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Edition 1887 
Second Edition 1895 
7% * ; v/ Edition 1 90 1 
Fourth Edition 1909 
Reprinted 1925 


IT is not the purpose of these pages to supply a general Introduction 
to the Septuagint. To repeat here the history of that Version, the 
legend of its birth, the destinies it fulfilled and the handling it received in 
the centuries that followed ; to state the problems which it still offers 
for solution, and to furnish descriptive lists of its MSS. and printed 
editions, would be either to exceed the limits of a portable volume, or 
uselessly to epitomize the work of previous writers. At a future time 
the subject will claim the full consideration and careful treatment which 
a larger experience may render possible 1 . For the present it may suffice 
to recall only so many of the facts as are necessary to illustrate the 
relation which this edition bears towards those which have preceded it, 
and to describe the method pursued and the materials employed in its 

Since the invention of printing four primary editions of the Septuagint 
have issued from the press the Complutensian, the Aldine, the Roman, 
and the Oxford representation of the Alexandrine text. 

i. The Greek text of the O. T. in the Complutensian Polyglott 
(I5I4-I5I7) 2 claims to be drawn partly from MSS. collected by Car 
dinal Ximenez himself, partly from others borrowed from the Vatican. 
"Testari possumus (so the Cardinal writes in the dedication of his 
work to Leo X.) ...maximam laboris nostri partem in eo praecipue 
fuisse versatam ut...castigatissima omni ex parte vetustissimaque exem- 
plaria pro archetypis haberemus ; quorum quidem tarn Hebraeorum 
quam Graecorum...multiplicem copiam variis ex locis non sine summo 
labore conquisivimus. Atque ex ipsis quidem Graeca Sanctitati tuae 
debemus, qui ex ista apostolica bibliotheca antiquissimos turn V. turn N. 
Testamenti codices perquam humane ad nos misisti, qui nobis in hoc 

1 Since this paragraph was written an multiplici lingua nuc | primo iinpressum." 
attempt has been made to supply the im- The O. T. is contained in four volumes: 
mediate wants of students in An Intro- and the colophon to vol. iv. states that the 
duction to the Old Testament in Greek book was printed "Anno Domini milles|- 
(Cambridge, 1900). imo qngetesimo decimo se|ptimo. mesis 

2 The title begins: " Vetus testamentu lulii die | decimo." 

SEPT. b 

negocio maximo fucrunt adiumento." Documentary evidence has been 
produced by Vercellone 1 that the Vatican MSS. 330, 346 ( = Holmes ioS, 
248) were lent to Ximenez, and a comparison of the Complutensian text 
with these MSS. shews an extensive and in places almost absolute 
agreement which suggests that they were largely used. Both MSS. are 
comparatively late. It is uncertain to what extent the Cardinal availed 
himself of other materials 2 ; but there is no ground for supposing that he 
had access to the great Vatican MS. or to any of our uncial codices :J . 

2. The Greek Bible which came from the Aldine Press a year and 
eight months after the completion of the Complutensian Polyglott 4 sets up 
a similar claim to MS. authority, without affording any clue to the MSS. 
employed. But it is probably safe to hazard the conjecture that they came 
from the immediate neighbourhood. Holmes found a remarkable agree 
ment amongst all the Venice MSS. of the Pentateuch which were ex 
amined for his work ; and one of these when reexaminecl by Lagarde 
for Genesis proved to be so far in the closest harmony with the Aldine 
text 5 . Moreover the language of the Aldine editor is consistent with the 
belief that he was content to use the MS. treasures which were close at 
hand ; there is not a word of any labour or cost incurred in the collection 
of the documents. 

3. The Roman Edition of 1587*" is the first which professes to be 
directly based upon a single uncial codex. The words of Petrus Morinus in 
the Praefatio ad lectorcm are explicit : " liber ipse ad litteram, quoad fieri 
potuit per antiquam orthographiam, aut per librarii lapsus, est expressus. 
nam vetus ilia et iam obsoleta eius aetatis scriptura, aliquibus locis reprae- 

_ /- . et N. T. ed. Mai (Rom. 1857), re, | /ecu. Was. j sacrae scripturae veteris, : 

t. i. p. v, n. He adds : " Horum [codicum] novaeque omnia. The colophon is : Vene- 

prior continet ipsum fere complutensem tiis in aedib. | Aldi et Andreae | soceri. 

textum.neque valde abludit alter." Holmes mdxviii | mense Februa;rio. The dedica- 

had previously noticed the agreement. tion by Andreas professes: "ego multis 

Comp. also Vercellone, varr. lectiones ii. vetustissimisexemplaribuscollatis, adhibita 

436 (Rom. 1864). etiam quorundam eruditissimorum homi- 

2 His MSS. at Madrid include only num cura, Biblia (lit vulgo appellant) 
two Greek MSS. of portions of the O. J . (Jraece cuncta descripsi atque in unuin 
(Judges Mace., Psalter); cf. Tregelles, volumen reponenda curavi." 

Printed Text of the G. N. T., p. 6 f . ; 5 Holmes i. praef. ad Pentateuch, c. iii. 

Catdlogo de los MSS . existentes en la Lagarde, Genesis graece, p. 6. 

Bibl. del Noviciado de la Univ. Central 6 The volume bears the title : >j TraAcuo. 

(Madrid, 1878). SKI&JKTJ | Kara TOUS e^So/j.r)KOVTa \ 5t avOfv- 

3 Gr. Lod. I at. t. vi. prolegg. p. ix: rias | SUCTTOU e . axpov ap^iepeto? fKSoOeL(ra,\ 
"constat profecto inter Vaticanos libros Vetvs Testameiuvm | ivxta Septvaginta| ex 
mss. ad principern illam Complutensem avctoritate | Sixti V. Pont. Max. | tditvm|| 
polyglottam a Leone X concessos...fuisse Romae, | ex Typographia Francisci Zan- 
solummodo codd. insignitos numeris 3966, netti. m.d. Ixxxvii. At the end of 3 Mace. 
33.. 346, non autem nostrum maximo in we have : reAos TTJ? TraAaia? Siaflrjiajs Kara 
pretio habitum et maiori forte cautela ser- TOW? e^Sojooj/coi/Ta. The dedication is : 
vandiun." " Sixto Qvinto j Pontif. Max. Antonivs 

Jitle: TraVra ra xar e^o\riv Ka\ov- Carafa Cardinalis j sanctae sedis aposto- 
Aatas licae | Bibliothecarivs." 


sentata non est ; cum tamen in aliis omnibus, nisi ubi manifestus apparebat 
librarii lapsus, ne latum quidem unguem, ut aiunt, ab huius libri auctoritate 
discessum sit, ne in iis quidem, quae si minus rnendo, certe suspicione mendi 
videbantur non carere." These assurances, supported by the authority of 
the Pope and the names of responsible editors, chief among whom was 
Cardinal A. Carafa, Librarian of the Vatican, seem to promise a satis 
factory edition of the Vatican text ; and it would be thankless to disparage 
labours which have yielded excellent fruit for three centuries. But it is 
not now contended that the Sixtine edition supplies a critical or even a 
wholly trustworthy representation of the great Vatican MS. 1 The con 
siderable lacunae of B in Genesis and in the Psalter and the whole of 
the first three books of the Maccabees are supplied from sources which 
the Sixtine Editors do not stop to identify, merely remarking: "haec 
ex aliorum codicum collatione emendata sunt 2 ." In the remainder of their 
work, where B supplies the text, there are few chapters in which they have 
not departed from the MS. upon points which cannot be referred to the 
correction of the scribe s orthography, or of his obvious blunders. A 
cursory comparison of the Roman Edition of 1587 with the Roman 
facsimile of 1869-81, or a glance at Dr E. Nestle s excellent collation 3 , 
will enable the student to judge for himself. The corrections which were 
made by the Sixtine Editors with the pen before publication scarcely 
touch the fringe of this widespread and continual divergence from their 

4. What the Sixtine Edition had endeavoured to do for the Codex 
Vaticanus the Oxford Press accomplished with better success for its great 
rival the Alexandrine MS. The four magnificent volumes which issued 
from the Sheldonian between 1707 and 1720 did not indeed profess to 
adhere exclusively to the text of Codex A. The title of the first volume 
sufficiently tells its tale : " Septuaginta interpretum tomus I. continens 

1 Thus the Editors of the recent fac- advectus nunc est Carafae Cardinalis... 

simile admit (.flrolegg. p. x): "non ita pres- etiam usui fuerunt libri ex Medicea biblio- 

sim Vaticano libro institisse praeclarissi- theca Florentiae collati"), but only as 

mos editores dicendum, ut aliorum codicum having served to confirm the testimony of 

nulla penitus ratio haberetur, saltern in the Vatican Codex. 

locis in Vaticano libro superstitibus. non 3 Nestle, Septuagintastudien (in a 

potuit enim tantos viros fugere, aut ipsum School Programm, Ulm, 1886, kindly for- 

Pontificem, non posse unum aliquem ex warded by the writer), p. 8: " wie wenig 

amanuensibus etsi doctum atque satis at- dies der Fall war (the professedly close 

teritum virum ita scribere, ut millatenus adherence of the Sixtine text to B) zeigt 

correctione indigeret et arte critica, cuius jetzt am deutlichsten meine Kollation." 

omnes alii codices et plura diversorum He rightly adds: "Ihnen daraus einen 

generum monumenta appellandi sunt fon- Vorwurf zu machen, ware eine vollstiindige 

tes." Verkennung ihrer Aufgabe, und des da- 

- Other MSS. are mentioned in the maligen Standes philologischer Wissen- 

Sixtine preface ("Venetus ex bibliotheca schaft." 
Bessarionis:.. alter qui ex Magna Graecia 

Octateuchum ; quern ex antiquissimo MS. Codice Alexandrino accurate 
descriptum, et ope aliorum Exemplarium, ac priscorum Scriptorum, prae- 
sertim vero Hexaplaris Editionis Origenianae, emendatum atque suppletum, 
additis saepe asteriscorum et obelorum signis, summa cura edidit Joannes 
Ernestus Grabe S.T.P." For the accuracy of his collation of A the 
name of the Editor might have been considered a sufficient safeguard; 
but his work was to some extent verified by Humphrey Wanley, who 
attests its general excellence. With the Roman Editors Grabe re 
garded himself at liberty to depart freely from the orthography of 
the scribe, and to correct his blunders; but he has carefully noted the 
more important of these departures either in his prolegomena or in the 
margin of his pages. A comparison of his text with the recent autotype 
of the MS. yields but a small proportion of substantial readings which had 
altogether escaped the vigilance of Grabe. He makes no attempt however 
to distinguish the hands of the various correctors from each other or 
from the original scribe; nor does he notice the numerous erasures or 
the occasional laamae. But the great blemish of his work, if it be con 
sidered as an edition of Codex A, lies in the endeavour to supply from 
external sources the deficiencies of the Alexandrine text. This is done in 
perfectly good faith, and every change of the kind is indicated by the use 
of the Origenic signs, or of a different type; yet the result remains that the 
Oxford Edition of the eighteenth century does not, as it stands, convey 
to the reader s eye a true representation of the MS. on which it is based. 
To obtain from it the testimony of Codex A, he must not only change 
much of the orthography, distinguish the hands of correctors, and occa 
sionally revise the text ; but he must strike out words verses and here 
and there whole paragraphs entirely foreign to his MS. and which in some 
cases have displaced its genuine reading 1 . 

It is no part of our plan to notice the numerous secondary editions - 
which are founded more or less entirely upon one or other of these four 
primary printed texts. An exception however must be made in favour 
of two descendants of the Roman Edition, one of which supplies our fullest 
apparatus criticus, and the other the most carefully emended text. 

a. The great work of R. Holmes and his continiiator J. Parsons 

1 The matter is fairly stated by Holmes, recast by Dr Field in 1859. 

praef. ad Pentat. c. iv: "de hac Editione 2 For bibliographical information of this 

dicam tantum, earn in libris Pentateuchi kind the student will turn to Fabricius, ed. 

aliquando ex ipso textu Vaticano, saepius Harles, iii. p. 673 f.; Le Long, ed. Masch 

vero e Complutensi, suppletam fuisse, atque (Halae 1781), n. -2 p. 262 f. ; the Bible 

adeo Editorem cum textu familiae unius, Dictionaries and Introductions; or the 

textum duarum recensionum aliarum im- summaries in Frankel, Vorstitdien, p. 

miscuisse videri ; sed quidem sine iniuria, 242 f. ; Van Ess, Epilegomena ; Nestle, 

quoniam nulla supplementa nisi in charac- Urtext, p. 62 ff. ; Introduction to the 

tere minore induxit." Grabe s edition was O. T. in Greek, p. 171 ff 

(Oxford, 1798-1827) offers in its text merely a reprint of the Sixtine edition 
in which even the obvious errors of the latter are not always corrected 1 . 
But the vast stores which are accumulated in the textual notes promise 
materials upon which a critical revision of the text may ultimately be 
based. Unhappily this part of the work has proved to be of uncertain 
value. The use and arrangement of the materials leave something to be 
desired, and the materials themselves are far from being in all cases worthy 
of trust 2 . It is not surprising that among so large a body of collators some 
should have been found careless or incompetent, whilst the printed texts 
of fathers and versions were at the beginning of the century (as indeed 
many of them are now) in a very unsatisfactory state. Still this vast 
undertaking will always remain not only a monument of scholarship and 
enterprise, but a storehouse of suggestive facts. No other edition affords 
or possibly will ever afford the student of the Greek Old Testament so 
wide an outlook over the whole field of documentary and patristic evidence. 
The verdict of Lagarde 3 upon Holmes and Parsons is substantially just: 
"qui indicium neque in seligendis laboris sodalibus neque in disponenda 
scripturarum sibi traditarum farragine probaverunt... satis multa in publi- 
cam lucem protulerunt, quibus adiutus verum inveniret qui verum sedulo 

b. The editions of Tischendorf proceed upon less ambitious lines, with 
results more directly satisfactory. Nearly fifty years have passed 4 since 
the great editor of the N. T. turned his thoughts to an edition of the 
Septuagint. It was plain to him that the time had not come for the con 
struction of a critical text ; and he resolved upon a revision of the Sixtine 
text in which the obvious faults of the Roman work might be corrected, 
and its evidence balanced by variants from the three oldest MSS. which 
had then been edited (Codd. Alex., Friderico-Aug., Ephraemi). His first 
issue appeared in 1850; the second, with the full prolegomena and an 

1 Holmes indeed professes to have cor- tanta negligentia curatum fuit, ut paruru 
reeled these (praef. adGenesin^ i): " Im- adiunienti inde sperandum sit in curiosarn 
primiturper hunclibrum, et per aliosomnes textus LXX investigationem...evidenter 
imprimetur, Textus Graecus secundum Ed. mihi apparuit errasse saepe Holmes eiusque 
Vaticanam in fol. 1587, absque ulla con- continuatorem, errasse saepe collatores as- 
sulto facta sive vocis sive literae mutatione, sumptos, et tot tantaque esse sphalmata, 
nisi in manifestis typothetarum erroribus, plura interdum in uno versu, ut licet varie- 
quorum plerosque et ipsi Editores Vaticani tatem LXX fere totam summatim inde 
calamo suocorrexerunt." Tischendorf how- desumere liceat, exigua tamen sit fides sin- 
ever challenges the statement (prolegg. gulorum testium, et ex malo habitu totius 
xxi: Holmesius passim manifestos edi- collationis dubii et incerti ex illo opere 
tionis Rpmanae errores repetiit"). semper procedere debeamus in critica tex- 

2 Ceriani (Men. sacr. et prof. t. iii., tus eiusque recensionum tractatione." 

p. vii): " deprehensa brevi usu collationum 3 Libr. V. T. canon, t. i., praef. p. xv. 

Holmesiani operis magna earum imper- * Prolegg. viii. (ed. 1875): "quid faciun- 

fectione, coepi investigare, si ita essct etiam dum erat anno 1847 novani editionem cogi- 

.de codicibus Ambrosianis ibi collatis. Quod tanti?" For later plans, cf. the pref. to his 

timebam invent, ..Holmesianum enim opus fourth edition. 

appendix containing the Chigi Daniel, in 1856; other and enriched editions 
followed in 1860, 1869; a fifth edition was published in 1875, after Tischen- 
dorf s death. The work was subsequently entrusted to Dr E. Nestle, under 
whose care it reappeared in 1880, and again at the beginning of 1887. 
Dr Nestle added a Supplementum editionuni quae Sixtinam seqitimt-ur 
omnium in primis Tischendorfianaruni a nearly full and remarkably 
accurate collation of the Sixtine text with the facsimiles of KB, to which 
he subjoins the readings of AC, as collected from the British Museum 
autotype of the former and from Tisdiendorf s edition of the latter, 
wherever they support B or X or both against the Sixtine text. The 
second edition of this Supplement (1887) turns to good account the 
information supplied by the concluding volume of the Roman facsimile. 
Thus the tercentenary year of the great Edition of 1587* witnessed the 
collection of the materials available for its revision. 

One other edition of the Septuagint remains to be mentioned, distinct 
in kind from any of the preceding. In an often cited passage of his pre 
face to the Books of Chronicles 2 Jerome reckons three recensions of the 
Septuagint which at the end of the fourth century divided the Christian 
world the recension of Hesychius which prevailed at Alexandria and in 
Egypt; the recension of Lucian, accepted at Antioch and at Constantinople; 
the recension of Pamphilus and Eusebius of Caesarea, grounded on the 
work of Origen and followed in Palestine. Dr Paul de Lagarde saw that 
a comparative view of these recensions would be of the first importance to 
the critical reconstruction of the text. His Librorum V. T. canonicorum 
pars prior Graece (Gottingae, 1883) was the first instalment of an attempt 
to restore the Lucianic recension. His scheme included the recovery of 
the text of Hesychius and the printing of the two recensions on opposite 
pages with a collation of the fragments of the Hexaplaric Septuagint. The 
untimely death of this great scholar and indefatigable worker has for the 
time suspended the progress of the work, but every one will hope for the 
fulfilment of the triumphant prediction which concludes his preface to the 

1 Nestle, Septuagint astudien (1886), p. probably delayed by the discovery of errors 

it "am kommenden 8. Oktober werden which called for correction (id. p. 16, note 

es 300 Jahre, dass Papst Sixtus v die 12). 

jetzt nach ihm benannte editio Sixtina des * Migne, xxviii. 1324 f.: "Alexandria et 

griechischen Alten Testaments sanktion- Aegyptus in Septuaginta suis Hesychium 

ierte." Ib. p. 4: "im Jahre 1586, oder laudat auctorem, Constantinopolis usque 

richtiger gesagt 1587, erschien die vom Antiochiam Luciani martyris exemplaria 

riimischen Stuhl veranstaltete editio Ro- probat, mediae inter has provinciae Pa- 

niana oder Sixtina." It has been observed laestinae codices legunt quos ab Origene 

that the last stroke of MDLXXXVII on the elaboratos Eusebius et Pamphilus vulga- 

title-page of all copies bearing that date is verunt : totusque orbis hac inter se trifaria 

added with the pen. The publication was varietate compugnat. 

text of Lucian: "verum vincet causa mea, et quae ego volui perficere, 
procul dubio perficientur aliquando 1 ." 

The foregoing succinct account of the existing editions of the Septua- 
gint which claim to be based more or less directly upon the testimony of 
its MSS. may suffice to justify the appearance of an accession, to their 
ranks. There was still room for an edition which should endeavour to 
exhibit the text of one of the great uncial codices with a precision cor 
responding to our present knowledge, together with a full apparatus of 
the variants of the other MSS., or at least of those which have been 
critically edited. The need was still felt of a text which might serve as 
a satisfactory standard of comparison, accompanied by textual notes which 
would enable the student at a glance to compare with his text the results to 
be gleaned from sources of information already securely within our reach. 

So far back as 1875 the necessity for such a work was represented to 
the Syndics of the Cambridge University Press by Dr Scrivener, who at 
the same time submitted a scheme for its accomplishment. Until the 
beginning of 1883 it was still hoped that the author of the scheme might 
have been able to devote to the work his ripe experience and unwearied 
energy. Increasing years and preoccupations compelled him at length to 
decline the editorship; and in the spring of the same year the present 
Editor was appointed to carry out Dr Scrivener s proposals in a slightly 
modified form, with the cooperation of a Committee nominated by the 
Syndics of the Press-. The Committee continued to exercise a general 
superintendence during the progress of the work ; and the Editor, while 
personally responsible for the execution of his task, desires heartily to 
acknowledge not only the value of its formal directions, but yet more 
the unfailing kindness with which his requests for counsel and assistance 
were met from time to time by individual members of that body. Without 
such sympathetic help, he is free to confess, he might at times have been 
tempted to abandon a work which, especially in its earlier stages, was beset 
by difficulties of no ordinary kind. 

The plan ultimately adopted by the Syndics included the preparation 
of two editions with a common text. The text of the Vatican MS. was 
selected as that "which on the whole presents the version of the Septuagint 

1 The first two principles upon which dendi ulterius adminiculum." 
Lagarde desired the reconstruction of the - The Committee nominated in 1883 con 
text to proceed may be noticed in passing : sisted of the Regius Professor of Divinity 
(i) "editionem veteris testamenti Graeci (Dr Westcott), the Hulsean Professor of 
curari non posse ad unius alicuius codicis Divinity (Dr Hort), the Regius Professor 
auctoritatem sed conlatis integris codicum of Hebrew (Dr Kirkpatrick), and the Lord 
familiis esse curandam ; (2) unius alicuius Almoner s Reader in Arabic (Professor 
familiae editionem nihil esse nisi proce- Bensly). 

in its relatively oldest form. Where the Vatican MS. is defective, its 
defects are supplied from the Alexandrine MS., or in the very few in 
stances where both these MSS. fail us, from the uncial MS. which 
occupies the next place in point of age or importance. The editions 
will differ in the extent of the apparatus criticus. In the larger edition, 
which must necessarily be the labour of many years and of a variety 
of hands, "it is proposed to give the variations of all the Greek uncial 
MSS., of select Greek cursive MSS., of the more important versions, 
and of the quotations made by Philo and the earlier and more impor 
tant ecclesiastical writers 1 ." The smaller or manual edition, of which 
the first volume is in the reader s hands, confines itself to the varia 
tions of a few of the most important uncial codices already edited in 
letterpress, facsimile, or photograph. Since the first step was to ascer 
tain the common text and the next to compare with it the texts of these 
earliest and most accessible witnesses, it was possible to begin Avith the 
portable edition; and the urgent need of a revised text for ordinary use 
recommended this as the more convenient order. 

It is necessary briefly to explain the arrangements which have been 
adopted in the manual edition with regard to orthography, accentuation, 
and the divisions of the text. 

i. On the whole the orthography of the MS. upon which the text is 
based has been closely followed. Hence in Genesis i. i xlvi. 28 the 
spellings are mainly those of A ; throughout the remainder of the volume 
B is responsible. A few inconsistencies result from this system; thus in 
Gen. xli. 51, xlvi. 20 the text gives Menace 0-0-77, according to the almost in 
variable spelling of A ; but in Gen. xlviii. i , where B has taken the lead, 
^lavaaff-l]. But serious divergences are rare ; and since there must be more 
than one witness employed, it has seemed better to leave each MS. to tell 
its own tale in the way which it prefers. 

Nor has it been thought desirable in all cases to reduce to an uniform 
orthography the text supplied by the same MS. It is premature to enter 
upon a detailed examination of the principles which direct the judge 
ment in the acceptance or rejection of particular forms; and it is possible 
that not a few of the results to which the Editor has been led may be 
modified by further consideration. For the present it is enough to premise 
that the MS. or first hand of the MS. upon which the text is based has been 
followed in the spellings of all proper names and transliterations of Hebrew 
words, unless there was an obvious clerical error; in the assimilation or 
non-assimilation of consonants in compounded verbs and nouns; and for 

1 For further particulars see Introduction to the O. T. in 

Greek, p. 188 ff, 

the most part also in the choice of a particular mode of spelling where two 
or more spellings are found in good MSS. or other ancient authorities. On 
the other hand the orthography of the MS. has not been represented in the 
printed text when it appeared to rest upon itacistic error or upon some 
habit inveterate in the scribe (as the ascertained tendency of the scribe 
or scribes of B to write et for i), or when its adoption would have 
involved repeated changes of a revolutionary kind unsuitable to the cha 
racter of a manual edition (such as the continual use of yeivco-dai and yei- 
j>w(T/ceu>). The moveable v final and the s in OUTWS are printed or withheld 
in strict obedience to the MS. or its first hand. 

2. Accentuation presents grave difficulties in the case of proper names 
transliterated from Hebrew forms or intended to represent them. Our 
oldest MSS. fail us here altogether; the testimony of the later MSS. is 
at once uncertain, and appears, except in isolated cases, to be of little 
value as a guide to any tradition but that by which grammarians strove 
to regulate the accents of barbarous words. Under these circumstances 
Tischendorf contented himself with correcting the inconsistencies of the 
Sixtine Editors 1 ; whilst Lagarde, in his Lucianic text, has abandoned 
the accentuation of the proper names altogether, except in the case of a 
Greek termination. In the present edition, which is designed for ordinary 
use, some accentuation appeared desirable ; on the other hand it was 
felt that the editor of an unaccentuated MS. was under no obligation to 
follow in these words the unsatisfactory method which has become con 
ventional. It has therefore been decided to fall back upon the accentua 
tion of the Massoretic text, which, whatever its age, may at least be 
taken to represent a real and to a great extent trustworthy tradition. The 
result will doubtless be startling at first sight, at all events in some 
familiar names ; the eye will not immediately accustom itself to B^^Xee/x, 
E0/9cu/A, Ttcre/j., Kope, ~Kai>dav. But it is hoped that the change, which 
has been made at the cost of considerable labour, will not be unwel 
come to those who use the Septuagint in connexion with the Hebrew 
Bible, nor altogether fruitless in calling attention to important distinctions 
which occasionally lurk under the use of an identical Greek form. It 
must not be concealed, however, that the application of this principle is 
difficult or even impracticable where the Septuagint version or the text of 
B is widely at issue with the Massoretic text, as often happens in the lists 
of names, or where an imaginary transliteration has grown out of a mis 
reading of the Hebrew. In such cases it has sometimes become necessary 

1 Prolegg.xv.: "nee nihil in eo posi- his vero omnibus dici non potest 
turn est studii ut nomina propria eodem quanta sit Romanae ceterarumque incon- 
constanter et accentu et spiritu ederentur stantia." 

to resort to the general rule which makes barbarous words oxytone 1 , or to 
retain the conventional accentuation. The results are therefore not en 
tirely satisfactory ; it must suffice if the step which has been taken is on the 
whole an approach to a sounder method of dealing with these anomalies. 

The breathings of proper names, whether transliterated or made to 
assume a Greek form, have been brought into conformity with the system 
adopted by Dr Westcott and Dr Hort in their edition of the Greek New 
Testament. Initial N and JJ are represented by the lenis, D and H by the 
aspirate ; words beginning with * uniformly receive the smooth breathing. 

The first hand of B has not been followed in the very frequent use of 
oyx ^ O Y> nor on ^ ne ther hand in the almost equally common employ 
ment of OVK before certain words which begin with an aspirated vowel. 

3. The Roman Editors of 1587 applied to their text the mediaeval 
system of chapter-divisions, which, first employed in Latin Bibles of the 
thirteenth century, had been pressed into the service of the Hebrew 
Bible in the Concordance of R. Isaac Nathan about the middle of the 
fifteenth. On the other hand they declined to follow the example of 
R. Nathan in adding a verse-numeration, although his system had been 
accepted by Pagninus in the Latin Bible of 1528 and imitated by Robert 
Stephen in the Greek New Testament of 155 i 2 . 

In the present edition the Sixtine chapters are retained with a few 
exceptions which are noted in the margin of the text. The verse-numera 
tion which became traditional in later editions is added ; or where there 
is more than one tradition, that is preferred which agrees with the verse- 
divisions of the Massoretic text. Where the chapters or verses of the 
Hebrew Bible differ from those which are accepted in the Greek, the 
numbers of the Hebrew verses are placed in the margin within brackets, 
outside the numbers of the Greek, the text being usually in such cases 
indented to leave space for the double numeration. Finally, where the 
verse begins in the Hebrew at a different word from that at which it begins 
in the Greek, the beginning of the Hebrew verse is denoted by a bracketed 
numeral inserted in the Greek. Additional matter which is peculiar to 
the Greek text, unless already traditionally divided, has been provisionally 
broken up into verses by means of the letters of the Latin alphabet 
attached to the arabic numeral which marks the last preceding verse of 
the original. Omissions, when coextensive with a Hebrew verse, are 
marked by the dropping of a number in the verse-numeration of the 

Chandler, Greek Accentuation (Oxf., and Dr W. Wright s article Verse in 
7881), p. 207. Kitto s Cyclopaedia, cited by Dr Gregory 

2 Cf. C. R. Gregory, Pr^legg. p. 164 f., (p. 767). 

Besides the conventional division of the text into chapters and verses, 
retained for the convenience of reference, it has been thrown into para 
graphs, subparagraphs and groups of paragraphs, with reference to the 
sense, the order of the narrative or the plan of the book. The commence 
ment of a group of paragraphs, marking the beginning of a large or distinct 
section of a book, is denoted by the omission of an entire line of type; 
the commencement of a subparagraph, by a short break in the course of a 
line, and by the use of a capital letter to begin the first word. In these 
arrangements the Editor has been largely aided by the precedent of the 
Revised English Bible ; and a further acknowledgement is due to the Old 
Testament Company for the indulgence by which he was permitted to 
obtain access to their method of paragraphing the first two or three Books 
at a time when the text of the revision was not yet out of the Revisers hands. 
Their example has been also followed in the metrical form which has 
been given to poetical passages ; although k has often been impossible to 
adhere to their arrangement of particular lines, the parallelisms having 
either disappeared in the Greek or having been replaced by others. 

From the text it is time to turn to the textual notes. These will be 
found in this manual edition to contain (i) the more important clerical 
errors of the MS. on which the text is based, and the rejected readings of 
its various hands ; and (2) the variants of other uncial MSS. selected 
for comparison with the text. This selection includes the other three great 
uncial Bibles ; and thus at every opening the reader is presented with the 
entire evidence of BNAC, so far as it is now accessible. In view of the 
lamentably defective condition of KG and the serious lacunae of B it has 
been thought well to add the testimony of such other uncial MSS. as 
could be reached at once through photographs, facsimiles or trustworthy 
editions, excepting those which are merely fragmentary, and those which 
offer a Hexaplaric text. In Genesis, where for the greater part of the book 
B is wanting as well as K and G, we are fortunate in having three other 
important MSS. (DEF) which fulfil these conditions, one of which (F) 
goes on with us through the rest of the Pentateuch and to the middle of 
Joshua. From that point to the end of the volume only A is left to be 
compared with B ; but its variants are here so numerous and important 
that the absence of other witnesses is less to be regretted than if it had 
occurred in the earlier Books. 

The Appendix at the end of each volume is intended to receive such 
unsubstantial variants as seemed unworthy of a place at the foot of the 
text errors of the scribe, frequently recurring itacisms, rejected spellings 
of an ordinary type, minute discrepancies between the MSS. and the 
printed text. But departures from the accepted orthography which appeared 

to possess any special interest or in words which are of rare occurrence 
in the Septuagint, and itacisms or apparent errors of the scribe under 
which a true variant may possibly lurk, or which are characteristic of the 
MS. or of its palaeography, have been allowed to retain their place among 
the textual notes. Moreover, a rejected spelling has usually been exhibited 
at the foot of the page when it affects a word which for some other reason 
had found a place there, or when it occurs in the course of a substantial 
variant. In permitting these exceptions it has been difficult to be con 
sistent, but care has been taken to secure that all the substantial variations 
are included in the textual notes, while on the other hand unimportant 
variations which have been given in the notes are not repeated in the 
Appendix. The use of the textual notes alone will enable the reader to 
judge of all questions which affect t .,e text, so far as they are touched 
by the MSS. employed: the Appendix will, if he chooses to refer to it, 
complete the testimony of the MSS. by adding their minuter disagreements 
with the standard of the printed text. 

The letter exterior to the first line of text on each page is the symbol of 
the MS. upon which the text of that page is based. In the rare instances 
where the text of a single page is supplied partly by one MS. partly by 
another, the symbols of both MSS. are placed in this position side by side 
but enclosed in separate pairs of brackets. 

Similarly, the letter or letters exterior to the first line of textual notes on 
each page must be taken to represent the MS. or MSS. from which variants 
have been collected for that page or for some part of it. 

The point in the text at which any MS. begins or breaks off is marked 
by the sign or U, which is repeated in the margin together with the 
symbol of the particular MS. When the beginning or the break occurs in 
the middle of a word, the first or last letter which the MS. exhibits is to be 
gathered from the textual notes. All the lacunae are noted in this way, as 
well as the starting point of each MS. and the place at which its testimony 
ceases altogether. 

Tn distinguishing the hands , a superior l has been used to denote 
corrections of the original scribe ( * ) by himself or by a contemporary 
whose writing is not distinguishable from his own; % b , c , are the second, 
third and fourth hands respectively; al) represents the testimony of the 

secondhand confirmed by the third, whilst a? bt must be taken to mean 
that it is doubtful to which of the two the correction is to be assigned, and 
a?b implies that the correction is made certainly by the third hand, possibly 
also by the second. Of the two expressions a ( vid >, avid , the former is the 
symbol of a reading probably attributable to the second hand, the latter of 
one to which some uncertainty attaches, but which is due to the second 
hand if it be a bona fide correction at all. 

It remains to add a brief description of the MSS. used for the text and 
notes of this volume, together with some account of the editions through 
which their contents have been reached. 


Written in an uncial hand of the fourth century on leaves of the finest vellum 
made up in quires of five; the lines, which are of 16 to 18 letters, being arranged 
in three columns containing 42 44 lines each, excepting the poetical Books, where 
the lines being stichometrical the columns are only two. There are no initial 
letters, although the first letter of a section occasionally projects into the margin ; 
no breathings or accents occur prima manu, the punctuation if by the first hand 
is rare and simple. Of the 759 leaves which compose the present quarto volume, 
617 belong to the O. T. The first 31 leaves 1 of the text of the original Codex 
have been torn away, and there are lacunae also at f. 178 (part of a leaf) and at 
f. 348 (10 leaves of the original missing); these gaps involve the loss of Gen. i. 
i xlvi. 28, 2 Kings ii. 57, 10 13, Ps. cv. 27 cxxxvii. 6; the missing passages 
in Gen. and Pss. have been supplied by a recent hand. The Prayer of Manasses 
and the Books of the Maccabees were never included in this Codex. The other 
Books are in the following order: Genesis to 2 Chron., Esdras i, 2, Psalms, 
Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Canticles, Job, Wisdom of Solomon, Wisdom of the son 
of Sirach, Esther, Judith, Tobit, Hosea and the other Minor Prophets to Malachi, 
Isaiah, Jeremiah, Baruch, Lamentations, and Ep. of Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel 
(the version ascribed to Theodotion). 

The great importance of this MS., now the chief glory of the Vatican Li 
brary, was recognized almost from the first ; a description of the Codex was 
communicated to Erasmus in 1533, in which his attention was drawn both 
to its age and to the value of its text ; the appreciative language in which it 
is described by the Sixtine Editors is all that can be desired. Yet no effort 
was made by its custodians to publish the actual text of the MS. before the 
present century. Within the last seventy years the work has been attempted 
thrice. The edition of Ang. Mai, printed between 1828 and 1838, appears 
to have been so little satisfactory to that great scholar himself that it did 
not see the light till after his death. Mai died in 1854; his five volumes 
appeared in 1857, introduced to the reader by the pen of C. Vercellone. 
i Cf. Nestle, Tk. L. Z., 16 Mar. 1895. 

But even under such auspices the work failed from the first to satisfy the 
requirements of Biblical criticism. " Forma editi longe apparet remota ab 
ea codicis pressissima forma, quam sequi A. Maium aliqui forte critici... 
concupivissent." Such is the candid admission of Mai s successors, who 
in i88r brought to a completion the first endeavour to represent the MS. 
in facsimile type. Their work is entitled, Bibliontm Sacrorum Graecus 
Codex Vaticanus, and occupies six volumes of the same size and magnificence 
as Tischendorf s Codex Sinaiticus. This facsimile edition was undertaken 
by C. Vercellone and T. Cozza, but on the death of the former in 1869 
before the publication of any part of the O. T., his place was filled by 
his pupil C. Sergio, who was in turn succeeded by H. Fabiani assisted 
by two coadjutors U. Ubaldi and A. Rocchi ; to the last three it appears 
we owe in great part the prolegomena and commentary which fill the con 
cluding volume x . 

Even this splendid effort left much to be desired-. But it is unnecessary 
and would be invidious to recount its imperfections here, because since 
1890 the facsimile has been superseded by a photographic representation 
worthy of the Vatican Press and of the enlightened Pontiff under whose 
auspices it has been executed 3 . 

In preparing the first edition of this volume, during the years 1883-7, 
the Editor was dependent on the facsimile, and the reader was warned in 
the Preface that the results could not be regarded as final. The com 
pletion of the photograph rendered it possible satisfactorily to revise the 
text, and also the notes and Appendix, so far as they represented the evi 
dence of Cod. B. This labour was generously undertaken by Dr Nestle, 
whose well-known accuracy is a guarantee of the soundness of his work. 
Dr Nestle s corrections of the text appeared in the corrigenda appended to 
Vol. in.; the whole of his results will be found embodied in the present 

1 Prolegg. p. xv. The prolegomena are sert (p. 24): "codex typis ita repraesen- 
brie (pp. xxxvi) and touch but lightly on tatur ut fere haud amplius archetypo stu- 
the many questions of history and palseo- dia bihlica indigere videantur." 

graphy upon which information was de- 3 H TroAaia 610.017*17 | vetus testamen- 

sired. They are followed by 170 pages of turn | iuxta LXX. interpretum uersionem | 

Commentary, of which 142 belong to the e codice omnium antiquissimo | graeco 

O. T. ; at the end of the volume are four vaticano 1209 | phototypice repraesenta- 

admirable photographs representing Ps. i. turn | auspice | Leone xm. pont. max. | 

iv. inc., Jer. xvi. 17 xvii. 21, Ezek. curante | Josepho Cozza-Luzi Abate Basi- 

xlvii. 32 Dan. (Sus.) 15, Dan. ix. 16 x. liano | S. Rom. ecclesiae vicebibliothe- 

3. cario | Romae | e bibliotheca vaticana j 

2 See two articles by Dr E. Nestle agente pjiotographo Danesi | MDCCCLXXXX, 
{Literarisclics Centralblatt, 21 Jan. 1882; A description of the work and estimate of 
Theol. Litcrntnrsfituttg, 25 Mar. 1882). its merits by Dr Nestle may be seen in 
On the other hand the Roman tract De Th. L. Z., 16 Mar. 1895. 

Editione Romana had the courage to as- 

Tischendorf believed himself able to distinguish the hands of three 
original scribes in the. Vatican MS. ; and Dr E. Abbot found internal 
evidence that the first terminated his labours at f. 167 (ending with i Kings 
xix. n), the second at f. 312 (the end of 2 Esdras) 1 . The Editors of the 
facsimile refuse to decide whether the text is due to one scribe or to many, 
contenting themselves with the statement that the writing is so uniform 
as to convince them that it proceeded from a single school if not from 
a single hand. To the original scribe or scribes they assign a certain 
number of changes made inter scribenduni, which they denote as E 1 . 
Under the second hand (B 2 =B a in this edition) they include a series of 
corrections, beginning with a possible diorthota who may have been 
nearly coaeval with the scribe, and reaching in their judgement to the 
fourteenth century. Their third hand (B 3 = B b ) is an instaurator who 
has corrected the whole text, retracing every letter which he wished to 
retain. He is identified by the Editors with the monk Clement who 
has scrawled his name in characters of the fourteenth or fifteenth century 
at the end of the Pentateuch and of i Esdras (pp. 238, 624). Lastly, 
a few corrections are ascribed to a fourth hand (B 4 =:B C ), later than the 
fifteenth century. 

It is impossible to escape from provisionally accepting this grouping of 
the hands of B, and equally impossible to accept it without mistrust. The 
identification of Clement the monk with the instaurator seems to rest 
on very slender grounds; and the judgement of Tischendorf, who placed 
the latter in the tenth or eleventh century, is scarcely to be set aside by 
the discovery on which Fabiani and his colleagues so warmly congratulate 
themselves. Again, it does not appear that the Codex was touched, in 
the N. T. at all events, by any corrector between the diorthota and the 
instaurator^. If this conclusion is well founded and may be extended to 
the O. T. portion of the MS., the second hand will be little later than 
the first, whilst the third follows after a lapse of six centuries. But accord 
ing to our Roman guides B 2=a covers the corrections of a thousand years, 
and is often barely distinguishable from B 3=h , in their judgement a hand of 
the fourteenth or fifteenth century. The whole question demands a fresh 
investigation, which can only be successful if conducted by experts with 
free access to the MS. itself. 

The Editors of the Codex do not profess to have always noted the 
orthographical variations of their third hand 3 . These however have been 

1 Gregory, prolegg. \. p. 359, note 3. locis, quae per ei scripta sunt e expungere. 

2 Cf. Westcott and Hort, ;V. T. , ii. p. 270. hac ratione in commentariis omittirnus sin- 

3 Prolegg. pp. xviii, xix: " Nihil fere gulos locos, ubi hoc recidit." The list 
igitur curavimus,utrumad(leret, omitteretve which they add includes /cAiVcu, -ytVo/oiai, 
v literamparagogicam...solet B 3 ,..inpluribus yivtaaKw, npivut, XP"> 0Ai/3 

carefully indicated in Dr Nestle s revision from the photograph, and now 
appear in the Appendix, the plates of which have been recast in order to 
admit the new evidence under this head. 

CODEX SINAITICUS ( Codd. Friderico-Augustanus, Sinaiticus Petro- 

Written in an uncial hand 1 ascribed to the middle of the fourth century, and in 
lines which when complete contain from 12 to 14 letters and which are arranged in 
four columns on unusually large leaves of a very fine vellum, made from the skin of 
the ass or of the antelope. The leaves are gathered into quires of four, excepting 
two which contain five. There are no breathings or accents; a simple point is 
occasionally used. In the N. T. the MS. is complete; of the O. T. the following 
portions remain: fragments of Gen. xxiii. xxiv. and of Numbers v. vi. vii. ; i 
Chron. ix. 27 xix. 17, 2 Esdras ix. 9 to end, Esther, Tobit, Judith, i Mace., 
4 Mace., Isaiah, Jeremiah, Lam. i. i ii. 20, Joel, Obadiah, Jonah, Nahum, 
Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi, Psalms, Proverbs, Eccle- 
siastes, Song of Solomon, Wisdom of Solomon, Wisdom of the son of Sirach, 

The recent history of this MS. is too well known to need repetition. 
The fragments of the O. T. have been edited by Tischendorf in the follow 
ing books: (i) Codex Friderico-Augustanus (Lips. 1846) -a lithographed 
facsimile of the 43 leaves which Tischendorf rescued during his visit to 
S. Catharine s in 1844. These leaves contain i Chronicles xi. 22 xix. 
17, i Esdras ix. 9 to end, Esther, Tobit i. i ii. i, Jeremiah x. 25 
to end, Lam. i. i ii. 20. (2) Monumenta sacra ined. nov. coll. vol. I. 
(Lips. 1855), pp. xxxx. 213 216 a facsimile of Isaiah Ixvi. 12 Jer. i. 7, 
a page copied from the MS. during the same visit; afterwards edited 
again with the rest of the MS. (infra, 4). (3) Monumenta, &c., vol. n. 
(Lips. 1857), pp. xxxxvi. 321 a facsimile of Gen. xxiv. 910, 41 43, 
from a scrap discovered by Tischendorf at S. Catharine s in i853 2 ; reedited 
in the Appendix Codd. (infra, 5). (4) Bibliorum Codex Sinaiticus Petro- 
politamis (Petrop. 1862), vol. I. (prolegg., comment., pp. i xxx) ii., iii. a 
facsimile of the S. Petersburg portion of the Codex, containing all that sur 
vives of N except the fragments of Genesis and Numbers and the leaves 
previously edited under the name of the Cod. Friderico-Augustanus. 
(5) Appendix codicum celeberr. Sinaitici Vaticani Alexandrini (Lips. 1867). 
The Sinaitic fragments consist of the scraps of Gen. xxiii xxiv, Numb. 

otKTfipoj [rather its derivatives], iAeuK, rptds, in the commentary, and not always ascribed 

Sion-, FaAiAat a, lepi^oJ, xiAtos and its de- to the same hand. 

rivates. Further, they profess to neglect * "Characterized by a squareness of 

the change of re crcrep*; into recrcrapes and formation" {Paltzographical Society s Jac- 

of oAe0pevu> into oAoflpevcu. These correc- similes, I. 105). 

tions are nevertheless repeatedly specified 2 NowatS. Petersburg (App. Codd. p. v). 

v vii, which, with the exception of Gen. xxiv. o, 10, 41 43, already 
accounted for, were discovered by the Archimandrite (afterwards Bishop) 
Porphyry in the bindings of other Sinaitic MSS. and brought by him 
to Europe in 1845, but first communicated to Tischendorf in 1862, after 
the publication of the Cod. Sinaiticus Petropolitanus. The condition of 
these fragments is very unsatisfactory. The Porphyrian fragments of 
Genesis form the major part of a single leaf, but so torn that the exterior 
column of each page yields only 23 or 24 letters, whilst from 14 to 19 
of the lines at the lower end of each column are lost ; the remainder 
is injured by damp and difficult to decipher. Those of Numbers were 
coated with dirt where the margin had been sewn into the back of 
the book which the leaf was used to bind, and the writing is in places 
nearly illegible 1 . 

In the text of X Tischendorf distinguishes the hands of four original 
scribes 2 . To one (A), who wrote nearly the whole of the N. T., he assigns 
the fragments of Genesis and of i Chronicles, i Maccabees, and the last 
4^ leaves of 4 Maccabees ; to a second (B), the fragments of Numbers and 
the Prophets ; to a third (C), the poetical Books ; whilst to the fourth (D) 
are adjudged the Books of Tobit and Judith, and the rest of 4 Maccabees 
and of the N. T. More important to us is his judgement with regard to the 
hands of correctors. In the text of the LXX. he finds five such, who are 
designated K a , K c - a , N c - b , K c - c , K d . The first symbol (N a ) includes 
such nearly contemporary hands as differ but slightly from the hand of 
the original scribe. The second and third (K c - a , N c - b ) are correctors 
of the seventh century, and throughout the MS., more especially in the 
O. T., are the prevailing hands ; the former stands alone in the poetical 
Books, the latter predominates in the Prophets. N c - c , also of the seventh 
century, has made a special study of Job, often correcting N c - a in that 
Book ; the MS. appears to have been in his custody for a considerable 
time, and he has enriched it with frequent marginal notes such as the 
exclamation wpcuoj/, and the sectional letters in Isaiah. N d (viii.? ix.?) 
has retraced many pages in the Prophets and here and there attempted an 
emendation of the text. To this corrector are also assigned certain mar 
ginal notes in Arabic. 

1 Since the MSS. which these leaves sen, Catalog. Codd. Sinait. (Oxon. 1886), 

had been used to bind were themselves of p. vii. 

some antiquity, Porphyry s discovery shews 2 " Mea quidem sententia quattuor po- 

that the disintegration of the Codex be- tissimum librarii textum scripserunt" (Cod. 

Sin centuries ago (A pp. Codd., p. xvi). Sin. Petrop. prolegg., p. 8). In the Ap- 

n the present condition of the Motmt pendix Codicum he regards this opinion 

Sinai MSS. see the remarks of Gardthau- as a certainty (p. viiii). 

CODEX ALEXANDRINUS, Brit. Mus. Royal MS. i D. v viii. 

Written in an uncial hand of the middle of the fifth century on vellum of 
fine texture originally arranged in quires of eight leaves, occasionally (but chiefly 
at the end of a Book) of less than eight ; three or four and twenty letters go to 
aline, 50 or 51 lines usually compose a column, and there are two columns on a 
page. Large initial letters, standing in the margin, announce the commencement 
of a paragraph or section, excepting in vol. in., which appears to be the work of 
another scribe. There are no breathings or accents added by the first hand; the 
punctuation, more frequent than in B, is still confined to a single point. The three 
vols. which contain the O. T. now consist of 630 leaves. Of these vols. only nine 
leaves are last and five mutilated. The portions of the Septuagint which are thus 
deficient in A contained Gen. xiv. 14 17, xv. i 5, 16 19, xvi. 69; i Kings xii. 
19 xiv. 9; Ps. xlix. 19 Ixxix. 10. The Codex opens (i., f. 3) with a Table of the 
Books written in uncial letters somewhat later than the body of the MS. The first 
volume contains the Octateuch with Kings and Chronicles (o/aov /3t/3A.ia r). The 
Books of Chronicles are followed (vol. n.) by the Prophets (Trpo^ijrai 15-) Minor and 
Major, Jeremiah including Baruch, Lamentations and the Epistle ; Daniel (Theo- 
dotion s version) is succeeded by Esther, Tobit, Judith, Esdras i, 2, and the four 
Books of Maccabees. The third volume contains the Psalter, with Ps. cli. and the 
canticles, Job, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, the Song of Solomon, the Wisdom of Solomon, 
and the Wisdom of the son of Sirach. The Table shews that the Psalms of Solo 
mon once occupied a place at the end of the fourth volume which contains the N. T. 

This MS., the treasured possession of the Patriarchs of Alexandria 
from at least the end of the thirteenth century, and since the beginning 
of the seventeenth the pride of its English custodians, is the most perfect 
of the great codices which contain the Septuagint. Moreover it has fared 
better than the earlier Vatican Codex in regard to the attention it has 
received from its editors. Early in the eighteenth century the volumes 
which contain the O. T. were already accessible, as we have seen, in 
the scholarly edition of Grabe. Early in the nineteenth, they were published 
at the cost of the nation in facsimile with a copious commentary by 
H. H. Baber, Librarian of the British Museum. Lastly, a magnificent 
edition in autotype has been completed within the last four years under the 
superintendence of Mr E. Maunde Thompson. Yet the MS. still needs 
a critical editor to do for it what Tischendorf has done for the Codex 
Sinaiticus. The autotype edition is without a critical commentary, and 
the plates do not distinctly reveal the erasures in every case, or enable the 
student clearly to discriminate the hands an imperfection of photographic 
representation which the utmost care and skill cannot altogether surmount. 
On the other hand the copious commentary which fills Baber s last volume 
is unhappily to a great extent inadequate. In fact no satisfactory attempt 
has yet been made to distinguish accurately the various correctors, who 
have changed so large a portion of the face of the Codex. Baber indeed 

discriminates between the first and second hands, and a third hand which 
he calls recent ; but in a large number of cases he falls back upon some 
such ambiguous designation as mantis vetusta, vetustissima, pervetusta, 
antiqua. A cursory examination of the MS. has served to shew that in 
the places opened his second hand was usually (not quite uniformly) 
but a little later than the scribe himself; whilst his ancient or very 
ancient hand has the appearance of belonging to the following century, 
the writing being thin and fine, and the characters long. It is evident 
that there is room for an entirely new handling of this subject, and 
there is reason to hope that this will have been accomplished by a com 
petent scholar before the larger edition of the Cambridge Septuagint has 
passed through the press. In the present edition, which has been con 
structed on the principle of using the best editions already accessible, it 
has been necessary to be content with the autotype text and Baber s com 
mentary. Baber s second hand has been represented by A a ; his ancient 
or very ancient hand, when not identified with the second as occasionally 
it is, by A a? ; his third hand is our A 1 . 1 

CODEX COTTONIANUS GENESEOS, Brit. Mus. Cotton MS. Otho B. vi. 

The remains of this MS. of the fifth or sixth century now consist of 150 frag 
ments inlaid in 147 leaves of io| X 8f inches, in size nearly corresponding to the 
leaves of the original Codex. The vellum is moderately fine, the characters are 
uncials, round or square after the type of good uncial MSS. ; 23 to 30 letters made 
a line, and a single column of 26 to 28 lines filled a page, excepting where the 
writing was partly displaced by an illustration. The MS. is said to have possessed 
250 miniatures ; traces of a few remain. Unlike Bfc<A it has large initial 
letters; and the position of the single point used in punctuation is threefold, 
sometimes at the foot of the letters, sometimes at their head, and sometimes 
half-way up. There are neither accents nor breathings. Before the fire which 
wrecked this exquisite book it consisted of 165 (others say 166) leaves; but the 
Codex was even then far from perfect. The beginning and end of Genesis (i. 
113, 1. 26) were wanting, and leaves had disappeared in several places. These 
lacunae are noted in the margin of our text. 

1 It seems probable that A, which as far in the West, probably at Rome." More 

back as the furthest period to which we can recently Mr J. Rendel Harris has been led 

trace its history was preserved in Egypt, to conjecture that both these MSS. came 

had been originally written there ; and as from the library of Pamphilus at Csesarea. 

Sir E. M. Thompson has pointed out, the For some investigations as to the relation 

occurrence of Egyptian forms of the Greek which these great Codices bear to the recen- 

letters in the superscriptions and colophons sions of the Septuagint see Dr Ceriani in 

of the Books proves that "the MS. if not Rendiconti of the Reale Istit. Lombard, 

absolutely written in Egypt must have been ii. xix, p. ?o6 f., xxi. p. 547; Dr C. H. 

immediately afterwards removed thither." Cornill, das Buck des Propheten Ezechiel 

The editors of the Roman facsimile find a (Leipzig, 1886), pp. 63 95 ; Dr Hort s 

slender argument for the Egyptian origin letter in the Academy, 1 >ec. 24, 1887; Dr 

of the Vatican MS. in the occasional patch- Silberstein, fiber den Ursprung, &c. (Gies- 

ing of its leaves with papyrus. On the sen, 1893); Dr J. Rendel Harris, Sticho- 

other hand Dr Hort in 1881 was "induced metry, p. 71 ff. ; Dr J. Armitage Robinson, 

to surmise that B and X were both written Euthaliana, p. 42 ff. 

This MS. has a singular history. Presented to Henry VIII. by two 
Greek Bishops who are said to have brought it from Philippi, it was given 
by Elizabeth to Sir John Fortescue, by whom it was subsequently placed in 
the collection of Sir R. Cotton. Lent by Sir Richard to Lord Arundel in 
1630, it fell into other hands, but was ultimately secured again for the Cotton 
Library by Sir John Cotton. In 1700 the Library became national pro 
perty, and the safety of the MS. might have seemed thenceforth secured. 
Unhappily it was removed with the rest of the collection to Ashburnham 
House, and reduced to charred fragments by the fire which attacked the 
treasures of that establishment Oct. 23, 1731. Dr H. Owen writingin 1778 
speaks of the fragments as hopelessly lost ; but the Cottonian catalogue of 
1802 mentions 18 of them as still preserved at the British Museum, to 
which the Cotton library had meanwhile been transferred ; and further 
search has largely added to this number. The scraps were collected with 
scrupulous care in 1 847-8 1 . Three or four other fragments have been 
discovered at the Bristol Baptist College, to which they were bequeathed 
by Dr A. Gifford, a London Baptist minister who had been officially con 
nected with the department of MSS. at the British Museum. 

Fortunately our knowledge of this Codex is not confined to what may 
be gathered from the relics of the Ashburnham fire. The following sources 
of information have been used for this edition : (i) Collatio cod. Cotton. 
Geneseos cum Editions Romana, a v. cl. J . E. Grabe iam olini facia ; nunc 
demwn snmma cum cura edita ab PI. Owen, M.D., S.R.S., eccl. S. Olai 
Rectorc (Londini, 1778). Grabe s MS. is still in the Bodleian, and upon 
being compared with Owen s tract seems to justify the claim which the 
latter makes to careful editing ; whilst it is no surprise to find that a recent 
examination of Grabe s own work in the light of the surviving fragments 
has led Dr Gotch to pronounce it extremely accurate. This collation 
places within our reach the entire MS. as it existed before the fire ; but a 
great part of the evidence is of course merely e silentio, and much of that 
which is direct can no longer be verified. Its testimony has therefore been 
distinguished from that of the surviving fragments by the use of an italic 
capital (D, j9 si1 ) 2 . (2) Vettista monumenta qnae...Soc. Antiq. Land, snmptu 
stw edenda curaznf, vol. I. (Lond. 1747), p. Ixvii f. This book contains two 

1 A photograph of one of the British Patrick Young (P. Junius) is to be seen at 
Museum fragments will be found in the the British Museum, while the Bodleian has 
Catalogue of Ancient MSS., i, Greek, pub- preserved another in the writing of Archbp. 
lished by the Trustees (London, 1881), Ussher. These collations have not been 
where the palaeography and history of this used for the present edition, Grabe s careful 
MS. are treated exhaustively. and complete work appearing to need no 

2 Grabe had been preceded by other further verification than that which the 
labourers in the same field ; a collation of surviving fragments, now critically edited, 
a considerable part of D by the hand of supply. 

plates representing certain of the fragments of D, reproduced for the sake 
of the miniatures 1 , but carrying with them portions of the text. The 
verses delineated are Gen. v. 25 29, viii. 10, 11, ix. 15 23, xi. 9, 12, 13, 
13 17, 29 32, xii. r 6, xiv. 13 16, xv. i 12, 13 17, 18 xvi. 5, xvi. 
515, xviii. 15, xix. 4 n, xl. 1920, xliii. 1213, 2930. The tran 
scription has been executed with singularly little skill; but in the few 
places where the fragments have since disappeared (indicated above by the 
use of thicker numerals) the help which is thus given suffices for the 
recovery of the missing text. (3) Monumenla sacra ined. nov. colL vol. II. 
(Lips. 1857) pp. xxii xxxvi. 95 176. Under the title of reliquiae ex 
incendio ercptae this volume offers Tischendorf s reading of the British 
Museum fragments of D, with full prolegomena and with a commentary 
into which he works Grabe s collation, comparing it with the existing 
scraps. No one who has examined the brown and shrivelled relics on 
many of which at first sight scarcely a letter is distinguishable can fail 
to wonder at the relative success attained by Tischendorf s patience and 
skill. But he was compelled to leave some of the smaller fragments 
unidentified, and here and there a further examination has revealed a flaw 
in his transcription. These defects are now supplied in (4) F. W. Gotch s 
Supplement to Tischmdorfs Reliquiae (London, 1881). Dr Gotch, who 
at the time when his book was published held the office of President 
of the Baptist College, Bristol, adds the Bristol fragments (Gen. xiv. 
13 16, xv. i 12, xvi. 5 15, xix. 4 n); the last two are given in 
photograph. Lastly, M. Omont has published in the MJmoires de la 
Societe Nationals des Antiquaires de. France (liii. pp. 163 ff.) a few frag 
ments discovered in the Bibliotheque Nationale (Gen. i. 13, 14, xviii. 24 
26, xliii. 1 6). We are thus at length in possession of probably all that can 
now be recovered of the Cotton Genesis ; and the results, which go far to 
repair the damage of the fire, are a signal testimony to the sagacity and 
persevering toil of many labourers. 

The discrimination of the hands of D is necessarily beset with diffi 
culty. Grabe found that the MS. had been collated and corrected 
throughout by either the scribe or a contemporary diorthoia (D 1 ), to 
whom he attributes occasional marginal additions which have now dis 
appeared. More frequently the corrections belong in his judgement to 
a later hand, which Tischendorf attributes to the eighth century (D a ). 
To D a seems to be due the retracing of the letters which had been faded 
by age. Lastly, Grabe mentions a manus recentissitua, which has been 
distinguished as D b . 

1 More recently Mr Westwood has en- which is also illustrated, is "of later date 

deavoured to reproduce one of these minia- and inferior execution " (A ncient Gk. MSS. 

tures in colours (palaeogr. sacra pict., p. 21); cf. the Pal&ographical Society s 

plate 3). The Vienna Genesis (Holmes vi), facsimiles, plate 178. 

A fresh collation of D and D has been made for this edition by 
Mr C. I. Beard, M.B., who has expended much time and labour in the 
effort to attain to perfect accuracy. His results, so far as they lie within 
the scope of a manual edition, have been worked into the plates and appear 
in the notes. 

CODEX BODLEIANUS GENESEOS. Bodl. Auct. T. infr. n. i. 

Written probably towards the end of the ninth or the beginning of the tenth 
century in oblong sloping uncial characters upon 29 leaves of stout vellum, two 
columns occupying each page. Breathings and accents are frequent, abbreviations 
numerous ; the punctuation includes the double point, the comma and the mark of 
interrogation. On the other hand, the orthography of the more ancient MSS. is 
maintained, and forms known as Alexandrian abound. There are lacunae, and the 
following passages are missing: Gen. xiv. 7 xviii. 24, xx. 14 xxiv. 54, and the 
last -]\ chapters (from xliii. 14 to the end). 

The Bodleian Genesis was brought from the East in 1853 by Tischen- 
dorf, who is reticent as to the exact locality where it was discovered; sub 
sequently it was acquired by the Bodleian Library. It has been edited 
with prolegomena in J\fo)uimenta sacra ined. vol. II. (pp. xxxvi xxxxii, 
179 308). The lateness of the MS. is counterbalanced in Tischendorf s 
judgement by the excellence of the text, which appears to represent a good 
and early archetype. Its value is enhanced by the scarcity of uncial MSS. 
of Genesis, and their generally defective condition ; of the eight which 
survive, two only 1 (as Tischendorf points out) have preserved more of the 
text than E. 

Besides corrections by the original scribe, which are occasionally dis 
criminated and are denoted E 1 , Tischendorf notices others which are nearly 
coeeval (E a ), and a third group proceeding from a later hand (E b ). 

Another leaf of this MS. was discovered in 1891 among some frag 
ments purchased from Tischendorf s representatives by the Syndics of the 
Cambridge University Library (Academy, June 6, 1891). This leaf carries 
the text down to Gen. xliii. 13. The verso is written in a cursive hand, 
but Mr Rendel Harris regards the cursive page as contemporary with the 
other, and possibly the work of the same scribe. Variants from the cursive 
portion of this fragment (Gen. xlii. 31 xliii. 13) are distinguished by the 
use of an italic () 2 - 

A fresh collation of Tischendorf s facsimile of E has been made by 
Dr Beard for the present edition. His corrections and additions have 
been embodied in the notes and Appendix. 

1 I.e. Cod. A and the great Coislin MS., Cod. Ixii and the British Museum Additional 

the latter Hexapiaric. MS. 20002 belong to the same Codex. See 

a Jt is now known that the St Petersburg Introduction to the O. T. in Greek, p. 134 f. 

CODEX AMBROSIANUS. Biblioth. Ambros. Mediol. A 147 infr. 

Written in broad and laterally thick characters, of the type usual in MSS. as 
signed to the fourth and fifth centuries, on the thinnest whitest and smoothest 
vellum, the leaves of which are gathered in quires of four and numbered on the 
first and last page of each quire ; there are three columns on each page, with 35 
lines in each column. Initial letters are used, projecting slightly into the margin. 
The MS. has not only a frequent and varied- punctuation, but stands alone amongst 
early uncial codices in exhibiting breathings and accents pritna mamt. The mar 
gins, both lateral and intercolumnar, are unusually broad, suggesting that the scribe 
contemplated the addition of marginal readings, some of which are in fact written 
by the first hand. The Codex now begins at Gen. xxxi. 15 and ends with Joshua 
xii. 12; there are numerous lacunae, the Book of Numbers being alone complete. 
The lacunae from Exod. xxx. 29 are almost invariably supplied by later hands. 

An unknown hand on a blank page bound up with the MS. is respon 
sible for the statement that this remarkable Codex originally came from 
Macedonia, and was bought in Corcyra by Card. F. Borromeo (1561- 
1631), the founder of the Ambrosian Library. It was cursorily examined 
by Montfaucon, who noticed the presence of accents prima manu; and it 
was collated, but with lamentable want of care, for Holmes, by whom it is 
briefly described. A discovery of the defects of Holmes s collation has 
led Dr A. Ceriani to publish the MS. in extenso in the third volume of 
his Monument a sacra et profana (Mediol., 1864). His edition is not in 
facsimile, and the exigencies of his type have compelled him to print in 
full the compendia scripturae ; complete prolegomena and all corrections 
later than the first hand are moreover postponed to a fourth volume of 
the Momimenta which is still a desideratum. But the provisional preface, 
a considerable introduction of fifteen closely packed pages, supplies nearly 
everything which is necessary for present use. The character of the text 
is but lightly touched; but the Editor remarks its frequent agreement 1 
with A as against B. Ceriani supports the relative antiquity of the Codex, 
notwithstanding the presence of breathings and accents, and is disposed 
to place it not later than the first half of the fifth century. He supposes 
two scribes, to one of whom he assigns the Pentateuch, to the other the 
fragment of Joshua. A change in the colour of the ink, which is yellow 
in the earlier books, but green in Joshua, marks the transition. On 
the other hand the continuous numeration of the quires, in the hand of 
the penman of the Pentateuch, suggests that the scribes were not only 
contemporary, but associated in their work. 

1 This agreement will be found to be quently opposed to A and in agreement 
particularly striking in the Book of Exodus. with the Sixtine text. 
In Leviticus on the other hand F is fre- 

All the corrections which Dr Ceriani has printed are of the first hand 
(A = F 1 ), as he has kindly informed the present Editor. These have all 
been worked into the notes or the Appendix, excepting fragments of the 
other Greek versions, which are foreign to the purpose of a manual edition 
of the Septuagint, and may be found in Dr Field s Hexapla. A large 
number of corrections additions and scholia in later hands had been com 
municated to Dr Field by Ceriani (Hexapla, I. p. 5), and permission was 
liberally given to use these for the present edition. Dr Field s lamented 
death intervened, and it was impossible to trace the papers which con 
tained these variants. A portion of them however had been incorporated 
in the Hexapla, and any of these which were available have been copied 
into the notes, where they appear under the symbol F a . In preparing a 
second edition the Editor had the advantage of consulting a list of correc 
tions and additions which were kindly communicated to him by Dr Ceriani 
in 1888; in the present edition he has derived further assistance from a 
fresh collation of the MS. made by Mr N. M c Lean for the Larger Cam 
bridge Septuagint. 

In conclusion the Editor desires to offer his sincere thanks to all who 
have cooperated with him in the endeavour to render this reissue of Vol. i. 
more accurate and serviceable than the first edition. His acknowledge 
ments are especially due to Mr Redpath, the Editor of the Oxford Con 
cordance to the Septuagint, whose vigilance will, as he trusts, have left 
few superficial errors for future correction. To the officers and workmen 
of the Press he owes a not less hearty recognition of the care and assiduity 
with which they have accomplished the difficult task of correcting the 



In this fourth edition the punctuation of the text as far as the end 
of Leviticus has been made to correspond in all important particulars with 
that of the larger Cambridge Septuagint, and the notes have been corrected 
from the same source. For these improvements the thanks of the reader 
are due to the Editors of the larger work, and to Mr E. J. Thomas, 
who has made the necessary changes. 

K = Codex Sinaiticus ( = S, Lagarde, Nestle). 

A= Codex Alexandrinus ( = 111, Holmes). 

B Codex Vaticanus ( = 11, Holmes). 

D (D} Codex Cottoniamis Geneseos (=1, Holmes). 

E (E} = Codex Bodleianus Geneseos. 

F = Codex Ambrosianus ( = VII, Holmes). 


\ EN APXH iroir]o~V o $eoy TOV ovpavov /cat TTJV y^jv. ~T) 5e yfj A 
rjv doparos /cat aKaTao~Kfvao~Tos, Kal O~KOTOS endvco TTJS dfiv<rcrov Kal 

3 TTVfVfXa dfOV eVfCpeperO eTToVoO TOV vddTOS. 3 Kttl flTTfV 6 06OS TfVT)- 

4 dtjTco flats Kal eycvero </)co?. 4 Kai I8ev 6 Oeos TO <pa>$ OTI KaXov 
Kal dif^oopio fv 6 0eos dva pecrov TOV (pcoTos /cat dvd fj.o~ov TOV CTKO- 

5 TOVS. 5 Kai eKoXfcrev 6 0os TO (pcos TjfJLepav, KOL TO O-KOTOS e/caXeerei/ 

6 VVKTCI. /cat eyevfTo ecTTTCpa /cat eyeVero Trpcot, ijfjiepa p.ia. 6 Kat 
eiTrev 6 dfos Yfvrj6rjTu> (rrepeco/^a eV /xeVco rou {iSaro?, /cai earco 5ta- 

7 xcopi^ov dvd fjLeo-ov v8a.Tos /cat v6aros - /cat eyevero OVTCOS. 7 Kal eiroirj- 
aev o Oeos TO crrepeco/za- /cat o~if%a>pio~ev 6 deos dvd TOV v 

o T/V VTro/carco TOV orepeoo/Maros 1 , Kai dvd /j.eo~ov TOV vdaTos TOV eT 

8 TOV crrepeaj/xaros. 8 /cai Ka\eo~ev o deos TO (rrepeco/ia ovpavov /cat 
I Sei; 6 ^eoy on /caXoi/. /cat eyei/ero eaTrepa /cat eyevero Trpcot, yp,fpa 

9 Sevrepa. 9 Kat (Inev o deos Svva^SrJTU) TO vScop TO VTro/carco roC 
oypa^oO ety o~vvaya>yr)v ^Lav, Kal ofpdrJTO) TJ ^pd Kal eyeVero ourcoy. 
/cat awr/x^r] TO vScop TO UTro/caTO) TOU ovpaj/oi) ety Tay O"Ufaya>yay OUTCOI/, 

10 /cat co(/)^ r) ^po. 10 /cat Kd\fo~ev 6 6(os TTJV ^pav yfjv, Kal TO. O~VO~T- 

11 ju,aTa T<5^ uaTa>i> eKa\O~V 6a\do~o~as /cat i Sef o ^eoy oTt /caXoi/. "/cat 
fiTrev o 6eos BXao"T^o~aTco T) yrj (BoTavrjv ^opTov, o"7retpoi/ o~7Tfpp,a /caTa 
yeVoy /cat /ca^ O/ZOIOT^TO, /cat ^uXoy K.dpm^,ov TTOIOVV KapTrov, ov TO 
cnrcpp.a avTov ev auTai /caTfi ye j-oy ety op.oioTr)Ta eirl TTJS yfjs Kal 

12 eyfvero OVT&S. I2 /cai (^rjveyKfv T] yfj fioTavr/v ^opTou, arrflpov o-rrtppa 
KaTa ye z/oy /cat /ca^ opoioTrjTa, /cat v\ov KapTTifJ-ov TTOIOVV Kaprrov, ov TO 
o-7rep/xa OUTOU eV aiVft) /caTa yeVoy eVt T^y yf)y. /cat t Sej/ o ^eoy 6Vt 

^ 3 /caXoi/. I3 /cat eyevfTO eo~7re pa /cat eyeVeTo Trpcot, ?)/xepa TpiTrj. I4 Kat D7? 

6 dfos Tfvr]QijTa>o~av (f)u>o~Trjpfs ev TCO o~Tfpea)p,aTt TOU ovpavov fls 

Inscr 7e^t(rs E I 4 etSei/ A 1 (rescr A d ) 6 7 uSaros 2...e7rot?;(rej/DE 
in nig et sup ras A a 10 av<TT-r)[j.a.Ta ]^ 11 Kara yei os ets o/x.] ets o/tt. /cara 
ytvos E om Kara yeros A* hab A a - lu ^ 14 etj (pavaw AD] wcrre <f>aiveiv CTTL E 

SEPT. j A 

I 15 TENE2I2 

A (pavo iv TTJS yi}s, Kal ap^eiv TTJS Tj/Jifpas Kai TTJS VVKTOS KOI 

dvd peVoi TTJS Tjp.fpas Kal dvd TTJS VVKTOS Kal fo~T(ao~av fls 

Kal fls Kaipovs Kal fls Tjp.fpas Kal els fviavTovs- I5 Kai ea TOHJ av fls (pavcriv 15 

fv rco O"repfco/i,art TOV ovpavov, coo~re cpaivfiv eVi TTJS yijs. Kai fyfVfTO 

16 Kai fTTOiTjo fv o Bfds TOVS dvo (pwo-TTjpas TOVS p.fyd\ovs, TOV 16 

TOV fjieyav fls dp^ds TTJS Tj^fpas Kai TOV (pao-TTJpa TOV f\ao~cra) 
fls dpxds TTJS VVKTOS, Kal TOVS do~Tfpas. l ~ Kal (QfTo avTovs d flfds fv 17 
ra> (rrepeco/iari TOV ovpavov, coo~re (paivfiv eVi TTJS y?/s, l8 Kat ap%fiv TTJS 18 
rjfj-fpas Kal TTJS VVKTOS, Kal cjiaxcapi^fiv dvd p.eo~ov TOV (pcoro? Kai a^a 

/J.fO~OV TOV CTKOTOVS Kal iSfV O dfOS OTI Ka\( )V. 19 KOI fyfVfTO ffTTVfpa 19 

D Kai fyfVfTO Trpcot, T)fj,fpa rfraprr^.^ 20 Kai finfv 6 dfos E^ayaye rco 20 

ra vdaTa epyrera ^vx^>^ (0o-<vv Kai irfTfivd 7rero/xer/[a] cVi r^? y^y Kara 
TO o~Tfpfu>p,\a roG] oiJpai OTj- Kai eyeVero OTj rcoy. 2I Kai firoirjcrev 6 dfos 21 
ra KrjTrj [ra p,e]ya\a Kai Trdcrav "^vx^J v \_^ ( f (>v fpTTf Jrcoi/, a f^TJyayev [ra 
Kara yeVr/ aurcov], Kai rrdv TTfTfivov 7rr[epcoroi/] Kara yeVoy Kai 
[$eo? on KaXa]. 22 Kai Tjv\dyr)o-fv avTa d B^fos Xeycof] \v^dvfcr6f 22 
Kai 7T\r)6[yv(o-6f, Kai] 7rXr/pcoo"are ra vdaTa \Jv TOA.S $a]Xao~crai?, Kai ra 
7TfTf[ivd TT\Tjdv^vfo-8ti)0-av eVi TTJS [yfjs. 23 Kai e ye]ffro exr/repa Kai e y[e- 23 
Trpcoi], rjpe pa TrffJ-TTTrj. 24 Kai fiTTfv d 6fds E^ayay[eVa) 7} yf; 24 

foaav Kara yeVos 1 , [rerpaTroSa] Kai epTrera Kai ^r;pt [a r^s y^9 
Kara] yf vos, Kal eyeVero [ovra>s]. 2 SKai firoiTjcrfv d dfds ra [^pia r^s 25 
y^y] Kara yeVoy Kai ra KT^VT] Kara yi\vos /cai Travra ra eprrfera r^s- yfjs] 
Z> Kara yeVos a^rcoi - Kai t fj/ o flfos OTI KaXa. - 6 Kai fiTTfv d 6fds Honjo-(i>- 26 
p,f v avup(t)7rov KOT fiKova rjfjifTfpav Kal Kao op-oiwcriv /cai npvercoo ai T03V 
iX0v(i)v TTJS dd\do~o-Tjs Kal TWV rrfTfivcov TOV ovpavov Kal TWV KTTJVWV 
Kai irao-rjs TTJS yrjs Kal irdvTwv TWV fpnfTwv T<>V ff>TrdvT(V eVi Ttjs yfjs. 
2 ?Kai fTToiTja-fv d dfos TOV (ivdpanrov, Kar fl<dva 6fov firoirjo fv avTov 27 
apo-fv Kai QTJ\V fTroiijo-fv avTovs. 2S Kal Tjv\dyTjo~fv avTovs d dfds Xe ycoi/ 28 
Avt;avfo~6f Kai TT^TjOvvfo-df., Kal 7r\Tjpwo~aTf Trjv yrjv Kai KaraK^pievcrare 
avTTjSj Kal dpxfTf roo^ Ix^vwv TTJS daXdacnjs Kai TCOV vrereii/coj/ TOV ovpa 
vov Kai rravTMv Tu>v KTTjvaiv Kal TrdcrTjs TTJS yr/s Kal TraVrooy TCOV epTTfTQJv 
TU>V fpTrdvTcov fTrl TTJS yrjs. 29 Kai flnfv d 6fds iSou Se ScoKa vfuv iriiv 29 

BE ^ 14 Kai a pxeiv... VVKTOS i] Kai apx^Tuxrav (D)... VVKTOS D* (rescr Z) a ) om 
E | /cai Sia^.J rot; Sia^- IJ | cm eis 5 .> 20 25 quae uncis incl sunt 

perier in A 21 Kara 2 A*(vid)E] /cat Tra A d 24 om /cai ^7?pia E 

25 om /cai ra KTrjv-rj Kara 7.] E 26 28 rescr vid D a 26 /cai rw^ ?rer. 

roi; oiyrn sup ras circ 36 lilt A a | TWV epTrerw^] om TWI> D v[d 28 euX[o7??- 

ffev] D | ai/rous o Oeos AZ) sil ] o ^s ai/rous E | Tr\r)pwaa.Te] Tr\r)Ov[veTe ?] D | om 
iravTwv i E | KTTJVWV [Kai] Tra A lm | om /cai iraffrjs r^s 7775 E | om raw 
E 29 Trav i AE] ?raj/ra /> u 


XopTov o-7rbpt[jiov o-7Tipov o-7rep/za, b O~Tiv eVai/o) Trdcrrjs TTJS yfjs- KOI irav A 
uXoi>, o e^fi ev eavrcp Kapnov cnrepp-aros (nvopip.ov [u]/iiv e arcu ds 

30 /Spajcrti j 3Kai nacri [rot]? drjpiois TTJS yrjs Kai Tracrt [rot]? Trercivols TOV 
ovpavov [KCU Tr\avr\ epTrerai ra> epirov[ri eVri rqs] yJJr, o e^et eV eaurw 
[^1(^17]^ 0077$" Kai 7rdt/ra ^op[rov ^Xjcopoi/ ets /Spcocrti/. Kat [eyeVerjo 

31 ovrcoy. 3i [ Ka v t t 6 i/ ] ^eoff ra Trai/ra oa-a CTTO/^trev, Kai] iSov KaXa 

1 Xiai^. /cai eye [i/ero eor]7Tpa KOI e yeVero Trpcot, [?7/iepa e]KTT/.^i T [Kai^ 

2 (TW6rf]Xeo-^?;o-aj/ [o ovpavos K]OL rj yrj KOI Tras 6 Koo-pos [avrcof. 2 K]ai 
<rvvfTf\O V 6 @ebs [eV TT) T^/iepa] rrj KTTJ ra epya aurov [a T 

Kai KaTeTravcrev [rfj rjpJ]epa rfj e(B86p.r] OTTO 7rav[ra>v ra)\v epytov 

3 tov [e7roiij(T^ev. 3 Kai rjvKoyrjdfV [o ^eoy rrjv\ tffjiepav rr^v ft$op,T 
r)yia<Tv avrr/v, OTL eV avr t ^ KareVavcref OTTO Trayrooi/ rcoi epycoi/ 
cof ^ p^aro o ^eos Troir/crat. 

4 4 Avr; ?y /3i j3Xoy yei/eVecas ovpavov Kai y^s, ore eyfVero- 7; 

5 CTToirja ev Kvpios 6 0eos TOV ovpavov Kai r^ y^f, 3 Kai7rai/ ^Xtopov dypov 
Trpb TOV yeveaOai eVi r?yy y^s 1 ? ^ai TVOVTO. ^oproi/ dypou TTpo ro{) dj/arei- 
Xat. ov yap ejBpet-ev 6 dfbs eVi r^v y^i/, Kai avdpcoiros OVK r\v epydc- 

6 o~6ai TTJV yrjv 6 7rrjyr] Se dvefiaivev CK TTJS yfjs Kai TroTiev TTCLV TO Trp6o~(t)7rov 

7 r^y yfjs. 7 Kai eVXao-fi/ o tfeos 1 rov avdpwrov x ovv a7ro T V S 7^ s K0[ i 


8 eiy "^vx^ v C < " rai/ - 8 Kai efpvTfvo-fv Kvpios o fobs Trapdo cia-ov ev 
9*Eep, Kara dfaroXdj 1 , Kai edeTO eKet roy avdpaJTTOV ov fTT\ao~fv. ?Kai 

(av(Ti\V 6 debs ert K r^y yrjs Trai/ v\ov ttipalov fls opao~iv KOL 
els Ppwo-tv Kai TO v\ov TTJS (0rjs ev /MeVa) rco TrapaSeiVa), Kai ro 

10 rov do tvai yvaxrrov KaXoC Kai Trovrjpov. I0 7rora/xos Se eKTropeuerai e^ 
^ESep, TTOTt^fiv TOV Trapddeio-ov KelO(v d(popifTai els Teo-o~apas dp%ds. 

11 1I ovo[jia TW vl Oetcrcoi/- OVTOS o KVK\<OV Trdo-av TTJV y?jv EvetXar, eKei ov 

12 O~TIV TO xpvcriov I2 ro 5e ^pvcri oi/ r^s y^s 1 fKeimjs Ka\6v Kai eK6t O~TIV 

13 6 (ivdpa Kai o \i6os o Trpdaivos. I3 Kai ovopM ra) 7rorap.o) ra) Seurepw 

14 FTJCOI/ OVTOS o KVK\(ov 7rdo~av TTJV yrjv Aldionias. I4 Kai o vrora/ixo? o 
rpt roy Tiypts- OVTOS b TTopfvbfievos K-tirivavri Ao~o~vpia>v. b 5e Trora/xos 

15 o re raproy, OVTOS Eu0parr/y. lS Kai eXaftev Kvpios b 0ebs TOV av6pa>T70v 
ov eir\ao~fv Kai e^ero avrov eV r TrapaSetVa), fpyd^eaflai UVTOV Kai 

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SEPT. 65 K 


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SEPT. 113 H 


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SEPT. I93 N 


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195 N 1 


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SEPT. 209 O 


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SEPT. 24! 


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SEPT. 273 


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