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I I . 

Printed in England 


rHE lqOLISH HYMNAL is a collection of the best hymns in the 
English language, and is offered as a humble comDanion fo the Book 
of Common Prayer for use in the Church. If is nota party-book, 
expressing this or that phase of negation or excess, but an attempt 
fo combine in one volume the worthiest expressions of all that lies 
within the Christian Creed, from those 'ancient Fathers' who 
were the earliest hymn-writers down fo contempora T exponents of 
modern aspirations and ideals. 
We therefore offer the book to all broad-minded men, in the hope 
that every one will find within these pages the hynms which he 
rightly wants. At the same rime, since literary, musical, and 
religious standards vary, a really inclusive collection nmst of 
necessity be larger than the needs of each particular individual: 
hymn books, indeed, afford special facilities in this respect, because 
thoso who use them can select according fo their requirements. 
Such a method of selection we have omelves suggested in the 
lIusical Edition by a List of simple hymns, which may satisfy 
the ordinary needs of many parishes ; while we have also arranged 
a Table of hymns for ail the Sundays and Holy-days of the year, 
which covera the whole ground. Thus we bave endeavoured to 
produce a book that shall suit the needs of learned and simple alike, 
and shall af the same rime exhibit the characteristic virtue of 
hymnody,- ifs vitness, namely, to the fact that in the worship 
of God Chrlstians are drawn the closer together as they are drawn 
nmre c]ose]y fo the one Lord. In Christian song Chumhes bave 
forgotten their quarrels and men bave lost their limitations, because 
they bave reached the higher ground where the soul is content fo 
aflïrm and fo adore. Tho hynms of Christendom show more clearly 
than anything else that there is even now such a thing as the unity 
of the Spirit. 
Little explanation is needed of the princlples which governed the 
selectlon and arrangement of the hymns. The new work, inserted 

in every case te fill an acknowledged gap or te introduce a tune 
of special excellence, nmst stand or fMI on ifs merits. One feature, 
however, requires a word of comment. Hymns are printed, where- 
ever possible, as their authors wrote them. Te many it will be 
a surprise te find that the ascription of a hymn te this or that 
author, when if was given at ail in hymnals of the last centmT, 
was very often misleading. The public new has the _.pportunity 
of comparing many originals with their altered versions; and few. 
we venture te predict, xvill deny that they had been alered for 
the worse. Occasionally, indeed, the music require the removal 
of an extra vord if a hymn is te be used af ail, as for instance 
iii Neale's hymn, No. 137 The Day of Resurrection), and in Milton's, 
No. 582 (Let us, with a gladsome mind) ; but although these hymns 
are lnarked as altered, none of their characteristic epithets have been 
clmnged. Sometimes a]terations are justified for other reasons ; and 
seine translations are the work of several hands. But apart, front 
sueh exceptional cases, the efforts, 8o oftell ruade in the past te 
improve the work of competent authors, have had the inevitable 
result. The freshness and strength of the originals lmve been 
rep]aced by stock phrases and commonplace sentiments ; and injul T 
bas been done te the quality of out pub]i worship as well a, te 
the memory of great hymn-writers, 
A ]Iynm Book that is offered as a companion te the Book of 
Common l»l'ayer must provide adequately net only for Sundays 
but al.o for Ml those other Holy-days which in the Pl'ayer Book 
are ol'dered te be observed preeisely in the saine way as undays. 
The Office Hymns for the Saints' Days ' te be observed ' are therefore 
given, as wel] as many suitable modern hylnns : te these have been 
added the hynms for the Miner aints' Days of the Anglican 
Çalendar (since if is a conliloll practice te sing a hymn as a nlemorial 
of such days), although we recognize the fact that as there is no 
Office for such days in the Prayer Book they [:an bave no Office 
Hymn in the strict sense of the word. 
The Hymns marked 'Office l=Iymn' are translations frein those 
appointed in the ancient choirervices of the English Church. In 
suggesting these as specially suitable, by placing them out of the 


alphabetical order under a special heading, we have followed the 
example of the Reformers, who went fo the samo source for out 
present Offices of Morning and Evening Prayer. Very many of 
these hymns are already well known, thanks fo the good work 
of former hymnals; but thero remained many Sundays and other 
days for which the proper hymns were not provided. There is 
indeed no need for all tho hymns of all the ancient services, such 
as the hymns for both Martins and Lauds on every occasion; but 
there is a legitimate demand for all those hymns which belong 
fo the services of Moaing and Evening Prayer, according fo the 
Prayer Book Calendar. The need has long been fer of such a 
complete sot of these ancient hymns, which in their Scriptural 
simplicity and sober digmity represent the deep Christian experienco 
of more than a thousand years. This need we bave now supplied, 
endeavotlring where new translations ,vere required fo convey as 
faithfully as possible the spirit of the originals, so that in these 
hymns also the authors should speak for themselves. 
Thus we have ruade complete provision for the liturgical require- 
menLs of Churehmen, xvhile we bave ai ttle saine rime added rnany 
modern hymns of the tiret tank which have hot hitherto been ai 
their disposai. In so doing we have attempted fo redress those 
defects in popular hymnody whieh are deeply felt by thoughtftd 
men ; for the best hymns of Christendom are as free as the Bible 
from the self-centred sentimentaiism, the weakness and unreality 
which mark inferior productions. The great hymns, indeed, of all 
ages abound in the conviction that duty lies ai the heart of the 
Christian life--a double duty fo God and fo our neighbour; and 
mch hymns, like the Prayer Book, axe for all sorts and conditions 
of men. 

The book is divided into twelve parts, and the hymns are arranged 
alphabeticaIly in each part or section, so that they may be readily 
ïound. In Parts I to III, th Offic ymns for each occasion are 
placed first, and after them the other hymns follow in aiphabetical 
order. Part X is divided into two sections: the first consis of 

hymns and prayers arranged so that processions may be definite 
acts of prayer and worslfip, after the manner of the l'rayer Book 
Litany and the older processions upon which it is based; the 
second contains other hynns that are suitable for tLe in processions. 
The ]Ietrical Litanies in Part XI aie similarly arranged, so that 
they form conplete acts of prayer. Part XII consists of liturgical 
prose pieces, which are arranged in their natural order. 
The heading 'OFFICE H¥N' shows that the original vas the 
Office Hymn for the corresponding servico in the 8alisbul T service- 
i»ooks, except in the case of To. 175, which is taken from those 
of York. The letters ' E.' and '/.' stand for Evensong and ]Iattins, 
the first Evensong being that on the day belote the festival. Whën 
these letters occur twice for the saine festival or season (' E.' and 
'I.,' '.' azld 'E.'}, the first 'E.' denotes the hynn for the first 
Evensong, and the second 'E.' the Evensong on the day itself; 
while the first 'I." shows that the hymn anciently |sêlonged fo 
Iattins only, and the second 'I.' stands over the hynm that 
l»elonged fo Lauds: as out present ]Iattins occupies the l»lace of 
the older ]Itttins and Lauds, either hynm is equally suitable. 
The nalnes and dates of ail authors are given, in so far as they 
are known. Illitials only are provided in the case of living trans. 
lators, whose names are given in the Index of akuthors, and in 
the case of a few living authors. The lettel 'Tr.' are prêfixed 
fo tl,e names of ail translators. The nunber of the Psalm 
is given in the case of paraphrases, though it must be rênembered 
that seine paral)h,'ases are extrenely free, vhile others are based 
upon one or two verses only of a Psalm. 
Where the author's or translato»'s nane has no mark, the hyn, n 
is unaltered or has been revised by the author himself. The sign 
'' shosvs that an alteration has been ruade in one line only; the 
sign ' ** ' denotes alterations in two or three lines. To hymns that 
are the work of more than one writer a second naine is given, or 
the Vol'ds 'and other' are added. Translations which have no one 
special source are narked * Tf. cento." Alterations in spelling are 
hot marked, nor is any note ruade of the omission of verses, nor 
do the statements as fo authorship refer fo the doxologies. 


In the case of long hymns and of hymns with slow tunes, the 
sign ' *' is pl'efixed te those vorses whieh may be most eonveniently 
omitted. If does net follow that verses se marked are eonsidered in 
any. way inferior, but only that they ean be omitted without doing 
violence te the context. 
Choruses and refrains are printed once for ail in italic. 'Amen' 
is only printed with doxologies. In the case of other hymns ira 
use is sometimes appropriate and sometimes net ; but in the Iusical 
Edition if is given with 'ifs musical setting in every case except 
that of sequences, se that it can be sung when desired. The verses 
are numbered, and in order te show ,vhen the last verse of a hymn 
is reached af the bottera of a page, a full point is in evel T case 
p.rinted afler the number of the last verse. 
The Introits are given in Part XII, and as in seine churches other 
Scriptural passages frein the older Liturgy are occasionally used, 
these also are for convenience given in full. They follow the 
Introit, and are marked by letters which are explained in a note 
af the head of this Part. 

We desire fo express out warmest thanks te the authors who 
haro aided us by writing or translating hymns specially for this 
Hymnal, i.e. Re-c. Iaurice F. Bell; Rev. Dr. C. Bigg, Professer 
of Ecclesiastical tIistory, Oxford; Mr. F. C. Burkitt, Norrisian 
Professer of Divinity, Cambridge; Ir. G. K. Chesterton; Rev. 
G. Gillett; Ir. Laurence Housman; Iiss H. Packer; Rev. E. S. 
Palmer ; Rev. Canon Rawnsley ; blr. R. Ellis Roberts. Our thanks 
are also due te the following authors for their kind permission te 
include their hymns in the book:--Ir. A. C. Ainger; Rev. S. 
Baring-Gould ; Ir. A. C. Benson ; Rev. Father Benson ; Rev. G. H. 
Bourne; Rev. H. R. Bramley ; Rev. John Brownlie ; Miss Christian 
Burke; Rev. Dr. Butler, lIaster of Trinity College, Cambridge; 
Ir. W. Canton; Rev. 1. R. Chope; lev. V. S. S. Coles; Rev. 
Father Collins ; Mrs. Coote ; Ir. R. F. Davis ; I'S. Gurney ; ]lilas 
K. Hankey ; Rev. Canon H. Scott Holland ; lev. F. L. Hosmer ; 
Mr. C. W. Humphreys; laev. J. S. Jones; Rev. Dr. Julian; Ir. 

hymns and prayers arranged so that processions may be definite 
acts of prayer and worship, after the manner of the Prayer Book 
Litany and the older pcessions upon which it is based; the 
second contains other hymns that are suitable for use in processions. 
The ltetrical Litanies in Part XI are simi]arly arranged, so that 
they form complete acts of prayer. Part XII consists of liturgical 
prose pieces, which are arranged in their natural order. 
The heading 'OFFice- H'.' shows that the original was the 
Oflïce Hymn for the corresponding serx'ice in the Salisbury service- 
books, except in the case of 1o. 175, which is taken from those 
of York. The letters ' E.' and ' I.' stand for Evensong and ]Iattins, 
the ri]st Evensong being that on the day before the festival. When 
these ]etters occur twice for the sane festival or season (' E.' and 
'lI.,' 'I.' a]d 'E.'t, the first 'E.' denotes the hymn for the first 
Evensong. and the second 'E.' the Evensong on the day itse]f; 
while the first 'ii." shows that the hymn anciently belonged fo 
Iattins only, and the second '5I.' stands over the hymn that 
belonged fo Lauds: as out present 3iattins occupies the pl«ee of 
the older ]I«ttins and Lauds, either hynn is equally suitable. 
The names and dates of al] authors are given, in so far as they 
«tre k]town. Ititials only are provided in the case of lix'ing trans- 
lators, whose names are given in the Index of Authors, and in 
the case of a few living authors. The letters 'T'.' are prefixed 
fo the names of all translators. The number of the lasalm (Ps. 
is given in the case of paraphrases, though it must be remembered 
that some paral»hrasea are extremely free, while others are based 
upon one or two verses only of a lasalm. 
Where the author's or translator's naine has no mark, the hynn 
is unaltered or has been revised by the author himself. The sign 
'' shows that an alteration bas been ruade in one line only; the 
sign ' ** ' denotes alterations in two or three lines. To hymns that 
are the work of nore than one writer a second naine is given, or 
the words 'and others' are added. Translations which have no one 
special source are marked ' Tf. cento." Alterations in spelling are 
hot marked, nor is any note ruade of the omission of verses, nor 
do the statements as fo authorship refer to the doxologies. 


In the of long hymns md of hymns ,vith slow tunes, the 
sign ' *' is prefixed te those verses which may be most conveniently 
omitted. It does net follow that verses se marked are considered in 
any. way inferior, but only that they can ho omitted without doing 
violence te the context. 
Choruses and refrains are printed once for ail in italic. ' Amen' 
is on[y printed with doxologies. In the case of other hymns its 
nso is sometimes appropriate and sometimes net ; but in the Musical 
Edition il is given with ils musical setting in every case except 
that of sequences, se that it tan be sung when desired. The verses 
are numbered, and in order te show when the verse of a hymn 
is reaehed al the bottera of a page, a fuH point is in every case 
printed after the number of the last verse. 
The Introits are given in Part XII, and as in seine churches other 
Scriptural passages from the older Liturgy are occasionally used, 
theso aise are for convenience given in full. They follow the 
Introit, and are marked by htters vhich are explained in a note 
at the head of this Part. 


We desire fo express our warmest thanks fo the authors who 
bave aided us by writing or translating hymns specially for this 
tIymnal, i.e. Rev. lIauriee P. Bell; Rev. Dr. C. Bigg, Professor 
of Eeclesiastical History, Oxford; lIr. F. C. Burkitt, Norrisian 
Professor of Divinity, Cambridge; lIr. G. K. Chesterton; Rev. 
G. Gillett; lr. Laurenco Housman ; lIiss H. Packer; lev. E. S. 
Palmer ; Rev. Canon Rawnsley ; lIr. 1. Ellis Roberts. Our thanks 
arc aise due fo the following authors for their kind permission to 
include their hymns in the book:--lIr. A. C. Ainger; Rev. S. 
Baring-Gould ; lIr. A. C. Benson ; lev. Father Benson ; Rev. G. H. 
Bourne ; lov. H. R. Bramley ; lev. John Brownlie ; lIiss Christian 
Burke; lov. Dr. Butler, blaster of Trinity College, Cambridge; 
lIr. W. Canton; lev. R. R. Chope ; Rev. V. S. S. Coles; lev. 
Father Collins ; lrs. Coote ; lIr. 1. F. Davis ; lrs. Gurney ; liss 
K. Hankey; lev. Canon H. Scott Holland ; lev. F. L. Hosmer; 
lIr. C. W. Humphreys; Rev. J. S. Jones; Rev. Dr. Julian ; lr. 


Rudyard Kipling; Rev. S. C. Lowry; the Archbishop of York; 
lIrs, blaude ; lIr. A. 5Iidlane ; bits. Millet ; lIr. L. B. C. L. Muirhead ; 
lev. E. J. Newel]; lIr. F. 8. Pierpoint ; Rev. R. Martin Pope; 
Rev. F. Port; Rev. Canon lawnsley; Very Rev. J. Armitage 
Robinson, Dean of Vestminster; Rev. R. Hayes Robinson; Rev. 
I. G. 8mith ; Rev. Dr. W. Chalmers Smith ; Rev. W. B. Trevelyan ; 
Lieut.-Col. Turion. While the hymn book was going through the 
press three authors who had given their permission passod away; 
Bishop Bickersteth ; Rev. L. Hensley; lIrs. Luke. 
The following copyright hymns bave been inserted by permission 
of the ownem, fo whom we tender out sincere gratitude :--119, Rev. 
H. L. Alderson ; the laie Dean Alford's hymns, Rev. }I. L. Cruso; 
580, lIr. W. K. Doane; St. Patrick's Breastplate, and other cotW- 
right hymns of the laie Mrs. Alexander, the Archbishop of Armagh 
and the Association f,r Promoting Christian Knowledge; the three 
hymns 29. 225, 539, by Rev. H. R. Bramley, the laie C. 8. Calverley, 
and blr. A. C. Benson, blessrs. Novello 8: Co., Ltd. ; 10, 636, bits. 
Blacker; 577, lIr. J. E. Bode; the laie Dr. Bright's hymns, 
Rev. DI'. Lock; 15, Sir. Ernest Nister; 77, Mr. Kyrle Chatfield; 
567, 554, lIiss A. J. D. Ciephane ; 347, Mrs. Creighton ; hymns by 
the laie llr. W. Chatterton Dix, bits. Dix ; th«; laie Canon Ellerton's 
hymns, lev. F. G. Ellerton; 585, /)fro. A. ll. llonro; the laie 
It. Hon. W. E. Gladstone's hymn, Sir Isaae Pitman & ,Sons; 612. 
the John Church Co. and /)frs. Hanby; the laie /)fLss Havergal's 
hymns, Rev. A. tla'ergal Shaw ; 54, 155, 613, /)fessrs. Dent & Co.; 
548, the Soeiety for Promoting Christian Knowledge; the laie 
]3i.hop Valsham How's hymns, Rev. H. Walsham FIow ; 308, 328. 
;5, Rev. J. B. Croit ; hymns by the lato Dr. Littledale, lev. J. E. 
Vaux ; 530, the llothers' Union ; hymns by the laie Rev. G. lIoultrie, 
Rev. B. oultrie ; the laie Cardinal Newman's hymns,/)ff. E. Bellasis 
and lIessrs. Longmans; 368, bits. Jaeob ; the laie Dean Plumptre's 
hymns, the Bishop of Gloueester and bits. laarsons; the laie Rev. 
T. ]3. Pollock's litanies, Lt.-Col. Pollock; 232, 272, Rev. W. F. J. 
Romanis ; 25, 203, blr. William/)f. Rosser.ri and bIessrs./)faemillan ; 
528, lIrs. Shuttleworth ; the laie Dean Stanley's hymns, the Dean's 
repreaentatives, through /)ff. John /)furray and /)fezsrs. /lacmillan; 


the laie Rev. S. J. Stone's hymns, Mrs. Boyd; the laie Canon 
Thring's hymns, Mrs. Thring ; 266, Mrs. Twells ; 331, Rev. Canon 
Evans ; hymns of the laie Bishop Christopher Wordsworth, Eev. 
Christopher Wordsworth ; 573, the Proprietors of Sacreà b'orujs 
8olos; 415, Mr. G. H. Fellowes PTnne; 430, Rev. J. A. Owen; 
179, Mrs. Mason; 76, lev. F. W. G. Whitfield ; 517, Rev. R. R. 
Chope. Special thanks are due te the Rev. G. H. Palmer for per- 
mission te use his version of the Introits, and te ]Ir. E. V. Goldsmith 
for his revision of the Grai]s, &c. ; and we are under a very great 
obligation te Mr. Robert Bridges, for permission te use no fewer 
than thirteen hymns frein the Yaltedon Hmal. 
We bave spared no effort te discover the owners of ail copyright 
hymns; but if through inadvelence any should bave been over- 
looked, we desire te offer out apologies, and te promise that the 
omitted acknowledgement shall be inserted af the earliest opportunity. 
Ve canner exaggerate our indebtedness te Dr. Julian's Dietio»ary 
of Hymnology, a monumental work, without 'hich ,,ve could net 
have reached the high standard of accuracy, as te both texts and 
authorship, which we set belote us when entering upon out labours. 
We are also exceedingly grateful te Dr. Julian personally, and te 
the sub-editor of the Dictionary, the Rev. J. Mearns, for their most 
valuable assistance and information on many doubtful points. 
Amidst a ver)" large number of scholars, experts, and other friends 
who bave materially lightened out labours, we must make special 
mention of the VeT Rev. Dr. Furneaux, Dean of Winchesier, and 
]Ir. Arthur Reynolds, on whose faste and judgement we bave 
often relie& 
One member of the Committee, the late Rev. W. H. H. Jervois, 
was called fo his rest shortly after the printing of tho hook was 
begun. We cannot therefore place hia naine among our own, but 
,,vo dedicato fo the memory of our friend the work in which he bore 
so large a sharo. 
Avion /)u, 1906. 
a 8 ix 


THE music of this hymnal is divided into tsvo main sections; 
the plainsong melodies and the comparatively modern music. The 
modern music only is dealt with here. The plainsong is discussed 
The music is innded fo be essentially congregational in character, 
and this end bas been kept in view both in the choice of tunes and in 
the manner of setting them out. Fine melody rther thn the 
exploitation of a tined choir bas been the criteon of lection: 
the pitch of ech tune h }en kept  ]ow  is consistent with 
the chrcter of the me]ody. 
Vhere there is congregationl singing if is hnpornt that 
eli should be employed, or at least tho vhich ve sto the 
st of rime : thefol the ' scially compod tune 'that ne 
of many a hymnal--h been avoided as far  possible. There e 
alady many hundroes of fine tun in existence, so many ind 
tht it is impossible fo include more than a small part o them in 
any one collection. 
The k of providing congregations with fmili tunes is dicult : 
for. unfmunaly, many of the tunes of the prent day vhich bave 
bome familir and, pbbly merey from association, popular witl 
congregations are fluite unsuitable fo their purpose. ore often 
than hot they are itively harmful fo those vho sing and hear 
them. The committee were therefore plced in the hard position of 
having fo decide vhether fley should rk momenta unpopuhty 
by disrding certa tunes, or vhether they should sacfioe 
eater ultimate good for the ler and more immedia advange. 
The problem, however, solved itlf in a happy and unforeseen 
manner because the inseion of severa of the tun in queson 
w hot allowed by the owne of the copyright. Thus the com- 
mittee, whfle regretting hat they are net able for a fev yrs te 


include such beautiful tunes as Dykes' 'Dominus regit me' or 
Stainer's ' In Memoriam ", yet feel that nothing but gain can result 
from the exclusion of certain other tunes, which are worthy neither 
of the congregations who sing them, the occasions on which they 
are sung, nor the composers vho wrote them. 
The committee believe that many clergymen and organists are 
now realizing their responsibility in this marrer, and will welcome 
a tune-book in which enervating tunes are reduced to a minimum. 
The usual argument in favour of bad music is that the fine tunes 
are doubtless 'musically correct ', but that the people want 'some- 
thing simple'. Now the expression 'musically oerrect' bas no 
meaning; the only 'correct' music is that which is beautiful and 
noble. As for simplicity, what could be simpler than 'St. Arme' or 
'The Old Htmdredth ', and what could be finer ? 
If is indeed a moral rather than a musical issue. No doubt it 
requires a certain effort to tune oneself fo the moral atmosphere 
implied by a fille melody; and it is far casier fo dwell in the 
miasma of the languishing and sentimental hynm tunes which so 
often disfigure our services. Such poverty of heart may hot be 
uncommon, but af least if should hot be encouraged by those who 
direct the services of the Church ; if ought no longer fo be truc any- 
where that the most exalted moments of a church-goer's week are 
associated with music that would hot ho tolerated in any place of 
secular entertainment. 
There are, however, many who recognize this bad stalm of things, 
but are timid about removing old favourites. Those who bave 
this fear should remember that most of our ' o]d favourites' are 
of very recent growth, dating af the earliest from the year 1861-- 
a very short life for a hymn tune ; also that if does uot take more 
than a couple of years to make a tune which congregations like into 
an 'old favourite ', and furthermore that itis not by any means 
necessarily bad music which is popular. The average congrégation 
likes fine melody when if can get if, but if is apt fo be undiscrimi- 
nating, and will often take to bad melody when good is hOt fooEh- 
coming. Is it hot worth while makirig a vigorou effort to<lay 

for the sake of establishing a good tradition ? Espeeially should 
this be the case with children's hyrnns. Children at all eents bave 
no old association with any particular tune, and incalculable good 
or harrn rnay be done by the music ,vhich they sing in their rnost 
impressionable years. 
An atternl)t bas been rnade fo set a rninimurn standa,-d in the 
rnusic selected for this ,york. This does hot rnean that austerity 
has been unduly sought, or that diflicult and colourless music bas 
been preferred fo that which is vigorous and bright. A tune bas 
no more right fo be dull than fo be dernoralizing. Indeed, anxiety 
fo ensure the co.operation of the congregation rnay bave caused 
the bounary fo be occasionally overstepped, so that a few tunes 
have been retained which ought to bave been rejected, but on this 
borderland individual tstes rnust necessarily differ, and the con,- 
rnittee bave done their best fo select the rno.t suitable tune for 
each hyrnn. To rnake the possibilities of selectiol, vider, numerous 
cross-referênces have been given, xvhich should be freely used, and 
a short appendix is added of alternative tunes fo certain hymns 
for the use of those who do hot agree with the choice of the musical 
{««) Pit¢l,.--The pitch of ail the tunes bas been fixed as low as 
possible for the sake of rnixed congregations. Except in the case 
o[ tunes with an extended compass the highest note is hot al»ove D 
or E. Some choirrnasters rnay obect to this on the ground that 
if places the hyrnns in the worst part of the boy-chorister's voice, 
and that it takes the basses and altos rather low. The obvious 
answer is that hymns are essentially for the congregation; the 
choir bave their opportunity elsewherè, but in the hyrnn they rnust 
give way fo the congregation, and if is a great mistake fo suppose 
that the result will be inartistic. A large body of voices singing 
together rnakes a distinctly artistic effect, though that of each 
individual voice rnight be the opposite. And it rnay be added that 
a desire fo parade a trained choir often accornpanies a debased 
musical faste. 


Where a tune occurs twice in the book itis usually given in two 
different keys, and in one or two cases a higher version of certain 
well-known tunes is given in the appendix. If this is net suffi- 
cient if is always possible te transi)ose the tunes te a higher key. 
Where a tune la only given once if is obvious why if should be 
printed in a lower key. Such a key is particularly suitable fx" 
village churches where the organist is rarvly able te transpose. On 
the other hand, in churches where if is desired te give the first 
consideration te a trained choir, the organist will certainly be 
competent te trsnspose af sight into the key desired. 

(b) Uaion singiag.--Every hymn is se arranged that if can be 
sung in uRison sccompanied by the organ. Certain verses are 
vaarked as being specially suitable for unison singing, and it is 
suggested that the first verse of most hymns should be sung in 
unison as well as all the doxologies. In any case the congregation 
must ahcays sing the melody, and the melody only. 
In these circumstances it has been thought advissble occasionally 
te introduce harmonizations (especially those of J. S. Bach) rathex" 
more elaborate than usual. These will no doubt add greatly te the 
},eauty and the popularity of the tunes. If sovae choirs find them 
difficult the tunes can be sung in unison accovapanied by the organ ; 
the organist wi]l find no difficulty in playing them, ff they are taken 
at the proper speed. If is a great vaistake te suppose that untrained 
musicians are insensible te fine harmony. They may net e able te 
analyse the effect, but there can be no doubt that a well-ha'monized 
tune makes a more powerful appeal than one in which the harmonies 
are bad or unsuitable. Cholrs would be much bettel" occupied in 
learning these beautifd settings of Bach ('hich are net hard if 
practised a#]ittle) than in rehearsing vulgar anthems by indifferent 

(c) Choir andpele.--There are churches in which the experiment 
has been successfully tried of making choir and people sing sone 
hymns antiphonally. By this means the people a given a distinct 
ststus in tho services, and are encouraged te take an intelligent 

interest in the music they sing, while the eternal war between choir 
and congl'egation, each considering the other an unnecessary appendage 
{o the services of the church, is done away with. 
The congregation might be encouraged fo sing and appreciate the 
finer melodies if a system of monthly congregational practices were 
held, ai which the less known tunes could be marie familiar in some 
such way as the following :--The first two verses might be sung by 
the choir alone, or some body of singers with good voices who 
ahady knew the melody: ai the third verse the congregation would 
be invited fo join in, and would finally sing a verse unaided by the 
trained singers. A h»n recital, af vhich some of {he less familim. 
hymns might be sung by the choir, would also be a .vleasant variety 
from the Sttnday evening organ recital. 

(d) Steed.--The present custom in English churches is fo sing 
hymns much too fast. If is distressing fo hear 'Nun Danket' or 
'St. Arme' raced through af about twlce the proper speed, lIetro. 
home marks are added fo each hymn, which, the editor believes, 
indicate the proper speed in a fairly large building with a iongrega. 
tion of average size. The speed indications should hot be judged at 
the pianoforte. 
Another painful experlence is fo hear an organlst trying fo play 
through a C.M. or L.M. tune in absolutely strict rime, regmlless 
of the slight pauses which the congregation, with uncnscious 
artistic insight, are inclined fo make af the end of evea T line. 
Pauses bave been marked wherever they should be ruade, and 
a sign » bas also been extensively used fo designate a very short 
break, less than the ordinary pause (). Sometimes  and  are 
used together, siguifying a pause as well as a complete break in the 
Some of the hymns are marked fo be sung 'in free rhythm'. 
This direction is especially applicable to umneasured tunes, but all 
hymn tunes should be sung more or less freely ; at all events a stiff 
clock-work rendering should be avoided. If this is borne in mind, 
and the hymns are hot sung too fast, the bad effect will be largely 

avoided of those faise accents which inevitably occur when seveoEl 
verses of a hyRn are sung to the saine tune. 

(e) Ex]r«ssio.--Expression marks bave been altogether omitted, 
as it is considered that subtlêties of expression are entirely unsuitable 
for congregational singing. The organist can use his own judgement 
as to the general dynaRics of each verse, and convey his idea fo the 
congregation by his registering. Ail sudden 'pianos' or small 
' creseendos' and ' diRinuendos' should be avoidêd as destroying the 
broad and massive effect whieh congregationai singing should eonvey. 

(f) _Notatio.--Both minims and crotchets bave been employed, 
the forRer for the slower and more so|emn hyRns and the latter 
for those of a hrighter nature. The point of division has beêa fixed 
af 5I. 85 for hynms in duple tire, and 100 in triple tire in the more 
ordinary hymns, but special rules bave been fraRed fo govera special 

INo particular countT, perlod, or school bas bêên exclusivêly 
drawn upon to supply material, but an atteRpt bas been ruade fo 
include the best specimens of every style. In sêttling thê forR 
which ech melody shall take, no rulês have beên Rade, but each 
case has been decided on ifs mêrits. The objêct has beén fo print 
the finest version of evet T tune, hot necessarily the êarliêst. Thus 
the later forms of 'Wachet Auf', 'Nun Dankêt', and 'London 
çew ', fo glve a few examples, hsve beên preferred fo thê originals. 
But thê old mêthod of mutilating tunes to suit new rustres has bêên 
as far as possible avoided--only in one or two cases have a coRposer's 
rhythms beên vêry slightly adapted, and then for SORS very spêcial 
purpose. In cases where such a slight adaptation from a composêr's 
rhythm is ruade the genêral outline is nevêr destroyed, so that the 
original can af any rime be restored without disturbing a con- 
gregation. But adaptations alrêady ruade have bên occasionally 
retained when the rêsult is  fine and popular tune: thus 'Dix ', 
'Narenza ', and 'lavenshaw' have hot been discarded, though the 


tact of their adaptation is duly acknowledged. On the other hand 
the committeo are glad te be able te restoro the true motres of such 
tunes as ' Innsbruck , ' XVeimar ', or 'Les commandemens , which 
have been disfigured into in se many hymnals. 
The original rhythms of many of the old psalter tunes bave 
aise been restored, especially the long initial on the first syllable, 
,vhich gives such a broad and dignified effect te these tune.s. 
Attempts te adapt them te the procrustean bed of the nineteenth 
century hymn tune have merely taken away their character and 
ruade them appear dull. For the same reason no attempt bas 
been ruade te square the irregular times of some tunes. These 
irregularities are always easy te sing by ear--and this is the way 
in which a hymn melody should be learnt--so that choirmasters 
should net let the fear of what may appear te be irregtùar deter 
them fm using many splendid and essentially congregational 

The following classification shows the chier sources frein which 
the tunes corne :-- 
A. GEIMAN.--(1) Lutheran chorale tunes 16th and 17th centuries. 
(2) Tunes from the 16th and 17th century Catholic song books (chiefly 
Leisentritt's, 15(;7, and the Andernach Gesm9bch, 1608). (3) Tunes 
of the 18th century, chiefly by Bach and Freylinghausen. (4) Modern 
Gel'man tunes. (5) German traditional melodieg 
B. FRENCH AND SWlSS.--(1) Tunes frein the Genevan Psalters 
of the 16th century. (2) Ecclesiastical melodies frein theroissiens 
of various French uses (chiefly those of 1Rouen and Angers). (3} 
French and Swiss traditional melodies. 
C. ITALIAN, SPANISH, FLEMISH, Dozcn.--Ecclesiastical, traditional, 
and other melodies frein these countries are aise included. 
D. AzaXcA.s.--Among American tunes may be mentioned Lowell 
[ason's tunes, certain tunes from 'Sacred Songs and Solos' and 
a few '3Vestern melodies' in use in America as hymn tunes. 
E. BRITISH ISLZS.--I. lreland. (1) Irish traditional melodies. 
(2) Tunes by Irish composera 


II. lcotlad. (1) belodies from the Scottish Psalters of the 
16th and 17th centuries. (2) ]elodies from the Scottish tune-books 
of the 18th and 19th centuries. 48) Scottish traditional melodies. 
III. Walcs. 4I) Archdeacon PTS' Psalter, which contains the 
famous tune ' St. Iary '. (2) Welsh traditional melodie (8) Tunes 
by 18th and 19th centmT Welsh composers, which partake decidedly 
of the nature of their trditional melodies. 
IV. Fçlaà. (1) Tunes îrom Day's, Damon's, Este's, Ravens- 
croft's, and Playford's Psalters of the 16th and 17th cent,ries 4the 
original versions of these, with the melody in the tenor, are occasion- 
ally included as alternatives fo the modern version). (2) Tunes by 
Tallis, Gibbons, Lawes, &c., from their own collections. (3) T,,nes 
from 18th cent,,ry books--especially thoe by J. Clark and Dr. Croft. 
(4) English carol, and other traditional raelodies. (5) Tunes by 
19th and 20th centu] T compose. 

The committee desire fo thank most heartily those who have 
composed tunes especially for this collection: Ir. W. H. Bell (225, 
546); Dr. H. Valford Davies (454); r. T. F. Dunhill (650); 
Mr. Nicholas Gatty, Mus. Bac. (22 x[, 146); Ir. A. I. Goodhart, 
Mus. Bac. (559) ; Mr. G. von Holst (25, 810, 571) ; Ir. J. bi. Ireland 
45°0); Sir Walter Parratt, Mus. Doc. I.V.O. (270); Dr. Ahur 
Somervell (522, 566 590). The copyright of thes tunes belongs 
fo the composers. 
Also the following who haro kindly allowed their compositions 
fo be included in this hymnal : Rev. Iaurice F. Bel] (649) ; Ber. C. 
Bicknell (619) ; Ir. A. tt. Brown 4117 If. 816], 276, 651) ; l%v. E. W. 
Bullinger, D.D. (Açp. 18); Rev. R. F. Dale, us. Bac. (578}; Sir 
Alfred Scott-Gatty (Gaffer) (271 If. 846]) ; lev. R. S. Genge (410). 
r. W. B. Gilbert, Mus.Bac. (App. 20); Ir. W. Grifflth, us. Bac. (366); 
Rev. S. Baring-Goulà (315 If. 603]); Mr. W. H. Hadow, Mus. Bac. 
(359); the Viscountess Hawa<len (Caroline aude) (569); lev. tt. E. 
Hodson (169 If. 170]); I.r.H.A. J«boult (112) ; ]Ir. H. Lahe« (876) ; 
fr. J. A. Fuller-Maitland 4641 ); lajor G. E. Wyndham Ialet 


(356) ; Mr. 1. N. Quaile (652); lev. G. C. E. Ryley, Mus. Bac. (34); 
Mr. T. Worsley Staniforth (638 III); tr. V. 1. Waghorne (587); 
Rev. W. G. Whinfield, Mus. Bac. (409, 427, 642) ; 1Rev. V. J. Whit- 
well (592); Mr. J. Yoakley (429) ; His Grace the Archbishop of York 
(201, 304). The copyright of ail these tunes belongs to the com- 
posers, except that by Sir Alfred Scott-Gatty (271 ['. 3461) ,vhich 
belongs fo the proprietors of ' Arundel Hymns 'L 
Also the following who have kindly allowed the inclusion of 
versions and harmonizations of traditional and other mêlodies 
which are their copyright: Miss Andrews (601); lIiss Arkwright 
(161 ; C. Bertelsmann (Gitersloh) (42) ; Miss L. E. Broadwood (221, 
-°94, 344 #: 609, 379, 390 [r. 599, 488, 574, 606) ; lev. Hugh Davies 
(116) ; Mr. A. Foxton Ferguson (638 II) ; tr. Otto Goldschmidt nd 
Mr. J. R. Sterndale Bennett (536) ; Mr. E. W. Goldsmith (387, 626 I); 
lev. S. Baring-Gould (591 Il); The Irish Litera T Society (2121, 
490) ; The Leadenhall Press (221, 390 [: 599], 574. 606) ; lIr. J. A. 
Fullêr-Maitland (221, 390 ['. 599], 574, 606) ; Mr. W. Percy Merrick 
{275); ]ev. G. H. Palmer (3").60; 1Rev. W. L. ]Richards (437, 514) ; 
Prof. Julius ROntgen (145); Mr. Cecil J. Sharp (355, 389, 498, 
656 , I); Sir C. V. Stanford, D.C.L. &c. (212, 490); lI. tI. van 
de Wattyne (Ghent) (308, 317) ; lev. G. 1. Woodward (14 [. 610], 
32[. 195). 
Also the following for allowing the inclusion of tunes which are 
their copyright: l%v. Father C. Bowden (Apv. 21 from 'Oratory 
I[ymn Tunes'); Bowerman & Co. and Steingriber Verlag (Leipzlg) 
(i00); Burns & Oates (.'216); Victoria Lady Carbe T (0-73, 470); 
Mrs. Darling (411) ; lev. Hugh Davies (551) ; Mrs. Drew (227, 383, 
by the late V. H. Gladstone); W. Gwenlyn Evans (Canarvon) 
(108) ; ]fr. C. T. Gatty (44, 120 ['. 382], 150 I, .'213 I, 271 Iv. 346], 
307, 381, 42, from 'Arundel Hymns'); Mr. W. L. Howlett (551, 
60.'2, by the late l%v. L. G. Hayne) ; Hughes & Son {Wrexham) (87) ; 
lIrs. Irons {279, 280, by the late H. S. Irons); lev. J. D. Jones 
(424, by his father) ; Metzler & Co. (144) ; Morgan & Scott (.570, 573, 
580, 583, 584, Aivp. 22. frooE ' Sacred Songs and Solos ') ; J. Nisbet & 
Co. (127, 282 Iv. 395], 431); Novello & Co. Limited (26, 47, 48, 91, 
198, 419 , 425, 585, 643 II, .AA1 . 17, 19, 23) ; Schott & Co. (313, 604); 


The Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge (548); Mr. W. 
Walker (372 If. 616], 477, 513) ; Weekes & Co. (75) ; Rev. F. G. 
Wesley (136, 299 If. 489], 244, 496 xz, by the laie Dr. S. S. Wesley). 
The following versions of traditional melodies are the copyright 
of the musical editor: 15, 23, 186 tf. 611], 239 tf. 385], 295, 299 
tf. 572 and 594J, 402, 525, 562, 595, 597, 607. The following tunes 
are the copyright of the committee: 152, 524, 624 , 641 , A.pp. 16. 
The musical editor has spared no pains fo discover the owners of 
copyright tunes. If any of these bave by inadvertence been omitted 
from the above list he begs fo offer his sincere apologies. He also 
desires fo thank all those who bave kindly submitted tunes which 
he bas hot been able fo include. 
The mttsical editor wishes specially fo thank lIr. licholas Gatty. 
lIus. Bac., and lIr. G. von Holst, who bave throughout been close]y 
.ssociated with him in the se]ection, arrangement, and correction of 
the musical pirtion of the book; also the following who have 
helped in harmonizing many of the tunes : lIr. W. H. Bel] Mr. T. F. 
Dunhil], lIr. E. W. Goldsmith, lh: V. H. ttarris, lIus. Bac., and 
]th: J. N. Ireland. 
He also wishes fo acknow]edge his indebtedness t) the lev. J. B. 
Croft, who bas kindly p]aced his great knowledge and experience 
of French ecclesiastical me]odies af his siwice ; also fo the Rev. Itugh 
Davies, L.T.S.C. (Pencerdd Maelo'), editor of ' Caniadau y Cyssegr 
a'r Teulu ', and the Rev. V. L. Richards, editor of ':Emyniadur yr 
Eglwys yng Nghymru ; for much valuabIe information concerning 
Velsh hymn melodies; also fo Dr. H. P. Allen, Rev. A. lI. Y. 
Baylay, Rev. lIaurice F. Be]I, Mr. E.V. Goldsmith, Rev. G. H. Palmer, 
and lIr. Arthur Reynolds for much advice and assistance. 

Musical Editor. 



THE plainsong melodies contained in this book have, as far as 
possible, been taken frein English sources, as seemed only natural 
and right in the case of an ' English Hymnal '. Those for the Oflïce 
Hymns are, vithout exception, taken frein the MS. versions of the 
Sarum Antiphoner. Those in Part X are taken frein the Sarum 
_Processionalc, as is .Mso the music of 1No. 737. The Easter Gradual and 
Alleluya, 738, which takes the place of an Office Hymn af Evensong 
on Easter Day and the rive following evenings, is taken frein the 
Sarum Antiphoner: but inasmuch as the Versicles in the ancient 
1,ooks changed each day, and if was impossible te find space for 
them all, if vas thought best te give those frein the Gadual and 
Alleluya of Easter Day frein the Sature Graduale, the words of 
which obviously formed the first of the vhole series throughout 
the week. Of other plainsong melodies contained in the book, 10, 
22, and 130 are taken frein the Sarum Graduale, 155 and 351 from 
the Gradu'al edited by the Benedictines of Solesmes and printed 
af Tournay in 1883, and 317 frein the Ghent Graduale. Tho rest 
172, 253, 735, 736, 739, 7401 are taken frein various more or less 
ancient sommes, mostly French. 
The accompaniments te tho plainsong bave been given .throughout 
in ' white notes', each note in the melody being represented in the 
treble by a minim, either in single notes, or joined into groups by 
a quaver bind, or tied by a slur, se as te correspond, note by note, 
and group by group, with the neumatic notation contained in the 
plainsong stave above. Although, frein ifs association with the 
minim in modern music, this manner of notation has the disadvantage 
of suggesting a slower and heavier mode of execution than that 
vhich is proper te plainsong, it seemed better te adhere te a vell 
known convention than te attempt te reproduce the free and rapid 
rh)oEhm of the mediaeval melodies by new conventions of erotchets 
and qu.vers, or of semiquavers, vhich either run the risk of 
confusion betveen their relative values in modern music, or else 


involvo a vory complicated and bewildering system of slurring. If 
it I)e romembered that, while the notes in the plainsovg slave itself 
take their rhythm and form from the words fo which they are sung, 
the accompaniment takes ifs rime and rhythm solelyfix,n the çlainsong 
(and hot vice versa), and if if be further remembered that every note 
in plainsong is {in itself) equal and short, and that a single note, or 
a simple gronp of two or three notes, correspond as nearly as possible 
in execution to the letters, one, two, or three, of a syllablo in language 
well read or spoken, the desired effect will be produced a. The lower 
parts of the accompaniment, while noted in mitims, semibreves, 
and breves in relation to the melody which they accornpany, must 
of course take their rime from the freo rhythm of the latter. In 
order to emplaasize tlae complete dependence for ifs rime and rhythm 
upon tho plainsong raelody, no attempt bas been ruade in the 
accompaniraont fo indicate, by means of pauses or other marks of 
expression, any details witla regard to execution beyond those which 
already find their place in tho plainsong slave. Tho correct phrasing 
of plainsong can never be arrived af by means of analogies from 
measured music sot forth in modern notztion ; if is a separate art 
in itself, and like other arts has ifs own methods which require 
and deserve careful stndy and instruction, and cannot ho otherwise 

The plainsong notation employed is similar to that which w.s 
revi,ed by tlae Benedictines af Solesmes about a «lustrer of a century 

 Guidonis Aretini 2fficrolo9l«S, cap. xv 'Igitur quemadmodum in metris sunt 
litterae et syllabae, partes, ac versus ; ira et in harmonia sunt phthongi, id est, 
sont, quorum unus, du% vel tres aptantur in syllabas, ipsaeque solae vel dupli- 
catae neumam, id est, partem constituunt cantilenae ; et pars uns vel plures 
distinctionem faciunt, id est congruum respirationis locum', &c. lçow that 
Guido of Arezzo's Micrdogus bas been ndered accessible by tlae learned Bene- 
dictine, Dom. A. Amelli's scholarly reprint ÇRome, Desclée, Lefebvre et S. Edit. 
Pont., 190), every teacher o| llainsong slaould road this chapter, headed 'De com- 
moda componenda modulatione'. Itis impossible fo trest of the matterfurther 
here : ail that is to be said on the subject wi]] be round in Dom. Pothier's 
Meodies Grégoriennes, chaps, ri-ix. Much useful information with regard to the 
exeeution of p]ainsong xvill also bo found in rime preface fo A lganual of G¢e9orfan 
ant Descl6e, Lefebvre & Co., Tournai, 1903. 

ago, and corresponds vith that in use in the thirteenth and fourteenth 
centuries. No attempt has been ruade to restore the Quilisma in 
places where it may or rnay hot have occurtd in earlier versions 
of the hymn rnelodies than those given in the Sarum choroliturgical 
[SS. If was also clearly undesirable fo use liquescent notes in the 
case of hynm melodies which are meant tobe used for several verses 
in which they might or might hot accord with the text: and this 
being so, it seemed best also to omit them entirely in the melodies 
of the prose portions of the book. The structure ad pronunciation of 
English words differ so much frorn those of the Latin language, that if 
seems an open question, which is best decided by each choirmaster, 
fo what extent the rules for gliding over the last letter of diphthongs 
and double consonants in Latin are applicable fo the English language. 
Even in the cae of Latin, Guido of Arezzo tells us that, if the 
licluescent note be sung like an ordinary full note, not only no 
harrn will be donc, but that, on the contrary, the effect is often ail 
the betterl! The liquescent note has, therefore, as a general rule 
been turned into a full note xvherever it was an essential part of 
the melody, while if has been omitted altoŒEether in cases xvhere 
if was insetoEed in the ][SS. merely as a odamcto. 
Vith regard fo the use of bars sud dou}»le bars, rite bar ahvays 
t»presents a pause or hall close, corresponding fo the ends of tbe 
liues of hymns, or fo the use of the colol it the Psalter of the Book 
t,f Common Prayer. The double }ar indieates either a full close, 
or else a change of voices (e. g. from two clerks to the chorus). 
the latter case care must be taken hot fo make pauses, as if for 
a full close, in cases where (e. g. page 890) neither the words nor 
the course of the melody require it. 
The half bar has been employed, as in the Solesmes and all other 
modern editions of plainseng music, for minor pauses in the melody. 
In the case of melodies set fo prose texts if denotes a breath mark ; 
},ut this is not necessarily the case when if is employed in nelodies 
which are set fo metrical words. In this case if denotes the occur- 

 iïcotogus, cap. xv ' Si autem eam [vocem] vis plenius proferre non iique- 
faciens, nihil nocet, saepe autem magia placet ". 

ronce o the «aesura in the line to which if is set, and is hot 
necessarily a pause or a breathmark, but is -at[ter an indication 
of the metrical structure o the line, and should be treated as such, 
and no more. In the reciting of Latin Sapphics or Elegiacs a good 
l'cadet wi]l always make the presence of the caesura fe]t, and the 
beauty of the rhythm depends fo a great extent upon the relative 
distribution of accent and quantity in its immediate neighbourhood ; 
but it does not necessarily imply a break in the line, or any such 
pause as would fit]y be represented by a comma or a semicolon. 
Precise]y the came thing is truc with regard te the good «inging 
of p]ainsong melodies set fo t[tese inertes. They must hot be 
treated as a schoolboy treats his nonsense verses, but they must 
be fitted inte]ligent]y fo the text after the manner of good reading. 
In connexion with this subject, a few words with regard fo two 
particu]ar instances will hot be out of place: riz. Che first line 
of No. 621 and the second line of No. 624. By comparing the 
Sarum versio with other versions of the saine lines, it becomes 
clear t[tat, af some period prior to the introduction of the stave, 
the neumatic notation of these lines was modified fo secure their 
right phrasing. Thus, in the first fine of No. 621, we bave a hexa- 
meter with the double caesur( :-- 
Gl6ria, laus, I et honor tibi sit, [ l?ew Christe 
The due emphasizing of the first caesura is secured by the double 
notes on the syllable l«us, thus securing a natural pause, and 
nothing more is he'e required: while the second caesura is suffi- 
ciently marked by the conclusion of one musical phrase and the 
commencement of another. In the second line of No. 624 we bave 
a pentameter in which the caesura does hot correspond with the 
grammatical l)unctuation of the line :- 
Qua Deus ifdrnum I vicit, et astra tenet. 
In good reading, the caesura will be marked, hot by an abrupt 
break after the syllable nu»t, but by an extra stress and p'olongation 
of the previous accented syllable of the word : while a slight break 
after vicit, more of the nature of a dotted note than of a pause, 


villbe quite suflicient fo mark the fact that this word belongs to 
what goes before if, without destroying the rhythm of the line. 
And this is exactly what the "Redactor" of the Sarum form of 
this line provided for when he modified the original aotes : 

, î - î 
Qua De - us i1« - fer - 7mn ri - oit, et as - ba te - net. 
by adding notes fo the earlier syllables of the word ioEerum. 

• • m. " • 
i- • 
Ç«a 1)e. , in - fcr - «rn ,i cit, et as - t'a te - 
Day vhere-in Goal o'er - came ]e||, and a - rose from the dead. 
Thêse few words of explanation, if is hoped, will help both fo 
illustrate vhat bas been said above as fo the nature of tle caesura, and 
a]so fo explain why the saine featurês ha-,-e been as neady as possible 
reproduced in the English translations of these lines. If seemed 
ahsurd fo retain the tæculiarities of the Sarum version of the me|ody 
un]ess ono reproduced in the Englîsh translation those featums of 
the original Latin text fo which these peculiarîties are due. 
In conclusion, I wish to expeess my obligations to ]Ir. W. Phillips, 
Ius. Doc. (Oxon.), organist of St. Barnabas, Pimlico, for having 
harmonized nearly balf of the plainong melodies for which I was 
responsible, and also to Sir Valter Parratt for his constant help and 
advice throughout the whole undertak-îng. 




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Index of Original First Lines of Trnslated FIymns . 949 
Geneml Index . 952 



1 Co« v. 
1 • î' î m In " m 
m m - - m m 
n î m  n . - m 
• n - m m 
. --   -  , 
I +- . d--, 
I ,  , -- l  1 I/ ' ï 
OFlçg H'N. E. Conditor aime sidenml. 7th cent. Tf. J. M. éale. 
]REATOR of the stars of nigt, ] Hast found the medicine, full ofgrace. 
Thy people's everlasting iigt, I To save and 1 a ined race. [bride 
5esu, Redeemer, save us ail, ] 3 Thou oem'st, the Bridegroom of the 
And hear thy se'ants when they call. [ As drew the worid fo evening-tide ; 
2 Thou. grieving that the ancient curse [ Proceeding from a virgin shrine, 
ShouLd doom to death a unive, [ The spotless Victim ail divine : 
4 Af vhose dread naine, majestic now. 
Ail knees must henri,ail earts must bow 
A,d things terrestrial, Lord alone. 
 0 thou whose coming is with 
• o judge and doom the q.ick nd de.d, A en. 
Pnserve us, lvhile l e dlvell below, _: 
From every insuit of the foe. 
6. To God the Father, God ,he Son. 
And God the Spirit. Three in One, 
ud, honour, might and glo be ........  ,i 
From age fo age eteall'. Amen. 


c. 1011, crut. 
Vcrbura 8uperum prodien,. 
IGH Word of God, ,,vho once didst corne» 
Leaving thy Father and thy home» 
To succour by thy birth our kind, 
When, towards thy advent, |ime declined, 
Pour light upon us from above, 
And tire out hearts with thy strong love» 
That, as ve hear thy Gospe!, 
AIl fond desires may flee in dread ; 
That when thou comest from the skies» 
Great Judge, to open thine assize, 
To give each hidden sin its smart, 
And crovn as kings the pure in hea, 
We be hot set at thy left hand, 
Where sentence due would bid us stand» 
But with the Saints thy face may see» 
For ever who]|y loving thee, 

5. Praise to the Father and tbe Son, 
Tbrough ail the ages as they run ; 
And to the holy laraclete 
Be lraise with them and worshil rneet. Amen. 

" N 

Horoloo. c. II cf. r. . 
EHOLD the Brideroom eometh in he mddl of the niht, 
And blest is he whose loins are girt. whose lamp is burning bright ; 
But woe to that dull servant, whom the Master shaLI surprise 
With lamp untrimmed, u.burning, and with slumber in his eyes. 
Do thou, my soul, beware, bexvare, lest thou in s]eep sink down, 
Lest thou be given o'er to death, and iose the golden crown ; 
But see that thou be sober, with a watchful eye, and thus 
C9---' Holy, holy, holy God, bave mercy upon us.' 

A.L'n.AVE VLSXO (melody in the tenor) 
T^t.t.l' Orioina Vero. 
[This erdmt may   in c)texi th te oter, foe   mofe rers; if fs 
ided f  ozR LO£ and ust bi ng tott te oegan. is rsio shou 
o  ottempt  go cirs.] 
 K]sosroLv" (o. 574) is a mdtable  th hymn. 
3 at day. the day of fear, shall corne ; my soul, slack hot thy toil, 
But light thy lamp, and feed it vell, aud make it bght vith oil; 
o nowest hot how soon may sound the c at eventide, 

'Behold, the Bridegroom cornes! Arise! Go forth to meet 
th« bride.' 
4.Beware. my soul ; bewsre beware, lest thou in slumber lie, 
A,,d, like the Five, remsin without, and knock, and vninly cry; 
But watch, and bear thy lamp undimmed, and Christ shall 
gil thee on 
His own bright wedding-robe of lightthe glolT of the Son 

( REATGod,what do Iseeand hear! No gloomy fears their souls dismay ; 
The end of things created : His presence sheds eternal day 
The Judge of mankind doth appear, On those prepared fo meet him. 
On clouds of glory seated ; 
The trumpet sounds, the graves restore 3 The ungodly, filled with guilty fears, 
The dead vhich theycontained before : 
Prepare, my soul, fo meet him! 
2 The dead in Christ shall first arise 
At that last trumpet's sounding, 
Calght up to meet him in the skies, 
%%'ith joy their Lord surrounding ; 
4. Great Judge, fo thee out prayers we pour, 
O shield us through that last dread hour, 
Thy wondrous love extending. 
May we, in this our trial day, LI A - men. 
And thus prepare to meet thee. 

Behold hi wrath prevaillng ; 
For they shall rise, and find their tears 
And sighs are unavailing : 
The day of grace is past and gone ; 
Trembling they stand before his 
Ail unprepared to meet him. 

MERTON. (87. 8,7.) 
lttod¢eoEtdF Ilo  = , W.H. ox. 182-19. 
-  I r  ' I  I I 
I  --r  r, ,r  
-- ' '  I ï I   - 
Vox clan  
ARK  a 5erald volce is cailing. 
' Christ is nigh,' it seems fo y ; 
' Ct awy the ds of drkness, 
0 ye children of the day 1 ' 
2 Siartled at te ]emn warning, 
Let the eah-bound soul arise ; 
Christ, het" Sun. ail sloth dislling, 
Shincs upon the morning kies. 
8 Lo  the Lamb, so long expected, 
Cornes with paon down from heaven ; 
t us aste, with tears of sorrow, 
One and ail to be f,,rgiven ; 
4 So when next he cornes with glory, 
Vrappiag sit the esrth in fear, 
ay he then as our delnder 
On the clou er heaven appear. 
çiso . Honour, glo. virtue, mer;t, 
OEo the Pather and the Son, 
Vith the co-eternl Spirit, 
While unending ages m, Amen. 

/ A - nen. 

BRISTOL. (C. M.) NdlllfrOm 
)1¢ 'atdy .low  = 69. ar''e Pt', 1691. 

P. Daddridge, 1709-51. 
ARK the gad ound ! the Saviour eomcn, 
The 8aviour promised long ! 
Let every heart prepare a throne» 
And every voice a song. 
He cornes the prisoners to lease 
In Satan's bondage held ; 
The gates of brass before him burst 
The iron fetters yield. 
He cornes the broken heart to bind 
The bleeding soul fo cure, 
And with tle treasures of his grace 
To enrich the humble poor. 
Out glad hosannas, Prince of peace 
Thy ,velcome shall proclaim, 
And heaven's eternal arches ring 
W)th thy belovèd naine. 



• 3 9 

. ,.,.--o-i!: ï__7---< ,_... 
[May be sung in unison throughout.] 

This lyîm is sometlmes sumj fo ST. Tnoxxs (]go. 623). 



O! he cornes with clouds desending, 
Once for favoured sinnel slain 
Thousand thousand Saints attending 
Swell the triumph of his train 
Alleluya ! 
God appears, on earth to reign. 

2 Every eye shall now behold laim 
Robed in dresdful m.jesty ; 
Those who set at nought and sold him, 
Pierced and nailed him to the tree, 
Deeply wailing 
Shall the true Messiah see. 

Those dear tokens of his passion 
Still his dazzling body bears, 
Cause f endless exultation 
To his ransomed worshippers: 
With what rapture 
Gaze we on those glorious scars! 

4. Yes, amen ! let ail adore thee, 
High on thine etet-nsl throne; 
Saviour, take the power and glory : 
Claire the kingdom for thine own: 
O corne quickly! 
Afleluya Corne, Lord, corne! 


VENI EMMANUEL. (88.88.88.) 8 
/ / / 
Ix '  ï Fç ï  "   î I ï 
I ..  
/ I./ lVl I  
 , I 
' ' I   1 "  
18t1 cent. Tf. T. . [. 
Veni, veni, Emmanuel. 

0 COla[E, O corne, Emmanuel! 
Redeem thy captive Israel, 
That into exile drear is gone 
Far from the face of God's dear Son. 
Rejoice t Rejoice ! Emmanuel 
ShMl r.or o thee, 0 IsraeL 
O corne, thou Branch of3esse! draw 
The quarry from the lion's claw ; 
From the dread caverns of the grave, 
From nether hell, thy peopl¢ save. 

O come, O corne, thou Dayspringbright! 
Pour on out souls thy healing light; 
Dispel (he long night's lingering 
And pierca [he shadowa of the tomb. 

40 corne, thou Lord of I)avid's Key! 
The royal door fling wide and free; 
Safeguard for us the heavenward 
And bar the way fo death's abode. 

Who in thy giorious majesty 
From that high mountain clothed with awe . 
Gavest thy folk 
" 9 
low a di  = . ' Jlu#ikicht Ha»d.Buch," HaRburv» 1690. 
2222 ,,, 
Ep ïL 
/ I  J I 
l      @ ci l 
I <" /i / I I 1 / ï  I i , 
I l-i / -- / 
--I -"-I 
Jordan or prvia. 
N ordan's bank the Bapti,t's c ] Yea, let us each out hearts prepare 
Announc that the Lord is nigh ;  For Christ to corne and enter there 
Corne then and hearken, for he brin 
Glad t;dm s f;om the K;ng of kmgs 
" " g " " " • 3 For thou art our lvation, Lord 
2 Then cleavsed be every Christian  Out refuge and out t rewar; 
bast,  Without thy grace our souls must fade 
And furnished for so great a est  And wither le a flower decayed. 
4 Stretch foh thine hand, fo 

And make us rise fo fall no more; 
Once more upon thy people shine, 
And fi|i the world with love divine. 
Ail praise, eternal Son, fo thee 
Whose advent sets thy people free, 
Whom, with the Father, we adore, 
And Holy Ghost, for evermore. Amen. 

0 COME, O corne, Emmanuel! 
Redeem thy captive Israel, 
That into exile drear is gone 
Far from the face of God's dear Son. 
Rejoice I ttejoice ! Ernmanuel 
Shall me la thee, 0 Israel. 
2 0 corne, thou Branch of Jesse! draw 
The quarry from the lion's claw ; 
From the dread caverns of the grave, 
From nether hell, thy people save. 

3 0 corne, 0 corne, thou Dayspringbright! 
Pour on our souls thy healing light; 
Dispel the long night's lingering 
And pierce the shadows of the tomb. 

4 0 corne, thou Lord of David's Keyl 
The royal door fling wide and free; 
Safcguard for us the heavenward 
And bar the way fo death's abode 


5. 0 come, 0 corne, Ad#ai, 
Who in thy glorious maesty 
Frein that high motmtain clothed with awe 
Gaveet thy folk the elder law. 

And make us fise te fall no more; 
Once more UlaOn thy peop|e shine, 
And fill the world with love divine. 
Ail praise, eternal Son, te theo 
Whose advent eets thy peolole free, 
Vbom, ,vith the Father, we adoffi-e 
And Holy Ghost, for evermore. Amen. 

.4dpted fim Ckoro.l 
81ow a (lied  = 50. ' .lluiki»c Had.Buch,' Hamburg, 190. 
- ,  --  ,II- 
__ _  . v  , 
i  ï- î  Il ï tt 
/ -i  , / /  I '1 
I • -  -       - - - - 
N ordan's bank the Baptist's c I Y, let us ch out hearts prepare 
Announcm that the Lord la nigh ; [ For Christ te corne and enter there. 
Come lhen and hearke, for he brin ] nio. oe - 
Glad tidings frein the King of kings. ] 3 For thou art out salvation, Lord, 
Then cleaased be every Christian I Out refuge and out grt reward 
bret, I Vithout thy gce out seuls muet fade 
And furnished for se great a guestl And wither like a ower deyed. 
4 Streh forth thine hand, te heal our sore 


• I ; î 
12. Ve in rai - ment un - de'- fi - led, Bright may shine, and er - er 
'ï_L ,:J ,,, , _ , _____-,- 
,I , , i ,, , ,  , 
"- ' ' --I -- " : 

f,JI - Iow, Lord, thy foot-etepe blest, where - "er they lead us. 
F i    , -ï--ï--î- -ï Fr--': ?- 
I_ .t;L,.. --I '------. --=z--- --=aL-= 
I I I 



c. Co.n, 1676-1749. Tf. H. P. 
Inetantis adventum Dei. 
HE advent of our God 
With eager prayers we greet, 
And singing haste upon his road 
His giorious gift to meet. 
The ever]asting Son 
Scorns hot a Virgin's ,vomb ; 
That we from bondage may be won 
He bears a bondsman's do«m. 
3 Danghter of Sion, rise 
To meet thy iowly king ; 
Let hot thy stubborn heart despise 
The peace he deigns to bring. 
4 In clouds of awful light, 
- • As Judge he cornes again, 
His scattered people to unite, 
With them in heaven to reign. 
Let evil flee away 
Ere that dread hour sha]l dawn 
Let this oid Adam day by day 
God's image still put on. 
Praise fo the Incarnate So, 
Who cornes to set us free, 
With God the Father, ever one, 
To all eternity. Amen. 


l • • " • • I .î. : I__ 
• • î 
:12. ,Ve In ral - ment un - de'- fi - le. Briglat may ail|ne, and er - er 

: l l ! il :î • Il 


Instanth adventum 

1676-1749. T: H. P. 

Daughter of Sion, fise 
Temeet thy lovly king ; 
Let hot thy stubborn heart desplse 
The peace he deigns fo bring. 
In cloud« of wful light, 
• As Judge he cornes again, 
His scattered peopIe to unite, 
With them in heven to reign. 
Let evil flee way 
Ere that dread hour shall dawn 
Let this old Adam day by day 
God's image still put on. .__! 
?fa|se to the Incarnate Son, I A - men. 
Who cornes to set us froc, 
V¢ith G od the F, ther, ever one, -I... 
To M1 eternity. Amen. 


HE advent of our God 
With eager prayers we greet, 
And singing haste upon his roa4 
" • • • His glorious gift fo meet. "•  
2 The everlasting Son .• i 
Scorns hot a Virgin's xvomb ; 
That we from bondage may be won 
He bears a bondsman's doem. 


WACHET AUFI (89SgS. 66,,LS$.) .IL Af«lodySyP. NZ¢OLA.1556-1608. 
'fj . « oe OE : 9 ( = 78 A «d   J. S. BACS. 
@ " I l I ' 


._.».  ...V   , . y , 
• he wnteben nll tbe nir nre llin 
ri» erunlew, mri 
Where re e nll, e viinw wi 
The Bridegroom cornes in sight, 
i high your torches bright 
The wding ng 
Swells loud and strong: 
Go foh and join the festal throng. 
2 Sion hears the watchmen shouti, 
Her heart leaps up with joy undoubting, 
She stands and wai with rager eyes; 
See ber F'iend from heaven deending, 
Adorned with tth and ace unending! 
Her light burns clear,her star doth 
Now corne, thou precious Cown 
rd $esu. God's own Son 1 
Let us prepare 
To follov there, 
Where in thy supper we my share. 
Uni. 3. Eve soul in hee rejoices; 
From men and fom angelic voices 
Be glory given to thee a]one 
ow the tes of pearl roeeive 
y prence never more shall leave 
We sbnd with Angels und thy thron 
Ver. 2, liaeg, muet n : Eah nnot give ]ow 
#  - Grant usto rai, 
l I i i i 
Ho - - n - a. Tolengih ofdays, 
/-- t«:___' _l The triumph-choms of thy prai. " --- 


J. Asflce, 180& 
THN came in fle_h the incarnate Vord» 
The heedles world slept on 
And only simple shepherds heard 
Thnt God hd sent his Son. 
 SVhen cornes the Saviour nt the las» 
From east to west shall shine 
The awful pomp, and earth aghast 
Shall tremble at the sign. 

4 As mild to meek-eyed love and fith, 
Only more strong to save; 
Strengthened by having bowed to death, 
By having burst the grsve. 

5 Lord, who eould dare ee thee deseend 
I state, unless he knew 
Thou art the sorrowing sinner's friend, 
OEhe gracio--s and the te ?  

6. Dwell in out hearts, 0 Saviour blest; 
So shall thine advent's dawn 
'Twixt us and thee, our bosom-gest 
Be but the veil withdrawn. 

The folotci»tg are also suitable: 
374 Chrlstian, seek hot yet re. 
4 O quickly o d Jue of ail. 
 That y of th, tbat drdful 
 Tbe  11 oeme and hot  slow. 
 e wofld is ve evil. 
 ;y kingdom me on  
518 Ye a o the 
 y kino corne, O G 
7 Liny of the Adven 
7 e Advent Anfiphons. 
 Drop do yv hvens. 

I A - ren. 


I l l = ' . Il 
I l î l 11 • 11 î Il 

 ! i-iI  l  O ) I I l-».-..14------I--,I-I 
Veni, cmpr ntinm. 
OME, thou edeemer o the eah, 1 2 Begotn of no buman will, 
And manifest thy virn-bib : I But of te Spirit, thou a still 
t eve e adong fall ; J The Word of G in flesh aay, 
Such birth befits the God of ail The promid it  man displaye& 


The virgin womb that burden gained. 
With virgin honour ail unstained ; 
The banners there of vil-tue giow; 
God in his temple dwells below. 
Forth from his chamber goeth he, 
That royal home of purity, 
A giant in twofoid substance one, 
Rejoicing now his course to rln. 
From Goal t|le F;,theffi" he proceeds, 
To God the Father baek he speeds; 
His course he rune todealh and heii, 
Retui-ning oa God's throne 1o dweil. 
O equai fo thy Father, thou ! 
Gird on thy fleshly mantle now ; 
The weakness of out mortai state 
With deathless might invigorate. 
Thy cradle here shail glitter bright, 
And darkness breathe a newer light, 

Whereendless faith shall shine 
And twilight never intervene. 
8. Ail iaud to Goal the Father be, 
Ail praise, eternal Son, to thee : 
Ail glory, as le ever meet, 
To Goal the Holy Paraclete. 

il«bl¢ till 
0 LITTLE tvn of Bethlehem, 
How still we sec thee lie! 
Above thy deep and dreamless sleep 
The silent stars go by. 
Yet in thy dark strees shineth 
The everlasting light ; 
The h«,pes and fears of all the years 
Are met in thee to-night. 
0 morning stars, together 
Proclaim the holy birth, 
And praises sing to God the King, 
And peaco fo men on erth ; 
For Christ is born of b[ary ; 
And, gathered ail above, 
V'hile mortals sleep, the angels keep 
Their watch of wondering love. 

Bp. PIdllilt Brook¢, 1855--98. 
3 Hw silently, how silently, 
The wondrous girl is $iven ! 
So G,'xl imparts to human hearts 
The blessings of his heven. 
No ear ma) hear his comi.g ; 
But in this world of sin, [still 
Where meek ouls will receive him, 
The dear Christ enters in. 

4 Vhere children pure and happy 
Pray to the blessëd Child, 
Where mi.ery cries out to thee, 
Son of the mother mild ; 
Vhere charity .tands watching 
And faith hoid wide the door, 
The dark night wakes, the glorybreaks 
And Christmas cornes once mor 


5. 0 holy Child of ]ethlehem, 
Descend to us, we pray; 
Cast out our sin, and enter in, 
Be born in us to-day. 
We hear the Christrnas Angels 
The great glad tidings te|l : 
O corne to us, abide wltl 
Our Lrd Emmanuel. 

! rnod.rate lime  = 
I  1 ] ' l  I  l l  "  1 I II 
Ç / / i I/ 
-, ,_-_... 
, --ï 
I-i #e- -,-: -. ,,_, . ,, 
/ . , ,JJ-#--, , , . ,j# , 
 ..... ' -" ' '--r r  " 
uib«bl till C«lon. t.'e Hon. 
HE Maker of the sun and moon, ] 2 How blest was ail creatlon then, 
The Maker of our rth [ When God so gave increase ; 
Loi late in time, a fairer bvon, And Christ. to heal the heas of men, 
Himself is bught to Uirth 
3 No sr in ail the heigh of heaven 
But burned to see him go; 
Y,t unto earth alone w given 
His human form to know. 
4 His human form. by man deaied, 
Took death for human sin : 
His endle, through faith des¢ried, 
Still lires the wcrld to win. 
5. O perfect Love, outping sight, 
O Light beyond out ken, 
Corne doxvn through ail the vorld toenight, 
And heal the heas of men 



tlode i. 


e o0:613 Of the Farinera hrt begotten. 
OFt"1oE H IN..M. Christe Redemptor omnium. 6t cent. Tf. J. Ml  
J ESU, the Father's onlv Son, [won ;  Accept the prayers and praise to-day 
Whose death for all'redemption I That through the world thy servants 
Before the worlds, of God most high [ 
Begotten ail ineHably : I 3 Salvation's author, eall to mind [pay. 
How, takin form of hurnankind, 
2 TheFather'sliht and splendourthou, I Born ofa Virgin undefiled. 
Their encLles hope to thee that bow; t Thou in man's flesh becam'st a child. 

4 Thus testifles the present day, 
Through every year in long array, 
That thou, salvation's soux'ce aione. 
Proceededst from the Father's throne. 
5 Whence sky, and stars, and sea'sat,yss 
And earth, and ail that therein is, 
Shall still, with laud and carol rneet 
The Author of thine advent greet. 
6 And we who, by thy precious blood 
From sin redeemed,aremarked for God, 
On this the day that saw thy birth. 
Sing the new song of ransomed earth : 
7. For that thine advent glory be, 
O Jesu, virgin-born, to thei; 
-With Father, and with Holy Ghost, 
From men and ri-oto the hea,'enly host. 
27 Amen. 


Hode iii. 
 . oe Ç • ' 
î • I  • • ' 

I,. - 1      . l i 
I. "ç ç ._J  
1.7  t  ---   ' 
m m " Ira- 
I  «  ç«,  '; 
Ocz H'. l., E. iu duiu, c. 450. Tf. 
A iis o caine. 
ROM east towest, from shore fo ShOl-e,  2 Behold, the world's Creator a 
t eve heart awake and sing ] The form and fashion of a slave; 
The holy Child xvhom Mal T bore, Out very flesh our Maker shares» 
The Christ, the ever]asting King. His fallen creature, man, fo rave. 

Foi" this bow vondrously be vrought ! 
A maiden, in ber Iowly place, 
Became in ways beyond ail thought, 
The choaen vese| of his grace. 
She bewed ber te the Angel's werd 
I)eclarin what the Father wi||ed, 
And suddenly the promised Lord 
That pnreand hallewed temple filled. 

 He shrank net frein the oxen's stall, 
He lay within tbe manger-bed, 
And he, wbose beunty feedeth ail. 
&t Mary'a breast himself wss fed. 
6 And while the Angels in the sky 
San praise abeve the silent field, 
Te shepherdspoor the Lord most high, 
The one great She pherd, ws revealed. 
7. Ail glory for this blessèd men 
Te Goal the Father ever be; 
Ail praise te thee: O Virgin-born, 
Ail praise, O Holy Ghost, te tbee. Amen. 

ES IST EIN I RO' ENTSPRUNGEN. (76.76. 676.) .4-'/z! 
1,, .,e)-e h . -- 1. cy't M. PBB 1571-1621. 
 a fui[ and ho- - y 
/ -- . . - , = I, =,-11 I. I 
 full and hu - - ly cu*. 

and peace on earth to mem 
, I i, I I: /,1 l, 
nd oe on h  
[ Thc i of ds lu is earily bear. But its f 
OE it  febered  tlw li-v«h of a oeot    throug.] 
8¢ç;lable till Candfnos. Et. 
GAT and mighty wonder, 
A fuH and holy cure I 
The Virgin bea the Infant 
With virgin-honour pure. 
epea$  hyt agabt ! 
' To G omt hh  
rd e«ce on ear& fo 

2 The Word becomee incarnate 
And yet remains on high! 
And Cherubim sing anthems 
To shepherds from the sky. 
3 While thus they sing your Monarcib 
Those bright angelic bands, 
lejoice, ye vales and mountains 
Ye oceans clap your hand& 

4 .ince a]l he cornes to ransom, 
By ail be he adored, 
The Infant born in Bethl'em, 
The Saviour and the Lord. 
5. And idol forms shall perish, 
And error shall decay, 
And Christ shall vield his sceptre. 
Out Lord and God for ay. 


ARcfnt ,gi; (,roL 151h 
.  . , ;    -; 
 .   _ _ . _ 
.Z _  _ . ,   _ _ _ 
I F. [t ' / I /I I 
' ' I OE I 1 
I.,-i- _ .--»   .. . , 
I--- I' ,  :, "-_ '. 

Euitabl¢ till t?andlfow.s. 

T. P¢stel, 15S4-1659. 

EHOLD the great Creator makes 
Himself a house of clay, 
A robe of Virgin flesh he takes 
Which he will wear for ay. 
Hark, hark, the wise eternal Vord, 
Like a weak infant cries! 
In form of servant is the Lord, 
And God in cradle lies. 
This wonder struck the world amazed, 
If shook the starry frame ; 
Squadrons of spirits etood and gazed, 
Then down in trools they came. 
Glad shepherds tan to view this sight ; 
A choir of Angels sings, 
And eastern sages with delight 
Adore this King of kings. 
3oin then. all hearts tht are not stone, 
And all out voices prove, 
To celebrate this holy One 
The God of peace and love. 


HRISTIANS, avake, salure thc hapl,y morn, 
Vhereon the Saviour of the vorld was born ; 
lise to adore the mystery of love, 
Whieh hsts of Angels ehanted from a5ovc ; 
WRh them the joyful tidings first begun 
Of God incarnate and the Virgin's Son : 
Thcn fo the watchful shepherds if was told, 
SVho heaçd the angelic horald's voice, 'Bchold, 
I bring good tidings of a Saviour's birth 
To you and 211 the nations upon earth ; 
This day hath Goal fulfilled his promised word, 
This day is born a Sa,iour Christ the Lord." 

llc spake; and straightway the celestiM choir 
In hymns ofjoy, unknown belote, con.pire. 
The praises of redeeming love they sang, 
And heaven's whole orb with Alleluyas rang : 
G' highest glory was their anthem still, 
Peace upon earth, and mutuai gdwill. 
To Bethlehem straight the enlightened hephe 
To sec the wonder God had vrought for man, 
And found, witi Jooeph and the blesêd Iaid, 
IIer Son, the viour, in a manger laid; 
Amazed the vondims sto they proclaim 
The tiret apostles of his infant faine. 
* Like Mary let us ponder in out mind 
O's wondrous love in saving lost mankind ; 
Traoe we the Babe, who bath retriev out loss# 
Film his poor manger fo his bitter cro ; 
Then may we ho, agelic thrones among, 
'Eo sivg, cdmedæ a glad 'iphal song. 


and Oice Hymn for ndls. llth ,t. or mrli. ç cozto. 
Me v. 

Al o le I n - ya! .; An - gel o the Coun- sel here, 
Migh . ty on . d«r: 4 He a son ho know no night, 
Sun lrom r, he doth ap - lr,  of mai . den: 

LJJ:lli J 

   star ire kind-red ray, lla o ry doth her Child dis-play, 
6 8till un .mm the ershinon, nd the 
Like in -tu; 7 Lo-. non 
ure  e - ver. 8 F the high. 
' - -  OE "t i î  --- 

I î . 11 j I îl I- IIL 
" I I-- I 


hy   f:r ° aY A race for - lorn? 
in God'writ e told, A maid bath e. A men'. 
I- _ _  r  _  G "J 
;i .  ._. i r. ,  . .i. 



II " 1 .,i...i- I    I 
"+' "  I "+'  '  FJ   ï"-+" 
Let he: heed  Gen - tile strain And, from m)-s - tic 8y - bil+ 
" I 

I E N D ELSSO H N. (7 7 7 7. T 7 7 T. T T.)  d=t frein a ort  
 -  - .- , , • 

C ll'eal¢..v (1743), G. IF7itfldd {lçSS), .II. l,l'dan 
(170@), nd ofers. 
AIRK! the herald Angels sing 
Glory te the new-born King ; 
Peace on earth and mercy mild, 
God and sinners reconciled : 
oyful ail ye nations fise, 
Join the triumph of the skies, 
V¢ith the angelic host proclaim, 
Christ is born in Bethlehem. 
Hark: the iwrald Angds  
Glory to the ew.bor 

Christ, by highest heaven adored, 
Christ, the everlasting Lord, 
Late in rime behold him corne 
Offspring of a Virgin's womb ! I 
Veiled in flesh the Godhead sec, 
Hail the incarnate I)eity! 
Plea.sed as man with man te dwel], 
Jesus: our Emmanuel. 

3. Hail the heaven-born Prince of peace! 
Hall the Sun of IRighteousness! 
Lght and life te ail he brings, 
Risen with healing in his ,vings; 
lild he lays his glory by, 
Born that man no more ma)" die, 
Born te raise the sons of earth, 
]orn te give them second birth. 

-. ,. ,     7. _ __ " : 
[The mette OE this humn is liar.  mic  inted  that of the first se, cM 
it tan eily be pd  the otrs.] 
Ve 2 and 3 n : 

Our God, heaven can- hOt hold him Nor . . earth sm - tin; 
E - nough for him» whom Che - ru - bim 'or - ahip rdght and day, & 

Heaven and earth shall flee a -'way "W'hen he cornes to reign : In the bleak raid. 
breazt - fui of milk, And . man-ger- fui of hsy; E-nough forhimwhom 


20ur God, heaven cannot hold him 
lor erth sustain ; 
Heaven and earth shail flee away 
Vhen he cornes to reign : 
[n the bleak mid-winter 
A stable-place sutced 
The Lord God Aimighty 
Jesus Christ. 

Enough for him, whom Cherubim 
Worship night and day 
breastful of miik, 
And a mangerful of hay ; 
Enough for him, whom Angels 
Fali down before, 
The ox and ass and camel 
Which adore. 

Angels and Archangeis 
lay have gathered there, 
Cherubim and Seraphim 
Throaged the ar" -- 
But only his mother 
In her maidea blisa 
Vcrshipped the Belovëd 
Vith a kiss. 

li. What tan I give him 
Pcor as I ara ? 
If I wcre a shepherd 
I wouid bring a lamb; 
If I were a wise man 
I wouid do my part; 
Yet what I ean I give him-- 
Give my heart. 


Still through the cloven skies thcy corne. 
With peaful wings unfurled ; 
And still their heavenly music floats 
O'er ail the weaffi" worid ; 
Abovc ifs ad and lowly plaius 
They bend on hovering wing; 
A ad ever o'er its BaLel sounds 
The blessd Angels sing. 

B Yet with the ,voe ofsin and strife 
The world has uffereti long; 
Beneath the Angel-straJn have roile,l 
Two thousand years of wrong ; 
And man, at war with man, hears hot 
The love-song which they bring: 
0 hush the noise, ye men of strife, 
And hear the Angels sing ! 

4 * Anti ye, beneath lif'$ erushing load, 
Whose form aie bending low 
Who toil along the climbing way 
W/th painful $tep. and siov, 
Lot, k aow ! for glad and golden hours 
Coaie swiftly on the wing; 
0 re.t beside tle wery road, 
=d hear the Angel 

For io! rite days are hastening on: 
By lrophet-bards foretold, 
When, with the ever-circling years 
Cornes ound the age of gold ; 
When peace shall over ail the earth 
Its anient plendours fling, 
And the vho]e world send back the song 
Wh/ch now the Angels sing. 

| A - n]en. 

ST. MICHAEL (OLD 134TH). (& M.) Mdod.vfrom E#t«' P¢tr, 15. 
In mod¢rate ti = . (M f ef lt li¢.) 
.-- I  - i   ' 'F " " 
I « - F - i . . L i 
:- . , = -  r   

.. Co.n, 1676-1749. Tf. !1 . ?. Blelc. 
Jam oeeln&nt suspi,.«a. 

ET sighing cease and woe, 
God from on high bath heard, 
Heaven's gare is opening ,vide, and 
The long-expected %Vord. 

Pt.aee ! through tlle deep of night 
The heavenly choir breaks forth, 
Singing, with festal songs and hright, 
Our God and Saviour's birth. 

The cave of Bethlehem 
Those wakeful shepberds seek : 
Let us too riso and greet with them 
That infant pure and meek. 

%Ve enter--af the door 
%Vhat marvel meets the eye? 
A crib, a mother pale and poor, 
A child of poverty. 
Art thou the eternal Son, 
The eternal Father°s ray ? 
Vhose little hand, thou infsnt one, 
Doth lift the world alway ? 
Yea--faith bhrough that dira cloud, 
Like liglltning, darts before, 
And greets thee, at whose footstool 
Heaven's trembling hosts adore. 

Chaste be our love like thine. 
Out swelling souls bring low, 
And in our hearts, 0 Babe divine 
Be born, abide, and grow. 

8. So shall thy birthday morn, 
Lod Christ our birthday be, 
Then greet we ail, ourselves new-born. 
Our King's nativity. 

4. Yea, Lord, we greet thee, 
Born this happy morning, 
Jesu, fo thee be glory given ; 
SVord of the Father, 
Now in flash appearing : 

0 COME, ail ye faitifful, 
Joyful and triumphant, 
0 coma ye, 0 came ye fo Bethlehem ; 
Came and behold him, 
Born tlne King of Angels : 
0 corne, let us adore 
0 corne, let us adore hirn, 
0 came, let us udore hirn, Christ fhe Lord. 

Light of Light, 
La ! ha abhors hot the Virgin's womb ; 
Very God, 
Begotten hot created : 
Sing, choirs of Angels, 
Sing in exultation, 
Sing, ail ye citizens of heaven above, 
Glory fo God 
In the highest : 
A. men. 


Iuitabi¢ t,l! Ca,ull¢mo 
HE great God of heav('n is corne down fo eartb, 
His mother a ¥irgin, and »inlv 
The Father ete»nal his Father alone: 
tic leeps in the mange» ; he reigns on the throne 
Thon let  adore bi» 
To save us oor siniters h¢ came from above. 

A P, abe os the bveast of a -Iaidea ho lies, 
Yct sits vith the Father on high in the kes; 
Be£ore him their faces the Seraphim bide, 
While Joseph stands waiting, unscred, t T his ide : 

Loi here is Emlnanuel, here is the Child, 
The Son tllat vas promised fo .Mary so mild; 
Whose poncer and dominion shall ever increase, 
The Prince that hall rule o'er a kingdom of peace: 

The "Vonderful Counsellor, boundless in might, 
The Fatber's owa image the beam of his liht ; 
Beho]d him now wearing the ]ikeness of man, 
Weak, ]lelpless, and peechless, in nleaure a spaa: 

0 vonder of vondel'S» which noue call ttllfvld: 
The Ancieut vf day» is an houp or two old ; 
The Maker of all thins is ruade of the earth, 
Man is worshipped by Angel% and God cornes to birth: 

The Vo,--d in the blis of the Godhead remains, 
Yet iii flesh cornes fo surfer the keenest of pains ; 
He is thag. he vas, and £or ever ha]] be 
But becomes that ho vas hot, for you and for me. 


II. Jrt. Bra»d¢$. 

In moderate tine : = 69. 
IiA - I--- II- 
I u " I I I  I I I 
' Ii I 
1 1 I I  " - I   - - 
' Ail seted on the ground» 
The &ngel of 
And giory shone aroun& 
 Fesr hot,' 
d seiz their troubled mind ; 
«Oid tiding of grest oy  bring 
To you snd sll msnkind. 
8 To you in 
ls born of Dsvid's line 
& aviour, who is Christ he Lord; 
nd this hsil be he ign : 
 The hesvenly 
To humsn view 
ii meanly wtççed in swthing ban 
And in 
&pçesred s hining throng 
Of gels prsising Oo& who thu 
Added the joyful song: 
6. ' Ail gio T be fo God on high, 
And on the e3h be ace; 
Good-wiil henceforth om heaven fo men 
Begin and never cease.' 

the meody» to rerses 2, 3, and 4. The tenor port hich bas the melody should be rade 
prominent, ] 

tulle te ud in C is Hnt in t] 
URsx (No. 93) a CROVLE (. 463) are 


-ŒEE __V V. 
_ --_-_A_ J -- -.-'-'  
 ' ' i  'i I I  
anc ei preti. 
AINT of God, elect and precous, 
Protomartyr Stephen, brigh 
Vith thy love of amçlest measure, 
Shining round hee like a light ; 
Who fo God commendedst, dying, 
Them hn did Owe ail despite : 


.4mtollu, «. 800. 
HE Lord and King of ail thing 
But yesterday was born ; , 
d Sphen's gl+rious +ffering 
Hi+ bih-tie +hall a+rn : 
No arls of +rient splendeur, 
No jewe]s can he show ; 
ut with his +wn truc hearts blood 
His shining vestments g]+w. 
3. Thou fi+t of all c+nfeopœ, 
Of all the econ cr+., 
Of etery f+ll+wing athlete 
The glory and ren+wn : 
Make supplicati+n, standi.g 
ef+re Christ's rya] throne, 
That he would give the kingd+m, 
_d for +ur sins atone t 

Corne, ye that love the Martyrs, 
And pluck the flowers of song, 
And weave them in a garland 
For this our suppliant throng ; 
And cry, 'O thou that shinest 
In grace's brightest ray, 
Christ's vul/ant Protomartyr, 
Fr peace and favour py : ' 

TANTUM ERGO. (87. . $7.) 
ll*,-atl F , dia   . ' lts m" tih," 1792. 
  -  OE- . 
I I I- 
 ---_ --.-- -- -- -   _ -------w_ _ 
NOTE.--A higher seffing OE flHs hme u'ill be fo,o»d at Hymn 63. 

O[tl) slpreme, befre creation 
Born of God eternally, 
Who didst will for out salvation 
To he born on earth, and die ; 
Vl'e II thySaints havekept tbeirstation. 
Vatching till thine hour drewnigh. 
2 Now "ris corne, and faith espies thee 
Like an eaglet in the morn, 
One in steadfast worship eyes thee, 
Thy beloved, thy iatest born : 
I. thy glory he descries thee 
Reigning from the tree of scorn. 
3 * l[e first hoping and believing 
Did beside the grave adore ; 
Latest he, the warfare ieaving, 
. Thee, the Almighty King eternal, 
Father of the eternai Word ; 
Thee, the Fathe's Word supernal. 
Theo, of both, lle Breath adored ; 
I4eaven and earth, and realms infernal 
Own. one glorio,s Ood and Lord. Amen. 

Landed on the eteFnal shore ; 
And l,is witness we reeeiving 
Own thee Lord for e-ermore. 
* tlneh he asked in Ioving wonder, 
On lhy bosom ieaning, Lord ! 
Iii that secret place of thunder, 
Answer kind didst thou accord, 
Visdom for thy Chureh to ponder 
Till the day of dread awall. 
Lo! heaven's doors lift up, revealing 
Serolis unfoided, trmpets pealing, 
Vine-cups from the wrath hove, 
Yet o'er ail a sort voice stealing 
* Little ehildren, trust and love !" 

Motle»tttly $1ow , ----112. 
I, - - --- I::-]_--_ -« -- 
I  I i 1 I . 
I î ', ', I ' 
_ _._ _._..,  . 
 ...... ' - , ,--  ,, n 
lv« flo majeure. 

LL hall, ye little Iartyr flovers, 
Sweet rosebuds cut in dawning 
hours ! 
When Herod sought the Christ to find 
Ye fell as bloom before the wind. 
2 First victims of the llartyr hands, 
With crowls ald palms in tender 
Arouud the very altar, gay 
And ilnocent, ye seem to play. 

3 What profited this great offence ? 
XVhat use was Herl's violence ? 
A Babe survives that dreadful day, 
And Christ la safely borne away. 
4. Ail honour, laud, and glory be, 
O Jesu, virgin-born, to thee ; 
Ail glory, as is ever meet 
To Father and t Paraclete. 


| ! l ' I I I | il I l| 
I ,  I 
I I I I ,  _ - I I I - - 
• _,_,__ _« _. 
'-'-- ' r i -'* ' 
- • , ,,  - ---a,- _-e: .... 
Hnum canen 
HE hymn fer conquering Martyrs 8 * Fear hot, O littl¢ flk and blest, 
raioe, The lion that your lire oppst  

The victor Innoeents ,ve praise, 
Whom in their woe earth cast away, 
But heaven vith joy reeeived to-day ; 
Whose Angels see the Father's face 
Vorld without end, and hymn his 
graee ; 
And, while they chant nnceasing lays, 
The hymn for conquering lartyrs 
2 .A voice from Ramah w.s there sent, 
A voice of weeping and lainent0 [care 
When lqaehel mourned the children's 
Vhom for thetyrant's uword shebare. 
Triumphal is their glory now, 
Whom earthly tormentscold hot bow, 
Whattime,both farand nearthatwent, 
A voice from Ramah ,vas there sent. 
5. 0 city blest o°er all the earth, 
Who gloriest in the Saviour's birth, 
Whose are his earliest Martyrs dear, 
]y kindred and by triumph here ; 
None frora henceforth may call thee small, 
Of rival towns thou passest ail : 
In vhom out Monarch had his birth, 
0 city blest o'er ail the earth ! 

To heavenly pastures ever ne, v 
The heavenly Shepherd leadeth you ; 
Who dwelling ow on Sions bill, 
The Lamhs dear footsteps follow 
still ; 
]y tyrant there no more distrest 
Fear hot, O little flock and blet. 
4 * And every tear is wiped away 
]y your dear Father's hands for ay : 
Death bath nopower to hurt you mere, 
Vhose own is life's eternal store. 
Vho sow their seed and sowing 
In everlasting joy shall reap, 
What rime they »bine in heavenly 
And every tear is wiped away. 

Thefellw6tJ is also suitable : 611 When Christ wae h3rn. 


I'e,'.V slbo «nd soln  = 40. A«lattd and haoi= b J. B. BAcu. 
I_  ____  -__ 
 -   -- _ _ . _ 
I I .  I ' , ' I 1  , 
I I 
I - I 
( ce l,/ms, 
Felix dies quem proprio. 
0 HAPPY day. whenfirstwaspoured ] 2 $ust enlered on this world of woe, 
The blo of out redeeming Lord  I His blood already learned fo fl«w ; 
 happy dav, when firsl began I His future death was thus expresd, 
]Ils ruffrin for sinful man t I And thns his early love cnfessed. 


From heaven descending to fuliïl 
The mandates of his Father's will, 
E'en now behold the victim lie. 

The Lamb of God, prepared to die ! 
4 Lr, rd, circumcise our hearts, we pray. 
Our fleshly natterez purge away ; 
Thy narne, thy likeness rnay they bear : 
Yea. starnp thy holy image there ! 
[. 0 Lord, the virgin-born, to thee 
Eternal praise and gloT be, 
Vhom with the Father we adore. 
And H«,ly Gho«t for evermre. .Amen. 


ONQUERIN kin their titles take 
From the lands they cptive make 
Jesu, thine was given thee 
For a world thou madest h ce. 
Not another naine is given 
Strong to eall dead souls to ri 
And elt them to the 
That which Christ  hardly wrust 
That which he 
That salvtion, mortsl 
Vi]l ye madly cast away 
ther gladly for that naine 
Bear the Croc, endure the hame ; 
Joyfully for him to die 
Is hot death but victory. 
Jeu, if thou condecend 
To be called the siamer's Friend 
Oum the joy and glo be 
Thus to make  boat of thoe. 
¢:lory to the Father be, 
Glory, Virgin-born. to the% 
Glory fo ¢he Holy Ghost, 
Evcr fr,m the heavenly host. Amen. 
For the 

Mode iii. 

Becatme the Christ is corne so ner ? 
Hewho doth heavenlykingdomsgrant 
Thine earthly realm cal noyer ,vant. 
2 Lo, sages from the East affi-e gone 
To where the star bath newly shone : 
Led on by light fo Light they press, 
Aftd by their girls their God confess. 

A - men. 

ST. v¢rUS. (L. 
la ¢roE¢ 
To be »ung in unis. o uh M. 
/ -- -i-  I  I   I l 
Htis He impie. 
THY, impious Hrod, shouldst 3 The Lanb of God  manifest 
ç ç thou fear Again in Joan's water blest, 
And he who sin had never known 
By wshing hath out sins undone. 
4 Yet he that ruleth evewthing 
Can change the nature of the 
And gives af Cana this for sign 
The water reddens into wine. 
& Then glo', Lord, fo thee we pay 
For thine Epiphany to-day ; 
Ail glory through eternity 
To Father n, and Spirit be. Amen. 


N vith gladness men of old 
Did the guiding star behold, 
.4 with oy they hailed ifs light, 
Leading onward, beaming bright, 
S-, most gracious God, may we 
Evermore be led fo thee. 

ll'. Chattcrloa Dix, 1537-98. 
2 As with joyful teps they sped, 
To tiret lowly manger-bed, 
There to bend the knee bcfi)re 
Him whom heaven and earth ador% 
So ma we with willing fcet 
Ew'r ck thy mrcy-at. 
As they oflrçd girls most ra 
At that manger rude and bare 
o may we with holy joy, 
Pure, and fr from in's alloy, 
Ail our costlit treasures bring, 
Christ, to thee out heavenly Kiug. 

H,,ly Jesu, every day 
Keep us in the narrow way ; 
And, when earthly thins are past» 
Bring our ransomed souls at last 
Vhere they need no star to guide» 
Where no clouds thy glory bide. 

5. In the hea enly count, T bright 
Need they no created light ; 
Thon its Light, its Joy, its Crown, 
Th,,u ifs Sun which goes not down : 
There lbr ever may xve sing 
Allcluyas to our King. 


STUTTGART. (87. 87.) , 40 AdavtI.from 
lly l, til  = . "P»lioE roE' Gtha, 1715. 
- .OEI "   " ' 
I I I 
P'u«ntiv, B. 348. 
TLEE, of noblest cities 
vne tan once with thee compare ; 
Thou alone the Lord from heaven 
Didst for us incarnate bear. 
2 Fairer than the sun at morning 
Vas the star that told his birth ; 
To the lands their God aanocing 
Hid neath a form of h. 
3 By its lambent bcauty idd 
See the çtern kings appear ; 
Se thym bend, their fls to offer, 
Girls of incense gold and myrrh. 
4 Solemn things of mystic mening : 
Inoen doth the God diclo, 
Gold a royal child proclaimeth, 
Myrrh a future tvmb forhos. 
U0. . Holy Jesu, in thy brightness 
To the Gentile world displayed, 
With the Fther and the Spirit 
Endle r to thoe be paid. Amen. 

v 65 

LIEBSTER IMMANUEL. (lllO. lllO.) 41 
[dod flrn ' H»m«ust ; 1679. 
l  = 7£. dt 
- , ,''» .,.. .,. 
 c  4J ,  I; !1 
I  1 I  I I I I  , I I 
I  ,  I 
I -   M « -. --  .... e- - • 
oT. »zr tulle for thi ymn oill be fo« in tlw pdix. 
Biho . Hebcr, 1783-1826. 
I(;HTEST and ho,st of the s«,ns e the morning, 
Dawn on out d;rkne a.d lend us thine aid ; 
t««r of the Et, the horizon adorni.g, 
Guide where out infant Rcdeemer i laid. 
 C,.dd on his cradle the dew-drops are shining. 
Losv lies his head vith the beasts of the stall : 
A.els adore him in slumr rlining, 
Maker and Monarch and Sa ler of ail. 
3 Say, shall ve yield him, in ctly devotion, 
Odeurs of Edom and offcrings divine ? 
Geins of the merrain and prl8 of the ocean, 
Myrrh from the forest or gold fre the mine 
4 Vainly we effer each ample oblation, 
Vainly with gi would his faver sexe ; 
Richer by far i the heart's adoratien,  - 
Drer te God are the praye of the poor. 
#n0& 5. rigbteat and st of the ns o£ te mornin, 
Dawn on out darkne and lend us thine aid ; 
Star of the Ea8t, the horizon adorni, 
Guide where out infant Roemer is laid. 


I I .... 1 't [J I  I  
Iîll  !'' ' 'l'" " '1' "--' '  I 
I ',  I I I I  I I , 
tes in small tpe are for te first and lest erses onl. 
8gltle till 8¢ptuaffn. J. 8. B. Modl, 1Bl1-75. 
0 WORSHIP the Lord in the beauty of holiness 
Bow down before him, his glory proclaim ; 
Vith gold of obedienoe, and inoense of lowliness» 
Kneel and adoz him the Lord is his naine 
2 Low at his feet lay thy burden of cazfulness, 
High on his heart he will ar it fur thee, 
Comfo thy sorws and swer thy 9rayeffulness 
Guiding thy steps  OEay best for thee be. 
3 Fear hot to enter his cous in the slenderns 
Of the or wealth thou wouldst reckon as thine : 
T,-uth in its beauty, and love in its nderns, 
ese are the offerin to lay on his shrine. 
4 These, though we bring them in trembling and feulness 
He will accept for the naine that is dear ; 

Mornings of joy give for evextings of tearfulness, 
Trust for our trembling and hope for our fear. 
5. O vorhip the Lord in the beauty of holiness ! 
Bo,v do,vn before him, his glory proclaim ; 
With go]d of obedience, and incense of lowliness 
Kneel and adore him, the Lord is his naine ! 


Il Iï , î ï-I II 

J. )loriao», 1749-98 (cottih Paraphfa.s¢). 

HE race that long in darkness pined 
Have seen a glorious light ; 
The people dwell in day, who dwelt 
In death's surrounding night. 
2 To hall thy rise, thou better Sun, 
The gathering nations corne, 
Joyou as when the reapers bear 
The harvest-treasures home. 
3 To us a Child of hope is born, 
To us a Son is given ; 
Him shall the tribes of earth obey, 
Him ail the hosts of heaven. 
4 His naine shall be the Prince of Peace, 
For evermore adored ; 
Tbe ,Vonderful, the Counsellor, 
The great and mighty Lord. 
5. His power increasing still shall spread ; 
His reign no end shall know : 
Justice shall guard his throne above, 
And peace abound below. 



3Ioderat¢ly fa»t  - 152. Old German Carat. 
Ç  '' I Il I I I I ilIT--i -. ..  , I ! l-l--iI 
 OE, ,-" Ï rr " Ï r p 
 I ' 1 I I 
Quae steila ole lmlchrior. 
ItAT star is this with beams so 3 Vhileoutvard signs the star displays 
bright,  invard light the Lord conveys, 
ore lovely than the noonday ]ight ? And urges them, with foroe benign, 
"Tis nt toannounce anew-born King To seek the giver of the si. 
Giad tidin of out God fo bring.  Te love can brook no dull dey : 
2 "Tis new fulfilled what God decreed, Through toils and dange lies their 
• Frein 3acob shali a star proeeed' ; svay ; 
d lo the eastern sages snd, And yet their home their friend, 
To read in heaven the Lord's coin- their ail, 
mand. They lve at once, at G's high 11. 
5 O, while the star of heavenly grince 
Invites us, Lord, to seek thy face,   . 
May we no more that grace repel, 
)r quench that light which shines se well 1 
6. To God the Father, God the Son, / 
And Holy Spirit, e in One, 
May evç T tongue and nation raise 
An endless song of thankful prai l 
CRER. ff. 7& D. 4 
x?ow and dignifl  = 56,  J, 
I  i I  i, , ï i i i I Ï 
I  «. - 1 2- --  IZ_  _  _. 
I-- V • l_ylOT I ' Il ' I ' I 
 I i I 70. 


AIL te the Lord's Anointed ! 
!_ Great David's 8reater Son ; 
Hail, in the time appointed, 
His reign on earth begun ! 
Fie cornes te bresk oppression, 
Te let the captive free ; 
Te take away transgression, 
And rule in equity. 
2 ]le cornes with succour speedy 
Te those who surfer wrong ; 
Te help the poor and needy, 
And bid the weak be strong ; 
Te give them songs for sighing, 
Their darkness turn te light, 
Whose seuls, condernned and dying, 
Were precious in lmis sight. 
3 Ile shall corne dovn like showers 
Upon the fmitful earth, 
Aud love, joy, hope, like flowers» 
Spring in his pnth te birth : 
Un/son. 6. * O'er every foe victorious, 
He on his throne shall test, 
Frein age te age more g]oriou:, 
AII-blessing and all-blest : 
The tide of time shall never 
His covenant remove ; 
His nnme shM1 stand for ever ; 
That naine te ris is Love. 

Before him on the mountains 
Shall peace the herald go ; 
And righteousness in fountains 
From bill to valley flow. 
4 * Arabia's desert-ranger 
To him shall bow the knee ; 
The Ethiopian stranger 
His glory corne to see ; 
Vith offerings of devotion 
Ships frein the isles shall meet 
Te pour the wealth of ocean 
In tribute at his feet. 
• 5 Kings shall fMI down bef«,re him» 
And gold and incense bring ; 
Ail nations shall adore him, 
His praise ail people sing ; 
Te him shall prayer unceasing 
And daily vows ascend ; 
His kingdom still increasing 
A kingdom xvithout end. 

A Lamb unblemished, meek and mild, 
Prepared for sacrifice. 
2 The Son of God his glory hides 
Vith parents mean and poor ; 
And he who ruade the heaven abides 
In dwelling-place obscure. 
5. Jeu, the Virgin's holy Son, 
VCe praise thee and adore, 
VCho art with God the Father one, 
And Spirit evermore. Amon. 

And he who set the stars on high 
An humble trade pursuea. 
4 He before whom the angels stand, 
At whose behest they fly, 
lgow yields himselfto rnan'scommand, 
And lays his glory by. 

]Mod a'atdfa*t  = 100. C. ST£GGAI.L, 1826--|906. 


ONGS of thankfulness and praise, 
Jesu, Lord, to thee we raise, 
Manifested by the star 
To the sages from afar ; 
Branch of royal David's stem ° 
In thy birth at Bethlehem ; 
Anthelns be fo thee addrest, 
God in Man ruade manifest. 
2 Manifest at Jordan's strem, 
Prophet, Priest, and King suprere ; 
Alad at Cana wedding-guest 
In thy Godhead manifest ; 
Manffest in power divine 
Changing water into wine ; 
Anthems be to thee addrest, 
God in Man ruade manifest. 
5. Grant us grace to see thee, Lord, 
irrored in thy holy word ; 
[ay we imitati thee nowi 
And be pure, as pure art thou ; 
That we like fo thee may be 
At thy great Epiphany, 
And may praise thee, evér blest, 
God in Man ruade manifest. 
» 3 73 

3 Manifest in making whole 
Palsied limbs and fainting sul ; 
Manifest in xaliant fight, 
Quelling all the devirs might ; 
Manifest in gracious will. 
Ever bringing good f»6m ill ; 
Anthems be to thee addrest, 
God in Man ruade manifest. 
4" Sun and moon shall darkened be, 
Stars shall fall, the heavens shall rite; 
Christ will then like lightning shine» 
Ail will see his glorious sign ; 
Ail will then the trumpet hear, 
Ail will see the Judge appear ; 
Thou by all wi|t be confest, 
God in Man ruade manifest. 

A- men. 


HE Lord is corne ! On Syrian soil, 
The child of poverty and toil ; 
The Man of Sorrows» born fo know 
Each varying shade of human woe: 
His joy, his glory, to fulfil, 
In earth and heaven, his Father's will ; 
On lonely mount, by festive board, 
On biffer Cross despised, adored. 

The Lord is corne : In him we trace 
The fullness of God's truth and grace ; 
Throughout those words and acts divine 
Gleams of the eternal splendour shine ; 
And from his inmost Spirit flow, 
As from a height )f sunlit snoxv, 
The rivers of perennial lire, 
To heal and sweeten Nature's strife. 

4. P. 8tanlty, 15151. 

The Lord is corne : In every heart 
Where truth and merey claire a part ; 
In every land where right is might, 
And deeds of darknes ahuri the light ; 
In every Church vhere faith and love 
Lift earthward thoughts fo things above 
In every holy, happy home, 
We bless thee, Lord, that thou hast corne. 

The follotcSg are also u(table : 
364 Ail bail the power of Jeeu's naine. 
380 Corne, ye faithful0 raiee the anthem. 
381 Cron him with many croyons. 
384 Eternal Ruler of the ceaseless roun¢L 
395 God of mercy, God of grace. 
419 Jesu, the very thought of thee. 
420 Jeeu ehall reign where'er the sun. 
423 Judge eternal, throned in splendour, 
459 O Love, how deep, how brod, how high. 
451 ongs of praise the auge| aug. 
514 Who le this so 'eak and helples. 

I A- men. 


Mode iv. 

REATOR of the earth and sky, 
Ruling the firmament on high, 
Clothing the day with robes of light, 
Blessing with gracious sleep the night, 
"2 That test may comfort weary men, 
And braee to useful toil again, 
And soothe awhile the harassed mind, 
And sorrow's heavy load unbind : 

3 Day sinks; we thank thee for thy girl ; 
Night cornes ; and once again we lift 
Our prayer and vows and hymns that 
Against ail fils may shielded be. [we 
4 Thee let the secret heart acclaim, 
Thee let out tuneful voices name, 
P, ound thee our chaste affections cling, 
Thee sober »eason own as King. 



That when black darkness closes day, 
And shadows thicken round our way, 
Faith msy no darkness know, and 
From falth's clear beam may bon'row 


6 Rest not, my heaven-born mind and 
will ; 
Rest, ail ye thoughts and deeds of iii ; 
Msy faith its watch unwearied keep, 
And cool the dreaming warmth of 
7 From eheats of sense, Lord, keep me free. 
And let my heart's depth dream of thee ; 

Let hot my euvious foe draw near, 
To break my rest with any fear. 

8. Pray we the Father and the Son, 
And Holy Ghost : O Three in One, 
Biest Trinity, whom ail obey, 
Guard thou th.v sheep by night and 
day. Amen. 




]ode iv. 

• I • 

I l I J J I , , ,, 
--" ---- r_J --I _ j I II 
..j I '-" .1. I I -O- 
Primo em omnium. 6th ct. . . H. 
HIS day the rst of days was ruade, 
Vhen  in liht the orld arrayed ; 
Or when hi Word ro gain. 
And, oenqering death, gave lire fo en. 
Slmber and sloth drive far away ; 
Earlier aride to greet the day ; 
And ere its da in heaven nfold 
The heart's desire to God be told : 

In d'ate rime, diifled = 78. 
To be y in ¢no». Anrah Oangbuch, 1608. 
I I 
-, -- - 
. -- - . - • 
is OE¢e is set in 

Unto out prayer that he attend, 1 4 That us, who here tltis day repair 
Hs all-creating power extend, I T,» keep the Apostles' rime of prayer, 
And still renew us, lest we mise ] And hymn the quiet hours of morn, 
Through eartldy stain our heavenly ] "Vith blessèd gifts he may adorn. 

 o men. 

5 For this, Redeemer, thee we pray 
That thou wilt wash out- sins away, 
And of thy loving-kindness grant 
"Vhate'er of good out spirits want : 
6 That exiles he avhile in flesh 
Some earnest may our soul reflsh 
Of that pure lire for which we long, 
Some foretaste of the heavenly sog. 
7. O Father, that ve ask be done, 
Through Jesu Christ, thine only Son ; 
Who, with the Holy Ghost and thee 
Doth lire and reign eternally. Amen. 


)iode viii. 

Lueia Çrear opaline. 
0 BLEST Creaor of he light, I  XVhose wisdom joined in mee array 
Who mak'st the day with raanee I The nora and eve, ad named them 
bright, l Day: 
And o'er the forming world didst call { hïght eomeswith all itsdarklingfoa; 
The light from chaos first OE ail ;  Regard thy people's prayers and tea 

LUCIS CREATOR. (L.]4.) ,51 (tO»ER. 
 ffi To be sung in unison. I 
' I I . -- l 1 I 
Ii .... "  ]' [i.- LI-I I  III ' 
I- .. r rP?- ', J' '' 
$ Lest, sunk in sin, and vhe)m'd with sLrife, 
They lose the gift of endless lire ; 
,Vhile thiuking but the thoughts of rime, 
They weave new chains of woe and crime. 
4 But grant them grace that they may strain 
The heavenly gare and prize fo gain: 
Each harmful lure aside fo cast, 
And purge away each error past. 
5. O Father, that we ask be done, 
Through ffesus Christ, thine only Son; 
Vho, with the Holy Ghost and thee. 
Doth lire and reign eternlly. Anen. 



52, 53 

. ¢1 . . i î 
= î " - " " -i 

Mode i. 

• • î • 


londay Morning. 
0 SPLENDOUR of God's glory 
0 thou that bringest light from light, 
O Light of light, light's living spring, 
O Day, ail days illumining, 
O thou true Sun, on us thy glance 
Let fall in royal radiance, 
The Spirit's sanctifying bcam 
Upon our carthly enes strcam. 
Tbe Father. too, out prayers implore, 
Father of glory evermore ; 
The Father of ail grace and might, 
To banish sin from our delight : 
To guide whate'er we nobly dot 
With love ail envy to subdue. 
To make iii-fortune turn to fait, 
And give usgrace out wrongs to bear. 
Out mind be in his keeping placed, 
Our body truc to him and chaste, 

. Ambrose, $40-9. Tro F. Ho 
Splendor paterne gloriae. 
Where only faith her tire shall feed, 
To burn the tares of Satan's seed. 
6 And Christ to us for food shall be, 
From him out drink that welleth 
The Spirit's wine, tiret maketh whole, 
And, mocking hot, exalts the soul. 
7 lejoicing may this day go hence, 
Like virgin dawn our innocence, 
Like fiery noon out faith appear. 
Nor knov the gloom of twilight drcar. 
8 Morn in ber rosy car is borne ; 
Let him corne forth our perfect morn, 
The ,Vord in God the Father one, 
The F«ther perfect in the Son. 
9. Ail laud to God the Father be, 
Ail prais% eternal Son, to thee ; 
Ail glory, as is ever meet, 
To God the holy Faraclete. Amen. 


Orgcg Hv. Prudcntius, b. 348. Tr. 
T«esda!/.lo»ting. A|oe diei nuntius. 
THE wingèd herald of the day  2 Take up thy bed, to each he cries, 
Proclaims themorn'sapproaching I Who sick or wrapt in slumber lies; 
ray : And chaste and just and sober 
And Chri.t the Lord out souls excite., stand7 
And so to endless life invites. And watch : my coming is at hand. 

3 With earnest cry, with tearful care, 
Call we the Lord to hear our prayer; 
VChile supplication, pure and deep, 
Forbids each chasteued heart to sleep. 
4 Do thou, O Christ, out slumbers wake ; 
A - men. )o thou the chains of darkness break; 
 .r--_ Purge thou our former sins away, 
-  And in our souls new light display. 
' -- 5. Ail laud to God the Father be, 
  Ail praise, eternal Son, to tllee; 
 Ail glory, as is ever meet, | A - men. 
To God the holy Paraclete. Amen. 



54, 55 

Mode i. 
I î -- • î " -- î • • î 

• • • • I • • • 

WAREHAM. (L. ]|.) (]ODERN TW) 
i'ry Mm and dignifled  : 63. W. KPP, 1698)-17. 
ç , 
 ,-.. , .---,_,_. , ,, 
I I I I I " ' I 
I "1 ' I--1 I I I" 
I I I-e- - I I -.-  - I 
I i [î I  I  I1 /1 I't I I1 / 



|Vd.da¥ 3Xorniaç. Nox et tenebre 
E clouds and darkness hosts of 3 
That breed confusion and affright 
Begonel o'erhead the dawn shines 
The light breaks in and Christ is here. 
2 Earth's gloom flees broken and dis- 
By the sun's piercing shafts coerced : 
The day-star's eyes tain influence 
And colours glimmer back to sight. 

Prud¢ntit, bo 348. T: R. M. P. 
et nubila. 
Thee, Christ alone we know; fo 
We bend in pure simplicity; 
Our songs xvith tears to thee arise 
Prove thou our hearts with thy clear 
Though we be stained with blots 
Thy quickening rays shall purge our 
air. ; 
Light of the Morning Star, thy grace 
8hed on us from thy clouclless face. 

Ail laud to God the Fatller be, 
Ail praise, eternal Son, to thee; 
Ail glory, as is ever meet 
To Goal the hly Paraclete. Amen. 

OFFIC[ H°¢. P'udcatiu$, b. 348. 'r. ll. M. P. 
Thur»dag .llorning. Lux ecce urgit aureh 
O ! golden light rekindles day : ] 2 Ve pray thee, rising Light serene, 
Let paling dark ness steal away, ] E'en as thyself our hearts make clean; 
Which ail too long o'erwhelmed our gaze Let no deceit our lips defile, 
And led our steps by winding vays. 1Nor let our souls be vexed by guile. 
30 keep us, as the hours proceed, 
From lying word and evil deed; 
Out roving eyes from sin set fre% 
Out body from impurity. 
4 For thou dost frm above survey 
The converse of each fleeting day; 
Thou dost foresee from morning light 
Our every deed, until the night. 
5. Ail laud to God the Father be, 
Ail praise, eternal Son, to thee ; 
Ail glory, as is ever meet, 
To God the holy Paraclete. Amen. 

Mode i. 


TERNAL Glol'y of the sky, 
Blest hope of frail humanity, 
The Father's eole-begotten One, 
Yet born a spotless Virgin's Son! 
Uplift us with thine arm of might, 
And let ou r hearts rise purs and bright, 
And, ardent in God's praies, pay 
The thanks we ove him every day. 

6th cent. Tf. J. M. K«ale. 
Aeterna caeli gloria. 
3 The day-star's raye are glittering clear, 
And teil that day itseif is near: 
The shadows of the night depart ; 
Thou, holy Light, illume the heart! 
4 Within our senses ever dweil, 
And worldly darkness thence expel; 
Long as the days of iife endure, 
Preserve our souis devout and pure. 

The faith that tiret must be possest, 
Root deep within our inmost breast; 
And joy-us hope in second placew 
Then charity, thy greatest grace, • 
Ail laud to God the Father be, 
Ail praise, eternai Son, fo thee; 
Ail glory, as is ever meet, 
To God the holy Paraclete. Amen. 

£aturda Mornlng. 


efore 8th ct. r. . 

Aurore jsm spargit polum. 
HE dawn is sprinkling in the eat 
Its golden shower, as day flovs in ; 
Fast mourir the pointed shafts of light : 
Fareweli to darkness and fo aih! 
2 Away, ye midnight phantoms ail ! 
Away, despondence and despair ! 
Whatever guitt the night bas brought 
low let it vanish into air. 
3 So, Lord, when that last morning breaks 
Looking to which ve sigh and pray» 
O may it to thy minstreis prove 
The dawning of a better day. 
4. To God the Father glory be, 
And to his sole-begotten Son ; 
Glory, O Holy Ghost, to thee 
XVhile everlasting ages run. Amen. 



58, 59, 60 


OFF1C " HvMN. 
Iond Ilr¢t¢ng. 
0 BOUNDLESS Wisdom, G most 
Oakeroftheearth and sky,[high, 
ho bid'st the paed water flow 
In heaen ave o rth low : 
OEhe strems o earth, the clds in 
heaven, [giron, 
By th their ordered bounds we 
Lest'nen th the u ntemred fi res of day 
The parchêd soli should waste aw3y. 
E'en so on us who seek thy face 
Pour forth the waters of thy grace; 

c. 6th cent. Tf. . . 
Immerme caeli Conditor. 
Renew the fount of life within, 
And quench the wasting rites of sln. 
4 Let faith diseern the eteal Light 
Beyond the darkness of the night, 
d through the ists of fMeh 
The path of truth revealed by thee. 
5. 0 Father, that we ask  done, 
Through Jesus Ch,st, thineonly Son ; 
Who, vith the Holy Ghoet and thee, 
Dotlx lire ad reign eternally. Amen. 

Tue.çday Evening. Tellurls ingens 
AITH'S mighty Iaker, whose ' 
R«dsed from the sea the solid lan, 
And drove each billowy hp away, 
And bade the earth snd flm for aye: 
That so, with flowers of golden hue, 
The seeds of each if might renew; 
And fruit-tes aring fruit might 
And pleasnnt pasture of the fleld 
Our spirit's rankling wounds efface 
Vith dewy freshness of thy grace: 

c. 7tl cent. Tro Aon. (1854). 
That grief may cleanse each deed of 
And o'er each lust may triumph still. 
4 t eve soul thy law 
And keep from eve evil way; 
Rejoice eh promioed good to win 
nd flee from eve mortal sin. 
5. O Father, that we ask be done. 
Through Sesus Christ, thine only Son ; 
Who, with the Holy Ghost and thee, 
Doth lire and reign eternally. 

 [OSTholyLord and God of heaven, 
 Who to the glowing sky ht 
The rires that in the eaoe re born 
Vith gradual splendgurs of the morn ; 
Vho, on the fourth day, didst reveal 
The mm's enkindled flaming vheel. 
Didst set the moon her ordered ways 
And srs their ever-winding maze ; 
Thnt each in its appointed way 
light separate the night from day, 
And of the asons through the year 
The well-remembered signs decla : 
Illuminn our heas within, [sin ; 
And clean our minds fi.m stain of 
Unbuened of our guilty load 
May we unfettered sexe our God. 

4. or 5th cent. Tf. [. F. B. 
Caeli Deua san«tissime. 
5. O Father. that we ask be done, 
Th rough Jesus Ch rist, thine only Son ; 
Who. witlx the Holy Ghost and thee, 
Doth lire and reign eternally. Amen. 



61, 62 

Mode ii. 
].. •  • . ] " î --î î îj 
I r.î-pr(  , , ,», .ï--V 
I' î:'-"" I" î " 
" " î 
ILLSL,Y. (L..M.) ()IODEF,(TUNE) J. BIsHoP, c. 1665--1737. 
I I i I 1"4 Ix I l I i l-i , , I 
Im' i I i ,  I  ,1 i l l ' " - i 
- 2 - -- ' ' i --;'_ 
« I 1 I I  lai I ]ï/ i I I I 


OFFICE HvM"% 6th or 7th cent. Tf. ?. I. 2Vade |. 
Thur/ay rening. Iagn Deus potent[ae. 
LMIGHTY God, who frein the ] 2 Appointing fishes in the sea, 
flood  And fowls in open air te be, 
Didst brins te light a twefold brood; [ That each, by origin the saine, 
Part in the firmament te fly, [ Ifs separate dweiling-place might 
And part in ocean's depths te lie; I claire: 
3 Grant that thy servants, by the tide 
Of Biood and water purified, 
No guilty faii frein thee may know, 
Ner death eternal undergo. 
4 Be none su},merged in sin's di»tress, 
None iifted up in boastfuiness; 
That contrite hearts be net dismayed, 
Ner haughty seuls in ruin laid. 
5. O Father, that we ssk be doe, 
Through Jesus Christ, thine only Son ; 
Vho, with the Holy Ghost and thee, 
Doth live and reign eternally. Amen. 

Ocs Hwt. e. 7t ceag. Tf. J. D. Clmmbers |. 
F'ida/reninff. Plasmator hominis, I)eus. 
]'AKERofman,who frein thy throne 2 The mighty ferres that fill the land, 
l. Dest order all things, God alerte; Instinct with lire af thy commad, 
]y whose decree the teeming earth Are given subdued te humankind 
Te reptile and te beast gave birth : Fer service in their rank assigned. 
$ Frein all thy servants drive away 
Whate'er of thought impure to-day 
Hath been with open action blent, 
Or mingled with the heart's intent. 
d In heaven thine endless joys bestow, 
And grant thy gifts of grace below ; 
ffi Bind fast the gentle bands of Iace. 
A men. 5. O Father, that we ask be done, 
Vho, with the Holy Ghot and thee, 
Doth live and reign eternally. Amen. 
([Tntil Cadle»as t] Doxoj]/ of o. 6 ma]/be u.sed for 'os. 50-6°.) 


l[odo i. 

/  I "   i 
Ex more dti 
HE fast,  ugt by holy lore, [ 2 The law ad ers that were of old 
Ve kp in solemn course on  In dive ways tis nt orÇtold, 
more: I Which Chst, ail sons' King d 
The ft to ail men known, d bound [ ide, 
In çorty days o yearly und. I  afler es nctifl. 


ore parJng therefore let us make 
The words we speak, the food we take, 
Out leep anti mh'th,--and clouer 
Ie every sense in holy gtard. 
Iu prayer together let us fMI, 
And cry for mercy, one and a]i 
And weep before the 5udge's feet, 
And lais avenging wrath ent'et. 
Thy grace have we offended more, 
By sias, O God, which +ve deplore ; 
But pour upon us from on high, 
O pardoning One, thy clemeney. 
Remember thou, though fril 
That yet thine handiwork are we 
lor let the honour of thy naine 
/Se t>y another put fo shame. 
Forive the sia that we bave wrought 
la¢. the o¢d that we have sough 

That we at length, out waade+ings o'er» 
51ay please thee here and evermore. 
8. 3Ve pray thee, Holy Trinity, 
One God, tmchanging Unity. 
That we from thia our abstinence 
Hay reap the fruits of penitence. Amers. 
I , " ',-- ¢+"' l I' | 
I  +.I I - - - - mea. 


ode ii. 

I1i r'l I i • I I 1 î i!îl î Ï  

O'c H'M.. L çill Znt iiL ,sc. to St. Gregm'y the Great, 6th OEnt. Tf. T. A. L 
Aui benigne Conditor. 
0KIND Creator, bow thine ear .  Our hearts are open, Lord, to thee : 
To mark the cry, to know the tear I Thou knowest our infirmity ; 
Before thy throne of mercy spent Pour out on ail who seek thy face 
Tri this thy holy fast e Lent. Abundance of thy pardoning grace. 

I««td l  = 92. G.F. HEL» I681750. 
I   ,  , i 1 l œe / I 1 i L 
_... _ _:   
 ....  , --Ç . 
--   I II ", 
-.--_ I  , - ',, , ,- 
3 Out sins are many, this we know ; 
Spare us, go Lord, thy mercy show; 
And for the honour of thy naine 
Out ating aouls fo life cla. 
4 Give us the selLcontro that 
F-om discipline of outward things» 
That fasting inwa aecretly 
The soul may 9urcly dweH it tee. 
. We çy h, Holy Trinity, 
One God, unchanging Unity, 
That we from this our abstinen 
May reap the fruits of aiteace. en. 



lode iii. 

l I1 IIIî" • 111 " • I • 
• l l • - • 

L_ --_ i '-,,,,,i__F-__--___  
1 - I " . 
• - . • 
---, ',  _l J .! 
'-"--ï ï--r,s,ï - ---V-' ï'  .., 
r--î "I : • î . 
I I 'I -- 
I  ol - ,-. - ; o .. 
,--. i ' ' r"  '',_-T-m  " 
Ot-ilei i::li-l,', i.. I«:lil iii. liil P«,llloil lxnda#. .lt'fo,' l't#l cl. Tf. T. ,,#1..#.,. 
Ecce tempus idoncum. __ 
NOW is the healing time decreed  2 %Vho, alway mercifttl and g0od, 
For sins of heart, of woll or deed, I Has borne so long our waywall mood 
%Vhen we in humble fear record Nor cut us off unsparingly 
The wrong that we bave done the Lord ; In ottr so grêat iniuity. 


3 Therefore with fasting and with prayer, 
Out secret sorrow we dec]are ; 
%Vith ail good striving seek his face, 
And lowly hearted t4ead for grace. 
4 Cleanse us, O Lord, from every stain, 
Help us the meed of praise fo gain, 
Tiil with the Angels ]inked in love 
Joyful we tread thy courts above. 
5. Father and Son and Spirit blest, 
To thee be every prayer addrest, 
%Vho art in threefold Naine adored, 
From ,ge to age, the only Lord. 


ode ii. 

Clarum decus jejuniio 
HE glory of these forty days _ _ 
We celebrate with songs of praise ; 
For Christ, by whom ail things were mad% 
Himself has fasted and has prayed. 

- - - " I «' 1 I- 
- ' ' "  • 1  - 
/ A-- ..... 

I '.t':   . i -, , .', 
I-»,_, "  . , _ ï = , .1 ;--. 
I 77--r  il i » ! T I J  Ç  FI I 
2 A]one and fasting Mo w 
The loving G who gave the Law ; 
And to Elijah, fting, came 
The steeds and chaots of flame. 
ï .  8 So Daniel trained his mystic sight, 
And John, the Bridegrm's fend» ame 

The herald of Messiah'a naine. 
A - llelh 
 " l " 4 Then grant us, Lord, like them to be 
 Full oft in fast and prayer with thee ; __ 
Our spirits strengthen with thygrace, . ,,  - 
And give us joy to sec thy face. 
 5. Father and Son and Spirit blest, 
To thee be every prayer addrest, 
,Vho art in threefold Naine adored, 
From age to age, the only Lord. Amen. 


O)')'Ic'g H'L,'. DI. £t iii. till Paion 8,,nda,j. ¢. 9th vent. T'. T. A. L. 
.eu quadragenarlae. 
JESU Christ, from thee began I 2 That ho who fell from high delight, 
This healing for the soul of man, I Borne down to sensua| appetite, 
By fasting sought, by fasting found, By dint of stern control may rise 
Through forty days of yearly round ; To climb the hills of Paradise. 


8 Therefore behold thy Church, 0 Lord, 
And grace of penitence accord 
To ail who seek with generous tears 
]enewal of their wasted years. 
4 Forgive the sin that we bave donc, 
Forgive the course that we bave run, 
And show henceforth in evil day 
Thyself out succour and out stay. 
But now let every heart prepar% 
By sacrifice of fast and prayer, 
To keop with joy magnificai 
The solemn EssOr festival. 
6. Father and Son and Spirit blest, 
To theo be every prayer addrest, 
Who art in threefold/Came adored, 
Fromage fo age, the only Lord. 


Alas, my treason, Jesu, bath undone thee. 
'Tws I, Lord Jesu, Iit was denied thee: 
I crucified thee. 

70 (Xi#.szi-l 
-     I : - " .... 
I '  i x D'   -eF i - 
 i   / / / i  
i . iv I v , Ii 
! I . I 
[l on may   in mnion th e  in t# r ly we le 


B Lo, the good Shepherd for the sheep is vered ; 
The slave hath sinnèd, and the Sn hath suffered ; 
For man's atonement, while he nothing heedeth, 
God intercedeth. 
4 For me, kind Jesu, was thy incarnation, 
Thy mortal sorrow, and thy life's oblation ; 
Thy death of anguish and thy bitter passion, 
For my salvation. 
5. T]lerefore, kind Jesu, since I cannot pay thee, 
I do adore thee, and will ever pray thee, 
Think on thy pity and thy love unswerving, 
Not my deserving. 


Quicumque certum qttaeriti 
LL ye who seek a comïort sure 
In trouble and distress, 
VChatever sorrow vex the mind, 
Or guilt the soul oppres% 
2 $esus, who gave himself for you 
Upon the Cross to die, 
Opens to you his sacred Heart; 
0 to that Heart draw nigh. 
3 Ye hear hov kindly he invites; 
Ye iear his words so blest-- 
' AIl ye that labour corne fo me, 
And I will give you rest." 
4 0 $esus, joy of Saints on high, 
Thou hope of sinners here, 
Attracted by those loving words 
To thee I lift my prayer. 
5. Vas. thou my wounds in that dear ]1oo, 
"Vhich forth from thee doth flow; 
ew grace, new hope inspire a new 
And better heart bestow. 

|HRISTIAN, dost thou see them 
On the holy ground, 
How the troops of tidian 
Prowl and prowl around ? 
Cbristian, up and smite them 
Counting gain but loss; 
Smite them by the merit 
0f the holy Cross. 

2 Christian, doet thou feel them, 
How they work within, 
Striving, tempting, luring 
Goading into sin ? 
Christian, never tremble; 
qever be down-cast; 
Smite them by the virtue 
0f the Lenten fast. 

3 Christian, dost thou hear them, 
How they speak thee fait ? 
'Always fast and vigil ? 
Always watch and prayer ?' 
Christian, answer boldly, 
' While I breathe, I pry :' 
Peace shall follow battle, 
ight shall end in day. 

"Well I know thy trouble 
O my servant true; 
Thou art very weary,-- 
I was weary too; 
]But that toil shall make thee 
Some day ail mine own,-- 
But the end of sorrow 
hall be near my throne.* 


G. II. 8m/tta, 1825-70, and F. ¥¢t. 
ORT¥ days and fort)- nights 
Thou wast fasting in the wild ; 
Forty days and forty nights 
Tempted, and yet undefiled: 
Sunbeams scorching all the day; 
Chilly dew-drops nightly shed ; 
Prowling beasts about thy way; 
Stones thy lillow, earth thy bed. 
Shall hot we thy watchings share, 
And from earth]y joys abstain, 
Fasting with unceasing prayer, 
Glad with thee to surfer pain ? 
And if Satan, vexing sore, 
Flesh or spirit should assail, 
Thou, his vanquisher before, 
Grant we may hot faint nor fail. 
So shall we have peace divine; 
Holier gladness ours shall be ; 
Round us too shall Anels shine, 
Such as ministered to thee. 
Keep, 0 keelv us, Saviour dear, 
Ever constant by thy side ; 
That with thee we may appear 
At the eternal Fastertide. 

T. BRIDE. (.-) 
Medo-atd dma, d//jfd  = . . How, 1712. 
'      J  I Il  '  
I  / [i Ii I  
•  I I / 

Pro. 51. 

As "twas, and is, and shall be so 
To all eternity. Amen. 

2v. Tare and 2V. Braly. (]'¢ Vfr/on» 1698.) 
AVE mercy, rd, on e, 
 tou wert ever kind ; 
Let me, oppst wit loads of gui]t, 
Ty wnted mercy find. 
Wsh off y foui offence, 
And eleanse me from my sin ; 
For I confess my crime, and e 
How great my ilt bas been. 
The joy thy favour gives 
Let me ain obtain 
And thy free Spirit's flrm suppooE 
y fainting soul sustain. 
To G the Father, Son, 
And Spirit gIo be, 


ST. RAPHAEL. (87. 87. 7.) 
' l  l --l ]  I   ] ï  
I «  I«  l  I -f'- !    Il 

J. J. Cummins |, 1795-1867. 
ESO, Lord of life and glory, 
Bend from heaven thy gracious ear; 
,Vhile our waiting coule adore thee 
Friend of help]ess einners, hear : 
By thy mercy, 
O deliver us, good Lord. 
2 *Taught by thine unerring Spirit 
Boldly we draw nigh fo God, 
0nly in thy spotless merit, 
Only through thy precious Blond : 
By thy mercy, 
O deliver us, good Lord. 



8 From the depth of natm'e's blindne 
From the hardening power of sin, 
From ail malice and unkindness, 
From tle pride that lurks within : 
]y thy mercy, 
O deliver us» ood Lord. 

t When temptation sorely presses, 
In the day of Satan's pover, 
In our rimes of deep distresses, 
In each dark and trying hour : 
By thy mercy, 
O deliver us, good Lord. 

5" In the weary hours of sickness,- 
In the times of grief and pain, 
Vhen ,ve feel our rnortal weakness, 
%Vhen tle creature's help is vain : 
By thy ntercy, 
O deliver us, good Lord. 

6 In the solemn ],our of dying, 
In the awful judgement day, 
May out souls, on thee relying, 
Find thee sti|l out rock and stay : 
]y thy mercy, 
O deliver us, good Lord. 

7. Jesu, nmy thy promised blesing 
Comfort to out souls afford ; 
Iay we now, thy love possessing, 
And at length out full reward, 
Ever praise thee, 
Thee out ever-glorlous Lord. 



ORD, in this thy mercy's day, 
Ere iL pass for ay away, 
On out knees we fall and pray. 

Holy Jesu, grant us tears, 
Fill us svith heart-searching fears» 
Ere that awful doom appears. 

Lord, on us thy Spirit pour 
Kneeling lowly at the doorp 
Ere it close for evermore. 

By thy night of agony, 
By thy supplicating cry, 
By thy svillingness fo die ; 

By thy tears of biffer woe 
For 5erusalem below, 
Let us not thy love forgo. 

6. Grant us 'neath thy wings a place 
Lest we lose this day of grace, 
Ere we shall behold thy face. 

$OUTHWELL. (S. M.) le'n' Polt, 1579 

OD 3esus, think on me, 
d purge avay my sin ; 
From earthborn passions set me free 
And make me pure within. 
Lord ffes thiuk on me 
Vith care and w opprest ; 
Let me thy loving sesnt 
And taste thy promid rest. 
3 Lord ffesus, think on me 
id the battle's strife ; 
In ail my pain and 
Be thou my heaith and life. 
Lord ffesus think on me, 
Nor let me go tray ; 
Through darkness and perplexity 
Point thou the heavenly xvay. 
Lord esus, think on me, 
Vhen flows the mpest high 
Vhen on doth sh the enemy 
0 Saviour, he thou nigh. 
6. Lord esus think on me 
That, when the flood is 
 may OEe ernal brightness e 
d share thy joy at last. 

I  î---- î r , 
I I   1 "t , I 
t I   - I - -- 
I     I I, - Ï-I  i, 
/ .I I  1   - I-:- 
/ ----- I ,_ / , _œee. 
' Il I I " 
No.oEis ymn »zay also  s«  a C. I. tune. Vx»soa (o. 332) 
ST. PER (No. 265) are suitable. 

T ORD, teach us how to pray aright 
IJ With reerence and with fear ; 
Though dust and ashes in thy sight, 
Ve may, we must draw near. 
Ve perish if wo cease from prayer ; 
O grant us power fo pray ; 
And when fo meet thee we prepare 
Lord, meet us by the way. 
Ood of all grace, we corne to thee 
Vith broken contrite hearts ; 
Oi,e, what rhino eye delights 0 see, 
Truth in the inward parts; 

J. Mo)tgom¢ry, 1771-1854. 
4 Faith in the only sacrifice 
That can for sin atone; 
To cast out hopes, fo fix out eyes, 
On Christ, on Christ alone ; 
5 Patie-ceto watch, and wait, andweep, 
Though mercy long delav; 
Courage ou,- fainting souls'to keep, 
And trust thee though thou slay. 
6. Oive lhese, and then thy will be done; 
Thus, strengthened with all might, 
Ve, lhrough thy Spirit and thy Son, 
Shall pray, and pray aright. 


ORD, when we bend before thy throne» 
And our confessions pour. 
Teach us fo feel the sins we own, 
And hate what we deplore. 
20ur broketx spirits pitying see, 
And penitence impart; 
Then let a kitxdling glance from thee 
Beam hope upon the heart. 
3 Vhen we disclose our wants in prayer 
May we our wills res.;gn» 
And not a thought our bosom share 
That is hot wholly thine. 
4. Let faith each meek petition fill. 
And waft it to the skies; 
And teach our hesrts 'tis goodness stiil 
That grants if or denies. 


• ¢L Franci Xarl¢r, 1506-52. 
0 Deus, ego &mo te. Tf. K CaJ,rallt. 
| Y God, I/ove thee; hot because 
]. I hope for hêaven thereby, 
lor yet because ,vho love thee net 
Are lost eternally. 
2 Thou, O my $esus, thou didst me 
Upon the Cross embrace; 
For me didst bear the nails and .pear, 
And manifold disgrace 
3 And griefs and torments numberless, 
And s,veat of agony; 
E'en death itself; and ail for one 
"Vho was thine enemy. 
4 Then why, O blessèd 3esu Christ, 
Should I hot love thee vell, 
Not for the sake of winning heavent 
Or of escaping hell ; 
5 N-t with the hope of gaining aught» 
Not seeking a reward ; 
But as thyself hast lovèd me, 
O ever-loving Lord ! 
6. E'en so I love thee, and will love, 
And in thy praise will sing, 
Solely because thou art my God, 
And my eternal King. 

A - men. 


In moderate tir  = 72. ' 8uZt to tac N VIo,' 170. 
Ehe qui lux es et di. 
 CHRIST, who a the Ligt and Day, 
Thou drivest darksome nigt away  
Ve know thee as the Light of light 
Illuminating modal aight. 
2 All-holy Lo, we prsy fo thee, 
Keep  to-night om nr free; 
Gnt us, dr Lord, in tee fo reat, 
o be our sleep in quiet blest. 
8 And while the eyes aoft slumr take, 
StiH be the h to tee awake ; 
Be thy righ and upheld above 
Tby ants reating in thy love. 
4 Yea, cur Defender, be thu nigh 
To bid the powers of darkness fly ; 
Keep s fro si, and ide fer gcod 
Thy se-ants p,rchased by tby Blood. 
 Remember us, dear Lord, we pray, 
Vhile in this mortal flesh we atay : 
Be present with us to the end. 
6. Blest Three in One and One in Three, 
Almighty God, we pray to th 
That thou wouldst ow vouchfe to ble 
Our ft with fits of righteousne. en. 


FOR a heart to praise my God, 
A. heart from sin set free ; 
A heart that always feels thy Blood 
So freely spilt for me : 
.o A heart resigned, submlssive, meek, 
]Iy dear ledeemer's throne; 
Vhere only Christ is heard to speak, 
"tVhere Jeus reigns alone : 
,3 A humble, low/y, contrite heart, 
Believing, true, and clean, 
"tVhich neither lire nor death can part 
Frora him that dwells within: 
4 A heart in every thought renewed, 
And full of love divine; 
Perfect, and right, and pure, and good 
A copy» Lord» of thine. 
5 3Iy heart, thou know'st, can never rest 
Ti/1 thou create my peace ; 
Till of mine Eden repossest, 
From self, and sin, I cease. 
6. Thy nature, gracious Lord, impart 
Corne quickly from ab«ve; 
"tVrite thy new naine upon my heart, 
Thy new best naine of love. 


oi   sometim sung in duple rime. To effect tiis  t sibrere» 
»nt  counted  mini». 
HELP us, Lord; each our of need 
Thy heavenly succom" give ; 
Help us in thought, and word, and deed 
Each hour on eah we live. 
2 0 help us, when out spirits leed 
Vith contrite anish sore, 
And when our hs a cold and dead, 
0 heip us, Lord, the more. 
3 0 help us through the prayer of fth 
More fily to believe ; 
For still te more te rvant 
The more all he reeeive. 
4. 0 help us, Jesu, from on ig, 
We know no elp ut thee ; 
O help us so to live and die 
 thine in heaven to e. 


J. ltfard¢at (OId Vfrf/on, 150}. 
0 LORD, turn hot away thy face 
From him that lies prostrate, 
Lamenting sore his sinful life 
Before thy mercy-gate; 
2 Which gare thou openest wide fo those 
That do lainent their sin : 
Shut hot that gare against me, Lord, 
But let me enter in. 
3 And call me hot fo mine account 
How I bave livèd here; 
For then I know right well, 0 Lord, 

How vile I shall appear. 
So eome I fo thy merey-gate, 
Where mercy doth abound, 
]equiring mercy for my sin 
To heal my deadly wound. 
Mercy, good Lord, mercy I ask, 
This is the total sure ; 
For mercy, Lord, is ail my suit : 
Lord, let thy mercy corne. 



T. Haw¢, 1732-1820» artd other#. 
O THOU from whom all goodness flows, 
I lift my hear to tlee; 
In aH my sorrows, coflicts, woes, 
Dear Lord, remember 

2 Vhen on my poor distressèd heart 
My sins lie lteavily, 
Thy pardon grant, nev peace impart: 
Dear Lord, remember me. 

3 When tria]s sore obetruct rny way 
And ills I eannot flee, 
0 let my strength be as my day : 
Dear Lord, remember me. 

4 If, for thy sake, upon my naine 
Shame and reproaches 
Ail hall reproach and welcome sharne: 
Dear Lord, remember me. 

5 If worn with pain, disea or grief 
Thia feeb]e spirit be; 
Grant patience, test, and kind relief: 
])ear Lord, remember me. 

4. And O, when in the hour of death 
I wait thy just decree, 
]e this the prayer of zny last breath : 
Deàr Lord, remember me. 




J. IF. H«*o«tt and otI»'#. ad ¢tt 
8ummi largitor praemii, ¢. 6th cent. 
THOU who dost accord us 
The highest prize and guerdon, 
Thou hopo of ail our race, 
Jesu, do thou afford us 
The gift we ask of pardon 
For ail who humbly seek thy face. 

SVith whispered accusation 
Our conscience relis of sinning 
In thought, and word, and decd ; 
Thine is out restoration, 
OEhe work of grace beginning 
For souls from e,'eD" burthen freed. 

8 For who, if thou reject us, 
Shall raise the fainting spirit? 
'Tis thine alone fo spare : 
If thou to life elect us, 
With cleansèd heart» to near if, 
Shall be our t,ask, our iowly prayer. 

4. O Trillity most gl«»rious: 
Thy pardon free bestowing, 
Defend us evermore ; 
That in thy courts victorious, 
Thy love more truly knowing, 
"V may with ail thy Saints adore. 

A - mon. 



AVIOUR, when ia dust to thee 
Low we bow the adoring knee; 
Vhez repentant, fo the 
Scarco , ,:» skies 
0 bv;ï, "l[ O.Ur Weeping eye - 
Suffered on_P ams and woe, 
Bending fra,° r rnaz beIow, 
Y throne oz high, 
Hear our solernn Litany. 
2 By thy helpless infant years. 
]y thy lire o1 want and tear, 
By thy days of sore distress 
In the savge wilderaess, 

By the dread mysterious hour 
Of the insulting tempter's power : 
Turn, 0 turn a favouring eye, 
Hear our solemn Litany. 
3 By the sacred griefs that wept 
O'er the grave where Lazrus slept; 
By the boding tears that flowed 
Over Salem's loved abode; 
By the snguished sigh that t01d 
Treachery lurked within thy fold : 
iéï.m_ thy seat above the sky 
af out solernn Litany. 


4 By thine heur of dire deepair,  
By thine agony of prayer, 
By the Cross, the hall, the thorn, 
Piercing spear and torturing seorn ; 
6. By thy deep expiring groan, 
By the 8ad eepulchral stone, 
By the vault whose dark abode 
Held in vain the rising God ; 
O! frein earth te heaven restored, 
Mighty reascended Lord, 
Listen, listen te the cry 
Of our solemn Litany. 

By the $1oom that veiled the skies 
O'er the dreadful Sacrifice : 
Listen te out" humble cry, 
Hear out eolemn Litany. 

,I,, • q 
INFUL sighing te ho blest ; 
Bound, and longing t.o be free ; 
Weary, waiting for my rest: 
Ood» be merciful te me." • 
2 Holiness l've none te plead, 
Sinfulness n ail I see, 
I can only bring my need: 
Ood, be merciful te me. 
 There is 0ne beside thy throne, 
And my only hope and plea 
Are in him and him alone: 
Gid, be merciful te me. 
6. He my cause will undertake, 
My interpreter will be; 
He's my ail, and for his sake, 
Ood, be merciful te me. 

• 11 • Jl E. B. Monldl, 1811-75. 
3 Broken heart and downcaet eyes I 
Dare hot lift themselves fo thee;l 
Yet thou canst interpret eighs : • . 
God, be merciful fo me. 
4 Frein this sinful heac of mine I 
Te thy besoin I would flee; 
I ara net mine own, but thine : 
God, be merciful te me. 

AHIMA CI'IIITI. (77.77. D.) 
$loae  = 89. To be eung in ni#on. .4daptcd from an Englh T,'oditonal 
. . .  - 
i -- r r, , r 'ç r ç-r-p-r ff-r- 
. I I 
I  ., ---. 5 î.= 
 J- I . - I  v 
 ------ ' ---=?'' ' l--.ç- ] 
r r----'-r-r, ç . , r-r- 
I-- .,_ 2: __ 
-= =,- 
_._, , _._, ._ .. _ 
/ I 1 t / t ;' / t ' il t l [ï 
 I  -.: -" I  - 
14lb e«nl, .nam I I55. 
i@çL of Sesus, make me whole, 1 2 Save me, Bdy er my Ld, 
,] eek and enlriIe ma[e my seul ; I ,« a sinner vile abhrred ; 
,CI this sordid soul of mine Bed and mangled» seourged annd 
Hallow-this my contrite beaU, Pierc hands, and feet, and side 
u  eve paoE; Rent insulted, ccified : 
ul vfJes, hallow me, ] Save me--t the Cross I flee 
i»erere Doine. I ere Domine. 


 Blood of esus, stream of life, 
Sacred streàm with I)lessings rife» 
From thy broken Body shed 
On the Cross thnt sltar dread ; 
Given to be our drink Divine, 
Fill rny heart and make it thine; 
Blood of Christ, my 
iserere Domine. 

4 Holy Water, stream that pored 
From thy riven side, 0 Lord, 
Wash thon me ,vithout. ,vithin, 
Cleanse me from the taint of sin, 
Till my soul is clean and vhite, 
],thed, and purified, and bright 
A a ransoxed ot] should 

Seau, by the wondrous power 
Of thine axvfuI Passion hour, 
By the unimagined w 
Mol man may never know; 
By the ourse upon thee laid, 
By the ransom thon h paid 
By thy Passion comfort me, 
Merere Domi. 

Sesu, by thy bitter Death. 
I;y thy last expiring breath, 
Give me the eternal life, 
Purchased by thst morts| strife; 
Thou didst surfer death that I 
Might hot die êterna[ly ; 
By thy dying quicken me, 
Mis¢rer« Domine. 

7. J+fiserere; let me  
Nex'er parted, Lord, frm tee 
Gtmrd tue from my ruthless foe» 
Save me from eternal woe; 
When the hour of death is near 
And my spirit faints for fesr 
Call me xvith thy voice of love» 
Place me near fo thee above. 
With thine Angl host fo raise 
An undying song of praise, 
/Serere Domine. 


DF.. PROFUNDlS. {e. 7;'.) 90 
8lo  -- 72 4gli Tr»tw 
L.-- " . .  - - .- 1 ., 1  
/ " II I I 
I ,.,. j  l i} !1 I I  i  . I 
I I I I " 'i I I i " 
I V  i__l_ I I II, ÇJ l 1'  Il 
P. 86. Jo B»T«» (c. 1620 
O my humble supplication, ] 2 Send, 0 nd, lieving gladness 
Lord give ear and acceptation ; ] To my ul opprest with sadne, 
Save thy ant, that bath none ich from cl of h t free, 
Help or hope but thee aloe. Wind with zl, flies up  thee; 

3 To thee, rich in mercies  treasure, 
Ad in goodness without measur% 
Never-failing help to those 
Vho o]a thy sure help repose. 

4. Heavenly Tutor, of thy kindness. 
Teach my dullaess, guide my blindness, 
That my steps thy paths may tread 
Vhich to endless bliss do lead. 


- _ - . , 
 ï,   ç Kïï - 
- - .... - I I 
EAY of earth and laden with y sin, 
I look al heaven and long fo enter in ; 
at there no evil thing may find a home, 
And yet  hear a voice that bids e  Coe.' 
2 So vile  ara, how date  hope to stand 
In the pare glory of that holy Ind? 
efore the whitene of that throne 
Yet there are hands stretched out to draw me near. 
3 The while I fain would tread the heavenly way. 
Evil is ever with me day by day; 
Yet on ine ears the gracious tidings fll, 
' Repent, confe, thou shalt be Ioosed from 11. 
4 It is the voice of Jes that  hear 
His are the hands stretched out fo draw me near, 
And his the lood that tan for ail atone, 
Ad set me faultle there before the throne. 
Pat 2. 
50 great Absolver, gnt my souI may wear 
The lowliest garb of penitence and prayer. 
That in the Fathefs courts y gloriou dress 
My be the garment of thy righteousnes. 
 Yea, thou wilt anwer for e, righteou 
Thine ail the erits ine the great rewa ; 
Thine the sharç thorns, nd mine the golden crown ; 
ine the )ire won, and thine the )ife laid down. 
7. Naught can I bring, dear Lord, for ail  
Yet let my fuil heart what it tan betow 
Lie ary's gift, let my devotion prove, . 
Forgiven greatly, how [ eatly love. 


81ow ¢ = 84 (  = 42). (rhthm ælightl 
I l 
 I I  I 
, , ,  , : ' ,,, , ,   '. I 1" I 

HENI rising from lhe bed ofdealh, 
O'erwhelmedwith guilt and fear 
I see my Maker face to face, 
0 how shall I appear ? 
If yet, xvhile pardon may be found 
And mercy may be sought, 
My heart with inward horror shrinks, 
And trembles ai the thought ; 
Vhen thou 0 Lord, shalt stand dis- 
In majesty severe, [closed 
And sit in judgement on my soul, 
0 how shall I appear? 

J. A,Idisoa, 1672-1'19. 
:4 But thou hast told the troubled mind 
Who does her sins lainent. 
The timely tribule of ber t«.ars 
Shall endless woê prevent. 
5 Then see the sorrow of my hearl, 
Ere yet it be too laie ; 
And hear rny $aviour's dying groans 
To give those sorrows weight. 
6. For never shall my soul despair 
Her pardon to procure, 
Who knows thine only Son bas died 
To rnake ber palcn sure. 



AT£tsTv£ V£so. (melody in the tenor) al' OriginaZ V¢on 
(rythm #ligAtly mplificd). 
-    -:--   -  _ 
I:. .--- 
I' ': ', ', '. ' :, ', :I' l 
- --l  --n 
 I I. " I I I -"- ...... 
, _ .:,.. , . i -î-" 
I_  ,,« -. , . 
I  :,i I  I I î-  I " 
[ This tr ay be used it conion Icit] t]e olher, for one se ; il is ieidd 
for  CHOIR ALON£ alzd zust be »g withott lhe organ. ]t sh y be alte;ted 
by go rs.] 
learnt  a coregation who will sing the #telod U bU ear. Hower abord éE C. 3[. t«ne 
be thoht prefae CHESHIRE =%. 109 or &R' (o. 449) « e suit«b?e. 
Tl fiowing are «o itable s ag oths : _ _ o 
916 Just  I ara. 489 [y faith 1 up. 4 Te .p thy  
866 A thou w. 4 O Lo, and Mter. 495 The wor]d  ve e 
Fther, btlepye. 4T Roekof . lSilt thouf0v 
418 Jesu, naine I nam. 482 St/Il will we ta eLi of Peninoe. 
4Lighn the dareoe. 43 Stng Son of G. 36nt  


UNIVERSITY. (C 1.) 93 Probabty 
$[od'atdyf, ut  = loe. 3. RANDLL, 171. 
P.3. (Sdlable«dofor9el«r«l.) G H, 159132. 
HE God of love y Shepherd is, 8 Or if I stray, he doth convert, 
And he that doth e feed ; And bring my ind in frame, 
Vhile he is ine and I ara his And ail this hot fr y desert, 
Vhat can I want or need? But for his boly naine. 
leads me to the tender grass 4 Yea, in death's shdy black abode 
Vhere I th feed and ret ; Vell ay I valk, hot fear ; 
Then to the streas that gently pass : For thou art vith me, and thy d 
In both I bave the best. To guard, thy staff to bear. 
5. Surely thy swt and wondrous love 
Shall measure ail my days ; 
And  it never shall remove 
o neither shall my 
94 ode i. 


HE royal banners forward go; 
The Cross shi nes forth in mystic glow; 
"Where ho in flesh, our flesh who ruade, 
Our sentence bore, our ransom paid : 
2 Where deep for us the slar was dyed» 
Life's torrent rushing from his aide, 
To wash us in that preeious flood, 
Wherê rningled %Vater flowed, and Blood. 
Part 2. 
8 Fulfilled is all tiret David told 
In true prophetic song of old; 
Amidst the nations, God, saith he, 
Hath reignedand triumphed from the tree. 
4 0 Tree of beauty, Tree of light! 
0 Tree with royal purple dight ! 
Elect on whose triumphal breast 
Those holy limbs should find their rest: 
5 On whose dear arms, so widely flung, 
The weight of this world's ransom hung: 
The price of humankind fo pay, 
And spoil the spoiler of his prey. 

6*0 Cross, our one reliance, bail ! 
So may thy poEver with us avail 
To give new virtue to the saint, 
And pardon fo the penitenf. 
7. To thee, eternal Three in One, 
Let homage meet by all be done : 
Whom by the Cross thou dost restore, 
Preserve andgovern evermore. Amen. 


95, 96 

Mode iii. 
_  . 'i,, .,_  
 I i /  " i 
[ î • •   
J I - I., , --a 
i  I I I  ' I i ï]-ï:p: 
 ''. :: - 
' : î : î " " = I î P" " - 
dail till auy ThursdaF. 53. . P. D. 
Pange lina glooei proelium ceaminis. 
ING, my tone, the glorious battle,  2 God in pity saw man fallen, 
Sing the ending of the fray ; J Shamed and sunk in mise, 
Now abve the Cross, the trophy, I Vhen e fell on death by tasting 
Sound the loud triumphant lay: J Fit of the forbidden tree; 
Tell how Christ, the world's Redmer,  Then another tree was chon [Roe. 
A a Victim won the day. i Which the world from death should 


3 Thus the scheme of our salvation 4 Thereforewhenthe appointed fullaess 
Was of o|d in order laid, Of the holy time b'as corne, 
That the manlfold deceiver's Ho was sent who maketh ail things 
Art by art might be o,tweighed. Forth from God's eternal home; 
And the l,re the foe put forward Thus he came to earth æ incarnate, 
Into means of healing ruade. Offspring of a maiden's womb. 
5. To lhe Trinity be g|ory 
Everlasting, as is meet ; 
Eq,al fo the Father, equal 
To the Son and Paraclete : 
Trinal Unity, whose praises 
Ail created things repcat. Amen. 

«OE ily till Mauy Thurday. 
Lustre x q jam 
HIRTY years among us dwelling, 
His appoint time fulfilled, 
Born for tbis, ho mts his Passion, 
For that this he freely willed, 
On the Cross the Lamb is lifled 
Vhere his life-bldshall be spilled. 

3 Faithf, I Cross! above ail other, 
One and nly noble tree! 
None in foliage, none in blossom, 
None in fruit thy peer may bel 
Sweetest wod and sweetest irn: 
Sweetest veight is hung on thee. 
5 Thou alo,e vast c,unted worthy 
This vorld's r»som fo uphold; 
For a shipxvreck'd race preparing 
H,rbour, like #he Ark of old; 
With the .acred Blood anoi,ted 
From the smitten Lamb that rolled. 
6. To the Trinlty be giory 
E'erlasting. as is meet ; 
Equal to the Father. eq,al 
To tbe Son, and Praclete : 
Trinal Unity, xhose praises 
Ail created things repeat. Amen. 

530--C9. Tf. J. M. locale. 

2 He endured the nails, the spitting. 
Vinegar, and spear, and reed; 
From that hoiy Body broken 
Blood and water forth proceed : 
E«rth, and stars, and sky, and ocean 
By that fld from stain are freed. 
Prt • 
4 nd thy br,ugbs, 0 Tr of Glo 
Thy relaxing sinevs bond ; 
For awhile the ancient rigour 
That thy birth bestowed, suspend-, 
And the King of heavenly heauy 
On thy bam gently tend l 
 - en. 

I'OTE.--'O$. 95 a/ 96 rnay also be sung to ST. THOAS (To. 31), T.t'm 
(]Vo. 33), th¢ Mechlin Melody al 326, or OIEL (ho. 507). 


DAS IST MEINE FREUDE. (76.70.776.) Mdoyby 
#lod'lildy ilolo 1 = . J.A. FLIOHAUS, 16717. 
. --__1 Ç __' '  
 i I 1  1 i 1 t--   



2 This the King of leaven bore 
In tbat sore contending; 
This his sacred temples ,ore, 
H»nour toit lending; 
In tbis helm he faced the foe, 
On the Rood be laid him low, 
Satan's kingdom ending. 

3 Christ upon tbe Tree of Scorn, 
In salvation's hour, 
Turned to gold thee I)rick of thorn 
By his Passion's power; 
So on sinners, who had earned 
Endless death, from sin returned, 
Eadle$s blessing shower. 

4. V'hen in death's embrace we lie, 
Then, good Lrd, be near 
"Vith thy presence fortify, 
And witb victory cheer 
Tur our erring hearts to thee, 
That we crowned for ay may be : 
0 good Jesu, hear u! 

ROP, drop, slow tears, 
And bathe those beauteous feet, 
Vhich brought from heaven 
The news and Prince of ].ace. 

2 Cease hot, wet eyes, 
His mercies to entreat; 
To cry for vengeance 
Sin doth never cease. 

3. In your deep floods 
Drown ail my faults and fears; 
]or let his eye 
See si, but through my eara. 


18là cent. Tf. . Ca.s¢all. 
Viva ! Viva ! Goeù. 
I LORY be fo ;Iesus, 2 Grace and lire eternal 
Who, in bitter pains, In tbat Blood I find ; 
Poured for me the life-blood ]|est be his compassion, 
From his acred veins. Infinitely kind. 
3 ]lest through endless sges 
Be the precious stream, 
Vhich from endless torment 
Doth the world redeem. 

4, Abers blood for vengeance 
Pleaded to the skies; 
But the ]lood of Jesus 
For our pardon cries. 
 Oft as it is sprinkled 
On our guilty hearts, 
Satan in confusion 
Terror-struck departs. 
60ft as earth exulting 
Wafts its praise on high» 
Hell with terror trembles 
Heaven is filled with joy. 
7. Lift ye then your voices ; 
Swell the mighty flood ; 
Louder still and louder 
Praise the precious Blood. 


,to l d  = 50. ob o . . Bcu. 117. 
I I  - I I'' ' 
I I . "I I I , J J I" j " ', 
" " =I c-    I  
; i  I I " m --,  
I I I I 
   I- i  ' --,. ,  - 
J. Mo»to»l, 1771-1, 
O to dark Gethemane, 
Ye that feel the Tempter's pover; 
Your Redeemes confliet 
Vateh with him one bitter bout: 
Turn not from his grief awy, 
Learn of Jeus Cst to pray. 
2 See him af the judgement-hall. 
Batea, bound, reviled, arraigned ; 
See him mkly bearing 11  
Love to man his ul sustained. 
Shun hot suffering, shame, or 
Lea of Christ to ber the Coss. 
3. Cal,'a.'s mournful m ountain v iew; [ .g" _ 
OEhere the Lerd e 61o0" see 
Iade a sacriâce for you, 
Dyin 8 on the aursêd tr: I "- 
,if is finished ," hear him c.-; I1 
Tst in Christ and lea fo die. 


e« T,,,« ..C.IT ,.,«. a,-»-) 101 
I  ê F  c 
I  # I I i i I I , , 
--II , ' l ' ' 
-'  "  "-: ' I , "" 
NOtE.--is hymn may ao be . te St. Case (o. 246). 
F. IV. F, 1514-63. 
Y G my God! and ean it be 
[ That I uhould sin so lightly now, 
&nd think no more of evil thoughts 
Than of the wind that wave« the bough? 
2 I walk the earth with lightsome step, 
Stalle af the sun»hine, breathe the air, 
Do my own will, nor ever 
Gethemane and thy long prayer. 
3 Shall it be always thus, O Lord? 
Wilt thou hot work this hour in me 
The gre thy Passion merlin, 
Ha'ed of self, and love of thee! 
4 Ever when tempte make 
Beneath the olives' moon-piereed shade, 
31y G, alone, outstretehed, and made;bised' 
And bling, on the eah he 
5. And make me fl 
As though no othoe «iris the were, 
That w  him who m the wld 
A Ioad that he eould sr¢ely 


0 SACRED head, sore wounded, 
Defiled and put te scorn; 
O kingly head, surrounded 
With mocking crown of thorn : 
Vfhat sorrow mars thy grandeur? 
Can death thy bloom deflower? 
O countenance whose splendeur 
The hosts of heaven adore. 
3" I pray thee. esus, own me. 
Me, Shepherd good, for thine; 
Who te thy fold hast won me, 
And fed with truth divine. 
Ho guilty, me refuse hot, 
. Incline thy face te me, 
This comfort that I lose net, 
On earth te comfort thee. 

2 Thy beauty, long-desirèd, 
Hath vanished frein our sight; 
Thy power is ail expirèd, 
And quenched the light of light. 
Ah me! for whom thou diest, 
Hide net se far thy grace: 
Show ne, O Love most highest, 
The brightness of thy face. 


109. (Azzm,zmz Wus,o**) u«,-,,i  . s. 
In t ' P ig fo 8l. Matt.' 
 _-  I   , ' i -i 
[This sion may be ed, in connexion with tbe other, for rose 4, ad »ust be sung by 
CHOIR LONE.   shouid ody  «led  good chdrs.] 
4 In thy most bitter 
My hes lo share doth cry, 
Vith th for my lvation 
Upon the Crs to die. 
Ah. keep my hes thus movèd 
To stand thy Cross benesth, 
To mourn thee, well-be]ovèd, 
Yet thak thee for thy dth. 
. « My days are few, 0 rail hot, 
Vith thine immoral 
To hold me that I quail hot 
In desth's moet fesrful hour : 
Tst I msy flght beiended» 
And s in my lsst stfe 
To me thine arms exteded 
Upon the Cross of life. 


103 () 
 Very road. , 
-- -- -e -.- - -- --   I 
Atlle ulum lumi 
 SINNEE, raise the eye of faith,  2 Look on the head, -ith such a croxvn 
To lrue repeniance turning ] Of biffer thorns surrounded ; 
Consider weii the curse of sin, Look on the blo that trickles down 
It shame and ilt dscern]ng : The ft and hands thus wounded ; 
Upou the Crucified One look, Aud see h fleh with scour rent : 
So shait thou ieam, as in a book, Mark how upon the Innocent 
What vell is worih lhy iearning. Man's malice bath abounded. 
3 But though upon him many a pain 
Ils bitterness is spending, 
Y mor O how much more his hrt 
Man's wickness is rendingl 
Such is the ioad for sinners borne, 
 M's Sn in woe forlorn 
His iife for us is ending. 
4 N«)ne ever knew such pangs before, 
None ever such affliction, 
As when his people bught 
The Saviour's crucifixion. 
He wili to w for us the throe% 
For  the unimined 
Of dth's most feli infliction. 
5 * 0 sinner, soEy aud ponder well 
Sin's fearful condemnation ; 
Think on the wounds that Christ endured 
In working thy lvation ; 
For ff thy Lord had never died, 
Nought else could sinful mn betide 
But utter reprobation. 
6. Lod, give us sinne 'e to flee 
The dth of evii-doing, 
T shun the gloomy gates of hell 
Thine awl judgement ewing. 
And so for lire eternal ray, 
e holy road pursuing. 

KUN LAS,ST UNS GEH'N. (77.77.) 
lo<leratel?/ I1o1  = 80.  "Ki'càen. tmd BaI.Bcl,," lî,'ede, 1694. 
#î--.  .  -  ._ 
- . , .  ,, I__ 
Co,.line. Potti, b. . Tf. TI Al L. 
Cu?r Dal memen. 
EVA'T of God, remember 3 The Cross dissolves the darkne, 
The tream thy soul bedewing. And dv away temptation; 
The grace that came upon thee It calms the waveng spirit 
Anointing and renewing. By quiet consecration. 
Vhen kind]y s]umr caHs th, 4 Begone, begone, the terro 
Upon thy bed rlinin, Of vague and formls dring; 
Trace thou the Cro of Jets. Begne, thou fell deceiver, 
Tby hea and fohed signing. Vith ail thy boast scheming. 
5 Begone, thou crkèd seront, 
Who, tsting and puuing, 
By fraud d lie prepart 
e sple ul's undoing; 
6 Tremble, for Christ  nr us, 
Depa, for here he dwelleth. 
And this, the Sign thou knowt, 
Thy strong battalio quelleth. 
7 Then while the weary dy 
Its rest in sleep  nearing, 
The hea will mu in silence 
On Christ and his appearing. 
 To G eternal Father, 
To Christ, our King,  glo. 
And o «he HolF Spirit, 
In nevernding stoD'. Amen. 

WET the moments, rich in blessing, 
 Which before the Cro T 
Life, and health, and peace possessing 
From the sinner's dying Friend. 
2 Here I stay, for ever viewing 
ercy streaming  his Blood; 
Precious dro, my sot bedewing, 
Pied and claire my peace with G. 

Tvuly blessèd is this station, 
Low before his Cross to lie, 
Vhile I see divine compassion 
Floating in his languid eye. 
Lord, in ceaseless eontemt>latiou 
Fix our hearts and eyes on thee, 
T/Il we taste thy full salvation, 
Ana unveiled thy glories see. 


,o,s,.,,,. {c..,,. 106 
Moder«tely Il -  =88. W. HOaSL|V, 1774-1858. 
I . I  I I  I  I  I 
ï •. ,_., 
I   Ç ' , ,,'   " 
I ' , ' '   _  I  • 
I e -   - - .....   .  • 
 I . l   I i 

.lrl. C. F. Alexander, 
HERE is a green bill far away, 
Vithout a city wali, 
V(here the dear Lord was crucified 
VCho died to save us alL 
2 Ve may hot know, we cannot tell, 
What pns he had to bear, 
But we believe it xvas for us 
He hung and suffered there. 
3 He died that ve might be forgiven, 
He died to make us good; 
That we might go af fo heaven, 
Saved by his precious B|ood. 
4 There was no other good eneugh 
To pay the priee of sin ; 
tIe only eould uniock the gare 
Of heaven, and let us in. 
• 5. O. dearly, dearly bas he loved, 
And we must love him too, 
And trust in his redeeming Blood. 
And try his works to do. 

HEN I survey the wondrous Cross, 
On which the Prince of glory died, 
My richest gain I courir but loss, 
And pour contempt on ail my pride. 
Forbid it, Lord, that I should boast 
• ave in the death of Christ my Ood; 
Ail file valu things that charna me most. 
I mcrifice them te his Blood. 
See fi*m his head, his hands, his feet. 
Sorrow and love flow mingled dosn ; 
Il 1 
t'M, OE this I "  ' i I   ' 
I  #- P ] 

Did e'er such love and sorrow meet, 
Or thorns compose se rich a crown ? 
 His dying crimson like a robe, 
Spreads o'er his body on the Tree; 
Then ana I dead te all the gl.,be. 
And all the globe is dead te nie. 
5. V,'ere the ,,'h,Ae realm of nature mine, 
That were a present far too small ; 
Love se amazing, se divine. 
Demands my seul. my lire, my ail. 

I I I 'I  'I . I_I î,  
I.   I   
== l , , ïll . • l .... i 
l_  :ll__l_ lï I  i '  , I 
I ,  , ' , , _ l 
I  I i I I i il I I 
I I I '  . s , I 

WHO is this with 
Triumphing from Bozrah s way; 
This that weareth robes of glory, 
Bright with more than victory's ray? 
Vho is this unwearied corner 
From his journey's sultry length, 
Travelling through Idumê's summer 
In the greatness of his strength? 
Wherefore red in t]nine apparel 
Like the conquerors of earth, 
And arrayed like those who carol 
O'er the reeking vineyard's mirth? 

Who art thou, the vaileys seeking 
Where our peacefui harvests wave? 
' I, in righteous anger speaking, 
I, the mighty One to save ; 
3 ' I, that of the raging heathen 
Trod the winepress ail alone, 
Now in victor-garlands wreathen 
Coming to redeem mine own: 
I ara he with sprinkled raiment, 
Glorious for my vengeance-hour, 
IRansoming, with priceless payment, 
And delivering with power." 


Hall! Ail bail! Thou Lord of Glory! 
Thee, our Father, thee we own; 
Abram herd hot of our story, 
Israel ne'er out Nme hth known. 
]But, Redeemer, thou hast sought us: 
Thou hast heard thy children's wail, 
Thou with thy dear Blood hast bought us : 
Hail ! Thou mighty Victor, bail ! 

Th¢.foZlowizg arc a]so suitabl¢» in addition fo severaI o.f th Lent hym» : 
409 In the Crm of Christ | glory. I 471 Praie to the HolJet in the |,elght. 
4]6 Jes,L nleek and lowly. ] 649 LLany of the Ptmaion. 
41 Jesu, naine ail names v, bove. K56 The B of tbe Cr 
Pti Oc« Hymns tl Maundy Thursday. o Oe H from aundy 
Thrsday tl Low 
«,  = «. 109 
-- n I ' , ',, I  
i _OE l_...._   __   .. 
 THOUwhoLhrouhthlsholweek ]  We eannot undersLand the woe 
Didst surfer for us ail, ] Thy love w plead to bear; 
The sick to cure, the lost to seek ] 0 mb of G, we only know 
To »aise up them that rail: [ That ail out hopes are there. 

619 Corne, faithful people, corne ay. 
620 Ride on ! ride on in majety! 
621 Glory and praise and dominion. 
22 Ail glm-y, 1sud, and honour. 
623 Now, my «o» thy voice upraiaing. 

3 Thy feet the path of suffering trod; 
Thy hand the victory "won : 
Vhat shaii we tender to our God 
For ail that he hath done ? 
4. 0 grant us, Lord, with thee to die: 
With thee to rise anew; 
Grant us the things of earth fo 
The things of heaven purstte. 

17w foV.owing are suitable : 
300 Aecording to thy gracious word. 
31/ Laud, O Sion, thy aa]vati0n. 
326 Ot tbe glorious Body telling. 
330 The Word of God pro¢eeding fort} 


See also 737 The Reproache. 
B,#],O2 . 31at, 1776-1H8. 
EE the destined day arise! 2 Jeu, who but thou bad borne, 
See, a willing sacrifice, Lifted on that Tree of seorn, 
,, redeem our fatal loss, Every pang and bitter thrî, 
Jesus hangs upon the Cross.' Finisbing tby lire of woe? 
3 %Vho but thou had dared fo drain, 
Steeped in gall, the cup of pain, 
And with tender body bear 
Thorns, and nails, and piercing spear? 
4 Thence, poured forth, the water flowed, 
lIingled from thy side with blood,-- 
Sign to ail attesting eyes 
Of the finished Sacrifice. 
5 ttoly Jesu, grant us grace 
In that Sacrifice to place 
Ail our trust for life renewed, 
Pardoned sin, and promised god. 
Ua/om 6. Grant us grace to sing to thee, 
In the Trinal Unity. 
]ver with the sons oi r light, 
Bleasing, honour glory, might. Amen. 



COME and mourn with me awhile ; 
See Mary calls us to ber side ; 
0 corne and let us raourn with her : 
5eaus, out Love» is crucified. 
Have we no tears fo shed for him, 
Wh ilesoldiersseoffand ewsderide? 
Ah, look how patiently he hangs : 
Jesus our Love, is crucified. 
* How fast hi hands and feet are 
nailed ; [tied ; 
His bIessèd tongue with thirs[ is 
Ilis failing eyes are blind with biood : 
Jesus, our Love is clcified. 
7 A broken heart, a fount of tears, 
Ask, and they wiii hot be denied; 
A broken heart love's cradle is: 
Jesus, out Love, is clcified. 
8. 0 Love of God! O sin of Man! 
In this dread act your strength is tried ; 
And victory remains with Love : 
And he, out Love, is crucified. 

F. I: Faber, 1814-8. 
4* His Mother cannot reach his face; 
She stends in help]essness beside ; 
Her heart is martyred with her Son's: 
3esus our Love, is cruci6ed. 
5 Seven times he spoke, seven words of 
love ; 
And ail three hours his silence cried 
For mercy on the rouis of men : 
Jesus, out Love, is crucified. 
6 O break, O break, hard heart of mine ; 
Thy weak self-love and guilty pride 
His Pilste and his Judas were : 
Jesus, Our Love, is crucified. 

97 Dot thou tr|y seek renown. 
108 Who i. thi. with garments gory. 


' OIGIVE them, O my Father, 
L" They know not what they do : ' 
The Saviour spake in anguish, 
As the sharp halls went through. 
No pained reproaches gave he 
To them that shed his Blood, 
But prayer and tenderest pity 
Large as the love of God. 
5 And oflen I bave slighted 
Thy gentle volte that chid ; 
Forgive me too, /rd $esus ; 
I knew not what I did. 
6. 0 depth ofsweet compassion! 
0 love divine and true! 
Save thou the souls that slight thee, 
And know hot what they do. 
Or thefollowig : a.16 Je*u, meek and lowly. 

$0N6 4. (lOlO. 1010.) 

8 For me was that compassion. 
For me that tender care ; 
I need his wide forgiveness 
As much as any there. 
4 It ,vas my pride and hardness 
That hung him on the Tree; 
Those cruel halls, O Saviour, 
Vere driven in by me. 

 .A ". menl 


A'cl&isl*ol Madagan. 
'Verily I say unto thee. To-day shalt thou be with me in Paradise." 
' I ORD, when thy kingdom cornes, remember me ;' 
lA Thus spake the dying lips to dying ears ; 
O faith, which in that darkest hour could see 
The promised glory of the far-off years ! 
No kingly sign declares that gh, ry now, 
No ray of hope lights up {ha! awful bout; 
A thorny crown surrounds the bleeding brow, 
The hands are Stl'etched in weakness, no! in power. 
Hark! through the gloom the dying Saviour saith, 
° Thou too shalt res! in Paradise to-day ; ' 
O words of love fo answer words f faith ! 
O words of hope for those that lire fo pray! 
Lord, when wi{h dying lips my prayer is said, 
Grant that in faith thy kingdom I may see; 
And, thinking on thy Cross and bleeding head, 
May breathe my parting words, ' ]lernernber me.' 
lemember me, but no! my shame or sin; 
Thy cleansing Blood bath wsshed them ail away; 
Thy precious death for me did pardon win ; 
Thy Blood redeemed me in that awful day. 
lemember me; and, ere I pass aw»y, 
Speak thou the assuring word {ha! sers us free, 
And make thy promise to my heart, 'To-day 
Thou too shalt res! in Paradise with me." 


HE dying robber raised his aching brow 
To claire the dying Lord for company ; 
And heard, in answer to his trembling vow, 
The promise of the King: Thou--even-thou-- 
To-day shalt be in Paradise with me. 
We too the neasure of our guilt confess, 
Knowing thy mercy, Lord. our only plea ; 
That we, like him, through judÇemvnt and distress, 
For ail the weight of our unworthiness, 
'Jay win our way fo Paradise with thee. 

ALT£1tI*tTIVE V£1lot; (,melody in the tenor) 
Harmon!/b W. PA.o:s 
 altere«l) in Day'z Plter, 15e$. 
I. r  ï--- I .. 11 ' -  
:+ - " Il 
/ ----  I  *,  . 
-   ' . .  • 
"" "    """  i  -- --" ' I 
' ' 'I I,  , i I 'I I.' 
-- -- -0-  I  ; 0- - 
I  I  I  -- 
l¢i . . «--. » i '" ,i 
[ This si a be ed in connon  the ot in those rerses l we t CHo] 
b used on oth occasiom and  f Ko. 352. 

But so bewildered is our îailing heart, 
So dira the lustre of thy royalty. 
Ve hardly kuow thee, Lord, for what thou art, 
Till we begitx fo take the better part 
And lose ourselves in Paradise with thee. 
Then lift ottr eyes, dear Lord, from this poor dross, 
To see thee reigning i- lumility, 
The King of love; that, wresting gain from loss, 
Ve too may clirnb the ladder of tle Cross, 
To find our lorne in Paradise witl tlee. 
Or tle following : 99 Glory be to ,esxs. 


.loo and sol¢,,t 
I  -î '  ' î-r[ , 
. _ï_ ï. _ï. ï 
"ehvld ty Mvther." 
St atev dloro. 
Tthe Cross ber station keeping, 
Stood the mournful vther weepi, 
Close fo Jesus af the last, 
Through her soul, ofjoy bereavd, 
 wed with anuis, deeply grievêd, 
Now at legth the svord ath pd. 
2 O, that blessèd one, grieLlade, 
lessèd «»ther, blesd aiden, 
Mother of the all-lmly One ; 
0 that silent, ceaeless mouring, 
0 thuse dira eyes, never turning 
From that vondous, suffering Son. 
8 Vho on Christ's dear 5lother gazing 
In ber trouble so amazing, 
Born of woman, would nt weep? 
Vho on Christ'a dear other thinking 
5ch a cup ofsorrow drinking, 
Vould hot share her sorrow deep? 
4 For his ople's sis, in anguih, 
There she saw the victim lanish 
Bleed in tormeu, bleed and die 
Saw the Lord's ointed taken ; 
8aw ber Child in dth forken ; 
Heard his last expiring e. 

5 * In the Passion of my M,ker, 
De my sinful soul partaker, 
May I bear with ber my part ; 
¢)f his Passion bear the token, 
I- a spirit bowed and broken 
Bear his death vithin my ],eart. 
6 * May his wounds both vound and heal me 
Hv enkind|e c!ense» anneal me 
Be his Cross my hope and tay. 
.May he, when the mountains quiver, 
From that flame vhich burns for ever 
5hie]d me on the judgement d«,y. 
7. Jesu. may thy Cross defend me 
And thy saving death befriend me, 
Cherished by thy deathless grace: 
When fo dust my dust returneth, 
Grant a soul that fo thee yearneth 
lt thy Paradise a place. 

Or th« foZlowig : 
510 We sing the praise o hJm who died. 

A - men. 


,,o. ..,. 116 
Mode,'tel Mow  = 66. |J'elt3 Hr e. 
I I . I . J I . I I I, 
NoT.--This hymn may also be ng to NEDHEAD 76 (A%. 477). 
J. Elle«lon, 18293. 
« My Goe, my God, why ht ou forken me?' 

HROhED upon the axvful Tree, 
King of grief, I watch with thee ; 
Darkness veils thine anguished face, 
None ifs lines of woe can trace, 
IN'one can tell what pangs unknown 
Hold thee silent and alone ; 
2 Silent through thoaethree dread hours, 
V,°restling with the evil powers, 
Left al9ne with human sin, 
4. Lord, should fear and anguish roll 
Darkly o'er my ainful soul. 
Thou, who once wast thus bereft 
That thine own might ne'er be Ieft, 
Teach me by that biffer cry 
In the #oom to know thee nigh. 
Or the followig : 
10 O inner, riJe the eye of fith. 

Gloire around thee and within. 
Till the appointed rime is nigh, 
Till the Lamb of God may die. 
3 Hark that cry that peals aloud 
Upward through the vhelmingcloud! 
Thou, the Father's onIy Son, 
Thou his own anointed One, 
Thou dost ask himcan it 
 Why hast thou foaken me 


++r,=,+o,,,, ,..,,+,.:,,:,,,,. <+,.++.> 117 
I , t ... , '..,,,., 
I ,,.-_,,+ • 1 +   +'--- -+'-" 
" ' I I------ I .... 
p I ,__» I 
.I+ q "+ ++l:,.-+--ll-t==l 
I-------+: I-- --+ ,_" _+_ .-- .'----__-,,,-. 
1+'I "ï I --I I + " Il  I 
.1I«,. C F. 4lexa,ufcr, 1823-95. 
• 1 thirst.' 
H IS are the thousand spavkling ri!ls 
Tlnat from a thousand fount.ins burst, 
And till with music ail the 
And yet he saith • I thh--t.' 
2 Al! fivry p,ngs on battlefields t 
On fvvvr beds where sick men toss 
Are in that human cry he yields 
To angish ou the Cross. 
::] * But more th.n pains that raked him then 
Vas the deep loning thir+t divine 
That thirsted fer the souls of men : 
Dear Lo, nd o,,e ,vas mine. 
4. 0 L-ve most patient, give me grade ; 
Make all my soul athimt for thee: l A - men. 
That par«hed ,h-y lip, that fading face, 
mt thirt» ve,'e ail for me. 
Or th¢ followitg : 
1 ùe i a  Il far away. 
@ 161 

JESU MEINE6 GI.AUBEN6 ZIER. (78.8";.87.87.) 
Vn-j I,oio a olm  = 46. J. 8. Bc, 168,17}. • 
•   %  r I «  
' '' 'I '' '' 'I '3 » '1 I Il i' ' '+I'III 
 ----- .+  ' , 
, + --._«. -_L__,  i -- - +-_, -   
l '  I l l I 
I ' , , i, I ,' I  I I I I I , I ,I , 
.... . - , 
It  h." b'el Gillelt. 

T is finihed ! Christ bath knowa 
Ail the life of men wayfaring, 
Human joys and .orrows sharing, 
aking human needs his own. 
Lord, in us thy lire renewing, 
Lad us where thy feet bave trod 
"£i11, the way of truth pursuing, 
Human ouls find rest in God. 
It is finished ! Christ is slain, 
On the altar of creation, 
Offerin,, for a world's salvation 
acrifice of love and pain. 

Lord, thy love through pain revealing, 
Purge our passions, scourge our vicv, 
"£111, upon the Trce of Healing, 
Self i slain in sacrifice. 
It is finished ! Christ our King 
Vins the victor's crown of glmT ; 
Sun and stars re,.'te his tory, 
Floods and fields his triumph sing. 
Lord, whose praise the ,vorld is telling, 
Lord, to whom ail power is given, 
By tly death, hell's armies quelling, 
Bring thy Saints to reign in heavea. 

Or t. o/otci: 107 When I -ure7 the wondrmt Croc. 


dow  = 72. J. $çC, 175!82. 
-ï [--ç--î---,,  ï 'ï 
' '-- 
- . . _ . 
I -- I I I [  « I ,   i I  - 
/ /', , i I:. i i i I I I 
 -- _. " - -. 
'ih, i lh)-  1 o111io i I i,iil." 
D now, belovèd Lord, tby soul 
Into tby Father's arm with conscious will 
Calmly, with reverend grace, tby head inclining, 
The throbbing brow and labourig breat grow still. 
Love o'er mortal agony victorious, 
ow is thy triumph now that Cross hall shio 
To eartb's remotest age vered and loriou, 
Of uffe'ing's deepet mytery the sin. 
y Swiour, in mine hom" of mortal angui, 
When earth grows dira, and round me fal[ the night, 
brthe thy ace, as flesh snd spirit laguih ; 
At that dread eventide let there 
To thy dear Crs tu thÇu mine eyes in dying; 
Lay but my fainting head upon thy bret; / A- 
Thée outstretched arms receive my latent sighing; 
And then, O! then, thine everlasting rest. 
 the foll: 1 0 cd Ioead, re wod. 
 fwi are al ible: 
oe My G, I love thee ; hot u. 
 Sing my ne, the glorimm ttle. 
4 Pra  the Holit in the height. 



I T is finished! Bless6d Jesus, 
Thou hast breathed thy latest sigh 
T_aching us the sons of Adam 
Hov the .on of God tan die. 
2 Lifeless lies the piercêd/3ody, 
Resting in its rocky bed; 
Thuu haut left the Cross of angui«h 
F.r the mansions of the dead. 
• 5 * Lo! the heavenly light around him, 
_k he draws his people near; 
Ail amazed they corne rejoicing 
At the gracious words they hear. 
6 Patriareh ad Priest and Prophet 
Gather round him as he tands, 
IP. adoring faith and gladness 
Hearing of the piercèd lmnds. 
7 There in lowliest joy and wondex 
Stnnds the robber by his side 
Reaping now the blessèd promise 
Spoken by the Crucified. 
8. 3esus, Lord of out salvation, 
Let thy merey test on me ; 
Gnt me too, when lire is finislaed 
Rest in Paradise with thee. 

Archbidoao I1". D. 3htdttaa. 
3 In the hidden realms of darkne-s 
Shines a light unseen before, 
Vhen the Lord of dead and living 
Enters at the lowly door. 
4 * Lo ! in spirit, rich in mercy 
Cornes he from the world abov% 
Preaching to the souls in prison 
Tidings of his dying love. 

(5 MENSCH SlEH. (888.) J. B,e)n 
I ._  .l I. .Jl _     
'  '1 1 I '1 '1 1 i 
 __ . I [ I  i 

I8«,¢ Or¢gory 8mith. 
Y Jesus' grave on either hand, 
While night is brooding o'er the land. 
The sad and silent mournera stand. 

At last the weary life is o'er, 
The agony and conflict sore 
Of him who ail our sufferings bore. 

Deep in the ro¢k's sepulchral shade 
The Lord, by whom the world was ruade, 
The Saiour of manlind, is laid. 

0 hearts bereaved and sore distrest, 
Here is for you a place vf test ; 
Here leave your griefs on Jesus' breast. 

A - men. 

ee also: 624 Hall thee, Featival Day. 
 The attife la O'er the battle done. 
626 Ye oona and daughters of the King. 
627 The Lord ia risen indeed. 
ere is 7o Oioe Hgrnn till Low Snday, but 78 This is the day rny be suu 9 i» the 
lg,-¢e of the Oice Hymn at Erensog on Eastev-l)ay ad tir the 8aturday foZZowbg. 


ode iii. 


2 When Christ I unconquer'd Lion, first 
The dragon's chains by rising burst : 
And while with living voice he cries» 
The dead of other ages fise. 
3 Engorged in former years, their prey 
Must death and hell restore to-day: 
And many a captive sonl, set free, 
With Jesus leaves captivity. 
4 Right gloriously he triumphs now, 
Worthy to whom should ail things bow; 
And joining heaven and earth sgaiu, 
Links in one commonweal the twain. 
5 And we, as these his deeds we sing, 
His suppliant soldiers, pray our King, 
That in his palace bright and vast, 
Ve may keep watch and wnrd st lnst. 
6. Long as unending ages run, 
To God the Father, laud be done : 
To God the Son, our equal praise, 
And Ood the Holy Ghost, we raise. 


123 (AIT I 

To take from death his power and sting, 
To trample down his gloomy reign 
An I break the weary prisoner's chain. 

Enclosed he lay in rocky cell, 
xtVith guard of armèd sentinel; 
But thence returning, strong and free, 
He cornes with pornp of jubilee. 


123 (PART TT) 
Mode iv. 

Port 2. 
4 The sad Apostles mourn l,im slain, 
Ner hepe te see their Lord again ; 
Their Lord, whem rebel thralls defy, 
Arraign, accuse, and doom to die. 
5 But now they put their grief ,vay, 
The pains of hell are loosed to-day ; 
For by the grave, with flashing eyes, 
' Your Lord is risen,' the Angel cries. 
4 Maker of al], to thee we pray, 
Fulfil in us thy joy to-day; 
Vhen death assails, grant, Lord,that we 
May share thy Paschal victory. 
7. To thee who, dead, again dost live, 
Ail glory, Lord, thy people give; 
Ail glory, as is ever meet, 
To Father and fo Paraclete. Amen. 


1 The day drw on with 8oid en light, (;iaA 

• onp go ¢ho . in! throngh the heisht The brol (arth litt - 

an-ser" -ing che¢r, The deep mak mon . ith ail - in! fear 

, r.,-, .,,-;- ?- ?--ï:-,- 
2 For 1o, he com the migh - ty Kin, To take from 



death ht pow . er and tmg, To trara pie don hi. 

arm - ed en - ti - nel ; But thence re = turn ing, 

r r- r-l-  , IL,e ï 
strong and free, He cornes with pomp of jtt bi - lee. 


5 But now they put their grief a - way, The psJn o 



flash - ing ey, ' Your rd  Nn," the An gel e. 
I I " 

6 Ma- ker o! ail, to thee we pray, Fui . fil in us thy 
T. To thee vho, dead, a - gain doet lire, Al1 g]o - ry, Lord, tby 
_.-Z'__ --__4--Y ---z----" ------I- -- I " 

joy te -dy ; 'hen death a . taila, grant, Lord, that we May 
 - pie give; Ail glo - ,   er er moet, To 

lo.--The whole hymn nay be sug to tle melody of rerse 1, 4, or 5 if referred. 


î î • - . • _. • • • 


î î I / I î • ; • 

OrrcE H-M (in.full. £or a),àa 9 
Sermone blando Angehm. 
IS cheering message frein the grave 
An Angel te the women gave: 
• Full soon your 3laster ye shaii see; 
He goes belote to Galilee.' 
2 But while with flying steps they press 
To bear the news, ail eagerness, 
Their Lord, the living Lord, they meet, 
And prostrate fall fo kiss his feet. 
8 So when his mourning followers heard 
The tidings of thut faithful vord, 
Quick went they forth to Galilee, 
Their loved and lost once mo to see. 

4th or 5th cent. T, l. T..4. L 

A - men. 


124 (I:'»,n'r II) 
Mode iv. 

4 On that fait day uf Paschal joy 
The sunshine was without alloy, 
When to their very eye restored 
They looked upon the risen Lord. 
6 0 Christ, the King of gentleness, 
Or several hearts do thou possess, 
That we may tender all our days 
Thy meed of thankfulness and praise. 
7 Mker of ail, fo thee we pray» 
Fulfil in us thy joy to-day ; 
,Vljen death assails, grant.. Lord» that we 
May share thy Paschal victory. 
8. To thee who, dead, again dost lire, 
Ail glory, Lord, thy people give ; 
Ail glory, as is ever meet, 
To Father and fo Paraclete. Amen. 

5 Thewounds before their eyes displayed 
They see in living light arrayed, 
And that they see they testify 
In open fearlessly. 


1 H che¢r - ing m¢ . age from tire grave An An gel 

to the w o 

men ff4te "- ' Full soon your Ms ter 

5e s}i! oe ; He goe be . orv to Ga il - 

ne, ail ca - ger - ne Their Lord, Le liv - in 

3 So when  mourn - ing follow - er heard The tid  

of that faith - lui word, Quick weut they forth to 

Ga Il - lee, Their loeed ai Iot once more fo . 


(Part 2) 
- ...... I 
I On that fair da I of Pa chal loi, The sun - shine 

liv ing |ight &r- ra'ed I And tllat the)" ee tiey 
heŒE do thou ! TM - s, That 
- ti - fy In o - n it - n fr - 
all o ys Thy meed of thank - ful - n and Dme. 
7 Ma- ker of ail,  thoe we pmy, Fui - fil in  thy 
8. To th ho, d. a- in dt lit'e, 
joy  .day; When dth  - ils, grant, , that we 
lmo - pie give; Ail glo -    e ver mt, To 
Fa - the d  a ra - cl. 
e same es tb«t of tbe vecedig  o. 123). 


I . _ . Mode viii. 

æ - • I • • 
|..' __ -- ,,-..,- _- _ __ - - .. -   
/m - î- I I - 
:J J -,:_j - 
  , ..._. 
NOTï.--0» Sud,s, t, 123, a» 2, w ,»ci«nty d for this ymn. 
till .4scKe, E. Ad cenam Ai providl. 
HE Lamb's high banquet we avait 
In snow-white robes of royal state ; 
And new. the d Sea's channel past, 
Te Christ, our Prince, we sing at last. 

([.-M.) 125 5oz,,,- 
• .  - ;. ,,  - 
' 1  "  ' ' I 
 -e- ' I , I 
  ,. . 
r ï" -g î ï î :é- 
Upon the altar of the Cross 
His Body bath reemed out Ioss; 
And ta«ting of his roseate BIood 
«Jur lire is hid with him in God. 
That Pcha} eve God's arm was bared ; 
The dcvaating Angel spared: 
By strenh of hand out hoets went free 
From Pharaoh's ruthlem tyranny. 
New Christ out Pahal Lamb is slain, 
The Lamb of God that knows no stain 
The true Oblation offered here, 
Our om unleavened Bread sincere. 
O thou from whom hell's monarch 
O gat, O veT Sacrifioe, 
Thy captive people are set free, 
And endless life restod in thee. 
For Christ, arising from the dead, 
From conqnel-ed hell victorious sped ; 
He thruss he tyrant down to chains 
And Paradi for man lga$ 
Fulfil in us thy joy day; 
Vhen death ails,ant, Lord, that we 
May share thy Pchal victory. A - - - men. 
To thee who, dd, again dost lire, 
Ail glory, as is ever meet, 
To Father and  Paraclete. Amen. 

I'- r 
ç , 
I " I I I 

A BRIGHTER dawn is bffi-eaking, 
And earth with prise is wking ; 
For thou, O King mot highest, 
The pover of death defiest ; 
2 And thou hast corne victorious, 
With risen Body gloriÇus, 
Who nov for ever livest, 
Ald life abundant givest. 
30 free the world from blindness, 
And fill the world with kindness, 
Give sinners resurrection, 
Bring striving fo peEection ; 
4. In sickness give us healing, 
Ii doubt thy clear reveal,,g, 
That praise to thee be given 
In earth as in thy heaven. 


LLHELUYA ! Alleluya ! 
_arts to heaven anti voicesraise 
Sing to God a hymn of gladne% 
Sing to God a hymn of praise; 
He who on the Cross a victim 
For the worid's salvation bled, 
Jesus Christ1 the Kin of glory, 
Now is risen from the dead. 
Christ is risen, Christ the first-fruit: 
Of the holy harvest fieid, 
Which wiii ail its fuil abundance 
At his seconti coming yieid ; 
4. Alleluya! Alleluya! 
Glory be to God on ldgh ; 
Tn the Father, and the Savioor 
Who has gained the victery; 
Giory to the Holy Spirit, 
Foont of love and sanctity; 
Alleluya! Alleluyal 
To the Triune [ajesty. Amen. 

Then the goltien ears o barrent 
Wili tbeir heads before him wave,  
Ripen'ti by lis glorious sunshine 
From the frrows of t]e gt'ave. 
3 Christ is risen, we are risen ; 
Shed upon us heavenly grace, 
Rain, anti de,v, and gleams of glory 
From the brightness of thy face; 
That we Lord. with hearts in heaven 
Here on earth may fruitful be, 
And by angei-hands be gathered 
And be ever safe with tbeê. 




ll. Oa»tpbdl , lbl4-S. Bad o bd regia Agn 
Tthe Lamb's high feazt we 
Fraise to out victoriou 
Who bath washed u» in the ride 
Flo,ving from his Fiercèd side; 
Fraise we him whose !orWDiviue 
Gives the guests his Blood for  ine, 
(;ives his Body for the feast, 
Love the Victim, Love the Prie_-t. 

3 Mighty Victim ff'oto on high. 
Powers of hell beneath thee lie ; 
Death is broken in the fight, 
Thou hast brought u life and light. 
ow thy banner thou dt,st wave, 
Conquering Safari and the grave. 
See the prince of darkness qxelled ; 
Heaven's bright gares are open held. 

4. Pasehal triumph, Pasehal joy, 
Only sin ean this destroy; 
Frt,m sin' death do thou set fiee, 
St ttls re-born, desr Lord, in thee. 
Hymns of glory, songs of Fraise. 
Father, unto theo we raise. 
Risen Lord, ail Fraise to thee 
Ever with the Spirit be. 

O"IENTIS PA.TIEUS. Ç/;.77.4.) 129 
J m ti  =144. 
To be  in un ¢dl h 
I  - *  - - -.- " -e I I 
l'l' ' '-' -r-," ' : 
 - ï ' 
,? (-e r--r- r r p- r': P- 
--r--' " " - --  ' " " 
I ',. L', rr-K' .... r   '- 
HRIST the Lord is risen again! 3 He who bore all pain and 1 
Christ bath broken eve chain Comfortle upon the Cro 
Hark, the angels shout for joy, Lires in glo now on high, 
Singing evermore on high, Plea for us, and h out c. 
Alleluya  Alleluya 
 He who gave for us his ]ife, 4 He whose path no records 
Vho for us endured the strife, Who descended into hell ; 
Is out Paschal Lamb to-day Vho the strong man armed bath 
Ve too sing for joy and y New in highest hean is crown. 
Alleluya  Allelua 
5 Now he bids us tell abroad 
How the lost may be rtor 
How the penitent forgiven 
How we t may enter heaven. «. 
Alleluya ! 
6. o our Paschal mb inde«d, 
Christ, to-day tby ople feed ; 
Take our sins and guilt away, 
That we ail may sing for ay, 
Alleuya t 


Victimae Pacha|i. 

A#o'b«d o IV[po, ¢. 1030. Tf. eenfo. 
lIod,- i. 

I Chr4iana, to the l»a-chal Vic. tire Of - fer you tlmnk-fui pmi -  

• • . _t _"111 ., 
•  • 
Re-con-cil-eth siu-ners to the Fa-ther: 4 Speakla-ry, de- c]ar - 
l'he Prince of Lire, who died, teigne ira -mOr- rai. 
I ! I I I I I 1i 
/.    , . --_----- -. 


130 (cà) 

who is liv - ing, The glo - ry of Je - su's Re o sur - roc - tion 
''., , . 'ï  " l , .. _ ," 
i. + _---p,  . ._  = 

6 Bright an - ge]s at - test ing, The shro.d and nap- kin test - ing. 
--P, -- I '-- t-- ; , I| 


130 f coainued) 

goe be . fore you.' 8 Hsp-py they who hear the wit-ness, .la- ry's 
0. Christ in -deed from dth is s- en, out new 
I I 
I , i --- I I 
l / - «,__ .... l--çll I ] I 


 --  -_ . __ __ -_«-- , 
' I I ' I I I 
Of triumphant gladness; Long and dark, is flying 
God bath brought his Israel From his Light, fo whm we give 
Into .ioy from sadness; Laud and ptaise undying. 
Loosed from Pharaoh's bitter yoke 3 Now the Queen of asons, bright 
Jacob's sons and daughte; With the Day of splendour, 
Let th«m with unmoistened foot With the royal Fcast of feasts, 
Through the Red a waters. Cornes its joy fo tender; 
"Ti, the Spring of souls to-day; Cornes fo glad Jetmsalem, 
Christ bath bult bis prison, Who vith true affection 
And from three days" sleep in death Weleomes in unwearied strains 
As a Sun bath risen ; Jesu's esurreetion. 
4. Neither might the gares of death, 
Nor the tomb's dark portal, F 
Hold thee as a moloEai ; 
But to-daT amidst the twelve 
Thou didst stand, bestoving 
at thy ace which evermore 
Pseth human knowing. 


.'Ir. . ]. A..valt,., 1623-9- r. 
F. is risea, he la risea : 
Tdl if with a joyful oiee ; 
He has buts/his three days' prison ; 
Let the whole wido earth rejoice. 
De;th i conquetd, man is free 
'hrist bas won the victo T. 

Cerne. ye sad and fearful-hearted, 
With glad stalle and radiant brow; 
Len¢'s long shadows ha,'e departed, 
Ail his woes a over now, 
And the passion that he boro: 
Si. and pain can vex no ntore. 

Conte, with high and holy hymning, 
Chant our Lord's triumphant lay; 
N(t one darksome cloud la dimming 
Yonder glorious morning ray, 
Breaking o'er the purple East 
Brighter far out Easter-feast. 





2 Hymns of praise then let us sing, Alleluya! 
Unto Christ, out },eavenly King, Alleluya! 
Vho endured the Cross and grave, Alleluya! 
8inners to redeem and gave. Alleluya ! 
3. But the pains that he endured Alleluya! 
Out salvation bave procured ; Alleluya! 
Now above the sky he's King Alleluya ! 
Where the angels ever sing. Alleluya ! 


ST. ALBINUS. (78. 784.) ALTER.,'I'V£ Tt'E 
- _ -     __ 
- I I I I l------.--l--  -- --- - 
ç I 1 1 IL-B-- l _LId / / 
]ESUS live] thy terrors nuw 19 3esus lires] henceforth is death 
Csn, 0 Death, no more appal us; I B,t the gare of lire immortal ; 
Jesus lives  by this ve knov  This shall calm our trembling brth 
Thou 0 grave, canst hot enthral us. ] Vhen ve pass its g]oomy rtal. 
Alleluya  I Allluyal 


3 Jesus lives ! for us he died ; 
Thon, alone to Jesus living, 
Iure in heart may we abide t 
Glory to out Saviour giving, 
Alleluya ! 
4 3esus lires! out hearts know well 
Noght from us his loe shall sever; 
Life, nv death, nv powers of hell 
Tear us from his keeping ever. 
5. Jesus lives! to him the throne 
Over ail the world is given ; 
May we go where he is gone, 
Iest and reig vith him in heaven. 

.ll«lc»'«tel,jJë = l. J. VSL"S ' Fot«»de»T Collectio;t»' 1742. 
 r-,,- r- 
I .....  - - - -- -  -t- --A 
.... _  ....  I .... 
/ -« '   '   , , 
!  -- - i "-/ --  - --  I I 
C. D'«$tey 1707-58. 
OVE'S redeeming work is done; 3 Lires again our glorious King; 
Fought the fight, the battle won : ] Where, O Death, is now thy sting? 
 out Sun's eclip is o'er   Dying once he all doth save ; 
Lo, he ts in blood no more ( Wlmere thy victory, O grave? 
2 Vain tlme stone, the watch, the seal ] 4 Soir we now where Christ h led 
Christ hs burst rime gares of bel] ; ] Following out exa]ted Head ; 
Death in vain fo=-bids lis fise; 
Christ bas oened Paradise. I Ours the cm, the grave, the skie 
5. Hail the Lo of earth and heaven 
Fraise fo thee by both be given : 
Th we greet triumphant now; l- 


N the lqeurrectivn morning 
Soul and body meet again; 
more sorrov» no nore weeping, 
llo more pain: 

Here awhile they muet be parted, 
And the fle8h its Sabbatlt keel, , 
Waiting in a holy sti]lness, 
Vrapt in 

For a while the weariod body 
Lies with feet toward the mot, ; 
Till the last and brightest Easter. 
Day be born. 
But tho soul in contemplation 
Utters earnest prayer and stro- 
Bursting af the Resurrection _ 
Into son. 

5 4O111 and body reunited 
The,ceîorth nothing shall dividc, . 
Wakiug up la Christ's own ]ikeness 

6 0 the beauty. O the gladness 
Of that Resurrection day, 
Which shall hot through endless ages 
Pass away ! 

7 On that happy Eater m,,rning 
Ail the graves their dead restore ; 
Father, siter, ehild, and mother 
Meet once more. 

8. To that brightcst of ail meetings 
Bring us, Jesu Christ, at last, 
By thy Cross, through death and jadgement, 
HcAding fast. 


T/frs hn»z mmy also be sung te AcH GoTr ,'o HIMIELREZC'HE (0l 

rlIH E D,,y ,,f lesurrection ! 
l Earth, tell if out abroad; 
The Passover of gladness, 
The Passover of God ! 
Fr.»m death te lire eternl, 
Frein em-th unto the sky, 
Out Christ hath brought us over 
Vith hymns of victory. 
3. New let the heavens be joyfttl, 
Ad earth her sog begn, 
The round worid keep high triumph. 
And ail that is thereia; 
Let ail thin.s seeu and useen 
Their notes of gladess bled, 
For Christ the Lord hath riseB. 
Our Joy that bath no eud. 

8t. Jolm Da,aoEsce«e, c. 750° 
T: J. Al. A'ale . 
20ur heurts be pure frein evil, 
That we may see aright 
The Lord in rays eterna] 
Of resurrection-light ; 
And. listening te his accentue 
lay heur se cam and plain 
Hi own ' AIl bail,' and, hearii. 
Iay raise the victor straiu. 


/ ' _.-î-[ l %, I--, l i. %.1 [ I l 
L  •-I--  -e- I I -' !  ] I 
• % • Or#. F 
No.--An adaDtaion of this tu o lhe L. I. measure is fxnd al Hy.m 459 
EIS[mAC). Those who think it iw, dvisabl¢ fo u, |w0 rersio of the anie tun ¢o.n sing 
th¢ ]r(sent hy»u fo the tun o th followin 9 age. 
HOU hallowed chosen Born of praie, 
That best and greatest shinest: 
Idy and queen and day of days, 
Of things divine, divinest ! 
On thee sur praises Christ adore 
For ever and for evermore. 

Corne, let us taste the Vine's new fruit, 
For heavenly joy preparing ; 
To-day the branches with the Root 
In Resurrection sharing : 
Whom as true God sur hymns adore 
For ever and for evermore. 


lise, Sion, rise! and Jooking forth, 
Behold thy children round thee! 
From east and west from south and nortb, 
Thy scattered sons have found thee ; 
 nd in thy bosom Christ adore 
For ever and for evermore. 

4. 0 Father, 0 co-equal Son, 
0 co-eternal Spirit, 
In per$ozas Three, in substance One. 
And One in power and merit ; 
In thee baptized, we thee adore 
For ever and for evermore. Amen. 



. Fulbert of Chartre#, e. 1000. 
Tf. R. Carapb¢ll. 

Chol-ïlJ novae Jerttsa]ern. 

E choirs of new Jerusalem, 
Your sweetest notes employ, 
The Paschal victory to hyrn 
In trains of holy joy. 

How 5udah's Lion burst his chains, 
And crushed the serpent's head ; 
And brought with him, from death's domains 
The ]ong-imprisoned dead. 



$ From hell's devouring jaws the prey 
Alone or Leader bre; 
His ransomed hosts pursue their wy 
Vhere he bath gone belote. 

4 Triumphant in his g]ory now 
His sceptre ldeth ail, 
Earth. heaven, and hell before him bow, 
And at his footstoo! fa!!. 

While joyfu! thus his praise we sing, 
His mercy we implore, 
Into hls palace bright fo bring 
And keep us evel'more. 

ç. Ail gh, ry to the Fther be, 
Ail g]ory fo the Son, 
Ail glory, Holy Ghost, to thee, 
While end]ess ges run. Alleluya! Amen. 

[ A1 - le - ht - a! A - men. 
I i t .. i 

Tle follotvin9 are eso suit«ble : 
93 The Goal of love zu T lle[llellzl JS. 
319 Lord, enthroned in heavely eplendour. 
380 Cone, ye fithfnl, raira the a, nthem. 
46l O pralse onr great and 'acious Lord. 
490 The King of love my 8hepherd is. 
491 The Lord my pssture shoell prelmre. 
494 The strin upraise ofjoy and Incise. 
19 Y¢ watcher and ye holy ones. 
.q4 Praise the Lord of heures. 
535 Praiee the Lord! ye heavens, adore him. 




J. Kebte, 17.o2-1066. 

ORD, in thy naine thy servants plead, 
And thou hast sworn fo hear; 
Thine is the harvest, thine the seed, 
The fresh and fitding 3oear. 
2 Oui" hop% when autumn winds blew wihi, 
SVe trusted Lord, with theeî 
And still, nov spring has on us smiled, 
SVe vait on thy decree. 
3 The former and the latter rain. 
The aummer sun and air, 
The green ear, and the golden grain, 
Ail thine are ours by prayer 
4 Thine too by right, and ours by grace, 
The wondrous growth unseen. 
The hopes that soothe, the fears that brace, 
The love that shines serene. 
5. So grant the precious things brought forth 
By sun and moon below. 
That thee in thy new heaven and earth 
We never may forgo. 



[Ti rersign raot be us«d in connexion Icith the othcr for oe oe »wre trses the peopte 
sii t melod as usvo.L ] 

75 Je«u, Lord of ]ife sud glory. 
 r Ruler of the cl roun& 
4 3udge eter, to  spldour. 
70 G of Beth, by wh hand. 
475 Rejoi O land, i G thy ight. 
4 The  11 me d hot  «low. 
 G of our tatheoE 
 Liy for tiontid 
 Liy of the h 


141, 142 »«,«« ii. 

I "- i l  l . . 
. r, --_;-_'d-- -___- 2 r'," : -"  
,çe olso : 68 Hail thee, Festival/)ay. 29 O Kiug most hish o earth and aky. 
Aeterne Rex altissiLao. 
I,T.E.RNAL.oa.rc.h., .King most high, I 2 Ascending Lo L],e Lhrone of might, 
_L ,, iîe nîi..¢t nain Drought redemp_ I And seated aL the Father's righL 
 . ..... g, , . __ [ Ail power in heaven is esu's own. 
3'°n'[aae«eath°fDeathvaswrought, I That here his manhood had hot 
n« conquering t*race's batLle fought : I known. 

141, 14:2 (o» 
I l'ate i  = 144. Groble OEurcl. Meo. 
-- Te be  in uiso. 
 I /11 JTÇ--I i " j 
__ I  
I I 
8 That se, in nature's triple frame, • 5 Be thou out joy and strong defence, 
Each heavenly and each eahly naine, Vho art out future recompense: 

And things in hell's abyss abhord. 
May bend the knee and own him Lord. 
4 Yea, Augels tremble when they see 
How changed is out humanity ; 
That flesh bath purged what flesh |Lad/ 
And God. the Flesh of God, bath reigned, i 

Se shall the light that springs frein thee 
Be ours through ail eternity. 
6. O risen Christ, ascended Lord. 
Ail praise te thee let earth accord, 
Who art, vhile endless ages run, 
Vith Father and with .pirit One. 
A men. 

Ob'FiC r HIIlN. )|. ¢. 5th Cel. T,'. £. 
Tu Chrite noet,um gaudium. 
0 CHRIST, our joy, te whom is given 1 2 Se, suppliants here, we seek te ,vin 
Athrone o'er ail thethrones ofheaven. I Thy pardon for thy people's sin, 
In thee, whose hand ail things obey, That, by thine all-prevailing grace, 
The world's vain pleasures pass away. Uplifted, we may seek thy face. 
3 And ,vhen, all heaven beneath thee bowed, 

Thou cern'st te judgement throned in cloud, 
Then frein our guilt wash out the stain 
And give us çur lest crowns again. 

Be thou our joy and strong defence, 
Who art our future recompense : 
Se shall the light that springs front thee 
Be ours through all eternit). 
5. O risen Christ, ascended Loxl, 
Ail praise te thee let earth accord, 
Who art, while endless ages run, 
XVith Father and with Spirit One. 

,. « «». 143 
 -- --, ._, , I Iç _ 
I I 
-" i-'ï i 
- ,    
Voices in un. 
 - -- r-- -  : -- -' 
I--I i  '  I  
[ iç«, l?O?, « ,  riZZ  (l<î, 
AIL the day that sees him rise Alieluya 
1 Glorious to his native ski; ieluya 
Christ, awhile to moris given, Aileluya 
Enters new the highest heaven Alleluya! 
2 There the glorious triumph watt; Aileluya 
Lift your hds, eteal gates Aileluya 
Christ bath vanquish dth and aih; Aih-luya! 
Take the King of glory in. Allehlyal 
3 * S the heaven its Lord riv Alleluya 
Yet he loves the earth he Ives : Alleluya 
Tllough returning to ll throne, lleIuya 
Still he cails mankind his ovn. Aileluya 
4 * See] he iifts his hands above; leluya 
See he shows the prints of love: leluya 
Hark] his gracious lips bw Alleluya 
B]essings on his Church low. Alleluya 


5*Still for us he intercedes; Alleluya! 
His prevailing death he pleads ; Alleluya ! 
Near himself prepares out I)lace, Alleluya ! 
Harbinger of human race. Alleluya'. 
Lord, though parted from our sight. Alleluya! 
Far above yon zure height. Alleluya! 
Grant our heatoEs may thither rise. A[leluya! 
Seeking thee beyond the skies. Alleluya! 
There we shall with thee romain, AUeluya'. 
P«,vners of thine endless reign ; Alleluya 
There thy face unclouded see. Alleluya! 
Find out heaven ofheavens in thee. Alleluya! 

Eedemi)tion's only si)ring; 
C,ator of the world art thou, 
Ifs Saviour and ifs King. 
 tI.,w vast the mercy and the love 
Vfbich laid our sins on thee, 
Aud led thee to a cruel deatn 
To .et thy people free. 
5 0 Christ, be thou out present joy, 
Out future great reward ; 
Our only g]ory may if be 
To glory in the Lord. 
6. Ail p=ise to thee, ascended Lord ; 
Ail glory ever be 
To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. 
Through ail eternity. Amen. 

The ransom bas beela paid ; 
And thou art on thy Father's tl,ron« 
In glorious robes arrayed. 
4 0 may thy mihty love I)revail 
Out sinful souls fo spare; 
0 may we corne before thy thron% 
And find acceptance there'. 

I%1 BABII.0NE. (-7. ST. .) 145 
I    " " ,   '  
I - ï  VV ï ï   
I I  , 
I I I  --  -- - - -  
e the King in royal state 
Riding on the clouds his ehario¢ 
To hihvenly laee gare; 
Hark  the ehoirs of gel voiees 
Joyful Alleluyas sing, 
And the pols high are lifted 
To reeeive their heavenly Kin 
Uiso. 2 Who is this that cornes in glo, 
Vith the mp of jubiI? 
Lord of battiez, God of armie% 
He bas gained the vieto; 
He who on the Cross did surfer, 
He who from the grave arose, 
He bas vanquished sin and Satan, 
e by death bas siled his fos. 
 Xhou hast raid out human nature 
In the elouds to God's right hd; 
There we si[ in heaven]y 
There with thee  glo nd ; 
Jesus reins, ador by Angels; 
Man with G is on the rone ; 
hty ord, in thine An«ion 
Ve by faith behold our o. 


U, iso,. 4. Glory be to God the Father ; 
Glory be to God the Son, 
Dying. risen, ascending for us, 
Who the heavenly lalm bas wo; 
lory fo the Holy Spirit; 
To One God in persons Three; 
(lory both in earth and heaven, 
Glory, endless glory, be. Amen. 

• 5 Holy Ghost, Illuminator, 
Shed thy beams pon our eyes, 
Help us to look up with Stephen, 
And to e beyond the kies, 
Where the n of an in glo T 
Standing is at God's right hand, 
Beckoning on his Martyr army, 
S,ccouring his faithful band ; 
6 See him. who is gone fore 
Heavenly mansions to prepare, 
See him. ,vho is ever pleading 
For us with prevailing prayer, 
Seo him, who with sound of trumpet 
And with his angelic train, 
Smmoning the world to judgement, 
On the clouds will corne again. 
Un0». 7. Glory be fo God the Father; 
Glory be to God the Son, 
Dying, risen, ascending for us, 
Who the heavenly realm has won; 
lry to the Holy Spirit ; 
To One God in persons Three ; 
G]ory both in eah and heaven 
G]o endless glo, be. Amen. 



ING we 
lew hymns fo heaven exulting raioe: 
Christ, by a road belote unrod, 
Ascendeth fo the hrone of Ood. 

.'2 Tbe holy apostolic band 
Upon the Mount of Olives stand, 
And with the Virgin-mother see 
Jesu's resplcndent m«jesty. 

4e |'criera)aie Bed¢, 6,3-735. 
Hymnum cauamtm glotae. Tr. B. Irebb. 
trlumpbant hymns of' 3 To whom the Angels, drawiffig nigh. 
"Why stand and gaze t,pon the 
sky ? 
This is the Saviour ." thus tbey say. 
'This is his noble triumph-day ! ' 
 'Again shall ye behold him, so 
As ye to-day haoe seen him _go; 
In glorious pomp ascending higb, 
Up fo the portais of the eky." 

5 * O grant u: thRherward fo teld, 
And with unwearied hearts ascend 
Toward tby kingdom's throne, ,vhere thou, 
As is out îaith, art seated now. 
6 * Be thou out" joy and strong defence. 
"Vho art our future recompense : 
So shail the light that spring- fvm thee 
Be ours through ail eternity. 
Uniso. 7. O risen Christ, ascended Lord. 
Ail praise to thee let earth accord, 
Who art, while endless ages run. 
With Fatber and with Sp.irit One. 

M¢r«(   : . J. CL«, ITITOT. 
-- :'1 I- ï -- J -- --', 
I i i " i , I I Ixi 
/ .... d  I le_  .... • _ti  . 

HE head that once was crowned with thorn» 
I Is crowned with lov 
A royal diadem adorns 
The mighty Victor's brow. 
2 The highes[ place [bat heaven 
I his» la bi» by right, 
The King of kinss and Lord of Io4, 
&ad heavet's et¢raa[ Light ; 
3 The joy of ail vho dwell above. 
The joy of ail below, 
Towhom he manifes[s his lo'e 
4 To them the Cro»s, with ail it hnie, 
With ail ifs grace is given : 
Their naine an everlatig naine, 
OEheir joy the joy of heaven. 
5 They surfer with their Lord below, 
They reign withlhim above, 
• heir pt and thei(.ioy fo know 
The m)teEv of his love. 
6. The G he bore is li[e and healh. 
Though shamo and death fo him; 
Hi ople's ho. his peop[e's wealth. 
Their everlasting lheme. 


HE Lord ascendeth up on high, I 
Loud anthems round him swelling; I 
The Lord hath triumphed gloriously. I 
In power and might excelling: I 
Heli and the grave are captive led; I 
Lo, he retu,-ns, our glorious Head, I 
To his eternal dwelling. 

2 The heavens with joy receive their 
0 day of exultation I [Lord; 
By Saints, by Angel-hosts adored 
For his so great salvation : 
0 earth, adore thy glorious King 
His Rising, his Ascension sing 
With grateful adoration. 

3. By Saints in earth and Sainis in heaven 
Vith songs for ever blended, 
Ail praise to Christ our King be given 
Who bath to heaven ascended : 
To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, 
The God of heaven's resplendent host 
In bright array extended. Amen. 

A * men. 



HOU art gone up on high, 
Te mansions in the skies, 
And round thy throne unceasingly 
The songe of praise arise; 
]ttt we are liugering here, 
With sin and c.are epprest: 
Lord, aend thy promised CemforLer, 
And lead us te thy rest. 
3. Theu art gone up en high ; 
But theu shalt corne again, 
With ail the t,right ones of the sky 
Attendants in thy train. 
O, by thy saving power 
Se make us lire and die, 
That we may stand in that dread heur 
At thy right hand on high. 
The following are also suitable : 
 Alleluya, ing te Jeus. 
 11 ll,ii llle power of ,,Teu ilalne. 
368 At the naine of Jeus. 
0 Corne, ye faithftl, raJee the anthem. 

Thou art gone up on high ; 
But thou didst fir,t corne do,vn, 
Througll earth's most bitter misery 
Te pass unto thy crown ; 
And girt with griefs and fears 
Out onward course rnust be ; 
Bat only let that I ath of tests 
Lead us at last te thee. 

381 Crown him with many crowns. 
476 Rejoice, the Lord le King. 
519 Ye watchers and ye holy one. 


bIode i. 
î _- î 
. _ , __  , . ,J- _--=.-'---= 
--   1 l 1--.- --  
l i '  _ -- t'= 
--   I-- " 
Orç HY. l7itu re, 
E. : a»t4 dail till inity e. 4tl «t,tt. T,'. P. D. 
,'»tay. [. Jam C'ht ast ndet. 
HEN Christ out rd had passed once more 
Into the heaven he left before, 
He sent a Comforter low 
The Father's promise to btov. 

2 The solemn rime was soon te îall 
Which told the number mystica! ; 
For since the lesurrection day 
A week of weeks had psed 
3 At the third hom" a rushing noise 
«:ame like the tempt's sudden voice, 
And ingled with the Apostles' praye 
Proclaiming lord thtt (od w there. 
4 From out the Father's light it came, 
That beautiful and kindly flame, 
To kindle every Christian heart, 
And fervour of the Vord imprt. 
5 A then, 0 Lord, thou didst fulfil, 
Each holy heart to do thy wil], 
s,» now do thou out sins forgive 
And make the wodd in peace fo lire. 
6. To Goal the Father, Goal the Ron, 
And G the Spirit, pri be done ; 
May Christ the Lo upon us pour 
The Sçirit's girl for evermm. 





 ----'----   ç#«--- 1 1I-H 
B nob ud. 
EJOICE  the year upon its way 
H brought ain that bleêd 
When on the chon of the Lord 
The Holy Spirit w outpoured. 

151 0o» 
/ '   I  F -'-  F I ' '  
/ , ,, I ' 
In quiverng tongues' imilitude-- Amazement in tho cwd awoke, 
Tongues, that theirwords might ready Vho mocked, as overcome wi th vine, 
prove, [love. Tho who were fil}ed with power 
And fire to make them flame 'ith divine. 

4 These thigs were done in type that day 
When Eastertide had passed away, 
The numbe told which once set fi-ee 
The captive at the jubilee. 
5 And now. 0 holy God, this day 
legard us as we humbly pray 
And send us, from thy heaven}y sent, 
The blessings of the Parac}ete. 
6. To God the Father, God the Son, 
And God the Spirit, praise be done; 
May Christ the Lord upon us pour 
Thc Spirit's gift for evermore. Amen. 



-tOME doxvn, 0 Love divine, l 
) Seek thou this soul of lnine. 
And visit if with thine own ardour 
glowing ; 
«-, Comforter. draw near. 
%Vithin my heart appear. I 
.ud .kind.e it. thy holy flame bestow- 
O let it freely burn, 
Till earthly passions turn 
To dust and ashes in its heat conum- 
4. And so the yearning strong, 
With whieh the soul xvill long. 
",hall far outpass the lower of human teiling; 
For none can guess ifs grace, 
Till he become the place 
Wherein the Holy Spirit makes his dwelllng. 

And let thy glorious light 
8hine ever on my sight, 
And clothe nie round, the while my 
path illuming. 
3 Let holy charity 
Mine outward vesture 
And lowliness become mine inner 
clothing ; 
True lowliness of beaU. 
"Vhich takes the humbler part, 
And o'er ita own shortcomings xveep 
with loathing. 


lo  = 8. Atlribted roT. t. e. 1515. 
--  ...... _  
 t.hcO lis (to be su»g iï.unison). .  . 
/ rai  t],y e - r - ha] ,e-rit, Fa.ther. n, and Ho - ]y Spi-rit. A - men. 
OT.--zis hymn *nay be also su) fo fhe Meeldi» [dody at Hgmn 154 or lo 
Afhooos Mdody af HUm I. 
B],O2) J. Coin, 1594-167. Ba#¢d o, 
Vei, Csr 8piritus. 
E o]y OhOSt, Out sou]s inspire   Thy b]essèd unction fs-oto bove 
And ]Jghten with ¢e]estial tire; ] Is eomfort, ]ife, and tire of]ove; 
Thou the anonting Spirit a, ] Enab]e with perpetua] ]ight 
'ho dost t]z" venfold gis imrt : ] The dullne of out blinded sight: 
8 Anoint and cheer out soi]èd face 
Yith the abundan of thy grace : 
eep far out foes, give peace at home ; 
Vhere thou art guide no i]] tan corne. 
4. Teach us to know the ather, Son, 
And thoe of Both to be but One; 
That thmugh the ages ail a]ong 
This may be our endless ng, 
Praise fo thy eterna] merit. 
[ather Son and o[y 8pirit. Amen. 



Mode viii. 

154 (cr 
VEN t CR£ATOR. (L. 3[.) .ll¢]oclf'Om "Fltr]¢ ROnU" 
tt  t . 
I  i 
ll -- 
!   , , , ï  ' ïï- 
« - I   ' '1 " i ! _t • 
I  F,  
I  I I I   I -I 
20 Comforter, that naine is thine, 3 Thou dost appear in venfold dower 
Of God most high the gift divine; The sign of God's almigh power; 
Thewell of lire, the tire of love, The Father' pmi, making rieh 
Out souls' anoining from above. Wih «ang tth out earthly 

40ur senses with thy light inflame, 
Our hearts to heavenly love reclaim ; 
Our bodiea" poor inflrmity 
With strength perpetual fnrtify. 
Out mortal foc afar repel, 
Grant us heneeforth in peace to dvell ; 
And so to us, with thee for guide, 
No iii shall corne, no harm betide. 
:Kay we by thee the Father learn, 
And know the Son, and thee discern, -3  -- . 
Vho art ofboth; and thus adore 9 
In perfect faith for evermore. -Î-- 
Amen. I I A ' I. 

T7,e Golden 8Zueace. 

'eni, oancte Spiritus. 13th cent. Tf. ?. ]4?. l'enXe. 
Mde i. 

" I î 
• • 
1 Corne, tho;t ho . ly Par - a. clete» t)d front thy  i - 
2 Fa - ther o the or, dw nr ; Gi - ver of ail girl, 
-- - /    ,  

• • 
tial eat Send thy iight and brii - iian . cy: $ Corne, of ©oto - 
be here; Come the soul' trLte n'a - dian - cy: 4 Thott in |.t- 

for - ters ti,e best, Of the sou[ the sweet - et gest, 
bottr test mot seet, Thott art lna - dow from tlne heat, 


155 (c) 

• • 
t " -" 0; î l-" 
Cme i toil re fh ing - ly : 5 0 th ight 
Coin - fort in ad ver - 
   l  ç i 
ot» .m ath ought; Er - e ho . ]y deed d thought 
... :" 
faith- fui coin  - ny. T Vht i il - , make 
thy Di ri - ni - ty. 8 'hat is  gid, gent - 


155 («o».,,,,« 

m . - l î | I -.. {'- 
ed, fruc - ti - fy; 9 t'iii thy faith - fui, ho con - ride In thy 
goe err - ing- |y. ]0. Here thy grâce and vit- - tue eeud; Grant a] - 
"- i  l l l I i ' -- 
I  I   I 
 A _  «- --J  «- A _ «- - 

155 (lo»r. 
• 'EN| SANCTE $PIRITUS. (777. D.) 
t   . . 'saz the elder, 171B16. 
 .... 'I l Il ' ! I I I 
I I F  " / I 11  fJ   ] .  il 
i « i i • 1 i I , 
/ i i I i , 
/ I -  ---  - - ---- - --- 
I , i il i i i i i 
/   i 
__ I xl  1 . I 
T#,e Gold e. 13ri, c,/. T,'. 
V¢i, ue Spit. 

OME, thou holy Paraclete, 
A.d from thy celestial sent 
Send thy Iight and brilliancy : 
Fsther of the poor, draw near; 
Giver of ail gift.s, be here; 
Coate, the soui' true rdiancy: 
2 Corne, of confforter the bêt. 
Of/ho soul the sweetet guest, 
Corne in toil rêfreshingly: 
Thou in labour ret most 
Thou a shadow from the heat, 
Comfort in advcrsity. 
5. Fiil thy faithfu], who confide 
In thy power to guam-d and guide, 
With thy sevenf,,Id Mystery. 
Here thy grace and virtue send : 
Grant sa|ration fo the end, 
Aud in heaven fe]icit.. 

30 thou Light, most t, ure and blet 
Shine within the inmo»t brest 
Of thv faithful company. 
V(here t'hou art hot, man hathtought 
Every holy deed and thought 
Contes fron tiy Divinity. 
 Wlt is soiid, nake thou pure; 
What is wounded, work its cur; 
V'hat is p«rchèd, fuctifv ; 
What is rigid, gently 
What is frozen, warrn]y tend ; 
Stngthen what gcs erringly. 



O Source of uncloeated light, 
The Father's promised Paraclete, 
Thrice holy Fount, thrice holy Fire, 
Our hearts with heavenly l.ovc inpire; 
Corne I and thy sacred u»ction bring 
To sanctify us wbile we »ing. 

Plenteou» of gracc, decend from hih 
lich in thy sevenfold ene»'y; 
Make us eternal truths tceive, 
Ad l,ïctise all that we Lelie'e  
Give u» thyself, that we may -ce 
The Fathcr and thc .on by thec. 

Imniortal honour, endle»s faine1 
Attend the almighty Father's nmc; 
'I he Saviour Son be glorified, 
Who for lost rnan's redemption dicd ; 
And equal adoration be, 
Etern.«l Paraelete, to thec Amen. 

H«»Tiet .4:kr» 1773-1962. 
UR blest Iledeemer, ere he breathed 
His tender last farewell, 
A Guide, a Comforter, bequeathed 
Vith us to dvell. 
2 He came in tongu of living flame 
To teh, convinoe subdue; 
All-powerful as the wind he came» 
A viewle too. 
3 He oeme sweet influence fo impart 
A racious, willing Guest, 
Vhile he ean find one humble hrt 
Vherein fo st. 
4 And his that getle voice we hear, 
Sort  the breath of even, 
That ehecks eaeh fault, that ealms eaeh fear, 
And speaks of heaven. 
5 And every virtue we psess, 
And eveT victory won, 
And every thought of holine 
Are his alone. 
6. Spirit of purity and grace, 
Our weakne, pitying, e: 
0 make out hearta thy dwelling-plaoe» 
And woffiçhier thee. 


"VH EN God of old came down from 
In pover and vrath he came; 
Before his feet the cio.ds vere riven 
Half darkn and half flame : 
But when he me the second time, 
He me in power and love; 
Softer thaa gale at mornittg prime 
Hoved his holy Dove. 
The rires that shed on Sinai down 
In sudden tornts dread, 


WlNCH£8T£R OLD. (C.3:.) 
In mel¢rat¢ timz ¢ = . J:irlt 
No--A sio)t of this tune, ith fl modp 
a H 30. 
J. Keble, 
ow gently light, a giorivus cwn 
On every i.ted head. 
4 And as on Israe]'s awe-struek ear 
The voice exceeding loud, 
The tmp, that ge quake to 
rilled &oto the dp dark eloud; 
5 So. when the Spirit of our Go 
Came down hi flock  find 
A voice om heaven waheard 
A rushi.g mighty wind. 
fi It fills the Church of God; it fills 
e sinful world around ; 
Only in stubbo heas and wil?s 
o place for it is round. 
7. Corne Lord comeVisdom Love and Power 
Open out ear fo hcar; 
Let us hot miss the accepted hour; 
Save Lord by love or fear. 
The foonç arc  itab : 
1 (Pk 2) Holy Goe 
 Eal Rer of tho el roun 
 Gloou tn  oe  ken. 
 ve of tbe Yath¢r. 
4 O Holy Spit, Lo of e. 
  KiDg ¢DthroD on 
 O Lo of hoe» aH bv ing. 


IOE-- ,-- -- , • -------»-lldl 
ee also: 632 Eterual Light, Divinity. 633 AIl bail, ado Tinity. 
C.ttc H73L. E. tt,td M. c. lOth ceitt. T,'. J. )1. 
Ados, n.« Tni. 
E present, Holy Ttnitv, 
Like 8plendour, and ne Deitv: 
Of things above, and things belote, 
Beginning, that no end shall knuw. 

Thee ail the armies of the 
%dore, and iaud, and magnif}-; 
And in ber riple frime, 
For ever nciAes 
And we, , thanks and homage 
Thine own adorin flock to-dny; 
O join to that eelestial song 
The çraises of our suppliant 
Lih, sole and one we thee confess, 
SVith triple praise we riÇhfl}- bless; 
With eve spirit romand th)" throne. 
To thee, O unbegntten One, 
And thee, O sole-beotten Son. 
And thé, O Holy Ghoe. we rai 




• • î l il i 

O Pater sancte. " 
ATHER most holy, merciful and Par2. 
tender; [reigning I 2 Trinity sacred, Unit)" unshaken; 
Jesus out Saviour, with the Father Deityperfect, giving and forgiving, 
Spirit of mercy, Advocate, I)efender, Light of the Angels. Life of the for- 
Light never waning ; Hope of ail living; [saken. 

160 Mo»,,, T) 
- I  ; '   .... - 
1 -- " -" l  l , I I " l 
1 '. l, ', "l 'l -l] l  l'l 
- , --, ,. i. ,. ,. .- -- 
.... I I -- I I I 
--  I  I  I 

Il Heart's adoration. 
• L'ni$on. 
4. To the almighty riune God be glory: 0  _ --!1 
n,en. Highest and greatest, help thou our i  
We too would praise thee, giving honour I x - meu. 
wort hy, 
@-'.. No,v and for ever. Amen. L 




Mode iv. 

; " " • î • Ï 

(IFFXCg HX'StN. ]I. ('. lOti, c¢,:t. Tf. P. D. 
O Pater sancte. " 
ATHER most holy, merciful and Part2. 
tender; [reigning; 2 Trinity sacred, Unity unshaken ; 
Jeus our Saviour, with the Father Deityperfect, giving and forgiving, 
SpiHt of mercy, Advocate, Defender, Light of the Angels. Life of the for- 
L[ght never waning ; Hope of ail living; [saken. 

1(0 (lora 
CHRISTE DU BEISTAND. (llll. ll5.) [ [. 
 e dow  = 42. [May be  in u tArogl, out.] 1594-l8. 
-- - [-ï,--, , ',- 
I I - I I  I 
I -- :-= -- - - l 
I !  -- "" 
-=_ +-7 » 
,, ' ,   t -ç-.  + -î- 
L'ht ne - v« wan - ing, Light ne - ver wan . ing; 
u ç- __ u .J , . , . -- 
oT.--TI+Is I+ymn .+oy al  m+. fo the ouen Mdody at Jln 636. 
3 aker of all things, ail thy cat.res praise thee; 
 Lo, all things sexe thee through thy 
 4. To the almighty triune God be glory: 
'e too would praise thee, giving honor I A - men 
worthy, 1 
o,v and for ever. Amen. 

 ,;OEe o#o rot o, o0iXL 
H A VE mer¢ on us,  mt hi 
Have mey on u wos 
Mo holy Trini. 
 Mt ancien of 1 myee 
fo thy thne we lie; 
Hsve mey now. m mer¢ff, 
Most holy ni. 
3 qen hven and eah we yet m 
Vhen rime was yet unkno, 
Thou in thy bli d majty 
Didst lire and love alon 

F. I'. Fa , 

4 Tlou wer not b,rn : there wa no fount 
Fm which thy ing flow; 
,e is no end which thou st h; 
But thou 
5 How wondeffui ¢on 
The work which  oed bi 
And O: what then must thou  Eke. 
6 H,w utiful 
Tbe i how bht in bi ; 
But lh 
Haw duli haw r is tsl 


*--.,o---r--«---"--- '  f--r" ï-'  " 
[ This ,ion ay be ed in conzion with the otC/or o or more «rs, te e?e 
g the melody as . 
7 0 listen then, most pitiful, 
To thy or creature's hrt: 
If blesses th tat thou a Go, 
That thou a what thou art. 
8. Most ancient of ail mysteriea, 
StiH t thy throe we lie : 
Have mercy now, most merciful 
Most holy Trinity. 
g 3 3 

Fcry »lw  = 42. J.B. D Kr, 152876. 
   .l;ol, tly«ter  = 50. 
.... I7" i 
- -«  , î . . -- 
- J  _U  J_ - ___ 
NoT£.--Tllis yDl,l i$ mr&ed to  .g t a much slower rate Nan l, it may, 
roEred» be su»g et the more al rate of  = 63 a»d &e aus may  itd. 
A higher setting of this tune will fouM 
• <,itable also .for oI r caso. Bisào ll. Hb¢,', 1751826. 
OLY. Hoir, H,Ay Lord God Almighty 
Early in "the norning our song shàll 
lloly, Holy, Holy crciful and mighty 
God in three Persons, blessèd Ti'inity 
 Holy, H,,ly, ltoly al1 the Saints adore thee, 
Casting down their golden croxvns around the glasy sea; 
Cherubim and Seraphim falling down belote thee, 
XVhic}l wel't, and art, and evermore shalt 
3 Holy, Holy. Holy though the darkness bide thee, 
Though the eye o sinful man thy glory may not 

Only thou art holy, there is none beside thee 
Perfect in power, in love, and purity. 
4. Holy, l{oly, Holy! Lord God Almighty! 
Ail thy works shall praise thy naine, in earth, 
and sky0 and sea ; 
H,,ly, Holy, Holy! Merciful and mighty! 
God in three Persons, blessèd Trinity! Amen. 


0 UlSilTY of threefold light, I 2 
Send out thy loveliest »ay, 
And starter out transgressions' night, 
And turn it into day; 
Iake us those temples pure and fait 
Thy glory loveth well, 
The spotless t=bernacles, where 
Thou may'st vouchsafe to dwell. 
3. And yct thyself they cannot know, 
Nor pierce the veil of light 
Tiret hides th from the Thr,Jnes below, 
. in profoundest night. 
How then can mortal accents frame 
Due tribu to their King ? 
Thou, only, vhile we p»aise thy 
Forgive u» as ve sing. 
The fiZlowing are also dble : 
2 Bright the vision tnat delight. I 
 Fsther of hv¢n I whoee love profound. 
 Firmly 1 liev¢ and 

The glorious hosts of peerless miht, 
That ever see thy face» 
Thott mak'st the mirrors of thy lJght, 
The vessels of thy grace. [xveave, 
Thou,xvhen their wondrous st tain they pleasure in the lay: 
Deign thus our praises to tecrive, 
Albeit front lips of clay. 

 |lliulortal, invisible, God 
501 Three in On% and Oue in Three. 



lode viii. 

i I i 
F • I , %î -- 

L'$ • I I iç( l • • J 


OFFSC H:. aturday#. E. 8L .4mbç 347. Tf. J. .I. 
O Lux  Tni. 
0 TRINY of bleèd iight, 
O Unity of princely mighç 
The fiery sun now gs his way; 
Shed thou vithin our hrts thy ray. 
2 To tbee out morning song of praioe 
To thee out evening prayer we 
Thy glory suppliant we adore 
For ever and for evermore. 
3. Ail laud to God the Father he ; 
Ail praise, eternsl Son to thé; 
Ail gloT, as is ever meet, 
To God the holy Paraclete. Amen. 



Mode ri. 

• -_ • : • , • : , • 
t • 
l# _ll__l__l__ i __ - «  __1 I __ •  , 
" :-çç'ys. . '. fo t. regoy e )'ç. 
- suentoe, l 6th cent. Tri P. . 
ATHE, we praie thee, ow {he igh zs 
F Active and watchful, tand we all before over. 
i[mging ve offer rayer nd meditation : thé'; 
Thus we adore thee. 
 Monarch of ail thing% fit us for thy manslons ; 
Banish our weakness, health and vho - . 
ring us fo heaven, where th «;-. len ndng, 
-" wuOut ending 

165 çlo». 
CHRISTE SANCTORUM. (l! ll. Il ,.) M¢lyfr, 
l,z m'ate tme  = 06. LA FILL, ' ItLe 
To be 8 in un{on, du plaihat," 1782. 
 • _ _   . ,  I 
--  - ....  - -_ - 
I / I Ii I V 
! / i . 
I ::---i-. i 
l-  .... - ' i ,l_ , --_,- 
I- _oEz__ ._ _»: ____ 
IÇ- 1 l , , 
/ i I i. I 
& All-holy ther 8on d equM 8pirit, 
Trilfity blessëd, send us thy salvation; 
Thine i» the glory gleaming and resounding 
Th=ugh ail creation. Amen. 

2"7e erenng O_face Hmn for $undad and.for erer datt excelot Saturdau is : 
51 0 blest Creator of the lightl 


HRISTisgone up ; yet ere he passed 
From earth, in heaven fo reign, 
He formed one holy Church fo laat 
Till he should corne again. 
2 llis twelve Apostles first he ruade 
His ministers of grace; 
And they their hands on othel laid, 
To fill in turn their place. 

8 So age by age, affd year by year, 
His grace was handed on; 
And still the holy Church is here 
Although ber Lord is gone. 
4. Let thoae find pardon.Lord, from the% 
Whose love fo ber is colà : 
And bring them in, and let there be 
One Shepherd and one Fold. 


OUR out thy Spirit from on high; 
Lord, thine assembled servants 
(;rates and gifts to each supply, 
And clothe thy priests with 
2Within the temple when they stand, 
To teach the truth, as taught by the% 
Saviour, like stars in thy right hand 
May ail thy Church's pastors be. 

J..[oatpome». ., 1771-15"4. 
V¢isdom, and zeal, and faith impart, 
Firmnesswith meekness, from abovo, 
To bear thy people in their heart, 
And love the souls whom thou dost 
To watch, and pray, and never faint, 
Bydayand night,strictguardtokeep, 
To wartt the sinner, cheer the saint, 
Nourish thy lambs and feed thy 

5. Then, when their work is finished here, 
May they in hope their charge resign ; 
Vhen the Chief Shepherd shall appear, 
0 od, may they and we be thine. 

MANCHESTER. (C, .i.) 168 
• ",/o (:--'-- 80. ROgT Wxt'çnoE. 
I  I, I. I r i%,l  ( IÇ I I I1 . I. I 
 , , '  , , - I 
HE earth, O Lord, is one goeat field . 3 Not for our land alone we pray, 
Of ail thy choeen ed ;  Though that ave the test ; 
The trop prepared its fit fo eld; ] The realms and islands far 
e labourera few indeX. ] O let them ail be blest. 
2 We therefore me before th now ] 4 Endue the bishop of thy flock 
y fasting and by pyer,  Vith wisdom and xvith grace, 
Beeeching of thy love that thou [ Against false doctrine, like a rock, 
Wou]dst send more laure there.  To set the heart and face : 

To ail thy priests thy truth reveal, 
And make thy judgements clear; 
Make thou thy deacons full of zeal 
And humble and sincere: 
And give their flocks a lowly mind 
To hear and hot in vain ; 
That each and ail may mercy find 
Vhen thott shalt corne again. 


169, 170 



OT[Cg Hs'. E. and M. 
c. 7rb cent. Tf..L M. ea?e t. 
Ur  Jelem. 
LESSÈD City heavenly Salera, 
Vision dear of peace and love, 
Who, of living stone upbuiid, 
Art the joy of heaven above, 
And, with Angel cohor circl. 
As a bride  earth dost move ! 
From celestial realms descending, 
Bridai glory round her sl, 
Tt, his prence, decked with jewei, 
By ber Lod shali he  led: 
Ail her «treets, and ail hdr buiwarks. 
Of pm'e gold a fhionèd. 
Bright with pearls her portais glitter. 
'hev are open evermore; 
A,d, y virtue of his merits 
Thither faithful souis may soar, 
Who for Christ's dear naine in thi 
Pain aud tribulation bore. [world 
Many a biow and biting sculpture 
Fashioned well those stones elect. 
In their places now compacted 
By the heavenly Archiet, 
Who therewih hath willed for ever 
That his palace should bc decked. 
Laid and honour to the Father; 
Laud and honour to the Son ; 
Laud and honour to the Spirit ; 
Ever Three, and ever One : 
Coustbsntial, co-eternal, 
While tmending ages rttn. Amen. 



OFqC£ H»[-. M. and E. 
¢. 7tir cent. T»'. 
Ang fmentum. 
HRISTis ruade the sureFoundation, 
And the precious Corner-stone, 
Who, the two walls underlying, 
Bound in each, binds both in one, 
Holy Sion's help for ever, 
And ber confidence alone. 
2 Ail that dedicated City, 
Dearly loved by God on high, 
In exultant jubilation 
Poufs peetual melody : 
God the One, and God the Triltal, 
Singing everlastingly. 
3 To this temple, xshere we call thee 
Corne, 0 Lord of Hoets, to-day; 
With thy wont loving-kindnes 
Ilear thy ple as they pray ; 
And thy fullest benediction 
Shed within ifs slls for ay. 
4 Hre vouchsafe to ail thy 
Vhat they supplica fo gain ; 
Here to bave and hoid for ever 
Thoso good thin their prayer 
And hereafler in thyglory [obtain, 
With thy blessèd ones to reign. 
5. Laud and honour to the Father; 
Laud and honour to the Son ; 
" Laud and hononr to the Spirit; 
Ever Three and ever Oae : 
Consubstantiai, co-eterltal, 
Vhile unen,lin ages run. Amen. 


169, 170 (o-. 
URB$ COELE$TIS. (7.87.1t7.) o. ?i ITl.from 'T,¢ o »' 1. 
la » o' i)  = 104 ( =52 
/ I I ! I 
 I  I  I I 




c. 7rit cent. Tf. J. M. lgeal« t. 
Urbs beata Jerualem. 
LESSÈD City heaveuly Salera. 
Vision dear of peace and love, 
Who, of living stones upbuilded, 
Art the joy of heaven above, 
And, with Angel cohorts circled, 
A a bride to earth dost move! 

2 From celestial realms des¢nding, 
Bridal glory round ber shed, 
To his presence, decked with j«wels, 
By ber Lord shall she be led : 
Ail her streets, and ail her bulwarks, 
Of pure gold are fashionèd. 

3 Bright with pearls her prtalsglitter, 
They are open evermore; 
And, by virue of his merits, 
Thither faithful aoula may soar, 
Who for Christ's dear naine in this 
Pain ard tribulatior bore. [world 

4 Maay a blow sud biting sculpture 
Fashioned well those stones elect, 
In their places nov compacted 
By the heavenly Architect. 
Who therewith bath willed for ever 
That his palace should be decked. 
5. Laud and honour fo the Father; 
Laud and honour to the Son; 
Laud and honour to the Spirit ; 
Ever Three, and ever One : 
Consubsntial, co-e nal, 
While unending ages run. Amen. 


Oertc[ I-[Yt-. M. and F.. 
c. 7tA cent. Tf. J. 3l'. 2,Cre 
&ogulari fundamentum. 
HlISTismadethesure Foundation 
And the procious Corner-stone, 
Vho, the two walls underlying, 
Bound in oach. binds both in on, 
Holy Sionh help for ever, 
And ber confidence alone. 

Ail that dedicated City, 
Dearly loved by God Ol, higl:. 
In exultant jubilation 
Pours perpetual melody : 
Goal the On% and God the Trinal, 
Singing everlastingly. 

3 T, this temple, vhere we calt thee, 
Corne, O Lord of Hosts, to-day ; 
With thy wonted toving-kindness 
Hear thy people as they pray ; 
And thy fullest benedictior 
hed withia ifs walls fbr ay. 

Her vouchsafe to ail thy ser'ants 
What they aupplicata to gain ; 
Here to haro and hold for ever good thinga their prayers 
And hereafter in thy glory [obtain, 
With thy blessèd ones fo reign. 
Laud and honour to the Father; 
Laud and honour fo the 8on ; 
Laud and honour to the 8pirit; 
Ever Threa and evar One: 
Consubstantial, eo-eternal, 
Vhile unending es run. Amen. 



C. GulttÆ 1601-64. Tf. L Willia»So 
l)att'h aeterni ubole coaeva. 
WORD of God above, 
Who fillest ail in ail, 
• I.dlow this bouse with thy sure love 
And bles our festival 

2 ;race in this font is stored 
To cleanse each guilty child ; 
The Spil'it's blest anointing poured 
Br}ghtens the once defiled. 
3 Hcre Christ of his own Blood 
Himself the chalice gives, 
And feeds his own with Angels' food, 
On ,vhich the spirit lives. 
4 Fur guilty souls that pine 
• ure mercies here abound, 
And healing grace ,vith oil and wine 
For every secret wound. 
5 God from his throne afar, 
Cornes in this house to dwell; 
And prayer, beyond the evening star, 
]Builds here her citadel. 
(. Ail night, ail praise be thine, 
The God whom ail adore; 
The Father, Son, and Spirit divine, 
loth n«v and evermore. Amen. 


..te'nc. »cr. o .4data of 8L 'ctor» ¢. 1170. 
Jerusa]em et Sion fi]iae. îrr. G. G. 
)|«.de v. 
• î • î -- • - 

l Si- n'¢ daugh-te: Son <.f Je - ru - sa - ]em! Ail )e 
2 Christ oux a . viour eds on th, f - ti . a] Ho - ]y 
; Not more fair the moon /n her love - Il - nesa! Not m re 
6 So the Church innoe forth vn i,er Idl - grim- age, Signed Rh 
ï. -- -  I  -- -- I i 

[ ,P. î - , "- 

hots of hea - ven - ]y chi . al r.y! Lift your 
Church, ghe Pat - rn of Righ -  - n, Whom fiera 
bght the sun in bi, ma - jes ty  Lke an 
Jor - dan's sa . te of  ni tente, Dmn  



172 (,,tæ«d) 


• I • - • î • 

.A - ce, sing- ing right mer - ri - ly AI le - ht - a: 
del,t| of ut - ter - most mi - se - ry Ho hath re - eued. 
ar - )y p]en- did and ter - r - ble, ]avged for bat- tlc-- 
hear the ie- dom of So - 1o - mon, From the world'e end. 

i • • • î 
b I ." î ] _m .-- • 

a Now the Bride re - ceiv . eth bis be -- ] " l T»t " eth 
4 DI, - ther moet for ein - fui bu - ma - ni - ty, Life's mtre 
7 "So, fo- ld by fi .  a pt - phe. cies, Cloth in 
$ Wel-come ft of light d le - li ci - ty, Bde to 

172 :co,timoeoe 
• .m : 

now t},e joys t,f the la I - c]ete ; Kings and 'eeve 
hot - ver, rt for te or - row - ful, Strong ro- t- 
n,p - til res . turc o ca - ri y, Joined it Cs 
Bride - groom join . "ing in u ni ty; In er ,.y- 

1o - dy CI ber bi-ets - id. 
te ry Ex er won - drm. 
ti - zena Now che reign- etb. 
i,i fied Our sal - v. - tion. 




• . î I 
ail a place with thy cho 
_t:t_-------- -  , ---,, 
I  I I I I 
I ,J I ' ' , , ' ' ' , 
I.- c_.. > --l----l-e--:'-  ' « , 
'f - f.t - ble hap - pi l n, Rt e r nal. 
" " 
-. B.--tFith regard to tre hf-ars in lais e se Pl'eNce. 
e ove kns are itab for a di6 Fes6ra! ly. For a Patrol Feshral 
 Nos. 19201 and t 


HERR JE8U CHRIST. (L. ]|.) 173 
_ •  _ _  .... 
I " I I i FJ  I  [-1-" --'-- 
I ' I I " " " 
I _J-J--J   ,.-- -,.,  ,  
• . G. Wbfttier, 1507-92. 
LL things are thine; no gift bave we, 
Lord of ail gifts, te offer thee 
And hence -ith ateful hearts tokay 
Thine own before thy feet we lay. 
2 Thy will was in the buildem' thought ; 
Thy hand unoeen amidst us wrought; 
Through mortal motive, scheme and plan, 
Thy wie ete-nal put'pose tan. 
3 In weness and in want we 11 
On th for whom the heavens are small ; #. -- _ 
Thy glo ia thy ehildren'u go, 
Thy joy thy tender Fatherhood. 
Fill with thy love their emptines; 
And let their dr a gaway be 
Te lea4 us frein ourelv te thee. 
FOe a di' Fit'M or for a 8dM rt  Dedicatiov, e fm,,9 
are  itae : 
4 O G, out help in agoe pt. 
472 Pmy that Jeem may 
 Tbe Chuh' one foundation. 
 We love t p, O G. 
 New thank we 
 Pmi e Lord  heaven ; p him  the heighL 
   the , the mighty. 
 Rejoi ay with one . 
 O Faith of Englan, ht 


• M,e i. 
• î I = ili i 
 "  ÇI I ' ï "  F l 
, I , , ," I I 
, I I I l J I_1 
I I 

l • I I ] i l l 
I I  I I" î I i î _- 

174 )to»R 
ANNUE CHRIST. (1212.1212.) .ldod#.fro», 
--m .. 
// i / 1 "1 , I I  I  ', 
/- tt2 
r i  J, I  .l v l  , 

1;oaagetis. E. «ell,I 2!,i. .nnue Chrito meculorum Domine. 
ORD of Creati,m, bow thine ear. O Christ, fo hear 
The intercesio of thy servant truo and dear, 
That we unworthy, who have trespassed in thy sight, 
M,y lire betT, re thee where he dwells in glorious light. 
20 God out Savivur, look on thine i,heritance. 
ealed by the favour shiniilg f,m thy countenance; 
That no faIse pirit bring fo nought the souls of price 
Bought by the mefit of thy perfect Sacrifice. 
3 X% bear the burden of our guilt and e,tmity. 
Until thy pardon lift tIle heart from slavery : 
Then throh the spending ofthy liJ-blood, King ofgle, 
(hatt us unending triumph in thy holy place. 
4. To thee the glorious Chri out Saviour manift, 
Ail waths vierious, prgi and xvorhip  addrest, 
Whom with the living Fathor humbly we adore, 
And tho life-giving 8plrit, 



 Mode iii. 
I- ---- - l le_ ll'- 
f"  1 " " 
I,  I  i 
- b :- '  I , l  
I- ...... 4- .,  -  ....  ..... 
!1  I I l  
I , -  I 
I , -  , "  I 

.%ea Ci mune 
HE ernal gifts of Christ the King, 
The Apostles" glorious dee» we sing; 
d whi]e due hymns of prai we pay, 
Our thankful heas t grief awa. 

Il,----- I ---'--fl-- "..--,  -:-- i-t-. • -- 
i 1 I ' ", - ' ' I-" 
I .., ,  , '  ,', -- 
l _ . . -  I--n __ __ ..-r.-:«,.- " • _:.l.. ,_..,.__-,__.__ -- 
I.;-L -- ---¢--tl ." . : " - ,-------  ----,,»--- 
 «, -: -- -: -- 
-P " "I '-t -œe : ___--------___ 
DFO GsaczAs ('o. 249]. 
2 The Church in these ber princes 13 'TwasthustheyearningfaithoîSaints, 
boasts, I The unconquered hope that never 
Thcse victor c},iefs of warrior hosts; faints, [shame, 
The soldiers of the heavenly ha||, The love of Christ that knows hot 
The lights that rose on eazoEh for ail. The prLuce of this world overcane. 
• ï I In these the will of God t),e Son ; 
In these exults the Holy Ghost ; 
i.. - lt|el. Through these rejoice the heavenly best. 
:_' Th,t, witlt tltisgloriousbandbove, 
i I  Hereafter, of thine endless grace, 
 .--. ! Thy servants also may bave place. | A .... 
..7----_ Amen. I , , 


• I • 
'; tî l = ' 
- . __-.-", __-- 
I;'. ,_ - 
 -- .._ .... " • . - _ 
Il i ,  i 
ii-  _ 
_ , ,  , 
I*-  l -rJ- --'-"  ï ïl tl 
Oies Hi-l-. Co, ol of .tx»oltL«» ai c. lot/, ,et. Te. ;7,011 . .ll«,t l- 
Exult c]u laudib. 
ET the round worl with song joice; 
Let heaven return the joyful voice; 
Ail indu) 
t eaven and earth theiv praise i)claim. 

176 .Io» TvO 
S,AECULI. (L..ll.) 
=144. Ang«r Càurc 
"- - :-r-rrï r-, '' '' " 

". Ye servants who once bore the ]ight 3 0 God, by whom to tbem was given 
Of Gospel truth o'er heathen night, I The key that hutsand opensheaven, 
.till mayyour work that light impart, [ Out chains unbind, out loss repair, 
To glad or eyes and cheer our heart. And grant us grace to enter there; 

f . Il 
I '- Il 

For at thy wi]] they preached the ,vord 
Vhich cured diease, which helth conferred: 
O may that healing po,ver once more 
Out souls to grace and health restore-- 
That vhen thy Son again shall corne, 
And speak the world's unerring doom, 
He may vith them pronounce us b|et, 
And place us in tby endless test. 
To thee, 0 Father ; Son, to thee; 
To thee. blest Spirit, glory be ! 
So was it ay for ages past, 
So »hall through endless ages ]ast. Amen. 
, î?" , 

Oe Hmn for Aostls and Erangdists dritg Eastrtide. 
a,d fir I. a»td E. 124 Pa«t 2. 

E. a)td M. 123, Part  ; 


loàerady uic  -- IOS. H.J. G&¢rrr. I576. 

I I I I " I  I I I I I  l 
I -- I _  I  l  I   ` -l I  J 
I  . _ w--b-- -- -. -- --# -- 
I" -r--r - O 
I: = 1 =--- 
I-- i I I I I 1 I I 1 ii 1 1 
Cat a 
Priee w witg Je dwell 
 On te natios unk i ght 
Ye gave hed ge sl light  
Sin and errer flee away; 
Tth reveals the promised day. I 
Zell the boou of our ae, 
Vbo, wereer a h ro I 
ech tbe msteds of Od. 
6. Olorï fo the Tbr in 0 
Who from deepest shades of night I 
Called us to is glorious liti, lmem 

).-B.  antelil, 160-97. 
principes. Tf. ir H. IV. 
NOt by warrior's spear and sword, 
lot by art of human word, 
Preacbing but the Cross of shame, 
Rebel hesrts for Chdt ye rame. 
Earth, that long in sin and pain 
Groaned in Satan's deadly chain, 
Now fo serve its God is free 
Ia the ]aw of ]iberty. 


upreme. lual Axbiter. 
ISPOSER suprem% and $'udge of the earth, 
Vho choosest for thine the weak and the poor; 
To ri-ail earthen vessels, and things of no worth, 
Entrusting thy riches vhich ay hal! endure; 
2 Those vessels soon faiI i though fulI of thy light» 
And at thy decree ae broken and gone ; 
Then brightly appeareth the arm vf thy might, 
As through the cloud breking the lightnings have shone. 
3 Like clouds are they borne to do thy great 
And swift as the winds about the world go; 
AII fulI of thy Godhead, while earth lieth still, 
They thunder, they lighten, the waters o'erflv. 
4 *Their sound goeth forth, « Christ Jesus is Lord '.' 
Then Satan doth fear, his citadels rail : 
As whvn the dread trumpets vent forth at thy word, 
And one long blast shattered the Canaanites" vall. 
b O loud ho their trump, and stirring the sound, 
To rouse us, O Lord, from sin°s deadly sleep ; 
May lights which thou kindlest in darkness around 
The dulI soul avaken ber vigil to keep! 
6. Ail honour and praise dominion and might, 
To thee, Three in One, vternally be, 
Who pouring around us thy glorious light, 
Dost call us from darkness thy glory to see. 

A - men. 

/  I  I / i--.,l 
-- I • I I I  -- I 
-- J . -- -- __ I --I  
,î. -  --- ,--. q-- 
, I I__A I 
 1 - I I / I I 
 _1 »-- , I   I .1- _oe_ 1 " 
Plausu chm ]aetabudo. Tf. Jack#on Mas¢n. 
OME sing, y¢ choir» exultant, 
Tho¢ mCssengCra of God 
Through whom th¢ living 
Çam¢ souding ai1 abroad] 
Whos¢ voic¢ proelaimed aivation 
That pourCd upon th¢ night 
And drov¢ away th¢ shadows, 
And flushed th¢ world with lighL 


Ha chose them, our Good Shepherd, 
And, tending evermore 
Hi flock through earth's four quarte 
In wisdom ruade them four ; 
True Lawgiver, he bade them 
Their healing message spread, 
One charter for n]] nations, 
Ose g]orious title-deed. 

B* In one harmonious witness 
The chosen Four combine, 
,Vhile each his own commission 
Fulfils in every line; 
Aq, in the Prophet's vision, 
From out the amber flame 
In f«,rm of visage diverse 
Four living ereatures came. 

* Lo, these the wingèd chariots 
That bring Emmanuel nigh; 
The golden staves uplifting 
The ark of God on high ; 
And these the fourf,,Id river 
O" Paradise above, 
Whenee flow for ail the nations 
New mysteries of love. 

5. Foursquare on this foundation 
The Church of Christ remains, 
A house to stand unshaken 
By floods or winds or tains. 
O glorious happy portion 
In this sale home fo 
By God, true Man, united 
With God eternally '. 



This hymn is swg dtri» 9 Christmastide fo 1 17 M dllg latid o . 1 I OE 1 
. ad M. Mayr Dei qui nicum. 
A'R of God, who strength was stled 
[ To follow close God's only Son, 
ell didst thou brave thy battlefield, 
And well thy heavenly bliss was won t 


2 Now join thy prayers wilh ours, xvho pray 
That Ged may pardon .s and bless ; 
For prayer keep« evil's pl,gue away 
And draws h'o lire ifs wearines& 

3 Long, long ago, ,vote loosed the «hains 
That held thy body once in thrall ; 
For us how rn.qny a bond remains! 
0 Love of God release us ail. 

4. Ail praise fo God tlae Father be, 
Ail praise to thee, eternal Sn; 
Ail praise, 0 Holy Ghost, to thee, 
While never-ending ages 


--_. ,I-  t- o--' 
-l-i    --- «  I 
I   ._ - .  
/ I. '- V I I ' 
 hymn is  duffg Chssfidc fo . 18, ad dg 
o. 123, Pa 2. 
Oc H-. ,a»zoe q 6th ¢t. 
 Ia)'[. M. azd   tuom militum. 
O OOD. thy soldiez" crown and guard, 
And their exeeeding great reward 
From ail transgressions t us free, 
Who sing thy ayr's victoT. 

181 (o», 
lt »o¢r«(¢ ra  _ 144. 
..-'fa To be su in unison. I 
-- I   .: - :-   ----'" ' 
I v ---- oe- -- - I J I 
 I I ' ' ' ", ' 
- - . 
_  _ ... 
-- _ . « » noE ï., ,'_ '. 
I  r ff  , , ff ,,, ,,, 
I -- 
 I ' 
,  ..' • , ,, , -- 
' ' 


The pleaures of the world he purned, 
From sin's pernicious lures he turned ; 
}Ie knew their .ioya imbued with gall, 
.And thus he reachcd thy heavenly lall. 

F,,r thee through nZalzy a woe he ran 
Ia many a flght he played the man ; 
For thee his blood he dared fo pouG 
And thence bath joy for evermore. 

Ve t],erefore pray thee, full of l,ve, 
Regard us from thy throne above ; 
On thjs thy Martyr's triumph day, 
Wash every staJJl ot" Jn away. 

5. O Christ, most h, ving King, to thee, 
With God the Father, glory be; 
Like glory as is ever meet, 
To Goal the holy Par¢lte. 



Mode vil 

HE merits of the Saints, 
Blessèd for evermore, 
Their love that never faints, 
The toils they bravely bore-- 
For these the Church to-day 
Pours forth ber joyous lay-- 
These victors win the noblest bay. 

2 They, whom this world of iii, 
V/'nile it yet held, abhorred; 
Its withering flowers that still 
They spurned with or.e accord-- 
They knew them slort-lived ail, 
And followed at thy call, 
King Jesu, fo thy heavenly hall 

182 (Sovz. 
8o. and di@  = loe. . C. Px, t. 167 
-, , ,, ,,. ,. ,, 
I J I    , ,  ,  , , I 'I ' 
,  - .  . _,   
I,, . ., , ,,--. _ 
-- ,  , ,,, .J .:-J J,  . 
- ' .1. I1" -  ,i--  • 
-__. = . , 
8 Like sheep their blood they poured ; , 4 Vhat tongue ay here declare, 
And vithout groan or tear,  Fancy or thought descry, 
They bent before the sword ] The joys thou dost prepare 
Fr that their King most dear : For the thy Saints on 
Their seuls, serenely blest, Empurpled in the flo 
I, patience they possest, Of their victorious 
And look in hope towa their test. They won the laul frein teir God. 
5. Te thee, O Lord most high. 
One in Tree Persons still, 

Te pardon us we cry, 
And te preserve frein iii : 
Here give thy servants peace, 
Hereafter glad release, 

" î 
• î  • 


- I" 


183 (o»==, 
. A 
Thine ear in mercy, Saviour, ]end, 
While unto thee our prayers ascend ; 
And as we count their triumphs won, 
Forgive the sins that we bave done. 
artyrs in thee their triumphs gain, 
Confessors ace fro thee obtain 
We sinners humbly oeek to thee, 
Ail praise eternal Son, to thee; 
Ail glo, as is ever meet, 
To G the holy Paraclete. Amen. 
lyml «y «so be slo fo the Frenc elod of Hymn 125. 


0 besta besorum. 
LESSÈD Fe&ts of blessèd Martyrs, 
Saint]y dys of saint]y men, 
With affection's reeo]lections 
Oreet we your return again. 

2 Mighty deeds they wrought and wonders» 
Whi]e a h-ame of flesh they bore; 
,Ve with meetest praise and sweetest 
Honour thcm for evermore. 

3 Faith unblenching, hope unquenching, 
Well-loved Lord, and single heart,-- 
Thus they glorious and victorious 
Bore the Martyr's happy part. 

4 Blood in slaughter poured iike water 
Torments long axd heavy chain, 
Flame and axe, and iaceration 
They endured, and conquered pain. 

5 Whi]e they passed thr«»ugh divers tortures» 
Till they sank by death opprest 
Earth's rejected were elected 
To have portion with the blest. 

6 By contempt of worldly pleasure% 
And by mighty battles done, 
Have they merited with Angels 
To be knit for ay in one. 

7 Wheref,;re made co-heirs of glory, 
Ye that sit with Christ on high 
Ioin fo ours your supplication% 
As for grace and peace we cry; 

That, this weary life compieted, 
And ifs many labours past, 
We may merit to be seated 
In our Father's home af last. 


,'r o,,S,GUO,. (--) I5 
la [,' rlyh ,  = . ' Palteum Corale," tace. 1510. 
[-IPIW ' :- : P r, . ":" : - . 
I-:-.   -- 
v - -- l I I I I I i  I i I I 
/ ' I I I I 
ç--=l F- , •  - 
o.--This hy»zn e elso be ng to e Ang«'s dody et Hy»z»z ];6. 
Bea Mtyr, 
LST Martyr, let thy triumph-day I 2 Thy soul fo heavenly mansions 
God' favouring grace fo us con- I Vhile this world's gloemy shados 
vey ; [flowed I fled ; 
The day on which ihy life-blood I The judge and torturer o'erflrown, 
And he hy crown in meêd bestowed. I Christ claimed the victor for his own. 
3 Now consort of the Angels bright 
Thou shinest clothed in rois of white ; 
vbes thou hast washed in stroams of bloC, 
A daunlless artyr [or ty Go. 
4 Be thou on this thv holy-day 
Oto- strong çholdèr; while we pray 
I J_l,, - 
St. thu be]'e th th. 
1] raise, eternal Son, to thee; 
God the holy Paraclete. Amen. 

o,. c.,. 186 
 [ ' l--I ' ' 1 / 
OME, ]t us joia lh Church bove 2 To-daythrough hvea thcraagoul 
The Iarlyr's pise to sing, ' Great 
Tha soldier tme who gave to-day om for the Victorl 1% his crown 
IIis life-blo for his King. Christ's valiant Saint bath mon 
3 The Iartyr's triumph shall endm'c 
His faine time oennot dira : 
Sce how he calls on one and ail 
To fise and follow him  
4 We ktmw that in out Saviour Christ 
The blest out troubles heed ; 
That Saints in heaven to saints on earth 
Are very near indd. 
Unison.  The cloud of witness look down, 
They cheer us on to fight ; 
To G theit- praye, go up that he 
Iay lead their friends aright. 
6 Brave tartyr, we will follow tiil 
To God we yield ou- breath ; 
And learn from thee to spurn the world f f . 
And mock af çain and death 
U»dso,. 7. To Christ, for whom the artyrs die, 
Ail laud vnd glo be, 
With Father, and with Holy Ghost, 
To ail eternity. Amen. 



WEIMAR. (7 6. 7 6. D.) Mdotly by . Vupitt$, 156(N-16]b. 
. , . , -..  ,  j  ,_. 
. - -. .  .   - 



Xr. . M. 
ET out choir new anthems rai, 
Wake the morn with gladne ; 
God himself to joy and praise 
Turns the Martyrs' sness: 
This the dy that won their crown 
Opened heaven's bright 
As they ld the mortal down 
And put on the immortal. 

Never flinched they from the flame, 
From the torture never; 
Vain the foeman's sharpest ailn, 
Satan's best endeavour: 
For by faith they saw the land 
Decked in ail ifs g]ory, 
Where triurnphant now they stand 
With the vict«Jr's story. 

3. Up and follov, Christian men! 
Press through toil and sorrov; 
Spurn the night of fear, and then» 
O, the glorious morrow! 
,Vho will venture on the strife? 
Who will first begin it? 
Who will grasp the land of life? 
Warriors, up and win it ! 



188 .o«. i. 

OFC Hv. Comn f a nfor. 8th . Tf. Z. H. 
E. and M. Is Confit. 
E, hose confession God of old accepted, 
Vhom through the ages ail now hold in honour, 
Gaining his guerdon this day came fo enter 
Heaven's igh poal. 

.'2 God-fearing, watchful, pure of mind and body, 
Holy and humble, thus did ail nen find him ; 
While, through his members, to the life immoM 
Mortal life called him. 
3 Thus fo the weary, from the life enshrinèd, 
Potent in virtue, flowed humée compaion; 
Sick d sore laden, hovsver bdened, 
There they found healing. 
4 So now in chorus, giving God the glory, 
ise ve our anthem gladly to his honour, 
That in fair kinship we may ail be sharers 
He and hereafler. 
5. Honour d gloi power and salvation, 
De in the highest unto him who reigneth 
Changeless in heaven over eahly anges, 
Triune, eternal. Iê I  I 
I A - - - men. 


40 grant that we, most gracious C.o, 
May follow in the steps e trod ; 
And, freed from every stain of sin, 
As Ae bath won may also win. 
5. To thee. O Christ, our lo-ing King. 
AH gior., praise, and thanks we brins; 
Vç'hom with the Father we adore 
And Holy Ghost for evermore. Amen. 


0 SHEPHERD of the sheep, 
High Priest of things fo corne, 
Who didt in graee thy servant keep, 
And take him safely home: 
Aeeept out song of praise 
For ail his h,]y care, [of days, 
His zeal unquenehed through length 
The trials that he hare. 

3 Chier of thy faithful band, 
He held himaelf the least, [hand, 
Though thy dread keys were in 
O everlasting Priest. 
4 So, trusting in thy might, 
He xvon a fait renown ; 
So, waxing valiant in the fight, 
He trod the lion down; 
Ç Then rende.'ed up fo thee 
The charge thy love had given, 
And passed away thy face fo aee 
Revealed in highest heavea. 
6 On ail our bishops pour 
The Spirit of thy grace ; 
That, as he won the paire of yore, 
So they may van their race; 
7. That when this lire is donc, 
They may with him adore 
The ever-blessèd Three in One, 
In bliss for evermore. 



191 ,o,,o L 

- lB- ¢, -  ri 
ç ' 
(in fulO. E. «nd BL 8th ¢eat. Tr. L. ll. 
Part 2. For « 
Vie Proie. 
ON of a Virgin, Maker of thy n;other, 
Thou, Eod and Blossom from a Stem unstnëd 
Hear out 

191 (o»N 
UT QUE,"T L,X|$. (111. Il 5.) 
la vlate ti  = . 
¢ I I I'I l   __ Il 1  J]-- I' 
oe.   -  ---  -  
l i 1 i I 
IÇ - -- _  ' 
In that saine body grace from heaven obtaining. 
ore the world witness. 
3 Death, nor the rending pains of death appalled ber 
ondage snd torment round ber undefeated: 
So by the shedding of ber life attained she 
eavenly guerdon. 
P«rl 2. 
4 Fountain of mercy, er the raye se offç ; 
Purge our offences, paon out transgions, 
ç, that heafter we fo thee may render 
 Prai with thanksgiving. 
5. Thou the AIl-Father. thou the One-Begotten, 
Thou Holy Spirit, Three in One ce« ual, 
Glory be henceforth thine through 

ail the ages, 
World without ending. 





Mode viii. 

I " " . _  .  t --» ..... 
I " g  -- ---- 
æ  oeæ æ î 
I oe I 1 I 
  .-. , --. 
I  c , ?  - -ï- Vïy : -" -" 
' I I I  ' '  
e  here gicen  t whieh is used al Ereol. l Mati il fs ng fo . ll. 
Dung ttide itis ng ÇM. and E.) to 17, and during Eertide fo 123, Pa 
The Md Tu fo tk kFmn ll  round on the opsi  (Sv. Aos . 
OFFc Hvs. Com a Vitgin. Et. Ambro*e, 
M. and E. Ju, Corona Virginum. Tf. 
ESU, the Virgins' Croc, do thou ; 2 Amont the li]ies thou dost feed, 
Accept us as in prayer we bow; ] With Virgin choi accompanied-- 
Born of that Virgin whom alone With glory decked, the spotless brid 
The Iother and the Maid we own. ose bridal gifts thy love provides. 
3 They, wheresoe'er thy footeps end, 
Witb hymns and praises stil] attend ; 
In blesd troops they follow thee, 

4 We pray (hee therefore to bestow 
Upon our senses here below 
Thy grace, that so we may endure 
From int of al! corruption pure. 
5. Ail laud fo Goal the Father be, 
Al! praise, eternal Son, fo thee; 
Ail glory, as is ever meet, 
T« God the holy Paraclete. Amen. 

sT. .o». o,., 193, 194 
In merate ta  = 7 ' .1]rtào du in.cnt," 1782. 
Il.. 2 S- - - --- ' Z 
/ A _J_-2-_  g _A J-g_ ._ _A 
[ l[a be g it unison OEroughout. ] 
L M. 

8ilvio Mltomano, b. 1640. Tf. M. . 
Form, viri}i pectore. 
HE pralse$ of thst Saint we sing, 
To whom ail lands their tribute 
o with indomitable heart [part. 
re throughout life true woman's 
Restraining eve froward 
By ntle bond$ of abstinence, 
With prayer her bungrysoul sbe fed. 
And thus fo heavenlyjoys hth sped. 
King Christ, from whom ail virtue 
Who only dt wondrous things, 
As now fo thee she h in prayer, 
In mercy out petitions hr. 
4.AI! praise to God the Fatber be, 
Ail praise, ernal Son,  thee ; 
Whom with the Spirit we adore 
For ever and for evermore. Amen. 
/ .- 
} "-  83 

2»hram tbe 8yrian, d. 73. T,: F. C. E. 

ECEIVE, O Lord, in heaven above 
Our pl'ayers and supplications 
Give us a heart ail full of love 
And steady courage to endure. 
o Thy holy naine out mçuths confess, 
Our tongue are harps to praise thy 
grace ; 
Forgive our sins and wickedness 
Who in this vigil seek thy face. 
3 Let hot our song become a sigb, 
A wail of anguish and despair; 
In loving-kindness, Lord most high, 
leceive to-nigh t our eveningprayer. 
4. O raise us in that day, that we 
May sing, where ail thy Saints adore» 
Praise to thy Father, and to thee, 
And to thySpirit evermore. Amen. 

Is bright as heretofore. 
Noir, strong in hope, united 
H/s festival we greet; 
H. wiZ| present our troubles 
Belote the mercy-seat. 
The Scriptures tell how Moses 
Did f,,r the peuple pray, 
Appeased the .u.ige eternal, 
And turned Iis wrath away; 

35.lSL r. A.& 
Elijah's p."ayer had power, 
To close and open heaven : 
Such Saints as were aforetime, 
Such Saints to us are given. 

3 0 Saint of God, belovèd. 

And placed on his right hand, 
Thy prayers be like a rampart 
As 'gainst the foe we stand; 
For Abraham's God is thy God. 
And Isaac's Goal is thine, 
Thine is the Goal of Jaeob, 
The Lrd of power benigu. 

For forty years his Israel 
He fed with Angels' food; 
The flinty rock he opened 
The streams of Water flowed. 
'-ntreat that Christ his peop|e 
May lead fo victory: 
The Goal of ./oshua's triumph 
The I,ord thy Oo<l la he. 


- , , .   ,.. _ 
/ ./1 , I 2 I i I  - -- 
,=- J  OEoe_j_  I H 
--  -- - 
o.This hmn »my (dso e »y to ST. lc.ak o. 27). 
OR ail thy Saints, 0 Lord,  2 For ail ty Saints, 0 Lord 
Who strove in tee to live,  Accept our thankful cry, 
Who fo]lwed tee, obeyed, adored, Vho counted tee their reat reward, 
Our grate[ul ymn recive. And strove in tee to die. 
8 They ail in lire and death, 
Vith thee their Lord i= view. 
Lerned from t]y Holy Spirit's breath 
To surfer and fo 
4 For tis ty naine we bits, 
And umbly beg tat we 
May fcllow tem 
And lire and die in thee ; 
5. Vith them the Father, Son» 
And Holy Ghost fo praise 
As in the ancient days was done» 
And sa]l trough end]e days. 


o« . ¢c.. 197 
In »eral tirg : = 72. O. GIæ, 11695, 
_, . 
[l_ __ I  Y 1 (  Il I  /-- 
]. Bt, 167]74B. 
 1VE me the wings of fth to rise, They wrtled haï, as e o now, 
Within the veil, and sec I Vith sins and doubts  fears. 
The Saintsabove, howgeat their joys  3 I askthemwhence their victocame; 
How bght their glories . They, with it breath, 
20noe they vere mourning here low cbe thei conquest  the Lmb, 
And wet heir couch with teurs; Their triumph to h dcath. 
4 They marked the footsteps that he trod, 
Hm zeal spired their br--t, 
d, followi their incate God, 
Poss the promised rest. 
5. Our glorious Leader ch]ms out praise 
For his own pattern given 
Vhile the long cloud of witness 
Show the me path to hvea. 
,., .,...,..,,,.  = « 198 
i   ,  _p _p_.._pl 


I ]-AEK! tho sound of holy voices, 
/ Cbaating at the crystal sea, 
Allluya, Alleluya, 
Alleluya, Lord, fo thee: 
h[ultitude, ,vhich none can number» 4 
Like the stars in glory stands, 
Cothed in whito apparel, holding- 
Palms of victory in their hands. 
Patriarch, and holy Prophet, 
Who prepared the xvay of Christ, 
King. Apostle, Saint, Confessor 
M:rtyr, and Evangelit, 
S.'dutly Maiden, god-ly ]Iatron, 5 
%Vidowswhohave vatehed toprayer, 
Joined in holy concert, singing 
To the Lord of ail, are there. 
They bave corne from tribul-'tion. 
Andhavewashed their robesiablood, 
Vashed thcm in tire Blood of $esus; 
Tried theywere and firm theystood ; 
6. God of God, the One-begotten, 
Light of light, Emmanuel. 
In whose Body joined together 
Ail the Saints for ever dwell; 
Pour upon us of thy fullness, 
That we may for evermore 
God the Father, God the Son, and 
God the Holy Ghost adore. Amen. 

Mocked, imprisoned, stoned, tormented, 
Sawn asunder, slain with sword, 
They bave conquered death and Safari 
By the might of Christ the Lord. 
Marching with thy Cross their banner 
They bave triumphed folloving 
Thee, the Captain of salvation, 
Thee their Saviour and their King 
Gladly. Lord, with thee theysuffered; 
Gladly, Lord, with thee they died, 
And by death fo lire immortal 
They wre born, and glorified. 
low they reign in heaveuly glory, 
lïow they walk in golden light» 
low they drink, as fronl a river, 
ttoly bliss and iafinite, 
Love and peace they taste for ever, 
And ail truth and kaowledge -ee 
In the beatific vision 
Of the blessèd Trinity. 

la ,,¢,2efat¢ tin . = 116. Prly 8nh Md. 
!  I  l l l   Il " l l  l  . l  " "  
I .- / '  I    t j : I I  "" "" 
 " ' '' ii 

Verse 4, line I, slou]d be sung: 
Hun-ger and thirt are fe]t o more, 
 I I I  I 
_ .. -- - 
OV right these gb»rious spirits 
J shine 
ence ail their vhite array? 
H«-.w came they 
Of evrlasting day? 
2 Lo  titesearetitey fmffringsgreat 
Vho cme to realms of light, 
And i  te lood of Chst bave washed 
Thue rotes that shine so bright. 

I. Il'art: and ol£wr, 18lb ce«l. 
3 No,v with triumphal palms they snd 
Bvfore the throne on high, 
And serve the Gd they love amidt 
The glories of the ky. 
4 Hunger and thirst are felt nn more, 
Nor sun vith scorching ray ; 
God is theirsun, vho cheeringbam 
Diffuse eteraal day. 
5 The Lamb, which dwells amid the 
Shall o'er them still prvside, 
Foed them with nourihment divine, 
And ail their footstep guide. 
6. In ptures green he'il lead his flrk 
Vhere living streams appear; 
And God the Lord from every eye 
Shall wipe off every tear. 

SLM 4. (s;. ;. ;z.s.) 9.00 c«,p, =-,,,, L norços 
J,t ,zodo'at¢ t;m¢, »,,oj¢ztieall =, = 1.0, for Generar P.*airer, 1551. 


200 (.t,,,d) ,-:', 
OE A I  , ' t   .  _  ---. _«__ 
I I ' 
j i =- î_F_  , , =-r-- __. 
I+  I  / /1 - 
I=" --C oe ....  -- -- "-= 
  must be bstdu++dfor -- re. 
U(son. SuI»ern mat gaua. 

]-OY and trimnph everlasting 
• l Haththe heavenly Chmch on high; 
For that pure immortal gLadness 
Ail out feat-days mourn and aigh ; 
Yet in death's dark desert 
Doth the mother aid ber child, 
Guards celestial thence attend us, 
Stand in combat to defend us. 
Itere the world's lerpetual warfare 
Itolds from heaven the soul al)ait; 
Legioned foes in shadowy terror 
Vex the Sabbath of the heart. 
O how happy that estate 
%Vhe,'e drlight doth mot abate; 
For that home the spirit yearneth, 
'lmL+ none langu[sheth nor mourneth. 
There the body bath no torment. 
There the mind is free from care, 
There is every voice rejoicing, 
Every heart i loving there. 
• . 289 

Angels in that eity dwell ; 
Them their King delighteth well : 
Still they joy and veary never 
More and more desiring ever. 
4*There the seers and fathe] holy, 
There the prophets glorified, 
AI1 their doubts and darkness ended, 
In the Light of light abide. 
There the Saints, whose memories old 
Ve in faithful hymns uphold, 
Have forgot their bitter story 
In the joy of $e,u'a gIory. 
.*There from lowliness exalted 
Dxvelleth Mary, Queen of graee, 
Ever with ber presence pleading 
'Gainst the sin of Adam's race. 
To that glory of the blest, 
By their prayers and faith confest, 
Us, us too, v¢hen death bath freed us» 
Christ of his good merey lead us. 


Jo .Jont9o*eery , 1771-18,54. 
ALMS of g]ory, raiment bright 
Crowns that never fade away, 
Gird and deck the Saints in ]ight 
Priests, and kings and conquerors they. 
2 Yet the conquerors bring their palms 
To the Lamb amidst the thron 
And proc]aim in joyful plms 
Victoy through his Cross alone. 
3 Kin for harps their crowns esign 
Cing,  they strike the chords» 
'Take the kingdom, it is thine, 
King of kings, and rd of ]ords.' 
 Round the altar priests confe, 
If their robes are white  snow 
'Twas the Saviour's ghones% 
And his BloC» that de them so. 
5. They were nol too like 
Ah  wben we ]ike them must die, 
Hay our souls translated thus 
Triumph, reign and shine on high. 

HE Son of God goes forth to war 
A kingly crown to gain ; 
H is blood-red anner streams afar! 
Who follows in his train? 

2 W}lo best can drink his cup of ,voe» 
Tl'iumpltant over pain 
Who patient bears his cross below, 
I-le follows in his train. 

Bishop I. Heb¢r, 17831826. 
Could pierce beyond the grave; 
Who saw his Haster in the sky, 
And called on him to save. 
Like him, with pardon on his tongue 
In midst of mortal pain, [wrong! 
He prayed for them that did the 
V'ho follows in his train? 
A glorious band, the chosen few 
On whom the Spirit came, 
Twelve valiant Saints, their bope they knew 
And mocked the cross and flame. 
They met the tyrant's brandish'd steel, 
The lion's gory mane, 
They bowed their necks the death to feel ; 
Who follows in their train? 
noble army, men and boys, 
The mtron and the mid: 
Around the Saviour's throne rejoice 
In robes of light arayed. [ u 
They climbed the steep ascent of heven ' -- l 
Through perii, toil, and pain ; l "l  " m  " 
God. to us may grace be given 
To follow in thei» tffiain. 



1 Vhat are.., these that glow hm a - far, 
2 Wbat are.., thee that fly a 
 Light a bore light, and bli be .$ond a cloud, With 
o .. blim, Whom 
4l Goal the ... F ther give u grave To 

The that ln o - ver t gol- den bar,... Stng  the 
flh . ing h and fa -  wd; In their.. 
wor n-not u - r, Io, who le th  s Ki wi .. 
'Ik in the light of e . 8u' fe ;... G 
/ I - - -o- - : -o- -o 

on, pure a the dove, çith o - pen al-ms, and 
hs a vic - to - rious /elm, la their hand 
ny cro-n hê stands, Andour names are grav'n up - 
give uz a part In tbe hi - ding-place of 



heart .f love. They the b|e.d on gone be . fore, 
robe anda Im 'el.oem-ingAn - gels th that.. 
n his han ; A  Prier, with G-up- Iffed ey, He 
Jv . su's h; G the 8pi - t  hod us.. up Tbat 
  '  • 

[ They the b|-dlor e o vez - moral O.t ol t trl-bu- 
/ Yo.r own Anel and you, ad me ; Vho havegedust 
/ off - e for ts his c - ri - flce;  the Lamb of G, for 
[ we may drink of Je- mx's cap; Gmigh.ty, 

I1..  -I | " I I ,   -- , I I 
I_Xz.__.__-- ----- " - , - .___-_._l___.___oEc.. 
I   '  - .?__.,  ----- 
] -  - ti they went Hoe to tei home of hven 
[ y and.., nigbt On te left hand and on the ght. 
I in . ne .. lain, That w  msy lire, he livre a- in. 
I God Thin One, God AI - igh - ty, G a - lone. A-men. 

ALL SAINTS. (87. 87. 77.) Darm,tadt G¢,angbu¢A, 1699 
oderate Mow, di oe = . (dwktt 
I  i 1 i    -   -  I -- 
I " , ', ', I Ç t i i i i i , ,d 
ç] I I'î i  '-F I.- ' -  
I I '  / / I- I I / / I  
I  I_ / I 1 t I ]  I 
I.., «..,,  I . F J i  
Tf. .  

HO are these,like starsappearing, 
These before God'a throne who 
Each a golden erown is wearing; 
3Vho are ail this glorious hand? 
Alleluya, hark! they sing, 
Praising loud their heacenlyKing. 
2 Vho are these of dazzling brightness, 
These in God's own truth arrayed, 
Clad in robes of purest whiteness, 
lobes whose lustre ne'er shall fade, 
/Ce'er be touched by time's rude 
hand-- [hand ? 
Whenee cornes ail this glorious 

3 These are they who bave contendod 
For their Saviour's honour long, 
VCrestling on till life was ended, 
Folloxving hot the sinful throng; 
These, xvho well the fight sus- 
tained, [gained. 
Triur,ph through the Lamb hax'e 
4: These are t hey whose ltearts were riven, 
Sore with woe and anguish tried, 
Who in prayer full oft bave striven 
With the Goal they glorified; 
lgow, their painful conflict o'er, 
Goal bas bid them weep no more. 

5. These like priests bave watehed and waited, 
uffering up to Christ their will, 
Soul and body consecrated, 
Day and night to serve him still: Amen. 
ow, in God's most holy place 
Blest they stand befo his face. 
'hefollowing is ao suitab[e: 641 For ail th¢ Sainta who from their labours test. 



Mrl. C. F. 4/e.vander, 182-95. 
pJESUS cal]s us!--o'er t],e tumult 
Of out life's wild restless sea 
Day by day his sweet voice soundeth, 
Saying, 'Chritian, foLLow me': 
As of oLd Saint Andrew heard it 
]3y the Galilean lake, 
Turl,ed from home, and toil, and kindred, 
LeavJng ail for his dear sake. 
J'esus ealls us from the worship 
Oî the vain world's golden store, 
From each idol that would keep us 
Saying, ' Christian, Love me more.' 
In oui" joys and in out sorrows, 
Days of toil and hours of ease, 
Still he calls, in cares and pleasures 
'Christian, love me more than these.' 
J'esus calls us !--by thy mercies, 
Saviour, may we hear thy call, 
Give our hearts to thy obedience, 
Serve and love thee best of ail. 
Th¢ fofiowing is also suitable: 
383 Dear lord and Father.. 



(0. H., 

Mrl. '. Toic, 1$1_0-7:], and W. Dfalon, 
0 THOU, who didst with love untold 
Thy doubting servant chide 
Bidding tbe eye of oen bebo]d 
Thy wounded hands and side: 
Grat us like him, with beartfelt awe 
To own thee God and rd, 
And from his hour of darke draw 
Faith  the incarnate o. 

And while that wondrous record now 
Of unbe]ief we hear, 
0 let us on]y lowlier bow 
In se]f-distrusting fear; 
And grant that we may never date 
Thy loving heart fo grieve, 
But, at the last, their bles.sing share 
Who see hot, yet believe. 


LL..«LOFF.". (« « »i 207 
I. m«'t« tim¢  = 70. d Wym Md. 
  ,.   , . . 
I  -- 
-I I i I I 
I I I I I__ I I I I A I-- 
I 'î,, iF I i «, I!'l I ,I 
I !. I  _ Il i il-.- I -- 
Nor.--is #,ym may also b« ,g to AUSELiA (o. 489). 

(fil H.. 171-0.) 
"TE sing the gloriou,s conquest 
Before Damascus gate, 
When Saul, the Church's spoiler, 
Came breathing threats and hate; 
The ravening wolf rushed forward 
Full early to the prey ; 
Bt, t le! the Shepherd met him, 
And bound him fast to-day! 
O Glory most excelling 
That smote acro his path! 
O Light that pierced and blinded 
The zealot in his wrath! 
4. Lord, teach thy Church the lesson» 
Still in ber darkest hour 
Of ,veaklless and of danger 
To trust thy hidden power. 
Thy grace by ways mysterious 
The wrath of man can bind, 
And in thy boldest foeman 
Thy chosen Saint can find! 
• 8 297 

O Voice that spake ,vithin 
The calm reprov;ng word! 
O Love that sought and held hin 
The bondman of his Lord! 
30 V'isdom, ordering ail things 
In order strong and sweet, 
'hat nobler spoil was ever 
Cast st the Victor's feet? 
,Vat ,aiser master-builder 
E'er wrought at thine employ, 
Than he, till now so furious 
Thy building to destroy? 



Mode i. 

- • I • I • : 
' .1:. -- : 
Orr;c. Hv E. 4scribed fo 4rchbi.Owp Raanu 
(.Ml 21 or 215.) Qu chog vtum. .uu»', 9tk cnl. Tr. T. M. L 
LL prophets hall thé, from of old announcing, 
By tho inbrthêd Spirit of the Father, 
God's Hothor, bnging prophoei to fullne, 
Ma the 

2 Thou the true Virgin Mother of the Highest, 
Bearivg incarnate God in awed obedienc% 
Meekly acceptest for a sinless off.pring 
3 Ia the higlt temple Simeon receivee thee, 
Takes to his bent arms with a holy rapture 
That promised Saviour, vision of redemption, 
Christ long awaiteoE 
4 Now the fair realm of Paradise attaining, 
And to thy Son's throne, 3[other of the Eterna|, 
Raisèd ail glorious, yet in earth's devotion 
Join with us always. 
5. Glory and worhip fo the Lord of all things 
Pay we unresting, who alone adorèd, 
Father and Son and Spirit, in the highest 
Reigneth eternal. Ame.. 
• 22 Comerejoici,g. A - - - men. 


oL, o.. (« « «) 209 
Moderatel¥ dow  = . «ly  ='= Psalt, 159. 
I / I ' Il I'" I   J  
I , ç 
I jAj _ 
'-:#  ' -__ il" '- --- - 
i  i  i i t --I I 
-- / I I I  I I 
J. ll¢»'ton 18293. 
AIL fo the Lord wo cornes, ' 3 There Josep at ber side 
Cornes to his temple gate In reverent wonder stands; 
'ot wit is Angel ost, And, filled wit oly joy, 
Not in his kingly state ; OId Simeon in his ands 
o souts proclaim im nigh, Takes up the promised Cild 
No crowds is coming wait ; The glo of ail lands. 
2 But borne upon the trone 4 Hall fo te grt First-rn 
Of ary's getle breast, Wose ransom-price tey pyl 
SVatced by ber duteous love, Te Son before ail worlds, 
In er fond as at r»st ; The Cild of man to-day 
Thus fo is Fter's house That e migt ransom us 
He cornes, te heavenly Guest. Who still in bondage lay. 
5. 0 Ligt of ail te eart, I 
Ty cildren wait for tee 
Corne to ty temples ere, 
That we, from sin set fr 
Defe ty Fater's face 
ay ail presented bel 



(0. //',» 174-&) lt. Alford» 1810-71. 

HE highest and the holiest place 
Guards hot the heart from sin ; 
The Church that safest seems withou 
May harbour foes within. 

2 Thus in the small and ehosen hand, 
Beloved above the rest, 
One fell from his apostle»hip» 
A trator-soul unblest 

8 But hot the great designs of Goal 
Man's sins shall overthrow; 
Another witness to the truth 
Forth fo the lands shaR go. 

1 The soul that sinneth, it shall die; 
Thy purpose shall not rail ; 
The word of grace no less shall sound, 
The truth no less prevail. 

5. Righteous, 0 Lord. are all thy ways; 
Long as the worlds endure, 
From foes without and foes within 
Thy Chureh shall stand secure. 



o-o ,s-. (,.c. »,.) 211 
l « diO   = 76. æ P, 1562. 
 , ..  , , ,Æ ....  { ,, 
Il - --   i  
l / I z ' ' I 
/ I1,  I 
I  l t ot-- 
ov.This ymn ay also be smzg fo a Ç, . tune, 


E praise thy name, all-holv Lord, I 
For him, the beacon-livlt 
That shone beside our western sea 
Through mists of,ancient night ; 
%Vhosent te Ireland s faintingChurch 
lYew tidings of thy word: 
For David, prince of Cambrian Saints 
We praise thee, holy Lord. 

.E.J..lfll, dl. 
2 For ail the saintly band whose prayers 
Still gird our land about, 
Ofwhom lest men disdain their praise» 
The voiceless stones cry out ; 
Our hills and vales on every hand 
Their names and deeds record : 
For these, thy ancient hero host 
We praise thee, holy Lord. 

3. Grant us but half their burning zeal, 
But half their iron faith 
But half their charity of heart, 
And fortitude te death ; 
That we with them and ail thy Saints 
[ay in thy truth accord 
And ever in thy holy Church 
May praise thee, holy Lord. 


BT. PATRICK (March 17th). 
t. Patrick's Breastplate. 
Stile also for @eerat 
A;ompiu mblU. 
Elow and dgnifled  = 72. 

St. Patrlck, $72=466. 
Tf. #$h'». C. F. Aie#ander. 

Front ¢tn 
l»'ish Hymn #$l¢lody. 
 Voices in 
1 1 bind un -  y . mlf  - day The etrong naine 
LI I il ]:-h I- ,,l ., i 
l  IJ___ I : I  I JJ l 
 I 1 -- " 
/of the Trie . I - ty, y in - vo -  - tion 
)1.] +_ _p. r.Çe_ --  lpl _? 
I I  I 
 ï ï t 
- ...... 
of the me, le roe in On and One i Throe. 
I1 I I I) 
j ! _ ' ___   -- 
* This roEs  te complete t,, only as girafe" t« 2-% 


212 (,.«) 

2 I bind thi dy to nie for er - er» By wer of 
3 I bd un -  sny - if tbe weg Of tbe gt 
4 I bind un-  my- lg  . day The vit - tuoe 
Pt. 5 I bind un -  my - lf  y  wer of 
6*A. galet the de - mon naoe of n, The vioe that 
7« A - gait ail  - n' 1i1 and wi}» A - int fai 
(IN  :. /' oeg--_ 

faith, Cbrt' In car . nation ; H p tim in 
love of Cher - u . bim ; e swoet 'Weil donc' in 
of the hr - lit hven, The glo . rio un's lire. 
God  hold and ld, Hi eye 
giv mpt- a - tion force, e ns tni ius th 
word of hv re ay, A - gait the know - ledge 
-« - I[ -- - 


Jet - n er; His dth o Cr or my  - ation; 
judge, ment heur ; . . Tho oer - vice of the Ser - a . phm, 
. v - ing rsy ....  'hi- n of the moon at even, 
might  smy, . . . H   hrk - en  my n. 
war wioE -in, ... Th hoe - til men that m my u; 
that de - fli, A - gainst  h's i de . la . t, 
K/ i I I-- 

His bunrst o ing frein the spic ed tmb; Itia rid - ing 
Con - f . o" faith, A -  ti' word, e Pa- tarcha" 
The fllt - ing of the liglt - ning fe, The whiri, ing 
T wie - dom of my G  ch, His hand 
Or few or ma - ny, far or nigh, In er - 
A- gainst the wiz . ard's e - il crut, A - gainer the 
1 q  L L  I / ,-- 
1 I I I I I I  I 
,-, ç ....  '  __ _ 
 I I n/    --" 


212 («».,- 

up the heaven -ly way; His coin - ing at the day or 
prayers, the Pro - phetm' scrolls, Ail good deeds done un - to the 
wind' rem . pes - tuous shocks, The ara - ble earth, the deep matit 
guide, bis sbield to ward; The word o God to give me 
place, and in ail hours0 A - gainst their tierce boa o t] - li- 
death - wound and tbe burn-ing, The cbok * ing wave, tbe poi-aoned 

doorn ;.. I bind un to my - elf to - day. 
Ird, .. And pu- ri ty of vit - gin ouls. 
sea, . . . A - round the old e - ter - nal rocks. 
speech,.. His heaven - ly hot to be y guaxd. 
tF ..... I bind to me these ho - ly powers. 
shaft,... Pro - tect me, Chrlt till thy re . turn-ing. 
(1__=i_  . ...II , ,'__rl__l._____.  " '  " l l -- " 
- __ ---:eeli-" __--e_  __'__--'" '.1-i 
JI j I I ' I ïl I " I " 
)l,..a- ,, , , _  _ 
çî-V " 


Christ "ve . side me, Christ to win me, Christ fo coin - for and re - tore Rie, 


212 (rina) 

/ of the ame, Th@ Three in One, and On@ in Three. 
r ,T l 

212 (com,.à) 
Of whom all ha o titre bath ¢re - a. tion; E . r - nal 

I va-tion, Sal - va - tion is of Christ tlne krd. 
11 r-, I"  , OE 


Mode i. 

See ao : 640 Virgin-born ! we bow before thee. 
OrIcE Hvf. E. Conception» 4nuciation, 
vatirity» . 
Ave, ma Sll 
AIL, 0 Star that intest 
Toward the port of heaven 
Thou to whom as maiden 
G for Son w given. 
2 Vhen the lution 
Gabriel had spoken, 
Peaoe w sbed upon 
Eva's bonds vere broken. 
3 Bound by Satan'a fetrs, 
Hlth and vision needing, 
G will aid d ligbt us 
At thy gentle pleadin 

c. 9th crnt. Tf. A.  

4 esu's tender Mother, 
Mvke thy supplication 
Unto him who chose thee 
At his Incarnation ; 
 That, O snatchless aiden, 
Passing meek and lowly, 
Tby dear Son msy make us 
Blsmeless chaste and holy. 
6 So, as now we journey, 
Aide out weak endeavour» 
Ti|l we gaze on 
And rejoice for ever. 
7. Father, Son and Spirit, 
Three in One confessing i 
Give we equal glory, 
Equal praise and blessing. Amen. 



214, 215 


»lut«,atio «tivil9 . l'.M. Tf. J. L ealt. 
Quem , ntns, nethe 
H E G whom rth, and 
Adore, nd laud, and magnify," 
Who o'er their thefold f.bric igns, 
The Virgin's spotless womb contains. 
2 The God whose will by moon and sun 
And all things in due course is done 
Is borne upon a Maiden's bret, 
By lu]lest heavenly gra posst. 
3 How blest that Motherin whose shrine 
The great Artificer Divine 
Wboee hand contains the earth and 
Voucbfed, as in his ark, fo fiel 
4 Blest, in the mesgeGabriel brought; 
B]est by t he work the Spirit wrought 
From vhom the Great Desire of earth 
OEook human fleh and human birth. 
. Ail honour, laud, and glory be, 
O Jesu, Virgin-born to 
AIl glo as is ever meet, 
To Father and to Paraclete. 


fo Pvn loBIs NAscrrvn (No. 14). 
OFFICE HYMN'. I. Cotc¢ption, c. 9lb cent. 
n»uncialon, ativity K V.[. Tf. P. D. 
O glori Femin& 
0 GLORIOUS Maid, exalted far 
Beyond the light ofburning 
From him who ruade thee thou haut 
Grace fo be Mother of his Son. [won 
That which v Iost in hapless Eve 
Thy holy Scion did retrieve : 
The tear-worn ons of Adam's rsce 
Thgh thee bave n the hvenly 
3 Thouvast the ofheaven'shighLl. 
The door throh which the Hght bath 
Chritians joice, for through a Maid 
To all mankind is life conveyed  
4. Ail honour laud, and glory be, 
O Jesu, rgin-born fo thee ; 
Ail glory, as is ever meet, 
To Father and fo Paraclete. Amen. 

VE Maria! blessèd Maid! 
Lily of Eden's fragrant shade ! 
Vho can express the love 
That nurtured thee, sopure and sweet, 
Making thy heart a shelter meet 
For Jesus' holy Dove! 
2 Are Maria! llother blest, 
To whom, caressing and caressed, 
Clings the eternal Child ; 
Favoured beyond Ar¢hangels" dream. 
W'hen first on Ihee with tenderest gleam 
Thy new-born Saviour smiled. 
5. Are Maria! /ho1 
Ail but adoring love may claire. 
Yet may we reach thy shrine; 
For he, thy Son and Saviour, vows 
To crown ail lowly lofty brows 
,Vith love and joy like thine. 

Jo K¢bl¢, 179"2-166. 
3 Thou wept'st meek IL iden,Mother mild, 
Thmt wept'st upon thy sinless Child, 
Thy very heart was riven : 
And yet, what mourning marron here 
Would deem thy smTows bought too dear 
By ail on this side heaven ! 
4 A Son that never did amiss, 
That never shamed his Mother's kiss, 
Nor crossed her fondest prayer: 
E'en frora the Tree he deign'd fo b0w 
For ber his agonizèd hrow, 
Her, his sole earthly cm. 
whose narae  
1 A . men, 


 - ._I l I il I i- 
l I I  I Ii l / I I I 
ER Virgin eyes saw God inrnate born, 
When she fo Bethl'em came that happy morn ; 
How high ber aptures then began to swell, 
Rone but ber own omniscient Son can tell. 

2 As Eve ,vhen she ber fontal sin reviewed. 
,Vept for helelf and ail she should include, 
Blest ary with rnan's Saviour in embrace 
Joyed for herself and for ail human race. 
3 Ail Saints are by ber Son's dear influence blest, 
She kept the very Fountain at ber breast; 
The Son adorer and mtrsed by the sweet laiR 
A thousandfold of love for love repaid. 
4. Heaven with transcendent joys ber entranee 
]¢ext to his throne ber Son lais Mother plaeed; 
Ana here below, now she's of heaven possest, 
Ail generations are to call ber blest. 

I  ï , r-ï'   
I- r ç ï'   ï- ï, , • - 
il   -  - 
 I I ' I I  t 
who own th faith of 
ing the woners that wer« one 
Whn the love of 
O'r or sin th 
When he ruade the Virgin 
other ofis only Son. 
«il Ma fll 


Blesd were the ehosen people 
Out of whom the Lord did corne, 
Blesd wa the land of promise 
Fashioned for hi» earthly home; 
But more blessèd far the Iother 
She who bare him in ber womb. 

Wherefore let ail faithful people 
Tell the honour of her naine, 
Let th¢ Church in ber foreshadowed 
Part in ber thanksgiving claiR; 
What Christ's ]iother sang in gladness 
LJt Chri»t's people sing the saine. 

Let us weave out supplications 
She with us and we with ber, 
For thc advancement of the faithful, 
For each faithful worshipper 
For the doubting, for the sinful, 
For each heed]es$ wanderer. 

 * llay the 5Iother's intereessivns 
On out bornes a blessing win, 
That the children ail be prospered 
Strong and fair nd pure within, 
Following out Lord's own footsteps, 
F/rm in faith and free frein sin. 

* For the siek and for the agèd, 
For our dear ones far away, 
For the hearts that mourn in secret, 
Ail xvho need our prayers to-day, 
For the faithful gone beforo 
]}lay the holy Virgin pray. 

7. Praise, O ary, praise the Father, 
Praie thy Saviour and thy Son, 
Praise the everlasting Spirit, 
V(ho hath ruade thee ark and throne 
O'er ail creatures hi exalted . 
Lowly praiae the Three in One. 


lodtratdy $low, àign¢d  = . $lely by H. Lw, 
I I  I i i i -1 I i i , 
OB o of Hotw, within whoz çnited word fo sound thy praise: 
hand So, in this land, join, we eeh, 
Dominion tests on sea and land, Ail hearts and lips in single speech. 
Before vho wo of life or death 
The strength of nations is but breath : 3 To George our Saint thougavest grace 
O King: enthroned ail thrones ave, Without one fear ail foes fo faoe, 
Give trength unto the land we love. And to confess by faithful death 
That Word of Life which was 
2 Thou Btath of Lire since rime gan, breath. 
Boeahing upon the lips of man, O help us, Helper of SMnt Goerge, 
Haut taught each kindred race fo raise To fear no bonds that man can fo 
Union. 4. Ar us like him, who in thy tst 
eat dow the dragon to the dust; 
So hat we too may tread down 
And with thy Saints a erown mgy wim 
elp us, O Goal, that we may 
A land acceptable fo thee. 

(0. H., 123» Pl. 2 ; 124 PL 2.1 L«r¢ç on. 
HE Saint who first found grace to 
The Lire vhich was the Life of men, 
And hed abroad the Gospel's ray» 
His faine we celebrate to-day. 
2 Lo, drawn by Pentecostal tire, 
His heart ¢on¢eived ira great de«ire, 
When pure o£ mind, inspired, he heard 
And with his hand set tbrth the Word. 
3 Then, clearly vrit. the Godhead shone 
Screne and fair to look upon ; 
And through that record still cornes power 
To l[ghten souls in death'a rk hour. 
4  ho]y mind, for wisdom fit 
Wherein that Life of lives stood writ, 
May we through minds of like accord 
hov forth the pattern of our Lord. 
 And  may nll xvhosc minds are dark 
Be led fo truth by good Saint Iark, 
And afer this our earthly strlfe 
. 2raie o vho 
Ad ent 
And by his Holy Spirit w,st 
To teach the lirst Evangelist. Amen. 


(0. H., 123, PI. 2 ; 121, PI. 2.) P.D. 
IHE winter's sleep was long and deep, 
But earth is awakened and gay; 
For the life ne'er dies that from God doth rise 
And the green cornes after the grey. 
2 So God doth bring the world fo spring; 
And on this holy day 
Doll the Church proclaim her Apostles' faine, 
To svelcome the first of ]Hay. 
8 Two Saints of God went by the road 
That leadeth on to light ; 
And they gave up all at their Master's call, 
To work in their Mauter's sight. 
4 Vould Philip's mind the Father find? 
Lo, he hath round the Way; 
For to know the Son is fo know the One 
Vhom the earth and the heavens obey. 
5 And, Jams, 'twas thine by grace divine 
To preach the Christian lire, 
Where our faith is shown i,y out works alone, 
And love overcometh attife. 
6. Lord, grant that we may brethren 
As Christia.s lire in deed 
For it is but so we can learn to know 
Th truth that to thee doth lead. 



(/). 7., 174-6, iffter .4scraiontid«). 
IIE Son of Consolation ! 
Of Levi's priest |y line, 
Filled with tl, o H,)ly Spirit 
And fervent faith divine, 
Witl, lnvly self-oblation, 
F-r CI, ri»t an offering meet, 
l[e laid his earthly riches 
At the Apostles' feet. 
The Son of Consolation ! 
O naine of soot],ing balm ! 
It fell on sick a,,d vea,'y 
Like breath f heven's own taire! 
And the blest Son of Comfot 
Vitl, ferless loving hand 
TI,e Gentiles' great AI,ostle 
Lcd te the faithful banal. 
The Son of ConsolMion ! 
Drawn near unto his Lord, 
He won the Mrtyr's glmLv, 
And passed te his reward ; 

h.». Coote. 
¥ith him is faith nov ended, 
For evez lest in sight, 
But love, msde perfect, fills 
With prsise, and joy, and light. 
The Son of Consolation! 
Lnrd, hear our humble praver, 
That each of us thy children " 
This blessëd naine may bear; 
That we, sweet comfort shedding 
O'er homes of lmin and voe, 
'Midst sickness and in priso% 
ay eek thee ]]ere be|ow. 
The Sons of Consolation 
O vhat their bliss vill be 
When Christ the King shall tell them, 
'Ye did if unto me!' 
The merciful and loving 
The Lord of lire shall own, 
And &s ]is priceless jevels 
Shall set them round his t]rone. 



| ---, I 
I -,-  : - 
Oc Hv. E. Paul io»u, 8t cent. 
Çt quant laxi 
ET tne eple, holy 5ohn, remind us, 
Ere we can meetly sing thy deeds of wonde, 
Hearts mt  chtened, and the bonds that bind us 
roken aunder ! 


loT£.A»t0/her harmoni:ation o] lhis tune u, ill be foultd al Hymn 188. 

Lot a swift Angei, front tho skies 
descending, [naming; 
Tel]s to thy father what sha]l be thy 
Ail thy life's greatness to its bitter 
ending Duly proclaiming. 
But when he doubted vhat the Ange| 
told him, [story; 
Came to him dumbness to confirm the 
At thineappearing, healed again behold 
him, Chanting thy gloryI 


4 Oh ! what asplendour and a revelation 
Came to each mother, at thy joyful 
leaping, [nation, 
Greeting thy 3lonarch, King of every 
In the womb sleeping. 
5. Angels in orde ever|asting praise 
thee, [dous; 
God, la thy triune Majesty tremen- 
Hark to the prayers we, penitents, 
upraise thee : 
Save and defe,d us. Amen. 

Paulu Di¢o, tl c4t. T: 
Atrs deserti. 
'EN in thy chi]dhood, "raid the deoert places, 
Thou hadst a refuse from the city gainêd, 
Fa'-- from ail slander and its bitter traces 
Living unstainëd. 
Offert had prophets in the distant ages 
Sung to announce the Daystar and to naine him; 
But as the 8aviour, last of ail the sages, 
Thou didst proclaim him. 
Than John the Baptist, none ofall Eve's daughters 
E'er bore a greater, vhether high or ]ovly: 
He was thought vorthy, washing in the waters 
Jesus the holy. 
Angels in orders everlasting praise thee, 
God, in thy triune Majesty tremendous; 
Hark to the pryers w% penitenta upraise thee: 
Save and defend us. Amen. 

HA,B,,«E, oF .o,,. C««,« .225 
Unison. Hany. 
I , I 11 I I  I , Il 
] - I  --- , il , tt 
  r,   * I , --- 
t '' ' ' I , '. 
, I 1 ]  -- 
ï-,  , 
I I I 
, I=  . .»   !  ! •  
=p- - ,,  ,, , -- 
I  I / J I I 
- d 1 - -? - 
14 , , 1  I , 
'  I  -- ' 
Pur altue 
AIL, harbinger of morn : 
Thou that art this day rn, 
d hemldest the Vord with clarion voice  
Ye fthful ones, in him 
hold the dawning dira 
Of the bright day, and let your hearts joioe. 



John ;--by that chosen naine 
To call him, Gabriel came 
By God's ppointment from his home on high : 
What deeds that babe should do 
To manhood ,vhen he grew, 
God sent his Angel forth fo testify. 

Unison. 3 

There is none greater, rmne, 
Than Zachariah's son ; 
Than this no prophet bath been born : 
Of prophets he may claire 
3Iore thon a prophet's faine ; 
Sublimer deeds than theirs his brow adorn. 

 Lo, fo prepare thy ,vay,' 
Did God the Father say, 
 Before thy face my messenger I sed, 
T|ly coming to forerun ; 
As on the orient sun 
Doth the bright daystar morn by morn attend." 

Unison. 5. Praise therefore God most high ; 
Praise him ,vho came to die 
For us, his Son that liveth evermore; 
And fo the Spirit raise, 
The Comforter, like praise, 
Vhile time endureth, and when rime is o'er. 

(.Vo. 9 is also $titable.} 


Mr<le i. 

IS'OTE.--The «ccarnpaninent fo this plainsoe«g rnelvdy, and also the rnodern tune to this 
hymn is the s«rne as that of l'o. 174. 

OFFIC Hvsn.- (St. Prier and 
81. Paul}. E. and ISl. 

Ascribed to EIpis, «. 500. 
Aurea luce. 
]]'ITH gold most precious, and with sanguine hues of morn, 
]  O Sawour gracious, Light of light, this day adorn, 
To sinners granting pardon, peace, and welcome home 
"Where heaven is chanting praise of splendid martyrdom. 
2 For thy true servant Peter bearing high the keys, 
And Paul whose fervent wod proclaimed thy mysteries 
By cross victorious and by sword-stroke triumphing 
Now share the glorious court of life's eternal King. 
30 kindly pastor, unto whose apostolate 
The royal Master gave in charge the heavenly gate 
In sin's defiling bondage be out joy to gauge 
The reconciling virtue of thine embassage. 
4 0 faithful teacher noble saint of ecstasy, 
Fuller and ficher be the truth we learn of thee, 
Tiil for the failing doctrine that in part we knov 
His all-revealing light our bounteous God bestow. 
5 In faith unshrinking, fearing not your hope to prove, 
And deeply drinking from the fount of either love 
Ye stood in union like twin olive trees of grace; 
Through whose communion may we seek the Father's 
6. To thee» the glorious Christ, our Saviour manifest, 
Ail wreaths wctorious, praise and worship be addrest; 
Whom with the living Father humbly we adore 
And the life-giving Spirit, God for evermore. Amen. 
(Or for O. H., . 175 or 176.) 


ORSAKEN once, and lhrice denied, 
The risen Lord gave pardon free» 
Stood once again ai Peter'e side» 
And asled him, ' Lov'st thou me ? ' 

How many times with faithless word 
Have we denied his holy name. 
How oft foaken onr dear Lord, 
And shrunk vhen trial came! 

Saint Peter, wheu the eock erew clear, 
Went out, and wept his brken faith ; 
Strong as a rock through strife and fcar. 
He served his Lord till death. 

How oft his cowardice of heart 
Ve have without his love sincere, 
The sin without the sorrow's smart 
The shame without the tear! 

0 off forsaken, off denied, 
Forgive our shame, wash out out sin ; 
Look on us from thy Father's side 
And let that sveet look win. 

6. Hear when we call thee h'om the deel, 
S.ill walk beside us on the shore, 
Give hands to work, and eyes fo weep, 
And hearts fo love thee more. 



f,l : l l __. • ..  . Il 
i "  ll "'' î l U 
I ] I i I i I ' I 1 I I 
/ 1" / I /  I I , Ç A I , I 
Oc H'-. E. 15 cent. T,'. L. !!. 
OXV in holy oelebratioa 2 * , the advent XVord confessing, 
Sing we of that Mother blest, Spe for joy the voice yet dumb, 
In whose flesh for men's Ivation Through his mother's lips addressing 
4od incarnate deigned fo rest, Her, of motherho the sum, 
X'hen a kindred salutation Bower of beauty, blest and blessing, 
Named in faith the mystie Guest. Crowned with fit of Life to corne. 


'Whence,' she cried, at that fait meet- 
'Cornes fo me this great reward ? 
For when first I heard the greeting 
Of the }t,ther of my Lord, 
In my womb, the joy repeating, 
Leapt my bae in sveet accord !' 

4 Lo, at that glad commendation 
Joy found voice in bIary's breast 
While in boly exultation 
She her ]}I:*ker's power confest, 
At ,vhose word each generation 
Now henceforward names her 

5. Triune Godhead, health supplying. 
luler of eternityç 
On the Fount of grace relying, 
%Ve upliR out henrts to thee, 
Prying that in reaims undying 
%Ve atone with Lire may be. Amen. 

229, 230 

• Mode i. 

-- • • î 
• • • i 

I-,- -.-  . , 
/ ' '  ' , --- j 
l --- ,z-- s-.-_, 
 /  I I }/ I    I I/ 
lunoe I affutu. 
ORT of the world's salvation, 2 * ere. the serpent's power subduing, 
, a viin pure and mild, See th Bush uburned by tire, 
Humble-bec.d, high n station, Gideon's Fleec of heaven' imbuing» 
Form of beauty undefil, Aaron's Rod of bright attire, 
Crown of earth's anticition, Fair, and pu, and ce-ensuing, 
mes the other-maid with child. Suse of Soleon's desi. 


3 * Jese's 1ranch received ita Flo,ver, 
M,ther of Emmanuei, 
PortaI sealed and mystic Bower 
Promised by Ezekiel, 
R,,ck of Daniel's dream, whose power 
mote and l% the image felI! 
4 Ste in flesh so great a wm,der 
By the power of God ordained,-- 
Him, whose tbet ail worlds lay ttnder 
In a Virgin's womb contained ;-- 
So on earth, her bonds to sunder, 
Righteousnesa from heaven hath 

5 Virgin sweet, with love o'erflowing 
To the hiils in baste she fares ; 
On a kindred heart bestowing 
Blessing from the joy she bears ; 
"Vaiting while with mystic showing 
Time the sacred birth prepares. 
6 What fait joy o'ershone that dwell- 
Called so great a guest to greet ; 
What ber joy whose love compelling 
Found a test for biary's feet, 
When, the bliss of tire,, foretelling, 
Lo, the Voice and "Vord did rneet ! 
7. God most high, the heaven's Foundation 
Ruler of eternity ; 
Jesu, who for man's salvation 
Came in flesh to make us free; 
Spirit, moving ail creation, 
Evermore be praise to thee! Amen. 

ING we ail the joys and sorrows 
Which in Mary's heart were f, mnd ; 
To her faine our voicea raising 
Let consenting prame abound : 
So do birds of night and morning  
biake their mlngled songs resound. 
2 Through theguest-throng at the ban- 
Undismayed she sought her Lord ; 
Cieansiug teaau and salving ointments 
Lowly on his feet she poured,-- 
"Viped them with ber hair, obtain- 
]y ber love the great reward. 
5 Dearly then for that dear offering 
Did out Lrd in love repay: 
Since so perfect her devotion 
Ail her sins he put away: 
.Made her be his own forerunner 
On his Reurrection day. 
6. Now be glory, laud, and honour 
Unto him the Pa.uchal Host, 
Who, in ,var with Death a Lion, 
As a Lamb gave up the ghost, 
And the third day rose a Victor 
Crowned with spoils that Death had 

Phdipp de Grv, d. 1236. 
Collaudemus .Magdalenae. Tr. £. H. 
' 3 * Deigns the Cleanser tobe cleansed; 
Stoops the Source to find the flow; 
Drains the Flower in outpoured fra- 
Perfume which its heart let go: 
Heavens which bave rained their 
Drink the dew from earth below! 
4 There in box of alabaster, 
Bearing nard of fragrance pure, 
She with gitt of outpoured sweetness 
Bids the mystic sign endure : 
Seeking from anointment healing, 
Lo, the sick anoints the Cure! 


ORTAL of the world's salvation, 
Lo, a virgin pure and mi|d, 
Humble-hearted, high in station, 
Form of beauty undefiled, 
Crown of earth's anticipation. 
Cornes the Iother-maid with 

2 * I-Iere, the serpent's power subduing, 
 tho Bush unburned by tire, 
Gideon's Fleece of heaven's imbuing, 
Aaron's Rod of bright attire, 
Fair» and pure, and poace-onsuing, 
Spouse of Solomon's desire. 

15|I cent. T,'. £. IL 
Nundi salus affutura. 
3 * $esse's Blnch received its Flower, 
Mother of Emmanuel, 
Porta! sealed and mystic Bower 
Promised by Ezekiel, 
Rock of Daniel's dream, vhose power 
Smote, and Io, the image fell! 
4 See in flesh so great a wonder 
By the pover of God ordained,-- 
Mire, vhose feet ail worlds lay under, 
In a Virgin's womb contained ;-- 
So on earth, her bonds fo sunder, 
Righteousness from heaven bath 



5 Virgin sweet, with love o'erflowing, 6 Vhat fairjoy o'ershone that dwelling, 
Te the hills in haste she fares; Called se great a guest te greet ; 
On a kindred heart bestowing What ber joy whose love compelling 
Blessing from the joy she bears ; Found a rest for Mary's feet, 
Waiting while with mystic showing When, the bliss of rime foretelling, 
Time the sacred birth prepares. Le, the Voice and ,Vord did meetl 
7. God most high, the heaven's Foundation, 
Ruler of eternity; 
Jesu, who for man's salvation 
Came in flesh te make us free ; 
Spirit, moving ail creation, 
Evermore be pmise te thee I Amen. 

INe we ail the joys and sorrows 
Which in Mary's heart xvere found; 
Te her faine out voices raising 
Let consenting praise abound : 
So do birds of night and morning 
Make their mingled songs resound. 
2 Through the guest-throng at the ban- 
Undismayed site sought ]ter Lord; 
Cleansing tears and salving oint- 
Lowly on his feet she poured,-- 
Wiped them with ber hair, obtaining 
By ber love the great reward. 
5 Dearly then for that dear offering 
Did out" Lord in love repay: 
Since se perfect ber devotion, 
Ail ber si,s he put away : 
Iade ber be his own forerunner 
On his Resurrection day. 
6. New be glory, lsud, and honour 
Unto him the Pascha] Host, 
Who, in war with Death a Lion, 
As a Lamb gave up the ghost 
And the third day rose a Victor 
Crowned with spoils that Death had 

Philippe de Gré'e, d. 1236. 
Col|audemua Magdalenae. Tf. £. H. 
3 * Deigns the Cleanser te be cleansed ; 
Stoops the Source te find the flow ; 
Drains the Flower in outpoured fra- 
Perfume whieh ira hea't let go : 
Heavens which have rained their 
Drink the dew frein earth below ! 
4 There in box of alabaster, 
Bearing nard of fragrance pure, 
She with gift of outpoured sweetness 
Bids the mystic sign endure : 
- Seeking frein anointment healing, 
Le, the sick noints the Curel 


| & - men. 


Mode i. 

• • ! 11 • • 
i î -i 1 î i 

 -  î ,î 
I   I I F     I I / 
î = 
0 Mana, noli flere. Tf. . H. 

AIY, xveep hot, weep no longer, I 2 
L 1N'ow thy heart hath gained its 
goal ; 
Here, in truth, the Gardener standeth, 
But the Gardener of thy soul, 
Vho within thy spirit'a garden 
By his love bath made thee whole. 

l'ow from grief and lamentation 
Lift thy drooping heart with cheer; 
Vhile for love of him thou mournest, 
Lo, thy Lord regained is here.' 
Fainting for him, thou hast found 
AIl unknown, behold him near'. 

* Whence thy sorrow whence th 
Since with thee true bliss abides? 
In thy heart, though undiscovered, 
Balm of eonsolation hides : 
Holding ail, thou canst no longer 
Lack the cure that Health provides. 


4 lqay. no wonder if she knows hot 
Till the Sower's seed be sown, 
Till from him, the Word eternal, 
Light within ber heart is thrown. 
Lo, ]te calls ber; ]o, 'Rabboni," 
She in turn ber Lord doth own. 

5 Faih that washed the feet of J'esus, 
Fed with dew the Fount of Grace, 
Vin for us a like compassion, 
That, with ail the ransomed race, 
At the giory of his rising 
We m,y see him face to face! 
6. Giory be to God and honour, 
Who, preferring sacrifice, 
Far above the rich man's bounty, 
Sweetness found in Mary's sighs 
,Vho for all, his love foretasting, 
Spreads the banquet of the skies. 

.. o « « 9.32 
151616. Adated and 
I ?- F, ---- --I , , 
I    I ' ' 'I I I IOE' I " --- 
NOTE.---OtlWr aization ofthis me, in a loeer k, will be found at Hymn 360 

(o. ., ].74-«.) ST. 
ORD, who shall sit beside thee, 
Enthr-ned on either hand, 
VChen clouds no longer bide thee, 
'Mid ail thy faithfui hand? 
Who drinks the eup of sorrow 
Thy Father gave fo thee 
'Neath shadows of the morrow 
In dark Gethsemane ; 
Vho on thy Paion thinking 
Can flnd in loss a gain 

SAIES W. Rmnanis, 1S24-99. 
And date to meet unshrinking 
Thy baptism of pain. 
40 ,Tesu. form within us 
Thy Æikeness clear and true ; 
]3y thine example win us 
To surfer or fo do. 
5. This law itlf fulfiileth,-- 
Christlike to Christ is nigh. 
And. where the Father wil]eth, 
Shali sit with Christ on high. 


233 Mode i. 

J-, 1,, -  . 
O[goE H'5-. E. Caelestis fo*am gioriae. 15$A cent. T,'. B. E.  
N image of that heavenly light, ] %Vith Moses and Elias heard 
ThegoaltheoEurchkeepsaysight, The Lord sakmany a gracies wo 
,:i,-ist on the holy mount displays [ 3 As witnesses to ace are nigh 
%Vhere he outshines the sun's bright ] Those twain, the Law and Prophecy; 
Let every age proclaimer be [rays. I And fo the Son. irom out the cloud, 
Hov, on this day, the chosen three , The Father's record thunders loud. 


233 (Mo»' 
t'erg ilow and dignifl¢d ' = 46. Ifrom IAI- L 148158. 
I   I I I 
I-'  - 

4 ,Vith garments ,vhiter than the snows» 
And shining face, Lord Jesus shorts 
What glory for those saints shall be 
Who joy in God with piety. 
5 The "vision and the mystery 
Iake faithful hearts beat quick nd high, 
Se on this solemn day of days 
The cry goes up of prayer and prazse. 
6.0 God the Father, Goal the 
A.d =ol, Spi,'iL TIree i.O.e0 --'-I 
Vouchsafe te bring us, by thy grace, 
Te see thy glory face te face. Amen. 




0 LIGHT of light, bv love incliued, I 
Jesu, ]Redeemer f mankind. 
Vith loving-kindness deign fo hear l 
From suppliant voices praise and I 
prayer. I 
2 Thou who fo raise our souls from hell I 
Didst deign in fleshly form fo dwell,  

Vouchsafe us, when our race is run, 
In thy fait Body to be one. 
3 5lore bright than day thy face did 
Thy raiment whiter than the snow 
Vhen on the mount fo mortals blest 
Man's Maker thou wast manifest. 




4 Two prophets, that had faith to see, 
With thine elect found company, 
%Vhere unto each, divinely shown. 
The Godhead veiled in form was known. 
 The bea,'ens al)ove bis g|ory named, 
The Father's voice the Son proclaimed ; 
To whom, the King of glory now 
Ail faithful heurts adorln,,- bow. 
6 May sll who seek thy prsise aright 
Through purer lives show forth thy light ; 
So fo the brightness of the skies 

By holy deeds our he,rts shall rise. 
7. Eternal God. to thee we raise, 
The King of kings, out hymn of prsise, 
Vho Three in One and One in Three 
Doth lire and reign eternally. 

o D|eD. 



l'er'si Ilow and iol¢mr  = . [F i  P, 1562. 
t._. o.- .... --- __ 
'  ' ' I 

Ç) .IASTEI,it is good fo be [thee; 
High on the rnountain here with 
XVhere stand revealed fo mortal gaze 
The great old Saints of other days ; 
XVho once received on Horeb's height 
The eternal laws of txath and right ; 
Or caught the still srnall vhisper, 
higher [tire. 
Than storrn, than earthquake, or than 


8 * O Master, it is good to be I 
Entraneed, enwrapt, alone with thee; 
Vatehing the glideringraiment glow» 
Whiter than Hermon's whitest SHOW» I 
4. O [astor, it is good to be 
Here on the holy mount with thee: 
When darkling in the depths of night, 
Vhen dazzled with excess of light, 
Ve bow before the heavenly voice 
That bida bewildored souls rejoice, 
Though love wh ¢old, and faith be dira, 
' This is my Son ! O hesr ye him.' 

The human linearnents that shine 
Irradiant with a light divine : 
Tiil we too change frorn grac, e tograco 
Gazing on that trsnsfigured face. 

Iuilabl¢ al,of of genera! «se, 
'rIS good, Lord. t ho here! l 
L Thy glory £11s the night ; 
Thy face and garments, like the 
Shine -ith unborroweà light. 3 
'Tis good, Lord, fo be hereo 
Thy beauty fo behold, 
4 Before we tsste of death 
$'e see thy kingdom corne ; 
SVe fain would hold the vison bright, 
Ad rnake this bill out home. 
5. 'Tis good, Lox'd, to be here | 
Yet we rnay hot rernain ; 
But «inee thou bidst us leave the rnount 
Corne with us to the plain. 

'here lloses ad ]lijah stand, 
Thy rnessen8ers of old. 
Fulfiller of the past ! 
Promise of things to be! 
Ve hall thy ]ody glorified, 
And out redemption see. 



J'-',-J, ,,, 
oc H .. E. 15th cent. ',.. P. D. 
Exulter cor prmrdii. 
LET he heart bea[ high with bliss, 1 2 The naine [ha comfortetl in woe, 
Yea, let if triumph af the sound I The naine of Jesus healing sin 
Of Jesu's naine, so sweet if is, The naine that curbs the powers below 
For every joy therein is foundo And drive$2way the deala within : 


TRURO. (L. ».) 237 (ov. 
In mlle tim  = 96. Plia Evangeli, 1790. 
I N,-2 J, , ,,_. .,, 
--  -- 1 "  - 
A hle sdtig of this tue will found  Hymn 420. 
3 The naine that soundeth over sweet  4 Thon let the naine of Jeus ring 
In speech or verse or holy ng, J Vth lofty prai in eve place; 
And bids us run with wdling feet, [ t heart and voice together sing 
Consoled, and comforted, and strong. [ That naine shall every iii efface. 
5 Ah  Jeu, health of »inful mon, 
Give ear unto our oving prayer ; 
Guide thou our vandering feet again, 
And hold our dings in thy care. 
 Lord, may thy naine s,pply our neoes, 
And keep us ail- from danger fe 
Ad make us perfect in good deeds. 
That we ny lose our sins by thé. 
7 To the% 0 Christ, ail glory be 
Vho shinest with t,s holy naine; 
Ve worship thy divinity, 
Jesu, thou Lord of ntle faine. 
8. 0 Jesu, of a Virgin born, 
Inmortal honour be fo thoe; 
Praise te the Father infinite, 
And Holy Ghost eternally. 

A - men. 




Mode i, 

I ii ! î I 
. I -- 1,1. I« î 
I -- I I I    

Ot'rtc Hrt.'. (Pt. 1 and "2) 
Euitabe alao fo»" otlter occasions. 
Jesu, dulcls rnemoria. 
IESU '.--The very thought is sweet ! 
In that dear naine ail heart-joys 
meet ; I 
But sweeter than the honey far 
The glimpses of his 10resence are. I 

t. #a)-d, 1001-1153. 
r. J. M..'taJe. 

lIo word is sung more sweet than this : 
lIo naine is heard more full of bliss: 
No thought brings sweeter comfort 
Than ffesus, Son of God most high. 


Seau ! the hope of souls for]orn ! 
IIow good fo them for in that murn ! 
To them that seek thee, O how kind ! 
But what art thon fo them that find? 
5su, thon sweetness, pure and b]est, 
Truth's Fountain, Light of sonls dis- 
S, rpassing ail that heal"t requires, 
Exceeding ail that soul desires ! 
No tongue of mortal can exptss, 
No letten write its blessedness : 
Alone who bath thee in his heart 
Know$, love of Jesu$ ! wht thou art. 

Part 2. 
6 0 5e ! King 9f wdvou ight ! 
O Victor, glorious from the fight! 
Sweetness that may not be exprest, 
And altogether loveHest! 
7 Remain vith us, O Lord, to-day! 
In every heart thy grsce disply : 
That now the shades of night re fled, 
On thee our spirits nmy be fed. 
8. Ail honour, laud and glory be, 
O 5esu: Viin-born, fo thee! 
Ail glory, as is ever meet, 
To Father and to Paraclete. Amen. 


238 (ATzRATVE SLrxe or PARTS 1 AV 3) 
I,, fe r  = 112. Te be sg in nison. m @rt, 15, 15, a I. 
eT : --«-- l l "" " , " 
 ! 3e - sri -- the e - ry thought is sweet  In that dr naine . sll hrt-joys meet" 
" i ut eweet-er than te hu- ney far Tbe gliml of . . hisp»nceare. 
  l l l   » . 
_ _ ._. ,._._ 

I Il i ii -r" I  i 
4 Je I su, thou sweet-ness, pure and blest, Truih's Fountain, Light of souls dis-trest, 



._'2nd t,»e ] Part 3. 
I Knows love of Je. suc! what thou art. 6 I eek for Je in 
7 lVith Ma- ry in the morn-ing gloom 

W eart zts" cham- c ; A-broad, and when I shut the door, 
l eek for Je - t at the tomb; For him, ithlove'smosteavu-eztcry, 


238 («.,,,) 

_-- î_.,,._, , ,,, --_ ._,_ __,_: 
 ----_ _,.__._,_,;_L,__ .  ._, 
]ly heart hath]-sopssedfromme, That . here he is thereitmay. 
That he at lait may make u meet With . him to gain the heaven-ly at. 
-" ' '' I i' ï I ' 

$0551X. (87. 87. = .ddatdfi'om 
In wd'at tim 72. 
 gl it Md«ty. 
.... I ' il .... I 
I _ _ _. _« J   , J. g_ ._..« j 
J " c' '"' ' H 


(0. 11., 174-6.) ST. BARTHOLOMEV A. 
AINTS of Goal ! Lo, Jesu'a people | 2 Twelve poor men, by Christ anointed, 
Age to  your glory tell ;  Bved the rich, the wise, the gat 
In his naine for us ye laured, Ail the world counts dear rejecting, 
ow in bliss eternal dwell. Rapt in their apoatolate. 
3 Thus the earth thoir death-wounds purchased, 
Hallowed by the blood therefrom, 
O ber som re the nations,  -: 
Lav, illu mined,-- Christendom. 
Unom 4. On this fet, almighty Father, 
May wo praise thee xith the Son, 
Evermore his love confessing 
Who from Both with Both is On Amen. 
.«,b. (. »,.) 240 
n »,erat« ti  = 72. ' 8upplt to tic NEw VEION,' 1708. 
'  • . ] ' 
(o. ., .) ST. AHEW w. $,.,, Sl, 

E sat to watch o'er customs paid, 
A mau of scorned and hardening 
Alike rime symbol and the tool [trade ; 
Of foreign masters" hated rule. 
2 But grace withi n his breast had stirred; 
Thel needed but the timely word ; 
It came, true Lord ofsouls, from the% 
hat royal summons, ' FolIow me.' 

3 Enough, wllen thou wert passing by, 
To hear thy voice, to meet thine eye: 
tte rose, respousive to the call, 
And left his task, his gains, llis ail. 
40 wise exchange! with these to part, 
And lay up treasure in thy heart ; 
With twofold crown of light to shine 
Amid thy rvants" foremost line. 

5 Corne, Sa,'iour, as m days of old ; 
Pass where the world bas strongest hold, 
And faithless care and selfish greed 
Are thorns that choke the holy aeed. 
6. Who keep thy girls, O bid them claire 
The steward's, ot the owner's naine; 
V'ho yield ail up for thy dear ake, 
Let them of Matthew's wealth partake. 




I "îi / I / , I I ,   t i I 
Tibi, is, eplendor Patd 9th ct. Tr. J. 31. " al 
HEE, O Christ, te Father's spleadour 
Life and virtue of the hrt, 
In the presenoe ot the 
Sing we now with tuneful a, 
)eetly in alternate chocs 
Bearing oto" responsive part. 

241 (o»R Tu.,') 

IV 1 ' /" I II I -- l-o- I  
2 Thus we praise with veneration 
Ail the armies of the sky; 
Chiefly him, the warrior Prmate, 
Of celestial chivry, 
Michael, who  princely vhoEue 
Cast Abaddon from on gh. 
3 By who watchful m repelling 
g of everlasti gra 
Every ghostly adversary, 
All thin evil, ail thin base, 
Grant us of te oy gdness 
In thy Pae a plac 
4. Laud and honour to the Father 
Laud and honour to the Son, 
ud and honour fo the Spirit» 
Ever Three and ever One» 
Consubsntial, eternal, 
While ending ages run. Ame 




Ovzcz H . 31. .lr. o MrcAbiAop llabanttz .faurz, 9Oh ¢ott. 
Chrizt¢, azactorum decua Augeloum. T,: M. ., P. D. 
tHRIST, the fair glory of the holy Angels, 
Thou who hast ruade us, thou who o'er us rulest0 
Grant of thy mercy unto us thy serTants 
Steps up to heaven. 

242 (o» 
COELITES PLAUDANT, (1| 1|. |1 :,.) 
!  )« cale ti» oe- . To b au,g i, t(no,. 
I   r r- -ï- î'-; ç-',   ' ' 
Iç--- - - - --- --,    -----, 
I  i I  i 1 I ' [  - -çl i 
I l 
I-- _, -=, 
 I ' ( I 
I I  I I ' '  I î "- 
I • - -- I ' ' 
/   I J I I I / -  I I 
L -- -;i ,,_ 

11 Send thy Archangei, Michael, to our succour; 
Peacemaker blessèd, may he banish from us 
Striving and hatred, so that for the peaceful 
Ail things nmy prosper. 
il Send thy Archangel, Gabriel, the mighty ; 
Herald of heaven, may he from us mortals 
purn the old serpent, vatching o'er the templês 
Where thou art worshipped. 
4 Sead thy Archangel, Raphael, the festin'er 
Of the misguided ways of men who wander, 
Who at thy bidding strengthens soul and body 
Vith thine anoitting. 
5 May the blest Mother of out God and Saviour» 
May the assembly of the Saints in gloT, 
lay the celetial companies of Angels 
Ever assist us. 
6. Father almiaty, Son and Holy Spirit, 
God ever blessèd, be thou out preserver ; 
Thine i the glory which the Angels worship, 
Veiling their faces. Amen. 

I I  I / I, I 

,_ROUND the throne o God a band 
0f glorious Angels always tand; 
Bright things they see» woet has tlley hold» 
And on their heads are crovns Oi I ld. 
 Some wait around him, ready still 
To sing his praise and do his will ; 
And some, when he commands them, go 
To guard his servants here low. 
 Lord, give thy Angels every day 
Command to gqlide us on our vay, 
And bid them every evening koep 
Their wateh around us while we sleep. 
4. So shall no wicked thing draw near, 
To do us harm or u us fr ; 
And we shall dwell, when lire is pasL 
With Angels round thy throne at hst. 

6T. MICHAEL NEW. (1010,66.10.) 
...l_..._ FF  pl   
1 /  I I --  I. I 
  I I 
Bihop B. Hcber, 17)826, aad J. Eeble. 
GOD the Svn eternal» thy dread 3 We celebrte their love, whose view- 
might less wing [high, 
Hath left for us  oft their nsion 

5. * Therefore with Angels and Archangels wo 
To thy dear love our thankful chorus raise, 
And tune our songs fo the% 
Vho art, and art to be ; 
And» endless as th} mercies, sound thy praise! 


Sent forthSaint Michael and the hosts 
of heaven, 
And from the realnm of light 
Cas,t down in burning fight [given. 
Satan s rebellious hosts, to darkness I 
*Thine Angels, Lord, we bless with 
thankf, fl lays, [of sky: 
Dwelling with thee above yon depths 
YCho, 'mid thy glory's blaze, 
Heaven's ceaeless anthems raise, 
And gird thy throne in faithful 

The mereies of their King 
To mortel saints fo bring, 
Or guard the couch of slumbering 
But thee, the First and Last, weglorify, 
Who, when thy world was sunk ia 
death and sin, 
lot with thine hierarchy, 
The armies of the sky, [win. 
But didst with thine own arm the battlo 

QUEDLINBURG. (1010. 1010.) .From. 
.Vodrat¢l   = 80. J.C. KtgL, 172-1. 
I-I t  I  t    t   I ï 
 I , l-- . I l I ; ,- 
-----r- - ,  .- 
TARS of the morning  gloriously bright, 
Filled svith celestial resplennce and light 
The that, svhere night never followeth day, 
Raise the Trisagion ever and ay: 
2 The are thy counsellorh theoe dost thou osvn 
zd G of Sabaoth nrest thy throne; 
These are thy ministers, the dost thou 
Help of the helpless ones ! man to defenoE 
Ua#on. 3 These keep the guard a=nid lem's dear wers 
Thnes, Principalities, Viueh and Puwers; 
Vhem, with the Living Ones, mystical Foul' 
Chebim» raphim bow and adore. 
4 * 'Who like the rd?' thmders ichael the Chief; 
tphael, ' the cure of God' comfo=eth grief; 
And,  af aret prophet of 
Gabel, = the Light of God,' bringeth release. 
fi Then, when the rth was fit poid in raid space, 
Then, when the planers fit sd on their race 
Then, wh were end the six ys' employ  l 
•  =, t s«, « o« ted î«- y. 
bun. 6. Still let them sueco us ; still let them fioht, I 
Lo of angelic hosts, battling for right ; ] " " 
Till, where their anthems they celessly pot» _ 
We with the Angels may b and adore. 


In o,lerate tm : =. G.J. ELV, 1SIg& 

R. Campbdl, 1814-68, and otlers. 
HEY corne, God's messengers of love, 
They corne from realms of peace above 
From bornes of never-fading light, 
From blissful mansions ever bright. 

They to wateh around us here, 
To soothe our sorrow, ealm our fear : 
Ye heavenly guides, speed hot away, 
God willeth you with us fo stay. 
But chiefly at its journey's end 
'Tis yours the spirit fo befriend, 
And whisper to the willing heart, 
' 0 Christian soul, in peace depart.' 
Blest Jesu. thou vhose groans and tears 
Have sanctified frail nature's fea,'s, 
To earth in bitter sorrow weighed, 
Thou didst hot scorn thine Angel's aid. 
T« us the zeal of Angels give, 
V¢ith love fo serve thee while we lire; 
To us an Angel-guard spply. 
Vhen on the bed of death we lie. 
To God the Father, Ood the Son. 
And God the Spirit, Three in One, 
From ail above and ail below 
Let joyful praise unceasing flow. Amen. 


JESUS IST DAS $CHNSTE LICHT. ('T. 3"8. 7 8. 88.) 
In modeP«t¢ tim  = 76. 3. . Fn'tlCR, 167179. 
- . -_ ,,  "N-  ' - . 
I ',__' ,, __ .s_ ,,',' 
   , ,-_;  , --  i  I r --II 
/ / I / -- '« I /I Il  I î" 
/ I  +-+ J -, , J --': ,'J+  
' , '  l Vl ' . 
- .... + I t I , p.,  .+ -+.  . 
Il I , t J ,----JN +-+- I- 


(0. H., 174-0.) 
AVIOUI, who didst healing give, 
Still in power go before us ; 
Thou through death didst bid men lire, 
Unto fuller life restore us; 
St rengt h from thee the fainting found, 
Deaf men heard, the blind went 
At thy touch was ]anished sickne»s, 
And the IPper felt new being. 

H. D. Rmndcy. 
Thon didst work thy deeds of old 
Throngh the lovinghands of others; 
Still thy mercies manifold 
Bless men by the hands of brothers; 
Angels still before thy face [ing; 
Go, sweet health fo brothers bring- 
Still, hearts glow to tell his praises 
Vith whose narae tho Church is 

3. Loved physicianl for his word 
Lo, the Gospel page burns brighter, 
)Iission servant of the Lord, 
Painter true, and perfect writer 
Saviour, of thy bounty send 
Such as Luke of Gospel story, 
Friends fo ail in body's prison 
Till the sufferers see thy glory. 



{o. H., 174-,.k) 
HOU vho senlest thine Aposiles 
Two and two before thy face, 

Partners in the night of toiIing, 
Hirs together of thy grace, 
Throned af length.their laboursended. 
Each in his appointid place : 

J. Eilcrton» 1826-93. 
2 Praise fo thee for those thy champions 
Whom out hymns to-day proclaim ; 
One, vhose zeal by thee enlightened 
Burned anev with nobler flame ; 
One, the kinsman of thy childhood 
Brought st last fo know thy naine. 

3 Praise to thee! Thy tire within them 
Spake in love, and vrought in power ; 
Seen in mighty signs and wonders 
In thy Church's mornng hour ; 
}Ieald in tones of strnest varning 
Whon the storms began fo lour. 
4. God the Father, great and vondrous 
In thy works, fo thee be praise; 
King of Saints, fo thee be gloT, 
Just and true in all thy ways; 
Praise to thee, front both proceeding, 
tioly Ghost through endless days. 
359 Amen. 


Mode L 


.._- ,  . , .o. r 
:------_T_--=-,-__- - ._---- .--- 
OFtCE HV. E. «,»1 M. 9th cenL Tf. T. . L. 
Jesu, lvar cnli. 
0 SAVIOUR Jesu, hot alone 
We plead for help before lty throne; 
Thy Mother's love shall aid our prayer 
To win for u tha healing eare. 


249 (Mo»,,ss 
Moder(ttdy dot   92. Te b¢ g in mo,. Eolh Idy, 15th cent. 
i  , , , l il - I i l r 
I  I I I P I II I 
ï -?-g ' - 
__ o -o  - 
I,   , 
" I  ..... -- 
 I '  '  Ç i  " "- 

2 For souls defaulting supplicate 
Ail orders of the Angel state, 
The Patriarchs in line to thee, 
The Prophets' goodly company. 
il4 For souls polluted intercede 
Thy Martyrs, hallowed in their deed, 
And they wim hawe the wirgin dwer. 
A - - men. 
 Let ail who served thy Chureh below, 
 And now thy l,eavenly freedom know, 
Give heed fo help out lingering strife 
And daim for us the erowtx of lire. 
6. To God the Father, God the Son, 
 " " And God the Spirit, Three in One, 
AIl honour, praise, and glory be 
From age to age eternally. Amen. 
 3 361 

For souls in guilt ennarèd pray 
The Baptist, herald of thy xvay, 
The wielder of the heavenly keys 
The apotolic witnesses. 


LEWES. (7- 87.87.) 
 l  l- 
I ' I i I I --   I I I I I I1 
I I J I I , ,i . I Il 1 I 
I ----«--- ]  /J 
/ J j 1 ,', ',' 
I I -/ Ç. " / I I I I t// I 
:oe- I-zæ--F-- - ]! 
Ascr. te 6t. TI, o» d A»lpis, 1379-1471. 
Quiuis valet numerare. 

F there be that skills fo reckon 
Ail the number of the blest, 
I-l» perchance can weih the gladness 
O[ the everlasting rest, 
V'hich, their earthly exile finlshed, 
They by merit have possÇst. 
Through the ,'ale of lamentation 
l[appily and saft-ly past, 
l'ow the yeaa of thir affliction 
In their memory they recast, 
And the end of ail perfection 
They can contemplate st last. 
There the gifts of each and sing]e 
Ail in common right possess; 
There each member bath lais portion 
6. *lVherefore. man. take heart an(] courage, 
Whatsoe'er thy present p_in ; 
S,,ch untold reward through suffering 
Thou may'st merit fo attain : 
And for over in his glory 
%Vith the Light of light fo reign. 

In the Body's blessedness; 
So that ho, the least in merits. 
Shares the guerdon none the less. 
4 * In a glass through types and riddles 
Dwelling bore, we see alone ; 
Then renely, purely, clearly, 
We shall know as wo are known, 
Fixing our cnlightened vision 
On the glory of the throne. 
5 There the Tr[nity of Persons 
Unbeclouded shall we see ; 
There the Unity of Essence 
Perfectly revealed shall be; 
While we hall theThreefo]d Godhead 
And the simple Unity. 

, ' " "  3 t il / 
I  t 
oT.--2is hn ay also be (  ST. AHEG ç. 348). 
18t «t. T»% 1. Williams. 
Cavlestis O Jerulen 
0 HEAVENLY Jerusalem 
Of everlasting halls, 
Thrice bleèd are the people 
Thou storest in thy valls. 
2 Tho t the golden mansion, 
Where Saints for ever sing, 
The oeat of God's own chan, 
The palace of the King. 
3 There God for ever sitteih, 
H,moelf of all the Crown ; 
The Lamb the Light that shineth 
d never goeth down. 
4 ought fo this seat approecheth 
Their sweet peace fo molest ; 
They sing their God for ever, 
or day nor mght they rest. 
 Calm hope from thence is leaning, 
To her our longin bend ; 
o sho,,-hved toil aIl daunt us  
For joys that cannot end. 
6. To Christ» the Sun that hghtens 
I A - men 
His Church above, below, 
Ail things created w. en. 

r ,, , ,, , ,, ,,, 
I " --+ J I ' ( I i 1 ; ' 
« ,   t  I l- 
lJ7 7 I I II «  I + Il  1+7--7 
I; + I I I l 
!, , ., , I , I çr,.l ,.,, 
/ ; 42, ]1  I ; j I  I  ' I 
'-î  i «y-l  I     ,Z il .- 
 I i I . i p 1 
I( : I__, Il I - . = -, ci ..... Jl +J I II II 
l, , , , I 
Il I ", Il I_ 
. fo .  d K 171471. 

UR Father's home eternal, 
0 Christ, thou dost prepare 
"Vith many divers mansions, 
And each one passing fait; 
They are the victors" guerdon, 
"Vho, through the hard-won fight. 
Have followed in thy footsteps, 
And reign with thee in light. 
2 Amidst the happy number 
The Virgins' crown and queen, 
The ever-sirgin Mother 
Is first and foremost seen ; 
The Fatriarehs in their triumph 
Thy praises nobly sing. 
The Frophets of thy wisdom 
Adore the nations' King ; 
3 The Apostles reign in glory, 
The Martyrs joy in thee; 
The Virjns and Confemors 
Thy shining brightness see; 

And every patient sufferer, 
,Vho sorrow dared contera, 
For each especial anuish 
Hath one especial gem. 
4 * The holy men and women, 
Their earthly struggle o'er, 
With joy put off the armour 
That they shall need nomore ; 
For these, and ail that battled 
Beneath their Monarch's eyes, 
The barder was the conflict 
The brighter is the prize. 
• 5. And ever T faithful ser-ant, 
Made perfect in thy grace, 
Hath each his fitting station 
"Mid those that see thy face; 
The bondsman and the nohle, 
The peasant and the king. 
Ail gird one glorious Monarch 
In one eternal ring. 

I. B. De Unt#, 1601-79. 
253 Tf. IV. Paim" and 
8 Chéri q r ordre. 
1 Spoof Cht, in an- ud-ing O'er h clime -ntthe un, 
2  te Church  - day  - joi -  Ail ber 8ain to join on high 
I  -    , , I 0  I I  _ 

Blend with prayere for help as cend. ing lgote of paiee for tri -umphs won. 
o frein rth let ail our vol -  Ri in - lemn har-mo - ny. 



John, the he - raid-volte so - nor - oue, Head of the pro . phe - tic throng, 
lear to Chrt the Apo- tlee eat-ed, Tramp-|ing on the powersof hell, 

• • • • • • î • 
l " -II 

Pa - tri. arche, and Sse in chor. ul% Join to nweli the An-geln" song. 
By the pro omiSe now coin- ple-ted Judgethe tribe of le - ra- eL 
','', ,,, Ï, rtï' r, r, 


253 (oe,i) 

7 They who no.bly ded b -lier. in,g, /ar-tyrs pur.pled in their 
ll'riand-vs, G- I ineach-e,, Ad Con . f.  um-r-les, 

• î m. • î • 
Crowns of lire by death re - verni o ing, Ret in joy for ¢v -er-more. 
Pre - la meek and ho - ly teach, e, Br the lm of right.eo- nes. 
[«-  , i . e «- -, -  - -- -- 
/ i  "1 / __1 , :  I / I 
/ I çl:--  j I  I I   
- , i , ' ,,, , -ï--î 

9 Vnr - gin coule, by hi8h pro . les-sion To the Lamb de - xv - ted here, 
10 Ail are b|est to - ge- ther, pras-ing" God's e - ter - 
-:--- ' ': , 
I  , ,., ,m ,, ,--- 
/ "  I ,/ ( ,  ' ' ' '. ' ', , 
 --V-- mïT_  , , / 


trew - ing flowerain gay pro - ces - aion At the mr -rage-feast ap - pear. 
Thrice re.peat- ed an - thema To the all-holy Trin . i - ty. 


13. 8o gnay we, with 


GOTT WILL'$ MACHEN. ($7. $7.) 53 
Iz o'«te tin,e  = 80. 3. . TI l17Çl. 
I / I /I / I /I / 
@_ ,  TZ, -«. - - 
 Chri que r odre. 
POUSE of Christ, in arm contendin 
O'er each elime neath the 
Elend with pye f«»r help aacedin 
ote of praie for triumph won. 
 As the Churh to-day rejoices 
11 her aJt to joi o hih, 
 from earth le all out voice 
is in olem harmony. 
8 First amid the laulled leion 
Prays th« Mother fo her 
Clo fo Chris in those fair rions 
SVhe hih rai o him i doe. 
 Autels xt in due radation 
Of he Spirit's miist, 
lIynm the Father of ereation, 
iaker of the tars on hih. 
6 John, the herald-voic oorou, 
ad of the prohetie 
Fatri-eh and Seers 
Join fo wll the 
ONr fo Christ th« 
Trampli o the powers of hei: 
Ey the promi now eomçleted 
Jude the tribe 


7 They who nobly died believing, 
Martyrs purpled in their gore, 
Crowns of lire by death receiving, 
Rest in joy for evermore. 

8 Priests and Levites, Gospel pachers 
And Confes-ors numberless, 
Frelates meek and holy teachers, 
Bear the paire of righteou.ness. 

9 Virgin souls, by high profession 
To the Lamb devoted here, 
Srewing flowers in gay processioa 
Af the marriage-feast sppear. 

10 Ail are blest together, praising 
God's eternal Majesty, 
Thrice repeated aathems raising 
To the all-holy Trinity. 

11 In your heavenly habitations, 
In your blessd home on high, 
Hear, ye Saints, out apirations 
As to God we lift our c T. 

12 Ever praising, ever praying, 
Help ye thus your brethren here» 
That the will of God obeying 
We in peace may persevere. 

13. So may we, with hearts devot«d, 
Serve our God in holiness; 
So may we, by God p,'omoted, 
Share that heaven which ye possess. 

.Vos. 250-22 are suitable also for other da9s. 

The foliowiag are suilable for .41l Saints" 

197 Give me the ings of faith to fise. 
198 Hark [ the sou.nd of ho|y voices. 
199 How bright these gloriou .pirits hine. 
200 Joy and triumph everlating. 
2@2 The Son of God goes forth to war. 
03 What ste thee that g]ow from afar. 
04 Who are these, |ike stars appearing. 
401 He wants hot friends that bath thy love. 
486 Ten thousand rimes ten thousand. 
19 Ye watchers and ye holy 
64.1 For ail the :Saints who from their 

'.« III 
254 , ,iiL 
I _. .=_ ,:îî - .î'. __ î 
I "" "= I 

 A_ _ j .. _.  __ 
'  »-t I  I i - 
''t ] î l -- . . I 
} -- l î l l 
;ç='.     "' 1 I  . 
N.lf OE o n«  reir« tir 
Mco (o. 260)  S. Vzvs (o. 18). 
OFFICE H'. P»me. Jam lucis or sidere. 5th ct. Tr. J. 
TOW that the daylight fills the sky, From ail iii sightswouid turn oureyes ; 
We liftourhearts to G on high, Wouid close out eam from vanities : 
That he, in ail we do or say, 3 Vould keep our inmost conscience 
Vould keep us free from harm to-day : pure ; 
2 Wouid ard our hearts and tongues Out souls from folly would ctre; 
from strife ; 'ould bid us check the pde of nse 
Fm anr's din would bide our life ; With due and hoir atinence. 
ve, .when this new day zs" gone, 
And niht in tun is drawing on, 
Shall praise his naine for victory gained. 1 l 

5. Ail laud to God the Father be ; 
Ail praise, eternal Son, fo thee ; 
Ail gioD-, as is ever meet, 
To God the holy Paraclete. Amen. 
1 ,cielzf|y OEe Hmns for the hmrs zvere uzg with the special doxologie$ 
of the M. and E. Oice Hymns during Christmastiae, 
Epipbany £astertide, Ascension, and ll'hilsutide. 

,.   l I i i   i 
I I " l I  'l@ I I  I t I 
i , i ,   i 
 , , i Aeorj   , 
N.lf a Mol @ne is require for is hymn, il may    
M$omv (o. 260) or ST. V[Tvs (o. 18). 
Nunc Sanc nobis Spidtus. Tv. J. [. Neale. 
OME, HolyGhost,withGodtheSon  Inflame with peect love each 
And G the Father, ever one;  That others" souls may kindle thence. 
Shforlhthygracewithin ourbreast,  3. O Father. that ask be done, 
And dwell with us a ady est.  we 
Through Jesus Christ, thine only Son, 
By every power, by hem-t and tone, ] Who, with the Holy Ghost and thee, 
By act and d, thy praise be sung ; I Shall live and reign eternally. 
On Ihiy ad t ree fdlowi æ af Terc¢: 
1 me, O Cr Spit, corne. 


VOLLER WUNDER. (;':- 77 77.) 256 
!  ll|lxl¢*l'O.l'¢ tlll2 @  lçO. J.G. EBgLiIO 1620-T6. 
ï i I r' i i i i i  i i , i 
/ ll/ ! 2-J-A_- .A __ _,. A- I I 
ï---i-t-- ,, ." ' I î>'----H-!-,-- 1 î " I i - "I I :]] 

Tthv feet, O Christ, ,ve lay 
Tline own gift of this new day; 
Doubt of what it holds in store 
BIakes us crave thine aid the more; I 
Lest it prove a rime of loss, I 
lt[ark it, Saviour, with thy Cross. 

Il'. BrigAt, 1824-1901. 
2 If it flow on calm and bright, 
Be thyself our chief delight; 
If it bring unknown distress, 
Good is ail that thon canst bless ; 
Only, while ifs hours begin, 
Pray we, keep them clear of sin. 

%Ve in part out weakness llne,w, 
And in part diseern our foe ; 
%Vell for us, belote thine eyes 
Ail out danger opn lies; 
Turn hot from us, while we plead 
çhy compassions and out need. 

Fain would we thy word embrace, 
Live each moment on thy graee» 
Ail our selves to thee consign, 
Fold up ail our wills in thine, 
Think, and speak, and do, and be 
Simply that which pleases thee. 

Hear us, Lord, and that right soon ; 
Hear, and grant the choicest boon 
That thy love can e'er impart, 
Loyal singleness of heart ; 
So shali this and ail out days, 
Christ out God, show for{h thy praise. 


VTAKE , my soul, and with the sun 
hy daily stago of duty run ; 
.,hake off dull sloth, and j-yful rise 
To pay thy morning sacrifice. 
Redeem thy mis-spent rime that's past 
lave this day as if "twere thy last: 
lmprove thy talent with due eare ; 
For the great Day thyself prepare. 
Lt all thy converse be sineere, 
Thy conscience as the noon-day clear ; 
Think how all-secing God thy ways 
And ail thy secret thoughts survcys. 
By influence of tle light Divine 
Let thyown light in good works shinc ; 
Reflect ail heaven's propitious ways 
In ardent love and cheerful praise. 
* Wakc, and lift up thyself, my heari, 
And wi[h the Angels bear thy part, 
Who all night long unwearied sing 
High praise fo the eternal King. 
Axvake, awake, ye heavenly choir, 
llay your devotion me inspire, 

be sng to TALLIS' CANON (70. 267). 
Bishop T. Ken, 1637-1711. 
That I like you my age may spend, 
Like you may on my God attend. 
Part 2. 
7 Glory to thee, who safe hast kept 
And hast refreshed me whilst I slept ; 
Grant, Lord, when I from death shall 
I may of cndIess light pactakc. 
8 IIeavcn is, dcar Lord, whcre'er thou 
O never then from me depart ; 
For to my soul 'ris hell fo be 
But for one moment void of thee. 
9 Lord, I my vows fo thee renew ; 
Starter my sins as mmming dew ; 
Guard my first springs ofthought and 
And with thyelf my spirit fill. 
10 Direct, control, suggest, this da3" 
AIl I design, or do, or sa)'; [might, 
That ail my powers, with ail their 
In thy sole glory may unite. 

11. Praise God, from whom all blessings flow, 
Praise him, all creatures here below, 
Praise him above, ye heavenly host, 
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Amen. 
This Doxologg mag e sung also afl¢r Parf l. 

MINISTRES DE L'ÉTERNEL. (77. 77. 77.) Pslm 185 it 
lt  ¢im¢  = 66 ( = 112). (rbythm ofli 2 
  t , I ,  Il  Il I  I 
- : -   /I 
 l  -.-  T  -oe °-I I I / -œee I 
i i I Ç I I / I1 i Il I 
I  Ç  I i I ç   ' J  l l I  . 
i - ç'_. ç ç , A  -1 

HRIST, whose gory fills the skies, 
Christ, rie trie, rie only Light, 
Sun of Righteousness, arise, 
Triumph o'er the shades of nigl,t ; 
Dayspring from on high, be near; 
Daytar, in my heart appear. 
Dark and cheerless is the morn 
Unaccompanied by thee ; 
Joyless is the day's return, 
Till thy mercy's beams I see; 
Till they inward light impart, 
Glad my eyes, and warm my heart. 
Viit then this sou] of mine, 
Pierce the gloom of sin and grief; 
Fill me, Radiancy Divine, 
Scatter ail my unbelief; 
More and more thyself display, 
5hining to the perfect dy. 

c. tth.y, ]70T-S,S. 

ORTH i thy nage, 0 Lord, I ça, 
My daily labour topuue ; 
Thee only thee resolved to know, 
In II I hink, or speak, or do. 
The task thy wiom bath assign 
0 let e eheerflly fulfil ;. 
In :dl my works thy presen find. 
And prove rhino acptable vill. 
Preserve me from my cling's snare 
And bide my simple heaoE abo, 
b«,ve the thorns of choking care, 
The gilded bait of world]y love. 
Thee may I t af my right hand. 
Whose eyes my imnost btance e, 
And labour on af thy oemmand, 
And offer ail my works to thee. 
Give me fo hcar thy easy yok% 
And eveT moment vatch and pray, 
And still to things eternal look. 
And hasten fo thy glorious day; 
For thee delihtful]y employ 
Vhate'er thy bounteous gce bath given, 
And n my coure with even joy, 
And clo]y walk with thee fo heaven. 


C. Wedey, 170-88. 


"L¢O.BE. (.-".) 260 
.lIodt$ely l{oi  = 69. S. çBBE tle elde» 1741Sl. 
N,).--.4 higher setli.g of this fue ill  fou st Hy.,n 631. 
£ A'&Ie 1792-1S. 

EW eve T morning is the love 
Ourwakeningand uprising prove; 
Through sleep and darkness safely 
brought, [thought, 
Restored to lif% and power, and 
2 New mercies, each returnng day, 
Hover around us vhile we pray ; 
New perils past, new sins forgiven, 
Nev thought of God, nev hopes of 
5" We need hot bid, for cloistered cell, 
Our neighbour and out work farewell, 
Nor strive fo wind ourselves too high 
For sinful man beneath the sky : 
6 * The trivial round, the common ta.k, 
Would furnish ail ve ought to ask,-- 
Room to deny ourselves, a road 
To bring us daily nearer God. 
7. Only, 0 Lord, in thy dear love 
Fit us for perfect rest above; 
And help us this and every day 
To live more nearly as wc pffi'ay. 

If on our daily course our mind 
Be set to hallov all we find, 
New treasures still, of couutless 
God will provide for sacrifice. 
Old friends, old scenes, will lovelier be, 
As more of heaven in each we see ; 
Some softening gleam of love nd 
Sball dawn on every cross and care. 

See alsofor St¢ndoy Mornig : 50 Thie day the tiret of daye was ruade. 
For ther days, Hyrnns 
For Sudays and Week-days : 165 Father, we pralee thee. 



Mode il. 
i "'î" " 
l • • î 

OFFICI HvM.. 8ct. 

lscribd to Et..4»tb,se, 340-97. 
Tf. J. M..Veale. 
lector potens, verax Deue. 
GOD of truth, 0 Lord of might, 
NVho orderest time and change aright, 
And send'st the early morning ray, 

And light'st the glov of perfect day : 

Extinguish thou each sinful tire, 
And banish every iii desire ; 
And while thou keep'st the body whole, 
Shed forth thy peace upon the soul. 

O Father, th.t we ak be done, 
Through Jesus Christ, thine only Son ; 
Vho, with the Holy Ghost and thee, 
Doth lire ald reign eternally. Amen. 



Mode iv. 
H--J Il ' I   "   , Il i , , , 
I I I I 

0 Hw.x. B'one. 4crbed to St. 4,b, 340--a7. 
lRem Dens tenax "#igor. Tf../. M. aVeai¢. 
GOD, Creation's secret force, 
Thyself unrnoved, ail motion's source, 
VCho from the morn till evening ray 
Through ail ifs changes guid'st the day: I .j 

2 Grnnt us, when this short lire is past, 
The glorious evening that shall last; 
That, by a holy death attained, 
Eternal g]ory may be gained. 
3. O Father, that we ask be done, 
Through Jesus Christ, thine only Son ; 
Who, with the Holy Ghost and thee, 
1-)oth lire and reign eterna]ly. Amen. 


In mod¢ratt tirn c1 = ,. + $uppltmtnt tO the SEW VE$1OY,' 1708. 
/ / i1 I ,' I I ' " 
/ _____  I /   I / . I / 
LT are the moments, doubly 
That, drawn from te one hour of 
Are with a ready heart bestowed 
Upon the rvice of Dur ( ! 
2 * ch field is en a hallowcd zpot» 
 alr i8 in eaeh man' cor, 
A church in every grove that nprcads 
It8 living roof above Dur head 
3 Look up fo heavenl tbe industriou8 8un 
Already hall his raoe bath run ; 
He nnot halt or go aslray, 
But Dur immortM spirits may. 
4 Lord, soe his ri8i in the  
If we bave faltered or 
luide, from thy Iove'8 abundant sour 
Vhat yet rcz of thi8 day's courz¢ i 
5. elp with thy graee through life'n short 
Out upward and out downward way  
And glrify for us the ,ve«, 
Vhcn we shall vk to al test. 

Tlw following is also suitabl« for ervices : 
259 Forth la tby nme, O Ird. I go. 
.41so many of tha s/mv/er Hymns. 


OFFIçE H'MY. Co»pline. 
EFORE the ending of the day, 
Creator of the world, we pray 
Thst with thy wonted favour thou 
Vouldst beour Guardand Keeper now. 
 From ail iii dreams defend out eyes, 
From nightly fears and fantasies; 

Before 8th cent. T,'. J. [. IVle. 
Te lucis ante terminum. 
Tread under foot out ghostly foe, 
Tl,at no pollution we may know. 
3. O Father, that we ask be done0 
Through eus Christ, thine only So ; 
'Vho, with the Holy Ghost and thee, 
Doth lire and rein eternally. Ame,. 

81 0 Christ, who art the Light and Day. 
104 Srvant of God, rememb¢r. 
1 0 C'hrst, Ot|r boite , our hrt@" de,ire. 



C. Coia, 1676-1749. Tf. J. Oaadle« . 
Labente jam lia rota. 
noW tire sun's declining rays 
At eventid des¢end, 
l.'en so out yeara are sinking down 
T,» their appoiated end. 

2 Lord, on the Cross thine arms were stretched 
To draw the nationu nigh ; 
0 grant us then that Cross to lov% 
And in those arms to dic. 

;. To God the Father. God the Son, 
And God the }Ioly Ghost, 
Ail glory be front saints on earth, 
.'Lad from the Angel hosL Amen. 


ANGI:I.U$ (DU MI:INI:R $I:I:LI:N). (L. M.) 'nfi 8pifua[ia" 1847 
blow  = .  ound o»t a  by G. JF, 165T). 
/ I   --g --  ._ 
lt 1- J @  "  -  --  I 
I I I  ' I ïl I   
I I Il  I. I 1 'I  I 
I f-=   I 
i l_  j i i i 11 ii I   i r j   u 
even when the sun was t 2 O.ce ore 'ris eve.tide, a.oE we 
OEhe sic, O ord, around thee lay; Oppresd with vario illsdraw near; 
O, in what ive pains they met t Vhat if thy form we cannot 
O with 'at oy tey ent away  %Ve know and feel fiat thou a here. 
30 or Christ, out woes dispel ; 
For me e sick, an me are 
.d soe ave ever loved thee 
An some bave ]ost the ]ove tey ha ; 
4 A. some ave foun the wor] ;s vain, 
Yct fro te worl they break hot free ; 
An me ave friens who give them pain, 
Yet bave ot ught a frienoE i thee 
5 And none, 0 Lord, ha rfect rest 
For none are wholly free from sin ; 
d they who fain would sexe thee best 
Are coio most of ong within. 
6 0 Saviour Christ, thou too art M ; 
Thou ht en tubled, tempted tried; 
y kind but arching glance n n 
The ve wo tt she wod bide ; 
7. Tby touch bas still i ancient wer, I 
o word om thee n fitless rail ; ] .... 
Hr in this lemn evening bout, 
d  y mercy heal us sll. 


LORY to the, my God, this night I 2 Foive me, rd, for thy dear 
For ail the blens of the liht ; [ e iii th I thie day bave done, 
Koep me, 0 keep me, King of kig% I Thatwith the world, mylf and thé, 
Beneath thy own almighty vin. 1 I, ere I sleep» at peaee may be. 
 Th me to lire, that I y drd 
The ave as little  my bed ; 
'1' me to e, at  I may 
Rise glorious at the awfl 
4 0 may ny s,ml on thee re, 
And with sweet sleep me eyeli cl, 
leep  may me mo oro make 
"J'o serve my God when I awake. 
5*When  the night I slpl lie, 
My ul with heavenly thoughts spply ; 
Let no iii dmm dist my rt, 
No owers of darkness me molest. 
6 * Y, my blest gian, whilst I slee 1, 
Clo to my bed your vigils keep; 
Sto ail the avenues of iii. 
[ 7. e God, 'om whom 1 blesn 
Prai him, ail cturea he below, 
Prai him abov ye heavey h, 
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Amen. 


267 (.«..,vE vExo) 
CHom  - - 
a I I l , 
/' I . ' I  I I 


LORY to thee, my God, this night 
For ail the blesings of the light ; 
Keep me, O keep me, King of kings, 
]eneath thy own almighty wings. 
0 Teaeh me to lire, that I may dread 
The grave as little as my bed ; 
Teach me to die, that so I rnay 
Rise glorious af the awful da)'. 
40 may my soul on thee repoae, 
.knd with sweet sleep mine eyelids clse, 
• leep that tnay me more vigoroua make 
To serve my Goal ,vhen I awake. 
5*When in the night I s}eep}ess lie, 
My soul with heavenly thoughts aupply ; 
Let no iii dreams disturb my reat, 
lgo powers of darkness me molest. 
(5 * You, my blest guardian, whilst I slee I, 
Close to my bed your vigils keep; 
Divine love into me insil, 
Stop ail the avenues of iii. 
7. Praie God, fa-om whom ail blessing4 fl.»w, 
Praioe him, ail creatures here below, 
Praise hiln above, ye heavenly boat, 
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Amen. 

2 Forgive me, Lord, fr thy dear Sn, 
The iii that I thie day bave done, 
That with the world, myseif, and thee, 
I, ere I sleep» at peace may be. 




l., op Heb¢," (1827). 
OD, that madest earth ad heaven, 
Darkness and light ; 
",Vho the day for toil hast given, 
For rest the night ; 
day thine Angel-guards deîend us, 
Slumber sweet thy mercy send us, 
Holy dreams and hopes attend us, 
This livelong night: 
-". Guard us waking, guard us sleeping ; 
And, when we die, 
.May we in thy mighty keeping 
Ail peaceful lie : 
When the last dread call shall wake us, 
Do hot thou our God forsake us, 
]ut to reign in g]ory take us 
With thee on high. 

2. lrchbihop WTatdy (L655). 

Compo#l or aa]t by 
NUNC DIMITTIS- (667. 667.) 269 
I- '   ...... 
I I I I I I I I 
I -    - -  - I -- 
I  I I I I I /I I 
/ , 
/ 1 1  1 -  
3rd cent. or rli. Tf. } H. 
0 GDSOME ligh 0 grace 
Of God the Father's face, 
The eternal splendour wearing; 
Celestial, holy, blest, 
Our Saour esus Christ 
3oyful in thine appring. 
2 Now, ere day fadeth quite, 
We e the evening light, 
Our wont hn outpouring ; 
Father of might unknown, 
Thee, his inrnate Son» 
: And Holy Spirit adoring. 
; 3. To thee of right belongs 
: Ail prai of holy son, I 
0 Son of God, Lifiver;  A - e. 
Th therefore, 0 Most High, 
* The world doth glorify, 
 And shall exalt for er. 


2 H¢,ly Saviour, ca]m our leurs 
Vhen eal'th's brightness diappears; 
Grant us in our latter years 
Light at evening tie. 
3 Holy Spirit, be thou nigh  
,Vhen in mortaI, pains we lie; 
Orant us, as we corne fo die, 
Light af evening rime. 

4. Holy, blessèd Trinity, 
Darkness is hot dark with theê; 
Those thou koepest always see 
Light af evening rime. 


#cribed te St..4,«brose, 8404'7. 
Tf. J. Ello'ton, F. J. .4. llor#. 
lerum D«us tex vigor. 
0 STRENGTH and Slay upholding ail creation, 
Who ever dost thyself unmoved abide, 
Yet day by day the light in due gradation 
From hour to hour through ail its changes guide ; 

2 Grant fo life's day a calm unclouded ending, 
An eve untouched by shadows of decay, 
The brightness of a holy death-bed blending 
With dawning glories of the eternal day. 

8. Hear us, O Father, gracious and forgiving, 
Through Ieus Christ thy eo-eternal Word, 
Who, with the H«ly Ghost, by ail things living 
Now and to endle as art adored. Amen. 




• 273 
ELLER. (1010. 1010.) 
ltlod¢ratdy =e/o  =92 (  = 46). E.J. HoPxs, 1818-1901. 
l_ . , .._,, , .__-+_-____+ . 
i' --Ç--Ç- i i l Ç ;Ç "+ I, I, I l 
" l t t ' ' .i  . 
-- y-'---  
, ,  ,, - 
I _J_ _J + _ _;  +  l;_ l;_ _+_-- 


4. Thy peace in lire, the balm of every pain ; 
Thy peace in death, the hopo to fise again ; 
Then, whe thy voice shall bid out eonflict 
Call us O Lord to thlne eternal peace. 

J. Elle»'ton, 1826-93. 
AVIOUR, again to thy dear naine we raise " 
With one accord out parting hymn of praise. 
Guard thon the lips ff-oto sin, the hearta from shame 
That in this house have called upon thy naine. 
Grant us thy peace, Lord, through tlle cuming night ; 
Turn thou for us ira darkness into light; 
From harm and danger keep thy children free, 
For dark and light are both alike fo thee. 
Grant us thy peace throughout out earthly lire ; 
Peace to thy Church from error and from attife ; 
Peace fo our land, the fruit of truth and love; 
Peace in each heart thy Spirit from above : 


HERR GOTT VATER (L.M., 274 -,,.««« " 
- I I I «  __1 "   i 
I  I I I . I 
/ To bide . . . toe frein . . . thy r - - vant'6 e. 
OEI  I I1 I I î " -'---: 
/ ,   ,  . 
UN of my sou,, thou Sa«our dear, 
is hot night if thou be near : 
O may no h-bo cloud ari 
To hide thee from thy ant's eyes. 
9 en the ft dews of kindly s]eep 
y wried eyelids gently steep, 
Be my lt thought, how sweet to test 
For ever on my Saour's bast. 
3 Abide with me from morn till eve» 
For thout thee I nnot live ; 
Abide with me when ]dght is nigh 
For without thee I dare hot die. 
] If some poor wand'ring child of thine 
Have spned day the voioe divine» 
Now, Lord the gracious work n ; 
t m no mo lie do in si 



5 Watch by the sick ; enrich the poor 
With blesings from thy boundless store; 
Be every mourner' leep to-night 
Like infant's slumbers, pure an4 light. 

6. Corne near and bless us when we wake, 
Ere through the world our way we take ; 
Till in the ocean of thy love 
We lose ourselves in heaven above. 



: V(EET Saviour, bless us ere we go ; 
Thy word into our minds instil ; 
And make our lukewarm heartstoglow 
With lowly love and fervent will. 
ïhrou9h life's lg day ad dea 's dark 
c' ent 3e, be «r L 
The day i dune, ifs hours bave run, 
.d thou haut taken count of ail ; 
Tbe »canty triumphs grace bath von, 
The broken vow, the frequent fall. 
tant u. dear Lord, from evil ways 
True absolution and relee ; 
And bless us, more than in pt days, 
Vith purity and inward peace. 
" D more th pardon ; give us joy. 
weet fear and sober liberty. 

F. W. F«b¢r, 1814-63. 
And loving hearts vithout a|loy, 
That only long to be ]ike thee. 
« Labour is sweet, for thou hast toi]ed, 
Andcareislight, for thouhastcared ; 
Let hot our works with self be soiled, 
Nor in unMmple ways ensnared. 
For all we love, the poor. the sad, 
The sinful,--unto thee we call ; 
O let thy mercy make us glad ; 
Thou art our Jesus and our Ail. 


ST. ANATOLIU6. 0 "&76.$.) 
in zaodtrat tiwt  = 76. A. . 

.s¢«ibtd to 6fb cent. T,'. J. 31. 
HE day is past and over; I  The joys of day are over; 
Ail thanks, 0 Lord, fo/hee;  I lift my he to thee, 
I pray thee tt offencels And 11 on thee that sinles 
The hours of dark may  : e hos of dark y be : 
0 Jesu, keep me in thy sight, 0 Jesu, make their darkness light, 
Andguard me through the comingnight. And rd me tou thecomingnight. 
3 The toils of day are over ; 
I raise the hn to thee, 
And ask that fr from peril 
The hours of dark may be : 
O Jesu, kp me in thy sight 
And ard me through the coing night. 

4. Be thou my soul's preserver, 
0 God I for thou dost know 
Ho,v many are the perils 
Through which I bave to go : 
Loyer of rnen ! 0 hear rny ca]l, 
And guard and save me from them ail. 

LES COMMANDEMEN8 DE DIEU. (98. 9 .)  p by L. uoBo[s 
  i 3 , - , 
-  ;;- ! 
 '  _ A ,- 
I ,-J gJ ', J 
I I I   '  I i 

THE day thou gavest, Lord, isended, 
The darkness falls at thy behest ; I 
T,, thee our morning hymns ascended, 
Thy praise shall sanctify our rest. 
2 IVe thank thee that thy Church un- 
While earth rollsonward into light, 
4 The sun that hids us rest is waking 
Out brethren 'neath the western sky, 
And hour by hour fresh lips are making 
Thy wondrous doings heard on high. 
5. So be it, Lord ; thy throne shall never, 
Like earth's proud empires, pass away ; 
Thy kingdom stands, and grows for ever, 
Till ail thy creatures own thy sway. 

Through ail the world her watch is 
And tests hot now by day or night. 
8 As o'er each continent and island 
The dawn leads on another day, 
OEhe voice of prayer is never silent. 
Nor dies the strain of praise away. 


l a ff. lff--ff - ff' î 
/ "' i  • 
ç   I 
_ I , I 
HE dutoous d««y now closeth, 2 Now ail tho hoavonly splendour 
Each flovor and treo reposeth, Breaks forth in srlight tender 
Shado cr o'or wild and wo : From myriad worlds unknown 
Lot us, as night is falling, And man, o maol eing 
On Ood our aker calling Forge his lfish ing, 
Oive thanks fo him.  Oivor go. For oy of auty hot his own. 
8 His eare ho drownoth yonder, 
Lost in tho abyss of wondor; 
To hoavon his soul doth steah 
This lire ho disestoemeth, 
o y it is that dreamoth, 
That doth from tth his vision sea[. 
. Awhile gis moal blindn 
lay miss God's Iovingkindne, 
And grope in faithless strife : 
But when life's day is over 
Shall death's fair night dcover 
The fields of everlasting life. 



HE radiant morn bath passed away, 
And spent t«,o soon ber golden store; 
The shadows of departing day 
Creep on once more. 

Out lire is but an autumn sun, 
Its glorious noon how quickly past; 
Lead us. O Christ, out life-work done, 
Safe home st last. 

O by thy soul-inspiring graee 
Uplift our hearta to realms on higl ; 
Help us to look fo that bright place 
Beyond the sky ;-- 

Where light, and lire æ and joy, and peaee 
In undivided empire reig, 
And thronging Angels never eease 
Tbeir deathless strain ;-- 

Where Saints are elothed in spotles white, 
And evening ahlows never fall, 
Where thou, eternal Light of light, 
Art Lord of ail. 

G. Thring, 1823-1903. 


HE sun is sinking fast, 
The daylight dies ; 
Let love awake, and pay 
Her evening sacrifice• 
3 So now herself my soul 
"Vould wholly give 
Into his sacred charge, 
In whom ail spirits lire; 
4 So now beneath his eye 
Vould ealmly rest, 
"Vithout a wish or thought 
Abiding in the brea, 
5 Save that his will be donc: 
Whate'er betide, 
Dead to herself, and dead 
In him fo ail beside. 
6 TbL would I lire ; yet now 
Not I, but he 
In all his power and love 
Henceforth alive in me-- 
7. One sacrod Trinity, 
One Lord Divine, 
.Myself for ever his, 
And he for ever mine ! 

Sol praecel rapitur. 
I 2 As Christ upon the 
In death lclined, 
Into his Father's hands 
I His parting soul resigne0: 

HROUGH the day thy love has spared us; 
Iow we lay s down te test; 
Through the ailent watches guard u«, 
Let no foe out peace molest: 
Jesus, thou our Guardian be ; 
Sweet it is te trust in thee. 

2. Pilgrims here on earth, and strangers, 
Dwêlling in the midst of foes ; 
Us and ours preserve frein danges; 
It thine arms may we repose, 
And, when ]ife's sad day is past, 
Rest with thee in heaven at last. 

also for 8aturday Ening, 'o. 282, on zt page. 
For other doys : bl O b]et Cretr d the light. 
For lVeek-dalt8 : Vo$. B8-62. 

A- men. 

OW the busy week is done, 
Now the rest-time is begun ; 
Thou hast brought us on our way, 
Kept and led us day by day ; 
Now there cornes tlle first and best, 
Day of wo]hip, light and rest. 
2 Hallow, Lord, the eoming day ! 
Wllen we meet fo praise and pray. 
Hear tby word. thy Feast attend, 
4. Guide us ail the days to ¢ome 
TiLL thy mercy calL us home 
Ail our powers do thou emplcy, 
Be thy work our chiefest joy 
Then, the promised land possest, 
Bid us enter into test. 

, Hours of happy sem'ice spend 
To our hearts be manifest, 
Lord of labour and of test '. 
3 For thy childl'en gone before 
V;e can trust thee and adore 
Ail their earthly week is it. 
Sabbath-time la theirs at last 
Fold them, Father, to thy breast. 
Give them everlasting rest. 

49 Creator of the earth and sky. 
164 O Triuity of bleed light. 
4&5 O wht their joy and their glory must 

TIMES ..Lt .Au.--u±x 
_'or.rlÇ. 283 »«..«,«. . 
CtRLEY CtSTLE. (lOlO. lOlO.) 
erae ti  = 72.  H.L.«s, 1519. 
Moet gloeo rd of lire, tlmt on this y Didst umkethy t-un,iJ o- ver 
This joy-o day, drrd, withjoy -gin, And t,at we forhomthou 
And that thy love we weigh-ing wor-thi, ly, May lik love for the 
I I 

deathand sin, And hav-ing har-rowedhell,didstbriog- way Cap- tir- t- 
did. doet die, Be - i.g with hy dear Blod clean wahed from sin, .lay lire for 
•ame a . gsin ; And for thy ake, tha all like desr did lly, V¢ith love may 

 • ______ __ ,r»  • Il 
' I I l I ' "" ' 
Lve is the ] . son which the Lord s tught. A- men. 

HERZLICH THU T MICH ERFREUEN. (76.76. D.) Chw'alefoundt on a 
la « ti  = I32. G'»aan 3[dial .itial .Iel . 
--. . . , .-.  , ,»,, i 
I  i  / ïl I ï I. I ,  i. i lçl lî_ 

DAY of rest and gladness, 
0 day ofjoy and light, 
0 balm of care and sadness, 
[ost beautiful, most bright ; 
On thee the high and lowly, 
Through ages joined in tune, 
Sing Holy, Holy, Holy, 
To the great God triune. 
20t thee at the creation 
The light first had ifs birth ; 
On thee for out salvation 
Christ rose from depths of earth ; 
4. lgew graces ever gaining 
From this out day of test, 
"sVe reach the test remaining 
To spirits of the blest. 
To Holy Ghost be praises, 
To Father, and to Son ; 
The Chureh her voice upraises 
To thee, blest Three in One. Amen. 
•See a_so 2gos. 50 and 51. 

Ou thee olr Lord vietorious 
The Spirit sent from laeave ; 
And thus on thee most gloriol 
A triple light was given. 
3 Thou art a cooling fountain 
In life's dry dreary sand ; 
From hee, like Pisgah's mountai:, 
"Ve view our promied land : 
A dy of sweet refection. 
A day thou art of love, 
A day of resurrection 
From earth fo things above. 

NOTHER year is dawning, 
Dear Master, let it be, 
In working or in waiting, 
Another year with thee. 
2 Another year of leaning 
Upon thy loving breast, 
Of ever-deepening trustfulness 
Of quiet, happy test 
0 An«ther year of mercies, 
Of faithfu|ness and grace ; 
Another year of gladness 
In the shining of thy face. 
4 Aaother year of progress, 
Another year of praie, 
Another year of proving 
Thy presence ail the days. 
5 Another year of service, 
Of witness for thy love ; 
Another year of training 
For holier work above. 
.. Another year is dawning 
Dear Master, let it be, 
On earth, or else in heaven» 
Another year for thee ! 

F. B. Ha¢fat, Iv36-9. 

cu,,c,. « . .) 286 ». .,.,. I  :yçï-ï  ï I ïï l r.r 
    , i : 'ï . 
/ , ,/ I  I    I 
« »  £T  - 
NoE.--A higlr ffing of lais tu wiY b« f at Hymn 481. 
OR thy mercy and thy graoe, 3 Dark the futée : lt the light 
Faithful through another year, Guide us, bright and Moing tar ; 
llear our aong of thankfulness, Fieroe our f and hard the flght : 
Father, and deemer hear. Arm . Saviottr, for the 
2 Lo. our sins on thee we cast 4 In our weakne and ditress, 
Thé, our ffect Sacrifice ; Rock of strength, be thou our Stay ; 
A,d, forgetting ail the pt, In the athle wilderne 
Fress towardu our g[orio prize. Be out true and living Way. 
5 Who of us death's aul road 
In the coming year shall tread 
Vith thy rod and staff, 0 G, 
Comfort thou his dying head. 
6. Kp us faithful, keep us pure, 
Keep us evermore thine own: 
Help, 0 help  to endure ; 
Fit  for the promi crown. 
3 Behold, the Bfidm t 
1 A few mo y shl mil 
 A the Naine  J 
 ya and momen quickly fl. 
 How swoet the me of Joe uad 
8 Joeu, ame  oe 
 O G, out help in oe  
 To the me that b vatiom 


'Vhere in winter ail was SHOW, 
Now the flowers in clusters grow; 
And the co, n, in green array, 
Promises a harvet-day. 

Lord, affurd a spring fo me, 
Let me feel like what I see; 
Speak, and by thy graciouu ,-oice, 
llake my drooping soul rejoice. 

4. On tlly garden deign to smile. 
lise the plants, enrich the soil ; 
Soon thy presence will restore 
Life to what aeemed dead before. 

' i ' I ' "-ï I_ , 
I - 
I -2 -« , _ , 
_«.  -  - - 1-  - 


HE summer days are corne again ; 
Once more the glad earth yields 
H6r golden wealth of ripening grain, 
And breath of clover fields, 
And deeponing shade of summer woods, 
And glow of summer air, 
And winging thoughts, and happy moods 
Of love and joy and prayer. 

2. The summer days are corne again ; 
The birds are on the wing ; 
God's praises, in their loving strain, 
Uneonsciously they sing. 
"Ve know who giveth ail the good 
That doth our eup o'erbrim; 
For aummer joy in field and wood 
We lift out song to him. 



I)5[E, ve tl,ankful people, corne, 
Rais the song of harvest-home ! 
Ail i safely gathered in, 
Ere the winter sterres begin ; 
(iod, our Maker, doth provlde 3 
For our wants te ho suppliedl 
Corne te God's own temple, corne ; 
Raise the song of harvest-homel 
We ourselves are God's own fieldl 
Fruit unto his praise te yield ; 
Wheat and tares together sown, 
l.Tt_ joy or sorrow grovn; 
Udso;. 4. Thon, thou Church triumphant, corne, 
Raise the song of harvest-home ; 
Ail are safely gathered in, 
Free frein sorrow, free frein sln ; 
There for ever purified 
In God's garner te abide : 
Corne, ten thousand Angl«, 
laise the glorious harvest-home '. 

H. A0brJ, 1,10-71. 
First the blade and then the car. 
Then the full eorn shall appear : 
Grant, 0 harrest Lord, that we 
Wholesome grain and pure may be. 
For the Lord our God sha]l corne, 
And shall tako his harvest home; 
From his field shall purge away 
Ail that doth offend, that day ; 
Givo his Angels charge at lait 
In the tire tho tares te et. 
But the fruitful ears te store 
In his garder evermore. 


SELMA. (S. 'M.) 290 
frorn a Traditiona! ltIelody 
i  ltl ti.¢ ¢ = 80. of tlle 
/ I- " * '  
/ , / I l I I , 
I'L  I :    I 1 
_' , ,, 
I 1   F ï -; t , f " 
Their cful tank tey pe ; 
Then rry to his temple-gare 
The choicest of their store. 
S Like Israel, Lord, we give 
Ot rliest fruits to thoe, 
And pray that, long as we sha[[ [ix-e ; 
We may ty children be. 
4 Thine is our youthful prime. 
And le and ail its çovers; 
Be with us in our morning rime, 
And bits our eveni=]g hou. 
5. In wisdom let us grow, 
 years and strenh are $iven, 
Thst we msy se-e thy Chch bel0w. 
d jo thy Saints in heaven. 


'E plough the fields, and scatter 
I  Tl,e good seed on the land, 
But it is fed aad watered 
By God's aighty hand ; 
He sends the ov in winter, 
The varmth to swcll the grain, 
] he bez and the sunshe, 
And soft re'eshing rn : 
Ail gd g aund  
en thank e Lord, 0 
_or l Ms Zo. 

'2. He only is the ]laker 
Of ail thing aear and far. 
He pilints the wayside flower, 
He lights the evening star. 
The wind and waves obey him, 
By tiim the birds are fed ; 
Xlucla more to us, lais children, 
He gives our daily bread : 

3. We thank thee then, 0 Father, 
Fo ail thiuga bright and good ; 



The eed-time attoE the harvest, 
Our lif, our health, our food. 
No gifts bave we te offer 
For ail thy love imparts» 
But that vhich thou deirest, 
Our humble, thankful hearts : 
The f.ollowing are alao sv.Rable: 
309 lro tire b-t). f ttm earth. 475 Pjoic, O land. la GI thy tmgLt. 
447 O God of Bethel» by whooe hand. 532 Let us» with 

MIE year i swiftly waning, 
The ummer day are past ; 
And life, brief lire, is speeding ; 
"l'be end is nearing fast. 
"l'ie ever-changing seasons 
In silence corne and go ; 
But thou. eternal Father, 
N, time or chaage catt ktoxv. 

O, by each mercy sent us, 
And by each grief and pain, 
By blessings like the sunshiuî, 
And sorrows like the tain, 
O,r barren hearts make frttitful 
V¢ith every goodly grace, 
That we thy naine may hallow 
And sec ai last thy face. 


. ,, I I I ....--I- I t n 
'IS winr now; the fallen ShOW 
 Has lefl the heavens ail coldly clear; 
Through lfle ughs the sha winds blow, 
d ail the h lies dd and drear. 
And yet God's love is hot withdwn ; 
His life thin the kn air breathes; 
His beauty paints the crimn wn, 
d clothes the boughs with glitteng wreaths. 
d though abad the sha winds blow, 
And skies are chill and froets are kn, 
Home cler dws her eile now. 
d waer glows her light within. 
0 God  who giv'st the wintes cold, 
 well as summer's joyos rays, 
s warm]y i thy ]ove efo] 
nd kee us through life's wint day 


2 N«tm'e's chief and sweetet choir 
Him with cheerful ,rotes admire ; 
Ch;,nti,g every dny thcir lnuds, 
Vhile the grove thvir -ong applauds. 

J. Aaata, d. 1669. 
11 I,]{K, my soul, how evêrythitlg I 3 Though their voices lower he, 
l_ Strives te serve our bounteous Streanm bave too their melody ; 
King; Night and day they warbling run» 
Each a double tribute pays, Never pause, but still sing on. 
.ings its part, and then obeys. 
 Ail the flowers that gild the spring 
Hithêr their still music bring; 
If heavcn bless them, thankful, they 
Smell more sweet» and look more 
 Only we can scarce afford 
This short office te out Lord; 
We, on whom his hounty flovs, 
Ail things gives and nothing owes. 
6 Wake : for shame, my sluggih heart, 
Wake'. and gladly sing thy part ; 
Lear of birds, and springs, and flo*vcrs  
H,sv te use thy nobler powers. 
7 Call whole nature te thy aid ; 
.ince 't,vas he whole nature ruade; 
Who to one God ail belong. 
Uio, 8. Live for ever, glorious Lord! 
Live by all thy vorks adored [ _ men. 
One in ThJe, and Three in One 
Thrice we bow fo thee alone. Amen. 
' 417 



HE pacious firmament on high 
Wilh all the blue etheral al.v, 
And spangled heavens I a shining frame, 
Their great Originl proclaim. 
The unwearied sun from day to day 
Does his Creator's power display, 
And publishes to every land 
The works of an almighty hand. 

Soon as the evening shades prevail 
The moon takes up the wondrous tale 
And nightly to the listening earth 
Repeats the story of ber birth ; 
Whilst ait the stars that round ber burn, 
And ail the planers in their tttrn. 
Confirm the tidings, as they roll, 
And spread the trutl from pole fo pole. 

3. What though in solenm silence ail 
More round the dark terrestrial ball ; 
%Vhat though nor real voice nor sound 
Amid their radiant orbs be found; 
In reason's ear they ail rejoice, 
And utter forth a glorious voice ; 
For ever singing as they shine, 
' The hand that ruade us is Divine.' 

HOU al-l, 0 God, the lire and light I-'2 
Of ail ihis wondrous world we ee ; 
lts glow by day, ils smile by night, 
Are but reflections caught from thee: 
%Vhere'er we turn, thy glories shine, 
A nd all things fairand bright arethine. 
3 %Vhen night with xvings of starry gloom 
O'ershadows ail the earth and skie% 
Like seine dark beauteous bird whose plume 
I sparkling with unnumbered eyes,-- 
That sacred gloom, those rires divine, 
'o grand, se countles% Lord æ are thine. 
.o Vhen yvuthful spring around us breathe% 
Thy .pirit warms ber fragrant igh, 
And every flower the summer wreathes 
Is born beneath that kindling eye,-- 
Where'er we turn, thy glories shine, 
Aad ail things fait and bright are thine. 

Tho,,m4 Moor¢, 779-152. 
When day with farwell beam delays 
Among the opening clouda of even, 
And we ean almost think we gaze 
Thoe hues that make the un'8 decli ne 
Se sofl se radiant, Lord are 05ne. 


-- • • i- -  - -I----_1_- t -- 
1_..- :....L.__ 
__ __ . _ -  
I i i  " • -- , A-men. 
;»hop . ll«çe;', 1743-1 
HEN pring unlocks the flowers fo paint the laughing soil ; 
When summer's balmy showers refresh the moùes toil : 
When winter binds in frosty chains the fallow and [he floed ; 
In G ¢he ar¢h rejoiee¢h s[ill, and o-ns hiu ak-r gnn4. 
2 The birds that wak the morning and those that love the shade; 
Th winds that sweep the mountain or lui] the drowsy glade: 
The sun ¢hat from his amber bowr rejoiceth on hiu way 
The moon and stars--their aster's naine in silent pomp displ:,y. 
 Shall man the lord of nature, expeetan[ of the ky. 
hall man alone, unthankful, his li¢tle praise denye 
h'o; let the year fomak his cours% the seasons eeas fo be. 
ee, asCer, mu¢ we alvay« love, and, Saviour. honour thee. 
4. The flowers of spring may wither, the hope of summer fade. 
The autumn droop in winter the birds foake the shade; 
The winds  lulled, the sun d moon forger heir old deeee ; 
But we, in na[ure's latest hour O Lord. will cling fo thee 


C(ORDING to thy gracious word, 
OE In meek humihty, 
ïhis will I do, my dying Lord, 
I will remember thee. 
Thy Body, broken for my sake, 
My Bread from heaven shall be; 
Tby testamental Cup I take, 
And tbus remember thee. 
5 Remember thee, and ail thy pains, 
And ail thy love to me ; 
'ea, while a breath, a puise remains, 
%Viii I remember tllee. 
6. And when these failing lips grow dumb 
And mind snd memory flee, 
When thou shalt in thy kingdom corne, 
Jesu, remember me. 
,,.oL. (,. . .) 301 

Oethsemane tan I forget? 
Or there thy eonflict see, 
Thine agony and bloody sweat, 
And not remember thee? 
%Vhen to the Cros I turn mine eyes 
And rest on Calvary, 
Lamb of GM, my Sacrifice, 
I must remember thee : 

A . men. 

Mdody by 


LLELUYA, sing to Jesus, 
His the sceptre, his the throne ; 
Alleluya, his the triumph, 
His the victory alone : 
Hark the songs of iaoeful Sion 
Thunder like a mighty flood ; 
,esus, out of every nation, 
Hath redeemed us by his Blood. 
2 * A]]eluya, hot as orphans 
Are we left in sorrow now 
A]leluya ho is noar us, 
Faith believe, nor questions 
Vffso,t. 4. Alleluya, King eternal, 
Thee the Lord of lords we own ; 
Alleluya horn of Mary, 
Erth thy footstool, Heaven tby throne : 
Thou within the veil hast entered 
Robed in flesh, our great High Priest; 
Thu on earth both Prlest and Victim 
In/he Eucharlstic Feast. 

I1". Chatterton Dix, 1S37-98. 
Though the cloud from sight received 
When the forty days were o'er, 
Shall our hearts forger his promise 
' I ara with you evermore "? 
3 Alleluys Bread of angel% 
Thou on earth out Food, out Sty ; 
Alleluya, here the sinful 
Flee to thee from day fo day ; 
Intercessor, Friend of sinners, 
Earth's Eedeemer, plead for me, 
Where the songs of ail the sinles 
Sweep across the crystal sea. 


ND now, 0 Father, mindful of the 
love [Calvary's Tree, 
That bought us, once for ail, on 
And having with us him that pleads 
above, [forth fo thee 
W'e here present, we here spread 
That only Offering pe;-fect in thine I 
eyes, I 
The one truc, pure, immortalSacrifice, l 
Look, Father, look on hisanointed face [ 
And onlyJook on us as found in him ; I 
Look net on our misusings of th¥[ 

Our prayer so languid, and our faith 
so dira : [reward 
or io! between our sins and their 
Weset the Passion of thySon our Lord. 
* And then for those, our dearest and 
our best, [appeal ; 
"y this prevailing preoence we 
0 fold tbem cloer to thy mercy's hreast, 
Odo thineutraost for theirsoulstrue 
weal : [white and clear, 
From tainting mischief keep them 
And crown thy gifts with strength fo 


4.*And se we corne; O draw us te thy fee¢, 
Most patient Saviour, who canst love us still ; 
And by this Food, se awful and se sweet, 
De]iver us frein every touch of iii : 
In thine own service make us glad and free, 
And grant us never more te part with thee. 

UTHOR of life divine, 
Who hast a table spread, 
Furnished with mystic Wine 
And everlasting Bread, 
Preserve the life thyself hast given, 
And feed and train us up for heaven. 
No'r.--Li» I a» 3 of te first r »my be s. : 
u- thor of lire di- vine, 
Fhr-nished wJth mys - tic Wine 

2. Out needy seuls sustain 
With fresh supplies of love, 
Till ail thy life we gain» 
And ail thy fullness prove, 
And,st rengthened by thy perfect graco, 
Behold without a veil thy face. 

J A - rnen. 


BREAD OF HEAVEN. (7.7;-ç-) 304 
• fod»'aldy afow  = '. ARCHB|:HOP -[ACLAGI,%'. 
  -- I I I '-" 
// l/ I I I   I, I I 
/I 1 I I . I  I I  I I  
 I    ç    - r - -  -- - 
 ' I I. I I i I I I l 
I .... -IIIII 
  I I  . I I I I I I 
N.--Thi Iymi may do  8ug tu N(H so rrç (.. Il 0 . 
th Cmumo. J. Co)«»" , 17t155. 
EAD of heven, o. thee we fee,  . Vine of hven, thy loo lies 
For thy Flesh is meat indeed ; [ This I,lest cup of sacrifice ; 
Ever may our souls be fed "Ti» thy wounds our healiug give ; 
With this truc and living Bread, To thy Cro we look and lire : 
by day with strength supplied Thou our life  O let us be 
Through the life of him who died. Rooted. grafted built on thé. 

At fb« (m,n,:,t/ott. Biho a, ll. H¢bo', 1713-126. 
tow « digni  = . i th¢ 6eno'an Plte»', 1543. 
I .. .  -  3_ _ __ 
 ...... __   _ 
" 26 


r'l -:r'-: i I p ï-F - - ! -- '-" '-" "1 I Iï i [ I 
Lock on tbe tear b.v aih ners hed, And be thy feast fo u tl.e 
I-6- I I ! --  L ! I , 



Bo' qnoEnlo, or Pr¢paratin. 

• . F,'.¢k 1618-77. 
dmfifft t.. 
ECK thyself» my seul, with gladneas, 
Leavo the gloomy ha of dness, 
Como into tho daylight' splendeur, 
here with joy thy prai tender 
Unto him who grace unboundvd 
Hath this wondrou bauquet founded ; 
High o'er ail the heavens he reigneth, 
Yet te dwell with thee he deigneth. 
• New I sink fo thee lowly, 
Filled with joy most deep and holy, 
 vith tmbliug awe and wonder 
On thy mighty works I nder; 
How, by mystery surmunded, 
Depths no man bath ever sounded, 
None may date te pierce unbiddeu 
Secrets that with thee are hidden. 

A . h¢ 

Pa,'( 2. 
Sun, who ail my life doat brighten ; 
Light, who dost my seul enlJghten ; 
Joy, the sveetest man e'er knoweth ; 
Fount, whence ail my being floweth: 
At thy feet Ict T, my lMaker, 
Let me be a fit paaker 
Of this blvssèd food frein heaven, 
For our good, thy gloT, given. 
Jean, Bread of Life, I pray thee, 
t me gladly here obey thee ; 
Never te my hurt invited. 
Be thy love with love requited : 
Frein this banquet let me meaaurv, 
Lord, how vt and deep its treure; 
Through the girls thou here dost gi me, 
 thy gue in beau-en receive me. 


I  "' - F -F F ç'  'F V 7" ' 
/ .1 " , I " / a  I l " 
/ +- ' '_ «.-   ç 
I I .  I ' I I I I I  '. I 
I I ' ' I , ' I  I I _l - , 
"" I I ' ' ' " ' 
Vhereby refshed ve render thanks fo G. 
2 Salvation's giver Christ the only Son, 
By that his Crms d BI the victory won. 
Offered was he for greatest and for Imt : 
Himself the Victim and himIf the Priest. 
3 Victts were +er by the law of old, 
That, in a type, oelestl mysteries toIoE 
He nmer from death and Light from shade 
(+iveth his holy grace his saints to aid. 
4 Appmach ye then with faithful hrts sincere, 
And take the fegua of Ivation here. 
He that in this world rules his ints and shields, 
To ml] believers lire eterl yields : 


5. lVith heavenly Bread makes them that hunger 
(;ives living waters fo the thirsty soul. 
AIpha and Omeg. to whom shall bow 
Ail nations at the Doom, is with us now. 

• oo.o "r(.o. ). (..».) Ol 
I lll ate ti  = 72. zg'«n by non Vx DAE of Ghent. 
I-P-  - -o---0 l 
/ , I  '  I I i --   
 __  .l__ / l I I  I   I ç I 
I • 
-- --- ç-- - 
i . -ïr I I I,-ïl , , x l 
 e Co»nunio. Il. H. H. Je'ois a,d IV. B. T. 

ATHEI, see thy children be]]ding at thy throne, 
|' Pleadmg he the Passion of thine only Son, 
Pleading here before thee sll his dying love, 
As he pleads it ever in the courts above. 
_Not for our wants only we this Offering plead, 
But for all thy children who thy mercy need : 
Bless thy faithful people, win thy wandering 
Keep the souls dêparted who in Sesus -_leep. 

JESU, MEINE ZUVERSICT. (77. 77. 7 7.) J. Ct'oe, 19S-1665. 
toc ) = . AJated b 3. 8. Bc. 
. _.  , .1 . 
  I  "  I I 
I .,  -J- -'  -J J-- --  , 
I ',  I , , oe --  I I J 
I '    -- " .....   l  - 

1 tl, e 
OI the beauty o the earth, 
For the beauty of the skies, 
For the love which from out birth 
Over and around us lies : 
Chfi out God, te t we tarse 
This our sacrifice of praise. 

2 For the beauty of each hour 
Of the day and of the night, 
Hill and vale, and tree a.d flotter, 
Sun and moon and stars of light : 

F. & Pi«,'pot (1864). 
F,_,r the joy of ear and eye, 
For the heart and brain's delight, 
For the mystic harmony 
Linking sente fo sound and sight : 
For the jo}- of human love, 
Brother, sister, parent, child, 
Friends on earth, and friends above, 
For all gentle thoughts aud mild : 
* For each perfect gift of thine 
To our race so freely gin'en, 
Graces human and divine, 
FLowersofeartltar, dbudsofheaveu: 

6 *For thy Bride that evermore 
Lifteth holy hands above, 
Offering up on every shore 
This pure sacrifice of love : 
7 For thy Martyrs' crown of iight, 
For thy Prophets" eagle eye, 
For thy bold Confessors' might, 
For the lips of infancy : 
8. For thy "Virgins' robes of show, 
For thy Maiden-mother ndld. 
For thyself, with hearts aglow. 
3esu. Victim undefiled: 


,.. (,,.,,.,,. ,.) 310 
 I I 
I '  l I -- 
I  ... ,  - I   ', - ., v 
Art • mmunio,z. £itm.g ol St. J«»«. T,-. C. W. H. 
RO3f glory to glory advaneing, we pise thee, O Lord ; 
Thy naine with tho Father and Spirit bo ever adored. 
2 From.strength unto strongth wo go forward on Sion's highway, 
To appoar beforo Goal in he eity of infinito day. 
 Thanksgiving, and glory and wohip, and blessing and love, 
One heart and one ng haro tho Saints upoa oarth and above. 
4. Evermore, O Lord, fo thy sorvants thy presence be nigh ; 
Ever fit us by sexieo on earth for thy ee on high. 



l |ERE, O my Lord, I sec thee face [ 
1 fo face ; [things unseen ; [ 
tlere faith would tuuch and handle  
Here graep with firmer hand the[ 
eternal grace, [lean. I 
And ail ny weariness upon theel 
2 Here would I feed upon the Bread of I 
God ; [of heaven ; l 
Here drink vith tflee t he royal Wine I 
Here would I i&y aide etch earthly I 
load ; [forgiven. | 
Here tawte afreh the calm of sirt I 

havenohelp butthine; nor do I need 
Another arm save thine to ]ean 
upon : 
is enough, my Lord enou indeed ; 
y strenh is in thy might, thy 
might alone. 
ine is the sln»but thine the »ighteou- 
nees ; [cleng Blood ; 
Mine is the ilt» but thine t}te 
Here is my ro, my rege, and my 
peace, [ my Ood. 
Thy Bld thy righteness, O 



 L? I - F  F F ' 'J F 
Je - u'e love tl3e 'orld te f. By t6e faith - f. 
Let  ne'er  dmwn a -  : AIl one B. one 
n the atmy, BI the liv - i d t d 
Bo - dy we, d by le  ] 1 and thé. 

Shed the precious puple tide 
Frein thine hands, thy feet, thy side; 
2. Let thy streams of eomfort roll, 
Let them please and fill my seul. 
Let me thus for ever 
Full of gladness, full of thee. 

SACRAME'r,' AD O'1"1-11 111"1 
V «s 1, ,  C$r y. 
-ex,. c..» 315 
/ ,--   I I I I  I I I I 
I I I I 
I ïf   I- ç2,  Il 
lrses 2, 4, 6 fl,   sung in unisoa. 
CSW (W  DSY). {65.6".) 
loE ratdy lor  = 63. F. Fr 1-7. 
,   , ,  
r I I - ' I 
I --  ---  -- -"  -- " 

Choi," only. 
ESU, gentlest Saviour. 
d of might d power, 
Thou thyself art dwelling 
  at this hour. 
F dl. it. 
 ature cauuot hold thee, 
Heaven is ai1 too stit 
For thine endless glory 
d thy royal btate. 

F. IV. Faber, 181t-63. 
Choir ody. 
3 Out beyoad the shining 
Of the furthest star 
Thou art ever stretehiug 
Infiaitely far. 
Full. Unison. 
4 Yet the hearts of children 
Hold what worlds cannot, 
And the God of wonder 
Loves the lowly spot. 

Choir only. Full. ' 
5 Jesu, gentlest Saviour, 6. MultilJy out grace», 
Thou art in ua now ; Chiefly love and fear, 
Fill us full of goodness Aud dear Lord, the chiefest, 
Till out hearts o'erfl,,xv. Graee to per»evere. 

,o,, wo¢,,. (..o.) 316 
bloc'  = 7OE 

A. Ho Btows. 

][:ST as I ara, without ou plea 
l But that thy Blood w shed for me, 
Aad that thou bidd'at mecome fo thee. 
Q Lat OE God æ I me. 
2 Just as I ara, though tosoed about 
With any a conflict, many a doubt, 
Fightgs within, and fea without, 
5 Jt as I ara (thy love uukuown 
Has broken every barrier douve). 
Now to  thine, yea, thine alonc, 
6. 3ut  I ara, of that free love 
The badth,length,depth, and height fo prove, 
e for a seoth then above, 

C?,arlotte Eltiott, 1789-1571. 
3 Ju»t as I ara, poor, retched, blind; 
Sight. riches, healing of the lnind. 
Yea ail I need, in thee fo find, 
4 Just as I ara, thou wilt reeeie 
Wilt weleome, pardon, cleanse, re- 
lieve : 
Because thy pr,mie I believe ! 

,Cp.. Lsud Sion 8.lvaorem. 

TAmaa o,lubta 
Tf. crffO. 
.Modes vil and viii. 

1{ Land. O i - on, thy mal - - tion, Land with hymrm of ex - *d- 
Spenci thy -self, him bon- out 
I I I ï I  ] ] ï- I 

• = .__1 . • • 
" • = • • • • 
ta- tion Christ, th King and hep-herdtrue:.2"$Sing to - day, tbe 
praie - ing; Ne - ver caner thon reaeh hia due. ) I E'en the tanne • f 


mys - tery ahow ing Of the liv - ing, Jife be - 
old pro vid ed, Where the Twelve, di - vine . 
  I-.-,--'A   d : 
.- î -ï   .  r  . 


L • _ - • 
atow .ing Bread fron, Iwa'¢n be . fore thee set : i$ Firl] and ¢]ear ring 
naid . ed, At the ho - ly Ta - b]e xnet. l 
_._.  ] . 1 _;- 
I i I t Il  I , 
I .-- -o-__ --o ....... -- 
:-,î ï-.Ç:î î 


| î ii : L 
grac - ing, Thi new Para - o - ver o! blm - ing Hath fd- 
 r °  ,-I- . 


317 («;.-«0 

i, H;. ; . . i 
, : • î Il'IV'III 7iii i - î ! 
led the eld - er ri#: Yow the new the old er - fa- ceth, 
F - " r- r r r  , -î- 

I - lli ,,, , 7 I 
Ttlth re - *ealed the eh& - dow chae - eth, Day is break 

I  = • - • 
_ . • • 
i - = î 
on the night 5$Wat he did at Sup - per eeat - ed, Christ or - 
I And, is wo for id-an k - ing, Bread and 
  . , , , ,'i  I t , I l 
 - - Ï i r I 

317 («0,m,," 

! -i • " î • I • ; 
.! • î - . î --I • ;- 

6f'/'his the troth to CIiri-tians giv-en--Brd 1]e-cornes hiœ Fleeh from 
"L Doth it p,s thy eom - pre - hend- ing? Yet by falth thy sight trau. 
. ,__ ,-,. ___,. ,. ,____L.__ 
.'-----_ o o ,..-_j---..______ : 
I I I I   i t " 
 e,-J  -.o- • -OE   I 


317 ',co»,muà) 

are hid - den GIo - riotm tlaings to sight for - bid - den ; Look hot on 
i bro - ken, But in ¢i - the - cred - ken Chr$ in here 

hot the Lord nor break- eth ." Christ i, whole to ail -that tate.  
thou-andn of be - liev-¢re, *l'ake the Food th&t an - nt 'at«. J" 


doom pre . l*r . ing Va . ried a the heart of nmn;} lO I Wh. the 
be re. tord - ed Whichflm one be . gin. ning rn Noughtthe 
I-L-+,_ll_ t _-- I  . , -- ! , 
' "  I "" 

• • . . 
ac - r& - ment le bro - ken, Doubt hot in e.tch ev - ered fo - kea, 
pre-cious Gift di - vi-deth, Break-ing but the 
.1- ' I 
I "-'- i I l I I'" ' 
 i i ï t • 



î • • m ..... -_ • ., . 
Hl-loedby the wordonoe po-ken» Rt-th ai/ 
He bim-elf the ame a - bi -deth, bToth-ing of his full- neaespent. " " 
Part 2. Ecc! Ps 
o • I I 
11 I Loi the In- gelé" Food la giv - en To the pil- grim 
|Truth the an- tient typ fui- fill - iug 
• "----4--- * !" -- . 
I---,__------- ..... :::::.-oe_- _____,__.___ 
 i • î -î-ï-, ' ,-. 
 I I  I.,, I I I I , 




I' ' '   -I" ï -- 
I - ' -'- i I 
e 449 

SACRAIE'r Au t)'tit 

e,c.o. (;.,.*.) 318 
iow  =92- (C:;J = 46). Tobe #t, ng in ld,t. F, old, 
' _ , . ,.  • 
l l , -,  lr 
- ET ail nortal flh kp silen, and with fear and trembling 
Ponder nothing eahly-minded, for wlth bleing in his hand. 
Christ out God to earth dedeth, out fuli homa to demand- 
King of kings, yet rn of Mary, as of o]d on earth he std, 
Lord of lo-ds, in human vesture--in the Body and the Blor,d 
He xvill give to ail the faithful b owu Self for beavey Food. 
Rank on rank the ht of bven »plà» its vana on 
As the Light of light desoendeth from the realms of endless day. 
That tbe poxver of heH ay -anih  the darknes» elear axay. 
At his feet the six-winged SeraI,h ; Cherubim with slee] eye, 
Veil their faces to the Presence, as with tele vee they 
leluyaÆ eluya, eluya, Lord most high. 


5. Life-imparting heaveul Manna. 
Strieken Rock with streaming side, 
Heaven and earth with loud hosan.a 
Worship thee. the Lamb who dicd. 
F, isen, ascended, glorified : 

First-begotten from the dead, 
Thon alone, out strong Defender, 
Liftet up thy people's head. 
Jrsu, truc and living Bread: 
IIere out hunlblest homage pay we ; 
Here in loving reverence bow ; 
IIere fox'Faith's discernment pray w% 
Lest sse rail te know thee noss. 
Thou art here, we ask no how. 

As of old in Brthlehem, 
Here as there thine Angel hall tLee, 
Branch and Flower of Jese's stenL 
We in worhip join with lhvm. 
4 Paschal Laml. thine Offering. fin ished 
Once for ail when tllo.I wasi slaii, 
In ifs fullneas undiminished 
Shall for evermore remain, 
Cleansing seuls fr.m every saim 

• e'. ( . « .) 3  o, 
.l«at«l o = . i t '  mio,," 172œ. 
I  / I i K P  I I I " 
l ' I K  l i I I 
i .... ; «  I@A- -  -  "  
OE.-- lo settiig of this tie lill  foi)d  H 340. 
LEAD my blindness y the hand, 
Lead me to thy familiar Feast, 
No here or now fo understand, 
Yet here snd now fo ste 
How the eternal Word of heaven 
On earth in broken bread is given. 
2 Ve. who this hnly pvecinct round 
In one aoring circle 
May we in one intent be bound 
And one rene devotion foel ; 
And ow around thy sacred shrine 
Like tendrils of the deathless Vine. 
3. Ve, who with one blest Food are fed, 
Into one body may we -ow, I .  
And one pu life from thee, the Head, 
Informing ail the members flow ; 
One puise be felt in eve rein, 
One law of pleure and of in. 


CI-INSTER I-tEII JESU. (IO 7. l0 7.) 
V« ,  =  (  = ). ' 
[ «», mt mer - .- - fui. O, . mmt un - ri . fui 
1«: -.  ï « ---  -- 

Hear l'te, help qs .  ||en e cry. A - 

2;or.--As thls hymn ¢onslsts of one rerse oldg if is sggest.d that if be m,ng twlce ; o»ce 
Ly th, c,'zr. ALONi and again by choir a»td lenple in tmiwn. 

It may «so be us«d as a short ,)wt«t for u»occomyanieà sMging by the choir. 



0 THOU, who at thy Eucharist didst 
That ail thy Church might be for 
ever one, 
Grant us af every Eucharist fo say 
"Vith Ionging hiart and seul, 'Thy 
will be done.' 
Dh, may we ail one Bread, one Body be, 
One through this Sacrament of unit)-. 

2 For ail thy Church, 0 Lord, we inter- 
cede ; [cee ; 
Make thou our sad divisions sovn fo 
Draw us the nearer each to each, ve 
plead, [Peace : 
By drawing ail to thee, 0 Prince of 
Thus may we ail one Bread» one Body 
One through this Sacrament of unity. 

3 ,Ve pray thee too for wanderers from thy Fold ; 
0 bring them back, good Shepherd of the sheep, 
Back to the Faith which Saints helieved of old, 
Back to the Church which still that Faith doth keep : 

Soon may we all one ]3read, one Body be, 
One through this Saerament of unity, 
4. So, Lord, at length when Sacraments shall cease, 
We may be one with all thy Church ahove, 
One with thy Saints in one unbroken peace, 
One with thy Saints in one unbounded love : 
More blessèd still, in peace and love fo be 
One with the Trinity in Unit.v. 

0{ 4. 0010. 1010.) "0 toVOl(V#l 
]j O Word Jm.mor-] of e -] G, On- ]y-  - got -n of the 
Spmgfrotathe er-r-vir-gin wo-n-ho Of ber who rethee, G 
2. te us, O ChriourG, for  ht di To ve thy o- pie  tue 
---I l j @ F -- Il I I]I___ -- 

on - ly onre, For out al - va - tion gOOlD-ing to the course Of bu - nlan 
nm - - hic, In-r- va, me  mn with man  dwdl, And n-de - 
ut -r-mt, .çnd dy - ing tmmp. lestdthin ic . - ; One  thc 
:»- u = -----OE- -q 


Mode iii. 
' '1""" " " 
-= _- 



St. Thmaa duia, 122-7;. 
T: J. PI. l¢e, al, 1. wa[l. a:td otb.¢rz. 
Fange lingua, glorioi Corporia myBterium. 
F the glorious ]ody telling, 
O my tongue, its mysteries sing, 
And the 131ood, ail price excelling, 
Which the world's eternal King, 
In a noble womb once dwelling, 
hed for this world's ransoming. 

Given for us, for us descending, 
Of a Virgin to proceed, 
Man with man in converse blending, 
Scattered he the Gospel seed, 
Till his sojourn drew to ending, 
Wldch he closed in wondrous deed. 

3 At the lait great Supper lying 
Circled by his brethren's band, 
Meekly with the law complying, 
First he flnished its command, 
Then, immortal Food supplying, 
Gave himself vittt his ov haoE. 

4 Word ruade Fiesh, by word he maketh 
Very bread his Flesh fo be; 
Man in wine Christ's ]lood partaketh: 
And if senses rail fo see, 
Faith alone the true heart waketh 
To behold the mystery. 

6. Glory let us give, and blessing 
To the Father, and the Son ; 
Honour, might, and praiae addressing, 
'hile eternal ages run ; 
Ever too his love confessing, 
Who, from both, with both is one. 

Part 2. 
Tantum ergo. 
5 Therefore we. before him bending, 
This great Sacrament revere ; f  
Types and shadows have their ending,   
For the newer rite is here;  
Faith, out outward sense befriending, 
akes the inward vi.ioxx clear. A . men. 


 / I I   -- 

i" the glorious Body telling, 
P 0 my tongue, its mysteries sing, 
And the Blood, ail price excelling, 
Which the world's eternal King, 
, a noble wornb once dwelling. 
hed for this world's ransoming. 
ï Given for us, for us descending, 
of a Virgin to proceed, 
[an with man in converse bending, 
Scattered he the Gospe! seed, 
'I'ill his sojourn drew fo endlng, 
Which he closed in wondrous deed. 

At the last great Supper lying 
Circled by his brethren's band, 
bteekly with tlae law complyin. 
First he finished its cornmand. 
Then, immortal Food supplying 
Gave himself with his own hand. 
Word ruade Flesh, Ly word he maketh 
Very bread his Fleah to be; 
])Ian in wine Christ's Blood partaketh : 
And if senses fail to see, 
Faith alone the true heart waketh 
To behold the mytery. 

5 Therefot-e ve, before him bending, 
This gtoeat Sacrament revere ; 
OE)e and shadows bave their end- [ 
mg, I 
For t« ewr ril i lm*  I 
ate tbo iwr iio «leur. I 
I e- . . . 

Tantum ergo. 
6. Glory let us give, and blessing 
To the Father, and the Son ; 
Honour, might, and praise addressing, 
While eternat es n ; 
Ever too hIs love confeing. 
Who, from both, with both is one. 


( F the glorious Body telling, 
 0 my tongue, its mysteries sing, 
A,id the Blood, ail price excelling, 
Which the ,vorld's eternal King 
In a noble womb once dwelling, 
bhed fut" this wot'ld's ransoming. 
2 (;iven for us, for us deseending, 
Of a ¥irgin to proceed. 
ln with man in converse blending. 
cattersd he the Gospel seed, 
'/ill his sojourn drew to ending, 
Which he closed in wondrous deed. 

3 At the last great Sui)per lying 
Circled by his brethren's band 
eekly with the law complying. 
Firt he finished its command, 
Then, immortal Food supplying» 
Gave himself with his ovn hand. 
4 Word ruade Flesh, by word he maketh 
Ver- bread his Flesh fo be; 
]Ian i wine Ch rist's Blood partaketh : 
And if senses rail fo see, 
Faith alone the true heart waketh 
To behold the mystery. 

5 Therefvre we, before him bending, 
This grsat Sacrament t'evere ; 
OEypes and shadows have their end- 
For the newer rite is here; 
Faith, our outward sense befriending, 
IIakes the inward vision clear. 

Part 2. 
Ttum ergo. 
6. Glorv let s give, and blessing 
To'the Father, and the Son, 
Honour, might, and praiseaddressin. 
Yhile eternal agês n ; 
Ever too hls love eonfessing. 
Who. from both, with both is one. 
I  --  " 



NCE, only once, and once for aH, 
His precious lire ho gave ; 
]efore the Cross in faith we fall, 
And own it strong to save. 
' One offering, single and complote,' 
With lips and hearts we say; 
But what ho noyer can repeat 
Ho hows forth day by day. 
5 His Manhood pleads where now it lires 
On heaven's eternal throne, 
And where in mystic rite ho gives 
Its presence to his own. 
6. And so we show thy death, 0 Lord, 
Till thou again appear, 
And feel, when we approach thy board, 
We bave an altar here. 

3 For as the priest of Aaron's line 
Within the holiest stood, 
And sprinkled ail the mercy-shrine 
With sacrificial blood; 
4 So ho, who once atonement wrought, 
Our Priest of endless power, 
Presents himself for those ho bought 
In that dark noontide hour. 

EE, Father, thy belovèd Son, 
Whom here we new present te thee ; 
Tbe all-suïcien{ Sacrifice, 
The sinner's ne and enly plea. 
2. Through him we pray fox- ail we love 
For ail by pain or sin opprest ; 
For sols departed in thy fear : 
O grnnt them thine eternal rest. 

CH GOTT UNO HERR. (87.67.) 329 
Very loto tnd dioniled oe = 46. A,lapt¢d «1 halao»tited b J. 8. B^CtL 
IL_= .= ,-_ï- .=-a,-._-J_-- - - '- ,- - -'-, 
.-  _oe-- - _ __  
- ,  ,_ I ,-%._.  ,.-L_ 
TENGTHEN for service Lord, {e 2 rd, ay te toes 
Thatholy thin bave taken ; [hands Keep fl frein ail deoeiving ; 
t er that ow bave ear thy o Te eyewich w ty 
Te clameur never waken. Thy blessèd hope pereeiving. 
3. The feet that trd thy holy cous 
Frein light de thou net banish ; 
The bodies by thy Body fed  A - men. 
With thy new life replenish. 

SACIA . ,. b Ai D ttlltt ,Ifl 


}[odo riii. 



.St. T'hm»la Au2ne,$, 12L7-74. 
Adoro te devote. T»'. Bho i) J. B. IFoodfo, d. 
HEE we adore, O hidden Saviour, thee, 
Who in thy Sacrament art pleased to be ; 
Both flesh and spirit in thy presence fail, 
Yet here thy Presence we devoutly bail. 
0 blest Memorial of our dying Lord 
Who living Bread fo men doth here afford I 
O may our souls for ever fed on thee, 
And thou, 0 Christ, for ever precious be. 

3 * Fountain of goodness, Jesu, Lord and God. 
CIeanse us, unclean, with thy most c]eansing 
Blood ; 
Increase our faith and love, that we may know 
The hnpe and peace which from thy Presence 
4 *. 0 Christ, whom now beneath a veil we see, 
May what we thirst for soon out portion be, 
To gaze on thee unveiled, and e thy face 
The vision of thy g]ory and thy grace. 

W,ND8OR. (C.M.) Mdo,y fro (tmon' p'trr, 15çl. 
8lo t =  rhtAm ing to te otti Palto', 16:3. 
  I '- 
/ . .   ï, ., ,  
N.--is hymn may   g to WLm (Vo. 502). 
ul  fo»" " eio,. W. Cow 1731-1. 
HE isafountainfllledwithBlo [ 2 e dying thief rejoiced to sec 
D from Emmanuel's veins,  That fountain in his day; 
And inners plunged neath that flood I And the bave I, as vile as h% 
Lœee ail their ilty stains. I Washed alI my sins away. 
3 Dear dying mb, thy precious Blo 
Shall never Iose i wer, 
Till aH the ranmed Church of G 
Be saved fo sin no more. 
4 E'er since by faith I saw the stmam 
Thy flowing wounds supply, 
Redming love bas bn my them 
And shaIl be till I die. 
5 Then in a nobler, sweeter song, 
I'll sing thy power to save, 
Sen this poor lisping, stammering tone 
Lies silent in the grave. 
 L-rd, I believe thou hast prepared 
Unworthy though I , 
For me a blo-ught free reward,   
A golden ha for me. ' .... 
Union. 7. 'Tis stng and tuned for endless yea, / A -me,. 
And form by wer divine,  
To sound in G the Fathes ears 
No other naine but thin 


COLERAINE {VlCENZA. (88,88.88.) 
1 i,lod¢rate rime # = 72. 31dv frm  L« 8la nt" 11. 

ICTIIR Divine, thy grace we ci-im 
%Vidle thus thy precious Death o sh..w ; 
Once offered up, a spotless Lamb. 
Iii thy glat temple here beluw, 
Thou didst for ail mankind atone. 
And standest new before the throne. 
2 Thou standest in the holiest place, 
As new for guiity sinnei slain ; 
Thy Blood of sprinkling speaks and prays 
Ail-prevalent foi" helpless man ; 
Thy Blood is still our ransom found. 
And sproads salvation ail around. 
3. Ve need net new go up te hoaven 
To bring the long-ought Saviour dvwli ; 
Thou art to ail already given, 
Thou dost e'en now thy banquet erown : 
To every faJthful soul appear. 
And show thy real Preence hee. 

T E pray thee, heavenly Father, 
ç To hear us in thy love, 
And pour upon thy children 
The unction from above ; 
That so in |ove abiding, 
From ail defilement fre% 
We raay i] pureness offvr 
Out Eucharit fo thee. 
AIl that we have we oifer, 
For if is ail thine own, 
AI girls, by thine appointment, 
In brcad and cup are shown 
One thing alone we bring hot, 
The vilfulness of sin, 
And all ve bring is nÇthing 
Save that which is within. 

3 Within t},e pure oblation : ':" "" C 
Beneath the outward sign, 
By that his operation,-- 
The Holy Ghost divine,-- 
Lies hid the sacred Bdy, 
Lies hid the precious Bloo:I, 
Once slain, now ever glorious, 
Of Christ our Lord and God. 
4. Vherefore, though ail unwort],y 
To offer sacrifie% 
Ve pray thàt this our duty 
Be pleasing in thine eyes ; 
For praise, and thanks and worhip» 
Fol mercy and for aid 
The Cathlic oblation 
Of Jesus Ch-ist is ruade. 



,,-. (C..,L) 339 »,.« , «,, «  
i -F.-- -, - -. i  , , ç,  ' , -. .. 
_ o   .... 0 Z . -- - "  
ITH Christ xve share a mystic grav% 
With Christ we buried lie ; 
t "ris hot in the darksome OEve 
By mournfid Calva. 
2 The pure and bright baptismal flood 
Entombs our nature's shia : 
Now creatures from the cleansing wave 
Vith Christ we fise again. 
$ Thr]ce blest, if through this w,rld of 
And lust and selflsh care 
Otr rosurrection mantle white 
And undefiled we xvear. 
4 Thrioe blest, if thro,gh the gare of death 
Glorious af It and f 
We to our.joyful rising 
O risen Lord, with thee. 
5. And now b» thy thrice holy Naine, 
The God whom we adoro, 
T,, Father, Son, and Holy Gho«t 
Be glo evermore. Amon. 

Te fooci» arc .lso su;tabZe : 
93 The Go¢l of love my Shepherd is. 
 Fight the  fight with ail thy migh 
 Take tp t.hy ,  our i 
 e urch of GM s inc.m i 


*--.E'.. («.,«. S.) 340 
od.t, rol II OE= 63. ' rine Cnion," 17. 
I _-F-   - i I 
" 1 I v I I I I I 
I t I i : _,  ; « ,,  l 
I  I I I  -- "    - -- 
/ ',''  I .  , I--- 
/ --,, ; '  --   ', ' . 
I  l..l. ..  î i -ï-ï 

The seed of our baptismal lit'e, 
O living Word, by thee was sown ; 
So where thy soldiers ,rage heir 
Our post we tke, our vows we own, 
And ask, in thie appcinted way, 
Confirm uç in thy grace to-day. 

E/IOLD us, Lord, before thee met, 
Whom each bright angel serres 
and fears, 
Who on thy throne rememberest yet 
Thy spotless boyhood's quiet years; 
Whose feet the hills of Nazareth td, 
Who art true Man and perfct God. 
* T, thee we look, in thee confide, 4 * We nd thee more than tone 
ur help is in thine own dear' 
For who on .Tesus e'«r lied. 
And round not esnsstill ihe me? 
Thu« far thy love out souls bath 
brought : 
O tablish well xvhat thou hast 
5. So bless us with the giR complete 
By hands of fly chief ptors given, 
That awful Presence kind and sweet 
Which cornes in venfold might from heaven ; 
Eterna] Ch, fo thee we bow, 
Give us thy Spirit here and n. 

speak, [down ; 
'Mid foes that well might cast u« 
But thousands, once as yonng and 
weak, [erown ; 
Have fought the fight, and won the 
Ve ask the help that boro them 
We trust the Faithful and the True. 
L. :L 


THOU who camest from above. 
The pure celestial tire fo impart, 
Kindle a flame of sacred love 
On the mean altar of my heart. 
There let it for thy glory burn 
VCith inextinguihable blazv. 
And trembling toits source returP- 
Iu humble prayer, and ferwnt praise. 
Jeus, confirm my heart's desire 
To work. and speak, and think for thec; 
Still let me guad the boly tire, 
And still stir up thy gift in me. 
Ready for ail thy perfect will, 
y act of faith and love repeat, 
Till dath thy endleas mercies eal. 
And make my sacrifice eomplete. 


,Ma. 3I. '; 
'[l['E fur eVel' Od O[ luve, 2 Thine for ecer O, how blest 
Hear us front thy throne ave; They ho find in thee their rrst 
Thine for ever may wcbe Saviour. Guavdian, heavenly Friend, 
and in eterity. 0 defend us fo the end. 
3 Tine for ever! Lord of lire, 
hivld us through our eahly strifv ; 
Thou the Lire, the Truth, the Way, 
(luide us fo the realms of day. 
4 Thine for ever  Shephe, 
The thy frail ad trembling shevp ; 
Safe alone neath thy care. - -_ 
5. Thine fer ever  thon our Guide, 
Ail out want by thee supplied, 
Led by thee from earth t« hk%i'nl 

152 Corne dotn, O Love divine. 
153 Corne, Fioly Ghoet, out oul» inpire. 
 Pi;ht the goed fiht with MI thy 

$0 Firmi.v I liiCv{ and ttuly. 
4£9 ' Lift up your ht  ' 
 Love of the Fatlter, I of GM te , 
 My faith Ioo up  thee. 
49 oldie of Ch, 
518 1- =¢rut= vf tke L,td. 

0 FATHER ail creating, 
Whose wisdom, love, and pover 
First boun0t two lires together 
In Eden's primal hour, 
To-day tu these thy chi]dren 
Thine earliest gifts renew,-- 
home by thee ruade happy, 
A love by thee kept t'ue. 
Savi«,ur, Gue.t most bounteous 
Of o]d in Galilee, 
Vvuchsafe to-day thy presence 
With these vho cal/on thee ; 
4. Except thou build it, Father, 
The bouse is built in vain ; 
Except thou, Saviour, b]ess it, 
The joy vill turn to pain; 
But nought can break the marriage 
Of hearts in thee ruade one, 
And love thy Spirit hallows 
Is end]ess love begun. 

Their store of earthly gladne.s 
Transform to heavenly vine, 
And teach them, in the tasting» 
To know the gift is thine. 
3 0 Spirit of the Father, 
Breathe on them from abov% 
So mighty in thy pureness» 
So tender in thy love; 
That guarded by thy presence, 
F)m sin and strife kept free, 
Thelr lives may own thy gidanc% 
Their hearts be ]ed by thee. 

, !  MARRIA(E. " L q  

lod¢rateloj ilow = . A. 
I_. ' I Tr-F]ll FÇZJ ] 
ï" ; • . ,  il 
/ } I I = ------ I j 
r "-r-[ i i / i i  i1  i i i t 
0 PERECT Love, ail human thouKht transcendJg 
Lowly we kneel in prayer before thy thron% 
That theirs msy  the love which knows no ending 
Whom thou for evermore dost j«in in one. 
2 0 per£ect Lif% be thou their full sssurance 
Of tender chity and stdfst faith, 
Of patient hope, and quiet brave endurance, 
With childlike trust that fears nor pain nor death. 
3. Grant them the joy vhich brightens earthly sor»w, 
Grant them the peace which calms ail earthly strife; 
A.d fo life's day the glmous unkno morrosv 
That dawns upon etern love and life. 
A - en. 



In le "are tire«  = 72. IVelh Hy»m My. 
-I_  2__ I I , . , 
,,- ,  , , : ,  -- --=ï. 
HOU, Lord, hast power to heal, 
And thou wilt quickly aid, 
Fr thou dost deeply feel 
Thc str]pes upon us laid: 
Thou who wast wound by the rod 
Uplifted la the h«md of God. 
2 Send speedy help, we pray, 
To him who ailing lies. 
Tbat from his couch e may 
Vth thankful heaR arme; 
Though prayers which ail availing find 
Thiae ear, O Loyer of mankind. [b 
3. O blindod a our eyes,  _ 
And ail ar held in nght ; _ 
But lik the blond who cres 
We cv fo thee for light ; 
In penitece, O Christ, we pray, 

AD pF.'RF.'N1416 V|TA£ FONTF.M, (8 7. 8 7.'7.') o'u.rr ttkno'n (1«, (o b ' f,',o'n 
la fr rkythm  = 80. To b¢ 
I I I I -I,/ 
I., ; -._--.'H 
II_--i i y--  ._ î_lî.__. 
Nre.--Tkis bymn m«,y ao  s,, to Bo (o. 248). 
 pfund exdan 

HRIST, enthroned in highest 
Hear us clTing from the deep, 
Fol" the faithful ones departed, 
Fol" the souls of ail that sleep ; 
As thy kneeling Church eutreateth, 
Hearken Shepherd of the sheep. 
King of Glory, hear oto" wlces, 
Glnt thy faitbfui test, we pray; 
We bave sinned, and may hot bide it 
If thou mark out steps astray, 
Yet we plead that sving Victin, 
Which fol" flem we bring to-day. 
That which hou thyself hast offered 
To thy Father: offer we; 
• et if win for them a b}esin[, 
Bless them» Jesu, set them free: 
They are thine, they wait in patience, 
ierciful and gracious be. 
7. Hear and answer praye] devoutest, 
Break, O Lord, each binding chainl 
Dash the gares of death asunder, 
Quell the devil and his train ; 
Bring the souls vhich thou hast 
Evermore in joy fo reign. 

 They are thine, 0 take them quickly, 
Thou their Hope, O raise themhigh ; 
Eçer hoping, ever trusting, 
Unto thee they strive and cry; 
Day and night, both morn and eve'n, 
Be, 0 Christ, their Guardian nigh. 
5" Let thy plenteou lovingokindneç 
On them, as ve pray, be poured ; 
Let them lhrough thy bundless 
From ail e'Hl be retored ; 
Herken fo the gentle peding 
Of thy llother, gracious Lord. 
6  When, O kind and radi3nt Jeu, 
Knee}s the Queen thy hronebefore, 
- Let the court of Saints attending, 
Mercy for the dead implore ; 
Hearken, loving Friend of slnner% 
Vhom the Cross exalted bol'e. 


• î • - •  î • . 
L«sd, ail- pity-ing, Je- si blet, Grant themthine e ter-nal reet. 
.- . ] 
i  Ç ï I--I ï--'--I :,,o.-- ï. 
/ I  I  I I I 



Deus ignee fors 
A.THER of spirits whose divine control 
Doth bind the soul and body into one, 
Th)u ilt restore this boy no undone 
For once it was the mansion of a soul, 
Where dvelt the glowing visdom of thy Son. 

2 Thou, Mker of the body, dost ordain 
That this thine image, moulded by tl]y will, 
Our every hope in glory shall fulfil ; 
So, till the body thou dost build again, 
Thou wilt preserve the spirit freed from iii. 

3 In that blest region shall this pirit dwell 
Wherê flowers undying bloom on every side : 
For, 1% we trust thy word, O Crucified, 
When in thy triumph over death and hell, 
The thief forgiven took thee for his guide. 

4. Our brother goeth by the shining vay» 
That ever to the faithful open lies : 
Lord, train thy servant now in Paradise 
And bless Aire in h/s fatherland, xve pray, • 
Till thou shait bid his body to arise. 



I. Watts, 1674-178. 

EAR what the voice from heaven proclaims 
For ail the pious dead ; 
Sweet is the savour of their name, 
And sofl their sleeping bed. 

They die in 3esus and are blest ; 
How kind their slumbers are ; 
From sufferings and from sins released, 
And freed from every snare. 

Far from this world of toil and strife. 
They'rv present with the Lord; 
The labours of their mortal life 
End in a large rewaa'd. 



3 With tbem tle rose-xvreathed army 
Of children undetiled, 
Vho passed thr«,ugh mortai torments 
For love of Christ the Child ; 
4 With them in peste unending» 
Vith them in joyous mirth, 
Are ail the stainleas infants 
Which since have gone from earth. 
6 Tire Angels, once their guardians, 
Their fellows now in grace, 
V¢ith them, in love adoring, 
8es God the Father's face. 
6 The iullaby to htLsh them 
In that eternal rest, 
Is sweet angeli© ainging, 
Their nurse God's Mother blest. 
7. O Jesu, loving Shepherd, 
Wo tenderly doat bear 
Thy lambs in thine own bosom, 
Bring us to join them there. 

SACRAMI AtIJ um'tltt  

TRAU RIG). (7 T.,T T. T 7.) Ç.I't-I,,OSA¢Si']¢, = 
Gf*' G¢' 1714. 
P' Il // l /I 1 -1 I i I iF l 
, I lb --  I /  , . 
I ! I I' Ï I  I I I  I çl I I I [  
ive tee pt  lot it t : 

'OW the labourer's toils are o'er, 
Fought the battle, won the erown: 
On life's rough and barren shore 
OEhou hast laid thy burden down : 
Grant hlm, Lord, eternal rest 
lVith tl sirits of the bl¢st. 
 Angels bear thee to the land 
Vhere the towers of Sion rise; 
S.ffely lead thee by the hand 
To the fields of Faradise: 

4 Friends and dear ones gone before 
To the land of endles peace, 
Meet thee on that further shore 
Where ail tears and weeping cease.- 

* Rest in peace : the gates of hell 
Touch thee hot, till he shall corne 
For the souls he loves so well,-- 
Dear Lord of the heavenly home : 
*. Earth to erth, and dust fo dust, 
Clay we give fo I¢indred o]ay 
In the sure and certain trust 
Of the Resurrection day: 


0 LORD, fo whom the spirits live 
Of ail the faithful passed away, 
Upon their path that brightness give 
Vhich shineth to the perfect day : 
0 Light el¢rnal, Je be, 
hin on them ail, ad grant them test. 

2 In thy green, pleasant pastures feed 
The sheep which thou hast sum- 
moned hence ; 
And by tho still, cool waters lead 
Thy floek in loving providence : 

ll. F. L:ttledale |, 1833-90. 
3 * I-Iow long, 0 holy Lord, how long 
ust we and they expectant wait 
To hear the gladsome bridal song, 
To see thee in t],y royal state? 
40 hearken, Saviour, fo their cry, 
O rend the heavens and corne down, 
ake up thy jewels speedily, 
And set them in thygolden crown: 
5. Direct us with rhino arm of might, 
And bring us perfected with them 
To dwell within lhy city bright, 
The heavenly Jerusalem : 



SAFE stronghold o.r God is stilI 
A trusty shield and weapon ; 
Ile'll help us clear frein ail the iii 
That bath us new o'ertken. 
The ancient prince of hell 
Hath rioen with purpose fell ; 
Strong mail of craf| and power 
He weareth in this heur; 
On earth is net bi» feilow. 

lVith force of al'ms we nothing can» 
Full soon were wo down-ridden ; 
But for us fights tho proper Man, 
,Vhom God himseIf bath bidden. 
Ask ye, Vho is this saine? 
Christ Josus is his naine, 
Tho Lord Sabaoth's Son ; 
He, and no other ono, 
Shall conquer in the battle. 

8 * And were this world all devils o'er 
And xvatching te devour us, 
We lay it net te heaTt me more ; 
Net they can overpower us. 
And let the prince of iii 
Look grim as c'er ho will, 
Ho harms us net a whit; 
For why?--his doom is vrit ; 
A wo'd hall quickly slay him. 

4. God's word, for all their craft and force 
One moment will net linger, 
]ut, spire of hell, shall haro its course ; 
'Tis written by his finger. 
And though they take our life 
Goods, honour, children, wife 
Yet la their profit small ; 
These things shall vanish all 
The city of God remaineth. 

EVENTIDE. {1010. 1010.) 363 
• -"o "  = 66. V. H. M0.K, 18.'25-89. 
, , ,  I I  n ---_ 
 I ç  I I  ......  I ] Il  ,  
I -- --  I -- 1 
- il 
I I I i I I 
,,..  I , - o .... I 
be m  it  rati 6 rds of t st lie of e l 
BIDB witb me; fi falls ihe eventide ; 
The darkness deens ; r with me abide ! 
lç of th 
2 Swift to its closo 
Eth's oys grow di$ it glorie p mway ; 
Chng nd deey in ail around I 
0 thou who chancit aot abide with m. 
3 I need thy prene 
%Vhat but thy 
%Vho lik thlf 
• hrough cloud rond sunshine, 0 abide th m. 
4 I fr no foo with thoe t nd fo bless ; 
Ills hiv no wight and t no bitternss. 
. Hold thou thy Cross fore my closing eyes; 
Shine thh the givre, and point me fo the skies ; /z--L 
Heaven's morning brk and eah's vain shadows flee ; 
I life, i dth, 0 or abide with me 

MILE$ LkNE. (C.M.) 364 W. 
, '   I , _ 
 ,' In stgct lime. 
(,ro bim, ClOWn him, cwn him, ClOWn him rd of ail. 
LL hall the power of3esn's nsme; i 2 Clown him, ye morning etars of liht, 
t Angeis prostate ll ;  Vho fix this floating ball ; 
ring forth the yal diadem Now hall the tren of Israe]'sight» 
To crown him rd OE ail. And cro him Lord of al]. 
3 Clown him, ye artyrs of your God, 
Who from his altar ]! ; 
Frai him who y of pain ye trod, 
And o hi Lord o( all. 
4 • Ye eeed of Israel's chosen raceæ 
Ye ranmed of the rail, 
Hail lim who sves you by his glace, 
And clown him Lo' of 1. 
çnieon.  * Hall him, ye heirs of David's line» . 
The God rnate, a Divine, 
And ClOWn him Lord of ail. 
6 Sinne, whose love n ne'er forger 
I e wormwo and the gall, 
Go sprd yr trophi t 
   And ClOWn hi Lord of aiL 
U,on. 7. Let eve tri nd every tone 
To him their h enthl 
Lift high the univel ng, 
And cro him rd of ail 

I I 

RT thou weary, art thou laniid. [ . 
Art thou, sore distrest ? 
' Corne fo me sith One, anà eoming [ 
Be at rist ;' [ 
3 Is there diadem as ?,lonarch 
That his brow adorns? 
'Yea, a crown, in very surety, 
But of thorns.' 
4 If I find him, if I follow, 
"Vhat his guerdon here? 
'Many a sorrow many a labour, 
any a tear.' 
Untson. 5 If I sti}l hold closly fo him, 
"Vhat bath he at la-st? 
' Sorrow vanquished, labour ended, 
Jordan past." 
6 If I ssk him fo reeioe me, 
"Vill he say me nay? 
' N,t till earth, and hot till heaver 
Pass away." 
L'ison. 7 Finding, following, keeping, struggling, 
Is he sure to bless? 
'Angels, 5[artyrs, Prophets, "qirgins 
Answerç Yee !' 

Hath he marks fo lead me fo him, 
If he be my Guide? 
'In hie feet and hands are wound- 
And his side." 


 ants the hart for cling sLreams 
Wen heat in the ch, 
So longs my soul, O God, for thee, 
d thy refreshing grace. 
2 For thee, my God, the living God, 
My thity soul doth pine : 
O when shall I behold thy face, 
Thou Maty Divine 
3 Vhy restiez, why ct down, my ul? 
Hpe still, and thou shalt 
The pra[ of him who is thy God, 
Thy health's eternal spring. 
4. To Father, n. and Holy Ghot, 
The G whom we adore, 
Be gT as it vas is now, 
And hall be evermore. en. 


ST. ALPHEGE. G6. 76.) 
I,t modcra¢ ,rn  = 76.  H. . GLg, ]'i. 
/ I '  ' I I --  A - -o. 
 '  --ï  ' r " ' ' ' " 
I  I i i I I I1 i î I I i I 
I ,-#-,, ,A J ,- J 
-ï, I. 
NOTE.--A high ting of tis tune w,  found at H. 348. 
Part of Ho noviima (495). Bernard of 
Hic ve 

RIEF life is here our portion, 
Brief sorrow, short-lived eare ; 
The life that knows no ending, 
The tearless lire, is there. 
2 0 happy retribution, 
Short toil, eternal rest, 
For rnortals and for sinners 
A mansion with the blest ! 
3 And martyrdom bath roses 
Upon that heavenly ground, 
And white and virgin lilies 
For viz'gin-souls abound. 
7 But he whom now we trust in 
Shall then be seen and known, 
And they that know and see him 
Shall have hirn for their own. 
8 The morning shall awaken, 
The shadows shall decay, 
And each true-heatoEed servant 
Shall shine as doth the day. 
Unison. 9. Then ail the halls of Sion 
For ay shall be complete, 
And, in the Land of Beauty, 
All things of beauty meet. 

There grief is turned fo pleasure, 
Such pleasure as bêlow 
No human voice can utter, 
1go hurnan heart can know. 
And now we flght the battle, 
But then shall wear the crown 
Of full snd everlasting 
And passionless renown. 
And now we watch and struggle, 
And now we live in hope, 
And Sion in ber anguish 
With Babylon must cope. 


RIGHT the vision that delightel 
O,ce the sight ol  Judah', seer; 
.veet the countless to,,gues united 
To entrance the Dro/het's ear. 
: R,,und the Lord in glory seated 
Cherubim and Seraphint 
FiHed his temple, and repeated 
Each to each the alter,ate hynm : 
3 ' Lord, thy glory fills the heaven ; 
Earth is with its fullness stored ; 
Unto thee be glry given, 
IIoly, Holy, Holy, Lord.' 
4 Heavên is still with glory ringing, 
Earth takes uD the Angels' 
' Holy, Holy, Huly,' singing, 
• Lord ol  l,osts, the Lord most high.' 
• 5 Vith his seraph train before him» 
XVith his holy Church below» 
Thus conspire we to adore him, 
Bid we thus our anthem fiow : 
ô. ' Lord, thy glory fills the heaven ; 
Earth is with its fullness stored; 
Unto thee be glory given, 
Hoty, Holy, Holy, Lord." 


• locl¢ratel¥ alow  = 60. « Geitrei¢h¢$ Geaangbuck," 1704. 
_.. r'l   - I 'fl 
I    « « I  . Il  I :-I 
 ï ï  ' ï ï i - 
, I   I I i I I I  

J. nnick, 1718-55. 

4H[AsLï.ëENrOf the heavenlyI.'ing. 
y jou ney sweetly sine; 
Sing your Saviour's worthy praise, 
Glorious in his works and ways. 

We are travelling home to God, 
In the way the fathera trod ; 
They are happy now, and xxe 
Suon their happiness shall 

Fear not, brethren; joyful stand 
On the bordera of your land : 
Jesus Christ your Father's Son, 
Bids you undismayed go on. 

Lol, obediently we go, 
Gladly leaving ail below : 
Only thou our Leader be 
And we -till will follow thee. 


2 Principalities and powers, 
Mustering their unseen array, 
Vait for thy unguarded hours : 
Vatch and pray 1 
3 Gird thy heavenly armour on, 
Wear it ever, night and day; 
Ambushed lies the evil one: 
Vatch and pray ! 
4 Hear the vietors who o'ercame ; 
• t.ill they mark eaeh warrior's way ; 
Ail with one sweet voiee exelaim : 
' Vateh and pray !' 
5 Hear, above ail, hear thy Lord 
Him thou loves fo obey; 
Hide xvithin thy heart his word: 
' Watch and pray !' 
6. Vatch, as if on that alone 
Hung the issue of the day; 
Pray, that help may be sent down : 
Vatch and pray ! 

IA - men. 


n'CHMOND. (C. ]%[.) 375 ,Adap¢.edfi'om T. 
l««tei »i. = 80.  S. Wgmsg (the younger). 
'  I " I ' 
J I 
....  " I 
I  ' I H 
I « " P i-- 
" i I -ï I I I  .... 
4I" of God, how broad and far 
Outspread thy walls sublime 
The true thy charted freemen are 
Of every age and clime. 
20ne holy Church. one army strong, 
One steadft, high intent ; 
One working band, one harvest-song, 
One King omnipotent. 
3 How purely hath thy speech corne down 
From man's primaeval youth 
How grandly hath thine empire growa 
Of freedom, love and tth 
4 H,)xv gleam thy watch-fis through the night 
XVith never-fainting ray 
How fise thy towers, serene and bright 
To meet the dawning day 
Union. 5. In vain the rge's angry shk 
In vain the drifting sands : 
Unharmed up«,n the eternal Rç,ck 
The eternal City stands. 


NAT|V|TV. (C.L) H. L. 
_ - .  ... oe_ e •    ' 
- '   "'i l. I J   ' ' I 
I- . ç i Ii ....  , ,  ,- Il 

OME, let us join out cheerful songs 
,Vith Angels round the throne; 
Ton thousand thousand are their tongues, 
But ail their joys are one. 

Worthy the Lamb that died," they cry, 
To be exalted thus" ; 
Wo,oEhy the Lamb,' out |ips reply, 
For he was slain for us.' 

]. l|'atts ]J7-1-]718o 

3 Jcsus is worthy to receive 
Honour and power divine; 
And blessing more than we can givo 
Be, Lord, for over thine. 
4. The whole creation join in one 
To bless the sacred naine 
Of him that sits upon the throne» 
And to adore the Lamb. 


OME, my soul, thy suit prepare, 
Jesus loves to answer prayer ; 
He himself has bid thee pray, 
Therefore will hot say thee nay. 
Thou art coming fo a King, 
Large petitions with thee bring; 
For his grace and power are such 
Non« can ever ask too much. 
Vith my burden I begin ; 
Lord. remove this Ioad ofsin 
Let thy Biood, for sinners 
Set my conscience tree from guilt. 
Show me xvhat I bave to do, 
Ev'ry hour my strength renew; 
Let me live a lire of faith, 
Let me die thy people's death. 
Vhile I ara a piigrim here, 
Let thy love my spirit cheer; 
Be my Guide, my Guard, my Friend ; 
Lead me fo my journey's end. 

J. .Vwto;, 1725-1807. 



|O[E, 0 thou Travelle," unknown, 
Vhom still I }po}d, but cannot see, 
My c;,rnpany before is gone, 
And I ara left alone with thee ; 
"t't'ith thee all night I mean fo stay, 
And wrestle !iii the break of day. 
3 Yield to ne now, for I ara veak, 
But confident in self-despair ; 
Speak to my heart, in blessings speak, 
Be onquered by my instant p,'syer ! 
Speak, or thou never hence shalt more, 
And tell me if thy naine is Love. 
4. "Tis Love! 'ris Love ! Thou diedst for me ! 
I hear thy whisper in ny heart ! 
The morning breaks, the shadows flee; 
Pure universal Love thou art ; 
To me, fo ail, thy mercies more ; 
Thy nature and thy naine is Love. 
BS 521 

. 'edey t, 1707-$. 
I need no! tell thee 'ho I ara, 
My miery or sin declare; 
Thyse]f hRst called me b- my naine ; 
Look on thy hands, and ead if there'. 
But who, I ask thee, who art thou? 
Tell me thy naine, and tell me now. 


ROWN him with many crc,wns, 
The Lamb upon his throne; 
Hark '. how the heavenly anthem drowns 
Ail music but its own : 
Awake, my soul, and sing 
Of him who died for thee, 
And bail him as thy raatchless King 
Through all eternity. 


Crown him the Virgin°s Son, 
The God incarnate born, 
Whose arm those crimson trophiea won 
Which now his brow adorn : 
Fruit of the mystic Rose, 
As of that Rose the Stem ; 
The Root whence mercy ever flovs 
The Babe of Bethlehem. 

Crown him the Lord of lovel 
Behold his hands and side, 
Rich wcnds yet visible above 
In beauty glorified: 
N,» Angel in the sky 
Can fully bear that sight, 
lut downward bends his burning eye 
At mysterie so bright. 

C'own him the Lol"d of Ieace, 
Whose power a sceptre sways 
From pole fo pole, that wars may cease, 
Absorbed in prayer and praise : 
His reign shall know no end, 
And round his piercèd feet 
Fait flowers of Paradise extend 
Their fragrance ever sveet. 

5. Croxvn him the Lord ofyears, 
The Potentate of time, 
Creator of the rolling spheres, 
ineffably sublime. 
Glassed in a sea of light, 
Vhere everlasting xvaves 
]eflect his throne---the Infinite! 
Who lives--and loves--and saves. 

.I. Il'. C'tl:icl G l-IO-19)-L 
- TERNAL Ruler of the ceaseless round 
] • Of circ|ing planers singing on their way; 
çuide of the nations from the night profound 
Into the Çlory of the perfect day; 
Rnle in our hesrts, that we may ever be 
Guided and strengthened and upheld by thee. 


2 We are of thee, the ehildren of thy love, 
The brothers of thy well-beiovèd Son ; 
Deseend, O Holy Spirit, like a dove 
Into our heartsj that wo may be as one : 
As one with thee te whom we over tend ; 
As one with him, out Brother and out Friend. 
3 We would be one in hatred of ail wrong, 
One in our love of ail things sweet and fvir, 
One with the joy that broaketh into song, 
One with the grief that trembleth into prayer, 

Ono in the power that makes tho children free 
Te follow truth, and thus te follow thee. 
0 clothe us with thy heavonly armour, Lord, 
Thy trusty shiold, thy sword of love divine ; 
Out inspiration ho thy constant word ; 
Wo ask no victories that are net thine: 
Give or withhold, let pain or pleasure ho ; 
Enough te know that wo are serving thee. 

Adapted ff'oto an 
I Il r   ---e i ; " 
 ____ i I Ç I I I  __ i 
   -ç--- - w" / I _ i , IF I I I I 
/ 1, I ,-- / , -¢ I I / , I I , 
/  I  , / # - --" / -OE -# 
I--: • ]- @ : ï , " 
Mr. . M. ll'dli Ç1864). 
ATHER, hear the prayer we offer; I 2 Net for over in green stures 
Net for ease Ihat prayer shall ho, I De we ask our way te ho ; 
But for strength that we may over I But the sloop and rugd pathway 
Lire our lires couragvously. I ay we tread rejoicingly. 

3 Iot f«,r over by still waters 
Would we idly test and stay; 
But would smite the living fountains 
Frein the rocks along out way. 
4. De our Strengh in hours of weakness 
In out wandorings be our Guide ; 
Through endeavour, failure, danger 
Father, be thou af out side. 

IEICE was the vild billow, 
Dark vss the night ; 
Onrs laboured heavily, 
Foam glirnrnered white; 
Trembled the marincl% 
Peril was nigh : 
Then said the God of God, 
' Peace ! if is I.' 

2 Ridge of the mountain-vave 
Lower thy erest ! 
Wail of Euroclydon 
Be thou af rest ! 
Sorrotv can never be, 
Dal.kness must fly, 
Where saith the Light of light, 
' Peace ! if is I.' 

3. Jesu, De]iverer, 
Near to us be ; 
Soothe thou my voyaging 
Over life's sea: 
Thou, when the storm of death 
Roars, sweeping by, 
Vhisper, O Truth of truth, 
' Peace ! It is I2 



SH E.PTON-BE.AU,GHAMP. (L. ".) 389 
la mod¢rat tim¢  = 92.. EnjlisA lXraditlonal felody. 

 (Vera 2 and 3 on/y.) 
i     I 
J. 8. K lonadl, 1811-75. 
IGHT the good fight with ,11 thy might, 
Christ is thy strength, and Christ thy right ; 
Lay hvld on life, and it sall be 
Thy jvy ,nd crvwn ernally. 

Run the straight lce through (od's good gl'ace, 
Lift up thine eyes, and seek his face ; 
Life with ils way before us lies, 
Christ is the path, and Christ the prize. care aside, upon thy Guide 
Lan, and his merey s'iii provide; 
Lean, and the trustin soul shall prove 
Christ is ifs life, and Christ its love. 


4. Faint hot nor fear, his arms are near, 
He changeth hOt, and thou art dear; 
Only believe, and thou shalt see 
That Christ is ail in ail to thee. 


s,,,.o,. ,. ,. 390 
Iz modera4¢ ri»  • = 96. E,zglih TroitloaaJ ¢. 
" " oe - --!_  I   -  j] 
I - -  I -I- I 
, I 
I -I-  -I I I 
NOT.This hym may be ao   STL'GAT ç0. 40). 

IRMLY I believe and tr,lly j 
God is Three, and God is One ; 
And l next acknowledge duly 3 
.Ianhood taken by the Son. 
2 And I trust and hope most fu]ly 
In that 3Ianhood crucified; 
4 And I hold in veneration, 
For the love of him alone, 
• Holy Church as his creation, 
And her teachings as his own. 
5. Adoration ay be given, 
With and through the angelic host, 
To the God of earth and heaven, 
Father, Sorti and Holy Ghost. 

J. H. Y¢e, 1801-90. 
And each thought and deed unru]y 
Do fo death, a he has died. 
Simply to his gce and wholly 
Light and life and strength belong, 
And I love supremely, solely. 
Him the Ho]y, him the Strong. 


391 (,t.d) 


• -OR ever ,vith the Lord !' 
.I_' Amen ; so ]et it be ; 
Life ri'oto the dead is in tbat word, 
"Tis immortality, 
Here in the body pent, 
Absent from him I roam, 
Yvt nightly pitch my moving tent 
A day's m,arch nearer home. 
My Father's house on high, 
Home of my soul, how near 
At times to faith's foreseeing eye 
Thy golden gates appear! 
Ah ! then my spirit faints 
To reaeh the land I love, 
The bright inheritance of .Saints, 
Jerusalem above. 

J. Montgomery, 1771-1554. 
3 ' For ever with the Lord l'-- 
Father, if 'tis thy will, 
The promise of that faithful word 
E'en here to me fulfil. 
Be thou at my right hand 1 
Then can I never rail ; 
Uphold thou me, and I shall stand; 
Fight, and I must prevail. 
4. So vhen my latest breath 
Shall rend the veil in twain, 
By death I shall escape from death 
And lire eternal gain. 
Knowing as I ara known, 
How shall I love that word, 
And off repeat belote the thron% 
' Foi- ever with the Lord !' 


G[N lfiKAh I-I 

OD moves in a mysterious way 
His wonders to perforrn ; 
He plants his footsteps in the 8ea, 
And rides upon the storm. 

Dcep in unfathomable mines 
Of never-failing skill 
He treasures up his bright designs, 
And works his sovereign will. 

8 Ye fearful saints, fresh courage take, 
The clouds ye ao much dread 
Are big ,vith mercy, and shall break 
In blessings on your head. 

4 Judge not the Lord by feeble sense, 
But trust him for his grace ; 
Behind a frowning providence 
He hides a smiling face. 

His purposes will ripen fast, 
Unfolding every hour; 
The bud may have a bitter taste, 
But sweet will be the tiower. 

6. Blind unbelief is sure fo err, 
And scan his work in vain ; 
God is his own interpreter, 
And he ,viii make it plain. 

Il; Coer, 1731-1800. 



OD of mercy, God ofgrace 
Show the brightness of thy face : 
Shine upon us, Saviour shine, 
Fill thy Churcb with light divine; 
And thy saving health extend 
Unto earth's remotest end. 
Let the people praise thee, Lord ; 
Be by ail that lire adored : 
Let the nations shout and sing. 
Glory te their Saviour King; 
At thy feet their tributes pay 
And thy holy will obey. 
Let the people praise thee, Lord ; 
Earth shall then ber fruits afford  
(4od te man his blessing give, 
llan te Goal devoted lire; 
Ail below, and ail above, 
One in joy, and light, and love. 

H. F. £yt, 1793-1847. 

APPYare they, they that love God, 
Whose hearts have Christ confest, 
Who by his Cross have found t heir life, 
And 'neath his yoke their rest. 
2 Glad is the praise, sweet are the songa, 
When they together sing ; [ear 
And strong the prayers that bow the 
Of heaven's eternal King. 
5. Then shall they know, they that love him, 
How ail their pain la good ; 
And deaLh itself cannot unbind 
Their happy brotherhood. 

PILGRIMS OF THE NIGHT. (|110.1110.911.) 

8 Christ to theirhomesgiveth hipeace» 
And rnakes their loves his own : 
But ah, what tares the evil one 
Hath in his garden sown. 
4 Sad were our lot, evil this earth, 
I)id hot ifs sorrows prove 
The path whereby the sheep raay find 
The fold of Jesu's love. 

Mo¢,tt¢ll s/o ." = 51 ç = 153). Prob¢,bly adtp[edflm t 8z/ .'l, sIi" 


'1' "- " "--" '- ' ' " 
I'' '--- --.'- ' 
I A "1 -- - ---oe- -- 0. 0  I  1 
E. IIç F, 18148 
ARK ark, my sotl  Angelie songs are swelling 
0"er eart's green fields, and ooean's wave-bea£ sho; 
How sweet the truth those blebd strains are telling 
0f tat new life wen sin shall be 
A,geb of Je, Ae of light, 
 Onward we go, for still we hear thcm 8inging, 
me, weary souls, for Jesus bids you corne : 
And thtugh the dark, its echoes sweetly ringin 
The music of the Gosl leads us home. 
8 Far, fr away, like ells af evening pealing, 
The voiee of Jesus eouuds o'er land and ses, 
And laden soul by thousands meekly stealing, 
Kind Shephe, turn their weary steps fo thee. 
4 R¢st cornes af length; though lire be long and dreary, 
The day must dawn, and darkme night be past ; 
AI1 journeys end in welcomes fo the weary, 
And heaven, the hrt% true home, will corne af last. 
5. Angels I sing on, your faithful watches keeping, 
Sing us sweet fragments of the songs above ; 
While we toil on, and soothe ouelves with weeping, 
Till life's long night shall break in endless love. 

s'r. ,,s. (:. -) 400 
loderately mlow  66. S.B. Dvxs 1823-76, 
i  ï ff F-«-  çrî 
I I    I 
12 ' . «1--r:ï r r 
I" I 1 I I Ç ï -   1 I I I 


ARK, my souI ! it is the Lord ; 
'Tis thy Saviour, hear his word ; speaks, and speaks fo thee : 
'Say, poor sinner, lov'st thou 
 ! delivered thee when bound. 
And, when wounded, healed thy ,vouud; 
Sought thee wandering, set thee right, 
Turned thy darknesa into light. 
 Can a woman's tender care 
Cease towards the child she bare? 
Yes, she may forgetful be, 
Yet ,viii I remember thee. 
'Iine is an unchanging love, 
Higher than the heights above, 
Deeper than the depths beneath. 
Frêe and faithful, strong as death. 
'Thou shalt see my glory soon, 
Vhen the ,york of grace is done; 
Partner of my throne shalt be ; 
Say, poor sinner, lov'st thou me ?' 
Lord. it is my chief complaint 
That my love is weak and faint; 
Yet I love thee, and adore ; 
O for grace to love thee more! 

!, ,,,odc,'«« ,»  = 72. - , I , olh H M. 
• /  I I I 
=Ç: 1 i -- l  : ] I Ç 
I Jfl ' . '_' i  " /I [ i , I I I 

fIE wants hot f-iend that bath thy love, 
l And may converse and walk with thce, 
Ami with thy Saints here and above, 
With whom for ever I mut be. 
I. the communion of Saints 
Is wisdom, »afety ad delight ; 
A,d when my hea-t declines and fai»ts 
It ' raisd by their heat and lig,ht ! 
As fur my friends, they are hot luit ; 
The several vesseis of tby fleet, 
Thugh parted now, by tempests tust, 
Shall safely in the haven meet. 
tiil we are centred ail in thee, 
Members, though distant, of one Head; 
In the saine family we be, 
By the saine faith and spirit led. 
Bcfore tby tbrone we dai]y meet 
As joint-petitioners to thee; 
In »pirit we each other greet. 
_d »hall again each other see. 
The heavenly hosts, wor]d without ed 
.'4hall be my eompany above ; 
And thou, my best and surest Friend, 
Who -hall divide me from thy love? 

,., «» -10 
_ Ç i I 1 
I -- ---- - ,, .. 
. +f+c+, 15Ol-16Tt. 
 tbe our of rot distress, 
When mptatio me 
Ad when I my sins cone 
Swt Spirit tomfort me. 
IVl,e I lie withn my d, 
Sick in heurt, and sick i ead, 
Ad wit], do=,ts disomed, 
Swoet Sirit, ¢,çnrt me. 
Vhen the bouse doth sigh and weep. 
And the world is drowned in sleep, 
Yet mine eyes tht watch do keep. 
weet Spirit comfort 
'hen. Goal knows, l'nl lost ai,out, 
Either with despair or dot, bt, 
Yet, before the glaes Ue out, 
Sweet Spirit, comfot't 
'hen the Judgement is revleoE, 
Ar=d that opened which was sesled, 
'hen to thee I bave appealed, 
Sweet Spirit, comfo me. 

A - men. 


1ERUSALEbl on high 
| y ong nd eity 
lIy home whene'er I die, 
The centre of my blis: 
0 happylace u'h hall I 
y God, th &ce, te e & face. 
 The dwells my Lord, my King, 
Judged here unflt t lire ; 
There Angels t him sing, 
An loy homage give: 
5 The bleeding artyrs, they 
Within tho courts at fvutd, 
Cloth in pure array, 
Their scars with glry cruwned : 
6. Ah me ah me that I 
In Kedar's tents here stay; 
o plaoe like that on high : 
Lord, thither guide my way: 


¢]ERUSALEM the golden, 
With milk and honey blest, 
Beneath thy contemplation 
Sink heart and voice opprest. 
I kno,v hot, O I know hot, 
,Vhat social joys are there, 
Vhat radiaucy of glory, 
,Vhat light beyond compare. 

2 They stand, those halls of Sion, 
Conjubilant with song, 
And bright with many an Angl, 
And ail the Martyr throng: 
The Prince is ever in them, 
The daylight is erene, 
The pastures of the blessêd 
A, decked in glorious sheen- 


There is the throne of David, 
And there, frein care released, 
The song of thern tht triumph, 
OEhe shout of them that feast ; 

And they who, with their Leader, 
Haro conquered in the fight, 
For ever and for ever 
Are clad in robes of white. 

4. O sveet and blessèd country, 
ShMl I ever see thy face? 
O sweet and blessèd couutry, 
Simll I ever win thy grace? 
Exult, O dust and ashes! 
The Lord shMi be thy part : 
Hic only. his for ever, 
Thou shalt be, and thou art ! 

soN« ,s. (,. ,.» 413 o. 
I- =I 
17th cent. Tç 8if H. II Balr. 
Dignat'e me O Ju, ro te. 
ESU, grnnt me this, I pray 2 If the evil one prere, 
 E'er in thy hes te stay ; Or the vorld, s tempting snare, 
Let me evermore sbide I sm safe when I abide 
Hidden in thy wounded side. In thy heart and wounded side. 

8 If the flesh, more dangerous still, 
Tempt my seul te deeds of iii, 
Kaught I fear when I abide 
In thy heart and wounded side. 
4. Death will corne one day te me; 
Jesu, cast me net frein thee: 
Dying let me still abide 
In thy heart and wounded side. 

HOLI..INGSIDE. (77. 77. D.) 414 
llodero.t.d .o  = ,:,6. J.B. D',rtt, 18"2.%.76. 
, --_ ! __, , 
,     } ! .. 
J Jg 'J!"" "=-i .--'-° o4-! , Il 

I  i I I I I II 
 , , __, ,, , , 
l I I / I I I / ' I 
I I I I 
  ,. t 1 , " F F  F I -I - 
No£.--TAis bymn uay ao be sug fo .&B£BYS .3. 87). 

,]ESU, Loyer of my soul. 
Let me fo thy bosom fly, 
,VhiIe the nearer waters roI]» 
While the tempest still is high: 



Hide me, 0 my Saviour, hide 
Till tho storm of lire is pat; 
Safe into the haven guide, 
0 receive my soul at last. 

ther refuge bave I none; 
IIangs my helpless soul on thoe| 
].eave, ah I leave me hot alone, 
.till «upport and comfo me. 
Ail my trust on thee is stayed, 
Ail my ijelp from thee I bring; 
Cover my defenceless head 
.Vith the shado,v of thy wing. 

8 * Thou, O Christ, art ail I want .: 
I[ore than ail in thee I find : 
Eaise the fallen, cheer the faint, 
Heal the siek, d lead the blind. 
Jst and holy is thy naine; 
I an ail unrighteousness; 
F, lse and full ofsin I ara, 
Thou art full of tmth and grace. 

Plenteous grace with thee is round, 
Grace to cover ail my sin; 
Let the healing "treams abound ; 
Make and keep me pure with"n. 
Thou of lfe the fountain art; 
Freely let me take of thee; 
SprJng thou up vihin my heart 
lie to ail eternity. 


|ESU, meek and gentle, 
pJ on of God most high, 
Pitying, loving Saviour, 
IIear thy children's cry. 
2 Pardon our offences, 
Looe our ptive chts, 
Break down every idol 
Which our soul detai. 
 Give us holy freedum, 
Fill our hearts with lote, 
D=w us, holy Jesu, 
To the reas above. 
 Lead us on our jouey, 
Be thyoelf the 
Through terrestrl darkue 
To celestial day. 
5. Jesu, mk and gentle, 
Son of God most higl,, 
Pitying lovin Saviour 
Hear thy chil-n'= cçv. A-eu. 
 oe  I 
- I . 

G. K Prynne. 181-1kI. 


"E.U, meek and lowly. 
#J 8aviour, pure and Imly, 
On thy love relying 
IIear me humbly cryiig. 
Prince of lire nd power, 
My salvation's tower. 
(»n the Cross I view thee 
Calling sinners to thee. 
There behold me gazing 
At tbe sigbt amazing; 
Bending low belote thee 
Helpless I adore thee. 
By thy red wounds streamig. 
With thy Lifeoblood gleamig. 
Blood for sinners flowing, 
Pardon free bestowing ; 
By that font of blessing. 
Thy dear love expressing, 
Ail my aching sadness 
Turn thou into gladness. 
Lord, in mercy guide 
Be thou e'er beside me ; 
In thy ways direct me, 
"leath tby wings protect me. 


JESU, my Loid, my God, my Ail, 
Hear me, blest Saviom; when I call ; 
l[ear me, and fron thy dwellig-place 
Pour down the rich of ty gce : 
Ju, top d, I thee ore, 
 Jesu tvo laie I tbee have ught, 
l[w can I lox'e thee as I ougitt? 
knd how extol thy matchless fame 
The glorious beauty of thy me? 
3 Jesu, xvhat didt thou find in me, 
That thou hast droit  lovingly? 
How 'eat thc joy tht thou ht brought, 
o far exceeding hope or thought] 
4. Jesu, of thee haIl be my ng, 
To thee my heart and ul l,ng; 
Ail that I ara or bave is thin% 
And thou, sxveet Saviour, thou atoE mine. 

II. Collin 


#IESU, naine ail names above; 
Jesu, best and dearest ; 
Jes,, F,unt of perfect love, 
Holiest, tenderest nearest : 
Jesu, Source of grace completest ; 
Jesu purent, Jesu sweetest ; 
Jesu, Well of power Divine, 
.'tIake me, keep me, me thine ! 
: Voe that I bave turned aside 
After fleshly pleasure! 
Woe that I haro never tried 

For the heavenly treasure ! 
4. Jeu open me the gare 
That of old he entered 
Vho, in that most lost estate, 
Wholly on thee ventured ; 
Thou, whose wounds are ever pleading 
And thy Passion interceding, 
From my misery let me fise 
To a home in Paradise! 

Tl'easure, sale in bornes supernl, 
Incorruptible, eternal ; 
Treasure no less price bath won 
Than the Passion of the Son ! 
Jesu, crowned with thorns for me, 
Scourged for my transgression ! 
Witnessing, through agony, 
That thy good confession! 
Jesu, clad in purple raiment, 
For my evils making payment: 
Let hot ail thy woe and pain, 
Let hot Calvary Le in vain ! 

,)ESU, the very thought of thee 
Vth sweetness fills my breast ; 
ltlt sweeter far thy face fo sec» 
And in thy presence rest. 
h-,:.r volte cansing, nor heart can frame, 
1%r can the inemory find, 
sweeter sound than thy blest naine, 
0 Saviour of mankind .' 
5ope of every contrite heart. 
0 joy of all the meek, 

To those -ho fall, how kind thou art ! 
How good to those wSo seek ! 
But what tothosewho find? Ah ! this 
l'or tongue nor pen can show ; 
The love of 3esus ! what if is, 
l'one but his loved ones know. 
Jesu, our only joy be thou, 
As thou our prize wilt be ; 
Jesu, be thou our glory now, 
And through eternity. 

KtI%G'S NORTON. (CI [.) 


No'rr.--This tme may also be useà for P«»* 1. 

P«t{ 2. 
Jmu» l"lex admirbilis. 
0 esu, King moat wonderful, 
Thou Gonqueror renowned, 
Thou sweetness most effable, 
n whom II jo a round  
When once thou visist the heart, 
Then truth gins te shine ; 
Then earthly vanities depart; 
Then kindles love divine. 
0 esu  Liht of a] below I 
Thou Fount of life and tire, 
Surping ail the joys we know, 
And ail we n desire : 
May every heart confess thy naine, 
And ever thee ado ; 
And, seeking thee ielf inflame 
Te ek thee more and more. 
Theemay out tones forever ble»s, 
Th may we love alerte ; 
And ever in our livea express 
The image of thine own. 

Jem, decu angelicum. 
11 0 Jesu, thou the beauty art 
Of ge] worlds above ; 
Thy naine is music fo the heart, 
Enchanting it with love. 
12 Celestial sweetness unalloyed t 
Who eat thee hunger stitl; 
Who drink of thee still feel a void, 
Vhich nought but thou can fil]. 
13 O my sweet Jesu! hear the sighs 
Which unto th I send ; 
Te thee mine inmost spirit crie% 
My being's hpe and end  
14 Sywith us, rd, and withthy light 
Il]urne the soul's abyss; 
tter the darkness of our night, 
And flll the world with bliss. 
1.5. 0 Jesu spotle vi]in-flower 
Our ]ife and joyl te th 
Be praioe, beatitude, and wer 
Through ail eternity. 

TRURO. (L I.) 
I modeate im,  : 96. 420 Palmoi Erangelica, 1790. 
__ I,  I _a . I I  I I  I I I I 
,  J 
'oTz.A w«r sctti of th t)e OEI  foud  Hymn 37. 
] ESUS shall reigu where'er the sun  Aad inft voices shaii proclaim 
 Does his successive journeys rua ;  Their early blessings on his 
His kiagdom stretch from shore to I 
,3 Bleings aund where'er he reigns; 
TillSh°re'moons sbail wax and wane[m°re'no I TheThe weapris°nerfindlePeternalt° iosesthis cbains; 
2 Peopie and realms of ever" tongue J And ali the sons of nt are bicst. 
Dwell on bis love with swêetest son, I 
Unison. 4. Leteve'creatureriseandbring 
Peculiar honou  our King; 
Angeis descend with songs ain, . . 
And earth rêpeat the long amen. 
/, l Il lit  I 
I   ' I , Il I I  I 
I * I I 7-- I [ I 


¢IESUS, these eyes have never seen And earth hath ne'er so dear a spot 
at radhnt form of thine ; ] As where I met with thee. 
The il of sen hangs dark between [ 8 Yet, though I bave hot sn, and still 
Thy blessèd faoe and mine. Must ]vt in taith alon% 
2 I  th not, I hoar thee not, I love thé, drest Lord, and will, 
Yet art thou off with me; Unseen, but hot unknown. 
4. Vhen death the mortal e}oes shall oel, 
And still this throbbi,g heart, 
The rending veil s/mil th reveal 
Ail glorious as thou art. 

Here may we prove the power of prayer, 
To shoengthen faith and sweeten c.are ; 
To teach our faint desires fo rise, 
And bring all heaven before out eyes. 
Lord, we are few, but thou art near ; 
Nor short thine arm, ,or deaf thine ear; 
O rend the heaveus corne quiekly dcwu, 
And mare a thousattd hearts thine own ! 


| A - nelL 

. ,,,,.,,, -- « 422 
r i i i i i - i  II- -F_I i   I I 
n. i I I i i {- 1  L Il [ I 
--. I I I, I I I , i 1 I . , 
..... - -- I '  
] ESUS, wher«'er lhv people meet I ueh ever bg thee where Ihey 
I There theybehold ihy roc roy-st  corne. 
Vhero'er lhey ek lhe, thou  [ Ad goig take thee fo their home. 
And everv plnee is hallowed grmnd.  D«ar Shepberd of lb)" ehosen few, 
« ly fomêr mercies here renew ; 
For thou, within no walls confined, Here fo out waiting hearts proclaim 
Inhabitest the humble mind; The sweetns of thy saving naine. 

GE , Ah X MA 


1 UDGE eternal, throned in splendour, 
,J Lord of lords ad King of kings, 
Vith thy living tire of judgement 
Purge this realm of bitter things 
-olace all ifs wide dominion 
With the healing of thy wings. 
' Still the weary folk are pining 
For the hour that brings release 
And the city's crowded clangeur 
Cries aloud for sin to cea.e ; 
And the homesteads and the woodlands 
Plead in silence for their peace. 
3. Crown, 0 God, thine-own en«leavour 
Cleave our darkness with thy sword: 
Feed the faint and hungry heathn 
,Vith the richness of thy Word 
Cleanse the body of this empire 
Through the glory of the Lord. 


K ING of giory, King of peaee, 
I wiil love thee ; 
And that love may never eease, 
I will more thee. 
Thou hast granted my request, 
Thou heard me ; 
Thou didst note my working breast. 
Thou hast spared me. 
Wherefore with my ulmost art 
I wiil sing thee, 
And the cream of ail rny heart 
I will bring thee. 

(;coi'ge Hel'b4, 
Though my sin sgainst me cried 
Thou didst clear me ; 
And alone, when they replied, 
Thou didst hear me. 
Seven whole day% ,or one in seven, 
I wiil praise thee ; 
In my heart, though hot in heaven, 
I can raise thee. 
Snhall it is. in this poor sort 
To enrol thee : 
E'en eternity's too short 
To extol thee. 


LUX BENIGNA. :10. |0;. |0]0.) 425 
St« ,1 = 100 ( = .5). 
I -._'-:-_ ;..u -,-.--- 
I' o ]  _L I I i 1 ;r:, .loei-e'lll 
I«'-',--:--iI '--- l_--:'- I -- I Il 
" "---. I .,' . 
,'---«, o I .-. I ,. , 
I" r:rrrr r-':--ff t -,, 
I---------------------:, l _ .--1l l I .) ..»- .*I1I-III;t 
I '-«11- g-- -- ! .. I I   , I 
121 ," 1. j lW I i I [,,--11 I I 1 I l__l « Il - 1 1 " LI.I! 
[ / p*r'i¢lO»  .N'oIo • . L,t ] 
J. H. 
g.:'D, kln(]Jy T.ight, ami(] t]e encirc]ing g]oom, 
Lead thou me on; 
The .ight is (]ark, an(] I ara far from hoe, 
Lead thou me on. 
Keep thou my feet ; I do hot ask to see 
The (]istant scene ; one step eno, gh for me. 
2 I ,vas not ever thus, nor prayed that thou 
Shouldst lead me on ; 
I loved fo choose and see my path; but now 
Lead thou me on. 

I loved, the garkh day, and, spire of fears, 
P]'ide rded my will : rmember not past years. 
3. So long thy power bath blest me, sure it still 
Will lead me on 
O'er moor and fen, o'er crag and torrent, ti]! 
The night is gone, 
And with the morn those Angel faces smi]e, 
Vhieh I bave loved long since, and lost awhile. 


   ,  ' l SI '1 " J- 2 '-' . 
'--'. ' .L F  F-F-i-,-F ' r , 'F F  
Guard us, ide us, keep us, fd us, 
For we bave no help but thee; 
Yet pessing every blessiug 
If or God our Father be. 
2 Saviourl breathe foiveness o'er us, 
Ail our xeakuess thou dost know, 
ou didst tad this earth belote u 
ou didst feel its keenest 
Lone and drea, faint and weT, 
ugh the desert thou didst go. 
Pleu that can never cloy : 
us ovid, pardonS, ided, - : 
Nothing e out ace destroy! 


ET ail the Worl] in every cornersing, 
blv Goal and King ! I 
The'heavens are not too high, 
His praise nay thither flv ; 
The earth is not too low," I 
Hi praises there may grow. I 
Let ll the v¢orld in eve] T corner sing, I 
My God and King: I 

GeoYp Herbei t, 1593-12. 
2. Let all the world in every corner sing 
]ly God and King! [shout, 
The Church with psalms rn.ust 
No door can keep them out ; 
But above all, the heart 
Must bear the longest part. 
Let ail the world in eveIT corner sing, 
My God and King: 


. c..,. 428 
I « - I I - i- 
_,  I]. ,  - __ 
I --«-  - , 
I I, / 1  I I 
I  I I .  I , 
Noz »lker rersion of this tu, with lhe ely i lhe or,  be found  Hymn 43. 
ET its o earth i concert siug 
With tho 'ho work is doe ; 
Fr ail the rvats of our King 
]u earth atd heave are 
20ne fmily, we dwell in him. 
e ChurcÇ, above, beneath ; 
Though now divided by the stveam 
TUe narrow stream of death. 
30ne army of the living G, 
To  command we bow; 
Part of his host bath crossed the flood, 
And part is crossing now. 
4 E'en ow  their eternal home 
Thez ps some spirits blest, 
Wile others to the margin corne, 
Waiting their call to test. I 
! . eu be thou our constant Ouid; / -. 
I -- 
Then, when the wor is 
Did Jorda's narrow stream divide, 1 
And bring us fe to h«avev. 

Rfch«rd Boxiez" , 

OID, it belon net te rn care 
Whether I d-le or lire; 
Tv love and serve thee is my sh.'ttoe, 
And this thy grace nust give. 
If life be long, I will be gL,d, 
That I may long obey ; 
If short, yct why should I be sad 
Te end my little day? 
Christ leads me through no larkcr roonas 
Than he went thtugh belote ; 
He that into God's kingdotn cornes 
Must enter by this door. 
Corne, Lord, when grace bath ruade me meet 
Thv blessèd face te see: 
For i thy werk en earth be sweet, 
What will thy glery bel 
Then I shall end my sad eomplaints 
And weary, sinfil days, 
And join with the triunphant Saints 
Thtt sig my Saviour's lraioe. 
My knowledge of that life is small, 
The eye of faith is dira; 
]ut 'tis enough that Christ knews ail, 
And I shall be with him. 


UFFINGHAM. |L-]|.) 434 
 -- ,... ' ' --k-C--. •  ,. --.-«- 
"-" ",' ".'- - :  "'- -"  -- I 
I I  I / 
I 1 1  I  I 1 I I I " 
-- .-. -._ --, _- I- ___. ,-- _ 
 I  .... I- 
I ,- __--J • ---- . 
. l; _ .__ _ --  ' I-  L . 
I   ,î--?--î-  "«-" 
O. il.oEdl olm, l-. 
 o all ein, t]troned a, 
Thy glory flames from SLLn and star; 
Centre and soul of every spher% 
Yet  each loving hea how near 
2 SL of our life, thy quickening 
Sheds on out path the glow of day ; 
Star of our ho, thy softened light 
Cheers the long watches of the night. 
 Out midaight is thy stalle vithdrawn, 
Out noontide is thy gcious davn 
Our rainbow arch thy mercy's sign ; 
Ail, ve t ouds of s, are thine. 
4 Lord of ail Lif below, 
'hose light  truth, whose w:mth is love, 
Belote thy ever-blazing throne 
We k no Ltre ofo ovn.  " " " 
An kindl hatts 
ŒEill all thy living alta claire 
0ne ho]y Hght, one heaven]y ame. 

OVE Divine, ail loves excelling, 
Joy ofh eaven, toearth corne down, 
Fix in us thy humble dwelling, 
AIl thy faithful mercies crown. I 
Jesu, thou art ail compassion, I 
Pure unbomgded love thou art ; 
Visit us with thy salvation, 
Enter vory trembling heart. 
2 Corne, almighty fo deliver, 
Let us ail thy life receive 
Suddenly return, and never, 
Never more thy temples leave. 

C. ll'de, 1707-88. 
Thee we would be al,vays blessing, 
Serve thee as thy hosts above, 
Pray, and praise thee, without ceasing, 
Glory in thy perfect love. 
3. Finish then thy new creation, 
Pure and spotless let us be ; 
Let us see thy great salvation, 
Perfectly restored in thee, 
Changed from glory into glory, 
Till in heaven we take out place, 
Till wa cast our crona before thee, 
Lost in wonder, lov% and praise I 



o.« =. oo o..o o. 430 
la I«,'ae t)  = 72. O. Gas, 158165. 
I ! I I l / 
-- -«-  -- 0 «] --   -0- --  I 
I ] I i I ..l,f 
PP i I çq ll.  i 
/ AA ,-- ._j. ,_ai , ` l 
Amor Pats et Filii. 
0 o the Father, loie of Gd te Son, 
%%%o fomest heaenly uty out of strife, 
CreaLion's whole desire and breh of lire. 
2 Thou the all-holy, thou supreme in might, 
Thou dost give peace, thy presence maketh rlghL ; 
Thou with thy favour ail things dost enfold, 
Wih thine all-kindness froe fmm harm ilt hold. 
3 IIpe of ail comfort, splendour of ail aid, 
That dost hot rail nor leave the heart afraid : 
To ail that cry thou doe ail help acco, 
The Angels' armour, and Lbe ints" reward. 
4 Purest and highest, wisest snd most just, 
There is no Lruh ve only in Ihy trust ; 
Thou dost the mind from earthly dreams recall, 
And bring through Christ to him for whom are ail 
5 Eternal glory, ail men th adore, 
Who art and shalt  wohipped eveore : 
Us whom thou madt, comfort with thy might 
And lead us to enjoy the heavenly light. 

| Y faith looks up te thee0 
[_ Thou Lamb of Calvary, 
Saviour divine ! 
New hear me while I pray, 
Take ail my guilt away, 
0 let me frein this day 
]3e wholly tlmine. 

 . I 
May thy rich sce impa 
Strength te my fainting hea 
My zeal inspire ; 
As ou ht di for 
0 may my love te thee 
Pure, warm, and changele 

A living tire. 
"Vhile life's dark maze I tRad, 
And griefs arotmd me spresd, 
Be thou my guide; 
Bid darkness turn te àay, 
Vipe sorrow's tears away, 
Igor let me ever stray 
Frein thee aside. 
XVhen ends life's transient dream, 
Vhen death's co]d sullen stream 
8hall o'er me roll, 
]31est Saviour, then in love 
Fear and distrust remove; 
0 Lear me safe above, 
A ransomed seul. 


! raode|¢ tome  = 80. A.H. DYKE TROYTZ, 1811-57. 
I I ' 

Charlotte Elliott, 1789-1571. 
-| Y God and Father, wh{le I stray, 
| Far from my home, in lffe's rough way, 
O teach me from my heurt to say, 
' Thy will be done !' 

2 If but my fainting lmert be blest 
With thy sweet Spirit f6r ils guest0 
31y God, fo thee I le/ve the rest-- 
Thy will be done! 

3 Renew my will from dfiy to day, 
Blend it with thine, and tke away 
All that now makes it hrd to say, 
'Thy will be done!' 

4. Tlmen when on earth I brethe no more 
The prayer oft mixed with teurs before, 
I'll sing upon a h$ppier sl,ore 
 Thy will be dotée !' 




J. lyom t, 1692-1763. 

! Y spirit longs for thee 
[ V, ïthin my troubled breast, 
Though I unwortby be 
Of so divine a Guest. 

: Of so di-ine a Guest 
Unworthy though I be, 
Yet bas my heart no ret 
Unless it corne from thee. 

U111ess it corne from thee, 
In vain I look around ; 
ail that I can see 
No test is to be round. 

4. No rest is to be found 
]ut in thy blessèd love: 
O, let ny wish be crosvned 7 
And send it from aboyé! 



rEARER. my God, to thee, 
learer fo thee I 
E'en though it be a cros 
That raiseth me : 
Stitl ail my song wouid be, 
« learer my God, fo thee, 
learer fo thee ! ' 
3. Therc let the xvay -ppear, 
Steps unto heaven; 
Ail that thou send'st fo me 
In mercy given : 
Angels to beckon me 
lNearer, my God, to thee, 
lgearer fo thee ! 


8arŒEh F. ,,4,oEas, 
 houh, lire the w.nderer, 
The sun gone down, 
Darkness be over me, 
My rest a stone ; 
Yet in my dreams I'd be 
learer, my God, to thee. 
learer to thee ! 

F. Doddrid.e, 170.°-5], and J. £oçan. 
GOD of Bethel, by whose hand 
Thy people still are fed, 
Vho through this woary pilgrim,ge 
I-la$t all our fathers led : 

20ur vow8. our prayers, we now present 
Before thy throne of grace ; 
God of out fathers, be the Goal 
Of tl*cir -ucceeding race. 
3 Through each perplexing path of life 
Our wandering footsteps guide ; 
Give us each day our daily bread, 
And raiment fit provide. 
4.0 spread thy covering wings around, 
Till ail our wanderings cease, 
And at our Father's loved abode 
Our souls arrive ia peace. 


G. Tb'i»zg, 1823-1903. 

GOD of mercy, God of might, 
In love and pily infinite. 
Teach us, as ever in thy sight, 
To live out" life to thee. 
2 And thou, who cam'st on earth to die 
That fallen man rnight lire thereby, 
O hear us, for to thee we cry, 
In hol)e, O Lord, 1o thee. 
3 Teach us the lessou thou hast taught, 
To feel for those thy Bloed bath bought, 
That every word, and deed, and thought 
I[ay work a work fox" thee. 
4 For ail are brethren, far and wide, 
Since thou, O Lord, for ail hast diêd: 
Then teach us, whatsoe'er betide, 
To love them ail in thee. 
5 In siekness, sorrow, vant, or tare, 
"*Vhate'er if be. 'ris ours to share; 
lay we, where help is needed, there 
Give help as unto thee. 
6. And nmy thy Holy Spirit more 
Ail those who |ire to lire in love, 
Till thon shalt greet in heaven above 
Ail those who give to thee. 

GL_ I,tLAL H ¥ M),,'S  

GOD of truth, whose living ,vord 
Uphoids ,vhate'er bath breath, 
Look down on thy creation, Lrd, 
Enslaved by sin and death. 
 Set up thy standard, Lord, thaL 
,Vho claire a heavenly birth 
]tlay march with thee to smite the lies 
That vex thy groaning earth. 
3 Ah! wouid we join that blest array, 
And foiiow in the might 
Of him, the Faithfui and the True, 
In raiment clean and white ! 
4 Ve fight for truth ! ,ve figi,t for God 
Poor slaves of lies and siu ; 
Re who would flght for thee (,n erth 
Must first be true within. 
5 Then, God of truth, for xhom vie long 
Thu who wiit hear our prayer-- 
Do thine o,vn battle in out hearts 
And slay the faisehood there. 
6. Yea, corne! then, tried as in the fire 
From every lie set f,-ee, 
ï'hy perfect truth shall dwell in u% 
And ,ve shail lire in thee. 

T. H:ges» 123-96. 

Ps. 90. L Watts f, 1,;74-]748. 


GOD. our help in ages past, 
Our hope for years to corne, 
Our shelter from the stormy blast, 
And our eternal home ; 

2 Under the shadow of thy throne 
Thy Saints bave dwelt secure ; 
Suflïcient is thine arm alone, 
And our defence is sure. 

3 ]3efore the hills in order stood, 
Or earth received ber frame, 
Frm everlasting thou art Gd, 
To endless years the saine. 

4 A Ihousand ages in thy sight 
Are hke an evening golfe, 
Short as the watch that ends the night 
]3efore the rising sun. 

5, like an ever-rolling stream 
Bears ail its sons away ; 
They fly forgotten, as a dream 
Dles st the opening day. 

6. 0 God, our help in sges past, 
Our hope for years to corne, 
Be thou our guard while troubles last 
And out eternal home. 


,,«o. (,,. 451 
 .... : - '_ ___ :  '- 
 I l oe -  I • 
OD, thy power is wonderful» 
Ty gloT ping bright ; 
Thy visdom, with i dp on deep 
_ rapture to the sigh 
2 hy jti is the glddest thig 
ç:restion csn hold; 
OEhy tenderns  meek if wins 
The guilty fo bo bold. 
3 Yet more than ail, and ever more, 
Should we thy creatures ble»s 
M,-,st worshipful of attributes, 
Thine awful holuess. 
4 There's hot a eraving in the mind 
Thou dost hot meet aud still ; 
The's hot a wish the heurt ean have 
Which thou doet hot fulfil. 
5. 0 little heart of mine, shall pah 
Or sorrow make th moan, 
When ail this G  sll for thee, 
 Father ail rhin« own? 


0 HAPPY hand of pilgrims, 
If onward ye »viii tl-ead 
Vith Jesus as your fellow 
To Jesus as your Head ! 
happy ifye labour 
As Jesus did for men; 
happy if ye hunger 
As Jesus hungered then ! 
• 5 Vhat are they but f,rerunners 
To lead you fo his sight? 
What are they save the effiuence 
Of uncreated Light? 
6 The tfials that beset you, 
The sorrows ye endure, 
The manifold temptations 
That death alone can cure, 
7 Vhat are they but his jewels 
Of right celestial wor[h ? 
What are they but the ladder 
Set up to heaven on earth? 
8. O happy hand of pilgrims, 
Look upward fo the skies, 
Where such a light affliction 
Shall win you such a prizel 

J. M. eale, 1818-66. 
3 Tho Cross that Jesus carried 
Ho carried as your due ; 
The Crown that Jesus weareth, 
l-/e weareth it for you. 
4 The faith by which ye see him, 
The hope in which ye yearn, 
The love that thlxmgh ail troubles 
To him alone will turn 

I -- I   I- 
Ofo amoe, Spitus. 
O HLY Spirit, Lord of grace, I As thou dost join with holiest bonds 
Eternal source of love,  The Father and the Son, 
Infirme, we pray, our inmost hearts So fill thy ints with mutual love 
Vith tire from heaven above. And link their heart in one. 
. To G the Father, 
And God the Holy Ghost, 
ternal or be from man, 
And frm the Angel-hot. en. 
-or.--The ng of is tune  «sy ieNr, but it i  found e of 
eonae if the time-ralue of a minim  ket in nid. 

Pent¢costaon, c. 8h cenf. T,'. J. B. 
KIG enthroned on high, 1 2 Thou a the Source of life, 
Thou Comforter divine,  Thou art out trurstore ; 
Blest Spirit of all ith, be nigh Givo us thy aco, and end our strifo 
d mare us rhino. Fo eveore. 
8. De,end, O heavenly Dove, 
Abide with us ahvay; 
d in the fullns of thy love 
Clean us» we pray. 

LET him whoso sorrow 
No relief can find, 
Trust in God, and borrow 
Ease for heart and mind. 
Where the mourner weeping 
Sheds the secret tear, 
God his watch is keeping, 
Though none elso be near. 
God will noyer leave thoe, 
Ail thy wants he knows, 
Feels the pains that grieve thee, 
ees thy tares and woes. 
7. Jesu, gracious Saviour, 
In the realms abovo 
Crown with us thy favour, 
Fill us with thy love. 


4 Raise thine eyes to heaven 
Vhen thy spirits quail, 
Vhen, by tempests driven, 
IIeart and oourage fail. 
5 Wben in grief we languhh» 
He will dry tbe tear, 
Vho his children's anguish 
Soothes with succour near. 
6 Ail our wo and sadness 
In this world below 
Balance hot the gladness 
We in heaven shaLl know. 

NEUMARK. (0ff. 98. 88.) 458 0r//;ll4| Ir'oll /'lUd0  
.enw  : 79. O. NEUAR, loell. 
   I I I I I lr I  I J  I ç  I 
/I I 'l ' 'yl I I I -- I "- I lY[ I 
/ I I 1 I I I I I Yl I 
 -, ',   I F I _l I 
 "' / ï I 
 -- " I I I I 
I I   I I ' l • l 
I:* ::-TJI iI:I 
-   -LT ..... 
-».«.. Ç  .. I  I 
_ _ _ . _ :ç _l___ - - 
 I1 I  O- R  ;.(j r. 
' ' I '. , I I. . , A-men. 
I  --  I  , I Il I ,_ 
LORD  hosts all heaven 
Behold us from hy sappldre thron% 
In doubt and darkness diml guesing, 
We might thy glo halî h«ve known ; 
ut thou in Christ has ruade us thine 
And on us all th a.ties shine. 
Illumine ail, disciples, teachers, [ 3 LefaitSstill lghtthe lampescienee, 
Th Lw's deep wonders fo unçold ; I And knowlge ps from truh to 
%Vith reverent hand let wisdom's I rtth, 
pachers old ; I A.d wisdom in is tull re]iance 
ring foh theirtasur, new and  Renew the çrimal awe of outh ; 
Let oldest, ongest, find in thee o holier wser, ay we grow 
Of truth and love the boundles sea. A time's swif curren onward flow. 

4. Bind thou our life in fullest union 
With ail thy Saints i,'om sin set free ; 
Uphold us in that blest communion 
Of ail thy Saints on earth with thee; 
Keep tbou out seuls, or there, o" here, 
In mightiest love that cts out fe. 
MJ«ptl.from a _y y 
ll«ony fro J. S. 
 -- I  I -- ç I f I 
I ' I " / KI / I 1   
"  -' I " I --   " 
.. •  --. ï __ __ :_ . 
o--Th lod fs an adpttlo of e fi 1 al [n 135. It may, threfe 
e thought advisa to ng th hymn to ano e. I[[Y (o. 1oE) is 

0 LOVE, how deep, how ]road h«0w 
high ! 
How passing thought and fanta«y 
That God, the Son ofGod, ehould take 
Our mortal form for mortals' sake. 
He sent no Angl fo our race 
Of higher or of lower place, 
But wore the robe of human frame 
And he himself to this world came. 
For us baptized, for us he bore 
His ho)y fast, and hungered sore ; 
For us temptations sharp he knew ; 
For us the texnpter overthrew. 

' 4 For us to wicked men ]etrayed, 
Scourged. mocked in crown of thorns 
arrayed ; 
For us he bore the Cross's death ; 
For us af length gave up his breath. 
5 For us he rose from death again, 
For us he went on high to reign, 
For us he sent his Spirit here 
To guide, to strengthen, and fo cheer. 
6. All honour, laud, and glory 
0 Jesu, Virgin-born, to thee, 
Ail glory, as is ever meet, 
To Father and fo Paraclete. Amen. 



(t QUICKLY come,dreadJ'udge of al I; 
 For. awful though tl,ineadventbe. 
Ail shadows from the truth will fall, 
And fal»ehood die, in sight ofthee : 
0 quickly corne ; for doubt and fear 
Like clouds dissolve when thou art 
0 quiekly corne, great King of ali ; 
Reign ail around us, and within ; 

L. Tuddidt, 1525J.'9. 
Let in no more out souls enthral, 
Let pain and sorrow die with sin : 
0 quickly corne; for thou alone 
Canst make thy scattered people one. 
3 0 quickly corne, true Life of ail, 
For death is mighty all around; 
On every home his shad«,ws fall, 
On every heart his mark is round : 
O quickly corne, for grief and pain 
Can never cloud thy glorious reign. 


0 quickly corne, sure Light of ail, 
For gloomy night broods o'er our way, 
And weakly svuls begin to fMI 
"With weary watching for the day : 
0 quickly corne; for round thy throna 
lo eye la bliud, no night is known. 

c,o,,,,-. c.,,. 463 
ai¢   "/2. ]}I. (a.E., 1696-17.55. 
/ , I I I, , , 
/ I -- -- - -  _1 I  
I I I 1 
O THOU in ail fly might so far, [2 Vhatheartcancomprehead{hyname, 
In ail thy love so heur, ] Or searehing find thee out, 
Bvyond the range ofsun and star, Vho art within a quickening flame, 
And yct besidc us here : A prenee round about 

Yet though I know thee but in part, 
I ask hot, Lord, for more ; 
Enough for me fo know thon art, 
To love thee, and adore. 
And dearer than ail things I know 
I.s childlike faith fo me, 
That makes the darkes way I go 
An open path to thee. 


, ,o,,. (« « «) 464 
.Vodcro.tdy .low  = 66. 31dody )%om E.te'. Platt¢r, 159. . 
.--.- l  ,__ I--,--, -,  
- -  i i ï u , i i-- 
 _ ..... i , , 
___  _   I I 
,« l ' l - i t -- I 
I -I II 

THOU hOt ruade with hands, 
_ .Not throned above thê skies, 
.Nor walled with shining walls, 
.Nor framed with stones or price, 
More bright than gold or gem, 
God's own Jerusalern ! 

:2 Where'er the gentle heart 
Finds courage from above ; 
V'here'er the heart forsook 
Varms with the breath of love ; 
Vhere faith bids fear depart, 
City if Go, thou art. 

5. Not throned above the skies, 
Hot golden-walled afar, 
]ut vhere Christ's two or three 
In his naine gathered are, 
]e in the midst of them, 
God's own Jeru.salem. 

F. T. Pa/grve 15oOE7. 
3 Thou art where'er the proud 
In humhleness mers down; 
V'here self itoelf yields up ; 
V'here ]artyrs win their crown ; 
Where faithful souls possess 
Themselves in perfect peace; 
4 Vhere in life's common ways 
Vith cheerful feet we go ; 
Where in his steps ve tread, 
Vho trod the way of woe; 
Vhere he is in the heart, 
City of God, thou art. 


R£GNATOR ORtt!$, (1010.1010.) 465 
1« ,'at« ti m = 96.  léth« du tain<nt ; 17. 
I I I 
I ,, : i r lÇç l l I I i 
I l I -I I ' i-- 1 
P. belard, 1071142. 
O qn qualia mmt illa Sabbat Tf. J. M. 
WHAT their joy and their glo must be, 
Those endless Sabbaths the blessêd ones ee [ 
Crown for the valiant; fo weary ones test; 
God shall be ail, and in all ever blest. 
2 What are the onarch, his court, and his throne? 
What are the peace and the joy that they own? 
Tell us, ye blest ones that in it bave ahare 
If what ye feel ye can fully dec]are. 
3 Truly Jerusalem naine we that shore, 
' Vision of peste,' that brivgs joy eveore! 
Wh and ]filment can severed be ne'er, 
or the thing pryed for corne short of the prayer. 
4 Ve, where no trouble distraction eau bring» 
Safely the anthems of Sion shall sing; 
While for thy e, Lord their voioes of praise 
Thy blessèd ople shall evermore raise. 
 There dawns no Sabbath, no Sabbath la o'er, 
Those Sabbath-keepe bave one and no more ; 
One and unending is that triumph-song 
Which fo the Angels and us shall belong. 
6 ,w in the mewhile, with heaHs raised on high 
%Ve for that eotry must yearn and must sigh 
Seeking Jerusalem, dear native land, 
Through out long exile on abylon's strand. 
7. Low before him with our pr»i we rail, 
Of whom, and in whom, and through whom are ail; 
Of whom, the Father; and through whom, the Son ; 
 whom» the Spirit with th ever One. 
x 609 


104. g»" IL ranl l, 175-1838. 

0 WORSHIP the King 
Ail glorious above ; 
0 gratefully eing 
His power and his love : 
Out Shield and I)efender, 
The Ancient of days, 
Pavilioned in splendour, 
And girded with praise. 


20 tell of hic migit, 
O sing of his grace, 
Whose robe is the light, 
Whose eanopy spaee. 
His chariots of wrath 
The deep thunder-clouds forn 
And dark is his path 
Oa the wings of the storm. 

This earth, with ifs store 
Of wonders untold, 
Almighty, thy power 
Hath founded of old; 
Hath stablished it fast 
]3y a changeless decree, 
And round it hath cast, 
Like a mantle, the sea. 

4" Thy bountiful eare 
What tongue can recite? 
It breathes in the air, 
It shines in the light ; 
It streams from the hills, 
It descends to the plain, 
And sweetly distils 
In the dew and the rain. 

* Frail children of dust, 
And feeble as frail, 
In thee do we trust, 
Nor find thee fo fail ; 
Thy mercies how tender! 
How firm to the end! 
Out Maker, Defender, 
1%deemer, and Friend. 

6.0 measur¢less Might, 
Ineffable Love, 
While Angels delight 
To hymn thee above, 
Thy humbler creation, 
Though feeble their lays» 
With true adoration 
8h11 sing to thy praise. 

A - rnen. 


Iodratd¥ qui "  = 10S. OE. 3. O, 1S0T6. 
l  I I I  • i I i I " ' l. I, [ 
I.---  . . 
I?i I I . , -- 1 l J--r-----  I 
i  i I i i i i I i I i ; I 
)'a)tc¢s 8. ullr.Maitla a otlrs 
FT in danger, off ia woe, 
Oaward, Christiaas, onward go ; 
Bear the toil, maitai, the strife, 
tl]gthened with the Bread of ife. 
20nward, Chriatians, onward 
$«.i. the war, ad face the foe; 
Vill ye flee in danDer% hour? 
Kaow ye aot your Caçtain's power ? 
Unis. 3 Let your droepiag heaoEs be glad ; 
arch in lteavealy arour clad ; 
Fght, aor think the battle long, 
VictolT soea shall tune your so.g. 
4 Let hot son'ow dira your eye, 
Soon shall every tear be (hT ; 
et ot fears your coue impede, 
(;reat your strenh, if great yur need. 
Uiso.  Owar te. i attle ovv; 
Though oppod by many a 
Christiaa solers, oaward go. 


A - me. 


SONG 46. (10.10.) Fïr$l sfrala f ong 4ç, 
I -- - " I I I t i 
 ï  -o=b . _ « ïl 
 /  .. . / 

)EACE perfect peaee, in this dark wor]d of sin? 
The Blood of Jesus whisper peaee within. 
• • 
2 Peace, perfect peaee, by thronging duties presse<l? 
To do the will of Jesus, this is rest. 
3 Peace, perfect leace, with sorrows surging round? 
On Jesus" bosom nought but calm is fvund. 
4 Peace, perfect peace, with loved ones far away? 
In Jesus' keeling we are sale and they. 
5 Peace, lerfect leace, out future all unknown ? 
Jesus we know, and he is on the throne. 
6 Peace. perfect peace, death shadowing usandours? 
Jesus bas vancluished death and all its lowers. 
7. If is enough : earth's struggles soon shall cease 
And Jesus call us to heaven's perfect leace. 
A - rnen. 

LEASANT are thy courts above 
In the land of light and love ; 
Pleasant are thy courts below 
In this land of sin and woe : 
O, my spirit longs and faints 3 
For the converse of thy Saints, 
For the brightness of thy face, 
For thy fullness, God of grace. 
Happy birds that sing and fly 
Round thy altars, 0 most High; 
Happier souls that find a rest 
In a heavenly Father's breast ; 
4. Lord. be mine this prize fo win. 
Guide me through a world of sin, 
Keep me by thy saving grace, 
Give me at thy side a place; 
Sun and shield alike thou art, 
Guide and guard my erring heart. 
Grace and glory flow from thee; 
Shower, O shower them, Lord, on me. 

Like the wandering dove that found 
No repose on earth around, 
They can to their ark repair, 
And enjoy it ever there. 
Happy souls, their praises flow 
Even in this raie of woe; 
,Vaters in the desert rise. 
Manna feeds them from the skies; 
On theygo from strength to strength, 
Till they reach thy throne at length, 
At thy feet adoring fall, 
Who hast led them safo through ail. 


.:70 Çco;:td) 

 . -arnloly. , . , 
2 Praise him for his grace and fa . vour To out fa - the 
3 Fa - ther - like, he nds and s ; 'ell our fee - ble 

frame he knowe ; In Is handa he gen - tly 13ears 

I v , -- " i " n " 
Praise him ! Praise him ! Glo - rlouS in his faith - fui neas. 
Fraise him ! Praiae him I V,'ide - ly aa his mer - cy flowe. 
-'-, " ri,  '! ' '-' î' ï i - ' 


/ Sun and moon, bow down  . fore him; Dwell ail in tme and Sl. 

• $ 


M'atd loz  = . b . WEBB (the ounger). 
I Ï  I l  / I I j' ' Iî i -- 
J. HI n I 11-9 
AISEto theHoliest intheheight, 4 And that a higher gif than grace 
And in the depth be praise, Should flesh and blo refine, 
Iv ail his words most vonderiul God's presence and his very Self 
lost sure in ail his xvays. And Eence Ml-divine. 
loving wisdom of out God  5 0 generous love  that he xvho smote 
Vhen aH was sin and shame In an for man the f, 
second Adam te the fight The double agony in an 
And te he rescue came. For man should undergo ; 
wisest love that flh and blood 6 And in he garden cretly, 
Which did in dam fail, And on the Cro on hih, 
Should strive afresh against their foe, Shou Id tch his brethren, and inspire 
Should strive and should prevail ; Te surfer and te die. 
7. Praise te the Holiest in the height, I 
And in the depth be prai, 
In ail his words most wonderful, 
ost sur in all his ways. 
. c...) 472 
M«ly fi' cottit Psaltr, 1615. 
.$Iodratd tlo  = . Hany frovt 
-  -r--- , ,.,., 


.-- ,  _.-,. ,.  , . 
 IL ,--  -,=-- - ,-  L L 
F n I I 
may haro Thereforo I wish that peaco may atill 
ORAY [hat erusalem ' 2 
I Peaco and felicity :  Within thy walls remain, ] 
Lot them that love theo and thy peace  And ever may thy paacos 
Haro still pn'osriy. Prosperi¢y »etain. 
3. Now, for my h-lends and brethren's ke,  
Pesce be in thee, I 11 say ;  A - men. 
And for the hou of God our Lord 
I'll seek thy good away.  

)1 ' ' I I i   F i   
• _ - . - .- - . 
. -  - -OE .... . I I - - 
I I 
+ I I I I l I I I , I l I 
E.--Th erdon y be used in conpzexi  t otA f se 2, 


l,A" vhen the morn is breaking, 
Pray when the noon is bright 
Pray ,vith the eve' decIining, 
Pray in the hush of night : 
Vith ind ruade pure of passfon, 
Ail aeaner thoughts away, 
Low in thy chamber kneeling 
Do thou in secret pray. 

Mr$. .L . 8imp$on, lSll-, and oth¢rs. 
2 lelnember ail who love thee, 
All who are loved by thee, 
And next for those that hate the  - 
Pray thou, if such there be: 
Lait for thyself in meeknes 
A blessing humbly claire, 
And link with each petition 
Thy great 1Redeemer's naine. 


But if 'tis e'er denied thee 
In solitude to pray, 
Should holy thoughts corne o'er thee 
Upon life's crowded way, 
E'en then the silent breathing 
That lifts thy soul above 
Shall reach the thronèd Presence 
Of Mercy Truth and Love. 

BAYER isthe soul's sineere desire, 
Uttered or unexpressed ; 
fbe motion of a hidden tire 
That trembles in the breast. 
2 Prayer is the burden of a sigh, 
The falling of a test, 
The upvard glancing of an eye 
When none but God is near. 
3 Prayer is the simplest frm of speech 
That infant lips can tT ; 
6 The saints in prayer appear as one 
In word, and deed, and mind, 
WhUe with the Father and the Son 
Sweet fellowship they find. 
7. O thou by whom we corne to God, 
The Lire, the Truth. the Way, 
The path of prayer thyself hast trod : 
Lord teach us how to pray. 

Praye r the subi ira est strai ns th af reach 
The Maesty on high. 
4 Prayer is the contrite sinner's voice, 
Returning from his ways, 
While Angels in their songs rejoice, 
And cry ' Behold, he prays!' 
5 Prayer is the Christian's vital breath, 
The Christian's native air, 
His watchword st the gares of death : 
He enteffi heaven with prayer. 

l'er alo anti ¢.l@d  = 63. W. K, 1698 17 
I I I I I I I 
I  --H:   D    ' i i I 
,   --  . , 
I-It  . i l «, .1  ,, I I 
I4 l--4r " I I, - , I, I. , 
ll ---- l  --  l   I I I II I I I 
L -' I ' Il ._ j 'l I l I I I « , 'l 
Nord. --A Iower sei»g OE ds tu w  foud al Hymn 52. 

EJOICE, O land, in God thy miglt, 
His will obey, him serve aright ; 
F-r thee the Saints uplift their voice : 
Fear hot, O land, in God rejoice. 
2 Glad shalt thou be, with blessing crowned, 
Vith joy and peace thou shalt abound ; 
Yea, love with thee shall make his home 
Untit thou see God's kingdom corne. 
3. He shall forgive thy sins untold : 
Remember thou lis love of old ; 
Valk in his way, his word adore ! 
And keep his truth for evermore. 




--,  I I. I I I lrl--. 
'  " - F 
Your Lord and King adore ; 
orta!s, give thanks and sing, 
And triumph evermore: 
•  up ur heart, l up yo roi« ; 
Reice ain I say, rejoiçe. 
esus, the Saviour, reigns, 
The G of truth and love ; 
Vhen he had purged out stains 
He took his at above : 
His kinom cannot rail ; 
e rules o'er earth and heaven 
e keys of death and hell 
Are to out Jesus given 
He sits at Go4's right ban4 
Till ail h fs submit. 
And w fo his command, 
And rail neath his feet: 

C. W'ley, 1707-88. 
OLDIERS of Christ, arise, 
And put your armour on ; 
Strong in tho strength which God supplie% 
Through his eternal Son ; 
2 Strong in tho Lord of H.»sts, 
And in his mighty power; 
"IVho in the strength of Jesus trusts 
ls more than conqueror. 
3 Stand then in luis great, 
With ail his strength endued ; 
And take, to arm you for the fight 
The panoply of God. 
4 F'om strength fo strength go an, 
Wrestle. and fightp and pray ; 
Tread ail the powers of darkness dovn, 
And win the xvell-fought day. 
5. That havingall things dane, 
And ail your conflicts past, 
Ye may o'ercome, through Christ alone, 
And stand entire af last. 



ORIF.NTI PARTIBU. (77. 77.) 480 
I moder¢tte hz  = 14. o be .u in u. Meli  lely. 
I   m- -  -- - - "  L t e- -- le- -- " 
! ,.  .. -. - -, 
"  - _  _ ç  
18t «t. r. & H. Clark. 
Pug.a, Chrti mlia. 
OLDIERS, who are Christ's below, 
Strong in faith resist the foe; 
Bcundle is the pledg reward 
Unto them who oee the Lord. 
2 'Tis no palm of fading leaves 
That the conquemr's hd recelé-es; 
Joys are his, serene and pure» 
Light that ever shall endure. 
3 For the souls that overcome 
Waits the beauteous heavenly home, 
Where the bleèd evermore 
Tread on igh the starry floor. 
4 Psing soon and little worth 
Are the thi, that mpt on earth ; 
eavenward liR thy ul's rega i 
God himself is thy reward ; 
5. Father who the crown dt give, 
Saviour by hose death we lire, 
Spirit who out hearts dost raise, 
OEhree in One, thy me we prai. Amen. 


CULBACH. (77. 77.) 481 ,'em a C/wrl m, BC, l,'e 
 ' 1    ' 
I I i  I  i i i i , i.l 
i i I I "I i I 
NoE.--A Ntv selti of this tune ill  fnd af H»,n 286. 
J. Montgoy t I771-14. 
ONGS of praise the Angels sang, 
Heaven with Alleluy rang, 
Vhen ereation was begun, 
When God spake and if was done. 
2 Songs of praise awoke the morn 
When the Prince of peace was rn ; 
n of prai ase when he 
Captive led captivity. 
3 Heaven and earth must pass away, 
Songs of praise shall crown that day : 
Goal will make new heavens and erth 
Songs of p,-ai shall hall their bi,-th. 
4 And will man alone be dumb 
Till that glorious kingdom coe? 
N the Church deligh fo raise 
Psalms and hymns and son of pise. 
5 Sain below, with heart and voiee 
Still in songs of praise joice ; 
arning here, by faith and love, 
Songs of praise fo sing above. 
6. Hymns of glory, ngs of praioe, 
Father, unto thee we raise ; 
Jesu, glory unto thee, 
Ever with the Spirit be. Amen. 


$d¢r«tet t   =  ( c = 4). Metody  F. o, 15119. 
-  I I I  :  I  I I  {I iI 
i i  , /  i 
l-L-- ' _   n ' -- -Tn l Il 
I1: H. Burleigh, 1812-71. 
TILL will we trust, though earth seem dark and dreaT, 
And the heart faint benealh his chastening rod, 
Though rogh nd steep or paihwy, vorn and weary, 
Still will we trust in God 
Or eyes see dimly till by faith aaointed, 
And out blind choo»ing brings us grief and pain 
Through him alone, vho bath out way appointed, 
We find out peace again. 
Choose for us, God, nor let out weak preferring 
Cheat out poor souls of od thou hast designed 
Chse for us, Goal ; thy wisdom is unerring, 
And ve are fls and blind. 
* So from our sky the night sball fqrl ber shadows, 
And day pour gladness through his golden gares, 
Our rough path ]ead fo flower-enamelled meadows 
Where joy our coming waits. 
Let us press on : in patient sf-denial, I 
Accept the hdship, shrink hot from the 
Or guerdon lies beyond the hour of trial, 
0af cros beyond the cross. 


.lfrl. Lord c''o', 1809-92. 
,TRO.G Son of God, immortal Love, 
Vhom we, that bave hot seen thy face, 
By faith, and faith alone, embrace 
Believing where we cantot prove : 
Thou wilt not leave us in the dust; 
Thou madest man, he knows hot why ; 
• He thinks he was hot ruade fo die : 
And thou hast ruade him, thou art just. 
Thou seemest human and divine, 
The highest, holiest manhood thou: 
Our wills are ours We know hot how; 
Our wills are ours, to make them thine. 
4. Our little systems haye their day; 
They have their day and cease to be: 
They are but broken lights of thee, 
And thou, O Lord, art more than they. 


AKE up thy cross, the Sav(our said, 
If thou Wotlldst my disciple be ; 
Deny thyself, the world for- e, 
And humbly follow after, • 
2 Take iip thy cross; let " o weight 
Fill thy weak spiri ".ffle alarm ; 
His strength shall be, thy spirit up, 
And brace thy heart, and nerve 
thine arm. 
5 T«ke up thy cross, and follow Christ. 
]qor think till death fo lay if down; 
For oly he who bears the cross 
3Ly hope to wear the glorious crown. 
6. To thee, great Lord, the One in Three, 
Ail praise for evermore ascend ; 
O grant us in our Home fo see 
The heavenly lire that knows no end. 

Take up thycross, nor heedtheshame, 
Nor let thy foolish pride rebel; 
The Lord for thee the Coss endured, 
To save thy soul from deatll and 
Take up thy cross then in his strength, 
And calmly esoet T danger brave ; 
'Twill guide thee to a better hme, 
And lead fo victory o'er the grave. 

G. H¢'t 1593-1632. 

EACH me, my God and King, 
In ail things thee fo see; 
And what I do in anything 
To do it as for thee ! 
2 A man that looks on glass, 
On it may stay his eye; 
Or if he pleaseth, through it pass, 
And then the heaven espy. 
3 Ail may of thee partake ; 
Nothing can be so mean. 
Which with this tincture, "for thy sake,' 
Will hot grow bright and clean. 
4 A oervant ,vith this clause 
Makes drudgery divine ; 
Who sweeps a room, as for thy laws» 
blakes that and the action fine. 
5. This is the famous stone 
That turneth ail to gold; 
For that vhich God doth touch and own 
Cannot for less be told. 



H. Alford, 1i0-7[. 

EN thousand times ten thousand, ' 
In parkling raiment bright: 
The armies of the ransomed Saints 
Throe.g up the steeps of light; 
'Tis finished ail is finished, 
Their fight with death and sin ; 
Fling open wide the golden gares, 
And let the victo in. 
Wht rush of AIl«luy 
Fi]l ail the rth and sky  
Wht rinin of a thound hrps 
csaks the triuph niçh  
on. 4. Bring near thy great lvation, 
Thou Lamb for snner alain, 
Fi]I up the roi] of thine elect, 
Then take thy power and reign : 
Appear, Desire of nations ; 
Thine exiles long f-r home ; 
Show in the hven thy promised si; 
Thou Prince and Saviour, corne, 

O day, for which creation 
And ail its tribes were ruade ! 
O joy, for ail its former woes 
A thousandfold repaid ! 

3 O, then what raptured greetings 
On Canaan's happy shore, 
What knittingsevered friendshipsup 
Where partings are no more ! 
Then eyes with joy shall sparkle 
That brimmed with tears of late; 
Orphans no longer fatherless 
Nor widows deolate. 


HE Church's one foundation 
Is Jesus Christ, ber Lord ; 
She is his new creation 
By water and the V¢ord : 
From heaven he came and sought her 
To be hia holy Bride ! 
Vith his own Blood he bought her 
And for ber life he died. 

. J. 8font, 1839-1901. 


2 E[ect from eveT ntion, 
Yet one o'er ail the earth, 
Her charter of salvation 
One Lord, one Faith, one Birtl, 
One holy naine che blesses, 
Partake ono holy Food, 
And to one hope she presses 
With every grace endued. 

3 Though with a scornful wonder 
Heu see her soro opprest, 
By schisms rent asunder, 
By heresies distrest, 
Yet Saints their watch Rte keepig: 
Their cry goes up, 'How long?  
And soon the night of weeping 
Shall be the morn of song. 

4 'Mid toil, and tribulation, 
And tumult of ber war, 
She waits the consummation 
Of peace for evermore ; 
Till with the vision glorious 
Her longing eyes are blest 
And the great Church victorious 
Shall be the Church at test. 

Yet she on earth hath union 
With God tho Three in One, 
And mystic sweet communion 
Wth those whose test is woa : 
O happy ones and holy ! 
Lord, give us grace that wo 
Like them, the meek and lowly, 
Ott high may dwell wRh theo. 


ST. COLUMBA. (87.87.) 
I,t moderate ti,n  = lOS. 

P. 28. 
HE King of love rny Shepherd is, 
Whose goodne faileth never ; 
I nothing lack if I ara his 
And he is mine for ever. 
Where streams of living water flow 
My ransomed soul he leadeth, 
And where the verdant pastures grow 
With food celestial feedeth. 
5 Thou spread'st a table in my sight ; 
Thy unction grace bestoveth : 
And O xvhat transport of delight 
Fa'oto thy pure chalice floweth ! 
6. And so through ail the length of days 
Thy goodness faileth never; 
Good Shepherd, may I sing thy praise 
Within thy bouse for ever. 

8if H. W. Baker, 1821-77. 
3 Perverse and foolish oft I stray(:d, 
But yet in love he sought ne, 
And on his shoulder gently laid, 
And home, rejoicing, b,'ought me. 
4 In death's dark vale I fear no iii 
With thee, dear Lord, beside rne ; 
Thy rod and staff my cornfort still, 
Thy Cro before to guide me. 


HE Lord my pastm-e shall prepa, 
And feed me with a shepherd s 
care ; 
]Iis presence shall my wants supply, 
And guard nie ,vith a watchful eye ; 
Iy noonday walks he ehall attend, 
And ail niy midnight hours defend. 
2 When in the sultry glebe I faint, 
Or on the thirsty nmuntain pant, 
To fertile vales and devy meads 
iy weary wandering steps he leads, 
Vhere peaceful rivers, soft and slow, 
Amid tlie verdant landscape flow. 

J. Addion. 1+572-1719. 
3 Though in a bare and rugged way 
Through devious lonely wilds I stray, 
Thy bounty shall my pains be&mile ; 
The barren wilderness shall stalle 
With sudden greens and herbage 
And streams shall murmm- all arould. 
4. Though in the patha of death I tread» 
With gloomy borrors overspread, 
y steadîast heart .hall fear no iii, 
For thou, O Lrd, art with me still : 
Thy friendly crook shall give me aid, 
And guide me through the dreadful 


3HE Lord will comeand hot beslow» 
His footsteps cannot err; 
]3ef-ro him righteonsness shall go 
His royal harbinger. 
2 T,-uth from the earth like fo a flower» 
Shall bud and blossom thcn; 
4 The nations ail whom thou hast ruade 
Shall corne, and ail shall frame 
To bow them low before thee, Lord, 
And glorify thy naine. 
Un/son. 5. For great thou art, and wonders great 
By thy strong hand axe done : 
Thou in thy everlasting seat 
Remainest God alone. 

J. Milton («¢,tto), 160-74. 
And justice, from her heavenlybower, 
Look down on mortal men. 
3 Rise, God, judge thou the earth in 
This wicked earth redress; [might, 
For thou art he who shalt by right 
The nations ail posess. 



HE roseate hues of early dawn, 
The brightness of the day, 
The crimson of fhe sunset 
}Iow fast they fade aw.y! 
O for the pearly gares of heaven, 
O for the golden floor ; 
O for the Sun of righteousness 
That setteth nevermore ! 
3. Hcre faith is our% and heavenly hop% 
And grace to lead us higher ; 
But there are perfectness and peace, 
Beyond our best desire. 
Un/a0n. O by thy love and anguish, Lord, 
O by thy lire laid down, 
O that we rail hot from thy grace, 
Nor cast away our crown ! 

Mrs. C. F. AlexamI¢r, 1823-95. 
The highest hopes we cherish ber% 
How fast they tire and fidnt; 
H,)w many a t defiles the robe 
That wraps an earlhly saint  
for a heart that never ains, 
O for a soul wahed white ; 
for a voice to praiae out King 
Nor weary day or night  

1HE strain upraise of 
joy and praise, Aile- -lu - - - ya'. 
And the choirs that... I, dwell on high 
2They, through the fields uf Paradise that roam 
The pi&nets glittering on, 
their heaven - ly way. 
Ye clouds that onward 
sweep, Ye winds on ' pin - i 1,ne light, 
Ye floods &nd oce&n bil- 
lowe, 'e storms and  win - ter SHOW, 
First let the birds, with 
painted plum - ge gay, 
nen let the beasts 
earth, with 
Here let the mountaius 
thunder forth 

vary - ingstrain, 
O - cean, cry 
-a - tion made, 

Thou jubilant abys of. 
î To God, who ail tre - 
, This is the str&in» the' 
eternal strain, the I 
Lvrd of i ail things loves» 
'nerefore we sing, both 
heart &nd volte &- ! -wak ing, 
u./o.. I 
8 ow from ail men I l . [ be out-poured 
Praise be done te the .. Three in Une. 

Te the glory of their King 
Shall the ransomed 
Shall re-eeho 
The blessêd ones, repent 

The shining coustellations. 

Ye thunders, echoing loud 
anddoep, Ye lightni»ga, 
Ye days of eloudlese 
beauty, Htr frost and 
Exalt their great (eator's 
Join in creation's hymn, 



The frequent hymn be 

zle - 


l,eO - pie sing 
through the sky, 
that bright home 
join and say 

wild - ly bright, 

tutu - mer gIvw, 
praise, &nd sy 
ery a - gain 
-lu - ya ! 
-lu ya ! 
de - ly paid, 

-lu - ya ! 

.... 1  the Lord; 

(2) Aile 

(8) In sweet con- 

(4) Te groves that wave in 
spring, And gloriou 
() Aile - - 


(6) There let the valleys sing in 
'e tract of earth and centi- 

(7) Aile - I 
This is the song, the heavenly 

-lu - - ya! 
-lu ya ! 
-lu - - ya! 

-sent u - nite 

fo - resta, sing 
-lu ya! 
-lu ya ! 
eho rus 
-nenta, re - ply 
-lu ya ! 

song, that Christ him- : -self ap - proves, 
Treb|ea only, 
And childreu's voices ecbo,' mak - - ing, 
answer [ 
(8) With Alleluya I e - ver - more 
Aile - - I -lu - ya! 

A lle 

your Aile 

Aile - 

- lu - va! 
- lu ya ' 
- lu ya ! 
- lu ya ! 

- lu y! 

- lu ya! 
- lu ya ! 
- lu ya ! 
- lu - y! 
- lu - ya! 
- lu 

Alle - -[- lu 
Alle "I " lu ya! 
The Son and Spirit we adore. 
Aile _ I_ lu ya'. 


In modo'a|* tim* ¢ = 80. 1795-185. 
(o. 71. 392, 412 arefrom 
• ]ie times are wi.g ]ate ; 
Be soir ad keep vigil, 
The Jge is at the te : 
e Jdge that cmes in merey, 
The Judge that com with migh 
To termi.aoE the e], 
T diadem the right. 


Arise, arise, good Christian, 
L-t right te wrotJg sut ceed .: 
Let penitential sorrow 
Te heavenly gladness leaoE 
Thon glory yet unheard of 
Sh,ll shed abroad ils ray, 
Resolving all enigma.% 
An endless Sabbath-day. 

$ The home of fadeless splendeur, 
Of flowers that fear no thorn. 
Where they shall dwell as ehddre 
Who bore as exiles mourn ; 
Tite peste of ail the faithful, 
The ealm of ail the blest, 
Inviolate, unvaried. 
Divinest, sweetost, best ; 

4 Tb peace that is for heaven, 
Al,d shall be too for earth ; 
The palsce that re-echoes 
With festal song and mlrth ; 
The garden breathing spices, 
Tbe paradise on hgh; 
Grace beautifled te glory, 
Unceasing minstrelsy. 

happy, holy parlion, 
RelectJon lot- the blet ; 
True viston of trtte beaaty, 
Sweet sure of ail distrest I 
Strive. man, te ,vin that glory; 
Toil, man, te gain that hght: 
Send hope belote te grasp il, 
Till hope be lest in sight; 

And through the sacred lilies 
And flowers on every side. 
The happy dear-bought people 
Go wandering far and wide ; 
Their one and only anthem, 
The fullness of his love, 
V;ho gives, instead of torment 
Eternal joys above. 


I . . . -- -- _. 
I, ili i I ! I I I 
D - -- - ----- " 
I__ -- l"  
/  . I, I I I 
The limes are ving laie ; 
Tbe Judge is t te gare : 
The Judge that eoe8 wit ightl 
To termina the evill 


Arise, arise, good Christian, 
Lut right fo wrong suc ceed .." 
et penitential sorrow 
To heavenly gladne leado 
Th«.n glory yet unheard of 
Shall shed abroad ifs ray, 
]esolving all enigms, 
An endless Sabbath-day. 

8 The home of fadeless splendour, 
Of flowers that fear no thorn, 
Where they shall dweli as ¢hddreia 
Who here as exiles mourn ; 
The peace of ail the faithful, 
The calm of ail the bles{, 
Inviolate, unvaried, 
Divinest, sweetest best ; 

4 Th peœece that is for l,eaven, 
And shall be too for earth ; 
Tbe palace that re-echoes 
With festsl song and mlrth; 
The garden breathing spices 
The paradise on hgh ; 
Grace beautified to glory, 
Unceasing minstrelsy. 

5 0 happy, holy portion, 
Refect=on for the blest ; 
True vis=on of true beauty, 
Sweet cure of ail distrest ! 
Slrive, man, fo win that glory; 
Toil, man, to gain that hght: 
Sen,t hope before (o grasp it, 
Till hope be lost in sight; 

6. And through the sacred liliea 
And flowers on every side, 
The happy dear-bought people 
Go wandering far and wide ; 
Their one and only anthem, 
The ftdlness of his love, 
V;ho gives, instead of torment 
Eternal joys above. 



NO'I'E.An dtevtative tgne fo this hgm»i is gi; bdow. 

A LT£R3.&TIrE 
HAWARDEN. (66. 66. D.) S. . 'LEY, 1810-76. 
»  I  . 


496 (.tinucd) 

HERE is a hlessèd home 
Beyond this land of woe, 

Where trials never corne, 
Nor tenrB of Borrow flow; 
Where faith is lost in sigl,t, 
And Iatient hoIe is crowned, 
And everlasting light 
Ifs giory thr0ws around. 

2 Ther i a iand ef peaee, 
Good Angels know it ,vell, 
Glad songs that never cease 
Within its portais svel| ; 
Around its glorious throne 
Ten thousand Saints adore 
Christ, vith the Father One 
And Spirit, evermo. 

30 joy ail joy. beyond, 
To see the Lamb vho died, 
And caunt each sacred vound 
In l,ands, and feet, and ide ; 
To give to him the praie 
Of every triumph won 
And sing through endles days 
The great things he bath done. 
4. Look up, ye saints of God, 
Nor fear fo tread belosv 
The path your Saviour trod 
Of daily toil and woe ; 
Vait but a little while 
In uncomplaining love, 
His own most graeious stalle 
Shall welcome you above. 



ET. FLAV'AN. (C. M.) 497 
#lod'atd# slow  = 66. 
/ iii ,  i , 
/ , , , I I 
/ i I l - - --    - .... - 
, ,--=--_-.,,, 
I   , --î,  
I -- 2   -2-- ---2-- ::, 

H ERE is a book who ,-uns rn ay read, 
Vhich heavenly truth irnparts, 
And ail the |Ol'e its scholars need, 
Pm'e eyes and Christian |,earts. 
The works of God above, beluw, 
Within us and around, 
Are pages in that book, to show 
How G«,d himself is found. 
The glorious sky, embracing ail, 
Is like the Maker's love, [small 
Vherewith encompassed, gl-eat and 
In peace and order more. 
The moon above, the Church below, 
A wondrous race they run ; 
But ail their radiance, ail theirglow, 
Each borrows of its sun. 
 The Saviour lends the light and heat 
That crowns his holy bill ; 
The Saints, like stars, around hisseat 
Perform their courses still. 
11 Two worlds are ours: 'ris only sin 
Forbids us to descry 
The mystic heaven and earth within, 
Plain as the sea and sky. 
12. Thou, who hast given me eyes fo see 
And love this sight so fair, 
Give me a heart to find out thee 
And read thee everyxvl-.ere. 

¢. l¢ble, 1792-1.6. 
6 » The Sa i n t s above are starsin heaven-- 
What are the saints olm earth ? 
Like trees they stand whom God bas 
Our Eden's happy birth. [given, 
7" Faith is their fixed unswerving root, 
Hope their unfading flower, 
Fait deeds of charity their fruit, 
The glory of their bower. 
8 The dew of heaven is like thy grace, 
It steals in ailence dosvn ; 
But where it lights, t he favoum-ed place 
By richest fruits is known. 
9*Ono narne, al»ove ail glorious names, 
With its ten thousand tongues 
The everlasting sea proc|aims, 
Echoing angelic songs. 
10 The raging tire, the roaring wind, 
Tby boundless power d isplay ; 
]tlt in the gentler breeze we tind 
Thy Spirit's viewless way. 


r  i i , i I i i- I I 1" I " 

HERE is a land of pre delight, 
Where Saints immortal reign; 
Inflnite day exclude» the night, 
And plcasures banish pain. 

2 Thero everlasting spring abides, 
And never-withering flowers ; 
Death, hke a narrow -ea, divides 
This keavenly land f])m ours. 

3 Sweet fields beyond the swelling flood 
Stand dressed in living green ; 
So to the Jews o|d Canaat stood, 
While Jordan rolled between. 

L 11ttSç lG7-lT48. 

4 But timorous mortals start and shrink 
To cros this narr,æw sea, 
A.d linger »hiveri.g on the brink, 
And fear to launch away. 
50 could we make our doubts remoe, 
These gloomy doubts that fise, 
And see the Canaan that ve love 
With unbeclouded eyes! 
6. Could we but climb where Moses stood7 
And view the landscape o'er, 
lot Jod.n's stream, nor death's cold flood, 
Should fright us from/he shore! 

• 3 


zM ,,,,. (. '. ».) 499 
l'¢'ry .line ad digti.fl : = 8. 3. S. Bacl, 168,5-1750. 
I _pl; _+ , ---I-l--rl .... .   ---.Ii. H 
I " I I I, [" I I,d 1, t"1 , I i I,.I I-« 
/ / • , ..., , I,, I 
/  _L _1 J I_I.1 I I I _1 I I__ 
-/--/ I---' ' u- i i i !  "TI 
l-î .... d-, I-  , .I -i ,=Io _I 
I "1 . ]  I , I I I i I ', I,  
I l,. ,' I I I I I I I I I I ,.d' .-,' 
I- ........ -;.- 
" -- [ ly be mmg in tmison or os o solo.] 
lIoF_--This hyran when tcsed et lission Serrices, may be sung fo 
(/','o. )68). r.r.r.«,., m4.-OS. 

T H E R E'S a w id e n ess i n God'o me i-cy, 
Llke the videness of the sea; 
There's a kindness in his justice 
Which is more than liberty. 
Tl,ere is no place whereearth's Sol'rmvs 
Are more felt than up in heaven ; 
There s noplace whereearth'sfailings 
1-lave such kindly judgement given. 
There is grace enough for thousands 
Of new worlds as great as this; 
There is room for fresh creations 
In that upper home of bliss. 
7 "Tis not ali we owe to Jesus; 
It is something more than ail; 
Gl'eater good because of evil, 
Larger mercy through the faii. 
8. If our love were but more simple, 
We should take him at his word ; 
And our lires wouid be ail sunshine 
In the sweetness of our Lord. 

4 For the love of God is broader 
Than the measures of man's mind ; 
And the heart of the Eternal 
Is most wonderfully kind. 
5 But we make his love too narrow 
By false limits of our own ; 
And we lnagnify his strictness 
With a zeal he will not own. 
6 There is plentifui redemption 
In the Blood that bas been shed, 
Tlffie,'e is joy for ail the members 
In the sorrows of the Head. 


HEY whose course on earth is o'er, I 
Think they oftheir brethren more? I 
They belote the throne who bow, 
Feel they for their brethrn now? I 

2 lVe, by enemies distrest-- 
They in Paradise at test ; 
We the captives--they the freed-- 
We and they are one iadeed; 

J. M. aVealt, 1818-66 and oth¢rs. 
30ne in ai1 we seek or shun, 
One--because our Lord is one; 
One in home and one in love-- 
We below, and they above, • 
4 Those whom space on" earth divides, 
Mountains, rivers, ocean-tides; 
Have they with each other part? 
Have they fellowship in heart? 

5 Each to each may be unknown, 
Wide apart their lots be thrown; 
Differing tongues their lips rnay speak, 
One be strong, and one be weak ; 
6 Yet in Sacrament and prayer 
Each vith other hath a share ; 
Hath a share in tear and sigh, 
"Watch, and fast and litany. 
7 Sints departed eve "hu 
Hold communion stil| with us; 
Still with us, keyond the veil, 
lraising, pleading without fail. 
8. So with them out hearts we raise, 
Share their work and join their praise, 
Rendering worship, thaks» and love 
To the Tdnity above. 


Ht{EE in One, and One in Three, 
luler of the earth and sea, 
Hear us, while we lift fo thee 
Holy chant and psalm. 

Light of lights ! with morning-shine 
Lift on us thy Light Divine ; 
And let charity benign 
Breathe on us her balm. 

G. llorio, 1521-t 

Light of iights! when fails the even, 
Let it sink on sin forgiven ; 
Fold us in the peace of heaven ; 
Shed a vesper calm. 

Three in One, and One in Three I 
Darkling here we worship thee ; 
With the Saints hereafter we 
Hope to bear the palm. 


P#. $4. .Z. Tatt and V. B/'gfy I 't ]rtrlio (1696). 
THROUGH allthec],angingscenesof 3 The hosts of God encamped around 
In trouble and in joy, [lire, I The dwellings of the just ; 
Thc praises of my God shall still  Deliverance he afforàs to ail 
My heart and tongue employ. [ Who on his succour trust. 
20 magnify the Lord with me, i 40 make but trial of his love, 
Vith me exalt his naine ; [ Experience will decide 
When in distress to him I called, I How blest they are, and only they, 
He to my rescue carne. Who in his truth confide. 

5 Fear him, ye saints, and you will then 
Have nothing else to fear; 
1Iake you his service your delight, 
Y,mr wants shall ho his eare. 
6. To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, 
Th9 God whom we adore, 
Be glory, as it was» is now, 
And si|ail be evermore. Amen. 


Iennm Nat o Toenl. 
HROUGH the night of doubt and 

Onward goes the pilgrim band I 
Singing songs of expectation, 
Marching fo tl,.e Promised Land. 
2 Clear before us through the darkness 
Gleams and burns the guiding light ; 
]3rother clasps the hand vf brother, 
Stepping fearless th rough t he nigh t. 


80ne the light of God's own prence 
O'er his ransomed people shed, 
Chasing far the gloom and terror, 
Brightening all thepath we tread ; 

40ne the ohject of out journey, 
One the faith which never tiresl 
One the earnest Iooking forward, 
One the hope out God inspires : 

One the strain that lips of thousands 
Lift as from the heart of one ; 
One the conflict, one the peril, 
One the match in God begun ; 
One the gladness of rejoicing 
On the far eternal shOl, 
lVhere the One Almighty Father 
Reigns in love for evermore. 
7*Onward, therefore, pilgrim brothers, 
Onward with the Cross our aid ; 
Bear ifs shame, and fight its battle 
Till we rest beneath its shade. 
8.*Soon shall corne the great awaking, 
Soon the rending of the tomb; 
Then the seattering of ail shadows 
And the end of toil and gloom. 


In !¢l¢ li  = . rd Poe," Dublin, 1749. 
. ,, 
I « -e - ff  F 
I  I  -  I I ' I II I 
I . I i ,  i i  i 
I   --  I " I l   --l l -- a q 
HY kingdom corne I o bended knee ; 2 But the slow watches of the night 
The passing ages pray; [ Not ]ess to God belong; 
And faithfu] sou]s bave yearned to see  And for the everlasting right 
On earth that kingdom's day. [ The silent stars are strong. 
3 And 1o. already on the hiHs 
The flags of dawn appear; 
Gird up your loins, ye prophet souls 
Proclaim the day is near: 
4 The day in whose clear-shinng light 
Ail wrong shall stand revealed, 
And every hurt  healed ; 
. Vhen know]ed, hand in hand with peace, 
Shsll xvalk the earth abroad ;-- --  
çhe day of rfect righteousness 
The promid day of God. 



/ /1 I I 1 1 Iv I  
--I--J A  g, ,, , I I l 
HY way, hot mine, O Lord, [ 2 Smooth let it be or rougit. 
However dark it be ; ] It will  still the bt ; 
Lead me by thine own hand, Winding or straight, it leads 
Choose out the vath for me. ight onwa to thy rest. 
3 I dare hot choose my lot ; 
I would hot if I might ; 
Chse thou for me, my God, 
So shall I walk aright. 
4 Tbe kinom that I seek 
Is thine so lct the wy 
OEhat leads to it ho thlne, 
Else I must surely stray. 
5 Take thou my cup, and it 
With joy or sort»w flll, 
As best to thee may em ; 
Chse tbou my good and iii. 
6 Choose thou for me my friends 
y sickne or my health ; 
Choo thou my cares for me, 
My povey or wealth. 
7. Not mine, hot mine, the choi  
In things or great or small ; 
e t hou my Guide, my Strenh: 
My Visdo nd g NII. 



O bercy, Pity, eace, and Love, William Bla'e, 1757-1827. 
Ail pray in their distress, 
And fo tbese virtues of delight 
Return their thankfulness. 
For ]lercy, Pity, Piace, and Love, 
Is God out Father dear; 
And bercy, Pity, Peace, and Love, 
Is Man, his child and care. 
For bercy bas a human heart, 
Pity, a human face; 
And Love, the human form divine, 
And Peace, the human dress. 
Then every man, of every clime, 
That prays in lais distress, 
Pcays to the humsn form divine : 
Love, bercy, Pity, Peace. 
And ail must love the human form, 
In heathen, Turk, or Jew ; 
Where ][ercy, Love, and Pity dwell, 
There God is dwelling too. 




¢. lSrh cot. 
Glorioei alvatori. 
O the naine that brings salvation 
Honour, worship, laud we pay: 
Tht for many a generation 
Hid in God's foreknowledge lay» 
B.t to every tongue and nation 
Holy Church proclaims to-day. 

2 * Naine of gladness, naine of plvasure, 
By the tongue ineffable, 
Naine of sweetness psing measur% 
To the ear delectable ; 
'Tis out safeguard and out treasure, 
'Tis out help 'gainst sin and heiL 

3" 'Tis the naine for adoration, 
"Tis tire naine of victory; 
"Tis the naine for meditation 
In the raie of l|lisery : 
'Tis the naine for veneration 
By the eitizens on high. 

'Tis the naine that whoso pleaches 
Finds it mlloic in his ear; 
'TIç the naine that ,vhoso teaehes 
Finds more sweet than honey's cheer: 
XVho its perfeet wisdom reaches 
Makes his ghostly vision clear. 
'Tis the naine hy right exalted 
Over every other naine: 
That when we are sore assaulted 
Puts our enemies fo shame: 
Strength fo them that else had halted 
Eyes fo blind, and feet fo lame. 

6. Jesu we thy naine adol'ing, 
Long fo see thee as thou art : 
Of thy clemency imploring 
So to writo it in our he»rt, 
That hereafter, upward soaring. 
"We with Angels rnay bave 

| A - men. 


Il: ullod, 1798-1874, aad 
"TE love the lac, O G,   We lov th hou of rayr, 
 Wherein rb inc hoour dwell; j Whrin thy e'ant ment 
The jo of/hin aboe [ And tho, O Lord, art ther« 
Ail earfhly joy excels. Thy chien flock togreet. 
3 Vo love the cd font, 
For there the holy Dove 
T, pour is ever wont 
His blesing from above. 
4 We love thine altar, Lord; 
O, what on eah so dear  
For there, in faith adored, 
We find thy presence near. 
5 We love the word of life, 
The word that relis of peaoe, 
Of comfo in the strife, 
And jo that never cease. 
6 We love fo sing low 
For mercies froely ven ; 
But O, we long to know 
The triumph-song of heaven  
7. Lord Jesus, give us grace 
On earth to love thee more, 
In heaven to e thy face, 
And with thy Saints adore. 


E aaw t.hee net vhen thou didst 
Te this poor vorld of sin and death, 
lqor e'er beheid thy cottage-home 
In that despiȏd N-zareth ; 
But we believo thy footsteps trod 
I fs streets and plains, thou Son of God. 
2 We did net see thee lifted high 
Amid that wild and savage crew, 
lor heard thy meek, imploring cry, 
'Forgive, they know net ,vhat they 
Yt w b«li«v« th« d«ed was donc 
,Vhieh sho,,k th earth and veiled 
5. And new that thou dost reign on high, 
Ad thnco thy waiting peplo bles% 
No ray of glory frein the 
Doth shin« upon our wildern«ss; 
But w beli«ve thy faithful word, 
And trust in out redeeming Lord. 

3 We stood net by the empty tomb 
XVhere late thy sacred Body lay, 
Ner sat wilhin that upper room, 
Ner met theo in tbe open way; 
But we believc that Angels said, 
'Vhy seek the living s'ith the 
dead ?' 
4 We did net mark he chosen few, 
When thou didst in the cloud as- 
Fiat lift te heaven their wodering 
Then tothe earth ail prostra bend ; 
Yet we belie that mortal eyes 
Frein that far mountain saw thee fise. 

A- len. 


,,s,«u. (,..',,.) 510 '' " '' ,,,,,«,,,,,=«.. 
£eipzig, 165. ,4dapted ad 
I  I II 'I I i  -  
I-. ,,   , , 
I I ï ï7 i E- i i i i îi 
çoE  fl  I- -I _ 
I « , ï ï i ï I i F ' , ' 
I I'" ' ' 1 / I /-I I  I I 
I:_, .m--m--, --5 / I I 
oT.--7  sttioflh tul  Soud  Hn 481. 
WE sing tho praisoof him who died, I 2 Inscribod upon the Cross wo s 
Of him who died upo tho Ccoes ; I In shining letters, ' Ood is love'; 
The sinnor's hopo let men deride, He ars out sin upo tho Tr ; 
Fo this we cont the world but loss. Ho brinÇs us mercy frein above. 
 The Cros ! if takos out ilt away ; 
It l,ods the fainting spiri up ; 
It cheers with hope the lmy day, 
And swee ev'ry bitter cup. 
4 If makos the coward spirit brave, 
And norvos tho feoblo arm fofight ; 
It tak its terre frein the ave, 
And gilds the bed of death wih light ; 
. Tho balm o lire, tlle cure of w, 
The measure and the pledge of love,   
The sinne' rege hero below, 1 
The Angels" themo in hven abov - 


W. O,LgV, 177-1858. 
I I, I 
* I i l 

HEN all thy mercies, 0 my God, 
My J-;si.g sou) surveys, 
Transported with the view, l'm lost 
In ,vonder, love, and praise. 
2 Unnumbered comforts fo my soul 
Thy tender c.,re hestowed, 
Before my infant henrt conceived 
From whom those comforts fl,wed. 
5 Through every period of my lire 
Thy goodne l'Il pursuc, 
And after desth in distant worlds 
The glorious theme renew. 
6. Throu.h ail eternity fo thee 
A joyful song l'Il rise ; 
For O! eternity's too short 
To utter ail thy praise. 

J. Addo, 1672-1719. 
When in the slippery paths of youth 
With heedless steps I ran, 
OEhine arm u.seen conveyed me safe, 
And led me up fo man. 
VChen ,vorn with sicknessoft iast thou 
With health renewed my face ; 
nd when in sins and sorrows sunk, 
R«vived ny soul with grace. 


91ay Je - eus Chriet be lrai. - ed. 
«  I I I i   I I I i i 
May Je - sus Chier  pris - ed. 
I I 
I.  ___uOEOEU 
F -- 1 i I 1 1- I ' ' t /I Çt 
.. ,  ,?-.  , , 
31ay Je - e Cht  prais - ed. 
  I - H -- I I I / -- 
  I 66  


HEN morning gilds the skies, 
[y heart aw;iking cries, 

Mny Jesus Christ be praisëd : 
Alike st work and prsyer 
To Jesus I repnir ; 
May Je.sus Christ be praisèd. 
2 The sacred minster be|l 
It pea|s o'er bill and de|l, 
May Jesus Christ be praisèd : 
O hark fo what it sings, 
As joyously it 'ings, 
May Jesus Christ be praisèd. 


$ * My tongue shall never tire 
Of chanting in the choir, 
M;y Jesus Christ be praisd 
The fnirest graces spring 
In hearts that ever sing, 
Mny Jesus Christ be praisèd. 
4 ° Vben sleep ber balm denies, 
My silent spirit sighs, 
May Jesus Christ be praisëd 
When evil thoughts molest, 
With this I shield my breast, 
May Jesus Christ be praisèd. 

5 Does sadness fill my mind? 
A solace here I find, 
May Jesus Christ he praisèd : 
Or fades my earthly bliss? 
][y comfort still is this, 
May Jesus Christ be praisèd. 
6 The night becomes as d;ty, 
When from the heart we say, 
May Jesus Christ be praiséd : 
The powers of darkness lent, 
VChen this sweet chant they hear, 
May Jesus Christ be praisèd. 
7 In heaven's eternsl bliss 
The loveliest strain is this, 
May Jesus Christ be praisèd : 
Let air, and sea, and sky 
From depth to height reply, 
May Jesus Christ be praiséd. 
8. Be this, while life is mine, 
My canticle divine, 
May Jesns Christ be praisèd : 
Be this the eternal song 
Through ail the ages on, 
May Jesus Christ be praisèd. 


"VHE out heads are bowed with 
VThen out billet tears o'erflow 
%Vhen we mourn thc lost, the dar 
Gracious Son of Mary, hear. 
Thou our throbbing flesh hast vnrv, 
Thou out mortai griefs hast borne, 
Thou hast shed the human tesr ; 
Gracious Son of Mary, hear. 

3 Vhen the sullen death-bell tolls 
For our own departed souls, 
Vhen our final dnom is nesr 
Gracious Son of Mary, hear. 
4 Thou hsst bowed the dying head, 
Thou the biood of life hast shed, 
Thou hast filled a morta! bief; 
Gracious Son of MaT, hear. 
5 Vhen the heart is sad within 
Vith the thought of ali ifs sin, 
Vhen the spirit shrinks with fear 
Gracious Son of Mary, hear. 
6. Thou he shame, the grief, known, 
Though the sins were not thine own ; 
Thou hast deigned their ioad to bear; 
Gracious Son of Mary, hear. 


HO is this se weak and heipless, 
Child of lowly Hebrew maid, 
Rtdely in a stable sheltered, 
Coldly in a manger laid ? 
'Tis the Lord of ail creation, 
%Vho this wondrous path bath trod ; 
He is God fronl evel']astiug, 
And te everlasting God. 
Who i- this--a Man of Sorrows, 
Valking sadly life's hard way, 
Homeles.% ,veary, sighing, weeping 
Over sin and Satan's sway ? 
4. %Vho is this that hangeth dying, 
With the thieves on either side ? 
Nails his hands and feet are tearing, 
And the spear bath pierced his side. 
'Tis the God who ever liveth 
]lIid the shining once on high 
In the glorious golden city 
Ileigning everlastingly. 

'Tis our Ood, our glorious Saviour, 
,Vho above the starry sky 
New for us a place prepareth 
Where no tear tan dira the eye. 
$ Who is this--behold Him raining 
Drops of blood upen the ground? 
Who is this--despised, rejected, 
Mocked, insulted, beaten, bound? 
'Tis out God, who gifts and graces 
On his Church new poureth down ; 
Who shll smite in holy ,-engeance 
All his foes beneath his throne. 


so «,s" ou. oo,o.o,o.8,.» 515 .. 
I '    I 1    
I I " I  I I '1 I 
----.-a--_1 ,- .... 

Jo/»t Dmt=te ç, 157-1631. 
"TILT thou forgive that sin, bv man begun, 
Vhich was my sin though'it were done before? 
V,'ilt thou forgive that sin, tbrough which I run, 
And do run still, though still I do deplore? 
When thou hast done, thou hast hot donc. 
For I bave more. 



2 Wilt thou forgive that sin which I bave won 
Others to sin, and ruade my sin their door. ° 
Wilt thou forgive that sin which I did shun 
A year or two, but wallowed in a score? 
When thou hast don% thou hast not done, 
For I bave more. 
3. I have a sin of fear, that when l've spun 
My iast thread, I shall perish on the shore ; 
lslt swear by thyseif, that at my death thy Son 
Shall shine, as he shines now and heretofore: 
And, having done that, th«,u t done: 
I fear no more. 

ORK is sweet, for God bas blest 
V Honest work with quiet test ; 
/est below, and test above, 
In the mansions of his love1 
Vhen the work of lire is done, 
Vhen the battle's fought and won. 
2 Work ye, then while yet 'tis day, 
Work, ye Chri,tians, while ye may; 
Work for ail that's great and good 
4. Working ere the day is gone, 
Worklng till your vork is done; 
Not as traickers at marts, 
/ut as fitteth honest hearts; 
%Vorking till your spirits rest 
With the spirits of the blest. 

Working for your daily food, 
%Vorking whilst the golden hours, 
Health, and strength, and youth, are 
3 Vorking hot alone for gold, [your. 
Not for work that°s bought and sold ; 
Not the work that worketh strifœe, 
But the working of a lire ; 
Careless both of aood or iii, 
If ye can but dr» his will. 


DARWALI-'$ 148TH. (} 517 
,, , , , . 
--.- ;  -- , 
I   " -- -- - -- - I l  I  

E holy Ange]s bright, 
Vho wait at God's right h.nd, 
Or through the realms of light 
Fly at your Lord's eommand, 
Assist our song, 
For else the theme 
Too high doth seen, 
For mortal toague. 
2 Ye blessèd souls at rest, 
Who tan this earthly race, 
And now, from sin released, 
Behold the Sa*'iour's face, 
4. Mv soul, bear thou thy part, 
Triumph in God above : 
And with a well-tuned heart 
$ing thou the songs of love ! 
Let ail thy days 
Till life shall end, 
Vhate'er he send, 
Bc filled with praise. 

R. Baxt¢r, 1615-91» a[ R. R. Cho/. 
God's Fraises sound, 
As in his light 
V¢ith sweet delight 
Ye do abound. 
3 Ye saints, who toil bel«,w, 
Adore your heavenly King 
And onward as ye go 
Some joyfu] anthem sing; 
Take wht he gives 
And pi-aise him still, 
Through good or iii, 
,Vho ever lires! 

In mod¢r rime   71. '.e, Mare klar«" (ln Genobh, 1619). 
 I /I '  I ' 
A high i is tune W befou»d or Hymn 627. 
«. hymn may also be ,»g to Sx (0. 290). 
E servants of the Lord. 
Each in his oce watt, 
Observant of his heavenly word, 
And watchfal at his gare. 
2 Let all your lamps be bright, 
And trim the golden flame ; 
Gird up your loins as in his sight, 
For awful is his naine. 
 Vatch  'ris your Lord's command 
And while we speak, he's n; 
Mark the first signal of his hand, 
And ready ail apar. 
4 O, happy servant he, 
In such a posture found t 
He shali his Lord with rapture 
And be with honour crowned. 
. Chri»tshd] the bnquet sprd 
With his own royal hand, 
Aad rai that faithful servant's head 
A]nidst the ange]ic hand. 


E watchers and ye holy ones, 
Bright Seraphs, Cherubim and Thrones, 
laise the glad Btrain, Alleluya! 
Cry out Dominions, Princedoms, Power', 
Virtues, Archange]s, Angels' choirs, 
Atetuya, Atleluya, Altetuya, Allctuya Alleluya! 

20 higher th-n thv Cherubim, 
More glorious than the SeraIhim  
Lead their praises, Alleluya ! 
Thou Bearer of tho ete'nal Word, 
Most gracious, magnify the Lord, 
Alleluya, Alleluya, Alleluya, Alleluya, Alleluya! 

Respond, ye souls in endles test, 
Ye Patrirchs and Prophets blest, 
Alleluya, Alleluya ! 
Ye holy Twel-e, ye Martyrs strong, 
Ail Saints triumphant, raise the song 
Alleluya, Alleluya, Alleluya, .lletuya Alleluyal 

4. O friends, in g]adness let us sing, 
Spern«d anthems eehoing, 
Alleluya, Alleluya i 
To God the Father, Ood the Son, 
And God the Spirit, Three in One, 
Alleluya, .lleluya» Aleluya, Alleluya Allcluya! 



OLY Fathel', bi thy mercy 2 3esus, Savuul', ]e thy pl'esence 
Ilear our anxious prayer, Be their )ight and idr ; 
Keep ,,ur )oved ones, nov far al»sent, I Keep, O, keepthem, in their weakness 
'Neath thy care.  At thy sidc. 
3 When in sorrow, when in danger, 
XVhen in Ioneliness. 
In thy love Io,,k down and c«mfort 
Th-ir distres. 
4 May the j«y of thy salvation 
Be their strength and stay ; 
l.,y they love and may they pcaise th 
Day by day. 
5 H,Jy Spirit. let thy teaching 
Sanctify their life; 
end thy grace, that they may conquer 
In the strife. 
6 Father. Son, and H,,)y Spirit, 
God the One in Three, 
Ble them, guide them, save thenh keep 
them Near to thev. 

ES 'S" ,E," ',,0. (.'-) 521 :,» . 
 ' i ' »-- -i -  - 
I , I -oL -m-- J -  I  , 
ç   - , , , , 
- - - -I-   I . I I 
I  -m -- m  V V i -ï 
LORD ofheaven,and earth, and a,, 4 Thou didt hot spare thine onIy Son 
To thee ail prai and glory be; But gav'st him for a world undone, 

How shall we show our love fo thee, 
Giver of ail ? 
The golden sunshine, vernal air, 5 
weet flowers and fruits thy love de- 
tiare ; 
Where harvests ripen, thou art there, 
Giver of ail ! 6 
For peaceful homesand healthful days, 
For ail the blessings earth displays, 
We owe thee thankfulness and praise, 
Giver of ail ! 
7 We Iose what on ourselves we spend, 
We bave as treasure vithout end 
Whatever, Lord, fo thee ve lend. 
Who givest ail ; 
mson. 8. T,) thee, from whom we ail derive 
Oto" life, our gifts, our powor fo give : 
0 may we ever with thee live, 
Giver of ail ! 

And freely with that/31essêd One 
Thou givest ail. 
Thou gi v'st t he Spirit's blessêd dower 
Spirit of lile, and love. and power, 
And dot his sevenfold graces shower 
L'pon us ail. 
For souls redeemed, for sins forgven, 
For means of grace and hopes of 
Father, what can fo thee be given, 
,Vho givest ail ? 


1 gire thee but thine own, 
Wh-te'er the gift may be : 
Ail that we h-ve is thine alerte 
A trust, 0 Lord, frein tbee. 
3 0 hearts are bruised and dead ; 
And homes are bare and cold ; 
And lambs, for whom the Shephe,'d bled, 
Are straying frein the feld. 
4 Te comfort and te bless, 
Te find a balm for woe, 
Te tend the lone and father]ess, 
fs Angels" work below. 
5 The captive te release, 
Te God the lest te bring, 
Te teach the way of life and peace,-- 
If is a Christhke thing. 
6. And ,ve believe thy word, 
Though dira our faith may be; 
Whate'er for thine we de, 0 Lord, 
V'e de it unto thee. 

fay we thy bunties thus 
As stewards true receive, 
And gladly, as thou blesaest us» 
Te thee out firM-fruits give. 

The foowing are a/o suilable : 
309 For the beanty of the erth. 
5'29 Son of God, eternal 8aviour. 


in raodvra$« li @ = 96. '. L. VLR e. 156o 

I . L 7 , '  f ___ <,-,-:-; 2-_ 
I  , r r r rr i i ,  ,, 
, ,,, ,.  -.-..-.,_ 
Loe -» -i- 
Nord.-- TAi m. ma o    Tt- Eo (o. ). 
H. J. B,ckoll, 

ORD, behold us with thy blessing, 
Once again assembled here ; 
Onward be out footsteps pressing, 
In thy love and faith and fear: 
Still proteet us 
By thy presence ever near. 
For thy mercy we adore thee, 
For thls rest upon out way; 
Lord, again we bow belote thee, 
Speed our labonrs day by day : 
Mind and spirit 
With thy choicest gifts array. 
Pa»4 2. 
Lord, dismiss us with thy blessing ; 
Thanks for mercies past receive ; 


P.lrdon ail, their faults confessing ; 
Time that's lost may ail retrieve : 
May thy children 
Ne'er again thy Spirit grieve. 
4. Let thy Father-hand be shielding 
Ail who here shall meet no more; 
May their seed-time past be yielding 
Year by year a richer store: 
Those returning 
.Make more faithful than before. 

 OD be with you till we meet again ; 
By his eounsels guide, uphold you, 
With his sheep securely fold you: 
God be with you till we meet again. 
2 G. d be with you till we meet again ; 
"Neath his wings protecting bide you, 
Daily manna still providv you : 
God be with you till we rneet again. 
3 Ood be with you till we meet again: 
,Vhen life's perils thick confouid Fou, 
Put his arm unfailing round you : 
Gnd be with you till we meet again. 
4 God be with vou till we meet again ; 
Keep ]ove's'banner flcating o'er you. 
Smite death's threatening wave before you : 
Gçd be with you till we meet again. 




Cl, orlsKingtley, 1819-75. 

ROM thee ail skill and science flow, 
Ail pity, tare, and love, 
Ail ealm and courage, faith and hope-- 
O» pour them ri-oto ahove: 
And part them, L«,rd, te, each and ail, 
A each and ail .shall need 
To rise, like intense, eaeh fo thee. 
In noble thought and deed. 

3 An,! hasten, Lord, that perfect day 
When pain and death shall cease, 
A;Jd thy just fuie shali fill the earth 
With health, and light, and peace; 

When ever blue the sky shall gleam. 
And over green the sod, 
And man's rudo work defaee no moto 
The Paradise of God. 




526 @o,,,..« 

It[NE arm, O Lord, in days ofold 
Was strong to heai and save ; 
][t triumphed o'er disease and death, 
O'er darkness and the grave ; 
To thee tltey vent, the blind, tle dumb, 
The palsied and the lame, 
The [eper with his tainted ii|, 
The siek with fevered frame. 

And 1o ! thy touch brought life and health, 
Gave speech, and strength, and sight ; 
And youth renewed and frenzy caImcd 
Ot'ned thee the Lord of light ; 
And now, 0 Lord, be near to bless, 
Almighty as of yore. 
In crowded street, by restless couch, 
A by Gennesareth's shore. 


. Be t|,ou out great deliverer still, 
Thou Lord of lire and death ; 
Restore and quicken, soothe and bless 
V¢ith thine almighty breath ; 
To hands that work, and eyes that 
Give wisdom's heavenly fore, 
That whole and sick, and weak and strong, 
May praise thee evermore. 



HOU to whom the sick and dying 
Ever came° nor came in vain, 
.'3till with healing words replying 
To the wearied cry of pain, 
Hear us, Jesu. as we meet 
.'3uppliants at thy mercy-seat. 

G. lrng, 
2 Still the weary, sick, and dying 
Need a brother's, sister's care; 
On thy higher help relying 
May we now their burden share, 
Bringing ail our offvrings meet 
uppliants at thy mercy-seat. 

3 May each child of thine be willing, 
Villing both in hand and heart, 
Ail the law of love fulfilling, 
Ever comfort to impart ; 
Ever bringing offerings meet, 
Suppliant to thy mercy-seat. 

4. So mav sickness, sin, and sadness 
T- tiy healing power yield, 
Till the sick and sad, in gladnes.% 
Rescued. ransomed, cleansèd, healed- 
One in thee together meet, 
Pardoned at thy judgement-seat. 



ATHER of men, in whom are one 
Ail humankind beneath thy sun, 
Stablish our work in thee begun. J 
Except the house be built of thee, 
In vain the builder's toit must be : 
0 strengthen out infirmity ! I 
3 0 Crist, out Elder Brother, who 
By serving man God's will didst do, 
Help us to serve out brethren too. 
Guide us to seek the things above, 
The base to shun, the pure approve 
To live by thy free law of love. 
L'n/son. 4. In all our ,york, in all out l)lay, 
Be with us, Lord, out Friend, out Stay ; 
Lead onward to the pedect day : 
Then may we know, earth's lesson o'er, 
Vith comradeB missed or gone belote, 
Heaven's feIlowship for evermore. 

H. I. ,]t,{t|/flt-Ol-| D 1850-1900. 
Man lives nt for himself alone, 
In others' good he fiuds his own, 
Life's worth in fellowship is knovn. 
V,'e.friendsand comrades on life's vay 
Gather within these val|s to pray : 
Bless thou out fellowship to-day. 


ORD of lire and King of glory, 
Vho didst deign a child to be, 
Cradled on a mother's bosom, 
Thloned upon a mother's knee : 
For the children thou hast given 
We must answer unto hee ! 
Since the da}- the blessèd Mother 
Thee, the world s Redeemer, b-re, 
Thou hast crowned us with an honour 
Vonen never knew before; 
And that we may bear it meetly 
We must seek thine aid the more. 
5. 5Iay we keep out holy calling 
Stain]ess in its fair aCnown, 
That when all the work is over 
And we lay the burden down, 
Then the children thou hast given 
Still may be our joy and crown ! 

3 G tant us,then,pureheaoEs and patient, 
That in ail we do or say 
Little souls out deeds may copy, 
And be never led astray; 
Little feet our steps may follow 
In a safe and nm'row way. 
4 Vhen out growing sonsand daughters 
Look on life with eager eyes, 
Grant us then a deeper insight 
And new powers of sacrifice : 
H ope to trust t hem,fait h t o guide them, 
Love that nothing good denies. 

QUEM PASTORES LAUDAVERE. (8 8. 8 7.) Mt/ody.fl-om a 
", - -J J-, L ,   
I ='- '. = -  --"  
- -; -  . _ 
  -. ,  , ,,- ç 
I i lJF  i I ff  e-  • 
I " ' ' ' '  I I 
f I  I I I 
FATHER, who on man dost shower 3 LiR fyom this and eve nation 
Oifts oï plenty from (hy dowe  AIl lha[ brin us dvgrada[ion ; 
To [hy peop]e give [he power ] QueH (he forces of [emp[a[ion ; 
Ail thy girls fo use aright. I Put thine enemies to flight. 
2 Give p,re happiness in leisure, [ 4 Be with us, thy strength supplying, 
Temrance in eve T pleasure, [ That with ener uudying, 
Holy use of earthly treasure, ] Eve foe of man defvi, 
Bodies cle and spirits bright. Ve may ra]ly to the fight. 

5 Thou ,vho art our Captain ever , 
Lead us on to great endeavour ; 
Iay [hy Church the world deliver, 
Give us wisdom, courage, might. 
6. Faher, who hast sought and round us, 
Son of God» whose love bas bound us» 
Holy Gflost, within us, round ns, 
Hear us, Godhead infinite. Amen. 
The followig ar also suit(,ble for Temperance ocielles : 
369 Be thou n}y Guardian and my Guide. 
4@2 He who would vallant be. I 
416 Je, moek and gent|e. 
423 Judge eternal, throned in splendour. 

426 us, heavenly Fatller, lead 
447 O God of Bethel, by whoe hand. 
,79 $oldiera v Christ, arise. 
 oldiem, who are Christ's below. 


L,S ,", c,.,,,,s-,-,:. ,.,,».<,.) 534 »o,,,,.,,,,«,,,,,,,, 
SfoElrat¢ly dow, divnfled 1 = 69. Gena Proceuional M¢lod.  
_____. =-.,--,- <>-,-V -  -1 
,_.. , , ,._, ,_., l ._ï ..... 
___OE ,  '- « -, -«, 
h I..1 ' i 
 ll  . ' m l l l I_!_m --_ 
I I / I 1 I I , 
I -- -- • i 
I v I I f-- I  # # 
il i , I I I Ihl ' , I , I, I 
I-ç«=, -,:! - .,. .._. 
P. 14. T.B. Broe f Mellingn, 
uda minum. 
RAISE the Lord of hcaven ; praise him in the height ; 
Praise him, ail ye Angels ; prai him, sta and light ; 

Praise him, skies and waters, which above the skies, 
W]en his word commanded, stablished did arise. 
Praise the Lord. ye fountains of the deeps and seas, 
Rocks and hills and mountains, cedars and ail trees; 
Pr.ise him, clouds and vapours, show and bail and tire, 
Stormy wind fulfilling only his desire. 
Praise hirn, fowls and cattle, princes and ail king; 
Praise him, men and nlaidens, all created thins; 
For the naine of God is excellent alone ; 
On the earth his footstool, over heaven his throne. 


Ps. 148. 
)RAISE t|ie Lord! ye heavens, adore 
Praise him, Ange]s, in the height; 
Sun and moon, rejoice before him, 
Praise him, al! ye stars and light : 
Praise the Lord ! for he bath spoken, 
Worlds his might voice obeyed ; 
Laws, which never shal] be broken, 
For their guidance bath he ruade. 

Foudlin 9 Hospital ColL (1796). 
2 Praise the Lord! for he is glorious; 
Never shal| his promise fail ; 
God hath msde his Saints ,-ictorious, 
Sin and death shall net prevai|. 
Praise the God of our salvation ; 
Hosts on high» his power pro- 
claire ; 
Heaven and earth, and ail creation, 
Laud and magnify his naine! 

Par 2. 
3. VTor»hip, honour, glory, blessing, 
Lord, we offer fo thy naine ; 
Young and old, t]y praise expressing, 
Join their Saviour to proclaim. 
As the Saints in heaven adore thee, 
We would bow before thy throne, 
As thine Angels serve before thee, 
Se on earth ihy wil! be done. 

F.. Osier, 1795-186% 


'- l |  -' -- - -   o. 
I .,_ -,__,__--. • ----n 
I-- "  I..," 11--- -   
. «OEo', 16. 
AISE fo the o»d, the Almihty, the Kin of creation ; 
0 my sou]. praioe him, for ho is thy health an Ivation: 
AIl ye who ],ear, 
Brotho and siste» draw near, 
Praise him in glad adoration. 



2 Praise fo the Lord, who o'er ail things so wondrously reigneth» 
Sheiters thee under his wings, yea, so gently su-taineth : 
Hast thou hot seen 
How thy entreaties bave been 
(ranted in what he ordaîneth? 

3 Pcai»e to the Lord, who doth prosper thy work, and defend thee; 
8urely his goodness and mercy here daily attend thee: 
Fonder anew 
What the Almighty can 
lï with his love he befriend thee. 

4 * Fraise fo the Lord, who, when tempests their varfare are waging, 
Who, when the elements madly around thee are raging, 
Biddeth them ceae, 
Turneth their fury to peace, 
Whirlwinds and waters assuaging. 

5 * Praibe to the Lord, who when sickness with terror uniting, 
Deaf fo entreaties of mortals, ifs victims is smiting, 
Pestilence quells, 
Sickness and lever dispels, 
Grateful thankgiving inviting. 

6 * Praise fo the Lord, who when darkness of sin is abounding, 
Who t when the godless do triumph, ail virtue confounding. 
Sheddeth his iight, 
Chaseth the horrors of night, 
Saints with his metxy surroundin 
7. Praioe fo the Lord ! O let ail that is in me adore him ! 
Ail hath l[fe and breath corne now with Fraises before him ! 
Let the amen 
Sound from his people again : 
Gladly for ay we adore him. 


FF.STE BURG. ( 537 
l ad #olcmn  = 40. I. Luisis, 1483-1546. 
 '%1 l#l I I#' I  F I ##- J 
  1 'x I 1 / 
1 . I I I 
 , , ,. I 
I@ ,- -' I I I L P 
-  ' " Il I I î-- 
-  ,  ,-. __, _   , 
I - =-" :- 
!, I ' I1 ï , - ï 
', , ', '1 I '  1 I, I i 
  .-.-'J_.., -_ 
,' I --  ) I 
 ......  -  I O- " - - 
-' _  , 
r Il / I .....  --I // 


EJOICE to-day ,vith one accord, 
Sing out with exultation ; 
Rejoice and praise our mighty Lord, 
Whose arm bath brought salvation. 
His works of love proclaim 
The greatness of his naine ; 
For he is God alone, 
Vho bath his mercy shown : 
Let ail his Saints adore him ! 

2. When in listreas te him we cried 
fie hearà out sal complaining; 
0 trust in him. whate'er betide 
His love is all-sustaining. 
Triumphant songs of praise 
Te him out hearts shall raise; 
New every voiee shall say 
0 praise ou» God ahvay: 
Let ali his Saints adore him! 

The rira trse may be 

17e following are «ometime$ suitabie : 
57 (11} Praiav God, from whom all bleia flow. 
 For tbe buty of the eah. 
 Corne, ye faithful, m tbe them. 
 0 pi out gat and o . 
475 Bejoi, O  in  thy might. 
478 Siu$ pi  G who ie ave. 
 e stn upi of joy ud p. 
517 Ye holy Avg¢ bfight. 
M9 1M whe nd ye holy ones. 
3 G of our fathe, un th 
 The King, O G, hi h te thee uprahet 



L'OMNIPOTENT. (1110.1110.) 538 
a4apled by L. Bot'Riolsf 
[oEra o1  = 72. 
 - v-J -  - 
I li .......  I I I I 
 ï ' l I 
I I    I I, 
I Im  I I Im , , 
'OT£.This hymn may also be la.g to Zc El£ £ Ç. 119) 
W£L'S (Ko. 271 
A'rHER, fo thee we look in ail our sorffi-ow, 
Thou art the funtainwhence our healing flows; 
Dark though the night, joy cometh with the morrow; 
Safely they rest who en thy love repose. 
2 When fond hopes fail and skies a dark bef,re us, 
Vhen the vain cares that vex our life increase, 
Cornes with ira caim the thought that thou art o'er 
And we grow quiet, folded in thy ace. 
3 Nought shail affright u», on thy goodnoEs leaning; 
Low in the heart faith singeth s{ill ber song; 
Chastened by pain we learn life's deeper meaning, 
And in out weakness thou dost make us strong. 
4. Patient, 0 hea,-t, though heavy be thy sorrows; 
e net et 4own. 4iqiete in v#n ; . 
Ye{ shit {hou prise him, when {he drkene4 urrw@ 
Vhere ow he çlogheth, wve with gol4n grain. 
te followig are a itab: 
 GM mov iu a mbrioue lay. I  Still will we trust. 
OE Lo of out lire, and G uf out lvation.  513 When out Iids 
 O let Eim wh rrow.  Ftg f tbat would tes ]and de'our. 


0 LOID of hosts, ,vho didst upraise 
S/rong captains to defend the 
In darker years and sterner days» 
And armedst Israel for the fight ; 
Thou madest Joshua true and strong, 
And David framed the battle-song. 
And must ve battle yet. 9 Must ve, 
Who bear the tender naine Divine» 
Still barrer lire for vietory 
Stil! g[ory in the crimson sign? 
The Crueified between us stands, 
And lifts on high his wounded hands. 
5. As rains that weep the elouds away, 
As winds that leave a calm in heaven. 
So let the s[ayer cesse to slay ;-- 
The passion healed, the wrath forgiven, 
Draw nearer, bid the tumult cesse, 
Redeemer, Saviour, Prince of Peaee! 

Lord, we are weak and xvilful ye, 
The fault is in our clouded eyes; 
But thou, through anguish and regret, 
Dost make thy faithless children 
wise : [dost approve 
Through wrong, through hate, thou 
The far-off victoriea of love. 
* Anti so, from out the heart of strife, 
Diviner eehoes peal and thrill ; 
Tie scorned delights, the lavished lire» 
The pain that serres a nation's will : 
Thy comfort stills the mourner's cries, 
And love is crowned by sacrifice. 



TERNAL Father, strong to save. 
Whose arm doth bind t-he restless 
"Vho bidd'st the mighty ocean deep 
Its own appinted limits keep : 
0 hear us when we cry" fo thee 
For those in peril on the sea. 
Saviour. whose almighty word 
The winds and xvaves submissive 


I1". ll'h/ti,tg, 1825-75. 
Vho walked-t on the foaming del,. 
And calm amid its rage didst slcep: 
O hear us when we crv to thee 
For those in peril on t'he sea. 
3 0 sacred Spirit, who didst bro«,d 
Upon the chaos dark and rude, 
VCho bad'st its angry tumult cease, 
And gavest light and lift and peace: 
0 hear us when we er).- fo thee 
For those in peril on the sea. 

4. O Trinity of love and poxver, 
Our brethren shield in dnger's hour; 
From rock and tempest, tire and foe: 
Protect lhem wheresoe'er they go: 
And ever let there rise fo lhee 
Glad hymns of praise from land and sea. 


G. Tltritg 1$2-1905. 
[ERCE raged tle tempest o°er tle deep, 
Wtch did tline anxiotts servants keep, 
But thott wast wrapped in gtxiLeless sLeep 
Calm and still. 

2  St,-e, Lord, we perish !' was thei cry, 
'O sve us in out agony!' 
Thy wot-d above the storm rose high, 
' Peace, be still.' 

3 The wild winds hushed ; the angry deep 
Sank, Like a little cliLd, to sleep ; 
The sullen billows ceased to leap, 
Af tby wiil. 
4. So, when our iife is clouded o'er. 
And storm-,vinds drift us from the shore, l 
Say, lest we sink to rise no moi% 
' Peace, be stili.' 


and digifled  = 00. crom NgwTou. in olt Pt, ]. 
I  I 1 I 
¢ I_ ,M-L 
 I I , I I I I , 
I I I 
1 1 I I I I   I 
O a thy servants blest, 0 Lol 
 How re is tbeir defencel 
Eternal 'iom is tbeir ide, 
Their belp Omniçoten. 
2 In forei realm and lands remote, 
Suççorted by thy cave, 
Througb burning climes tbey 
An brcathe in tainted air. 
Union. 3 And tboub in readful -birls they 
High on tbe br,-,ken wave, 
They know thou rt hot slow fo heur, 
or imçotent to save. 
4 The sto is laid, tbe winds retire, 
Obedient to tby wiH 
The sea, at roa at thy command, 
Af thy command is still. 
Union. 5 In midst of dangers, frs, and death, 
Thy gone we'll adore ; 
And çraioe thee for tby mercies çast, 
And bumUly bo for more. 
. Oto" life, wbi]e tbou preserv'st tbat ]ife, 
Tby sacfice sbll be ; 
And death, wben deatb sball  our lot, 
Shal] join our souls to thce. 

I A - men 

QUEM PA6TORE6 LAUDAVER£. (sS. 87.) .l¢lodyJ'ro a 
I  I I "   I l i I 
I I I  I  
l I -w- -«.-   -- ll  l I 
I -  --i i -ç J--l 
IN-' ,ïl ,  "ï  ï    ' 
I I I i,  , [ I I I 
l  -" ' " i -i "'  ï F ' 
I " i i I I I ' I I I 
 I  I I I 
O, the win n e obey tbee, 13 less tbe friens e'e left behin us ; 
Mu and btarm their homage pay [ CIosermas out parting biu4 us : 
Listen to us, as we pry thee, [thee; I ay they dearer, better, find 
Who ou thee for ail depend.  When we reach ourjourney'send. 
2 Bits ail travellers and strangers»  4 On out way, dear Lord, direct 
Safcly keep the ocean rangers, I Where we err do thou coret s; 
Guide them in the midst of dangers : [ From the powers of iii protect us, 
Ail to theewe now commend.  From ail peril» us dfend. 
5 ay we know thy resence o'er us, 
 thy guiding hand belote us, 
Till thou safely dost restore ts, 
Love to love and ft'ien fo friend. 
6. Holy God, in mercy bending, 
Human souls wi love befriending, 
Fit us ail for joy unending 
When this eahly course doth end. 
 follong are also «ib/e : 
 e w the -iid biiiow. I  Holy Father, in thy 
 G mov in a myso ay. I  Prai  the rd, the mighty, 
1 The in One, and One  Thé. ing of Cation. {t' a 
ADo many o] te Ming a Kring H and o i t £ist OE impoe Hym. 




T. I. . 
PSALM 68. (8 8 7. 8 8 T D.) Compo.e or 
In »o ti,  dignifl  = 65. (»el  ir in th Gv«n P'). 
. I I 
I  0 ïaith of ng- lao -ht of o1  faith - lai 
2 { Our fa- the hm the tmm- t 11 low - ly 
ey w their nb-t wil  lrn The tutlm that 

" [ I i ' r/ o j  __::I:-I___ • -u 
ehep-herds of the fold, The hallow-i.g of ottr - tion; . 
rk - en y of f The rk of our 1 
- tion. 
cor and ki - ly hall From o - ver -a  - œ.nd - ing ; . . 
lire, thethoughthat hurn, Vith new [e-lve a - und - ing. 
 . I I .  I  , 
 " I «i  I I   i 


Who bids you lire and 
Vh aire b r  juin the fray, 'ho mar - .ha]w 
and m,»Jm n hi«h Te ;sit- 


clared, by ainte be - lieved, ]y Iainte in death de - 
tte- enn and dls- troe, They for the right con . nd 
match by a-bh am Of dth and heu sur - und - ed, . . - 
craft n o - ver - thrw The Chuchtat he h fuund - ed. 
-- .   
 r-«- '  / I r -I  " 

A rise,  - fise, good Chrio- tian mes, Your glo 
A - xiae,  - riae, good Chris - ti4n men, Yo*tr glo o riou 
"--ï-F--r--î---ï -----*«-, 

/ ,n - dard raise a - gain, The CTo of Christ who 
l stan - daed faine a - gain, The Cs where - with he 




DIR GEBEN). (76. 76. D.) M. 
NoT.--Tis hymn y so b« ny to Ca0GE (. 45). 

HY hand, O God, has guided 
Thy flock, from age to age ; 
The wondrous raie is written, 
Full clear, on every page; 
Out fathers owned thy goodness, 
And we their deeds record ; 
And both of this bear witness, 
One Church, one Fait,b, one Lord. 
2 Thy heralds brought glad tidings 
To greatest, -as to least ; 
They bade men rise, and hasten 
To share the great King's feast ; 

E. H. Plumtre, 1821-91. 



And this was ail their teaching, 
In every deed and word, 
To ail alike proclaiming 
Che Chut'ch, one Faith, che Lord. 

3 Through many a day of darkness, 
Through many a s¢ene of strife, 
The faithful few fought bravely 
To guard the nation's life. 
Their Gcspel of redemption, 
ISin pardoned, man restored, 
Vas ail in this enfolded, 
nue Church, Che Faith, che Lç, rd. 
4 * And we, shall we be faithl'ess ? 
Shall hearts fai|, hands bang dosvn? 
Shall we evade the conflict, 
And cast away our cro,vn ? 
lot  : in God's deep counels 
Some better thing la stored ; 
We will maintain, unfliching, 
One Church, che Faitl b Che Lord. 

5. Thy mercy will hot J'ail us, 
ller leave thy ,york uadene; 
With thy right hand to help 
The victory ahall be won ; 
And then, by men and angel% 
Thy naine shall be adored, 
And this shall be their anthère, 
Che Chm'ch, che Faith, Che Lord. 

The followi»g are also itable : 
6 A sale atronghold out Goal la sill. 
î'5 City of Godç how boad and far. 
384 Eternal Ruler of the ceaseles round. 
393 Glorious things of thee are 
435 Lçrd of out lire, aud Gvd nf or salvation. 
450 O Godoour help in age past. 
458 O Lord of hosta, ail heaven l]Osesiag. 
@64 O thou net marie with 
472 Pray that Jefnsa]em nlty h&veo 
488 The Church of God a kingdom 


J J , . ! g l 
I I I I 

vide, -- 
The sun tht iights ils shining f,,]ds 
TheCosso which lheviour died. 
2 Fiing out the banner! angcls bend 
In anxious silence o'er the bign, 
A=d vainly seek to comprehend 
The wonders of the love divine. 

i I = I  / '--1 
LING out the bannrt let if float 3 Fiing out the bannert heathen land 
Skyward and seaward, high and Shall see from far the glorious 
And nation erowding to be born, 
Baptize their piçits in ifs light. 
4 Fiing out the bannert in-sick souis 
That nk ad perish in the strife, 
Shall touch in faith its radiant hem, 
And spring immortal into life. 

5 Fling out the banner! let it float 
Skyward and seaward, high and wide, 
Out glory only in the Cross, 
Out ouly hope the Crucifie& 
6. Fling out the banner! wide and hig| b 
Seasvard and skyward let if shine ; 
Nor skiil, nor might, nor merit ours: 
Ve conquer only in that sign. 


IROM Green]and's icy mountains» 
Fl'om ln(iia's coral strand, 
Where Afric's sunny fountains 
1%11 down Iheir golden snd ; 
From lnany an ancient river, 3 Can we, whose sou]s are lighted 
From many a palmy plain, 
They cil us to deliver 
Their lnd frOln error's chain. 
What tho,gh the spicy breezes 
JJlow sort o'er Java's isle, 
Though every prospect pleases 
And only man is vile: 
Ui. 4. V':lfto wafl, ye winds, his st«ry, 
A,d you, ye waters, r«li, 
Till, like a sea of glol-y 
It spreads from pole fo pole ; 
Till o'er out ransomed nature 
The Lamb for sinners slain, 
edeetner» King, Creat«r, 
in bliss returns t« reign. 

Bisho R. Hebff, 178.3-152. 
In vain with lavish kindness 
The gifts of God are strown, 
The heathen in his blindness 
Bovs down to wood and stone ! 

With wisdom flore on idgh, 
Can we fo men benighted 
The lamp of life deny? 
Slvation ! 0 salvation ! 
The joyful sound proclaim, 
Ti]] each remotest nation 
Has iearned Messiah's name. 

I A - men. 



Forgn. A. C. Angr. 
OD is working his purpose out as ye.r succeeds to year, 
God is worklng his purpose out .nd tho rime is drawing neal'; 
Nearer snd nearer draxvs the time, the rime that shall surely be, 
When the earth shall be filled with the glory of God as tige xvaters cover 
the sea. 

2 From utmost east fo utmost west xvhere'er man's foot bath trod, 
By the month of many messengers goes fol'th the voice of God, 
OGive ear to me, ye continents ye isles, give ear fo me, 
That tho earth filled with the glory of God as the vaters cover 
the sea.' 

3 Vhat can we do fo vork God's work, to prosper and inct'ease 
The brotherltood of ail mankind, the reign of the Pi-ince of peace? 
What can we do fo hasten the rime, the rime that shall surely be, 
Vhen the earth shali be filled xvith the glory of God as the waters cover 
the sea? 

MaL-ch we f,r[h in the s!rength of God wi[h ihe banner o" Christ un'urled, 
That tige light of the glol'ious Gospel of trltth may shine throuhout the 
world ; 
Fight ve tlle fight with sorrow and oin fo set their captives fl'ee, 
That the ear[h may be filled with the glory of God as the vaters covev 
the sea. 

5. Ail we can do is nothing worth mdess God blesses the deed ; 
Vainly ve hope foL- tire barreur-ride till God give lire fo tlle seed ; 
Yet nearer and nearer draws the rime, the rime that shall su'ely be, 
When the earth sha|l be fi|led with the glory of God as the waters cove 
the se,. 




J. MonlpOmOT, 1771-1554. 
IFT up your heads, ye gares ot brass; 
Ye bars of iron. yield, 
And let the King f glory pass: 
The Cross is in the field. 
That banner, brighter than the star 
That leads the train of night, 
• %hines n'n their nmb, and gides from far 
His servants to the ligbL 
A h,dy war those servants wage; 
Mysteriously at .trife, 
The powers f heaven and hell engage 
For more than death or life. 
Ye armies of the |iving God, 
]lis .acramental hoet! 
VChere hallowed footstcps never tred 
Take yonr appointed lst. 
Th-ugh few and small and weak your bands, 
Strong in your Captain's stren:h, 
Go fo the conque.-t f ail lands, 
Ail must be his at length. 
(' Uplifted are the gares of brass, 
The bars of iron yield ; 
]3eh«,ld the King of glory pass: 
The Cross bath won the fild. 


IV. l;tlen B,'l#all/. 1794m187. 
0 IORTH, vith ail thy va|es of gree ! 
0 South, vith ail thy palms! 
Frein peopled towns and fields bet,veen 
Uplift the voice of psalms. 
laise, ancient East, the anthem |ligh, 
And let the youthful West rel,ly. 

Le! in the cleuds of heaven appears 
God's well-belovtd Son : 
He brings a train of brighter years, 
His kingdom is begun : 
He cornes a guilty vorhl te blcss 
With mercy, truth and righteou»ness. 


0 Father, baste the promid heur 
When ai his feet shall lie 
Ail rule, authority, and power 
Beneath the ample sky: 
When he shall reign ri'oto pole te pole, 
The Lord of every human seul ; 

4. When ail sha|l heed the words he said, 
Amid their daily tares, 
And by the loving lire he led 
Shali strive te pattern theirs ; 
And he, vho conquered death, -hall win 
The mightier conquest over sin. 

A - men. 


Ho» or Foreiçt. 
HOU whose almightv Vord 
Chaos and darkness'heard, 
And took their flight ; 
Hear us, we humbly pray, 
And vhere the Gospel-day 
heds hot ifs glorious ray 
Let there be light'. 
_'2 Thou who didst corne to bring 
On thy edeeming wing 
Healing and sight. 
4. Blessèd and holy Three 
Glorious Tri n ity, 
Wisdom, Love, Might ; 
Boundless as oeean ride 
Rolling in flfilest pride, 
Through the world far and wide 
Let there be light [ 

J. Marriolt f, 1780-182".. 
Health fo the sick in mind, 
Sight fo the inly blind, 
Ah ! now to all mankind 
Let there be light ! 
Spirit of truth and love, 
Life-giving, holy Dove. 
Speed forth thy flight! 
Iove on the vaters' face, 
Bearing the lamp of grace, 
And in earth's darkest place 
Let there be ligh*.! 


i mol rate ti  = 7¢ L. 
Ho,e or For. £. Hes[, I27-1905. 
HY kingdom corne. O God, 
'rhy rle. O Christ, begn; 
Bk with thine iron rod 
The tyrsnnes of sin. 
 Where is thy regn of peace 
Ad purity, and love? 
'hen shall all hatred cess% 
As in the realms above£ 
5 « Men scozn thy cred 
And wolves devour thy 
By mny deeds of shame 
Ve learn that love grows cold. 
ç. O'er heathen lands afar 
Thick darkness broeth yet 
Arise O morning tar, 
ArJse, and never set  
Te oowing r also itab : 
 Hil  the Lo's Anoin. 
 Jus sball r¢ign her¢'e the 
 O G of mercy, G of might. 
Home oe Foeeign Mission. 
1 A brighr dan i» brking. 
 Eal Rnler of the 1 round. 
5 G of mev, Ood of e. 
 The  wiJ corne, and hot 
 Thv kingdvm corne  on nd kn. 
,  (£hv Church). 

When cornes the promised time 
That war shall be no more,- 
Oppression, lust, and crime 
Shall flee thy face before? 
We pray thee, Lord, arise, 
And corne in thy great might ; 
Eevive our longing eyes, 
"tVhich languish for thy sight. 

BRUNSWICK. (8&86.86.) rififi 
.  I v » , -'r-, . 
' I ' I I l I I  ' 
I I , l r I 
L   g, , :- , 
-- Il I, I 
I  . ' 2 '-' J ' , " 
I  1 
IÇ i _Fu i; l , _ ii 
T. T. Lh, 18171. 
ISMISS me hot ty service. 
ut train me for thy wiIl ; 
or even I, in elds 
ome duties may full ; 
. 1 will k for no rewrd, 
Except fo sexe tee still. 
 11 works .re go, .h eac is best 
As most it pleases t; 
Eeh worker lees, 
e serres in carity; 
nd heiter m .or work unblest 
Vilt thou rmit to Ue. 
ô. Onr Iaster alI the work lmth 
Shariug hic rvice, eve one 
Sha too hi8 Sonship may: 
Lo, I would sexe and be a son ;  -u 
Dismi me Hot, I pray. 


&NGEL'S SONG (SONG 34). (L. M.) Origi. ton ofmdod b 
e = 110 ( = bb). . 8liy. ..... 0., Go, 11625., 
- l-- ,   I  , 

 O, labour on ; pend, and be spvnt, 
Thy joy to d,, the Father's vill; 
It is tbe way the Master went; 
Should hot the serv;mt tread if still? 

II. Boar, IS08-$9. 

2 Go, labour on ; 'tis hot for nought ; 
Thy earthly loss is heavenly gain ; 
Mon heed thee, love thee, praise thee hot: 
The Master praises; what are men? 

3 Toil on, faint hot, kep xvatch and pray; 
Be wise the erring soul to win; 
Go forth into the world's highway, 
Compel the wanderer fo corne in. 

Te, il on, and in thy toil rejoice ; 
For toil cornes rest, for exile home ; 
Soon shalt thou hear the Bridegroom's voic% 
The midnight peal, 'Behold, I corne!' 

The following are also suitable : 
448 O God of mercy, God of might. 
 Oft in dnnger0 oft in 
472 Pray that Jeraleru may hace. 
479 Soldiers of Christ. ari. 
516 Work is sweet, for God bas blesb. 
18 Ye servants of the Lord. 



ISLEWORTH. (8 . 8 I;.) 557 
.Vodertat .loto ¢:=66. .l«lody b  Howa, lTl. 
I   " 1     - -  I Ç I --'1 ' 
l I I ' ' I I / I i / I  ' I , .., 
/..   ..  , , ,l_  gg I 
_ --I  -- . , __ 
. ,, , _,. .,ï, l _r_ï._?__. 
ROM foesthat wouid the iand devour; I 2 From blinded al by faction led ; 
From guiltyprideand iust of power ; [ From giddy change by fancy bred; 
From wild sedition's lawless hour;  From poinous error's seront head 
From y,»ke of slavel : f oed Lord, prerve us freol 
UlliSOn. 3. Defend, 0 God ! with guardian hand, 
The ]aw abri u]e of out ]aad, 
n,] oar Church th grace to 
I ath and 
FOLKINGHAM. (88.88. 88.) Fromtl'8.PT, lent 
.,,«,,,«.,.,»,. «,  = «« 558 ,,,,. ., ,'..=," . 
I ' L ',' ' ' - ', ', 
I--- T i  il .I__ 
l--. ,    
I l  i I l l -  
_l.  _ «_ 

II I _J I  , 
-- ' 1 '  ' // I 
.  -' -  I I 
erses  ad  shoud cmel : 

l',#on. Red$a»d Kiling. 
 OD of out fathers, known of old, 
Lord of out far-flung battle-line, 
Beneath whose awful hand we hold 
Dominion over palm and pine-- 
Lord God of Hosts, be with us yet, 
Lest we forger--lest we forger! 
* The tumult and the shouting dies; 
Tbe eaptains and the kings depart : 
$till taads thine ancieat sacrifice, 
An humble and a coatrite heart. 
Lord God of Hosts, be with us yet, 
Lest we forgetlest we fo'get ! 

* Far-called. our navies melt away; /-1 If.drunkwith sight ofpower,we loose 
On dune and headland sinks the [ ,Vild tongues that bave net thee in 
fir : . swe, 
Le, ail our pomp of yesterday Such boastings as the Gentiles use, 
Is one wth Nineceh and Ty ! Or lesser breeds without the Law 
Judge of the Nations, sparo us yet, Lord God of Hosts, be with us yet» 
Lest we forgetlest we forger ! Lest we forget--lest we forger ! 
Unison. 5. For heathen heart that purs her trust 
In reeking tube and iron shard, I -xï--! 
Ail valiant dust that bui]ds on dust, 
And guarding, calls net thee te guard 
For frantic boast and foolish word 
Thy mercy on thy people, Lord ! - 


OD of our fathers, unto thee 
Out fathers cried in dan.ger's bout, 
And tben thon gavest them to see 
The acts of thine almighty power. 
They cried fo thee, and thou didst hear; 
They called on thee, and thon didst save ; 
And ve their sons to-day draw near 
Thy naine te praise, thy help te crave. 
Lord God of Hosts, uplf. thine hand 
Protect ad bls out Fagzeand. 

A. C. Aing¢r. 

Thine i the majesty, O Lord, 
And thino dominion over ail ; 
When thou commandest, st thy svord, 
O,'eat kings and nations fise or rail. 
For eastern realms, for svestern coasts, 
For islands svashed by every ses, 
The praise be given, 0 Ood of Hosts, 
Not unto us but unto thee. 

8. If in thy grace thou should'st alh,sv 
Our faine te svax through coming days 
Still grant us humb|y, then as now, 
Thy help fo crave, thy naine to praise. 
Not ail alike in speech or birth 
Alike we bow belote thy throne ; 
One fatherland throughout the earth 
Out Father's noble nets ve own- 



0D save our gracious King, 
Long lire oui. noble King, 
God save the Kingl 
Send him victorious, 
Happy and glorious, 
Long to reign over us; 
God save the Kingl 

lTt/ or lS/b cent. 
2 * Thy choicest gifts in store 
On him be pleased fo pour, 
Long may be reign ; 
May he defend our laws, 
And ever give us cause 
To say with heart and voice 
God save the Kingl 

The whol« or lart of this kymn mail b added. 

8 God bIess our native land, 
Iay heaven's protecting hand 
Still guard our shore ; 
3Iay peace ber power extend, 
Foe be transformed fo friend, 
And Britain's rights depend 
On war no more. 

Part 2. 
W. E./'//cl'so,=. 1803-70. 
4 May just and righteous laws 
Uphold the public cause, 
And bless our isle. 
Home vf the brave and free, 
The land of Liberty, 
We pray that still on thee 
Kind heaven may stalle. 


Nor on this land alone--- 
But be Gvd°s mercies known 
From shore to shore. 
Lord, make the nations see 
That men should brothers be, 
And form one family 
ŒEhe wide world o'er. 

I , 1 F  i i - F -1 -- 
J. 1t. Wï,ord» 1500-1. 
OD, while for ail mankind we pray 
Of every clime and cohst, 
O hear us for out native land, 
The land we love the most. 

20 uard out shores from every foe; 
With peace out borders b|ess ; 
With properos rimes out cities crown» 
• Out fields with p|enteousness. 

Unite us in the sacd love 
Of knowledge, truth, and thee ; 
And let our hi|Is and val[eys shout 
The songs of liberty. 

4. Lord of the nations, thus fo thee 
Out country ,ve commend ; 
Be thou ber Refuge and ber Trust» 
Her everlastmg Friend. 




Gcd of earth and altar, 
Bow down and hear our cry 
Our earthly rulers falter, 
Out people drift and die; 
The walls of old entomb us, 
The swords of SCOl'n divide, 
T«lke hot thy thunder from us, 
But take away out pride. 

G. . esterton. 

From ail that terror teachesj 
From lies of tongue and penl 
Front all the easy speeches 
That comfort cruel menj 
From sale and profanation 
Of honour and the sword, 
From sleep sud from damnation 
I)eliver us, good Lord ! 

Tic in a living teher 
The prince and priest and thrall, 
]îind ail our lires together, 
Smite us and save us ail; 
n ire and exultation 
Affame with faith, and free, 
Lift up a living nation, 
A sile sword fo thee. 


I-IYFRYDOL. (87. 8"7. D.) Mdoy by 
8loo and digaiJl«d ¢; : 76. R.H. Pmc«a, 1S117. 
 1 I - '-' -- 



J. Rtssell Zmvell |, 1819-91 
NCE tu ewry rnn and nation 
Cornes tle nlornelt tu decide, 
In the stt'ife of truth with faisehood, 
For the govd ,Jr evil side ; 
Sorne great c.,use, God's new Messiah, 
Ofl'ering e.,ch the bloorn or blieht-- 
A»d the choice g0»e by for ever 
'Twixt th:lt darknes and th«lt iight. 

Thon tu side vith tl-uth is nul,le, 
When we shat ber wretched c)'ust, 
Ere ber cause bring faine and profit, 
And 'ris prosperous tu be just ; 
Then it is the brave man chooses, 
While the coward stands aside, 
And the multitude make virtue 
Or" the faith they hatl denied. 

3 * By the ilght of burling mrtyrs, 
Christ, thy bleeding feet ,ve track, 
T,,i]ing up new Calvaries ever 
Vitit the Ct'oss that turns hot back. 
New occasions teach new duties  
Tirne rnakes ancient good uncouth ; 
They rnust upwnl-d still and onward 
,Vho would keep abreast of ttttb. 

Though the cause of evil pro«per, 
Yet 'ris truth aie,ne is strong ; 
Thouh lier portion be the scaff«»ld, 
An upon the throne  Wl'ong 
Yet that affold sways the future, 
And, behind the dira uuknovn 
Standeth G«,d within the shad«w 
Kping watch above his ovn. 



DONNE SECOURS, (|110.'1110.) 564 
lodtr«tely low  = 
To be su in uni£on. Psalm 12 ia tht Gentt'an Pstdttr, 1551. 
i I  " « ' I I I I 
- - ]  I I I 
 I t I 



}: H. as«d rot F. R. Tailour (1615)o 
HE King O God, his heart fo thee upraiseth; 
V*'ith him the nation bows before thy face; 
Vith high thanksgiving thee thy glad Church lraiseth, 
Out strength thy spirit our trust and hole thy grace. 

'2_ Unto great h«,nour, glory undeservèd, 
Hast thou exaited us, and drawn thee nigh; 
or, from thy judgements when our feet had swervd, 
Didst thou forsake, nor ieave us, Lord most high. 

8 In thee out fathers trusted and vere savèd, 
In thee destroyëd thrones of tyrants proud; 
From ancient tondage freed the poor enslavèd: 
To sow thy truth poured out their saintly blood. 

4 Us now, ve pray, O God, in anger scorn hot, 
Nor to vaingiorying leave, nor brutish sense; 
In rime of trouble thy face frotn us turn hot, 
Who art our Rock, ouï stately sure defence. 

Unto out" minds give freedom and upt-ightness 
Let strength and courage iead o'er land and wave 
To our souis' armour grant celestial brightness, 
Joy fo out" hearts, and faith beyond the grave. 

6. Our plenteous nation still in pover extending, 
Increase out joy, phold  by thy .Vortl; 
Beauty and wisdom ail out ways attending, 
Goodwill fo man and leace through Christ out Lord. 



O thee our God we fiy 
For merey and for grace  
0 hear out lowly ery 
And hide hot thou thy face. 
0 Lord, stretch forth thy raighty hand 
And gard and bless our fatherlad. 

2 Arise. 0 Lord of hosts! 
Be jealous for thy name, 
And drive from out our eoasts 
The sins that put to .hame. 


3 Thy best gifts from on high 
In rich abundance pour, 
That we may magnify 
And praise tbea more and more. 

4 The powers ordaiaed by thee 
With heavenly wisdom bless; 
May they thy servants be, 
And fuie in righteouness. 

The Church of thy dear Son 
Inflame with iove's pure tire, 
Bind ber once more in one, 
And liie and truth inspire. 

6 The pastors of thy fold 
With graee and power endue, 
That faithful, pure, and bold, 
They may be pastors true. 

7*0 let us love thy bouse, 
And sanctify thy day, 
Bring unto thee out vows, 
And loyal homage pay. 

8*Give peace, Lord, in our time ; 
O let no foe draw nigh, 
lgor lawless deed of crime 
Insult thy najesty. 

9 *Though vile and worthless, still 
Thy people, Lord, are we ; 
And for ouï Goal we will 
;oae other bave but thee. 



îl, ! .] . I I   1 
l ! Vhen wilt tlnou ve the Fo - pie? O G ot mer- cy, . 
/ 2 Sball crime bring¢me for er - er, 8trength aid - ing mtill th» . 
/ I I--O-- I  r   -L-- çJ 

I thrones and ¢l'own. but men ! 
l man ball toil tor wrong? 

Flowersofthy heart, O Go<l. are tbey; 
• No," .=y thy u)ountain; ' No.' tl,y skies; 
thronenandcrowns, but men: God aavethe pe-o-pie; thinethey are. 
-. i,i =- , ,F--r-r.  
1 , ,I . , i v _,  I-g- , 


566 («o.ti? 

uu - les day. Goal ave the 
ted. [ iglt. 
and des - 
L - ' ! ' - '  - 


The followin] are alo suilabl : 
3u e, throme in emont. 
0 G, our help in g 
0 Lord of h, all hven 
Rejet, 0 land, in G thy mi 
Son of G» ¢terl vio" 



I,t mod¢ate ¢im  -- 96. R.L. Dg P£,I^LC, 1795-1856. 



Elizabeth ç. lelant, 18-69. 
ENEATH the Cross of Jeus 
I fain would take my stand-- 
The shadow of a mighty Rock 
Within a weary land; 
A ]mme vithin a wilderness t 
A test upon the vay, 
Frvm the burning of the noontidc heat 
d the buvden of the day. 

sale and happy shelter! 
O refuge tried and sweet ! 
trysting-place where heaven°s love 
And heaven's justice mect ! 
A to the exiled patriarch 
Th«t wond-ous dream was given, 
So seums my Saviour' Cross to me 
A ladder up to heaven. 

3 There lies beneath its »hadow 
But on the further side, 
Tbe dari.ness of an open grave 
That gapes both deep and wide; 
And there between us stads the Cross, 
Two arms outstretched fo save 
Like a watchman set fo guard the way 
From that eternal grave. 

Upn that Cross of Jesus 
Mine eye al limes tan see 
The very dying form of One, 
Who sufft«'ed there for me. 
And from my stricken heart, with tears 
Two vonders I confess-- 
The wonders of rcdeeming love 
And my ow worthlessnes. 

I take, O Cross, tby shadow, 
For my abiding-place ; 
I ask no other sunshine than 
The sunshine of his face : 
Content fo lvt the svorld go by, 
To knosv no gain nor loss,-- 
5Iy sinful self my only sham% 
Iy glory all--thc Cross. 

 b 77 




$'. B«ri,.q-Gm, id, 1834-1921. 
AILY, daily sing the praises 
Of the City God bath ruade; 
lit the buteous fields of Eden 
It tbundation-stones are laid : 
O hat 1 h s of Atgcls 
H«e to e a hr nward fly; 
I would ek f g$ o] Sion, 
tr bond tlw $ta s Y 

2 Ail the walls of that dear City 
Are of bright and burnished gold ; 
It is matclless in its beauty, 
And ifs treasures are untold : 

In the midst of that dear City 
Christ i. reigning on his seat, 
And the Angels swing their censer$ 
In  ring about his feet : 

From the throne a river issues. 
Clear as erystal, passing bright, 
And iL traverses the City 
Like a beam of living light : 

5 Thore ihe mead-ws green and dewy 
Shine vith lilies xvondrous fair ; 
Th,ms,nd, thousand are the colours 
Of the waving flowens there : 

6 There the forests ever blossom, 
Like our orchards here in ay ; 
There the gardens never wither, 
But eternally are gsy : 

7 There the wind is sweetly fa-agrant, 
And is laden with the song 
Of the Seraphs, and the Elders, 
And the great redeemèd throng 

8. O I would my ear were open 
Here to catch that happy strain : 
0 I wouId my eyes some vision 
Of that Eden could attain : 




 . Ij , 
/ I I   I # *   ' I I 

3. Purcha. f, 1825-72. 

VENSONG is hushed in silence, 
And the hour of rest is nigh ; 
Strengthen us for work to-morrow, 
Son of Mary--God most high ! 
Thou who in the village workshop, 
Fashioning the yoke and plough, 
Didst eat bread by daily labour, 
Succour them that labour now. 
l'e are tceary of lire-long toit, 
Of sorrow, and pain, and sin; 
But there is a City with streets of gold» 
.And al la peace w(th(n. 

2 How are we to reach that City, 
Whose delighta no tongue may tell ? 
By the faith that looks fo Jesus, 
By a life of doing weii. 
Sinful men and sinful women, 
He will wash out sins axvay ; 
He will take us to the sheepfold 
Whence no sheep can ever stray. 

3. Tbea the dear ones who have left us 
Ve shall some day meet again ; 
Thea will be no biffer partings, 
1o more sorrow, death, or pain. 
Evensong bas closcd in silence, 
And the hour of ast la nigh ; 
Lighten thou our darkness. Jesu, 
Son of blary--God most high! 


O  my comrades oee the signal ',  See the migMy host advancing, 
XVaving in the sky !  Safari leading 0n ; 
Reinforcements now appearing, Mighty men around us falling, 
Victo is nigh! Coure almost gone! 
• Hold tefo, foe I ara coming," 1 3 See the glofious banner waving 
J s@ns still ;  Hear the mpet blow! 
ll te ans bk fo  In out Leader's naine we'll triumpl: 
" By thy grace we will.' Over e,'e f 
4. Fierce and long the battle 
But out help is near; 
Onward comes our grt Commander, 
Cheer my comrades cheerl 
BOSSINEY. (107.97. 97. 97. d frai.) 1 G. o. 


OLY Ghost, corne down upon thy 
L ehildren, 
çive us grace and mske us thine ; 
Thy tender rires within us klndle, 
Blesmëd Spirit, 1)ove divine. 
2 For ail within us good and holy 
Is from thee, thy precious gift; 
In ail out joys, in ail out sorrows, 
Wistfnl hearts fo thee we lift. 
Holy Ghost, corne clown, &c. 
5 Ah! sweet Consoler, though we cannot 
Love thee as thou Iovest us, 
Yet if thou deign'st our hearts to kindle 
They will not be always thus. 
6. With hearts so vile how date we venture, 
King of kings, to love thee 
And how canst thm. with such COml)Ssion , 
Bear so long wRh things so low? 
Holy Ghost corne down &¢. 

3 For tllom! fo IlS art more than father» 
_More than sister, in thy love ; 
So gentle, patient, and f,rbearing 
YIoly Spirit, heavenly Dove. 
Holy Ghot, c0me dow &c. 
4 0 wc havegrie-ed thee, graciousSpirit 
Vaywa, wanton, cold are we; 
And sil[ ourins, new everymorning, 
Never yet have wearied thee. 
Holy Ghost, corne dow» 


I COULD not do without thee 
O Saviour of the lost, 
%Vhose precious Blood redeemed me 
At such trernendous cost ; 
Thy righteousness, thy pardon, 
Thy precious Blood rnust be 
lIy only hnpe and cornfort, 
Iy glory and rny plea. 
2 I could not do without thee, 
I cannot stand alone, 
I have no strength or goodlless, 
No visdorn of rny own ; 
4 I could not do without thee, 
l'or years are fleeting fast, 
And soon in solernn loneliness 
The river rnust be pasd ; 
Btt tho,i wilt never leave me. 
And though tho waves roll high. 
I know thou wilt be near rne, 
And whisper. ' If is I.' 

F,'a»ce» I. llare'gai, 1836-79. 
But tho,» belovèd Saviour, 
Art all in all to me, 
And weakness will be power 
If leaning hard on thee. 
3 I could hot do without thee, 
O Jesus, Saviour dear; 
E'ea when rny eyes are holden 
I know that thou art near; 
How dreary and how lonely 
This changeful life would be 
Without the sweet communion, 
The secret test with thee. 

, .E.. T.v 
vo,cL « 8« . .) 573 
--.    , ' / --   ' 

L. Ha».togb. 
2 Though coming weak and vile, 
Thou dot my »trength assure ; 
Thou dost my vileness fully clean.s% 
Till spotless ail .nd pure. 
3 'Tis OEesus cal)s me on 
To perfect faith and love, 
To perfect hope, and peace, and trust 
For earth and heaven bove. 

I HEAR thy welcome volte, 
That calls me, Lord, to thee, 
For cleansing in thy precious Blood 
That flowed on Calvary. 
I ara coming, Lord ! 
tlsh me, can me, in th¢ d 
That flowed . OElva». 

'Tis ;lesus who confirms 
The b)ess#d work within, 
By adding grace to svelcomed grace, 
Where reigned the power of sin. 
Ail hall, «toning Blood! 
Ail hall, deeming grace! 
Ail hail, the gift of Christ out Lord, 
Out- Strength mtd Righteousness ! 



I HEARD the voice of Jesus say, 
' Corne unto me and rest; 
Lay down, thou weary one, laT down 
ïhy head upon rny breast' : 
I carne to Jesus as I was, 
Weary, and ,vorn, and sad ; 
I round in him a resting-place, 
And he bas ruade me glad. 

H. o;r, 18084& 

heard the voice of Jesus say, 
'Behold I freely give 
The living water, thirsty one ; 
Stoop down, and drink, and lire'  
came 4o 'esus, and I drank 
Of that life-giving atrearn ; 
ly thirst was quenched, rny soul lvived, 
And now I lire in him. 

$. I heard the voice of Jesus say, 
' I ara this dark world'a Light ; 
Look unto me, thy rnorn ahall risel 
And ail thy day be bright ° : 
I looked to Jesus, and ][ t'ound 
In hirn my Star1 my Sun ; 
And in that light ot" life l'Il walk 
Till travelling days are done. 


PYs«o,. «,.,«».) 575, 576 
In madera rime  : OO. '. Owl, 1814-o-q. 



I LAY my sins on Sesus, 
The spotless Lamb of God ; 
He bears them ail, and frees us 
From the aeeurèd load. 
I bring my guilt to Sesus, 
To wash my crimson stains 
White in his Blood most precious, 
Till hot a spot remains. 

I lay my wants on Sesus-- 
Ail fullness dwells in him ; 
I-le heals ail my diseases, 
He doth my soul redeem. 

ll. Bonar, 1808-89. 
I lay my griefs on esus, 
My burdens and my cares; 
He from them ail releases. 
He ail my sorrows shares. 
3 I rest my soul on $esus, 
This weary soul of mine ; 
His right hand me embraces, 
I on his breast recline. 
I love the naine of $esus-- 
Immanuel, Christ, the Lord; 
Like fragrance on the breezes 
His naine abroad is poured. 

l«,ng fo be like Sesus, 
Meek, loving, lowly, mild; 
long fo be like Sesus, 
The Father' holy Child. 
long to be with Sesuso 
Amid the heavenly throng, 
To sing with Saints his praises 
To learn the Angels" song. 

I NEED thee, precious Jesu, 
For I ara full of sin ; 
My soul is dark and guilty, 
My heart is dead within. 
I need the cleansing fountain 
Where I can ahvays flee, 
The Blood of Christ most precious, 
The sinner's perfeet plea. 

need thee, procious $esu 
For I ara very poor ; 
stranger and a pilgrim, 
I bave no earthly store. 

F. lPTdtfldd , 1827-190t. 
I need the love offfesus 
To cheer me on my way, 
To guide my doubting footsteps, 
To be my trength and stay. 

3 I need thee, precious $esu: 
I need a friend like thee, 
A friend to soothe and pity, 
A friend to care for me. 
I need the heart of $esus 
To feel each anxious care, 
To tell my every trouble, 
And ail my sorrow share. 

4. I need thee, precious Sesu, 
And hope to see thee soon, 
Encircled with the rainbow, 
And seated on thy throne ; 
There, with thy blood-bought children, 
My joy shall ever 
To sing thy pralses, ffesu. 
To gaze, my Lord, on thee. 


0 JESUS, I have promised 
To serve thee to the end ; 
Be thou for ever near n)e, 
My Haster and my Friend ; 
I shall hot fear the battle 
If thou art by my side, 
Nor vander from the pathway 
If thou wilt be my Guide. 
20 let me feei thee near me: 
The world is ever near ; 
I see the sights that dazzle, 
The tempting sounds I hear; 
Hy foes are ever near me, 
Around me and within ; 
But, Jesus, draw thou nearer, 
And shield my soul from sin. 
80 let me hear thse speaking 
In accents clear and still, 
Above the storms of passion, 
The murmurs of self-will ; 

?. E. Bode, 181C-74. 
O speak to reassure ri)e, 
To hasten or contro! ; 
O speak, and make me listen, 
Thou Guardian of my soul. 
40 Jesus, thou hast promised 
To ail who follow thee, 
That where thou art in glory 
There shall thy servant be ; 
And, Jesus, I bave promised 
To serve thee to the end ; 
O give me grace to follow, 
My Haster and my Fl-iend. 
5. O let me see thy footmarks, 
And in them plant mine own; 
My hope to follow duly 
fs in thy strength alone; 
O guide me, call me, draw me, 
Uphold me to the end; 
And then in heaven reeeive me» 
My Saviour and my Friend. 



0 3ESU, thou art standing 
Outside the fast-c)osed door, 
In Iowly patience waiting 
To pass the threshold o'er: 
Shame on us, Christian brothers, 
His naine and sign who bear, 
O shame, thrice shame upon us 
To keep him standing there! 

//.op Il: I1". How, 1823-97. 
O Jesu, thou art knocking: 
And lol that hand is scarred, 
And thorns thy brov encircle» 
And tears thy face bave marred: 
O love that passelh knowledge 
So p.tiently fo wait! 
O sin that hath no equal 
So fast fo bar the gare! 

3. O Jesu, thou art pleading 
In accents meek and Iow, 
' I died fvr you, my children, 
And will ye treat me so?' 
O Lord, vith shame and sorrow 
%Ve open now the door: 
Dear Saviour, enter, enter 
Aid leave us nevermore. 



TAND up !--stand up for Aesus! 
Ye so]diers of the Cross ; 
Lift high his royal banner, 
It must net surfer loss. 
From victory unto victory 
His army he shall lead, 
Till every foe is vanquished, 
And Christ is Lord indeed. 
o. Stand up !--stand up for .Tesus ! 
The solemn watchword hear, 
If while ye sleep he suffers, 
Away with shame and fear ; 
Vhere'er ye meet with evil 
Vithin you or without, 
Charge for the Gvd of battles, 
And put the foe te rouf. 
3 Stand up !--stand up for Jesus! 
The trumpet call obey, 
Forth to the mighty conflict 
In this his glorious day. 

Ye that are nen uow serve him 
Against unnumbered foes ; 
Let courage rise with danger, 
And Mrength te -trength oppose. 
4 Stand up!--stand up for Aesus! 
Stand in his strength alone; 
The arm of flesh will fail you, 
Ye dare hot trust your own. 
Put on the Gospel armour, 
Each piece put on with prayer ; 
Where duty ca[Is or danger, 
Be never vanting there ! 
5. Stand p!--stand up for Jesus! 
The strife will not be long; 
This day the noise of battle, 
The next the victor's song. 
To him that overcometh 
A crown of life shal[ be ; 
He with the King of Glo T 
Shall reign eternal[y. 



AKE my ]ife, and let it be 
Conseerated, Lord, te thee ; 
Tako my moments and my days, 
Let them flow iii oease]ess praise. 
Tako my hands, and let them more 
At file impulse of thy love. 
Tske my feet, and let them ho 
• wift and beautifu] for thee. 
Take my voice, and let nie sing 
A]ways, on])', for my King; 
Take my lips, and let them be 
Filled with messages frein thee. 

Take my silver and my gold; 
Net a mite would I withhold. 
Take ray intellect, and use 
Every power as thou shalt choose. 
3. Take my will, nd make if thine : 
It shaIl be no longer mine. 
Take my heart ; if is thine own : 
If sha]l be thy royal thronc. 
Take my ]ove ; my Lord, I pour 
Af thy feet its treasure-store. 
Take myself, and I will be 
Ever, only, ail for thee. 



(76. 76. D. snd Refrain.) 
la moderte rime o = 9. W.H. Doa'L 
I I I I I  
I_  --.  l._ l. _ _ ç l _   
L, - 
" .:. -  i , r r 
I I t I  " 
I- I _ _ _ I II 
 I I , / I /1 t ', , 
-, , , ,-- '.  ç- " 
*    : =" 
-  " - "   æ  



ELL me the old, old story, 
Of unseen things above, 
Of Jesus and his glory, 
Of Jesus and his love. 
Tell me the story simply 
As to a little child, 
For I ara weak and weary, 
And helpless and defiled. 
Tdl me ths old, old story 
Of Jesus and hi$ love. 

Tell me the story slowly, 
That I may take if in-- 
Tbat wonderful redemption, 
God's remedy for sin. 
Tell me the story often, 
For I forget so soon ; 
The early dew of morning 
Has paseed away at noon. 

3 Tell me the story softly, 
With earnest tones and grave; 
Remember, I'm the sinner 
Whom Jesus came to save. 
Tell me that story always 
If you would really be» 
In any time of trouble 
A comforter to me. 

Tell me the saine old story, 
When you have cause to fear 
That this world's empty glory 
Is costing me too dear. 
Yes, and when that world's glory 
Shall dawn upon my soul, 
Tell me the old, old story, 
Christ Jesus makes thee whole." 



TI'IE HIHETY AND NINE. (97o97o99.)584 
,loderaeelVfaat.= 176 ( = 59). ]. D. SA.KOe'T. 


• HEIRE were ninety ad nine that safely 
• - J.n the ahelter of the fold, 
nd on v«a out on ¢he hills away, 
Far off from the gares of gold ; 
Away on tbe moun/ains wild and h-re., 
Away fcom the tender Sbepherd's ,are. 

'Lord, thou hast here thy ninety and nine; 
Are they hot enough for thee ?" 
But the Shepherd mde answer: 'This of mine 
Has wandered away from me; 
Aud although the road be rough and steep, 
I go to the desert to find my sheep.' 

But none of the ransomed ever knew 
How deep were tho waters crossed; 
Nor how dark the night that the Lord passed through 
Ere he round his sheep that was lost. 
Out in the desert he heard ira cry-- 
Sick atd hopeless, and ready to die. 

'Lord, whenco are those blood-drops ail the way, 
That mark out the mountain's track?' 
They were shed for one that had gone astray 
Ere the Shepherd could bring him back.' 
' Lord, whence are thy hands so rent and torn?' 
'They are pierced to-night by many a thorn.' 

And ail through tbe mountains, thunder-riven, 
And up from the rocky steep, 
There rose a cry fo the gares of heaven 
' Rejoice ! I have found my sheep !' 
And the Angels echoed around the throne» 
« Rejoice, for the Lord brings back his own !' 




HOU didst ieave tby throne and thy kingly crowa 
When thou camest fo earth fr me; 
But in Bethlehem's home was there found no r,m 
For th}" holy nativity. 
0 corne to ny eart, Lord Jesus; 
There is room in ny ltearf for thee. 

Heaven's arches rang when the Angeis sang, 
Proelaiming thy royal degree; 
But in iowly birth didst thou corne fo earth, 
And in great humility. 
The foxes ri,and rest, and the bird had their nest 
In the h:,de of the cedar tree; 
But thy couch was the sod, 0 thou Son of God, 
In the de«erts of Galilee. 

4 ïhou camest, 0 Lord, with the living word 
That shouid set thy people ftee; 
But with mockitg scorn, and with crown of thorn 
They bore thee fo Calvary. 

5. Wben heaveu's arches shaii ring., and her choirs shall slng 
Af thy eoming fo victory, 
Let thy voice caii me home, saying, Yet there is room, 
There is room at my uide f¢,r thee. 

$ee also the Lis! of Si?e tTyrnzs af the end of this book. 
In the editioz "For Young a;td Old' th sb»ler l, ymns are narl'ed 
w,th an asterisk. 


P,m: IX 

WELT. (;7. TT.) 
i J --- 
- .--:   " _ -- 
 -«»- -  -o- --o: -- ---o-  I  " 
I I I I 1 1 l I I = . 
I I I I 1 I I__ I I Il I .- 
Ir«  --- " t--g  o  
" " ' " 1 " ' " 1 
I I I = I  " I  I I 
/. ___  , , }  ,  :_  .. 
I-  - i n---¢4. OE- 
I .  «o -- - ., o . 
ADVENT relis us, Christ is near: ]2 Those three Sundays fore Lent 
ChristmastellsusChristisherel  Will preste us to rent; 
In Epiphany we trace That in Lent we may begin 
Ail the glory of his grace. Earnestly to mourn for sin. 

HoIy NVeek and Easter, tl,en, 
Tell ,vho died and rose again: 
O that happy Eter Day! 
Christ is risen indeed,' we say. 
Yes, and Christ aseended, too, 
To prepare a place for you ; 
So we gve him special praise, 
After those great Forty Days. 
Then, he sent the Holy Ghost, 
On the Day of Pentecost, 
With us ever fo abide : 
NVell may we keep Whitsuntide ! 
Last of ail, we humbly sing 
Giory fo out God and King, 
Glory to the One in Thre% 
On the Feat of Trinity. 



.LL tings bright and beautiful, 
«  ll eatures geat a 1 
fi this e and fut, 
e Lord God mode them all. 
2 Each little flover that opens, 
Each little bird that sings, 
He mode their glosving colou, 
He mode their tiny wings. 
5 * The tall trees in the greeuwood, 
The meadows where we play, 
The rushes by the water, 
Ve gather every day ; 
6. He gave us eyes to see them, 
And li that we may tell 
H-w gigot is G Ahnighty, 
Who has mode MI things well. 

31r». C F. 41txand«»; 1523-95. 
3 The purple-headed mountain, 
The river running by, 
The sunset and the morning, 
Th«t brightens up the sky; 
4 The cold wind in the winte% 
The pleasant summer sun, 
The ripe fruits in the garden,-- 
He mode them every one ; 


B.HOLD a littlohild, I 
Laid in a maner bed; I 
The wintry hlats hlow wild I 
Around his infant head. I 
But wll- is t}liS se lowly laid? 
'Tis he by whom the worldswere ruade. 

Bi$lop I1". |l'. Ho. 1823-97. 
Alas ! in what poor state 
The Son of God is seen ; 
%Vhy doth the Lol<l se great 
Choose out a home se lnean? 
That we may learn frein pride te flee, 
And follow his humility. 

%Vhere Joseph plies lits trade 
Le! 3esus labours too ; 
The hands that ail things ruade 
An eathly craf pursue, 
That weary men in him may rest, 
And faithful toil through him be blet. 

Among the doctors sec 
The Boy se full of grace ; 
Say, vherefore taketh he 
The scholar's lowly place? 
That Christian boys, with reverence meet, 
Iay sit and learn af Jesus' feet. 

Christ ! once thyself a boy, 
Our boyhood guard and guide; 
Be thou its light and joy, 
And still with us abide, 
That thy dear love, se great and free, 
lIay draw us evcrmore te thee. 



O no sinful action, I 
Speak no angl-y word ; 
Ye belong to Jesus, 
Children oî the Lord. 
3 There's a wicked spirit 
1,Vatching round you still, 
And he tries to tempt you 
To ail hnrm and iii. 
4 But ye must hot hear hinl, 
Though 'tis hard for you 
To resist the evil, 
And the good fo do. 
5 For ye promised truly, 
In your infant days, 
To renounce him wholly, 
And forsake his ways. 
6 Ye are new-born Christians 
Ye must learn fo flght 
With the bzd within you, 
And fo do the right. 
. Christ is your own Master, 
He is good and true, 
And his Httle children 
iust be holy too. 

M,'#. C. F. #llex.ail,-, 1523-95. 
2 Christ is kind and gentle, 
Christ is pure and true; 
And his little children 
Must bc holy too. 


LANGDALE. (75.75. T7.) 590 
    - 1 , 1 -. , : • 
P -   . -- 
I i I I I I I I I / I  I / / I ] I I 
I U , .- _ 
......   ___ ? 

$ultabl« also for Adults. 
VERY morning the red sun 
Rises warm and bright ; 
But the evening cometb on, 
And the dark, cold night. 
There °s a brigbt land far away, 
"Where 'ris never-ending day. 
2 Every spring tbe sweet young flowers 
Open bright and gay, 
Till the chilly autumn hours 
Wither them away. 
There's a land we bave hot seen, 
"Where the trees are always green. 
5. "tVho sball go to tbat bright land? 
Ail wbo do the right : 
Holy children tbere shall stand 
In their robes of white ; 
For that heaven, so bright and blest, 
Is our everlasting rest. 

Mr& . F. Alexand¢r, 1823-95. 
3 Little birds sing songs of praise 
Ail tbe summer long, 
But in colder, shorter days 
They forget their song. 
There's a place where Angels sing 
Ceaseless praises fo their King. 
4 Christ our Lord is over near 
Thoso who follow him ; 
But we cannot see him here, 
For our eyes are dira ; 
There is a most happy place, 
Where men alwnys see his face. 

nglish TroalitWnal lIdod.. 


ENTLE 5esus, meek and mild, 
Look upon a little child; 
Pity my simplicity, 
Surfer me to corne to thee. 
Faln I would fo thee be brought 
Dearest God, forbid if hot ; 
Give me, dearest God, a place 
In the kingdom of thy grace. 
Part 2. 
Lamb of God, I look fo thee; 
Thou bhalt my example be : 
Thou art gentle, meek and mild, 
Thou wast once a little child. 
Fain I would be as thou art ; 
Give me thy obedient heart. 
2]tou art pitiful and kind, 
Let me bave thy loving mind. 

,5 Let me, above ail, tulfil 
God my heavenly Father's ,viii, 
Never his good Spirit grieve, 
Only fo his glory lire. 
6 Thou didst lire fo God alone; 
Thou didst never seek thine own; 
Thou thyself didst never please : 
God was ail thy happiness. 
7 Loving 5esus, gentle Lamb, 
In thy gracious hands [ ara : 
[ake me, Saviour, ,vhat thou art ; 
Lire thyself within my heart. 
8. I shall then show forth thy praise, 
Serve thee ail my happy days ; 
Then the world shall ahvays see 
Christ, the holy Child, in me. 


Et«itable alto for Adulte. 
AIL the Sign, the Sign of Jesus, 
Bright and royal Tree! 
tandard of the Monarch, planted 
First on Calvary 
tlail the Sign l s celling 
Hail OEe Si ail ls dieHig, 
Hall the Sign ll's pow quei 
Cro OE thris a haill 

E. ,Bari;tff.Gotdd» 1834-1921, 
2 Sig the ]lartyrs'strength and refuëe, 
Sign fo Saints so dear ! 
Sign of evil men abhorrëd, 
Sio which devils fear: 
3 Sign which, when the Lord returnetb, 
In the heavens shall be; [rapturo 
Sinners quail, xvhile Saints witb 
Shall the vision see: 

4 Lo. I sign the Cross of 3esus 
Meekly on my breast ; 
May it guard my heart vhen living, 
Dying be its rest: 
. In the naine of God the Father, 
Naine of God the Son, 
lame of God the hlessèd Spirit 
Ever Three in One : 


EAVEILY Father, send thy blessing 
On thy ehildren gathered here, 
May they ull, thy naine confessing, 
Be fo thee for ever dear; 
lay they be, like Joseph. loving, 
Dutiful, and chaste, and pure ; 
And their faith, like David proviag, 
Steadfast uato death endure. 

 Holy Saviour, who in meekness 

Didst vouehsafe a Child to be. 
Gtlide their steps, and help their weaknes t 
Bless, and make them like to thee; 
Bear thy lambs when they are veary, 
In thine arms, and at thy breast; 
Through life's desert, dry and dreary, 
Bring them fo thy heavenly test. 

3. Spread thy golden plnions o'er them, 
Holy Spirit, heavenly ])ove, 
Guide them, lead them, go before them, 
Give them peace, and joy, and love ; 
Temples of the Holy Spirit, 
May they with thy glory shine 
And immortal bliss inherit, 
And for evermore be thine! 



GOSTERWOOD. (76. 76. D.) 594 
In modera¢ ti; • = lO0. Engtih 'aditio»tal 31dod. 

LOVE to hear the story 
Which Angel voices tel, 
How once the King of glory 
Came down on earth to dwell. 
I nm both weak and sinful» 
But this I surely kaow, 
The Lord came do,vn to save me. 
Because he loved me so. 

I'm glad my bless/d Saviour 
Was once a Ghild like me, 
To show how pure and holy 
His lit$1e ont might be ; 
And if I try to follow 
His footsteps here below 
He never will forsake me r 
Eecause he ]ove- me so. 


3. T, tell his love and me,'cy 
Iy sweetest songs l'Il raise ; 
A,d though I cannot see him, 
I know he hcars my prai; 
1or he himself has promied 
That even I may go 
To ing among his AngeIs, 
J3ecause he loves me o. 



Mr*. J. Lt:ke, 1813-1906. 
I TH1NK vhe|| I read tbat sveet stot T of old, 
When Jesus was he among men, 
llow ho called little children as lambs fo his fvld, 
I should like to bave en with him then. 
I vi tbat his hands had en p)aced on my head» 
That lais arm had been thrown around me ; 
And that I might bave en his kind look when he said, 
' Let thc little ones corne unto me.' 

2 Yet stili fo his footstool in prayer I may go, 
And ask for a share in his love; 
And if I thus earnestly seek him below, 
I shall sec him and hear him above: 
In that beautiful place he is g,me to prepare 
For ail that are washed and forgiven, 
And many dear children aro gathering thet% 
' For of such is the kingdom of heaven.' 

3. But thousauds and thousands xvho wander and fMI 
ever heard of that heavenly home ; 
I hould like them to know there is room for them ail, 
And that gesus has hid them fo corne. 

I I,mg for the joy of that glorious time, 
The sxveetest, and brigbtest, and best, 
When the dear little childtn of evet T clime 
Shall crowd to his arms and be blest. 



l" our work, and in our play, 
Jesus, be thou ever near ; 
Guarding, guiding ail the d,y. 
Keeping in thy htdy fear. 

I1". Chatt«,to,, Dix, 1837-9. 

Thou didst toil, O royal Child. 
In the far-off Holy Land, 
Dlessing, labour undeflled, 
Pure a.d honest of the hand. 

 Thou wilt bless our play-hour too, 
If we ask thy succour strong ; 
%Vatch o'er ail we say or do, 
Hold us back from guilt ]d wrong. 

4. O '. how happy thus to si)end 
,Vork and playtime in his sight, 
VCho that day which shall hot end 
Gives fo those who do the right. 



T is a thing most wonderful, 
Alrnost too ,vondert'ul to be, 
That God's own Son should corne frorn 
And die fo save a child like me. 
And yet I know that it is truc : 
He chose a poor and humble lot, 
A»d wept, and toiled, and rnourned, 
and died, 
For love of thosewholoved hirn not. 
I cannot tell how be could love 
A child so weak and full of sin ; 
Hi8 love rnust be rnost wonderful, 
If he could die rny love fo ,vin. 
I sornetimes think about the Cross, 
And shut rny eyes, and try to sec 
The cruel nails and erown of thorns» 
And $esus crucified for me. 

Bimiwp IV. W. ltow, 1823-97. 
5 But even could I sec hirn die, 
I could but sec a little part 
Of that great love, which, like a tire, 
Is always burning in his heart. 
6 It is rnost wonderful fo know 
His love for me so free and sure ; 
But 'tis more wonderful fo sec 
My love for hirn so faint and poor. 
7. And yet I want to love thee, Lord ; 
O light the flarne within rny heart, 
And I will love thee more and more, 
Untll I sec thee as thou art. 

QJEM PASTORES LAUDAVERE. (« $. $ 7.1 'Mdod,.6om a 15t 
In «a rime  : 144. bn MS. 
I  I   I  I  1  I 
I I   I 
I _I -- l l " " " I  I rl « I 
I ____l -- --- - ] + T 

•  l'itable also fo»" ,ddglls. 
TESU. good above ail other, 
e_ Gentle Child of gentle Mothei', 
I. a stable born our Brother, 
Oive us grace to persevere. 

2 ,Tesu, cradled in a mange', 
For us facing every danger, 
Living as a homeless stmnger, [der. 
B[ake we thee out King most 
3 'csu, for thy people dying. 
lisen Master, death deîyiag. 
Lord in heaven, thy grace 
Keep us by thine altar near. 
4 .Tesu, ,vho our rrows bearest, 
Al| our thoughts and hopes thou sharest, 
Thou fo man the truth declarest ; 
Hel U us ail thy truth fo hear. 
5. Lord, in ail out doings gllde us; 
Pride and hate shall ne'er divide 
V'e'll go on ,vith thee beside us, 
And with joy ve'll perse-ere! 


MarS L. 
ESU, tender Shepherd, hear me, 
Bless thy little lamb to-night; 
Through the darknesa be thou xJear me, 
Vatch my aleep till morning light. 

Ail this day thy hand has |ed me, 
And I thank thee for thy carel 
Thou hast clothed me, warmed and fed me, 
Listen to my evening prnyer. 

8. Let my sins be ail forgiven, 
Bless the friends I love so wel| ; 
Take me, when I die, fo heaven, 
Happy there with thee to dwel|. 



108. P. 81CC¢B, 170-180. 
in union or in two lart¢ ArraRgd bJ W. Tt'nllS¢n. 

ITTLE drolm of water, 
Little grains of sand, 
lake the mighty oeean 
And the beauteous land. 
And the little moments, 
Humble though they be, 
Make the mighty ages 
Of eternity. 
Little deeds of kindness, 
Little words of love, 
.WIske out earth an Eden, 
Like the heaven above. 
So our little errors 
Lead the soul away. 
From the paths of virtue 
Into sin to strxy. 
Little seeds of mercy 
Sown by youthful hands, 
Grow to bless the nstions 
Far in heathen lands. 
Glory then for ever 
Be fo Father, Son. 
,Vith the Holy Spirit, 
Blessèd Three in One. Amen. 



ORD. I would own thy tender care, 
And ail thy love to me: 
The food I eat, the clothes I wear, 
Are ail bestowed by thee. 
 'ris thou preserest me fovn death 
And da.gers every hour; 
I cann«t draw anotlter breatlt 
Unlss thou give fine power. 
3 Kind Angels guard me every night, 
As r,,nd my bed they stay; 
Nr ara I absent from thy sight 
In darkness or by day. 
4 My health and friends and parents dar 
To me by God are given ; 
I bave hot any blessing here 
]ut what is sent from heaven. 
5. Such goodness, Lord, and constant care, 
A child can ne'er repay ; 
But may it be my dai|y prayer 
To love thee and obey. 


Jan« Ta.or, 1788-187l. 

A - roen. 


7. L.G. H, 
I -  I 
   I . I ,   .-- 
ï - 
 I, I I ,  , 
OYI Shepherd of thy sheep, 
Kep thy lamb, i. fety kp; 
othing can thy power withtand, 
None can 91uck me from thy hand. 
ving Saviour, thou didst give 
Thi.e own life th we ight liv; 
And the 
er the c«l il' impre. 
I would bless th eve day, 
ladly ail thy ill obey, 
Like thy bessèd ones above, 
Happy in thy prious love. 
Loving Shepherd, ev«r 
Tech thy lmb thy voi to hr; 
uffer hot my steps to stray 
From th« straight and narrow way. 
Vhe thou ldest I wold 
Valking in thy t low, 
Till belote y Father's throne 
I 11 know  I a known. 


uox. . «.) 603 
.tloder«tel   ,,, 6&  GuCLD, 181924. 
'  -   --  ' ' I " '-»" .4dults. 
TOW tle day is over, 
Night is drawing nigh, 
hadows of the evening 
Steal across the sky. 
Now the da,-kness gatl,ers, 
Stars beg;n fo peep, 
]irds and beasts and flowers 
"oon will be asleep. 
6 Comfo,'t every suffe,'er 
Watching late in pain ; 
Those who plan some evil 
From their sin restrain. 
ç Through the long night watches 
May rhino Angels spread 
TI,eir white wings above me: 
Watchiug round my bed. 
7 When the morning vakens, 
Then may I arise 
Pure, and fresh, and s;nless 
In thy holy eyes. 
8. Glory to the Father, 
Glory to the Son, 
And to thee, blest Spirit, 
Whilst ail ages run. Amen. 

3 Jesu, give the weary 
Calm and sweet repose ; 
With thy tenderest blessing 
May our eyelids close. 
4 Grant to little chi|dren 
Vnsions brigbt of thee ; 
Guard lhe stilol'S tossing 
On the deep blue sea. 



Suitable al#o fm" Adulte. 
ONCE in royal David's city 
Stood a lowly carie shed, I 
Where a Mother laid her Baby 
In a manger for his bed : ] 4 
5iary was that Mother lnild. 
Jesus Christ lier little Child. 
2 He came down to earth from heaven. 
Who is Ood and Lord of ail, 
And hls shelter was a stable, 
And his eradle was a stall ; 
With the poor, and mean, and lowly, 
Lived on earth out .aviour holy. 
8 And through ail his wondrous child- 
He would honour and obey, [hood 
Love and watch the lowly Maiden, 
6. Not in that poor lowly stable, 
With the oxen standing by, 
We shall see him; but in heaven, 
Set at God°s right hand on high ; 
When like stars his children erowned 
Ail in white shall wait around. 

Mrs. P. F. Alexa'tdo; |-£-95. 
In whose genle arms he lay; 
Christian children all must be 
Mild, obedient, good as he. 
For he is out childhood's pattern, 
Day by day like us he grew, 
He ,vas little, weak, and helples, 
Tears and smiles like us he knew; 
And he feelelh for our sadness, 
And he shareth in our gladness. 
5 And our eyes at last shall see him, 
Through his own redeerning love, 
For that Child so dear and gentlê 
Is our Lord in heaven abo'e ; 
And he leads his children on 
To the place where he is gone. 


. . (c...» 606 
Brightl/  = 100. gZi#It Trtitio Itldod.u. 

J. . Hark¢»' 1804-;3. 
ING to the Lord the children's 3 He held us to his mighty breast. 
His gentle love declareç [hymn, I The children of the earth ; 
Who bends amd the Seraphim [ He lifted up his hands and blessed 
To hear the children's prayer. I The babes of human birth. 
2 He at a mother'a breast was fed,  4 Lo! from the stars his face ivill turn 
Though God's own Son ,vas he ; I On us with glances mild; 
He learnt the firstsmall words he said [ The Angels of his presence yearn 
At  meek mother's knee. To bless the little child. 
5. Keep us, O Jesus, Lord, for thee, 
That so, by thy dear grace, 
We, children of the font, may see 
Out hea,-enly Father's face. 

llERE'S a Friend for littlechildL-en 
Above the bright blue sky, 
A Friend who never changes 
Whose love will never die ; 
Our earthly friends may fail us, 
And change with ch;,nging years, 
This Friend is always worthy 
Of that dear naine he bears. 
There'8 a rest for little children I 
Above the bright blue sky, 
Who love the blesèd Saviour, 
And fo the Father cry ; 
A rest frorn every trouble, ! 
From sin and danger free 
Where every little pilgrim 
Shall rest eternally. 
There's a home for little children 
Above the bright blue sky 
Where Jesus reigns in glory, 
A home of peace and joy; 
No home on earth is like if, 
Nor can with it compare ; 
And every one is happy, 
lor could be happier there. 


". Jlidlan¢, 1825-19oEo 
There's a crown for little children 
About tlie bright blue sky 
A,d all who look to Jesus 
Shall wear it by and by; 
A crwn of brightest glory, 
Which he will then bestow 
On those who round his favour 
And I«ved Iris naine below. 
There's a song for little children 
Above the bright blue sky, 
A song that will hot weary, 
Thvugh sung continually ; 
A song which even Angels 
Can never, never sing ; 
They know hot Christ as Saviour, 
But worship him as King. 
There's a robe for little children- 
Above the bright blue sky, 
And a harp of sweetest music, 
And palms of victory. 
Ail, all ahove is treasured, 
And found in Christ alone ; 
O c-me, dear little children. 
That all may be your own. 

$ttdable «lso fo Adv.lts. 
HERE is a happy land, 
Far, far away, 
%Vhere Saints in glory stand, 
Bright, bright as day. 
O, how they sweetly sing, 
Worthy is out Saviour King! 
Loud let his praises rin 
Fraise, praise for ay. 

.4. Young, 1807-9. 
2 Corne to this happy land, 
Corne, eome away ; 
%Vhy wi!! ye doubting stand? 
Why stiti delay? 
O. we shal! happy be, 
When, from sin and sorrow freej 
Lord, ,ve ohsll live with thee, 
Biest, blet fr ay. 



3. Bright in that Imppy land 
Beams every eye; 
Kept by a Father's hand 
Love csnot die.. 
On then to giory run, 
Be a crown and kingdom von, 
And bright above the un 
Reign, reign for ay: 



Compoed or adapted by 
-, 1. Jç-t'* ,!J. 
-- , I I IJ I I J 
  I ! i  I Içl! i 
" . --- __. _ I 
"  1 l i i 1 1 
  I ,- I I, I I L I 
 -- -  I --r -- _ 
.   1 I 
• lr. C. F. an, 18235. 
E are but little children poor We need hot die, we cannot fight,-- 
' And born n very low estate ; What may we do for Jesu's sake? 
Wht can we do for Ju's ke, 4 O, day by day, each Christisn chiId, 
Vho is so high and good and great ? H much to do, without, within,-- 
" We know the Holy Innen A dth fo die for Jesu's sake 
Laid down for him their infant life, A weary war to va with sin. 
And Marty, s braveand patient Saints 5 When deep within out swelling 
Have stod for him in tire and hearts 
trite. The thouglmts of pride and anger 
"We wear the Cross they wore of old, rise, 
Onr lips bave learned like vows to When bitterwordsare on out tongu 
make ; And trs of passion in our eyes,-- 
6 Then we may stay the ang blow, 
Then we may check the hasty word. 
Give gentle answe back again, 
And fight a battle for out Lord. 
7. There's hot a child so smail and weak 
But bas his little cro to ke, 
His little work «,f love and prai 
That he may do for Jesu's sake 


l, alirec, ol&man. 
) Fair pce on earth fo bring,  His orb a maiden's breast, 
In o ly state of love he came Whereby e ruade through lo-e aloe 
To be he children's Kng. Hi kingdom manifest. 
3 And round him, then a oly hand 
Of children blest was rn. 
Fair suardias of his throne fo stand 
Attendant night and morn. 
4 And un them this grace vas given 
A Saviour's naine to own, 
And die for him who out of heaven 
Had round on earth a throae. 
50 bleèd babes of Bethlehem, 
Who di fo save out Kmg, 
Ye sha the artyn' diadem, 
And in their anthem sing  
6 Your lips, on eah that never spake, 
ow sound tte eternal word ; 
And in the courts of love ye makv 
Your children's voices heard. 
7. Lord Jsus Christ, eternal Child, 
ake thou our childhood thine ; 
That we vith these the mk and OEild 
ay share the love divine. 


"Tic t? e Zort  z 0 i.o,l«lro cio - ry "Tic t Lord, th¢ Kin 9 of Oto. r ' 
l -  _  t , --- - 
 I  I I I  I II   
I. I._. I '..  , , 
i ,  I I i -- i_ 
_- - i .  ,ll.l 




2*Who is he, in yoder col, 4*Who is he that »tands and 'eeps 
Bending to his toilsome lot ? At the grave where Lazarus sleeps ? 
*Who is he, in deep distss, 5*Loi at nidnlght, who is he. 
Fasting ih the wilderness? Prays in dark Gethemane? 
6 Who is he, in Calva's throes, 
Aks for blesings on his foes? « . .__ 
" Cornes fo heal and help and save? 
8. Who is he that on yon throne I 
Rules the world of llght alone? 
Tle si#pler  in oth ats of the book are a itable for « ai Cat«chis, 
ld be fieely d in di fo e Hymns in this a. A li$t of 
tdRion ' F Youtg and Old" of tlw E»glish Hnal. 



TTte folowi»u 3 Hy»s «d hot always be sug in t) orde»" glvn: thos¢ i)t the fl»'st s«ti©)t 
(613-640) which are hot taken from the E»glish processionals are arra»ged vn $im7vr 
Dricilles [mi are suit«ble also for use as selarae byms on other occasioms. 

D,VINUM MYSTERIUM. ('7.87.8.';'.) 613 
.llodo'at¢ly fo.  = 152. M¢ly from ' P 
 I l I  --' I  - 
I -- I I 
, I ' ' ' 1 I "- -I ' 
I  . I  Ç ' 
-- I --  I  I • ', ' , 
 I " " ' " -- " ç --- 
I   i  , i ; i 
" ' - I  1 1 - -- 
ï ï. 



Corde natu ex parentiS 

F the Father's heart begotten, 
Ere the world from chaos rose, 
He is Alpha: from that Fountain 
Ail that is and bath been flows ; 
He is Omega, of ail things 
Yet fo corne the mystic Close, 
Et¢moee and 

2 By his word was ail created ; 
He commanded and 'twas done; 
Earth and sky and boundless ocean» 
Universe of three in one, 
A|I that sees the moon'ssoft radance, 
Ail that breathes beneath the sun, 

3 He assumed this mortal body, 
Frail and feeble, doomed to die, 
That the race from dust created 
Might hot perish utterly. 
Which t he dresdful Law had sentenced 
In the depths of heil fo lie r 

4 0 how blest thatwondrous birthday, 
When the Maid the curse retrieved, 
Brought to birth mankind's salvation, 
By the Holy Ghost conceived ; 
And the Babe, the world's ledeemer, 
In ber lOVilg arms received, 

Prffntitt#t b. 8. Tf. Il. F. D. 

5 * This is he, whom seer and sybil 
Sang in ages long gone by; 
This is he of old revealèd 
In the page of prophecy ; 
Lo ! he cornes, the promised Saviour; 
Let the world his praises cry! 

6* Sing, ye heightsofheaven, his praises; 
Angels and Archangeis, sing ! 
Wheresoe°er ye be, ye faithful, 
Let your joyous anthems ring, 
Eve T tongue his naine confessing 
Countless voices answering, 

7 Hall! thou Judge ofsouls depaed; 
Hall ! of ail the living King! 
On the Fatherls right hand throndl 
Through hiscourts thy plises ring 
Till at last for ail offences [bring 
Rigbteous judgement thou sbalt 

t rite ent»n in|o tac Coi,'. 
8" Now let old and young unitilg 
Chant to thee harmonious lays 
Maid and matron hymn thy glory, 
Infant lips their anthem raise» 
]oys and girls together singing 
Vith pure hear t their song of praise 

9. Let the storm "and summer sunshine, 
Giiding stream and sounding shore, 
Sea and forest, frost and zephyr, 
Day and night their Lord adore; 
Let creation join to laud thee 
Through the ages evermore, 

. ]lessed is he that cometh in the naine of the Lord. 
/. God is the Lord who hath showed us light. 
Collect for Cflritm D«y. 



ISL cet. Tf. F. 
AdestP., fldele. Il'. T. B,'ook¢, aul 
0 COME, ail ye faithful, 
Joytul and triumphant, 
0 corne ye, 0 corne ye to Bethlehem ; 
Corne and behold him 
Born the King of Angei : 
0 corne, let us adore him, 
0 coe, let us adore htm, 
O c,me, let us adoee him, Christ the Lrd." 


2 Ood of Ood, 
Light of Light, 
Lo ! he abhors hot the Virgin's womb ; 
Very Ood, 
Begotten, hot ereated : 
3 See how the Shepherds, 
Summoned fo his cradle, 
Leaving their flocks, draw nigh with lowly fear ; 
We too will thither 
Eend ourjoyful footsteps : 
4 * Loi star-led chieftains, 
Magi, Christ adoring, 
Offer him incense, gold. and myrrh ; 
We to the Christ Child 
lring our hearts' oblatione : 
5 Child, for us sinners 
Poor and in the manger, 
Fin we embraee thee, with awe and love; 
Who would hot love Ihee, 
Loving us so dearly? 
6 Sing, choirs of Angels, 
Sing in exultation, 
Sing, ail ye citizens of heaven above; 
Glory fo God 
In the Highest: 
Un/son. 7. Ye, Lord, we glt thee, 
Born this happy morning, 
Jesu, to thee be glory given ; 
3,Vord of the Father, 
Now in flesh appearing: 

. Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord. 
1. God is the Lord, who hath showed us light. 
OE/ect for/u// 


=r-r-?--r-r  , r r r 
@ _,4_., ;i--', .--i-a=-'-' î -_' --_'= _I I, 
No.lTh/s rnn ay also be surg te GOSHEN C0. 645). 


ROM tbe eastern mountains 
Pressing on they corne, 
Wise men in tleir wisdom, 
To his humble home 



Stirred by deep devotion, 
Hasting from afar, 
Ever journeying onward. 
Guided by a taro 

2 There their Lord and Saviour 
Meek and lowly lay, 
Vondrous light that led them 
Onward on their way, 
Ever now to lighten 
Nations from afar, 
As they journey homeward 
By that guiding star. 
3 Thou who in a manger 
Once hast lowly lain. 
"Vho dost new in glory 
O'er ail kingdoms reign, 
Gather in the heathen, 
V/ho in lands afar 
le'er bave seen the brightness 
Of thy guiding star. 

4 Gather in the outcasts, 
Ail who've gone astray, 
Throw tby radiance o'er them, 
Guide them on their way; 
Those who never knew thee, 
Those who've vandered far, 
Guide them by the brightnes 
Of thy guiding star. 

50nward through the darkness 
Of the Ionely night. 
Shining still before them 
With thy kindly light, 
Guide them, Jew and Gentile. 
Homeward frein afar 
Young and old together, 
ly thy guiding star. 

6". Until every nation, 
Whether bond or free, 
"Neath thy star-lit banner, 
Jesu, follows thee, 
O'er the distant mountain 
Te that heavenly home 
V,'here ner sin ner 8orrow 
Evermore shall veine. 


A - ren. 


]f » ¢fl«;,d, tke follocing Ca,'ot maj/ alw b¢ m,.ng. G. Mot, litre, 16.°9-85. 
OIE, faithful ople, corne away, ] 3 'To yonder ville go,' said he, 
YourhomagetoyourHonarch pay; I 'An  d foal tied shall ye e, 
I is the fet of lms to-day: ] Loeethem andbring them unto me': 
Hosama i t higI I 
2 VhenChriet, therdof all,dl'ewnigh I 4 ' If any man dispute yo word, 
On Sunday morn fo Bethy, ] Say, "They are need y the Lord," 
He talle(! two loved ones standing by : I And he permiion will accord' : 
 The two upon their eand sd, I 
And fÇund the  as he  said, 
And on the colt their clothes they spree : 
 Tbey t him on bis throne eo rua; 
efore i went the ultitude, 
And iii their wy their grents strewe : 
: « Go, Saviour, thus to triumph oe, 
Thy crown hell e the wreath of thorn, 
Thy roal rb the rbe of o : 
 * They throlged before behin around, 
They cast pal-ranchee on te oud, 
And etill rose up te joyful ound 
t " ' Bled is Israei's King,' they cry ; 
• Blesd ie e tat cometh nigh 
In ne of G te Lord most high' 
]. Tue, Saviour, to thy Passion 
Array in yty of woe, 
Assumed for sinners bel eiow : 



.4"4d tlda Hmn.  
IDE ou! ride on in majesty! t 2 
Hark, ail the tribes hosanna cry ; 
Thine humble beast pursues his road 
With palms and scattered garments 

o a di  = . ' Musiische$ Ha.B," Ha&urg 1690. 
ç. __.  «  g  --c- 
I  I__ 1 1 t -  
I .... , if II --I I  ' 7 
.-   - - ., .  -? , 
I - ._ .-  - . 
'-  --' 'D l ' ' ' " ' l 
Ride a[ ride n in majesty  
In iowly mp ride on te die : 
0 Christ, thy triumphs now begin 
O'er ptive death and conquered 

3 Ride on' ride on in majesty! 
The wingèd squadrons of the sky 
Look down with sad and wondeffiing eyes 
To see the approaching sacrifice. 
4 Ride on! ride on in majesty! 
Thy iast and fiercest strife is nigh 
The Father, on his sapphire threne, ----'- 
Expects his o,vn anointed Sn. 
5. Ride on! ride on in majesty! 
In lo,vly pomp ride on to die; -- _ ' 
Bow thy meek head to mortal pain, 
Thon take, O God, thy powerç and reign. 
Tle Gost .t. Matthew xxL I-9. 


621 (oun«) 

'W MOW an ,olo,I -  = 46. and Aa)',,tolfz 
"   , 
I ' i i " " I ", I ,a / I / 
/ I/ I i V J l 
I , , I , , , , , I I 
l M ..... __ . _ . .... 
--''- --4 -- )- -I) 
  ) . DC. 
I-qç-----,---°----] -  1 
Or thi IoErs;o, of rb« aor«. T,'. J. N. 
LL gloy, laud, a, ho)tour 8 The company of Angeis 
 To the 6 ed@mer Ki A praising thre on high, 
To whom tl lips ofchildrcn And mortai men and ail thing 
3l«de set im ri#. Ctated make reply. 
2 Thou art the King of Israei 4 Tho ople of the Hebrews 
Thou David's royal Son, Vth lms fore th went: 
XVb9 i;l the rd's naine cornent, Our praise and prayer and anthe,«s 
The King and bless,.d One. fore thee we ptsent. 
5 To thee before thy passion 
They sang their bymns of praise; 
To thee now high exalted 
Out meiy we rai. 
6. Thou dit accept their prais, 
Accept the praye, we bring, 
'Vho in ail gd delightest. 
Thou good and gracious King. 
Ai t anZ step. 
0 Saviour of the worid, who by thy Cross and pious Biood lmst redecm 
z e us and help us, we humbly h thee, 0 rd. 


Ml ., di  = 66. ' ot or ntip," 172. 
t I I I I I I I I _I J I 
, i i i I I i I - I ' I ' ' I 
- , __ + ç ,' ç ï_ 
 ' I , I i   , I  I i 
t4¢ e,t»,re iato t+e ,oir. aude de nil, 
Tf. J. ChamdleP « ad +" !1. I1". 
Prome vm mens nomm. 
OW my soul, thy voice upraising, 2 * See, his hands and feet are 
Tellinsweetandmournfulstrain So he mak his ople free; 
How the CrucJfied, enduring 'ot a wound whence Bld is flowig 
Grief and wounds, and dy/ng pain, But a fount of grace shall be ; 
Frly of his love w offert, Yea, the very nails which nail 
Sinless was for inners slain. ail us also to the Te. 
8. Jeu, may tho precious fountains 
Drink to thirsting souls afford ; 
Let them  our cup and healing, - 
nd at length our fu]l reward : - 
So a ra.mod world shall over 
Praise theo its redming Lord. 
. liser me from mine enemies, O G. 
R. Defend me fm them that rioe up against me. 

Collect for Paire $unda+j. 



T,r« clrr: s t. Mode iv. 
t' :.: ... 
E - • _ i'î'î 
I1 l¢ G #es . li-   ll day 11,«1 cri 
IT-- I ,  «  -- . I " ' I 
I ....  i I ' ' i     î  

Three clerhs.  


624 («u,.,.) 

/  I v i , I 
/ I , i,-,I I 
/ -- I  /-,I 1, I I 
,, I .... 

(.m Prt.) T,'. M. F. B. 
 8alve, f di. 
.l" IL thee Festlv #ayY blet day  a howed for 'er ; 
Day wein God o'came be# a aro fiom the 
2 Lo, the falr beauty vfearth, frein Ihe death vf the winter avising, 
E'e T gv gift of the year new vith ifs abter refera. 
3 Ht. who w aail te the Crv is G and the Buler vf aH thin ; 
Ail things created en earth wvhip the aker vf ail. 
I God of ail pity and pvwer, let thy word  sured te the doubting; 
Light on the third day turns : ri, Svn vf G, frein the tvmb '. 
5 III dvth if sm that thy limbs shvu]d linger in lovly diheour, 
msom and priee er the world veiled frein the visivu ef meu. 
6 * III it beemeth that thvu, by whv hand ail things are encvpaed, 
Captive and bouud should remaiu, deep in the glm er the rk. 
7" Ri nov, O Lvrd, frein the grave and cast vif the sud that enwpped 
Thou art sucient for us : nothing vithot thee exists. [thoe ; 
S Mouing they laid thee te rest, who art Author of life and ereatlon ; 
Treading the thwa of death, life thou bestowedst on man. 
9 Show us thy face once more, that the ag may joy in thy hrightness; 
Give us the light of y, darkened on earth at thy death. 
10" Out of the prison of dth thou a rescuing numberle captives ; 
Freely they t in the way whither their Maker h gone. 
11 *. 3esus h haow hell ; he has I caivity ptive: 
Darkness and chaos and death flee frein the face of the light. 


SALVE FESTA DIES. ||rreg.) 62: (MODE TUE) 

-r--,--, =P -'r ?-'= 

I, al - low¢«l for e . er; Jl echcre - in G o'«'- 
I . I 1I ,  /_ 
I---«-- :.-- 
-  i i I " * 
-t-r- ?--r r-r-r- - 
i i -- «««t i c0 
Ve 2 4, 6, 8. and 10. 
2 Lo, the fair eau - ty of rth, from the dth of te 
4 G of ! pity d wer. let thy o   - 
6 I11 it -m - eth at thou, by h hand gll. . 
8 Mou-ing they laid thee  r, who art 
10»Out of the p¢i - n of death thou  


624 ,oa,u«d) 

__--.,Î I  c---- - - ---I =--I 
win . tr a - ;œe mg, Er e go gift of the 
  t doubt ing ; Light on the third day 
thin a  - oem - , Cap tire and und ehoult  - 
lire and e - • tion ; d ing the path - way of 
nmt - r - ! cp tivi F ly they trd in the 
 J ,  ._____ 

Vertes !1, 5, 7, 9, and 11. 
. Clerks°'d;J" - ..... 
- ', I 3--.__ . : __q 
$ He 'ho w n;ul to tl:e C i G and the 

eem tiret thy limbe 8hould ling - er in 
Lord, from the grave and cast off the 
face once . .;ore, tht the a - ges may 
lmr - w - ed hell; he ls lel cap 
I i -i'- 1 i 


- = " -q ' , Il f I I--«_--L---è 
Ru - le o ail thin; Ail thln cre - a - t n 
lw ly dis - ho . otr,  - vt &nd pri of the 
shroud tiret en-wp th ; Thou  ,f - fl - cient for 
jy in thy bright - n; Give  the ]ight of 
ti ri - ty p tire: Dark- d c -  nd 
. -- I -- // t  

¢al.h wor - ship thz lla kzr o[ ail 
world, veiled from the ri sion of nlen. 
 : noth - ing with - ott t]l ex - Js, 
day, dark . en on h at thy dtl,. 
dth floe fro», the face of the light. 
_] ,.    J ,, 

licol ll, ee, F¢- t .... ,l. Z## let da ! that art lai- lolr for ¢ . f,. 
, --2 ,' ,   '' 
'-ï , ...... I î " 
Da t h'e . in G o'¢r . caie tell alld  - i'o f'mli il,{ demi. X - ln. 


• ,lorla Parti," b. G. P. D « 
/ I. Iï I I. I I I 
HE strife is o'er the battle done; 
Nov is the Victor's trimph von ; 
O let the song of praise be sung : 
2 Death's mightiet powers bave oue their wost, 
And Jus hath his foes isperse ; 


• . The Lord s risen from the tomb. 
. Who for out kes hung upon he Treo. 
Cdb foe 
» d 3 809 

Let shouts of praise and joy outbmt : 
3 * On the tbird morn he roe again 
Glorious in nmjesty to reign ; 
O let us swell the joyfu! strain : 
4 * He brake the age-bound chaius of hell ; 
The baz from heaven's high portais feli ; 
Let hymns of praise his triumph tell : 
5. Lord, by the stripe v¢hich v¢ounded thee 
Fromdeath's dread sting thy servants free, 
That we may live, and sing to thee : 

/ A- men. 



l,t free rAygkm  = 112. ,am,toi b$  . GoIr 
To   in union. Hodç L 
-   . 
I}=--  . __"  l I r . . : . - 
i--_   .  , 
i i i l I - -ll - 
. I I _ ! , I 
I " " " I , l  1  - 

{326 («'ued) 

Whom heavonly hosts in glory sing, 
To-dny tho grave hath lest its sting. 6 
On that fit orning of the week, 
Befo the day began te break, 7 
The Marys went their Lord te eeek. 
A Atgel bado their soow fl, 
For thns ho spako unto tho throe : 
' Your Lord is gono te Galiloe.' 
That night tho Apostles mot in fear, 
Amidst thomcamot hoirLordmtdear. 
And said : ' Peace bo unto you here I" 
9" On this most holy day of days, 
Te God your hearts and voieos raise 
In laud, and jubilee, and pise. 
10'. And we svith Holy Church unite, 
 evermore is just and right, 
In glocv te the King of Light. 
l'. The Lord is rien frein the tomb. 

Ho doubted if it were the Lord. 
'Thomas, behold my aide,' .aith he, 
« bIy hands, my feet, my body see; 
'And doubt Lot, but believe in me.' 
No longer OEhomas then denied ; 
He saw the feet, the hands, the side; 
'Thou art my Lord and God,' ho 
8 * BlessVd are they that bave sot seen, 
And yet whose faith bath constant 
In lire eternal they shall reign. 

1. Who for our sskes hung upon the Te. Alleluya. 
Collect for Easter Even. 
1, ret,«rni:,.a up th« ¢are, Pe. 115 I,'on nobia Domine, nay  »ung by &att«» aad Peole in 
alternate , tA Alleluya st tac d of h ,'t. ( Fw" Piain 9 el #ce dix.} 
1 t&t CI«a,c¢l ztep l tay ata MIt v'e ]5, Ye are the bl of the d, to tle end qf I 
Gloria Parti t: aung, .follmd by : 
. Tell it out among the heathen. 
. TESt the rd hath roied from the Tree. Alleluya. 
Cdle.f& Paire Suay. 
SI 1 


fotldttl Ot '4re, Mari 'lm" 
In  ti  =72. 
I  I. I I  I " I 
/ l I Il I J ' J I I I I "1 I I 
NOT£.--[S hymn may ao  ng fo ST. Tuos (3. 11). 
A r setting ofth tune wi found at Hymn 18. 
.4 the eahtce in the Choir. T. Kell , 1761%4. 
HE Lord is riwn indeed ] 
Now is his work rfoed ;  Then hell has lost his prey ; 
Now  the mighty Captive tToed, With him 
And death's strong castle storm. To reign in endless day. 

3. The Lord is risen indeed ! 
He lives, to die no moa; 
He lives, the sinner's cause to plead, 
Whose curse and shame he bore. 

O Lord, hear our prayer. 
And let our cry corne unto thee. 
Cdlect for Lady Day. 

[For Mdodi¢s sez ttym» 624.] 
lve, f d (Sa»m prêtionS.) Tf. P. D. 
.41L thee, Festival Dayl bst 
y )t out G  high in  heoE  rK. 
Lo, the fait beauty of rth, from the dth of the vinter arising, 
Eve g g of the year now with ifs ter returns. 
Daily the loveline grows, adoed with the glo of blosm ; 
Heaven ber t unbar flinging ber increase of light. 
Christ in his tumph aends, who bath vanquish the devil's dominion; 
Gay  e wand vith leav bright are the meadows vith flowe 
Christ overwhel the domain of Had and ries fo hven ; 
Fitly the light ves him praiaemeadows and ean and sky. 


6 Losen, 0 Lord, the enchsined, the spirits imprisoned in darkness; 
Rescue, recali into iife thoso who are rushing te death. 
7 * Se shalt thou bear in thine arms an imrnaculate people te heaven, 
Bearing them purs unto God, pledge of thy victory here. 
8 «Jesu the Health of thê worid, Creator of man and Redeemer, 
Son of the Father suprerne, only-begotten of God ! 
9* Equal art thou, co-eternal, in fellowship ay with the Fathe-; 
In the beginning by thee ail was created and ruade. 
10 *. Ad it was thou, blessëd Lord, who discerning humanity's sorrow, 
Humbledst tiyself for our race, taking out flesh fol- rhino own. 

Fry iIo end d,9ni.fd  = 46. A,lapted and a»iz«d by J. S. c. 
I" I I [ ï r l l î- y I Il: I i I I1 I 
' ''' '' "' 
- - - I I I - --  I 

dt Æl tnt»'a»ce i,to te Cwir. 17ri, ¢t. T,'. I1: I. 
Suireme Bector caelitum. 
0KING most high ofearth and sky 20 Christ, behoid thine orphaned fold, 
On prostratedeath thou treadest, I ,Vhich thou hast bornevithanguish 
And withthyBIooddost marktheroad  Steeped in the ride frein thy rent aide 
Whereby te heaven thou leadest.  O leave us net te languish! 

3. The glorious gain of ail thy pain 
Henceforth dost thou inherit; 
low cornes the hour--then gently shower 
On us thy promised Spirit ! 
Oo is gone up vith a merry noise. 
And the Lord with thë sound of the trump. Alleluya. 
oil¢d for Ascwsio»-Day. 


[For Mdodies ee H»m 624.] 
AIL the Fiv Day I  day t art H f 
ay wein God fiom an ne on OEe 
2 Loi in the likeness of tire, on them that avait his appring, 
He vhom the Lord foretold suddenly swiflly, descends. 
2 Forth from the Father he cornes with his venfold mystical dovT 
Pouring on human uls infinite riches of God. 
4 Hark] in a hundred tongues Christ's own, his chosen Apoetles 
Preach rG a hundd tribes Christ and his wonderful works. 
5 Praise rG the Spirit of life, ail praise to the Fount of out being, 
Light that dost lighten ail, Life that in ail dost abide. 
6 God, vho art Giver of ail good gif d Loyer of concord, 
Pour thy balm on our souls, order our vays in thy peace. 
7 * God Almighty, who fillt the heaven, the h and the oceau, 
Guard us from harm without, clean us from evil within. 
S *. Kindle our lips with the lire bright coal from the hands of the Seraph; 
Shine in our minds vith thy light ; burn in out heas with thy love. 
.,,«««,,,,,»,, : . 631 
I ' v I, I I , I , I 
_ __ _ _ _  __ 
 J  .?_.-. ,_ 
V 4 , -r-- I ,- . 
I---T .F T 
o--A lor sdting of thls hOle wt be fnd al Hn 260. 
.4t t nce into the Choir. 
PIR of mercy, tth, and love, 2 * In eve clime, in eve tongue, 
Shed thyblest influence from above, Be O's eternal pis sung; [taht 
And still from e to age convey Thugh ail the listening eah 
The wonders of this sacred day. The acts our great Redeemer wught. 

3. Unfailing Comfort, heavenly Guide, 
Over thy favoured Church preside ; 
Still may mankind thy blessings prove, 
At the actv_arl stop. Spirit of mercy, truth, and love. 
». The Apostles did speak with other tongues. 
1. The wonderful wor.ks of God. Alleluya. 
Cllect for IVhit-Sunday. 


/  J J I 1%1 I /  %1 I 
I  -- I I ' '  . ._  « _    I / 
/  ,   -- - 1 1  
- _ _ 1   
l I ' ' " - "  "" " -'- 
'  1 1 I 1 1 I -- 
NE.TM hymn may «lso be ag ¢o the Grenle 3ely ai Hymn 181. 
Aeter Lux, Diini. llh ce,tt. T'. IL F. L;llledalcl. 

OEERNAL Light, Diviuity, 
0 Unity in T,'inityl 
Thy holy naine thy servants bless, 
1'o thee we pray, and thee confess. 
XVe praise the Father, mighty One ; 
XVe praise the sole-begotten Son ; 
XVe praise the Holy Ghost above, 
Who joins them in one bond of love. 
For of the Father infinite 
Begotten is the Light of light» 
.nd from hi love eternally 
Pt)ceeds the Spirit, God most high. 
None can more high or hcly be, 
Co-equal is thelr Deity, 
The substance of the Thle is One» 
And equal laud to them is doue. 
The Three are One Immensity, 
The Three One highest Verity, 
The Three One perfeet Charity, 
And they are man's Felicity. 

60 Verity! 0 Charity! 
O Endiug and Felicity ! 
In thee we hope, in thee believe, 
Thyself we love, to thee wc cleave. 
7 Thou First and Last, from whom ihere 
The Fount of ail created things, 
Thou art the Life which moves the 
Sure Hope of each believing soul. 
8 * Thou who alone the world hast ruade, 
Art still ifs one sufl]cing aid, 
The only Light for gazing eyes, 
And, unto them that hope, the Prize. 
9. 0 Father, Source of God the ,Vol'd 
I 0 Word with him co-equal Lord, 
O Spirit of like majety, 
0 Triune God, ail praise to thee. 

ILLSLEV. (L--ll) 6 
,Blo=r  = . 3. BHO, c. l-IT7. 
,'«- ,-   -  ' ' '- 
I I I t I  - I I I I = I -  - -- 
E.--.4 loer i,vg of lhis tu,te tci  foi(d ci Hy»lt 58. 
A-e colenda Tfini Tç J. D. Clml'l I. 
L hail, adord TL'in ity ; Thou hearest in thy love'egreat wealth, 
Ait hait, eteruat Unity ; And praising thee is ail out heatth. 
O God the Faiher, God the Son, 3Three Peons praise we evermore, 
And God the Spirit, ever One : One only God out hearts adore; 
2*To thee, upon this holy day, In thy sweet mercy ever kind 
We ffer up out thankfut Iay ; [ay 'e out sure protection find. 
4.0 Trinity O Unity 
Be present as we worhip thee ; 
And with the songs that Angels siug 
t the 8act=ta, t«oe. Unite the hymns of prai we bring. 
. Blesd be the naine of the Lord. 
. From this rime forth for evermore. 
Co[Zect fo THnity 8mtd«. 
[F Melies see Hm 624.] 
lr% f di Tf. I. F. B. 
AIL ffe, FestirŒl Day Y blet day tiret  hatwed foe er ; 
ay whe the Chur, Christ's ide  fo k 'ide 
2 This is the house of God, a plaoe of peace and refreshing; 
8otomon here to the poor offers a treasure uutold. 
 Scion of David is he svho h calted us to share in his gtory ; 
Here in his Father's houoe Ood we sball find him and man. 
4 Ye who have put on Christ are indeed Iris mystical body, 
If ye bave kept the faith, longed to become as your Lord. 


 Mystical alto the new and the heavenly city of Sion, 
Fitly adorned for ber spouae, c|ad with the light from on high. 
6 * Here, af his holy font, does the heavenly King and the righteous 
Grace for their cleansing and growth grant to his people on earth. 
7 * Tower of David is this; here are pledges of lire and salvation, 
If with unwavermg feet swift to this stronghoid we »un. 
8  Here is the ark of God, a refuge of grace to the faithful ; 
Safe to the haven if bears mariners tossed by the wavcs. 
9. Ladder of Jacob, by none but by thee we can mount to the heavens ; 
Grant that thy peeple, O Lo»d, thither asccnding may reign. 

Nod¢rttey do,¢  = . az¢ner Gngbz¢cl,, 1653. 
 j  ,1 I 1 ./ ----- -- 
I  I I. i I- I I / I 
No.--Tis hmn ay also  N  PlOW (3. 69,, Tuowoo (3. 146 
or Wsu (o. 47). 
t the ¢ut«ac in t Choir. L l;tts 1674-1748, atd J. lredey. 
TERNKL Power, whooe high able 
Becomes the grandeur of a God, 
Infinite lengths beyond the bounds 
Vhe stars revoive thcir little rounds : 
 Thee while the first Archangel sine, 
He hidea hia face behind his vings ; 
And ranks of ahining thrones around 
Faii wohipping and spread t ground. 
3. Lord, what shail earth and hes do ? 
We wouid adore out Maker too 
he Gveat the Ho]y 
. Blessèd are they that dwell in thy ho. 
. Th«y wili be lwï piig tee. 
Co[oeçtfo- St. Simolt end St. Jude. 


ISTE CONFESSOR (=). (11.11o115.) 636 
Ici »,ote,'¢tte i  = 96. To be Img la uison. o Chm'ch 
I ,   2 ,.  ,s:,--, '. 
--  - l,- - - 
 p . • 
«. 9lb cent. 
Chris cuncrum D,)minar ame. 

NLY-BEGOTTEN, Vord of God 
Lord of Creation, merciful and migh ty, 
List to thy servants, when their tune- 
f,d voices 
Rise to thy presence. 
2 Thus in out solemn Feast of Dedica- 
t ion, devotion, 
(;raced with returning rites of due 
Ever thy children, year by year re- 
Chant in thy temple. 
3 This is thy palace ; here thy prese,ce- 
cham ber ; 
Here may thy se'vants, at the mystic 
D;fily adoring, take tby Body broken, 
Drink of thy Chalice. 

4 Here for thy children stands the h«dy 
laver, [ nat u re, 
Fountain of pardon for the guiit of 
Cleansed by whose water springu a 
race anointed, 
Liegemen of Jcsus. 
5 Here in our sickness healing grace 
aboundeth, [freshment ; 
Light in o.r blindness, i. out toil re- 
Sin is forgiven, hopo o'er fcar pre- 
Joy over sorrow. 
6 Haliowed this dweiling where the 
Lord abideth, [Heaven ; 
This is none other than the gare of 
.trangersand pilgrims, seeking homes 
Pass through its portais. 

7 Lord, ve beseech thee, as ,ve throng thy temple 

By thy past blessings, by thy prese,t bounty, 
Smile on thy children, and with tender mercy 
Hear our petitions. 
8. God in Three Persons, Father everlaating, 
Son co-eternal, ever-blessèd Spirit, 
Thine be the glory, praise, and adoration, 
Now and for ever. Amen. 


I I I I I . ' , ll 
.. '_OE__.L I '- t 
I -.----n-hLï--t:--7----9-r-O ,-,-,-6--¢--- ,---,.-. 
[May  g througou in uuison.] 
NE.--Tis àgmn »ay so  sung to Sow Ca (No. 
.4t t« entmc« inlo tM oir. G. T«rsteç, 17-1769. 
OI 0 is he,'el let us adore 
And own how dreadful is this plaee 
t ail withm us feel his power, 
And ilent bow belote his fe, 
Vho know his wer, his graoe who prove, 
Serve him wth awe, with reverence love. 
The u-ited choir of Aogels sing ; 
To him, enthroned above ail height, 
To Ihee may ail our thoughts arise 
Cealesa, accept Sacrifice. 

. Let thy priests be clothed with righteousness. 
1. And let thy saints aing with joyfulnesa. 
Cllect for S& Simon and St. 5ude. 



eJERUSALEM, ny happy home, 
Wher. shall I corne to thee ? ' 
V'hen shall my 6orrov have an end ? 
Thy joys when shall I see ? 
happy harbour of the Saints ! 
O sweet and pleazant soil ! 
In thee no sorrow may be round, 
I'o grief, no care, no toil. 
I,L thee no sickness may be seen, 
No hurt, no ache, no sore ; 
In thee there is no dread of death, 
But life for evermore. 
No dampish mist is seen in thee» 
No cold nor darksome night; 
There every soul shies as the sun ; 
OEhere God him»elf gives light. 
There lust and lucre cannot dwell ; 
There envy bears no sway; 
10*V¢ithin thy gares no thing doth corne 
That is hot passing clean, 
1o spider's web, no dirto no dust, 
1o filth may there be seen. 
11 Ah. my sweet home, Jerusslem, 
Vould God I were in thee! 
Vould God ny woes were at an end, 
Thy joys that I might see! 

F. B. P. | (c. 1580}. Bad on 8t. 
There is no hunger, heat, nr cold, 
But pleasure every way. 
6 Jerulem, Jcrusalem, 
G grant I one 
Thy endless job, and of ihe ame 
Ptaker ay may 
7 Thy walls are ruade of precioussn, 
Thy bulwarks diamonds uare ; 
Thy gares are of right orient pearl ; 
Exceeding rich and rare; 
8 * Thy turrets and thy pinnacle$ 
With carbuncl do hine ; 
Thy ry streets are paved with gold 
Surpassing clear and 
9 * Thy bouses are of ivory, 
Thy windows crystal clear; 
Thy tiles are ruade of bten 
O God that I were there! 


, ,  , , ,--. g  ,,; , 
% -- I I / I org.F I I I 
(lf ng paratcZy, may begin lh rse 
1 Thy Saints are crowned with glory [ 14 Out sweet is mixed with bitter 
gret; ] gall, 
They e God face to face ; I Our pleasure is but pain, 
Theytriumphstill. they still joice :  Our joys scaoee lait the looking 
ost happy is their case.  Out sorrows still remain. 
13 We that are here in aniahment, 15 But there they live in such delight, 
Continually do mourn ; ] Such pleaure and such play, 
We sigh and sob, we veep and vail, [ As that fo them a thousand years 
Perally we groan. Dotb em as yesterday. 
16 * Thy vineyards and thy orchards are 
Most beautiful and fait, 
Full furnishbd vithtrevs and fruits, 
Most wonderful and rare ; 
17 * Thy gardens and thy gallant valks 
Continually are green ; 
There grov such sweet and pleasant flowers 
As novere else are seen. 
18 * There's neclar and ambrosia ruade, 
Them's musk and civet sweet ; 
There many a fait and dainty drug 
Is trden under feet. 
19" The ci nnamon, there augar gro, 
The nard and balm abound ; 
What tongue can tell, or heart conceive» 
The joys that there are found 
 Th Pari may coclude with rerse 


,us,,,,,. (c.,,., 638 (P.,'r s) 
 .... - -- 
I I I I I 
I '--  I i I I I 
i I i l '' 'l 'I I i ' ' -- ' 
ll,, i ----,, ,, , i---,- l, 
I ' I' ' ' I 
Part 3. 
(lf s saraly, ma çin with se 1.) 
0 Qu}te through the stgeta with ailver 23 Out Lady aiu Magnificat 
sound With tune surping aweet ; 
The flood of life doth flow, And MI the Vnins br tigeir 
Upon who banks on eveT aide parts, 
The wood of lire doth grow. Sttmg about ber foet. 
1 There tr for evermore br frmt, [ 24 Te um doth Saint Ambro si,g, 

And evermore da spring ; i 
There evermore the Angels sit, 
And evermore do eing; 
ThereDavid tanda with Igarp in l]and 
As toaster of the choir: [blest 
Ten thousand rimes that man were 
That might this music hear. 
26. Jerusalem, my happy home, 
V'ould God I were in tllee ! 
%Vould Goal my woes were at an end 
Tlly joys that I miht see: 
l.f the starred verses are ornittcd, Parts I and 2 togetit¢r will form a 
Procssion of arage length ; or either Part separately wT!.form a 
short Hymn sdtable for [/cm'rat tcse. 
The followivg are ato sffabe for Eai/" D«ys : 

Saint Austin doth the like 
Old Simeon and Zaclry 
Have hot their sons to seek. 
25 There MagdMene bath left hermoan, 
And cheerf, lly_doth sing 
With ble.-C Saints, whose harmoqy 
In every street doth ring. 



]HE Church triumphant in thv h,ve, 
. Their mighty joys we know  
They sing the Lamb in hymns ave, 
And we in hymns below. 
Thee in thy glorious realm they praioe, 
And bow fore thy throne ; 
We in the kinsdom of thy grace : 
The kingdoms are but one. 
The holy to the hoHest leads. 
From hen out spirits re, 
And ho that in thy stutes tread 
Shall meet th in the skies. 

C. Il'ait'Il, 1707-. 

'h following are also suitable for 8ainls" Dtys, 02 the enhance ito the choir. 
19 For &Il thy Sainta. 0 Log',L [ 37, (1. 2 3. or 4. 5. 6) ]Brigbt the ,-ieion. 
249 (5, 6) Let ail who erved. 535 {2l Prai.-c the Loz. 

Or thil, on tt feltivalz of t. ]t[ar th¢ 'ri lo 
L'OREILLE. 188. 77..D.) 
In modvrat« tire G e¢ry dignilll  = 80, 

L. Bovscgom for tire  PI 
 VoIc IN N]N. m  Gean Pt 1543. 
1 Vir - gin , we w  . fore thoe 
2. Bi - d he by aH c - a t]on ho hro.ght 
 --  ,  ---- 
-ï--, .   __ 

wa the wombthat bore thee i }la - re, Mo-ther meek and mild: 
forth the world'el - va - tion, And ble - èt they--fo er - v blet» Who 
v ' ' --  ( -- I . . 
Il  I I I I I "I i "I 
I  I ' ; I  I 
 __ __ _OE i  e_. __ _ 

I Ble - êd ,vas ehe in lier Child. BI o èd w thebtthat 
I love thee m andrveth  Vit - n - ,we w - 
._ î ,_ --  iï - 

fed thee 
- fo hoe: 
! -th k 
t tle ,zch m T 
. e glad, O ye righteos, and rejoice in the Lord. 
'. And be oyfl, ail yo trot are truo of heart. 
Colle¢t foE 
ui«tl  = 92, $[dody by C. KOCHB, 
, . . ,, . ,,:_ . 




ORWARD! be out watchvord, 
Steps and voices joiued ; 
beek the things belote us» 
Nota look behind ; 
Btlrns the fiery pillar 
At our army' head ; 
Vho shai| dream of hrinkin, 
By out Captain led ? 
Forwa<l through the desert, 
Through tho toil and fight 
Jordan flows before us, 
Sion beams with light. 
Forward, when in childhood 
Buds the infant mind ; 
Ail through youth and manhood, 
lgot a thought behind ; 
Speed through realms of nature, 
Ciimb the steps of grace ; 
F-'dnt hot, til! areund us 
t;leams the Father's face. 
Forward, ail the life-time, 
Ciimb from height to hoight 
Til the head be hoary, 
Till the eve be light. 
Forward, flock of Jesus. 
Sait of ail the earth, 
Till esch yearnin$ purpose 
Spring to glorious birth ; 
Sick, they ask for healing. 
Blind, tbey grepe for day ; 
Pour upon the nations 
Wisdom's loving ray. 
Forvard, out of error. 
Leave behind the niht : 
Forward through the darknes 
Forward into light. 
(lorles upon g|ories 
Hath out God prepared. 
By the souls that love him 
One day fo be shared ; 
Eye bath hot beheld them, 
Far hath noyer heard ; 
Ig«r of these bath nttered 
Tbought or speech a word ; 
Forward, marching eastward. 
Vhere the heaven is bright, 
Till the oeil be lifted, 
Tili out faith be sight. 

tL d(/brd ., 1610-71. 
 * Far oer yon horizon 
Riae the city towers, 
Vhere out God abideth ; 
That fair home is our : 
Flash the streets with jper, 
Shine the gates with gold ; 
Fic,ws tho gladdening river, 
Shedding joys untold. 
Thither, onward thither, 
In the Spirit's might ; 
Pilgrims to your countT, 
Forward into light. 
6 * Into God's high temple 
Onvard as wo pres, 
Beauty spreads avound 
Born of holiness ; 
Arch, and vault, and carving, 
Lights of varied tone. 
Softoned words and holy, 
Prayer and praise alone : 
Evel T thought upraising 
To out eity bright, 
Vfhere tho tribes assemble 
Eound the throne of light. 
7 * l'ought that city needeth 
Of these sisles of stone ; 
Vhere the Godhead dwelleth 
Temple there is none; 
Ail the saints that over 
In these courts bave stood 
Are but babes, and feeding 
On the children's food. 
On throgh sign and 
Stars amidst the night. 
Forward thxmgh the darkness, 
Forvard into light. 
8. To the Father's giory 
Loudest anthems raise; 
To the Son and Spirit 
Echo songs of praise ; 
To the Lord Almighty, 
Blessèd Three in One, 
Be by mon and Angels 
Endless honour done. 
Vak are earthly praises, 
Duil the songs of night 
Forward into triumph, 
Forward ito light : 




NWARD, Christian soldiers, 
Harching as fo war, 
With the Cross of Jesus 
Going on belote. 
Christ the royal Master 
Leads against the foe ; 
Forward into battle, 
See, his banners go ! 
Onward, Chllistian $oZdiers 
3larching as fo te, or, 
lFith the Cross of Jesus 
Goizg on belote. 
2 Af the sign of triumph 
Satan's legions flee ; 
On then, Christ/an soldiers, 
On to -ictory. 
Hell's foundations quiver 
At the about of praise; 
Brothers, lift your voices, 
Loud your anthems raise. 

. Bari,9-Go,.bl , 1834-1924. 
3 Like a mighty army 
Hoves the Church of Goal ; 
Brothers, we are treading 
"Vhere the Saints bave tro ; 
We are no divided, 
Ail one body we, 
One in hope and doctrine 
One in charity. 
4 Crowns and thrones rnay perish 
Kingdoms rise and wane» 
But the Church of Jesus 
Constant will romain ; 
Gares of hell can noyer 
'Gainst that Church prevail; 
We h«tve Christ's wn promise, 
And that cannot rail. 

5. Onward, thon, ye people, 
Join our happy throng, 
Blond vith ours your voices 
In the triumph song; 
Glory, laud, and honour 
Unto Christ the King ; 
This through countless ages 
len and Angels sing. 


Brig?,tt iI =100. A/trbtit¢d to J. S. B.«cB, I17 
. _, h-  ,  , ., , • 
i-- i/ I i FI I I I i I ' 
. I 
_  oç  o -o o_. ' _ -  
I  i i i ' --1, i,I i I £ V" 1 F  Pi 
I  I I /i: I I I1 ; ' ,'. !' I 
-» i i  i --»----' -- 
I I i i i i i  .i i_ I ,, 

EJOICE, ye pure in heart, 
Rejoice, give thanks, and sing ; 
Your orient banner ,vave on high, 
The Clss of Christ your King. 
o Bright youth and »no,v-cro,vned age, 
Strong men and maidens meek, 
Raise high your free exuiting sng. 
God's wondrfms l, raies i, eak. 
3 %Vith ail the Aniel chfArs. 
%Vith ail the aints on earth, 
Pour out the strains ofjoy anti biles. 
True rapture, noblest mirth. 
4 Your clear hosannas mise, 
And alleluyas loud ; 
Whilst ans,vering echoes up,vard float, 
t.ike wreaths ff incense cloud. 
5 With voiee as full and strong 
As oeean's surging praise. 
Senti forth the hymns out fat hers loved, 
The p:.lms of ancient da.v-_-. 

E. H. Pli, mplr¢, 1821-91. 
6 Yes on, through life's long path, 
Still ehanting as ye go, 
From youth to ale, hy night and da., 
In gladness and in woe. 
7 Still lift your standard high, 
Still match in firm array. 
As warriors through the darknesstoil 
Till dawns the golden day. 
8 Af last the mareh shail end, 
The wearied ones shail rest, 
The pli gri ni s fi nd t hei r Fat her's home, 
Jerualem the blest. 
9 Then on, ye pure in heari, 
Rejoice, give thanks, and sing ; 
Yonr orient banner wave on high. 
The Cross of Christ your King. 
10. Praise him who reigns on high, 
The Lord whom we adore, 
The Father, Son, and Holy Ghosb 
One God for evermore. Amen. 



I. I I 'fil 

l ,,,' I i I  'll,i,'ll 'llll, 
I J_.l «;:_,9_,_ L-,--,9---,.,.»-«, ,----=L,_ _«_« _.__,., 
AVIOUR. blessd Saviom-, t Clearer stil] and clearer 
Listen xvhile *ve sing, Dawna the light frein heaven, 

In out sadnesa bringing 
Nev¢s of sins forgiven 
Lire bas lest ifs shadow., 
Pure the light within 
Thou hast shed thy diançe 
On a world of sin. 
Brighter still and brighter 
G]ows the western un, 
Shedding ail ifs gladness 
O'er out work that's drue; 
Time will soo be over, 
Toil and rrow past ; 
ay w blesd Saviou 
Find a test af last. 
Onward, ever onward, 
$ourneying o'er the rvad 
Worn by Saints before 
Journeying on fo God 
Lea'i ail behind 
ay we hasten 
Backward never lookig 
Till he prize is wo. 

]/earts and voices raising 
Praises to our King. 
Ail we have we offer, 
Ail we hope to be, 
Body. soul, and spirit, 
Ail we yield to thee. 
Nearer, ever nearer, 
Christ, we draw fo thee, 
Deep in adoration 
Bending low the knee. 
Thon for our redemption 
Cam'st on earth te die; 
Thou, that we might follow, 
Hast gone up on high. 
Great and ever greater 
Are thy mercies here ; 
True and everlasting 
Are tb gl«,ries there ; 
Vhere no pain, nor sorrow, 
Toil nor care, is known, 
Where the Angel-legions 
çirele round thy throne. 

7. Higher then and higher 
Bear the ransomed soui. 
Earthly toils forgotten, 
Saviour, fo ifs goal ; 
V¢hero in joys unthought of 
Saints svith Angels sing. 
Never weary raising 
Praises fo their King. 


and 7 7. 7 6.) MeloJ in 
In moderafe fi - . = 144. Aadah G¢mnuch, 1¢. 
, b 
I i I 
. , «: ----- " __i  -_  . 
 i i i i i i  i i - i i t i 
H or , I1o - I Je - tt. 
,>.4 of Che 
ç49, 1: and 654. 


R. F. Littledale, 1833-90: aad T. B. Polodc. 
OD the Father, God the Son, 
God the Spirit, Three in One, 
Heur uç from thy heavenly throne : 
Spare us, Holy Trinity. 
2 3esu. King of boundless might, 
• VeSu, everlasting Light 
.Vesu, "Visdorn infinite: 
Hear us, Holy Jes. 
3 Thou whose wisdom all things planned; 
Held by whoso almighty hand 
lI things in their order stand: 



3esu, sole-begotten Son, 
• 1esu, high and holy One, 
Jesu, chiefest Coner-stone : 

God with u, Emmanuel, 
Coming down as Man fo dxvell, 
Vanquisher of death and hell : 

Jesu, Sun of Righteousness, 
.losu, lllercy fathoml«ss, 
• [esu, ever near fo bless : 

qaviour, full of truth and grace, 
Leaving thine eternal place, 
To restore our f-'dlen race : 


Jesu, Father of the poor, 
Jesu, Guaaxi and Reflge sure, 
Jesu, Holiness most pure: 

Vord by whom the wo-lfls were ruade, 
In a Iovly manger laid, 
Taught on earth a Iowly trade : 

• lesu, Healer of complaints, 
• esu, Strength of him that faiuts, 
.lest h Teacher of tbe Saints : 

Good Phyaiclan, corne fo cure 
Ail the ills tiret men endure, 
And fo make our nature pure-: 

2esu, Fount with blessings rif% 
• lCSU, Bulvark in the strife, 
.esu, Vay and Truih and Lire: 

1.5. Only II,pe of those xx-ho pray, 
Only H'lp xvhile hvre xve stay, 
Lire of those xvho pass away : 

Lord, bave mercy. 
Christ, bave mercy. 
Lord. bave mercy. 

(nr Father. 

"'. Thou art fairer than the chil,lren of men. 
¢. Thou hast loved righteou«ness and hated iniquity. 

¢ol«c?.fr .,l,rent Smday. 



0OD the Father, God the Son, [ 2 Father, hear thy childlen's call ; 
God the Spirit, Three in One, I Humbly at thy feet we fal], 
Hear us from thy heavenly throne : Prodigals, confessing ail: 
Spare us. Ho]y Trinity. We beseci lhee, ear u. 
3 Chri»t, beneath thy Cross we blame 
Ail out life of sin and shame; 
Penitent ,ve breathe thy natte : 
4 Holy Spirit, grieved and tried, 
Off forgotten and defied, 
No,v we mourn our stubborn prido : 
5 Love, that caused us first fo be, 
Love, that bled upon the Tree, 
Love that draws us lovingly: 
6 Ve thy call bave disobeyed, 
Into paths of sin bave strayed, 
Have neglected and delayed : 
7 Sick, we corne to thee for cure, 
Guilty, seek thy mercy sure, 
Evil, long to be ruade pure : 
8 B]ind, we pty that we rnay see, 
Bound.. we pray fo be ruade free, 
Stained, we pray for sanctity: 



9 Thou who hear'st each contritesigh, 13 
Bidding sinful seuls draw nigh, 
Willing net that one should dis: 
10 By the gracious saving cail II 
Spoken tenderly te ail [fMi: 
Who bave shared man's gilt and 
11 By the nature Sesus worel 1.5 
By the stripes and death he bore, 
By his lire for evermore: 
If By the love that longs te bless, 
Pitying out sore distress, 
Leading us te holiness : 
17 Gifts of light and grace bestow» 
Help us te resist the f«e, 
Fearing what indeed is woe : 
18 Let net sin within us reign, 
May we gladly surfer pain, 
If it purge away our stain : 
19 May we te ail evii die, 
Flesh]y longings crucify» 
Fix out hearts and thoughts on high : 
20 Grsnt us faith te know thee near, 
Il[ail thy grace, thy judgement fer, 
And through trial persevere: 
21 Oraat us hope frein erth te ris% 
Aad te strain with eager eyes 
Towards the promised heavenly lar]ze 
22 Grant us ]ove thy ]ove te own, 
Love te lire for tlmee alone, 
Aad the power of grace make known : 
23 Ail our wek endeavours bless, 
_ks we ever onward press 
Till we perfect holiness : 
24. Lead us dai|y nearer thee, 
Till af iast thy face ve see, 
Crowned with thine own purity: 
Lord, have mercy. 
Christ, bave mercy. 
Lord, have merc.y. 
Out Father. 
. Wash me throughly frein my wickedness. 
R'. And cleanse me frein my sin. 

Collec from the Covninatton. 

By the love se caim and sfrong, 
Patient still te surfer wrong 
And our day of grace prolong : 
By the love that speaks within, 
Calling us te flee frein sin 
And the joy of goodness win : 
By the love that bids thee spare, 
By the heaven thou dost prepare, 
By thy promises te prayer: 
Teach us what thy love bas borne, 
That with loving orrow torn 
Truly contrite we may mourn : 

as ,3 841 

• ,T. (:;.;. .« .«) 651 
In moder«te tin"  = . A.H. BROW'. 
. - ..-  
i '-- ' '     ,   I 
I   . I .r-  rr---.-E-  
l     I I l I I I J     -ln 
I . ' - i I I I I   ''I ..... 
ç 1, H-I Tri- i - . 
 OD th Fber, Gd tke Son, 10 Save ber love frein growig eoid. 
God the Spirit, Tht' in One, Make ber watchmen strongand bohi, 

Hear us film thy heavenly throne : 
Spare us, Holy Trinity. 
Jesu, with thy Chuxch abide, 
Be her Saviour, Lord, and Guide, 
"Vhile on earth ber faith is tried: 
1Ve beseech thee, hear us. 
Keep ber ][fe and doctrine pure, 
Help ber patient te endure, 
Trusting in thy promise sure: 
Be thou with ber all the days; 
May she, sale frein erl-or's ways, 
Toil for thine eternal praise: 
May her voice be over clcar, 
Warning of a judgement near, 
Telling of a Saviour dear : 
Ail ber ruined works repair, 
Build again thy temple fair, 
.Manifest thy prononce there: 
Ail ber fettered powers release, 
Bid out strife and envy ceaae, 
Grant the heavenly gift of peace : 
3Iay she one in doctrine be, 
One in truth and charity, 
NVinning Ml te faith in thee : 
3ay she guide the poor and blind, 
eek the lest until she find, 
And the broken-hearted bind : 

Fence her round, thy peacefui foid : 
Il May ber priests thy people feed, 
Shepherds of the flock indeed, 
Ready, where they csll, te Icad : 
12 Judge ber net for work undune,- 
Judge ber net for field unwon, 
Biess ber works in thee begun : 
18 For the past Cire deeper shame, 
Make her jealous for thy nanle, 
Kindle zears most holy flame : 
14 Raise ber te her ealling high, 
Let the nations far and nigh 
Hear thy heralds' warning cry : 
15 May her lamp of truth be bright, 
Bid ber bear aloft its light 
Through the realmsof heathen night : 
16 May ber scattered children km 
Frein reproach of evil free, 
Blameless witnesses for thee: 
17 Arm ber soldiers with the Cross: 
Brave te surfer toil or loss, 
Counting earthly gain but dross: 
18. May she holy triumphs win, 
Overthrow the hosts of sin, 
Gather ail the nations in : 

Lord, haro mercy. 
Christ, have merey. 
Lord, bave mercy. 
Out Father. 
'. Let thy priests be clothed with righteou»ne» ; 
. And let thy saints aiag with joyfulnes. 
8¢cond Good t'day Oollect. 

OD of ail grace, thy mercy send ; 
Let thy protecting arm defend ; 
gave us and keep us fo the end : 
Have mercy, Lord. 
And through the coming hours of 
Fil| us, we pray, ,vith holy light ; 
Keep us all sinless in thy sight : 
Grant thisl 0 Lord. 
l|ay some bright messenger abide 
For ever by thy servants' side, 
A faithful guardian and our guide: 

4 From every sin in mercy frve, 
Lot heart and conscience stainless be, 
That we may lice henceforth for thee : 
5 We would hot be by care opprest. 
But in thy love and wisdom test ; 
Give what thou seest to be best : 
6 While -e of eveD" sin æpent, 
Let our remaining year» be spent 
In holiness and sveet content : 
7. And 'hen the end of life is near. 
]fy ve, unshamed and void of fear, 
SVait for the Judgement to appear : 

Lord, hav mercy. 
Christ, have mercy. 
Lord, have mercy. 
Out Father. 
. Except the Lord keep the city. 
¢. The watchman waketh but in vain. 
çolltct for Trinity xxi. 

!, moderat rime  = 144. AoEa@ted fiom an 
l«ll /  l çi--J ' 
I " I , , , I  I , i ira I I 
I , Ho - I Tri 
¢ar , !!o - 1 Je ¥. 
No.--Part 2 and 3 of this I«n a also   fo Ts H&çt 
GENTIBU2 (%. 647'. 

OD the Father. God the 
Od the t, irit, Three in One. 
llcar u fm thy heavenly throne 
Spare us, Holy Trinity. 
Jesu, Saviour ever miId, 
Born for us a ]ittle ChiId 
Of the Virgin undefiled : 
Hear us, H,ly Jesu. 
gesu, by the HOtller-Iaid 
In thy swaddling-clothes arrayed, 
And within a manger laid: 
Josu, at whooe infant feet 
Shepherds, coming thee fo get. 
Knelt fo pay their worship meet : 
Jesu, unto whom of yore 
Wise men, hastening to adore. 
Gold and myrrh and incene bore 
Jesu, to thy temple brought, 
mom, by thy good Spirit taught, 
Simeon and Anna sought : 


7 Jesu, svho didst dêign te rire 
Frein King Herod's cruelty 
In thy earliest infancy : 
8 Jesu, whom thy Mother lJund 
'Midst the doctors sitting rouud. 
Marvelling ,t thy words profouwl : 

Part 2. 
9 From ail pride and vain conceit, 
Frein ail spire and angry heat, 
Front ail lying and deceit : 
gare us Hoy Jesu. 
10 Frein ail sloth and idleness, 
Frein net caring for distress. 
Frein ail lest and greedness: 
11 Frein refuslng te obey, 
Frein the love of out own way, 
From forgetfulness fo pray : 

Part 3. 
12 By thy birth and early years, 
By [hine infant wants and fears, 
By thy sorrows and thy tear, 
gave us, Holy J«Uo 
13 By thy pattern bright and pure, 
By t|e pains theu didt endure 
Our salvation te procure : 
14 By thy wounds and thorn-crowned head, 
By thy Biood for -inners hed, 
By thy rising fro'fa the dead: 
15 By the naine we bow before, 
Human naine, which e-ermore 
Ail the hosts of heaven adore : 
16 By thine own unconquered might, 
By thy glory in the height, 
]By thy mercies infinite: 
Lord, havê mercy. 
Christ bave mex:.v. 
Lord, bave mercy. 
Out Father. 
'. Lord, hear our prayer; 
1. And let our cr}." corne unto t|ee. 
Collect for ,itit ix 


BaIDGWATER. (6.1,.63.'!).) Paires 1, 2, and 5 Adaptedfroma 
   ,,- -  .. 
" I I i I  ' ' 
LNGPORT. (64. 63. D.) AR  ld  daptfrom a 
_ I OE _ __ _ - _  
_t--. ,_...  -=- -- 
I '  I , , l I , 
-.-I I I   I I  

EE him in raimeut rent, 
Vith his blood dyed : 
Women walk sorrowing 
By his side. 
2 Hvav.v that Cross fo him, 
V,'eary the weight : 
Orte who w-iii help him snd 
Af rb#gare. 

 Mult;tudes hurrying 
Pass on the road : 
Simon is sharing w;th 
Him the load. 
4 Vho is this travelling 
With the curst tree-- 
This wea" prisoner-- 
Who is he? 



 Follow te Calvary, 
Tread where he trod: 
This is the Lord of iife-- 
Son of God. 
6 ls there no loveliness-- 
You who pass by-- 
In that lone Figure whieh 
larks the sky? 

]-IE ANVEtt 
7 You ,vho v¢ould love him stand 
Gaze af his face.; 
Tarry awhile in your 
Worldly race, 
8 As the swift moments fly 
Through the blest week, 
Jesus in penitence, 
Let us eek. 


9 On the Cross lifted up, 
Thy face I scan, 
crred by that agony-- 
Son of Man. 
I0 Thorns ferre thy diadem, 
Rough wood thy throne» 
Te thee thy outstretched arms 
Drav thine ovn. 
11 iNails hold thy hands and lest» 
While on thy breast 
Siketh thy bleeding head 
Sore epprest. 
12 Loud la thy bitter cry, 
Rending the night 
As te thy darkened eyes 
Fails the light. 

13 Shadows of midnight fall, 
Though it le day; 
Friends and disciples stand 
Far awy. 
14 Loud scoffs the dying thief, 
Mocking thy woe; 
Can this my Saviour be 
Brought o Iow ? 
15 Yes, sec the title clear, 
Vritten above,--- 
' Jesus of .Nazareth "-- 
N,me of love ! 
16 What, O my Saviour dear, 
What didst thou see, 
That ruade thee surfer and 
Dis for me ? 


17 Child of my grief and pain ! 
Frein reaims above, 
I came te lead thee te 
Li and love. 
1 For thee my Blood ][ shed, 
For thee I died: 
Safe in thy faithful»ess 
Nvw abide. 

19 I saw thee wandering. 
Weak and at strife ; 
I ara the Wy for thee, 
Tnth and Life. 
20 Follow my path of pain, 
Tread where I trod : 
This is the way of pesce 
Up te (;,.J. 


21 0 I will follow thee, 
Star of my seul ! 
Through the great dark I press 
Te th goal. 
22 Yea, let me know thy grief, 
Carry thy Cross, 
Share in thy sac,-illce, 
Oain thy loss. 
Lord, hase mercy. 
Christ hase rnercy. 
Lord, hase mercy. 
Our Father. 
'. I will declare thy naine unto my brethren. 
i. In the midst of the congregation will I praise tiges. 
Te thre¢ Good Fridy Colt¢cts, 

2:3 Daily I'll prose my love . 
Through joy and woe; 
XVhere thy hands point the w,y, 
There I go. 
24. Lead me on year by year, 
Sale te the end, 
Jesu. my Lord, my Lire, 
King and Friend. 

EPIPHA-Y ii. 0»m/ terra. k]l the earth shall wership 
70 thee, O God, and sing of thee : they shall sing laise fo 
-thy naine, O Most Highest. Ps. O be oyful in (od, ail ye lands : 
sing praises unto the honour of his naine; nmke his praiso fo 
O. The Lord sent hic Word and healed them : and tboy were aved from 
their destruction. )7. 0 that mon would therefore praiao th« Lord for his 
odness : and declare the wonders that ho doeth for tho childron of men. 
A. Alleluy& '. Praise the Lord, all ye angels of his : praise him» ail his 
boat. O. 0 be joyful in God, ail ye lands : sing praises unto the honore of 
his naine. 0 corne hither, and hearken, ail yo that fear Oo : and I will tell 
vou what the Lord hath done for my soul, alleluya. ¢. The Lord aith unto 
hem : Fill the waterpots with water, and bear unto the governor of the feast. 
XVhen the ruler of the feast had tasted the water that was ruade wlne, ha 
çaith unto the bridegroom : Thou hast kept the good wino until now. This 
b_eginning of miracles did Jcsus before his disciples. 
EPIPHA.KY iii TO x'i. .tdote Demn. Ail Fo Angelsof God. 
61 rail down. and worship before hhn : Sion heard, and was 
«xceeding joyful, and tho daughters of 3uda were glad. /¢. The 
Lord is King, the earth may be glad thereof : yea, the multitude of 
the isles may be glad thereof. 
6. The heathen sha|l fear thy naine. 0 Lord : and ail the kings of |ho earth 
hy majesty. . When the Lord sha|! build up Sion : nd when his glory 
chai| appear. . Alleluya. . The Lord is King. tbe earth may ho g|ad 
thereof : yea, the mu|titude of the isles may be glad theroof. O. Tho right 
hand of the Lord hath the pre-emiuenee ; the right hand of the Lord brineth 
mighty things fo pass : I shal! not die, but lire, and deelare the work of the 
Lord. . Ail wondered at the graciou wordç wh|eh proceeded out of 
SEPTUAGESIMX SL-NDAY, Circu»dederu»t me. The sorrows 
6, of death came about me, the pains of hell gat hold upon 
me : and in my tribulation I made my prayer unto the Lord, and ho 
regarded my supplication out of his holy temple. Ps. I will love 
hee, 0 Lord my strength : the Lord is my stony rock, my fortre-s, 
and my Saviour. 
. The Lord will be a refuge in the time of trouble ; and they that know thy 
naine wi|l put their trust in thee : for thou, Lord, hast noyer failed them that 
eek thee. )7. For the pemr sha|l not ,lway be forgotten ; the patient abiding 
,,f the meek shall not perish for over : up, Lord, and let hot man bave the 
pper haud. '. Out of the deep bave I ealled uuto thee, O Ird : Lord, hear 
my voice. 9. 0 let thine ears consider we|l : the voice of my complaint. . If 
:hou, Lord, wilt be extreme to mark what is donc ami : O Lord, ho 
abide it ? )7. For there is mercy with thee : thereforo shalt thou be feared. 
O. It is a good thing to give thanks unto the Lord : tnd to aing praies nnto 
thy naine, 0 Most Highest. C. Show thy servant the light of thy eountenance, 
and savo me for thy mercies' sake : let me hot be confounded, 0 Lord, for I hav 
a]led upon thee 


Sx.Gzsx.*. Su.svAY. Eurge, quare. AJ, 0 Lord. 
673 whefore sleept thou? awaken, d cast us net away 
for ever : wherefore hidest thou thy counnc and forttest out 
adversity and mioezT? out lly cleaveth unto e ound; arise. 
and ve us, 0 Lord, out he]r, and out deliverer. P» O God, we 
bave heard vith out ea : our fathers bave to]d us. 
o. Let the nations knov that thou, whme naine is J :  only the 
o Hight over ail the earth. . O my G, make them like unto a hoel : 
and as the stubble fore the wind. . Thou haut moved e ]and, O rd. 
and divided it : he! the is erf, for it eth. . That ey may 
triumph bau of the truth. $. That flty ioved may  deliver. O. 0 
hold thon up my goings in thy paths, that my foo slip net : incline thine 
car  me, and hearken unto my words : show thy marvellous lovi-kindne. 
0 rd; thou that art the Saour of them which put their tst in thee. 
. I will go te the altar of God : even unto the God OE my joy and gladness. 

QUtrqVAC,SLXA SVVAY. Este mihi. Be thou my God 
67 and defender, and a place of refuge, that thon mayest save 
me : for thou m' my upholder, my refuge, and my Saviour; and 
tbr thy holy name's mke  thou my leer, and my sustainer. 
. In thé, O Lord, have I put my trust, let me never be put te 
confmion : but rid me, and deliver me in thy righteousness, 
O. Thou art the God that dth wnde : and hast declared thy wer among 
{he people. . Thon hast mightily delivered thy poople : even the sons of 
Job and Joseph. . O ho joyful in the Lrd. ail ye lands : serve the Lord 
wih gladness. #. Corne before his psence with a ng. . Be ye sure that 
he rd he is God. ». It ia he that hath ruade us, and net we ourseives : we 
are his people, and the sheep of his sture. O. Blessed art thou. O Lord ; 
O teaeh me thy statures : with my lips bave I en telling of ail the judgements 
ofthy mo»th. C. They did est, and wero well filled, for the Lord gave them 
their own desire : they were net diaploint of their lust. 
675 ,xsa-w-. .[isereris »du». Thou hast merey 
on ail things, O Lord, and hatest nothing whieh thou hast 
elated : md winkest af men's iaiquities, beauoe they should amend, 
md sparest ail men; for they are thine, O Lord, thou lever of uI. 
Ps. Be meoeiful unto inc. O God. he mereiful unto me : for my seul 
tmsteth in thee. 
o. Bc mmiful mto me, 0 God, be mercifil unto me : for my seul tsteth 
ia thee. . Ho shall nd frein heaven : and save me frein the rrf ofhim 
that would est me p. . 0 rd, deal net with us after out sins : ner reward 
us eording te out wickednes. . Lord, remember net our old ain, but 
have mercy un us. and that sn : for we are corne te grcat mise. . Help 
us, 0 God of our salvation, for the glo of thy naine, 0 Lo : 0 deliver us and 
he meiful unto our sine, for thy name's ke. O. I will magny thee. 0 Lord. 
for tbou hast set me up, and net ruade my fs te tumph over me : 0 rd, my 
G, I cricri unto thee. and thon hast healed me. . He ho doth meditate 
on tbe ]aw of the Lrd day and nigbt, will bring foh hi$ fruit in due 


ye dt-ink it0 in remembrance of me. Or thls, dtcrin9 Paio»did O. Deliver me 
net, 0 Lord, unto the will of mine adversaries : forasmuch as faim witneees 
haê risen up against mê, and against me have they breathed out cruelty. 
681 P,L Str'v,y. Domiw, e longe. 0 Lo], remove net 
thy succottr sft" frein me, hsve respect te my defence, and 
hear me : deliver me frein the mouth of the lion; yea, frein the 
horns of the unicorns hast thou regarded my cry. Ps. My God, my 
God. look upon me, why hast thou forsaken me : and art se fat" fron 
my health and frein the words of my complaint ? 
O. Thou hast holden me by my right hand ; thou shalt guide me with thy 
counsel, and aftor that receive me with glory. . Truly Goal is loving unto 
Irael, even unto auch as are of a clean heart, lgevertheless, my foot were 
almost gens, my treadings had well nigh slipt : and why ? I was grieved af the 
wicked, I de aise ses the ungodly in such p.-osperity. . My God, my Ood, look 
upon me : why hast thou forsaken me ? ]#. And art se far frein my health : 
and frein the words of my complaint ? l. O my Ood, I cry in the daytime, but 
thou hearest net : and in the night season aise I take no rest. '. And thou 
continuost holy : O thou worship of IsraeL Sur fathers hoped in thoe : they 
trustod in thee, and thou didst deliver them. ]¢. They eallod upon thee, and 
were holpen : they put their trust in thee, and were net confounde& ]¢. But a« 
for me, I am a worm, and no man : a very scorn of mon, and the outcast of the 
people. '. Ail they that ses me laugh me te seorn : they shoot out their lips, 
and shake their heads saying : '. He trusted in God, that ho would deliver 
him : let him deliver him, if ho will bave him. g'. They stand staring and 
looking upon me : they part my garments among them, and cast lots upon my 
vesture. ]¢. 8are me frein the lion's mouth : thou hast heard me aise frein 
among the horns of the unicorns. ]¢. O praiso the Lord, ye that fear him : 
maguify him, ail yo of the seed of Iacob. '. They shall bo eounted unto the 
Lord for a generation ; they shall corne, and the heavens shall declars his 
righteousffiess : unto a people that shall be born, whom the Lord bath ruade. 
O. Thy rebuke bath broken my heart ; I ara full of heaviness : I looked for 
seine te bave pity on me, but thero was no man, neither fotmd I any te comfort 
ras. They gave ras gall te eat : and when I was thirsty they gave me vinegar 
te drink. O. 0 my Father, if this eup may net pass away frein me, except 
I drink if : thy will be dons. 
689, IAVt,'»¢ TnVgS»AY, &C. OS autem. But as for us, it 
behoveth us te glory in the Cross of sur Lord Jesus 
Christ : it whom is sur salvation, sur life, and resurrection ; by 
whom we svet saved, and obtained sur freedom. V. God be 
merciful unto us. and bless us : and show us the light of his 
countenance and be merciful unto us. 
(Ao with Gloria added, for the nr.enion of the C#'oss, and for Itly Cross Day. Good 
t3 iday and E([tf Eren haro »o Ittroit.) 
G. (Maimd!« Thu'sday a»d Holy Cross Day. Christ hecame obedient for sur 
sakes unto death, evon the death of the Cross. '. Wherefore God aise bath 
highly exalted him : and giron him thê nainewhich is above every naine. 
. (Good Frida! ody.) Deliver me. 0 Lord, frein the evil man : and preserve me 
fçom the wicked man. $°. Vho imagine ndschief in their hearts : and stir up 


rire ail the day long. '. They bave sharpened their tongues lîke a serpent 
Iders" poison le under their Iii>s. '. Keep me, 0 I,rd, from the bande of the 
agodly : and preserve me from the wicked mon. '. Who are purposed to over- 
row my going : the proud bave laid a snare for me. . And spread a 
»road witl corde : yea, and set trape in my wsy. '. I said unto the Lord, 
hou art my God: hear the voies ofmy pra)ers, O Lord. '. 0 Lord God, thou 
rength of my health : thou hast covered my head in the day of ba'tle, f. Let 
0t the ungodly bave his desire t O Lord : let hot kia nlischie,-ous imagination 
rosper, test they be too ptud. . Let the mischief of their own lips rail upotz 
e head of them : that compass me about. '. The righteous also shall give 
anks unlo thy naine : and the just shall continue in thy sight. . (Holy 
wss Day ¢m/y.) Alleluya.. o weetest wood sweetest iron, that bars so sweet 
burde : whieh oldy was OE, unted worthy to eustain the King of heaven 
te Lold. ,. (Dwenlion of the Cross ly.) Alleluya. . Tell it out among the 
eathen : tbat the Ird hath reigned from the Tree. O. (Maudy Thusday 
Yhe right hand of the Lord bath the pre-eminence, te right hand of the Lord 
,ringeth mighty things to pa : I ehall hot dis, but lire ; and declare the 
-ork of the Lord. f;. (Maund Timrsd only.) The Lord Jesus afler ho had 
,upped with his disciples, and had wahed their lest, said unto them : Know ye 
wbat I your Lord and laster bave dons to you ? I bave giron you an example, 
that ye should do a I have dons to you. 
EsI-D«,,'. Resm'rexi. I ara rîsen, and ara still with 
3 thee, alleluya : thou hast laid rhino hand upon me, 
dleluya; thy knowledge is too wonderful and excellent for me. 
dleluya, alleluya. Ps. O Lord, thou hast searched me out. and 
nown me : thou knowest my down-sitting, and mine up-rising. 
. This is the day which the Lord hath ruade : we will be joyful and glad ir 
t. $'. 0 give thanks unto the Lord, for ho is ga¢ious : and hismercyendureth 
br over. t. AIleluya. '. Christ our Passover is sacrificed for us. O. The 
,arth trembled and was still : when God arose tojudgement, alleluya. {. Christ 
,ur Passover is sacrificed for us, alleluya : therefore let us keep the feast with 
ho unleavened bread of sincerity art(1 truth, alleluya, alleluya, alleluya. 

684 Low Susv,','. Qtasi moào. As new-born babes, aileluya, 
desire ye the guileless milk of the word :alleluya. alleluya, 
.lleluya. /'s. Sing we merrily unto God. our helper : make a cheer- 
ul noise unto the God of Jaeob. 
t. Alleluya. . And after eight days, when th¢ doo, were shut. st¢¢d Jesu 
themidst of his disciples, and said : Peace be untoyou. &. Alleluya. )Y. The 
regel of the Lord doseended from heaven, and came and rolled away the stone, 
nd sat upon it. O. 683. {. Christ being raised from the dead, dieth no more, 
lleluya : death bath no more dom-:nion over him, alleluya, alleluya. 
E^srva ii. Misericorài«t Domini. The loving-kindness of 
{]85 the Lord filleth the whole world, alleluya : by the XVord 
God the heavens were stablished, alleluya, alleluya. Ps. Eejoice 
th« Lord, 0 ye righteous : for if becometh well the ,iust fo be 

&. Alleluya. . I am the Good Shepherd : and know my aheep, and ara 
nown of mine. A. Alleluya. . The Good Shepherd hath risen : who bath 
given hi. life for hic sheep. O. 0 God, thou art my God, ear]y will I 
thee : and lift up rny bande in thy narne, alleluya. C. I ara the Good Shepherd, 
.lle]uya : and know rny sheep and ara known of mine alleluya alleluya. 
EASTER iii. Jubilate Deo. 0 be joyful in God, ail ye 
(8( lande, alleluya : sing ye praises to the honour of his naine, 
alleluya; make his praise tobe exceeding glorious, alleluya, alleluya, 
alleluya. /s. Say unto God, 0 how wonderful art thou in thy 
works, 0 Lord : through the greatness of thy power. 
&. Alleluya. $. A little while, and ye shall not see rne aith the Lord Jesus 
and again, a little while and ye shall see me, because I go to the Father. 
&. Alleluya. . But I will see you again, and your heart shall rejoice .- and 
your joy no man taketh fl-orn you. O. Praise the Lord, 0 rny soad ; while I lire 
will I praise the Lord : yea, as long as I bave any being, I will sing praises unto 
rny God, alleluya. C. A little while, and ye shall hot sec rne, alleluya : and 
again a little while and ye shall see me because I go to the Father alleluya 
E.s- iv. Cad«te ;Do»do. 0 sing unto the Lord a new 
(87 song, allelTya : for the Lord hath done marvellous things, 
alleluya ; in the sight of the nations bath he showed his righteous 
judgements, alleluya, alleluya. Ps. With his own right hand« and 
with hL holy arm : hath he gotten himself the victory. 
. Alleluya. $. I go to him that sent rne : but because I bave .aid thes 
things unto you sorrow hath fllled your hearts. &. Alleluya. . I tell you 
 he truth : it i. expedient for you that I go away. O. 0 be joyful in God ail ye 
lands sing praises unto the honour of his narne : 0 corne hither, and hearken, 
11 ye that fear God and I will tell you what the Lord hath done for rny soul 
alleluya. . When the Cornforter the Spirit of Truth, la corne : he will reprove 
he world of sin, and of righteousness and of judgernent alleluya» alleluya. 
Es'- v. l%:em joctditatis. With a volce of singing 
(88 declare ye this, and let it be heard, alleluya : utter it even 
unto the ends of the earth ; the Lord bath delivered his people, 
alleluya, alleluya. Pe 0 be joyful in God, ail ye lande : sing praises 
to the honour of his name, nffiake his praise tobe glorious. 
&. Alleluya. . Hitheto have ye asked nothing in rny narne : ask, and ye 
çhall receive. &. Alleluya. . Christ being raised from the dead dieth no 
more : death hath no more dominion over hirn. O. 0 praise out God, ye people, 
and rnake the voice of his praise fo be heatl ; who holdeth our eoul in life, and 
suffetth not our feet to slip. Praised be God, -ho hath hot cast out my 
prayer : nor turned his rnercy from me alleluya. . 0 sing unto the Lord, 
lleluya, sing un/o the Lord, and praise his naine : be telling of his salration 
from day fo day, alleluya» allehya. 
(89 A«sm.-D'. Viri Galilaei. Ye men of Gali]ee, why 
stand ye gazing up into heaven ? alle]uya : in like manner 
as ye have en him going up into heaven, so shall he corne again 


alleluya, alleluya, alleluya. s. And while they looked steadftly 
toward heaven, as he went up : behold, two men stood by them in 
white apparel; which said unto them. 
t. Alleluya. '. God is gone up with a merry noise : and the Lord with the 
s«tmd of the ttmpet. t. Alleluya. . Christ to highest hea,'ea ascending» 
led captivity captive, and gave girls unto men. O. Ood is gone up with a 
merry noie; and tho Lord with the soxnd of the trumpet. 
the Lord, who asconded fo tho heaven of heavens, to the stmrising, nllehya. 
SUNDAY AFTER ASCEN8IoN-DAY. 'xaudi.Domine. Consider, 
690 O Lord, and hear me, when I cry unto thee, alleluya : unto 
thee ny heart hath said, Thy face, Lord, have I sought; thy face, 
Lord, will I seek ; O hide hot thou thy face from thy servant. 
alleluya, alleluya. Ps. The Lord is my light, and my salvation : 
whom then shall I fear ? 
t. Allehtya. '. Ood reigneth over the heathen : God sitteth upon his holy 
seat. A. Alleluya. . I will hot leave you comfortless : I go away and corne 
agin unto you, and your heart shall rejoice. O. Praise the Lord, O my soul ; 
while I lire will I praise thv Lord : as long as I have any beiag I will sing 
prises unto ray God. C. Father, while I was with them in the world, I kept 
those that thou gvest me, alleluya : and now I corne to thee ; I pray ot that 
thou shouldeat take them out of the world : but that thou shouldest keep them 
from the evil, alleluya, alleluya. 
WHIT'SUNDAY. 'pi'itus Domiui. The Spirit of the Lord 
691 bath filled the whole world, alleluya : and that which 
containeth all things bath knowledge of the voice, alleluya, alleluya, 
alleluya. s. Let God arise, and let his enelnies be scattêred : let 
them also that hate him flee before him. 
. Alleluya. I'. O send forth thy Spirit, and they shall be ruade : aud thou 
shalt renew the face of tho earth. . Aileluya. . The Holy Spirit, proceed- 
ing frora the throne, came doxvn in unseen rnajesty, as on thia day, upon the 
Twelve, purifying their inmost hearts. O. Stablish the thing, O God, that 
thott hast vrought in us : for thy temple's sake at Jerusalem, shall kings bring 
presents tmto thoe, alleluya. . I will hot leave you eornfortlesa : I vill coma fo you yet again, alleluya : and your heart shall be joyful, alleluya, alleluya. 
9 TRXXTY SVD,Y. Eeedicta sit. Blessed be the holy 
Tl'inity, and the undivided Unity : we will praise anti 
glol'ify him, because he bath showed Iris merey upon us. l's. Let 
us hless the Father and the Son : with the Holy Sph'it. 
o. Blessed art thou, O Lord, which beholdest the g'eat deep, and sittest upon" 
the Cherubirn. . O bless the God of heaven, for he bath showed his rnercy 
upon us. . Alleluya. . Blessed art thou, 0 Lord God of out fathers, and 
worthy to be praisod for evermore. O. Blessed be God, the Father, and tho 
only-begotten Son of God, and blessed be the Holy Spirit : for the merey he 
hath done unto us. . Let us bless the Goal of heaven, and in the sight of all 
living will we give thanka unto him : because he bath done to us-ward aller 
r f 865 


&. Alleluya. . I am the Good hepherd : and know my sheep, and ara 
known of mine. &. Alleluya. . The Good Shepherd bath risen : who bath 
given his life for his sheep. O. 0 God, thou art rny God, early will I se¢k 
thee : and lift up my hands in thy narne, alleluya. C. I ara the Good Shepherd, 
ah'eluya : and know rny sheep, and ara known of mine alleluya alleluya. 
"ASTER iii. Jbilate Deo. 0 be joyful in God, ail ye 
686 lands, alleluya : sing ye praises to the honour of his name, 
alleluya ; make his praise tobe exceeding glorious, alleluya, alleluya, 
alleluya. Ps. Say unto God, 0 how wonderful art thou in thy 
works, 0 Lord : through the greatness of thy. power. 
&. Alleluya. . A little while, and ye shall hot see me r saith the Lord $esus : 
and again, a little while and ye shall see me, because I go to the Father. 
A. Alleluya. I. But I will see you again, and your heart shall rejoice : and 
your joy no man taketh from you. O. Praise the Lord, O rny soul ; while I live 
xvill I praise the Loxl : yea, as long as I have any being, I will sing praises unto 
rny God, alleluya. ¢. A little while, and ye shall hot see me, alleluya .- and 
again, a little xvhile and ye shall see me, because I go to the Father alleluya, 
ESR iv. Cadate Domi»o. 0 sing unto the Lord a new 
68 song, alleluya : for the Lord hath done marvellous things, 
alleluya ; in the sight of the nations bath he showed his righteous 
judgements, alleluya, alleluya. Ps. With his own right hand and 
with his holy arm : hath he gotten himself the victory. 
A. Alleluya. . I go to him that sent me : but bec, use I bave said thes, 
things unto you, sorrow bath filled your hearts. &. Alleluya. . I tell yot; 
he truth : it is expedient for you that I go away. O. O be joyful in God ail ye 
lands, sing praises unto the honour of his naine : O corne hither, and hearken, 
«!1 ye that fear God and I xvill tell you what the Lord bath done for rny soul 
alleluya. ¢. When the Comforter, the Spirit of Truth, is corne : he will reprove 
1he world of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgernent alleluya alleluya. 
EASTEI v. I'em jo¢unàitatis. With a volte of singing 
688 declare ye this, and let it be heard, alleluya : utter it even 
unto the ends of the earth ; the Lord bath delivered his people, 
alleluya, alleluya. Ps. 0 be joyful in God, ail ye lands : sing praises 
to the honour of his naine, make his praise fo be glorioug 
A. Alleluya. ç. Hitherto have ye asked nothing in rny naine : ask, and ye 
hall receive. &. Alleluya. . Christ being raised from the dead, dieth no 
more : death hah no more dorninion over him. O. 0 praise out God, ye people, 
and rnake the voice of his praise fo be heard ; who holdeth our soul in life and 
suffereth hot our feet to slip. Praised be God, -ho bath hot cast out my 
prayer : nor turned his rnercy from me, alleluya. ¢. O sing unto the Lord, 
;dleluya, sing unto the Loxl, and praise his narne : be telling of his salvation 
from day fo day, alleluya alleluya. 
689 AscEsslou-DAY. Viri Galilaei. Ye men of Gali]ee, why 
stand ye gazing up into heaven ? alleluya : in like manner 
as ye bave seen him going up into heaven, so shall he corne again, 


alleluya, alleluya, alleluya. s. And while they looked steadfastly 
toward heaven, as he went up : behold, two rnen stood by them in 
white appareI; which said unto them. 
t. Alleluya. '. God is gone up vith a merry noise : and the Lord with the 
sond of the trumlet. t. Alleluya. '. Christ te highest heaven ascending, 
led caltivity caltive» and gave girls unto rnen. O. God is gone Ul vith a 
merry noise; and the Lord vith the sound of he trumlet. C. Sing ye te 
the Lord, who acendcd te the heaven of heavens, te the sunrising, nlleluya. 
SUNv^Y AFTER AscNso-D.'. Exaudi.Domie. Consider, 
0 0 Lord, and hear me, when I ca unie thee, alleluya : unie 
flee my heart hath said, Thy face, Lord, have I sought; thy face, 
Lord, will I seek ; O hide net thou thy face froll thy servant. 
alleluya, alIeluya. Ps. The Lord is my Iight, and rny salvation : 
whom then shall I fear ? 
A. Alleluya. '. Ood reigneh over the heahen : Ood siteth upon his holy 
seat. A. Alleluya. '. I will net leave you eomfortless : I go away and corne 
again unto you, and your heart shall rejoice. O. Praise the Lord, 0 my seul ; 
whilo I lire will I praise tho Lord : as long a I haro any beiug I will sing 
praises unto my God. C. Father, while I was with them in the world, I kept 
those that thou gavest me, alleluya : and new I corne te thee ; I lray net tha{ 
hou shouldest take them out of the world : but hat thou shouldest keep hent 
frein the evil, alleluya, alleluya. 
691 w.-sw»^. Spiri«s Domi»d. The Spirlt of the Lord 
hath filled the whole world, alleluya : and that which 
con{aineth ail things hath knowledge of the voice, alleluya, alIeluya, 
alleluya. s. Let God arise, and let his enemies ho scatterefl :let 
them aise that hate him flee before him. 
A. Alleluya. '. 0 send forth thy Spirit, and hey shall ho rnade : and hou 
shalt rnew the face of the earth. A. Alleluya. )*. The Holy Spiri, lroceed- 
ing frein the throne, came down in unseen rnajesty, as on this day UlOn the 
Tweh-e» lurifying their inrnost hearts. O. Stablish the hing, 0 Ood, that 
thou hast wrought in us : for thy temple's sake af Jerusalem shall kings bring 
presenls unto thee, alleluya. . I wi|l net leave you comfortless : I will cern« 
te you yet again, alleluya : and your heart shall be joyful alleluyn, alle]uya. 
TRz Sv»^Y. enedicta sit. Blessed Le the hoir 
692 Trinity, ad the undivided Unity : we will praise an<[ 
glorify him, because he hath showed his mercy upoa us. t. Let 
us hhss the Father and the So : xvith the Holy Sph'it. 
o. Blessed art thou, O Lord, which beholdest the great deep, and sitest UlOn 
the Cherubim. '. O bless the God of heaven, for he hath showed his mercy 
pon us. &. Alleluya. '. Blessed art thou, O Lord Ood of out fathers, and 
wor[hy te be lraised for evernore. O. Blessed be God, the Father, and the 
only-beotten Son of God, and blessed be the I-Ioly Spirit : for the mercy he 
ha[h done unto us. . Let us bless the God of heaven, and in the sigh of all 
living will we give thanks unto him : because he bath done te us-ward afler his 
r f 865 


tle Lor, 0 my ul ; while I lire wiil I prais the Lord : yea, as long ts I bave 
any ing, I will sing prai unto my God. O. The s a man in the lnd of 
Uz, who ne w Job, rfect and upright, and one that f Gd : and 
Sain ught to tpt him ; d wer vs given him by the Lo oer 
pssions and over his flesh : and he dtr,y ail his sunce and his 
and he smo his flesh wih  boils. . Mysonl bath long for thylvation : 
and I bave a gd hope in thy word ; when wilt thou  avenged of them that 
persecute me they persecute me fally : 0 be thou my help, 0 Lo my Gd. 
714 TRINITY xxii. ,'i iiquitat. If thou, O Lord, wi]t 
extreme fo mark iniquiti : Lord, who may abide it ? for 
unto thee be]onth mercy, O God of Isl. Ps. Out of the deep 
have I cal]ed unto thee, O Lord : Lord, hear my voice. 
G. Behold, how goed and joyful a thing it is : bthren, fo dwcll together in 
unity. . It is ke the precious ointment upon the hesd : that n down unto 
the beard, even unto Aaron's beard. . Allelu . He hleth those thnt 
re bken in heart : and bindeth up their wounds. O. member me, 0 Lord, 
Kig of ail power : and put a wellrdered sech in my mouth, that my 
my be pleasing in thy sight. . I y uuto you, there is joy amng the 
Angels of God over one siuner that repenteth. 
5 icit OmiUS. Thus ith the Lord, I know the thoughts 
that I think towards you, though of aoe, and hot of iction : ye 
shaH call upon me, and I will hearken unto you, and will ring 
again your captivity from every nation. Ps. Lord, thou art bome 
'acious mto thy land : thou hst turned away the captivity 
. If is thou, O rd, that «ve us from out enemies : snd puttest them t« 
confusio» that hate us. . We make out bot of God ail dny long : and will 
praise thy naine for ever. A. Alleluya. . He maketh peace in thy borders : 
and filleth thee with the flour of wheaL O. Out of'the deep have I called unto 
thee, 0 Lord :Lord, hear my voice. C. Verily I y unto you what things 
soever ye desire, when ye pray : lieve that ye reoeive them and if shall be 
done unto you. 
DDXCATZO Or A CHURCH. T«Ti5ilis t. 0 how dlful 
16 is this place ! this is the house of God, and gare of heaven : 
and men shall 11 if the Palace of G. [I Eosteide, aelya. 
Ps. The Lord is King, and bath put on glorious apparel : the Lord 
hath ptt on his apparel, and girded himlf svith renh. 
G. is dwelling is God's handyvork ; it is a mystery beyond all price, that 
canuot be oken ainst. . 0 God, in whose prence the choirs of Anls 
are snding. iously hear the pyers of thy sesn. A. Alleluya. . I 
will worship toward thy holy temple : and will sing prais unto thy naine 
Or, . Ps. 8L x-5- O. 0 Lord God, in the uprightness of mine h I have 
willingly offed ail the things ; and now I bave seen with joy thy ople, which 
are pnt here ; 0 rd God of Israel : keep for ever this imitin f the 
hea of thy people. (ln E«stei&, alleluya.) C. My hoe shall be lled f ail 


nations lhe ncuse of prayer, sith the Lord : in it every on e that asketh receiveth -. 
and he that seeke[h findeth, and fo him that knoeketh it shall be on. 
AN APOSTLE OR EVANGELIST. lihi autem. Eighf dear, 
1 0 God, are thy friends unto me, and held in highest 
honour : their rule and governance is excoeding steadft. I. O 
Lord, thou ht searched me out, and known me : thou knoxvest my 
down-sitting, and mine up-rising. 
. OEheir sound is gone out ino all lands : and tlwir words unto he ends o[ 
he worl& . The heavens deela tho glory of God : and the firmament 
showethhishandywork. A. Aileluya. I first wfll ytoSion, Behold. hehold them ; 
and I wdl give fo Jerusalem one that bringeth good tidings. , . Blessed is 
the man that feareth the Lord : he hath great delight in his eommandments. 
'. His sd shall be mighty upon earth : the generation of the faithful ahall be 
bleas. . Biches and plenteousness shali be in his house : and his righteous- 
neendureth for eveç O. Thou shalt make them princes in all lands :they 
ahall remember thy naine, 0 Lord, from one generation to another. . Ye 
ghich baves followed me shall sit upon twelve thrones judging the twelve tribes 
of Imel ith the Lord. 
A MATU. Gloria et lwnore. Vith glory and worship 
1 ht thou crowned him : thou madest him to bave dominion 
oser fl}e works of thy fingers, t's. 0 Lord our Governor : how 
excellent is thy naine in ail the wodd. 
O. Thou hast set, 0 Lord : a crown of pu gold upon his head. . ou 
hast given him his hea's desire : and hast hot denied him the request of his 
lips. A. Alleluya. . Thou hast ( abore). O. Vith glory ( In#oi O. . He 
hat will eome after m% let him deny himself : and take up his cross and 
fvllow me. 
F19 hast hidden me, O God, from the gathering together of the 
froward, a]leluya : frorn the insurrection of the workers of iniquity, 
a]leluya, alleluya. Ps. Hear my voice, O God, in my pyer : preserve 
my lit h'om fear of the enemy. 
• . Alleluya. . Thou haat set,  718. . leluya. . The righteous shall 
be joyful in the Lord, and shall put his trust in him : and ail the upright of 
hea shall be thankful. O. The righteous (as abor«). . As 718. 
A ISHOP. Statuil ei. The Lord bath established a 
70 covenant of peace with him, and made him a chief of his 
people : that he should bave de priestly dignity for ever and ever. 
{In Easteide, alleluya, alleluya.) s. My song shall be alway : of 
the loving-kiudness of the Lord. 
O. Behold a mighty plate, who in s lifetime was pleasing unto Goal. 
. Yhere was noria found like unto him, that obed the law of the Most 
High. . Alleluya. . The righteous shall blsom  the lily : and shall 
flourish for ever fore the Lord. O. My truth al and my mercy shall bo 
with him : and in my naine shall his horn be exalted. . As 71 
r ff 873 


TIIIITY i. Domine, in tua misericordia. 0 Lot<] my God, 
693 in thy loving-kindness and mercy bave I trusted, mzd my 
heart is joyful in thy salvation : I ,viii sing unto the Lord, for he 
bath dealt lovingly with me. Ps. How long wilt thou forget me, 
0 Lord, for ever : how long wilt thou hide thy face from me 
o. I said, Lord, be merciful unto me : heal my soul, for I bave sinned a8aiust 
thee. . Blessed is he that considereth the poor and needy :the Lord shall 
deliver him in the time of trouble. .. Alleluya. ]. Ponder my Wol'ds, 0 Lord : 
cvnsider my meditation. O. 0 hearken thou unto the voice of my calling, my 
King and my God : for unto thee, 0 Lord, will I make my prayer. C. I wiil 
speak of ail thy marvellous ,vorks ; I will be glad, and rejoice in thee : yva, my 
songs will I make of thy naine, 0 thou Most Highest. 
TmNIT¥ il. Faclus est. The Lord xvas my fuge and 
694 upholder, and he brought me forth hto a place of liberty : 
he delivered me, because he delighted in me. /'s. I will love thee, 
O Lord my strength : the Lord is my rock, my fortresa, and my 
o. When I waa in trouble I called upon the Lord : and he heard me. 
'. Deliver my soul, 0 Lord : from lying lips : and from a deceitful tongue. 
&. Alleluya. '. God i a righteous Judge, atrong, and patient : aud God 
provoked every day. O. Turn thee, 0 Lord, and deliver my aoul : 0 save me 
for thy merciea' sake. .C. I will sing of the Lol<l, because he hath dealt 
lovingly with me : yea» I will pise the naine of the Lord Moet Highest. 
TmIT¥ iii. Resicc in me. Turn thee unto me, and have 
695 mercy upon me, 0 Lord : for I am delate, and in tribula- 
tion ; look thou on mine affliction, and my travail ; and forve me 
ail mine hiqties, 0 my God. Ps. Unto thé, 0 Lord, do I lift 
up my soul : my God, in thee have I truand, let me never 
. 0 st thy burden upon the Lord : and he shall nourish thoe. . 
I cried unto the Lord, he hrd my voiee : from the battle thatwas against me. 
&. Alleluya. . I will love thee, 0 Lord, my stoength : the Lord in my stony 
rock my fooEre, and my Saviour. O. Tbey that know thy uame will put their 
tst in th : for thou, Lord, hast never failed them lhat seek thee ; 0 prais« 
the L,rd which dweileth in Sion : for he forgetteth hot the eomplaint of 
poer. . I have ealled upon thee, 0 God, for thou shalt hear me : incline thine 
car unto me and hearken unto my words. 
696 TmT¥ iv. Domimts ilht»inatio wa. The Lord s my 
light, and my salvation, whom then shall I fr : the 
Lord  the stronghold of my life, of whom shall I be afraid? 
xvhen mine enemies pssed soin upon m they stumbled and fell. 
s. Though an host of men were laid against me : yet shall hot my 
heart be raid. 
. Be merciful, 0 LOlM, un out sina : wherefore do the heathen y, Where 
is noxv their Goal ? . Help us, O God of out salvation : and for the honour of 


thy naine, deliver us, O Lord. &. Aileluya. ]. The King shaii rejoice in thy 
strength, O Lord ; exceeding glad shall he be of thy saivation. O. Lighten mine 
eyes, that I sleep hot in death : lest mine enemy say, I bave prevaled against 
him. . The Lrd is my strong rock, and my dofence : my Saviour, rny G.Jd, 
and my might. 
TRI]Z¥ v. ;Eaaudi,/Domine. Consider, O Lord, and he.r 
697 me, when I cry unto thee : be thon my succour, O cast 
me hot avay, neither îorsake me utterly, O Gvd of my salvatioll. 
Ps. The Lord is my ]ight, and my salvation : whom then shall 
I fear? 
O. Behold, O God I out deîender : and look upon thy servants. 
o[ hosts :hear the prayer of thy servants. &. Alieluya.. '. In thee. O Lord, 
bave I put my trust, let me never be put to confusion : rid me and deliver me 
in thy righteousness, bow clown thine ear fo me, make hasie fo help me. O. I 
will bless the Lord, who hath giien mi cÇunsel : I bave set God always 
me ; [or he is on my right hand therefore I shalI hot fall. . One thing hax-e 
1 desirid Ç[ the Lord svhich I wili require : even that I may dweli in the house 
of the Lord ail the days of my liîe. 

Tm ,i. /Do»iusfo'lihdo. The Lord is the strength 
9 of his people, and a stronghold of salvation fo his Anointed 
One : 0 Lord, save thine own people, and give thy blessing unto 
thine inheritance; 0 feed them also, and set them up for ever. 
l's. Unto thee will I cT, 0 Lord; my God, be not silent unto 
me : lest, if thou make as though thou hearest hot, I become like 
them that go down into the pif. 
o. Tm-n thee again, O Lo;d, st the iast : and be gfficious unto thy servants. 
. Lord, thon hast been out refuge : from onc generation to another. &. Ailc- 
bya. #. O deliver me from mine enemies, O my God : defend me f|'om them 
that fise up against me. O. O hold thon my goings in thy paths, that my 
footsteps slip hot ; incline thine ear to me and hearken unto my words, show 
thy marvellous Ioving-kindness : thon that art the Saviour of them which put 
their trust in thee, O Lord. {. I will offer in his dwelling an oblation with 
great gladness : I svill singl and speak praises unto the Lod. 
699 TRIII:¥ vil O»mes gestes. O c]ap your hands, ail ye 
people : O sing fo God with the voice of joy and triumph. 
Ps. He shall subdue the people under us : nd the nations under 
our feet. 
o. Corne. ye chiidren, and hearken unto me : I wili leach you the fear of the 
Lol. #. Corne unto me and be enlightened : and your faces shail hot be 
ashamed. &. Alleluya. #. Thon, O God art praioed in Sion : and unto thee 
shall the vow be performed in Jerusalem. O. Like as in the burnt offerings of 
ramsand bullocks ; and like as in ten thousands of fat iambs ; so let out sacrifice 
be in thy sight this day, that it may plisse thee : for they siali hot be con- 
fomded that put their trust in thee» O Lord. {. Bow down thine ear fo me : 
make h'aste fo éliver me. 


TszNz'¢ viii. ,.qtkctimus. 3,Ve have waited, O God, for 
700 thy loving-kindness in the midst of thy temple : according 
te thy naine, O God, se is thy praise also unto the world's end ; thy 
right hand is full of righteousness. Ps. Great is the Lozl, and 
highly te be praised : in the city of out God, even upon his holy hill. 
G. Be thou my strong rock and house of defence, that thou mayest save me. 
. In thee, O Lord, have I put my trust : let me never be put te confusion. 
A. Alleluya. '. Hear my law : O my people. O. Thou shalt save the people 
that are in adversity, O L,rd : and shalt bring clown the high looks of the proud, 
for who is Goal, but the Lord ? C. O faste and sec how gracious the Lord is 
t, lesed is he that putteth his trust in him. 
TR[NITY iX. Ecce eus. Behold. God is my heIper, the 
0 Lord is he that upholdeth rny seul : reward thou evil unto 
ntinê ênemies ; destroy them in thine anger, for thy righteousness" 
sake. O Lord my sttngth, and my defender. Ps. Save me, O God, 
for thy name's sake : and avenge me in thy strength. 
G. o Lord our Governor : how excellent is thy naine in ail the world. . Thou 
hast set thy glory : abos-e the heavens. A. Alleluya. . Sing we merrily unt, 
Goal our strength : make a cheet-ful noise unto the Goal of Jacob, take the psaln. 
the merry harp with the lute. O. The statures of the Lord sre right, and 
rejoice the heart : sweeter aise than honey, and the honeycomb ; moreover by 
them is thy servant taught. C. Seek ye first of sll the kingdom of Goal : and ail 
these things shall be added unto you, saith the Lord. 
702 TIIIITX" X. .Dura cla»rarem. Vhen I called upon the 
Lord, he regarded my petition, yea, frein the battle that 
was a,ainst me : and he hath brought thêm down, even he that is 
of old. and endureth for ever ; 0 cast thy burden upon the Lord. 
and he shall nourish thee. Ps. Hear my prayer, 0 Lord, ad hide 
net thyselï frein nay petition : take heed unto me, and hear me. 
o. Keep me, 0 Lord, as the apple of an eye : hide me under the sh$dow of 
tly wings. . Let my sentence corne forth frein thy presence : and let thine 
eye look upon the thing that is equal. . Alleluya. '. O Lord Goal of my 
salvation : I have cried day and night before thee. O. Unie thee, O Lord lift 
I p my seul : O my Goal, in thee bave I trusted, let me net be confounded : 
neither let mine enemies triumph over me : for ail they that look for thee shall 
net be ashamed. ¢. Thou shalt be pleased with the sacrifice of righteousness, 
w;,th the burnt offerings and oblations : upon thine alt:r, O Lord. 
703 T,.,-T- xi. Detts in loco sancto. God in his holy ha}ita- 
tion, it is he that maketh brethren te be of one mind in 
an house : he will give the dominion and pr-eminence unie hic 
l-ople. Ps. Let God arise, and let his enemiês be scattered : 
them also that hate him fleê belote him. 
o. bly heart hath trusted in Goal and I ara helped : terefore my heart 
danceth for joy, and in my song will I praise him. . Unto thee will I cr.v. 
O Lord : be net silent O my Goal. ner depart frein ne. t. Alleluya. '. Lord, 


thou bast been out refuge : from one generation fo another. O. I ,viii mgnify 
thse, 0 Lord, for thou hast set me up : and hot ruade my foes to triumph over 
me ; 0 Lord, my God» I cried unto thee : and thou hast healed me. C. Honour 
lhe Lord with thy substance, and vitb the flrstfruits of ail thine increase : so 
ch,ail thy barns be fiiled with pienty, and thy presses shall burst out ,vith nev 
TmxTY xii. L)es in adjforio. Haste thee, O God, 
0 unto my rescue, and save me : O Lord, make haste fo my 
deliverance : let mine enemies be ashamed and eonfour_ded, that 
seek after my soul. Ps. Let thenl be tttrned baekward, and put to 
confusion : that wish me evil. 
O. I will aiway give thanks unto the Lord : his praise shall ever be in my 
mouth. . My soui hall make ber boast in the Lord : he humble shail hear 
thereof, and be glad. &. Alleluya ! #. O corne, let us sing unto the Lord : let 
us heatily rejoJce in the strength of out salvatiou. O. Moses besought tbe Lord 
his God, and said : Why, O Lord doth thy wrath wax hot agninst thy people ? 
turn from thy flerce wrath; remember Abraham, Isaae, and Jaeob, fo whom 
hou swarest fo give a iand flowing ,vith milk and honey : and the Lord 
repented of the vil which ]le thought to do unto his people. C. The earth, 
O Lord, is filled with the fruit of thy works : that thou mayest bring food 
out of the earth and ,vins that maketh g}ad the heart of man ; and oil to make 
him a eheerful countenanee : and bread fo strengthen man's heart. 
05 TIxT£ xiii. Bes1»ice, Domine. Look. O Lord. graciously 
upon thy covenant, and forsake hot the congregation of 
the poor for ever : arise, O Lord, maintain thine own cause; and be 
hot unmindful of the voiees of them that seek thee. Ps. O God, 
wheforo art thou absent from us so long : why fs thy wrath so hot 
.gainst the sheep of thy pastul'e ? 
. Look upon thy covenattt, O Lord : and forger hot the congregatiou of the 
poor for ever. '. Arise, O Lord, maintain thine o,vn cause : remember how 
the foolish man blasphemeth thee daily. &. Alleluya. #. For the Lord is 
a great God : and a great King over ail the earth. O. My hope bath been in 
thee O Lord : I ha,'e said, Thou art my Goal, rny rime is in thy hand. ¢. Thou 
hast given us Bread from heaven, O Lord : having every delight, and everytaste 
of sweetness. 
Tmz" xiv. Proccfo»" oste: Bhold, O God, our de- 
S0{3 fender, and look upon tho face of thine Anointed : for one 
day in thy courts is better than a thousand. Ps. O how amiable 
are thy dwellings0 thou Lord of hosts : my soul hath a desire and 
longing fo enter into the courts of the Lord. 
. If is a good thing fo give thanks unto the Lord : and fo sing praises unto 
thy naine, O Most Highest. #. To tell of thy loving-kindness early in the 
morning : and of thy truth in the night-season. &. Ai|eluya. )7. O give thanks 
unto the Lord, and sali upon his naine : tell the people ,vhat things he hath 
dons. O. The Angel of the Lord tarrieth round about them that fear hin. and 
delivereth them : O taste and ses how graclous the Lord is. ¢. The Bread that 
I wi|i give is my Flesh : which I vill give for the lire of the world. 


TRxT" xv. Indina, Domine. Bosv dom, 0 Lord, thinê 
car te me, and hear me : 0 my God, save thy servant, 
that trusteth in thee : haro mercy upon me, 0 Lord, for I have 
called daily upon thee. /98. Comfort the seul of thy servant : for 
unie thee, 0 Lord, de I lift up ny seul. 
o. If is better te trust in the Lord : than te put any confidence in man. 
. It is bettor te trust in tho Lord : than te put any confidence in prince& 
... Alleluya. '. Hy henri in ready, 00od, my henri i$ roady : I svdl siug, 
yea, I will praiso theo» svith the boat member that I haro. O. I waited patiently 
lbr the Lord, and ho inclinod unie me : he h¢ard my ealling, and bath put 
a new song in my mouth, even a thanksgiving unie our God. C. ,Vhoso eateth 
my Flesh, and drinketh my Blood, dwelleth in ne» and I in him, saith file 
TIINITY xvi. 3[iserere mihi. Have merey upol, me, 0 
08 Lord, for I have ealled daily upon thee : for thou, 0 Lord, 
,art graeious and mereiful, and plenteous in thy loving-kindness 
toward all them that call upon thee. Ps. Bow dovn thine ear, 
0 Lord, and hear me : for I am poor and in miseT. 
o. The heathen shall fear thy naine, 0 Lord : and ail the kinga of the earth 
thy'majesty. '. When the Lord shall build up Sion : and when his glory shall 
appear. &. Alleluya. '. Ye that fear the Lord, put your trust in the Lord : 
he is their helper and defender. O. Look clown, 0 Loaxl, te help me : let them 
be ashamed, and confounded together, that seek after my seul te destay if; 
look doxvn, 0 Lord, te help me. ¢. 0 Lord, I will make mention of thy 
righteousness only : thou, 0 God, hast taught me frein my youth up until new ; 
f,rsake me net, 0 God, in mine old age, when I ara gray-headed. 
TRINITY xviJ. J'UStR8 es, Domine. Righteous art thou, 
709 o Lord, and true is thy judgement : deal with thy servant 
according unie thy merciful kindness. /gs. Blessed arê those that 
are undefiled in the way : and walk in the law of the Lord. 
1. Blessed is the poople whoso Ood is the Lord : and bleased are the folk that 
he bath chosen te him te bo his inheritance. '. By the Word of the Lord wero 
the heavens ruade : and ail the hosts of them by the breath of his mouth. 
. Alleluya. '. The right hand of the Lord bringeth mighty thing te pass : 
the right hand of the Lord hath the pre-eminenee. O. I, Daniel, prayed unie 
the Lord my God, and said, Hear, 0 out Ood, the prayer of thy servant : cause 
thy face te shine upon thy aanetuary ; and behold, 00od, this thy people, who 
are called by thy naine. ¢. Promise unie the Lord your Ood, and koep if ; ail 
ye that are round about him bring presents unie him that ought te be feared : 
he shall refrain the spirit of princes ; and is wonderful among the kings of tho 
710 Tx.T¢ xviii. Da 2aacem. Give ponce. 0 Lord, te them 
that wait for thee, and let thy Prophets be found faithful : 
regaM the prayers of thy servant, and of thy people Israel. Ps. I 
wa glad when they said unie me : We will go into tho house of 
the Lord. 


O. X was glad whcn they said unto me : We will go into the house of the Lord. 
$. Peace be within thy w»lls : and plenteousness within thy palaces. A. Alleluya. 
. I was glad when they said unto me : We wili go into the bouse of the Lord. 
O. Moses consecrated an altar unto the Lord, oflring burnt offerings upon 
aad sacrificing peace offerings : and he ruade an evening sacrifice for a sweet- 
lnelling savour unto the Lord God, in the sight of the children of Israel. 
I:. Bring otfering and corne into his court : O worship the Lord in the beauty 
vf holiness. 
TBINITY XiX. (.lltl$ 20di. I am the saving health of my 
11 people, saith the Lord God : out of whatsoever tribulation 
they shall pray to me, I vill surely help them ; and I will be their 
God for ever and ever. Fs. Hear my law, O my people : incline 
your ears unto the vords of my mouth. 
. Let my prayer ho set forth in thy sight : O Lo-d, as the intense. )7. And 
let the [ifting up of my hands be an evening «crifice. A. Alleluya. . They 
that put their trust in the Lot'd shall be el'en as the iount Sion : he who 
dwelleth in Jerusalem may hot be removed, but standeth faat for ever. 
O. OEhoughI walk in the mid.t of ttotble, yet shalt Ihou refreh me, O Lord : 
thou sbalt stretch foJ4h thy right hand upon the furiousness of mine enemies, 
and tby right hand shall aave me. Ç. Th-u hast chaged that we shall 
diligenly keep thy commandments : O that my ways were ruade so direct, that 
I luight keep thy statute. 
TBII¢ITY XX. Omnia quae fecisti. Everything that thou 
712 hast brought upon us, O "Lord God, thou hast done in 
righteousness and judgement : for we bave trespassed against thee, 
and have not obeyed thy commandments; but give glo T and honour 
to thy name, and deal with us according fo the multitude of thy 
teder mercies. Ps. G»eat is the Lord, and highly to be praised : in 
the city of our God, even upon his holy hill. 
o. The eyes of ail wait u, pon thee, O Lord : and thou givest them their meat 
in due season. '. Thou openest thine hand : and fillest ail things living ,vith 
I.lenteousness. &. AIleluya. '. Out of the deep haro I called unto thee, 
0 Lc.rd : Lord, hear my voice. O. By the waters of Babyi,m ,ve sat down and 
wept : when we rcmembered thee, O Sion. Ç. /lemember thy word ll|tO thy 
serant, O Lord, wherein thou hast caused me fo put my trust : the saine is my 
comfort in my affliction. 
3 TI]ITY xxi. Iz vohntate t«a. O Lord Almighty, every- 
thing is in subjection unto thee : and there is no man that 
is able fo resist thy power : for thou hast created everything, heaven 
and earth, and all the wonders which under heaven's vault are con- 
tained; thou art the Lord and King of all things. Ps. Blessed are 
those that are undefiled in the vay : and walk in the law of the 
o. Lord, thou hast been our refuge : from one generation to another. $'. Before 
the mountains were brought forth, or ever the eslh and the world were ruade : 
thou art God from everlasting, and world without end. . A|leluya. $. Praise 


the Lord, O my soul ; while I lire will I praise the Lord : yea, as long as I bave 
any being, I will sing praiis unto myGod. O. There wss a man in the land of 
Uz, whose naine was Job, perfect and upright, and one that feared God : and 
Satan sought to tempt him ; and lwer was giron him by the Lord over 
possessions and over his flesh : and he destroyed ail his substance and his sons, 
and ho smote his flesh with sore boils. @. My sorti bath longed for thy salvation : 
and I have a good hope in thy word ; when wilt thou be avenged of them tbat 
persecnte me? they persecute me false]y : O be tbou my help, 0 Lord rny God. 
714 TRI.'Izv xxii. Si iniquitates. If thou, 0 Lord, wilt be 
extreme to mark iniquities : Lord, who may abide it ? for 
unto thee belongeth mercy. 0 God of Israel. Ps. Out of the deep 
have I called unto thee, O Lord : Lord, hear my voice. 
G. Behold. how good and joyful a thing it is : brethren, fo dwell together in 
unity, t *. It is like the precious ointment upn the head : that tan down unto 
the beard, even unto Aaron's beard. A. Alleluya. '. Ho healeth those that 
are broken in heart : and bindeth up their wounds. O. Remember me, O Lord, 
King of ail power : and put a well-ordered speech in my mouth, .that my words 
may be pleasing in thy sight. . I say unto you, there is joy among the 
Angels of Goal over one sinner that repentetb. 
715 gicit 9omius. Thus saith the Lord, I know the thoughts 
tiret I think towards you, thoughts of peace, and not of affliction : ye 
shall call upon me, and I will hearken unto you, and will bring 
again your captivity from eve T nation. Ps. Lord, thou art become 
gracious unto thy land : thou haut turned away the captivity of 
G. If is thou. O Lord, that savest us from our enemies : snd puttest them 
confusion that lmte us. . Ve rnake out bast of God ail day long : and will 
praise thy naine for over. A. Alleluya. . He maketh peace in thy borders : 
nd filleth thee with the flour of wheat. O. Out of°the deep bave I called mto 
thee, O Lord : Lord, hear my voice. ¢. Verily I say unto you» what things 
soever ye desire, when ye pray : believe that ye receive them, and it shall be 
done unto you. 
I:)EDICATION OF A CHL'RCH. Tcrribilis est. 0 how dlvatdful 
6 is this place ! this is the bouse of God, and gare of heaven : 
and men shall call if the Palace of God. ( Ftertide, alleluya.I 
Ps. The Lord is King, and bath put on glorious apparel : the Lord 
hath put on his apparel, and girded himself with strength. 
. This dwelling is Go<fs hand.wvork ; if is a mytery beyond a|! price, that 
eannot be spoken against. '. O God, in whose presenee the choirs of Angels 
are standing, graciously hear the prayers of thy rvants. . Alleluya. ]¢. I 
will orship toward thy holy temple : and wi|l sing praises unto thy naine. 
Or, . Ps. 8. x-5. O. O Lord God, in the uprightness of mine heart I have 
willingly offered ail the things ; and now I have seen with joy thy people, which 
are present here ; O Lord Goal of Isrzel : keep for over this imagination of 
heart of tby people. çl, E«serttde, alleluya.) ¢. My bouse shall be called of ail 


nations tho rieuse of prayer, saith the Lord : in il overy one that askoth receiveth : 
and he that oeeketh findeth» and te him that knocketh il shall be opened. 
AN APOSrLE OR Ev^NELmr. JIihi autem. Iight dem; 
717 o God, are thy friends unto rne, and held in highest; 
honour : their rule and governanee is exeeeding steadfast. 1. O 
Lord, thou hast searched me out, and known me : thou knowest rny 
down-sitting, and mine up-rising. 
O. Their sound is gone out into ail lands : and lheir words unto the ends of 
the world. . The heavens deelare tho glory of God : and the firmament 
flmwethhishandywiik. &.Alleluya. I firstwdlsaytoSion. ]Sehold.behold them ; 
and I wdl give te Jerusalem one that bringeth good tidings. Or "1". Blessed is 
tho man that feareth the Lord : he bath great delight in his c«,mmandments. 
'. His sed shall be mighty upon earth : the generation of the faithful shall ho 
blessl. . Riches and plenteousness shall be in his bouse : and his righteou«- 
nessendureth for ever. O. Thou shalt make them princes in ail lands : they 
shall remember thy naine, O Lord, frein one generation te another. . Ye 
hieh bave followed me shall sit upon twelve thrones judging the twelve tribes 
of Irad aith the Lord. 
A M.axvm Gloria et honore. Vith glol'y and worship 
718 hast thou erowned him : thou rnadest hirn te have dominion 
over the works of thy fingers. Ps. 0 Lord out Governor : how 
excellent is thy narne in ail the world. 
O. Thou hast set, O Lord : a crown of pure gold upon his head. '. Thou 
hast given him his heart's desire : and hast net denied him the request of 
lips. &. Alleluya. '. Thou hast (as abore). O. V¢ith glory (as Introit). ¢. Ho 
that xx'ill eome aller me let him deny himself : and take up his cross and 
h,llow me. 
hast hidden me, O God, frein the gathering together of the 
froward, alleluya : ïrorn the insurrection of the vorkers of iniquity, 
alleluya, alleluya. Ps. Hear rny voieo, O God, in my prayer : proserve 
my lire frein fear of the enerny. 
&. Alleluya. '. Thou hast set, as 718. &. Alleluya. '. The righteous shall 
b0 joyful in the Lord and shall put his trust in him ". and ail the upright of 
heart shall be thankful. O. The righteous (as abore). O. As 718. 
720 A BsoP. Statuit ci. The Lord bath established 
eovenant of peace with hirn, and rnade hirn a ehief of his 
lople : that he shou|d bave the priestly dignity fii ever and ever. 
lin Easteqiàe, alleluya, alleluya.} Ps. My song shall be ahvay : of 
the loving-kindness of the Lord. 
O. Behold a mighty prelate, who m his lifetime was pleasing unto God. 
ll. l?here was nono round like unto him, that observed the law of the Most 
High. &. Alleluya. '. The righteous shall blessera as the lily : and shall 
flourish for ever before the Lord. O. bly truth also and my mercy shall bo 
with him : and in my naine shall his horn be exalte& O. As 718, 
r f 8 878 


. BISHOP. Sacerdotes 1)ei. O yo priosts of God, bloss ye 
721 tho Lord : O ye holy and humble mon of hoart, exalt him 
for over. (In Eastertide, alleluya, alleluya.) Ps. O ail yo works of 
tho Lord, bless ye the Lord : praise him, and magnify him foi" over. 
A. Alleluya. . The Lord loved him, and adorned him and clothed him 
vith a robe of glory. G., O.. C. As 720. 
722 A CONFESSOR. 05 jsti. The mouth of tho righteous is 
exercised in wisdom, and his tongue will be talking of 
equity : the law of hii God is in his heart. Ps. Fret net thyse/f 
becauso of the ungodly : neither ho thou envious against the evil 
G. I bave round David my servant, with my holy oil bave I anointed him 
my hand shall hold him fast, and my arm shall strengthen him. '. The 
enemy shall net be able te de him violence : the son of wickedness shsll net 
hurt him. A. Alleluya. . I have laid help upon one that is mighty : I haro 
exalted one chosen out of the people. 0z . 717. O. y truth aise and my 
mercy shall be with him : and in my naine shall his hem ho exalted. {. Lord, 
thou deliveredst unto me rive talents ; behold I have gained beside them rive 
talents more : Well done, thou good and faithful servant, thou hast been 
faithful over a few things ; I will make thee ruler over many things, enter 
thou into the joy of thy Lord. 
723 A VIRGIN. Loquebar. I have spoken of thy testimonies 
in tho sight of princes, and was net confounded : and my 
delight bath been in thy commandments, vhich I have loved greatly. 
/s. Blessed aa those that are undefiled in the way : and walk in 
the lav of the Lord. 
. Thou hast loved righteousness and hated iniquity. '. Wherefore God, 
even thy God :bath anointed thee with the oil of gladness. . Alleluya. 
.». Full of grace are thy lips : because God bath blessed thee for ever. Or, . Full 
of (as aboyé). O. The virgins that be ber fellows shall boat her company : 
shall be brouht unto thee. . The Kingdom of heaven i likened unto a man 
that is a merchant, seeking goodly pearls : who, when he had round one pearl 
of great price, went and sold ail that he had and bought it. 
COVRSm OF ST. PAVL. Laetcmur. Rejoice ve all, and 
724 praise the Lord, devoutly keeping this festival vith due 
solemnity : wherein Paul, the blessed Apostle, by his wonderful 
conversion, did greatly illumine this present world. Ps. For the 
light of his holy preaching : and for the conversion of holy Paul. 
. He that wrought effectually in Peter te the postleship, was aise mighty 
in me toward the Gentiles : and they perceived the grace that was given unto 
me. '. Thegrace ofGod which was bestowed upon mewas net in vain :but 
his grace over abideth in me. . Alleluya. . The Apostle Paul, the chosen 
vessel : is very worthy te be extolled. O. How dear are thy friends unto me, 
O God : O how great is the pre-eminence of them. . Amen, I say unto you, 
that ye which bave forsaken ail and followed me shall receive an hundredfold, 
and shall inherit everlasting life. 


O. We bave waited, 0 God, for thy loving-kindne in the midst of thy temple : 
aecording to thy naine, 0 Lord, sois thy praise unto the world's end. . Like 
 we bave hrd, so bave we en, in the city or our God, even upon his holy 
hill. . Alleluya. . I will worship toward thy holy temple : and will sing 
prs unto thy naine. 0r, . 'unc dimiltis. O. Full of grace a thy lips : 
cau God ha bled thee for ever. ¢. It w revealed unto Simeon by 
Hoy Spirit that he should hot  death» before he had soen the Lord's 
TH AVscTm. orate cael£ Drop dovn, ye heavens, from 
above, and let the skies pour down rightusns : let the earth open, 
aud let her bring forth salvation. (In Etertide, alleluya, alleluya. 
Ps. And let righteousness spring up together : I the Lo»d ha'e 
creat if. 
. (Belote Ete.) Lift up your heads, O ye gares; and be ye lift up, ye 
everlti d : and the King of Glo shall corne in. . Who shall ascend 
un the hill of the Lord:or who shall std in his holy place? even he that 
bafh clean banals and a pu'e heart. A . And the Angel came in unto ber, 
and said, Hall, ary, full of graoe : the Lord  with thé. ¢. Bled art thou 
among women : and ble»sed is the fruit of thy womb. . The Holy Ghost shall 
corne up thee :and the power of the Highest shall overshadow thee. . There- 
for« al that holy thing which shall be born of thee : shall  called the Son of 
O. . (ln Eastide.) Atleluya. . And the Anget came in unto ber, and 
said» Hall, MaT, full of grace, the Lord is with thee : blesd art thou among 
'oen. . AIleluya. . (One of o oJ the Rn'eçtion.) O. Hall, ary, fuit 
of grace, the Lo is with thee : blessed art thou among women, and blessed 
the fit of thy xvomb. . Behold, a Virgin shall conceive, and br a Son : 
and his naine shall  called Emmanuel. 
6 S. PHLV A'v . Js. E.rcl«»mve»«nt. They cried 
unto thee, O Lord, in the rime of their miry and trouble : 
and thou didst hr them tom thy holy heaven, alleluy alleluya. 
Ps. ejoice in the Lord, O ye righteous : for if becometh well he 
just fo be thankful. 
&. Alleluy . The righteous man shall s#and in great boldne : be» the 
face of such  bave affiicted him. &. Alleluya. ¢. Did hot our heart burt 
within us : while he OEIked with us by the way concerning Jesus? O. 0 Lord, 
the very heavens shall praise thy wondrous works : and thy truth in the con- 
ggation of the ain, alleluya, alleluya. . Have I been so long rime with 
you, and yet hast thou hot known me, Philip ? he that bath seen me bath seen 
the Father, alleluya : Believest thou hot that I ara in the Father, and the Fher 
in me? Alleluya, alleluya. 
S. JoH s. e vtre. From the womb of my 
77 mother the Lord hath called me by my naine : and bath 
ruade my mouth as if were a sharp sword  benth the show 
his nd hath he hidden me, and hath ruade me like to a polished 


arrow. Ps. It is a good thing to give thanks unto tho Lord : and 
fo sing praises unto thy name, O ost Highest. 
O. Before I formed thee in lhe belly, I knew thee : and beforo thou camest 
forth out of the womb I sanctified theo. '. The Lord put forth his hand and 
touched mymouth : and said untomo. &. Alleluya. . Among them that aro 
born of women, a greater hath hOt risen than John the Baptist. O. Tho 
righteous shall flourish like a palm-tree : and shall spread abroad liko a cedar 
in Libanus. O. And thou child, shalt be called the Prophet of the Highest : for 
thou shalt go before the face ofthe Lord fo prepaffie his ways. 
ST. PETER. Nunc scio. low I know of a surety that the 
728 Lord hath sent his Angel : and hath delivetd me from 
the hand of Herod, and frora all the expectation of the people of the 
Jews. Ps. And when Peter was corne to himself=he said. 
O. Thou shalt make them princes over ail the oarth : they shall bave thy 
],ame in remembrance, O Lord. . Instead of thy father thou shalt haro 
children : therefore shall the poople give thanks unto thee. &. Alleluw. 
$. Thou art Simon Bar-$,ma, and fo theo hath been revealod tho word of he 
F,ther ; hot by flesh and blood, but by my Father which is in beaven. O. As 
717. (. Thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my Church. 
THE NAME OF JESVS. In nomi»e Jesu. In the naine of 
729 Jesus let every knee be bowed, of things above, and things 
in earth, and things beneath : and let every tongue confess and 
acknowledge that Jesus Christ is Lord, fo the glory of God the 
Father. Ps. 0 praise the Lord, for the Lord is gracious : sing pïfises 
unto his name, for if is lovely. 
O. God the Father hath set JesusChrist af hisown right hand in the heavenly 
l,laces, far above ail principality, and power, and might, and dominion : and 
every naine that is named, mt only in this world, but also in that which is to 
corne, and hath put ail things under his feet. ]. Help us.O God of out alva- 
tion : and for the glory of thy naine, O Lord, deliver us, and be merciful unto 
out sins, for thy name's sake. &. Alleluy. ]. Sweet fo the heart is the naine 
of Jesus Christ : music to the car, honey to the tste, which turns the heart to 
joy and praise, and purs to flight the despite of the world. O. In mv naine 
shall they cast out devils, they shall speak with new tongues ; they shll take 
up serpents : and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall hot hurt them ; they 
shall lay hands on the sick and they shall reeover, alleluya. C. To him that 
overcometh will I give to eat of the hidden manna : and will give him a white 
stqne, and in the stone a new naine written, which no man knoweth, sa'ing he 
that receiveth it, alleluya. 
730 ST. [ICHAEL AND ALL ./IGELS. Benedicite Dominum. 0 
praise the Lord. all ye his Angels : exceiling in power. 
that execute his commandment, and hearken unto the voice of his 
words. Ps. Praise the Lord, 0 my soul : and ail that is within me, 
praise his holy naine. 
O. (As Introit.) . Alleluya. '. In the presence of the Angels will I praiso 
thee, O Lord my Ge<l. O. An Angel stood by the altar of the temple, having a 


golden censer in his hand : and there was given unto him much ineense, and 
the smoke of the incense ascended up before God, alleluya. C. O ye Angels of 
the rd, bleye the Lord : singye praises and magnify him above ail for ever. 
A S]Ts. Gauam. Rejoice we ail, and prai the 
7] Lord, celebmting a holy day in honour of All Hallows : i» 
wlmse solemnity the Angels are joyful, and glorify the Son of God. 
Ps. joice in the Lord, O ye ghous : for it cometh well the 
jt   thankful. 
 st. Ma Magde's D«y and o ain" Days, the ame ofwaintay «b- 
stitud ; and on the less days of the led Virgin ay be bitut the Virgin )Iary : 
for who Cvnception (or Visitation, oe Nativity). 
6. 0 fear the Lord, all ye saints of his : for they that fear him lack nothing. 
. But they that seek the Lord : shaii want no manner of thing that  go. 
A. KI[eluya. . The saints shall judge the tions, and bave donion over the 
people : and their Lord shall reign for ever. O. O G, wondertUi art thou in 
thy holy F : even the Goal of rael, he wiii give strenh and power unto 
hia peoFle ; blessed be God, alleluy . The souis of the righteous are in the 
hand of God, d the shail no torment touch them : in the sight of the unwise 
they soem  die ; but ey are in ace. 
FOR HE BLESSED SACRAMENT. Cibavit . He fed them 
3 al with the finest wht flour, alleluya : and with honey 
from the ck hth he tisfied them, alieluya, Mleluya, alleluya. 
Ps. Sing we merrily unto God our helper : make a cheerful noise 
u the G of Jacob. 
O. The eyes of ail vait upon thee, O Lord : and thou givest them their meat 
in due selon. . ou onest thine hand : d fillest all things living vith 
plentoeusness. A. Alleluya. . My Fiesh is meat indeed, and my Biood is 
drink inde : he that eateth my Flesh and dinketh my BloC, dwelleth in me, 
and I in him. O. The priests of the Lord do offer the offerin of the Lord ruade 
by tire and the bread of their G : therefore they shall  holy unto their God. 
and hot profane the naine of their G, alleluy . As oflen as ye do est of 
this Bread, and drink of this Cup, ye do show the Lord's death tili he corne : 
whemfor whosoever shaii est of this Bread, and drink of his Cup of the Lord, 
unwoRhily, shall  guiity of the By and Blo of the Lord, alleluya. 
733 1, COMMEMORATION OF THE DEPARTED. Requiem eter»tam. 
Rest eternal grant unto them, O Lord : and may light 
rtual shine upon them. Ps. Thou, O God, a praised in Sion : 
and unto th shall the vow  performed in Jesem; thou lht 
hearest the prayer, unto thee shall all flesh corne. (te Gloria is 
. Rest eternal grant to them, O Lord, and may light rtual shine upon 
them. . Let their souls dvell at ese : and their ed inherit the lnd. «#r 
 . Yea, though I vaik thugh the valley of the shadow of death, I wiil 
fear no evil : for thou, O Lo, art wit me. . y r and thy stff, they 
bave en my comfort. . (Day of Bu) Like  the hart deslreth the 
ter brks : so longeth my soul for thee, my God. . My souI is athit for 
God, yen, ew-for the living God : when shall I eome fo appear before the 


presence of God ? '. }ly tears bave been my meat day and night : while they 
daily say unto me, Where in aow thy God ? T. (Other -t/ons.) Out of the 
deep have I called unto thee O Lord : Lord, hearken unto my volte. '. O let 
thine ears consider well the supplication of thy servant. '. If thou, O Lord, 
wilt be extreme to mark what is done amies : Lord, who may bi,le it. '. For 
fo thee belongeth mercy and compassion, and for thy Name's cake have I waited 
for thee, O Lord. O. (Gemra/.) O Lord Jesu Christ, King of Majesty, deliver the 
soul of ail the faithful departed from the hand of hell, and from he pit of 
destruction : deliver them from the lion°s mouth, that the grave devour them 
hot ; that they go hot down to the realms of darkness : but let Michael, the 
h«Jly standard-bearer, make speed fo restore them to the brightness of glory : 
which thou promisedst in ages past to Abraham and his seed. '. Sacrifice and 
prayer do we offer fo thee, O Lord : do thou accept them for the souls departed 
in whose memory we make rhin oblaion : and grant them Lord, to pass from 
death unto life ". which thou promisedst in ages past to Abraham and his seed. 
O. (Al! Souls.) 0 kind Creator, who hast recalled the tiret man to eternal glory : 
O Good Shepherd, who on thy loving shoulder hast brought again the lost sheep 
to the sheepfold : O just Judge, when thou nhalt corne for judgeraent, deliver 
from death the souls of them whom thou hast redeemed : nor give to the beasts 
the souls of them that confess thee, nor forsake them utterly for ever. 1. (Day 
o.fBurial, Annitrries, Ail Souls.) To them in whose memory the Body of Christ 
in received, grant, O Lord, rest everlasting. '. And may light perpetual shine 
upon them. To them in whose memory the Blood of Christ is received, grant, 
O Lord, rest everlasting. ¢L (Other occasions.) ,May light eternal shine, O Lord, 
upon them, for endless ages with thy blessed ones, for thou art gracious. 
. Rest eternal grant to them, O Lord, and may light perpetual shine upon 
them : for endless ages with thy blessecl ones for thou art gracious. 
3 Dec. 16. 0 Sapetia. O Wisdom, which camest out of 
the mouth of the lIost High, and reachest from one end 
fo another, mightily and sweefly ordering ail things : Conae and 
teach us the way of prudence. 
Dec. 17. 0 Aàonai. O Adonai, and Leader of the bouse of 
Israel, who appearedst in the bush fo l[oses in a flame of tire, and 
gavest him the Law in Sinai : Corne and deliver us xvith an out- 
stretched arm. 
Dec. 18.. 0 ladix Jesse. O t{oot of Jesse, which standest for an 
ensign of the people, at xvhom kings shall shut their naouths, to 
whom the Gentiles shall seek : Corne and deliver us, and tarry hot. 
Dec. 19. 0 Clavis Da,id. O Key of Da','id, and Sceptre of the 
bouse of Israel ; that openest, and no man shutteth, and shuttest, 
and no man openeth : Corne and bring the prisoner out of the prison- 
bouse, and him that sitteth in darkness and the shadov of death. 
Dec. 20. 0 0»qens. O Day-spring. Brightness of Light Everlasting, 
and Stm of Righteousness : Corne and enlighten him that sitteth in 
darkness and the shadow of death. 


Dec. 21. 0 le Gentium. O King of the Nations, and their 
desire; the Corner-stone, who makest both one : Corne and save 
mankind, whom thou tbrmedst of clay. 
Dec. 22. 0 Emnanuel. O Emmanuel, out King and Lavgiver, 
the Desiçe of ail nations, and their Salvation : Corne and save us, 
0 Lord our God. 
Dec. 23. 0 irgo virginum. O Virgin of virgins, how shall this 
be? For neither before thee was any like thee, nor shall there be 
after. Daughters of Jerusalem. why marvel ye af me .9 The thing 
'hich ye behoid is a divine mystery. 

lateli. AN ADVENT PROSE ])Iode i. 

D,'op daum, ye heaverts, from a - bave, and let the slde pol«r dow rigbteousnees. 
i î.--  î î--]î-- =î î =- 

I.B hot lvroth ve - ry sore, O Lord, ei-ther re - ruera-ber in « 
,I  " " °" " -,î -- [ '" : î î " î-î î 

- i- qu - ty for ev - er: thy ho - ly ci- ries are a wil-der-nes, 

Si- on is « wil-der-ness, Je- ru- sa-lem a de - so - la-tion: 

I: î' ï" 
-" : " : î " m ,@m: m . ,M.." 

our ho-lyandorbeau-ti-ftd bouse, where out fa-ther prais-ed thee. 1. Dro dou, 

-- î " î î î " "- î 
2. lRe have sla - ed, and are as a un - clean thing, 


preaence of Go<l ? '. My tears bave been my meat day and night : while they 
daily say untc me, Where ia now thy Gd ? T. (0ther occmions.) Out of the 
deep bave I called unto thee, O Lord : Lord. hearken unto my voico. . 0 let 
thine ears consider well the supplication of thy servant. '. If thou, 0 Lord, 
wilt be extreme fo mark what is done amiss : Lord, who may abide if. ]. For 
to thee belongeth mercy and compassion, and for thy Name's sake have I waited 
for thee» O Lord. O. (Ocrera/.) O Lord Jesu Christ, King of Majesty deliver the 
souls of all the faithful departed from the hand of hell, and from the pif of 
destamction î deliver them from the lion's mouth, that the grave devour them 
hot ; that they go hot down to the realms of darkness : but let lichael the 
holy standard-bearer, make speed to restore them to the brightness of glory : 
which thou promisedst in ages past te Abraham and ]ris seed. . Sacrifice and 
prayer de we offer te thee, O Lord : de thou accept them for the seuls departed 
in whose memory we make this oblation : and grant them, Lord, te pass frein 
death unto life : which thou promlsedst in ages past te Abraham and his seod. 
O. (Al! Souls.) 0 kind Creator, who hast recailed the first man te eternai glory : 
O Good Shepherd, who on thy loving shouider hast brought again tho lest sheep 
te the sheepfoid : O just Judge, when thou shalt corne for judgement, deliver 
f|)m death the seuls of them whom thou hast redeemed : ner give te the beasts 
the seuls of them that confess thee, ner forsake them utterly for ever. ,. (Day 
o.flurial, Annivfsaries, All Seuls.) To them in whose memory the Body of Christ 
is received, grant, O Lord, test everlasting. '. And may light peri)ctual shine 
upon them. To them in whose memory the Blood of Christ is received, grant, 
0 Lord, aCst everlasting. . Ç0her o¢c«sions.) ]lay light eternal shine, 0 Lord, 
upon them, for endlese ages with thy blessed ones, for thou art graciouu. 
]'. Rest eternal grant fo them, O Lord, and may light perpetual shine upon 
them : for endless ages with thy blessed ones» for thou art gracioua. 
4 Dec. 16. 0 Sapîemtia. O Visdom, which camest out of 
the mouth of the Most High, and reaehest from one end 
fo another, mightily and sweetly ordering all things : Corne and 
teach us the way of prudence. 
Dec. 17. 0 Adoai. O Adonai, and Leader of the house of 
Israel, who appearedst in the bush fo lIoses in a flame of tire, and 
gavest him the Law in Sinai : Corne and deliver us with an out- 
stretched arm. 
Dec. 18.. 0 1-?adix Jesse. O Roof of Jesse, whieh standest for an 
ensign of the people, at whom kings shall shut their mouths, fo 
whom the Gentiles shall seek : Corne and deliver us, and tarry hOt. 
Dec. 19. 0 Clavis David. O Key of David, and Sceptre of the 
house of Israel; that openest, and no man shutteth, and shuttest, 
and no man openeth : Corne and bring the prisoner out of the prison- 
house, and him that sitteth in darkness and the shadow of death. 
Dec. 20. 00riens. 0 Day-spring. Brightness of Light Everlasting, 
and Sun of Righteousness : Come and enlighten him that sitteth in 
darkness and the shadow of death. 


Dec. 21. 0 Rex Gentium. O King of the Nations, and their 
desire ; tho Corner-stone, who makest both one : Corne and save 
mankind, whom thou formedst of clay. 
Dec. 22. 0 Emrnanuel. O EmmanueI, our King and Lawgiver, 
tle Desire of ail nations, and their Salvation : Corne and save us, 
0 Lord our Goal. 
Dee. 23. 0 Viryo vir#inum. O Virgin of virgins, how shall this 
be? For neither before thee was any like thee, ner shall there be 
after. Daughters of erusa|em. why marvel ye af me ? The thing 
which ye behold is a divine mystery. 

1orate¢li. AN ADVENT PROSE lIode i. 
• î  î .. 

l. Be net wroth ve - ry sore, 0 

Lord, nei-ther re - mem-/)er in - 
1 fi î " "- -" -" -" .- « 

- i- qui o ty for ev - er: thy ho- ly ci- tles are a wfl-der-ness 

Si - on is a wil-der-]aess, Je- ru- sa-lem a de - se - la-tion: 

our ho-ly and ourbeau-tl-ful honse, whee ou ïa-ther lais-ed thee. 1. Droyè dota, 
_ , 

î • l 
2. We have sin - ned and are as an un - clean thingl 


lm î î • • •  

a_d we ail do fade as a leaf : and out in - i - qui - tie Iike 
[ .  : . m . 
l " -  m J 

the wind» bavera - ken us a-way; thou hast hid thy face l rom 

nd haslcon-sum-ed us, be - caUse of out in . i o qul-tie& I.D,,»pdown, 

8. Ye are n3y wit - nes - ses, saith the Lord, and my er- vant whom 

I have cho - sen ; that ye n3ay know n3e and Le - lieve me: 

I, e - vert I, ara the Ird, and ho-side me thero ie o Sa-viour: 

• md there is none that can de - ]iv - er out of ly hand, 

4. Coin-fort ye, cora-fort ye my peo-p]el n3y sal-a-tion shall hot tar-ry: 


I bave blot - ted out as & thick cloud thy trns - gress- iox:s : 


Fear ot» lbr I will save thee : for J[ ara 

the Lord thy God, 

the Ho- ly One oï Is- rg- el, 

thy Re o deem - er. lç. Droao down, 

Attende. A LENT PROSE. çode v. 
Bear rot#, 0 Lord, bave mtp - on us : for 

l. To tlaee, lë - deem - er, on thy throne of glo - ry : 

• • mm • . • • 
• m î 

lift we our weep - ing eyes in ho - ly plead - ings : 
• • • • 
lil-ten, O Je - su, fo otir sUp-lll - ca - tins.l.Ilearus, OLord, 
2. O thou chief Cor,er-stone, Right Hand of the Father : Vay of 
Salvafion, Gare of Life Celestial : cleanse thou out sinful sou]s from 
ail defilement, t. Hear us, 0 Lord, 
3. God, we implore thee, in thy glory seated : bow down and 
hearken fo thy xveeping children : pity and pardon ail ont grievous 
tlspasses, t. Hcar «s, O Lot'd, 
4. Sins off comlnitted nov we lay before thee : with true con- 
trition, now no more we veil them : grant us, Redeemer, loving 
absolution, l. Hear us, 0 Lord, 
5. Innocent, captive, taken unresisting : falsely accused, and fer 
us slnners sentenced, save us, we pray thee, Jesu our Redeemer. 
l. He«r us, 0 Lord, 


Mode i." 

Frs two derks. 
1.0, my  - pie, wbat bave I done un - to thé, 

or whero in bave I - " - - 
- wea r ed thee? Tes- ti Çv a-ginstre. 

°'$ • - • 

Be - cause I brought thee forth from the lanl of E- gypt, 

thou haut pro - par - ed a Cross for thy Sa - vlour. 

ç»cod two ¢le'ks. 

2. Be - cause I led thee through the le - sert for - ty yeal, 


and fl tlee with man - ha. and brought tlaee in te 

a lgnd ex - ceed - ing good, thott 

a Cross for thy 

First two ¢lerks. 

Sa - vlour. 

hast ure - par ed 
Second two elerks, re2aealed by chorats. 

t7o l,.t God, d'c. 

$. qat moreeould  laave done un - te thee 

that I hax e net done ? 

l / 

I in - deed did plant thee, 0 

fair f;'uit, and thou art Ie-come ve- rv /it- ter un - te me: 

for vin - e gaa', miza- gled with gail, thou gav- est me 


1 î î I 

when thirs - ty, and hast pierc - ed with a spear the side 

Iode ri. 

Be - hold the Cro dLs - pLyed, vhere-on the S - viour of 

the wo:ld did bang : 
• • 

0 corne ye let us wor - Ihip. 
Moe iv. 

|t'e t, en- er - are th U Croc, 0 Lord, and praise and 91o - 

• • • I • 

ri - fy thy ho - ly 

• • 
11 i 1 i $  I III I 

t C-os joy bath corne fO th whole orld. 


Second two derks. Deus tnisoeatur. 
i__i I I I, î î il • -- "--  I 

P. God be mer - ci o ful un - fo us and bless us: and show 

the light of his coun-te-nance, and be mer " Ci I ] n I to us. 
CIoFus. Secotd two cerk.ç. 

ir un I er - ate d c. 

That thy way may be known up - on earth : 

thy aav - ing health a - mong ail a l tions, l$'e t - er - a, dc., 
(ad t  of Palm lxv, OEthout Gloria, çeeating the Anthem afr ch vee.) 
r . I î  -I I î I_ î I î  I î I l 
t the  -le prai thee, O God foh ber i-cree : G sha Mess u : 
0 let . . -joiceand be glad 

Hymns 95 and 96 (Part I , olening toith th following erse (which la veated aft each 
verse as ¢horus) and inç wi& th¢ ly and crus. 
Fb'st two clerks. 
" i = çl -- I I 
 .ç _  __ _ __ '  
Faith - ful Croc/ a - bore all o - ther, One and 
I.». --  ---- -- __ 
- - ''   L I  
I I   "   
 $ -o- -a   



t l y 

ler may be ; 8weet - et wood, and sweet - est i - 


llaec dieu. 
To derks. 

At Evensong. 
Mode il. 

.......... lul .............. 





Tir d-ls. Chorus. Me»de vil. 
,. «- "" Ii ï "-' "" 
I I I I I I i 

Al-le lu ya. Al-le - It ya 



ottr Pa 




(Suit,ble afler a latv Eveni@ rvice) 

R:. In - to thy hands, 0 Lord, 


I coin - mead my pi - rit. 

. Thou haut re - deem- ed me, O Lord, thou God of truth. 


B:. I coin- menti rny spi - rit. . Glo - ry 

be to the Fa - te 

and to the Son, and to the Ho - ly Ghost. I. Intothyhands &c. 


.Iode ri. 

1. In - to thy bande, 0 Lord, I corn - men,l my spi - rit. 

Al - le - lu 
î • I . . î rl . = • , _i llî_ . i i 
OLord, thouGod of truth. I. Al - le - lu -ya, al - le - lu - 

 . =) î I_,. î = ) 
--î î î • , 

i. Glo - ry be to the Fa - ther and to the Son, 

• - • • • 

and to the Ho ly Ghos 

I. Into thy hads &c 



• 741 
Blessed is hê that cometh in the naine of tl« Lord. 
in the highêst. 

-I OSall I111 

Agnus Dei. 
0 Laml of God, that takest away the sins of the world have 
mercy upon us. 
0 Laml of God, that takest awav the sins of the world, bave 
mercy upon us. 
0 Lamb of God, that takest away thê sins of thê world, grant 
us thy peaee. 

0 Lamb of God, that takest away the sins of the world, grat 
them st. 
0 Lamb of God, that takest away the sins of the world, ant 
the rest. 
0 Lam of God, tht hkest away the sins of the world, gt 
them st everlasting. 


here wr row and pain are no more ; nei . gher . . gh - i»g .... 



 -- I I l 
I  -- " . l  l  - -- I I I I 



Additional plainsong melodies and additional modern 
tunes as alternatives to certain plainsong hymns 

Ç= == == = •= I 

I | I I , I | | I I | I i --' i  
J/  I ..-' I ! / I  . I ! I f , . 



Mode viii. 


Tone i (Introit form). 
 = = î î==  = l l I 

0 Je " rU l  l Ivre East, and be - ll..,Id : lift up 

Je - ru . a - iem, and .... pow- er of 

thy King ! 


Tonu Peregrinus with Alleluya. 

] Not un-to us . . . 
2 Wbere-fore " 
$ Aa for ourGod 

hy I,'«tnle give the praise : 
alla)l the hea-then ay 
ha ia in hea - - ven 

(I) for thy Iov - ing 
(8) ha bath doue 

and for thy trutl,'s sake. AI - le ht- ya. 
Wbere ia now their Goal? AI - Le - ht- 
-er-er pleaoed him AI - le - lu-a. 

Pol/syllabic ending. 
| -_ î  î -.  -. .. 

• î 

The volte of the Lord m up - on the -a - ters. 

Wbo for out ake Img up - on the Tree. A - le l I U -- y8 l 
Monos/llabic enditg. 
î " -_  -_ -. -_ -_ î __-_ î 

is ho that com - eth in the Name of 

the Lrd. 

Dt - liv 

er me front tiue eu e - mie, 0 Goal. 


Additional tunes which do not enter into the general 
scheme of the book 

ALrn,v Tusz TO Hvms 0 
NORTHROP. (. M.) A. onrHnov (0) 
i " , ' ' , , , , , ,, i , 
_ . . •  /---  , . 
I I  I I I I  ! . " 
EPJPHANY, (11 10. 11 10.) 
 ll l --  -- --l -- -- 
,. -- ç,--: 
J I l I I , 


ST. CROSS. (L.I.) 
I m»ate l/me  = 7G. J.B. Dvg, 1828-76. 

WIRTEMBURG. (77. 77. 4.) W.H. IONK, IS9(fd 
In mlale li  = 72. ' traf mich nicld,' ', 
I I I o , l l , . I III I I I 
   - îï .i i . i 


A H«xs Srr« ov TXC Trs TO HI'NN 133 
gAST¢'R HYbIN. (7 4. 7 4. D.I .llter¢dfrom a 
81o  = 58. »elody in L.ra lridi¢, 1708. 

« g3 905 

NUTF[ELD. ($4.$4. 8&@ 4.) 
I »Z'le t[»  = 72. } V. H. log, 18239. 
/ I , J I , , , I I I 
/ .-- , ,  '-- , , , - , ,  ' 



98. 98.) 
112. C.C. 8CHOLIV, 1839-1905. 
I -- " .    --- -- 
I L ....  ..... 
I I I 
,-3- ,  _ , , 3...  " 

I  ' " 
Il, ',  I -- l " :    "  I / 1 
I I I , 
I ' I I I I. A- men 
I l , , I   I «-= l , ,  , " 

In Inoderate rime  --- 92. E. V. 

kLTENAT|VE TrôNE "fo HYM. 417 
ST. CHRYSOSTOM. (8.88. 88.) 3. Bav, 1396. 

I m¢rat¢ l.  = 1. '. B. GILBT. 
I -- I i 



la »'at¢ Zime = . l.D. EAigV. 
.... -- i I I I I ï 
I I i I I  / .  I I 
-- --.-.___ 
I  '   I I 

FOR ALL THE SAINTS. (101 10.) 
1, »,«»'ate tme  = l. J. Bv, l. 
- -  "  ,  -' " ï r T " 
, I 
I , . I , I ,  . 
I  . . -- ««----«. --  
,-,. ..... ,;  -- =-- - H  
L  ' - 'r   , 

I I | I I I I I I  
I I I i i I I 

[1 p¢rmiio f dio • Co. Zd.] 


8(0 St. Andrew A2o.» 174, 175, 176. 
6 t. Nicol, Bp. & C., 188, 189. 
8 Conception of V. ary, 213. 214,215. 
13 St. Lucy, V. & ., 191. 192. 
21 t. Thorax, Ap., 174 175, 176. 
26 t. S#n, M., (.) 180 ; (. E.) 31. 
27  John, E., Ç.) 174 or 175, ç. E.) 
28 In,cent, (M." 12 l, 4, 5); ,I. E.) 
31 St. Silve[e9 Bp. & C., 1, 19. 
8 St. Lucian, P. & I., 180, 11. 
13 St. Hilary, Bp. & C., 1, 
18 St. Pia, V.  .. 191, 192. 
20 St. Fabian, Bp. & .. 182. 183. 
21 St. Agnes, V. & I., 191, 192. 
22 St. Vincent, D. & bL. 10. 
25 Catsion l. Paul 171, 175, 176. 
2 Pa,çfication f V. Ma, (E.) 208 ; 
21 or 215 ; (E) 22. 
3 St. Blasius, Bp. & ., 180, 11. 
5 St. Agatha, V. & ., 191. 192. 
1 St. Valentine, Bp. & I.. 1.S(. 181. 
2 St. Mthl» Ap., 174, 175, 176. 
I St. David. Abp. & C., 18g. 189. 
2 St. Chad. Bp. & C.. 188. 189. 
7 St. Ptrpetua, ., 192, 183. 
12 St. GegoLv, Bp. & C., 188, 189. 
18 St. ward. K. & .. 180. 181. 
21 St. Benedict Ab. & C., 188. 189. 
25 Annunclion of ç M«, (E.) 213 
(M.) 21 or 215. 

 Riçhard, Bp. & C., 18S, 19. 
4 t. Ambrobe, Bp. • Ç., l, 189. 
19 St. Alphege, Abp. & ., 150 
2 St. George, M., l, ll. 
2 St. «, Er., (E.) 123 çPt. 2); çM. E. 
12t Pt. 2), being in Eastertide. 
I t. Philip • St. Jam, App., (E.) 123 
(Pt. 2) ; (. E.) 124 (Pt. 2). 
3 Invention of Cros. (E.) 9 Pt. 2) ; 
.) 95; E.) 96 Pt. 2). 
6 St. John, Er.,  Port. t., ç. E.) 
12 (Pt. 2. 
19 St. Dunst, Abp. & C., I, 189. 
26 St. Augustin, Abp. & C., 188, lbg. 
27 %n. Bede, P. & C. 1, 189. 
I t. Nicomede. P. & ., 1, 181. 
5 St. Bvniface, Bp. & ., 182, 1. 
11 SI. Eas, Ap., 174, 17 176 (or  
on [ay ! if befoe Whit»uday). 
17 St. Alban, .. i80, 181. 
20 Tmns. o St. Edward, K. & ., 1 
2 St. John Baptist, ¢E. 223 ; (M.) 224. 
29 t. Pet«, Ap.. ,.E.) 226 ; (.) 226, 
175 or 176. 
2 Visitation of V. ary. 228, 229. 
 Tt-ans. of St. artin, Bp. & C., 1 
15 St. Swithun, Bp. & C., 182 (1, 2, 5', 
20 St. )[argate, V. & M.. 191 192. 
22 St. a Iagd.. 230. 231. 
25 t. Jamas Ap., 174 175, 176. 
26 St. Arme, 189 çPt. 2" 191 (Ft. 2. 


z UG UT 
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g0 Beheadmg of t. John Baptist» 180» 

7 St. Evurtius, Bp. & C., 188. 189. 
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1 lIoly Cross Day, (E.) 94 (Pt. 2); 
(M.) 9; (E.) 96 Pt. 2). 
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|)N I A R'I'Y R 
Co E$OR ..... 
VIRGIN ...... 

1 E. M. 


171, 175, or 176 
180 or 181 
182 or 183 
188 or 189 
191 or 192 

2sv E. 



• s. = Mathns, tbe Ofice Hymn being first. O. -- G,nera/, i.e. bymna which 
may be added wben more hymns are required eitber for Idattins or for the 
Holy Eucharist, or which may be used in the place of any of the hymns 
tbat are suggested for Morning or Evening. P. ffi Procession. r. C. -- tloly 
Commu»ion, the hymns being in the fo||owing order : (1) Before the Gospel ; 
a.2) At the Offertory; (3) At the Communion; (4) After the Blessing. 
-. = Er,»soag, the hymns being in the following order: (i) Office Hymn; 
C2) Instead of the Anthem ; (3) Before the Sermon ; (4) After the Sermon. v.. = 

Metrical Litany. 

Id. 2 Verbum supernum prodiens. 
3 Behold the Bridegroom. 
G. 6 Hark the glad sound. 
504 Thy kingdom corne!... 
H.C. 10 Saviour eterna|. 
12 Wake, O wake. 
328 See, Fatber, tby belovèd. 
] 1 The Advent of our God. 
E. 1 Conditor aime $iderum. 
4 Great God, what do I see. 
5 Hark! a herald voice. 
7 Lo! he cornes. 
(L. 647 Litany of the Adwnt.) 
I. 2 Vtrbum suptrnum prodiens. 
487 Tbat day of wrath. 
G. ,5,54 Thy kingdom corne, O Lord. 
456 Lord, thy word abideth. 
H.C. 10 Saviour eternal. 
3 Behold the Bridegroom. 
328 See, Father, thy belovêd. 
13 ,Vhen came in flesh. 
E. 1 Condilor alme siderum. 
6 Hark the glad sound. 
462 O quickly corne. 
495 The vorld is very evil. 
, L. 617 Litany of the Adrcnt.) 
Id. 2 Verbum supernum prodiens. 
9 On Jordan's bank. 
G. 7 Lo! he cornes. 
5 Hark'. a herald oice. 
H.C. 10 Saviour eterna]. 

80 corne, O corne. 
325 O Vord immortal. 
4 Great God, what do I see. 
F. 1 Covwl[tor alrtl b'ido'l,m. 
13 When came in fleh. 
492 The Lord will corne. 
374 Christian seek noL 
(L. 647 Litany oj the Advent.) 
M. 2 Verbum supernum prod,en& 
6 Hark tbe glad sound. 
G. 9 On Jordan's bank. 
13 rhen came in flesh. 
H.C. 10 Saviour, eternal. 
12 Wake, O wake. 
325 O Word immortal. 
11 The Advent of our God. 
E. 1 Conddor alme siderum. 
7 Lo! he cornes. 
518 Ye servants of the Lord. 
8 0 corne, 0 corne. 
.L. 647 Litany oj the Adrent. , 
E. 14 Veni, Redernlor 9entium. 
16 The Maket" of the sun. 
30 While shepherds watcheoE 
15 0 little town. 
P. 613 Of the Father's heart. 
Christe Redemptor (or 18). 
Christians, awake. 
VCbile shepherds watched. 
Behold the great Creator. 

[. 17 
G. 30 


p. 614 O corne, ail ye faithful. 
H.C. 22 Corne rejoicing. 
24 Hark! the herald Angels. 
311 Hall, true Body. 
19 A great and mighty. 
E. 18 A $olis ortus tardif. 
23 Hark how ail the welkin. 
25 In the blcak mid-winter. 
26 If came upon the midnight. 
P. 613 Of the Father's heart. 
M. 17 Ch, edemtor nium. 
27 Let sighing cease and woe. 
O. 26 If me upon the midnight. 
24 Harki the herald Angels. 
P. 613 Of the Father's heart. 
H.C. 22 Corne rejoicing. 
28 O corne ail ye (or 24). 
311 Hall, te ody (or 28). 
20 Behold the great Creator. 
E. 18 A lis l tardif. 
80 While shepherds watched. 
 Hk, how ail the welkin. 
 The grcat God of heaven. 
P. 613 Of the Father's heart. 

bi. 38 
P. 615 
H.C. 19 

E. 38 

M. 38 
H.C. 19 

Hostis tterodes impie. 
The race that log. 
From the eastern mountains. 
Hall, thou Source. E. 
A great and mighty. 
O worship the Lord (or 40). 
Hail, true Body. 
What star is this (or 39). 
Hostis Merodes impie. 
Bethlehem, of noblest. 
Brightest and best. bi. 
As with gladness. 
From the eastern mountains. 
Hall, thou Source. 
Hostis tIerodes impie. 
What star is this. 
Brightest and best. 
The great God of heaven. 
From tbe eastern mountains. 
Hall, thou Soutee. 
A great and mighty. 
As with gladness. 
(Pt. 2) Sun, who ail my life. 
Bethlebem, of noblest. 

G. 46 
H.C. 20 
E. 51 

G. 388 

E. 38 Hostis Herodes inpie. 
43 The race that long. 
26 It came upon the midnight. 
42 O worship the Lord. 
P. 615 From the eastern mountains. 
616 Hail, thou Source. 
(If hot thc last Sunday) 
bi. 50 Primo dferum omnium. 
48 The Lord is corne. 
In stature grmvs. 
The race that long. 
Bêhold the grcat Creator. 
Ail hall the power. 
(Pt. 2) Sun, who ail my lire. 
Hail to the Lord's Anointed. 
Lucis Oreator optime. 
The great God of heaven. 
"Tis winter nov. 
Songs of thmkfulness. 
(If hot the last Sunday) 
M. 0 Pimo dierum crnnitm. 
420 Jesus shall reign. 
G. 459 O Love, how dêep. 
26 It came upon the midnight. 
H.C. 419 .Pt. 1) Jesu, the very. 
47 Songs of thankfulness. 
330 (Pt. 2) O saving Victim. 
48 The Lord is corne. 
51 Lucis Creator optime. 
381 Crown him vith ntany crovns. 
46 In stature grows. 
45 Hall fo the Lord's Anointed. 
(If hot the last Sunday) 
50 Primo dierum ornium. 
481 Songs of praise. 
Fierce was the wild billow. 
Who i. this so weak. 
Pt. 2) O Jesu, King. 
Corne, ye faithful. ,. 
(Pt. 2) O saving Victim. 
Jesu, gentlest Saviour. 
Luc/s Cveator ol3time. 
The Lord is corne. 
Judge eternai, throned. 
274 Sun of my soul. 
(If hot the last Sunday) 
50 Primo dierum omnium. 


4.'20 Jvaus shall reign. 
G. 47 Songs of thankfulness. 
48 The Lord is corne. 
H.C. 419 tPt. 3) O Jesu. thou. 
42 O worship the Lord. 
303 Author of lire divine. 
43 The race that long. 
E. 51 Lucis Creator oplime. 
45 Hail to the Lord'» Anointed. 
46 In stature grows. 
:266 At even when the sun. 
]I. .50 Primo dierum omnium. 
395 Goal of mercy. 
{5. 420 Jesus shall reign. 
45 //ail fo the Lord'sAnoiated. 
H.C. 238 (Pts. I and 3) Jeau !--the very. 
63 Alleluya, song of sweetneas. 
303 Author of lire divine. 
B-4 Eternal Ruler. 
E. 51 Lucis Creator ollime. 
63 Alleluya, song of seetness. 
48 The Lord is corne. 
514 Vho is this so weak. 
[. 50 Primo dierum omnium. 
284 O day of rvst. 
G. 258 Christ, whose glo;-y fills. 
407 Immortal, invisible. 
H.C. 61 Maker ofearth, to thee. 
297 The spacious firmament. 
326 (Pt. 2) Thercfore we. 
412 Jeru»alem the golden. 
E. 51 Lucls reator optim¢. 
497 There la a book. 
466 O worship the King. 
392 For thee, O des G dvar. 
bi. 50 Primo dioum omnium. 
-057 tPt. 1 ) Awakc, my soul. 
G. 430 Lig|tten the darkness. 
448 O God of merey. 
H.C. 64 Maker of earth, fo tbee. 
334 We pray thee, heavenly. 
326 çPt. 2 Theretore we. 
471 Fraise to the Holiest. 
E. 51 Lu¢is Oeaot optime. 
402 He who would valiant be. 
281 Thrcugh the day thy love. 
495 The vorld is very evil. 

H.C. 74 Have mercy. Lord, on me. 
86 O thou who dost accord. 
331 OEhee we adore. 
327 Once, only once. 
E. 65 A' more di mystico. 
 O Lo, turn hot away. 
73 Forly days and forty. 
87 Saviour, when in duat. 
L. 648 Litany of Pit 
M. 66 Audi i$n ndi. 
85 O th,,u fm whom. 
G.  My G, I love thee. 
386 Father of ail, to thec. 
Il.C. 92 When, rising from. 
70 Ah, holy Jesu (oe 18). 
! Thee we adore. 
167 Pour out thy Sptrit. 
E. 65 Ex me ti mli. 
166 Christ i» gone up. 
567 Benth the Croc. 
72 Christian, dost thou. 
L. 736, or 652 or 89, or 68. 
515 Vilt thou fmiw 
G. 42 till will we tst. 
8 O Lord, turn hot away. 
H.C 92 When, ri»ing from. 
86 O thou who dot aord. 
331 Thé, we ados. 
42 Judge 
E. 65 Ex 
477 Rock of 
77 Lord Je»us. think on 

H.C. 64 
E. 51 

. 50 Primo dierum om;tium. 
.'257 (Pt. 2) Glory to thee. 
G. .'283 Most g!orious Lord. 
408 Immvrtal love for ever. 
biaker of earlh, to thee. 
Love of the Father. 
(Pt. 2 Therefore we. 
Love Divine, ail loves. 
Lacis O'eator optim. 
Gracious Spirit. 
Fther of heaven. 
0 Love, who formedst me. 
M. 66 Audi benign Cendrier. 
76 Lord, in this thy mercy's. 



9! ,Veary of earth (or 408). 
L. 736, or 65 ", or 89, oe 648. 
. 68 Cm deors jefimfi ( 69). 
71 ]Iave mercy, Lord. 
G. 456 O Lord, and 
418 esu, naine ail names above. 
H.C. 92 When, rising from. 
484 %,ke up thy crs (or 723. 
328 e, Father, thy belovèd. 
80 My God, I love thee, 
E. 67 Etce temps idonm. 
71 Ail ye who ek. 
75 Jesu, Lord of lift. 
87 Saviour, when in dusL 
L. 7 0r 2,  89, or 648. 
. 68 OEam d«s Jeiunii 
 0 for a heart fo prai. 
G. 510 We sing the praioe. 
8 Ad thou weary. 
H.C. 867 As pants the hart. 
816 Just aq I ara (oe 40;). 
317 (Pt. 2) Loi the Angels'. 
98 The God of love. 
E. 67 Ecoe «s 
98 The GOe of love (oe 490). 
90 To my humble. 
81 0 Christ, who art the Light. 
L. 2, oe 7, oe 89, oe 
31. 95 Pae liua çoriosi ( 96). 
101 bly GodI my God! 
(;.  Thirty years arnong 
107 Vhen I survey 
H.C. 98 Drop, drop, slow tears. 
97 Doet thou truly seek. ' 
5 Brd of the world. 
102 0 sacred head. 
E. 94 Vexilla Reçis odenn. 
105 Swt the moments. 
108 0 sinnr, rai the 
10l Se.ant of G. 
L. 649 Litan of the Pas.on (or 89). 
3I. 95 Pançe lira çlii ( ). 
109 0 thou who through. 
G. 96 Thiy yea amone us. 
102 0 sacred head (oe 62, 
P. 617 fo 

H.C. 98 
E. 94 
L. 649 


Drop, drop, slow tears. 
When I surve. 
Bread of the wor]d. 
Go to dark Gethsernane. 
Vexilla tlei8 prodeunt. 
Thet is a green bill. 
Ride on ! ride on (or 97). 
Who is this in garrnents. 
Litany of the Passion (or 89). 
339 Vith Christ we share. 
121 By Jesus' grave. 
136 On the Resurrection. 
lf any, 65 o Erening Litay.) 
139 Çe ehoirs of nev fferusalern 
137 The Day of (or 121. 
132 He is risen, he is risen. 

P. 624 Hall thee, Festival Day. 
6"25 The strife is o'er. 
H.C. 130 Christians, fo the Pascha]. 
128 Af the Larnb's high. 
308 Father, ser thy children. 
133 Jesus Christ is risen. 
E. (If any, 788 Haec dies.) 
183 Jesus Christ is risen. 
1-°9 Christ the Lord is ris¢n. 
131 Corne, ye faithful, raie. 
P. fl:26 Alleluya! (Ye s,ms). 
627 The Lord is risen. 
31. 1-°3 Aurora lucis rutilat (or 12). 
1:27 AIieluya! Alleluya! 
G. 124 His cheering (or 135). 
126 A brighter dawn. 
P. 624 Hall thee, Festival Day. 
625 The strife is o'e|'. 
tI.C. 130 Christians. to the Pascha]. 
131 Corne, ye faithful, raise. 
808 Father, ser thy chiidren. 
134 Jesus lires! 
E. 125 4d certain 4gni proridl. 
132 He is risen, he is risen. 
135 Love's redeerning work. 
17 The Day of Re_urrection. 
P. 626 Alleluya! (Ye sons). 
627 The Lord is risen. 
Auroro luris rutiat (or 124". 
At the Lamb's high. 

.I. 123 


G. 461 0 praise our great (or 124. 
139 Ye choirs of new Jerusalem. 
H.C. 130 Christians, to the Paschal. 
491 The Lord my pasture. 
318 Let ail mortal flesh. 
135 Leve's redeeming work. 
E. 125 Ad cenam Agni pravidi. 
134 Jesus lives! 
138 Thou hallowed chosen. 
494 The strain upraise. 

1I. 123 Aurora lucis rutilat (or 124). 
283 Most glorious Lord. 
G. 131 Corne, ye faithful (or 124). 
134 Jeus lives! 
H.C. 130 Christians, to the Paschal. 
319 Lord, enthroned. 
318 Let all mortal fle-h. 
126 A brighter dawn. 
E. 1-°.5 Ad cenam Agni providi. 
287 Kindly spring again. 
132 tle is risen, he is rien. 
535 Praise the Lord: ye. 

M. 123 
G. 138 
I-I.C. 130 
E. 12.5 

Aurora lucis rutilat (or 124". 
The Day of Resurrection. 
Thou hallowed (or 121). 
Lve's redeemin work. 
Christians, to the Paschal. 
Ye watchers, and ye holy. 
O, most merciful. 
Praise the Lord of heaven. 
Ad centre Açni proridi. 
Corne, ye faithful . . . 
A brighter dawn. 
Vhen morning gilds. 

G. 377 
H.C. 475 
E. 125 

123 Aurora lu¢is rutilat (or 124"). 
Judge eternal, throned. 
Corne, mv soul. 
O God ofBethel (or 375). 
Rejoice, 0 land. 
O thou, whoat thy Eucharist. 
O, most merciful. 
Lord, in thy name. 
Ad cenam A#nf providi. 
From foes that would. 
Lord, while for ail. 
To thee our God (.or 384). 

P.L. 650 Lord, to out humble (or 
565 To thee, our God, we fly). 
]I 142 Tu Chr/ste nastrum gaudium. 
149 Thou art gone up on high. 
P. 628 Hail thee, Fe»tival Day. 
629 0 King most high. 
H.C. 148 The L«,rd aacendeth up. 
143 Hall the day. 
304 Bread of heaven. 
!45 Sec the Conqucror. 
E. 1I Aeerne R alliasime. 
147 The head that once. 
144 0 Christ, out" hope. 
146 Sing we triumphant. 
P. 143 Hail the day. 
;_'29 0 King mo-t high. 
bi. 142 Tu Christe ostrum flaudium. 
143 llail the day. 
G. 148 The Lord ascendeth up. 
146 Sing we triumphant. 
1 a. 628 Hall thee, Festival Day. 
629 O King most high. 
H.C. 149 Thou art gone up on high. 
301 Alleluya, sing to Jesus. 
304 Bread of heaven. 
147 The head that once. 
E. 141 Aelerne Re allissime. 
476 Rejoice, the Lord is Kitg. 
368 At the name of Jesus. 
145 Sec the Conqueror. 
P. 14 Hall, the day. 
6"-)9 0 King most high. 
M. 1734) Jam Christus astra ascenderat. 
153 Corne, Holy Ghost. 
G. 154 Corne, O Creator Spirit. 
158 Whn God of old came. 
P. 630 Hall thee, Festival Day. 
631 Spirit of merey, truth. 
H.C. 155 Corne, thou holy Paraelete. 
152 Corne down, O Love. 
330 (Pt. 2) 0 saving Victim. 
157 Our blest Redeemer. 
E. 151 Beata nobis 9audit. 
156 Creator Spirit, by whose aid. 
145 (Pt. 2) Holy Ghost. 
158 When God of old came. 
P. 155 Corne, thou holy (or 212L 
631 Spirit of merey, truth. 



M. 160 0 Pater sancte (or 159,. 
161 Have mercy on us, God. 
G. 387 Father of heaven. 
390 Firmly I believe. 
P. 632 Eternal Light, Divinity. 
633 Ail hall, dorèd Trinity. 
H.C. 163 O Unity of threefold. 
407 Immortal, invisible. 
330 IPt. '2) O saving Victim. 
162 H-ly, Holy, Holy! 

E. 159 14desto, sancla Trinita.ç 
01 Thrce in One, aad One. 
372 Bright the vision. 
162 H,ly, H,,ly, Holy! 
p. 212 I bind unto myself (or 646). 
212 (9) (or 633). 
[. 165 Kocte surgents. 
259 Forth in thy naine. 
G. 562 0 God of eat'ttt and altar. 
394 God moves in a mysterious. 
H.C'. 312 Here, 0 my Lord. 
488 The Church of God. 
313 Holy God, we offer here. 
456 0 Lord, and Master. 
E. 51 Lucis Creator optime. 
467 Oft in danger, oft in woe. 
369 Be thou my Guardian. 
275 Sweet Saviour, bless us. 
I. 165 l'octe surgettes. 
502 Through ail the changing. 
G. .506 To Mercy, Pity, Peaee. 
445 O for a closer walk. 
H.C. 312 Here, O my Lord. 
.507 To the naine that brings. 
313 Holy God, we offer here. 
398 Happy are they. 
E. 51 Lucis Oeator optime. 
448 O God of mercy. 
473 Pray vhen the morn. 
417 Jesu, my Lord, my God. 

M. 165 
G. 584 
H.C. 463 

Xoete sugentes. 
Ail people that on earth. 
There vere ninety and nin2. 
How sweet the naine. 
0 thou in ail thy might. 
O thou not ruade with hands. 

0 Food of men vayfaring. H.C. 

480 Soidiers, who are Christ's. 
E. 51 Lucis Creator optime. 
280 The sun is sinking fast. 
492 The Lord wdl corne. 
299 When spring unlocks. 
M. 165 Nocte surgentes. 
424 King of glory. 
G. 450 O God, out help in ages. 
414 Jesu. Lover of my soul. 
H.C. 472 Pray that Jerusalem. 
455 O let him whose sorrov 
321 O Food of men wayfaring. 
371 Brief life is here out portion. 
E. 51 Lucis Creatr optime. 
.'269 O gladsome light. 
439 My faith looks up to thee. 
452 0 happy hand. 
M. 165 Vode sugentes. 
288 The summer days. 
G. 496 There is a blessêd home. 
503 Through the night. 
H.C. 4.'28 Let saints on earth. 
383 Dear Lord and Fther. 
329 Strengthen for service. 
506 To Mercy, Pity, Peace. 
E. 51 Lucis Creator optime. 
43,5 Lord of out hfe. 
409 In the Cross of Christ. 
278 The duteous day. 
bi. 165 Nocte surgentes. 
256 At thy feet, O Christ. 
G. 411 Jerusalem on high. 
587 Ail thigs brght. 
Il.C. 472 Pray that Jerusalem. 
432 Long did I toil. 
335 Vherefore, O Fatber. 
446 O for a thousand tongues. 
E. 51 Lucis Oeator Oltime. 
296 Hark, my soul, how. 
430 Lighten the dal-knes. 
465 O what their joy. 
165 Noete su9entes. 
258 Christ, xvhose glory filis. 
474 Prayer is the soul's. 
406 I look fo thee in every need. 
443 My spirt longs for thee. 


G. 461 O praise our great (or 124",. 
139 Ye choirs of new Jerusalém. 
H.C. 130 Christians, to the Paschal. 
491 The Lord my pasture. 
318 Let ail mortal flesh. 
135 Love'a redeeming work. 
E. 125 .Ad cenam .Agni providi. 
134 Jesus lives! 
138 Thou hallowed chosen. 
494 The strain upraise. 

]l. 123 .Aurora iucis rutilat (or 124 
283 3[ost glorious Lord. 
G. 131 Corne, yc faithful (or 124). 
134 Js lives! 
H.C. 130 Christians, to the Paschal. 
319 Lord, enthroned. 
318 Let all mortal fle»h. 
126 A brighter davn. 
E. 125 .Ad cenam .Agni providi. 
287 Kindly spring again. 
132 lle is risen he is risen. 
535 Praise the Lord: ye. 

lI. 123 Aurora lu¢is rutilat (or 124". 
137 The Day of Resurrection. 
G. 138 Thou hallowed (or 121). 
135 L«,ve's redeemin work. 
H.C. 130 Christians, fo the Paschal. 
519 Ye watchers, and ye holy. 
323 O, most merciful. 
534 Praise the Lord of heaven. 
E. 125 Ad cenam Agni proridi. 
380 Corne, ye faithful . . . 
126 A brighter davn. 
512 When morning gilds. 

G. 377 
H.C. 475 

123 Aurora iucis rutilat (or 124) 

Judge eternal, th;ned. 
Corne, my soul. 
0 God of Bethel (or 375). 
Rejoice. 0 land. 
0 thou, xvho at thy Euchat'ist. 
O, most mercifuL 
Lord, in thy nam. 
.Ad cenam .Agni providi. 
From foes that would. 
Lord, while for ail. 
To thee our God (oe 384". 

P.L. 650 Lord, to out humble for 
565 To thee, our God, we fly). 
l 142 T Chri.sle nostrum gaudium. 
149 Thou art gone up on high. 
P. 628 Hail thé, Festival Day. 
6 O King most high. 
H.C. 148 The Lord ascendeth up. 
143 Hail the day. 
304 Bread of heaven. 
!45 S the Conqucror. 
147 The head that once. 
144 0 Christ, our hope. 
146 Sing we triumphant. 
P. 143 Hail the day. 
6 O King most high. 
[. 142 Tu ChriMe om gaium. 
143 llail the day. 
G. 148 The Lord asndeth up. 
146 Sing we triumphant. 
P. 628 Hail thee, Festival Day. 
6 O King most high. 
H.C. 149 Thou art gone up «n high. 
301 Alleluya, sing to Jesus. 
304 Brd of hven. 
147 The head that once. 
E. 141 Aerne  tiime. 
476 Rejoice, the Lord is Kiug. 
368 Af the naine of Jesus. 
145 See the Conqueror. 
P. 143 Hall, the day. 
6 O King most high. 
. 150 Jam Chis a celat. 
153 Corne, Holy Ghost. 
G. 154 Corne, O Creator Spirit. 
15 When God of old came. 
P. 630 Hail thee, Ftival Day. 
631 Spiri/of mercy, tth. 
H.C. 155 Corne, thon holy Paraclete. 
152 Corne down, O Love. 
330 CPt. 2) O saving Victim. 
157 Our blest Reemer. 
E. 151 Bea 
156 Creator SpiriL by whose ai& 
145 (Pt. 2) Holy Ghost. 
158 When God of old 
P. 1 Corne, thou holy (oe 212'. 
631 Spirit of mercy, truth. 


M. 160 0 Pater sancte (or 159. E. 
161 Have mercy on us, God. 
G. 887 Father of heaven. 
90 Firmly I believe. 
p. 62 Eternal Light, Divinity. 
633 Ail bail, adorêd Trinity. 
H.C. 163 O Unity of threefold. M. 
407 Immortal, invisible. 
830 Pt. 23 O aving Victim. G. 
162 H«ly, Holy, Holy! 


M. 165 
G. 562 
.C. 312 
E. 51 

I. 165 
G. 506 
H.C. 312 
E. 51 

. 165 
G. 4 
H.C. 468 

?Idestol sancla Triaitas. 472 
Threo in One, aJd One. 455 
Bright the vision. 321 
H,,ly, H,,ly, lto|y ! 87 ! 
I bind unto myself (or 616). E. .51 
(9) (,or 633). 439 
l¢octe surgents. 
Forth in thy naine. 
0 Goal of earth and altar. M. 165 
God moves in a mysterious. 288 
Here, O my Lord. G. 496 
The Church of God. 503 
H|y God we offer here. H.C. 428 
O Lord, and iaster. 383 
Lucis Creator olotime. 829 
Off in danger, oft in voe. 506 
Be thou my Guardia. E. 51 
Sweet Saviour, bless us. 435 
Kocte surgentes. 
Through ail tire changitg. 
To lercy, Pity, Peace. M. 165 
0 for a c|oser walk. 256 
Here, O my Lord. G. 411 
To the naine tbat brings. 587 
Holy G,d, ve offer here. I|.C. 472 
Happy are they. 
Lucis Ceator optime. 
O God of mercy. 
Pray when the rnorn. E. 
Jesu, my Lord my God. 
Xocte su»gentes. 
Ail people that on eath. 
There wero ninety and nin. 
How sweet the naine. 
O thou in ail thy might. G. 
O thou hot ruade xvith hands. 
O Food of men vayfaring. H.C. 443 

480 Soldiers, who are Chrit'. 
51 Lucis CVeator optime. 
280 Tbe sun is mnking fast. 
492 Tbe Lord xvill corne. 
299 When spring unlocks. 
Nocte surgenes. 
King of glory. 
O God, out help in ages. 
Jesu, Loyer of my soul. 
Pray that Jerusalcm. 
O let him whose sorrow. 
O Food of men wayfaring. 
Brief lire is here our portiom 
Lucis Creator optimeo 
O gladsome light. 
]Hy faith Iooks up to thee. 
O happy hand. 
Nocte surgentes. 
The summer days. 
There is a blessêd home. 
Through the night. 
Let saints on earth. 
Dear L-rd and Father. 
Strengthen for service. 
To Mercy, Pity, Peaee. 
Lu¢is Cealor optime. 
Lord of out bfe. 
In the Cross of Christ. 
The duteous day. 
l" octe sur9entes. 
At thy feet, O Christ. 
JerusMem on high. 
Ail things brght. 
Pray that JerusMem. 
432 Long did I toil. 
335 NVherefore, O Father. 
446 O for a thousand tongues. 
51 Lucis Creator oldime. 
296 Hark, my soul, how. 
430 Lighten the darknes. 
46 O what their joy. 
165 Node sur9entes. 
258 Christ, vhose glory fills. 
474 Prsyer is the soul's. 
406 I look to thee in every need. 
],ly spirt longs for thee. 


E. 51 
• M. 165 
G. 479 
ILC. 443 
.M. 165 
G. 504 
H.C. 598 
E. 51 
M. 165 
G. 412 
H.C. 453 
E. 51 
M. 16.5 

Immortal love for ever. 
,Vherefore, 0 Father. 
There is a fountain. 
Lucis Creator optime. 
As now the SUR'S. 
Corne, lt us join our. 
There is a land of pu,'e. 
octe s«rete«. 
My Lord, my Lire. 
Soldiers of Christ, arise. 
,Vork is sweet. 
lly spirit longs for thee. 
A safe stronghold. 
Bread of the world. 
0 God of truth. 
Lucis Oeafor opfime. 
Lead, kindly Light. 
Fight the goed fight. 
0 Faith of England. 
h'octe smqenles. 
0 God. thy power. 
Thy kingdom corne!... 
Jesu, graut me this. 
Jesu, good above ail oher. 
Thou srt, 0 God, the life. 
And now, 0 Faher. 
Guide me. 0 thou great. 
Lucis Creator optime. 
Childreu of the heavenly. 
Hold thoB my hsnds. 
The rsdiant morn. 
If'ode sffentes. 
(Pt. 2) Glory to the. 
Jerualem the golden. 
Ye servsuts of the Lord. 
0 Holy Spirit. Lord. 
0 Lord of hosts, ail beaven. 
And now. O Flher. 
Let ail the world. 
Lucis Creator. optime. 
Jesu. meek snd gentle. 
Father, hear the prayer. 
Light's abode, celestal. 
Nocte surgentes. 
God moves in a mysterious. 

G. 456 0 Lord. and llaster of us ail. 
{09 ,Ve saw thee hot. 
H.C. $00 Aceording to thy. 

459 O Love. how deep. 
326 (Pt. 2 Therefore we. 
510 V'e sing the praise. 
E. 51 Lucis C«eator optime. 
890 Firmly I believe. 
272 Round me falls the night. 
418 Jesu. naine ail narnes. 

[. 1¢5 ,N" octe sur9entes. 
82 Still will we trust. 
G. 421 Jesus. these eyes. 
73 Pry when the morn. 
H.C. 53 0 Holy Spirit, Lord. 
393 Glorious things of thee. 
326 (Pt. 2) Therefore we. 
310 From glory fo glory. 
. 51 Lucis LVeator optime. 
268 Goal that mad-st earth. 
401 He wants hot friends. 
363 Abide with me. 

M. 165 V'octe surfentes. 
37{ Ciiy of God. 
G. 446 0 t,r a thousand ton_es. 
{90 Every morning the red sun. 
H.C. 333 Victm Divine. 
499 There's a widenes«. 
314 Hoir Jesus! God of Love. 
{06 To. lercy, Pity. Peace. 
F.. 1 Lucis Oeator optime. 
297 The spacious firmament. 
405 How mveet the naine. 
.°76 Tho dy is past and over. 


I. 165 
E. .51 

Kocte sutgentes. 
Lift up your hearts. 
Ail people that on earth. 
Soldiers, who are Christ's. 
«Pts. 1 & 3) Jesu:the very. 
0 praise our great. 
Holy Jesus! God of Love. 
,Vhen ail thy mercies. 
Lucis Creator optime. 
Glory to thee, my God. 
Ye holy angels bright. 
Fraise, my soul. the King. 


M. 165 Notre surgentes. 
406 I look to thee in ever T need. 
G. 485 Teach me, my God. 
452 0 happy banal of pilgms. 
H.C. 457 O Lord, how happy. 
309 For the auty of the earth. 
8 Fathe, see thy chiidren. 
409 In the Crs of Christ. 
E. 51 Ls Cat pti. 
40 He vho would valiant be. 
270 Holy F«mther, choer our way. 
516 Work is sweet. 
bi. 165  srgs. 
2oe New ve mornng. 
G. 383 ar Lord and Father. 
467 Off in danger, off in woe. 
H.C.387 Father of heaven. 
438 Love of the Father. 
8 Father, see thy chiidren. 
437 Lve Divine, ail ioves. 
E. 51 Lucis Crea ti. 
471 Prai fo the Holiest. 
4 L, if belongs hot. 
414 Jesu, Lover of my smd. 
[. 165 Nte surgtes. 
422 Jesus, vhere'er thy ople. 
O. 489 TheChurch'sone foundation. 
483 Strong n of God. 
H.C. 453 O Holy Spirit, Lord. 
4 Eternai Ruler. 
3 Vherefore, O Father. 
4 The Church of God. 
K 51 Luis Creatoe tie. 
503 Through tho night. 
416 Jesu, meek 3nd lowly (or 29L 
c Trin. xxL 
435 Lord of out lire. 
M. 165 Ne surgentes. 
441 Iy G, how wonderfu]. 
G. 458 0 rd of hosts, ail heaven. 
391 For ever with the Lord. 
H.C. 463 0 [hou in nli thy mighL 
40 Itow shail I sin% 
335 Vherefore, 0 Father. 
434 Lord of ail ing, throned. 
E. 1 Lucis eator optime. 
408 Immortal love for ever. 

389 Fight the good fight. 
273 Saviour, again. 
M. 165 JVoc¢e ugenfe. 
421 Jesus these eyes. 
G. 369 Be thou my Guardian. 
377 Corne, my soui. 
H.C. 320 y G, and is tiy Table. 
512 Vhen morning gilds. 
329 Strengthen for service. 
449 0 G of truth. 
E. 1 Lucis Creat optie. 
767 Glo to thoe, y God. 
499 There's a xvideness. 
498 The is a iand of pure. 
. 165 te as. 
410 In the hour of my distress. 
G. 376 Corne, let usjoin out. 
412 Jerulem the golden. 
H.C. 475 Rejoice, 0 land. 
478 Sing prai to God. 
323 O, most mercifuL 
49[ The Lord my patur. 
E. ! Luds Creator optime. 
294 The year is swiftly (m" 41 
c Td. xvii). 
274 Sun of my soui. 
486 Ten thousand rimes. 
M. 165 Nte urçente. 
367 As pants the had. 
G. 362 A mfe sttnghoid. 
485 Teach me, my G. 
H.C. 454 0 King enthroned. 
474 Prayer is the soui's. 
33 O, mt merciful. 
385 Father, hear the prayer. 
E. 51 Luis Creatoe optime. 
479 Soidicrs of Christ, afin. 
268 God that madest eah. 
500 They whose course. 
Awake, my soul. 
My faith iooks up to thee. 
My God and Father. 
(Pt. 1) $«su the ve thought. 
To te naine that brings. 
e, Father, thy belovéd. 

M. 165 
G. 439 
H.C. 419 


373 Children of the heavenly. 
E. 51 Lucis Creator optime. 
464 O thou not ruade with hand. 
277 The day thou gavest. 
469 Pleasant are thy courts. 
]I. 165 'octe surgenfes. 
375 City of God. 
(;. 4i4 Nearer, my God, to thee. 
493 The roseate hues. 
H.C. 238 (Pts. 1, 3) Jesu !--the vel T. 
393 G!orious things of thee. 
328 See, Father, thy belovèd. 
395 God of mercy, God of gr, ce. 
E. 51 Lucis CVeator optime. 
397 Guide me, O thou great. 
41.50 tb a c|.ser valk. 
392 For thee, O dear, dest. 
,I. |¢;5 ]octe surçetes. 
400 ]I trk, my sou! ! if is the Lord. 
(;. 379 Corne unto me, ye weary. 
878 Corne. O thou Traveller. 
Il.C. 238 (Pts. 1,3) !--the very. 
4.55 O let him whose sorrow. 
318 Let ail mortal flesh. 
398 Happy are they. 
E. .51 Lucis Crea,f opt.rne. 
390 Firmly I believe. 
428 Let .saint.s on earth. 

470 Praise, my soul, the King. 
I. 16.5 Notre surgeutes. 
426 Lead us, heavenly Father. 
G 36 Praise to the Lord, the. 
371 Brief iife is re out poion. 
H.C.417 O GOe of Bethel. 
02 Through ail the changing. 
;]8 Let ail mortal flesh. 
365 Ail people that on earth. 
E. 51 Luc ator ti. 
450 O G, our heip. 
271 O Strength and Stay. 
513 ow thank we ail out God. 
)(. 169 Urs a JsaT (oe 170. 
]71 O Word ofGod above. 
G. 469 Pasant are thy courts. 
 They whose course. 
5 Ve love the plac% O God. 

489 The Church'.s one foundation. 
P. 634 I-[ail thee, Festival Day. 
53.5 Eternal Power. 
II.C. 172 Sion's dallghters! 
4 O Faith of England. 
322 O lead my Mindness. 
33 Now thank we all our God. 
F_ 170 Angularsfundament,m. 
450 O God, out help. 
472 Pray that Jemlaalem. 
55 Thy Imnd, O Goal. 
P 636 Only-Begotten (or 54, or 643, 
or 644). 
37 Lo! God is here! (or 533. 
M. (Proper Oflïce IIymn of the Saint.) 
195 Another year completed. 
G. çSee Apostles,&c., 177 179; Mar- 
tyrs, 11-17 ; Bisholm , ]90 ; 
atrons, 193.) 
P. 6t80nward,Christian (or 519). 
639 The Church triumpbant. 
Il.C. (Proper Hymn of the Saint.) 
200 Joy a;d triumph. 
3_'29 Strengthen for service. 
199 How bright these gloriou.q. 
E. (Proper Oflïce Hymn ofthe Saint.) 
19 Another year cornpleted. 
196 Foi" ail thy Saint.s. 
198 Hark ! the .sound of holy. 
P. 641 For ail the Saints (or 638). 
35 (Pt. 2) Wor.ship, honour. 
. 174 Aue Chrise saec,dorum (r 
175. or 176L 
(Proper Hymn of the Saint.) 
G. 401 He wants hot friends. 
41.'2 Jerusalem the goldeu 
P. 200 Joy and triumph (or 264). 
39 The Church (oe 35, Pi. I). 
]I.C. 177 Captainl of the (Ap.) 
or 179 Corne sing 
203 \Vhat are these that glow. 
313 Holy God, we offer here. 
198 Hark ! the sound of holy. 
E. ] 76 Ea'ullet caelum. 
]97 Give me the wing. 
199 How bright these glorious. 
178 Disposer .supreme. 
p. 638 Jerusalem, my happy home. 
196 Fo all thy Sain{s çor 639. 


3i. Proper Office Hymns, 180-183. 
185 Blest Martyr, letthytriumph. 
O. 480 8oldiers, who are Christ's. 
P. 202 The Son of God (or 64|). 
t;39 The Church (or 535, Pt. 1). 
H.C. 184 Bleèd Feasts of blessèd. 
186 Corne, let usjoin the Church. 
313 Holy God, we effer here. 
187 Let our choir new anthms. 
E. Prnper Offic» Hymns, 180-183. 
198 Hark ! the sound of holy. 
_°04 Who are these, iike stars. 
201 Palms of glory. 
202 The Son of God goes forth. 
P. 638 Jerusalem (or 644). 
196 For ail thy Saints (or 639) 
]l. 214 Q«em terra (or 215). 
217 Her Virgin eyes saw God. 
G. 370 Blest are the pure (or 
_O15 0 glorious l[aid (Mod. tue. 

A'o. l). 
P. 44 Rejoice, ye pure in heart. 
6|0 Virgin-born, we bow. 
Il.C. 22 Corne rejoicing. 
°52 Our Father's home, 
311 Hail, true/ody. 
619 Ye watchers (!, _o, 4% 
E. 218 re, raris Stdla. 
216 Are Maria! blessèd ]Iaid. 
217 Her Virgin eyes (or _°15). 
200 Joy and triumph. 
P. 218 Ye who own (or 638,Pts. 1, 3. 
640 Virgin-born, we bow. 

M. 242 
G. 517 
P. 245 
II.C. 246 
P. 203 

G. 197 
P. 200 
H.C. 253 
E. 249 
P. 4] 

Around the throne. 
Ye holy Angels bright. 
Corne, let us join out. 
Stars of the (or 519). 
Bright the viMon (1, 2, 
They corne. 
O God the .3on eternal. 
(Pt. 2 Le! the Angels'. 
How shall I sing. 
Tibi, Clarifie. 
Hark! bak, my soul. 
Around the thone. 
Daily, daily sing the praises. 
XVhat are these (or 245. 
Heaven ia stiil (4, 5, 6). 

Jesu, Salraor saeculi. 
',Vho are these, like stars. 
Give me the wings. 
The Son of G-d goe.. 
50y and triumph (or 198). 
The Church tr|umphant. 
Spou«e of Christ. 
I! there be that .kills. 
lloly God, we oflr here. 
O heavenly Jerusalem. 
Jesv, Salrator saeculi. 
How bright these gloriou, 
l/e wants net friends. 
Our Faher's home. 
F,r ail the (or 638, or 693,. 
Ye watchers (or 535, Pt. 2). 

For Saturday evenings and for the flrst Evensong of Holy Days in general, 
the Hymns marked G, or the hymns set down for the secnnd Evensng on the 
day itself, are sitable after the Office Hymn, in addition te 282 for Satrdavs 
and 194 for Vigils. Saturday evenin bave the saine Office Hymn as Sundy 
evening% except the eves of the Sunday after Christmas (I), of the Sundays 
from the Octave of the Fpiphany till Lent (49), of the Sundays atter ]astvl" 
(122), of lVhit-Sunday (150), and of the Sundays after Trinity (164). /ut the 
Office lIymns for the first Ewnsong of most Saints" Days are the saine as those 
l%r Martins, as is shown in the table on p. 913. The Epiphny and Ascension 
D.ty (with their Octavea) have the saine Office I{ymns for first and second 
Evensong; but in the ancient ser-ice-books no hymns are provided for Easter 
Even. Seine hymns for F.aster Even as well as for Christmas Eve are suggested 
in the List abeve- 



Suggested as a guide in choosing suitable hyrnns for lisson Services, for usa 
at Ses, for Catechims, Schools, and Institutions, and for any occasions when 
such hymns are required. Vith regard to the meiodies of other hymns, it 
should, however, be remernbered that they are nesrly ail easy to sing when 
they are well known. The nurnbers of hyrnns which are suitable for both 
young people and adults are printed in black type ; these hymns, together with 
thoe in Part IX, will thus forma 8coo/and Catechism tlyrnn Book. 

4 Great God, what do Isee. 
5 Hsrk ! a herald voice. 
e Hark the glad sound. 
7 Lo ! ha cornes with clouds. 
9 On Jordan's banks. 
11 The advent of our God. 
13 Vheu came in flash. 
15 0 little town of Bethlehern. 
le The Msker of the sun. 
0 Behold the great Creator. 
1 Christians, awake. 
3 Hark, how ail the welkin. 
 Hsrk ! the herald Angels sing. 
5 In the bleak rnid-winter. 
e It came upon the rnidnight. 
7 Let sighing cease and voe. 
8 0 corne, ail ye faithful. 
9 The great God of heaven. 
30 While shepherds watched. 
32 The Lord and King of ail things. 
33 Vord suprême. 
3 Ail lmil, ye little Martyr. 
35 The hymn for conquering. 
37 Conquering kings their titles. 
39 As with gladness man of old. 
• 0 Bethlehern, of noblest cities. 
• 3 The race that long. 

•  V'hst star is this. 
&5 Hail to the Lord's Anointed. 
&6 In stature grows. 
&7 Songs of thankfulness. 
63 Alleluya, so»g of sweetneas. 

{;& Maker of earth, fo thee. 

71 Ail ye who seek a cornfort. 
7 Christian, dost thou see them. 
73 Forty days and forty nights. 
74 Have rnercy, Lord, on me. 
75 Jesu, Lord of life and glory. 
Ve Lord, in this thy rnercy's. 
77 Lord Jesus, think on me. 
78 Lord, teach us (Alt. tu). 
79 Lord, vhen we hand. 
80 My God, I love thee. 
81 0 Christ, who art the Ligbt. 
82 0 for a heart o praise. 
83 0 beip us, Lord. 
84 0 Lord, turn not avay. 
85 0 thou frein whorn all goodnes. 
87 Saviour, xvhen in dust to thee. 
88 Sinful, aighing to be blest. 
91 Veary of earth and laden. 
93 The God of love rny Shepherd is. 

90 To my humble supplication. 
97 Dost thou truly seek renovn. 
99 Glory be to Jesus. 
100 Go fo dark Gethsemane. 
10 0 sacred head. 
105 Sveet the moments. 
lOe There is a green bill. 
107 Vhen I survey. 


619 Corne, faithful people, corne. 
620 Ride on ! ride on in ma.esty. 
622 Ail glory, laud, and honour. 
IO9 0 thou who through. 

tlO Ses the destined (Ait. 
112 Forgive them (4lt. tune). 
114 The dying robber raised. 
115 Af the Cross |mer station. 
IlS Throned upon the awful trec. 
117 His are the thousnd. 
118 It la finihed ! 
110 And now, belovèd Lord. 
190 It is flnished ! Blesȏd ,lesus. 
567 Beneath the Cross of Josus. 
584 There were ninety and nine. 

t2e A brighter dawn is breaking. 
127 Alleluya ! Alleluya. 
t29 Af the Lamb's high feast. 
129 Christ the Lord is risen. 
131 Corne, ye faithful, raise. 
132 He is risen. 
133 Jesus Christ is risen to-day. 
11 Jesus livesl thy terrors. 
135 Love's redeeming work. 
137 The Day of Resurreetion. 
139 Ye choirs of new Jerusalem. 
625 The strife is o'er. 
140 Lord, in thy naine. 

143 Hail the day that sees him rise. 
144 0 Christ, our hope. 
145 Ses the Conqueror mounts. 
146 Sing we triumphant. 
17 The head that once. 
19 Thou art gone up on high. 

15 Corne, Holy Ghost (,41t. tunesL 
1.5 Corne, thnu holy Paraclete (/od. 
157 Our blest Redeemer. [tuae). 
159 When God of old. 
571 Holy Ghost, corne down. 
6 Spirit of mercy. 


161 Have mercy on us, God. 
162 Holy, Holy, Holy ! 
6 Ail bail, adorèd. 

Christ is gone up. 
Pour out thy Spirit. 
The earth, O Lord. 

171 0 V¢ord of God above. 


Captains of the saintly band. 
Disposer supreme. 
Corne, let us join. 
For ail thy Saints, 0 Lord. 
Give me the svings of faith. 
Hark ! the sound of holy voices. 
How bright these glorious spirits. 
Palms of glo T. 
The Son of God goes forth. 
Who are these, like »tars. 
,esus calls us ! 
O thou, svho didst with love. 
$Ve sing the glorious. 
Hall to the Lord. 
The highest and the holiest. 
Are Maria! blessèd Mad. 
Ye who own the faith. 
Virgin-born, we boss-. 
The Saint svho first. 
The v¢inter's sleep. 
The Son of Consolation. 
Hail, harbinger of morn. 
Forssken once. 
Lord, who sha|! sit. 
"Tis good, Lord, fo be here. 
Saints of God! Lo, Jesu's. 
He sat to watch. 
A.round the throne of qod. 
00od the Son eternal. 
Stars of the morning. 
They corne, Ood's messengers. 
Thou who sentest. 
If there be that skills. 
0 heavenly erusalem. 


258 At thy feet, O Christ. 
257 Awake, my soul. 
258 Christ, whoe glory. 
259 Forth in thy naine. 
280 New every morning. 
"2G3 Blest are the moments. 

265 As now the sun's declining. 
266 At even whcn the sun. 
267 Glory to thee, my God. 
268 God that madest earth. 
270 H«»ly Father, cheer out way. 
271 O Stenh and Stay. 
272 Round me fallu the night. 
27 Saviour, again. 
27 un of my oul. 
275 Sweet Saviour, bless us. 
276 The day is past and over. 
277 The day thou, Lord. 
279 The radiant morn. 
20 The sun is sinking fast. 
281 Through the day thy love. 
282 Nov the busy eek. 

285 Another year is dawning. 
86 Fr thy mercy. 

287 Kindly spring again is here. 
288 The summer days. 
28 Corne, ye thankful people. 
2O F.tir waved the golden. 
22 To thee, 0 Lord, o,r hearts. 
2 SVe plough the field. 
29 The ye.«r is wiftly waning. 
95 "Tis winter now. 
26 Hark, my soul how. 
99 When --pri,g uniocks. 

300 A«.cording to thy graciou». 
301 Alleluya, sing to 
30:I And now, O Father. 
0 Author of life divine. 
O4 Bread of heaven. 
08 Father, sec thy children. 
,09 For the beauty of the earth. 

315 Jesu, gentlest Saviour. 
316 Just as I ara. 
320 bly GOEi and is thy "fable spread. 
321 0 Food of lllelt. 
323 O, raost merciful. 
327 Once. only once, and once. 
28 Sec Father, thy belovëd Son. 
32 trengthen tor service, Lord. 
O Pt. 2) O .,,seing Victiml 
331 Thee we ade, O hidden Saviour. 
332 There is a Ibuntain filled. 
33 We pray thee, heavenly. 
335 Wherelore, 0 Fathcr. 

Ail the hymns for Holy Baptism (336- 
339) and CoJbmat,on ç340-344) are 
352 Father of spirit 
353 Gentle Shephed. 
 Hear what the voies. 
5  Paradise reposi,g. 
5e Jesu, Son of blary. 
359 O rd, to 
360 What swt of lire. 


Abide with me. 
Ail bail the power. 
Ail people that on earth. 
Art thou weary. 
As pants the hart. 
At the naine of Jesus. 
Be th,»u rny Guardian. 
Blest are the pure in heart. 
Brief life is here our portion. 
Bright the vision. 
Children of the heavenly King. 
Christian, seek hot yet. 
City of God, how broad. 
Corne, let us join out cheerfui. 
Corne, my soui, thy suit. 
Corne unto me, ye weary. 
Corne, ye faithful,raise theanthem. 
Crown him with many crowns. 
Father, hear the prayer. 
Father of heaven, xvhose love. 
Fierce wae the wiid billow. 
Fight the good light. 
Firmly I believe and truly. 
For thee, O dent, dear cuntry. 
Giorious thing of thee. 


394 God moi-es in a mysterious. 
395 God of roercy, God of grace. 
396 Gracious Spirit, Holy Ghost. 
397 Guide rae, 0 thou great. 
398 ltappy are they. 
399 Hark ! hark. my soul. 
400 Hark, my soul ! it is tlte Lord. 
401 Ho wants hot friends. 
402 He who would valiant be. 
404 lIow shall I sing that majesty. 
405 How sweot the naine. 
406 I look fo theo in eve[ T need. 
40"/ Immortal, invisible. 
09 Immortal love for ever fui 1. 
• 09 In the Cross of Christ. 
412 Jerusalem the golden. 
414 Jesu, Loyer of my soul. 
415 Jesu meek and entle. 
416 Jesu, meek attd lowly. 
417 3eu, my Lord, my God. 
• 19 Jeu, the very thought. 
90 Jesus shall reign. 
421 Je.u% these eyes bave never. 
423 Jude eternM, throned. 
425 Lead, kindly Light. 
426 Lead us, heavenly Father. 
42 Let saints on earth. 
431 Light's abode celestial. 
433 Lord, if belongs hot to my care. 
435 Lord of our life, and God. 
436 Lord, thy word abideth. 
437 Loe divine, ail loves excelling. 
439 My faith looks up to thee. 
,141 My Ood, how wonde,'ful. 
442 My Lord, my Life, my Love. 
443 My spirit longs for thee. 
445 0 for a closer walk. 
446 0 for a thousand tongues. 
447 O God of Bethel. 
448 0 God of mercy. [dren). 
• 49 O Gvd of truth (Alt. tu»refo chil- 
450 O God, out he}p in ages past. 
41 0 God, thy power. 
452 O happy banal of pilgrims. 
53 O Hly Spirit Lord of grace. 
55 O let him whose sorrow. 
456 O Lord, and Malter of us ail. 
57 O Lord, how happy hould we be. 
459 0 Love how deep. 
460 O Loe, who formedst me. 
461 O praiso out great and gracius. 
465 O what their joy and their glory. 

466 0 worship the King. 540 
46 Off in danger, oft in woe. 541 

469 Pleaaant are thy courts. 
470 Praise, my soul, the King. 
471 Prame fo the Holiest. 
472 Prsy that Jerusalem. 
473 Pray when the morn is breaking. 
474 Prvyer is the soul's incere. 
476 Rejoice, O land. 
4"/6 Rejoice, the Lord is King. 
4"/"/ Rock of ages. cleft for me. 
4"/9 Soldiers of Christ, ari»e. 
480 Soldiers, who are Christ's below. 
481 Songs of praie the Angels san. 
484 Take up thy cross. 
48 Teach me, my God. 
488 Ton thou»and rimes. 
488 The Church of God. 
489 The Churh's one foundation. 
490 The King of love. 
495 The world is ery evil. 
496 Thero is a blessC home. 
4,98 There is a land of pure delight. 
499 There's a widenes (.Ait. tune). 
500 They whoe course on earth. 
501 "I hree in One, and One in three. 
502 Through ail the changing. 
503 Through the night of doubt. 
506 To Mercy, Pity, Pvace. 
50"/ To the naine that brings. 
508 We love the plac% 0 God. 
510 "tVe sing the praise of him. 
514 tVho is this so veak. 
518 Work is sweet. 
51"/ Ye holy Angels bright. 
518 3.'e servants of the Lord. 

520 Hvly Father, in thy mercy. 
522 We give thee but thine own. 
523 Lord, behold us. 
524 God be with you. 
525 Front thee ail skill. 
526 Thine arm, 0 Lord. 
527 Thou fo whom the »ick. 
59 Son o G«,d (Ait. lune). 
530 Lord of lil (Ait. tu, No. 229". 
531 Father who on man do»t howe[. 
535 Let us, vith a gladsome mind. 
533 Nov thank we ail out" God. 
534 Fraise the Lord of heaven. 
535 Praiso the Lord ! ye heavexts. 
Eternal Father. 
Fierce raged the tempest. 



544 O Faith of England. 
545 Thy hand, O God. 
547 From Greenland's icy mountains. 
549 Lift up your heads. 
551 Saviour, sprinklo. 
552 Spread, O slread. 

553 Thou whose almighty Word. 
554 Thy kingdom corne, O Lord. 
555 Dismiss me hot. 
556 Go labour on. 
560 God save our gracious Kin{. 
56{. Lord, while for ail mankind. 
563 Once to every man. 
565 To thee out God. 

See also Part VIII (Iission Services), Part IX (At Catechiem) aad Part XI 
(Litanies). Itt Part X ÇProcessiona| the fol|owing are the simplet : 614, 6h5, 
626, 632, 638, 6.41, 643, 644, 645. For Rogation processions out of doors, 647, 
565, 6.50 (a/t. tune), and 651 are suitable, in addition to the Prayer-Book Litaxy, 
Psalms 103, 104 (also, if required, Psalms 6, 32, 88, 51. 102, 130, 143, with 
Palm 67), and the Eenedwite. For School and Catechim Festivals 638 is a 
suitable procession, followd by 243 ; 604, or 535 (Pt. 2) being sux,g ufterwards 
before the altar at the conchsion of the ervice. 
1o Office hymns are given in the above list ; those itt L.M. can be sung fo 
any easy tune in this mea»ure, e.g. St. Venantius (18), Deus tuorum (141), or 
St. Ambrose (193) ; for those in 11 11.11 5. Ite Confessor (188), Ite Confe8sor (2} 
4,5) are easy, and for those in 8 7. 8 7. 8 7. St. Thomas ç31), as welI as eeveral 
other which will be found in the Metrical Index. 



Bhort etre (B. M.). 
Carliele, 190, 286. 
Franconis, 370. 
onnt Ephraia, 196. 
Naren, 518, 627. 
St. Bride, 74. 
St. Edmund, 11. 
St. Ethelwald, 479. 
St. ichl (Old 134th), 27. 
St. Thorax, 11. 
Sand, 485. 
Selma, 2. 
Song 0 ', 442. 
uthwell, 77. 
Double hort Mette 
Ich halte trelich'still, 
Lminr, 1. 
$1ontgome, 91. 
Old 25th, 149. 
Ova Specio, 1. 
Common Mette (C. .) 
Ardeen, g61. 
A bridge, 3. 
Alêne, 327. 
erma, 199. 
Bfo, 83. 
Belave, 51 !. 
Binchter, 398. 
Bishopthoe (or St. Pa's), 
Brtol, 6. 
Burfo, 447. 
Cthns, 445. 
Cmwle, 463. 
DiVin, 43. 
Dundee, 43, , 428. 
DunfeHne, 6L 
ley, 601. 
Epsom, 506. 
Farrant, 339. 

Harington (Retirement), 85. 
Horsley, 106. 
Hunnys, 79. 
Irish, 504. 
Jerusalem, 638. 
King's Langley Irreg.), 21. 
King's Norton I 419. 
Lincoln, 140. 
London New, 894, 
Manchester, 168. 
Martyrdom, 867. 
lartyrs, 449. 
Ielrose, 451. 
Mendip, 498. 
Metzler's Redhead o. 
Mlles Lane, 86L 
Nativity, 376. 
Newbury, 16. 
Northrop, lpp. 8. 
Nun danket ail, 4-°1. 
O Goal of Love, 446. 
Praetorius (Fier dein emp- 
fangen eie und Trak), 
lichmond, 375. 471. 
Rodme|l, 186, 611. 
St. Agnes, 419. 
St. Arme, 209, 450. 
St. Austin, 638. 
St. Bernard, 71. 
St. David, 166. 
St. Flavian, 161, 497. 
St. Fulbert, 139. 
St. Hugh, 606. 
St. James, 210, 
St. Magnus (Nottingham) 
St. Mary, 84. 
St. Peter, 265, 405. 
St. Stephen, 337, 492. 
Solomon, 80. 
' Song e7 ', 197. 
Southill, 638. 
Stockton, 62. 
Tllis' Ordlnl (' 9th Tune '), 
This Endris Nyght, 20. 
l_çniverSlty 93. 
WaLa]l, 13, 456. 
Westminster, 4tl. 

Wigton, 351, 
Wfltshire, 502. 
Winchester Old, 30, 158. 
York, 47"2. 
Double Common Mette 
(D. C. M.) 
First Mode Melody, 78. 
Forest Green, 15. 
Kingstbld, 574. 
Noel, 26. 
Old 22nd, 163. 
Old 81st, 211, 461. 
Old 107th, 493. 
Old 137th, 
St. Matthew, 526. 
Second Mde Melody, 
Soll's sein, 
Third Mode Melody 92. 
Long Metre (L. M.). 
Adesto Sancta Trinitas, ! 59. 
AeternaChristi Munera, 175. 
Aeterna Christi Munera 
Iouen), 1.51. 
Alfreton, 81, 0, 
Andernach, 50. 
Angel's Song ('Song 34"), 
259, 556. 
Angelus (Du meiner eeln) 
Auctor;tate Saeculi, 176. 
Babylon's Streams, 67. 487. 
Beata Nobis Gaudia, 185. 
Breslau, 484, 510. 
Brockham, 12"2, 220. 
Cameronan lidnlght 
H.vnnl 401. 
Cannons, 66. 
Cathcart, 546. 
Caton (lockingh8m), 107 
Daby, 295. 
Ds Leiden des Herrn, 111 
Das walt' Gott Vater 36 347. 
Deo Gracias, 
De Tag bicht an, 


Deus Tuornm Militnm, 
142, 181. 
Duke Street, 167. 
Ein Kind gel)or'n, 44. 
Eisenach, 459. 
Erhalt' uns, Herr, 68. 
Herongate, 597. 
Herr Gott Vater, 274. 
Herr Jesu Christ, 173. 
H urs!ey, 274. 
Hy,ms Eucharisticu& 828. 
Illsley, 58, 59, 60, 61, 62, 164, 
3esu Crona, 65. 
Jesu Dulcis Memoria, 28. 
Jesu Redemptor Saeculi, 
App. 6. 
Lucis Creator, 61. 
Melcombe, 260, 631. 
Monte Cassino, 150. 
Montgomery, 642. 
Morning Hymn, 257. 
0 Jesu Christ, App. 7. 
0 Jesu mi Dulcissime, 635. 
0 Salutaris° 330. 
Old Hundredth, 365. 
Flaistow, 69. 
Puer Nobis lgascitur, 11,610. 
Rex Gloriose (French}, 125. 
Rex Gloriose (Andernach), 
Rockingham (sue Caton). 
St. Ambrose, 193, 191, 214, 
St. Crispin, 246. 
St. Cross, App. 11. 
St. Gregory (Zeuch meiven 
Ge/st h 49. 
St. Sepulchre, 422. 
St Venantius, 18, 38. 
Sarratt, 34. 
Sbepton-Beaucbamp, 889. 
Solemnis Haec Festlvita, 
Solothurn, 213. 
' Song 5 ', 
Tallis" Canon, 267. 
Te Lucis Ante Terminum, 
The Rosy Sequence, 238. 
Truro, 237. 420. 
Tug.ood, 116. - 
Ufiïngham, 434. 
Veni Creator (MechIin ver- 
sion), 154. 
Veni Creator (Tallis), 153. 
Verbum Supernum, 2. 
Veto Himrnel bocb, 17, 
Wareham, 52, 53, 51, 55, 56, 
57. 475. 

,Vhitehall, 180, 234. 
Winchester New, 9, 620. 
1, 2, 14, 17, 18, 8, 49, 50, 
51, 52, 53, 64, 5, 56, 57, 
58, 59, 60, 61, 62, f5, 66, 
67,68, 69, 94, 12"2, 123, 121, 
125, 141,142, 10,151,154, 
159, 161,175, 176,180, 181, 
183, lb'9, 192, 214,215,233, 
234, 237,238, 249, 2.54,255, 
"261, 262, "264, lKO, App. 1. 
Double Long Metre 
çD. L. M.). 
Cantate Domino, 8. 
London (Addison's), 297. 
St. Patrick, 212. 
Tallis' Lmentation, 
,Ver da wonet, 
48. 84. 
Miserere Mei, 403. 
54. 54. D. 
Iort nnatu, 579. 
55. 55. 65. 65. 
OId I04th, 178. 
Seelenbr&utigam, 272. 
64. 63. D. 
Bridgwater, 656. 
Langport 656. 
64. 64. D. 
St. Issey, 
64. 84. 664. 
Horbury, 444. 
64. 84. 67. 64. 
Happy Land, 608. 
St. Columba, 280. 
65. 65. 
Caswall (lVem in Leiden$- 
fagtn, 99, 315. 
Clewer, 455. 
Eudoxia, 1415, 603. 

Gott ein Vater, 600. 
Newland, 58:t. 
SU Cnstantine, 415. 

65. 65. D. 
Adore Te (,N'o. 2h 80. 
Crpus I)omLni, 566. 
Goshen, 645. 
Gute Bume brlngen, 7'2. 
Laus Tibi Christe, 86é;, 534, 
Zundel 615. 

65. 65. T¢r. 
Haydn, 643. 
St. Gertrude, 643. 
Upwick, 642. 

664. 60. 64. 
Moscow, 558. 
National Anthem, 560. 
Olivet, 49. 

Ave Maris Stella, 213 (Tre. 
Maria jqng und art, 443 
Psalm 32, 505 (Iambie). 
Quam I)ilecta, 508 (Iambic). 
Ravenshaw, 436 (Trochaic). 
St. Cecilia, 554 (Iambic). 
St. Martin, 416 (Trochalc). 
Pl,tssowu, 213 (Trochaic). 

66. 66. 44. 44. 
Darwall's 148th, 517. 

OId 120th, 209, 464. 

66. 66. D. 
Hawarden, 496. 
Seventh Mode Melody, 496. 
66. 66. 668. 
Dus herrlich hohe Fest, 18 
PL^I.SOU, 12. 
66. 66. 88. 
Christchurch, 411. 
Croft's 136th, 
Dolgelly, 349, 886. 
Gopsal, 476. 
Lovely, 03. 
Vesley, 588. 


Ntme dimlttis, 269. 
667.667. D. 
0 Seignenr, 612. 
66. 84. 
Temple, 454. 
66. 84, X). 
Leoni, 646. 
I Hear thy 3Nelcome Voice, 
Haii Harbinger of Mol'n, 
66. ll. D. 
D0wn Ampney, 152. 
67. 67. 66. 66, 
74.74. D. 
Easter Hymn, 138, App. 18. 
Llanfair, 148. 
Langdale 590. 
Christus der let mein Leben, 
282, 860. 
Hambridge, 855. 
Knecht, 452. 
lagdalena 285 392. 
Paderborn, 251. 
St. Alphege, 848, 
St. Mry Mv.gdtdene, 112. 
76. 76. D. 
Ach Gott von Himmel- 
Au fort de ms d6tresse 2:»2. 
Aurella, '2"2"2, 489. 
Are Virgo Virginum, 131 
Calcutt a, 547. 
Cruger, 45. 
I)anh sei Gott in derHOhe, 
Ellaeombe, 137. 
Ewing, 412. 

Gosterwood, 572, b94. (Sec 
a/so 1313. 14 14.) 
Herzlich thut mich er- 
Kings Lynn, 562. 
Llangloffan, 207. 
Meirionydd, 34, 478. 
Missionary Hymn, 577. 
Morning Light. 581. 
Passion Chorale, 102. 
Pe,rsall, 495. 
Prysgol, 575, 576. 
usper, 379. 
St. Catherie. 5"/8. 
St. Theodulph (Valet wdl 
ich dit geben), 54.5, 622. 
Weimar, 17 (Trochaic 
Wohlauf, thnt nicht ver- 
zgen, 82, 195. 
7 e. 7 C. D. nd 11efrin. 
Arrs of Jesus, 
Greystone, 87 (Trochaic, 
Teil Me the Old, Old Story, 
76. 76. 76. 76. 66.84. 
Wir pfligen, 
Das ist meine Frende, 97 
Es ist ein' 1tos ° entsprungen, 
19 (Iambic). 
St. Anatolins 276. 
Werde Mnnter, 418. 
Kendal, 566. 
76. 86. D. 
Komm, Seele, 486. 
Beneatl the Cross, App. 22. 
Gloria, 567. 
776. D. 
In allen meinen Thaten, 
21 (Iambic). 
Prompto Gentes Animo, 653 

Innsbruck, 86, 278. 
Heiliger Geist (Berlin), 78. 
St. Philip, App. 10. 
Morgenlanz der Ewigkeit, 
77. 75. 
Capetown, 396, 501. 
I-luddersfield, 20. 
Holy Comfort, 410 (Tmo 
chaic, Iambic). 
Aus der Tiefe, 7. 
]uckland0 60"2. 
Cullch, '6, 4i. 
Da Christus geboren war, 
Dent Dale, 28. 
Farnaby, 591. (8ee also 
77.77 and 77.76.) 
Gott sei Dank, 3"/., b.5". 
Horsham, 844, 609. 
Innocents, 37. 
Keine Sch6nheit hat die 
Weh, 586. 
Lew Trenchard. 591. 
Louez Dieu, 377. 
Lyne, '6, 5.6. 
Monklaud, 532. 
Nun komm. der Hciden 
Heiland, 110 
51un lasst us geh'n, I0 
Nun lasst uns Gott dem 
Herren, 126 (Iambic). 
Orientis Partibus, 40. (Sec 
al»o 77. 77. 4 ) 
Palms of Glory, '201. 
Redhead o. 47,513. 
St. ]ees, 400. 
Savannah (Herrnhut), 135. 
'Song 13 ', 314, 418. 
Tres Magi de Gentibus, 67. 
Tunbridge, 8. 
University College, 177, 467. 
Vienna, 500. 
PLAINSO;O, .,pp. 2 (Iambic). 
77.77. and 77.7 O. 
Farnaby, 64. (Sec atso 7 7. 


Heler meiner armen See]e, 
St. Mk, 6t9. 
Oent Paib, 1. ( 
Vmburg, A. 19- 
777. D. 
Ve ncte Spit, 155. 
Psoso, 165. 
on, 116. 
Br of Hven, . 
D, 89. 
Hthds, 2, 395. 
J,Ju du mein H,5. 
Ju, meeZuicht, . 
Mintr de l'Eteel, 2. 
ïcht  tig, 
Prburg (ht  tudg,, 
edhd No. 70, 477. 
Voer Vunder 2, 516. 
77.77. 77. 44. 55. 
Da  d der Heiud 
77.77. D. 
Asth, 87. 
 Chai. 89. 
neven, 469. 
HoHinide 412. 
Maidstone. App. . 
St` Edmd, 47. 
t. George, 
7 7.8 8. d efrsin. 
Ronet in udib, 612. 
78. 784. 
t  etauden, 1 
St. b, 1 
Jusd h6te Licht 
Lieer Ju, . 

78. 87. 87. 87. 
Jesu, meines Glaubens Zier, 
84. 84. 88.84. 
Ar Hyd y l'o, 268. 
.N'utfield, App. 16. 
Bullinger, App. 18. 
Cuttle Mills, 966. 
Eastergate, 620. 
85. 85. D. 
Hold the Fort, 670. 
Groombridge, 592. 
Ingrave, 607. 
86. 84. 
St. Cuthbert, 157. 
Brunswick, 555. 
86. 86.88. 
Auch jetzt macht Gott,650. 
O Jesu, 40K 
88. 888. 
Hammersrnlth, 383. 
Horasey, 16. 
Ach Gott und Herr, 329,629 
Batty, 105. 
Gott will's mchen, 233. 
Merton, 5, '205. 
Omni Die, 1"20, 8"2_ 
Red.head No. 46, 372, 616. 
St. Columba, 490 (lambic 
St. Oswald, 503. 
Shipston, 390, 599. 
Stuttffart. 40. 
Sussex, 239, 385. 
Wychbold, 409. 
PL.SOSO, 253. 
87.87. 47. 
Bryn Cslfari, 319. 
Helmsley, 7. 
St. Raphael, 

87.87.66. 667. 
Eiu' leste Burg, 56"2, 537. 
87. e7.77. 
A11 Saints, 
Gott des Himmels, 139. 
Irby, 605. 
Requiem, App. 21. 
St. Leonard, 527. 
87.87.77. 88. 
Psalm 42, 200. 
Ad Pereunis Vitae Fontem0 
Bryntirion, 248. 
Calvary, 630. 
Collaudemus. 9, 0. 
Dismissal, 523. 
Lewes, 250. 
Mannheim, 426. 
Neander, 24 I, 380. 
Oriel, 28, 507. 
Pange Liugua, 326. 
Picardy, 318. 
Praise my Soul, 470. 
legent Square, 451. 
Rhddlu, 4".3. 
St. Thoma, 31,623. 
Tantum Ergo, 33, 63. 
Tantum Ergo (No. 2., 326. 
Urbs Coelestis, 169, 170. 
31, 95, 96,169, 170, 228, 2"29, 
230, :1, 2tl, 326. 
87. 87. 87. 8. 
Deu des Vaters Sinn 
boren, 21. 
87. 87. 87.7. 
Divinm Mysterium, 613. 
87. 87. D. 
AIls Trinita Beata, 
Austrian Hymn, 393, 535. 
Daily, Daily, 68. 
Deerhurst, 198. 
Ebenezer (Tou-y-Botel), 108. 
Everton, 127. 
Golden Sheaves, 4p/ 
Hope, 61. 
Hyrydol, 301, 63. 
In Babilone, 145. 

Luaao, 529. 
Moriah, 437. 
Pleading Savior, 593. 
St. Gall, 292 (lambic). 
Zum Frieden, 499. 
Eve»ig Hymn 569. 
8 7.8 7.88. 
Dies ist der Tag, 18. 
Mach's mit mit Gott, 18. 
Allein Gott in der Hdh sel 
Ehr, 103. 
Mit Freuden, 604. 
Nun freut ench, 148, 478. 
Nun freut euch (Luther'e 
Hymn), 4. 
8 8. 4 4. 8 8. and Aile- 
Lasst uns erfreuen, 519. 
886. D. 
Adveut, 342. 
Magdalen College, 457. 
St. Albau, 216. 
' Song 18 ', 357. 
De Profundis, 90. 
Urquell aller Seligkeiten, 
88. 77. D. 
lon Dieu, prète-moi l'ore- 
887. D. 
Chrlsti Mutter stnnd vor 
Schmerzen 115. 
Stabat Mater, 115. 
887. 887. D. 
Psalm 68, 
0 Mensch sieh, 121. 
8 8 8. and A.lleluyas. 
0 Fili et Filae (1), 626. 
0 Fdii et Fi]iae (2), 626. 
St. Aëlred, 51. 


Es ist ein Tag, 521. 
Oldbridge, 652. 
St. Leoard, 279. 
Troyte No. 1, 40. 
Victory, 625. 
Erskine, 227. 
Fitzwilliam, 4t8. 
Islewort b, 557. 
Saffro Walden, 117, 316. 
Beatus, t50. 
Corne Faithftd People, 619. 
Quem Pastores laudavere, 
531, 543, 598 (Trochaic). 
88. 88 çTrochaic). 
Deirdre 212. 
Cbristcburcb, 460. 
Coleraine {Vicerza), 333. 
David's Harp, 378, 509. 
Fkland, 219. 
Folkingham, 58. 
In einera Kripplein Lg ein 
Kind, 33. 
Lambetb. 322, 40. 
Lodswort h, 2'. 
Melita, 540. 
New ll3tb, 298. 
Old llæth, 
St. Ch-rysostom, AplA 19. 
South Cerney, 39. 
Stel]a 417. 
Surrey, 491. 
Vater unser, 462, 39. 
Veni Creator (Attwood), 16. 
Veni Ernme.uuel, 8. 
Exeter, 528. 
88. 88. D :Trochaic). 
Scbmcke dicb, 06. 

88. 88. 88. 88. 88. 
Etona, 559. 
88. 88. 064. 88. 
3Nachet auf! 12. 

Tbe Ninety and Nine, 5S4. 

landolpb, 524. 
Les commandemens deDmu, 
St. Clemet, App. 16. 
.N'eumark, 458. 
98. 98. D. 
]endez A Dieu, 05. 
104.88. 88. 104. 
Universal Praise, 427. 
104. 104. 1010. 
Lux Benigna, 425. and 
Bossiney, 571. 
107.10 7. 
Sch6nster Herr Jesu, 323. 
' Song 4 ', 98, 468. 
I0 I0. O 6. I0. 
St. Michael New, 2. 
1010.10 4. 
For ail tbe Saints, App. 23. 
Luccombe, 64 I. 
Sine Nomine, 641. 
PLalNSONO, 172 (Trocbaic- 
Adoro Te, 331. 
Ail Souls, 429. 
Congleton, 312. 
Dalkeith, 91. 
Eventide, 6. 
Farley Castle, 217, 283. 
Fsalm 87, 291 (Ampbi- 
Quedliaburg, "2i5 (Dactylic). 
legnator Orbis, 465 (Dac- 
' Song 4 ', 113. 
' Song 22 ', 438. 
' Song 24 ", 325, 430. 
The Sacred Heart, 307. 

10 10. 10 10. 8 4. 
So giebst du, 616. 
10 10. 10 10. 10. 
Old 124th, 114, 
10 10. 10 10. 10 10. 
Battle, 4. 
Ffigysbren, 34. 
'Song 1 ', 30"2, $84. 
Yorkshire (Stockport), 21. 
11 10. 11 6. - 
Langa, 42. 
11 10. 11 10. 
Donne Secours, 564. 
Epi ph any, App. 9 ( Dac .tyl ic). 
Liebster lrnmanuel, 41 
L'Omnipotent, 538. 
Welwyn, 271,346. 
Zu meinem Herrn, 119. 
11 10. 11 10. 9 10. 
Pilgrims of the Night, 
11 11.11 5. 
Christe du Beistand, 160. 
Christe Fons Jugis, 335. 

Christe Sanctorum, 165. 
Coelites Plaudant, 
Diva Servatrix, 208. 
Herliebeter Jesu, 70. 
Iste Confeasor, 188, '23, 24. 
Iste Confessor (2), 435, 636. 
Ut Queant Lais, 191. 
160, 165, I, 191, '208, 223, 
2"24, 242. 

11 11. 11 11. 
St. Denio, 407. 

Il II. Il II. and Refrain. 
A VLrgin Unspotted, 29. 

11 11. 12 11. 
Monks Gare, 40"2. 

11 12. 12 10. 
licaea, 162, App. 14. 

12 12. 12 12. 
Annue Christe, 174. 
PLAISSOt;O, 174,226. 

13 I0. 13 I0. 
'as lebet, was schwebet, 

13 13. 14 14. 
Gosterwood, 299. (8ee ao 
76.76. D.} 

14 14. 4. 7. 8. 
Hast du denn, Jesu, 536. 

14 14. 14 15. 
Sheen, 310. 

Adeste Fideles, 28, 614, 
Ave Verum, 811. 
Benon, 548. 
Cranham, 25. 
Eat Horndon0 B95. 
Laetabundus, 22. 
Margaret, 385 
Salve Festa Dies, 624. 
Tro.vte No. 2, 494. 
Ymdaith Mwngc, 203. 
PLAISSOSO, I0, 2"2, 150, 317, 
351,617, 621,624, App. 3. 


& Virin Unspotted, 29. 
Aberdeen, 561. 
Aberystwyth, 87. 
Abridge, 369. 
Ach Gott und Herr, 329, 
Ach Gott von Hirereel- 
reiche, 179. 
Ad Perennis Vitae Fon- 
tere, 350. 
Addison's, sec London. 
Adesto Fideles 8, 614. 
Adesto Saucta Trinitas, 
Adoro Te» 331. 
Adoro 're (No. 2), 308. 
Advent, 342. 
Aeterna Chriti Munera, 
Aeterna Christi Innera 
Rouen), 151. 
Affection, 343. 
Alban% 327. 
Alfreton, 81,240, 263. 
Ail Saints, 204. 
Ail Son[s, 429. 
Alla Trinita Beata, 184. 
Allein Gott in der Ht!l 
sel Ehr, 103. 
Andernach, 50. 
Angel's Son [Son 34), 
259, 656. 
Angelns (D reeiner 
Seelen), 266. 
Anirea Christi, 89. 
Annue Christe, 174. 
Ar Hyd y los, 268. 
Arfon, 116. 
Arres ofoEesus, 580. 
Attwood, seeVen i Creator. 
Au fort de ma détresse, 
Auch jetzt reacht Gott, 
Auctoritate Saeculi, 176. 
Aurelia, 222, 489. 

Ans der Tiefe, 73. 
Anstrian Hymn, 393, 535. 
Are Maris Stella» 213. 
Ave Vernre, 311. 
Ave VirgoVirginum, 131. 

Babylon's Streares, 67, 
Ballerrea, 199. 
Bangor, 300. 
Battle, 432. 
Batty, 105. 
Beata lobis fAaudia, 185. 
Beatns, 650. 
Bedford, 83. 
Belrave, 511. 
Beneath the Cross» .4pp. 
Benevento, 469. 
Benson, 548. 
Berlin, see Heiliger Geist. 
Bçnchester, 398. 
Bishopthorpe (or St. 
Paul's), 408. 
Bossiney, 571. 
Bread of Heaven, 304. 
Bresla% 484, 510. 
Bridg,vater, 656. 
Bristol, 6. 
Brockhare, 122, 2-°0. 
Brunswick, 555. 
Bryn Calfaria, 319. 
Bryntirion, 248. 
Buckland, 602. 
Bullin er, 4pp. 18. 
Burford, 447. 

Caersalem, 397. 
Caithness, 445. 
Calcntta, 547. 
Calvary, 530. 
Careeronian ]lidnight 
Hyre n, 401. 
Cannons, 66. 
Cantate Doreino, 48. 
Capel, 488. 

Capetown, 396, 501. 
Carlisle, 190, 236. 
Ca,vall (Wem in Lei- 
densta en), 99, 315o 
Cathcart, 546. 
Catou (.Rockingham), 107, 
Cheshire, 109. 
Christ ist erstanden, 134. 
Christchnrch, 88. 88. 88. 
çOueeley), 460. 
Christchnrch, 66. 66. 88. 
(Steggall), 411. 
Christe du BeiMand 
Christe Forts $Engis, 335. 
Christe Sanctorure, 165. 
Christi Mutter stnnd vor 
Schmerzen, 115. 
Christus der ist mein 
Leben, 232, 360. 
Clewer, 455. 
CoeIites Plandant, 242. 
Coleraine (Vicenza), 333. 
Collanderens, 229, 230. 
Corne Faithful People, 
Congleton, 312. 
Corpus Doreini, 356. 
Cranham, 25. 
Croft' 136th, 565. 
Crowle, 463. 
CrOger, 45. 
Culbach, 286, 481. 
Cuttle ]ffills, 366. 

Da Christns geboren war, 
Daily, Daily, 568. 
Dalkeith, 91. 
Danby, 295. 
Dank sel Gott in der 
H0he, 345. 
Darwall's 148th, 517. 
Das herrlich hohe Fest 


Dos ist meine Freude, 97. 
Da Leiden des Herrn, 
Dos walt' Gott Voter, 86, 
David's Harp, 378, 509. 
Da zu dir der Hei|and 
kam, 313. 
Deerhurst, 198. 
Deirdre, 212. 
I0en des Vaters Sinn ge- 
boren, 218. 
Dent Dale, 23. 
Deo Gracias, 249. 
De Profundis, 90. 
/)er Tag bricht an, 101. 
Deu. Tuorum Militum, 
141, 142, 181. 
Devonshire, 294. 
Dibdin, 433. 
Dies ist der Tag, 138. 
Dismissa|, 523. 
Dira Servatrix, 208. 
Divinum Mysterium, 618. 
Dix, 89. 
Dolge|ly, 349, 386. 
Donne Secours, 564. 
Down Ampney, 152. 
Dretze|, 281. 
Du meiner Seeh-n, see 
Duke Street, 167. 
Dundee, 43, 206. 428. 
Dunfermline, 64. 

Eardisley, 601. 
East Horndon, 595. 
Easter Hymn, 133, App. 
Eastergate, 520. 
E:ttington, 639. 
Ebenezer (Ton-y-Botei), 
Ein" leste Burg, 862, 537. 
Ein Kind gebor°n, 44. 
Eisenach, 459. 
Ellacombe, 137. 
Ellers, 273. 
Epiphany, /lpp. 9. 
Epsom, 506. 
Erhalt' uns. Herr, 68. 
Erskine, 227. 
Es ist ein" Ros' entsprun- 
gen, 19. 

Es ist kein Tag, 521. 
Etona, 559. 
Eudoxia, 315, 603. 
Evening Hymn, 569. 
Eventide, 863. 
Everton, 127. 
Ewing, 412. 
Exeter» 5"28. 
Faikland, 219. 
Farley Ca.tle, 217,283. 
Farnaby, 591, 654. 
Farnham, 525. 
Farrant, 339. 
Fflgysbren, 824. 
First Mode Melody, 78. 
Fitz,villiam, 448. 
Foikingham, 558. 
For ail theSaints, AIp. 23. 
Forest Green, 15. 
Fortunatus, 579. 
Franconia 370. 
Gloria, 567. 
Golden Sheaves, .App. 17. 
Gopsai, 476. 
Gohen, 645. 
G osterwood,299,572. 594. 
Gott des Himmeis, 132. 
Gott ein Voter, 600. 
Gott sel Dank, 373, 552. 
Gott will's machen, 253. 
G reystone, 587. 
Groombridge, 592. 
Gute Btume bringen, 7_'2. 
Gwalchmai, 424. 
Hall Harbinger of Morn, 
Haro bridge, 355. 
Hammersmith, 383. 
Honorer, 466. 
Happy Land, 608. 
Harington (Retirement), 
Hast du denn, Jesu, 536. 
Hawarden, 496. 
Haydn, 643. 
Heathlands, 282, 395. 
Heil igerGeist'.Berlin),76. 
Helfcr meiner armen 
Seele, 648. 
Heimsley, 7. 
Herongate, 597. 

Herr Gott Vater, 274. 
Herr ,Iesu Christ, 178. 
Herrnhut, see Savannah. 
Herzlich thut mich er- 
freuen0 284. 
Herzliebster Jesu, 70. 
Hoid the Fort, 570. 
Hollinside, 414. 
Holy Comfort, 410. 
Hope, 551. 
Horbury, 444. 
Hornsey, 136. 
Horsham, 844, 609. 
Horsley 106. 
Huddersfield» 270. 
Hunnys, 79. 
Hursley, 274. 
Hyfrydol, 301, 568. 
Hymnus Eucharisticu.% 

Ich halte treulich stiil 
I Hear Thy xVelcome 
Voice, 573. 
I]lsley, 58, 59, 60, 61,62, 
164, 633. 
In ailen meinen Thaten, 
In Babilone, 145. 
In einem Kripplein iag 
ein Kind, 338. 
Ingrave, 607. 
Innocents, 87. 
Innsbruck, 86, 278. 
Irby, 605. 
Irish, 504. 
Isleworth, 557. 
Iste Confessor, 188, .'22.8, 
Ist e Con fessor.2), 485,636. 
Ives, 582. 

Jerusalem, 638. Corona, 65. 
Jesu Dulcis Memoria,238. 
Jesu, Jesu du mein Hirt, 
Jesu, meine Zuversicht, 
Jesu, meines Glaubens 
Zier, 118, 353. 
Jesu Redemptor Saeculi 


Jeaus ist das ach6nste 
Licht, 24"/. 
Keine SchSnheit bat die 
Welt, {)86. 
Kendal, {)66. 
King's Langley, 221. 
Kings Lynn, 562. 
King's Norton. 419. 
Kingsfold, 574. 
Knecht, 452. 
Komm, Seele, 486. 
Laetabundus, 22 
Lambeth, 322, 340. 
Langa, 482. 
Langdale, 590. 
Langport, 6{)6. 
Lasst uns erfreuen, 519. 
Laus Tibi Christe, 368, 
Leominster, 361. 
Leoni, 646. 
Les commsndemeus de 
Dieu, 277. 
Lew Trenchard, 591. 
Lewes, 250. 
Liebster Immanuel, 41. 
Liebster Jesu, 336. 
Lincoln, 140. 
Litany, 651. 
Llan fair, 143. 
Llangloffan, 207. 
L|ansannan, 514. 
Lodsworth, 275. 
L'Omnipotent, 538. 
London (Addison's, 297. 
London Nev, 394, 542. 
Louez Dieu, 377. 
Lovely, 303. 
Luccombe, 641. 
Lucis Creator, 51. 
Lugan% 529. 
Luther's Hymn (Kunfrentt 
euch, 4. 
Lux ]enign, 425. 
Lyne, 296, 596. 
Mach's mit mir Gott 
Msgdalen College, 457. 
Magdalena, 285, 392. 
Maidstone, App. 20. 
tlanchester, 168. 

Mannheim, 4"-6. 
Margaret, 55. 
Maria jung und zart, 
Mrtyrdom. 367. 
M'rtyr, 449. 
Meirionydd. 334, 473. 
Melcombe, 260, 631. 
Melita» {)40. 
Melose, 4,51. 
Mendelssohn, 24. 
lendip, 498. 
Merton, 5, 20.5. 
Mlles Lane, 364. 
Ministres de l'Éternel, 
]Yliserere Mei, 403. 
hissionary Hymn, 577. 
Mit Freuden zart, 604. 
Mon Dieu, prête-moi 
l'oreille, 640. 
Monkland, 532. 
Monks Gale, 402. 
Monte Cassino, 150. 
Montgomery (Champ- 
ness), 632. 
Montgomery ('Wood- 
bury), 391. 
Morgenglanz der Ewig- 
keit 374. 
Moriah, 437. 
Morning Hymn, -057. 
Morning Light, 581. 
Moseov, 553. 
Mount Ephraim, 196. 
Narenza, 518, 627. 
National Anthem, 560. 
Nativity, 376. 
Neander, 241,380. 
Neumark, 458. 
New ll3th, 298. 
Newbury, 16. 
Newlsnd, 589. 
Nicaes, 162, App. 14. 
Nicht so traurig, 100. 
Nicht so traurig (Press- 
burg), 358. 
Noel, 26. 
Northrop, Al0iv. 8. 
Nottingham, sec St. Iag- 

Nun danket, 533. 
• Nun danket ail, 421. 
Nun freut euch, 148, 478. 
Nun freut euch çLuther's 
Hymn), 4. 
Nun komm, der Heiden 
Heiland, 110. 
Nun lasst uns geh'n, 104. 
Nun lasst uns Gott dem 
Herren, 126. 
Nunc dimittis, 269. 
Nutfield, ApO. 15. 

O Filii et Filiae, 626. 
O God of Love, 446. 
O $esu, 406. 
O $esu Christ, App. 7. 
O $eu mi Du[cissim% 
0 Mensch sieh, 121. 
0 Salutaris, 3;0. 
0 Seigneur, 512. 
O[d 22nd, 163. 
O[d 25th, 149. 
O[d 81st, 211, 461. 
Old [00th, 365. 
Old 104th, 178. 
Old 107th, 493. 
Old IlTtl b 637. 
Old 120th, _'209, 464. 
O[d 124th, ll4, 352. 
Old 137tb, 404. 
O[dbridge, 652. 
Oliva Speciosa, 381. 
O[ivet, 439. 
Omni Die, 120 382. 
Oriel, -028, 507. 
Orientis Partibus, 129, 

Paderborn, 251. 
Palms of Glory, 201. 
Pange Lingua, ;26. 
Passion Chorale, 102. 
Pearsall 49.5. 
Picardy, 318. 
Pilgrims of the Night, 
Plaistow, 69. 
Pleading Saviour, 593. 
Praetorius ( Ffir dein emp- 
fangen Speis und TranR ) 
Praise my Soul, 470. 


Pressburg (Nicht $o trau- 
rig), 358. 
Prompte Gentes Anim% 
Prysgol, 575, 576. 
Palm 32, 505. 
Palm 42» 200. 
P.alm 67, 291. 
Palm 68, 541. 
Puer Nobis Nascitur, 14, 

Quam Dilecta, 508. 
Quedlinburg, 245. 
Quem Pastores lauda- 
vere, 5311 543, 598. 

Randolph, 52L 
Ravenshaw, 436. 
Redhead Io. 46, 872, 616. 
Redhead No. 47, 513. 
Redhead No. 76, 477. 
Regent Square, 431. 
Regnator Orbis 465. 
Rendez à Dieu, 305. 
Requiem, App. 21. 
Resonet in Laudibus, 612. 
Retirement, sec Haring- 
Rex Gloriose (French), 
Rex Gloriose (Ander- 
nach), 183. 
Rhuddlan, 423. 
Richmond, 375, 471. 
Rockingham,  Caton. 
Rodmell, 186, 611. 
Rusper, 379. 
Saffron VCalden, 117 316. 
St. Alred, 541. 
St. Agnes, 419. 
t. Alban ! 216. 
St. Albinus, 134. 
St. Alphege, 348. 371. 
St. Ambrose, 193, 194, 
St. Anatolius0 276. 
St. Arme, 202, 450. 
St. Austin, 638. 
St. Bees, 400. 
St. Bernard, 71. 
St. Bride, 74. 
St. Catherine, 578. 

St. Cecilia I 554. 
St. Chrysostom, A/. 19. 
St. Clement, App. 16. 
t. Columba çIr-ns , 280. 
St. Columba (Irish me- 
lody), 490. 
St. Con,.antine, 415. 
St. Crisn, 26. 
St. Cros, App. 11. 
St. Cuthbert, 157. 
St. David, 166. 
St. Denio, 407. 
St. Edmund (Gilding), 
St. Edmund (Steggall" ,47. 
St. Ethelwald, 479. 
St. Flavian, 161, 497. 
St. Fulbert, 139. 
St. Gall, 292. 
St. George, 289. 
St. Gertrude, 643. 
St. Gregory (Zeuch ra¢ien 
Geist, 49. 
St. Hugh, 606. 
St. Ise.v, 388. 
St. James, 210, 341. 
St. Leonard (Bach), 527. 
St. Leonard (Irons), .'279. 
St. Magnus çNotting- 
ham), 147. 
St. Iark, 649. 
St. Martin, 416. 
St. Mary, 84. 
St. Mary Magdalene I 112. 
St. Matthew, 5-'26. 
St. Michael (Old 134th, 
St. Michael New, 244. 
St. Owald, 503. 
St. Patrick, 212. 
St. Paul's I sec Bishop- 
St. Peter, 2;5, 405. 
St. Philip, App. 10. 
St. Raphael, 75. 
St. Sepulchre, 422. 
St. Stephen, 337, 492. 
St. Theodulph (Va/et 
ich dit geben), .545 ! fi22. 
St. Thomas (S.M., 11. 
St.Themas (8 7. 87. 87.), 
St. Venantiuso 18, 38. 
Salve Festa Dies» 624. 

Salzburg, 128. 
Sandys, 485. 
Sarratt, 34. 
Savannah (Herrnhut), 
Schmiicke dich, 806. 
Schnster Herr Jesu, 823. 
Second Mode Melody, 3. 
Seelenbrutigam, 272. 
Selma, 290. 
Seventh Mode Melody, 
Sheen, 810. 
Shepton-Beauch m p,389. 
Shipston, 890, 599. 
Sine Nomine, 641. 
Se giebst du, 515. 
Solemnis Haec Festivi- 
tas, 123, 124. 
Soll's sein. 28. 
Solomon, 80. 
Solothurn, 243. 
Song 1, 302, 381. 
Song 4, 11:. 
Song 5, 483. 
Seng 13, 314, 413. 
Song 18, 357. 
Song 20, 442. 
Song 22, 438. 
Song 24. 825, 430. 
Song 34, ee Angel's Song. 
Song 4e, 98, 468. 
Song 67, 197. 
South Cerney, 359. 
Southill, 638. 
Southwell, 77. 
Stabat Hater, 115. 
Stella 417. 
Stockport, a¢e Yorkshire. 
Stockton, 8.'2. 
Stuttgart, 40. 
Surrey, 491. 
Sussex, 239, 385. 

Tallis' Canon, 267. 
Tallis' Lamentation, 235. 
Tallis" Ordinal ('gth 
Tune '), 46, 453. 
Tantum Ergo, 33, 63. 
TanOtm Ergo (No. 2,326. 
Te Lucis Ante Termi- 
hum. 2,;4. 
Tell Me the Old, Old 
Story, 583. 


Temple, 454. 
The Ninety and Ni ne,584. 
The Rosy Sequenc% 238. 
The Sacred Heart, 307. 
Third Mode IVlelody, 92. 
This Endris Nyght, 20. 
Ton-y-Botei,see Ebenezer. 
Trea Magi de Gentibus) 
Troytc No. 1, 440. 
Troyte No. 2, 494. 
Truro, 237, 420. 
Tugwood 11;. 
Tunbridge, 88. 

Ungham, 434. 
Univorsal Prais% 427. 
University, 93. 
University College, 177, 
Upwick, 642. 
Urba Coeleatis, 169, 170. 
Urq ue|l aller Seligkeiten, 
Ut Queant Laxis, 191. 

Valet wiil ich dir geben, 
s¢e St. Theodulph. 
Vater unser, 462, 539. 
Veni Creator (Attwood), 
Veni Creator (Tallia)) 153. 
Veni Creator (Mechlin 
version), 154. 

Veni Emmanuel, 8. 
Veni Sancte Sl,iritus, 
Verbum Supernum, 2. 
Viconza, see Coleraine. 
Victory, 625. 
Vienna) 500. 
Voiler Wunder 256, 
Vom Himmel hoch, 17, 

Wachet auf! 12. 
Valsall 13, 456. 
Wareham, 52, 53, 5t, 55, 
56, 57, 475. 
,Vas lebet, waa schwebet, 
Weimar, 187. 
,VeIwyn, 271,346. 
Vem in Leidenstagen, 
see Caswail. 
Wer da wonet, 35. 
"Vêrde ]iunter, 418. 
Wesley, 588. 
Westminster, 441. 
"Vhitehail, 180, 23L 
Wigton, 354, 474. 
Wiltshire, 502. 
Winchester New, 9, 620. 
V'inchester Old. 80, 158. 
"Winderm ere, 522. 
Wiadsor, 332. 
Wir pfliigen, '293. 

Wirtemburg, AI»p. 12. 
,Vohlauf, thut nicht ver- 
zagen, 32, 195. 
Wychbold, 409. 

Ymdaith wngc, 203. 
York, 472. 

Zeuch meinen Geist, sec 
St. Gregory. 
Zu meinem Herrn, 119. 
Zum Frieden, 499. 
Zundel, 615. 

Plainsong, 1, 2, 10, 14, 
17, 18, 2").., 31, 38, 49, 
50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 
56, 57, 58, 59, 60, 61, 
62, 65, 66, 67, 68, 69, 
94, 95, 96. 1.°2, 123, 
1:74 125, 130, 141, 142 
150, 151,154, 155, 159, 
160, 164, 165, 169, 170, 
172, 174, 175, 176, 180, 
181, 182, 183) 188, 189, 
191, 192, 208, 213, 214, 
215, 223, 22, 226, 228, 
229, 230, 231,233, 234, 
237, 238, 241, 242, 249, 
253, 254. 255, 261,262) 
264, 317, 326, 330, 351, 
17, 621, 621, A/p. 
.4//. 2, .4//. 3. 



Ahle, J. R, 336. 
Akeroyd. S., 322, 340. 
Albert, H., 132. 
Andernach Gesangbucb 
50, 183, 264, 647. 
Angers Church elody, 
51, 123, 124, 176, 188, 
223, 224. 
Anonymous, 28 455 560, 
588, 614, 624. 
Armstrong, J. (?), 589. 
Arnold, Gomplete Psallev, 
a4s hyrnnodt8 sac, er, 48, 
Attwood, T., 156. 

B. R., 446. 
Bach, J. C., 527. 
Bach, J. S., 12, 17, 36, 
41, 68, 70, 86, 100. 102, 
110, 118, 128, 138, 148, 
173, 187, 232, 278, 309, 
3"29, 336, 345, 347,353, 
459, 462. 478, 499, 515, 
545, 622, 629, 644. 
Baring-Gould, S., 315, 
Barnby, J., 48, 4p/. 19..°3. 
Barthélëmon, F. H., 257. 
Bayeux Church Melody, 
Bell, |. F., 649. 
Bell, V. H., 225, 546. 
Besler, S., 274. 
B&le Class Magazie, 2931 
Bicknell. C., 619. 
Bishop, J., 58, 59, 60, 61, 
62, 164, 633. 
Bliss, P. P., 570. 
Bohemian Brethren 
Ges«9bu¢h , 1.'21. 
Bohenian Brethren 
Hymn Melody, 604. 

Bourgeois, L., 200, 269, 
277, 305, fK8, 640. 
Bremner's Collextion, 561. 
Br-wn, A. H., 117, 276, 
316, 651. 
Bullinger, E. V, pp. 18. 
Campion, T., 67, 87. 
nli Spitualia, 266. 
Carey, H., 491. 
Cadic Hn TulleS, . 
Champne, W., 2. 
Chapman's Mic Com- 
ChartresChurch elody, 
Clark, J., , 122, 147, 
220, 408, 419, 434. 
Clauner Gesaba¢h»6. 
OEtion of H 
 P, 504. 
C01n Gngb, 2, 518, 
Cooper, G., 422. 
CorneCs Ggch 115, 
I, 382. 
Cou,ville, R., 210, 341. 
Crofl, W., 202, 398, 450, 
4, 526, , 639. 
Crfiger, J., 45, 70, 76, 
3, 309 533. 
Dale, R. F., 578. 
Damon's Psaiter, 77, 332. 
Darwall, 1., 517. 
Davie H. Walford, 454. 
Davies, R.(?), 551. 
Day's Psalt, 114, 149, 
161, 1, 211,235, 404, 
461, 497. 
Dius, N., 103. 
tepanion, 322, 3, 
378, 446, 509. 
Doane, V. H., bS0 5. 

Doles, J. F., 287. 
Dowland, J., 365. 
Drei sci6ne wue 9eistliike 
Lieder, 288. 
Drese, A.. 272. 
Dretzel, C. H., 281. 
Duguet, Abbé (?), 330. 
Dunhill. T. F., 650. 
Dutch Traditional e- 
lody, 145. 
Dykes, $. B., 157, 162, 
400, 414,419, 425, 444. 
503, ,540, 541, .dpp. ll, 
Dykes, J. St. O., 307. 
Ebeling, J. G., 256, 516. 
Edwards, J. D., 303. 
Elvey, G. J., 246, 289. 
English Traditional 
Carol, 20, 29, 485, 488. 
English Traditional bIay- 
Day Carol, 221. 
English Traditional Me- 
lody, 7, 15, 16, 23 89, 
90, 186, 213, 239, 249, 
275, 294, 295, 299, 344, 
355, 379, 385, 388, 389, 
390, 402, 417, 448, 498, 
525, 562, 572, 574,579, 
591 fParts x and a), 
594, 595, 597, 599, 601, 
606, 607, 609, 611,638 
(Parts z and ), 654, 
Erbaulicher musi.alischen 
Chr/Menscha/z, 105. 
Este's Psaiter, 27, 30, 109, 
158, 163, 209, 464. 
Ett, C., Canti¢a Sacra, 2Pî.8, 
416, 507. 
Eving, A., 412. 
Farrant, R., 339. 
Filitz, F., 99, 315, 396 
426 501. 


Franck, J. V., 486. 
French Carol, 229, 230. 
French Church ]ffelody, 
115, 125. 
French Mediaeval ]fie- 
iody, 129, 480. 
French Paroissien ]fie- 
iody, 568. 
Frey]iughausen» J. 
97, 218, 947. 
Freylinghausen's /'eues 
Geistreiches Gesangbueh» 
358, 373, 374, 552. 
Fuller-]ffaitland, J. A., 

Gatty, N., 92, 146. 
Gaunt]ett, H. J.,134,189, 
177, 848, 371, 467, 605. 
Geistliche Kirche»esdng, 
Genevan Psalter, 114, 200, 
259, 258, 269, 977, 305, 
852, 865, 377, 498, 512, 
538, 564, 637, 640. 
Genge, 1. S., 410. 
German Carol ]ffe]ody, 
44, 612. 
German Idediaeval le- 
lody, 392. 
German Melody, 19, 134, 
531, 543, 598. 
Geranan Processional 
iody, 868, 534. 
Oerman Traditional ]fie- 
!ody, 86, 111,278» 284, 
285, 387. 
Giardini, F. de, 553. 
Gibbons, 0.1 98, 113, 197, 
259, 302, 314, 325, 357, 
384, 413, 430, 438, 442. 
468, 483, 556. 
Gilbert V. B...Al,p. 90. 
Oi]ding, E., 171. 
Gladstone, V. H., 227, 
Goldsmith, E. V'., 387, 
Goodhart, A. ]ff., 559. 
GOr]itz Gesangbuch 549. 
Goss, J., 470. 
Greene, ]ff., 463. 

Greenwocd's Psalmody 
Greiter, ]ff. 544. 
G renoble Church M e|ody, 
141, 149, 181. 
Grifiîth, W., 366. 
Ouidetti's 19irectorium 
Chori, 175. 

Hadow, V. H., 359. 
1/andel, G. F., 66, 80, 
476, 555. 
Harington, H., 85. 
Harrison, W., 140. 
Hartsough, L., 573. 
Hassler, H. L., 102. 
Hatton, J., 167. 
tIaus Kichen Cadorei, 
Havergai. W. H., 370, 
518, 627. 
Hawarden, Viscountess 
(Caro]ine ]fraude), 569. 
Haweis, T., 375, 471. 
Haydn, F. J., 393, 535, 
Hayes, V., 298, 457. 
Hayne, L. G.! 554, 602. 
Heber, Bishop, 547. 
Hebrew Me]ody, 646. 
Heinlein, P., 655. 
He]der, ]3, 32, 195. 
He]more, T., 8. 
Herbst, ]ffartin, 73. 
Hewlett T., 91. 
Ytimmels-Lust, 41. 
Hintze, J., 128. 
ttirs¢hbcril Gesanglnoch, 406. 
Hoson, H. E., 169, 170. 
Ho]st, G., 25, 310, 571. 
l-Iopkins, E. J., 75, 273. 
l-Iorsley, V., 106, 511. 
Hovard, S., 74, 557. 

' Indian Air,' 608. 
Ireland, J. N., 520. 
Irish Hymn ]ffelody, 
aneient, 212, 490. 
Irons, M. S., 279, 280. 
Isle of Arran Traditional 
]ffelody. 990. 
Italian Hymn ]ffelody, 
150, 381. 

Jackson, Dr., 433. 
Jackson, W. (of Exeter), 
Jeboult, H. A., 112. 
Jenner, Bishop, 508. 
Jones, J. I).. 424. 
Jones, W., 337. 492. 
Joseph, G., 266. 

Katholische lf i¢chenge$iinge, 
Katholisches Gesangbuch, 
King. ]obert, 378, 09. 
Kingham, ]ff. D., 548. 
Ktrchen- und ttau$-Buch, 
Kittel, J. C., 245. 
Knapp, W., 52, 53, 54, 
55, 56, 57, 475. 
Knecht, J. H., 452, 500. 
Koch's Choralbuch, 550. 
-Kocher, C., 39, 640. 
KSnig Choralbuch, 49. 

La Feuillëei $lêtl, oàe du 
Iolain-chaut, 165, 174, 
193, 194, 214, 215, 465 
App. 6. 
La cala Santa, 333. 
Lahee, H., 376. 
Langran, J., 198. 
Laufenberg, H. ve, n, 338. 
Lawes, H., 180. 217, 919, 
934, 283, 432, 505. 
Leisentritt's Gesan9bucb  
131, 436. 
Lockhart, C., 190. 936. 
Lwenstern, !. A. von, 
Luther, biartin, 4, 17, 
68. 148, 233, 362, 478, 
Lyra Daridica 133. /lav p. 

3laclagan, Arch bishop» 
201, 304. 
Magdalen tIyrans, 69. 296) 
.lainz Gesangbuch, 137. 
3lalet, G. E. "V., 356. 

l[artin, G. ,V.. 361. 
][ason, L., 439, 077. 
Matthevs, T. R., 585. 
l[echlin .Antiphonarium 
Rornamm, 2. 
echlin Gradual, 326. 
]iechlin Vesperal Roma- 
hum, 154. 
l[endelss-h n-Bartholdy, 
F., 24, 484. 510. 
ieyer, J., Sedenfreud, 50-1. 
iilgrovo, B.. 196. 
]Hiller, E., 107, 30-0. 
Milton, J., 472. 
"Monk, ,V. H., 5, 45, 205, 
28l, 363, 415, 436, 479, 
62, Mpp. 10, 12, 15. 
Mfinster Gesangbuch, 323. 
MuMkalisches H«ui-Buch, 
9, 620. 
Neander. $., .°41,380. 
Neumark, G., 458. 
Nicolai, ihilip, 12. 
Northrop, A...4pp. 8. 
Novello, V., 327. 

Ouseley, F. A. Gore, 
Owen, W., 319, 575, 

Palestrina, ;. P. da, 326, 
Parratt, W.. 270. 
Parry, 5.. 87. 
Parons, ,V., 114. 
Pearsall, l. L. de, 495 
Pmsum Sacrm, 173. 
Peter, C., 12, 329, 629. 
Piae Caniones Theoderici 
Petri l¢yMndotsis, 613. 
Playford's Psalmç, 84, 39, 
Pl!¢raouth Collection( U.S.A. ), 
842, 582, 593. 
Praetorius, M., 14, 19, 
179, 610. 
Praxis Pietatis Melica, 421. 
Prichard, R. H, 301. 

PO's' Paalter, 84. 
Psalmodia Erangdica, 237, 
Psalmodia Saoa. 40. 
Psariolum Harmonicum, 
Pmlterium Chorale, 185. 
Purcell, H., 13, 447, 456. 
Quaile, R. iN., 652. 
Randall, 5., 93, 250. 
Ravenscroft, T., 30, 43, 
Ravenscroft's Psalter,6,$0, 
43, 140, 161, 166, 178, 
206, 267, 36-5, 428 472. 
Redhead, P,.. 144, 372, 
477, 513, 616. 
Reimann, ChoraIbucl, 4/6. 
Reinagle, A. R., 26.5, 
Rheinhard¢ MS., 42. 
Rockstro, V. S., 120, 
Rogers. B., 328. 
Roth, H. (?), 248. 
Rouen Church Melody, 
18, 38, 65. 151, 191, 
242, 311, 33.5, 4.'5, 636 
Ryley, O. C. E., 34. 

St. 41b, n's Tant ook, 216. 
t. Gall Gesangbuch, 3.5, 
Sankey, I. D., 584, App. 
• qarum G-radual 238. 
Scheler0 Heilige Seelenlust 
286, 481, 86, 648_ 
Schein, J. H., 138, 459. 
Schicht, J. 119. 
Scholefield. C. C, .4pp. 16. 
Schop, J., 418. 
Schulthos, .V., 4pp. 21. 
Schulz, . A. P., 203. 
Sehumann's Gemngbuch, 
462. 539. 
Scott-Gatty, A., 271. 346. 
Scottish Hymn l[elody, 
caish Psalter 43, 64, 

206, 291, -0, 354,394, 
428, 445, 449, 451,472, 
474, 493, 542, 637. 
Selneccer, Cristliche 
Psalmn, 126. 
.t.en Sobs of a Sorrowftd 
• Soul, 79. 403. 
Sheeles. ff...°97. 
Shrubsole. W., 364. 
Silcher, F., 600. 
Smt, O., 62. [481. 
Smart, H., 127, 282, 895, 
Smith, I., 869. 
Smith J., 87. 
Smith, R. K., 290. 
Smith's 8acrd Music, 367. 
Sohn, P., 72, 138. 
Solesmes Chm'ch melody 
Somervell, A, 522, 566, 
Soto, F., 482. 
Spanish Melody, 199. 
Standard Psohn, 
312, 433. 
Staniforth, T. Vorsley, 
638 (Part 3)- 
Stanley, S., 530. 
Steggall, C., 47, 411. 
Steiner, 5. L.. 253. 
Stubbs, S., 472. 
Sullivan, A. S., 26, 643, 
.App. 17. 
Supement to the N r.w 
mo, 81, 202, 240, 263, 
450, 558. 
Swiss Traditional 
lody 243 399. 
Tallis, T.. 8, 46, 78, 92, 
153, 267, 453, 496. 
Tans'ur, ,V., 300. 
Teschner, M., 545, 
Thrupp, F. ., AF/). 9. 
Tochter Sion, 71. 
Tours Breriary (?), 350. 
Troyte, A. H. Dyke, 440, 
Tschirsch, V., 600. 
Turle, ., 441. 
Van Damme, Canon, 308. 
Vaughan-Williams, R., 
152, 524, 624, 641. 
Vehe, Gsagbhldn 35. 


Vetter, D., 36, 347. 
Viner, W. L., 523. 
Vulpius, bi.» 101, 
232, 360. 


Waghorne, V. R., 587. 
Vagner, R., 313. 
Vainwright, J., 21. 
Wainwright, R., 168. 
Walther's Gesangbfiddein, 
Wc, le, W., 83. 
Webb, G. J., 581. 
Wbbe, S., theelder, 155, 
260» 469» 631. 

,Vebbe, S., the elder, 
Motetts or .dntiphons, 31, 
33, 63, 623, 626. 
SVebbe, S., the younger, 
107, 375, 471." 
Welsh Hymn Melody, 
108, 116, 143, 207,32, 
334, 349, 386, 397, 407, 
437, 473, 514. 
Welsh Traditional l!4e- 
lody, -003, 268, 423. 
Weslcy, J., Founàery Col- 
lection, 135. 
Vesley, S. S., 136» 222, 
244, 489» 496. 

Vhinfield, V. G., 409, 
427, 642. 
Vhitwell, V. J., 59. o. 
Wilkes, J., 532. 
Villiams" Psaltnoày, 11. 
Wise, M., 312. 
VJoodbury, I.. 391. 
Voodward, G. R.» Il t 
Vright, T., 8_ °. 
Yoakley, J., 429. 
Zions Harfe, 218 32. 
Zundel J., 615. 



[ The numbers in bra¢'ets refi" to translations.] 

Abelard. Peter, 465. 
Adam of St. Victor, 172, 
179 9.00. 
Adams,Sarah Flower,444. 
Addison, Joseph, 92, 297, 
Ainger,Arthur Campbell, 
518, 559. 
Alderson, Eliza Sibbald, 
Alexander, :M. Cecil 
Frances, I0.6, 112, 117, 
132, 205, (212), 227, 
493, 587, 589, 590, 605, 
Alford, Henry, 210, 289, 
337, 486, 642. 
Ambrose, St., Bishop of 
Milan, 14, 49, 52: 164, 
192, 255, 261, 262, 271. 
Anatolius, 32, 388. 
Anon., 4. 22, (59,, (130), 
(3] 7). (Belote 6th Cent.) 
60. 123, 124, 141, 142, 
]50,151,254, 269. (6th- 
o¢h Cent.) 1, 2. 3. 5, 10, 
17,5], 56, 57. 58.59, 61, 
I;2, 63. 65, 69, 81, 125, 
128, 144, 153, 154. 159, 
160, ]69, 170, 175, 175, 
176. 180, 181, 182, 183, 
188. ]89, 191, 213, 214, 
215, 234, 249, 264, 276, 
307,633,636. (x xO-xSh 
Cent.) 22, 31, 67. 89, 97, 
155. 184. 228, .'229, 233, 
237, 311, 3.50. 438, 459, 
507. 630, 634. 
9 & Cent.) 8, 28. 37, 71, 
(89, 99. 103, 251, 280, 
321. (342L413, 480, 512, 
560, 614. 625. 6_'26, 629. 
63.'2, 649, 653. 654. 

Anstice, Joseph, 13, 457. 
Antoniano, Silvio, 193. 
Aqui nas, St. Thomas, 317, 
326, 330, 331. 
A. R. (Se Riley, Athel- 
Auber,.Harriet. 157, 461. 
Austin, John, 296. 
Bahnmaier, Jonathan 
Fried rich, 552. 
Baker, Sir Henry V¢il- 
liams, (177), (413), 436, 
490. 496, 508, 537» 
Baring-Gould, Sabine, 
136, (503), 568, 592, 
603, 643. 
Baxter, Richard, 401,433, 
Bede, OEhe "Venerable, 35, 
146, 225. 
Bell, Maurice Frederick, 
(60), (68), 604, 
Benson, Arthur Christo- 
pher, 539. 
Benson, Richard Meux, 
Bernard, St.. of Clair- 
vaux, 238, 419. 
Bernard of Cluny (or 
tdorlaix), 371,392, 412, 
Besnault, Sebastien. 36. 
Biekersteth, Edward 
Henry, Bishop of 
Exeter. 468. 
Bigg, Charles, (2 (49. 
Birkbeck, Villiam John. 
Blacker, Maxwell Julin% 
(10), (636. 

Blake, Villiam, 506. 
Blew, V¢illiam John, (27) 
Bliss, P. P., o¢ Philiuo, 
Bode, John Ernest, 577. 
Bonar, Horatius, 312, 361, 
505, 556, 574, 575. 
Bourne, Georgo Hugh, 
Bowring. Sir John, 409. 
Brady, Nicholas (sec Tate 
Bramley, Hen T Rame- 
den, 29. 
Bridges, Matthew, 341, 
Bridges, Robert eeY.H.). 
Bright, William, 240, 256, 
302, 327, 840. 
Brooke, VilliamThomas, 
Brooks, Phillips, Bishop 
of Massachusetts, 15. 
Browne»Thomas Browne, 
Brownlie, John, (349) 
(454), 65o-, (652). 
Bryan, Joseph, 90. 
Bryant, William Cullen, 
Buckoll. HenoE James, 
Bullock, ,Villiam. ri08. 
Bunyan, John, 402. 
Burke, Christian, 530. 
Burkitt, Francis Cmw- 
ford. (12 , (194). 
Burleigh,Villiarn Henry, 
Butler, Henry Montagu, 
Byrom, John, 21,443. 


Calverley, Charles Stuart, 
Campbeil, Jane Mont- 
gomery, (293. 
Campbell, Robert, 128, 
(139), 246. 
Canton, William, 403, 
Carlyle, Joseph Dacre, 
Carlyle, Thomas, (362). 
Carney, Mrs. Julia A., 
Caswali, Edvard, (5), 
(40), (57), (71, (80), 
(99), (280), (s26), (330), 
382, (419), (512). 
C. B. (sec Bigg, Charles). 
Celano, Thomas of, 351, 
Cennick, John, 7, 373. 
Chadvick, John Vhit% 
Chambers, John David, 
(62), (633). 
Chandler, John, (9), (36), 
(37), (44), (46), (144), 
(26), C45), (623). 
Chatfield, Allen "Villiam, 
Chesterton, Gilbert 
Keith, 562. 
Chope, Richard Robert, 
Clark, John Haldenby, 
Claudius, ]Iatthias, 293• 
Clephane, Elizabeth Ce- 
cilia, 567, 584. 
Coflïn, Charles, 9, 11, 27, 
44, 64, 265, 398. 453. 
Coles, Vincent Stucky 
Stratton, 190, 218, 334. 
Collins, I-Ienry, 416, 
Collyer, Wdliam Bengo, 
Conder, Josiah, 304. 
Contes, Jean-Baptiste de, 
Cooper, Edward, 387. 
Coote, Mrs. Maude, 222. 
Copeland, William John, 

Cosin, John, Bishop of 
Durham, 153. 
Cotterill, Thomas, 4, 143. 
Cowper, William, 332, 
394, 400, 422. 445. 
Cox, Frances Elizabeth, 
(134), (204), (455), 
Coxe, Arthur Cieveland, 
Bishop of Western 
New York, 108, 551. 
Creighton, Mandell, 
Bishop of Lendon, 
Crossman, Samuel, 411. 
Cummins, James John, 
C. ,V. H. (see Humpkreys, 
Damascene, St. John,131, 
137, 138, 360. 
Davis, Roby Furley, 
Daye's Psalter, 365. 
Dearmer, Percy, (38), 
(9b), 12, (15o), (160), 
(165), (180), (215), 221, 
(237), (242), 313, (329), 
(352), 353 Part 2), 531, 
543, 598, (628). 
Denton, William, 109, 
Dix, Wxlliam Chatterton, 
39, 292, 801,379, 596. 
Doane, George Washing- 
ton, Bishop of Nev 
Jersey, 546. 
Doddridge, Philip, 6, 3-o0, 
447, 518. 
Donne, John, 515. 
Downton, Henry, 286. 
Dryden, John, 156. 
Duflïeld, George, 581. 
Dunean, Mary Lundie, 

Edmeston. James, 496. 
Ellerton, John, (18), 116, 
207, 209, 248, (271), 
273, 277, 345. 
EIImtt, Charlotte, 316 
374, 440. 
EIliott, Ebenezer, 566. 

Elliott, Emily Elizabeth 
Steele, 585. 
• Elpis, 226. 
Ephraim the Syrian, St., 
Deacon of Edessa, 194. 
Everest, Charles'Villiam, 

Faber, Frederick Wil- 
liarn, 101, 111, 161, 
275, 315, 399, 441, 451, 
499, 571. 
F. B. P., 638. 
F. C. B. (see Burkitt, 
Francis CrawIord). 
Fletcher, Phineas, 98. 
Fortunatus, Venanti us 
Honorius Clementia- 
nus, Bishop of Foi- 
tiers, 94, 95, 96, 624, 
Foudlmg ttospztal Oollec. 
w¢, 55(Part 1), 631. 
P. (see Port, Francis). 
Franck, Johann, 306. 
Fulbert, St., Bishop of 
Chartres, 122, 139. 
Fuller-Maitland, Frances 
Sara, 467. 

Gel|ert, Christian Fiirch- 
tegott, 134. 
Gerhardt, Paul. 102, 278. 
Germanus, St., Patriarch 
of Constantinople, 19. 
G. G. (see Gillett, Ga- 
Gillett, Gabriel, (58)» 1 lS, 
(172), (630). 
Gladstone, "W:lliam 
Ewart, 322. 
Grant, Sir Robert, 87, 
Grcek Service Boohs, 3, 310, 
318, 349. 650, 652. 
Gregory the Great, St, 
Patr, arch of Rome 
o beà to), 50, 66, 68, 165. 
Grève, Philippe de. 230, 
Guiet, Charles, 171. 
Gurney, John Hampden, 
290, 509. 

Gurney, lrs. Dorothy 
Frances, 346. 
Hanby, Benjamin lus- 
sell, 612. 
Hankey, Katherine, 583, 
Hartsough, Lewis, 573. 
Haverga|, Frances Rid- 
]ey, 285, 572, 
Haweis, Thomas, 85. 
Hawker, lobert Stephen, 
Heber, Reginald, Bihop 
of Calcutta, 41, 162, 
202, 244, 268, 299, 305, 
323, 547, 557, 640. 
Heeanann, Johann, 
Hensley, Lewis, 554. 
Herbert, Oeorge, 93, 424, 
427, 485. 
Herrick, Robert. 410. 
Hewett, John "Villiam, 
Hickson. Wil]iam Ed- 
ward, 560 ç Part 2). 
Holland7 Henry Scott7 
Holmes, Oliver 'Vendell, ' 
Hort, Fenton 5ohn An- 
thony, (271". 
Hosmer, Frede'ick Lu- 
clan, 463, 504, 538. 
Housman, Laurence, 16, 
(142), (188), 191, 219, 
220, (228), .229", (230) 
(231), (234). 611. 
How, Wi|liam Walham, 
Bihop of Vakefie]d, 
294, 51t, 522, 565, 578, 
588, 597, 6 1. 
H. P. (sec P«cker, Har- 
Hughes, Thomas, 449. 
Humphreys, C. W., (310, 
Hupton, Job, 380. 
Ingemann, Bernhardt 
Severin, 503. 
I)ns, William Josiah, 

J. B. (see Brownlie, John). 
Jervois, William Henry 
Hammond, 308, 3"28, 
Johnson, Samuel, 375. 
Jones, John Samue], 282. 
Joseph the Hymno- 
grapher, St. 1,q7, 245. 
Su|Jan, John, 36. 
Justinian, Emperor, 325. 
Keble, John, 33. 140, 
15, 216, 24, 260, 274 
348, 370, 497. 
Kelly, Thomas, 147, 281, 
510, 627. 
Kempis, Thomas à, 250, 
252, 431. 
Ken, Thorax. Bishop of 
Bath and Well% 217 
257, 267. 
Kethe, William, 3. 
Kinley, Charles, 525. 
Kipling, udyard 558. 
Lacey, Thons Alexan- 
der, tS), (66), (67),(69, 
(lOl), 11, (123), 
(7,), (208), ç6), 
ufenberg, Heinrich 
von, 338. 
eson, Jane Elibeth. 
L. H. 0 llousman, 
Littleda]e, Eichard Fre- 
derick, (152 , 
291, (0, , 9, 
(632, 7, 
Logan, John, 47. 
Longfellow, Samuel, 28, 
295. 4. 
,vel], James ussell, 
Lswenstern, atthus 
Alles von, 435. 
Low, merset Cors, 
Luke, M. Jemima, 595. 
Luther, artin, 362. 
Lynch, Thom Toke, 
Lra ridlca, 133. 

L.vle, Henry Franci.% 
363, 395, 432, 469, 470. 

Maclagan, V¢iHiam I)al- 
rymt, le , Archbishop of 
York, 113, 120. 
adan, Martin, 24. 
Malabar, Liturgy of, 829. 
Mant. Richard, Bishop 
of I)own & Connor & 
I)romore, 110, (115), 
(176), 196. 372. 
Marckant, 5ohn, 84. 
[arriott, John, 553. 
[ason, Jackson, (179). 
lffasn, John. 404. [344. 
]fraude, Mrs.Mary Fawler, 
M. D., 6.56. 
Meinhold, Johann Wil- 
helm, 353 (Part 1). 
Metrophanes, Bishop of 
Smyrna, 163. 
M. F. B. (see Bell, Mauriee 
Midlane, Albert, 607. 
Miller, Ernily, 594. 
Milman, Henry Hart, 83, 
Milton, John, 492, 532. 
Monro, Edward, 656. 
Monsel], John Samuel 
Bewley, 42, 88, 389,579. 
3[ontgomery, James, 45, 
78, 100, 167, 201, 300, 
391, 474 481,549. 
Moore Thomas, 298. 
Morison John, 43. 
Mou]trie, Gerard, (3), 
(318), 358, 619. 
Muirhead, Lionel B.C.L., 

Neale, John Mason, (Y, 
(14), (17), 09), (31), 
(32), (), (51), 
(56), (61), (63), (.64), 
(65), (72), (94), (96, 
(103, 109, (122, 
(131', (137), (138), 
(141), (1), 
(1), (lS4, 166, 168, 
(169), (170), (175, 
(181". (182 , (184), 
(187', (192), (214), 


(838), (241). 843, 
(250), (252 b (254), 
(255), (261), (262), 
(264), (276), (307), 
(326), (330), 339, 366, 
(371), 380, {388) (392), 
(412), (418), (431), 
452, (465), (49), (495), 
, (507), (622), (626). 
Neander Joachim, 5. 
Newell Enezr Josiah 
ewmmb John Henry, 
390 4 471. 
ew(on, John» 27» 877 
393 4. 
icolai, Phflpp, 
oel, Carolino Maria 
Notker. Balbulus» 494. 

Oakeley, Frederick, (28), 
Olivers, Thomas, 646. 
Osier, Edward, 535 
(Part 2). 
Oswald, Heinrich Sieg- 
round, 455. 
Owen, Mrs. Frances 
Mary, 430. 
Oxenham, Henry Nut- 
combe, (311  

Packer, Harriett, (11). 
Palgrave, FrancisTurner, 
Palmer, Edmund Stuart, 
356, (356). 
Palmer, Ray, 421, 439. 
Palmer, Wi]liam, (253). 
Parnell» Thomas, 314. 
Parti,k, St., Bishop of 
Armagb andApostle of 
Ireland, 212. 
Paulinus, St., Bishop of 
Nola, 195. 
Paulus Diaconus,223,224. 
P. D. (see Dearmer, Percy). 
Pentecostarion, 454. 
Perronet, Edward, 364. 
Pestel, Thomas, 20. 
PierpoinL Folliott Sand- 
lord, 809. 

Plumptre, EdwardHayes, 
458, 526, 545, 644. 
Pollock, Thomas Benson, 
647, 648, 651. 
Pope, Robert Martin, 
0), (5). 
Port, Francis, 73, (625). 
Prudentius Aurelius 
Clemens, 34, 40. 53, 54, 
55, 104, 185, 852, 613. 
PaTnne, George Rundle, 
Pur,bas, John, 569. 
Pusey, Fhilip, 435. 
Quarles, John, 432. 
Rabanus Maurus, St., 
Archbishop of Mainz, 
208, 241,242. 
Ran kin..Jeremiah Eames, 
Rawnley, Hardwicke 
Drummond, 2t7, 357. 
R. E. R. (e Robert% 
Richard Eilis). 
R. F. D. (see Davis Roby 
Richter, Mrs. Arme, 
Riley, Athelstan, (34, 
(97), (185), 186, (193), 
(195), (213),239, (242), 
(321), (360', 519. 
Rinkart, Martin, 533. 
R. M. B. (sec Benson, 
Richard Meux). 
R. bi. P. (see Pe,pe, Robert 
R.berts, Richard Elli«, 
(151), (223), (224' 
(233 ". 
Robinson, Joseph Armi- 
rage, 2.36. 
Robitaon, Richard Hayes, 
Romanis, ,Villiam, 232, 
Rorison Gilbert, 501. 
]ossetti, Christina Geor- 
gina, 25, 203. 
Russe]l, Arthnr Tozer, 
Santeiiil, Claude de, 623. 

San teiiil, Jean-Baptiste 
de, 46, 177, 178. 
Sature Process/omd, 617. 
618, 621,622, 624, 628. 
S. B.-G. (sec Baring- 
Gould, Sabine). 
Scheffler, Johann, 460. 
Schenk, Heinrich Theo- 
bahi 204. 
Schmolck, Benjamin, 
Schiitz, J,,hann Jakol,, 
Scott, .qir ,'alter, 487. 
Scoffish Psa«er (1650), 
Sears Edmund Hamil- 
ton. 26. 
Sedulius, Cceliu% 1, 
Shirley, Valter» 105. 
Shuttleworth, Henry 
Cary, 528. 
Siena, Bianco da, 152. 
Simpson, Mrs. Jane 
Cros% 473. 
Smith, Isaac Gregory, 
Sm itb, Valter Chalmers, 
Smyttan, George Hunt, 
Spenser, Edmund, 288. 
Stanley, Arthur Pen- 
rhyn, 48, 235. 
Stephenson, Isabella S.. 
Stone, Samuel John, 91, 
Synesius, Bishop of Pto- 
lemais, 77. 

Tailour, F. R., 564. 
T. A. L. (see Lacey, 
Thomas Alexander . 
Tare, l'ahum, 0. 
T.te, Nahum, and Brady, 
Niehola% 74, 36î. 
Taylor, Jane, 601. 
Tennyson, Alfred, Lord, 
Tersteegen, Gerh.ard, 

Theoetistus, of the Stu- 
dium, St., 418. 
Theodulph, St., Bishop 
of Orleans, 621, 622. 
Thring. Oodfl'ey, 279, 
448, 516, 527, 541, 615, 
Todi, Jacopone da, 115. 
Toke, Hrs. Emma, 149, 
Toplady. Auglstus ,Mon- 
tagu, 477. 
Trevelyan. Villiam Bou- 
verie, 308 
Tl,rton, Lt.-Col. William 
Harry, 324. 
Tttiett, Lawrence, 462. 
Tvells, Henry, 266.. 
Van Alstyne, Frances 
Jane. 580. 
Vere, Aubrey de. (I 15). 
31. S. S. C. çsee C,les, 3/. 
Watts, Isaae, 107, 197, 
199. 354. 376, 420, 442, 
450, 498 635. 

"V. B. T. (sec Trevelyan, 
3,Vebb, Benjamin, (146), 
"Veise, Michae|, 129. 
"Vesley. Charles. 7, 23, 
24. 82, 135, 143, 258, 
259, 303, 333, 343, 378, 
414, 428, 437, 446, 476, 
479, 591, 639. 
Vealey, John. 635, (637). 
Whately, Richard, Arch- 
bishnp of Dublin, 268. 
White, Henry Kirke, 
Vhitefleld, Genrge, 24. 
Whitfield, Frederick, 
Vhiting, Villiam, 540. 
Whittier, John Green- 
leaf, 173, 883, 408, 456. 
Williams. Isaac, 76, 
(171 , ç178), (251, 869. 
Williams, Peter, (397L 
Williams, William, 897. 
Willis, Hrs. Love H.,385. 
Winkworth, Catherine 
029), (306), (36), 

(1138), (853, Pt. l ), (460), 
(533), (r36), 
Wipo, 130. 
W. J. B. (sec Birkbeck, 
XVoodd, Bnsil. 616. 
Woodford. James Rus- 
sell. Bishop of Ely, 
Wordsworth, C]-.risto- 
pher, Bishop of Lin- 
coin, 47,127, 145, 198, 
284,396, 521, 593. 
NVordsworth, William, 
Wreford, John Reynell, 
Xavier, St. Fl'ancis, 80. 
Y. I-I. ( Yattendon HTmal 
by Robert Bridges). 
(50, (.52), (70), (102), 
(154), (200,, (269), 
(278), (898, (488), 
442, 475, 564. 
York Processional, 630, 634. 
Young, Andrew, 608. 



AîoEolxv ve Aao ..... 131 
"Av«a'daew Çpdpa ...... 137 
"AvrhaBo, a&o, hqao . . 652 
avÇ  «hÇ ....... ] :'8 
Z«pâ vp«i« ...... 888 
'IÇao; Thuvave ....... 418 
'O ovÇ TIS ...... 325 
2dv aa ad Bpowa. . . 318 
Xpa ........ 39 
Tv v «Xe ...... 276 
Tp@e poe OeapX,  .... 163 
T&v iev kv ..... 187 
'Te  w0«v eIpÇ .... 650 
ç-¢rçe vç dov ...... 245 

h solis ortus eardine .... 18 
Ad eenam Agni pfovidi 1"25 
Ad regias Agni dal)es .... 128 
Adeste, fideles ..... 28, 614 
Adesto, sancta Trinita. 159 
Adoro te devote ...... 331 
Aeterna v.aeli gloria ..... 56 
Aeterna Christi rnunera 175 
Aeterna Lux, Divinitas .... 632 
Aeterne Rex altissirne .... 141 
Ales diei nuntius ...... 53 
Alleluya, dulce carrnen .... 63 
Arnor Patris et Filii ..... 438 
Angularis fundarnenturn 170 

Anirna Christi sanctifica me . 89 
Annue Chrite aeculorum DÇ 
mine ......... 174 
Antra deserti ....... 224: 
Attolle paulurn lurnina .... 103 
Audi benigne Condiior .... 66 
Aurea luce ........ 226 
Aurora jarn spargit polurn . 57 
Aurora lucis rutilat ..... 1"23 
Are colenda Trinitas ..... 633 
Are, maris Stella .... 213 
Ave verurn Corpus naturn . 311 
Beata nobis gaudia ..... 151 
Beate Martyr, prospera .... 185 
Cae|estis aulae principes 177 
Caelestis forrnarn gloriae "33 
Cae|estis O Jerusalem .... 251 
Caeli Deus sanctissime .... 60 
Canternus cuncti melodurn . . 494 
Chorus novae Jeru.-.alern 12î, 139 
Christe cunctorurn Dorninator 
aime ......... 636 
Christe qui lux es et dies . 81 
Christe Redemptor ornnium . . 17 
Christe, sanctorurn decus Ange- 
lorurn ........ 
Clarunffi decus jejunii ..... 68 
Collaudernus Magdalenae . 230 
Conditor alrne siderurn .... 1 
Corde natus ex Parentis 613 
Cultor Dei mernento ..... 
De profundis exclamantes . 350 
Deus Creator ornniurn .... 49 
Deus ignee forts anirnarurn 352 
Deus tuorurn rnilitum .... 181 
Dies irae, dies illa ..... 351 487 
Dignare me, O Jesu, rogo te . 413 
Divine crescebas Puer .... 46 
Ecce dies nobis ....... 195 
Ecce ternpus idoneurn .... 67 
Ex more docti mystico .... 65 
Exulter caelurn laudibu 176 
Exulter cor praecordiis .... 237 



Felix dies quem proprio 36 
Festum Matris gloriosae 228 
Finita jam sunt praelia. 625 
Fortem virili pectore .... 193 
Gloria, lau et honor .... 621, ,;22 
GIoriosi Salvatoris ..... 5«7 
Hic breve vivitur ...... 371 
Hora novissima .... 49-5 
Hostis Herodes impie .... 38 
Hymnum canamus gloriae. . 146 
Hymnum canentes martyrum 35 
hnmense caeli Conditor 58 
In domo Partis ...... 252 
Instantis adventum Dei 11 
Iste Confeseor ....... 188 
• lam Christus aetra ascenderat 150 
Jam deeinant suspiria .... 27 
Jam lucis orto sidere .... _'254 
Jerusalem et Sion filiae 172 
Jerusalem luminosa .... 43l 
Jeeu, Corona Virginum .... 192 
Jesu, dulcis memoria .... 238 
Jesu, dulcis memoria .... 419 
Jesu nostra redemptio .... 144 
Jesu quadragenariae ..... 69 
Jesu, Redemptor omnium . 189 
Jesu, Salvator saeculi .... 249 
Jordanis oras praevia .... 9 
Labente jam solis rota .... 265 
Laetabu ndus ....... 22 
Lauda Sion Salvatolem .... 317 
Laudate Dominum ..... 534 
Lucis Ceator optime .... 51 
Lustra sex qui jam peracta 96 
Lux ecce surgit aurea .... 55 
Magnae Deus potentiae .... 61 
-3|al'tyr Dei qui unicunl 180 
Mundi salus affutura .... 229 
Nocte eurgentee ...... 165 
Nox et tenebrae et nubila . 54 
Nunc Sancte nobis Spiritus . 255 
O Amor quam ecstaticu . 459 
O beata beatorum ...... 184 
t) bona patria ! ...... 392 
O Deu% ego amo te ..... 80 
O Esca viatorum ...... 321 
O Forts amoris, Spiritus 453 
O filii et filiae ....... 6_°6 
O uloriosa Femina ..... 215 
O Lux beata Trinitas .... 164 
O Maria, noli flere ..... 231 
O nata Lux de lumine .... 34 
0 Pater sancte ....... 160 

O quam juvat fratres .... 398 
O quantaqualiaeunt illa Sabhata 465 
O eola magnarum urbium . . . 40 
Fange lingua gloriosi Corporis 
mysterium ....... 326 
Pange lingua g|oriosi proelium 
certami nis ....... 95 
Patrie aeterni suboles coaeva . 171 
Plasmator hominie, Deus . 62 
Plausu chorus laeLabundo. 179 
Praecursor altus luminie . 
Primodie'rum omnium. 50 
Prome vocem mens canoam 63 
Pugnate, Christi milites . 480 
Quae'stella sole pulchrior 44 
Quem terra, pontes, aethera 214 
Quicumque certum quaeritis 71 
Quisquis valet numerave 250 
Quod chorus rature ..... 20 
Rector potens, verax Deus. ._o2 ' _'261 
Rerum Deus tenax vigor . 271 
Rex gloriose lartyrum .... 183 
Salue aeterna ....... 10 
Salv% festa dies . 624, 628, 630, 634 
Salvete flores martyrum 34 
Sancte Dei pretiose ..... 31 
Sancti, venite, Chriti Corpus 
sumite ......... 307 
Sanctorum meritis ..... 
Sermone blando Angelus . 124 
Si vis vere gloriari ..... 97 
Sol praeceps rapitur ..... 280 
Sponsa Chrieti quae per orbem . 253 
Splendor paternae gloriae . 52 
S/abat Mater dolorosa .... 115 
Supernae matris gaudia 200 
Supreme, quales, Arbiter 178 
Supreme Rector caelitum 629 
Te laeta, mundi Conditor 64 
Te lucis ante terminum 2(;4 
Telluris ingene Conditor 59 
Tibi, Christe, splendor Pa[ris" 241 
Tu Christe nostrum gaudium 142 
Urbs bêata Jerusalem .... 169 
Urbs Sion aurea ...... 412 
Ut queant laxie ...... _02:$ 
Veni, Creator Splritus . 153, 154, 
Veni, Redemptor gentium. 14 
Venii sanete Spiritus .... 155 
Veni, veni, Emmanuel. 8 
Verbum supernum prodies . 2 
Verbum supernum prodiens. 
Patris ......... 330 



Vexilla Regis prodeunt. 94 
Victimae Paschali ..... 130 
Victis sibi cognomina .... 37 
Virginis Proles ...... 191 
Vox clara ecce intonat .... 5 

fffl,li ocnlidt. 512 
¢i«a ...... 435 
ar6 ....... 362 
mit ibm au i . 134 
tu mi um ile. 460 
anfet aile Oeil ..... 533 
[[¢ dlb¢¢ .... 278 
voll hlt Ullb llllben • 102 

Arglvydd arvain trwy'r anial- 
wch ......... 397 

zl compm illbltl . 

Discendi, Amor santo 152 
Viva ! Viva ! Gesi 99 

Igjennem Nat og Trœengsel 


Yesu Ritt Mariamu ..... 




A brighter davn is breaking ...... 
A few ntore years shall roll ...... 
A great and ntighty wonder ...... 
A safe stronghold our God is still .... 
Abide with me ; fast falls the eventide 
According to thy gracious word ..... 
Advent relis us Christ is near ...... 
Ah, holy Jesu, how hast thou offended 
Aileluya! Alieluya! hearts to heaven and 
voices raise 
Alleluya, sing to Jesus ........ 
Alleluya, song of sweetness ...... 
&Il glory» laud, and honour ...... 
Ail bail, adorèd T,'inity ........ 
Ail bail the power of Jesu's hante .... 
Ail bail» ye little Martyr flovers ..... 

Ail people that on earth do dwell .... 

Ail prophets hail thee, front of nid an-) 
Ail thiag are thine ; no gift have xvo . . . 
Ail things bright and beautiful .... 
Ail ye who seek a contfort sure .... 
Alntighty God, vho front the flood .... 
An intage of that heavenly light ..... 
And nov, belovd Lord, thy soul rosigaing . 
And now, 0 Father, ntindful of the love . 
Another year contpleted ........ 
Another year is dawning ....... 
Around the throne of God a hand .... 
Art thou weary, art thou languid 
As no,v the sun's declining rays ..... 
A pants the hart for cooling streams . 
As ,vith gladnesa men of nid ...... 

Nun lasst uns Gott dent 
Es ist ein' Ros' entsprun- 
Ein' feste Burg. 
Bangor. [Welt. 
Keine Sch6nheit bat die 
1. tterzliebster Jesu. 
{2. [Alternative version.] 

Tantunt ero. 
St. Theoduïph (Valet will 
ich dir gebenL 
Miles Lane. 
. Old Hundredth. 
[Alternative version.] 
 [Sintpler Alternative 
Dira Servatrix. 
Herr Jesu Christ. 
St. Bernard. 
1. Plainsong. 2. Illsley. 
f 1. Plainsong. 
|2. Vont Himntel hoch. 
Zu nteinent Herrn. 
Song 1. (zagetx. 
Wohlauf, thut nicl, t ver- 
1. Cuttle Mills. 
2. Bullinger (App. 18). 
St. Peter. 



At even when the sun was set .... 

Af the Cross her station keeping ..... 
At the Lamb's high feast we sing ..... 
At the naine of Jesus ......... 
At thy feet, O Christ, we |ay ...... 
Author of |ife divine ......... 
Are Maria ! blessèd Iaid ....... 
Awake, my soui, and with the sun .... 

Be present Holy Trinity ....... 
Be thou my Guardian and my Guide 
Before the ending of the day ...... 
Behoid a little Child ......... 
Behoid the Bridegroom cometh ..... 
Behold the great Creator makes . 
Behold us, Lord before thee met .... 
Beneath the Cross of Jesus ....... 
Bethlehem, of noblest cities 
B|essèd City, heavenly Salem ...... 
Blessèd Feasts of blessèd Martyrs 
Blessèd Jesu ! here we stand ...... 
Blest are the moments, doubly blest 
Blest are the pure in heart ....... 
B|est Martyr, let thy triumph-day .... 
Bread of heaven, on thee we feed .... 
Bread of the worid in mercy broken 
Brief iife is here out portion ...... 
Bright the vision that delighted ..... 
Brightest and best of the sons of the morning 
By Jesus' grave on either i,and ..... 
Captains of the saintly band ...... 
Chi|dren of the heavenly King ..... 
Christ, enthroned in highest heaven 
Christ is gone up ; yet ere he passed 
Christ is ruade the sure Foundation .... 
Christ, the fair glory of the holy Angels . 




Ange|us (,Du raciner See- 
11 Stabat later. 
Christi lutter stund 
vor Schmerzen. 
Laus Ttbi Christe. 
 Voiler V'under. 
St. AD, an. 
I Morning Hymn. 

{ 21 Plainsong. 
Adesto ancta Trini- 
,. 2. Piainsong. 
Te Lucis ante Termi- 
2'I: Second Mode Mlody. 
[Tallis' Original ver- 
This Endris yght. 
1. Gloria. [22'. 
2. Beneath theCross(4pp. 
1. Plainsong. 
{. Urbs Coelest/s. 
A||a Trinita Beata. 
Liebster Jesu. 
Beata lqobis Gaudia. 
Bread of Heaven. 
Eendez à Dieu. 
St. Alphege. 
Redhead IIo. 46. 
{ 1o] Liebster Immanuel. 
Epiphany (4pp. 9). 
O lensch sieh. 

University College. 
Gott sei Dank. 
Ad PerennisVitaeFontem. 
St. David. 
I. Piainsong. 
2. Urbs Coelestis. 
1. Plainsong. 
2. Coe|ites Ptaudant 


Christ the Lord is risen sgain ...... 
Christ, whose glory fills the skies ..... 
Christian, dost thou sec them ...... 
Christian, seek hot yet repose ...... 
Christians, awake, salute the happy murtt 
Christians, to the Pa8chal Victim .... 
City of God, how broad and far ..... 
Corne lown, O Love divine ....... 
Corne, faithfu| people, corne awty .... 
Corne, H,|y Ghost, our souls inspire 
Corne, Holy Ghost, with God the Son . 
Corne, let usjoin our cheerful song. 
Corne, let us join the Church above. 
Corne, my soul, thy suit prepare ..... 
Corne, O Creator Spirit, corne ...... 
Corne, O thotx Traveller unknowlt .... 
Corne rejoicing ........... 
Corne sing, ye choirs exultant ...... 
Corne, thou holy Parac|ete ....... 
Corne, thou Redeemer of the earth .... 
Corne txnto me, ye weary ........ 
Corne, ye faithful, raise the anthem . . 
Corne, ye'ftithful, raise the strain 
Corne, ye thankful people, corne ..... 
Conquering kings their titles take .... 
Creator of the earth and sky ...... 
Creator of the stars of night ...... 
Creator Spirit, by whoee aid ...... 
Crown him with many crowns ..... 
Daily, daily sing the praises ...... 
Day of wrath and doom impending .... 
Days and moments quickly flying .... 
Dear Lord and Father of mankind .... 
Deck thyself, my soul, with gladness . . 
Dismiss me not thy service, Lord ..... 
isposer supreme, and Judge of the earth 
1)o no sinful action ......... 
Dost thou truly seek renown ...... 
Draw nigh, and take the Body of the Lord 
Drop, drop, slow tears ........ 





1. Orientis Partibus. 
2. Wirtembur, g(App.12. 
Ministres de l'Eternel. 
Gute Baume bringen. 
Morgenglanz der Ewigkeit. 
Yorkshiro or Stockport. 
P|ainsong. (Sequence.) 
Down Ampney. 
Corne Faithful People. 
Veni Creator. 
Louez Dieu. 
1. Plainsong. 
2. Veni Creator. 
David's Harp. 
{i" Plainsong. (ChristmaSsequence.) 
.. Laetabundus. 
Ach Gott von Himme|- 
/1. Plainsong. (GoldenSe- 
"[ quence.) 
 2. Veni Sancte Spiritus. 
$ l. Plainsong. 
(2. Puer Nobis Nascitur. 
Are Virgo Virginum. 
St. George. 
t21: Plainsong. 
St. Gregory (Zeuch 
meinen Geist). 
Pla i nso n g. 
Veni Creator (Attwood). 
Oliva Speciosa. 
Daily, daily. 
Plainsong. (Sequence.) 
Omni Dio. 
Schmiieko dieh. 
Old 104th. 
Das ist meine Freudo. 
Tho Saered Heart. 
Song 46. 


Earth's mighty Maker, whoso command . 
E'en in thy childhood, 'raid the desert places. 
Eternal Father, strong fo save ...... 
Eternal Glory of the sky ........ 
Eternal Light, Davinity ........ 
Eternal Monarch, King most high .... 
Eternal Power, whose high abode .... 
Eternal Ruler of the ceaseless round 
Evensong is hushed in silence ...... 
Every morning the red sun ....... 
Fair waved the golden corn ...... 
Father, hear the prayer we offer ..... 
Father most holy, merciful and tender. 
Father of ail, to thee ......... 
Father of heaven, whose love profound. 
Father of men, in whom are one ..... 
Father of spirits, vhose divine control. . 
Father, sec thy children bending af rb3  
F,thcr, fo thee we look in ail out sorrow . 
Father, we praise the«, now the night is over 
Father, who on man dost shower ..... 
Fierce raged the tempest o'er the deep. 
Fierce was the ,vild billow ....... 
Fight the good fight with ail thy might . 
Firmly I believe and truly ....... 
Fling out the banner! let it float ..... 

For ail the Saints who from their labours rest 

For ail thy Saints, 0 Lord ....... 
For ever vith the Lord ........ 
For the beauty of the earth ....... 
For thee, O dear, dear country ..... 
For thy merey and thy grace ...... 
Forgive them, O my Father ...... 
Forsaken once, and thriee denied .... 
Forth in thy naine, O Lord, I go ...... 
Forty days and forty nights ..... 
Forward ! ho out watchword ..... 
From east fo vest, from shore to shore, • 
From foes that would the land devour. 
Front glory to glory advaneing ..... 
Frein Grêenland's iey mountains .... 

[-IYM 1 




1. Piainsong. 2. IIIsley. 
{ : Plainsong. 
Iste Confessor. 
1. Plainsong. 2.Wareham. 
{ : Plainsong. 
DeusTuorum Militum. 
0 Jesu mi Dulcissime. 
Song 1. 
Evening Hymn. 
1. Plainsong. 
{2. Christe du Beistand. 
Das Leiden des Herrn. 
OId 124th. 
Adoro Te {,No. 2). 
l. Plainsong. 
2. Christe Sanctorum. 
Quem Pastores laudaere. 
St. AMred. 
St. Issey. 
For ail t he Sai n fs (App. 
Mount Ephraim. 
Jesu, meine Zuversicht 
St. Mary Magdalene. 
Angel's Song (Song 34). 
Aus der Tiefe. 
{ 1: Plainsong. 
St. Venantius. 

From the eastern mountains ...... [ 61--- 
From thee all skill nnd scienoe flow .... 
Gentle 3esus, eek and mild ......  591 
Gentle Shepherd, thou hast stilled .... 
Give me the wins o£ faith fo rise .... 
Glorious things oç thee are spoken .... 
Glory and praise and dominion be thine . . 
Glory be fo 5esus .......... 99 
Glory fo thee my God, this night .... 
Go, labour on ; spend, and be spent . . . 
Go to dark Gethsemane lO0 
God be with you till we meet again .... 
God is working his pus out ..... 
G moves in a mysterious way ..... 
GodLitany)Of ail grace, thy mcrcy send (Er«ni 652 
God of mercy, God of ce ...... 
God of our fathers, known of old ..... 
G of out fathers, unto thee ...... 
God save out graciou King ...... 
G that madest earth and heaven .... 
God the Father, God the n (Lita of the 
God the Fatber, God the Son (Litany of 
God the Father God the Son (Litany of the 
Church ) 
God the Father, God the Son (Oildr's Litany) 
God the Father, G the Son (mmdato 
God the Father, G the Vord (Lany 
Bsed ament) 
God the Father, seen of none (Litany of the 
Gracious Spirit, Holy Ghost ...... 
Great G, what do I e and hear .... 
Guide me, O thou great Redcemer .... 
Hail, harbger of Lorn ........ 
Hail» O Star that pointent ....... 
Hail the day that sees him fise ..... 
Hail the Sign, the Sign of Jesus ..... 
Hail thee, Festival Day  Easter on) . 



.[ Part 1. Farnaby. 
! Part 2. Lew Trenchard. 
Jesu meines Glaubens Zier. 
Song 67. 
Austrian Hymn. 
Caswall (Vem in Leiden. 
tagen ). 
1. Tallis' Canon. 
2. Alternative Version.] 
Angel's Song (Song 84). 
Nicht so traurig. 
London New. 

National Anthem. 
{ ._1): Ar Hyd y Nos. 
Nutfirld ( App.15). 
Tres Magi de Gentibus. 
Helfer meiner armen 
Jesu, Jesu du mein Hirt. 

Prompto Gentes Animo. 
St Mark. 

Luther's Hymn 
freut euch). 

Hail Harbinger of Morn. 
{ 1: Plainsong. 
Ave Matis Stella. 
G roombridge. 
{: Plainsong. 
Salve Festa Dies. 


Hall thee, Festival Day! (Ascension-Day Pro- 
Hall thee, Fes{ival Day! (WhR-Sunday Pro- 
Hall thee, Festival Day 
Hall, thou Svrce of every blessing .... 
Hall to the Lord's Anointed ...... 
Hall fo the Lo vho cornes ...... 
Hall, te dy, bvn of ary ..... 
Happy are thcy, they that love God 
Ilark  a herald voice is ealling ..... 
Harkl hark, my seul.! Anlic songs are 
Hark, how ail the welkin ri,gs ..... 
Hark, my seul, how everything ..... 
Hark, my seul  it is the Lord ..... 
Hark the glad sound I the Saviour cornes. 
ltark I the herald Anls sing ..... 
Hark ! the und of holy voices ..... 
Have mercy, Lord, on me ....... 
Have merey on us, God mes! high .... 
He h risen, he is rien ........ 
Ils sat te wateh o'er customu paid .... 
He wants net friends that hath thy love . 
IIe who would valiant be ....... 
IIe, whoee confession G of old accepted. 
Hear what the voice frein heaven proclaims. 
Hvenly Fa!ber, send thy bleing. . . 
Her Virgin «yes saw God incarnate born 
fiers, O my rd, I see thee face te face . 
High Vord of God who once didst corne. 
His are the thousand sparkling rills 

llis cheêring message frein the grave . 

Ho ! my comrades, see the signal .... 
Hold thou my hands ......... 
Holy Fa!ber, cheer our way ...... 
Holy Father, in thy mercy ....... 
Holy Ghost, corne down upon thy children . 
Holy God, we offer here ........ 

Holy, Holy, Holy ! Lord God AImighty .- 









Melodies as Hymn 624. 

Redhead No. 46. 
Old 120th. 
Are Verum. 
Pi!grims o the Night. 
Dent Dais. 
St. Bees. 
f I. Bristol. 
] 2. [Alternative version.] 
Mendelssoh n. 
St. Bride. 
1. St. Flavian. 
2. [Alternative version.] 
Gott des Himmels. 
Cameronian blidnight 
Monks Gare. 
f 1. Plainsong. 
12- Iste Confesser. 
Pleading Saviour. 
i Fm-ley Castle. 
{ 21: Plainsong. 
Verbum Supernum. 
Saffron Valden. 
Iii Plainsong. Part 1. 
Plainsong. Part 2. 
Solemnis Haec Festi- 
Hold the Fort. 
Miserere Mei. 
Bossiney. kam. 
Da zu dir der Heiland 
{ lqicaea. 
i lA higher se!ring] 
ça. 1). 

Holy Jesus !God of love ....... J 314 
How are thy servants blest 0 Lord .... [ 542 
How bright these glorious spirits shine . . [ 188 
H«w shall I sing that Majesty ..... "404 
How sweet the name of Jesus sound» . [ 405 
I bind unto myselî to-day ....... 
I couid hot do without thee ...... 
I hear thy welcome voice ....... 
I heard the voice of Jesus say ...... 
] lay my sins on Jesus ........ 
I look to thee in every need ...... 
I love to hear the story ........ 
I need thee, precious Jesu ....... 
I think when I rêad that sweet story of old . 
If there be that skills to reckon ..... 
Immortal, invisible, God only vise. 
Immortal love for ever îull ....... 
In our work, and in out play ...... 
In Paradise reposing ......... 
In stature grows the heavenly Child 
In the bleak mid-winter ....... 
In the Cross of Christ I glory ...... 
In the hour of my distress ....... 
In token that thou shalt not fear .... 
It came upon the midnight clear ..... 
It is a thing most wonderful ...... 
It is finished ! Blessèd Jesus .... • 
Itis finished ! Christ bath known .... 

Jerusalem, ny happy honte 
Jerusalem on high. . 
Jerualem the golden. 

gentlest Saviour .... 
good above ail other ....... 
grant me this, I pray ...... 
Lord of life and glory ...... 
Loyer of my soul ........ 

Jesu, meek and gentle ........ 
Jesu, meek and lowly ........ 
Jesu, rny Lord, my God, my Ail ..... 
Jesu, naine ail names above ...... 
Jesu, Son of Mary .......... 











Song 13. 
' London New. 
i Old 137th. 
St. Peter. 

l. St. Patrick. _o. Deitlre. 
I Hear Thy Vclcome 
0 J.esu. 
East Horndon. 
St. I)enio. 
Bishopthorpe (r St. 
Tallis' Ordinal. 
Hly Coin fort. 
I St. Stephen. 
Omni Die. 
Jesu, meines Glaubens 
Part l. St. Austin. 
Part 2. Suthill. 
Part 3. Jerusalem. 
t vv. 1, 8, 5, Eudoxia. 
vv. 2,4, 6, Caswall (Wem 
in Leidenstagen). 
Quem Pastores laudavere. 
Song 13. 
St. Raphael. 
Holli ngside. 
St. Constantine. 
St. Martin. 
t l. Steila. 
2. St. Chrysostom 
Verde Munter. 
Corpus Domini. 


Jesu, tender Shepherd, hea," me ..... 
Jesu» the Father'a only Son ...... 

]esu l--The very thought is sveet .... 

$eu, the very thought of thee ..... 

Jesu, the Virgins' Crown, do thou .... calls us l--o'er the tumult ..... 

Jeus Christ is risen to-day, Alleluya . 

Jesus lines I thy terrors nov 
Jesus shall reign where'er the sun .... 
Jesus, these eyes bave never seen .... 
Jesus, where'er thy people meet ..... 
Joy and triumph everlasting ...... 
Juage eternal, throned in splendour 
Jut as I ara» without one lalea ..... 
Kindly spring again is here ...... 
King of glory, King of peace ...... 
Laud, O Sion, thy salvation ...... 
Lead, kindly Light, amid tbe encircling . 
Lead us, heavenly Father, lead us .... 
Let ail mortal flesh keep silence ..... 
Let ail {l»e world in every corner sin$ . 
Let out choir new anthems raise ..... 
Let saints on earth in concert sing .... 
Let sighing cease and woc ....... 
Let the round world with songs rejoice 
Let thine example, hoIy J,hn, remind u. 
L:'t us, with a gladsome mind ...... 
Lift up your heads» ye gares of brass 
Lift up your hearts ! We lift them, Lord. . 
Lighten the darkness of our life's long night.'s abode, celestial Salera ...... 
Little drops of water ......... 
Lo ! God is here ! let us adore ..... 
Lo ! golden light rekindles day ..... 






425 I 

AE OF 'lulE 

1. Plainsong 
2. Vont Himmel hoch. 
1. Plainsong. 
J2. Jesu Dulcis Memoria. 
3. The Rosy 8equence 
(Parts I and ). 
t: St" Ag nes- 
Parts 2, 3. King's 
{ 21: Plainsong. 
St. Ambrose. 
1. Easter Hvmn. 
2. [Origitml" Veion.] 
3. lA higher etting] 
(l/rp. 13). 
I. Christ it erslanden. 
2. St. Albinus. 
Tru fo. 
Nun danket ail. 
St. Sepulchre. 
Psalra 42. 
Saffron Valden. 

Da Christus geboren war. 

Plainsong. (Sequence.) 
Lux Benigna. 
niversal Praise. 
8L ichael (Old 184th). 
1. Plainsong. 
o. Auctoritate Saeculi. 
1. Plainsong. 
ff. Iste Confessor. 
laraetorius (Fiir dein 
empfangen Slaeia und 
Ail Souls. 
Song 24. 
Regent Sq re, re. 
Gott ein Vater. 
OId 117th. 
1. Plainsong. 2.Wareham. 

Lo I he cornes with clouds descending . 
Long did I toil, and knew no earthly rest. 
Lord, behold us with thy blessing .... 
Lord, enthroned in heavenly splendour 
Lord God of hosts within whose hand. 
Lord, I would ovn tby tender care .... 
Lord, in this thy mercy's day ...... 
Lord, in thy naine thy servants p]ead . 
Lord, in thy presence dread and sweet. 
Lord, it belongs hot to my care ..... 
Lord Jesu Christ, our Lord mo8t dear . 
Lord Jesus, think on me ........ 
Lord Jesu, who at Lazarus' tomb . . ." 
Lord ofll being, throned afar ..... 
Lord of Creation, bow thine ear, O Christ, 
to hear 
Lord of life and King of glory ...... 
Lord of out lire, and God of out salvation. 
Lord, teach us how to pray aright .... 
Lord, the wind and sea obey thee .... 
Lord, thy word abideth ........ 
Lord, fo our humble prayers attend (Litany 
for Rogationlide" 
Lod, when thy kingdo cornes, remember me 
L.:,rd, vl,en we bend before thy throne 
Lord, vhile for ail mankind we pray . 
Lord, who shall sit beside thee ..... 
Loe Divine, ail ]oves excelling ..... 
Love of the Father, love of God the Son 
Love's redeeming work is done ..... 
Loving Sh-pherd of thy sheep ...... 
blnker of earth, to thee n]one ...... 
llaker of man, who i'om thy tbrone . . 
Martyr of God, whose strength was steeled 
Mary, wep hot, weep no longer ..... 
Most glorious Lord of life, that on tlds day 
blost holy Lord and God of heaven .... 
My faith ]ooks up fo thee ....... 
My God, accept my heart this day .... 
My God and Father, while I stray .... 
My God, and is thy Table spread ..... 
My God, how wonderful thou art ..... 
b[y God, I love thee ; mt because .... 
My God ! myGod ! and tan it be ..... 
My Lord, my Lire, my Love ...... 
My spirit longs for thee ........ 

232 t 


Bryn Cal faria. 
[Alternative version.ç 
In einem Kripplein lag ein 
Song 18. 
91: Plainsong. 
Annue Christe.. 
Iste Co»fessor (2). 
First Iode Melody. 
Quem Pastores laudavere. 

Sng 4. 
Christus der ]st mein 
8ong 22. 
Savannah (or Herrn]Jut). 

1. Plainsong. 2. Ilisley. 
1. 2.Vghiteha|l. 
Farley Castle. 
1. Plainsong. 2. lilley. 
St. ,ames. 
Troyte lgo. 1. 
II, ockingham. 
Der Tag bricht an. 
Song 20. 
Maria jung und zart. 


Nerer, my God, to thee ........ 

New every morning is the love ..... 
Now in holy celebration ........ 
Now is the healing time decreed ..... 
Now my soul, thy voice upraising .... 
Now thank we ail our Goal ....... 
Now that the daylight tills the .ky .... 
Now tke busy week is donc ....... 
Now the day is over ......... 
Now the laboures toil are o'er ..... 

0 blest Creator of the light ....... 
0 boundless Wisdom, God moet high . 
0 Christ» out hop% out hearts' desire 
0 Christ» oto" joy, to whom is given .... 
0 Christ, who art the Light and Day 
0 corne, ail ye faithful -f 
0 corne and mourn with me avhile. 
0 corne, 0 corne, Emmanuel ...... 
0 day of test and gladness ....... 
0 dearest Lord, by ail adored ...... 
O Faith of England, taught of old .... 
0 Father ail creating ......... 
0 Food of men wayfaring ....... 
0 for a closer walk with God ...... 
0 for a heart fo praise my God ..... 
0 for a tbousand tongues to sing ..... 
0 gladsome light, 0 grace ....... 
0 glorious King of Martyr hcsts ..... 
0 glorious bIaid, exalted far ...... 
0 God, Creation's secret force .... 
0 God of Betbel, by whose hand ..... 
0 Goal of earth and altar ........ 
0 God of mercy, God of might ...... 
0 God of truth, O Lord of might ..... 
0 Goal of truth, whose living word .... 
0 Ood, our help in ages past ...... 
0 God the Son eternal, thy dread might . 
0 Ged, tby power is wonderful ..... 
O God, thy soldiers' crown and guard . 
 i 961 



1. Plainaong. 2. Oriel. 
{ 1: Plainsong. 
Babylon's Streams. 
St. Tbomas. 
Nun danket. 
Pressburg (Nicht so trau- 
{ : Plainsong. 
Lucis Creator. 
1. Plainsong. 2. Illsley. 
Metzler's Redhead No. 66. 
1. Plainsong. 2. Deus 
Tuorum Militum. 
{ i Alfreton.Plains°ng (4p. I). 
} Adeste Fideles. 
l. Das Leiden des Herrn. 
2. St. Cross (App. 11). 
Veni Emmanuel. 
Herzlich thut mich er- 
Mit Freuden zart. 
Psalm 68. 
Dank sei Gott in der Hhe. 
In al|en meinen Thaten. 
0 God of Love. 
Nunc dimitti,. 
1. Plainsong. 
2. 1Rex Oloriose. 
1. Plainsong. 
2. St. Ambrose. 
Kings Lynn. 
St. Arme. 
St. Michael New. 
 1: Plainsong. 
DeusTuorm Militum. 

0 happy hand of pilrims ...... 
0 happy day. ,vhen first ,vas poured . . 
0 heavenly Jerusalem ......... 
0 help us, Lord ; each hour of need. . 

O Holy Spirit, Lord of grace ...... 453 
O JerusMem, h,uk to,vard the East .... 618 
O Jesu Christ, frein thve began ..... 68 
O Jeu, thon art standing ....... 578 
O Jesus, I have promised ...... i[577 
0 kind Creator, bow thine ear ..... 66 
0 King enthroned on high ...... 454 
0 King mot high of earth ald sky .... 69.9 
0 lead my blindness by the hand .... 329. 
0 let him whos sorrow ........ 455 
0 let th heart beat high with bliss .... 9.7 
0 Light of light, by love inclined .... 24 
0 little to,vn of Bethlehem ....... 15 
0 Lord, and 5faster of us ail ...... 456 
0 Lord, how happy should wo b .... 45"/ 


O L,»rd of heaven, and earth, and sea . 
0 Lord of hosts, all he;tven possessing. . 
0 Lord of hosts, who didst upraise . . . 
0 Lord, te ,vhom the spirits live .... 
0 Lord, turn net away thy face .... 
0 love, how deep, how broad, how high 
0 Love, who formedst me te vear .... 
0 Master, it is good te be ....... 
O, most merciful, O, most bountiful .... 
0 INorth, ,vith all thy vales of green. 
0 perfect Love, all human thought .... 
0 praise dur great and gracions Lord 
0 quickly corne, dread Judgo of all . 
0 sacred head, soro wouadcd .... 
O Saviour Jesu, net alerte .... 
0 Shepherd of the sheep ....... 
O sing te the Lord, whose bountiful hand. 
O sinner, raiso tho eye of faith ..... 
O splendeur of God's glory bright .... 
O Strength and Stay, upholding ail creation 
O thon frein whom ail goodness flows 
O thou in ail thy might se far ..... 
O thou net marie with hands ..... 
O thou, who at thy Eucharist didst pray . 
0 thon who camest frein above .... 
O thon, who didst with love nntold .... 
O thou who dost accord us ....... 
0 thou who gavest power te love ..... 
0 thon who through this holy week .... 

Tallis' Ordinal. 
Plainsong (lpp. 3). 
1. Plainong. 2. Plaistow. 
St. Catherine. 
Missiona T Hymn. 
1. Plainsong. :. Cannons. 
Ach {hott und Herr. 
1. Plainsong. -%Truro. 
1. Plainsong. 2. Whitehall. 
Forest Grcen. 
Magdalen Cnllege. 
Es ist kein Tag. 
Vater unser. 
South Cemey. 
St. ary. 
Tallis' Lamentation. 
Sch6nster Herr Jesu. 
Auch jetzt macht Gott. 
Old 81st. 
Vater unser. 
{ 1: Passion Chorale. 
[Alternative version. 
{ 21: Plaineong. 
Doo Gracias. 
67th Psalm. 
Allein Gott in der H6h 
sel Ehr. 
1. Plainsong. 2. Wareham. 
Harington (Retirement). 
Old l'20th. 
Das walt" Gott Vater. 



O thou whose ail redeeming might .... 
O Trinity of blessèd light ....... 
O Unity of threefold light ....... 
O what their joy and their glory must be. . 
0 Word immortel of eternal God ..... 
O Word of God above ......... 
O worship file King .......... 
O wor.hip the Lord in the beauty of holiness 
Of the Father's heart begottcn ...... 
Of the glorious Body telling ....... 
Off in danger, oft in woe ........ 
On Jordan's bauk the Baptist's cry .... 
On the Resurrection morning ...... 
Once in royal David's city ....... 
Once only once, and once for ail ..... 
Once te every man and nation ...... ' 
Only-Begotten, Vord of God eternal 
Onward, Christian soldiers ....... 
Out bleet Redeemer, ere he breathed . . . 
Out Father's home eternal ....... 

Palms of glory, raiment bright ..... 
Peace, perfect peace» in tllis dark world of sin 
Pleasant are thy courts above ...... 
Portal of the world's salvation ..... 
Pour out thy Spirit frein on high .... 
Praise, my seul, the King of heaven 
Praise the Lord of heaven ....... 
Praise the Lord ! yc heavens, ad««-e him . . 
Praise te the I-Ioliest in the height .... 
Praise te the Lord, the Almighty, file King 
of creation 
Pray that Jerusalem may bave ..... 
Pray when the morn is breaking ..... 
Prayer is the soul's sincere desire .... 

Receive, 0 Lord, in heaven above .... 
Rejoice, O land, in God thy might .... 
Rojoice, the Lord is King ....... 
Rejoice ! the year upon its way ..... 
Rejoice to-day with ono accord ..... 
Rejoice, ye pure in heart ....... 



1. 2. Illslcy. 
Old 22nd. 
Regnator Orbis. 
8ong 24. 
St. Edmund. 
Han ovel 
Was lebet, 'as schwebet. 
Divinum Mysterium. 
l. Plainsong. 
2. Pange Lingua. 
3. Tenture Ergo (No. 2). 
University College. 
Winchester New. 
H orn sey. 
Iste Confessor (2). 
1. Itaydn. 
2. St. Gertrude. 
St. Cuthbert. 
Au fort de ma dtresse. 

Palms of Glory. 
Song 46. 
{ : Benevento. 
biaidstone (App. -'20). 
{ : Plainsong. 
Duke Street. 
Praise my Seul. 
Laus OEibi Christe. 
Austrian Itymn. 
Yiast du denn, Jesu. 
1. Y, 
2. [Alto-native version]. 
St. Ambroso. 
{ Plainsong. 
12 Aeterna Christi Iu- 
nera (Eouen). 
Ei' feste Burg. 
Ich halte treulieh stilL 

The Lord and King of ail things ..... 
The Lord ascendeth up on high ..... 
The Lord is corne ! On Syrian soli .... 
The Lord is risen indeed ........ 
The Lord my pasture shali prepare .... 
The Lord will corne and not be siow. 
The Maker of the sun and moon ..... 
The merits of the S.aints ........ 
The praises of that Saint we sing ..... 
The race that long in darkness pined 
The radiant morn hath passed avay . 
The roseate hues of earIy dawn .... 
The royal banners f0.rward go ..... 
The Saint who first round grace to pen . . 
The Son of onsolation ....... 
The Son of God goes forth to war .... 
The spacious firmament on high .... 
Thestrain upraise ofjov and praise. . . . 
The strife is o'er, the bàttle donc .... 
The summer days are corne again .... 
The sun is sinking fast ........ 
The voice that breathed o'er Eden . -I 
The wingèd her.dd of the day .... 
The winter's sleep was long .and deep  
The XVord of Ge, d, proeeeding forth . . I 
The world is verv evii ......... 
The year is swift'ly vaning ....... 
Thee O Christ, the Father's splendour. 
Thee we adore, O hidden Savionr, thee 
There is a blessêd hoine ..... 
There is a book who runs may rend . 
There is a fountain filled with blood. 
There is a green hill far a,vay . 
There is a happy land ...... 
There is a land of pure delight ...... 
There's a Friend for little chiidn .... 
There's a wldenes in God's merey .... 
There were ninety and nine that safeiy lay . 
They corne, God's messengers of love . 
They whose course on earth la o'er .... 
Thine arm, O Lord, in days of ohl .... 
Thine for ever ! God of love ....... I 
Thirty years among us dxveiling ..... 
This day the first of days was ruade .... 


.0 . 

Wohlauf, thut nicht ver- 
Nun freut euch. 
Cantate Domino. 
St. tephen. 
{ : Plainsong. 
• qt. Ambrose. 
! 1. Dondee. 
"1 2. (Alternative version.] 
St. Leonard. 
Ohl 107th. 
St. Arme. 
London (or Addison'sL 
Troyte No. 2. 
Soil's Sein. 
St. Columba. 
St. Alphege. 
I. Plainsong. 2.Vareham. 
Kin-'s Langley. 
ol. Plainsong. 
Salutaris. [(App. 7°) 
( Part 2. O Jesu Christ 
I. Plains,,ng. 2. Neander. 
Adoro Te. 
{ 7th Mode Mclody. 
St. Fhvian. 
Happy Lnd. 
Zum Frieden. 
The Ninety and Nine. 
St. Crispin. 
St. Matthew. 
 l Plainsong. 
{ 2. Andernsch. 


Thou art gone up on high .......  149 
OEhou art, O God, the life and light .... 298 
Thou didst leave thy throne and thy kingly 585 
Thou hallowed chosen morn of praise . . 138 
Thou, Lord, hast power to heal . . 349 
Thou to whom the sick and dying . 527 
Thou who sentest thine Apostles .... 248 
Thou whuse almighty Word ...... 553 
The in One, and One in Three .... O1 
Throned upon the a,vful Tree ...... 116 
Through ail the changing scenes of life 502 
Through the day thy love has spared us . 281 
Through the night of doubt aud sorrow 503 
Through the night thy Angels kept .... 609 
Thy hand O God, has guided ...... 545 
Thy kingdom come O God ....... 554 
Thy kingdom corne ! on bendd knee . 504 
Thy way hot mine, O Lord ....... 505 
"Tis good, Lord, to be here ....... 236 
'Tis winter now; the fallen snobe ..... 295 
To Mercy, Pity, Peace, and Love ..... 506 
To my humble supplication ....... 90 
To the naine that brings salvation ....  507 
To thee, O Lord, out hearts we raise .... i 292 
To thee our God we fly ........ 565 
Victim Divine, thy grace we claire .... 333 
Virgin-born, we bow before thee ..... ' 640 

Wake, 0 wake ! with tidings thrilling . 
,Ve are but little children poor .... 
Weary of earth and laden vith my sin. . 
IVe give thee but thine own ..... 
We love the place, O God ...... 
We plough the fields, and scatter .... 
We praise thy naine, all-holy Lord . . . 
We pra thee, heave'nl Father 
Y Y .... 
We saw thee hot when thou didst corne . . 
We sing the glorious conquest ...... 
We sing the praise of him who died. . . 
What are these that glov from afar 
Vhat star is th;, with beams so bright . . 
What sweet of life endureth ...... 
When ail thy mercies, O my God ..... 


Old 25th. 
New ll3th. 
l. ]Kach's mi mir Gott. 
2. Dies ist der Tag. 
{ : t. Leonard. 
Requiem {,App. 21 . 
,Viltsh ire. 
St. Oswald. 
St. Theodulph (Valet will 
ich dir geben). 
St. Cecilia. 
Psalm 32. 
De Profundis. 
1. St. Gall. 2. Golden 
Sheaves (App. 17) 
Croft's 136th. 

Coleraine (Vicenza. 
Mon Dieu prete- moi 

Wachet auf ! 
Puer lobis lascitur. 
Quam Dilecta. 
Vir pfliigen. 
Old 81st. 
David' Hart,. 
Ymdaith Mvngc. 
Ein Kind ebor'n. 
Christus der it mein 


When came in flesh the incarnate Word . 
When Christ our Lord had passed once more 
Vhen Chrt vas born in Bethlehem . . 
When God of old came down ïrem heaven 
• Vhen I survey the wondrous Cross .... 
When morning gilds the skies ...... 
When out heads are bowed with voe . 
When, rising from the bed of death .... 
When spring unlocks the flowers .... 
When wilt thou save the people ..... 
Wherefore, 0 Father, we thy humble servants 
While shepherds vatched their flocks by [ 


,Vho are these, like stars appearing .... !'204 
Who is he, in yonder stall ....... I 612 
Vrho is this so weak and helpless .....  [$14 
Who is this with garments gory ..... I 108 
Why, impious Herod, shouldst thou fear . . [ 36 
Vilt thon forgive that sin, by man begun. . ] 55155 
With Christ ve share a mystic grave . . . 33[} 
Vith gold most precious, and with sanguine  226 

hues of morn 
,Vord supreme, before creation ..... 
Vork is sweet, for God has blest ..... 
Ye choirs of new $erusalem (I...} .... 
Ye choirs of new $erusalem (c.H.i ..... 
Ye clouds and darkness, hosts of night. 
Ye holy Angels bright ......... 
Ye servants of the Lord ........ 
Ye sons and daughters of the King . 
Ye watchers and ye holy ones ...... 
Yc who own the feith of Jesus ...... 


i Walall. 
 t. Ptainsong. 
 2. Monte Cassino. 
Winchester Old. 
Caton (or Rockingham). 
O Seigneur. 
Redhead 47. 
 1. Third Mode Melody. 
l/2. [Tallis' Original ver- 
Gostemvood. [sion.] 
Christe Fons Jugis. 
{i. Winchester Old. 
• [Alternative version]. 
. llorthrop (App. 8. 
Ail Saints. 
Resonet in Laudibus. 
Ebenezer (Ton-y-Botel). 
1. Plainsong. 
2. St. Venantius. 
So giebst du. 
I Tantum ergo. 
Voiler Wunder. 

1. Plainsong. _o. Brockham. 
St. Fulbert. 
1 Plainsong. 2.Wareham. 
Darwall's 148th. 
1. 0 Filii et Filiae (1). 
2. 0 Filii et Fi|iae 
Lasst uns erfreuen. 
Den des Vaters Sinn ge. 

S$2 Printed at the University Press Oxford by F[ederick lil