. Pvt. lat CI.. Harvi 


St. 1 

Cjdlon. Ilirum (i.. Pvt,. Luomis St.. Dee Moioni, la. 

Carlston. Anion, PvU, 1st CI.. Waii 12th Ave.. Minneapolis. Mini 

Camun. Arthur W. R.. Pvl.. Fjikridge. Kan. 

lUialbdierry, llnijanin II.. Pvt.. Dwigbt. Kan. 

(Uark. Hugh II.. Corp.. Sslem, Mo. 

I^lnrrlilge. Floyd K., Pvl.. «U Taylor St.. Otmniwn. In. 

Colben. b:<lward F.. IM., 1st CI.. Hivrrside. I 

Cook. Charles J., I>vt., 6429 .Manchester Ave.. 

Cornier. CIvdc A., I'vt.. Bennioglon. Kon. 

Crandall. William E., Pvt.. Isl CI.. Seneca. Kan 

llauglicrty. Melvin C. Pvl., Ist CI.. Salem. Mo 

Dorigue. Clareuce L., Pvt.. iHt CI.. 225 E. Clay 

Diiucan. Jeffrnuia I... Pvt.. Thunderhawk. S. 1». 

OunkrUHriHT, Dtville L,. I'vt.. Belmonl. Kan. 

Edwards, Christofdier C. Corp.. Catena. Kan. 

Kdwanls, Ikp A„ Corj^. LinoSn, .Neb. 

Eick. Frank J.. Pvt., Chanor Oak. la. 

Elder, tjam O.. PvL, Maiden. Mo. 

Endioill. Lewis J.. Pvt., Solh Ft. Scott, Kan. 

KnKeld. MiUard F.. Pvt.. Kaloi-n I. 

Euglollart. Frank <i.. Corp., Hi 

KngHliaud. Ernest C, Pv< '— 

Fielman, Hoy E.. Pvl., Vi 



n F._. P 

■t CI.. Mus 

at a.. : 

Us. Mo. 

Finke. WUIiam E., I 
Finsen, F. C, Pvt. 

Flesicher, Jilttin W.. _. 

Funk. Clyde R.. Pvt.. lal CL. lOOS Cherry St.. Columbia. Mo. 

C.aia, Joseph, C»ik. 1338 Euclid Ave.. Sl Louis. Mo. 

Gaudiaa. Albert II.. Pvl., Hdrna. la. 

(iavin. Jusepli T.. Corp.. 9514 Reno St.. Cleveland. Ohio. 

Center. Ray M., Pvt., Vint«i, la. 

(Uoason, Edward D.. Pvt.. lal CI.. Charier Oak. la. 

Green. WiUinm O., Sorot.. 9a3 West Main St.. Docatur, 111. 

Gruber. John. Cuok. lligbee. Mo. 

Gunlber. Joseph. Sorot.. 4S4 S. Broad SL. Frame 

Haines. WiUiam L.. PvL. lit CI.. Codar, la. 

Hallock. Robert B.. Pvl " ' ' " 

Hanna. EmnalC Pvt., 

Hansman. Henry J.. Pvl 

Hait«. Chnler " " ■■ 

.. New Sharoo, la. 

Hickey. Buddph, Pvt.. Randolph. Neb. 

High. I'^arl V.. f>vt.. 912 Ave.. West, Cedar Rapids. la. 

IliSrha. Silas, PvL. Vak-nda. Kan. 

Hubbs. Elbert L.. Pvt.. 4150 HUiine Ave.. Sl. Louia. M< 

Hughes, David J.. Pvt.. Ist CI.. 520 S. Johnson SI , Inv 

llughca. Walter J., PvL. TynduU. S. Dak. 

Johnson, Lurm C, Pvt.. Uskaloosii. la. 

JolinHia. Louia. Pvl.. <:runily Ceiiler. la. 

Johnson, Olis, Pvl,. Nowhall la. 

Jonok, Stanley, Pvt., 113 2nd Sl S. E., MlunoapoliB. M 

Jones, William J.. PvL. Ist Ct.. Salem. Mo. 

Jorgenson. Carl O.. Pvt.. Mina, S. Dak. 

Joseph, iMward, Pvt,. <!Uiariton. la. 

Kalinowski, Joseiih. Pvt., 44lti S. Cnmp 

Kompcr. JoaccA B.. Corp.. 4106 Miebigr 

Kieler, Anio H.. PvL, Ist CI., Kakina. I 

Kiler. Nidile.M.. Pvt. ■ - 

St. Louis. Mo. 

n.Albert.l . _, 

uckku. Erick. Pvt.. ReJiidd. S. Dak. 
adwig. Henry A., Pv(.. Ddoit. ' 

Landia. Jan 

B. PvL. Seneca, Kan. 

d L., Pvl 

sl CI., Kire 

Laldlem. Pnul J.. Pvt. Grinndl. la. 
Uwson. James B.. Curp.. Crocker. Mo. 
LeGrund. Alfred L.. PvL, Beresford. S. D 
Ldin, Hans G,. Pvt.. Isl CI.. Elba. Neb. 
Leonard. James W.. PvL, Montsuk, Mo. 
Lieser. Chailn J.. Jr.. Bug.. 4112 Louisau 
Lingard. Waller. Pvt.. Arfcin. la. 
Lobae, Theodore C, Sogt., Sdilnwig. la. 

I., St. Louis. Mo. 


Mart[n. iamih ti.. I'vl 

McAdanu. Warrsn, Pi .„. . 

MoCMIand. U«>r« L.. Pvt., 113T Gnniiiuiu St.. St. Paul, Mini 
McCoWD, John T.. Pvt., iBt CI.. MarlJiiitHirc, Ma. 

McFaddi- " ■ " '■--^ ••■ ■ 

McKuniy. Hichi 
MoKm, /oho H., 

Mdah. Niok. PyL. ._ 

Metflla, WiUiun. PtL, Cfldar Ri 

Naim, Bank and Haim AAbtu 
Lupbirgcr. Adolph, Prt., lit Q., HcJls. Mo. 
MaJe, Charin L., Pvt.. Soanton. Ib.^ 

E., ^gV. Wintsnal. It. 

Richaid C. Ptu, Ut a„ Abile», Ksd. 
" ~ Ut a.. Moorearnrt. W)u. 
■ '■■ Avwil, Minn, 
^■pidi. la. 

HBYon, Mo. 

Merer, Stanley H.. Pv(„ Diokiiwoa. N. Duk. 

Mills. Glen I., Pvt.. WrUmaa. Is. 

Miller. John. Pvt., Toi River. OkU. 

Miller, Jdhn A.. Corp., St. CJuirleB, la. 

Miller, WUIiam H.. P*L. atli and Oak St., IndraiciideTice. Ki 

Minihaa. Mauticn F., P.t.. Volgo, la. 

Monan. Willi* G.. Pvt.. 

Morrii. Charts B., Corp.. 723 Wwt Knd PL, M'.bfrly, Mo. 

MorriKn. Wiltwrl W.. Pvt. Im CI,. Muiiiton, N. Dak. 

Mortenaaa. William P.. Pvt., M CI., Farmlngton. Minn. 

Neuberl. Albat O.. Pvt.. Cabot, Pn, 

NewlDu. Olio C. Corp.. Weat Cheater. la. 

Newman. Grover C, Pvt.. IliU City. Kan. 

Noma. Lee H.. Pvt.. Hivpnide. la. 

Novokwaki. Joe, Pvt.. Folej, Minn. 

Obaet. Cuitava C. Corp.. 4U8 S. Complon Avn., »l. Ixaiia. 

Offnerk, Vinocnt A., Pvt.. lat CI., 36T1 Ruaaell Ave.. Si. Lu 

Olioo, Carl M.. Pvl.. lat CI.. Sherwood. N. Dak. 

Olaoo, Dorward, Pvl.. Kanu* City, Kan. 

Olaon, Leo B., Pvl. 1817 3rd SL. Minneapolii. Minn. 

Olaon. Mdvin B.. Pvt., New Hichmund, Win. 

Ommea. Charlea. Pvt.. lit CI.. Groaael. S. Dak, 

Paria. Joaig W., Corp.. Pilot Moui ■ " 

Paton. Jamea. Pvt.. fat CI.. tiOt Gi 

Palteraon, BerOnmin F.. Pvt.. Roc 

PsaraoD. Algol. Pvt., Aasaiia. Kan 

y''M(onn't!'Va. " 

Pwkioa, Marlin G.. Corj 

1, Marion 
t. Pvt., ; 

L CI., . 

e. Okla. 

Pilcher. Charlw R., Pvt.. 1618 Dunham A 
Poeppelmeyai. Frank II.. Pvt.. Warrenlon. 
Prutner. Frank F.. Pvl,, Weat Side, la. 
Pyatl. Jams W., Pvt.. Gladdin. Mo. 
Hajtora, Arthur 3.. Pvl,, Rivereide. la. 
Heyta. Antonio. Pvt.. Rnckport. Tei. 
Rh«. John H.. Co(T., C " ' 

toH, CUre 

ikL.,Pvt., lit CI., Roa< 
" , Pvt,. Viola, la. 
I. Pvt.. iBt CI., Wei 

Seeker. Oliver J., Corp., M27 Adkina Ave.. St. Louia, Mo. 

Scolaro. Marion M., Pvt.. R. R. No, *. Cedar Hapida. lo. 

Sheldon. Bennie H. F„ Pvt.. Bunker Hill. Kan. 

Simmoni. Fred R.. Pvt.. lat CI.. FairGeJd. la. 

Siolwrg. OIbT, Corp., Conway. Kan. 

SkuUtad. A.. Pit., lat CI.. 519 Beacon Si., S. E,. Minneapo) 

Slou, Jams A.. Pvt.. OUie. la. 

Smart, Earl, Wl., l«t CI.. Suranw, Mo. 

Smith. Ebb, Pvl, New Markal. la. 

Smith, Otto K.^Cnok, 102 S. Elm St., Auatiu, Minn. 

'""iS'o sSu. Mo. 

t. Paul, Mini 

Blde..8t. Louk, Mo. 

Smith, WaleyT.,PvL 

Spiedd. Gaorce A. " " 

Snider, AUenC., Wc, narom. >u. 

Stafford, Uroy, IWt.. Boaa, Mo. 

Sleeo, Gruver, Pvt., lit CI., Bolnn, In, 

Staplienaao, Harry H., Sttisl.. Hedrick, la. 

Steward. Michael R., Pvl., HnHell. Kun. 

Slovrioi. Sigurd, Pvt.. Askor, Minn. 

yturmTJaua R., Pvt., MannUwIon, W. Va. 

Swain, Leale II.,3ern., Far«o, N. D. 

Swanaon, Alvin C, Corp., 684 K. Jsaaaminr 

SwanBon, Aid L.. Corp.. Worthin«1ua, MinL. 

Thonwen, Henry J., Pvt., lat CI., Troaky. Mini 

Toberman, Maoon E.. Serct., 436 Pierce BIdg.. t 

Turpin, Fred D., Pvt., Halliday. Mo. 

Traioh. Fred C, Pvl,, lat G,, B24S Idaho Ave., SI. Louia. Ma. 

Tygtad, Hihner M., Pvt., Howard, S. D. 

Valla. .StflDloa A.. Pvt., Brandt. S. D. 

Van Campe, PvU. Hardwink. la. 

Vanl HoT Hugo, Pvl., tilferton, Minn. 

Verville, Charica E.. PvU, 1X22 Sab S. E.. MiiunpoUa. Minn. 

Vinl^. Glenn W.. Pvl.. Whitlen. la. 

Voaa. Abraham J.. Pvt., Ut CL, Oakalooaa, la. 

Ward, John G., l>vt.. Barnard, Kan. 

Warning, Ervin F., SergL. J^^nkfort, ID. 

Watne, Alfred O., PvL. Brandt. S. D. 

Wenul, Edwin M., Pvt., lal O,, ManiU. la. 

Woalund. Marlia L.. Pvl.. Ut a.. BoonaviUa, U. 

Wheelef, Lflwia L., Pvt., KeyaleaviUe, Mu. 

Whitel, John D,. Pvt.. 503 Slh Ave.. Weat. Oskalocu. I*. 

WUhdm, Joaon E., Pvt., Coming, Koa. 

Wilaon, Leroy C„ Pvt,. lal (urHillaboro. Mo. 

Wolff, Gottlieb, Pvt., Java, S. D. 

Wowb, Ralph J., Corp.. JelTMaon, la. 

K St., Brooklyn, N. y. 

Gaolaaa, PoToy A., Ut Lt.. Stillwala-, Minn. 

Baldwin, Uouglaa K., Corp.. 2063 Muiahal A 

Barmd, William J., Pvt., Harper, la. 

Brighton, Hacrv F.. Pvl.. Miirurd, Kan. 

Calinn, Allan, Bug., Decatur. III. 

Candy, Wmley V.. SngU, TI34 Perabina Av( 

Cook, Jamea F... Pvt.. Monlauk. Mo, 

Cook, J(«e W., Pvt., Ainsw«th, la. 

Coi, LeoEiard. Pvl., Richland, la, 

Esmond. Roy M.. Scrgt,, La Salle, IH. 

Forloaia. John. Pvt., Minnapolie. Minn. 

Frederiok. Aaron S.. Pvt., WUaon. Kan. 

Greonewald. Carl A.. Scrgt.. 2ZS Hawtbori 

IludaeU. Harold A.. Pit.. Hedrick, la. 

Helterman. Qifford J,. Pvt., St. Charin, la. 

Hill. Roy v.. Pvt.. Mapla, Mo. 

Johannse, Johannea, Pvt.. lat CI.. Deniaon. la. 

Limper, Henry H. A., Pvt., Edwurdnport. Ind. 

Lowry. Bei G., Corp,, Potdar BlulT, Mo. 

Minor, Ira F., Scrgt., 1201 Fermind, Peoria. III. 

Mne, Alex L.. Pvt., Moorchoad. Minn, 

Moore, William C, Sergt.. lodJanapolia, Ind. 

Murphy, Con, Pvt.. Evelplh. Minn. 

Murray, Clyde, Pvt.. Dcsloge, Mo. 

Newlon, George P.. Pvl., Brooklyn. la. 

Olwn. .Samrred P.,, Pvt., Asanria, Kan. 

Opdycke, DonaldL.. lal Scrgt.. 32T Marquette St„ La »allc. III. 

Paul. William M„ Pvt., Cameron. Mo, 

Heevn, Parker N., Pvt.. Uloomlield, la. 

Sleruer. R<41ie, Pvl,. Denison, la, 

Wadcl, Rcinhold H., Scrgt., Milwaukee. Wia. 

Walley, Glenn D., Sergt., 301 E. Waabinglon St., RIoominglon, 111 

Whitad, William L.. Corp.. 916 E. 3rd Ave., Oaknloosa. la, 

Winhmier, Henry C, Sergl.. Van Meter. la. 

-SaodB, FJwin H., Capl., 3919 6lh Ave. Dea Moinoa, Iowa. 
Chcyue. WiUium W., Ut Lf. 301 Grace Si.. Cuuncil Bluffa. Iowa. 
I-Jigan, Vilab 8.. Ut Lt., D<9 Moinm. Iowa. 
Burke, Donald J., lal Lt., Omaha. Neb. 
WUiMo, Ralph C„ Ut Lt,. Si. Louia. Ma. 
(Mirko. Ejlward II., 2ud Lt., Dallaa, Oregon. 
Opdycke, Donald L., 2nd LI . LaSalle. 111. 
Shoup. Fred E.. Ut Scrgt.. 812 E. Market St.. Bloumingtun. Ill 


Iward, 1 


... St. Paula, Mini 

;.. Sergt., 205 Cedar Si., Str 
ivuBon, >..nBrieH E., Scrgt.. Lincoln, III. 
Driskedl. Erneat E., Sergt,. Elmwood, III. 
McGaheran, Midiad C. Scrgt.. Ruckwdl, I 
Scbaefer. Edward H,. Sergt., Stl Linotdn Av 
Uebler, Juliua K., Sergt., Wcnona. 111. 
Barry, Gerald J., Sergt., 1105 D St., Sacrcmenio, Cal. 
Wheder, Wilton B.. Sergl,, 120S Eaal Sliaw St.. D« Muinea. Iowa. 
Ilarmsen, John W., Scrgt., llarlaburg. III. 

Lundbtrg. Edwin I., Sergl., 91T W. Grove St.. Bloomington. III. 
I'hillipa. aarenc« A., Sergt.. Henry. Ill, 
Audrewa, Pitt H., Ssgl., 62S S. Adams St.. Peoria. lU. 
Faria, Cnrlia C, S<rgt., New Hartford, Iowa. 
Ecklund, Lowdl F., Sergl., St. Peler, Minn. 
Lee. Carl B., Sergt.. 410 E. Monroe St.. Uloominglou. lU. 
MuDTO, John S„ Sergt.. Cuba. Mo. 
Green. Cheater. Station "A." Somcraet. Ky. 
Stroud, Logan, Sergl,, Corning, Kan. 
Coleman, Jamea J., Scrgt., IndeiKndencc. Iowa. 
I'awdaki, John F., Sergt.. 225 14lh St., N. E., Minneapolis. Minn. 
Doerriea, Eari A.. Scrgt.. 21S W. McCarthy St., JelTeTaoo City, Mo. 
Brown. Francia J,. Corp., 12 Strand Apta., Iowa City, Iowa. 
Whitby, Ralph F., Corp., Bcnyman. Mo. 

Ndaon. Oscar W.. Corp.. 1690 W. Minnehaha St., St. Paul, Minn. 
Clanton, llmmaa E., Corp., R. R. T, Greenville lU. 
Poduaka, Joaeiji V., Corp.. H. R. 2, Pocahontaa, Iowa. 
McMaalcra. Cml E., Corp.. St. James, Mo. 
Grown. Charley C. Corp., H. H. 1, Mackaburg. Iowa. 
Dahl, Andrew M., Corii.. Muurheod. Mioa. 
Moore. Hugo A.. Corp., R. R. 1, Eric, Kan. 
niegen, Harry C, Corp., Harmony, Minn. 
Sucra, Raymond K.. Corp., R. R. 6, Wintorapt, Iowa. 
(!rewB, Roy L„ Corp.. H. R, 1, La Hoy, Kan. 
Read, Harry P., Corp., Kinalcy, Kan. 
LuckinbiU. Bay H.. Corp., Demar. Kan. 
Andomon, Warren, Corp., Add. Itiwa. 
Block. Harry E.. Corp.. R. R. 2, Wondnmia. Iowa. 
I>rocknow, Fred A., Corp., Ramiuui, S. Dak. 
1., Corp.. Bo. 313. Blanford.Ind. 

Uillinga.'Walter, Corp!! 4111 '^wi 

Gaston, Claude, Corp., R. R. 8, Lewu, 

Schmidt, William C C«p„ 3927 HarUord St., St. Iauu, Mo. 

Andcraon, Charlm W.. Corp., SOS Soulb Firal St.. Keokuk, lu* 

:., Corp., Sturgeon, Mo, 

—jn D.. Corp., H, H. 3. Logan, Iowa. 

1, Daniel B.. Corp,. 1911 Ga^d Ave., Panon 

.. Corp., 1 

Corp.. 19 

C. Orp.. MaM>n City, loa 

Slopjanek, Atfooao k. Coip., R. R. 4, Jun 

Slniohan. Purioy J.. Corp.. Center PoinI ' 

Stark. Edwin A,. Cook, RuUe. Mo. 

Focaylh, Dnva J., Cook, 383 Wabaah St., Su Paul, Minn. 


Captain Croiiin. Ailjulant, 350lli Infantry. 
Captain Hatckeson, Personnel Adjiilant. 3501b Infantry. 

Hallalion P. C. al Beffr 



. Joho l>, Mecfa.. : 

.John J 

I. Hdm St.. BrookGdd. Mo. 

. Mech^H. B. 2, CarroU. I 

Ion. Mech., H. ^. 1 

OlMM, Wfrncr. Mech.. 31<> Waahingun Ave. S.. MinDupalni 

Lnwit, HprbH-t C. Bad". T26 Carrie Ave.. St, Louil. Mo. 

Aim, Karl V. . Vrt., let CI., Biunirk. N. D. 

Anderlx^R. ErrMt O.. Prt.. Ill CI., IlsUock, Minn. 

B<Men. Paul G., FiU. lit CI.. Faonee City, Nab. 

BuKch. Willie A., Prt.. lit CI., H. R. 3. Winlenat, Iowa. 

CopllTDi, ArlluiT P.. IVt„ Ut CI.. Leaiburtr. Mo. 

Coinr, Miehad E., Pvt., Ist CI.. H. R. 4, OlUimoa. Iowa 

Crum. Jeaaie L.. Vn.. lit CI., Vienna, Mo. 

Dxrvns, SheroHD G., Pvt., Ut a.. Chillicotlw. Iowa. 

Kicholborf, CbrHtian. Pvt, Lowr?. S. D. 

Elmara, Hugh, Pvt., lat CI., R. R. 2. Fa>r£d<l. Iowa. 

Kwy, John S^. PvL, lit CI., 1401 Myra St., Moberiy. Mo. 

Evenui, Gai^t, Pvt.. lat C\.. Maddock. N. D. 

Fink, Ohw, Pvt., lit CI., Drew, S. D. 

Kmbout, GaU. Pvt., iHt CI., Dawm, Kan. 

t'tn. John J , Pvt.. let CI., R. B. !, Apliogton. Iowa. 

Cay, Later E.. Pvt., lat Cl.. Aaenoy. Mo, 

GoHieft. L*o G., Pvt. - -■ ^- 

._ n E.,Pvl„ letCI.. RoUe. .. 

K«^. Nlcfaolaa, Pvt.. lit O., 1822 S. 71h St., 8t. Loub. Mo. 
Koeater, George, Pvt., Isl CI., R. B. 3, Wille>, Iowa. 
KruRsr, Ccmrad. Pvt.. !•■ ri *11«J,»f I™,. 
Lamp, Gerbardt. Pvt.. 1 

Lawremna, Kaloh C. F 

» J,. Pvt.. Ill CI.. 1000 Crana Ave,, syracuac, J 
- - ., lat Cl., Rolla. Mo. 

l>t a., MandamiD, lawn. 
moiH, nruiui ii.. rvi.. int Cl., R. R. Z, PrinoFton, 111. 
MorKareidip. Roy S., Pvu, lit Cl.. R. R. Z. Maodamin, low 
NimquiBtTl''tancH E„ Pvl,. Irt Cl., Dudley. Iowa. 
O'Brien. Frank F., Pvt,, lat Cl.. R. R. 1, Luiemc, laws. 
Palton, John L„ Pvt.. Iirt Cl.. B. R. 1, Price, Va, 
Pryor. Ray M., Pvt.. 1(1 Cl.. R. R. 2, Weatwon]!. S. D. 
Baiowater. Cheater, Wt,, lal Cl„ MitUnville. Ky. 
Rand, Roy C, Pvt.. Isl Cl., Maaaitu, N. D. 
Bitler, Hugo J., Pvl„ In Cl.. Wagt^nt, Iowa. 
Robioell, Clyde, Pvt., lat Cl., 1627 Fdii Ave., Parsaju, Ka 
Robahaw. Moyd. Pvt,, Int a„ Weat Liberty, Iowa, 
Roop. John A., PvL. lit Cl., Sigourney, Iowa. 
Schwaru. A„ Pvt,. lal Cl., Libenyvillc, Iowa. 
Sbumao, Clyde E., Pvt., lit CL, Lane. S. D. 
Slacy, Andrew L.. Pvl., lit a., Brighton, lown, 
Sterenae, John, Pvt . i.t r.l.. M.n^^ N n. 
Toak, JohnM., 

Wnulund, Waller L., Pvl.. lat Cl.. R. R. 1, Boaiieville, lov 

1, Pvl,, lal Cl„ 210 Pi 

illenborg, Ben, Pvt.. lal Cl.._ R;,R;,I 

CiJemaD. Rei L.. Pvl. 

Carroll, Ion 

CI., Canton, a. D. 
PocahoDlai. lowL 

. h.B. 

Ar^endlnger. J^Vg!. Pvl., Mi 
Bail. Jeaafl W., Pvl.. 10 Mechanic St., KmiKiru 
Bauer, Edj^ar L., Pvt., Wdrwnrten, Mo. 
Baugh, Charlea H„ Pvt., BTH. 1. Jooaboro. A 
BeyiT, Arthur, Pvl.. R. R. 3, Cuba, Mo. 
Befukon. John P,. Pvl., Minnopolia. Minn. 
Biui, Mil« L.. Pvl., R. R. 3. nttabura, Kan. 
BiOr Walter R., PvL, H. R. 2. Bixhville, Mo. 
Borden. Emilie. Pvt., Atden. Kan. 
Brewer, Ddo, Pvt., Star Route. Cuba, Mo. 
Bruwn. Irvin, Pvl.. R. R. 1. Coon Rapida, low 
Brown. Vne K,. Pvt.. ZilU Chicago Ave., Mi 
Bullock, Thomaa W., Pvl., Broadway, Mn. 
Burkman, Ridianl, Pvt., H. R. 6. Olliimwa, li 
Canngn. Isaac O.. Pvl., CberryviUe. Mo. 
CarlKn, Aoden W., Pvt., Monrhead, Minn. 
Cherek. Theodore ¥.. Pvt., 45lh and Haniaou 
l-Jierry, E>nal, Pvl.. R. R. 2. Moaa, Tens. 
OiulM, Chrial S., Pvl., R. R. 2, Wdkburg, Itx 
Cohn. H<nnan C. Pvt.. R. R. Z. Logan, Iowa 
Coiqier, Loiiia J.. Pvt., 332 E. Mason St.. Dnci 
Coi. Callia M., Pvl.. R. H. h. SlfriinE. Knn. 
Currie, CharleaS.. Pvl., I,illl,-il.-k, Ark, 
Davia, Maurice E.. Pvl., Laurena, Iowa. 
Deopaey, EacI B,. Pvt., Triplette. Mo, 
Devitt, Edward. Pvt., Haniiburg, S. D. 
Dooley, Thomaa W., Pvt,, R. K. 1, E^ugeoe, M 
Dofaerly. Prank M., Pvt., South HatlTN. D. 
Dougherty, Heniv H., Pvl., BurAanlt. Neb. 
l-jlwurd, 6avid, Pvt.. R. R. 2, Newell, Iowa. 
Engman, GuaUv, Pvl,, Minneapclia, Minn, 
Ejiokson, Harry A.. Pvt., Stone City, Iowa. 
.._. „ » I. Mdvin, It - 

anIiFld. 1 

a, Donald. Pvt.. South E 
Gowen, JcOiney L, Pvt,. ~' 
Gikwold, Carl L., Pvt., C 

Nimt. Hank and Menu AJAta 

Jake, Pvl., Wag,, S. D. 

Gulbcamoa. Edwin. Pvl., R. R. 1, PUndrean, S. D. 
Heas. Olio F., Pvl., Rolla, Mo. 

I, Ham H., Pvl., Gray. Iowa. 

. I, Oacar, P*t„ Hobinaon, S. D. 

Hanaon, Oacar A., Pvt., Bridaeport, Kan. 
Harper, Danid, I>vt.. Oby, Mo. 

, Cari J., Pvt., Madiwn. S. D. 
icn. Theodore, Pvt,, Scotia, Mo. 
lub, Tbomaa, Pvt., R. R. I , Moulicello. Iowa. 
neweU, Clarenos J., Pvt.. Pi>r«ia. Iowa, 
wdeebdl, Oyde E., Pvl. 

m F.. Pvt., lOZt Ridge SL, Kan 

jgo W., Pvt,, n^iiner. Neb. 

Jarvia. Claude E.. Pvt.. New Uly>«», Kan. 

Kappel, Frank, Pvt.. Lefer. N. 6. 

Keilbadi. Frank J., Pvl., 613 Summit Ave., Pudila, Od. 

King, Albert L., Pvt., 1015 Market St., Beatrice. Neb, 

Kinmbury, Hugh B., Pvt.. 1T17 Court St.. Sioux City. Iowa. 

Larson, Tracy K., Pvu, R. R. 3. Orient, Iowa. 

L«Bf. Swan J.. Pvt.. R. R, 4. Red Oak. Iowa, 

Lillle, Theodore P., Pvt.. 1620 Appleton St., PiuioM, Ran, 

Litlon. Grover. Pvt.. Agency. Mo, 

IjinuTord, Orville, Pvt.. Madiaon. Mo. 

Meier, Emil El., Pvl., Calidonia, Minn. 

Meri, Rudutph F.. Pvt.. 102 E. Aahley. JefferKMi City, Mo. 

Mieheii-lli. John, Pvt,. Roanoke. lU. 

Millet, Peter B., Pvt.. Wella. Minn. 

Moore, Edgar A,. Pvt., R. B. 3, Orient. Iowa. 

Mualain. Elbert E., Pvl.. AlU ViaU. Kan. 

McKnight. I'Vaok. Pvl.. Weir City, Kan. 

NeUeaon. <;<»riie W., Pvt.. R. R. 1. Glaigo, Mo. 

Noiberger. Jw« M„ Pvt.. B, B. 2. Blair" ■'- 

J, WilliOL.. 

ria. Kuril J., Pvl. 

I. 3. WinI 

Nyatrand, Gumav E., Pvt., Miulon Hill. 8. D. 

O'CoDuell. John V.. Pvt,. Ramona. S. D. 

Obden. Peter D.. Pvt.. Lakeview. Iowa. 

Ot«rud, Svein. Pvt.. Buffalo, S, D. 

Olaon, our. Pvt., Sharon, N. D. 

Otmnn, Jieae, Pvt.. B. B. 6, Ottumwa, Iowa. 

Orr, William C Pvt., 728 UUh Ave., Butte. Mo, 

PaulHin. Peler A.. Pvt., R. B. 2. Bolfe, Iowa, 

Peck, Aabery C, Pvl., Waubeek, Iowa. 

Peleraon. Dave E., Pvt.. R. R. Z, Pisgah, Iowa. 

Plelachelle. Joseph J., Pvt.. R. B. 5, Carroll, Iowa. 

Roevrs, Oifford CTPvt., B. B. 4, Wellman, Iowa. 

ReguU, John J., Pvt., 1471 W»l Buren St., Chicdgo, lU, 

Rnnhart, Kphraim F., Pvt.. Sebatha. Kan. 

RobAon, CtareDce E.. Pvl., R. R. 3, HoUbroiA, Neb. 

Robinoon. Lee G., Pvt., Wellington. Kau. 

Rohahaw, Floyd. Pvt.. West Uberly. Iowa. 

Hodgera, George L., Pvl., R. H. 7. Newton, Kan. 

Rupe, William M., Pvl., R. R. Z. Ollumwa, Iowa. 

Buah. Joaepb H„ Pvt.. W inleraet. Iowa. 

Saunders, iamoi, Pvl., Ru-Jimori-, Mo. 

Sdineck. Ernal C, Pvt., Twin Brook, S. D. 

Srluiaver, Louis W., Pvt., R. R. 2, Bourbin. Mo. 

Scfaulle, George E., Pvt., R. R. Z. Edwardaville, 111. 

ShivvWB. Henry II., Pvl., Silverdale, Kan. 

Sickda. William B., P>t., B. R. 2. Eldon. Iowa. 

Sippd, Eugene, Pvt., R. R. Z. Carlloo, Kan. 

luurrille. James F.. Pvl., Sullivan. Mo. 

Vammer, Jwepb, Pvt.. Melntisfa. S. D. 

Verley, Ralph V.. Pvt., R. R. 1, Lowry Cily. Mo. 

.,_,. ^ .„„.„„ . ■■ .,[ a,«ier, Iowa. 

T. WiUiaj 

_ .,Mag.. 
;., Pvt.. Moo 

L F., Pvt.. 1 

T. John G., Pvt.. 121 E. L 

WismiUa, Bar» 

1, Mo. 

... Ilutchiosan, Kan. 

e, Pvl., LeneiB, Kan. 
Kuaul. Arthur L.. Capt., Jsmeelown, N, D. 
Cheyne, William W., 1st Lt.. 301 Graoe Si., Counca Bluffs, Iowa. 
Reed. Wibon, 1st Lt.. 404E. Burlington St., Faitfleld, Iowa. 
Prilchett, Harold L., lat Lt.. IIS South 3Bth Si., OniaJu, Neb. 
Peterson. John L„ 1st Lt.. 918 Avenue "D," Council BlulTa, Iowa. 
Campbell, Frank, 2ud Lt., Peoria, lU. 
MU«, Waller S„ 2nd Ll.. R. F. D. No, I, Roanoke. Va, 
Young, WLIlsrd L., 2nd Lt., Vamey. Kan. 
DougEisa. Wilbur F„ Znd Lt., Biguville, lU. 

Goadsoa, W. F., 1st 8«gt., 2133 Cotlage Grove, Da Moina, lei 
Jenkina, Thomas. Ill Sergl., SOT Fiahgale St., Peoria, HI. 
Davia, Hany D., Pvl., Ist Cl., Vir^^, III. 
Carey, Qyde W.. Corp.. 1221 Bond St., Moberly, Mias. 
Licklldcr, Roy E.. Pvt., B. F. D. No. 1, Bourbon, Mb>. 
Ryuuya, Stanley S., Pvt,, 804 North East Avenue, Joliet, 111. 
Bailey, Wilbur A., Cook, 601 l^e Ave., Ollumwa. Iowa. 
Wilson, Clarence E., Pvt., R. F. D. No. 2. I«oona, Iowa, 

• I. Hubvt, M™ Sergt., R. F. D. No. 1, Spring Valley. I 

"- us. Cook, 1308 Wat Bn °- "' "' 

,., Cook, LOiaty, HI. 


Name, Rank and I form Addre** 

Soott, Harrv H., Cook, Eddyville. Iowa. 

Hawkins. Hoeea T., Mech., R. F. D. Mo. I. Council BlulTs. Iowa. 

Alford, Merrell E., Sup. Sergt., P. O. Box 20, Ottumwa. Iowa. 

Vogelbein. Charles J.. Pvt., 4551 A. Chateau Ave. St. Louis, Mo. 

FYaaer. James K., Pvt., 1st CI., 306 Pearl St., Yankton. S. Dak. 

Swanson, Elmer L., Bug., R. F. D. No. 1, Chillicothc, Iowa. 

Swanson. Harry W., Bug., R. F. D. No. I. Chillior)thc, Iowa. 

Diehl, Philip 11., Sergt.. 31.3 Stanton St., Streator, 111. 

Hale, Frank, Sergt., H. F. D. No. 5, Leroy, HI. 

Ternetti, Peter, Sergt.. R. F. 1). No. 1, Spring Valley, 111. 

Richetti, AchiUe C, Pvt., Ist CI., R. F. D. No. 8. Osage City. Kan. 

Williams. K. K.. Pvt.. Ist CI., R. F. D. No. 1, Kcytesvillo. Mo. 

Hinch, Jesse, Pvt.. Ist CI., Scotia, Miss. 

Bunk, J. C, Pvt.. 1st CI., 10 South Comnierciul St., Emporia, Kan. 

Nelson, Ben W., Pvt., R. F. D. No. I. Birmingham, Iowa. 

Terrell. C. A., Pvt.. 1st CI., Rivervicw Addition. Ottumwa. Iowa. 

Met2, Eklward G.. Sup. Sergt., 3121 Montana St.. St. Louis, Mo. 

Dalton, Lewis C. Pvt., 1st CI.. 826 liidKc St., Keokuk, Iowa. 

Benzick, Leo, IVt., R. F. D. No. 1, B<Mirl>on. Mo. 

Roth, Paul G., Pvt., R. F. D. No. 1. Homestead. Iowa. 

GaUandt, Walter A., Pvt.. 1st CI., .3922 Wyoming St.. St. Louis. Mo. 

Linville, Jay C. Pvt., 321 S. .3rd St.. loin. Kon. 

McMullin. Carroll D.. Pvt.. 1st CI.. Kirkville, lowji. 

Raffel, Jacob. IVt., 1st CI., Russel. Kun. 

Scfaneckloth, G. W., Pvt.. 1st CI., R. F. D. No. 1. Stockton. Iowa. 

Brewer, Ray P., Pvt., R. F. 1). !So. 3, Pualoski. Iowa. 

Roman, Anton. Pvt.. Standard, 111. 

Zam, Edward. Bug., R. V. D. No. 2, Dnvannort. Iowa. 

Chaplin, Hohnan A., Pvt., R. F. D. No. 2. Carlisle. Iowa. 

Griffith. Paul. Pvt., Ist CI., Kirkville. h.wn. 

Bounser, Henry L., Pvt., R. F. D. No. 1. \Vi»st Point, Iowa. 

Schlesinger. Joe F., Pvt., Isl CI., 3626 Liermiin Ave.. St. L<iuis. M«*. 

Jenninm. Ray R., Pvt., R. F. I). No. 6. Centralin. Mo. 

OLson, lli<Hwald, Pvt., Donnelly. Minn. 

Sachs, William L., Pvt., 1st CI.. 811 .Mulberry St.. JrlTorson City. Mo. 

Shdvin, James J.. Pvt.. 417 West Muple St.. Ottumwa. Iowa. 

Haffer. WUliam, Pvt., Oby. Mo. 

Nelson, Martin, Pvt., Ada, Kan. 

Smith, Wayne A.. Pvt.. II. F. I). No. 2. Selma. Iowa. 

Farmer, Georse II., Sergt.. R. V. 1). No. 1. Posivilh*. Iowa. 

Barnes, Fred M., Sergt., R. F. D. No. 1, Brown Station. Mo. 

Kraus, George L., Mech., R. F. D. !\o. 1, Keokuk. Iowa. 

Lekse, John, Pvt., Ist CI.. Radley, Knn. 

Sanders. M. W.. Pvt., Ist CI., R.F.D. No. 6, Box 11."), Vincennes. Ind. 

Thomas, Charmon C, Pvt., Viburnum. Mo. 

Person. Robert M., Corp., 525 Winchester St., Moberly. Mo. 

McRoberts. Andrew. Corp., 2006 4th Ave., Des Moines, Iowa. 

Fletcher, Samuel J., Corp.. Princeton. Iowa 

Estel. Ray. Corp., R. F. D. No. 6. Winter?ot. Iowa. 

McClure, W. H., Corp., 507 Nortli Sheridan Ave.. Ottumwa, Iowa. 

Anderson. John. Pvt.. Mount Ayr. Iowa. 

Harmeyer. GocH-ge. Pvt.. West Point. Iowa. 

Gott, Loren B.. Pvt., Brimsom. Mo. 

Schmickle. J. M., Pvt., R. F. D. No. 3. Box 81. Center Point. Iowa. 

Skinner, Dave K., Pvt., R. F. I). No. 5. Cloverdnle. Ind. 

Nelson, Victor, Pvt., 1st CI.. 1035 Kinnickinic Ave.. Milwaukee, Wis. 

Gucker, WUbert, I»vt., Ist CI., R. F. I>. No. 5. Chelopa, Kan. 

Sticher, Charles F., Pvt., R. F. D. No. 1. Le(.laire. Iowa. 

Wflcoxen, George, Pvt., 540 Cirand Ave., Kansuis City, Mo. 

Dapkenvnie, George, Pvt., 2607 East 1st St.. Sioux (^ity, Iowa. 

Reeves, Earl A., Pvt., R. F. D. No. 2, Beacon. Iowa. 

WOleford, Ralph E., Pvt., Salem. Iowa. 

Desmond, Denis W.. Corp., 2013 West 3rd St., Sioux City, Iowa. 

Resh, Clarence F^., Pvt., Morton Mills, Iowa. 

Brandis, George C, Sergt., 518 Alexamler Ave., Peoria. III. 

Wilkinson, Llewlyn A., Pvt., South Star Route. Lnkin. Kan. 

Wulff, Walter, Pvt., Edmonton, Alberta. Can. 

Keller, Charles L., Pvt., 8.39 West 2nd St., Ottumwa. Iowa. 

Erickson, Elliott. Pvt., 1st CI.. Bisbee. \. I). 

ZIe<^en, Hyman. Pvt.. 1313 Commercial St., Walerlo*). lown. 

Jameson. John H.. Pvt.. Ist CI., R. F. D. No. 2, Birmingliam, Iowa. 

Little. Clarence V., Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 4, Wintersel, Iowa. 

Given. Lloyd J.. Pvt.. 1st CI.. R. F. D. No. 5. Ottumwa. Iowa. 

McKdvey. Homer E., Corp., R. V. D. No. 2. Staples, Minn. 

Dcmd. Ralph W., Pvt., Ist CI., Box 24, D<Mids, Iowa. 

Gerth. Walter. Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 1, Bourbon. Mo. 

Hamilton, James A.. Pvt., R. F. D. No. 1. LeCIaire, Iowa. 

Dollar, Shoteau, Pvt., 1st CI., Bourbon, Mo. 

While, WiUiam T.. Pvt., 2611 Wjdnut St.. Alton. 111. 

Strangdand, Ncls O.. Pvt., Mndi.son, S. 1). 

Dickerson, Charles T.. Pvt.. M)7> Mor^'an St., Fishdam, Tenn. 

Chewninx, WiUiam H.. Pvt.. 223 South Washington Ave., lolu, Kan. 

Finney, Joseph G., Pvt., R. F. 1). No. 1. Eldon. Iowa. 

Knoblauch, Frank A.. Pvt., 1729 West 1st St.. Sioux City. Iowa. 

Erickson, Leander E., Pvt.. R. F. 1>. No. 1. Box 3, Stan** n,Iuwa. 

Bamett, Roy G., Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 1, Batavia, Iowa. 

James, Roy L., Pvt., Richnioml, Mo. 

Allred, Everett, Pvt., R. F. D. No. 2, Ottumwa. Iowa. 

Hatch. George W., Corp.. 1310 East 2nd St.. Ottumwa, Iowa. 

Standley, Ray, Pvt., 1st CI., R. F. D. No. 2, StockiK)rl. Iowa. 

Oxtra, Nels B., Pvt., Plaza, N. D. 

McHugh, Martin L., Pvt., R. V. D. No. 1, Cumniings, Iowa. 

Constable. Howard II., Pvt., Vine. Kan. 

Elkeer, William M., Pvt., 341 South 3rd Ave., Kauknkee, 111. 

Thomas, David E., Pvt.. R. F. I). No. 2. Neoslia Falls. Kan. 

West. Billy R.. Corp.. 432 Hamilton St.. Ottumwa, Iowa. 

Walker, John L.. Sergt.. Ogden, Iowa. 

Benke, Fred T., Corp.. 316 Cherry St.. Jefferson City, Mo. 

Griffin. H. W., Pvt.. Ist CI.. R. F. D. No. 1. Holt Summitt, Mo. 

Ritchie, Robert R.. Pvt., 616 S. 2nd St., Oskaloosa, Iowa. 

Jones, Oliver H., Pvt., R. F. D. No. 1. Lacona. Iowa. 

Halm. Oscar A.. Pvt.. 1st CI., 2i20 9th St., S.. Minneapolis, Minn. 

Chiloote, Glenn A.. Corp., R. F. D. No. 6, Ottumwa. Iowa. 

Name, Rank and Home Address 

McCaflTey. David A., Pvt.. 1st CI.. R. F. D. No. 3. Keosaqua. low 

McConncll, William I., Pvt., Ilumeston, Iowa. 

Diamond, Bernio L.. Pvt., Ist CI., R. F. D. No. 2, Kanopolis, Kan 

Ingbrightsen, Lars J.. Pvt.. 829^^ 18th St.. Sioux City. Iowa. 

Smith. Arvid E.. Pvt.. 1332 23rd St.. Sioux City. Iowa. 

Howell. Roy C, Pvt., AUerton, Iowa. 

ToUefson, Lyle J., Pvt., Woonsocket, S. D. 

Overman, Carl J., Pvt., 917 N. 7th St., Wymore, Neb. 

Hughes, W alter E., Pvt., Henrietta, Minn. 

Grinager, Philip II., Pvt., 1st CI., Madison, S. D. 

Roth. Henry, Pvt., Parkston. S. D. 

Hanson. Mart. Pvt., R. F. D. No. 2, Madison, S. D. 

Bonkosky, Willijun. Pvt.. Gregory. S. D. 

Bednar. John. Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 1. TyndaU. S. D. 

Lawrence. Albert E., Pvt.. 1st CI., R. F. D. No. 3, Volin, S. D. 

Christianson. Liiwrence P., Pvt., 1711 Ashland Ave., St. Paul, Min 

Taylor. Fred J., Pvt.. Bijc»u Kills, S. D. 

Ilebler. Julius E., Sergt., Wenona. 111. 

Nader. IVter B.. Sergt., 416 Elliott St.. Peoria. 111. 

Brady. Franklin A.. Sergt., Dunlap, 111. 

Poison. Montic N., Pvt., 525 W inchester St.. Moberly, Mo, 

Black, Everett. Pvt.. R. V. D. No. 3. Batavia, Iowa. 

VNcmmI. Daniel O., Pvt., Hillsboro, Iowa. 

Bray. NUey S., Pvt., R. F. D. No. 3. Box 41, Oakley. Kan. 

Pitts. Henry II., Pvt., Cook Station, Mo. 

Mongt^rson, Clarence E., Pvt., 826 Glenwood Ave., Ottumwn. low; 

McHlel, James, Corp., Belle Plain. Iowa. 

Heyden. Henry, Pvt., R. F. D. No. 2. Stockton. Iowa. 

Mason. Lawrence A., Pvt., Box 131. Spring Hill, Iowa. 

Thomas. Earl, Pvt., R. F. D. No. 1, Weaver, Iowa. 

Schlafer. Oscar II.. Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 2. Bourbon, Mo. 

Cowman. Edward R., Corp., Ackwortli. Iowa. 

Realty. John P., Corp.. 907 Bluff St., Fulton. Mo. 

Brown. William E., Pvt., 1st CI., Waynesville, Mo. 

Enoclie. Louie, Pvt., Paola, Kan. 

Kurz. Oscar J., Pvt., 1st CI., Kendell. Kan. 

Bailey. Eliza J., Pvt., 1st CI., 409 S. Sheridan Ave.. Ottumwa. lorn 

Chapniim. Robert E., Corp.. Ashton. Kan. 

SaviUe. Ben D., Pvt., Eddyville, Iowa. 

l.,ore?iz, Edmund A., Pvt.. 3911 S. Compton Ave., St. Louis. Mo. 

1 learn. Ray. Pvt.. Rush Hill, Mo. 

Macning, Marion G., Pvt., R. F. D. No. 1, Paxico, Kan. 

(iernaey, (jiabriel, Sergt., 513 Scott St., Davenport. Iowa. 

(Jreen. Harry E.. Corp.. Davidsville. Mo. 

Lindquist. Alfred I., Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 3. McGregory. Iowa. 

Mc(iuiro, Thomas L.. Pvt., Ist CI.. R. F. D. No. 1, Parnell, Iowa. 

Warren, Corwin B., Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 1, Eldon. Iowa. 

Jorgensen. Chris (».. Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 2, Davenport. Iowa. 

Shively. Henry I.. Pvt., Caddoa, Col. 

Roy, Lucion L., Corp.. 4.349 S. Compton Ave., St. Louis. Mo. 

(^(M>k, Albert, Pvt.. Ist CI.. Kanopolis. Kan. 

Patti, Giuseppe, Pvt., 5216 Bishoff Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 

lawman, Tliomas R., Pvt., Batavia, Iowa. 

Tray. John J., Corp., 1605 E. Main St., Ottumwa. Iowa. 

Pieper. F>eddie E., Corp., 316 Court Ave., Des Moines, Iowa. 

Price, CJiarles E.. Pvt., R. F. D. No. 4. Walker. Iowa. 

DeBok. William H.. Pvt., R. F. I). No. 5, Winterset, Iowa. 

Kale. Harry W.. Pvt., Truro, Iowa. 

Tucker, (irant N., Pvt., 1st CI., Lorimor, Iowa. 

Burcii, Emery II., Pvt.. 621 B. West Hutchinson. Kan. 

McCabe, William L.. Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 2, Pittsburg. Kan. 

W elch. W illiam II., Pvt.. Ut CI.. R. F. D. No. 1, Optima, Okla. 

Bourgaiu. Arthur G., Pvt.. Sterling. Kan. 

Shuster. Frank. Pvt., R. F. D. No. 2, Roslyn, S. D. 

llainz. Joseph J., Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 1, Ipswich, S. D. 

McMillan. William R., Sergt., 518 Palean St., Keokuk, Iowa. 

Zaslrow. Hugo D., Pvt.. Ist CI., Hamill, S. D. 

Blakely, (lilbert L., Sergt., 4140 Manajunk Ave., Box Bore, Penn 

Hoke, J. Byron, Sergt., Astoria. 111. 

Eberle, Elmer A.. Sergt.. 508 Caroline St.. Peoria, III. 

Hamilton, Kenneth L., Pvt.. 1st CI.. R. F. D. No. 2, Bourbon. M< 

Brislune. Patrick M., Pvt.. 1st CI., 306 Ferry St., Sioux City. lowi 

C'raigo, Curlew, Pvt., 633 N. 5th St.. Culumibia, Mo. 

Otis, Jam(», Corp., Sherbrooks, Quebec, Can. 

Han.sen. Harry N., Pvt., Arco. Minn. 

Ferriell, Joseph R., Pvt., Ist CI., lUmo, Mo. 

Eager, John J., Pvt., 4503 West A. Easton Ave.. St. Louis. Mo. 

Brekke. Eddie A.. Pvt., R. F. I). No. 3. Kenyon. Minn. 

Branstetter. John D., Corp., R. F. D. No. 4. Madison. Mo. 

(2orrick, Sylvester F., Pvt., Ist CI., R. F. D. No. 1, Quintm', Kan. 

Dye, James I., Pvt., Ist CI., R. F. D. No. 2, Montrose. Iowa. 

Glass. Luther G.. Pvt., 1st CI., Sickeston, Mo. 

Rowland, Will D., Pvt., Cuba, Mo. 

SnodgroHs, Paul B., Pvt., 11 14th St.. Sioux City. Iowa. 

McMouagle, Joe, Pvt., Bockwell, Iowa. 

Allison, Jack L., Pvt., R. F. D. No. 1. Cedar, Iowa. 

Anderson. Ililmer T., Pvt., R. F. D. No. 1, Badger, Minn. 

Amundson. Peder, I*vt.. R. F. D. No. 4, Irene, S. D. 

Wheat. Louis M., Pvt., 410 Jefferson St., Jefferson City, Mo. 

Molskow, Victor, Pvt., 113 S. Newton, Sioux City, Iowa. 

Louwsma, (Jeorge, Pvt., R. F. D. No. 2, Colcfax, Iowa. 

Woodruff, Elby D., Pvt., 1st CI., 1209 8th St.. Sioux City, Iowa. 

Austin. E<lward V.. Sergt., Lisl>on, Iowa. 

Hellstrom, Artimr, Pvt., Juckum, Minn. 

Abramson, Carl, Pvt., 1st CI., Arrington. Kan. 

Yarnell. Jay E., Pvt., Ist CI., R. F. D. No. 1, Douds, Iowa. 

Blind. Harry. IVt., Ist CI.. R. F. D. No. 2, West Point, Iowa. 

Copeland, Orrm L., Pvt.. 1st CI.. R. F. D. No. 2. Batavia. Iowa. 

Strait. Edward P., Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 3. Koosauqua, Iowa. 

Barton. Andy E., Pvt., Chctoba. Kan. 

Weeks. Noah W.. Corp., White Lake, Wis. 

Eyler, Keith C. Corp.. R. F. D. No. 1. HUlsboro. Iowa. 

Jacobison, Arthur C, Pvt.. Earlham, Iowa. 


Ncune, Rank and Home Addrest 

Pedrick. Paul C, Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 7, Otlumwa, Iowa. 

WusiuKer, Peter P., Pvt., Victoria, Kan. 

Morrow. (ieorKC A., I*vt., Ist CI.. K. F. D. No. I. Douds. Iowa. 

Schmidt. Albert. Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 1, Gothenberg, Neb. 

Ruff, F>ank W., Corp.. Buffalo, Mina. 

Ball. Claude L.. Pvt., R. F. D. No. 5. Madison, Mo. 

Calviu. Johu W.. Pvt.. l»t CI.. R. F. D. No. 1, Garland. Kan. 

Schumaclier, Artiiur W., Pvt., lat CI., Shawano, Wis. 

Purrott. V inal R., Pvt.. Ist CI., Whitney, S. D. 

li<>lnie». Pearl H.. Pvt.. Ist CI., Moching, S. D. 

Cox, Jolin C. Pvt., 112 K. Carpenter St., Hutchinson, Kan. 

Ryan. John A.. Pvt., R. F. D. No. 5, Burlington. Kan. 

Rump, Benjamine R.. Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 6, Newton, Kan. 

Bland. WUliam II., Pvt., 1st CL, R. F. D. No. 1, Humboldt, Kan. 

Perkins. Otto M., Pvt.. Rolla. Kan. 

Leckiugton. Claude F., Pvt., 1st CI., R. F. D, No. 4, Newton. Kan. 

Muuyon, Jesse il., Pvt., 1st CI., Viroqua, Wis. 

!yi<K)re. William M., Pvt., R. F. 1>. No. 2. Galena, Kan. 

Spurgeon, Andrew. Pvt., Ist CI., R. F. 1). No. 1. Ilepler. Kan. 

Conway, Omer I)., Pvt., 1st CA., R. F. I). No. 5, Osborne, Kan. 

Walil, Julius. Pvt.. R. F. D. ^o. 2, Bristol, S. D. 

Bjork, John W.. Pvt., Arapalioe, Colo. 

Delzer. Chris G., Corp., R. F. D. No. 2, Gregory, S. D. 

('ampbell, Alvren R., Pvt., .Martinsville, Va. 

(loldmun, Joseph. Pvt., Pittsburg, J*enn. 

Lockard, Winston, Pvt., Arrington. Va. 

Murray, Earl (.1., Pvt.. Lawsonham, Penn. 

Grisbaura, William J., Sergt., 47tt N. Center St., Pottsville, Penn. 


Barron. G. V., 1st Lt., U. S. A.. 2202 Bobbins St.. St. Paul. Minn. 

Bro4irton, James H., Cupt., U. S. A., Waterl<x>, Iowa. 

CooiMir, H. M., 1st Lt.. U. S. A., 107 Pearl St., Council Bluffs. lowu. 

KUis. Edward H.. 2nd Lt., U. S. A.. 110 S. Center. Clinton. 111. 

Harris. Benjamin F., Ist Lt.. IJ. S. A., F'air Play. Mo. 

Howard. Fred W., 2nd Lt., U. S. A., 101 N. New St., Kirksville. Mo. 

Tripp, Everett G.. Ist Lt., U. S. A.. Yankton, S. D. 

Anderson, A., Cook, 119 University Ave.. S. E.. Minneapolis, Minn. 

Anders, Alva C, Corp., 911 S. 11th St.. Kansr.s City, Kan. 

Andrews. Melvin W., Pvt.. 11 N. 13th St., Fort Dodge. Iowa. 

Bammerlin, Edward II., Pvt., Enterprise, Neb. 

Rarnett. Leo R., Pvt., Ist and River St., Miami, Okla. 

Bean. Clyde A.. Pvt., 811 S. Forest St., Cliaunte, Kan. 

Bennett, Harvey. Sergt., R. F. D. No. 4, Fordliam, Minn. 

Bennett, Joshua L., i*vt., Waverly, Kan. 

Bonlley, WiUiam W.. Pvt., R. F. I). No. 5, DeWitt. Iowa. 

Bickle, Ellis F., Pvt., Eldcrado, Kan. 

Bicknese, John F., Corp., R. F. D. No. 1, Wheatland, Iowa. 

Biddie, Walter F., Sergt., Columbus St.. Champaign, III. 

Blukemore, James L., Pvt., 601 E. (iireen St., Clinton, Mo. 

BogoJ, Frank W., Pvt.. St. Charles, Mo. 

Book, Jotthua E., Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 1. Taopi, Minn. 

Buxberger, Solomon, Pvt., Russell, Kan. 

Brilcy, Joseph, Pvt., R. F. D. No. 1, Melvrin, Iowa. 

BruHtrom, Albert S., Cook, R. F. D. No. 1, Fremont, Iowa. 

Bruce, Basil, Corp., R. F. D. No. 2. Mulvane, Kan. 

Bunn, Norris W., Pvt., R. F. D. No. 2, Kent, Iowa. 

Rurke, C;eorge W., Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 1, Manstield. S. D. 

Campbell. Cecil 11., Pvt., Quapa, Okla. 

(>unny, Mikel L., Pvt., R. F. i). No. 7, Ottumwa, Iowa. 

Carlson, Theodore, Pvt., 1813 2nd Ave., N., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Carr, Jewel F., Pvt., Ist CI., Snyder, Mo. 

('happell, Alva W., Corp., Lcmars, Iowa. 

Chaussee. Willie W.. Pvt., Burbank. S. D. 

CJiristenson, Carl C, Pvt., Ist CI., R.F.D. No. I.Clinton, Iowa. 

Claassen, Seibert C, Corp., Buffalo Center, Iowa. 

Coan. Otis W., Pvt., 602 York Ave., York, Neb. 

Cocliran, Clifford II., Pvt., 1st CI., Guthrie Center, Iowa. 

Coffee, Lee R.. Pvt., (ireat Rend, Kan. 

(^ohen, Joe, Sergt., 569 6th Ave. N., Alinneapolis, Minn. 

C(»leman, McKiuley, Pvt., 1st CI., R. F. D. No. 2, Tracy, Iowa. 

Collins, William A.. Pvt., Rienbeck. Iowa. 

Conley. Walter B., Corp., R. F. D. No. 3, Paris, Mo. 

iUtx, Bert H., Corp., Shelby, Iowa. 

Crouse, Roy, Pvt., Sigourney, Iowa. 

Cunningham, Edwin E., Pvt., R. F. D. No. 2, Caney, Kan. 

Curwick, Alfred A., Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 13. Rossville. Kan. 

Daley. Mike, Pvt., Crowburg, Kan. 

Dauve, E<lward J. Pvt., 700 N. 3rd St., St. Charles, Mo. 

Decker, Miciiacl T., Corp., R. F. D. No. 6, Burlington, Kan. 

Deckert, Jacob, Pvt., Tescott. Kan. 

DeLaurier. Ernest. Pvt., 1st CI., R. F. D. No. 2. Burbank. S. D. 

Denman, John F.. Pvt., R. F. D. No. 2. Marabia, Iowa. 

Dieust. Adolph J.. Pvt., Ist CI., Toronto, Iowa. 

DePew, Coryl, Pvt., 1st CI., Grand Junction, Iowa. 

Doden. Garrett W., Pvt., 1st CI., DeWitt, Iowa. 

Dirkseu, Benjamin. Corp., 1015 Kathryn St., Pekin, III. 

Duykcrs, Adrian, Pvt., 1st CI., R. F. D. No. 2, Oskaloosa, Iowa. 

Dutcher, Forrest S., Pvt., 208 U. St., West, Ft. Dodge. Iowa. 

Eurl, Ru.ssell L.. Sergt., 108 Charles St., Champaign, lU. 

Egge. Eugene. Pvt., -Ist CI., 312 10th St., Sioux City, Iowa. 

Elluigson. Elling A., Pvt.. 1st CI.. Moorland, Iowa. 

Ely. Richard R., Pvt., 1st CI., Denison, Iowa. 

I'^ngebreston, Conrad. Pvt., Ist CI., Climax, Minn. 

Ervin. Duvid B., Pvt.. Ist CI., R. F. D. No. 2, Cincinnati, Iowa. 

Evans, (ilcnn W., Sergt., Odebolt, Iowa. 

Fuwks, Alfred, Pvt., 1st CI., Prairie HiU, Mo. 

Fluuiguu, Milo T., Pvt., Bristow, Iowa. 

Frangiaso. Orazio, Pvt., 6729 Garner St., St. Louis. Mo. 

(;entet, Harry A., Pvt., R. F. D. No. 4, Wathena, Mizm. 

Gentry, Perry G., Pvt., Ist CI., Houston, Mo. 

Gibson, Cleve, Pvt., Ist CI., Bourbon. Mo. 

Giertz, Theodore J.. Pvt., Paullina, Iowa. 

Name, Rank and Home^Addresi 

Graham, William F., Pvt., R. F. D. No. 1. Modale, Iowa. 

Gray, Evan H., Pvt., Ist CI., R. F. D. No. 4, Farmington, Iowa. 

Gray, Ross C. Corp.. Star Route, Paris. .Mo. 

(Crimes. Charles E., Pvt., Guthrie Center, Iowa. 

Grunert, John. Pvt., Bendena, Kan. 

Haessler, Willie F., Pvt., Reliance, S. D. 

Hagan, Gerald, Pvt., Altamount, Kan. 

Ilagen, Oscar M., Pvt., R. F. D. No. 4, Sisseton, S. D. 

Hainke. Guy B., Pvt., Ist CI.. R. F. D. No. 4. Russell. Kan. 

Hamaker, WUliam C, Pvt., 1st CI., R. F. D. No. 1. Oskaloosa, Iowa 

Hamdorf. Herman J., Pvt., 1st CI., Wheatland, Iowa. 

Hamdorf, I^uuis, Pvt.. 1st CI., Massilon, Iowa. 

Hammer. Frederick G., Pvt., 101 NVash St.. St. Charles. Mo. 

Hand. Ira (i., Pvt., Thomastown Town Hall. Minn. 

Harris, Glenn O., Pvt., 1st CI., 512 9th St., Sioux City, Iowa. 

Heery, Frank H., Pvt., 326 Monroe St., Tofieka, Kan. 

Hill, Edward L., Sergt., Bevicr, Mo. 

Hill. Pearl E.. Pvt., 1st CI., R. F. D. No. 1. Columbia. Mo. 

Hillery, Thomas, Mech.. 813 Morris Ave., Topeka. Kan, 

Hobl, Arthur A., Pvt., Collier. Kan. 

Hobson. (ieorge R., Pvt., Aberdeen, S. D. 

Hoelsclier, Paul H., Corp.. 517 S. 3rd St.. St. Charles, Mo. 

H()ff. Joseph. Pvt., R. F. D. No. 8, Beresford. S. D. 

Hogle, Stanley L., Corp., Watseka, III. 

Ilolloway. Paul D., Pvt., R. F. D. No. 2. Aft«n. Minn. 

Hormunn, Frank W., Pvt.. Arapaho, Neb. 

Houlwed, Harry. Pvt., Ruskin Neb. 

Howard, Oscar C, Corp., Sulem. Mo. 

Hudson, Russell B., Sergt., Hunt^ville, Mo. 

Jackman, John E., Pvt., Argonia, Kan. 

Jackson, Rover, Pvt., 120 Kansas Ave., Kansas City. Kan. 

Jacobson, Jacob O., Sergt., Rollisay, Minn. 

James, Ralph W.. Pvt., Hougliton, S. 1). 

Jaffo. Benjamin. Corp., 1042 S. 3rd Ave.. Kankakee, III. 

Jasper, Deskey D., Pvt., 1st CI., Brunswick, Mo. 

Jenkins, James A., Pvt., 1st CI., Henley. Mo. 

Jensen, Palmer E., Pvt., Lake Mills, Iowa. 

Jensen, William Pvt., Denison. Iowa. 

Johnson, Hans, Corp., Fertile, Iowa. 

JohiLHon, C. E., Corp., 2503 Bryant Ave. W., Minneapolis Minn. 

Johnson. Edward I., Pvt., Lcanurdsvillo, Kan. 

Johnson, Idor, Pvt., Rutlin, S. D. 

Jungst. Virgil A., Pvt., R. F. D. No. 3, Afton. Iowa. 

Kalisek. Stephen, Pvt., R. F. D. No. 3, Howells, Neb. 

Kamp. Victor W., Corp.. Binford, N. D. 

Keck. Perry J., Ist Sergt., 201 E. Oak St., Fairbury. III. 

Keighin. Charles W.. Sergt., R. F. D. No. 2, Kemptun, III. 

Kent/ler, Walter H., Pvt., R. F. D. No. 4, Watiiens, Kan. 

Knobel, Joachim, Pvt., Ist CI., 1938 Larimer St., Denver, Colo. 

Kozel, John P., Pvt., Ist CI., I^cstcrvUle, S. D. 

Muebler, (ieorge C, Sergt., 2710 S. 10th St., St. Louis, Mo. 

Lachmit, Frank, Pvt., Mitcliell, S. D. 

Lamm, William O., Pvt., R. F. D. No. 2. Alton. Kan. 

Lammers, John, Pvt., Ist CI., R. F. D. No. 1, Bcmis, S. D. 

Lancaster, Luther C, Pvt., Simms, La. 

Larson, Arthur J., Pvt., 1st CI., 446 PocohantasSt., Ottumwa. Iowa. 

Laurent, Harry L., Pvt., Ist CI., 720 Bluff Ave., Clinton, Iowa. 

Lawrence. Oscar S., Pvt., Ist CI., Harcourt, Iowa. 

Lean, William. Pvt., Ireton, Iowa. 

Lee, John B., Pvt., 1st CI., 709 S. Jefferson St., Wellington, Kan. 

Lindberg, Richard H.. Pvt., Miller Hotel, Duluth, Minr« 

Luesse, Jacob A.. Pvt., Ist CI., R. F. D. No. 1. Portage dei Sioux, Mo. 

Lumsden, VoU, Pvt., Salano, N. Mox. 

McElroy, Carl R., Pvt., Hedrick. Iowa. 

McKenzie. Morton C, Pvt., Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. 

McKinnon, Lawrence M., Pvt., Olga, N. D. 

Mallery, George M., Pvt., Ist CI., R. F. D. No. 3, IlunUville, Mo. 

Mansager, Henry, Pvt., 1st CI., Montour, Iowa. 

Martin, Gordon S.. Pvt., .Mechanicsville, Iowa. 

Maupin, Marshall T., Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 3, Paradise, Kan. 

Maxwell, Claude, Pvt., Centerville, Iowa. 

Maschmeier, John, Pvt., R. F. D. No. 2, Beatrice Neb. 

.Meyer. Albert W., Pvt., Lincoln, Kan. 

Miller, Fred W., Corp., Box 601, Hays, Kan. 

Miller. Truman W.. Pvt., 1st CI., R. F. D. No. 1, Huntsville, Mo. 

Mitchell, Claude W., Pvt.. Seneth, Mo. 

Mitchell. Edd L., Mech., 3509 Arsenal St., St. Louis, Mo. 

Moisant, Henry P., Pvt., 1st CI., Vermillion, S. D. 

Montague, Philip L.. Pvt., Jefferson, S. D. 

Moorhead. Arthur W., Pvt., Neoslio Falls, Kan. 

Morgan. Calvin O., Pvt., (iuthrie Center. Iowa. 

Mourning, Paul, Corp., R. F. D. No. 1, Hallsville, Mo. 

Myers, Charles F., Pvt., R. F. D. No. 3, Parsons, Kan. 

Mueller, William F., Pvt., 705 Perry St., Davenport, Iowa. 

Newburn, Walter E., Pvt., Cromwell, Iowa. 

Nielson, Nieb P.. Pvt., 2323 N. Kidvale Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Nieto, Thomas W., Pvt., R. F. D. No. 13. Dodge City, Kan. 

Nuss, Otto, Pvt., 123 Fairy St.. Sioux City, Iowa. 

Nelson, Karl H., Pvt., 1110 Westren Ave., Minneapolis, Mimi. 

Oberg, Frank, Pvt., R. F. D. No. 3, Andover, S. D. 

Olson, Alvin E., Pvt., Penvillc, S. D. 

^PPYi James M., Pvt., R. F. D. No. 1, St. George, Kan. 

Opatrny. Fred, Pvt., R. F. D. No. 4. Bolivar. Mo. 

Orth, Valentine W., Pvt., R. F. D. No. 2, Hays, Kan. 

Ott, Robert H., Pvt., Nelson, Wis. 

Otterstein, William L.. Pvt.. 422 Ist St.. N. W., Mason City, Iowa. 

Owens, Charley A., Pvt., Sedan, Kan. -t* 

Pearce. Lewis G., Pvt.. 1st CI., Box 92, DeWitt, Iowa. 

Perrill, John L., Pvt., Lyons, Kan. 

Peters, Francis W., Pvt., 405 Linwood Ave., St. Chsu'les, Mo. 

Phelps, Robert, Pvt., 1st CI., Parma. Mo. 

PhUpott, Wilbur F.. Pvt.. R. F. D. No. I. Diagonal, Iowa. 

Poaer. Walter G.. Corp., 424 N. Benton Ave., St.. Charles, Mo. 


fovtelt, Ben. Curp.. CsniUivnvUls. Mo. 

Polla, CaH, PyI., IH CI., M. F. D. !M... 1. Dadge Cily. Kan. 

PriborxkT, Aleiaader A.. Mech., T21 lUbocca St.. Sioui Cily 

Uiule. BeooiB O.. PvL. Lced*. S. D. 

Qoion, Jobn F,. Pvl.. R. F. D., Barii-.y. Iowa, 

naofro, HaiTV W.. Prt., lit CI., K. F. D. No. 2, Burnn. Kan. 

RBOuHurd, Un, Prt., Chatlua, lawn. 

Rkter. Lyie. Pvt., R. F. D. No. 3, CuUroud, Mo. 

RiDgn, Jama M., P<rt.. Dnm, Mo. 

Riana. Eberturd H.. San., 1D8 Devid Ave. Julirt, IlL 

RamiagBT, Guy E.. PtL., ft. F. D. No. 1. Itdoil, Kan. 

Raacf Edgar M., Pvt.. R. F, D.. PcLLa, loon. 

HoMtoiliihl, Harry, M«:h., GuLloD. 111. 

Roaa. Carl H., Sergl,, Suldl. III. 

Roaa. Jawph, Pvt., Ut CI., Roula No. 5. Criaton. lo«a. 

Ruiofnc. Carl E., Pvl., R. F. D. ^o. 5. Fl. Dodge. Iowa. 

RulKV. M»>ea P.. Corp.. [lalbville. Mo. 

^mHcl, Charles A.. Pvt.. lal CI.. 520 Hudson Si.. Storm Lak< 

SomloB. Jams T.. Pvt.. lul Q.. R. F. D. No. I . Wciiiworih. n. 

Sctundler, Ortd G.. Pvl., 215 I2th St.. Sioui Cil>. Iowa. 

Schmidt, John N., Pvt., S38 S. Lawrence til.. Ut. Paul, .Minn. 

Sdunidt, Walter C., Cook. S2UI S. Cruiid Ave., St. Louh. Mo. 

Sdineida. Harry. Pvt., MondiaU, Mina. 

adueTar. Georie, Pvt.. 90 Lipdrn Avp.. IrvinRton. N. J. 

Sdiroader, WaLc C Pvt.. Isl CI.. R. F. II. Nu. 1, SrarvUlp, Ic 

aOnau*. WiUiam G.. Pvl.. H. K. D. Nu. X tola, kiiu. 

SooSdd, Frank A., Pvt., Cut Batik. Mont. 

SM. Mordocai D., Pvt.. lat Q., 711 DuuKlns St.. t^ioui City, I 

Sdaor. Leo, Corp,. Pam, Mo, 

Shaw. Buy, Pvl., New Shatou, Iowa. 

Shay, Glenn J., Pvt., l»l Q.. ForMt Cily. Iowa. 

Shrope. WiUie E., Corp., M«hanic>villr, lintn, 

SieUie, Arthur J.. Cnvp., 3\19\ Osagi- S( „ St. Louis. Mci. 

StooD. Hay E., Pvt.. FoimiDum, N. D. 

SBwdloy, Leo E,. Pvt., SSO llatriuHi St.. Toppkii. Kuii. 

SmiUi, Alvln G.. Bui., H. F. D. Nu. Sj, INdolum. III. 

Smith, Chariea M., Pvt., lat CI.. Fore,! City. lo«a. 

Smith, Floyd L., lal gsret,, Rudisun llolH, .Minneupulis. Minr 

Smith, GeorBB E , Pvl„ lat CI., Aftun. luwa. 

SoniuB, David H,. Pvt., Wodan, InwB. 

SpooD. Simon. Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 4, Lyons, Kan. 

Sluman. Lea A.. Pvt., 1327 llth Avo.. IS.. Ft. l)udR<-. Iowa. 

Stsat^.Anthony C Pvt., 1008 11th Ave.. S., Ft, Dodge, luwi 

Slarta, BBaiamm F,. Pvt.. R. F, D. Nu. J, Luoss, Knn. 

8l«una. Lealcr B.. Pvt., Mystic. lovin. 

Staffeu. Edward H., Swgt,. 4440 Gibion Avp., Si. Louis. Mo. 

Slender, Waiiam C. Pvt., lat CI.. (Juerrie Si.. Maquoketa, lov 

SlenluuH, Frad L., Pvt,. R, F. D, No, I, Vork, Nrb. 

Studaod, Lara B„ Pvt.. R. F. D. Nu. 3, Ea^Ie Grove. Iowa. 

SaeUaatrup, C. F.. Pvl., In CI., 909 Madison St., St. Charlet 

Summos. Charles H., Bug., R. F. D. No. 1. Laddunia, Mo. 

SwwHy, Lewis E., Pvt., Ist Cl„ Salnni. Mo. 

Tonmovia, Parrrcn, Pvl., Isl CI., 502 Hoverl St., St. Paul. Mil 

Trom, Oacar, Pvt., lal CI., Handnim, .Minn. 

Tniebea, Henry M.. Corp., Bm 4Bg, DeWill, Iowa. 

Volcb. GleDD v., Pvt.. R. F, D, No. 2, South Halco. Kan. 

Veal. Marvin H., Pvt., 4303 Paipin St., St. Louis. Mu. 

Volu, Qyde A., Pvl., LeonradviUe. Kan. 

Weatra, Chariey J., Pvt,. R, F. D. Nu. 1, Elk Pirint, S. D. 

Wnack, Jidin H.. Corp., Adair. Iowa. 

Wlederhold, Edward, Carp., 121 Court St., Carroll. luwa. 

WOUams, Arthur C Pvt., Grinnell, Knn. 

Wilty. WallBT B., Pvt., H, F. D. No. 2, Seymour, Iowa. 

Witta, End C^ Pvl., lat CI,. 50i) 3. 4;ii SI,, St. Chariea, Mu. 

Witt*. Hurry O., Pvl., WTientland, lown. 

Wojlard. Emmet P.. Pvt., R. F. D., ISeur Sharon. Iowa. 

Wakar, Aloyalus A., Pvl., 3830 pBunsylvauia Ave., St. Louis, 

WoK. Marvin W.. Pvt., CoUarville, Mo, 

Womack, Jama M.. Cook. 7S4 Collinsville Ave. E. St.. Luuis. 

Young, Ehner K,. Pvl., H. F. D. Nu. 2. Grand Junction. Iowa 

YounjT. Willinrd L,. Sorgt-. Varoey. Ky. 

Zlmmw, Joba. S«gt., Churdan, lown. 

Hudy, JiAb F„ Capt.. 1103 S. Robert St., Si. Paul. Mino. 
Fankcwoctli. Fred E. lat Lt.. 164U 3(HJi Si., Dm .Moines, Iowa 
Webw, John F.. Isl Ll.. 1524 Douglas St., Sioui City, luwa. 
WIUs, Joseph L.. 1st Lt., Louisa, Va. 
Stockman, Roaa L„ 1st Lt., Des Muines. Iowa. 
Duffy. William J.. 2nd Ll., North Trnvr, Vl. 
ChampagiM, J. L.. Znd Lt.. 127 W. "A" St., Iron Mounlain, 
Field. WlUiam J.. Znd Lt., Centerville. Tcnn. 
Adrson, LnwreDce E.. Pvt.. Maalove St., Pontine. Ill, 
Alandet, Sevain E. Corp.. Fores) Lake, Minn. 
Aleiander. Archie A.. Sergt., Whils llenlli. 111. 
MtoBixh*: WaUnr. Pvt.. K. F. D. No. 3, Kushville Mo. 
AUnquiat. GusUI. Pvt., Nudken lllevken. Odskoldl Dnlsnnd, Sw 
Andaison John P., Pvl., H. F. D. No. 2, Pomeroy, luwa. 
AtUson. Ernest, Sergt., Ruslivillg. Mu. 
Book. Albert T., Pvt.. l«l CI., Muquoekta, Iowa. 
BMk«. Henry, Pvt., R. ¥. D. No. I, ClBylun, 3. D, 
Bddo. Pnak W., Pvt.. New York Mills, Minn. 
Banton. Dwle W., Pvt., 101 Lynch St., Sioux City. lown. 
Bwnatiki, Henry, Pvl,, kiugaley, Kan. 
Bwiy. Roy C, Pvt., Luciu, Kan. 

Biiia. Amuld, Pvl., 3210 r^ttifurnin St,. Fort Madison, Iowa. 
BiamsoB, Benmrd, Pvt.. H. F, D. No. 3, Laurena. lown. 
Boaier, Hiury J., Corp., Guthrie Center, Iowa. 
Branaman, JameaE.,Pvl.,R. F. D. No. 3, ItusbviUe, Mo. 
Britt. Eriok W.. Pvt.. Ursaslberg. Sweden. 
Bruek, George H.. Pvl., IslQ.. R. F. D. No. 2, Rulfn, Iowa, 
Brown. Martin L.. Pvt., 408 N. 2nd Sl, St. Charin, Mo. 

Name. Rank and llonu AJJral 

Brown, Paul F., Pvt., Ist CI.. B. F. D. No. 3, Riiahvllle. Mo. 

Bruwn, Ruben G.. Pvl., R. F. D. Nu. 2. Pnlmec. lown. 
luwa. Bruwn. William II.. Pvl.. Blanchurd, luwa. 

Uruwn. WUIiam M.. Pvt.. lat CI., 230 Sih and KanawSt.. Huron 8. D. 

Ruriiham. Oscar P,. Pvt., 1st CI.. R. F. D. Nu. 1, Duncns Ridge. Mo. 

Rurn4, Fluyd F... Pvl., Yurk Town, lown. 

Rurko, James B., lat Sergt., Powderville, Muni. 

Carlson, Oscar, I'vt.,R. F. D. Nu. 2, Vdin. K. 11, 

Cattuni. Jose|>li, Pvt.. H. F. D. No. 1, RurlingBme. Knn. 

Chudwick. UHis i.. Cook. Rhame, N, D. 

ChualB. Claudio C. Pvl,, 357 Washingtun St., St. Charles. Mo. 

Christian. Eroeal n.. Pvl.. R. P. U. Nu. 6. St. Joseph. Mo. 

CJirialuircr*. Erick G.. Pvt.. R. F. D. Nu. 4. Pucahunlas. Iowa. 

CliCiun, Frank L., Pvt., 1114 Peail Sl„ Siuui City, luwa. 

Culrman, Archie W.. Corp., R. F. D. Nu. 1. Aloiis, III. 

Culeman. Brover C„ Pvl., Dollon. Mo. 

C'Kiler. J. H., PvL, lal CL, IHIh & Spruci-Sls., Leevensworth. Kan 
Icwa. Ctiovert. Jeaany O., Corp.. R. F. D, No, 6, Paris, Mu 
I). CronduU. Andre* W..5argl., R. F. D. No. l.Farbcr. Mo. 

Crawrord. Harry 8,. Pvl., Shenudooh, Iowa. 

Cnwi, Albert I.. Corp., Trove, Kan. 

David, Jeaa. Pvl.. 1007 N. 2nd Sl„ St. Charles, Mo. 

Davis, Ben. Pvl.. ICnslon. Ma. 

Dhvis, Millard 3„ Sergt.. It. F. D. No, 1, Catlin, 111. 
.w«, Tennyson H., Pvt.. 210 E. 3rd St.. Tnlan, Okla. 

rirDiunigi, Charles. Pvt.. Isl CI., MUanu. Italy 

Dt'ouir. Melvin R., Sergt.. Wheatland, lown, 
uwa. Doringlon. I^wnnuel, Cook, Ml. Vernon, III. 

D»elni«, WsyuD B.. Pvl., Edisun. Neb. 

I>,.wch.-t, Jolin A., Pvt., l8t CI., Pawnee City. Neb. 

Di.-rking, Gred, Pvt., Sewards, Kan. 

Ditlmun. nidiarilH.. Pvl., IsiCl., K. F. D. Nu.l.Connan. Mo. 

Dulrin. Th.anas A.. Sergl., Chnrlolle. Iowa. 

l^<l^ll•!r. Jnm« E., Corp.. Gladstone Hotel, Fargo. N. D. 

Dunn, Myron, Pvl.. Comanche, Iowa, 

Darliam. Hayd B., Corp.. R. F. I>. No 2, Gower. Mu. 

DwigKins. John S.. Pvt., Ist CI., It. P. D, No. 1, Alton. Mo. 

HMi. Joseph P., Pvl., Erllng, Iowa. 
1, Erps. Wilhclra A.. Pvt., lat CI., B. K. D. No. 2. Bnrfey, Iowa. 

KlrlK'n, Albert. Cook, R. F. D. No. 2. Goodell, Iowa. 

Faimin, F. H., Pvt,. 1st CI.. R. F. D, Nu. 2. Grand Muund, Iowa. 

Fishrr, Inland D., Pvt., 1st CI., Mulberry. Kan. 

Fi»ln-r. Andrew H.. Pvt., R, P. D, No, I , SMIon, Mo. 

Forkel, Adolph, Pvt., Ilosmcr, S. D. 

Puunluin. WiUiam W., Pvt.. B. F. D, No. 6, St. Joseph, Mu. 

GardiuY, Nelson J.. Pvl.. Dalas, S. D. 

CMtr. Jonnings B., Pvt,, Gulhrie Center, Iowa. 

r^liok, Fred D.. Pvt.. lal O.. DeWilt, luwa. 

Gurt^huw, Jake, Pvt., 910 W. 7lJi St,. Sioui Cily. luwa. 

tirny, Junes T.. Sergt.. Columbia. Mu. 
Vlu. Griltln, Willinni L., Pvt.. Burlingame, Kan. 

Crimih. Hurry J., Pvt.. lal Cl.rWilton Junction, Iowa. 

Grimm, Waller W.. Pvl., R. F. D.. Summrrfield, Kan. 

(Jrrn, Kdwnrd M.. Pvt., R. F. P. No. 17, Windsor, Mu. 

■ iur^larson, Carl 11., Pvl.. EllH-rl City, luwa. 

Hall, Hoy H., Cirp., Columbia, -Mo. 

Ilanwny, J»<>ph T., Pvt.. 1st CI., R. F. D. No. 5. WUIuwbrook, Mo. 

lUrrinuIon, Ir^w D , CMrip,, \olin, S. D. 

JInrls-jrjk, LjleK.,Pvt., R.F. D, No. 7. Winterset, luwa. 

Ilm-rmiun, Willi,„n .\.. Pvi., CItlevmc, Mo. 

Tlennan. A[<>y:Hiu«. I'tt., fluvvn. R. D. 

lli^mld. John V... r.,.rp., KDI Bvuidict St., Chillicothe. III. 

Jline^. Joiner It., Pvt., Columbia, Mo. 

lllnxu:, Frihl L.. Con>., Brainard. Neb. 

llugu. Rubrjt, Pvt., Purler, Okla. 

Hohn, KIma, Corp., R. F. D. No. 4. Arcadia. Knn. 

HonDi. David II., Sergt., 514 E. Sih St., Muscatine. luwa, 
o. House. Busooe. Pvl., 1st CI., 109 Wilkinson St., St. Chariea, Mo. 

Iluber, F^ward W.. PvL, lat CI., Ilarrlngtun, Wash, 

Jaeuhx, Ray V., Pvt., R. F. D. No. 5. Paris. Mo. 

Jamison. (Gordon A.. SergL.R, F, D. Nu. I. Valley Junction. Iovih. 

Jernberg. Jue, Pit., Isl CI., 2900 Emnrsoti Ave., No. Minn., Mino. 

J.ilianuscn, Geurge J., Corp.. Andover, luwa. 

Juhnsun, A.el, Pvt., Ist CI., H. K. IJ. No. 2, Morgan, Minn. 

Johnson. l'>n«t A., Pvt., Riife. Iowa. 

Juhnsun, Henry M,. Sergl., EUiotI, (II. 

Johnsun, Hugh B.. Pvt.. Table Buck. Neb. 

Johnson. John P., Pvl., BaUeyviUe, 111. 

Johnson, Jasper F., PvL, R. F. D. No. 3, Piatt. S. D. 

Johnson, Oboe P., Pvt., 1st CL. 20S W. 2nd Si., Sioux Cily, Iowa. 

Jones, McCandlns D.. PvL, It. F. D. No. 2. GarUnd, Kan. 
ieU. Jupiter. Frank. Pvl.. Eldsr, S. D. 

KaufTman, WiUie M., Curp.. Dalmar. lown. 

Ketmedy. Leo, Pvt., R. F. D. No. 2. Scrnnlon, Iowa, 

Kcnnelt. Edward J.. Pvl.. Clarinda, Iowa. 

Kiunamon. William It., Sergt., 327 txchnnge SL, Keokuk, luwa. 

Kuieb, James E., Pvt.. 1st CI.. B. F. D. No. 1, Si. Joseph, Mo. 
eu. Kuuntz, Qintun B., Pvt.. 34 Bird Ave. Newark, Ohio. 

KoanupTal, Charia W.. PvL, Ist CI.. DeWitt. Iowa, 

Kotlmer. Chariea H., Cook. Purl MadiMHi, Iowa. 

Krumm. IXHiia J.. Pvt.. ainler. S. D. 

Krumm. William P., Pvl.. Adair. Iowa. 

Laytun. ScDlt E.. Corp.. 922 N. 9lli St., Beatrice, Neb. 

I^lair, Chariea ll„ ]>vl„ Saginaw. Minn. 

Leselh, Peter O., Pvt., Decur^, luwa. 

lx»t«r, Robert G., Pvt., Ijirleile, Mo. 

Lewis, Joe M., Pvl. 1st CI., «09 E. Forest St., Girard, Kan. 

Lindgren. Aid G„ Pvt.. Jackson, Minn. 

LinvUle, WiUiam F., Pvt., Oronogu. Mo. 

Levkowick. John. Pvt,, 1078 W. 14lh St.. Chicago. III. 

Lippeos, Joseph E.. Pvt.. 1st CI., Jessup. Iowa. 

Logan. Clyde W., PvL, Isl CI., Walnut, Kan, 

Lobn, Lavk. Pvt,, 1st Q., Spring Valley, Wis. 


Name. Hank and Home Addrrie 
louden, CarU. Pvl., Puir|i-jnl. Ohio. 
Luwe. Uunii.f K.. Pvt.. Aii!<lin, ^. l>. 
Ijili, Julii»H Ciwp-' *"'" 

1. S. U. 

• R,. Oirp.. WusI 

McBrkla. Cluries W.. Pvt.. Cnl* 
McG«, EbiI I-. Corp., (irefox ■ 
MoKay. Junisa W.. i>vt.. lit Q 

McKunrlok. Harry G.. Corp.. L 

McSpwldFD. NocIL.. Pvt.. lit CI.. Scdnn. Kan 
Mabry. Karly L.. Prt., R. F. I>. No. Z, Hymoi 
------ " ---J. P»L. PaltriDO. Italy. 

te C, Pvt.. IBHl Ottu Ave.. Rt. Phi 

• H.. 

.. Adoii 

.. I>«irin. III. 

NnllntiD, Ruclolph A.. Mi^ch., .\e« Cambriu. Mo 
^«Ulr. Cnri IJ.. Pvt.. it. K. I>. No. ^. McPh<f«>ii. 
Nichelsuu. fleurie G.. INt.. Isl CI., S39 n iiiRh»«n 
Niulwn. Jiwiih N.. Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 2, llliim. S. 
>otman. -Ihoaiaa A., Pvl., 1*1 CI.. Drkalh. Mo. 
Olitani. Aniido. Pvt.. l>t CI.. 2I2R Adavii St.. St. 
O'Lcury, Juhn B.. Pvl., 6tfa onil Lincnln St.. Cnnlil 
Otto, ifirmaa J.. Pyt.. U. F. D. Nu. Z. I)<-Wilt, l< 
PuhJi. IliTuiaa A., J'vt.. let CI., lOB ^. 3ril Si.. Lj 
Pan. John T.. Pvt.. Wnynukn. Okln. 
Peaenon, (ieoripi, r>t.. Arthus, Drnmurk. 
Perry. Dnve. Pvl.. Kurt Dodim. Kan. 
Pcnhcl. KrankJ., I>vt,, R. K. D. >'o,3. Rruwiu. luwn 
Arthur W.. J>it.. H. V. D. No. 3. Maiutl 

0. Jnhnn A.. Pvt. 

:. CulFini 

Potakei „._.., - „. 

PoliiW. Hoy O.. Corp.. H. V. D. No. 1, K™tri<'. I 

l\ipc. John "' "■ ' 

Poreita. Joh 

l>raclor. Walter! Vii" HrFrjj.No. s. Uni. 

Uuiim. John J.. Pvl.. FlanilriMiu. S. D. 

Raiarino, JomUi. Corp., Ha win nana, Italy. 

Roctflr. Janus G.. Pvt,. Waahiiutun. Kan. 

Robimwa. Samuel E.. Corp.. R.T. I>. No. 1, Yale. Io»n. 

Romano. Anihnny. Muh.. H. F. D. No. 6. St. Joai^ili, Mu. 

Hoaelta. Edward. Pvl.. Ut CL, R. F. D. No. ». 6«iio Cily. 1 

RoHi. IxHiu, I'rt.. 5115 Palleraon St.. SI. Loubi. Mn. 

Rodd. John. Pvt., 2:0 9lli St.. Hkiui Cily. Iowa. 

Salmrr. Throdorc G., Pvl.. S29 Vine St.. Chultanouiiu. T.-nn. 

Scholl. John J., Pvl., Milton, luwa. 

Schooler. William II.. Corp.. Saliabary. Mo. 

Scbrinar. Cart O.. Corp., H. F. D. tin. S. Window. Kuri. 

SchtuHli'r. WUlam C. Cwp.. Charlotlc, Iowa. 

SnmoD. Samuel II., Pvt.. (.alena. Knn. 

Sebbiirt. Ileiify. Pvt.. H. F. I). No. D, Sumner, Imta. 

Srrolini, l^eminann. Pvt.. (iranvillo. III. 

Seefeld. John F.. Pvt., Chaitrr. S. 1). 

Sfaeuatd, Vtetxge. Pvt.. 313 Kdmnnd St.. RI. Jweph. Mo. 

Shirley. Ijitber E.. C«p.. R. F. U. Nu. 1, RmiUh. N. D 

flborney. Wilism A., Pvl.. 213 Slom Si.. KyraouiiF. N. Y. 

SkArH. Wallrr. Pvl.. I>iilmrr, Iowa. 

Silaa. lieorn J.. Pvt.. MlnnraunlU. Minn, 

Slmmunc. KJind. Pvt.. lal Vi.. 1219 lliikory St.. Rl. I'miIk. M 

Simmum, MiTlon II., SnrRt.. lll.'> Main St.. llamplon. Iohu. 


Smith. Lee A.. Pvl 

" - b. Lincoln II.. I^Ft.. 


a.. It. F. U. No. 
"5. Mo. 

Smith. VemC.Prl _. .._„ 

Speck, AHnu K.. Pvl.. H. F. D. Ka. 3. Indepeudniar. M. 

Spriiuet. Lnuia R.. Semi., TanntOD Minn. 

StcR£er. John. Pvt.. HuiimU. Kan. 

Sireoker. John G.. Pvl.. R. F. D. No. 2. Ri»wU. Kan. 

Sluckel. John, Pvl.. lat CI., Kvaniville. Minn. 

Ruwe, Emery J.. Pvt., Karlmen. 8. D. 

SutloD. Arthur A.. Pvt.. Raymonvilli!. Mo. 

Tackcr, Albert U.. Pvl., MackaviUe. Kan. 

Teaney. WilUun C. PvU. DeKalb. Mu. 

■" 3. Stanley. Corp., 113 South St.. Chorlea Cjly, Im. 

_. ..._ .. " - -.. H, F. D. No. 3. Anderaon. 

Tiiitcrman. Trqye 11.. Seret.. R, F. D. N< 
Tbarp, Woiley I... Pv(.. Manlherville. Mil 


, ■'JnmettJ.i 

II.. Pvt. 

Corp.. SOM E, 27th St.. Kanaaa Cily. Mo. 

IJ.. Pvl.. R. F. D. No. 1. Coroilh. Iowa. 

IroiKcli. Wnllrr K.. Scrgt.. 4IS E. Condit St., Decatur. Ill 

Trooien. Nlihen C . Pit.. Aiiorla, S. D. 

Trumble. tluyd. Pvt,. IstCI. R. F. D. No. l,8t. Cherln, Mich. 

Turnrr. Cknn O.. Pvt.. lat CI.. 3940 lOlh St.. D« Moinee. Iowa 

Tuma. Paul l>.. Pvl., R. F. D. No. 1, Narka. Kan. 

Unwir. Chatin E.. Pvl.. Swinton, Mo. 

Ilpham. CjKater F.. Pvl.. Melvin. Iowa. 

lUtetback.S. C. IVt.. lata.. 1939 UihSt.. N. W.. Waahinaton. D 

Vairue. Joe S.. Pvl., lat CI.. R. F. D. No. 5, Oiborne, Kan. 

Vanhorn. Milo G.. Prt.. Rippey, Iowa. 

Vicil. Charla W.. Prt.. R. F. D. No. 1, St. Joaeph, Ho. 

Waaner. John J.. 
Walden. Maurice 

I'ame, Rani and Hum 
Pvt., RinnKn. Iowa. 

Pvl., B. K. D.. Readioe. Kan. 

Wauon. Coo. Pvl.. Mead. Kan. 

Weber.Jobn. Pvt.. R. F. D. No. I. Pioua. Kan. 

Welibtod. Herbert. J. C«p.. FenUm, Iowa. 

Wcat. Uoyd O.. Pvt.. B. F. D, No, 5. Stillwater. Okb. 

Wbnpdea. Charles H.. Pvl.. IT13 Franklin St,. Keokuk. Iowa. 

Whilloy, Roy M.. Pvl.. lat CI . R. F. D. No. I. Welliaston. Kan 

Wiikina. Lester O.. Corp.. Gooddl. Iowa. 

William*, Artliur )!.. Corp., Halla. Mo. 

Willianu. Jamea R.. Pvl.. lal CI-, R. F. D. No. 2. Leabanon. Kb 

Willis, Frank K.. Pvt., Rhamo. N. D. 

Wink. I'>ank. Pvt.. Owrnaborough. Ky. 

'ulff. Theodore IL. P°t., H.''i^'D"No. 2. Warden, 111. 
■ ■■ Ivie. Pvt..Z9l McRay St..Gaa.Ken. 

E.. Pvt.^lst CI.. R. P. D. No. 2. Commerce. Mo 

cdd Ave., Grand Rapida. Mich. 



/ahm. Richard. Pvl 

Armagoel. Lawrence 
Child, Sherman. Cej 
Cooprt. Harry M.. 
r;o>, CnraonC., 2nd 

, 1st Ll., Koaalooi, Colo, 
911 Keuwood Parkway. Minneapolii Mini 
I.I., Council Bluff*, Iowa. 

St., Pituburgb. Pa. 

Philaddphia. I>i 


SpruwW. John R., lat Lt.. 613 lliifa St.. Keokuk, Iowa. 
Slockman, Huaa I., let Lt.. 1552 ETtirnad Ave., D« Mc 


Roy E., Pvt., 4061 SI 
Athanvaios. PvL, 248 S. 2nd St., Minneapolii. Mini 
JiariniF., Pvt.. litCI. R. F. D. No. 1, Eldridfe. lo 


.,248 8. 2nd St., Mi 
litCL.R.F.'- ■■ 
, 122 Waihii 
(■eociK ■■.. ITt.. let CI.. R. 
Roy. SerKt., 319 Colbura Ai 

Harry, Pvl., 149 " ■- 

I. Itonald C. Pvl 

nnard L., Serf^t _. ,. 

Id A.. Pvt. lat CI., B. F. D. No, I. Di 

149 Monroe Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
., Tipton, Iowa. 
R. f. D. No. 1. Coon Rapid*, Ion 

-. :.. Corp., Flan. 

y, Albert C Pvt.. Sloi _. 

r. MarmUu* 11., I.I Sergl., P. 
snluvi. H:aii. Pvt.. Mukane. Mi 

S. D. 

Uloom. Cari L. Pvl.. CrvBhan. Nob. 
Biinger. Frank L. Pvt.. tat CI.. R. F. D. No. 
Ridiner. Edward J., SstkI., Miirucd. Ind. 

. WarrenUn, Mo. 

1. New Liberty. I 

ilratirurd. llallev O.. Pvt.. Meiico. Mo. 

Ilrunden. Fred t., Corp.. 4SUI-A Clayton Ave.. St. Louia. M 

llnanmrl. Jol.n B.. Pvt., lat CI.. St. Mary'i, Iowa. 

Brown, Krnnk K,. Pvt.. R, F. D.. No. 1. Liaboo, Iowa. 

lituhna. Henry W., Pvt.. lat Cl„ B. F. D. So. I, Halla Sunu 

Bryan Henry W.. Pvt.. R. F. D. No. Z. Draknvilte. Iowa. 

Iliirdelt, William K., Pvl., R. F. D. No. 1, Drakeeville. lo< 

Ruterlwugh. John M.. Corp.. Tipton. Iowa. 

ilutlerhaugh. Wrxley, Pvt., lat CT, Kalona. Iowa. 

CampbeU. Goorm W.. P.t.. R. F. D. No. 2, Columbu*, Mo. 

Canon. Alphonae, Pvt., Bradley. Kan. 

t:nrroU. William [I.. Corp., Marin Cily. Mo. 

Carey, Tol.Ui* K.. Corp.. B. F. D. No. 3. Orient, Iowa. 

Cnrnoy, Claude C. <;orp., R. F. D. No. 4. Gerard, Kan. 

IJiambers, Cheater H.,SaTiit,. Pieraon. III. 

Chamlirrs. l-jirl T.. Pvt.. Wii^ila, Kan. 

ChappHl. Clarence C. Pvt. Corning. Iowa. 

Chaae. Garth W.. Pvt . R. F. U. No. I. Farber. Mo. 

(UiiarabntUo, Bert. Pvl,, V. V. P. Hoa. 

Combs. Gilbert, P< 
Cook. Marrin. Pvt.. 1 
Co|4ey, Arlbur R., Pi 

l^tocketl. Robert R 
I'.undiff, Robe •" 


H., Corp., 84 MaHiee Si., Maniatae, Mich. 
" f, 1). No. 2. Dallas. S. D. 

R. F. D. No. 1. SVBDlon, Iowa, 
a.. 1139 WadawonhSt.. SI. Paul, Mini 
-• 8. D. 

oseSt., Pitlaburg. Kan. 

*-.uiidiJT, Robert M., Wt., R. F. D. No, 1. CaUisan, lU. 
" ■ "' 11. PrU. Halliday. Mo. 

, !„ Ingall. Mich. 

n'altsr E.. Pvt., R. F. D. No. 3, MuMMitiDB, Iowa. 

Davia, Ben. Pvl., Tenoaui. Iowa, 

IVnuinc. John P.. Pvt.. Ilaya. Kan. 

Ilennii, Gooriio G.. Pvl., B. F^_D._No, I, Mechan 


r, RobHt W., Pvl., McLauahail 
V, Herbert J., Corp.. Dwriidn. 
ley, John W., Cook, Buffalo, Ml 
ill, Arthur G.. Sergl.. R. F. H 
er. ESbert D., Pvl,, Liberal, 
. FerdinaiHl G,. Pvt.. ]>1 C 

-JOB, CjtI H., Corp.. 2:03 l-i. 

Erkaon. Arlhur J., Pvt,. 116U Luona St., A 


Ficklin. Alvah, K.. I'vl.. IR2S WiiijIiiiuiKin 

t. HhKimriFld. luwa. 

,. , -, .It CI.. AM K 

Curdun. Kul P.. Hiif.. Grundy Cearrr, kn 
fhrdy. BlahK. MnJi.. K. F. D. ISn. !. Coo..... 
f irar. Lloyd C. IVt., Ul CI., 39M JiiDieia Si.. I 
linwn. RrMtu H.. Sdrgl.. Vao M«yer. lawn. 
finwviob, Bwi, IM.. Kovona. Iluwia. 
Grobber. GUlHrL, P.t. ~ 

I 113. Pr.itl. Klin. 

1 ays. Kbne 

lan.Lslii - _.„,-- 

" bII, Btibtn. P»l.. Inl CL, Cumliriu. 

. AUhtTJ.. Curp.. 4001 Monin 

Mlo*. Ham. Cm... H. F. D. 'Nd. : 

Olson. iVlRT O.. Pvt.. flanilroiii. S. D. 

0'Sh«a. nnuUi M.. I'vl.. I^t Tl. 2:01 OiiiK^bu Ave. Si. Louia. Mc 

I'Hlli^. CAmtlif K.. Pvl,. IM r.l., \Viiyn.>ki', Okla. 

Pnrkinwiii. Alvn P.. I>vl.. ]»l lU.. H. F. I>. ^u. I. Purtcctiua. Kan. 

Parka. Kdword F.. Pv(.. IM Tl.. Aiitpnla. Mu. 

Parr. Aunul I.. Curp., St. CIibiIb*. Mo. 

Paltoa. Iliniiui!! J.. Cnrp: O'Folkm. Mo. 

PaU. Ilmiry A.. Pir.. WiitUiiivlan. Mo. 

Prlen. Michwl 1.. Pvt.. H. pTb. So. 2. Eoat Prru, luwa. 

{■elaninn. llarri. Cnrp., PorlHnoulh. Iowa. 

Ilan. Quiilni. Pvt., 4«3 ^a» Itorr. Tmnrr,, Si. Lwh. Mo. 

I'lller. Anrimv. Pvl., S20 E. Mulh St.. »l. Paul. Minn. 

I>itkD, Waiiam. PvL. lal U.. K. F. D. Nn. 3, Tiirda. Iowa. 

Plnlnrr. Howard R.. PvL, MKhaninvillo. Iowa. 

Pohl. Frank H., Pvt.. Wammiim. M<i. 

I>ruill. i:iinrln. Pvt.. Aiirrlia. luwn. 

Haicrvirh. DraRO V.. MkIi., MIO S. JuckKun. Si.. Maion City. Iowa 

Hflimci. niiiialo, Pvl., 336 .N. Tlh St.. .MiiinniiwIiK. Minn. 

Bt. Quint 
I. WUlit 

iSt., SioiixCii* 
, Dayliin. ^. i> 

riek. WUIiam, Pvt.. (at CI.. Tliiicm. liiwn. 

allBDd. Jonaa L. Pvt., ^. LnSnIlcSi.. CM.: 
. iwltii. Ledm II.. Pvi.. II. K. 1>. N.>. 2. Ixta. I,.«a. 
t flpler. Ssynkoiir B.. I>vt.. ATO S. Uucdy, blduraclu. Kon 
■ M. John A., PH.. Hays, Kan. 
I iirman.Jonnh. Pvt.. WmlLilxvly. I<i»H. 
neonis E., PvL, Martinshiirs. M... 

I uward. WHIir B., Pvl.. lat CI. Jl. F. 1>. .\.k 3. J<i 
E owarloB. Vcrnia H.. Pvl.. (jidmr llniiida. \H>. 
I unliT. Janw T., Corp.. F.>iinlvlon, .Vlii. 
Imd. Call I... Pvt.. IIii|H>, (>ilu. 

r. P.t.. K. f. D. Tto. 

JiHin. BiUy. Pvt.. Tnni 

met., it. P. D. No. I.OIiii. 

crtsSuim'., .., 
IllHK. SnJSl 

. MUM-J 

I. F. I>..WiliDuJiiiiciion,I 
Kini. John 11.. Ci>r|>.. Blooillanil. Mo, 
KliA. WallKT H., Pvt.. UI CI., II. F. 1). No. 2, Wilton JiiiKli 
Knulaoo. IMiaa M.. Hue.. H. F. I>. No. I. nruolnr. Mimi. 
KiHoig, Leo H., I*Yt., iHt CI.. H. F. I>. rno. 3. SiH-ncrr. Nnb 
KornRuin. Fred E.. Corp.. :tO« W. K<«hl .St.. Sioh-jiiiih-. I 
KrRvliaa, Oldham A.. Corp.. S71 1 limcr Av<-.. .'ft. I.oui", .V 
KraIik7joMi>h F.. Pvt.. Ist CI., K. F. D. No. 3. l>rMCDt. lcn> 
Kramtr, ChnrliF. PvL. Wdvcrn. Kuu. 
Kroner. Honry. PvL. Euan. S. D. 

ink^S^mudX'. Pvl.'. lat Ci^! MlwndKidiirllc'Bn.''' 
Con;.. H. K. i>. \ — 

Bmnnin. Ilnmiinl IJ., Corp.. B. K. !>. No. 2. aii-rlcr OaV. Io¥ 
B'uir>i. Marry I)., Prt.. Cumininm. I<mn. 
Il.»le. Ilrrnan IJ.. Pvl.. Nt CL. B. F. I>. No. 
Boiliinni, Frank II.. Corn.. Siiini. OUn. 
Kixlri/fiica. KJiiuirdii, pTt.. -J oyiK 

„. (iiHlavoF.. P 

lliihrbiiuidi. LnnDdvr M., TvL. Tiiilon. Iomii 
l<rm.urk. William J.. P>l.. B. F. I>. No. 4. Ilu 
ILwIiind. l':Uirrl .M.. PvL, IM CI.. 11. F. II. N< 

IlulliT. JnmnT.. iVi.. Isl lU. Cudn Hnriiun _ 

S<'}>I.-4H. ifenjamin, l>vL. 5:>t W. BnMdwn^ HL. Il< 

luircK St.. St. Charlni 

iLwH. II 

r. Will 


., Pit.. Autiii 

I W.B- 

ay HL. 

SiFaki'i. Mckl.. IM.. 

SliHiakrr. (Iilii W.. %ti-cn.. iiiiuiki. iohii. 

Siruillry. Haliili M.. I>>t.. lo.-.t Fulliaii Av<-.. MiiH-al 

Siuilh. <Hltf ».. PvL, AimiitroiiiE. f.I.i. 

S.i>w«r. Hirlianl L.. Pvl.. L:>iiotivillo. Iiwi. 

Sopim. (JRiTKO F.. Pvl.. B. F. D. Kti. 1. \>'^ta. low 

S|.4r. J<«. P>L. Ilnya, KaiL 

StHliUo. Francnco, PvL, lIll.S. luAaSt,. Si.MX Cii 

Slokm. Frank. Pvl., IhI U.. I«nn4Hirro. Iowa. 

Strub. AknaT., PvL, Hriinawick, M<i. 

.Stnmpf. Ollu C PtI.. IbI CI.. 5n.S!i Luiiis^.rui Avr . 1 

SoantHm, KInwr E.. PvL. H. F. 1>. No. 4, llaourdeu 

SwnriH, Jnqiar {:., PvL, lodiv. Waidi. 

'I'raMin. Charla P.. PvL, Mtsioo. Mo. 

'Ilrrlkfild. Aicumder. Corp., Paria. Mo. 

TiHld. (Vunk. Corn.. Canity. Kan. 

Tiiflr. JoHciJi T.PvL, llendHT, IIL 

Tri|)lNt. Karnral. PvL. l-noo, Kon. 

Tm-ihjh. lienrni A.. Cook. 3IK S. bth SL. Minricapol 

ViiihIh Vorf. Joe. Pvt.. IV-lla. luwn. 

Wailo. B.».ip, PvL, R. F. D. No. 1. Ilalckon. Mo. 

Wiillm, Albert B., PvL. 1st CI.. II. F. I>. No 2. M 

Wpbh. Vorn II., I'vL, lat r:i., Eureka. Kuu 

n>iau>n. Adnlph A., IM., B. F. I>. Nu. I. <'<>l<iinbu 

Wein. FrrdsrirV PvL. I«l CI.. 411)3 Hunt Ave.. St. I 

\\>ilkHinp. Olio J.. Conk. .Minoii. .Mn. 

Wmt. SoliuHin P.. Prt.. Frimor. .Mu. 


■tCL, R. F. D. No. 

_ _ _ SL, Moline. III. 

M X.. Mwh.. St. Anne, 111. 

Jl. Robert E.. Pvt.. B. F. D. No. 3. Muxcaliu.^. Iuah. 

MaurilEOn, James, SrriL. aintswurth, III. 

Muuat. Bert. PvL. B. F. !>.. Nn. S. Sanborn. Iniva, 

MaiwrU, Ald<in K.. Pvl.. lnt CI.. OmeiiviUi', Iowa. 

McRn. Gcamf W.. PvL. Fravrl. Knii. 

MoClvary, Bay I.. ISL, B. V. 1). Nu. 4. Florbi. liwa. 

Mctiarvoy, Wllllaa W.. Pit.. Blue CniHi. Iowa, 

Mo(»ie«,Winium W.. INt., Clomo. S. D. 

McNrw, Luther A.. Seriit.. Hhame. N. I>. 

UoOwan, Bertram F., S«rat.. Yorkvillr. III. 

McVay. Tod. IM.. Ork-nl. luwa. 

Mnder, Pieroa. PvL. Warrington, Mo. 

Miller, Cfanler E.. I>vt., Huaore. Kan. 

Mitchdl, Arlhur. ServL, 2ti21 4th Ave, Minnrji|i..li9. Minn. 

Morn. Oirar J.. Bu«., Jihimt, Minn. 

r r... Pvt.. 1014 N. 4lh SL. Solina. Kan. 

■crh. Vera K.. IM.. lat 

ir J.. HerwL. 43a _. 

uumlli. Harry W.. Pit.. Wdduna, CiAu. 
ekota Fmf. Pvl.. IhI O,. Toledo. lows. 
hncmuK. Clim J., Cnrp.. LacouH, Iowa. 
Iven, Guslav. PvL. Skoleduden llaudrwu 

_, LLoiiia. Mu. 

U ilki-nliiii. Paul. PvL, B. F. D. No. I, L ' ' 
Windm, Gniver C Corp.. H. F. I). >u. 1 
Wiiirn-y. Ilrury B., IM.. Umcli. Kan. 
Wriiht. Dick A.. Prt.. lal U.. Slnr Biulc. Bui 9. ConlorvillD. low 
W illun. Clnm, PvL, lal U., Wukondn. S. I). 
WohlMond, Albrrl. I'vL. lal Q.. 12IT Seminary St.. Si. Paul. Miu 
ZrvrnbrrHm. Aric. Pvt.. H. F. I). No. I . CnlH-ydcn. lo«a. 
:^ia>hkaa. riiu C. PvL. T03 Filtli St.. Siuux City, Iwta. 
Ztwelicb. Ijub. PvL, 612 Vireiiiiii St.. Si»ii City. luwa. 
1. Bohert T., Cn|>t.. 1 


LinplH'll. liar 

a L.. lat 

1, N. t>. 

Adilin. Sti 

., K<4ki. Waah. 
I.. Munrup. Iowa. 

Adama. Aubrey E.. I>v 

Adi4l. JuHeiih fl.. C^.up.. Marqueltr. k: 

■ ■ '- "..gnrsL.AuBualtt. h 

- — , WiHiita 

- _ _«p., I'vL, iHta.. 

Baki-r. Muce 1.. Mpch.. l^rao. IIL 
Itarcns. Bay A.. I'll., lal CL, It.ilfp. Iowa. 
Itarlb. tWiiru,- A.. IM.. Howard I.aki-. Minn 
Banmaii. Joaenh W..Coru..S<-dnl. Ky. 
Bawtr. Paul P., Pvl., lal CL, Miaaiiui Hill, S 
Beer. Willie D.. Serai.. (' - ' "" 
It-:..!.!.... t^u-j.^, ii IV. 

Brkditer. (Uiariea ii.. IVt.. Curlbi. CHii 
Denlamin. Arlhur II.. PvL. Sedalia. M< 

Bwp, Adidph A.. Pit.. Ml 

Berndl. PaulU.. Jr.. J>it.. ... .... ^... 

llirti, Otlo E., I'vL.lB. F. D. No, 3,.Tri| 



IttH. William. Pvt. 

II.. P*t.. Kaylcir. S. D. 
Pvt.. lit CI.. 731 E. Fainihild Si.. Iowb Citi. lowi. 

•t.. R. F. D. No. 1. Rowadale. Mo. 

.. H. F. n. No. 2. Praric City. lona. 
■t..wen, tMtl (i.. Pit.. Ilia N. Clark Si., Chicago. lU. 
Brnyla. Wsym L., Pvl„ ItlCI. 120 E. 2ad St., MBrvvUle, Mo. 
Bum. Euni K.. Pvt., R. F. D. Nu. 2. PramiH Cily. Iowa. 
Caliert, Haymoad. Corp.. INodaway, Mo. 
CalroD. luae E.. Corp., BrecAeoridge. Mo. 
CmmH, Ancala. Pvt., lit CI., c/n Pullmaa, Pullman, lU. 
Champion. Ommt R.. Corp., Hruiviwick. Mo. 

ChriBlicoHD, Chrit. Pvt.. Tsl CI.. BayilaU Block. Sioui City, Iowa. 
ChrulianMn, Marlin. Pvt . R. D.. Sprioiirove. Mo. 
Chrintopfaer. Cbnmp F.. Cook. 920 Nr3t7Sl..Sl. Charlu. Mo. 
Chriitophcr. William. Cook. ClDadike, Mo. 
Clark, Jam« E.. Pvt,, 1st Cl„ GolTa. Mo. 
Clava. Robert A., 2131 E. 31st Avt., Dcnvsr, C<Jo. 
CUy, Thomas L,, Pvl.. R, F. D. No. 2, Box SS. Oniuin. Knn. 
Clement. Walter D., Pvt.. IDS S. Mianii St., Kansas City, Kao. 
Convey. Bert. Pvt.. 313 Ulb St.. Sioui City. Iowa. 
Croak. Timothy J.. Pvt.. Ilayrd, Iowa. 
Croiiunt. Jcdin E.. Pvt.. 1726 Main St.. Peru. III. 
Cruse. Elbert R., Pvt., Van Buren, Ark. 
Curry. John II.. Pvt.. Oifurd. Iowa. 
Daniel, Cecil A.. Serft.. Triplelt. Mo. 
Darner, Jom^b. Pvt. WiUey. Iowa. 

I>avia. Hairy II.. Pvl., 1402 Madison St.. Kanus City, Mo. 
Dealy. Major W.. SergL. R. F. D. No. .1. Ft. Collins. Culo, 
Delillo. Joseph, Coni,. 31S 3, Isl St . Albuquerque. N. M 
De Vriea. Bert G., Pvt.. 1st CI.. R. F. D. Nu. 4. Sihley. Iowa. 
Dimilrulis, Menslous. Pvt„lstCI„SaTS, WaUSt. Sioui Cily. Iowa. 
Durlaque. Antwine, Sarst., R. F. D. No. S. St. Chnrtia, Ma. 
Dreilini. Anselm P.. Pvt.. Isl CI., Viclria, Kan. 
Duncan. Archie. Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 1. BeruTord. S. D, 
DuiUman. Geelt, Pvt.. R. F. D. No, 3. Sioui Falls, S. D. 
Edwards. John K., Pvt.. 1st CI.. Anhland, Mo. 
EnrDolh.O.II..Pvt.tslCl,625llairisonSt., N.E-.MinneapiillH.Minn. 
Eustioe. Basil. Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 6, HamploD. Iowa, 
Evers. John B.. Pvt.. 1W)2-A Walton Ave.. 31. Louis. Mo. 
Fowkn, Elmer L.. Pvt.. cj'oSlate llospiul. Kankake*. III. 
FeyneiBea. Daniel J.. Ser«l.. (ireene. Iowa. 

Frey. Raymond. 
Frue. James. Pvt 
Fullun. Richard 
Callaghv. Rayo: 

Pvt.. Meh 

. luv 

h Christians Orphan Home, Council Bluffs. I 
Pvt.. 1st CI.. lis S. W. 4tb St.. Newton. Ki 

1 v.. Corp., Meiico, Mo. 

, .-. ItlQ.. n. F. D. ^o.2,ABhtnnrl. Mu. 

Gear. John J., Pvt.. 907 H. «lh St., Si. Paul, Minn. 
George. Homer D . Pvl.. lit CI.. Derby. Iowa. 

GiHis, Nathan B.. f - " ■* - " 

Gmbill. WiUiam S. 

.. R. F, r 

No. 32. Dev 

etts. Okls. 

GregBy. RoUand C. 

GreRory, Totiquin S., Pvi.. tun f*. j*iuin ol.. Ami 
lud. Jessie. Pvt.. Menfro. Mo. 
_ ... Luciaa. PvL. Isl CL, 233 1 N, Waco Ave,, 
alt, Samuel G.. Pvt.. Isl CI., R. F. D. No. 3. R 
amilton. James Jr.. 1st Sergt,. Coal City. lU. 
amilton. Ray. Pvt.. Ilampion and Wabash Sla. 

attini, Ge 
ein. Clarei 


11 CI,. 

.. Pvt.. Mdi. 

1. low 

I P,. Pvl.. Morehead. Kan 

I. Palriok 
iberf. lleroi 
<s, Bea. PvC, 

" Jam«"w.'.Pvt;,'l"lCi,rJaii 

Johnson, Harvey C., Pvt.. R.F.D. No. I. Watel 

Joiner, Herbert 1.. Pvt., H. P. D.. Moriva, Iowa. 

Jonm. Waller L.. PvL. Isl Cl.. R. F. D. No. 5. Columbui Jet.. 

Jordan. 'JcoTfc W.. Pvt.. Isl CI., Gaffs, Kao. 

Kanterman. Dave. Pvt , 1722 Page Hhig , Si. Louis. Mo. 

Kistendiek. Waldo H., SerEC, 707 Price Ave.. Savannah. Mo. 

KauHmaa. Wesley. Corp.. R. F. D, No. 1. Milli-Tslowu. Pa. 

KeeTo, Ambrose H„ Corp.. It. K. D. Nu. 2, Box 23. Lodi, Cal. 

Kender. Harold M., Pvl.. R. F. D. No. I. Corning. luwa. 

KiifUi, Joseph M.. Corp., Fort Dodge, Kan. 

Keller. Jaok. Pvt.. 1137 6th Ave.. Des Moines. Iowa. 

Kelly. Prank P. Pvt.. R. F. D, No. 7, Vanliurn. Iowa. 

Kiefsber, Paul »., Corp.. Ewing. Mo. 

KiugsTather, Samuid. Pvt.. Ul CI.. R. F. D., No. I. Dalka, S. T 

Kn«^. Andy, Pvt.. Mnlvin, Iowa. 

Kolkmeyer. Frank F.. PvL. IslCI.. 231 N. 4lh SL, St, Charles. 

Kramer, Fred, Pvt.. Wenlwonh. 8. D, 

Kniiie, WiUiam. Pvl.. R. D. No. 4. Sibley, tows. 

Kvilvik. Martin, PvL. Lawrence, Iowa. 

Luky. Sol, Corp.. 2737 Gambol SL. St. Louis, .Mo, 

Xflhr, Lonis. Corp., iSM Newbuiry Terraoe. S. Louis. Mo. 

l.evin. Friu A.. Pvl.. ItlCI.. Unsliorg, Kan. 

LoRgans. LawHin, Corp.. tl. F, D. No. 2. Fall Branch. Teun. 

LogHlon, Martin L„ PvL. 1st CL. r' 

Loagilrelb. Warren H., PvL, R. F. 

Lowe, Pesriey P., PvL. Isl CI.. Cal 

Lowther, ineepb F., Serrl,, Moville, Iowa. 
Ludwig. Olto H.. Pvt.. fst Cl.. BIk Springs. S. D. 
Lundebrsk. Carl O., Cixp.. Benson, Mina. 
MsRridge, Oliva. J.. Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 1. Heje 
McCab. Charles, PvL. B, F. D, No. 1, Heory, a 
HcConneU, Cbarln W., Pvt.. W«l Liberty, Im 

IV<unt. Hank and Homt AJAta 
McMabon. AtberL Pvt.. Iil3 S, 21st St.. CenUnUli 
McMiUan, Homer F.. PvL. I>t Cl.. Garver, Mo 
McMurray, O. P. PvL. 1st Cl, 2611 Spruce 
Mnhan. Albert K., Corp.. 527 Logan Terrs' 
Mallard, Hi . . K . . . :^ 

Kansas City, Kao. 

L. Everett W.. Pvt 


u Hoyd O., Pvt., Isl _. 

Means, Orlo J.. PvL. R. F. D. No. S, Corning. Iv 

Meppdink. Heiuy E., Pvt.. Sully. Iowa. 

Mick. Lnrin T.. Corp.. Mora. Minn. 

Miller, Harvey R., PvL. Sargent, Mo. 

Mil tan. Orlando. Corp.. R. F. D. No. S. Seymour 

.Monroe. Fral. Pvt.. A. F. D. No. 1, Peoria. lU. 

:.. 433 Jackson St.. St. Charia. Mo. 

!. Pvl 

3. Albcru 

_ jah. Mo. 

NicmanUvrnlrieL Scth, PvL, 1st CL, 905 W. Washington, Pella. I 

«>l4on, Yrucve p.. PvL. IhI Cl.. 727 8Ui Avo.. Minneapolig, Mmn. 

Oaburn. Waldo S., PvL, 112 E. Wisconsin SL, Neodeeha. Kan. 

O'Shen. Joroniah T., Pvt,. tl09 NorTolk Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 

Oiwuhl, Joseiih. Pvt., Cruwbeig, Kan. 

I'ahiau, Willinm. Sergt., Bni 338. Oglesby, lit. 

Parker. Chnitrr A.. Conk, 11- R. Nu. 2. Lucas, la. 

PurkisoD. CUircuco C. Cook. 105 Park Ave., Watseka, III. 

Potion, Cluudn. Pvl, 1st Cl., Gregory, S. D. 

PatLon, John P., Mcch.. Slillwater, Okla. 

Pederson. Peter K.. PvL, 1st Cl., R. D. No, 3, Cedar Falls, la. 



lla»lh«.. N. D. 

tt, CharlB. A., Pvt 

Isl CL 

Richardson, Hurl L., PvL, Brumwick, Mo. 
Richardson, Ralph H.. Scrgt.. 489 Johnson Ave.. Franklin. Ini 
Rinehart. Carl W„ P.I.. R. F. D. No 1. Reasonor, la. 
Roaenbrook, John D.. Corp., 532 Superior St.. Storm Lake, la. 
Buff. Theodore W., Corp.. R. F. U. No. 1 

i, Mini 

. _ _ ). IJ, Brooks, la. 

Schcriz, J.^w v.. Sup. Scrgt., Gibson City. 111. 

SchilliY, lieerd, PvL, R. F. D.. Bui No. 1, StouL ta. 

Schisler, Alfred. PvL, Manzunda. Cdu. 

Sclincider. Raymond T., Corp., R34 Wabadi Ave.. Winnona, Mis 

Schrupn. (jharlea C, PvL, Isl Cl.. H. K. D. No. 6, St. Joaepfa. M 

Scott, (ieurge M., Pvt., Gove, Kan. 

Scott. Jam«, PvL, 1st Cl.. 1219 N. Denrbwn St.. Cbicofo. ID. 

9. IVarl . 

It Cl., Siuui City 

\rtliur. Pvl. 

, PvL. Osceola, 

Simms, Itmmnll. Pvt.. Wat 

Smith. CUnlun B., PvL, Sparla. La. 
Smith, niigh M,. PvL, NawtAn, la, 
Soknk>wskrJuhaJ.,<:nrn..il21 Univin 
Sunderganrd, Christian. 5' ' " ' ' 
Spencer. (Hhor F.. PvL. I 

41.. St. Louis, Mo. 

! F«3!l'vi 

I, Kellof. la. 

PvL, Dominion City. Can 
aieinie, »eDjnmin F,, PvL, Wilson, Kan, 
Sudu, Eugene X., I'vL, 1367 Pemple PI.. Si. Louis, Mo. 
Strauss. .Milton, Sergl,. S6U0 Catei Ave., St. Louis. Mo. 
Strickland. Richard E., Pvt. Cbaonia, Mu. 
Struck. Waltw O., PvL, ID2G W. 15th SL, Davenport, Iowa. 
SnbleU. Joab. Cnrp., 1211 Lake View Ave.. Columliia. Mo. 
Sumuler. William C.. PvL. R. F. D. No. 1, Roanoke. Ho. 
Sundauist, Atvid O., Corp., 1919 Iowa St., Sioui City. Iowa. 
Sutherland, J. H.. Pvt.. Isl Cl., 116 Euclid Ave., Grand Forks, 8. D. 
Spires. Arsi I.., PvL. Paris. Mo. 
I'engiie, Edmr R.. PvL, R. F. D. No. I, Farber. Mo. 
Tcrrill, John A.. H. F. D Nu. 1, HunUville, Mo. 
TluHUMon, Goune L., Pvt., 630 Clintn St,. Jdiet. IIL 
Thompwn, John H„ Pvt.. 1st O., TmoooL Kan. 
ThumiMon, Thurvnld K., 3er^.. R. F. D, No. 2, Rolfe, Iowa. 


n ti.. Pvl, 

1, Mini 

l>. Mo. 

ID Bear, Joseph. PvL. let CL. Cannon Rail, N. D. 
onbanakis, M., PvL. lit Q.. 937 Garfletd Ave., Dulath. Mfau. 
lentine. Dennis, PvL, 1st a., Jeffenon Hotel. Iowa City. Iowa, 
n ItUiriooa, Andy B.. PvL. Cindnnali. Iowa. 
- - •■--- •'-■ 1st Cl, Pahn^ra, "- 

Waidre?; HaTry. pVl . I'st 

Walloy, Glen b., Sergt.. _ 

WallharL Mai W.. PvL. R. F. D. No. ^. ^.i.«^, .uw.. 

Warner. Frederick H,. PvL, B. F. D. No. 3, Boeendsle, Mo. 

Web<r, Nicholas A., PvL, 1st CL, R. F. D. No. 4. Paikston, 8 

Weir. Charles L.. PvL, Detroit. Kan. 

Wempa. Edward J.. Corp., 1411 N. 2d St., Sl Charts, Mo. 

Wertli, William C. PvL, Fillmore. Mo. 

Wntmorelnnd, Waller, Pvt.. I'altetwfn. Mo. 

Wherry, CharlesJE., PvL, 1st Cl., R. F. D. No. 2. Faulklon, 8. D. 

WhIUker. Ehner O.. Pvt.. " 


7c. Uft to Right: 

, Q. M.; Finance 

- - - . . ' Major L. E. Moore, Asil. Din. 

__.jn, Asil. Dit. Q. M.; Subgalence Lieulenani 

. . Campbell, Astl. Q.' M.; Sapplits Lieulenani M. E. Freser, Assl. Din. Q- M.; 
Supplies Lieulenani C. O. Good. Assl. Div. Q. M., Finance. Avrainvitte, Meurlhe el 
Moselle, France. November 31. 1918. 

Captain M. N. Newman, A$st. Din. Q. M.; Suppliei 
n. M.; Adminislration Captain Tom Hesi' ' ' "' 

b qf Company "D", 35UI Infantry, 


Whiu. Huy A.. Corp.. JS52 Bnant Ave, Mlancapdlia. Mbu. 

Whilin«. Wilford W.. Pvt.. R. P. D, No. 1, Gngory. S. D. 

Winlhiir. Knb*r(. Pvt., IJdiou. Mo. 

WilhiU, Ray. Pvl.. S2S E. Iligb St., Jeffonon Cily. Ma, 

Wise, lamm E.. P«t.. Pennldu. Kan. 

WojcochowHlii. Pmnk. Prt.. tZl Macaus Ats.. Wianepcf, Cai 

Wolen, Carl U.. P>t., ItM N. 4tb St.. Farso. N. D. 

Wolf, Jdhd, Pn.. ColIdviUii. Mo. 
Wood. Aulhella E., Pvt.. Bolckow. Mo. 
Woods, Harry P., P»l., H. P. D. No. 2, Ml Air, 
Youds Bau. Frank, Corp., CannoD BaU. N. D. 
„ i. JohD P., Corp.. Lehr. N. D. 
n, Thomas A., SsTft.. Oiarlotle, Iowa. 


Akara, Walur L.. Capt., J233 Fremun 
nwbc, Alberl W., Znd I.t , Waverly, 1 
FiuGarald, Francia C, 2od Lt., 923 5u 
Porlxa, Arnold C, Znd Lt.. Wapaton, 
HouRhton, Ira J., 1st Lt.. Eldora. Io> 
Mur^y. F^ward A., lat Ll.. Deoeasoc 
Ndsoo, Gilbart N., lat Lt., Minoeapoli 
Rumer, Samuel H., Jod Lt., Omalie. 
Zolt, John H., Znd Lt., '04 W. I9lb St 

Adolpb, Clarcnoe H.. Ptt. 

Adama, Rov L.. Pvt.. r"' 

t Easter 


^vs., Mioneapolia, Mioj 

mit Ave..St. Paul, Minj 

i. lU. 

, inSt.. BioghamCaoyon. Ulah. 

Aleiander. Jama A.. Pvl.. Isl CI.. R. F. D. No. I. GaiosvUle. Mu. 

Alkirs. Jamea W.. Pvl., Presho. S, D. 

Allumluuiih. George V., Pvl., lat CL. K. F. U. No. 3, Sheldon. Mo. 

Andmon, Frank D.. Pvt. 

Anderaon, Gustav W., Wag- 

.... John L.. Corp.. Manch«ter, loi 

Apicello, Viooeat I.. Pvt.. 23 CoUia St.. Ne 
Arnold, dark. Bn. Scrgt. Maj.. AuduboD. I 
Ayeia. WiUard I.. Mui., 3rd CI., 1319 Isl A 
" ' Frank, Heat. Stzgt- Maj.. Audubor 
HU. Tony. Pvt.. lat CI., 304 Walnu 
oaroeLL, Erncsl N.. Pvt.. 1st CI.. Pueblo. C 
Barnhouae. Clinlon. Pvt.. Weat Uoloa. Io< 
Easier, Anthony J., Corp., St. Gei 
Beach, CharinK. Pvl. - - ' 
B«Itle. CharlnE., P> 
Beck.E G..Miu.:MCI. . 
Brddow, Wayns E., Sargi.. '. 

> ilaveo. Coon, 
a.. Monlsiunia, 
St.. Cliisfaolni, I 

Ist CI., P. O. Roi las, ManaGelii 


it. Louis, M. 

Purely. Mo. 

BsTRer, Carl A.. _ . ... 

Ber«lund, Elmer C. IslSfrrl.. I9II 2nd St.S., MinneapolB, Minn. 

Bnrra. Edward M., Pvl., Dm Moina. Iowa. 

Bench, Frank C. Corp., Poryial, N. D. 

BeU, Harry E., Pvt.. 312 E. 16th St., Ghattanooga. Tenn, 

Biabee, Albert C. Pvt., CoUina. Mo. 

Bwchoff, Cbrialian P., Pvt.. 124J Fulton Ave., Brora. N. Y. 

;k. Emeat L„ Pvt.. lit CI.. Lindsey, Neb. 
...jkeler, Reuben F., Corp., Uljsa™. Neb. 
>Dettcher, Carl F,. Pvt.. Gidden. Iowa, 
Boll, Percy C Cook, Murray. Inwa. 

Boulancer. Edward L.. Mech., 42S W. JTlh St.. New York City, N. Y. 
•--'— '---in G.. Mus.. 2nd CI.. Bcnvs. Iowa. 


Serfl., Boi 328. Wiasiaton. N. D. 
, FYt., Isl CI., 41 15 N. 3nd St., St. Louia, Mo. 
P.. Pvt.. 220 S, Isl St.. East Cedar Rapida. Iowa. 
aooK, Edward J., Sergl., bDt 5lh Ave. W., Oakalooaa. Iowa. 
.... .C.Joseph L.. Pvl., Isia.. 1442 Bleckatone Ave., St. Louis. Mo. 
BrotEgun. Herman, Pvt., !)« Moines. Iowa. 
Brown. Harold V,. Pvt., Schafer. N. D. 
Bryan, Jaae D., Pit., MonnHiuth, lU. 

Dudahl. Magnus C. Bd. Corp., No, 9. Facade Bldg .. [hibuqua, Iowa. 
Bulwan, Frank L.. Pvl.. Ut CI., Friend, Neb. 
Bumann, Ernest C„ Mus.. 3rd CL, Alia, Iowa. 
Burdue. Eounett M. Pvt., Ut CL. R. P. U. No. 3, Jetanore, Kan. 
Busboom. Charles H.. Pvt.. lat CL. Cortland. Nnh. 
Buah, RaleiKb C. I 

idley, James M., Pvt., Louiaann 
iaat£. Amo B., Bd. Sergt ' 
iwley. Ton " - ''■ 


itier, HudT R., Pvt.. 1st CI , West Union, 
' 'leiB, Pvt., Stede, Mo. 

■■ ■ "■.. BoonviUe, !. 

Calleiair, ErnMo, 

Carlisle, Eugene, fvt.. ivea rvioinea, lowa. 

Carbon, Carl E., Pvl., 1st CI., 1904 S. 14tb St., Buriin«lon. low 

Caiiaon, Claude. Pvt., lat CI., R. F. D. No. 3, Marcua, lowa. 

Carlson, Harry, Pvt.. Isl CI., R. F. D. No. I, Fleming. Minn. 

Carney, Alberl, Mus., 2nd CI.. Dubuque, lowa. 

CatUetl, Samuel A.. Pvl.. Ist Q.. R. F. D. No. S, LenSummlll, 

Chandler. Clyde II.. Pvt.. Isl CI., Bonnelier. Mo. 

Ciapham. Alva W, Corp., Lawlu, lowa. 

Chaae, Riley M., Sergt.. Sitl B. Znd St.. Newton, lows. 

Claaen. Atlhur F., Pvt., Ist CI.. Lake Park, lowa. 

Qsvonger, HarriaoD 1.. Pvl., Box 114. South Auburn. Nafa. 

42l1v.9lh'8t,. Beatri 

Clymore. Rowdy R., Wag., Batan 
Collias. Carl A,. Secgl.. 328 Alcoll 
Conner, Argua, Pvt.. Isl CL, Hem 

Conner, Raymond A., Pvl., Isl CI.. — . .. 

Connor. Raymond C. Sergt., 412 E.Charl» St., OBlwine. low 
Cooper, JoH<nh E., Pvl.. 2ISH Mulbery Ave., Muscatine. low 
Cooper. WiULam H.. Pvt.. BrazU, Ind. 
Coulthard, Clyde H„ Sergeant, Graviiv low* 
Cundiir. Huaaell L., Corp., Meyeavil 

unlilTe. Edwi 

., 6SIDLaray 

le F., Corp.. 1 

.. L„S«gt., Sil „, 

rlJ., Pvt,. 1st Cl„ Read Spring. Mo. 

Deltman. Paul J.. Mua.. 3rd CI., Burk, Iowa. 
DeVolder. Octaaf X. G.. Col. Sergt , Moline, lU. 
"odd. Robert M., Corp.. Turro, fowa. 
odwell, Harry. Pvt.. Poplar Bluffs. A 
- - -Charlie F., Pvt.. I ■'•■ " " 
r. Waller F., Pvt 

o, lU. 

^. S, D, 

, St CI.. Gibson, Iowa. 

Dudley. Gale R., Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 3, Manchntrr, lowa. 

Duffy. John T.. Pvt.. Isl CL 

Earb, John D.. Corp.. R. F D No. 2, Uberly. Mo. 

" ■ "13 E. 61h Si.. New York City, N. Y. 

■ - '■■ " ■ ■. Mo. 

.w L., Sergt., Gutteiiberg. Iowa. 

Estes, Qaude P., Pvt.. 218^ MuacaOne, lowa. 
Kabn. Albert F.. Mus., Znd CI., Dumon' ' 

1, Hen 

' C, Mus. 

„> -jit CL, I4S1 C. 

bion, Olhd C, Pvt.. 522 Main St., J 
ver, Floyd E., Pvt., lat CI., CasavUl. 
Ikn«, Everett T., Pvt., lat CI., Pom 
„ Herman J., Mua., lat CI.. HarOey, 
f. Robert W., Sergt. 
leli. Charln, Corp., 

n, Edward, PvL.rak. 

ler. Claude F.. Pvt.. 2T32 Waahii 
vka Fjiward W., Mi * ' '■' 

d CI.. Wekonda, S. D. 

Flaher, John P. (Deceased) 
GaiTney. Jamall., Sup " 

aahington St., St. Loub. Mo. 
CL. George, lowa. 

H Moines. Iowa. 
«RI., 309 Cly St., Codar FoDs, la« 

raderickslown. Mo. 

way. John I.., IVt., 
n, Thomas J„ Pvt.. 

ann, Albert J.', Pvt„^t.ToBm*rMo~ 
IT, Charlea T., Corp., Boi 486. Magni 

St.. Burlington, 1< 


Griswold, L«*b 
GuaUvmon. Ca 
Gyllenburg, Eri 

Peter. Band Sergt.. 114 W. Hemlock Si 

Huney. Crandell R.. Bn. Sergt. Maj.. Maaon, lowa. 
Haas, Fred A.. Corp., 1704 E. tithSl., Sioui City. lowa. 
Haupl. Ernrat R., Pvt., Ipswilnh. S. D. 

n. Uoyd b„ Corp. _. 

Braer P.. Pvt.. Ist CL. R. F. D. N. 
ri. Emory P., Corp.. P' 

Victor J, Pvt., Il^nle 
Ion, Roecoe G., Wag, 
. Homer, Pvl., 410 N 

ick, Waiter B. (Db_._ 
r. JohnH., Pvt.,PuTdj 

J Canton Ave., Clayton, Mo. 

k Statim. Des Moinea. lowa. 

liienvUle. Mo. 

edger. John H., Pvt., Purdy, 

enderson Roece R., Pvi . Hu 

esae, William J., Corp., Deny 
1 oick, Thomas H., Sergt.. 321 
Hollhuaen, George, Band Corp 

1 olub. Jerry, Mus., 3rd CI.. M 

Hood, Harvey A„ Bn. Sergt. Maj., Storm Laki 
Hooper. WilliB K, Corp., son E- 7ih ." ■' ' 
■ iwatd. James A„ Pvt . H. F, D. No. .,:, ...o. 

jw^, George F.. Pvl., 834 Grand Ave.. Joi^ in. Ma. 

»>«. Edward S,. Rvl, So-gl. Mai.. 612 Fifth Ave.. ClinUn. low 

jweaman. Paul P., Pvl., lat CI,. R, F. D. No, 1. Beeda. Ma. 
. jpp, Bii^ard C. Pvt., Ut CL, 1026 Williams St., Keokuk. Iowa. 
HusUad. WiUard J.. Pvt., Britton, S. D. 
I yall. Arthur W„ Pvt,, Valparal*). Neb. 
I yduck. Josetili. Pvt.. lOOl E. Mabi St., Df* Moinea. lowa. 
Ivie, Carl E.. Corp., R. F. D. No. 3, Eldorado. Kan. 
"■ ly T:, S«gt.. Roehell. Va. 

1, Charles R.. ] 

ita.MaryaviUc. Utah. 

Jabw», FnU A.. Medi,. Akron. Iowa. 
JoLnwm, Ahin C Sergt., Oditwit, Iowa. 



Name, Rank and Home Address 

Johns, Emmett E.. Corp., Clearfield, Iowa. 

Johiwon. Howard M., Mu8., 3rd CI.. Middlcbrook, Mo. 

Jones. Wade IL, Corp., Asheboro, N. C. 

Jones. Jesse R., Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 2, Mason. Mills, Mo. 

Jones, Charles A.. Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 1, School. Mo. 

Jones, Russell K., Pvt., Minden Mines, Mo. 

Jones, Ross, Pvt. (Deceased) 

Johnson, Herman. Pvt.. Sioux Rapids. Iowa. 

Justus, Trixie M., Baud Corp., 911 Rico St., St. Paul, Minn. 

Kim. Clyde H. (Deceased). Pvt. 

Keith, Horace E., J*vt., Cassville, Mo. 

Ketterman. Amor O., Pvt., Isl CI. 

Kinchcn, Feley M., Pvt., Hollywood, Mo. 

Kincaird, Rufus O. (Deceased). Pvt. 

Kinder. Screnffo J., Pvt.. Ist CI., Jackson. Mo. 

Kuhlman, Arthur H., Mus., 3rd CI.. Wimblcton, N. D. 

King, Oliver H., Pvt. 

Knoche, Edward, Mus., 2nd CI., Wheatland, Iowa. 

Koet, Howard K., Pvt., Magna. I J tali. 

Kraft, Paul A.. Corp.. R. F. D. No. 2. De Sotn. Mo. 

LaGette. George. Wag.. 17 Conn St.. Mason City. lown. 

Langworthy, Reginald C. Mus.. 2nd CI.. Dodge Center. Minn. 

Latham, George, Pvt., Willimatic. Conn. 

Leveille, Jay 0., Sergt.. 16 S. 8th St.. Minneapolis, Minn. 

Laughridge. John L., Pvt., Pawnee City. Neb. 

Leckncr, Clarence I., Pvt., Ist CI., Fergus Falls. Minn. 

Lempke. Hugo A., Pvt., 2802 Grand Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Leven, Pot«r H., Pvt., Lincoln, Neb. 

Lewis, Alfred H., Pvt., Rolla, Mo. 

Lewis, Robert L., Pvt., Oakgrove. Mo. 

Librera. Frederick. Mus.. Isl CI.. 2119 First St.. Des Moines. I wa. 

Lindsey, Clarence R., Col. Sergt., Lake View. lowo. 

Linkcnhoker, W. R.. Pvt.. i:J7 E. l.'>th St.. New York City, N. Y. 

McCafferty. Carl C. Corp., 92.'"i W. 2nd St.. Wohb Citv. Mo. 

McCarty, Charley H., Cook. 122.'i K. Rally St.. SpringAold. Mo. 

McClintock. James P.. Sergt. Rug. 

McConnell. Emmett W.. Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 1, Ridgeway. Iowa. 

McGarry. Thomas J., Pvt., Ist CI.. 116 63rd St., Brooklyn. N. Y. 

McGeorge. Arthur. Pvt.. 1st CI.. 3719 Page Blvd.. St. Louis. Mo. 

McGuire. Earl, Pvt.. Ist CI., W. 5th St.. Perry. Iowa. 

McHenry, Rotis. Pvt.. 1st CI.. Bonne Torre, Mo. 

McLean. Kevin T., Pvt., St. Marys. Mo. 

McNearlin. Frank E.. Pvt.. Normandy, Mo. 

McNitt, Ernest C, Pvt., Mercer. Mo. 

McQuUlen. Leo W., Pvt.. 295 W. 3rd St.. Dubuque. Iowa. 

Mcnae. Thomas S., Corp.. 327 Good Block. Des Moines. la. 

Mabe. Glen H., Pvt., Prmccton, Mo. 

Madsen, Morris E., Corp., Fergus Falls, Minn. 

Mahre. Alfred H., Col. Sergt.. Box 53. N. St. Paul, Minn. 

Maier, Frank, Sergt., Belleviie, Iowa. 

Malloy, John R., Pvt., 1st CI., Alta. Mo. 

Marsh, Columbus E., Pvt., Louisburg, Mo. 

Marrero, Jesus, Pvt. 

Martin, Arthur, Mus., Ist CI., R. F. D. No. 2. Nashua, Iowa. 

Martin, Howard, Pvt., 1st CI., R. F. D. No. 2. Nashua, Iowa. 

Mead, Frank T.. Mus., 3rd CI., Emmetsburg. Iowa. 

Meier, George M., Pvt., Trenton. Mo. 

Menke. Otto J.. Band Corp.. Bancroft, Iowa. 

Meyers, Frederick W., Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 1. Royal. Neb. 

Meyers. Harold C, Corp.. 2320 Pennsylvania Ave.. Joplin. Mo. 

Michaels. Elmer P., Pvt.. Carroll, Iowa. 

Miller, Frank E.. Pvt., 6315 Wcllamore Ave.. Wellston. Mo. 

Miller, Herbert T., Mech., .322 S. Ellis St.. Cape Giradoau, Mu. 

Minoh, Carl E.. Mus.. 3rd CI.. Evansville, Ind. 

Minnick. Earl R.. Sergt.. Imogene. Iowa. 

Minion. Roy. Pvt., 1st CI., R. F. D. No. 3. Royersville. Mo. 

Mittlestadt, Clayton, PvU, Marshalltown, Iowa. 

Moore, Allie D., Pvt., 1st CI., New Markwt, Iowa. 

Moere, Elmer L., Pvt., Ist (J^l., R. F. D. No. 3, Gilman, Iowa. 

Mcvan, John M., Pvt., Independence. Mo. 

Murray, Walter F., Pvt., 819 Hancock St.. Rrooklyn, N. Y. 

Norton. Claude E.. Pvt., Nevada. Mo. 

Nash, Herman G., Pvt.. Kansas City. Mo. 

Neal, Frank J., Corp.. Soc City. Iowa. 

Nelson. Oscar, Pvt., Ist CI.. Reno. Minn. 

Nevin. Bernard F., Pvt.. Ist CI.. Ester. Neb. 

Noll, William T.. Pvt., R. F. D. No. i. Kiminswick. Mo. 

Obermeier, John S., Corp., 701 Ferguson St.. Churhw City, Iowa. 

O'Brien. WUUam P.. Pvt.. 12 Stone St.. New York City. N. Y. 

Of telle. Halvor, Corp.. 521 CIcvelond Ave.. Fergus Falls, Minn. 

Ogren. Otto. Pvt.. 405-406 S & L BIdg.. Des Moines. Iowa. 

Oleson. Kirkwood S.. Mus.. 1st CI.. 1 10 K '.lay St.. Cedar Falls. Minn. 

Olson. Oberton L.. C«x>k. il. F. 1). No. 3, Wuukon. Iowa. 

Olsen. Jim C, Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 3, Newel. Iowa. 

Oswald, Frederick J.. Pvt., Hastings. lowu. 

Palmer. Harold G.. Bd. Corp.. 1308 W. 9th St., Cedar Fulls. Iowa. 

Parks. Eugene B.. Corp., Roscville. 111. 

Paschall. Elmer R.. Pvt.. H olden. Mo. 

Pemberton, James A.. Sergt.. Bevier. Mo. 

Perkins. Harry M.. Bd. Sergt.. 120 E. 8tli St.. Waterloo. Iowa. 

Phelps. Roy F.. Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 4. Lisbon. Iowa. 

Philliijs. Frank D., Pvt.. 417 Center St., Poplar Bluff. Mo. 

PhipiM. William T.. Pvt.. Mountain View. Mo. 

Payne, Richard. Pvt.. Beatrice. Neb. 

Pickard. Carl T.. Pvt.. Main St., Union Star. Mo. 

Pink. Frank L.. Mu.s.. 2nd CI., R. F. D. No. 3. Newton, Iowa. 

Pries. Harvey L.. Mess Sergt.. Tripoli. Iowa. 

Prior, James. Pvt. 

Pruett. James M., Sergt.. 109 E. 7th St.. Rochester. Minn. 

Quincey. Theodore IL, Pvt., 123 S. Elliot Place. Brooklyn. N. Y. 

Quiner. Joseph E., Pvt., 2731 Franklin Ave., Des Moines, Iowa. 

nasmussen. Bioin, Pvt., 1st CI., Cherokee, Iowa. 

Reed, Henry E., Bd. Corp.. 1222 East St.. Cedar Falls. Iowa. 

Name, RarUt and Home Addreas 

Rebman, Carl C. Mus., 3rd CI.. R. F. D. No. 2, Republican City, Neb. 

Reisener, Fred A... Pvt., Rertrand, Neb. 

Richardson, Myron B., Pvt. 

Ridout, Marly n, Sergt. Bug., Iowa Falls, Iowa. 

Rourke, Francis X., Pvt., 9 Bismark St., Worchester, Mass. 

Rudert, Martin G., Pvt., R. F. D. No. 2. Tilsit, Mo. 

Rushing. Bradin T., Pvt.. Box 217. Paris. Mo. 

Ryan. Harry. Pvt., 1st CI., Fairbank, Iowa. 

Sanders, Luther. Pvt.. R. F. D.. No. 1, Box 4, Ellington, Mo. 

Sandberg. Albert E.. Pvt.. Burlington. Iowa. 

Sansom, Alfred N.. Pvt., 612 E. 2nd St.. Carthage. Mo. 

Sarff. Cecil M., Pvt.. 1st CI.. 1369 26th St.. Des Moines. Iowa. 

Schaeffer. Verne. Bd. Sergt.. Eagle Grove. Iowa. 

Schroeder. Erie F., Sergt.. Holst^in. Iowa. 

Scott, Raymond E., Pvt.. Hendrick. Iowa. 

Scott. Robert R.. Pvt.. Lenox, Iowa. 

Seek. Frank J., Wag., Virgina. Minn. 

Selvidge. Therman G.. Pvt.. 1st CI.. Deceased. 

Seifried. Arthur A., Pvt.. Winner, S. D. 

Semanas. Matthew. Pvt.. 49 Hudson Ave.. Brooklyn. N. Y, 

SetUes, Cecil J.. Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 1. Healy. Kan. 

Shadcl. Willis L.. Pvt.. Morrill, Kan. 

Sheldon. Frank, Pvt., 1st CI.. Bliss. Mo. 

Smith, Earl C Pvt., Arthur. Iowa. 

Smith, George C. Pvt.. 1st CI.. R. F. D. No. 7. Pittsburg, Kan. 

Smith, Glee S., Pvt., Bozell. Kan. 

Smith, Glen IL, Mus., 1st CI.. R. F. D. No. 3. Davenport. Iowa. 

Smith. Hammer D., Pvt.. Monroe, Utali. 

Smith, John N.. Mus.. 1st CI.. .50i S. 7tli St., St. Albia. Iowa. 

Soelberg. Joseph, Corp.. Grantsville, Utah. 

Spellerberg, Oscar F., Corp., East Peru, Iowa. 

Spencer. Blake, Corp. 

Sperry. William E.. Pvt.. Earl, N. D. 

Stage. Cecil K.. Pvt.. R. F". D. No. 1. Cape Girardeau, Mo. 

Stewart. Arthur, Corp.. Deceased. 

Stine. Ross, Pvt., Onaga, Kun. 

St()llard. John L.. Pvt., 1st C\., Tecumseh. Neb. 

Strickland. Nathaniel W.. Pvt.. Greennitte. Mo, 

Stubblefield. Robert L.. Pvt.. 1st CI.. Ellington. Mo. 

Studer, Julius, Mus., 3rd CI.. Wesley, Iowa. 

Stump. Earl L.. Pvt.. Milan, 111. 

Stuppy. Tony G., Pvt.. 1st CI.. St. Genevieve, Mo. 

Styles. Edgar, Sta. Sergt.. Cedar Town. (Ja. 

Sullivan. Richard J.. Pvt.. 205 Center St.. Brooklyn. N. Y. 

Sullivan, John J.. Sergt.. E. 6th St.. Carroll. Iowa. 

Sullivan. Harry IL. Pvt.. Gideon. Mo. 

Surface. George A.. Pvt., Box 102. Becnn Falls. Conn. 

Swanson. Clarence W.. Pvt., 1st CI., Kidden, S. D. 

Taylor. Clare H., Pvt., Bryan Maur., Wash. 

Terbrak, John B., Corp., Cape Girardeau. Mo. 

Thoma. Joseph. Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 28. Overland. Mo. 

Thompson, Bernard B.. Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 5. Cape Girardeau, Mo. 

Thompson, Sam D.. Pvt., Bowling Green, Mo. 

Thornton, Alonzo, Pvt., Bedford, Iowa. 

Thurman, Lewis J.. Corp.. Halifax, Mo. 

Toedt. Richard IL. Corp., 910 N. 4th Ave.. E., Newton, Iowa. 

Tellener. Frank W.. Mus., 3rd CI.. Jamestown. N. D. 

Trimble. William P., Pvt., 457 .3rd Ave.. New York City, N. Y. 

Tripp, WUliam L. Pvt.. Ist CI.. Belvider, Neb. 

Turner, Harley K.. Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 2. Loraine. III. 

Turk, Ray, Pvt., Williams ville. Mo. 

Turley. Frank J.. Mus., .3rd CI., Dyersville, Iowa. 

Utley. Roy, Corp., Sevier. Utah. 

Valle. August IL. Corp.. Farmington, Mo. 

Venzke, Clemence C. Cook. P^rly, Iowa. 

Vinaroff, Gerusim. E.. Pvt.. 1st CI., Ru8,sell. Kau. 

Wagoner, Austin R., Pvt.. 1st CI.. Dows. Iowa. 

Wahus. Arno J., Corp., Elidah, N. D. 

Walker, Robert G.. Mus.. 3rd CI., EUendulc. N. D. 

Walloce. Robert, Pvt., Bartonville, III. 

Walter. Carl L.. Pvt.. Brookville. Kan. 

Weborg, Ben IL. Pvt.. 1st CI.. Inwood. Liwa. 

Wegner. Albert C., Mus.. 2nd CI., 621 N. Clark St.. Carroll. Iowa. 

Westerbeck, A. D., Pvt.. R. F. D. No. I. Box 39. Columbus. lowi 

Whalen, John A.. Corp.. R. F. D. No. 6. Lamar. Mo. 

WillianiH. Dow L.. Mus.. 3rd CI.. 702 Wallison St.. Nevada. Mo. 

Wilson. Charley W., Pvt.. 909 N. High Ave., Oskaloosa. Iowa. 

Wimmcr, John F.. Pvt.. St. John, Kan. 

Witherow. John K.. Pvt.. Wintersct, Iowa. 

Wunder. Arthur W\. Mus., 1st CI., Blue (irass, Iowa. 

Wilson, Orrin W.. Pvt. 

Zeigler. Edgar B., Pvt.. Des Moines. Iowa. 

Zwack. Frank. Mus.. 3rd CI.. 90 KuufTman. Ave.. Dubuque. Iowa. 

Young, Bert II. , Pvt., Sac City, Iowa. 

Young. Clyde IL. Pvt.. Middletowu, Mo. 


(>able. Alvin J.. Ist Lt.. 2751 Washington St.. Lincoln. Neb. 

Burley. (Jeorge P., Capt.. Pij>ostone, Minn. 

Hazen. Lewis C. 2nd Lt.. Galcsburg, 111. 

Kelly, J. Sterlinff, 1st Lt., Beaver City. Neb. 

Jamar. Warren S.. 2nd Lt.. Duluth. Minn. 

Robel. John II. . 2nd Lt., 4735 N. .39th St... Omolm. Neb. 

Weideman. (icorge J.. 2nd Lt.. Jamestown. Mont, 

Aidem. Benjamin, Pvt.. 1225 Ilawtliorne Ave.. Minneapolis. Minn. 

Alexander, William, Wag.. 835 18th St., Des Moines, Iowa. 

Anderson, Ole A., Wag., New Hampton. Iowa. 

Anderson. Carl A.. Pvt.. 1st CI., Taylor Falls, Minn. 

Anderson, Paul R., Pvt., 1st CI., Commerce, Mo. 

Arta, Paul E., Reg.t^up. Sergt., Unknown. 

Bannon. MichaelO., Wag., Walliugford. Iowa. 

Behrens, Robert E.. Wag.. Algona. Iowa. 

Boer, Frank R., Wag., Cincinnati, Iowa. 

1 138:] 

iVanWp Rank and ti 

Boyd. UroierA, Wag., 
Dradley, Lac K.. Waa,, 

BrwiH. Joe. Wag. Ci 
Beifey, DhvW C Pv 
Ruch. WiUiun C . Wi 

Peterson. lo* 

..^ irardeiiu. Mo. 

C., Pvl.. Cape Girardeau. 
-... Wag . Kwla. Iowa. 
C, Pn.,Seiialh, Mo. 

Carberry. John W.. Pvl.. Charlsi CUy. Iowa. 

Curcy, Kay E.. Wag., Nashua. Iowa. 

Carlson. Albert N.. Reg. Sup. Sergl., Swea City, Iowa. 

Carpeoler. Leo A.. Wag.. Benson. Mi 
Carpenler. Pots W., Wan., New Ilan 
r.Urk Oscar N.. Wag.. 1305 Center S 
>n. Cheater E.. P>t.. Ist CI.. D< 
".. Sup. Sergt.. IM "' "' 


lily. David'. niw.Si 

Hancock Su. Uv Angetea. Gal. 



inrnpany, William H., Pvi 
ludley. GaleH.Wi 

Sergt.. Boi M. Oaklan 

Wag.. New HumptoD. I 
422 Stii Si.. Dei MoiniH 

;., St. Louis. Mo. 

. Wag.. bJvins. Mo. 

„. -~ -'ag-THays, Kan. 

iub«ig. William S., Wag., Mouolain View. Mo. 
lunlan. Henry L.. Sup. Sergt., lunia. Iowa. 
j>glF. 1^ J.. Wag., 542 S. Middle Si.. Cape Girardeau. Mo. 
■rnirr, Riii« J.,%a>.. Humbiddl. Kan. 

lust. Buberl A., Cook, TIS S. Fredick SL. Cape Girardeau. Mu. 
ira, Leonard. Wag.. 1403 BlulTSl.. Dei Mninee. )o»a. 
ilch. Gustav 11. Cook. Fredcrickidiurg. luwa. 
linke, Louis A.. Wag.. Alia Vista. Iowa. 
iiod«ln. Oron. Hn-., IVslerson. Iowa. 
Dcdon. Alfred I., Corp.. New Hampton, Iowa. 

' ry. Lmler H.. Wag.. 920 E. Maple Si.. Eater ' ' 
Frai' " ' — "'.■^ ' - ..-..-■-- .- 

.0 6lh Ave 

Gregory. Frank. Mech.. : - 

(^iffilh, Claud B.. Cori... 1014 E. Lincoln St.. Ester' 
ilackman, Henry C, Wai;.. New Hampton, low. 
Hagcu. Andrew S.. Wag.. Bagiey. Minn. 
Hagrn. Frank F.. Wag.. Hutlon Valley. Mo. 
Hagerti. Daniel F,. Wag., 629 Thomas St.. Capi 
Ilarey. James L.. Mow Sergt. ' ' " 

llarru " ■ — 

Hawlk_. _. _ 
Hellslren, Edward 


J, Andi 

«ke. WUlia 

.. Mech.. Rock Valley, lav 
gw. pTt., Penville, S. D. 

J-.Wag.. r 

Hidlman. Ralph P.. Pvt., 1137 6th Ave.. Dee M.Hn». Iowa. 

Kuck. Cheiln J.. Wag.. Si. Genevieve. Mo. 

Hudson. Walter B.. Pvt., 221 E. Chase St., SpringEeld. Mo. 

Jadrny. Joe. Jr.. Sad., Uleu. Minn. 

Jair. Lawrence B.. Pvl.. lal CI.. CleveUod, N. D. 

JanvH, Harold K.. Wag., Newell. Iowa. 

Johnson. Alben W.. Pvl.. Marquetle. Kan. 

Juhruon, Carl J.. Wag., Unknown. 

Juhnsoa. Carl O.. Wag.. Charlea City, Iowa. 

JonM, F^ed "*WBg.."'Pic'kM.' Okla. 

Jones. Paul II.. Sad., Allison. Iowa. 

Joy, Jamee L., Wag . Hays. Kan. 

KlatI, Rudoli^ F.. Reg. Sup. Sergt.. New Hampton. Iowa. 

Klaprath, Herman L.. Wag.. Jackson. Mo. 

Knulaon. Ole A.. Hrs., New Hampton. Iowa. 

Latham, George B.. Pvl.. Unknown. 

Locker. Henry W. A.. Pvt,. Ist CI.. ArmsUong. Iowa. 
Lunfneck«, Monia R., Wna., Ii3kh«idt. Iowa. 
Ijiwe. Fred L., S«gl., Win£eld. Iowa. 
McDowell. Gilson V.. Scfgt.. Mof.iregor, Iowa. 
Mdirane, John H,. Corp., New Hampton, Iowa. 
MoGrane, William R., Wag., 1519 23rd SI., D« Moines low 
McK», Arthur (i.. Wag., Minol, N. D, 
McNsir, EdVard. Wag., Van Meter. Iowa. 
Mann, Guy W.,*"-- =='— "~ 


:., Chid 

i, Aid, IVt., IstCI, aSUN, 
,er, Roy G., Cook, PleasanlviL. 
on, AmU J.. Wag., Dudley. Mo. 
■a, Edwin J., Sun. Sergt., New nampiun 
ir, Edward W., Reg, Sup. SsrgI,, West B 
linnis. WUIiam. Wag., Council Grove, Ki 
r, Ests W.. Wag., F^eneh MOls, Mo, 

I, 111. 

Wai„ Springfield, 
3.. Pvt., FnluB. ft 

■t, Etna F. H.. Corp.. C — 

on. Charles J., lira., Charlea Cilj 
e. George L,. Wag., Unknown, 
as, Herman. Mech,. Marble HocI 
CincinBli. Wag., iiuitoa. Kan. 
. Uscar. Wag.rKohler, Mo. 

Pape, T. L„ Beg. Sup. Sergt.. 621 Fremont S( 
Panon. Harvey G., Wag,, lonis. Iowa. 
Palchin. Loren E„ Corp., Spirit Luke, Iowa. 
Patlon. Kenneth E.. Wag,. OarkHviUe. Mo. 
Rader, Ralph F.. Wag.. 812 W. lOlh St.. Trenloa 
RahmitDCk. Edward. Wag.. AnuUoog. Iowa. 
Reanda. Alfroii J., W«g..lJiiknown. 
Redenius. John, Wag.. Ionia, Minn. 

CI,, New Hampton. |. 

Namt, Bank ani 
Bsed, AqniUa 3.. Wag., Tillman, Mo 
Reed, George G.. Wag.. Farland. Mo 
Hhoads. Thomas M.,>vt., Isl CI., PI 
Rippee, Veroer, Wag.. MansGdd. Mi 
Robinson. Martin A., Pvt., Isl " ~ 

Rook. Charles E,, Pvt., 1st CI. _, ._ 

Hoirua, Benjamin J., Pvt.. Charin City, Iowa. 
Buzicka. Paul, Wag., SlaUr. Iowa. 
Samuebon, NdsonE.. Wag.. Aitel. Kan. 
Sdhlatler. Edward. Wag.. New Hampton. Iowa. 
Schmidt. WiUiam. Wag., New Hamplin, Iowa. 
Sohuitac, Edward W.Twag., Rudd, Iowa. 
Scoln, Glen W.. Wag., Nashua. Iowa. 
Scolting. Thomas, Wag.. Lake Wilson, Minn. 
Shipp, John C. Wag., Windsor. Mo. 
Shobe, Solomon S., Wag.. Essei. Mo. 
Siefkor, August N. W., Wag., Victor, Iowa. 
Sikora, Louis, Wag,, Protevin, Iowa. 
Silvey, Elmo E.. Wag.. Elvin. Mo. 
Sisson. Rav E., Wag . Bassell. Iowa. 
Surenson, Sorcn K., Wag., Bingslod. Iowa. 
Hocum, Herman. Hrs.. EatervUlc, Iowa. 
Spragne, Netlis E.. Wag., Liscum, Iowa. 
StafTerlon. Archibald R., Wag.. Berwick, Iowa. 
Stika, Jamea S.. Sergt.. R. P. D, No. B. Iowa Ci 
siiibnra Ia1,..u w^- r ,.u,i-» r...-,. 

Stroud, Clifford E. 

Pit., Marble Rock. Iowa. 
- Seigl., Swea City, Iowa. 
IIra.,Sedalia, Md. 




Bal«. Oscar T.. Ord. Sergt.. 314 S. Pine Si.. D 
Morris. Olie G.. Ord. Corp., Tiplon. Iowa. 
" ■ ■ ■ ■ - — - 1. Pvl., fat CI.. MUford. 

k E..Ord. Pvt.. Mis> 
.. Ord. Pvt.. Fulton, 

II Lake, lov 


Johnson, Oscar, Ord, _ . , ._. 

Nsdoskav, Andre, Ord. Pvt., 21 Granite St., Rrooklyn. N, Y, 
Rhodes. WiUiam A., Ord. Pvt., Mina La Motle. Mo. 

Butler. William. Farrier. Sioiii City. Iowa. 
Sharp, MerrU V„ Farrier, Dows City, Iowa. 
.Schielelhusch, Ray S.. Pvt, 1st CI,. Be.ythedale, Mo. 

Schmilt. ConsUntine V„ Capl., Essig. Minn. 
Ilunley, Joseph H,. Ist Ll„ 740 DougTas Ave,. Providenoe, R. I. 
RuMeU, RidianI A„ lal Lt., Houte A. »oi 370, Portland. Ore. 
Stacy, Edwin P., Ist Ll„ 2307 Colfai Ave,, Miooaapulia, Minn. 
Heath, Merle A., 2nd Lt,. 4331 Newlon Ave. N.. Minneapolis, M 
Ade, Theodore W., Pvl., 5D« E. 3rd Si., Jackson, Mo. 
Agoew, Marshall, Pvt, 1st CI.. Doe Run, Mo. 
Allen. Dehner C, Pvt., Jenkins, Mo, 
Bnldwin, John R„ Pvt., R. V. [). \... I. Elvina, Mo. 
Baldwin, Thomas e., Pvl., l.-t I :i , .MonnetU, Mo, 
Baumann, John L,, Sergl., 91 1 BifliTiville St., SprtngfleM, Mo. 
■tell, Cephas M„ Pvt., 1^1 ('I.. Atl,:n, Mo. 
Bunnell, Ola R., Corp., Auhiini. ^eb, 
Rcnsch, Henry C,, Isl SergT-, l.4iOHing, Iowa, 
Risliop, Clarenoe W., Pvl,. IsL CI . Liberly, Mo. 
Rlanton, Irving E., Pvt., Rismiirck. Mo, 
Bobivg, John A., Pvt., R. V. D No. I. SaronvJIe, Neb. 
»unn, George T., Com., R. F. II. No. S. Jackson. Mo, 
Iloita. Ral|& M., Pvl,, Isl CI . lliKton. Mo. 

R™"RHy'E!! Pvt., "H. F. ri. ^""6"Bprtagfield. Mo, 

Boucher. John H„ Sergt., Rurdy, Mo, 

Howen, Ernrxl B., Hug, 1 140 Jaurrs Sl„ Carthage. Mo, 

Boyers. Charlie B., Pvt.. lat CI., Lindley, Mo. 

Brandsletler. Joseph J., Pvt,, Boi 171. Pilger. Neb, 

Bray, Oscar N,. Pv[„ Willard, Mo. 

Brewster, Hafold G., Pvl., Fairbaull, Minn. 

Bullock. Roy A.. Pvt.. Millorri. Mo. 

Burke, James V., Pvl., Lohtville. Iowa. 

Bunch, Frank, Pvt,. Bonne Terre. Iowa. 

Burmester. Frederick II., Pvl., R. F. D. No 3, Hampton, Iowa. 

Bumell, Winnie O., Pvl., Ingalls, Kan, 

Burton, Harry E., Pvl,, 100 E. nih SI., Trenton, Mo. 

Cain. Edgar E.. Pvi., 1st CI , Marshfield. Mo. 

Carlson. Turc H,. Pvl,, AiteU, Neb. 

Chatelain, Verne E„ Corp,. Peru, Neb, 

Claussen, Fred H., Pvt., Gordon, Kan. 

rlindi, James C, P>t„ Verdd, Neb, 

Collins. Youel K., Sergt., 3016 E. Maskoha Ave,. Des Mninea, It 

Conley, Howard W„ SngI,, Hale, Iowa, 

Coonrod. Arthur W„ Setft., Marion, Iowa, 


;V<un>. Rank anrf Home Addrni 
Caughlin, Leo R.. Pvl.. Ul CI.. Klktnn, S. D, 
Crippcn, L« E . Scril.. Marian. Iowa. 
Cnmt. KlBiitxu E.. Pvt.. Bighlon, Kan, 

Darlingliin. George M., Corp., HIS K. Ijth Si.. UnivcrBity Pt., Neh. 
DaviaTwiUiiua. Pvl.. 1h1 CI.. Uiirio. M.i. 
n», Eugene K.. PvL., Ml IBIh Rt., D»< Maina,. lows. 
DeValDiB. CorncliiiB A.. Pvl.. Int CI., n. F. 1). Nu. 2, Hoyden, limn. 
DiMS.JohnW. Corp.. 613 Ca» Ave.. Wnitl'lniQii. Mo. 
Donovan. Edward i., Sergl., SI t S, Linn St.. Iowa City, looa. 
Duvall, Charles H.. Pvl.. I.,<>baDon, Mo. 

a km. Alto, Pvt.. Merwr. Mo. 
■9, Thomas II . Pvt., Isl CI.. 1015 S. Market Si., SprtngCrld, Mo. 
Erwin. WiUUm E., Pvl.. IhI CI., Uilmd, Nrb. 
Fesperman. Otis C, Cook, Norlh View. Mo. 
Flaig. JoHph D.. Pvl.. 3815 S. W. 9lh St.. De< .MoiiHM. Iowa. 
Foilyce, Lester K.. Pvt., Isl CI.. R.F.I). No. 

~ a,.H.F." 

0. No. 3. : 

,ja Ptacp. Itnoiklyn. N. Y. 

,„ itCl.. H. F. I>. No. 7. Ciallnoin. Mo, 

JB R., Ser.t.. H. F. D. No. 8. Rcix IIJ-A. Ijnnnln. 

Gettya. LU^d B., Cor|.,. UniverBily line-, Neh. 

Gr^. William II., Pvt.. 1"t U.. 423 Wallace SI., Erir. Pa. 

GroDdquisl. George A.. Pit., ITII E. Court Si.. Rih Moinm. lov 

GrOHardt, Chai4(H W., PvU. H. F. D. No. I, Claflin. Kan. 

Tlaaen. Cnocge L,, Pvt,, Elllnwuoif. Kan. 

Habted. Ueorge A.. Pvt., 1507 LiviniMtun Ave.. Dm Miiinni. I 

PhOleaoder. tlammuck. Pit., Silver Sprin ■' 

ina, Wm. Pvt,, KiddR, 3, D. 
er. Jnaeph L.. Pvt.. Uerlrnnd. Mo. 
H. Jack F.. Pvl.. Boi No. ITK. Sluu 
I. Richmond K.. Pvt.. OBbornB. Mn. 
..609 Ho* ■ ■ 

y l'[«c-. 


Carl J.. Pvt,. H. F. P. No. 2, Dwiglit. 
jnnard F,. Sad,, tinionvilb-. Mn. 
&!rBt..__FiUcjF^ Neb. 

. i. CrnW Cily. Minn, 
F. I>. No. 2. Mrrril, INel,. 

k, GeorpB W 

.. Pvt.. Csaavil 

il.. Ma<t 

!•. lown. 

KeUy, Albert J., _ ___ _ 

Keonedv, Robert L.. Sergi.. Si^inKvillR. Iowa. 

Kestel, Heary, Pvt., gtorm Lake. Iowa. 

KitUDberger. Otto P., Pvt., 923 S. ISili Si., Si, Jowph, Mo. 

Klinimaa. Lewis W.. Pvt.. Ave. E.. 2<tlb Ki.. Kearnry. Nab. 

Knapp, ThomBH F., Pvt.. RedRdd. luwa. 

Lane. Herbert E., Pvt.. 1st CI., Koi No. Ul, Day>land. Alborln 

Uvorenti. Thomas C, Pvl., H. F. D. No. l.llahbdl, ^eb. 

Lawing, Paul D.. Pvt., R. F. D. No. 1, (liark. Mo. 

L«. Oacar R, Pvt., H. F. D. No. I. Valiiid, S. 1). 

Lewis, Jean C, Corp., N. Kansas Cily, Mo. 

Lintgsn. Leo N.. Sergt., DeUcvuc, Irwe. 

Louden, Jams E., Pvl.. Ut CI.. Catujia, N. D. 

... - rp„ Believuo. lowu. 

Mantey, Albei 
Mania, Earl \i„ 
Maasey. Frank J. 
Malhewa, Claron 
MaUiews, Joe. P- 
Medley. Harvey, 
Mitchell, Warren 
Miobael, George 1 
Monka, Ralph, P< 

^•wNior Spring 

'p V V.^Tiid'anTSi i iigi on A v<> . 
. Pvt.. Ul CI.. Manouiii. Idnho 
ce, Pvt.. l«Ci.. I1..1I Hivpr. ^ 
rt., Isl CI.. R. F. D. No. *.l, 

Pvt., Dhi Arc. Mo. 

F.. Pvt.. ClHvry Creek, S. T). 

... Isl 


. E. Bath .St.. Kansas City, Mo. 

nmis. Quincy R.. Pvt.. Bonne Tfrrn. Mo. 

Muilain. Johnson E.. Pvt.. 1>1 CI.. 1120 Wilson Si , hr.'^i 

McNeU. James K., Pvt.. Oskuloosa. Iowa. 

Nbih. John L., Pvt.. Waukee. Iowa. 

Orfan. Tony 8., M«Ji„ 41« Kansas Cily Ave,, Etc>-l»ior S|.ri 

Olid. Nik H.. Pvt.. Isl CI.. IJlieraL Mo. 

Painter. WillUm C Cjirp.. Sim FranciHco, Cal. 

Pauiok, CharltoD E.. Pvl., Liberty. .Mo. 

Patrick, Glrnn W.. Pvl.. 1st Q., Mindm, Neb, 

Pekar. Joseph. Corp., Ohiowa. Neh. 

Pellon. Clyde J,. Pvl.. BW W. 23rd St.. D«< Moin». I:-.., 

Peterson. Magnus, Pvt., R. F. I). No. I. Millboro. S. D. 

Pohler. Hen 

. 127 K. . 

Ratilalf, Thomas, Pvl., B.F.D. No. I, Scull Cily, 

Reavis, Don. Corp., l-:»ion. Col. 

Hboad, Carl B., IM.. H. F. D. No. 2. Amjly, Mn. 

Reiter, John F., Pvt.. 4132 Canibrid|i<> Avr., Rosenii 

Riddle. Cbarint W Pvi Cn«vill.. Mo. 

Riley, Fun 


James, Pvt.. Sixiwii 

H E.. Pvl., Isl CI., R. F. D. No. 
rge P., Pvt., iBl CI., Twimvh, 
wrge II.. Pvt.. 1st CI.. Boi No. 

Shera, Reanie F.. t^vt.. H. F, D, No. 2, Mi 
Sherven, Lars H., Pvt.. 114 N. Isl Ave,, \ 
Simmons. VirgU C. Pvl.. S, W. Tth and Kn 

Smellwood. Arliiur, Pvt,. R, F 

Norwood, Mo. 

Name Rank and Home AiAtu 
Slaala, I.loyd E.. Mrch.. UnionviUe, Mo. 
Stanlon. Ralph n. Cook, 111 W. Collwe St.. Iowa Cily. 1 
Steele. John N.. Pvt.. Ist CI.. 600 4tb S>„ Mana. Ark. 
Slenid, Aleiander A., Pvl., R. F. D. No. 4. Wells. Minn. 
Slephcns. lUrlio A., Pvt,. 170S N, Lawrence St., Wichila. 
Slipc. Harold L.. Pvl.. Plattshurg. Mo. 
Slolle, Loub H,. Pvt,, Ist CI.. H. K, D, No, 1, Lowden. lo. 
Sireot. Charles B.. Sergt., 303S Washinglen St., Dubuque. 1 
Sypentma. Julius, Pvt., Hudson, .S. D, 
Tackcit, Frank M., Pvt,, Isl CI.. East Prairie, Mo. 
Utrich, llemiann II,, Pvt,. Lamar, Mn, 
Ull, Ddberl M,. Pvt.. R. F. D. No, 1, Scvery, Kan. 
Vant. TfaiwiBB ■>., Corp,, Bunno Tcrre, Mo. 
"^n Berk. R. G.. Pvt.. Ist CL. Woodbury Ave,. Council Hli. 

^, Omaha, Neb. 


Wells, Fred E,. Pvt,. Brings, Mo. 
Weal, Frank, Pvt., H, F, D. No. 1. FJvins, Mo 
Weatbay, James H., Sergt., Monnetle, Mo, 
W«.lover, .Martin, Pvt,, 1st CI,, l>crth, N. II. 
Whitestiiio, John, Pvl,, R. F. D. No, 2, Spickai 
Wichm. Henry J,. Pvt.. Cawker City, Kan. 
Wiediger, A, Corp., R. F. D, No. 5. lio. S7, Ii 
Wilhelm, Lewis K.. Pvt,. Uox No, 227, Alvin. T 
WOann, Phillip L., Pvt,, Isl CI.. fiZS S. I7th Av 
Wolfe. Frank A., Pvt.. Artinan. S. D. 
Wood. Ardiis V„ Ist Scr>i. Hale, Iowa, 
Wurlc. G^ime W.. Pvl., R. F. D. No. 5, Independi 
Wallace. Roy E„ Pvt,. Auburn. Nrb, 
Zuelsdorf. Ullo A.. Pvl,, l>uusietli, 5. D. 

Dargan. Clarenee M.. Mai, M. C. I 
Raosraa. Matthias I.., Cant. M. C. kiuncoca, minn. 
Alleuder. Fred C, Capt. b. C. Bloomfleld, Iowa, 
Cbriitiansrn. Waller P., Capt. D. C. Chicago, 111. 
Crumrine, lAlie B,. Cap!., M, C, Ellsworih. Pa, 
Hairinitun, W. W,.Capt, M. C, 404 Bryant BIdg , Kansas Cily, M 
Irvin, Hurry C, Capt. M, C„ Adell, Iowa, 
Kenynn, Thomas A., Capt. M. C, Itemming, N. M. 
I>arker, Garner F,. Capt. M. C. l>DGohnntBB. Iowa. 
Hooney. II T., Capt. M. C, S24I Broadway Terrace, Oakland, C> 
Topkiiis. Samuel. Capt. M, C„ 132 Sumner Ave,. Brooklyn. N, Y. 
•- 'jwisH.. Capt. M. C, 1T3S W. HarrisoDSt, Clocaao, I 

nond, IstLt. M,C., 1727 Ohio St., TerreHeule.Ind. 

iamJ.. IslLt. M.C, BlfiRSl., Faiibury, Neb, 
nnigni. norval P.. Ist Lt, D. C,. Vinlon. Iowa. 
Sutboriand. Avery E„ Ist Lt. D. C Sparta, Wis, 
Talnera. Herman. Ist Lt, D. C,, Z273 Deitcr St., Denver, Colo, 
Anderson, Abet, Pvl,. 711 HocksylvanU Ave.. Iowa Falls, Iowa, 
Harrow. Waller J„ Sergt,, ll<t PrentisSt, Iowa Cily. Iowa, 
Heckler. Lester M.. PvL. Crawrord. Neb. 

tlenson. Arlliur W., Sergt,, 2013 27th Ave. S., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Booker, George F, Pvt,. 1st Cl„ Red Oak. Iowa, 
Boyd. Claude n,. Pvt,, lal CI,, Wob«Wr Cily, Iowa. 


S. IJnlei _ . _ 

Bublili, Hugo v.. Pvt, 



J, Pvt., Albion, low 

Dwyer, J.»eph F., Pvl,. Emmelsb' 
Duyer, l>ntrick C Pvl,, Ist CI., En 
FJIiott, Harry ll„ Pvt., Buckeye, b 
Keeuey, J<ihn D,. Pvl ■-■"• ■'■ " 

, Lloyd li., Pvl _. 

r, Hubert J,, Pvi„ lal a., Marshfield, Mo. 

Ilollan. Gerhard C. Pvt.. Til S. Gbiocoe Sl„ Rocfin 
Jmaen, Julius <i., Pvt., lit CI., lUI N. Ellis Ave., Ashl 
Johnsini, Arthur L., Pvt.. 317 8lh SI,. Cloquel, Minn 
Krebsbach, Anton, Pvt., Slacyvaie. Iowa, 
Lapin. Joseph. Pvl,, 273fi I>otamac Ave,. Chicago, III 
La BuunlB.Xeon W.. Pvl., Ist C]„ 318 N. W. 3rd Avi 
Mills. George 11.. Pvt., 1307 Maple St.. Dea Muinn. 
Mullen, John F,. Pvt,. 1st O... Fonda. Iowa. 
Myers, I.loyd W„ Pvl,. Winigan. Mo, 
Nugel. Gregory T.. Sergt,, 2134 Russell Ave,, St. I^uii 
Nioholson.l^ter J., Pvt., 1209 N, tOlh St., Quincy, 
Osleiman, Harry R . Pvl.. Ist a,, Litlle Rock, Iowa, 
Pierce, Joseph J., Pvt,. New Providence, Iowa. 
Rodsnbouiih. Malhias 11.. Pvl.. St. Mary's. Ken. 
Plnmer. LHnnd II.. Pvt., Ist a.. Brimlield, III. 

- si CI.. Cn^loK, lowo. 

d 11., Pvl 

H, ¥. I 

Spry, Ora M., Pvt., Fredon 

SirJley',T.'."A., Pvl,,lslCL. 301.1'cj.^" 
Slolin. Joliii L,. Sergl.. Cordei, Mo. 
Sluliman, Guy C Sergt., lat CI , Bi 
TerrUI, Dwigbt W„ Pvt,, New IV.vic 
Vilhauff , Jacob. Pvl,, Fyndall, S. D. 

Wherry. James D,, Pvt, 
Yepsen, Uoyd N.. Pvl 
Harbaugh. Harold H.. 
Maride. Hotta J„ INl 
Sohrup, Karl L„ Pvl.. 

Moines. Iowa, 
„ iBi U., 22s W, Mechanic St.. 1 
Pvt.. Ist a.. Canton, Kan, 
.„ Isl Cl„ Wells, Minn. 
lat a., I30B Jaokaoo 8l,. Dubi; 


!. nank and Uomt AJdrm 


e. Albert » 

.'. Spd LtV, FiTirnK 
I, 2ad Lt., Dctnii 

rly. lov 

!.,5l. Paul, Mini 

I. Minn. 


GudHT, WiUiuDi D., Znd Ll., (Addrog not known.) 

Meyer. Harold K.. lot Li.. Twin Valley. Minn. 

Musbergtr. Lloyd E., Ut L[.. 924 5lh St.. 8.. Forgo. N. D. 

Patterson. FranV B.. l>t Lt.. *29 Bth St., Karve. Monl. 

Williams. Cbsuncey S., 2tul Lt.. Wtuhinglon, D. C. 

Adolpfa. Clarence H.. Pvt.. Hartley. Iowa. 

AUea, WUliam If.. Corp., Fulloa, Tann. 

Allison. Bart. Pvl.. Scotia. Neb. 

Allison. Ira. Prl., St. Paul, Neb. 

Alvey. Jamea B.. Pvt.. lit CI.. Kerigan. Mo. 

Amos. Graver C. Pvt., 1st CI.. Bee, Neh. 

Andenon, Benjamin F.. Pvt.. Knotville. Iowa. 

Anderson. Frank K., Pvt., 1st CI., North Uup. Neb. 

Anderson. Hairy. Pvt.. Minaal Point. Mo. 

Angona. Carlo. Pvl., Now York City. N. Y. 

Arena, Joseph H.. Corp.. Kimball. Minn. 

_ _ p.. Landisville. Pa. 

Bakke. Selmer O.. Pvl.. lit CI.. Madison. S. D. 
Baldwin. Louis, P>t., Spokane. Wasfa. 
Ball. Elia O,. Pvt.. Hutchison. Kan. 

Hurela, l>edro. Corp., Taos. N. M. 
Backer. Newtun. Pvt.. Isl CI.. Peculiar Mo. 
Benda. John. Pvl.. Ut CI.. BritLon. S 

Bicuk, ' 
Hack, ' 

, Gollfred G,, Pvt. 

■t CI., Bodus, Neb. 

isboom. Charles 

... .It CI.. Cortland. N 

8. Irvin O.. Pvt., St. Paul. Nob. 
I. Lucian C. Pvt.. let CI.. Buckeye. Tcnn. 
mta. Raftale. Pvl., IsC a., Primiro. Colo. 
erire. James. Pvt.. Brooklyn. N. Y. 

nack, Cheater E.. Corp.. Nickerson, Ken. 

Curlson, Gustal A 
Carlson. Leonar ' 
Cebulski. John, 

Claud&roa. Eraclis, Pvt., Newark. N. Y. 
Claus. Harley H.. Scrgl., Sioui Rnpids. lowi 
Clyde, Milton E.. Pvt.. lit CI.. Walnut, Neb 
Ci^ios. B^amin T,. Sergt.. Lake Cr^i ' 

s. Benjamin T.. Sergt.. Lake Cryeb 
Ion. Henry. Corp.. Frankctay. Mo. 
T. Clayton C. Pvt.. 1st CI.. Ar" -" 
Franklin D.. Sup. Sergl.. Au 

Gulp. Julian. Pvt.. Eeal Praii 
Cusa, Paul. Pv "-- "— ■- 
Daily. Edward 
Danbaok, Fran 
bell, Isasn B.. 

., N. Y. 

„. Potersl. 
" 11 CI.. S 

3. D. 


B.. Pvt., IstCI, 11b 

Carl F.."Pvl.. Loup City'. Neb, 

" ' 1st CL. Burlington, Kan. 

ZZ llama lira St., Summery iUe 
JrDW not Known (Decensed). 
Dubioki, Ivan. Pvl,, Barren Island. N. V. 
Dunn. Leslie. Pvt.. Lilbuin. Mo. 
Fadridge. Charley K , Pvl., Doneatect, S. D. 
Euderson. Ehner B.. Pvt.. B. F. D. No. 1. Brilton. S 
Kmry. Stanley V., Corp., Vjicsoo, Neb. 
Farmer. Jhh E., Pvl.. Ist CI.. Dodson, Mo. 
Farris, Bernard E.. Pvt., Wolhaoh, Neb. 
Ferreira, Adelino. Pvl.. 16 Carrol St.. Brooklyn. N, Y 
FiKber. Emil G.. Pvl., 27th and Market Sis., !)». Mo 
Fish, WDburn. Pvt.. Zolmo. Mo. 
Filctaett. lateph, Pvl.. Hock SprinB, Wyo. 
FiugeroM Vm,--.' V P.r . ll,ir»»|[, Nrf.. 
Floyd. Kv-r.ii IM I- ,iinvme,Mo. 

?'?":Lv:' ' ■„■ ■,■■ .-■■■i'- __. ,,,_, 

Frycuir.-. II.'. I'w - N.'l. 

(Ismbino. Gifl'com'o, ivt.,"!w'j^nsoi Ave., Brooklyn, N, Y. 

Gannon. Beech, Corp., Seward. Neb. 

Gsriiok, Sidney H., Kt., 25 South St., New York Clly, N. Y, 

Gennadi, Faye H., Corp., Pleaunl Dale, Neb, 

(Joejmer. Edward O. C. PvL, Seward, Neh. 

Guider. Robert E.. Sergt.. Lnnaing, Iowa, 

Hardin, Horatio V.. Pvt.. lit oTCaldweU, Kan. 

Harkey. John L.. Pvt.. Freeburg. Mo. 

Harria. Artha E., Corp.. Baavac Croaaiug, Ndb. 

Namt. Rank and Horn 
Karris, Hoyd. Sergt.. Ord. Neh. 
Harris. Harry H , Corp . Beaver Crossi 
Hart. Charles T.. Mess Sergt.. Swea ( 
FranklM.. Pvt.. Prealio. S. D. 

Jlks. Charlie H., Pvt., Lamar, M 

enry. Lloyd H,. Pvl,. Vernon Minn 
Ills. Rei H., Pvt.. Websler. S. D. 
irmon, Mejik^ f."!!;: "- f- 5,-, ^°- ' 

i^^Tguie'. Oi^rPvl'. fit CV. Gciid<^ Valley. . 
-■ ence. Pvt.. Veblen. S. D. 

W.. Sergt.. H. F. D. No. 2, Brai 
us P. O.. Mech.. Corastock, Mini 
r, Pvt., Isl CI.. Oran. Mo. 

"it l!, Pv1,"609^' 

d B.. Corp., Clar: 

lick, Bert E., Mecb., Seward, 
" imm, Emil W„ Pvt,. Ut Cl„ itamona, a. Li 
app. Fay W.. Corp.. WestCeld. lows. 
udson. Waller J.. Mech.. Beaver Crossing. 
enig. Adolpb II., Cook. 2613 S. Cedar St.. » 
Krolikowski. Stanley V.. Corp., Ashton, Neb, 
Krueger, Arthur G., Corp., Seward. Neb. 
Lane. William H., l<vt..^eoeho. Kan. 
Laziik. John, Pvt., Ist CI.. 35 . 
Lee. noyd S.. Pvl.. Louisburi 
LeTempl. William. Pvl., "" 
Lewis, WiUiam n.. Pvt.. 
Limhaugh, Archie O. py 

i.. Colby. Kan 

McCune, James V... I 

Macbu. Frai 

... Spaulding, Neh. 

Mar ' 

t. I'vl 

, Eden 

D.. 327 Good BlocI 
w Dim. Minn. 

I, Neb 

Mazoyin. John. Pvt.. .117 E. 51th St.. New York City. N. Y. 

Miller, Ira L., Corp.. 612 Brady Si., Davenport. Iowa, 

MUler, Walter II.. Pvt.. Spaulding, Neb. 

Iliiell, Walter C Pvt., HorDersvOle, Mo. 

Mohr. QuuB E.. Pvt.. Ist CI., SUplcdiurst. Neh. 

Money, Curtis. PvL, Eldorado, Kaa. 

Muorberg, Lewis, A., Corp.. Miltord, Neb. 

Morris, /ames J., Pvt. 1705 23rd St., Dcs Moines. Iowa. 

MuBher, John P.. Sergt.. 27U0 Myrtle Si.. Sioui City. lows. 

Mound. Peter. Pvt.. White House, S. D. 

Mundhenke. Daniel F.. Pvt.. Mitford. Neb. 

Murphy, Earl T.. Pvt., BrayLun. Neb. 

Muslo. Guslave. Pvt.. 230 Van Brunt St.. Brooklyn. N. Y. 

Nemeivies, PouoUo, I»vt.. 148 Grand St.. Brooklyn. N. Y. 

NicUaus. John. Pvt.. let CI.. Haven. Kan. 

Nielsen, Martin. Cook, NeweU, Iowa, 

'" ' I, Niels. Sergt,, Storm Lake. Iowa. 


Mark. Pvt. 

It CI.. Cn 


Olsen, Jens J.. Mecfa.. Roire, 
Olsun. Oscar J,. Sergl,, Bryce] 
ONeill, Thomas. Corp.. Melr. 
Parker. Charles F.. P< - 
' artridge. William J.. 




r, Pvl., 

-well. Neb. 
Ist CI., Lewis, Kan. 
■■ kCity. N.Y. 

Guy W., 

bn. I>vt.,li 

t CI., Pauli 

CI., Alia. Iowa. 

Balh Gate Ave., New York, l> 

.lelps, David E., Pvt,, Blue !=prings. Mo. 
Pipkin. Claude J.. Pvt.. 1st C\.. Piedmonl. Mo. 
Nilderboer. Heike. Pvl.. Parkersburg. Iowa, 
■obon, Delbert L,. Pvt.. Isl CI., BuU«. Mo. 
Puspisil. Sunley A.. Pvt.. Marion, Kan. 
*■ ikosky. Frank. Bur.. Ord. Neb. 


y, Harj 

F.. Pvl.. 

It CI.. Brn^ 

.jIT. Beiyami- . 

Reilmond.^'elec L.TSergt.'.'sibley.' Iowa. 
Reed. Elmer C, Pvt.. 108 N. College Ave.. Pitubup 
Reh. Fred. Pvt.. let CL. BunkerfalU. Kan. 
Reh. William V.. Pvt.. Avon. Minn. 
Rail. John D.. Pvl.. Ul CL. Wihnot. S. D. 
r, Albert P.. Pvt.. Lingle. Wyo. 

Louie M.. Pvt.. S03 E. Court Ave.. Dn Mmi 

Robertson. Alik F., Pvl., Ut CI.. Bii Lake, "' 
" ■■ ■■ Pvt.. I, - '■ - 


BiK Lake 
.. BoeviUi 


Sauer. Alois J„ Pvt.. Ist t,!,. St. I^ui. I 
St:hDurrr. John, Pvl.. Isl CI., Cu»bBnt, 
Sulidker. WiUie. Pvl., Khnixt^. Iowa. 
SrhinuDii, Dnlanius. I'vl., r..( Rnnid 
Sehmeckel, WOllun, Pvt 
aehniodec, Henry * '" ' 
Schoemnker. WbIi_ 
Shubcct. Rei. Corp. 



Schnll . 

., Piedui. 

. Mo. 

J.isopii. pvt., Ul CI.. 337 E. Sth St., Ncn 

iWLUiam C. Sergt.. Seward, N(l>. 
. Harry T,. Pvt.. 1st CI.. Spuildlng, Ndh 


>. Sander K., Pvt. 

SaM. St^HD I., Pvt.. GmilHy. Neb. 

Soldulo. Guwippe. Pvt., Ut CI., iSsl Isl Ave., N>w York. I 

Sanuca, Carl. Corp., Ord. N«b, 

SMokdaub. Daoid G., Corp.. WoodUndville, Mo. 

Slqianiik. F«rI«, Pvt., ISCedjirSt.. Massina. N. Y. 

Stewart, LeODUd, Pvt.. Indepeail«nce, Mo. 

Slotla, Bmtet ¥.. Pvt.. Milbcrry. Kan. 

TaldUBBH, FVank J., Corp.. Bwlus. Neh. 

TamtJe. Benjuiiin P., Pvl., SZOT S. ISth St., Lincoln. Neb. 

TlKinal, OrboD A., Pvl., lai CI., East Prairi*. Mo. 

"nwinptan, WEUiam H,. Pvt , lal CI.. 324 E. IZth St.. Legdvll 

Thuni&liawk. Jowtph. Pvt., 1st CI.', Pomucpine, S. D. 

TkBchuir, Aleiandor, Pvl., IM E. 3td St.. New York. N. Y. 

n.. lit - . 

uL, Pvl., 191 CI, Leadwuod, Mo. 

Tumn, Joaeph F., IVt., Colwfidd. Neb, 
Udeuky, Vlailmai, Pvt.. UI CI., 276 K. 1 
VioB, WUIiam. Pvt., E. 12tli St.. (ioarKcK 
Vllolo, Luoiaoo. Pvt.. 411 E. ITSIh St.. N< 
Waible. A. A.. Pvt., Ist CI., 827 N. Mlug 
Walkiu, Ernaet R., Pvl., Clairmont. H. t 
WeUec. Heroun G., Corp., 116 Jaekaur 
Welch, Emmatt. Pvt., Pe 
White. Praton A., Pvl.. 
White, William H,. Pvt., L __ _ 
Wiedman. Lyie, Pvt., Seward, Neb. 
Wilcoi. Earl. Pvl., Des Moines. Iwtn. 
Wildung, Harold F., SeTEt.. HUls, Minn. 
WUke, EmU, Pvt.. Ist a.. DnuvUle, Iowa 
Wilka, Roawell S., Setgl., 222 Pleasarit Av 

Si., New York. N.Y. 


Nam. Bon* and Home Addrt,, 

Craddock. Charles H., Pv.., Wier, Kan. 

1. Ku 

Cre^ii. <;«>rge W., PvC, Maopio. Mo. 

Daily. Carl F., Pvt,. 1*1 C!., LitcljDeld, Neb. 

D'Areey, AlTred J.. Sergt.. St. Paul. Minn. 

UavSij.'ElonV Pvl.; Blue Si;ri;^."Keb."' 

Day. Erneel H., Pvl,, Hiekmans MiU. Mo. 
DeBoer Evert, Corp., Adams. Neb. 

Dawson. Haymaad N., Pvt.. A-idphy. 1 
DedricksuD, Martin i.. Corp., Zaroniilli 
DePrerae, Paul L.. Pvt.. Veals. Neb. 

Defalco, Cwimo, Pvl,, 233 E. 1 

DeWitl. Clesler, Pvl., Revcnno, [Neb. 

Donuvau, Sidney N., Pvl., Raytnwn, Mo. 

DourUs. Lee A„ Pvl., Halifax, Mo. 

Duivrwaechlu. Frederick W., Corp.. Plainview, Minn. (Died). 

KUeFson. Kdword, Pvt,, Isl Cl„ Millnor, N, D. 

EUiH, l':imcr R., Pvt.. Ist CI., Olpc, Kan. 

Ennplbnicht.WalMrC,. Pvt., lit W.IOSIhSl,, New York City, N.Y. 

Eniiia, Clouey C. Pvt., Munlpelier, N. 1). 

Hrickaon. Guslaf, Pvt., Int CI., 14a Tth Ave. S., St. Paul, Minn. 

Eller. Henry W.. Pvl., Teeomseh. Neb. 

Falcn, Kranci* A.. PvL, Uoi T3, Lindabiim, Kan. 

Faiilcuncr. Allen, Pvt.. Independence, Mo. 

V\<i<t. Clifford v., Pvt.. HiAdredge. Neb. 

■ " ■.. H. F. D. No. 1. tlridyn, Minn, 


iiidle. Gehanl 

buum. Vict: 


E., Sergt, 
._, », Pvt., (I 

ible, Jim. l>vt.. Ebey, M> 
lium, PvL, Golei 

k City. 

. MariunviUe. Mo. 

Zarnowaki, Andrew, Pvt, 

..New York, N.Y. 

a, CcH-p.. AberdeeJ 

Znapabn. Harry W., Pvt, 

Firicy, n 
Fridle,, J. 

Sorrells, Cap 
iUiam T., Cai 
Ray, lit Lt.. 
Neil H.. l>t 1 

higs. S. D, 

^, SI. Paul, Mini 


:.. St. Paul. Mini 

Butke. Etonald J., Isl Ll., 3620 Lincoln Ave.. Omaha, Neb. 

*iaa. Aodniw, 2nd Lt., 23 Front St.. Fargo, N. D. 
omar. Daniel E.. 2nd Lt.. Pitcaira, Pa. 
JeiMoD, Albcn V„ IndU,, Kiu\aa, luwa. 
Adaou. Ctiarla. Pvt., lit CI., R. F. 1>. No. 1, Loraine, III. 
Aroewn, Sinud H.. tjergt.. Decorsh. Iowa. 
Andemui, Jama F.. Pvt., Loup Cilf. Neb^ 
'-'—■•1, Ralph, Pvt.. Ndiiih, Nell. 

__ . _.,■_ ,^ 'tergt., Moorbeod, Iowa. 

flat River, Mo. 

Bamsrovei, Alva, Pvt.. Notden, N ' 

Barton, Lloyd C. 1st Seret.. IKS4 I 

Bed. Chadei W.. Pvt.. Wymure, I> 

Beonell, Royd J., Senit., Philnview, miun, 

Bacnhard, Mai. Pvt., Sin N. Colfai Ave., Minneapolis. Mini 

Barodt, Paul H., Pvl,. Nnrthville, S. D. 

Birk Edward, Pvt., Gridtey " 

Boldl, Jobar ~ 

Booiberger. ) 

Bradley, Edwud J.. Corp., Mat Riier. Mu. 

Breese. Liaoala W.. Pvl.. Gridley. HI. 

Brockman, George L., Pvt.. "23 E. I2th St., Dc9 Moines, luwa. 

Broderiok, Mmtliew, Seigl., Newbourg, N. Y. 

Brown, Clyde. Pvt.. Laes Summit, Mo. 

Brown, Vivua W., Pvt.. Chippewa Falta, Minn, (Died). 

Biaahean. Ira V.. Pvt.. iFunley, Mo. ^ 

Budiler, Eua C, Corp., Sterling, Neb. 

Bryion, Hoyd J,. Pvt,. Crab Urchard. Neb. 

Burthe, H«b«t F., Pvt., tJk Creek, Neb. 

Buoaer. Bryan. Pvt., Almeiia, Neb. « 

Burfeuinf.RuudlP.. Corp.. 1411 3rd Weal St., Forgo, N, D. 

BuUo, WiUiam. Pvl., Ulue Eye, Mo. 

Burton, Earl B.. Pvt.. H. K. U. ^o. 6. PleaMinl Hill, Mo. 

Campbell. Colin J.. Serfl., 31H N. 9th St., Beatrii:e, Neb. 

Campbell, Charley L., Corp., Tecumseh. Neb. 

Carpenter, Kinc. Pvt., Chadron, Neb, 

'• -~ '— T.T. Pvl Mure... Iowa. 

r., ."od«o. Neb, 

., 104 b). Ibdi St., D» Moints, Iowa, 
uuiatenaen, (.larence a., Pvt.. McPhcrson, Kan. 
Qark, Frank, Pvl., 1065 2iid St.. Clinton. Iowa. 
Clark, Jamea J., Pvt., Anulerdam. 
Cloud, Otis A.. Corp., Elk Creek. Neb. 
Coba. Harlay J., Pvl., Spring Randi, Neb. 
Cole. Clarenoe A., Pvl.. AtherUn. Mo. 
Conlon, Leo J., Pvt., let CI., Leoka, S. D. 
Coleman, Leo II., Pvl.. netdier. Mo. 
Corrdl, Clyde C. Corp.. Arcadia, Ind. 
Cox, Ernest W„ Pvt., Mioen], Tex. 
Crabb. Clayton. Pvt.. Galena, Mo, 

Irdick, t 

I, Pvt., Jan 

3rd Ave. Weal St., Cedar Rapids, I 
... 44S E. 9th St., Now York (fily. 

1. 1.0I 

Halbeineii. Albert J., »l„ . _ _. _ 

Hansen, I':ar1 L., Pvt.. Ul CI., Trumbull, N 
Harmau. CecU H.. Pvt.. Rick IIUl, Mo. 
Hanson. GusUt R., Corp., Holdredge, Neb. 
Hart Turner. Pvl., Harlaburg. Mo, 
Harholl, Clarence, Corp., UrSa. S. D. 

I H., Corp.. 324 Park St., Hutc 

s, P.t., Garden City, Mo. 

neiming, Will, Corp., Cook, Neb. 
Hcnamann. Henry, Pvl., Beatrice, Neb. 
Hoke. Floyd E., Pvt., Elk Creek, Neb. 
Hooks, Roben M., Corp., 371 Harrison St., ( 
Hornbuckle, Warren A., Pvt,, R. K. D. No, I 
Howanl. William B„ Pvl,, 1st Cl„ Lee Sumini 
" e, Jamea L,. Pvt., Independence. Mo. 
■ ■ ■ 1, Mech,. taaylon. Minn, 

Hockville, Mo, 

H, Ingebrigt, Mech,. i^ 

son, William. Pvt,, Ant 
jonns. Edward, Pvt,. Aurora, L^eD- 
Johna, Fred J., Mech., Lewietun, Miun. 
Johnson, Clarence J,, Seriit,. 2502 Ve. St,, Sioiii City, Io< 
Johnson, Oren T., Sergt,. Inwood, Iowa. 
Juliano, Angdo, l*vt„ 170 Amsterdam Ave.. New York Ci 
Kearns. Thomas O,. Pvl,, Atlanta, Neb, 
Klouda, Anion. Pvt., 523 E, 12Isl-St„ Bioni, N, Y. 
Komori, Yuzuru, Mech,, Highland Road. Rye. N, Y. 
Kopp. Stanley G., Pvl,. Cifinder, Iowa, 
Kow.luwsky, John. Pvt,. 432 E. Houston St,. New Ym 
Krii, Emil, Pvt., Isl CI., Burwdl, Neb. 
Kuetd, Maill„Pvt„nandreau.S. D. 
Kuchte, Jeeeuh, Pvt., 38 S. 2nd SU, Brooklyn, N, Y. 
Lackey, Jacid>, Corp., Camp No. 4, Aahland, ^^is, 
Londess. WalUr J.,l>vt., IVeslio, S, D, 
Larson, llieodoro L., Corp., K36 E, 2nd Ave,. Cedar Rap 
Larson, Erie G., Corp,. 396 Popular Ave,, New lli.ven, ( 
Leaf, David C„ Pvl., 1st CI,. 616 Sherman SI,, iloldreg 
Lindquisl, M, E., Corp., 1001 Pleasant View Drive. On. \1 
Liii-Jon, Homer H., Sergt,, 415 lOll. Ave,, Cliulun, low 
Luedeke, Waller E.. Medi,, Pawnee City, Neb, 
UUians. Frank, Sergt,. 1106 S. 4lh Si,. Clinton, luwa. 
LyUe, Paul W., Cook. Wymote, Neb, 
McUonall. Clarenoe, Pvl., 1st CI., Loup Cily, Neb. 
McGinnls, Thomas, Pvt.. La Fountain. Kun. 
McMiUeo, Jewd C, I'vt,, lluziuli, Mii 
McGlolhlin. Elberl .1 "^.tl-i M^'-iipdl. Mion, 

Madiamer, Ard,„. fli': i. 1 \,-\,. 

Maruardli. Ba>Tii -I New York Ci 

Mslhistod, Joli.i 1 .1 . . ; I MiiiiL, 

Midlael, Theo^li.r. I' . . .. i . Minn. 

MIUm! Et^l', i\\.. ~L\i''.. M... 
Moots. Harlan C . S,i,;i . I'm,, luwu. 
Muur^ie, Lee N„ Pvl., RucktKirl, Mo 

n, Raymond E., Pvt., Hojikin 
ord. Raymond E„ P.t., Ut C 


Najiu. Hani and Honu AMrta 
Nave, Elms. Pvt.. lit CI.. ZtiW Amia St., Kudus 
Nail. Cbarlls E.. Swet., GsOiKiD. Mo. 
n«U>n. Claude. C«p.. Sh«U Cily. Mo. 
Omaut. Buller W., Pvt., SheU Knob. Mo. 
Owou. CurlB M.. Pvl.. HolmnviUe. Neb. 
Pa™, Fred N., Prt.. l.t CI.. Suita Fb, Kbd. 
Pahl. Auniil F.. Ptl.. liL CI.. Clalonui, Ngb. 
PhILod, DtvbI W., Corp.. Burr, Neb. 
Payne. Ricbard E.. Pvt.. Strang. ISeb. 
PenroH, Artbur. Pvt., Polo.i. Mo. 
Peanon. JsHpb E., Pvt., Bethel. Minn. 
PbitUpa, Arthur D.. Pvl., Bm M, Laurey. Kan. 
PioDtktmaki. Stanley J.. Pvl.. Loup C[1>. Neb. 
PKchrord, J<»ie L.. Pvt., Bed Onk, OkU. 
Pritdiard. Hoberl. Pvt. iBl CI.. Utioi, Minn. 
Belff. WiUiam K, Serjl., 131 3rd - "" " 

I. Rank and Horn 

lalhe. F^wan 

>t CI.. Slirllng, Neb. 
"- - ~- : Mo. 

Ralley, ChsrUy, Pvt., let CI.. Flat River. Mo. 

Rayour, Dee. Pvt.. Webb City. Mo. 

Redd, Bert M.. Pvt.. lit CI., Hutcbineon, Kan. 

R«er. JufanJ.. Cucp..41ZZGr«iuli " ~" 

RtKi, JohD A,. Pvt., Haiter. Mo. 

ReiHoer, Fred, Pvt., Berlrand. Nc 

Rhodes. Spolden. Pvl.. ChanuLe. I 

Roei. Harr? E.. L , 

Howe, Arthur N., Corp., Loup Cily. Neb, 
Royal. Hermaa L.. Pvt. ISST O St, Lineolu, Neh, 
Hoacn, Arthur L.. Pvt,. let Ct., MoulloD, Neb, 
Rydell. Charley A.. Pvt. let CI.. Petlou, Icnva. 
Samples, Frank E., Pvt.. let CI., Taylor. Neb. 
Scberbartb. Richard C. Pvl., Calhouii. Neb. 
Scrogga. John A., Pvt., Can, Mo. 
•''-'- '•-■- -^ '"-■-- '-!., Brooklyn, N.y. 

.._ ryC.,Pvt.,909E.6tJ 

Sh«e, Frank. Pvt.. LeeSummil. 
Shubert. Bei. Corp.. Fairlield. Ni 

Mth St.. N. 
CI.. FruiUend, J 
t.6thSt . DeaMi 

: CLly. 

B, luWI 

LhSt.New York Cily. 

SiODer, I'eler I,. Ser^,, Hastings, Neb 

t. Cler. 

,."pvt. Aurora,' Nrfh 

■- Brooklyn, N. Y. 

. ..Pvl., 173 HanL... 

, Wm II,, Pvt,. Biltle BlL 

t p.. Pvt.. Lilchfield. Neb. 

Sponberg, Simon. Loomia. Neb. 
StuckdaTe. Rom S.. Pvt.. LitchEeld, Neb. 
Tunomijii. Hurald L., Sergt,, Danbury, Iowa. 

" -■■ BroDiu St.. New York Gils 
Sjiriur-. Mu. 
'■■ily. Neb. 

Tanga. laidro I.. Corp. 
Thomn., Henry. P. 

^n E.. Pvt.. Louj 

IliurDian. Tracy. Pvl.. Valli 
Treon. Hury. C«p,> Rorkvil 
Tucker, Emery A., f " ' 


I. Mo. 

Tultle. Eltit F.. Pvt., Builcr. Mo. 

Ulah, WiUiam, Pvt.. Fairview, Kan. 

Ury, Fred B., Pvl., Jenmiu. Kan. 

Vareo, Sieve J.. Pvt., lat CI., Buonelerre. Mo. 

WalTord. Dooglaa W.. Corp.. Beatrice. Neli. 

Watia, Enoch M., Pvt.. 71 Hillshurg Ave., Brockton. 

WoUnue. Roy E., Corp.. 362 High Kurnt St.. Winona. 

Wccae, Jaaper, Pvl.. GeotryvUle, Mo. 

Wehry. Harold F.. Pvl.. Penbody. Kan. 

WetlauUa. Frank N.. PvL, Conrie. S. U. 

Wheela. Abb C Pvt., Mulberry, Kau. 

Wiebke, B^amin C, Corp,. Cook, Neb. 

Wiggiuton. Fred E., Pvt..Slcrlin(. Neb. 

Winter, Jacob, Pvt, 236 E. I3th St.. New York City. 

Wilou. Arthur D.. Pvl., Columbus. Kan. 

Wills, Cyrid. Pvt., lat a.. Sherman, S. D. 

Wilaon. CuniB M., Pvt, Sioui Falb. S. I), 

L, Cedar RapMs, Iowa. 

McLaughlin. Willian 

VI mar F.. Capl.. Ha ye 
:ji«tet K.. ftfech.. »U1, 

Fvgua Falls. Mini 

1. Wi- 

[uron. S. I 

»Lt.. Maishiield. \Via. 

Abboll. Choitei K.. hfecb.. mi}i W. 2nd St., Heal 
Albers, John P.. Pvl.. 1st CI.. Praho. 3. D. 
Aldridge. James M., Pvt.. Nevada, Mo. 
Aleiendeison. Pher. Mecfa.. Wymore. Neb. 
Allmaaio. Louis. Pvt.. 7S2 2nd Ave,, New York Cit; 
AUeo, Junes V., Pit., 3S2-A 9lh, St., Brooklyn. N. 


-e.. Brooklyn. N.Y. 

Annelt. Claud. Pvt.. Rich Hill. M. 
Atlebwry, WilUam D., Prt.. Neve 
Ayers. William H.. Coqi.. Alms ' 
Bacbslti. Joseph, Pvt,. 195 4Ui , 

Bachman, Louia F.. Corp.. L^i. 

Baker. Edward C, Pvt., Algers, Mt. 

Baker. Lynn C. Pvt.. Aahton. S. D. 

Baker, Morris, Scrgl.. Conliclonoc. Ky. 

Baker. Otia A., Pvl.. Clearmaat. Mu. 

Baker, Sherman, Pvt.. Oxtord. Neb. 

Banks. Elmer M.. Pvl.. Ist CI.. Orleans. Neh. 

Barr. Francis A., Pvl,. Webb City, Mo. 

Baleman. Harry C. Cook. Du Moines. Iowa. 

Beck, ArUys A., Corp.. 526 S. E. 2nd St.. Dee Moir 

Bwsou. Raymond M.. Corp.. Geneva. Neb. 

Belt, Cbarla A.. Pvl.. 1st CI.. Tacommarie. OkU. 

Berger. John A.. Pvl.. 1211 Main St., D« Moinea 

Biancbi. Luigi. Pvt.. 1st CI.. 321 Elm Hi.. New Rr[ 

Big Horn Elk. Louia. Pvt.. Fort 

Billau, Harry A., IVl., Heston, .„_ 

Black Tomahawk, Joseph. Pvt., 1st Q. 

Blake. Sidney 3.. Corp.. Va '■ 

BMcourl. Edward H.. Sergl 

Boflsman. Arthur J-. Mech-. q. ... 

Branccaccio. P., Pvl., Ist CI., 2357 Prospect 
Brundel. Weuiel F.. Cook. Famhamville. lowi 
Brooks, Emerson G,. Pvt. 1st CI., 855 Boyd A- 
Brown. George T,. Pvt. Ut CI., Carlhi 
Bmeoabach, Hugo J., Pvt.. lat CI., — 

Brvia. John J.. Pvt,. lat CI,. S5* E 

^ PhUo D.. Corp., Corllnnd. Neb. 
~ ■ " -^ -|e.low 

1. Mini 


>. N. D. 

,1.. Uke City 

New York, N.Y. 

age. Mo. 

May Si.. Maryavillc. 
St., Winona. Minn. 

. Raymond A 



27lb St. 

■Ihur O., Pvt, 

ocil A,. Corp.. 

i, Guldo. I'VL. 

:. East Ml 

iiin St.. 



R. 1, 

Homo. Pvt.. 

Long I~la 

nd Gil: 

y, N. 

en, John. Pvt. 



Dm Ml 

Leon B.. Pvt 

n. Coin: 

uiseppe, Pvt. 

:'9 Shcrio *" 


». B 



alvatoc, Pvt., 



York, M 

or» E., Pvt., 


a, S. D 



Cline. WiUiam E.. Pvt. Ist CI., GiUman, lo 
Cobaugh, John E., Pvt.. Reeds. Mo. 
Colby. Fred, Pvt., Orloons. Neb. 
Colby. Joseph L.. Pvt.. Orleans. Neb. 
Comhm, Andrew, Pvt., Albs. Mo. 
Coppda. P.. Pvt.. 87 Allevirtia Ave.. Coroi 
Corey, Ralph. Pvl., Sutton. Neb. 
Corey. .Walter V.. Pvt.. Shenandoah, lows. 
Cowdin, Alfred E., Bi -^ 

I. Long IxUnd N. Y. 

Dilfley. John P.. Pvt. 5 

ElHic. i;;eorge H.. PvL. Doe Ruj 
Eodaley. Eddie E., Pit.. lat CI.. 

Englund. GustaveA C Pvt Ii 
Erickson, Eric, Pvt 

... ^.„., Alexandria. T?^ 

H.. Pvt. Spickard. Mo. 

a H.. Corp.. Clarence. Iowa. 

CI,. Hoaholt, S, D 

, _.. Potai, Mo. 

Fahrenkrug. Mai, Pvt. lat CI., Arlingt 
Fatlig, Roy. Pvt.. South English, lo* 
•■ " -.. RedHdd. S. D. 

Jardenor H.. Ft 

Tommy, Pv 

ForluBoo, Joe., Pvt,. 
Fcsa, WiUlam. Corp. 
'laliei., --■ 

2377 II 

..New York City. N.Y 

FuUor, _ „-. .-- 

Gsbriebnn. George S.. Pvt., Ut (;!., Diituth. Minn. 
Galvin, Raymond D., PvL. lit CI., Alhol, S. D. 
Gordon. Fnukia L.. PvL,. Crmtline. lian. 
Gray. Charley M., Pvt., Nevada, Mo. 
Gronbodi. WUIiun F., Sergl.. Rodman. Iowa. 
Gronsueyer. John A.. Corp., Irelon, Iowa. 
Hamaler, Hugo P„ Corp,, bndiler. Neb. 
Hall. Lloyd D.. Pvt. 1st CI., Sluarl. Imra. 
Hanekunp. Verner E., Pvt.. Ist CI., Geneva, Neb. 
f Isrt, Otoer D.. Sergl., Le Man. luwa. 
Medlund, Arthur J., Cprp,. Rngan. Neb. 
Heinlein. John H.. Sergt.. Hpbron. »">■- 
Henry. Roy P.. Pvt.. lat C\.. Van Met 

lolbrook. IMgat S. Pvl 

. lit < 



u'». Mo! 

. I.err..ine, Nrf,. 

HuUenbeck. Addison L.. 


Knoiville. I 

loin, UilberW., Pvl., 1 


, Selii 

lorafall. John. Pvt.. 16 

5S Adi 

. Dubuque. 


lund. Edward L., Pvt. 


HunUing, Herman G., Corp.. Bcauioc 
Jeircmm, WiUium M.. SergL.. U-gan. U 
Jessen. ChrisKm J.. Pvt. Alia. Iowa. 
Jiles. John T.. Pvt., Webb City. Mo. 


StrgeanU qf Company K, 35UI Infaniry. 

^oehadev)havGennanpruonertuiereexamimd,aiMeniIhTour,M.dM..Fmrax,Seplemba- 15. i9i8. 


Name, Rank and Home AMvn 
Jobnlis, William H., Pvi.. Cmtsville, S. D, 
Juhosun, Aags, Corp.. Collunouud. Mian. 

" — :-i ■»- CI., Lanjtorc- " " 

r, Colo. 

JohiuHiD. Mernie k. Pvl 

JohnioD. WiUaid O,. l>vt„ Tt.,_, 

ioUny. Daniel. EVt^ mi CI., WamnD. Ma. 

Jolley. Jmeph W., Prt., EHther, Mo. 

JoD«. Leslie A,. Corp.. Clm Cenlrr. Neh. 

Kane. GtaigB M.. IVt., I« CI., Ynokton, 3, D. 

Kaplaa, Mai. IsL Sersl.. 216 Mth Sl, Now York 

Kaoan. Wiiliam E.. PvL. Al^a, N^b. 

Rauar. Sander, Pn„ 2222 N. J HI.. Fori SmiUi 

Kchno, Frank P.. C.irp.. Il»hler. Neb. 

Kerr, Duncan B., P«t.. ill CI.. CatUiage, N. M 

Kocb, Adolpfa H., Pvt.. IbI CI.. Minden, Meh. 

Kieimeyer. WiUiain A.. Pvl.. DeiJiler. Nab. 

Kucharo, Olio A., Corp., 1 IM 24lh 3l., De> Mn 

Leibfarth, Pai 

LenoDn. TboiL__. _ -.-, ,, ™~ 

LindTeldl. Paul M., Pvt.. D« Moin< 

Lo«aa, Rny, Pvt., Albinb. Colo, 
Luaeman. William J.. Pyt.. lit CI.. ' 
Ludwig. Anion A., P't., Wat Puini, 
Maaske, Ileory A.. Sergt,. Magnolia 

Aie.. Dee Moil 

'1., Hua Rapid*. Kan 

MeuuibaGii, Leo W., Corp., Haatinn, 
Midland. Orto S.. Corp.. ^iiW. N. O. 
MUlard. William B.. Wl.. Dra-or n. 
Miller. Oodrnv. P>l.. Littia Ri 



M 1. v.. Pvt.. Banrorc 

er, Howard H., Pvl., let a., Ha. 

Mieeey. Edward R.. Corp.. Feitlla. M 
■" -J -hao. George K., Pvl, ""^^ "- 

leru. Knuto J. F.. I 

t. Olio P.. Corp., 
^...~.o, Charles, Sergl,, L,:»aiit. iir 
Munyan, Charla A., Pvt., HI CI., < 
Murrdl, Ilarrv O,. Pvl., l«t CI., FuL 

Nufa.'Alben /.. Pvl.. Isl CI., Barjti_ 

Nej^ibora. Mack. Pvt.. Miiuwapolie, Miiw. 
Naper, Tfaeodore F,. Corp., Cedar Han' ' ' 
Newman. Abraham, Pvt., Nr " -"^ "* 

3D. Leater W.. Pvl 

edar Hapida. Iowa. 
-York Cilj. N, V. 

il CI., I 

NicooUi, John J., Corp., broken Itow, Neb^ 
Niion, Jtihn, Pvt.. Isl Cl.,-De> Moin«, Iowa. 
No*k»^ David E., Pvt.. Emporia, Kan. 

PMcnOD, Hbod i; CDrp.,vBennB'ViaU, Iowa. 
Petemon, MajniislA,, l'vl..vWamol,' S. D, 
Pelereoa, Samuel A. P., Corp., Kunllay, Nub. 
Puckatt, Jay, Pvl.. Ul Cl„ FredoDia, Kan. 
Ropp, Frank T,. Pvl,, Mindea. Nab. 
Holuner. Royal G.. Pvt., Fredouia, Kan. 
Rhode*. Ira S., Pvl., 1>1 CI., Marble Hill. Mo. 
Hicfaarda, Glenwnod L.. Pvl.. 1st Cl„ Alma, >eb. 


( CI., Mod 

ilia, ko. 

-- M F., 8wm., Hookwell City. I< 

BuMiell, Harry, Pvt., Bumie Tene, M< 
RoKDoraiu, Frederick O., PvL. lit CI., 
Bygg, Nala A., Pvl.. Isl CI., Ungtocd, S. _ 
Sapp, Charloa R,, Pvt., Ut Cl„ Boland, S. D, 
Sarar, TboBuu H.. Hergt.. Cadar Rupids, Iowa. 
Bebamoakie. Henry J., Pvl.. Nevada. Mo. 
SduDcr. William G.. Sergt.. Harvard, Neb, (Deoei 
Sdmeider, Frank J.. Pvl.. Isl Cl„ Turpon, 3. D, 
Sidiwaru, Alfred C. Pit., Sutton, Neb. 
Bridal. PUUip, Pvt.. Meedow, S. D, 
Sbaw. Jotan R.. Corp., Hailinga, Keb. 
"■ - ■■ ■■ ■;- ■ ^1., Bonne Tene. M< 

It CI., Estber, Mo. 




:, Mo. , 

Steven, Earl, Scrgt., Jeffaraon. U..-. 
Slokke. Ovid M., Pvt.. Pierpont, 3, D. 
StoDe. John R., PvL, Sheldon, Mo. 
Sundy, George A., Pvt., Isl CI., Reeds. Mo. 
Swinebart. Harley. Pvt.. lit CI.. Canhaga. Mo. 
Tatom. Edward C., Pvt,. l>t CI.. Carlhage, Mo. 
Tobiai, Morrii, Pvt., Now York City, nTV. 
Terry, Ira R., Pvt.. Oxford. ISeb. (Deceased). 
Toiaa. BcDjiunia. Pvi„ Orwin. Iowa, 

Tonoasoa. Floyd, Coo 

Vnllaja, EmU. P " ■ 

Voirubak. Rudolph; Pvt 

,. Cook, Peru, Neb 

Pvl., Pawnee Ciiy. Neb. 

~ " ■rginiaSp-— 

Elvuis, "mo! 

kerson, Hom«. _ . _ .. _ ._. ._ 
iHin, Maurice A., Maoh., HaslinKB. Neb. 
iklcplock. Earl L,. Pi " ' 

. .. . Hoph, INt.. Ut CI., Chicago, 
Woeltje, WUlinm A.. Pvt., Isl CI., hYanklort. 
Wolden, Edwin P., Pvt.. Claire Cilv. S. D. 
Work, Arlie A., Corp.. Red Field, Iowa. 
Wortb. Guy B., Pvt., lit CI,. Dee Mmnes. low 
Wreath. Jan C. Pvt.. lal CI.. Mulball. Okla. 
Wriaht. Joaeoh E., Pvt.. Ist CI., AiDsworUi. Neb. 

a^am, Mi^in J.. Pvt., Ramona 
Jack, Pvt,, Not Known. 
Edd, Pvt., Galena, Neb. 
£arl J,. INI., Isl CI,. Beatrice, Neh. 
Wa Hel'enAve., St. Paul, Minn. 


y, liarl 

Ll,. Fnirmoni 
Ll., Scrantui 

e, Brooklyn. N. Y. 

Adauu. Waller, Corp,. Loa Augeln. 
Allen, Raymond R.,?vt.. ReineravU 

Anthn^Sidaey L.. IVt.. Clay Caaln 
Aamua, Cnrl, Corp., Friend, Neh. 
Atchlay, Mack. Pvl., Pearl, Mo, 
Aoelin, Lee tl., Corp,, Coon Rapidi 
Barkor, F^py A.. Sergt., JeffflrBoji, I 
IWr^.n PhSio M., Pvt., lal CI., Audu- 
iriin D., Corp., SultoD. Neb. 

w C Scrgt.. Ml. Greenwood, IB. 

'ka, George, Pvt.. Alkin, Minn. 

mm, Fn^ I.., Pvl., Bonne Terre. Mo. 

ahire, William A., Corp., I>eilr(. Mo- 

^■^mai II., Ill Ser^., New YMk City, N. Y. 

BoyM, Cyrus W., Pvt., Ist CI., Hunler. Mo. 
Urnndan. Hugh I.. Sargt., Home addreas not known 
Bradford, Joe, Sergt.. Fonda, Iowa. 
Bruodin. Hugh J., Pvl., Norwalk, Iowa. 
Bradley. Uennie J.. HerKt.,, Iowa. 
Bri.lK's. Je«e F., Pvl., llilmna, Mo. 
Btoberg, Guslava E., Cook, Cambridge, Minn. 
Broderrek, Edmond, Fvt.. New York City, N, Y. 
" — 'j>. Thomas H,. Ph.. Dee Muina, Iowa. 

- "■ ~ ■ -lo, lo 

Ua, M_. 
. . , , .. _. Hill, Mo. 
Bury. Clyde S., Pvt.. \Volf. Mo. 
Campbell. Ej'aat C, Corp.. Lathrop, Mo. 
Carlson. Edward H., Pvl.,TraiDrerred, addr 
Caswell. RichsTd M,. Corp " " ' 

I. Louis. Pvt.. Burlinglon, lowt 

Cole. Mod 

l«et.. Can 

CI.', MiUigan, Neb. 

0, Neb. 

Coijk, George W..PvV. taul.arlh' Kan. "" 

CooprT, Robert E.. Pvl.. Rocky Mount. Mo. 

Courter, Elkin V.. Pvl., tst CI., Coffey, Mo, 

Crabauab, Egbart C. Bug., PhiUipsburg. Mo. 

Craatx, Earoal. Corp.. Fairview, Mo. 

Creppe. OUie D., Pvt., Ill CI.. Ester, Ma. 

Cullins. Stanley W„ Pvt.. Isl CI,. FloiencB, Kan. 

Culbirtb. Elbirt. Pvt., Nance, Mo. 

Daloia, Jama, Pvl., Bridgeport, Conn. 

Dampman, Charles B.. Pvl., Isl CI., Austin. Minn, 

D'Aulwio, Tony. Pvt.. New York City, N. Y. 

Davidson. Arnold H., Pvl., Ut CI.. ChaiBdd. Minn. 

Deckard. Rou, Pvl., Transferred, addrees not known. 

Deruui, Joseph, Pvl., New Haven. Conn. 

Devine, Arthur E., Pvt.. Bismarck, Mo. 

Dulkewicb. Joecpb. Pvt., Brooklyn. N. Y. 

Daubin, Gwynnford B., Pvt., TransFerred, addree* not 

Dryer, Alval., Pvt., Urbana. Mo. IDeceased). 

Eads. Lewis B.. Pvt.. Vienna, Mo. 

EdwK^, Fred.. Pvt.. Whitney. S. D. 

"' ' Arthur G., Corp^ Hutchiiuon, Kan. 


ErinakH. Gaorgc. PvL. Arctic. R. I. 
ET«a, WlUiam C„ Corp,, Jnninpari. Mo. 
Feltroii, Anlune. Pvl,. Armatcnng Spr[ng!i. Ar 
FraaU, Hiehard M., Corp., Crtlr.. >.■!.. 
Fruiet. Ben R.. Pvl.. Fairnioiit. Mch. 
Funkc, HermBn L., PrU. UI CI.. Bremen. Ken 

"" "" ""'" J.V, " ""* "" 

GibKm. Ru; 
Uillilaud, Rt 

■mib. Elvins. Mo. 

I. Cnrp.. Omnjiu, Neb, 

LUnd H.. Surgt.. SwDaUin, Neb. 

Ulnnn. Jw» u., IVl., Vienna. Mo. 

Goldbug. Jadob. Sergt.. Wwdiiaittiia, D. C. 

Goodwin. Jusnih E.. Pvt.. Ricb IflU. Mo. 

Giava. Abcamu. PvL. New Hiivea, Cunn. 

Gioog. Tbonai K., Pvt„ W«I I'laiu, Mo, 

Giolecke, Jamn F. Pvl.. PutUmsturg. Mo. 

• , CUrei 


I. MiohDPl 
GiulioLta. Arimoiulo, Pvl,, Wr 
GuUoy, Glover C. Corp.. Hul 
Hulsey, George C. Pvi.. FoiriD 
HuDki. Chariey. Pvt.. Tabool 
■• " a D.. l-Yt., Tob' 


]. Hu 

C, Pvl., Alta, I 

--- „ INlt^urg. Knn. 

Hauel. Waller R.. Pvt., PUnkingloi. H. D. 
ItauCr, EminaDuel, Pvl,, lat CI., Kulio, N. U. 

rval, PvL, Traaarotrwl, niW 
■ ■ " ■- 'erred, a 


Hiclie™*bora'E?,'pit""^j>,'. ... 
Ilinricha, lleory C, Corp.. Inland. Neb. 
Iloeven, Cliarlra B.. Sergl., TraoiTt^rred. n 
Holden. HdusIoo. Ihrt., Mountaio View. ^ 
IluUenbeck. Jimb M.. Pvt.. Knoivills. loi 
Hoover. Jacob A„ PvL. CuITcy. Mo, 
Hactaa, Joaeph O.. Pvl., Isi CI.. rutiraiRhu 
Howard, Ben. Pvt.. Grand Rapids. Minn 
Huber, Alexander. Pvt. 

,. V«[ 

: M". 

Kuilon. Waller I. ' 

laooUna. aolvol„f f, I , ,,.>.! 

lver»a. John B.. IM . I i < I .- . ' '.rh. 
Jonka, Uovd T„ I'vi.. lai. t:i., |>^ M.nn.i. lown 
Jcbnaon. /am« W., Pvl., BiadluyvUlo. ;ilu. 
JobwuiD. Jms S.. Pvl., Hoidrf«c. Nub. 
Johoaon. Melvin E.. Corp- Glindon, Mioo. 
JohoHiD. Torval A.. PvC, Alia. Iowa. 
Jon«. CbnlorGeld, Pvt., Kosbkonong, Mo. 
Jona. John F.. Pvt., Beatrice. Neb. 
Jonea. John F., Pvt., Eut Prairie. Mo. 
KanBtrup. Sopbua, Meaa Sergl,, Terrdl, loKn, 
Kaplan. Abralian] A., Secgt.. Minnirapolis, Minn. 
Karaaaaiaa. Nikolai. Pvt.. Leadwood. Mo. 
"■ " ivski. John. Pvt.. tlqiDpalead, N. Y. 


lU J. Pvt.. Tranafnn 

Knulb. Eleniaid 


I E.. Serct.. Orange City. Ii 
aid F.. Corp.. Fargo. S, D, 

H.. Pvl., Milligan. Neb. 

Kovalcbuk, John, Pvt.. Brooklyn. N. Y. 

Kcapp, Louu. I'vl.. hroni. New York. N. Y. 

KreugsT. Carl J.. Mech.. Crete, Neb. 

Kruger. Amd J., Pvt.. lat C3.. Alia Visln. ki 

Laiuu. Domencio. Pvt., New York. N. Y. 

Leeman, Alfred L.. Pvl., Lawrence. Kan. 

Laogbridge. Jobo L.. Pvl., TraiinTecred. nddri' 

LehmkuM. Joaepli B., IM.. LIbrarv, HI. 

Levine. Sam. Pvl.. Brooklyn. N. Y. 

Lewis, Monroe. Pvt.. I<t (i. Wrir, Kan. 

UnviUe. JoHijfa, Pvl.. Juplin. Mo. (Ueceiii^d 

Lime. WaiiaiD E.. Pvt.. Joiilin. Mo. 

Luslo, Jarnm. Pvl., Ne« Ytirk, N. Y. 
Lyndi, Heniy, Pvt., Dcslogc, Mo. 
Lvooa. Charr« A., Pvt.. Horton, Kan. 
AfoCall. Samuel O.. Pvl.. Heuac, Mo. 
McCoy. Thomas J.. Pvl.. Ist CI.. Panama, 
MoCubbin, Wallace F.. Corv.. Clare. Iu«a. 

Mauer. Frank. Pvt.. Meyer. Iowa, 
MetnoTglii, Antony, Pvt,. New llnveu. C 
Meyer, MQton A., Pvt.. Wnlern. Neb. 
Milaodri. Ugo, Pvl. - - 


1, Pvt., Ne« 

Mogle. JohnC., Pvt.. Cixly, Neb. 

Moote. Harry K.. Pvl.. Isl "■ = 

Moore, Wilber J., Corp- M: 

Morri— "-■-— ■ '•- 




1. Herbert A 

N. Y. 

CiTsiomfotd. Neb 
■ - n. Neb. 
upon. S. D. 

,UH., Pvt., l8tC1..Lehigli. I 

a. Georne M., Pvt., Tranaferi 

Nelson. Slen A.. Pvt., Centerville. Iowa. 
Neven. JoIjq E.. Pvl.. 1st Ct.. Dea M^iiiiea, Iowa. 
Niday, JaiD» L.. Pvt.. Socliatiriffip. Mo. 
Niion. TbomasJ.. Pvl., BrookJyn,>J. Y. 
Or:hs, Louis. I'vl.. Aberdeen. S. D. 
O'Ccnnar. Eugene J.. Pvt., New York, N. Y. 
O Connor, Harry. Pvt.. New York, N. Y. 
Obuin. Henry O.. Corp., Pelicnn Rapids. Mimi. 
Olson, Peter. Pvl., 1st CI., Dululh. Minn. 
O'.leman. Louia F.. Pvt., Albert Cily, Iowa. 
I'kcker, Glen, Pvt., »priiulield. Mo. 
Parisi. Guivaoi, Pvt. , SflTAlr, Ohio. 
Pumlati, Mike, PvL, New York. N. Y. 
PcUn, George H.. PvU, Isl O., SpringUold, Mo, 
Petlus, Fred W,. Mech.. Jouliu. Mo. 
Pfaelpa, WiUiam C, C<irp.,lTDldre«). Neb. 
Piotett, Parker A.. Pvt., New York. N. V. 
Piaaonia, Joseph. PvL, New York. N. Y. 
PoUord, llerben U.. Pvt.. PrioceloD. Mo, 
l>uwer. TrmoUiy M.. Secgt.. Winona. Minn. 
tjuorles. Wallace F„ Pvt., lat CI.. Eldorado Spring 
itandleman, James W., Pvt., Buffalo. Mo. 
Kunea. Virgil A.. Pvt.. Transferred, address not k 
llrineoke, Edward, Corp., Ablemun, Wis. 
Ileinmiller. George. Pvt.. Dewitt. Neb. 
Reynolds, Gifnn 0„ Pvt,. Geneaeo, Kan. 
Itheinholdl, Albert A., Pvt., Tranaferrod, addreu j 
llippee, Edward A., Corp., Lebanon, Mo. 
Ilobralin, Earnest A. J„ Pvl.. Lakin, Kan. 
Koss, lloe M., Mech.. Orieana, Neb. 
Ilusaell. Ilarley M.. Pvt.. Slocklon. Mo. 
Sallee, James W,. Pvt.. Little Cedar, lows, 
' " -p.. UtUe Cedar. Iowa. 

SchlieETer, Mar 


J. i'vl., IstCL, Revi 

larp, Joseph K., Pvt,. Viahy, Mo. 

■ • len H., Pvt., i"' i~i 


Siliel, Moyd O.. Pvl., IsL CI., xuniTU 
Sihel. Jemea I.„ Pvt., lat CI., Waldrc 
Sidebotlom, Stanley W.. Pvl., Glndaw 
Sieckmnn. Chariea A., Pvt., Tobias, N. 
., Pvt.. V. "■ -- 


Imnllwood. Perry II.. Pvl.. 

Imiley, ChatArd., Prt.. El 

Sodomka, JuHph W Pv 

Soethe, John O/. Corp.. __ _ .,„. 

SoDati.JTohn. Pn.. Mumeapolis. Minn. 
Stanley, Kyte E., Pvt.. Amheial, S. D. 
Steninier, Joaeph V,, Cook, Milfurd, Iowa. 
Stewart, Claire £.. Sergl., Sheldon. Iowa, 

St CI.. LuDBB, 

orado. Kan. 
Springs, Mo, 
I CI., Pocahon 

iergl.. She 

.- Pvl., Ai.,... 

Stocklleth. Henry W., CMp.. Laki 
Sloffers, Claua K.. Pvt., Carrul, ' 
Std. John. Pvt.. Dea Moina. Ii 
Suffa, Johu. P>t.. Veblou. S. D. 

kimhor. Neb, 
■ "ark, low 

Te^plin. Hr™ 

., Deceased, addre^ 
- -, Jykeman. Minn. 
F.. Pvt.. Orleans. Neb. 

"urpen, RoeaH., 
'uaki, Willie E., Sergl.. Dnrnn 
farberg. Thomas, Pvt.. Eslervi 
Valker. B<i ■ ~ " " 


,.„.ed, at 

Wingo, Hoben e!! Corp.. BuITnlo, m'o. 
Wirhl, Frank L., Sup. Sergt, HarlaD. Iowa. 
Wiaemnn. Percy, Sergl.. Mount Vernon, S. D. 
Wunderlic, Carl A.. Pvt.. Ist CI.. Burlington. 
Wynia. William, Corp.. Rock Valley. Iowa. 
Yalea, Cherl» A., Pvl.. Bigelow. Mo. 
Ya1<«. Robert T.. Pvt.. Bigelow. Mo. 
Young, Leo M.. Rug,, Springticld. Mo. 
Youngberg. Carl J., Pvl., Carneia, Kan. 

(berg. Ca] 

a. J^n S. 

It CI., OnMoim 

Apfetd. Erne F.. 2nd 14.. Dululh. Minn. 
Urackelt. Alunui C. Ut LL, Des Moinea. Iowa. 
GUIilant. Hoyd F., Ist Lx., 619 S. Van tturcn St.. 
Ilodgs. Vernon E,. Znd Ll,. Davenport, Iowa. 
II Dine, Harry A., Capt.. Dululh. Minn. 
Miller. Samuel S.. Cap!,, 1T08 Jefferson S[., Duh 
Nelaoa, Oscar J.. Isl Ll.,Windoni, Minn. 
Abels, Dave. Pvt.. Isl CI.. 7UU E. Main Si., Robii 
Adams. Albert R.. Pvl., R. F. D. No. 1, Plsiua. K 

Anderson. Adolf W.. Sergl.. 321 W. La 
Anderson. Herbert N., IM., Odsbur. 
RaUey. Patiiok J.. Corp.. Ch»Ux. N^ 
Raker, George J„ Pvt., B. F. D, No, 3 
llarkelew, Henry A„ Sergt.. Bagley. 1 

■ • "Hr ■■' 


er. Cnrp.. R. F. D. No. 1 

It CL, Quick, Mu. 

Ilcioiiiorno. Si 

Bojd. VVUliou, - 

Uriiigea. Eilmond 1., Corp., ( 

Bnim, iubn J., Pvt.. aiica«u, .... 

Burks, Orvel. Ph., R. F. D^No. 2. Ferdlao 

Cnrloon: Arthur < 

Carlwn. 0«ar E. 

CluKcz, (iregg. Pvt., Pueblo, Colo. 

Cleomiuiu. Daniel. I>Yt.. Ucn. Dd.. Cdt, Mo. 

Clark. Groier C. i^-t.. Im CI., Centril, Iowa. 

Cochrane. George. P>t.. I'yier. Mo. 

Cole. Guy. Pyl., Isl Cl„ E»etro, Mo. 

Cullini, Darius W.. Pvt.. R. K. D. \o. 2. Ilaylown. 

Culling. Huycv S„ I'n., lat Cl„ R. f. D. No, 2. Puiii 

Colt. George 1.. P>t.. Alden. Iowa. 

n T.. Pvl.. Uoi ZOZ Hulstea. 

. .,_. . .. _ . , _il Cl„ Aloiandrin. J 
Lane, Arthur R.. Corp.. Lucas, Iowa. 
Lear. Jacob P.. Corp., Hnvelock, Neb. 
Lariwn, Joe L.. Pvt.. lit CI.. R. P. D, No. 1. Lawt 
Lehiuaa. Clyde R., I'vt.. Fort Da Mom». Iowa. 
Lsnure, William E.. Corp.. R. P. D. No. 4. Trontoi 
, ,._ t.__j " -...H.F, D. No.3,8tonnLako, 

CoruelkHu, Paul H.. I 
Couaineau. EliC. Pvt. 
Cuuuingham. W. W.. I 

., Eldorai 

Crosby, f 


,1 CI.. R. F. D. No. 

Daniels. Cbarl 

Daliuenlo. Joao. Pvt., lu^ 4Ui !iL,.-4aci 

Davropon, Henry F.. Corp.. 49U Ken 

Davis. ClauHo. Prt.. Mrnr^ Mo. 

Dehli, St en 

Dcimel, J'J' 

De Lisle, 

.. Chic 

., Pvt.. New York City, N.Y. 
ainj.. Pvt., IS Morris Are.. EvButville. ind. 
lobn J., Pvt.. lit CI.. PortagevUlr. Mu. 
■'■, . .uBim. Ralph C, 979 E. North St., GalwIiurF, lU. 
DouuRhus, Ulan. Pvt.. 65S W. 3Tlh St.. lien Muiues. lo 
Doyle. Eari F.. Corp., 1ZZ2 Blondeau St.. Keokuk, lima 
Dwyer. Chariis J.. Pvt,. lat Q.. »D9 6th St., Mooett. Mi 
>iu[ick. JiAn. Con)., Houston, Mo. 
tlhbea. Theodore, Pvt.. R. F. D. Nu. 8, AppbMon, Mo. 
bMsvarda, Charles, Pvt.. RnmonclviUo, Mo, 
Edwards, Tarenoc. Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 5. Paris. 'IV.. 
Ekiitrand. Paul, Pvl,. 1st Cl„ 15^3 Walker St.. D« Moi 
Engle. Jemee E.. Corp.. V«a Crui. Mo. 
Epstein. I>avid M., Pvt., Dyembu "" 

a. Mu. 

Evans, lien. 
Faber. Lawr 

f J.. Pvt 


I. Keinhardt 

. Prank U 




617 Jell 

»»uu St.. 


GreeDholgh, William. Pvl.. Chariloo, Iowa, 
Crigsby, Jam« R., Pvl., H. F.D, No. 4, Msn 
Giiadersoo, Ingwal A.. Pvt., 2T13 Whilum Si 
Gustavaon, OleA., Pvl.. Ann» N n 
HoDienky. Charles. Mvdi.. ^ 

.. D» Moinn. lo» 

iTiHon, Kan. 

lu.nwood, M 


Lake. luwa. 


I. Chenue, N 

Halhaway.Jobn. I'vl .1 

Hnuen, Hubert. Coif,.. I . i - i. 

HarUaiu.Geor«eA.. IJurp. «„,rrb.l„ 

Hill. Donald, Sup. Seriit.. W. ^ili St.. ^ 

HiU. VirsU, PvL, Dykoa. Mu. 

HiUman. William, 1st Sergt., U. S. An 

HuUoy. Kolpb E., Pvt.. lie CI., n, F. C 

Holt. Jame* E., Corp.. Eieter. Mo. 

Hwik. Hoy, Pvl., Princfllun. Mo. 

HulT, Emerwia P.. Sergt., SenrsdorB, Iowa, 

Ilufhes, Ralph E,, Corp.. Davenport. Nob. 

Uural. Zeek. Pvt.. BalW, Mo. (Dooensed), 

Huston. Ralph W,. Sergt.. Cbeney. Neb. 

JaoksoD. GiXert A., Pvt.. R. F. D. No. I. Noion, Mo, 

UBobaon, MarlJn A.. Pvt.. l»t CI.. Roone. lowi. 

Jaokiladt. Gust, C^., Bowbdl. N. D, 

Jinks. Blbert L„ IM.. R. F. D. No. 1, Niangua. Mo. 

Jamea. John H.. Pvl.. Holland, Mo, 

Johnson. Allen B., Pvt.. lat CI.. R. F. D. No. 2. Sjiringilcld. Mo. 

Johnson, A.. Pvt.. Ist CI., 1241 St. Lawn ' •■•■ ■ - 

Johnson. John A,. Bin.. Ut CI.. H. F. I> 

Jones. Wiley P.. I' 

Kda.' FrSdMiok A 
KeUer. Orbit L..B 

Kenoey. Cha 
Kern. Paul t'.. Cook. I IU2 lUl S 
Kerl. Herman F, Pvt. ■ '■ ' 
Kinnear, Jotu E., I'vl 

'. D. No. 2. Bruninc. Neb. 


I, Pel 

la D., Pvt.. Wellmi 

I. Andrn 

.. 1U23 Mason St.. Omaha. Ndi. 

■■ •■ - " ■ lol. Mo. 

Si., New York, N. Y. 

Brooklyn, N, Y. 

ik. Big Timber. Mont. 

vl., <Sb W. 99lh St.. New York City. N. Y. 

a, E.. Pvl.. R. F. D. No. 

d A.. Pvt., lat CI 

„ Pvt., Flush, Ki 

ind " ■■ 


MuUoithlia, Joseph, Pvl., Isl CI, S9 PulL 
McMKlion, Williu.n F.. Corp.. Madison. S 
M.ilonr, J.*n. Ph., 2a: R S2nd St.. Ne* 
MiiriiriritL4. JoJin C. Pvl., lat CI., 3930 D 

Mnr.iniiv, JcM"f.,'"p "' "' '' ' 

MiirJiall. C.TilR. !■. 
Multinjily, John H,. 
Lflonardlown, Ma. 

Muynard.Gruver. Pvl., R. F. D. No _ 

Medlar, Ralph. Pvt., Ill) Ijndon Ave.. Middleluwu, N. Y. 
Meyw, Loe. Pvl.. 1st CI., R. F, D. No, 3. Stonn Lake, " 
Milter. R<diert J., Pvt., Roiienville. Mo. 
Moore, Clarence H., Pvt., Star Route, CasaviM" Mo 
Nachligall. Luuia »., Pvt.. Ist CI.. R. F. D. No. 

atCl.,R. F, D. No. 1. Niangui 
"■ "aslier. Mo. 

'B Post OlBce, St, Mar 

I. Batllelirle 

New, Chorley I 
-■ ■■ .Frederic.-,. 
H, Harold L., I 

., M<«h., M> 
I., Pvt.. H. F. D. No. 2.Bi 

r, Sergt.. Br- " 


:, Terril, I 

irgh. Pa. Olson, Law 

at CL. R. F. D. No. 3, Mitche . S. D. 

Fieselman, Samuel J.. 

FiugeraW, Cloronoo, P 

FiUgerald, John R., Pvl., Star Rou... _„ 

Flai. Sot.. PvL. Isl CL. M2 East Ave., Kankakee. HI. I'etam 

Forell. Cyrus E., Sergt., B. F. D. No. 2, Chrater. Neb. IVIerao 

Ford, Glenwood. Corp., R. F. D. No 2, Galena, Kan. Petentj 

Freeman, Herman. I'vt,. Ist Q.. 1015 W. 3rd St., D« Moinn, low» Pr-Iarsc 

I. Erick, Pvl., Springbrook, N, D. 

•quel, Victor. Pvt., Rodarte, N. M. 

^ n. Jacob M., Pvt., Ist CI.. R, F. D. No. 3. Howarden, lo. 
uaon, l^verett. Pvl.. lat CI., R. F. D. No. 2, Conway, Mo. 
Garvey. ThBodoro, Pvt,. lit CI,. 748 Bond Ave., Barnsville, Iowa. 
Giolilii, Michele, Pvt., fl. F. D. No. 2, Milwaukee, Wis. 
Glauser. Hub, PvL, Chrataut Hidgc. Mo. 
Graf, FrankJ., Pvt., IBICL. R. F. b. No. 1, Orleana, Neb. 
Graham, Harry, Sergt., Dickenson. N, D, 
Gray. Otto F., Corp.. Cbadwick, Mo. 

_. Pvt. 211 Hickory St.. Ihl 

n C. Corp.. 1II2H 12th St., Siuui Citv. Ic 
** "- ■ '-'■■, 716 N. Sprin^St.. Indpen. 

rifi^. mS° 

r, Corp.. Stao 

, Mini 

Pfau. Anion. Pvt.. Si _ 

y F., Pvt.. R. F. D. N< 
■■ - ■• - No. I. . 
'■ ^- D, 
at CI.. Bi 

p, Waltar, I 

., H. F. D. No. I. Budd 

J, Mo. 

Pit lard, Carl C. Sergt.. Charl 

Polan, Verne L.. Pvt.. Ist CI 

Polich. Frank J., Pvt., Isl CI., Chari 

Poapicil, Rudolph, Pvt., New York Cily. N. Y. 

Pmaer, Clarence, Corp.. Sur Route. WiUuw Spring, Mo, 

Pu^, Eslie. Pvt.. R, F, D. No. 2. Jasper City, Mo. 

Purcall. JiUin C. Sergt.. Castleton, Kan. 

Rachtord, William S.. Pvt., 15T9 Lnivenily Ave., St. Paul, Mini 

Reindl, Eriisl H., Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 1. Ashton, Kan. 

'leynolds, Fearl, Pvt,, 511 E. Znd D. M. Si., Dai Moinn, Iowa. 

i: ..,_..__ .1 ...,L H. P. 11 No 3 Aflon, Iowa, 

Red Granite, Wis. 


e. Chart 

Rosenberg. Ant 

. Pvt,. 

ch.. Hastings. Neb. 
t CL, R. F. D. No. 6 
-4 Wholes Ave., " 

, Lincoln, Neb 
« York Cil) 

N. 1 




jyT.. Pvt.lstCL, R. F. D. No. I, RedTop.Mo. 

r. Charles 6., PvL. 123 S. 24th St., Beatrice, Neb. (Deceased), 
_el, JcAn. Pvl.. 1st CI., Pello, Iowa, 
enlhal, Frank W.. Pvt., Bennett, Neb. 

Ray. ( 
, WiUii 

lore, Pvt.. 2317 3rd Ave. 



., Rusbmore, Mini 

., Brooklyn. N. Y. 

li. Pvt., SD4 91)) St.. Cloquat, Mini 


Vnga. A]| 

Namt, Rank and Home-AMrtu 

Tnngn. twdro, Prt.. 311 Broom Si., New York City, N. ' 
Tiinfiiuiy. Earl J., Mrw S«g1., KlUi St.nitd 3rd Aye.. Sb< 
T<uiD<ii, Silvio. Pvt., 197 II«lw S[,. New York Clly, N. ' 
TsoriHU. Sldaoo, Pn.. T5z;i 51h Si . Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Tbompwn. Charlie L., IVl., 132 I':at>l2nd Si.. Nm 
Tocnsy, Arlbur I*. Pvt.. 57 "" " " 

TrjroB.Vietor.Pvt-.llSbBrlo . 

Taokar. Glen M.. Pvt.. CanviUe. ...- 
Toniec. Gwdiwr. Pn„ lit CI.. Ava, Mo. 
'tneyer. Henry. Pvt.. St. JaniEa, Mbn. 
r, Albert L.. Pvt.. lit a., BlrxflilKld. Mo. 
.er, Chsrln. Pvl.. HI CI.. MUler. S. D. 
WOOD, Ed.. Pvl,. B, K. D, No, 1, CuavUle. Mo. 
Walker. Floyd H.. Pvt.. lit C[.. Alrieadria. Neh, 
Waimutor. Jeoob. PvL. R, F. D. IVd. 2, Bunkrr Hill. Kan. 
WfUtar. Humid P.. Pvt.. 330 Nortti Gordy. Eldorado, Kan 
Woiaiirl. Leo C„ Pvl., H, F. D. No S, Pieroe. Mo. 
WeatoD, Paul, Corp.. Culumbuji. S. D. 
Wloni. Pns G,. Otrp., Mubbdl. Neb. 
WabukDloali. John. Pvl., IB2 lOlh M.. Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Wabdn. MOton. Corp.. Exeler. Ma. 
WlUia. Anhur. Pvt., ]>t CI., fl. F. D. No. 4, StralTord. Mo. 
WiUoD, Albert. P«t., HeyU, Mo. 

Wlmmer. Homer, Pvt., Ul CI.. B. F D. No. 1, Boffcnville, > 
Wionn-, ClaudnS,, Pvl,, norenor. Kao. 
Woodcoek. Mdvin T.. Pvt., R. F. D. No, 3. W<vl Morliind. 
Wooda, Williom J.. Prt.. R, F. D. No. B, Tronton. Mo. 
VaatremKki. Steran. Pvt.. US Jeraey St.. StatcD lalatid. N. 1 
youn«, Tooimy, Pvt.. 403M Eail Lucuat Si.. Doe Moiim. loo 

■toneyec, Joamh II.. Capt.. Webster Crovn. Mo. 

lUiont. Petw v.. Capt.. Lanaii. S. D. iDird of WoundK). 
' " Carey E.. Jr., Ill LL. ll21K.2HlliSl., Omaha. Nc 

. . » ■■-.. 144Cerilrol Avi... Sullinaa. Cal 

:. Omaha. N>li. 

Caapboll, i_*Biay i:#..ji., i 

FhOlba.CianiieeA.. Sod 

RobJ, John H., Znd LL. 4510 K. 34th A 
Spoo. Harry C, 2nd Lt., 117 Third Si,. N, 
W^tennan, Chariee D.. lit Ll.. Davenpo 
Semaai. EnKMCZnd Lt., 3020 Merwyn 
Adkina. Graliaoi, Pvt,. Charlea Cily, Vn. 
AdUm. TtMweU, Corp., Charles C.iiy. Vi 
AUm, Jams A.. Corp., Sterling. Kan. 
AUpMh. Ralph E.. Pvt., Ill S. Adama Ri 

* ■ ^f^ — ' "— "— lUf. Mo. 

I, Neb. 


B., Pvt., Pana 

BaJMr^<ry. Pvv, Eldor■dc^ 



>e C. Pvt 


>. Mo. 

[<, Mim 

Bmbrciy, Jenmugl. Pvl., Summerville. Mo. 

Bols, Edd. Pvt.. Chadwiok. Mo. 

Bolin. Uniy E., Pvt., BatUeGdd. Mo. 

Brwlihaw. George W.. Pvt.. Thayer, Mo. 

Bndoay. MerkW., Corp., 1436 Wurnsr Avo., ChicaEo. 

Bnmley, WOUam. Pvu. Wiaona, Mo. 

BnntD, Emil T.. Corp., D» MoioH. Iowa, 

Brown. JoHph, Pvt.. B6 Middleton SI,. BruuUfn. N. Y. 

Brown, Samud, Pvt., 203 KbtiI St., Brualil>n, N, Y. 

Bandy. Alpha. Pvu. Spirit Lake. Iowa. 

Bnikirk. Iloiiuie E.. PvL. Unadilla, Neh. 

Carey, Cbarin W., Pvt.. 9 Ijiyfayetle Avr., QasininR. N. 1 

Cukon, WaUuD. Pvt.. Nebruka City, Neb. 

Chrialenaen. Sever. Seret., Algona. Iowa. 

Cathoart. CtarBOaa, SeraU, 211 S. 3rd St., Mniahalltuwn. 

Clapp. Kenry L.. Pvt.. ^mwood, Neh. 

CiarC, EJmer E.. Pvt.. Myrtle. - 

.. Diokcn 


tider, N. D. 

CoUin.. OivalJ., SwKl., 1B27 N. Jaffen 
Coatei, Crier, Pvl., 1st C:i.. Aleiande 
Conrad, Emil. Prt., Si. Thomaa. N. I 
Convy, Elmet H., Serit . 1044 ]9lli SL. Dfii Mail 
Cook. Ray E., Bug., Pocahonlaa, Iowa. 
Cowaer, Claude L., Corp., MeiliaiHilia, Iowa, 
Crowley, Juatioe M., PvL, Storm Lakn. Iowa. 
Cunnin^am. MQlon G.. Pvl., Flat Itivvr, Mu. 
CurUiTChiiirtn M.. Pvt.. Dauby. Mo. 
Davii. Bobbie. Pvt,. Manitlirdd. Mo. 
Day, Ivan, Pvt.. Conway. Mo. 
Deana, Bemuel G.. Pvl., Uato«a, lU. 
DeLap, Robert M.. Pvt.. Lake Cily. S. D. 

DflDUm. Henry O., Pvt. "--■-*' "- 

DflPnaniiw, WiDiam A.. 

DobKia. WOaonE., PvL _ 

Dtueier. Waller L.. Pvt.. Ohiowa. Nob. 

Donai, Arthur J., Pvl.. Pelln, Iowa. 

Dorgan, MlohiuJ. Pvt., 64 Downiug. St., New Yo 

Drewer, Charlea B.. Cotp.. 3138 WonhlngUia Ave. 

Euo. Ivan S.. PvL, Lewiaville. Neb. 

Bden, Heon, Pvl., Ohiowa, Nrb. 

Ehlke. Wilbam E., Corp., I3« Moiun, Iowa. 

Bidineea. Ourlei W„ SagU. 917 N. Ave. .-j. U., Mianeepol 

Eailand. Samuel H.. Corp.. Hiiivenity Place. Neb. 

B..^ ^_ .. ,. ,^. , _ ■ „ (Deceawd). 

d G., Pvt.. 


1. N. Y. 

bwia. n/ilUaa J., Pvl.. Newbsa, I< 

EvUB, Weoloy E.. Pvt.. 'DHaiaaviUe, Mo. 
FaiintaiM. Axel. Pvt.. Dlchloa. Kan 
" a, Santa. Pvt.. Addrear —'-•-■ 

Namr, Awik w 
Tly. John. Pvl.. SB E. 13] 
t, Ilarriaon. Pvl., rirth. 

w York Cily, N. Y. 

Harvey L.. Cook. NewMn, low 

John A.. Pvt., Sargeant, Mo. 

GoodeU. Charlea S.. Pvt.. Ill CI.. Vermillion. S, D. 

GoMinan. Carl K., Pvt.. KUingwood. Kan. 

Grahn. Decor W.. Mecb.. 1413 E. Knoi Si.. Galeibutg. 111. 

Green. Robert B., Pvt.. Cliadwiek. Mo. 

Giwne, Lawrence. Corp.. LeSaun-, Minn. 

GrenB. Bubm C. Pvt., Rockwell City. Iowa. 

Gueat. Charlei P.. PvL. Lnhrvitle. Iowa. 

Archie O.. Sergl.. Algona, Iowa. 

I, Aiel K.. PvL. Chilton. Wia. 

iia. LrRuy T.. I'vL. lol Cl„ Seymour. Mo. 

Jin V... .Medi.. Winona. Minn. 

. .Xorman II., l*vL, VnnduMr. Mo. 

, Curtia. Pvt., I.eadwood, Mo. 

le, Fred W.. Conk. Ni 

I, Owair. PvL. Winoc 

_. Alfred A., Pvt.. Far— -„. . . 

ingtien. Rdwsrd. PvL. Tokio. N. 1>. 


ingtien. F,dwB[ 

ire. CbMiiiey. I , ,„. 

Joaopfa A.. SergL. Clulicr. Iowa <1)en'. 
.. _n. Clareoca G., PvL. Calo, Mo, 
ovii, Charlea. I'vL. Frcdericklown. Mo. 

'"- "■ K.. PvL. Benfurd. N. D, 

E.. PvL. KaakonouK. Mo. 
" " ■ " .a.Knn. 

HulTKtedlcr. Frank«. Goor/o K _ 

Hnmiitiroyi. Joaeph C. Semi 

:eK., Pvt.. Karmim 


.„ AddM 

>. Mo. 
h Engliah, I 

nubtaiudhle (noeeunni). 

Jobe, Charlie T.. I'vL. Ilunlley. Neb. 
Johnson, Joeepb F., PvL. Noudeoha. Kan. 
JohnHHi. Kuy C PvL. lat CI., Univerajty llacr, N 
Jonea, WiUiaoi K., Mecb.. EliaKton. Mo. 
Jonea. Ruben A.. PvL, lat CI,. Chnrlca Cily, Vo. 
Jordon, Cbariie B. €.. Pvt.. Lyona, Kan. 
Kabn. OUie A.. Pvt., lat CI., Pawnee Rock. Kan. 
Kunkle, John W., Pvl.. Leoion. K. D. 
Kiuue. Be^iamin F.. PvL, Worlbinglon. Minn. 
U Plana. Victur. I>vt.. Dee Moine.. Iowa. 
Larion. Eric U.. PvL. lit Q.. 396 Popular SL. New 
Lee, Ralph, Pvt.. Sparta, Mo. 
Legg. JosHib E.. SergL. Greenup, 111. 
Leaaon. Ctmlon F.. PvL, Ne«bu. Mo. 
Lowery. l>bilip L.. PvL. Grove SprinK. Mo, 
■ "■ AlborlC, -- "- ■- 

Lulgeo. Igiuliui N., Pvl, 
Mackey. Alvey. PvL, lat 
Maddoi, Quirla W.. Pvl, 


_. - ... Fotnfcll. Mo. 
le K.. Corp., ItilliuiBi, Mo. 
■■ Pvt., Mnr^ield, Mo. 

Manlx. Joaeph H., PvL, Ohniti. Kan. 
Marirr, (Carles W.. I^L. Tigrn. Mo. 
Mirier. <:eorae W.. I>vt.. Sparia, Mo, 
Martinson, trairy J.. Seritl.. Stillwater. Minn. 
Maaun. Joaeph L.. Pvt.. Tmeadale. Iowa. 
Mrnefro, lilmor E.. Scrgt., Harper, iowu. 
Menu. I*wia R.. Pvt.. B. F, D.TVo. 1, lleds, 8. 1>, 
Monanace, Midiael P.. Corp.. 4iaUun. N. M. 
Meredith. Bennrd II.. let dorgt., SIS N. 41h SL. Newton, i. 
Me.rryman. Clarence. Pvl., farmtnitton. Mo. 
Miflim, John C. P~> *■.—'-'■ "- 
Miliar, George K.. ( 
e. Jams E.. I 

don City. Kan. 

-- L. let CI.. Parnell, Io« 

Myrn. Cbau,. PvL, Blodgett. Mo. 
McCormac.ltalpb A.. PvL. Alley. .Mo. 
McMshon. Dennig J., Corp., Eietet, .\>b. 
McNamara, Earl. Corp., Devil- Ijike, N. n 
McPhenon. Jamea L.. PvL, Mendon, Mo. 
Neidigb. Clinrin II.. I>vt., Galena, kan. 
Newman. Robert. PvL, Cauidy. Mo, 
Nordman, Frank A., I>vt.. Olmiti. Kan. 
Norlon. Millon G„ Corp.. Algona, luwii. 
OJoni. Rnfua C. I>vt.. Billinga. Mu. 
Olden. ClauilK A.. PvL, Route I. Ijncnin. N^dk 
(Kendyk. William F.. Corp., CoUevo View. Neb. 
Obon. Marios J.. PvL. Newell, luwu. 
Orndorf. Robert L.. PvL. Pilot Gruve. .Mo. 
Uwen, Hoy G., Sergt,. Monuna. Iowa. 

•armetla. LynvdrL.. Pvl., Niiin, Mo. 

■atlenoD, Cecil G.. Cook. GuleabutB, III. 
~ .tton. Floyd R.. I'vL. When ton. Mo. 

.ekoDK^innider. Otio R.. PvL. llarliey. Mo. 
Plailer. Clarence, Pvt.. lat Q., Seymour. .Mo. 

■rigniU, Charley. PvL. Paidlina, lo»a. 

•ropea. Jamea B.. Pvt., Weinntlin. Mo. 

*crTin, John W., Corp.. Mandialtlown, Iowa. 
Hawley. Comelina C, Corp.. Fnlli Cily, Neb. 
•^aao, Uliver E.. PvL. TetriU. Iowa. 

laynen. John D.. Pvt.. KeUogg, Iowa. 

liekordi. Lincoln G.. Pvt., In CI., Knotville, I: 
■ ■ ■ L., PvL. Gira ■ ■■ 


Name, Rank and 
Rad»n. Curol H.. Corp.. Flal R. 
BoralMugb, Clmria f.. Cook, Aluuia. I< 
Roth. Antoa W., IM., Si. UeneYieve. N. 
nothmaD. Louw, Pvt.. lisIUmtMith. Nob. 
Ryan. Jamai H.. I>vt., Wakcfidd, Mug. 
Sandiiliie. Alvin J.. Pvt.. Linton. K. D. 
"— ■ =!. Pvt.. HagBlflff. Ar 


r. H«i 

1., Pvt.. Burl 
in E.. Pvt.. L 




L: Coru., Pi 


1. Mo 

>. Wmi4un. Pvl. 

nraki. itim. Pvt 

b. DwBa L.. Coi,--. - 

Smilh. Robert. Pvt.. So^mour. Mo. (I>rceiu«l). 

SltkoMki. John. Pvt.. He.. 
SmiUi, Owen L., Corp.. ill 
"■■"■-"- Sovmour. Mo 

StR^emi. IIunhHj Iv. Pvt., UImyi 
Stnbley. George A., r ■ 

Soukiip, MBtfalim J.. 
Siwedo. Slanlcy, I'vl,, Ksrnii 

TiBm. WmiBm P.. INt., MUfL 

Talmatw. <^y M.. Corp.. Ilavdock 
Taylor, Dickie. Pvt.. niudficl, Mo. 
Tbtcket. Ilerbcrl. INt.. Pimomoul.. 
~ mw, Ncinnen A., Corp., Upper Ci 

:k. Meb. 

Trkkel. Orval L.. Serei.. S*™ Ciij. luwa. 
TownKDd. JokD W.. Corp.. Doiville. ky. 
Tucker, George H.. Pvt.. Konimnn. Mo. 
V*a«. Vemoa N.. Sergt . Kellogtf. Iov>a. 
Verity. Willard, Mecli.. Saarord. lunii iglaiid. 
Ved Nm.. J«h C. Pvi.. Maiufield, Mo. 
Vum Vulakis. Johu <i.. P«t.. DuLutiuc, lows. 
Wallon. WiUiun J.. Pvt., Niia. Mo. 
>rad. Pvt.. Dea Muineg. luwa. 

in J.. Pvt, 


jmonO., IM,. l«t CI.. Lindsl-irn. 

Webb. Claude E.. Com.. Baiter, liiwa. 
Webb. Harry C. Pvl, Vairhaven, Minu. 
Webb. Jimmie. Pvt.. Diehlatead. Mo. 
Wdeh. LeVnne A., Pn.. Slerlinc. Kan. 
Wdkener. John G., Corp.. lanbeT, S. D. 
Weir. Hay. Pvl., Brook^n. N. Y. 
Wdla. Airred. Pvt.. Montague. Mo. 
While, Alvin J., Pvt., Huile Z. LiocoJo. Neb, 
Winleia, Marry J.. Pvt., Couctland, .N Y. 
Wniacd, Fr«l, Pvt., BuYtr, Mo. 
WiUiuDB. WiUic l:.. Pvl llardrid«f, Mu. 
Wood. Cluylun. Pvl., Dmuja. Iowa. (Decease 
Woodard. Alico L.. I'vL, Lyons. [II. 
Woodrum, William A.. IM., Prairip Nome. Nch 
Wuih, Uiwar F.. Pvl., HXlinim. Mo. 
Wyett, Walluui, PvL,. (intt. Mo. 
Wykert. Waller. Pvt., Hurlinitlon. Iowa. 
Youog, Raymond. Pvl.. MananHd, Mo. 
"Youo*, Hoy W., Pvl., Volney, Va. 
Younflnan. Edward J.. Com.. Tama. Iowa. 
Zyra,Michat. Pvl.. Kadyn Heighln, N. Y. 

Raymond L.. Znd LL. S. Front St.. Wriihlsvill. 

r. Walter F., 2iid Ll., 221 S. Elm St., Fairmont, 

Dudley. Janm P., I 

t Ll., 6Sa Portland Ave.. SI. I>aul. Mini 

SaHord, Oran E.. Capl., 
CbBK. Willia G.. Capl.. 
Faricy, Wdlinm T., Cap 
Aekeman.JobnG Pvi. 
AlODTD. Joe. Pvt., 1 

AUiKHi. Woodville. 

Andenao, Claude L.. Pvl., 


, Con.,, W) Broadway, Farf 

l«eph L., I>vt.,lt. r. D. No. 1, riaik» 
iciui M., Bug.. R. K. I>. No. 3. Walkii 
n, Jnhu. Serat.. II. K. D. No. S. Boi S 


. ^ L., Sergt., Hampton, Iowa, 

Bird. Daniel G.. Pvt.. l>t CI., R. K. D., Mayaville, Mo. 
Booten. Jaiepfa E., Pvl., let CI.. Eial Prau. Mo. 
Bayer, Tbomaa J.. Pvl., AlloD. Mo. 
Bradley. Liny C, Corp., R. F. D. No. 2. tpava. lU. 
BraiiHn, Jen C, Pvl., R. F, D. No. 2. Republic. Mo. 

Brooke), Loui F.. Serjl., Port AUejany, Pa. 

rails. Mo, 
.. 2209 E. 31i 
>ak, mui Arcb St.. Burli 
vt.. lit Ct., 1220 Merce 
It CI., ClaikHlale. Mo, 
'., PvC, Star Route, Kn 

_., Corp., ZOS Peoria St., . ™ 

n II., Corp., B. F. D. No. I. Straffuri 

Campbell, Edward Pvt.. Tnrtoo. 3. D. 
Campbell, Homer, Pvt.. Ul CI.. R. F. D. No. 1, 1 

^Jiadwetl, JamiH C. Pvl., R. F. D. No S, Cold Sprint 
.:iark. Leater. Pvt.. l>t CI.. Platlamoulh, Neb. 
:iemen1>, Oarn C, Pvl., Rome. Mo. 
::ohb. Je»e B.. Pvt.. R. F. D No. 10 

t., BurUngton, lav 
riUo, Neb. 

Arthur W, Pvl 


Bl CI., Clear Lake, S. D. 

Cordinfir. Harold E.. . 
Cuurlnoy, Claud F.. '. 
C.„x, Claud. Pvl., H, F. D, No. 9, Pari*, T« 
Cr«wdl. Fred H., Hvt., R. F, D No, 2, San 
Crevtn, Labern J., Pvt.. Ut CI., Meroer, Mo. 
■ 1, Corp.. Manhall, I" 

n, John 1 

Bt a.. 1 

f. D. No. 

Dachroth. George F., 

Dahl. Herman F.. Pvt.. lat CI.. Tipton. Mo. 
Dalian. Ilorben R.. Pvl., lal CI., 411 lib Ave., Leavanwortb. 
~ ' Eddie. Pvt., Ill CI., Meroer, Mo. 
Vollie L.. Pvl., MiUereburg. Mo. 
. JaoiA G., Pvl., LicklniF, Mo. 
John. Pvt., lal CI,. Cbapman, Neb. 
. Alfred, Pvl., iHt CL. Slar RouU, RichviUe. Mo. 

dd. Maurice L., Sergl,. S21 W. Broadway. G^agle Grov 

DellebH-n. Harry, Pvt.. R. P. D., Dannebroe, Neb. 
Deyo, Herman. Corp , R. F. D. No, I, Ava. Mo. 
DkBiB, Samuel A., Pvt.. lit CI.. Tumey, Mo. 
~ ncan. Lua E., Pvt., Kdansville, Mo. 
nn. Michad A., SeTRt., Hardy, Iowa, 
ly, WiUiam G., Pvt., Mercer, Mo. 
ickberg^ Herman, T " " 

Illloli, Edgar L., Pvt., n. r. ■>. no. i, i^ior. Mo. 
Kben. Theodore V„ Pvl., H. F. D. No, 2. Milbank,S. D. 
' " r. Pvl., ■■tCI.,Zuiabrota, Minn. 

_,,.., , 8„ Pvt,. l.lCL.Caniville, Mo, 

Etvin, Fred L., Pvt.. Isi CI., Linkine, Mo. 

lyler. Rons C, Corp., Clarion, Iowa. 

'arweU. Olio. Pvt., R. F. D. No. Z. Eurokj 

lemiog, ChnlerS., P< ■ ~ " 


Gubcrl, Charlea. Pvt.. L . _. 

Gannon, Joba P., Pvt.. 408 Second Ave,. N< 

GurriKHi, Oiwar E.. Pvt., Kellnor. Mo. 

George, Peler M., Corp-, S. Main St., Aberdeen. S. D, 

_. -.--_, ___ka Spring, Ark. 

Ut CL, 320 S. Madiun St., Carthage, 

CI, R.F, D. No.l,SlraMronl.S. D. 



., North Kau 

■I.. Yonkon. Mo. 
Greenwood, Earl, IVl., 16 MadiKiD Ave., 
Griffin, CIdl M.. Pvl.. Mercer, Mo. 
Grii»m, Jay B., PvL, Aat«ia. III. 
Gmbe, Harry W., Pvt.. B. P. D. No. 2. M 

o. 3. Mnnna 
Guy, Warren S.. Sergt., Clarion, Iowa. 
HallBu, Uwu 9., Pvt,. lal CI,. B. F, D, No, 1. Sborei, Va. 
Hammers, Clyde C, Pvt.. lit CI., Sligman. Mo. 
Hammond. WUlUm W.. Corp.. 2340 S. E. 4lh St.. Dea Moii 

.., S0« SlBl St.. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Hartly, Loo, Pvt _.., 

llartwig. Auguit K. Sergt.. ShoU 
HawB, William J., P ' " - 

n. Clifford II., Pvl. 

Ildlgren, Henry W.. Corp.. Danbury, V/a. 

Ilibdon. Tbomaa M., Pvt., Gravoig Milla, Mo. 

llildebrand, Henry B,, Pvl., EdanviUe, Mo. 

Hill. Culhberl H., Corp., Dykca, Mo. 

Hins, Logan. Pvt.. Ut CI.. Jackson. Mo. 

Holland. John, Pvt.. R, F. D. No. 7, Springfidd, Mo, 

Howell, George W., Pvl.. R. F. D. SZ. 1, Almena, Kw>. 

Jacke. Robert M.. PvL, R. F. D, No. I. Platle City. Mo, 

Jaetriebeki. TdHford. Pvt.. IB7 FiDmorv Si., Slaten IdUMi 

Jenson, AuguM F., Corp., Wntby, Mont. 

Jobnson, Edmund V., Pvl., let Q.. Hardiua, S. D. 

Johnwu. IkKlfrpy J.. Cook. E. lal St.. G>l«burg, lU, 

JohuKMi. John I., Pvl., Willelta, S. D. 

Jones. Charley W„ I>Yt.. Summers viUe, Mo. 

Jones, Granville R., Pvl., Cedar Springs, Mo. 

Kasmunka. John, Pvt.. 9T Bergen 3t,. New York, N. Y. 

Kelley, Loy. Pvt.. Roy. Mo, 

King. George H.. Pvt.. Mount t 

KnulHn, CSirt B.. Corp "■■ 

Klupp, Stanley, Pvl,, 1 

KolSdmoDS. Wmiam, I 

It St.. Fredand, Pa. 

[149 J 

KnhD. Ray 

.. Mulvo 

_jtd. OH*r L., Pvi., R. F, D. No. 2. Republic. Mo. 

LuKm. ChailM B., Pvt., EUinglon, S. D. 

Lmmo, Ralph |].. Wt.. lat CI., lIoiutoD. Mo. 

Ltrm. WilLc. Pvt.. Bertha. Mo. 

haui. Cfanrio. Pvt., 104 Pmcott St.. Worcsler. Mi 

LtaUr. Claud L. Pvt.. Ut CI . BtoDmOeld. Md. 

LeVaUe. Chariaa. Hug 

Nomt, Rani and Hbhk AMva 
Syka. Jama O.. Pvt.. Honhoru. Mo. 

tBt«. V3i T., PTt., Hockbridgc. Mo. 
Terhurno. Chnrln M.. Corp., Brpntford. S. T>. 
TbompooD, Adolph A.. P«t.. W. K. I>. No. I. W»l 
Thompuo. AUfn. Pvt., Ilordain. Mo. 
Timlcy, WUIJam. Corp., What Cbw, Io~ii. 
Tipton, Andtev S., Pvt.. lit CI.. Bmadway. Mo. 
TiploD. Cbaocy A., Pvl.. lot CI., Ilixh Gate. Mo 
■^"- ■-'^- "-.. Hartlry, Iowa. 

Linder. Edwin G,. Corp., 84 S. 2ad 
Udm. waiiain, Pvt., TS3 DoKalb 
Long Pink. Corp., Scopua. Mi 
LuHkflwlllc. AugUBl F^. Pvt.. 

tic. Md, 

i>ioD. St.. AiniI«dBm. N. Y. 

HviKion St., Buffalo. N.Y. 

I.. Fnirlirld. Iowa. 

e.. Brooklyo. N. Y. 

.- I City. Mo. 

MoCleeary. Harold C Pvt.. Inl CI.. R. F. D. No. I. Frirnd. Kan. 

McConncll. WiUiam F,. Corp., R. F. D. No. 1. Balllcfield, Mo. 

Malnlodi, Bin. Coni.. Kennelt, Mo. 

McNod,. Paul B.. Cnrv: R- F. D, No. I. JnAaon, Mo, 

Mandich. Marco .S., Pvl.. lit CI.. 3M2 ITlh St., 8nn Finuciiico, Cjil. 

Martaq*. Conrad F., Pvl.. lat CI., R. F. 1>. No, 2, C*dH»mp. Mo. 

MaaUn, Alex. Pvt.. lat CI.. R. F. I). Nu. 2. Fair Hrovx, Mo. 

May, Rob P.. Pvt.. lat CI.. F-mtlay. Mo. 

May. William H.. Pvt.. B. F. D. No. I. Ki^inRlon. Ken. 

Mitvin. Ohw. Cixp.. R. F. D. No. 1. Waldrou. Mo. 

Meyw. AlbMI J.. Pvl., GleniionvilLR. Mo. 

MiCsnan. EIner i).. C«v.. ShcU Knob. Mo. 

Mikkdaon. OJaf C, Pvt.,%. F. D. No. 4, Cnlrman. R. D. 

MiOfr, Edwin A., Cwp.. 222 IMIrviin St.. Cape Cirnrdniu, Mo. 

MOIaap, Scott P.. Pvt.. Maoomb, Mo. 

Minnick. Arlia. Pvt , lat CI., RivenoD. Nvb. 

Minor, Ovrn E.. Pvt., Beloil. Iowa. 

Moppin. Mathew. Pvt.. lat CI., Ead I.fnvcnworlh. Mo. 

Hofin.. TnunmieO.. Pvt., lit Q.. Mainvitli-. ill. 

Morria. Pat., Pvt.. Homa addms unkiiowii. Killed Oct. 12. I9IS. 

EmUF.H.. Corp., Can- "" 

Ji, PvL. GraL 

NemuD, Morria. Pvt,, 377 S. 1st St., New York, N. Y. 

Nlcktaeta. Daniel. Pvt.. lat CI., Bowdle, S. D. 

Ntermas. &iieat, Pvl., lat CI., MauGflld, 3. D. 

OhlmuU. Oiailea. Pn., I(t CI., 1114 Dooiland St.. BuHindon. 

t^OD, AUst G., ScrBt..Oaan. Iowa. 

OUon, William L,. Cook. 1603 Story St.. Boodf. Iowa. 

Owen, WiUiam II., Pvl.. 

II., Pvl., IgtCt., B. F. D. No. 4,RogeraviUe. 
ipe. Pvt.. 63fi Bank St.. Walecbury. Conn. 
H.. Pvt., R. F. D, No, I. Ellington, Mo. 

Paltenon, Guy _... .......... ^. 

Pedenea, NeEa. Sup. Sergt.. Coulli 
Pedanon. Tnm. Pvl,, 4409 Sth An 
Pierce, Elmer C. Pvt., Itl CI., Sui 
PitBPn. Tony, Pvl.. 12; %V. SftlJiS 
Pittman, Bert, Ti r i .. n <:.:,. . 

PoUHl. Burdich. S I " II' 

Pobgrove. Ra>TT 

Priboow, Eric A i 

w York. \. Y. 
i>1e. Congo, Mo. 
VI Yarl^'N. Y. 


PrieBniti. Herman. Crii., I'auliua. Iowa. 

IHirpo, Vtnocnio. Pvt., 79 Woodhiill St.. New York, N. Y. 

RKUowaky. Mike. Pvl.. White Hrart Ave.. Soulh River, N. 1. 

Rndaevich, Adam. Pvt., 19 City Hall Place. New York, N. Y. 

Rantanen. Solo. Pvt., Briatnl. Pa. 

Renl. Robert B.. Pvt.. R. F. I). No. 4, Lako Park. town. 

Reimera. Carl H.. Pvt., H. F. D. No. 4, PaullioB. Iowa. 

Raineck, Lento C. Mecb.. Gibaonli 


t. Hanw .. 

Roe, Eroeat E., Corp.. Springlield. Mo. 
HD«tn, Graver C.., Pvt. j^latTj.MoDoiiald . Kai 

Santim, Ifnaiio. Pvt.. 212 CliryMie St.. New York. N. 
SMaa. Frwik, Pvt.. 217 E. 4Bth St.. New York. N. Y. 
SiiiBplowakT. John G.. PvL. lat Cl„ R. F. D. No. 3, llaU 

IwTArihurT., Pvt.. Cam Girardeau. Mo. 

rddt. William. Pvt.. Winnatoon. Neb. 
,__. Blair E., Corn,, Waraaw. III. 
Soott, Owen D.. Pvl..V. F. D. No. 2. Mercer. Mo. 
Seldel. Cari W.. Mecb., R. F. D. No. S. Warrenton. Mo. 
Sdby. Henry H., Pvt.. Honersvillc. Mo. 
« ,._,_...-,... ■jtCL.Purdy.Mo. 

Smton, Linlmr E..'«Pvt., 1 
Skurheim, A^stJ P-" 
Slouka, Johu, Pvt. 
Smart. Riclurd J.. Pvt.. ' 

slCI„R, F.D.No. 

r H., Pvt 

>. Mo. 

jt CI.. . 

>, Mo. 

Bon. Roy H., 1 

Spuriock. Chad 

BtaDley, Will, F*l., u«uciu. jub. 

StaDuti. Harry H., Pvt., R. F. D. No. 1. Niamnia. Mo. 

aten. John A.. Corp.. 117 Tth St. S., Moorhead. Minn. 

Stone, William L.. Mnch.. Ilaodolph. Mo. 

Slotemu. Arnold F . Pvt., R. F. l5. No. 1, HarUey. low 

Straaacr, iott B., Pvt., lat U.. Lennoi, 8. D. 

Stull. Jamea C. Pvt., 3DI S. Broadway. St. John, Kan. 

Sturiea. Martin. Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 4. Spirit I^ke, Icwa. 

Svee. Henrv J.. Corp.. R. F. D. No. 3. ZumbroU, Minn. 

Swadlay. Marcua, PrL, Cmaa Roada, Itfa. 

Swan. William B., PvL. R. F. D. No. 1, Box 16. Haloon 

eaF,.Pvt..R. F.D.No. 


a, lVt.,R. F. D. No. 

W.. Corp., R. F. D. No. 4. Imlay t^iry 

Whileakfr. Oreby L.. I'vt.. Mnyaville. Mo. 
"" urn, Henry 6.. SttKt.. 022 Main Si,. Rrd Win 
! C, INt.. Garden City. Kan. 
.. Pvl.. IliRecJu. " 


WilHln. John 

[ihn H., Pvt.. ilul 

■tCI., EdgeLon. Mo. 

Compbrtl. F.dEar, Ut t.t.. S06 Lyon St., Dea Moinw. Iiwa. 

Dawaua. Cbarlw A.. 1>1 Ll., 802 Niulli St.. Farao. \. D, 

Holland. Jamea K., 2nd Lt.. 433 Oraniie Ave.. Lone Beorh. Cn 

Kniilel. John R.. lat Ll.. 918 DouirUa St., Sioui Cily. Iowa. 

Nelw>n. Gilbert N.. lat Lt., Minneapolis. Minn. 

Nourw. WiUiam H.. 2ad I.I.. 46 Cotlaiie St.. Hydi- Park. Mn» 

O'Connor. Staidry J.. 2nd Ll.. St. I'homaa. N. D. 

Sieh. Frank L.. Capt., Aberdeen. S. D. 

Alcaandcr, David H., Corp.. R. F. D. No. 3. MandiHrtd. Mo. 

Aramin, Jaek. Pvt., 241 W. .IWh St., New York, N. Y. 

Arends. Richard L,. Pvt.. Mullen. Neb. 

Arthur, noyd, Pvl.. Lilboum, Mo. 

Alherton. Charlea 11.. IM.. 508 E. 4tl> Si.. ItutctiiiHio, Kan. 

Ayer, Lee R., Corp.. R. F. D. No. 1, Hullcr. Mo. 

Bahr. Juhn, Sergt., Dow Cily. towa. 

BaUoy, John W., Sergt., 13th St., S. E., Mason Cily. Iowa. 

Berry. Jasper S.. Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 1. Auburn, towa. 

BUUng, Carl R., Corp.. HoldreHae. Neb. 

Blankanahip. Lesler. Pvt.. lat CI.. Eldorado. Kan. 

Bloom, Elmer E., Pvl.. R. V. D. No, I. BrnAi-nridiie, Mo. 

Bock. Edward J.. Mech.. R. F. D. No. I. Bland, .Mo. 

Bolke. Berard, Cook, W»t Side, town. 

Borii. Irnatieve. Pvt., 4S6 Vaaain St.. Buffalo, N, Y. 

Boatey.ViUiam M., Pvt., R. F. D. No. 1, Trenlon. Mo. 

Boyena, WiUiam A.. Sergt.. Manilla, Iowa. 

Brilea. Jamee E,. Pvt., lat Cl„ B. F. 1>. No. I. l>amona. Mo 

Brown. Dade M.. Pvl., lat CI., ContsviUe. Mo. 

Brown. Hurry L„ Pvt.. lat CI., Poweravilrc. Mo. 

Brown. Ray E., Cook. Parkerahuig, Iowa. 

Burkett. Ruel E., Pvt,. Morrialon, Mo. 

BuTTia, Bruoe. Pvl.. lat CI.. ClarkavUio, Mo. 

Burdan, Harry F.. Pvt.. Rippee, Mo. 

Buah. William C. Corp., Itreckenridge. Mo. 

Button. Lealer W., Pvt.. Bradley. S. D. 

Camp. Waller C. l^t.. R. F. D. No. 2. Rogmville, Mo. 

CarUli. Francesco, PvL, 327 EUery St., Brooklyn. N, Y. 

Cadaon. Bror G.. Mech.. Havoloc, Neb. 

Carpenter. Ernest E.. Pvl., K. F. D. No. 4. I.el>unon. Kiin. 

Catanoo, Franoncn, Pvl.. 91 E. SBlh Si.. New York, ^. y. 

Case. Harold D.. Pvl.. R. F. D. Nu. 2. EaterviUe, Iowa. 

Clapp, John 1.. Corp.. Alton, Iklo. 

Clark, Fred, Pvt., R. F. D. No. 1, Couch, Mo. 

Clack. Waldo G. Pvt.. laid.. Spickard. Mo. 

Claypole, WUliam M.. Pvt., Boia D'Are, Mo, 

Qinewnilh. Albert E., C«p.. MnyaviUe. Mo. 

Coberiey.OrvUleS.. Pvl. R. F.D.No. 2. Jameanort. Ho. 

Coho, Louin. Pvl.. 2S2 Sp. Njo Ave., Fremont, Neb. 

Conley. Neb, Pvt.. Meng^wood, Teun. 

Connors. Stafford. Pvl.. Bigelow. Kan. 

Cox. ManviU. Pvt.. Sleeper. Mo. 

CravBD. Fremont B., Cog.., Golden Cily. Mo, 

CrowB. Ccmmodorntl.. Corp.. R. F, D. No. l. AHoo, Mo. 

Crippon. Clarence L.. Sergt., Goto, Iowa. 

Crum. Henry C. Pvl., Lincoln, Neb. 

Davit, Graver T., Pvl.. 1st CI.. Powe. Mo. 

Davia. John W.. Pvt.. lit CI., Lebanon. .Mo. 

Davia. Lynn V., Pvl., 1st CI,. R. F. D. No. 3. Verona, Mo, 

Dsnarkea, Joaeph. PvL, 486 W. I36lh St.. New York, N. Y, 

Domagala. Henry. PvL, lat CI,. Erwin, S. D. 

Donai. Arthur J,. Corp,. Pella. Iowa. 

Dorria. Harvey M.. Pvt.. lal Q.. Iliiyll. Ma, 

Doney, Glen E., C«p.. LouiavUle. Nel>. 

Doater, Angual W.. IVt.. Knierim, Iowa, 

T>u>ler, Henry M,, Pvl, Knierin, tuwu. 

Duncklnt, OrvOle J., PvL. Tbomlit^il, -Ma, 

rivson. WiQiam, Pvt., lat CI.. Aali Grove, Mo. 

■all. Mscar W,. Pvl, 102AW. Main Sl„01tumwa,lo>ta. 

Eldn, F.tlw 

,. Fol-y 

I F, D, ^ 

1, aurl 

lule. Mo. 

.,H. F. D. No. 2, Sullier 

Fisher. John M., Corp,. Suit 
Fi>hcr, George E.. Ptt., Isl 
Fl«her, CUuua R.. PvL, IIV 


Fowler, Jmh k.. Pn.. Urbana. Mo. 

KrcDob, WiUie, Pt., Ill CI., R. F. D. No. 3. AlUin, Mo. 

Fry, Louia, Prt„ Fodricli. JVlo, 

Kultirifhl. MonAnll O., Prt., Irt CI., ilarricon. Mo. 

G^, August, PtL, Sootlaod. 8. D. 

Gurk. Qicha A.. Pot., Crantowo, Mo, 

GutoD, Jouph R.. Prt., R. F, D. No. I, Hebron, Neb. 

GiUmH. Andrew C. Pvt., Buckbart. Mo. 

Gillsll. Elirl L.. Corp., T" ' '' 

Glenn. JiduA., tVI„ Id .. 

BoMtliu, Ohbi, Prt.. Boi 

Good, Kimer A., Prl., Te»un, Mo. 

Gmdmaii, Ray. Pn.. R. F. D. No. 

GwHnu. Abra. Pvt., Beliiiqiin, Mo. 

GmiJl, Bernard 0.,Prt.,lR.F.D. No. I, Clflneiu.lonu. 

Griffia, Gordoa, IVt., Ill CI., Tiplon, lovin, 

Gmnpo, Glavaoni, PrU, VJa RnsUio Itayitia (liifrioiid. TIaly. 

Hale, WiUam S., Prt., Faubiits, Mo. 

Hall. Hiram J., Pvt.. lit CI., Beafaer, Mo. 

HaU. RuskU. Corp., HockweU. Kan. 

Head. Oliver E.. Prl., Friend, Kan, 

Hanw, Craodall R., Curp., ManMni, Iinre, 

HarkJau. John, Pvt. " '- - 

.. _ ... BaiUr Sprbga, Kan, 

HeiHbiiuaa, Floyd L„ Pvt„ New Albany, Ohio. 

Hendrii. Franoia A.. Prt., lit Q.. Sampaon, Mo, 

Henoe, Aucnsl H., Pvt,, R. F, D. No. I. Willow Sprinra, Mo. 

Hanrlin, Rtjand, Pvt., Golden City, Mo. 

HincbdUTe, Georfe W„ Modi., R. F. D. No. 4, StralTurd. Mo. 

Hmdill. TinorBy, Prt., Eaaei St.. SprinK6eld, Mana. 

Holodokken, Severt. Prt., Rpping, N. D. 

Holoraliiikik, Ewo, Pvt., 5ZB Market St., Newark, N. J. 

HooB, Douglaa L.. PvL, iM CI., 1005 S. 6th St., Monniwilh, 111, 

HinuMr, io&p J., Pvi„ R. F. D. No. 3, Tabor, S, D. 

Koaper.Hw«M„Com.,R. F. D. No. 2, RogmiviUa, Ma. 

HoudeebeJdt, Praocia WT, Prt., UnioariUa, Mo. 

Huae, Ueorr B.. Prl., Dant, Mo. 

HudKT. Qarenoe E., Prt.. 1b1 Q., Blue Jacket, Okla. 

JobnHU, MaIhewA.,P«l., IHIl 6tb Are. N. T '" 

Kattnic, Marlin. Pvt.. Ilw, Colo. 

KenlTOiBrlei W., Prl., HurdbiUo. N<!b. 

Kle«er. Walter G,. Pvt.. )«t CI., 11 Hluucnnn S 

Ki^t. Edward W., Coni., Malvern, Idhd. 

Kolorik. WiUia W., Pvl„ North Kngliah, low; 

Kmegci, Olto P.. SerEt.. Drnver, Iowa. 

Lamua. Melvia. Pvt.. Charity. Mo, 

[^flflO, Mai K., Corp., Ivanhoe, Minn- 

Lanto, Vera B.. Cook, Sumner, Iowa 

Laraon. Unyd J„ Prt., lal C!., R, F. D. No. I, ' 

Lee. Rot C.. Corp., Brialol Apt., D« Mornm. 

Lent*. Rodolpb A,, Pvt,, R. F, D. No. 

Leria. Sam, Pvt.. 1 12 E. Senlin ' " ~ 

Unria.ElhaQW., Pvt., lata.,] . . 

Lswia. George A,, Pvl,, 1223 Clinton St., St. Luuis, Mo. 

Leyen, John B. H.. Sup, Strgl., CbrkaviDo, low 

LookDH, Raymond F.,Sugt., LohrviUe. Iowa. 

Lore, Horaoe A., Corp.. Maosoo. Iowd. 

Lovelem, Harlia, Pvt., lit O.. R. F. D. No. 2, S 

Loirrry, Garth M., Prt.. BucUiert, Mo. 

Lyoni. Alfred A., Prl., 315 F. East A " - ' 

.n H.. Bug., Crelfl, Neb. 

Price, Albert N., Pvl., Manfro, Mo. 

Queeu, James W,. Corp., tiayli. Mo. 

Radec. Ovid. Pvt.. lat CI.. R. F. D. No 5. ManbOeld, Mo. 

Rabfeld, Ernest O., Corp., til7 S. Main St.. Aberdeen. 3, D. 

Heynolda, Chester S.. Pvt.. Aah Grove. Mo. 

Rippes. ManieT., Prt., Rippee, Mo. 

RIaner, William II.. Pvt.. T^yet. Mo. 

Roecbe, James L., Pvt.. Woonsocket. S. D. 

Bobinett. Harold L., Pvt,, B. F.U. No. 2. Lawaon, Mo. 

Rockwell, Floyd B., Corp., Manley, Nob. 

Rogers, Harry, Pvt.. Aah Grove, Mo, 

Rogers, Honry O., Pvt., Is( CI., Aah Grove, Mo. 

Rogers, Lulher B.. Pvt.. Thayer. Mo, 

Rowland, Harry, Pvt.. lat CL. Coffsy. Mo. 

Rutherford. Henry C. Corp., Leolon. Mo, 

Salumaa, WUliam K.. Sergt.. Iteavrr Soringa, Pa. 

Sammoos, Robert R. H., I'vt.. Ist CI., Mercer, N. D. 

Sandera. CharlMC S«gt.,n. F. D. No. 2. LaPorteCity. Iowa. 

Saadalrom. Arthur, Corp., 3201 E. 6lh St., Dei Moince, Iowa. 

Schmidt, Henry F.. PvL, CrcJKhlon. Mo. 

Schulue, Carl A.. Pvt., 210 Ballard St., Wot Burlington, Iowa. 

Scobsy, WUliam N., Corp.. Gibson. Mo. 

Seely, Melrin L., Pvl., Blunt, S. D. 

Sdby. David W., Pvt., 1st CI.. H. F. D, No. 1. Bnirnng, Nab. 

Shaffoer, CharEn J., Corp., 9U9 W. lal St., Waltdoo.Towa. 

Sfaambock, Shilcb E., Pvt., II. F, I). No. 4. Middlmburf. Pa. 

Shava. Fred O.. Pvt., Lake I>ark, Iowa. 

Shelby, Walkce J.. I>vl„ Perryvilte, Iowa, 

"'"I, Tinaley, Bug •'-'^- >■- 

eajMili*' Mim 

marKS^, jona .... 

Martin. Qmer W.. Corp.. 2Z1 Blaine St., Eldradga, Neb. 
MsCarrr. Josinh E., Pvt., R. F. D. No. 2, Fairgrove, "■- 
MeDonald. ArUiur F., Corp., R. F. D. No. I. Sarcoiie, 
"■^T Leroy, Corp., Squirea. Mo. 

r.HanryJ., PTL,It. F, D. No. t. Seventy Sii. Mo. 

., Ruben W,, Pvt '-" "- 

Charley. PvL, I 

MoGiO, Lerify, Corp., S 

... T. J Ptl, 


J, Erwin C., Corp., Den 

Moore. Carl G "- ■■----■-- 

Mocrb. WirtV 

Morriasey, William I,, •■••,.. 

Mnlliiu. Owac. Pvt.. Baken __, 

Myera. Aoy L., Prt.. SooUaad. S. D. 

Nii^de, Im C. Pvt.. ButtarBeld, Mo. 

Nioolai, POada, Prl., 1st CI.. Amo. Cal. 

NIeoe, Warren E., Pvt.. tat CI., WiUmar, Minn. 

Norman, Lewis H„ Corp,, 207 Clark St,. Des Moinn, Iowa. 

O'Dwyer, Emmet F... Pvt., lat CI.. Monell. Mo. 

Oliver. Leelie A„ Corp,, R. F. D. No, 1, ColIin.i, Me, 

OlaoD, Haory O.. Sergt., Correction rille, Iowa. 

Mslvgaard. Jams N.. Corp., Dike, Iowa. 

OthUog, Auguat W., Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 1, llubbeU, Neb. 

Pobst/Bennn C„ Pvt,, let CI., R. F, D. No. 5. StiUwstRr, M 

Painter, Rollen G., Pvt., West Port. S. D. 

I'edmon, Ricbord N., Pvt., Spirit Uke. Iowa, 

l>et«aan, Aage, Pvt., lat d.. 6SS S. Halalfd St.. Chicago, H 

Pelcoldl, Anton T., Pvt., Frohma, Mo. 

Piidpp, Boy O., Pvt., U09 SpLitlog Ave., Kansas City, Mo. 

Phillips, CharlH E., Corp.. BakcravQIe. Mo, 

Pierce, Ray M.. Pvt., 1st Q.. Uiark, Mo. 

Platlo. Edward, lat Sergt,. Waverly, Iowa, 

lorlelt. Patrick J,. Pvt., Plall 

atCJ.. Wilden 

B, Wis. 

Slapioaki, Hen 

i„ Loa Angelea. C*L 

^ Con... Tiduca, 111. 

Smith. Napoleon B., Pvl.. B. ¥. D. r> 
Smith, Paul A.. Pvt.. lat CI., Ash Grc 
Spencer, Oliver C, Corp.. Smslletl, 
Stanley. Clarence U.. I>vt.. Siahl, M 

StcLnfeldt. Henry O,. Pvt., 4606Clari 

.Stevena, Ben, Pvt., 13 tl IViplar St..St. Louis, mo. 

SliU. Thomas F„ Pvl., Ubirty. Mo, 

Stitea, VirgU C Pvl.. Geneuaeo. Kan. 

Slnrm.ArthurW., Pvt.. B.F.D. No. I.Lake Park. Iowa. 

Slremich, Philip, Pvl., Langdoo. N. D. 

Strand, Ole, Pvt., Somrrs. Iowa, 

Sufrin, Louis, Sergt.. 132 Crane St.. Seheneelady, N. Y. 

Sullivan, Clarence O.. Corp., Ilerculaneum, Mo. 

Surritte. William C, Pvt., PotleraviUe, Mo. 

Sytert, Lester R., Pvl.. Isl CL. Ainiwocth, Neb. 

Taylor. Pater II., Pvl., R. F. D. No. 4, Breekenridge, Mo. 

Hiome, Malhow, Pvt.. 218 Mulberry St.. Waterloo, low*. 

Treston. Edward I.. Sergt.. Bookwdl. Iowa. 

Tumbleson. Harry A., Cook, Austin. Mn. 

Turner. Chesley A.. Pvt., ThnraCeld, Mo. 

Underwood, Henry N.. Pvl., Myrtle, Mo, 

Voko. Howard, Pvt,, Ijrbana, Iowa. 

WuRKf. Richard C., Pvl.. Aberdeen, 8. D. 

Walker. Theodore C. PvL, Hilo, Mn, 

Wall, Horry E.. Pvt., ]sl CI., UOl SIh St.. E.. Hutr^hwoa, KuL 

Walatcora. Charlen F... Pvl., lat CL. ZOS W. C St.. HutchinKn, Kan 

Word, Horry 8., Mnw Senil., Shell Rook. Iowa. 

Ward, Thomas F.. Pvt., lit CI., Trenton. Mo. 

Watera, Frank. Pvt., CullinciviUe. Oklu. 

Watson, John t!.. Pvl., MilcbeU. S, D, 

Weekly, Howard D., Pvt., Frederick, 8. D. 

Wolhorn. William E., Mech.. B. F, D. No, 1. Dallaa City, IH. 

Wonglar. Ben, Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 4, Plankintoo, 8. O. 

Wester, Finest M., Pvt., R. K. U. No. 1, Clegan, Iowa. 

Wiar, Robert L.. Corp.. Marcroft, Wyo. 

Williama. William P.. Pvt.. lat CI., Seymour, Mo. 

Willae. Arthur J., Corp.. Bagley, Minn. 

Winachel, August A., Pvt,. Isl CI., H, F. D. No. 1. Biehle, Mo. 

Scbenk, Casper, Capt.. 39th St. and Cottage Grove, Da Mains, la. 
Byan, Leonard L.. lat Ll., CIO S. 9th St.. Council BluSa, Iowa. 
Ausur. Wdliom A., Isl Lt.. 43T Lake Blvd.. Albert L«. Minn. 
Roberlaon. A. J., 2ndXt., Twin City Rapid Tr.CcMimieapoliB. Minn. 
Reed. Stanley M.. 2nd Lt., 914 Sth St., Siuui City, Ima. 
Peltibone. Atciander, Ind LI., Portland. Ore. (tlnknown], 
Sisley. Joseph O.. 2nd Lt.. I'ennsytvania (Town and St. unkaown). 
Brandon, Hugh I., 2nd Lt., 1615 22nd Ave. N. E., Mianeapolk. MW 
Belbing, G, J., 2Dd Lt.. 343 Grandview Ave,, Duhuqoo, Iowa. 
Abernathy. Andrew D., Corp., Perryville, Mo. 


lillion, 3, D. 

le St.. Ottumwa, li 

Anderson, Nels F„ hersl.. 4T Meade St., Denver, Colo, 
BaUey, Charles H., Pvt., II. F. D. No. I. Holcumb, Mo. 
Baker, Wdliam E., Corp., Parma. Mo. 
Itandor, Joseph J., Corp.. 309 L Ave. W., Cedar BapidK 

Bell, J 

.. i'ella. 

,., Leave 

r, Paul, Pvt., 14 Main St., New Bedford. Mass. 

Berry. Fred., Corp., Park Ave. Station, Ues Mc^es. low*. 
Beyws, Horry L.. Corp., B23 II St.. Pury, Okla. (Deoeaaad). 
Block, William. Pvt., Chadron. Neb. 
Bledsoe. Waller. Pvt., R. F. D. No. 1, SiWey, Mo. 
Blohm. J(dm H., Pvt.. 550 IBth Ave., Clintoo, Iowa. 

[151 J 

Crouroadt in Front <•/ Ammerlsirilkr, Haute Altaxt Scctur, Ili'glU Balintitm nj 1/filli Injantry lirigade. 


, ..-iuB A., P*t.. R. P. D, No. 1, BloomflcM. Ho. X^obusr, Lee F., Coqi., IOCS t)r««l*>y. Furfo. N. D. 

ntuJ. Philiii J.. Corp.. H. F. D. No. 3. Bluder. Iowa. Ln>, Henry. Pvt., Wnttii. Okla. 

Bvyla, RotMtt A.. Pvt., Kt d., 7S Mapls Si , PoIUdam. N. Y IJlLihy, Owir E.. Pvt.. River. Minn, 

BnkeGdd, Jam«a M., l>vt.. lit CI.. Goodniiter, Mo. l.ii, William K. Prl.. Ul CI.. Pallcin. Mo. 

Bratton. BertR..Ccicp.. R. F, D. No.6. OugeCity, Kan Lunch. Genrw) K.. Com.. Fort AlkinMm, Iowa. 

Brawlsy, loba H.. Corp., Alloa. Mo. L^^siniui, Irvin W.. lat Serat.. SUx^klon. 111. 

Bread. Arie. P>t.. R. F. D. No. 2. Inwood. looB. Lord, William H.. Pvt.. Hayword. Col. 

Brock. Samuel. Prt.. SheU Knob, Mo. MoCllDlook, Aleiandir H,. Corp., RaUin*. Wyo. 

Brodig, Fred. Pit.. R. F. D. No. 3. Aoderaon. Mo. MoDanid. Guu, Pvt.. Isl CI.. Swift St.. N. Kanua Clly, Mo. 

Brooauch, Leiter T.. Pvt.. Maple Hill. Kan MeOaoiel. Lawrence H., Pvt.. Tammiob. lU. 

Brooka, Oaoar D., Pvt. R. K. U. No. 2. CaHville. Mo. McDowell. Clarence M.. Pvt.. 516 W. CedarSt, VennUlioD 8 D 

Brown. Willie H., Medi, Peabody, Kan. McDowell. George G. Pvt,, Ut CI, Seanboro, Iowa. 

Builer, John. Pvl.. 5 St. Luhea Plaoe, New Vorli. N. Y. McGoIdrlck. Pvt.. 440 W.\7Ui Si.. New York, N. Y. 

ButlH. Mnrria. Pvl.. Waahington Drnwl. Conn. McLauKhlin. Walter, Pvl.. 37H Downing St.. BmoklyD. N. Y. 

CaJdweU, Everett M.. Pvl., Ut CI.. Sbddun, Mo. Mannen, Roy A.. Pvt.. T315 Wiae Ave., Si, Louia, Ho. 

CnrfY. Hrnry F . Prt . Sp«fl Mb Meyer, G.. Pvt. let Q.. 80th SI. AWoodUnd Ave.. Kanaaa City, Mo. 

<:HUett. Henry R.. Pvl., Miami. Dkla. Meyer. John C. Pvl.. Milo. Mo. 

Cbadwick. Iluwud W,. Corp., Hull. luwa. Mikkelaon. llarroM. Pvt., Ut CI., Lannbotu. Iowa. 

Otewniw. Abb. IVl,. lit CI.. SOO Van Ruren St.. ToiH'ka. Kon. Miller, Jamn A.. Pvu. Glen AHen. Mo. 

Chicheater. Roh B,. Serp.. New London, lima. Mogck, Golllieb. Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 5. Parkaton. S. D. 

rjioe. JiKih, Pvt., LeeaSummil. Mo. Moody, Urban, Pvt.. lal CI.. R. F. D. No. 1, Homenville, Mo. 

Cochtin, Robert. Pvl.. 20 Broad St., New York, N, Y. MotBan. GeoruB V., Pvl., Shook, Mo. 

CoteTMarvia fi.. Corp.. R. K. D. No. 1. Millmvllle. Mo. Motuer. William F., Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 1. Glen Allen. Mo. 

Courdine, Lawrence E.. Prt.. R. F. D. No. 3. Piirdy. M<i. (Deceuaed). Mutlender. Eugene L.. Pvt.. HI CI.. R. F. D. No. 1, Waldo. Kan. 

Crary. Frank. Sergl., GunmKm, Colo. Muller. John, Pvl.. lit CI., R. F. D. No. 2. Manton. Iowa. 

ChrfaUnHn. Chriatian A.. Pvt.. Meduia. N. D, Mynr. Herman A.. Corp., LaCola, N. D. 

CuHey. Fms J.. Pvl.. 45IT Wentworth Ave.. Chiovo, III. Neil. John M.. Pvt. 1» St. Ferdanin St.. Mimtreal. Canada. 

Dnief. OwarJ., Pvt..l»OIT!;. 20lhSt.. Sedalin. Mo. Nebion. Carl S., Mnch,, Aberon. N. D. 

Dielricb. Oral G.. Pvt., Mnmdlne. Md. Newell. Iterley. Pvt.. Graney. Mo. 

Dc^aial, Joaeph R.. Pvt.. BeUvUle. Kan. O'BHen, E. I.., Prt., latQ., 594 Vanderbai Ave.. Brooklyn. N, Y. 

Doroan, V>moo E., Pvl.. R. F. D. No. 1. Fair Gmve. Mo. ODonaell. D. M.. Pvl.. 1461 N. 5Ttb St.. W. PhlladiJphia, Pa. 

Dowd, JahD M.. Pn.. Independence. Mo. OTool. FXward, Scrgl., Aubnrua. Iowa. 

DoDcan, FraDOia R., Pvl., 1st CI., TIS E. Znd Si.. Waabinglon. Iowa, Odke. Hugo H., Sergt.. Farmtiaburg. Jowa. 

Dunn. Heairy E., Prl.. lal CI.. Lawndea, Mo. Oalerliig, Carl W., Corp., B20 Sumn« St., BuHingtoii. Iowa. 

Ehrliut, Wdler F.. Pvl.. 1224 N. Topeka Ave,. Topeka. Kan. OwrnJRoy G.. Sergt., Monona, Iowa. 

Ena, William E., Pvl.. Boi No. 72, rnwood, Iowa. Panel. Edwin G,. C«ik, Sumner, towa. 

&ila)y. Martin J,. Pvt., 523 ChenaSt.. Delroil, Mich. Pnriah, Charlie F., Pvt.. ClatkUmn. Ho. 

Eventt. l^rry. Pvt.. litCL. Maalou, Mo. PatUinoa, Charlie, Corp,. Alba. Mo. 

Flelda.8hirfeyA..CDip..D«aLao. N. D, PallerHin. Frank. PvI..^VLUianiavme. Ho. 

FUiborDe. OrviUe E.. Cocp.. WinQeld. Iowa. Palterwn. Vir^ W., Corp.. Elainoc. Mo. 

Focbea. John S., Pvt.. 2060 Valentine Ave.. New York. N. Y. PerHin. Boy ir. Bug.. R.P. D. No, 1 . Taylor* Falla, Hhin. 

Foula, Frank. Pvt.. HoUywood. Mo. Pelen, Clarence E.. Pvt.. Buffalo. Ran. 

Prederking. Qorenco, Pvt,. 2814 N. Taylor Ave, Si. I-Juii. Mo. Pelera, WiUiam. Pvt.. Glen Alien. Mo. 

Freneh, Tfiomu B.. Pvu. Greenville. Mo. Phillipa. Ray V., Pvl,. 669 HabHy St.. BrooUyo. N. Y. 

Fallon. Paul E., Seritt., ISftTS. I2lh Su, Burlincion. Iowa. Pillion. ThomaaE.. Pvt., 41(H;iaer St., SymcuM, N. Y, 

GBtlagbH. Jouph. Pvl.. 6T9 MyrUe Ave.. Brooklyn. >. Y. Purler, Arthur A.. Pvl., R, F. D. No. 1. Blue Sprinn, Mo. 

Galolto, Marco G.. Pvl,. rnnyOi. Moot. Putter. Corben. Pvl., McClurd, Mo. 

Gamer. John C. Curp.. Kenoetl, Mo. PoulHn. Chriilian A„ Pvt.. Int CI., Mill Road No. I, Eieler. Neb. 

Gaiihan.WilUun A.,Fvl ,11. (■. 1). No. I. Dudley. Mo. Proctor, Kinnel L., Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 1. BurfordviUe. Mo. 

Glevoa. Frank P.. Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 2, Rockwell Cily. Iowa. Proffrr, Floyd. Pvt.. Bsnie, Mo. 

Goad. Hugh D., Pvt.. R. F, D. No, 1, Covert , Kan. PuroeU. Philo U.. PvL. 841 Smith St,. Saylon. Iowa. 

Goldenbarg. Bet^amin. Pvt., 2Ind King Place. New Haven. Conn. Pyls. Elaoder, Pvl.. R. F. D. No 2. Deiler. Mo. 

GcliiD. Henry F„ Pvt,, let CI.. AlmarKan. Baiah. Felii. PvL., Hnyward. Wii. 

Goodmaa. William T.. Pti. . Vulcan. Mo. Kaiuouwa, John. Corp.. 60B Colorado St.. Butte, Hoot. 

Guai. Mania. Pvl., Ut CI.. R. f. I>. Nu. 2, Rodgeraville, Mo. Baamunen. Pelar. Pvt., R. F. D. No.l. Sweetwater. Neb. 

Gndun. Malhew, Pvt.. Ul CI.. MiU Sprini, Mu. Rruler, trvie C. Corp., R. F. D. Nu. 1. Creaoo. Iowa. 

Graen. CbarleaS., Pvt.. R. P. D. No. 2,Crawrurdavme.Ind. Robb. Delberl L.. Sergt.. 3SS0 Belmont St.. Bellaire, Ohio. 

Grm. Joabua. PvL. 1*1 CI., Strawberry Point. Iowa. Hodnrn. Edward J.. Pvl.. B. F. D. No. I. Beecher City. IlL 

Gunn. GinJi, Pvl., Ut CI., BergnUnvn. Pa. Buddick. Waller C, Sergt.. Sunloo, Ala. 

Gnu. G««ga II., Sergt.. Glidaii, Iowa. Huaaell, George. Cook, SIrawbetry Point. Iowa. 

Haai. Carl).. Medi.. 631 Routt Si., JackMmville. 111. Rudd, liana C, Pvl.. R. F. D. No. I. Canlon, Minn. 

Hanbinv. Anthony V.. PvU. 1*1 CI.. R. F. D. Nu. 2. UIpe, Kan. St. Clair. Frank R.. Pvt.. High St.. Chombenburg. Pa. 

HommcU. Alvin E.. PvL, Ut CI.. Lake City. Iowa. Snapp. Charlea W., Pvl,, WaUeka. IlL 

Hanaen. Kari E.. Sergt.. Waukou. lows. Siihlarbaum, Wade, Cook, Mt. Pleawinl, Iowa, 

Harbaoek. John, Pvt.. IloUyrood, Kan. (DeceaaHl). Schmidt, Auguit H., Corp., Fayelta. Iowa. 

Hordaty. Jeaa. Pvt.. Gipaey. Mo. Sohroyer. Otto D.. PvL. Ill CI.. Veal Union, Iowa. 

Harrington. Michael J.. Corp.. 638 E. ISTIfa St.. New York, N. Y. Sdiulu. Erich A,. Pvl., Naper, Neb. 

HatBdd. Guy C. Pvt., R. K D. No. 1, Plain View. Nai. Sendner, Arthur. Pvt.. S50W. SUt St., New York. N. Y. 

Hatwan. Charlie. PvL. R. F. D. No. I. Igbor, S. D. (Deoeaaed). SeveiKHi. Olat, Pvt,. Ut Q., Summit. S. D. 

Healey. Bm T.. Pvt., LahrvUle. Iowa. Shea. WiQIara. PvL. 6T Java Sl, BroiAlyn, N. Y. 

Ileontng, WiU, Pvt.. Cook, Neb. Shidl, Elmer H., Corp.. Lodge, Mo. 

Hepoer. Lawrence, Corp.. R. F. D. No. 1, CaDlorvillo Mich, Shepluad. John F., PvL, l*t CI.. Winder Min«. Mo. 

Herd, Otii, PvL, ThBodoaia. Mo. Short, Arliiur L.. Corp., R. F. O, No. 6, Arlington, Mo. 

Hobaber*. A. G.. Pvl., 128 Lognn SL. Fremont, Neb. (DeoeoHid). Sfaukio. Charlie. Pvt.. Grano RenvOlc. N. D. 

Hobne., liverell. Pvt-. Alton, Mo. SievBrt, Robert P., Pvl,. Lake Cily, Iowa. 

Iloug. Elmer M.. SargU, aermcml, Iowa. Sinkborn. RutuaC. Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 1,E^»ei, Mo. 

Hnuk, Andrew C Pvt., Princeton. Mo. Stinkard, Henry E.. Pvt.. R, F D. No. I. Marnuard. Mo. 

Howoid. JamHA.. Pvl, PallerwHi, Mo, (Decenivdl Smith. Carl E.. Corp., 219 MapleSL.Quincy. III. 

Iludwn. Charlea I... SHgl.. 420 Ilabcraham St.. Savainah, Ga. Smitb. Clatenoe O.. Pvt., Weat Plaiii*. Mo. 

Jirak. Frank F., Pvl,, Waucoma, Iowa. Smith, Floyd, PvL, Wapelo. Iowa. 

JobDHjn. Cove G.. PvL, Manaoo. Iowa. Smitb, John. Pvt.. 12IB BE Sl. IIulcbln«io. Kan, 

Jons. Carl A.. Pvl. Ut CI, 2306 S. 3rd Sl. Si. LuuIb.Mo. Snively. Albert F... PvL. Linden. Iowa. 

Jooa*. Goarge W.. Pvt.. Ut CI., WilliamaviUe. Mo. Snyder. Alben E.. Pvl., R. F. D. No. 2. Ilinkmana Mill. Mo. 

Jona. Gilbert R.. Sergt.. Hawkeye, Iowa. Slaller. Grandjaon. Pvt.. Hndarbraod. Mo. 

Joaa*, LeveretUi F.. Pvt.. Parker. S. D. Stegmao. Eugene J., Pvt., St. Mary'*, Iowa. 

JuDH. WadaH., PvL. IdCl. Asheboro. N. C. Steven*. William, Pvt.. 616 E. 16lh Sl. New York. N, Y. 

Jiir«». A. K., Pvt^ lat CI.. 139 LeITerta Ave., Richmond. Hill. N. Y. Stringer, Albert V., PvL, Ul CI.. R. F. D. No. I, Famhamvilh;, Iowa. 

Keamiw, William F.. Pvt., 3723 Uoion Ave.. Chicaio. lU. Strom. John H., Corp.. IDT Eaton Lane. DuluUi. Minn. 

Keoueify. L. J., PvL, R. F. D. No. 1. Rockwdl Cily. Iowa. (Deoeaaed) Tackelt, William A., PvL. Ut CI., Elsora. Kan. 

Keaoey. Claude B.. Corp., Dell Rapida. S. D. Tellcy. Benjamin H.. PvL. Ut CL. Zalma. Mo. 

Kilbcr,ReiDhuldW..PvL, RoH»e,S. D. Taylor, Dorri. L., Pvt.. UlCI,, Coldwater, Mo 

Kinc, Erocal C. Pvt., Ut CI., Box 223, Naylur, Mu, Taylor, Henry A.. Corp., Bowman. N. D. 

Kniglit, Earl, Cook. Cobdan, 111. Tfaomaa, Ben W., Svgt.. Mainord, Iowa. 

Kolaetb. HjalmerO., Pvl., Ul CI.. R. F. D. No. 2. Draurah. Iowa. Thompaon. Luther J. . Corp.. R. F. D. No. 1. Steel, Mo. 

Kiwie. George C. Pvl.. Amboy. lU. Thomaan. CecUE., Pvl., UlCI, 323 W.2Slh St.. New York, N.Y. 

Kohlken. WiUiam. Pvl.. 210HarlSI.. Brooklyn. N. Y. Treager, Joe V... PvL, (Unknown). 

LaM, Frank. Pvl. B. F. D. Nu. 1. Bellerive, lU. Troutt, Carl W., Pvt.. 61 W. HarriiSL, AUanU, Ga. 

L^OBaaltr, Irvio. PvL. Goloonda, III. Tyree, Otis, Mech,. Sheldon, Mo. 

Luger. Martin 7.. Pvt.. Ul CI.. B. F. D. No. I. MoKIlrkk. Mo. Valiquette. Loui, J., Pvt.. St. Adele. Canada. 

Laraon. Martin, PvL, Whi Union, luwa. VanSooyoc, Later. Sergt.. Glidden. Iowa. 

Laiter. Tbona* G., Pvt.. Arab, Mu. VanTa»eU. DeLanoey. Fvt.. lilCI..S4W. 128lliSL,New York,N.Y. 

Lay. Henry H.. Ut Sergl.. 502 TremunI St.. Kewunce. III. Valthauer. Arthur G.. Bug., Bidgewey, Iowa. 

Laytoo. JafT. Pvl., ». F. D. No. I, Chaffee. Mo. Vocan. Carl C. Pvt.. Hayworlh. 111. 


Name, Bank and Heme AdirtH 
Von SendsD. JoHph M.. Pvt.. WanUa. N. D. 
Wsnlkena. Okko.Tvl.. B. F. D. No. 2. Motl. N, D 

Moq™'si.' S. Topcka. Kan 

_ 111 McGtoiiut. Iowa. 

«l»ciladk,G«igiiC., Prt., Isl CJ, R. F. T- No. S. Beairi. 

While. Von A,, Prt., Cardwdl, Mo. 

WUlmlni, Joho T., Pvl,, East Prnirl«. Mo 

WbluuD, Silan B.. IVl.. Moneltc. Mo. 

Widiok, John C. Ph.. 3i»co. III. 

Wak«. John E., Pvl.. HarriHjDlwrj, La. 

WiUiwan. Archie C Pvl., ZuNne, Mo. 

WiLioQ. aiarlM E., Pvl., SheUoo. Mo. , . 

Wood, Chajlw E., Ph., W CJriwii l^tm, BnxAljn, N, Y. 
Wnn.1. ChnrtiH II.. Pvl.. IlBodrirksoii. Mo. (DecRnsnl), 
Worlaod. CharW P,. Pvt., ManlKoiuery Cily, Mo. 
Wright. John W., Pvt.. Not! ioi^ ill. Mo. (Docnuaedl. 
Yarmtr, Frank. PvL, Isl CI, Ellinwoud, Kan. 
Yal«, Fred E., Pvt.. Bo. 114, Boldiow, Mo. 


n CI.. 1 

F. D. No. 2, C 


.. lat 

Holt, Hay 

Hod, Paul F„ Corp., Willia City, N. D, 
lloHghton, George E, Corp., IIOS 14th St., 
HaimeiJW. Dominie T., Sorgt.. Dunn CeoK 
llubler, Ira D., Pvt., Gramfea, Mo. 
Huckeby, Alva S.. Pvt. 1st CI., 1401 Wall St.,io|ilin, 
lluiko, ioMph, Pvt.. 42llEaBtSt.. Novf Yo--- " " 
Itumke, Arvin E., Cook. SIOS Jackson St., I 
llurlbert. Fr«d, Pvl., not known. 
Hulchina Hnrrison. Cook, Union, Iowa. 
urge C, C«p., R. F. D. No. 2 

r. N. D. 

ork. N. Y. 

son. Hen 

J, Walter, 

i., Pvt,. 1 

I., B. F. n. ^ 

T. Ion 

Juakowaki, Michael. Pvl., B3S HrwrK llace, New York. N, Y. 
Kahn, Irving, Pvt., 160 llleeker St.. New York, N. Y. 

Fairall. Lawrenqn H., Isl Lt,. lown City, Iowa. 

Simmona. CecU P., Zod Lt., Humbull, Iowa. 

Rackley, Rupert L.. 2ncl Ll., Blatesboro, Ga, 

Hancock. L<ster A.. Znd Ll,. Applelun, Minn. 

AdauM, Ira E.. Pvt., Hulo, Neb. 

AUeo, Jomw R., Sergl.. Fullon, Ky. 

Antrim, Edward W.. Corp., Bryant, S, D. 

Ball, Emmet C, Corp., Farmington. Mo. 

Bamea, Howard J., Corp., Fast Prairie, Mu, 

Baaay. Jnm« H.. Pvt., Eaal l>raiTie. Mo. 

Bailey. William J. Pvl., HiawHlJia, Kan, 

Barry, Ralph S., Corp., Aval, Mo. 

Banon. Thomas E., Corp., Mt. Pleaunt, Iowa. 

Bairell, Edward L., Herat.. Fort Worden, Waah. 

Barquist, Carl J„ Corp.. Oldf, Iowa. 

Bamnilo. Frank, Pvt,. St, l^uis. Mo. 

Bewid, Richard S.. Pvt.. Isl C.\.. Not known, 

Benderwald. Gott. Pvt,. Isl CI,. Fmacndon, N. D. 

Blahon. Warner M., Pvt.. lat Ct., Valoutiue, Nob. 

Blum. Chariea, Pvt,. Now York , N. Y. 

Bnulley. Frank W., Corp., Wyitt. Mo. 

Bryant, Jama C. Pvt., lat d.. BloomCeld, Mo. 

Bryant. Benjamin R., to^.. Ilnld.loaon. Kan. 

Byrd, James M., Pvt., Bluuminatoa. Kan. 

Bynum, Samuel B,. Pvt., 1st CI., CaruUieravillfl. Mo. 

Cahill, Hugh, Pvt., lat Cl„ S!3 Hudson St.. New York, N. Y, 

Caldwell, Dlis, Pvt,, lat Q.. Fruitland, Mo. 

Carlson. Hirvey, Pvt., lat CI.. Dancombs. Iowa. 

Carter, Charles J., Sergt,, Dubuqne, liiwa, 

Caplelt, Edlore W.. Pit., St. Paul, Minn. 

Cbarlea, William E., Pvt., 1st CI., R. K. U. No. 2. Ohnilz, Kan 

Coiling, Herbert L.. PH.. 1st CI., lnwoo.1, Iowa, 

Coop, Harry W„ Cook, K. F. D. No. 2, Fairfield, lowo. 

Culvet, Alva C. Pvt., 605 N. Pine, Creston, lowo. 

Curtis. Howard C„ Corp.. R. F. D, No. 4. Vcmiillkw, S. D. 

Dale, George P., Pvt,, lat CI.. Lilboum, Mo, 

Daula, Genrte, Pvl . H(>4 Lake Ave., BmoUya, N. Y, 

Daylsy, Bslph C, \WI.. LM CI,, llingdom. Neb. 

"-f— .. Ang..t„. I'.i \... \ V. 

£^t«n. Jae..!,. 
aii., Arvdl .\ , 
Fairis, Jamo. \ 
Fcegle. Cliario 

Prank. Archie. Pvl., 1st a.. R. F. D, No. 18, Eur. 
FVerlqha, Heory. Pvt., 1st CI., Steamboat Rock, |i 

ftanliel. Walter J, "■■ "-■— "- 

Foley. Wan- "■ " 

inW., Mech-.Sidley. Mo, 

,, B. Pvl, Cape Girardeau. 

s. TBk», Prt., 2fil N. 3" " ■ " 

lSw!; I 

tilawL, .. 

GDby, Lee W„ Pvt.. U 
-dngrirh, G«orgeE,, Pvt, naaunaa. a. ir, 
G^, Joseph E.. Pvt,. Isl CI. Bdnrc, Kan. 
CrshaiD, Paid W,. Pvt.. Eldora, lowii. 
Green. Charlie I!., Pvt.. Vevada. Iowa. 
GreoD. Edward E.. Pvt., Dolard, H. D. 
Griffy, James W.. Medi., Maralon, Mu. 
Gronau, Chariea F.. Sorgt,, M llcasant St.. Dubuqu 
Golden, Fred 10., Pvl., Gideon. .Mu. 
- t.WilliBmB.. Corp., Nut known. 

Joeeph. Pvt,, 990 Waahinitlan Ave.. New Y 

1, Arthur 

■ker. Chariea A.. Pvt., Not knnwo,] 
vca. Pearl II., Pvt., Gideon, Mo, 
tkiu,lCheHie T.. Pvi„ Black, Mo. 
ninger. Lewis C. Pvl., Carutbcravil 
Ten, Robert J.. Coti., R. F. D, No. 

KHIcy. John R., Pvt,, Not known. 
Ketlemau, David F., Corp,. Grain Valley. I 
Kriley. I^nurd A., Sergt.. Ill Pine Sl„ Poll 
Klusteroian, Perry, Pvt,, Diian. Mo, 
Kodi, Edward. Pvl., Boi 61. Wheatland, lo« 
Kobcrtein. Albert, Pvt., lS3E,4BthSl„ New 

Lahtinen, Eino, Pvt.. Ist CI., 529 Clinton Si.. Brooklyn, N, 1 
l.aitinen, Alfred. Pvt,, 224 E. 121hI Sl„ New York, N. Y. 
Landroth, Jerry A,. Pvt., Martin City, Ma. 

Light, Herbert O.. F 
Li|>schlck. Vassal, Pt 
Lopci,J<- " - "' 
Luke. Hi 

Pvt,. Ist CL, Hen 


, Clarea 

; Kan. 

g, Mo, 

Md^uire, Lulber, 

Mandenuheid, Ai „„, 

Maiaoh, Hero A., Pvl,. CDS N, Ohio St., Wtohila, luin. 
Martin, David E,. Corp., Caaciide, Iowa, 
Mamholl, Jackson M.,9ergL, 691 Windsor Sf., Dubuoiie. low 
Maalowaki, Anthony, Pvt.. 37 Rooeevelt St., Buffalo, N. ¥. 
Maltwn.John. Pvl., R. F, n. No. I.Docrctei*, Minn. 
Maze, ChaHn L., Corp., 14S3 Mulvane St., Topcka, 

Minml'feuiTx'corp., Bdoit) 

■t a., 8J3 Pari. 
~ ■ ■ 1, Mo. 

F. D, I- 

11. Mo, 

in F., Pvl., Dawt, Mo. 

I, AUy W.. Pvt., McJion 


l-^t Willi 

r. Bay C, Corp., R. K. D. f 

New York. N. Y. 
Sheldon, Mo. 
iBl St., Minneapolis, Minn 
1 St., New York, N. Y. 
, Wakonda, S. D, 

i. Topcka. Kan, 

i,"Pol»r.Pvl.. 144 E, ISlh St.. New York, N. Y. 
., Pvt.. Isl CI., Webb Citv. Mo. 
a, Sergt., 319 Normid A 

Perry, Eugene, Pvt.. 1st CI.. HoldrCE, Neb. 
Price, Emraol C, Pvt., Webb City. Mo. 
Puhr, iolin W., Corp., R. F. D. No. 2, Fingal, N, D, 
RadFoH. Asa, Pvl., Esland. N. M. 
Raine, George W., Pvt..l096 Clay St.. Dubuiue, la, 
landolph. Adolph, Pvt.. lat CI., Zahma, Mo. 
Rankin. William Z.. Sergt.. Maqueketa, la. 
Regelapeier, laadore, Pvt,. 3313 N. Ulh St., St. Louis 
Re^an7l.awrence, R.. Pvl., Lake Crysial, Minn. 
Beiniti, Edward., SergC, Gutenl<crg. Iowa. 
Reynolds, Herberl, Pvt.. 732 E. IJ2nd St., New York, 
■ ■ ■■ ■ ■ ■>vt„ Faulklon. S. D. 

Rogcra, llert 

Ronoy. Fred C, Corp., East Prairii 


Sdimilt, John F., Con 

Corp.. R. F. D. No. 1, Uubuq 

t L.,T>»1., Not known. 

Sohoenberg, Jacob F., Pvt., Isl CI.. Byremvillo, 
Sehollon, George, Pvl., R. F. D. No. 2, Dooo, 1. 
"-■■ "-T, George J., Corp,. Carpenter, S. D. 


Saymour, Ii 

ac II., Pvt.. Nol known. 

r. Cbarla E., Pvt.. Eldora. la. 

Sheridsn. William R.. Pvl.. Oiley. Mo. 

Sikn. Chacln. Pit., Ut Q., Cedar Hill. Tenn. 

Simpson. Clyde H., Pvt.. Wyatt. Mo. 

Smith. AlbHt. Pvt., Lamed. Kan. 

Smith. Albert P.. t>vt.. Hebron. Mo. 

Smith. JohnE., Pvt, 120 3. Court St.. Carrol. Iowa. 

Smith. John E.. Pvt.. Piggott. Ark. 

Smith. John S., Pvt.. l8t CI.. B. F. D. No. I. Doniphan 

Smith, Silas S.. Pvt., lit CI.. Leeton. Mo. 

SnxKil. Ollio A., Pvl., H. F. D. No. 1. East Pmirie. Mo. 

Sorenson. Niels I.. Sergt.. P. O. Z9T. WebxLer City, la. 

Spader, John M., Pvt.. iM Ct.. R. F. D. No. I. McLean 

Sprioesteen. Clyde W.. Corp.. 610 Federal Si.. Davcnpn 

Stein. Wm.. Corp.. T2S Morgan Oak St.. Cape Girardeau 

Street. Noah L.. Pvt., Arab. Mo. 

Steward. CuUin E., Pvt.. Marston. Mo. 

Sullivan. Frank J.. Cook. H. F. D. No. I, Dubuiiiir, Id< 

Sullivan. Claud, Pvt,, 1st Cl„ Oideon. Mo. 

TeoniBon. FranUiu M.. Pvl.. 1st CI.. Oiley. Mo. 

Tedey. Ilelmer K.. Pvt,. Isl CL. Toronto. S, D. 

Thomas. Charla C, P-< H.,irf.i„i^,. II„„ 

TbompKjn, Robert. 1 

on. Alonzo J., Pvt.. Gee. 

Tjensvcdd. Swen, Pvt.. 



. JiHph L.. Pvl., Hait 

Elmer A.. Pvt.. Lee Summit. Mo. 
Uaa B.. Pvl., R, H. No. 1, Hardy, t' 
lalen, John. Pvl.. Isl CL. Boi 14. I. 

CI.. CharlceloD. Mo. 
iviUe. Mo. 
" ~ D. No. 1. RllH*orll.. lo« 
Boi 67, Juplin, Mu. 

Wadley. Dennis, P 
Wutafield, Curlie 

t.. B. F. D. No. I. GulewoKl, Mo. 

.. Corp.. 106 S. Osaie. 1 Ddepeudencc. Mo. 

Wei'^^'taerT'john fi.. Pvt.. R, F. D, No, 1. Wiikonda. S. D. 
Weinreicfa. Marion L.. Pvl., 1st CL. It. F. D. No. 4. Mandiall. Mo. 
Weinstein. Isadoce, Pvl., 2J2 E, IHlh St., Now York, N. Y. 
Weniel. John A.. Pvl., BellmDnd, Iowa. 
Wesuer. Beiuamia. Pvt., R, F. D. No. I, Pukwana, S. D, 
West, Newlon. Corp.. Loan Jack, Mo. 
Wheeler, Philip H.. Pvl.. R, F. D. No. 1. Olmiti. Kan. 
White. Levi. E.. Pvt.. Not known. 
Wick.. Robert W., Com.. BurweU, Neh. 
Witcoi, Lyman B.. Pvl.. Smilh MiU, Mo. 
Williams. Gaud T., Pvl.. lit CL. Hoover. Tei. 
Williams, Harry E., Corp.. 822 E. 4tJ] St., Waterloo, Iowa. 
Williams. Harry E.. Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 3. Advance. Mo. 
WinUer. William IL. Pvl., Dutobmao. Mo. 
WumkB, Weije, Pvl,. Lenox, S. D. 

Yoder. JaoiA. Pvt., Ist CL, llOS S, 6lh St., Beatrice. Neb. 
Younc. Jessie. Pvt.. CaruthenviUe. Mo. 

c. Topeka, Kan. 

Grsvn. Fred W., Capt.. 1239 
Thomas. Floyd E.. 1st Lt., lov 

Wilson, Clair E.. lit Lt.. 1303 
Huntii^gtoD. Ben, 2nd Lt., Ma 

It CL, Cuillup, N. A 
. l4i <:i.. Oldham. S 

Arh.>c«', Triaiim, Pvt.. il Boi St.. Brooklyn. N. Y. 

Ascfan, Jolin F.. Pvt.. Ut CJ.. Lillte Bock. Iowa. 

Aihrord, .Marion 11., Bug., PorlegeviUe. Mo. 

Aziiuiro. Dooienico. Pvl., 42 Washington Ave,. Nutl^y. N. J. 

Biikc'r. Archie A., Pvt., Dolliver. Iowa. 

Balbatoon. Joa^. Pvt., 11 Hempstead Ave., Malnerur, N. Y. 

Barham. WUlinm D., Pvt.. Isl cCPortageviUe. Mu, 

Bccber, Otto 11., Cook, Pine City. Minn. 

Beck, James J. D., Pvt.. Talipoosa, Mo. 

Becvar. Malhias W.. Pvt,, Tabor, S, D. 

Benear. Charloi D.. Pvt., Ist Cl., Elsbarry. Mo. 

Bereari. AlTonson. Pvt,. Clifford. N. J- 

Blrdsell, Carl B.. Pvl.. Oberlin. Kan. 


cLlronlon, M 

Booth. L. E 

.. Sar^i., loss Ai 

limtlon Ave., E 


r, N, 

66S Union Ave.. N. 



tCl-, Carlton, 1 




iites F.. Pvi 




tph. Pvl.. ll 

11 CI 

.. 6410 Wells A' 


, Hoy R.. P. 

Bl a.. Radium, 



liam, Pvt.. ( 


Innd, Mo, 



■on .. PvL, 

CartioD. Ernest .M,. Pvl., .■^iromsberg. Neb. 
Carlson, John A., Pvt., Ut C]., lUvlock, Neb. 
Curler. WsUey E„ Sergt.. Oakville, Iowa. 
Chambliss, Harry, Pvt., ]>t Cl.. Mt. Vernon, IlL 
Cholodenk, Mike, Pvl.. 9 W, 1 12th SL.jNew York, N. Y. 
Clark, Gndeo V., Pvt., Eldora. '— - 

Coleman, Joeepli M., Pvl., I^t Cl., Cndol 
Coligioro, FVftncwco, I'vl,, 710 ELiiahclh 
Connolly, Merlin. Pvl , N. llroihiTi> Ida 
Conway. Witt,urn, Pvi,. i« Cl., Car.«-vi 
Corao. Fedels, Pvl.. 17 Bodford SI.. New 
Crane, StunuM H., Corp., Mineola. Mo, 
Craven. Norris, pvt.. Milh Hol(4. New 1 
Crumley, William C. Corp., CarteTHviUe 
Dale, Walter W., Pvt.. Lomnr, Mo, 
Davis, ChariM R.. Pvt., RuUand, Hi, 
- ■ ■■ -' P. Pvl., Ut Cl,. Portagevil 

Davis, Hue 

Deboard, Wiflter, Pvt., De Sl. „, 

CuUey. Hoberi A,, Pvl,, Bowers Mills. Mo, 
DeLisle, Homer A.. Pvt,, Ist Cl„ Porta kev ills. Mo. 
Deruoy, Korney, Pvt., 302 Ellery St., Brooklyn, N. Y, 
i. E. A, J,. Pvt., Fulda, Minn. (Died Oct, 7, 1918). 

t. Pvt,. ! 

'a City, I. 

i j',7PVt,VMBtth™?%o. *" 

Durend, Louis E., Pvt,. Hulchinson, Kan, 

Dvorsky. Robert W„ Pvl,, 1014 Kirkwood Ave. 

F.dKerle, Allen A., Corp,. Carthage, Mo, 

EmenannUidea, Krionas. Pvt.. 255 W. 30lh St., New York, N 

Kmerson. Lon, Pvt., Ut Cl., Walnut Grove, Mo. 

Engstrom, Charles, Pvl,, Bereslord, S. D, 

l-iMMffier, Charles J,. Pvt., Ut Q,. ilerculaneum. Mo, 

FarnoD, Jamea F,. Corp., Montgomery City. Mo, 

Fedorenchik. John, Pvt,. 168 E, 741h St„ New York. N, Y. 

Fink, Martin J„ Pvt.. Isl CL. Lake City, S. D, 

Firdman, Nathan. Mech,. 8746 Bay ISlh St., Brooklyn, N, 1 

Fisher. Walter, Pvt,. lat CL, Louisiana. Mo, 

Fletcher, George W.. Corp., Poii — 


Foutn, James E„ Mech,. Frankford, M. 

Funk, Frank W,. Cook. Ne 

Gardner, Royal V., Corp,. I 

Fowler, WiUiain, Pvl,, .1l2 

CL, Alomu, N. D, 
~ Cl.,Neoln, Mo 

_1091h Sl„ New York. N, Y. 


St.. loplin. Mo, 

:i. 2, 191B). 

Frederick, C. A„ Pvl,, Louiafi _ _ 

(;er, Charles, Pvl-, SU Blh Ave., New York. N. Y. 

Gerllng. Albert B„ Pvt,. Mediapoli!!, Iowa, 

<iih'>uey, Waller C.. Corp., Cape Girardeau, Mo. 

Gigliotto, Frank. Pvt., 3is 1 18Ui St., New York, N. Y. 

CiJlahaa. K. L„ Pvt., Morehouse, Mo. (Died Oct, S. 19IB.) 

GlilTo, Waiium E,, Pvt., Troy, Mo. (Died Oct, 6, 1918). 

Gulla, Frank G„ Pvl,, IsL C]„ InlerastionBl Falls, Minn. 

Green, Otis, Pvt., Ist CL, Capo Uirardoau. Mo, 

Crier. Carl W„ Corp,, Wichita, Kan, 

Grimih, Dnford U., Pvt,. Hornbcak. Turn. 

Grimes, Ceorga. Pvt,, Isl CL, 197 Ut St., Naperville. IlL 

Groihe, Ralph C, pvl., ut CI., 1420 Osborn St., Burlingtoi 

rriirllvoit, John O.. P.l„ Hudson, B. D, 

llnJey, Edward E., Curp,, 806 N. Iowa St., Charles City. lo 

Hall, Roy L., Pvl., Pi>rlageville. Mo. CTn. lo Sup. Co. 3S0th 

Halpin, Theodore J., Corp., Brandt. S. D, 

Hanson, llehuar R„ Pvt.. Ist Cl.. 706 Slh St., Msndan, S. 1 

Harry. Unsford, P„ Pvt., Modoc, Mo, 

Harlman, Beniamio F., Pvt., IsL Cl., Summit, S. D. 

Harvey. Claude E..I'vt.,UtCl..B. F, D, No. ],DesMoiD 

Haiiswiolh, Henry, Corp.. Mount Union, Iowa. 

Haoorka, Vinoeut C, Pvt., Wayne, Neb. 

Hawkins, Judson A., PvL, Bowling Green. Mo. 

HaydoD, Qifford F., Pvt., El Dora, Iowa. 

Hegland, Leonard B„ Pvt., Ut Cl., Radoliffe, luv 


nob. Mo. 

f. Hardin C Pvl., Silei. Mo. 

llensoD, Willie J,, Pvt., Ironton, Mo, 

Hersh.^y, Willium P„ P.t„ H. F. D. No. I. Topeka, Kan. 

Hrm. Joanph v.. Corp,, Ajibburn, Mo, 

Hickman, lamn E., Pvt., U1 Cl., Wfaitulde, Mo. 

Hicki. Zobnder, Pvt., Mulberry, Kan, 

Hirsch, OlluJ., Pvt., Ut CL. Louisiana. Mo 

Hiurichs. Prod B.. Pvl., Ut CL. Little Rock, Iowa. 

Iloekinsoo, Oacar L., Corp.. BracBville, 111. 

Hortoq, Eloer L., Pvt,, SUei, Mo, 

lluudashelt, James C, SergL, Walnut, Kan. 

Hughes, WlUiam H., Sergt., Yale, Okla. 

Hun. Henry B.. PvL, Troy. Mo. 

JsokioD. Bud B„ Sargl., MomiDg Sua, lows. 

Jackson, Charlie R,. Pvt,, lat CL, Oluey, lU, 

Jeokini, DimloL Corp.. 709 90i Ave., N™ York, N. Y. 

Johnson, Carl O., Sent.. Horoing Sun, Iowa. 

Johnson. Elmer W., Pvl,, Ist Cl„ 218 .Sidney Sl.. Houston. ' 

Kane. Marlin. PvL, 1st CL. IDO Bowery, New York, N. Y. 

Kaster, Sparry, Pvt,. Sperry, Iowa. 

Kavlllak, Morris. Pvt., 361 Atkins Ave.. Brooklyn, M. Y. 

KeJy, Eli H., Corp., Haven, Kan. 

Kinder. Monroe, Corp.. MiUenviUe, Mo. 

Kindle, Andrew, Pvt.. Derby, Conn. 

King, Alviu A., Corp.. Aberdeen, S, D. 

Kitchen. Jwe. Pvt.. Isl CL. Granileville, Mo. 

Kitson, Homer »., Pvt,. Winfield, Mo. 

Kii, Fred E., Pvt.. George, Iowa. 

Knockc. Edward W.. Pvt., Ul CL. Greal Bend, Kan. 

Koehn, William C, Cook. S646 Loomis St., Chicago, III. 

Koiak, Cbarlee, Sergt,. Clinton, Iowa. ' 

Kokons, Kostas, Pvt., 208 W. 28th St., New York, N, Y. 

Kr^er, Theodore}!,, Pvt., Anita, N. D. 

LaFByetle,0. L.,Pvl.,IstCI., MBquoketB,la. (Trs, loSBthh 

LeHeur, Leonard J,. Pvt., Isl O.. Sle. Cenieveve, Mo. 

[155 J 

Lugenl. F. A.,Pvt., luapn. M.i. (Difd Ucl. S, 
Lmnoa. Orenn IVt., Ilubbarb, Iowa. 
Lam. And* R.. Pvl.. lit CI.. Ilayli, Mo. 
Lindmr, Marlin B.. ds-D., Cryitnl City, Md. 
L^ieur. William E.. Mc3i.. Punagcvnie. Mo. 
Lisbly. Arlie G.. Pvl.. i.i Cl„ Eaiaville. lowi 
Luke. David G.. Seriit.. Col 
HacCutDsy, John J., Cnrp: 

Nuts. Harriun M.. Pvt.. SIO ClHHtnut Si.. D» J 
Ogle, Georga C. BergL. Curry villi^, Mn. 
hM. BosctM. Cnrp.. 1421 N. Emgnrui Ave. Wi<:l 
Payiw. Milum E.. Cook. WriliiiKtun. Kan. 
PMry, JuHs C, Corp.. KHhttv. Mo. 
PflUxwHi. Gilbert L.. l>v^. 1>1 a.. Uuklnnil. Nri>. 
MmIih, Hamld B.. Pvl.. Mtir»l>ulllimn, InH^a. 
Planr. Will. Pvl.. 1*1 CI., ■••dinn. IdiJio. 
P^ud, ChailB. v.. Pvl., I.i CI Miirh.Ji S H 
Pool. Wnion. Semi.. Cairn 


1. Arlliur J.. Pvl.. Kock K 


o A., i'vl 

.. McK 

Wfil^viili-. .Mci. 

;:,.,«■ (iinirtl™.!. M.i. 
1. Mu. [[>H-H Jnn. ;<'. 1 

n. Frank M.. Pvt 

SUBitO. SuDud J., Pvt. 
anke. Frank R. Pvl _ - 

Reagan. John II.. Pvt., RedUdil. Kao. 
Bencdiauien, Charlie A.. Pvt.. Shnihenj. Ma. 
Ritchie. GeDrni E., Pvt., lat CI.. Reeda. Mo. 
Richtflr. Traugott. Sergt.. 1025 W. 9tli Si.. Davrniiur 
Roach. TfaomBB E., Pvt., Cnid Springs. Mo. 
BobertsoD. Jeu. Pvt,. lu CI.. Keiii». Ark. 
~ " ~ we L., PvL.. l«t CI., aorkaville. Mo. 
~ >t.. 910 B. Main Su. Manhalltooii, 

_.. .. jitsr F.. Pvl.. Clrmunii. la. 

Boas. Albert M.. Pvt.. Isl CI.. Wekuo. Kan. 

RcB. Arlhur W.. Pvt.. 9lii and Range Line, Juulin, 1) 

Ron, Paul W., Medi., Folay. Mo. 

Royer, HarriwD, Corp.. IluE^rd. lawa. 

Ruefer. Anthony E.. Bug.. Isl CI., 9(12 Warren St.. D 

Ruxioka. Jcweph. Pvt., Ut CI., Marble Bock. Iowa. 

Sahm. William F.. Corp.. Clieaterfivld. Mo. 

Sandera. Harry N.. Corp.. New tlurence. Mu. 

"-'■--'e, Henry. Pvt,. lat Ci,. 402 •" "■ ' 


r, Williai 

... Han 

I, Kan. 

Schrader. Henry W.. C( 
Scbrador, llensan. Corp.. Albuquei 
Schulu. William H.. Pvt,. Isl CI., '.. „ 
Sobube, Olto, Pvt., lat CI.. Colo, lows 

M.. Corp.. Featai 
' " — i,.CaiMi;i _ 

Albuaueniuu. N. M. 

Ji SI., Fi 

_. _ ... lat CI., 2125 Market St.. Si. I>«i» 

.1, Pvt., Ruah Cenler. Kan. 

n. Charley. Pvl.. 2320 JacksoD Ave., Joplin. Mo. 

.aim. Cm. Pvl., 30* W. 33lh Si.. Ke» York. N. Y. 

Simek. Albert G.. Pvt.. lat Q., Tyiidnll. S. D. 
~ ■ " i, pYl..Tyndall.S. p. 

Simon. Frank T.. Pvt.. Kimmawick. .Mo. 
Slona. Gogavs M.. Pvt.. DeSoio. Mo. 
Sindl. Arnold M.. lal Sergl.. 2109 W. 3rrl 

Sorenaon. OlaF H.. 1 
Spano. JoliLi. PvL, < 
Steipliens. John C < 
Slnu. Henry. I've.. 
Sntlon. Andr," J 
Tharp. Harry \1 - 



.. Da>ei> 

Walkup. Clinlou. Pvt.. ist CI.. I.ilmun. Iowa. 

Ward, llcmier W., Sergt., .Middleta«n. .Mo. 

Webb. Jam« B,. Pvt.. lat CI.. Moimtuiu View. Mo. 

Wendcl. Andrew. Pvl., lat CI.. IS2T Wellalon PI.. St. Louia. Mo. 

Wettaleio, John. Pvt.. 692 Sheridan Ave. Brooklyn. N. Y. 

Wiederio. Arthur J.. Sup. Scrgt.. 1107 N. 9tli St.. Burlington. Iw 

Zenoer. Heivy W., Pvt., Cheney, Kan. 

Namt, Ronit onrf Home AdAtu 
t. Robert T., Major. Omaha. Neb. 
. Frank C. Cqpt.. 305 Burlinglon Si., lawa City, 
■wr. Walter H.. lat Lt.. 601 Chralnul St.. Grand 
ermatt. J. Franoia. lat Lt.. 701 Harmony St.. Cdu 

Van Gilder. Fr«i. 2nd Ll.. Plum 

Gunond. Roy M.. 2nd Ll.. SOS Madiaan St.. OllawL 

M-i f. o ,_.,,. ■■-' Mand. 111..Y. .M. C. A. 

:lady, N. Y. 

„..^...^..f. ....^ ^.''P^,'l at ...... »,...»„».. 1, 

Adiima. Ikouilas F... PvL. lat CI.. Tiplonville. 1 
Aaliloek. Rirliard P.. Pvt.. lat CI.. Ironlnn. Mn 
Itiibh. Robert W.. PvL. let CI.. Harroll Si.. Bu 
llaird. Geonra l„ Pvt.. lat CI.. Bau^x. Mo. 
Ilaldock. Fon, l>vt.. Cincinnati, lows. 
Brim. WilliaiD R.. PvL. Poeve. Mo. 
Itnrker. Ahn. PvL. lat CI.. Durham, Kan. 
B.-II. John W., PvL, Slickney. Mo. 
Itiahop. David H., PvL. lat CI.. Than. Mont. 
Ilium. Chnrtea F.. Pvt., lat CI.. ItiTculaneum. I 
lloiwia. IVte. tM. Son JuiMo. Italy. 
Builruu. Frank C. Pvl.. Kanoplia. Kan. 

iger. Tom E.. Cam.. Sed«e*kkville. Mo. 

- ■-■ -a E..SergL. Volga. Iowa. 
.. l«tC].. Inwaod. Invia. 
... _ .jnd J., Corp.. Pine I.awn. Mo. 
troiika. Miltni IL. Pvt.. lat CI., Topcka. " 

How man 

Irecd. John. Pvl 

I. Mo. 

iwn. iveuian r.. iwi., noei. Mo. 

iwn. Otto. PvL. Fredericklown. Mo. 

■wn. WiUiam W.. PvL, Ekberry. Mo. 

Kheri. John. Pvt., 380 12lh Si. E.. Ke» York 
(.UKi-y. Jam«. Pvt.. lat CI.. FnirdealinK. .Mo 
Chandirr, John P.. Pvl.. 1st CI.. Nianaua. Mo 
dipouult. ChariejT S.. Pvl.. Gideon. Mo. 
'^' ... Qup^^ Aahroi 

mheraun. Alf,. I'vl 
Vorrcn A., Pvt,. B 
. I<atrick. Corp.l 

. Canloi 

, -B M., PvL. B, F. D. No, 1. Couchi 

an. John J.. Pvt.. lat CI., Mdraae, lawa. 
11. John, Cook. ShakooP*. Minn. 
II. Claude C. Caci 

>p St.. Charleaton, Maai 

>. Paul 11.. Corp.. McGrath. Minn. 

Knkera. Harvey N.. PvL. Marble Hill. Mo. 
Eeten. Henry. Pvt.. Rock Rapida. Iowa. 
takiuB, Waller V., PvL. NewT^adrid. Mo. 
FJrod, Marion E., Pvt., lat CI.. Chaviea. Ala. 
Fordham. Fjirl L.. PvL. lat CI.. Whealland. W 
ninn, Edward. Pvt.. Akron. Iowa. 
Franeia. Albert. PvL. lat CI.. Dcaaro. Mo. 
Francia. Emoc S.. PvL, lat CI.. Buuker, Mu. 
"" " "" -'"f- Ubij.Miih. 


. 6T56 fiay Ave., f 

- "LMarllam 

„ Ihau '■ ■ 

j. PvL, 450Scbenck 

St. Louia. Ma. 

Crace. William F.. Scrgt,. St, Albaum School. Knoiville. lU 
Granita.Samud. PvL, 450 Scbenck Ave, Brooklyn, NY. 
<irceu. William. Corp.. SbT l>ecalur Si.. Ca|H! Girardeau. M 
Grerp. George L.. Pvl., lat CI.. R. F. D. Nu. I. Galva. lU. 
(iriawold. Arlhur F.. Pvt.. 1002 E. 6lh Si.. CoHeyviUe, Kan. 
Groir, Ulof W., Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 3, BoeharD. Minn. 
Ilaaek, Jamaa, Pvt.. B. F. D. No. 2, TyndaU. S. D. 
Haael, Arlhur L.. Pvt.. 90S S. Uth SL. Herrin. lU. 
Ilmdlcy. Chan. L., PvL. lat CI., SOU W. Front St.. UierryvE 
Heuld. John C. J'vL. Thamasville. Ga. 
Ilodriok. Jntac E.. PvL. Veneillae. Mo. 
Hcnkc. Paul K.. Pvt.. lat Q.. Chaska. Minn. 
Ilobert. Albert B.. PvL. Charlea Cily. Iowa. 
Ilonerkamp. Henry L.. Corp.. Hint HiU. Mo, 
Huvia. Jum« C. PvL. Mine La Motlv. Mo. 
Howard. Richard T., Corp.. 9H5 W. 2Slh Si 
Howard. Waller M.. PvL, lal d., 814 N. <l 
Hunter, Elmer [1., PvL, lat CI., 1242 Pura 


., lata.. Wilmotl.S. I>. 
John II.. Pvt.. lat CI.. Ralavia. Iowa. 
1. Clarence C. Pvt., lal CI.. R. P. D. Nu. : 
a. Jamn M.. Pvt.. Foisylh. Mo. 
a. Oacar. Mech.. B. F, 6. No. S. D"'" M 
Hoy A.. Corp., MapWun. luv 

MapWun. luwa. 

„1.. Monohratw, lowo. 

Johnaon. Cari J.. Pvt.. lat CI., Nul kuuwn. 

Kahn. Svere S.. Pvt.. HuUurd. luwa. 

Knwuboum, Ilanry F., Pvt.. lal CI., nedericktouii. Mo. 

KeUy. Andrew J., VvL. lat O.. lUUt E. IHIi Si., llut.-him 

KHIy. John U„ I>vl.. Ijjigu, Mu. 

Kerr. Frank, Pvl.. Greeley. Mo, 

Keslner. Bailey. Pvt.. Dudley. Mo. 

Kiat. lieurgc S.. PvL. Overland. Mu. 

Klelwcli. tmii, Pvl.. IJoknowii. 

Klootwyk. Harmon. Pvt.. let CI.. Dallas, luwa. 

Klyn. Henry A., Corp.. 1004 \V. Wuahington SL. Pelta. lot 

Kurtenbach. Joacpb W.. Pvt.. lat CI.. Mt. Vernun. S. I>. 

Kurth, Williom iCPvL, Spain, S. D. 

LaDucm. Charies S.. Scrgt.. Miaaouri Valley, L.wa. 

Uoe. Uyde. Bug., Colliusvitle, III. 


Namt. riank mil Htmt Add' 
ImtA. Rulpb J., Sgrgt., Reauiar. Iowa. 
Latum, HaHay, Pn.. Zalma. Ma. 
Uiinbvt, Arlliur, Prt., lit CI., Keota. Iowa. 
Looi. John. Pvt.. N«w Madrid. Mo. 
Lb^er. Paul B.. C«p.. 2039 SwiUw Ave., Jai 
Lawman. Floyd W.. Pvt.. Not kaown. 
LDMiiiake. Auauat E., C«ni,. Jnokson, Mo. 
LiTincalon. CEarlay. Pvl., Ut CI.. Uidono. M(. 
LimHiUbu. Otla H., Pvt.. 1(1 CI., Mari>viUe. Knn. 
Lynn, Chariea L., Pvl., Butler. Mo. 
MeLoaa, C«il K.. Sovt.. 3l Pster, Minn. 
HcCormiok. Walls J.. Pn., Ut CI., JaokKia, Mo. 
Muvk. Victor L., Pvt.. Ul Q.. Avon. S. D. 
Martin. GraavOlB. Pvt., Ut CI.. 6ia N. Alien St., Web 
Manquiameli, Samli, PvU. ISl Morrla Ave., New York 
Menouan, Waller N.. Serct.. VnUa, Inwa. 
HarU. Harry C, Corp., Stukopea, Miou. 
Miner, Abnir W.. Cook. Malliews. Mo. 
Monrw), Homer R., Corp., HutcfatnHiii, Knn. 
Moon. Ediar W., Corp.. Crystal City, Mo. 
MarunTBeDiamia H., Pvt., Sliuuk, Ma. 
Mt^QBi.. Loran I^, Corp.. Lucerne, Mo- 
Nalni, Oiarlsy N.. Pvl., R. F. I>. No. 1, Elain, \>ma. 
NOaoa. Eaunll. Pvt.. Ul CL. Diimi. Mo. 
Nibin. daranniC., Pvt.. Ul CI., Luruine. N. n. 
OUgHiliUMer, Juarph W., Mag. MariimburK, Mo 
OUvir. Williain J.. Sergt., Ooawa. lown. 
Odund. Ralph H.. Corp., Nicullct. Minn, 
Payne, David^ Coip,. Siinunenet, Culo. 
Peetan, Fred W.. Pvl., l>t Q., 6M2 EauUia Sl„ Wcblc 
P«wurri, Amcdo. Pvt., lat CI.. Mlndeo Mlos, Mo, 
Palenwa, Guit A.. Pvt. UlCI., 90ITlh Ave., S. K »!■ 
Pinkley, Ancel E,. PvL., Ut CI., R. F. D., Montrr<^ 
■»— '-r, Arlfaui R.. Pvt.. ■ "■ - ■ • ' - 
r. Waller O.. Coni. 

- ■ - -kral., C _ 

-, Pvl., R. F. D. No. I 

noman. iirsgl. Pvl., 610 Wotkint 3L, E.„ 
Rinngrl, Wniiam }., Corp., R. F. D. No. 1 
Hoota,Willi«ioC..Pvi., UtCI..H. F. - ' 
RoHflberi, Fred C, Pvt., Ut CI., Bru. 
Roaeoateia, Sun, Pvt.. 66 Hundredth \ 
Rowland, John I.. Pvl., Ut CI,. Bran* 
Runujs, Norman W.. PvL, WhilewaK 
Ryan, Tbomaa E.. Cirp.. 319 Wdlard 


It CI.', Rlidiroci:!, I 

3L, BruoUyn. N 1 

D. No. 1, No.lor. ^ 

CI.. B. F. D. No. L CBei 

r. GflDTKe B., Pvt., Dca Moinn. lov 
"-^r W., Meoh,. Btkador. Iowa. 

v. Louii II., Pvl., Not known. 

SwMoak. Alei. Pvt,. 346 MadiMm St., New York <:il 
Seitaa, Andrew. Pvt., R. F. D. No. 1. Joplin, Mo. 
ahappard. Elnur. Sorct., Ryan. Iowa. 

" —■■■ m H., Pvt.. Trlhons, Kno, 

n. Pvl,, TO Teoayok St.. Brooklyn. N 
, iiarrv A., Pvl., Nat known. 
-Jl F.. Sorat., Qkador, Iowa, 
r. Claude B.. Pvt., ConUirvllle, Iowa. 
il. Thomai F„ Corp., Bloomfield, Mo. 
h, Arlllur D.. Corp., Garwood. Mo. 
k. Henry J., Pvt., Ut a., Lucu. S. D. 
h. Sidney E.. Pn„ Ul CI., S, D, 

4, Frederick L.. Pvt., ^na. Knn. 

Southard, Cocbett C Pvl.. Ul CI., Broadway. Ma. 
" stCI. Marsholltown. Iowa. 

Namt. Bank and Homt Addrtit 
St«anH, George, Sup. Sergt.. Claylon. Iowa. 
Stainea. John?., Pvt., Bode, Iowa. 
Stevenson, Claude, Corp.. Hadley. Mo, 
Slfapka. Frank, Pvt,, 6 Market PI,. New York. N. Y. 
Strcilmatter, David B., Corp.. HdeUXein, III. 
Slroer, John B., Mech., Florinant. Mo. 

Strong. Curtii R., Corp.. 1502 9th St., N. E.. Brsinerd. Minu. 
Suttoo, Carl. Pvl., Anaopolia, Mo. 
Swarens, Jim J.. Pvl,. Ul O,. Foaler. Ma. 
Tarullo, Vito. Pvl., 319 E. llSlh Si., Now York, N. Y, 
Thvp. Aaron. Pvt., lat CI., Fredericktown, Ma. 
ThooiBi, Robert J.. Corp.. R. F. D. No. 2. Frederick lawn. Mo. 
l-hoxuen. Lorence N.. Corp,. B. F. D, No. 1. McGrath. Minn. 
Todd, Marion C, Cook. R. F. D. ^a. I, Tumey, Mo. 
Tomnsscw^kl, John. Pvt., 93 N, ;ih Sl„ Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Traffard, Frank, Corp., LeMars. luwa. 
Tru»kowzkl. Antony. Pvt., 12* N. 6lb St., Brooklyn. N. Y. 
Ubes, John, Pvt.. 2t2 SdEle St., Brooklyn. N. Y. 
Ukss. Thomas .M.. Pvl., 26S Main St., Naugsluck, Conn. 
Utley. Miles A., Serai., 140 Howard St., Mnnchnter, Iowa. 
Valerio, Mario, Pyt.. 158 K. 4Jlh St.. New York, N. Y. 
Vanderpo<il, Buy V., I'vl.. H. F. D. No. 1. Mill Grove, Mo. 
Vane^, Eime, Pvt.. Senosky, lown. 

Vavrnsku, Joseph M., Pvt., ut CI., H. F. D. No. 2, Tyndoli, S, I>. 
Viulante. Peter, Pvl., Not known. 
Vogel, Edward, Pvl., Tyndall. S. D. 
Vofees, Pelor, Pvt., 269 W. 39th 81.. New York City. 
Voosl. WUlia H.. Mech,. Middletown, Mo. 
Walbo, Anlhony, Pvt.. 2T.33E. Fall* St., Niagara Falls. N. Y. 
Waldron, W, A.. Pvl., Ut CI..S3.1 N. Spunish St.. Cape Girardeau. Mo. 
Warren. Daniel, Pvt.. Oat«, Mo. 
Wenzfll, Louis W.. Pvt., Ut Cl„ Tavern. Mo. 

Well, LotcaC. Pvt., UtCI., H. F. D. No. 1, Clover, Mo (Deceaaedl. 
While. Harry C Pvt.. ut CI.. Not known. 

wlii'ukf.r,"wiHin C., Pvu"Fmyth?^o.'""' 

W,rfg.,mi.ll, Arlhiir II., Pvl., Not known. 

IV.irdfllrom. Frnok. Med.., 224 WLJl St.. Brooklyn. N. Y. 

WhiibiKk, Charles F.. Pvi. 2106 W. 4lh Si., Davenporl. Iowa. 

Mhil,-, Kdnar M.. I'vl.. Ul CI.. Obios, Mo. 

VVhii.-. Hi.y,IK.. r.i..Cl.i.^i9, Mo. 

Whil-, linrry, IM.. Ul CI.. ». F. D. No. 3. Advance, Mo. 

AVhiie 1'urllr, PaiiI. I'vi , Norria, S. D. 

., I'vl 

Jl Prat 

:]., Burfonb 
,1 CI., Koale 

:., Omaha, Neh. 
t. Mo. 

r. Mo. 

Karalad, Charles II.. Mnior, Dempater, S. D 
Wunder, Henry F.. Ut Lt. Inf., Harlan, low 
Orlady, Lewii T., Sd Lt., Jamestown. N. D. 
Kachd, Arlhur B., Ut Ll., St. Paul. Minn. 
Cameron, Edward J,, SerKt. Moj.. Dulnth, I 
Ilukee, Elmer A.. Sergt. Maj., 311 Walnut Si 
Miller, EdwaH B.. Sergt. Maj., Frednnla, K 



Atkinson. Carl W.. Secgl., Ouawa, Iowa. 
Costa. Kenelm, Scrgt.. Morchead. Inwu, 
Breael, rwurge F., Pvt., Ul CI., Siaaeton, S. [ 
CampbeU. Vimaa M., Pvt.. lat CI.. ForayLh. 
Crosawhile. Edward, Pvt.. Topcka. Kan, 
LalM.'Cauiua W., Pvt.. Luleavilte. Mo. 
McUngblin. Peter, Pvt., Isl CI.. New York ( 
McGolJrick, Hugh T., Sergl.. SnringGeld, III. 
I>eters. Henry H., Pvt.. 1st CL.Xlltla Hock, I 
Koberu, Charley A.. Pvl., Ul CI,. Web City. 
Sears, Alfa U., Pvt.. St, Luub. Mo, 
Kvel, Albert J., Corp.. Ballimore, Md. 
Williams, Ernest K., Pvt.. Sirandsburg. Pa. 
Woylavich. Sezon, Pvt.. Waterbury. Conn. 
I>almor, Glen L., Cook. Garber. Iowa. 
Chiorelli, Vinccnzo, Pvt.. Brooklyn, N. Y. 


Danehy. Fergus, Wag.. Independrncr, Iowa, 
ErkkK.0. Carl A„ Wag.. SUarkholm, Wis. 
Harden, William 1., Wag., Joplin. Mo. 
Koldeo. Raliih. Pvl., 1st CI., Ilallock, Minn. 
Miller, Qiurley B., Pvt.. lal CI., Trirnlon, M< 
lleory, Richard A., Pvt., Ut CI., Rochcsler, I 
Schmiti. Henry J.. Pvt., Ur "■ " ' " 

Eoswatl, Elmer 

D-gl. Maj., Fred 
Sagl.. Slanlof 

'er, Sergt,, AlwHler, Minn, 

Cook, Haatin^a. Minn. 

Epportoo, Urvul V\'., Corp., Andenion, Miaa.. 
OTionndl. John L.. Corp,, Waterloo, Iowa. 
BMBor, Emeit W., Wag.. Ilebroo, Neb. 
Brown, Jono D„ Woa.rJoplin. Mo. 
Orse, Charley M.. Wag., neoaant Hope, Mo, 
Crira, Earl WT, Wag,. Anamoaa. Iowa. 
Harlwig. Herbert G.. Wag.. Nora .-Ipring*, lowi 
Jermatwt, Aiel, Wag.. AneU. fi. D. 
KUbr. Fred W.. Wag., Randolph. Minn. 
JnbnalDO. KamwUi P., Wag., R2] C.irr... St.. S 
Nagle. Tbomaa A,. Wag.. McCaiiKl 
Proeut.ltim K.."'-- '—•- •• 
RawUiH, William 

■d Si., Dulolh. Minn 

Slates. George E. 
Si ram. Hali£. Pi 
Rayome. Alfred I 


a, William H.TWag.. Rilchey. Mo. 
I. Lioyd S,. Wag.. Evans Lauding, lod. 
la. Lw A.. Wag.. Gibson City, ifl. 

Mnnalnan. ArUiuc E.. Wag., Two H 
W«>i]«t,UBor7J.,Wag.,Luverne. ^ 
Wrikle, Sinird, Wag., X2tR'i i 
Winalow, HuseeQ B„ ' 

Bancck, Joseph, Wag.. Middlctown. Cunu. 


Teach. Reiohardt W., Sergt. Kewanee. ID. 

Barron, Iliaen T„ Sergt., Vinton, luwa. 

Greeo William S.. Pvt., lloopealon. ill. 

• - - ■i.CI.. lUylield, Minn. 

Coon, Corliss D., Ut Lt., D. C. Manson, Iowa. 
Johnson, George B., Sergt.. Ul CI., Litchfield, Mim 
SmiUi, Ariinglon E., Sergt,, Norlliwood. Iowa. 
Gilbert, Geargo W.. Pvt., Ul CI.. Peno 

Peiaraon, Hemuo A., Pvt.. 1 


Namt. Rank and Horn 

jlS.-Pn., Hurley, a 

Id SI.. Si. Paul. Minn. HulTma 

Dudley, iamn C. Pvt.. 401 K. 6Ui St.. Unr 
Lawman, Clifford (Transrerred). Pvt.. Ceat«>illi 
Mill«. William H.. Pvl.. Wayerly. Mo. 
satabiuy. Grovn C, Pvl.. BrowDiniton. Mo. 
3uwarl. Ira D., PvL , GrOYeCity, MIdd. 
Wcwd, Donald L.. Capt.. Lincoln, Neb. 

Ke. Maurice B., UlLt.. Kearney. Neb. 
irpJiy. Lawrence L.. Iftl Lt.. Lincoln. Neb. 
Goonella. Jo«ph C. 2od Lt.. Minneapolb. Mian 
Altfaoiua. Jobn L.. 2nd Ll.. Waterloo. Iowa. 
ChriiUuuea, John H., 2nd Lt , Helena, MonI, 
Jutiiu. Alfred M.. lit Sergt.. McClellnnd, Iowa. 
Coooay, John T.. Sup. Serft,, St. I>a»1, Minn. 
Palmer, Gerald L.. Men Sergt.. GarriMin. lown. 
Leach. ElTaN..Sla.SerEt..CerroGordu. III. 
EuteHing. Willie. Sta. Sergt.. Caurier. Ky. 
MoBride. Albert L.. Su. SerEl.. Kultun. N, Y. 
Sirelven, Harry O^ Sta. Sergl.. Beiiville. Minn. 
Jobuon. Arthur H.. SU. Sergt.. Verona, Mn. 
Hindnun. Oliod A.. Sta. Sergt.. Bush Cenlrr. Kn 
Kknian. Arthur R.. Sta. Sergi.. ItoMau, Minn. 
Iliiuhaw. Stephen C. Su. Sb-rI.. l-juixirin, Kun. 
NelHm, Paul, Sta. Seritt.. Unknown, 
^othower. Waller D..^Ia. Sergt.. Ilaitiiigx. luwt 

r, Myjl 

Han, 1 

Fenney, Cyril 
Lanz. Johu M 

Ingrund, Emeat L.. Corp., Brai 
MoCoy, Rc^ea E., Corp.. Carn 

" y. Cyril A.. Corp.. Shacki 

'-'■- M.. Corp.:Beatrice 

Schmidt;" Wilhelm. Mech,, Titonka!" 
DeVrif- "--■■-■ 

....ur.».. ..ool.Molioe. III. 

urova, Edward, Cook, Lake City, lowi' 
Gallo, Anlhooy, HorMahoer, Marian, lo 
Coy, Brioe C, Sad.. Sidney, Iowa. 
JenHD. Howard R.. Bug.. Schaller. lowi 
ThompHiD, Jobn C„ Bug., Clinton. Mo. 
Flalequal. Marke O., Pvt.. Ist CI.. Trac 
KroU, Carl C, I'vt., 1st CI.. Waverley, I 
Adama, Thomai W., Pvt., Herscbe.r, 111. 
Aloiandar, Leo W., Pn,. Tl "■ 

oH., 1 

1, Rudolph. I 

... Unk 

.. Chira 

>. 111. 

Beard, G^goC, I 
Beck, Jam« A.. Pvi.. f.wmgie. lowi 
Black. Louie, Pvt., Grand Island, [s 
Bogarl. Jam« Mo, Pvt., Williamabi 
BownTKiek. Martin S., PvL, Masuu 
Bowhan. Oleu O.. Pvt., Sedan, Kan 
" ivold. Luis M., PYI., Maddoc 

Brown. Frank H.. Pvt.. Burns. Kan. 
BurUiart. Henry M., i-vt.. Senrcn. Mo. 
Byrne. Frank, Pvt.. Keiual. N. D. 
Cline. Claude B.. Pvt.. Craig. Neb. 
Conn. Ralph B., Pvt., Wellinglon, Kan. 
Curtia. Hector A.. Pvt.. McPbeism. Kan. 
Dag^tt. Leonard, pvt.. Illua Moimd. Kan. 

. Pvt.. WhapetuD, N. D. 

Dehn. WiUiam P.. Clinton. Mo. 
DeLong. Harry. Pvt.. Aberdeen, S. I). 
DigregHio. Giuseppe. PvL. Brooklyn. N. Y. 
Diion. Arthur P.. Pvt., Jobnaon. Kon. 
Dowell. Hof A.. PvL, Joplin, " 

Hustvedt, William S.. 
Inmsn, Cliffor L.. Pvt 

,. Deo 

.. Gone 


— . Mo. 

. Neb. 

rah, lo« 

Johnson. Leo D.. Pvt.. Ryou, Neb. 
Johnson. Ole. Pvt., Lour^. I.nva. 
Johnuin. Peter. Pvl.. Fargo. N. D. 
Jflhn»n. Peter E., Pvt.. Harwood. N. D. 
Judd. James A.. Pvt.. Grandy. .Uo. 
Keener, Wiley E., Pvt., Weal Mineral. Kan 
Kemplay. Neil G.. Pvt " 


iVilburn. Pvt 

., Pvt.. ; 

luk Rap 

Lee. Robert T., Pvt., Minneapolis. Minn. 
Leslie. Earll.. Pvt.. IndepenJenee. Kan. 
Lewetlyn, Artie P.. Pvl., fda Grove. Iowa. 

Long. Fred W.. P 
Lo<Jl. Frank C. 

e. Leo C. Pvt'.. Clifton. Kan. 

Maln>n. Reuben. Pvl.. Clay Center, Kan. 
McAllister. James. Pvt., BiiHinglon, Iowa. 
McGillJvray. Roderick. Pvl.. Virginia, Mi«n. 

Mcljiu>;ilin. Christopher, Pvt.. New York r 
Moore. T:mesl H., Pvl,. Marshall. Mo. 
Ni^le. Paul C. Pvt., Kockville. M<>. 
NelHon. Leo W., Pvl.. Drs Moinm, Iowa, 
Newport. Richard O., Elklon, Mo. 
O'Brynn, WiUiam, PvL, SI. I>nul. Kan. 
Paylon. Frank M.. Pvl.. Div. 3. Knnsna Cit) 
'ederMH., Alfred E.,r 

'eterson. Men 

>VL. Iloriiisrk, 1 
alirurnia. Mo. 

, ilaplei. Minn. 

■ottrati, George W., Pvt.. Ward, S. D. 
Poudevigne. Lw., PvL, Lexington. Mo. 
Prodinski. LeoS.. PvL. VirKinio. Minn. 

Suestad. Sander, Pvt.. Sioux Falls. S. D. 
ais. Harrv. Pvt.. BrooUyn, N. Y. 
".enville. Eroest L., P.t,. Fargo. N. O. 
lobimon. James D.. Pvt., Pitlaville, Wis. 
[odgers. Timothy B.. Pvl,. Pierce. Mo. 
akshaug. Incvald C. Pvt.. Price. N. D. 
nandberg, Julian. PvL. Davenport. Iowa. 
Shea. James J.. Pvl.. Brooklyn. N. Y. 
Silven. David L.. PvL. Olatbe, Kan. 
Smith. Cecil R.. Pvt., Jamestown. N. D. 

in H.. Pvt.. Fori no-lge. low 

*C.. Pvt., Colon 

Falls, : 

...Ruthford. Kan. 

Stendand, Jobn, Pvl 
Stephens. C' 
Teel, Henri 

TeweU. Governor A., tMt., fort 
Thorson. Alfred. Fargo. IN. D. 
TilTni-v. Gi,y L.. Pvt., Lsa Anim 
-y C PvL. INtubui 

ir. Mu. 

Tippilt, Harry 
Too\er. Fred V 

R.. Pvt 

imell. Earl C. Pvt.. Chnnu 

Wagner. C 
Walbert, f 
Walsh, Ba 
Wdls, Je» 

on. S. 1>. 


I., S. GreenGeld, Mo. 

;., Salina, Ken. 

, Pvt.. Decpwater. M 


_.. .. ity. I<nva. 

Ganto. WiUiam. Pvt.. Newllrightoo. Mini 
GcUsr, Elms G^ Pvl, NewEonia, Mo. 
Godhout. Vera E.. PvL, Princeton, Minn, 
Godwin. Glover L. Pvt.. Council Gruvei, K 
Gcaui. Walter H., PvL, Nosfaun, lowu. 
Gravea. Howard G., PvL, Hume, Mu. 
Hague, Alfred H.. PvL. .Minneapolis. Minn 
' imel, Archie, PvL, Willimantlc, Minn, 
imllton, Erueat, Pvt., Pittsburg, Kan. 

"arbert T.. PvL, Ronibrar ' ' 

1 asl 

cko, Em< 

n C, Pvt,. 

[>uklyu, N. Y. 

Helalrom ...____ __. 

Helmaworth, Frank H., Pvl.. Valler City. N. D. 
' e. Cleon. Pvl.. Slaoklon. Ma. 
. Otis W.. PvL. Aldrichl, Mn, 
n, Harvey E.. PvL. Enterprise. Kan. 

le. Glen 3., Pvt.. Verona. Mo. 

I inklo. WiUiam IL. Pvu. OsawalAmie, Kin. 

. . ._. -■ u-G.. PvL, Baits Springs, Kan, 

Yell, Edward L,. Pvl 

n Sl.jcum, N. Y. 

e. Charles IL. Pvl., Ilroidtini 

Frcnid. I'aul W,. 2ad Lt.. 

Smilb. Leslie M.. Znd Lt.. 1423 22nd St.. l>i« Moli 
h^norsnn. WiUiam H., 2nd Ll, Caallowood, S, 1>, 
Grimsley, Bobert L.. 1st Lt., Bvi lit, Grillin. Go. 
Kaufman, Harry II. . Znd Ll. BillinBa, Moat. 
<;iltilund, Haven B.. Ist Sergt., MediaiiiotviUe. lav 
Kgan. Harry E.. 1st SergL, »T9 Ridge Ave.. Chieii 
SkarcJId. Francis J.. 1st SergL, Hopkins. Minn. 
Comerlurd. George L., Sup. Sergt., 610 W. Ave,. Ji 
Sutherlsnil. Krncel U.. Sup. SergL. Manning. Iowa 

BoUuck. <ieori 
Bucho. Paler J 
Ferree, Carl W 

a. Sergt.. 2212 Lynn St 

r. SlbSL. Da Moines, low 


'B Ave.. Ottiunwa, 

Name. Fank and Home Addr 
Rcliihut. Eu-l C, Surgt., 6M Hill Si.. Hhi-Im 
Wood. Joha E.. Sergt.. Ketr York MiUa, Mini 
Mdwcry, Guy G.. Sergt.. lit W. Kallow ' 
(Isny, WiUiam F.. SMgt.. WyloiT. Mini.. 
Whils, GsorRe II.. Sergl., 27 13Ui Are. W.. Albia, town. 
I^anoi. John B.. S«gt., 324 W. Znd St.. Wichita. Kan. 
Swanmn. Berianl O., Sergt., 202 E. MaiD St.. Valiey City. N. D. 
~ inard A.. Sergt.. 3319 3rd Ave, S.. MinneapolB, Minn 


:oip.. 324 

I, lU. 

FiUgersld. Bdbrn J.. Corp.. 324 Cottage 
Loucka. JobD W. Cocp «- ■-- '- - 

I., Kankakee. lU. 

'. Ave.. St. Paul. Minn. 

/Vonu, Hank and Heme AdAtt$ 
Heard. Leonard. Pvl.. Wlieatland. Mo. 

HolUrerich. Clisrlca A., Pvt., 1106 Avenue C, Dodge City. Kan. 
Holmes. Albert E.. Pvt.. H. F. D. No. I, Kenneth. Kan. 
Hdv<^. Edmund H., I>vt., CambridBe. Kan. 
Hiiker, Louia W.. Pvt., WeUingtou. Mo. 
HanloD. James J.. I>vt.. 60 Chestnut Avo.. Rosebaok. N. V. 
He»e. Arthur. Pvt.. SZl E. ISOlh Si.. New York. N. V. 
JackHio. Benjamin P., PrU, R. F. D. No. 1. Joplin. Mo. 
Jtdinioa. Cafl O. W., Pvt.. Clariue. Minn. 
Johruwn. WiUard W., Pvt.. Beagle. Kan. 
KilUe. Joseph E.. Pvl.. Weableau. Mo. 
Klampe. EdiTaH H.. Prt.. Dodge City. Minn. 
■■ 'thur C. Pvt.. Seminal Butto, N. D. 

Audnis, Hardd G., Corp.. Maijcy. N _ 
Warner. Jamee C. Corp.. Safford. Arii. 
JoeheiD. Peter i.. Corp-- Jt^nsberg, Ind- 
Lobaugh. Leslie L.. Corp.. Clialon. Mo. 
Philippi, MarioD O., Ccsp., 1236 PenD. Ave 
'' -oner. Irwin E.. Corp.. HiU Cily. Kan. 
Laughlin. pan D.. Corp., Aitell. Kan. 

Marsh. William R.. Pvl., 209 W. And 
Martin. Leo J.. Pvt., 124 W. Sod St.. '. 

McCunnell. John. tiOS 2nd A 

Stocknell. James. Co(&. Plymouth, 111. 

Dolselh. AITred. CotA. R. R. No. 4, Decoroh. Iowa. 

Puckelt. Leon D.. Bug.. Fargo Falls, Minn. 

KilUe.AtvinR., Bug.. (Deceased), nearest relative. Mrs. Sara 

Kiltie. Weableau, Mo. 
Cordsan, Henry N.. Bug.. Concordia, Mo. 
Bunt. Harrison. Mech.,^linini. N. D. 
CricfatoD. John M., Jr.. Mech.. Normal. 111. 
Carlsen. Aiel. Mech.. 426 Garfield St., Hibbing, Minn. 
Erdnian, Wallet C, Sad.. B. P. D. No. I. Wausau. Wii. 
AalHon. Martin. Pvt.. lal CI.. 191 S. Univ. Avo. S. E.. Mpls. Mi 
Boslen, Prank, Pvt.. Isl CI.. 1113 Org. St.. Museatine. Iowa. 
Billiar, Julius J.. PvC. 1st CI.. lUSS N. S, St.. Twin Falls. Idaho. 
Boeardmi. Phil S.. Pvt.. Ul CL, 322 8th Ave. S. E.. Aberdeen. 8. 

Clark. August I.. Pvt., 1st CI., R. F. C. No. 1, Cairol, Minn. 
Clark. Walkor B.. Pvt.. 1st CI.. Chanute. Kan. 
ConntJIy, John T.. Pvt.. 1st CI., Elklon, S. D. 
Diana. EdwBidJ.. Pvt.. Ist CI. R. F. D. No. 8. Osage Cily, Ka 
Durium. Goorge O., Pvl., 1st Ci., Minncajiolis. Kan. 
Eagflselh. Torkel. PvL. IsI CI.. Sanbone. Iowa. 
Fees. George O. A.. Pvl., Ul CI., R. K D. No. 2. Gaylord. Minn 
GreiiHi. VicUr G.. Pvt,. Ist CI,. R. F. D. No. B. Otloon. Kan. 
Grindol^G. E.. Pvt., 1st CL. 2IH)B Darby St.. Ranjuu Cily. Kan. 
IIoyiB. Qlia E.. Pvt.. Ist CI.. Litchridd. Minn. 
Kraeoke, Ruddidi. Pvt.. lat Ci., B. P. D. No. 1, Mora. Mo. 
Maobart. W. O., Pvt.. lal CL. R. F. D.. No. 3. Pine City, Mo. 
MoUenkaiDp, Augusl L.. Pvt., lit a., HiggiosviUe. Mo. 
Neifen. G. W.. Pvt.. Ist CI.. H. F. D. No. 2. BloomGeld. Neb. 
Nelson. Lawrence A., Pvt., lit CI.. Caoby, Minn. 
Nordsuum. Gilbert A.. Pvt.. lit CI,. Carlton. Minn. 
Osaenkop. Gootge, Pvt., IslCL, Louiaviilo. Nnb. 
Bayome. A. G.. Pvt.. In CI., 308 W. Hugbit. Iron Mounlnin. M 
Reynolds, F. C, Pvt., Ul CL, 702 S. MadiKm Ave.. Aurora. M< 
Homan. T., Pvt.. Ist CL, 2223 Wash. Ave. N., Minneapolis. Mini 
HoselL Andnns E.. Pvt., Isl CL. Rush City. Minn. 
Sandbagen. George W.. Pvt.. 1st a,. Haven. Kan. 
Sohumann, Louia »., Pvl., lit CL, Weslaide, Iowa. 
Smilb. Andrew J.. Pvt.. 1st CI.. (Deceased J, oearesl ri^Live, ^ 
li«m K. Smith, Talloquah, Okla. 

larl W.. Pvt.. l.tCL. R. F. D. No. 1. Miller, Mo. 
" ■ .. Ul CL. 413 Raymond St., Bismark. N. 

Slocktoo. Earl > 

Vogt, Frank. Pvl., 1st 
WsBlsfon. John, Pvl. 

It CL. 

04 Wash. / 


I., Red U 

Achenbsfi. Ahuer. Pvt.. Burnett. Iowa. 
Andnson. August A., Pvt., 696 Oak Dale Ave.. Si. Ta 
Anderson. Guslavo E., Pvt.. Benisun, Iowa. 
Anderson, Millhfy J.. PvU, Bradford, Kan, 
Ball, Russdl A., Pvt., R. R. No. 3. Duluth. Minn. 
Barger. Hiram W.. Pvt, Hununavillc, Mo. 
Raudcr. Jasob, Pvt.. Scolland. 3. D. 
BauDBi:^. Augusl. Pvt., (Irand Bonde, Ore. 
HoliadH. Beajamin W.. Pvl,, R. R. No. 10. Fergus Fii 
BrouUk, W. h., Pvt.. 911 H. 6Ui St. E., Ctdar Hapida. 
Corey. Leo V., Pvt.. Henioglon, Kan. 
Dorr, Earl G., Pvt.. R. P. 0. No. fi. Oaage Cily, Kan 
Earley. Harlan O.. Pvt,, Iloyl, Kan. 
Erioksun. WIDiam T.. Pvt.. Everly. Iowa. 
~ ■ Pvt.. Spearvilie, Kan. 

- • McMiUan Ave., St. Louis, 

,a%.. '^t.l 


Fraods, Ffoyd M., Pvt.. Carroll. Iowa. 

Friederinfasen. Theodore. Pvt.. 423 Znd Ave., Clayton. low 

Glenn. Howard H.. KensinRlon, Kan. 

Grey. George D., Pvt., 409 9l]i Ave, N„ Forgo. N. D. 

Grotbo. Martin B., PvL, NoUsvUle. Minn. 

Guentfaeur. Edwin E,, Pvt., Waverly. Mo. 

Mannomen. Enil P.. Pvt., Bamooa, S. U. 

Hauen, Harry A., Pvt.. R, R, No. 2, Inmen. Kaa. 

Harboon. Wibtom IL, Pvl., Derringtoo. Kan. 

Haagenslad, Herman E., Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 3, Maddoek. N 

MawiaT. Tbooui* ».. Pvt.. CreenleaF, Kan, 

w' Cily, Mo. 

<pids. Iowa. 

Norlen, Onic L., Pvt.. Ly Cyine 

Necklace, Thomas G.. Pvt.. Fori Yalea. N. D. 
Oslerbcrg. Gerhard H^Pvl.j^R. F. D.N 

ihinson, Cornelius S., Pvt.. 32T S. Tennessee St., Columbus. Kan. 
lehl, Arthur L.. Pvt., ZT03 Tlh Ave.. Ro<^ Island, III. 
«. David. Pvl., R. F. D. No. 1, Rock Bapida, Iowa, 
imble, DeyoL.,Pvt., 119N. GarflddSt., Cbanule, Kan. 

^mid. Alfred, Pvt.. Dickey. N. D. 

Scolt, Alva H.. Pvl 
Scab, Beniamii " 

Shedek, Michai 

Smith, Harry E., Pvt.. Moffall ._ 

Spuriock, Cbarln W., Pvt., R. F. D. No. 6. Osage Cily. f 

Stanley, Fred, Pvt., B.F.D. No ' " " - 

Slender, Emil F.. Pvt., 1441 Pr 

Sloney, John W.. Pvl.. Hemdon 

Struve, John F., Pvl., Bos 13, Dabler, Neb. 
I'aaUerud. Henry, Pvt.. FertUs. Minn. 
Tapper, Victor E., Pvt., B. F. D. No. 3, Braham, 
Tliumpson, Peler. Pvt.. B. R. No. I. Hoyd. Mini 
Thorns, 1.M) F., Pvt.. Ljnn, Kan. 
Vickera, Olah. Pvl., Slewartsvillo, Minn. 
Weslerman, Orlando. Pvl,. Wellington. Mo. 
"'---■---i, Ben A., Pvt., 9' •'-- 

~ ■ , Pvt.. 9; 

^vt., MU 

1 A., Pvl.. . 

Wyatt, Qarenoe P., Pvl., Monlpelier, N 
Murray, R.. Capt.. 4530 Mellwood Ave., 
Richard. Paul B., 1st Lt.. Itoi 2S1. Cor 
McClinlnck. John B„ Isl Ll., Owalonna 
Orhidy, Lewis T., 2nd Lt., Jamestown, f 
=- " Id B., Znd Ll,. Z74I Parl- 

'9 Phalen Ave.. St. Paul. Minn. 
Irew M.. lal Sergt.. 3S E, 4lh St.. Oklahoma City, Okl 
3 P.. Mdaa Sergt., R. F D. No. I. Holdingsford. Min 
A,. Sujp, Sergt,. 2630 E ' 

'e., Holdredge. Neb. 
:., Silvia. III. 


Rudie, CharL„ ._ . 

Tims. Arthur A,. Sup. Sergt.. 2630 EUioll Ave.. Minneapolis. Mi 

Brown, Walter W., Scvgt., Long Lake. Minn. 

Miller, Charles E., Sergt.. Beaver Island. Clinlon. Iowa. 

Wormw, Charles O.. ^gl.. Jamaica, Iowa. 

Becker, Jacob. Sergt., Hukah. Minn. 

Brockway. Clare M.. Sergt.. H. P. D. No. 2, Royalton, Minn. 

Grant, C. J., Sergl,, 1318 Emenon Ave. N.. Minneapolu. Minn. 

Onslank. Garret J.. Sergt., Kdoivi" ■ 

Harbsugh, John C. Sergl., 921 4lh 

Houab.SamuelA., Sergt., 406 lal A ... 

IleinI, Hany J.. Sergl., 162 W. George SL, Si. 

Neumann. Albot. Sergt.. 119 W. 3rd St.. St. Paul, MJDD. 

Grant. Floyd A., Corp.. Rockwell Cily, Iowa. 

Becker, Marcus J., Corp.. R. F. D. No. 1. SI, Helena. Neb. 

Kueffer, Edward H.. Corp., R. F. D. No. 3. Caliromia, Mo. 

Relshus. Orville. Corp.. R. F. D. No. 1, Collonwood. Minn. 

Priest. Claude M.. Corp., Si. Jamea. Minn. 

Hole, Palmer J„ Corp,, 1S6 E. lOth Si., Si, Paul. Minn. 

Nelson, WiUiam T., Corp.. R. F. D. A., Little Sioui, Iowa. 

Welly, WiUiam W.. Corp.. 629 41hSt., East Waterloo. Iowa. 

IlaU, Nicholas H., Corp., Remaeo. Iowa. 

Gilleece. Frank. Corp., ISIS N. Kansas Ave.. Tupeka, Kan. 

Flynn, Wesley E.. C«p., OH, Neb. 

Stevens, Charles V., Corj " 

- eaks, Moses C. Corp. 

Ed W.. Corp,, 10M6 trs 
._ , Edwin R.. Cook. Hazel, _ 
Miller, Archie. CoiA. 101 S. Neil, Champaign. III. 
Murphy, Thomas C Cook. Ledgerwood, N. D. 
Koepscll, Louis II.. He., Elgin, Minn. 
Anderson. Arthur C. Mech.. 1427 Blair St., .St. Paul. Mi 
Cannady. Travis L.. Mech., 1123 N. Main Sl., Eureka. K 


.._Hasty. Colt 

le St., Pien 


up by German Gang — Raint (tf Bridge, near Dannemarie. Haute Altaee Seelor. 

Roadhouu Huins, BannhoU Woodt, Haule Aliaee Sector. 


Nanu. Hank and Haiat AiUreH 
Gnifl, UdcoIq M.. Mech., 515 Belgrade Ave.. N. ManUui. Minn. 
ZitBBaa. Frsd J.. Sad., Eudorn. Kaa. 
t;iioc|»l. Jamei W.. Bug,, BurlinnMn. Kan. 
Arnaaann. Paul H. H.,l>vt., ls[ CI., CranluUa, .Minn. 
Harwick. f. W., Pn., lat CI.. 4122 AJdtich St., Mlnnnpalia, Minn. 
Banoeu, Cbkoih W., Pvt., Ut CI.. KenaiiwtoD, Kan. 
Culliiua. Merrit S„ Pvt., lit CI., R. F. D. A, Goodimaii, Md. 
Dehnd, Fnd. Pvt.. Ut CI., B«lha, Minn. 
Kruncia. Chariey W.. Pvt., l.t Cl„ Iliff, Colo, 
Gard, Edwin J.. Pvt., Ut CI.. 20B Laura St.. Wichita, Kan. 
HaRxn, W. B.. Pvt., lat CI., 190T Wat«n Ave., MimMapolii. Minn. 
Harden, R.HW.E,, Pvt.. lat CI. Talauw, Kao. 
KartK, Charies, Pvt,. lat Cl„ R. F. D, So, 1, Jnplin, Mo, 
llao,, C, A,. Pvt,. iHt a„ 127 14lh Ave,, N. St. Qoud, Minn, 
lluellon, Bari J., Pvt., lat CI., Sprioi Valley, Minn, 
lloJder, Otto C. Pvt,, Ut CI.. Osuk^owa, 
llulchiMon. Frank N.. Pvt,, 1st Cl„ Ragan, Neb, 

Kline, Edward P. Pvt "■ ~ 

Uwrence, Fied C, Pvt., lat ( 

Lewi.. Clyde S., Pvl„ lat CI 

Mad»D. Louis L., Pvt., Isl Cl„ R. F. D. Nu. 5, Buffalo Lake, Minn. 
Mctrovecn, W, F,. Pvl„ Ul CI., 9S9 Bedford Ave,, Rrooklyn, N, Y 
Moe, George M„ Pvt,, Ia( CI,. Weaterlirld, Iowa, 
Morria. Henry W,. Pvt., Ut CI., R, F. D. No. 6, Butler, Mo. 
Neal, Jamn C,. Pvl„ lat Cl„ R, F, D. No. 2. Fort Seatt. Kan. 

1. L. A., Pvt,, Ut CI., 1401 FreemoDI Ave. N. Mpla , Mil 


,. Pvt,. 

■n. Jemn 
Li, WiUiai 

t CI., 

il Cl„ edon. 

d Parkway, Mpig , Minj 

,. Pvt,. later, R, F. D, Nu, I.Sauk Centn 

„ irF., t'vi 

Schuli, Ottflll,. Pvt.lj 

Sheehy. William D., Pvt.. lat Ul. I -ell, Iowa. 

Hmith, Walter, Pvt., lit CI., 707 W, 4lh St,. Pittabnri, 

Stadman. Harold H.. Pvt,, lal CI., IZt Conneaa St., En 

Wauben. Edwin J,. l>vt,. lat Cl„ R, F. D, No, t. Dalbo 

Voan. Clarence M., Pvt., lal CI., Minneopolii, Kao, 

Aker, Severin A,. Pvt,. Boi 45, Pine Creek, Minn, 

Baker. Oliver V., Pvt., R. F, D. No, 1, Speed, Kan. 

Barleh. liana. Pvt,, Elwuod, Iowa. 

la P., Pvt.. 109 W. Lewis St., Wichita, Kan 

J. Jotin W,. _ ., .__ 

Cafley. JoOn F,. Pvt,, lonii 

CU?VB '"''' 

Arthur E,. 

n W„ Pvt 

_ _ . _ _ , ^ta S, Stockton, Mo. 

DiciH, William T,. Pvt., GreenBeld, Mo. 

Dobaon, Clarence W., Pvt,. B. F, D. No, T, Emporia, K( 

Dunaton. George F,. Pvt,, 904 Walnut St., AUantic, Io« 

Edwarda, Gordon P.. Pvt., R, F, D. No. 1, Corder, Mo, 

tlUey, Marehal P,, Pvt,. Sherman. Toi, 

Eoieraon. Adrain V„ Pvt.. SOT W. MainSt,, Chanule, Ki 

Fraser. Frank B.. Pvt,, Rolfe Highway, Pocahontaa, Io« 

Fraid, AUwt F., Pvt.. R. F. D, No. 2. Lyoni. Neb. 

Giibeiuoo, Gael N,. Pvt., Maddouk, N. I>. 

IMm. BmilP,. Pvt.. North Side, Allon, HI 

(iiiKa. Peler J,. Pvt., Haydraw, S. D. 

CrilEn. Samud W., Pvt., ft, F. D, No. 4, Ash throve. Mo, 

lliduun, Roy, Pvt,. Stai Route, Greenfield, Mo. 

Ililler, LoTe. Pvt,, Bnddiffs, Iowa, 

IlinkKO, Fred 8., Pvt., Sylvan Grave, Kan, 

Hobart. Rollin E,. t>vt., 501 E. Spruce St.. loia. Kan. 

lIuoHd, Carl F.. Pvl.. Roaebud, n7d. 

Holdxik, Cbnrlie. Pvl., R, F, D, No, 3. Garner. Iowa, 

Holt, Chorla L.. Pit., R. F. D, No. 1, Hoyl, Kan. 

I tun 

., Pvt.. R, F. D, Nu. 17. IJoi 12, Wlodaor. Mo. 

laA,. Pvt 

Landburg, Williar 

,R. F, D. Nu. 1, Box 46, IreDa. 

IT E, 2nd St., Wichita, Kan. 
DTt Luplon, Colo, 
R. F. D, R, FeriiUB Palb. Mini 

D, R, FeriiUB Falla. Min 
tf St,. Lindaborg, Kan. 

bI K., Pvl., Sauk Centel 

Muerhoff, Leo G,, PvL, 1103 5lh Si 

ut HtmeAddnt 

_.,. R, F. D, No.3.Jerioo3iH 

ueiger, Fred R„ Pvt , R, F. D. No. 2, Jamealown. Mo. 
Gordon. Buford C. pvt., 1906 South Si,. Lexington, Mo. 
Haabrouck, Wlllet L,. Pvl,, R, F. D. No, 2, Maplelon. la. 
II — Ki. ».,j„ 1 ■>-.,.. McQear- '" 
Ut Cl„ _ _ 

. _ _ S. D, No. 

ven, Wnley, Pvt,. Solon, la, 
alker. Glen E., Pvt., 1220 Fourth 

nan, MsrionW., Pvl.. R. F, D, No, I,WalnutGro 

a, G. W., Pvt,. Ul CI,. 308 E. Davenport, Iowa C 

llotalein, GuaUve A., Pvt,, B. F, D, No. 3, Cretfi. Ndi. 
" " r, Theophild B„ )'v1,. Ul CI,. B, F. ■>., Ramon 

Long, I 

Iwri, Did 
. Edward 

P.. Pvt., Browoa Valley, Mini 

r^ A., Pvl,. R. F, D. No. 2' Vle^owM.' 
Pvl.. R, F, D. Nu, 1, HiggioaviUe, Mo. 
G., Pvt,, Orange City, fowa. 

Pvt., R. F, D. No, 2. OaoeoU, Mo. 
vl„ Trail. Minn, 
., R. F, D. No, S, Elk City, Kan. 
?\.!r.ihsr. Cninrndo Spring*, Colo, 

^ppleton City. Mo. 

>S, Appl< 
.Idrich. n 

Flaher. Irvin D., Copl,, Menumome, Wia, 
llualon, Samuel C„ Znd Lt„ Seattle. Waah. 
McLaren, Donald W., Znd Ll., Gibbon, Neb. 
Pricliard, George W„ Ul Ll„ Onawa. Iowa, 
Huhnka Roy. Ut Lt.. Pioreo, Neb. 
_t, Leo P., 2ndLt, (Att). 
I, Krwio H., Znd Lt., Bod Wing, Minn. 

ehnSEl, k 


« w„; 

m H,. Cor] 

Ankeney, Homer L„ Sergt,, Spirit Lake, low 
AratruQK. WiUiam ll„ l>vt.. lat CI.. Summen 
Avero, Frank A,, Pvt,, Ul CL, R, F, D. No, 
Barretl, Waller W,. M«h., H. F. D,, Bdlevi 
Baiter, Jamea L„ I'vt., Ut CI., Hanover, Ka 
BeHoau. Eugene J,. Curu., St. Mary. Kan, 
Bird, Low W„ Corp., Fargo, N. D, 

' .r E, ILS., Marathon. Iowa. 
L„ Sergl,. Salon " 

I,. MuuHnpolini Mina, 

loldt, William H„ I 



Irandl, Christia 

., Pvt,, 

eher, George N,. Scrgl., 

Love. I>a<riJ E,, Pvl., Se<ery, Kan. 

Love. I>a<riJ E,, 
Driiuen. Jacob J, 

r. Homer E., Pvt., Gen. DH., 
, Aubrey V ~ ~ " 

I, WiUinm 1.,, i'vt,, n, r, u, 110, j 

Taylor. Odo H., Pvl , B, F, D. No, Z, An. 
■"■ ■ •■ «.^,,Pvt — ■ •' ■ 

Neodio. Mo. 
rrnoa, Mo, 

Traik, r 

Tyhurat, Ora E„ Pvl, 607 E, SpringGeld, Champaign. I 

Walker, Frederick M,. Pvl,, Bo< XM. Bowman. S.B. 

Whiu. Attbur S., Pvt., R, F, D„ Oldham, S, D. 

Wildrii. AIvy L,, Pvl., Sluokton. Kan, 

Wilwn, Clark C, Pvt., Yulan, Neb, 

Vml, Gnurm, Pvl., Aleiander, Knn. 

Bruget. OiDor, Pvl,. R, F. D. No, 2, Vulin, S D. 

6uwyi Raymond M„ Pvt.AuderiOQ. Mo, 

Fauley, Rlucber B., Bug,. Intnills. Knu, 
FcJdbuHi, Henry. Pvl.,Cincimuii. Uliio, 
Ferguson. Calvui, Pvl,, Taylor, Neb. 

fIS^', ArSurF,!'c«p„"H.*F!'lj'"No."l, Rw 
Flannery, Bernard. Sergt., .MinnruiKjia, Mimi. 
Foadick, Joel A„ Sergt,, Chi'nuu, ill, 
Freo, Lodger D,. Sergt,, Manning, lowu, 
Foi. Boy E„ Pvt., Ut CI., R, F. 1>. No. D, Toi 
Fri-y, JumcH T,. Pvl., M. F. D, .\... 2. Derby. I 
Fronka. Waller H.. L.. Corp.. Alchiaon, Kan. 
Gilmore, David S., Pvl,, AQen. Kan, 
Gllea. Charlea E.. Pvt,. 2739 Stewart Ave.. Ka 
Gordon, William M.. Pvt,, Stockton, Mo. 
Gunn, LuUer F., Pvt,. Bailer Springs. Mo. 
Height, WiUiam N., Pvt.. Sioui FalC, S, D. 
HalblnvD. CtrroU O.. Cook. Btahnm. Mian. 


Namt. Rank anJ Home AMrrn 
nmtmta. Hboi M.. l>vt., Duoy, N, D. 
Hum. Duiid B., Cook. Lung Pruirie, Miaa. 
llHrnu. GsorBa W., pit.. Cnlmsr. Imm. 
Hurii. M., Prt.. lot CI.. I22i I2tli Ave. N.. Mini 
ilii<m, nord A.. Pvt.. Parkervilln, Kan. 
HeaLh. Lcsur L.. Pvt.. IsL CI.. RDCkTiUe, Mo. 
Ifoberg, AItui T., Corp., Lake Pmlon. S. D. 
Hopkim. Waiie B.. Pvt.. Lebaooii. Ken. 
HuDgerfonl. Find E.. l>vt., Fnyellx. lows. 
KuMmaDn, G. H., Pit.. IstCL, 32SK. 18Ih Sl . 5 
lerien. Kred J., Pvl., lit C]., Kvrpu Fall*. Minn. 
Jonn. Baojamfn B.. PvU. Wright, Kan. 
Jones. John B., Pvt.. Gram. Neb, 
Johnun. Aadnm W., Pit., Im CI.. Bcttrsni, Neb 
" "-■-'■■■ J, N. D. 

la C. Pvl. 

i. R, Min 

KMiSS^On.™ A. 'j.. ^'gt' Plninvirw"5l"m.. 
Kuyper. John C. Pvl.. lat CI.. Boyden. Iowa. 
Kuyper. Charlei J.. Pvt., Ul CI,. Boyden, luwn. 
Labertaui, George T., Pvt.. Ibi CI.. Garden Cily 

E., Pvl., Whilo. S. D. 
ol., Sergt.. r' ■■ ■ 
Pvt.. liumB 

Llndberg. Arthur ^.. _. 

Link. Vn-gU E., Pvl.. RookY Comfort, Mu. 

Loriio, Word. Px.. Viila. Mo. 

Long. Beojamin H.. PvU, Coffeyville, Knn, 

Lylli, Buy D., " -■ ■^'- "- 

McGnwan, L« 
MoKeona, Mai 

MeKee, JunH 

MoNamlilon, J. J., Pvl,, Ist Ci„ 73B V _ 

MePherMui, Bobert N.. Pvt.. lal CI., niiUlpBljiirg 
Martin, Don B.. Pvl , IliaginiiUle, Mo. 
MaBon, George A.. Pvt., Jamntown. N. D. 
Malhewp, RobBTl C, Corp,, 0»ceola, Mo. 
Mahuuey. Thomai P., IVt., Yates Canter. Knn. 
Mnnck. Iftirold C, Cofp., Grand Uland, >eb. 
Mertitt. Earl V.. Pvl.. SoIhu. S. D. 
MesHGiiger, Jgrnmo (i., Curp., Morion. Ohio. 
M«U, Edmund, Prt., Freeporl, III. 
,,... Humeelon,!, - 

, Irt cl. ISiidoii 

Mueller. Waller C. Pvt.. CaliTomia, Mo. 
Murawiki. Frank J.. Pvt.. Iht CI.. T2I S. 22nd ! 
Nichiridi, Alooio C„ Corp., Fergus, N, D. 
Ndun. Georga A., Pvt..McPher«>n. Kan. 
Nelaaon. Okv A.. Pvt.. Underwood. Minn, 
O'Cnnnell, David T.. Pvt., CentnviUe, lud. 
O'nanniian. L. J,. Pvl., let CI,. 122 S. Konsing 
Olander, Allen F.. Cook. 352 Apple St.. l>eoriB, 
Perkins, Charlea W.. Corp.. Conway, Kan. 
Ptrty, Jojeo W., Corp., Royslton, Minn. 
Pbelps, James C. Pvl.. Ist CI., Chilfaowee, Mo. 
Phillips, Harry, Pvt.. Sandoval. III. 
Redman, Uuyd L.. Pvt., WcUinglon, Kan. 

Name. Bank and Hamt AUrrmt 
Ray. Emat T., Pvt.. Gamaliel, Ky. 
Rheinburger. Mai C Sergt.. Duluth. MioD. 
Ricb. Charles 11.. Pvt., 1st CI.. Millonvale. Kan. 
Boepke. Otis F.. Pvt.. Benwick. Iowa. 
Robjsoa. George E.. PvL, Lyon. Kan. 
Bonnfddt. Henry C, Pvt.. CI , Hasting*, Neh. 
Bousek. Charlea H., Pvl.. Isl CI., Burvell, Neb. 
Ruge. Rudolph. Pvt.. Isl CL. Hoyl. Kan. 
Bute, Bobert L.. Pvt,. Dow City. Iowa. 
RusaeU. Hovrard C. Pvt.. isl Cl.. Green6eld, Mo. 
Sockell. Bay E., Pvt.. Van Metre, Iu»a. 
Sandstalt, Harry A.. Pvl.. Albert Cily, Iowa, 
Seliby, Olio, Pvt.. Milchdl. S. U. 
Sohwanz. Edward. Pvl.. Creighlon. Neb. 
Scott. George P.. Pvl.. Ist CI.. Fort Dodge. Iowa. 
Schulti. Emil J.. Pvt.. 1st Cl.. Scribner, Neb. 
Sheue, Harry M,. Corp., lola. Kan. 
Short. John R.. Pvl., Fall River, Kan. 
Sieg, Frank A.. Pvl.. let Cl.. SI. Michanls. Minn. 
Smith, Ilarty M., Corp.. El Dorado Springs. M.>. 
Smith, Lawrence L.. Sad., Knoiiille, Iowa. 
Smith, Robert A., Pvt.. Ist Cl., Ritohey, Mo. 
Smith, Virgil O., L. Corp.. Caney. Kan. 
Snyder. Henry II.. Pvt.. Isl Cl., Lowrey Cily. Mo. 
Sparbng. Ivan H.. Pvl.. Ist Cl.. L«avensworLji. Kan. 
Stabenow. Albert E., Cook. »ioui Cily. luwa. 
Stanek, Louis L.. Pvt., isl Cl.. Chippewa Falls, Mini 
Stcinbauser, Toliver E.. Sergt.. Proctor. Minn. 
Stemmona, Robert. Pvt.. 1st Cl.. Mt. Vernon. Mo. 
Stewart. Edwin C. Pvt.. Itt Cl.. Winchwler. Kan. 
Stiles. Ernest B.. Pvt., 1st Cl.. Goodman. Mo. 
3umm«rfelt. Earl E., Pvt.. Howard, Kan. 
Swan. Ivan H.. Pvt.. 1st Cl.. Milan. Kan. 
"■ in M.. Sergt-, Asloria, 111. 


h, Fred J.. Sergt.. Lake Cily. M 

Tellner. Frank W.. Pvl.. 

B. Mau 


I. Mini 

Tumsche, Joseph J., Co^.. Albany. Minn. 

Trigg, Jes«! F., Pvt.. Isl Q., Goodrich. Kan. 

Tucket. John W.. Pvl.. Wewoka. OkU. 

VanWinkle. John H.. Sergt., 5t, Paul. Minn. 

Vermillion. Ovid U.. Corp.. Monetl. Mo. 

Waddle, Leo E.. Bug., Vinlon, Iowa, 
.. Si. Joaeph. Mo. Wade. Joseph C.. Pvt., Ontario. Kan. 

WaWn. Jamee J.. Pvt.. Alia Visla. Kan. 

Weaver, Ural B.. Corp.. Shacklefnrd. Mo. 

Woiner. Edward J., Pvl., Ist Cl.. Walnui, Kan. 

WeJIman, Herman, Pvt., West Pnnt. Iowa, 
m Ave.. K. C. M«. Williams. Lewis C Sergt., Muscatine. Uwa. 
I- Wdleit, Ebe L., Pvl.. Norwolk, Iowa. 

Wood. Harry M.. Mecfa.. McConellvilie, Ohio. 

Worden. Uoyd, Corp,, Leeds, lows, 

Yoeat, Oscar J.. Pvt.. Caliromia. Mo. 

ZeTcrjahu. Waltu B.. Pit.. Paiico. Kan. 


I, Boland S.. 1 

L Ll.. • 

Hu^, James W.. Ist Lt., 2701 
Polk. Harry H.. Mai.. 3700 Gtand A 
WiUiams, P. H., Jr., Ist Lt.. IMS 2n. 
Allen, Ernst L.. Pvl.. 1st CL, Ecki 
DUIery. Arlhur P., Wag., — 
Dockatada. Hall A.. Pvl 
Hamilton. Go(vgo 3. "* ' 
1. Eugene. P' 

ZOO'Lewis St..' St.' Paul, Mini 

Hill. Erio 


a, Colud H.. Pvl,, R. No. 

:. Lnndberg. Hcrma, 

1 W.. Sergt.. Bdl. 


ine. Minn. 

Mahlum. Arnold 

K.. Pvl.. DawMM. 

,, Mi 

1. Marl 

lin. llaiDh V... 

Pvl.. 107)i Broi 


S^Fargo. N. 


Beg. Sergl. MaJ. 
, INI.. Miami Sla 

, Lar 

icoalet, Ky. 

^^e. usse 

taon. A. P.. P 

yt..cyoA. Hansoi 

i,'°3is N.Allen Si 




rson. James P 




l-vt.. Isl CL. Bio 


Vaoi. c'gS;, 

Dorset. Minn. 



, Pvt.. B. F. D- N. 

Elkhart, Kan 



■son. Sam P.. 




El Paso. Te< 


«„ IstCI., Browi 

as Vi 

diey. Minn. 

oaby. IL B.. Col., Boas Valley, Marin County. C< 
ipy, Frank L., Ll.-Col.. Lawrenceburg. Ky. 

~ "■ llan Heighla. bavt 

.. Maj.. Uen 

r, Cd. 

„ , ._ Bank BIdg., Pittsburgh. Pa. 

Manding, Charlea W.. Maj.. Detroit. Minn, 
Hallibuu. Hiii»dl II.. .MbJ.. Detroit. Minn. 
Robinson, Robert P., Maj., Far^. N. D. 
Kinghom. George R-, Cial.. Fairbault, Minn. 
EmlivrAtlhur A., Capl.rwisnar, Neb. 
" ■«. Harry G., Capt., Fargo. N. D. 

i. CarToll C, IslLt.. 310 Mdrose Coon, Toledo. Ohio. 

"emon W.. Ist Lt.. Springville. Iowa. 
-J. Harry, lit Ll.. 116 N. Green St.. Otlumws. lown. 
iking. George L.. lat Ll.. Lansing, Mich. 
t-smUi, Carl W., Isl Lt., Minneapolis. Minn. 
Chuie. Emil M. Chap.. Dioceae of St. Louia. 
EUis, Lloyd. Chap.. 2470 Carpenlo- Ave.. Uea Moints, Iowa. 
Hvllin. Clyde E.. Chap.. VioU. lU. 

Clyborn. Benjamin H,. Isl Lt.. 9 S. Gordon, Atlanu, G». 
Muiphy, James B., Isl Lt.. Carringlon, N. D. 
Perry, Spenoer, '-" ' ' "- "- — ' 


Kurkman, Carl A.. Isl Lt., 1007 E. 7Ui St., D« Moinu, low 
Cntlerson. Verne C. Jod Lt., Sutton. Neb. 
Church. Henry I.. CapL. Arapaho. Okla. 
Day. Waller K.. lat Lt.. Uuivorsily PUcc. Neb. 
de Lambert. RiiH.. IslLt.. 1U9 Lhicoln Ave., Si. Paul. M 
JelTers. J. W., Znd Lt., 3323 2nd St., Highland 1-ark, Da M 
Jnhnson. Aiel T.. 2nd Lt.. Unknown. 
Lynch. James F.. Znd Lt., 7a7 Carroll Ave,, St, Paul, Minn. 
Scon. Stanley J.. Znd Lt.. St. Paul, Mum. 
Schneider. John T.. 1st Ll.. Unknown. 
Schlick. Paul F.. Ist Lt.. B25 Goodrich Ave., St. Paul. Minn. 
Stevens. Ralph L., Isl Ll.. Hancock. Iowa. 
Adamieu. Th^aa F.. Corp.. Browrj- 


"'ConMdA.,'Bdrc™p..R°V. ™No. : 
■ ■ ■ B,. Sergt., f ■ 

,, I E., Bd, Sei„.., 

LeaUe FT, Cora.. 1212 S. lOlh Si.. Burli 

Collon. S. D. 

Anderaon, Bichard B.. CoT Sergt.. 3737 61: 
n, Stephen E,. Bd. Sergt., Unkno 
eaUe F„ Corp.. 1212 S. lOlh St.. Burlington 

Ashburn. Raymond R,, Pvl,, 1st Cl., TUden. Nd). 

Alwoud, Smith B., Prt.. Ist Q., CarroUton, Mo, 

Babb, William H., Pvt.. 3ZS S. Popular St., Wichita 


Nanu. Hank onA Hamr Aiiitttl 
Balch, Lm. Pvt., lit CI.. 3016 LafayMte St., St. Jomph, Mo. 
BaUard. L« E., Pvl.. Ml. Ayr, Iinxi. 

BunrnBa. WalterP.. Con,.. 301 Bedfotd St.. Mobaief. Mo. 

Barmtt, Charl™ E.. P.t,, 2709 S. 2Ut St., St, Joseph. Mo. 

Dachmnim. Clarenog J.. Sxrgl.. Youiw America. Minn. 

Bsuchmtton. Baaard M.. P.I.. lat CT. 6ia !2odat.. Ogden, Utcih. 

Bnudoin. F., Pvt., Ut a., 1127 <jumd Ave. N.. MinnBanalis, Minn. 

BfcLer. Conlacl C. Pvl.. Sumner. lowB. 

Beldiiw, Ue, l>vt., Indoalry. III. 

Belt, It. C Mu>,. 3rd CL. bl7 N, Mndi>uin St., llulchiason, Ksii. 

Bernard, Evercit L., Pvl,, Corydon, Iowa, 

D«hey, Lawrence E,, Pvl,, Fort Dodim, lown. 

Bibb, Jscob R., Mus.. Znd CI., Brooklicld, Mo, 

Bierie, John G„ Wng„ HeddUn, Idwh, 

Birley, Leonsrd S., pvl,, Ut CI., Aplioglon, Idwb. 

Bluckman, Clark M,, Corp., Lucerne, Mo, 

BUclumiUi. Gu9, Pvt.. IbI CI,. Movia«er, Mo, 

.,. Corp., 1604 E. Superior St., Dululh, Minn. 

Bolefuhr.C ... 

BouuDBD. William L., Pvt., Shawnee. » 
Boyd. Ivd M,. Sergt., BeUevil' ' 

Boyer, Clai^ ■., 


__,_. Seril., 

Brabbil, CluilH M„ Miu, 
Brady. Palriek i„ Pvt,, ScamiDon, J 
Brodt, Ch«t«, Pvt., Welcome, Mii 
Brown, David, Sergt,. London, Kan, 
Bro«a. Walter L„ Pvt,. Brookag, Ii 
Bruning, Jan.™ J„ Ml - "-■"■ " 

. Fl, DodKC, Iowa, 

22 2nd Ave. S„ Ft. DodiiB, Iowa, 

Buchanan, William H,. Pvt 

CI., Modora. 
lit Cl„ Bevh 
inal, Iowa, 

Buney, Jamn D„ Miu,. 2nd CI,. Hbv 
Bywater. Harry E,, Pvl., Unknown, 
Caldinrood, Hmcfael E., Pvt,. iBt Q, Coalville, Utah, 
Camden, Ooorge A., Corp,, C.lenwood, Mo, 
Camp, Carroll M., Pvt., Isl CI,. Unknown, 
CampbcU, Karl, Mua., 3rd Cl„ Oakaloom, Iowa, 
Cantwell, Jame* W„ P>1„ IbI CI„ Hucklio, Mo, 
Oirdoo, Bay II.. Ser(t,, 469 S, l«t W, St., Logan. Utah, 
Couman. Herbert A., Pvt,. 615 Prairie St.. Sioui City, I 
Cauvio. Leon, Pvt,, 313 JefTerwn Sl„ Kronlenac, Knn, 
Chapman, WiUard S„ Pvl., 1st Cl„ 502 S, Slate St., Wav 
ChauDcey, Marvin B„ Pvl,, In O,, Douglas, Knn, 
Chladek. Herbert F., Pvt., Owalonna, Minn, 
Qaik. Clifford A„ M>u„ lot ~ ~ 

CI., Iriiit 
. -iiScSioui City, Iowa, 

>■ CI., 1206 S, Proepnt St„ Sed 

levUand, Kan. 

-Jt a., Ciuhiug, Okie, 

Crumley, Williwu L,, Pvt,, Rippey, Iowa. 

Crockall. Jams R.. Pvt,, Jonnboro, Tenn, 

Gulp, Irl H., Corp., TIB Morris Ave., Topaka, Kan, 

Cunimln(i.D.L..lU8, Sergt, Maj„579UBy1on Ave.,St. I 

Curtoy WiUinn J., fiinr . TIT N- ^A SL, BuriinKtun, loo 

Crebs, Samuel H,. Pvt., Ilev 


Dabl. Edmund T., I 
DaU. Maolon, Co 
Dally, JoHn^ ft,, f 
"—sit. Fred D., Pvt., 1 
■er, Joeepli M„ Pv1„ 
., Ilem^. Pvt Han 

, Lawrenoe P.. Pvl., 1 
Leo J,. Pvt,. Barin«, 

)^"vtuiard, W^., (S^^ne. 
Hehl, Gf - " " - ■'-"'" 


I, luH 

,, Aberdeen, 8. I>, 

t. Mo. 

>aiu«hy, Robnt E . 

>ouoat, J. A.. Mua,. 2nd CL. 11 ; 
>awnuw, Harold H,. Pvt.. lit 
)rtBl«7chaits H,. Prt.. SDvei 

., Neh, 

It CI., CDncordia, Kan. 

it.ille, loWB. 

CI.. Alliaon, Iowa. 


St, Paul, Mim 



!, lou 


len. III. 

EeblerliDi, Elw> II,. Pvl , 1h1 CI.. PoroeU, Ma, 
Elloboff, George H„ Pvl,, Unknowii, 

Fjiceuart, WalLor L„ Bd, Sergl,, 1127 6th Ave, S., Fort Rodge, lo» 
FaEnauer, Otto E,. Corp,. SIB Beme St,, Leavenawodh, Kan, 
Famw. Harden W.. Curp,, Fairiield, Iowa, 
FBldler.RiohardG.. Corp,, c/oBuBlon Store, Fort Dodge, Iowa, 
"■ - - ' F.. Pvt., Clem 

.,St, Paul, Minn, 

Kuw. Joe 

Flaaina, John, Serit,, . . 

FIoydVAIbert, Pvl., 510 Fanm SI., SI, J< 

Foley, John M., Cook, BrayoiR, Mo, 

Folu, Vcsrln M., Corp., Camdlloa, VIo, 

Ford, Samuel W„ Pvt., 1605 W, ISUiSt,, little Rook, 

Fort. H«bert O., Pvl,, Esiei, lown, 

Foa«^ Uoyd 0„ M™., Ird CI. RidBewav, Iowa, 

Fowler, Robert H,. IVl„ •116 0»k Si . Kamuu City. M 

-ederickBon, Herman 

■cnch, Harry A., I-y. , _. 

-orJdiagBdorr. A. A„ Sergl. Maj., 2SS Cathedral PI.. St. Paul. Mini 

I., B, F, D. No. 2, Big Stone City. S, U. 

_.i. HoTHKhaer, Luke Andea, 

Gardner, Uoyd R., Corp., Lima Springa, 
Garret. Ja«e D.. Pvl,, Died (Father, f: I 

-. jBcon,Ga,). 

Wood St., Brookfield, Mo, 

C Pvt,. lal CI., Morgan. Utah. 

..,Knierpr'™:__ _ 

I. Hubert H.. Mech., Adrian, Minn, 
"1., 205 Edmund St.. 

imUe.John. Mua„3rdCI 

. , _ t. Adair, l_ _ 
ird II,. Pvl,, 609 Eaat Pine St,. Wichita, l 
lian L.. Pvt., lal CL. PlainUeld. Iowa, 

Groman, John 1 „ 

<iulhrandHun, Geortfe A., Bd. Corp., Laneaboro, 
llBhn, Arthur F., I'vt., Snliabury, Mo. 
Huiicok. Ben F., Mu>., 2nd CI.. Hutchin; 
HalLB" ■- ■■ - I 

Harliw, Adron C. Pvt,, 

ilBrris, L. H,. Bd, Ct 

1. F, D, No, 3, Waden, 

. 1 161 Woodbridge St.. Si. Paul. Mini 

:orp„ 1127 N, Chntaworth Si,. St, Paul, Minn. 
Ufa., 3rd CI., Dument, Iowa, 
Hayes, Grant L., Hd. Sergt,. Mt. Ayr,, luwn, 
Ifebvrt. Dallas N.. Pvt.. 924 E. Broadway, Ne»lon, Kan, 
Ileeren, Arthur L„ Pvt., R, F„D. No. Z, Ddl Rapids, S. D, 
Henry, James F„ Pvt.. Shirley, Mo. 

Herman, Maurice D„ Sergt,. 729 Daytan Ave,. St. Paul. Minn."' 
Henhberger, IJoyd E„ Corp,, 1130 Hammond Sl„ Waterloo, Iowa, 
Hershey, llarry E., Serai,, Si, Paul, Minu,, c/o Tri-Slale Td Co, 
Hickey, George F,. Wag,, Adair, Iowa, 
Hill, Robert L,. Pvt.. YuungBtown, .Mo. 
Uaim-.. Richard. Pvt,, 1st CL, 31t> Lincoln Way, Amea, Iowa. 
Hookom, Glenn A,. Sergt, ,tMt, Pieaeantjiowa, 
Hopper, Waller V., Pvl., Unknown. 

Huuro. Henry A„ Meaa Sergt,. 320 East lOth St., St, Paul. Minn, 
lluher. Charles J„ Pvt,. Isl CI,. B, F, D, No, 4, Wsverley, Iowa, 
Hord, Jamc~ Z,. Pvt., Unknown, 
Huntej, Willinm H„ Sla. Hergl., Farrngul, Iowa, 
IniiHUJven, Edward H.. Mu>,. 3rd CI., Kidder. S. D. 
ingli*. LeGrando, Pvt,, Bouoliful, Ulnh. 
I'l.ilim, Draneoioo. Ph., Bevier, Mo, 
Jn<^k»..n, John, Pvt,. Ut CL, Movinger. Mo. 
Juck'Min, Vnne L.. Curp,, 3030 15th Ave. 3., Minneapolia, Minn, 
Ja.ul.y, JuMtph M., Mus„ Zod CL, N«Ia, Iowa, 
Ji.rvie, C. E,, Mu>., Znd CL, 6U E, Wnihiogloo St.. CInrinda. Iowa. 
Jarvii, LoBoy D., Mus„ 3rd CL, 130 E, 5lh St., Flint, Mich. 
Jerrard, Ratilan, Bn. Sergl. Maj., Unknown. 
Jenkins. Chaiia K., Sergt,, DeWitt, Mo, 

JohuHin. John W.. Pvl., ut CL, 1203 N, New Sl„ KirkaviUe, Mo. 
Johnson. Joseph M„ Pvt,. Isl CI., Lansing, Idwd. 
Johnson. William, Pvl,, R. F. D. No. 2, Kanawha, Iowa. 
Jones, Benianiin W„ Pvt,. Unknown. 
Kale, Dock, Col, Sergl., Fate. Tei, 
Kulinku, Forrcal E.. Pvt., R, F, D ^o, 2. Gilliam. Mo. 
Kuusiarioh, Anton, Pvt,. CenlerviUe, luwa, 
knraien, Joseph, Pvt,, Unknown, 
Keyier. RohM., Pvl,. Paris, Mo, 
Kidd. William G., Pvl„ lat CL, UnuforcL Kan, 
Kimmel, J. P., Ba, Sergl, MoJ., 3T2 S. ll<ceolB Ave,. 5l, Paul, Minn. 
Kipper, Josepb P,. Mus.. 3rd CL, Richmond, Kan. 
KirkendaU. Calric L,. Pvt,. Isl CL. Lucas, Kan, 
Koch, Harold, Mus,, 3rd Q,. Iowa FalU, Iowa, 
Kiryand, Franklin P„ Pvt,. lal CL. Norbanie. Mo. 
Knoi. Barl J.. Sergt., Esaei. Iowa. 
Kraft, Leo R.. Mub„ Ut CL, Heron Lake, Minn. 
Krasne, Joseph, Mua., 3rd CI.. 2S2 Vine St., Council Bluffs, Iowa, 
Kuchuowski. Jacob, Cook, 511 Charlai St., St. I>au], Minn, 
Kuril. Luther J., Pvt,. Olney. III. 
I.ake, John F., Pvt.. 739 Cavanadie Si., Clinlmi, lows, 
Lumb. Eliiah F,. Pvt,, 421 MaloneSt., Macon. Mo, 
Landun, Charim E„ Pvt,, R, F. D. Nn. 2, Mayetle, Kan. 
Lauge, WiUie M,. Pvl,, Ward. S, D. 

Lanphear. Geofse B,. Jr., Ut Sergt., 1143 Blair St„ St, Paul, Minn. 
Larwn, Olal L^^ergl., 201 Ut St. S., Montevideo, Minn, 
Laske, Henry E„ Pvl., Ut CL, Novinger. Mo. 
Law, Jamea H., Corp,, Greenfield, Iowa, 
Lemmon. Earl E., Mus,, 3rd CI, Puhiski, Iowa, 
Leonard, Hcrberl E„ Pvt.. Isl CI.. Buriinglon Junction. Mo. 
Lewis. WilUam E., Pvl,, 462 W, 4lh St., Horsinelon. Kan. 
Lieberg, Veroold, Pvt. 435 let Ave. ^. W.. Minot, N, D. 
Lind. Melvin. Pvt., Ut CI., Mldvale. Utah. 
Lindquisl, Phili " ■ " ■■ ■ 
Loper, Glenn, C 

LundslTom, Cai. ^-, 

Lynch, Edward F„ 1 ... _.._, 

Machsoek, Glenn C, Cook, London, Mini 

Macedo, Ermeod. Mua,, 3rd CI., 130 Brid 

Madsen, Hans M., Pvt., Ut CL, Ethan, S, u. 

Magee. Ernie. Cwp., 110 Ely Su, Cortton, Mo. 

*' >, H. E,. Corp,. 611 E. Cattoawood St.. KirkvOle. Mq 

Sergt.. I 

.. Cambridge, Mass 


Namr. Hank and llamr AdJrtii 
Marlin. ItuUy A.. Pvl., Sycacuuia, Ala. 
Matller. ClBronJ.. I'vl., I.[ CI., llnkiuiwii. 
MalsoD, Curl C. Pvl.. 32 tH N. Hichmond St., ChicDEO, 111. 
Mmma. a. II.. Prt., Ul CI.. 428 4(J. Avo. W., Csdar Rapids, Iowa. 
May. Hairy R.. Pvl.. MurKdlf, Iowa. 
McCnbe. Arthur E., I>vt., Lucsy, M<j. 
McCardle. Frank M.. Pvt.. Imuitt^nc. Iowa. 
McCarUiy, WilliuiD, Pvl.. Slewarl, Iowa. 
McCocmick. fr'rauk. Pvt.. 1016 Liborly Ave.. Brooklyn. N. Y. 
McDcmald. Homer K.. Pvt.. HiKlindl. Iowa. 
McCiinn. Mkhad J.. Pvl.. Isl CI.. Scamboro, Iowa. 
MeGuinn. JuDBa. l>vt.. Moviniwr, Mo. 
McKeniie. Maloolm. Curp.. MaryvUIr, Iowa. 
HcUiiiUeD. Jacob E., Pvt., 202 Munron »t„ Olncy. III. 
McSnsciwy. Raymuad J.. Sujti.. Al.t (iranl Ave.. Wuterloo. Iowa. 

Miller. Kra H., Mech.. 20U2 3rd Ave. H,. Kort Dodgr, Iom 



MilchrJI. Palri 
Maf!U>T. A. H.. Bd. Scri 
Moore, Lloyd ' 

riUN. lUihSt.. 81. Ijiui 
Pvt., lHlCI..Cn«-y.Ii™ 
rH.. 612Strai|rtil Avo.. 

e, Mari 

li It.. Pvl.. Unkiio 

g C. Pvt., Knoiville. Iohb. 
lUoruiuFn. uicn L.. Pvl.. Isl CI.. Loinn. Vi 
Muckey, Hoy S., Pvl., .120 Itroadway. Ynnk 
Murphy. lIomBr U., Curp.. Furminglnn, luw 
Murray, (ieorge, Pvt.. Isl CI.. MortinsvillR. 
Nauk. Fiauk P.. Pvt.. K. F. D. ^u. 2. Clydi 
Nislien, Nela T.. Pvl,. II. F. D. No. 2. Cleui 
Minnio. Aleunder. Pvl.. NovinBPr. Mo. 
Nilehxr. Qnrence A., Pvt.. lal ti.. SlidlHrk. 
Otb, aieaa n.. Sergt.. 3SI K. Vine St.. Owal 
Oianich. Jwtrpb. I'vl.. 421 S. lAIh St. W.. C 
Pury. Stanley II.. Pvt.. CfiljT V.;ty. ('ml, 
PsanoD. Prrcy E.. Bd. i:,ir|. . KjirilM.L.It. M.i 

Natnt. ftank c 

Pvl. Foreei 

Spenger. Frank L., Corp.. I 

milli. RuaMl. PvL. Foreei City. Mo. 
- ■ - " ,., DcWill.Mo. 

1., BluomioR I>rairie, Mini 

SlutoD, CUude L., Pvt,. Wakeoda, Mo. 

at J., Pvl.. Bluoi 

■ , Pvt,. W,- 

.. M«h.. I 

HalphH.. 1 

NtcvenHon, Roberl, Pvt,. 213 N. Merlon St., Oltumwa. 

Ktoffer. Hoy. Pvt.. Fairiand. Okla. 

Stoke*. William B.. SerKt.. McFatl. Mo. 

Stone. Ilotry. Pvt.. let CI.. Salii. Iowa. 

Stout, UeoTKe L., Mug,, 3id CI.. Wintenet, Imo. 

Sullivan, Jerry S.. Corp., Iloisiiuilan, Kan. 

Tnmplin. Buborl A., Spigl.. l.«3 Cily. S. D. 

I'hie. Fred C^ Pvt.. Do Moiooi. Iowa. 

I'imm, Curt T., Corp.. Unknown. 

Triiilt, Cyrua K.. Corp.. NoviiiRer. Mo. 

Torek, Joe T,. Pvl.. Arma. Kan. 

Vanrienakei. Harry L. Corp, lB4E.10tli8L. St. Paul. Minn. 

Villont, Mnlwnu, Corp.. tSU N. Saginaw St., Rlnl. Mich. 

VOH. IlaciM E.. Corp., Auslinville, luwa. 

WuKKoner. Freddie M.. Corp.. R. F. D. No.t, Blsriow. Mo. 

Ward. Jtdin H.. Pvl.. I.I cT. 4111 N. 2ud St.. AIchiMHi, Ken. 

Walera. Jumm M.. Seril.. IBS Laurel Ave , St. Paul, Minn. 

Well. MBea R.. I>vt.. R, F. U. No. :i, Peabody. Kan. 

WelHler. Ralph. Serjit.. Sumner. Iowa. 

WdiJi, Charles B., Pvl,. Hepburn, Iowa. 

Wendt. John R.. Cook. Vergas, Minn. 

Wheeler, (irover C. Pvl.. Siahl, Mo. 

Whi|>i>te. Elmer C. Pvl., Unknown. 

Whillow, Rlliut W.. Pvt.. -24 5th Si.. Boonville. Mo. 

Will, John C. Pvl.. Correctionville. luwa. 

Wlllamen. Hobect G.. Awl, Bd. Ldr.. Unknown. 

» illlanu. T. n.. Pvt.. 232 New York Ave.. Wichita, Kan. 

U illia. Kmmet M.. Corp.. 1194 Waihin^ton St.. Denver, Ccita. 

n ll«>ii. Robert E.. Corp.. Melchei. Iowa. 

Wolff. Kriiosl F.. Pvl., I>ipestune. Minn. 

^ .H'likliig, Harry B., Pvt.. Unknown. 

WnrfitM-k. Rert B., Sergl.. Unknown. 

Yatif. Alfred S.. Pvt.. lat CI.. 1994 Dayton Ave.. St. Pai 

Yeaiiien. Harold T.. Pvt.. 701 W. 24lh St.. Ogden. Utah. 

Zdar»ky. Frank, Jr., Mua.. 3rd C].. 300 W. Tth St,, St. P. 

d. Mini 

I-elendmrg. ElmerM.. r. I i I..>. 

PnterKMi.llBiHM., Bgl. ilu|.'.. llu«'I..TiM>n 
-- - - •- --i. LukuoKu. 

Plita, Ralrfi L., Mu»., , 

Pitta. Shir\ey. Stxgl. B\.„.. 

Pouliat. Adrian ET J,, Pvl.. lat CI.. Di 
Price. Theodore V.. Sup. Strut. 

-d CI., Baltic, S. D. 

Rulhbun. Loltoy J., Pvt., K. F. D. Na 
Keclor. Henry W.. PvL. lat CI., Denvi 
Badder. AdDU, Corp.. Adrain, Miun. 
Redding, Cjrua G., Pvt.. In CI.. Dowi 
Reese, Clifford K,, Pvl.. Fn-tile, Minn. 
Relbe, Bernard U., Pvt.. Goodwcll, loo 

Robison, Frank. Pvt., Novineer. Mu. 
Roien. Claude L.. Wag.. Cofchisler. III. 
Boellicr. Henry, Pvt..^V'uverley, luwa. 
Komelfangei. Edward R.. Pvt,. Deceased (Fo 

fanger. Aplington. Iowa.) 
Romney, Graut L.. Sergt.. Unknown. 
Rooulad, M. I'.. Bd. Curp., 115 St. Olaf Ave.. 
Ro». Leonard H.. Pvl.. Ut CI., H. F. D. 
Rusael. C, L., Pvl.. Decease.- • 
Salisbury. Kay. Pvt.. Danbi 
Sampson. Milton 8.. Pvl ' 
SanderJHin. Sidney D.. C 

J. K. Russel. Naxhvil 
St. Paul, Mluu. 

I.. Corp,.Falrvicw. Hi 

^8jboro«]SriIeMy F.,Pvl..''lsiGl!! UB E. 4lh St. 
Schnepp, Kudol|ih J., Pvl., Henry. Iowa. 
Schomberj;. John F., Pvt.. Mc4Uean. INeb. 
Scbolt. Marvin D.. Pvl.. Ddl Rapids. S, D. 
Schram. Robert A.. Pvl. llnLn.„.n 
Scbreiberg. Martial!,. Ml 


., Pvl 

idford. III. 
2114 Vine St.. Uibana 
BurliogloD, lowfl 

Shaeta, L« J.. Pvl.. (isl 
KieldDD. Steve C Pvl., 
BfaipmBD. Ilnwurd E.. P 
ahivsn, Robert L., Mus 
8bulu, Frank A., Pvl.. I 
Bhulu. Joe, Pvl, Crook 
Sibole, George, Pvt., No 
Sunmona, Stanleys.. Mi 
Slmnui, Horace T., I'vl.. 
SHHin. Daniel R.. Pvl.. 
Sloabo. Reidar. Corp.. Si 

ENipaager. Peter, Pvt,. 1 „„„. 

Sloan, Waiiom R., Mus.. 3rd CI.. AlaHadero, Cal. 
Slolhowor, Paul I).. Corp., tiaalinis Mills, lawn. 
Smart, Hoy D.. (:.,ri> . SOT FolgerSt., Carrollton. Mi 
Smedley, Geurge A., Sergt., North Rend. Ohio. 
Smet, Wilbert L., Sergt.. Green Bay. Wis, 
SailUi. Hyls C, Pvt., Whilewau*. Man. 

„. Abcrdeei 

b K. Fillmr 

McMahon, John 1 

I. C. 2nd Lt.. St. Andrews lloli 

eipolis. Mini 

Adams. Earl Ladie, Pvl., l8l CI., HBrrisonvUle, Mo, 

Alslrope. George W.. Wag.. Metyern. Iowa. 

Anderson. CarFA.. Wag., Eaaei. Iowa. 

Anderxon. Frank A.. Cook. Grand Rapids. Minn, 

Anderson. Garfiidd N.. Pvt,, Sydney, Iowa. 

Ashbaugh. Arlhur L., Wag.. Shenandoah, Iowa. 

Baker. Asa S.. Wag.. Cohasset, Minn. 

Raker. Ralph C. Wag.. Chance. S. D. 

RnlM, Elmer L.. Wag,. B. F. D. No, 2. Sdma. Iowa. 

Borlh. Juecph S.. Srxgl.. Lancaater, Pa. 

Bas»1(. Ilallie B., Wag.. 305 Pennsylvania Ave.. Jiqilin. Mo. 

Bauer. Frank A.. Wag.. Laconia. Iowa. 

Baxtiv, Larry W.. Wag., Rayville. Mo. 

Benda. William. Wag.. Brooklyn. Iowa. 

Blalnik, Joseph. Wag.. 326 W. Pu|ilar St., Chlsholm, Minn. 

Bnlio, Ambrose. Wag.. 315 W. Sheridan St.. Red Oak, Iowa. 

Boohurt, John G., Reg, Sup. Sergt.. Y. M, C. A.. Dululh, Minn. 

Itoslrom. Harry K., Beg. Sup. Sergt.. 323 York Si.. Si. Paul. Mini 

Braiult, GranviUe S,. Wag., Alpha, Mum. 

Rriicker. Arnold, Wag.. S9 W. lOlh St.. St. Paul, Minn. 

Riichholi. Carl W.. Cook. Foley, Minn, 

Huehholi, Frederick J.. Wag.. Waverly, Iowa. 

y W.. Corp.BrialDi 
.Wag,, Toledo, low 

J.. HomeBhoer. Prinn 

n, Albert L., Couk, Jan 

Casella, L. J.. P 
Ciiase, II.F.,Ctni.. 3VU 

Claypuol, WdsonV., W< 

a... BuH 
West II 

233 Leilnglon Ave.. New York, N. Y. 
Guardian Life BIdg.. Si. Paul, Minn. 

Ducnow. I'uul, Wag., St. Ansgar. Iowa. 
Kggiman. Roy H.. Pvl.. B. F. D. No, S. Salen 
fJiToH. Andrew A., Wag.. Maple Hill, Iowa. 
KUell, Howard F.. Pvl.. La Pone. Iowa. 
Kveretl. Iten. Pvl,. 914 N. Santa Fe St.. Chan 
Furmanck. Amos, Wag.. R, F. D. No, 3, Mare 
Fercli. William C, Wag.. Naahua. Iowa. 
Finslad. Henry M.. Wag., 173 Currid Ave., Si, 
FilisiiumoD. David Wag.. Buckmau, Mu. 
Flowers. Ray M.. Wag.. Coin, Iowa. 
Foster. Andy M.. Wsg.. PaneU. Mu. 
Friti. Remard A.. Wmt Burlington, lows. 
Gallentine. Cbarlca. Sup. Sergt.. Van CIcve, lo 
Garlock. Inward M.. Cook, Davenport. Iowa. 
Garrean. Walter E.. Wag. Bartlell ■ 


Gloubiioh, GBQTfe J,. 9orgt,.3lBBiii Eyi: Minn. 
««rdon. GeorBB W., Pvt., I.t CI., Noflhboro, looa. 
-('•rillitli. Paul F„ Prt.. Ut CI., Curning. Iowa. 

ml. Jmry. PvU. 609 Slh Ave. S, E., Mioot. N. D. 
Hnoiy a.. HocHMhoer, Walnul fimve. Minn. 
. C]ur1« R., Pvt.. R. F. D. Nu, 2. Lewn. Kan, 

jn. Arthur A.. Pn.. Plad, Mo. |G- D.) 

icbert. CIbub K... Prt.. Bingham Lake. Minn. 

'•rd. Lloyd L,, Wm., R. F. O, No. T. Farrngiit, Iomb 
'B. ETerett J., Horeinhoer, MediapalB. lowu. 
unar. RoyT,. Wag.. DodgevtUe, lona. 
...__ » Wag-.^Stanlon. Iowa. 

Cook'8t..'8t. Paul, Minn. 
jawn. Fnderlck. Wag.. Luvorne. A" 
Johaaoii, QwidB H.. Pvt., 1914 2nd 
Jahnoa. Gnban R.. Wag.. MitldlMr 
JohnHui, Jalnier B.. Sup. .Ssrst., fiSl 
■ ■ — "alTii - 

Nebraska City. Nob. 
SL. St. Paul. Mion. 

■ I CI.. . 


Jumpi. Roy f:.. Wag., Fi 

Krii, Jain« H.. UtSBrgl 


n»t City, Mo. 
4026 W. 24tii in.. Chica 

._ ... 10O2S. lOtliSl.. Burlin* 

McKay. Irvin J., Wag.. Naw Market. Iowa. 
Man, Arthur J.. Me^.. ISH Ave., Ml, Molina. II 
Marhaul. Anion. Wan.. Route No. 1. CrfMsa. Iowa. 
Mwl „ . 

MiUard. Samud F., Pvt.. I>rotB 
Nardstruni, Carl R.. Wagoner. L- — — ^--, — - 
Noyoi. Ed R.. Pvt., 238^ W. 3rd St.. St. Paul. I 
Craa, Francis C, W.. Pvt,, B, F. D, P 

rd at., Mnlini 

. . jarl (J,. Wag.. EHthervilli.. Iowa, 

GiHoberg. Joe. Pvt.. 164S-7 Pitkin Ave,. Hrrx>klyn. N. V. 
Kaulman. Gaorn I., Wag.. Cruham, Mu. 
Ktauae. Edward E.. Wag.. Cuary. Iowa. 
KraUioaer, Claud E.. Waa.. CurnlnR, luwu, 
Kuhn. Charlea H.. Pvi,. Kitpburn, Iowa. 
McCoUam, GUbarl S., War,, WnrthinRtou, Iowa. 
Mohr. William B,. Cook. Troy, Mo. 
Mundl, GuaUv C, Mech.. 305 N. Slh »l.. ClinUm, luwa. 
Neymeyer. Fred. Wag.. Ackcley. Iowa. 
NawaHam. Carl A.. Wag.. 270 Stiirgia Ave., St. Paul. Minn. 
NielHui. Mathia*. Corp.. 2ZT Sunnyiide Ave.. Waterloo, lowi 
MiUer. aarcDoe F.. Wag.. Parkenburg. Iowa. 
Nebon. 0«ar L.. Pvt.. lat CI.. R. R. No. 1. Runncby. Minn 
O-Bc^te. Deanis J„ Wag.. 1051 Slinaon St., St. I>aul, Mian. 
Oilman. Edward E., Wai., Ilnlu, Minn. 
O^lwald. Geiirgn. HonwJion. Lukelicld, Minn. 
OtlD. Herman. Wag., Buriington, Iowa. 
Pand. Kal«y A., Wag., R. f. D. No. 5, CMwda. Iowa. 
PembcDoli, Orval T.. Wag., St. Anngar. Iowa, 
Pnhren, Peter P., Wag., East Reauinl Plaine, Iowa. 
Pnllay, OUia, Wag,. Snandar. I own, 
Raina, Halpb W., Pvt., ClarkavO' ' 
Hakowiki, Georae P.. Mech., IHU 
RafHll, Ola L„Vag.. Wa11iuiif«< 
n._ ™, .H., Wag.. Man - ■■ 
irlio. WaK., C — 

. ail* C.. Wng., _ 

, Grover H„ Cucp., Evsrly, Iowa. 

Runts, Clyde J., Wok., Sidwy. town. 
R^ey. Edward E„ Mecfa.. Mt. Heaunt, I< 

" — r, wiuiamH,, w_Bg,..3iow. e-^"- ' 


Schoei^r, C. E., Pvt.. Ut 

Sehn-ino', Kari P., S«gl„ 105 Connor Ave.. Buriingloo, low 
Sabaaky, Anthony J,. Wag., Waverty, Innu. 
Shea. John J.. Wag., 6 Wniow St., Holyoke. Mbh. 
Smith, Clarenoe K.. Cook, I8W ITtfa St.. Book laland. 111. 
SmiUi, Lawnsnca B., Pvt,. lal CI,. St, Fnnosville, Mo. 
Smith, S. B„ Pn., lat CI.. 1*17 Mat>l« Ave., CofTeyville. K 
Soutar, George A„ Sup, Sergt,, Boule No, 2, Luverne. Mine 
Spencer, OUver S,, Corp,, 331 Aspin Sl„ Wuverly, Iowa. 
StaveoB. Cbarln P., Pvt.. Amw.lowa, 
Stiff, Harry J., S«gt„ 277 E, Rohie St„ St, Paul, Minn. 
StolTeli, Cari. Cook, Buriinglun, Kan, 
Stuck, John M„ Pvt,. MoudI Ayr, Iowa, 
Swaraoo. Taugis E„ Wag,, He^ro, Iowa. 
Sweetwood. Eari. Wag,, R, F. D. No, 2, Gretna, Neb. 

Penney. Maynard M.. 2ml Lt., I91I E. IZtli St.. D« Moinaa, lown. 

WiU. Frank J., Ut SMgt,, 722 Igleharl Ave.. St. Paul, Minn. 

Dudley, Vincent P.. lat Sargt., f^madale, Minn. 

DuR, ieaepb W.. Mesa SktrI., 1M3 Capital Ave., St. Paul, Minn, 

Wiuon, Earl M., Sup, Sergt,, 3n0S Oakland Ave,. Mimwapdia. Minn 

Boyd, Walter S.. Su. Smgt., Riverton. lowu. 

Anlang. Bernard J., Sergt.. «65 Blair St.. St, Paul, Minn. 

Buchanan, Verl C„ Sergt,. Birmlnidiam, luwa, 

Metagar. Walter A., Sergl., Mound City. Mo. 

Krebabacfa. Raymood S.. Sergt.. Adania, Minu. 

Tull, Jamu E., Sergt,, Eiline, Iowa, 

Lamme. Verne H., Sergt.. Routo 1, Burlington. Iowa. 

Darning, MiloH.. Sergt.. Clarence. Iowa, 

Mntz. Edward E.. Sergt., Kent. Iowa. 

Gamble. Howard C. SergL, KnoxviUe, Iowa, 

Scott. SUnlay J.. Sergt.. 413 W, Central Ave., St, Paul, Minn. 

Hogera, Vern E., Sergt., New AUuMia, Ohio, 

rjirr. Clyde C Sergt., Orient. Iowa, 

Tun. Lealar. Corn,. Eitlne, Iowa. 

Thomas, Erwin B,. Corp., CnwgiU, Mo. 

R™, Eefl' H.! Coru^t Ayr,, Iowa, 
MyecB. Uoyd L,. C«p,. Humboldt, Iowa. 

Quinn. Ilofan J.. Corp.. Breda, Iowa, 

DiekmBDD, Ridiard H„ Corp., Denver, Iowa, 

Miller, Waller, Corp., Maryville, Mo. 

Dudley, Harold A.. Corp.. lOOJ S. lllji St., St. Joarph. Mo, 

Darland, Loren C. Corp,, MO S. TUi St., Buriinglon, luwa, 

llanaen, f lenr? W„ Corp., 212 N. 8th St., Council BlulTa, Iowa. 

Beindem, Henry J„ Gam., Mallard. Iowa. 

Rydhdm, Anthony N., Cnrp., Dsvia Junclion. III. 

Cribbi, Sumpann A.. Cook. 219 lOth St., Baraboo, Wia, 

MeMaalen, Klen L„ Cjiak, 901 8. 16th St,. Centerville, Iowa, 

Reea. Vernam, Cuiik, llumntlon, Iowa. 

llolecak. Jamca. HotHcahorr, Gamer. Ii 

[■I St„ Bed Oak. lov 

i, Iowa,"' 
illiugTord. Ic 
heridan. loa 

Talbot, Harry E., Wag., Valliaf 
TboDuu. Albert E., Pvt., I»i CI 
Therapaoa. Jan>» t.. Wag 
Toland, Leslie, Wag,, La 
Traerald, Albert, Wag.. 1 

TnsiH!, Alfred B., Wag 

Valen, L^ii, Wbi,. Ealiierva 

Valaake. Carl F . Wag.. Charlra titty, Iowa, 

Wallord, Joha R,. Wag., Corning. Iowa. 

Wallhert, Charlie J.. Mecfa.. Eleiiver, Iohb, 

^'ood, Balnh W., Wag., Pn»cott. l*r*B. 

WoolFO. Kninelh S.. Wiig., Naw Pruvidaoca. Iowa. 

Nye, Jamn O.. Capt., Morahead, Minn, 
irfatager. Herbert k.. lat Lt,, WiUialon, N, D, 
John, Charies T., lat Lt., Garden City. Minn, 
ChlbeaH, Paul V,. Ut Lt,. 1025 S, iSlb St., Lincoln 
" ' ' ., 2ad Lt,. Grand Forks, N. D, 

nillon, tkrl, ]'.[., 1^.1 c:i„ |, Cul. 

Dulaney. Hveralt C, Pvi„ 1st CI., Hale. Mo. 

Dwyor, Lewn V., Pvt.. lat CI,, FontaoeUe. lowa. 

Fidd. <:iyde E.. I'vl.. Isl CI.. HuUy. Mich. 

rnher. Hugo B., I>vt.. Isl CI.. Colwich. Kan. 

Fonbert, J. W.. I>vt.. iBt O., 253 Foreat Ave.. E. Grand Forks, \ 

Uaddis, Arthur E., Pvl.. UlCI., Bedford, lows. 

Hartwig, Edward II., Pvl,. Isl a., Shi4l Rock. lowa. 

liaugii. Arthur N.. Pvl., Ut CI., Hn«in Cily. lowa. 

Ilayden. Karl S,, l^t., Ut Q., 20 Fourth St.. Ma«.in City, low. 

Ileini, John It., Pvl,, Ut CI,. lOOS S. Rustln St., Sioux City, la. 

Hicks. John, Pvl., Ut CI., BrKkenridge, Mo. 

Hire. George C, Pvt.. Ut CI.. 512 Bliaa Blvd.. Iowa Falk. lowu 

Jacobann. Jud M., Pvt.. Ut CI.. Ijtland. lowa, 

JohnHin, Elmer A.. Pvt., Ut a., I'jiaei. lowa. 

KeUy, Patrick, Pvt,. Ut CI,. 1124 S, ITIh St,. I.incrin, Neb, 

Lambert, Jackson R.. Pvt., Ut <:i., Sinui Falls, S, D, 

Lee. Bryan M,, Pvl., Ul CI, Diagonal, lowa. 

Lloyd, Carl B.. Pvt., UI Q.. Hamburg. Inwa. 

McDowcU. Pvt.. lat a.. WUIinrasburg. Kan, 

Madaen, Eddie J„ Pvt.. Isl CI,. Vibocg. S, D. 

Marlin, Jidin U.. Pvt., 1st CI., Mystic, lowa. 

Metcalf, Holmn II., PvL, Ul CI., CleannDnl. Mn. 

MiUer. George E., Pvt., 1st CI., Coming, l.wn. 

Moaabnrgcr. Claude E., Pvt.. Ul CI,. MBre.4inc, Mo. 

NebHm, Caj-1 V., Pvt.. 1st CI.. Radium. Minn. 

Nnmire. WlUiam H,. Pvt., 1st Q,. 2603 N, Saginaw Sl„ Flint, K 

Otivar, Jaepb T.. Prt.. Ut CI.. VlUiaca, lowa. 

Overmyer, Leroy G., Pvl.. Ut Cl„ Adait. Iowa, 

Peary, Cncil, Pvt., Ul CI.. Cowf^. Mo. 

RnlBlon, Btibcrl L,, Pvl,. UlCI,, Ankeny. lowa. 

H,-,.|, Willi, (}., Ph., UlCI., ConI City, tnd, 

HiKr, Ra4cc^, Pvl., l-i Cl„ 602 E, l»ula St,, Clalhc. Kan. 

SniirllnK. I.n.n (>.. l-vl.. Ut Cl„ Adair, lowa. 

Slain. CIniide F... Pvl.. Ut CI,. Rippey. lowa. 

Ht..ll, Filln».rc, V.t , Ut Cl„ Waukon I.nva, 

Swindle, Millie, Pvt,. 1st Cl„ Temple, Trias, 

Urquhart, Jiwiph D„ Pvl.. lal Q.. Valley Springs, S. D. 

Vavra, WiUiam, Pvt.. Ut r4.. Viaing. Iowa. 

Wibon, Lea H., Prt., lata.aBofitld. lm.«. 

Winlerlbig. Lawrence K.. Pvt.. Ut CI., 3BDI H. I3lh SI., Omaha, I 

Wolfo. Lawrence. Pvi.. l-^l CI., lor. Seneca St.. ScheiBwludy, ^ 

Wyukoir, I'l ■^: I- ...iiMii. l-nva. 

X W., Pvt., Yurktown. tin 


Caulkiu. Cole A 
Cline, Pwl B.. Pvt 
Core. Paul L.. Pvt. 

Drier. John. Pn.. 

Name. Hank or- 

' Home Ad^ai 

1 Capitul lleiRhU. St. Paul. Minn. 

___j-. CartL., 1 

Fuller. Lewia N., Ph.. Altoona 

GsbflT. Albert J.. Pvt.. 913 S. Ulh SI.. BurUdglon. luwB 

Gray. RoUa E., Pvt.. Hi>pklni. Mo. 

Grintead. George H.. Pvt,. Danville. Ions. 

Hall, Cfaesuv V. (Dwwaed), Pvt.. Ru>»p]l. Kan. 

Hater. Heorr A., Pvl.. Z40I InJiuue Ave.. ChiCHKO. HI. 

HanaoD. Artbur M. (Deorwid), Pvl.. Ilaltun. ». D. 

Hardy. Frank. Pvl.. 9T Jefferson St.. Dubuque, luwa. 

Huadquut. Verner F.. Pvl.. Malv«n. Iohk. 

Homan. LeoJ.. Pvt.. S3S N. Summit Ave.. Sioui KalK t 

HOTD, Albert H., Pvl.. Sapulpu. UkU. 

Houfeld. Archie O.. Pvt.. Rom Trunk Co.. l'o|>eVn. Kiin 

I. luv 

Hrou... ™ 

Johnaon. Albert F.. P , 
JohuoD. Elmer I.. Pvt.. Albee. S. D. 
Johnaon. Oawald H., Pvt.. Oaaiie. I 
Johnitoo. Kelley K.. Pvt.. Knoivit 
JobnatDD. Thomaa. Pvt.. 720 Firal 
JoDta. Frank L.. Pvt.. Dumont. Ini 
Jopw. Boy N., Pvt.. CJienov, Kan. 
Julian. Bobert. Pvt.. lOOT FirUi Si. 
Lwimore. Tbomas W., Pvt.. FJ^ar 
LekiD. Eooa. Pvl.. Parno]]. Inwa. 
McGuire. WiUiBm E.. Pvt.. 309 N. 
MaldiahD. John L.. Pvl.. Erwin. S. 
Malmquial. Albin L., P^ 

.. Mail 

and. M». 


ManbaU. Ben ».. Pvt.. Wi 

Muhlbeler. Andrew. Pvt.. Mnnlced. 
Newman, Ralph L., Pvl., ValW Kr 
NfJle. Ben A.. Pvt.. ElUwortli. ."' 
Oda. Joseph H., " 
Perry J., 1 

Olson, l.uthw C . _ 

Port, Wm. C. (Deoeaaed). Pvt., K8 B 
Pottrati. E>nest F.. Pvt.. Ward. S. I). 
Hohrer. Howard F., Pvt.. 314 S. bth S 
Ruir. JoHvh W.. Pvt.. 2S7 N. 11th St. 

HiD. Harry S.. Pvt.. IM CI.. S3 W. Burlington. Iowa. 

IlilUia. Raymond A.. Pvl.. Ist CI., Emmettaburg, Iowa. 

Hoien. Soreu C, Pvt., lat CI.. Hingal«l. lo*a. 

Ilowerton. Henry T., Pvl.. IVtacon. Ma. 

Ihde, Clifford J.. Pvt.. Pieiaoa, Iowa. 

ln«ledue. Wilbur D.. Pvl.. Isl CI.. Marahalltown. Iowa, 

Jonea. Garner W.. Pvt., Gnxofield, Iowa. 

Kane. Hubert V.. Pvl.. S96 Holly St., St. Paul. Minn. 

Kauffman, Hoy. PvU, 287 Uuion St.. York. Penn. 

Keller. Albert A.. Pvt.. Wiodom. Minn. 

Kill. GooTKe C. Pvt., lat CI., 437 Suelliiu Ave,. St. Paul. Minn. 

Kupka. Lwler S.. Pvt.. let CI.. Conrad, iowa. 

Kyhl. Manuel F.. Pvt., lat CI., 904 S. Uth St.. Clinton. la. 

Lemmer. \icholas G.. Pvt.. 746 W«ilern Ave., St. Paul. Minn. 

Lund, William F.. Pvl., lat CI. Oakdule. Nfb. 

Lyddun. Raymond V.. Pvt.. Bedford, Iowa. 

Murphy. LaurBDCG T., Serai., lal CI., Oltumwa, Iowa. 

Neff. Sfiirtey C. Pvt.. LaCygne. Kan. 

Peleraon. Leonard T., Pvt.. Cokato. Minn. 

OlM'n. Orvitle B., Pn.. lal CI.. Webaler City. La. 

Hdcril, llwman A., Seril., Huvennu. Neb. 

Ilalt. Frank B.. Pvl.. 943 Lincoln Ave., Si. Paul. Minn. 

Raymond, Herbert B., Pvt.. Ut CI.. Albert Lea, Minn. 

ReminKlDa, Porlcr B.. Pvt., Spring ValW. Minn. 

Rorom. Iloury T,. Pvl.. Mason City, Iowa. 

Riv-inburg. l^n D., Pvl., lal Ci.. Crnmon. Iowa, 

Siemert. William F., Sergt.. Baiter. Iowa. 

Siier, Joseph. Pvl., 1-ilhiTville. lowo. 

Simme. Ridiert F.. Pvt.. lal CI.. Calva. Iowa. 

Snell. Murroy W.. Pvl., lal Q.. Faribault. Minn. 

Snarkman. William IL. Pvl., C■nnnn^dlu^|t. Ky. 

Wickwire. Edward G.. Pvt.. Larnnl. Kan, 

Winner. Dollie E.. Pvl.. New Canlon, III. 

Woodburn. Onrk L.. SartU. Wa«hin|l<in. Iowa. 

Wootr. Willie T.. Pvl.. lat CL. Turon. Knn. 

Wurvt. Theodore U.. Pvl.. Groenwald. Minn. 

WUIy. Wallei 


n E., Pvt.. Lenoi. I 

.. Fori Dodife, lov 
Newark, ^. J. 

Brown. Howari 
Oben, Louis O. 
Hansom. Vi'"* 

Slolt. Jake P.. Pvt.. Askov 

Smith, Lawreoce R.. Pvt.. Stale Cen 
Smith. Rene L,. Pvt., Hccia, S. D. 
Snyder, Earl L., Pvt., 2(H) S. ISth St 
Slaoek. Emil. Pvt.. Cbelaea. Iowa. 
Slanglaod. Claire A,. Pvt.. Crystal R 
Slei^erg. Reuben. Pvl.. Eldora. low 
Taylor, Clifford. Pvl., Bahwav. N. J 
TUlon. Charles G., Pvl 


isM,. P 

t.. Heel 

'd,. Kan 

'ood. I 

Turner, Charl» E.. Pvl., 2B3T IWkwood Bl' 
Unash. Edward J,. Pvt.. Solon. Iowa. 
Volkminn, Bernhardt C. Pvt., FJklon. S. D 
Vorhica. Waller F.. Pvt.. Shannon City. low 
Wheeler. Rana C. Pvt., lOOB Sharp St.. Glei 
yocum. Lemuel M„ Pvt,. WakeBcId, Kan. 

Bord™. Fnmk R.. Moior, M. C. PIninfield. Wis. 
StAwfield. Hog< ■■■ ''--'•— - - 

Preeootl, Leo > 
Ldwranoe. Edw- 
Ziemko, Louis A 

Webb. Byrord II.. ibil.!.. m.<-. w,.ziuc i'uk ni, 
Barier. Arthur M., Isl Ll.. D. C... Cinat Lake. In. 

D. C. Allerlun. lows. 

- ■ -. lU. 

Si.. E.. Cedar 

1, low 

(, Mini 

. ry K„ Majy 

rwld, Lewia M.. Cupl.. M. C 

Hnber. Cbaa. F., I^apt.. D. C. 326 fl. 
Kramer, Leo W.. Ist Ll.. 3T3B Jausi 
SUveu. John, lat U., Gonvick, Min 
Bodenheimer, Jacnh M.. lat l.t.. Shn 
Applequiat. Lewis W.. Pvt,. Ist CI.. I 
BeckrGaoroe A., Pvt., Norburne. .Mi 
Boynloo. Noah. Pvt.. lat CI.. Ctariui 
Budlonf. Delbert K.. Pvt. Mnnehml 
ChrialAnaon. Oacur C. 

Crun. Orval B.. Pvl 

Deals. Arthur G.. Pvt.. Iloheni 

EUiworth. Earl P.. Pvl., Curwith, Iowa. 
FbusI. Jaoob, Pvt.. Windom, Minn. 
Cretimeyei. Joseph W,. Pvl.. Waverly, Ii 
Gardner. Lawrenoa C, Pvl.. Long l>rairie 
Garmroth. Karl W.. Pvt.. Payne. Ohio. 
Gerhan, William T.. Pvl.. lat CI.. Marah 
Gorman. Raymond F. ~ ~ 
Hansen. Chria P., Pvl 

Harlin. Beuben E.. Sergt.. 3 j- 

Ilalchard. Charl» G., Pvl.. lat CI., Lakp BcDli. 

Heiberg. Willis !,. Pvl.. lat CI., 67 N. Hilton St.. St. I>aul. Minn. 

... N. Y. 

^, Lake Wilson, MiuE 

m. Mini 

..., ^. ^., ,..daa Snrgl., 1004 E. Tlh St.. Dea Moines. lovra 

Harold A.. Meas Sergl.. 1221 DeWoirSt.. De Maim, low 

Gowan, John C. Sayn.. Ortonvilln, Minn. 

Pass. H<jman P.. Ser.l.. Adrian. Minn. 

Khua. Bernard M..^wrgt.. Luke Hrn'"" Minn 
Jlvenna. Orlcy J., Seriil,, llii(hwoo 


Han... ., 
Hovald. J 

1 Kdj.„r 

2 L. Sr. 

., Wujihingtoa,.D. C. 

1^: jX7m.! si^.'hi':! ii)I,.kinl.',"fi,!."' 

Thieii._ . 

Mitchell, Philliu „.., 

Anderson. Curl W,.SerEt,. Sealilo. Wash. 
Bolt, Fred P.. Sergt.. Grundy Center. Iowa. 
Bowen. James IL. Sergt.. Rowen. Iowa. 
Undblom. Enock. Corp., Frrgus Kails. Minn. 
Venard. Harry V.. Corp.. Haywu"!-" I-""" 
Jones. Harry C.. Corp., 3612_1ng 

., Pill 

Dichl. William. Cori 

KislcDoiacher. Karl ^ . 

Bolluyt. FJIward E.. Corp.. L... 
Coffey, Alva J.. Corp.. Knowllc 
Miller. Edgar F,. Corp.. Clenrm 
'■ iighlaod. F^vin t»., Corp.. 33 

t, Main Si.. Buonv 

r. Mo. 

Ilupiile, Chad's W.. Corr... Hoiikins. Mo. 
llawVins. Hugh. Corp.. Vegrevillr. Alberta, 
Bailey, Paul lT. Corp., Langdon. .Mo. 

. -.arenM'E 

Hard H.. Corp., I 

a. Culo. 

Schack. Arthur. Corp.. 503 TUi St.. Columbus. Neb. 
ItugelRn. Ili-nry J., Corp., 101 Baucroft Ave.. Fergus Fall>. h 
Ileitis. CJuiiics F.. Corp.. 402 E. Miami St.. Paolo, Kan. 
Zimke, Lawrence A- Corp.. 1020 W. Walnut St.. Sleepy Eye 
C^nwuy. Rayburn L.. Corp.. Boonville. Mo. 
Smith. William ll„ Corp.. Kiuii City. Mo. 
Vanpell. Frank, Cotp., UniLman, Mo. 
Ilankins. Dock. Corp.. Quilmim. Mo. 
Reynolds, Charles W., Corp.. Lamoni, Iowa. 

a. Mnrioi 

McCluggage. Ruben t.. Corp., Rose IIUI. Knn. 
Brandt. Grover C, Coip.. Lamoiire. N. D. 
Wehland. Deidricfa J.. Corp.. Fulda. Minn. 
Gorman. CJarcnm f.. Curi... Balavin. Iowa. 
Kiuman. Otto, Corp.. H. F. D. No. 1. Ipswich. S. D. 
Liethe. Fmnk N.. Corp.. 1014 N. Cedar Si.. OtUwa. W 
llechtle. Herbert F.. Cink. Howard Lake, Minn. 


I. Carl S. 

r. Cook. I2ia 

Ji St.. W«t Duluth. Mini 

r. Harold D,. Cook. Ken. ,_. 

Chambeni. Robert T.. Mech.. R. F. D. No. I. Marshall 
Hayden. Harvie H.. Me«l>.. Alloona. Kan. 
Rundle, Lewis E., M«h., Rockporl, Miss. 


SdunltLflr. Hfrnty A 

I.. 304 Ch»taut SI., Tukk 

B. Okie. 

Abel. Bal^ B.. Pvt.. __ _ 

Albcecht, Frulk. Prt., R. F. D. No. 
Alloway. Williun. PtL. Maitland. ^ 
Kim, Suniwui. Pvt., Porsat City, Ii 
And«non. Cul. Pvt.. MmiDt Ayr. I< 

Ancdim, LmUt L.. Pvt.. Botvlsr, I< 

AnaenoD. JoHnh. Pvt.. l>t d.. Almo. N. D. 
1. Peroy W., P»t., R. F. D. Nr 

- -^ "-- -slCI.. Ortoi 

, CI.. B. r, D. No. 1 

Andenon. T 

St.. luUancJii, I 


Arnold, Floyd H.. Pvt., 1 

i. Winthrop, I 

..■rnanl. Fnak J.. Pvt.. 500 E. UdcoId Ave.. Royal Oak. Mich. 
BedTwd. Archie D.. Pvt.. lit CI.. Gerhard, Mont. 
Bidns. Gecigs E.. Pvt., Baltic. S. D. 
Black. Ruben L.. Pvt., Hi CI., Far«t City, Mo. 
Bradley. Peter. Pvt., S06 NorthclilTe Ave.. Sioux Falti. S. D. 
Buckmio. Huvie H.. Pvt.. Haidton. lews. 
BuTtch. BoMne W., Pvt.. Mankato. Minn. 
Buldck. Lealer i., Pvt., 1S20 S. Z!nd f 
Babcock. Gwyn H.. Pvt.. lat CI.. B<ii I 
CameroD, Jamee. Pvt., R. F. D. No. 2. W Umol 
C.mdua. Eliner E.. Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 1. Maii 
r. Harold. Pvt.. B. F. D. No. 3. DeSmr 

Name. Rank and Hamt AMntw 
Mohr, William B., Pvt., 2SII N. lOOi St., St. Loub, Mo. 
Moure. Edward J., Pvt.. Corning. Iowa. 

Moore, Leroy. Pvt., lat O., 22S E. Short St.. IndeiMndeDce, Mo, 
MoBHon, Kniile F., Pvt., R. F. D. No. 4. Like fteatoa, 8. D. 
Mi;llhau(. Jotio. Pvt., tat CI.. R. F. O. No. H. Cedar Falla, Iowa. 
Muossh, Henry A.. Pvt., Arlna. S, D. 
Uunle. Jomis, Pvt.. Gmodby. Mo. 
Neef. Emmt W., Pvl.. Medford Rpringa. Colo. 
Mesluchowaky. TeoOI. PvL. Wlllistaa. N. D. 
OldSeld. Leoniird I., Pvt.. B. F. D. No, 3. Wilmol. S. D. 
OTocJe. Waller. Pvl., 1.1 CI., iDd^endunce. Iowa. 
Olio. Churie. M.. Pvl., lit CI.. R. fTdV^No. 2, Tulac. S, D. 
Pajori. Richard. Pvl.. laL CI., Sebeka, Minn. 
l>^Kon, Benjamin. Pvt., Mahonel, 111. 
Prildiard, BeniamiD H.. Pvl., LeonnrHvillc, Ken. 
Rnndoll. Sherman J„ Pvl.. IM CI., R. F. D. No. 2. Piedmont. Mo. 
Rehalock, Eari O.. Pvt., lal CI., R. F. D. No 3. Weat Plain. Mo. 
RcJadorf, Edward E., Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 3, Browna Valley, Mian. 
..... . . "^p^f^ injep ■ 

•ort Dodge. lo» 
Craw[Dr<r Nri.. 


». Pvl., i 

9t CI., I 


r. Earl F.. Pvt,, B. F. D. No. *. Waahin«lon. Kan. 

Crow, A. O.. Pvt., Ill U., R. F. D. No. 3, Boi 21. llaadtN 
Davii. Georje. Pvt.. Ril W. 3rd 81.. Det Moinea, Iowa. 
IJavkbon. Oiarlai. Pvl., lat CI.. Wadena, Minn. 
Dkikion. Charlea K., Pvl., lat CI., Rivuuia, Neb. 
Drogiutn. Chriil, Pvt.. MinnI, N, D, 
Duckell. Fred. Pvt,, H. F. D, No, 1, Slonway, Iowa. 
Duncan, Danid A., Pvt., 1u CI., Terkis. Mo. 
Diion. LntBT C. Pvt., Lancailcr, Mo. 
Ea«letMie«r, Floyd Il„ Pvl,. Onoiue, 

Erickaon. Zncki 
Rr»in. Tliuaia. 
Flvmon, Boy ( 
Faiibanki. dtU 

sC, Pvl., 

il CI., R. F. D. No. 2, Sprincfield, S. D. 

■ojelle, WiB. 
Jackaon. Mich. 
renoH, buner r... m.. lat CI., R. F. D. No. 1, Caraon, Iowa. 
Foi. Boy L., Pvt,. Aahland. Kon. 
Garcia, Jaan D.. Pvu. lal C\.. Aguilar, Colo. 
Gneupel, Joaefdi. Pvt,. MaUard. Iowa. 
Graham, WUbur K, Pvl.. lat Q., Drake, N. D. 
Grameoei, Laonhard J., Pvt., Barney, N. D. 
Grn.naon. ^ren M., T>vt., lal CI.. Clear Lake, Iowa. 
GrrM, Ore U.. Pvl., Ill CI., Hanrack, Iowa. 
Gronian. Oarenee F.. Pvt., Mind™, Iowa. 
Griih. Charlea R., Pvl., lal CI,. R, F, D. Na. 2. Walhena, Kan 
Cumon, Joe™h P., Pvt.. UL CI., Waynr. Neb. 
Halvnwn, llalvor. Pvl.. lat CI.. R. F. D, No. 4, Monlevideo. 
Ilanaen. WalKr B.. Pvl.. lat CI.. R. F. D. So. 2. Roeholl. S. I 
Hare. Genrge, Pvl,, Form City. Mo. 
..__._ ._.._« .._ jata.Boi 114, ^e«Underwood,S. D 

a, John H., PvL. t 

..__ .... Pvl., Star RtM ,_ 

ird, ArOiur B.. Pvt., lat CI., Cedarval! 
ilad, Jutlui Pvl.. Veoulea. S. D. 

a. 1, Allen. N«h. 


Hii«!'jSin'B.TKlT.'"ci'ifWn^ityi Mo. 

HolDih<«>, Bioar. Pvt., B. F. D. No. ' 

llolmra, iJeorw E.. Pvt., lal CI. R. 1 

Hiip.ict. Wiliiaro L„ Pvl,, lal CI., riiiyion, ua. 

Marine. Ukot J.. Pvt., 616 Holland St.. Great Bens. Kan. 

HoiM^, Jamea D.. Pvt., lal CI., 3T01 N. 19tb St.. Omaha. Neh. 

Iludaon, Ukw. Pvl., Bedding, Iowa. 

Hunt, Raymond B.. Pvl.. lal CI.. R. F. D. No. [, Bewunfield, loo 

Irdaa, Charlea 0„ Pvt,. 1st CI.. Drakeville, Iowa. 

Johnaon. John E.. Pvt., lat CI.. R. F. D. No. 2. Frederick. S. D. 

Johoaon, Thomai, Pvl,, B. F. D, No. 44, WiUiston. N. D. 

Jonn, Edward E., Pvl.. 316 3rd St., N.. Maaon Cily, Iowa. 

Jogenaon. Gnidon L., Pvl.. Lanaburg, N. D. 

Joarph, Thonaa L., Pvt., R. F. D. No. I, Hcnkinton. Iowa. 

Juntunen, Auioit. Pvl., Sebeka, Minn. 

Kaclu>duriaD,Krekor. Pvl., 122 S. Wabuh Ave, Chicago, III. 

Kielts. Charlea. Pvt,, B. F. D, No. 23, La Salle, 111. 

Kolba. Budoliifa M., Pvt.. Lodi. Neb. 

Kramer. MartiD, Pvl., R. F. D. No. 2t. LaSalle, IH. 

IjiOEeowalur, bnoiel A.. Pvl., Ft. 1-'. D. Ni,. 1, Troy, lU. 

IxMr, Truman. Pvl., Dr«k-^.illi-. I"-" 

Lewia, Jumn L., Wl. . lal CI., HI 

Lawia, Jue ()., Pvt.. Ibl CI.. Stall 

Lucoru, Octavaino. IVl.. Tnoi ■ 

McAllBIer. WiUiai " " 

■,N. E., Aberdeen. 3. D. 

., It, F. D. No. i. Faltland, Okla. 

r. Noble J.. Pvt., lata.. 

1, N.M, 

1 MUlel St., Gloucei 

;, BloomAeld. ion 

le j., Pvt.. Dlaogoal. loH 

_., late!!?, 

, Epelilo, Pvl.. Bummen 
and, John C. Pvt.. Dui 

It A., r 

'iUe, Mu. 

M, Colo. 

siioaider, V^iam F.. Pvt., R. F. D. No. . 
Scfaroll, Oiester P., Pvl.. Isl CI,. Indepeod 
"--- -k. Glen H., Pvt.. lat CI., Purkeraburj 

Scott, Charles T,. Pvt. 

hay lor. Ru 

,., I 
"e'D.. Pvl., H^i'ni 

. I61I1S1 

. Omaha. Neb, 

Smith, E 

SneU, Walter 

m T., Pvl,, R. F. D. No 

■ ~., Pvt,, B, F. D. No. 2, Maquokey, low 
" - -*-~ --■ " " onvOle, Mo, 

Treichler. Cyril H 

11 CI., Wilmol. S. D. 

__, _ Muhane. Kan. 

Smith, Eli L., Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 3, Riswnld. Iowa. 

■■'"'"''""'"'!, Monroe, Teni 

, .....■., ,,.„.., .. „. ,.«, i, .Ifaqr-'-'— '--■ 

Slegner, Joaeph W„ Pvt.. 1202 5lh Si., fioonvOI 
Slephenaon. Den G., Pvt.. 1st CI., Blocklon, Iowa. 
Slruhle. Joseph L.. Pvl., lal CI., R. F. D. No. 1. Coatana, 1 
Swift, Oaear V., Pvt., R, F, D. No. 3, Ml. Vemon. 8. D. 
Stuck, John M., Pvl., Mount Ayr, lows. 
Thacker, Charlea £.. Pvt,, Burlinilon Juoclion. Mo. 
Thomas. John L., Pvl.. lal CI., Meaannl Green, Mo. 
Thompaon. Thomas A., Pvt,, R. F. D. No. 2, SpringfiiU. 8 
Thomaon, George R., Pvl.. Isl CI., LibertyvUle, Iowa. 
Tiry. Mathew A,. Pvt., ls( CI., R. F. D. No. 2, lleloa, 8. E 
Toler. Frank G., Pvl., Prairie Home. Mo. 
- ■ 1. Cworge D.. P - "■ ■■'■■ 

Cyril H., Pvl 

illiamC Pvl,. lal CI.. PUol Grove, Mo. 

Turney, Theodore G., Pvl., Weldon, T«, 

Vehra, Pelor C. Pvl., lit CI.. R. F. D. No. 4. Manning, Iowa 

Vincenl, Lee J.. Pvl., Harlan, Iowa. 

Waligoreki. Paul J.. Pvl., Fairbanks, Iowa, 

Woaamer, Leopold H., Pvl.. 1102 Indians St.. Neodwha, Kan 

Webb, Chester A., Pvl., 622 Timeks Si., Larned, Kao. 

Webber, Gforge W., Pvt., ManchHiter, Iowa. 

Welchect. Gregor F., Pvl., New Vienna, Iowa. 

Whitcbdl. Jacob, Pvt.. Isl CI., Kendall, S. D, 

Wiley, John F.. Pvt., lat CI.. Davis Qly, Iowa. 

WUey, Solomon, Pvt.. lit CI.. Slockton, Mo. 

Yager, Alfred T„ Pvt.. 1st CI., SUdmore, Mo. 

Younger. Elmer ¥... Pvl., Burlington Junction, Mo, 

Borg, Carl T„ Pvl.. Red Oak, Iowa. 

Hay, Joseph O.. Capt,, Ong, Neb. 
I>^daley, Homer R., Capl.. Sioui Cily, Iowa. 

' irger, Vila R..^sl LI., Cardioglon, Ohio. 

1 Lt., Frei 

I, Neb. 

Lt., Norfolk, Vb. 

d LI,, Si. Paul, Minn. 

1, Ueo H., 
swjaner, Stephen f 
Davia. Qarence R. 
Herahey. Harry E. 
Johnson, AielT..: 
O'NeiU. Francis L. 
Crockelt, Doufllas 

Pinika, Frank L., lat Setgl., Sleepy Eye, Mil 
Poul»n, Edwin, Sun. Sergt., Canby, Minn. 
Berry. Edmond B.,>l«a Sergl., Wiodom. Mian. 
Williaou, Arlington S., M»8. S«Tgl., Worlhinglou 
Jaooba. CUnton M.. Sergl., Fullon, N. Y. 
MOIh, Prank H.. Sergt., New York City, N. Y. 
Farrell, John H.. Sergl., New York City, N. Y. 
Lowlher. John H,, .Sergl.. Wnl Virginia. 
Hunter, Ralph W.. Sergt., Marahalr Minn. 
Pitner, George B., Sergt.. Lakefidd, MImi. 
GkiUbacb, George J., Sergt.. Sleepy Eye, Mimi. 
ElylH, John H.,%rgl., HotOi Mankato, Minn, 
Kittelsoo, Kenneth N., Sergt.. Canby, Minn. 
Chrialtnhenoa, John, Sergt., New Uhn, Mmn. 
Giles. William D., Sergt., Nevis, Minn. 
Johnuin, Edwin L., Sergt.. Ctnoo, Iowa. 
Larson. Martin H., Sergt,, Montivideo, Minn. 
Lindberg, Leonard, Sergl., Red Wing, Mitm. 
Malonc, John E,. Sergt., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Lawson, Willia M.. Corp,, Mcoaka, Minn. 
Haskovec, Jamse J., Corp.. Elma. Iowa. 
Hogan. Selmer N., Corp.. Minnenpolii, Minn. 
Miler. Myron H.. Corp., KirksvilTe. Mo. 
HaUaday, Charia C. Corp., KirkaviUe. Mo. 
Harding, Samuel O., Corp.. Albany. Mo. 
Le Prevnal. Lyle F.. C«p., Clinlon, Iowa, 


88lh DiVwwrt Railhrad, Fontaine, Haule Alsace Sector. 

Street Scene in Monlreaax Chateau, inhere Headquarlers, 88th Division, tWM tootled in Hauie Ahace. 


1. RnyaiDnd W,, Corp., Stimbnn, Mo. 
I, CMr S.. Coni.. hTumespolu. MIus. 
'rank R.. Corp-. Ohbc !<"•«- 
a. Phillip D., Corp.. De> Moins. Iowa. 
iek, John W.. Corp., AncAa. Minn. 

Mauriai E., Corp- WddoD. Iowa. 

Alb«t. Corp.. SimwnlH, Minn. 
. HinuD L., Corp.. Abflrdeen, 8. D. 
rd. Jnma II., Corp.. ChrUra, Ion. 
ch, AdelbcTt. Curp.. VolcnUoF. Nth. 
n, Bcoiunin F., C<>ip.. ColvNt. Kin. 
. StevcE., Corp., Jslf«san City. Mo. 
, FranJi H.. Corp.. tNatoma. Kaa. 
. Elvin E.. Corp.. ISatomn. Knn. 
!. ClM-Bnoe, Corp., aianbiH-ry. Mo. 
lobert it,. Corp.. Geatiy, Mo. 
rd, Lawrence E.. Manilou. Colo. 
Iland. Jamn R.. Corp.. Stnnbiny. Mo. 

Artbui B., Corp., NoTinciT. Mo. 
CbarW G.. Cotp.. Slaninry, Mo. 
, GHff r.. Corp.. Inlnnolinaal FbIIh. Mini 
I. Feur J.. Co^.. I'olter, S. D. 
DU. Eari G.. Corp.., JadtHH " 
e. Cofp.. StmibArry. P 
:j. n '--p.,8lwlins 

Fndo-ickS., Corp.. 
F^nk A.. Civp.. L- 
I. JoHph H., Ciwk. 


a. Mich, 
wling. Kaa 

.. Lubiinon. S. D. 


F., Coi*. Brifhloo. Mini 

jcr. John. Mwh.. Cndar Fills. lovi 
t. Bdoard. Medi.. RoMvillf^. Oliio. 
Cadi H.. Mrdi.. Roi^pDrl. .Mo. 

iUiam C, Bud.. (iRLlry, Mo, 
a. Sairfofd. Ph., I»( Cl.. Riiwitaff. An 
. HansS.. Pvt,. UlCl.LowW, Icnvn 
I, Pfort, Prl., Ill CI.. Grrmtop. Mil. 
lohn E.. I'vl.. I«t Cl., LwJH. Imm. 
HbT B.. Pvt.. 1st CL. Dccnrnh. Iii«a. 

. Ray C. P.t., im Cl.. Volga. 8. D, 

. Wifiioio K.. P.t,. 1st CL. King Cily. Mo. 

!■«. DaniFJ II , Pv(.. lal CI.. Dntlingldn. Mo. 

ik H.. 

It CL, ' 

„ Mas, 


p. Mo. 

Floyd L,, Pvl., UL CL, Allinny. Mo. 
ntoDC. Thomaa G.. Prl,. lal a.. Sioux Ealh. 
lien. Frrd R., Pvl., lit CI., Broknn Bon. Neh 
BO. PMr[, Pvt,, lit CL, Detroit. Mich. 
Vmoa C. Pvt., lal CI., Watvlao. low*. 
lain T., Pvt.. lit a.. KlBe City. Mo. 
t. WiUiam-O.. Pvt.. lit a.. Downini:, Mo. 
:il George F.. Pvt.. l>t CI.. Cfaarln Cily. Iin> 

«C1 „.. 

St CI.. May 

I. Mo. 

[«« 8.. Pvl., Ut CI.. MoUnc. III. 

1, Albert E.. Pvt.. lal CL. Cedar Falla, loxa. 

. Hndrflth, Pvt.. Ul CL, <iariKT. Iowa. 

, Leadl C. Pvt,. Isl CL. Elklon. S. D. 

B, Alfine J., Pvt., Isl CL, Kaoowaha, lows. 

D. John E., Pvl.. lal a.. Dell Rapids, S, D. 

Ron. Pvt.. l>t CI., Prairie. Iowa, 

June* T.. Pn.. lat CI.. Ouge. iowa. 

. Benaon C, Pvt., Igt CI., Pteaaanton, Iowa, 

. Richard D.. Pvt.. lit a.. Volga. 8. D. 

D, Pr«d C. Pvl., lal C!., Walnul. lo*a. 

, Roy A.. Pvt.. lat CI.. Moran. Kan. 

Laon. Pvt.. lat CI.. King City, Mo. 
Joaqih. Pvt.. lat CL. Grand River. Iowa. 
DO. On A.. Pvt., lat CI.. SUnberry. Ma. 
Clarence C. Pvt.. lat d.. Tbedrord. Nrb. 

Sherman, Pvl.. lat CI., aintoa. Iowa. 
Goorg* C, Pvl., lit a., Applegarlh. Md. 
trucbt. Pvt.. lat CI.. Bullhead, 8. D. 
■at.Rtdwfd. Pvl., Garner. Iowa, 
I, Enimt. Pvt,. lal CL. Benha. Minn. 
. Volley H.. Pvt., lat CI., Anove. Mo, 
I, Ladoia C, Pvt., lat a.. Odwdn. Iowa. 
. Suford G.. Pvt., lat CI., Darlington, Mn. 
Lee, Pvt., lal CI.. Albany. Mo. 
(.Gerald A., Pvt., lat CI., KirkiviUe. Mo. 
IBird, John A.. Pvt., lat CI.. Cannon Rail. N. D. 
■on. liven E.. Pvl., lat CI., Sioui Falls. S. D. 
r, Jonai W.. Pvt.. lat CL. Hannibal. Mo. 
a, Pole. Pvt. later, Reuell, W. Va. 
md. John C. Pvl.. lat CL. Albany. Ma. 
4, BidiBrd B., Pvt., lit CI., Goodhue. Minn. 

•' ~ ■ " ita.. Sabuli ■ 

tt a., Brit 

..Pvt., I 

ICI.. , 


■ J.. Pvt.. Ut a., diyvrarde 

NoteJaon, Nate. Pvt., lat Cl„ Minneapolla. Ml 
HiU. llelmer G.. Pvl.. lat CL. Kenawha. Iowa 
Runyno, Ralph E,. Pvl,. Ut Cl„ LaPorle. low 
Smith, Ralph L., Pvt.. lat CL, airrling, Kan. 
Aoird, Henry L.. Pvl.. Dm Moines, lowu. 
Alkhia. Warren. Pvl., Gann Valley. S. D. 
Anderaon. fludplph. Pvt., New8deni. N. D. 
BailBy. Benton R.. Pvl., Rwwell. Ala, 
Baker. Albert H,. Pvt.. Pontlao, lU. 
Bakken. Jaoofa, Pvl., Wallham. Minn. 
Benaon. Alex A,. Pvl.. St. Franms. Minn. 
fiirduDKr, Antht ' " ' ""' 

knlhooy J., I 

... Milton, I 

.J. Meritn M.. Pvt.,MilbanE, 

Ban£mier. Franklin J.. Pvl.. MUloa. lov 
Caput. Tony. Pvl.. Columbua, Kan. 
Chapman. Benjamin. F., Pvt,. Linden, Iowa. 
Chiltim. Lewis C. Pvl., Albany. Mo. 
Chriatienscn, Anion M„ Pvt.. Clinton. Iowa. 
Clark. F:aH C. Pvt.. Leon, Iowa. 
Crawford. Ilsridd J„ Pvt.. Cedai Falls, Iowa. 
Crow. Louis H.. Pvt.. Sigoumey, Iowa. 
CniBon. Ralph L., Pvl.. Gann Valley. 8. D. 
Cuoimins. Orie D.. Pvt.. Bockham. S. D. 
Cun-. Ray E.. Pvl.. CUremonl, S. D. 
Culainger. John E.. Pvl.. i>Jew London, Mo. 
Dana. Ralph W.. Pvl.. Lime 8prinB ' 
Davis. Loyd B.. Pvl.. Noble, Mo, 

a. Hen. 

s. Merl, Pvl., Des 

... Hari 

1. Neb. 

HMiMnea. 1 

De Rock. Hoy T.. Pvt.. HarrisDn. Neb. 
Diel., Olio A.. Pvl., JamiBKin. N. D. 
Dohetly. John. Pvl.. Rochester, Minn. 
Edwards, CecU G,. Pvl,. Heeler, Kan. 
Danks. Henry G.. Pvt., Washhum. N. D, 
Eagert. Theodore. Pvl.. l<or1 Hope. Mich. 
ETweU. Howard K.. Pvt.. Cedar Falla. I"^- 
Gerahun " ■ " " ~ ■ 

iwicb. Vine 
c, fVonc- - 

uil BlulTs, I 
:.. Chaniberlain. 8. b. 

Hall. John F.. Pvl.. Fort Soolt, Kan, 
Haas. Honison M,. Pvl.. 8ioui Falls, 8. D. 
Harlan. Simon P.. Pvl., Coffeyville. Kan. 
Hopkins. Clyde. Pvt,. Grand River. Iowa. 
Horan. John. Pvt.. Sioui Falla. 8. D. 
Huahea. James L.. Pvt.. Norton, Kan. 
HukiU. Harry M.. Pvl., Valley Falls. Kan. 
Hull. Gentry J.. Pvt.. WarrensburR, Mo. 
Jaoobaoa. EHvin A., Pvt,. Thompaon. Iowa. 
Jarou. Antlriiw. Pvl.. llnmi^ey. Neb. 
Jensen, Lnwrrn™. Pvl,. Viborg, 8. D. 
Johnaon. John M.. P<n.. Edinbnrg. N. D. 
JnfansOD, Lawrences., Pvl.. Dell Bapids.S.D. 
Jordan. Herbert. Pvl.. Cedar Falh. luwa. 
Judjio. Ftank M.. Pvt., Parker. 8. D. 

Kenaon. John C, P, 
Kuull. Paul L, Pvl.. 

. . Cllll 

banks, lowii 

Krognian, Georgr J.. Pvt. 
Krokson. Oannr. l>tt., Minneapolis. Minn. 
Kuras. Waller T., Pvt.. Racine. Wia, 
Lanuners, Krpd J,, Pvl.. Long Pine, Neb. 
Larson. Willie A.. Pvl.. Woodwnrd. Iowa. 
Laasobn. William O.. Pvl.. Woden, Iowa, 
Lemkn. John I.. I'vt., Garner, lowu, 
Lilleskov, C]ar-u«-.\., Pvl., Lake Preston, 8. 
McCawley, John ll„ Pvl., Thodford. Neb. 
McDaoiel, Osrur. Pvl.. Memphis, Mn. 
McDowell, Carl L.. IVI., Bad Aie. Mich. 
McMillen. Clyde F... Pvl.. King City, Mo. 
McMonignl. Ernest, Pvt., Pdgrwood. lown 
Magness, Hmer. Pvl.. Fulton. 8. O. 
Martin. Wilbur 1)., Pvt., Brill, luwa. 
-vin L,. p.t, ~ ■■ ■ 


ieC. IM., 

Morphew. Konnan D.. Pvl., Jetmore, Kan 
Morrison, Earl I '... Pvt,, RridgBwaler, 8, D. 
Morrison. Jum» M.. Pvl., Memphis, Tenn 
Mundel, Frank M., P.i , F^lberon. Iowa, 
Murray, Martin W., Pvt,. Devil Lake, N. p. 

Otlh, John, p. I., 


I, pvl 

t Loiiii 

Riea, Henry E., 1 , _ 

Ridae. Foneat, Pvt.. MeGrew. Nrb. 

Scheuennan, Walter. Pvt,. l.eoli. Kan. 
Schulu, Henry. Pvt . Bridgewater. Iowa. 
Shoemaker. James J., Pvt.. Galena. Kan. 
Simpson. Samuel B.. Pvl.. Ruak. Teias. 
Smdaer, Thomea E., Pvt., LaPorle Cily. I 
Smith. George H.. l>vt„ BevUlo. S. D. 
Smith. Frederick D.. P.t.. Diihlnn. Kan. 

Sodini, Alebran 

._^Pvt.. Wrsl 

D. loV< 

>, Mo. 


Name, Henk onrf Hami Adivn 
e. Fred W.. Pvt.. Bayard, N 
vBn.Jnin«L.. lVt..L™vcn 

Fahor. William C Capl.. IlnHlinin. Nrh. 
BodUi, Kdmund II.. Inl Lt.. Umaba. INnb. 
Kriley. Chaclen W.. Im Lt.. Si. I'nui. Minn. 
SmiLh. I'-lnyd A.. Ul U.. rremont. Neb. 
Hvana. GeorK E.. 2Dd Lt.. Ejutl St. Lnuii. III. 
WiUiaiw. M^or F.. Snil U.. Renville. Minn. 
Sugrue. ioha. Isl SfrKt.. Couuly Kerry. Irvlsnil. 
RHzlair. Armin F., Sup. SirRl.. Nrw Ulm. Minn. 
Lammers. Kdward, Moss .Swgt., LiBDinre. Minn. 
IS<'«maD. Williain B.. Sernl.. Blnuimihain. Ala. 
Al«Bnder, Ra* D., Rnvl.. Rcclnr. Ark. 
Uullet, McCMIan W.. Stugt- Itidhmnud, Iiid. 
Laas, Mark J.. Serrt.. Windom. Minn, 
r.unhcim, Oliv. Swgt.. Rkien. Nurwsy. 
Heas, Kmil E.. SafU. Hiiriiualim. Iowa. 
BrjuoQ. Bdrnard W.. Srrirl.rCNiYia. Minn. 
WaUrn, Victor. Sngl.. Buonr. hm«. 
Conkiin. Goone W.. Secgt.. .VlamhailLown. luwa. 
Travis. Prank A.. SofU. ttfiHiHicnn City. Krti. 
Owen. Ridiard E.. Stnt., KibEl. Mo. 
Heymena. Aleundvr J.. Scrit.. SIrem Kyn. Minn. 
Dahnu. Henry C. Corp.. Nirw Ulm. Minn. 
Abrshsnunn. Owar Corp.. Windom. Minn. 
Cersl. Chrk M., Cnru., AlKin. loon. 
Yocli. Charles A., Own.. Cuahiofi. luwa. 
Goodrich. Joba H.. Corp., Chamnlin. Minn. 
Palemon, Andrew P.. Con>-. Kacml Mean. Minn. 
JahnKHi. Oliver. Cdr[].,Hulhvfn. luwa, 
Ardsw, Francis A.. Corp., ivrinn^l. Iowa. 
Todd, ioha J., Corp.. ifnlGdd. Mo. 
llye. Harry F., Corp., Jepp. Hkla. 
Beard, Ibob G.. Corp.. Aleiander. Mil. 
Anderson. Carl A.. Crap.. WateHuu, Iowa. 
Kngle. Brady L., Corp.. Douiilas, Kan. 
Hansen, Kmil, Cont.. Bingstcd. Iowa. 
Hansen, Emil, Corp., Rinnled. lo»n. 
Turky, Henry O,, Corp., La Hula, Mo, 
Haaier. Herbert J., Corp.. BurliDRlnn. luwa, 
lloiieid, Maurice J., Corp., Brldenville, Wb. 
Schram, Fred J.. Coni., Gladslone, Midi, 
Tripp, Chnter A., Corp.. Rutiiven. Inwa. 
Hsrty. Raymond S.. Copr,, Ciillle, N. D. 
Pitch, Charley A.. Corp., Deep Biver, Iowa. 
Sharp. Maynard. Curu,. Hrislol. H. U. 
HutdiiiB. Arthurs.. Corp., Minueeputia, Minn. 
Inman, Claude II., Corp., Macon. Mo. 
Shaffer, Irven II., Corp.. Dea Moina, Iowa. 
Miller, CUude, Corp., Topeka, Kan. 
Bnyington, Glenn F.. Corp.. Dolliner, lova. 
Hansen, Walter W.. Mecli., Waterloo, lows. 
Knapp, Ariel P., Mcch., CardniKrave, Iowa. 
MrCuUouEh. Lou G., Mech., Bella ire, Kan. 
MiUigan, Veman L., Mrch.. Clarirula, Iowa. 
Conrad, Harry E.. Cook, Grand Meadow, Miun. 
Poth, Herman 1.. Cook. Baucrofl, Iowa. 
Lonf;, Leonii^' 


k. Hut 

a, Lee, Bur.. 

Bucher. LeoS., HiiK.. l>uweniville. Mo. 
Adder, Curt, Pvt.. 1>1 CI , Port Hqiie. Midi. 
Anderson, Ferdinand J., I'vt.. 1st CI., Dale Rep 
Beaman, Thoina> E.. Pvl., IHCI.. Dexter, lowi 
Bell, Actliur A., Pvl., Isl Cl„ Sloutland. Mu. 

" „ lat CI.. Spoiaeer, Iowa. 

oJ., INt.. 1 

., Burlington, i 

Bittner, Walt 
Blank, G«o< 

U H.. Pvt., 

DeWiuMtaere. Maurice, Pvl., Ist CI.. Brooklyn, low 
Darr. James W , Pvt., 1st CI., Webb, Iowa, 
Delomeler, Carl II.. Pvt., iHt CI., Knox, N. D. 
Dill, Pouter A., Ptu. lat CI., <lreniier. Mo. 
Dubois, MUlon G., Pvt.. lal CI., Hiou* Bapidi. Iow> 
Eru, Rqy W., Pvt.. Isl U,. Burlinilon. Inwa. 
Praser, Clarence L.. Pvt.. Igt CI., Vacaville, Cal. 
Uidland, Willis G,. Pvt., lal CI.. Kohnka. Mo. 
Gcrding, Oscar F., I>vt.. lat CI., New Haven, Mo, 

1st CI., AnliBO, Wb. 

vt.. 1st a. De Will, III. 

in B., Pvl., Ist 

I.. F-agleY 

a, John H., Pvt.. ist CL, Moquo 

^ Mo. 

I, Pvl.. Isl a., Ceder 
Jeffrira. William. Pvt., Isl CI., Pinckney, .Mich. 
Joliiiwn, Andrew, Pvl.. Isl CI.. Cedar Bapids, U 
Keen. Fred, Pvl., lot CI., Hendenwn, lown. 
Kionhohn. Andrew J., Pvl., Ist CI., Kinimore, ^ 
Kunde, Boben W.. Pvt., lal Q.. Olivia, Miun. 

a, Heursbell. W., 

Intyre. John M., Pvt., Ist 
■wo, Connel E.. Pvt., Isl C 

Piua. Gew«e H., Pvt, 

Pipes. Porter D., Pvt., ,. 

Provin. Qyde E., Pvl,, Isl Q., Guernsey, 
ReiB, Alick O., Pvt. 1st O., Veblea. Mo. 

.9 W.. Pvt., 1st <^l., Pillabur 

n, Jacob P.. Pvt. Isia., Shei. 

Sehnarr. F,d«iird. PvL, lal CI., Keysiow 


1, George O.. Pvt., Ist CI., Ida Grove. Iowa, 
.'>«i«^j, fMwin, Pvt,, Ist CI., Andovcr, Mo. 
.Itewart, William F., Pvl.. Ist Ct,. Waterloo, Iowa, 
.Stracbota. Frank J.. Pvt., Ist CI., Elbrou, Iowa. 
Teirord, George W., Pvl,, Isl CI,. Kmwick, England. 
Tfaidmau. Erie A., Pvl., let CI.. Wayne, Neh. 
Thunpson, Gvbsrd. Pvl., Ist CI., Afnrris. III. 
Tiniloy, John S., l>^t:. iBt CJ.. Coloradu SprinjH, Colo. 

r, Adria 

Wood, Merl 

bE., Pvt., ■ 

I CI,. Clni 

t, Ohio, 
i. lo« 

. Pvl,, fireipiry, *—. 

Ahem. i>Blridi H., Pvt.. Gregory. Mu. 
Anderson. Albia E.. Pvl., HsrtFord, S. D. 
Baker, Omer C. Pvl., Macon. Mo. 
BII», Praoklin E., Pvl, , Winchaler. Mo. 
Boelhin. Mai It.. Pvl., PhiUipsburv, Kan. 
Briekey, Shellie 1... Pvt.. Revere. Mo. 
Burton, Delbert E., Pvl., Bethany, Mo. 
Cluhh, Henry M,. Pvt., Biiddiurn. .Mo. 
Cole. GeurgoA., Pvl.. Wamaw. Mo. 
Cunard, Dick, Pvl.. Newport, Neb. 

:u»iidon, Donald B., Pvl.. Faiminnl. Mo. 
DuKrta. James F., Pvl., WayUnd, Mu. 

" -n, Herman H.. Pvt.Emmelsbura, 

I. Gust. Pn., St. Paul, Minn. 
Meph, Pvt., Ucking. Mo. 

>uugherty, George A.. Pvt.,Sioui Falb, S. 

^"heman, Attie.Pvt., Ashland. Mo. 

ngTBlius. Alei R.. 1 

irrow, Linn P., Pvt., Gordon. Kan 
•din-, Theodore, Pvt., Philaddphia, 

Uarrelt, Irl G., Pvt., AicI.<H 

GHIoqiia. Carl. Pvl., RidKcway. 1 
Goehring, Ralph A., PrI.. Carsm 
Gutnian, Jack. Pvl., Hudson. Ka 
Gray. Will E., Pvl.. McPaU, Mo 
lloyne. Jaom J., Pvt.. t>iibuque 

Pvt.. Clay Crnler. Kan 


r- ClayCei 

o, Ttotilo, Pvl.. Aguilnr. Colo. 
■n. Roland S., Pvl., Spencer. S. u. 

.. Thomas J„ Pvt.. Wsylnnd, Mo. 

= ... — ..iiie, Iowa. 

Murphy. Alber M., Pvt., Prncott, I_ .... 
Nance. CecU W., P.l.. Fori Sootl, Kan. 
Nelmn, NelsA, R., Pvt.. NcH-inglon Sprinn 
Norrb. ICrnest H.. Pvt.. Hridgeport. Neb. 
Del ken. Edwud, Pvt,. Hurlingtun. Inwa. 
Oben. Thomas. Pvl.. Minncapolb. Minn. 
Osbunie. Rul^ G., Pvt., Coon Raiiids. Ion 
Read. Wilman C, Pvt.. New Elliniilun. S. I 
Hitter. CleU, Pvl., Howrnu, S. D. 
Itonninc, Oil E.. Pvt.. Hendricks. Minn. 
.Schneider. Cari L.. Pvl.. Luray, .Mo. 
Schneider, Paul S., Pvt,. Tyndall. K. D. 
Sedlacck. Joseph. Pvl., Scniland, S. D. 
Simpson, Ernest C. Pvl., Payelle. Mo. 
Smnnk, Freddick W., Pvl., Caslle Wood, S 
Sued, Sam. Pvt.. Aberdeen, S, 1). 
Solomon, IJoyd 8., Pvt., Spcnocr, Iowa, 
Staid. Uarrelt, Pvt,, Castle Wood. S. D. 
SlebriUE. Henry W., Pvl., AlxonB, Iowa. 
Stoker, Jdin J., Pvl.. Brookryn, lowu, 
Swanwa. L«n C, Pvt.. Greenville, lovia. 
Syhranl. Buss P., Pvl,. Sybranl. Neb. 
Syduw, Geurge P., Pvl.. RuFdiville, Neb, 
Talgoni, Tom. Pvl.. Puree Arole. Italy, 
Tsrr, ChHter W., Pvt.. Boone, Iowa. 
Thayer, Layman D.. Pvl., Emporia, Kan. 
Timmerman. Leon R., Pvl., Deep River, lo 
Tobias, Morris, Pvl., Nye. N. V. 
Vice. Russell J., Pvt., Howard, Kan. 
Vogel. Leo P., Pvl., North Vernon, tnd, 
Weyor, John H., Pvt.. Troy, Iowa. 


jVomt. Rant and Hem Addrtii 
Want, Cnal C PvL.. ArUnaloD. Kan. 
WUlTuiui. FuTToU E.. Pvl„ (TaleDB. Knn. 
Wiiwy, Merrill V.. Pvl.. Deluil. lows. 
Wolvinrton, Earl. Pvt.. Wol»ingloo, Neb. 
YBUaTorvel D.. E^it.. La Plata. Mo. 
Zuodd. Jam. Pvt.. Blankin«ton. S. D. 
Blaodine. Ch*ri» W.. Capl.. proniDled to Mai.. Delroil. \ 
Moodsy. AloD». Znd Ll.. Bwing, Va. 
Root. Howard S., Znd Ll., WnlU Walls, WsHh 
Ilyhre. William A., SergU, Minaupoliii. Minn 
KRndall. Jani« M., Ssrgt.. Birdwys, Ind 
Svoboda. Albert A.. Seril.. JacluoD. Minn. 
Tier. Gwrar S.. ScrEt.. MinneaptOia. Minn. 
Boyle. Martio P.. Corp., Famo, N. D. 
CaiuU, Rom F., Corp.. Faynta, Mo, 
r.ibaon. Major T., Corp.. New Franklin, Mo. 
Swipd, Sylintcr H., C^., Bavier. Mo. 
Woodford, Glen L., Corp., Aahire, Iowa. 
RuneU, i'Vuncio M.. Corp., Macon, Mo. 
Tibba, Jam« L., Cnii>., Macon, Mt>. 
JohpaoD, Fred A,. Caik. Wat»loo, Iowa. 
Downey. John C, Mrch.. Burlingtoa, Iowa. 
Bsohart. Goorge, Pvt., Isl CI., Foatar, Mo. 
nnmeDOial, Henry. Pvt., l>t CI., Minol, N. D. 
Overlin. Raymond, Pvt.. Ul CI.. Bonealeel, S. I>. 
Pad. WiUiiun R.. Pvt., Ul CI., BuiUrwIon, Iowa. 
Barlbolome, Alwin, Pvl., Hollon, 8. D. 
Bradibaw. WalltnR.. Pit., DeUoil, Mich, 
Green, Koeb L., Pvt., Wichita. Kan. 
flrooenlhal. Jerry, Pvt.. Mjnol. N. D. 
Harria. Enual V., Pvt., Burr Oak, Kan. 
Jooei, Aooel C. Pvt., Pilot Mouod. lo»a. 
Kirk, GuyH., Pvl., Kanaas Cily. Kan. 
Kroeadi. Edward D.. Pvt.. Emporia. Kan. 
Leavena, Harry T., Pvl.. Slicknry, ». IX 
Meek. ArlilT, Pvt.. Si, Joiepb, Mo. 
Menkeila. Hfnnan H., Pvt.. no rroard. 
Milla, Fred. Pvl.. Kldorurio, Kan. 
Minm, OlaJ., Pit.,Bro<iklnin, ». D. 
Kelaon. John A., Pvt.. Tekamab. Nob. 
Newmui, Floyd C. Pvt., Boone. Iowa, 
Noble, Fred L., Pvt,. Hiehland. Kan. 
PnoocA, WQUam J., Pvt., Omaha, Nrh. 
Hulhenburt. Roland. PvL, St. Louis. Mo, 
Sf^k. Horriaoii C, Pvl., Glaigow, Mo. 
Shaw. Tbumu, Pvt,. Fuk, Mo. 
Slnrbnidt. Floyd B., Pvl., Wyaoonda, Mo. 
Terry. Charica F., Pvt.. MelbouTDO. Mo. 
TruGi. WiUiam L.. Pvl., Pierre, S. I). 
Baruin. Ray, Pvt.. lal CI., Belmnnd, Iowa. 
Jdiiwm. Carl v.. Pvt.. Ist CI., Koalyn, S. D. 
Lobb. Virrl W., Pvt.. lal CL. McLoulh. Kan, 
Thuowsn, Jeoi E. A.. Pvt., lit CI „ Gundoiihulin. Dmunarl 
Bends, Joe J.. Pvl.. Brooklyn, Iowa, 
Bender, JoIid J.. Pvt., Maboka, Mo. 
Blumeo^une, CheaLer A., Pvl., MeNeely, S. D. 
Caldwdl. Loyd E., Pvt.. Wyaoonda, .Mo. 
netchall. Beijie L.. Pvt., Grant Cily, .Mo. 
Genje. John P., Pvt., Bin Riooe Cily, S. D. 
KEnaedy, Sam, Pvu, New Cnmbri, Mo. 

Hancen, Roy W., lat Sergt.. Moalevjdeo. Minn 
FWka, Albal M., Moa !WrI., Sleepy Kye, Minn. 
Hedbcre. Herbert D,. Sup. Sergt., Willmar. Minn. 
Anderaon, VirRil L., Ser^t.. Cottonwood. Minn. 
BcmaKoni. Jamta F., Seriit., Everett, Mas*. 
Jidiiaon, Louii C. So-Rt., St. Peter, Minn. 
Reaty, Francis P„ Sergl.. Wilbnar. Minn. 
Miller, Guy E., Srrgt.. Montf^videu, Minn. 
Peunon, Carl H., Sergl., NeliRh. Neb, 
Sodotiolm, Aiel O., Sergl., Red WinR. Minn. 
S«e«i, Mansfield O., Sergt.. Arientine. Kan. 
Vable, John H.. Sergt., Tracy, Minn. 
Ward, Oacar L., Ssgl., Meadville, Mo. 
MoTTiMja, Charles K.. Sergt., BlnominK Prairie, Minn. 
Domiiiu, Leo V.. Corp., Taconile, Minn. 
HartyrFniHaa P., Sergt., Ellendale, Minn. 
Gray, HoniiF., Corp., Ewin«, Ind. 
Gairiiy. Jidm C, Corp.. BrooLl»4d, Mo. 
Duncan, Charlea V.. Sergt., Bedford, Iowa. 
i.l.Jnh C., Cmji.. Mnrnn, M... 

c.'HiIby B..'iNu'?ipwlo", Ka'n.' 
■y, GlenC. Serm,," 

. E„ Corp., Bruokfiefi! Mo. 

Curley. Frank, Corp., Mountain Lake. MiuQ. 
Morru, Tbomai M.. Cap.. BrookReld. Mo. 
MsKee. Floyd G., Corp., Green City, Mo. 
MeQuiHg, Paul. Curn., Shaller, lown, 
Peoier. WUIiam J., Corp., Silver Cily, Iowa. 
Virtue. Glen A., Corp., Hamilton. Mo. 
WUkeraoD. Hilton D., Corp., Brookfi.-Jd, Mo. 
KJeld»n, Jsn>, Cook, Windom. Mina. 
Dwkeiwin. Guy A., Cook. »iuui City Iowa. 
Bindsr, Henry A.. Cook, Maoon, Mo. 
Amtlon, John A., Mech., Windom, Mii.n, 
Johnson. Adoliih, Mecl>., Wurlliiniilou, Minn. 
Bon. Ob M.,WltA.. Gleowood. fown. 
Eknrom. Walter E.. Mech.. Chaska, Minn. 
Scarrow, Marion C. Buf„ Allison, Iowa. 



st CI. 

-- r. r>oo^, P\... 

Atrce, Benr. C Pvt.. tjreen i_.ii¥, -"no, 
Albrechl, Edward F., Pvt., Counoil Bluf 
Allhnff, Conrad F,. Pvl,. McGirk, Mo. 
Anderson, Thomas C, Pvt. 
Anderson, William O.. Pvl.. Millard, M( 
Ayen, Wdliam It., Pvt., (imrn City, V 
"-"- "ink C, Pvl., lat CL, Buddli 
nil.. Pvl ■ 

r, Frank C, Pvl., 
Bert IL. Pvl., K 
I. n« J.,Pvl„ 




Bocnen, Theodore W., Pvl,. Hampton, Iowa. 
Benaon Roy J.. Pvt., Ut CI., Concordia. Ka 
Benway. George M,. Pvt., Brookfleld, Mo. 
Byen. Carlton B., Pvl., lat CI.. Glenwood, I 
Biandii, Paul H,. Corp,, Pierre. S. D. 
Brisht, Harry O., Pvt.. Bedford, Iowa. 
Bodisfa. Stephen. Pvt., Ut CI., Philliiw. S. D 
Bosch, John C Pvl.. Isl CI.. Rlocklnn. lo<v( 
Hooras, Sam C.. Pvt., Isl CL, Kanaaa Cily, I 
Brown, tlvin. Pvt., Blockton, Iowa, 
Brown, William L.. Corp.. Hampton, Iowa. 
Burns, l-Jnrait E., Pvt.. 1st CI., DeSmel. S, I 
Bruce. WiUiam F., Pvt.. Red Oak, Iowa. 
Campbell, Roy E., Pvl,. BrookBeld. Mo. 
Camp, Harrison E., Corp.. Milan, Mo. 
Canterbury. Ealis C. Pvl,, Carroll, Iowa. 
Carpenter. Willie I., I'll., Strong City. Kan. 
Carr. Uoyd L.. Pvl„ lata., Kingsley, Kan. 
rjinmbers. James W., Pvt.. Mai^aU, Mo. 
Clark. Alexander F., Pvt.. Drookin«s. S. D. 
Clark, Earl J., Pvl.. 1st CI.. Kansas Qly, K> 
Clark, Jan— ■* " ■■ 

e, Clnr. 

1 v., Pvl., DeGray, S. D 

-, -S, Corp., Mineral Springi., 

T, Guy E.. Pvl„ 1st CL. Gfeenwood, lov 
m, Wiyo ----- - - ' - 

FroBga, Fred S., pvl.. RuHsel Springs, Kan. 
Free. Ruuel M.. Corp., Manning. Iowa. 
FryUtf, Clement J., Pvt.. Parkston, S. D. 
Fuskeruda, Christian, Pvt. 

Caehring,G^'ge "° " """ 

Hansen. WUhoim, Pvl _ 

Hansen. Horace B.. Pvt., DeWitt, lowj 
Hanna, Warren E., PH., Bedford, Iow< 
Hawkins, William G., Pvt., Waterloo, I 
Hay. llarieyC, Pvt. 
Ilayhural, David P., Pit., Bird City, t 
"--■ Wilson, PH., MUlw, S. D. 

-- . Jorp..Coi 

Ilinkaon. Harvey, Pvt.. Monlin 
Hodgson. Waller S.. PvL, Arr 
Ilullu, Joarph T.. Pit.. Jersey 
lloman. Albert W., Prt. 
Huston. I'>ank P.. Corp., Gra 
Ijihi^y, Addis, Pvt. 
L«ltn. Glen v., Pvt., li 
nory D., Pvt., 

!. rioyd, Pvt., 

Layer, Bei^amin H., Corp.. Council Blulfs, lin 
UamuH, Paul T,. Pvl,, Bupida Cily, S, I). 
Long, Charia F., I>vt. 
Loofboiirrow. Orval V., Pvt.. Milan, Mo, 
Lord, Clyde. Corp., Briatow, lovra. 
I.udeman. Sandn B., Pvt,, Applinglon, Iowa. 


MHyhugh, Raymond B., Pvl.. Bucklin Mo. 
Mayhu^. Virgil L, Pvl. Bucklin, Mo. 
Mendenhall, Later L.. Pit., Bird Cily. Kan. 

Mi'.[l»F>^i!>J. «\illi>uTill .•:.,ri,..Girard, Kan. 
MclJiU, Archibald J., Pvl., 1,1 CI.. Brooklyn, ^ 
MoLamey, BeniamiD J., Pvl.. New York. N. ) 
Noove, Freddie^.. Pit.. De Witt. Iowa. 


Nam. Rank and Htmt AUrtti 
Nalvm. Elmer E., Pvt.. Guner. Iowa. 
Ndaoa. Parriah L.. Pvt., Spriiutfleld, Mo. 

... Curli 

bu». OtloA.. 

J. HaymoDd E., Pyt 

P«rr, OKor. Pvt., AOonta. Mo. 
Peanon, AKnd E.. Pvt.. Brookingi, S. D. 
Psiwson. Floyd. Pvt., 1st CI.. Huron. S. D. 
PBl«noa, Jouph I.. Pvt., Camiru. Iowa 
Pickelt, Everslt S.. Pvt., GreeiTCily. Mo, 
PlauiUiter. Addisoa L.. Pvt.. Ut CI.. Huron, S 
Porter. Orin B., Pvt.. Green City. Mo. 
PoloiM. L«n P.. Corp.. Nawton. Kan. 

ikiick. Aleian 
jOdo. iamea, F 
RichardaoD. Dao 

It CI.. Jdiflt. Ill, 

Rbch. Albert. Pvl. 

Robbina, Floyd B.. Pvt., lal CI.. Bedrord. 

~. . ..... . ■>,t.,Cormnii. lowo, 

., Brookrield. Mo. 
■|t CL. Avmai, 

Robaru! Gc~ov__, _ _ 
Robinaon. Claire S., 

Roaa. Emoit C. Pvl., Arli .. 
Rouman. Peter. Pvl., lal CL.. RhiD< 
Rudobb. Ira M., P.t., lal CI., Aui 




Charls P., Pv 


Henry C, Pvl 

ist CI-, Kirksville. M 


Low«ll L., Pv 

., Bedford, lo»n. 


. H^ard E.. 

™! ^o," Knn. 

l„ lal Cl„ Mhcou, M 


Isaac II.. P«t-, 

ShiJlrock. Iowa. 


Smilh. Charles L.. Pv 


aaaoG.. P.I.,E.«lli., Mo. 

Sobo, Saul, INt-, ISewa 

k, N. J. 

•"ev-.9o"S'=" B'"f-' ' 

Slaenhanl, Dick N.. Pvt., lit CI.. Hamplo 
Sieffen, Frederick W,, Pvt.. Pierce City, M 
&uAm, Martin L., Pvl.. lal CL, llamplon, 

Sushnie, Aleiander ¥.. Pvt., Leavoiiworlh 

jaon, Enid. Pvl., St. Paul. 
. Laooord P.. Pvt,. Eslorlii 
, Roy E., Pv 

De Witt, Iowa. 

Urhauer, Phdlip F.. Pvt., Cla. CentH-, Neb. 
Utne. Amuud. Pvt.. Sioux Fails, S, D. 
VBiontine, Charlea II.. Pvt.. Yankton, 8. D. 
VanderwacT, WiUie C. Corp,, Grundy Ccnlec. ] 
Walker, Lnthar A.. Pvl,, Milan. Mo. 
WaUace, Edward H.. Pvt., Greenaburg, Kan. 
Warrea, Elmer J.. Pvt.. Ut CI., Mnoon, Mo. 
Weaver. Albert E., Pvt.. Brookfield. Mo. 
Wfllfih, Thomas C, Pvl,, Elk Point. S. D. 
Wellner. Louia F., Pvt., Haiuptun. Iowa. 
■ ~ ■ Pvt., Glenwoo.- " 

Wabelm, Tbor 
WUliama, Lew 
Williams, QmerL., Pvt. 

s. Mo. 

., De Witt, Inwa. 
nrignt, vtiiuam »., Pvi,. Leavenworth. Ki< 
Youneerman. Edward J., Pvl., Detroit. Mid 
Matti, Perry. Corp,. Dodge Center, Minn, 
lachen, William, Pvt., Howard. S. D. 

auford E., Pvt.. firei 

Krfly. Palrick. Pvt., 
Kellner, Haymon ' ■ 
KindiR. Harry W 
Kniflht, WelUr. : 

. I... Bug.,Rheuanduah, I 
. l>vt., IM CI. " ■ 

I. lovi 

■rgo, IS. D. 

Miller, Phineas J., Capt., 4i; Salem St.. Chicn. Cal. 
'tl„ Waahin,. ,., 

e, t>anliL.. 2ndLl.. l33SKen,__. 

SlaeHer, Joseph A., Serut.. Adj. Gen. Oflir 
Gaiiinei, Nela A., Sun. Stray.. Juice, Iowa 
Botholl, Wcmberson E.. Me«8 Seritt., New 
Adams, Claude L., Sent., H. F. D. So. 2, i^larion, Iowa. 
Boll, John F., S«|[l., ^leswiR, Iowa. 
Droku. Lewi* C, Sngi., Lnnmavn, Mo, 
Gnwerven, Nels P., Svrirt., Hrvnelyn, Minn- 
Huddle, Itollu W., SeTHt.. Clarindu. Iowa. 
Jordon, Jamn R., Scfiit., Sloor'y Point, N. C. 
Ueherman. WUIiam.twrgl.. (>3 W, IUUiSt.,St. Paul, Midi: 
Nioul, George B., Sergl., Edinii, Mo. 

O'Connor, John E.. SerEl., 2<>\U\ Pair A"., Davenport, low 
Slahl, Harry, Ser.t.. R, F, D, K->. I, Nbw Market, Iowa. 
VananalDl, John, Sargl,, Woodbine Iowa, 

YounRslrom, Rudolph A 

Allen, Rao LOT M., Corp., 
"" qydcL., Boi II. 

1, Claylou B., Cor „ 

torcherding, Henry T-, Ccim,, Alia, town, 
>oaaghy, James. Corg.. Aakeny. lowa._ 

L., Cotp..5t . 

Weland, Andrew S., Corp., ClilTl 

Fi.gBUi, Williuni W,. Corp.. Bnaco,™.,™. .uwa. 
'uSer, BuHflll N., Coni., DeWitl. Ii.wa. 

eman! Clurlea' G., £on>'"dBeUe. Mo. 

i, Jim. Corp., Corydon, Iowa. 

Inr, Albert G„ Corp.. Canton. Mo. 
Paris M.. Corp., Glenwood, Mo 

L. Leonard E,. Corp., Wichita. Kan. 

inn. John H., Coni.. Steele, \. I>. 

Inpkiiu, Theron O,. Corp.. 202 W, 2nd St., Col 
Kerndt, Leslie W.. Corp., Church, Iowa. 
KitU, Hnrvey B., Corp,. Tarkio, Mo. 
Lieberl, Elbert. Corp., Marceline, Mo. 
I,ee. Augiist O., Curi>.. Volin. S, D. 
McAtee, Lawrence W., Corp.. LewislDD, Mo. 
Miller, jease A.. Corp.. AnLeuy, Iowa. 
Milclidl. Lawrence C., Corp.. Lew iston. Mo. 
IWUT, Nephi, Corp.. Millun, Iowa. 
IVivolt. Hqy, Corp.. King FLiher. Okls. 
Ramhach. RuiarlC., Corp., Ctariudu, Iowa. 
Kier. Raymond C. Corp,, B. f. D. No. 2. CInri 
HuH>. Burton. Corp., Oarinn, Iowa. 
Skuor, Carrol 0.. Corp,, Hushfonl. Minn. 
Hlaler, T«n, Corp., Buoneville. Iowa. 
ThomiHin. Ilnuy, Corp,. Baltic, R. D. 
Alburtis. Andrew J,. Ciirp., New Boston. Mo. 
Rroulhenl. ItuliJi C, Cook, Appleton, .Minn. 
Fisbrck, John P.. Cook. St. l.ouu. Mo. 
Mnnnm. dannHiP. Conk. 2001 9. CranKef Ave., 
Wolf. WiUinm J.. Cook. SlaceyviUe. Iowa. 
Neahcim. Nels, Mrch.. B. F. 6. No. 4. Deooroh 
l>eleraen, I>eler C. Mech.. Swalednio, Iowa. 
Soderblom. John V... Mech.. Lnkeliel.1, Minn. 
Wheeler. WullerC. Mech., I-- ■ - - ' 

- ■ ■ irt. Mdvii 

na. Roy, Bug.. Ri 

Allerlon. Don L.. Pvt.. 1 

Anderwn. Lloyd E.. Pvl _ 

Bad-Horse, Ernsal, Pvt., Ist CI,. Lower Brud. S. D. 

Black-Hocae. Frank J.. Pvt., Ist CI.. Wood, S. D. 

Rohrer, Jowtph. Pvt.. Ist CI., R. F. D. No, 1. Hutton Valley, M 

Biirser, John R., Pvt., lit CI., Oregon, Mo. 

Chyle. Charlea M., Pvt.. 1st Q.. Windsor Hold. Cedar Rapid. 

Crablree, Harry E., Pvt., lal CI., Polk Cily. Iowa, 

Dan. William H.. Pvl„ lal CI.. 1021 W. 2nd St.. Daveiqiarl. I 

Denser, Ralph A., Pvi., 1st CI., Dow*. Iowa. 

f:ad>. ChHter G., Pvt,, lat CI., 112 W, 3rd St,. Davenport, low 

Fjigle-Deer, Pau^ ~- - ~ ~ ~ 

Rrinhsrt. Mdvin G.. Bug 

WiUianu. Roy, Bug.. Roae Hdl, Kan. 

.n..._. n—i B„. >-'-■., lojpokagoo St., Dowagiac, 

Freedland, Jnlin, 
Fuller, tlarr 

St CI.. 

iruflon, N, D. 


... Ist CI.. Dow 
, lit Cl„ M 
It CI.. Oral 
.Pvl.. lat i_. 

002 S. lOtli s 

atCI, llatle.S. D 

Otli St., Rurlinglon 

JO M., Pvt., Isl CI., Orient, S. D. 

Olson, Ole P., Pvt., iHt CI., 1505 3rd St.. N., Minneapolis. Mini 

Paul, Jnlin, ™ ■• " " ' " ' " 

Heichar, El 
Hicknrd. Ben 

r. Albert, Pvt., 1st 

laun. Buri O 
oieL Herman 

T V... l-vt., iHt CL. W 

S. Weal St.. Mason Cily, la« 

ward C, Pvt., 424 E. Hailna 
rph, l>vt,. St. Francis. S. D. 
Ival. Pvt.. Albert City. I 

Ave, S., Sioua Falls, S 
Itf, Dowsgiac. Mich. 

L Chirk St.. Clevtdand, Ohio. 

Clyde W.. Pvt.. Tinglin, lo 
JeaseJ,. Pvt., l>ulaaki, Va. 
Vilhnm B pvl., Templcton. Iowa. 
'I.. Bo> 3K4, Bonne Tcri 

luller. Zdine, 1 

11., Pvt.. Dowa. lov 

michael, Harvey ||., Pvt.. 

>lui>"ky, John, Pvt.. Cuahi 

._.lim, Frank D.. Pvt.. Cre« 

(AHinoUy. Mark J.. Pvt., 62S Conway St., St. Poul, Minn. 

Daniel. Clarence K., B, F, D. No. 2. Galena. .Mo. 

Daniel. Dealer E., Pvt., 704 N. Grron Sl„ Yates Cenler, Kan. 

DeBruyckrr, Rudolph, Pvl.. P. 

). Boi 4.1. DulUm. Moot, 

Ddocu, John. Pvl.. 1128 Titan Si., l>hdadetphU. Pa. 


N<»H. 1 

k anJ Hamt Addrttt 

Eidahl, Scv«lM.. t>vl.. H. F. D. Mu. 1, Rwlyn.S. D. 
EUwuunt. Jacob. Pvl.. (ir»«ory. », 1>. 
Eib>. Otto J.. Pvt.. Wettud, luwn. 
FaricT. HocDR B.. Pvl., Kairfaii, '■ 
Fcrrirwi. Lulii. Pvt.. 110 Wnlnul 
rifer, Luiiy. Pvt., HockinsbBm. ^ 
Fl^er. P«cy E.. R. F. D.Nu. I.lnuin. nan. 
Ganunrl. Harry. Pvt.. Viewfidil. S. D. 
Genu an, Elmer E.. IVU. Martland. Mi>. 
Geranli. Caimins, Prt., 1 Scbonl SI.. Shuriwburi 
Gudehiu, Otto L., Pvt.. Bnioi, S. D. 
a. Haybsrt. F " "- "" 


1. Curl 

. Pvl.. 

Horbert. Hurry H.. rmdlay. III. 
Han- ■■ - - - *■ 

1,3. D. 

Heodricluao, Nidi. Pvt.. Codar Falli, low 

Jamba, WiUiam M.. PvL.. Mt. Avr. Icwu. 

. .. ^ .. . „ . . rvilig s. D._ 

I. Mutin. Pvt.. . 

Kchoa. Edward. P> 

Krpbart. WiUbi S.. Pvt.. Salai 
KipliDcer. Adohkb L.. Pvt,. ' 

LBhman. JofanE.. Pvl. SOI 

Lipwnnib. Samud E.. Fvt., Henry. > 
McCannick. Harry A.. Pvl.. Kuule 2, 
McCullau«h. Archibnld I.. I'vl,. Lcbai 
McHomf, Clyde C. Pvt.. l':iUiiirl. Idv 

rhalfard Si.. Johiutoi 
. Mo. 
SI., Flint. Mich. 


Bdmund, Iowa. 


. AbKlen 




Enni.. Pvt.. Kel 


Moe. H 

enry A., Pvt.. Ro. 


1. Deru 

aai», Pvt.. Muodel 

Tcmmio T., Pvt 


Willard J.. Pvt,, 


d, lo*a. 


Noah G.. Pvt.. C 



. Fred. Pvt.. Diaxon 


er, Willi! L.. Pvt 



waiiam I_. Pvl . 



I>. No. 2 


2. Yofk, N, n, 

mboldl.S. D. 

Ncuon. EJvm. Pvt.. Scammoa, Kan. 

Noaa, Jaho, Pvt., Iluiley , lows. 

Parb. HcH, Pvt,. Bunch. Iowa. 

I'dTTBtm, Danial E., Pvt., Bojard. Mo. 

Piltman, Charlea E,. Pvl.. Marciu. 8. D. 

Piilay, WUIiam J„ Pvt., 2495 2od Ave.. New York City. 

Polflooik. Frank. Pvt.. Girard, Kan. 

PutmoD. WOIard M., Pvl . Long Pins. Neb. 

Quiaenberry, JohnJ.. Pvt. Akron. Mo. 

RholeD, J<d>n L., Pvt., Chalkbutle. S. D. 

EUod. Nicki. INt.. 982 E. Main St., Bridgeport. CoDD. 

Hicciardi. AJfonao, 69 Forsythe St.. NevTVork City. 

Hothluaa. Carl T., Carl Isle, losva. 

Kuhl. Glen. Pvt.. 2232 E, insth St.. Cleveland, Ohio. 

Swido. Gnorge O., Pvt.. R. F. U. No. 1, Dell Itapida, S. D 

Sctiaub. Paid, Pvl., TOO Larayetle Ave., St. Louii, Mo. 

Sdilattsr, Chriaa, Pvt., R. F. D. No. 1, lldlaire, Kan. 

Sewnoa, Cbarley E., Pvl.. 2nd and Joseph Sta.. Galena. Kan. 

Skalla. John J.. Pvl.. Dehnar. Iowa. 

Smilh. Guy W,. Pvt., Oregon. Mo. 

Snulh. I«aa C, Pvt.. H. F. D. No, I. Tamo, !o*a. 

Stammer. John. Pvt,. Pender. Neb. 

Stephim*, Thannii J„ PvV., Benloa, Inwa. 

Stevena. Thomai S.. Pvl,. Harbor Crsek, Pa. 

Sweown, Anton, Pvt., R. F. D. No. 1, Hoaylyn, 8, D. 

Swenaoa. MdvinO.. Pvt., H. F. D. No. 1, Koaylyn, S. D. 

Tdlin«bnusen, John J., PvU, Uruody. Iowa. 

TboiBai, George II.. Pvl.. Niaogua. Mo. 

TwkDor. Juu« L.. Pvl.. Knowlton. Iowa. 

Trimpe, Elmer H. Pvt.. 514 N. Plam St., Havanna, lU. 

Trowkridcc, Eari II., Pvt., Tina, Mo. 

Tu>a, Jamei, Pvt., Gann Vallay, S. D. 

Walker, Edward. Pvt,, Needmore, W, Va. 

Watts. John H., Pvl., Harlan, Kan. 

Weaver. John W., Pvt,, Maiwell, luwa. 

WUiokainen, Hjalmar, Pvl., 239 E. IZ2ndSt., New York Ci< 

Wray, Arthur L. Pvl„ Houkiua, Mo, 

""— ' '-'^- ■•„ Pvt., Delmar, Ala. 

J„ PvL. lat CI,. Route No 1, Lanwnt. Iowa. 
Fard C. Pvt., UagloRruve. Iowa. 
Dh. Pvt.. let a,. WoeoM, S. D. 

1. Janin L. Pvt,, Isl CI., Mavio City. Iowa. 

iig-haar. Havid. PvL. St. Fraoui*, S D. 

«r, Perl L., Pvt., Lanoaaler. Mo. 

" le C, ind Lt„ Sutton, Neb. 

Ward John 


riH., 1 

L Ll, 4 

Maff«m. CharletoD M., 

J). Mod 

t Lt., Si 

d Lt.. G(av< 

Dale, Chriat 

Ramieyer. Vernon t..., aissL, fulaaKi. Iowa. 
^porka. Edgar P.. 5«et.. IndepBndenee, Iowa. 
Tdlijohn. Edward H.. SergL. Lnuer, Minn. 

... .™S!!;,._!i r.* ,-;-_, "fP^^..^"' .."!""■ 

n Lane, Chntnut Hill, Pa. 
iuon. Minn. 

&. 16Ib St., Omaha, Neb. 
icooia Ave. Tacoma, Wash, 
uod Ave., Oaiaha, Neb. 
Soudder Avg., SL Paul, Minn. 

Naiar. Hank and Homr Adjreu 
Wri«hl, Frank M.. Corp.. 627 Lyon St.. D» Moin 
Coaael. Glen F.. Mech , Pulaski. Iowa. 
Reed. Ijwrence O., Mech., Fomt Cily, Mo. 
Ilaok, Glen J.. Pvt., iHt CI.. Diagonal, Iowa. 

cl™. ArJid ii.. Pi"t..*l>t CI., pSwiS?B<^r'Ki 
Enfield, Samuel M.. Pvt.. Maiwell, Iowa. 
Unv. Harry W., Pvt.j,12J[S Penn.Ave, Monaco 

t. George v., 1 


.., Pvt., 

4 Oak St.. Fort Mad 

Mitohdlvil ., 

Saner. Floyd E., PvL. BloomBdd. Iowa. 
Shullneberger. Harry H.. Pvt.. Delmar. 
Shooter. WUIiam T.. Pvt,. Wood. S. D. 
Tbodke, William H.. Pvt.. White, S. D. 

Corey. Harold If. Capt,. Green Bay, Wis. 
llaveW. Hudo)|>h F, Utl.t.,2IZ(lS. Iltll 

St., I 


Cannon, John F., 2nd Ll., Sail. .. . 

Nnrty. Jneeph H., Ind H.,8.m3 Woodlem 

T, South Bend 

-.., Spokane, 

iergt.. 22 Wain- St.. SpringGeld. Ohio. 

iiyan. niurnni r... Mna geril., blS M St., 8,W,. Wa«hinFl< 

Koonla. Fred. Sup. SnrgL. Houi "' ' " ' ' 

lluber, AnUiony N„ 3«rgt„ Calmi, .uwa. 

While, John W.. Serrt-. Ouge. Iowa, 

llovenen, Joeeph I.. SergL, Brycdyn, Minn. 

Kirkpulrick. Claar C. SergL. Holiertii, Wi>. 

OiatoB. Odeon, Sergt,, Norlliwaod, Iowa. 

Ilolger, Joaepb. Serai., Bushrord. Minn. 

Breslrup, Andrew F., SergL, Haslinga. Minn. 

Doner, John R., 111!^ S. Center Sl.7Merehal]l 

8ergt.,B*9aarkSL, For«at< 

" "rgt,, Adai- ' 
Greene, I. 

Hardy. Jan 

. 1., Serat 

Neatlebusb. Bernard L., Sergt., 2104 Mapli 
"■ y J., Corp,. 1323 Londi 

L. Omaha, Neb. 
I, Duluth, Minn. 

on L., Corp., Baldwin, la. 
ssie. Corp.. Coggon. la. 
d. Corp.. Manning. la. 
"-■"' Corp.. Davis Cily, la. 
.. Corp.. Dunlan, la. 

Jorn.. Douglaa.Wyo. 

Roae. Henry. Corp.. Iowa FJla. la. 
TalkiDgton, Roy B„ Corp.. Bedford, la. 
Werk. SnenuH A.. Corp.. Charln Cily. la. 
Depriesl, iliram G„ Corp., Bethany. Mo. 
Trogue, William E., Corp., Royd, la. 
Struck. Frank W.. Corp.. Eldora, la. 
Ilomphrey, Leo O., Corp., 124 N. Jackion SL. PratI 
Aytnr, Jnae G., Corp.. Hannibal. Mo. 
Pieraoo, Benjamin R., Corp.. Andover, Mo. 
I'orler, Robert A., Corp., 1420 E. 6lh St., Winlietd, 
Vromao. Ernest II., Corp.. New Franklin. Mo. 
Smerud. Edwin J., Corp.. Spriog Grove, Minn. 
Spencer. Ben II.. Cor^. Broshear. Mo, 
Zimbebnao, Otto C. Corp.. Gregory, S. D. 
" -ber, Emsnud M., Corp.. Dorrance. Kan. 
ro. Theodore. Corp.. Naahua. la. 
rce, Fraiier, Corp., Clarila. Okla. 
_jbIi. Floyd, Corp.. Davia City. la. 
Kyle, Waller K.. Corp., Greens, la, 
Drantner. Claud B.. Corp.. Elklun, S. D. 
lallberg. August, Corp., Wheaton, Minn. 
I-:islmingec, Harry H,. Cook. lOM Isl Ave., E,. Oskii 
lacher, William F.. Cook. Caitalla. la. 
laU, Clsuds, Cook. Scrantiin, la. 
PonddB. Theodore J., Cook. 907 4th St., Sioui Cil) 
leWilt, Archie J„ Mech,, Sioiii City, la, 
" ' Jolin J., Meoh., Mott, N. D. 

an. Drll J.. Mech.. Caledonia. Minn. 

lo,d. 1 

.1 CI., I 

i. la. 

lleumng. Haleigb O.. PvL. Isl CX.. Rockhsm, S. D 
Itiahoii. George L,, Pvl„ lit CI., Fairpnn, la. 
Bright, Uoyif B., PvL, Ist CI., LinevSue, la. 
Brotherofall, Jo«ph, Pvt, lit a.. Lake Aiul». S. 
Brown. l«ter A., Pvt., Isl CI., MuUinviUe, Kan. 
Cherry, Clyde C„ Pvt,. 1st CI,. Tribune, Kan. 
Clary. Charla C, Pvt., Ist CI.. 303 N. Graen SL, 
Davui, Alfred, Pvt.. Ist CL, Clear Lake, la. 
Dedina, Albot. Pvt., 1st Ct., Rook Falls, la. 
Dndrick, Joseph B., PvL. li>t CI,. Bldora, la. 
Deonis, Harold C, PvL, IstCL, DeU Rapids, S. L 
Dillon. Willie. PvL, tst CI.. R. No. 4, GlaKO. Kan 
Dion. Samuel. PvL. Isl CI., Lake Andn, S, D. 
Dolan, Waller C, PvL, Isl CI., Ltplon. la. 
Dubberke. George F.. Pvt.. lat CI., Hubbard, Is. 
Kpperty, WiUiam L„ Pvt., Isl CI.. R. No. ' 


st CI.. Deo 

n"N'o, 'l 

(er, Silas C, Pvt., ;=. ^^. , 

an. Albert H.. PvL, Isl C^.. R. No, I. Buckeye. la. 

'. Pieree, PvL, Ist CL, 3344 E. Donglai St., WidJU, I 

raon, Arthur I„ PvL. lit Q.. Mason Cily, la. 

ob. GrimiM M., Pvl., Ut CI.. lUoevUU, U. 


Name, t^ank and Home Adelresi 

Hopkins. Peter, Pvt.. 1st CI.. R. No. 3. Lake Andes, S. D. 

Jessen, Hans S.. Pvt.. 1st CI.. Maquokela. la. 

Junger. Frederick J., Pvt.. Ist CI., Slacyville. la. 

Kezena. Jesse. Pvt.. Ist CI.. Greenwood. S. D. 

King. Alvin C Pvt., Ist CI.. Rulledge. Mo. 

Kirkpatrick. Little B.. Pvt., 1st CI.. Salina, Kan. 

Knutson, Theodore H., Pvt., 1st CI.. Radcliffe, la. 

f^wsnn. Charley E., Pvt., Ist CI., Maples, Mo. 

LoiidaU, Walter J., Pvt., 1st CI., Lyie, Minn. 

Lovell, Hermel R.. Pvt., Ist CI., Bethany, Mo. 

Morris. Francis E.. Pvt.. 1st CI., (lilman City, Mo. 

Munden. Melvin P.. Pvt.. Ist CI.. Millard. Mo. 

Nixon. John F.. Pvt.. Ist CI., R. No. 2, State Road, N. C. 

Ogle. Jesse D.. Pvt.. 1st CI.. Eolia, Mo. 

Obon, Hugo. Pvt., 1st CI.. Swoa City. la. 

Otteson. Walter F.. Pvt., 1st CI., R. No. 1, White. S. 1). 

Peoples. Wesley W.. Pvt.. 1st CI.. Garfield. Mo. 

Pett. Sidney. Pvt., 1st CI.. 2143 S. Blvd.. Bronx. N. Y. 

Ports. Nick A., Pvt.. Ist CI.. Spraguevillc. la. 

Powers. William L.. Pvt.. 1st CI.. Ferguson, la. 

Ridge, Leo, Pvt.. 1st CI.. BraHhear, Mo. 

Ruggles. George. E. Pvt.. 1st CI.. Ilorsington, Kan. 

Ruud, Anton. Pvt.. 1st CI.. Plaza. N. D. 

Soearce. William D.. Pvt.. 1st CI.. Edina. Mo. 

Snyder, Amoe C, Pvt.. Ist CI., Blooraingtun, Kan. 

Snyder, Harry L., Pvt., Ist CI., Van Wort, la. 

Solberg, Kristian K., Pvt., Ist CI., Osage. la. 

Stahl, Jesse W., Pvt., 1st CI., Bethany. Mo. 

Starry, Benjamin J., Pvt., 1st CI., Mclnlire. la. 

Strohm. Frank H.. Pvt,, 1st CI.. 1016 S. 5Lh St.. Lyons. lu. 

Tschudin. Oscar. Pvt.. Ist CI.. R. Mo. I. Ridgoway. Mo. 

Wimer. William J., Pvt., 1st CI.. Lanioni, la. 

Wright. David M.. Pvt.. 1st CI., (ireenshurg. Mo. 

Zirkelbach. George. Pvt.. Ist CI., Mamioketa, la. 

Zuher, Osten C, Pvt., 1st CI., OIney. 111. 

Adams, Fred T.. Pvt., Tipton, la. 

Adams, Lon G., Pvt.. Mt. Moriah, Mo. 

Barney, Melvin. Pvt.. Ivcwisville, Idaho. 

Baahor. John L.. Pvt.. Plato, la. 

Beal. William H., Pvt., Ist CI., Wallace. Kan. 

Beikirch. William J.. Pvt.. 774 S. Clinlou Ave., Rcdiesler. NY. 

Benda, Fran. Pvt., Tama, la. 

Benzel, William J., Pvt.. R. No. 2. Rockwell, la. 

Blachnik, Edward E.. Pvt.. Tabor. S. D. 

Bozarth. Charles L., Pvt., R. No. 3, Novinger, Mo. 

Brandau, Peter F., Pvt., Floyd, la. 

Brannelly, Thomas J., Pvt.. 33 S. 63rd St., New York, N. Y. 

Brown, Perry R., Pvt., R. No. 2, Ehrhiird. S. C. 

Christiansen. Cornelius. Pvt., Rock Falls, la. 

Cook, Roy, Pvt., Greenwood, S. D. 

Corum, Claude W., Pvt., Coon Rapids, la. 

Couch, EUmer C. Pvt., Memphis, Mo. 

Crawford. Clarence. Star Route Box 71, Winniwood. Okln. 

Cummings, VjarX E., Pvt.. R. No. 3, Blanchard, Mich. 

Cunningham, Marcus, Pvt., Hunter, Kan. 

Curry, Raymond C Pvt., Linevillc, la. 

Dierks, Fred C, Pvt., Gladbrook, la. 

Dyer, WUUam R.. 304 W. 6th St.. Carrollton. Mo. 

Ehde, Arthur H. F., Pvt.. Steen. Minn. 

Eng, Frank A.. Pvt.. Nora Springs. la. 

FiUaus, Frank F.. Pvl.. Tabor. S. Dak. 

Fitzgerald, Edmund W., Pvt., Ness ('ity. Kan. 

Fitzgerald. Leo. Pvt.. R. No. 3. Gypsum. Kan. 

Flasner. Henry. Pvt., Orient. S. D. 

Foley. Patrick, Pvt.. 117 Frank St., Rochester, N. Y. 

Forrest, Mackey, Pvt., Prue. Okla. 

Forrester, Fred P.. Pvt.. Demarest. Ga. 

Foster, Richard H.. Pvt., Frederick town. Mo. 

Garrett. Charles B.. Pvt., R. No. 2. Dorance. Kan. 

GUIin. Leo M.. Pvt.. 1016 EUis Bldg.. Cedar Rapids, la. 

Green, Ray R.. Pvl.. R. No. 6. Howard. Kan. 

Griffin, Isaac R.. Pvt., Sanerton. Mo. 

Hassen, Farris. Pvt.. Hannibal, Mo. 

Hohus, Edward F.. Pvt.. R. No. 2. Council Bluffs. la. 

Holt. Noah C. Pvt., R. No. 1, Garner, la. 

Isaac, John A., Pvt.. Slacyville, la. 

Jandreau, Daniel, Pvt., Greenwood. S. D. 

Johnson, Joseph, Pvt., 500 S. Birch St.. Croston. ia. 

Jones, Alexis C., Pvt.. R. No. 3. Douglas, Kan. 

Kachulis, Pete P.. Pvt.. 112 N. Franklin St.. Kirksville, Mo. 

Karaneiseos. Kostas A.. Pvl.. Macedonia. Greece. 

Klees. Nicholas L., Pvt.. Elk ton. S. D. 

Kolash. James J., Pvt., Chelsea. Iowa. 

Labriola, Luiciano, Pvt., 4103 Fairfax Ave., St. Ix)uis, Mo. 

Lewis, James A., Pvt., Ethel. Mo. 

Ludens, Cornelius. Pvt.. R. No. 2, Springfield. S. D. 

Martin. Vernon L.. Pvt.. Maquokela. Iowa. 

Masselus, Leopold, Pvl., 3.^30 W. St.. Omaha. Neb. 

Merkwan, Frank M.. Pvt., R. No. 4. Tabor. S. D. 

Miller, Fred J.. Pvt., 903 Pine St.. (ireat Bend. Kan. 

MUls. Edward H., Pvt., 1314 W 9lh St., Coffey ville. Kan. 

Morris, James O., Pvt., R. No. 3. Sprott, Ala. 

Murphy, Franklin B., Pvl.. Ford. Kan. 

Murray, Austin P., Pvt.. Ernie. Ia. 

Novicoff, Michael J., Pvt., Denver, Col. 

Odle, MUes S.. Pvt., 621 N. Broadway St.. Miller. S. D. 

Pederson. Martin C. C. Pvt.. Mt. Vernon. S. D. 

Poling. Elba M.. Pvt.. Milton. Ia. 

Refine. Angelo. Pvt.. 195 Obed Ave.. N. Providence, R. I. 

Rickerl. George F., Pvt., R. No. 1, Elkton. S. D. 

Ripepi, Antonio, Pvt., Reggio Calabria, Italy. 

Roesch. Willie H.. Pvt., Dumfries, la. 

Racket. Harry H.. Pvt.. 716 East Scott St.. Kirksville. Mo. 

Name, Rank and Home Addreii 

Russell, Burley E., Pvt., Leon, la. 

Rutzen, Louis C, Pvt., Eldora, la. 

Scott, Carl. Pvt., Toronto. Kan. 

Shelton. John B., Pvt., Memphis, Mo. 

Shore. Samuel L., Pvt., R. No. 1, Crescent. Okla. 

Simonson. August G.. Pvt.. Webb. la. 

Smitli. Charles W., Worthington, Mo. 

Sorenson, Anton O., Pvt., Sidney. Mont. 

Stafford, Milton E., Pvt., Osborne. Kan. 

Sterner, Ivan G., Moscow, la. 

Stieber, Theodore D., Pvt.. 900 S. 7th St., Beatrice, Neb. 

Straka, Frank, Pvt., Tabor, S. D. 

Thorns. Lloyd G.. Pvt., R. No. 3. Ml. Vernon, S. D. 

Tomlinson, Arthur R., Pvl., Alexander. Kan. ^ 

Umansky, Abe.. Pvt.. 1410 Myrtle St., Sioux City, la. 

Vancil, Ilarry E., Pvt., Piggotl. Ark. 

Waltz. James T., Pvt., 2339 Market St., Hannibal, Mo. 

Woesie. Barna B., Pvt.. Gentryville. Mo. 

Wolfram, Fred A.. Pvt.. Belle Plaine, Minn. 

Zarling, Albert W.. Pvt.. St. Ansgar, la. 

Zielske. I.100. J.. Pvl., Eldora. La. 

Zimmor. 'Hietxlore M., Pvl., R. No. 4. New Hampton. In. 

Degen. Morion L., Ist Ll., 3.303 Wolworlh Ave., Omaha. Neb. 

Ilallbom, Jacob E., Sergt., Atwater, Minn. 

Markey. Joseph F.. S«Tgl.. Rochester, Minn. 

Bauer, Benjamin R.. (>orp., BraHJiear. Mo. 

Church, Curtis*, (^orp., R. No. 6, Marshalllown, la. 

(ilascock. Glenn J., Corp., New London. Mo. 

(irubb, Harold C, Corp.. 685 11th Ave.. Clinton. Ia. 

Niel.son, Rasmus C. Corp.. R. No. 2. Zimmerman, Minn. 

Taylor, William A., Corp., Downing. Mo. 

I.,«*hmeior, August H., IVlech.. Hubbard, la. 

Priske, Miciiael J.. Mech.. Eldora. Ia. 

Benda. Raymond J.. Pvl., 1st CI., Cedar Bluff, la. 

(Courtney, James G., Pvl., 1st CI., Memphis, Mo. 

(iulzke, Herman A.. Pvl., 1st CI., Norwood. Minn. 

McCoy, Harry A., Pvl.. Isl CI., 921 E. Haynes St., Estherville. Ia 

Tambling. E. B., Pvt., Ist CI., 2149 N. Waco Ave.. Wichita, Kan. 

Brelz, Milton S., Pvt., R. No. 4, Lucas, Kan. 

Burks, Curtis C, Pvl., Bedford, la. 

Lake. John F., Pvt., Rock Falls., Ia. 

Laville, John, Pvt., 719 John Ave.. Superior. Wis. 

Merkel. Milton A.. Pvt., St. Ansgar, la. 

Miller, Frederick C., Pvt., R. No. 5. Tipton, la. 

Nelson. WiUard K.. Pvt.. Clark. S. D. 

Newton. Alvin O.. Pvt.. Kellerlon, la. 

Niemeyer. Fred J.. Pvl., R. No. 1, London, Ark. 

Roll, William A., Pvt., R. No. 1, Eldora, la. 

Starks, Hubert, Pvt., 106 Wabash St., Kirksville, Mo. 

Staudt, George H., Pvt., Marble Rock, la. 

Fuller, Hale P., Corp, Slacyville, la. 

Schwartz, Joseph IL, Corp., Greene. I a. 

Kortan, Stanley T., Pvt., Ist CI., Tabor, S. D. 

McGriff, James E., Pvt., 1st CI., Liberal, Kan. 

Peterson, John, Pvt.. 1st CI., Everest, Kan. 

Smith, George W., Pvt., 1st CI.. Garden Grove. Ia. 

Berry. Ulysses R., Pvt., Avon, S. D. 

Dale. Homer. Pvt., Linn, la. 

Dieterich, Henry A., Pvl., Grand Meadow, Minn. 

King. Van C Pvt., Curlew, la. 

Muhs, William E., Pvt.. I.,owden. Ia. 

Schultz, Fred H., Pvt., Nora Springs. Ia. 

Shepitelman, George C Pvl.. Cle^ir Lake, la. 

Sommer, Frederick F., Pvl., Lanctister, Mo. 


Ix>gun, Paul B.. Capt., 525 19th Ave.. Seattle. Wash. 

Martin. Carroll B.. Isl Ll., Vanmeter, Iowa. 

Cnlbertson, Linn, Ist Lt.. 1131 22nd St., Des MoineH, Iowa. 

March, Harry E., 2nd Lt., Shelby, Mont. 

Lindgren, Verner V., 2nd Lt., Kdrienl, Minn. 

Adams, Sanniel H., Pvt., Isl CI., Green Castle. Mo. 

Alexander, William, Pvt.. lat CI.. Clarksville, Iowa. 

Allen, Hiram C, Corp., Talmadge, Kan. 

AiLson, James L., Cor|)., 828 S. 6th St.. Kansas City, Kan. 

Arneson, Melvin B., Sergt., Emniou.s, Minn. 

A.sliby, Boyd. Sergt.. Lawsou, Mo. 

Baldia. Henry D., Pvl., 1167 Davol St., Fall River, 

Ballard, Fraiik, Corp., Powersville. Mo. 

Healo, Charles M., Pvt., Chanute. Kan. 

Beall, Rex R., Pvt., Isl CI., (.reen Cily. Mo. 

Beck, Emil P., Corp., Owalonna. Minn. 

Beemer, Clyde, Pvt., Carlton. Kan. 

Benson, Selmer, Pvt., McHenry, N. D. 

Blades, Joseph H., Pvl.. Isl CI.. 1012 W. 4th Ave., Mitchell, S. D. 

Bosma, Edward, Pvt., 1st CI.. Parkersburg, Iowa. 

Bowen, Fred R., Pvt., Shell Rock, Iowa. 

Bowcn, Everett O., Pvt., 1017 E. 13th St., Avilene. Kan. 

Bowen, Floyd P., Pvl., Anthony, Kan. 

Bragg, Winfred E., Pvl., Livonia. Mo. 

Bretchel, Jolin G., Sergt., Spring Valley, III. 

Brenman, Fred R., Pvt., Mystic. S. D. 

Brown, Seth T., Pvt., 1st CI., Livonia. Mo. 

Brown, Charles E., Pvl., Ord Valley. Neb. 

Brunson, Clarence H., Corp., Lawrenceville. III. 

Burcli. Harry A., Pvl., Luray, Kan 

Burrows, Frederick J., Pvt., Isl CI., Highmore. S. D. 

Burt. Arno, Sergt., Decorah, Iowa. 

Campbell, Clarence D., Pvt., Essex. Iowa. 

Carr, Roy P., Corp., Bevier. Mo. 

Chalmers, Jamt^, Pvt., Scranton, Kan. 

Chase, William O., Pvt., Ist CI., Monrovie, Kan. 

ChildoTB, Price E.. Corp.. Eaktill. Mo. 


L. OtCHDtD, luHfl. 

niiirk. John I 

)unfrund. Gtotg* E.. Catp., Blaomtldd, Iowa 
Ea«le, JaoMa T., Prt.. lit Q.. Crowley. CdI. 
cj. _-j. Olio B., Pvt.. Benlhsny, Mo. 

- ■ 11,, Dunnegan. M 



t, AugUBl. P.I., 
on, ifBmJ.P 

eter. Pvt.. t'" ' 
ler, Paul M 
^rihuf. Ph. 


ilM., I 

Kwnid, jl 


Lutjcn, Clarence S.. Corp.. Cole Camp, Mo. 
Malt™, CieorgB F., IVl.. Livonin, Mo, 
Mallia. Earl.VYt,. LebaaBO, Neb. 
McCauBbey. Charies H.. P*l.. MUan. Mo. 
MoKinney. Cari M.. Corp.. Logan. Iowa. 
McPbenon. laaac W., Pvt.. lut CI.. Sedalia. Mo. 
Mshls, EmDiet E.. Pvt., l>owenvillii. Mo. 
MipdM. Charits L.. Pvt.. lat CI.. Sleumboal Rock. Ion 
Melliiu, Albert T., Pvl.. HaHanlinrn. loHO. 


,. Pvt., I 



n.. Pvt,. I 


.. Bruokini 

.S. D. 

Nebnn, CbaH» Vi.. Pvl.. n<H Moin.'H. ]|»v>. 

Ntltoa. Uernuui A.. Pvt., Sina. S, 11, 

NeptQoe. Leo. v., Corp.. Rich Hill. Mo. 

Ni^D. Andsii. Pvt..T4ew llurlXoril. Iowa. 

Niaaen. Cul W.. Pvl.. Rmliu'on, lown. 

INorliD. Eunne W,. Pvt.. JohoKin, Kaa. 

O'ConoorTC. B.. Pvt.. lit CI., snzA Ave E.. Cedar Hap 

(((burn. Harold D.. Serit.. IMivBii. Miun. 

Oaken. Hanry W.. Corp.. MorriaDii, 111. 

l>aniier, Jamea. Pvt.. Kayctte, Mo, 

PaltenwD, Bert P.. I'vl,. lat CI.. Stahl, Mo. 

Pekarek, Slave, Pvl.. Academy. S. D. 

Pbilben, Lue P.. PvL, Hortoa, Knoa. 

PiUofa. hddtdpli W., Pvl.. Jim Fulle, Cbippewii, Wi*. 

I,>opp, Walter 11.. PvL. Isl CI.. Keonnne. Wu. 

Eddy. Pvt., Sevary. Kbiu. 

ittOektfl, Gewfe a.. Cook. Mortlioollu, Iowa. 

BiDgunuUi, L. W., Corp., E. Ave. ISIli S^. W.,CLilar Rapidi 

RooiofiDliky. Wmiam. Pvt.. 3TS Bunbwick Av<>.. Brooklyn. 

BotMiabswr, Manball. Pvt.. Ut CI., naguer. S. D. 

Rdkk1». dmrlo E., Pvt., Coatsville, Mo. 

Ruth, Jobn P., Pvt., SheU Hock, Iowa. 

Scbade, William, Prt.. Loudeo. Iowa. 

■ ■ - r, Ilecry E., Pvt "" 

SchoouovEt. In L.. I 
Sdiuldt, Henry F.. t 
Sc^ula. Ludwig T.. 1 
RoDlt. Arthur C.. Pi 

>t CI., llni. 

iUe, Mo. 

SoDtt. GIm L.. Pvt.. lloakins. Neb. 

., Meohaii. 

.. KinalDD. N.C. 

Smilh. Boy A 
Studer. Gt'— 

Slsffonl. C_., , 

Starkweather. Chailee L.. Cora.. Green, I. 
Steele, Floyd, Pvt.. U( CI.. UnioDviUe, M 
Stewart. Georni O.. Corp.. Osforr* ' 
Sliever. John M., e — ■ »-'-'- 

TherkEUen. Ove, P 

lergt.. V 


Thoralon, Emery H.. PvL, lit CI.. Clay 
Thrane. Hatiy L. " ■ •- "• '"-— - 
Tucker. Aroofd E 


CI., Feiellct, Mi. 

P.. Pvt.. let CI., 330 S. .Main Su. Line 
r iei<u. WiUwo C. PvL. lit Cl„ Newton, Mo. 
Farloey. Carl I., Pvt,. IjiL CI.. Bowdon. N. D. 
Freelsnd, Bonjimin, Pvt., lat CI.. Shell Bock, Io*a. 
Gales. Mercer H.. PvL. LaHorpe. Ken. 
Gibun, Baine F..I>vt.. Jetmoni. Khd. 
GiUard. Feroey A.. Pvl., 110 N. lal St. W., C's'Jur H 
(riiodwn, LeRoT, Con- liberty, Ksd. 
GooduD. Earl P., Pvt.. lit CI.. Liberty, Kun. 
Greea. ClBrence J.. PvL, 191 Falooimr 81., Tuiioi-oii 
tniilaaOD. Earl F... Corp., Pomeroy. Iowa. 
Guthrie. Bsnjamia W.. Corp., Elbel. Mo, 

Ha vex. CI 


llii^coi. Thomas M.. Pvt.. Rear lleiRhle. : 
HUKaaberg. Henry. Pvt,. Bunker HiU. Kan 
HilUnsa, Charlm W„ Sergl.. Au.tin. Minn. 

Hull. John CSergt..] 
Iblings. Earl K.. Pvl,, . 
Imler. Albert. Pvt.. Vim 
IngerwiU. Oscar U.. Pvl. 

.. Biddur. ManilulHi. Can 

Johnon. Oscar, Pvl.. LeRuy, .Mieh. 
JohiBlou. Arthur V... Pvl.. DcnnisDn. lown. 
JohnaloD. Floyd E.. SergL, JanMviUo. lo 
JohnaloD. John C lit SergL,, JannviUc. 
lona,. BeitJomJo W., Coni.. Ethfl. Mo. 


«: Howard H.-P^^t,. New n 

njora. Ic 

Cammayer. Edwnrd. Pvt 


earooy, Frank S-, Pvl.. 

-1 CI.' 



eillor. Albert C. P.t.. Hone. N 


l«. Elon R.. CoTT... Lt 


™ien, Joseph F.. Corp 


ma I 


wish. Robert C-, Pvl.. 


n, K 

EC, LtMter L.. Mceh.. S 

2 New 



ulaon. Joseph A.. Pvt. 

Si. 'ITi 


lehnc. Aiigusl H., Pvl, 



ona, Robert., Pvt.. Gr 

ol. Kv 

ugev, George, Pvt.. Gr 

rion. 1 






■nbula. Hjalmer. Pvt,. 




k, Herman. Pvt.. New Albin, I 
nunh. John. Pvt.. Genoa. Nc-b. 
Ijing. Hatry E., Pvt., Tempera no-v ill.-, Va. 
Lawrence. Glen L., Pvl., Im CI.. Lrllnrpe. Kan. 
UwKin. Ben. Pvt.. Umonville. Mo, 
Lew, Jamea E., Corp.. KirksviUe, Mo. 
Lendely, Edward, Pvt,. NorUiwood, Iowa, 
Lcnfeki, Joe A., Pvt., Ist CI., Oiford Junclion, lows. 
Ij;nlh. Lester H., Pvl.. Luanc. lona. 
Loverson. Martin B., Pvl., Isl a., Uryde, Minn. 
Lipscomb, ttomer VV.. Pvt., Dickson, Mo. 
LonganKker. Ralph, Pvl., CoDoellsville, Pa. 
Lundy. John, Pvi., 20B Shrnnan St.. Ripley. Mich. 
Lubberia, John I.. Pvt.. Porkeiaburg, Iowa. 
Varner, Beecher J.. Corp.. Powmville. Mo. 
Vipo^. Ralph E.. Pvl., lal CI., Hudson, S. D. 
Wade, Willie B,. Pvt.. 1st CI.. Livonia. Mo. 
Weber. George. Pvl., AiHinRton, Iowa. 
Wilcoxon. Chester O.. Pvt,, Isl CI.. Geneva, Kan. 
Yeiek. Emil F., Pvt.. lal CI.. Manly, Iowa. 

Legs. F. C. Capt., Z«3g Lake oT Ihe Islu Blvd.. Minneapolis, 
McClintock, George D., Ut Lt., Rugby, N. D. 
Perry, Claibouma G.. Isl Lt., 2U' S St., Llocaln. Neb. 
Benolkeii, Irving W., Isl Lt., 3IS 8. 31sl St„ Omph. n.k 
Cerney, R. Ruy. Znd LI., Manl^, ' 

. Auy. Znd Lt., Manly 

Cook, William R., Znd Lt., ClarksviUe, lo 
Heinslaen, Alfred V.. Znd Lt„ P. O. Boi 
Abell, Harry K.. Corp., Lini 


^ 95lb St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

., H. F. D. No. 1, East Leavenworth. Mo. 

iwgU Osage, Iowa. 

ii^TBige H!rpi'l.?GrBnl'Conl«, l^a. 
BaOey. Floyd P., Pvt.. Parker, S. D. 
Bailer, Charley G., Sajt. Serai.. Ciuhing, Iowa. 
Beal. Samu^ H.. Pvt.,l)uJraE>, Kan. 
Bemiett, Clarence, Pvl., l»l CI., Greenfield, I. 

» H., Mess. Sergt., ' 

uul. Mini 

Bjcvke. Martin O., Con.. Page, N. L. 

Bownre, Raymond D-, Corp., Kingston, Mo. 

Rranom. Joe G., Corp., R. K. D. No, 1, Bidieway. Tei 

Braltn, Uoury G.. SerKl., Blockatone Hotel, Omaha. ^ 

Bredahl, Julliu L.. Corp., Fantaoelle, Iowa. 

BreoBike. Herbert F.. P^.. New London, Wis. 

"- '», Waller A.. Pvt., R. F. D. No. 1, Long Ijine 

r. Mini 

itieJd, \ 

ive L., Corp.. Melrue, Idaho, 
. I'vt., Isl CI.. Crescu. Iowa. 
Pvr. l9t CI., CrL-eiiridge, Mo. 
J.Spral., Boiile No. 5, Osage, 1 
, I'vL.Tl. H. No. l,Amr*. Iowa 

..orlh W., Pvt.. 1. , 

ChrisUosen. Nels A., Co[]> . 3n WnlnuL 
Clapp. WiUardH.. Corp.. IZtE. ClayUH 

... Bruok£eld. Mo. 


UJt Batbxlian P. C, 175lh InfaiUiy Brigade. Heektn, Haule AUaee. 

Beginunlal Headquarltn 350ih Infantry, laUr 3i9tii InfaiUry. at Brechatimant. in Ihe Haute Altaee 
Sector. „ 

1 1761 

Nam. Hank and Horni AdAw 
Cobcr, R^ J.. Cuni,, R. R. No. 2. I'.lBdbronk lom 
Conyer. G«r« VT. P,i , Ul CI.. Rlck.tU, I™u, 
CnHford. Ch£ M.. C«p.. LionHii Mu 
Crum, John C. F.^[.. R. R. A., Elkhnrt Kon 
Cununlnn, JamH N., Cook. 1S26 SH»nd Si., Hoodp 
Ciml*. Cbiiriea E., Prt,. llabiiuaa, Kan. 
D=Wh««. Goit H.,S«gt.. 37S8 Fromont Av.., Minr 
Oaiuris.^uuue L., Pvt., Ut CI,. MmdvIUf. Mn. 
UinkBT. Wniiua I., Pvt,. R. F. D.. Nu. 1. Traer [o. 
Unvii, Curl D.. Pvt.. iBt CI.. Stuart. lows. 
DeUincer. F«y 8., IVt. H. F. D., No. " ''—'-^ - 
DnlVnii. Harry T.. Prt.. H. R. Nn 2. 
[>sl\(wi. WiUHm. Prt.. dunoJlor, S. ^. 
DoUuke, AlbCTl. Prt.. lOBZfi Ave. "N", CJiicairo, III. 
UurrDBU. Frank C. P«.. 217 Mnhnwk St., Herkimer, N. Y. 
Dowell. Brnjamln H.. Prt., ttiookadd Mo 
DuenneyH. Uarrey. Pvt., Pilot Grove. Md. 
Duauhig. Frank. Pvt., Parker. S. D. 

Dulpwr. CliarlnJ., Cora.. 131 Rock St . Moniuetle. Midi. 
Owyer. Vm. Prt., lat CI., Orient, lowo. 
Ebcrhut. George A., Pvl., lit CI.. Tolodo. Iowa. 
Kllcy. Hoy I., Corp.. Benkelinan. Nsb, 
Ev.iB, Thomaa C, Pvt.. Bovicr. Mo. 

HuerloB, JoH. PvL, lat CI.. 119 Wo.1 Ildon St., Brookfidd. 
tdrara. Alfio. Prt., SM Uborty St., Scheii«.udy, N. Y. 
FicntDoe. WnUi. R., Pn.. 1« CI.. CUoarron. Kan. 
Ftelchv. WnUun B., Pvt.. HUbank. S. D. 
Fonbari. GuaUv E., Meoh.. 1105 Edgorlon St.. St. Paul. Hi 
Fuwum. Albot T., PvL. MUbaok, 8. D, 
Frkuh. A. H., PvL. UtCI., lllSStb Ave. N., Minneapolk, K 
l^tble. Simon. Prt.. lit CI.. Aniuwi. Kan. 
Gardm, fraodi. Prt.. R. F, D. No. 1. MaiwelJ loifa. 
Gayken. Peter H., PvL. R. F. D., No. 1. Chancellor 8. D. 
Geriiuki, Aurut W., Corp.. Evetly. Iowa. 
GtlbaWn. GMrse H,. Coc^i. Rod Wiru. .Minn, 
r-. ..,,..__. „. 219 stagBSt.. Brooklyn. N.Y, 

k R., Sergl.. Cra 

Golden, Ramie L.. Pvt. 
(iuadwine. Harry J.. Pvt. 
Gou|^. John F.. PvU ■ 
Gould^ Nathan B.. Si 

dravea. CharCc.. Cc^p': 

Grava, Delbert D.. Prt., Carthae 
GravtUe. Jiiia J., lit SergL, Madu 
Green, Harry M,. Prt., Hunnitoo, 
Grioe, Adlai, Pvt., Uoneua. Mo. 
GrilEn, Frod. Prt.. l»l Cl„ ArBUIr 
GritSn. Hubert. Pvl.. 141^ 6. 26th St.. Argentii 
Gulirord, Ray M.. I>vl.. lit CI,. R. F. D. No, 1 
IlaUioan. Harry E.. Prt.. lat CI.. R. F, D. No. 
ilambnok, Graden J., Pvt.. Roanoke. Va, 
Haoka. luac A.. Prt.. lat CI., Ida Gnvo. Iowa 
HaOHo, Martin E.. Prt.. Dumfriee, lovn, 
Hardin. Floyd G.. Pvt,. Isl CI.. Piirdin. Mo. 
" — ^1, CbarWD..Corp., r 

ng. Mo. 

>laukelBnd. ThomsB S.. I 

.., (Mivi. 


Haynnn, Lubarliu H.. P. ... .„ 

IIcM>«ln. Albert A.. Corp., Bell and Cambeil Avt^ 
"-^ «le.C..?vt.. 

:.. OtletvUle. ,..„. 

KeM. Georite C, Pvt.. Blitff City. Kan. 

Kev. Fred. Cwd.. 3606 Girard Ave., N, MinucapoIiK 

Hill. Willie J., Pvt.. lit CI., Unnau.. Mo. 

Hialo, Erocal A.. Prt., Miami. Mo. 

Hobbi, leauo O., PvL. Moroelina. Mo. 

Hoe«. Claude. Prt.. Rwlin. Iowa. 

Hofer, lohn W.. PvU. R. F. D. No. 1 , Ynle. 8. D. 

Horman. A.. Jr.. Pvl., Ut CI.. Bo» SS. H. No. 1. Wb 

Honrd. Fred D.. SnrgL. Kidder, Mo. 

Huffman. Raymortd. Pvl., lit CI,. Antbon. Iowa. 

lluKBiin. CaTl. pvt.. 219 WiHxmain St,, Raoiiie, Wis. 

Huatun, Wilbur R., SerKt.. UPlatla. Mo. 

Hyde. John A., Pvt.. lit CI.. R. F. D., No, 1, Gacncj 

Ibaen. Walter, Pvt.. Lowdon, lows. 

Jarvis, Frank A.. Corp.. Grant, Iowa. 

JuhoMio. Bemhart, Pvt.. H, R. No. 1, Rolind. Iowa. 

iohuion. Edward P.. Prt,. 1st CI.. 904 Judaon St.. L: 

Johuaon, MaxweU, Pvt.. CnmweU, Iowa. 

■ " - ... 1830 Dayton r ----- 

Hatt. PyL. 2 

.. 123 MadiMU Court, 

I. Kan. 

■ilis. Miu 


Kincaid, WHltam k.. PvL, R. R. No. 2. Howi 

Kipper. Joaepb P.. Pvt., Richioand. Kan. 

Klalt, Robert A., Pvt.. LirjD Gtmvo, Iowa 

Kni^l, Cad, Prt.. Council BlufT. Iowa. 

lUoi, Jamea E.. Pvt.. lat CI., Cavoar, 8. 

Knulaon. Ola, CaA. 183T Qulnoy N. E.. 

Kocn. Call A., Pvl.. Bayer. Iowa. 

Koch. Gflorge R.. Pvt,. 16 Eait Columhia 

li.riateiiHu,7ena L.. Corp.. Menlo. Iowa. 

Umaiter. WiUk., Snvl,. OMge. luxa. 

Landrelh. Nathaolel G., Pvt.. SIS Broadway. Macon. Mn, 

Larson. Albart L.. Corp., IQka Club. Minneapolis, Mian. 

Larwn, Lcn S.. Prt.. lit CI.. R. R. No. 3, ifoton. Kan. 

LanoB. OK»r V., Pvt., Isl CI., Devon, Kanaaa. 

Lalhrop, Ivan W.. Pvl.. S«1la Bluff, Neb. 

Idwson, Barney E., PvL. lat CI.. California. Mo. 

l«ry. lawrruoB A„ Pvt,. 92 PUboore Ave,. Buffalo, N. Y. 

Ledfurd, George T.. Pvt.. lit CI.. R. R. No. 4. Conter. Mo, 

' "-an. David W -^^ - - - ■ 

Uwh.' " "" 

..Prt.. R. H. ; 

I R.. Prt., I 

r, GBlHrt, Prt.. R. F. 1). I" 
srt, Camilo / ■■ 
I. Fred W., : 

NoBf, Book and Menu Aditat 
Liebannw. Albert C. Corp., llli«. Midi, 

UdKnnan. WiUiam. SergL. 411 21it Av^, N., MianeapdB. Mum. 
Liiby, John J., Prt.. Ifl. Cl„ Founlarn firon. Mo. 
I-ickart. John L., Pvl.. Humboldt. Kan. 
Look. Charl™ H.. Corp.. Chain. Mo. 
Louk. Benjamin F.. Corp., Polo, Mo. 
LovbU. Alfred e.. Prt.. Ill a,. Adair. Iowa, 
l.unds(roni, John A.. Bergt.. 1386 Bbiir St.. St. Paul, Minn. 
Malcom. Clay B.. Prt., 1219 N. Stehun St.. Chamita, Kan. 
Manddl, Porter C„ Corp., Faribault, Minn, 
Mann. Charlea S., Prt-.B, R, No. 2. SpeoW, S. D. 
Marwigian. Hachig, Prt., S Madiaon St., Racine. Wh. 
ManoD. Joseph P.. Pvt.. Isl CI.. 2aS JoffErwn St.. Milwaukee. Wto. 
Murnin. Mir:hael M.. Prt.. Isl CI,. Adair. I<n>a. 
Malleujn. Harry A„ Pvt.. 1st CI., 7 HuKbo Terrace, Dqtroit. MkA. 
McAlister, JamM E., Corp., Linneue. Mo, 
McDonald. John W., PvL. Cambridm, I own. 
McDoDDdl, Matthew R., Buc. Adair. Iowa. 
McKoa. William 0„ PvL. lit CI., 312 .S, HudKm Sl, Macon, Mo. 
Mniw, George F.. Pvl., l.ilile River. Kan. 

. ^m..^ „.^ „ - ., -,, iiiariijey Sprints. W. Va.' 

.. HI i.i,. R. R. No. 4. Brooklyn. Iowa. 

it CI.. H. n. No. 2. Zuriog. Iowa, 
.■■uuw.u. i.uuu. n., i-vi.. R. R. No. 1, Halls Summit, Kan. 
MoUoy. Bryan M.. Pvt,, 1st CI.. Piirdm. Mo. 
Mongw. Howard, Prt-. Brajmer, Mo. 
Mar^v, Franda L.. PvL. Isi CI,, AgriODln. Kan. 
Mygind, Sam, Satl.. Route No, 3, Uona, Iowa. 
Myen. Forest B., Bug,, SniilhKHi. Mo. 
Nelson. Elmer. Prt,, lat CI.. EmrrHm. Iowa. 
Nelson, Horry O.. Pvl.. Itt CI., R,F. D, No. 2. Box II. Neal. Kan. 
Nueridwrger, O. A.. C«p., :131S Humboldt Ave.. MinneapoUi. Minn. 
Nult. Elva M.. Pvl. 31;s West 4th SL. Los Angeles. Cal. 
Oakland, Tenis M.. Pvt.. Boi 39. Badier. Iowa. 
Palmer. Joseph A.. Mech.. MendvUle. Mo. 
Patlyn. Leo ].. Corp.. 4208 X St., South Omaha. Neb. 
PeebW Clint J.. Prt., B, F. D. No. 2. Bevery. Kan. 
Peterson. O, G.. Mech.. 3960 Fremont Ave., N.. Minneapolis, MiOD. 
Petcraon. IMer, PvL. Ill CI,. Adair. Iowa. 
PollR. Elbridge G.. PvL, R. D. No. 5, Brilevue, Iowa. 
Prunty, Harold. Pvl.. 3834 4th Sl. N., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Putnam. Ralph J.. Pvl.. Admire, Kan. 
Rawlinn. John C. PvL. 328 W. Charles Sl.. Olwein. tooa. 
Rile. Charics B., Pvl., lit CI., R. R. No. 1. Bennel. Iowa. 
Riley, Daniel D.. PvL. Route No. 1. Aitdl, Teias. 
Roberta, Chester, Corp., BrookBeld, Mo. 
RoberU, Sidney L.. PvL. 1st CI., Twin Brooks. 8. D. 
Rogera, Harry F.. SeriL. 301 S. Monroe. BcH^Geld. Mo. 
Bohner. Frederick J..l>>t., 1st CI.. Fonlsndle. Iowa. 

It CI., . 


r*n M-, Sergl, 
Edward H.. C> 

a City. Mo. 
1. Incl. 

:orp., 1016 Buri 
L.. Keota. Mo. 

sdville. Mo. 

SdipakTAroD B.. PvL. 547 N. Dearborn SL. Cbicsfo. II 

Sehroepfer. Frank W,, Pvt., 336 West 4th St.. StTl^ul. 

Schupaniu, Hugo J., Cook, R. n. No. 1. Calmai, Iowa. 

Schurler. George W,. Corp.. LaMont, Ran. 

Soobee. Wesley F.. Pvl., 1st CI,. Colo. Iowa. 

Shoeta. Harlen H.. Corp.. Curlhage. S. D. 

Simonson. Fred C. PvL. R. R. No. 4. Irene, S. D. 

Siuclair, Basil E.. PvL. Pc^oek, Mo. 

Slocom. Charifo W., PvL. IIB 4th Ave.. Leavenworth, Kan 

Stoneker. Ralph D.. I>vL. 1st CI.. Meadvi" " 

Smith. Arlo L.. SergL. Howard St.. Denni 

SmiUi, Harry A.. Corp,. Marcel ine. Mo. 

Smith, Walter R,. Pvt.. Overton, Mo. 

Snider, Bert E,. Pvt.. Logan. Kan. 

Snodgraas. Russell W., Pvl.. Emerson. Iowa. 

Soper. Harry F... PvL. Glenwood, Iowa. 

Sponalr.r, George. Pvt,, llumselun. Iowa, 

Steveua, Birlen D.. PvL. 1st CI.. Twin Brooks, S. D, 

SleveuMin. B. B.. PvL, Isl C]„ 122 E. Bisbee Sl. Marodini 

Storey, Allen. PvL, 1st CL, R. R. No. 1, Halk SmmiL Ka 

Starm. Hiram A., Pvt.. Isl CL. 10 East 4th Sl, Coffeyvill 

Swanson, Carl O.. Prt., B. R. No. I, Kiroo. Iowa. 

Taylor. Beniamin G., Corp.. Meai 

Tbimkahn,l!ai- = " " " - 

llar^ S. 

ry S.. Pvl.. R. R, No. 6. Howard. Kan. 

E.. Pvl. PortaReville. Mo. 

Thompson. Howard E., Pvl,, Wmsinglon. S, D. 

Tbunbakken. Selmar. PvL. R. R. No. 2. Slory City. lowi 

Thorson. George. PvL. Ist CI., l-jnerson. Iowa. 

Tofte. J«a P.. Cook. Crystal I^ke. Iowa. 

Tomei. Augusto P.. Mech.. 438 Broadway, St. Paul. Mini 

Turner. Cheater H.. Pvl., Gr»nHfld In^o 


e. PvL. R. F. D. No. 


White. Charln E.. PvL, Rome, Iowa. 

Wicke, Fred II., Pvt.. R. R. No. 3. Herndon. Kan. 

Wilson. HcJIis H.. PvL, R. R. No. 2, MaliciDe Lodfe. Kan. 


McKnichl. Sun^ 
Newton, Jama 


, David W.,2iul Lt.. B3^ N 

u A>e . II> 


utin... Tirb. 
ily F?a«. N<-h. 

Albofg. lQhnH.,L ... 

Amrioe. Carl E., Pvt.. 1st CI.. BrLgtaton. Imtn. 

Anden, Eddie L.. Pvl.. lit CI.. DmrmnB. Mo, 

Andenon. Carl R., Sup. Sergt.. 1690 Mioufhaha S(.. St. Psul. Mi 

AndRHia. Kmok B.. Corp.. Hed Oak, Inwa. 

Aodenon. Levi H,. Corp^Enoiville. Iowa. 

Aik. Kaunue J,. iNt..'R. No. I. Story Ciiy. Iowa. 

AakeLua, Albat B., IVt., R. No. 1. Hewitt. MiH. 

Bart«lt. Ihto A.. Pvt.. Audubon. Iowa. 

Bsaudoiu, Alnander, Pvt.. HubbdI. Midi. 

Beemaa. Harold 8.. Prt.. 2606 Ave. "C". Council BIuITh, Iowa. 

Bea»D, Fred B., Corp., 708 BUi St., North. Fargo. N. D. 

Bnniincw. Robert. I>vt.. Buffalo. N. ¥. 

BarkaTLouii H.. Corp.. Roi 395. Movacla. Iowa. 

Billing. Williain R., Pvt., nil Shfl»n« Ave.. Kanua Cily. Kn 

BiahoB. Edward E,. Prt,. Novinger. Mo, 

BoBKK, Joumb F.. Pvt., iBl CI., 120B S. 6th St.. Counril Bluffs, 

B^. Waller T,. Pvt,. R. No. 4. AUsntic. Io».i 

BuylBn. James P., Serct.. 710 Cedar St., Si. I 

Bntl. Edwaid W., Corp,. 1016 High St,. Cou 

Brucfaer. Pete J.. Pvt.. I). No. I, Alehisn " 

il BluffH, 

ie D.. Pvt. 

w Ftunklin. Mo, 

^^.'4. Mui 

Bury. Edward L., Cook. Chaska. Minn. 
Call™, Fred F„ Pvl.. R. No, 1. Moravio 
CariKid. Carl C... Pvt.. Albert City, lowi 
Carbon. Edwin. Corp.. Lilchville. N. O. 
Chapmau. J«H. Corp., 211 Pennsylvani 
CluiinlKn, aiarlH A,. Pvl.. iBt CI.. SI5 
Cbom. Ramie II., Corp.. B. No. 2, "' 
Cbriileneen. Hurry D.. Pvt.. lit CI. 
Coble. Dennii J., Pvt.. UI CI.. Whu 
Cody, John B„ Pvt., Brashear. Mo. 
Cole, Loyd L., Pvt , R. No. I, Armoar, S. D, 
Colosky. Edward C. C«p.. VH-gua. Minn. 
Comer. Cbealcr M., Pvt.. lat CI., Buasey. Iowa 
Coiu. Chancel. Pvt.. Grant City. Mo. 
Cordu. Otto H.. Corp.. WPlow Lake, S. D. 
CoiBd. John M.. Pvt,. let CI.. Downing. Mo. 
Cunningham, PMh- P.. Pvt.. 310 7U. Si.. S, Mi 
Dallncr. bjipy R.. Pvl.. LocbHdge, Iin>a. 
I>amer, Andrew J,, Pvl., LongCnrd, Kan- 
Davk Carl C. Pvt,. Canton. IMd, 
Day. Eroell L., Sergl.. Lnvialan. Mo. 
Dcdorio. Dodle, Sergt.. 1 
Defieeat, AriB. Pvt.'lal 

Dpppe. E. H., Pvt., late. 

Devine. Joha B.. Pvt.. lat CI.. Ulmrod 
DiU«. Lawrenoe A., Pvt., lat Q.. R. N> 
Doud. Thomaa C. Prt.. liit Cl„ Firdwi—. 
DzuriH. John Jr.. Pvt., lat a.. R. No. 1, Je 
EckbloiD. Theodore V.. Corp,. 1»97 Albany 
Eggert. WiUiam, Pvt.. Lowdfon, loviii. 
Eggiman, Boy H.. Pvt,. Salem, S, D. 
Emboden, Dennu D.. SergL. 1T9 Kent St.. 
Fahcrty, Jobu B., Pvl., Boi 3M. Norbomo, 
FeatheriagiU, Chnta J.. Pvt., Gibba. Mo. 
Fergua, J^ia E., I>vt,. Boner. Iowa, 
Fickeu, Earl, Pvt., let CI., Haymaiid, Neb. 
Torino, Ja<«, Pvl., let Cl„ Paokwood. la* 
-■ t. WilUam A..SergU.1223Fauqt- 

., PoIIr, 

Foalec. John 

1.. Sergt.. ilotel Foley. St. Paul. Mini 

Pvt,. Tvrill, Iowa. 

TJioraaa E.. Pvt., Madiaon, Kan. 
an. Merril. Pvt.. LanDoi. S. D. 
■uec. Toaao H., Pvt., Route No. 3, De Stnw. S 
i. R«coe L,. Pit.. Atlantia, 1. 

3. CouncU BlujT>. Iowa 



1. P-L. 

i. N. Y. 

a,. Coal Harbor. N. D 

Carrolltin, Mo. 
" City. Kan. 

Gpppwi. Arthur J,, _ ._-. . .. ___... 

Glaaa, laadore 1., Pvt., lat CI.. 591 Canada St., Si. Paul. Miun. 

Gordpr. Albert. Pvl., Ill CL. Route No. 2. Buahrord. Mliin. 

Graham. William L„ Corp., Knoiville, Iowa. 

Guillion, Charley C. Corp,. BuMey, Inwa, 

GuBlafBon. Carl H., Pvl., Routo No. 4. Arlinglun. S. D. 

Halfpap. Wainer R.. Pvt., KnoiYilte, Iowa, 

KalverHD, Alfred J., IVt.. Holnhird. 8. D. 

Hammer. Floyd M.. Pvl.. let CI,. WVtglaiie, Mo. 

Hanaon, Eddie J.. Pvl., Itt O., Gilbert, Iowa. 

Harper, Rutland O., Pvt., Grant Cil), Mo. 



. JuMidi E. 

... ImCL. Loomia. S. D. 

'ard'L..l'vt..ThByrr. Kun, 
or E.. Pvt.. R(xit<- No. I, Slrandburg. S. 
I F.. I'vl., I„i CI.. IW E. IBSth St.. lir.,. 
Prt,, Badger, a " 

Iloekman, Fred P., Pvt.. Armou. 

Howard. Herba. „., „ 

Hulkk, Earl E,. Pvt,. 216 K, Portage St.. CnyaboM. Ohio. 
Humbal. Frank L.. Corp.. Benlley, Kan. 

Hyalope. Obver S 

Imd. Irvcn. Pvt.. Springfield. Colo. 

Ingtedue. Tom C. Pvt,. ClemoDa, loKO. 

Ivey, Edgar F... Pvl., Silby Ave,, St. Paul, Minn. 

Jrnaen, Jeiia, Pvl., Lake Preeton, 8. D. 

Johnton. Clarence F.. Sergt., B59 E. 3nl Su. St. Paul. Miui 

Jonea. Elia, Corp.. Pelanburii. Ill 
Jorgenaun. Magnua. SerKl.. Wall 
KaEan, Abraham, Bug., let C.I., i 

t. Pvt.. l_Ht _q.._ Swiahn, lows, 

HlJir, N, Y. 

.. _it a., B04W, Grimmer Si 

i. Louis P.. Pvt.. Route No. 2, Bennnd. 
V. Tandy K., Pvt,. lat Cl„ Franklin, Mo. 

Lathrop. A — . . -„_ .-^^ ..^- — , 

Lau, ClarBnoo L., Pvt.. Route No. 1, Elkarter, . 

Law*. Henry M-. Corp,, Downing. Mo. 

Lee. Joaeph E.. Pvl., Coknown. 

Leiatikuw. Chariea E.. Corp.. 2110 Crawford Ave., Paraena, Kan 

Lent, Marion A., Pvt., Orumt. Iowa. 

Ljungren. Albert S,. Ccrp,. SdMka. Minn. 

Logan, Joseph. Pvl., 1.1 CI.. Route No. 2. Toledo, lowo. 

Lord. Samuel. Corp.. St, Paul. Miim, 

Loy, Pearl E., Cuiii.. Packwood. Iowa, 

Lundbera. Carl T.. Pvi.. Strandburg. S. D. 

Lyon. Cliff, Pvl.. PlesMDlville, t™n 

McCarthy. Jolm G.. Pvi„ Milf. 

McCanfay, 'ninuaa. Sergl.. 115 _. 

McCanhy. Fred, Pvt., lit U.. Glenwood. Mo. 

McC«d. Edgar L.. Pvl., Traoer, Iowa. 

McDonougb, MyleiA,,lBtSern., 1015 E. 6th St„ Si. Paul. Minj 

McJunkin. Ray. Pvt.. Logan. Iowa. 

McKeehan. Virgil R., Bug., Osoeola, Iowa. 

McKinley, Harold, Pvl-THinton, Okla. 

McLaughlin. J«a A.. Corp., UI E. Madiaon St.. Jeffseun. lowj 

Malmind, OtlD. Mech.. Brandon, S. D. 

Martow, Roy D.. Corp.. Downing. Mu. 

Man, Earl A., Pvt.. lat Q., R. No. 1, MaDchealer. S. D. 

Meib. John J.. Cook. Floyd. Iowa. 

Miller. Elmer L., Prt., H. No. S, Oakland, Iowa, 

MiUiT. Harley J.. Pvt.. Fairfield. Iowa. 

Milter, Ralph. Pvt., Hopkiue, Mo. 

Miller. William H., Corp.. VOliaca, Iowa. 

Miner, Dana W., Pvt.. Unknown. 

More. Charlie H.. Com.. Gi 

Morria, Melvin E.. Corp., t 

Mucker. Roy S.. Pvt.. Tan - 

Munike. CaH H., Pvt.. lat CI., R. N 
». Harry S,. Corp.. 102 S, Arion 

_ _., _ ...Buffalo, N.Y. 

_.. Pvt., Pleaaanl Plain, Iowa. 
« E,. Corp.. 1303 N. Elm St., Eureka. Kan. 

Hodaon. Frank C Pvt., I 

It CL, Belphrie. Kan. 

Ave.. Si. Paul 

Noiill. Frank P., Prt.. Atnea, Kan. 
Nelaon, "■ " - ■ 


., Prt., IrtC 

Newton LouH E.. Pvl. 

Noring. Ralph W., Prt 

Opslvedt. H«iry 8., Pvl.. Roland. I 
O'Brien, Jamea P., Corp., Kiuraee, 1 
Oibeck. Simon. Pvt.. R. no. 2. Brut_,_ _ 
palWiiat. Albin E.^pvt.. R. No. 1. Salem. S. D 

n. Diok, Pvl„ 

la. Mo. 

il Bluffa. 1 

3. WiUow Springe. Mo. 

f, Pvl.. 36 Wagner Ave. Sloi 

. IrtCl.. I6!3^. 8UiSt.,Coi 

Pelerwin, Duke B.. PvL, lat CI., Furley, Kan. 

Peterson, Earl H., Pvt,. Brighton, lows. 

Pelemn. Harry V., Pvt.. Isl CI,. Barnard, S. D. 

Pokomowaki, Felix A, Pvl., Ill a., 121 Weimar SI.. Buffalo. N. Y. 

Priebe, Raymond J.. Com., R. No. 4, Ravenna. Mich. 

Purvia, Charles A., Prt.. 1st CI,. Grsenaburg, Mo, 

Suinn, Henry H,, Mesa Sergt., 44S Third Si., Ban Diefo. Cal. 
akeetraw. Frank W.. Prt.. Unknown. 
Bandell. Harry L., Pvt,. Fhilljpsbnrg, Kan. 
Redding. Cyma G,. Pvt.. 1st CI.. DuHDing. Mo, 
Beinharl. Wiliism. Pvi., l«i O.. Hale. Mo. 
flemmerl. Willi,..,, [I n-.rp H N,. 5, Humtmldt. Kao. 
nilielliirl.ri. ,,|. . Si l\ 1 I,-. ,v,ll... Iowa. 
nish'T. Il.irl-. ■ ■ him. 


! and Hume Adirett 

L. FaErHeld. Iowh. 

^Boh.. 433K Jackson St.. Si. Paul, Minn. 

Schattfcir, Wm. A., Much.. IHtb and Maris Av».. S. St. Paul. Mini: 

Schudiard. FrndHiok E.. Cook, 680 Mmier St.. St. Paul. Mian. 

Sthwart., DB»id. Pvl.. New York City. 

ScoviUe. Harvey. PyI.. 12 S. CWk St.. Ft. Scon. Kan. 

SalvH, RsLpb a, Pvt., Durham. Mo. 

Shsidan. Jobn J.. Pyt.. Lannon, Wi9. 

Sboup. Harry, Pvt., WiUianutflxn. Mo. 

Sieburg. Jena T.. P>t.. l>t CI., 909 Ave. "A". Couoca Bluffi. Im 

Sianur, Jobn, Pvt.. lit a., Deniaon, lows. 

Simmoiu, Paul ¥.. Pvt.. lat CI.. FairlMd. Iowa. 

Sklavenilia, Tdemachoo. Prl.. 356 W«t SBth St,. New York Cif 

SkwD. WUIiam O.. I>.t., Alucadero, Cal 

SmiUl, Earl v., Pvl., Knoivillo. Iowa. 

... St. Paul. Minn 

,1 MirahaU Ave.. St. Puil. Miun. 
Ue. Iowa. 

Smith, Uyd M., P« 

Smith. Meria D.. Pvt.. lat Q., Grec 

Smith. WiUiam B.. Pvt.. Kirkavnie 

Anebon. John Q.. Corp., KuoivDIf-. Irma. 

Snuw, Clarence M.. Pvt.. R. No. 1. r.ayville. S. D. 

SpangenbCTg. William P.. Pvl., IhlCI., 61R Hondo St.. St. Paul. Mini 

Stai?, Nathan J.. Pvt,. Logan. Iowa. 

SteiAeu. Aivota R., Corri.. ft. Na. I, Dunavant, Kan. 

Stevena. Chariot P.. Pvt., Am«. Iowa. 

SuUivan, Fml. Pvl.. I*i CI.. Niiul^Mu. 

SwaawiD. Mame. Pvt., lat CI.. R. No. :i. Mount Roae. S. D. 

Saulcaewaki. John. Pvl.. Ill CI.. 106 Spann St.. Buffalo. N. Y. 

Tnnary. Jamea. Pvt., De Smel, S. D, 

Vuder Unden, John L., Pvt.. lot CL.. BuBM^y. Iowa. 

Van Hoatoi, Roaa E., Pvt.. PatroLia. Kan. 

Van Z«, Anionic. Pvl.. lat CI.. CHIp,. In«a. 

Waltera. Ed M.. Pvt.. 2111 Jackaon Ave.. Wichita, Kan. 

Warner. Frank E.. Pvt., 

Waber, Frank M..P 

Wddon. Leal«r W., L 

Wells. Louie. Pvt., lat a.. Lawia, 
White. Frank. Pvt.. Lyona. Kan. 

.. dH.. 

Wooda. LaonI.,C«,.. 

Zarda. Paul. Pvt.. R. No. I, MerrUm, Kan 

Bumham, Archn L.. Ca|it,. Stanton. Neb. 
Jonm. Roland M.. lat Lt., -XXib Canlpr .St.. Omaha, Ni 
Slulue, Norris S.. 1st 1,L.. Lelhbridge, Albarla. Can. 
Barham, R. J., lit Lt., S222 W. Chrsiiiul St.. Louiavil 
Brantner. Cecil F.. 2Dd LL. St. Paul. MioDeuola. 
Long. Jack W.. 2ad Lt.. Helena. Mont. 
Home, Hoke t., Znd LL, Tacoma, Va. 
9c>lt, Stanley J.. Znd Lt., St. Paul. Minn. 
Hii-l. Willi.™ f IstSergt. U.S. Army. 

' « Sorgt.. Albert Lea. Mini 

TaUe. Benn _ _ _ 

Foi, Georae A., Sup. Sergl.. 676 Edmund St.. St. Paul, Minn, 

Bryant, Herman C. Sergl., 1028 Burns Ave. Si. Pi ■ ■■ 

"■ -■ ■' ■■ =- na Ave. St, Pau 

laSt„St, Paul,. 
vf asseii. nuy ti.. sergt.. m Aurora Ave.. St. Paul. 
Mdotc. Geome A , Sergt.. PrinceUm. Minn, 
Spock, Andrew W,. Sargt. ISDO Charin 8t„ St. Pau 
Swauaoo. Ehner F„ SfTgt., 1153 Blsir St.. St, Paul, 
Mael, Boyd, Sergl., Cincinnati, Iowa, 
Kuril. Gualave A.. S«gt.. 401 8. " '- — '■ - 

It T.. Sergt.. Belliany. Mo. 

- Tergt.. Bethany. Mo, 

Sergt.. 709 E, Boone St,. Man 
r,. Corp-. Aonanda- — 

Ave. Si. Paul, Mini 

Nolan, Lloyd A., Coni.. ITS E. Cungreaa St., 
Dtaterhoff. Albwt R., Corp.. T6T CroniM " ' 
Dye. Woodiy L.. Corp.. Kale. Mo, 
Hairk, Raymond C., Corp.. Bruuchlon, 
JiAnsoD. George H.. Corp.. Gladstone. I 
Hinabaush. Floyd V.. Corp.. Garden Gn 
Oge. Arthur W.. Corp.. New London, lu 
"yke, Haatii^ R,. Cw^., 314 E, Lewis, 

Peomd. John W., Corp,, Burlinalim, Iowa, 

tlenoD, Asa L., Corp,, 1531 S/MeadeSt., Wicbila. Kan. 

Biorke, Herman J„ Corp., Page. N, D. 

Chandlar. Ruby G,. Corp , R. F. D. No. 2, Kinkra.l Kan. 

Nierate, Oacar W., Corp,, Weatphalia, Ind, 

Wdls, Okey, Corp., Alianta, Mo. 

Slone, Howard VT, Corp,, Fiaher, Pa, 

Bnit«Htein. Peter S„ Corp., Broughlon, Kan, 

Murr, Dewey R,. Corp,, Maoon. Ma, 

Craig. Woodford M.. Corp., Conrad, Iowa, 

GibaoD, Ivan G,. Corp,. Brof^ibuig, Neb. 

Keecb, Waller S„ Corp.. 223 6lh SI., Clay Center, Kan. 

Kaeutter. Juliut G.. Corp., 376 Goodrich Ave.. St. Paul. Mii 

Laraen. WUIiam J., Corp.. R. F D. No, 3. WiUiilon, N, D, 

Leffln, Leonard C Corp,, CaUao. Mu. 

Giefer. Anthony M.. Corp.. 376 Hall Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 

Efan, John P., Corp., Acbia, Iowa. 

Namt. Rant and Homt Addrta 

Reck, Julin J., Curii-. Witleriou, Iowa. 

Hsuck. HiisneJI H., Cnrii.. Si. Paul. Mian. 

Marr.. Henry J., Corp., ^Vabaaha, Minn 

Mehoney. Waller J.. Corp.. St. Paul. Minn, 

Reilly, John E., C^.. Si. Paul. Minn. 

Ilarnrtt, Thomas E,. Corp., Yarrow, Mo. 

Utile, CaH R.. Corp.. Cmn. Iowa. 

Anderaon. Mall, Corp.. Millinnl, Mo. 

WolITam. GodfcEy F.. Cook, Grey Ea^e. Mimi. 

Chanman. NewtAn O., Cook, 4215 Gralior St., Si. Louia. Mo. 

McEIhaney. Lowbi M.. Cook, New Cambria, Mo, 

liuerra, I'nira. C.nk. Robalown. Teiaa. 

Finler, Charles H., Cook. StapIn, Mian. 

VunderKon. Cysberl, MccJi.. Maple Lake, Minn. 

RasmuBaen. Viggo C. Mecb.. Van W<vt. lows. 

Slevenson. William T,. Mecb., New Iliimpton, Mu. 

Woeiek. Frank. Meoh.. Spring Valley. [U. 

Ilahn. WiUiam F,. Bug., lat CL, Farting, lawa. 

Dennis, Roy E.. Bug.. Blythedalo. Mo. 

Acker. Henry G.. Pvl.. lat CL, Denver. Iuwb. 

Allan. Edgar H..iVl., lal CL. LilQe Sioui. Iowa. 

Bates, Glen L.. Pvt.. lat CL. Cambridge. Iowa, 

Bluth, Joaeph R., Pvl., lal O.. Grey Eagle. Minn. 

Boormsn. Carroll P.. Pvt., Ul CI.. Long Prairie, Minn. 

Bork, AuguHt, Pvt.. lat CL. .Maton. Ma. 

Buneb, Willlnm B., Pvl.. lat CL. Leon. Iowa. 

Cfldnrberg. Edward. PvL, 1st CL. Hibbing. Minn. 

Chenowetb Esri C. Pvt.. lat CL. Gorin. Mo, 

l^brialia. Ray H.. PvL. lat a.. New Hampton. Mo. 

Chunnl. E. E„ PvL, 1st CI.. 501 6lh St.. S. W . Mawxi City. I( 

Clark. Claud. Pvt.. 1st C\,. KirkaviUe. Mo. 

Cobb. George E.. Pvt.. 1st Q.. Eldora. Iowa. 

Collia, Lester E.. PvL, lat CL. Lamed, Kan. 

Cook, Harry 1., PvL. Ist CL, Niolaae. Kan. 

Cooper. Arthur B., Ph.. IhI a.. Star Route. Edaoa. S. D. 

C.riles. Clarence J.. PvL, Ist CL, Meriden, Kan. 

Culbitlh. Shelby R., PvL. lat CL, R. F. D. No. 1. Bayard. Ki 

England. John C.. Wt., Ist CL, Spenser, Okla. 

Fair, Marion J., Pvl. Ist CL. Scranton, Iowa. 

Faught. George V... PvL. Ut CI.. Hamilton. Kan. 

Fra. nayd C. PvL. Isl CI.. Fortat City. Iowa. 

"- '■■ "iS Parkway. Rochester. N.Y 

St CL. I 

den Plaii 

, - ::L, Modale. low. 

Heinicke, David L.. PvL. 1st CL. Concordia. 1 
Ht^mao. Urban U., Pvt., 1st CL, Murray, lov 
Hoaking, Clarence J.. PvL. lal CL. Tonganoiit 
Hunter. Dee. Pvt., Ist CL. Martinsville. Mo. 
~ ~ tlCL.SL Paul. Kan 

Kin. Darr> 


F. L., I 

.. Ist CI,. B 


McManus. William. PvL, lal CL, R, 
Mahler, Millon H.. PvL. 1(1 CL. Wa 
Mahoney. Joseph. Pvt., Ist CI.. I6SI 
Martin. Oscar G., PvL. Isl CL. iMn 

urg, III. 
inlVlounUin. I 
leadlyn. Iowa. 
'. D. No. l.Mi 

™, Minni _ 

IS SL, New York Cil) 

Olson, Ludwig E.. Pvl. 1st Q.. R. B. No. 5. Daoorah. Iowa. 

Olson. OscariPvt.. Isl CL. fclmmetaburg, Iowa. 

Pine. Elmer O.. PvL. 1st CL, Olelhe. Kan. 

Polka. Kdward. PvL. 1st CI., R. F. D. No. 3, Smith Center. Kan. 

Riley. UeU L,. Pvt.. Isl Q., New Hampton, Ma. 

Roy. Carl E.. Pvl., lit CI,. 601 S. lOOi St.. Cedar Rapida. Iowa. 

Scheuren. John M.. PvL. Ist CL, Kpiphany. S. D. 

Scnll. Jam™ H., PvL. Ist CL. Camhridge. N. Y. 

Sliwkfj, Huy G.. P-l.. lal CL. Novinger. Mo. 

rth'.n. irl W., I>M.. Isl CL. Jefferaonriows. 

Smillr,lip.,rur V., I'vL. lat CL, Albany, Mo. 

Sm.ih, [..-.•C.. I'lL, l9l CL. Wyconda, Mo, 

Snc™. llpunJc, fvL, lal CL. R. F. D. No. I. CtiyviUe. S. D. 

Splialoa. Juo. PvL. IBI CL. Kanaaa City, Mo. 

SuAer, Roy P., Pvl.. Isl CL. H. F. D. No. 3. Neola, Iowa. 

Stone. Fred L.. Pvt.. 1st CL. Braddyvillo. Iowa. 

Sirom. David, Pvt,, Ist CL. R. K. D. No, 2, Scranton, Iowa. 

TroU, Louis F.. Pvt., Isl CL. Walnut. Iowa. 

Weaver, laaiah R.. I'vL. 1st CL. Moundridge. Kan. 

Wi,Tk. Clarence R., PvL. Ist CL. 412 Plane St.. Burlington, la. 

Wise. Frederick A.. PvL. 1st Q.. Eagleville. Mo, 

Wokosin. Herman J.. PvL. lat CL. Derp Riv«. Iowa. 

Aken. George. Pvt.. St. Paul. Minn. 

Allison. John A., Pvt.. Mnrfreesboro. Ark. 

Anderson. Anthun L.. Pvt.. Mitchell. S. D. 

Anderson, HrHsl C. PvL. Milbank, S. D. 

Aroosan. Ernest O.. Pvt., Stockholm. S. D. 

Babcock. Frank C. PvL. liumansviUe, Mo. 

Baliano, NieiJa. PvL. 567 E. lB7Ul St.. New York City 

Bails. Ivis ll„ Pvl. Elm City, N. C. 

Bell, Roy E., PvL. Hoe Heightj. S. D. 

Hlunk Hans K.. PvL. Star Route. AUanlic Iowa. 

Buchuiz, Fjnil J.. Pvl.. H. F. D. ^o. I. Avon. S. D. 

Buckslead. Louis C. Pvt.. Irene. S. D. 

B<irton, Truman C, Pvt., Bethany. Mo. 

Butcher. Adam L.. Pvt., Bethany. Mo. 

Brucher. Joseph J., I'vL. Alchiaon. Kan. 

Casserly. WiUwn P.. Pvl.. Adoia. Iowa. 

ChapUio. Harry J., PvL. Iowa Falls, Iowa. 

Cr^H. Samuel H.. PvL, llaviland. Kan. 

Crunun. John F., Pvl. MiMouri Volley. Iowa. 


I':utWDDd. ie»w \ 

l'3>1en. Zenus. Pvl 
Erteichello, Salya 

. I^'t.. Bemidji. Minn 

d W.. P»l., K. Hay 

wSt., New York, N.Y, 

e Sl., Faribault. Minn 

IT W., Pvl.. Belhony. Mo. 

y. Ph.. 714 ^. Waihiiiglo 

D, Cheri» H.. m.. LowiH, Kan. 

Hailitt. Jfdin. PvL 

s. Robert M.. PyL. : 

JHcobsoa. Nomi 

i E.. Pvt.. B. ». 1, K™ 

Jnhn»n. WnUacn K., Pvl.. Homo Cily. Minn. 
Jon«. Uotd E.. Pvt.. 418 Mu. Sl.. Mactin. Mo. 
Kaiger. John L.. Pvl., Yankton. S. D. 
Karunip. Herman. Pvt.. Keriwy. S. D. 

Kinc.CWiT t., Pvt.. BelJuinr. Mo. 
KUlt. CiiiH« v.. Pvl.. 603 Lafund St.. St. Piiiit. M 
Klywoe. Corneliiu, Pit., 1503 itock SI.. Sioni City. 
KooBko, JoHoiih, Pvl.. Uowervillr, Minn. 
Lafaodny. WilUm G.. P.I,, H. F. D. N"- S. Narko, 
Lewia, Charles V'., i'vl.. Ilmworlli. Mo. 
LtnJtiuist. PhUip C. P<l 
i..i>itry, Edward. !• ■ - 
McNeal. MtrKinli 

Manning, Alberl 

Mardea. Guy S., Pvl.. PurkenbiirK. W. Va. 
M.».in,hHm. fitlbBrt R ■■ ■ - 
1. Wlkur F.. Pi 

vl., H. K. I). 
ley. r.l,. Viuu> 
R., P»t..Annh 

fitlbart R., Pvl.. Indopendni 

.,_iU)cF.. Pvl.. P. O. Bm Ml. Aberdeen. Wadi. 

May«, Harry W., Pvt.. Gredojr, Kan. 

Meyer. Frederick R.. Pvl.. Goum Lake, Iowa. 

MunwiQ. Thomaa, Prt-.Bll E. IStli St.. KansaaCily. Mo. 

Muiphy. Lne O.. Pvt.. Blylhedalc. Mo. 

Nolibn, Orvillfl, PH., Fort Hwjti. Knn 

U'kana. WiUiain M.. Prt.. 9Ui and Wabudi St.. Sl. Paul, Minn. 

Park, WiUiem M., Prl.. R. F, !>, No. 4, Mankato. Knn. 

Parka, Alexander. Pvt. 

Pedman. Ueorge. Pvt., Cndar Fallj.. Iowa. 

Pellersen. Hans T., Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 1. Kuckinnham. Iowa. 

PhiUipa. Earl. PvL. 9qi>er. Oklu. 

Pittman. Cliffurd C. Pvt., Salem Iowa. 

Plamna, Henry H.. Pvt.. Tripoli. Iowa. 

Pultrali, ReirOiold. Pvl.. Ward. S. D. 

Price. Claud L.. Pvl.. Cniniivlllf. Mi>. 

k, Charlie. Pvt.. 

". Samuel D. " 
leen, Ohcot 1 

;.. Pvl. R. F. I>. No, 5. H 
vt,. 1313 a. Waler St., W 
-t Vr.nklin. Kilt.. 

R. F. D. No. 


Pvt., n. 



Rolh. Alvin L., Pvt. 



Rudebeek. Charlie F 

Pvt,, 4tli St.. Cod 

Sohoonfeldl. Adam J 

IM-, T 

peka, Ka 

Schneider. Vernon J. 

P.t„ 12 

Snilll. S 

Sclnimacker. John N 


i[K^i. low 

Sclby. Louia A., Pvl. 
Shafer, R«8J.. Pvt, 



Shaver. Robert A.. P.I.. R. F 

p. No. ; 

Shoefelt. Hoy M.. Pv 

t„ Fredo 




Songer. Clarence D.. 

ery, Kan, 

Spat.. Na;h_an K., I. 



Stephens. Kraooa 11.. Pvl.. Paeifie. luw 
Styve, Luther O.. Pvt.. DeconJi, luwa. 
Ulhlaul, GeurRo E,. I>vt,. Fayetle. Mo, 
Waller., Charles J„ P.t,. New Providence. luwa. 
Weber, Herman J„ Pvt,. WorthinRlon, luwu, 
Wilkinnun, Kemamia H.. Pvt.. Trenton. N, D, 
Williama, Melvin R„ INt„ R. F, I), No, I. Slark, Kno 
Wirt, CloD B„ Pvt,. Ruriintrton, Iowa, 

Waahbum, Abbott M., Capl., Duliilh, Minn, 


■y C. Isl Lt„ I 

Mineah, llarcild J,, 

_J, MinL, 

il Lt„ ChicaEo, 111. 

- .Umaha. Neb. 

1 Lt.. Wilt. Okla. 

., Daylon, Waah. 

It Send.. Minneapulia, Mini 

ffame. Hank and Home AdJrea 
Foeter. Prebble C, Servl,, Colleco Mound, Minn. 
(iiard. Henry A., Sargl,, Fosalor "■-— 
■ ■■ EaH E„ SerRt.. Si. Paul. ,- 
' "ier^t., St. Paul, 

SerRt.. Si. Paul. Minn. 

Harry, Jr,,Serfft.,S ~ " "" 
y. WilUam L,. Sergt,. 



Simpson. Waller V,. Sagl.. Fairmont, Minn. 
Voha, George M„ Sergt,. Klamalh Falla, Ore. 
Vuae. WUIiam H., Sergl., Sl, Paul, Minn. 
Williams, F^ward D„ Saet,, Omaha, Neb, 
Bnuerlein, Hush, Corp.. Wichita, Kan. 
Bealy. John, Corp.. Ilumanaville. Mo. 
Hrown. Warron (f. Corp., Carbon, Iowa. 
Curwin. George J., Corp., Rockwell Clly. Iowa. 
Fnhey, Marlin, Corp., Dubuque, Iowa, 
liiMer. Joseph M., Corp., MurdEand. Mo, 
IIiininR, William F.. Cisp.. Anderson. Iowa. 
Hurlung. Jaoim A., Corp., Macon, Ma, 
Hill, Warren W„ Corp., Eldorado, Kan, 
n.4nitierg, CarruU F.. Corp,, Strcmg City, Kan. 
Junes, Isaac L., Corp.. Bdknap. luwa, 
KHIey, Juc C. Curp,, Neward! Mo, 
Knig. Honry R., Corp., St, Jownh. Mo, 
).ipi>ert. Malthew. Corp., St. I>ai>l. Minn. 
Morehead. Jidin B.. Corp.. SL Paul. Minn, 
l>rrry, Raymond A,, Oirp,, Juplin, Mu. 
Pine. Wane E,. Corp.. LaMoille, III, 
Snnii, Fnnemeo, Corp.. Bevier, Mu, 
Sikkink. Alfred J.. Corp,. Prealon. Minn, 
Staun, Lewis Y.. Corp., Wakendn, Mu, 
Htnveneon. Burdelte, Corp.. Chendiee. Iowa. 
Sullivan. Ruirene D,, Corp,. Topeka, Kan, 
Swanaon, Martin E„ Corp,. Essex. Iowa, 
Taimaa. Danid C. Corp., Hamburg, Iowa. 
Walker, (herald L.. Cisp., LuBellc, Mo. 
Workman. Rleen M., Corp., Farrugul, Iowa, 
Wyant, Adrain. Corp., I^llock, Mo. 
Zuodama, Claus S,, Curp,, Aahlnn. S, D, 
Bennett. John. Corp,, Milan, Mo, 
Cuvannuah. George, Curp,, Mulberry, Kan 
Crnin, Ray M., Corp., Wichita, Kan. 
NoUcmeyn-, I'Vank K. W,. Corp.. WlohiU, Kan. 
Itiecfaler, Herbert E„ Corp,. Dubuque. Iowa, 
MayOeld, Harry M., Corp., Omaha. Neb. 
Cain. MurreU W.. Cook. Edina. Mo, 
Cunnolly, Lwirenoe A., Cook, St, Paul. Minn. 
FJtun, Bennie L., Cook, Preslon, Minn, 
Zohili, John, Cook, Tower, Minn, 
Bugelen, Karl H,. Mecfa,. Fergus Falls. Minn. 
Meckola. fxiward L.. Mreh.. Soudan, Minn. 
Gerkey, Louis E,, Mech,. Waukon, Iowa. 
Jeppeaoa. Cbris M.. Mech., Brylon, Iowa, 
Jcihnxin. Oscar. Mech.. Knot Cily. Mo. 
Clark, Edward A., Bug., Dubuque, Iowa. 
Kn.^^ Iv,...!.-!. H..,. M«. Vork N Y 
ork, N. Y. 

,. IVt., 1st Cl„ Kno 

Blain, Samuel, Pvl., 

It CI., Shenandoah, lows 

a, Charley B„ Pvt,, I 

n, Pvt,. 1st Cl„ 
.. 1st CI., Scdali. 
St CL, [m. 

, Mo. 

u City. Mu. 

», N, Y. 

>l Cl„ Brni 

__.. Keb, 

Cl„ North Dubuque, I. 

,. IBI CI., Randoliih, l» 

Howard, Claude, Prt., 1st CI., Keota. Mi 
Iriliuk, Carp, Pvl., lat CI.. South River. 
Keller, John C.. PvL, 1st Q.. Sioui Falls. 
Kilgore, Frank, Pvl., Ist CI., Humphreys, Mi 
KnpFor. Joe. Pvt.. Isl CI.. Broughton, Kan. 
"ifl, George M., Pvl., Ist CI., Fairmmt. Mi 

.y, Andy T., _ 

irran. Joseph, tvi... ist i^., new n 

jnalach. Alfred, Pvl., lat CI., Gral., 

iss. Anthony M., Pvt.. Isl CI., l.arimore, N. D. 
over. George H., Pvt.. Ist CI.. Newark, Mo. 
inhammcr. Harry. Pvt.. Isl CI., Ukrerk, S. D. 
■slafsoD. Earl E., Pvl., Isl CI., BUknbiirg, Iowa. 
insoD, Joseiih, Pvt,, Isl CI., Valley SprinRa. S. I>. 


'is. Dav 

I. Pvt.. isl CI.. ! 

dillarri, Samuel F., Pvt., Isl CI.. iVoieelion, Knn 
Murduek, Jsmea H., Pvl., Isl CI., Clarinda, Iowa, 
Novak. Thomas F., Pvt,. Isl CI.. Foley, Minn. 
•ounell, Hoyd R., Pvl., Isl CI., Haigler, Neb, 
•erry. Clarence R.. Pvt,, Ist Q.. Clemens. Iowa. 
Picketl, Ernest L.. Pvl., 1st CI.. Harris, Mo. 
Richards. Louis, Pvt.. 1st a,. Sodalia, Mo. 
nidgeway, Aubrey R.. Pvt., lal CI.. Arkansas Cily 
Rondenelli, Frank. Pvt.. 1st CI., Sheffidd, Pu. 
Hooa, John H., Pvt., Ist CI , Putun. Iowa. 
Scon. Frank M.. Pvt.. Ist CI.. Humphreys, Mo. 
Smith. Glen D„ Pvt.. Ist CI., Luoerne, Mo. 


Name. Rank and Heme Addreii 
Tikoi-AliTfl, Jona, Prt.. Ist CI., LJttle Eacte, 8. D. 
ThiEf. David. Pvt.. iBI CI.. Bullhead. S. D. 
WilliaRUOD. Albarl. Pvl.. I>t Q., Usiley. S. D. 
Will, Addph A.. Pvt., IBL CI.. Si. ['Bill, Mina. 

Bachnua. Lwiia, Pvt.. Krandon. Iowa. 
Bamum, ClanDoe E., I>v>.. Calva, Kan. 
Black, Oscar M., Pvt.. Gliddpn. Iowa. 
Hlach, Waiiam n., Pvt., MnroHinn. Ma, 

Guv H,. f 


Caa«. Earl J.. Pvt., 
UiaH, WaUactt, Pv 
Cbrul«iufla, Arthur 

EckbAg, MaiUn E.. Pvl, Minnvapulis, Mini 
En«lBr, Charln W., INt.. Sodalia, Mo. 
Ethdl, Robett L., Pvt., Angu^. luwa. 
Fetthou. CbntvC, Pvt..Sl. Paul, Minn, 
Kit^ahn, laaBfib. Pvt.. Edina. Mo. 

H T„ Pvt., Edim 

... UlaDchar<l, Inwa. 

G«. JohnM., Pvl,. U 

■on, Hannr L 
r, Ernnt L., I 

L. Otlumwa, laws. 

Pvl.. GrBcn Cilj, Mo. 

iy, LoDDie H., Pvt.. N»v>,llv. Mu. 
[, Laddy, Pvt.. St. Paul, Minn. 

■„ Pvt.. Green Caalle. Mo. 

Lockiroad, Frank. Pvt.. Wykol, Minn. 
McDonald, Bircb A,. Pvl., Pollock, Mo. 
McDonald, CUrcnoe, Pvt., Hamburg, Iowa. 
Madican, Jtwiph L„ Pvt.. reoata. Iowa. 
Matthewa, Batal L., Pvt., Lravrnworlh, Kan 
Mayuard, Fred L., Pvt.. Hecia, S D. 
MiD«ir, Lloyd W., Pvt.. Dea Moinaa, Iowa. 
Minker, Fr«l. Pvt., St. Louis, Mo. 
Monaamith, ClifUm A., Pvt., Maukato, Kan. 
Montapmery, George, Pvl., Milan. Mu. 
NeeirBeiuamiD F., Pvt., Sedalia. Mo. 
Well. John L.. Pvt., NorthtKiiu, Iowa. 
Nieben. Ncla P.. Pvt.. Kenainslou, Kan. 
PallenuD John A., PvL, Rimiay. Iowa. 
PelHwn, Hans L.. Pvl., Hlkhom, Iowa. 
Pnocio, JoHoh, Pvt.. Now York, N. Y. 
" ~ rnir, Lealar, Pvt,, Shenandoah, Iowa. 

Ha^aiiirWilliam n., rv 
RumusHn, Henry W., I 
Raafnuaaen, Lawrenoo W 

Ihur p.. Pvt.. Eaaci. Iowa. 

r. Thomas A., Pvl. 

h. Simon 8., Pvt.. CoOeyvilln, Kan 
t. Claranoe O.. Pv^, Painoni. Kb 

Thrw Stara. Haul, Pvt,, Martin. S. 1). 
Vaoakikfl, Jimmie, PvU. Newark, Mo. 
Wiboo. WilUam K., Pvt,. Pollock, Mo. 
Yardler. Alva. Pvt.. Boynlon, Mo. 
Ytlrevold, Arthur E., PvU. Huilirv, Iowa 
Luek. Loreu A,. SariL, SL Paul. Minn. 
Seybt^d. Martin L.. Pvt.. HamburE. Iowb. 
McCarthy, Charley. Pvt.. Novdiy, Mo. 
Omka. Jnry, PvC, Soulb Sido, Omaha, Neb. 
Moir, John, iBt Sergt,, St, Paul, Minn. 
O-Hara, Charka J., Sagt.. St. Paul. Miuu. 
Rocen, Joaeph E.. Sertrt., St. Loiiii, Mo, 
Nkn), GMjTfa R.. SbtkU. Edina. Mo. 

Bboada. Walborne C. 


Loehr, I.ouia, Pvl., Unknown. 
Teaeler. William, Pvt.. Unknown. 
Bohrer. Hoyd H., Pvt., Unknown, 
Boieman, Erwin H., Pvt., Unknowi 
Db Bold. Eiiward F., Pvt., Cnkuo^ 
Eaih. Walter J., Pvt., Windom, K 
Hdt, ll<!nnan C... Pvl., Unknown. 
Horton, Harry L., Pvt.. Unknown. 
Jsnwn, WiUiam T.. Pvt.. Unknown 


t. Wari 

.,. Unk... _ 


SlaloQ. Claude, Pvt.. Wakenda 
VoM, Paul L., Pvt., PilUhurv. 
WilBim, Thomas C. Pvt.. Unk 

Bollis, Elmar R., lat Ll.. Sandstone, Minn. 
Cochran, Paul B.. 2nd Lt.. 9 tl I Ith St., Minni 
Gins, Knrl F.. 2nd U.. S6S Uliaon St.. Portlan 
Harper, Henry C, Znd Lt.. 11 " ' 

Hawlhorne, J 

II. WOliuil 

U HIuITb. Iov 

Williams. David M., Capl., 910 W. Sih St.. Spokane, Wash. 

Adcock. Herman A,. Pvl., Wakenda, Mo. 

Aldrin.Hitding, Pvl,. SniEudid Ave., Indiana Harbor, Ind. 

AlexBoder. Samuel J.. Corp., Biadow, Mo. 

Allweg, Bett, Pvt.. 210 W. 9Ui Si.. Dm Mninet. Iowa. 

Anderson. Aid V., M«h., 51 W. RobieSl.. .St. Paul. Minn. 

Anderson. Joseph, Pvl.. 1st CI , Lucerne, Mo. 

' --*B0 yy.. Pvl., IstCU H.»;k Port, Mo, 

a, Charles S., Sergl.. Stua 

., 1039lla>>lin 

d, Ohio. 

t. Paul, r 

Bernstein. Henry G., PvL, S95 Dayton Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 

Bishop. Charles E., Pvt., Pinevilln. Mo, 

Blake, R. IL, Sup. Sergl., Pullman Ave., St. Paul It., St, Paul, 

Bonnidl. Guy A., Pvt.. Shclbyville, Mo. 

Bookout, Glenn G., Corn , Green Cily, Mo, 

Boae, Carl W., Pvt.. 1st CI.. Graham. Mo. 

Borup. Albert E., Pvt., ist CI., While Owl, S. D. 

Brooks. Paul, Pvl,, 409 W. Sth St., Pittsburg. Kan. 

...1. Ifii F., Pvl., 1-w.-. ^.. 

k. Charles,"^™ 1013 W^Clav St., St. Charln, Mo. 

I*, r.h.ri™ c., l*Vl., 1 — ■* ., - . 

r. Pvt.. Is 

_ J., A. F. O No, 2. Lura', 

ilCI., H, F. D. No. 1, Salica. Kan. 

«isenw, Albert W., Cook, 9n» Lafond St,. St. Paul. Minn. 
Cain, John J.. PvL, Isl CI., hn Wall St.. Sioui Qty, Iowa. 
Gallon, Georae H., Pvt.. H. K. D. No. 4. Stockton. lU. 
Carmiehafl. Fay E„ Pvt., lit C[., Parncll. Mo, 
Caylon. Vero V., Pvt., liiiilforrf. Mo. 
ChaSee. Ilarley, Meoh., Lewialon. M<>, 
Chafae, Don, Corp,, While Owl, S. D. 

Chamben, WioEsId S.. Sergt., R. F. D. No. S. Des Moinn, t< 
Chandler, J.S., Pvt., 1st Cl„ R. 31^ 4lii Nad. Bk Bldf., Wichita 
Clary, Frank, Pvt., 4104 U St.. S. Omaha, Nfb. 
r™*™n, Carl ft.. Pvt,, Ist Cl„ Luray, Kan. 

nan, John D.. Secgt.. TM Thomas St., SI. Paul, Mini 

'■•— ^J.,Pvt..lalCL,23S8N." ■ -" ■■ 

jrry M.. Pvt.. Scoll Cily, ll 

Cooley, Ray L.. Pvt.. Ilusehy. Neb. 
Cooper. Chnter C Corp., Parnidl. Mo, 
Carder, John J., Pvt.. Ist CI., 1004 K. 13[h St. 
Coalley, Cleveland M., Serai., Nevis, Mic 
Collon, Earl D., Pvt., Ist CI., 30J W.omii 
Cramer, Ermat D., Pvt,. 1st CI., Blackwati 
CroB«. Cbarlea C, Pvt.. ~ 

[ Si., Waterloo, lo« 
, Mo. 

V Island, Cana 

IS L.. Corp., Deepwal' 

1..JJ n... i> — • • -,a 1J.„„„.. 

J, llartisbu 
Dean, Itoy. fvt., L,angdon, Mo. 
Detich, WiUiam L., Pvl., 410 Leispcich St.. Ollumwa. 

Derfua, Anton F., Pvt., I- " '"-''■ ■■■■-- 

Delerman, Bernard H., 

th St., Milwau 

alCI.R.F.D. No.Z,Bo)42.Manch 
a. Gilbert S.. Pvt., R. F. D, I^o. I. MUo, Iowa, 
am. John W., Pvt., Murray, Iowa. 
a. Francis E., Pvt., Isl CI.. Box 32», Stuart, Iowa. 

Doughitt. Janus D,. Pvl,, 303 Central Ave,. WidiiU, Kan 

Dralle, William H.. Pvt., Allison, Iowa. 

~ oh. Pvt.. Isl CI.. B, F. D. No. 4, Dysart, 


1. lli>n 
Dya, Willi, r 

Eldrid«i>. M 

I, Will 

.vl J,. 

,1 n., ■ 



FunUcI]. JiAn F.. Corp., I 
Gall. AIyidJ.. Sent., ^eill8 
GilUwR. Walter H.. Pvl.. 1 

5 Randolph Si., SL Paul. Mini 

Murphy Ralph M Pvt 1 
^H:lI^ ftiUism II iHLSerc 

GrcMlh. Albert G.. Pn . Daw 

.. IlavilaDd. KsD. 

Dhm JihnJ P>t CouiumI < ruvr kan 

(M«.n Ord n F Pvl H No 2 ArlingH 

pHrk Paul V Corp Tarli □ Mo 

Psrher IJierlw O Pvl tit < I Hale 

PotHnell Joe Pvl Ilibb ng M nn 

Ph<J[H tred A Pvt H No 1 Helland S D 

Hamatoo, Wilbcrl G., 

.. Ill CI.. Mar^vil 

PrfstwDod Tilh 


.. Pvl.. Genler. Mo. 

Hc^^n. V 

It CI., 1^20 S. Rarrett St.. Scdalia, Mo. 

91 CI., IIW lliRh St.. D« .Moitwa. I 

.. Pvl.. Plad. Mu. 

Horton, EuKetie O., Pvt.. 
Houah. Ralph L., Pvt., I 
HudwD. Oeoree C. Pit 

n M.. Pvl, 

so. Carroll C SerRt-. Ladeaboro, Minn. 

n. Bert C, Corp.. 527 N. Murki-l St.. Oakaloosa. lo 

Jargo. Roy A.. E>vt.. 620 [Icnnepio Ave.. Minneajwiw, Mii 
D, Jsm« W.. Pvl.. iBt CI.. R. e. 1). No. 4, Cedar Pall 

OD. CUude H.. Pvt.. 1914 2ih1 Ave.. Nebraaka Cily. 

JohnooD, Nel» P.. ["vt.. let CI.. R. K. D. No. 3. MUrord, lo. 
Jaoea. WiUiam L.. Pvt.. let CI.. Boaworth, Mo. 
Juvntd. Ole. Pvl., Ut CI.. NorthKeld, Minn. 
Kabauik. Johns.. Pvt.. R.F.D. No. 1, Cedar. Mich. 
KaiKT. Walter J.. Pvt., 2420 DsytoD S[ , La Crone, Wis. 
Kean. Kenneth L., Pvt.. 1211 Morrow St., WilUnaburg, 
Kelly, Hufiu H.. Corp., Baeworth. Mo. 
Kepnedj, Michael A.. Corp., , 

Kopreh, Fred G., Corp., i 

MCI. H. F. D. No. S, Pan 

Lodie, WallcT, Pvt., 191 CI., Curollton. Mo. 
Levenduaky, Leo, Pvl,, Falcbank, luwa, 

.civv. Sidney C. Semeant. 918 <n>odrich. Ave., St. Paul, Miuu. 

MB, Mervio M.. IVI., 2 Elm St., Ejoporia, Kaa. 

int. Andrew. Pvl.. Ist CI.. Arthur. Iowa. 

^ng. Andy H., IVL. Ut CI . Cureall, Mo, 
Love, Clareuoe F., Pvl., R. F. D. No. 1. Bayard. Iowa 

mann. HoUin C. I'vl.. IMS N. Waco Ave.. Wichita, Kan. 
i. ManJiatl B., Pvl., Isl CI.. Pilot Grove. Mo. 
_,.n, Otio H., Pvt., Isi n., Orinoque, Kan. 

.yotB. John F., Pvl.. 61 16 Cedar Ave.. W. Philadelphia, Pa. 

ilcCroory, Edmund. Pvt., Uawego, Kan. 
MoGoe. Eunrne S.. Pvl. l«t CI.. Perry. Mo. 
MfKe-w. F.d»ar,l J.. Pvi.. HI CI., 3M6 Q St„ S. Omaba. Neh. 
McKinnen. Hayinond, Pvt.. 16 Somemet Ave.. Taunton. Maw. 
McMIUflQ. Homer D., Corp., Wanda, Minn. 
Macedo, Ennand E., Pvt., 130 BHdKe St.. Camhridtn-. Mu~> 

Martin, Rcdnrt S., Pvl 

91 Cl„ R, No. 4, f 

}, Graver C. Pvt.. IllUxboro. Tei 

LewiaS Pit lat CI Can 

— Tdlman A Pvl Hend. 

C Inter J Bur S49 S Bruit 

" INt ( ulhne Ci 

Pvt latCt Wat 

— -- - ... — -. -. _ inSt Carrolllon. Mo. 

R mby Frnat C Pvl lat CI Clarenw Mo 

Rochholi Charloi C Pvt Ist CI R No 2 Ada r Iowa 

Roed Elmer Pvl R No 4 Ei ra Iowa 

Ryan Andrrw J Corp 5114 Lakewood Ave Chicani 111 

Si Pierre Adelard Pvt latCI 6 Routwi'llSI FalVRiver. Mbk. 

badek Mward Pvt lat CI 112.1 Chataworlh St Si Paul. Minn. 

SadekJoaephF Pvt Istll llSlthaMworthSt Sl Paul. Minn. 

"-" r Chariest SergL Pickniug Mo 



; Pvt I „. .. . 

erl O Cook too 

t Mo 
■•nanan joii^ I. fvt lit 1.11 Kraahear 
Shugrei F E Cook 104'> Was] niiton Av. 
SiKnordli GuHsepi Pvt Bm 804 Wlteno 
Smith I erry L ?vt lat CI Blackwaler 
Snider Charlw F Pvt Ut O Lakenan 
Snyder Jack PvL lat CI D am nd Mo 
r Ralph Pvt IBOZS IhSI Harlan 

u Mnn 

ockholmSl Brooklyn.N. Y. 
reen Mo 
1 Cherokee Okia 


<' Albert J Pvt Lenno 
■ ■ g John PvL On 

5 I) 

I lowe 

Stewart Charley Pvt ShelbyviUe Mo 
Stoll Matt Pvl. Clyde Mo 
Stneklett Ceed V Pvt De Soto Neb 
" " '. 366 I eari St Ne. 


r Pvt . 

... -jl (,1 l.<ikin 

Swenaon Georiie H Ser(rt (Jiatfield Ml 
Togaerl t^w n R Pvl 1230 S St Fran 
Taytor Bert Pvt CoH Lake Minn 
Teuney Eamull- Corp Center Mo 
Timm SethC,lvt Manchmtcr Iowa 
Tethe Harold B Seigt R No 2 Mad son Minn 
lippr ( brence \^ Pvt W dliamaburg Iowa 
Todd Lltherll Pvl lal 11 4R4°2ndAveS M 
Toft WHlal ( irp ■;26b lOth St " ' 

Wichita Kan. 

e Harr; 

9 Pvt Jetr _._ 

Pvt BoonviUe Mo 
E PyU R !■ D No 2 BgStoneCly S D. 
■ ■ ' ■ — b Robert St bt Paul Mil 

Ingarett Joseph A Swgt ._ . . .. 

Un Den HeurE Fraocia A Corp Brunsw ck M. 

iValkup I uyA Cwp Tork o Mo 

A'allera Albert R Pvl lat CI Clcarmonl Mo 

W II umH Obe C SagI Boaworl 
nUnerd Stuart Corp B No 1 
WunmcrEdwaB Pvt lit CI 

:t52I\D l.\F.\NTRY 

Hawkina. Qyde E., Col.. 49 S. Wade Ave.. Washington. Pa. 
Riley. Napoleon W..L1.-C0I.. lS:i Llbeny Ave.. New Rachel 
Driesbach. C, F., Lt.-Col., Cor. Uke and Calif. Ave.. Ft. Wa; 
Wilson , Aleiander. Maj.. Farminglon. Mo. 
Ruaa, George H.. Jr., Mai., 305 3rJSl... Blamarck, N. D. 
Kipp. Ivan J.. MaJ.. 33 N. Gralto St.. St, Paul, Minn. 
Ivenen, Oacar A., Capl., 1637 N. Balluu St., Cbloago. 111. 
Brigga. ChariM W., <^pl„ Wapello, Iowa. 
RevH Walter F. Capt.. Uke Elmo. Minn. 

.. Capt., 919 Kim 

It Ll., 672Er "■ 


Andrew!. Fit 
Hurt.- ■ 

-ewB. Floyd M 
.LudenH.. I 

, Cliai 

It Lt.. 

i7 S. 27lh 81 

llulchiiuion, Richard C. ]9t Lt„ Lamourae. N. D. 
Gillespie. Harry R., 2nd Ll.. Rivetaide. III. 
Davis. Alfred B.. Znd Ll., 310 Waahiiutfln Ave.. Rvai 
llershey. Harry V... 2nd Lt. ,11001 Van Buren Si, Chice 
Burrougha, RolandL.. 2nd Lt.. Monti^mcry, Ala. 

i,"n, i), 
yellrSl.,St. Louis. 

Aaneberg. EIl... _.. .. 

Arhrecht, Henry J.. Pvt.. 322 
Allen. Elmer. Pvt., 218 Oak 

.__ _ St.. . 
.. Pvt, I Wot 

I. Kan. 

n. Iowa. 

11, Leonut L., Pvt. 



:." Pvl., SeiikB!"MiSii.' 

I. BaMVf . ._._ 

WQ, Hmn L.. PrL, EdmoD. N, _. 

fLim. William D.. Corp.. MerrHI. lawn. 

A^lUworlb. Paul E.. CDrp- Smitbloa. Mo. 

Bibin. Eddia E.. Pvt., 5016 Von Vsnim A>e.. St. Louli. Mo. 

Bakke, aalem M.. Mm.. Wanen. Mian. 

HdrbU. WOiiaai H.. Ptl. 918 Sth 8l N.. MiDneaiioUi, Minn. 

Bn^Lhell, Jam» M., Prt., lit CI., Waukon, town. 

a. Oacat F.. K. B. L., Ulnry Apia., MiniunipoUa. Minn. 
■ " ■" "y, Lilobfield. Mini 

B«:ketl. Lro R 

Bl CL. ! 

iirmaii. [lobv[ J., 

Brliunli. AnUuiiu. PrL. 399 W. naudlB St.. Cului 
Berg. NeU A.. Corp., Hackatl, Minn. 

. DuLw 

„,. Ohio. 

Bsreineu, G., Prl., IM CI., ISDTJaiftiHinSt.N. 
Bnrlina. Ruba-t F., Prt., Mulberry. Kan. 
Batrand, Napolnn. Coap.. Vormillion, S. D. 
- - - ■ Pil.. azlfi — " 

B™io««-. Fmd. PyI. 

.. tSllBeUsTuaAvf 

„ S(.. St. I.a»iH, Mo. 
BtchmoDtl llu., SI. Louia, 

St.. 0(tdiD, Utah. 

arlh. Frank F,. Cars,. Warreniburi. Mo. 

llradbury, CrandiJl D.. Pvl,. Oil HiU, Kan. 
Brell. Oawnld F.. Scril.. Park River, N. D. 
BrootED, PsIb.™ R., Cook. Thief River KalU, Minn. 
Bumnrdner. Cburlea R.. P<t., 310 E. Douglas Si.. Wicfaita. Kan. 
Burdidi, Jam« P., Pvl.. SI H N. ISIb Su, Oniahs, Neb. 
Bunun^vam. Percy J., Serrl.. Hopkina, Mion. 
Caille, Garie B., Pvt., lit CI.. 109 E, 19tJi .<!it., Sloui FiJIa.S. D. 
Campbell. Handd A.. Bergt.. 611 lat Ave. 8., Si. Clouil. Minn. 

_- _. . . orSt. N. E.. Mini 

Cans. Ralph. Pvt.. Henry St.. Riobiaand. Mo, 

Cheahira. Jama D., Pvt., 1034 Eudid Ave.. Salt La 

CUrk. John J.. Sargt.. Aneta. N. D. 

Cobb. Foy R., Pvl„ IZOS Jeffennn St.. WaUrloo, lo 

Coffnun. Robert R., Pvt., Luwbod. Mo. 

Corbetl, Lloyd H.. Pvt.. Raliion, Neb. 

Cotlo. LyleE.. Pvt.. Rabula, lows. 

Crookatoa, Frank C, Pvt.. AmericaD Fork, Utah. 

Cuhv. George £.. Pvi.. Martuill, Iowa. 

"--- " E.. Pvl., V«Uey Park. Mo. 

I P.. Pvt.. Wnlford, N. D. 

C Pvl,. Augiula, Mo. 

icoaf. John W., PvU, Sabula, 


(Hi* E,. Pvl.. lat CI., Cra 

UrJurd M.. Pvt.. Reeder. N. D. 

no, Raney, Mua., 59« Pembroke St.. Bridgeport. Cooa. 

, ly. Junta r... MiuL. qnt N. CUai: Avn.. Sl^ii F>lb H I 

Doiulai. Slanle,. .... _. 

DTutB-. ChaclH A.. Pvt.. Etyeri 
Duncan. Wiley E. " " " 
Eckbardl, Ifeory J. 

r. CharleiA , 

■ ■ ly E, Pvl., Camdon, Mo. 

*' 'Wgt.. 2431 GarBeld Ave. 
., J., Pvt., 34S3A Nrbraske 
.. Pvt.. Nashu. ■ 

MinneapoliB. Minn. 
Minoeapola. Minn. 

a, Pvl., Fani 

1, Ky. 

EnseniH. OtiliiuA., Pvl., 1st CI. . Fioley. IS. D. 
Faunchou. Carl K.. Wag.. 60S WUlow 3t.. Ilarlau. I 
Fbuo', Floraoi T.. Pvt., Z3t6 Albion Hace, St. Lou 
Finboldl. Arthur J., Pvt., Oeoorab. Iowa. 
Fleming. William M., Pvt., Moolioellu. I 

a J., Coip., Gutlenborg. 
vuiiamF.. Corp. " ■ 

. .-,-i. Berao m!! Pvt.*' Finley. N. D. 
Froaeth, P. H.. Mua.. 421 Horave Avp 
Gambuoei. Umberio. Mua.. Elba. Mini 

lattmer. St. Louil. Mo. 

Flojan. E 

Grabow, Uslir J.. Pvt., 1 

i. Locuat St.. Dubuque, Ion 

Gianbo. Uanld C., R. S. M.. Maddock, N. D. 

Paul. Pvt., IronlDo, Minn. 

Peter F., Corp., Man 

Idnr L., Cocp.. Man 

_._.. Jdward T.. Sergt.. I2i 

Gregor, Edward. PvU. lat CI., Gro. — 

Habcek, Hwhon A., C. Sergt., 513 E. Wabaaba Si., Winona, 1 
Hadadl. Harry, Pvi.. 4336 Lindell Blvd., St. Louia. Mo. 
HaDD>ari»ak, Waller A., Sergt., 106 Eieler Si., Duluth, Mini 
HuKsy, Evap H.. Pvl.. Hyde Park, Llab. 

Harford. Geucge F.. Pvt-, Monlio-"- ' 

Kartge, Williun A.. Pvt.. lal CL, 

Hayn, Juliut W., 3S5 Krupp Si 

HulbBK, John F.. Pvl. Lovelaod. Coin. 

Name. Bank and Home Aditta 
Henry, [Mbert. Mua.. Ferdviltg. N. D. 

Henry, Raymond L.. Pvt.. lat d.. 3«14 6lh Ave.. Dea Moioa. loan, 
ierlcndal, Albert J., H. S., Fornt City, Iowa. 
Kertoer, Fred G.. Pvt.. lat CI.. TOl Sth Ave., Dubuque. Ina. 
HiU, Marvin. Pvl., Veblen, S. D. 
linibury, Eddie H.. Pvt.. lal CL. • 
linda, Orral G.. Corp.. 1112 W. 61- 
lodgen, Delben D.. Pvt.. Kingaley 

lobneoker, Gforfe A.. Cook, 131 Euw ot.. lyuouijue. luwa. 
Jolder. Norman M.. Sergt,. Foniian, N. D. 
idlan. Edwin C, Mua.,^ulra, N. D. 
ioogabagen. William F.. Pvt.. Parker. S. D. 
■ -a. OiBilea A.. B. 9. M., 47S Seyhurn Ave., Delroil, Mich, 
wrd. Milton E.. Pvt.. lat CI., Willard, Utah. 
T. William. Pvl.. 1206 Cedar at.. Le Mara. Iowa. 

.Samuel P.. Pvt.. MUlonvale. Kan. 

Hyde. Orlo C. Pvl., lat CI., Hyde Park, Uub. 
-igrsm, Robwt H,. Mua., Perry. Iowa. 

y, Thomaa C. Pvt.. S949 Woodland Place. St. Louia. Mo. 
icDba, Jamea L., Pvl.. Sedan, Kan. 
lapersoa, Frank G.. Corp., Chahohn. Minn. 
:naen. Jena, Pvt.. Greene, Iowa, 
•hnaon. Arthur B.. Pvt.. For»t City, lows. 
». John p.. Pvt.. Jofferaon. S. D. 

a, Roderio B., Pvt. 

KieTer, Milton J.. Pvt.. 2310 S. 11th St 

King. John H., Pvt, lat O.. 2201 W. 71b St.. Ki 
Kirk, Saio A.. Pvt., Lake Nordon. S. D. 
Kirkpalrick. Hugh, Pvt.. KempUn, III. 
Kirkpalrick. James P., Sergt.. Bichmood. Mo. 
Klein. Conrad, Pvt.. Glenham. S. D. 

e. Curneliua H„ Seril,. Aleiandria. Minn. 
- - " - 1. Mich. 

W.virly Place. St. Louia, Mo. 

u H., Serai.. J 
H.. Pvt.. Waal 

P, Waiiam H.. Corp., N. 

laon. GoorgB N., Corp.. C 

1, tlurtey G.. Mua.. Crosby, Mi 
!tt. Ferdinand. >>vt.. Leavenaw 

W. 1 

I. N. D. 

Leemt, ,. 

Lemle. Leo., Pvt.. 1860 N. 2etb St, 
Lemo. Aleinnder E.. Pvl. ' "' ' 

,ien, Arnuld E.. Pvl.. Isl 

jindow. Georae A.. Mua. 

.iltlejdin. Robert E,. 

xifgrBo, Lrland " " 

a., Wilkrd. Uuh. 
r. N. D. 

:aak. Blue Springe, Miaa. 

„ i. M.. Ada, Minn. 

—jma. Juatua P,. Pvt.. Waldo. Kan. 

Lakeu, GeorM C. Mua., Thief. River Folia. Minn. 

Lov.'ly. C. W.. Sergt,. 4143 Em«iuH> Ave. N.. MiDn«poli 
MrEuany. William. Pvl.. lat CL. Ryan. Iowa. 
UcMorrow, BeiunmiD. Pvt., Ut CL. Hnnkinton. N. D. 
Macbeth, Eugene. Pvt., lal CL, Webar " 


MoroU. Lewis A,. Pvt. . Cbeyenoe. Col. 
Mottia. William R., Pvl., Cascade, Iowa. 
Mat^cek. Josi^ih W,. Sergt.. Lankin, N. D. 

mn. Elmer, Pvl., Waywd. ., 
1, Otto M., Srrjru. WHhpalui 
>n. Alfred B., Co - ■ 

Lake Park, Mini 

It P„ Mua., 

. PH.. 

Pennock, Ctaesler. Pvl.. Ill CL. OHUatumie. Kan. 
PerduB. Elmo C, Pvl., Orriek, Mo. 
Pnllernea. Otlo F.. Corp.. Humboldt, S. D. 
iVemnger. Loub R.. I>vL, 1st CI., 1536 P«i SI„ Lina 
Prouty, Deville O., Pvl., Elkodcr, Iowa. 
Uuandahl. Arthur K.. Pvl.. Waukon. Iowa. 
Rasb, Alfred, Pvt.. Braiil, Ind. 

Rayaar. Henry G.. Pvt,. T30 Ottawa St., LeavenworU 
Heius. Henry U., Corp.. Bloomfidd. Neb. 
Rekanarud. Lawrence C. Pvt.. Lansford. N. D. 
RiebBrda. Tbomas. PvU. lal CI., 100 Idaho St., Buise 
~ ~ Corp.. M«i" " 

Riffe, Byron E.. Pvt., lal CL, C. 
Robertson. Eiaworlb G.. Corr 
" ■ ■ son. Hugh. IM. ■ " 

ist ct 

ah. Idaho. 

f^yle. Mi 

l.,Lexin«lon. Mc 
51b Sl.TLowell, 

ID, Mo. 

__, , __. ^., ._.6 Liberty St., Alliance, Ohio 

RuUina. Frank E., Wag.. l«eda, Iowa. 

Rumrdcb, Frank G.. Corp., Ilark. N. D. 

husLenhavMi. Bidiiud. P.L, IVii N. JSth St., KanHia City 

SavriHg, Willis. Pvi.. lat CI., Ilyram, litah. 

SfaeOlfv. Willie. Pvl.. Isl CI.. BamaviUe. Minn. 

Sdiepera, Ray T.. Corp.. HOT Fiiat Si.. N. St. Cloud, Mim 

Sdilegel. Bii£ard D.. Pvt.. Hawkeye, Iowa. 

Sebindel, Oscar W., Pvt., lat CI.. Merrill. Iowa. 

Sdiulue. Arthur A., Pvl.. 1534 N. Maice St.. Freemoot, N< 

ScbUBler, Henry J.. PvU. Hankiiison. N. D. 

Scfawenck. Harry. Maata. Lealer, Idwh. 

San, Edward W...'' 

:.. BBO I3rd Ave., 8. E., Mim 


German Tank Traps al Bernu>Ukr, Haute Ahaee Seclor. 

Loer Chenholz Woods, Looking Eatl, HaaU Ahaa/lSeelor. 


Naiat, Hank s 

M.,Ct>rp.. Tnlne 

"Dip.. Be[lcvU 

N. D. 

.H«b«[E., (JTO., l._ _ 

r. Lynn N.. Miu., 709 E. Kemp Ayb., WBtert<i»ii. S. 
NoBh L.. PvL, Glad Valtoy, S, D, 
Eui C Pvt.. tal CI., 101 Robrru Aie.. DubufliHi. I< 
Glonn A.. Socit.. Siiuk CrnUe, Minn. 
WOfrad C. Wag.. CutUe Wood. S. D. 
Harold S.. Cnrii., Munidi, N. D. 

N. D. 
>. Minn. 

d. CoDiad E.. Pvt. 

M. Sidoiy C, Mu3.. F[ 
■■on, Gordon S., Snrst., tjDnrado. n. u. 
I. RiuhJI 1.. Mus., Addey, N. D. 
Anion A.. Wt.. Ciucad». Iowa. 

B.)ticbud, Pvl., 1004M Niociltai Arn., Minn«>i|iiJi>, Miiu>- 
. Edward A.. Swit., Chiabdlin, Mian. 

3mur F., Pit., )>t Q., 1 1D4 B. WflUaon St.. BroiAlii(>, S. D. 
Idben G,. Pvt.. 1333 N. Witohlta St.. WKchila, Kan. 
t. Roberl H., S<<r«l„ EUii>der, tuwa, 
I. Gajrga P., Pvu, Sutherlnnd, Iowa. 
■en, Hsnuan B., Cook. nnukiD. Imi. 
•on. Ohst O.. Pvt.. lot CI.. BiitloD, N. D. 
KM. Gsqrcn L., SivRt.. 3ZII 3, llUi ESl.. Salt LaklCity. Utah. 
aoB, Otlo^., MuB., Clarku, Minn. 
uiff, TbanUm K.. Pvl.. Ill CI.. Fairlield. NA. 
. Afinn R., Maa.. Manarilla, Kan. 
Archie I~, Scritt.. SOS S. OUie, Maquokela, lovi. 
Roy B., Cxiok, 311 Walnut W., Chiaholni. Minn. 
m». Fnid B.. Pvt.. Atlanta, Kan. 

aid, Frank A., Pvt.. lit CI., 3021 Caroline St., St. Looia. Mo. 
nhui- W.. Pvl., Fslrviw, N, D, 
Isman A„ Pvt.. let CI.. Dunieilh. N. D. 
IfC Sanud B., Pvt.. Earlvillc, lows, 
>, Prank E.. Prt.. lit CI.. Slerlin«, Kan. 
I. ClivBWK N.. Sergt.. Pbbb. N. D. 
. Mark. Corp.. Mumy, Diah. 
rcnnioe V.. Pvt.. Bidunond. Mo. 
alia. Fred A.. Prt., Van Buren. Mo. 
ador, Ferdinand C, Mecfa.. St. Maris, Kan. 

D. Aithi 

Name, Rant and Homt A 
Brigga, Charia. W., Capt., WapoUo, Iowa. 
Baaoom, KeUoRg F.. 2v.& Lt., Farni, N. D. 
NdKiD. Tom D., Capt., 313 S. Ask Si.. Croo 
Beebe. WiUiam H.. lal Lt.. St. Cloud. Minn. 
Everett, Edwin E., 2nd Lt., Fairbank, lows, 
~ " lal Ll., 201 E. Mai 

__rlc!,"Ciipt". ISSZUlAvi,,!!,'! 

Stewart, Roacoe E.. 2nd Lt., Spenm, lo 
Ahlta, Adolph, Pvl.. Aokloy. '—- 

Ahktnm. Nda O.. Sad.. 3H 

Amundaoa. John B.. War.. 914 II 


Pvl., 926 foroal Ave., Wal. 

., Dn Moinea. Iowa. 

.. CamhriiLee. Iowa. 
_ Vt.. Ill C!.. 814 Jmbt Avi-.. 
PvU, UiAoown, 

w York Cit, 

. __ _i, Pvt., Ukno 

r. Fradsiok 8., Pvl , 

a,MelviDS„m.. WUdroap. IS. D. 
n. AliAoaiua F.. Pvt.. Paraona. Ken. 
I, Alton A.. Pvt., lit CL. Ookea. N. D, 
Fred E., Pvt., Webater GrovEa, Mo. 

S. Harcoa J . Pvt.. 1*1 O.. Unkoowa. 
wvd H., PvL, Unknown. 
I^oe, Corp., ChnTTvaJB, Kan. 
Bdwaid M.. Prt., Unknown, 
lioholaa A.. Pvt., Minonpolia. Minn. 
L Baliti v., Corp., Paw. N. D. 
TfcoDwi B., R. S. M.. Hlbbinc, Minn. 
iHh J.. Mua,. lit O., Wilcfalta, Kan. 
Jkrlhnr C. Mua., Tbiaf River FsUb, Minn 
WilliBDi J„ Pvt., Unknown. 
MBloB Hial, Cocp,, Sail Uke City. Ulah. 
r. John M.. Sergt. Bug.. Tracy, Iowa, 
wn. Uwrence A.. Swat.. Tliiar Hiver Falls 
on. Francia C, Corp.. Minneapolia, .Minn, 
Hne 9., Bargt. Waahinatan. O. C. 
idoig I.. Pvt.. lal CL. Montevideo, Minn. 
it)wm E., Prt.. Unknown. 
OUord P.. Pvt.. Unknown. 
, Edwin A.. Pit., Unknown. 
I, Roaoos B.. Prt., ill CI.. Cedar Hnpidi. Ii 
JOM W., S«gt.. Grand Korku, N. D. 
1_ I. PvL. lal CI., Sptingville. Ulafa. 
A., Prt., Unknown. 

n, wmiar 

B. Earl T.. I 


:.. Unkuo 

M.. Pvl.. Unknown. 
. Hov K,. Swat... Spokane, Wash. 
•an J., Pvl.. Cokmnro. 
Larin E.. Pvl.. RiohiaDnd, Mo. 
, LeRoy C„ Prt., Dea Moinea. Iowa 
rOliara W.. Pvt.. Minneapolis. Midd 
on B.. Pvl., Collonvood. Kan. 
Fiord L.. Sergt.. Anamogs. Iowa. 
' ird R.. A. S, L„ Wabpelon, N. t 

[idwel M., Col. Sergi., I _ _ . 

Konl. Pvt.. Hidunond. Mo. 
U. Moi. Corii.. ChenAee. Iowa. 
. aarenoe R., R. S. M., Unknown. 

Charles H.. B. S. M.. Feibome, Miu 
Uw T., Conr., Unknown. 
n. Gtulove A.. Pvl., In CI., Unknowr 
Dd«L., Pvl., Unknown. 
r. William T.. Pvt, Si. Louis. Mo. 
Waiiam E.. Pvl., St. Lonii, Mo. 
«. Edmund, Sergt., 344 E. Kibbey SI, 

Martoia, h 

St.. Chiaholm, Mini 

Mills St. S.. Fergus Falb, Minn, 

/nc.. 914 lOth Ave. E., Duluth, Mian. 

\. Wag., iiilna. N. D. 

B«rn«, CatT'SI 0., Wm„ 502 Sth Si. R., Fargo. N. D. 

Hnrnelt, Mirl L., Pvl., Juliaetla, Idahi'. 

Beaudalte, Edwiird J., Ck.. M9 2nd St. N. B.. Minneapolia, Minn. 

Berf^ra, Henry II.. Pvt., Elnia, Iowa. 

Borg, Theodore C, Wag., 407 N. 8tli St.. Grand Forks, N. D. 

Bergh, Edwin S., lis.. Sharon, N. D. 

Biionan. John B., Wag.. R. No. 1. Nl" Cambria, Mo. 

Bloc^, Arnold. Wbr.. 17:I4 Waihingtun St.. Dubuque. Iowa. 

Boon. Rudolph. Civp.. 526 SpruoeSt , Fergus Falls, Minn. 

BoU. William, Pvt.. R. No. 1, Brvant. 3, D, 

BorcJacin. Sam, Wag.. Isabell. S. D. 

Carbon, E. CWag', 16?H'WHhiwttD^ si. N. E., Minneapolia. Minn. 

Carr, J. E.. Pvl., Ill a., 271 1 TaOor SI, N. E. Minneapolia. Minn. 

Cook. Emal W.. Pvt.. lit CI.. Otlo. Wyo. 

Cote. AUnt L.. Wag.. SI4 Superior St.. Duluth. Minn. 

CrelUn, Jamea. Sup. Sent., 106 E. ChMlnut St., Virginia. Minn, 

Dahlia, Lara E., Wag,. Findley, N. D. 

Ddin, Louia A., Pvl., I 

.. CrooksUin, Minn. 

FJe. Mao E., Woii.. Doering. Kan. 

Eriekson, Atbin, Wag., :05>< Demen Ave., Grand Forka. N, D, 

EriokHin. Andrew F.. Pvt.. WiUner. Minn, 

\. MinneaiKilii, Minn. 
m Ave., S>. Paul, Mim 

Kield. John, ..-,., ^._, 

neer. Arnold, Sergt. 409 East 4th St., 1 

Fogdberg, Guil L.. Pvl., 3912 IHlh A 

Fuhrmann. George F.. Wag., 241 S. V 

Gatn, Wilton A„ Cook,, St. Joe, Aikauaaa. 

Gnu. Hurry J., Wag.. 793 SIli Ave., Dubuque. Iowa. 

Gavin. James M., Pvl., 6647 Oli.e St. N.,T.Inivet»ily Cily, Mo. 

Gnrrnan, Roger W., Pvt.. R. No. 1, Ellendale, N. D. 

Gtan. John L.. Wag.. SUrkweather. IS. D. 

Cninrud. Elmer J.. Wag., fergui Falls, Minn. 

Gray. Jbdbi F., Sergt. Bia 43, Weal Duluth, Minu. 

Ha<^er. A.. Wag.. 300 Clark and Murphy Si., Bonner Springe. Kan 

Hall. WiUiam A., Jr.. Sup. Sergl.. Thief River Falls. Minn. 

Halvmen, Adolf B., Wag.. 3018 IS. Ave.. Chicago. III. 

Harris, Alonao, Prt., Laurel, Mtsil. 

Halhaway, C. J.. Reg. Sup. Sergt.. 43! E. 2nd Si.. Duluth, Minn. 

Heok. Jnaie O.. Pvl.. Ddle, Mo. 

HendrickHin, Pet« C Wag., R. No. 5, Woukon, Iowa. 

I enad, Ewald F., Wag.. Bemidji, Minn. 

Herdegen. Frank E., Pvl., 1220 DakoU Ave.. Unnd Porka, N. D. 

Helland, Marpua, Hs„ Valley Cily, N. D. 

Hicka. Arthur J.. Mach., Pniager, Minn. 

lloben, Jaoies. Corp.. 32il Vernon St., Duluth. Minn. 

Hogan, John. Beg. Sup. Sergt.. Waahinglon. D. C. 

" ■-■--" ". ■„t:i..Burlinglon,N.D. 


.. R. No. 

Cily, Md. 

Jerome, Joacpb E., Wag.. Pambina. IS. D. 

John. Steve, Sad., Albany Mine, Hibbings, Minn. 

Johnion, Bernhard, Wag., 2509 4tii Are. S.. Minneapolia. Minn 

Johnaon. Elof. Corp.. ^ow Lake. Minn. 

Johnson, Frank J., Sup. Swat.. 411 lOlh Si.. Biimarck, N. D. 

'.. Wag.. Hbow Lake, Minn. 

Wbb., n. No. 1, Thompoan. ^ 

>., Wag.. Dell Rapids. ST D. 

Johnion, William F., Ord, Sergt., Moorehead. Mil 
' ' - a. Raymond H., Wag., BroDkings. S. D. 

on. N. D. 



Kalka, Leu H., 
Keavoey, Jsme 
Kelly. William 

J., Wag.. 7228 Pennaylva 

.. R. Nu. 

.. 202 W 

n. N..D. 

1., Si. I 


„ .-., Corp.. Bemidii, Minn. 

KiJowinaki. Juke, Wag., ft. No. 2. Monona, Iowa. 

KonliHukog, Jumrs, Cook., Deer H]v«, Minn. 

KoUark. Frank, Wag.. 501 E. I6th St., Duluth, Minn. 

Koval. John K.. P>l.. FairchUd. Wis. 

Kupciick, Sieve, Wag., 830 40lh Si., W., Duluth, Mian. 

Laf take, Horry P., Wag., 2323H W«t Slti St. Dululb, 

Larson, Howard A., Prt., R. No, 3, Brookings, 8. D, 

Lwacy, Frank T,. Prt., Virginia. Minn. 

L^mkuhl, EmU F., Mecb..V«bu, Minn. 

Leinum, Alfrnl A., Pvt., Sabin, Minn. 

LeHuui. Ray J., Ut Sergt.. (Jraud Rupids, Minn. 

LigniU, Murlin H., Pvt. Cuba, Kan. 


Nonie, ffanit trul Hemt AMrtn 
Lindholm, Pa^id. Wag., 419^ E. 4th St., Duluth, Mian. 
Uudlkr. Paul A. II., Wnir.. Slar RouU, Bcmidii, Minn. 
iMoak, John. Ha., DivibiXakc, N. D. 
Luncflford, Anuilii E., Whr., n. No, 5, Long Prairie, Minn- 
Lund. William A., Wag., Slecle. N. D. 
MoKem, Burt B., Wag.. B. No. 3. Leon, Io««, 
McRae, A. D„ Reg., Suu. Snigl.. IIDI E. 6th St., Diilulh, Miiin 
Majiw. Hun A., Wag., B. No. 1, Forman. N, D. 
Mall, Jaoaji J.. WaK..36S5 WelioRiMd, St. Louia, Mo. 
MiHwck, Alben C. MnJi., B. Nn. 1, Ejhard, MIdd. 
Milobdl, Henry C, Wag., R. Nu. 2, Palcnno. N. D. 
MooTD, John D., Wag., B. Nn. X BalUe Lake, Minn. 
Kau. Olal, Meoh., R. Na. S. Hayelock. N. D. 
NolHin, Arthur, Mens S<tkI., 2922 West Huron Ht.. Duluth, Minn 
NnbO'g, Kdwin F.. Wag., Ehii 53, Strandburg, S. D. 
Newatrom. Albert W.. Wu., Firalell. S. D. 
Nilaaon, John A., Wag., HUlsborD, N. D. 
NorUirop, Leslie M.. Wag,, Gillner. Neb, 
Oduner, Herman P.. Pvl., lit CI., R. No. 2. Wanaw, Mo. 
Oftdie, Eddie, Prt.. «03 Marklcy Ave.. S,. Thief Ri>er Falls, Mini 
O'Hara, Joaenh L.. Waff., R., Harpcra Ferry, fijwa. 
Obon, Cari. Wag,. R. No, 1, Box 10. Milton. N. D. 
Obon, Oacar A., Ck.. Boi 536. Lildifii'ld, Minn. 
Parks, Albert L., Pvt., lal CI.. Z4S Micliiiiaii Si.. Lawrrnti-, Kan. 
Pall=»on, Boy E., Wag,, B, No. ZS, Box Tl. Brioil. Win 
PeltifT, Cfaariea S., CooV, R. No. 3, North Branch, Minn. 
Penny, Leo M,. Pn., Ul CI.. Bivw Falls, Wis. 
Peters, Josenli J., Wag.. 1319 S. Campion Ave., St. Ix>uk>, Mo. 
Peterson, Edward. Wag., Bristol. S. D. 
P.l«u.n Jnhn R W..;., Midland, S. D. 

, B. No. 2, Hopkins. Minn. 

d. Boy L., Wag.. Mineral SpringH, ^. D. 
rriw., Wallace W.. Wag., Gr«no. Io*a. 

Rwnw, Jacob. pVt., 1st CI., S2H Klimbrlh St.. Chicaim. 111. 

BeOly, Joseph P., Wag., 701 S. ZOIh St., Fort Smith, Ark. 

Rat, Clarenoe L., Prt. 1st Cl„ 1120 Toledo St,. Webs1<? Cmv.-. \ 

RickeJ, Dennis S., Wag., Hoyt, Kan. 

Rieba. Rudolf L.. Pvt., Max. N. D, 

Robinson. Albert E., Pvt , Huron, S. D. 

RugUd, John M., Wag,. WiUiams, Minn. 

Sahman, Jacob S., Pvl., Z33Q Olive St., St. Louis, Mo. 

Scbulu, GusUv A.. Wag,, 306 CoVai N., Minneaiwlis. Minn. 

Slater, Lowell V., Wag.. R. No. 1, Delphoa, Kan 

'fmith, Prank E., Pvt ■- '■■ ' " 

limins. I 
3ttdl, B> 

Stark, Charles W., ' 

[..2618 A N. Mar 

Sloa. Edwin, Wag., R. No. 2, Builon, N. D. 
StordaL Andrewp,^Wag,. H. No^^S, Box 5, Pi 

,. i'st ( 

«g.. Ai 

__.irley W.. _„ 

Slorer. Floyd A., Pvt.. Ist CI., Atkinson, 
Smud, Grover C, Wag.. Anamooa, Iowa 
Stucke, Joseph H., Wag., R. Nu. 3, Owilii 

Sundholm, Androv; F 

Sutton, Ejvin L., Wj 

AeaDcy, Leu c^, na«., aw \^uruce oi-, si 
ulor. Edwud C. Pvl., Flodiey, N. D. 

lonobon, Emil, Pvt.. WaloolL, N. D. 

Torba, Phaip J., Meoh., Goodland, Minn. 

TaunrQIe, Boy C, Sup, Sergt., 312 7th Ave 

n L., Wag.,Ma(ley, Minn. 

Liidvig, Wag,. B, No. 1, Box 35, CIllTord, N. D. 

rar, Wag., 23ZaWest3rdat., Duluth, Minn. 

t. Ray P.. V 
run, Oiarln 
Idel. Ea ' - 

, _.t. Chau.. 

Vallin, Carl ' 

.. Wag., 

dirrion. Kan. 

Erhard. Minn, 
. . Bk St., Grand Forks 
119 Mesaba Ave, Duluth, Mini 
imEeld, III. 
McDonald, Kan. 

Walsh. Ji . _„, 

Warman, Harry, Hi.. PemEeld, III. 

Webb, Frank H, War "■ ~ 

Wehr. Edward S., Pvi 

WelniDski, Frank, Wag., R. No. 3, Link Fi 

Weyer. Louis C, Wag.. 30IS N. Ave., CJiici 

whiti ■■ - ■» ~ ■■ - 

Wichser, Thomas B.. 1 

WinetwjV.'Hwberl L*, Cook,^an«. rily. Mo! 
Wong, Dew, Cook, 2M Broadway Si., Fargo, N. I>. 
Wong, Quong. Coi*, 2U ' - 

13 ^llh St., I>etnHl, MJH 

, N. D. 

!8(I2W»|L tstSl., Duliilh 

St.,L<>.Mar>, l<mH. 

Black, Loomis O., Capl,. 1801 S. Main St., 1 
Bulhird. Arthur W.. ind Lt.. WiUow SpriniJ 
Copper. William W,. 2nd Lt.. Savanna, III. 
Durant. Henry F.. 2nd Lt.. Bangor, Maine. 
Fogarty, Ambrosp D.. 2nd Ll .Ties Moinea, Iowa. 
Harbnld, Arthur C, 2iuj Ll., I'lano, lows, 
Iverson, Carrnid A., lat Lt., Broikings. S. D. 
Shrum, Winfield O., Isl Lt., .3819 Parker St., Omah» 
Absatonaon. I':mil, Pvl., B. No. I, Bottinsau. N. D. 
Anderl, Frederick D., Sergt., Park Rapids. Minn. 
AnderaoD. Harry M., Corp., Liaco, ISeb. 
Androae. Fred S.^Pvl., R. 3. Arlington, Iowa. 

... Emporia, I 

lilcbeU A.. Pvl.. 
larnooRI, Ernest F.. ^ 
larnea. L. L,. Prt.. 1 

..jl CI., ,._„.. 
... 718 Roosho ! 

J, io. 

usta, Kan. 

Name. Rank and Htrnt AMtt* 
Bek^ley. Enoch, Pvt., 1511 Hyland Are., Salios. Kao. 
Benson, Adolph L., Sagl., EHkador. Iowa. 
Bercnii, Ula H., Corp., Nowata, OUa. 
Bergan, Ebner B., Pvt., Crarv N. D, 
Bjofgcn, Olaf C. Pvt., Rolhaay, Minn. 
Beck, Carl. Pvt.. IM Q., C.Udbmik. Iowa. 
B<4me Oliver, Mech,. Balec, N. D. 
IhH^kuy, Shurman C, Cook. Grand Uapids. Wb. 
Bruakoy, George D., Pvl,. 122(1 Tennessw St.., Kaa. 
llrehn, GrutgEli.. Pvt,, B. No. 3, Wntetlo-n, 3. D. 
Brook, Hans, Prt., NorthBeld. Mimi. 
Brown, Herman H., Pvt., R. No. 3, Bcdevue. Iowa, 
Braoe. Lrr, Prt., R, No. t. Viola, Iowa. 
Bninner, Henry J., Pvt., lat CI.. R. No, 3, Onagi, Kbo. 
Buck, Henry H„ Pvt,, Baldwin, Iowa. 
Bunlruek, Anhur L.. Pvl., R. 1, Church, Iowa. 
Burkard, Carl L., Sad.. B. 5, Le Mara, Iowa. 
Bush, Arthur J., Pvt., R. 1, Paloo, Kan. 
Hvrnes. Hobwl S.. Prt.. Isl Q.. B. 2. Lo.ielon, Kan. 
Clark, Frank. Pvt., lat Q.. Orrlck. Mo, 
Cumin, Edmond L., Pvt., lat CI. R. 2. Elkport, Iowa. 
Darling, C. B., Pvl., 1724 l*wi. Bird,. Grand Forks, N. D. 
Davlon, Selh W.. Pvt., lat CI., R. 2, Perry, Iowa, 
Debower. Ed. II. D., Pvt., R, I. Allison, Iowa. 
Demers, Eugene A., Pvt.. 1st CI., St. John, N D. 
Dickman, I&win F., Pvt,. R, 1. CarnaviUa, Iowa. 
Eickhorn, Henry, Pvt., Wyoming, Iowa, 
Elmar, Welter C., Prt.. 211 S. Main St., Auitin, Minn. 
Enninger, Paul R.. Corp., Aasumption, 111. 
Eviu. Guslov 0„ Prt.. Portland. N. D. 

Feidman, Louis. Pvt., lat CI,, 3327 W. HiTKh Si.. Chicago, ID. 
Feyh. Luther, pvt., IIIU Lawri^ticeSt., Topeka, Kan. 
Finson, Lee R., Pv., R. 3, Cenlrat City. Iowa. 
Fisch, Clove O, llui.. R 1. (iosa, l-jwa. 
Frank. Frank J.. Prt.. TM E. Slh at.. Kansas City, Kan, 
Frink. Dudley K., Prt.. Isl CI.. R. S. Waukon, Iowa. 
FullH-, F1<nd C. SerKt.. Cray Eoda. Minn. 
Furusalh. Odin G., Pvt,. Bagl^TMinn. 
Gabriel. Claylon R.. Pru. lat 6.. Wyndmere, N, D. 
Goeliinger, John, SngL, R, 1, Craghlon. Neb. 
Gooding, Abel M.. Prt.. R. 1. OrlonvUle, Minn. 
Grinlgalos, G, J,. Prt,. lat CI.. S07Z A Dehnore St., St. Louii. Mo. 
Hadley, Tom, Pvt., R. 1, Cotdwoter. Kan, 
Hanson, Olio W. II„ Corp,, B20 9th Are.. Broakings. S. D. 
Kami, James W., Prt., lat CI., Caney, Kan. 
Iluse, Frill F., Pvl., fl, I, MoOtegti. Iowa. 

HolFman, H. W,, Prt.. Isl CL, 1 131 Rhode [sltmd St.. Lawrence. Kan. 
Iloflrnun, Matthew F., Sergt., 225 N. 56th St., Duluth, Minn. 
Koalilian, Emmet J., Pvt., R. 1, Harpers Ferry, Iowa. 
Hurd, WiUiam O., Pvt., Irt CI., B, 1, Marion, Iowa. 
Hurat, Jtie M., Pvt,, Olymna, Ky. 
Ilurtt, Roy A.. Pvt.. R. l.llDopte, N, D. 
HutchiMn, Herbert C. Prt., UmeU, Neb, 
Ike, Arlhiir N.. Pvt., II Qaincy St.. Ra^ City. 8. D. 
Jackson, Joe, Pvl,, lat CI.. Novinger, Mo. 
James, Arthur, Pvt.. B. 5. Eureko, Kan. 
Jensen, Richard C, Pvt., H. 3. Seandis, Kan. 
Joens, Julius P„ Pvt.. Isl Q., Bemia, S. D. 
John, Frank K„ Prt,. R. 1. Jasper, Ind. 
Johnson, Oscar R., Pvt.. B. 2, Edinburg. N. D. • 

Johnson, Sifurd L., Coid, 226 Columbia St.. Chippewa FalLi, Wis, 
JorgeniDu, Laurita J., Pvt., Kenmara, N. D. 
Ji>lirs, JoJin H„ Prt., 234 E. 18th St., New York City, N, Y. 
Kahle, Henry C Corp., 608 Orange St., Jacksoo. Mtch. 
Kdleher. Michael W., Prt.. Park Biver, N. D. 
Kenkel, William E„ Prt.. R. 9. Le Mars, Iowa. 
Kepler. Merle C, Pvt., Mount Vernon. Iowa. 
Koedam, Sam, Pvt., R. 1. Perkins, Iowa. 
KorU, Edward L., Pvt,, Isl Gl„ Lanstord. N. D, 
Kraiis, Milton B.. Pvt., lat CI.. Baden, N, D. 
Langford, Edward R.. Pvt., New Tomis, Mo. 
Lambn. Elbert F... Corp.. Heisington, Kan. 
Lee, Palmer J.. Prt.. B. 4, Eleva, Wis. 
I.emig, Otto, Pvt.. lat CI., R. Z, Furdland, Mo. 
Lindberg. K. A., Sergt.. 3529 Bloomington Ave. Minneapolis. Minn. 
Madison. F^dward A., Sergt., Furgo, N. D. 
McBrido, Howard, Bug., B. 1, Oak Hill, Kan. 
Mt.<:abe, Jamea K.. Prt,, Ist CI., Sahula, Iowa. 
McCoy, John I.. Pvt., Isl CI.. KimmeU, Ind. 
McCiitcheon, Chester A., Prt., Tolley, N. D. 
Mc^eal. John J.. Corp., Coggacn. Iowa. 
MacBae, FJygn M,. Sergt., 2535 l>ark Haca. KvansKni. Ill 
Mali, Edward H., Pvl., 143 Main St., Waterloo, Iowa. 
Menlh. Lawrence F.. Pvl., Ilartlurd, S. D. 

Mue, PhiUipJ.. lBtSflrgt..323HiBmarck Ave. E, Fergus Falls, Mina. 
Nail. Qarence W., Pvl., tat CI., Care J. P. Sterl, Kingsley, Iowa 
New. Richard B.. Mech.. Clarissa, Minn. 

Nendock. Wn. E.. Sergt., I»34 Lincoln Si. N, K.. Minnaapolis, Hiaa, 
^Uson, Nils. Pvt., Route 3, Nirtbwood. N. D. 
Oakley, Charin, Prt.. Mount Vernon, Iowa. 
ODell. Earl N.. PvL, Roulo 4, Orrick. Mo. 
Oien, John C, l>vt.. R. 1. Blaiicard, N. D. 

Olarsun. Clarence M.. Sent,, 5724 Hunllnglen St., Duluth. Minn. 
Oliver, Thomas M., Pvt.. Care J. B. Alberl, Glen Elder, Kan. 
Olson. Arthur S„ Pvt,. Isl CI.. Charieson, N. D. 
Olson, CsH H., Pvt., Dugden, N. D. 
Olson. John. Prt., Burton, N, D. 
O'Neill. Ralph v., Pvl., 1st CI., R. I.Welisville, Kan. 
Opdahl. Albert, Pvt,. Ist CI., Norlhwood, N. D. 

Parii?'CarI A., PvUSwIan^'Kan. 

Palton, WiUlam B. Pvt., ClarksviUe. Ark. 

PaulaoD, Jdlio H., Prt., Centuria. Wis. 


Namt. Kanli and Home Aidrat 
PuTIW. Chirlca W,. Pvt.. lit CI.. Kinnnan, Kbd. 
Perryinui, Leo., Pvt., Igt CI.. R I, Hurley. S. D, 
Peunoo, MRnin N.. Pvl.. lat CI.. R. I, Cenlr-i Junction. la 
Pfofer. ElmB- J.. Pvl., Ut CI., 319 Crow Si.. Pierre, 8. D. 
Pick. AloTHiuS.. Corp.. n.« " 

B. S. D. 


.. Mini 

- .- _ jeajH^ij. Mi 

.1. Cash, Pit.. R. 3, Loop Cily. Neb. 
r..«».. ..aiph F.. Pvt.. iBtCi., R. I. Timken. Kan, 
PaDtliana. Jcliii. Cook, Ml Cariyle Ave, DuluLh, Minn. 
Powdi, John H.. P<r[., lit CI., PoweU, 8. D. 
Pramnili, Leo A., Pvt.. lit CI,. R. 3. Waukon, Io«a. 
PnYBOcki, StanialBw, Pvt., ZIS Cherry St., Pittsburg Pen 
Radke. Paul J.. M«A.. Byrnn.Okl*. 
ttakn, WnlM [<., i'vl., I'l Cl., (^iirKr. Icma.»il*. Vikint- I'^^.r,- \.,v l<,,rH„rd, N. D. 

Kringlio Clarence, 
Msriiu. Renjamin 
McQua' ' 

Minneapulin. Minn. 

Rofvs. Hard.,. 1... I-.. . \.,\,„. 1„.„. 
itocen. Idsepli II . Corp.. H. i, MnnlirsUo, Iowa. 
Ruhlin, P«^. Pvt., lit CI., 13D2 [4. 121b Si., Kanu> City. Kan. 
RiuhU. Cecil P., Pvt., BoLlincea, N. D. 

Ryan. Arthur L . PvC, Ut CI., 116 Adam 8t.. Waterlcn. lowu. 
Ryan, Virgil V... Ssrgt.. ZTli Eaiit Loaan St., D« Moinm. luwu. 
Sduerar. Julius C. Corp.. B. I, SMpTlhunt, Nebraalia. 
SdiubtaJ. Harry R., Suu. Sergt.. BeynoldB, N. D. 
SdiuniHirtn. W«l\<v I.. Pvi.. fl. 6, Wats-lown, 8. D. 
Sbamr. Kil^nrd fi., Pvl., 411 W«t 4lii St., Muuatine. Itmn. 
Shavs. Prank D.. Ssgt., CollegevieH, Neb. 
Schellura. Jacob, Pvt., Great Bend, N. D. 
Smith, iahn, Pvt.. R. 9. Paola. Kan. 
Soberc. Orlando C. Pvt.. lut CI., Mohell, N. D. 
SpauUine. WlUiam H.. Ccirp., ManaOeld. Ark. 
SUKHrTLIoyd E,. Pvt., 293 Summit Ave., Pasadena. Cal. 
Stewart, Gerdoa R., Pvt., lit CI., Craflon. N. !>. 
Strickd. Robert W.. Corp., 110 S. Fai St., Anamowi, l<ma. 
Slubba. Hamaa K. Pvt.. George, luwa. 
Talbot. Danid, Stab. Sergt., Route 2. Caml: 
Tenner. LaRoy W.. Corp., 3047 Hennepin f 
TeKh, John F.. Pvt, PauUina, Iowa. 
ThompKiD. Carf, Pvt., R. I. MeViUe, N. D. 
Thorp. Qbert H., Pvt.. 1025 RUey St.. Alchison, Kan. 
Tiploa, Tom H., Pvt.. Union Cily, Ky. 
Toliiii, Clarence J.. Sergt., 3420 Eada Ave.. St. Louis. Mo. 
Tretler, LouiB J.. Pvt., Grey Creek. Col. 

Van D>ke. H. A., Cook, 1135 >;t Nati.SooBldg., Miuneapul'Ls. Minu. 
Vat. Charka L.. Pvt.. North McGregor. lowu. 
Waciier, Fred, i>vt.. Crocua. N. D, 
Waldroa, Arthnr C, H. S.. UPorte, Minn. 
WnlkCT, iamr* T.. Pvl , W CI., Cham™. Mo. 
Ualr.h, Thomn»E.,Srr|[i., 2l2St. JuhnSt.. Giturd, Kan. 
Utr-ATTuq. W iilinmFi. l*vT., R. 1, Alliaaa, Iowa. 
Wil,lFji.>rr, Menry, I'vi.. R. 1, Parkenfaurg. Iowa. 
Wdlianw. D. 1... IVt.. l«t CI., *TO«HarTieL Ave. S.. Minneapcli*. Minn. 
Minwnrden. Deloa A., Pvt., iBt O., Weeaenington SpringH. H. D. 
WlnHand. Harold A., Pvl., Brflevillo. Kan. 
Mold. Henry G., Sergt., 917 5th Si., Rrookinn, 8, D. 
Zinwi, FredM.,Jr„Prt., R. 1, EUendaie, N.T). 

jtH., Capt.. Detroit, Mich. 

LeClar. I.ea C, Capt., Twin Bridgea, Mod. 

Miiener. Mark. Capt., Mitchell. S. D. 

EUey, Janra R„ Capt.. Glonwood. Minn. 

Fritcben. Arthur F., Capt., Frankfurt. Wii. 

ThompMiD, Jameg B., Capt.. 90 Greene Avo., Brooklyn, N. 

Feuling, Juliue C, 111 Lt.. Craaoo. Iowa. 

Haley, Fonwt V., lat Ll., Cedar Folia. Iowa. 

llpaha*. Harry T„ lat Lt., SDI.I Shaw Ave.. St. Louh. Mo. 

Hiniwns, Rny H., S«^., Ut CI.. WiobiU, Kan. 

Boyce, John P., 9agl„ 126 Adaiu St., Ypailanli, Mich. 

Ilayden. Jamn R.. Sergt.. El Paw, 111. 

Meyen. Ridiard C. Sergt,. Solon. Iowa. 

Sffliih, Homer L., Sergl., Mangum, Okln. 

Andinnn, ChariM L., Pvt.. lat CI.. R. R. No. 1, <:lui|Uct. \ 

Hover. Charin H.. Pvt.. Isl CI.. Hawarden, Iowa. 

Brown. Peta W,. Pvl, Ut CL. Anahire, Iowa 

Campb>4t. Byieu J., Pvt.. Ut CI., Coal City. lUiuioa. 

Kabta, EiHwh W., Pvl., lat O.. NeitoD, lom 

rials. Leatsr E., Pit. l>t CL. Momow, Iowa. 

Folay. Hnrald E., Pvl., lat CI,. Madinou. 3, D, 

LeviMMi, Henry M.. Pvt., lat CL, Formt City, luwa. 

Maoley. Edgar C, Pvt.. Ut a,, Wichita, Kan. 

Hogen, Paul B„ Pvt., lat CI.. 29 Trrmoa Drive. Dea Moint 

Hpaio. Fraocia J.. Pvt., Ut CI., Kiogaley, Iowa. 

Spary. Myron E„ Pvt., lat CI., Edmond. Kan. 

\andanienl. H. W., Pvt.. lat CI., avtli Broadway. HaDnibg 

IV ynn, LuUier, Pvl,, Ut CI., Wallere, Ukla, 

AmmeDlorp. Evald, Pvt,. Withee, Wis. 

Arhuthnot. Clyde P.. Pvt.. L« Mexn. CsJ. 

AvRv. Laoanl R., Pvt.. Jewell, luwa. 

BaiUy, F.riwt O.. Pvt., Arvilla, N. P. 

Bymii. CaH G,. Pvt., 1 _. 

CuvellieT. John H.. Pvt.. 3610 Ploaunt A 
Einknir. Waller T.. PvL. Wagner, S. D. 
Fotreal. Ilarty. Pvt,, 528 Y^ St., Ouinf 
Fo(, Harvey T., Pvt.. 13.11 Gnind View A 
Guriel. Joiepb R.. Pn.. 905 6lfa St., 8ium 

.. MinieapidB, Mini 

, Pvt.. St. Pater, Mini 

Pvt., DeGraff. Minn 

)t B.. Pvt., BelleviUe, Wat 

Slomioaki, John M., Pvt.. Minto, N. D. 
Wo Ik ins. Gipp. Pvt.. Benlun. Kv 
Weber, Recce C. Pvt., 916 Rayi 

1. Pvt.,1 

ir F., Pvt. 

S. nnyd St., Louiev 

1. Io» 


B, Ky. 

Wearer, John IL, I 
Winler, Henry B., Pvl., BufTulo Cenler, Iowa. 
Sleinbach, Jacob B., Pvt.. Unknown. 
Brown, Matt D., Pvt.. Aycahire. Iowa. 
Rnl>ertaon, Clarence, Pvt., Unknown. 
Aliher. Moses. Pvt., D» Moines, Iowa. 

Barrow. Alvin, 2nd Lt.. Tampa, Fie. 

Cahan, Myln W.. 1st Lt.. Ig44 Riverside Ave,, Jacksonville. Ha. 
Carretson. Owen A.. Ut Ll., 415 JefferMn Apts., Dos Moine*. low 
Hyatt, Frank L., Capt., 1403 Queen Ave.. Minneapolis Minn. 
Livingstone, R. A,. UtLt,, 2621 Fremont Ave. 8.. Nfinneapolia, Mini 
Meyer, John L., Znd I.U, New York Cily, N. Y. 
Tucker, John E., 2nd Lt., Panora, Iowa. 
Adwell. Oscar. Pvl.. 21 18 S, 1 Ith St.. Si. Louis, Mo. 
Aieiander, Frank E., Pvt.. Tracy. Minn. 
Anderman. Charlie A.. Pvl.. Stanley, Iowa, 
Anderson. Anton. Pvt., Manchealer, Iowa. 
Andoraon. Einer A., Pvt., H. F. D. No. 3. Kinrod. N. D. 
Appd. William E., Corp.. 2SD2 Market St.. 8t. Louis. Mo. 
Anhley. Turner, Pvt., R. F. D. No. 3, Cogswell. N. D. 
BaHard. Asa. Pvt., Bagnetl, Mo. 
Knrnhill. Warren E.. Pvt., Coggun, 1 
Hayne, LawBon J., Pvl. ITnrnO Riv- 
Heck, Arthur C, Sergt, 

Itenli, Paul H., Pvl. ['Herman 

._ _ nsfiHd, S. r 

ako. Joseph C, PvL. R. No. 2, Now Vienna, Iowa, 
nnd. Anvern B.. Pvt.. R, Nu. 3. Linn Creek. Mo. 
ekken, John L.. Pvt.. Hatlon, N. D, 
own. Terrell D.. Sergl., Bay, N. D. 
ick, Ivan W., Ph., La Port City, Iowa, 
irko. Leooard M.. Prt., Ut CI.,B, F. D. No. 3, (>i(gon. 
irltel, Jineph V., Pvt., Ut CI., R. F. D. No. 2. Seneca. K 
irgeas. Mofey T.. Prt., Hawk PoinI, Mo. 

" ick J Pvl, R, F. D., Ryan, lown. 

Carolan, Cbarlw i.. Corp.. . 

Csasetla. Frad, Pvt.. No. J, EJore St 
Cauley.jE ------ 

. Washinj 

, Lalie L.. Seigl., Kimball. Minn. 
t-nnsiiansen, Chrislian, Pvt,, Lcaler. Inwa, 
ChrialJo, Allan J., Pvt., R. F. D. No. I, Brookings, S. D. 
Clausten, Wm. P. A.. Pvt.. lit a., 504 W. 7lh St., Sioui f 
Cliir. Arthur, Pvt.. Rich Valley, Minn. 
Comha, Frank. Pit.. Elkpnrt. Iowa. 
Conner. Lealie L., Sn-gl., Elgin. Iowa. 
Connere, lamoi 8., Pvl,, aTW. York St., Akron. Ohio. 
Gordo, Henry A.. PvU, R. F. D. No. 1, Douglas, N. D. 
..Clanly, Pvt,, Weal 

Curlay, Charl 

1. Roberl S., 1st 


. Ni 

Dickson, WiUiam L.. Corp., Utile Y< 
Didd, Frank. Pvt.. Walipelon. N. II. 
Dekoe. George, Pv '""■• "---■- "- 

.. 2306 Park Ave., Minneapolfa. Minn. 
" - Howard, Kan. 

. Prade St.. Erie. Peno. 

„-._^, . _ _, 214 Pawnee St , Leavenworth, Kan, 

Dresch, E. A.. Pvt.. 1st Q., 1110 EUa Ave.. Kanaaa City. Kan. 

Dyhouse. Byron O., Corp.. Owenttville, Mo. 

Karl. John, Pvt.. Wetervdle, Kan. 

I':sr]e, Harry E.. Pvl., R, F. D. No. 4. Hudson. S. 1>. 

Feeier, Charles F.. Pvt., Ft. Pierre. S. D. 

Fisher, Jacob K., PvL, Piemen. N. D. 

Floberg. Benoie A., Pvt., B. No. 1, Lauda. N. D. 

FoeU. Leo W., Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 1. Duhuque, Iowa. 

Frederick, William R„ Corp., R. F. D. No. 2, Uabun, Iowa. 

Fryo, Jack, Cook, R. R. No. 1, Ludington. Mich. 

Gemmer, Rndolpb. Pvt., R. No. I, Ong, Neb. 

Gieeeman. Henry. Pvt., lat CI.. Bellevue, Iowa. 

Glaser, John. Pvl., Dubuque. Iowa. 

Glau, Julius B. Corp., B.F. D. No. 1, Leeds, Iowa. 

Gloweiowski, Eugene C. Bug., Carpi., N. D. 

Guettlmiann. John J.. Corp.. 1 14 S. 9lh St., Luiemberg, Mo. 

Gotlatein, Clurenoe W.. Pvt.. H. No. 3, Endora. Kan. 

Gregory, Oscar Paul, Pvt-, Arcu<lia, Neb. 

Grondahl, Sigvart, I>vt.. R. R. No. 1. llpham, N D. 

Gulbran, Theoilure C Pvt.. H. F, D. No. 1, Wallace. S. D. 

Gulrud. Norbert M., Pvl.. R. No. 1, Waukon, Iowa. 

Hafertope, Bernard H., Corp.. 2621 Ohio Ave.. St. Louii, Mc. 

Hall. Earl J., Pvl., 1st CL, Troy. Kan. 

Hull, Naaman G., Corp., Barnun, Minn. 

llalvergon. Ole, Pvl., Claire Cily, S. D. 

Hau«, Martin F„ Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 28, Topeka, Kan. 


Hiy«. Patrick. Corp., 907 N. Mrd Si 
Herriiw. Cluyton I.. P>1.. M-t S. Stii : 
HiU. Chiirl« E., Corp.. S93BA BurUiK 
Hill. Marvin. Pvt.. R. No. I. Vritlen, 
Hochitedler. Charies, P> - 

Hob. Arthur W.. Pvl., I 

Hc^w. Ilarrsy R., Pvt.. Larwdna. N. D. 

!., St. Louis, Mo. 


.,. H. F, D, No. 2, Clark. S 

■. N, D. 

Schullz, Carl, Corn,, i'rii'n 

Schwarti, Murrcll F,. Pvt., 2247 l.jilhrop St., KaiBM City. 

Shafer, ChdHu. Pvl„ R. F. D. No. ». !\far<:i», Iowa, 

Shaw, Benjamin F., Pvl., I*t CI., Gr«clcy, Mo. 

Sh«imo, iSwJn A,. Pvl„ Maddock, N, D, 

Shore*, Robert H., Pyt., Osawalomie, Kan, 

Shuuldera, ChaH». Pvt., Ul CI,, MorehouU). Mo. 

Sfifiel, Frederick C, Pvt,, Washiiuiton, Mo. 

Skaar^. Henry H„ Pvt,, 1st CL, Soi 116. C*yago, N, D. 

3kjohi»l>er>, Samuel, Pvt,. R. No, 1, Eden. S. D. 

Slonr, Williani II,. Pvt., H, K, D. No, I, [beria. Mo, 

Smith, John A„ Pvt,, Sioui Falls, S. D, 

Smith. Michael. Pvt,, R. K, D, No, 5, Parker, S, D. 

Steii^l, r.Borgc, Pvt,. H. F, D, 1*' ■■ - " 

[ohnaou. Royal V„ Sergt,. LeaRue Cily, Te.aa, 

Jonea, David H.. SrrtU. Sup.. Z716 W. 4lli St.. Duluth, Mion, 

Kade. Charles A,. Cwp„ 3H33 TeiBB Ave.. &1. Louis, Mo, 

Kanngisaaer. WUIiam. Corp.. New llaveu. Mo. 

Kapiimeyer, Herman C, PvL. Isl C1„ Maynard, Iowa, 

KfluInn, J., Pvt., 1st CI,. R. F, I), No, 2. Capitol HillStu., Donvnr.CcJ, 

Klemea. John, Pvl,. Perth, N, D, 

Kline, Oscar M., Pvt,. Ist CL. Alta. Iowa, 

Kloft. Nickolaa. I'vt,. Belloviow. Iowa. 

Kriegmua, Paul H,, SergI,, 3Z90 Cuolor Ave., Diibuciuc, Iowa. 

KroeroBD. Michad, Pvl.. Dyersville, Irnva. 

Kuir Karl £., SergU, 3231 C.ravaia Ave., Si, l>«iH, Mo. 

Kvalvik, John. Pvc, Holly, Uinu. 

Lanon. Enger, Pvt,, Willow Cily, N, D, 

Lanon. Hana J,, Pvt.. Hiihmoro, S. I). 

Lanon. Louis A., Pvt,, miile Earlh. N, D, 

LebUdii, Nick, Pvt., 5«Z R. I>ark St.. Kunnus r:ity, Kan, 

Lidh, Earl B., Corp.. Sioui Falls. 8. D, 

Long, Claninee, Pvl., H. V. D. No, I. Ilwria, Mo, 

Loreoien, Mai E., Pvt,. lat CI,. 2407A S, Uth 8t„ St. Louis. Mo, 

Lundbcrg, Willie, Pvl,, Slranlburg. S. D. 

Lyon. Leon L,. PvL. R. No, I, Center Junction, Iowa, 

McAree, Lutiun, Pvt,. R. F. D. No. 3. Eicelsior Springs, Mo, 

McCoiumaujdiey, IJoyd E.. Pvl,, Wetmore. Kan. 

MoCullick, Harry E., Corp., Culver, Knn, 

McGnice, Francis J,, Pvt,, 2610 Helbert Sl„ St. Louis. Mo, 

Marolf, Lewis A., Pvt.. Clieyanne Wells. Colo. 

Martens. Charles J.. Pvt,, R.F, D. No, 1, Urndey, Iowa. 

Martdle, Pewr L.. Pvt.. Harpen Ferry. Ioau. 

Maltson, iaoob E.. Pvl,, Isl CI,, FrodsHck, 8. O, 

Maiaoa, Raymond B,. Bugler. Slrairord Hotel. MinnoapiJiB, Minn. 

Maiwell. EUwonh A.. Pvt,, St. John, N. D. 

Mario. Joaaph. Pvl., lal CI.. 3B18 Delmar Ave,, St. Louis. Mo. 

Mecrick. Dale C. Pvt,, Manuokela. Iowa. 

Meyer, Artfaur C„ Pvl., 3834 Wisconsin Ave., St. Louis. Mo. 

Michad«», Euri, Pvt.. Boi 1 1, Saratoga, Iowa. 

Miller. Clyde H., Corp.. Savonburg, Knn, 

MDlcr. George. Corp.. Dorelta. N. M. 

MilMus, Gus, Pvt.. SIS BInff St., WateHoo. Iowa. 

MbUlaki. Albert P.. Pvt., Keldron, S. D. 

Mohrman. Cliarles J„ PvL, 3431 Osage Sl. St, Louis. Mo. 

Moody, Albert E„ Pvt,. Lawrence, Neb, 

Munyer, Joseph, PvL. Rngby. N, D, 

Myir*, Cyrus W„ Corp.. R. R, No. 3. Sanborn, Iowa. 

Nelson, Iver. PvL. R.r, D, No, 1, Langfurd, S. D, 

Nelsan, Neb O. Pvt,, Elksder, Iowa. 

Nelson. William D.. Pvl,, R, F, D, No, 3, CUrks, Neb, 

Nilsoo. Elmn-, Pvt,, B. No. 2, Wayzota, Minn, 

NortJl. Raymond C„ Corp., Isnuti, Miuu, 

Nowat^l. Jofau F,. PvL, lat CI., Ml. Carmel, N. D. 

Obeuhaus. Edgar C„ Cook. Hennan. Mo, 

(Maton, Theodora L, PvL, De Smet, S, D. 

Palen. Roman J.. Corp.. Waukon. Iowa, 

Paulson. Emil A.. PvL, R. F. D. No. 1, Dwight, N, D. 

Peudletou. Elm<r C. Pvl,, 1 15 Carondolel Ave,, Clayton. Mo, 

Pendleton. Jerry. PvL. Aurora. Mo. 

Peterson. Clarenoe A,. Pvl,, n. F, D. No, 2. Central Cily. Iowa, 

Pelason, Hagbart W,. PvL, Lnngrord, S, D, 

Peterson, John E„ Pvl,. Midland: 8. I>. 

PaUrson, Joseph II., PvL. 547 Half Main, Kansas City, Mo. 

Pfarr. Theodora H , Corp,, LaSueur, Minn, 

Pugline, San, Pvl, 1314 Carr St„ St. Louix, Mo. 

Qualton, Carlton. PvL. R. r, D, No, 2. I>eever, 8, D, 

Rassmussen, Jamca A.. Pvt,, lloi 455, Beuuford, S. D. 

Reardon, Thomas J,. Sergt,, 4I3T Evans Ave,, 8l Louis 

Beed, Harvey C. " " 

Rise, Samud^ R„ 

Rime, Uilb^rr \ 
Robinson, Blm. 
Rosen, Wdl I 

RosiXrgH \^l. 

R^^JIdL^ t' "i 



r, (^hkrh'-'j , 

Bp;jaS;"' ' 

Sdlers, CI 
Salnan. Cr 
Sohatj., ri 

B, ClilToni C. I 

ilMmV'll'iil.'Kvi4rih, Minn 
,. U. F. I> N«. 2, Iowa. 

w'ii.T Pvt.ri341 E. 5lh St.', Siou. Fall 
~vt,. WinGeld. Kan. 

_ .'„ Cook, 2293 Marcean 8l. Sl Lo 

acnneU. Fred L., Pvt.. 2232 Nebr, Ave,, St, Louis. Mo 

Schrage, Fred W., Pvt,. Allison, Iowa, 

SdueOier. Wallaoe W., Pvt.. R. F, D, No, 2. Osborne, 


. Calmer G,, PvL. Rolhsay, Minn, 

Joseph A., Pvt,, Seldun, Kan. 

Sutton. Eilbur L., PvL. Clark. S. D, 
Swanson, Carl A,, SergI,, R, No. 1, Boi 6S, Bruno, Miun, 
Tlkwan, Joseph F., Corp., I30» Huaacll Ave,, Sl. Louis, Mo, 
Teller, Chariot W,. PvL. Hibbing. Minn. 
Trachla. Frank P.. PvL. Huvana, N, D, 
A. Pvl.. Hope. Mo. 

■r C. PvL. R. No. 4, Boi 65, Ddon, Mo. 

Jav. Corp. Fenloi. Mo. 
Wrgener. Audrew II.. Corp.. 3141 Nebraska Ave,, St. Louis. Mo. 
Wells, Williun B.. Pvt,, Isl Cl„ H. F. D, No. 1, Ash Grove. Kan, 
M e<lendor[. RudoliA W.. Pvl.. R. No. 7, Summer. Iowa. 
\^idlund. Harry P.. Pvl., Manson. Iowa. 
Win, August. Corp., R, No, I. Cherokee, Iowa. 
W orkmau. Waller. PvL. Hawkeye. Mo. 
Yauslin, Harry L„ Cook, Clermont, lows. 

y<mnt. Heury O.. Pvl.. lal CI.. B. F. D, No. 9, Lawrenoo, Kan. 
ZiUman. Louis, Jr.. Corp.. PaciUc. Mo. 


Shinddl, Walter E„ CapL. 1104 N. 49th SL. Omaha, Neb. 
Hyde, Edward L„ 1st Ll. Lincoln, Neb, 
Hurt, Lucien H„ 1st Ll. 672 Om SL. New tlaven. Conn. 
Garraon, O. A„ Ist LL, I6lh and Grand, Dea Moina. low 
Vales. George, Isl Lt,. 3496 SIh Sl., D« Moinea, Iowa. 
Carlwn. Clarence V., 2nd Lt.. 223 SIh Ave. 8., Valley. S. D. 
Gillespie, Harry B., 2nd LL. Biverside. III. 
Copper. Wdliam W.. 2nd Lt., Savanna, 111. 
Siegel. Ahraliam A.. 2nd Lt.. New "—■■ "-— ■" " 

.n, Einar (;.. Corp.. H, F. D. 

y, William E.. Corp.. Vesta, 

Brachlow, O. A.. Cotp, Clk., 2223 1 

. No, 2. Mori 

ady, John J,. P< 
'ate, William 1 ., uug.. man 
n, Guataf R„ SelgL, 23UI W 
IV. Joe F., Pvl., R, F. D. No. ^. lowa. >u. 
ison. Nels K.. Pvt.. R. F. D.. No. 2. Carpii 
ll, William, Pvl., R, F. D.No. 2. Ord. Ncl 

Iman, 'George, Pv'l. Adams, JMeD. 
rom, Wendell F„ PvL, R, F. D. No, I, Agendi 
t, Willie O., PvL, R, F. D. No, 6, York. Neb. 
k, Ivan M„ Corp,. Humboldt, Kan, 
e. James K., Pvl,, R. F. D. No. 2. Cross Timb 
er. George L.. PvL. WatervUIr, Kan. 
Fdtman. Konalautv, Pvl.. Box A22 Mioto, N. D. 


:.. St, Louis. Mo. 

Duluth, Minn, 

N. D. 

N, Snnu'Fe Sl,. Chanut 

Fdtman. Konalautv, Pvl.. 
Bailey. Earl. PvL, ft. No, 
Sprouse, Cleo F., Pvl., C'- 
May, PhiUp J,. PvL, Ro 


Danielson, Edrar C. 
Olson, Simon, PvL, 

!Tt. PvL. R. F. D. P 

Miller, <;eurge W., Pvi., llullsburg. Mo. 

Kirk. AUie R.. PvL. R. F. D. No. 6, Boi 13. Richmond. Mo. 

Dcd>meyrr. Michael J., Pvl,, R, F, D. No, 1, Herman. Mo, 

Rhodrs, Jessie L„ PvL, Bland. Mo, 

Greeny, Thomas L., PvL, HOS Iowa SL, Sioui Cily, Iowa. 

Smith. Ira. PvL, Route No. 3, Bdlevue, Iowa. 

Schmidt, Henry, Corp.. 4253 Elastern Ave., Sl Louia. Mo, 


Namt. Rank and Heme Adiva 
Drnker. Fred H.. Prt.. 6931 Idaho Ave.. S<. Ij>uui, Md. 
Kueoquiit. Eric C„ I>vl., R, r. U. Na, 4, Miiiinn. Iowa. 
Wiloun. Conrad. Prt.. Slerling. Colo. 
EUmn, Cbrinian, Pit.. Halton. N. D. 

Wolconakl. Mioabd J.. Cotp.. 203 Wickland SL,. Dululh, Minn 
Torpin. HdIhtI a.. pYt.. Kiinl. Wmt Vu. 
MoiUsr. Eddin F.. Pn.. £09 W«t SisEd 3t., Si. Louib, Uo. 
BshrrniU, Ilaary. Pvt,. George, Iowa. 
Snnloe. Fnd R.. Cofp.. Clunnc, Mo. 
Warr. Olio L.. Corp.. R. F. D. No. 2, CuliB, Mo. 
Maoihund. ArD>iD.l>>t.. W«t Znd Si.. IlermBna, Mo. 
Tandbarg. (Me A., Prl.. Donn^brook, N D. 
Iloehlr. E.. S«Kt.. 662 AlIanLa Ave.. WabatPr flrove, Mo. 
^iDul. William. Pvt., R. F. D. No. 1. Riohtuud, Mo. 
MalUonlJDliii H.. PtL, Dalawarr, Iowa. 
St^halidl. Aloia P.. Cnp-. 801) It) SouOi St., St CJoud. Minn. 
Mouon. OUf A., PiU. R. F. D. No. I. Boi IH, Botlineau, N. [ 
R«w>n. SiHnd, Pvt., R. F. D. No. I, CokhwrII, N. D. 
Grem. OUitf A.. PtL, MaDlaitfa. Iowa. 
Tiahe. Dee. Pvt.. R. F, D. No. I. Rland. Mu. 
Ceorge. Loo L.. Corp.. IrviiiR. Kan. 
Chaauiin. William R.. Pvl..T..fion. Ii>wb. 
SaOn. Bttrnard, Prt., R. No. 3. Enkino. Minn. 
I.yncti. Jihn E,. Prl.. Pairoui. Colo. 
Minlriip, L,MH J., Corp.. tlniun. Mo. 
SalraiMk. Fred W.. Pvt.. IZ3 5th Ave.. Uelwi^in. Iowa. 
Seuer. Ferdinand. Mecfa.. ZT2 Paliwidc Ave.. Wwt llobaken. N. 
CleAcne. Haory J., Pvt.. Nortb Waahinnton. Iowa. 
Uhu. Aleiander G.. Corp.. 2005 Nf^nanj Si.. St. Louis. Mo. 
Magnmni. Jcdin M.. Pvt., H. F. D. No. I. Souria. N. D. 
IMRinl. Walter E.. Corp.. 1676 llennipin Ave.. Minneapolis. M 
SclinuU. Henry H.. Srrgt.. T13 South Park St.. Streator. 111. 
Anderwn, Alfred M..Ser«L. RatUe Lake, Minn. 
Morrow. Harry W.. Pvt.. 601 Wot Rruadway. Sparla. 111. 
HiMin, Harry C Pvt.. 1340 Front Si.. FnrKO. N. D. 
Alum. Richard J., Pvt.. B. F. D. No. 3. Hnwkeye. Iowa. 
Burchan. Andrew L.. i>vt.. Carbnry. N. D. 
Mamie. GBoria A.. Pvt., Morria. Kaa. 

J-ltslet, (Clarence L.. Pvt., SOI ,^lli Ave., IrulEpendence. Iowa, 
.SniJu. Harry A.. Corp.. 6702 Eliel Ave.. St. Lsuia. Mo. 
UnH»ll, WiOiam E.. Pvt., B, F. D. No. 1, Alroa, Kan. 
Sandberc. W«Iey O., Pvu, Oog, Neb, 
Wold, Johnny, Pvt.. TowDsr. N. D. 

Pailon, Roy It., PvL. R. F. D. No. 1. Boi No t. Joplin. Mo. 
IrwiD. Samuel, Pvt.. Five-MUe Town. Irdand. 
Paulaon, Leo M., Pvt.. Roate No. I. Dwiglit. ID. 
Neal, Edward M., Pvt., fl, F. D. No. i , Camdfn. Mo. 
VladuM. A. C Cnp., Jaccnrd and Mcrmod Bldi,. St. Louu. ^ 
SchaTer. Kmnil A,. Pvt.. 30H V Sl„ Aldiinson, Kau. 
KnmiB. Ehner C, Pvt.. Sprinivulley. Mino. 
Schlitt. Jnfan J., Pvt.. B. F. D, No. I, Krako. Mo. 
Smith. JcAa C., Pvt.. Englpwood, Kan. 
(Iluo. GimMve, Pvt.. Warland, Mmi Bloiukox, Sw«leo. 
Spcckhala, Thoodore A.. Pvt., Boi 201. Ilerman. Mo. 
Pakkala, Jack R. Pvt., Sauk Rapid«. Minn. 

tse. ioaeufa H',. PvL,'st. Eliiabelb, Mo. 
Crouch, Evaret E.. Pvt., Criltimdn'. Mo. 

M>>(41tT, WiUiara L., PvU. 7.12 Cheyenne Ave., Leavenworth, K 
Bailey. Joaeph E., Pvt., B. K. D. No. 2, Grioodl, Kan. 
HoRman. John J.. Pvt.. Aihley, N. D. 
Spendal, GBorn C.. Corp., Mulberry, Kan. 
Vininc. Albert. PvU, Tyro, Kud. 
Jarv%. Wilfred F.. Corp., Ropuhlic. Midi. 
Pieper, Walter S.. Pvt.. H. F. D. No. 4. Camn Point. IIL 
Landalram, Ole S.. Pvt., Ambnaa. N. U. 
Bemia. Jamea N.. Pvl.. R. F. D. No. 4, Wancr.aa. Iowa. 
Tyr«. Boo A., Pvl,, H, F. D. No. 3, Bland. Mo. 
Etiinser. Fraderiek S., Pvt.. 499 EdKernmb Rood, New York, t 
Malcy. Edward C, Pvt.. B. F. D. No. I. Bruyi. Mo. 
CiboUI. Jake II.. Pvt.. R. e. D. No. 5. Norton. Kan. 
PraUr, Guy S., Pvt.. Iberia, Mo. 
nucerm. Edwud C, Pvt.. CuBUr. S. D, 

Fornnaa. Hceur N., Pvt., R. F. D. No. 1. Bleu Rapids. Kan. 
S[>Ke. Will L.. Pvt., Route No 2, Rriwiow. Iowa. 
Bli», Joe, Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 4, Willialon. N. D. 
Reklad. Jor«B F.. Pvt., Alkado, N, D, 
Mandv, Albert C. Pvt.. Green laland, Iowa. 
Haaa. 01«« R.. Pvt.. Lyte. Minn. 
Walki™. Paul F., PvV. P-iv.niSiutR. 111. 
Sirmera. August H.. Pvt.. St. Dorialw. low I. 
Fishbock. Vem C. Pvl., Blue Itapidi. Knn. 
Wedherc. WiUiain. Pvt., 7127 Mtgmia Ay«., SL 1*ui9, Mo. 
Hunler, Claude. Pvt.. St. AubnrL. Mo. 
Monaco, Airiu, Pvt.. 1416 S. 3Ih St., Omolism, Neb. 
[)™y, Howard O.. PvU, R. F. D. No. 5. BiJdwin. Kan. 
Pollom. Philip R.. l<vl., B. F. D. No 1, Grantville, Kan. 
Nniae. Ray H., Corp.. 31H Norlh IHth St., Kanaaa City. Kan. 
i'lammond, Louig P.. Pvt.. Modiclni' Lakf. Mom. 
Jubnsou. Curl L., Con.., 3212 Cth St., N., Minneapolia. Miuu. 
.. 232 l-jisl 3rd Si,. T«o llurbori. Minii. 


, A In 

D llgrl 

n. MJui 

«>. Raymond C . 
illi, Arthur A., Pv 

,, Mai™ 
SMN. n 

fWiimi, Arlliur A., PvL. ISM N. Main St.. Fremont, Neb 
- niT. Roy, Pvt.. 233 W. WaibiniiUia St., Albia, Iowa. 

la. Andy. Pvt.. B- F. D. Nn. 7, Mounlain Gmve, Mo. 

■I— Victor E. G.. Pvl., 122 S. Aib. OtUwa. Kan. 

i. Claude i., Cnrp., B. F. D. No, J. Naahua, low 

Nami, Rank and Hamt AiJtta 
RHienwelvr. Albert H., Pvt.. Brilton. 8. D. 
Hennsn. Edward J.. Pvt,, B. F. D. No. 1, Boyalton. Minn. 
McKattrick. John B,. Pvl., R, F. D. No. 9. LeMan. Iowa. 
Klevor. PerluB H.. Pvt.. B. F. D. No. 3, Sanborn. Iowa. 
Carter. Merdio W.. Pvl.. latan. Mo. 
Broach, End J., I>vt.. 1844 S. Ilth St.. St. Louia. Mo. 
Wtidenkeller. Aim E.. Pvt.. B. F. D. No. 1. Durham. Kan. 
Pfeifer, Chriatian Il„ Pvt.. Box 322, Iceland. N. D. 
Miller. Meredith C, Pvt.. 6011 VunVmon Ave. St. Louia, Mo. 
Winklopleck. William. Pvl.. B. P. D. No, 4, Oaden. Iowa. 
Ilalpin. Joaeph T., Corp.. 167 S. Locuat St.. Dubuque. Iowa. 
Spencer, Jeremiah N.. Pvt.. B. F. D. No, 1, Weat Union, Iowa, 
Lepper, Frank H.. Pvt.. Marys Home. Mo. 
Davidson. Edward R.. Pvl.. 3728 Oregon Avd., St. Loub. Mo. 
Nicholson. Vincent B„ Pvt.. R. F. dTNo. I. Anesiao. S. D. 
Ueuller, John R.. Pvl.. Deahler. Neb. 
Wokeu. KIton B., Pvt.. B. F. D. No, 4. Nonhwood, N. D. 
Wiemeralage, Edward G., Pvt., R. P. D. No. 3, New Albin, Iowa. 
Kier, Perry, Pvl,, Mankato, Minn, 

JiVKeniion, Inevard E.. SerRl.. Route No. 2. LohrviUe, Iowa. 
PaOiell. William K.. Pvt,. Cavalier. N, D. 
MeiHuer. Frank, Pvt.. lOOS W. 3r<l Si.. McCook. Neb. 
Auileracm. Peter, Pvl,, .(53 Micllisan Si., St. Paul. Miuu. 
I.enlli. Wilhrrt F.. Pvt., R. F, D. No. 2, Luena, Iowa. 
Bum, Archie. Pvl., B. F. D. No. 22, Wakaruaa. Kau. 
Heniinerdw. William II.. Pvl., B. i\ D. No. I. Manley. Iowa. 
Klimaxchwky. Alfred G.. Pvl.. B. F. D. No. I. Mahnomen. Minn. 
D.ii-Valader, Bay. Corp.. Brockaway. Mont. 
Brodmrk, (;«ffge W., Pvt., R, F. D. No. 14, Valley Park. Neb. 
Wrialit. Will..! A.. Pvl., FMorado, Kan. 
MeLean, Kl^ddie V... Pvt., Rullund. N. D. 
DeWald, John O.. Pvl.. B. F. D. No. 2, Oelwein, Iowa. 
Hoe. Cornelius G.. Pvl.. Star Boule No. 2, Loue Pine. Neb. 
Siieerl. Kurl G.. Pvt.. B. F. D. No. 1, Speck Ferry. Iowa. 
Itrnaion. Ole K.. Pvt.. Boi 71. Maurel, N. D. 
Brciokwell. frjialuee C. Pvt.. 606S Mcl>herBon Ave.. St. Louis. Mo. 
McKay, rjwrles I... Pvt.. Mauhook, N. D. 
Gjentad. Millard. Pvl.. Minlo. N. D, 
Tully, Frederick II.. Pvt., Rownmoot. N. D. 
Peck. Joaeph S., pvt.. 77 Eichanae St., Dubuque. Iowa. 
Thompann, Ernest S.. Pvt.. B. V.D. No. 1. Mulvaoe, Kan. 
Miller. Neal. Pvl.. R. F, D. No. 4, Marion, Iowa. 
Amorwn, Tliomae, Pvt., Ambrose. N. D. 
Scheie. Fred W.. Corp.. 7 E. Erie. Chica«o. lU. 
Miuhd. Stanley C. Pvl.. Creseo. Iowa. 

Glosemeyer, Mward A., Pvt.. 401 Lafayette Ave.. Waahinelon, Mo 
Lowe. Roy C. Corp.. LeRoy. III. 
Mullen, Germayne J., Pvt.. Chariton, Iowa. 
Dallon. Richard E.. Pvt.. 3125 Keokuk St.. St. Louia, Mo. 
Smith. Earl K.. Pvt.. Agra, Knn. 
Ijine. Harvey C. Sergt,. Weat Union, Iowa. 
BcTRhofer. Boy W., Sergt., 415S N. Grand. St. Louis. Mo. 

Ilnyc»ck. Chester P.. Capl.. 19 pM^main SI.. Calais. Me. 
A|>plehy. Frank B., 1st Lt., Eldoru. Iowa. 

Sherman. Robert E.. 1st Lt.. 1776 Humboldt Ave.. Minneapolu, Minn 
Slusri. Koadlry H.. 1st Lt.. CouncU Bluffs. Iowa. 
Wheelnck. I.ewia F., 1st Ll.. Rio Hondo. Tex. 
Bice, ClilTord C„ 1st Lt,. 726 Su»rior Ave.. Dayton. Ohio. 
Ruokman. Georae M., 2nd Lt.. Covington. Va. 
Iluelsknmp, lleriwt J„ 2nd Lt.. Winlhrop. Minn. 
Adamson. Jamn L., Pvt.. Isl Q.. B. F. D. No. 1, Toronto, Kan. 
Adktns. Nelson C. Pvt.. 1st CI., Eldon. Mo. 
Ahlfs. Adolph. Pvt.. Ackley. Iowa. 

Alireiw. Cluience. Pvl.. 1st CI.. R. R. No. 2. Dumont. Iowa. 
Aliek. Joaefih. Pvl., later. Belcourt.N. D. 
Anderson. Christian. Cook. Mahtown. Minn. 
Arons. l.eunard II.. Serat.. 3821 W. Srd St.. W. Dululh, Minn. 
Anrr. Alvin, Pvl,. Int CL B. F. D, No. 4. Waukon. Iowa. 
Vadinii. John T.. Pvt.. Isl CI.. CogKon. lowB. 
Barry, Percy J., Sergt.. 113 E. Main St.. Mankalo. Minn. 
Num. Fred. Pvl.. lat CI.. B. r. n. No. 2, Lyndon, Kan. 
Bejin. I^nurge, Bun-. Star Route. Iberia. Mo. 
BerK. Elmer. I>vt.. B. F. I). No. 1. Slocklidm, S. D. 
BrrgKren. Arthur, Pvt.. 1st a.. Hope. N. D. 

HerninK. William. Pvt.. tat CI.. 4129 Concordia Ave.. St. I-ouia. Mo. 
Berlscb. Charles E.. Pvl,. R. F. D. Nol I. Caney. Kan. 
Belker. Frank. Pvt.. GUIman. Minn. 
Birth, Hurley T,. Pvt,. Tryon, Neb, 

Bitter, Henry A.. Corp.. 22SD Washinglon Si.. Dubuque. Ivwa. 
Bock. Willie A.. Pvl., Herman, Mo. 

Buthwell. Jamea W.. Sergt.. 601 N. 57th Ave. W.. W. Dululh. Minn. 
Brown, Jolin F.. Pvl.. R. F. D. No. 3. Bdlevue. Iowa. 
Bmena. Walter W., Pvt.. 1st CI., B. F. D. No. 3. Hermann. Mo. 
Brunk. Joseph F.. Pvt.. 1314 Jerry Ave.. Grand Forks, N. D. 
Bussiur. K»t\ L.. Pvt.. Tiff City. Mo. 
Byrkil. William M.. Corp.. Fairfield. Neb. 
Callon. Albert W., Pvl., Linn Creek, Mo. 
Carlson. Arthur. Sergl.. R. F. D. No. 3. Lake Cily. Iowa. 
Carlson. Ricliard J.. Pvl., Boi 14.3. Derrick. N. D. 
Cavunaugli. George E.. Pvt.. lat CI.. R. F. D. No. S. Beloil. Kan. 
Chapman, E. P., Pvl., Isl CI. ,21 IE. Cleveland St.. Pittsburg. Kan. 
Chrislinson. Frank. Pvt.. tat C.I.. Karlstad. Minn. 
CJirLilopheisen. Ingwer, Pvl.. B. F. D. No. 1. Clarence. Iowa. 
Coakley. Clarence I.. Pvt.. La Monte. Iowa. 
Collins, t-Mward V., Pvl.. 2121 Gasconade St.. St. Louis. Mo. 
Cook. Eriifol W.. PvL. Eden. Idnlio. 
Cook. Perry G.. Cook. Box 61, Lincoln. Minn. 
Croisetlier. Cyrille. Pvt,. Bottineau, N. D. 
Crum.WilliamH.. Corp.. 539 Ami Ave,. Kanwis Cily. Kan. 
Cuva. Juaoph. Pvt.. 1211 S. 7th St.. Omaha. Neb. 
Dahlau. Benvend A.. Pvl.. Bottineau. N. D. 

BVB. Lw, n.. IM 

>BPP«. Obt-rtP,, pVi 


>mKI. Hiiwrl j,'. Pvt,.'u. „„. ..„.,^,„, 

Diusnw, |3|iul. Pvt.. Chaffee, Mo. 
DyeTitma W.. Pvt., Ut U., Mammouth. Mo, 

alrioh. Homer. Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 3. N«weU. Iowa. 

Ini^. Carl F.. Corp., I65T Jackiaa St.. Dubuqus, lows. 
Eoclund, Frilchur A.. Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 1. Slrandburg, S. I). 
&KkHHi. Curt M.. Pvt.. R. H. No. 1, BoiS. Walcotl.N. D. 
Ethib. Jobn J.. Pvt., Rossville. lU. 
Kvana. Ralnh. Pit.. 208 Farrier St.. Richmond, Ma, 
EvcDitad, Henry, Pvt., IH CI.. R. F. IX No. 3. Rrinoldx. N. D. 
Kven. Fredaick C. Corp.. 2612 S. I»lh 8l., St. l.ouiii. Mo. 
c .. ,. — ._ t. „. ■■'".. Drti H„p ■ ■ '• 

Fiti^ald. Thomas F.. P.t., Isl CI.. H. K. D, ^ 

a. Edourd B.. Pvt.. Unnd Forkx. N. D. 

Nam,. Hank and Home Adthu 
Nekolitc. John M.. Pvl.. Columbua. Nab. 
N«l«m. Edwin H.. Pvt.. iHt CL, Si, Olof, Iowa. 
Ninihaui. Edward V.. Corp.. R. F. D. No. 2. DycnviUe. Ii 
NaiH», Martin R. 8er(l.. Haymood. Iowa. 
Nflwmann. Frank F.. Pvt.. HawkioBon. N. D. 
^ork, l>aul C, Pvt.. Redtidd, S. D. 

Urhxncr. Herman P.. Pvl.. 1st CL. R. R. No. 2. Waruw. T 
O'lleHon. Francia. Pvt.. 768 Soneca St.. L«veDworth. Ka: 
Ohiendorr. Fernard F.. Pvl.. lit CI., Crete, III. 
Otand. Knule, Pvl.. Hoi 62, Havana. N. D. 
Olson. Goorn E.. I'vt.. Manson. Iowa. 
l>addfonl. C. E.. Pvt.. Isl CI.. 2229 Emerson Ave. N.. Mpl 
l-eine. Leon W„ Pvl.. Isl CI.. Fairbanks, Iowa. 
Ponhorsl. E. H.. Pvt.. iBt CI., n. F. D. No. 2. New Haven 
t. Floyd D.r -" ■ - - 


jrl. I'vt.. H. F. D. r,. .. 
.. PH.. Isl a.. Oshkosh. I 

rr, pvt.. 7110BaeeSl..L 
" " . lit ClTtiranvill. 

Glbbs. George H., Pvt.. Monli 
GofEnet. Arlbur F.. F " ' 
Goodion, Redden J., 

addon. iam«. Pvl.. (Jiapmnn. Kon. 
■dl, l'>ed 8.. Corn.. 324 2Ulh Ave. N.. 
allquisl. Danid M.. Mroh.. Boi 15:1. ( 
immersUnd, Harold M., Pvt.. 1st CL. 
inssn. William C. Pvt.. 412 Tth St. S. 
iTBeee, Hairy. Corp.. New Haven. Mo 
iitmed. Joseph H.. Pvt., Aldiison, Ki 
irvey, Thomas J.. Corp.. Rosrland. K 
Ltheway. Arthur G., Corp.. Sabula. lo 
lug. JtJiannes P., Bug., R. R. 2. Roi 
jimbush. Williani. Pvt.. Amemce. N. D. 
Hemness. Halver M.. Corp.. Rock Rapids. 
Si.urd, Pvl., Amhmsi', N. D. 
Alter! J., Corp.. 2837 Magnolia , 
harlEs O.. Pvt.. 32H S. BeltaireSl. 
Charlea E.. Pvt.. Oshome. Kan. 
ikM. Pvl., 1st "■ ■■ - 

y. S. D. 


!Z. Shryrnra-. N. 1>. 

Pvt,. R. F.l 

on. O.. Pvl.. Isl CI.. 222 N. Humboldt A< 

lv« H . Pvl Rhsnnn |U 

1. N. D. 

... 235S-A S. 
09 K. SIh St. 
lion. N. D. 

h Si., St. Louis, Mo. 

Kitsliiig, Charlea 

r>. Rudolph. I>vl.. Lakes' 

KoUi. l£rwin J.. Pvt.. 501 Ri« Ben Roi 
Kurbel. Henry. Pvl.. Caldwell. Kan. 

Kramchuk, Jtt' " 

Lrud. Fiedixi 

truK«r, Lbu F. 

n \V., Pvt.. la. . 
_k E. l*vl.. IstC 
B, INt.. Aahton. I 

.. HOI C 

d Ave.. ( 

P.. Corp.. IK. 

rt J., I'vl.. Miller. Neb. 

Latftnle. EHrire C, Corp., 4393 Cltouleau Ave.. Si 

a, Arthur. Pvl.. Draylon. N. D. 

a. Erick G.. Cook. 27211 W. 3rd St.. Puluth. ( 

a, Lewii H.. Pvl.. R. F. D. No. 1, Boi SO. Bci 

a. John F.. Pvl., Isl CI.. R. K. D. No. 3, Uxdeii 


rk. Mini 

jiebberl. John H.. Pvl.. Kodtilnwn. Mo. 

Aika, Frank. Pvl., 1st O.. Lunjnloii. N. D. 
Luadbere. Carl l>.. Pvl.. H. F. D. Nu. 3. RluomMd. Neb. 
McAllindon. Juhn. Pvl.. 1031 4lh St. [N.. MinneutHiliii. Minn 
McSparrin, James II.. Pvl., Isl CI., •■" "' —^ "■ ■•^■'-- 

., RucUin. Kan. 

'!.'r'f^*d. nSI : 

r. N, D. 


Ma this. CharlsK 

MaUock. Homer _ 

Medieike, Fr«d, Pvl.. Ul CL. Sliuler. 

Mehegan. John J.. Pvl.. 1st CI.. 4I5tA .tlBltitt Ave.. St. 

MeynholT. Kmil H„ IN I.. iBt CL. R, F. D. No. 3. Sumni 

Miller. Richard H.. I'vt.. Crandalt, S. D. 

Moehlmann. George R,. Pvt., R. F. D. No. 6. Akron. lo< 

Morgan. Nicholas J., Pvl.. Isl CL. Lohrville, Iowa. 

Mudd. Cbarlea A.. Corp.. H. F. D. No. 2. Monroe City. 

Mueller. Harry O.. Corp.. 11U7 Dover Place. SU Louis, n 

Muiiro, James F.. Sergl., Eacanaba. Mich. 

Mulh. AUaandw, Pvt., 1st O.. R. K D. No. 1. Olis, Ka 

Nedy. Don D.. Mech.. R. F. D. No. 4. Petenburc. lU. 


IVvEHlorr. F. ( 
Portz. Bp.rnard A. Pi 
Pratt. Ral|ili D.. Pvl 

Ouirk. Joseph. Pvt., 4238 Westminster Place, St. Louia. Mo. 

tludcFB, Joseph L., I'vt.. R. F. D. Nu. 2. Lena. IlL 

Ranes. Homer. Pvt.. Ut CI.. 310 N. I3th St.. Independence. Kan 

Reusch. Charies S.. Pvl.. H. R. No. 2. Verona. Mo. 

Reed. Samud C. Pvl., Hoi 162. Hyannia. Neb. 

Hehbori. William H.. Pvt.. Gwinner, N. D. 

Ricliaribion. Roy W.. Pvt.. B. F. D. No. 2. Hope, N. D, 

KonquiBl. Henry O., Pvt.. I<il CJ.. St. Olof. Iowa. 

Rowe. Peler D.. Pvt.. lal CI.. l>ueblo. C(Jo. 

Rudolph. Arthur 1.. Sergt.. 3S20 Paris Ave.. Si, Louia. Mo. 

Salsman. Jacob S.. Pvl.. 2339 Olive Si.. Si. Louig, Mo. 

Sampson. Sdmer M.. Pvl.. Findlay. N. D. 

SaniTers. C. A.. Corp.. 1145 Grandview Blvd.. Kansas City. Kan 

Hendstedl, Prank <>.. SerKI.. 513 E 2nd St.. Duluth, Minn. 

Salhri. Sewer C. Pvl.. Wemby, N. D. 

Saner. AiiKust. Pvt.. Isl CI.. Kirkwood, Mo. 

Schellle. Joseph. Pvt.. Willenberg. Rasamhsky. Russia, 

Sehiller. Kmil J,. Pvt.. Uuion. Mo. 

Schmidt. Frederick C. Sergl., Nonhome. Minn. 

Schmidl. Loo P.. Pvt.. IslCL. Manison, Mo. 

SchoUmeyer. William. Pvt., Tipton. Mo. 

Sehiilti. f>ank E.. Corp.. 1629 Slh Ave. S.. Minneapolis. Minn. 

Sdiwarls. WiUiam. Pvt.. 177 Pleoiunt Ave.. Si. PaiB. Minn. 

Sherhon. Patrick J,. Corp.. Renard, Iowa. 

Simpson. Gerald E.. lal SsTKt., ruroua Falls. Minn. 

SlawBon. George A.. Pvl.. Isl CL, R. P. D, No. 2. Iberia. Mo. 

Siirenson, Ijiwo H., Pvt.. Ill CI.. Gilmore City. Iowa. 

Spinner. Frank O,. Cook. 4IIB.'i Hanover Ave.. St. Louis. Mo. 

Sldltug, , 

Slepbenson. Ralph, I . _ . 

Slockingn. Mat.. Pvt.. Cardwdl. Mo, 
Slone, Chnrlsy H.. Corp.. Cumpbdl. Neb. 
Sloulnnhurg. Oscsj- A.. .Mi-clr., llfril.^i. Minn. ^ 

n.ity Cil) 



1 " 




. Harry 



Omaha r?^"' 

Welhocn. Harley [I.. Pvt.. IslCX. Axldl. Kan 
Wmtrall. Fred, Pvl.. IbI CI,, 32U Cherry Si.. L 
While. William. Corp.. R. F. I>. No. 1. Weir. I 
Williams. Floyd W.. Pvl,. 1st CL. l-omuna. M. 

Williamson. H.. Jr., Pvl.. isl a.. R. F. O. S, . 

Wind. WilliafB D.. Pvt.. R. F. 1>. No. lu. Jeffenoa Brk*.. Mo. 

Woesle. Fred W., Pvl.. CdesburH. Iowa. 

Woir. Marcus E.. Pvl.. New Hampton. Iowa. 

Wok«. LouJB F., Jr., Cook. 323 Horn Ave.. St. Louie. Mo. 

Woods, Oscar. Pvt.. lal U.. Richmond. Mo. 

Young. John C, Sup. Sergl.. Frankrort. Ky. 

Ziiiser. John A.. SerRl., 423 N. S;ih Ave. W.. Duluth. Minn. 

Zeller. Albert W.. Pvt.. Bodus. Neb. 

Zdler. Fred. Pvl.. Hnmhird. Wis. 

Zierke. Ernest C. I'vt.. 206 Smith Si.. RockweU City. Iowa. 

Erickson. Edwin C. 2nd Lt.. MovehiHid. Minn. 
Gatver. Harvie A.. Cupl.. Blunt. S. I). 

Ilihble. Clarence U.. 2tid Ll.. Norah Aparlmenu. Washington. D. C 
Livingslonr, R. A.. Isl Ll.. 2621 Fremont Ave. S.. Minneapolis. Mini 
Lurrenlon. J. B.. iBt Lt.. 2900 Collage Grove Ave., I>ea Moina. li. 
Page. Marion D.. Isl Lt., Cenlerville. Tenn. 
PeEly. Harry E.. 2nd Lt.. Bui R34. Farrdl. Pa. 
Rice. Clifford C. iBt Lt.. "26 Superior Ave., Dayton. <*io. 


Ropn, Iian C. lad U., L 
Auron, Ralph A.. Pvt., Gre 
Adlcic, Ilenr) E.. PvL., Law 
Albnwlil. Chrisl. P>t.. Gm 
WilliuaJ.. (Vl. 

AktikniW- Juteuh, F 
Amy. Ow«i H. L.. B 

i, Pvt., 1 

1 CI.. Hon 

A>ki«iiiinl. Henry C. Pvt., Mnnvd 

BsIIdoc, \jt RtdMH, Pvt., n. ¥. D. JNo. 2, New f'Vankron 

BarUHi. Ilmry. Corp., CniwiAiurc, Kan 

BoUI. FrankA.. Py1.,FI. F. D. No. 1. WooUcy.S. D. 

Bmifk. En>«t L., Prt., l«t CI.. Okobojo. S. D. 

B»}*ck. Roy. Pvt., lit CI.. Afuu. Iowa. 

Bradlri, ElxJE M., Pvt.. Ilswina. Kan. 

Bradlinr, Joho L.. Cook. EpwoiUi. Iowa, 

BrifhtnUD, E. J.. M«> Scrgt.. 3:i!4 at. Vincwnt Av«.. S(. 

Bnxi, LaiuTurd G., 3h«i., 2BS7 Gamble 9l., St. Louit. F 

Bruden. i^n. PvL. 1st CL, Cwnden. Ma. 

W.. PvL. iBL CI.. HuntviUe, Iowa. 

nhn G,. Pvt,, ToUoy, N. D. 
CbuHur. Firmin. Pvt.. Etiiwo. Kun. 
Codlinc. Anhur C, Pvl.. Maqookelii. lowu. 
CfllBcb. Nickulu. Pvl. R. F. D. No. 1, Now 

McCarlncy. John R.. C«p.. Cherokee, Iowa. 
McDonalcf. Danid G.. Ccvp., R. F. D. No. 3, MaquokeUi, I< 
MrK«y, Clarence A.. Pvt., l.t CI.. ISZI Edith .St., ChuauK 
MBte*r. Ernwl I.., Pvt.. B, F. D. No. ' •— i— i 

Mojnu ■■ " — ■ — ■ 

xt, Seguiel' ivu'b'eT , 

Meadiam, Andrew L.. Senit.. Hillsboro. N. D. 
Menke. KAiie A.. Sergl.. R. F. D. No. 3. New Haven, tt 
Menne. Aluys H.. Corp., 70U WaBhinRton Blvd., Si, Lou 
Mnek, Edward W., Sersl. Maj.. Rock I^nd. 111. 
Miller. John W., Pvt.. B. F. D. No. I. Goodman. Mo. 
Merrdilli. Harry, Pvl.. NebrOHka City, Neb, 

Coi. Mamie A., Pvt.. 1211 

mSl., St. Louie, Mo. 

DorUnd, Harold L.,'ivt..'WL 

F:kilult. Johao W.. Pvl.. Magdalena, S, D, 
Encn, Anton H.. PvL, Aure, Minn. 
Evdy, John H.. Pvt., tat CL, R. F. D. No. 7. » 
FlDUCci. Pete, Pvt.. 2600 dive St.. Si. Louis. M 
Fedoraaka. Carl, Pvt.. Doiden, N. D, 
FM»r. Aupwl, Pvl,, Mooango. N. D. 
Ticker. Michasl B., Pvt., lit CL, Drake. N. D. 
FirchtDrT. John K.. R. V. U. No. 1. MoDango. 1> 

Gilleipie, Otto R., PvU _ _ 

Gruly, Nidiolu F., Pvr.. Monona. lown. 

Gntt. Charle* F., Serirt., 1 1 12 W. -llh St.. Darrnporl. Iowa. 

Gran, Wiliiun C. Pvt,, 2:138 Logan Ave. N., \)inn>'>, ^ 

Gralun. Paul, PvL. lit Q., Fort Franoia. Oulnrio, 

GreiT, Glea, PvL, WonliincUHi, I 

Griaham, Alva W., PvL, £ 

L, SarimnL Nab, 

I. Alei. PvL. Walhalla. K. D. 
litaiMlaoB. Phillip }.. PvL, lit CI.. Slroinsbu 
Harare, Henry J., PvL. WiUow City, N. D. 
Harvey, Fred H., Corp., B. F. D. No, Z. Lol 
HavMio. Knule A., PvL. Drockett, N. D. 
Hnlmab, Aim T., PvL. Slrandburi. .S. n. 
Ildbif. Earl W.. Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 


John L 

.. Pvt.. Ownn- 

>t CI . KeilliKliun 

1. Iowa. 

nullbers. Carl F.. Cook, 226 WaahinnLon Si., [libfainK. Minn. 

JeOiuHl. Andrew. Pvt.. Finley. N, D. 

Jidinauu, l^ir«e R„ SergL, 193D Canyon Drive, Loa Anffdei. CaL 

Johoaon. George. Cook. &a S, Cofaanell, Minn. 

Jufanaon. Forreal A., Corp.. Codvoa. Iowa. 

John.->n, luao N.. Pvt., lit CI., Alvp™lo. Tm, 

Jr,li„.«.„. J.J,., r . Pvl.. 1,1 CI., Elma, lu»a. 

JnhnKn. Martin, Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 1, Abercrombi'. N D. 

JohwHi, Willie C. PvL, Dannedroit, Neb. 

Jonea. LeoS., Pvl, R. F. D. No. 2, Ilarperi Forry, lown. 

Jone*. HoluDd W,. Pvt., Kramer. N. O. 

ItMOMa, JfJin. Corp., Fort Yat«, N. D. 

Irwin. MOo C. Pvt., H. P. D. No. 2. Cambridiie, Kan. 

KahfT, Welur W.. Medi.. Monona, Iowa. 

Kahle. Anton J., Pvt,, 2105 Biamaik St., St Louia, Mo. 

"mirf, Michael P., Corp, Roi - - 

Kru«ir, LeopoM I.. Pvt.. R. F. D, No. 1 ^ . 

Kuha. Baw H., PvL. lit CI.. Hwmann. Mo. 

Labnui. John M., PvL, R. F, D, No. 2, Willow City. N, D, 

Lahti. Emit. Serat.. GllHavHSt., Eveleth, Minn. 

Uiaore. Eari R., PvL, lat CI., 802 C SL. Fairhury, Nc-h, 

LaruD. Erick M.. PvL, lit CI., FlagalalT, Ariz. 

Uiwn. Leo W.. Pvt.. lat O.. Cedar Falls, l.iwa. 

LauDODi, Thmua L,. PvL. Roeaton, Okla. 

Uooard, Hubert R., Pvt.. Caatron, Iowa. 

iMfa. Hennu H., PvL, CeSu- FaUi. Iowa. 

looUe. Arthur L.. PvL, H, V. D. No. 3. Rolletle, N. D. 

Lniv, J<M(ii P.. Pvt., Walkerbom. Haniloba, Canada. 

L. Corp., Mobridi^, ^ 

:.. Calgnry. Albert a. Can 

-.- PvL. Velilen 

a, Bert, Pvj.. latCl, R^F.p. No. I. Lanrfiu-d, S. D. 
" " ■ ' ■ "»."-. I, PierponI, 5, 


t., StrawboTTj Point, Iowa. 

K J., Pvt., , 



I.. Leave 

O'Lenry, , 

Olsen, Henry C, Pvt.. linn ,. 

Olaon. Casper M„ Pvt,, Rid^funy. Iowa 

N<UTi>. Warner K., PvL, 2707 Cr'ntral A-, 

Pwkbam.'cbrii'lli^n C\ Pv(„ in CL, l£h 
l>e(|orek. KdwariJ, Pvl, Wyoming. ' 


■1. GoLUii 
iule F... 

utt'L, 537 Iiriehi 
E..Scrgt.. B— -- 
b H„ Pvl.. . 

[ik. Mu, 

Ave.. Si, Paul, Mini 
nl. Mo, 

. -to., Coni.. Rock Rapida 

PimlotL Joeeidi H.. PvL. Eminence, Mo. 
PoUard, William IL. PvL, Wakaruu, Kan. 
Riud, Harry K.. Sent., 3126 WaihinitUin St.. St., Louia, 
Rem. Oiarlea W,. Corp.. Diner, Neb. 
Remtlrom, Arlhur O., lat Sergt.. Smithville. Minn. 
Roae, Norman C, Pvt,, lat CI.. WalbaUa. N. D. 
Ring. CaH V... PvL, Winchealer. Tenn. 
Roaeman, Edward. Pvt.. lat CL. 224 Webaler Blda„ Chi 
Rolh. William, Corp., 6419 Derby Ave., Si. LouiaTMo. 
Rouac. I.eonaid, PvL, 1010 N. 11th SL. Omaha. Neb. 
], PvL, 5627 Cabenne Ave.. St. Louia, Mn. 


nia RJ 

Pvt lai 


*U N 1! 


., lat 

CI., Cann 

ion. Ml; 

>, Mo, 

, HvL, lat Ul., Uannon, Mo, 

Smilh. George L.. PvL, Now Albin. Iowa. 

Sprainie, Anrun J.. l>vt.. lat CI., Oelwein. Iowa. 

SlacUir, John K.. Serm., 2S2S London Road. Dululh. Mini 

Stafanalei. Mck L., Pvt., SI4 Grand, Boone. Iowa. 

Steiotadt, Arlhur W.. Pvl.. Oatcrdock. Iowa. 

Stcrba. John £.. PvL, lat CI , Cuba. Kan. 

Steger, John J., Jr., Cwp,, 212 E, Davit St., SL Louia, Mo, 

:ixO: 21 
1., %ari 

!. Clyde R.. Pvl. 

Thrde. Albert. PvL. lat CI., Clan 

ThF^a, Auguat W., PvL, Albion, lima. 

Tingwald, John G., PvL, lat CI., Perry, Iowa. 

Thompaon, llelmer C, PvL. Grindalone, R. D. 

Thompaon. Tliomat. PvL, lat CI.. Middle River. Minn 

ToalenMHi, Theodore A., PvL. Siiwelon, S. D. 

Tregonini, OiKsar B., PvL. Remaen. lown. 

Vogler. William A„ PvL, 400 Peorl St.. Yunklon. S. D. 

Vnrce, Hoy M., Pvl., lat CI.. 606 11 SL. Ilol Springa, S. 1 

Swope, Ora B„ PvL, RedGeld. S. D. 

Wallnee. Lee B., Corp.. Comviltc, Ariz. 

e, Ora B„ PvL, RedGeld. S. D. 
Lee B., Coip.. Cornvillc, A.. 

, loltlieb, PvL, WiBbek, N. D. 

Weirup, Petrr B.. PvL. Baldwin. Iowa. 

Welli'n, Otto F.. PvL, Raymond. Iowa. 

Will, Chnrlea F., Bug., 6432 Gravia Ave,. Sl LoiiiB. Mo. 

\\heelrr, Lawrrnce A„ Pvt.. 1st CL. Masouville, Iowa. 

Whitlle, William R.. Pvt.. Iboia. Mo. 

'" "ooklyoSlBlion. RooleNo2, Clevdan 

B..°lfvl„ : 


Toirn Square in Allkinli (uiilhin Gtrmati Liriet), oppoiik Haule AUaet Sfelor. 

', Looking Northeml, Haute Altaee S 


tUwl*. WOliun A.. Jr 
Sdundar. JabD W., li 
1, Nelaoii F.. 1 


U.. Pe 

4 E. Gnwirj Si 

Blii b am h . Henrr, 

B^i^, Omer H'.,'p«'.,'r! ;f\'D. 
Briid(r, JsDDli F.. Prt., Linden. ~ 
BriHndine. William F... Pvi., 13 
BnxAs. ChBTlt " - — 

Kdly, H Braid 

CuBcron. WOliuu E., 2ad Lt.. Ml. Vernon. Wuh. 
Kdiey- Bujrmond W., lad Lt., BilUnRi. Monl. 
SwiKHT, Jofan, UI S«rgt„ TIS K. MMcalfSt,. Lima. Ohio. 
Boerl, AofiulC., Sop. Sergt., TTZ3 Michigen AvD.. St. Lwiii, Mo 
Noyn. Chcria D.. MutStHt.. R. F.D. Ho. 1. Fergus Falb Minn 
WhilBuui, Dm E.. &sri:l., Hamittop. Mo. 
Tncsiuon. John A.. Snrgt,. Gleuwood, Minn, 
Brudt. Onar M.. Ser«I., H. F. D. No. 3, Dnlioo. Minn. 
PoyalEf. Robflrt L.. Sergt.. B . F. D.. Eliubelb, Minn. 
m^a. Anbnr H.. Sent.. R. F. D. No. Z. BrandDii. Mino. 
NollB. Theodara H.. SergL. 1.51 Louis St.. St. Loui*. Mti. 
CoxHTt, Eddie J.. Sergl., 43«5 Wame Ave., St. Louii. Mo. 
Wolford, Georie A.. Sergt.. Redwood Fslla. Miim. 
KalelU. Alfred J.. S«r«t., 3T3S CiilJroriiiii Ave.. Si. Louis, Mo. 
-- . - ~ j^_ Richmond, Mo. iRiy County. Mo.) 
B. F " " " "■ 

Cub, WOliu 

o O., Corp., 3 Maiket£-. 

AnaoHja, mandiiu O.. Corp.. Milica Lake. .. 

Huke. Arthur tl.. Corp.. 3638 Virginia Ave., St. Ldub, ti 
Human. Qiude B.. 2648 St. ViDCsnt St.. St. Louii. Mo, 
Byan. Bay O. L.. Corp., 711 SbeDandoBh Ave., St. Loaia, f/ 
Tarry, Clarniai A.. Corp.. 1346 E31iot St.. St. Louis. Mo. 
KatHT, Joaeph B.. Corp ■ M31 BorlmBO Ave.. St. Luuii. ^ 
Cohen. Ely. Cnrp., 2TI6 Sheridan Ave.. St. Louia, Ma. 
Eye. Harvey E.. Corp., Baldwio, I<fws. 
SULder.Chatlai L.. Corp.. R. F. D. No. 1. Caddoa. Colo. 
Himta, Joeph B., Cop.. Ddon. Mo. 
NolM. waiian H., Corp.. L 
Cociaas. Robert C. Corp,. 1 
Kramer, Jao ' •■ " 

Lanoe, Gcotl . ... .._ 

Moafce, Edwin R.. Corp . R. F. D. No. 1. Delnoo. Minn. 

Craig. RoHoe. Coip,. Calhoiin, Mo, 

Hobs. Hany, Corp.. M05 PenuyivBDiii Ave.. 91. 1 

__, , J. Mo. 

C«p.. 2820 St. Vincent Ave.. Si. Louis. Mo. 

_i L., C«p.. 913 St. Paul St., Kama* Cily, Kan. 

Moon, John W.. Corp.. 511 E. Coord St., Pill>bur«, Van. 
Wrade. Cbulca V., Corp.. David City. Neb. 
BoAe. Fltank J., Cook. Epworlb. Iowa. 
Daoii, Noi. Cook, RoIIh. N. D. 
Dreya, EinU- P., Cook, CcJigan. N. D. 
Wadiinilon, John F., Cook. Knyea CenUr, Neb 
Fvgn>rTb«Da> E.. Mech.. R. F. D. No. I, Kincuid, Kan. 
thndy. James A., Mech., Rismet, Kan. 
Bieis, Joaiwb P., Jr., Medfa., Prru. 111. 

■*^ " Mech., 2<)16Bryonl.Ave. S.Minneapal!>.Mi 

:.. R. F. D. No 

3. Ctrlluid. 1 

Anxrcrai. Uarenoe H.. Bug.. 

Sc£iH9dt. Simon R., Bur.. Qb, 

AilAoD, David. PyL. lal a.. Boi No. 29T. Fronli'aac Kan. 
""-•—■ Royalion. Minn. 

1.. Boi No. 23. Mouniain, N. D. 

Bjijraaon. Sigurduj M.. Pvt.. 1 

>l Hailr 

Curtis. Ji^n H.. Pvt,. 1 

•vt. 1st a.. 371 Sims St., SU Paul. Minn. 
at a.. R. F. D. No. 2, Slrn-rbeary Point. lowi 
uanKM. una. rvt.. igt CI.. Rapid CIii. S, D. 
Gidason. Daniel S.. Pvl.. lit Q., Walballa. N. D. 
Haslerud. Oscar A.. Pvl., 1st CI., Hovley. Mion. 
Hsyer. Wm, K., Pvt.. lat CI.. R. No. 2, Strawberry Point, Iowa. 
Hickey. John J., Pvl., lat CX.. 24 N. Bokee St.. Kansas Cily. Kan. 
Hollander. H. J.. Pvt.. lal CI,. Trovei and DahJin St., St. Louia, Mo 
" je W., Pvt.. lat CI., R. F. D. No. 2 Gallon. S. D. 

■ '^ ...lata.,33SlCaderAva.,Dubuque,lDWB 

KamcDla. Fefldinand. Pvt.. 

-, Har 

R., Pvt 1st Cl„ Washington 

:„ Cedar Falls, I< 

jtlil,. 1123 BhiirSl 

L«. Fred A.. Pvl.. I«l O.. Ridusond. Mo. 

McGuiie. Clayton S.. Pn.. lit Q., 2S07 Center 8l., Sioui City. lowi 

Marvin. Ernest. Pvt.. lat CI.. Nioberia. Neb. 

"■ ~ ~ " — D. No, S. Ogien, Iowa. 

ricl Police Stution, St. Lonia, Mi 

1, Pmy^Iowo. 

_ koU. N.D, 

Uodkr, Clarenoe E.. Pvt., Id CI.. R. F. D. No. 4. Walker. Linn, lowi 
PedHsan.iuUu* A., PvL, lat CI.. R. No. 1, Boi U Walootl. N. D. 
Rider, Eail H., Pvl., Ist CI.. 1030 Anmlrong Ave,, Kansas City. 1 
RoUKbeon. J. C. PvL, lat CI.. 27U SbeHdan Ave., St. Louis. M< 
SiedenUn, FVank, Pvl., Ill CI.. 3223 Soulh. St. Louis. Mo. 
Slaukoricb. Mike. Pvt.. 1st CI.. Edmore. N. D. 
SieinmeU. Chariot II., tVI., 1st CI.. EndicoLI. >eb. 
KeihIe, George R., Pvt.. lat CI., R. D. No. 1. WtuneU. Kai 
Addioott. Laalie U.. Pvt.. Crinnell. N. D. 
ABlrope, Henry L., Pvl.. R. F, D. No. 3. Kmr-TMio. Neh. 
.\rmsIRiac, F. S.. l-vt., 3346 Henninin *vp . Mi.ineanolis. \ 
Badock. W. E,. Pvt,. TtlO Oakland I 
Banacfa. Ingua L.. Pvt., 


Barkhsii. John 1 
~ «. For. ■ 


. Pvu, R. No 
■- ., B. F. t 

It River, N. II. 
T Kirkwood. iSr. Louis. Mo. 

Pvl., B. F. D. No. 

u^is. St. Louis. Mo. 

a. 2. RicbUnd, Mo, 

S. D. 

>., Carthage, h 

undeeo. Victor. Pvt., Akron, loa 
uiambm, Jasper N.. Pvt., R. F. U. 
ChriatiBDSon. Flans F., Pvt., Wihnot. 
Cook. Waller B., Pn.. West Union, iowa. 
DavHon, Reiver R.. Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 4, Walnut, Kan. 
Dekker, John, Pvt., Sanbome, Iowa, 
Doepke, Walln L., Humboldt, Kan. 

Dorgan. Frank J.. Pvt.. R. F. D. No. I, Grand Forks. N. D. 
Ebenhoch. William J.. Pvt.. 2123 Oregon Ave.. St. Louia. Mo. 
Florall. John B.. Pvl., R. F. D. No. 4, JamatowD. Kan. 
Folkera, John. Pvt.. Kesley. Iowa. 
Goodenow. Charl« A.. Pvt.. Maquakels. Iowa. 
GrolhauB. Walter H.. Pvl.. Washiiutoo. Mo. 
Haley. James J.. Pvl., 723 N. 3rd St.. Quincy, III. 
Hanson. Christ O.. Pvt.. Henning. Minn. 
Hartman. August. Pvt,, Florence, Mo. 

■"vg. OscarA.. Pvt.. 14N.5lhSl., Minneapolia, Miim, 
^ " t.. Boule No. I, Ambrose, N. D, 

0. N. D. 

Hopf, Albert W.. Pvl.. Independ... ,_. _ 

" n. William A.. Pvt.. H. No. S. Rockwell. I 

r. Boy v.. Pvt.. Marcus. Iowa. 

Charlta R.. Pvt.. Si. Louts. Mo. 

, Frederick C, Pvt.. Ossiar ' 

IS City, Kan 

.. B. F. I 

1. Riau 

<n. Guslev A. 420 W. I6lh St.. Kansas City. Ma. 

lohnson. Lauienoe G.. Pvt., Epworih. Neb. 
Johnson. Thorvd. Pvt.. Rolalte. N. D. 
Kasper. Charin J., Pvt., BellevUle. Kan. 
Ke^er, Victor M.. Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 2. Pine Grove. Iowa. 
Kermse. Tilturd, Pvt., Vilhi Bidge. Mo. 
Kielmann. George H.. Pvt.. Hermann. Mo. 
Kivell. Cbari« H.. Pvt., Aurora, lows. 
Lake. Edward W.. Pvl.. R. F. D. No. 1, New Vienna, Imra. 
LarMiu. Ingvald O., PvU. Burcb, S. D. 
Leni, Alfred, Pvt.. Lidgerwood. N. D. 
L«Ue. Charles E., Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 5. Kearney. Ndi. 
Lidilyn, Fredenck J.. Pvl.. R. F. D. No. 2. Maler, 8. D. 
Lidmfla. George J.. PvL, Hoekins, Neb. 
Lieberknech, Jams H.. PH.. R. F. D.. No. 2, Letla. Iowa. 
Loutienhiser, C. A. Pvt. R. F. D. No. 2, Bin 7, Manann. N. D. 
Luik. Frederick F.. Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 2. New Hart F«d, lom. 
Lyons. Patrick. Pvt.. 649 Spilliw Ave.. Kansas Ciiy, Kan. 
McGuire. George F.. Pvt.. 217 SouUi St.. Waterioo. Iowa. 
Madder. A.. 604 LOac Ave., Webster Groves, St. Looia. Ha 
Mehl, George C. Pvt., Ueloit. Kan. 
Mvrilt, Fosler, Pvt., McGreoor. Iowa. 
MorriHey. John A.. Pvt.. R. P. D. No. 1, Boone. Iowa, 
Nohr, Herbert F.. Pvt., ShtUon, N. D. 
Oberhaus, JuUus H.. Pvt.. WasfaingUin. Mo. 
O'Brien, George L.. Pvt., Pomona. Kan, 

Olson, George M.. Pvt.. R. F. D. No. I. Boi 16. ClaKmoBt, S. D. 
OlsoD, Oscar. Pvt., 3410 6th St.. N. Minneapolia, Minn. 
Osllund, Emit A.. Pvt., R. F. D. No. 1. Slrandbog. S. D. 
Park, Olto G„ Pvt,. St. CUir. Mo. 
Parsons. Frank E.. Pvt., Hoi Springs. S. D. 
Patlenon. Fores! L.. Pvl.. Madrid. Neb. 
Peterson. Melvin E.. Pvl., R. F. D. Na. 1, Bardlay, S. D. 
PoUer. Philip, Pvt.. Willow City. N. D. 
Rad«. Chris tD^er. Pvt.. Richmond. Mo. 
Banienberger, Frank, Pvt.. Port Cheater. Iowa. 
Rasmussen. Arnold R.. Pvl., Boi 140 Sharon, N. D. 
Biltman. H. W.. Pvt.. 1330 SouUi Dakota Ave.. Sioui Falls, S. D. 
Sandgran, Albin, Pvt., 819 CboTy St., Grand Forks, N. D. 
Schmidgall. William. Pvl.. Hancock. Minn. 
Shumate. Dannie E.. Pvt., Hakalonka. Mo, 
Spddel. Gottlieb, Pvt., Morioourt, N. D. 
Spreitler. Adam P., Pvt.. 101 1 LyncJi St., St. Louis, Mo. 
Siniehbe, Arthur. Pvl., Waahington, Mo. 
Taskei. Robert K.. Pvl., fl. F. D. No. 4. Wyaming. Iowa. 
Taylor. Bicfaard F., Pvl.. Tro) " - 

le. BalpbC, 

Jari WVPvt., Rou ., . .„ 

Weigel. Peler C. Pvl,, EUb, Kan. 
Welch, Albert L.. Spring Grove, S. D. 
Welkcr, Benjamin C.. Pvt,, Rock Rapids, lowi 
Whipple, Lyie S., Pvt.. 6045 McPbeiwn Ave., 
Willwwt, CWlw M.. Pvl.. R. F. D. No. 1. Gi 
Wilson. Eaii M., Pvt., ManchHter, Iowa. 
Stovem, Goltlred »., Sergt.. FcBUin. Minn. 
Windsor. Elmer E.. Swgl., Bichniond, Mo. 
Goode. Fred N., Pvt.. Leon. Iowa. 
Rnd. Claude P., Ci^., Moberly. Mo. 
Donnelly. Francis. Corp.. Alvirid. Iowa. 
Brunson. Ira O.. Corp., MaquokeU, Iowa. 
Forman, Alfred G.. Com.. Marcus. Iowa. 
Brununund. Otlo H.. Pvt.. Elma. Iowa. 
Caiyns. Clyde H.. R. F. D. No. 3. Croahy, Ki 
Dahnke, Carl F., Pvt., 215 East 3rd St.. Faini 
Corwin. LyeU L.. Corp.. CUrkaviOe. Iowa. 
EJla. Hairy G.. Pvt.. 2111 McNair Ave., 

Van Sickle. Ball 

St. Louis, Mo. 


fXemmiag. John L.. Pit., 1803 Sewnrd Avi.. Topek*. £■■■. 

RofabaohRT, Jaoib, l>vt„ Aiiama, loon. 

Gibnn' Clai.noe'C, Pvl.!^(l™,1"'n. 
Pmv, L«J..Pvt.. lUTyliirSl., Topcka. Kan- 

., Ml. Canaftl, N. D. 

Gray, Delbert h7, PvI., R. F. D. No. .. 
Wand, William J.. PvL. 3i2l\ Hnttfoci 
Rd«u, Waller C. Prl.. Tracy , Mini> 
Bnirtl.M« " ■ " -=- 


dm™d™«. l«Ha. 
I.. Si. LcHiia. Mo. 

I, Charl 

A„ Pvt., Patuv. Neb. 
• " - . Ashlry, N, r 
vt, R.n. No. 
'Jianaba. N(«), 
Slotni Lake. lawn. 
E., Cnpl., 308 S. Id St., Kn^uk, !<» 


«F.. Lt., H«L 

Phiter. Earl E., Lu, N?vHda. Iowh. 
MsDancI, Ralph C, Lt.. 2U9 S. 3rd St., M. 
Horn, Ray H..U., 311 S. Lincoln St.. Si>ok 
KimMo'. ZnrTiui. Lt., Deomnrk, Ky. 
Lyle, J. Evuia, Ut SvBt., Wsubuo, Minn. 
SdurmoiB, Alms N., Mrm Scrgt.. 925 7cfa Si 
Johnun. E. H., Sergl,, 2627 Humboldl Air 
Conns, Lalic L.. S«gt.. Elein. Iowa. 
MeGowan, Robsn II., SftoI.. Aloiandria, A 
Gilliii, ErniMl, Suit.. Willinnu. Minn. 
Lamm. Owai J., S^gt., 44Z6 Grand Ave.. 1 
Frsdnickuia. F., ScrKt.. SOT KeodHlI Ave,, ' 
Summ, ManvUl« L., Serel., Hawarden. Iu> 
Jenten, Carl C, S«Ht.. Rach«ter, Mion. 
" » H-,Siscgl. * 

loiw. Geurge P., Pvt.. Ul C 

,t Bobcrl C,. PvI., lat CI., LobanoD 

■ - ?vl., lit CI.. «8 NobraiL 

„ 1st CI., Cimhing, Neb. 

- ~ -rl.. lat CI., Lem 

- "1.. 3t, Ely 

. ,„. „ , Jarneaville. Minn. 

Slraup, John D., Pvt. lat CI., Ills Cilmora Ave., KuuaiC 
Sveuion. Carl A.. PvI., lil CI., Walnut Grove, Minn. 
Taylor, Horry K„ Pvt,, lit CI,. R. No. 8, Dvcorah, Iowa. 
Tfltinet. Albert I.. Pvt.. HI CI.. Ehna, Iowa. 
Thake, J. A,. Pvl,. lit CI., 4S2T Pennsylvania Ave, SL Loui 
Teoraay. Leo C Pvt.. Ul CI.. R. No. S, ladependenos. Ion 
I'urpin, iamai C, Pvt. lat CI., Independence. Kan. 
Volavv, Andrrw J., I'vi., I»t CI.. AUenlon, Mo. 
Warp, Aeii, Pvt , Inl i;i., Wailey, Mo, 

BeojamiD. John, Pvl„ Clay ___ 

Benuel, Oscar C, Pvt., Superior, Neb. 
BoTdnier, Charta H.. Pvt., S02I E. 9th St., Kam 
Bora. Riefaard F., Pvt., Si. Thomaa, N. D. 
Burg, Anthony T.. Pvt., Keldron. S. D. 
CarEnn. John E., pvt:, Mooee Lake. Minn. 
Clayton, Jamea C, Pvt.. LockwoDd, Mo. 
CogdiU. aam, Pvl., While Cloud, Kao. 
'"--^■T, William v., Pvl., Richlan^ .._ 

Fly, Fell.. Pvt., Grand Valley, S. D, 
Fredanhurg, David R.. Pvt.,Waubuh, 
Freeman, Clarenoe E., Pvt., 1200 S, H 
Fund. John F„ Pvt.. Goff, Kao. 

Pelcher, Hnv. 

,.. 316 Oak Gro' 

,t. LouM, Mo. 

Kteglinger, Fred W., Sergt. 
Kelly. John H,, Sergl., 2202 ISlh A 
■" — Chiiit. Corp., 618 9th Ave. I 
''-nk. Corp., 420 Grand A' 

. _ jiF.. Coro^, B, F, 

Rohde, Edwio R., Corp.. Elmore Si., iin^.n Eliy. Wia. 
MoClnid. WUliam, Corp.. 3632 Cambridge Ave.. Maple Vi 

Peone. Frank. Corp., 420 Grand Ave., Eveletli, 
Little, HarriaoD, Corp.. Parka, Neb. 
Hoebner. William F.. Corp., B. F. D. N> 

MoClnid. William, Corp.. 3632 Cambridge Ave.. 1 

HaoamHiio, Edward J., Corp., WayiaU. Minn. 

WOliama. Lee. C«p,. Bagmall, Mo. 

FoDie. Sylvstw, Corp., Weil DnioD. Iowa. 

Buigeon. James, Corp.. 3661 Finney Ave., St. Louu. Mo. 

EltMbe, Lee B., Cwp.. Grand Hepida, Minn. 

Hollhaw, Henry G„ Corp., IMS S. 9lh St., St. Louis, Mo. 

JahoBUn. SylvntBT E.. Corp., Soulberiand, Krb. 

Litningw. William J., Corp.. R. F. D. No. 2, Clayton Station, Mo, 

SdioU.^nail A.. Corp.. Elkader, Iowa. 

Sshuldl, Waller H.. Corp., 1924 Bravm St., MUwaukee, Wis. 

SmilJi. Robrrt R., Corp., 59SO Kingabiiry BlvJ,. 3t, Loub. Mo. 

Elba, George, Corp,, 216 Duchouquetty Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 

GLaus'. Leo J., Corp., 817 Windsor Ave,. Dubuque. Iowa. 

SchulU. Otto L„ Corp.. Mnuod, Minn, 

Washburn. Earl., C^.. Oiage Cily, Kan 

ThoDiHon, Oscar S., Corp., R. No. 7.. Dekoruh. lona. 

Clark, l,BRDy I.. Corp., Bepubtic, Kan. 

Cunningham, LeRov W.. Corp., llumbolUl, Kan. 

Dreher, Ebner W , Corp., Soo Falls, 8. D. 

Loehoer, Unrry J., Corp.. 216A JaiAsou St., Dubuque, Iowa. 

Peterson, Arthur K.. Corp.', Parker, S. D. 

Anderson. Uoyd, Cook, 111 N, F.. 2nd St.. Liltte Falls, Mian. 

Pearson. George, Cook, R. No. 1, Drayton, N. D. 

Walck. Leo., Cook, 3210 Olive Sl„ St. Louis. Mo, 

Stellhom. Arnold F., Cook, I5ZD Waahingloa Ave.. St, Loui» Mu. 

Mauntel, Everett A.. Mech,, 206 W. 2nd Si,. Washington, Mo. 

Andeniunn, William J., Pvt.. lal CI.. Aurora, Iowa. 

Bergquiat, John E., pvt.. Isl CI., Happy Land, Minn. 

Berhonl. Henry, Pvt.. lal CI., Weatpbalia. Mo. 

Bernard, Leo if., Pvl., Ul Cl„ La Porlr City. Iowa. 

Bersky, Willy O., Pvt.. lal CI.. Ogema, Minn. 

Bmnmer, Bc^htI L.. Pvt., 1st CL, Webster Grove, Mo, 

Buhlec. Edwurd. Pvt., Ist CI., Butler. S. D. 

Crow. Earl E., PH., lit a.. Sup 

" ■ Hugh C. Pvl 

Davia. Bay, Pvl, 

Eidwio 1 


). D. 

1. Matthew D, Pvl., 

Grinddaod, Uan 

inSc, Si. Louis, Mo 

Hulibon), f 

r, Louie, Pvt. 
1, Pvl., 

., 240 N. 35lh Si., Kansas City, Kan. 
It CI., 3613 Iowa Ave.. St. Louis, Mo. 
■ "■ ■ "iT George St., St. Louis, Mo. 

.1 CI., Oaage. Ion 
t.. Isl Cl..^dit 
vt., IstCL.R, r 

Jfdinson, Kari J _.. „ , 

Kricoer, Henry A.. Pvt., 1st Cl„ R, No. 4, Ledgerwood, N. D. 
Lambert. John A., Pvl.. lat CI.. Fountain Cily, Wis. 
Lemakea, John. Pvt., 1st CI., 205 N, Broadway, St. Louia. Mo. 
Levenhagen, Paul E.. Pvl., Isl CL. Monona, Iowa. 
Loader. William A.. Pvl,. lal CL. WakeOeld, Kao. 

1, Harold N., Pvl.. 

il CI.. Bernard. lov 

., Dubu 

e. loi 

Groebler, A 
Hanson. CL. 

Harbaugb, Ezra, Pvi„ Garber, Iowa, 
Henkhaus, Walter A., Pvl., Berger. .Mo. 
HinU. William, Pvt , Mai, N. D, 
Honeyoitt, Joseph W., Pvt.. Uircb Tree, Mo. 
HDumaoD, Martin, Pvl,, W«l Hope. ^. D. 
iames, Frank, Pvt,, Central City.lCy. 
Jeppeaon. Leon E., Pvt.. Hot Swings, S, D, 
J<£nson, Alfred, Pvt., Clayton, Mion. 
iobnaon, Erick L , Pvt,, Bisby, N. D. 
Johnson, Henry J.. Pvt., Uphan, N. D. 
Jouson. Oscar K , Pvt.. Clay Center. Kan. 
Keck, Charlea E., Pvt., Niagara, N. D. 
Kinney, David. Pvi., 504 E. 2nd St., MiUhall, S 
Kodi, Paul J., Pvt., Schaller, Iowa, 
Korsmo. William E.. Pvt., Walton, N. D. 
Krueger, Frank. Pvt., Sbakopee. Minn, 
Kula. OIlie IL. Pvt., Harrieburg, Iowa. 
Uub, William, Pvt.. Valley Park, Mo. 
Lenien, Anion, Pvl., Hankinun, N. D. 

" ■ n D.. Pvl,, *2T Eagle Point Av. 

r. Hen 

-n T.. Pvt 

., Pvl 

1, lows 

, . s, Pvt,. Little Port, Iowa. 

Odegard, Ole. Pvt., Crosby, N. D. 

Prlenon, Frank, Pvt,, Raymond, S. D, 

I'ulumbo. Nickola, Pvt., Tepenrona. Italy, 

Raalovilch, Polar, Pvt.. IIV S. S6th Ave., W. Dululh, Mini 

Reicherler, John W.. Pvt., Silver Lake, Kan. 

Riddle, Lige. Pvl., 3969 Bolanical Ave,, Si. Loub, Mu. 

Ripley, Waller F., Pvl.. Okobojo, S ~ 

■ - Pvt,, Brun^v. I 

lousier, NichulaL 
4ugglea, Robert I 

:., Grand Island Neb. 

Saul, V 

1, Edwin E. 

_ ..ib."f™.. 

902 E. Peoria, Pi 

.. Pvl.. Strawberry Poin 

^t. 8. D. 

I., Gornanillo, lovi 

1. Edan, S, D. 

!>la, Kan. 

, are J, F. Sa 

Harry, Pvt., S7 Savory Ave,, W.. Delroll, Midh. 

Sliro, Frank N., I>vt.. East Lake, Minn. 

Simmons. John H.. Pvt., 

Slallery, John, 6107 nymoutb Ave., Si. Louis, Mo. 

Smith, Francis P., Pvt., 3MT Bloomington Ave,, Minneapolb 

Smiieer, Joseph N., Pvl., Henry, S. D. 

Soderquist, Sven M.. Pvl., R. F. D. No. I. Weslby, Mont. 

Spece, WUIiam R.. Pvt., Tuep, Iowa. 

Steioing, Robert II., Pvt., Cherryville, Kan. 

Studer. Hoy, Pvt., Viola. Iowa. 

Sunlie, Carl O., Pvl.. Harvey, N. D. 

Vogan, Roy G., I*vl., Wolsey, H, D. 

Vogder. Jam» II., Pvt.. [Vorlb Loon, Neb. 


Kroj^, Cletloo N., Sergt.. Argyle, 
Johnson. Oscar T.. Sirgt., Middle 1 


Name, Am* and Heim JiUth 
Tlad|j«. John I, S«Bt.. 8T37 Virgioia *vo , St. Louia. Mo. 
BrtAalrr. Hoj W,. Switt,, Si. Louis, Mo. 
SurUaalrop. Frank, Corp., "IISS bjigar Art., St. Loult. Mo. 
Flughts. Hobn-l, Corp- RIcfaoHmd. Ma. 
Saofd, Alotiio. Pvt.. H. No. 3. Monoiu. toira. 
P>ul»n, Ham. Prt.. HcJtoa. Kin. 
KoDpsr. WmiuB. Pvt., PulniH. Neb. 
VirtTeHi, EnuDDl, Prt., KirkavillE. Mo. 
Hieb. Ja<»b. Prl.. KrsBmrr. N. D. 
DcWill, EsriT, P>I.. Midlud. S. D. 
Mulcb. Wmum H., Pvt.. MuniliH]. Kan, 
Pdjk. Mishel S.. Pvl., FratbuTH, Mo. 
Slaveley, CbbI J.. PvL, Perry. Idwu. 

JVanw. Rank aiu 
IIuuluiil, Tbomaa J., Pvl. 
lloSman, Calvin C, Corp , Knwiu 
HolTDiaa, AIpbuDuu F., pYt.. Unk 

"-"--■' AtAurC, PYt.,Langfort 

Hiibbaid, Aitiii 

Haake. Edward B., P>1., 

<S N. Market Si.. St. Loub, Mo. 

Stnuk. Howard C, Cant.. 2S31 Stanton Avo., CiDcinDati. <Hiio. 
SbamuD, R. E.. lat Lt., 1776 Humboldt Ayc, MinnHooUt. Minn. 
B«MBU. Waiiam L., lal Ll., MS LaiinirtoTi Ave.. St. Aul, Minn. 
Cook, Turler, l*t Lt., Znd and NebraSa Ave., Nebruka City, Nab. 
Ormh. WaUam H., Sad Lt.. Minot. N. D. 
Bri«a. Druse D., Sod Lt„ Logan. Iowa. 

Hay L.. lit Lt., T02 W. Waahindoa Ave., Fakfiald. Iowa. 
" L.. Znd Ll.. Elkader. loira. 
»n ■)., lit Lt., CsDtorville, Tenn. 
-_ Alfred H.. Prl., Ut CI.. R. R. No. I. Voltaire. N. D, 
». Char[« E., Pvt, 
Anunoa, Han W. J„ Pvt.. R. R. No. 2. Waisrioo. Iowa. 
Atcnda. Hani. Pvt.. lit CI., Sourii, N. D, 
~ ' I. Karl A.. Corp,. Elkad«, Iowa. 

r, Joaqih, Pvl.. H. R. No. Z. Dgin. ' 

Patunon, Br 


«l., R. R. No. 2. Lona Prairie, Miim. 
id, Pvt., lat CI., ApF&ton City. Mo. 
„ R. R. No. 1, Webeler City, Iowa. 

.. lo« 

GaoTM. Pvt.. I« a,. B. H 
>~v<«, Fred. Pvt.. PouDd, Wk. 
BirkBao. Oaoar H.. Pvt.. Ledie, Mo. 
Block. Arnold. Pvt, 

Boiea. Burr B.. Con>'. Core Hod. C. E. Boiea. Da 
Sanaa. Kriatoi. Pvt., lat CI.. Onem. Iowa. 
Bathe. Georjre E., Serrt- 3018 N. Market St.. St. 
BrKlley. Wdlacd P., Pru, R. R. No. 2. Maquokel 
Bruaoa. Sldnv, Pvt.. lat CI.. Judge, Mo. 
Bfiaa, Ralph S.. Pvt.. 1914 LouWaoB Ave., Lswrenog, Kao. 
BnoMk*. loka. Pvt. 

Bedford. WaUam L.. Pvt.,2aT S. Blrcker Si., Lead. 3. D. 
BmiUHT. Fred. Mecb,, S7ZB S, Compton Ave., St. Louia, Mo. 
Bnoat. SUnlay. Swit., 3St3 Loitan Avr., N. MiniKapolB, Minn. 
Burke. Earl D.. Corp.. New Hemplon, Iowa. 
Barker, Orville, Pvi.. lat CI., Maquoketa, Iowa. 
Buna, Robst W., Pvt.. B. R, No. 4, BatUeBeid, Mo. 
Byrne. Tbooua C. Pvt., T103 Watmnan Ave., St. hoam. Mo, 
Bye, WOUain. Pvt.. Focman. N. D. 
Calvin. Tbomn J.. Sergt,, Maia. Teiaa. 

Caitaoo. A. H., Pvt.. lit CI., 21Z1 Grand Ave., N. Minneapolia, Mrm 
Cobo. JoMdi, Pvt.. ZH W. IZOtb St.. New York, N. Y. 
Conrwl, Waiie. Pvt,. R. R. No. ? a....-'— I~.. 
Crao. Cedl C. S^jt., H. H. No. 

" " — '), Pvt., Zebra, Mo. 

_J.S..Pvt - - 

Davia, David. Corp., Coloburi, Iowa.' 

Dan. Jamea D.. Pvl., R. R. No. I. Fayette, Iowa. 

Ddwr. Harry E,. Pvt,, lit O,, Oketo. Kan. 

Dminc, Mllloa B.. Pvt.. Unknown. 

D«iBia,JohiiA.,Prt.. R. H, No. I.Friato, Mo. 

Dkckaao, F>ed. Pvt.. Fanium. Neb. 

DoDBhoe. Mkftael P., Pvt.. lat 01.. Caocade. Iowa, 

DrQIina, Ferdinand. Com.. Creaoo, Iowa. 

DonULiUithuni M.. Pvt.. R. B. No, 1. MiUwood. W. Vi 

EiUn, AloyiinaB., [>vt.. ImCI.. R, A. N< " 

Farria. Lavnanoe E.. {>vt.. HI CI.. R. B. ? 
FddkwBp. WlUiam W.. Pvt,, lit CI., Veei 
Fey. Philip. Prt., Oelrlclu. S. D. 

Sff-wf '^- "- ' ' " 


i^ier, Ignaljua, Mooh., I63i 
I. Fraii K., Corp., Haddu 

S. Jelfersaa Ave., St. Louii, Mo. 

GenliT. Alvio W., P«., ; . 

Gibwn. Joaotb L,, Ser^,. Perry, Iowa, 
Gorlainger. Nick, Pvl., LCDWra, Iowa. 
Goord. Harrii. Pvl.. Randall. Minn. 
~ ■ im. Clifford, Corp., Edna. Kan. 

Grealivold, Oelo O., Pvt., Unkno 

Gulfa. OaW L.. Pvt.. TU Lemay rcrii i>«u, ai,. UIUB 

HacBoann, S.i., Pvl., latCI.,ft. H No. l(l,ieffenan Bi 

HaEo. Boy H., Corp., Kanaaa Cily. Mo. 

Hake. Aofuat. Pvl., lit Q.. Maryibome, Mo. 

Rale. John W., Pvt.. lal CI.. R. R No. 1, Mathewa. Mo 

Hanaea. Junin F,. Pvt.. Biua, N. D. 

HanoB, Haynard, Pvt,, R. R. No. 3, Vu1«b, S. D. 

Hanoo, Pets. Pvt.. R. B. No, 1. Lake Norden, 8. D. 

Hancen. Severl N., Pvt., Unknown. 

Hawtbami. Georce H.. Cook. Toledo, Iowa. 

Reinold. Louia C Pvt., S. Broadway, St. Looia. Mo, 

Herman. Bert. PrL, lat CI., Grandin, N. D. 

Bab. Edward A., Pvt., Crete. Neb. 

Uickey. Leo C. Pvt., IndefiendenoE, lowe. 


Ava.. St. Louia, Mo. 

... _.i H.. Corp., 61T W. lOth St.. Topeka, Kan, 
Jeschke. Herman E., C«p., St. I>mi> Co., Mo. 
Johiuon. Arlbur L., Pvl., R. H. No. I, Milase, Mian. 
JahnaDD. Oanar L.. pvl,, n. R, No. 1, Holdina Fork. Minn. 
JabanDiwneyer, Edwin H., Pvl., I«t CI., rTB. No. *, Okeen. Okla 
Karlgaatd. Ole S.. pvl,, Unknown. 

Kati, AlbwlL., Pvl. l.lCl.R. r "- ' " "'-- ° " 

Keating, Frank. Pvt., lit CI.. 25ft6 

Kilburn, John fl., Pvl., lat a., R. ti. ixo, i, oeiievne, loi 

Kielman, Fulkerl, Pvt.. B. R. No. 1, Briatow. Iowa. 

Klainow, Fred W.. Pvt.. R. B. No. 1. Pleaaanl Ridge, loa 

Kloslermann, AW. A., Corp., R. H, No. I, Now Vienna. 1 

Kooh, Hobarl W., Sergt.. Allenlown, Mo. 

KiBin, Christ, Pvt.. Wiabok. N. D. 

Krodel, Paul, Setgt.. Unknown. 

Krogman, Frod A,. Cc*p„ New HampUm, Iowa. 

LaballB, Peier, Prt.. lat CI.. Mendala, Minn. 

Labereni. Paul A., Meoh.. 813 Maplnvood Ave.. Ambridae. P*iu 

Laecy, QilTord P., Pvt.. 1st O.. 200 S. Main St.. PiquariAio. 

Laoey, Emegt H.. Pvt., lOST Higfaland Ave., Lima. Ohio, 

Lamtivch, Paul, Pvt.. R. R. No. 7, Dubuque. Iowa. 

Lertid, Arvil. Pvl., Auburn, N, D. 

Lipakoch, Louia J.. Pvl., lat CI., Hope. Mo. 

I^jflward, Theodor- ".,. i.. ri iLi.„~,.. 

^ve., 3l.Laih.'Mo. 

na. Iowa. 

May, Jamca 

''- .;■ Unkno 

llUiSl, Lawi 

B, Mo. 

Mayo., Pry or L„ Pvt,. Unknown. 

McMullen. Eldon R.. Corp., R. R. No. 3. CaHsde, Iowa. 

McOuiUen. Clelva T,. Sergt.. 29S W, 3rd St., Dnbuqne, Iowa. 

Meadowi, 0«ar L., PvU, Ist CL, Tuacumbia. Mo. 

Mnllin. William L„ Pvt.. R, R. No. T. Richmond. Mo. 

MnrrJiant. John L., Pvt., In CI.. Tinneyagrove. Mo, 

Midhliladi. Joseph, Pvl., Eden, 3. D. 

Miller, Fred E.. Sergt., Red Lake Falb, Minn. 

"■'■" " ■ ".. Corp., I3(W ZOIh Ave., N. Minneapolia. Minn. 

Milner, Charl 


, WiUiai 

, Pvt, 

, itCI. R. R. Ni 
It CI., Uaknown. 

Bl CI.. LilUe Port, li 


idH,, Pvl 

Nekoo, Hana. Pvt,, Ist CI.. R. H. No. i. Norlbflrld. Min 

NelnoD, Herman N., Pvt.. lal C\., B. R. No. 2. Vienna, S. 

NeJaoD, Han C, Corp., Vlborg, 3, D, 

Nclw>n, Morcii C. Corp., R. H. No. 3, Inwood, Iowa. 

Nelaon, Melvin. Pvt., Mapea, N, D. 

Nelson. Peler, Pvl., R. H. No. ]. Hooker, S. D. 

Neumann. Julius, Pvt., lai CI., Jamea. Iowa. 

Nieman, Caaper. I>vt., H. R. No. Z, Allbon. Iowa. 

Mva. Altrwi J., Pvl.. Unknown. 

Nye, Everett V., Sergt.. (Jlenwood. Minn 

Olson. Anton R., Cook, Oukia, .\linn, 

Olaon. Ixniie O.. Pvt., Isl ex. Northwood. N. D. 

Onatead, Edwin, Pvt., Unkno 


I, Troinan F..' PvC. S32SA Ctnidi 
I, Adolph, Pvt., R. R ■■ ~ 


Pickarts, JohoM., Pvt. lata, ilumtx^dt, Kan. 

Pierce, Glen A., Pvl.. lat CI., R. R. No. 3, Hawkeye, lowa. 

Potter. Leroy E.. Pvl., SU Reihl Si., Waterloo. Iowa. 

■ooa, J«epfa, Corp., Caacade. lowa. 

•riekBtt. Mintor f.. Pvt., Isl CI.. Rural Beueat, W. Va. 

lainwater, Frank W., Pvt.. Unknown, 
Bau, Ixaia ll„ Pvt,, 3TU7 Iowa Ave,, St. Louia, Mo. 
Redmond, Joaeph, Pvt.. Slarhwealher. N. D. 
Reed, ChoUr B., PvU, lat CI., R. R. No, 1, Blue Jacket. Okla. 

leimeta. Edward. Pvt., Rock Rapida, lowa. 

Uiinehart. John A.. Pvt., TOO INenaho St.. Burlinclon. Kan. 

lin.ChoHcaW. Cook, fttstRoutr. No. l.Bemidji, Minn. 

I, Ernat, Pvl., Unknown. 

« L., Pvt., R. R. No. 

Richmond. Mo. 

Bogen. Len C, Pvt., Unkno..-. 
Rolhtus, Charica G,. Sergt.. R. B. No. 2. Woodwi 
Romaeker. Sylvntv. Pvl., 1st CI., 3:u Lomi St., : 
Roelkvam, WiUie, Pvt,. Alkobo. N. U. 
Rockwdl, Earl W., Pvl., Taro-<"> K"> 
Schrader, Edward A., Pvl.. Is 

Schneider, J aoub, Pvi„ 1_ 

■■■ -tW., Pvt., 

I Cl„ I 

Scholu, Haman, Pvt.. Elkport. Ic. . 
Scott, Oscar W„ IVt., Lahadir, .Mo. 
.Srncm, Clarence, Corp., hl51 McPhi'rxi 
Sheehan. Eocene, Pvl,, St. Louis. Mo 

lu<.lh Ave., 

Skiue. E3in« E.. Pvt.. B. R. No. 2. Brnlol. 3. D. 
Sbtw, Corndoii M., Pvt.. Isl CI.. Grttdj. Iowa. 
Smilfa. EuTDHt W.. Pit.. Hair>. S. D, 
SomJigBlfl,C.M.,Pvl.. 1.1 CI.. 4916 W. Wndina Su, W. Di. 
„ ._. -, .. „ ,. . -.ici., Valley Park, Mo. 

.SI CI.. ClHvukee 

.. l»ia., H. B. No. l.«Mlir, 

Alois. Corp., R. R. No. I. Slanley. Idhb. 

Nam*. Rank tad Hum AMrta 
FiDk. Edward C. Prt.. R. F. D. No. 2. BeauTart, Mo. 
Fkirila, Paiquala R„ C«P'. ^100 DEbnar Blvd., Su Louia, Ho. 
Fiiho. EUiotl, Pvt.. lal CI.. 2658 Cooler Ay., Ehibuqae. Iowa. 
FlBDinw, Rirtwrt L., fVt.. 1B39 S. 9th St., St. Louii, Mo. 
Fliine. E3aier ' .... - 

"-■— U, An too 

a, John. Pit.;Hi^UBy,"Miiin. 

FHary. Bflrnard. Pvt.. Ut CL, Emen. S. D. 

FreiUg, Auguil ¥.. Pvt.. H. F. D. No. 1. Byron. Neb. 

•'--^^ Hurry L., Cotp.. Mo«Jle. Mo. 

,._ Willm™, Mi„- 

Bummy, PYaak II.. Corp.. R, R. No. 2. Watecluo. Iowa. 
SwBiuon. Carl A„ Serit.. Tbiir Riviv K>ii>, Minn. 
TebbeLU. Harold C. Sagt.. 2616 Pillabury Avr.. MJaocapDlk, Minn. 
Ti«UBeier, Louii A„ Pvl.. H. K. No. 3, Waterloo, Iowa. 
Tanquial. Carl H.. Pvt.. Carilon, Minn. 
ThomtoD, Samuel J„ Pvt,. H. R, No, 3. Troy, Kan. 
Tiltfraaa, Olar 1.. Pvt.. R. R. No. 3. Spring Grovr. Minn. 
Tryflslad. Cbrialian H„ Corp.. 606 Znd St., 8. E., Ulllo FalU, Minn. 
TulibiainB. CharliB F., Cook. 3409-A MiaHHiri Ave., Si. Louii. Mo. 
"" ■ — ■ A., Serel-. Chai ' 


D H., Pvt.. IM CI.. R. R. No. I, Clamor, I< 

„, _ „... Villa Rid«F, Mo 

UthoCr, Edwin J,. Corp., Tl J Dover Haoo, St. Louis, 
Vaodivaas. Emil P.. Pvt.. 408 Sth Ave., S., Odwein, 
Van Dykfl, Peter. Pvt,. R, H. "A", Boi 2M. Indian 
Viok, Clnronai N., Pvt.. R. R. No. 6, Decocah. Iowa. 
Vilo, Luigi. Pvt., lit a.. 2819 OUve St., HI. Louis. Mo. 
Vogt. Swmai<l J.. Corp., Van Crui. Mo. 
Von Tain, Samuel B,, Prt., Mancheslsr, Iowa. 
Wahh. DanielJ., Pvt., latCI, 6U(I Spender in, St. I.O 
Wardin. Horman O.. Pvt., lat CI.. R. R. No. *. HiaoaU 
V/rtb. Ward L. K.. Pvt., Isl CI., Eyen Grove, Penn, 
Welch. Sherman L,, Pvl., Sioua Cily, Iowa, 
WelaaodC, Paul H., Corp., Siour City, Iowa. 
Wealberg, Martin E.. Pvt.. Ill CI., ft. R, No. I. Boone, 


»t. iohu A., Pvt., Fori A 

Wialey, F 

f E., Pvt.. ; 

1 Cl,. . 

dais, luv> 

II W.. Pvt.. ft. H, No. 1, Milfori 

FreitOf. Fred, Capt., 5TZ Wyoming Kn.. Buffalo. N. Y. 
CralTj •-■ - --- ■ 

. Edgewc 

Baudcr, Emanud, Pvt., R. F. D. No 2, Kulm, N. D. 
Bayer, ioaeph, Pvt., B. B, ^o. 1. Spring RaDch. Neb. 
Bai. AlNionw B., Pvt., St. EUaabeOi, Mo. 
~ ' r.^oBiinie E.. Pvt.. St. Meiniad. Ind. 
— H M., Corp.. Eugene, Mo. 

).. Corp., Arnold. Neb. 

" ".tCl. Orn^o. Mf 

B^jSiiTiiS>iii"E., Pvt. , tl'oiJardan' 
Boyka, Charlea H.. Corp.. Smyora. Dri 
Bridae. ArUliir D., Pvt.. Eokman, N. D. 
Bftemtr. Henry. Pvt.. B. F. D. No, 3, Mi 

" *■-.. Walter H., Pvt.. Onaga, Kanaa. 

■ " - ■■ - 1,3, D. 



Birfow, Lme, Pvt,, I 

infftoo Ave.. St. Louia, Mo. 

I,Boi33, BilUugs. Monl. 

_ _ „ Doyord, N. D. 

Callaneo, Gabrielie, Pvt., Mulherry, Kan. 

"■ ■ -■ - stCI.B. F. D. No. 4, Maoeheaf " 

Cariaon. ManCr«J 

Jack K... M«s Scrgl, R. R. No. 1. Sealorth, Mini 

l.Sl.a^d, A^ion."' 

Coiiinn, Roy C. Corp 

CookrWiUard II., Corp.. Finut -. 

Crimmina. John II., Cook, 336 N. Bellairi „ 
Daofonh, Viclor W., Seriil., ini 5th Ave. S.. 
DeBorry. Al^. Sergt. H. H. No. 2. Sloutland 
DegrCTWDhy, Fred, PvL, St, Johna, N. D, 
Dieli, Walter J., Corp., 343<l Iowa Av., St. Louis, Mo. 
Doneokec. Robert C. Pvt., In CL, .McCracken. Kan. 
- ■ ~ ■ ■ -., Sorgl.. R. F. D. No. 2. Monticrikt, 1< 

Du)r, i 

II P., Pvt. 

■t CI., ] 

'. D. No. 2, t 

V. 9ih St., ' 

Gw, LeRoy, Pvt.. 1st Q.. Rusaell, Kan. 
Gillick, Henry F.. Corp., 9321 S. Broadwa 
Gratton. Thomai W.. Pvt.. LarohwDOd, Ir 
GrilGth, William C Corp., Kanaas City. 1 
Gaohwend, Adolph. Pvl . 307.1 lllinin. avi 
Gunlher. Albert W., 1 

Hanson, GuataT B., V.^ ^., ... . 

Heavner. Harvey. Pvl., lat Cl., IndeoL 

Hdbergor, Fred, Pvt.. 1st CI.. 3614 Bison Avs., St. Louia, Ho. 
Helling. SUnley. Pvt., lat CI., Walootl. N. D. 
ilenrikson. John H., Pvt.. Waahburn. N, D, 

John W. M.. Pvl., R. F. D. No. I, Garbo. towa. 
ird C, Pvl., R. F. D, No. 4, Des Moines. Iowa. 

- CI.. R. F. D. Na 3. Cedar FaUa^oa 

y, St. Louia. Mo. 

.. 1st a. n. p. D. No. I. LoMara, Iowa. 

r, WiUiai 

latSergt.. 311 L 
., R. F. D. No. 1 
., 2051 Darby A 

Kapler, Edward R., 
Keaoe.JoaephM., I 
Kdley, Hu^ II.. P 
Kelly. Fradi, Pvt.. 
Kerger, Fred. Pvt., 
King, Herman M.. 
KisAa. Michael. P< 

h Plaee, Loa Angelfe, Cal, 

1, Qiar 

daanolia ) 
7 Minnes 

:., St. Paul. Minn. 

la Ave.,3t. Lou». Mo. 

S., Crook sum. Mtam. 

dM., Sergt.. 3C 

iry C.'Wi., Bom' N^MlTTajlcir,' n!d. 

KrurJ, William C, H., Pvl., 3I3D Carolina St.. 9l, Louis, Mo. 

Kupka, Frank, Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 3, Fori Alkinaoo. Iowa. 

Uing, Frank H.. Corp., 532 (ireely Ave.. WebsUr Grove. Uo. 

Lemler, CoH. Pvt . Coleeamp, Mo. 

Lenaing. Palrick G.. Pvt., R. B, No. 2, Waiieoma, Iowa. 

Lobnn, Charln C. Pvt.. lat Cl.. R. F. D. No. S. Roaedal^ KuL 

Lovelsod, Albert A., Pvt.. (Mwein. Iowa. 

Dubbin. Dan M. G.. Pvt.. Boi 2, Delaware. Iowa. 

McCroevy, Ji*n, Pvt,, R. F. D, No. 2. Comin*. Kun, 

MeMillan, AlUn H., Corp.. IZIB S. 6th 3l., Minnmpolii, Minn. 

Madole, Roy D.. Corp., R, F. D. No. 1. Eldon, Mo. 

Mamun. Frwl L.. Cook, New Boatoo, lU. 

Martindale. Otto L., Pvt.. 416 E. Ist 31., Cbetryvale. Kao. 

Meyer, Joaeph, Jr., Pvt.. 3B39 Ind. Ave., 3L Louia. Mo. 

Mddler, Vrsak, Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 2. MoDona, Iowa. 

Mildenslein, John C. Pvt., lat a., R. F. D. No. 2, St. LIbin, Ndl, 

Milca. Georgis H., Corp.. SummvGdd, Mo. 

Mnora. Jamn *.. Pvt.. lat and Beala St., Down. Kan. 

s( Cl., R. F, D, No. 1. Eldon, Mo. 

'■2 Devonshire St.. Shnnvabnrf , Bfo. 

Morrow. Aubrey L. 

Mueck. Auguat H 

Nidiob. Hairy H., 3ergt.. 1106 N. Prai 
Nieds, Gottliih. Corp. R. F. D. No. ' 

-, h. F. D. No. I.CIi 

O'Connor. John E.. Pvt., lit Cl., GUde, E 
Oban, Emil H., Pvt.. Naplm, 3. D. 
O'Neal. Ennla, Corp.. Eaoelai 
Osburr ""■'^-- - -^ - >- 
Palmer, Koaa I)., Pvt., 
Pappamanolnpooloa, ^ 
"ippel. Louis C, Pvl, 


r, Kan. 

nF., Pvt., 1st a., 1113 N.e 


'. b! No. 

Gardena. N. D. 

Pugh, Harry H.. On)., 2T64 Tamm Ave., i 
" ny. Ed«r A.. Pvt, 1319Commeroial 
y. William J.. Mecb . H. F. D. No. 2 

uch, Louia J., Pvt., 1 

lidder.' Ponlus E.,'i'vt.,'s45 GUmon 

■a Cily. I 

^1, Charlea F., Pvt.. 513 S. 3rd St., Rurlinglon. Iowa. 

Saari, William J., Pvl., ls( Cl., nirndsle, N. D. 
Sadler. Henty A., Pvt.. Cascade, luwa. 
Saeger, Jule O., Pvt., MUbauh. 3. n. 
Schroeder, John B, Pvl., Waaliinglon, Mo. 

Soolt. Charles F , Pvl., Igl Cl., R. F. D. No. 2. Wslertown. B. D. ■ 
Scovel, WiUiam W.. Pvt.. Waukon, Iowa. 
Serck, Bernard W., Pvt.. 1st Cl., R. F. D. No. 2, Doon. Iowa. 
SI... F»^.D., Pvt..l23Madiaon5t..I'»>''.ii> I"" 
im. Corp.. Benedicl,_N. D. 

Sbuit. Anhur 

3igler. Frai 


>, Glen 

r, lo* 


JVonH. Ron* and Menu Addntt 
InAie. P>l.. IM CI.. R. F. D. No. t. Elsiicock. Mo. 
labo It.. Corp., n»ck Raniili. linm. 
Ward E.. Pyt.. PHuUina. Ioytb. 
, Edward P.. l>Tt.. 1st C].. Willaton. N. D. 
. Adioo L.. P>i., BauoBwioh. Minn. 
■. Csorn, Pvt.. lit CI.. Roote No. 2. ShtJdon. Ivwa. 
UdmrO., Py*., R. No. 2. AnHgDrd. N. D. 
n. Ole. Jr., Pv[.. R. F. D. No. 3. Kindred. N. D. 

a, Hsor*. Prt.. H. P. D- ^n. 3, Conlerville. S. D. 
lalbew M,. Pvt.. Primghnr. Iowa. 

■a. AoloB. Prt.. lat CI.. Brocket, N. D. 

UP. BHonrd J.. Pvl.. H. F. D. No. 1. WorthinKlOB, Iowa. 

nrib. Gmrin. I>>l., Wadena. MiBn. 

L Har>ey, Cuip . R. F. D. No. T. Wntsga, III. 

Me. Cool. R. No. a, Fergiu Falls. Mipn. 

', Baajamu. P>t.. H. F.7). No. 1. Ashlsy, N. D. 

, Ralplt E., Pn.. R. F. D. No. 3. Brookings. S. D. 

, JcdiB A., Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 6, Cmca, Iowa. 

Iidu B.. Pn.. n. F. D. Mo. 2. MomaarDle. Kia. 

, Bn.. Pirt., Vliets. Kan. 

rm. Baa L. C, Pit.. 1st CI.. Union, Mo. 

■OS. aide J.. Prt.. Libftral. Kbd. 

m, Claude C. Swit., H. F. D. No. 2, ConndUvilK Paan. 

Joliui. Ptu, R. p. D. Nd. 1. Boi 58. Miato, N. D. 

Arthoi H., Pvl.. BoneUrail RouM. Marmon. N. 0. 

n, WiUIamF., Pvt.. Unknown. 

fki R.. Pn., Unknown. 

n.PBiHck W.. Pit.. Unknown. 

r. Harmon O., Corp.. Uitknown. 

•Min. Aliin E.. Bsrgt.. Rook Rapids, Iowa. 

. Jcdin H.. Pvt.. Kansas City. Kan. 

|B, Edward M., Pvt., Unlmown. 

Lodwitf. Corp., Rock Rapids. Iowa. 

, JODM* P.. SflTit., AlEMSDdriii, Minn. 

Of. Qmer L., Pvt.. Waukon Jet,. Iu«a. 

bnnwg E., 8«gl., Eliiabelh, III. 

ieorgt. Cook. Cass Lake. Minn. 

Sam. Prt., Hillsboro, N. D. 

Enna L.. Corp.. Unknown. 

Bott. L», Corp.. til JefTmOD St.. Wslerloo, lD«a. 

m. Jamn 1.. iVl.. Unknown. 

re. Albert L., Corp., Cherakw, Iowa. 

. Randolph J.. Pvt.. Unknown. 

^ William G.. Corp., 1363 McCaualaod Ave.. St. Louis, Mo. 

. Harfaert O.. Pvt.. Unknuwo. 

L Paul C, Pvt.. Boone, Iowa. 

, Bcnnan. Cook. Duluih, Minn. 

to, Prt., LonkiD, N. D. 

Bndl E.. Corp.. Horman. Mo. 

. Albcn G., Pvt.. Aurora. lown. 

Hoow. Pvt.. lal GL. Winseald. Kan. 

«t<m L.. Pvt.. Abodem. 9. D. 

Harry V.. Pvt., WlnBeld. Kan. 
B, Sad J. H., Pvt.. :<U) Iowa St., Lyon, Iowa. 

[>UM Y., Capt., Hmaboro. N. D. 

Frank L., Capt., 1W3 Queen Ave., N. Minnaapolia. Minn, 
u John M.. 1st Lt.. 6\1 4th 8t. N. E.. MinoMpolk, Minn. 
I. Arnold A.. Ist Lt.. Menominee. Wis. 
r. Henn J.. 1st Lt ^ Clinton. Iowa. 

rWa. RichsAl J..'znd' Lt., ^'aiafMe!' ' 

Sdward J.. Znd I.I.. 2147 Bulling St., Chioi«o. III. 

b, John B., Znd Lt., Red I^ke Palla, Minn. 
WBIiun H., 2nd Lt., P. O. Boi 1Z8S. Minot. N. D. 
Arthur B., 2nd Lt.. 193 Lsirerla Place, Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Iiaeph B.. 2nd Lt.. 2719 Pillsbury Ave., MiiAeapolii. Mino. 
aril. Frank L.. 2nd Lt., DuDCanivllle. Pena. 

iTrarger O.. 2nd Lt.. Clifford. N. D. 

Ldsnd S.. Sergt. Mflj., Ada, Minn. 
IT, Edward, lit aerjt.. FRmort. Minn. 
Wk J., Isi SerRt.. Om, Wh. 
d. George C. Meas Seici. HUlsborD. N. D. 
frank J., Sun. Sergt., Monona. Iowa. 
1, Peter T.. Sergt.. Stonbenville. Ohio. 
V, Eraeet R.. Sergt., Ada. Minn. 
Innld, Serrt.. Oatrando. Minn. 
, hler G.,8«n.. 910 l«lh Ave., MinnEnpoia. Mmn. 
ma. J(An H., ^gt.. Maquoketa. Iowa. 
n. Hoch M., Scrct., Sullivan. Mo. 
IB, George W.. Swit.. 1307 Ourk St., Le MafB, lowi. 
d. Ray E., Sergt.. Laosou. Mo, 

Cbarlu F.. Sergt., 3712 3. Jefferson Ave., SI. Lauh, Mo. 
I. Thomu C, Sergt., 3IM Hubbard St.. Le Mara, lom. 
I, Hans, Sergt., Boi 232. Menno. S. D. 
Sna A.. Serai., ISOB S. 91h SL, Lb Croaso, Wia. 
1, Tbomaa. Sergt., Echo. Minn, 
lofan O.. Sergt., H. F. D. No. 1 . Hoppinlon. Iowa. 
Harry E.. Corp.. 136 Prospecl St.. MauchesUr, Iowa. 
WB, Tony E.. Corp . Tea. Mo. 
ohD H., Corp.. R. F. D. No. Z. Siibiila. lovra. 

Owen M.. Corp.. Paiaons. Kan. 
r, Dolph. Corp.. Somerville. Mo. 
Mbert J., Corp., M53 Adkina Ave., Si. Louii, Ho. 
, RetuB. Corp.. Millmine, III. 

Herman. Ccrp., H. F- D. No. 8. Jefferaon Bairaoka. Ho. 
r. Edward J.. Corp.. R. No, 2, Roi No. bO. Selma. Iowa, 
irtbur R.. Corp,, 11. F. D. No. S, Girard. Kin. 
Allan A.. Corp.. Ill 2nd St.. Waiilieton. N. D. 

William, Corp.. PostviUe, Allamakes. Iowa. 

n. GottliA, F., Corp,, 3017 Gasconade St.. St. Lonia, Mo. 

Jonn , 

Fear. Oren L.. Corp.. MoCraki 

Craig, Willi 


1, N. D. 

it.. St. Marys, Kan. 

. . . Bottineau, 

Corp., 205 E. Pom 

Dablke, Julius. Cwp.. West£eld. Wis. 

Mapea. Hatry D.. Corp.. 222 S. Elm Si.. Uttowa. Kan. 

Toanek, Frank J„ Corp.. 2912 S. ConptoD Ave.. Su Loub. Mo. 

Sdiwarti. E3niM B.. C^., 338 Arter Ave., Oaklnnd, Kan, 

RaditsU. Leeter R., Corp.. Laoona. Iowa. 

Loughren. Ji^n F.. Corp., R. F. D. No. 7, Indepeoden 

Hiokok, Mv — ■" "— ^ " — '-'- ■•■-- 

NMHrtilin b" 

Raamuaaen. Ova, Codi, Broi 
ZluUcky. John A.. Mech., B 
Boyd. Harry H.. Msdi., 70S 
Bluilon. WUlard M., Buf ' 

Aaaen. Aodraw. Pvt.. lat . _ _ 

Beckmann, August F., Pvt., lat Ct.. Cook, Neb. 
Brady, Glen H., Pvt., lat CL, Webster. S. D. 
Caliosn, B. P.. Pvt.. Ist CI., 414 ScjKrbonma Si.. St. Paul. Mimi. 
CanliUo, S. J.. Pvt.. lal CI., Main and Mill St., Norristown. Penn. 
Cramer, Joseph E.. PvL, lit CI., 904 AUanta Ave,. St. Louis, Mo. 
Cunaingham. Jama S., Pvt.. Ist CI., Springviiie, Iowa. 
Dierkna, George E.. Pvl.. lit CI.. 922 Russell Ave,, St. Louis, Ha 
Dvorak, Wflliam Pvt., lit CI., Adams, B. D. 
Garanfaloa, Mike. Pvt.. 1st O., SIS Bluff St., Walerloo, Iowa. 
Geuda. George L,, Pvt., let CI., Gnltenberu. Iowa. 
Gumpenberoer. John J,. Pvt.. Ist CI., WaBbington. Mo. 
Hartouan, Jaoidi A.. Pvt., lat CI., Hilltop. Kan. 
Hedman, OUr J.. Pvt., lat CI., Waubay, S, D. 
Jobnaon, Paul V., Pvl., lat O., Concordia. Kan. 
Jones, James C. Pvt., lit CI., Billing. Mo. 
Jurieaa.JohaE., Pvt., IstCI.,58ZSGatea Ave, St. Loois, Mo. 
Kahle, Henn B . Pvt.. 1st CI.. Swiss. Mo. 
Kennidiiv, Joeepfa A.. Pvt., 1st Q.. Buena Viata. Iowa. 
Kndl. Oscar. Pvt.. Ist CI.. 2313 Sydney St.. St. Louii, Mo. 
Kuril, Irvin C. Pvt., Isl Q.. Galcfautt. N. D. 
La Flenr. Richard P.. Pvl.. lat CI., Jeffetwjn, S. D. 
Merrit, Howard S.. Pvt.. Ist CI., R, F. D. No. 6, MaquokoU. Iowa. 
MUler. Clarenoe W.. Pvt.. In CI.. R. F, D. No. 2. Augusta. Kao. 
Otiveraon, Ralph 1„ Prt.. Isl CI.. B. F. D. No. 1, Erie. Kan. 
Otto. Charles L.. Pvt.. lat CI.. R. F. D. No. 3, Oadeo. Iowa. 
Otto. Edwin A., Pvt., Ist CI., Hrnnann. Mo. 
~ " CI.. Hooplc, N - 

St.. Webata Grove, 

Peterson. Jaoob, Pvl., lit CI., Arnesard. N. D. 

HiiUuick, Garnet B.. Pvt., lat CI, Clyde. Kan. 

Phillip*. Ferdinand IL, Pvt., lit CI,, Ehnoul, Mo. 

Phipps. Joseph A.. Pvt.. 1st CI.. FVaser. Iowa 

Rail, Howard, Pvt., 1st CI., ZTIS Salena St., "■ ' 

RauU, Jack. Pvt., lit CL. 266W S. Ill Ave,, 

Rflnburg, Fred, Pvt.. 1st Q.. Bokhoho. Iowa. 

Rest, Cliuenoe L.. Pvt., lat Q.. BZO TuiedoS 

Sleron, George. Pvl,, lit CI.. 1022 4tfa St., Beloil, wa. 

SIritt, Fred L,. Pvt.. lit CI., tiaban. Iowa. 

Svee, Goalar. Pvt., lit CI.. GarBeld. Minn. 

Volay, Moaes F.. Pvl.. lit Q., Cenlerville. Iowa. 

White, Thomes E., Pvt.. Isl CI., Superior, Neb. 

Abbot, Charlie. Pvt,. LindKy, S. D, 

Andenon. Gabrid, Pvt., Deleoer, N. D. 

Bakar. Roy H., Pvt., 2D« The Dnve, Tnpeka, Kan. 

Beck. Carl J., Pvt.. Wewnlon. S. D. 

BeekH, Jaoob W., Pvt.. Wiodemere, N. D. 

Berg, Tom, Pvt,. Erie, Minn. 

Blank. Thomas, Pvl., 5207 8. Broadway. Si. Louis. Mo. 

Boge. Leo. Pvl.. Dyenville. lows. 

Bonnel, John L., Pvl.. 3043 Lodede Rued. Maplewood. Mo. 

Boyd, Culde E,. Pvt.. Rock Lake. N. D. 

DnnaOD, Oda. Pvl.. Byron. Oaoge Co.. Mo, 

RnUand. Ole J,. Pvt.. Leonard, N. D. 

Breeding, Waller L.. Pvt., Independence. Kan. 

Bresnahan. Danid P.. Pvt,. I30S S. Cmploa Ave.. St. Louia. 

Brueggemann. Henry L., Pvt.. 24Sa Dekalb St., St. Louia. Mo 

Busk. David V., Pvt.. Summit. S. D. 

Bulla, Dorr J.. Pvt.. Highland Park, Kan. 

Colhoon, Clyde M., PvL, SOS MoGre«or St., Caithsgo, Mo. 

Ctltia, Clelbe W.. Pvl.. Harulnrg. Mo. 

Coriaon, Oscar A., Pvt.. Sauk Cenler. Mun. 

CnHidy, Waltar J.. Pvt., Crosby, N. D. 

CbiiatianMn, Andrew, Pvt.. Bowman. N. D. 

Chriallaoaoa, Adolph. Pvt., Spring Grove. Minn. 

Clul. CharisB I,. P--' "■—■="- "- 

I. N. D. 

Crowskia. Louis, Pvl.. Kenid, 8. D. 

Crosby, Harold It.. Pvt.. RoOn. N. D. 

Dailey, Edward P.. Pvt., 1419 Ewing Ave., St. Louia, Mo, 

Ditlemore. Edsar I., Pvt.. Tniy. Kan. 

Dunn. Bernard M.. Pvl., Alu ViaU, lows. 

Dreeel. Louia. Pvl.. Rich Fouotain. Mo. 

Drilling. Frank H.. Pvt.. Creaoo, Iowa. 

Engitrtb. Phillip. N.. PvL, Slrawville. N. D. 

Eriokaon. Haldor, Pvt., Bonelrail. N. D. 

Ericksnn. Paid A., PvL. 2201 W, 2nd Sl, Dulolh, Minn. 

Briflkaou. Conrad E., Pvl., 2201 W. Sod St., Dululb. Minn 

Emien. Charlfa B.. PvL. Graff', Iowa. 

Foley, Jcdio J.. Pvl.. 3SS2 Aldrich Ave., Minn»poliB. Mini 

Fidd. John. Pvt.. Primghar, Iowa, 

Gardner, Julius, Pvl . 3343 Nr-b. Ave., Sl Louia. Mo. 

Gavin. Leo J.. PvL. CoKsde. Iowa. 

Glase, Bay E.. Pvt.. Cimarron. Kan. 

Graham. Jatnea D., PvL. Lan«duB, N. D. 


Graves. Sylvin H., Pvl.. DhmbU, Iowa. 

GorniBn, Rogw W., Pvi., Elleodalr. N. P. 

Ilunrty. Krod C. Pvi., 1202 FbduI' Si., WkiiiU. Km. 

HaUwiiHeii. Joha, P>c, MB MsDhiird Si., WaUrloo. Iowa, 

HalSdd,Cluri>aW., t^.. WiHiom. Mo. 

Huffwood. CUreux C., Pvt.. Er». Kn. 

Httnun, 'nMDdore R., IVt.. FBiiburj. Nrli. 

HaUdi. John J.. Pvi.. 21W CaroliiuSl . SI. Loan. Ma. 

Huhluid. Ob J.. Pvt., Clwinberiam, 8. U. 

HOdbnuU, Fnd, Pvt., GeoRS. town. 

KOI, DBTid. Prt.. 532 Clark St.. WhitiDft. lad. 

HobelDun. Frederiok C Pvt.. 3133 Ed«ar Ave.. MaplnroDd. Mo. 

HgSmao. Jowph, tVt,. Brum, S. D. 

Haiti, Henry G.. Pvt... lawaod, Iowa, 

Hoow, Cart P.. Pvt., 313T Nsb. Ave.. Si. Loam, Mo. 

HuDuiid. Hury B.. Pvt.. AlllMn, Io»a 

luaindtt, Havd H.. Fvl.. Sluilry. loviii. 

J^raod, Frank W.. Pvi.. Stewnrtum. 111. 

Joan, Fiaocit H.. IN-).. Limg Spriom. lowi. 

KaTor. Paul, Pvt.. UtUHHirt. Iowa. 

Kappea. Jasob, Pvi„ Aafaley. N. D. 

Koune, aifford. Pvt.. DMorab. lews. 

Rirohhoff. Henry. Pvi., McGirk, Mo. 

Klein Conrad. Pvt., Mound City, S. U 

Klunk. John. Jr., PvC. 3S10 Ind. Avr., HI Loun, Mo. 

Kathe. HaiTv. pvt., Fanoenburc, town. 

La Polnl. Edward J.. Pvi.. Graodvillc. N D. 

Lavin. Claremw J.. E>Yt.. .IIS Hanqopk .St., Topeka. Kan. 

LavieJette, Joseph N.. Pvt.. St. John. N. a 

LsvOlee, Edward. Pvt.. Via VemiUion. Maushe, Alberta, Can. 

Lon«. William H.. Pvt.. Webtler Grave. Mo. 

Lauodin, Albin L., Pvt,, 1316 24tb Si.. Sioux City. Iowa. 

Malt, Jonaa J.. Pvt.. 3685 Weber Road, Si. Louis. Mo. 

MoCaoD, Harve, E., Pvi.. Oakley. Kau. 

McCullouih. William H.. Pvu. Brandpn. Minn. 

McLean, John A.. Jr. . Pvi., H. F. O. No. 1. Bernard. Iowa. 

Manoa. Harry, Pvi.. 219 S. 1>1 St.. E. Cnlar Bapida. Iowa, 

Mefford. Kdwin H.. Pvt.. Thornhpjry, M>i. 

Mollabi^er. John B.. Pvi.. Mela. Mo. 

Meyer. Ctiarlw A., Pvt.. B. B. No. 2. DymriUe, Iowa. 

Minor. James L., Pvt.. Z335 RulKet St., Si. Looia, Mo. 

Moffet. Dflll R.. Pvt.. Pecry, Iowa. 

" — '--■ "vid A.. Pvt., R. F. D. No. 1, Camden, Mo, 


NielHO, Jen 

NonlTDin, KrnBHt. Fvt., nza i^mRieiLow Are.. mtnaeapoiiB. 

Olberdins. Joaeph J.. Pvt.. R. F. D. No. I. PyeraviUa. Iowa. 

Oliver, Jamfs H^. Pvt. . Glrndder, Kan. 

Olaoo, Ole C, Pvi., Jamntflwn. N. D. 


. Silaa. 

Otto, Robin E., Pvt., Nicba. N. D. 

Parka, Ralph H., Pvl„ 628 Clay St., Boone, Iowa. 

PetorKia. Jc^n A.. Pvi., Trauolt. Kan. 

Peterwn, Albin. Pvt.. Anrdia. Iowa. 

PatMHm, ChHlet H., Pvt.. WUIon, N. D. 

Pilgrim, Albert B., Pvi., LanHford. N. D. 

Raaf. Arthur. Pvi., 2TIb S. Tlh Si., Si. Louis, Mo. 

Beidin^er. Chariea, Prt.. Mauley, Iowa. 

Roberbwn. Allan P., Pvi., Widiila. Kan 

Sadler. John B.. Pvi., 2!ll« N. Taylor A 

SoheUnuna, Gotlieb C, Pvt,, Lauiag, Iowa. 

Sdimiederer, Chailn W.. Pvt., 3534 Neb. Ave., St. Louis. Mo, 

Sdiullo, Georae J.. Pvt.. Corona. N. D. 

1.. SI. LouH. Mo. 

1, Pvt.. 1 

1. Pvi.. ' 

>t St.. N. Fait 

I, Minn. 

SheTalall, Daniel P.. Pvt.. White City. Kan. 
Simmen, Harry W., Pvt., Albernelt.lowB. 
Slaver, Floyd A,. Pvt., Atkinson, Neb. 
SUM. Edwin. Pvi., Buitoo. N. D. 

Fred T.. Pvt.. Pelican Rapids, 

Van Vleet, WiUiam H., Pvi., Kimball, Mim 

Walited, John J., Pvt.. Clara 

Pvt., 3021 C 

H.,J>vt„ Arnold^ Neb. 

e. John. Pvt.. 323 E. JelTmi 

AaUkson. Gunder. Pvt. 


Buchanan, Hillii F.. Pv 

t.. tuRlevale. Knn. 

Oaney, James E., Pvt . 

. Ca^de, lowa- 

Hc-la, OUvar, Pvt., Walonda, S. D. 

Marriott. Manlay. Pvt. 

. Wal«. N. D. 

Murdoek, Arlhur W.. PvL, KeoneUi. Kan. 


Glenburn, N. D. 

Rnd, Edward, Pvt.. Mi 

ddleriver, Minn 

!>vt., Winthrop. Minn. 

Welah. Harry D.. Pvt.. 

233 Locust St., Dubuqii 

le. lows. 

McBride. John, Capl,. ' 

Claiborne. Md. 

Gelwick. Arthur B., 1st 

Ll., Ulysses, Neb. 

It Lt,. 1520 2nd Ave. E., 

Cedar Rapids, 

1st Lt.. 2614 4Ih St.. Oqean Park. Cal. 

d, Daniel A.. 2Dd Lt., 81 Clebum Ave.. A 

Vbbk. Hank onrf Home AMrtii 

.. 2nd Lt.. Two Harbon. Minn. 

2Dd Lt.. 2U7 Buriing St., Chicuo. III. 

lat Sergt., 1121 West Main. Okia City. OUa. 

Reinhardt. RumJI R., Sup. Sagl., Union. Mo. 
BuUiu, Carl E., Sent., VaUey City, N. D. 
Houdek, Frank A., ^gt., VesleyvUle, N. D. 
MeUmson. Leonard E.. Serai.. .Marion. N. D. 
Denikaa. WiUiam. Svet.. Wheaton. Minn. 
Hur^h. Biro;.. A., S.i.g.., ChsmiWKUP, 111. 
Biibiiti, WiUiam F,. Sergl., Vslloy City. ^, D. 
Andenoa. Knute W.. S«Bt., Alwabr, Minn. 
FtiUiom, Erwin IL. Sergt.. MaHewnod, Mo. 
Green, Ray L,, Sergl., Climai Springs, Mo. 

Kuu, Joseph H., Ser^., 342 3, Vandevauler Ave.. St. Louis. Mo. 
Moskal, Olio, Sergt.. 1136 Sutler Ave., .St. Lnuit. Mo. 
Ryan, Frank L.. »e«u, Qnimby. Iowa. 
Barkley, Ralph L„ Corp., Fargo, N. D. 
Cowles. Vol H., Corp.. Haslings, Minn. 
Gilbert B.. Corp. . OwHii, Iowa, 
'"■"euce E., Corp., Boone, Iowa. 
Corp., Ba«le Hock. Mo. 
• W., Corp.. Cabnar, Iowa. 

orreat E.. Corp., ToUey, N. D. 

'olson, HaniM G.. Corp.. Hidi 

Cook. CharieaW., 

Elk. __. 
FarweU, nineri 
Heuser. Cuslu. 
McCuli ■ 

RuUrdge, Alvin T., Corp., 2630 St. Vim 

__. SL, St, Louia, Ho. 

__..., Flat. Mo. 

m, William E.. Corp.. St. Louh, Mo., and CIbj, Ky. 

I,, Corj... Unknown. 

Jarohow, Kmil H.', Corp.*. Summer, Iowa.' '' 
JohniHin, F.arl V.. Corp., SIO Mullen Am., 
Kunsl. Fred II.. Coni., 1HI7 Shield Si., St 
MFx'llao.JamnC.. Corp., Boone. Iowa. 
Mil«, Hmd M., Corp.. Sam loga, Iowa. 
Procluiska, Joseph A., Jr. , Corp.. EUa. lo. 
Winders, Charlea R., Corp., R. F. D. .\o. : 
Wiryw, Herbert J., Corp,, GamaviUe, lo< 
Wyche, Robwl F,. Corp.. Si. Louis. Mo. 
DdrUBs, MaUo J.. Corp., Landa. N. D. 
Ov»y. Joe J.. Corp.. Canay. Kan. 
Fabin, Andrew A.. Corp.. Sterling. Kan. 
lohnun. John F„ Corp.. 1866 E. 26lh Si., 
Murry. Harry M.. Vioip.. DeUa. Kan. 
Paid. Herman A.. Corp., R. F. D. No. 1, B< 
RoMnaoD. WiUiam A., Corp.. Wntpurt, Onti 
SanTord, aifrord P.. Corp.. SlafTord, Kan 

Oaterman. Edward C Cook. 

Chestnut, Grover C. Cook. I 
King. Hatry, Cook, Wcbsler 

Btrioft, Loais. Cook. Birrjiwoo 


e, C. Mecb.. 3917 Mlh Ave.. S. Minneapolis. Mini 

BeOneb. Herman A. F,. Meoh.. Wau' " " 

Bdladi. Herman A. F,. Meoh.. Waubay. S. D. 
Diealelkamp. Wflllam H., Mech., Bland. Mo. 

- ,. .^uton, Bug.. R. I . - 

KeUenbarger. Frank J., Bug 

Acre. (iuyW.. Pvi.. 1st CI.. Bucklin. Ran, 

Ahlgren, GnsI B,. INl., lat CI., CbertAee. Iowa. 

Anderson. Harry W., Pvt., 1st CI.. R. F. D. No. I . Slnrm Lake. Iowa. 

Brnaon, Walt™ O,. Pvt.. Ist CI,, Pboeni), Neb. 

Beniing. Louis F.. Pvl.. lat CI , H. F. D. No. 2. AiuJI, Kan. 

Boyinclnn. Gonld O., pvt., lat CI.. Ealwaie. Iowa. 

Breden, Anton O., Pvt.. Ist CI , Leonard. N. D. 

Coleman. Mark H., Pvt., 1st CI.. Kklaore. Neb. 

Collar, William E., Pvt.. Isl CL, EUah. Ma. 

Costanllno, Jcdin, Pvt., Ist a.. Mulberry, Kan. 

Dallon, Roy. Pvt., 1st CL. Unknown. 

Dnvies. Wifl W, Pvt.. lei CI., B. F. D. No. 1. MoGre«or. Iowa. 

Davis, Benoimin F.. Pvi., 1st CL. 709 E. Ash St., Portland, Orv. 

- - ^^ - siCI,, B. F, D, No. - ■ 

r. Edward 1 

tt CI . H. F. D. No. 3. CmoD. I< 



f. D. No. 3. EarlvU 

*.. Pvl.. 

Bt CI.. R. F. D. No. 4 

■ It CI., r ■ 

a. loa 

1. Kan. 

FreekinR. Aloys [|.. Pvl., lat CI . H, F, D, No. 6. Le Mara. Iowa. 
Funk. Atfred D., Pvt.. Ist CI.. Edgewood. Iowa. 
Gay Por^T V.. Pvl., let CI., Fairfield. Neb, 
Gjelle. Emil. Pvt.. 1st CI.. R. F. D. No. 3, Wankon. Iowa. 
Groir, Sven O.. Pvt.. lit Q., R. R. No. S. Kindred. N. D. 
HalBeld, Artie, Pvt.. let CI, 721 N. Main St.. Savanna, lU. 
HennesKiy, William J., Pvt.. 1st CL. 3616 Paris Ave.. St. Loab. Mo 
Jensen, Siurd W.. Pvt.. let CI., H. F. D, No, 1. Wiener. Neb. 
■ ■ ■ " " - -stCL, Co(^«rHiU, •■ 

Johnson, Th 
J^ey. Wria 


It Cl„ Alton. Mo. 

Nelson, Slemer A,. Pvt . Ist a.. B, _ _ 

Neilson. Andrew. Pvl.. 1st Q.. R. F. D. Ni 

Olson, Arthur J., Pvt., let Q., Swedeburi, 

Pickerinc. OraL., l>vt„lstCL,B. F. D. N< 

Poliquin, Eugene, Pvl.. 1st CI., Box 13, BrJcout, N. D. 

BUey. David B., Pvl. -—"■■• - - 

Baiter SpriD«i. Kan, 

d, Joe P., Pvt., let a., R, F. D. f 

.. 2. Barter, N. D. 


;VaiH. Ran* and Home Addrtu 
It CI.. Star Roul*. EliwDrlb. Kan. 
■ "1 , B. F, D. No. 4, Ced« F 

, BojM.. _. 

1. nllbC., PtI.. : 

Swuvoo, HarnwD C.. Pvt.. lit CI.. Boihdm, Iowa. 

Tritle. Bi.fl E„ I'v,,. lit a., n, F, D. No. 3. Moriqn, Iowa. 

Wente. WOliam, iVI., lat Ct., KarLey, Inws. 

WhitllB. ClonMl E.. PvL. l>t CI.. A. F. D. Nd. 2. Elkadcr. Iowa. 

Wonlen. Cluria E.. Prt.. IX CL, R. F. D. No. =, WUduD. Iowa. 

Ycienih. Cwl. Pvt.. Ul a.. 400Z HncriHia St.. Soutli OmaiiB. 

Zabulai Wniiam C Prl.. Ut CL, ISIS W. Union St.. MaodMler. 

BalUnl. \enil.. Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 1, Eoklei, Colo. 

BiKS. John P.. Pvt., Unknown. 

Brola^reki*. Hsrmnn. Pvt.. Soiner. Iowa. 

Btrgtr, Edward. Pvt., WorliiingtoD. Iowa. 

Crawrord. WiUiun J., Pvt., RTT. D. No. 1. Rolfe. Iowa. 

Davidson, Jo*«>h A., Pvt., B. F. D. No, 3. Wli'- 

Day. GnircB. PH.. R. F. D. No. 2. Boi " ■- " 

Eari. Walts R., PvL, 707 Palm St., AUt 

EriaiMni. AUmrl. PvL. R. F. D. No. I, lioo^e, N. D. 
F«d«npeil, John, Pvt., R, F. D. No, 1, Raymond, low. 
Flamiaican. B«TiBrd. Pvt., R. F. D. No. 2. Boi 70, By 
Guam. Joaapbal F.. Pvt., Oukwood. N. D, 
Garrard. AwKw M., Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 1. Blrfiea, N. 
Gtuobow. Emil. Pvt.. R. F. D. No. (I, Piercfl, Nab. 
Haa». Rudolph A., Pvt., 3WB Pudo. Ave, Si. Loni 
HtaloD. Petw J., PvL. Blakmaa, Kan. 
tloyDog, Raymood O., )>vt.. MaQCa. N. D. 

UUuD. Mauriix J.. 
Hluh, llcrbort F., ' 

e, Hank and Hem Aibttu 

Lafco Mills. Wi*. 


._ .... F.^No._ 

June. Hmrr J., Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 4, Oukii. Mina. 
Karicunk. Alei, Pvt., 249 W. 7U> St„ Eaat Livarpool, Ohio. 
Kocaiwt, Herman J., Prt.. 27 12 Oueola St.. St. Louis, Mo. 
Lankford. JoMph G.. Pvt., R. F. D. No. 3, Bockport. Ipd. 
Laroon, llrirbartJ., Pvt.. Colaan. N. D. '< 

Liod. Cari B.. Pvc, R. F. D. No. 1, Cnwk. Colo. l 

1Mb. William A.. Pvt., OwanaviUi^, Mo. 
MallaoD. Millon £., Pvt., B. R. No. 3, Boi 10, Porliaod. N. . 
May«, Niek J., Pvt.. Bo. 77, llovnn, S. D. 
Mi^k. Frank A.. Pvt.. B. F. D. No. 2. Monona, lowu 
Nawatny, Frank. Pvt., R. F. D. No. 2. Wantoma. Wia. 
PaitOD. C^aa. Pvt., W, 7th 31., Georgatown. 111. 
Puuleri. Meroorio, Pvt., 227 W, Blh S.. Duhuquc. Iowa. 

Rulai^ike. Hanr;, Pvt.. Wircfa. N. D. 

Sallao. William A.. PrI.. Biibae. N. D. 

Suydar. LcRoy Jacob, Pvt., Eldgridgc. Iowa. 

Stona. GflXBc G.. Pvt.. BuckJin. Kuu. 

Strabloa. Carl B.. Pvl., 97 Pearl St.. Duiiuqua. Iowa. 

Tboopaaii. Clyde. Pvt.. Camden, Mo. 

TooiBEr. John AiUnftoa. Pvt.. Dyeraville, Iinva. 

Wada, GtagB R.. Pvt.. R, F. D. No. 6, Parii. Mo. 

Wainer. Adan E., PvC, AddnH unknown. 

Wanxler. Ferdiiuind. Pvt.. Zealand. N. D, 

Wsi^un. Chorln D., Prt.. 223 Merimao Ave., Clayton, M( 

WOkia, Petar A.. Pvt.. RuUatla. N. D. 

Wind. William D.. Pvt.. H. F. D. No. 10. JefTenon Rarracka. M 

WaumiUer, Roy, Pvt.. 201 N. Roaton St.. Maiyaville. I^an. 

Wright. UoydT.. Pvt,. Rmbvilla. Neb. 

Touoc. Orio. Pvt.. Address unknown, 

Uwpn. Edwin H.. 2nd Lt., Anetn, N. D. 

R<«dcap. RobMt S.. 2nd LL, Goehen. Vu. 

Roaa, Sfmon. Cspt., BlI More. Lib. Bldg.. CIncinnali, Ohio, 

Byde, JoaaphL., Ist Lt. 27 BankSl,.&l. Albatu. Vt. 

Newman. Hiirxy J.. Sod Ll.. 12 PenninKlon Ave.. Paasaic, N. J 

Durant. Henry F.. 2nd Ll.. 911 Palm St., Bangor. Me. 

Hibblo, C. v.. 2nd Ll., J3rd and N Su. N. W.. Waahinrton. [ 

Smith, Buah S.. 2Dd Lt.. 1005 N. Grove St.. Spenser, Iowa. 

Marry. James. Serat , Fargo, N. D. 

Smith. Anthony F., SergL. Forgo, N, D. 

Ebirhart, John. Pvl., 1st CI., 5t. Louii, Mo. 

£agdahl, Tom. Pvt.. Mai, N, D. 

Fidton. Fay D., Pvt.. Cogawell, N. D. 


,t., Dea .Moinea. Iowa, 
c/o C, A. Tultr.'Sfgr 

Ji Ave.. HoldTBge. Neb. 
'acumUldg.. N.l>. 

T,. Cool 

daplawood. Ho. 

. WilUam C Sergt.. Ouero, Te 

Conrad, Meoh., CuaelloD. N. L. 

Wingert. George N.. Bug,. Raymond, Iowa. 

Hoeiner, A. R.. Prt., lat Q., 7512 Comfort 

Potman, John B., Pvt., Egdand. N. U. 

Quernbeim, Eboer H„ Prt.. lat Q.. B. F. D. No, 12. Kirkwood, Mo. 

Suhloaaer, LouiaJ.. Prt.. IstCI.. 2401 Miami St., St. Louia, Me. 

Orgene, Albart E,. Pvt., R. F. D. No. 2. Portland. N. D. 

Bjarke. Otto H.. Pvt.. lat CI.. Vntre Akir. Cbriatianin. Nonray. 

BlasB. George H., Pvl., Btdoit. Kan. 

Bolmer. John C Pvt., Pinewood, Mian. 

Carlson, Rny, Pvt., R. F. D. No. 3. PauUine. Mo. 

Caivin, AUyn T.. Pvt., 1st CI.. Brookings. S, D. 

Claaen. Fred D., Prt.. Gsmmell. Minn. 

Dimora. Tuny. Pvt., IsC CI., 714 Wa^ington, St., LogniHp«t, lad. 

Domholdt, Kenry T,. Pvl., Ddamere. N. D 

Dunn. Ira M.. Corp., R. F. D. No, 1, Central Cily, Iowa. 

Elin. Alan T.. Pvt.. Mataqui. British Columbia, Canada. 

Morgan, Charln V., Cook. Stanley, Iowa. 

Muck. Daniel, Pvt., Frontenac. Kan. 

Oatc^loh. Martin, Pvt.. R. F. U. No. 1. Verona. Mo. 

Porlin. William, Pvl., Holabird. 3. D. 

Gulenhauf. Charles M.. Pvt., lat CI.. Croaby. Minn. 

Pstataon, Jobnnea S., Pvt., R. F. D. No. 1. Su Paul. Neb. 

Rappa.John J.. Pvl, R.Na. 1, Union. Mo. 

Robati, John W., Pvt., let d.. Fredriok. Iowa. 

Sduuidewind. Albert A., Pvt.. Bland, Mo. 

Scbunooaya, William. Pvt.. Canan. Mo. 

Sieogneat. John I.. Pvt. Isl CI.. Alma, Kan. 

Sorenson, Nala J., Prt., Sylatrup. JyUand, Denmark. 

3chambar. Adalfth S., Corp., 2BIS Husaet Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 

SorvtiA, Uobner. Pvl.. R. F. D. No. 1. Thief River Falls. Minn. 

Slanaeth. WilUam M., Prt., Boi 472, Culmar, Iowa. 

StiUe. Hobart W^Pvt.. R. No, 2. Clatkaville, lown. 

Straiua. Oeorn. Prt.. lat Ci.,R. No. 2, Marion Junotioo, S. D. 

UhleokampJIenry B.. Prt,. H. No. 1. Haptown, Iowa. 

Lohiengtl. Elmer J.. Pvt.. lat CI.. Lanham. Kan. 

ThcmpaoD. Theodora. Prt.. R. R. No. I. Graflon. N. D. 

Boahme. Edmund A., Pvt., lat CI,. ORerlee, Kan. 

Burns. John J., Prt., Barnumlon, Mo. 

Ctaaae. Clem A.. Pvt.. lit CI.. MeadvOle. Neb. 

Craaoo, Calvin L., Pvt,, 10« S. 22Dd Ave.. Maraballtown, Iowa. 

Gilbertson. Marcus, Pvt., R. F. D. No. 1. WoteniUe, lom. 

Grraaley, George 3.. Pvt., R. F. D. No. 2, Buford. N, D. 

Cruae. Henry M.. Prt., Cnrona. 3. D, 

(lude, Joaepb J.. Pvt.. 11)21 Arsenal Si.. St. Louia, 

Hansen. Jolin I. r " — - ■ - — 

a E . Pvl., R. No 

i. ll" Motle"!^S.' ™"' 
' I, Colony. Kao. 

II=ya. Mr-lvin E.. Sergt, I 

Herbet. George R., Pvl., it 

Hoffman. Andrew J.. Pvt.. R. No, _. . 

Howard, Homy M,. Prt.. Ist CI.. Liberty, Kno, 
Jacobaon, Clorence. Pvt. Ist CI.. R. No. 4. Bleva, Wia. 
Jonks, Cbaunde O., Pvt., B. No. t. Hock Lake. N.B. 
Jevne, George C PvL, R. No, 2. Deoorah. lowu. 
Johnaon. Henry E.. Medi., B. No. I, Hoopla, N. D. 
Flanagan. Edward J.. Corp.. Loyae Crwk, Mo. 
KlosKirman, Bernard, Pvt.. R. No. 2, Fariey. low 
Eouleon. Halvor, P.L ■ ■ — - 

It Q.. Phelps Cit}. Mo. 

St CI.. Decorah, I 

Luke, William H.. Pvl 
Mueller, Frank W.. Pvt 
Joalyn. WilUnm J.. HergI 

N^!^, Waller E..'Wl.'i 

... R. No. 2. Sutton, Nrb. 

J. N. D. 

■tCI, Orick, Mo. 

' ,. Pvl-. Coopentown. 

3deU. Abe. F 

Boariek, Bey 

Deffea, John L, PvL. 1 

Boieer, Edward H.. PvL, R. No , 

Roacb Sam. Pvt.. 119 W. Washington St. Pitlabarg. Kan. 

Walla, Hater J., 1st Lt., 311 7th Ave.. Chsiln City. Town. 

Walker. Carrol P.. 2nd Lt.. 933 Troy Avr> . Dytraberg. Teno. 

Eldat, Donald C 2nd Lt,, DeWitI,lDwn. 

Ftnl. Be^amin P.. Box No. 46.S. Allnrton. Mosa. 

Caylor. Leslie R.,ZndLt.. Kimble, Minn. 

Urie, Stephen H.. IstSogL, Brumplon. N. D. 

Pemerleaa, A. G.. Isl Sergt,. 1623 I6lh Ave. N„ Minneapolia, Mmn. 

Robaida, Hu^ B., Sup. Sergt., AJeianclrr. Minn. 

Ivcmni. Emeat A„ 3up, Sergt., Coopej-stown. N. D. 

Haaaen. Lodvig C. P./SagL. R. F. D N.- I. Gibson City. 111. 

Walatrom. Edward J., Meas Sergt, o ^o Ol t^ Beckv. IHne City , Minn. 

Gards. Fmnk G., Swat., 221 S. Cline Si.. Vbehdeen. S. D. 

Hard. Eroeat. Sent., 1317 Norman Ave.. r:,and Fnrka. N. D. 

Johnson. Leonard^, Sergt., R. R. ^o. 5. labow Lake. Minn, 

Reuben. Sam M., Sergt,, Ashley. N. I>. 

Austra, Edgar R.. Sergt., Wignet. Mont. 

S-aoKin. John £.. Sngl., GraClon, N. D. 

Romoaer.ArlhurO., Sergt.. 322 N.G St.." 

I St., UncDln. Neb. Schwaller, Andrew 11.. Corp., R, No. 2, Eugene, Mo. 

MinnaapolB Joonud, Slark, Jeaae J., Pvt.. R. Nb. 1, Tuacumbia, Mo. 

Sullivan, Mark, Pvt.. 10S Nears St.. Waterloo. Iowa. 

Frisk.Roy O., Corp.. R. No. I.Madrid, Iowa. 

Ulvin. Edward O.. Pvt., Adams, Minn. 

Ameaon, Arthur J., Pvl.. R. No. 1. Locuat. Iowa. 

Badooer. William J., PvL. 1st CL. Weynauseh. Wk. 

Boganreif. George W., PvL, R. No. I. Merrill. Iowa. 

1.. SL LoDis.Ma. 

Metvin. Corp., 1 

0. Herman B.. PvL. 809 Erskin Ave., oe. unis, no. 
Fred H., PvL, 7M S. Crucuae Ave,. Syracuaa, N, Y. 
— '■ -■— Corp., WoshingUm. "- 

IstCl., B. F " - 

Hulsebus. LouL 
Jaeger, AJberl ... _ . 
Johnson. EUswotth J. 

Pvt.. Gulteoberg. Iowa. 
" " rp.. 609 3. Sanla Fe St., i 
No. S. Salim " 

Kiefer. Millon J., PvL, 2 

It L , Corp., R. F. D. No. I. Postvil 


Righl BaUalion HeadquarUn P. C. iTSIh In/anlry Brigade, in the UauU Abaee Seebr. 

Cvman Marine Gm Ne$l in Btrmcilkr, Haute AUate Seetar, 

a., R. p. b. No. 2. Zarich. KsD. 
1. F. D. ISO. 32. Wist Union. Kdd 
Corp . B. F. D. No. 12. Kirkvood, 
1. Am Fonat Paik Blvd.. Si. Ldo 
1. Hook Comfort. Mo. 


KJ«iip0, Sanuoa 

Rostedt, Tbcodi 

L«w«L«, A.. Pvi.H iHi 1^1.. 4U4U r 

Lewi.. BrdieS.. Pvt.. H. F. D. Ni 

LocLilad. 011<er. Prl.. Nffirrolilcn. Minn. 

Vitifti. Walism L., Corp., Dill™. Neb. 

LoiBhniiui. William J., Pvt., Kuroki. N. D. 

McEicn, Jnepfa. pvt.. BonDsr Springs, Bun. 

MoGoin, Hugh M., Corp., R. F. D. No. I. Morriun. Mo. 

Maichd, Loun E.. Pvl.. R. F. D. No, 4. Ovwbrook. Kan. 

Miclisla. Peter, Pvt., lat CI,. Bdlsrue, Iowa. 

MoeOer, Adolph E., Pvt.. Schl»wi(, Iowa. 

P.,nJ>r«ct. William E., Pvt., Indnwndeoos. looa. 

iff. airi.tDpbBr C Pvl., laid., B. F. D. No. 2,Sdigi 

T p^ _ EUinglon, Mo. 

Ratliff. Ton 

1, Artbur H., Bug 

1 Nord. 

.. S. D, 

R«u. Pfad, Pvt.. niogall. Kan. 

Baitw. Frank fi.. Pvt., Miolo. N. D. 

Sduwdet, HermaD, Pvl.. H. F. D No. I, Preston. Iowa. 

Sihuit*. Juliana F,. Pvt.. lat CI.. R. F. D. No. 3. Frederickaburt, li 

Sobulik. Adolph G.. Pvl., n. F, D. No. I. PiMik, N. D. 

- ■ -" ■„Pvt..H.F. D. No. l.CotigoD, Iowa, 

WilUaoi, Pvt.. J 

ler, Stcn r - 

, Pvt.. , 

I CI,. I 

F. D. No. 

n ILarlakaga, Swedoa. 

ArrJiibHliu. t. , - .-., -. ,.-. ... -. 

Auat. WilliBBiF.. Pvt.,Boi 3W. RivB. 

Bnburok. Frank J.. Pvt.. Ut CI., Calomar, Jo 
Balalad. Peder. Pvl.. lit a., Finley, N. D. 
BavnLoa. Bryant B., Pvt., Siam Bapida, Ion 
Bnnkinaa, Edmund H,. Pvt.. Ill CI., 11139 
"■ -dO.. Sorft., 417 E. ithSt.. 

CiJlina, Charlra 

Coi. r 

« C. Pvt. 

, Pvl., Wyud 

s, N. O. 


Cowlt. Tboudon 

CriptM. Jolin J.. PvL, New Vienna, 1 

EckaHt. Cbariea L , Pvl., lat CI.. R, 

Entl«. George J . Pvl., 7lfi 3, Sth St. 

looog. Fraii, Corp., Van Went. lm._. 

Giack. Jose L., Pvl.. Koenie, Mo. 

Haketb. Mannie O.. Pvt., Webaler. N. D. 

Ilantad. Knut G., Pvt.. lit CI., RnrnoldB. N. D. 

Havel. Paul J.. Pvt.. H. No. 1. Clarhaoa, Neb. 

Kep|d<T, Frank, Pvl., Ill CI , R, F. D. No. :, Ada. Minn. 

" "^ letaobv, Tooj B.. Pvl., R. R. No. 1, Uwrenn, N*. 

at. Huso II,. Pvl., R. No. I, Camar. lima. 

.. ^_ .. — ^ Corp.. McGrecor, Iowa. 

■'- I., in CI.. Bokbrdm. Iowa. 

MooreTGIan H., Pvt., SheUrockir Iowa.' ""* 

Bowdiafa, Flo>d H.. Pvt., Bm 763. Ilawkeye. Iowa. 

ni>»«< FjJmund G., Corp.. Caillcwood. S. D. 

, Epbraim, Sergl., R. K. D. No. 3, Mendota, MiDD. 
.. -larleT Pvt.. Canaan, Mo. 

L, Frank. Pvt., Heioourt, N. D. 

Gee. Rnlpb 8.. Pvl., Baldwin. Iowa. 

Ilan«n. Mdi R., Pvt.. Alfcabo. N. D. 

HaoaoD. Matnor A., Pvl., Box 164. Grenora, N. D. 

Ileneka. Herman J., Pvt., R. F. Q. No. 4. MaquokeU. Iowa. 

Hinman. Boy K., Pvt.. Moalreal, Mo. 

KoU, Andrew H.. Corp., 9IS Lynoh St., St. Louia. Mo. 

"latad. AIIhti, Pvl., H. Nd. 2. Churdi'aFerry.N. D. 

Crider. Charl 

Imer G,. Pvl.. H. No. 

.. Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 1. HoloiH 

; Ka. 

Lake. ilair> J.. Pvl. 
Lake, Rayiooiid. Pvl., n. ^ 
Lampman, Chartu E.. Pvt. 

akia, h[ 
737 Julia 

'., St. Louia. Mo. 

;.. St. 1 

[ so, Turkey Biy 

r. Ion 

, 16 LocuHlSl., Dubuq,^. 

Laraon. Bert N.. Pvl., lal a., Kratka, Minn. 

Lanon. John. Pvt,. Holhrook. Iowa. 

LoUberg, John C. Pvt,, H. F. D. No, 5, Sinaelon, S. D. 

Loven. Adglph M., Pvt.. 1st CI.. Wauton, Iowa. 

McGralb. Thoiuaa, Pvt,, 3136 Duponl Ave. S,, Minauiiiolia. M 

.Marka. Robert C. Pvt., lat CI., Great Bend, N. D. 

MelU. Hvman, Pvt,. 424 Lake Ave., Dulutb, Minn. 

DauDCT, Grover C Pvt.. Auauata, Mo. 

Powera. William E,. Pvt.. 20l 14th St.. Bone, lows, 

Riebuda. Coriogton O.. Pvt., 2309 N. 23rd St., St. Louia. Mo. 

Romaaon, Ausuit L., Pvl.. Ricbmood. Mo, 

RmMlL Thomaa R., Pvt.. 3M E. 13lh St.. Kansas City, Ma 

SchmuA, Joaepb. Pvt., 1T23 Vir_giuia St.. Joplin. Mo. 

Shubert. Omooe, PvL. Alka. Kan. 

Smart. Jama W., Pvt.. B. No. 4. Eacdeior Sprinsa. Mo. 

Harpw. Cesil D.. Sergt.. R. F. D. No. 2. GrinneU, Kbd. 

Sdu. Gdb. Corp., Lonf, Ksd. 

Stubblefirid, Waley C, P ■ "-"— "-^ ••- 

1, Itl. 
, frea i,,, rvi., 41" " - ' " 
. ._a.J<*D, Pvl.lal _ , 
Widman. William J.. Pvt., 6618 Michign 
Hopkina, Sbapley L.. Corp., : ' " 

on. Mo. 

DrukporidgB, Minn. 

. -1. Mo. 

Kupks, Frvd H. H., Cwp.. Proclor, Minn. 

Lo^ard. Ray E.. Pvt., Beloit. Kan. 

Wihna*. Frank F.. Corp., 6302 Page Ave.. Si. Louia, Mo. 

McDonald. Jdbn E.. Corp.. R. F. b. No. 9. Decatur, III. 

Tiiik. Melvin, E„ Pvt.. 1U30 W. Sth St.. WaBbingloo. Mo. 

Olion. Maurice J., Serai.. LOIS. Sth Ave.. Holdrege. Neb. 

„ Scrrt.. 508 Cbapd St.. N 

Meyer, Albert J.. Pvt., Allan 


Owen. David a, lat Lu, 4410 Lake Hamei di 

Potla, Waltn- T., lal U., m* Snl Bi., Fort 

Scheak. Clinton D., Cant.. 7 Blnckfr^d Ave., EvaiaviUe. Ind. 

Wikno, Eari V., Znd Lt,. Clear Lake, Iowa. 

Aadland. EliaaJ.. Pvt.. lalCL. R. F. D. No. 1. Vdilen. S. D. 

AddinaloD. Frank L.. Pvt.. lat CI.. R. F. D. Na 1, RuaaeQ. Kan. 

Allen. Selb H., Pvt., 1st Q.. Aiiington, lom. 

AoderaoQ. Conrad S., Pvt.. 917 sTC^ St.. Siou City, Iowa. 

Anderson. Malhiaa. Pvt.. HoSIaod. N, D. 

Apple«ale. Francii M., Pvt,. 1st CI.. R. F. D. No. 3, Buffalo. Ma 

Aakelsun, Henry L.. PvL, Edmore, N. D. 

Auoutt, J. , Ssrst.. 3 Court, 1 House. Artbir St. BIrmingfaam. Ea^aal 

BabsL Efoeil H.. Pvt.. CuUman. Ala. 

Ball, John H,. Serit., Montgomery City. Ma 

"- ■- ■- - ''— .."- — . - = "! LMlnn. 

n. &^., 

15th Ave. S.. Mfau 

Befarenda, Julius C, Mech,. Gulteubo-g, U 
Baniab, Alexander W.. Pvt., S045 Idaho A' 
BsBaaD, Louia E.. Pvl., lat Ct., Clemool, loan. 
Biggs. John P., PvL. Barnard, Ken. 
Blancbard, Roy L,. C:orp.. Woodward, lowt. 
Blasa, Andrew J.,„Pvt., Hoyt, Kau. 



Braaell., ..»» 

BrigDole. Joat..-.. - . ... .. 

Hufla. LuwreDOF. Corp., R. t 

Bunning, Hugo G.. PvL, lat CI., R. F. D. No. 
Buab, Clyde B.. Pvl„ lat CI., Colaeburg, low. 
Cahoon. Elbart A., Corp.. R. F. D. No. 2 

Sl Louia. Ho. 

Cailaon, Oscar E 

Carpanler, John 

Carr, Lannard H., Pvt., 

..268 Dodge!. ., „. 

307 LoDuglSl., Cherokee, Iowa, 

It CI., R, F. D. No. 3, Madrid. lowt 

d H., Pvt., Sprinrview. Nrb. 

Walter K, PrtTlat CI., Boi 22. Oteya. Neb. 
uan, lonn S., Ci«p.. I81T Lynoh St., Sl. Louis. Mo. 
Colbom. Floyd N.. Corp., R. F. D. No. 3. Hannibal, Ma 
Cool. John J.. Pvt., lal CI., 63M Derby Ave.. Qayton. Mo. 
Cooper. Howard V.. Sergt.. SItppory Roik. Pa. 
Cramer. Daniel E„ Pvt.. lat CI.. H. F. T) No. I, Chamoii, Mo. 
Crane, Jamea J., Pvt,, R. F. D. No, 2, Hardin. Ma 
Crowder. Joseph. Jr., Cwp,. Boltineao. N. D. 
Curlia. C. W., PvL, 1st CL, 806 W. Springfidd Ave.. Champaign, HI 
nabto, Henry C, Sergl., 2643 Slutlon Ave.. Maplewood. Mo, 
Dauuhanaia, NiiJiolaa, PvL, Bntcort, N. D. 
Davis, Lisle E., Sergt.. 4 SlratTord Apt., Fargo, N. D. 
Degnan. Bernard J.. Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 1, Aahland, Kan 
Dilka, Willie E., Pvl., Aulhoneia MiUa, Ma 
Dubbe, John H., PvL. 72a N. Summit Ave.. Sioui Falla. N. D. 
Duncan, Thomas. Pvl., R. F. D. No. 1, Orii*, Mo. 
Dyste. Carl B.. PvL. Maddock. N. D, 
Eidaon, William B., Pvt,, Maeka Creek, Mo. 
EUioL John B., SergL, 602 Humboldt Sl. Manballan, Kan. 
Hn^ierg, Jati H., Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 1, Bruoe, S. D. 
Enger. Alexander. Sergt., 2829 Orwon Ave., St. Lous. Ma 
Eriduoo. Bemie G,. Corp., R- F- D. No, 2. Boone. Iowa, 
Faitell, Jama J., PvL, 40S Elm St., Maryaville, Kan 
F«m»l«, Clarence J., PvL, R. F. D. No. 3. Fulton, Kan, 
Flaten. Elmer O.. Sergt.. 714 71h Sl. N., Forgo, N. D, 
HeiachBr, Beiuamio F., Pvl.. ls> CI.. B. F, D. No. 2. Hoyl, Kan. 
Forlmeyer. Louis W., Pvl., lat CI., R. F. D. No. 4, Hope, Kan. 
Fraochos, John. Pvl., 301 Heuoepin Ave,, Miumpolia, Minn. 
Freitag. Henry L.. Cook. 213 S. Rankin Ave.. SL Louis, Mo. 
Fruat. Tberon E., Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 1, Downs. Kan. 
George. Peter. P.L, lit CI.. 2W Sih Ave., 8„ Croukslon. Minn. 
Grorae. Robert A^, Pvt.. IM. CI., Milnor, N. D. 

""■*'""' "^ *' i, Madrid. Iowa. 

1.. Grand Forks. N. D. 

A.. Pvt.. lit CI.. 8yrao_~, „. 

;en. Elmer, IVt.. Munich, N. D. 

jereua. EUing, I>vL, Edin, S, D. 

Jer, Amoa, Pvl,. 30U Clark and Muipby, Bonu 

luer, Bernard A„ PvL, 20S N. 23rd Sl, Knnaaa 

ion. Olaf, Pvl.. H. F, D. No. 2. Lankin, N. D. 

is, John L.. PvL, Plaoock. Ten. 

NbhIiov™, Albert J^, Pvt, B. F. D. No. 3. LimwpriB 



,. "lat CI.! : 

3 Cleveluid A 

.1, Olo J., Pvl, R. F. D. No. S, Devils Lake. N. D. 
Heuni.ig, John E., Corp., Sl Clair, Ma 
Hey. Anion, i'vt,. Isl CI.. Hemaer, Iowa. 
Hilberg, IngemarS., PvL, lal CI , McFariand, Wb, 
Hinkle, Jaoob E., Pvl„ Lamed. Kan. 
Hobble, Hoborl E., Corp., R. F. D, No, 1, Trplon, Kan, 
Hobaon. Hobert K„ PvL, Aljerraianbip, N, D, 
Hodgn, Charlie. SergL. Nolin. KeDtucky. 
Hopkins. Hiomaa A.. Corp., Grimmelt. Mo, 
Howard, Ervin C, Pvt.. lal CI,. R. F. D. No. 2. OiMO, Wm. 
Huber. George I.. Cook. R. F. D. Na I. Reymond. Neb. 


Kadqwlta. G«r« It.. Cook, Pftcnbiug, 111. 
HiidaauDD, WUlUm J., Pvt.. 2b2& S. 1 lUi Sl„ St. t.'iuB, Mo. 
HulrsTHHi. Edwin M.. Pvl.. R. F. D. No. 3. Elkadef. Im. 
[Igsn. Peter J.. Corp., Epworlh Hnuln No, 2, Binluud. Iowa. 

■ - %CarlJ..Pvt.. lBta.,Aaam"" I™-" 

-■ ' • --vl., l>tCI., «ia , 


e. Hani A., Pvt.. iBt CI.. R. F. D. No. 3. Jowip. l<nrB. 

uon, Alfred R., Pvt., Ut Cl„ R. F. D. No. 2. Edjnburi, N. D. 

isoq. JohaO.. PvL. KtCl.. R. F. O. No. I.Sbaroa, N:D. 

nan, ThooKuiJI., Pvt.. I 

Jdhnslori. Apdrcw, tiTlS S. Brakdwny, St. Lduv, Mo. 

KieH, Walter F., Coqi.. Z3S9 S. Cumpton Ave.. SI. Louk. Mo. 

Klauen. John. Bun.. R. F. D. No. sTHarlay, S. D 

Pumarlo, Tbeophile A.. Pvt., R. F. D. No. i, Kennu 
RasmiuwiD. llolaar M.. M«h . R P. D. No. S, Wad 
Ruymond, Glenl... Corp., Colrabiiig, Iowa. 
Reimnn, iunb. Pvl., let CI., Ikudfldi, N. D. 
Rfiuhard, Delbm H., Pvl.. lit CI., 143 B. 3rd St., R 
Reouu. IIuTT C„ Corp., Anthony, Km. 
KiBiDHtJi. WOUam F., PvL, l>t Q., RedGeld, S. D. 
Robin«.ii,Lowronce, Pvl.. 1st CI.. R. F. D. No, 7. » 
Hodeo, Leo G.. Cari>., 5868 Pbrb Ave,. St. Louia, Mi 
Hoehl. Waller F., Pvl., 436 SlalTard St., Wariiiiictoa 
Homrs, Joienfa C. PvL, Aven, Mo. 
R»l«iib^. Louis, Pvt,. 5336 Von 
' indeni.Jt- ~ ~ 


I. Cari H., Scrn., Bobcirg.Toriiwi. Swed™. 

I. G<a««T.. Corp.. R. F. D. No. 1, Lake Nordea, S. D. 

1. Richard. Pvt., Bervi-ick, N. D. 

Knaiif. Carl N., Pvt., let CI.. Aloou: 
Koch, LouB C, Pvt.. Siorr Aill. Mt 

EnMs. Giutav A.. Pvt., R. F. D 

L^oie. FruicB J.. Mech.. M6 Tth St. N.. Farco, N. D. 
• — ■-— ■-» G., Corp.. Cartwrieht, N. D. 
__1 H.^Strpt., B<*erj.Torn«8. S 

Ledrotd, WaUamS., Pvt., Ut CI.. R^ F. D. 

Loebeck. J. L., Corp.. 1029 Norlh and Soutli Road, Brrntttood, Mo. 

Ludaoka. Jamn, Pvt.. 811 Fraot Si. E.. Ashlaod, Wb. 

LuDd, Anun, Pvl., Landa, N. D. 

Lutlrell. Beojamia A.. Pvl., Brumley, Md. 

MoCauley. Jofan J.. Sergt., 2252 Giaod View Ave , Dubuqui^, Iowa. 

McGowD, Samuel J.. C«ii.. Frsdericka, Iowa. 

MoGcath, Wimam P., Setgt., R. F. D. No. i. Webster Grove, Mo. 

Molnloali. Beraard B,. Pvt., lit CI., R. F. D. No. 2. Dunkerton. la. 

MoKbuoey, Heary M., Cocp., R. F. D. No. 5, Nori 

MoKuuey, Thomai D.. Corp.. 4BII5 Leaduc 5l 
MslMl, Ffcjd D., Pvt., lat CI., Lynn, Mo. 
Mardi, B«rt E., Pvt., R. F. D, No. 1. Bryan 

MavroaB. Frank X 
Mtberi. David M. 
MedilSaiue. John 


ceville, Saak., Canada. 

in b., Pvt,. B. F. D. No.3. HarUey, 1. _ 

MiUet. Albart W.. Pvl., Ut CI., R. F. D. No. 4, Frankfort. Kan. 

Milla. Clarence. Pvt,. R. F. D. No. 4. Boone, Iowa. 

MiUer, Jmk A. A., Pvl.. lat Ct.. Viborg, S. D. 

M1U«. Robert F.. PvL, R. F, D. No. 1. Hoyt, Kan. 

HitcbeU, Henry C., Pvt., R. F. D. No. 2, Polenno, N. D. 

Mo«, 0«a>r A., Pvt,, WaterviUe. Iowa. 

MonlnmeTy, Guy A.. Sergt., FuUerton, N. D. 

M«rd«nd. Elmer W., Pvt.. lal CI.. 1319 W. Slh St., Walerloo, L 

Ndioa, Onil. Pvt., R. F. D. N. 4. FrankForl, Kan. 

Noonan, William H.. Pvt., 6416 Etiel Ave , St. Louk, Mo. 

Nqyei. Samurf N.. Pvt., lat O., Cogiwall, N. D. 

O'BrioD. Lao A. "- '-- "■ -■'"•'-■ ■ -' 

O'Connell, Comeliaa. rvt.. lal < 

Odenbrslt. Leo W., Corp.. Gen 

Odle. Ridiaid C„ Corp.. MonU»«.. ,..». 

O^, Marion F., Pvt.. 1101 E. Broadway, 

hveiii, James R.. Cocp., CooperhOI, Mo. 

>eat. Clayton D.. Pvl., AlUson. Iowa. 

*«bmtnt, Andrew, Corp,, p-'--*- ' 

Peodergratl, LoweU. Pv 

'OQliCD, Ralph. Pvt., R 
Pettill. Claude II., Pvl.. , 

•etaebe. Andrew J.. Pvl., lit Q., R. F, D. No, 2 

■hillipg, Claudo A.. Scrgi., ChafTae, N. D. 
PhUlIn, Clemenl D., Pvt.. B. F. D. No. 4. Bern 
Pirk. Edward W., S^gt., R. F. D. No. 1. Little I 
Piaroe. E>niBt W,. Pvt.. Builon, Iowa, 
Ploecer, Henry E., Pvl., H. F. D. No. 2. Bellrvu 

•arUat. Hugo J., Pvl., RichfounUin, Mo, 

Ave, St, Louk, Mo. 

SchavB. ChaHie, I 
.ScbladeUky, Pelt. 

Sohmilt, Frod, _ _. 

Scboop. Tasao H.. PvL, R. R D. No, 2, 
<^--—-- Rodolph, Cook, Pi«i ■" " 

Schneider. Wflliam L.. Corp. 

Schuler, Jqr— ■■ •- '•"■ 

Senf, Charl 

T, Joaaph, Corp., ' 

Brent St., Maplewood. Mo. 

... Market St.. SC Louii. Mo. 

CI., R. F. D. No, 2. WelliviUe. Mo. 

Simona. En 



t. PvU, 

.,914 3rd A 

,., MavYillo, N. 

» R., Pvt., H. P. D. No. ., , , 

sm.ui, pram G., Pvt., lat CI., R. F, D. No. 3, Cedar Rapida, li 

Smith, Harry. Pvl., Holebird. S. D. 

Smilti, Leonard B.. Pvl., BaroEH, Kan. 

Sorcnaen, Jms C, Pvl,, DonDflbrag, Neb. 

SiHntl. Paul J.. Pvl., R. F. O. No. I. Ganoao. N. D. 

Slerlina, Jamee 0., Pvt., R. F. D. No. 2, Bland, Mo. 

Sleveiw, Arlaodar C. Pvl,. Crna. Timber. Mo. 

Stevens, Everell S.. Pvl.. lat CI., Niagra, N. D. 

Stevem, Frank, Pvt.. 1st CI., Walervflle, Iowa. 

Stewart, William T., Pvt.. lal a., R. F. D No. 3, Elkton. S. D. 

Strandberg, EmO. Pvt., Ul CI., Minol, N. D. 

Sluoker, Juaeph R., Corp., 116 S. 4th Si., Stnlinc. Colo. 

Sudmaier. Ji£n V., Pvl., New Vienna. Iowa. 

Suliki, Felii V., Pvt.. BTI4 Houaloa Ave,, S. Chicafo. til. 

Swain, Hjatansr H,. Bug,. R. F. D, No. 1, WaUvvOle, Iowa. 

Sweelser. Carl L., Corp., 6b Williuo St., Deadwood. S. D. 

Siydlo, Josepb, Cook. 32 Linden Si., Chieopee Falls, Mass. 

Tangec. JoAo W., Swgt., Paga, N. D. 

TFJral. Frank A.. Pvl., Darchealer. Neh, 

Theenm, Waller O., Pvl.. GlenviUi-, Nefa. 

Thias, Edwin H., Pvt.. 1*1 CI., Waahinalon, Ma. 

Thorpe, Cari, Pvl., lat CI.. Audubon. Minn, 

— ■ -a E., Corp., 112B BIh Ave. N.. Fargo. N, D. 

Thutber, Earnei 
Van Dover. Jan 

nt. Mo, 

I. Pvt.. 1(1 CI.. 2DSD White Si,. D 

F. p. No. 1. Hitchcock. S 

d. Pvl., R, F. D. 

wacner. natt. Pv' ' ' "' 

Ward. A. E.. Pvt. 

Ward, George W.. 


'^ pa B., P 

Wiurong', Frank L.ICoiT)!.AltJ."lt 

Whitlan, Henry C, Pvl.. DJUon. Kan. 

WhilUe. Emmett F., Pvl.. R. F. D. No. 2. Elkader. Iowa. 

WolTsleu, George J.. Pvl., 2«32 Keokuc St., Si. Louia. Mo 

Wright, Robal W.. Sergt.. Norcroaa, Minn. 

Young. Frank F,. Sergt., Bll E. OUahoma Ave.. Guthrie, OUa. 

Yauugquiat, Edward, Mech , T23I S. May Si., Chicago. Ul. 

Wallacta, Stanislav. Corp., St, Louk, Mo. 


Elliott, Linton B.. Maj.. 445 Suamil Ava., Si. Paul, Minn. 
Iduridin, Samuel O., lal Ll., Wheding, W. Va. 

auear, Edmond W.. Isl Ll., 262 N. lOOi St.. Noblnville, Ind. 
ouae, Howard J., Capl., Waterloo, Iowa. 
Foaler. Leslie W.. Itl Ll., 2938 Cedar Ave. i 
Andfnan, Oacar E.. Sergt.. T21 Marey St., I 
Bartke. William E.. Wag., Independeoce. I< 
Brock, Hb1[Ji H., Wag., Jewell, Iowa. 
Byma, Howard W , Sergt. Maj . 345 Cherry Si., New York. N. Y. 

CalJaway,DawaonD.,WBg.,309E.Marvin.' - " -■-- - ■■- 

Carroll, Edward W., Wag.. Clinton, lowi 
Coon. Sooll. Wag , Ulioll, Iowa. 
-..._._., S».„._ r^ r. Minn, 

., Minneapolk. Miu 

ricklown, Mo. 

B, Han 

t A., Wag., Galve. Kan 

ieF.,P' . . 

Fry. Thomas C. Wag.. AIbi 
Garrkon, EnrlO,. Wag, Av 
Grage, Louia E.. Wag., Gari 
Hagen, Augual F., Pvl., lal 
"— ^-w. Edward C„ Wag., 

12 Lowbec Si.. Decatur 

KimbaU, Lew H., Wag,, . 

Ucoate, Edward, Pvt.. S26 W. I4Tth St.. New Y 
Lee. Bobcrl T.. Wag.. Gower. Mo. 
Lindgren. Ed A., Wag., Jamtatown, N. D. 

Nordhaug, Pet« A., Pvl., Fergo. N. D. 

Olson, Uoyd R.. Wag., Aleiandcr, Kan. 

ShalTer. Dick, Wag., 2510 E. 23rd St.. Minneapolk, Minn 

Shellord. Rueben, Wag,, Albia, Iowa. 

Siverann, Qaronee aTPvL, Blue Earth. Minn. 

Vesaey, Ray E , Wag,. Valley Cily. N. D. 

Wahlback, 3elmrr. Wag., Black River, Minn. 

W«lphalen. Hairy H., P— " — ■■ "-~ 


pe. Geo 

s, Jcaae. 

inchdl, Fredeci 

CI.. Dedham, lo» 
Comfrey. Minn. 

^1.. 34S browmal E 

Has. Anhur D., Wag , Whealon. Minn. 
Hildebrand. Leo H.rn'ag.. SatU, Iowa. 

:k R.. Wag.. Coffeyville, Kan. 
Slollberg, Waller C. Sivgt.. 1106 Payaon Ave., Quincy, 111 
Bruce, Charlee W„ Pvt., WsstGeld. Iowa. 

- ''ankM..Pvl., ]slCl.,WorlbingUrn.Minn. 

I, Andrew O., Pvl., 1622 lll^l.. Moliiw. 10. 

Si-Jiuck, Frank M.. 1 


Sokv, Mafunl S.. M«t., D. C. BuiUo, N. D. 
WankD.JohiiB..Capt.. M. C. "^■■-"-'J " " 

KoudMo. Gsnn A., Serat.. l»t . 

NMm. Perry A.. Scrit.. SOO CliDUm SI., aintm. lima. 

SiWiuai, Gut E., P*t., IX CI.. Dant. Ant.. Ray. Miim. 

Lolikavea. Jorna. Pn.. Ut Q., Buihhi. Minn. 

Piii^. Fruik W., Prt.. lit CI. I 609 N. lltli St.. Luroni 

Ruah. Judo R.. Prt.. lit CI.. Sdvnunr. Ho. 

Woru. Lou B., PrU. Id Q.. UtiMcId, MiDD. 

Ekkmu. Ivu D.. Pvt.. Aledo. lU. 

Nicimi, Ltnn H., Pit.. SOO Clialon St.. dinUni, Iowa. 

NadoD. JoHph P.. Pvt.. T15 Stii St., N. E.. Mimnpolig. 

NoiU. Otio E.. Pvt.. HuIchinBon, Minn. 

"■ ■ "".. Pvt.. MJauuri Vellar, Iowa. 
loodand, S. D. 
_.. . vt.. AUcrton. Iowa. 
D., Pvt., WIwbIah, Hickorr Cminty. Mo. 

LovaiwM, Del» W.. Znd U., Mini 

Andtnon. 'Hidii 


D. HpU 

Dd. lU. 

I. Liiwler. I 

luthier. EdniuDd J.. Pvt.. WoHBockct 

AolwTt Bailpy. Prt., EoBiiii. Kan. 

But. Jacob W.. PvL. 1st CI,. La Cmau. Ksn. 

BaucnTdd. Ourls L., Pvt, R. F. D. No. 2. Toconlo. K>i 

Beier. AlenndH A.. Pvt.. Unknovni. 

Bn^, Gerhaidl N.. Pvt., Im CI., BnudelU!, Minn. 

Berridce. Fnalam ¥.. Pvt...Wetma[e. Kan. 

BitbOD. Gflorge F.. Pvt.. Jamntimn. Kbo. 

Blaka. Marnard L., Cmk. Add. Iowa. 

Bob. Halvir E.. Sent.. MildMU. Iowa. 

BoUiDf, Frank A.. Pvt.. Kouaton, Mo. 

BanTHiirold A.. Corp.. Horoo. S. D. 

BrKken.Rar. Stab. SarKt..R.F.D. No. I.Lane. lU. 

Bnnlnan. WiUiaiB O.. Pvt., Uaknawa. 

Brooki. Coca A.. Pvt., lit Q., ManKtUln. III. 

Bnrli*. Milo L.. Cook. Wmt Point. lows. 

CaDkon. Ii<iyd L., Pvt., Ut CI.. Powersville. Mo. 

'■--' — ■-'^- "^' lit CI.. Halatst). Minn. 

ji. Sent., Red Wing. Minn. 

in t: Pvt., UDkwmn. 
i.Mi«i. urenie H.. Pvt.. PoatviDe. Iowa. 
Chamben. John B., Pvt.. laC CI.. Elwood. Nab. 
Chaw, Frank W., PvV, lat Q.. Baudfttls, Minn. 
Cook. WnUam A.. PvL, Wenlworth. S. D. 
Couillard. Himld G., Pvt.. lat CI., Webton. Mo. 
Crawrord. David B.. Pvt., SS Acalou St., Newark. N. J. 
Croia*, Voro. PvU, 6O0 Park Ave., .St. Pau[. Mian. 
Ci«diin. Gua A.. Pvt.. Chamt' " 
Dane, H.mlrfA — •'-■^- 

CaHam. Jidin. Pit.. 1 
Carter, 'Edwi 

.. Pvt.- Unim 


lutuaguB, Kan. 
rty. ClannoB R., Pvt.. Hotnravilli, Mo. 
Harley W.. Pvt.. Unknown. 
n. Nay. Pvt.. Anselino, Ndi. 
Jobn B.. Pvt., Tbennal CKy. N. C. 
Henry, Pvt., Rivillo, 9. D. 
ndoiph. Pvt.. McCook. Neb. 
. Fmok, Pvt.. Unknown. 
Jowpli F.. Pvt., Unknown. 
Ffwl J., Pvt.. CoffpyiiUc. Ki 
_.jinia*F..Pvl.. Ml W. Sftthf.. . 
Troy J., Pvt.. lat CI.. OcMilo, Npb. 

New York. N. Y. 

.-ia. John P.. Pvl 

Gardner. Jonaa H., Pvt., Troar. Kan. 

Gdl. WalUr C Pvl.. 7 11 Nicollet A<f.. Minneipolia. Mini 

Gingrey. Mcrbl E„ IVt , Pinxrea. N, D. 

Coff. William C, Pvt.. 2S23SUver Ave.. Kama) City. Kan 

Green. Rube C. Pvl., Foreat City. III. 

— WiUiam F., Com.. Lake Cily. Iowa. 

1. Loon B.. IVt., Pnliaada, Nab. 
a. Fred J.. MiHih., 

:.. Si. Louii. Mo. 

Merle E.. Pn.. lit CI., Humboldt. Kan. 

Haaielbring. Otlo C Pvt,, Ixxu Prairie, Minn. 
Hayea, Berne. Pvt.. lat a., MuUen. Neh. 
HKkman. ClilTord E., Pvl., Merc«, Mo. 
Boucher. Irving C Seist.. Tampa. Fla. 
Hdch. Samorltt.. Pvt., Oilnisn, 111. 
HowaU, Graver A.. Pvt.. lat CI.. Gali'na. Kan. 
Howk. LeRoy H.. Pvt., Bird City, Kan. 

Huh. Lemael L.. "^^ "-' " " 

Huff, Jauea W.. I _.,. .- -, 

JackHiD. Elia C. Pvt.. 1st CI.. LitcbBdd. III. 
JiWiiBon. Albert S,. Pvl., Oalnndar, Mi 
JiAnaoD. Aimer. Pvt.. la[ CL. Fuller. I. 
JohnaoD. Andmw D.. Ptl.. Babiila, tow 

J^^Im! Hans p!, Pvt.^'cordova. Ndi. 
Johiwon. Phillip C. Pvl.. Unknown. 
KrnnBdy. I..>uia O.. Pvt.. Unknown, 
KMn. GvTJt H., Pvt.. PcU*. Iowa. 


<, Hen 

Nam, Bank and Hamt Aibhn 

e. Mini 

CL, Underwood. Minn. 

LindgrecuEric G.. Pvt.. Unknown. 

Lippalieu, Waller H., Pvl., Wilcoi. Neb. 

Long. James B.. Pvt.. Unknown. 

LundrinR. OlaF, Cjxp.. Granite Falli, Minn. 

MoLain. William. FVt.. Gary. S. D. 

McMurtry, Cyrus A.. Pvt., Hal Cre«*. Wyo. 

Major. Iriin E.. Pit.. SmilbGeld, Neb. 

MaUon. John J., Pvt., JuncUon City. Kan. 

M arena. Mai. Pvt.. Unknown. 

Martin, Clyde, Pvt., Unknown. 

Martin. Georite H.. Pvl., Wagner. S. D. 

Marquand, Josaph W.. Pvt.. Freedom. Okla. 

Maasey. Ernest A.. Pvt.. 1st CI.. Joplin. Mo. 

Moore, Jack L-, Hb,. Unknown. 

Muilenburg. Hubert. Pvt., 1st CI.. Sioux Center. Iowa. 

Mundinc. Andrew M.. Pvl.. let CI.. St. Paul. Kan. 

Nelson. OIb, Pvt., Ist CI., Crosby. N. D. 

Nolin, Samuel K.. Cook. Milford. lU. 

Norton, John W., Pvt., Ill CI.. Bird Cily. Kan. 

O'Connell. George F.. Swgt.. 148 Nina Ave.. St. Paul. Mini 

O'DonneU, Howard M., Sa«t., 101 2nd Ave. S., St. Paul. \ 

^.^i„ .._,«. n... ■ -.a., LinoolnviUe. Kan. 


ion, Edward P., Pvt.. Osan 
■win. Andrew J.. Pvl., ValTty City, N, D. 
-aon. Carl A.. Pvt.. lal CI.. 1420 S. 9tb St. 
«. Schuyler W.. Pvl.. Elk City. Ken. 
_ ..-J ..__j n _ piri,. Wessinaton Springa. I 
...Pvl., iHt CI., Aurora. Neb. 

._. .. Pvl., Pleasanlon. Kan. 

s. Earl S.. Pvt.. Tampa. Kaa. 
' n. Jobn. Pvt.. 1st CI.. Unknown. 


Hoaob, Fred J,. Pvi., Unkno 

.., Walaiua, 8. D, 
. Fjirlvdle. Iowa. 

^itlerleo. Floy. 

:.. I?^"uiyM. Kan. 

CL.KiSOPortland Ave.. Minneapidta. Minn. 

v.. Pvt, 
atlerl™. Floyd 1,., F 

_ayec, Uoyd K.. Pvt _^ 

Schlender. Francis J., IstScrgl.. Dulul. 
Scbmidt. Ebner C. Pvt.. Frseporl, Kai 

=-'- "-■■ " " -.., Maywood. Nel 

t.. lat CI., Warre 
,, Serat.. Pembina 

Smith. Clarence R.. Pvt., lat CI.. Rockwell Cily 
Smilh, Francis J., Pvt., Unknown. 
Smith. James A.. Corp.. Walker. Minn. 
SmiUi. WiUiam 0„ Pvt.. Isl CI.. Sinter. Mo. 
Stanley, John H.. Pvt.. Unknown. 
SteuSer. Heynond, Pvt.. Columbia. Pa. 
Slainer. Frank J.. Mnm Sergl.. AnnslronR. Iowa 
Tealley, Louia B.. Pvt., Providence, B. I. 
Thomas. William M.. Pvt., Caney. Kan. 
Tbompeon. Thuioe M,. Pvl.. Unknown. 
Vangsneas. Myron T., Pvt.. Davenporl. D. N. 
Vansooy, Edward S., Pvt.. Crnt^n. Iowa. 
Vogelsang. Arthur C, Pvl.. Girardeau, Mo. 
Vost. August F,. Pvl,, Unknown. 
WalkfT, Tillman E., Pvi . Phrvillf , Tfnn. 
Weldi, Aliilionsus. Pvt.. Ogalnlta. Neb. 
WengPT, Edward C. Pvt,, Buffalo, N. Y. 

rner. Paul J., Pvt.. Unknc 

VhyU. Maloolm M 

Viiliamson. Guy C. Corp., Champaign. 
- - -' w York. N.Y. 

I. Hairy. PvL, P 
-d. llarr'-i- ■>- 

.. Pvl.. Ki 

■tt..^Bgm, N, D. 

City. Kan. 

Wright, Arthur. . ,_ — 

Wyrick. Harry E.. Mrcfa., Riveruni. Neb. 
Ycalin. Amoi O.. Pvl,. lit Q.. Dvjlu, Ho. 
Youngmark, I.evi N., Pvt.. Unknown. 
Zena. Joaeph P.. Pvl„ Epi[diany, 3. D. 


i. Ward, Cant., o/o Hayea-Lucaa Lumba Co., Winona, Hmn. 

Laird. Leonard '' ■-- ■ ■ - '- = ■'■ -" ~ — ■ •• 
Ml - ■ - 

loaa. Ward. Capt.. o/o Hayea-Lucaa Lumba Co., Winona, M 
lird. Leonard B.. lit Lt.. c/o Swift Mfg. Co.. Watwloo, low 
ann, Fred P.. Jr., lat Lt.. DeviU Lake. N. D. 

a. lamea E., 2nd Lt.. Croaby. Mini 
lauu, t^iarenc* B., Znd Lt.. Iowa City. Iowa. 
Mueller. O. F., £nd Lt,. R. P. D. No. S. Yardly Si*., Spokana, Waih. 

laaao, Clarence B., Znd Lt.. 1 
-■ ■' O. F.,andLi ■■ " 

IhurL.. Pvl., 
Andenon. Clarence E.. Pv 

AugusUon. Aiel, Pvt.. 1st _ _._ „.. 

bagley. Feutou. Pvl.. lal CI . Hampton, Iowa. 

Bailey, John N., Corp.. Temila, Mo. 

Baird. John A.. Seret.. Winbeld. Kan. 

\arnhy. (Jeor.B A.. Pvt., Baffalii, N D. 

Barnes. Ivan W,. Pvl.. Ailell. Kan 

Bamow. Caiarloa A., PvU. Ill CI.. Bra SO. AUocviOe. Ku. 

Beal. Douglaa W.. Pvl.. lat CI.. aiiQiowee, Mo. 

Benilex. ATay>iuaX..Pvl.. B. F D. No. I, B<n 13. Bandall. Minn. 

Berry. Arlliur. Pvt,. Canion. S. D, 


wo HI.. 


JVonw. Fank and Hume Ad 
Bin>, Ermt H., Pvt.. Br«wur. K.». 
'B<3uDon. John 3.. P'L. 4241 Emenoo Ate. ! 
Bndronl, Eroeal B., IVl.. Ul CI., CcnlrulU. 
Brown, Harn B.. Corp , NeIwdh. Kan. 
Bninkow. RJwaH P.. INt.. Ipswich, S. D. 
Bubach, Habert H.. P<t.. Litdiville. N. D. 
BuckoII. J. <:.. I'n.. PridB. Tnt, 
Burrnwa, Edward N.. Pvt.. Bmdey. N. D. 
BurweU, Mart E., Pvt.. Briitol, Colo. 
■ Cordar, Paul L.. Pvl.. H. F. D. No. t, CniditoD. 
Cvpealer. Gus. Pvt., lat CI., Codiir INiint. Kno, 
Cvunli. Dnmenioa. Mech., 629 S, Chici " 
Clupmao, Balph B.. Pvt.. MinDcui; " ' 
aBiboorna. Jamn R.. Pit.. R. F. u. no. .:. ouaaiD. b>u. 
DaU. Stdmet F.. Pvt., lat CI., Gackle, N. D, 
Dais. Troy L.. Mech.. Soimhill. N. C. 
Davia. Jowsph. PvL, Si. Cbarl«, N. Y. 
DawHHi, George W.. Cncp.. Salt Cnek. Wya. 
Daihl. Peuir M,. Ssrgt., ISlli and SctfexKoa St., Lockport. III. 
Dietriobwn, Edwin R.. Pvt.. lat CI.. Munoimniiii. Wi>. 
DiioQ. J. C..a» W. 4Jrd St.. New York. N, Y.. c/o Npw York TinM 
DuDcao. Jnae I., PvL. 414 3SIh Si. S.. BUlinga. MobI. 
Duncan, Martin, Pvt,. aZ2 W. Ttb St., SiouiFallii, S, D. 
Dwyer. John P.. Pvl., R. F. D. No. 1, Dent, Minn. 
Emmen, John H., Pvt., T8 Gairlnm St., Newark, N. J. 
PannoT. Gnflon C, Pvl., Boi ZBl, Franklin, Va. 
Faal, iease J., Pvl.. lat CI.. Hallowell. Kan, 

r, Ciril M.. Sergt., T22 Conlml Ave.. Mhineapulig. Mum. 

Orm. Leonard F., Pvt.. R. F.D. No. I. C( 

Put. Cbsrla M,. Pvt.. tat Q.. 1804 WaahinglDn Av 

Palin. .Ma>niP..Corp., 30IICaliriraiaSl. [V, E.. Mi 

"-■ Boy L., Swm., Sidell. lU. 

CltdeE., lit Sergt., 4IZN. 4lh 3l„ Braj 
1. Eddie E.. Pvl.. Goddard, Kan. 

.. I*[ 

.. Edgehill. t 


,, ri R.. Pvt,,8toYor, Ml. 

Green, Harry F.. Sergt., MandiaJl. Mo, 
Griffilh, Frank, Pvt., Webb, Colo. 
Griffith, Homer G., PvL, R. F. D. No. S 
GribUe, Cecil R., Pvt., Ut CI.. Columbus, j 
Guthrie. Oliver P., Pvt,. Isl CI.. Littla Riv< 
HacflUtsrg, E, E., Pvt., lat CI., 33IS Su-onc 
Hamiltofi, Lake A., Pvt,. lat CI.. Venango, 
Hammer, George E., Sergt.. UlohGiJd. Miu 
Harlow, Raymond I., Sent,, Gbd, Del.. D» 
HatOfdd. Benson, Pvt., ?lfil(™H In«- 
HenderwM, E3mer W., 
Hsbert, Lyta P., Pvl., 
Herbat, George, Pvt.. SB3 Grand A' 


Pine City. Minn. 
I.. R. F. fa. No.l, 


joSL, New York. City, N.Y. 

Hintoyiiaki. Stanley A.. Pvt.. $53 Grove St,. Jersey City. N. J. 
HHdHXHik, Carl H.. Pvt., Ut Q., R. F. D. No. 2. CuiAtidM, Ntb 
HoAuis, George W^ Corp.. 4130 Garfield Ave., Minaenpalk, Hin 
HidaU«. AidV., Coip'. B. F. D. No. a. Brook Park, HiBD. 
HowA GwvnE.. Pvu, R. F. D. No. B. Midland, Mich. 
Holh, Hsvy J.. Pvt.. c/o George Huth. noyd Knoba. lad. 
•-- ' — George, Corn.. W. Van New St.. Newburg. N. Y. 

William G. PvL, Sovano. Minn. 

[amioon. Theodore B., Pvt.. IS01 Maple St,. CoSeyviOe. Kan. 

■ ■ ■ ■■» E., Cook, Bm 154, Brownwiale, Minn. 
Marvin F.. Pvl,, Dnioge. Mo 

en. Hoi 

a. Curl G., Bug 

:.. Onawo, 

lobDiu, Frank F., Pvl., Grand Forka, N. D. 

o, Liniia A., Corp., R. F. D. No. 1, Bowlu., Miu 
B, Lunur JIad.. o/o J. A. Johnaon, Croflon, Ky, 
on. Hugh T,. Pvt., »I2 Anne Ave., Ksniua City. 

n. J«mih. Cook. Coloane, Minn. 

Kade. FranciaM,, rvt., lat Cl.^P 

Keeling. Juaon •" " - " 

KienU, Chnler R.. Pvl., lat CI., »8 Conn. St.. Lawrence, Kan, 

Kjmier. Boy E., Sogl., Lb Rov. III. 

fLaarr, Widltoe A.. Pvt., Caledonia. Pa. 

&nnip, Henry F., Pvt.. R. F. D. No. S, Bay City, Midi. 

Lanen. Harold T., Pvt.. Ill CI.. R. F. D. No. 4. Valley City. N. D. 

LmA. BenjamiD E.. Pvt.. Danville, III, 

Leianer, WUiom F.. Pvt.. Fargo. N. D. 

Lny, Mlidiad, Pvt.. 1020 Simpaon St., Bronx, New Ynk City. N. Y. 

Lingl, Jobn. H. S., 416 E. 3rd Su, Winone, Minn. 

LitUJl. Hay, Pvt.. 4404 N. Madison Si.. Spokane, Waih. 

Longbone, Hay. Pvt., 1st CI,, Dewey. Okin. 

Longo. Jama F.. Pvt.. 742 Bleedier St.. Ulica, N. Y. 

Lneck, W. V., Pvt., 3613 Newton Ave. N., MinneapcUa, Minn. 

McFarlan, Harry M,. Pvt., lal CI., What Cheer. ' 

ar C, Pvt. 

..Pvt., Ut CI., Gardner, Kar 

ion, N. D. 

!tCl., ' 

a, Kan, 

Melntyre. Larr: 

"-rkowita, Wil 

nay, Oaoar F., Pvl., iel i,i., —luiiuii, diui, 

Meyrrowioh. Nathan II.. Pvl., lUI aiTloa Ave., Roaebank. N. Y. 

Miller, C. O., StvgL, 3301 LongTrJlow Ave. S., MinneopoUs, Minn. 

MiUa, Roy J., Pvt., Whitney, S. D. 

Monia. Waller L., Corp.. Central Cily, Neb. 

Ndaon. Eori W.. Pvt., Ut CI.. Ejwood, Neb. 

Nelson. Frank W., Corp., 924 Bomi Si., St. Paul. Mino. 

y B.. Pvl., 

Nidan, John E., Corp. 
Nygaard, Alfred M., f 
OBiien,A..Pvl., litf 

t CI., J»i 
eriy. t" 

Pvt.. 429 W. Suwiudianu Si , PbHwMphiiu P)u 

PoUook, Chide. 
Pomerleau, Fred _. . _ _ . . 

PowiJl. Emeal E., Pvt.. Inc_.^ 

Putdi. William L., Pvt.. Tyndall.S. D. 
Ramalad, Arthur S., Pvt.. ttickaon, N, D. 

RubbiiiuJala. Minn. 

lorge W., Pvl., Poliaade, Neb. 
in.AVade H., Pvt.. Baileyvaif , K 
ia A.. Corp., o/o JWn Ui 

If, Kan. 

Rodgera, Francia A.. Corp. 
Roas, Peter W.. Pvt.. Warwmi, li. I>. 
Rose. Willard N.. Sergt.. Bronaon. Kan. 
Rwsiter. Roy M.. Cook, R. F. D. No. 36. Peori 
Roy, Philip H, Pvl.. let CI., 116 Eaat St., Pawi 
Budge, Harry J , Pvt., Broken Bow, Neb. 
SddeiCnr, GaU. Pvt.. lal CI.. 1214 W. 9th St., K 
Sdunidt, AuguHl, Pvt.. ilobenwnld. Tpoo. 
Schmidt. Irving H., Sergt., Chorlea Cily. Iowa. 
Schubnt, Ji^n C. Pvl., Kanaas Cily, Kou. 

a. Minn. 


Seidt, Henry B., Pvt., lat CI., B. F. D. No. 2, llanovei 

Sharp. David, Pvl.. Gardner. Ksn. 

Short. William A.. Pvt.. lal CI.. Edwards. Mo. 

Sims. George E.. Pvt., Bepoblic. Mo, 

Smith, John S., Sergt., ReTorm. Alu. 

Spangberg. Albert C. Pvt., Biimarck. N. D. 

Snetaon. Frank L.. Pit.. Luvilia. luwn. 

StocheUkie, WiUiam 4 " "■ ■ 

Steveua, VaneA.,Pvt. 

.. Pvt , Murdock, Neb. 

k'L. pVl., MsrfibHUl 
on, Eddie W., Pvt., Hollia. K 
r, RuaaeU. Pvt., R. F. D. No. 

h, Paul, Pvt,. R, F. D. No. 

JITurd, Richard Il„ Pvt . R. F, D. No, 6. Oberiin. Knn, 

Vanderboir, Lewia A., Pvl., Spencer, Iowa. 

Walker, Joseph K., Corp., S70T M^e Ave.. St. Lous. He 

Walton, John A., Pvl., P. O. T28, Tulsa, Okla. 

While, Claire H., Pvt.. 1st CI., 123& 41iil St.. D« Moinea. 

Wickliffe, Irvine H.. Pvt., lal CI., Waraaw, Mr 

WDde. Bwnard A Pvt., 604 E. 

1 E. Louis S 

Tycbsen,A. C, Ct 

DS. Frank R 


It.. S4lli St. and Drew Ave. 8., Hinneai 

Ul Lt.. 809 E. 71i St.. York. Noh. 

... „ ■"uGrinniJl. Iowa. 

dLt., 2ASS ISib Ave. S.. Minneapolk, HioB. 

Clemens. Thomas W.. 3nd Lt.. KutUwa. Ky. 

Swan, Hugo. Znd Li.. Maryland Hold, Minneapolis. MisB. 

AndreUo. PetH A.. Pvt.. lat CI.. 661 Calheryn St.. Uliea. N. Y. 

Allenawonh. James P.. Pvt., H. F. D. No. 6, Hatdiinsan. Kan. 

Aleisnder. William, Pvt.. T.10 W. ITlh SI., Chicago, ID. 

Bak. Enoch. Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 2. Irene. S. D. 

Bare, Boy W., Pvt.. R. F, D, No. S, MounUiu Grove, Mo. 

Barker, Herbert, Pvt.. lal CI., 1I6H HOI St., Lausing. MIA. 

Baum, George. PvL, B. F, D, No. 4, BiUin«s. Mo. 

R-uit, Elmer. PvL. Donaldaoa, Iowa. 

Dk. Fred T,. Corp., 434 S. Orange St., Hav 

— L "— Tid W.. Pvl, ■ " ■ 

. k H.."PvL, i 

Belhke. Arthur J„ Pvt.. ! _ 

"■ '.. Huey J., PvL. Prmoeton. Mo. 

waiii ■* " - 

Block. Mar. ,, 

Brackeen. Loy A.. Pvt.. B. F. D. No. 1, Wadena, Minn. 

Brink, Garret H., PvL, Ut CI.. Oskalooen, Iowa, 

Btou^lon. Hunter S., Bug,, New Madrid, Mo. 

Blauaer, Benjamin F., Pvt.. FFrtiga. Pa, 

Buchht^, H, B„ Pvt,. Ut CI., B F, D. No. 3. Aletandria, S. D. 

Buqkley, Frank O., Corp.. 4110 W. Lee Ave., Sl Louis, Mo. 

Burghan, George W., Pvt., Ut Q., B. F. D. No. 3. Chanulo, Eaa 

Caslel Charles M., PvL. Aab Grave, Mo. 

Campbell. Jobn H., Pvt,, B, F. D. ^o. 2. GiUiam, Mo. 

Chaney. James K., Pvt. " '- "-- 

Chnae, Homer A,. Sergt 

Cook. Henry P.. PvL. 1 „ 

CiHiriet, Balph W.. Bug., let CI.. Hartford, Ki 
Crosley. Leroy J., Pvt.. Kingman. Kan. 

Coi Samuel. Pvt,. 1319 Chess Ave.. Panona. I 

Coyle. Jtdin. Pvt.^lat a.. 330 E. 29ih SL. New York, N. Y. 

Kerpont. S. D. 
: SpringBdd Ave., ( 

1 Cms Ave., St. L. 

O'Donndl, J. L., PvL. lat CI,. 3.137 16th Ave, 
O'Halloran. Thomas D., Pvt., Ut CI., 426 E. 
Ot^ry, F.d»ard M.. PvL. Greenleaf, Kan 
OldDdd, Benjamin H.. Pvt.. Greenteaf. Kan. 
daon, Allen, PvL. Cuahing. Iowa. 

B. P. D, No. 1, Mt. Gmva^ M 

Deidel, Hale H., PvL, Willow island. Neb. 
paign. III. Doell. Louis G., Pvt.. Wetouka, S. D. 

Mo. Downs. Beoiambi L., Pvt., R. F. D. No. 2, Wnth^n, Ho. 

f inneapoUa, Minn. Dunn, Arnold. Pvt.. 706 Holland Ave.. Warrenobarf, Mo. 
., Hudson. Kan. Dunn. Louia E.. Pvl, lat CI.. Gardner, Kan. 

A. H.. Pvt., lat a.. 407 E, Biiabath St., Mf 


EmoDd. CharlH A.. Pvt., Isl Ct. , Opaiin, Mont. 
Fdirar. Chirln A.. Pvt.. lal CI. , Ourk. Mo. 
F«ui. Charla F., Pvl.. Ut CI., Tth and Mill 9U., Noo. 
F«kin«iiUil. Enue, Sad.. Akley, Minn. 
Fiahsr. Hichnrd A., Pvt., Ut CI., H. F. D. No. 3. Woo 
Frank!. Conadiiuie, Cook, Juma River, Wii. 
Gresory. Coy, Corp,, l^tchv.3. D. 
GM>, SamuslF., Pvt.. MiniwolH, Kan. 
Goddard. Harry J-, Pvt.. lat CL, CbuDpioa. Neb, 
Gonnl«j, Don, Pvt.. lat CI., N«a Cily, Kan. 
G^wy. Gsonte t... PvL, Ut a., R, K. D. No. 1, Shnli 
GreenlHini. BMjanin. Pvt., 193 Sod Ave., Nrvr York, 


b. SergcSaodiU 

<. MlDJ 

I, ^iohard, Pvt.. Hacfc-, Mo. 
namon. C. CPvt.. IMCl., WdN. ibi 
HaaK». Junn O., pYt.,R. K. n. No. 1, H.BUiryn, rt li. 
Hwkman. Walter J., Meoh.. Cakolo, Mioo. 
HavUk, Frank O., t>vt.. 4430 S ComnUin Ave., »t. IxHiia, Mo. 
HcJman. WUlian, Pvt., R. F. D. No. 1, EnHry. S. D. 
Hdbkli. Floyd E.. Prt.. Soott Cily, Kan. 
HsBley, Hoy. Pvt., R. F. D. No. 3, ManaGdd, Mo. 
Hindi, William L.. Pvl,, ISOO liit Avb,. Ne* York, N. Y. 
Kiekey. Philip C. Pvl., lit CI., 390 Cedar St., Newbodford, Mob, 
Himiir. Arthur H,. Pvl., R. F. D. No. 1, Cenlcrvnie. Kan. 
HolchkiM. Beniaiain H., Pvt., R. F. D. No. I. Unwood. Mich. 
Holiday, WDIiam G., Pvt.. R. F. D. No, 2, Mou—- '- " "- 

HunHcfurd. I 

Louh N.. Pvt.. lit CI.. Fa 

:.. Star Rou 

^avrtle. Ii 
iOitm. Mo. 

Iiallumn, lux 

in Grove, Mo. 

ieL.,Sern., Pine City. Mini 

... I' I.... ... Q2 _ i_j,veli, ] 

l. Gray RidK. Mo. 

Kieber, llariey D., Pvl,. lit CI., R. F. D. No. S. Gullenburg. loon. 
Kirkeliy. Oito M., Pvt,. DeooraJi, Iowa, 
Kraser, ClilT J„ Con>,. FlaHtafT, AHi. 
KmMl, Paul, Pvt., HI a. r- --'-"- ■"■ - 
KuuUi. Jdii " " 

Jobo K?i'^t 

_. ., H. F, D. 

K C, Pvt.. Greenaboro, Pa. 

Charles City. Iowa. 

Long, f^eotge W., Pvt.. lat CI.. Benklem...^, 

Loop, durley E.. Corp., F^g1eval#, Kan. 

Loyd. asude F., Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 2, CuUmnn. Ale. 

McDonald. D., PvL, High St. Allien, noas^Shire. Scotlaa 

Maloney. Waller L., Pvl.. lal CI.. Paota, Kan. 

MandJng. Perdiund H.. Pvt., R, F. D. No. I, Cotunwa, I 

MSler, Lawrenoe A., Corp.. 311 Wabash Ave., St. Peler. Mi 

Minor, Okot L., Pvt.. 1S38 I4tb St.. D« Moins. looa. 

Horcwi. IkaS.. Prt.. lot a.. 237 8, Loraiiw 31., Wichili. S 

Moatctnary, Simon E,, Pvt,. Rom Hill, Iowa. 

Mnllan. WiO^. Pvt.. lat CI., S4 Renw>"V Rr N«> V«4 

MorloD. Albert H.. Pvl., Tampa, Kan. 

" 'y. Benjamin i.,Seri- •" ■ 

..•una, Donenlco. Pvl., 1., 

N«a. Cari., Prt-. Catroll, I 

Nriwin. Carl C„ Sup. Serai., P. O. No. 33. Luck, Wia. 
Nicholi. Anil A., Corp.. Mmloosa. Kan. 
Nioktfl, Henry W.. Pvt.. lal CI,. Kouanti, Colo. 
Nidan. WiUkun F.. Pvt., 133ni St and Inth Ave.. Nn 
Ohrl. ADwrl J., Pvt.. Lapone Cily. lowu. 
OkUuiD. Hamao J., Meoh.. CoUyer, Kan. 
Omel, John P.. Pvl.. GDtner. Neb. 
Oatn'n, Benjamin H.. Pvt., lit CI.. Macki Creek. Me 
Ovardahl. Frederick W ~ - ~ - - - 

, n Rapida. Minn. 

Kkey. Rii^ard B., Pvt., Ill CI., Maraton. Mo. 

PreneiDat, George, Prl., lat CI., Red Lake Falla. Minn. 

Prioa. MonlTord J., Ser^., ColTeyville. Kan. 

Porcdl. Lawrenoe L.. Prt., 109 E. Grand St., Streator. III. 

Raiwch, GnaUv, Pvt., Taunton, Masa, 

Reed. Waller A., PvL, Havana. III. 

Reed. Ji4id O., PvL. Licking, Mo. 

Redd. Dale, T. D.. SergL. Oaawaloinie, Kan. 

Robert*, Alhert J. SergL.r' ' 

Bedford. George V., Pvt.. 
ReiKr. Edoani G.. Pvt.. PhiUi|». Ne 
Riggle, Harvey L, PvL. lat CL, Lnn 
SaUew. Roberl. PvL, SOS N. Cliicag< 
Sample. Herben S.. Prt. lat CI , Di 

CI.. Hotden. Mo. 
, Knn. 


ly, 1 

SL. . 


Louia, Pv(„ tihmwicl 

SiArJefir, Alfred A,. Pvl.. BM E. fith Sl, St. Paul, Mini 

Sdnack. Frank B„ Cnp,, Royallon, Minn. 

Sieferl, Ji'ui K.. Meoh., 603 S. Dloomingtoo St.. SltHtoi 

Soott. Holland. SveL. Imperial, Neb, 

Saenen, Friti G.. Pn., 2801 3i<t Ave., S. Minneapolia. 

Saoflaer. Mfke, PvL, Herrad. S, D. 

Smith. Moaa p., Pn., R. P. D. No. 2, WiUard, Mo. 

SsraRne, Melim R,. PvL, Ruffalo, Mo. 
SuJTe. Idwrsnce J., PvL, Corloi, Minn 
Steffen. Simon W., PvL. lat CI., Battle 
Sleveu, Waiie P., PvL. Prwoolt, Kan 
SUiwd. Samuel. Sergl., 207 S. 5th St.. 
SK>3i, Alvin. PvL. Chealerfldd. Mo. 

Creek, Neb. 

Antwerp, George E., Prt.. lal Q.. Wmingtoo Sprioga. f 
Valkenhnrg, Benoue F,. PvL, 408 S. 4th St., Alchisoo, I 

Raymond, Pvl 

, John, Pvt.. R 

le II., Serat.. Pledmon 

d. Claude, Pn.. AiJihat. Ark. 
^THiibJid, pit,, lal Cu'h.'F. D. "n. 

1. 1. Long Prairie 


■r R.. 2Dd Ll. 1423 Hollywood Ave., Chieatto, lU. 
Sheldon. John M,. 3ud LL, 1419 SOth Ave. N.. Seattle, Wsiih. 
McDoQou^. Patrick E " " " '- — — - ■ ••'— 

.., ja Se^t.. Lenoi, Iowa. 

Gildiell. ChaHea H., Snp. Sergt., Artbiclon. Iowa, 

UuHea H., Snp. Sc _ , 

Caffrey, William P.. Stab. Serirt., B2T Iliakiiry S 

" . Ervoo. SergU. Waynnburg, Ky. 

r, Fnnk C^ergL. 307 Weal Mill St.. Bloominglon. ID. 

ScrantoB, Pa, 

n, Caao, Svgt.. Wibningl 
nauuu, ,me G.. Sent., 304a 16U 
Woodraff, GowBo L., 8™( " 

- - - ipolia, Mino. 

:(L, 42S Eaat lllh St.. Waterloo, Iowa. 

D., Sergt.. 133 Weal 15th SL, MiDneapolia, Minn. 

«e D„ Sn-gt., M42 Kingman Blvd.. Dns Moinn. Inwa. 

lianiE.,8ergL, ll45*«lhSt.,N.,*-' " "— 

jph R., Sergt.. Carro Gordo, ID. 

Tbomaa P.. Sergt., 86T Aurora Ave,. St. Paul, MioD. 

Chaiunan, jiwv-- ..-, 

Lawler, Tbomaa p.. Sergt., — - - 

Rhine. Elton, SergL, Wahhinglon, Kan. 

Davii, Crdl T.. Sergt.. 1303 Eut Norlh .St., Decatur, III. 

T amond, Roberl. Sergt.. 3913 1 llh Ave. S.. Minneapolia, tnma. 

I'ippena, Edward A., Corp., Whiting, Iowa, 

R«Sl, Eddie H„ Corp.. 98 E. eili St., Proctor. Minn. 

Dieti, Howard S., Corp., Broken Bow. Neb. 

Helgenon, Roy C, Corp-. Kimball, Minn. _ 

Carlock. Matey E, Corp., R. F. D. No, 2. Boi71,llloDmingloa, HL 

Moasman, Jeawi B,. Corp., Mason Cily, Neb. 

Smilh, Paul S., Corp.. Ml. Zion, 111, 

S«an»oo, ErncM ¥.. Corp., Lillle Falla, Minn. 

Bouoous, iotJ a.. Corp.. Springfield. Mo, 

Bounce. Wniiam R.. Corp., Pioiree. N. D. 

Bnma, John J., Corp., 122 NTMcLean 3l, Ottiunwa. Iowa. 

Portenier. Wallet C. Corp., Route No. 1, Guide Ruck, Neb. 

Pelenon. Viator R.. Corp.. R. No. I. Box 51, Tamorack. Minn. 

Reinbolt. Floyd N., Corp,, New Reigd. Ohio. 

Jobnaon. Eamnt R., Corp.. Cole Cnmp. Mo, 

Slenberg, Alfred B., Corp., R. F. D. No, 3, Thief River Falla, Mioo. 

p-in n'^nin™ p M~4. -■ ■ ■ — 

Nelaon, Lara, Mech.. R. No 

Sund, Loinard M., Mech., 3833 I 

Birdaunii, Edwi 
Bailey rCeorge, 

n F.. Medi., Hopodalc, 

.__1 Ave, 8,, Minneapciia, M 

e. Horah., Mil Cook -St.. Duluth. Minn. 

ilemscher. tlimry l„ Sad.. Lake City. Minn, 

unm, Eddie L., Cask, Davenport, Iowa. 

nobold. Sdg^ E., Conk, Random Idke. Wia. 

jnlgomery, Paul H., Cook, Oakaloou, Iowa. 

ihlttn. Heml M., Cook, R. F. D. No. 2, Mclnloah, Minn. 

aiae. Hwachel C Cook. Republic, Mo, 

iroon, Lee V., Bog.. Ist CI., -Slralfofd, lows. 

.rt™,i., Will^.,n, Bug.. 311 LfMinglon Ave., 1 
i.. Bug. 
..IslCl.. Ennign, Kan. 

, _'vL, lalCI., Matahall, Mo. 

I, Robert L,, Pvt., lat CI., Prinoflon, 111. 

Chitwood. Adiai S., Pvl. CJ.. Salina, Mo. 

ConaUnti, Albert R., PvL, Ut CI , Fl. Madiaon, Iowa, 

Cioekelt, Lloyd, Pvt.. IbI CI., 878 S. Odell SL, Marshall 

Cunningham, Joseph E., PvL. lal CI.. Humboldt. Kan. 

Eoton, Ralph M.,IVt., lal CI.. Grinndl. Kan. 

taiiott, Fred.. PvL, lat CI., R. F, D. No. 3. Newa 

Goodykoonti. AUen W., Pvl., lat CJ., Elgin. Kan. 

Grobe, Fred M.. Pvt., im CI,. 1038 3rd St., N., Fajgo. N. D. 

Hallernon, H. A., Pvt., lat Q.. 407 E. 147th SL, New York Cily. N. Y 

llany. William M., PvL, lat CI,. TulUe, N. D. 

Haakins, Ouie, PvL, lal CI.. Lulie. Mo. 

Hildarbrand,NoiihF..P>L,lalCL.B.F.D. No. !>, Emporia. Kan, 

Humiihrey. Andrew W., Pvt.. lal CI.. Minnewaukan, N. D. 

Ide. Ilnuy O.. Pvl, lat CI.. Mauilo, III, 

Ji.-neen. Kmnsn G.. PvL. lat CI.. Hampton, Neb. 

Jnhnaon. A. A., Pvt.. lat CI., 3017 41st Ave. S., Minneapolis, Mins. 

Jones, ira R., Pvt,. 1« CI., R. No. I, Boi 74. Eoumdaw. Waik. 

KenL Hugh R., PvL, tit CI., Treninn, Mo. 

Ijirson. EJmet S.. PvL. lat CI., Wheaton, Minn. 

Loos, Boy L„ Pvl.. lat CL. ELwood, Nrb, 

Lucas, Clarence O., Pvt,, lat CI,. R. F. D., New Madrid. Mo. 

BrooUyo, N, Y. 

inlowo, Ohio. 



L, UtCI.. R. 

B. F, D. No. 2. Lebuwn. Mo. 
TOS CDtinnwtnd Sl, Trinidad, Colo. 
1627 SuJ .\vn. 8.. F«go. N. D. 
' " -' Broudway. Lorned. Rao, 

). No 2, Ciwrks aiy, Io*«. 

Q.. Holdco, Mo. 
F. D. No. 1. Loop Cil*. NA. 

1.. rr p , Mion. 

St., St. PauL Mina. 

If E.. Pvt.. B. F. D. No. 

PvL, lata.. R. F. D. Nu. 
~ - . CI.. Bdvue, Itaa. 
t a.. Delpho*. Kail 
Irt C!.. Waiw Spri 

Noab. SUnley 
Oder. Mertoo 

Otaon. Eric. Pi ... 

Ptttmra. Samud S. P., Pvt. 

Prawsr, Morrii, Pit., lat CI., 265 Si. Liwi 

R*T. Jaroer. Pvt.. Isl CI., Elitrid». Ma, 

Heady, Noah \., r- ' ■ "■ " - - ■ 

RiKibiir, Albsrt. Pti., i 

SmiUi, Er»t G.. Pvt., 

Stflpbona, Choiiey, Pti 

Wafd. Lonta.. Pit., 1 , . „,, 

Ward. WiUiam, PH., l>t CI., Saybroi*, III. 
Wdonrl, Waiinm, Pvt.. 1*1 CI.. Miumtinn. lOM. 
Wel£. Virgil C, Pvt., lat a.. IfanavKT. Ksn. 
Weill, Dow E., Pvl., lit CI., SZL W. Elm St-, Satin 
Watliog, Rubert C. PvL, lat CI.. Oldabori. Ran. 
WaUund, A., Pvl , im CI., 612 2l.t A.b. §., Mini 
Wheslen. Bert F., Pvt., lat CI,. 1S23 Gi ' " ' ' 

WoodGn. Edward. Pvt.. ' ■ " 

Wocple. CaapBT W., Pvt,, . 

TallsHui, L. S,. Pvt., lat CI.. T09 W. Zilh St., Mir 
Tlwniiiiian. Ednin F., Prt.. lil CI., iTIS Lira Oak : 
TaqiHer. Edwin E., Pvt., I.I "' ' 
Barboor, Ray A., Pvt.. 2011 

Ball, Hariy A.. Pvl., HnL<Ju[_ .... 

BelciuJ. Harry E., Pvt,. B. F, D. No. I, Fulton, S. D. 

Bmodace, Harvey K, Pvl., WOsey, Knn. 

Carlton, Elnw L., Pvt.. Aitell. Neb. 

Carrell, Ilarvry C Pvt., Tonkawn, Ok la. 

Carmn, Georna, Pvt.. SmiUi Center, Kau. 

aark, Leo F... Pvl., Lodge Pole, S. □. 

Cooley, Roy, Pvl. 

Coi, Jama H., Pvt.. Beverly. Neb, 

DuTT, Eugene C, Pvt.. Bed Cloud, Neb. 

Driah. Kitnua D., Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 5, MItidieU. S. D. 

Dunn, Troy M., Pvt.. CnrU*. Neb. 

"■ - " ■ " " 7. D. No. 3, Coffeyville, B 

1^ M';',"prt'.rWhite,"Neb.'"' 

fVajiler, Chariea. Pvt., Aflon. Okla. 
Fraaonke. Henry O.. Pvl,. New England, N, D. 
Gallup, Wfllia J., Pvt., JamntowD, N. a. 
"^■"and. Richard S.. Pyt., Soldier. Kan, 

HeaUi, George, Pvl., Keo 

a, Charlie R., Pvl., Euilia, Neb 
- mrge, Pvl,, Koo 

o, Ordin S., Pvt 

i, Edward J., Pvt.. B. F. D. No. 

Franeia E., Pvt.. SlalH, Mo. 

Cole Camp. Ma. 

I laUnd. Neb. 

at CI.. 401 Ann St.. Dallai, T 

a, Jojilin. Mo. 

Joy. Hira™ , 
Kemp, Bartoi 
Kuhna, Cbarli 

Loindice, NioiU.' Pvt..' kIT Bridge St., Brooklyn. 

LvainKer, Uuronce A.. Pvt., Weal La«n, - - ■ ' 

McBnen, Lawrena L, Pvt.. McCook, Nl_ 

MUler. Ferdinand J.. Pvl., St. Paul. Kan. 

MilcheU. Robert P.. Pvl., RebeboUi, Ala. 

Moora, John T.. Pvt.. R. R. No. 2. Peneloaa. Kan. 

Morris, Peariey V., Pvt.i Robinaon, 111. 

Newton, AUison, Pvt.. B, F. D. No. 4, Manafidd. Mo. 

Nielaon. Chariea K.. Pvt., VaUey City, N. D. 

Novaski. Tomai, Pvt.. Malvern. Wis, 

O'Bryau, WiUiam C . Pvt.. SOB S. Oh» St., Gnrd, Kan, 

CHson. Ludwic M., Pvt.. 222 14Ui St.TBigmardi. N. D. 

Pearoe, Millon, Pvt., R. F. D. No. 4, Paraou. Kan. 

PelerwHi, Victor E., Pvt.. 4226 Wyoming St., Kanaaa Cily. Mo. 

Phitlipa. Roy E.. Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 3, Aurora. Ndi. 

Pollook, Eari C. Pvl., Kingdey, Kan. 

Pryor. Robert L.. Pvt., Wichita, Kan. 

- „ Pvt.. Liberal, If 


I, Mon 

1 L.. Pvt., Lawr 

>, Kan. 

Weill. AITred B 
Wharton. Karl, - 
Wood, Wealey H 

Sdinirch. Willi 

Scilley. laoab R.. Pvt., Leonard, N. D. 

Sbiddi, Nobel W., Pvt.. R. F. D. No, 3, WeUaviUe, Kan. 

.ShivHj, Qf«,tr W,. Pvt., B, F, D. No, 2, Inman. Kan. 

Kmiih. J^tDM W.. Pvl.. 675 Hopkiiu 81., Buiralo, N, Y. 

Si) ret. Luciua, Pvt., Tailed ga, Ala. 

Slim- (1««-^B. Pvt., Boi 3,14, Ft, Dodge. Iowa, 

Erneat L., Pvt., R. F. D. No.T Grand Iiland. Neb. 
1, Hoy, Pvl., BonnplsTTB. Mo. 
"—' "..Pvl., GannVallcj, S. D. 

... n__ .. — -jenaiK™. Mo. 

.... .„ ...kCily.S.y. 

. ..„ T M., Pvt., Gayvillo. S. D. 

Zibirlaky, Stanley, Pvl.. Z8 S. Slfa St., Kanaoa City. Kan, 
Kan. Lun'jL. Willinm V., Pvt., 3613 Newton Ave. N„ Mbuwapalit, Mina. 

lamplun, lawa. Buua, Ben, Pvt.. LeoDi, S. D. 


Woldt, I. L., Reg. Sup. Sergt.. 129 E. Heniiecdii Ave.. MiDoeapolii. 

Reynolds. P.. Rfs. Sup. Sergt., 508 E. 3rd St.. Spriii* Valley, 
=. _. . ^ „.. = __. .... -884 Marshall Ave.,St.Paiif, 
.. .. Maj.. BoDi - 


a Road, Oahu. T. H. 
City Brick Pla " "" 
)3 Lincoln Ave. 

St. Paul, Minn. 

McCnllandi, George _ _ 

Dongla*. Oiarin E, MaJ. Mead, Pa. 

Carey, WiUiam C. Mai 

CaU. Allen E,. Cap) . 20 Beacon Hill Ave., Lynn, Man. 

MerrUI. Lewia H., Capl.. lluK-hinaon. Minn. 

Kingdey. Neil S., Capt.. 3008 Oakland Ave., Minneapolii, Minn. 

SwenHn. Albert M.. Cant. 

Johnalon. Josiah R , Capt , Slaylon. Mion. 

Urquhart. Kenneth, Caut,, 1011 Fainnont Ave.. Si, Paul, Minn. 

Butler. Gordon. Capt.. Dululh, Minn. 

Carey, Eugene, lat Ll.. Port Huron, Mich. 

Roberta, William B., 1st Lu. 226 Waahinglon St., Middlelown, Coi 

Pinauk, Louia C, Znd Ll., Si. Cloud, Minn. 

Ryder, Fredadck W„ 2nd Lt , HO Hanover St., WUkcnbarre. Penn 

Rurlh, Helmuth R., Reg. Sergl. Maj.. Iluld * 

Stack, A. G.. Bat. Sail. M«i.. 1S84 Mai 

Ogden, Kenneth M., Bat. S«rI. Maj.. Boone, Iowa. 

Simonelte. Robert J., Ill Sergt.. Enderlin, N. D. 

Orvia, Alvab C. Sergt., lat CI.. US N. Clay St.. Ottumwa, loin. 

L<Aenigaard. O. H., Sergt.. lit CI.. 325 E. Wash St„ Mankato, Minn. 

Moore, ianca C, Sergt., lat O.. Havava, lU. 

Fousl, C. E., Sergt.. lit CI.. 4343 Lwan Ave. No.. MinnnpoUa, Minn. 

Mandi, LeeO.. Col. Sergl., 403 N. Main St., LouBiana, Mo. 

Kimberly. Frank B., Cd. Sergt., 3T4 Tuxedo, Hyland Park, Midi. 

Rhud, John B., Col. Sergt., 822 E. Main St.. Bnmarck. N. D. 

Chiles, John S., Mees Sergt., Troupe, Tei. 

Taylor. Harold W.. Sup. ^gt., Steele. N. D. 

Pcderien, Nda A., StaUe SiTgt., Montivideo, Minn. 

Cookey, Artie R., Suble Sergt.. Oelwein, Iowa. 

Mather, Benjamin I., Sergt.. TimeweO. lU. 

Trowbridge. C. E., Swgt., 2642 Clinton Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Demrn, Chris A.. Sergt.. Nashua '- - 

Bennett. Burton M.. Be)i. Sergl. Maj.. Caldwell. Kan. 
Quinn, C. W.. Maa. Eug, Sr. Hr, c'oW. V. T. C, San Frai 
Kirkhani.H. M.. MasTEng.Sr. " " ■ ■ " .- ■ . 
~ wery. Ldlii L.. Maa. Eru Si 

LueOige. G. M.. Mas. Eug _ 

Niggler. Rudolph J.. Mas. h 

MinneapoUi, Mini 

Carlyle Boad. Springtield, Ohio, 
rhead', Minn. 

Si. Paul, Minn. 

--, jn I., Corp..Slede, N. D, 

Weill, Aaron H., Corp.. Riceville, Iowa. 
WdU, Clyde C. Corp., Clearwaler, Neh. 
"— -B. Harry B.. Corp., 622 Empire St., Joplin, 
- ■ -■-- "' •~flrQ.. 36S Spruce Place. Minn 

..'., Corp., Aurora, Neb. 

n. Waller H.. Corp., 2IT Short St.. Des 

Kosirr, Luke W„ Corp.. 

Cowlini ■- 

■„ 2109 Crysu 


Cook, Rudolph K.. Mm. Em. jr. < 

:arIJ., Maa _...,_ _ ._ 

■ ~ '99SelbyAve..St. Paul. Minn. 

^.ruiuiD. r.. u., maa. cua. Jr. >ir., vju LaCmsK St., La Croeae, Wia. 

Barnard, Paul F., Mas. Kng. Jr. Gr., OkcuU. Iowa. 

Berry. Guy N.. Mai. Eng. Jr. Gr.. Spiflard. Mo. 

Denny, Donald, Mas. Rnii. Jr. Ur,, Long Prairie, Minn. 

Zimmerman, J. S., Mas. Kug. Jr. Gr.. 1039 Md. St.. Si. Paul, Minn. 

Dehl. Harry, Mas. Kng. Jr. Gr,, Beaver Cily. Neb. 

Beaton. NcilC Mai. Eng. Jr. dr., SSI Mall Ave.. St. Paul, Minn. 

Krahl, Francia C, Maa. Eng. Jr. Gr.. 500 Kress Bids., Houston. Tei, 

Gylquisl, George S., Mas. Eng. Jr. Ur., l.eBdB. N. D. 

Nowak. O. G.,Mas. Eng. Jr. Gr.. 2301 Emmenon Ave., Minneapolis. 

., Minneapolii, Mini 

, Minn. 

It., Decatur. EU. 

Lamb, Mdburn E., Horah, Corndl, lU. 

Edelslain, Louis. Sad., UOft Tlh Ave., Rock Ii 
Bc«cta, Danney W., Wag.. Park Rapids, Minn. 
Coud, Charly F.. Wag., 37 5. Weal St., G^aburg. HL 


13 4th SI.. N. E,. Mini 


EIlwDDd, Fnmk. Wmt.. VioU. Iowa. 

Hanson. Murin. Wu., Poodi. Iowa. 

Hooaber, Amoa K.. Wu„ Chariloii. Iowa. 

l^nff, Eroie H.. Nftfth MaoGnw^ar, Iowa. 

Lanm. Hun. Wu.. Tomis, N. D. 

ManbaU. BujanSi H., Bug.. Tima>ell, lU. 

BlDHa, LeiTN. G.. Pvt.. lat a.. SonrH. Mim>. 

Conlaoa. Matllmr A.. Pvt.. Isl O., 4B!> SUM 3l., BiooUyn. N. Y. 

Cnccti. Paul, Pvt.. lat O.. Sununirfield. Mo. 

DaU. CUtcDM O.. Pvt.. lit a., Heodricka, Minn. 

GtDiminnn. Otto V,. Pvt.. lat Q.. Hampton. Icnra. 

Galu. EAtiia A., Pvt.. 1st Q.. P«cfa, Wa^ungion. 

LodicT. Qua S.. Pvt.. lat CI.. MoDliu^D. Iowa. 

MaaaiDcir, Herbert R., Pvt.. Isl Q.. Menlo. Iowa. 

Nsstiil. Fred. Pvt.. lat Q.. WalTord, Iowa. 

NidMlacwi. CluriM W., Pvt.. Isl CI., Scandia. Minn. 

O'Conncll, Nomun D., Pvt.. Itl CI., Inn MounMin. Mich. 

Strauaa. Adam M.. Pvt.. lat CI., 614 Ohio St.. St. Paul. Minn. 

VuhIw Bsek. Jake. Pvt.. lat d.. I9B Stevens St.. St. Paul. Minn. 

Lamm, Jobn E.. Pvt.. 1st Q.. Aldricfa Ave., N. Minneapolis. Minn 

Virden. StntUn. Pvt., lat CI.. Norden, Minn. 

Bodnir. Jo«|ik. Pvt., Mahnooen. Minn. 

Carts. George L.. Pvt.. MeiiDD, Mo. 

Critee, WOliam H,. Pvt., Burden, Kan. 

Daley. JasM* B.. Pvt.. Htrmmt. 8. D, 

Erickaoa. Oscar K,. PvL, 410 Shawnee Ave.. Kansas City, Kan. 

Feigig. Leo J.. Pvt.. Tnaumcari. N, M, 

G«er. Harrj L., Pvt. 

GiddabfVTT. Fred M., Pvt.. ConsviUe, Iowa. 

Grmn, Frank W,. Pvt,, Kenainglon, Minn. 

HamQlon. Rcdnt J.. Pvt., Ilulcbinson, Ksn. 

Knmedv, Joanh E.. Pvt.. Qgin. Kan. 

Laraen. Fred. PvU, 2110 Gswive St., Sioux City, Iowa. 

MoCabe, Riwdl H., Pvt., 63S Baldwin Ave., Delmil, Mich. 

Hina. Hftrj W.. Pvt.. Rock Creek. Minn. 

Mimuck. JUbcrt M.. Pvt.. BeanUtown, 111. 

Hurray. Maloidm G,. Pvt.. 3426 Charkitle St.. Kansas Cily, Mo. 

Mrera. Warrmi H., Pvt.. lonnburg. Me. 

Olaoa. Howvd C. Pvt., MinDsapolis, Minn. 

Padgett. Guy B.. Pvt.. 1139 Rooavelt St.. Indianepolis, Ind. 

Hobai«, George E,. Pvt., Louisans. Mo, 

Sdiuhi. Albert L., Pvt., Union Milk, Ind. 

Smith, AlonsD T., Pvt., ISIO W, Waahinglon Sl„ Indianapolis. Ind. 

Smith, John H., Pvt.. Sik«ton, Mo. 

Swan»n. Csri, Pvt., 9L9 W, Madison St., Chicago, III. 

Walen, Edward. Pvt., Eicelskir Springs, Ma. 

Wecker. WJUiem B,. pvt., 2308 FrsnUin Ave., Si. Louis. Mo. 

Conger. Charla U., Pvt.. Buffalo Gap, S. D. 

Anluc. Edward L.. Pvt., 6S5 Blain St., St. Paul. Minn, 

Kevins. Harold O., Pvt.. Muullnn, lows. 

Bndsbaw. Wmiam R.. Pvt., WorlhinRton. S. D. 

Cooley. Ralidi H.. Pvt., IZ7D Buchanan St., Tapk«. Kan. 

D>ley. Guy. Pvt., Mason City. Neb. 

Klet^a. WaUace J., Pvt., 4167 Shaw Av>^.. Si. Louis, Mo. 

TompkuH. Francia C Pvt.. Chillicolhe, Mo. 

Strong. Harry L., Band Leader, Humboldl, Iowa. 

Braiidt. Jofan L,. Ajsl. Band Leader. S<«lalia, Mo. 

Harris. Alfrnj. Jr., Bee. Sagl. Butt., Sumslra. Mont. 

Tester, WalUr R.. Band Sergt., Medora, ^. D. 

Atha, Floyd H.. Band Soitt,. Fargo. N. D. 

Helmer. John P,. Band Sergt.. D«|ue, lU. 

Sbenard. Don J., Band Sergt., Berwick, N. D. 

Lmdelein, Alfred, Band Corp.. Granduieaduw, Minn. 

Van Auwaelo. Albert, BanJCorp.. 103tt ISIh Ave., tiast Muliue. III. 

Ingeb. Sherman, Band Corp.. Ijira>ettc, 111. 

BMdy. Eari F.. Band Corp.. Aurora, Neb. 

Mayhew. James N.. Band Corp., 311 S. 3rd St., Minneapolis. Minn. 

Shif4ds, Harry W., Band Curn.. VUliKU, Iowa. 

Conn, Leo C, Mua., lat CI., Batlle Creek, luwa. 

Ebdtott, Milton P.. Idko Park. Minn. 

Forde. Ralph S., Miis.. Ul CI.. Starliuck. Minn. 

HfldeliranfrCiiirenoe E,. MuB., 1st CI.. WHkville, Mo. 

Mohr. Fred W.. Mus.. lal CI.. Limn Springs, lows. 

Rchseffnir. L. I.. Mus,. Isl Cl„ 6542 Msrmaduke Ave.. St. Louin. Mo. 

Bruoi. Bert B.. Mua„ 2nd CI., Hulchinsnn, Kan. 

EnUd, Air H.. Mos., 2nd Ci„ Kindred, N. D, 

GUsrud. Carl J.. Mus., 2nd CI., Soring Grove. Miun. 

JobnsDO. Eari E.. Mns.. Snd Q., WiUiams, Iowa, 

Martinson, John. Mua., Ind CI.. Fargo, N. D. 

MiUer. Raymond E.. Mus.. 2nd Q.. Carl Jet.. Mo. 

Mem. Clark A.. Mua.. 3nd CI., Hume, .Mn. 

Sines. Earl W.. Mas., 2nd Q.. Winfidd. Kon. 

Tracy. CUfford C. Mua.. 2nd CI., Lake Mills, Iowa. 

Wagner. William D., Mus. 2nd 01. r-- - - " " 

Fester. Alfred 0.. Sergt., Wiltnn, N. D, 

Miller. WiUiam C. Sergt,. S27 8th St., S. K. Minne 

Ostergrant, Harbart A., Sergt., 1910 »rrl Avd., Mnlii 

Wonftsm. Tiro E., Corp,, 46S* 6Tlb St., S. E,, Poo 

Salachlowsky, F. M.. Corp.. 1620 Marshall N. E.. Mi 

Stout, Eari E.. Corp.. Big Piney. Wyo. 

" — 5, Leo J.. Corp., Farley, '— - 

e, Mus. 

meuer, nenry M.. Mi 

Jbdob, Arthur, Mua.. 3rd CI., L , 

Rebtad. Leif H., Mus., 3rd CI.. Walcull, Nr 
Shatto. Edson E.. Mus.. 3rd CI.. Wausau. Vi 
lamb. Jamea G,. Cook. Earlville, III. 
WaeU. Han " " ■ " — ■ ■ 

Howeil. A 

Dnrbin, Jdin W.. Pvt., Charles Cily. I<r 

flaffnty. John F.. WaU, S. D, 

"■ ' . ■ - .. Fonwl Depot, \ 

a Cily, Ulah. 

a. Harry R.. Ord. Sergt.. MaTshelllon. Iowa. 

1. John R., Corp.. Albert viUe, Minn. 

M. Albert E., Pvt., 1st CI., r.rnnd Forks. N. D. 

Raffrrty. John F.. ^ 
Wade, Seucie L.. t 


CarKr. Edward T., Sergt.. ChiUicolhr. Ill 

Anderson, Tdjias E., Cook, Boa 103, Grand Moraise, Ml 

Wsir, Joseph O., Cook, Fairfidd, ID, 

KorngeUer Robert F. E., Hcnh., HutchLsixm. Mian. 

ZabeJ, Henry C, Horafa.. Reniille, Minn 

Anderwm, J. A.. Sad., MS E, Maryland Sl„ St. Paul. ML 

Anderson, Arthur E., Wag.. New Leipzig, N, D. 

Areikda, Rol>«rt. Wag-. Appleton, Iowa. 

Baier. Edward J., Langdon. N. D. 

Bird, Robert L.. Wag., 307 W, 9tb St., Waterloo. Iowa. 

Broquist, William C. Wag.. SOT E. BLh St., Dulutb. Mini 

Bundy, LeRoy, Wag., Alexander, Minn. 

Brooks. Clarence L., Wag., Nevis, Minn. 

Can, William L., Wag., Udd, lU. 

Dickman, Arthur W., Wag.. Hammond. Minn, 

DriscoU. Comdius J.. Wag.. Dma. Iowa. 

Dyer, Julius J., Wag., Box 379. Marseillai, lU. 

Esslwold, llelmar M., Wag., Gtandin, N. D. 

EngebrelsDu, Oscar, Wag., Fergus Falls, Miim. 

Fried!, Otto. Wag^,^. 427 S. Wab 

li St., ! 

. Paul. Minn. 

t.. Council Rhdh. Iowa. 

Hereford, Arthi 

H. ■■ 

,,-. 316, Sedan, Kan 

rge.Wag.. RntUnd, N,D. 
' J., Wag,, Lowry, Minn. 

Albert F.,%ag.. 244 PiedmoDt Avb.. Dulntb. Minn. 
MBiii, Arnold J., Weg., Adrain. N, D. 
Melby. Carl J., Wag., Thief River Falls, Mian, 
^^liring, Albert F,7Wbb„ 910 2Sth A - ■■■- 
>dson, Henry O., Wag., Clermont, Iowa. 
Norman, Erie J.. Wag., 4i09 Blh Ave,, Bnrk Island. ID. 
Polipniok. EmU A., Wag.. St. Cloud, Minn. 
SchadensBCh, Hanry, Wag.. 2M6 1st Si., Pftu, III. 
Stieger, Edward C. Wag.. 629 Edmood Si., St. Paul, Minn. 
Sllnson, William. Wag.. 301 3rd Ave., S. E.. MiuieapoUa. Minn. 

t, Irv: 

;.. 405 S(b A 

,., CJiarln City. Im«. 

D Ave., Mbmeapolb. Minn 

laiph Ral., 
waiiem S. 

., Pvt.. Isl a.. Antler, N. D. 

King. MerriU S., Pvt.. 1st CI., Moui 
Milnes, Arthur R., Pvt.. Isl CI.. !^v 
Darnell, Jas> - - ~- - 

Walrod, Dav 

Wojcik. Stanley. Pvt.. 1 


virlh, Frai 

i^vt.. Isabel. S. D. 
w Ulm, Mini 

r.8. D. 

Rutherford. James M.. Pvl., Donnybrook, N. D, 

Shulli. Earnnl, Pvt.. Columbus, Ind. 

Storm, Ralph E.. Pvt.. 7402 S6tb Ave., Porlland, Ore. 

Stump. Luther G.. Pvt.. 39 Hartley St.. York. PenD. 

Sloan, Hairy, Pvt.. Hebron, Ind. 

Timmons. Raymond D.. Pvt . WrikvUla. Kan. 

Wager, Elmer A., Pvt.. Dawson, Minn. 

Wilkinson, I-^l F.. Pvt., Colome. S. D. 

Ilonsa, Gourae E.. Sergt., IS6 W. IMos St., St. Paul, M 

" ' " I, Corp.. Lisbon. N. D. 

I«. Peter J., ' 
Pratt. Heni 


.. EUxiw Lake. Mini 

- \a Morgan Ay 

., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Buggy, Jobn K.. Pvt,, 1st CI.. 2645 W. 4Hlh Si 
Manh, Dewey. Pvl., Brooksburg. Ind. 
Guetschnw. Waller, Swiss, Wis. (Deceased) 

McrriU, Will G., Mai., 406 N. Water St.. SpsrU 
Chriatianson, Waller P., Maj.. 233S N. Sprio-"-' 
Kobw, WiUiam H,. Capt., 39"i Grand ' - 
Hooper. Harold A.. 1st Ll.. 414 E. "B 
Rood, C. J.. Sergt.. 1st CI., 1126 N. tH 

Berg, WiUUm W.. Sergt., 604 S. Mali 

Smith, John S.. SokI., 1329 17th St., Rock Island. II.. 
De Ford, Clarence/. Pvl., Isl CI.. 1223 Maple St., Andm 

Hill. Harry L. 

Kjarum, Selot„ , 

Pope, S. L.. Pvt.. 1st CI., 101 Arnold Ave. S,. HiieT River Falls. Mini 
Rodenbaugh, M. H., Pvt.. Ist CI.. R. F. D. No. 1. St. Mary's. " 
Sheridan, J^n J.. Pvt.. Ist d.. 1 1 14 Park Ave.. Ilobokea, N 
Swe^jnan, WBHara P., Pvl., Ist CI.. 1 1211 La SaUe St.. Racii 
Welp. Lawrence W,. Pvt., Isl CI., Bancrofl Iowa. 
Andrrson, George, Pvl., Ctoiuet. Minn. 
Hrinker, Frederick yi - ^ 

P.t,"liJ'a'o, S 


Left BaUalioR Utadquarlert, i76ih Infantry Brigade, ai Hagaibach in the Haute Almee Sector. 


ATanH, Rank and Hemt AAb^tt 
Rem R.. Pvt., Ciookitoa, Minn, 
maoi. IjOoiuTd H,. Prl., 1119 N. BIh St., MiDoupolu. Minn. 
HwtuDC, Swnucil F., tVt., TIT S. Sanbcrn Sl., Milchdl, S. D. 
HoBlcr. Mwd J., Ptt.. Bowline GrtMa. Mo. 
Iiwwfnsa. Jem L., Pvt., Bowlmg Green. Mo. 
Livdy. Oeoar W.. Pvt.. Jmuabarg. Md. 
Mn. CUrk B., Prt.. 1301 TeDUHee St.. LooiaiHaa. Mo. 
Mi^Uewri^t. Edwttd E„ Pvt.. Y. M. C. A„ ManhaUtown. Iowa. 
Oolgy, Roy M.. Pvt.. 602 3. Ceotial Ave., P>ri>, lU. 
Rin. LaRoy E.. Pvl.. Hold lows, Keokuk. Iowa, 
' " ' ers. Aithur H.. Prt.. 309 E. Madison St.. Waverly, Iowa. 
-Tred 8., Mai., sann Shrive- tv. n— MnLn« I-.. 

r, Fni C.. Canl 

.., 1TJ5 W. Harraon St., Chic_ 
""Lh \vH.. Lnwifltoii, fdal 

_J., 316 N. W. Srd Ave., 

.. Pvt, Jono, Okia, 

Phee. Alfred S., Mai. 
— ■ ~ Bd C., Canl., 
.. -jwi. H., « 



j„ N., MinL 

Hult. Gaona A., let LI., IS2I Tth St. S. E.. MinneapalB. Mini 
I>oini*,Sydn(vF^lit '' ■""»'-'■ =- --- - -- 

It Ll.. 319 McCartney 

Snd Lt., FI«n>oa, MEdd- 

. , . ^ .;., Corp., Blue Hill, ^eb, 
Bacier, Jidm F.. Corp.. 235 Snd Ave., Clinton, Iowa. 
aArt. Ray H,. Pvl., H, F. D. No, 2. Foftuna " " 

BaniM " - ■ '" " - ■ ■- 


Baylor, Fraacii D., Corp.. 1326 W, IBlh Sl 

w Moinn. I( 

Baylor ,.. 

B^, Uliver, Pvt., Iberia 

BcU. Flori, Pvt., 120 Pine 9t.. Janwy City. N. J. 
Bennett. TIiDauu E., Pvt., lit CI., R. F. U. No. I. Clarioi 
Bern. Hanj C, Corp., T ■ ■ 

A "Z'si'lTilkBCitV, I 

HraclL. Arltiur, Corp., 4102 MancheBlrr Ave, Si, Loula, Mo. 

BrwBT. LeopDld, Pvl., It, R, No, 2. PitUburg, Kan. 

BtiJe, Joseph J., Pvl.. lat CI., R. K. D. No. 1, Ulioa, S. D. 

Broouui. Roy W., Scrgt,, Alwaler, Mian. 

Bronco, VergiUo, Pvt., 312 lal St.. Jnw-y City. N, J. 

BrowD. Frank, Pvt,, Chambwlain, S. D. 

Brown. Walter W., Coot, 1315 W. Zand St„ Codat Falls. lowi 

BneUey. Edward N„ Wa(.. Soulli WilminMon, III. 

Burkhardi. Henry E.. Cook. 1135 lOUi S^.l^eiiver. Col. 

BnUwr, Cbarla C.. Pvt.. 1st CL, R. F. D. No. 2, Nevada, M. 

Cabot. WilUsm O., Pvl., Rapid City. S. D, 

CoQ, Henry D., Corp., Woods Cross, Ulah. 

Cameron. Hury L., Corp,, Mount Olive, 111. 

Canon. Waller F„ Pvt., lat CI.. R. F. I>. I\o. 2, Malliews, M> 

Caaey. Williain J., Pvt., 276 Cleveland Ave., Dubuque. Iowa. 

Casey. Wniiam W^ Pvt., Fiak. Mo. 

Cavaly. Ncclor W„ Hr., ._ _._ _ 

■ ■■[!, FredA.. Wag., MeadviUe, Mo. 

'.., Pvl., aoa K. Douglas Ave.. WkhiU, Kan 

Clark. I 

It H, Pvt,. Ill CI., Sikeston. Mo. 

.. Minneapolis, Mini 

>., Sl. Pau 

Clark, FMd H., Wt.. I 

Cook, l^rofaibald K.. Corp., 44 

Cnddoek. Ows, Pvt.. Weir, 

Cretdar. Ward, Corp.. Rivosida. Iowa. 

Crisiin. Tony. Pvt., Fort Lee. N. J. 

Crump, Abboll, A.. Pvt.. St. Genevieve, Mo. 

CuUifau, Micshel J.. Corp., IMS Portland Av 

Corry. Erasat E.. Pvl., let Q., B. F, D. No, * 

Dallaa. Herbwt B., Pvt., Claryville, Mo. 

DawaoB. James S.. Swgl,, Isl Cl., 402 3rd S, E.. Mlnot, N. D. 

Dedierl. Cbarles E., Pvt.. Alvord, Iowa. 

DrnyB-. Paol M., Pvt., Allenburg, Mo. 

Dyer. Floyd E., Corp.. lOS W 24th St.. Pitlsbura, Kan. 

Eckre, Gilbert E., Pvt,. R. F, D, No. 3. Kiudreil. N. D. 

Eimstail. Mona O.. Pvt.. 1st CI.. Bona TraU, N. D. 

E3awislh. Hamaa N., Pvt., R. F. D, No, 1'. Holeamb. Mo. 

EnKtwD. Claud. Pvt.. Bowlbig Green, Mo. 

Eacel. Frank, Corp.. 300 Mount lArratUi Ave. Dubuque, Iowa. 

Erb. Edward. Pvl,, Cresbird, S. D. 

Evana. lUymond L.. Corp.. ZSl SIh E. Sl„ Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Fail. JosepL, Pvt.. Isl CI., Dyenville, Iowa. 

Evans, Marion y.. Pvl.. AUenville, Mo. 

Feidio, Gaone. Pvt., Ist CI., Franklin. Kan. 

Feoton, A. B., Pvt.. lat Q., Ill Wral Maple St . CeaterviDe. Iowa. 

Forbca, Louis O., PvC. 1330 W. 2nd St.. Otliunwa. lowi. 

Gabd, Eni»t F., SergI,, " 

. Ctaariea H., Sorgt., Thdjea, lU. 
luge, William M../vt_^, Mellette, S. D. 

9. 6Ih E.. Sail Lake City. UltJi. 

.... /^ ■■ nidiiDglon St., Chillicolhe. Mo, 

J. Pvt., Segundo, Col. 

ham, Barney C. Pvt.. SUnton, Mo. 

Graham. Vernon II.. Pvl., Mounl Gomery City, Mo. 
Ocaikowski. Charlie, Pvt.. Tabor, .S. D. 
Halbahken. Alfred N.. I>vt.. R. F. D. No. 3. Rethsey, Minn. 
Hall. Donald I.. l>vt.. 1st CL. T5I ISlh Sl., Dubuque, Iowa. 
Hall. Guat A.. Pvt., iHt CL, ColT, Iowa. 
Hall. Jamn A.. Pvt., 410 16th St.. ndle llaine, Iowa. 
Hamilton. Charln E.. Pvl., R30 Jersey Ave.. Mason City, Iowa. 
Hammer. Edwin M„ Pvt.. 1721 Sth Sl. N. K.. Minneapolis. Minn. 
Ilsmmerle, II. J., Sergt.. 343U Girnrd Ave. N.. Minneapolis. Mkm. 
llnuna, Ira D., Pvt.. fsl CI.. WiUislon, N. I). 
Hasiler, Gerald D.. Corp., Pawnee Cily. Neh. 
Hell. Henry. Corp.. Si., Genevieve. Mo. 
Helferich, Beniamia F., Cook. Otto Sl„ Maquokelo. Iowa. 
Hines. Howard F... Pvt., WinQeld, Mo. 
Hoffmen, Charles. Pvt,, 1st Q., Boi 445 Arliniton, S. D. 
Holmn, Roy L., Sergt., 1st CL, Beardalown, lU. 
Hovland, Conrad H.. Sergl., 332 2nd St. S., Vrrginia, Minn. 
m C. Pvl,, 1st CL. Hornenvjllo. Mo. 


'I.. Isl 

., Stall 

o. Neb 

DugUls. Omaha. Neb. 
n Ave., St. Paul, Minn, 

I, Payiiio, Pvt., lat CL, Row, 
jonea, Richard 1„ SergL, Plainliela, in. 
Jordl. Rudolph, Pvl., Star Route. Mounl Auburn. Iowa. 
Jungwlrth, Louis, Pvl.. Zdl, S, D. 
Karros, Thomaa, Pvl., P. O. Ron 3S«. Boone. Iowa. 
Kambntod, Seven, Pvl., Watford Cily, N. D. 
Keune, Clcmenl K.. 9ergt.. HorlinKtr- -'- 
Kimbcriy. Finch G.. Pvt., 2024 Dou, 
King. Boy M.. Swgl., S4S Wojtem i. . 

Kirn, William G.. Pvt.. Isl CL, Chaffee 

Krur«>T, Wmiam C. Pvt.. Isl Q.. R. F. D. No. 4, Ttoy, Mo. 
Kruie. Carl V.. Pvt., R. F. D. No. 2, Sdme. Iowa, 
LaMantain, Edwin. Pvt.. Tonopah. Nev. 
Laqua. Frank J.. Pvt.. lat CL, Ilankinson, N. D. 
Leigh. Archie E., Pvt.. Womack, Mo. 
Lewis, Gooige, Corp.. Ellwood, Kau. 

McCarliiy. Mike. Sorgt., 239 Mt. Airy St., St. Paul. Minn, 
McFall. Ray B., Pvt., lal CI.. R. R. No. 3, Lamoni, Iowa. 
McGandy, Guy A., Corp.. 819 Lowry Ave. N.. MinDoap(4ia, Mi 
McGinley, Qyde, Pvt., 501 W. lat St., Cherryville, Kan. 
McWiUioms, Oliver K.. Pvt. , 1st CI., Liberal, Mo. 
Marieltie. Joe, Pvl.. West Mineral. Kan. 
Mason, Clorcnoe. Pvt., let Q.. Bluomlield. Mo. 

Matlhieawn, William ■■ " "- 

Maiwell, Joseph, Pvl.. . .._ 

Meade, John F7 Corp., H. F. D. No _. 

Merriotl, WiUiam S.. Pvl.. Isl CI. , Gravies Milk. Mo, 

Minze, Perry O., Pvl., let CL, Huydeu, Mo. 

Moore, Daniel E.. Seriil., Isl CL. Jerome. Iowa, 

Morrnsou, Bert C Cook. De Will, Iowa, 

Morion. Jewell R.. Svgt.. Regis Hotel. Peoria, lU. 

Naughton, Aldace, Corp., La Platla. Mo. 

Neeley. WiUiam R.. Corp., Gering, Neb. 

Neller. Charles H.. Sergt.. Isl CL, 801 S- F Sl., Aleiandria, Mi 

Neumann. Carl W., Pvt.. R. F. D. No. I. RoxweU, S. D. 

Neumann, John. Wag., MikeelsoD. N. D. 

Nickerson, Robert S, I„ Pvt.. 215 S. 15lh Sl., Independenoe. I 

Nickolaue, John P., Pvt.. 410IA Vista Ave.. St. Louis. V 

NiUes. Roy C, Pvt.. i 


I, Thon 

Olson, Oscar, F 

IllJgbSt.. D«Moii 

th St.. Du 
river, Mini 

:.. Corp,, 1016 S. 8lh Sl 

Elinw P.. Pvt., lal CL. Leeds, N. D, 
ratxon, r^mmetl D., Pvt., Wymore. Neb. 
PaKhd, John M., Corp.. 320 41h St.. Wohpeton, N. D, 
Powers. Ralph H., Pvt.. Isl CI.. Lamar, Mo. 
PnppiU. Ernest J.. Pvt., Allcnburg, Mo, 
Plank. David F.. Corp.. Cuba, Mo, 
Picker, Charles E., Pvt., lat CL, l>aydawn. Mo. 
Halhgeber. Fred, Pvt.. Isl a.. Ilankinson, N, D. 
Reeder. Ebner H.. Wag.. Mason Cily, III. 
Regan. William A„ Pvt.. Isl CL, R. F. D. Plaokintun, S, I>, 
Rehr. WiUUm H.. Pvt.. Ist CL, Reston, Iowa. 
Reitmann, Joseph F.. Pvl., Isl CL. Alexander, Ky. 
Richler, Lawrence, Corp., Freeburg. Mo, 
Rockwell. William T., Cook, Berg Route Croff. N. D. 
Rolh. Bennie ».. Pvl., St. (ienevieve, Mo. 
Roth. David S.. Pvt.. R. R. No. 4, Berne, Ind. 
Rulher. Thomas. Pvt.. Isl CI.. Pelersburg, Neb. 
Sack, Tony, Pvl., 1st CL, S41 6th Ave.. Dea Moinca, Iowa. 
Sayre, Scon I.. Sergt., SI3 Western Ave., Sl. Paul. Minn. 
Scharff. Abraham II., Was., Oskalooaa. Iowa. 
Schmidt, Karl J., Sergl., Manning. Iowa. 
Sohnorr, John P.. Pvt., West Mineral, Kan, 
Schulu, Olio C. Corp., 220 N. ^ring. Sl. Louis, Mo. 
Schwarling, Edward l. l>vt.. B. F, D. No. 1. Heda, S. D. 
Seibert. Lloyd M., Corp.. 221 N. 9th St.. Louisiana, Mo. 
Shandrow, George J.. Pvt., 1st CL. Overiand, Mo. 
Smith, Alfred L.. Pvt., Elktoa, Col. 
Sodenoan, David, Sergl., 222 Front 3t,. Fargo. N. D. 
Steeg, Fred B.. Wag., S6II Botanical Ave.. St. Louis, Mo. 
" '^ •■ n., Pvl., lat CL. Humbersltme. Ontario, Can 

™fe. Nor 

Sl CL, ; 

Bay don Stations, Mo. 


'. D, No. 2, t 

wry. Mo, 
.. Kan. 


Tholion. Otcai. I'vi.. Bonita Spring!. S. D. 

ThoniBs. Huhru \., Con'.. »>A St. UDd 9lh Ave., Kearney. ISeb. 

ThnmiHia. Rabm I'.. Sagt.. Lunnr. Ma. 

Tomkw. Horry. P<t., 60 lloauDi 9l.. Dubuque. lown. 

Troedum. RnuiDa S.. SotkI.. 402 W. PIcMiuinL Si.. CoUu. InwB. 

Tniodale, Hoy M.. I'vt., lat CI.. R. H. No. b. lii<l(tpendeiH-A Mo. 

UlofkB. Jasef., Corp.. Hpbrcnl, N. D. 

Veile. Nob, Corp. .11. F. D. Luverea. N. D. 

Veletich. Voin. Pvt.. 28 E. Pork Si.. Bulle. Mont. 

WsKMir, Llayd L., Pvt.. Isl CI.. Hubbard, Minn. 

Wbeliler. John W., I'vt., R. V. D. No. I. Cocwilh, Ima. 

Whitaker, Hurry. C.>rp.. R, F, D. No, 4. Dubuque. Iowa, 

WhiM, ChruturOKT l... Corn.. H2q \u9lm St.. Wrbb City. M". 

Whilo. Goort-- \ t;,-.n I I. ■...:?. Brainiird, Minn, 

WiEt.T.'w','l ' 

Nome. Rank and Homt AJdtra 
Irady. Charin M., Pvt., GraavUle. N. D. 
'— -'■ O. P,j_Se^I.. lat CI.. 806_16Ui Ave. S.. MiniK 

. . _ .."bowi«5£!'n! a. 

Hrown. Louiii A.. Corp.. ChiltiCDlbc. Mu. 

Budd. Juhn P., Wag.. Rl Dorado Sprinet. Mo. 

Burdau. Jueeph. Pvt.. Waahbum. Si. D. 

Carroll. Hover N.. Corp.. Grand FarkH. N. D. 

Caspus. Duidiich l{.. Corp.. Sheffield. Mo. 

Cavonaueh, W. P.. Seivt.. Iitt CI.. 195 Genauw St.. Si. Paul. Minn 

Cerney. Odo, Corp., 400 Cley St.. Dubuque. Iowa. 

Chamberlain. Philip M.. Pvt.. Keokuk. Iowa. 

Chaae. VerleC. Pvt. 

Willii. Char) 

I'' : ' I - ^', I.Boi3Z, MiUer^itl, Mo. 

n ■ ' :,.,.,rJ, Knn. 

],. ,...,. I .-< I l.iiia«iuAve,.St.Luiii>.Mo. 

.4 F.. Pv't.'. IbI CI.. Siuim fc'iiy.'Ka'n. 

WiUer, David C, Corp.. 3362 OiCord Ave.. Maplewood. Mo. 
WiH Boy S., Wag.. ZOIB 3rd Ave.. Eaat Midine, 111. 
Wold, Harry B., lit Sergl., 2736 Cedat Ave., MiniKapalia. Minn. 
Wright, Wiiliam A., Pvl., Ul CI., Vaiiacn, Iowa. 
Zack. Bdward J.. Pvl.. Sprlngview. Neb. 
Adams. John H.. Corp., 6312 laabdlo Ave., Wdlnton. Md. 
Andenon. Orville J.. Sergl.. MiDoeapolis. Minn. 
Berbig. Arthur I., Corp., DuIuUi, Minn. 
Bradahaw. WUliam B.. Pvl.. Worlhing. S. D. 
Brandt. John L., Corp., SOB W. .'iUi St.. Sedalia, Mo. 
Carlwright. Thnmaa. Pvt.. 201 E. ISlh St.. Pillaburg. Kan. 
CoU. Thomas M., I'vt.. 1st Q.. 149 S. IJlh St., Eoston. I'a. 
Daubenspeck. Godfrey F.. Sergl.. 46 Mount View Ave.. Akron, O. 
Davis, Andy Z,. Pvl., Sacramenlo, Cal. 
Denton, Clyde R.. Pit.. lat CI.. GolT. Kan. 
Earl. Glenn, Pvt.. Coming. Iowa. 

Freni. Edward C. Pvt.. Ist CI.. B, B. No. 3. Mason City. Iowa. 
Gemminnn, Otio V.. Pvt.. Hampton. Iowa. 
Gruber. Fred. Pvt.. McKitlriok. Mo. 
Harding. Ben A.. Pvl., 3ZZS Franklin St.. Denver. Col. 
Hinie. Martin I.. Pvt.. Isl CI., ileecher. 111. 
Ingela, Sbermsn, Cocp,. Lataynlte. III. 
J(£nstan, Unas W.. Pvt.. Is! CI.. R. R. No. 3. Joplin. Mo. 
Jones. John E., Pvl.. lal CI.. WiUard, Ulah. 
Jon«. Clarence I.. Pvt., WiUard. Utah. 
Jcirdon. Hoy L.. Pvl., R. F. D, No. 3. St. Paul. Kan, 
Lolier, EdHurd, Pvl , Wshpelon. N. D. 

McQuillan. C. J . S«gt., Isl a.. 405 Setby Ave.. St. Paul. Minn. 
Narber, Irving J,, Pvt.. ZOth St.. and Grand Ave.. Cedar Rapidi 
O'Connor. Hoy J.. Pvt,. lal CI.. B. B. No. 4. Bernard. Iowa. 
Olson, Hanrv J.. Pvl., B. F. D. No. 1. Dows. Iowa. 
Ptallzgraff. Lloyd J.. Pvt.. Ist CI.. Dumont. luwa. 
Poppinga. Bert J.. Pvl., Lonnoi. S. D. 
Pullum, Je»e U.. Pvt.. Edgarlon, Mo. 
"'■■■"" "M Main St., FjsI Bismarck, N. D. 

" ^. No. 2. Mela. Mo. 

Ky. St., Loiiistana. Mo. 

Sorugga, botwin K.,'Pvt.. LulsvQIe. Mo, 

Sloan, JoHmh, Corp., CenlervQIe, Mo. 

WnaiiBr. VVWiara D.. Bug.. CulherUon, Neb. 

Yalts, [jKie W., Pvl.. Ist CJ.. KultaWB. Ky. 

Zimmerman, J. S.. Sergl., Isl CI,. 1039 Maryland St.. St. Paul. Minn. 

Chalfield. Wm. E.. 1>I Ll.. 4736 Emeraon Av< 
Doyle, John J., 1st Lt.. 7040 b^Ihd Ave., St. 
Downs. Sydney F.. Ist Ll.. Easton. Pa. 
Hampton. John C, 2nd Lt.. New York Cily. 
Harpa. Ernest G.. 2nd I.t.. 110 W. Illinois St.. Urhana, III. 
Henry, James C Capt., 62 Delaware 3l„ Woodbury. N. J. 
Lull, Ridiard E., 1st Li.. Minneapolis. Minn. 
MgCullough, George K„ Muj.. Storm Luke, Iowa. 
Ticklin. Louia L.. Isl Lt.. lOH N. Johnson St.. Iowa Cily. lowi 
Urquhart, Kenneth, Capt.. St. Paul, Minn, 
Ware, W. Y.. lal Lt.. 308 E. WiUiameltc Ave.. CiJorado Springs 
Adams. Albert L.. Corv.. Wendell. Minn. 
Akets. WUliam. Pvl.. Isl CL. Ely. lowu. 
Albreoht, Frank X., Wag.. Sutton, N. D. 
Allison. William C Pvl.. lot CI.. Campbell, Mo, 
Amundsen, Leo.. Corp., 1193 S, 4lh E., Salt Lake Cily 

•..Minneapolis. Mini 

I, Nevad 

(I.Clyde I.. 

._ ... _j>tCI.. .Middletown. Mo. 

. ». Corp., B. F. I). No. 2. Leeds, lows 

Asiriund. Albin T.. Corii.. 508 Grimes S - - - - 
Knl.r W..TI p Uui lii.^.^ CI n 

_ ... .... _ Bed Oak. Iowa. 

r, Karl F.. Pvl.. Bison. S. D. 

Bannnn. Michael T.. Sub. Sergl.. Rochester. Minn. 
Barber. Frank O..SrTgl,. 2117 D«i Mwnn St.. Keokuk. Iowa. 
Harker, R. O.. Pvt., lal CI., 536 E. 2nd S.. Sail Lake Cily. Ulah. 
Becker. Herman It.. Corp.. 1041 Vine St.. St. Charlee, Mo. 
"enning, JanvB G.. Corp.. Roeheater. a. D. 


. _ -_.. 414 K_ C... 

ne. Harry. Pvt.. Gruver. S. D. 
Sigurd. Sergl., Fargo, N, 

.1, Neb. 

CJirudip. llarlsUJ.. Pvt. Sooll Cily, Kan. 

aark.liory A., Wat.. Grrensburg, Kan. 

CanneU, Arthur P.. Sergt.. Ist CI., Los Angela. Cal. 

Chrialianson. Joseph. I>vt.. I^ke Milh. Iowa. 

Clayton. Marian L,. Pvl.. Ist CI.. Lockwood. Md. 

CoaU. Charla W.. Pvl.. CJierokee, Iowa. 

Cole. William P.. Sergt.. 407 N. Main St.. Warrenshur 

Collins. Harlcy C. Pvt.. Edgerton, Kan, 

CollinB. Timothy J., Pvt.. Isl CL. llarpcrs Ferry, lowi 

Connot. J<Uin M.. Pvl.. Colome, S, D. 

Cortiin. Waller C. Sergl.. lal CI.. Ironton. Minn. 

Corn. Omer, Pvl.. Ist CI.. Oak Grove, Mo. 

Coyle, John J., Wag., Prinuh ' 

B, Clan 

•gle Grove 

Curtis, Lewis J.. Pvt.. 1st CI.. 8616 SmaH Ave.. Kansas Cily, Mo. 

Dahl. Reuben C. Pvl.. Isl CI.. Hurdoek. Minn. 

Davis. Harry. Corp.. 601 Webster Si.. Boone. Iowa. 

Dehl. Harry. Mr. Eng.. Center. Neb. 

Demos. Peter N.. Cook, 154 K. Omaha Si.. Rapid Cily. S. D. 

DethleXsen. WJIiam J.. Pvl.. White Lake. S. D. 

Dilliard, Creel S., Wag.. Meiico. Mo. 

Dirks. Henry O.. Pvt.. Grundy Center. lows. 

Duvall. John W.. Pvt.. Amsterdam. Mo. 

F.d>kardson. Jacob G.. Pvt.. Wnltord. N. D. 

Eisbreoer. Jnlius. Pvl., 1st CI., Bethgale, N, D. 

Elkins, Theodore A., Cook, Mikdson. N. D. 

FJlis, Arthur H.. Pvt.. 6J4 Bcayer Ave,. York. Neb. 

Krdmann. John B.. Pvt.. Le Mars. Iowa. 

Ertekson. Wm. W.. Sergl., 93 Buasel Ave.. N.. Minneapidia, Mioo. 

Ermutiiurer, James, Sergl.. Dululh. Minn. 

Krwin. Edward. Pvl.. Isl CI . Woodland. lU. 

Esslinger. Jafoh. Pvt.. Arapahoe. Neb. 

Evana. a«y. Pvt.. Di.on, Mo. 

Fangmann, Lawrence J., Pvl , Nashua, Iowa. 

Fister, Henry J.. Pvt.. Isl CI.. St. Louis. Mo. 

Flagel. Robert P.. Serai.. Salt Lake Cily. Ulah. 


r, Wflliam B.. ] 

[., Cawke 

si a.. Graeltinger. Iowa. 
Flowerdew, Ralph B.. Pvt.. SI, Francis. Kan. 
Frishie, William E.. Sup. Sergt.. Racine. Minn. 
Fuchs. Guslav G.. Pvl.. Armour. S. D. 
Garren, Marion F.. Corp.. Brighton, Iowa. 
GiMler. Beuuie 11,. Pvt., 1st CI.. Si. Genevieve. Mo. 
Gilddians. Chnrlw W.. Pvt.. 4040 Fores! Park Blvd.. Si. LouW. N 
Glenn. William A.. Pvt,, Waterbury, Conn. 
Golu, Edwin A.. Pvt., lal CI., Forman. N, D, 
Groom, Bobert H.. Pvt.. Hamplon. Iowa. 
Gnlliqkaon. Gerhard T.. Pvt.. fianish, N. D. 
Guynn. Birt S.. Cook. 607 W. Main St.. Decatur. lU. 
Ilaagenson, Carl S., Corp.. Flaiton N. D. 
Hansen. C, T., Pvt,. Isl CI.. »22 4lh St., Sioux City. Iowa. 
Hanson, WiUiaro W., Pvt.. AniU. N. D. 
Harker. Harry L.. Pvl., Isl CI.. Cambridge. Iowa. 
HaitntHs. Joseph G.. Swrt., Greene, Iowa, 
Hasseirdd, William A,. Pvt., lat CI.. Troy. Mo. 
Hasslrj-, John R.. Corp.. 612 N. D, S" " ■--■ — 
Halten. Ira J„ Pvt.. Hoaie. Kan. 
Hell, John W., Corp.. Hankinson. N. D, 
llenriks. Rasmus. Pvt.. Slurgis, S. D. 
Ilildebraod, Clarence E.. Corp.. Montgomery Cily, Mo. 
Hinds. Frederic C. Bug.. 1423 Fuma« St.. Joplin. Mo. 

Hinman, C " " "■ 

II off, Alber 
Hoffman, J 

Ilomhurg. i. __., 

HoTnagle. Waller R.. Pvt.. Carthage, A 
Hopkins. Louia A.. Corp.. Cherryvale. nau. 
Hotop. Florian S.. Corp., Ilarls. Mo, 
Howard, Samuel E.. Pvl.. Garfield. Utah. 
Howveriuk. Michael. Pvt.. Willon. N. D. 
Hunter, Samuel F.. Pvt., Blaine. Kan. 
Hutchinson, Joseph. Pvt.. JerHiy Cily. N. J. 
~ ■ . Mo. 

Bryant Ave., N., Minnei 

stCl., Emmeltshnrg, lov._. 

Jnnnadi, Joe, Hs.. 19 Highland Ave . Minneapolis. Minn. 
Jeonnoulol. Paul A.. Pvl.. Tyndoll. S. D. 
Jensen. Pelcr C. Pvt.. Rapid City^ S. D. 

rederic C. Bug.. 1423 Fuma« St.. lot 
Clarence G.. Corp., MinneapoliB, Mini 
>erl L., Sergt.. Lake City. Iowa. 

Job. Charlee A.. : 

rl H., Pvt.. Ilniveri 


s, OtiD, Pvl., Han 

1, S. D. 

John. Troy F,, Corp., St, Jamt 

Johnson. FriU A.. Sergt.. Wynta, Mhui. 
Johnaon, Erick L.. Pvi.. lat CI. 1110 61h S 
Jondahl. Louis C... Pvl.. lal CI.. nraetlLoal 
Jones. Fred C. Corp.. Pitlaburg. " 
Jones. Cbude, Wag., Kea- - ^ 

burg. Kan. 
ill. Mo. 


Nam, Bank oorf Home AdAtu 
Jaaem. LnRoy A., Sergl., lal CI., Pelmburg. lU. 
JoDp. Emil C. G.. S«Bi.. UL CI.. 1610 Ziov St., La SdUg. ID. 
Jumi. Perry H„ Corp.. PerryviUe, Mo, 
lUhtey. Alvin D.. Pvl.. 439 FttiiburiSt.. LaDmBlcr. Pa. 
Kmy. Guido f., Pit., lu a.. VfnuSln. Mo. 
KaaoKly. Eniat A.. Pvt.. 10« E, WaidiiiurloD 3t„ Pituburi. Kan. 
King, Fnd 1.. Corp., Salt Lakn Cily. Vlah. 
Kaner, Aluaodiv. Pvl., 3M W. Chntnut St.. Akron, Ohio. 
jUookow. Edward W., Wae.. Buena V»(ii. lawn. 
KlHa. Zckaa. Pvt.. 40a llqUand Aye,. Warren, Ohio. 
Knicblon, Henry B., Pvt.. Plalta City. Mo. 
Kinder, Ward L.. Pvt., BimUnR Rroin. Mo. 
Kuida, Piank. Pvl., Ut O,, Piiubura. Kan, 
Laadea. Stove L,. P»t., Willi.lon, N. D. 
I^mon, Floyd It., C.>n> , D^luUi, Minn. 
LdyUM. WilUnm 1, Cvl. I«l |-|. IWryvillr, Mo- 

l^znan. Jay .v.. I'l^.. l-.L i.J.. AUJui-U, .Mo. 
McAdaragh. Hurry. I'vl.. Ilu tlm.M, S. n. 
McChire, Qamwa H., Corp.. Ciana. Mo. 
HcMabon. John H., a«t., G«»n lals. Mini 
MsWaiania, ItolMrt V., Snrt., Stuart. luwd 
MasKJuoii. KtDuelh R.. Pvt.. lit CI.. Iji |l 
MarabaU, Ltoyd B.. Cook. Myatic. lowu. 
Heyv. WiUiam H.. Pvl., lat Q.. Si. Ganevi 
Mooa. GeorcB L.. PvL, Ut CI.. Maldan, Mi 
MSaa, Idouard E., Corp.. Aibnny, Mo. 
MObr, NOa. Cotv.. Cian. Cal. 
HiOfr. Ednrd £., Pvt.. Chaff», Mo. 
HBb. Willtam T.. Corp., TaylorviUe. lU. 
Mi«, Iri D., Pvl., Alia, Iowa. 
Moeo. KnuU B., Pvu. Wahp«too, N. D. 
Morgan. Joaapb E.. Pvt.. I>t CI., Uivsrlon, 
Horrall. Manoo M.. Pvt., [lunta. Mo. 
Mnrpfay. VoHbT., Corp.. Wopdlo. Iowa. 

Nnaalie. Lyle H.. Corp.. 316 S. 2nd St. W.. i 

Nnibnoir. Fml E.. PvL, lat CI., Hildmlli. Nch. 
N«l«)a, Olto T.. Pvl.. lit CI.. Fuirvicw. S. D. 
NicJHm, Nitji A.. Pvl., Ul a.. Miiroy. Minn. 
O'Connor. Fred W.. Pvt.. Percivul. lown. 
OlpDa. Raymond E., Corp., Milnor. N. D- 
Okon. Edward A.. Cook, Bruinerd. Mian. 
OUoa. Henry L.. Pvl., Bowman, N. D. 
Ovacton. Ocie E.. Pvt.. Si. Cloud. Minn. 
Otto, Haman W., Pvl., Ul O,, H"m,.i<.n N-h. 
Owinki. Marvin, Cook, 41D - I6tl 

Paltsnon, Marvin. PvL. CorridoD 

Paroa. Ray. Pn.. MuUnrry. Knn. 
Pepnrte. Gsanl. Corp., Virnnia. Minn. 
rerham^LaaUe E.. Corp., Waterloo. Iowa. 
Parrin. Bmer L.. Sergl., KerkhovM. Minn. 
PManao. Edward. PvL, Ut CI.. Myslic. Iowa. 
ht(irson.C.R.,8cL, Uta.,I101PlyaiouLhBldK..Mi 
Peteraen. Oasar A,. Pvt.. Bowbdls, N. D. 
Pbdpa. Loyd. PvL, Nevada. Mo. 

PhaiVh w; M.. Pvl.. Ul CI.. isi9W. iiaihSi ,d« 

Pfflard. Alton L., Pvt.. Clsrinda, Idwu. 
FW, iVadrick A.. Pvt.. lit CI.. BUwmGdd, Mo. 
Poland. Jaaaa C, SergL. Storm Lake. Iowa. 
Handle. DuiUny C. PvL. Ul CI., 350 '■- ■ - 
Rseoe. John M.. Ci — '" 

Name, Hank and Home A 
Thompaon. Call. Sad.. Waloilt. N. D. 
ToIIm, Burl R.. PvL. Isl Q.. McCool JuDcli 
Turpin. Ezra E.. Pvl.. Lamar, Mo. 
Wakhak. Joseph V... PvLT Surgeon Lake, Mi 
Wsllaee. Arthur H.. Corp.. Slowers. N. D. 
Weaver. William A.. PvL. Qarinda. Iowa. 
Weber. GeorRe M.. Pvt.. Ut a.. 801 Znd A< 
Wned. Frank G.. PvL, lit a.. Kearney, Nel 
Weinachenk. Harvey J.. Sergt.. BelleYue. loi 
Wdter. Adotph D., PvL, lat CI.. Ancell. Mo 
" :lly. V ■•■'■■ 

- jSihw 

Wilaon. Will, PvL, Webb Ci 

Winler. Airmd J.. PvL. 521 S. lOUi St., Independena. Kan. 
Wortman, Clarence J.. Coip.. St. Loum. Mo. 
Yanike. Walter C. Corp., fidlwood. Neb. 
Yartt. Charlu. PvL. Phlaburg. Kan. 

Mac Vicar, John. CapL, 1338 9th 8l. Dn Moinea. Iowa. 
KingHley. Paul N.. CapL. Strawberry Point. Iowa. 
Turnqulat, Aiel A.. Ut LL. 413 Monroe St.. Eveleth, Minn. 
WighUnan, (JeorRe A.. Ut Lt., 635 Summer St., Kalamaioa. Mi-ii. 
Doyle, John J.. Ul Lt.. 7040 Ethel Ave.. St. Louis. Mo. 
Sawyer, E. L.. lat Ll, 140« Waahirwlon Ave. N., Minneapolia, Miwi. 
Atkinson. Herbert P., 2nd Lt., 375 Sutter Ave.. San FrancJMo. Cal. 
Beck. William L.. Znd Ll., 452 ElaU Si., Denver. Col. 
Clark, Leiand E.. 2nd Ll. Til Grand Sl. Troy, N, Y. 
Bnrnelt, Urady L.. 2nd Ll.. Stratfonl. Tax. 
Carey. Eugene. Ut Ll. BOT Howard St.. Port Huron, Mich. 
Adan " • -' - - "- ■ 

A^kiu.: Hallio £• ,-p;i.:h."f. d: No! T! V 


Cedar Rapida. 



Arthur E.. Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 1. Swea Cily, la 

Andrewa. Byron. PvL, Trenton. Neb. 
Arnold, WMinm C. Cook, R. F. D. No. *. Danville, HI. 
Arvidwiu. Joaeph S.. Corp., TIB N. Main SL. Charilon. Id 
Ailing. Fred. Cook, Z2S W. Tth St.. St. Paul, Minn. 
A.teir. Moroo A.. Sih. SwgL, Hlrawberry Point, Iowa. 

Bakke'n. t'lmer A.."PvL,'r. F. D. No. 1. Arnegard. N. D. 
1. Mitchell F.. Corp.. 711 Church St.. Neodojhi " 
- "-dney A., PvL. R. F. D. No. 2. Doi 

;laude E., PvL. Ut CI.. R. F. D. N,., _ 

Beaaman. John A.. Pvt.. 1st CI.. R. F. D. No. 4. Dow>. 
Benaon. Sigwall B., PvL. leney City, N. J. 
BeiE. Henry N.. Pvl., Sheldon. N. D. 
Bice. Joaeph O., Pvt., Chamberlain. S. D. 
BiU». Allen B.. Sergl.. Ut CI.. Minneapolia, Mi 
Bordeau. Frank C.TvL, 26U1 S. 12th St.. Sl. J 
Bredlow. Hsberl L.. Pvl., R. F. D. No. 5. Vini 
BrickeU. Samud M.. Pvt.. Cedar Point. Kan. 
Broabuia. John, Pvt.. Ut CI., Ida Gi 

N.B.. Minneapolia, Minn. Barren. Sidnev A.. PvL. R. F. D. No. 2. Doh 


... Hut 

1, Kan. 

2nd St.. Cherry va 
* Minn. 
St. Churl 

.. Mobile, Ala. Burl 

Rialon. JnUu. A. 1 

Hodine, Elmer. Pvl., lat CI., Cai 

Roaa, Frank S.. Pvt., Advance, lud. 
Roth, Jaaae J.. PvL. Caraon. N. D. 
Rfttman. Fred H.. Pvt., ■■( Q.. Brookii 
Rueker. E31ia W,. Corp., Ijunonte. Mo, 
Jlyan. John C. Pvt., Sharer, N, D, 
Saodbav. R. E.. PvL. Ut CI.. 211.1 79ih 
ntee. Rm. PvL, lat Q., Colon 

i. W., Waahinglou. D. C. 

J3 S. 14th Sl E.. Codnr Rap 

__aalhly. Aim. Pvt.. 1st CI.. Weahbum. N. D. 

Si^wia, P. F., Serat.. 3039 Lyndale Ave. S.. Minneapolis. Mini 

SaidL Andrew F,.Sergt.. St. Paul. Minn. 

r. Cecfl ^.. Corp.. Fdley 

ourou, KduI N.. Pvt., Norlhwood, low 
Btarr, Jean L.. PvL. ADkobo. N. D. 

John A.. Pvt., Ul CI.. Mori 
loler. JuUan L.. SergL. Ut CI., Monlio 
Mbert K.. PvL, Ut CI., 803 l.tlh Aye., 

Iturr, I om W.. Pvt., Ist CI.. Lamar, Mo. 

Cafferty, Michad T., Wag.. Beech, N. D. 

Cohalan, Eugene M., Ha.. 733 S. 14"^ ''■ <^ 

Caraon, Vrriin K„ Sad., R. F. D. f 

Carter. Georgo L., PvL. Meiioa. Mo. 

Cheatner, Roaooe M„ Corp.. R. F. D. No. I. Bealoo. Mo, 

rJirialiauHn. Maniu. Pvt., Radium. Minn. 

Clemens. Vernon J„ Pvt.. Edgowood. Iowa. 

Clothiar. Hmer. Snrgt.. Ul O.. 723 4lh .St., Perry, Iowa. 

Clough. Howard L.. lal SergL. 709 W. MeOnre Are.. Pm 

Conuery. Joaeph J., Pvt.. Ul CI.. Pttuburg. Kan. 

Cork. Loyd K.. Pvt., Colome. 8. D. 

CouU. Herman E., Pvt.. Proctor. Mo. 

Coi, Hoy H.. PvL. Aynhh-o. Iowa. 

Crepa. Lonii W., Pvl., Guide Rock, Neb. 

Crum, Grover C Corp., (hnaga, Kan. "^ 

Crulohfidd, Ira C, PvL, R. F. D. No. 1. Bemie, Mo. 

Dickhut. Cliirord R.. Pvt.. Scott City. Kan. 

Uiggiw. Jamea J., Corp,, Wiiithrop. Iowa. 

Di timer. Arthur R.. Corp., Slrawberry Point, lown, 

Doud, Ira J., Pvt., Ut <S., IlardingUui. Neb. 

Donilas. Arthur C. Pvt.. Aleiaoder, N. D. 

Duell, WiUinm D.. Cook. 807 S. Glenooe, HodiCTler. Min 

Edu. Marlin G.. PvL. Rush Center, Kan. 

ddrii^, Frank S., Pvt.. lat CI., Shenandoah. Iowa. 

Klliaon. Teraooe. PvL. VermiUion. S. D. 

Epiey, WQIiam A.. SergL, < 

Slobo. JoaeiA C. Corp., Orient 
Bldea. Byron, Pvt., Grenola, Ki 
Stone. Guy O.. PvL. Kennell. I 
" xanaky, Ai ' - - ■ ■ 
■u. Gi ■ 

:arl Jun 

1. Ri<lH>rdT., PvL. L 

Fail, William, PvL, 416 Cnei 
Fitigornld. DenuB 11.. Pvt.. ' 

1 a.. Lewi. S. D. 


Slulu. Gaylord H.. Meu SergL. Au.lin, 
Sturtz, EmU. Wag.. CamphelT, .Mo. 
Suydam, Sylv«ter T., I'vt.. HarHund. N. D. 
Tari.™ ' ■■ — ■ " ■ ■ 

:.. StrawberiTi Point. low 

Fw™an!"c^ro.,'^ro., ^rthage. Mo. 

Fournel. Theteapbere H.. PyL. 1317 Woodruff A 

Foy. Hoben J., PvL. lat CI., 436 5Ih SL S. W.. Maaon i 

Gains. Cliff M.. Pvl. Sedgwick. Colo. 

Gann. Jam» R., Pvt,, Mansfidd. Mo. 

Ganur, Hariey. Pvl, R. F. D. No. 1, WeeuDgton. S. D. 

Sl. Louia, Mo. 


GmC Virgil W..Pvt.,Non 
GillB, Clurldi B.. P>t. ' ' 

St Cl.. Salt Lake City. Vlth. 

GralT. Letua M.. 1 

n, Thomas I'.. Prt.. 620M Ccntnl Avb. 
-- ' X O.. Pit.. 703 Norlh St., 

Haclund. Robert A.. Sergt.. lal CL. Sweo City, 1 
Ilalblsub. Henry L.. Pvl., Isl CI., Edgrmont, S. 
" ". Ivan v.. Wag. Lone Jack, Mo. 

Hampahiro. Orville L., SbceI,, Fort Recovery, Obio. 
Hanaon, Peter. Pvt.. lit CI., S423 W(b1 End Ave.. Chice 
HardUDiD. WiU H., Wag.. Waverly. Iowa. 
Harper. Eront G., lal^gt.. [Jrbaaa, 111, 

Hayter, W. J., P. 
Helvik. Gertiard : 
lleoiy. Silver C, 

*.. Corp.. lose 
Pvt., Oiharnc. 

n CL, Egan, S. D. 

Holen, OluF, Pvt.. Fori 

, Cl., Green Volley, Mo. 

Homewood, RufuB E., l<vt.. R. F. D. No. 3. Fayette 
Herrocka, George. Pvt.. lat Cl.. Meplic. Iowa. 
HodBon, Jama W„ Pvt., Isl Cl.. miitwiU, Tenn. 
[Unan. Earl, Pvt.. Fredodia, Kan. 
' on, EaH, Pvt.. Grsftnlicld, Iowa. 

a, Lalle II., Pvt., Morlcy, Mo. 

s, Marvin W,. Corp.. Pike County, Mo. 

0, Jens C, Pvt., Dlfimot, S "^ 

Pvl., l.t Cl„ Armo. KsD. 

Sergt,. Forrest Cily, lo«. 

wick. Jonepb, Wag., Diclunson. N. D, 
■""lliam A..Tvl., " "■ ■ 

Oak St., DanviUn, III. 

>l Cl.. H. F. D. No. 1, Windfield. Mo. 

Ksudiler. Frsd, Sad.. 8l, Paul, Minn. 

Knoi, ClarmCB R., Pit.. 100 E. Siunit St., Sbenandoaii, Iowa. 

Knuth, Arthur C, Pvt.. lit Cl,. St. Wal. Iowa. 

KnutKiD. Alfred L., Corp., Caonoii FaUa. Minn. 

Ruhne. WiUiair 

» G.. Cook. Ottawa 

It a., Vol™, s. 

Vol™, S. 1 
It cl.. Orle 

a, Albert G.. Pvt.. 

r, Robo-t I.., Pvt., LouIaviUe. Nob. 

MoCiure. Hugh M., Sergt., 214 N. 9th Su. Keokuk. Iowa. 

McCombn. L^oy R.. (!ook. Rii^li tlitl. Mo. 

McDanial. Joseph R., Sergt.. neiuon. Mioii, 

McGTBlh, Arthur L., Pvt., Day. Mo. 

Marcfad, Jofaa. Pvt.. Hdprr, Utah. 

Ham, CliSoid D., Pit.. Gainett, Kan. 

Maat(l. Mike B., Cook. TUi St.. Bismarck. N. D. 

Meadn, John W., Pvt.. Ist Cl.. H. F. D. ISo. I. Graodvisw, 

Means. Formt V.. Corp . Nevada. Mo. 

Miodmna. Jamb, Pvl., Midway, Wis. 

Mnighaa, Edgar J., Pvt,, Denny Brook, N. D. 

Men, Frank P.. Pvt.. LeMan, Iowa. 

Mengea, Joe, Sla. Sfrgt,. Arlington. Iowa. 

Mean. Carl H., Pvt., lat CI.. Seward. Neb. 

Meyer, Charles H . Pvt., R. F. D. No. 2. LaMoure, N. D. 

*-'■-- "—'[I J., Pit., 307 N. Spring St.. Perryiille. Mo. 

wn. Mod 

.. Murd 

, S. D. 

Moore, Harry, Corp., T23 

Morgon, George K.. Pvt.. LayUtu. uuui. 

Morgan, Ray, Corp.. Ugden, Iowa. 

Moser, Edward W , Pvt., B. F. D. No. 3. Slrai 

Mmman. Louie E., Pvt.. Maiden, Mo. 

MQlies, Oral W.. Pvt.. Hume. Mo. 

Murphy. John W.. Pit., 1st Cl.. Monett, Mo. 

NeUein, Henry H., Corp.. Oak Ridge. Mo. 

Nelson. Emeat. Wag.. Broi^and. Ark. 

Norby, Jos, Seigl., Peterson, Iowa, 

Nerem. Sam O., Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 4, Forest C 

N«k.-. Knil Iv. C.«v ■ Kl«auquB. Iowa. 

Outman. Cenree II., I'lt., 1st Cl.. Alia, lowu. 

O'Brien, Maurice C, Sergt., Eveleth, Mian. 

Oboa, Ingram H.. IVt.. Isl Cl.. Grand Forks, I 

OlaoD, Viggu. Corp., R, F. D. No. 2, Caledonia 

Orr, Julius B., iVt.. Middletowa, Mo. 

Otla. Gflcrge A.. Corp.. Sbelton, Neb. 

Oiisk, Henry C„ Pvt.. lat Q., St. Charies, Mo 

OweoK, James. Pit., 1st Q.. Stoekdale, Pa. 

Panith, Earl A.. Pvt.. IslCI., Kennelt, Mo. 

PelersoD. Arvid A., Corp.. 8«4 ITlb St., Molint 

Peteraon, Aid C.. Sergt.. 17 Eoslman Ave.. Minneapolis, Minn. 
Phillips, Richard L., Prt., R. F. D. No. 2, Whedock. N. D. 
Pip«, Ralph T., Corp., Butler. Mo. 
Pylc. Joseph C. Pit., let Cl., Walker, Mo. 
Racine, W^iam M., Pit,. Ist Cl., LitUe Falls, Minn. 
Ratie, Gecige J., Wag., Florence, Mo. 
RcdenbauRh. Henri D.. Pvt., Nevada. Iowa, 
Reisingcr, Charlm IL, I'vt., De Wilt. Iowa. 
Reynuids. Patrick, S«gt„ Springvalley, 111. 
Ricahaugh. George B., SergU, 1st Cl., Waldeck, Saskatdiawaa. 
Bicbardson. Luther B., Pvt., Puxico, Mo. 
Riding, Jed A., Pvt.. Punauilch, Utah. 
Roevker. Bernard. Pvt., Gredcy. Kan. 
Rowlun, Tbooias J., Corp.. Kenoett. Mo. 
Boy. Franklyn, Pvt., lat Cl., Bsthsrville, Iowa. 
Rock. Victor E.. Pit., 1st Cl.. McKittrick. Mo. 
Boiler. I':ngei. Jr., PvL, Meservey. Iowa, 
Ruppell, Gustave H., Pvt., Ist a.. Steamboat Rock, Iowa. 
Huslad. Alfred II.. Corp.. Zobl, N. D. 

Sanger. Ernest H.. Pit., 1st Cl,. R. F. D. No. I, Roekbam, S. D. 
Schahen. Bdnard J.. Pit,. Isl Cl.. R. F. D. No. 1, Vuiioe, Kan. 
Schall, Albert G., Corp., Atchison. Kan. 
Sclieudel. Kdward L.,l>vl,. Schafer, N, D. 
Schmidt. Louie J.. Corp., Strawberry l\)int. Iowa. 
Schullz, Henry J.. Pit.. Diion, S. D. 

Scott, Ebncr N.. Pit., 1st CL. R. F. D. No. I. Edgewood, Iowa. 
Severaon. Edward. Corp., Greenbush, Minn. 
Sherrill, William J., I'vt., B. F. D. No. Z. Martinsville. Mo. 
Simle, Henning K., Pvt., Ist Cl., R. F. D. No. 3. Lnmonl, N. D. 
Simmom, George F,. IVt,. Versailles. Mo. 
Sitlon. Paul W., Pvt.. Ist CL, 303 Wash St., Alton, lU. 
Skillon. Ralph E.. Pvt.. Ellison, Iowa. 
Smith. AloniB A.. Pit.. Lyon Counly. Iowa. 
Smith, Glenn A., Pvt., 1st Cl„ Galena. Kan. 
Smith, Herbert H., Pvt., Garner. Iowa. 
Smith, Hobart G., Corp.. B. F. D. No. I. Dudley, Mo. 
Smith, Iria K., Corp., Strawberry Point, Iowa. 
Solberg, Knut F.. Sergt., 3A20 llth Ave. S,. Minneapcdis. Minn. 
Solseng, George, Pvl., Ist Cl., Larimore, N. D. 
Stafford, William O., Prt,. 1st CL. RloomGeld. Mo. 
Steele, Harrison C. Corp., G02 Euclid Ave.. Cherokee. Iowa. 
Steffeni, Rudolph A. C Pvt., Harvey County. Kan. 
Stevens, Thomas E.. Sergt,. Oelwein, Iowa. 
Storm, Gordon IL, Corp., Lingle, Wyo. 

StHngar, Lulher E., Pit., 1st CL, 204 Myrlle St.. Monett, Mo. 
Tallman, Hotry L,. Pit., lit CL, Jasper, Mo, 
Tester. Walter R.. Sta. Sergl.. Medura. luwa, 
Thompson. Hdwin. Corp., Ennui, lows. 
Thompson. Selmcr O.. Pvt., let CL, Balbon, N. D. 
TiAiason. Albin, Pit,. Wiillsloa, N. D. 
r, Leslie R., Pit.. Isl Cl.. Belgique. 

Umlauf. AnUiony A„ Corp.. 310 N, Jefferson St,, . 

Van Auwelner, Albert, Corp., MoliDe, III. 

Van DukcT, Leon, Pvt., Mulberry, Kan. 

Von Horn. Wallar H., Pit.. 1st CL, D« Moina, 1 

Veidl. Georgo H., SrrKt., lut Cl., Anoka, Minn. 


M.. Pit , 1st CL, R. F. D, No. S. Rsetor, Ark. 
am F., I>vt. BloomBeld. Mo, 
n A., Pit.. Slater. Iowa. 
"b, Pvt., Poatville, ' 

;. L., Corp., 4B Eaat Ttli S.. Salt Lake City. Utah. 
tvemg. Irvine C. Sergt., iBt CL, Sioui City, Iowa. 
Wenner. O. A., Sergt., 2410 Pidk St, N. E.. Minneapolis. Minn. 
Wheeler, AuguBlus M.. Pit., 1st Q., 231 Hooker St.. Denver, Cob), 
Whinnie. John R., Pvl., 1st CL, Farmiiwtao, W, Va. 
Widner, Charles L., Pvt., 2108 5U. Ave. E.. Marion, Iowa. 
"■■ ~ ~ "' ea. S. D. 

., Edgew 

1. lo* 

t. William H., CDrp,, 662 Virginia St., Haisboro, III. 
Witt, Arthur N., Corp.. Gower, Mo. 
Woodcock, Lloyd S,, Sergt., 52T S. 8th E.. Salt Lake City. Utah. 
Worner, Frank W„ Sergt., 782 Osage St., Leavenworth, Kan. 
Wrobel. Anlhony J., Corp.. ITI3 N. Talman Ave,, Cbicaco, IB. 
Young. Oliver W., Corp., Boi 48, Parma, Mo. 
Zimkoski, Charln L,. Pvt.. Ddano, Minn. 
Thompson, Alniander M., Caul., 1303 Cass St., LaCroue, Wis. 
Luti. Richard E.. 1st Lt., c/o Miss Elise Alder, Mantoriille, Mini 
Elans. Richard W., 1st Lt.. 220 Vernon Ave., Fergus Falls. Minn 

Scheff, Sami 

dW.. 1 

el L,. 2nd Lt.. 2905 Logan Blvd., Chicago, 111. 
uiyre, iiaraceP.,2ndLl., 1704 Dauphin St., Pbiladdphia, Pa. 
Snell, RutlierFord, 2nd Lt.. Brookneal. Va, 

Johnson, A. O.. Ist Sergt., 2903 Calirocnia St. N, E., Minn.. Minn. 
Snyder, Warner P., Sergt., lata., R.F.D. No, 1 , CentwiDle, Ion. 
Utile, Clyde E.. Sergt., Isl Cl., Viola, lU. 
Weber. Tliomas F., Sergt., Ist CL, WcetEeld. Iowa. 
Bertelson, Anion. Sergt.. Ist CL, Albert Lea, Minn. 
Mulhern, Patrick F., Sergt., 1st CL. Montrow, Minn. 
Rafter. James L., Sergt.. Ut Cl., Wobajiha, Minn. 
Beaton, Neal A., Mr. Engr., SSI Hall Ave,. St. Paul, Minn, 
Wiiherspoon. Homeo, Meas. Sergt., R. F. D. No. 1, Molioe. ID. 
Besch. Richard L., Sup, Sergt., 3123 Chicago St., Ft. Madiaon, lowl. 
Peterson. W. B., Sts. Sergt., 3748 PorUood Ave., Minneapolis, MiBB. 
Richie, Wilson L.. Sergt., Georgetown, III. 
Smilh. Cheoter W„ Sergt.. ," " 


c. N. B.. Mian., Mini 

Nami. Rani and Homt . 
HOIcr. WaiiBm H.. Sagt,, Doyon, N. D. 
PatloB. Thomu J.. Sergt.. ManhaU, Mina. 

,__j. Wmiam 3.. SMgl.. DbIzbU. IU. 

Browne. C)uirl«B..S«r«t., 711 E. Noma 3 
Jnlliaaki. Wall«ri..S«Et.,ZlllUm>Rniity 

Lodwick, John D.. Sergt., 107 naral Boad „ 

Dicrcki. WUIred R., Seriit.. Aurelia. Iowa. 

Raiuhuii. WitJiam C Sergl.. New Madrid. Mo. 

CoQUia. Glen W.. Sttgl.. 314 3rd A'«. sod 14lh St.. RrJIe Plainr 

Hoakiu. WaUiB A.. Sergt., 128 Washington 3l.. Hibbing. Minn. 

Maien. Piter i.. Corp.. 21 S. 13th Si., MinncapolB. Minn. 

Colline. Albert H., Com., New London. looa. 

Gardner. Charlu A.. Corp.. Lake CryoUl, Minn. 

tlarlahorn. Walter B,. Corp , S23 lilinois Ave.. Oltawa, III. 

Leatar, Cbartea F., Corp.. lil9 E. 2nd Ave., MilcheU. 3. D. 

Sndin. Harry A., Corp.. Humboldt. Iowa. 

Matcba. Harry L., Co^. 225 W. 6lJi Si.. Uavcnnorl, Io«a. 

Tobiaaon. Amos. Corp..R. F. D. No. I. Inwood. Tows. 

E^dahl. Anfin J.. Corp.. 330 WiUiam Si., JackMin. Mich. 

Hinlon. Homer, Corp.. Biamarck. N. D. 

Lee. Bamway. Corp., 3143. Water St., Havana, III. 

t. John G.. C«p.. R. F. D. Na. 3. Dorchealer. Iowa. 

I. In* 

_. . , _l, F. D, No, LPhmriBbure, Mo. 

Milln, Warreo, Corp.. Loup Cily, ^|!b. 
Kelley- LeBoy F., Corp., Greene, lona. 
Coonce, Noah J.. Corp., Boi 696. Wymorn. Nol.. 
MikeneU, Fred B., Corp., SI9 S. W. Ilth., U« Mirines. lov 
Lualer. Roy M., Corp., 736 W. Moid St.. Cherokee, lows. 
Baoui. ChBrioa. Corp.. BIoomEeld. Mo. 
Kumptoa, Gwrgn W., Corp.. fonce De Loon. Mo. 
Jeokiu. Jnmea W., Corp., Deiter, Mo. 
McCoanell, Clajn, Corp.. IDA!) 21lii St., Dee MiHna. Io<vb. 
MeCollouKh. Dooard R., Corp.. Morlty, Mo. 
Van LnerTRoy A.. Ccsp,, 1 12S Tower Grove, 31. Louii, Mo. 
Wendland. FVank R.. Corp.. Benkdman. Neb. 
Olgen, Otto M.. Corp. 523 E. Sth St., DuluOi. Minn. 
Gillea. EnJn F., Corp.. Wabpelon, N. D. 
Skidmore. Charlen B„ Corp., B, F. D. No. 2. Liberal, Mu. 
EllenWDod. Everett E., Cora., CarDinB, Iowa. 
WUknoD. Dillon F., Corp.. Cherokee, To»a. 
Kell. Haymood A.. Corp.. Earie Grove, town. 
Ankeay. John J., Corp.. 227 MiUer St.. Waterloo, Iowa. 
Morriaon. Geor^ie W., Corp., Frennrl, Ma. 
Paris, I^ira A-. Corp.. diariiee. Mo. 
Riston. John a.. Corp., Hineharl, Mo. 
Boe, KmiDsda. Corp,. 117 Tth St. N. E., Minot, N. D. 
Coboia, William F., Corp., Holland, Mo, 
Poaton, Harve. Corp.. McK ill rick. Mo. 
Lewi., Harry, Corp.. R. F. D. No. 1. Seoolh, Mo. 
Rethinger. Andrew B., Ha., ITS9 E. Main St.. Decatur. 111. 
HokaDaoa.E]oIG..Sad..T265lhSt., DciMoiDB, Iowa. 
- AnooU. Mo. 



vo„ JopJin. Mo, 
Nevatfa. Ma. 


Fronkp. Bernard H., Wag., Wbiltemore. Ic... 

GUIS. Milford M., Wag.. R. F. D. No. 1. Arnadia. Mo. 

Hsaa. Jamea H.. Wag.. Waiikon, Iowa. 

Parriah. Joseph C. Wag.. B. F. D. No. 3. Moberly. Mo. 

Ranuey. Bert. Wag., 1612 Summit St.. Beatrice, Neb. 

Boening, Edward E.. Couk. 3TZ1 Jenninn Ave.. Pinn Lawn. M 

Burnett. David K., Cook, 9 Loout StTS.. ColTai, Iowa. 

Find), Clark E., Cook. Chariton. Iiiwa. 

NorouD. Sigurd M., Cook. 927 Water Si.. Chippewa Falla, Wis. 

Schacher. Vni H.. Couk. Old Monroe. Mo. 

Krion. Loaia J., Bug., Wanbon. Minn, 

"- - I, Millan F., Bug.. Hiidigale, Mo. 

' imea A., Pvt„ tal Ct., Versailn. Mo. 
1, John S.. Pvt.. lal Q. Hemberg, N. D. 

Atkinaou.' Robert K..'pvt..l's(CI., Kingaly, I'own. 

BaDey, Samuel I.. Pvl„ tat CI., Peni. Kan. 

BeoDvi. Lyon R.. Pvt., Ut CI., Bowl^, linis. 

Banoi, George A„ Pvt,, lat Cl„ Charles City, lown. 

Br^y. Louia. Pvt.. Ill CI., DDnDcltson, Iowa. 

Brunei. Alfred N., Pvt.. Id CI.. Wiliiaton. N. D. 

Dick. Edward. PvL. Ut CI.. Edgerlon. Mo. 

" " ■ " It Cl„ 4B2S Eiaton Ave,, St, Louia, Mo. 

, . - .t., 1st CI., LurimDT, Iowa, 

D. Carl W., Pvt.. lat CL, Cherokee, Iowa. 

Hare, i:. W., Pvt.. lit Q., 1231 SalinioniB Avo., Hunli 

Haydeo. Alten W., Pvt., lat a.. Weir City, Kan. 

Heinbokd. Louis II., Pvl., lit a.. ClayviOe, Mo. 

Heye, Irvin W., Pvt., In CI., 219 S. Main St., SI. Cfaarii 

Hoenv. William. Pvt.. 1st CI., Luiombiiri, li 


1, Carl A 

,. lata.. 172 11. _._ 
'It CI., Machoni. II 

II 31., Duboq 

January. Lee, Pvt,, 1st CI., Free 

JobiBOD, John R.. Pvt.. lat CI., WUIiatDD. N. D. 
Jona, Charles A., Prl., Isl CI., Happyville, Colo. 
Kamp, Paul P.. Pvt.. IsL a.. SUr Honl«, BdlllDwer. Mo. 
Kdtner, MaynardB., Pvt, lalCL, Carthage, M" 
KiDck, JoKmb P.. Pvt.. lat CI . Mason City. \m 

l-o..». W!nf.»r. T T>.,f - - "' ' ' 

'.. Pvt,. ! 

... 1st 

I CL, 1 

3nl Ave., Mlnneapolia. Mini 

MUTH, Ranii anil Haia AJJrat 
NeUaon, Tbmna* C, Pvt., lat CI., HordviUe, Neb, 
Neilson. Max M., Pvt., lat CI . B. F, D. No. 2. Lake Prealon, S. D. 
Noely, Charlie M., Pvt., lat CI., R. F. D, No. 2, CarulhetavUla, Mo. 
Parkir. Samud J.. Pvt.. 1st a., R. F, D. No. 2. Suiing. Wk. 
Powell. FVed, Pvl.. lat Q.. PoatviUe. Iowa. 
Raamuaaen. Wiggo. Pvt.. 1st Q.. Pawcn Lake. N. D. 
Beavie. John L. Pvt.. 1st CI., Heda. S. D. 
SdiiUy, John C. Pvl.. lat CI., Sle. Genevieve, Mo. 
SeiUng, ArlhurJ., 302S. MainSt. St. ChaHei. Mo. 
Stock, WiUiam J.. Pvt., 1st CL. 2S0T Bloyd St.. Indiaoapclia. Ind. 
Swanaon. Gust B . Pvt.. Isl CI., B. F. D. So. 2. Gisnwdl, Iowa. 
TaUakaon. Thomaa, Pvt.. lat CI., Hubbard, Iowa. 
Taylor, Cherln E.. Pvi.. 1st Ct. R. F. D. No. 2, Sarcoiio, Mo. 
Thoreaon. Albert T., Pvt.. lat CI . Battleview, N. D. 
Timan. Carl A.. Pvl.. Ist CL, Miller. Iowa. 
Ulnage, Lulher 

. Hemple. Mo, 
R. F. D. No, 2, C 

;.. 1st CI., Bioebior Springa. Mo. 

W»i^n!Tnd'R!: Pvt.'.' Ist Cl.Vso: Elm' St.. Bed Oak, Iowa. 

Weiland. Walter F., Pvl., Isl CL, Fremoot. Neb. 

WiUiama. Charlea N., Pvl., lat CI., Bo. 5US, Campbdl, Ho. 

Adams, A. E., Pvl., 50O N. Main St.. Rochnler, Minn. 

Ambergei, Frank, Pvt.. il. F. D. ^D. 1. LarehwDod. Iowa. 

Andenon. Andrua J.. Pvt., 49 S. First West St.. Salt Lake City. Uuh. 

Armatrong. Ceorgo A., pvt.. 517 llager St.. WinSeld, Kan. 

Augustine. Clarence A.. Pvt,. Ijike Port, Cal. 

Bailanue, Frank tl., Pvt,, 291 H St.. Jersey Cily. N. J. 

BalUiiger, EaH W.. Pvt., Nevada, Mo. 

Baretl, Joseph J„ Pvt,. 585 2nd St.. Portland, Ore. 

lUihutat. William M., Pvt.. Oaborne. Kan. 

BUck,StacyL.,P»t.,R,F,D.No.' ■- ■ "- 

Bruuhard. Clyde H., Pvt., 1720 E. . 

Callaban. George E„ Pvt., nattaburg. Mo. 

Caraon. WiUiam R,. Pvl.. 508 E, lOlS .St., Trcnlon. Mo. 

Chriatiawen. Curl, Pvl., Monroe. Ulnh. 

Clark, Rudolph W., Pvt.. 126 K SL, Salt Lake City, Utah. 

., Pvt., 1720 E. Pine St., Fori Scott. Kan 

_sl J., Pvl., Hibbini 
., Eli, Pvt., Luvern> 

Hatfield. John T., Pvt., Galena, Kan. 

Kemiaa.Joe, Pvt.. R, F, D. No.' 1, Dante, SyD, 

Hill, Frank J.. Pvt.. Proctor. Mo. 

Horstman. George W., Pvl., R. F. D, No. 2. Sbemdd, Iowa. 

Howdl, WiUiam. 20B Cbarry St.. Butte. Monl, 

KeUer, Walter H,. Pvl.. 1025 Hamillon St., Radne, Wlr. 

Kodiler, Wenadus H., Pvt., 2264 Main Si., Northampton. Pa. 

KraKeabrink. Edwin R., Pvl.. 121 5th Ave.. N.. Wousau. WiL 

Kringte. De LoiaS., Pvl., H, F, D, No. 6, Dubuque. Iowa. 

Mahonay, John W., Pvt., R, F. D. No, 1, SouUi Greenfldd, Mo. 

Meyer, Elmer O., Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 1, Sootia, Neb. 

Miller, Maloolm. Pvt.. 1300 Keoyoa St.. WaahingloD, D. C, 

Moon. George R., Pvl., Hamplon. Iowa. 

Morgan. Charlea, Pvl., R. F. D. No. 2, Fuller. Kan. 

Neary, Miohad R., Pvt., Dnatur. Neb. 

NeUon, Gerhard J.. Pvt., R. F. D. No. 2. Nevada, Iowa. 

Paar, John A.. Pvt., 27 Spruce St.. Dubuque. Iowa. 

Pickeren. Kaino O.. Pvt.. 129 N. 61st St. W.. Dululk, Minn. 

Rabitan, Harry B., Pvt.. 310 Ridge St.. Bldarado, 111. 

Reidy, Lewis C., Pvt., R. F. D. No. 1, Boa 5, Adams, N. D. 

ReiUy, Edward, Pvt., Northwood Narrows. N. H. 

Rim, Robert L.. 604 E. Pleasant Sl, Belvidere, 111. 

'tudd, CbsrlH J.. Pvt., 68 Dodge St., Dubuque. Iowa. 


Fdii D,. Pvl., 

" id G. Pvt.. R. F. D^No. 1, Mulbory. Kan. 


Schrolh. Fred E.. _ .. . 

Schiielte, John M., Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 1. Story Cily. _ _ 
Stabler. Earl, Pvt.. S19 E. Kdlog St.. WichiU, Kan. 
Sloops, Loren. Pvt., Bascom, Ind. 

a. „ HarryL.. Pvt-, fl. F. D. No. 5, Rock Rapid., 

IlarryE.,'-- "-'' " "■ " ' 

BoOLOer Springs. Kan. 

Thomas. Harry E.,Pvt 

Thomas. Iral B.. Pvl., ..._. 

Towmend. Howard C, Pvt., 1419 Oregon St., Muscatine. Iff* 

Vardsveen, Andrew, Pvt., BU9 Ist Ave. S. E., Minot. N, D. 

Vaughn, Cortea, Pvt,, R. F. D. No. 3, Livingston. Tenn. 

Waastram, Arthur E., Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 2, Craig, Neb. 

Waulhier. William, Pvl.. Radley, Kan. 

Weodel. Adam B., Pvt.. Lansing, Iowa. 

Wnteen, Henry B.. Pvt,, R. F. D. No. I. Meckling, S, D. 

WliiteaeU. Walter B., Pvt.. ST9 K. Cunia St.. Dunkirk. Inl. 

Wolfe. Roger M., Pvt.. 430S Holmes Su, Kanias City. Mo. 

Young. Beojamio H., Pvt,, R. F. D, No. 2. Douglaa, Kan. 

Youngbaiier, MatJ, Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 2, PineCily.Mion, 

Douolaa. Charles K., Maj-. MeadviUe. Pa, 

Doyle. John J.. lat Lt., 7040 HthrJ Ave., St. Louis, Mo, 

Brock. Eugene A., Sergt., Warrenahurg, Mo, 

Lindelien, Allrod. Corp., Grand Meadow, Minn. 

FjnUd, Alf M., Bug.. Kindred, N. D. 

Moore. Clark A.. Pvt., Hume, Mo. 

Reistad, Leif tl.. Pvt.. Waloott, N. D. 

Shidds, Harry W Pvl., ViUisca, loa 


o, Pvt.. 

tv., rvt., viuisi 
It CI., Edson e 

. W*us«u, Wis. 


;.. 1023 Bth A 
Uflin. i«n, Kvt., uucDdUp Mo. 
White. William H.. Pvt.. R. F. D. Nn. S, Bd> No. 503. Joiilin. 
McCbho. Jama C, Pvl., WaupMn. N. D. 
Holman. James R.. Pvl.. CI.. F^nlain Gi»n. Idaho. 

HayES. CarUD 
Hcimtiolh. Pa_. ., _ 
Hi^nrj. Merrdl. Cnrp. 


Davii. Andy Z.. 
Boyd, Let H.. O 


lartniM. Jamis _. , 

, Harry V.. Znd L(.. Blur Inland. III. 

Frank H.. Isl Ll.. Twu Karbois. Minn. 

Lin«i>lcy. N«l S., Capl.. Mlan«>|K>l>>, Miun. 

'chuuujn. Clarence E.. Znd Lt.. Int 

vinrnton, H. T.. Capt., c/oC. B. 1. & P. K. H. Co.. Cedar 

DtHtuon. Francis A. 

ran. Loiel S.. Liltlo Falls. Minn. 

fwney. Walt™ A., 969 lludion Ave.. Delmil. Mirh. 

lien. Harc4d L.. Pvt.. SS Green St.. Woodbur: 

Baitlelt. Anwm L.. SerRt.. 
Barlon. l.eonard ■" "- - 

Balj. John. Wag ,.. 

Bauman. Romuald G., Prl., Ul CI., H. ». N». 4. Furt Scoii. &an. 

Beiiner. Otto H., Pvt.. Lor^wood. Md. 

Bell. Thomas J.. Pvl., Yatbo, Ark. 

Benedict, John H.. Pvt.. Ut CI.. Womack. Mo. 

Bergman. Oscar W.. Pvt.. 1st Q., R. F. D. Ko. 1. Raymond S. D. 

Bishop. H. L.. Pvl.. 1st CI.. R. F. D. No. I. Boi R, Webb Cilv. Mo. 

Biahop, John W,. Pvl,. Heed Si.. Rnl Oak. Iowa. 

Blackburn, ChailesO.. Pvl.. IslCI.. c-o Ed Lackey, Woir Bayou. Atk 

Blevina. Elbirt. Pvt.. GUIcepie, lU 

"— r, Henry, Pvt '■--=-- "- 

., Bazine, Kan 

Boyer, Har 

, IVt.. 

I.. Steele. Ma. 

lerBald. Kan. 

I, Mo. 

Car^^. C. R.. Sergt.. 2727 Johnson Et. N. E.. Mini.. 
Carroll. Charln E.. Pvl.. Harrison. Nell. 
Carlen. Jams J.. Pvt.. Buffalo Gap, S. D. 
Chippeffield. Harold M.. Pvt.. lat CI.. R. F. D.. Ben 
Ctoe. Claude H.. Pvl.. Atwood. Kan. 
Cloyd. Herman M.. Pru. Cedar 
Cole, Wairen C. Corp., Ci^-^- - 
Combs. Ridiaid M.. Pvt.. t 
Coon. Alvin E.. Corp. " 

'vPI^'vine'st.. Ci 

Davii, H. F., Pvl 
~ ' WiUiam H 

aid. John . .. — r-. - 

1. Elhelbrrt. Vag.. Cardwcll. Mo, 

Didier. John P., Sergt.. 1st C.I. (.I* H™»rrf 
Diehl. Veen. Pvt.. R. F. D. !> 

'..Corp.. A 
Pvt.. Avoc 

I. Harry C Pvt.. ._ 

y. William J.. Corp.. U. < 

lann. Clarcnoe E.. Corp.. ; 

:.. Si. Louis, Mo. 

.._.y. PeariB.Corp., H. 
Eberu. WiUiani. Pvt.. i*i 
Elliott, Everett, Sergl. 
Elliotl. Hugh v.. Pv- 

Cl., 420 W. 4lh St.. Hod 
:enter I'lrint. Iowa. 
132 W. Ann St., Los Angela. 

Fleck. Lealer. Pvt.. 202 Aah Si.. Wanir«o, Kan 
F1emin«. Waiiam C. Corp.. Snlan. Kan. 
Fosle. C. E.. Sergl.. Isl CI.. 4.143 Logan Ave. 
Fowlnr. JamaR, PvL.lstCI.. R. F. D. No. 1. 
Foi. John J.. Corp.. 214 Lench Ave.. Joliel. lU 
Franklin, Benjamin. Pvt.. Bristow. OUa. 
Gvmain.CarlE.. Corp., 206 S, Elirin St., Tulsa. 
Govreau. P. B.. Sad., c/o Vander Bie Ice Cream 
Grady. Jam« D.. Pvt.. Ist CI.. Cardwell, Mo. 

Gross. Fred A , Corp.. ZrnitJi, N. D. 
Ilsgrnson, Oscar. Pvt.. 325 De Will 

■erg. R. E., Mob Sergt.. 1103 Fi 

St.. Clinloi 
' Main St., 


d Homa. 

I St.. Kai 
j Kan. 


„. ..t,. Woodluvi'n. Iowa. 

Hiatl. Ray. Corp., H. F. D. No. 4, Edon. Kan. 

Hin>. Alfred G.. Coip.. Stockton. Utah. 

Hoffman. llarryM.. pvl., IstCI., 434 Simmons Ave., Huron, 8. 1 

Huffman. Ray A,. Pvl.. R. F. D. No. 3. PerryviUe, Mo. 

Hohmon, Frank J., SMgt., Walker. Minn. 

Iliillran. Arthur J.. Pv(.. 1st CI.. 720 AdamaSl.. St. Charka. Mo. 

Il.«k. Evrretl E.. Pvl., lit CI.. Route 3. Petryville, Mo. 

IIovd<;. Albert N.. Cook. Minnawsukon. N. D. 

Hughai. Ksoo. Pvt.. IslCI.. Portagevillr "- 

Severl, Pvt.. 1st 

3a. Grover C. P^ „„_. 

3n. Joel P., Pvl.. lil a.. Ml 

CI.. Mt. Sieriing. III. 
^k. S. D. 

Hill. Mo, 

.. .UaralhOD. lowa. 

R. I, Box I. Moorelfln. N, [ 
■■ nl. Mo. 

CI., 104 College. Rosedali 

Kehm. John H . Pvt.. Isl CI.. R2S Sin Avp N., Fort DodsB, Iowa. 
Kelly, Milton G., Corp.. 208 Tib St.. Devils Lake. N. D. 
Ketby. Charlu L.. Pvt.. Mindan, Mo. 
Krahl. Francis C Mr. Engr. Jr.. 359 N. Clark. Chicago. III. 
Kyle. V-'— ■ "- ■ - -"■ "■■'-J ■- - 

Lenger. Claud F,.' Pvt'.. 

Lfvding. WlUiam. Corp.. H. H. No, :. Wee 
Lewis. William B.. Pvt.. Riuville. Wash. 
LiebcTK. Harold A.. Corp.. " 

II, Orva Z.. I-vt., 

:.. Carbondale. Pa. 

Lyons. William. Pvl. 
MoClard, Claud L.. 
Mcaurc. Wilfotd A. 


. . _ . , Gilberls 
rge. Wag., Hy. 1l.._. 
est, PvL. Pidier. Okla. 


Bluffs, lo- 

McKinley. U 

Martin. Fred , - 

Marlin. John B.. Corp,. Box 38. Hai 

Massie. Paul E.. Corp.. 702 N. Dedar St.. Nevada, Mo. 

MstUson, Hay H.. Pvt.. RockweU City. Iowa. 

Mauer. Peler J.. Pvt.. Oakvilte. Iowa. 

Meade. Harry L.. Pvt.. Isl CI.. 136 S. 9th St.. LiDcaln. Neb. 

Medlin, Homer E.. Pvt.. Ist CI.. Canday. Mo. 

Milber. Curl F... Pvl., Route " 

Milburn. Robert i... Corp.. ( 

MiUer. James P. Pvt.. Mulberry. Kan 

Minuizo. Giovanni. Pvt.. «03 Rosabel St.. Los Angela. 

Moure. Tony L.. Pvt.. 1st CL. 314 S. Cherry St.. Otlmv: 

UoTtensen. Martin. Pvt,. Ist CI.. 3111 S, 24lh Si., Omahi 

Moyen, Rubetl M.. Pvt.. Bosville, Mo. 

Mueller, William K,. Pvt.. R. R. 1. Sle, Genevieve. Mo 

Nell, Edfiar v.. Pvt.. Salt Lake Co., Hiverlon. Utah. 

New. Nick. Wag,. Solen. N, D. 

Norris, JuHcph H.. Corp.. Madrid, Iowa. 

Olson. Corndiua, Pvt.. While Wood. 8. D. 

Packard. Heman D.. Pvl., Cameron, Mo. 

Page..' ™ „ . . 

on. Jan 

Parsons. Ha 

... Pvt.. ] 

ry D.. Pvt. Box K 
W.,WaR., Mendot 

t CL. I 

32. Dili 

e. Ulah. 

I^Lerson. Andn 


la 3. n™ 

. Minn. 

I.. Clinloi 

,-- Sail Luke Co.. Hiverlon. Ulah. 

•iekering. Fred. Bug., Ulyssa. Neb. 

'ingel. Rudolph J,. Fni.. IslO.. B, F. D. No. 2. IVryviU 

'orler. Waller A.. Corp.. Savoy Hotel. Kansas City. Mo. 

■olu. Jnmn B.. Pvt,. Cameron M» 

Vinis, Carl E., Pvt.. Ist CI.. D 

'ursetl. James D.. Wag.. 1022<.__„. ._ . , _. 

'owell. Charlea L., Cook. ChprryviUe, Kan. 

Edwin H.. Pvt.. 1st CI.. Boi ZIT. Fetnlelt, Mo. 

:s Osage Ave., Kansas City. Kan 

1. John. Pvt 

Glenn, Corp., Lone Tr<-«. Iowa. 

nr.» P.. I.I CI,. 232 K. Comi 

r. S. P. 

R™ti. Waller F., Pvl.. Rrnory. S. P 

Reihman. Frank W.. Pvl.. Grand Mou _ 

RKinsch, Albert W.. Seril.. lOSJulia AvcJoliel. III. 

Rethonit. VA K.. Pvl. Waldron. Kan. 

Hniaswig. Howard V,, Sergt., Ist CI.. Grand Rainda. ^ 

Rpvers. Tom. Pvl.. Ist CL, 2823 F St.. Omaha. Neb, 

Robbina. Tom. Corp., Carmlllun, Ky. 

Rogrrs, Michael R.. Sla. Sergt.. Glencoe. Minn. 

rhi»d. Mini 

al St., SpringG«ld, Mo. 

. . ._i, Niokle 

Ryan. Arthur J.. Pvt.. 204 E. Bruadw 
Bynn. Mai B. Sergl,. lal CI... M4S, P 
Sams. Ellis. Cnn>., IS12 Walnut St.. E 
Sundo. John L.. Corp.. Keniiell. Mo 
Schilling. John B.. Corp.. Ijimliertoo. 
"-■---■-- "--T J,. P.t,. Ossiun. ' 

y. Slrealor, III. 
lusville. Ind. 


Shirley. Arthur 
ShnfcTl, Mauric 

. Henry G.. Pvl.. 

. tjrnest V„ Pvl,. Ist 
■ge F.. Sergl.. 3r 

.w Milts. Mo, 

1. 106 E, 15th Court. Da Moina. I 

>nd Freeman St.. Charlea City. lo« 

[214 J 

9iadur, George E., Ptt., 1 
Smjtli. Alunaa A.. Pvt„ W 
SaiiHi. Barl L.. Pvl.. P~" 

Smilh. Irvin L, P*t.. 

.. ^.H. 

4.'LeliBnDn. I 

SnaradileD. Marvio K.. Corp.. 20t N. Wobb St.. Wehli City, Mo. 
SUebt. Ilnrnun R. W.. I>t Sorgt.. Zumbrotn. Minn. 
Surajn, KongUnlion. Prl., 25 DiveEeld St.. (imDlield, Mm. 
SuItcTH. LeuJ.. l>vt.. mCl., Boulca. P«ry*illB, Mo. 
SwioiUe, Perry E,. Corp.. Box 13. La Ru^uill, Mo. 
TbumpMin. ClabB. Pvt.. Cape Foire. Mo. 

>h J., Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 

, Wuaa. S. D. 

10 aZnit Ave. N. E.. Minncapolia, Minn. 

I, Alberl W , Pvl.. Lnmnr, Mo. 

irhtnr. Eucnne C 8«||l, 

It CI.. Biunsrek. N. D. 
" r. Wyo. 

W»lt«r. Orio ... ... „. 

n<Ui. Alfnd L.. CDCT>.,7iaCh»Inul.St.,r.ran[| Forks, N. D. 

WnlTnll, Fomnt G., Corp.. Boutu 1. Clifton HiU. Mo. 

Whaley. Fred B., Pvl.. Ul CI., ISIB Fnnnio Ave.. WichiU. Ksn. 

Wbile. Corbelt. Pvt.. Bidln. Mo. 

Widem. Ray W.. Wait.. Matiw... Mo, 

Wiibanlu, Otto, Pvt,. CBnithmvillc, Mu, 

Wiley, Muion F.. Cisp., T9V W. 12tb St., Munaie, Ind. 

WiUiaou, Alva L.. Pvt.. Box 212, Kanini City, Mo. 

WillisDU, Im L.. Corp., Sedan, Kan. 

WiUiama, Halph R., Pvt.. lut CL, Route 3, Cuncnin, Mo. 

Winyall, Angiut W., Pvl., Ill a.. Rapid City. S. D. 

Wilnwriog, Norbeit H., Corp., MuHiatine. Iowa. 

Wood, Oa>iP, Pvt.. Isl Cl„ ^9 S. Trenopl St., Kunaat City, Kan. 

Wuriand. Roy S., PvL., MonlgomFTy City, Mu. 

Worrell. Addwm H., Pvt., WiniHon, Mo. 

JaoobMn. Gram. Sergt., Ut CI.. Madison, Minn. 

Snnldon. T. N.. pvt., Diooiandville. Wyo. 

ChBH, Arthur J., Civp., o/o J. L. Grmnwood, Lehii^, Iowa. 

JohoMiii, Chaila R.. Serct. HanBdd, 111. 

Micboel, John W., Pvl., Ihn lU, Anmore, S. D. 

Potttr, Edwia II.. Sergt.. 1362 Spruce Plan. Minaeandta, Midd. 

Relyea. Fxlward R., Sergt., 419 Bidiard Si., Joliet. lUT 

Thayer. Glenn D,, Corp., Dogden, N. D. 

Mayhrw, Jamoi N., Corp., Ill 8. }r<l Si.. Miiui«pali>. Minn. 

Morru, Alfred, Jr., Sergt., 34«T 5tb Ave.. De« M«n«. Iowa. 

Mohr, Kred W., Corp., Lime Springa, to»a. 

Child. Merwin II.. Pvt., Pttid. N. D. 

Boyd. Lee R,. Capt., Crookaton, Minn. 
C^, Alnoa E., Capt., 2D Beacon Hill Ave.. Lynn, Ma~. 
AndenoD. Joaeph W.. lal Ll., Hallock, Minn. 
PuroeU. W. II.. Igt Lt., S327 Lyodall Ave, S., MiDoapolis, Minn. 
Ryan. Loiel S,. lit Lt., Liule Falls, Minn. 
ETford. Harold. 1st Lt.. 621 S. Ohio Ave.. Colnmbui, Ohio. 

' ■" -ilLt.,253<lOfchBrd Ave., Ogden, Utah. 

Ballanlyoe, Jaepb E., lal I 
Macnei, Philip G,, Znd Lt.. 

Cra^, Robert C 2Dd Lt.. I 

HJaUea. Leo N,. Znd Ll., ZOT 12Ih S 
Tnllle, Arthur B.. Znd Lt., 193 LelTei 
Abel, WiUiam A., Wag., HutUrGeld. I 
AmiiniLien, Ole, Corp.. Herman. Min 
a. Alfred. Wag., [22 Roberta 

aon, Carl H., Cook, F 

chard Ave., 6gd 

I., Dn Momei, Ionia. 

. Sioux City, Iowa. 

t Piece. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

t.. Fargp, N, D. 
. 2, Williiton, N. D. 
ty. Ulah. 
, Utah. 
, BeardatowD. III. 

nionSt., Davenporl, Iowa. 

12Ui St., Cloquet. MioD. 

,.. McKinock. N. D. 

Boocuione, Rocco. Pvl,, Runuon, N, J. 

Bowlca. Emal L.. Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 1. Mijlatle. S, D. 

Hoyer, W. E., Pvl., lit CI., 213 E. Unn St.. St. Joe. Mo. VDeoeaaed). 

ban. John J., Pvt. 

Brandt. Julin, Pvt., l>t CI., B. F. D. No. 3. Av 
Brauo, Jf^in B., Corp.. -St. Maryi, Mo. 
Brown, John M., Pvt.. 1>I CI., Cedar Creek, M 
Hrown. Richard R,. Pvt,, Hayti, Mo. 
Budnik, Frank. Wag.. Conun, Minn. 
BuUnrd. Ray A.. Sargt,, 1401 6lh St., Fort Mai! 
BurnB. Raymond L.. Corp., Wdliville, Mo. 
BurriU, Alfred, Sergt,, 921 E. Main St.. Egthcr' 
Burg. Ed. Pvl., I.t a.. R. F - ■■ " " 

Bums, Waller J,, Sergt., iM 

Bu«b. Har<4d A., Sergl., Isl CI.. Momenoe. lU. 
Caokebread, Cheater E., Ptt.. lit CI., Alpena, S. D 
Cae»r. Charlea J„ Corp., 45 E. Birch St., Chlppewu Fall 
Campbell. Duncan R., Corp,, 15 lal St., aoquet. Minn. 
Carr, Denvn T., Pvt., Rich Hill, Mo. 
Camdl. Claude L,. Corp., CathaKC, Mo. 
Cawley, Joaeph L., Corp., 519 Diviaion St., Davenport. I 
Caney. Anthony, Pvt.. 3UT Green St.. Anna, III. 
Chaffee, Charica G,, MeMSergl., Jidinion. Minn. 
fJutty, Leo E.. Pvl., Illmo, \(o, 

ChtuteoseD. Chrii K„ Pvt , lat CI,, B. F. D, No, 1, Via> 
(Uiriatenaen. Joaeph. Pvt., Bear River City. Utah, 

Nanu, Rank anJ Homt AiOrat 
n H., Pvt., R. F. D. No. I. Bordulge. N. D. 
D 1... Pvt., B, F. D, No. 6, Elk City. Kon. 

b L., I 

... AppleU 

St CI.. 2123 6th Av 

klnaon, N, D, 

Ir. Gd., Long Prnir 

Bluffs. le 

Denney, Don 

Doeskin. 'Henry. PvL, R.'F. D. No. 2. Raymond, Minn. 
DoU, Heor* F., Pvt.. lal CI. R. F. D, No. 1, St. Mary's, Mo, 
DulEdd, William F., Pvt.. 1st CI. Birch Tree, Mo. 
Dye, Tillmaa, Corp., Idabelle, Okia, 
Edmiston,C.,Pvt.,lstCI.,425E. 21stSt., PitUburg, KBn.<Deoeaaad) 

■■ R. F. D. No. 2. Springfidd, 3. D, 

e^Sr, Haddonfeld. N. J. 

Cartbage. Mo. 

Einrem, Joseph M.. i vi, 

Eiselo, Emerson D.. Pvt 

Engdking, John H., Pvt,, l9t CI,, B, F, D. 
Epperson, Jack E,. Pvt., Ist CI.. 119 S. Lyon 
Fnrra,.j- William T., Pvt.. Isl CI,, Reed SpriL, 

» C. Pvt., Isl CI., Midvele, Utah. 

■" - mCI, B. F.D.No. 1,Dbv«,T< 


ord. Clan 


«R ,Ci 


Ik City, Kan 

Gleason. Leo F., Pvt., Tyndall, S, D. 
Graham. Clarence. Pvl., Galena. Kar 
Grass, VinoenI, Corp., Wabasha, Miu-. 
Cray. Cyrus O., Pvt,, R. F D. No. 1. Park. 
Greek. WiUiam -"■—"■ 

. Perry viUe, 

E„ Pvl., _ . 

B.. Sargi.. West Union, Iowa. 

Haertel. W. G.. Serai,. Isl CI . 4135 N. AMnch Ave., Mian.. : 

Halweg. Harry L., Pvl., R. F. D. No. 2, Merrill, Iowa. 

Hammd. WiUiam It.. Pvt.. lit CI.. R, F. D. No, 4, Bloomfidd, 

Hankison. Luther S.. Pvt., R. F. D. No. I, Wauneta, Kan. 

Hanrahan, Myron J., Pvt,. R. F. D. No. 1, HammiM, S. D, 

Hansen, Chrislinn, Corp., Box No. 265, Oesian, Iowa. 

Hansen, Edward. H., Pvt.. Isl CI., WooUnch, Neb. 

Harden, WiUiam A., Sergt., Ollowa, 111. 

Hare, Louis N,. Pvt,. Rockdam. S. D. 

Hart, James F., Pvt.. lat CI., Steele, Mo. 

Hay. John, Pvt.. Fontenac. Kan. 

Hdmer, John P., Sergt.. De Pue, lU. 

Henderson. Lowell B., Corp.. 44«9 Arco Ave., St. Louis. Mo. 

Henkel. Carl A., Sergt.. 503 S. E. Sth St.. Mason City, la. 

ilenniDg. l'>iU, Sergt.. 1123 1th Ave. S.. Fargo, N, D. 

H«a, Josepb A.. Corp., Henrieiu, Mo. 

HUl. Charfitr. Pvl., KennctI, Mo. 

Hiion. Robert F., Corp., Marquette, Neb. 

Iloppner, Walt« H, (Deceased). Pvt., Nashua. Iowa. 

Howe, Mdvin H., Sergt.. Isl Q., Willislun. N. D. 

Ilowsman. Arthur E.Pvt., ChiUicothe, Mo. 

Hudson, Joaeph R , Pvt.. Isl CI.. Sarcoiie. Mo. 

Hunt, John L., Pvt., Perryville, Mo. 

Isom, Walter A., Corp., Galena, Kan. 

Jacobs, James L., Pvt.. MornsvUle. Va. 

Jodway, Fred S., Pvt.. R. F, D, No. 2, Au Gras, Mich. 

Johnson. WUUam L., Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 1, Alloona, Kan. 

Johnston, Wilfred L,. Sergt., 513 Roosevdt Ave., Evdeth, Mir 

Jon«, Marshall F.. Pvt., R. F. D. No. 1, Reeds, Mo. 

Jonw, ZaeJiariah R.. Pvt.. R, F. D. No. 2, Edgi 

K^^SoJ^T, Wag., 303 I^ia 
Keefe, John A., Pvt.. Isl C\.. 40 Freemont St.. 
Kcegan, Christopher, Corp.. Mason Cilv. la. 
KeUy, Marcus J., Pvt,. 218 4th St,. N. W., Mi 
" r, Ralph, Pvt., Ist a., Lathrf^, M< 

1. Minn. 



__^ anid J,.Pi 

Klueppel. Frank V.. 

Koiglil, Lawrence J 

Knur. Harry E., Pvt.. Ci 

F, D, No. 1, Richmond, Kan. 

'vt., Isl CI.. R. F. D. No. 1. Oran, Mo. 
Pvt.. Hildreth. Neb. 

irG.. Pvl., Eiaridge, la. 

1, Pvt,. WiUanl. Ulah. 

Lark, Charlea H., Pvl.. Keamoge, Mich. 

liaison, JoMph R,. Pvt.. 709 North Mich. Ave., Chicago. HI, 

Lonou, Robert L.. Bug., WiUow City. N. D. 

L«ub, Anus H„ Pvl., Buller. Ind. 

Lcakins, Daniel E.. Pvt., R. F, D. No. 4. Fredfric, Md. 

J^edgerwood. Guy, Wag., 322 West 6Ih SI., Cameron. Mo, 

Leiand, Jidin C, Pvt., Clark. Modi. 

l^mue, Alfred J., Pvt., Ist CL, Bryan St., LiiUeton, N. H. 

Lcahner, Morris, Pvt., 63 N. 62nd St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

H'bH^?^', F 

Lingard, Harley --. - .... _,, 
Lipe, Edgar R. (Deceased), F 
Lisler. Jam« C., Pvt., AUisn 
Livingston, Claude P.. Pvl.. 
Lohse, Gerard C, Sergt.. 43 

CI., Pinfi St., Rolls. Mo. 
., Wnhnclon. N. D. 
. 602 Glenwood Ave., Tsmaqua. 

St CI., 226 S. Cedar Si.. Nev. 

RocheatcT, Hhin, 

wgt.. 433 WashingI 

^ J., Pvt.. Aurora, W. ,. 

Luedke, Paid H., Wag., 614 N. 2nd St.. Mankato, Minn, 
Lundberg, Carl E., Pvt., 2325 25th Ave.. S. MinneaMlis, 
UndiD, John E. Corp., R. F. D. No. II, Keh^y, Minn. 
McDennott. (George A., Corp. — -' ■- 

., Pvt,. 

McMiUan. Jan 


CI., 618 Main St., Cams 
6ParkPI.,St. Paul. Mini 
:a1va, lU. 


I, Rani and Home AdihiM 

Mfanntrr. Arlliiir R., Corp., Pooda, In. 
MBjetTNosh W., Pvt.. l>t CI.. R. F. D. No. 
MIchauJ. Frank D. (D«ea>«t), Wag., Bent. 
MiUsr. Rsymoad E., Carp.. Carl Junclion. M 
Mooce, Thomas M. (Deceased), Pvt.. Delgiqi 
Morgan, VeraaD H.. Pvt.. Riverttia. Uuh. 
Murphy. Edward G,. Coii " "" " 

Mjm. HarvBy V " - 
Nclum, Albot W 

Nordcnn. Albin. Sla. Sergl.. Brabam, Mind. 

Onket, Leou C, Prt., Ill CI.. MaaoD City, la. 

Ogdeo. K«in«th M., I>t Sergt., Rddtie. Iowa. 

Ofds. Lofin. Pvt.. 1st CI., R. F. D. No, I. MiUto^a. S. D. 

Obon. George W., Pvl., R. F. O. No. 1. Randy. Utnh. 

Ooriog, GoorgB II . Pvl.. R. F. D. Nu. 2, Avon. S. D. 

OanraTt, WOliDin M.. Corp., 91)3 Prye Ave.. Peoria. lU. 

Papin. Lambert S. (DecsaHd). Pvt.. Sr. Genevieve. Mo. 

Parker. Chuls E.. Pvt.. Ul CI., Bo. No. *(, Vienos. Mo. 

Parkw. JidiD C, Corp.. Bni No. 41, Vienna. Mo. 

Parry, Evan E., III., Lime Siirings, la. 

Pale. Everett L. (Deocaaad). 409 S. tSth St.. Henin. III. 

Patrick. Jowph H„ Corp.. 209 H. Sth St., Carutlienville, Mo. 

Peanon, Oacar, Cook. Marbln. Minn. 

Perrin. Betoamin F., Corp., 71S E. Main St.. BnlleviUc, III. 

PBtmon. Waller E.. Corp.. 1433 "C" Ave.. Cedsi Rapida. la, 

Phillips, Elii Corp,. Haaley, Knn. 

Pry dduM, WladElHW, Pvl. 1233 Wads St., aiiOBgo. III. 

Siiiell, Harry E., Pvt., lit CI., CarlorvUle, Mo. 
eudy. Earl F.. Corp.. Aumra. Neb. 

Reit^. RaymoodN.. Pvt., lit CI.! 914 W. lllh St., Webb City. Mo 
Rewtr. Alpha S„ Pvt., Heed Spring!, Mo. 
Rboda, William J.. Pvt., 106 '^1" St., La Porte, Ind. 
Ricliifl. Erneil, Pvt., No. S R. Hlji St.. Allon, IB. 
RknOD, Adolpb f^.. Pvt.. Bnliiiaad. la. 
Hoath. Guy I. IDfceoMtd}, Pvt., FertOe. Is. 
Bt*b, Charloi W.. Pvl,, Kincaido. Kan. 
RoberU, JiAn. Pvt., WaWford City, N, D, 
RobiTtaoa. Rnymood. Pvt., 1st CL, Sfrnalli, Mo. 
Rouodi. Cbarin K.. Sergl., 2075 Temple Court. St. Paul. Mino. 
SatUer. Henry, Pvt.. TyndaU. 9. D. 
BchneTer. Rudy. Pvt., A. F. D. Nu. 7. PxoU. Kon. 
SehiOer, Anlbony ¥.. Corp., Great Hend. N. D. 
»chtD«aer. John A.. Bad.. I^ke St., Peru. 111. 
ebmngel, Harry F.. Pvt., JIS^Hud-uynjJvc.. _Kw(o»on. Mo._ 

[niih, Wesley J., Pvt.. lit CI., 1221 Wdnler St.. Boone, I 
nniith, Alvab E., Pvt., Clarion, la. 
Smith, Herman, Pvl., let CI., Carver. Minn. 
SmiUi, John H., Pvl., 120 Slate St.. Chicago. lU. 
Snyder, Charles H., Wag.. Glldden, la. 
Snyder, WUIard A., Pvt., Mason City. la. 
SaodKTasB, James E., Corp., RDcklorc 

4. Jeffera 


JarrellH., Pvt, 

Springer, Gny E., Sergl., 

Spurgeon, Wmiam A.. Pvl _ 

St. Marie. E. II.. Pvt.. lata.. SIlSRooeevdt St.. Duluth, Mini 

" ""yl.. 16SI Dayton St.. Chicago. III. 

L.. Pvt., 1st CI., Blue Earth, Minn. 

Steinbach. Jacob, PvL, 1651 Dayion St./Chi 

" ■ "eroeL.. Pvi.,l> '•■ - " 

uanG., Pvt.. H( 

rack. Joseph P., Pi 
F>anson, CaH L., Pi . 
veeney. Johns, Pvl 

1st CI., gl. AugusU. M: 
CaH L., Pvt.. Ill CI.. Hanke. N. D. 
■ ■ - " Ripley. Okia 

1, Cieala*. Pvt . „„, .„, 

Taylor, laiia. Corp., Adel, la. 

Taylor. Luther J.. Pvt.. King City. Mo. 

Teal, William, Pvt.. 906 W«l ISlh St.. Muude, Ind. 

Tesmer, Arthur R., Pvt., Waters, Ind. 

Thompson, Henry N., Pvt., I34S Potomac Ave.. Washingloo. D. C 

Thompson. Sanford, Pvl., Marian, Ind. 

Thompson, Ady C Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 2. Kiitcaide. Kan. 

Thompson. Swan. Sergt.. Monona, la. 

ThovMud. Ii.„ 

Tillilaon. Ted K.. Pvt., _. 
Tjobring, Henry, Pvl., Apli 

Weltb City 

., .'lalon, f 

a.. 137 l-Bwi 

i. Easby, N. D. 

by, N. D. 
'iHe, Mo. 

Schuettler. JiJin , 

. Pvl., 1 

Shaflw,'Ho^. -- 

Kiano, Ward N,. Pvl., Isl CI. 

St CI., 212 Clark A 
>l CI., - 

R. F. □. No. 30. ZionviUe, Ind. 

Ih St., Lincoln, Neb. 

.- —nest C. Corp., Chaffee. Mo. 

Turner, Grillln P.. Pvt., 268 East Ave.. Allanls. Ga. 
Tully, Robert E.. Pvt., Ist Q.. Frederic, Okla. 
Underbrink. Henry E., Sup. Sergt., Archie. Mo. 
Vanhooser. Elbert T.. Pvl.. Ill CI,. B. F. D. No, 2, 1 
Vendeltoli. J. (Deceased), Pvl., ZS^Jonea St., Providi 

vlcek^^hci^li"™ J.. 

wtllock. Alma R.°<&eoe^ 

Wut. David L.. Corp., Woodland, III. 

WithousK, Moee, Pvt., Ist CI., Bd], Mo, 

Wdsch, Petitf, Pvl.. Bryant. Ind. 

WhitlleMy. Carl B.. Pvt., 1st CI., 721 Benlim Ave., Boone. la. 

White. George H., Sergt., 2419 Hard Ave., Si. Louis, Mo. 

Wight. Sheldon A.. Corp., W9 S, Cedar St., Nevada. Mo. 

WiUiams. Emery A., Pvt.. St. Ooge, S. D. 

Woight. Harry S.. Pvt., Joice. la. 

Wooldridge, Harry G., Pvt,. Ist Q., 4S20 Lucky St.. St. Loub, Ma 

Wright. Claud. Pvt., WeUivllle, Mo. 



Ain'<wurlh, Leon W„ Maj., 1506 W. Fifth St.. D» Moines, Iowa. 

Hayes, Daniel W., Maj-, BI9 E. Midland St.. Bay City. Midh. 

Insull. William, Isl Ll., I9U Bartlett Ave, PitlaSdd, Moss. 

Foster. Payson D., Maj., c/o Detroit Edison Co.. Detroit, Mich. 

Brown, Jamee K., Pvt.. lot CI.. 730 16lh St., Dea Moines. Iowa. 

Ruder. Chester R.. Corp . R. F. D. No. 9. Chippewa FaII- Wi. 

De Rue. Norman W„ 4.10 CriHcenl St.. Grand Bapids, 

Keenan. C, P., Sergl., Ist CI.. 327 Clnirmou 

Knapp. Byron M.. ChaufTeur. Amee. Iowa. 

Louden, A. N.. Chouffeur. Isl CI.. 41.i Eighlh St. S 

Mac Rae. Murdo. Pvt., Inl CI.. H. H. Nu. 1. Dea 

Miller. R. O., lln.. 4AI Crawford St.. S. E,. Gri 

Pogodainski, Edmund S.. Sergl.. 997 Palmer Ave. 

Reynolds. Clarence. Chauffeur. R49 Wheeler 

Servati. Richard A., Cook. IMf, W. 14th St.. t^icago. 

Zellner, Walter A., Sergl., Fessenden. N. Dak. 

Funk, Olio O.. Sergl., Chapin. HI. 

I>arent, Augusle, Cluiuffeur, Hamlin Pluntalion, Main 

Tbomton, Thomas Q., Isl Lt.. Signal Corps, Wcbeter 
~ lliamH.,Pvl.. DeSotu. Iowa. 

v.. Ph.. Isl CI,. 910 s. ■■'■■ "■ ■ 

Forbea, Lewis E., Setgl.. Ist Q.. 700 7lh Ave.. Pao 
.j.-j n„ 1 ° — i,^3420CheiTvSl., Ki 

.. Sergt., 1 

City, Mo. 

tapids, Mich. 

.. CadUlae, Mich. 

.. East Molioe. III. 

F.ricksaoa, Erik J., Pvt,, lit CI., R. 2, Farwtdl. Mim 
Dssenbrink, Henry C, Pvt., Ill CI.. '■' ~ " 

Pomwoy, Harry W., Pvt., Ill CI,. 13 

Vondeharr. Henry F.. Pvt., Ist CI.. «4 lowo St.. Hunm, a. l.. 

Anderson. Arthur J.. Pvt., Park River, N. D. 

Bolton, Ira L., Pvt,, Edmore, N. D. 

Chrislenseo. Willie E., Pvt.. B. 3. Aitkin, Minn. 

Flalen. John A., Pvl,, Edinburg, N. D. 

Haugen. Thomas, Pvt.. 1S20 Portland Ave.. Minneapolis, Minn. 

Jorgensen, Mariui. Pvt., R. I, Kenmare. N. D. 

Logan, Robert W.. Pvl,, New Florence. Mo. 

Richards, Dickenson C Pvt.. 144 Grand St.. Council Bluffs, Ion 

BoUer, Edward E., Maj., 4Ist and Woodland Ave., Des Moima 
Welch, Fjlwinll.. Capl.. I32S W. 9lh St., Da M«n«. Iowa. 
Snyder, WendeU H,. lit Lt.. 3225 John Lynde Boad. Dei Moii 


Eddy, haymond C' 

r. MUan, Mich. 

ir, 61 B Lindon Ave., Wat 

Eddy. Raym . 

FildiBlt. (Gordon T.. Pvl . _ 

Jonea. WlUard J.. Chauffeur, Galnbura, Mich. 

Kofahl. John A.. Pvl., 300 N. Twilh )^., Lyons. Iowa. 

Locklin. Louis P., Pvt., 21S Wlndcmere Ave.. Highland Park, Mich. 

McKusick, WiUiom J.. Chauffeur. Kne City. Minn. 

Newman. Willbm G,. Chauffeur. Defiance, Iowa. 

Nichob, Glenn II., Pvt.. lit CI.. 221U School St.. Dea Moinn. Iowa. 

Sohenok. Cecil A., Chauffeur. 922 Eighth Ave. S.. Minneupolb. Minn. 

Smith. Henley H.. PvL. lit CI.. Craig. Mo. 

Van Horne. J. J.. IM.. lit CI.. 927 Second Ave. S.. Minneapolis, Minn. 

WsUon. Jos. W.. Sergt.. Ist Q., 901 Caroline St., Pekin, lU. 

Wigton, Maurice B., Chauffeur, Isl CL. Linden. Iowa. 

Hyatt. G. B.. Sergl.. Isl Q.. 522 N. Central Park Ave. Chicaga. III. 

Jones, Cbas. L.. Capl., '•" " - ' 

G.. Ha., 1149 I 
B.. Corp., 3216 le 

., Des Moil 

::apl., Gilmoro City, Iowa. 

Carlson. BusseU E., Corp., 204 Crocker BIdg., I 
Clark. WiUiam J.. Pvt.. lal CL. Deweu. OUa. 
Clayuin, Rofiis M.. Pvt.. isl CL. Corydon. Iowa. 
Cote. Eldon E.. Sergl.. R. R. No. 1. Marshalllowu. Iowa. 
Cook. Tliomas. Pvl.. Isl CL. 393S 3rd Si., D» Moinea. Iowa. 
Cook. WUIiam I... Sergl., 1638 E. 28th St., Dea Moinea, Iowa. 
Cramar, Hoberl C, Sergl., Isl Ct,, 205 Schoid Si., Des Moinea. 
Damn, OtUi. Pvt.. Ist CL. 1 133 Deevnilaiid St.. BurUnglon, I 
Dawsoo, Lnlie E., Pvl., Mauinville, Iowa. 
Ditlricb. Aloon. A.. Pvt.. Isl CX. Plainview, Minn. 
Devina. Cleatie H., Corp., 1422 ISth St.. Dea Hoinca. Iowa. 


EuUrdajr, WDIiam 


s. OUth 


Kame. Hank and Ham, AdAa, 

lntCI.. Cul.or, Ind. 

, 2338 Humb^t St.'. MinuJ'idili'. iSIIi 

Hall. Alan A. Chouf., 208 Watious Block. I>« M< 

Fincb. Harold M., Corp., 626-M Slli Si., E. Newton, lows. 
nalUmr. T. W., PvL.lst a..lSOI S. Bnwdway. Bnundnburi 
Gilbonw. Benjamin J., Prl.. Int CI,, Wiunebani. Minn. 
Ooldstinc. SHmiid A., Corp., S2U 3Tlii St.. Dm Moinos, loni 
Goodi. Beruam A.. Snt., 13ZS W. 9Ui St.. D« Moiiu>. lo«i 
Hut.Buin.,Con)..12(hFlaor.R.&L~Blds„D(a-- ' 

\K h 

Holbrook, Russell \. 
HonkJiB. W. R., IM., 1 
Hanba. Mike. Pvt.. 1 


.. Fred G.. Pvt,, 
I'Martin'j., CtiA 

CI.. 13.13 W. 24lh St.. D(B Moii 

er>t..llM2]Ht St., Des Moines. loH 

.Cr.,3BUi& Drbandale. R. R. 1, DeaM 

"■ LjonSl., DesMoiom, Io» 

»t CI., I 

I. Ion 

Kinliley. Jt_, ,-. ■ . . 

Kneeliiod. Jamn K., Cook. 54B ArlingUia PUce. Cbiouo, lU. 

Koone, Vetood C Corp.. 1421 30Ui 3l., Da Muinea, Iowa. 

Krueor. John R., Pvt.. 1st CI.. Belknup. Iowa, 

Kuikondidl. Chart» L.. [Vt.. Ut CI., Independmiw. Mo. 

Link. Junes A., Pvl.. Isl CI.. 117 W. 20U> St.. Mntloon, ID. 

Losan. Rabst W., Pvt., IsC a.. R. R. No. 3. New Floraiice. Mo. 

Mack. Clarence W.. Corp.. 19Z9 Clnipool Ave,, Db> Moinea. Iowa. 

Mahooei. Edward J.. Pvl., let CI.. 692 271h St.. 0« Moines, loaa. 

Maion, Edward 3.. Sergl.. 809 Lociut St., Dea Moinn. Iowa. 

Maw. JaoKH M.. Pit., let CI.. Mddrim. Gd. 

Hikktdaon. MiuAeO L.. Sirrt.. Wells, Minn. 

Maiv, Alennder M., Corp.. 302 YounserDiBn Bldg.. Des Moinn. la. 

Marey. Leonard A-, Corp.. Plana, 111. 

Hollsn. Chestw L.. Pn..lil CI.. 2TIS E. 11th Si., Dw Moiiin. Iowa. 

HeCawler. yr«dariok H.. Corp., Stb aiid Hill St.. LouiaiiUe. Ky. 

MoGoin. J. M., Serat., Indianola & FnlLoa Drive, Dea Moina. Iowa. 

MaKdvey. Charin E., Pvt.. 1st CI., 1118 3Sth St.. Dan Moines, Iowa. 

MoLoraine, J. L.. Pvl.. HI CL. Wmt. Union Trt. Co., Daveapofl, la. 

Nfboa. Edwin F., Sent,, 912 Arlliur St.. D« Mianat. Iowa. 

Nortbup, NelKin M., Sergt.. Ist CI.. Hot Sprinn. S. D. 

Pallady. Malvin M.. Pvt.. lit CI.. Allerlon. Iowa. 

PelsnoD, Jdbo W.. Ssrgl.. laL CI., Grand View Park. D« Mc^iwg, la. 

Opparman, Arlliur, Pvl., Ist Q.. I95A Paik Avo., Denvar. Colo. 

Owen, Ray B., Pvt,. lit CI.. 230 S. 15lh St.. Tore Haute. lid. 

Patereon. Lonlie M., Pvt.. let CI.. Lake MiUa. Iowa. 

Pope. Joseph A.. Swgt., Menlon, Mo. 

Preiueb. Arthur F., Pvt., lit CI.. 326 Charies St., St. Paul, Minn. 

Rohweder. Henry H.. Prt.. lat CI., PiesUm. lows. 

SoDtt. Donald N..C(vp.. 1206 F^ 19th St.. Dw Maims, Inva. 

Schottke. Frank J.. Pvt.. Ist CI., 22 Regent St.. Buffalo. N. Y. 

SbulU, Floyd P.. Corp.. 1IS6 23rd St.. Da Mtnnee. Iowa. 

Searle, Hoy M., Pvt., 1st Q.. Milaca. Minn. 

Sdby. Hnrbert S.. Sergt.. 1639 Oakland Ave., Dea Moines, Iowa. 

Smith. Finoii W.. Serct.. Isl CI., 19 TagueSt.. Greenfield. lod. 

Smith, Samuel D.. Cbauffeui. ISZI Linden St., Da Moinn.. Iowa. 

Smith. D. M., Sergt., lit CI., 60S N. Center St.. Manhaltlown. Iowa. 

Spaulding, F. R.. Pvt.. 1>1 CI., ISZZ W. 9lli St., Des Moiam. Iowa. 

Strnde. fahu C„ Seigt., Blnir, Neb. 

Sweeney, John E., Sergt., lat CI., 29T N. Fdlows 9l.. Ottumwa. Iowa. 

Tillotaon. Albert M.. Cop,. TiDgley. Iowa. 

Trihey, John F.. Corp., Moooow Mills, Mo. 

Wall. Ora E., Pvl,, (Sentry. Ark. 

Warnahuis. R. W,. Pvt.. lat CI.. 6241 Dortjhratec Ave,, Clicago. IlL 

WiUiuns, Clareooo F,. Pvt.. 205 E. 14lh St.. PiltabuTK. Kan. 

Yatee. QuiLmuoC, Pvt., lit CI., S«dnli«, Ky. 

/inmcrraan. C. J., Sergt.. Itt CI.. 2304 Prairie Ave.. MaltaoD. III. 

Wiae. Roy K., Pvt.. lat CI,. 615 Cherry Si,. D« Moines, Iowa. 

Miner. Harold E., Isl Ll., Kirkwood. lU. 
MinahuU. William H.. lat Lt.. c/o Bell Td. Co., Buffalo. N. Y. 

Kellofg,AlbertD..Capt..Chict- "■ " " 

Botta. Georr" ' " ■--'■■ 

Grau. Robert H., Sergt.. li^t CI,. Liucola. M< 
Conwan. William J., Swgt.. lit CI., Casey, lo 
Sdiwcrdlfeger. Andrew W.. Sergt,. lit CI.. Jeffe 

Newton. Huj^ S.. Sargt.. lat CE., Pattonaburg 

Doyle, Alwyn J.. M. S. E.. do Postal Tel. Co.. Kansas Ci 

Perry, GrajaonG.. M.S. E., Bell Tnl. Co., MiT - ■ 

Bearden, Emery D.. Sergt.. Bonner Springs. Ki 

Blons, Hvmao E., Sergt., 118 E. Broadway St.. Sedalia M 

Noriiu. J«. E., Sergt.. io2 W. 16lh St.. Sadalia, Mo. 

Ldin. Jan» E.,8crgl., Winslow, Aik. 

Want. Gentry O.. Sergt.. Aihland. Neb. 

WaUoraa. Denton L.. £irgl.. Rich HIQ, Mo. 

Rta^elou. Orio W„ StTjt.. Mtnom, Koo. 

Huff. Maurice E.. Sergt.. 19 School St,. Auga^ti. Mc. 

.Myera. Fran™ A., SerRl., 60 S. Clialon St., Albion, N. Y 

Cashman, Wesley H., Corp.. Beraemer. Ala. 

Collina. OrvQlB K., C«p.. firaenville, lows, 

1. Roy T„ Corp.. 1D4.'> Conn. St.. Lawrence. Kan, 
- '- V.Ctap., Maoon. Mo. 

;ity. M 

Oolvey. — -„ , - .- 

Kelkel. WOliem R.. Corp., R. R. No. 3, Wikefidd. Kmi. 

Jab», Haniy H„ Corp., Howard. Kan. 

Miller. Fluyd C. Corp.. Lawrence. Kan. 

Miller. Goorga V., Corp., 1601 W. 3rd St.. Sedalii. Mo. 

Ndwin. Smtood G.. Corp.. Lamonle, Mo. 

Sdiull«. Viclor H„ Corp.. 619 W. Hiidi St., JefTinon City, Mo. 

Silvey, Clark. Corp., Ball HQI Road, JolTenon City. Mo. 

MsKne, Robart M., Corr . Boi 327. Haiellon, Kan. 

CompUin, Beechrr W.. Corp., 2921 Euclid Avi'.. Clevdand, <»iia, 

Bundh. C - " -'■ 

ll, Cyrus N.. Corp., Sidney, Iowa. 
Iwood, Ba^i. R., Corp., Blwislown, I 

B. Ralph O.. Cook, WOaon, I 

Carnes, Sunuel K., Pvt., lat CI.. 603 Rondo St., St. Paul. Minn. 

Campbell. FrankCPvl., Isl CI., 193 31. Peta St.. Si. Paul, Min 

Fallen. Willam H.. Pvt.. Isc CI.. Lumonla, Mo. 

Gates. Paul J., Pvl., tst CI., Logan. Iowa. 

Jeuen, I.eland R., Pvt., 1st CI.. Remaaluer. lad, 

Johnston. ThoD., pvt,, Ist CI,. T018 Egglntou Ave.. CfaioBgo. in. 

Lauber. Louis L.. Pvt.. lat CI., Savannah. Mo, 

Leepcr. Ilezeliiah A., Pvl,. lit CI.. Van Cleve. Iowa. 

l.*nnon. Edward P.. Pvt.. Isl Q., Belmont, Monl. 

Maisenn. CyrU T., Pvl.. laC CI.. Marion. Ind. 

Mason CUreooe L.. Pvt., lat CI., Ml, Pulaski, III. 

'■ ■ " - "- • ,t CI.. HimneweU, Mo. 


ul. J as 

., Pvt.. ! 

LCI., ' 

-, 1. Ill, 

at CI.. Ptattaburf 



y A.. Pvt.. 

Mu,ae. Ml._ 

Mcintosh. Laurau R.. Pvt., !• 

Miller, Hiirold M,, Pvl.. lat C 

■■ " ■ — - ■ t ei. Coggin. Iowa. 

CI.. Davis, m. 

■ew F., Pvt., Isl CI., «9T E. 167lh St., New 

Porriguey. Raymond B.. P - - - 

PummiU. Edgar C, Pvt., 1 „. 

Reed. Carl A.. Pvt., lat Q.. KumaoaviL 
Ruatemeyer, Rudolidi O., Pvt., lat CI.. BonealH-]. 5. D 
Shull. Louis E.. Pvt., lat CI., 1103 N. Mulberry 31.. AbilinB. K 
"^ . John L., Pvt.. 1st CI., T.dlv, N. Y. 

at Q., Sedalia, 

WoUeman. Leo A. 

ita.,Conler, Mo. 

. ling A-, Pvt.. Ist a„ Louiivi 

ibjon, Carl B.. Pvt.. Kindrnl. N. D. 

■gau. Earl J.. Pvt.. Route No. 6, Oklahoma ( 

in, Clarence G., Pvl., Volga. S. D. 

iphmj. Hoy N.. Pvl., B. F. D. No. 3. Eldori 

Angus. D. McLoy, Maj., Sll Snnice St,. Salute 3L Marie. MM, 
Burdi. William C. Capt. ,1403 Poplar St., Terre Haute. Ind. 
Miller, IJoyd T., lat Lt., 2531 W^ Grand Blvd., Detroit, Midi. 

McKonny.LauranOBA..lBlLt.,803Coi " •' " ' 

Monlgomery. Dwight A.. 1st Lt.. Mini 

13 Congreoa St.. YpsUanti, Midi. 

Miner, Harold A., 1st Ll.. Kii^wood, I„. 
RoLina. Hyder E., 2nd Ll.. Aspermonl, Tei. 
Asoe. Benjamin A., Pvt.. lit CI., KeyUaville, 
Aitchbon, George H.. Pvt.. Isl Q., ^imland, 
Allison. Waller v., Pvt.. lat CI.. BeUvffla. Mic 
Alber, Mdvin A., Pit., lat CI., Soline, Mioh. 

B. Cal. 

luander. A. Y.. Sergt., IB Wnahlngtou Blvd., Delmil. Mieh. 
,niialronR, Ralph L„ Sergl., 648 Dragon Ave,. Dnlroil. Midi. 
.ahenba^. Edward H.. Sergt.. 4139 Jamea Ave., MinneapoUs, M 

Aualen. Chariea E.. Pvl.. RobinHm, Kan. 
Analin, Leonard, Pvt., let CI.. Sao City. low. 
Babb, J. L.. Pvl.. lat CI., 1920 Univaraily A 
BaDcy, Claude M., Corp., R. F. D. No. 4. W 
Baker. Groat F.. Pvl.. iZi 21at St.. OdialDoa 
Barker. Roy B., Pvl., lat CL, Crealtm. Ohio. 
Bardtman. Hobea " - ■ • - 

BMU^'john E.. P'vl.ri 
Bnuerlldd, Albert C, P . . _ 
BehiiFT. Charl« E., Sergt., ' 

Karl, Pvt,, Ist CL. Ha» 

Ian N., Pvt., Isl CI., WpMlmordand. Tenu 

■ " " 2.'ith St.. Detroit, Mich. 

CI,. Adrian. Minn. 

it Ave.. S.. Fort Dodge, low 

Randall J., Corp., 1 
to, Henry E., Pvl. 

1. Ned H.. Corp.. 3 

Bnioki . , 

Brady, Leo A„ Pvl., Ii 

Bramble. O.G.. Pvt , lat CI, MormagaideSla.SiouiCily.l 

Brand, Robert G.. Corp., 925 Vinewood Ave.. Detroit. Miob. 

Brasear. Alvia L., Pvt.. lat CI.. 726 ITth Ave. E.. Moline. lU. 

Bracker, Harvey L., Pvt., SZfl Bismarck St., Daveaporl. Iowa 

Bright. Jesse S., Sergt., lat CI., Ida Grove, Iowa. 

Brwi, Paul T., Seigt,, Washhum, N. D. 

Brown. Charles H., Pvt., 32* S. 3rd Ave., Marahalltown. Iowa. 


y F., Pvt . 

meaW., Corp., 112 1 

IS e, Pvl., lat CL. 4016 

ine SI., Willoughby, Ohio. 

7i E. Bluff St., Marseilln, HI. 

nra St.. Sioui City, Iowa, 

luakySl. Delaware. 01 
iddAve. Kansas City 


Name, Rank and Home Address 

Buntinff, Connelius, Pvt., Ist CI., Marion, Iowa. 

Burfield, Chester E., Corp., Shevlin, Minn. 

Bushman, Robert J., Sergt., Alden. Iowa. 

Butcher. O. F., Pvt.. Ist CI., E. 3Ith & Univ. St., Des Moines. la. 

Calder. Edwin M.. Pvt., Ist CI., K. F. D. No. 1. Sparland, III. 

Carley, Franklin H., Pvt., 1st CI., Montpelier. N. D. 

Castel. Orvin R., Pvt., Ist CI., Churches Ferry, N. D. 

Cawley, Charles M.. Pvt.. Ist CI.. 19 S. Monroe St.. Mason City, la 

Chipman, Marton H., Pvt., 4033 Westminster Place, St. Louis, Mo. 

Christ. Leo J.. Pvt., 1st CI.. 119 22nd St., Dubuque. Iowa. 

Clement. Myrle M.. Sergt.. Ist CI., 526 E. Penn St., IIooi)e8ton. III. 

C<^lin8, Dunston G.. Pvt., 1st CI.. Phoenix, Ariz. 

Costin, Patrick F.. Pvt., Ist CI., Neola. Iowa. 

Cottew. Giles, Pvt., Ist CI.. Sheridan. III. 

Cross. Milton L.. Sergt.. Ist CI., 48 Wilson Ave.. Detroit, Mich. 

Crouse. Albert, Pvt., 765 Cypress Ave.. Johtistown, Pa. 

Cuthbert. James. Corp., Divcrnon. III. 

Davis. John J.. Sergt., Box 250. Larimer. Pa. 

Deardurff, Earl C, Pvt., 1st CI.. 818 Elm St.. Webster City. Iowa. 

Sdoy, Clarence E., Sergt., 423 Military Ave., Detroit. Mich. 

DeSolver, M. A.. Pvt., 1st CI.. 119 Clurt St.. Mt. Clemens. Mich. 

DuBois. Arthur J.. Pvt., 1st CI., 1139 Adams St., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Dunn. James B., Pvt., 10 Tuna Ave., Bradford, Pa. 

Dunn, Paul M., Pvt., 1st CI.. Divcrnon, III. 

Edge. Ernest R.. Corp., 844 Drcjxel Ave., Detroit. Mich. 

Egan. James P., Pvt.. Detroit, Minn. 

Eggleston, Alphonso W.. Pvt.. 1st CI.. Bishop, Okla. 

Ellson, Ernest E., Corp.. Mantonville, Minn. 

Farley, Alfred E.. Pvt.. Hettinger, N. D. 

Ferfes, Frederick A., Pvt.. Box 44, Maxwell. N. M. 

Fick, Walter F., Pvt.. Ist CI.. 372 Pacific Ave.. Detroit. Mich. 

FlinUer. Charles A., Pvt.. Ist CI.. 3602 Xerxes Ave. N.. Mpls.. Minn. 

Floyd. John H.. Pvt., Ist CI., 322 W. 6th St.. Barllesvflle. Okla. 

Fogerty, Joseph P.. Corp.. 1308 W. Clark St.. Urbana, III. 

Fosse, Herman A.. Corp., 52 7th St., Wilmington, Mass. 

Fowler. John V.. Pvt.. Ist CI., llallock, Minn. 

Frank. Theodore L.. Corp.. Ponca, IScb. 

Fraser. Allen I., Pvt.. Ist CI.. 98 Breckenridge St., Detroit, Mich. 

Fraser, Frank H.. Pvt., 1st CI., Prentice, Wis. 

Fredericks, Todd W.. Corp.. 5.36 llurlbut Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Freemole, George. Pvt.. Wcta, N. D. 

Furno, Fred B., H. S.. 526 Main St.. Iron Mountain. Mich. 

Gaulter. Arthur L.. Pvt., 1st CI.. 606 W. Main St., Lamona. Iowa. 

Gephart, Ralph P.. Pvt., Otterbein, Ind. 

Gibson, Louis E., Pvt.. Route 3, West Branch, Iowa. 

Gilles, Frank W., Pvt., 1st CI., Pesotum, 111. 

Glassman. Alfort I.. Pvt., 1st CI., Box 403, Greenville. Tex. 

Godfrey, Arthur, Pvt.. Ist CI., Mt. Clemens, Mich. 

Godkin, Harry S.. Pvt., 1st CI., c-o Y. M. C. A.. St. Paul, Minn. 

Goley, Thomas A., Sergt., 220 North Ave., St. Paul. Minn. 

Gotachall, Frank, Pvt., Ist CI., Dversville, Ohio. 

Goyke, Lawrence M., Pvt., 1st CI., St. Lawrence. S. D. 

Graber, Jesse L., Pvt., Fairfield, Iowa. 

Grun, John S., Corp., 860 Reaney St.. St. Paul. Minn. 

Gunderson. C. L., Pvt.. 1st CI., 1006 St. John St.. Albert Lee, Minn. 

Gutzeit, Bruno R., Pvt.. 1st CI., 863 N. Marshfield Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Hanmierffren. Carl S.. Sergt.. 1st CI.. 590 York St.. St. Paul. Minn. 

Harris. Harold B.. Pvt., 1st CI., 1033 Summer St.. Grinnell. Iowa. 

Harford. Oliver D.. Pvt.. Monticello, Iowa. 

Harris, Jefferson J., Cook, Panora. Iowa. 

Haley, Beverly F.. Pvt., 1st CI., Texhoma, Okla. 

Harvey, Harry A., Pvt., 1st CI., Adel, Iowa. 

Hendershott. C. E., Pvt.. 26 W. Crozier St., Akron. Ohio. 

Heinze. Earl F.. Pvt.. Ist CI.. R. F. D. No. 1. Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 

Hqyer. GleDn. Pvt., Ist CI.. 704 S. 4th Ave.. Mendota. 111. 

Hidks, Fred T., Corp., Neche. N. D. 

Hildreth. Frederick D.. M. S. E., Little Valley, N. Y. 

Hoopes, Guy W., Pvt., Buxton, Iowa. 

Hopley, Russell J., Sergt.. 716 3rd St.. Fort Madison, Iowa. 

Homan, F. W. P., Pvt.. Ist CI.. 606 E.St. Germain St.. St. Cloud, Minn. 

Horan. Carl J., Pvt.. 1st CI.. 1023 20th St., Des Moines. Iowa. 

Horan, William R., Sergt., 1918 Hayes St. N. E.. Minneapolis, Minn. 

Hovey, Sherman P.. Pvt.. Independence. Iowa. 

Hubbell. A. C, Sergt.. 1st CI.. 569 W. Forest Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Huffey, Harry C, Pvt., Ist CI., Postvillc Iowa. 

Hutson. E. E., Pvt.. 1st CI.. 413 K. Franklin St., Minneapolis. Miim. 

Imiioff, Eldon A., M. S. E., 3230 Coulcr Ave.. Dubuque. Iowa. 

Ingram. Louis H.. Sergt.. 1st CI.. Herrington, Kan. 

Jackson. Vivian D.. Corp.. Duvid.Hon. Mich. 

Janczak, Andrew, Pvt.. 1510 Cornell St.. Chicago, III. 

Jakway, Charles H.. Sergt., Ist CI., Aurora, Iowa. 

Jennings. Earl R., Pvt.. 1st CI.. 315 Fislier Ave.. Detroit. Midi. 

Jensen. James B.. Coq)-. lIopkin.s. Minn. 

John.Hon. David, Corp.. 180 h. Palmer St.. Detroit. Mich. 

Johnson. Ernest. Sergt., 952 Mt. Elliott Ave.. Detroit. Mich. 

Johnson. Floyd A.. Pvt.. Waterloo, Iowa. 

Johnson. Harry T.. Pvt.. 1st CI.. 515 Island St., Helena, Mont. 

Johnson. Irwin L.. Cor|>-. Aldon, Iowa. 

Jones. John W.. Corp.. 809 Depot St., Iowa Falls, Iowa. 

Jonas, Emit A., Sergt.. Ist CI.. Cupac. Mich. 

Jones, Fred L., Sergt. Table Rock, Neb. 

Knaupp. Wesley. Corp.. 169 Meldruni Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Keefe, Edw.. Corp.. Decorah, Iowa. 

Kelley. James J.. Corp., Jamestown. N. D. 

Keen. Leo M.. Pvt.. Ist CI., Wahpton. N. D. 

Kelly. Harold V.. Sergt.. 207 Jud.sen St.. Pontiac. Mich. 

Keller. August J.. Sertft., Mapleton. Minn. 

Kleckner. Henry C. Pvt., Ist CI.. Waterloo. Iowa. 

KnutMon, Christian M.. Pvt.. Ojata. N. D. 

Korando. Michael A.. Pvt.. Ist CI.. Raddle, 111. 

Krieg. A. W.. Pvt.. Ist CI.. 3411 Washington Ave. N., Mpb., Minn. 

Kussart. Eugene E.. Pvt., 1st CI., Ottumwa, Iowa. 

LcFrenier, Philip, Corp., Cloquet, Minn. 

Name^ Rank and Home Address 

Lambert, Nathan E., Pvt., R. F. D. No. 4, Elewerg, 111. 

Larson, Thomas, Pvt.. 1st CI., Oakes, N. D. 

Leathers, Forrest W., Pvt., Box 28. Route 4. Eldorada, Kan. 

Lees, Gordon C, Sergt., 533 Coplin Ave.. Detroit, Mich. 

Leiser, George J., Pvt., lona, Minn. 

Lessner. Joseph A., Sergt., 1st CI., 2252 Southport Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Lewis. Joseph E., Sergt., Chariton, Iowa. 

Lindell, Clarence A.. Cook. Altona. 111. 

Lindemann. Walter C, Sergt.. 1st CI.. 1352 Illinois, Ottowa, 111. 

Lite. Leiand S.. Sergt., Lowell. Iowa. 

Lynch, Daniel M.. Sergt.. Ist CI.. Newjiort, N. Y. 

Lynch. James E.. Sergt.. 626 Tama. Boone. Iowa. 

McCann. John M.. Sergt.. 1st CI.. 242 Petoska Ave.. Detroit. Mich. 

McKee. Ralph H.. Pvt.. 1st CI., 367 2nd Washington St.. Edgar. Neb. 

McKenny. Charles A., Sergt., 803 Congress St.. Ypsilanti, Mich. 

McNamara. Thomas S.. Sergt., Ist CI., Goodhue, Minn. 

McNoff, Harry E., Corp., 483 Bewick Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

McNutt. Frank F., Corp.. Lacon. III. 

MacTaggart, John W., Sergt.. 310^ Beltrami Ave., Bemijio, Minn. 

Malecha. Frank E.. Pvt.. Lansadle, Minn. 

Malloy. jfohn J.. Sergt.. Eagles Temple. Detroit. Mich. 

Mankle. Edwin L., Pvt., Ist CI., New Market. Iowa. 

Mann. Harold J.. Pvt., 1st CI., 110 E. Danahcr St.. Indington, Mich. 

Marden. Melville W.. Pvt.. 911 Wall St.. Sioux City. Iowa. 

Markun. F>ank. Pvt.. 1st CI.. Springhill. Iowa. 

Mattson. Elmer E.. Pvt., 1st CI., Kirkhoven, Minn. 

Meath. Edgar C. Pvt.. Ist CI.. 439 St. Clair Ave., Rose Point, Mich. 

Meffrod, Van W., Pvt., Hedrick, Iowa. 

Melcher. George, Pvt., 609 S. 4th St., Norfolk, Neb. 

Weier. Anthony J., Pvt., 1st CI., 466 Wilkins St.. Detroit, Mich. 

Meischke. Frank. Pvt.. 1554 Packard Ave., Racine, Wis. 

Monsick, John, Pvt., Linwood. Neb. 

Michel. HuKO. Pvt.. 3455 WUton, N. D. 

Mikklcson, Morton L., Pvt., Fargo, N. D., c/o N. P. R. R. 

Milan. Roy E.. Pvt.. 1st CI., 35 Amhorst St., Detroit, Mich. 

Miller. Fred. Pvt.. 1st CI., Fredoni. N. D. 

Miller, Clarence L.. Sergt.. 1st CI.. 201 River St.. Ypsilanti, Mich. 

Miller. Guy If., Pvt., Florence Station, Omaha, Neb. 

Moran. Albert C. Sergt., 1st CI.. 30 Dexter Blvd.. Detroit, Mich. 

Morgan. FVank L., Corp.. 1209 3rd St.. Knoxville. Iowa. 

Moyle. Waiiam L.. Corp., 2412 N. E. Grand Blvd., Detroit, Mich. 

Murray. Frank D.. Pvt., Ist CI., Eureka, III. 

Myers. Ira E., Corp.. Blue Mound, 111. 

Myers. John A.. Pvt.. Arrowsmith. III. 

Naegeli. Carl J., M. S. E., 122 12th Ave. N., St. Cloud, Minn. 

Near, Frederick A., Pvt., 1st CI., 144 Bethune Ave. E., Detroit, Mich. 

Nelson. Aylor N. C., Pvt., 1st CI., Adair, Iowa. 

Neumich, James T., Pvt., Belleforche, S. D. 

Ney, Frances D.. Pvt., 235 Cherry St., Waterbury, Conn. 

Neiman, E. C, Corp., 3332 Jefferson Ave. W., River Rouge, Mich. 

Northway, Frank A.. Pvt., 1st CI., 323 Vien St., Brainard. Minn. 

Olsen. Arthur, Pvt., Humboldt, S. D. 

Olson, Lindsay, Sergt., 1st CI., 1214 7th 9t. N., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Opper, Marion R., Pvt., Newton Falls. Ohio. 

Ortland. Oscar W.. M. S. E.. 1325 Buchanan St., Dea Moines, Iowa. 

Page. Peter S.. Cook. 1212 S. Oak St.. Bloomington, 111. 

Palmer, Reuben W., Pvt., Fairmount, Minn. 

Paulson, Peter M., Pvt., 1st CI., Pillager, Minn. 

Payne, Alvin W.. Pvt.. 1st CI., Bows. Iowa. 

Pearson. Guy C Pvt.. Ist CI., Kulm. N. D. 

PhiUips. WUber. Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 1. Bismarck. lU. 

Picking. Thomas P.. Pvt.. Ist CI.. 100 Porter St.. Detroit, Micii. 

Pierce. John 11.. Pvt., 1st CI., Hermon, Neb. 

Popoff. John H.. Pvt., 916 Chicago St.. Manitowac. Wis. 

Potter. James W.. Sergt.. 1547 Gay lord Ave.. Denvw, Col. 

Potter. George O., Pvt., 1st CI., Kankakee. 111. 

Pratt, Walter R.. Pvt.. 1st CI.. Carson. Iowa. 

Pringlc, Percy F.. Pvt.. 1316 Broadway. Bay City. Mich. 

Putney. L. C. Pvt., 1st CI., 319 Summer St.. W. Summerville. Maas. 

Ihitnam. Stephan A.. Corp.. St. Croix Falls, Wis. 

Raptis. Toney S.. Corp.. 298 Woodward Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Rathke. Edwin F.. Corp.. 214 N. Dewey St.. Owosso, Mich. 

Rau. Fred A.. Sergt.. Ist CI.. Dickinson. N. D. 

Reeves. Chester D., Pvt.. 1st CI.. Cordova. 111. 

Reid. Robert A.. Corp., Parkexsburg, Iowa. 

Reim, Otto F., Corp., 24.38 16th Ave. S.. Minneapolis, Minn. 

Richards, Vcrn E., Pvt., 1st CI., Dows, Iowa. 

Richardson. Ashley R., Pvt., 1st CI.. McAIIen, Tex. 

Rowe. Rolfe. E., Pvt., Ist CI., 72 Pro8i)ect St., Bristol, Conn. 

Ricksher, Theodore. Sergt., Ist CI.. 806 S. Main St.. Fairfield, Iowa. 

Roark. Leo J.. Pvt.. 1st CI.. Lawler. Iowa. 

Roberts. William. Jr.. Pvt.. Ist CI.. Royal. Iowa. 

Russell. Van K.. Corp.. Chardon, Neb. 

Ryberg. Emil. Pvt.. 1st CI.. Balaton. Minn. 

Rybicki. Walter. Pvt., 1st CI.. 1486 Junction Ave.. Detroit, Mich. 

Ryder. Nial H.. Pvt.. Ist CI., Carey. Ohio. 

Ryder. Gail H., Pvt.. Ist CI., Carey. Ohio. 

St. Clair, William F., Corp.. Ann Arbor. Mich. 

Sannwald. A. C. Pvt.. 1st CI.. 17^ Minnesota St., New Ulm. Minn. 

Sanford, Guy P.. Corp.. Tallula. III. 

Scharosch, Henry V,. Corp., Bismarck, N. D. 

Schendel, Leo A.. Pvt.. 1st CI.. Fairmount, Minn. 

Schlender, Ralph E.. Pvt.. Concordia. Kan. 

Schmelzer. Leroy. Pvt.. 972 Lucas St.. Muscatine. Iowa. 

Schultz. Julius O.. Pvt.. 1056 Euclid St., St. Paul, Minn. 

Schwartz, Emil H.. Pvt., 1st CI., Hortonville, Wb. 

Schryvor. Edgar A., Pvt.. 1st CI.. 182 Warren St., Albany. N. Y. 

Seng. Robert F.. Corp.. Pleasant Hill. Ohio. 

Shaner. Clarence D.. Cori)., 1827 St.. Lincoln, Neb. 

Showalter, Marvin G., Pvt., 108 Magnolis St., Dayton, Ohio. 

Sheets, Ralph W., Pvt., Dustin. Okla. 

Seiber. R. F.. Sergt.. R. F. D. No. 3. Station "F," Minneapolis. Minn. 

Skinner, Glenn V., Corp., Terrace, Minn. 


iVaiiK. Rank and Homi , 
SduII, B. M., Pvt.. lit a.. 3604In(lepead> 
Smith. Chvin R.. Pvt.. Ut CI.. 10B9 Vb; 
Smith. Martin M.. Pvt.. 1st CI.. laelin. f 
Smillinid, Loma II.,CQir| " ■■ 

WBlkw, Guy A.. Pvt., 

■sL.Pvt.. lZ0:?d. Jack! 


BtD St., Naw OriBBpa. La. 

nSt., Topeha, " 


L.. Cmi 

„ ^., M.S. E.. 3J24!iid . . _ 

Su-llw. Cncil H.. Prt.. Ut CI.. Wlndiiam Cealat. Out 

Stoddard. IrB A., r — - 

SlubblrGeld. Lkl.l. 
Siunkcy, J. J . Pvl 
Slurch. L«Li.'L.. I 

. l.tCI.. Boi4! 



n. Pvl 

vt CI., I 

1. F. D. No. S 

. Boi 432. OseloB, lox 
10 W. HBwUiorDe Avs 

. ___ Union, la. 

H 5th Ave., Council Bluffs. I 

. -It a., ClaifcirU 

i. E.. Mulberry. Ind. 

^ff- Isl CI.. LwT CeDtt 

:. Jefftn 

r. Mar 

C. E'vl 

Kt CI.. LeMan. I 

1, Ind. 

T«inBDt.LaaR.. Prt.'. ... 

Timm, Albert K., Pvt.. let CI.. 83« B. Kerc« St.. Council [ 
Todd, Henri D.. Pit., 618 17th St., Modtsto. Cul. 
Todd. Hoben L.. Pvt.. lat CI.. Ida Grove, la. 
Toulant, Ridiaid. Pvt.. lal Q., EnKiviUa. Mich. 
Towraend. Albert L.. IWt.. WeUer Apia.. No. T Salt LakaCi 
TrangHutan. Edwin H.. Pvt., lOS Maindia St.. Dayl 
Sh<n>Blt(T, Marvin G.. Pvt., R. No. iTNew Lidion. Ind. 

|i. GooTfie A.. Sergl.. 1st CI., 310 W. LaBus St.. StreBtor. 

- ■■■ ^— '■..Corp., " - -'- ■• - 

Waiz. Walter i._ 
Waugh. Mark G., L .. 
Weaver. John P.. M. S 
Wi-llman, Wallor C, Scrgt.. 

W™i. Clinton R., Pvt,. Tim. 

WhiRkn, Ottin O., Corp., Momvis. In. 
Wbitelealber, Tbea. L.. Corp.. 310 Marrlck Ave 
Wilkinson. Mark C. Corp., 37 Iddewiok Ave.. 
WillUnu. Vem. Pvt.. Ml. Ayr. Ib. 
WirUWd, Joamih H., Pvl , Ul CI . Wnlkina. M 
Wolff, Henry B., Pvt., 1h1 CI., Ilismaik, N. D. 
Wood. John .11 H I u \.. i. \ 
Wriithl, Hiehflnl ).- - . ■ '■ I' I . 

•loderlich. Fr.- 

ft D. Ci 

Umprermen. WiUiam M.. Corp . 30] 
VanBuskirk. Edwin S.. Pvt.. Ut CI. 
Vleek. Louta. Ji " - " 

12 W. 1 

.1 Zenob 


IB,. CarroUtoa. Mo. 

h PI,. Chicago, lit. 


.... .,Ji. " ll„»iird3t.,Wbiona.Miiin 

/I'ien, JacobP., Pvl.. Isi i.:l..1l«riiiT>|i.., Minn. 

Cirrnll, Thomas F.. SmkL, UI CI., 473 Sioui St., Winona, Mhm. 

Berg, t^dxard P.. Sergl.. Isl CI.. LaCroaae. Wi.. 

Buyer, EuKene E.. Sertit.. 1404 Central Ave.. Indianapola, lad. 

Frmnow. Ralph J.. Sergt., 613 E, 6lli St.. NorlliGBld. Minn. 

Pclenion. Gilford. Corp.. S310 R" " ------ 

Scott, Douflud R., Sergt,, 201 S 

Evan>. Jdin E., Sergt., let CI., 413 E. 3rd St.. OUahon 

in St.. Dulnth. Mini 


'^uird or Trade' 

Olmstead. Eomf 




Calhoon.'HarTyL.TislCtT.'BMYiiiiiny Miti'. '"'" Black. Theodon 

Hart. Frank B.. Chap.. H. F. D. No. 1, Pendleton. Va. " * ' ' 

Le Beau. ArUiur H.. Ben. Sergt. MaJ., MBnball, Minn. 

Kerter, Carl E.. Reg. Serit. Maj.. Kerenums. British Columbiu. Can. 

Clrncb. Edward J,. Rw. Sup. Sergt.. 1027 Elia St.. Grinndl. In. 

Barbo, Otto W.. Beg. Sup. SergC. 613 Oak St., S. E.. Mple., Minn, 

Pike. A. K,. Beg. Sun. Sergt.. 202 Oak Gro« St. S.. M_pl... Minn. 

Smith. Frederick C. Siwgt., 1229 Franklin St., Keokuk, la. 

Romier. Harold H.. Sergt., Camp Point. 111. 

ClaDcy. Hari O.. Sergt.. Unionvihe. la. 

Foaler. Floyd H.. Corp.. cjo Wm. Wamock Co., Sioux City. la. 

NVhalen. Bernard M.. Corp.. 4421 42d Ave. S,. Minneapolis. Minn. 

Sample, DebnBT M.. Corp., TIS East Blaumincliin St., Iowa City. la. 

Hauvn. Alvin A.. Corp.. 102 So. Swond St.. Clinton, la. 

Misner, Robfil D.. Cook. 40 W. Philadelphia St.. Delioit. Mich. 

Aslin. CUude, Wgr.. Btoomfield, Mo. 

Oalec. Edward J.. Wgr.. Cold Springs. Miiui. 

Fernandei. John. Pvt. lat CI.. Grejy, la. 

Hall. Waller C IVt.. lat CI.. Columbus JuDctioo. In. 

Hsoen. Joaepb ]., f>vt., Ut CI.. Roaeraounu Minn. 

McEveri. Virgil, Pvl . UI CI , 4416 Clirun Ave,. Chicago. III. 

Beta, Richard T.. Pvt , lit CI . I Sixth Ave.. N.. Pnrgo. N. D. 

nen.|.ie. Hut.' I- I'- I-''; ~; i hiirles. Minn. 

Tbotson. Th'ii.. . i. I l>. No!''l. NnlsviUa. Min°.' 

Roltey. H<,v.....\ ^^ i r. ,, 1 I. Marion, Kan. 

iio. N. D. 

407 W 

I.. 696 Bth St.. RocI 

Dralton. Argalui 

FlBgg. Alex p.. Bn, Sergt. Maj,. Mapleton. N. D. 

KuElman. Arthur W.. Sup, Sergt., Greeley. Iowa. 

Evans. Fhnd C, Sergt.. 30SI N. F... Minneapoha. Minn. 

Gray. Willie H.. Sergl.. 120T E. 9lh St.. Joplin. Mo. 

Guthrie. Virgil H., Sergt.. Ncwtan. Iowa. 

Smith. Ralph E.. Sergt.. SIS W. 1st Ave.. lodianola. Iowa. 

SUnfiU. Arthur, Sergl.. Deiter. Mo. 

Smith, Chas. N.. Corp.. 2430 Surrey Court. Chicago. ID. 

" ■ "■ B.. Corp., R. F. D. No. I ■" ■ ■ " 


Johnson. Lewis H.. Corp.. B. F. D. No. 2, Wall 

Snider. Joaepb F.. Corp., Waabington. Ind. 

Cook. Milton R., Corp.. Minneapolis. Minn. 

Steele, Frank M., Corp.. Sykoaton. N. D. 

Vumvwakis. Gregory. Cook, 710 Iowa St.. Dubuque, Iowa. 

Limbsugh, Loy A.. Wag., Kennelt. Mo. 

Arp. Henry E,. Pvt,, 1st CI., R. F. D. No. 2. Stockton. Iowa 

JoD». Ralph. Pvt.. Ist CL. 719 Van Buren St.. Tiweka, Kan. 

Brenan. Louis G.. Pvl., McGregor. Iowa. 

Knoi. Claude C. PvL. 240T N. St. S.. Omaha. Neb. 

Lindquist. H W.. Pvl.. IStb St. & ClevoUnd Ave., Sio«> Falls, S. D. 

Mc[>eek, Ora H.. Pvt.. R. F. D. No. I. Ch»tsr. Neb. 


Hundt. Joba F,. lit Lt., 201S 41h St.. Peru. 111. 

Montgomery. Arthur S.. Ord. Sergl.. St. Chariea. ' 

Johnson. G. A., Ord. Sergt., 2020 Elliott Ave. S., 

Ord. Sergl,. Boone. low 

Beinhart. TorL,_ „ _. 

Dovin. George. Sergl.. 410 E. 12lh St.. Streator. III. 
Uren. William B.. Corp.. Cenersville. Ga 
Arnold. William. Pvl.. 1013 North A 
Bergeaon. Carl M.. PvL. Becker, •" 

m St.. I 

B. Pa. 

Waldron. Frank M.. 
^ mey. Joaeph B.. 
Hirke, John J.. P 

.. 1211 Vou 

HEADQUARTERS MOTOR BATALLION R«li: Edward C..8i^.°332 ialAve. S.. Faribault, Minr 

Miller. Lucius S.. M^.. 411 Bridge St.. Crookslon, Mian. Beinhart. Torkelson. Sirgt . 2S46 2nd Ave, S.. Minneapolis. Mini 
Burr. Edwin M., Capt.. c ' ""■'--■ ~ --■ ~ " 

" n. Charles E.. lat 

^n. DwighlA.iBn. Sergl. htn, 

Bailey, William C, Sup. Sergt., 2019 flinley St.. Davenport, la. 

Cbapman, Edward D.. Sergt.. 3104 Oliver Ave. N.. Mpls., Minn. 

Singrio. Earl J.. Sergt., 6S0 15lh St., Dubuque, la. 

Irwin. Walter fl.. Corp.. 315 Saion St., Waterloo. la. 

Hrr«el. George C.. Corp.. SI6 4lh Ave.. Cedar Rapida, la. 

Andef»n. B%ert E.. Wng,. Centerville. S. O. 

namurd. Martun L., Wag.. New Virginia. Is. 

Harrison. A.. Wag., o/o Goodyear Tire ARubfav Co., Mpls.. Mhm. 

Lobb. Fred W.. Wag.. McCloutb, Kan. 

Nil. Earl C„ WBg.TLtberal, Kan. 

' iger. Buy. WBg^ Valley Center. Hun. 
lis. Sidney D., Cook. Rockvi'oDd, III. 

iton. Charb* S.. Pvt. Ut CI,. 1311 Le Claire St., Davenport, la. , _ 

:. Tfaoodare, Pvl., IkI CI.. HII3 S. Wichila St.. Wichita. Kan. Flynn. Robert E.. Sergt.. c/o Gardner Hotel. Fargo. N. D. 

'is. Beryl J„ P.I. l-i r.l., [(...tli.lil, Kan. Dickson. William, Sergt,. HunWr, N. D. 

d. OlufM [M :.i < I M. k.ll. \..b. Cummina. Dean B.. Sergt.. £20 Paiton Block, Omaha. Neb. 


d St.. Piltalon. Ps. 
. _. JI St.. Port Huron. Micb 
ivaa St.. Brooklyn. N. Y. 

lapolii. Mim 
Jacks. Robert B. B.. M^.. M, C . Highwood, lU. 
Allen. Heman R.. Capt. D C, North Hero. Vt. 
ingaford. Chas. C.. Ist Lt,. M. C. Ugallala. Neb. 

t . ]M CI.., Mont 
CI.. Jl, F. I). N». 1, Al 
It a.. Emery. S. D. 

Gibbs, Byron J.. Pvt. 
Hanks. Rair, Pvt., lal 
McKnight, R. M., Pv 

t CI.. 523 4th St. N., F'argo. 
t., UI CI.. New Providence, la. 
Ill CI.. WhiUner. Ark. 
CI . 1416 E. Patteraon. Kirksville. Mo. 
. Ist CI.. 1311 W. Linn St., MarahaUtown. Ii 


Cox. Wayda 6„ Prt.. CorydOD, lawn. 

Dick. Fnnk ^.. Pt.. Mountain Lake. Minn. 

Boien, VerDoa A,. Pvt.. Dodge Ceota-. Midd. 

GideoD. WiUiun F.. Pvt.. Emmetl. Kau. 

UuTii. Prank L., P>t.. St. lohni^ Kan. 

Joua. lUbflrl, Pvt, Fairfield. Iowa. 

Lacnuimcnt, F, A., Pvt,. Canlon. Kan. 

McCulley. Fred. Pvt., Joplin, Mo. 

MalUwn. Howard E., Pvt.. Wriebu Minn. 

Mont«oniST. B. G.. Pvt., Staples. Minn. 

Morria. Arthur E.. Pvt., Ed^cy. N. D. 

NelT. Huso. Pvt., Gamer. Iowa. 

Newton. Royd E., Pvt., 42115 Erakioo St.. Omaha. N. 

Reyndda. Mai M.. Pvt.. 1604 N. Topeka St.. Wichil 

RmMll. Ira O., Pvt.. Hawitt, Minn. 

Wiltaa, George V.. Pvt,. Modale. Iowa. 


Ura. cS" 

_, . .,, Sergt.. 139 Brook St., Bl 

itbony H.. Sup. Sergt.. Sbakopee, Mi~~ 
-'- ■ M.. Mw" — ■ '•"'■- 

ikline. Maaa. 

d, Ohio. 

„ ji H., Seret.rWaila WdETwaBl 

Lane. IleajDmiD P.. SerEt.. Sainn, Ore. 

RoH, Claui W.. Serin., Wcllabure. Iowa, 

Adniin. Waller F.. 8=gt., Kcota, Iowa. 

WeUoD, George O.. Sergt.. 95S Parkway Rd,. C 

Johuon. Brother A., Sergt., Lake Crystal, Miau. 

Inlnn, Verne E., Scret., B. F. D. No. 2, Drakniville, lown. 

Goddard. Cranalon E., Corp., 312 T^. 39lh SI., Sealtlc, Woih. 

Brechbiel. Pred T.. Cora- Route 2, Dnwwn. Minn, 

O-RoBke. Cbarlea H., CDrn.. Valarin. Iowa. 

Beard. G. A.. Corp.. R. F. D. No. 4. Boi 16. Mt. Waahinitton, U 

Bothwdl. William A., Corp.. Rockwell, Mo. 

Dorria, Ward J.. Corp.. Hayti. Mo, 

Grow, AKnd E., Corp., Arnold. Neb. 

Koch. Matla M.. Corp., OUie, Iowa. 

Driabin. Daniel. Corp.. 1004 S. Broadway St.. Pittsburg. Kan. 

Tiim. Jay. Corp., Etmo, Kan, 

JoKplwin, a. t. A.. Corp., R. F. D. No, 1. MinnenU. Minn. 

OUwrding. John, 219 N. Cottonwood St.. lola, Kan. 

Sneer, Marvin H.. Corp.. SOS S. Main St., Carthage. Mo. 

WUwo, Charles J., Corp.. St,,e. Mo. 

Knoeferl. WiUiam G.. Corp.. Ft. Madison, Iowa, 

MoGitl. John P.. Corp., VaJoria, Iowa. 

Lovro, Even. Corp., Hendricks. Mo. 

Olaon. WiUlnm A„ M«h.. Danube. Minn. 

Cookaboot. Drew N., Cook, B, f. D. No. 1, Milton, Iowa. 

Garvin. Roy L.. Cook. 555 Glenwood Ave., Ml. Waibingtoii, Mi 

Ireland, Henry J.. Cook. Maokato, Minn. 

Wemer W. B.. Bug., lit CI.. 3U3S S. Complon Ave.. S 

Babcock, Wesley E., Wag., PhUlip^re. Kan. 

BellBDy, Thomaa L.. Wag.. Aleeoa. Knn. 

Bouen, Chariea A.. Wag., Mount Vernon. S. D. 

" ■ - '--TB L„ Wag.. Ridi Hill. Mo. 



'■. D. No 

ji, Kan. 

7. Carthage, Mo. 

□ J., We;.. Lako Wilaoo. Mint 

Hsnay. Charles E., 'nag., v-wuinui 

HerhtMr. Fred G,. Waa.. R, F, D, T 

Hidenbeck, Mux W,. Wu,. R. F. t 

Hoyl. Louis N.. Wag., Milan. Kan. 

laboMOa. Sheman F.. Wag.. R. F. D. No. 4, Oakland, Neb. 

King, Artie R., Wag.. Bmiie. Mo. 

McNamara. Pranoi* E., Wag., Medelia, Mian. 

McPbaiL Cland B.. Wag.. NidoUet, Minn. 

OHuao, Austin T., Wag., 123 N. Washington St.. Aberd«n. H. D. 

Oleson. Bamt, Wa*.. H. F. D. No. 4. Dell Rapids. S. D. 

PalisDh, Rudolph. Wag.. Frolina. Mo. 

Pusewark. Harry J., Wag., Leavenworth. Kao. 

Peteraon, Leroy D.. Wag.. R. F. D. No. S. Mitchell. S. D. 

Rader. FVaoda M.. Wag., 1735 Day St.. Tojieka, Kan. 

Run^. Ralph R„ Wag., R, F. D. No. 3, WakeSeld, Knn 

Schaffer. Frederick F„ Wng. tl, F, D. No. 4, Yankton, 8. D. 

Sidierer. Fred A^ Wag., 92 Ellia St., Dubuque, Iowa, 

Sigman. Ralph E., Wag.. TOZ N. Webh St„ WeUH City, Mo, 

SmuUeni, LeeW., Wag., Piedmont, Kan. 

Stewart, Orville M„ Wag,, 6125 Spencer Place, St. Louia. Mo. 

Su]». Louis J.. Wag.. 4(i47 Alaska Ave., St. Louia, Mo. 

Tegi-lar, Raymond F., Wag.. Dye. Dyersville. Iowa, 

Tiachhaiuer. Henry F.. ■HM3 Michigan Ave,. Kansas City, Mo. 

Twinam, Ellia B., Wag., 434 GcuniTAve.. Canon City, Colo. 

Wedgeworlh, Rudolph, Wag, 311 Fannan St.. SbiBV€D«t. La. 

AdeU. Harry E.. Pvt.. lat CI , Murqnette, Kan, 

Albright, A. C. Pvt,. 1st CL., asm 2ith Ave S„ Minneapolis. Minn. 

AUemann, Olio R., Pvt.. Isl CI.. Herman. Mo. 

Banks. Waller O,. i>vl., lat CI . UW Hall St., Webb City. Mo. 

Baron. LiberUus J.. P>t., Isl CI., Mineral Sprinn, S. D. 

Becker, Solomon, Pvl,. lat CI., H. F. D. No. 1. Russell. Kan. 

Bloom. Ervin S., Pvt.. Isl CL. Chera*. Coto. 

Bumey. Hugh W.. Pvt., Isl a,. R. F. D. No. 2. Walnut Grove. Mo. 

Buma, FrecC Pvt., 1st CI.. Muw^ie, Muncie. Ind. 

Coi, Lewis L., PvU. Ist CL, R. F. D. No. 2, Adrain Mo. 

Pent. Veru M., Pvt., let CL. 90fl W. Central Ave.. Wichita, Kan, 

Heck, Joseph F, W.. I'vi.. ui CL. Ethan. S. D. 

How.-. Frauk I,., I'vi,, lat CL. ;il>7 E. 9tb SI.. Pillsburg. Kan. 

Hunt. Ralph F.. Pvt.. lal a.. H. F. D. No. 1, Oberlin, Ksin. 

Name, Rank and Home AddtoM 
Jatoba. Wintam It., Pvt.. 1st C1„ Cherokee, Iowa, 
Loinard. T, C. Pvt.. Isl CI.. «04 N. Madison St.. Webb Cily. Mo. 
Mon»™, H. E., pvt,, Isl CI,. 901 9. MioDwU St.. Sioui FaUa, S. D. 
O'Donnell. Edward J.. Pvt., Isl Q., Buwbella. N. D. 
Payne. Will X.. Pvt., lal CI.. R. F, D. No. 2. Bloominglon, N(A. 
Pavlaoky. Frank. Pvt.. Isl CL. Brislow. Neb. 
Piugge, Henry B.. Pvt.. lat CL. R. F. D, No. 1. Kennard, Neb. 
Pulec, WiUiam, Pvt., Isl CL, Hope, Kan, 
Rcckamp, T, Pvt.. 1st CL. 9500 N. Broadway, Si. Louis. Mo. 
" ■ ■ a. David S,. Pvt,. lit CL. B, F. D, No, 4, Eskridge, K«d. 

Smith. Joaeph E,. Pvl. 

1, Waller E.. Pvt.. 1 

a fi.. Pvl,.'lst Cl„ Ci.lby, Kj 

Colby, Kan. 

N. 29lh St.. Lincoln, Neb. 

r. Glen 

H.. Pvt. 

1st CI.. R, F. D. No. I. Belleville. Kao 

CL. Plattsburg. Mo, 

".. R. F. n.No. 1. Kiowa. KaH. 

Williams. Oren W,. Pvt.. lat 

Willniann. Fred. Pvl.. lat CI.. R. F. D. No. 2, Broughlon, Kan. 

Austin. Rush. Pvl.. Lake Andes. S. D 

BcU. George W.. Pvt,. lat CI.. H. K, D. No. 1. Ellngham, Kan. 

RerardineDi. Giuseppe, Pvt., Woodaide Ave.. CranTDrd. N. J. 

Biehl. Arthur M., Pvt,. 3SS Sufford Ave.. Duhuque. lows, 

CertreUa, GiuKippa, Pvt., 5ZB Angelique SI.. West HubokA N. J. 

Christman, Emnt W., Pvt,, Rick flm. Mo, 

Creager, Geroge D.. Pvt.. IIB Meekison St.. Napoleon. Ohio. 

Kldred, Hnny S,, Pvt,, Bamom, Minn, 

Friedericks. Hugo. Pvl.. R. P. D. No. 1, Dixon, Iowa. 

Hngemap. Bay E.. J*vt.. Springyiow. Neb. 

Hayden. Prank C. Pvt.. R. P. D. No. I. Hradole. Kan. 

Hunt. Urval. Pvt,. 410 Waat Mulberry St.. Humboldt. Kail. 

Neyer. Charl« T.. Pvt.. 61S W. 9lh SI,. JunuLion Qty, Kan. 

Rnniel. Ralph A.. Pvt.. Beverly. Kan. 

Rickard. Frank J.. Pvt., 430 Vaissr Ave.. Wichilji. Kan. 

Bodgen. Thomaa G., Prt.. B" ' " " 

Ruaadl Elliok H,. Pvt., R. F. D. 
Serr. Ferdinand J., Pvt.. R«l>n 

Shellon, Howard C. Pvt 

Wrat. Frank, Pvt., R. P. D. No. 

., 1, Wan 

F. D, !■ 


to. Kan. 

1, Cedar. Ken 

No. 2. Brunini, Neb, 

F, D. No, 1, Hohnatead, law>. 

!, Menon I.. Pvt.. R. P. D. No. I, Scandie, Kan. 

Gaulschy, Gotthold h,, Pvt„ Loi; 
Salinger, loeepY • ""' •• ■* " 
"—- VirgU/:, 

Pvt.. R. i. D, No, 
..rgu*„ ™.g.,R.F,D.No." "^ 
Roy L.. Pvt.. Hutchiosoa, ' 

King, Roy L.. Pvt.. Hutchiosoa, Kan. 

RioaharL. J. Wm,. Wag.. R. F. D. No. I. Bigelow. Kan. 

Taylor. Harold O. L.. Wag,. 330 Qark St.. Augusta. Kao. 

B«un. August. Pvt.. Waldo, Kan 

Welby. Ralph Ediaon, Pvt.. R. F, D. No. I 

2. HenderMO, Ky. 

Moore. Joh 

.. Capt., Louisville. Ky. 

-. , .slLt.. LeMara, Ic. 

McGonisk. John H., 2uA LL. 2S01 Cottage Grove Ave., 
Wold. BeDiamin O.. Znd Lt., Casadtoo. N. D. 
Root. Howard S.. 2nJ Lt.. Ml Lloooln Sl„ Wnlta Wnlla. Wash. 
Allc-hin, pjiward V.. Pvt., R, F. D. No. 6. Davonpun. Iowa. 
Allertoo, Boyd. Wag.. 318 S. 2nd St.. Aberdeen, S, D, 
Bnrnm. Warren, Pvt.. Clay Center, Kan. 
Beamea, Earl C, Ptt.. R,No. 4, Belleville, Kao. 
Bishop, Roy P.. Pvl,. lat CI., Webb City. Mo. 
Bradley. E3mer W.. Pvt.. Isl CI., CulberlAn. Neh. 
Brady, Mark B., Cook, Danbury, Iowa. 

BraaGeld, Alva W.. Pvt., Isl Gl„ R, F. D. No. 1, Norrviek, Kan. 
Brokaw. Abrajn C.. pvt., let CI., Coming, Iowa. 
Brooks, Harry C Wag.. 31S National Ave.. Fl, Scott. Kan, 
Brown. Elton E„ Wag.. R. P. D. No. 3. Brooaon. Kan. 
Bunk, Julius E.. i>vt., 1111 Blowdeau St., Keokuk, Iowa. 
Coasody, Charle R., Wag., R. F. D. No. I, Harriaunville. Mu 
llharlH, John J.. Wag.. Andover. S. D, 
(-r.-rf^rJ w.l.„ M.. Wag., 321 W. Slh SI.. Lamed, Kan. 
oyd J., Pvt,. Pollock, Mo, 

Crunipacker, Floyd J., Pvt,. Poll 
Daggelt. W. F. \f^P.t., lat CI.. 1 
Davis. Benjamin F.. Wag.. Tyro 

S. Non<>nAve..5touiFBlla.S.D. 

_ 1 Brighton,. .. 

dahl. John C. Pvt., SheUey, Minn. 
rl. Joseph H-. Corp., Hawkeye. Iowa. 
le. John. Pvl.. lat CI.. Getlysburg. S 
Irn. Alvin J., Sergt., Maxbaas, N. D. 
Iier. Carl B., Chief Mech., N. Main i 
tier. Nicholas W.. Corp., Sleepy Eyf 
b, Harry A., Wag., 401 S. lat 3l., A 
leois. Leo A„ Corp.. 27SS Waahingl. 

St.. Liberty, Mo. 

Frye, John H.. P.t., Is 

(iddoi). Ray A,. Wag,. Murell 
GriEDn, James, Pvt.rLamBr, n 


Hutup. WilUun T^ Wu 


JaUoa. John E., Wm., B. _ _ . . _ 

HfdDU. Clannoe R., Wm, R- F. D. No. 1. ElUwn. 
Hoir, Henry W.. P>L. lit Q.. B. F. D. No. 4, New ' 
Holt. Lour P., Prt., Luird, Kan. 
Howvd, John. Wac. R. P. D. No. Z. Mulvane. Kaa 
Hubbard. Arlo. Pit.. 3IT Tyler SI.. Topeka. Kan. 

HuffinsloD. Clan ^ »"■ =• '"~^u— ■ n-:, 

leffHo. Bai L . 
Un. A ■ ■ ■ " 

ihMon, Lstmard' L.""iM.T.'urd.'.'li. FTnrNa S.'Neliioi 
Richard L,. Pvt.. R. F. D. No. I, Huhbel, Nib. 
~ - "■ Point. Neb. 

I1.N ■ 

Id O.. Corii., Brock. Neb. 
roul C, Pit., HarUocd. S. D. 
1. DsTid H.. Pvt.. B. F. D. No. 3. 
jumpBr. Samnel E., Pvt., Colby, Kan. 
Kneowr. William G. P.. Corp.. H, F. D. No. 27, Overlawl, Mo. 
KrugCT, Riutolpb F. i., Pvt.TretnoDt. Nidi. 
"uhioiaDn. J«eph F., Pit, --" " 

Name. Rank and Hamt Aii^a 
Whilmack. Jolia W.. Pvt., Willi luiubur*. Mo, 
Willard, Henrv R , Pvt., MimhotUa, Kao. 
WOaon. Earl A . I'vi , lai CI . H F, D, No. 1. Waldron. Kan, 
Wibon, Viruil M., P>t.. IIOO N UilTAvs.. Sioui Falli. S. D. 
WitiDw. Jiue G.. Wag . UO 3. WajibiDgUD Ave., Wichiu. Kan. 
Wray. Addlx-rt G.. Pvl.. lit a.. Milnsr. N. D. 
Younff. Lan-rPWH E.. Pvt.. R. No. J. Clitlon, Kao. 
Young. Orriii W., I>vt.. lit CI., R. F. D. No, 3, Earl. N. D. 
Zigler, Ralph W , Corp.. Spirit Lake, Iowa. 
Zimmer. Arthur I.., Was., 301 S. Artbur. Ft, Scott, Kan. 
Zoolig. Hovatd II., Bug.. Haydraw, S. D. 

lim D. Cspt., Dni 

(I, Hen 

an C, I 

SlOStalBSl., _ 
I.. 4039 MoRee 

t. Louil. Mo, 

Laudiek. Wm. J.. Wd«'.', B. F."U. No. 3. Boi », 6r«t I 

Loble. Fred R., Wag., Lonatowo. Mo. 

Lilyord. Leroy, PvU, lit CT, 3tuart. Neb. 

Liiuaand. Edward, Cook. Koiiter. Minn. 

LofUu. Jobo, Pvt.. B, F. D, No. 2. Jamalown, Kan. 

Lyoch. Laorence C. Pvl.. Grant City. Mo. 

Lynch, Edwin C Pvt., let Cl„ 317 S. Carbon St.. Girard, Kan, 

Malfdepwy, Anton P., Pvt.. 2504 S. 26lb St., Omaha. Neb, 

Maier, Osrar. Corp., Caicadi-, Minn. 

Marlow. Harry ¥., Bug.. Meade, Kan. 

May, HuBh, Wai,. 317 B, Dartj St., Webh City. Mo 

MillBT, Vm. J.. PvL, Ut a,. B. F. D. No, S. Nehraiko City, Neb 

MuUnc, Andrew D„ Pvt,, iBt Cl„ Courtland, Kan. 

Moiumbi. Raymond, Pvt.. H. F. D. Nu. I. Canova. S. Ji 

MonUooiery, Charleo N„ Pvl , R, F. D. No, 3, Ceduvule, Kan, 

HoDce. John L., Wag., Mount Etna, Iowa. 

Moran. Arley, Pvt,, lit Cl„ FesMmdeu, N. D, 

MuDdorir. Rewe P.. Pvl,. Clay Center, Neb. 

Namm. Cart, Pvt.. l>t CI.. R. F. D. No. Z. Gardner, N. D. 

Ndaon. Arthur C. Wag., Woolaey. S. D. 

Nebon. Chria, Cora.. lUbert Lea, Minn. 

NcUon. Ever W.. Corp,. B. No. 1, Welch. Minn. 

Neumeyer, G. C. Pvl.. lat CI.. R. ¥. D. No. 2. AlU ViaU, Kan 

Nichol*. Oliver W., Sargl,. Owaan. Iowa, 

NoodorT, ChartH F., Pvt.. B. F. D. No. 5. BeDeviUc, Kan. 

Nonoan. Ivan, Pvt,. Scrnnton, Kan. 

OlKin, Charlie O,. Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 3, Grave Qly. Minn. 

Ott, Howard S., WoR.. Hops, Kan. 

Dsbom. Glenn L. Scrgl.. 16tl Znd St, Boone, Iowa, 

Pageland, Edwnrd H., Pvt.. R. F, D. No. 2, Belvue, Kan. 

Parriah. 2., Pvt, liil Cl„ B. K, D. No, 3, Volin, S. D. 

Pedenon, Snniui. Wan.. Midiua. N. D. 

Pengra. aarence F,. Mess Sergt., 123 Fnuer SL. Mankato, Minn. 

Pelenen. Carl F.. Prt. St. Libory, Neb. 

Pettnon. Aniniit B,. Wag,. Marquette, Kan. 

Ilckel. Albert M.. Pvt.. lit CI.. 18IB N, 3:nd, IJnnoln, Neb. 

Pikey, A. O.A„Pvt.,latCt.. R.F.D No. Z. Maiden Dunklin. Mo. 

Podhajsky, Fred J., Corp.. B. F. D. No. 1. Boi 66, Trner. Iowa. 

Potter. Lalie W.. Pvt . R. F. D, No. 1, Alexandria, S. D. 

Prather. Chriatoiiher C. Wnjr., B. F. D. No, 1, Deiter. Kan. 

ProlTer. Eldon O.. Pvt. Befl City, Mo. 

guiolan, Michael J.. Pvl., Gary. S, O, 

Raeder. Charles C. Corp., 2218 Miami St.. St. Ijoait. Mo. 

Benapie. Huro E.. Pvt., lat C\.. Chatlield, Minn. 

Rhinebort, Robert A., Pvt., Canton, N. C. 

Bo«h. Arthur B., SiTfit.. Montgomery, Minn. 

Bobinson. John F., PvL. 90U Green St,. MinictU. Ohio, 

Roe. CharlH A„ Corn,. Z9S King St.. Jackaoo, Tana. 

Bogera, Andrew J., Corp., Melcher, Iowa, 

Rooning. Joaeph, Pvt^ lat CI., R. F. D. No. 4. Alcester, S, D. 

Ro«!beT7y. Cori B.. Wag.. BakerviUa, S. D. 

RcMberry, Joe E., Pvt.. Richland, Kan. 

RoaJn, Jacob L., Pvl,. lit CI,. 2409 Trooit Ave.. Kanui City. Mo. 

Bundua, AmosJ., Wag.,B, F. D. No, ]. Muudeu. Kan 

Sidiambivg. John F., Pvt,, McLean, Neb. 

Seymoor, Leo D., Pvl.. lat CI.. B. F. D. No, 1. Benningloa, Kan. 

Sierert, Fredirlck M,. lal Sergt,, Towner. N. D. 

Smith. Jflu, Pvl., lat CI.. IndepeDdence. Mo. 

Staley, Rlrda M., Pvt., lat CI., Milan. Kan. 

Stalker. Joaeph H., Wag., 11S5 N. Emporia Ave., Wichita, Kan. 

Suruer. Alfred E.. Pvt., lat CI.. Madiaon. Neb. 

Slmvnrt, Atthnr A., Pvl,, LjmDb, Neb. 

SlovaU. Earl, Cwp., 2264 N. Boulevard. Springfield, Mo. 

Tslbect, Havley E., CoiA, Mt, Pluuunt, Iowa. 

Talberl, Joe M., Pvt. Independence. Kan. 

Tecker, Harmon M., Wag., Franklin. Neb. 

Thomas, Glen H„ Sergt., FairCai, Iowa. 

Timm. Harry P., Pvt.. lat CI.. B. F. D. No 

Tomer, Loui, Pvt, Isl CI., 622 (hago St. Lmvei 
Uhley, Jay C Sergt., Good T 

B. F. D. No. 1. BeooiogtoD. ? 
2 (hago St. Uwrenworth, Kai 

1, William C. Wag., Silei 

a, S, D. 

It imh.St.. N., Fargo. N.D, 

,_.¥t.', Awrta, NA. 

/o Adjt, Gen, of the Army. Waahingtoo, D.a 

Adler, Herbert, W 

.. _„■.. "Little Blue.'Mo. ' 

a, Charles H., Pvt, Stafford, Kan. 

Akin, Bert, Wag., Fiur Grove, Mo. 
Alley. FlpjdJ,^^Pvt, .... 

<h. Wu., Farmer, S. D. 

Ander»n, Louia. Corp., Lynd, Minn. 
Armatnine. Frank G„ Pvl,, 810 3rd Ave,. N 

Krtd L., Sergt., 30S6 Tyler St, Minnsapolia. Mlna. 

.uld, Clyde, Wag., SiUey. Mo. 

■ -orp,. Grealoy, Iowa. 

Auld, Clyde, Wag. 
Uarger. Joe A,. Co 
BiVTO, LoydJ.P< 

ch. H. C, I 
iHnrens. E. C, t^t., lai <->j.. lo^a n. Ldcust ot, 
Beonett, Harry, Corp,, Valley JuDction, Iowa. 
Beth, Handd C.. Wag.. 1301 14th St„ Bacine, W 
Braurr. Eniat A., Corp., Olivia. Minn. 
Burnett. Earl M.. Wag.. Mankato, Minn. 
Byl, WiUiam, Isl Sergt.. Lake WUson. Minn. 
Cnyior. John E., Wag.. Ardmore, S. D. 
CoIlioB, John J., Wug„ 72D a. 14Ih St. Kansoa C 
Cook. Sidney B.. Suu. Sergt, Madiun, Minn. 
Clark, W. H.. Sergt., 3127 Goltnge Grove Ave.. I 

.1 -. ■ -leK. Pvt., Demon, Kar 


ngham, Ciaybourne 

Dyer, Pea B,. Wag,. llorma. Mo, 
Erdmann. Cari F.. Pvt., Ut CI.. Wnhaler, S. D 
Rn.m. David E., Pvt., R, B, No. 7, Des Moim 
Feldkam^ Daniel H.. Pvt., tit CI Uncoln Ki 

Giltii, ^win C Wagoner, Vienna. S. D. 
Goellon. Fred A., Pvt., Redfield, 3. D. 
Goltaobolk. Henry. Pvt., Isl U,. 25U|N, St., ! 
Greenwalt. Claronce, Pvt.. Garden City. Kan, 
GrurRnalein, Jacob, Cook, Olivia, Minn. 
Gripp, Merrill C, Corp,, Afton, Iowa. 
HsRon. Clarenoe G.. Pvt., lat CI , Webster, S D. 
Haile, Wm. T., Pvt., 1611 N. Joplin Ave., Pittdiuri 
Hamilloo, Tboinaa B„ Pvt. Braggadocio, Mo, 

Hsrlley. T - ■ • - ^ 

Hickman. _.. 

Hill. Gerard 

Hodge. Buss 

Hi.lTman, Andrew P.. Wag, 

Huffman. Raymond B.. Wag.. 1023 I 

" " ■ t B., Corp- Jackson. Mi 

. Omaha, Neb, 

1023 E. 7tta St, Pittsburg 

Hustad. Bert G., Sergt.. Echo, Minn. 

Jeffrey. Charin E.. Pvt.. lat CI.. 3; 

._enn«dy. Franda P.. Pvt,, B, B. No. _. 

Klingkamith. Sim. Pvt., Cecelia, Ky. 

Lane. John, Pvl.. Isl Ci,. Llica. S. 1), 

Letcher, Christian J., Wag.. 701 S. Edn: 

Letcher. Guy, Pvt.. Buffalo Contor, low. 

" " ' 'i, G.. Pvt., lat CI., 119 W. 13th St, Davenport, Iowa. 

Id St. Mitcball. S, D. 

Whits, C«dl E.. PvL. 720 Polk Si.. Topeka, Kan 

Lysinger, Richard S., Pvt., 1> 

Kfatlingly. Glov' " ■ 

Matney, Rutr - ' 


McEnulty. Ji 

MaU. Hw'urd. I>vl.. i'gl CI.."r. R. ^o. 2. Clay Cen(«, Kan 
Msroh. WiUiam F.. Conk V,Ur„^ Minn 
Markuft. G«orge J.. Pvt 

Msriiq, Roy D.. Bug., U- — .. ^ 

"— «. Albert H.. Wag,. 3937 Giovob Ave.. SI, Louw. 
- "- "'=-1, Corp.. 1304 K. 26lh St . D» Moin», 1 

CI., GtFdRy 

Mry«, ■ "" 

Miller, _, ._.. 

MillioDo. ClareiKw J.. Was.. ClnryvUlc 

Miner, Roberl P., W 

Moon. Philip ».. Pv 

Monroe, AuUo D.. 1 

McNurlin. Walter B., I'vu. n. n, i^io, *, owniww, nwu. 

Prluhnrd. Richard G.. (St.. FeHanden. N. D. 

Niibel, Albert F.. Corp.. Dyemvilii-, Iowa. 

Oldenburg, Roy E., Se»t., 741 31Lfa St.. MilwaukHi. Wii. 

OboD. Joha A.. Pvt,. AriinRton. 8, D. 

Ooti. Leonard V,. Corp.. Wi Ath Kir.. Kaiuai City. Kan 

FaiJny, Carl A., Wai., Coon RapidJi, Icnva. 

Peamo. Robert N..1>>L. latCrVSHS W. 2 

Pdfer. Mai. Pvt.. VaJc S, D. 

Perry, George W., Wag.. Junenu, Alaska. 

nandd, Jamoa C. Pv t,. Cedarvtdr. Kan, 

Randolph, C, C. Mna Sflrrl.. 255 Johnson Ave,. Cedar Bafuda, It 

Rarrick, Arthur W.. Wag,, Slur City. Ind 

" ' '- Fred H,. Corp.. Zumbro Falli. Minn, 

,'. rnd St„ CoffcyvillK. Knn 


Sand;«.cu, ,~.,^ , 
SJohrerht, Frank G 

it CI,. I 

a, Glenn R,. Corp,, Hall ., 

Smilh. Dorr K.. Pvt.. lal CI,. Smilh CenTT, Kan. 
SmiUi, Ldand J,. Wii«,. 3441 Kowuith. Si. Louia. Mo 
Sparkg. lieorge M.. I'vi., Sidney, neb. 
Smith, Raymond A.. Pvl.. 308 N. IZth St., Tupeka. I 
Smith, Roy W., Pvt., lat CI.. MI S. Eati^lle St,. Wiel 
Soil. Henry P.. Pvt,. ZIO W, Bth 8l,. Muacaliue. lowj 

,, Wng,, I ___ ^ 

i.iapn. i,naru« «,. WaB,.'i«rfli.JkrNeb7'"' '"' 

Currier. Charles W.. Wag.. R. F. D No. 2. RoaehiU. looa. 

Kn»n>. Nikolai A. M„ Waw., Mimeota Minn. 

Flora. Guy, Wag., Box 192. Galraa, Kan. 

■Cute*. Vjrinl J.. Wei.. R. K. D. Ho- 2. Farmiagton, Mo. 

Fopma. Shnon, Wag.. Lynnville. Iowa. 

FmdHiekaoa JAonaril A., Wag.. Viborg. S. D. 

Gelling. Hottard P., Wag.. R. Y. D. No. 1. Frederick. S. D. 

lleUwigg. Aucuat B.. Wag.. 24-W Farrow Ave.. Kanaaa City, Kan. 

Ijwefville, Wilber G., Wag,, Slim Bulla. S. D. 

.MeKanney. Vairo F.. Wag,, Auburn. Neh. 

McMuUen, Lealie L.. Wag.. 116 S. W. 4th St., Nwlon, Kan. 

Mnboney, Edoiird J., Wag., Fulda. Minn. 

Murlcua. John A.. Wag.. Box 14S Greta. Neb. 

Medworth. Orris, Wag.. R F. If. No. 1. MilcbeU. 8, D. 

NeweU, Waltw A,. Wag,. Arebdia. Kan. 

Nichok Robert L.. Wag.. MIeula. Mo. 

PnuUon. IJuilav I,. Wag.. B, F. 1). No. S. Ccnlcrville. S. D. 

Smilh, B<-njamiu F.. Wag.. 536 Kathleen. St., Sikntoo, Mo. 

SUi^khouM. Fmd. Wag.. SiniiBon, Kuu. 

Sinink. John F., Wag.. B. F. D. No. 3, Irwie. S. D. 

H»en. Cjilvin K.. Wag.. 11 Ifl Swift Ave. KanHU City, Mo. 

Thomanen. JoMph. Wag.. Crave Ceour. Mo. 

.StelTnnii. Carl W., Wag., Eltliiardo. Kan. 

WaKher, Raylund FiTWag,. B. F, D. No. 2. Baymond, 8. D, 

Young, Liillier W., Wag. Rldgley, Tenn. 

YnunI, Seibert U.. Wag.. 4SM Dilmar Blvd., St. Louia. Mo. 

BauiT. Albert, Bug.. 7Z3 N. FrnnUin St.. New Ebn, Minn. 

Boyrl. Jlc-nry T., Hng.. Hsyfield. Minn. 

Becker. Frank. Pvt., 1st Cl, R. F. D. No. I, Oldham, 8, D 

ttiTTyman. W, A., Pvt . Im CI.. 3208 2BlJi Ave S„ Minueapolia. Minn. 

CarLion, George A., IM, IslCl.. II. y. I> "A" Kingsburg, Cal. 

Divine, Jamex C . 1\ r t -i ('[ ii |- p. \„. |. N„r<li Bend. Neb. 

Wagener, George H., Wag.. Oakland, ^ 
Wagner. Frank C, Pvt., l>t CI.. Ukis 
■■■ e. Cl^.A., Wag., t" "" " '" 

k. William A 

t C!„ C. 

Week& George £,. t'vt., lit CI., Houf 
Wilt* Groves F., Pvt,, R, B. No, 1, Kraua.t-L, ^. u 
Westerlierg. B. H,. Pvl,, l»t CI.. 2146lh Ave, S, W„ A 
William., Harry E„ Corp.. Bm l76. Lake Park, \ar 

Williannion, Wflbur, Wag., 6211 Byera St.. Joplin. M 
Womari. Arthur J„ Pvt., 1.1 CI., Horneravilfc. S'- 
Wooliey. Jnmw I 

Yariek. Frad J., L - 

Nigg. William, [>vt,. 1104 ColoraJo Corn 
Kerr, Floyd K„ Pvt., Elm. SpriPga. " ' 

T Ridae Ave.. Kansas Cily. Kan 
BicbHiU. Mo. 

Rdly, ChatiM F., Cept.. 414 E. M St., Dututh. Mioit. 

Uy, John G., lat Lt, Sib N. Downing St., Pinua. Ohio. 

Boot, Howard S.. 2ad LI.. 421 Lincoln St., WiOla WaUa. Waah. 

HannBuy, Frank C, lal Sergt., Wl Oifocd St., SI. Paul, Minn. 

Hairing. WiUiam B., Sup. Sergt,. Luxemburg. Iowa, 

Fakler, Joaepb C, M» Sngl.. 320 N. Huuler 3L. Borhnler. Minn. 

Schaper, Herbert B., Sergt., 1600 Irving Ave.. N , Minne»polia, Mini 

hitur, Wayne G., Sergt., Springneld. Minn. 

McGivoey, Palridi Sergt, 621 Ir- ■ - "- 


^jiU 'LeHoy. ^i!rgi.. 

SchluIec.Einil M., Sergt., Luverae, Minn. 
Weaterbaff, Frank. Sergt.. 304 N 5lh St, Keoki 
Wiodim, Harry E.. Sergt.. Deiter. Mo. 
Oberg, Clareaoe A„ Sergt , Princetion, til. 
ThonHO. Carl, Corp,. lB<:kwiD, Minn 
Andenon. Andrew P.. Corp.. Comfry. Minn. 
Cook. John A., Corp.. 114 BlulTSI.. Dubuque. I 
Moore. John D., Corp., 53 Ahnond St , Didiuqu 
Coolsy, LuRoy T.. Corp.. Lnnk Bonlon, Minn, 
Downing, Robert G , Carp . Elvina. Mo. 
Hanaen. AUred C , Oxp,, 2214 Chingen Ave . D 
Scott, Lilbem B., Corp,, Lathrop. Mo. 
Swanaon, Arthur B .Corp . Comrrey, Minn. 
Wolfe, William H., Curu. 4t> Valley, View Ave., 
Mayei, Ora. Cop.. Si John., Kan. 
"■ '■- ■'-. Corp, 44a MinnwolB Ave, Kam 
•„ Ciirp,, 4706 S. 24!h_St , Omn 

ion. low 

• York. 

Mayei, Ora, (. . , . . . 

Sbertlet, Mm. Corp . 4 

Boyle, Tian P„ Corp,, _,__ 

Moore. Joaeph A., Coip,. R *' D, i* 
Smith. CharkaF., Corp.. V"-'"-- " 

anuu Cily. Kan 
irrowvilic. Kan. 

Bi(«r. Bernard. Wag., i 

Bjomlia, John G., Wag. 

Bowman, WiUiam E./Wag., < . . . 

Brecb WiUiaio P.. Wag., 2723 Spruce. St., 1 

a»n, Mo. 
Wag., 103 2nd St., S. ... 
E.rWag., Old Appleton. 

HoUy, Hon 


a., Pvt.. Ill a.. I'avinoc City. Neb. 

e. Pvt., lat CI.. Harrunn. S. D. 

in. Pvt., lal CI., 1B07 W, Tlh Si., Daveaport. I< 

" - — -10 8. Sth St., SalinaTKan, 

. ..__,.i, Fred S.. PvL. Ut d.. R. F, D. No, 4, FrankTord, Kan 
Kelm. E.. Pvt.. 1st CI., R. K. D. No. 4, BulTahi Lake, Minn. 
LaEfey, Klcn'T J., Pvt., lat CL, Sprm.hrook, [own, 
Undquist. Victor O.. Pvl.. l.t CL. 13131 7lli Ave.. N, Fargo. N. D, 
Lure. Joaaph W,. Pvt., lat CI,. R. F, D, No. 1. Cambridge. Kan. 
Lyne. Harlin L., Pvt., lat CI., Lincoln, Kan, 
MoCutk-y, Fred. Pvt., lat CL. 1014 HiU St., Joplin. Mo. 
Malsan.RuBeUM.. Pvt., lat Cl„ lOlT 8, SlndSU IJneoln, Neb. 
Morrow, Fred, Pvt., lat CI.. Hartoer, Kan. 
<l'Conn>41, John J,. Pvt,, lat Q., 1256 Iowa St.. Duhiique, f 
PeleOah, Chart ' "-■■'-'"'■-- ^■ 

17. lUchlanl. Km, 

RichorrluD, Dan 

.. William 

_il CI,. Crabb Ordiard, Nob. 

Hiehlrr. Arlie K„ fvt., lat CI,. Webb Cily. Mo, 
HiuowHki. Joaeph J„ Pvt,, lat CL. H. F. D. No. 2. Greenbuib. Minn. 
Schmidt, A, E.. I'vt., 1st CI., saSB S. Campton St.. St. Louia, Mo. 
SchulU. ¥ira C, Pvt., 1st CI., 603 W. 9lb St.. Davenport. Iowa, 

" - -.iCI., 1060Herehey, MuKialino. lowfc 

I,. iBl a., Marshall. Minri. 
lat CL. Mitchell, 8. D. 

It a.. H. F. D. No. 2. Taungon. Minn. 

..,.^. Thomas W.. Pvt., 1st CL. Dexter. Kan. 

Vance, Fred A.. Pvt.. lat CI.. 300 S, 10th St., Lincoln. Nfb. 

WiJitlo. Charit* R., Pvt.. 1st CL. R. V. D. No. 1, Fulton. S. D. 

Wright, LeBqy, Pvt. lal Q,, Belle llaine. Iowa. 

Alley. James d. Pvt., lat CI., 2529 Ehnwood, Kansas City, Mo. 

Beck. Chris J.. Pvl.. MaquakaU. Iowa, 

Burnea. Bobert E.. Pvt., Heaaanthqpe, Mo. 

Cottar. MIrlinel P , Pvt., K, Court St.. Bloit, Kan. 

.., DoxK 

.., a034 W. Stb Si.. Day 



Gimiiel. fliMiry, Pvi„ B. V. D, No, 5. Aurora. Neb. 

Geimnger, (ieorge C. IM.. R. F. D. No. 2. Seldon, K 

Hahu, MirhwiC., IM.. lioudlaod, Kan. 

Hamm. Klmer C, Pvl., M>l!l Marquette St.. Davenp. 

Harris. Clark W.. ]>v< , IMoit. Kan, 

Henaon, Krank A., Pvt,, Crobb Orchard. Neb, 

Kuru, Bynold, Pvt,. Kulm. N. D. 

LeRud, Joaepfa M., IM., ArguaviUe, N D. 

Lindholm, Charlie J.. Pvl.. UIV Broadway. Bernard. 

Logan. Alk-n C. Pvt,. H. F. D. No. 2, Belleville, Ka> 

McColley, Henry «,. INt,. Vervdle, Neb, 

Macer, Jerry A., Pvt,. B, F. D. No. S, Clark, S. D. 

Marlcna. Henry, Pvt., 1327 Davie St.. Davenport, to 

Miler, Urvil A., IM., Broadwater, Neb. 

Morris, Arthur E„ Pvt.. Edgdey. N. D. 

Mullen, Roberl M., Pvt.. Claycenter, Kan. 

Muller, John, Pvt,, 8l. Paul. Neb, 

Myers, Charles H.. Pvl,. Hopedale, Neb. 

Olaen, Bernard, Pvt,, 417 Berlighl. St,, Yankton, S. D, 

ird, Pvt,, 417 Berliglil. St,, yanklon, S. D, 
rank R,. Pvt., R. F. D. No, 4. Lincoln. Rao. 



and Homr AdAetl 

... R. F. D, No, 2. B 

B. Minn. 

Bim. r/orvBl E., Pvl., W 

RichanlB. WiUsrd M.. INt., Siwiimr. S. D. 

Schmitlt. Rabert H.. Pvt.. 920 W. Mnind St.. Culhuc, Ma. 

TKDar. Carl A.. Pvl., Tabl«ock, Neb. 

Wricfat, Wmtna R.. PyI.. Emery, 8. D. 

Zager, Olto H.. Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 2. NoIodii. Iowa. 

McKny. John B.. Capt.. 3SS dlh Ave.. W«l C«1u[ Itiirjids, Iv 
Caib. MlUbrJI S.. Li. 
Kiric. Arthur B.. ial Lt.. 132 Henchrl Ave.. Si. i'auL. Minn. 

_ ,1 

.... TiUord. 8. D. 

Medj.. McCliuky. N. D. 

Baird. Sbemma. Prl., R. F. D. No. 4. MmiuuiiKilk Km. 

BalUcd. JiuDH. Wag.. Lyndon Sutioii. Ww. 

Bairott. Bm H., Ph., Pawnee Rock. Kan, 

BsduDd. Richard C. Pvt„ B. F. D. No. 3. Cheyenne, \. D. 

Bray. Ira I).. Pvt.. R. F. D. No. I. Zurich. Kan, 

Brown. Vauahn P., Hcrm,. 315 N. Main SI., Burlinxlo", Iowa. 

Bniee, Charlie E.. PH., Palmora. town. 

Bmeno. Wwlcy J., Pvt., lat CI., tlladhroofc, Iowa. 

BnunmoDd, Ji3m D.. Prt.. Clear Lake. S. D. 

DufUin. Frank G.. Pvt.. Newton. Iowa. 

Campbdl, Francis M,. Corp., Leslie. Ark, 

Carder. Onel W.. Corp.. North English. Iowa. 

Chriunan, EUiworth M., Pit.. ll^nviUe. Mo. 

CbriatenMn. Edwin J.. Pvt., Wilton. N. D. 

Cicrand, KugeDc. Pvt.. lit Cl„ Cauade, Iowa. 

Clynch. Thomas D.. Pvt.. Itt Q.. Grinoell. Iowa. 

Coaburn. Earl W.. Sergt., R. F. D. No. 1. Hamilton. III. 

Conrad. Okst B,. Corp.. R. F, D. No. 3. Anplcton Cily. Mo, 

Cooler, Lawrence A.. Pvt.. Ut CI., Dyeravine. Iowa. 

Cooney. Lmin K„ Pvt . Ut CI.. KnoiviUe, Iowa. 

Daniel. William R., Curp,. ProKOIt. Iowa, 

De JoDR. Conrad C. Pvt., Weningtan Springs. 8. D, 

Dickens, Foyd. Cook, Oakville. Iowa. 

Docan, Frederick B.. Pvt., 1st CI.. R. F. D. No 3, Florence, S. D 

Drummey, G. W,. Pvt., 1st CI,. 1221 N. 3rd St.. W. Cedar Rapids, 

Evans. John M., Pvl., I«l CI.. 811 Byers Ave.. Joplin. Mo. 

Pehrle. Fred, Pvl.. lit CI.. Creston, Iowa. 

rtM. Ira J.. Pvt.. New London. Minn. 

Faber. E. F., Mesa Sergt.. 3844 3<tlb Ave, S„ Minneapolis. Minn. 

Flesber. Jane L.. Pvt.. lit CI.. Bushyhead, Okla. 

Fomca. Edilic. Pvt,. Amenia. N. D. 

FreiuniAi, AnWww A., P>1,. Irt C!„ While Bmr Ijikc, Minn. 

medericka. Otto P., Pvt.. New Liberty, luwa. 

FuBon. Ladie. Pvt.. Joptin, Mo. 

Gehn. Williun C Pvt., lat CI.. Msrtboo, Wis. 

Genu, John A,. Pvt.. LaMoure, N. D. 

Gervais. Alphones J,. Pvl.. I>1 CI., While Beac, Mitia. 

GOIetl. Allen W.. Pit., lat CI., R. F. D. No. S, Indiaaola, Minn. 

~ lodenon. Leonard, Cook. B. F. D, No. 3, St. Petor, Minn. 

ihn, Louis G.. Pvt., Minniewaokon, N. D, 

dlick, Aidd D„ Pvt.. Csohy, Minn, 

unilton, Theron. Pvt.. Ivanhai, Minn. 

inaon. Hans H., Pvl,, Tylor. Minn, 

inchaw, Hubert B.. PvL. Isl CI., R. F. D. No. 1, Rose Hill. Ki 

iDS«i. die C. Sod.. R, F. D. No. 1. Elmore, N, D. 

loson. Williun Pvt., 201 3rd St., North Fargo, N. D, 

jTrymao, Ana L.. Pvt., R. F. D. No. 3, ApplelDn. Clly. Mo. 

elling. Henry fi.. Sergt.. 1432 4lh St.. Ft. Madison, Iowa, 
ne. John E.. Harsh,, Alfred. N. D, 
HiL, Frank E.. Pvl., Verdiire. Neb. 

richa, Albert J.. Pvt.. R. F. D. No. 2. Granil M<iund, Iowa. 
'ells, Morgan. Pvl., 417*3 Wat High Ave., Oikahnsa, Iowa 
. . .... . p^j ly^ y]j„ M^^ 

Namt. Pank and Honu 
Lonquisl. Ernest. Pvt., 1st CI., Mt. Pleas. 
Lutgen. Paul J., Pvt., Berlin, N D. 
Lysaker. Frod O,. Pvt,. 30T lat Ave., Norlh Fargo. N. D. 

McCnll, Hubert F "- " «• " "i- ■ ■ •■- 

McCauley. F. J.. I _ - 

McCocmick. Archie C Corp.. Des Moii 

Mi-CuUoui^, Silas A.., Pvt,. Medberry, N. D. 

fVed J.. Slip. Sergt.. i 

en. Walter C, Pvt., Eldridgi 
■son, Arthur W„ Pvt., Tolnt 

»on Ben, Pvt.. R. F. D. Nt _, ._ 

I. O.. Pvt., 15U2^i Ruckinglmm Road. Diiv 

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to D„ Chief M«*„ 

R.. Sergt.. 891h Ejij 

Kaska, Frank M., P.t., East PI 

Keller. Edward. Pvt.. Harvey, N. D 
Kiefer. Peter S.. Pvl,. Isl CI,. B. ¥. D. No. 3, Bdgrad 
Kiisclier, Frank, Corp.. Van Meter, Iowa, 
K.. Pvt.. CnrdweU. Mo. 
. Jacob, Pvt.. P. O. Boi 65, OuUihA, Moot 

'elLi. Pvl., Dslroil. Mich. 

Kyle, Thomas D.. Pvl., I23S Hnmiiahire St.. Quincy. 1 

X. Olger C. Pvt,, R. F. IJ. No. 1, F«8cnden. N, 

niere, Henry J.. Pvt.. 1st CI., 502 Armdel St., 8 
^ - " illy. Iowa, 

I, Alvii 

Pvl., Jud. N. D. 

Lilla, Henry F.. Pvt., Isl ( 
jadsey. John A.. Pvl., isl 
y. AshbyB "- " 

st CI., indianola, Io> 

I.. Casselton. N. D. 

Miirkey, Joseph Kl,. Pvl., 1st 
Mnthiasen. Lars. Pvt., Tyler, i....^. 
Mnllusen, Raymond W.. Pvt,. Isl a.. Center Cily, Minn. 
Miknell, Mlllon M,. Pvt., 1st CI.. Lee Summit. Mo, 
Miller, Henry, IVl., P. O, Boi lU. Baylon, Mont. 
Moore, Clarence K. Pvl., 123 Ripley St., Davenpod, Iowa. 
Muldenberg, Cotnic. Pvl.. Isl CI,, R. F. D, No. rLeClenir. I 
Murphy, Boy I,, Pvl.. Isl CI., Keswidi, Iowa. 
Myers, Clinton C., Pvl.. Adrian, Minn. 
Nehon. Floyd C, Pvl., B. F. D, No. 2. Lisbon. N D. 
Nepp. Elmer O.. Corp., Shiyton. Minn. 
Niuily. John C. Cook. Dalba Center, Iowa. 
Ohlenkamp, Henry, Pvl.. Isl CI.. Fulda, Minn. 
Olsrn. (No C„ Wag., B. F. O. No. 1. Tyler. Minn, 
OlHin. Peter E., Pvt., Wama^a. Minn. 
Paulson, William, Pvl,. Elvarado, Minn. 
■ayton, Lewis L., Sergt.. Kellerlon, Iowa. 
Pefecbek. James. Pvt., 1004 W. Bidge St.. Iowa Cily. Iowa. 

I. I'aitl V... Corp., 2404 20th Ave., Minncapolj. Minn. 

on, Kmil. Pvt.. Hickson, N. D. 

on. Sevaine K. H . PvL. R. ¥. D, No. 2. Center Cily, 1 

, Lewis C. Corp., Senath. Mo. 
Pike. Alvin H , Pvl.. It, F. D. No. 1. Bloomington. Neb. 
Purler. Guy R., Pvl., Colfax, Iowa. 
Radtke, August U.. Pvt., Albany, Minn. 
~ ' I, Joseph, Pvt.. Tiplon, Iowa. 

iweu. Jena, Pvt.. 331 14lh Ave.. Clinton. Iowa, 
.. Janicl. Pvl., 1725 Soulheast Maury St.. Dea Moines, lo 
lesrdon. Joseph B.. Sergt,. Elliott. Iowa. 

r. Mar 

E.. HoTi. 

n A,. Pvl 

Rogers, AUmtI W.. Pvl., Lenox, Iowa. 

Bush, Charin. Pvt., Keokuk. Iowa. 

Samdal. Ole M.. Pvt,, Edmund. N, D. 

ScharpT. Ralph D.. Pvt., R. F. D. No. 3. Dorance, Kan. 

Srheer. Arthur J,. Pvt,. 1st CI , Fessenden, N D. 

Schlolfeldt. Adulph II.. Pvl., Gambril, Iowa. 

Schneider, Lawrence A,. l>vl„ lat CI