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Medical Words 
AND Phrases 



Assistant Professor of Therapeutics and Materia Medica, and Lecturer 
on Pharmacy, Medical Department, Georgetown University 


Demonstrator of Laryngology, Georgetown University ; Adjunct 

Professor of Laryngology, Washington Postgraduate School ; 

Fellow of the American Rhinological, Laryngolog- 

ical, and Otological Society, etc. 






Copyright, 1903, by W. B. Saunders & Company. 

Registered at Stationers" Hall, London, England. 














This work originated some years ago in an effort to find 
a certain technical term to express an idea which had tem- 
porarily escaped our minds, and which was needed in the 
course of some literary investigations we were pursuing at 
the time. 

The lengthy search and the great number of books that had 
to be consulted before the required term could be found sug- 
gested the urgent necessity of a work of reference that might 
be of assistance to others placed in a like situation. 

After a thorough search of the Library of the Surgeon-Gen- 
eral's Office at Washington, finding that no such work existed, 
we decided to attempt to supply this defect in Medical Lexi- 

Since the inception of the idea we have labored for three 
years in the attempt to consummate this plan. The work 
involved in such an undertaking, as can readily be understood, 
has been enormously augmented from the fact that no proto- 
type existed which could be used as a model. 

To give a complete list of the works we have had occa- 
sion to consult in the course of the preparation of the 
Thesaurus is unnecessary, the list being large and compre- 
hensive, including dictionaries, encyclopedias, and other works 
of reference, monographs, etc. A few books, however, have 
been of especial value, and deserve to be mentioned; for ex- 
ample, the " Terminologia Medica Polyglotta," by Maxwell ; 

" Nomenclature of Disease " of the Royal College of Physi- 




cians (London); " Dictionnaire Encyclopedique des Sciences j 

Medicales, Dechambre 100 v.," Paris, 1864-90 ; *' Dictionnaire ; 

des Sciences anthropologiques," Bertillon, Paris, 1884-92; ' 

''Real Encyclopadie des gesammten Heilkunde," Eulenburg, i 

22 v., Leipzig, 1893-96; and the dictionaries of Dorland, j 

Gould, Dunglison, Quain, Billings, and Lippincott. ] 

To several friends we desire to acknowledge our indebted- ; 

ness for assistance and advice, notably to Dr. J. S. Wall, of | 

Georgetown Medical College, and Dr. J. B. Nichols, of Colurn- ^ 

bian Medical College, who rendered valuable service in col- ; 

Finally, we might state that the work could hardly have ! 

been prepared apart from the great library of the Surgeon- ^ 

General's Office, of the excellent facilities of which we have I 

made liberal use ; and we desire here to extend our thanks to j 

its officials for their courtesy and assistance. \ 



Washington, D. C, July, 1903. ; 


The " Thesaurus of Medical Words and Phrases " aims to 
perform for medical literature the same services which Roget's 
" Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases " has done for liter- 
ature in general ; that is, instead of supplying, as an ordinary- 
dictionary does, the meaning to given words, it reverses the 
process, and when the meaning or idea is in the mind, it en- 
deavors to supply the fitting term or phrase to express that 
idea. It aims especially to give the technical equivalents of 
vernacular or vulgar medical words, and under appropriate 
headings to present all the technical words associated with a 
given subject. 

As the field to be covered and the problems to be solved were 
totally different from those of general literature, the authors 
were obliged to proceed upon a plan differing from that which 
obtains in Roget's great work. In the present work the head- 
ings representing the subjects are arranged alphabetically, 
which does away with the index — a necessary adjunct to the 
use of Roget's Thesaurus. This work differs also from the 
latter in that brief definitions are given to obviate the constant 
reference to a lexicon to discover the meanings of the terms. 

While any and all categorematic words, useful to point the 
way to desired technical terms, have been utilized as captions, 
those to which preference has been given are names for anatomic 
parts. The names of functions, symptoms, secretions, and ex- 
cretions — in both their generic and specific applications — also 
figure very prominently as headings. 

Under each caption will be found all the principal technical 
words and synonyms which are directly associated with or sug- 
gested by the caption considered as a subject. Definitions pre- 
cede the terms merely by way of identification ; and so far as 



it was possible to do so, these definitions have been arranged 
alphabetically by the word which represents the chief or essen- 
tial part of the idea expressed. 

It must be distinctly understood that this work is not intended 
to supplant the medical dictionary or glossary, having a wholly 
different purpose, and the definitions are as short as practicable 
in keeping with that purpose. 

It must be borne in mind also that a thesaurus, in the sense 
here used, is not an encyclopedia or a treatise upon medical 
subjects, and there must not be expected the same logical 
arrangement or classification of a subject of a caption as would 
be proper there. An alphabetic arrangement is preferred, in 
accordance with the general scheme to subordinate other things 
to simple practicality. 

Anatomic and other terms considered to be of secondary 
interest, and yet of sufficient importance to be given, have 
often been placed together at the end of the list. But these 
have, whenever possible, been arranged also according to what 
we may denominate the thesauric plan, producing an entirely 
new and, as believed, more useful grouping of such terms than 
that found in the ordinary dictionary. 

The authors have endeavored likewise to enhance the prac- 
tical application of the book by thorough cross references 
from one caption to another, and have not hesitated to insert 
terms under more than one caption when the nature of the 
terms permitted. 

The reformed spelling has been adopted in all cases where 
sufficient authority could be found therefor, and the inconsist- 
encies which will be evident must be charged not to the authors, 
but rather to the imperfection of our language. 

The manner of using the Thesaurus will differ according 

as one or the other of the two following purposes obtain in the 

mind of him who consults it: (1) either a certain word is wanted 

to fit a certain definite idea ; or (2) the consultant has but a 

vague idea in mind of what words he wants, and refers to 

the Thesaurus for suggestions which may happily come to 

him in this way. It is the aim of the authors to provide for 

each of these demands in as complete a manner as possible. 

It is, of course, not to be expected that any human under- 


taking could anticipate the varying operation of all the differ- 
ent minds that exist, and there must, therefore, occur some 
failures on the part of those who are in search of a definite 
word. But in most cases if the general plan of the work as 
just outlined be borne in mind, with the help of the cross 
references success will crown the efibrts of those who consult 
the work intelligently. 

When it is desired to arrive at some certain definite term, lost 
perhaps temporarily to the memory, the reader should think 
first of all whether or not the term has a common or vernacular 
appellation. If so, it will be found opposite this name used as 
a caption. If not, let him think whether the term is associated 
with some anatomic part. In such case it will be discovered 
under the name of that part. If not here, perhaps it may be 
encountered under the name of the body secretion or excretion, 
or that of the function with which it is associated. 

In case the desired word is not associated with an anatomic 
part or fluid or function of the body, the best direction that 
can be given to assist in finding it is to frame, as nearly as 
possible, some definition that can be substituted for the word 
itself, and to look it up under the chief words in which that 
definition is expressed. 

As the dictionary is of service to those who need assistance 
in interpreting the expressed thought of others, the Thesaurus, 
on the other hand, is intended to assist those who have to write 
or to speak in giving proper expression to their thoughts. 
The Thesaurus of Medical Terms, then, ought to be of 
value to all persons who are called upon to state or explain any 
subject in the technical language of medicine. To this class 
belong not only professors and instructors in medical colleges 
and authors of medical books, but nearly every member of the 
medical profession who at one time or another might be called 
upon to deliver an address or state his experience before a med- 
ical society, to contribute an article to the medical press, or it 
may be to give testimony in court, when he must figure as an 
expert witness, and must accordingly exhibit a full and adequate 
knowledge of the technical words of his profession. 

Students and nurses who are required to write up case his- 
tories and to render accounts, in hospital or at college, upon 



medical subjects will likewise be aided by reference to such a 

Those outside of the profession who will have most need to 
consult the work are stenographers and typewriters engaged in 
transcribing the proceedings of medical societies or reporting 
trials in which expert testimony is entered ; translators of sci- 
entific writing from other languages into English ; and lawyers, 
journalists, or novelists who are dealing with subjects requiring 
the employment of technical medical terms. 

As examples of familiar vernacular medical words the cor- 
rect technical equivalent for which we might desire, and would 
generally be unable to find in a dictionary, we might mention — 






Cleft Palate 















Bubo Milk-leg Nightmare Opium-eating 

In the matter of synonyms the authors have endeavored to 
perform for medical science a service never before attempted, 
at least in anything like the same degree as here exhibited. 
Writers and speakers desiring to avoid the unpleasant repeti- 
tion of words will appreciate the value of this labor. Ane- 
mia, Melancholy, Aneurysm, Food, Growth, Hoarseness, Blind- 
ness, Leukorrhea, Fibroid tumor. Fatness, Flatulence, are ex- 
amples of words rich in technical synonyms. Thousands of 
other words having a larger or smaller number of terms which 
might be substituted for them have been similarly treated in 
this work. 

Again, another advantage to writers that the present work 
possesses over dictionaries is the original method of presenting 
a great many technical terms, according to what we might call 
the thesauric plan. Under the headings Shaped and Resembling, 
for example, have been grouped a large number of descriptive 
adjectives expressive of shape or other resemblance to things. 
These terms will be very useful to medical authors, and, so far 
as we know, are nowhere else to be found. The caption Fear 
has served to bring together the technical names for different 



kinds of morbid fears, and the various kinds of Mania will be 
found under that title. 

Many other tables or lists of words somewhat on the same 
plan will be found under the captions Canal, Muscle, Amputa- 
tiou,, Bath, Bandage, Fever, Eating, Massage, etc. 

Under the caption Drug has been given not only a complete 
list of the various terms that have been applied to drugs for 
their therapeutic action, but, in addition, an alphabetic list of 
all their common names, with their technical equivalents oppo- 

The caption Prescription has been made use of to present, on 
the thesauric plan, a list of Latin phrases that are generally 
used in reference to the taking of medicine. 

It is impossible that a work such as this one, entirely original 
in conception, should be perfect in execution ; nevertheless, the 
authors trust it shall not fail to render, in some degree, the ser- 
vices for which it was designed. 

Though incidental to the real purpose of the work, if it does 
nothing else, this attempt to arrange words according to a new 
system, which brings together synonyms and related words in 
a way never before done, may give some valuable hints to 
philologists. The opportunity here offered to compare words 
and detect their defects and discrepancies, the better to see 
their faulty etymology and their unscientific foundation, in 
some cases their needless multiplication and in others their 
insufficiency, may lead, it is hoped, to the suggestion of reforms 
that may conduce ultimately to the purification of our tech- 
nical language. 








Synonyms : Remission, Subsidence, Retrocession, Re- 
cession, Declension, Mitigation. 
a. of disease. Anesia ; Anesis ; Catabasis ; Minythesis ; 

ABBREVIATION. See Contraction. 

ABDOMEN. See also Stomach, Intestine, Liver, Kidney^ 
Gall-bladder, Spleen, Pancreas, Aorta, Bladder, Uterus, 
Peritoneum, Navel, Organ, Viscus, Abdominal Artery, 
Abdominal Bandage, etc. 

Synonyms: Celia (adj. Celiac), Alvus (adj. Alvine), 
Venter (adj. Ventral), Neira. 
abscess of wall of a. Mural abscess, 
abscess (fecal) of a. Stercoraceous abscess 
aneurysm in the a. Celianeurysm. 
cramp (or spasm) in the a. Celiospasm. 
dropsy of the a. Ascites (adj. Ascitic), Hydrocelia. 
effusion of blood in the cavity of the a. Hematocelia. 
enlargement (abnormal) of the a. ("pot belly"). 

Megagastria; Ventrosus; Ventriosus; Auxesis ab- 

dominalis; Physconia. 
having an enlarged a. Abdominous ; Pachygastrous ; 

abnormal enlargement of organs of a. Megalosplanch- 

2 17 


examination of a. Laparoscopy ; Abdominoscopy. 

fissure (congenital) of a. Celioschisis. 

gas in the a. (flatulence). Tympanites; Meteorism; 

Aeroperitonia ; Pneumatosis ; Aneilesis. 
hernia of a. Laparocele. 
hernia of lower a. Hypogastrocele. 
hyperemia of organs of a. Celiemia. 
inflammation of muscles of a. Myocelitis ; Laparo- 

inflanmiation of organs of a. Celitis. 
inflammation of viscera of a. Encelitis. 
inflammation within a. following labor. Lochiocelitis. 
instrument to examine a. Laparoscope, 
instrument to incise a. Laparotome. 
a little a. Ventriculus. 

monster united by lower a. Hypogastrodidymus. 
monster with limbs attached to a. Gastromelus. 
double monster united at a. Celiadelphus. 
monster having double a. Digastricus. 
noises in a. from gas. Celiopsophia ; Borborygmus ; 

operation of section of a. See Abdominal Section. 
surgeon who operates on the a. Laparotomist. 
operation of excision of an organ of a. Celiectomy. 
operation of injection into cavity of a. . Laparoclisis. 
operation of excision of uterus through a. Celiohys- 

operation of incision of a. and gall-bladder. Laparo- 

operation of incision of a. into colon. Laparocolotomy. 
operation of tapping the a. Celioparacentesis ; Paracen- 
tesis abdominis, 
operation through a. upon bladder. Laparocystotomy. 
operation through a. upon vagina. Laparoelytrotomy. 
operation through a. upon intestine. Laparoenterotomy. 
operation through a. upon uterus. Laparohysterectomy. 
pain in the a. Celialgia ; Enteralgia. 
spasmodic pain (colic) in the a. Celiodynia ; Colica 

abdominalis ; Tormina ventris. 
pain in muscles of a. Myocelialgia ; Celiomyalgia ; 




pain in a. due to lochia! disturbance. Lochiocolic. 

paralysis affecting the a. Celioplegia. 

regions of a. Epigastrium ; Hypochondrium ; Mesogas- 

trium; Hypogastrium. 
relaxation of a. Celiochalasis. 
rheumatism of walls of a. Celiorrheuma. 
serous membrane lining a. Peritoneum ; Membrana 

suppuration of walls of a. Celiopyosis. 
tumor of a. Celionchus ; Celiophyma. 
extrusion of viscera from a. Eventration, 
white line in middle of a. Linea alba, 
having a white a. Leukogastrous. 
without an a. Acelious. 

ABDOMINAL ARTERY. Arteria epigastrica superior. 

ABDOMINAL BANDAGE. Fasciatura abdominale ; Cin- 

ABDOMINAL BRAIN. Solar plexus ; Cerebrum abdomi- 

ABDOMINAL CAVITY. Cavum abdominale. 

ABDOMINAL GANGLION. Semilunar ganglion. 



ABDOMINAL PREGNANCY. See also Pregiiayicy. 

Synonyms : Extra-nterine Gestation, Ectopic Pregnancy. 

ABDOMINAL RING. Annulus abdominalis. 

ABDOMINAL SECTION. Celiotomy ; Gastrotomy ; Lapa- 
rotomy; Ventrotomy; Malacotomy. 

ABDOMINAL TYPHUS (Typhoid Fever). Febris en- 
terica or enteromesenterica or intestinalis ulcerosa. 
See also Fever, Typhoid. 

ABDOMINAL VEIN. Vena epigastrica superior. 

ABDUCTOR. See 3fuscle. 

ABERRATION. See also IRnd, Insariity. 
Synonym : Aberratio. 
a. of light. Chromatic a., Spheric a. 

ABNORMAL. See also Normal, Abnormality. 
Synonyms : Abnormis, Abnormous, Aberrant. 


having a. form. Heteromorphous. 

a. formation. Paraplasm. 

having a. formative powers. Paraplastic. 
ABNORMALITY. See also Deformity, Monster; also 

various functions, as Menstruation, Vision, etc., and or- 
gans, as Heart. . 

Synonyms : Aberration, Anomaly, Abnormity, Abnor- 
mitas, Malformation, Lusus. 

a. of form. Paramorphia ; Heteromorphia. 

pertaining to a. of form. Cacoplastic. 

pertaining to a. of articulations. Xenarthral. 

a. in form of organs. Morphonosus. 

Synonyms : Abortio, Abortium, Abortment, Amblosis, 
Ecbloma, Ectrosus, Miscarriage, Abortus. 

criminal a. Feticide ; Abortus procuratio. 

a. produced by art. Abactus venter. 

any agent having effect of producing a. Aborticide; 
Amblotic; Abortient; Oxytocic; Abortifacient ; Ec- 
bolic; Ocydinic; Parturifacient; Parturient; Accele- 
rator partus. 

habitual a. Abortus habitualis or periodicus. 

any means of producing a. Aborticidium. 

one producing a. Abortionist. 

any drug producing a. Ecbolium ; Abagmentum. 

clinical varieties of a. Before 20th day. Ovular a. ; be- 
tween 20th and 90th days. Embryonic a.; effluxion, 
between 3d and 6th month, Fetal a. ; some time after 
the death of fetus. Missed a. 
ABRASION. See also Wound, Chafing. 
Synonyms : Abrasio, Excoriatioyi. 

a. of the teeth. Abrasio dentium ; Odontotripsis. 

ABSCESS. See also Inflammation, Pus, Ulcer, and spe- 
cial organs (as Kidney, Liver, etc.). 

Synonyms : Abscessus, Apostasis, Apostema, Ecpyesis, 
a. containing air. Emphysematous a. ; Tympanitic a. ; 

Abscessus flatuosus. 
blood infection with multiple a's. Pyemia (a's. in this 



condition are called Embolic, Metastatic, Miliary, 
Multiple, Pyemic, Secondary, or Consecutive), 
an a. containing extravasated blood. Hematopostema. 
a cheesy a. Caseous a. ; Tubercular gumma, 
a tightly closed a. Encysted a. 
cold a. Abscessus frigidus. 
fecal a. Stercoraceous a. 
incision of a. Onchotomy. 
a. originating independently of other morbid condition. 

Idiopathic a. 
ripening of an a. Maturation, 
a. due to extravasation of urine. Abscessus urinalis or 

urinosus; Uropostema. 
walls of a. cavity. Parietes. 
wandering a. Gravitation or Hypostatic a. 
Varieties of a. according to analomic location : 
a. of abdomen (wall of). Mural a. 
a. of anus (edge of). Marginal a. 
a. of areolar tissue. Phlegmon, 
a. of back (lower). Abscessus lumbalis, lumbaris, or 
lumborum; Lumbar a. (when pointing in groin, 
Psoas a.). 
a. of bone. Ossifluent or Osseous (of bone covering, 

Subperiosteal a.). 
a. of brain. Abscessus cerebri ; Encephalopyosis. 
a. of breast. Mastodynia apostematosa ; Abscessus 
lacteus; Mammary a. (behind breast, Postmam- 
mary or Retromammary a.). 
a. of chest (cavity). Pleuritic a. ; Empyema ; Ab- 
scessus thoracis, 
a. of chest (muscles of). Pectoral or Subpectoral a. 
a. of ear. Otic or Otitic a. 
a. of ear drum. Lamellar a. 

a. of eye (anterior chamber). Abscessus oculi; Hy- 
popyon (inner corner or canthus) ; Prelacrimal a. 
a. of fascia (underneath). Subaponeurotic or Sub- 
fascial a. 
a. of gall-bladder (or bile-duct). Biliary a. 
a. of gland (lymphatic). Abscessus lymphaticus. 
a. of gland (sweat). Sudoriparous a. ; Abscessus 



a. of gland (vulvovaginal). Bartholinian a. ; Vulvo- 
vaginal a. 
a. of gum. See a. of tooth socket. 
a. of kidney. Nephxitic a. ; Abscessus renalis ; Neph- 

a. of kidney (around). Perinephritic a. or Abscessus 

a. of larynx (around). Perilaryngeal a. (in larynx, 

Endolaryngeal a.). 
a. of lung. Abscessus pulmonum ; Pneumapostema. 
a. of lymphatics. Lymphapostema ; Adenophlegmon, 
a. of pelvis (cellular tissue). Parametric a. or Ab- 
scessus parametritica. 
a. of pelvic peritoneum. Perimetric a. 
a. of skin. Abscessus nucleatus; Furunculus; Fur- 
uncle (disease, Furunculosis). 
a. of tendon sac. Bursal a. ; Thecal a. ; Abscessus 

bursalis or thecarum. 
a. of throat. Pharyngeal a. (behind throat, retro- 
pharyngeal a.). 
a. of tibia (head of). Brodie's a. 
a. of tooth-socket. Alveolar a. ; Parulis ; Abscessus 

follicularis ; Abscessus gingi varum, 
a. of urethra. Lacunar a. ; Urethral a. 
ABSENCE. See Different Parts. 
ABSORBENTS. Lymphatics. 
ABSORPTION. See also Digestion, Nutrition. 

Synonyms : Absorptio, Imbibitio7i, Immision, Inges- 
tion. , 
a. of blood. Absorptio sanguinis ; Hemorrhophesis. 
a. of excreted matter into the blood. Absorptio mor- 

defective a. of food. Malassimilation. 
a. in the lungs. Absorptio pulmonalis. 
a. in conditions of health. Absorptio sana. 
medium or agent producing a. Sorbefacient. 
a. of secretions (as synovia to prevent accumulation). 
Recremential a. 




ABSTINENCE. See also Alcohol, Food, Fasting. 
Synonym : Ahstinentia. 
a. from food. Nesteia. 
total a. from liquor. Nephalism. 
ACCELERATOR. See Muscle, Nerve. 
ACCESSORY. See Muscle, Nerve. 
ACCIDENT. See also Injury, Wound. 

Synonym : Accidens. 
ACCIDENTAL. Adventitious. 
ACCLIMATED. Climati assuetus. 
ACCOMMODATION. See Eye, Vision. 
Synonym : Accommodatio. 
near point of a. Punctum proximum, 
far point of a. Punctum remotum. 
ACCORD. See Sound. 
ACCOUCHEUR. See Ohstetrician. 
ACETANILID. Antifebrin; Phenylacetamid. 
ACHE. See Pain and Special Organs. 

• Synonym : Aclios. 
ACHE BONE (Pelvis). 

Synonym : Os iunominahim. 

Synonym : Tendo AchiUls, 
division of a. Achillotomy ; Achillotenotomy, 
inflammation of bursa over a. Achillobursitis. 
neuralgic pain in a. Achillodynia. 
ACID. See also Stomach, Urine. 
Synonym : Aciduin. 
absence of a. Anacidity. 
fatty a. in blood. Lipacidemia. 
excess of a. Hyperacidity ; Peracidity. 
formation of a. Acidification, 
forming a. Acidific ; Oxygenic, 
measurement of a. Acidimetry. 

instrument to measure specific gravity of a. Acidom- 
eter; Oxymetrum. 



agent neutralizing a. Antacid ; Alkali. 

act of neutralizing an a. Deacidification. 

neither a. nor alkaline. Amphoteric. 

rendering a. Oxyntic ; Acidulous. 

to render a. Acidulate. 

capable of absorbing a. stains. Acidophile. 

a. and astringent to taste. Acerbity (adj. Acerbitous). 

tendency to become a. Acesence. 

Varieties of organic a. according to derivation : 

of air. Carbonic a. ; Acidum carbonicum ; Mephitic a. 

of amniotic fluid. Allantoic a. ; Amnic or Amni- 
otic a. 

of ants (red). Formic a. 

of apples. Malic a. 

of atropin. Tropic or Atropic a. 

of bile (among these are). Taurocholic ; Glyco- 
cholic a. 

of brain. Cerebric a. ; Cerebrinic a. 

of butter. Butyric a. 

of camphor. Camphoric a. 

of castor oil. Ricinoleic a. 

of chaulmoogra oil. Gynocardic a. 

of cinnamon. Cinnamic or Cinnamylic a. 

of coaltar (distillation). Carbolic a.; Phenic a.; 

of cyanogen. Hydrocyanic a. ; Prussic a. ; Zootic a. 

of ergot. Sclerotinic a. 

of fats. Oleic, palmitic, stearic a's, etc. 

of fats and glycerin. Acrylic a. 

of galls (nut-galls). Gallic a. 

of gum arable. Arabic a. ; Acidum arabicum ; Gum- 
mic a. 

of Iceland moss. Cetraric a. 

of jatropha (purging nut). Jatrophic a. ; Igasuric a. 

of lemon. Citric a. 

of milk. Lactic a. ; Caseic a. ; Acidum lacticum ; Gal- 
actic a. ; Nanceic a. 

of opium. Meconic a. 

of quinin. Kinovic a. ; Chinovic a. ; Cinchonic a. 

of rhubarb. Chrysophanic a. 

of senna. Cathartic a. ; Polygallic a. 


of sugar (by nitric acid). Oxalic a. ; Acidum oxal- 

of tan bark. Tannic a. 
of urine (especially of carnivora). Uric a. ; Benzo- 

ardic a. ; Calculous a. ; Lithemic a. ; Lithic a. ; 

Lithuric a. 
of urine (especially of herbivora). Hippuric a. ; Ben- 

zuric a. ; Urobenzoic a. 
of urine (coloring-matter). Purpuric a. ; Rosacic a. 
of valerian. Delphic a. ; Valerianic a. 
of vinegar. Acidum aceticum. 
of wintergreen. Salicylic a. 
of wood. Pyroligneous a. 

ACID WHEY. Serum lactis acidum. 

ACINUS. Glomerulus; Lobule (q. v.). 


Synonym : Ac7ie vulgaris. 
a. of chin (beard). A. mentagra; Sycosis, 
a. due to bromin. A. bromata. 
a. in the decrepit. A. cachecticorum. 
a. due to drugs. A. artificialis. 
a. due to iodin. A. iodata. 
a. of the nose. A. rosacea ; Gutta rosa. 
a. with hardened papules. A. indurata ; A. virilis. 
a. with aggregated papules. A. coagminata ; A. pustu- 

a. with hard sebaceous matter. A. cornea; Ichthyosis 

a. due to sun's rays. A. Solaris, 
a. due to tar. A. picealis. 

ACNE-LIKE. Acneform. 


ACTION. See Stool. 


ACTIVITY. See also Energy, Function. 
Synonym : Activitas. 
absence of activity of an organ. Inertia. 
increased a. of mind. Exaltation. 


morbid a. of mind. Hyperideation. 
resulting from too little a. of body forces. Miopragic. 
ACTUAL CAUTERY. Cauterium actuals ; Ignis actualis. 


Synonym : Acutus. 
extraordinarily a. Peracutus. 

acuta ; Flava jecoris ; Icterus gravis. 
ACUTENESS. See various functions, as Hearing, Vision, 

ADAM'S APPLE. Pomum adami ; Prominentia laryngea. 
ADAPTATION. Accommodation. 
ADDISON'S DISEASE. Cachexia suprarenalis ; Melasma 

Addisonii ; Tuberculosis of Suprarenal Capsules. 
ADDUCTOR. See Muscles. 
ADHESION. See also Atresia. 

Synonyms : Adherentia, Coalition, Coalescence, Sym- 
physis, Conglutination. 
a. of eyelids. Ankyloblepharon, 
a. between globe of eye and orbit. Syncanthus. 
a. between iris and cornea or iris and lens. Synechia, 
a. or fusion of testicles. Synorchism. 
a. of penis to scrotum. Synoscheos. 
a. in sense of growing together of adjoining organs (as 

heart and pericardium). Symphysis, 
a. of tongue to gums (tongue-tie). Ankyloglossia. 
complete a. between surfaces. Hapantismus. 
ADHESIVE. Adherens. 
ADHESIVE PLASTER. Emplastrum adhesivum ; Spara- 

ADIPOSE. See Fat. 
ADJUVANT. Adjumentum. 
ADMINISTRATION (of medicine). See Injection, Drug, 

Treatment, Dose. 
ADOLESCENCE. See also Youth, Puberty, Age. 

Synonyms : ^tas bona, Adolescentia. 
ADULT. See also Age. 
Synonym : Acmceos. 




chlorosis in a. life. Acmseochlorosis. 
intertrigo in a. life. Acmseomorphia. 
excessive obesity in a. life. Acmseopolysarcia. 
seborrhea of a. life. Acmaeopimellorrhea. 
ADULTERATION. See also Impurity. 

Synonyms : Adulteratio, Sophistication. 
a. of drugs. Manganization. 
AFFECTION. See Disease. 

Synonyms : Affectio, Affectus. 
AFFERENT. Esodic; Centripetal; Afferens. 
AFFINITY (Similarity). 
Synonym : Ajjinitas. 

Synonym : Post. 
a. death. Post-mortem; Posthumous. 
AFTER-BIRTH. Secundines; Placenta. 
AFTER BIRTH (with reference to time). 

Synonym : Postpartum (applied most often to hemor- 
AFTER-BRAIN. Metencephalon. 
AGAINST. Adversum; Anti- ; Contra-. 
AGAR- AGAR. Gelose ; Gracilaria lichenoides. 
AGE. See also Child, Adult, Youth, Puberty. 
Synonym : ^tas. 
adolescent a. .5Itas bona, 
adult a. .5Itas virilis ; Acmaeos ; Virility, 
a. of boyhood. -SItas puerilis. 
a. of childhood. iEtas ineuns. 
a. of decrepitude. -SItas decrepita. 
a. of first infancy. Infantia. 
a. of second infancy. Pueritia. 
a. of manhood. iEtas matura. 
a. of sexual capability. Puberty ; Pubescence, 
a. of full vitality, -^tas firmata. 
a. of youth. Adolescence, 
middle a. ^tas media. 

old a. Senectus ; -ffitas mala, infirma, provecta, senecta, 
or senilis. 



relating to old a. Geratic. 

approaching old a. ^tas ingravescens. 

growing old. Senescence ; Obsolescence. 

vigorous old a. Insenescence. 

weakness, etc., incident to old a. Senility. 

emaciations and w^eakness of old a. Geracomarasmus. 

physical decay of old a. Morbus senilis. 

care of old a. Geracomia. 

institution for a-d. Geracomium. 

appearance of old a. in the young. Geramorphism. 

AGENT. See Therapeutic, Drug, Remedy; also different 
parts and functions. 

AGONY. See Pain. 
Synonym : Agonia. 

AGUE. See Malaria. 
AGUE BROW. Neuralgia frontalis. 
AGUE CAKE (Enlargement of Spleen). 
Synonym : Splenomegaly. 

AILMENT. See Disease. 

AIR. See also Gas, Vapor, Oxygen, Emphysema. 

Synonyms : Pneuma, Aerius, Aereus (adj. Aerial), 
apparatus for determining impurities in a. Caerometer. 
bacteria requiring a. Aerobia (adj. Aerobic), 
containing a. Aeriferous. 
containing a. (spoken of intestine). Flatulent ; Windy. 

(See Abdomen, gas in.) 
dread of current of a. Aerophobia, 
instrument to measure purity of a. Eudiometer, 
instrument to determine density of a. Manoscope ; 

Barometer; Baroscope, 
instrument showing changes in moisture in a. Hygro- 

life sustained in a. Aerobiosis. 
measurement of a. current in breathing. Anapnometry ; 

Spirometry (instrument for — Spirometer; Anapno- 

measurement of a. moisture. Hygrometry (instrument 

for — Hygrometer) . 
pertaining to the a. Atmospheric. 


collection of a. and blood in pleura. Pneumohematlio- 

rax; Hemapneumothorax. 
collection of a. and water in pleura. Pneumohydrotho- 

rax; Hydropneumothorax. 
having qualities of a. Aeriform ; Aerophorous. 
renewal of a. in a room. Ventilation; Aeration, 
science of a. Aerology ; Aeroscopy ; Meteorology, 
use of a. in therapeutics. Pneumatherapy. 
use of hot medicated a. in therapeutics. Pneumathermo- 

extravasation of a. in tissues. Emphysema, 
collection of fluid and a. in tissues. Hydropneumatosis. 
tumor filled with a. Aerocele. 
collection of a. in uterus. Physometra. 
audible escape of a. from uterus. Hysteropsophy. 
introduction of a. in a vein. Aerhemoctonia. 
AIR-BALLOON. Aerostat. 

AIR-PASSAGES. See Nose, Pharynx, Larynx, Trachea^ 
Bronchus, Lung. 

Synonyms : Vice aeriferce, Vice respirationis. 
operation of letting air into a. p*s, as in intubation or 
tracheotomy. Aeroporotomy. 
ALBERT'S DISEASE. Achillodynia. 

Synonyms : Albinismus, Alphoism, Kakerlakism, 
Achroma, Leukopathy, Leukism, Congenital Leu- 
a. in black race. Leuksethiopia. 
ALBINO. See Albinism. 
ALBUMEN. See also Proteid, Cell 
acid a. Syntonin. 
a.-like substance of blood. Fibrin. 
diminution of a. in blood. Hypoalbuminosis. 
excess of a. in blood. Albuminosis ; Hyperalbuminosis. 
germicidal a's in blood. Alexins, 
containing a. Albuminous, 
digested a. Albumose ; Peptone, 
product of a. digestion. Hemialbumose. 
a. of Q^g. Albumen ovi. 
like a. Albuminoid. 



living a. Protoplasm. 

a.-like substance of milk. Casein. 

a. of nerves. Neurin. 

a. in urine. Albuminuria; Leukuresis; Serumuria; 

instrument to measure a. iu urine. Albumometer ; Al- 

buminometer ; Albumenimeter (process is Albuminim- 

ALBUMINOID DISEASE (Waxy Degeneration). 

Synonym : Amylosis. 

Synonym : Albumin Peptone. 
a. in urine. Albumosuria; Propeptonuria. 

ALCOHOL. See also Spirit, AlGoholimi. 

Synonyms : Spiritus vini, Spiritus rectificatus. 
a. ordinarily used medicinally. Alcohol ethylicum. 
total abstinence from a. Nephalism. 
apparatus for measuring strength of a. Zeoscope ; Al- 
ataxia due to a. Pseudotabes alcoholica. 
excessive desire for a. Dipsomania; Methyspomania ; 

Methylepsia ; Methomania ; Alcoholophilia. 
digestive disturbances due to a. Methogastrosis. 
study of effect of a. Methobiostatics. 
a. taken on empty stomach. Nestoposia. 
sulphur a. Mercaptan. 

wood a. Alcohol methylicum ; Alcohol pyroxylicus. 

Synonyms : Intemperance, Intoxication, Ebriety, In- 
ebriety, Ebriosity, Inebriation, Teynulency, Methysis, 
Alcoholosis, Dipsomania, Oinomania. 
terminal stage of acute a. Delirium tremens ; Mania a 
potu; Methexiphrenesis. 
ALDEHYD. Alcohol dehydrogenatum. 
ALGID. See Cold. 

ALGID CHOLERA. Cholera Asiatica. 
ALIBERT'S DISEASE. Mycosis fungoides. 
ALIENATION. See also Mind, Lisanity. 
Synonym : Alienatio mentis. 


ALIMENT. See also Food, Nutrition, Diet 

Synonyms : Alimentum, AUmonia, Nutrimeiitum, Vic- 

ALIMENTARY CANAL. See also Esoijhagus, Stomach, 
Intedine, etc. 

Synonym : Ductus ciharius. 
embryonic a. c. Archigaster. 


tending to become a. Alkalescent, 
fixed a. (as potash). Alkali fixum. 
forming a. Alkaligenous. 
measuring of a. Alkalimetry, 
of reaction of a. Alkaline, 
to make a. Alkalinize. 
state of being a. Alkalinity, 
vegetable a. Potassa. 
volatile a. Alkali volatile. 


cadaveric (or putrefactive) a. Ptomain. 

a. formed in living animal body. Leukomain. 

List of alkaloids according to derivation : 

of aconite (monkshood). Aconitin. 

of belladonna. Atropin. 

of berberis (Oregon grape). Berberin. 

of cinchona bark. Quinin (also Cinchonin ; Quinidin ; 
and Cinchonidin). 

of cacao (theobroma). Theobromin. 

of calabar bean. Eserin ; Physostigmin. 

of coca. Cocain. 

of coffee. Caffein. 

of colchicum. Colcliicin. 

of conium. Conin. 

of hydrastis (canadensis). Hydrastin and Hydras- 

of hyoscyamus. Hyoscyamin. 

of ipecac. Emetin. 

of jaborandi. Pilocarpin. 

of nux vomica. Strychnin ; Brucin. 

of opium (three principal). Morphin; Codein; and 




of pepper. Piperin. 
of solanum (dulcamara). Solanin. 
of stramonium. Daturin. 
of tobacco. Nicotin. 
of veratrum. Veratrin. 
ALL-HEAL. Panacea. 
ALLOY. See Adulteration. 
ALMOND MILK. Emulsio amygdalae. 
ALOPECIA. Anaphlantiasis ; Anaphlantoma ; Anaphla- 

krosis; Capillomm defluvium; Acosmia; Acomia. 
ALTERATION. See also Change. 

Synonym : Alleosis. 
ALTERATIVE. See also Drug. 

Synonym : Alleotie. 
ALVEOLUS. See Tooth-socket. 
AMAUROSIS. See Blindness. 
AMBIDEXTROUS. Equimanous. 
AMBULANT. See Walking. 
AMBULATORY FEVER. Typhus ambulans or ambu- 

AMEBA. See also Cell. 

Synonyms: Protozoon, Bioplast, Sarcophyte. 
like an a. Ameboid ; Amebiform ; Amebal. 
protrusion of a. for locomotive purposes. Pseudopo- 

a. of dysentery. Amoeba coli. 
a. found in mouth or teeth. Amoeba buccalis or den- 

a. in urinary or vaginal secretions. Amoeba urogeni- 

a young a. Amebula. 
AMNION (Innermost Envelop of Fetus). 

Synonyms : Memhrana agnina, Bursa aquarum. 
inflammation of a. Amnitis ; Amnutis ; Amniotitis. 
pertaining to the a. Amniotic. 


Synonym : Liquor amnii. 


a flow of a. f. Amniorrhea. 
deficiency of a. f Oligohydramnios, 
abnormal amount of a. f. Hydramnios ; Polyhydram- 
premature escape of a. f Amnioclepsis. 

a. of rectum. Ampulla recti, 
a. of Vater. Papilla Vateri or duodeni. 

Synonym : Amputatlo. 
bloodless a. Amputatio incruenta. 
breaking a bone before a. Diaclasia. 
flap a. Amputatio panniculata. 
a. of limb at a joint. Disarticulation, 
a wire loop for a. Ecraseur. 
an oblique a. Loxotomy. 
a. in which osseous surfaces are retained in apposition. 

Osteoplastic a. 
spontaneous a. Amputatio spontanea. 
List- of amputations according to locality : 
of arm. See Elbow, Shoulder. 
of ankle-joint. Amputatio tibio-tarsea. 
of elbow (anterior elliptical incision). Farabeuf s a. 
of elbow (by single external flap). Guerin's a. 
of foot (leaving astragalus and calcaneum ; principal 

flap from sole of foot). Chopart's a. 
of foot (above malleoli by oblique elliptical incision). 

Duval's or Guyon's a. 
of foot (subastragaloid ; bone sliced and united to 

tuberosity of os calcis). Hancock's a. 
of foot (disarticulation at the tibiometatarsal articu- 
lation), Lisfranc's a. 
of foot (leaving only the astragalus). Malgaigne's a. 
of foot (retention of part of calcaneum). Pirogoff's a. 
of foot (removing articular surfaces of bone of leg 
above malleoli, covering with integument of heel). 
Syme's a. of Hip-joint ; Amputatio coxo-femoralis. 
(by semicircular outer flap to trochanter and internal 

flap from within outward). Alouette's a. 
of hip-joint (by transfixion, posterior flap made first). 

Beclard's a. 
3 33 


of liip-joint (boiie enucleated, limb cut tit any desired 
point). Jordan's a. 

of knee (oval Haps with joint disarticulated by ellip- 
tical incisionsj. Bauden's a. 

of knee (bringing patella and femur in a|)})osition). 
Gritti's a. 

of knee (by disarticulation). Lane's a. 

of knee (anterior short oval flap ; retained patella ; 
two lateral flaps). Pancoast's a. 

of knee (disarticulation with long anterior flap). 
Pollock's a. 

of leg (large posterior flap). Hay's a. 

of leg (long flap from back part ; modified Teale's a.). 
Lee's a. 

of shoulder (including scapula) ; (tw^o flaps, one pec- 
tora-axillary, other cervicoscapular). Berger's a. 

of shoulder (two round flaps from external and inter- 
nal part of arm, outer by transfixion, then disarticu- 
lation, inner from within outward). Dnpuytren's a. 

of shoulder (incision downward from acromion, spiral 
incision in front and back of arm, meeting on inte- 
rior). Larrey's a. 

wrist-joint. Amputatio carpo-radialis. 

by external flap. Dubrueil's a. 

ANASARCA (General Dropsy). Hydrops cellulosus; 

ANASTOMOSIS. Inosculation ; Conjunctio vasorum. 

ANATOMY. See also Dissection. 
a. of lower animals. Zootomy, 
a. regarded as basis of life. Anatomism, 
a. of blood-vessels. Angiology. 
a. of bones. Osteology; Skeletology. 
a. of the elementary tissues. Merology. 
a. shown by frozen sections. Holalography. 
a. of glands. Adenology. 
a. of ligaments. Syndesmology. 
a. of man. Androtomy; Anthropotomy ; Anthropog- 

raphy ; Anthroposomatology. 
a. of membrane. Hymenotomy. 
a. of muscles. Myology. 



microscopic a. of tissue. Histology ; Micranatomy. 
a. of the nerves. Neurography. 

a. as applied to regions of the body. Regional a. ; Topo- 
graphic a. 
a. of skin (descriptive). Dermography. 
a. treating of soft tissue. Sarcology. 
a model for study of a. Manikin, 
a. of vegetables. Phytotomy. 
a. of viscera. Splanchnology. 
ANDERSCH'S GANGLION. Ganglion petrosum. 
ANEMIA. See also Bloody Hodgkin's Disease, different 

Synonyms : Spanemia, Hydremia, Oligemia, Aglobu- 
lism, Anemosis. 
affected with a. Anemic; Anemiated. 
a. due to blood-poisoning. Toxinemia. 
a. common in girls at puberty. Chlorosis ; Parthenosus. 
lymphatic a. Lymphadenoma (Hodgkin's disease). 
pernicious a. Anaemia pemiciosa. 
ANESTHESIA. See also Sensation, Skin, Taste, Smell, 

Synonyms : Haphonosus, Parapsis expers. 
a. in lower half of body. Paranesthesia, 
a. to electric stimulation. Electro-anesthesia, 
a. of the extremities. Acroanesthesia. 
a. of new-born. Anaesthesia nascentium or neonatorum, 
a. of one side of body. Hemianesthesia; Anaesthesia 

a. to pain. Analgesia, 
partial a. Meranesthesia. 

a. from spasm of blood-vessels. Anaesthesia angiospastica. 
ANESTHETIC LEPROSY. Anesthetolepra. 

Synonyms : Aneurysma, Hernia arteriarum, Abscessus 
spirituosus, Artereurysma. 
a. with escape of blood. Aneurysma spurium ; Ecchy- 

moma arteriosum. 
a. by anastomosis. Varicose, Racemose, or Cirsoid a. ; 

passage into a. sac of foreign body. Filipuncture. 



fusiform a. Metraneurysm ; Aneurysma fusiforme. 

a. of arteries in bone. Osteo-aneurysm. 

a. of heart. Cardioncus. 

puncture of a. by electric needles. Electropuncture. 

sac like a. Sacciform a. ; Aneurysma sacculata. 

Synonym : Stenocardia. 

nervous disease simulating a. p. Pseudo-anginao 

duodenojejunal a. Flexura duodenojejunalis. 

iridocorneal a. Angulus iridis. 

a. of the rib. Angulus costae. 

sacrovertebral a. Promontorium. 

ANGUISH. See Anxiety, Fear. 

ANIMAL. See also Organism, Parasite, Vertebrate, In- 
vertebrate ; also different kinds of animals, as Horse, Dog, 
etc., Animal Chemistry, Animal Generation, Animal 

change of color in certain a's. Metachrosis, 
derived from a. Zoogenous, 
science of disease of a. Zoopathology. 
dissection of a's. Zootomy. 
endemic disease of a. Enzootic, 
epidemic disease of a's. Epizootic, 
dissection of a's while still alive. Vivisection, 
morbid fear of a. Zoophobia, 
relating to a. fed by parent. Heterophagous. 
feeding on a. tissue. Creophagous; Carnivorous; Zoo- 

a four-footed a. Quadruped. 

grafting of a. tissues into the human body. Zoografting. 
principles and laws of a. life. Zoonomy. 
plant like a. Phytozoon ; Zoophyte, 
a. life of an area or period. Fauna. 
a's inhabiting the sea. Maricolous ; Pelagic, 
a. of microscopic smallness. Animalcule, 
monomania in which person believes himself an a. 

any a. organism of blood. Hematozoon. 
a's. developing by segmented ovum. Metazoa. 


a's. not developing by segmented ovum. Protozoa. 

a. parasite. Zooparasite. 

organism parasitic upon an a. Farazoon. 

apparatus for producing movable picture of a. Zoe- 

a pouched a. Marsupial. 

periodic desire in a's. for procreation. Nisus. 

resembling an a. Zooid. 

science of a's. Zoology. 

a soft a. Malacozoon. 

vegetable-eating a. Herbivore. 

a. with warm blood. Hemathermous a. 

winter sleep in a's. Hibernation. 

a. worship. Zoolatry. 

a. with internal skeleton. Vertebrate. 

a. with external skeleton. Invertebrate. 
ANIMAL CHEMISTRY. Zoochemistry; Zoochemia. 
ANIMAL GENERATION. Zoogeny; Zoogony; Zoogene- 

ANIMAL MAGNETISM. Hypnotism (q. v.) ; Biogamia. 
ANKLE. Talus. 
ANKLE BONE. Ballista. 

ANODYNE. Acesodyne; Analgesic; Antalgicus. 
ANOMALY. See Abnormality. 
ANTHONY'S FIRE. Erysipelas. 

Synonyms : Anthracion, Cacaiithrax, Pustula maligna. 

abscesses of a. Abscessus gangrsenescens. 

bacillus of a. Bacillus anthracis ; Bacillus chavaei. 
ANTIDOTE. Antidotus; Vincetoxicon ; Eucharistos. 

Synonym : Stibium. 

poisoning by a. Stibialism. 
ANTIFYRIN. Fhenazone ; Analgesin; Dimethylphenyl- 

ANTRUM OF EAR. Antrum auris. 

Synonyms : Genyantriim, Antrum Highmorianum, 
Sinus maxillaris, Antrum maxiliare. 


accumulation of fluid in a. of H, Antrocele. 
inflammation of a. Genyantritis. 
pain in a. Genyantralgia. 
ANTRUM OF MASTOID. Antrum mastoideum. 
ANUS. See also Rectum. 

Synonym : Proctus (adj. Anal), 
absence of a. Aproctia. 
artificial a. Anus artificialis ; Enteroproctia ; Fistula 

construction of artificial a. Proctenclisis ; Colostomy. 
abnormal opening of a. Fistula (pi. fidulw^. 
closed condition of a. Atresia ; Occlusion ; Imperfora- 

tion; Proctatresia. 
morbid discharge from a. Proctorrhea, 
fissure of a. Fissura ani. 
hemorrhage from a. Proctorrhagia. 
inflammation around a. Periproctitis. 
instrument to dilate a. Procteurynter, 
plastic operation upon a. Proctoplasty, 
pain in a. Proctodynia; Proctalgia; Proctagra; Dolor 

paralysis of a. Proctoparalysis. 
primitive a. Proctodeum, 
varicose veins of a. Hemorrhoid (q. v,). 
wart-like growth at a. Condyloma, 
phrase : by way of a. Per anum. 
ANVIL-BONE (of Ear). Incus. 
ANXIETY. See also Fear. 

Synonyms : Alysis, Alysmus, Angor, Angustia, JErumna. 
excessive a. or grief Hypercedemonia ; Odemonia. 
AORTA. See also Artery. 

Synonym : Hemalaxus. 
inflammation of a. Aortitis. 
narrowing of a. Aortostenosis. 
softening of a. Aortomalacia. 

APATHY. See also Stupor, Coma. 
Synonyms : Ameleia, Hebetude. 

APERTURE. See also Opening. 
a. in anatomic sense. Fenestra. 


APHASIA (Speeclilessuess). See also Speech, Writing. 

a. from defective articulation. Alalia. 

a. with confusion of words. Paraphrasia. 

a. from defective intellection. Alogia. 

a. from defective memory. Amnesia. 

a. of motor origin (Motor a.). Aphemia. 

a. with inability to read. Paralexia. 

a. with inability to write. Paragraphia. 

a. of foot. A. volaris. 

a. of skull. Epicranial a. ; Galea aponeurotica capitis. 

deep a. of perineum. Fascia pelvis. 

superficial a. of perineum. Fascia superficialis perinaei. 

APOPLEXY (Cerebral), See also Paralysis. 

Synonyms : Apoplexia, Hemencephalus, Apoplexia 
cerebralis or cerebri, Morbus attonitus. 
capillary a. Apoplexia capillaris. 
cardiac a. Apoplexia cordis ; Hemocardiorrhagia. 
a. into connective tissue. Apoplexia textus cellulosi. 
a. of eye. Apoplexia oculi ; Hemophthalmia. 
a. of kidney. Apoplexia renalis. 
a. of liver. Apoplexia hepatica; Hepatorrhagia. 
a. of lung. Apoplexia pneumohsemorrhagica ; Hemop- 
tysis; Pneumorrhagia. 
meningeal a. Apoplexia intermeningealis. 
a. of retina. Amphiblestroid apoplexia. 
spinal a. Apoplexia myelitica or rachialis. 
serous a. Apoplexia pituitosa. 
sudden or violent a. Apoplexia fortis or Mminans. 
slight form of a. Parapoplexy. 
producing a. Apoplectigenous. 
condition resembling a. Pseudo-apoplexy, 
tendency to a. Habitus apoplecticus. 

APPARATUS (in sense of Instrument). See Instruments. 
surgical a. Apparatus chirurgicus ; Armamentarium 

case for surgical a. Capsa chirurgica. 
a. for fixing fracture. Immobilizing a. 
spray a. Atomizer ; Nebulizer, 
a. for w^ashing cavities. Irrigator. 


APPARATUS (in sense of Organ). 

a. concerned in breathing. Respiratory a. 

a. concerned in motion. Locomotor a. 

a. concerned in reproduction. Sexual a. ; Generative a. ; 

Genetic or Genesic a. 
a. concerned in secretion. Secretory a. 
a. concerned in sight. Visual a. 
a. concerned in smelL Olfactory a. 
a. concerned in speech. Vocal a. 
a. concerned in excretion of sweat. Sudoriparous a. 
a. concerned in taste. Gustatory a. 
a. concerned in secretion and passage of tears. Lac- 
rimal a. 
a. concerned in touch. Tactile a. 
a. concerned in excretion of urine. Uropoietic a. 
APPEARANCE. See Expression. 
APPENDICES (Epiploic, of Intestine). 

Synonym : Appendices epiploicce. 
APPENDIX. See also Oroivth, Appendix ( Vermiform). 
Synonym : Accessoriimi. 
a leaf-like a. Appendix foliosa. 
a tail-like a. Cauda (adj. Caudal). 
a. of brain. A. cerebri; Pituitary Body, 
a. of sternum. A. ensiformis ; Xiphoid Cartilage. 
APPENDIX (Vermiform). See also Intestine. 

Synonyms : Ajjpendix vermiformis or cceci, A. ver- 
micularis cceci, Eephyas. 
excision of a. Appendectomy; Appendicectomy ; Ec- 

inflammation of entire a. Appendicitis ; Ecphyaditis. 
inflamed mucous membrane of a. Endo-appendicitis. 
inflammation of tissues around a. Parappendicitis ; 

inflammation of peritoneum around a. Peri-appendicitis. 
APPENDIX (Xiphoid). 

Synonyms : Processus xiphoideus or xiphoides or eii- 
siformis ; see Sternum. 
APPETITE. See also Desire, Hunger, Thirst, Sexual 
Desire, Food, Drhik, Venery. 
depraved or unnatural a. Dysorexia ; AUotriophagy. 



a substance to dispel a. Alimon. 

a. for dirt. Chthonopliagia. 

excessive, insatiable, or morbid a. Acoria ; Addephagia ; 

Bulimia; Lycorexia (adj. Multivorous, Voracious), 
loss of a. Asitia; Anorexia; Inappetence. 
loss of a. with loathing of food. Apostitia. 
perversion of a. Heterorexia. 
strong a. for salt. Alomania. 
unnatural or depraved a. Limosis. 
unrestrained a. Acolasia (also Lust). 

APPOSITION. Approximation. 

AQUEDUCT OF FALLOPIUS. Canalis facialis; Aque- 
ductus or canalis Fallopii. 

AQUEDUCT OF SYLVIUS. Iter e tertio ad quartum 

ARACHNOID. See also Brain, 

inflammation of a. and dura mater. Duro-arachnitis. 
inflammation of a. and pia mater. Leptomeningitis. 

ARAN-DUCHENNE'S DISEASE. Progressive Muscular 

ARAN'S GREEN CANCER. Chloromia ; Malignant Lym- 
phoma of Orbit. 


cord of a. Ligamentum venenosum. 
nodules of a. Noduli valvularum. 


Synonyms : Arcus, Zygoma. 
List of anatomic a's. according to location : 
a. of aorta. Arcus aortse. 

a. of cheek. Zygomatic a. ; Arcus jugalis or malaris. 
a. of colon. Colon transversum ; Arcus coli intestini. 
a. of eye (at edge of cornea). Arcus senilis, 
a. of eyelids. Arcus palpebrae, superciliaris, or supra- 

a. of foot. Metatarsus ; Arcus plantaris. 
a. of foot (arterial). Arcus arteriosus pedis, 
a. of groin (Poupart's ligament). Arcus cruralis; 

Ligamentum inguinale. 


a. of hand (palmar). Arcus volaris; Arcus arte- 
riosus manus. 
a. of kidney (arterial). Arcus arteriarum, hilicus, 

or vasculosi. 
a. of knee ({)osterior ligamentous). Arcus popliteus. 
a. of teeth. Arcus dentalis; Pars or Arcus alve- 

a. of throat. Arcus palatinus. 
a. of nails. Arcus unguium ; Lunula, 
a. of neck (venous). Arcus venosus. 
a. of pubis. Arcus pubis. 

a. of stomach (greater). Arcus major ventriculi. 
a. of stomach (lesser). Arcus minor ventriculi. 
a. of vertebrae. Arcus vertebrae or vertebralis. 
ARDOR. See Desire. 

embryonic a. Area germinativa or pellucida. 
sectional a. of muscle. Cohnheim's a. 
central a. of retina. Area centralis, 
bald a. of scalp. Area diffluens or nummulata; Alo- 
pecia areata. 

AREOLA. See Nipple. 

AREOLAR TISSUE. See Connective Tissue. 

Synonyms : Textura artificiaUs, Tela cellularis, Textus 

ARET'S TRACHOMA. Conjunctivitis granulosa. 

ARM. See also Forearm. 

Synonym : Bracliium (pi. Braehia). 
a. bone (Humerus, q. v.). 
congenital absence of a. Abrachia. 
congenital absence of a. and head. Abrachiocephalia. 
amputation of a. Brachiotomy. 
atrophy of the a. Galeanconism. 
monster without a. Abrachius. 
one a-d. Monobrachius. 

pertaining to both a's. and head. Brachiocephalic, 
pertaining to both a's. and legs. Brachiocrural. 
pertaining to both a's. and face. Brachiofacial. 


abnormal smalluess of a. Microbrachius (opposite, 


Syuoiiyms : Axilla, Acella, Arcus axillaris, Cordis 
em imctorium, Mase hale. 
pertaining to a. -p. Axillary ; Maschaleous. 
around the a.-p. Peri-axillary, 
inflammation of glands of a.-p. Maschaladenitis. 
bad odor from a.-p. Hircismus. 
excessive sweating in a.-p. Maschalyperidrosis. 
treatment by inunction in a.-p. Maschaliatria. 
tumor in tlie a.-p. Maschaloncus. 
ARNOLD'S GANGLION. Ganglion oticum. 

Synonym : Ars. 
pertaining to the a's. Technical. 

phrase : according to a. (properly). Secundum artem. 
ARTEPuY. See also Aorta, Blood-vessels. 

Synonym : Arteria (adj. Arterial), 
coats of a. Tunica media, interna and externa, 
compression of a. by needle and ligature. Acufilopres- 

deep-seated a. Arteria profunda, 
calcific degeneration of a. Arteriosclerosis ; Atheroma ; 

description of the a. Arteriography, 
any disease of the a's. Arteriopathy. 
pertaining to heart and a's. Cardio-arterial. 
inflammation of an a. Arteritis, 
inflammation of middle coat of a. Mesarteritis. 
inflammation of outer coat of a. Exarteritis ; Peri-arte- 

inflammation of inner coat of a. Endarteritis, 
neuralgia of an a. Arterialgia. 
termination of a small vessel in a larger a. Abouche- 

science of a's. Arteriology. 
situated upon an a. Eparterial. 
a small a. Arteriole. 



softening of coats of a. Arteriomalacia. 

tumor or dilatation of an a. Aneurysm ; Hernia arte- 
riarum ; Abscessus spirituosus ; Artereurysma. 

union of a's. Anastomosis. 
ARTERY FORCEPS. Hemostat; Acolabis. 
ARTICULAR PROCESS. Processus articularis. 
ARTICULATION (in sense of Joint). See also Joint 
Synonyms : Articulatio, Gonjunetio. 

a. by intervening cartilage. Synchondrosis. 

a. by fibrous tissue. Amphiarthrosis. 

a. by ligament. Syndesmosis ; Synneurosis. 

a. with a gliding movement. Arthrodia. 

mixed gliding and hinge a. Amphidiarthrosis. 

freely movable a. Diarthrosis ; Abarthrosis ; Perarticu- 

immovable a. Synarthrodia ; Synarthrosis (3 forms are : 
Suture, Schindylesis, and G-omphosis). 

pertaining to normal a. Nomarthral. 

pertaining to abnormal a. Xenarthral. 

rotary a. Cyclarthrosis. 
ARTICULATION (in sense of Speech). See also Speech, 

Voice, Stammering, Pronunciation. 
Synonym : Enunciation. 

difficulty of a. Anarthria ; Dysphonia. 

disorder of a. Paralalia. 

Synonym : Factitious. 

a. replacement of lost parts. Prosthesis. 
ARTIFICIAL ANUS. Anus artificialis ; Fistula sterco- 

ralis; Enteroproctia. 
ASH-COLORED. Livid; Cineritious. 

Synonym : Cineres (sing. Cinis). 

reducing to a. Cineration ; Incineration ; Cinefaction. 
ASHY- WHITE. Cinereo-albidus. 

ASPHYXIA. See also Fainting, Coma, Stupor, Respira- 

Synonym : Apnea. 
a. from drowning. A. demersorum. 


a. from hanging. A. ex suspendio. 

a. of new-born. Anaesthesia nascentium; Asphyxia 

neonatorum ; Apnoea neonatorum, 
a. from strangling. A. strangulorum. 

ASSIMILATION. See also Nutrition. 
Synonyms : Homeosis, Metabolism. 
defective a. of food. Malassimilation. 
failure of a. of food. Disassimilation. 

ASTIGMATISM. See also Refraction. 
instrument to measure a. Axonometer. 
instrument to measure a. of cornea. Peratoconometer. 

ASYLUM. Manicomium. 


ATOM. See also Molecule, Element 

attraction of a's. Valency. 

change of position of a's. in compound. Isomerism ; 

having several a's. Polyatomic. 

ATOMICITY. Valency. 

ATONY. See also Atrophy and different organs. 
Synonym : Atonia. 
a. of stomach. AtOnia ventriculi. 

ATRESIA. See Different Organs; also Adhesion. 

Synonyms : Imperforatio, Atretismus. 
a. of anus. Atresia ani; Atresocysia; Atretocysia 

(subject afflicted, Atretus). 
a. of bladder. Atretocystia. 
a. (adhesion) of eyelids. Atresoblepharia ; Symbleph- 

a. of intestine. Atretenteria. 
a. of mouth. Atretostomia. 
a. of nose. Atretorrhina. 
a. of pharynx (or esophagus). Atretolemia. 
a. of pupil (iris). Atresia pupillae or iridis; Atretop- 

a. of stomach. Atretogastria. 
a. of canal of uterus. Atresometria ; Atretometria. 
a. of urethra. Atreturethria. See Stricture. 


a. of vagina. Atretelytria ; Atresia vaginae (woman 

affected, Atreta). 
a. of vulva. Atresia vulvae. 

ATROPHIC DISEASES. Morbi atrophici. 

ATROPHY. See Hypertrophy, Different Paris of Body, 

Synonyms: Atrophia (adj. Atrophic), Atonia nutri- 
tiva, Aiialosis, Marasmus, Tabes, Tabitudo, Conta- 
bescence, Maeies. 
a. of aged. Marasmus climactericus or senilis, 
a. of the arm. Galeancon. 
tending to arrest a. Autotrophic, 
a. of brain. Atrophia cerebri, 
a. of breasts. Mastatrophy. 
a. of children. Atrophia infantum, 
a. from excessive discharge. Marasmus inanitorum. 
a. from want of exercise. Acinetatrophia or Acinesi- 

general a. Pantatrophia, 
a. of heart. Atrophia cordis, 
a. in infancy. Marasmus infantilis, 
a. of the limbs. Melatrophy. 
a. of liver. Atrophia hepatis. 
a. of nails. Atrophia unguium, 
a. of nursing women. Atrophia lactantium. 
partial a. Meratrophy. 
a. of retina. Neurodeatrophy. 
neurotic a. of skin. Neurodermatrophia ; Atrophia 

cutis; Atrophoderma, 
a. of spinal cord. Myelatrophy ; Myelanalosis. 
a. of spleen. Atrophia lienis. 
a. from starvation. Inanition, 
a. of teeth. Atrophia dentium. 
a wasting or a. due to vomiting. Emetatrophobia. 

ATTACHMENT. See Adhesion, Muscle. 

ATTACK (of Disease). See also Disease. 

Synonyms : Invasion, Paroxysm, Accessio, Exacer- 
sudden a. Raptus. 



ATTIC (of Ear). 

Bynoiiyin : Epitymjjanum. 
operation of opening a. Atticotomy. 

AUDITION. See Hearing. 

Synonyms : Acoesis, Acusia. 

AUERBACH'S PLEXUS. Plexus myentericus (in intes- 

Synonym : Accretion. 

AURAL SURGEON. Othiatrus; Otiater; Otiatrician ; 
Otologist; Aurist. 

AURICLE (of Ear). 

Synonyms : Auris (adj. Auricular), Pinna. 
bloody tumor of a. Hsematoma auris ; Othematoma, 
deep cavity of a. leading into meatus. Concha, 
pointed prominence in front of concha of a. Tragus, 
small tubercle of a. opposite tragus. Antitragus. 
external prominent margin of a. Helix. 
parallel prominence anterior to helix. Antihelix. 
notch between tragus and antitragus. Incisura inter- 

large size of a. Macrotia. 
small size of a. Microtia. 

AURICLE (of Heart). See also Heart. 
Synonym : Atrium. 
pertaining to both a's. and ventricles. Atrioventricular ; 

AUSCULTATION. See also Rale, Sound. 

instrument used for a. of chest. Phonendoscope ; Stetho- 

instrument for estimating intensity of sounds of a. 

instrument for a. of muscles. Myophone. 

soft murmur in a. Susurrus. 

vibratory murmur heard in a. 

simultaneous a. and percussion. 

crackling sound heard in a. 
Crepitant Rales. 


of lungs. Crepitation ; 


a. sound like blowing over mouth of empty bottle. Am- 
phoric (adj.). 

friction sound heard in a. of chest in pleuritis. Bruit 
de frottement. 

a. sound over lung cavity. Amphorophony. 

bleating voice sound in a. Egophony. 

combination of bleating and bronchial voice sound in a. 

clacking sound heard in a. of heart. Bruit de claque- 

a. sound of voice in bronchi. Bronchopliony. 

sound of liquid in a. Hygrechema. 

splashing sound in a. Clapotement. 

distant transmission of speech in a. Pectoriloquy. 

a. with tube passed into esophagus. Endo-auscultation. 

a. through a column of water. Hydrophony. 


AUTOPSY. Examinatio post mortem ; Sectio cadaveris ; 

Necropsy; Necroscopy. 
AWAKE. Vigilia. 
AWAKING. Evigilatio. 
AXILLA. See Arm-pit 

Synonym : Acella. 
AXIS (Vertebra). 

Synonyms : Vertebrata dentata, Epistropheus. 
AXIS. See also Sight. 

anterior to a. of body. PreaxiaL 

around an a. Periaxial. 

behind an a. Postaxial. 

situated near a. of body. Paraxial. 
AXIS-FILAMENT. Axis-cylinder. 




BABY. See Infant 

BACELLI'S SIGN. Aphonic pectoriloquy. 
I BACILLUS (pi. Bacilli). See Bacteria. 
presence of b. in blood. Bacillemia. 
caused by b. Bacillary. 

clumping of b. (as in Widal test for typhoid). Agglu- 
substance causing clumping of b. Agglutinin paralysin. 
cultivation of b. Bacilliculture. 
substance destroying b. Bacillicide. 
morbid fear of b. Bacillophobia. 
any infection due to b. Bacillosis. 
producing b. Bacilliparous. 
resembling b. Bacilliform. 
presence of b. in urine. Bacilluria. 
Bacilli found in various diseases : 

in anal abscess. B. pyogenes foetidus. 

in anthrax (symptomatic). B. chauvsei. 

in blood in beri beri. B. beribericus. 

in bronchitis (putrid). B. of Lumnitzer. 

in cancrum oris. B. of Schimmelbusch. 

in cholera. Spirillum cholerse Asiaticae ; Comma 
bacillus; Bacillus virgula. 

in diphtheria. B. diphtheriae or diphtheriticus ; 
Klebs-Loeffler b. 

in eczema. B. ovatus minutissimus. 

in eczema seborrhoeicum. B. spiniferus. 

in endocarditis (ulcerative). B. endocarditis griseus. 

in gangrene (senile). B. of Tricomi. 

in glanders. B. mallei. 

in influenza. B. capsulatus mucosus. 

in leprosy. B. leprae. 

in measles. B. of Canon and Pielicke. 

in meningitis (purulent). B. meningitidis purulenta. 

in oedema (malignant). B. oedematis serobicus; B. 
oedematis maligni. 

in ozena. B. fluorescens ozenae. 

in pellagra. B. maidis. 
4 49 


in pneumonia. B. pneumoniae (Friedliinder). 

in purpura hieniorrhagica. B. of Giovannini. 

in sycosis. B. of Tommasoli. 

in syphilis. B. of Lustgarten. 

in tuberculosis. B. of Koch; B. tuberculosis. 

in typhoid fever. B. typhi abdominalis ; B. typhosus 

in whooping-cough. B. tussis convulsivae. 

BACK. See also Backward, Spine. 

Synonym : Dorsum (adj's. Dorsal, Notal). 
bending toward b. Dorsiflexion. 
extreme curvature of b. or limbs. Cyrtosis, 
hump on b. Bosselation. 
hunch-b. Gibbositas. 
the median line of the b. Dorsimeson. 
lying upon b. Supine (opp. Prone), 
act of moving toward b. Dorsiduction. 
toward the b. Dorsad, 
pertaining to lower part of b. Lumbar, 
pain in lower part of b. Lumbago ; Lumbodynia. 
upper part of b. Lophia ; Lophodia. 

BACK-BONE. See Spine. 

Synonym : Vertebral column. 

BACK-SET. See Relapse. 
BACK-SIDE. Nates. 

bending b. Eetroflexion. 

flowing b. Regurgitation. 

going b. Retrogression ; Retrogradation ; Retrocession. 

turning b. Retroversion. 

involuntary walking b. Opisthoporia. 

writing done b. Retrography. 

BACONY DISEASE. Lardaceous degeneration. 

BACTERIUM (pi. Bacteria). See also Micro-organism, 
Coccus, Bacillus, Fungus. 
Synonym : Schizomyeete (pi. Schizomycetes) ; (adj. 
b. arising from outside. Ectogenous b. 
b. arising from within. Endogenous b. 



b. requiring air. Aerobic b. 

b. not requiring air. Anaerobic b. 

b. invading the blood. Hematophyte. 

infection of blood by b. Bacteremia. 

b. causing infectious disease. Pathogenic b. 

carrying germs or b. Bacteriferous. 

caused by b. Bacteritic. 

b. consisting of two adherent cells. Diplobacteria. 

b. containing color. Chromophorous b. 

color producing b. Chromogenic b. 

agent causing destruction of b. Bactericide. 

spontaneous self-division of b. Fission. 

ferment producing b. Zymogenic b. 

b. in form of rod. Bacillus (q. v.). 

b. in spiral form. Spirillum. 

b. in form of thread. Leptothrix. 

b. producing gas. Aerogenic b. 

large b. Megabacteria (opp. Microbacteria). 

slender lash attached to b. Flagellum (pi. Flagella). 

b. capable of living with or without oxygen. Faculta- 
tive b. 

b. living on other b. Metabiotic b. 

mould b. Mucorini. 

b. producing pus. Pyogenic b. 

putrefactive b. Saprogenic b. 

resembling b. Bacteroid. 

corpuscle resembling b. Pseudobacterium. 

science of b. Bacteriology. 

search for b. Bacterioscopy. 

treatment by b. Bacteriotherapy. 

thread formation of b. Filamentation. 

yeast b. Saccharomycetes. 

b. which flourish side by side. Symbiotic b. 

b. universally distributed. Ubiquitous b. 

stage in development of b. when they lie imbedded in a 
gelatinous matrix. Zooglea. 

BAD DISEASE. Syphilis (q. v.). 

BAG. Scrotum. 

BAG OF WATERS. Amniotic sac; Saccus or Bursa 



BALANCE (Scales). Bilanx. 
BALDNESS. See also Hair. 

Synonyms : Anaphalantiasis, Acomia, Alopecia, Acos- 
mia, Capillorum defluvium. 
limited b. Porrigo decalvans. 
b. of front of head. Anaphalakrosis. 
b. of one side of head. Hemiphalakrosis. 

BALFOUR'S DISEASE. Chloroma; Chlorosarcoma. 


BALL OF THUMB. Thenar eminence (opp. eminence, 

BALLET'S SIGN. Ophthalmoplegia externa. 

BALSAM. Melissa; Balsamum. 


Synonyms : Deligatio, Fascia, Syndesmus. 
art of applying a b. Fasciation. 
Bandages (varieties of, anatomically classified) : 

for clavicle (fractured). 1. Sayre's; 2. Desault's ; 
3. Velpeau's. 

for eye. Liebreich's b. ; Monoculus; for both eyes. 

for foot (spica). Ribbail's b. 

for hand and fingers. Chirotheca. 

for harelip. Thillaye's b. 

for head. Hood b. ; Cucullus capitellum ; Capelline ; 
Galen's b. ; Hippocrates' b. 

for lower jaw. 1. Capistrum ; 2. Barton's b. ; 3. Gib- 
son's b. 

for limbs (made of rubber). Esmarch b. ; Elastic b. 

for wry-neck. Winslow's b. 
Bandages (varieties of form, etc.) : 

b. in form of cross. T-bandage ; Crucial b. 

immovable b. Dextrin b. ; Starch b. ; Plaster b. ; 
Parafl5.n b. ; Permanent b. ; Gum b. ; Glue b. ; Stea- 
rin b. ; Gypsum b. 

roller b. Recurrent b. 

rotatory b. Winslow's b. 

spike b. Spica b. 

starch b. Seutin's b. 



b. of separate strips. Many-tailed b. ; B. of Scul- 

b. with turns oblique and separated. Spiral b. 
b. with turns folded on each other. Reversed b. 
BANDY-LEGGED. See Bow-legged. 
BARBADOES LEG. Elephantiasis arabum. 
BARBER'S ITCH. Tinea barbae; Tinea trichophytina ; 

Sycosis contagiosa or parasitica ; Achor barbatus. 
BAR-BONE. Pubis. 
BARK. Cortex. 
BARKING. Decortication. 

BARLEY-WATER. Ptisan ; Decoctum hordei distichi. 
BARLOW'S DISEASE. Infantile scurvy. 
BARREL CHEST. Emphysema hypertrophica pulmo- 

BARREN. See Sterile, Sterility. 
BARTHOLIN'S CANAL. Ductus sublingualis major. 
BARTHOLIN'S GLAND. Glandula vestibularis major 

or vulvovaginale. 

b. of bladder. Fundus vesicae ; Trigone. 
b. of tongue. Radix linguae. 
BASE-BORN. Illegitimate. 
BASEDOW'S DISEASE. Goiter exophthalmus. 
BASIN. Pelvis (q. v.). 
BASTARD. lUegitimus. 

BATEMAN'S DISEASE. Molluscum contagiosum. 
BATH. See also Water, Treatment. 

Synonyms : Balneum, Balaneum (adj. Balneary, Bal- 
attendant at a b. (male) Balnearius ; (female) Balnea- 

description of medical h's. Balneography. 
science of b's. Balneatology. 
air-b. Balneum aereum. 
bran b. Balneum furfuris. 


cold b. Balneum frigidum ; Psychrolusia. 

dry b. Balneum siccum. 

effervescent b. Balneum aerophorum. 

a foot b. Pediluvium. 

a hand b. Maniluvium. 

a hot I). Balneum tepidum ; Balneum calidum. 

mud b. Balneum coenosum. 

Russian b. Balneum russicum. 

sand b. Balneum arense. 

sea b. Balneum marinum. 

shower b. Balneum pensile. 

sun b. Balneum solare. 

sun bathing. Heliotherapy. 

sweat b. Balneum sudatorium. 

Turkish b. Balneum turcicum. 

treatment by b's. (water-cure). Balneotherapy. 

vapor b. -Slstuarium. 

warm b. Tepidarium. 

water b. Balneum aquae. 

b. taken in sitting position. Sitz bath. 
BATH-HOUSE. Bagnio; Baptisterium. 
BATHING. Balneation. 
BATH-TUB. Labrum; Piscina. 
BATTERY. See Eleetrie battery. 
BATTERY FLUID. Liquor electropoeicus. 
BAUHIN'S VALVE. Valvula ileocecalis. 
BAZIN'S DISEASE. Psoriasis buccalis. 

Synonym : Rostrum. 

b. of sphenoid. Rostrum sphenoidale. 

b. of corpus callosum. Rostrum corporis callosi. 
BEARD. See also Down, Hair. 

Synonyms: Barba, Barbitium (adj. Barbal). 

having b. Barbigerous. 

excessive growth of hair or b. in woman. Pogoniasis. 

having white b. Leukopogous. 

woman having b. Virago. 
BEARD'S DISEASE. Neurasthenia; Nervous exhaus- 




BEARING DOWN (as in Defecation, Labor). 

Synonym : Compressio abdominis. 
BEAT. See Pulse, Heart 
BECHTEREW'S NUCLEUS. Accessory auditory nucleus. 

BED. See also Bed-bug, Bed-sore, Bed-time. 
Synonyms : Lectiis, Cubile, Cline (adj. Clinical). 

continement to sick b. Decumbiture ; Decubitus ; Cli- 

pertaining to any disease confining one to b. Lectual. 

obstetric b. Cubile obstetricum. 
BED-BUG. Acanthia lectularia ; Cimex lectularius. 
BED-CLOTHES. See Picking the bed-clothes. 
BED-SORE. Ulcus ex cubando ; Decubitus. 
BED-TIME. Hora decubitus. 

BEE. Apis mellifica. 
BEEF-TEA. Decoctum carnis. 

Synonyms : Commencement, Incipience, Inception, In- 
pertaining to b. Primordial. 
BEIGEL'S DISEASE. Fragilitas pili capitis (fragility 

of hair of the head) ; Trichorrhexis nodosa. 
BEING. See Animal. 
BELCHING. Eructation; Ructus. 
BELIEF. See Delusion. 

BELL'S DISEASE. Acute delirium; Acute perienceph- 
BELL'S NERVES. Internal and external respiratory. 
BELL'S PARALYSIS. Paralysis facialis. 
BELLY. See Abdomen. 
BELLY-ACHE. See Abdomen {pain in). 
BELT. See Zone. 

Synonym : Cingulum. 
BENDING. See also Deforynity ; and the different parts, 
as Spine. 

Synonym : Flexion. 


b. in an organ or part. Flexura. 

b. to one side. Lateroflexion. 
BENIGN. Benignus; Euethes. 
BENIGN TUMOR. Tumor benignus. 
BERLIN'S DISEASE. Commotio retinae; Traumatic 

edema of retina. 
BERRY-EATING. Baccivorous. 
BERTIN'S COLUMNS. Columnse renales. 
BESNIER'S RHEUMATISM. Chronic arthrosynovitis. 
BEVERAGE. See also Drink, Drinkable. 

b. having slight restorative qualities. Tisane. 

b. of arm. Biceps brachii or brachialis; Biceps flexor 
cubiti or f. radii or f. humeri. 

b. of leg. Biceps femoris. 
BICHAT'S CANAL. Arachnoid canal. 
BIGEMINAL BODIES. Tubercula or Corpora quadri- 

BILE. See also Gall-bladder, Gall-stone, Liver. 
SyDonyms : Gall, Fel, Bilis. 

absence of b. Acholia. 

containing b. Choledochus. 

abnormal discharge of b. Cholorrhea. 

deficiency of b. Oligocholia. 

having excess of b. Pericholous. 

excessive secretion of b. Hepatorrhea; Hypercholia; 

excretion of b. Biliation. 

agent causing flow of b. Cholagogue. 

generating b. Biliferous. 

pertaining to b. Biliary ; Choleric. 

b. pigments. Purple, bilipurpurin ; blue, bilicyanin; 
yellow, bilifulvin; brown, bilihumin; green, biliver- 
din; red, bilirubin. 

presence of b. pigment in blood. Cholemia ; Chole- 

blue pigment in b. and blood. Hemocyanin. 

morbid state of b. Cacocholia. 

remedial use of b. Choletherapy. 



secretion of b. Cholopoiesis. 

agent causing expulsion of b. in stools. Melanagogue. 

suppression of b. flow. Ischocholia. 

having thick b. Pachycolic. 

presence of b. in urine. Choluria. 

vomiting of b. Cholemesia. 

BILE-DUCT (Common). 

Synonyms : Ductus communis choledochus, Canalis 
hepatico cysticus. 

BILE-DUCTS. See Gall-ducts. 

BILE-STONE. See Gall-stone. 

BILIOUS ATTACK. CoUuvies gastrica. 

BILL. See Beak. 

BILLROTH'S DISEASE. Spurious meningocele. 

BIOLOGY. Biologia. 

BIPED. Bipes. 

BIPOLAR. Bipolaris. 


Synonym : Avis. 

disease of b. communicable to man. Psittacosis. 
BIRD-LIME. Viscus. 

BIRTH. See also Heredity, Pregnancy, Labor, Reproduc- 
tion, Ovum, Fecundity, Abortion, Still-born; for act of 

giving birth, see Labor. 
Synonyms : Ortus, Partus. 

giving b. to young alive. Viviparous. 

after b. (especially hemorrhage). Post-partum. 

before b. Antenatal ; Prenatal. 

b. by Cesarian section {q. v.). Partus Csesarius. 

connected with one's b. Natal. 

existing from b. Congenital ; Genetous. 

premature b. Partus intempestivus or immaturus. 

simultaneous b. Congeniture ; Connascence. 

twin b. Ditocia; Ditopus. 

woman who has given b. to five children. Quintipara. 

woman who has given b. to four children. Quartipara. 

woman who has given b. to more than one child. Pluri- 
para ; Multipara. 



woman who has given b. to one child. Primipara. 

premature b. (miscarriage). Emotocia. 

b. by any abnormal process. Metatocia. 

statistics of b.-rate. Natality. 

absence of milk after b. Agalactia. 
BIKTH-MAEK. Macula matema; Naevus; Angiectasia 

capillaris or vascularis. 
BITE. Morsus; Morsure. 
BITING (in Taste). 

Synonym : Mordox. 
BITTER. Amarus. 
BITTERNESS. Amarulence. 

BLACK. See also Black-browed, Black cancer, Black cata- 
ract, etc. 

Synonyms : Ater, Niger, Nigrous, Anthracoid. 

becoming b. Nigrescent. 

b. pigment in blood plasma (malarial). Melanemia. 

b. and blue. Lividus. 

b. outgrowth from brain. Melanencephaloma. 

a b. fungous growth. Melanomyces. 

b. lung of coal-miners. Anthracosis. 

b. discoloration of muscle. Myomelanosis. 

b. perspiration. Melanephidrosis. 

b. pigment of eye, skin, etc. Melanin. 

development of b. pigment in body. Melanosis. 

b. pigmentation of skin. Melanoderma. 

copious discharge of b. stools. Melanorrhagia. 

evacuation of b. tarry stools. Melena. 

b. pigment in urine. Melanuresis. 

b. discharge from uterus. Metromelanorrhea. 

b. and yellow. Melaxanthous. 
BLACK-BROWED. Niger fronte. 
BLACK CANCER. Melanosis. 
BLACK DRAUG-HT. Infusum sennse compositumo 
BLACK DROP. Acetum opii. 
BLACK EYE. Ecchymosis oculi. 
BLACK-EYED. Melanophthalmous. 
BLACK-HAIRED. Melanocomous. 



BLACK-HEAD (of Skin). 

Synonym: Comedo (pi. Comedones). 
BLACK JAUNDICE. Melanicterus. 
BLACK LEG. Anthrax sympathetica. 
BLACK MEASLES. Rubeola nigra. 
BLACK SPIT. Sputum anthracosis. 
BLACK SWEAT. Melanephidrosis. 
BLACK TONGUE. Nigrities or Nigrismus linguae. 
BLACK VOMIT. Melanemesis. 
BLACK WASH (Mercurial). 

Synonym : Lotio nigra. 
BLADDER (Urinary). See also Gall-bladder, Urine, 

Bladder-stone, Bladder-neck. 

Synonyms : Vesica, Urocystis (adjs. Vesical, Cystic). 

absence of b. Acystia. 

atrophy of b. Cystatrophia. 

base of b. Bas fond ; Trigone. 

diminished capacity of b. (or other organs). Achoresis. 

catarrh of b. Cystorrhea ; Cystirrhea. 

connective tissue around b. Paracystium. 

dilatation of b. Cystectasy. 

dilatation of b. with thickening of coats also. Cystauxe ; 
Cy sthy persarcosis . 

examination of interior of b. Cystoscopy ; instrument, 

extroversion of b. (congenital deformity). Exstrophia. 

hemorrhage from b. Cystirrhagia. 

hernia of b. Cystocele ; Cystidocele. 

inguinal hernia involving b. Cystobubonocele. 

femoral hernia of b. Cystomerocele. 

inflammation of b. Cystitis ; Cystophlogia. 

inflammation of b. due to colon bacillus. Colicystitis. 

inflammation of b. and vagina. Colpocystitis. 

inflammation of b. and pelvis of kidney. Cystopyelitis. 

inflammation of tissue around b. Pericystitis; Para- 

inflammation of tissue about b. Epicystitis. 

instrument for evacuating b. Catheter. 

instrument to incise b. Cystotome. 


irritability of b. Cysterethism ; Cysterethismus. 

a little b. Vesicle. 

neuralgia of b. Cystoneuralgia. 

operation of formation of fistula in b. Cystotomy. 

operation of any plastic operation on b. Cystoplasty. 

operation of suprapubic incision of b. Epicystotomy. 

operation of suspension of b. Cystopexia. 

operation of suture of b. Cystorrhaphy. 

operation of entering b. through perineum. Hypocys- 

operation of making an abdominal b. incision. Cystido- 

operation of incision into b. through vagina. Colpocys- 

pain in b. Cystalgia ; Cystodynia. 
small b. like papule. Vesicula; Vesicle, 
paralysis of b. Acystinervia or Acystonervia ; Cysto- 

paralysis ; Cystoplegia. 
photography of interior of b. Cystophotography. 
prolapse of b. into urethra. Cystoptosis. 
protrusion of b. into vagina. Colpocystocele. 
spasm of b. Cystospasm. 
situated above the b. Epicystic. 
adenoid tumor of b. Cystadenoma. 
tissue around the b. Pericystium. 
BLADDER-FEVER. Pemphigus. 

Synonym : Cystauchen. 
incision of b.-n. Cystauchenotomy ; Cystotrachelotomy. 
inflammation of K-n. Cystauchenitis. 
BLADDER-STAMMERING. Spasmodic micturition. 
BLADDER-STONE. See also Stone, Bladder. 

Synonyms : Cydolith (adj. Cystolithic), Cysteolithus. 
agent to expel b.-s. or prevent formation. Antilithic; 

Lithotriptic ; Lithontriptic ; Lithagogue. 
relating to crushing of b.-s. Lithoclastic. 
extraction of fragments of b.-s. after crushing. Lithen- 

having power to dissolve b.-s. Calculifragous. 


formation of b.-s. Lapillation; Lithogenesis ; Cysto- 

tendency to formation of b.-s. Lithiasis. 

instrument to hold a b.-s. Litholobe. 

instrument to crush a b.-s. Lithotrite ; Lithotriptor. 

instrument to incise bladder for b.-s. Lithotome. 

instrument to measure b.-s. Lithometer. 

instrument to detect b.-s. by sound. Lithophone. 

instrument to saw b.-s. in bladder. Lithoprion. 

instrument to seize b.-s. Lithodrassic. 

instrument (scoop) to remove b.-s. from bladder. Lapi- 

operation of crushing b.-s. Lithodyalysis ; Lithotripsy. 

operation of crushing b.-s. and removing by irrigation. 

operation of dilatation of neck of bladder for b.-s. Li- 

operation of removing b.-s. by dilating the urethra. 

operation of incising bladder to remove b.-s. Lithot- 

operation of sawing b.-s. Lithoprisis. 

operation through rectum for b.-s. Proctocystotomy » 

o})eration of drilling holes through b.-s. Lithotresis. 

softening of b.-s. Lithomalacia. 

voiding of small b.-s. in urine. Lithuresis. 
BLADDER-WORM. Cysticercus. 
BLADDERY FEVER. Febris urethralis. 
BLADE-BONE. Scapula. 

BLAINSVILLE'S EARS. Congenital assymetria auris. 
BLEACHING. See also White. 
Synonym : Dealbation. 

a b. agent. Leukogene. 
BLEAR-EYE. Lippitudo. 
BLEATING. See Auscultation. 
BLEB. Bulla. 
BLEEDER. Hemophiliac. 




BLEEDING. Hemorrhage (q. v.) ; Profusis sanguinis. 
BLEEDING FUNGUS. Hematodes ; Hematoid cancer. 
BLIGHT (of Eye). Conjunctivitis. 
BLIND -BORN. Cecigenous. 

BLINDNESS. See also Eye, Sight, Vision, Word-blincl- 
ness. Color-blindness. 

Synonyms : Cecity, Excecation, Amaurosis, Ablepsia, 
day-b. Nyctalopia ; Amaurosis diurnalis. 
b. due to gout. Amaurosis arthritica. 
b. from glaucoma. Glaucosis. 
b. in lying-in period. Amaurosis gravidarum. 
night-b. Hemeralopia; Amaurosis nocturnalis; Nyct- 

b. during lactation. Amaurosis lactantium. 
b. of one eye. Luscitas. 
partial b. Meropia; Amblyopia, 
partial or total b. Meramaurosis ; Amaurosis, 
partial temporary b. with subjective visual image, like 

fortification angles. Teichopsia. 
science or description of b. Typhlology. 
snow-b. Chromoblepsy ; Nyphlotypbotes ; Niphlablep- 

form of transient b. (as in Migraine). Amaurosis par- 
tialis fugax. 
b. in one half the visual field. Hemianopsia ; Hemiopsia ; 

Amaurosis dimidiata. 
a writing instrument for use in b. Cecograph. 
BLIND FISTULA. Fistula caeca. 
BLIND SPOT. Punctum caecum. 

BLISTEK. See also Skin, Fly-blister, Blister-paper, etc. 
Synonyms : Blain, Bleb, Vesicle. 
agent producing b. Vesicatory ; Epispastic. 
small b. with watery contents. Phlyctenula ; Phlyctis ; 

fever-b. Herpes labialis. 
phrase : to raise a b. Vesicam excitare. 

BLISTER-FLY. See Fly-blister. 

BLISTER-PAPER. Vesicatorium ; Charta epispastica. 



BLISTER-PLASTER. Emplastrum cantharidis. 
BLISTERING. Vesication. 
BLISTERING CERATE. Ceratum cantharidis. 
BLISTERING COLLODION. Solutio pyroxylini. 
BLISTERING PAPER. Sparadrapum vesicatorium. 
BLISTERING PLANT. Ranunculus acris. 
BLOATED. See also Swelling. 

Synouyms : Tumidus, Tumid, Inflated. 

BLOOD. See also Hemorrhage, Anemia, Blood-blister, 
Blood-corpuscle, Blood-clot, Blood-formation, etc., Coagu- 
lation, Serum, Congestion, Malaria; also various parts, 
as Joint, Chest, etc., and various secretions, as Urine, 
Sweat, etc. 

• Synonyms : Alma, Hcema, Sanguis, Cruor (adjs. 
Hemic, Hemal, Hematic), 
an abscess containing b. Hematapostema. 
presence of acetone in b. Acetonemia, 
aeration of b. Oxygenation; Arterialization ; Hema- 

excessive albumin in the b. Albuminosis. 
any animal organism of b. Hematozoon ; Hemocyte. 
normal condition of the b. Euemia. 
normal condition of arterial b. Erythremia. 
presence of bacteria in the b. Bacteremia, 
bacterium invading b. Hematophyte. 
bad b. Sanguis vitiosus. 
small refractive bodies ("blood-dust") circulating in b. 

life b. Sanguis vitalis. 

accumulation of carbon dioxid in the b. Carbonemia. 
presence of cholesterin in b. Cholesteremia. 
excess of cholesterin in b. Hypercholesteremia. 
presence of chyle in the b. Chylemia. 
coagulating proteid of the b. Fibrin. 
fluid separated from b. after coagulation. Serum, 
coloring-matters of b. Hemachroin; Hematoidin; 

Hematin; Cruorin; Hemoglobin, 
increase of color in b. Hyperchromatemia. 


diminution of coloring-matter of b. Hemoglobinemia. 

lack of coloring-matter in the b. Oligochromemia ; 

blue coloring-matter found in b. and bile. Hemacyanin. 

instrument to estimate coloring-matter of the b. Hemo- 
globinometer ; Hemometer. 

tendency to formation and deposit of b. pigment. Mela- 

presence of pigment in b. plasma. Melanemia. 

reduced hemoglobin of b. Methemoglobin. 

diminution of hemoglobin and red corpuscles in the b. 
Chloremia; Chloro-anemia ; Chlorosis. 

decomposition-products of hemoglobin of b. Hematin. 

a depraved state of the b. Leiphemia; Dyscrasia; 
Cacemia; Hematodyscrasia. 

a deterioration of the b. Hemasthenosis. 

any disease of the b. Hematopathy. 

any disease of the b. of b.-vessels. Hemadonosos. 

b. disease due to filaria. Filariasis. 

b. disease characterized by increase of white corpuscles 
and enlarged glands, etc. Leukemia ; Leucemia. 

disease due to microbes growing in the b. Microbio- 

condition due to accumulation in b. of substances nor- 
mally excreted by kidneys. Uremia. 

condition of coma caused by non-oxygenation of the b. 

congestion of b. in dependent part. Hypostasis. 

deficiency of b. Anemia (q. v.). ; Hyphemia ; Oligemia ; 
Oligohemia; Hemaporia; Hematoporia; Hyphema- 

deficiency of b. nourishment in a part. Aneurotrophy. 

deficiency of b. in a part. Ischemia. 

deficiency of iron in b. Achalybemia. 

description of the b. Hematography ; Hematology 

diagnosis from b. examination. Hematomantia. 

discharge containing b. and pus. Sanies. 

dissolution of b. Hematolysis. 

only fluid obtained by b. distillation. Hemataleum. 

drawing b. from distant part. Revulsion ; Hemospasia. 

dried b. Sanguis siccatus. 



dynamics of the b. Hemadynamics. 

effusion of b. into surrounding tissues. Extravasation 

{q. v.). 
engorged with b. Congestion (q. v.). 
presence of emboli in b. Embolemia. 
presence of fat in b. Lipemia ; Piarrhemia ; Pioxemia. 
excess of fat in b. Hyperlipemia, 
fatty constituent of b. Serolin. 
presence of fatty acids in b. Lipicidemia. 
presence of fat-globules in b. Lipemia. 
morbid fear of b. Hematophobia. 
presence of ferment in b. Fermentemia. 
relating to a b. -ferment. Hematozymotic. 
fibrin of the b. Hemaleucin. 
to remove fibrin from b. Defibrinate. 
deficiency of fibrin of b. Hypinosis. 
excess of fibrin in b. Hyperinosis. 
excessive tendency to formation of fibrin in the b. Hy- 

flow of b. to a part. Afflux, 
vicarious flow of b. Hematoplania. 
arresting flow of b. Hemostatic, 
increasing fluidity of b. Attenuant. 
measurement of pressure of gases in b. Aerotonometry. 
glucose in the b. Glycemia ; Glycohemia. 
presence of H^S in b. Hydrothionemia. 
impurity of b. Acatharsia. 
abnormal increase of b. Polyemia ; Polyhemia. 
instrument to measure rate of b.-flow. Hemotachom- 

to measure force of b. in vessels. Hemadynameter ; 

Hemadynamometer ; Hematodynamometer ; Hemom- 

eter; Hematometer. 
instrument to estimate sp. gr. of b. Hemabarometer. 
instrument to measure velocity of the b. Hemadromo- 

graph; Dromograph. 
instrument to measure pigment of b. Hemoehronom- 

instrument for b.-transfusion. Hematophore. 
living in the b. Hematobious. 
increase of lymph-cells in the b. Lymphocythemia. 
5 65 


measurement of the b. Hematometry. 

51 int'dK iiio to deanse the b. Depurant. 

remedy preventing morbid changes in b. Catalytic. 

generic name for micro-organism in I), Mycohemia. 

a milky state of the b. Galacthemia. 

movement of b. through the body. Circulation. 

accumulation of mucin in b. Myxemia. 

originating in the b. Hematogenous. 

pertaining to oxidations in the b. Hematocausis. 

dried ox-b. Extractum sanguinis bovini. 

insufficient oxygen in b. Anoxemia. 

imperfect oxidation of b. Carbohemia. 

b.-plates. Plaques of Bizzozero. 

any b,-poison Hematoxin. 

pus in b. Pyemia ; Pyohemia. 

redness of b. Hemachrosis. 

b. -poisoning (q. v.). Septicemia. 

introduction of a virus into b. Inoculation. 

b. -poisoning due to retained b, Stercoremia. 

septic infection of b. Sapremia. 

relationship by b. Consanguinity. 

related by b. Consanguineous. 

resembling b. Hematoid. 

excess of salts in b. Hyperalonemia. 

diminished serum in the b. Anhydremia. 

separation of serum from b. Hematorrhosis. 

superabundance of b. Plethora (adj. Plethoric, q. v.). 

escape of b. from vessel. Exudation. 

extravasation of b. through skin. Hemodiapedesis. 

spectroscopy of b. Hematoscopy. 

spitting of b. Hemoptysis ; Sanguinis exspuitio. . 

staphylococci in b. Staphylococcemia. 

state due to staphylococci in b. Staphylohemia. 

the study of b. Hemology. 

excess of sugar in b. Hyperglycemia ; Melitemia. 

excessive b.-supply to part. Hyperemia. 

swelling due to b. -effusion. Hematoma; Hematedema. 

equality of tension in the b. Isotonia. 

having thick b. Pachyemic ; Pachyemous. 

thickening of b. Pachemia. 

agent thinning the b. Antiplastic. 


transfusion of b. Metachysis. 

tumor of extravasated b. Ecchymoma. 

presence of urinary products in b. Urinemia. 

presence of urea in b. Azotemia. 

viscidity of the b. Pelohemia. 

vomiting of b. Hematemesis. 

watery condition of b. Hydremia. 

deficient water in b. Hypohydremia. 

flowing of b. from wound. Hemorrhage (q. v.). 

forcing b. to the center by bandaging the periphery of 

the body. Autotransfusion. 
BLOOD-BLISTER. Bulla hsemorrhagica. 

Synonyms: Crassamentum, Coagulum, Cruor. 
b.-c. which obstructs a vessel. Thrombus (if free, 

result of b.-c, obstructing terminal vessel or an organ. 

Infarct; Infarction. 

BLOOD-CLOTTING. See Coagulation. 

BLOOD-CORPUSCLE. See also Blood. 

Synonyms : Hematocyte, Hemad, Hematobium, Cel- 
lula sanguinis. 
Composed of b.-c's. Corpuscular, 
conglomeration of b.-c's. Agglutination, 
anemia due to degeneration of b.-c's. Hemophthisis. 
degeneration of b,-c's. Restocythemia. 
destructive of b.-c. Globulicidal. 
dissolution of b.-c's. Hemocytolysis ; Cytohemolysis ; 

estimation of b.-c's. Hematimetry. 
formation of large b.-c's. Macrocytosis. 
giant b.-c. Megalocyte ; Megaloblast. 
giant b.-c. in anemia. Macrocyte. 
hyperplasia of b.-c's. Corpusculation. 
an immature b.-c. Microblast. 
agent increasing b.-c's. Hematinic. 
instrument to count b.-c's. Hemocytometer ; Hematim- 

eter; Globulimeter. 
instrument to estimate hemoglobin in b.-c's. Chromocy- 




migration of b.-c's from vessels. Diapedesis. 

breaking of b.-c's under pressure. Hemocytotrypsis. 

proteid of b.-c. Globulin. 

scalloping or notching of b.-c's from loss of water (micro- 
scopic appearance). Crenation. 

colorless stroma of b.-c's deprived of their hemoglobin. 

within the b.-c. Endoglobular. 


Synonyms : Erythrocyte, Corpusculum sanguinis rw- 
arrangement of r. b.-c's in coin-like masses. Rouleaux ; 

bone-marrow cell which forms r. b.-c. Leukoblast. 
presence of abnormally shaped r. b.-c's in blood. Poi- 

kilocytosis ; Pecilocytosis. 
abnormally shaped r. b.-c. Peciloblast; Pecilocyte; 

Poicilocyte; Poikiloblast ; Porkiloblast. 
decrease in number of r. b.-c's. Oligocythemia ; Aglo- 

destruction of r. b.-c's. Hemolysis; Cythemolysis. 
decolorized r. b.-c. Ecoid. 
excess of r. b.-c's. Hyperythrocythemia. 
increase of r. b.-c's. Polycythemia; Polycythemica ; 

formation of r. b.-c's. Erythrocytosis. 
lack of hemoglobin in r. b.-c's. Oligochromemia. 
a large r. b.-c. Megalocyte. 

condition when r. b.-c's are very large. Macrocythemia. 
condition when r. b.-c's are very small. Microcythemia. 
nucleated r. b.-c's in blood. Pyrenemia. 
rudimentary r. b.-c. Hematoblast; Erythroblast ; Ery- 


Synonyms : Leukocyte, Bioplast, Hemameha, Hemo- 
deficiency of w. b.-c's. Aleukemia. 
formation of w. b.-c's. Leukocytogenesis. 
a large w. b.-c. Maerophage (Metschnikoff ). 
destruction of w. b.-c's. Leukolysis; Leukocytolysis. 



diminished formation of w. b.-c's. Aleucocytosis. 

transient increase of w. b.-c's. Leukocytosis. 

excess of w. b.-c's. Hyperleukocythemia. 

tumor containing cells resembling w. b.-c's. Leukocy- 

presence of w. b.-c's in urine. Leukocyturia. 

BLOOD-CRYSTALS. I. Hematoidin ; II. Hematin; and 
III. Hemin (Teichmaun's crystals). 

BLOOD-CURRENT. See Circulation. 

BLOOD-CYST. Hematocyst. 

BLOOD-DRINKING. Hematopisis. 

BLOOD-DUST. Hemokonia. 

BLOOD-EATING. Hemophagic ; Hematophagous. 


Synonyms : Hematogeyiesis, Hemogenesis, Hematosis, 
defective b.-f Anhematosis. 
pertaining to b.-£ Hemogenetic ; Hematogenetic. 
pertaining to b.-f in fetal life. Hematoplastic. 
process of b.-f from chyle. Sanguification. 

BLOODLESS. Exsanguine. 

BLOODLESSNESS. Anemia {q. v.). 


Synonyms : Phlebotomy, Arteriotomy, Depletion, Vejie- 
section. Sanguinis missio. 
lancet for b.-l. Phlebotome. 
one who practises b.-l. Phlebotomist. 
b.-l. by puncturing with needles. Acupuncture. 

BLOOD-LIQUOR. Liquor sanguinis. 

BLOOD-POISON. Hematoxin (adj. Hematoxic). 


Synonyms : Toxemia, Toxinemia, Toxicoliemia, Sapre- 
mia, Septicemia, Ichoremia. 
b.-p. from external cause. Ectoxemia. 
b.-p. by fecal matter. Copremia. 
morbid state due to b.-p. Dysemia. 
anemic state due to b.-p. Toxanemia. 



ine(iiiality of b.-}). Hematopostasis. 

instruiiKMit to measure b.-p. Hemadynamometer. 

iustrunieiit for measuring b.-p. in head. Cephalohemom- 

instrument to record variation of b.-p. Kymograph. 
BLOOD-ROOT. Sanguinaria canadense. 

Synonym : Hyperemic. 
phrase : b.-s. eyes. Sanguinis in oculis suffusio. 
BLOOD-SPITTING. Hemoptysis. 
BLOOD-SUCKER. Sanguisuga; Leech. 
BLOOD-TUMOR. Hematocele; Hematoma. 
BLOOD-VESSEL. See also Artery, Capillary, Vein, Aorta, 

Synonyms : Yas (pi. Vasa), Vasculosum sanguiniferum, 
Canalis sanguinifera. 
pertaining to b.-v. Vascular, 
air in b.-v. Pneumathemia. 
b.-v. carrying blood to tissues. Artery (q. v.). ; Arteria 

(pi. Arterice). 
b.-v. carrying blood from tissues. Vein (5. v.) ; Vena 

(pi. Veno^). 
coil of small b.-v's. Glomerule. 
blood-clot obstructing b.-v. Embolus, 
descriptive treatise on b.-v's. Angiography, 
development of b.-v's. Angiogenesis ; Angiogenetic ; 

Vasofactive ; Vasoformative, 
formation and extension of capillary b. v's. Vasculari- 
pertaining to contorted b.-v. Capreolate. 
compression of b.-v. by wire and pin. Circumclusion. 
compression of walls of b.-v's. Coarctation, 
constriction of b.-v's. Angiostenosis. 
pertaining to b.-v's conveying from center. Efferent, 
degeneration of b.-v's. Atheromasia ; Atherosis ; Ather- 
oma (adj. Atheromatous), 
dilatation of b.-v. Angiectasis ; Angiotelectasis ; Exan- 

permanent dilatation of b.-v's of the skin. Nevus. 


acquired form of dilatation of b.-v's and extension of 
capillaries. Telangiectasis. 

any disease of b.-v's. Angiopathy ; Hematangionosus ; 

cells in embryo forming b.-v's. Angioblasts. 

disease of capillary b.-v's. Telangiosis. 

disease of b.-v's and skin. Angioperatoma. 

act of emptying b.-v's l)y pressure. Avascularization. 

hardening of b.-v's. Angiosclerosis. 

inflammation of b.-v's. Angitis. 

inflammation of b.-v's. of ear. Angiotitis. 

instrument for measuring diameter and tension of b.-v's. 

instrument for crushing b.-v's to check hemorrhage. 

joining or intertwining of b.-v's. Inosculation ; Anasto- 
mosis; Synanastomosis. 

pertaining to part lacking b.-v's. Avascular. 

membrane lining b.-v. Endothelium. 

tumor of lining membrane of b.-v. Endothelioma (var. 
Endotheliomoma, cancer ; Endotheliomyxoma, myx- 

a minute b.-v. Capillary. 

pertaining to motility of non-striped muscular fibers of 
b.-v. Vasomotor ; Vasoconstrictor ; Vasodilator. 

neurosis of b.-v. Angioneurosis. 

narrowing or stricture of b.-v. Hemadostenosis. 

area of part affected by occlusion of a terminal b.-v. 
Infarct; Infarction. 

defective nutrition of b.-v. Angiodystrophia. 

paralysis of b.-v. Angioparalysis ; Vasomotor paral- 

relating to b.-v's and heart. Cardiovascular. 

rupture of b.-v. Angiorrhexis. 

science of b.-v's and lymphatics. Angiology. 

sarcoma of b.-v's. Angiosarcoma. 

spasm of b.-v. Angiospasm. 

fibrous stenosis of arterial b.-v. Arteriofibrosis or Arte- 

material for tying b.-v. Ligature. 

irregularity in tension of b.-v. Angiotaxia. 


tissues forming b.-v's. Angienchyma. 

tumor of b.-v's. Hemangioma. 

tumor of b.-v's of spinal cord. Angioglioma. 

large subcutaneous tumor of b.-v's. Angio-elephantiasis. 

tumor of b.-v's and muscles. Angiomyoma. 

operation of tying b.-v. Ligation. 

ulceration of b.-v. Angionoma. 

vasomotor disturbance in b.-v. Mioangioneurosis. 

hardening of walls of b.-v. Angiosclerosis. 

BLOODY. Sanguine ; Sanguineous ; Sanguinolent ; Hema- 

BLOODY FLUX. Dysentery. 
BLOODY OPERATION. Operatic sanguinea. 
BLOODY SWEAT. Hematidrosis ; Sudor cruentus ; Ephi- 

drosis cruenta. 
BLOODY URINE. Hematuria ; Mictus cruentis. 
BLOTCH. Pustule; Eruption (q. v.). 
BLOWING MUSCLE. Buccinator. 
BLUE. See also Color. 

Synonym : Cceruleus. 
BLUE-BLINDNESS. Acyanopsia; Acyanoblepsia. 
BLUE-DISEASE. Cyanosis congenita; Acleitocardia ; 


b. of skin. Cyanosis; Lividity. 
BLUES. Hypochondriasis. 
BLUSHING. Enibescence. 

BODY. See also Organism, Dwarf, Corpse, Extremities, 
Foreign Body, Position, Body-eavity, etc. 

Synonyms: Corpus (pi. Corpora; adj. Corporeal), 
axis of the b. Axon, 
bending of b. or joint. Flexion, 
tetanic lateral bending of b. Pleurothotonos. 
a dead b. Corpse {q. v.). 
one dwarfed in b. Nanosomus ; Nanus, 
dwarfing of the b. Microsomia, 
examination of b. after death. Necropsy, 
any noxious exhalation from b. Idiomiasm. 
72 ^ 


extremities of the b. Acroteria. 
hypertrophy of one side of b. Hemihypertrophy. 
the internal fat of the b. Axungia. 
abnormal fatness of b. Lipomatosis ; Obesity, 
undue accumulation of fat in b. Corpulence, 
relating to the fluids of the b. Icmastic. 
vitiated condition of b.-fluids. Cacochymia. 
instrument to examine cavities of the b. Photophore ; 

having a large b. Macrosomatous. 
having a lean, emaciated b. Liposarcous. 
monster without a b. Acormus. 
disordered motion on one side of b. Hemiataxia. 
mutilation of the b. Acronia. 
numbness of one side of the b. Hemiparesthesia. 
impaired nutrition of one side of b. Hemiatrophy, 
a disfiguring mark on b. Blemish, 
toward middle plane of b. Mesad ; Mesial, 
having more than one b. Polysomia, 
opening into the b. Intractus ; Introitus. 
originating within the b. Endogenous, 
abnormal outgrowth upon b. Excrescence, 
overwork of b. and mind. Metadrasis. 
paralysis of one side of b. Hemiplegia, 
faulty position of any part of b. Cacothesis. 
increased sensation of one side of b. Hemihyperesthe- 

decreased sensation of one side of b. Hemihypoesthesia. 
dulled sensation of one-half the b. Hemidysesthesia. 
separation by cutting of parts of b. Dissection, 
toward the right side of the b. Dextrad ; Dextral. 
on both sides of the b. Bilateral, 
great or teratic (monstrous) size of b. Macrosomatia. 
having soft b. Malacosomous. 
congenital smallness of any part of b. Microtesia. 
spasm in which b. is bent forward. Emprosthotonos. 
spasm in which b. is bent backward. Opisthotonos, 
having great strength of b. Megasthenic. 
sweating in unusual part of b. Hidroplania. 
sweating of one half of the b. Hemidiaphoresis. 
symmetrical on both sides of b. Isopleural. 


pertaining to symmetry of b. Homotypic. 
union of one b. with another. Metensomatosis. 
formation of water in cavity of b. Hydatogenesis. 
weakness of one side of b. Hemiparesis. 
increase in weiglit of b. Accrementition. 
List of anatomical names of bodies : 

callous b. (brain). Corpus callosum. 

cavernous b. (urethrse). Corpus cavemosum penis. 

geniculate b. (brain). Corpus geniculatum. 

hippocampal b. (brain). Fimbria hippocampi. 

pituitary b. (brain). Hypophysis cerebri. 

spongy b. (of urethra). Corpus spongiosum urethrae. 

vertebral b. Corpus vertebrae. 

vitreous b. (or humor of eye). Corpus vitreum. 

BODY-CAVITY. Pleuroperitoneal cavity. 


normal condition of b.-f. Euchymia. 
abnormal thinness of b.-f. Leptochymia. 

BODY-LOUSE. Pediculus vestimenti. 

BOECK'S SCABIES. Scabies crustosa. 

BOIL. See also Carbuncle, Ahseess, Skin, Tumor. 

Synonyms: Large, Phlegmon; small, Furuncle; Ah- 
scessus nucleatus. 
characterized by production of b's. Furunculous. 
morbid state of b. -production. Furunculosia ; Furun- 

incision into b. Oncotomy. 


Synonyms : jEstuation, Ebullition. 
liquid produced by b. a vegetable substance. Decoction 

BONE. See also Articulatio7i, Dislocation, Fracture, Bone- 
ache, Bone-marrow, Bone-cell, Periosteum, Wormian 

Synonyms: Os (pi. Ossa; dim. Ossiculum; adjs. 
Osseous, Ossific, Ostoid). 
abscess of b. Ostempyesis; Ostempyosis. 
absorption of b. (atrophy). Osteolysis; Osteanabrosis. 


descriptive anatomy of b. Osteography. 

between b's. Interosseous. 

brittleness of b. Fragilitas ossium. 

canal of b. Haversian canal. 

minute canal of b. Canaliculus (pi. Canaliculi). 

change of b. into cancellous tissue. Osteoporosis. 

changing into b. Ossification. 

channel through b. for nerve or vessel. Nerviduct; 

relating to chalky deposits near b. Cretaceous. 

pertaining to cavity of b. Medullary. 

vascular lining of cavities of b. Endostium. 

congested state of b. Ostemia. 

abnormal curvature of b. Osteocampsia. 

any disease of b. Osteopathy ; Osteonosus. 

development of b. Osteogeny ; Osteogenesis. 

substance from which b, is developed. Osteogen. 

displacement of b. Ostectopy. 

distortion of b's from unequal nutrition. AUogotrophy. 

substance filling interior of b. Marrow ; Medulla. 

death of b. Necrosis ; Osteonecrosis. 

defective development of b. Anastosis. 

detached piece of b. in a diseased cavity, abscess, etc. 

sheath of b. enveloping a sequestrum. Involucrum. 

deposit of new b. in fracture. Callus. 

an enlarged and prominent end of b. Condyle. 

exfoliation of b. Apostasis ; Sequestration. 

formation of b. Ossification; Osteogeny. 

tending to formation of b. Ossific ; Ossiferous. 

fracture of b. for treatment. Osteoclasia. 

unusual fragility of b. Fragilitas ossium; Osteopsa- 

a depression, furrow, or sinus of b. Fossa. 

gangrenous tendency in b. Necropathy. 

growing together of b. Coossification. 

growth of b. from without. Exostosis ; Epostoma. 

osseous growth around b. Periostoma ; Osteophyte ; 

a needle-shaped growth of b. Acidosteophyte. 

scaly growth of b. Leposteophyte. 


hardening of b. Eburaation ; Osteosclerosis ; Scleros: 

iufianmitition of b. Osteitis ; Ostitis, 
inflammation of cavities of b. Endostitis. 
inflammation of b. and periosteum. Osteoperiostitis, 
inflammation of b. and cartilage. Osteochondritis, 
inflammation of a long b. Diaphysitis. 
inflammation of veins of b. Osteophlebitis, 
inflammation of ends of long b. Epiphysitis, 
total inflammation of b. Panostitis. 
vascular inner layer lining b. Endostium. 
instrument for operation on b. Osteotrite, 
instrument for carving b. Osteotome, 
cellular texture of the interior of b. Cancelli. 
situated on outside of b. Ectosteal. 
inflammatory hypertrophy of b. Periostosis. 
layer of b. Osteoplaque. 

loss of lime by b. Decalcification; Halisteresis. 
to free b. from lime. Decalcify, 
end of long b. Epiphysis (pi. Epiphyses; adj. Epiph; 

shaft of long b. Diaphysis. 

relating to or situated on outside of a b. Ectostial. 
fibrous membrane covering surface of b's. Periosteum 
having nature of b. Osteoid, 
neuralgia of b. Osteoneuralgia, 
necrosis of b. Osteonecrosis; Osteohelcosis. 
small opening in b. Foramen, 
opening in diseased b. Cloaca, 
operation of excision of b. Osteocotomy. 
operation of incision of b. Osteotomy, 
operation of suture of b. Osteosuture ; Osteorrhaphy. 
operation of excision of joint-end of b. Osteoarthro 

omy; Ostearthrotomy, 
plastic operation on b. Osteoplasty, 
pain in b. Ostalgia ; Osteodynia ; Osteocopus. 
any hook-shaped process of b. Hamulus, 
small round process of b. Capitellum. 
a protuberance of b. Apophysis ; Trochanter, 
regeneration of b. Osteanagenesis ; Osteanaphysis. 
thin scale of b. Lamella. 


science of b. Osteology. 

-clcrosis of central cavity of b's. Oentrosclerosis. 
separation of b. without fracture. Osteodiastasis. 
sc paration of end of b. from shaft. Diastasis. 
separation of necrosed b. Exfoliation. 
) sieve-like plate of b. (as in ethmoid). Cribriform. 

lange in situation of b's, Parallagma. 

t'tening of b's. Mollities ossium ; Osteomalacia ; Osteo- 

( uusing b. to soften. Ossifluent, 
softening of b. from osteitis. Medullization. 
small space in b. Lacuna (pi. Lacunar). 
pertaining to supernumerary b's. Epactal. 
tumor of b. in cartilage of b. Endostosis. 
tumor of b. in medullary canal of b. Enostosis. 
tumor of b. within a bone. Endostoma. 
tumor of b. Osteoma ; Osteoncus ; Osteophyma. 
cystic bony tumor. Osteocystoma, 
fatty tumor of b. Osteosteatoma, 
sarcomatous tumor of b. Osteocephaloma. 
bony and fibroid tumor. Osteofibroma, 
bony and cartilaginous tumor. Osteochondroma, 
ossified cancer of b. Osteocarcinoma. 
ulceration of b. Caries, 
abnormal osseous union of b. Synostosis, 
union of b's by membrane. Meningosis. 
Table of bones according to locality : 

of ankle or tarsus. Os calcis or Calcaneum (heel- 
b.) ; Astragalus (ankle-b. or sling-b.) ; Cuboid, 
Navicular, and Cuneiform (8). 

of arm and forearm. Humerus, Radius, and Ulna. 

of chest. Sternum (parts of which are Manubrium, 
Gladiolus, and Ensiform cartilage, or Xiphoid 
appendix) ; Costae (ribs). 

of ear. Malleus, Incus, and Stapes. 

of face. Superior maxilla ( jaw-b. ) ; Malar (cheek-b.) ; 
Nasal, Lachrymal, Palatine, Inferior spongy (tur- 
binate) ; Vomer and Inferior maxilla. 

of foot. Metatarsal b's and Phalanges. 

of hand. Metacarpal b's and Phalanges. 


of pelvis. Os innominatum (Hip-b., parts of whicl 

are Ischium, Ilium, and Pubis). 
of shoulder. Clavicle (eollar-b.) and Scapula (shoul 

of skull. Frontal, Parietal, Occipital, Temporal 

Sphenoid, and Ethmoid, 
of teeth. Incisors (8) ; Cuspidate (4) ; and Molar 

of thigh and leg. Femur (thigh-b.) ; Tibia (shin) 

and Fibula, 
of tongue (base of). Hyoid b. 
of vertebral column. Cervical (7), Dorsal (12) 

and Lumbar vertebrae (5) ; Sacrum and Coccyx, 
of wrist. Scaphoid (navicular), Semilunar, Cunei 

form, Orbicular, Trapezium, Trapezoid, Os magnum 

and Unciform. 

BONE-ACHE. Osteocopus; Osteocope. 
BONE-BLACK. Carbo animalis. 


Synonym : Osteocyte. 
cartilage-destroying b.-c. Osteoclast, 
bone-forming or germinal b.-c. Osteoblast, 
star-shaped b.-c. Astrocyte. 

Synonym : Medulla omum. 
resembling b.-m. Myeloid, 
inflammation of b.-m. Osteomyelitis, 
giant-cell of b.-m. Myeloblast. 
originating in b -m. Myelogenous; Myelogenic (a 

a b.-m. cell becoming a red corpuscle. Leukoblast. 
most numerous cells of red b.-m. Myelocyte; Myelo 

cells of red b.-m. becoming red blood-corpuscles. Ery 

throblast; Erythrocyte. 

BONE PHOSPHATE. Calcic phosphate ; Comu ustum. 

BONY. Osseous. 


Synonyms : Puncturing, Perforating, Transfixing. 


operation of b. Terebration. 

pertaining to b. (as pain). Terebrating ; Terebrant. 
BOSOM. See Breast. 

BOSTOCK'S CATARRH. Hay fever {q. v.), 
BOTAL'S DUCT. Ductus arteriosus. 
BOUILLAUD'S DISEASE. Endocarditis infectiosa. 
BOUVERET'S DISEASE. Paroxysmal tachycardia. 
BOWEL. See also Intestine. 

evacuations from b. Alvi dejectiones. 

confined state of the b. Constipation (q. v.) ; Alvus 

BOW-LEG. Genu varum; Chemoscoliosis ; Genu extror- 
sum curvatum ; Genu arcuatum. 

BOWMAN'S CAPSULE. (Around Malpighian bodies of 


Synonyms : Memhrana j)Topria, Capsula glomeruli. 
BOYHOOD. See Age. 
BRACHIAL PLEXUS. Plexus brachialis. 
BRACKISH. Saline. 
BRAIDISM. Actinobolism ; Hypnotism {q. v. ) ; Magna 

lucis et umbrae. 
BRAIN. See After-hrain, Arachnoid, Brain-membranes, 

Brain-ventricles, Cerebellum, Convolution, Dura mater, 

Hiyid-brain, Mid-brain, Mind, Pia mater, Skull. 

Synonyms: Cerebrum (adj. Cerebral), Encephalon 
(adj. Encephalic), Caput medullce. 

abscess of b. Encephalopyosis ; Abscessus cerebri. 

absence of b. Anencephalia or Anencephalism. 

absence of b. and cord. Amyelencephalia. 

pertaining to b. and cord. Encephalospinal. 

action of the b. Cerebration. 

anemia of b. Acephalemia. 

anterior portion of b. Proencephalon. 

agent affecting b. and cord. Cerebrospinant. 

pertaining to atrophy of the b. Encephalotropic. 

effusion of blood in b. Hematocephalus. 

deficient supply of blood to b. Anencephalohemia. 

black outgrowth from b. Melanencephaloma. 


congenital deformity of b. Parencephalos. 

sinuous depression of surface of b. Anfractuosity ; Sul- 
cus (pi. Sulci). 

determination of the various b. -centers. Localization. 

congestion of the b, Oephalemia. 

condition marked by depression on surface of b. Poren- 

any disease of b. Cerebropathy ; Cerebrosis; Enceph- 

due to disease of b. Idiophrenic. 

disease of psychic centers of b. Cerebropsychosis. 

b.-disease poison. Molybdencephalia. 

disease of b. and cord. Encephalomyelopathy. 

dissection of b. Encephalotomy. 

failure of b. power. Encephalesthenia. 

certain glucoside in b. Encephalin. 

hardening of the b. Cerebrosclerosis. 

having b. hemispheres loosely united. Lyencephalous. 

hemorrhage into b. Encephalorrhagia. 

hemorrhage within the b. Hematencephalon. 

carrying impulses from the b. Cerebrifugal. 

inflammation of b. Encephalitis ; Cerebritis ; Phrenitis. 

inflammation of b. and membranes. Cephalitis. 

inflammation of gray matter of cortex of b. Polienceph- 
alitis ; Polio-encephalitis. 

inflammation of b. and its membranes. Encephalomenin- 
gitis ; Meningoencephalitis. 

inflammation of b. due to injury. Mechanencephalitis. 

inflammation of b. leading to formation of cavities in 
surface. Porencephalitis. 

inflammation of gray matter cf b. and cord. Poliomye- 
lencephalitis ; Polioencephalomyelitis. 

b. inflammation from exposure to sun. Heliencephalitis. 

instrument for recording impulse of b. Cerebrometer. 

instrument for cutting b.-tissue. Encephalotome. 

hernia of b. Craniocele ; Cephalocele ; Encephalocele ; 
Exencephalocele . 

hernia of b. through fissure in the cervical vertebrae. 
Der encephalocele . 

hernia of b. and membranes. Encephalomeningocele. 

relating to b. and pons. Cerebropontile. 


relating to b. and spine. Cerebrospinal. 

resembling b.-tissue. Encephaloid ; Cerebroid. . 

science of the b. Cerebrology ; Encephalology. 

shock of b. Concussion. 

a sclerosis of the b. Gliosis. 

situated within the b. -cavity. Entoceliac. 

a small b. Microencephalon. 

having a small b. Micrencephalous. 

softening of the b. Cerebromalacia ; Mollities cerebri ; 

Necrencephalus ; Encephalomalacia. 
sugar occurring in b.-tissue. Cerebrose. 
tumor of b. Encephaloma. 
tumor of b. outside of cranium. Cerebroma. 
watery tumor of b. Hydrencephalocele ; Hydroen- 

Anatomy. See Brain-membranes, Brain-ventricles. 

b. and cord as a whole. Neuron. 

connective tissue of b. Neuroglia. 

convolution of b. Gyrus (pi. Gyri). 

gray substance of b. Ectocinerea. 

hemisphere of b. Hemicerebrum ; Hemiencephalon. 

external layer of b. Cortex. 

middle layer of b. Diencephalon. 

BRAIN FEVER. Phrenitis; Meningitis. 

5RAIN-MEMBRANE. See AracJmoid, Dura mater, Pia 


Synonym: Meninx (pi. Meninges; adj. Meningeal). 

adhesion of b.-m. Meningosymphysis ; Meningosyzy- 

})ia and arachnoid b.-m's considered together. Menin- 

inflammation of b.-m's. Meninginitis ; Leptomenin- 

inflammation of outer b.-m's. Pachymeningitis. 

inflammation of middle b.-m's. Arachnitis. 

inflammation of -b.-m. and cord-membranes. Cerebro- 
spinal meningitis. 

inner b.-m. Pia mater. 

middle b.-m. Arachnoid. 

outer b.-m. Dura mater. 
6 81 


protrusion of b.-m's. Meningocele, 
relating to middle and inner b.-m's. Arachnopia. 
softening of b.-m's. Meningomalacia. 
BRAIN-PAN. Cranium. 
BRAIN-SAND. Acervulus cerebri. 
BRAIN-SOFTENING. See Braiii, softening of. 

Synonym : Ventriculus cerebri. 
third b.-v. Diacele ; Diacelia ; Ventriculus medius. 
fourth b.-v. Metypicele ; Ventriculus quartus. 
fifth b.-v. Sylvian v. ; V. of septum lucidum. 
collection of fluid in b.-v's. Hydrocephalus; Hydren- 

eminence in lateral b.-v. Calcar. 
epithelial membrane of b.-v's. Endyma. 
lateral b.-v. Ventriculus lateralis ; V. tricornis cerebri. 
BRANCHING. See also Division. 

Synonyms : Ramification, Divarication, Endiation. 

Synonym : Panis. 
burnt b. Carbo panis. 
living on b. Panivorous. 
BREAD-CRUMB. Mica panis. 
BREADTH. See also Large, Wide. 

Synonyms : Latitude, Amplitude. 

BREAST. See also Mammary gland. Milk, Nipple, Chest. 
Synonyms: Mamma (adj. Mammary), Gemipoma ; (in 
male) Mamilla ; (in animal) Udder. 
abscess of b. in lactation (gathered b.). Mastodynia 

apostematosa ; Galactapostema ; Abscessus lacteus. 
congenital absence of b's. Amastia. 
atrophy of b. Mastatrophy. 
cancer of b. Mastocarcinoma. 
any disease of the b. Mastopathy. 
ecchymosis of b. Mastecchymosis. 
conic elevation in center of b. Nipple, 
circle around this. Areola, 
fat-globule of acini of b. Galactoblast. 



fistula of the b. Mastosyrinx. 

hemorrhage from the b. Mastorrhagia. 

having b's. Mammalian. 

hypertrophy of b's. Hypermastia; Mastauxe; Bary- 

inflammation of b. Mammitis ; Mastitis ; Mastadenitis ; 

inflammation of b. during lactation. Mastitis lactan- 

having large b's. Mammose ; Mastous. 

first milk in b. after labor. Colostrum ; Neogala. 

milk-flow from b. of infant. Neogalactozemia. 

distention of b. with milk. Galactoplerosis ; Spargosis ; 
Mastodynia ; Polygala ; Mastospargosis ; Galact- 

presence of milk in male b. Androgalactozemia. 

vicarious menstruation from b. Mastomenia. 

artificial nipple for b. Galactophorus. 

pain in b. Mammalgia ; Mastodynia ; Mastalgia. 

space between b's. Colpus ; Sinus. 

supernumerary b. Mamma aberrans or erratica. 

treatise on the b. Mastology. 

any tumor of the b. Mastoncus. 

milk-tumor of b. Galactocele. 

ulceration of b. Masthelcosis. 
BREAST-BONE. See Sternum. 
BREAST-GLAND. Mastaden ; Glandula lactifera. 
BREASTINGS. Colostrum. 
BREAST-PAIN. Angina pectoris {q. v.). 
BREAST-PUMP. Antlia lactea; Antlia mammaria; 


BREATH. See Inspiration, Respiration, Smell. 

Synonym : Anhna. 
having fetid b. Saprostomous. 
nasal disease characterized by fetid b. Ozena, 
determination of quantity of carbon dioxid in b. Car- 

shortness of b. Anhelation ; Dyspnea, 
a troche to sweeten the b. Cachou. 
vapor of expired b. Halitus. 


BREATHING. Bee Respiration. 

BREECH. Nates. 

BREEDING. See also Generatiori, Offspring, Pregnancy. 

cross- b. Hybridism; Hybridization. 

difficulty ill b. Dysgenesis. 

human b. Homiculture. 

stock-b. Stirpiculture. 
BREISKY'S DISEASE. Kraurosis vulvae. 
BRICKLAYERS' ITCH. Eczema impetiginoides. 
BRICK-LIKE. Lateritious (applied to uriiie). 
BRIDGE. Pons. 

b. of Varolius (in brain). Pons Varolii. 
BRIDLE (Adhesion). 

Synouyms : Fremim, Frenulam. 
BRIGHT 'S DISEASE. Morbus Brightii; Albuminuria; 

Nephritis albumenensis or albuminosa or cachectica or 

BRIQUET'S ATAXIA. Hysteric ataxia; Astasia aba- 
BRISTLY. Hispidus. 

Synonyms : Fragility, Friability, Fragilitas. 

b. of bone. Fragilitas ossium. 
BROAD-HEADED. Eurycephalic ; Bradycephalic. 
BROAD LIGAMENT. See also Ligament, Uterus. 

painful spasm of b.-l. muscle. Parametrismus. 
BROAD NAIL. Onychogryphosis. 
BRODIE'S JOINT. Hysteric arthroneuralgia. 
BROMOFORM. Tribromomethane. 

Synonym : Catarrhus bronchiorum. 

asthenic b. Peripneumonia notha ; Capillary bronchitis. 

croupous b. Polypus bronchialis ; Bronchitis exudativa ; 
B. membranosa ; B. plastica. 

BRONCHUS (pi. Bronchi). 
calculus in a b. Broncholith. 



formation of calculi in b. Bronchiolithiasis. 

any disease of b. Bronchopathy. 

dilatation of b. Bronchiectasis. 

fungous growth of b. Bronchomycosis. 

profuse discharge from b. Bronchorrliea. 

hemorrhage from b. Bronchorrhagia. 

inflammation of b. Bronchitis ; Bronchiolitis. 

inflammation of tissue around b. Peribronchitis. 

operation of closing a fistula of b. or trachea. Broncho- 

b'ial vocal resonance. Bronchophony. 

stenosis of b. Bronchiarctia. 

Synonyms : Juscuhim, Br odium. 

b.-diet. Dieta juris or juscula. 
BROW. See Eyebrow. 
BROW-AGUE. Neuralgia frontis. 
BRUISE. See also Color, Skin. 

Synonyms : Ecchymosis, Contusioii, Suggillation, Ecehy- 

becoming discolored from b. Denigration ; Ecchymosis. 


humming b. (heard over blood-vessels). B. de diable ; 

B. de mouche ; B. de soufflet or de souffle, 
b. of normal breathing. B. respiratoire or vesiculaire. 
b. over cavity containing gas and liquid. B. de clapote- 

b. of friction. B. de frottement, de craquement, or de 

cuir neuf. 
b. of valves of the heart. B. de claquement. 
b. of the beating of the heart. B. du coeur (like the 

fetal heart is, B. du coeur foetal), 
b. of first sound of heart. B. musculaire or rotatoire. 
b. of metallic character. B. metallique. 
b. of placental vessels in pregnancy. B. placentaire ; 

B. uterin. 
sawing b. B. de scie. 
b. like rustling silk. B. de frou frou. 
b. on percussing over cavity filled with air with narrow 

outlet. B. de pot fele. 



BRUNNER'S GLANDS. Glandulae duodenales (Brun- 

BRUSH. Scopula; Penicillus. 


Synonyms : Inguinal adenitis, Inguen. 
indurated b. Inguen induratum. 
suppurating b. Inguen suppurans. 
BUD. Gemma. 

BUDGE'S CENTER. Genitospinal lumbar center. 
BUFFY COAT. Corium phlogisticum ; Crusta pleuritica. 
BUGGERY. Coitus sodomiticus. 

Synonym : Medulla oblongata. 
b. of urethra. Corpus spongiosum ; Bulbus urethras. 
BUNION. Tubera verrucosa. 
BURDACH'S COLUMN. Postero-extemal columns of 

BURIAL. See also Corpse. 

Synonyms : Interment, Humation, Inhumation, Sepul- 
BURIAL ALIVE. Zoothapsis. 
BURN. See also Caustie, Cautery, Combustion. 

Synonyms : Ambustio, Adustion, Ambustion, Combus- 
tion, Liustion, Causis, Dermatitis ambustionis. 
application of a b'ing substance. Adustion. 
agent curative of b's. Antipyretic, 
b'ing to ashes. Incineration ; Cineration ; Cinefaction. 
b. from a caustic. Escharosis. 
b'ing of body after death. Cremation, 
produced by a b. Ambustial. 
capable of producing b's. Caustic, 
a b'ing pain. Causalgia. 
a b'ing sensation. Accensio. 
b'ing or stinging of skin. Mordication. 
spontaneous b'ing or combustion. Catacausis. 
slow b'ing (as by oxidation). Eremecausis. 
slough or scab following b. Eschar, 
b. of first degree. Dermatitis ambustionis erythema 



b. of second degree. Dermatitis ambustionis bullosa. 

b. of third degree. Dermatitis ambustionis escharotica. 
BURNS' AMAUROSIS. Post-marital amblyopia. 
BURNT BLOOD. Carbo sanguinis. 
BURNT BREAD. Carbo panis. 
BURNT SPONGE. Carbo spongige ; Spongia usta. 

Synonym : Biityrum. 

artificial b. Oleomargarin. 

instrument to measure b. in milk. Lactobutyrometer. 
BUTTOCK. See also Anus. 

Synonyms : Nails (pi. Nates), Clunis. 

inflammation of b. Glutitis. 

pertaining to the b. Gluteal ; Pygal. 

b.-shaped. Natiform. ^^^ -/-->f 

state of having fat b's. Stalopygia. J '^J^--<tA5K>^i^ 

double monster united by b. Pygopagus. f /C 

BUZZING (of Ears). 

Synonyms : Bombus, Sussurrus, Tinnitus aurium. 


CACHEXY. Cachexia. 
CADAVER. See Corpse. 

alkaloids found in c. Ptomaines. 
C-ffiSAREAN SECTION. See Cesarian section. 
CALCIFICATION. See also Arteries, Fetus, Stone. 

Synonym : Cretefaetion. 
CALCULUS. See also Stone, Bladder-stone, Gall-stone, 


Synonym : Concretion. 

brown smooth common c. Lithic c. 

mulberry c. Oxalate of lime c. 

bone-earth c. Calcium phosphate c. 

triple-phosphate c. Ammoniomagnesian phosphate c. 

fusible c. Calculus fusilis. 

greasy c. Xanthin c. 

agent preventing c. Antilithic. 


having power of dissolving c. Calculifragous ; Lithon- 

of the nature of a c. Calculous ; Calculoid. 
fatty constituent of urinary c. Urostealith ; Urostea- 

List of calculi according to locality where found : 

in bile-passages and liver (gall-stones). Calculus 

fellei ; Biliary c. ; Hepatolith ; Chololith. 
in the blood. Hemic c. ; Sanguineus c. (in vein, 

in breast. Calculi mammae ; Lacteal c. 
in ears. Aural c. ; Ceruminous concretion, 
in joints. Arthritic c. ; Articular c. ; Nodes ; Chalk- 
stones; Calculus podagrici. 
in intestine. Enterolith (formation, Enterolithiasis). 
in lungs. Pneumolith (found in phthisis calculosa or 

lithiasis pulmonum). 
in the nose. Rhinolith ; Nasal c. 
in prostate. Prostatolith. 
in skin. Milium ; Cutaneous c. 
in stomach. Alvine c. ; Enterolith ; Stercoraceous c. 
in the tear-glands. Lacrymal c. 
in urinary passages : 

of kidney. Nephritic or Renal c. 
in bladder. Vesical c. ; Urinary c. 
in vein. Phlebolith. 
CALF (of Leg). 

Synonym : Sura (adj. Sural). 
CALIBER. Diameter; Lumen. 
CALICES (of Kidney). 

Synonyms : Infundihula renalia, Caliees renales pel- 
vis renum. 
external or ensheathing c. Provisional c. 
CALLOSITY. Tylosis; Tyloma; Keratoma. 
CALLOUS. See also Hard. 

Synonym : Lidurated. 

Synonyms: Callosity, Induratio. 
formation of c. Porosis, 
permanent c. Definitive c. 


CAMEL'S-HAIR BRUSH. Penicillum camelinum. 

CANAL. See also Furrow, Opening, Passage. 
Synonyms : Canalis, Ductus, Iter, Meatus. 
formation of a c. Canalization, 
imperforation (closure) of a c. Atresia, 
pertaining to a c. Canalicular, 
a small c. Canaliculus, 
small c. through a bone. Foramen, 
c. of Vieussens. Limbus fossae ovalis ; Limbus or Isth- 
mus Vieussenii. 
^_^ List of canals arranged according to locality : 
^V abdomen (groin, for spermatic vessels). Abdominal 
^^ c. ; Inguinal c. 

of arachnoid. Canalis Bichatii. 

arterial c. Ductus arteriosus ; Canalis Botalli. 

bone (center of). Medullary c. 

bone (system of c's of). Haversian c's. 

carotid c. Canalis caroticus. 

cochlea (center of). Canalis centralis modioli. 

ear (from middle ear to throat). Eustachian c. ; 

Meatus csecus; Canalis gutturalis tympani. 
ear (external). Meatus acusticus extemus ; Meatus 

auditorius extemus. 
ear, auditory c's (internal auditory meatus). Meatus 

auditorius internus. 
ear (vestibule). C. of Cotunnius; Aqueductus ves- 

ethmoid. Canalis ethmoidalis. 
eye (above eye in frontal bone). Supraorbital c. 
eye (into nose). Nasal c. ; • Lacrymal c. ; Canalis 
nasolacrymalis ; Ductus lacrymalis; Ductus ad 
eye (at union of cornea and sclerotic). C. of Schlemm. 
eye (around ciliary body). Ciliary c. ; C. of Fontana ; 

Canalis Fontanae. 
eye (between closed lids and globe). C. of Ferrein. 
eye (around lens). Hyaloid c. ; C. of Cloquet ; Pet- 
it's c. 
for facial nerve. Aqueductus Fallopii ; Canalis nervi 



gall-bladder (into intestine). Choledoch c. ; Ductus 
communis choledochus. 

groin (into scrotum). Inguinal c. ; Spermatic c. 

intestine, the. Digestive c. ; Canalis cibarius ; Ali- 
mentary c. ; Canalis alimentarius ; Canalis intesti- 
norum; Ductus cibarius. 

kidney. Uriniferous c's ; Ductus Belliniani. 

liver. Ductus hepaticus. 

liver (to hepatic duct). Ductus bilarii. 

in mammary gland. Lactiferous c. ; Galactophorous 

mouth (front of hard palate). Canalis incisicus; 
Anterior palatine c. 

palatine or incisive c. Canalis incisivus. 

pancreas. C. of Wirsung ; Pancreatic c. 

parotid gland. Stenson's c. ; Ductus salivalis supe- 

pelvis (canal of). Parturient c. ; Obstetric c. ; Pel- 
vic c. 

sacral c. Canalis sacralis. 

skull (in diploe). C. of Breschet. 

spermatic c. Canalis deferens ; Deferens vas. 

sphenoid (for carotid artery). Alisphenoid c. 

spine (for cord). Rachidian c. ; Neurocentric c. 

spinal cord (center of). Medullary c. ; Central c. ; 
C. of Stilling ; Hyaloid c. ; Canalis centralis ; Canalis 
meduUse spinalis. 

sublingual gland. C. of Rivinus. 

submaxillary gland. Wharton's c. ; Ductus salivalis 

teeth. Dental c. ; Alveolodental c. ; Canalis alve- 
olaris; Canalis radicis or mandibulse. 

temporal bone (for tympanic nerve). Jacobson's c. 

temporal bone (for internal carotid). Carotid c. ; 
Canalis caroticus. 

temporal bone (for chorda tympani nerve). Canalis 
chordae tympani; Canal of Huguier; Iter chordae 
anterius and Iter chordae posterius. 

thigh (for femoral artery). Hunter's c. 

thoracic c. Ductus thoracicus ; Ductus lacteus ; Duc- 
tus rorifer. 



uterus (around round ligaments). C. of Nuck. 
uterus (from ovary to). Fallopian c. ; Oviduct ; Ca- 

nalis Fallopii. 
uterus (neck of). Cervical c. ; Cervico-uterine c. ; 

CanaUs cervicalis or cervici. 
venous c. (in fetus from umbilical vein to inferior 

vena cava). Ductus venosus. 
Vidian c. Canalis pterygoideus. 

CANAL OF SCHLEMM. Canalis ciliaris. 

DANCER. See also Tumor, various organs and parts of 

Synonyms : Carcinoma, Caro carcinodes (adjs. Can- 
cerous, Canceriform, Cancroid, Carcinoid), 
acute c. Encephaloid. 
bony c. Osteioid c. ; Osteocarcinoma ; Carcinoma ostei- 

c. with preponderance of connective tissue. Inocarci- 

chimney-sweepers' c. Cancer caminariorum or mundi- 

colloid c. Carcinoma coUoides or gelatinosum. 
cylindrical-cell c. Epithelioma, 
cystic c. Cystocarcinoma. 
development into a c. Canceration. 
eating c. Rodent c. ; Lupus rodens. 
an epithelial c. Epithelioma. 
tending to formation of c. Cancerism. 
fungous c. Fungus hasmatodes ; Telangiectatic c. 
green c. Chloroma. 
a hard c. Schirrus ; Tumor durus ; Cancer schirrhosus ; 

Carcinoma durum, 
latent c. Cancer occultus. 
pertaining to nature of c. Carcinomatous, 
a pigmented c. Melanoma; Carcinoma pigmentodes; 

Cancer melanoticus ; Carcinoma melanodes or nigrum, 
pigmented c. Melanocarcinoma. 
yellow pigmentation in c. Xanthosis, 
the alexin poison of c. Cancroin. 
the production of c. Carcinosis. 

a soft c. Cephaloma; Encephaloma; Cancer mollis; 


Colloid; Encephaloid, Medullary, or Cerebriform c. ; 
Carcinoma moUe or encephaloides. 
ulceratiDg c. Apertus c. 

warty c. Dendritic c. ; Papilloma ; Verrucous c. 
List according to locality : 

of the })reast. Mastocarcinoma. 
of the eye. C. oculi ; Scirrhophthalmos. 
of the glands. Adenoid c. ; Adenocarcinoma ; Car- 
cinoma glandular e. 
of the intestine. Carcinoma intestinorum ; Entero- 

pathia cancerosa. 
of the liver. Hepatocarcinoma ; Hepatomyeloma. 
of the skin. Carcinoma cutaneum or cutis; Epi- 
of the stomach. Carcinoma ventriculi; Gastroscir- 

of the throat. Cancer pharyngis et oesophagi ; Lemo- 

of the tongue. Carcinoma linguae ; Glossocarcinoma. 
of the uterus. Metrocarcinoma ; Carcinoma uteri. 
CANCEROUS. See also Cancer. 

Synonym : Cancrosus. 
CANCROID. Epithelioma. 
CANCRUM OF MOUTH. Cancrum oris ; Noma ; Phage- 

daena oris; Cancer aquaticus. 
CANINE FOSSA. Fossa infraorbitalis. 
CANINE HUNGER. Boulimia or Bulimia. 

CANINE LAUGH. Risus sardonicus ; Sardiasis ; Sardon- 

CANINE MADNESS. Hydrophobia. 

CANINE MUSCLE. Levator anguli oris (elevator of 
angle of mouth). 

CANINE TOOTH. Dens caninus. 
CANKER. See Cancrum, Ulcer. 

Synonym : Cancrum. 
CANTHUS (of Eye). See also Eye, Eyelid. 
Synonym : Angulus ocularis. 
inner c. Hirquus. 

abscess at inner c. Egilops ; Anchylops. 


division of c. Canthotomy. 

red elevation at inner c. Caruncle. 

excision of c. Canthectomy. 

reddish growth on inner c. Encanthis. 

inflammation of c. Canthitis. 

collection of matter in c. Lema. 

plastic operation on c. Canthoplasty. 

fold of skin passing from nose to inner c. Epicanthis. 

suturing of c. Canthorrhaphy. 

CAP-BANDAGE. Capeline b. ; Capistrum; Fascia capi- 


CAPILLARY. See also Blood-vessels, Lymphatics. 

Synonym : MiGrmigium (pi. Micrangia). 
disease of the c'ies. Micrangiopathy. 
dilatation of c'ies. Capillarectasia. 
fibrous network around c'ies. Perithelium. 
fibrostenosis of c'ies and arterioles. Arteriofibrosis ; 

small openings in c'ies. Stigmata. 
c'ies supplying coats of larger vessels. Vasa vasorum. 


Synonym : Capsula. 
enclosed in a c. Capsulation. 
pertaining to a c. Capsular. 

incision of a c. Capsulotomy (instrument for, Capsu- 
I lotome). 

inflammation of a c. Capsulitis. 
1 without a c. Acapsular. 

List of capsules according to anatomical location : 
c's of brain. Capsulse externa et interna, 
eye (sheath at the equator of). C. of Bonnet, 
eye-c. (anterior to passage of tendons). Tenon's c. ; 
I Fascia bulbi; Tunica vaginalis. 

kidney (fatty c. of). Capsula adiposa. 
kidney (fibrous sheath of). Renal c. ; Capsula re- 
I nalis ; Capsula fibrosa or sclerotica. 

I kidney (glomerulus of). Bowman's c. ; C. of Malpighii. 
kidney (suprarenal bodies). Glandulse or Capsulae 

suprarenales ; Atrabiliary c's. 
lens-c. Capsula crystallina. 


liver (surrounding liver and portal veins). Glisson's 

c. ; Capsula communis Glissonii or hepatica. 
of nerves. Capsula nervorum ; Neurilemma ; Perineu- 
of spleen. Capsula Lienis or Malpighii. 
of tooth. Capsula dentis. 
CARBUNCLE. See also Boil 
Synonym : Anthrax. 
disease marked by c's. Anthracia. 
malignant variety of c. Malignant pustule, 
a c. of tongue. Glosso-anthrax. 
CARDIAC ORIFICE (of Stomach). 

Synonym : Cardia ostium superius ventriculi. 

Synonyms : Rubor (redness) ; Calor (heat) ; Tumor 
(swelling) ; Dolor (pain). 
CARDINAL VEINS (of Embryo). 

Synonym : Vence cardinalis embryonis. 

Synonym : Osseous necrosis. 
c. of center of bone. C. centralis or interna, 
c. of a joint. C. articulorum; Fungous arthritis; C. 

c. of spine. Osteitis vertebralis or vertebrarum ; Mor- 
bus Pottii. 
c. of tooth. C. dentis (pi. C. dentium). 
tubercular c. C. tuberculosa or granulosa or strumosa. 
CARNEOUS. See Flesh. 
CAR-SICKNESS. See also Sea-sickness. 

Synonym : Kinetia. 
CARTILAGE. See also different parts, Ligament, Peri- 
chondrium, Tendon. 

Synonym : Cartilago (adjs. Cartilaginous, Chondral), 
albuminoid of c. Hyalogen. 
conversion into a c. Cartilaginification. 
embryonic cell of c. Chondroblast. 
giant cell absorbing c. Chondroclast. 
description of c. Chondrography. 

yellow discoloration of c. (or other tissue). Ochronosis, 
dissection of c. Chondrotomy. 
elastic c. Reticular c, Retiform c, or Plexiform c. 


excision of c. Chondrectomy. 

formation of c. Chondrification ; Chondrogenesis. 

inflammation of c. Chondritis. 

inflammation of tendons and c. Inochondritis. 

instrument for cutting c. Chondrotome. 

loose c. in joint. Cartilage libera ; Corpus liberum. 

knife for excising c. Eschondrotome. 

outgrowth of c. Ecchondrosis. 

ossification of c. Endostosis ; Eburnation. 

ossification of c. beginning under perichondrium. Ec- 

pain in c. Chondralgia ; Chondrodynia. 
permanent c. Cartilage perennis or permanens. 
pertaining to fibro-c. Neurechendreus. 
resembling c. Chendreid ; Cartilaginiferm. 
of the nature of c. Cartilaginous, 
sarcoma containing c. Enchendresarcema. 
science of c. Chendrelegy. 
morbid softening of c. Chendremalacia. 
relating to last c. of sternum. Chendrexipheid. 
temporary c. Cartilage essescens. 
thinning of c. Chendreperesis. 
translucent c. Cartilage vera ; Hyaline c. 
sarcomatous tumor of c. Chendresarcema. 
tumor of c. Chendrema ; Ecchendrema ; Enchendrema. 
tumor of muscle and c. Chendremyema. 
fibrous tumor of c. Chendrefibrema. 
situated within a c. Endechendral. 
c. of Wrisberg. Cartilage cuneifermis laryngis. 
List of cartilages according to anatomic location : 

of ear (opening of external meatus). Annular or 
Meatal c. 

of ear (external). Cenchal c. ; Auricular c. ; Carti- 
lage auriculae or auris. 

of epiglottis. Cartilage epiglettica. 

of eyelid. Ciliary or Tarsal c. 

of fingers. Cartilagines basilares digiterum. 

joint (over surface of). Arthredial or Articular c. 

joint (around edge of). Circumferential c. 

of knee. Semilunar c. ; Cartilagines falcatae or lu- 
natae or menisci. 



of larynx. (1) Thyroid c, Cartilago clypealis, pel- 
tatus, or scutiformis; (2) Cricoid c, Cartilago ba- 
silaris, cricoidea, or annularis ; (8) Arytenoid c's, 
Cartilagines arytenoideae, gutturales, or triquetrae 
laryngis; (4) Cuneiform c's, Cartilagines cuneifor- 
mis or Wrisbergii. 

of nose. Cartilagines nasi. 

lateral c's of. Cartilagines laterales (superior and 

c. of septum. Cartilago septi. 

of ribs. Costal c's; Cartilagines costales or cos- 
tar um. 

of sternum. Ensiform or Xiphoid c. 

of vertebra3 (between). Cartilagines invertebrales. 
CARUNCLE OF EYE. Caruncula lacrymalis. 

CARUNCLE OF URETHRA. Camositas urethrse ; Caput 

CARUNCLES OF VAGINA. CarunculsB myrtiformes. 
CASE-HISTORY. Anamnesis; Nosistoria. 
CAST (Urinary). 

a translucent c. Hyaline c. ; Waxy c. ; Cylindrus hya- 

CAST IN THE EYE. Strabismus. 

CASTRATION. See also Testicle. 

Synonyms : Emasculation, Eviratio, Orchotomia, Eu- 
c. of female. Oophorectomy ; Castratio fceminarum. 
CATALEPSY. See Trance. 

resembling c. Cataleptiform ; Cataleptoid. 
CATARACT. See also Eye. 

Synonyms : Cataracta, Gutta opaca, 
capsular c. Cataracta capsularis. 
cystic c. Cataracta cystica, 
fixed c. Cataracta fixa. 
hard c. Sclerocataracta ; Suffusio dura, 
c. from injury. Cataracta traumatica, 
c. with adherent iris. Cataracta accreta or gypsea. 
fluid c. Cataracta cystica, 
c. in the lens. Lenticular c. 


c. with lime concretions. Cataracta calcarea. 

milky c. Cataracta glauca or lacticolor ; Galactocata- 

movable c. Cataracta tremula. 
nuclear c. Cataracta nuclearis. 

operation of needling c. through cornea. Keratonyxis. 
operation of rupture of lens-capsule in c. Discission, 
operation of tearing apart c. Dilaceration. 
c. with central opacity. Cataracta axialis. 
c. with fatty matter in the lens. Cataracta argentea. 
c. in old people. Cataracta senilis. 
c. with pigment. Cataracta arborescens. 
soft c. Phacomalacia ; Suffusio mollis. 
c. with spindle-shaped opacity. Cataracta fusiformis. 

CATARRH. See various organs, Larynx, Nose, etc. ; also 
Mucous membrane, Mucus. 

Synonyms : Catarrhus, Defluxus, Catarrheuma, Ca- 
c. of bladder. Cystitis; Cystirrhea; Blennocystitis. 
c. of chest. Bronchitis ; Blennothorax. 
c. of intestine. Enteritis ; Blennenteritis. 
c. of larynx. Laryngitis, 
c. of larynx and pharynx. Blennisthmia. 
c. of nose. Coryza ; Rhinitis ; Blennorrhinia. 
c. of pharynx. Pharyngitis, 
c. of stomach. Gastritis, 
c. of uterus. Metritis ; Blennometritis. 
c. of vagina. Blennelytria. 

CATCHING. See Contagion. 

Synonyms : Infectious, Contagious. 

CATHARSIS. See Evacuation, Purgation, Stool. 

CATHARTIC. See Laxative, Purgative. 

Synonyms : Purgative, Celiotic, Catoretic. 
c. which acts on liver. Cholagogue. 
mild c. Laxative ; Eccoprotic or Ectoprotic. 
powerful c. Drastic c. 
c. which produces watery evacuations. Hydragogue. 


to introduce a c. Catheterize. 

7 97 


the introduction of a c. Catheterism ; Catheterization. 

use of a c. on one's self. Autocatheterization. 
CAT'S EYE (as in Chinese). 

Synonym : Eluropsis. 
CAUSE. See also Disease. 
Synonym : Causa. 

assignment of disease c. Etiology (adj. Etiologic). 

doctrine of final c. Teleology. 

exciting c. Causa excita. 

external c. of disease. Exopathic c. 

hidden c. of disease. Occult, Obscure, or Latent c. ; 
Causa abdita. 

immediate c. of disease. Essential, Proximate, or Pri- 
mary c. ; Causa proxima. 

internal c. of disease. Endopathic c. 

predisposing c. of disease. Antecedent, Procatarctic, 
Remote, or Secondary c. 

relating to disease due to external and internal c. En- 

relating to disease with double c. Diblastic. 

relating to disease without c. Anetiologic. 

relating to disease not caused by another. Idiopathic. 

relating to disease caused by another. Deuteropathic. 

remote c. Predisponent or Predisposing c. 

CAUSTIC. See also Buryi, Caustic-holder, Cauterization, 
Synonyms : Adurens, Corrosive, Dieretic, Erodent, 
Escharotic, Pyrotic. 
burn from a c. Escharosis. 
burn with a c. Cauterize, 
a diluted c. Causticum mitigatum. 
a c. iron. Cauter; Actual cautery, 
lunar c. Causticum lunare ; Argenti nitras. 
a mild c. Catheretic. 
a c. substance. Causticum. 
quality or state of being c. Causticity. 
CAUSTIC-HOLDER. Causticophorum. 

Synonym : Adustion. 
c. by means of moxa. Moxibustion ; Hyssocausis. 


c. by means of heated hammer. Moxosphyra. 
mechanical c. (as by electricity). Technocausis. 
c. by means of hot needles. Ignipuncture. 
c. by means of heated vapor. Zestocausis; Atmocau- 

CAUTERY (Actual). See Actual cautery. 

CAVERNOUS BREATHING. Respiratio cavernosa. 

CAVITY. See also different cavities, as Peritoneum, 
Pleura, etc. ; also Cell, Cyst, Furrow, Opening ; and dif- 
ferent organs, as Lung, Tooth. 

Synonyms: Celon, Celotes, Oe/wm (adj. Caval). 
c. of body. Celom ; Cavitas ; Cavnm; Excavatio. 
c. in a cell. Coelosis endocytica. 
c. among cells. Coelosis paracytica. 
formation of a c. Celosis. 
^^ any instrument to examine body-c's. Endoscope ; Cavo- 
^H scope; Celoscope. 
^H containing but one c. Monolocular. 
^B containing several small c's. Multilocular ; Pleurilocu- 
H lar. 

^B c. open at one end only. Cul-de-sac. 
^B a small c. Cavemule. 
^H having c. -spaces. Cavernous. 

^B List of cavities arranged according to their location : 
^B c. of the abdomen. Cavum abdominis. 
wK c. of the arachnoid. Cavitas arachnoidalis ; Subdural 
^^ cavity. 

c's. of the brain (ventricles). Cavitates cerebri. 

c. of ear (outer). Cavitas conchse. 

c. of ear (internal). Tympanum; Cavitas antrosa 

c. of ear (cochlea). Cavitas cochleata or buccinata. 
c. of ear (semicircular canals). Cavitas elliptica. 
c. of ear (middle). Auditory or Tympanic c. 
c. of eye (socket). Cavitas oculi ; Orbital c. 
c. of frontal bone. Sinus frontalis, 
c. of hip-joint. Acetabulum ; Cavitas cotyloidea. 
c. of larynx. Cavum laryngis. 
c. between lungs. Mediastinum, 
c. of maxillary bone. Antrum maxillare. 


c. of inastoid. Cavmn mastoidei. 

c. of mouth. Cavum buccalis, oris, or faucium. 

c. of nose. Cavum narium ; Fossa nasalis. 

c. of shoulder-joint. Cavitas glenoidea. 

c. of skull. Cavum cranii. 

c. of sphenoidal bone. Sinus sphenoidalis. 

c. of throat. Guttural c. ; Pharynx. 

c. of tooth. Cavum pulpse; Cavitas dentis; Pulp- 

c. of uterus (of neck). Cavum cervicis uteri. 

c. of uterus (behind). Cavum Douglasii; Douglas' 
pouch or cul-de-sac. 

CAZENAVE'S LUPUS. Lupus erythematosus. 

CECUM. See also Appendix ( Vermiform). 
excision of c. Cecectomy. 
formation of artificial anus in c. Cecostomy. 
inflammation of c. Cecitis ; Typhlitis, 
inflammation around c. Perityphlitis, 
pertaining to c. Cecal, 
valve of c. Valvula ilei ; Valve of Bauhin. 

CELL. For cell in sense of cavity, see Cavity. 

See also Blood-corpuscle, Cell-body, Cell-division, Embryo 
(cells), Germ, Nucleus, Organism, Protoplasm. 
Synonyms : Cella, Cellula, Cytode (adjs. Cellate, Cel- 
lular, Cellulate, Cellulated, Cytoid). 

air-c's. Cellulae aerese ; Cellulae Malpighianse ; Cellulse 

arrangement of c's into definite positions. Adelphotaxy. 

the property of attraction and repulsion of c's. Chemo- 
taxis (adj. Chemotactic). 

c. which destroys bacteria. Phagocyte. 

bipolar c's. Cellulse bipolares. 

an external c. (covering a surface). Epithelial c. 

a fat-c. Adipose c. 

flat-c'ed. Planocellular. 

the fluid part of a c. Cytochylema. 

having the form of a c. Celliform ; Celloid. 

formation of c's. Cytogenesis; Gemmation; Cell-gene- 
sis or -proliferation. 

formation of c's and their products. Histogenesis. 


a germinal c. Cellula germinativa ; Cytoblast. 

c. with two germiual layers. Diploblastic c. 

a giant c. Myeloplaxe. 

c. with hyaline appendix. Ciliated c. 

large c. occurring in gland of stomach. Delomor- 

phous c. 
a little c. Cellula ; Cellule, 
living in c's. Cellicolous. 
giant c. of liver. Hepatophage. 
granular c. in inflammatory areas. Mast-cell, 
hair-like appendage of c. Cilium (pi. Cilia). 
having c's. Cellate ; Cellular. 

currents which flow from a c. Cellulifugal currents, 
currents which flow to a c. Cellulipetal currents, 
lacrimal c's. Cellulae orbitariae. 
a layer of c's. Thelium. 

hyaline layer surrounding animal c's. Periplasm, 
a lymph-c. Lymphocyte, 
a dark-colored lymph-c. Melanocyte, 
large brood-c. in a malignant growth. Physalis. 
a marrow-c. Myelocyte, 
a mother-c. Metrocyte. 
c. -matrix (ground w^ork). Stroma, 
outside membrane of a c, Ectoblast. 
c. which absorbs blood-pigment. Erythrophage. 
giant c. absorbing cartilage. Chondroclast. 
embryonic c. of cartilage. Chondroblast. 
destructive changes in c's. Catabolism. 
normal changes in c's. Anabolism. 
a colored c. Chromocyte. 
any color-producing c. Iridocyte. 
composed of but one c. Monocellular, 
composed of many c's. Polyplast. 
c. which forms connective tissue. Inoblast. 
the whole contents of a c. Encocyte. 
a construction-c. Plastid. 
c.-cover. Operculum, 
cylindrical c. Columnar c. 
c. diagnosis. Cytodiagnosis. 

large c. w^ith tendency to disintegrate (Ranvier). Clas- 



divided into c's. Cellatid ; Celled. 

double group of nuclear libers in c. -division. Dyaster. 

a mother-c. Matricyte. 

movements within the c's. Histokinesis. 

c. -multiplication of any kind. Mitocliysis. 

a muscle-c. Myocyte. 

a muscle-forming c. Myoblast. 

a nerve-c. Neure ; Neuron. 

c's that form nerve-roots. Rhizoneure. 

nerve-c. having but one process. Unipolar. 

c. which develops into neuroglia. Spongioblast. 

one-c. organism. Gymnocyte. 

nutritive changes in c's. Metabolism. 

c. developing into an ovum. Ovigerm. 

a pavement-c. Cellula squamosa. 

a protective c. of body. Phagocyte ; Alexocyte. 

c. -protoplasm. Kytoplasm. 

the outer compact protoplasm of a c. Ectoplasm. 

c's containing matter other than protoplasm. Diplas- 

the nucleolus of histologic c. Entoblast. 

producing c's. Cytogenic; Celliferous. 

c. producing sexual elements. Gametangium. 

proteid of c.-nuclei. Plastin, 

rupture of c. and escape of plasma. Plasmochesis. 

the solid part of a c. Cytohyaloplasm. 

c. from abnormal source. Heteroblastic c. 

c. capable of being stained. Chromatophile. 

c. staining readily with eosin. Eosinophile. 

the study of c's. Cytology. 

the c. -substance. Protoplasm; Hyaloplasm; Endochy- 
lema; Cytoblastema. 

hyaline substance on nucleus of c. Enchylema. 

substance between c's (intercellular substance). Ma- 

spindle-shaped c. Fusiform c. 

a c.-wall. Cytoderm. 

c. without distinct c.-wall. Protoblast. 

the c.-wall. Epicyte. 

a wandering . c. Archeotype ; Ameboid c. ; Phagocyte ; 
Migratory c. 



Other kinds of cells are : 
alveolar. . 

beaker-, goblet, chalice, or caliciform. 
ciliated or vibratile. 
columnar or cylindrical. 

epidermic or epithelial, 

I pyramidal, 
squamous or pavement. 

Synonym : Cytosoma. 
reticulated network of c.-b. Spongioplasm. 
homogeneous substance composing c.-b. Hyaloplasm. 

CELL-COVER. Operculum. 


Synonyms : Cytodieresis, Fragmentation, Segmentation. 
direct c.-d. (budding). Gemmation; Amitosis. 
indirect c.-d. Karyokinesis ; Mitosis; Karyomitosis ; 

spontaneous c.-d. Fission, 
c.-d. in pairs. Dichotomy. 
stages of indirect c.-d. 1. Close-skein; 2. Loose-skein; 

8. Monaster ; 4. Diaster or Amphiaster. 

CELL-GENERATION. Cytogeny; Cytogenesis. 
CELLULAR TISSUE. See Conneetive tissue. 

CELSUS AREA. Alopecia areata. 




Synouyin : Centrum (adj. Centric), 
fixation of* hrain-c's. Localization, 
passing from a c. Efferent ; Centrifugal, 
passing to a c. Afferent ; Centripetal, 
pertaining to action of force in a nerve-c. Centrostaltic. 
CEPHALIC. See Head. 

Synonym : Parencephalon. 
hernia of c. Parencephalocele. 
inflammation of c. Parencephalitis ; Cerebellitis. 
peduncles of c. Corpora restiformis ; Pedunculi cere- 

pertaining to c. and cord. Cerebellospinal. 
CEREBROSPINAL FEVER. Febris cerebrospinalis ; Men- 
ingitis epidemica cerebrospinalis. 
CEREBRUM. See Brain. 
CERVIX. See Uterus (neck of). 

Synonyms : Sectio Ccesaria, Partus Ccesareus, Sectio 
Agrippina, Gastro hysterectomy. 
special form in which opening is made through vagina. 
Gastrocolpotomy ; Laparo-elytrotomy. 
CESSPOOL. Cloaca. 

CHABERT'S DISEASE. Sympathetic anthrax. 

Synonyms : Attrition, Intertrigo, Paratrimma, Para- 
c. in adults. Acmseamorpha. 
c. of anus. Intertrigo ani or podicis. 

Synonym : Creta (adj. Cretaceous), 
conversion into c. Cretefaction. 
CHAMBER. For chamber in sense of cell, see Cavity. 

Synonyms : Urinal, Urodochium. 
CHAMBER (of Eye). 

anterior c. Camera oculi anterior, 
posterior c. Camera oculi posterior. 


CHANCRE. See also Syphilis. 

hard c. Indurated c. ; Hunterian c. ; Ulcus venereum 

soft c. Ulcus venereum moUe. 

erosive eating c. Phagedenic c. ; Serpiginous c. 

resembling a c. Chancroid. 
CHANGE. See Alteration, Metabolism. 

Synonyms : Alteration, Metaptasis, Mutation. 

c. of color. Allochroism; Allochromasia ; Metachro- 

c. of form. Alleomorphia. 

c. of form undergone by one individual. Metamor- 
phosis ; Metaphysis. 

c. of form undergone by a series of individuals. Gen- 

c. of disease from one part of body to another. Metas- 
tasis; Metacinesis. 

c. of adult tissue into different form. Metaplasia. 

chemical c. in body in nutrition. Metabolism (q. v.). 

c. of remedy in practice. Metabasis. 
CHANGE OF LIFE. See Menstruation. 
Synonyms : Climacteric, Menopause. 

CHAP. Rhagades. 

CHARCOAL. See also Carbon. 
Synonym : Carbo. 
animal c. Carbo animalis or carnis or ossium. 
sea-wrack c. Carbo fuci vesiculosi. 
wood-c. Carbo ligni or vegetabilis or vegetalis. 
CHARCOT'S DISEASE. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. 

Synonyms : Amulet, Cabalistic. 
old medical c. Abracadabra. 

CHATTERING OF THE TEETH. Odontosynorismus ; 
Crepitatio dentium. 

CHEEK. See also Cheek-bone, Face, Jaw. 

Synonym : Gena, Gnathus (adjs. Genal, Gnathic), 
congenital cleft of c. Meloschisis. 
hemorrhage from the c. Gnathorrhagia. 
hanging c. or pouch in animals. Sacculus buccalis. 




hypertrophy of the c. Macromelia. 
iiiflaniniation of c. Melitis. 
inflammation of c. or jaw. Gnathitis. 
muscle of the c. Buccinator ; Mansorius. 
paralysis of the c. Gnathoplegia. 
plastic surgery of c. Meloplasty. 
plastic operation on c. Genyplasty ; Gnathoplasty. 
prominence of the c. Mala (adj. Malar j. 
tumor of the c. Meloncus. 
CHEEK-BONE. Os malare ; Os zygomaticum. 

CHEERFULNESS. See also Mind. 

abnormal c. of mind. Hedonia ; Amenomania. 

Synonym : Caseum. 
albuminous constituent of c. Casein, 
having the nature of c. Caseous ; Tyroid. 
c.-like or sebaceous deposit covering surface of fetus. 
Vernix caseosa. 
CHEESE-POISON. Tyrotoxicon. 
CHEESY DEGENERATION. Caseation; Tyrosis; Tyro- 

CHEMIST. Chemicus; Chemicophanta. 
CHEMISTRY. See also Atom, Element, Gas. 

Synonyms : Chemeia, Chemia (adjs. Chemic, Chemical), 
animal c. Zoochemistry ; Zoochemy. 
c. of animal humors. Phlegmatochemia. 
in c. a change of position of atoms in a compound. 

in c. same composition but different qualities. Isomer- 
ism ; Polymerism ; Cellotropism. 
in c. compounds having similar proportions. Isologous. 
curing by c. Chemiatria. 
c. of drugs. Pharmacochemia. 
in c. the displacement of one element or radicle by 

another. Substitution; Metalepsy. 
a substitution in c. of one element for another without 
alteration of form. Isomorphism. 


iu c. a term applied to gas at moment of liberation. 

('. of histologic elements of body. Histochemistry. 
•. of the human body. Anthropochymy ; Anthropo- 

medical c. latrochemia (adj. latrochemic). 
c. of metals. Metallochymia. 
organic c. Chemia organica ; Organochemia. 
successive operations in c. to separate matter. Frac- 
branch of c. treating of relations of atoms in space. 

c. with reaction observable to eye. Macrochemistry. 
study of chemical calculations. Stoichiometry. 
c. of the tissues. Histochemia. 
vegetable c. Phytochemistry. 
vital c. Biochemia. 
Words commonly used in chemistry : 

smallest particle of matter. Atom. 

smallest particle of matter retaining properties of 
mass. Molecule. 

chemical attraction of atoms. Affinity. 

measure of atomic attraction. Valence (Monad, Dyad, 
Triad, etc.). 

chemical change between different substances. Reac- 

a simple ultimate constituent. Element. 

sign of an element. Symbol. 

pertaining to chemical reaction accompanied by heat. 

examination of matter by tearing apart. Analysis. 

examination of matter by weight. Gravimetry. 

examination of matter by volume. Volumetry. 

forming substances chemically from elements. Syn- 

expression of chemical reaction, etc., by symbols. 
Formula (kinds. Graphic and Empiric). 

unsaturated molecule. Radical. 

chief kinds of chemical substances. Acids, Bases, 
and Salts. 



CHEST. See also Auscultation, Breathing, Bronchus, 

Diaj)hragm, Lang, Fleura. 

Synonyms : Pectus, Thorax (adjs. Pectoral, Thoracic). 

air in c. Aerothorax ; Pneumothorax. 

effusion of air and blood in c. Hemopneumotliorax. 

effusion of blood in c. Hemothorax ; Hematothorax. 

effusion of blood and fluid in c. Hydrohemothorax. 

cavity of c. between spine and sternum. Mediastinum ; 

contraction of c. Thoracostenosis. 

abnormal curvature of c. Thoracocyrtosis. 

deformity of c. Thoracocyllosis. 

examination of c. for diagnostic purposes. Thoraco- 

collection of fluid, pus, and gas in c. Hydropyopneumo- 

collection of fluid and gas in c. Hydropneumothorax. 

area of c. lying over heart. Precordia. 

incision of c. Thoracotomy. 

instrument for graphic recording contour of c. Panto- 

instrument for measuring and recording c. -expansion. 

instrument for auscultating c. Stethoscope; Thoraco- 

instrument for measuring c,-movements. Pneumograph ; 
Stethograph; Pneoscope; Pneumatograph. 

instrument to measure circumference of c. Cyrtometer. 

instrument for measuring c. -expansion. Stethometer. 

instrument to measure movements of c,-\vall. Thora- 

monster united at c. anteriorly. Prosothoracopagus. 

narrow c. Stenothorax. 

pain in c. Thoracodynia ; Pleurodynia ; Pleuralgia. 

plastic operation on c. Thoracoplasty. 

operation of piercing c. to remove any abnormal collec- 
tion of matter. Thoracentesis ; Thoracocentesis. 

tremor of c. (in dyspnea). Thoracotromus ; Cynclisis; 
CHEWING. See also Mastication. 
CHEWING THE CUD. Rumination. 



CHICKEN-BREAST. Pectus carinatum. 

CHICKEN-POX. VariceUa; AeolUon. 

CHILBLAIN. Erythema pedis ; Pernio. 

CHILD (pi. Children). See also Age, Birth, Fetus, In- 
fant, New-horn, Young. 

Synonyms: Infans, Puer. 
hatred for c'ren, Misopedia. 
treatise on c'ren. Tecnology ; Tecology. 
medical treatment of c. Pediatry ; Pediatrics, 
a twin c. Monodidymus. 

CHILD-BEARING. Parturition ; Technogonia. 

CHILDBED. Lochium. 

CHILDBED FEVER. Puerperal fever. 

CHILDBIRTH. See also Birth, Labor. 
Synonym : Parturition. 

CHILD-CROWING. Laryngismus stridulus ; Asthma thy- 


Synonym : Infantia. 
science of c. Pedology, 
treatment of diseases of c. Pediatrics. 

CHILD-MARRIAGE. Haramaitism. 

CHILD-MURDER. Infanticide ; Tecnoctonia. 

CHILL. See also Cold, Fever. 
Synonyms : Algor, Rigor. 
congestive c. Rigor longestivus. 

CHILLINESS. Algidity; Algidness. 

Synonyms * Genium, Mentuni. 

anterior middle point of c. Pogonium. 

having a long c. Macrogenous. 

pertaining to the c. Genial ; Genian. 

plastic surgery of c. Genioplasty; Genoplasty; Melo- 

fleshy part under c. Buccula. 

union of bones of c. Symphysis menti. 

CHIN-WHELK. Sycosis. 



CHLOROFORM. See also Anesthesia. 
Synonym : Chlorojorytium. 

administration of c. Chloroformization. 

morbid or excessive use of c. Chloroformism. 
CHLOROSIS. Color virginum foedus ; Cachexia virginuni 
CHOKED DISK. PapilUtis. 
CHOKING. Suffocation; Strangulation. 

Synonyms : Centrogangliitis, Hyperanthraxis, Indo 

bilious or sporadic c. Cholera morbus. 

morbid fear of c. Cholerophobia. 

bacillus of c. Spirillum cholerae Asiaticse. 

mild form of c. Cholerine. 

breeding c. Choleragenic. 

intestinal condition in c. Psor enteritis. 

pertaining to c. Choleraic. 

resembling c. Choleriform. 

loss of speech in c. Cholerophoma. 
CHOLERA OF INFANTS. Cholera infantum. 
CHORDEE. Pmeutulagra; Choreiform priapism; Chordj 

penis or spasmodica. 

Synonyms : Chorea sancti Johannis or Valentini oi 
Viti, Choromania, Dinomania, Tarantismus. 

general c. Chorosynclonus. 

c. of half the body. C. dimidiata ; Hemichorea. 

c. with heart disease. C. cordis. 

hereditary c. Huntington's c. 

c. with impulsion of body forward or backward. C 

c. wath involuntary jumps. C. saltatoria; Saltation. 

c. with nodding of head. C. nutans. 

c. with oscillation. C. oscillatoria. 

c. in erect posture. Orthochorea. 

resembling c. Choreiform; Choreic. 

c. with turning of head and trunk. C. rotatoria. 
CHOROID. See also Eye. 

absence of vascular layer of c. Chor older emia. 

around c. Perichoroidal. 



])lack pigment of c. Melanin. 

liernia of c. Choriocele. 

inflammation of c. Ophthalmitis; Choroiditis; Chorio- 

inflammation of c. and ciliary body. Cyclochoroiditis. 
inflammation of c. and ciliary body of the c. Choroido- 

inflammation of c. and iris. Choroido-iritis ; Iridocho- 

inflammation of c. and retina. Choroidoretinitis. 
Anatomy : 

layers of c. Choroidea tunica. 

inner layer of c. Tunica ruyschiana. 

middle layer of c. Lamina venae vorticosse. 

onter layer of c. Ectochoroides ; Lamina fusca. 

capillary layer of c. Choriocapillaris. 

pigmented layer of c. Stratum pigmenti; Ophthal- 

OHYLE. See also Blood, Pericardium, Urine. 

Synonyms : Chulos, Chylus (adj. Chylous), 
absence of c. Achylia. 
deficiency of c. Oligochylia, 
a depraved state of the c. Cacochylia. 
excessive flow of c. Chylorrhea. 
formation of c. from food. Chylification ; Chylopoiesis ; 

forming c. Chylefactive. 
normal condition of c. Euchylia. 
presence of c. in thorax. Chylothorax. 
the receptacle of c. Eeceptaculum chyli; Cisterna 

lumbalis ; Chylodochium. 
tumor of c.-vessels. Chylangioma. 
vessel transmitting c. Chyliferous vessel, 
c. in urine. Chyluria; Chylodiabetes ; Chylorrhoea re- 

nales or urinalis. 
bloody c. in the urine (due to filaria). Hematochyluria. 

CHYLE-PRODUCING. Chylopoietic. 

Synonym : Chumos. 
deficiency of c. Achymosis ; Oligochymia. 


transformation of food into c. Chymification ; Chymo- 

having thick c. Pachychymous. 
depraved state of the c. Cacochymia. 
c. in stools. Lientery; Celiac flux; Chymochesia ; 


CICATRIX. See also Wound. 

Synonym : Cicatrice (adj. Cicatricial), 
healing by c. Cicatrization, 
agent promoting c'zation. Synulotic. 
formation of c. Anaplerosis. 
promoting formation of c. Epulotic. 
overgrowth of c'cial tissue. Keloid, 
resembling a c. Ouloid. 

CILIARY BODY. See also Eye. 
Synonym : Ciliary disk. 
incision of c. b. Cyclotomy. 
inflammation of c. b. Cyclitis. 

CILIARY CANAL. Canal of Fontana. 

CILIARY GANGLION. Ophthalmic ganglion. 


Synonym : Commissura uvealis. 


Synonyms : Protrahens lentis, Mnsculus Brueckianus. 
division of c. m. Cylicotomy ; Cyclicotomy. 
paralysis of c. m. Cycloplegia. 


instrument to examine c. r. Ciliariscope. 

CILIARY VEINS. Vasa vorticosa. 

CILIARY ZONE. Zona ciliaris ; Zonule of Zinn ; Zonula 

CIRCLE. Circulus; Annulus. 
CIRCLE OF WILLIS (arteries at base of brain). 

Synonym : Circulus arteriosus Willissii. 
CIRCULATION. See also Blood. 

Synonyms : Anacyclesis, Circulatio. 
greater c. (throughout the body). Circulatio magnum. 


instrument to measure velocity of c. Dromograph; 

capillary c. Circulatio capillaris. 

c. in the fetus. Circulatio foetalis. 

c. through the liver. Circulatio portalis. 

c. through the lungs (lesser c). Circulatio pulmonaris. 

c. after stoppage of channels (compensatory c). Circu- 
latio collateralis. 

.stagnation of c. Stasis. 

Synonyms : Circimicisio, Posthectomy. 

one who has undergone c. Circumcisus. 

Synonyms : Girrhonosis, Kirrhonods, Kirrhosis. 

of heart. Cirrhosis cardiaca. 

of kidney. Cirrhosis renum ; Nephritis interstitialis. 

of liver (biliary c). Cirrhosis hepatis or jecoris. 

of lung (interstitial pneumonia). Cirrhosis pulmonum. 

of ovary. Oophoritis interstitialis. 

of stomach. Cirrhosis ventriculi ; Linitis. 
CLAP. Gonorrhea (q. v.). 

science of systematic c. Taxinomy ; Taxonomy. 

treatise on c. Taxiology. 

Synonyms : Clavicula, Clavis, Cleidion, Cleis, Jugu- 
lu7n, Ligida (adjs. Clavicular; Cleidal). 

devoid of c. Acleidian. 

behind the c. Post-clavicular. 

spontaneous luxation of c. Cleidarthrocace. 

operation of dividing c. in difficult labor. Cleidotomy. 

pain in c. Cleidagra. 
CLAW. See also Nail. 

having or resembling c's. Unguiculate. 

CLAW-HAND. Main en griffe. 
CLAY-EATING. Geophagism. 

Synonyms : Abstergent, Detergent. 
the act of purifying or c. Abstertion. 
8 113 


c. by liquid. Ablution. 
51 c. fiuid. Abluent. 

CLEAR. Diaphanous ; Hyaline ; Limpid ; Pellucid ; Trans- 
parent; Vitreous. 
CLEAR (in mental sense). Lucid. 
CLEFT. See also Fissure, Furrow. 

Synonym : Rima. 
CLEFT CHEEK. Meloschisis. 
CLEFT PALATE. See also Harelip, Palate, Speech. 

Synonyms : Lycostoma, Palatognathus, Palatoscliids, 
Palatmn Jissum, Ura7wschisis. 
suture of c. p. Staphylorrhaphy ; Uraniscorrhaphia. 
plastic operation to repair c. p. Uranoplasty ; Uranisco- 
plasty ; Staphyloplasty. 
CLEFT SPINE. Spina bifida; Myelocystomeningocele; 

CLERGYMAN'S SORE THROAT. Pharyngitis granu- 
losa. ■ 
CLIMACTERIC. Menopause (q. v.). 
CLIMATE (adjs. Climatic, Climatal). 

condition of individual becoming accustomed to new c. 
Acclimatation ; Acclimation; Climation (adj. Accli- 
adaptation to a new c. Indigenization. 
adapted to a c. Indigenous, 
unhealthfulness of c. Insalubrity, 
treatise on c. Climatology (adj. Climatologic). 
treatment of disease by c. Climatotherapy. 
CLITORIS. See also Vagina, Vulva. 

Synonyms : Cauda muliebris, Cletoris, Membrum mu- 
excision of the c. Clitoridectomy. 
hypertrophy of the c. Clitoridism. 
inflammation of the c. Clitoritis. 
pertaining to the c. Balanic. 
sexual abuse by c. Clitorism. 

unnatural sexual use of c. between two women. Triba- 



CLOSING. Cleisis. 

CLOSURE. See Opening ; also various openings of body ; 
also Atresia. 
c. of pupil. Synezesis. 
CLOT. See also Blood. 

Synonyms : Coagulum, Crassamentum, Grumus, Pla- 
centa sanguinis, Sanguis concretum. 
blood-c. formed at place of obstruction. Thrombus 

{q. V.) ; (condition, Thrombosis), 
movable blood-c. Embolism. 
CLOTHING. Vestiture; Vestitus; Vestment. 
CLOTTING. Coagulation. 
CLOUDY SWELLING. Albuminoid infiltration. 
CLUB-FINGER. Digitus clavatus ; D. hippocratus. 
CLUB-FOOT. See also Flat foot. 

Synonyms : Kyllosis, Kyllopodia, Talipes. 
c.-foot turned inward. Talipes varus; Blesopus; Cyllo- 

poda; Loripes. 
c.-f. distorted outward (flat or splay foot). Talipes val- 
c.-f with heel elevated and weight thrown upon anterior 
part of foot. Talipes equinus ; Hippopus ; Oxypodia. 
c.-f. where patient walks upon heels. Talipes calcaneus, 
c.-f. with exaggerated concavity of foot. Talipes cavus ; 

Talipes arcuatus. 
self-explanatory combinations of these are : Equinovarus ; 
Equinovalgus ; Calcaneovarus ; Calcaneovalgus ; Cal- 
caneocavus ; Calcaneovalgocavus. 
CLUB -HAND. Manus distorta ; Manus curta. 
CLUB-SHAPED. Clavulate ; Clavatus. 
c.-s. finger. Digitus Hippocratus. 

CLYSTER. See Enema. 

Synonym : Cruor. 

COAGULATION. See also Blood, Blood-clot. 
Synonym : Hemaleuhosis. 
agent favoring c. Coagulative ; Anaplastic, 
imperfect c. of blood. Hematolysis. 


fluid separated from blood after c. Serum. 

instrument to study c. of blood. Coagulometer. 

tendency of blood to spontaneous c. Inopexia. 
COATING OF TONGUE. Saburra (adj. Saburral; ; Sor- 

COATS. See Artery, different parts. 

Synonym : Cocaina. 

excessive use of c. Cocainism. 

to bring under effect of c. Cocainize. 

mania from abuse of c. Cocainomania. 
COCCUS. See also Bacteria. 
Synonym : Coceos. 

double c. Diplococcus. 

chain-shaped c. Streptococcus. 

grape-shaped c. Staphylococcus. 

c. of large size. Macrococcus ; Megacoccus. 

c. of small size. Micrococcus. 
COCCYX. See also Vertebra. 
Synonym : Orthopygium. 

excision of c. Coccygectomy. 

pain in c. Coccyalgia ; Coccydynia ; Coccygodynia. 

pertaining to c. Coccygeal. 

Synonyms : Cochlia, Cochlos. 

inflammation of c. Cochlitis. 

spiral canals of c. Scalse cochleae (Scala tympani and 
Scala vestibuli). 

Synonym : Morrhus. 

oil of c. Oleum morrhuse. 
COITION. See Sexual intercourse. 
COLD. See also Cold in the head, Freezing, and the various 

organs affected with cold in sense of inflammation ; also 

Catarrh, Mucons membrane. Mucus. 
Synonym : Algid. 

pain from application of c. Cryalgesia. 

producing sensation of c. Algefacient. 

abnormal sensitiveness to c. Cryesthesia. 

therapeutic use of c. Crymotherapy. 



COLD CREAM. Cremor frigidus. 

COLD IN THE HEAD. Coryza; Catarrhus benignus; 

Catarrhus nasalis or ad nares. 
COLD-BLOODED. Hematocryal. 
COLIC. See also Cramp, Pain. 

Synonyms : Celiodynia, Colica, Colum. 
biliary c. Colica biliosa or hepatica. 
c. or pain in bowels. Tormina ; Enteralgia ; Eilema. 
catarrhal c. Colica pituitosa. 

inflammatory c. Colica phlogistica or inflammatoria. 
c. of kidney. Colica nephritica or renalis ; Nephrocolica. 
lead-c. Colica metallica, pictonum, plumbariorum, or 

saturnina ; Molybdocolic ; Colum ex plumbo. 
c. of menses. Colica menstrualis or uterina; Hyster- 

algia; Dysmenorrhea, 
c. of stomach. Colica ventriculi ; Cardialgia. 
c. from stone. Colica calculosa. 
worm-c. Colica verminosa. 
COLLAPSE. See Fainting, Paralysis. 
Synonyms : Collapsio, Symptosis. 

Synonym : Clavicle (q. v.) (adj. Clavicnlar). 
prefix signifying relation to c.-b. Cleido (adj. Cleidocos- 
tal, etc.). 

Synonyms : Collodium, Liquid cuticle. 
antiseptic c. Collodium antisepticum. 
blistering-c. Epispastic c. ; Vesicating c. ; Collodium 

cantharide or vesicans. 
croton c. Collodium crotonatum. 
styptic c. Collodium stypticum or haemostaticum. 
COLON. See also Cecum, Intestine. 

Synonyms : Epigaster, Intestinum crassum. 
enema of c. Coloclyster. 
examination of c. Colonoscopy, 
instrument to examine c. Colonoscope. 
excision of part of c. Colectomy, 
inflammation of c. Colitis. 

inflammation of mucous membrane of c. Esocolitis. 
inflammation of tissue around c. Pericolonitis. 


formation of fistula of c. Colostomy, 
surgical puncture of c. Colocentesis. 
suturing c. Colotomy. 
suturing c. to abdomen. Colopexy. 
ascending c. Colon dextrum. 
transverse c. Colon transversum. 
descending c. Colon sinistrum. 
COLOR. See also Albino, Bacteria, Black, Blood, Cell, 
Color-blindness, Complexioii, Pigment, Red, Skin, Stain, 
Sweat, etc. 

Synonyms : Chroma, Coloration, Tinctum. 
free from c. -aberration. Achromatic, 
absence of c. Achromatism ; Achromasia. 
change of c. in animals (as chameleon). Metachrosis, 
change of c. (as in hair). Metachromatism ; Allochro- 

ism; AUochromasia (adjs. Allochroous, Allochroic). 
characterized by dark c. Melanic. 
any deficiency of c'ing-matter. Leukopathy ; Alhinism ; 

having different c. under different conditions. Pleo- 

chroic; Pleochromatic. 
of different c. Heterochromous. 
emission of c's by substance. Fluorescence, 
estimation of c'ing-matter. Chrometry; Chromometry; 

excreting a c.-substance. Chromoparous. 
exhibiting increase of c. Hyperchromatism. 
exhibiting prismatic c's. Iridicolor ; Iridescent, 
difference in c. of eyes. Heterochromia, 
forming c. Chromatogenous. 
instrument to test c. Leukoscope. 
instrument to estimate c'ing-matter. Colorimeter, 
having c. Chromatic. 

having many c's. Polychromatic ; Dichroic. 
having only one c. Monochroic ; Monochromatic ; Homo- 

having same c. Isochromatic. 
organic c'ing-matter. Pigment, 
to remove c. Decolorize, 
growing white in c. (blanching). Albescence; Albifica- 




pertaining to pale-yellow c. of cachexia (sallowness). 

of pale-blue c. Cesious ; Celadon. 
of grayish-brown c. Fuscous, 
of dark-brown c. Fuscescent. 
of reddish-brown c. Fuscotestaceous. 
of clay c. (brownish-yellow). Ocherous. 
of sea-green c. Glaucous, 
of a reddish c. Erythroid. 
of rust c. Fusoferruginous. 
of a smoke c. Fumous. 
of a tawny-yellow c. Fulvous, 
of verniilion-c. Mineate. 
of a yellow c. Lutescent. 
of a yellow c. like bile. Icteric. 

COLOR-BLINDNESS. See also Color, Color-perception. 
Synonyms : Achrornatojysia, Acritochromacy, Chromato- 
dysopia, Daltonism. 

» instrument to test c.-b. Chromoscope ; Leukoscope. 
c.-b. for blue. Acyanoblepsia. 
c.-b. for green. Achloropia. 
c.-b. for red. Anerythropsia ; Anerythroblepsia. 
c.-b. for red and green. Xanthocyanopia. 
c.-b. for violet. Anianthinopsia. 

COLOR-PERCEPTION. See also Color, Color-blindness. 

abnormal c.-p. Chromopsia ; Chromatopsia. 

instrument to measure c.-p. Chromatometer. 

measuring c.-p. Chromatoptometry. 

subnormal c.-p. Dyschromatopsia. 

subnormal or absent c.-p. in half field. Hemiachroma- 

subnormal c.-p. in which only red and green are distin- 
guished. Erythrochloropia. 

illusion in regard to c.-p. Pseudochromestliesia. 

c.-p. produced by sound. Phonopsia ; Echophotomy. 

c.-p. associated with hearing, smell, or taste. Chromes- 

c.-p. accompanying taste. Pseudogeusesthesia. 

subjective c.-p. Chromophose ; Phose. 

COLORED SWEAT. Melastearrhea ; Chromidrosis. 




Synonyms : Columna (pi. Columnce) (adj. Columnar), 
fleshy c's of heart. Trabeculae fadj. Trabecular) ; Col- 

umnae carnese ; Columnae cordis, 
c's of kidney (in cortical substance). Septula renum ; 

C's of Bertini. 
c's of rectum. Columnae recti or Morgagnae. 
c's of vagina. Columnae carneopapillosae ; Columnae ru- 

vertebral c. Columna vertebralis. 
COMA. See also Asphyxia. 

c. with delirium. Coma vigil ; Typhomania. 

in a condition of c. Comatose. 

c. of diabetes. C. diabetica. 

very deep c. Lethargy ; Carus. 

c. due to hemorrhage. C. apoplectica. 

resembling c. Comatous. 

c. with silence and immobility. C. somnolentum or 

c. due to uremia. C. diaceticum. 
COMA-VIGIL. Agrypnocoma; Subdelirium. 
COMBUSTION. See also Burn. 

Synonyms : Comhidio, Eremecausis, Incendiiim. 
spontaneous c. Idiempresis. 
COMEDO. Acne punctata. 
COMMENCEMENT (of Disease). See Disease. 

Synonym : Commissura. 
white c. of cord. Commissura alba meduUae spinalis, 
great c. of brain. Corpus callosum. 
c. of eyelids. Commissura palpebrarum, 
c. of lips. Commissura labiorum. 
c. of vulva. Commissura labiorum pudendi. 
COMMON COLD. See Cold in the head. 
COMPLEXION. See also Albino, Face, Pale, Skin. 
having dark c. Melanchrous. 
sallowness of c. Ochriasis. 
COMPLICATIONS (of Disease). 
Synonym : Paredria. 



COMPOUND. Compositus. 

COMPRESSION. See Artery, Brain, etc. 

CONCEPTION. See also Abortion, Pregnancy, Sterility. 
Syiioiiyriis : Androlepsia, Conceptio, Impregnation. 

c. by external contact. Adosculation. 

extra-uterine c. Conceptio vitiosa. 

difficulty of c. Dysgenesia. 

agent to prevent c. Acyeterion. 

reproduction without c. Agamogenesia ; Parthenogene- 

CONCEPTION (Mental). See Mind. 

CONCRETION. See Calculus, Stone; also different parts 
of body, as Heart, Vein, etc. 

CONCUSSION. Anasismus. 


CONDITION (of Body). See Constitution. 

CONDUIT. See also Canal. 
Synonym : Meatus. 
c. of ear (external and internal). Meatus acusticus 
or auditorius (externa and interna). 

Synonyms : Capitulinn, Condylus. 
c. of femur. (1) External : Condylus lateralis femoris. 

(2) Internal : C. medialis femoris. 
c. of humerus. (1) External: Condylus extemus or 
extensorius or lateralis humeri. (2) Internal : C. in- 
ternus or flexorius humeri. 
CONDYLOMA (pi. Condylomata). 

Synonym : Dermophymaia venerea. 
cauliflower c. C. acuminatum or elevatum. 
flat c. C. latum or syphiliticum. 
CONFECTION. Confectio. 
CONFINEMENT. See Birth, Labor, Pregnancy. 

CONFUSION (Mental). 

Synonyms : Acatastasio, Confusio animi. 

CONGENITAL. See also Birth. 

Synonyms : Congenitalis, Connate, Genitous. 


CONGESTION (Vascular). Bee also different anatomic 
parts ; Extravasation, Plethora. 

Synonyms : Congestio, Congestio mnguinis, Engorge- 
ment, Epidromia, Hyperemia, Hyperemosis, Plethora 
partialis, Symphora, Symphorejna, Symphoresis (adjs. 
Congestive, Hyperemial, Hyperemic). 
abdominal c. Congestio abdominalis ; Hyperemia ab- 
dominis; Celiema. 
c. in a dependent part. Hypostasis ; Hypostatic c. 
c. of brain. Hyperemia capitis or cerebri, 
c. of liver. Hyperemia hepatica. 
c. of lung. Hyperemia pectoris or pulmonum. 
c. of one part of the body. Fluxion, 
venous c. Stasis ; Stagnation. 

CONJUNCTIVA. See also Eye, Eyelid. 

Synonyms : Conjunctiva hulhi. Conjunctiva memhrana, 
dryness and thickening of c. Xerophthalmia ; Xeroma ; 

Xerosis conjunctivae, 
inflammation of c. Ophthalmia; Conjunctivitis, 
localized inflammation of tissue under c. Episcleritis, 
catarrhal inflammation of c. Blennophthalmia ; Oph- 
purulent inflammation of c. Py ophthalmitis, 
scraping of c. Ophthalmoxysis. 
swelling of c. Chemosis. 

a triangular-shaped thickening of c. Pterygium, 
small whitish tumor of c. Pinguicula. 
Anatomy : 

c. covering eyelids. C. palpebrarum or tarsi. 

c. covering eyeball. C. bulbi or ocularis. 

c. covering sclerotic. C. scleras. 

c. uniting ocular and palpebral portions. C. fornicis. 

CONJUNCTIVITIS. See also Ophthalmia. 
Synonym : Ophthalmia mucosa. 
catarrhal c. C. catarrhalis. 
c. with eruption. Exanthematous c. 
gonorrheal c. C. blennorrhagica or gonorrhoica. 
c. with formation of granules. C. trachomatosa ; Tra- 

122 1 


c. with formation of membrane. C. membranosa or 

scrofulous c. C. scrofulosa or strumosa. 

CONNECTIVE TISSUE. Bee also Abscess, Boil, Carbun- 
cle, Tissue. 

Synonym : Parenehyvia. 
c. t. of brain and cord. Neuroglia, 
cell which forms c. t. Inoblast ; Fibroblast. 
diseases affecting c. t. of organs. Mesotica. 
excessive formation or thickening of c. t. in a part or 

organ. Sclerosis; Fibrosis; Cirrhosis, 
inflannnation of c. t. Cellulitis; Parenchymatitis. 
pertaining to c. t. Parenchymatous; Mesotic. 

CONSCIOUSNESS. Bee also Apoplexy, Epilepsy, Mind, 

Synonym : Conscientia. 

II c. of existence (painful or pleasurable). Cenesthesis; 
I Conesthesis. 
[loss of c. Apsychia. 
[sudden loss of c. from cerebral hemorrhage. Apoplexy, 
j sudden transient loss of c. Eclipsis. 
[suspension of c. with muscular plasticity. Catalepsy. 
[condition of action without c. Automatism. 
ONSERVE. Conserva. 

CONSTIPATION. See also Intestine, Purgation. 

Synonyms : Abstentio stercorum, Acopria, Celiosteg- 
nosis, ■ Coprostasis, Obstipatio alvi or intestinalis, 
agent or drug inducing c. Emplastic. 
agent or drug relieving c. Cathartic (q. v.) ; Purgative 
(q. v.). 

CONSTITUTION. See Disease, Health, Organism, Pre- 

Synonyms : Catastasis, Constitutio. 
bad condition of c. Cacosis. 
normal condition of c. Eutoxia ; Euexia; Eutaxia; 

one of good c. Acamatus ; Acamathos. 
nervous c. Constitutio nervosa. 



a c. disease. Holopathy. 

c. predisposition to a certain disease. Diathesis; Dys- 

CONSTRICTION. See also Stricture. 

Synonyms : Angustia, Anxis, Isthmus, Strangulation. 
Synonym : Compressor. 

c. of anus. C. ani ; Sphincter ani extemus. 

c. of esophagus. C. oesophagi ; Fasciculus oesophagi. 

c. of eye. C. palpebrarum ; Orbicularis palpebrarum. 

0. of mouth. C. labiorum or oris. 

c. of nose. Compressor naris ; C. alse nasi. 

c. of throat. C. isthmi faucium. 

c. of urethra. C. urethrae. 

c. of vagina. C. cunni or vaginae or vulvae. 

CONSULTATION. Symboleusis. 

CONSUMPTION. See also Tuberculous. 
Synonym : Phthisis. 
c. of larynx. Phthisis laryngealis. 
c. of lungs. Tuberculosis pulmonalis. 
miners' c. Anthracosis. 
c. with purulent expectoration. Apostematous c. 

CONTAGION. See also Bacteria, Disease, Endemic, Epi- 
demic, Infection, Microbe, etc. 

Synonyms : Contagium, Miasm, Virus. 
pertaining to disease produced by specific c. Enthetic. 
substance conveying c. Fomes (pi. Fomites). 
carrying c. Morbiferous. 

c. by exhalation, as of breath. Contagium halituosum. 
c. by living organism. Contagium vivum. 
capable of preventing c. Alexiteric. 
CONTINUOUS (as Fever). 

Synonyms : Acmastic, Eenesic. 
CONTRACTION. See also Artery, Muscle, Spasm, etc.; 
various parts, as Constriction, Cramp, Heart, Stricture. 

Synonyms : Coartatio, Contractio. 
c. of extremities. Tetanilla. 
c. of hand (palmar fascia). Dupuytren's c. 


c. of heart. Systole ; Contractio cordis. 

defective c. of heart. Hyposystole. 

electric rauscle-c. (positive pole) Anodal; (negative 
pole) Cathodal c. 

c. of intestines. Peristalsis ; Vermicular c. 

a c. or rigidity of a limb. Acampsia. 

a muscle-c. Myospasis ; Fibrillar or Fibrillary c. 

excessive c. of muscle. Hyperkinesia. 

morbid muscle-c. Myopathic c. ; Protopathic c. ; Con- 

instrument to record muscle-c. Myograph. 

reflex irregular muscular c. Clonus. 

a spasmodic c. of muscle. Myospasm. 

pertaining to muscle-c. Myogenic. 

pain following muscle-c. Kinesalgia. 

sound produced by muscle-c. Myocrismus. 

c. of scar. Cicatricial c. 

excessive c. of uterus. Metrohypercinesis ; (in middle, 
Hour-glass c). 
CONTUSION. See also Bruise. 
Synonym : Contusum. 

)NVALESCENCE. Anastasis. 

)NVOLUTION (of Brain). 
Synonym : Gyrus. 

having many c's. Multigyrate. 

between c's. Intergyral. 

slight development of c's. Ischnogyria. 

furrow between c's. Anfractuosity ; Sulcus. 

wedge-shaped c. Cuneus. 

ascending frontal c. Gyrus centralis anterior. 

ascending parietal c. Gyrus centralis posterior. 

first occipital c. Gyrus annectans primus. 

second occipital c. Gyrus annectans secundus. 

temporosphenoidal c's. Gyrus temporalis primus, se- 
cundus, and medius. 
JONVULSION. See also Epilepsy, Spasm, St. Vitus dance. 
Synonyms : Paroxysm, Mem,hrorum distentio. 

c. of arms and legs from spoiled corn, itaphania ; Con- 
vulsio cerealis. 

c. occurring in connection wMth labor. Eclampsia. 



c. of face (canine c). Convulsio canina; Risus sardon- 

c. with bobbing of head. Salaamic c. 
c. occurring in infants. Membrorum distentio infantilis, 
suffocative c. affecting larynx. Laryngismus stridulus. 
COOLING. Refrigerant (adj.) ; Refrigeration (noun;. 
COOPERATION. See also Eye, Muscle. 

Synonym : Synergy. 
COOPER'S FASCIA. Fascia transversalis ; Fascia cre- 

COPPER. See also Metal. 
Synonym : Cuprum. 
deposit of c. in the tissues. Chalcosis, 
pertaining to c. Cupric. 
COPULATION. See also Sexual intercourse, Sexual organ. 
Synonym : Copulatio. 
organ of c. in female. Vagina, 
organ of c. in male. Penis. 
CORD. See Spinal cord, Tendon, Umbilical cord. 
Synonym : Chorda (pi. Chordoi). 
c.-like remnant of arterial duct. Chorda ductus arte- 
c. of Achilles. Chorda Hippocrates; tendo Achillis; 

Chorda magna, 
dorsal c. (in embryo). Notochord. 
in larynx (vocal c's). Chordae vocales (false and true), 
spinal c. Medulla spinalis, 
spermatic c. Chorda spermatica. 
c. suspending testicle. Gubernaculum testis; Guber- 

nacular c. 
umbilical c. Funiculus umbilicalis ; Funis, 
c.-like remains of venous duct. C. ductus venosi. 
CORN (of Foot). 

Synonym : Clavus. 
agent to remove c. Ectillotic. 
one who treats c's. Pedicure ; Chiropodist. 

Synonyms: Cornea lucida or transparens, Keratos 
(adjs. Corneal, Keratinean), Membrana ceratodes. 


atrophy of c. C. consumpta or tabefacta. 

around c. Pericorneal. 

canal around c. Zonule of Zinn; Membrana comese 

discoloration of c. Keratochromatosis. 
examination of c. Keratoscopy. 
excision of c. Keratectomy, 
fungoid growth of c. Keratomycosis. 
hernia of c. Ceratocele ; Keratocele. 
herpes of c. Herpes corneas, 
incision of c. Keratotomy (knife, Keratome). 
inflammation of c. Keratitis; Corneitis. 
inflammation of c. and iris. Keratoiritis ; Comeoiritis. 
inflammation of c. and sclerotic. Keratosclerotitis. 
instrument to measure astigmatism of c. Keratoco- 

nometer; Keratoscope. 
opacity of c. Keratoleucoma ; Caligo ; Albugo ; Nebula ; 

Cornea opaca. 
rupture of c. Keratorrhexis. 
softening of c. Keratomalacia. 
plastic surgery of c. Keratoplasty, 
a superficial ulcer of c. Celoma. 
outer layer of c. Ectocornea. 
pain in c. Keratalgia. 
protrusion of c. Staphyloma cornese ; C. cacuminata ; 

Keratectasia ; Keratocele ; Keratoglobus ; Buphthal- 

vascularization of c. Pannus (oper. for, Peritomy ; Syn- 

white ring around c. in aged. Arcus senilis ; Macula 

corneae arcuata ; Leucoma gerontotoxon ; Limbus cor- 

neae ; Annulus conjunctivae. 

CORONARY ARTERIES (in Heart, Lips, and Stomach). 
Arteria coronaria. 

CORONARY LIGAMENT (of Liver). Ligamentum corO' 

CORONARY NERVES (of Heart and Stomach). Nervi 

CORONARY SINUS (of Heart). Sinus coronarius. 



CORONARY VEINS (of Heart aud Stomach). Veni coro- 

CORNER. See Angle. 

c. of eye. Canthus (q. v.). 

Synonym : Cadaver (adjs. Cadaveric, Cadaverous). 

digging up c. after death. Exhumation. 

burning of c. Cremation. 

dissection of c. Necrotomy. 

examination of c. Autopsy ; Necropsy. 

rigidity of c. after death. Rigor mortis. 

one who violates c. Necrophile. 
CORPSE-FAT. Adipocere. 
CORPSE-LIKE. Cadavero^s. 
CORPULENCY. See also Fatness. 

Synonyms : Obesity, Aletudo, Corpulentla, Crassitas, 
Bona corporis habitudo. 

excessive c. Polysarcia. 

pertaining to excessive c. Polysarcous. 

CORPUSCLE. See also Blood-corpuscle, Cell. 

Synonym : Corpusculum. 
blood-c's. Corpuscula sanguinis, 
bone-c. Corpusculum osseum. 
c. of kidney. Corpusculum renum. 
c. of spleen. Corpusculum lienis or Malpighii. 
c's of touch (hands and feet). Tactile or Paccinian c's ; 

Palpation c's; Corpuscula tactus; Meissner's or 

Vater's c's. 

CORRIGAN'S DISEASE. Aortic insufficiency. 

CORROSIVE. See Burn, Caustic. 

CORRUPTION. See Decomposition. 

CORTI'S MEMBRANE. Membrana tectoria cochleae. 


Synonym : Gossypium. 

a pledget of c. used in vagina. Tampon ; Nascale. 
COTTON- WOOL. Byssus gossypyna. 
COTUGNO'S CANAL. Canalis Cotunnii; Aqueductus 

vestibuli auris. 



COUCHING (of Cataract). 
Synonym : Keratonyxis. 

COUGH. See also Expectoration, Mucus. 

Synonyms : Tussis, Tussedo (adjs. Tussal, Tussive). 

c'ing of blood. Hemoptysis. 

c. with expectoration of calcareous matter. Lithobexis. 

c. with expectoration. Anacatharsis. 

a medicine curing c. Bechic. 

a very slight c. Tussiculum. 

the dry c. of puberty. Cynobex. 
COUNTENANCE. See Expresdon. 
COUNTER-BANE. Antidote. 
COUNTER-FISSURE. See Counter-stroke. 
COUNTER-OPENING. Contra apertura. 

Synonyms : Contra fissura, Contrecoup. 
COURSE (of Disease). See Disease. 
COURSES. See 3Ienstruatio)i. 

COVER or COVERING. See also Bandage, Crust, Layer, 
Ohitment, Scale, Skin. 
Synonyms : Cortex, Operculum, Superj^ositum, Tecto- 
rium, Tegumentum. 
COW-POX. Vaccinia. 
CRAB-LOUSE. Pediculus pubis. 
CRABS. Pediculosis. 

CRACKED-POT SOUND (in percussion of lung). Bruit 

de pot fele. 
CRACKLING. Crepitation. 

CRAMP. See Colic, Contraction, Convulsion, Spami. 

c. in muscles of leg. Systremma. 

writers' c. Cheirospasm; Graphospasm. 
Synonym : 

first pair. Olfactorius. 

second pair. Opticus. 

third pair. Oculomotorius. 

fourth pair. Patheticus. 
9 129 



fifth pair. Trigeminus. 

sixth pair. Abducens. 

seventh pair. Facialis or Portio dura. 

eighth pair. Auditorius or Portio mollis. 

niuth pair. Glossopharyngeus. 

tenth pair. Vagus ; Pneumogastric. 

eleventh pair. Accessorius. 

twelfth pair. Hypoglossus. 

CRANIUM. See Skull. 

CRAVING. See Appetite, Desire. 


sensation of c. Formication ; Myrmeciasis. 

CREAM. Cremor lactis. 

CREATURE. See Animal. 

CREMASTER MUSCLE. Elevator testiculi. 

CREST (in anatomic sense). 
Synonym : Crista. 
List of crests arranged according to anatomic location : 
of ear (dividing vestibule). Crista vestibuli. 
of ethmoid bone. Crista galli. 
of femur (ridge along posterior surface). Crista 

femoris; Linea aspera. 
of frontal bone (above eye). Crista orbitalis. 
of gums (in fetus). Crista gingivalis. 
of occipital bone (on basilar process). Crista basil- 

of pelvis (ilium, iliac). Crista ilii. 
of rib (on head of). Crista capituli. 
of tibia. Crista tibiae, 
of urethra. Caput gallinaginis. 

CRISIS. See also Disease. 
absence of c. Acrisis. 
false c. Pseudocrisis. 

phenomena of disease following c. Epicrisis. 

Synonym : Crux. 
c. of aorta. Arcus aortse. 
like a c. Cruciform (as ligament). 


CROSS-EYE. See Squint 

Synonyms : Luscitas, Strabismus. 
CROSSING (of Nerve-fibers). 

Synonym ; Decussation. 

Synonyms : Angina canina, Angina trachealis. 
false c. Pseudocroup ; Laryngismus stridulus, 
true c. Diphtheria. 
CROWD. See also Crowding. 
Synonym : Turba. 
morbid fear of c. Ochlophobia, 
c.-poisoning. Ochlesia; Ochlesis. 

disease due to over-c. Ochlesia. 
CROWN. See also Coronary. 
Synonym : Corona. 
c. of head. Vertex; Sinciput; Bregma, 
c. of tooth. Corona dentis. 
c. of Venus. Corona venerea ; Mons veneris. 


Synonyms : Ferocity, Inhumanity. 
insanity marked by c. Diastrephia. 

instrument for c. bladder-stone. Lithotrite. 

operation of c. skull of fetus. Cephalotomy; Cephalo- 

tripsy; Emhryothlasis. 
operation of c. bladder-stone. Lithotripsy. 
c. of tissue. Histotripsy. 
CRUST. See also Burn, Scab, Scar. 

Synonyms : Crusta, Eschar. 
formation of c's. Crustation. 
c. on surface of blood-clot. Crusta inflammatpria ; 

Corium phlogisticum. 
small c. or scab. Crustula. 
c. of teeth. (External) Enamel; Crusta adamantina 

dentium; (Internal) Cement; Crusta fibrosa, 
presence of scaly c's on skin. Heterolopia. 
c. (coating on tongue). Saburra ; Crusta villosa linguae. 



name of c. found iii asthmatic sputum. Charcot-Leyden. 
CRYSTAL-EAR. Otolith. 

tSynonyni : Corpua ])hacoide. 
absence of c. 1. Aphakia, 
capsule surrounding c. 1. Periphacus. 
hardening of c. 1. Phacosclerosis, 
inflammation of c. 1. Phacitis ; Phakitis. 
instrument to open capsule of c. 1. Cibisitome. 
instrument for noting change in curvature of c. 1. during 

accommodation. Phacoscope. 
opacity of c. 1. Cataract (/]. v.). 
soft cataract of c. 1. Phacomalacia. 

Synonyms: Fornix, Sinus. 
c.-de-s. of pleura. Cupula pleurae, 
c.-de-s. of vagina. Fornix vaginae ; Douglas' cul-de-sac. 
CUP (noun). 

Synonym : Poculum. 
a large c. Scyphus. 
a little c. Pocillum. 
CUP (verb). 

Synonym : Cucurbitam imonere. 
CUPPING-GLASS. Cucurbita. 
CUP-SHAPED. Acetabuliform ; Cotyloid. 
CURABLE. Acesmic. 

CURATIVE. Acesinosus; Acesius; Acesophorous. 
CURE. See Remedy, Treatment 

Synonyms : Acesia, Acesis, Alleviation, Convalescence, 
Oura, Curatio, Remediation, Restoration, Sanatio. 
amenable to c. Curable ; Medicable ; Acesmic. 
not amenable to c. Incurable ; Insanable. 
pertaining to c. of diseases. Therapeutic, 
promoting c. by granulation. Anaplerotic. 
branch of medicine relating to c. of disease. Therapy ; 

spontaneous c. of disease. Autotherapy, 
c. by healing or union. Hereosis. _ 



List of cures (see also Treatmeyit) : 

air-c. Pneumatotherapy ; Pneumatic c. 

Banting c. (dieting by diminution of starches). Ban- 

hunger-c. Cura fanis. 

movement-c. Kinesitherapy ; Swedish movement, 
oat-c. Cura avenacea. 

water-c. Hydrotherapy; Hydrosudotherapy. 
CURE-ALL. Panacea (5. v.). 

CURETTING. Curettage; Curetment; Erasion; Excoch- 

CURVATURE. See also Spine. 

Synonyms : Campyle, Campylotes, Gryposis. 
extreme c. of back or limbs. Hyper cyrtosis. 
slight c. of back or limbs. Hypocyrtosis. 
CUT. See also Incision. 

Synonyms : Abruption, Co7icisus, Sectio. 
superficial c. Abrasion. 

UTANEOUS. See Skin. 


CUT-OFF MUSCLE. Compressor urethrse. 

CUTTING. See Amputation, Dissection. 

c. into. Incision. 

c. off. Abscission. 

c. out. Excision ; Exsection. 
CYST. See also Cysticercus, Tumor. 

Synonyms : Cystoina, Cystus (adj. Cystic). 

c. containing blood. Hematocyst ; Sanguineous c. 

compound c. (several compartments). Multilocular c. 

a fatty c. or tumor. Liparocele. 

c. developing around foreign body. Adventitious c. 

c. complicating umbilical hernia. Hydromphalocele. 

a honeycomb-like c. Melicera. 

affected with hydatid c. Hydatidosis. 

hydatid c. Ecchinococcus ; Hydatitoma. 

c. with jelly-like contents. Colloid ; CoUoma. 

c. of kidney. Nephrocystosis. 

containing many c's. Polycystic. 

c. containing milky fluid. Lactocele. 


c. -tissue of muscle. Myocyst. 
yellow pigment from ovarian c. Cystolutein. 
resembling a c. Cystoid. 
science of c. -formation. Cystology. 
c, resulting from excessive secretion. Exudation c. ; Re- 
tention c. ; Extravasation c. 
serous c. Hygroma, 
large serous c. Polyhygroma. 
tumor containing c's. Cystoma, 
c. containing teeth. Dentigerous c. 
c. of umbilicus. Hydromphalus. 
c. containing vesicles. Lentigerous c. 
c. containing watery fluid. Hydatoricus; Hydrocyst; 

Serous c. ; Hygroma. 
List of cysts arranged according to locality : 

of brain (arachnoid membrane). Cystoma arach- 

of eyelid. Meibomian c. ; Chalazion ; Tarsal c. 

of mammary gland. Lactiferous or Milk-c. 

of ovary. Oophoritic or Ovarian c. 

of skin. Cutaneous or Cuticular c. 

c. containing skin (hair, etc.). Dermoid c. 

of tendon-sheath. Thecal c. ; Cystoma theci. 

of testicle. Malassez's disease. 

under tongue. Sublingual c. ; Ranula. 

of neck of uterus. Corpora globosa cervicis uteri; 
Nabothian c. ; Nabothi glandulae. 

of urachus. Allantoic c. ; Cystoma ligamenti sus- 
pensorii urachi. 

Synonym : Ductus or Meatus cystieus. 

Synonym ; Hydatid. 

1. (from Taenia solium). Cysticercus cellulosse. 

2. (from Taenia marginata). Cysticercus tenuicollis. 
CYSTIC KIDNEY. Nephrocystosis. 




DAFT. See Insanity. 

Synonym : Insane. 
DAMP. See Moisture. 

Synonym : Pityriasis. 
covered with d. Furfuraceous. 
DANIELSEN'S DISEASE. Anesthetic leprosy. 
DARIER'S DISEASE. Keratosis folUcularis. 
DAY. See also Prescription. 

occurring during the d. Diurnal, 
lasting d. and night. Noctidial. 
critical d's. Decretorii dies. 
DAY-BLINDNESS. Amaurosis diurnalis ; Nyctalopia. 
DAY-MARE. See also Night-mare. 
Synonym : Incubus vigilantium. 
DAY-SIGHT. Hemeralopia. 
DEAD. See Corpse, Death. 

Synonyms : Abiotic, Deceased, Defunct, Inanimate, 
Morticus, Necrotic. 
DEAD BODY. Cadaver; Corpse. 
DEAD-HOUSE. See Morgue. 
DEADLY. Lethiferous; Mortal. 
DEAF. Surdus. 
DEAF AND DUMB. Deaf-mutism; Mutitas surdorum; 

Surditas mutorum ; Surdomutitas ; Surdus et mutus. 
DEAFNESS. See also Hearing. 

Synonyms : Barecoia, Cophosis, Surditas. 
d. of central origin. Psychic d. 
nervous d. Anakusia ; Anacusis ; Hypakusia. 
senile d. Presbykousis. 
DEATH. See also Corpse, Degeneration, Disintegration, 
Dying, Gangrene. 

Synonyms : Abiosis, Apothanasia, Biolysis, Decease^ 


Defedus vitcp., Exayoge, Exitus lethalis, Lethum, 
after d. Postmortem ; Posthumous, 
apparent d. Asphyxia ; Mors putativa. 
before d. Ante mortem. 
(1. of entire body. Somatic d. 
examination of body before d. Biopsy, 
examination of body after d. Necropsy; Necroscopy; 

d. beginning in blood. Necremia. 
d. beginning at heart, (sudden) Syncope; (gradual^ 

d. beginning in lungs. Apnea, 
d. beginning at medulla. Paralysis pneumogastnea. 
d. from entry of air into blood-vessels. Aerhemoctonia. 
rigidity of body after d. Rigor mortis ; Rigiditas cadav- 

erica; Necronarcema. 
contraction or puckering of cornea just before d. Ruti- 

delusion of d. in insane. Necromimesis. 
morbid fear of d. Thanatophilia ; Necrophobia, 
d. from hunger. Limoctoma. 
instrument to weigh organs after d. Necrometer. 
instrument to diagnose d. by measuring the temperature. 

local d. of tissue. Gangrene (q. v.); Gangrenosis; 

Molecular d. ; Mortification ; Necrosis, 
a painful and miserable d. Cacothanasia. 
a painless or easy d. Euthanasia, 
at point of d. Moribund, 
producing d. Lethal. 

producing quick d. Ocyphonic ; Ocyphonous. 
register of d's. Tabula mortalitatis. 
resembling d. Thanatoid. 
serving as a sign of d. Necrosemiotic. 
statistics of d. Necrology. 

sudden d. Mors suhita, improvisa, or repentina. 
pertaining to d. of tissue. Necrogenic. 
molecular d. of tissue. Necrobiosis, 
conversion into black mass by d. of tissues. Anthra- 




DEATH-BEARING. Lethiferous. 
DEATH-HOUSE. Morgue (q. v.). 
DEATH-RATE. Mortality. 
DEBILITY. See Nervous debility. 

Synonyms : Anergia, Enervation, Hyposthenia, Infirm- 
ity, Lassitude. 
DECANTATION (in Pharmacy). 

Synonym : Elutriation. 

DECAY. See Degeneration, Putrid. 

senile d. Caducity; Caducitas. 

Synonyms : Memhrana caduca, Tunica uteri. 
(1. of menstruation. D. catamenialis ; D. menstrualis. 
(1. reflected over ovum. D. reflexa ; D. chorii. 
d. taking part in formation of placenta. D. serotina. 
d. covering uterine wall. D. vera; D. externa. 

Synonym : Decodum. 
bitter d. Decoctum amarum. 

Synonyms : Achromasia, Parachrosis. 
DECOMPOSITION. See also Fermentation, Putrid. 
Synonyms : Catalysis, Dissolution, Resolution. 
organic d. Putrefaction. 

pertaining to organic d. Catogenic ; Putrescent ; Putrid, 
partial d. Merodialysis. 
DEFECATION. See also Intestine, Purgation, Stool. 
Synonyms : Eccoprosis, Egestion. 
desire for d. Libido intestinalis. 

DEFECTIVE. See various functions, as Hearing. 

DEFORMITY. See Abnormality, Monster, Spine. 

Synonyms: Aeschos, Anamorpliosis, Malformation, 
Monstrosity, Perosis. 
class of bodily d'ies less than monster. Hemiterata. 
having complicated d. Pantamorphic. 
having d. of hand. Perochirus. 
d. of joint. Dysarthrosis. 



havinj^ d. of legs and feet. Peropus. 

d. consisting in excessive number of legs. Polyscellia. 

d. of limbs. Melocampyle. 

d. of back or bones. Cyrtosis. 

correction of d'ies. Diorthosis; Orthomorphia ; Epi- 

mechanical treatment of d. Orthopraxy ; Orthopraxis. 

treatment of d'ies in children. Orthopedia ; Ortho- 
pedics (adj. Orthopedic). 

DEGENERATION. See also Artery, Muscle; different 
parts ; Death, Decomposition, Gangrerie. 

Synonym : Degeneratio. 
albuminoid d. of cells. Amylosis. 
black d. Melanosis ; Anthracosis. 
bony d. Ossification, 
fatty d. Steatosis ; Adiposis. 

d. of cells with cloudy swelling. Parenchymatous d. 
chalky d. Calcification ; Cretefaction ; Calcareous d. 
mucous d. Mucoid d. ; Myxomatous d. 
waxy d. or lardaceous d. Hyalinosis ; Colloid d. ; Gela- 
tiniform d. ; Morbus lardaceus ; Cellulose d. 

DEJECTION. See Feces, Stool. 

DELIRIUM. See also Mania. 

Synonyms : Allophasis, Leros, Paracrusis, Phrenesis. 
affected with d. Phrenetic. 
producing d. Delirifacient. 
wild look of d, Periblepsis. 
d. in aged. Senile d. 
d. occurring in alcoholism. Delirium tremens; Mania 

a potu ; Enomania ; Methexiphrenesis ; D. ebreositatis 

or ebriosorum; D. a potu or potatorum; D. tremi- 

d. of low fever, with picking at bed-clothes. Floccita- 

tion; Carphologia. 
mild d. D. mite ; Paralogia, 
pertaining to slight d. Paracrustic. 
d. with mental depression. D. melancholicum. 
d. with mental excitation. D. ferox ; D. furiorum or 

furibundum ; D. maniacale or maniacum. 
d. following shock. D. nervosum ; D. traumaticum. 


(1. with talkativeness. Leros ; D. verborum. 
form of d. in which subject imagines himself to have 
been a long while in place where he has just come. 
D. palingnosticum. 
DELIVERY, ^ee Labor. 

I DELUSION. See also Dread, Fear, Insanity, Mania, 
Monomania, Se7isation. 

Synonym : Falacia. 
insanity with pleasing d's. Amenomania ; Habromania. 
a dominant d. Obsession. 
(1. of self-greatness. Megalomania. 
(1. in which individual believes himself an animal. 

Lycarthropy ; Zoanthropy. 
d. in which subject believes himself persecuted by others. 

d. in which su})ject believes herself endowed with beauty. 

d. in which patient believes himself a dog. Cynanthropia. 
d. in which patient thinks himself inspired. Entheo- 

d. in which one believes himself a cat. Galeanthropy. 
d. in which one believes himself dead. Necromimesis. 
d. in which one believes himself a horse. Hippanthropy. 
d. in which one believes objects are larger than they really 

are. Macromania. 
d. of having previously undergone a present experience. 

d. of the aged. Senile d. ; Dotage ; Dementia senilis, 

paralytica, or paretica. 
d. from alcohol. D. alcoholica or toxica, 
d. from apoplexy. D. apoplectica. 
d. with excitement. D. agitans. 
d. from organic brain disease. D. organica. 
DENTIST. Odontiater. 
DENTISTRY. See also Tooth. 
Synonym : Odontriatria. 
replacement of parts in d. Prosthesis ; Anaplerosis. 
DENTIST'S ELEVATOR. Detrusorium ; Extrahendos; 
Levator ad dentes. 



DENTITION. See Tooth. 
Synonym : Dentitio. 
DEPOSIT. See Drugs, Excretion, Feces. 

Synonyms : Lemma, Residentia, Sedimentum, 
DEPRESSION. See also Canal, Furrow. 
Synonym : Depresdo. 
having d's. Lacunose ; Umbilicated. 
d. or furrow of bone. Fossa ; Sinus. 

Synonyms : Ademonia, Catathesis. 
DERCUM'S DISEASE. Adiposis dolorosa. 
DERMATOL. Bismuth subgallate. 
DESCEMET'S MEMBRANE. Posterior elastic lamina 

of cornea. 
DESIRE. See also Alcohol, Appetite, Drink, Mania, Sex- 
ual desire. 

Synonyms : Ardor, Libido. 
morbid d. or longing. Epithymia (pi. Epithymice). 
having unlawful d. (wanton). Libidinous; Lascivious, 
d. to defecate. Libido intestinalis. 
d. to urinate. Libido uringe ; Ardor urinae. 
d. for sexual intercourse. Libido sexualis ; Ardor vene- 

periodic d. in animals for procreation. Nisus. 
DESTRUCTION. See different parts of body; Death, 
Degeneration, Disintegratioii, Dissolution, Gangrene, 
Injury, Ulcer, Wound. 

Synonyms : Abolition, Suppression. 
d. of tissue. Histolysis; Metamorphosis regrediens. 
d. of tissue by "eating away." Phagedenesis (adjs. 
Phagedenic, Exedent, Rodent). 
DEVELOPMENT. See also Growth, Ovum, Reproduction ; 
different parts and organs, 
arrested d. Nanism ; Dwarfism. 
changes in organism undergoing d. Metamorphosis, 
any disease or disorder of d. Eccliodosis ; Eccyliosis. 
history of individual d. Ontogeny, 
abnormal tissue-d. Heteroplasia. 


d. not true to parental type. Kenogenesis. 

d. by multiplication of like parts. Eninerogenesis. 

DEVERGIE'S DISEASE. Pityriasis rubra pilaris. 

DIABETES. See also Urine. 

Synonyms : Polyuresia, Polyuresis, Polyuria. 
d. of pale urine. Diabetes insipidus ; Polydipsia ; D, 

d. of urine containing sugar (saccharine d.). Diabetes 

mellitus; Melithyperurea ; Glycosuria; Melituria. 

DIABETIC GANGRENE. Sphaceloderma. 

DIAGNOSIS. See also Auscultation, Disease, Examinor 
tio7i, Percussion, Symptoms. 

Synonym : Diacrisis (adjs. Diacritic, Diagnostic), 
cell-d. Cytodiagnosis. 
differential d. Diacritica signa. 
use of ear in d. Acroasis. 
d. from examination of blood. Hematomantia. 
d. from examination of tongue. Glossoscopy. 
d. based upon study of symptoms. Clinical d. 
d. based upon physical examination. Physical d. 


internal anteroposterior pelvic d. Conjugate d. 

oblique pelvic d. Deventer's d. 

external anteroposterior pelvic d. External conjugate ; 

Baudelocque's d. 
d. of fetal cranium. Craniometric d. 
d. of occiput and chin. Occipitomental d. 
d. of occiput to forehead. Occipitofrontal d. 
d. of occiput to anterior fontanelle. Suboccipitobreg- 

matic d. 
d. between parallel bones. Biparietal d. 
d. between temples. Bitemporal d. 
d. from forehead to chin. Frontomental d. 


Synonyms : Diaphragma, Midriff, Phren, Phrenes 
(adj. Phrenic), 
inflammation of d. Diaphragmitis ; Paraphrenitis. 
hernia through d. Diaphragmatocele. 
instrument to record movements of d. Phrenograph. 




pain in d. Diaphragmalgia ; Diaphragmodynia. 
paralysis of d. Phrenasthenia. 
ulceration of d. Diaphragmelcosis. 

DIARRHEA. See also titooL 

Synonym : Enterrhea. 
slight d. Echysis. 

false membrane in stools of d. Xysma. 
alimentary d. (with discharge of food). D. cum apep- 

sia ; Lientery ; Lienteria ; D. ingestonim. 
bilious d. Iliocholosis ; Cholodiarrhea ; D. biliosa. 
bloody d. D. sanguinolenta or cruenta. 
common d. (from errors in eating). D. stercoraria or 

crapulosa ; D. ab ingluvie. 
from drugs. D. ab hypercatharsi. 
fatty d. D. adiposa ; Pimellorrhea. 
mucous d. Blennochezia ; D. mucosa ; Mycodiarrhoea en- 

terica ; D. catarrhosa or catarrhale or erythematoides. 
pussy d. D. purulenta. 
serous (or watery d.). Hydrochezia ; Hydrodiarrhea ; 


DIET. See also Aliment, Food. 

Synonym : Diwta (adj. Dietetic), 
treatise on d. Dietetics ; Sitiology. 
broth d. Diseta juris or juscula. 
dry d. Diaeta sicca ; Xerophagy. 
meat d. Diseta carnis ; Galactodieta. 
milk d. Diaeta lactis. 
light d. Microtrapezia ; Leptotrophia. 

DIFFICULTY. See also various functions. J 

d. of copulation. Dyspareunia. '^ 

d. of defecation. Dyschezia ; Dyscopria. 
d. of dentition. Dysodontiasis. 
d. of digestion. Dyspepsia, 
d. of emission of semen. Dyspermasis. 
d. of expiration. Dysecpneusis. 
healing with d. Dysapulotus ; Dysapulous. 
d. of hearing. Dysacusia ; Dysacusis ; Dyscophosis ; 

d. of labor. Dystocia; Mogostocia ; Partus diificilis; 

(without pain) Dysaponotocy ; (with pain) Dysodynia. 


d. of mastication. Dysmasesis. 

d. on moving (motion). Dyskinesia. 

d. of seeing. Dysopia ; Dysopsia. 

d. of sensation. Dysesthesia ; Dysaphia ; Dyserethesia. 

d. of smelling. Dysosmia. 

d. of speech. Dyslalia; Dyslogia; Dysphonia; Mogi- 
lalia; Mogiphonia. 

d. of swallowing. Dyscatabrosis ; Dyscataposis ; Dys- 
phagia; Dyskataposis. 

d. of sweating. Dysidrosis. 

d. of walking. Dysbasia. 

d. of writing. Dysgraphia. 

d. of fluid through membranes. Osmosis. 

d. of fluid outward. Exosmosis. 

d. of fluid inward. Endosmosis. 

DIGESTION. See also Assimilation, Chyle, Chyme, Gas- 
tric juice, Indigestion, Intestines, Stomach. 
process of absorption in d. Assimilation ; Animaliza- 

iiisturbance of d. due to alcohol. Methogastrosis. 
disturbance of stomach d. Gasteratoxia. 
fmperfect d. Apepsia; Dyspepsia; Cacogastria. 
Jmperfect d. and nutrition. Malassimilation. 
Blow d. Bradypepsia ; Narcopepsia. 
healthy d. Eupepsia. 
promoting d. Digestive ; Eupeptic, 
agent promoting d. Digerant ; Digestant. 
self-d. Autopepsia ; Autodigestion. 
fluid of intestinal d. Chyle, 
fluid of stomach. Chyme. 
DIGESTIVE JUICE. Succus gastro-entericus. 

DILATATION. See also Blood-vessels, Pupil, and dif- 
ferent parts, as Heart. 

Synonyms : Dilatatio, Eurysmus. 
DILUTE. Dilutus. 

Synonym : Amplitude. 



DIMINUTION. See also Atrophy. 

d. of size of an organ. Anectasia ; Anauxesis. 
d. of swelling. Detumescentia. 

DIMPLE. Scrobiculus ; Fovea. 

DINNER PILLS. Pilulse ad prandium. 

DIRT. See also Dregs, Filth, Putrid. 
Synonym : Lutum. 
dread of contact with d. Mysophobia ; Rupophobia. 


Synonym : Geophagism. 
mania for d.-e. Chthonophagia. 

DISC (Intervertebral). 

Synonym : Fibrocartilago intervertebralis. 

DISCHARGE. See also different organs ; Bile, Excretion, 
Feces, Lochia, Menstruation, Mucus, Saliva, Secretions, 

Synonyms : Effusion, Extravasation, Exudation. 
an acrid d. Ichor. 

d. from genital organs after labor. Lochia, 
a mucous d. Myxorrhea ; Mucifluxus ; Myxiosus. 
suppression of d. Ischesis ; Ischocenosis ; Ischoblennia. 

DISCOLORATION. See also Color, Muscle, Skin, Stain, 

DISEASE. See also Attack, Cause, Constitution, Crisis, 
Cure, Illness, Infection, Organism, Stage, Symptoms, 
Treatment; the different organs and parts of body, 
and different agents causing disease. 

Synonyms : Cacosis, Malum, Morbus, Nosema (adjs. 
Morbid, Pathic, Pathologic), 
acquired d's. Morbi acquisiti or adventitii. 
acute d's. Morbi acuti. 

very acute d. Morbus peracutis or acutissimus. 
affected with d. Nosacenis. 
d. peculiar to a certain age. Morbus setatis. 
allied d's. Congenerous d's. 
d. antagonistic to another. Allopathy; Enantiopathy ; 

benign d. Morbus benignus. 


d. existing from birth. Connate, Indigenous, or Con- 
genital d. ; Morbus cognatus, congenitus, or connatus. 

causation of d. Etiology; Nosazontology ; Nossetio- 

pertaining to d. due to external cause. Exopathic ; Exo- 

pertaining to d, due to internal cause. Endopathic. 

d's originating internally. Enanthropes. 

pertaining to d. due to internal and external causes. 

pertaining to d. caused by specific contagion. Enthetic. 

pertaining to d. with double cause. Diblastie. 

pertaining to d. without known cause. Anetiologic. 

causing d. Morbific ; Morbigenous ; Nosephorous ; Patho- 
genic; Malgenic; Pathogenetic. 

essential cause of d. Materies morbi. 

change of d. into a difi^erent one. Diadexis. 

chronic d. Morbus chronicus ; Mseronosia. 

classification of d's. Nosology. 

communicating d. Morbiferous ; Infectious. 

specific matter of a communicable d. Contagion (q. v.) ; 
Contagium; Infection. 

concealed (latent) d's. Morbi occulti. 

substance conveying infection. Fomes (pi. Fomites). 

a constitutional d. Holopathy. 

irregular course of d. Acrisia. 

pertaining to d. having even course. Homotonic. 

d's with protracted course (chronic). Morbi chronici. 

recovery from d. (convalescence). Anastasis. 

complication of d. Paredria. 

pertaining to d. having mild course. Benign d. 

pertaining to d. running a grave course. Malignant; 

pertaining to a fatal d. Ferine ; Feral. 

indicating favorable termination of d. Lysterios. 

forecast of termination of d. Prognosis (q. v.). 

a d. without cure. Aeipathy ; Aipathia. 

a d. not dependent on another (primary). Idiopathic 
or Protopathic d. ; Morbus proprius or protopathicus. 

pertaining to a d. dependent on another (secondary). 
Deuteropathic ; Sympathetic. 
10 145 


prcvciiliiiL'" (l('V('l<>|»iii('iil of <1, Ectrotic. 

ori,<;iii and (Icvclopinciit of <l. Pathogeny; Pathogene- 

rej)ro(lu(;tion of* n <1. at a disliiiKH-, in body. Metastasis. 

consequence of n d. Sequela (pi. Scijiwlit'). 

crcjition of d. Pathopoiesis. 

d. produced by ovcn^rovvdiiij^. Ochlesia. 

description of d. Pathography. 

m()rl)id fear of d. Pathophobia. 

fei<,ni(Ml iVi^. Morbi celati; M. dissimulati ; M. infitiati; 
M. pseudalei. 

feigninj^ of d. Malingering. 

hereditary d'8. Morbi hereditarii. 

history of a d. Anamnesis ; Nosistoria. 

state of imaginary d. Hypochondriasis. 

d. sj)rcad over wide area. Epidemic (7. v.). 

d. originating in inunediate lociality. Endemic d. 

d. originating in distant locality. Ecdemic d. 

study of hx^alized d's. Endemiology. 

malignant d. Morbus malignus ; Cacopathy. 

d. marked by iinpaired motion Kineseonos. 

d. derived from nairu; of person. Eponym. 

a new d. Neopathy. 

d. of but one organ. Monopathy. 

d. affecting a large numl)er of j)eople. Pandemic. 

any d. characteri 7Xh1 by obstruction. Echmasis. 

an organic d. Morphosis. 

pertaining to many d's in one person. Polypathic. 

relating to first lesion of d. Protopathic. 

(1. due to parasites. Morbus animatus. 

peculijir to ji d. Pathognomonic. 

irregular ])eriodi(!ity of d. Acatastasia. 

pestilential d. Loimia (adj. Loimic). 

highest point of a d. Acme ; Apogee ; Fastigium. 

predisposition to a certain d. Diathesis; Dyscrasia. 

prevention of d. Prophylaxia ; Prophylaxis; Synter- 

expulsion of products of d. Eccrisia. 

sudden prostration by d. Catalepsy. 

recognition of d. Diagnosis (q. v.). 

recovery from d. Convalescence (q. v.). 


recurrence of d. (after recovery). Palendromia ; Reci- 

diva morbi ; Morbi recur sus. 
pertaining to d. with regular increase and decrease. 

Acmastic (first period, Epacmastic ; period of decline, 

relating to d. which does not recur. Semelincident. 
relapse of d. Morbi reversio. 

scattered or sporadic d's. Morbi dispersi ; M. sparsi. 
science of d's. Pathology, 
science of signs of d's. Pathognomy. 
any d. due to overstrain of a part (as hernia, dilatation, 

ptoses). Eparsalgia. 
d. due to lack of body substance. Hylopathism. 
principal seat of d. Focus. 

a secondary d. Deuteropathy (adj. Deuteropathic). 
a simple, uncomplicated d. Haplopathy. 
simultaneous d's. Morbi connexi. 
relating to a specific d. Nosocratic. 

(stages of d. See Stage. 
state of d. Morbidity ; Morbility ; Morbosity. 
summer d. Estival. 
treatment of d. Acology ; Therapy ; Therapeutics, 
d's accompanied by weakness. Morbi asthenici; Ady- 
ISGUST. Abominatio. 
ISINFECTION. See also Bacteria, Germ, Odor. 
Synonym : Sterilization. 
d, by vapor. Fumigation. 

DISINTEGRATION. See also Decomposition, Ulceration. 
d. of tissue. Erosion, 
d. of dead tissue. Physiolisis. 

DISLIKE. See Hatred. 

Synonym : Diasfa><ii^ 
reduction of d. Diaplasis. 

DISLOCATION (of Joint). See also Displacement, Joint. 
Synonyms : Aharticulation, Exarthrema, Luxation, 
Luxat lira, Metachoresis. 
incomplete d. Subluxation ; Luxatio imperfecta. 


partial d. by twisting. Contortion. 

d. of a joiut. Exarthrina; Exarticulation. 

reduction of d. Catatasis. 

DISORDER. See Disease; difi'ereut organs, as Sjieecli, 

DISPLACEMENT. See also Dislocation; organs, parts 
of body. 

Synonyms : Ectopia, Metecesis, Situs alienus or mu- 

DISPOSITION. See also Predisposition. 
Synonym : Animi affectio. 
perversity of d., especially at home. Oikiomania. 
peculiarity or oddness of d. Eccentricity. 

DISSECTION. See also Anatomy. 

Synonyms : Hyphotomy, Necrology. 

d. of animals. Zootomy. 

d. of body after death. Necrotomy. 

d. of living animals. Vivisection. 

d. of organs. Splanchnotomy. 

d. of skin. Dermatotomy. 

d. of tissue. Histotomy ; Hyphotomy. 

poisoning by d. -wound. Necresia. 
DISSOLUTION. See also Death, Degerieration, different 


Synonym : Dialysis. 

d. of tissue. Histolysis ; Histodialysis. 

DISTENTION. See also Blood-vessels, Dilatation, Swell- 
ing, Veins, and different organs. 

Synonym : Distentio. 
d. of breasts with milk. Spargosis ; Mastodynia poly- 
gala; Galactoplerosis. 
d. of stomach or intestines with gas. Tympanites. 

DISTILLED WATER. Aqua destillata. 

DISTRESS. See Anxiety. 

DIURETIN. Sodio-theobromine, salicylate. 


d. into pairs. Dichotomy (adj. Dichotomous). 

DIZZINESS. Vertigo (q. v.). ' 




DOCTOR. See Physician. 

DOG-BITE. See Babies. 

DONDER'S GLAUCOMA. Simple atrophic glaucoma. 

DONNE'S GLOBULES. Colostrum corpuscles. 

DOSE. See also Drug, Reynedy. 
Synonym : Posis. 

science of d's. Posology. 

phrase : In divided d's. Refracta posis or Partibus vicibus. 
DOUBLE-HEADED. Dicephalous. 
DOUBLE HEART. Diplocardia. 
DOUBLE UTERUS. Didelphus. 
DOUBLE VISION. Amphamphoterodiopsia ; Diplopia; 

Visus duplicatus. 
DOUGLAS' POUCH. Excavatio recto-uterina ; Recto- 
uterine cul-de-sac. 
DOWN (in sense of fine hair). See also Beard, Hair. 

covered with d. Pappous. 

furnished with d. Pappiferous. 

falling d. of an organ. Prolapsus; Procidentia; Prop- 

expulsion of humors d. Catabasis. 

turning the palm d. Pronation. 

Synonym : Drachma. 

half a d. Semidrachma. 
DRAUGHT. Haustus. 
DRAWLING (Speech). 

Synonym : Angophasia. 
DREAD. See Anxiety, Fear. 
DREAM. See Hallucination, Nightmare, Sleep-talking, 


Synonyms : Enypnion, Oneiron, Somninm. 

lascivious d. Oneirogamus ; Oneirogyne. 

painful d. Oneirodynia. 

act of d. Somniatio. 



day-(l. Alnascharism. 

morbid d. Paroniria ; Oneironosus. 
DREGS. See Deposit. 

Synonym : Feculence. 
DRESSLER'S DISEASE. Paroxysmal hemoglobinuria. 
DRINK. See Alcohol, Beverage, Fluid, Liquid, Thirst. 
DRINKABLE. Bibulous; Potable; Potulent. 

water-d. Hydroposia. 

one d. excessively of water. Hydropota. 

d. excessively on an empty stomach. Nestoposia. 

DROP. See also Prescription. 
Synonym : Gutta. 

instrument for measuring d's. Stactometer. 
DROP SERENE. Amaurosis ; Gutta serena. 
DROPPING. StiUatio. 
DROPSY. See also Edema. 

Synonyms : Hydropismus, Hydrops, Hydropsia, Hy- 

agent to correct d. Anthydropic. 

any disease attended with d. Hydronosus. 

disease marked by general d. and pale skin. Leuko- 

d. of abdomen. Hydrocelia ; Ascites ; Peritoneal d. 

d. of amniotic sac. Hydramnios ; Polyhydramnion. 

d. from lack of blood. Anemic or Cachectic d. 

d. of brain. Hydrocephalus. 

d. of brain-membranes. Hydromeninx. 

d. of chest. Hydrothorax. 

local d. of cellular tissue. Edema {q. v.) ; Hydroma. 

general d. Anasarca; Hydrops cellularis; Hydro- 

d. of the ear. Hydrotis. 

d. of ear-drum. Hydromyringa. 

d. of gall-bladder. Hydrocholecystitis ; Hydrops cys- 
tidus felleae. 

d. of eye. Hydrophthalmia. 

d. of Fallopian tube. Hydrops tubse ; Hydrosalpinx. 

d. of heart. Hydropericardium ; Hydrops cardiacus. 



d. of joint. Hydroarthrosis ; Hydrops articulare. 

d. of kidney. Hydronephrosis ; Hydrops renalis. 

d. of larynx. (Edema glottidis. 

d. of limbs in lying-in. Phlegmasia alba dolens. 

d. of lungs. (Edema pulmonum. 

d. of ovary (ovarian cystoma). Hydrovarium ; Hydro- 

ophoria ; Hydrops ovarii, 
d. of penis. Hydrophallus. 
pertaining to d. Hydropic ; Dropsical, 
d. of pleural sac. Hydrothorax ; Hydrops pleurae, 
d. of scrotum. Hydroscheocele ; Hydrops scroti, 
d. of skin. Hydroderma. 
d. of spermatic cord. Hydrocele, 
d. of spinal cord. Hydrorrhachis ; Hydromyelia ; Myelo- 

d. of tear-sac. Lacrimal hernia ; Fistula lachrymalis. 
d. of testicle. Hydrocele, 
d. of womb. Hydrometra. 

DROWSINESS. See also Coma, Sleep, Stupor. 
Synonyms : Somnolency, Torpor. 

DRUG. See also Capsule, Cure, Extract, Injection, Medi- 
cine, Pill, Remedy, Syrup, Tincture, Treatment, etc. 
Synonyms : Medicament, Medicamentum, Fharmacon 
(adjs. Medicinal, Pharmaceutic). 

adulteration of d's. Manganization ; Sophistication; 

book containing collection of receipts and prescriptions. 

official book treating of composition of d's. Dispensa- 

book treating of official d's, especially mode of prepar- 
ing them. Pharmacopeia. 

diffusion of d's in tissue by electricity. Cataphoresis. 

pertaining to d's of chemic origin (formed artificially). 
Synthetic; Spagyric. 

eruption due to d's. Epispasis. 

giving of d's. Administration ; Exhibition. 

to give out d's. Dispense. 

use of honey in d's. Melitismus. 

local action of d's. Organopathy. 


accurate measurement of d's. Dosimetry. 

study of physiologic action of d's. Pharmacodynamics. 

d. sanctioned by pharmacopeia. Official. 

d. authorized by pharmacy, not official. Officinal. 

prescribing many d's at one time. Polypharmacy. 

pertaining to d's used in prescription. Magistral. 

art of preparing d's. Pharmacy ; Pharmaceutics. 

pertaining to pungent quality of d. Mordacious. 

science of nature and action of d's. Pharmacology; 

Materia medica; Acology; Pharmacography ; Phar- 

pertaining to application of d. to skin. Epidermic, 
application of d. to skin after blistering. Endermism 

(adjs. En dermatic, Endermic). 
peculiarity of system in reference to d. Idiosyncrasy, 
treatment by d's. Medication ; Medicamentation. 
veterinary d's. Zoiatrica. 

List of drugs arranged alphabetically according to their 
physiologic action : 

d. producing abortion. Aborsive; Abortifacient ; 
Ecbolic ; Ocydinic ; Oxytocic ; Phthorius ; Phthiroc- 
tonus; Apophtharma. 

d. which absorbs. Absorbent. 

d. to counteract acid. Antacid. 

d. to cure alcoholism. Amethysum ; Acraipala (pi.). 

d. counteracting alkali. Antalkaline. 

d. to prevent apoplexy. Antiapoplectic. 

d. which lessens appetite. Apositic. 

d. to cure asthma. Antasthmatic. 

astringent d. Catastaltic ; Styptic ; Stryphna (pi.). 

highly astringent d. Anastaltic. 

d. which corrects acidity. Antacid ; Edulcorant. 

d. exciting flow of ])ile. Emulgent ; Cholagogue. 

d. to expel bile. Melanagogue ; Felliducus. 

d. to cure biliousness. Antibilious. 

d. to arrest bleeding. Hemostatic ; Anastaltic ; 
Anodic ; Anthemorrhagic ; Enemon. 

d. to produce a blister. Epispastic ; Vesicatory. 

d. which attracts blood to a part. Hemospastic. 

d. which attracts blood to the surface. Counterirri- 
tant ; Revellent ; Revulsant ; Revulsive. 



d. thinning the blood, Antiplastic ; Humectant. 

d. which thickens the blood. Incrassative ; Inspis- 

d. to purify blood. Depurant. 

d. to prevent spitting blood. Anthemoptyic. 

d. counteracting morbid change in the blood. Cata- 

d. to destroy red corpuscles. Hemolytic; Hemato- 
lytic; Erethilytic. 

d. to increase coloring-matter of blood. Hematinic. 

d. to beautify skin. Cosmetic. 

d. consolidating broken bones. Catagmatic. 

d. which increases activity of brain. Excitant ; Exci- 

d. to overcome excitability of brain. Psychoplegic. 

d. stimulating breathing. Diapnoic. 

d. to relieve burn. Antipyretic. 

d. having burning effect. Caustic; Erodent; Corro- 
sive ; Escharotic ; Aneretic. 

d. used in cachexia. Anticachectic ; Anticaco- 

d. to relieve cancer. Anticancerous ; Anticancrosus ; 
Anticarcinomatous . 

d. to relieve catarrh. Anticatarrhal. 

d. to prevent caries. Anticarious. 

d. which relieves chest irritation. Pectoral. 

cleansing d. Abluent ; Abstergent ; Detergent ; Mun- 
dificant; Depurant; Rhypticus. 

d. which produces constipation. Emplastic. 

d. to cure consumption. Antiphthisic. 

d. which assuages fever of consumption. Antihectic. 

d. to destroy contagion. Anticontagic. 

d. to prevent convulsions. Anticonvulsive. 

d. which has cooling properties. Frigorific ; Refrig- 

d. to loosen cough. Expectorant ; Anacathartic ; 

d. to prevent cough. Antibechic. 

d. producing delirium. Deliriant ; Delirifacient. 

d. to cure diarrhea. Antidiarrheic. 

d. aiding digestion. Digestant ; Digestive. 


d. which acts on digestive organs. Gastroceliac ; 

d. which promotes dryness. Siccant ; Siccative ; Sic- 

d. to relieve dropsy. Hydropic ; Antihydropic. 

d. used against dyscrasia. Antidyscrasic. 

d. to cure epilepsy. Antepileptic. 

d. which expels substance from body. Evacuant; 

d. to prevent fermentation. Antifermentative ; Anti- 

d. which produces fever. Febrifacient ; Pyrogenic ; 
Febrific ; Febriferous. 

d. to combat fever. Antipyretic ; Antifebrile ; Anti- 
thermic ; Febrifuge ; Lexipyretic ; Anticausodic. 

d. to relieve flatulence. Carminative ; Antiphysetic ; 

d. which causes flatulence. Flatulent. 

d. to promote growth of flesh. Sarcotic. 

d. diminishing fluids of body. Depletive ; Depletory; 

d. to neutralize noxious gases. Antimephitic. 

d. to destroy germs. Disinfectant ; Antizymic ; Anti- 
bacterial ; Antimycotic ; Antimicrobic ; Antizy- 
motic ; Germicide ; Bactericide ; Antiseptic ; Mi- 

d. to prevent gonorrhea. Antiblennorrhagic. 

d. to relieve gout. Antarthritic ; Antiarthritic ; 
Antilithic ; Antipodagric ; Arthritifuge. 

d's to promote growth of hair. Trichophyia ; Tricho- 

d. which causes loss of hair. Epilatorium. 

d. to remove hair. Depilatory. 

d. to cure headache. Cephalalgic. 

d. to assist healing. Anacollema. 

d. to assist hearing. Acoustic. 

d. to affect action of heart. Cardiant. 

d. to tone the heart. Cardiac ; Cardial. 

d. to stimulate vessels of heart. Angiocardiokinetic. 

d. diminishing number of heart pulsations. Brady- 





d. increasing heat. Calefacient ; Calorifacient ; Calor- 
ific ; Thennantia (pL). 

d. to arrest hemorrhage (see Bleeding). 

d. to cure herpes. Antiherpetic. 

d. to cure hydrophobia. Antilyssic ; Antihydro- 

d. to check inflammation. Antipharmic ; Antiphlo- 

d. which kills insects. Insecticide. 

d. to increase contraction of intestine. Peristaltic. 

d's to soothe intestine. Involventia. 

d. which intoxicates. Inebriant ; Intoxicant. 

d. diminishing irritation. Abirritant ; Obtundant. 

d. to relieve itching. Antipruritic. 

d. to cure the itch. Antipsoric ; Antiscabious. 

d. to prevent jaundice. Anticteric. 

d. to cure inflamed kidneys. Antinephritic. 

d. to assist labor. Parturient; Odinopeia (pi.). 

d. destroying lice. Acaricide ; Antiphtheiriac. 

d. to destroy life. Antibiotic. 

d. which acts on liver. Hepatic. 

d. which lessens action of liver. Hepatic sedative. 

d. which increases action of liver. Hepatic stimu- 

d. promoting lochia. Aristolochia. 

d. acting against melancholy and languor. Antimel- 
ancholic ; Letifacant ; Anthypochondriac. 

d. to cure malaria. Antiperiodic ; Antipaludic ; 

d. to improve memory. Anamnestic. 

d. which fa vol's flow of menses. Emmenagogue ; 

d. to increase milk secretion. Lactatic ; Lactagogue ; 
Galactagogue ; Galactopbora ; Galactopoietic. 

d. to lessen milk secretion. Lactifuge ; Antigalactic ; 
Antilactescent ; Galactophygus ; Phygolactic. 

d's which affect the faculties of the mind. Phrenica. 

d. which stimulates the miod. Exhilarant. 

d. drying up moisture. Desiccant. 

d. used to moisten. Humectant. 

DRUG wj 

d. for diseases of mouth. Stomatic. 

d. increasing flow of mucus. Bleimogenic ; Blennoi 

d. which causes flow of mucus from nose. Errhine. 
d. to facilitate discharge of mucus from air-passages 

Apophlegmatic ; Apophlegmatisant ; Phlegma 

d. contracting muscular tissue. Apocrustic; Astri( 

d. which causes purgation when placed on the nave^ 

d. acting on nervous system. Neurotic ; Neuritic 

Nervine ; Antineurotic ; Antineuropathic. 
d. which acts on nervous system increasing moto 

activity. Excito-motor ; Excito-motory. 
d. quieting nervous system. Acesodyne ; Antispas 

medic; Antidynous ; Adecta (pL). 
d. to prevent night-mare. Antiephialtic ; Anteph 

d. to improve nutrition. Alterative; Eutrophic 

AUeotic ; Excito-nutrient ; Antitrophic ; Esca. 
d. to remove obstruction. Deobstruent ; Ecphractic. 
d. to prevent bad odors. Antibromic ; Deodorant 

d. relieving pain. Anodyne ; Antalgic ; Obtundent 

Analgesic ; Antidynous. 
d. causing insensibility to pain and unconsciousnesi 

d. against palsy. Antiparalytic ; Antiplegic. 
d. to destroy external parasites. Antiparasitic ; Ep; 

zoicide ; Parasiticide, 
d. which closes passages of body. Obstruent ; Occli 

d. used in periodic diseases (see also Malaria). Ant 

typic; Antiperiodic. 
d. to cure piles. Antihemorrhoidal. 
d. to prevent plague. Antiloimic. 
d. to counteract poison. Antidote ; Antitoxic ; Alex: 

pharmic ; Antitoxin ; Cacoalexiteria ; Alexipharmi( 
d. closing pores of skin. Emphractic. 
d. dilating pupil. Mydriatic ; Coromydriatic. 


(1. contracting pupil. Myotic ; Myositic. 

(1. producing mild purgation. Minorative ; Aperient; 

Laxative ; Alviduca ; Eccoprotic ; Hypochoretic. 
d. producing purgation. Purgative ; Cathartic ; 

Evacuative ; Evacuatory ; Catoretic ; Celiotic ; Apo- 

cathartic ; Copragogue ; Dejectorium. 
(1. producing })ainful purgation. Cenotic. 
(I. producing powerful purgation. Drastic. 
d. producing watery purgation. Hydragogue ; Hy- 

drotic; Hypercathartic. 
d. to prevent formation of pus. Antipyic. 
d. which promotes formation of pus. Maturant ; Pyo- 
genic; Maturative. 
d. preventing putrefaction. Antiseptic. 
d. to relieve quinsy. Cynanchica. 
d. which relaxes the system. Relaxant, 
d. to cure rheumatism. Antirheumatic; Antiar- 

d. to increase flow of saliva. Salivant ; Sialic ; Siala- 

gogue; Sialocinetic. 

to lessen flow^ of saliva. Antisialic. 

to remove scales (as from skin). Antisquamatic. 

to remove scars. Catalotic. 
I. to relieve scrofula. Antichoeradic ; Antistnimatic. 

to prevent or cure scurvy. Antiscorbutic. 
I. which increases secretion. Excito-secretory. 

to check secretions Styptic; Stegnotic; Astrin- 
gent ; Catastaltic ; Corrugant. 
d. drying up secretions. Desiccative ; Desiccant. 
d. which increases sensitiveness of skin. Hyperes- 

d. which acts on sexual organs. Genetic, 
d. to stimulate sexual power. Aphrodisiac, 
d. to lessen sexual power. Anaphrodisiac ; Antaphro- 

disiac ; Antiaphrodisiac ; Anterotic ; Antophrodic ; 

d. acting on skin. Dermatic ; Dermic, 
d. which causes redness of skin. Rubefacient ; Epis- 

pastic ; Erethisma. 
d. to produce sleep. Hypnotic ; Carotic ; Soporific ; 

Somnifacient; Narcotic; Dormitive. 


d. to prevent sleep. Agrypnotic ; Anthypnotic ; Anti- 
lethargic ; Somnifugus. 

d. used against small-pox. Antivariolus. 

d. to cause sneezing. Ptarmic ; Sternutatory; Ster- 
nutory; Errhine. 

d. having a soothing effect. Calmant; Calmative; 
Sedative; Anetic. 

d. with soothing effect, locally applied. Emollient; 
Demulcent; Lenitive. 

d. causing spasm. Convulsant. 

d. to prevent spasm. Antispasmodic; Antispastic; 

d. to stimulate stomach. Stomachic. 

d. to expel stone from bladder. Lithagogue. 

d. used to dissolve or prevent formation of stone. 
Antilithic; Anticalculus ; Calculifragus ; Litho- 
triptic ; Lithontriptic ; Lithagogue ; Litholsrbic. 

d. to increase bodily strength (see Nutrition). Forti- 
fiant ; Recuperative ; Restorative ; Tonic ; Corrobo- 
rant ; Analeptic ; Antiasthenic ; Roborant. 

d. which diminishes strength. Debilitant ; Depres- 
sant; Hyposthenic. 

d. producing intense stupor. Acronarcotic. 

d. causing sweating. Hidroteric ; Hydrotic ; Sudorific, 

d. causing gentle perspiration. Diapnoic. 

d. to lessen sweating. Anthydrotic ; Antihydrotic ; 

d. to cure syphilis. Antiluetic ; Antisyphilitic. 

d. to kill tapeworm. Teniacide ; Tenifuge ; Anthel- 
mintic ; Antihelmintic ; Antiscoletic ; Antivermi 
nosus; Vermicide. 

d. improving sense of taste. Saporific. 

d. to stimulate flow of tears (then to arrest them), 
Apodacrytic ; DacryopcBus. 

d. to cleanse teeth. Dentifrice ; Odontotrimma : 
Odontosmegma ; Odontothrypsis. 

d's to thicken the bodily humors. Pycnicmastica 

d. to allay thirst. Adipson. 

d. exciting thirst. Dipsetic. 

d. to destroy tissue. Caustic ; Diabrotic ; Catheretic 


Erosive; Cauteretic; Cauterant; Corrodent; Cor- 
rosive; Escharotic. 
d. to cure toothache. Antiodontalgic. 
d. to cure tuberculosis. Antituberculotic ; Tuberculin, 
d. to remove tumors. Discutient ; Diachjrtica (pi.). 
d. to prevent deposit of urates. Antiuratic. 
d. which lessens secretion of urine. Ischuric ; Ischu- 

d. stimulating flow of urine. Diuretic ; Uretic ; Uri- 
d. relieving urinary retention or suppression. Ischu- 

d. to cure vertigo. Antidinic. 

d. to cause vomiting. Emetic ; Vomitive ; Vomitory. 
d. to allay vomiting. Antemetic ; Antiemetic, 
d. producing wakefulness. Egertic. 
d. producing sensation of warmth. Calefacient. 
d. to relieve weariness. Acopic. 
d. expelling wind. Carminative, 
d. tending to produce union of wound. Henotic; 

Vulnerary; Euplastic; Anaplerotic. 
d's removing wrinkles. Tetanothra. 
ist of official preparations of drugs : 


Liniments, Anatriptics. 




(^). . 














































































List of unofficial 

preparations of drugs 







































' etc. 




Thesauric list of drugs employed in the cure of disease. 
List includes all simple drugs from either vegetable or 
mineral kingdom, and those compounds and pharmaceu- 
tical preparations which have a common or vulgar name, 
IS well as a Latin or technical name. Eponymic drugs 
ire included in this list : 

Abscess-root. Polemonium reptans. 

Acetanilid. Antifebrin; Phenylacetamid. 

Aconite. Aconitum napellus. 

Actsea. Cii^icifuga racemosa. 

Adrue. Cyperus articulatus. 

African tea. Catha edulis. 

Alcohol. Spiritus vini. 

Alder (see Black alder, Tag alder). 

Alder bark. Alnus. 

Allspice. Pimenta. 

■Almond. Amygdala; (bitter) Amygdala amara; 
(sweet) A. dulcis. 
Aloes. Aloe. 
Alum. Alumen. 

Alum. Alumini at potassii sulphas. 
Alum-root. Heuchera. 

Amber. Succinum (acid of a. Succinic a.). 
American aspen (see White poplar bark}. 
American centaury. Sabbatia. 
American col umbo. Frasera. 
American hellebore. Veratrum viride. 
American ipecac. Gillenia. 
American ivy. Vitis quinquefolia. 
American saffron (see Saffloiver). 
American sarsaparilla. Alalia nudicaulis. 
American wormseed. Chenopodium. 
Angustura. Galipea cusparia. 
Anise. Anisum. 
Antipyrin. Phenazone ; Analgesine ; Dimethylphe- 

Apiol. Apiolinum. 
Apple tree. Purus malus. 
Arbor vitse. Thuja. 
11 161 


Aristol. Annidalin; Dithymoliodide. 

Arrow-jx)isoii (see Woorara). 

Arrowroot starch. Maranta. 

Australian blue-gum tree. Eucalyptus. 

Bakiog soda. Sodii bicarbonas. 

Balm. Melissa. 

Balmony. Chelone glabra. 

Balsam fir. Abies balsamea. 

Balsain of Peru. Balsamum peruvianum. 

Balsam of Tolu. Balsamum tolutanum. 

Balsam poplar. Populus balsamifera. 

Bamboo brier. Smilax. 

Barbaraug. Embelia ribes. 

Barberry. Berberis. 

Basham's mixture. Liquor (mistura) ferri et ammo- 

nii acetatis. 
Bayberry bark. Myrcia. 
Bay laurel. Laurus. 
Bay rum. Spiritus myrcise. 
Bean of St. Ignatius. Ignatia. 
Bear-berry. Uva ursi. 
Bear'sfoot. Polymnia uvedalia. 
Beech drop. Epiphegus. 
Beet. Beta. 

Belladonna. Atropa belladonna. 
Belladonna leaves. Belladonnse folia. 
Belladonna root. Belladonnse radix. 
Benne (same as Teel-oil, q. v.). 
Benzine. Benzinum. 
Benzol. Benzolinum. 
Bergamot. Mergamia. 
Betel-nut. Areca. 
Beth-root. Trillium. 
Bismuth. Bismuthum. 
Bitter apple or cucumber. Colocynthis. 
Bitter bugleweed. Lycopus. 
Bitter orange. Citrus. 
Bitter orange-peel. Aurantii amari cortex. 
Bitter-root. Apocynum. 
Bitter-sweet. Dulcamara. 
Black alder. Prinos. 





Black ash. Fraxinus. 

Blackberry. Rubus. 

Black birch. Betula. 

Black cohosh. Cimicifuga. 

Black-haw. Viburnum prunifolium. 

Black hellebore. Heleborus niger. 

Black oak. Quercus tinctoria. 

Black pepper. Piper ; Piper nigrum. 

Black snake-root (see Black cohosh). 

Black walnut. Juglans nigra. 

Black wash. Lotio hydrargyri niger (calomel and 

Black willow. Salix nigra. 
Bladder-wrack. Fucus vesiculosus. 
Blessed thistle. Centaurea benedicta. 
Blood-flower. Asclepias. 
Blood-root. Sanguinaria. 
Blue cohosh. Caulophyllum. 
Blue flag. Iris. 

Blue-gum tree. Eucalyptus globulus. 
Blue mass. Massa hydrargyri. 
Blue ointment. Unguentum hydrargyri. 
Blue nervain. Verbena. 
Blue-stone. Cupri sulphas. 
Boldo. Boldus. 
Boneset. Eupatorium. 
Borage. Borage. 
Borax. Sodii biboras. 
Brimstone. Sulphur. 
Bromine. Bromum. 
Bromoform. Tribrommethane. 
Broom. Scoparius. 
Broom-corn. Sorghum. 

Brown mixture. Mistura glycyrrhizse composita. 
Buckeye. -Ssculus glabra. 
Buckthorn. Frangula. 
Buckthorn berries. Rhamnus cathartica. 
Burdock. Lappa. 
Bugle-weed. Lycopus. 
Burgundy pitch. Pix Burgundica. 
Butternut. Juglans. 



Button snake-root. Liatris spicata. 

Cacao. Theobroma. 

Cacao-butter. Oleum theobromse. 

Calabar bean. Physostigma. 

Calamus. Acorus aromaticus. 

California fever-bush. Garrya. 

Calomel. Hydrargyri chloridum mite. 

Calumba (see American colnmbo and calinnba). 

Calumbra (foreign columbo). Jateorrhiza. 

Camphor. Camphora. 

Camphor-water. Aqua camphorse. 

Canada fleabane. Erigerontis oleum. 

Canada pitch. Pix Canadensis. 

Canada snake-root. Asarum. 

Canada turpentine. Balsamum Canadense. 

Canadian hemp. Apocynum. 

Canadian moon-seed. Menispermum. 

Caraway. Carum. 

Carbolic acid. Acidum carbolicum ; Phenol. 

Carpenter's square. Scrophularia. 

Cascara sagrada. Rhamnus purshiana. 

Castor oil. Oleum ricini. 

Catnip. Nepeta cataria. 

Caustic potash. Potassa. 

Celandine. Chelidonium. 

Celery. Apium. 

Cevadilla. Asagrsea. 

Chalk. Greta prseparata. 

Chalk-mixture. Mistura cretse. 

Chamomile. Anthemis. 

Chamomile (see German chamomile^ Roman chamo- 

Checker-berry. Mitchella. 
Cherry laurel. Laurocerasus. 
Chestnut. Castanea. 
Chick-weed. Stellaria. 
Chinese sumach. Ailanthus glandulosa. 
Chlorine. Chlorum. 
Chlorine-water. Aqua chlori. 
Chlorinated lime. Calx chlorata. 
Chloroform (commercial). Chloroformum venale. 


Chocolate (same as Cacao). 

Citrine oiiitmeut. Unguentum hydrargyri nitratis. 

Cleavers. Galium. 

Clover blossoms (see Red clover blossoms). 

Cloves. Caryophyllus. 

Cochineal. Coccus. 

Cod-liver oil. Morrhuse oleum. 

Coffee. Caffea. 

Colocynth. Colocynthis. 

Cologne-water. Spiritus odoratus. 

Colophony. Resina. 

Colt's foot.v Tussilago. 

Comfrey. Symphitum. 

Common buckthorn. Rhamnus catharticus. 

Copper. Cuprum. 

Coral root. Corallorhiza. 

Corn-silk. Maidis stigmata. 

Corn-smut. Maidis ustilago. 

Corrosive sublimate. Hydrargyri chloridum corro- 

Coto. Nectandra. 
Cotton. Gossypium. 
Couch-grass. Triticum. 
Cowhage. Mucuna. 
Cramp bark. Viburnum opulus. 
Crane'sbill. Geranium. 
Cream of tartar. Potassii bitartras. 
Croton oil. Oleum tiglii. 
Culver's root. Leptandra. 
Dandelion. Taraxacum. 
Deadly nightshade. Atropa belladonna. 
Deer-tongue. Liatris odoratissima. 
Dermatol. Bismuth subgallate. 
Dewees' carminative. Mistura magnesiae et asafoet- 

Diachylon. Emplastrum plumbi. 
Dittany. Cunila. 

Diuretin. Sodio-theobromine salicylate. 
Dogwood. Cornus (see Jamaica dogwood). 
Donovan's solution. Liquor arseni et hydrargyri 




Dover's powder. Pulvis ipecacuanhae et opii. 

Dwarf elder. Aralia hispida. 

Elder-flowers. Sambucus (see also European elder). 

Elecampane. Inula. 

Elm. Ulmus. 

Epsom salt. Magnesii sulphas. 

Ergot. Ergota ; Claviceps purpurea. 

Ethyl bromide. JEther bromatus; Monobrom 

European centaury. Erythraea centaurium. 
European elder. Sambucus nigra. 
Europhen. Isobutyl-ortho-cresol iodide. 
Evening primrose. CEnothera. 
Exalgin. Methylacetanilid. 
Eye- bright. Euphrasia. 
False bittersweet. Celastrus. 
False hellebore. Adonis vernalis. 
False unicorn. Helonias. 
Fennel seed. Fceniculum. 
Fever-bush. Lindera. 
Feverfew. Chrysanthemum. 
Figwort. Scrophularia. 
Fir. Abies; Pinus; Picea. 
Fire-weed. Erechthites. 
Fish-berry (see Indian berry). 
Fish glue (see Isiiiglass). 
Five-flowered gentian. Gentiana quinquefolia. 
Flax-seed. Linum. 
Fleabane. Erigeron. 

Flowers of sulphur. Sulphur sublimatum. 
Fly agaric. Agaricus muscarius. 
Formalin. Formol ; Formic aldehyde. 
Fowler's solution. Liquor potassii arsenitis. 
Foxglove. Digitalis. 
Fringe-tree. Chionanthus. 
Frost-wort. Helianthemum. 
Galangal. Alpinia. 
Galls. Galla. 

Garden celandine. Chelidonium majus. 
Garlic. Allium. 

Gentian. Gentiana (see also Five-flowered gentian). 


German chamomile. Matricaria chamomilla. 

Giuger. Zingiber. 

Glauber's salt. Sodii sulphas. 

Glycerin. Glycerinum. 

Goa powder. Araroba. 

Golden-rod. Solidago. 

Golden-seal. Hydrastis. 

Gold-thread. Coptis. 

Goulard's cerate. Ceratum plumbi subacetatis. 

Goulard's extract. Liquor plumbi subacetatis. 

Gravel-plant. Epigea. 

Gray powder. Hydrargyrum cum creta. 

Green osier.' Cornus circinata. 

Green soap. Sapo viridis. 

Gregory's powder. Pulvis rhei compositus. 

Griffith's antihectic mixture. Mistura ferri compos- 

Ground ivy. Nepeta glechoma. 
Guaiacol. Methylpyrocatechol. 
Gulf-weed (see Bladder wrack). 
Gum ammoniac. Ammoniacum. 
Gum Arabic. Acacia. 
Gum Benjamin. Benzoinum. 
Gun-cotton. Pyroxylinum. 
Haircap moss. Polytrichum. 
Hardbeck. Spiraea. 
Hartshorn. Ammonia ; Cornu cervi. 
Hawthorn. Crataegus aria. 
Heart's ease. Viola tricolor. 
Hellebore (see American hellebore, Black hellebore, 

False hellebore, White hellebore). 
Hemlock. Conium. 
Hemlock spruce. Pinus Canadensis. 
Henbane. Hyoscyamus. 
Holly. Ilex. 
Hollyhock. Alcea. 
Honduras bark. Cascara amarga. 
Honey. Mel. 
Hops. Humulus. 
Hoptree bark. Ptelea cortex. 
Horehound. Marrubium. 


Horse-chestnut, -ffisculus hippocastanum. 

Horsemiiit. Monarda. 

Horseiiettle. Solanum carolinense. 

Horseradish. Cochlearia. 

Hypnoue. Acetophenone ; Methylphenylketone. 

Hyssop. Hyssopus. 

Iceland moss. Cetraria. 

Ichthyol. Ammonium ichthyol sulphonate. 

Ignatia. Ignatia amara (strychnos ignatia). 

Indian berry. Cocculus Indicus. 

Indian cannabis. Cannabis Indica. 

Indian corn. Zea mays. 

Indian physic. Gillenia. 

Indian sarsaparilla. Hemidesmus. 

Indian turnip. Arisaema. 

Iodine. lodum. 

lodol. Tetraiodopyrrol. 

Ipecac. Cephaelis ipecacuanha. 

Iron. Ferrum. 

Isinglass. IchthyocoUa. 

Ivy (see American ivy). 

Jaborandi. Pilocarpus. 

Jalap. Jalapa. 

Jamaica dogwood. Piscidia. 

Jambul. Jambolana. 

Java tea. Orthosiphon. 

Jequirity. Abrus precatorius. 

Jersey tea. Ceanothus. 

Jerubeba. Solanum paniculatum. 

Johnswort. Hypericum. 

Juniper. Juniperus. 

Kamala. Mallotus. 

Kavakava. Piper methysticum. 

Kermes mineral. Antimonii sulphuretum prsecipi- 

Knob root (see Stone-root). 
Koch's lymph. Tuberculinum. 
Kola-nut. Sterculia. 
Kousso. Hagenia. 

Labbaraque's solution. Liquor sodii chloratis. 
Ladies' slipper. Cypripedium. 


Lanolin. Adeps lanas hydrosus. 
Lard. Adeps. 
Larkspur. Delphinium. 
Laudanum. Tinctura opii. 
Lavender. Lavandula. 
Lead. Plumbum. 
Lemon. Limon. 
Lemon juice. Limonis succus. 
Lemon peel. Limonis cortex. 
Leopard's bane. Arnica. 
Lettuce. Ijactuca. 
Lettuce (see Wild lettuce). 
Lettuce opium. Lactucarium. 
Levant wormseed. Santonica. 
Licorice. Glycyrrhiza. 
Licorice bush (see Jequirity). 
Life everlasting. Gnaphalium. 
Life root. Senecia aureus. 
Lily of the valley. Convallaria. 
Lime. Citrus limetta. 
Lime (mineral). Calcium. 
Lime-water. Liquor calcis. 
Linden tree. Tilia. 
Linseed. Linum. 
Liquorice bush (see Jequirity), 
Litharge. Plumbi oxidum. 
Liverwort. Anemone hepatica. 
Logwood. Hsematoxylon. 
Lovage. Levisticum. 
Love pea (same as Jequirity). 
Low mallow. Malva. 
Lugol's solution. Liquor iodi compositus. 
Lungmoss. Sticta pulmonaria. 
Lungwort. Pulmonaria. 
Mace. Myristica. 
Maiden-hair fern. Adiantum. 
Maize. Mays. 
Malabar nut. Adhatoda. 
Male fern. Aspidium filix mas. 
Mandrake (see 3fay apple). 
Manganese. Manganum. 


Maple. Acer. 

Marigold. Calendula 

Marshinallow. Althea. 

Marsh-rosemary. Statice. 

Masterwort. Heracleum. 

Mastic. Pistacia. 

Maudlin. Achillea ageratum. 

May apple. Podophyllum. 

Mayweed. Anthemis. 

Meadow anemone. Pulsatilla. 

Meadow saffron, Colchicum. 

Mercury. Hydrargyrum. 

Mescale buttons, Anhalonium. 

Methylene-blue. Tetramethylthionine chloride. 

Mezereon. Mezereum. 

Mistletoe. Viscum. 

Monkshood. Aconitum napellus. 

Monsel's solution. Liquor ferri subsulphatis. 

Mormon tea. Ephedra. 

Morphin. Morphina; Morphium. 

Moss (club). Lycopodium. 

Moss (Iceland). Cetraria islandica. 

Moss (Irish). Chondrus. 

Motherwort. Leonurus. 

Mountain-ash. Pyrus Americana. 

Mountain-laurel. Kalmia. 

Mountain-mint. Pycnanthemum montanum. 

Mug wort. Artemisia. 

Mullein. Verbascum. 

Mushroom. Agaricus; Agaric. 

Musk. Moschus. 

Muskroot. Sumbul. 

Mustard (black). Sinapis nigra. 

Mustard (white). Sinapis alba. 

Nettle. Urtica. 

New Jersey tea (see Jersey tea). 

Night-blooming cereus. Cactus. 

Nitroglycerin. Nitroglycerinum ; Glonoinum. 

Noah's ark. Actsea alba. 

Nose-bleed (bastard pellitory). Achillea millifolium. 

Nutgall. Galla. 



Nutmeg- Myristica. 

Oak,. Quercus. 

Oat. Avena. 

Oil (see Sweet almond oil, Olive oil, etc.). 

Onion. Allium cepa. 

Orange (see Bitter orange, Sweet orange). 

Orexiu. Phenyldihydrochinazoline hydrochloride. 

Orris Iris. 

Ox -gall. Fel bovis. 

Pansy. Vipla. 

Papaw. Asimina. 

Paraguay tea. Ilex. 

Paraldehyd. Paraldehydum ; Elaldehyde. 

Paregoric. Tinctura opii camphorata. 

Parsley. Petroselinum. 

Partridge-berry. Mitchella (see also Winter green). 

Passion-flower. Passiflora incamata. 

Peach Pninus. 

Pellitory Pyrethrum. 

Pencil-flower, Stylosanthes. 

Pennyroyal. Hedeoma. 

Peony. Paeonia. 

Pepper. Capsicum (see Black pepper, Red pepper). 

Peppermint. Mentha piperita. 

Persimmon. Diospyrus. 

Pheasant's eye (see False hellebore). 

Phenacetin. Acetphenetidin ; Phenacetinum. 

Pichi. Fabiana. 

Pimpernel. Pimpinella. 

Pink root. Spigelia. 

Piperazin. Ethylenimine ; Dispermine; Piperazi- 

Pipsissewa. Chimaphila. 
Pitcher plant. Larracenia. 
Plantain. Plantago. 
Pleurisy root. Asclepias. 
Poison ivy (see Poison oak). 
Poison nut. Nux vomica. 
Poison oak. Rhus toxicodendron. 
Poke. Phytolacca. 
Poke-fruit. Phytolaccae baccae. 


Poke-root. Phytolaccse radix. 
Poly body. Polypodium. 
Pomegranate. Granatum. 
Poppy. Papaver. 
Potash. Potassa. 
Potassium. Kalium. 
Prepared chalk. Creta prseparata. 
Prickly ash. Xanthoxylum. 
Prince's pine. Chimaphila. 
Prussian blue. Ferri ferrocyanidum. 
Prussic acid. Acidum hydrocyanicum dilutum. 
Puff-ball. Lycoperdon. 
Pumpkin seed. Pepo. 
Purging agaric. Agaricus albus. 
Purging cassia. Cassia fistula. 
Quebracho. Aspidosperma. 
Queen of the meadow. Eupatorium. 
Queen's root. Stillingia. 
Quicklime, Calx. 
Quicksilver (see Mercury). 
Quince-seed. Cydoniuin. 
Quinin. Quinina. 
Quinin flower. Sabbatia. 
Raspberry. Rubus idseus. 
Red bean (same as Jequirity). 
Red clover, Trifolium pratense. 
Red lead. Plumbi oxidum rubrum. 
Red oak. Quercus rubra. 
Red osier. Comus sericea. 
Red poppy. Rhoeas. 
Red root (see Jersey tea). 
Red Saunders. Pterocarpus santalinus. 
Resin. Resina; Colophonia. 
Resorcin. Metadihydroxybenzene. 
Rhatany. Krameria. 
Rhubarb, Rheum. 

Rochelle salt. Potassii et sodii tartras. 
Rock-oil. Petroleum. 
Roman chamomile. Anthemis nobilis. 
Rose. Rosa. 

Rose (pale). Rosa centifolia. 


Rose (red). Rosa gallica. 

Rosemary. Rosemarinus. 

Rosin (see Eesin). 

Rosin-weed. Silphium. 

Rottlera. Kamala. 

Rue. Ruta. 

Rumex. Acetosa alpina. 

Saccharin. Gluside ; Glucosimide ; Benzoyl-sulphonic- 

Safflower. Carthamus. 
Saffron. Crocus. 
Sage. Salvia. 
Salol. Phenyl-salicylate. 

Salophen. Acetyl-para-amido-phenyl-salicylate. 
Salt (table). Sodii chloridum (see also Rochelle salt, 

Glauber salt, Epsom salt). 
Saltpeter. Potassii nitras. 
Sampson snake-root. Gentiana. 
Sandalwood. Santalum. 
Sarsaparilla. Smilax (see also AyneriGaii sarsapa- 

Sassy-bark. Casca cortex. 
Savin. Sabina. 
Savory. Satureia. 
Saw palmetto. Sabal serrulata. 
Saxifrage. Pimpinella. 
Scammony. Convolvulus scammonia. 
Scarlet pimpernel. Anagallis arvensis. 
Scouring-rush. Equisetum. 
Sea-tangle. Laminaria. 

Seidlitz powder. Pulvis effervescens compositus. 
Sheep sorrel. Rumex. 
Shepherd's purse. Capsella. 
Sierra salvia (see Moimtain sage), 
Silkweed. Asclepias. 
Silver. Argentum. 
Skull-cap. Scutellaria. 
Skunk-cabbage. Symplocarpus foetidus. 
Slippery elm. Ulmus. 
Smart-weed. Polygonum. 



Snake-root (Virgiuia). Serpentaria (se^ Btitfon 

snake-root, Canada snake-root). 
Snake-weed. Aristolochia. 
Soap. Sapo. 

Soap-tree. Quillaja ; Quillaja saponaria. 
Soapwort-root. Saponaria. 
Soda (see Baking-soda, Washing-soda). 
Solomon's seal. Polygonatmn. 
Sourwood. Oxydendron. 
Southernwood. Artemisia. 
Sozoiodol. Di-iodo-para-phenol sulphonic acid. 
Spanish flies. Cantharis, 
Spear mint. Mentha viridis. 
Speedwell. Veronica. 
Spermaceti. Cetaceum. 
Spice-bush. Laurus henzoin. 
Spikenard Aralia. 
Spurred rye. Secale comutum. 
Squaw vine. Mitchella. 
Squill. Scilla. 
Star anise. Illicium. 
Starch. Amylum. 
Star-grass. Aletris. 
Stavesacre. Staphisagria. 
Stonecrop. Sedum acre. 
Stone-root. Collinsonia. 
Storax. Styrax. 
Strawberry. Fragaria. 
Strychnin. Strychnina. 
Suet Sevimi. 
Sugar. Sacchamm. 
Sugar of lead. Plumbi acetas. 
Sulphonal. Di-ethyl-sulphondi-methyl-methan. 
Sumach. Rhus glabra. 
Sundew. Drosera. 
Sunflower. Helianthus. 
Swedish cholera drops, Mistura opii et ipecacuanhas 

Sweet almond oil. Oleum amygdali. 
Sweet basil. Ocimum basilicum. 
Sweet clover. Melilotus. 




:S\veet fern. Mjrrica asplenifolia. 
Sweet flag Acorus calamus. 
Sweet marjoram. Origanum maijorana. 
Sweet maudlin. Achillea ageratum. 
Sweet orange. Citrus aurantium. 
Sweet orange peel. Aurantii dulcis cortex. 
Sweet sumach. ^ Rhus aromatica. 
Tag alder. Alnus. 
Tansy. Tanacetum. 
Tar. Pix liquida. 

Tartar emetic. Antimonii et potassii tartras. 
Tea Thea. 

Teaberry (see Wintergreen), 
Teel oil. Sesami oleum. 
Thimble-weed. Rudbeckia. 
Thiol. Thiolum liquidum. 
Thistle (see Blessed thistle). 
Thorn-apple. Stramonium. 
Thyme. Thjrmum. 
Tobacco. Tabacum. 
Trailing arbutus. Epigaea. 
Trumpet plant. Sarracenia flava. 
Tulip tree. TuUpifera. 

Tully's powder. Pulvis morphinae compositus. 
Turkey corn. Corydalis. 
Turmeric. Curcuma. 
Turpentine. Terebinthina. 
Valerian. Valeriana. 
Vallet's mass. Massa ferri carbonatis. 
Veronica (see Culvers root). 
Vienna paste (caustic paste). Potassa cum calce. 
Vinegar. Acetum. 
Virginia stonecrop. Penthormn. 
Wahoo. Euonymus. 
Wall-pepper ('same as Stonecrop), 
Walnut (see Blach walnut). 
Washing-soda. Sodii carbonas. 
Water-ash Ptelea. 
Water-eryngo. Erjmgium aquaticum. 
Water-fennel. Oenanthe. 
Water-germander. Teucrium. 



Watermelon. CitruUus. 

Water-pep[)er. Polygonum. 

Wax. Cera. 

Wheat-flower. Tritica farina. 

Whisky. Spiritus frumenti. 

White ash. Fraxinus. 

White bryony. Bryonia alba. 

White cohosh. Actea alba. 

White clover. Trifolium. 

White hellebore. Veratrum album. 

White Indian hemp. Asclepias incarnata. 

White-oak bark. Quercus alba. 

White pine. Pinus strobus. 

White pond-lily. Castalia odorata. 

White poplar-bark. Populi cortex. 

White precipitate. Hydrargyrum ammoniatum. 

White willow. Salix alba. 

White zapote. Casimoroa edulis. 

Wild celandine. Impatiens pallida. 

Wild cherry. Prunus virginiana. 

Wild ginger (see Canada make-root). 

Wild indigo. Baptista. 

Wild lettuce. Lactuca Canadensis. 

Wild liquorice (see Jequirity). 

Wild rosemary. Sedum. 

Wild yam. Dioscorea villosa. 

Willow. Salix. 

Wine. Vinum. 

Winter clover. Mitchella. 

Wintergreen. Gaultheria. 

Witch-hazel. Hamamelis. 

Wolf's bane. Aconitum napellus. 

Wood-betony. Stachys betonica. 

Wool-fat. Lanolinum. 

Woorara. Curare. 

Wormseed (American). Chenopodium. 

Wormseed (German). Santonica. 

Wormwood. Absinthium. 

Yarrow. Achillea. 

Yeast. Fermentum; Cerevisia. 

Yellow dock. Rumex. 



Yellow jasmine. Gelsemium. 

Yellow parilla (Canadian moonseed). Menisper- 

Yellow pigment. Plumbi chromas. 

Yellow pond-lily. Nymphaea advena. 

Yellow puccoon (see Golden seal). 

Yellow wash. Lotio hydrargyri flava. 

Yerba sauta. Eriodictyon. 

Yerba reuma. Frankenia. 

Yolk of Q^g. Vitellus. 

Zinc. Zincum-. 
DRUGGIST. Pharmacist; Apothecary. 
DRUM (of Ear). 

Synonym : Tymjjanum. 

DRUM-BELLY. Tympanites. 
DRUMHEAD (of Ear). 

Synonym : Mernbrana tympani. 

DRUNKENNESS. See Alcoholism. 

DRY. See also Drying, Dry labor, etc. 
Synonym : Siccus. 
use of d. food (dry diet). Xerophagy ; Dieta sicca, 
d, friction, Xerotripsis. 
DRY LABOR. Partus siccus. 
DRY NURSE. See Nurse. 
DRYING. Arefaction; Desiccation; Exsiccation; Sicca- 

tion; Xeransis. 

Synonyms : Aua7isis, Desiccation, Xerosis, Xerotes, 
d. and thickening of conjunctiva. Xerophthalmia; 

morbid d. of hair. Xerasia. 
marked by d. Xerotic, 
medicines which produce d. Xerantia. 
d. of mouth. Xerostoma. 
d. of skin. Xeroderma. 
DUBINI'S DISEASE. Spasmus Dubini ; Electric chorea. 

DUCHENNE'S DISEASE. Tabes dorsalis. 

12 177 


DUCT. See also Canal, Gland, Salivary duct, Meatus. 
Synonyms : Canal, Ductus, Meatus. 
biliary d. (gall- or bile-d.). Ductus biliarii or biliferi. 
common bile-d. Ductus biliaris communis ; D. commu- 
nis choledochus. 
an excretory d. Emunctory. 
milk-d. Lactiferous or Galactophorous d. 
inflammation of milk-d. Galactophoritis. 
inflammation of d. of mucous gland. Myxangitis. 
obstruction of d. Emphraxis. 
d. of a reproductive gland. Gonaduct. 
a small d. Ductule, 
tear-d. Canaliculus, 
thoracic d. Ductus thoracicus or pequetianus ; D. chyli- 

ferus ; D. lac tens ; D. rorifer ; Alimentary d. 
instrument to cut tear-d. Lacrymotome. 
List of ducts according to their anatomic situation : 
aorta (from pulmonary artery in fetus). Ductus 

arteriosus; Ductus botali. 
in bone (duct for artery). Ductus nutritii. 
ear (of cochlea). Ductus cochlearis. 
ear (from middle ear to pharynx). Eustachian tube 

or duct ; Ductus auris palatinus. 
eyelids (into nose). Nasal d. ; Ductus naso-lachry- 
malis ; Ductus ad nasum ; Ductus punctorum lach- 
eyelids (of Meibomian glands). Ductus hygro- 

of kidney (for passage of urine). Uriniferous ducts ; 

D's of Bellini, 
embryo (representing intestine). Ductus umbilicalis ; 

Vitellicle ; Vesicula umbilicalis. 
pancreas (into intestine). Pancreatic d. ; D. of Wir- 

of salivary glands. (1) Of parotid. Ductus salivalis 
superior ; Steno's duct. (2) Submaxillary. Ductus 
salivalis inferior; Wharton's d. (8) Sublingual. 
Ductus Riviniani. 
testicle (seminal d's). (1) (Into urethra). Ejaculatory 
d's. ; Ductus seminales or seminiferi ; Vasculum 
serpentinum ; (2) (Of epididymis). Vasculum aber- 


rans; (3) (From testicle to abdomen). Vas defer- 
ens; Ductus spermaticus. 
venous d. (in fetus through liver). D. venosus aran- 
DUHRING'S DISEASE. Dermatitis herpetiformis. 


Synonym : Oxalate of calcium crystals. 

DUMBNESS. See, also Deafness. 
Synonyms : Alalia, Mutitas. 
d. due to disease of tongue. Mutitas organica. 
d. due to loss of tongue. Mutitas elinguium. 
d. due to traumatism. Mutitas traumatica or vulneris. 

DUODENUM. See also Intestine. 
Synonym : Dodecadactylon. 
formation of fistula between d. and small intestine. 

formation of fistula through abdomen into d. Duoden- 
formation of fistula between d. and gall-bladder. Duo- 
deno-cholecystotomy . 
inflammation of d. Duodenitis ; Dodecadactylitis. 
incision into d. Duodenotomy. 
DUPUYTREN'S CONTRACTION. Contracture of palmar 
DURA MATER. See also Arachnoid, Brain membrane, 
Pia mater. 

Synonyms : Meninx, Scleromeninx. 
inflammation of d. m. Duritis ; Pachymeningitis; Peri- 
pachymeningitis ; Perimeningitis, 
inflammation of d. m. and arachnoid. Duro-arachnitis. 
blood-tumor of d. m. Durematoma. 
space outside of d. m. Epidural space. 

DUROSIEZ'S DISEASE. Congenital mitral stenosis,, 

DUST. See also Dirt, Poiuder. 
caused by d. Spodogenous. 


Synonyms : Nanosomus, Nanus, 
like a d. Nanoid. 




Synonym : Nanophyes. 
monster with d, head. Nanocephalus. 
monster with d. limbs. Nanomelia. 
monster with d. trunk. Nanocormus. 

Synonyms : Microsomia, Nanism, Nanosomia. 
producing d. artificially. Nanization. 
DYING. See also Death. 

Synonyms : Moribund, In extremis. 
phrase : In the act of d. In articulo mortis. 

Synonym : Dysenteria. 
acute d. Dysenteria acuta, 
adynamic d. Dysenteria adynamia, maligna, or ty- 

biliary d. Dysenteria biliosa ; Colocholosis. 
bloody d. Dysenteria cruenta or hsematera. 
camp d. Dysenteria catarrhalis. 
common d. Dysenteria nostras, 
inflammatory d. Dysenteria inflammatoria. 
white d. Dysenteria alba, 
d. from w^orms. D. verminosa. 

Synonyms : Menorrhagia difficilis or stillatitia, Men- 
strua dolorosa. 
membranous d. D. membranacea. 
nervous d. D. nervosa; Neuralgic d. 
d. from obstruction. Obstructive d. 
ovarian d. Dysootocia. 
DYSPEPSIA. See Digestion. 
DYSPNEA. See Breathing {difficult). 



EAR. See also Earache, Ear-hones, Ear-drum, etc., Hear- 
ing, Auricle, Attic, Cochlea, Labyrinth, Sound, Deaf- 
ness, Mastoid. 

descriptive anatomy of e. Otography. 

relating to base of e. Basiotic. 

bleeding from e. Othemorrhea. 

canal of external e. Meatus auditorius externus. 

canal of internal e. Meatus auditorius intemus. 

situated above or on cartilage of e. Epiotic. 

catarrh of e. Otocatarrh. 

closure of e. Otocleisis. 

any disease of e. Otopathy. 

diseases of e. and audition. Aconusi. 

specialist of e. disease. Aurist ; Otologist ; Otiater. 

dissection of e. Ototomy. 

discharge from e. Otorrhea. 

bloody discharge from e. Otorrhagia. 

purulent discharge from e. Otopyosis ; Otopyorrhea. 

dropsy of e. Hydrotis. 

the external cartilaginous flaps of e. Auris; Pinna; 
Auricle {q. v.). 

fungous growth of e. Otomyces. 

presence of fungus in e. Otomycosis. 

hypertrophy of e's. Macrotia. 

inflammation of e. Otitis. 

inflammation of external e. Otitis externa. 

inflammation of internal e. Otitis interna. 

inflammation of middle e. Otitis media. 

general inflammation of e. Panotitis. 

cavity of inner e. (consisting of vestibule, cochlea, semi- 
circular canals). Labyrinth. 

instrument for cleaning the e. Auriscalp. 

instrument for examining the e. Auriscope ; Otoscope. 

fluid in osseous labyrinth of e. Perilymph. 

fluid in membranous labyrinth of e. Endolymph. 

union of walls of e. Ankylotia. 

the middle e. Tympanum ; Cavum tympani. 


inflation of e. through Eustachian tube. Politzeration ; 

fluid distention of middle e. Hydromyringa. 
massage of middle e. Otomassage ; Phonopneumomas 

monster without e's. Anotus. 
near the e. Parotic ; Parotid, 
having abnormal number of e's. Polyotia. 
neurotic aflJection of one e. Otohemineurasthenia. 
originating in e. Otogenous, 
pain in e. Otalgia ; Otodynia, 
pertaining to e. Otic ; Aural ; Auricular, 
pertaining to both e's. Binaural, 
pertaining to internal e. Entotic. 
pertaining to but one e. Monotic. 
pertaining to e. and head. Auriculocranial. 
pertaining to e. and pharynx. Otopharyngeal, 
pertaining to e. and temple. Auriculotemporal, 
polypus of e. Otopolypus. 
science of e. disease. Otology, 
shaped like the e. Auriform, 
situated in front of e. Prootic. 
plastic surgery of e. Otoplasty, 
relating to posterior parts of e. Opisthotic. 
ringing or buzzing sound in the e's. Tinnitus aurium ; 

Enechema ; Susurrus aurium ; Bombus. 
surrounding the e. Periotic. 
having thick e's. Pachyotous. 
treatment of disease of e. Otiatrics ; Otiatria. 
blood-tumor of e. Hsematoma auris. 
tuning-fork used in diagnosing disease of e. Diapason, 
ulceration of e. Othelcosis. 
urinary discharge from e. Oturia. 
vertigo from e. disease. Oticodinia ; Meniere's disease, 
wax in the e. Cerumen. 
excessive wax in the e. Ceruminosis. 
EARACHE. Otalgia; Otodynia. 

Synonyms : Ossieula auditus, Ossicles. 
names of e.-b's. Incus, Stapes, and Malleus, 
pertaining to e.-b. Otosteal. 



excision of e.-b. Ossiculectomy; Necrectomy; Oto- 

excision of incus. Incudectomy. 
excision of malleus. Sphyrectomy. 
excision of portion of malleus. Sphyrotomy. 

EAR-CRYSTALS. See Ear-stone. 

Synonyms : Membrana tymjmni, Myringa. 

muscles of e.-d. Tensor tympani and Laxator tympani. 

excision of e.-d. Myringodectomy. 

fungous growth of e.-d. Myringomycosis. 

incision of e.-d. Myringotomy ; Paracentesis myringae. 

knife to incise e.-d. Myringotome. 

inflammation of e.-d. Myringitis. 

plastic surgery of e.-d. Myringoplasty. 

EAR-PICK. Auris cochleare ; Auriscalpium. 
EAR-PROBE. Melotris; Melotis. 
EAR-STONE. Otolith; Otoconite; Otosteon. 
EAR-SURGEON. Aurist; Otiatrist; Otiater; Otologist. 
EAR-TRUMPET. Tubus acusticus; Otophone; Acous- 


Synonyms : Cerumen, Aurium sordes, Aurium mar- 
presence of e.-w. in excess. Ceruminosis. 

EARWIG (Insect). 

Synonym : Forficula auricularia. 

Synonyms : Terra, Cosmos. 
e. -eating. Geophagism; Chthonophagism. 
pertaining to the e. Telluric; Terrestrial; Mundane; 

pertaining to land and water. Terraqueous. 
EASE. See Pain. 
EATABLE. Esculent; Edible; Cibarious. 

EATING. See also Mastication, Swallowing, Food, Diges- 
tion, Appetite. 



occurring after e. Postcibal. 

occurring before e. Antecibal. 

e. ants. Myrmecophilous. 

e. blood. Hematophagous ; Hemophagic. 

e. dead fiesh. Necrophagous. 

carrion-e. Necrophagism. 

dirt-e. Chthonophagism ; Geophagism. 

addicted to e. dirt. Geophagous. 

dry-food e. Xerophagy. 

excessive e. Hyperphagia. 

feces-e. Coprophagism ; Coprophagy. 

pertaining to e. feces. Merdivorous ; Copropliilous. 

e. fish. Ichthyophagous. 

e. flesh. Carnivorous ; Sarcophagous ; Creophagous. 

e. fruit. Frugivorous. 

e. fungi. Mycetophagous. 

glass-e. Hyalophagia. 

e. grass. Graminivorous. 

e. honey. Meliphagous; Mellivorous. 

horse-flesh-e. Hippophagy. 

e. milk. Galactophagous ; Lactiphagous ; Lactipotous 

e. of one kind of food. Monophagia. 

pertaining to the e. of all kinds of food. Omnivorous. 

opium-e. Meconophagism. 

e. of raw food. Omophagia. 

self-e. Autophagism. 

e. vegetables. Herbivorous. 

e. wood. Hylophagous. 
EATING ULCER. Rodent or Phagedenic ulcer. 
EBERTH'S BACILLUS. Bacillus typhi abdominalis. 
ECCENTRIC. Mattoid. 

Synonym : E centra aberratio. 

e. bordering on insanity. Insaniola. 
ECZEMA (adj. Eczematous). 
Synonym : Psydracia. 

e. by contact. Eczema intertrigo. 

dry e. Eczema siccum. 

infantile e. Porrigo larvalis. 


e. of face. Melitagra flavescens. 

inflammatory e. Eczema madidans. 

e. by irritation. Eczema impetiginodes. 

moist e. Eczema humidum. 

e. characterized by redness. Eczema erythematosum. 

e. of scalp. Eczema capitis. 

e. at inner part of thigh. Eczema marginatum. 

scaly e. Eczema squamosum. 

washerwoman's e. Eczema lotricum. 

EDEMA. See also Dropsy. 

Synonyms : Edemosarca, Edematia. 

checking e. Edematischesis. 

general e. Anasarca. 

e. of eyelids. (Edema palpebrarum. 

e. of one half the body. Hemianasarca. 

infectious e. (Edema malignum. 

e. of kidney. Nephredema. 

e. of lungs. Pneumochysis. 

e. due to accumulated lymph. Lymphedema. 

e. of the skin. Hygroderma. 

transient e. (Edema fugax. 

e. of uvula. Staphyledema. 

Synonyms : Efferens, Exodic, Centrifugal. 

e. lymph-vessels. Vasa eflferentia. 

EFFUSION. See also Dropsy, Edema, Extravasation, 
Blood, Serum; also different organs and parts, 
e. of serum into areolar tissue. Infiltration, 
e. of blood into surrounding tissue. Extravasation 

{q. v.). 

EGrG. See also Ovum, Cell. 

Synonym : Ovum.. 

e.-bearing. Oviparous. 

giving birth to e's hatched within body. Ovo viviparous, 
yolk of e. Vitellus. 

EGG ALBUMIN. Albumin ovi. 


Synonym : Testa ovi. 
membrane under e.-s. Membrana putaminis. 



EICHSTEDT'S DISEASE. Tinea versicolor. 

Synonym : EmUsio or Profusio seminis. 
involuntary e. Pollution. 

Synonym : Ductus ejaculatorius. 
opening of e. d. into urethra. Verumontanum. 
depression between openings of e. d. in urethra. Sinus' 

pocularis; Utriculus; Uterus masculinus. 

Synonyms : Ancos, Cubitus. 
inflammation of e. Olecranarthritis. 
resembling the e. Olecranoid ; Anconoid. 
gouty pain in e. Anconagra ; Anconacace. 
salient point of e. Ancon. 
toward the e. Anconad. 

ELECTRIC BATTERY. See also Electricity, Electric cur- 

negative electrode of e. b. Catelectrode. 

positive electrode of e. b. Anelectrode. 

any device attached to pole of e. b. Electrode. 

negative pole of e. b. Cathode. 

positive pole of e. b. Anode. 

pertaining to positive pole of e. b. Anodal ; Anodic. 

pertaining to negative pole of e. b. Cathodal ; Cathodic. 

wire connecting poles of e. b. Rheophore. 
ELECTRIC CURRENT. See also Electricity, Electric bat- 

device to measure e. c. Electrodynamometer. 

instrument to measure strong e. c. Mega-electrometer. 

instrument for measuring galvanic current. Galvanom- 
eter; Rheometer. 

path of galvanic e. c. Circuit. 

element evolved by e. c. at negative pole. Cation. 

element evolved by e. c, at positive pole. Anion. 

instrument to measure distance of e. c. Rheostat; 

instrument to reverse direction of e. c. Commutator; 

instrument for testing e. c. Rheoscope. 


transmitter of e. c. Conductor. 

transmitter of e. c. by induction. Dielectric. 
ELECTRICITY. See also Electric battery, Electric cur- 

use of needle in treating aneurysm by e. Electropunct- 

application of e. by tapping surface. Fustigation ; Flag- 

pertaining to application 'of e. intermittently. Labile. 

pertaining to application of e. continuously. Stabile. 

bladder examination by means of e. Electrocystoscopy. 

cautery by means of e. Electro -cautery ; Chemico- 
cautery ; Galvano-cautery. 

chemical e. Galvanism ; Voltaism. 

use of galvanic e. Galvanization. 

study of chemic changes produced by e. Electro-chem- 

enclosure of a conductor by a non-conductor of e. Insu- 
leath by e. Electrothanatosis ; Electrocution ; Electro- 

compound decomposable by e. Electrolyte. 
)ertaining to electrolysis. Electrolytic. 
liagnosis by use of e. Electro-diagnosis. 

dissolution of a body by e. Electrolysis. 

element set free by e. Ion. 

an electro-positive element. Cation. 

an electro-negative element. Anion. 

use of faradic e. Faradization. 

morbid fear of e. Electrophobia. 

instrument to determine intensity in e. Electrometer. 

instrument to dissolve stricture by e. Electrolyzer. 

instrument to measure voltage of e. Voltmeter. 

ascertainment if life be extinct by e. Electrobioscopy. 

examination of cavities by light produced by e. Dia- 

magnetic action by means of e. Electro-magnetism; 

introduction of medicine by e. Electrovection. 

changed condition of nerves traversed by e. Electro- 



osmosis produced by e. Cataphoresis. 

study of reactions in health by means of e. Electro 

study of pathology by means of e. Electro-pathology, 
pertaining to e. at positive pole. Electro-positive, 
pertaining to e. at negative pole. Electro-negative, 
change of polarity in e. Depolarization, 
instrument to measure potential of e. Electrometer, 
produced by e. Electrogenesis. 
puncture by e. Electrostixis. 
instrument to determine presence of static e. ElectrO' 

science of static e. Electrostatics, 
use of static e. Franklinization. 

want of feeling to stimulation by e. Electro-anesthesia 
lessened irritability of tissues to stimulation by e. An- 

increased irritability of tissues to stimulation by e. Cat- 

apparatus for storage of e. Accumulator, 
device setting free stored e. Discharger, 
any substance transmitting e. by induction. Dielectric, 
the unit of measurement of e. Ampere ; Weber, 
unit of measurement of quantity of e. Coulomb, 
unit of resistance in e. Ohm. 
unit of measurement of force in e. Volt, 
expression of motive force of e. in units. Voltage, 
other less important units of e. Dyne, Erg, ErgteUj 

Farad, Joule, Megalerg, Megavolt, Microcoulomb, 

Microfarad, Milliampere, and Voltampere. 
commercial e. of 1000 volt hours. Kelvin. 
ELEMENT. See also Atom, Molecule, Chemistry. 

Synonym : Elementum. 
an e. of the chlorine group. Halogen, 
combining power of e. Equivalency ; Valency, 
e. with combining power or valency of one. Monad, 
e. with combining power or valency of two. Dyad, 
e. with combining power or valency of three. Triad, 
e. with combining power or valency of four. Tetrad, 
e. with combining power or valency of five. Pentad, 
ultimate unit of an e. Atom (adj. Atomic). 


valence (attractive force) of an e. Atomicity. 

J^ist of elements having common and technical names : 

antimony. Stibium. . 

copper. Cuprum. 
I gold. Aurum. 
I iron. Ferrum. 

lead. Plumbum. 

potassium. Kalium. 

silver. Argentum. 

sodium. Natrium. 

tin. St annum. 
!LEPHANT-SKIN DISEASE. Elephantiasis. 

iLIMINATIVE (applied to drugs). See also Secretion. 

Synonyms : Exeernent, Eccritic. 
ILONGATION. Allongement. 
IMACIATION. See also Atrophy, Leanness. 

Synonyms : Marasmus, Contabescence, Syntexis, Abra- 
sia (adjs. Marasmic, Contabescent, Ischnous). 
e. of aged. Geromarasmus. 
e. due to hip disease. Ischiophthisis. 
e. from indigestion. Cacosplanchnia. 
e. from excessive lactation. Galactophthisis. 

Synonym : Effluvium (adjs. Effluent, Emanative). 
unhealthy e. Miasm ; Miasma. 
('. from privies. Effluvium latrinarium. 

Synonyms : Necrocedia, Conditura cadaverum. 
having preserving or e. power. Necrosozoic. 

iMBOLIC ABSCESS. Metastatic abscess. 

IMBRYO. See also Abortion, Fetus, Ovum. 

Synonym : Embryon (adjs. Embryonal, Embryonic). 

body cavity of e. Celom. 

blending of different parts of e. into one. Integra- 

the second cerebral vesicle of the e. Deutencephalon. 

development of cells of e. Ontogenesis. 

primitive stage of cell-division of e. Blastula. 

cells of the e. forming blood-vessels. Angioblasts. 


a central cell of early e. Entomere. 

an outer cell of early e. Ectomere. 

description of e. Embryography. 

destruction of e. in uterus. Embryotomy; Embryo 

development of e. Embryogeny. 
science of development of e. Embryology, 
the disc of the e. Proligerous disc ; Gonotheca ; Gone 

superficial epidermis of e. Epitrichium. 
formation of e. from union of male and female elemenl 

internal layer of e. Hypoblast ; Entoderm ; Entoblasi 
primitive external layer of e. Ectoderm ; Epiblast. 
middle layer of e. Mesoblast ; (outer layer of whicli is 

Somatopleure ; (inner layer) Splanchnopleure. 
the ectoderm and entoderm of e. considered collective]}? 

projection from intestine of e. AUantois; Membranj 

the primitive mouth in e. Blastopore ; Prostoma ; Sto 

pertaining to part of e. opposite central nervous system 

pertaining to parts of e. not formed from notochord 

producing an e. Embryogenic. 
memhranous sac containing e. Amnion (adj. Amui 

segment of the vascular system of e. Angiotome. 
epithet applied to e. segmenting unequally. Amphi 

primitive spinal canal of e. Notochord. 
pertaining to tissue derived from the middle coat of tin 

e. Histoid, 
removal of e. in extra-uterine pregnancy. Embryec 

primitive vertebra of e. Protovertebra. 

EMESIS. See Vo7niting. 

EMETIC. Emeticus. 



EMINENCE. See also Palm, Swelling; and different 

Synonyms : Eminentia, Tuber, Tuberosity. 
frontal e. Tuber frontale. 
e. of chin. Protuberantia mentis. 
EMISSION. See also Ejaculation, Semen, Nocturnal emis- 

Synonym : Spermatism. 
EMMET'S OPERATION. Trachelorrhaphy. 
EMOTION. See also Fear, Desire, Love, Sensation, Suf- 
fering, Mind, Heart, Hatred. 
morbid e. Parepithymia. 

pulmonary e. Aeropneumonasia ; Aeropneumonectasia. 
e. of skin. Aerodermectasia. 
EMPYEMA. Pyothorax. 
EMULSION. Synaptase. 
ENAMEL (of Teeth). 

Synonyms : Dentium indumentum vitreum, Odonthy- 
alus, Causta adamantina dentium. 
an e.-cell. Adamantoblast. 
ENCYSTATION. Sacculation. 
ENDOLYMPH. Humor auditivus. 

administration of an e. Hypoclisis. 
a nutritive e. Clyster ; Enteroclysm. 
administration of a nutritive e. Enteroclysis. 
ENERGY. See also Force, Activity. 
Synonym : Eyiergia. 
exhibiting e. Synergic. 
e. of living organisms. Ergogeny. 
ENGORGEMENT. See also Swelling, Congestion, Blood. 

Synonyms : Parabysma, Parabystia. 
ENLARGE. See Magnify. 

ENLARGEMENT. See also Swelling, Tumor, Hyper- 
trophy, various organs. Synonym : Amplificatio. 
e. of an organ. Auxesis; Ectasis. 
diminution in size of an organ. Anectasia ; Anauxesis. 



Syuonyms : Ajijyendix or Cartilago ensiformia, Appen- 
dix or Cartilago xiphoidea, Metasternum, Xiphoid, 

pain in e. c. Xiphodynia. 

relating to e. c. and ribs. Xiphocostal. 

ENTRANCE. See Passage. 
ENVELOPES (fetal). 

external membrane of fetal e. Chorion. 

internal membrane of fetal e. Amnion. 
ENVIRONMENT. See also Life, Organism. 
ENZYME. See Fermeyit. 
EPIDEMIC. See also Locality. 

science of e's. Epidemiology. 

study of e. Loimology. 

widespread e. Pandemic. 

local disease periodically e. Endemic-epidemic. 

Synonym : Cuticle. 

Synonyms : Epilepsia (adj. Epileptic), Morbus astralis, 
comitialis, or demonius. 

attack of e. where consciousness is not lost. Eclampsia. 

cortical e. Epilepsia Jacksoniana. 

e. of one side. Hemi-epilepsy. 

biting the tongue, etc., in e. Odaxismus. 

light form of e. Petit mal ; Epilepsia mitior. 

severe form of e. Grand mal ; Epilepsia gravior. 

masked e. Epilepsia larvata. 

occurring after e. Postepileptic. 

e. occurring at night. Incubus ; Epilepsia noctuma. 
EPITHELIUM. See also Skin. 

e. lining blood-vessels. Endothelium. 

e. lining intestines. Gastroderma. 

pavement, tessellated, stratified, or lamellar e. Epithe- 
lium lamellosum. 

cylindrical or columnar e. Epithelium cylindricum. 

ciliated e. Epithelium vibrans. 

hair-like process of some e. Cilium (pi. Cilia). 


pertaiiiing to e. Epithelial. 

many-sided e. Polygonal e. ; Epithelium polyhedricum. 

scale-like e. Squamous e. 

EQUAL PARTS. Partes sequales. 
ERB-CHARCOT'S DISEASE. Spastic spinal paralysis. 
ERECTION (of Penis). 
Synonym : Priapism. 
painful e. of penis. Chordee ; Mentulagra. 

ERGOTISM. Convulsio cerealis ; Raphania. 
EROSION. Diabrosis. 
ERUCTATION. Eryge ; Pyrosis. 
ERUPTION. See also Skin. 

Synonyms : Exanthem, Exanthema (adjs. Exanthe- 
matic, Exanthematous). 
breaking out of an e. Exanthesis ; Eruptio exanthe- 

pertaining to breaking out of an e. Enimpent ; Erup- 
cow-pox e. Exanthema antivariolosum. 
diseases characterized by e. Exanthemata, 
a drug-e. Epispasis. 
e. sometimes occurring in epilepsy. Taches cerebrales. 
hemorrhagic e. Exanthema hsemorrhagicum. 
ichorous e. Emphlysis. 
e. due to iodids. Exanthema iodicum. 
e. due to medicines. Eruptio medicinalis. 
milk-like e. due to suspended lactation. Galactophlysis. 
* miliary e. Exanthema miliaria, 
e. on mucous membrane. Enanthema; Exanthema 

e. of pemphigus. Exanthema serosa, 
e. of plague. Exanthema pestis. 
pustular e. Empyesis ; Agria. 
running together of an e. Confluence, 
a spot-like e. Macula. 

syphilitic e. Syphilide ; Exanthema syphiliticum, 
e. of urticaria. Exanthema urticatum. 
a vesicular e. Emphylysis ; Ecphlysis. 

ERYSIPELAS. Dermatitis erysipelatus. 
13 193 



constriction of e. Esophagostenosis ; Lemostenosis. 

any disease of e. Esophagopathy. 

displacement of e. Esophagectopy. 

examination of e. Esophagoscopy. 

excision of e. Esophagectomy. 

hemorrhage from e. Esophagorrhagia. 

incision of e. Esophagotomy. 

infection of e. Esophagomycosis. 

inflammation of e. Esophagitis. 

pain in e. Esophagalgia. 

paralysis of e. Esophagoplegia ; Lemoparalysis. 

pouching of e. Esophagocele. 

softening of e. Esophagomalacia. 

spasm of e. Esophagism. 
ESSAY. Thesis. 

medical e. Deontology. 
ETHMOID BONE. Os ethmoidale ; Os cribriforme. 
ETHMOID CELLS. Cellulse ethmoidales. 

EUNUCH. Thladias; Thlasias; Thlibias; Bacelus; Evi- 


Synonyms : Tuba Eustachii, Tuba auditiva, Canalis 
gutturalis tympani, Ductus auris palatinus, Iter a 
palato ad aurem. 
closure of e. t. Salpingemphraxis. 
inflammation of e. t. Salpingitis; Syringitis. 
EUSTACHIAN VALVE. Valvula venae cavse inferioris. 

EVACUATION. See also Boiuel, Stool, Purgation. 
Synonym : Vaeuation. 
excessive e. Hyper cenosis. 
any partial or incomplete e. Abevacuation ; Apoce- 

involuntary e. of bowels. Scaracratia. 

e. of an organ. Exstrophia; Extrophy. 
EVOLUTION. See Development. 



EXAMINATION. See also Instruments, special organs 

and parts, Auscultation, Percussion, X-ray, Diagnosis. 
Synonyms : Examen, Examinatio. 

e. of abdominal organs. Splanchnoscopy. 

instrument for e. of cavities. Photophore ; Polyscope ; 

e. of body after death. Necropsy ; Autopsy. 

e. of body before death. Biopsy. 

e. with finger. Digital e. 

e. by means of hand. Palpation. 

e. by listening. Auscultation. 

e. by tapping with finger. Percussion. 

e. by measuring. Mensuration. 

e. of pelvis with both hands. Bimanual e. 

visual e. Inspectio ; Inspection. 

Examination of different cavities of body : 
e. of bladder. Cystoscopy, 
e. of ear. Otoscopy. 
^H e. of eye. Ophthalmoscopy. 
^H e. of eye by shadow test. Retinoscopy ; Skiascopy. 
^H e. of larynx. Laryngoscopy. 
^B e. of oesophagus. Esophagoscopy. 
^B e. of pharynx. Pharyngoscopy. 
^B e. of rectum. Proctoscopy. 

^B e. of stomach. Gastroscopy ; Gastrodiaphanoscopy. 
W^ e. of urethra. Urethroscopy. 

EXANTHEM. See Eruption. 

EXCESS. Accumulation. 

EXCESSIVE. See also Appetite, Thirst, Fear, Excretion, 

EXCISION. See also different organs ; Surgery. 

Synonyms : Ablation, Exeresis, Extirpation, Resection. 
EXCORIATION. Amyxis; Erosion; Abrasion (q. v.). 
EXCREMENT. See Feces, Stool. 

EXCRESCENCE. See Wart, Humor, Growth, Pimple. 
e. of skin. Ecphyma. 
fleshy e. Caruncle. 

EXCRETION. See also Discharge, Urine, Stool, Feces, 
Sweat, Lochia, Secretion. 



Synonyms : Elimination, Ejection, Eccrisis. 
disease of e. Eccrinopathia ; Eccrisionosi. 
drugs which act on e. Eliminatives ; Eccritica. 
duct of e. Emunctory. 
pertaining to excessive e. Colliquative, 
medicine producing e. Eccritic. 
pertaining to e. Excretory ; Excernent. 
retention of e. Eccrisioschesis. 
the science of e. Eccrinology ; Eccrisiology. 

EXEECISE. See also Movement, Muscles, Energy, Activity. 
e. by movement of muscle. G-ymnastics. 
e. by light gymnastics. Calisthenics, 
method of curing disease by e. Kinesitherapy ; Elinesi- 
pathy; Motorpathy; Lingism. 

EXHAUSTION. See also Collapse, Weakness, Fatigue. 

Synonyms : Enervation, Exinanitio virium. 
EXPAND. See Develop. 
EXPECTORANT. Ptysmagogue. 
EXPECTORATION. See also Cough, Mucus, Saliva. 

Synonyms : Expectoratio, Expuition, Anahexis, Anap- 
tysis, Spuiatio. 
e. accompanying cough. Anacatharsis. 
e. of blood. Hemoptysis ; Aemoptoica passio. 
crystals found in asthmatic e. Charcot-Leyden or 

Octahedral crystals, 
e. of calcareous material. Lithobexis. 
e. of mucus. Blennoptysis. 
EXPLOSIVE. Fulminant. 

EXPRESSION. See also Face, Paleness, Complexion. 
facial e. preceding death. Facies hippocratica ; F. cada- 

facial e. in health. Facies composita. 
facial e. in disease. Facies decomposita. 

EXTENSION. Anatasis. 
EXTERIOR. See External. 
EXTERNAL. See also Center. 

Synonyms : Externus, Lateralis, Extrinsic. 

EXTIRPATION. See Excision. 




e. of air in tissues. Emphysema. 

e. of blood into areolar tissue. Ecchymosis. 

EXTREMITIES. See also Arms, Legs, Limb. 
Synonym : Acroteria. 

amputation or mutilation of e. Acroteriasis. 

abnormal development of e. Akromegaly ; Acrome- 
galia; Pachyacria; Pachyakria. 

involuntary movement of e's (Hammond's disease). 

involuntary movement of e. on one side of body. 

EXUDATION. See Blood, Skin, Extravasation. 

EYE. See also Cross-eye, Vision, Refraction, Blindness, 

Squint, Eyeball, Eye-bath, etc. ; Astigmatism, Canthus, 

Cataract, Choroid, Conjunctivae, Iris, Cornea, Crystal- 
line lens. Ciliary body, Ciliary muscle, Ciliary region, 

Tear, Tear-duct, Tear-sac, Optic nerve. Orbit, Sclera, 

Vitreous humor. 
Synonyms : Oculus, Ophthalmos (adjs. Ocular, Oph- 

absence of e's. Anophthalmia. 

adaptation or adjustment of e. to sight. Accommoda- 

angle of e. Canthus (q. v.). 

artificial e. Hypoblepharon. 

instrument for measuring deviation of the axes of the 
e. Chiastometer. 

back of e. Retrobulbar ; Retro-ocular ; Postocular. 

a bandage for the e. Diophthalmus. 

bandage for one e. Monoculus. 

black-e'd. Melanophthalmous. 

blear e. Lippitudo. 

effusion of blood in the e. Hemalopia; Erythropsia; 

calculus in e. Ophthalmolith. 

dark or leonine e. .ffitheomma. 

difference in color of e's. Heterochromia. 

depressed disk of e. Cupped disk. 

description of the e's. Ophthalmography. 


any disease of e. Ophthalmopathy. 

science of diseases of e's. Ophthalmology. 

disuse of e's. Anopsia. 

examination of interior of e. Ophthalmoscopy. 

method of examination of e. through water. Orthc 

scopy (instrument for, Orthoscope), 
excision of e. Ophthalmectomy ; Abscissio oculi ; Enuj 

fatigue of e's. Copiopia ; Asthenopia ; Ophthalmocopi 
a fissure of part of e. Coloboma. 
fixation of e's during operation. Ophthalmostasis, 
collection of milky fiuid in e. Hypogala ; Hypopyon. 
increase of fluids of e. Hydr ophthalmia, 
disease characterized by hardness of e., etc. Glaucoma ; 

Oculus caesius. 
glass for one e. Monocle ; Monoculus. 
situated upon globe of e. Epibulbar. 
hemorrhage from e. Ophthalmorrhagia ; Ophthalmor^ 

hemorrhage into interior of e. Hemophthalmia. 
general inflammation of e. Panophthalmia; Panoph^ 

e. inflammation in newborn. Ophthalmia neonatonimj 

inflammation of e. mih varicose veins. Cirsophthalmi 
a contagious inflammation of e. Loimophthalmia. 
inflammation of internal parts of the e'ball. Entoph^ 

pertaining to the internal parts of the e. Entoptic. 
investigation of interior of e. Entoptoscopy. 
instrument to examine interior of one's own e. Ante 

examination of interior of one's own e. Autophthal^ 

having large e's. Megalophthalmous. 
the left e. Oculus sinister. 

a malignant inflammation of the e. Cacophthalmia. 
measurement of tension of e. Ophthalmotonometry. 
instrument for measuring movement of e'ball. Ophthal^ 

instrument for measuring the e. Ophthalmometer. 



monster with the e's fused. Cyclops. 

instrument to show movement of e. Ophthalmotrope. 

jerky movement of e's. Nystagmus. 

malformation when both e's are united in one cavity. 

massage of e. Malaxation. 

having only one e. Monommatous ; Monophthalmous. 

one e. better than another. Monoblepsia. 

pain in e. Ophthalmodynia. 

paralysis of muscles of e. Ophthalmoplegia. 

plastic operation on e. Ophthalmoplasty. 

pertaining to both e's. Binocular. 

normal position of axes of e's in visual plane. Iso- 

normal position of e's at rest. Mesoropter. 

pus in anterior part of e. Hypopyon ; Abscessus oculi. 

abnormal protrusion of e. Ophthalmocele ; Exophthal- 
mos; Exophthalmus ; Ophthalmoptosis ; Exophthal- 
mia; Exorbitism. 

retraction of e'ball in socket. Enophthalmia ; Enoph- 

resembling or having e's. Ocellated. 

the right e. Oculus dexter. 

rupture of e. Ophthalmorrhexis. 

abnormal softness of e. Ophthalmomalacia. 

surrounding the e. Periocular. 

specks before e's. Muscsb volitantes; Myiodeopsia; 
Scotoma; Visus muscarum; Metamorphopsia. 

visible to naked e. Macroscopic. 

not visible to naked e. Microscopic. 

wasting of e. Ophthalmophthisis ; Ophthalmatrophy. 

a watery e. Dacryops. 

individual with white e's. Leukops. 

EYEBALL. Bulbus oculi. 
EYE-BATH. Scaphium oculare. 

Synonym : Superciliiim. 
ache in region of e. Supra-orbital neuralgia, 
loss of hair of e. Anaphalantiasis ; Defluxio super- 





loss of e. or eyelashes. Madarosis ; Ptilosis ; Trichopti- 

pertaining to e. Superciliary. 

space between the e. Glabella ; Mesophryon. 

Synonym : Cilium (pi. Cilia). 

abnormal direction of e's. Trichiasis. 

falling ont of e's. Defluxio ciliorum ; Madrosis ; Mada- 

operation for misplaced e. by drawing through adjacent 
tissue of the lid. lUaqueation. 

pertaining to the e. Ciliary. 

double row of e's. Distichiasis. 

having more than one row of e's. Polystichia. 

shedding of e's. Deplumation. 
EYELID. See also Carithus, Conjunctiva, Winking. 

Synonyms : Tarsus, Blepharis, Blepharon, Palpebra 
(adjs. Tarsal, Blepharal, Palpebral). 

congenital absence of e's. Ablepharon ; Ablepharia. 

person with absence of e's. Ablepharus. 

adhesion between e's or of e. to eyeball. Symblepharon ; 
Ankyloblepharon ; Blepharosynechia. 

complete adhesion of edges of e. Pantankyloblepharon. 

congenital adhesion of e's. Cryptophthalmos ; Crypt- 

inner or outer angle of e's. Canthus. 

inability to close e's. Lagophthalmos. 

contagious diseases of e's producing sago-like elevation 
in palpebral conjunctiva. Trachoma; Sclerophthal- 

drooping of e. Blepharoplegia ; Ptosis. 

eversion of e. Ectropium ; Ectropion ; Extrophia tarsi. 

inversion of e. Entropium ; Entropion ; Enstrophia 

furnished with e's. Palpebrate. 

sebaceous cysts of glands of e. Tarsal or Meibomian 
cysts ; Chalazium ; Chalazion ; Chalaza. 

morbid growth of e. Tarsophyma. 

incision into e. Blepharotomy. 

inflammation of e. Blepharitis, 
inflammation of glands of e. Blepharadenitis. 


glandular swelling of edge of e. Blepharo-adenoma. 

inflammation of edge of e. Blepharitis marginalis or 

ulcerative inflammation of edge of e. Psorophthalmia. 

instrument for separating e. during operation. Blepharo- 

serving to moisten the e. Hygroblepharic. 

small opening between e. Blepharophimosis. 

plastic operation of e. Tarsoplasty; Blepharoplasty ; 

operation on e. to diminish palpebral opening. Tarsor- 

operation upon e. in case of entropion, etc. Tarsotomy. 

small yellowish-white patches of skin of e. Xanthelasma 

pigmentation of e. Blepharochromidrosis. 

discharge of pus from e. Mydesis ; Blepharopyorrhea. 

abnormal smallness of e. Microblepharia. 

abnormal largeness of e. Macrohlepharia. 

spasm of e. Blepharism ; Blepharospasm. 

spasmodic closure of e. Catacleisis. 

stye of e. Hordeolum. 

suturing of e. Blepharorrhaphy. 

thickening and hardening of e. Tylosis; Pachyhleph- 

tumor or sw^elling of e. Blepharoncus. 

soft tumor of the e. Pladarosis ; Pladaroma. 

internal rectus. Rectus intemus oculi ; Oculum movens 

external rectus. Rectus externus oculi ; Oculum movens 

superior rectus. Rectus superior oculi ; Oculum movens 

inferior rectus. Rectus inferior oculi; Oculum movens 
EYE-SALVE. XerocoUyrium. 
EYE-SHADE. Paropium. 
EYESIGHT. See Vision. 
EYE-STRAIN. Heterophoralgia. 
EYE-WASH. Collyrium. 



FACE. See also Cheek, Chin, Jaw, Complexion, Expres- 
sion, Freckles. 

Synonyms : Physiognomy, Fades, Vultus (adj. Facial), 
partial or complete absence of f. Aprosopsia (indi- 
vidual so affected, Aprosopus). 
eczema of f. Melitagra. 
morbid enlargement of f Prosopectasia, 
fissure of f. Prosoposchisis. 
abnormal large size of f Macroprosopia. 
having a low f. Chameprosopic. 
abnormal narrowness of f Leptoprosopia. 
neuralgia of f Tic douloureux ; Prosopalgia ; Neural- 
gia spastica ; Prosoponeuralgia ; Neuralgia facialis, 
paralysis of one side of f Hemiprosoplegia ; Diplegia 
facialis; Facial hemiatrophy. 
FACE-POWDER. Cosmetic. 
FACE-WORM. Comedo; Comedones. 

Synonyms : Portio dura (of seventh nerve), Nervus 
ganglion of f n. Intumescentia gangliformis. 
neuralgia of f. n. Dolor crucians faciei, 
paralysis of f n. from injury. Paralysis nervi facialis 
FACULTIES. See Mind, Consciousness. 
FAINTING. See also Coma, Stupor, Asphyxia, Collapse. 
Synonyms : Syncope, Leipothymia, Deliquiiim animi, 
a slight tendency to £ Eclysis. 
phrase : Up to point of f Ad deliquium. 
FAINTNESS. Virium defectio. 

FALLING-. See also different organs, as Uterus, Kidney, 
etc. ; Downivard, Abatement, Stage of disease. 
f. down of a part or organ. Prolapsus ; Procidentia. 




FALLOPIAN CANAL (for Facial Nerve). CanaUs 

facialis or Fallopii; Aqueductus Fallopii. 

Syuonyms : Oviduct, Salpinx, Metrosalpinx,'Tuha ute- 
I rina Fallopii. 

(listentioD of f. t. with blood. Hematosalpinx. 

liquid collection in f. t. Hydrosalpinx. 

liquid and pus collection in f. t. Hydropyosalpinx 

hemorrhage from f. t. Metrosalpingorrhagia. 

inflammation of f t. Salpingitis. 

inflammation around f. t. Perisalpingitis. 

rupture of £ t. Metrosalpingorrhexis. 

tubal pregnancy. Salpingocyesis. 

pregnancy in uterine portion of f t. Mural gestation. 

fringe on outer end of f t. Fimbriae ; Pavilion. 
FALSE. Pseudo. 
FALSE CONCEPTION. See also False pregnancy. 

Synonyms : Vedcidar mole. Placenta myxomatosis. 
FALSE CROUP. See also Breathing (difficult). 

Synonyms : Pseudocroup, Laryngismus stridulus. 
FALSE JOINT. Pseudarthrosis ; Articulatio artificialis; 

Nearthrosis; Arthrosis falsa. 
FALSE PASSAGE. Falsa via. 

FALSE PREGNANCY. Graviditas spuria ; Pseudocyesis. 
FALSE RIB. Costa spuria. 
FALSE TEETH. See Tooth. 
FALSETTO VOICE. Vox capitis. 
FAMINE-FEVER. Relapsing fever. 
FARCY. Farciminum ; Equinia glandulosa. 

FAR-POINT. See also Near-point. 
Synonym : Punctum remotum. 

FAR-SIGHTEDNESS. Hypermetropia ; Presbytia. 

FASTING. See also Food. 

Synonyms : Nesteia, Nestis, Jejunium, Inedia, Ahro- 
treatment by f Nestiatria. 


FAT. See also Fatty degeneration, Flesh ; different secre- 
tions, as Blood, Urine, Milk; and different organs, as 

Kidney ; also Hair, Hernia, Sebaceous glands. 

Synonyms : Adeps, Pingaitudo, Lipa, Stea, Pinguedo, 
Pimele (adjs. JJparous, Liparoid, Adipose, Adipic, 
Adipous, Pinguid, Pinguedinous, Pimelicus, Unc- 
tuous, Adipatous). 

presence of f in blood. Lipemia ; Piarrhemia. 

excess of f in blood. Hyperlipemia. 

presence of f'ty acids in blood. Lipacidemia. 

state of having f. buttocks. Steatopygia. 

conversion into f. Pimelosis ; Adipescence ; Pingue- 
f action. 

corpse-f Adipocere. 

f'ty diarrhea. Pimellorrhea ; Pimelecchysis. 

excessive f'ness. Corpulence ; Adiposis ; Adiposity ; 
Adiposeness ; Obesity ; Polysarcia ; Lipomatosis ; 
Liparia ; Polysarcia adiposa (adjs. Corpulent, Adipose, 
Obese, Liparous). 

ferment which breaks up f Steapsin. 

formation of f Lipogenesis. 

forming £ Adipogenous ; Lipogenous. 

deposit of £ in heart. Pinguedo cordis ; Steatosis cor- 

the internal £ of the body. Axungia. 

inflammation of adipose tissue. Pimelitis. 

deposit of £ around kidney. Pinguedo renalis; Neph- 

f'ty degeneration of muscle. Myodemia. 

pertaining to £ or suet. Sebaceous. 

immediate principles of £ Stearin; Margarin; Olein. 

£ pigments of the body. Lipochromes. 

reducing £ by dieting. Bantingism. 

resembling £ Steariform ; Liparoid ; Lipoid. 

subcutaneous £ Panniculus adiposus; Membrana adi- 

f'ty tumor. Lipoma ; Adipoma ; Liparocele ; Steatocele ; 

tendency to formation of £ tumor. Lipomatosis. 

a f'ty scirrhous tumor. Liparoschirrus. 

a f'ty tumor at the navel. Liparomphalos. 


a tumor of muscle and f. Myolipoma. 
f. iu the urine. Adiposuria ; Lipuria. 
presence of f'ty acids in urine. Lipaciduria. 
vvool-f Lanolin. 

t'ty or sebaceous deposit covering surface of fetus. Ver- 
nix caseosa. 

Synonyms : Lethal, Ferine, Feral. 
speedily f Tachythanatous. 
FATIGUE. See also Weariness. 

Synonyms : Lassitude, Lipopsychia, Asthenia, Copos, 
freedom from f. Acamasia. 
FATNESS. See Fat. 
FATTY. See Fat. 

Synonyms : Steatosis, Stearosis, Adiposis. 
i\ d. of muscle. Myodemia. 
FATTY LIVER. Jecur adiposum. 
FAUCES. Pharynx. 

FAUCHARD'S DISEASE. Alveolodental periostitis; 
Pyorrhoea alveolaris. 

FEAR. See also Anxiety, Hatred. 

Synonyms : Apprehension, Timor. 

total absence of f. Pantophobia. 

excessive f. Hypertromos. 

insanity marked by great £ Enosimania. 

morbid or insane f of current of air. Aerophobia. 

morbid or insane f. of being alone. Isolophobia ; Mono- 

morbid or insane f of angina pectoris. Anginophobia. 

morbid or insane f. of bacilli. Bacillophobia. 

morbid or insane f of sight of blood. Hematophobia. 

morbid or insane f. of being buried alive. Taphe- 

morbid or insane £ of cholera. Cholerophobia. 

morbid or insane £ of coition. Coitophobia; Cypri- 

morbid or insane £ of cold. Psychrophobia. 


morbid or insane f. of color. Chromatophobia. 

morbid or insane f. of red color. Erythrophobia. 

morbid or insane f of crowds. Oclophobia. 

morbid or insane f of becoming deformed. Dysmor- 

morbid or insane f. of death. Thanatophobia; Necro- 

morbid or insane f of the devil. Demonophobia. 

morbid or insane f. of dirt and filth. Rupophobia; 
Rhypophobia ; Mysophobia. 

morbid or insane f. of disease. Pathophobia. 

morbid or insane f of disorder. Ataxaphobia. 

morbid or insane f. of electricity. Electrophobia. 

morbid or insane £ of everything. Panphobia; Pano- 
phobia; Pantophobia. 

morbid or insane f. of great height. Batophobia ; Acro- 

morbid or insane f. of food. Sitophobia. 

morbid or insane f. of being in a house. Domato- 

morbid or insane f. of hydrophobia. Gynophobia ; Lys- 

morbid or insane f. of infection. Mysophobia. 

morbid or insane f. of lightning. Keraunophobia. 

morbid or insane f. of men. Androphobia. 

morbid or insane f of novelty. Neophobia. 

morbid or insane f. of the ocean. Thalassophobia. 

morbid or insane f of bodily odors. Bromidrosiphobia. 

morbid or insane f of one's self. Autophobia. 

morbid or insane f of operations. Ergasiophobia. 

morbid or insane f of pain. Odynephobia ; Algophobia. 

morbid or insane f of pins and needles. Belonephobia. 

morbid or insane f of enclosed places. Claustrophobia ; 

morbid or insane f of railroads. Siderodromophobia. 

morbid or insane f. of open spaces. Kenophobia ; Agoro- 

morbid or insane f. of sharp-pointed instruments. Aich- 

morbid or insane f. of society. Anthropophobia. 

morbid or insane f of standing upright. Stasophobia. 


morbid or insane f. of sun rays. Heliophobia. 

morbid or insane f. of becoming a thief. Kleptophobia. 

morbid or insane f. of thunder and lightning. Astrapa- 

morbid or insane f. of being touched. Haphephobia; 

morbid or insane f. of personal uncleanliness. Auto- 

morbid or insane f of vehicles. Amaxophobia. 

morbid or insane f. of vomiting. Emetophobia. 

morbid or insane f. of water. Hydrophobia. 

morbid or insane £ of large sheets of water. Potamo- 

morbid or insane f. of woman. Gynephobia. 

morbid or insane f. of worms. Helminthophobia. 

Synonyms : Pluma, Penna. 

having f.-like arrangement (as muscle-fibers). Penni- 

FECAL ABSCESS. Abscessus stercoralis or stercorosis. 

FECES. See also Stool, Evacuation, Purgation, Diarrhea, 
Constipation, Bowel, Rectum. 

Synonyms : Coprus, Stercus, Egesta, Excrement, Ex- 
creta, Ejecta, Feculence, Fimus, Hypochorema (adjs. 
Stercoraceous, Stercoral, Fecal, Fecaloid, Feculent), 
accumulation of f. in bowel. Coprostasis. 
blood-poisoning from retained f Stercoremia ; Copre- 

brown coloring-matter in f. Stercobilin. 
crystalline constituent of f Skatol. 
copious discharge of black f Melanorrhagia. 
eating of f Coprophagy ; C opiophagism, 
pertaining to f -eating. Merdivorous ; Coprophilous. 
deficient formation of f Acoprosis. 
hard lump of f. Scybala ; Faeces induratae ; Coprolith. 
first f. of newborn infant. Meconium, 
obstruction of bowel from hardened f. Coprepischesis. 
undigested matter in f. Koprikin. 
vomiting of f. Copremesis. 

pertaining to vomiting f. Stercoraceous ; Merdivomous. 


FECUNDATION. See also Ovum, Fetus, Birth, Preg- 
nancy, Fertile. 

Synonyms: Fertilization, Impregnation, Fructifica- 
f. of ovum. Conception (q. v.). 

FECUNDITY. See also Sterility. 

Synonyms : Reproductiueness, Polycyesis, Polygenesis. 
FEE. Honorarium. 
FEEBLE. See Weak. 

FEEDING. See also Eating, Food, Nutrition. 
FEELING. See Sensation. 
FEET. See Foot. 
FEIGNED. Simulated. 

FEIGNING (of Disease). Malingering; Simulation. 
FELON. See Whitlow. 
FEMALE. See Woman, Sexual desire, Genital organs. 

FEMORAL ARCH. Arcus cruralis. 
FEMORAL RING. Annulus femoralis. 

FERMENT. See also Decomposition, Fermentation. 

Synonyms : Zymoma, Enzyme (adjs. Zymic, Zymoid). 
the action of a f. Enzymosis ; Zymolysis. 
f. acting on albumin. Proteolyte. 
presence of f. in blood. Fermentemia. 
relating to a blood-f. Hematozymotic. 
any disease-producing f Cacozyme. 
substance changeable into f. Fermentogen. 
f. from yeast and intestinal juice. Zymose ; Invertin. 
f. formed in living organism. Enzyme, 
an organized f. Zyme ; Zymophyte ; Zymin. 
producing f. Zymogenic, 
treatise on f 's. Zymology. 
starch-changing f 's. Diastase (malt) ; Ptyalin (saliva) ; 

and Amylopsin (pancreas), 
pertaining to starch-converting f 's. Diastatic ; Amylo- 

lytic ; Diastasic. 
f. of rennet coagulating milk. Labzymogen. 
proteid f. of stomach. Pepsin. 


change of proteicls by digestive f. Proteolysis (adj. 

j)ertaining to animal f. Enzymotic. 

Synonyms : Enzymosis, Zymosis (adj. Zymotic), 
microbe causing f. Zymogene. 
ail instrument to measure the degree of f. Zymosim- 

eter; Zymometer. 
drink made by f of milk. Galactozyme (e. g., Kefir; 

Koumyss, etc.). 
f. produced by an organized ferment. Zymolysis. 
preventing f. Azymic. 
a process of f. Zymosis. 
the science of f. Zymology. 
not in a state of f. Azymous. 
f. of sweat. Hidrozymosis. 


Synonym : Pars radiata lobulorum cortiealium renis. 
PERTILE. See also Birth. 

Synonyms : Prolific, Productive, Fecund, Uberous, 
Procreant, Procreative, Generative. 
PERTILITY. See Fecundity. 
PERTILIZATION. See Fecundation. 
?ETAL RICKETS. Achondroplasia. 
?ETID RHINITIS. Ozena ; Atrophic rhinitis. 
rETOR. See Odor, Smell. 

PETUS. See also Oimm, Embryo, Amyiion, Quickening, 
Abortion, Placenta, Umbilical cord, Monster. 
f. with abnormal development. Monstrosity ; Teratism. 
an aborted f Ectroma. 
turning of membranes of f. into calcific matter. Litho- 

calcified f in uterus or abdominal cavity. Lithopedion ; 

a f. turned to bone. Ostembryon. 
development of f. Embryogenesis. 
expulsion of f between third and sixth months. Mis- 
formation of a f Fetation. 
14 209 


formation of a f within another. Intrafetation. 

hastening delivery of f Oxytocic ; Ocyodinic. 

down-like hair on f. Lanugo. 

heart-beat like that of f. Embryocardia. 

impaction of head of f in pelvic canal. Paragomphosis. 

inflammation of outer envelope of f. Chorionitis. 

instrument to measure head of f. in pelvis. Labidom- 

eter ; Labimeter. 
instrument to crush head of f Diaclast ; Cephalotribe. 
instrument for extraction of f Obstetric forceps ; Em- 

hook for extracting f Crochet ; Embryulcus. 
f. with abnormally large limbs. Megalomelia. 
measurement of the f. Fetometry. 
membrane covering skin and hair of f. Epitrichium. 
membranes covering head of f at birth. Caul. 
nutrition of the £ Cyotrophy ; Embryotrophy. 
operation of destroying the f Embryoctomy ; Feticide ; 

operation of dividing clavicle of f. in difficult labor. 

operation of crushing skull of f Cephalotomy ; Cephalo- 

tripsy; Embryothlasis. 
operation of crushing basal portion of skull of f. 

operation of forcible extraction of f Embryulcia ; Em- 

operation of extraction of f by abdominal incision. 

Cesarean section; Sectio Cesaria ; Cesarotomy; Par- 
tus Cesarius ; Sectio Agrippina ; Gastrohysterectomy. 
operation of turning f. by feet. Podalic version, 
operation of removal of brain of f in embryotomy. 

rickets in the f Chondrodystrophia. 
tumefied scalp on head of f in labor. Caput succeda- 

neum ; Macrophysocephalus. 
sebaceous deposit covering surface of f Vernix caseosa. 
a shapeless f Anideus. 
tumor of outer envelope of f Chorioma. 
protrusion of the viscera of a f Celosoma. 
wedge-shaped fetal head. Sphenocephalus. 


disease of f. with yellow discoloration of tissues. Cir- 

one f contained in another. Cryptodidymus. 
more than one f. Superfetation ; Epicyesis; Hyper- 

cyesis; Multifetation. 
two at one birth (twins). Ditocia; Ditopus (adj. Didy- 

sensation imparted to finger by a falling back of f. in 
utero when uterus is suddenly pushed up by finger. 
inner membrane of f. Amnion. 
outer envelope of f. Chorion. 
FEVER. See also Heat, Temperature, Malaria, Inflam- 

Synonyms : Febris, Pyrexia, Fervor (adjs. Febrile, 
Pyrexial, Pyretic, Caumatic). 
free from £ Afebrile. 
generic name of intermittent f. Anetus. 
^^ child-bed f. Puerperal f. ; Febris puerperalis. 
^fta drug used against f Antipyretic; Febrifuge; Alexi- 
^m pyretic. 

^Buse of antipyretics in f Antipyresis. 
^■absence of f Apyresis (adj. Apyretic). 
^H a gradual abatement of f. Lysis; Catabasis. 
^H sudden abatement of f. Crisis. 
IV^n acute burning f. Causus. 
^ causing f Febrific ; Febrifacient ; Pyretogenous. 
conveying f Febriferous. 
decline of a f Defervescence, 
a continued f Enecia ; Febris angiotonica, acmastica, 

a continua, or assidua ; Synocha ; Synochus. 
referring to a continuous f Acmastic. 
low continued f Asthenic f. ; Adynamic f. 
description of a f Psnretography. 
f. produced by heat. Thermic f. 
f of slight duration. Ephemera; Febricula; Febris 

diaria, ephemera, or levis. 
exacerbation of a f. Epidosis. 
excessive f Hyperpyrexia, 
milk-f Galactopyresis ; Febris lactis. 
origin of f Pyretogenesis. 


remedial or inflammatory f. Anticausodic. 
removing f. Febrifugal ; Lexipyretic ; Antipyretic, 
cardinal signs of f. Calor (heatj ; Rubor (redness) ; 

Tumor (swelling) ; Dolor (pain), 
science of f. Pyretology. 
sthenic (strong). Sthenopyra. 
toxin produced by f. Pyrotoxin. 
List of fevers : 

bilious f. Febris asodes, biliosa, cholepyretica, cho- 
lemica, hepatica, or polycholica. 

break-bone f. (dengue). Febris exanthematica or 

cerebrospinal f. Febris nigra or purpurata. 

chlorotic f. Febris amatoria, alba, or virginea. 

diarrheal f. Febris cacatoria or catarctica. 

enteritis (fever of). Febris iliaca inflammatoria. 

gastric f Febris gastrica. 

gouty f. Febris arthritica or podagrica. 

hectic f. Febris chronica, marasmodes, or phthisica. 

inflammatory f. Febris ardens or inflammatoria ; 

influenza f Febris catarrhalis epidemica. 

intermittent f Febris intermittens. 

jail-f. Febris carceraria or carceris. 

malarial or paludal f. Febris campestris, elodes, or 
paludosa ; Helopyra. 

miliary £ Febris miliaris, vesiculans, or esserosa. 

milk-f. Febris lactea or lactantium. 

nephritic f Febris nephritica. 

nervous f. Febris nervosa or neurodes. 

nocturnal f. Febris noctuma or nycterinus. 

periodic f. Febris periodica. 

pernicious f. (malarial). Febris comitata or pemi- 

plague f. Febris pestilentialis. 

pleuritic f. Febris pleuritica. 

pneumonic f. Febris pneumonica. 

puerperal f (childbed f.). Febris puerperalis. 

purulent f Febris purulenta ; Septicemia. 

quartan f. (malarial). Febris quartana. 

quintan f. (malarial). Febris quintana. 


quotidian f. (malarial). Febris quotidiana. 
relapsing f. Febris recidiva. 

remittent f. (malarial). Febris critica or remittens. 
rheumatic f. Febris rheumatica or inflammatoria ; 

scarlet f. Scarlatina ; Febris coccinea or rubra. 
splenic f. Anthracosis. 
spring f. Febris vernalis. 
summer f. Febris SBStiva. 
thermic f. (due to heat). Febris ardens, estatis, or 

tertian f. Febris tertiana. 
traumatic f. Febris traumatica or vulneraria. 
typhoid f. Febris enterica, enteromesenterica, or 

intestinalis ulcerosa, 
typhus f. Febris adynamica, cacoethes, or continuens 

uremic f. Febris urinosa. 

» urethral f. Febris urethralis. 
yellow f. Febris flava or icterodes ; Ochropyra. 
phrases : 

While there is no fever. Absente febre. 
While fever is coming on. Aggrediente febre. 
During fever. Durante febre. 

FEVER-BLISTER. Hydrops bulla. 
FEVERISH. Pyretic; Empyrus. 

f. formation. Inosis; Inogenesis. 

excessive tendency to formation of f in blood. H3rperi- 

deficiency of f in blood. Hyphinosis. 

FIBROID TUMOR. Fibroma; Fibroid; Desmoma; In- 
oma ; Tumor desmoides or fibrosus. 


hardening of f. t. Inosclerosis. 

inflammation of f t. Initis; Inohymenitis ; Inophlo- 

inflammation of f t. of spinal cord. Leukomyelitis. 


f. t. covering muscles and organs. Fascia ; Aponeu^ 

white f. t. covering certain organs. Albuginea. 
a polyp of f. t. Inopolypus. 
f. t. of tumor. Fibroma ; Inoma ; Scirrhus. 

FIBULA. Perone; Peroneum; Paracnemion. 
FIDGETS. See Restlessness. 
FIERY. Igneus. 
FILAMENT (Shred). 

Synonym : Capillamentum. 
FILTER. Filtrum. 


Synonyms : Spur cities, Impuritas. 
morbid fear of f. or dirt. Rhypophobia; Rupophobiaj 


Synonyms : Impure, Sordid, Squalid. 
f. in speech. Obscene. 
FILTRATION. Percolation. 
FINGER. See also Toe. 

Synonyms : Digit, Dactyl (adjs. Digital, Dactyloi< 


absence of f. Adactylia (adj. Adactylous). 

pertaining to congenital absence of f. or toes. Ectc 

bandage for t Chirotheca. 
pertaining to base of f Basidigital. 
instrument to record blood-pressure in f's and nails. 

bone of f. Phalanx (pi. Phalanges). 
club-f. (as in Phthisis). Digitus Hippocraticus. 
having abnormally large f's. Megalodactylous. 
act of speaking with the f's. Dactylology ; Chirology. 
counting on the f's. Dactylonomy. 
abnormal curvature of f's. Dactylogryposis. 
falling off of a f Dactylolysis, 
having five f's. Pentadactyl. 
abnormal flexure of f or toes. Clinodactylous. 
space between joints of f. Internode. 


index f. Digitus demonstrativus. 

phlegmonous inflammation of f. (whitlow). Panaris; 

Panaritum; Paronychia; Periphalangeal cellulitis, 
inflammation of a f. Dactylitis. 
branched like f 's. Digitate, 
a f.-like process. Digitation. 
abnormal length of f's or toes. Macrodactylia. 
little f. Digitus auricularis. 
middle f. Digitus medius. 

rhythmic movements of paralyzed f's and toes. Athe- 
tosis (Hammond), 
having abnormal number of f's. Hyperdactylism. 
having only one £ Monodactylous. 
having only two f's. Didactylous; Bidigital. 
condition of having six f's. Hexadactylism. 
ring-f. Digitus annularis, 
having f's and toes alike. Isodactylous. 
having abnormal shortness of f's or toes. Brachydac- 

slender-fed. Leptodactylous. 
condition of having supernumerary f's. Polydactylism 

(adj. Polydactylic). 
person having supernumerary f's. Polydactylus. 
union of f's (webbed f's). Syndactylism ; Syndac- 

tylus ; Aschistodactylism ; Dactylion ; Palmature ; 


Synonym : Ignis. 
morbid dread of f. Pyrophobia. 

disease caused by eating stale f Ichthyismus. 
FISH-SKIN. Ichthyosis. 

FISSURE. See also Crack, Cleft, Furrow, Brain, Fissure 
of anus, etc. 

Synonyms : Colohoma, Rima, Fissura. 
minute f. Rimule. 
having cleft or f's. Rimulus. 
sphenomaxillary f. Fissura orbitalis inferior, 
sphenoidal f. Foramen lacerum superius. 
FISSURE OF ANUS. Fissura ani ; Rhagades ani. 



FISSURE OF ROLANDO. Sulcus centralis. 

Synouym : Syrinx (aclJ8. Fistulous, Syringodes, Fis^ 
lose, Syringicus). 
around a f. Perifistular. 
f. of breast. Mastosyrinx. 
fecal f. Fistula stercoralis or stercorosa. 
milk-f Galactosyrinx. 
0})eratiou for f in ano. Syringotomy. 
urethral f. Fistula urethrse. 
urinary f Fistula urinae or urinalis. 

FIT. See Epilepsy, Paroxysm, Attack, Apoplexy, Spa^ 
Synonyms : Accessio, Paroxysm, Convulsion. 

FIXATION. See different organs, as Kidney. 
FIXED IDEA. Ideopegma. 
FLABBINESS. Flaccidity; Relaxation. 
FLANK. See Loi7i. 

Synonym : Latus. 
FLANNEL. Lana texta. 
FLAT-CELLED. Planocellular. 

FLAT-FOOT. See also Club-foot. 

Synonyms : Talipes planus, Platipodia, Liopodia. 
FLAT-HEADED. Homalocephalus. 
FLATULENCE. Tympanites ; Aerenterectasia ; Aerifluxi 

Aneilema ; Aneilesis. 
FLEE. Pulex irritans. 
FLESH. See also Fleshiness, Tissue, Fat, Muscle. 

Synonyms : Caro, Sarco (adjs. Carneous, Carnose, 
Carnosus, Sarcoid, Sarcous). 
beef f. Caro bovilla ; C. bovis ; C. bubella. 
bruise of f. Caro contusa ; Sarcothlasis. 
changing to f. Carnification. 
f. -eating. Carnivorous ; Catheretic ; Sarcophagous, 
a f'y excrescence. Caruncle; Caro eminens; C. excres- 

cens ; Sarcidium ; Sarcospongus. 
formation of f. Sarcosis. 
pertaining to f. -formation. Sarcotic. 
goose-f. Horrida cutis ; Cutis anserina. 


instrument for cutting f. Sarcotome. 

leukomaius extracted from f. Carnin ; Sarcosin. 

loss of f. Emaciation (q. v.). 

having nature of f Sarcoid. 

f of an organ. Parenchyma; Care parenchymatica ; 

C. viscerum. 
pertaining to f. Sarcous. 

proud f. Fungosity ; Care fungosa ; C. luxurians. 
dead and putrefying f. Carrion, 
raw f. Care cruda. 
tumor composed of f Sarcophyma. 

FLESHINESS. Carnosity. 
FLESH- WORM. Trichina ; Trichina spiralis. 
FLESH-WORM DISEASE. Trichinosis; Trichiniasis. 
FLESHY. See Flesh, Fat 

FLEXION. See also Bending ; different organs, as Bone, 
Synonym : Flexio. 
FLEXOR. See Muscle, 

FLOATING. See Liquid, and different organs. 
FLOATING KIDNEY. Nephroptosis; Ren mobilis; Ec- 
topia renis. 
FLOATING LIVER. Hepatoptosis. 
FLOATING RIBS. Costae fluctuantes. 
FLOGGING. Flagellation. 
FLOODING. See also Menses. 
Synonym : Metrorrhagia. 
FLOUR. Farina (adj. Farinaceous). 
FLOW. See also Backward, Secretion, Discharge, Menses, 

Synonyms: Fluxion, Flux, Discharge, Profluvium, 
' Fhior. 
copious f. of water. Hydatorrhea. 
f of mucus from vagina. Leucorrhea ; Fluor albus. 

FLOWERING (of Plants). 

Synonyms : Floritio, Anthesis. 

FLOWERS. Menses (q. v.). 



FLUID. See also Liquid, Water, Exudation, Transuda- 
tion, Extravasation; various fluids of body, as Urine, 

Blood, Bile, Sweat, Lymph, Chyle, Serum. 
Synonym : Fluidum. 

diffusion of f. through membranes. Osmosis. 

normal condition of body-f 's. Euchymia. 

abnormal condition of body-f s. Cacochymia. 

abnormal thinness of body-f 's. Leptochymia. 
FLUKE. Distoma hepaticum ; Distoma. 
FLUX. See Diarrhea, Stool, Menses, 

Synonyms : Musca, Myia. 

disease caused by larvae of f. Myiasis. 

gad f. Musca oestruosa. 

Spanish f. Cantharis vesicatoria. 

Synonym : Agaricus muscarius. 

alkaloid of f.-f. Muscarin. 
FCETUS. See Fetus. 
FOLD. Plica (adj. Plicate). 

Synonyms : Lacuna, Folliculus. 

like a f. Follicular. 

agminated (Peyer's) f's. Nodulse lymphaticse aggre- 

solitary f's of intestine. Nodulae lymphaticse solitarii. 

FONDNESS. See Love, Eating, Sexual desire. 
FONTANEL. Fens pulsatilis. 

FOOD. See also Aliment, Appetite, Assimilation, Chyle, 
Diet, Digestion, Eating, Hunger, Mastieation, Nutri- 
tion, Rumination, Sivallowing. 

Synonyms : Nutriment, Viand, Sustenance, Pabulum, 
Ingesta, Aliment, Cibus, Victus, Nutrimentuyn, Ali- 
ment, Harmalia, Broma. 
absorption of f. Assimilation; Homeosis. 
abstinence from f (fasting). Abrosia ; Nestia. 
adulteration of f. Falsification ; Sophistication, 
failure to assimilate f. Disassimilation. 
morbid daintiness as to f. Opsomania. 


evacuation of undigested f, Lientery ; Bromatoeccris. 

f. group containing nitrogenous matter. Proteids ; Albu- 

f. group containing sugars and starches. Carbohydrates. 

f. group containing fats and oils. Hydrocarbons. 

insanity from lack of f Limophoitos. 

form of insanity marked by abhorrence of f. Sitio- 

excessive use of f Superalimentation; Suralimenta- 

pertaining to f 's producing equal force. Isodynamic. 

loathing for f and drink. Fastidium cibi or ciborum ; 
Fastidium potus. 

a liquid milk f made by fermentation. Galactozyme 
(as Kefir; Koumys). 

poisoning by f Bromatoxism. 

branch of treatment referring to f Dietetics (adj. 
Dietetic) ; Sitiology ; Bromatology. 

l)ropensity to take f Alimentativeness. 

a rectal injection of £ Enema nutritiva. 

mixing of f with saliva. Inviscation ; Insalivation. 

spice or sauce for f Condiment. 

Kurvy-like disease due to lack of proper food. Limop- 
itable for f Edible ; Esculent. 
furnish with £ Aliment, 
tending to supply with £ Alimental. 
treatment by abstaining from food (hunger cure). Nes- 
tiatria; Limotherapy. 
act of supplying £ Alimentation, 
wasting due to lack of £ Limophthisis. 

FOOL. See Idiot, Mind, Delirium. 

FOOT. See also Ankle, Club-foot, Corri, Flat-foot, Foot- 
bath, Heel, Hoof, Sensation, Tarsus, Toe. 

Synonym : Pes (pi. Pedes). 
the arch of the £ Metatarsus, 
a digit of the £ Dactyl, 
dropsy of £ Podedema. 

excessive enlargement of £ Megalopodia; Macropodia 
(adj. Macropodous). 



turning fetus by f. Podalic version. 

gout of f. Podagra ; Podarthritis. 

instep of f. Tarsus. 

long fed. Longipedate. 

pain in f Pedalgia ; Podalgia ; Pododynia. 

pertaining to f. Podalic. 

sole of f. Planta ; Thenar. 

fetid sweating of f. Podobromidrosis. 

having thick £ Pachypodous. 

one who treats the f. Cheiropodist ; Pedicute. 

having white f Leukopodious. 
FOOT-BATH. Pediluvium. 
FOOT-BURNING. Causalgia. 
FOOT-REFLEX. Foot-clonus. 
FORCE. See also Activity, Energy, Muscle. 
Synonyms : Vis, Potentia, Energia. 

of equal f. Isodynamous. 

generating f Dynamogenic. 

instrument to measure muscular f Dynamometer. 

pertaining to foods producing equal f. Isodynamic. 

the unit of f Dyne. 
FORCEPS. See also Instrument 
Synonym : Volsella. 

extraction of fetus with £ Embryulcia. 

obstetric £ Cephalotractor ; Embryulcus. 

obstetric £ with short handles. Leniceps. 

FOREARM. See also Arm. 

Synonyms : Aritebrachium, Cubitus. 
pertaining to £ Antebrachial ; Cubital. 
FORECAST. See Prognosis. 
FORE-GUT. Protogaster; Prosogaster. 

FOREHEAD. See also Head, Wrinkle. 

Synonyms : Frons, Metopion (adjs. Frontal, Metopic). 
estimation of character by examination of £ Metopos- 

monster with horns on £ Megalocerus. 
pain in £ Metopodynia. 
wrinkle of £ Ruga ; Rhyta. 

part of £ between eyebrows. Glabella ; Metopium. 


FOREIGN. Exotic; Extraneous. 

Synonyms : Corpus extraneum, adventium, or alienum. 
caused by f. b. Xenogenous. 

FORE-MILK. Colostrum. 

FORERUNNER. See also Symptom. 

f.r, of a disease (symptoms). Prodrome; Prodromus 
(adjs. Precursory, Prodromal). 
FORESKIN. See Prepuce. 

FORM. See also Shape, Struct are, Tissue. 

abnormality of f. Anomaly; Paramorphia ; Hetero- 

having abnormal f. Anomalous ; Paramorphous ; Hetero- 

absence of f. Amorphia. 
anomaly of f. of organs. Morphonosus. 
classification based on f. Morphostoichiometry. 
defectively or imperfectly fed. Cacoplastic. 
condition of being defectively or imperfectly fed. 

Agenesis; Agenesia, 
destruction of f. Morpholysis. 
evolution of f. Morphogeny. 
condition of having many fs. Polymorphism; Pleo- 

having many fs. Polymorphous; Pleomorphic; Pro- 

teiform; Protean. 
having many changes of f. Polyplastic. 
measurement of f. Morphometry, 
similarity of f. Isomorphism ; Plesiomorphism. 
liaving similarity of f. Plesiomorphous ; Isomorphous. 
having but a single f. Monomorphous, 
study of f. and structure. Morphology, 
without f. Amorphous. 
without f. from general arrest of development. Ani- 


FORMALIN. Formol ; Formic aldehyde. 
FORMATION. See also Bladder-stone, Blood, Cell, Gall- 
stone, Reproduction. 
Synonym : Genesis. 



FOSSA (pi. Fossce; dimin. Fossula). 
canine f. Fossa canina or maxillaris. 
f. of heart. Fossa ovalis cordis, 
nasal f. Cavum nasi, 
f. of pelvis. Fossa iliaca. 
f. at side of rectum. Fossa ischio-rectalis. 
f. of thigh. Fossa ileo-pectinea ; Scarpa's triangle, 
f. at base of skull. Fossa jugularis. 
f. for tear-gland. Fossa lacrymalis. 
f. of urethra. Fossa navicularis urethrae. 

FOSSIL WAX. Ozokerit. 

FOTHERGILL'S DISEASE. Facial neuralgia ; Neuralgia 
of trigeminus. 

FOUCHARD'S DISEASE. Alveolodental periostitis; 
Pyorrhoea alveolaris. 

FOUL. See Odor, Breath, Sweat, Decomposition, Putrid. 

FOURCHETTE. Furcula labiorum. 

FRACTURE. See also Dislocation. 

Synonyms : Cataclasis, Catagma, Anaclasis (adj. 
new bone deposit in f. Callus, 
condition of bone that is easily fed. Osteopsathyrosis ; 

Fragilitas ossium ; MoUities ossium. 
excessive formation of callus in f. Hyperporosis. 
comminuted f Periclasis. 

f. due to counter-stroke. Contrecoup ; Contrafissura. 
green-stick f Fractura surcularia. 
setting of a fed bone. Diaplasis ; Diorthosis. 
manipulation of extension, etc., in setting a f Diatasis. 
crackling sound or sensation at seat of a f. Crepitation ; 

a fissure or very slight f Trichismus. 
science of f s. Agmatology. 
f. when transverse. Abruption, 
f. of bone for purposes of treatment. Osteoclasis, 
union of bone-ends in f Coaptation, 
promoting union of f. Catagmatic. 

FRAGRANCE. Redolence; Aroma. 



FRAGRANT. Odoriferous; Suaveolens; Redolent; Aro- 
matic; Thuriferous. 

FRECKLES. See also Skin. 

» Synonyms : Ephelides, j^statea, Lentigines (sing. Len- 
tigo), Macula Solaris or fusca. 
removal of f. Emaculation. 
white f. Vitiligo ; Acliroma. 

FREEZING. See also Cold. 

Synonyms : Congelation, Conglaciation. 
agents capable of f. Congelantia. 
test of renal insufficiency by f urine. Cryoscopy. 
a f. -mixture. Cryogen. 

FRENZY. Phrenitis; Delirium (q. v.) ; Mania (q. v.). 

FRICTION. See also Rubbing. 

Synonyms : Frictio, Fricatio, Tripsis. 
dry f Xerotripsis. 
FRICTION-SOUND. Fremitus ; Bruit de frottement. 

FRIGHT. See also Fear, Dread, Anxiety. 

Synonyms : Apprehension, Terror, Horror, Conster- 
FRINGED. Laciniated; Fimbriated. 

FRONT. See also Forehead, Head. 

Synonym : Anterior. 
FRONTAL BONE. Os frontalis ; Metopon. 

FRONTAL SINUS. See also Sinus. 

Synonyms : Metopantron, Metapantrum. 
inflammation of f s. Prosopantritis ; Metopantritis. 
pain in f. s. Metopantralgia. 

FROST-BITE. See Cold, Freezing. 

Synonyms : Congelation, Ambusta ex frigore. 

FROST-BITTEN. Gelatus ; Frigore ustus. 

FROTHY. Spumosus. 

FROWN. See Wrinkle. 

FRUCTIFICATION. See Fecundation. 

FRUGALITY. See Abstinence. 



FULL-BLOODED. See also Congestion. 

Synonym : Plethoric. 
condition of being f.-b. Plethora ; Panhyperemia ; An- 

FULNESS. Plenitude ; Repletion ; Turgor ; Turgidity. 
FUNCTION. See also different organs and structures of body. 

Synonym : Functio (adj. Functional), 
increased activity of a f. Exaltation, 
diminished activity of any f. Miopragia. 
disturbance of f. Parapoiesis. 
inactivity of a f. Inertia. 

adjustment of part to f. Adaptation ; Accommodation, 
the establishment of a f Instauration. 
science of f of organs of body. Physiology (adjs. Phys- 
iologic, Physiological), 
slowness of a f. Lentor ; Torpor. 
study of tissue-£ Histophysiology. 
FUNCTIONAL DISEASE. Morhi functionales. 
FUNDAMENT. See An us. 
FUNGUS (pi. Fungi). See also Parasites. 

Synonyms : Penicillmn, Cryptogam, Mycetes. 
a black f. growth. Melanomyces. 
destruction of £ Fungicide, 
development of f. Mycetogenesis. 
f. growth on ear. Otomycosis, 
f. growth on ear-drum or meatus. Msrringomycosis ; 

also Aspergillosis, 
f in hair-follicles. Microsporon Audouini; also M. 

mentagrophytes ; also Achorion Schonleinii. 
eating £ Mycetophagous. 
fission-£ (fungi). Schizomycetes. 
growth of a £ Mycosis (adj. Mycotic), 
pertaining to £ growing on insects. Entomogenous. 
£ growing on skin. Dermatophjrbe. 
pertaining to £ growing on wood. Epixylous. 
a £-like growth or mass. Fungosity. 
pertaining to £ growth. Fungate ; Fungoid ; Fungous ; 

Fungiform; Mycetoid. 
interwoven masses of £ Mycelium. 
£ of mouth (producing aphthae). Oidium albicans. 


t'. disease of root of the nails. Onychomycosis ; Onychia 

f. of nail producing onychia. Achorion keratophagtfs. 
the mycelium of f. Nidularium. 
mould-fungi. Mucorini. 
produced or caused by f. Mycetogenetic. 
resembling a f Mycetoid. 
f. of scalp. Trichophyton tonsurans, 
slime f. Mycetozoa. 

1*. of skin. Achorion ; Microsporon furfur, 
study of f. Mycetology ; Mycology. 
f. growth in throat. Pharyngomycosis ; Leptothrix 

f of ulcers. Trichophyton sporuloides. 
yeast-f. (budding fungus). Saccharomyces. 
FURROW. See also Passage, Canal, Fissure. 

Synonyms : Sulcus, Lacuna, Fossa, Sinus. 
FURY. See Mania. 


GAIT. See Walking. 

GALL. See Bile. 

GALL-BLADDER. See also Bile, Gall-duct, Gall-stone, 

Synonyms : Cholecyst, Vesicula fellis, Cystis chole- 
dilatation of g.-b. Cholecystectasia. 
dropsy of g.-b. Hydrocholecystis. 
excision of g.-b. Cholecystectomy. 
incision of g.-b. Cholecystotomy. 
formation of fistula into g.-b. Cholecystostomy ; Cho- 

inflammation of g.-b. Cholecystitis. 
pertaining to liver and g.-b. Hepatocystic. 
crushing stone in g.-b. Cholecystolithotripsy. 
suturing the g.-b. Cholecystorrhaphy. 
suturing g.-b. to intestine. Cholecystenterostomy ; Cho- 

suturing g.-b. to colon. Cholecystocolostomy. 

15 225 


suturing g.-b. to ileum. Cholecystoiliostomy. 

suturing of g.-b. to duodenum. Cholecystoduodenos- 

suturing of g.-b. to abdomen after removing stone. Cho- 

tumor of g.-b. Cholicele. 
GALL-DUCT. See also Gall-stone. 
common g.-d. Ductus choledochus. 
inflammation of g.-d. Choledochitis ; Angiocholitis ; 

operation of excision of g.-d. (cystic duct). Cystec- 
incision into g.-d. Choledochotomy ; Cysticotomy ; 

operation of incision into g.-d. to remove stone. Chole- 

lithotomy; Choledocholithotomy. 
operation of suturing duodenum and g.-d's. Choledocho- 

operation of suturing bowel and g.-d's. Choledocho- 

GALLED. See Skin. 

Synonym : Attritus. 
GALLON. Congius. 
GALLOPING CONSUMPTION. See also Consumption. 

Synonym : Phthisis florida. 

Synonyms : Hepatolith, Cholelithus (pi. Calculi f el- 
affected with g.-s's. Hepatolithic. 

crushing of g.-s. Cholelithotrity ; Cholecystolithotripsy. 
disease in which g.-s's are formed in liver. Hepato- 

formation of g.-s's. Cholelithiasis; Choledocholithiasis. 
removal of g.-s's through incision. Choledocholithotomy. 
GANGLION (pi. Ganglia). See also Nerve. 
inferior cervical g. Ganglion cervicale inferior, 
middle cervical g. Ganglion cervicale medium, 
superior cervical g. Ganglion cervicale superius. 
lymphatic g. Lymphoglandula. 
plexiform g. Ganglion nodosum. 


semilunar g. (Gasserian). Ganglion coeliacum. 
sphenopalatine (Meckel's) g. Ganglion nasale. 

Synonyms : Sphacelation, Necrosis, Mortification (adjs. 
Gangrenous, Sphaceloid, Sphacelate), 
any disease attended with g. Necropathy. 
light, dry g. Leukonecrosis. 
iX. of liver. Hepatonecrosis. 
IT. of lung. Necropneumonia. 
g. of mouth. Noma ; Gangrsena oris. 
moist, offensive g. Mephitic g. 
u:. of skin. Necrodermatitis. 
LC. of skin in spots. Sphaceloderma. 
condition of being affected with g. Sphacelism. 
g. from ergot-poisoning. Ergotism; Sphacelia segetum. 

GAP. See Opening, Furrow, Fissure. 

GAPING. See Yawning. . 

GARGLE. Gargarisma. 

GARGLING. Anaconchyliasm. 

GAS. See also Air, Ede^na; different organs, parts, and 
cavities of body. 

morbid accumulation of g. in any part. Pneumatosis. 

g. in abdomen. Flatus ; Flatuositas. 

distention of abdomen by g. Meteorism; Flatulence 
(q. V.) ; Tympanites. 

analysis of g'es. Atmolysis. 

measure of tension of g'es in blood. Aerotonometry. 

collection of g. in pericardium. Pneumopericardium. 

collection of g. and serum in pericardium. Pneumo- 

hernia containing liquid and g. Hydrophysocele. 

physics and chemistry of g'es. Pneumatology. 

peritonitis attended wdth g. Pneumoperitonitis. 

escape of g. from urethra. Pneumaturia ; Pneumuria. 

g. in uterus. Physometra. 

g. and liquid in uterus. Hydrophysometra. 

pertaining to a g. at moment of liberation. Nascent. 

pertaining to or having quality of g. Gaseous ; Pneu- 
matic; Vaporous. 




excision of g. g. Gasserectomy. 
GAS TUMOR. Pneumatocele. 
GASTRIC JUICE. See also Stomach, Digestion. 
Synonym : Suggus ventriGulus or gastriGus. 
increase of HCl in g. j. Hyperchlorhydria. 
suppression of secretion of g. j. Achylia gastrica ; Is- 

lack of HCl in g. j. Achlorhydria ; Anachlorhydria. 
GATE. See also Opening. 

Synonyms : Porta (applied to portal vein entering 
liver) ; also Hilus (applied to entrance of organ, as 
hilus of kidney). 
GATHERED BREAST. See Breast, abscess of. 
GATHERING. Suppuration; Abscess (q. v.). 
GAUCHER' S DISEASE. Epithelioma of spleen. 
GAUZE. Carbasus. 
GELATIN. See also Umbilical cord, Jelly-like. 

Synonym : Gelatina (adjs. Gelatinoid, Gelatinous, 
to convert into g. Gelatinize, 
g.-like substance of certain tumors. Meliceria. 
purified g. Gelatina alba, 
sugar of g. Glycosin. 

sanorum generalis; Dementia paralytica. 

GENERATION. See also Birth, Development, Ovum, 

Regeneration, Reproduction. 

Synonyms : Reproduction, Procreation. 

animal g. Zoogeny; Zoogony; Zoogenesis. 

g. of cells. Proliferation. 

g. without fertilization. Parthogenesis. 

g. of something foreign. Xenogenesis. 

spontaneous g. Abrogenesis; Autogenesis (adj. Auto- 

g. without difference of sex. Monogony. 


GENITAL CANAL. See Uterus, Vagina. 

GENITAL ORGANS. See also Fallopian tube, Ovary, 

Penis, Prostate gland, Pubis, Scrotum, Testicle, Uterus, 

Vagina, Vulva. 
Synouyms: Naturalia, Edea, Genitalia, Gonades, 
Organa sexualia. 

anatomy or dissection of g. o. Edeotomy. 

description of g. o. Edeography. 

poor development of g. o. Agenosomia ; EdeatropMa. 

discharge from g. o. Medorrhea; M. urethritis; Gon- 

discharge from g. o. after labor. Lochia. 

dissection of g. o. Edeotomy. 

examination of g. o. Edeoscopy. 

wart-like growth of external g. o. Condyloma. 

swelling or hypertrophy of g. o. Edeauxe. 

inflammation of g. o. Edeitis ; Medeitis. 

inflammation of mucous membrane of g. o. Edeomyco- 

having male and female g. o. in one individual. Mon- 
eoism ; Hermaphrodism ; Hermaphroditism ; Bisex- 

having one g. o. outlet. Monogonoporous. 

pain in the g. o. Edeagra; Edeodynia; Dolor puden- 

prolapse of g. o. Edeoptosis. 

one from whom g. o. are removed. Eunuch {q. v.). 

emission of sounds from g. o. Edeopsophy. 

specialist in diseases of g. o. Genitalist. 

treatise on g. o. Edeology. 

without g. o. Agamous. 

GERLIER'S DISEASE. Paralytic vertigo. 
GERMINAL CELL. Cytoblast. 

GERMS. See also Bacillus, Bacteria, Cell, Coccus, Fun- 
gus, Microbe, Organism, Parasite. 

Synonym : Germen. 
culture of g. Germiculture. 

agent destroying g. Germifuge; Disinfectant; Germi- 



destruction of g. by heat. Sterilization; Pasteuriza- 
destruction of g. by body-cells. Phagocytosis, 
floating g. of disease. Miasm, 
universal dissemination of g's. Panspermia; Pansper- 

to free from g. Dezymotize. 
scattering of disease-g's. Dissemination. 
GESTATION. See Pregnancy. 

Synonyms : Posture, Attitude. 
imitation of speech by g. Echokinesis. 
GIANT-CELL. Megaloblast; Megalocyte. 
GIDDINESS. Vertigo {q. v.). 
GIRDLE. See Zone. 

GLAND. See also Acne; different glands, as Salivary, 
Thyroid, Lymphatic, Mammary, Mucous, Sebaceous. 
Synonyms : Glans, Aden (adjs. Adenoid, Adenose, 
any chronic abnormality of g's. Adenosis, 
abscess of a g. Adenophlegmon. 
deficient action of g. Anadenia; Anadeny; Adenas- 

pertaining to arousing activity of g. by thought. Ideo- 

assuming appearance of a g. Adenization. 
inflammation of g's of axilla. Maschaladenitis. 
active cell of a g. Adenoblast. 
covering of a g. Capsula. 
prolongations of covering into substance of g. Tra- 

any disease of g. Adenopathy. 
disease characterized by enlarged g. and increase of 

white blood-corpuscles. Leukemia; Leucemia. 
dislocation of a g. Adenectopia. 
enlargement of g. Hyperadenosis ; Macradenosis. 
excision of a g. Adenectomy. 
g. of grape or clustered form. Agminate, Glomerate, 

Conglomerate, or Conglobate g. 
hardening of a g. Adenosclerosis. 


inflammation of a g. Adenitis. 

inflammation of g. under jaw. Maxillitis. 

instrument to cut g. Adenotome. 

shaped like a g. Adeniform. 

a little g. Glandula. 

ultimate lobules of g. Acini. 

having many g's. Polyadenous. 

having no g's. Aglandular. 

obstruction of a g. Adenemphraxis. 

pain in a g. Adenalgia. 

replacement of g. -tissue by lymph-cells. Achroacytosis. 

science of g's. Adenology. 

a sexual g. Gonad. 

softening of a g. Adenomalacia. 

pertaining to g's of skin. Acrotic. 

abnormal g. -structure. Heteradenis (adj. Heteradenic). 

substance secreted by a g. Secreta ; Secretion (q. v.). 

treatise on g's. Adenography. 

tumor of a g. Adenoma. 

tumor of g. in unusual locality. Hetero-adenoma. 

tumors containing g. and other structures are : Adeno- 

sarcoma, -myxosarcoma, -myxoma, -myoma, -lym- 
phoma, -fibroma, -cystoma, -chondroma, -carcinoma 

(self-explanatory terms). 
Anatomic list of glands : 

acinous g's. Glandulse acinosse. 

anal g's. Glandulae anales. 

arytenoid g's (larynx). Glandulae arytenoidese. 

Bartholin's g's. (outlet of vagina). Glandulae Bar- 
tholinianae; Glandula vestibularis major. 

brachial g's. Glandulae cubitales. 

Brunner's g's. Glandulae Brunneri or solitariae. 

buccal g's. Glandulae buccales or genales. 

ceruminous g's. (of ear). Glandulae ceruminosae. 

cervical g's (deep). Glandulae concatenatae. 

conjunctival g's. Glandulae acinosae or subconjunc- 

Cowper's g's (of urethra). Glandulae vestibulares or 

g's of eyelids (Meibomian). Glandulae palpebrales. 

g's of forearm. Glandulae antebrachii. 



lacrimal g's. Glandulae lacrimales superior et ii 

Lieberkiihn's g's (intestine). Glandulae minimae. 

inamniary g's (niilk-beariug). Glandulae lactiferae. 

mammary g's (of areola), Glandulae aureolares. 

mastoid g's. Glandulae subauriculares. 

g's of mesentery. Glandulae meseraicae. 

mucous g's. Glandulae muciparae or mucosae. 

Pacchionian g's (of dura). Glandulae durae matris. 

peptic g's. Glandulae fundi. 

Peyer's g's. Glandulae plexiformes, in agmine con- 
gregatae, or intestinorum. 

pineal g. (of brain). Conarium. 

prostate g. Glandulae assistentes. 

preputial g's. Glandulae odoriferae or coronae penis. 

sebaceous g's. Glandulae sebaceae. 

sublingual g. Glandula sublingualis. 

submaxillary g. Glandula submaxillaris. 

sweat-g's. Glandulae sudoriferae or cutis spiralis. 

synovial g's (of joints). Glandulae articulares. 

thyroid g. Glandula thyroidea. 

g's of tongue. Glandulae linguales. 

tubular g's. Glandulae tubulosae. 

tympanic g's. Intumescentia tympanica. 

uterine g's. Glandulae utriculares. 

uterine g's. (of cervix). Glandulae Nabothii. 

Synonyms : Maliasmus, Malleus, Equinia. 
bacillus of g. Bacillus mallei, 
fluid from cultures of g. bacillus. Mallein ; Equinine. 

GLANDULAR. Adenose; Adenoid. 

GLANS PENIS. See also Prepuce. 
Synonyms : Balanus, Caput penis. 
inflammation of g. p. Balanitis, 
gonorrheal inflammation of g. p. Balanoblennorrhea. 
plastic surgery of g. p. Balanoplasty. 
relating to g. p. and prepuce. Balanopreputial. 
GLASS. See also Glass bottle, Glass-like, etc. 
Synonym : Vitrum. 
eating g. Hyalophagia. 



GLASS BOTTLE. Ampulla vitrea. 
GLASS-LIKE. Hyaline; Vitreous. 
GLASS SLIDE. Res ferens. 
GLEET. See also Gonorrhea. 

Synonyms : Narcurethritis, Gonorrhoea chronica or 
GLENARD'S DISEASE. Enteroptosis ; Visceroptosis. 
GLISSON'S CAPSULE. Capsula fibrosa Glissonii. 
GLOBE OF EYE. Bulbus oculi. 
GLOBE SENSATION. Globus hystericus. 
GLOOMY. See Melancholy. 
GLUEING-TOGETHER. See also Adhesion. 

Synonyms : Aggliitinatiofi, Conglutination. 
GLUTTONY. See also Appetite. 

Synonyms : Gastrimargia, Gastrimargism. 
GNAWING. Rodent; Phagedenic. 
GOATS' VOICE. Egophony; Capriloquium. 
GOGGLE-EYED. Exophthalmus. 
GOITER. See also Thyroid gland. 

Synonyms : Struma, Bronchocele, Gongrona, Thyreo- 
disease incident to certain localities marked by mental 

weakness, bodily deformity, and g. Cretinism, 
partial extrusion of g. by operation. Exothyropexy. 
GOLD. Aurum. 
GONORRHEA. See also Gleet. 

Synonyms: Blemiorrhagia, Baptorrhea, Medorrhea, 
chronic g. Gleet ; Narcurethritis. 
painful erection in g. Chordee ; Mentulagra. 
g. in woman. Baptothecorrhea. 
GOOSE-SKIN. Cutis anserina ; Horrida cutis ; Horripila- 
GORGE. Fauces (adj. Faucial). 

GOUT. See also Joint, Rheumatism. 

Synonyms : Arthrosia podagra regularis, Arthragra 
legitima, vera, genuina, or normalis, Misoptochus. 


acute g. Podagra acuta. 

chronic g. Podagra longa. 

coucretiouary uodules which form in joints in g. Tophus. 

g, of foot. Podagra; Podartliritis. 

g. in hand. Chiragra. 

g. in internal organs. Arthritis aberrans, erratica, pla- 
netica, or vaga ; Planarthragra ; Arthragra anomala ; 
Podagra aberrans. 

g. in knee. Gonagra. 

formation of g'y concretions. Lithiasis. 

modified g. due to slow nutrition. Lithemia. 

rheumatic g. (rheumatoid arthritis). Arthritis defor- 
GRAFTING. See also Skin-grafting. 

g. from another part of patient's own body. Auto- 

g. from one person to another. Hetero-autoplasty. 

g. on ulcer. Helcoplasty. 

g. of animal tissues into the human body. Zoografbing. 
GRAIN (in weight). Granum. 
GRAIN (Cereal). Frumentum. 
GRANULAR KIDNEY. Nephrochalazosis. 
GRANULE. See also Granulation, Pigment. 

formation of g's. Granulation. 

formation of g's on mucous membrane. Mammillation. 
GRAPE-CURE. Ampelotherapy ; Cura cum uva ; Uvarum 

GRAPE-LIKE. Aciniform; Acinous. 
GRASPING. Prehension. 

GRAVEL. Nephrolithiasis; Lithiasis nephritica; Lith- 
iasis renalis arenosa; Lithia; Lapilli. 
GRAVES' DISEASE. Exophthalmic goiter. 
GRAVE-WAX. Adipocere. 
GRAY HAIR. Poliosis; Canities. 
GREASE. See Fat, Lard. 
GREAT TOE. Hallux; Hallus. 
GREEDINESS. See also Appetite. 

morbid g. Pleonexia. 



GREEN-BLINDNESS. Achloropsia. 
GREENSTICK FRACTURE. Fractura surcularia. 
GRIEF. See Anxiety. 

GRIESINGER'S DISEASE. Cachexia aquosa. 
GRINDER (ToothJ). 

Synonym : Dens molaris. 
GRIPES. See also Colic. 

Synonyms : Tormina, Colic, Enteralgia. 
GRISTLE. Cartilage {q. v.). 

Synonyms : Inguen, Inguinal region. 
abscess pointing in g. Abscessus psoadicus. 
liernia of g. canal (inguinal). Bubonocele, 
pain in g. Bubonalgia ; Inguinodynia. 
GROOVE. See also Furrow. 

Synonym : Sulcus. 

GROOVED SOUND. SpeciUmn urethrale sulcatum. 

GROWTH. See also Age, Development, Excrescence, Fetus, 

Fungus, Hypertrophy, Increase, Mature, Nutrition, 


Synonyms : Accrementition, Accretio, Incremenium, 
Anaplosis, Anaptyxis. 

abnormal g. of tissue. Heteroplasia. 

bacterial g. and multiplication. PuUulation. 

cessation of g. Obsolescence. 

developmental g. of an individual. Adolescence. 

capable of g. on dung. Fimetarious. 

person of full g. Adult. 

state of full g. Maturity. 

not of full g. Immature. 

similarity of g. Homotrophy. 

unsymmetric g. . Heterauxesis. 
, excessive g. Hypertrophy ; Auxesis. 
^ a monstrous or pathologic g. Cacogenesis. 

formation of diseased g. Cacoplasis (adj. Cacoplastic). 

g. by addition to outside. Accretion ; Accrementum. 

abnormally situated g. Heterotopia ; Aberratio loci. 

horny g. of skin. Keratoderma. 

formation of spongy-like g. Lipospongosis. 



Synonym : Larva. 
existing in condition of g. Larval. 
feeding on g's. Larvivorous. 
resembling a g. Larviform. 
GUINEA-WORM. Filaria sanguinis hominis; Dracun- 
culus medinensis. 

GULL AND SUTTON'S DISEASE. Arteriocapillary 
fibrosis ; Arteriosclerosis. 

GULLET. See Esophagus. 

GUM ARABIC. Acacia. 

GUM-BOIL. Alveolar abscess ; Parulis ; Abscessus gingi- 

GUMS. See also Gum-boil, Tooth. 

Synonym : Gingiva (adjs. Gingival, Uletic). 
bleeding at the g. Ulorrhea ; Ulorrhagia. 
inflammation of g. Gingivitis ; Ulitis. 
pain in g. Gingivalgia. 
painful sensation in g. (as that preceding cutting of 

teeth). Odontocnesis ; Odaxismus. 
red g. (tooth-rash). Lichen strophulus, 
sponginess of g. Laxitas gingi varum, 
hard tumor of g. (from alveolus). Parodontis (pi. Paro- 

dontides) ; Epulis. 

GUNSHOT WOUND. Vulnus sclopetarium or sclopet- 

GUT. See Intestine. 

GYMNASTICS. Euectica. 


HABIT (of Body). See also Constitidion, Opium-habit, 


Synonym : Temperament. 
a bad h. Cacoethes. 

having bad h. or character. Cacoethicus. 


HAIR. See also Baldness, Beard, Down, Eyebrow, Eye- 
lash, Hair-bulb, Hair-follicle, etc., Scalp. 

Synonyms: Capillus, Pilus. 
beaded h. Monilethrix, 
bearded with h. Crinate. 
black-h'ed. Melanocomous. 

bristling of h. ("standing on end"). Horripilation, 
the bulb of the h. Capitulum. 
disease of the h. Cacotrichia ; Trichopathy. 
curling of h. from nervous derangement. Plica neuro- 

a class of diseases affecting the h. Trichosis. 
a disease of h. due to micrococci. Piedra. 
morbid dryness of h. Xerasia. 
falling out of h. from any disease. Defluvio or Defluzio 

excessive fineness of h. Leptotrichia. 
downy h. on the fetus at birth. Lanugo, 
fragility of h. (with swelling, etc.). Trichorrhexis no- 
grayness of the h. Canities ; Poliosis ; Trichopoliosis. 
excessive growth of h. or growth in unusual places. 

Hirsuties ; Hypertrichiasis ; Hypertrichosis ; Tricauxis ; 

Polytrichia (adj. Polytrichus). 
excessive growth of imperfect h. Paratrichosis. 
greasy condition of h. Liparotrichia. 
loss of h. of eyebrows. Madarosis. 
covered with long, soft h. Lagopodous. 
covered with minute h. Hirtellous. 
h's within the nostril. Vibrissae. 
a vegetable parasite affecting the h. Trichophyton, 
pertaining to h. Crinitory; Crinal; Piliary; Pileous; 

Pilose; Pilous; Crinigerous; Capillose; Capillaceous. 
absence of pigment from h. Achromotrichia. 
producing h. Criniparous. 

agent to effect removal of h. Depillary ; Ectillotic. 
removal of h. from any part. Depilation ; Psilosis. 
removal of superfluous h. Capillurgy. 
removal of h. from head. Tonsure. 
resembling h. Trichoid. 
beset with rigid h. Hispid. 


having fair skin and black h. Leukomelanic. 

having smoothness or straightness of h. Lissotrichous ; 

Leiotrichous ; Liotrichous. 
small, hollow space in h's. Lacunula. 
morbid splitting of h's. Distrix. 
stiffness of h. Histrichiasis ; Histricism. 
treatise on h. Tricliology. 
treatment to improve the h. Capilliculture. 
verminous matting of h. Plica polonica; Plica caput 

having white h. Leukotrichous. 
without h. Epilose ; Acomous ; Glabrous. 
having or pertaining to downy, woolly h. Floccose ; 

the central portion of the h. Medulla, 
matted condition of h. due to presence of fungoid growth. 


HAIR-BULB. Bulbus pili ; Capitulum ; Bulbus crinis. 


Synonym : Follimdus pili. 

inflammation around h.-f. Perifolliculitis. 

chronic parasitic inflammation of h.-f. (especially of 
beard). Sycosis ; Lichen menti ; Mentagra ; Follicu- 
litis barbae; Ficosis; Acne mentagra. 

disease of h.-f Trichonosis ; Trichonosos. 

disease of h.-£ (or other part) due to insects. Ento- 

HAIR-LIKE. Capillaceous ; Piliform; Capillary; Fili- 


Synonyms : Hirsute, Hispidous, Comose, Pilose, Seta- 
ceous, Barbigerous. 
condition of being h. Capillation. 

HALF. See also Paralysis, Sensation, Vision, etc. 
Synonyms: Seyni, Hemi, Demi, Semisis. 
one and a h. Sesqui. 
h.-dead. Semianimis. 

HALLUCINATION. See also Illusion, Insanity. 

Synonyms : Idolum, Fallacia, Somniatio morhosa. 



HALSTERN'S DISEASE. SyphiUs endemica. 
HAM (under part of knee-joint). 

Synonym : Fopliteus (adj. Popliteal). 
HAMMER-BONE (in Ear). 

Synonym : Malleus. 

HAMMER-PALSY. Hephestic hemiplegia. 


HAND. See also Claw-hand, Finger, Hand-hath, Nail, 
Palm, Thumb, etc. 

Synonym : Manus (adj. Manual), 
absence of h. Acheiria. 
person with h. absent. Acheir. 
absence of h. or feet from any cause. Acroteriasis. 
awkward with the h. Ambilevous. 
ability to use both h's. Ambidexterity ; Ambidextrous- 

able to use both h's. Ambidextrous ; Equimanous. 
disease characterized by continued motion of h. and 

fingers. Athetosis (Hammond), 
disease marked by enlargement of h's, face, feet, etc. 

pseudo-acromegaly of h. Chiromegaly. 
enlargement of the h's. Macrocheiria. 
exploring by means of the h. Palpation. 
gout in the h. Chiragra. 
inflammation of joints of h. Chirarthritis. 
left h. Sinistra manus. 
left h'edness. Mancinism ; Ampharisteros. 
■B long-h'ed. Longimanus. 
» a h. -measure. Manimetrum ; Chirometer. 

use of h. in obstetric operations. Manuduction. 

» production of orgasm by h. Masturbation ; Mastupra- 
right h. Dextra manus. 

crawling sensation of h. or foot. Myrmeciasis; Formi- 
one who treats h. or feet. Chiropodist. 

HAND-BATH. Maniluvium. 

HANDFUL. Manipulus; Pugillus; Fasciculus. 





HANDKERCHIEF. Mouchoir; Muccinium; Sudarium. 

HANGING. See also Falling. 

Synonyms : Suspeiido, Suspendium. 
h. down. Pendant; Pendulous. 

HANGING CHEEK (or Pouch). 
Synonym : Sacculus buccalis. 
HANG-NAIL. See Whitlow. 

HARD. See also Difficult, Hardness, Stiff, Tough. 
Synonyms ; Callous, Callus, Indurated, Sclerotic. 
becoming h. Sclerogenous. 

HARD CANCER. Scirrhus. 

HARD CHANCRE. Ulcus induratum ; Syphilis primaria ;^ 

Hunterian c. 
HARDNESS. See also Cirrhosis ; and different organs, as 
Kidiiey, etc. 

Synonyms : Induration, Sclerosis, Scleriasis, Scleroma, 
Poroma, Porosis. 
h. of skin. Callositas; Tylosis; Tyloma; Keratoma. 
HARD-ON. Priapism. 

Synonyms : Lagostoma, Lagochilus, Lagentomum, 
Lahrum leporinum. 
instrument to keep edges of wound together in opera- 
tions for h.-l. Agraffe. 

HARE'S EYE. Lagophthalmus. 

HARMFUL. See also Injury, Poison, Wound. 

Synonyms : Noxious, Nocuous, Nocent, Nocine, Detri- 
condition of being h. Nocivity; Nocuousness; Nox- 
HATRED. See also Fear. 

Synonyms : Abomination, Aversion, Detestation, Loath- 
h. of children. Misopedia. 
h. of intellectual pursuit. Misologia. 
h. of life. Misopsychia; Misozoia. 
having h. of poor. Misoptochus. 

h. of mankind. Misanthropy. » 



h. of marriage. Misogamy. 

h. of society. Exanthropia ; Apanthropia. 

h. of women. Misogyny. 

HAY FEVER. Catarrhus aestivus; Chortasthma ; Vaso- 
motor rhinitis; Asthma ex foenisicio. 

HEAD. See also Skull, Sealp, Hair, Baldness, Foetus 
(head), Head-bandage, Headache. 

Synonym : Caput. 
apparatus for holding the h. Cephalostat. 
back of the h. Inion ; Occiput, 
toward the back of the h. Dorsicephalad. 
h. of small bones. Capitulum ; Cephalidum. 
having a broad h. Eurycephalic ; Eurycephalous ; 

one having a broad h. in frontal region. Europroceph- 

congestion of the h. Cephalemia. 

I structures covering the h. Epicranium. 
description of the h. Cephalography. 
any disease of the h. Cephalopathy. 
edema of the h. Cephaledema. 
fetuses with large h's preventing delivery. Capitones. 
having a flat h. Homalocephalus. 
gout in the h. Cephalagra. 

instrument for auscultating the h. Cephaloscope. 
instrument for measuring blood-pressure in h. Cephalo- 

instrument for measuring the h. Cephalometer. 
state of having large h. Megalocephalia ; Macroceph- 

state of having long h. Dolichocephalism ; Dolicho- 

cephaly (adj. Dolichocephalic), 
science of h. measurements. Cephalology. 
art of measuring the h. Cephalometry. 
inflammation of h. muscles. Cephalomyitis. 
narrow^ness of h. Stenocephaly. 
rheumatism of the h. Cephalodynia. 
having short h. Brachycephalic. 

having h. shaped like a boat. Kumbecephalic ; Cymbo- 

16 241 



having h. shaped like a cone. Acrocephalic. 
abnormal smallness of h. Microcephaly (adj. Micro- 
an abnormally small h. Microcephalon. 
having dwarfed or diminutive h. Nanocephalous. 
having a smooth h. Leiocephalous. 
pertaining to h. Cephalic, 
pertaining to h. and spine. Cephaloracchidian. 
having thick h. Pachycephalous ; Pachycephalic. 
top of h. Sinciput, 
toward the h. Cephalad. 
bloody tumor on the h. Cephalhematoma, 
twisted appearance of h. Plagiocephalous (adj. PI agio- 
Monsters with regard to the h. are as follows : 

absence of h. Acephalia. 

absence of h. and chest. Acephalothoracia. 

absence of h. and mouth. Acephalostoma. 

absence of h. and arms. Acephalobrachia. 

absence of h. and heart. Acephalocardia. 

absence of h. and hands. Acephalocheiria. 

absence of h., chest, and abdomen. Acephalogastria. 

absence of h. and feet. Acephalopodia. 

absence of h. and spine. Acephalorachia. 

monster with small concealed h. Cryptocephalus. 

double monster with one h. Deradelphus. 

double monster with two h's. Dicephalus; Atlo- 

twins with adherent h's. Craniopagus. 

monster with limb attached to h. Cephalomelus. 

monster with abnormally small h, Leptocephalus. 

half-h'ed monster. Hemiacephalus. 

monster with double h. and united thoraces. Cephalo- 
HEADACHE. See also Neuralgia ; and different parts, as 

Synonyms : Cephalalgia, Encephalalgia, Dolor capitis 
or cephalicus. 
frontal h. Metopodynia. 
h. on one side. Megrim ; Migraine ; Hemicrania ; Hetero- 




h. on both sides. Amphicrania. 

intense fixed h. Monopagia; Monopegia; Clavus hys- 

rheumatic h. Cephalodynia. 
HEAD-BANDAGE. Capitium; Capeline. 
HEAD-BATH. Capitiluvium. 

HEALING. See also Cure, Scar, Treatment, Wound. 

Synonyms : Sanatio, Curatio, Henosis. 
healthy h. Euplasia. 

process of h. Incarnation; Incamification. 
tending to promote h. Henotic. 
having h. properties. Salutary, 
h. by scar. Cicatrization. 
Phrases : 

h. by first intention. Per primam intentionem. 

h. by second intention. Per secundam intentionem. 

HEALTH. See also Unhealthy, Disease, Constitution, 
Health resort 

Synonyms : Sanitas, Salus, Valetudo bona. 
agent restoring h. Analeptic. 

injurious to h. Insanitary; Unsanitary; Unhygienic, 
conducive to good h. (healthy). Salubrious; Hygienic; 

Salutary; Sanative, 
restoration to h. Analepsis ; Euanalepsis. 
science of h. Hygiene; Hygieology; Medicina conser- 

the science of good h. Evectics. 
sensation of good h. Euphoria; Euesthesia. 
good and sound h. Eucrasia. 
pertaining to sound h. Normal (q. v.). 
state of unsound h. Abnormality (q. v.) ; Aberration. 
Phrases : 

To restore to h. Ad sanitatem redigere. 

Restoration to h. Restitutio ad integrum. 

h. of mind and body. Mens sana in corpore sane. 
HEALTH-RESORT. Sanatorium. 

HEARING. See also Deafness, Ear, Ear-trumpet, Noise, 

Synonyms : Audition, Acousis Acusia, Oamma (adjs. 
Auditory, Acoustic). 



acuteness of h. Hyperacusia ; Oxyecoia. 

morbid acuteness of h. Paracusis acris. 

lessened acuteness of h. Hypacusia ; Dysacousia ; Dyse- 

coia; Bradyecoia; Baryecoia. 
aiding h. Otacoustic. 

aiding the h. of small sounds. Micracoustic. 
association of color-sensation with h. Chromestliesia. 
any disorder of sense of h. Dysacousma; Paracusis; 

Paracoe; Cophoma. 
instrument to aid h. (ear-trumpet). Otophone ; Ota- 

instrument for testing h. Acumeter; Acoumeter; 

measuring of acuteness of h. Audiometry; Acoumetry. 
nerve of h. Auditory n. ; Nervus acusticus. 
pertaining to organs of h. Aural ; Otic. 
relating to h. properties. Acoustic ; Auditory, 
h. two sounds when only one is produced (double hear- 
ing). Diplacusis ; Paracusis duplicata. 
inability to locate source of sound. Paracusis loci, 
h. better in midst of noise. Paracusis Willisiana. 
h. of sounds in altered pitch. Pseudacusis ; Pseuda- 

h. imaginary sounds. Acousma ; Paracusis imaginaris. 
inability of h. to distinguish musical sounds. Amusia. 
HEAB.T. See also Heart-action, Heart-heat, Heart-clot, 
Pericardium, Pulse, Vejitricles. 

Synonym : Cor (adj. Cardiac), 
abnormality of h. where there are but one auricle and 

one ventricle. Hemicardia. 
absence of a h. Acardia (adj. Acardiac). 
agent stimulating vessels of h. Angiocardiokinetic. 
presence of air in the h. Aerendocardia. 
aspiration of the h. Cardiocentesis. 
atrophy of h. Acardiotrophia ; Cardiatrophy ; Cardia- 

lack of blood in tlie h. Acardiohemia. 
relating to h. and blood-vessels. Cardiovascular, 
a concretion in the h. Cardiolith. 
description of the h. Cardiography, 
poor development of the h. Atelocardia ; Cardiatelia. 



dilatation of the h. Cardiectasis. 

any disease of the h. Cardiopathy. 

any displacement of h. Ectocardia ; Ectopia cordis. 

displacement of h. to right side. Dexicardia; Dexio- 

cardia; Dextrocardia; Cardianastrophe. 
downward displacement of h. Cardioptosis. 
dissection of the h. Cardiotomy. 
having a double h. Diplocardiac. 
blood effusion around h. Hemopericardium. 
blood effusion into h. -muscle (cardiac apoplexy). Hemo- 

cardia ; Hemocardiorrhagia. 
enlargement of h. Megalocardia. 
exciting the h. Cardiokinetic. 
originating external to the h. Exocardiac. 
fatty degeneration of h. Adiposicardia. 
fatty h. Cor adiposum ; Pinguetudo cordis ; Polysarcia 

cordis; Steatosis cordis, 
fluid around the h. Hydropericardium. 
fluid and gas collection around h. Hydropneumoperi- 

patency of the foramen ovale of h. ("blue disease"). 

Acleitocardia ; Cyanopathy ; Cyanosis congenita, 
left side of h. Cor sinistmm ; C. arteriosum. 
gout of the h. Cardiagra. 
half the h. Hemicardia. 
hardening of the h. Cardiosclerosis, 
hernia of the h. Cardiocele. 
hypertrophy of h. Cardiauxe ; Hypercardia ; Cor bovi- 

num ; C. taurinum. 
inflammation of h. Carditis, 
general inflammation of h. Pancarditis. 
inflammation of h.-muscles. Myocarditis, 
inflammation of lining membrane of h. Endocarditis. 
inflammation of outer membrane of h. Pericarditis, 
inflammation of h. and pericardium. Cardiopericar- 

inflammation of h. and great blood-vessels. Angiocar- 

'combined inflammation of h. Endoperimyocarditis. 
instrument for estimating cardiac murmurs. Systolom- 




little h. Corculum. 

pertaining to h. and lungs. Cardiopneumatic. 

malformation of h. Cardiamorphia. 

monster without a h. Acardiacus. 

weakness of muscles of the h. Amyocardia. 

diminished nerve-action in h. Acardionervia. 

pain in the h. Cardialgia ; Cardiodynia. 

palpitation of h. Cardiopalmus ; Cardiotromus ; Palpi- 

tatio cordis; Trepidatio cordis, 
paralysis of the h. Cardioplegia, 
right side of h. Cor dextrum ; C. venosum. 
rupture of the h. Cardiorrhexis. 
abnormal smallness of h. Microcardia, 
science of the h. Cardiology, 
situated within the h. Endocardial ; Intracardiac, 
h. sounds resembling those of fetus. Embryocardia. 
softening of the h. substance. Cardiomalacia. 
stenosis of valves of h. Cardiostenosis. 
pertaining to h. and vessels. Cardio-arterial. 
h. whose surface is studded with fibrinous matter. Cor 

viUosum; C. hirsutum; C. hispidium; C. tomen- 

Anatomy : 

auricular part of h. Cor membranosum. 

ventricular part of h. Cor musculosum. 

blood-vessel encircling h. Coronaria. 

inhibitory nerve of h. Pneumogastric. 

accelerator nerve of h. Accelerans. 

capillaries of h. Meigs' capillaries. 

muscle of h. Myocardium. 

muscular prolongations of h. ventricles. Columnae 

membrane around h. Pericardium (q. v.). 

tendinous strings of h. Chordae tendineae. 
HEART-ACTION. See also Heart, Heart-beat, Pulse. 
momentary cessation of h.-a. Paulocardia. 
normal contraction of heart. Eusystole. 
defective contraction of heart. Hyposystole. 
controlling h.-a. Cardio-inhibitory. 
instrument for tracing h.-a. Cardiograph, 
irregularity of h.-a. Arrythmia cordis. 


microphone for studying h,-a. Rhythmoplione. 

period of contraction of heart. Systole. 

period of dilatation of heart. Diastole. 

period preceding contraction. Presystole. 

period preceding dilatation. Prediastole. 

interval between contraction and dilatation. Perisys- 

recoil of heart in systole. Bascule. 

increase in size of heart in diastole. Auxocardia. 

deficient ventricular contraction of heart. Asystole. 

tracing of h.-a. Cardiogram. 
HEART-BEAT. See Heart-action, Pulse. 
Synonym : Pulsatio cordis. 

rest between h.-b's. Acinesia. 
HEARTBURN. Pyrosis; Cardialgia. 
HEART-CLOT. Tlirombus cordis. 
HEART-SHAPED. Cordate; Cordiform. 
HEAT. See also Fever, Sunstroke, Temperature, Warmth. 
Synonym : Calor (adjs. Caloric, Thermal). 

application of high degree of h. Torrefication. 

amount of h. necessary to raise 1 gm. of water 1 degree 
C. Calorie; Calory. 

conversion of non-luminous into luminous h. Calores- 

abnormal elevation of h. of body. Hyperthermia. 

drugs producing h. Thermantia. 

instrument for measuring h. Calorimeter; Thermom- 

automatic device for regulating h. Thermostat. 

fever produced by excessive h. Thermic fever; Febris 

oxidizing organic matter by h. Incineration. 

permeable to h. Diathermanous. 

producing h. Calorifacient ; Calorific. 

the production of h. Thermogenesis. 

regulating the bodily h. Thermotactic. 

having uniform h. Homothermic. 

sensation of h. of bodies. Thermo-esthesia. 

unit of h. (equal to 1 calorie divided by 4200). Joule. 

HEAVY. See Weight, Pregnancy, Drowsiness, Stupor. 


Heberden's disease-hemorrhage 

HEBERDEN'S DISEASE. Angina pectoris ; Stenocardia. | 

HEBETUDE. Bee also Stupor, Coma 

Synonym : Torpor. 
HEEL. See also Club-foot. 
Synonyms : Tallus, Calx. 
bone of h. Calcaneum ; Os calcis. 
HEEL-STRING. Tendo Achillis. 

Synonym : Statura. - 
h. of disease. Acme ; Apogee ; Fastigium. 
HEMISPHERE (of Brain). 

Synonym : Hemisphera cerebri. 
HEMORRHAGE. See also Apoplexy, Blood. 

Synonyms : Hemorrhagia, Hematorrhea, Hemorrhysis, 
Profluvium or Profusio sanguinis. 
active h. Haemorrhagia activa. ■■ 

arterial h. Haemorrhagia arteriosa. 
passive h. Haemorrhagia passiva ; H. venosa. 
checking h. Hemostatic ; Styptic ; Anthemorrhagic. 
checking h. by twisting vessel. Torsion ; Acutorsion. 
checking h. by compression over needles. Acupressure, 
internal h. Entorrhagia. 
renewal of h. Anarrhexis. 
slight h. Hyporrhagia. 
abnormal tendency to h. (hemorrhagic diathesis). 

Hemophilia ; Hematophilia. 
device to check h. by w^ater pressnre. Hydrohemostat. 
instrument to check h. by crushing blood-vessels. An- 

giotribe (operation, Angiotripsy). 
h. from bladder. Cystorrhagia ; Haemorrhagia vesica; 

h. from bowel. Enterorrhagia ; Hematochezia ; Haemor- 
rhagia intestinorum. 
h. within brain. Cerebral apoplexy ; Hematencephalon ; 

Haemorrhagia cerebri ; Encephallorrhagia. 
h. from breast. Mastorrhagia. 
h. from bronchi. Bronchorrhagia ; Haemorrhagia bron- 

chica; Hemoptysis, 
h. into the interior of eye. Hemophthalmia. 


h. from Fallopiau tube. Metrosalpingorrhagia. 

h. of heart. Haemocardiorrhagia. 

h. from kidney. Nephremorrhagia ; Hsemorrhagia 

h. from liver. Hepatorrhagia ; Hepatirrhagia ; Hemor- 
rhagia hepatica. 

h. into air-cells of lung. Pneumorrhagia ; Haemorrhagia 
pulmonis or pulmonalis. 

h. from mouth. Stomatorrhagia ; Haemorrhagia oris. 

h. from nose. Epistaxis; Hemorrhinia; Hemorrhagia 
activa narium. 

h. from penis. Stimatosis; Stymatosis; Haemorrhagia 

h. into pleura. Hemothorax. 

li. from rectum. Hemorrhosis ; Haemorrhagia proctica. 

h. from skin. Hematopedesis ; Hematidrosis ; Haemor- 
rhagia per cutem. 

h. into spinal cord. Hematomyelia ; Myelapoplexy ; 

IApoplexia myelitica ; Haemorrhagia spinalis. 
h. from stomach. Gastrorrhagia ; Haemorrhagia gas- 
trica or ventriculi ; Hematemesis. 
h. from throat. Isthmorrhagia. 
h. in uterus. Hematometra. 
h. from uterus (excessive menstruation). Menorrhagia, 
h. from uterus (non-menstrual). Metrorrhagia; Haem- 
, orrhagia uterina. 

h. into vagina. Hematocolpos ; Colporrhagia. 
h. in vertebral canal. Hematorrhachis. 
h. from the vulva. Episiorrhagia. 



Synonyms : Hcemorrhois, Fieus. 
blind h's. Haemorrhoides caecae. 
bleeding h's. Haemorrhoides mariscosae. 
formation of ulcer on h. Hemorrhelcosis. 
pertaining to or resembling h's. Mariscous. 
external h. Hemorrhois cutanea. 

HERB. See also Pla7it, Vegetable. 
Synonym : Herha. 
collection of dried h's. Herbarium ; Hortus siccus. 


HEREDITARY. See also Birth, Congenital. 
Synonym : Syngenic. 


Synonym : Hereditas (adj. Hereditary). 

pertaining to transmission of characters of both parents. 

in h. mingling of germ-plasm of two individuals. Am- 

HERNIA. See also Hernia knife, Intestine, Kidney, Liver, 

Navel, Scrotum, Stomach. 
one who adjusts appliance to h. Bandagist. 
bone-like substance in sac of h. Osteocele. 
confinement of h. in sac. Incarceration, 
direct h. Hernia recta, 
h. containing fat. Liparocele. 

femoral h. Merocele ; Hernia cruralis ; Femorocele. 
incomplete h. Bubonocele ; Hernia imperfecta, 
an internal h. Entocele. 

h. protruding through ischial notch. Hedrocele. 
h. containing liquid and gas. Hydrophysocele. 
obturator h. Oodeocele ; Hernia foraminis ovalis. 
h. containing omentum. Epiplocele. 
operation for relief of h. Celiotomy; Celotomy; Kel- 

otomy ; Herniotomy, 
operation of abdominal section for h. Hernioceliotomy. 
h. in a prolapsed part. Heterocele. 
reducible h. H. reponendi patiens. 
non-reducible h. H. reponendi non patiens. 
normal reduction of h. Taxis. 
strangulated h. Hernia strangulata. 
study of h. Celology ; Kelology ; Hemiology. 
List of hernias according to anatomic location : 

h. of abdomen. Laparocele. 

h. of lower part of abdomen. Hypogastrocele. 

h. of brain. Exencephalocele. 

femoral h. Merocele. 

h. of perineum. Mesoscelocele. 

h. of kidney. Nephrocele. 

h. involving ovary. Oaricele ; Ovariocele. 

h. of spleen. Lienocele. 



h. of umbilicus. Omphalocele; Exomphalos ; Om- 

h. near umbilicus. Paromphalocele. 
h. of uterus. Hysterocele ; Metrocele, 
h. of vulva. Episiocele. 

I HERNIA-KNIFE. Herniatome ; Celotome. 

i HERPES ZOSTER. Zona ignea or serpiginosa; Ignis 
persicus; Cingulum; Ecphlysis. 

I HESITATION (in Speech). See Stammering, Lisping. 
HICCOUGH. Singultus; Lynx. 
HIDDEN. Latent; Larvate. 
HIDEBOUND DISEASE. Scleroderma; Sclerodermia ; 

Sclerema ; Scleriasis ; Dermatosclerosis. 
HIGH. Altus; Superior; Supremus. 
HIGHMORE'S ANTRUM. See Antnim of Highmore. 
HIND-BRAIN. Cerebellum; Parencephalis • Epencranis; 

HIND PARTS. See Buttock. 
HINGE-JOINT. Ginglymus. 

HIP. See also Hip-joint, Hip-joint disease. Pelvis, Sciat- 
ica, Thigh. 

gout in the h. Ischiagra. 

hernia at the h. Ischiocele. 

neuralgia of h. Ischialgia. 

pertaining to h. Ischial. 

pertaining to h. and thigh. Coxofemoral. 


Synonyms : Os iliacum, Os innominatum. 
inferior part of h,-b. Ischium, 
superior part of h.-b. Ilium, 
anterior part of h.-b. Pubis. 

HIP DISEASE. See Hip-joint disease. 

HIP- JOINT. See also Hip-joint disease. 

Synonyms : Coxa, Coxofemoral articulation. 
cavity of h.-j. Acetabulum, 
gout in h.-j. Coxagra. 
pain in h.-j. Coxalgia. 





Syuoiiyms : Coxitis, Coxalgia, Coxarthritis, Morbus 
coxarius, coxarum, or coxce, Arthrocace coxarum. 
emaciation due to h.-j. d. Ischiophthisis. 
HEPPOCRATIC FINGER. Digitus hippocraticus. 
HIRSCHSPRING'S DISEASE. Congenital hypertrophic 

dilatation of colon. 
HIVES. Urticaria ; Cnidosis ; Uredo ; Febris urticata. 

Synonym : Raucus. 
h. voice. Vox rauca. 
HOARSENESS. Raucedo; Raucetas; Paraphonia. 
HOBNAIL LIVER. Cirrhosis hepatica. 
HODG-KIN'S DISEASE. Lymphadenoma ; Lymphoma; 

Adenia; Pseudoleukemia. 
HODGSON'S DISEASE. Senile atheroma of aorta. 
HOLE. See Opening, Cavity, Depression, Furrow. 
HOLLOW. See Open. 
HOLLOW FOOT. See also Club-foot 

Synonyms : Cavus, Talipes arcuatus. 
HOME. See also Native, Homesickness. 

Synonym : Domum (adjs. Domestic, Domiciliary), 
dread of h. Oikophobia. 
perverse disposition at h. Oikomania. 
science of h. or h. life (its sanitation, etc.). Oikology. 
HOMESICKNESS. Nostalgia; Pathopatridalgia. 

Synonym : Mel. 
clarified h. Mel despumatum. 
feeding on h. Mellivorous. 
h. of rose. Mel rosae. 
use of h. in medicine. Melitismus. 
pharmaceutic h's. Mellita. 
producing h. Melliferous ; Mellific. 

Synonym : TJngula. 
having h's (term applied to certain order of mammalia). 




Synonyms : Uncus, Hamus. 

11 little h. Hamulus. 

a cutting h. Falx. 

method of arresting hemorrhage by means of h. Unci- 
pressure ; Uncipression. 

h. -shaped. Uncinate ; Unciform ; Hamular. 

h. -shaped instrument to seize divided vessels. Tenac- 

HOOPING COUGH. See Whooping cough. 

HORN. See also Horny tissue^ Resemblance. 

Synonym : Cornu (pi. Cornua ; adj. Corneous). 
I HORNER'S MUSCLE. Tensor tarsi. 


growth of h. t. Keratiasis ; Keratinization. 
pertaining to growth of h. t. Keratogenous. 
h. t. tumor. Keratoncus. 

HORRORS. Delirium tremens. 

HORSE. See also Horse doctor. 
anatomy of h. Hippotomy. 
eating flesh of h. Hippophagy. 
study of h. Hippology. 

art and science of surgery of the h. Zoiatria. 
pertaining to surgery of the h. Veterinary; Hippi- 

HORSE DOCTOR. Veterinarian; Hippiater. 

HOSPITAL. See also Insane Asylum, Pest-house, Poly- 
clinic, Sanitarium. 

Synonyms : Nosocomium, Infirmarium, Valetudinarium. 
h. for aged. Gerontocomium. 
h. for incurables. Cacosomium. 
h. for lying-in patients. Lochodocliium. 
h. for orphans. Orphanotrophium. 
h. for the poor. Ptochodochium ; Ptochocomium ; Pto- 

h. for syphilitics. Syphilicomium. 
pertaining to a h. Nosocomial. 

HOSPITAL GANGRENE. Gangrsena nosocomionim. 



HOT. See also Actual cautery, Caudic. 
Synonyms : Calidus, Fervidiis. 
h. water. Aqua fervens. 

HOT BATH. Caldarium. 

HOUR. See also Prescription (phrases). 
Synonym : Hora. 
lasting twenty-four h's. Noctidial. 

HOUSEMAID'S KNEE. Hygroma genu ; Hygromum cys- 
ticum patellae; Bursitis prepatellaris ; Bursa patellae 

HUMAN. See Man. 

HUMERUS. See also Arm, Shoulder, Elbow. 
concerning the h. or arm. Humeral, 
pain in epicondyle of h. Epicondylalgia. 
articulation of h. at elbow. Articulatio humerocubi- 

HUMOR. See also Disposition, Liquid, Water, Moisture, 

h. of anterior chamber of eye (aqueous humor). Humor 

theory that h's produce disease. Humorism; Humor- 


HUMP. See Protuberance. 
HUMP-BACK. See Hunchback. 
HUNCHBACK. See also Spine. 

Synonym : Gibbositas. 

Synonym : Centum. 
by the h. Per centum. 

one in a h. (one per cent.). Centesima (adj. Centes- 

HUNGER. See also Appetite, Desire, Food, Hunger-cure. 
Synonyms : Fames, Limos, Peiiia. 
death from h. Limoctonia. 
excessive h. Polyphagia; Bulimia; Fames canina; 

Limosis avens. 
marked by excessive h. Famelicus ; Voracious ; Raven- 



insane from h. Limophoitosic. 

insanity due to h. Limphoitos ; Limphoitoris. 

pertaining to h. Limic ; Limoseric. 

wasting due to h. Limophthisis. 

wolf h. Fames lupina. 

phrase : 

h. is the best sauce. Optimum condimentum fames. 

HUNGER-CURE Nestiatria; Peinotherapy ; Limother- 

HUNTERIAN CHANCRE. See Hard chancre, Syphilis. 
HURT. See Injury, Pain, Wound. 
HURTFUL. See Injurious. 
HUSKY. See Hoarse. 
HYALINE CAST. Cylinderus hyalinus. 

Synonyms : Echinococcus, Acephalocyst 
h. without head. Acephalocyst. 
HYDROCELE. Hydrops tunicae vaginalis testis. 
HYDROGEN. Hydrogenium. 

h. s. in blood. Hydrotliionemia. 
h. s. in urine. Hydrothionuria. 

Synonyms : Rabies, Lupomania, Lyssa, Phengydrori, 
bite of a dog with h. Lyssodexis ; Lyssodegma. 
morbid fear of h. Lyssophobia. 
paralytic h. Pseudorabies. 
pertaining to h. Lyssic ; Hydrophobic. 
resembling h. Lyssoid. 
HYGIENE. See also Health. 

Synonyms : Medicina conservativa, Hygeiology, Soteri- 

Synonym : Membrana vagince prceteyisa. 
remains of h. Carunculae myrtiformes. 

Synonym : Os hyoideum. 
relating to cornu of h. b. or bone itself. Ceratohyal. 


HYPEREMIA. See Congestion. 
HYPERPLASIA. See Hypertrophy. 

HYPERTROPHY. See also parts subject to h. ; Breast, 
Nails, iSkin, etc. 

Synonyms : Auxesis, Hyperplasia, Hyperanabolism. 
h. of one side of body. Hemihypertrophy. 
extreme h. Hyperauxesis. 
partial h. Merypertrophy. 
pertaining to h. Hypertrophic ; Hyperplastic. 

HYPNOTIC. See Sleep. 

HYPNOTISM. See also Hypnosis, Will, Thought-trans- 

ferrence, Mind-readhig. 

Synonyms : Mesmerism, Braidism, Syngigno seism, Ao- 
tinobolia, Actinoholism. 

inducer of h. Hypnotist ; Hypnoter ; Hypnotizer. 

induction of sleep in h. Hypnosigenesis. 

state of complete h. Hypnosis. 

state of partial h. Hemilethargy. 

person in stage of h. Hypnotic subject. 

first stage of b. Captation. 

stage of muscular rigidity in h. Catalepsy. 

state peculiar to h. when limbs bend as if they were of 
wax. Flexibilitas cerea. 

waking from h. Dehypnotization. 

influence upon will in h. Neurometadrasis. 

stage of h. when eyes cannot be opened. Hypotaxy. 

subjection of person in state of h. to ideas of another. 

early stage of h. Lethargy. 



constriction of abdomen at h. Hypogastroarctia. 
parasitic monster united in region of h. Hypogastro- 
HYSTERIA (adj. Hysteric). 

agent correcting h. Anthysteric. 
affected with h. Hysteric. 

dramatic action in h. Dramatism ; Histrionism. 
the induction of h. Hysterogeny (adj. Hysterogenic). 


group of phenoraena peculiar to h. Hystericism ; Hys- 

Ii'al swelling (phantom humor). Hystericedema. 
swelling in throat peculiar to h. Globus hystericus. 


ICE. See also Freezing. 

Synonym : Glades (adj. Glacial), 
condition like that of i. Glaciation. 

IDEA. See also 3£ind, Thought, Conception, Delusion, 
Delirium, Mania. 
confusion of i's. Ideosynchysia ; Ideosynchesis. 
a fixed i. Ideopegma. 
formation of i's. Ideation, 
an imperative i. Obsession, 
having only one i. Monoideism. 
giving shape to i's. Ideoplastic. 
IDIOCY. See also Insanity, Mind. 
■ Synonyms : Fhrenasthenia, Dementia congenita or 
naturalis, Amentia ingenita, Moria demens. 
IDIOTIC. Phrenasthenic. 
ILLNESS. See also Disease. 

general sense of i. Malaise ; Dysphoria. 
ILLUSION. See also Hallucination, Delusion. 

Synonyms : Idolum, Fantasma. 
IMAGINARY ILLNESS. Hypochondriasis. 

IMAGINATION. See also Idea, Mind, Sensation, Fear, 
Mania, Insanity, Delusion, Illusion, Hallucination, Re- 
IMBECILE. See also Idiot. 

like an i. Cretinous ; Imbecilic. 

Synonyms : Insipientia, Dementia. 
form of insanity tending to i. Catatonia, 
form of i. occurring in old persons. Senile dementia; 
Dementia senilis. 
17 257 




Synonym : Mimesis. 
incapacity for i. Dysmimia. 
yawning from i. Mimochasmesis. 
IMMOVABLE. See Joi7it 
IMMUNITY. See also Prevention. 

i. from poison by taking increasing doses. Mithridat- 

production of i. Immunization. 

i. of fetal head. Gomphosis; Incuneatio. 
i. of wax in auditory canal. Cemminosis. 
IMPEDIMENT. See Obstruction. 
IMPOTENCY. See also Sexual power. 

Synonym : Agenesia (adj. Agenetic). 
IMPREGNATION. See Pregnancy, Conception, Fecun- 
dation, Generation, Ovum. 
IMPROVEMENT. See also Recovery, Convalescence. 

Synonym : Amelioration. 
IMPULSE. See Mania, Desire, Appetite, Stimulation, 

IMPURITY. See also Filth. 

Synonyms : Immundity, Contamination, Defilement. 
INACTION. Inertia; Indolence. 
INBORN. See also Birth. 

Synonyms : Innate, Congenital. 

Synonyms : Uncia, Pollex. 
phrase : Inch by inch. Unciatem. 
INCISION. See also different organs, 
simple i. Haplotomia ; Haplotomy. 
superficial i. Scarification, 
i. into boils, etc. Oncotomy. 
INCLINATION. See Desire, Appetite, Mania. 
INCLINING. See also Falling. 
Synonym : Vergens. 
i. backward. Reclining; Reclinis. 
i. downward. Vergens deorsum ; Declivis. 


i. forward. Proclivis. 
i. upward. Vergens sursum. 
INCOHERENCE. See also Speech. 

Syuonym : Anacoluthia. 
INCREASE. See also Growth, Development. 

Synonyms: Expansion, Accession, Augmentation, Ac- 
cretion, Hypertrophy, Macrosis, Auxesis. 
i. iu severity of a disease. Exacerbation ; Epidosis. 
INCUBATION. Prodromus ; Stadium latentis contagii. 
INCURABLE. See also Curable, Cure. 
Synonyms : Analthetic, Insanahilis. 
INDEX FINGER. Digitus demonstrativus. 
INDICATION. Accusatio. 

Synonym : Apathy. 
morbid i. Adiaphoria. 

Synonyms : Dyspepsia, Stomachi cruditas. 
pertaining to i. Cacogastric ; Dyspeptic. 
INDISPOSITION. Malaise; Corporis anxietas; Dys- 
INDURATION. See Hardness. 
INEBRIETY. See Alcoholism. 
INERT. Adiaphorous. 
INERTIA, ^ee Strength. 

Synonym : Eremia. 
INFANT. See also Child, Newborn.- 
Synonym : Neonatus. 
atrophy of i's. Marasmus infantilis or lactantium. 
persistence of character of i. Infantilism, 
inflammation of eyes of new^-born i. Ophthalmia neona- 
first feces of new-born i. Meconium, 
instrument to measure new-born i. Mecometer ; Pedom- 
instrument to rear premature i's. Incubator; Couveuse. 
instrument for weighing i's. Pedobarometer. 
instrument for weighing and measuring i's. Baromac- 
rometer ; Pedobaromacrometer. 


conjunctivitis in i's (congenital conjunctivitis). Neoto- 

erysipelas occurring in i's. Neotocerysipelas. 

jaundice of new-born i. Pedicterus; Icterus neona- 
torum ; Icterus infantum ; Neoicterus ; Neotocicterus. 

lockjaw in new-born i. Trismus neonatorum. 

flow of milk from breast of i. Neotocogalactozemia. 

murder of an i. Infanticide. 

marked lack of nutrition in i. Marasmus. 

INFECTION. See also Disease, Contagio7i, Inoculation, 
Plague, Pas, and different organs. 

Synonyms : Inquiyiation, Contagion (adjs. Contagious, 
fermentative i. Sapremia. 
substance carrying an i. Fomes (pi. Fmnites). 
i. of organism of external origin. He teroinf action, 
a lurking-place for an i. Latibulum ; Foyer ; Focus, 
purulent i. Pyemia ; Pyohemia. 
specific matter of i. Contagium. 
safety from i. Immunity, 
septic i. Septicemia, 
self-i. Auto-infection. 

INFIRM. See also Weakness, Age, Strength, 
Synonyms : Abehmos, Acicus. 

INFIRMARY. See Hospital 

INFLAMMATION. See also organs and parts of body 

subject to i. ; Fever. 

Synonyms : Inflammatio, Empresmus, PJilogosis, Cau- 
soma, Eynpresis, Hi/perwmia activa (adjs. Inflam- 
matory, Phlogistic). 

agent to reduce i. Antiphlogistic. 

a brief i. Metaphlogosis. 

an internal i. Cauma. 

producing i. Phlogogenic. 

mild i. Euphlogia. 

plastic i. Inflammatio plastica. 

sudden subsidence of i. Delitescence. 

suppurative i. Inflammatio suppurans. 

ulcerative i. Inflammatio ulcerans. 


INFLUENZA. Morbus catarrhus; Contagio catarrhus 

epidemicus ; La grippe. 
INFUSION. Infusum. 

INGROWING NAIL. Acronyx; Gryposis; Gryphosis; 

Onychogryposis ; Unguis involutus. 
INGUINAL RING. Annulus abdominis. 
INHALATION. See also Breathing. 
INHERITANCE. See also Congenital. 

Syiiouyin : Heredity (adj. Hereditary). 

Synonym : Lavamentum. 
i. of oil into muscles. Eleomyenchysis. 
i. into peritoneal cavity. Laparoclysis. 
rectal i. of liquid. Enema ; Clyster, 
i. of medicine under skin. Hypodermic, Hypodermatic, 
or Subcutaneous injection ; Dermenchysis. 

ti. of liquid under skin. Hypodermoclysis. 
■JURIOUS. See also Unhealthy, Poisonous, Vapor, Dis- 
ease, Contagion, Infection, Fatal. 
Synonyms : Detrimental, Deleterious, Noxious, Perni- 
not i. Innocuous. 
■JURY. See different parts and organs ; Harm, Wound, 
Synonym : Trauma. 
pertaining to i. Traumatic. 
systemic condition due to i. Traumatism. 
IN-KNEE. See Knock-knee. 
INNATE. Inborn; Indigenous; Adnate. 
INOCULATION. See also Injection, Infection. 
Jennerian i. Vaccination, 
i. with virus of equine small-pox. Equination. 
INSANE ASYLUM. Morocomium; Manicocomium ; Ma- 

niacomium; Morodochium ; Morotrophium. 
INSANITY. See also Delusion, Fear, Hallucination, Illu- 
sion, Idiot, Imbecile, Insane asylum. Mania, Melancholy, 

Synonyms: Insania, Ecnea, Phrenesis, Ecphronia, 


Phrenopathy, Abalienatio mentis, Dementia, Noos- 
i. in which patient falsely accuses himself of crime. 

i. marked by cruelty. Diastrephia. 
i. with pleasing delusions. Amenomania ; Habromania. 
i. with depression of mind. Melancholia ; Lypemania. 
eccentricity verging on i. Insaniola. 
exaltation of mind in i. Hyperphrenia ; Mania, 
expert in i. Alienist ; Psychiatrist, 
hysteric i. Hysteromania. 
i. leading to imbecility. Catatonia, 
i. with tendency to incendiarism. Pyromania. 
moral i. Pathomania. 

i. during nursing period. Insania lactantium, 
i. with perverted morals. Esthesiomania. 
person partially affected with i. (crank). Mattoid; 

i. of pregnancy. Insania gravidarum, 
i. of puberty. Hebephrenia, 
puerperal i. Maieusiophobia ; Insania postpartum or 

religious i. Entheomania. 
person with i. on one subject. Monomania, 
person with i. on several subjects. Oligomania. 
i. characterized by stupor. Narcomania, 
i. with suicidal impulse. Misozoia. 
i. with talkativeness and silliness. Moria ; Moria demens 

i. characterized by great terror. Enosomania. 
i. with total loss of faculty of thought. Dementia, 
treatise on i. Manigraphy. 
i. with loss of will-power. Aboulomania. 
INSATIABLE. See Appetite. 

any disease due to i's. Entomiasis ; Entomosis. 
pertaining to blood-eating i's. Hematophagous. 
pertaining to wood-eating i's. Ligniferous. 
pertaining to fungi growling on i's. Entomogenous. 
pertaining to i's living on nectar of flowers. Florisu- 




science of study of i's. Entomology, 
treatise on i's. Entomography. 
a true i. Hexapod. 

pertaining to winged i. Hymenopterus. 
INSOMNIA. Anypnia ; Ahypnia ; Agrypnia ; Egregorsis ; 

INSPIRATION. See Breathing. 

Synonym : Eispne. 

Synonyms : Tarsus (adj. Tarsal), Collum pedis. 
pain in i. Tarsalgia. 
INSTRUMENT. See different parts and functions. 
List of instruments with technical names : 
Instruments for diagnosis : 

i. to estimate hemoglobin in blood. Hemoglobinom- 

i. to estimate the number of blood-corpuscles. 
i. to examine chest (auscultation). Auscultator; 
Stethoscope; Phonendoscope. 
i. to measure chest. Cyrtometer. 
i. for examination by light (electric lamp). Photo- 
i. to test amount of air respired. Respirometer ; 

Spirometer; Pneumatometer ; Manometer, 
i. to test strength of muscles. Dynamometer, 
i. to measure pelvis. Pelvimeter, 
i. to intensify sound of percussion. Echoscope. 
i. to strike in percussion. Pleximeter. 
i. to measure sense of pressure. Baresthesiotoeter. 
i. to measure pulse- wave. Sphygmograph. 
i. to test sensibility of skin. Esthesiometer. 
i. to illuminate interior of stomach. Gastrodia- 

i. to take temperature. Thermometer, 
i. to examine vagina (or other cavity). Speculum. 
Ear instruments : 

i. to cleanse ear. Auriscalp. 


for incising drum. Myringotome. 

to examine ear. Otoscope ; Auriscope. 

to aid hearing. Otophone (one applied to teeth, 

i. to probe ear. Melotis ; Melotris. 
i. to test hearing. Acoumeter. 
Electric instruments : 

i. to measure electric force. Voltmeter. 

i. to measure electric quantity. Amperemeter; 

(graduated to thousandths) Milliamperemeter. 
i. to control discharge of electric current by increas- 
ing resistance. Rheostat. 
1. to apply electricity to a part. Electrode (cord 

attached to this is a Rheophore). 
i. to test static electricity or to examine by light 

some part of the body. Electroscope. 
Eye instruments : 

i. to measure cornea. Ophthalmometer. 

i. to measure field of vision of eye. Perimeter. 

i. to determine insufficiency of external muscles of 

eye. Phorometer. 
i. to examine interior of eye. Ophthalmoscope, 
i. to measure size of pupils. Pupilometer ; Pupilim- 

i. to rapidly estimate refraction. Prisoptometer. 
i. to measure refraction of eyes. Refractometer. 
i. to measure refraction of eye by mirror. Skia- 
i. of vision making equal picture on each retina. 

i. to measure rotation of eyeball. Tropometer. 
i. to measure width of eyes for spectacles. Proso- 

Nose and throat instruments : 

i. to examine nose (mirror). Rhinoscope. 

i. to cut out adenoids. Adenotome. 

i. to measure septum. Septometer. 

i. to produce spray. Nebulizer ; Atomizer ; Commi- 

nuter; Vaporizer, 
i. to remove tonsils. Tonsillotome; Amygdal- 




i. to incise trachea. Tracheotome. 

i. to cut turbinate body. Conchotome. 

i. to excise uvula. Uvulatome. 
General surgical instruments. See also different parts, 
as Bladder, Urethra, Uterus. 

hollow tube for introducing through a natural pass- 
age of the body. Catheter ; Cannula. 

solid tube for introducing through a natural pass- 
age of the body. Bougie. 

i. to bore through bone. Drill ; Trephine. 

i. to crush bone. Osteoclast ; Rongeur. 

i. to cut bone. Osteotome. 

i. to raise bone or periosteum. Levator; Perios- 

i. to remove tissue by scraping. Curet. 

i. to stop bleeding by circular pressure. Tourni- 

i. to produce burn. Cautery. 

Ii. to remove fluid by pumping. Aspirator, 
i. to remove fluid by needle. Trocar. 
hook-like i. to seize and hold bleeding vessel. 
kind of forceps to seize and hold bleeding vessel. 
knife to cut tendon. Tenotome. 
knife with wide blade. Scalpel. 
knife with narrow or curved blade. Bistoury, 
knife with two edges (for amputation). Catlin; 

i. to scrape. Raspatory, 
i. to open skull (circular saw). Trephine, 
i. to wash out .cavity. Irrigator. 

Synonym : Syyiesis, 
INTEMPERANCE. See also Aleohol, Appetite, and dif- 
ferent appetites and passions. 

Synonyms : Acrasia, Acratia, Aeolasia. 
INTEMPERATE. Acolastic. 
INTERCOURSE. See Sexual intercourse, Coition. 

INTERIOR. Intemus. 



INTERNAL. Medialis. 



INTESTINAL WORM. See also Worm, Parasite. 
Syoonym : Helminthis. 

INTESTINE. See also Cecum, Appendix (vermiformis). 

Colon, Constipation, Duodenum, Rectum, Alius, Evacua- 
tion, Purgation, Feces, Stool, Chyle, Constipation, Diar- 

Synonym : Entosthia. 

anatomic divisions of i. Duodenum ; Jejunum ; Ileum ; 

formation of calculi in i. Enterolithiasis. 

concretion formed in i. Enterolith. 

coiled like the i. Eiloid. 

dilatation of part of i. Enterectasis. 

any disease of i. Enterosis ; Enteropathy. 

discharge of mucus from i. Blennenteria. 

epithelium lining i. Gastroderma. 

involuntary evacuation of i. Scaracratia. 

passage of food (undigested) through i. Lientery. 

gas in i. Flatus. 

presence of gas in the i. Flatulence {q. v.). 

gaseous tumor of i. Physocele. 

treatise on glands of i. Enteradenology. 

gout of i. Enteragra. 

hemorrhage from i. Enterorrhagia. 

hernia of loop of i. Enterocele. 

hernia of i. and omentum. Enterepiplocele. 

femoral hernia involving i. Enteromerocele. 

hernia of bladder and i. Enterocystocele. 

hypertrophy of i. Hyperenterosis. 

inflammation of small i. Enteritis. 

inflammation of large and small i. Colo-enteritis ; En- 

inflammation of mucous membrane of i. Blennenter- 

the large i. Intestinum crassum. 

lymphatics of i. Lacteals. 

vicarious menstruation from i. Enteromenia. 


relating to muscular coat of i. Myenteric. 

inflammation of mucous membrane of i. Esoenteritis. 

worm-like motion of i. Peristole ; Peristalsis ; Vermic- 
ulation ; Motus peristalticus, testudinens, or vermic- 

occlusion of the i. Enterocleisis ; Ileus. 

occlusion of i. from twisting on itself. Volvulus. 

pain in the i. Enteralgia ; Enterodynia. 

pain or colic of i. Eilema ; Dolor colicus. 

griping pain in i. Tormina. 

pain in stomach and i. Gastro-enteralgia. 

paralysis of i. Enteroplegia. 

perforation of i. Enterobrosis. 

healthy peristalsis of i. Euperistalsis. 

lack of peristalsis of i. Aperistalsis. 

antinormal movement of i. Antiperistalsis. 

fold of peritoneum holding i. Mesentery. 

inflammation of peritoneal coat of i. Enenteritis. 

pertaining to the i. Enteric. 

pertaining to stomach and i. Gastro-enteric. 

inflammation of Peyer's glands of i. Ileopisolitis. 

prolapse of i. Enteroptosis. 

any small pouch or sac of i. Diverticulum. 

removal of i. Devisceration. 

removal of i. in embryotomy. Exenteration. 

rumbling in i. Borabus ; Rugitus ; Borborygmus. 

rupture of i. Enterorrhexis. 

slipping of part of i. into another. Intussusception; 

the small i. Intestinum tenue. 

softening of walls of i. Enteromalacia. 

opening in i for artificial anus. Enteroproctia. 

operation of excision of part of i. Enterectomy. 

operation of formation of artificial mouth in i. Enter- 

operation on i. of uniting ileum and sigmoid plexus. 

incision into i. Enterotomy. 

establishment of fistula (artificial) between ileum and 
colon. Ileocolostomy. 

surgical puncture of i. Enterocentesis. 



union of i. after incision. Entero-anastomosis. 

plastic operation on i. Enteroplasty. 

resection of diseased portion of i. Enterectomy. 

fixation of i. to abdominal wall. Enteropexia. 

treatise on i. Enterography. 

treatise on glands of i. Enteradenography. 

tumor of i. Enteroncus. 

ulceration of i. Enterelcosis. 

villous coat of i. Peristroma. 

existence of round worm in i. Ascaridiasis. 

having no i. Anenterous. 
INTOXICATION. See also Alcoholism, Infection, Intem- 
perance, Poison. 

an agent producing i. Methystic. 

i. from alcohol. Methysis. 

self-i. Auto-intoxication. 

pertaining to state of i. from alcoholic drinks. Bacchic. 
INTRODUCTION (of Medicine). See Injection. 
INVALID. See also Illness, Disease. 

Synonym : Valetudinarian. 
INVASION. See Disease, Stage. 
INVERSION. See also different organs. 

Synonym : Anastrophe. 
IODOFORM. lodoformum. 
IRIS. See also Pupil 

Synonym : Membrana coronoides. 

absence of i. Aniridia ; Aniridismus ; Irideremia. 

eversion of part of i. Iridectropium. 

inversion of part of i. Iridentr opium. 

excision of part of i. Iridectomy. 

hemorrhage from i. Iridemia. 

fissure (coloboma) of i. Iridoschisis. 

incision of i. Iridotomy. 

inflammation of i. Iritis (adj. Iritic) ; Iriditis. 

inflammation of i. and choroid. Iridochoroiditis. 

inflammation of i. and ciliary body. Iridocyclitis. 

layers of i. Ectiris ; Entiris ; Mesiris. 

any movement of i. Iridokinesis. 

pain in i. Iridalgia ; Iralgia. 


paralysis of i. Iridoplegia ; Iridoparalysis ; Iridopare- 

pertaining to i. Iridean ; Iridal. 
prolapse of i. Iridoptosis. 
prolapse of i. through cornea. Myiocephalon ; Myio- 

cephalum; Ptosis iridis. 
protrusions of i. Iridocele. 
removal of i. Corectomy ; Iridectomy; Coretomy; Irj- 

dotomy; Iritomy. 
rupture of i. Iridorrhexis. 

separation of i. from ciliary body. Coredialysis. 
separation of i. adhesions to lens. Corelysis. 
softening of i. Iridomalacia. 
surgical avulsion of i. Iridavulsion. 
thickening of i. Iridoncosis. 
tremor of i. Iridocinesis ; Hippus ; Iridokinesis ; Irido- 

tumefaction of i. Iridauxesis. 
tumor of i. Iridoncus. 

Synonyms : Ferrum, Chalybs. 
containing i. Chalybeate ; Ferruginous ; Martial. 
excess of i. in system. Siderosis. 
deficiency of i. in the blood. Achalybemia. 
pertaining to cells which take up i. Siderophilous. 
containing i. as a bivalent element. Ferrous. 
containing i. as a quadrivalent element. Ferric. 
an instrument made of i. Ferr amentum. 
reduced i. Ferrum redactum. 
IRREGULARITY. See Abnormality, Teeth. 

i. in time. Asynchronism. 
IRRITABILITY. See also Nerve, Sensation, Skin. 

Synonym : Irritabilitas. 
diminished tissue i. Abirritation ; Asthenia, 
i. of temper. Irascibility. 
[RRITANT. See Stimulant, Drug. 

IRRITATION. See also Stimulation, Counter-irritationi 
Irritability, Skin, Nerve, Soothe. 

Synonyms : Irritatio, Exeitatio. 
allaying i. Abirritant ; Calmative. 



hernia protruding through notch of i. Hedrocele. 

Synonym : Insula (adj. Insular). 
ISSUE. See Offspring, Discharge, Secretion. 
ITCH. See also Itching, Itch-mite, Psora, Scabies. 
Synonym : Acariasis. 
affected with i. Psorous. 
effective against the i. Antipsoric. 
hospital for treatment of i. Psorocomium. 
. ulceration from the i. Psorelcosis. 

Synonyms : Pruritus, Anachesmus. 
agent relieving i. Antipruritic ; Anachesmus. 
free from i. Acnesmos. 
producing an i. sensation. Odaxetic. 

ITCH-MITE. See also Itch. 

Synonyms : Aearus scahiei, Sarcoptes scabiei. 

agent destroying i.-m. Acaricide ; Acaratoxic. 

morbid fear of i.-m. Acarophobia. 

furrow of i.-m. Cuniculus. 

like an i.-m. Acaroid. 

any skin inflammation due to i.-m. Acarodermatitis 
ITCHY. Scabiosus. 
ITER. See Passage. 

JAGGED. See Saiv-shaped. 
JAIL FEVER. Typhus fever ; Typhus carcerum. 
JAKSCH'S DISEASE. Infantile pseudoleucemia. 
JAUNDICE. See also Liver, Bile. 
Synonym : Icterus (adj. Icteric), 
inflammation of liver with j. Icterepatitis ; Icterhepe 

j. from lead-poisoning. Icterus saturninus. 
j. of infants. Pedicterus. 



j. of new-born. Icterus neonatorum. 

j. from obstruction of bile-ducts. Hepatogenous j. 

resembling j. Icteroid. 
JAW. See also Jaw-bone, Locked-jaw, Lumpy-jaw. 

Synonyms : Os maxillaris, Gnathus (adj. Gnathic). 

congenital absence of j's. Agnathia (adj. Agnathous). 

ankylosis of the j. Gnathankylosis. 

cleft j. or fissure of j. Gnathoschisis. 

inflammation of the j. Gnathitis. 

inflammation of glands under j. Maxillitis. 

having a large j. Megagnathus. 

having a long j. Macrognathic ; Prognathism (adj. 

lower j. Mandible (adj. Mandibular). 

monster with double j. Diodoncephalus. 

muscle of the j. Masseter; Mandibularis externus. 

neuralgia or pain in j. or cheek. Gnathoneuralgia ; 
, Gnathalgia. 

paralysis of j. Gnathoparalysis ; Gnathoplegia. 

plastic operation on j. Genyplasty. 

pertaining to j. and teeth. Maxillodentary. 

abnormal shortness of j. Brachygnathism. 

having straight j's. Orthognathous. 

having teeth on lower j. only. Catodont. 

fibrous tumor of alveolus of j. Epulis. 
JAW-BONE. Maxilla. 
JELLY-LIKE. Gelatinoid; Colloid. 
JOIN. See Union, Adhesion. 

JOINT. See also Articulation, Cartilage, Ligament, Syno- 
vial fluid. Knee, Hip-joint, etc., Gout. 
Synonym : Arthrosis (adj. Arthric). 

absence of j's or limbs. Anarthria (adj. Anarthrous). 

amputation at a j. Exarticulation. 

anatomy of the j's. Arthrology. 

around a j. Peri-articular. 

away from a j. Abarticular. 

ball-and-socket j. Enarthrosis. 

efl'usion of blood into j. Hemarthron; Hemarthrosis. 

caries of a j. Arthrocace. 

j. by means of condyles. Condylarthrosis. 


a deformed j. Dysarthrosis. 

description of a j. Arthrography. 

any disease of bony j. Osteo-arthropathy. 

any disease of a j. Arthropathy. 

to disjoint. Diarticulate ; Disarticulate. 

dislocation of a j. Exarthrema ; Exarthrosis ; Luxation 

dissection of j's. Synosteotomy, 
effusion of air into j. Pneumarthrosis. 
effusion of blood into j. Hemarthron; Hemarthros 

effusion of fluid in j. Hydrarthrosis. 
*a false j. formed at seat of a fracture, etc. Nearthrosis 

unnatural flexure of a j. Arthrogryposis, 
lubricating fluid of j. Synovia ; Axungia articulorum. 
pertaining to gout in j's. Arthritic, 
gout involving all the j's. Hamarthritis. 
immobility of a j. Ankylosis ; Arthrokleisis ; Acamp 

a naturally immovable j. (as of tooth). Gomphosis. 
inflammation of a j. Arthritis, 
inflammation around j's. Peri-arthritis, 
inflammation around a bursa j. Parasynovitis, 
general inflammation of j. Panarthritis, 
inflammation of cartilage of a j. Arthrochondritis. 
inflammation of j. membrane. Meningarthrocace. 
inflammation of membrane lining inner surface of j 

inflammation affecting but one j. Monarthritis. 
knife used to incise j. Arthrotome. 
pus in a j. Abscessus arthriticus ; Pyarthrosis. 
chronic rheumatic inflammation of j's. Rheumatoic 

arthritis; Osteo-arthritis ; Rheumato-arthritis. 
simultaneous inflammation of several j's. Polyarthritis 
movable j. in which a condyle fits a corresponding hoi 

low. Condylarthrosis. 
movements of a j. Flexion; Extension; Rotation, 
normally j'ed. Nomarthral. 
abnormally j'ed. Xenarthral. 

oblique condition of j. not due to luxation. Loxarthron 


operation of formation of artificial j. Arthroplasty. 

operation of excision of a j. Arthrectomy ; Synovec- 

operation of incision into a j. Arthrotomy. 

operation of surgical fixation of a j. Arthrodesis. 

ojieration of scraping j. Arthrodexis. 

operation of breaking up a stiff j. Arthroclasia; Ar- 

pain in a j. Arthralgia ; Arthroneuralgia. 

suppuration in a j. Arthro-empyesis. 

synovitis of a j. Arthromeningitis. 

suppuration of a j. Pyarthrosis. 

swelling of a j. Arthrocele. 

swelling or tumor of j. Arthroncus or Arthrophyte; 

JUICE. See also Gastric juice, Juicy. 
Synonym : Succus. 
expressed j. of unripe fruit. Verjuice, 
intestinal j. Succus intestinalis ; Succus entericus. 
lemon j. Succus limonis. 
pancreatic j. Succus pancreaticus. 
stomach j. Succus gastricus. 

JUICY. Succulent. 

JUNCTION. See Joint, Union. 


KAPOSI'S DISEASE. Xeroderma pigmentosum. 
KERKRING'S VALVES. Valvulse conniventes (of Intes- 

KIDNEY. See also Kidney colic, Kidney-shaped, Supra- 
renal capsules. 

Synonyms : Ren, Nephros (adjs. Renal, Nephric). 
abscess or inflammation of k. Nephrapostasis ; Ab- 

scessus renalis. 
atrophy of k's. Nephromiosis ; Nephrarctia. 
inactivity or torpidity of k. Nephrapragmonia. 
18 273 


around k. Perinephric. 

body located on top of k. Suprarenal capsule (q. v.) ; 

Renes succenturiata ; Renes parvi; Adrenals, 
cup-like tubes of ureter in k. Calices. 
enveloping membrane of k. Perinephrium. 
notch on inner border of k. Hilum. 
cystic k. Nephrocytosis. 
degeneration of k. Heteronephrotrophy. 
description of the k. Nephrography, 
any disease of the k. Nephropathy ; Nephresia ; Neph- 

pertaining to disease of k. Nephretic ; Nephritic, 
enlargement of k. Nephrauxe; Nephromegaly ; Neph- 

rectasia ; Nephrohypertrophy. 
edema of k. Nephredema. 
extract of k. Renadin ; Renin. 
falling of k. Nephroptosis, 
fat around k. Pinguedo renalis; Nephridion; Nephri- 

fatty degeneration of k. Degeneratio adiposa renis. 
fetal k's. Renes lobati. 

fibroid degeneration of k. Degeneratio fibrosa renis. 
floating k. Ectopia renis ; Ren mobilis. 
hemorrhage from k. Nephrorrhagia ; Nephremorrhagia. 
hernia of k. Nephrocele. 

induration of k. Nephrosclerosis; Nephrostegnosis. 
inflammation of k. Nephritis (adj. Nephritic), 
any inflammation of k. Nephrophlegmasia. 
inflammation of k. and its pelvis. Pyelonephritis, 
inflammation of tissues around k. Paranephritis ; Peri- 
inflammation of pelvis of k. Pyelitis ; Nephropyelitis ; 

granular inflammation of k. Chalazonephritis ; Neph- 

near the k. Adrenal. 

morbid condition of k. nerves. Nephrodysneuria. 
of k. origin. Nephrogenous, 
pain in k. Nephralgia ; Colica renalis ; Dolor nephrit- 




paralysis of k. Nephroparalysis ; Nephroplegia ; Neph- 

roparesis ; Nephratonia. 
collection of urine in pelvis of k. Hydronephrosis. 
relating to portal system of k. Reniportal. 
science of study of the k. Nephrology, 
small k. Renulus ; Renculus ; Reniculus. 
suppression of k. secretion. Nephranuria. 
pertaining to horseshoe-shaped k. Hippocrepian ; Hip- 

suppuration of k. Nephropyosis ; Pyonephrosis, 
operation of incision of k. Nephrotomy, 
operation of incision into pelvis of k. Pyelotomy. 
operation of puncture of capsule of k. Renipuncture. 
operation of fixation of floating k. Nephropexy ; Neph- 

operation of excision of k. Nephrectomy, 
operation of removal of papilla of k. for hematuria. 

softening of k. Nephromalacia. 
stone in k. Lithonephria. 
k. stone. Nephrolith, 
formation of k. stone. Nephrolithiasis, 
operation for k. stone. Nephrolithotomy. 
testing condition of k. by freezing the urine. Cryos- 

tumor of the k. Nephroncus. 
adenoma of k. Nephradenoma. 
ulceration of k. Nephrelcosis. 
obstruction of vessels of k. Nephremphraxis. 

KIDNEY-COLIC. Nephrocolica ; Nephralgia ; Nephro- 
lithocolica; Colica renalis or nephretica; Dolor neph- 

KIDNEY-SHAPED. Nephroid; Reniform. 

KILL. See Murder. 

KLEBS-LOEFFLER BACILLUS. Bacillus diphtherise. 


Synonym : Massage. 
person performing k. of body. Massagist; Masseur; 



KN£E. See also Bow-leg, Knee reflex, Knock-knee, Pa- 

Synonym : Genu. 
bending of k. Genuflexion ; Gonyectyposis. 
cartilage of k. (semilunar). Cartilage semilunaris; 

inflammation of semilunar cartilage of k. Meniscitis. 
deformity of k. Gonycampsis. 
forcible correction of k. deformity. Genuclasty. 
gout in the k. Gonagra ; Gonatorrheuma. 
housemaid's k. Hygroma genu ; Bursitis prepatellaris. 
incision of k. -joint. Gonarthrotomy. 
inflammation of k. -joint. Gonitis; Gonarthritis. 
inflammation of synovial membrane of k. Gonarthro- 

pain in "the k. Gonalgia ; Gonyalgia ; Gonatalgia. 
pertaining to the k. Genual ; Mesogonious. 
thickening of skin of k. Gonytyle. 
white swelling of k. -joint. Gonarthrocace ; Hydrar- 

thrus genu, 
any swelling of k. Gonocele (means also tumor of the 

testicles) ; Gonyocele ; Gonyoncus ; Gonatocele. 
walking on the k's. Gonybatia. 

KNEE-CAP. Patella {q. v.) (adj. Patellar) ; Rotula (adj. 

KNEE-REFLEX. Patellar reflex ; Rotulian reflex ; Knee- 

KNIFE. See also Cut, Cutting, Instrument 

k's used in surgery are called Scalpel, Bistoury, Lancet. 

KNOCK-KNEE. Cyllum ; Genu valgum ; Genu introrsum 

KNOB. See Node, Protuberance, Excrescence. 


KOCH'S BACILLUS. Bacillus tuberculosis. 

KUSSMAUL'S DISEASE. Poliomyelitis anterior acuta. 






difficulty in uttering sound of 1. Lambdacism ; Labda- 
LABEL. Signa. 

LABOE,. See also Abortion, Accouchement, Birth, Gcesa- 

rean section. Fetus. 

Synonyms : Partus, Parturition, Odis, Maieuma, Maieu- 

state after 1. Puerperium (adj. Puerperal). 

a woman after 1. Puerpera. 

before 1. Antepartum. 

calendar for estimating time of 1. Periodoscope. 

condition of being in 1. Parturient. 

convulsion before, during, or after 1. Eclampsia. 

difficult 1. Dystocia ; Mogostocia ; Partus difficilis. 

an easy and natural 1. Eutocia. 

discharge from genitals after 1. Lochia. 

dry 1. Partus siccus. 

hastening 1. Oxytocic ; Ocytocic ; Ocyodinic. 

agents which hasten 1. Odinopceia. 

hospital for women in 1. Lochodochium. 

agent which induces 1. Parturifacient. ^ 

insanity after 1. Maieusiophobia. 

mitigation of pains of 1. Odinolysis. 

pain in limbs after 1. Lochomeleagra. 

premature 1. Partus immaturus ; Partus prematura. 

1. with face presentation. Prosopotocia. 

1. with foot presentation. Partus agrippinus. 

1. following abnormally long pregnancy. Partus sero- 

science of treatment of 1. Obstetrics ; Tocology ; Maieu- 

1. at term. Partus matunis. 

inflammation of uterus after 1. Lochometritis. 

inflammation of uterine veins after 1. Lochometro- 

gangrene of vagina after 1. Lochocacocolpia. 

incision of vulva in 1. to save perineum. Episiotomy. 


LABYRINTH. See also Cochlea. 
Synonym : Lahyrinthus. 
bony 1. Labyrinthus osseus. 
membranous 1. Labyrinthus membranaceus. 

LACERATION. See Abrasion, Rupture, Wound, differ- 
ent organs. 

LACRIMAL APPARATUS. See Tear-passages. 

LACRIMAL BONE. Os unguis. 

LACRIMAL DUCT. See Tear-duct. 

LACRIMAL GLAND. See Tear-gland. 

LACRIMAL SAC. See Tear-sac. 

LACTATION. See also Milh, Milking, Nursing. 

LACTEALS. Vasa chylifera. 

LAMENESS. Claudication; Anaperia. 

LANCING. See Cutting. 

LANDRY'S PARALYSIS. Acute ascending spinal paral- 

LANGUAGE. See also Pronunciation, Speech, Voice, 
secret or enigmatic 1. Cryptology. 

LANGUOR. See also Illness, Melancholy, Stupor, Weak- 
LARD. Adeps (adj. Adipic). 

LARGE. See Increase, different organs and parts. 
LARGE-HEADED. Macrocephalic ; Megalocephalic. 

Synonym : Intestinum crassum. 
LARGE PELVIS. Pelvis juste major. 
LARVA. See Gruh. 

LARYNX. See also Air-passages, Singer^ s nodules. Speech, 
Pharynx, Thyroid cartilage. Trachea, Vocal cords. 
Vocal organs. 
cartilages of 1. Thyroid ; Cricoid ; Arytenoid, 
small cartilaginous nodules of 1. Cornicula laryngis. 
closure or obstruction of 1. Laryngemphraxis. 


any disease of 1. Laryngopathy. 

examination of one's own 1. Autolaryngoscopy. 

instrument to examine 1. Laryngoscope. 

hemorrhage from 1. Laryngorrhagia. 

inflammation of 1. Laryngitis. 

dry inflammation of 1. Laryngitis sicca ; Ozaena laryn- 

inflammation of 1. and trachea. Laryngotracheitis. 

inflammation of muscle of 1. and vocal bands. Myo- 

membranous inflammation of 1. Croup (q. v.). 

inflammation of tissue around 1. Paralaryngitis ; Peri- 

measurement of 1. Laryngometry. 

opening into 1. Rima glottidis or laryngis; Aditus 
laryngis; Orificium superius laryngis. 

pain in 1. Laryngalgia. 

paralysis of 1. Laryngoplegia. 

pertaining to the 1. Laryngeal ; Laryngic. 

I excessive secretion from 1. Laryngorrhea. 
spasm of 1. Laryngismus ; Spasmus glottidis ; Laryngo- 
spasm ; Laryngismus stridulus ; Asthma thymicum 
or rachiticum. 
spasm of 1. on attempted phonation. Mogiphonia ; Dys- 
phonia spastica, 
surgical incision of 1. Laryngocentesis ; Laryngotomy. 
instrument to cut 1. Laryngotome. 
excision of 1. Laryngectomy, 
narrowing of 1. Laryngostenosis. 
necrosis of 1. Laryngonecrosis. 
science of treatment of 1. Laryngology (adjs. Laryn- 

gologic, Laryngological). 
plastic surgery of 1. Laryngoplasty. 
paralysis of 1. Laryngoparalysis ; Laryngoplegia. 
a tube for 1. Laryngosyrinx. 
passage of tube into 1. Intubation, 
tuberculosis of 1. Tuberculosis laryngis; Laryngo- 

valve covering the 1. Epiglottis, 
within the 1. Endolaryngeal. 
LASSITUDE. See Fatigue. 




excessive 1. Cachinnation. 

excessive 1. of insane. Gelasma. 

alternate tears and 1. Dacrygelosis. 
LAVERAN'S CORPUSCLES. Plasmodium or Hsemamoeba* 


Synonym : Lex (adj. Legal). 

governed by identical natural I's. Homonomous. 

application of legal 1. to medicine. Jurisprudence. 

LAXATIVE. See also Cathartic, Purgation. 

Synonyms : Lenitive, Eccoprotie, Alviducous, Aperient. 

LAYER. See also Membrane, Layer, Covering. 
Synonyms : Stratum, Lamina, Lamella. 
arranged in I's. Laminated ; Stratified. 
LEACHING. See Leeching. 
Synonym : Lixiviation. 
LEAD. See also Lead-colic, Lead-palsy, Lead-poisoning. 
Synonym : Plumbum (adjs. Plumbic, Saturnine, Mo- 
brain disease due to 1. Molybdencephalia. 
depraved state of system due to 1. Molybdocachexia. 
tumor due to 1. poison. Molybdotromos. 
impaired vision due to 1. Molybdamblyopia. 
LEAD-COLIC. Molybdocolic; Colica pectonum or satur- 

LEAD-PALSY. Molybdoparesis. 
LEAD PLASTER. Diachylum; Diachylon. 
LEAD-POISONING. Saturnism; Molybdosis; Plumbism. 

Synonym : Folium. 
abounding in I's or l.-like appendages. Foliose. 
growing upon I's. Foliicolous. 
like I's. Foliaceous ; Foliated. 
LEAN. See Fat, Flesh. 

Synonyms : Emaciated, Liposarcous. 
LEANNESS. See Emaciation. 

LEATHERY. Coriaceous. 





Synouyms : Hirudo, Hirudo sanguisuda. 
breeding of Fes. Hirudiniculture. 
instrument used as substitute for 1. Bdellometer. 

LEECHING. Bdellotomy ; Bdellatomy ; Bdellepithesis. 
LEFT. See also Left-handedness. 

Synonym : Sinistra (adj. Sinistral). 
LEFT-HANDEDNESS. Ampharisteros ; Mancinism (adjs. 

Araphiristeric, Mancinic). 
LEG-. See also Tibia, Fibula, Thigh, Milk-leg. 
Synonyms : Cms, Scelos. 
bending of 1. forward. Cnemolordosis. 
bending of 1. sideways. Cnemoscoliosis. 
bones of 1. Tibia ; Fibula, 
curvature of I's. Scelocambosis ; Rhebosis. 
defective development of calves of 1. Acnemia (one 
so affected, Acnemos). 

I elephantiasis affecting the I's. Cnemelephantiasis. 
hypertrophy of I's. Macroscelia. 
inflammation or edema of the 1. Bucnemia. 
excessive number of I's. Polyscelia. 
having one 1. Monoscelous. 
pain in 1. Scelalgia. 
rheumatism of 1. Scelorrheuma. 
tumor of 1. Sceloncus. 
LEGAL MEDICINE. Medical jurisprudence; Jurispru- 
dentia medica; Forensic medicine; Medicina judi- 

LEGAL'S DISEASE. Cephalalgia pharyngotympanica. 

a concave-convex 1. Meniscus. 

convergent point of light-rays passed through a 1. 

single 1. Monocle. 
resembling a 1. Lenticular. 
LEPROSY. Spiloplania; Spiloplaxia. 
LETHARGY. See also Hypnotism, Stupor, Coma, Sleep. 
Synonyms : Torpor, Hebetude, Somnolency, Sopor, Cata- 



LEUCORRHEA. See also Gonorrhea, 

Synonyms : Caiarrhus genitalium, Fluor albus, Blenv- 
7ielytria, Medoblennorrhea, Menorrhagia alba. 
excessive 1. Leucorrhagia. 

Synonyms : Pediculi (sing. Pediculus), Dermatozoa, 
morbid fear of 1. Pediculophobia. 
state of being covered with 1. Pediculation. 
symptoms produced by 1. Pediculosis. 

LIEBERKUHN'S GLANDS. Glandulae intestinales. 

LIETAUD'S TRIANGLE. Trigonum vesicae. 

LIFE. See also Change of life, Nutrition, Living, Air, 
Oxygen, Blood. 

Synonyms : Vita, Bios, Biosis (adjs. Biotic, Vital), 
absence of 1. Inanimation ; Abiosis. 
absence of living organisms. Azoic, 
calculations of duration of human 1. Biometry, 
capable of sustaining independent 1. Viable ; Viabilis , 

Vitae habitis. 
dissolution of 1. Biolysis (adj. Biolytic). 
to endow with 1. Vitalize. 

science of electric properties of 1. Electrobiology. 
use of electricity to determine presence of 1. Electro- 

history of evolution of 1. Biogeny. 
examination to ascertain if 1. be extinct. Bioscopy. 
experiments on live animals. Biotomy ; Vivisection, 
formative matter of 1. Bioplasm ; Biogen. 
production of 1. from living beings. Biogenesis, 
production of 1. from non-living matter. Abiogenesis; 

Archigenesis ; Archebiosis; Generation aequivoca. 
hatred or disgust for 1. Misopsychia. 
disgust for 1. with suicidal impulse. Misozoia. 
condition of having 1. Vitality, 
incompatible with 1. Abiotic. 
1. in liquid media. Hydrobiosis. 
long 1. Longevity ; Macrobiosis, 
one whose 1. is long. Macrobiote (adj. Macrobiotic), 
study of producing long 1. Macrobiotics, 
capacity of absorbing living matter. Bioplagism. 


measurement of 1. Biometry. 

necessaries of 1. Vitas necessitates. 

getting new 1. Revivification. 

origin of 1. through natural law. Nomogeny. 

the principle of 1, Anima. 

general principle of 1. Panbioma. 

resuscitation of 1. Anabiosis. 

science of environment of 1. Mesology. 

science of laws and functions of 1. Bionomy ; Physiology. 

.science of vital functions of 1. Biotics ; Biodynamics. 

science of phenomena of 1. Biognosis ; Biology. 

selective power of living matter. Biotaxis. 

theory of 1. as a special force different from other forces. 

physiologic unit of 1. with independent functions. Bion ; 

unit of germ-plasm of 1. Biophore. 

ultimate vital unit. Plasome. 
I^^hrases : 

v^m To restore to 1. Ad vitam revocare. 
v^m To come to 1. again. Ad vitam redire. 
I'^m While there is 1. there is hope. Aegroto dum anima 
est, spes est. 

LIFELESS. Inanimate. 


Synonyms : Ahiosis, Inanimation. 

LIGAMENT. See also Round ligament. 

Synonyms: Lig amentum (pi. Lig amenta; adj. Liga- 
mentous), Desma. 
articulation by 1. Syndesmosis ; Synneurosis. 
a check-1. Frenum. 

description of 1. Syndesmography; Desmography. 
any disease of 1. Desmopathy. 
dissection of 1. Desmotomy. 
inflammation of 1. Syndesmitis; Desmitis. 
membrane around a 1, Peridesmium. 
pain in a 1. Desmodynia. 
resembling a 1. Desmoid, 
round 1. (as of uterus). Ligamentum teres or rotun- 





rupture of a 1. of a joint. Desmorrhexis. 

science of 1. Syndesmology ; Desmology. 

section of 1. Syndesmotomy. 

Y-1. Ligamentum bifurcatum. 

1. of back of neck. Ligamentum nuchae. 


Synonym : Ligatara. 
act of applying 1. Deligation ; Ligation. 

LIGHT. See also Light-loving, Ray, Reflection, Refraction, 
Lens, Clear, Sun. 

Synonyms : Lux, Luminosity. 
avoiding 1. Lucifiigal. 
blanching from exclusion of 1. Etiolation, 
breaking up of 1. into spectral colors. Iridescence, 
chemic rays of 1. Actinic, 
a subject that is decomposed by 1. Photolyte. 
deflection of l.-ray passing through a small aperture. 

disease resulting from exposure to glare of 1. Photo- 

electricity produced by 1. Photo-electricity, 
emitting 1. Luminiferous ; Luminous ; Lucident ; Phos- 
living in the 1. Photobiotic, 

instrument for measuring intensity of 1. Photometer, 
measurement of intensity of 1. Photometry, 
pain produced by 1. Photalgia. 
pertaining to 1. Photic, 
convergent point of l.-rays passed through a lens. 

l.-producing. Photogenic, 
resembling 1. Luciform. 
science of chemistry of 1. Photochemistry, 
subjective sensation of 1. Photopsia. 
subjective 1. sensation from pressure on eyeballs. Phos- 

abnormal sensitiveness to 1. Photophobia; Phengo- 

transmitting 1. Diaphanous ; Translucent. 




LIGHT-LOVING. Leukophilous. 

l.-like (as occurrence of a symptom). Foudroyante ; 
Fulminant; Siderant. 

morbid fear of 1. Keraunophobia. 

nerve disorder produced by 1. Keraunoneurosis. 

stroke of 1. Fulguration ; Fulminis ictus. 
jIGHTNING pains. Dolores fulgurantes. 
jIKE. See Love, Hatred, Eating, Resemblance. 

jIMB. See also Extremities, Thigh, Leg, Arm, Fore-army 
Extremity, Joint, Amputation. 

Synonym : Membrum (pi. Membra). 
absence of I's. Amelia, 
absence of joints or 1. Anarthria. 
adhesion of I's. Ankylomele ; Ancylomele. 
coldness of 1. (as in fever). Leipyria. 
any curvature or deformity of back or 1. Cyrtosis. 
abnormal curving of 1. Campsis. 
excessive curvature of 1. Hypercyrtosis. 
any deformity of 1. from bending. Melocampyle. 
diseases of the 1. Acropathies. 
inequality between corresponding I's. Anisomelia. 
inflexibility or stiffness of 1. Acampsia. 
enlargement of the 1. Cheiromegaly. 
fetus with abnormally large I's. Megalomelus. 
having long 1. Macrocolous. 
dropsy of lower 1. occurring in women during labor. 

Phlegmasia alba dolens. 
monster with defective 1. Eschomelia. 
monster with double 1. Melodidymus. 
monster with dwarfed 1. Nanomelia. 
monster with one or more I's absent. Leipomeria. 
circular movement of 1. Circumduction, 
any neurosis of 1. Acroneurosis. 
pain in 1. Acroesthesia. 

pain or gout in I's. Melagra ; Melalgia ; Melosalgia. 
any arthritis or rheumatic pain in I's. Melitagra. 
painful sensations at tips of I's. Acroparesthesia, 
pain in I's after labor. Lochomeleagra. 
paralysis of I's. Acroparalysis. 



paralysis of one 1. Monoparalysis ; Monoplegia, 
paralysis of one lower 1. Hemiparaplegia. 

pathology of I's. Acropathology. | 

sensation of falling asleep of I's. Obdormition. ^ 

smallness of I's. Acromicria. | 

the shortening of a 1. Contraction. | 

surgical correction of a deformed 1. Epithesis. | 

trophic disturbances of I's. Acrotrophoneurosis. I 

violent twisting of a 1. Contortion. | 

wasting of the I's. Melatrophy. s 

LIMBER. Flexible; Pliant; Pliable. ' 

LIM E . See also Lime-water, Stone, and different parts 

of body. 

Synonyms : Calcaria, C. caustica, C. usta. 

loss of 1. by bones. Decalcification ; Halisteresis. 

condition resulting from loss of 1. by bones. Osteo- 

containing 1. Calcigerous. 

deposit of 1. in the tissues. Calcification. 

having the nature of 1. Calcareous. 

phthisis from inhalation of 1. Calcicosis. 

infiltration of 1. salts into a tumor. Ebumation. 

LIME-WATER. Aqua calcis ; Liquor calcis. 

LIMITED. Circumscribed. 

LIMPID. See Clear. 

LIMPING. See also Lameness. 

Synonyms : Claudication, Clauditas. 


Synonym : Linea (pi. Linece). 
I's crossing each other at right angles, forming bases of 
graphic records or charts. Abscissae. 

LING'S SYSTEM. Kinesitherapy. 

LINING. See Membrane. 


Synonym : Linum usitatissimum. 
oil of 1. Oleum lini. 

LIONVILLE'S ICTERUS. Icterus neonatorum. 



LIP. See also Speech^ Pronunciation. 

Synonyms : Labium (pi. Labia), Labrum (pi. Labra), 
Labium oris. 
absence of 1. Achilla ; Acheilia. 
atresia of 1. Synchilia ; Syncheilia, 
blood-vessels encircling the 1. Coronary. 
bridle of 1. Frenum or Frenulum labii. 
observation of circulation in the 1. Cheilo-angioscopy. 
crusts on I's in low fevers. Sordes. 
condition in which the I's are covered with dry black 

crusts. Fuliginosity (adj. Fuliginous), 
excessive development of I's. Macrocheilia. 
poor development of the 1. Atelocheilia. 
aversion of the 1. Eclabium. 
fissures of the I's. Rhagades. 
hare-1. Lagentomum ; Lagochilus; Lagostoma; Chei- 

inflammation of 1. Cheilitis, 
large I'ped. Labrose ; Megacheilus. 
little 1. Labellum. 
red exposed part of 1. Prolabium. 
instrument to hold 1. for operation. Labiotenaculum. 
plastic operation on 1. Cheiloplasty. 
restoration of 1. by operation. Labioplasty. 
the upper 1. Mystax. 
groove on upper 1. Amabile. 

LIP-SHAPED. Labiate. 

LIQUID. See also Water, Fluid, Solution, Moisture, In- 
jeetion. Effusion, Transfusion, Boiling, Cleansing, Melt, 
Cyst, Filtration, Discharge, Lymph, Serum. 

Synonym : Liquidus (pi. Liquida). 
becoming 1. Liquescent. 
' apable of being made 1. Liquable. 
state of being 1. Liquidity. 
1. collection in brain. Hydrocephalus ; Hydro-enceph- 

ieficiency of body-1. (fluids). Oligohydria. 
-tudy of body 1. Hygrology. 
relating to the 1. of the body. Icmastic. 
normal condition of 1. of the body. Euchymia. 


any 1. of the body. Humor. 

abnormal thinness or meagerness of body-1. Lepto- 

1. collection in abdomen. Hydrocelia. 

collection of 1. in middle ear. Hydromyringa. 

increase in 1. of eye. Hydrophthalmia. 

collection of 1. in Fallopian tube. Hydrosalpinx. 

collection of 1. and pus in Fallopian tube. Hydropyo- 

collection of 1. around heart. Hydropericardium. 

collection of 1. around spinal cord. Hydromyelia. 

collection of 1. around testicle. Hydrocele. 

collection of 1. and gas in any tissue. Hydropneuma- 

collection of 1. in uterus. Hydrometra. 

collection of 1. and gas in uterus. Hydrophysometra. 

the collection of watery 1. Hydrogenesis. 

conversion of 1. into vapor. Evaporation. 

distention by 1. Hydrectasis. 

distention of uterus by 1. Hydromectasia. 

evacuation of 1. from cavity by operation or medicine. 

evacuation of 1. from cavity by tapping. Paracentesis. 

swimming or floating on a 1. Natant. 

assuming 1. form after freezing. Degelation. 

hernia containing 1. Hydrenterocele. 

hernia containing 1. and gas. Hydrophysocele. 

instrument to measure sp. gr. of I's. Litrameter. 

instrument to measure level of 1. Kathetometer. 

effusion of 1. in joint. Hydrarthrosis. 

like a 1. Liquiform. 

life in 1. media. Hydrobiosis. 

capable of becoming 1. by absorption of moisture. Deli- 

having the power to make 1. Liquefacient. 

production of 1. from solid substance. Liquefaction. 

production of 1. from solid by heat. Fusion. 

property of I's to pass through a porous septum. Osmo- 

passage of 1. from without inward. Endosmosis. 

passage of 1. from within outward. Exosmosis. 


pouring of a 1. drop by drop. Instillation. 

1. part of protoplasm. Hygroplasm. 

that which settles in the bottom of a 1. Sediment. 

science of 1. in equilibrium. Hydrostatics; Hydrody- 

injection of 1. under skin. Hypodermoclysis. 

pertaining to a sticky 1. Lentous ; Tenacious ; Viscid. 

LIQUID SOUND. See Auscultation. 

LIQUOR. See also Liquid, Alcohol, Solution. 

LISFRANC'S AMPUTATION. Tarsometatarsal disar- 

LISPING. See also Stuttering, Pronunciation, Speech. 

Synonyms : Hesitantia linguce, Traulismus. 
LITMUS. Roccella tinctoria. 

I LITTLE FINGER. Digitus auricularis. 
LIVE. See Life. 
LIVER. See also Bile, Gall-duct, Gall-bladder, Gall- 
stone, Portal vein. 
I Synonyms: Hepar, Jecur (adjs. Hepatic, Hepatoid, 
abscess of 1. Hepatapostema. 
acute yellow atrophy of 1. Leucinosis ; Icterus gravis, 
cancer of 1. Hepatocarcinoma. 
medullary cancer of 1. Hepatomyeloma. 
cirrhosis of 1. Hepatocirrhosis. 
description of 1. Hepatography. 

any disease of 1. Hepatopathy ; Cholosis (pi. Choloses). 
derangement of functions of 1. Hepatism. 
enlargement of 1. Hepatauxesis ; Hepatomegalia. 
having enlargement of 1. Megalosplanchnic. 
visual examination of 1. Hepatoscopy. 
fatty 1. Jecur adiposum. 

fatty degeneration of 1. Degeneratio hepatis adiposa. 
albuminoid degeneration of 1. Degeneratio hepatis 

floating 1. Hepatoptosis. 

gangrene of the 1. Hepatocace ; Hepatonecrosis. 
giant-cell of 1. Hepatophage. 

hemorrhage from 1. Hepatirrhagia ; Hepatorrhagia. 
19 289 


resembling 1. Hepatoid. 

sugar as stored in the 1. Glycogen. 

inflammation of 1. Hepatitis. 

inflammation of serous covering of 1. Perihepatitis. 

inflammation of 1. with jaundice. Icterepatitis. 

incision of 1. Hepatotomy. 

lobes of 1. Pinnae hepatis. 

lobules of I. Acini biliosi. 

development of nutmeg 1. Myristication. 

obstruction of 1. Hepatemphraxis. 

operation of excision of 1. Hepatectomy. 

operation of fixation of 1. Hepatopexy. 

operation of suture of 1. Hepatorrhaphy. 

pain in the 1. Hepatodynia. 

pain in 1. or in region of 1. Hepatalgia. 

any tumor of 1. Hepatophyma ; Hepatoncus. 

ulceration of 1. Hepathelcosis. 

pertaining to 1. and gall-bladder. Hepatocystic. 

pertaining to stomach and 1. Hepatogastric. 

produced by or in 1. Hepatogenic. 

serous covering of 1. Capsula Glissonii. 

LIVER-SPOTS. Chloasma hepaticum. 
LIVID. See also Bruise. 

Synonyms : Lividus, Plumbeous. 

LIVING. See Life, Growth, Eating. 

1. in the open air. Aericolous. 

Synonym : Lohus. 
Anatomic varieties : 

1. of brain. Gyrus ; Convolution ; Lobus cerebri. 

1. of ear. Lobulus auriculse. 

I's of a gland. Acini glandulosi. 

I's of the liver. Acini biliosi. 

I's of the kidney. Acini renales ; Corpora Malpigh- 

I's of spleen. Acini lienis; Corpora Malpighiana 

division into Ts. Lobulation, 
containing I's. Lobar; Lobular; Acinous, 
a small 1. Lobulus; Acinus. 


LOCAL. Topic; Topical. 
LOCALITY. See Epidemic. 

referring to a disease peculiar to a 1. Endemic. 

referring to a disease not peculiar to a 1. Ecdemic. 

study of diseases in relation to 1. Epidemiology. 

diseases not confined to a 1. Sporadic d's ; Morbi sparsi 
or dispersi. 

Synonym : Purgamenta puerperi. 

absence of 1. Alochia. 

excretion of the 1. Lochiation. 

excessive flow of 1. Lochiorrhagia ; Lochiorrhea. 

pain due to irregularity of 1. Lochiocolica. 

suppression of 1. Ischolochia ; Lochiorum retentio; 

collection of 1. in uterus. Lochiometra. 

LOCKJAW. See also Tetanus. 

Synonyms : Trismus, Gnathospasm. 
disease of which 1. is a prominent symptom. Tetanus. 

tl. in new-born. Trismus nascentium. 
Synonyms : Ataxia motus, Tabes, Tabes dorsalis (adis. 
Tabetic, Tabescent). 
disease resembling 1. a. Pseudotabes. 
IfFLER'S bacillus. See Klebs-Loffler b., Bacillus 
loin. See also Abdomen, Back, Hip. 
Synonyms: Lapara, Psoas. 
neuralgia in the 1. Neurischias. 
pain in Vs. Osphyalgia ; Coxalgia. 
rheumatism of 1. Lumbago. 
LONGEVITY. Macrobiosis. 
LONG-FOOTED. Longipedate. 
LONG-HANDED. Longimanus. 
LONG-HEADED. Dolichocephalic. 
LONG LIFE. See Longevity. 
LONGING. See Desire. 
LOOSE. Relaxed; LagaroUs; Flaccid. 



LOOSE CARTILAGE. Cartilago libera ; Corpus liberumj 

LOQUACITY. See also Speech. 

Synonym : Hyperlogia. 

foolish 1. Lerema ; Leresis. 

LOSS. See various [>arts and functions, as Hearing, etc. 

Synonym : Lotio. 

application of 1. Ablution. 
LOUD. Sonorous. 
LOUSE. See Lice. 

LOVE. See also Desire, Sexual desire, Mania. 
Synonyms : Amor, Amour, Eros. 

pertaining to sexual 1. Erotic ; Amatory ; Amative. 

pertaining to 1. of wife. Uxorious. 

LOWER JAW. Mandible ; Inferior maxilla. 
LOZENGE. Trochiscus; Troche. 

LUDWIG'S ANGINA. Phlegmonous cellulitis of neck. 

LUMBAR ABSCESS. Abscessus lumbalis or lumborum. 
LUMP. See Nodule, Protuberance. 
LUMPY-JAW. Actinomycosis. 
LUNACY. See Insanity. 
LUNATIC. Non compos mentis. 

LUNATIC ASYLUM. Manicocomium ; Morocomium; 
Morotrophium ; Morodochium. 

LUNG. See also Chest, Pleura, Bronchus, Respiration, 

Percussion, Auscultation, Rale, Pneumonia. 
Synonyms : Pulmo, Pneumon. 

abscess of 1. Pneumapostema ; Abscessus pulmonum. 

congenital absence of Fs. Apneumia. 

excision of portion of 1. Pulmonectomy ; Pneumo- 

incision of 1. Pneumotomy ; Pneumonotomy. 

non-expansion of air-cells of 1. Atelectasis ; Apneuma- 

hemorrhage into air-cells of 1. (pulmonary apoplexy). 
Pneumorrhagia ; Pneumohemorrhagia. 


terminal of bronchiole in 1. Alveolus (pi. Alveoli). 

cavity of 1. containing pus. Vomica. 

congestion of posterior part of 1. from lying on back. 

Hypostasis pulmonum. 
calculus in 1. Pneumolith. 
stony concretion of 1. Lithophthisis. 
description of 1. Pneumography, 
any 1. disease. Pneumonopathy. 
any affection of L Pneumonosis ; Pneumonosus ; Pneu- 

1. disease from coal deposit. Anthracosis. 
disease of 1. from inhalation of dust. Pneumonoconio- 

sis; Pneumoconiosis; Chalicosis. 
edema of 1. Pneumochysis. 
fungous disease of 1. Pneumomycosis; Pneumonomy- 


(malarial disease of 1. Pneumopaludism. 
melanosis of L Pneumomelanosis. 
evaporation from the 1. Exhalation, 
gangrene of 1. Necropneumonia ; Pneumocace. 
hemorrhage from 1. Hemoptysis ; Pneumorrhagia. 
hernia of 1. Pneumocele ; Pleurocele ; Pneumatocele; 
inflammation of 1. Pneumonitis; Pneumonia; Pneu- 
mitis; Pulmonitis. 
inflammation of 1. and pleura. Peripneumonia ; Pleuro- 
instrument to measure 1. capacity. Pulmometer ; Pneu- 

matometer; Spirometer, 
any micrococcus of 1. Pneumococcus ; Pneumonococcus. 
pertaining to 1. Pulmonic ; Pneumonic, 
pertaining to heart and I's. Cardiopneumatic. 
pertaining to I's and stomach. Pneumogastric. 
subcutaneous extravasation of air from 1. Pneumo- 

excision of portion of 1. Pneumectomy. 
puncture of 1. Pneumocentesis. 

LUSCHKA'S TONSIL. Tonsilla pharyngea. 

LUST. See also Sexual desire, Desire. 

Synonyms : Acolasia, Lagnesis, Libido. 


1. in male. Satyriasis. 

1. in female. Nymphomania. 

LUSTGARTEN'S BACILLUS. Bacillus syphiliticus. 

LYING DOWN. Recumbent; Decumbent; Accubation. 
act of 1. d. Decubation. 
position of 1. d. Decubitus. 
1. d. on back (supine). Dorsal decubitus. 
1. d. on abdomen (prone). Ventral decubitus; Stenio- 

dorsal d. 
1. d. on side. Lateral decubitus. 
1. d. of one person with another. Accubitus. 

LYING-IN. See also Labor, Birth. 

Synonyms : Confinement, Accouchement. 

LYMPH. See also Lymph-cell, Lymphatic gland, Serum. 
Synonyms : Lympha, Lympha nutritia. 
insufficient amount of 1. Alymphia. 
Koch's 1. Tuberculin, 
edema from accumulated 1. Lymphedema, 
agent to stimulate flow of 1. Lymphagogue. 
like 1. Lymphoid. 

pertaining to 1. Lymphic ; Lymphatic, 
plastic 1. Liquor sanguinis, 
producing 1. Lymphogenous, 
production of 1. Lymphosis. 



Synonym : Lymphaden. 

a discharge of 1. g. Lymphorrhea. 

any disease of 1. g. Lymphopathy. 

enlargement of 1. g. Lymphadenosis ; Lymphadenia. 

malignant hypertrophy of 1. g. with associated anemia 
(Hodgkin's disease). Lymphadenoma ; Pseudoleu- 
kemia; Polyadenia; Pseudoleukocythemia. 

inflammation of 1. g. Lymphadenitis. 

leukocythemia with enlarged 1. g. Lymphemia. 

pertaining to 1. g. Lymphatic. 

resembling a 1. g. Lymphadenoid. 

tumor of a 1. g. Lymphadenectosis. 

malignant tumor of a 1. g. Lymphadenoma. 


LYMPHATICS (Vessels). See also Lymph, Lymph-cell, 
Thoracic duct 

Syuoiiym : Hydrangeia. 
abuormal dilatation of 1. Lymphangiectasis. 
any disease of the 1. Leukosis. 
inflammation of 1. Hydrangeitis ; Lymphangitis; 

fever from inflamed 1. Lymphangiopyra. 
1. of intestines. Lacteals. 
injection of 1, Lymphangiectasis. 
lining membrane of 1. Endothelium, 
tumor of lining membrane of 1. Endothelioma. 
science of 1. and blood-vessels. Angiology. 
study of 1. Hydrangiology. 
tumor of 1. Angiolymphoma ; Lymphoma, 
a swelling of 1. Lymphangoncus. 
varicose condition of 1. Lymphangioma. 

Synonym : Lymphocyte. 
dark-colored l.-c. Melanocyte, 
excessive development of l.-c's. Achroacytosis. 

employment of letter m. in speaking. Mytacism ; Muta- 
MADNESS. See Lnsanity, Rabies. 
MAGGOT. See Fly. 
MAGNET. Magnes lapis heraclius. 
MAGNETISM. See Animal magnetism, Hypnotism. 

instrument to ra. objects. Microscope ; Megaloscope. 
MAHER'S DISEASE. Perivaginitis simplex. 
MAIDENHEAD. Hymen ; Claustrum virginale. 
MAIMING. See Mutilation, Deformity. 

Syuonyms : Zea, Frumentum. 
a disease of the skin caused l)y the excessive use of m. 



MALADY. See Disease. 

MALAR BONE. Os zygomaticum or malae. 

MALAEIA. See also Fever. 

Synonyms : Elodes, Helodes. 

chronic ni. Impaludism ; Paludism ; Cachexia malariafi. 

the organism of m. Plasmodium malarise; Hemoplas- 
modium; Hematozobn. 

pernicious m. Malaria pemiciosa. 

poisoning by m. Paludism. 

pertaining to m. Malarial; Malarious; Miasmatic; 
Paludal; Paludic. 

m. with attack every day. Quotidian ; Amphemera. 

m. with attack every third day. Tertian. 

m. with attack every fourth day. Quartan. 

semitertian form of m. Hemitriteus. 

MALASSEZ' DISEASE. Cystic disease of testicle. 
MALE. See Ma7i, Sex. 

MALFORMATION. See Deformity, Monster. 
Synonyms : Deformitas ingenita, Agenesia. 
pertaining to a m. Cacoplastic. 

MALIGNANCY. Cacoethia. 

MALIGNANT PUSTULE. Pustula maligna ; Anthrax. 

MALINGERING. Simulation. 

MALPIGHIAN BODIES. Corpora Malpighiana. 

MALPIGHIAN LAYER (of Skin). Rete mucosum. 

MALPIGHIAN PYRAMIDS. Pyramidales renales. 


Synonym : Maltum. 
ferment of m. Diastase ; Maltine. 

MAMMARY GLAND. See also Breast, Nipple. 
Synonym : Mamma. 
enlargement of m. g. Spargosis. 
inflammation of tissues about m. g. Paramastitis, 
the condition of having many m. g's. Polymazia ; Poly- 
mastia; Pleomazia; Pleomastia. 
presence, normal or abnormal, of four m. g's. Tetra- 



l\tA.N. See also Growth, Age, Sex. 

Synonyms: Homo (adj. Human), Microcosm. 

anatomy of m. Anthropotomy ; Andranatomy ; An- 

eating of m. Cannibalism ; Anthropophagy. 

a m. of effeminate qualities. Gynander ; Androgyna. 

fear of m's society. Anthrophobia. 

condition of mature m'hood. Virility. 

measurement of body of m. Anthropometry. 

a petrified m. Anthropolite. 

resembling m. Anthropoid. 

the science of m. Anthropology. 

the science of origin of m. Anthropogeny. 

science of structure of m. Anthroposomatology. 

shaped like a m. Anthropomorphous ; Andromorphous. 

the study of m. Microcosmography ; Andrology; An- 

m. in contradistinction to the universe. Microcosm. 

the universe in contradistinction to m. Macrocosm. 
lANGE. Acariasis. 
lANHOOD. See Age. 

JTIA. See also Mo7 


Synonyms : Furor, Hyperphrenia. 
mild m. Manicula. 

one affected with m. Maniac (adj. Maniacal), 
pertaining to raging m. Furibund. 
violent m. Frenzy. 
m. on one subject. Monomania. 
111. after childbirth. Puerperal mania; Mania lactea. 
chronic m. Mania fixa. 
ni. due to cocaine. Cocainomania. 
ni. due to counting. Arithomania. 
m. for dancing. Dinomania ; Choromania. 
ni. for dark places. Lygophilia. 

m. with joyous delirium. Amenomania ; Choromania. 
m. without delirium. Mania sine delirio. 
iri. with depression. Mania despondens; Mania syl- 

m. for eating dirt. Chthonophagia. 

1A.NIA. See also Monomania, Delirium, Insanity, Desire, 


m. for intoxicatiug drink. Dipsomania; Mania crapi 

losa; Enomania; Oinomania; Alcoholophilia ; Meth; 

lepsia; Methymania; Methomania. 
m. due to intoxicating drink. Mania a potu; Man 

m. for emetics. Emetomania. 
m. of epilepsy. Mania epileptica. 
m. for setting fire to things. Empresiomania ; Pyromani 
m. with hallucination. Mania hallucinatoria. 
m. due to injury. Traumatic m. 
m. for flowers. Anthomania. 
m. for a particular food. Opsomania, 
m. for homicide. Androphonomania. 
m. for marriage. Gamomania. 
m. for swallowing metals. Metallophagia. 
m. for morphin. Morphinomania. 
m. with disposition to murder. Homicidal mania. 
excessive m. for music. Melomania. 
m. for narcotics. Letheomania. 
m. for novelty. Neophilism. 
periodical m. Mania intermittens, 
m. for writing poetry. Metromania. 
religious m. Theomania. 

sexual m. Mania erotica ; Erotomania ; Edeomania. 
sexual m. in men. Satyriasis, 
sexual m. in women. Nymphomania; Andromania. 
m. for solitude. Agromania. 
m. for stealing. Kleptomania, 
m. for performing surgical operations. Tomomania 

m. for public speaking. Mania concionabunda. 
transitory m. Mania ephemeralis ; M. subita. 
m. for travelling. Ecdemomania. 
m. for wandering about. Mania errabunda. 
m. due to absence from home (excessive home-sickness^ 

Nostomania ; Nostromania ; Pathopatridomania. 
m. to wander from home. Drapetomania. 
m. with regard to words or names. Onomatomania, 
m. for use of obscene words. Coprolalia, 
m. for writing. Graphomania. 
MARIE'S DISEASE. Acromegaly. 



MARK. See Sign. 

Synonyms : Matrimony, Vinculum matrimonii. 

occurring after m. Postconnubial. 

unreasonable aversion to m. Misogamy. 

child-m. Haramaitism. 

mania for m. Gamomania ; Gamenomania. 

not married. Celibate. 

mixture of races by inter-m. Miscegenation. 

relating to m. Conjugal; Matrimonial; Marital; Con- 

m. of two. Monogamy. 

m. of three or more. Polygamy. 

m. of one man to two or more wives. Polygyny. 


MARROW. See also Bone-marrow, Spinal marrow. 
Synonym : Medulla. 

without m. Non-medullated. 
MARROW-CELL. Myelocyte. 
MARSH. See also Malaria. 
Synonym : Pains. 

any miasm from m. Limnomephitis. 

having nature of m. fever. Palustral. 

pertaining to m. Uliginous ; Paludal ; Limnemic. 
MARSH-GAS. Methane. 

m. of eye. Malaxation. 

male operator of m. Masseur (fem. Masseuse). 

treatment by m. Massotherapy. 

m. by means of finger-tips. Pointillage. 

pinching movement in m. Pincement. 

m. by a soft kneading movement. Petrissage. 

m. made by stroking movement of hand on instrument 
made for purpose. Tapotement. 

m. by strokes or blows. Epicrusis ; Flagellation. 

m. by centripetal stroking. Effleurage. 


Synonym : Manducation. 
inability to perform m. Amasesis. 



remastication of the iugesta (chewiug the cud). R" 

muscle of m. Masseter. 
pertaining to m. Manducatory, 
pertaining to muscle of m. Masseteric. 

Synonym : Cellulce mastoidece. 
inflammation of m. c. Mastoiditis; Intramastoiditis. 
operation of opening m. c's. Mastoidotomy. 

Synonyms : Apophysis mastoidea, Mastoideum (adjs. 
Mastoidal, Mastoideal). 
inflammation in m. p. cavity. Endomastoiditis ; Mas- 
pain in m. p. Mastodealgia ; Mastoidalgia. 
surgical puncture of m. p. Mastodeocentesis. 
MASTURBATION. See also Defilement, Pollution. 

Synonyms : Edeogargalismus, Ductio prceputii, Manus- 
tupration, Confrication, Mentulomania. 
one who practises m. Masturbator ; Mascarpio. 
female who practises m. Confricatrix. 
MATTER. See also Organism, Pus, Lymph. 
Synonym : Materia (adj. Material), 
formation of m. Hylogenesis. 

Synonym : Maturus. 
one of m. age. Adult, 
condition of m. manhood. Virility. 
MATURITY. See Adult. 

MAXILLARY ANTRUM. See Antrum of Highmore, 

Synonym : Os maxillaris. 
inferior m. b. Mandibula. 
superior m. b. Maxilla. 
MEAGRE. See Thin, Emaciation, 

Synonyms : Rubeola, Morhilli. 
pertaining to m. Ladric ; Morbillous. 



resein})ling m. Morbilliform. 

affection of childhood resembling m. Rubella. 

German m. Rotheln ; Roseola epidemica. 
MEASLE-WORM. Cysticercus. 

a hand-m. Manimetrum ; Cheirometer. 
MEASUREMENT. Mensuration. 
MEAT-DIET. Dieta camis. 

MEAT -EATING. Carnivorous; Sarcophagous; Creophag- 

MEATUS. See Canal, Opening. 

Synonym : Ganglion sphenopalatinum. 
operation of removal of M's g. Meckelectomy. 
MEDICAL JURISPRUDENCE. Jurisprudentia medica; 

Forensic medicine; Medicina judiciaria. 
MEDICAMENT. See Drng, Remedy. 

Synonyms : Acestis, Acesma. 
MEDICINAL ERUPTION. Dermatitis medicamentosa. 
MEDICINE (Science of). See also Drug, Remedy, Treat- 
ment, Cure, Physieian, Medical jurisprudence, and spe- 
cial organs. 

Synonyms : Medicina, latrology. 
botanical ra. Medicina eclectica. 
chemical m. Medicina hermetica; M. paracelsistica ; 

Spagirism; Chemiatria. 
dietetic m. Medicina dietetica. 
any obscure doctrine or system of m. Cabala, 
hygienic m. Medicina conservativa ; M. diasostica; 

gymnastic m. M. gymnastica ; M. euechtica; M. me- 

chanica ; Kinesitherapy. 
morbid interest as regards m. Medicomania. 
operative m. Surgery; Chirurgery; Medicina efficax; 

M. operativa. 
pertaining to m. Medical ; latric ; Esculapian. 
a substance used in m. Medicament. 
suggestive m. (psychic m.). Medicina sympathetica; 

Hypnotism (5. v.). 



a system of all schools of in. Eclecticism. 

veterinary ni. Medicina equaria ; Hippiatria. 

system of medicine founded on the theory of like curing 

like. Homeopathy. 
system of m. on theory of opposites. Allopathy, 
system of m. l)ased on expectant method of treatment. 

system of m. based on limitation of nature in treatment. 

system of m. based on the cure of disease by inducing 

another disease. Heteropathy. 
system of m. which aims to cure diseases by adminis- 
tration of their own products. Isopathy. 
system of m. consisting in use of increasing doses. Ana- 
MEDULLA. See also Marrow. 

Synonyms : M. oblongata, Pyramid, Bulbus medulla 
spinalis or rachidicus. 
crossing of fibers in the m. Decussation, 
enlargement of posteromedian column of the m. Clava. 
MEDULLARY CANCER. Encephaloma; Carcinoma 

MEDUSA'S HEAD. Caput Medusae. 
MEIBOMIAN CYST. Chalazion; Chalazium; Chalaza. 
MEIBOMIAN GLANDS. Glandulae tarsales (Meibomii). 
MELANCHOLY. See also Mind, Mania. 

Synonyms : Melancholia, Hypochondriasis, Lypothy- 
mia, Lyperophrenia, Monomoria, Phrenalgia, Psy- 
chalgia, Barythymia, Lypemania, Algopsychalia, 
affected with m. Melancholic; Atrabilary; Hypochon- 
driac; Hypochondriacal; Atrabilious, 
m. accompanied with agitation. Melancholia agitata, 
person affected with m. Melancholiac ; Misanthrope, 
m. with desire for death. Melancholia angelica; M. 

m. with home-sickness. Nostalgia, 
hysterical m. Neuriasis ; Hypochondriasis, 
m. with a single idea. Monomoria. 
m. with several ideas. Oligomania. 



m. bordering on insanity. Ecphronia. 

m. with propensity to do mischief. Melancholia malev- 

monasteric m. Acedia, 
any remedy for m. Letificant. 
restless or wandering m. Leukomoria ; Melancholia 

ambulatoria ; M. errabunda. 
m. with stupor. Melancholia attonita. 

[ELT. See also Liquid. 

Synonyms : Dissolve, Liquefy, Colliquate. 
which may be m'ed. Fusible, 
instrument to ascertain ra'ing point. Meldometer. 

CBMBER. See Limh. 

■[EMBRANE. See Mucous memhrane, Serous membrane, 
Dura mater, Pia mater. Arachnoid, Placenta. 

Synonyms : Memhrana, Hijmen, Panniculus, Meninx. 
consisting of m's. Membranaceous ; Membranous ; Mem- 
dissection of m. Hymenotomy. 
a new or false m. Neohymen ; Pseudomembrane ; Mem- 

brana adventitia. 
false m. found in diarrhea. Xysma. 
fibrous m. covering muscles, etc. Fascia, 
instrument to incise m. Hymenotome. 
inflammation of joint-m. Meningarthrocace. 
like a m. Laminose. 
passing of fluid liquids through animal m. Osmosis; 

producing m's. Membraniferous. 
abnormal softening of m. Hymenomalacia. 
relating to spinal-cord m's. Meningorachidian. 
study of structure, etc., of m. Hymenology. 
a thin m. Pellicle. 
thinness of a m. Leptohymenia. 
wax-like state of a m. Cerosis. 
A natomic list of m's : 

m. lining abdomen. Peritoneum; Membrana prae- 
tensa or abdominis. 

m. of aqueous humor. Membrana humoris aquei. 

})asement-m. Membrana propria. 


m. lining blood-vessels. Intima endangium; Mem 

brana vasorum communis, 
m. covering bone. Periosteum ; Membrana circum 

cingens, circumossalis, or ossis; Membrana oss; 

amplectans; Membrana alveolaris. 
Membranes of brain ; 

outer. Dura mater; Membrana dura cerebrum am 

biens ; Meninx or Membrana dura, exterior, fibrosa 

sclera, crassa, or cuticularis. 
middle m. of brain. Arachnoid ; Membrana or Menin: 

arachnoidea, media, or serosa ; Tunica media cerebri 
inner m. of brain. Pia mater ; Meninx or Membran; 

choroides or interior; Membrana propria cerebri 

Membrana cerebri mollis or tenuis, 
m. covering cranium. Epicranium ; Membrana epi 

crania ; Galea aponeurotica capitis, 
cellular m. Membrana adiposa or cellulosa. 
ra. lining the chest. Pleura ; M. pulmonum or costalis 

Pleura pulmonalis ; Membrana costas succingens. 
m. covering an egg. Membrana putaminis ; Putame: 

testa ovis. 
elastic m. Membrana elastica. 
m. covering embryo. Blastoderm; Membrana gei 

minativa or prolifera. 
m's of fetus. 1. Chorion ; 2. Amnion, 
m. covering heart. Pericardium; Membrana co 

m. lining interior of heart. Endocardium, 
m. covering intestine. Mesentery, 
mucous m. Membrana mucosa, 
m. covering muscle-bundles. Fascia, 
m. covering muscle-fibers. Myolemma. 
m. covering nerve-fibers. Neurilemma, 
m. of nose (mucous m.). Schneiderian m. (olfactor 

nerve portion, Membrana olfactoria). 
serous m. Membrana serosa ; Endothelium, 
m. covering testicle. Tunica albuginea. 
m. lining spinal-cord canal. Ependyma. 
m. at opening of vagina. Hymen ; Membrana vagins 

praetensa; M. virginitatis ; Membranula lunat; 




MEMORY. See also Mind, Speech, Remembrance. 

Synonyms: Recollection, Remembrance, Reminiscence, 
Veteris vestigia flaminoe, Mneme, Memoria. 
aiding the m. Anamnestic, 
artificial or systematic cultivation of m. Mnemonics; 

Memoria technica; Plirenotypics. 
defective m. Paramnesia, 
exaltation of in. Hypermnesia. 
loss of m. Lalythrosyne ; Lethe ; Amnesia, 
loss of m. for recognition of objects. Apraxia. 
loss of m. for words. Amnesia. 

dropping from m. of certain portion of time. Ecmnesia. 
pertaining to m. Mnemic ; Mnemonic. 
MEND. See Improvement. 

MENIERE'S DISEASE. Vertigo auditorial Oticodynia; 
Aural vertigo; Vertigo ab aure Iseso. 
cerebrospinal m. Syncopal typhus; Petechial fever; 

Cerebrospinal arachnitis, 
m. with effusion of serum. M. exudativa or serosa, 
m. with effusion of blood. M. haemorrhagica. 
m. with effusion of pus. M. ichorosa. 
m. from injury. M. chirurgica or traumatica, 
localized m. M. focalis. 
rapidly ftital m. Foudroyante or Fulminant m. ; M. 

condition simulating m. Meningism. 
spinal m. Rhachidian m. 
MENOPAUSE. See also Change. 

Synonyms : Climacteric, Menolipsis. 
change of sexual life after m. Genitometabole. 
MENSES (Menstruation). See also Uterus. 

Synonyms : Catamenia, Menses, Menes, Menstrua, Men- 

struatio, Menorrhea, Emmenia, Fluor (adjs. Cata- 

menial, Menstrual). 

absence of m. Amenorrhea ; Apophraxis ; Menocryphia. 

anomalies of m. Paramenia; Menses anomali; Men- 

struatio anomala. 
first appearance of m. Menophania. 
colorless m. Menstruatio alba. 
20 305 


deficiency of m. Oligomenorrhea. 

any disorder of m. Emmeniopathy. 

excessive m. Menorrhagia ; Menstrua superflua ; Men- 
strua exigua; Menstruatio mimia. 

aberration of m. to the head. Cephalomenia. 

irregular m. Menoxenia. 

membranous m. Menstruatio membranacea. 

pad worn during m. (serviette). Menopad. 

painful m. Dysmenorrhea; Menorrhalgia ; Menstrua 
difficilis or dolorosa. 

natural end of m. period. Menopause ; Climacteric. 

premature m. (before usual age). Menstruatio prsecox. 

protracted m. (after usual age). Menstruatio recidiva. 

retarded m. (beginning later than usual age). Men- 
struatio serotina; Menoschesis. 

retention of m. Menoschisis ; Mensium retentio ; Men- 
struatio retenta ; Emansio mensium ; Menostasia. 

dark spot on skin during m. Menocelis. 

medicine stimulating m. Emmenagogue ; Hemagogue. 

suppression of m. Ischomenia ; Menocryphia; Meno- 
lipsis; Menstruatio impedita or suppressa. 

treatise on m. Emmenology. 

vicarious m. (called also ectopic or supplementary m.). 
Xenomenia; Menoplania; Menometastasis ; Atopo- 
menorrhea ; Aberratio mensium or menstruorum ; 
Menstrua vicaria; Menstruatio per insolitas vias. 

vicarious m. from bowel. Enteromenia. 

vicarious m. from breasts. Mastomenia. 

vicarious m. by stomach. Gastromenia. 

vicarious m. by sweat. Menidrosis. 

vicarious m. from an ulcer. Helcomenia ; Menelcosis. 

MENSTRUUM (of Drug). 

Synonyms : Excipient, Vehicle. 


Synonym : Hydrargyrum. 
eye inflammation from m. Hydrargyrophthalmia. 
insanity from m. Hydrargyrmania. 

MERCURY ERUPTION. Hydrargyria; Hydrargyriasis. 




MESENTERY. Mesenterium ; Membrana pinguis intes- 

MESMERISM. See also Animal magnetism, Hypnotism. 
Synoiiyin : Pathetism. 

METABOLISM. See also Nutrition, Secretion. 
constructive m. Anabolism. 
destructive ni. Catabolism. 
any product of destructive m. Catabolin. 
producing m. as a result of thought. Ideometabolic. 

METAL. See also Copper, Silver, etc. 
chemistry of m. Metallochymia. 
consisting of m. Metalline, 
pain caused by m.-poisoning. Metallodynia. 
blood-poisoning by m's. Metallotoxemia. 
resembling a m. Metallic ; Metalloid, 
insane impulse to swallow m's. Metallophagia. 
treatment by applying m's. Metallotherapy. 

MIASM. See also Contagion. 

m. from soil. Koniomiasm ; Telluric effluvia, 
pertaining to m. Miasmal ; Miasmatic. 

t study of m. Miasmatology ; Miasmology. 
[CROBE. See also Germ, Bacterium, Bacillus, Coccus, 
Organism, Fungus. 
Synonyms : Microhion, Microhium. 
m. requiring air. Aerobe (pi. Aerobes or Aerobia ; adj. 
m. living without air. Anaerobe (pi. Anaerobes or 

Anaerobia ; adj. Anaerobic), 
m. living usually without air, but acquiring power to 

live in it. Facultative aerobe, 
an animal m. Protozoon. 
diseased condition due to presence of m's in the blood. 

Mycohemia ; Microbiohemia. 
destructive of m's. Bactericidal; Germicidal; Anti- 
destruction of m. by heat. Sterilization; Pasteuriza- 
destruction of m. by body-cells. Phagocytosis, 
due to some pathogenic m. Mycotic. 



substance destroying ni's. Bactericide; Germicide; 
Antiseptic; Antimicrophyte. 

the substance poisonous to in's. Bacteriotoxin. 

m. in a dried state. Schizophyte ; Schizophyta. 

m's which cause fermentation. Zymogenes. 

floating m. of disease. Miasm (q. v.). 

microscopic examination of m's. Bacterioscopy. 

any pathogenic m. Cacozyme. 

pertaining to m. Microbic ; Microbial! ; Bacterial. 

the science of m's. Bacteriology ; Microbiology. 

similar to m's. Bacteroid. 

treatment of disease by means of m's. Bacteriotherapy. . 

universal dissemination of m's. Panspermia ; Pansperm- 1 

a vegetable m. Schizomycete. 

one versed in study of m's. Bacteriologist. 
MICROSCOPE. Microscopium. 
MICROSCOPIC. See also Microbe. 
Synonym : Microscopical. 

a m. animal. Animalcule. 

m. study of tissue. Histology. 
MID-BRAIN. Mesencephalon. 
MIDDLE EAR. See also Ear. 

Synonym : Tympanum. 
MIDRIFF. See Diajihragm. 

Synonyms : Obstetrix, Acestoris. 

delivery by aid of m. Maieleutherosis. 
MIDWIFERY. See Obstetrics. 
MIESCHER'S TUBES. Sarcosporidia. 
MIGRAINE. Megrim ; Hemicrania ; Heterocrania. 
MILD. Mitis. 

MILK. See also Breast, Nipple, Chyle, Milk-crust, Milk- 
cure, etc. 

Synonyms : Gala, Lac (adjs. Lactescent, Lactic, Gal- 

acid of m. Lactic acid ; Acidum lacticum. 

bloody m. Galacthemia ; Lactis sanguinolenti excretio. 


first m. in breasts after labor. Neogala ; Colostrum, 
swelling of breast from m. Mastospargosis ; Galac- 

m.-flow from breast of infant. Neotocogalactozemia. 
butter-m. Butyri serum ; Lac serosum. 
defective composition of the m. Galactocrasia. 
condensed m. Lactolin. 
cows' m. Lac bovinum or bubulum. 
cyst containing m.-like fluid. Lactocele. 
deficiency of m. -secretion. Agalactia ; Inopia lactis ; 

eating m. Galactophagous ; Lactivorous ; Lactiphagous. 
drink made of fermented m. Galactozyme (as Kumiss 

or Koumiss; Kefir), 
gastric ferment curdling m. Rennin. 
excessive flow of m. Galactorrhea; Galactoplerosis ; 

Polygalactia ; Lactis redundiantia ; Profluvium lactis. 
extravasation of m. Galactoplania ; Aberratio lactis. 
relating to flow of m. Galactic, 
inflammation of m.-duct. Galactophoritis. 
instruments to estimate water in ra. Lactometer ; Halim- 

eter; Hydrolactometer. 
instrument to measure butter in m. Lactobutyrometer. 
instrument to measure fat in m. Lactocrit. 
mother's m. Lac maternum. 
poison found in m. Lactotoxin. 

producing m. Lactific ; Lactigenous ; Galactophorous. 
proteid of m. Lactoglobulin. 
resembling m. Lactiform ; Galactoid. 
m.-secretion. Galactosis. 
agents to increase secretion of m. Galactogogues ; Gal- 

agent to lessen secretion of m. Lactifuge; Antigalac- 

tending to check flow of m. Lactifuginous ; Ischigalac- 

tic ; Galactophygous. 
a vitiated state of m.-secretion. Cacogalactia. 
sour m. Lac acidum. 

retention or suppression of m. Ischogalactia ; Aga- 
lactia; Galactoschesis ; Galactostasis ; Galactozemia ; 

Lactis retentio. 



containing m.-sugar. Lactinated. 

sugar of m. Lactose; Galactose. 

vegetable m. Succus lactens. 

pertaining to m.-carrying vessels. Lactiferous. 
MILK-ABSCESS. See Breast, abscess of. 
MILK-CRUST. Porrigo larvalis. 
MILK-CURE. Galactotherapy. 
MILK-DIET. Galactodieta. 

Synonyms : Galactopyresis, Fehris lactis. 

relating to ra.-f. Galactopyretic. 

MILKINESS (as Chyle). 

Synonym : Lactescence. 

MILKING. See also Milk, Breast. 

Synonym : Lactation. 

emaciation from excessive m. Galactophthisis. 

eruption during suspended m. Galactophlysis. 

glycosuria dependent on m. Galactoglycosuria. 

lymphangitis associated with m. Galactangioleucitis. 

mammary abscess during m. Galactapostema. 

any milky secretion consequent upon suppressed m. 


MILK-LEG. Galactophlebitis ; Phlegmasia alba dolens; 

Metastasis lactis. 
MILK-POISON. Lactotoxin; Tyrotoxicon. 
MILK-PUMP. Lactisugium. 
MILK-SECRETION. Galactosis. 
MILK-TUMOR. Galactocele ; Lactocele; Galactoma. 
MILK-WHEY. Lactoserum. 
MIMICRY. See Imitation. 
MIND. See also Insanity, Cheerfulness, Anxiety, Melan- 
choly, Delirium, Memory, Indifference, Will, Thought, 

Synonyms : Intellect, Mens, Phren, Anima (adjs. Psy- 
chic, Animastic, Mental, Intellectual), 
normal activity of the m. (mentality). Euthymia. 
increase in activity of m. Exaltation, 
morbid activity of m. Hyperideation. 


ngents or diseases affecting the m. Phrenica. 

distress of m. Ademonia ; Ademosyne ; Dysthymia. 

inability to fix m. attentively. Aprosexia. 

abnormal cheerfulness of m. Hedonia ; Amenomania. 

clearness of m. Lucidity. 

formation of a conception in the m. Ideation. 

confusion or unsettling of m. Acatastasis. 

deterioration of m. Abalienation ; Amentia; Noas- 

deterioration of m. in youth. Neophrenia. 

development of the m. Psychogenesis. 

any disease of the m. Psychopathy ; Psychosis. 

functional disease of m. Psychoneurosis. 

any slight disorder of m. Hypomoria. 

a person with disordered m. who professes to hold super- 
natural communication. Diaboleptic. 

any disorder of m. due to nerve disease. Neuropsy- 

a disordered state of the m. Cacothymia. 

science of m. disease. Alienism ; Psychiatry. 

relating to disease of m. Frenetic. 

one who treats of m. disease. Alienist ; Psychiatrist. 

disease of m. (reflex from uterus). Hysteropsychopathy. 

fatigue of m. Psychasthenia. 

a fixed idea of the m. Ideopegma. 

function of m. (thought). Mentation ; Ideation. 

any function of the m. Faculty. 

misinterpretation by the m. of a real sensation. Illu- 

false persistent belief in m. which has no existence in 
fact. Delusion. 

perception by m. of non-existent objects. Hallucina- 

overwork of m. or body. Metadrasis. 

pathology of disease of m. Psychopathology. 

physiology of the m. Psychophysiology. 

sudden loss of power of m. Phrenoplegia. 

derangement of m. at puberty. Hebephrenia. 

incapability of m. to reason. Dyslogia. 

science of the m. Psychology ; Noology. 

soundness of m. Sanity. 



of soimd in. Compos mentis. 

of uiisouud 111. Non compos mentis ; Demented ; Insane. 

total uus()uudries&^ of m. Dementia ; Insanity. 

study of processes of the m. by physical methods. Psj 

study of oue's own m. Idiopsychology. 
treatment of diseases of m. Psychiatry ; Psychiatrici 
uncertainty of m. Acatalepsy, 
weakness of m. generally accompanied by weakness 

body. Idiocy. 
weakness of m. less than idiocy. Imbecility, 
impaired and weakened condition of m. Deliquium. 

MIND-READING. Clairvoyance. 

MIHROR. See also Reflection^, Refraction. 
Synonyms : Catopter, Speculum. 
produced by reflection from m. Catoptric, 
the study of reflection by m's. Catoptrics. 

MISCARRIAGE. See Abortion. 
MISSHAPEN. See Deforynity. 
MITCHELL^S DISEASE. Erythromelalgia. 
MITE. Acarus. 
MIXTURE. Mistura. 

MOELLER'S GLOSSITIS. Glossodynia exfoliativa. 
MOHRENHEIM'S FOSSA. Fossa infraclavicularis. 
MOIST. See also Liquid. 
Synonym : Humid. 

state of being m. Humidity. 

becoming m. Madescent. 
MOISTEN. See also Moisture. 

act of m'ing. Madefaction; Humectation. 

any substance which m's. Humectant. 

serving to m. eyelid. Hygroblepharic. 

MOIST rAlE. Rhonchus humidus. 
MOISTURE. See also Wet, Water. 

Synonyms: Mydesis, Humidum, Humidity. 
absorption of m. Imbibition, 
attracting m. Hygroscopic, 
instrument to measure m. of air. Hygrometer. 


instrument to show variation of ni. in air. Hygroscope. 
having m. over entire surface, Panhygrous. 
MOLE. See also Nevus, Condyloma. 

Synonyms : Nevus, Talpa, Spilus, Ncevus pigme7itosus, 
Nanvus spili. 
general pigmentation of skin with m's. Acanthosis. 
MOLECULE. See also Atom. 
.protoplasmic m. Plasticule ; Plastidule. 

MONKSHOOD. Aconite. 

MONOMANIA. See also Mania, Delusion. 
Synonym : Monopsychosis. 

[ONSTER. See also Deformity, Abnormality. 

Synonym : Teratism. 
formation or bringing forth of m. Teratogeny. 
any m. formation by defect. Ectrogeny. 
killing of a m. Monstricide. 
producing m's. Monstriferous. 

production of m's with duplicate parts. Diplogenesis. 
resembling a m. Teratoid, 
treatise on m's. Teratology. 

m. capable of independent existence after birth. Auto- 
site (adj. Autositic). 
List of monsters arranged as far as possible according to 
organ or part prominently affected : 
Abdomen : 

m. united at lower abdomen. Hypogastrodidymus. 
double m. with one abdominal cavity. Gastrodidy- 

double m. united at belly. Celiadelphus. 
double m. with parasite attached to belly. Hetero- 
Body: . 

m. with deformity of trunk with eventration. 

m. with two or more bodies. Polysomus. 
m. with imperfect body. Perosomus. 
m. with three bodies or triplicate parts. Mono- 

m's without trunks. Asomata. 


Brain : 

in. with brain protruding from top of skull. Poden- 

m. with brain protruding through frontal fissure. 

m. with tumor in place of brain. Pseudencephalus ; 

a brainless m. Pantanencephalus. 
a m. with cystic brain. Cystanencephalus ; Cyst- 
Buttocks : 

m. with double buttocks. Dipygus. 

m. with fused ears Synotus. 
double m. united at epigastrium. Xiphopagus. 
Eyes : 

a m. with one eye. Cyclops ; Cyclocephalus. 

m. with fused eyes and trunk-like nose. Rhino- 

m. with one eye, no nose or mouth, and joined ears. 

dual m. with two faces. Opodidymus. 

m. with double face. Diprosopus; Janus; Jani- 

ceps; Heteroprosopus. 
m. with a huge face. Macroprosopia. 

m. with one foot. Monbpus. 
the condition of a m. without feet. Apodia. 
the condition of a m. with fused feet. Sympodia. 
Forehead : 

twin m. with united forehead. Metopagus. 
m. with horns on forehead. Megalocerus. 
Head : 

m. with absence of head. Acephalus. 

m. with absence of head and upper spine. Deren- 

m. with rudimentary head and organ of sense. 

m. with abnormally small head. Leptocephalus. 
half-headed m. Hemi-acephalus. 


m. with deformed head. Perocephalus. 

ni. with frog-shaped head. Batrachoid m. 

m. with a hidden head. Cryptocephalus. 

m. with two heads. Dicephalus; Craniodidymus ; 

Atlodymus; Atlodidymus ; Diplocephalus. 
m. witli two heads of unequal size. Heterocephalus. 
double m. with only one head. Monocephalus ; 

double m. with two heads. Syncephalus ; Sysoma. 
a double m. with single body and two heads. 

double m. with heads adherent. Craniopagus. 
a double m. with heads joined at top. Cephalo- 

double ra. with two heads fused into one. Syndel- 

m. with accessory head on summit. Epicomus. 
m. with two heads and two thoraces united below. 

a m. with double head and united thoraces. Ceph- 

m. with double vertex. Dicoryphus. 

double m. united at hips. Ischiodidymus. 
Jaw : 

twin monster united by jaw. Epignathus. 

double m., one attached to lower jaw. Hypo- 

a m. with absence of jaws. Agnathus. 
double m. with supernumerary jaw. Polygna- 
Limbs : 

m. with arrested development of limbs. Ectro- 

melus; (condition, Eschomelia). 
condition of m. with one or more limbs absent. 

m. with double limbs. Melodidymus. 
m. with three pairs of limbs. Melotridymus. 
m. with limbs attached to abdomen. Gastromelus. 
a m. without limbs or feet. Apus. 
a m. with limb attached to head. Cephalomelus. 


m. with dwarfed limb. Nanomelus. 

m. with excess of limbs. Polyscelus. 

m. with fused lower limbs without foot. Sireno 

melus; Symmelus. 
m. with eight limbs and one head and trunk. Syn 

m. with many limbs. Polymelus. 
m. without legs and arms, but feet and handi 

attached to trunk. Phocomelus. 
m. with stunted limbs. Peromelus ; Hemimelus. 
m. with fused limbs, but single hand or foot. Uro 
Navel : 

double m. united at navel. Monomphalus. J 

Nose : ' % 

a m. without nose. Cebocephalus. 
m. with a proboscis. Edeocephalus. 
Pelvis : 

a m. double from pelvis down. Ileadelphus. 
double m. with united pelvis and thorax and twc 
legs. Xiphodidymus. 
Skull : 

m. with fissure of crown. Schistocephalus. 
Spine, Spinal cord : 

double m. united at spine. Rachipagus. 
condition of m. with double spinal cord. Diplomyelia, 
m. without spinal cord. Amyelus. 
an anencephalic m. with arrested development of 
upper vertebrae. Derencephalus. 
Thorax : 

double m. united at thorax with common mouth. 

twin m. united to full extent of thorax. Ecto- 

double m. joined by thoraces. Thoracodidymus, 
acephalous m. with defective thorax. Peracephalus. 
Tongue : 

m. with mouth, but without tongue. Aglossostoma. 
Miscellaneous : 

lowest variety of m. Foetus amorphus; Foetus 



next to lowest variety of m. Mylaceplialus. 

m. living only while attached to cord. Omphalosite. 

a fetal m. without smell, hearing, or sight. Trien- 

a joined twin m. Heteradelphus. 
m. enclosed in peritoneum of another. Engas- 

m. consisting of one fetus contained within another. 

Criptodidymus ; Endocyme. 
m. with double body above liver. Hepatodidymus. 
double m. with parasite very incomplete. Heter- 

I alius, 

double m. united by superficial bond. Ensom- 
m. with eventration at side. Pleurosomos. 
double m. with portion of thorax and abdomen 
coalescent. Thoracopagus. 
monocephalic double m. with single pelvis, united 
thoraces, and four upper and four lower limbs. 
monocephalic dual m. with bodies united above 
umbilicus from lower and upper extremities. 
NSTROSITY. 8ee siho Monster. 
Synonym : Teratism. 
MONTHLY. See Menstruation. 
I MORAL INSANITY. Pathomania; Esthesiomania. 

I MORBID. See also Abnormal, Disease, Appetite, Fear, 
Hatred, Desire. 

Synonym : Pat Inc. 
any m. condition. Pathema. 

ventricle of M. Ventriculus laryngis. 
MORGUE (Dead-house). 

Synonyms : Mortuarium, Necrocomium, Necrodochium, 
MORNING. See Prescription. 

MORNING SICKNESS. Nausea matutina ; Nausea gravi- 





MORTAL. See also Death. 

Synonyms: Lethal, Thanatodes, Lethiferous, Lethal 

MORTIFICATION. See Gayigrene. 
MORTON'S DISEASE. Metatarsalgia. 

Synonym : Culex mosquito. 
agent to drive away m. Culicifuge ; Culicide. 
variety of m. carrying malaria. Anopheles, 
variety of m. not carrying malaria. Culex. 
MOTHER-CELL. Matricyte. 
MOTHER'S MARK. See Nevus. 
Synonym : Ncevus maternus. 
MOTH-PATCH (Liver-spot). 

Synonyms : Chloasma hepaticum. 
MOTION. See also Movement. 
Synonyms : Motus, Motio. 
disease marked by impaired m. Kinesionosos. 
increased m. Acceleration. 

MOULD. See Fungus, Mushroom-poisoning. 

Synonyms : Mycedinece, Myces (pi. Mycetes). 

MOUTH. See also Opening, Orifice, Gmn, Teeth, Tongue, 
Throat, Lips, Thrush. 

Synonyms : Os (pi. Ora) ; Orificium, Stoma. 
m. or tubular opening. Ostium, 
without m. or oval opening. Astomatous. 
condition of having no m. Lipostomosis (adj. Lipo- 

atrophy of the m, Lipostomy. 
canker of m. Stomacace. 
coitus by m. Irrumation. 
morbid deposit in m. or gums, etc. Sordes. 
any disease of m. Stomatopathy ; Stomatia 
fungous disease of m. Stomatomycosis. 
dryness of m. Xerostoma. 
congenital fissure of the m. Macrostoma. 
having a w^ell -formed m. Eustomatous. 
gangrene of m. Gangrenous stomatitis; Cancer aquat- 

icus; Noma; Gangraena oris; Stomatonecrosis, 
hemorrhage from m. Stomatorrhagia. 


inflammatioQ of m. Stomatitis. 

pain in the m. Stomatalgia. 

parasitic inflammation of m. Muguet; Thrush; Aptha; 
Parasitic stomatitis. 

instrument for viewing interior of m. Stomatoscope. 

excessive size of m. Macrostomia (adj. Macrostomat- 

margin of a m. Peristoma. 

whitening of mucous membrane of m. Leukoplakia. 

foul odor from m. Ozostomia. 

pertaining to m. Oral ; Buccal. 

formation of pigmented patches in m. Melanoplakia. 

having a round m. Cyclostomous. 

science of m. Stomatology. 

excessive secretions of water from m. Hydrostomia. 

situated at the m. Adoral. 

situated remote from ra. Aboral. 

)lastic operation on m. Stomatoplasty, 
fplastic restoration of m. Cheilostomatoplasty. 
[having two m's. Distomus. 
pPhrase : 

by way of the mouth. Per os. 

MOUTH-WASH. Collutorium. 

MOVABLE. See Articulation, Floating, Wandering, Dis- 

MOVEMENT. See also Motion, Movement-cure (in sense 
of stool, see Stool). 

Synonyms : Motus, Kinetia. 
m. from median line of body. Abduction, 
m. toward median line of body. Adduction, 
m. within the cells of the body. Histokinesis. 
causing m. Motory ; Motorial; Motile; Kinetic; Ci- 

difficult or painful m. Dyscinesia. 
defective co-ordination of m. Hyposynergia. 
m. in circular direction. Circumduction, 
any disease with impaired m. Kinesionosos. 
treatment of disease by passive m. Kinesiotherapy ; 

any sickness due to m. (as sea-sickness). Kinetia. 


excessive or abnormal freedom of m. Acrocinesis. 

lack of harmony in m. Incoordination. 

impairment of voluntary ra. Dyskinesia. 

m. of intestine. Peristalsis ; Motus vermicularis. 

m. of an irregular or leaping kind. Saltation. 

pertaining to leaping m. Caprizant. 

irregular or arhythmic m. Cacorrhythmia. 

inability to produce orderly m. on one side of the body. 

involuntary m. Motus involuntarius. 
jerky muscular m. Myoseism. 
jerky m. of eyes. Nystagmus, 
normal power of m. Eucinesia. 
loss or imperfect power of m. Akinesis. 
poisons or medicines which prevent or modify m. Aci- 

a quick m. Mication. 

quick m. of any part of body. Cinclisis ; Cinclismus. 
science of m. Kinematics. 

science of m. considered therapeutically. Kinesiology, 
not having power of spontaneous ra. Non-motile, 
voluntary m. Motus voluntarius ; Autocinesis. 
relating to voluntary m. Voluntomotory. 

MOVEMENT-CURE. Kinesia; Kinesitherapy ; Kinesi- 

pathy; Cinesipathy ; Lingism; Motorpathy. 
MUCILAGE. See Sticky. 
Synonym : Mucilago. 

Synonyms : Glandula mucipara or mucosa. 
adenoma of a ra. g. Myxo-adenoma. 
inflammation of a m. g. Myxadenitis. 
inflammation of duct of a ra. g. Myxangitis. 

MUCOUS MEMBRANE. See also Catarrh, all organs 
having m. m., as Nose, Pharynx, Litestines, Bladder, 

Synonyms : Mycoderm, Mucosa, Blennijmen, Memhrana 
carcinoma involving m. m. Epithelioma, 
the deep portion of m. m. (corium). Mucoderm. 
cuticle of m. m. Epithelium. 


disease of m. m. Blennosis (pi. Blennoses). 
eruption on m. m. Enanthema; Eisanthema. 
gangrene of* m. m. Mycodermosphacelus. 
a granulation on m. m. Mammillation. 
inflammation of a m. m. (catarrh). Mucitis; Blennor- 
rhea; Mycodermatitis, 
muscular layer of m. m. Muscularis mucosae, 
outermost layer of ra. m. Ecderon. 
whitening of a m. m. Leukoplakia. 

MUCOUS PATCHES. Condyloma syphilitica. 

MUCOUS RALE. See Moist rale. 


MUCUS. Bee also Mucous glands, Mucous membrane, 
Mucous "patches. Mucous rale, Mucous tumor. 

I Synonyms: Pituita, Blenna, Myxa (adjs. Mucous, 
accumulation of m. (mucin) in blood. Myxemia. 
constituents of m. Mucosin ; Mucin, 
consisting of m. and pus. Puromucous ; Mucopurulent, 
containing m. and serum. Mucoserous. 
a m. diarrhea. Mycodiarrhea. 
a m. discharge. Mucifluxus ; Myxiosus. 
excessive discharge of m. Blennorrhea, 
a m. disease. Mucophlegmasia. 
a m. dysentery. Mycodysenteria. 
m. expectorated. Sputum (pi. Sputa). 
discharge of gonorrheal m. Blennorrhagia. 
disease characterized by collection of m.-like substance in 

tissues of body, etc. Myxedema, 
discharge of m. from intestine. Blennenteria. 
j m. distention of lacrimal sac. Mucocele. 

I m, from nose. Nasarium ; Blenna narium. 

resembling m. Muciform ; Mucoid; Blennogenous ; 

rich in m. Muculent. 

secreting m. Muciferous; Mucigenous; Blennogenic. 
dyspnea from excessive secretion of m. Mycodyspnea. 
suppression of m. discharge. Ischoblennia. 
vomiting of m. Blennemesis. 
21 321 




Synonym : Limus. 
of color of m. Luteous. 
living in m. Lutarious. 


m. of fetus. Lithopedion. 

MUMPS. Parotitis ; Parotiditis ; Catarrhus bellinsulanus ; 
Cyanche parotidsea. 


Synonyms : Homicide, Trucidation, Occision. 
m. of brother. Fratricide, 
m. of child. Infanticide, 
m. of king. Regicide, 
m. of parent. Parricide. 
self-m. Suicide; Idioctonia. | 

MURMUR. See Auscultation, Bale. 
Synonyms : Fremitus, Bruit. 

m. heard in blood-vessels, due to dilatation. Aneu- 
rysmal m. 

m. due to anemia. Hemic, Anemic, or Accidental m. 

cardiac m. due to disease. Organic m. 

m. not due to disease. Inorganic or Functional m. 

m. heard over uterus in pregnancy due to placenta. 
Bruit placentaria. 

m. due to uterine arteries. Uterine bruit. 

MUSCLE. See also Movement, Force, Muscle-cell, Muscle- 

coniraction, Paralysis, Massage. 

Synonym : Museulus (adj. Muscular). 

abnormal placement of a m. Myectopy. 

atrophy of m's. Amyotrophia ; Myo-atrophy. 

the albuminoid of m. Myosin. 

contractile substance of m. Myosome. 

saccharine substance of m. Inosite. 

auscultation of m. -sounds. Dynamoscopy. 

belly of a m. Myogaster. 

small bundle of m.-fibers. Fasciculus ; Lacerti muscu- 

connective tissue between m.-fibers. Endomysium. 

a contracting or constricting m. Constrictor. 


jerky or incoordinate movement of m. Chorea; Myo- 

seism; Myoseismia; Jactitation. 
absence of coordinate action of m. Asynergia. 
harmonious action of m. Coordination. 
lack of harmonious action of m. Incoordination; 

Ataxia ; Hyposynergia. 
controlling motor action of m. Dirigomotor. 
a m. concurring in action with another. Synergist; 

Congener (adj. Congenerous). 
a m. opposing the action of another. Antagonist, 
difficult or painful movement of m. Dyscinesia. 
jerky movement of eye-m. Nystagmus, 
morbid movement of voluntary m. Paracinesis. 
debility of m. Myasthenia, 
deficient in m. Amyous, 
fatty degeneration of m. Myodemia. 
a kind of waxy degeneration of m. Zenkerism. 
description of m. Myography ; Myology, 
development of m. -tissue. Myogenesis. 
of m. origin. Myogenic, 
black discoloration of m. Myomelanosis. 
any disease of m. Myonosus ; Myopathy, 
a double m. Gemellus, 
m's divided by tendons into two portions. Musculi 

hereditary disease affecting voluntary m. (Thomsen's 

disease). Paramyotonia congenltalis. 
a segment of embryonic m. -tissue. Myocomma (pi. Myo- 

m. energy. Myenergia. 

arising from prolonged exercise of m. Anapeiratic. 
extension of or stretching a m. Myentasis. 
areolar tissue between m. -fibers. Endomysium. 
separation of fiber of m. Myodiastasis. 
longitudinal fibril Ise of m. -fiber. Sarcostyles. 
thin membrane around m.-fibers. Myolemma; Sarco- 

protoplasm of m.-fiber. Sarcoplasm. 
-a group of m's viewed together. Myon. 
hardening of m. Myosclerosis, 
pertaining to heat-production in m. Myothermic. 


m's with several heads. Musculi polycipites. 

m's with two heads. Musculi bicipites. 

hypertrophy of m. Myopachynsis. 

inflammation of m. Myositis ; Myitis ; Sarcitis ; Initis. 

inflammation of sheath of m. Perimysitis. 

simultaneous inflammation of many m's. Polymyositis. 

injection of oil into m. Oleomyenchysis. 

instrument to record work of m. Ergograph. 

instrument to test strength of m. Erostat; Dynamom- 
eter; Ergometer. 

instrument to measure rapidity of m. -contraction. Myo- 

instrument to hear sound of m.-contraction. Myophone. 

instrument to record m.-contraction. Myograph. 

instrument to test the m. sense. Baresthesiometer. 

increased irritability of m. near negative pole of gal- 
vanic battery. Catelectrotonus. 

increased irritability of m. near positive pole of galvanic 
battery. Anelectrotonus. 

therapeutic m. -kneading. Myopiesis. 

fibrous membrane covering m.-masses. Fascia. 

membrane-sheath of m. Perimysium. 

neuralgia of a m. Neuromyalgia. 

numbness of m's. Myonarcosis. 

pain in m. Myalgia ; Myoneuralgia. 

paralysis of m. Myoplegia. 

resembling m. Myodes ; Myoid. 

rupture of m. Myorrhexis. 

pertaining to opposing m's of equal power. Equipollent. 

pertaining to m's of unequal power. Anisosthenic. 

deficiency of m.-power. Hypomyosthenia ; Amyos- 

pertaining to deep reflexes of m. Myotatic. 

softening of m. Myomalacia ; Malacosarcosis. 

division of a m. Myotomy. 

knife to divide m. Myotome. 

surgical removal of a m. tumor. Myomectomy. 

protrusion of m. through ruptured sheath. Myocele. 

regeneration of m.-fiber. Inanagenesis. 

m.-sound. Myophonia. 

creaking sound heard over contracting m. Myocrism 



spasm of m's bending body backward. Opisthotonos. 

spasm of m's bending body forward. Emprosthotonos. 

generic name for m.-spasm. Entasis. 

clonic spasm of m. Myoclonia ; Myoclonus. 

spasm of m's of one side. Hemimyoclonus. 

m. strength. Myodynamia. 

loss of m. strength. Acinesia (adjs. Aciuesic, Acinetic). 

having moderate degree of m. strength. Mesothenic. 

having great strength of m. Megasthenic. 

passive tension of a m. Myotasis. 

rigidity or tension of voluntary m. Entonia. 

defective tension of m. Hypotonia. 

defective tonicity of m. Paramyotonia. 

m.-tissue. Myestos; Myestus. 

deficient tone of the m. Amyosthenia. 

nervous tremor of m. Amyostasea. 

a m.-tumor. Myoma. 

cystic tumor of m. Myocyst. 

a tumor of m. and fat. Myolipoma. 

of the nature of a m.-tumor. Myomatous. 

tumor of unstriped m. Leiomyoma ; Liomyoma. 

a m. sarcoma. Myosarcoma. 

twin m's. Musculi gemini ; Gemelli. 

twitching of m. Myopalmus. 

m. which bends a limb or part. Flexor. 

m. which extends a limb or part. Extensor. 

a m. which elevates. Levator. 

applied to m's which draw. Attrahens. 

applied to m's which elevate. Attolens. 

any m. which lifts. Erector. 

pertaining to m. with radiate fibers, resembling a feather. 
Pennate; Penniform. 

combination of several m's acting as one. Musculin- 

pertaining to a m. with two bellies. Digastric. 

a m. which serves to contract. Contractor ; Constrictor. 

a m. which wrinkles the skin. Corrugator. 

a m. that causes ejection or expulsion. Detrusor. 

pertaining to a m. supplied by two nerves. Diploneural. 

wasting of m. Muscular dystrophy; Myopathic atro- 



weakness of m. Asthenia. 

weakness of m. of one side. Hemimyasthenia. 

slight weakness of m. Hypatonia. 

m. controlled by will. Voluntary, Striated, or 

etal m. 
a m. that wrinkles. Comigator. 


Table of muscles arranged according to their situation, ' 

and incidentally giving their origin and insertion 
Anus. See Rectum : 

muscle which closes anus (tip of coccyx 

tendinous center of perineum). Sphincter ani. 
Arm. See also Forearm : 

m. which draws arm backward and downward 
(spines of six lower dorsal and lumbar and 
sacral vertebrae ; crest of ilium and three or four] 

lower ribs bicipital groove of humerus). 

Latissimus dor si. 

m. which draws arm downward and backward (infe- 
rior angle of scapula . o . . . internal bicipital 
groove of humerus). Teres major. 

m. which draws arm downward and forward (clav- 
icle, sternum, and costal cartilages exter-1 

nal bicipital ridge of humerus). Pectoralis 

m. which draws arm forward and inward (coracoi( 
process of scapula inside shaft of hume- 
rus). Coracobrachialis. 

m. which raises arm and supports the shoulder-joint 

(supraspinous fossae great tuberosity of 

humerus). Supraspinatus. 

m. which rotates arm inward (clavicle, acromion, 

and spine of scapula shaft of humerus). 


m. which rotates arm outward (infraspinous fossae 
great tuberosity of humerus). Infra- 

m. which rotates arm outward (axillary border of 

scapula great tuberosity of humerus). 

Teres major. 

m. which acts as tensor of ligament (humerus above ; 


olecranon fossa posterior ligament of 

elbow). Subanconeus. 
Auricle. See Pinna. 
Back. See Sjnne. 
Chest. See Respiration : 

m. which acts upon chest in forced expiration (ensi- 
forra cartilage, costal cartilages of lower three or 

four true ribs, and sternum border of 

inner surfaces of second, third, fourth, and fifth 
costal cartilages). Triangularis stemi. 
m. which flexes chest laterally (crest of ilium, 
transverse process of lower three lumbar ver- 
tebra last rib, transverse processes of 

last three lumbar vertebrae). Quadratus lum- 
m. which flexes chest and compresses viscera (eight 

lower ribs middle iliac crest, Poupart's 

ligament). Obliquus externus. 
m. which compresses viscera and flexes chest (Pou- 
part's ligament, iliac crest, six lower ribs, lum- 
bar vertebrae linea alba, pubic crest, pec- 
tineal line). Transversalis. 
m. which flexes chest and compresses viscera (pubic 

crest cartilages of fifth to seventh ribs). 

Rectus abdominis, 
m. which flexes chest and compresses viscera (lum- 
bar fascia, iliac crest, Poupart's ligament 

four lower ribs, linea alba, pubic crest, pectineal 
line). Obliquus intemus. 
Clavicle : 

m. which draws clavicle downw^ard (cartilage of 

first rib under surface of clavicle). Sub- 

Coccyx : 

m. which extends coccyx (last bone of sacrum or 
first of coccyx lower part of coccyx). Ex- 
tensor coccygis. 
Ear. See Phina, Stapes. 
Epiglottis : 

m. which depresses epiglottis (inner surface of thy- 
roid epiglottis). Thsrro-epiglottideus. 



Eyeball : 

m. which rotates eyeball inward (iuiier margin ol 

optic foramen sclerotic). Rectus interni 

m. which rotates eyeball outward (two heads outei 

margin of optic foramen sclerotic). Recti 

ra. which draws eyeball upward (upper margin of 

optic foramen sclerotic). Rectus superior. 

m. which rotates eyeball dow nward (lower margin of /» 

optic foramen sclerotic). Rectus inferioi 

m. which rotates eyeball upward (orbital plate oi 

superior maxillary sclerotic). ObliquT 

m. which rotates eyeball downward and outwai 

(above optic foramen through pulley . . 

sclerotic). Obliquus superior, 
m. which depresses eyeball (occipitofrontalis . 

compressor naris). Pyramidalis nasi. 
Eyebrow : 

m. which draws eyebrow down and in (superciliai 

ridge orbicularis palpebrarum). Coi 

gator supercilii. 
Eyelid : 

m. which raises the upper eyelid (lesser wing o^ 

sphenoid upper tarsal cartilage). Leval 

palpebrse superioris. 
m. which closes eyelid (internal margin of orb|| 

outer margin of orbit). Orbicularis pj 

Fauces : 

m. which contracts the fauces (soft palate . . 

thyroid cartilage, pharynx). Palatoglossus. 
Femur. See Thigh. 
Finger. See also Thumb, Index : 

m. which abducts fingers from median line (sides oi 

metacarpal bones first phalanges). Doi 

sal interossei. 
m. which abducts fingers (palmar surfaces of s( 

ond, fourth, fifth metacarpals bases oi 

first phalanges of corresponding finger). Palmj 




m. which extends fingers (external condyle of* hume- 
rus ..... all second and third phalanges). Ex- 
tensor communis digitorum. 
m. which flexes second phalanges of fingers (three 

heads : 1. Inner condyle ; 2. Coronoid process ; 

3. Oblique line of radius second phalanges 

by four tendons). Flexor sublimis digitorum. 
m. which flexes phalanges of finger (shaft of ulna 

last phalanges by four tendons). Flexor 

profundus digitorum. 
m. which flexes first phalanges (tendon of deep 

flexor tendons of common extensor). 

Lumbricales (4). 
m. which abducts little finger (pisiform bone 

first phalanx). Abductor minimi digiti. 
m. which extends little finger (external condyle of 

humerus second and third phalanges of 

little finger). Extensor minimi digiti. 
m. which flexes little finger (unciform bone 

first phalanx of little finger). Flexor brevis 

minimi digiti. 
m. which flexes little finger (unciform bone 

fifth metacarpal). Opponens minimi digiti. 
Foot. See also Tarsus : 

m. which extends foot (middle third of shaft of fibula 

externally base of fifth metatarsal). Pero- 

neus brevis. 
m. which extends foot (outer bifurcation of linea 

aspera and posterior ligament of knee os 

calcis by tendo Achillis). Plantaris. 
m. which extends foot (condyle of femur os 

calcis by tendo Achillis). Gastrocnemius, 
m. which extends foot (shaft of fibula and oblique 

line of tibia os calcis by tendo Achillis). 

m. which extends and everts foot (head and shaft 

of fibula metatarsal of great toe). Pero- 

neus longus. 
m. which elevates inner border of foot and flexes 

foot (outer tuberosity and upper part of shaft of 



tibia internal cuneiform and first metatar- 
sal). Tibialis anticus. 
Forearm : 

m. which extends forearm (back of external condyle 

of humerus olecranon and shaft of ulnaj. 


m. which extends forearm (three heads external 
and internal near musculospiral groove, shaft of 
humerus, middle or long at lower margin of gle- 
noid fossa olecranon process of ulna;. 


m. which flexes forearm (lower half of shaft of 

humerus coronoid process of ulnaj. Bra- 

chialis anticus. 

m. which flexes and supinates forearm (two origins : 

(1) glenoid cavity ; (2) coracoid process 

tuberosity of radius). Biceps. 
Glottis. See also Larynx, Vocal cords : 

m. which opens glottis (back of cricoid base 

of arytenoid). Crico-arytenoideus posticus. 

m. which closes glottis (side of cricoid angle 

and external surface of arytenoid). Crico-ary- 
tenoideus lateralis. 

m. which closes back part of glottis (posterior and 

outer border of one arytenoid back of 

other arytenoid). Arjrtenoideus. 
Hand. See Palm: 

ra. which pronates hand (lower one-fourth of ulna 
lower one-fourth of shaft of radius). Pro- 
nator quadratus. 

m. which pronates hand (internal condyle and coro- 
noid process outer side of shaft of radius). 

Pronator radii teres. 

m. which supinates hand (external condyloid ridge 

of humerus styloid process of radius). 

Supinator longus. 

m. which supinates hand (external condyle of hu- 
merus, oblique line of ulna neck of radius 

and its bicipital tuberosity). Supinator brevis. 
Head. See also Neck : 

m. which flexes head (transverse process and lateral 


mass of atlas basilar process). Rectus 

capitis anticus minor. 

m. which draws head backward (posterior arch of 
atlas . . . „ . below inferior curved line of occip- 
ital). Rectus capitis posticus minor. 

m. which draws head backward (transverse process 

of atlas occipital bone). Obliquus capitis 


m. which draws head backward (superior curved 
line of occipital, spinous process, last cervical, and 

all dorsal clavicle and spine of scapula 

and acromion). Trapezius. 

m. which draws head laterally (transverse process 
of atlas jugular process). Rectus later- 

m. which rotates head (spine of axis inferior 

curved line of occiput). Rectus capitis posticus 

m. which retracts and rotates head (transverse 

process of second to fourth upper dorsal 

superior curved line of occipital). Biventer 

m. which depresses and rotates head (two heads, 

sternum, and clavicle mastoid process). 


m. which retracts and rotates head (transverse proc- 
esses of seventh cervical and three upper dorsal 
and articular processes of fourth to sixth cervical 
occipital bone). Complexus. 

m. which retracts and keeps neck erect (half of 
ligamentum nuchse and spines of six upper dor- 
sal vertebrae ..... into occiput and mastoid ; 
also transverse processes of four upper cervical). 
Splenius capitis et colli. 

m. which rotates atlas and head (spinous process 

transverse process of atlas). Obliquus 

capitis inferior. 

m. which steadies head (transverse processes of 
third to sixth dorsal and articular processes of 
third or fourth lower cervical mastoid proc- 
ess). Trachelomastoid. 


Humerus. See Arm. 

Hyoid bone. See also Tongue: 

m. vvhicli depresses hyoid bone (sternum and clav- 
icle hyoid bone). Sternohyoid. 

m. which depresses and retracts hyoid bone (upper 
border of scapula body of hyoid). Omo- 
m. which elevates and advances hyoid bone (infe- 
rior genial tubercle of inferior maxilla 

body of hyoid). Geniohyoid, 
m. which elevates and advances hyoid bone (mylo- 
hyoid ridge of inferior maxilla body of 

hyoid bone and raphe). Mylohyoid, 
m. which draws hyoid bone upward and back (sty- 
loid process body of hyoid). Stylohyoid. 

Index : 

m. which extends index (back of ulna ..... second 
and third phalanges of index). Extensor indicis. 
Knee-joint : 

m. which draws knee-joints up (anterior and infe- 
rior part of femur synovial sac behind 

patella). Subcrureus. 
Lacrimal sac : 

m. which compresses puncta and lacrimal sac (lac- 
rimal bone tarsal cartilages). Tensor 

Larynx. See also Glottis, Vocal cords : 

m. which constricts aperture of larynx (apex of 

arytenoid aryteno-epiglottidean folds). 

Arjrbeno-epiglottideus superior, 
m. which compresses saccule of larynx (arytenoid 

anteriorly epiglottis). Aryteno-epiglot- 

tideus superior, 
m. which elevates larynx (side of thyroid cartilage 
body and greater cornu of hyoid). Thyro- 
m. which depresses larynx (sternum and cartilage 

of first rib side of thyroid cartilage). 


m. which extends leg (inner lip, linea aspera of 



femur tuberosity of tibia). Vastus inter- 

nus and crureus. 
m. which extends leg (anterior border of great tro- 
chanter and linea aspera tuberosity of 

tibia). Vastus extemus. 
m. which extends leg (anterior inferior iliac spine, 

brim of acetabulum tuberosity of tibia). 

Rectus femoris. 
m. which flexes leg (external condyle of femur 

shaft of tibia above oblique line). Pop- 

m. which flexes and crosses leg (anterior superior 

spine of ilium upper internal shaft of 

tibia). Sartorius. 
m. which flexes and abducts leg (rami of pubis and 

ischium tibia, upper and inner part). 

m. which flexes leg and rotates it inward (tuberosity 

of ischium inner tuberosity of tibia). 

m. which flexes and rotates leg outward (1. Ischial 

tuberosity ; 2. Linea aspera head of fibula). 

Biceps femoris. 
m. which flexes leg and thigh (tuberosity of ischium 

upper and inner surface of tibia). Semi- 

Linea alba : 

m. which tenses linea alba (pubis linea 

alba). Pyramidalis. 
Lip : 

m. which depresses lip (external oblique line of 

inferior maxilla lower lip). Depressor 

labii inferioris. 
m. which elevates lip (lower margin of orbit 

upper lip). Levator labii superioris. 
m. which elevates lip outward (malar bone 

angle of mouth). Zygomaticus major et minor, 
m. which elevates lip and dilates nostril (nasal proc- 
ess of superior maxilla alar cartilage and 

upper lip). Levator labii superioris alaeque nasi. 



m. which elevates lower lip (incisive fossa of infe- 
rior maxilla skin of lower lip). Levator 

labii inferioris. 
Maxilla, inferior : 

m. which draws inferior maxilla forward (external 
pterygoid plate of sphenoid neck of con- 
dyle). External pterygoid. 

m. which raises and draws inferior maxilla forward 

(pterygoid fossa of sphenoid inner surface 

of angle of jaw). Internal pterygoid. 
Membrana tympani. See also Stapes : 

m. which relaxes membrana tympani (spinous proc- 
ess of sphenoid and tube neck of malleus). 

Laxator tympani major. 

m. which renders membrana tympani tense (temporal 

bone, Eustachian tube and canal handle 

of malleus). Tensor tympani. 
Mouth. See also Lip : 

m. which closes mouth (nasal septum and canine 

fossa of inferior maxilla by accessory fibers 

forms lip and sphincter of mouth). Orbicularis 

ra. which depresses angle of mouth (external oblique 

line of inferior maxilla angle of mouth). 

Depressor anguli oris. 

m. which elevates angle of mouth (canine fossa of 
superior maxilla angle of mouth). Leva- 
tor anguli oris. 

m. which draws out angle of mouth (fascia over 

masseter angle of mouth). Kisorius. 

Nares : 

m. which constricts posterior nares (soft palate 

thyroid cartilage and pharynx). Palatophar- 
Neck. See also Head, Spine : 

m. which wrinkles skin of neck and depresses mouth 

(clavicle of acromion and fascia inferior 

maxilla, angle of mouth). Platysma myoides. 

m. which flexes neck laterally (tubercle on first 

rib transverse processes of third to sixth 

cervical). Scalenus anticus. 


m. which flexes neck laterally (second rib , ... . 
transverse processes of three lower cervical). 
Scalenus posticus. 

m. which flexes neck laterally (first rib 

transverse processes of sixth lower cervical). 
Scalenus medius. 

m. which steadies neck (spines of fifth and sixth 

cervical into spine of axis or third or 

fourth cervical spines). Spinalis colli. 

m. which keeps neck erect (transverse processes of 

third to sixth dorsal transverse processes 

of fifth lower cervical). Transversalis colli. 

m. which keeps neck erect (angles of five upper 

ribs transverse processes of fourth, fifth, 

and sixth cervical). Cervicalis ascendens. 
Nose. See Nostril, Nares: 

m. which contracts nose (incisive fossa of superior 
maxilla septum and alse of nose). De- 
pressor alae nasi. 

m. which dilates nose (nasal notch of superior max- 
illa skin at margin of the nostrils). Dila- 
tor naris posterior. 

m. which dilates nose (superior maxilla fel- 
low muscle). Compressor naris. 

m. which dilates nose (alar cartilage skin 

at the end of the nose). Compressor narium 

m. which dilates nose (alar cartilage border 

of the ala). Dilator naris anterior. 

m. which dilates nose and elevates the lip (nasal 

process of superior maxilla alar cartilage 

and upper lip). Levator labii superioris alseque 
Palate : 

m. which elevates soft palate (petrous portion of 
temple soft palate). Levator palati. 

m. which renders palate tense (scaphoid fossa of 

sphenoid about hamular process into soft 

palate). Tensor palati. 
Palm : 

m. which corrugates the skin of palm (annular liga- 


ment and palmar fascia skin of palm 

hand). Palmaris brevis. 
m. which tenses fascia of palm (internal condi 

annular ligament and palmar fascii 

Palmaris longus. 
Pelvis. See Coccyx. 
Penis. See also Urine : 

m. which maintains erection of penis (ischial tube- 
rosity of crus penis and pubic ramus crus 

penis). Erector penis. 
Perineum, central tendon : 

m. which tenses perineum (ramus of ischium 

central tendon). Transversus perinaei. 
Pharynx. See Fauces, Nose, Nares: 

m. which elevates pharynx ^(styloid process 

thyroid cartilage). Stylopharyngeus. 
m. which contracts the caliber of pharynx (cricoid 

and thyroid cartilages pharyngeal raphe). 

Inferior constrictor, 
m. which contracts the caliber of pharynx (cornua 
of hyoid and stylohyoid ligament pharyn- 
geal raphe). Middle constrictor, 
m. which contracts the caliber of pharynx (internal 
pterygoid plate, pterygomaxillary ligament, jaw 

and side of tongue pharyngeal raphe). 

Superior constrictor. 
Pinna : 

m. which advances pinna (lateral cranial aponeu- 
rosis helix of ear). Attrahens aurem. 

m. which elevates pinna (occipitofrontalis aponeu- 
rosis pinna). Attolens aurem. 

m. which retracts pinna (mastoid process 

concha of ear). Retrahens aurem. 
Puncta. See Lacrimal sac. 
Rectum : 

m. which supports vagina, etc. (posterior body and 

ramus of pubis, pelvic fascia, ischial spine 

rectum, coccyx, and fibrous raphe). Levator 
Respiration. See also Ribs : 

m. of respiration and expulsion (ensiform cartilage, 


sixth or seventh lower rib, ligamenta articulata, 

bodies of lumbar vertebra central tendon). 

Ribs. See also Chest, Respiration : 

m's which act upon ribs in inspiration (inner sur- 
face of the ribs inner surface of second or 

third ribs below). Infracostals (10). 

m. which depresses ribs in expiration (spines of 
last two dorsal and first three lumbar vertebrae 
four lower ribs). Serratus posticus infe- 

m's which depress ribs in expiration (inner lip of 

inferior costal border superior border of 

ribs below). Internal intercostals (12). 

m. which raises ribs (transverse process of dorsal 

vertebrae each to rib below). Levator 


m. which elevates ribs in inspiration (eight upper 
ribs inner margin posterior border of scap- 
ula). Serratus magnus. 

m. which elevates ribs in inspiration (spines of 

seventh cervical and two upper dorsal 

second, third, fourth, and fifth ribs). Serratus 
posticus superior. 

m's which elevate ribs in inspiration (outer lip of 

inferior costal border superior border of 

ribs above). External intercostals (10). 
Scalp : 

m. which moves scalp (superior curved line of occi- 
put and angular process of frontal aponeu- 
rosis) . Occipitofrontalis . 
Scapula : 

m. which elevates and retracts scapula (spines of 

five upper dorsal vertebrae root of spine of 

scapula). Rhomboideus major. 

m. which retracts and elevates scapula (spines of 

seventh cervical and first dorsal root of 

spine of scapula). Rhomboideus minor. 

m. which elevates upper angle of scapula (trans- 
verse processes of fourth upper cervical ..... 

22 337 


posterior border of the scapula). Levator anguli 
Shoulder : 

m. which depresses the point of shoulder (third, 

fourth, aud fifth ribs coracoid process). 

Pectoralis minor. 
Spine : 

m. which erects spine (transverse process of four 
upper dorsal and articular processes of four lower 

cervical spines, second to fifth cervical). 

Semispinalis colli. 

m. which erects spine (transverse processes of lower 

dorsal spines of last two cervical and 

four upper dorsal). Semispinalis dorsi. 

m. which erects spine (last two dorsal and first two 

lumbar spines remaining dorsal spines). 

Spinalis dorsi. 

m. which erects spine and bends trunk backward 
(angles of six lower ribs ..... angles of six 
upper ribs). Musculus accessorius ad sacro- 

m. which erects the spine and bends the trunk back- 
ward (iliac crest, back of sacrum, lumbar and 

three dorsal spines divides into the two 

following muscles). Erector spinae. 

ibid, (erector spinse angles of six lower ribs). 


ibid, (erector spinse transverse processes of 

lumbar and dorsal seventh to eleventh ribs). 
Longissimus dorsi. 

m. flexes cervical vertebrae of spine (three portions : 
1. Transverse processes of third to fifth cervical 

anterior tubercle of atlas ; 2. Bodies of 

first to third dorsal transverse processes 

of fifth to sixth cervical ; 3. Bodies of third dor- 
sal and third cervical bodies of second to 

fourth cervical). Longus colli. 

m. which erects and rotates spine (sacrum, iliac 
spine, articular processes of lumbar and cervical 
vertebrae, and transverse processes of dorsal 



laminae and spines of next four vertebrae above). 
Multifidus spinse. 

m's which rotate spine (transverse processes of 

second to twelfth dorsal lamina next to 

dorsal above). Rotatores spinas. 

m's which extend spine (between spines of contigu- 
ous vertebrae). Interspinales. 

m. whicli flexes or steadies spine (between trans- 
verse processes of contiguous vertebrae). Inter- 
Stapes : 

m. which depresses the base of stapes (interior of 

pyramid neck of stapes). Stapedius. 

Tarsus : 

m. which flexes tarsus (lower one-fourth of fibula 
fifth metatarsal bone). Peroneus tertius. 

m. which inverts and extends tarsus (shaft of tibia 
and fibula tuberosity of scaphoid, and in- 
ternal cuneiform). Tibialis posticus. 
Teeth, incisor : 

m. which brings teeth together (temporal fossae and 

fascia coronoid processof inferior maxilla). 


masticating m. of molar teeth (zygomatic arch 

angle and ramus of jaw). Masseter. 
Thigh : 

external rotator of thigh (tuberosity of ischium 

quadrate lines of femur). Quadratus femoris. 

external rotator of thigh (front of sacrum, through 

great sciatic foramen great trochanter). 


external rotator of thigh (obturator foramen and 
membrane digital fossa, base of great tro- 
chanter). Obturator extemus. 

external rotator of thigh (obturator foramen and 

membrane great trochanter). Obturator 


external rotator of thigh (tuberosity of ischium 

great trochanter), Gemellus inferior (from 

ischial spine to great trochanter is Gemellus supe- 



m. which rotates, abducts, and draws thigh forward 
(ilium between middle and inferior curved lines 
great trochanter). Gluteus minimus. 

m. which rotates, abducts, and advances thigh 
(ilium between middle and superior curved lines 

oblique line of great trochanter). Gluteus 


m. which adducts and flexes thigh (front of pul)is 
middle of linea aspera of femur). Ad- 
ductor longus. 

m. which adducts and rotates thigh outward (rami 

of pubis and ischium all linea aspera of 

femur). Adductor magnus. 

m. which adducts and flexes thigh (ramus of pubis 

upper part of linea aspera of femur). 

Adductor brevis. 

m. which flexes thigh and rotates it outward (ileo- 

pectineal line and pubis femur below 

lesser trochanter). Pectineus. 

m. which flexes and rotates thigh outward (iliac 
fossa, crest, base of sacrum lesser trochan- 
ter). Iliacus. 

m. which flexes and rotates thigh outward and 
flexes trunk on the pelvis ( bodies and transverse 
processes of last dorsal and all lumbar vertebrae 
lesser trochanter). Psoas magnus, 

m. which extends, abducts, and rotates thigh out- 
ward (superior curved line of ilium and crest, 

sacrum and coccyx fascia and femur below 

great trochanter). Gluteus maximus. 

tensor m. of fascia of thigh (iliac crest and anterior 
superior spinous process fascia lata). Ten- 
sor vaginae femoris. 
Throat. See Fauces. 
Thumb : 

m. which flexes thumb (trapezium, trapezoid, os 

magnum, bal5e of third metacarpal base 

of last phalanx). Flexor brevis pollicis. 

m. which flexes thumb (trapezium meta- 
carpal of thumb). Opponens pollicis. 

m. which flexes phalanx of thumb (shaft of radius 


last phalanx of thumb). Flexor longus 

m. which extends thumb (back of radius 

base of first phalanx of thumb). Extensor primi 

intemodii pollicis. 
m. which extends thumb (back of radius and ulna 

base of metacarpal of thumb). Extensor 

ossis metacarpi pollicis. 
m. which extends thumb (back of ulna base 

of last phalanx of thumb). Extensor secundi 

internodii pollicis. 
m. which draws thumb to median line (third meta- 
carpal first phalanx of thumb). Adduc- 
tor pollicis. 
m. which draws thumb from median line (trapezium 

first phalanx). Abductor pollicis. 


m. which abducts toes (sides of metatarsals 

base of first phalanx of corresponding toe). 

Dorsal interossei. 
m. which abducts toes (shafts of third, fourth, and 

fifth metatarsals base of first phalanges of 

same). Plantaris interossei. 
m. which flexes lesser toes (inner tuberosity of os 

calcis and plantar fascia second phalanges 

of lesser toes). Flexor brevis digitorum. 
m. which flexes toes and extends foot (shaft of tibia 

last phalanges of toes). Flexor longus 

m. which extends toes (os calcis externally 

first phalanx of great toe and tendon of extensor 

longus). Extensor brevis digitorum. 
m. which extends toes (outer tuberosity of tibia and 

shaft of fibula second and third phalanges 

of toes). Extensor longus digitorum. 
accessory flexor of toe (tendons of flexor longus 

second phalanges of lesser toes). Lumbri- 

accessory flexor of toe (two heads : 1. Inner ; 2. 

Outer surface of os calcis tendon of flexor 

longus digitorum). Flexor accessorius. 



m. which flexes great toe (lower two-thirds of shaft 

of fibula last phalanx of great toej. 

Flexor longus pollicis. 

m. which extends great toe (middle of fibula 

base of last phalanx of great toe). Extensor 
proprius pollicis. 

abductor of great toe (inner tuberosity of os calcis 
first phalanx). Adductor pollicis. 

m. which adducts great toe (tarsal and third meta- 
tarsal base of first phalanx). Adductor 


m. which adducts great toe (head of fifth metatarsal 

first phalanx of great toe). Transversus 


m. which flexes little toe (base of fifth metatarsal 

base of first phalanx of little toe). Flexor 

brevis minimi digiti. 

abductor of little toe (outer tuberosity of os calcis 
and plantar fascia first phalanx). Abduc- 
tor minimi digiti. 
Tongue : 

m. which depresses side of tongue (cornu of hyoid 
side of tongue). Hyoglossus. 

m. which elevates center of tongue (under surface - 
of tongue). Lingualis. 

m. which elevates and retracts tongue (styloid proc- 
ess side of tongue). Styloglossus. 

m. which retracts and protrudes tongue (superior 

genial tubercle of inferior maxilla hyoid 

bone and bottom of tongue). Geniohyoglossus. 

m. which elevates tongue and hyoid bone (two 
bellies : 1. Anterior inner surface of inferior 
maxilla near symphysis ; 2. Posterior digastric 

groove of mastoid process hyoid bone). 

Trunk. See Spine. 
Urethra : 

m. which compresses urethra (ramus of pubis 

fellow muscle). Compressor urethrae. 
Urine. See also Urethra : 

m. which ejects urine (central tendon of perineum 



and median raphe bulb of spongy and 

cavernous part of penis). Accelerator urinae. 
Uvula : 

ra. which raises uvula (posterior nasal spine of 

palate bone uvula). Azygos uvulae. 

Vagina : 

ra. which contracts vagina (central tendon of peri- 
neum corpora cavernosa and clitoris). 

Sphincter vaginae. 
Viscera. See Chest. 
Vocal cords. See also Glottis : 

m. which relaxes vocal cords (thyroid and crico- 
thyroid membrane arytenoid, inferior, and 

anterior surface). Thyro-arytenoideus. 

m. which tenses vocal cords (cricoid cartilage 

thyroid cartilage of lower inner border). Crico- 
Wrist : 

m. which flexes wrist (two heads : 1. Internal con- 
dyle ; 2. Olecranon and ulna fifth meta- 
carpal, annular ligament, and pisiform bone). 
Flexor carpi ulnaris. 

m. which flexes w rist (internal condyle meta- 
carpal bone of index). Flexor carpi radialis. 

m. which extends wrist (external condyloid ridge of 
humerus base of third metacarpal). Ex- 
tensor carpi radialis brevier. 

ibid, (low^er third, condyloid ridge externally 

bone of second metacarjial). Extensor carpi 
radialis longior. 

ibid, (external condyle of humerus base of 

fifth metacarpal). Extensor carpi ulnaris. 


Synonym : Myocxjte. 
formative m.-c. Myoblast, 
germinal m.-c. Sarcoplate. 

MUSCLE-CONTRACTION. See also Contraction, Cramp. 
Synonyms : Myospasis, Myostypsis. 
a spasmodic m.-c. Myotonia ; Myospasm, 
agent to cause m.-c. Apheter. 


continued m.-c. Tonus (adj. Tonic). 

irregular m.-c. Clonus (adj. Clonic). 

excessive m.-c. Hyperkinesia. 

power of m.-c. Myotility ; Myonicity. 

slight m.-c. Crispation. 

pain following m.-c. Kinesalgia. 

pertaining to m.-c. Myotonic. 
MUSCLE-SHEATH. Sarcolemma. 
MUSCLE-SOUND. Myophonia. 
MUSIC. See also Hearing. 

inordinate devotion to m. Melomania. 

instrument to beat time in m. Metronome. 

perversion of sense of m. Paramusia. 

treatment by m. Musicotherapy. 
MUSTARD-PAPER. Charta sinapis. 
MUTILATION. See also Injury. 

illegal m. Mayhem. 
MUTTERING. See also Delirium. 

m. of severe illness. Mussitation. 
MYSTIC RITE. See Charm. 

MYXEDEMA. Cachexia strumipriva, pachydermica, oF 


NABOTHIAN CYSTS. Ovula Nabothi ; Corpora globosa 

eervicis uteri ; Glandulae Nabothi. 
N.ffiVUS. See Neviis. 
NAIL. See also Finger, Toe, Whitlow. 
Synonyms: Unguis, Onyx. 
absence of n's. Anonychia, 
atrophy of n's. Onychatrophy. 

of n. Lunula, Semilunula, Selene, or Arcus 



biting of n's. Onychophagy. 

morbid degeneration of* n's. Onychophyma. 

defective development of n's or other horny tissue. 

any disease of n's. Onychonosus ; Onychosis. 

parasitic disease of n's. Onychomycosis ; Onychia para- 

falling off of n's. Onychoptosis. 

follicle of n. Vallecula unguis. 

the fetal n. Eponychium. 

horny degeneration of n's. Defoedatio unguium. 

hypertrophy of n's. Onychauxis ; Hyperonychia. 

inflammation of soft part of n's. Onychitis. 

chronic inflammation of matrix of n's. Onychia ; Paro- 

ingrowing of n's. Onyxis ; Onychosis arctura. 

Ian ingrowing n. Acronyx. 
having long n's. Macronychous. 
matrix of n's. Onychostroma. 
pertaining to n. Ungual ; Ungueal. 
resembling a n. Onychoid, 
root of n. Onychorrhiza ; Ehinonychia ; Radix unguis ; 
Matrix unguis, 
condition marked by thickening and curvature of n's. 
Onychophosis ; Onychogryphosis ; Aduncatio unguium, 
abnormal thickening of finger-n's. Scahrities unguium, 
white discoloration of n's. Leukonychia. 
NAME. See also Language, Speech, Word. 

treatise on any system atization of n's. Terminology, 
n. of disease taken from n. of person. Eponym (adj. 

science of applying n's. Nomenclature ; Onomatology. 
NAPE (of Neck). 

Synonym : Nueha. 
NARCOSIS. See Hypnotism, Sleep, Stupor. 

NARCOTIC. See also Opium, Sleep. 

Synonyms : Soporific, Carotic, Somnifacient 
condition resulting from n. Narcotism, 
morbid desire for n's. Letheomania. 
stupor produced by n. Narcoma. 


NARROW-HEADED. Stenocephalic. 

NARROWING. See also Constriction, Stricture, 
Synonyms : Stenosis, Stegnosis, Constriction. 

NASAL. See Nose. 
NASAL BONE. Os nasale. 

Synonyms : Mycterophonia, Ehinophonia. 

n. V. due to obstruction in nose. Rhinolalia clausa. 

n. V. due to abnormal opening of nasal passage. Rhino- 
lalia aperta. 
NATIVE. Indigenous; Autochthonous. 
NAUSEA. See also Vomithig, Sea-sickness. 
Synonym : Anacope. 

morning n. Matutinal nausea. 

n. of pregnancy. Nausea gravidarum. 

producing n. Nauseant; Nauseous. 

NAVEL. See also Umbilical cord. Umbilical cyst. Umbil- 
ical hernia, Umbilical region. 

Synonyms : Umbilicus, Omphalos, Omphalus. 
having a depression like the n. Umbilicated. 
excision of n. Omphalectomy, 
hemorrhage from n. Omphalorrhagia, 
hemorrhage from n. in newborn. Omphalorrhagia 

inflammation of n. Omphalitis, 
effusion of lymph around the n. Omphalorrhea, 
pertaining to n. Umbilical ; Omphalic, 
pouting center of n. Acromphalus. 
undue prominence of n. Exomphalos. 
collection of pus at the n. Empyomphalus. 
tumor or swelling at n. Omphaloncus. 
fatty tumor at n. Liparomphalos. 
fleshy tumor at n. Sarcomphalon. 
ulceration of n. Omphalelcosis. 
varicose condition of n. Cirsomphalos. 
inflammation of veins of n. Omphalophlebitis. 

NEAR POINT. Punctum proximum. 

NEAR-SIGHT. Myopia; Dysphotia. 



NECK. See also Throat, Goiter, Wry-neck. 

Synonyms : Cervix, Trachelus. 
any deformity of the n. Trachelocyllosis ; Trachelo- 

back part (nape of n.). Nucha. 
l)road fleshy muscle of n. Platysma myoides. 
depression of n. just above sternum. Fonticulus. 
situated on side of n. Lateronuchal. 
cellulitis of the n. Ludwig's angina. 
inflammation of glands of n. Deradenitis. 
inflammation of muscles of n. Trachelomyitis. 
interior part of n. Collum. 
having a long n. Macrauchen. 
having a strong n. Craterauchen. 
pain in the n. Trachelodynia. 
fleshy tumor occurring on n. Nasta ; Nata. 
NECK (Anatomic). 

n. of astragalus. Collum astragali or tali. 

In. of bladder. Collum vesicae ; Cervix vesicae. 
h. of gall-bladder. Collum felleae. 
n. of humerus (anatomic). Collum anatomicum humeri, 
p. of humerus (surgical). Collum chirurgicum humeri, 
p. of femur. Cervix femoris. 
p. of fibula. Cervix fibulae, 
n. of lower jaw. Collum maxillae inferioris. 
n. of penis (back of glans). Cervix glandis. 
n. of rib. Cervix costae. 
n. of scapula. Collum scapulae, 
n. of tooth. Cervix dentis. 
n. of uterus. Cervix uteri. 

Synonym : ^fortification, 
n. of bone (the dead portion). Sequestrum, 
n. of jaw (from phosphorus). Necrosis maxillae ex 

phosphor© . 
n. of teeth. Caries ; Necrosis dentium. 
NEEDLE. See also Puncture. 
Synonym : Acus. 

I process of arresting hemorrhage by means of needle. 
puncturing of parts by very fine needle. Acupuncture. 





NEISSER'S ORGANISM. Micrococcus gonorrhoeae. 

NELATON'S LINE. Linea Ndlatoni. 

NEOPLASM. See Tumor. 

NEPHRITIS. See also Kidney. 
Synonym : Nephrophlegmone. 

calculous n. Lithonephritis. 

chronic n. (two varieties). 1. Parenchymatous, Tubal, 
or Epithelial n. 2. Interstitial, Indurative, or Gran- 
ular n. 

form of n. due to a peculiar micro-organism. Clostri- 
dial n. 

n. from lead-poisoning. N. saturnina. 

rheumatic n. N. rheumatica. 

n. from scarlet fever. N. scarlatina. 

suppurative n. Pyonephritis. 

surgical n. Septic n. ; N. chirurgica. 

NERVE. See also Nerve-axis, Nerve-cell, Nerve-force, 
Neuralgia, Sensation. 

Synonyms : Nervus (pi. Nervi ; adjs. Nerval, Neural), 
anatomy of n's. Neurography, 
channel for n. through bone. Nerviduct. 
gray matter of n. Substantia cinerea. 
white matter of n. Substantia alba, 
albuminous basis of n's. Neurin. 
n's supplied to blood-vessels. Vasomotor nerves. 
connective tissue of n. Endoneurium. 
cell-plasm of n. Neuron; Perikaryon, 
pertaining to n.-action sent from spinal center. Ecstal- 

pertaining to n. -carrying impulse from center. Efferent ; 

Centrifugal; Exodic. 
pertaining to n.-carrying impulse to center. Afferent; 

Centripetal; Esodic. 
n's which carry impulse to center. Nervi entobaenontes. 
action of motor n.-center. Kentrokinesis. 
sheath of axis-cylinder of a n. Axoplasm. 


11. diseases (neuroses) with muscular spasm. Cinetica. 

:i n. skin disease. Neurodermatosis. 

any n. disease. Neuropathy. 

any functional u. disease. Neurosis; Neuremia; Neu- 
rempodism ; Acroneurosis. 

n. disorder due to misuse of opium. Meconeuropathia. 

any n. disorder from uterus. Metroneurosis. 

displacement of a n. Neurectopia. 

an exalted state of the n's. Ecstacy ; Carus ecstasis. 

excitation of n's. Nervosism ; Nervousness. 

j)ertaining to n.-fiber without medulla. Amyelenic. 

siieath of the n.-fiber. Neurilemma. 

central part of n.-fiber (white substance of Schwann). 

connecting by n. -fibers. Homodesmotic. 

channel through bone for n.-fiber. Nerviduct. 

pertaining to n.-fibers provided with a sheath. Medul- 

small bundle of n.-fibers. Fasciculus. 

formation of n. Neurogenesis. 

impairment of n. -function. Dysneuria. 

checking of n.-impulse. Inhibition. 

instrument to measure rapidity of transmission of im- 
pulses in peripheral n's. Nematachometer. 

instrument to study n.-reactions. Neuramebimeter. 

inflammation of n. Neuritis ; Neurophlogosis. 

inflammation aflTecting several n's. Multiple neuritis; 
Polyneuritis ; Panneuritis. 

inflammation of n. -sheath. Neuritis adventitialis. 

inflammation of n. -substance. Mesoneuritis. 

abnormal heightening of irritability of n. Erethism. 

n. irritation due to uterine reflex. Hysteroneurosis. 

n. going to muscle. Motor n. 

lack of n.-power. Aneuria ; Paresis. 

excessive n.-power. Neurosthenia. 

supply of n.-energy to an organ. Innervation. 

impaired nutrition of n. Neuratrophy. 

nutrition of n. Neurotrophy. 

a n. stimulating nutrition. Anabolic n. 

a n. depressing nutrition. Oatabolic n. 

relating to nutritive changes in n. Neurometsibolic. 


pain in n. Neurodynia ; Neuralgia. 

n.-papilla. Neurothele. 

a n. which depresses a function. Inhibitory n. ; Fre- 

nator n. 
pertaining to n. -function. Neurotic; Nervine; Neuric; 

pressure on a n. Neurothlipsis. - 
regeneration of n. -tissue. Neuranagenesis ; Neurana- 

genema; Neuranaphysis. 
relaxation of a n. Neurolysis, 
resembling a n. * Neuroid. 
a n. conveying sensation. Sensory n. 
diminution of sensibility of n. Neuroblacia. 
situated at a n. Adneural. 
a small n. Nervule. 

softening of n. Neuromalacia ; Neuromalaxis. 
the study of the n's. Neurology, 
plastic surgery of n. Neuroplasty. 
crushing of n. Neurotripsy, 
division of n. Neurotomy, 
excision of a n. Neurectomy, 
suture of a n. Neurorrhaphy, 
tearing of a n. -trunk. Neuragmia. 
a puncture of a n. Neuronyxis ; Neuronygme ; Neuro- 

tissue of n. Neuria ; Neuristos. 
tumor of a n. Neuroma (pi. Neuromata). 
situated within a n. Endoneural, 
a wound of n. Neurotroma ; Neurotrauma ; Neurotros- 

mus; Neurotrosis. 


Synonyms : Neuron, Neuraxis. 
termination of n.-a. Axite. 


Synonyms : Neurocyte, Neure. 
a n.-c. with readily stainable network. Amphiarkyo- 

a n.-c. without cylinder. Anaxon. 
a n.-c. with chromatic substance in rows. . Arkyochrome. 
a cylinder-process of a n.-c. Axon. 



n.-c. in which nucleus is stainable and rest not. Karyo- 

n.-c. whose axis-cylinder breaks up into filaments imme- 
diately on leaving the cell. Dendraxon. 

n.-c. whose axis-cylinder breaks up at a distance from 
the cell. Inaxon. 

n.-c. that aids in connecting other n.-c's. Zygoneure. 


Synonyms : Neurorrheuma, Neurodynamia, Neuricity. 
lack of n.-f Enervation. 

Synonyms : Neuroploca, Neurostremma (pi. Nearo- 
any disease of nerve-ganglia. Gangliopathy. 
formed like a u.-g. Gangliform. 
neurasthenia of nerve-ganglia. Gangliasthenia. 
tumor of nerve-ganglia. Ganglioma. 

NERVE-SHEATH. Epineurium. 

NERVE-STRETCHING. Neurectasis ; Neurokinesis ; Neu- 

NERVOUS. Neuric. 

NERVOUS DEBILITY. Neurasthenia; Neuradynamia. 
NERVOUS SYSTEM. See also Brairi Spinal cord, 
Nerve, Epilepsy, Hysteria. 
having one n. s. Mononeurus. 
study and treatment of diseases of n. s. Neuriatry. 
treatise on diseases of n. s. Neurology, 
disease of n. s. with clonic spasm of voluntary muscles. 

Paramyoclonus multiplex, 
disease of n. s. characterized by loss of power with 
spasm of muscles of lower extremities. Spastic para- 
disease of n. s. characterized by muscular inco-ordina- 
tion due to change in sensory part of cord. Tabes 
dorsalis; Locomotor ataxia; Posterior spinal sclero- 
sis ; Locomotor acinergia. 
disease of n. s. characterized by gliomatous formation 

about the central canal of the cord. Syringomyelia, 
disease of n. s. characterized by degeneration of motor 


nuclei in cord and medulla with wasting of muscles. 

Poliomyelitis anterior chronica. 
disease of n. s. characterized by degeneration of motor 

nuclei of medulla particularly. Bulbar paralysis; 

Glossolabiolaryngeal paralysis, 
disease of n. s. characterized by localized areas of 

sclerosis in brain and cord (Charcot's disease). Sole-: 

rose en plaque ; Insular sclerosis ; Multiple sclerosis ; 

Disseminated sclerosis, 
disease of n. s. characterized by chronic progressive* 

degeneration of brain-substance. Chronic meningo- 
encephalitis ; Dementia paralytica ; General paresis, 
disease of n. s. characterized by muscular weakness, 

tremors, and rigidity (Parkinson's disease). Paralysis 

agitans ; Shaking palsy. 
disease of n. s. characterized by functional weakness 

(Beard's disease). Neurasthenia; Nervosism; Neur- 

ism; Neuradynamia. 
NETTLE-RASH. Urticaria; Uredo; Cnidosis; Febris ur- 

NETWORK. Plexus; Reticulum; Rete. 
NEUMANN'S DISEASE. Pemphigus vegetans. 
NEURALGIA. See also Pai7i, Colic, Nerve, Artery, Head-^ 
ache, different parts. 

Synonyms : Rheumatismus spurius nervosus, Neuro- 
n. of abdominal origin. Neuralgia mesenterica ; Enter- 

n. of arm. Brachialgia ; Neuralgia brachialis. 
intense burning n. Causalgia. 
n. of ear. Neuralgia tympanica ; Otalgia, 
facial n. Prosopalgia; Metopodynia. 
facial n. accompanied by twitching. Neuralgia spastica ; 

Tic douloureux, 
n. of one side of head. Megrim ; Migraine ; Hemicrania ; 

Neuralgia cerebralis. 
n. of heart. Neuralgia cardiaca or brachiothoracica ; 

Angina pectoris; Neuralgia cordis, 
n. of joints. Arthralgia ; Articular neuralgia, 
n. of kidney. Nephralgia ; Neuralgia renum. 


n. of liver. Hepatalgia ; Neuralgia hepatica. 

11. in the loins. Neurischias ; Neuralgia femoropoplitaea. 

II. of muscle. Neuromyalgia. 

n. from misuse of opium. Meconalgia. 

n. of ovary. Ovaralgia ; Oarialgia. 

led n. Erythromelalgia. 

sciatic n. Neuralgia femoropoplitgea. 

n. of solar plexus. Neuralgia coeliaca. 

n. of spleen. Splenalgia ; Neuralgia lienis. 

n. of stomach. Neuralgia ventriculi ; Cardialgia. 

n. of teeth. N. dentalis; Odontalgia. 

II. of testicles. Neuralgia testis ; Orchidalgia. 

n. of thigh. Neuralgia cruralis; N. femorotibialis ; 

Neuralgia femoroprsetibialis. 
n. of uterus. Neuralgia uteri ; Hysteralgia. 
unilateral n. Hemialgia. 

TEUTER. See Sex, Sexual organs. 
TEUTRAL. Adiaphorous. 

n. of congenital origin ("mother's mark"). Naevus 

n. which continually increases in size. Naevus increscens. 

fatty n. Naevus lipomatodes. 

n. covered with hair. Naevus pilaris or pilosus. 

pigmentary (ordinary mole). Naevus pigmentosus. 

"port-wine mark." Naevus flammeus. 

n. with radiating lines resembling a spider. Naevus 

n. with smooth surface. Naevus spilus. 

vascular n. Naevus cavernosa; Telangiectasis; Naevus 
vascularis ; Naevus sanguineus. 

warty n. Naevus verrucosus. 


Synonym : Novus. 

one who enthuses about things that are new. Neoteric. 

morbid dread of change or things that are new. Neo- 

fEWBORN. See also Infant, Child. 
Synonym : Neonatus. 
23 353 


blue disease in n. Morbus caeruleus ; Cyanosis neonato- 
epidemic afebrile blue disease in n. Morbus Winckelii; 

Cyanosis afebrilis. 
feces passed by n. child. Meconium, 
inflammation of eyes in n. Ophthalmia neonatorum; 

Adenologaditis ; Neotococacophthalmia. 
condition of uuexpanded lung in n. Atelectasis pulmo- 

num neonatorum, 
blood-tumor of scalp of n. Cephalhematoma ; Abscessus 

capitis sanguineus neonatorum; Kephalhematoma ; 

Thrombus neonatorum ; Cephalophyma capitis, 
jaundice of n. Icterus neonatorum ; Neotocicterus. 
lockjaw of n. Tetanus neonatorum ; Trismus nascentium. 
pulseless condition of n. Asphyxia neonatorum; 

Asphyxia pallida neurosa. 
edema of scalp in n. Caput succedaneum. 
hernia of umbilicus in n. Exomphalus ; Hernia funiculi; 

Umbilicatis congenita. 

NEW GROWTH. See Tumor. 
Synonym : Neoplasm. 

NEW-LEATHER SOUND. Bruit de craquement; Bruit 
de cuir neuf. 

NICOLAIER'S BACILLUS. Bacillus tetanus; Bacillus 
tetani traumatici. 

NIGHT. See also Night-blindness, Nightmare, Night- 
walking, Nocturnal emission. 

Synonym : Nox. 
lasting n. and day. Noctidial. 
pertaining to the n.-time. Nocturnal, 
exacerbation of symptoms at n. Nocturnal crisis, 
incontinence of urine at n. Nocturnal enuresis. 
NIGHT-BLINDNESS. Nyctamblyopia ; Nyctotyphlosis ; 
Dysopia tenebrarium ; Amblyopia crepuscularis ; Nycta- 
lopia; Hemeralopia. 

Synonyms : Incubus, Oneirodynia, Ephialtes, Ephi^ 
altes nocturna, Hypnophobia, Pavor nocturnus. 
preventing n. Antephialtic. 


I^IGHT-SWEAT. Nocturnal hyperidrosis. 

^IGHT-WALKER. Somnambulist ; Nyctiplauctus ; Nycti- 
I porus. 

I ^IGHT- WALKING. Somnambulism; Noctambulation ; 
Nyctobadia ; Nyctobasis ; Nyctobatesis ; Nyctobatia. 

«NE-DAY FITS. Trismus nascentium. 

TIPPLE. See also Breast, Milk 

Synonym : Acromastium, Staphylium, Papilla mammce, 
artificial n. Galactophorus. 
cancer of n. Paget's disease ; Mammillitis maligna ; 

Prosospermiasis mammillaris. 
chapped n. Papilla scissa. 
depressed n. Papilla depressa. 
erection of n. Thelotism. 
hemorrhage from n. Thelorrhagia. 
inflammation of n's. Thelitis, 
having more than one n. Polythelia, 
operation to raise depressed n. Mammillaplasty. 
colored ring around n. Areola ; Halo ; Areola mammae ; 

A. papillae. 
shaped like a n. Mammilliform ; Mammilloid. 
ulcerated n. Papilla exulcerata. 
TITROGEN. See also Urea. 
Synonym : Azote. 
containing n. Nitrogenous ; Nitrogenized. 
any disease due to excess of n. Azotenesis. 
NITROGLYCERIN. Glonoin; Trinitrin. 
TOCTURNAL EMISSION. See also Emission. 

Synonyms : Pollution ; Paroniria salax ; Oneirogonus. 
TODDING. Nutant. 

TODDING SPASM. Spasmus nutans ; Salaam. 
TODE. See also Nodule, Ganglion. 
Synonym : Nodus (pi. Nodi). 
characterized by n's or swellings at intervals. Nodose. 
having n's. Nodosis. 
having n's on finger. Nodosity. 



Synonym : Nodulus (adj. Nodular). 
n. of granular or caseated cells occurring in tuberculo- 
sis. Tubercles. 
NOISES IN EARS. Paracusis imaginaris ; Tinnitus aurium ; 

Bombus ; Sonitus aurium. 
NOMENCLATURE. Terminology ; Termonology ; Gloss- 
ology; Orismology. 
NORMAL. See also Abnormal, Abnormality, Body, Organ- 
ism, Tissue, Form, Structure, different parts and func- 
n. condition of the organism. Eutaxia. 
condition or sensation of n. health. Euphoria, 
pertaining to n. lymph. Euplastic. 
n. labor. Eutocia. 
n. respiration. Eupnea. 
n. peristalsis. Euperistalsis. 
pertaining to n. articulation. Nomarthral. 
pertaining to abn. articulation. Xenarthral. 

NOSE. See also Smell, Nose-bleed, Nose-speculum, Frontal 

sinus, Antrum of Highmore, Ethmoid bone. Sphenoid 

bone. Turbinated bodies. 
Synonym : Nasus. 

congenital absence of n. Arhinia. 

monster with n. absent. Cebocephalus (adj. Cebo- 

having a flat n. Platyrrhine. 

having a single cavity in the n. Monorrhinous. 

science of n. and its diseases. Rhinology. 

specialist in diseases of n. Rhinologist. 

instrument for measuring n. Rhinometer. 

causing discharge from n. Errhine. 

mucous discharge from n. Rhinorrhea; Rhinoblennor- 

congenital double n. Birhinia. 

examination of nasal fossa. Rhinoscopy. 

disease marked by hardness of skin and mucous mem- 
brane of n. Rhinoscleroma. 

hemorrhage from the n. Epistaxis ; Rhinorrhagia. 

hypertrophy of n. Macrorrhinia. 



inflammation of mucous membrane of n. (catarrh). 

Rhinitis; Nasitis. 
acute inflammation of mucous membrane of n. Coryza ; 

Rhinitis acuta, 
inflammation of mucous membrane of n. with shrinking 

of tissue. Rhinitis atrophica, 
inflammation of mucous membrane of n. with overgrowth 

of tissues. Rhinitis hypertrophica. 
instrument to excise middle turbinate of n. Conchotome. 
instrument for examining the n. Rhinoscope ; Concho- 

itching of n. Rhinocnesmus. 
mucous membrane of n. Pituitary membrane; Mem- 

brana mucosa nasi ; Schneiderian membrane, 
mucus from n. Nasarium ; Blenna narium. 
necrosis of nasal bone. Rhinonecrosis. 
obstruction of n. Rhinostegnosis ; Rhinocleisis; Rhi- 


ental disturbance due to obstruction of n. Aprosexia 


or or fetid disease of n. Ozena, 
peration of formation of new nose. Rhinoplasty, 
pain in n. Rhinalgia ; Rhinodynia. 
pertaining to the n. Nasal ; Narial ; Narine ; Rhinal. 
nasal plug or tampon. Rhinobyon. 
polypus of n. Rhinopolypus. 
posterior opening of n. Choanae ; Posterior nares. 
root of n. Nasion. 

shaped like a n. Nasiform ; Nariform. 
having a slender n. Leptorhine. 
one who has a short, stumpy n. Simus; Sillus; Resi- 

stone in the n. Rinolite ; Rhinolith; Rhinolite. 
formation of stone in n. Rhinolithiasis. 
small elastic bag for plugging n. Rhineurynter. 
lessening size of n. by plastic operation. Rhinomiosis. 
plastic operation on n. Rhinoplasty, 
nasal tone of voice. Rhinolalia ; Rhinophonia. 
nasal voice due to obstruction in n. Rhinolalia clausa. 
nasal voice due to patulousness of n. Rhinolalia aperta. 
tumor of n. Rhinophyma. 


Chief kinds of nose are : 
the flat n. Nez spate. 

the hook n. Nasus aduncus ; Nasus avicularis. 
pug n. Nasus simus. 
saddle-back n. Nasus incurvus. 

Chief anatomic features of nose are : 
bony part of n. Nasus osseus. 
bridge of n. Ponticulus nasi, 
cartilaginous part of n. Nasus cartilagineus. 
crest of n. Crista nasalis. 
end of n. Lobulus nasi ; Apex nasi, 
opening into n. Meatus (anterior and posterior), 
partition of n. Septum narium. 
scroll-like bodies situated within the n. Turbinated 

bones ; Turbinals ; Corpora spongiosa. 
sides or wings of n. Alae nasi ; Pinnae nares. 
spine of n. Dorsum, Rachis, or Spina nasi. 

NOSE-BLEED. Epistaxis; Hemorrhinia; Hemorrhagia 
activa narium. 

NOSE-SPECULUM. Ehinoscope. 

Synonym : Nares (pi. Nares). 
wide n. Nares patulae. 

NOTCH. See also Furrow, Fissure. 
Synonym : Incisura. 

NOURISHMENT. See Food, Growth, Nutrition. 


basic substance of n. AUoxin. 


Synonym : Entohlast. 
substance found within n. resembling chromatin. Para- 

NUCLEUS (of Cell). See also Cell, Protoplasm, Nuclein, 

Synonyms: Cytoblast, Endohlast, Karyoplasm, Inter- 
nal blastema (pi. Nuclei). 
basic albuminoid substance of n. Nuclein. 



changes of cell-n. in reproduction. Karyokinesis ; 

Caryomitosis ; Caryocinesis. 
having many nuclei. Polynuclear. 
irregular body in cell-protoplasm near n. Paranucleus ; 

minute body iu center of n. surrounded by clear space. 

the two skeins of dividing n. forming daughter-nuclei. 

network iu cell-n. Kytomitom. 
the tangible part of a cell-n. Chromatin, 
n. of ovum. Genoblast. 
proteid of n. Histon. 

protoplasm of n. Karyoplasm ; Nucleoplasm, 
pertaining to blending of n. in reproduction. Karyo- 

splitting of n. into chromatin-iiber. Karyomitosis. 

I resting stage of n. Karyostasis. 
basal substance of n. Enchylema. 
substance in n. not readily stained. Achromatin. 
segmentation of n. Karyolysis. 

NUKE-BONE. Os occipitalis. 

NUMBNESS. See also Anesthesia, Sensation, Skin, and 
different parts. 

Synonyms : Obtundity, Obdormition, Meranesthesia, 
Impercipience, Torpescence, Obstupescence. 
sensation of n. on awakening. Narcohypnia. 
sensation of n. in muscles. Myonarcosis. 
sensation of n. on one side of body. Hemiparesthesia. 


Synonym : Nutrix. 
n. to a child. Nutrix alumna, 
a wet-n. Nutrix lactans. 
a dry-n. Nutrix non lactescens. 

NURSING. See also Suckling, Weaning. 
Synonyms : Nutricatia, Lactation. 
end of n. period. Ablactation; Delactation. 
n. of the sick. Noselia. 
prolonged n. Hyperlactation. 



NUTRITION. See also Food, Diet, Assimilatio7i, Metab- 

Synonyms : Metabolism, Threpsis. 

abnormal n. Paratrophy. 

assimilation of material in n. Homeosis. 

atrophic n. of nerve origin. Trophoneurosis. 

concerning the n. of tissue. Histotrophic. 

defective n. in children. Athrepsia. 

deficient n. Oligotrophy. 

a depraved state of n. Cachexia. 

functional derangement of organs of n. Cacopragia. 

a disorder of n. Trophopathy. 

any morbid process of n. Metatrophia. 

excessive n. Polytrophia. 

excessive n. with increase in size of part or organ. 

impaired n. of one side of body. Hemiatrophy. 

impaired or disordered n. Cacotrophia; Hemimetaholy ; 
Hemidystrophy ; Dystrophia; Dystrophy. 

irregular and disproportionate u. Allogotrophia. 

marked lack of n. in infants. Marasmus (adj. Maran- 

passage of liquids through animal membranes in process 
of n. Osmosis; Endosmosis. 

a medicine altering processes of n. Alterative; Eu- 

n. of nerves. Neurotrophy. 

nervous disease of impaired n. Dystrophoneurosis. 

a nerve controlling n. Anabolic nerve. 

state of normal, healthy n. Eutrophy. 

subnormal n. Hypotrophy. 

pertaining to functions of n. Trophic. 

poor n. Malnutrition ; Innutrition. 

poor n. from defective absorption. Malassimilation. 

promoting the processes of n. Eutrophic. 

regulating the process of n. Limitrophic. 

process of n. or nourishment by feeding. Alimenta- 

any substance serving in n. Nutriment ; Aliment. 

substance formed in constructive (anabolic) n. process. 



substance formed in destructive (catabolic) n. process. 

substance formed in process of n. (metabolism). Metas- 

disordered n. of skin. Heterodermotrophy. 
slow n. Bradytrophia. 

general tissue-changes concerned in n. Metabolism, 
constructive process in n. Anabolism ; Synthetic metab- 
destructive process in n. Katabolism. 
treatise on nature and functions of n. Threpsology. 
wasting of part due to lack of n. Atrophy, 
without n. Pantatrophous. 

Synonym : Labia minora. 
operation of cutting away nymphse. Nymphotomy. 
tumor or swelling of nymphse. Nymphoncus. 
NYMPHOMANIA. See Sexual desire. 


OAK. Quercus. 

OAK-BARK. Quercus alba ; Quercus robur. 

OAK-GALLS. Galla. 

OAK-SUGAR. Quercite. 

OATS. Avena. 

OBESITY. See Fat. 


Oo of speech. Eschromythesis ; Coprolalia ; Eschrolalia. 
OBSTETRIC BED. Cubile obstetricum. 
OBSTETRICS. See also Midwifery, Labor, Birth, etc. 
Synonym : Maieutics, Ars maieutica. 

delivery in o. Maieutria. 

use of hands in a. Manuduction. 

lever used in o. Vectis ; Mochlus. 

one that practises o. Obstetrician; Accoucheur; 



OBSTINACY. See Difficult, Hardness. 
Syiiouym : Obduracy. 

OBSTRUCTION. See also Closure, Labor, and different 

organs, as Intestine, and different functions, as Sweating. 
Synonyms : Echma, Oppilation, Interclusion, Occlu- 

any disease characterized by o. Echmasis. 

0. of a duct. Emphraxis. 

medicine causing o. Obstruent. 

medicine removing o. Ecphractic. 

0. of vessels of kidney. Nephremphraxis. 
OBTUSE. See Dull. 
ODD. See Crank, Eccentric. 

ODOR. See also Smell, Armpit, Putrid. 
Synonym : Osme. 

agent to remove bad o. Disinfectant ; Deodorizer ; De- 

bearing fragrant o. or scent. Aromatic ; Thuriferous ; 
Ambrosial ; Odoriferous ; Redolent ; Graveolent ; Pun- 

having goat-like o. Hircinous. 

instrument to test o's. Odorscope ; Odoroscope ; Osmom- 

intolerance of certain o's. Osmodysphoria. 

an offensive o. Cacodes ; Cacosmia ; Dysosmia ; Baryod- 
mia; Effluvium. 

of an offensive o. Cacodorous ; Fetid ; Nidorous. 

remedy used for its o. Odoramentum. 

science of o. Osphresiology. 

treatise of o's. Osmology. 

pertaining to o. from burnt organic substance. Empy- 

(EDEMA. See Edema. 

(ESOPHAGUS. See Esophagus. 

OFFSPRING. See also Birth, Fetus, Breeding. 
Synonyms : Progeny, Posterity, Issue. 
love of o. Philoprogenitiveness. 
producing one o. at a time. Uniparous. 
producing two o. at a time. Biparous. 


producing several o. at a time. Multiparous. 

producing no o. Nulliparous. 

producing o. alive. Viviparous ; Zoogonous. 

not producing o. alive, but by laying eggs. Oviparous. 


Synonym: Oleum (pi. Olea; adj. Oleaginous), 
injection of o. into muscles. Oleomyencliysis. 

List of most important oils : 

almond o. (})itter). Oleum amygdalae amarae. 

almond o. (sweet). Oleum amygdalae dulcis. 

cacao 0. Oleum theobromae. 

clove 0. Oleum caryophylli. 

cod-liver o. Oleum morrhuae ; Oleum jecoris aselli. 

cottonseed o. Oleum gossypii seminis. 

croton o. Oleum tiglii. 

Ineat's-foot o. Oleum bubulum. 
olive o. Oleum olivae or olivarum. 
wintergreen o. Oleum gaultheriae. 
Synonyms : Unguentum, Unction. 
application of o. by rubbing in. Inunction; Perfrica- 
any fragrant o. Balsam. 
OLD. See also Longevity. 

Synonyms : Senile, Senilis, Senex. 
state of being o. in age. Annility ; Superannuation, 
state of growing o. Obsolescence ; Senescence, 
weakness from o. age. Senility. 
OLFACTORY BULB. Bulbus cinereus. 

Synonym : Epiploon. 
great o. Omentum majus ; Omentum gastrocolica. 
small 0. Omentum minus ; Omentum gastrohepatica. 
OMNIVOROUS. Pantophagous. 
ONE-ARMED. Monobrachius. 

OOZE. See Discharge, Flow, and different secretions, as 
Sweat, Urine. 



OPACITY (of Cornea). 

Synonyms: Nebula, Albugo, Leucoma, Achlys. 

Synonyms : Patent, Patulous. 
condition of being o. Patency. 

OPENING. See also Boring, Form, Resemblance, Mout] 
Furrow, Fissure, Gate, Passage, Fossa, Notch, Sinus. 

Synonyms : Ostium (pi. Ostia), Orificium, Introiti 
absence or closure of a normal o. Imperforation ; Occli 

sion; Atresia. 
0. of one vessel into another. Inosculation, 
small o. Hiatus ; Osculum. 
narrow o. or channel. Sinus (q. v.). 
small o. in bone. Foramen (q. v.). 
o. in diseased bone. Cloaca. 

small o. in serous membrane. Stoma (pi. Stomata). 
to make an o. Perforate ; Puncture. 

OPERATION. See Cutting, Surgery, Grafting, Skir 
grafting. Excision, Incision, and different organs 
as Bladder, Kidney; different parts, as Abdomei 
Joint; different affections for which operation is pei 
formed, as Fracture, Hernia, Fistula. 

the o. of cutting away. Abscission ; Excision. 

0. of complete cutting away of organ or part. Holotomj 

o. of tearing away. Evulsion. 

method of procedure in o. Technic ; Technique. 

an 0. designed to change the seat of a disease. Met 

morbid fear of o. Ergasiophobia. 

mania for performing o's. Ergasiomania. 

operation to restore lost tissue. Neoplasty. 

operation to replace lost parts. Prosthesis. 


OPERATIVE SURGERY. See also Surgery, 
Synonyms : Acidurgia, Aciurgia. 

OPERATOR. Operarius; Opifex. 

OPIUM. See also Morphine, Opium-eating, Opium-habit 
Synonym : Papaver somniferum. 


principal alkaloids of o. Morphine, Thebaine, and Co- 

commercial o. Opium crudum. 

morbid desire for o. Opiomania. 

denarcotized o. Opium denarcotizatum. 

nerve disorder from misuse of o. Meconeuropathia. 

pain following disuse of o. Meconalgia. 

pertaining to o. Meconic. 

chronic o. -poisoning. Opiumism. 
OPIUM-EATING. Opiophagism; Meconophagism ; Mor- 

OPIUM-HABIT. Morphinism ; Morphinomania ; Meconism. 
OPPRESSION. See also Depression, Sensation, Pain. 

Synonym : Catathlipsis. 

Synonym : Nervus opticus. 

commissure of o. n. Chiasm. 

tissue back of eyeball allowing passage of o. n. Lamina 

inflammation of o. n. Neuritis optica. 

inflammation of papilla of o. n. Papillitis. 
ORBIT. See also Eye. 
Synonym : Orbita. 

around o. Periorbital. 

fusion of o's into a single cavity. Synophthalmia; 

lining membrane (periosteum) of o. Periorbita. 

inflammation of periosteum of o. Periorbitis. 

pertaining to o. Orbital. 
ORGAN. See also different organs or parts of body ; 

Organism, Operation, Sexual orgaris, Urinary organs. 
Synonyms: Organu7n(p\. Organa),Viscus(]y\. Viscera). 

abnormal increase of albumin in o. Leukomatosis. 

action of an o. Function. 

complete adhesion between o's. Hapantismus. 

an auxiliary o. Adjunct. 

the base of an o. Fundus. 

bending or curve in an o. Flexura. 

pertaining to blood-making o. Hematopaietic. 

calculus in an o. Splanchnolith. 


o. of thorax or abdominal cavity. Viscus. 

circumference or border of part of o. Limbus. 

development of o's. Organogeny. 

disease of an o. Organopathy ; Splanchnopathy. 

disease of one o. Monopatliy. 

displacement of an o. Dystopia ; Ectopia. 

displacement of an o. downward (prolapse). Ecptomaj 

dissection of an o. Splanchnotomy. 
description of o. Organography ; Splanclmography. 
deviation in situation of o. Heterogenesis. 
transposition of internal o. Heterotaxia ; Heterotopia, 
duplication of o's normally single. Diplogenesis. 
examination of an o. Splanchnoscopy, 
eversion or turning inside out of any o. Exstrophy, 
excessive development of o. or part. Macrogenesisl 

Macroplasia ; Auxesis; Macrosis; Hypertrophy, 
defective development in an o. or part. Miosis ; Ane< 

tasia; Anauxesis; Atrophy (q. v.). 
expansion or distention of an o. Dilatation ; Ectasis. 
abnormal enlargement of o's of abdomen. Megalc 

complete excision of an o. Holotomy. 
anomaly of form of o. Morphonosus. 
any morbid formation in o. Morphosis. 
any o. with excretory function. Emunctory. 
functional derangement of o. of nutrition. Cacopragia. 
pertaining to genesis of an o. Germinal, 
hardening (induration) of an o. Sclerosis ; Cirrhosis, 
making an impression on an o. Organoleptic, 
loss of a part of o. Ectrogeny. 
removal of internal o's. Evisceration ; Exeresis. 
the outer layer of an o. Cortex (adj. Cortical), 
matrix of an o. Periplast, 
supply of nerve energy to an o. Innervation, 
any rounded w^ell-defined part of o. Lobus. 
any abnormal pigmentation of o. or part. Melanopathy. 
pertaining to an o. Splanchnic ; Organic ; Visceral, 
protrusion of abdominal o. Splanchnocele. 
science of o's. Organology ; Splanchnology, 
science of rudimentary o's. Dysteleology. 


anatomic description of secretory o's. Diacrisiography. 
shrivelling or dryness of a part or o. Kraurosis, 
instrument to measure size of o. or tumor. Oncometer, 
instrument to record size of o. or tumor. Oncograph, 
softening of an o. or tissue. Malacia ; Malacoma. 
blackish tubercle or tumor of o. or tissue. Melanoma. 
wedge-shaped area of solid o. due to plugging of terminal 

vessels. Infarct, 
within the walls of an o. Intramural. 

ORGAN OF GIRALDES. Paradidymus. 


ORGANIC CHEMISTRY. Chemia organica ; Organo- 

ORGANIC MATTER. See also 3IaUer, Organ, Life. 
Synonym : Substantia organica. 
pertaining to odor from burned o. m. Empyreumatic. 
oxidizing o. m. by heat. Incineration. 

ORGANISM (in sense of Germ or Cell). See also Bac- 
teria, Micro-organism, Cell, Germ, Parasite, Animal, 
Corpuscle, Life. 

Synonym : Organismus. 
unicellular animal o. Protozoon (pi. Protozoa). 
a unicellular o. Gymnocyte. 

any animal o. of blood. Hematozoon (pi. Hematozoa). 
pertaining to o. composed of one cell. Monoplastic. 
o. which feeds upon another o. Parasite (q. v.). 

H^ all o's which multiply by spontaneous self-division. Fis- 

m sipara. 

o's which produce by budding. Gemmiparous. 

ORGANISM (in sense of Body in the abstract or physio- 
logically considered). See also Organ, Body. 

0. considered as whole. Economy. 

adjustment of o. to gravitation. Geomalism. 

alkaloids formed in living animal o. Leukomains. 

a primary constituent of o. Anlage ; Proton. 

history of the development of an individual o. Heno- 
genesis; Ontogenesis. 

developed outside of the o. Ectogenous. 

developed in the o. Endogenous ; Esogenetic. 


changes iu o. undergoing development. Metamorphosis, 

destruction of tissues of o's. Histodialysis. 

energy of living o. Ergogeny. 

any ferment formed in living o. Enzyme. 

pertaining to o's which drift or float. Ploteric. 

pertaining to o's which voluntarily swim. Neoteric 

normal condition of the o. Eutaxia. 
pertaining to phenomena within the o. Intrabiotic. 
science of life and activity of o's. Biology; (Ecolo 

study of existing o's. Neontology (Fleurens). 
study of extinct o's. Geratology. 
study of fossil o's. Paleontology, 
study of relation of o. to environment. Hexiology. 

ORGASM. See also Sexual intercourse. 
Synonyms : Orgasmus, Erethism. 

ORIFICE. See Mouth, Opening, Canal. 
Synonym : Ostium. 
arterial o. of heart. Ostium arteriosum. 
auriculoventricular o. (heart). Ostium venosum. 
buccal 0. Rima oris, 
vulvovaginal o. Orificium vaginas. 

ORIGIN. See Cause, Disease. 

ORPINE. Sedum telephium. 

OUNCE. See also Prescription. 
Synonym : Uncia. 
an o. and a half. Sesuncia. 

OUTGROWTH. See Tumor, Development 

OUTSIDE. See External. 

OVARY. See also Sexual organs. 

, Synonyms : Ovarium, Oophoron, Testis mulielnis oi 

body above the o. Epoophoron ; Parovarium, 
formation of cyst or cystoma of o. Oophorocystosis? 

any disease of o. Ovarioncus ; Oophoropathia. 
dropsy of o. Hydrovarium. 


enlargement of o. Oophorauxis. 

growing from o. Epigynous. 

hernia of o. Hernia ovarii ; Oarocele. 

inflammation of o. Ovaritis ; Oophoritis ; Oaritis. 

inflammation of capsule of o. Periobplioritis ; Periovar- 

puerperal inflammation of o. Locho-ooplioritis. 

suppurative inflammation of o. Pyoophoritis. 

insanity from disease of o. Oophoromania. 

portion of o. where ovum is formed. Graafian follicle ; 
Membrana granulosa. 

[)ain in o. Oophoralgia; Ovaralgia; Ovarialgia; Oar- 

(pertaining to o. Ovarian ; Oaric. 
pregnancy in o. Oariocyesis ; Oocyesis ; Ovariocyesis, 
rupture of o. Ovariorrhexis, 
remains of ruptured Graafian follicle in o. Corpus 

Iluteum; Oariule; Metoarion. 
peration of excision of o. and Fallopian tube. Oophoro- 
peration of excision of o. Ovariectomy ; Ovariotomy ; 
Oophorectomy; Oariotomy; Oariosteresis. 
peration of excision of uterus and o'ies. Ovariohys- 
peration of puncture of o. Ovariocentesis, 
operation of opening into o'ian cyst for drainage. Ovari- 
operation of stitching edge of tumor of o. to abdominal 

wall. Marsupialization. 
softening of o. Oophoromalacia. 
suturing up of a displaced o. Oophorrhaphy. 
tumor of o. Ovariocele ; Ovarioncus. 

OVERRIDING OF BONES. Ossium superposito. 

OVER-TOE. Hallux valgus. 

OVERWORK. Metadrasis. 

OVIDUCT. See Fallopian tube. 

OVUM. See also Embryo, Fetus. 
Synonym ; Oospore. 
an aborted o. or fetus. Ectroma. 
24 369 


albumin of o. Albumin ovi ; Ooleucon. 
ai)j)lied to beings produced by an o. Obgamous. 
part of o. producing blastoderm. Blastostroma. 
fluid filling blastodermic vesicle of o. Blastochyle. 
cavity of blastodermic vesicle of o. Blastocele ; Blast 

cell developing into an o. Ovigerm ; Ooblast. 
covering of developing o. Nidamentum. 
development from an unfertilized o. Monosporogoi 

fertilized o. Oosperm ; Cytula ; Spermatovum. 
an unfertilized o. Monospore ; Ovulum. 
fecundation of o. Conception ; Impregnation ; Procrei 

subject which deals with development of fecundated 

generation by means of o. Oogamous. 
germinal disk at one end of o. Blastodisc. 
germination from surface of o. Periblastic. 
impregnation of o. by several spermatozoa. Polyspei 
laminated part of o. forming the organs. Blastoderm, 
the three lamina or membranes of the o. 1. Ectodei 

Ectoblast, or Epiblast; 2. Mesoderm or Mesoblast; 

3. Endoderm, Entoderm, or Hypoblast, 
outer membrane of o. (vitelline membrane). Lecithy- 

men ; Membrana corticalis ; Zona pellucida ; Oolemma, 
mucous membrane covering o. in uterus. Decidua 

reflexa; Membrana adventitia. 
sac containing the o. Amnion ; Membrana agnina. 
part of o. where embryo is formed. Blastoderm ; Mem- 
brana germinativa. 
either of the two primary layers of o. Blastophyllum 

(pi. Blastophylla). 
maturation and escape of ova. Ovulation, 
nucleus of o. Genoblast ; Blastocyst, 
the nucleolus of the o. Blastocele. 
pertaining to o. Ovular, 
pertaining to o. with very little or no food-yolk. Ale- 

pertaining to o. with formation-yolk arranged in layers. 




pertaining to o. with food-yolk which takes no part in 
the development of the embryo. Teleolecithal. 

origin from germ-plasma of o. Blastogenesis. 

j)rotoplasm of fertilized o. Cytulaplasm. 

j)rodueing o. Oviferous ; Oviparous; Ovigerous. 

production of o. Ovification. 

ripening of the o. Maturation. 

original segments of o. Blastomeres. 

segmentation of o. Merogenesis. 

mammalian o. at stage of segmentation. Blastodermic 

a tumor of o. Oarioncus ; Oariophyma. 

o. cells constituting fluid of segmentation-cavity. Leci- 

food-yolk of o. Deuteroplasm. 

OXYGEN. See also Air, Blood, Breathing, 

Synonyms : Aer dephlogisticatus, A. purus or vltalis. 
insufficient o. in the blood. Anoxemia, 
to combine with o. Oxidize, 
a binary combination with o. Oxid. 
life requiring o. Aerobiosis. 
germ requiring o. Aerobe (adj. Aerobic), 
germ not requiring o. Anaerobe (adj. Anaerobic). 

PAGET'S DISEASE. Osteitis deformans. 

PAGET'S DISEASE OF NIPPLE. Dermatitis papillaris 
maligna ; Psorospermiasis of nipple. 

PAIN. See also Painful, Sensation, Anesthesia, Colic, 
Neuralgia, different organs. 

Synonyms : Algos, Dolor, Dolomol, Aganactesis. 
absence of p. Analgia ; Anodynia. 
a burning p. Causalgia ; Adaxoma. 
p. on application of heat. Thermalgesia, 
p. from application of cold. Cryalgesia. 
absence of sensation of p. Analgesia, 
absence of sensation of p. of one-half the body. Hemi- 

analgia ; Hemi-anesthesia. 


diminution of sensation of p. Hypalgia. 

disordered sensation of p. Paralgia ; Paralgesis. 

excessive sensation of p. Hyperalgia. 

morbid fear of p. Odynephobia ; Algophobia. 

measurement of p. Algometry. 

dull, heavy p. Baryodyne. 

producing p. Dolorific ; Odynephorous ; Odynopoetic ; 

relieving p. Anetic; Anodyne; Antalgic; Analgesic; 

Delenificial; Odynephatous ; Odinolyontous. 
inability to locate the seat of p. Allocheiria. 
p. which recurs during sleep. Hypnalgia. 
slight p. Dolor lenis ; D. mitis. 
p. due to suffocation. Angina, 
sympathetic p. Synalgia. 
p. in swallowing. Odynphagia, 
pertaining to tearing, shooting p. Lancinating. 
Descriptive adjectives applied to pain : 

bone-tiring. Osteocopic. 

of a boring character. Pungent ; Terebrating. 

causing the part to seem distended. Tensive. 
Other varieties are : Acute ; Bearing-down ; False ; Gir- 
dle; Grinding; Growing; Jumping; Premonitory; 

Shooting; Lancinating; Fulgurant; Fulgurating; 

Tearing; Lacerating. 

PAINFUL. See also different functions, as Menstruation. 

Synonyms : Algetic, Odynodes, Dolorific. 

Synonyms : Gemellus, Par. 
not p'ed. Azygous. 
occurring in p's. Geminate, 
partially p'ed. Hemi-azygous. 

PALATE. See also Cleft palate. Uvula. 
Synonyms : Uranus, Palatum. 
soft p. Palatum moUe ; Velum palati ; Velum pendulum 

palati ; Velum staphylinum ; Malacyperoa. 
hard p. Palatum durum, 
inflammation of p. Hyperoitis; Palatitis; Uranisc^ 

muscle of soft p. Musculus staphylinus ; Azygos uvi 


perforated p. Palatum perforatum, 
pertaining to p. and tongue. Palatoglossus. 
plastic surgery of p. Palatoplasty. 
}). hone. Os palatinum. 
PALE. See also Skin, Blood, Paleness. 

Synonyms : Pallid, Anemic, Leiphemic, Anemochrous. 
p. individuals. Achroi. 
PALENESS. See also Anemia. 

Synonyms : Pallor, Achroia, Ochriasis. 
abnormal p. Pallor eximius. 
p. of chronic constitutional disease. Cachexia. 
PALLIATIVE. See also Soothing. 

Synonym : Enantiopathie. 
PALM. See also Hand. 

Synonyms : Palma, Vola (adjs. Palmar, Volar), 
warty growth of p. Myrmecia. 
eminence of p. below thumb. Thenar, 
eminence of p. below little finger. Hypothenar. 

PALMISTRY. Chiromancy. 

PALPITATION. See also Tremor. 

Synonym : Palpitatio. 
p. of heart. Palpitatio cordis ; Trepidatio cordis ; Car- 

diopalmus; Cardiotromus. 
PALSY. See Paralysis. 
PANACEA (Cure-all). 

Synonyms : Nostrum, Catholieon, Elixir vitce. 


disease of p. Pancreopathy. 
ferment from juice of p. Pancreatin. 
starch-changing ferment of p. Amylopsin. 
incision of p. Pancreatomy ; Pancreatotomy. 
inflammation of p. Pancreatitis, 
inflammation around p. Peripancreatitis, 
pain in p. Pancreatalgia, 
relating to p. Pancreatic. 
^ relating to p. and duodenum. Pencreaticoduodenal. 
mother-substance in p. that causes trypsin. Zymogen, 
excision of p. Pancreatectomy; Pancreectomy. 
tumor of p. Pancreatoncus. 


Peritomy; Syndectomy. 


operation for relief of p. 
PANT. See Respiration. 
PAP. See Nipple. 

Synonym : Charta (pi. Charted). 
blistering p. Charta epipastica. 
mustard p. Charta sinapis. 
resembling p. Papyraceous, 
test-p. Charta exploratoria. 
PAPER BONE. Ethmoid. 
PAPER PLATE (of Ethmoid Bone). 

Synonym : Lamina papyracea. 

beset with papillae. Papillous ; Papillose, 
inflammation of p. of eye. Papillitis, 
shaped like p. Papilliform. 
growth of papillae of skin. Papilloma. 
among the varieties of p. are : P. circumvallata ; P. dei 
tenalis ; P. lacrimalis ; P. lingualis ; P. renalis ; 
spiralis ; P. tactilis. 
PAPULE. See also Papilla. 
Synonym : Papula. 
consisting of p's. Papular. 
state of formation of p's. Papulation. 
PARALYSIS. See also Apoplexy, Paraplegia, Sensatic 
and different organs, 
occurring after p. Postparalytic, 
p. of brain. Phrenoparalysis. 
p. of one side of body. Hemiplegia, 
p. of upper part of body on one side and lower pai 

on the other (crossed p.). Stauroplegia. 
p. of corresponding parts on either side of body. DipU 

bulbar p. Glossolabiolaryngeal p. 
drug causing p. Paralyzant. 

Duchenne's p. Myosclerotic p. ; Pseudohypertrophic 
p. of extremities. Acroparalysis ; P. extremitatum. 
p. of one extremity. Monoparalysis ; Monoplegia, 
p. of lower extremities. Paraplegia ; P. medullaris. 


slight p. of lower extremities. Paraparesis. 

}). of one lower extremity. Hemiparaplegia. 

|). of eye-muscles. Ophthalmoplegia. 

facial p. (Bell's p.). Prosoparalysis ; Paralysis faciei ; 
Histrionic p. 

facial p. from nerve injury. Paralysis nervi facialis 

facial p. on one side. Hemiprosoplegia. 

facial or hysteric p. Pseudoparalysis ; Pseudoplegiac 

infantile }). (acute ascending or Landry's p.). Poliomy- 
elitis anterior acuta ; Paralysis infantilis ; Myogenic 
p. ; Anterior corneal myelitis. 

p. of heart. Cardioplegia. 

p. or atony of kidney. Nephratonia. 

p. due to lead. Paralysis agitans saturnina; P. ex 

local or partial p. Paralysis ex parte. 

general p. Holoplexia ; Polyparesis ; Paralysis ex toto. 

Ieneral p. of the insane (progressive p.). Dementia 
paralytica ; Paralysis insanorum. 
. due to mercury. Paralysis agitans mercurialis. 
. of motor nerves. Akinesia. 
muscle p. Myoplegia, 
partial p. with loss of sensation to pain. Paresoanal- 

p. of rectum. Proctoparalysis. 

shaking p. (Parkinson's disease). Paralysis agitans. 
spasmodic p. Spastic paraplegia, 
p. of speech. Laloplegia. 
p. from spinal cord. Myeloplegia, 
p. of stomach. Gastroplegia. 
p. of throat. Isthmoplegia. 
p. of tongue. Glossoplegia ; Lingual p. ; P. nervi hypo- 

toxic p. Paralysis notariorum. 
p. due to eating chickpea. Lathyrism ; Lupinosis. 
Other varieties of paralysis not given above are : Alco- 
holic ; Angioneurotic ; Arsenical ; Association ; Atro- 
phic ; Bell's ; Brachial ; Brown-Sequard's ; Central ; 
Centrocapsular ; Centrocortical ; Cortical; Crutch; 
Cruveilhier's ; Dental ; Diphtheric ; Erb's ; Essential ; 


Gubler's ; Hysteric ; Intermittent ; Intrapedunculs 
Klumpke's ; Kussmaul's ; Little's ; Masticatory ; Mi- 
metic ; Musculospiral ; Peripheral ; Reflex ; Segmen- 
tal; Sensory; Spastic; Toxic; Vasomotor. 

PARAPLEGIA. See also Paralysis. 

p. due to sclerosis of the posterior and lateral columns. 

P. ataxica. 
painful pressure p. due to neoplasm of spinal cord. P. 

reflex p. due to emotion. Ideal p. 
p. due to lateral sclerosis. Spastic p. ; Tetanoid p. 
pertaining to p. Paraplegic, 
stricken with p. Paraplectic. 

PARASITE. See also Organism, Fungus, Worm, Tape- 
worm, Lice, Insect 
Synonym : Autosite. 

animal p. Zooparasite ; Protozoon (pi. Protozoa'). 

agent destroying p. Antiparasitic ; Parasiticide. 

disease due to any p. Morbus animatus ; Entomiasis. 

disease due to vegetable p. Phytosis. 

drug to destroy external p. Epizoicide. 

p's of the eye. Ophthalmozoa. 

the host of a p. Parasitifer. 

pertaining to p. having one host. Autecious. 

pertaining to p. living on different hosts at different 
periods of growth. Heterecious. 

pertaining to p. which soon leaves its host. Lipoxenous. 

infestation by p's. Parasitism. 

pertaining to p. which can live alone. Facultative. 

pertaining to p. which cannot live alone. Obligate. 

an external or superficial p. Epizoon (pi. Epizoa) ; Ec- 
toparasite; Ectozoon (pi. Ectozoa). 

an internal p. Entozoon (pi. Entozoa) ; Entoparasite. 

having nature of p. Parasitic. 

science of p. Parasitology. 

a condition of skin infested with p's. Malis ; Cutaneous 
vermination ; Phtheiriasis ; Parasitismus superficiei. 

a vegetable p. Phytoparasite ; Epiphyte. 

an internal vegetable p. Entophyte ; Endophyte. 

external vegetable p. Ectophyte. 


PARIETAL BONE. Os parietale. 
PARIS GREEN. Copper aceto-arsenite. 
PARKINSON'S DISEASE. Paralysis agitans. 


Synonyms : Parotis, Glandula parotis. 
excision of p. g. Parotidectomy, 
inflammation of p. g. (Mumps). Parotis; Parotitis; 

Parotiditis ; Cynanche parotidsea. 
pertaining to p. g. Parotic ; Parotidean. 
PAROXYSM. Exacerbation. 

PARROT'S DISEASE. Syphilitic pseudoparalysis. 
PARRY'S DISEASE. Exophthalmic goiter. 

PART. See also Organ, Excision, Operation, Tissue, 

I Synonym : Pars. 
pertaining to incomplete p. of body. Mendosus. 
replacement of a p. of body. Meratopia. 
excessive number of p's. Polymerism. 

PARTIAL ATROPHY. Meryatrophy. 


PASSAGE (in sense of Stool). See Stool. 

PASSAGE (sense of Opening). See also Opening, Canal, 


Synonyms: Aditus, Meatns, Ductus, Porus. 

false or artificial p. Planodia. 

narrow or sinuous p. Fistula. 

p. from third to fourth ventricle (aqueduct of Sylvius). 
Iter a tertio ad quantum ventriculum. 

PASSION. See also Desire, Mania, Sexual desire. 

self-restraint with regard to p. Continency. 

ungovernable p. Empathema. 
PASTE. Mucilago. 

PATCH. See Moth patch, Eruption, Skin. 

Synonyms : Rotula, Acromyle, Epimylis. 

pertaining to p. Patellar ; Rotular. 

toward p. Rotulad. 



PATHOLOGY. See also Disease. 

Byiioiiym : Fathematology. 
pertainiug to p. Pathologic, 
specialist in p. Pathologist, 
study of laws of p. Pathonomy; Pathonomia. 
PAVY'S DISEASE. Cyclic albuminuria. 
PAXTON'S DISEASE. Tinea nodosa. 
PECQUET 'S CISTERN. Receptaculum chyli. 
PEDUNCLE. Pedunculus. 

PELVIS. See also Coccyx, Ischium, Perineum, Ful 

Synonym : Etron. 
having a broad p. Platypelvic ; Platypellic. 
cavity of p. Basin. 

congenital median cleft of p. Diastematopyelia. 
discourse or discussion on p. Pelicology. 
having a narrow p. Dolichopellic ; Dolichopelvic. 
p. narrowed by bony growth. Acanthopelvis. 
transverse diameter of p. Bisiliac diameter, 
distance between the two ischia of p. Bisischiatic dial 

instrument to measure p. Pelvimeter; Pyelometei 

estimation of size of p. Pelvimetry, 
instrument for measuring inclination of the p. Cliseoi 

inflammation of peritoneum lining p. Pelviperitonitis, 
rim formed by bones of p. Pelvic girdle, 
section of the p. Etrotomy ; Pubetrotomy ; Pelviotom] 
incision through front of p. (pubis). Symphysiotom] 

Pubiotomy ; Pubetrotomy. 
p. with lessening of transverse and oblique diametei 

and great increase of anteroposterior diameter. 0% 

teomalacic p. 
rachitic p. with crest of pubes sharp, and presenting 

spine at insertion of psoas muscle. Pelvis spinosa. 
p. equally enlarged in all diameters. Pelvis sequabilit 

justo major, 
p. equally diminished in all dmmeters. Pelvis seqi 

biUter justo minor. 



The following descriptive terms are also applied to the 
pelvis : 

with increase of conjugate diameter of inlet, but de- 
crease of transverse diameter of outlet. Kyphotic. 

with anterior curvature of lumbar spinal column. 

with lateral curvature of spine. Scoliotic. 

in which the inlet is heart-shaped. Cordate. 

deformed as result of heart disease. Coxalgic. 

of a woman in labor. Dynamic. 

in which ilia are pushed forward and rendered nearly 
parallel. Fissured. 

in which inlet is kidney-shaped. Reniform. 

in which pubic bones are compressed laterally so as to 
approach each other (beaked). Rostrated. 

in which promontory is pushed forward and acetabula 
pressed inward. Triradiate. 

PEMPHIGUS. Morbus ampuUaceus or bulbosus. 

PENIS. See also Glans penis, Genitals, Prepuce, Copula- 
tio7i, Erection. 

Synonyms : Phallus, Memhrum seminale or virile, 
Caput luhricum, Cauda salax, Columna adstans 
amputation of p. Peotomy. 
discharge from p. Caulorrhea. 
dropsy of p. Hydrophallus. 
erection of p. Priapism, 
painful erection of p. Chordee ; Mentulagra. 
hemorrhage from p. Caulorrhagia. 
hypertrophy of p. Macrophallus. 
inflammation of p. Penitis ; Phallitis ; Priapitis. 
one having a large p. Membrosus ; Mentulatus. 
one having a small p. Microcaulis. 
condition of having a small p. Microcaulia. 
pain in p. Phallalgia. 
pertaining to p. Phallic ; Penial ; Penile, 
sheath for p. in copulation. Condom ; Cundum. 
paralysis of p. Cauloplegia. 

primary syphilitic sore of p. Chancre (adj. Chancrous). 
non-specific sore of p. Chancroid. 


titillation of p. with hand to produce orgasm. Mastur-j 
bation; Manustupration ; Mentulomania ; Confrica- 
tion; Edeogargalismus ; Ductio praeputii. 

tumor or swelling of p. Phalloncus. 

abnormal union of p. and scrotum. Synoscheos. 

opening of urethra on dorsum of p. Epispadias. 

opening of urethra on under surface of p. Hypospadias. 

first entrance of p. into vagina. Defloration. 

introduction of p. into vagina. Intromission. 

chief anatomic parts of p. : Corpus spongiosum ; Corpi 
cavernosum; Glans penis; Urethra. 
PEPSIN. See also Ferment 

Synonym : Chymosln. 
PEPTONE. See also Albumin, Proteid. 
PEQUET'S CISTERN. Cistema or Receptaculum chyli. 

PERCEPTION. See Sensation, Sight, Color, Word-deafness. 
normal p. Euesthesia. 

PERCUSSION. See also Auscultation, Friction. 

p. with auscultation. Auscultatory p. ; Acouophony ; 

p. with pleximeter. Mediate p. 
p. without pleximeter. Immediate p. 
instruments used in p. Plexor; Plesser; Percussor; 

Pleximeter; Plessimeter. 
cracked-pot sound due to p. over lungs. Bruit de pot 


PERFORATION. See Opening, Penetration. 
Synonym : Perforatio. 
p. of intestines. Perforatio intestinonim. 
p. of stomach. Perforatio ventriculi; Gastrobrosis. 

Synonym : Bursa cordis. 
effusion of air in p. Pneumopericardium; Pericardio- 

effusion of chyle in p. Chylopericardium. 
gas and pus in p. Pneumopyopericardium. 
collection of gas and serum in p. Pneumohydroperi- 

inflammation of p. Pericarditis. 



suppurative inflammation of p. Pyopericarditis. 
operation of incision of p. Pericardiotomy, 
paracentesis of p. Pericardicentesis. 

inflammation of p. Perichondritis. 

Synonyms : Amphiplex, 3Iesoscelon, Mesomeron. 
hernia of p. Perineocele ; Mesoscelocele. 
plastic operation on p. Perineoplasty, 
plastic operation on p. and vagina. Colpoperineoplasty. 
incision through p. Perineotomy, 
repair of p. and posterior vaginal wall. Colpoperineor- 

suture of p. Perineorrhaphy, 
variety of suturing p. Perineosynthesis. 
incision of vulva in childbirth to prevent laceration of p. 
^_ Episiotomy. 

■fentering bladder through p. Hypocystotomy. 
^■tumor of p. Mesoscelophyma. 
^fcaedian line of p. Raphe ; Rhaphe. 
Period. See Menstruation, Stage of disease. 

osseous growth on p. Periosteophyte, 
inflammation of p. Periostitis. 

inflammation of p. and marrow. Periostomedullitis. 
cutting of p. Periostectomy ; Periostotomy. 
instrument for cutting p. Periosteotome. 
cellular layer beneath p. Osteogenetic layer, 
cells of layer beneath p. Osteoblasts. 

Synonym : Memhrana abdominis. 
behind p. Retroperitoneal. 
eflTusion of blood into p. Hematocelia. 
inflammation of p. Peritonitis, 
inflammation of p. attended with gas. Pneumoperiton- 

inflammation of attached side of p. Ectoperitonitis. 
PERSPIRATION. See Sweat, Sweating. 
PERVERSION. See Abnormality, Sexual ^perversion ; also 
Taste, Smell, Hearing, etc. 


PERVERT. See l:^exual pervert, 

PEST-HOUSE. Lazaretto. 

PESTLE. PistiUum. 

PETRIFICATION. See also Stone. 
p. of human body. Anthropolite. 

PEYER'S PATCHES. Noduli lymphatic! aggregati. 

PHANTOM TUMOR. Anathymiasis ; Hystericede 

PHARYNX. See also Throat 
Synonym : Fharyngocephale. 
abscess of p. Pharyngitis apostematosa. 
behind p. Retropharyngeal, 
instrument for examining p. Pharyngoscope, 
examination of p. Pharyngoscopy. 
excision of part of p. Pharyngectomy. 
incision of p. Pharyngotomy. 

inflammation of p. Pharyngitis ; Pharyngocynanche. 
inflammation of p. and larynx. Pharyngolaryngitis. 
dry form of inflammation of p. Pharyngitis sicca, 
mycotic disease of p. Pharyngomycosis. 
pain in p. Pharyngalgia ; Pharyngodynia. 
paralysis of p. Pharyngoplegia. 
pouching of p. Pharyngocele. 
science of p. Pharyngology. 
spasm of p. Pharyngismus ; Pharyngospasm. 

PHLEGM. See Mucus, Sputum. 


composed of p. with another element. Phosphid. 

containing p. Phosphorated. 

combined with p. Phosphoretted. 

symptoms of chronic p. -poisoning. Phosphorism. 

PHRENOLOGY. Craniology; Craniogony; Cranioscopy^ 

PHTHISIS. See Tuberculosis. 

PHYSIC. See Medicine, Drug. 

PHYSICAL DIAGNOSIS. See Auscultation, Percussion, 



PHYSICIAN. See also Surgeon, Surgery, Medicine, Treat- 
ment, and ditfereut divisions of the body. 
Synonyms : MediGus, Acestor, later. 

deliberation of p's. Consultation. 

horse p. Hippiater ; Veterinarian. 

science of duties and rights of p. Medical ethics ; Medi- 
cal deontology. 

woman p. latria ; latrine ; Acestoris. 

p. who treats all classes of diseases. General practi- 

p. who treats special diseases. Specialist. 

p. who treats children. Pediatrist ; Pediatrician. 

p. who treats deformities. Orthopedist. 

p. who treats ear diseases. Otologist ; Aurist. 

p. who treats eye diseases. Oculist ; Ophthalmologist. 

p, who treats mental diseases. Alienist; Psychiater; 

p. who treats diseases of the mouth. Stomatologist. 

p. who treats nervous diseases. Neurologist. 

p. who treats skin diseases. Dermatologist. 

p. who treats throat diseases. Laryngologist. 

p. who treats women's diseases. Gynecologist. 

p. who treats women in childbirth. Accoucheur ; Obste- 
PHYSICS. See also Light, Heat, Electricity, Sound, Re- 
fraction, Aberration, Movement. 

List of words generally used in study of physics : 

• assuming different forms by one substance. Allo- 
quality of having pores. Porosity, 
property of restoration of shape after stretching. 

quality of being tenacious. Viscosity ; Tenacity, 
quality of being extensible. Ductility, 
quality of sticking together (parts of a mass). Cohe- 
quality of sticking together (of different masses). 

characterized by shapeless condition of mass. Amor- 
study of motion in abstract. Kinematics. 


study of motion practically. Dynamics, 
trausniissioii of heat. Diathermancy, 
power of stopping radiant heat. Athermancy. 
measuring heat. Calorimetry. 

bending of light around an opaque body. Diffrac- 
faint shadow around a darker shadow. Penumbra, 
lens with the two centers of curvature on one side. 
PIA MATEE. See also Anachroid, Brain, Spinal cord, 
inflammation of p. m. and arachnoid. Pia-arachnitis. 
inflammation of p. m. of cord. Perimyelitis. 


Synonym : Carphologia. 
PICKLE. Acetarium (pi. Acetaria). 
PICTURE. See also X-ray. 

apparatus for producing movable p. of animals. Zoe- 
trope ; Phanakistoscope. 
PIEBALD SKIN. Leukoderma; Vitiligo. 

PIGMENT. See also Piebald skin, Color, Skin, Blood, 
Mole, different colors. 

any abnormal deposit of p. in part. Melanopathy; 
Pigmentation ; Chromatosis. 

black p. (in choroid, skin, etc.). Melanin. 

tendency to formation and deposit of black p. Mela- 

excessive formation of p. Hyperchromatism. 

a cell w^hich absorbs blood-p. Erythrophage. 

presence of p. in blood-plasma. Melanemia. 

lack of p. in skin and eye. Albinism ; Leucopathia. 

deposit of p. occurring after death. Pseudomelanosis. 

deposit of iron p. in organs. Siderosis. 

deposit of p in skin. Chloasma. 

deposit of black p. in skin. Malanoderma. 

black p. in urine. Melanuresis. 

PIGMY. See Dwarf. 

PILES. See Hemorrhoids. 





Synonyms : Pilula, Gotigylis, Gongylidium. 
■d large \\ Bolus. 
suuill p. Pilule ; Pellet ; Parvule. 
PIMPLE. See slso Pustule, Papule, Papilla. 
Synonyms : Tuberculum, Papule, Pajmla. 
covered with p's. Papulous ; Papulose ; Papuliferous. 
PINCHING. See Massage. 
PINE. Pinus. 

Synonyms : Conariam, Cerebral epiphysis, Glandula 
sandy substance contained in a p. g. Sabulum conarii ; 
Acervuli glandulae pinealis. 
PINK-EYE. Coiyunctivitis contagiosa; Lipitudo. 

Synonyms : Oxyuris vermicularis. 
agent to destroy p.-w. Oxyuricide. 
PIT. See also Depressiou, Armpit. 
Synonyms : Fossa, Fovea, Puteus. 
having small p's or depression. Lacunose. 
formation of p's (pitting as in small-pox). Umbilication. 
}). of the stomach. Scrobiculus cordis ; Procardium. 
PITCH. See also Tar. 
Synonym : Pix. 
p. plaster. Emplastrum picis. 
resembling p. Piceous. 

Synonyms : Memhraiia mucosa nasi. 

Synonyms : Maza, Caro orbicularis. 
without a p. Aplacental. 
accessory growth to p. P. succenturiata. 
any disease of p. Mazopathy •; Mazopathia. 
disk-shaped p. Discoplacenta. 
p. divided into two parts. P. duplex ; P. bipartita. 
faulty implantation of p. Mazocacothesis. 
inflanmiation of p. Placuntitis ; Placentitis, 
p. with fetal membranes. Secundines ; Deuterion. 
25 385 



round maternal nodules of p. Cotyledons. 

pertaining to p. Mazic ; Mazicus ; Placental. 

presentation of p. before fetus. P. praevia. 

retention of p. Mazischesis. 

separation of p. Mazalysis. 

abnormally thin p. P. membranacea. 

p. in which umbilical vessels have a varicose arra 

ment. P. circoides. 
membrane covering p. Membrana laminosa. 

PLAGUE (The). Pestis ; Pestis orientalis. 

PLAGUE. See also Infection. 

Synonym : Loimia, Pestilentia. 
pertaining to p. Loimic. 
science of p's. Loimology. 
a p. fever. Loimopyra. 

PLANE. Planities. 

PLANT. See also Animals. 

Synonym : Phyton. 
p. -like animal. Phytozoon; Zoophyte, 
yellow coloring-matter of p. Xanthein. 
green coloring-matter of p. Chlorophyl. 
description of p's. Botany ; Phytography ; Phytology. 
a flowerless p. Cryptogram, 
having male and female flowers on same p. Heterc 

having a form or appearance of a p. Phytoid ; Phyt 

science of diseases due to p's. Phytopathology, 
feeding on p's. Phytophagous; Phytivorous; Phj 

p. protoplasm. Phytoplasm. 

skin diseases due to p. organisms. Phytodermata. 
turning of p. toward the sun. Heliotropism. 
a unicellular p. Eremoblast. 

PLASM. See also Heredity, Protoplasm. 

mingling of the germ-p. of two persons. Amphimixis. 

PLASMA. See also PJood. 

blood-p. Hematoplasma ; Liquor sanguinis. 



Synonym : Emplastrum. 
application of p. to a part. Cataplasis. 
adhesive p. Emplastrum adhesivum or resinae ; Sparad- 

common p. Emplastrum commune, 
court p. Emplastrum ichthyocoUae. 
emollient p. Emplastrum emolliens. 
mustard p. Cataplasma sinapis. 
PLASTER-OF-PARIS. Calcii sulphas. 
PLASTIC. See also Grafting, Skin-grafting. 

formation of new parts by p. operation. Neoplasty. 

total lack of feeling of p. in acts which normally give 

^^L pleasure. Anhedonia ; Hyphedonia. 
^H excessive feeling of p. Hyperhedonia. 
^B insane pursuit of p. Hedonism. 

^H physical p. Sensuality; Gratification; Voluptuousness. 
^H moral p. Delectation; Zest; Complacency. 
^KlETHORA. See also Congestion. 

^H Synonyms: Angeiemia, Sanguineness, Sariguineous- 
^H ness, Panhijperemia. 

HPLEURA. See also Chest. 
S abscess of p. Empyema ; Pleurapostema. 
^ collection of air and pus in p. Pneumopyothorax. 
air and gas in p. Pneumothorax, 
collection of gas and serum in p. Pneumoserothorax. 
collection of gas and pus in p. Pyopneumothorax. 
gas or air in p. Pneumothorax ; Pneumatothorax. 
air and blood in p. sac. Pneumohemothorax. 
water in cavity of p. Hydrothorax. 
effusion of fluid in p. Pleurorrhea. 
inflammation of p. Pleurisy ; Pleuritis. 
inflammation of p. and lungs. Pleuropneumonia, 
inflammation around p. Peripleuritis, 
incision into p. Pleurotomy. 
PLUG. See also Clot. 

Synonyms : Glomus, Ohturamentum. 
p. of cotton, gauze, etc., for packing nose, vagina, or 
other parts. Tampon. 



p. formed in blood-vessel by a dislodj^ed clot. Embolus, 
p. formed m situ in blood-vessel. Thrombus. 


Synonym : Pneumonitis. 
bacillus of p. Pneumobacillus. 
p. secondary to disease of pleura. Pleurogenic p. 
p. with typhoid. Pneumotyphus. 
Terms applied to different varieties of p. are : Lobar, 

Lobular, Interstitial, Hypostatic, Migratory, and 


POCKET. See also Openi7ig, Furrow. 

Synonyms: Saccule, Sacculus, Loculus, liecessus, 

Synonym : Legume. 
p.-bearing family of plants. Leguminosae. 

Synonym : Functum (pi. Functa). 
having many p's. Punctate, 
painful p's. Puncta dolorosa, 
lacrimal p's. Puncta lachrymalia. 
far point. Punctum remotum. 
near p. Punctum proximum. 
red p's in cut surface of brain. Puncta vasculosa. 
tender p. between iliac spine and navel indicative of 
appendicitis. McBumey's point. 
POINTED. See Foiyit. 

Synonyms : Aeicular, Acuminate. 
POINTED WART. Verruca acuminata. 
POISON. See also Foisoning, Ftomain, Toxin, Intoxic 
Hon, Infection, Sepsis, Cancer, Milk, Blood. 

Synonyms : , Venom, Virus, Toxicum. 
absence of poisonous matter. Aseptic, 
to free from p. Asepticize, 
introduction of a p. into blood. Inoculation, 
any p. originating in the body. Autotoxin. 
any p. originating outside of body. Heterotoxin. 
acrid and narcotic p. Acronarcotic. 


an antidote for p. Alexipharmic ; Antipharmic ; Alexe- 
teric; Alexiteric. 

conveying p. Toxiferous; Virulent. 

a corrosive p. Diabrotic. 

class of diseases due to entrance of p. into system. Toxi- 

p. excreted by human beings. Anthropotoxin. 

immunity from p. by taking gradually increasing doses. 

pertaining to p. Venomous; Toxic; Toxoid; Toxicoid; 

a lurking-place for a p. Latibulum. 

state of being affected by p. of an insect or reptile. 

any disease of skin due to p'ous substance. Toxico- 
derma ; Toxicodermatitis. 

treatise on p's. Toxicology. 

weakening of a p. Attenuation. 

POISON IVY. Rhus toxicodendron. 

POISONING-. See also Poison, Blood-poisoning, Alcohol. 
Synonyms : Sepsis, Ve7ieficium. 

p. by arsenic. Arseniasis ; Arsenism. 

blood-p. Septicemia; Ichoremia; Toxicohemia ; Toxe- 
mia; Toxihemia. 

p. of the l)lood. Dysemia. 

p. of blood by pus. Pyemia. 

p. of blood by fecal matter. Copremia. 

pertaining to blood-p. Hematoxic. 

p. by carbolic acid. Carbolism. 

p. from crowding. Ochlesis. 

p. by dissection wound. Necusia. 

p. due to external cause. Ectotoxemia. 

p. by fish or shell-fish. Ichthysmus. 

lead-p. Molybdosis ; Plumbism. 

impaired sight from lead-p. Molybdamblyopia. 

brain disease from lead-p. Molybdencephalia. 

depraved state of system from lead-p. Molybdoca- 

tremor due to lead-p. Molybdotromos. 

pain from metal-p. Metallodynia. 


p. by sausage. Botulism ; Allantiasis, 
p. by one's owu secretioDS. Autotoxemia. 
syiiiptoiiis of self -p. Autotoxicosis. 
p. by spinach. Atriplicism. 


Synonyms : Toxic, Toxicus, Virulent, Venenosus. 
p. cheese. Caseus venenatus. 
p. fish. Pisces venenata, 
p. meat. Caro venenata, 
p. milk. Lac venenatum. 


Synonyms : Inquination, Onanism, Masturbation {q. v.), 
p. at night. Paroniria salax. 

POLYP. See also various organs, as Nose, Uterus. 
Synonym : Polyjms (pi. Polypi ; adj. Polypous). 
a p. of fibrous tissue. Inopolypus. 
p. in nose. Nasal polyp ; Rhinopolyp. 
resembling p. Polypoid. 


Synonym : Punica granatum. 
active principle of p. Pelletierin. 

PONS VAROLII. Corpus annulare. 



Synonyms : Porus, Meatus cuticularis. 
remedy closing the p's. Oppilative ; Emphractic. 
state of having many p's. Porosity. 

PORK- WORM. Taenia solium. 


Synonym : Porta vena. 
blood of p. V. Pylemia. 
acute inflammation of p. v. Pylephlebitis, 
pertaining to p. v. Pylic. 
thrombosis of p. v. Pylethrombosis. 

PORTION. See Part. 

PORT- WINE STAIN. See also Nevus. 

Synonyms: Ncevus Jlammeus, Ncevus vinosus. 



POSITION. See also Posture, Standing, Lying down, Dis- 

SyDonym : Situs. 
faulty p. of any part of body. Cacothesis. 
p. of body on back with knees drawn up. Dorsal p. ; 

Lithotomy p. 
p. of body on back with pelvis elevated. Trendelen- 
burg p. 
p. of body on side. Lateral p. ; Sims' p. 
p. of body on knees and chest with buttocks elevated. 
Genupectoral p. 

POSTERIORS. See Buttock, Anus. 
POSTMORTEM. See also Dead, Death, Corpse. 
Synonyms : Necropsy, Autopsy. 

legal p. Obductio legalis. 
POSTURE. See also Lying down. 

recumbent p. Decubitus; Decubation; Anaclisis. 

Synonyms : Megagastria, Physconia. 

having a p.-b. Abdominous ; Ventrose ; Ventrosus. 

POTT'S DISEASE. Caries vertebrarum. 

POUCH. See also Pocket 
Synonym : Diverticulum. 
blind sac or p. Cul-de-sac. 
small p.-like depression. Utricle. 

Synonyms : Cataplasm, Chliasma, Fomeyitation, Coag- 
alum p. Coagulum aluminosum. 
astringent p. Coagulum astringens. 
antiseptic p. Coagulum antisepticum. 
bread p. Panado; Panada; Panatella. 
bread-and-milk p. Cataplasma lini. 
carrot p. Cataplasma dauci. 
charcoal p. Cataplasma carbonis ligni. 
chlorinated soda p. Cataplasma sodse chlorinatae. 
flaxseed p. Cataplasma lini, commune, or emolliens. 



hemlock p. Cataplasma conii. 

lye p. Cataplasma lixivii. 

mustard p. Cataplasma rubefaciens or sinapis. 

slippery-elm p. Cataplasma ulmi. 

yeast p. Cataplasma fermenti, aeratum, or cerevisiae. 

POUPART'S LIGAMENT. Arcus cruralis; Ligamentun 

POWDER. See also Paper. 

Synonyms : Pulver (pi. Palveres), Conis, 

blowing a p. on a part. Insufflation. 

dusting a part with p. Inspergation. 

capable of being reduced to fine p. Levigable. 

act of reducing to p. Levigation; Trituration; Elutria 
tion; Pulverization; Porphyrization ; Coniostosis. 

act of pulverizing bark and roots. Quassation. 

POWER. See also Force, Muscle, Strength, Sexual power 
Synonym : Vis. 

POX. See also Small-pox, Chicken-pox, 

Synonymn : Syphilis (q. v.). 
PRECIPITATE. See also Dejwsit. 

act of forming a p. Precipitation. 

downy p. Flocculent. 

Synonym : Susceptibility. 

showing a p. Procatarctic. 

p. to certain diseases. Diathesis ; Dyscrasia. 

having p. to disease. Epinosic. 

PREGNANCY. See also Birth, Abortion, Child-bed, Con 
ception, Generation, Labor, Ovum, Fetus, Embryo, After 
birth, Decidua. 

Synonyms : Gestation, Cyesis, Cyophoria. 
anomalous p. Paracyesis. 

conception by a pregnant woman. Superfetation. 
in a condition of p. Enceinte ; Fetiferous ; Gravid. 
the diagnosis of p. Cyesiognosis. 
extra-uterine p. Metacyesis; Eccyesis; Exfetation 

Ectopic p. 
false p. Pseudocyesis. 

multiple p. Epicyesis; Superfetation; Hypercyesis 




Polycyesis ; Multifetation. 

normal p. Eucyesia. 

p. in the ovary. Ovariocyesis. 

pertaining to p. Cyetic. 

to render pregnant. Fecundate. 

the science of p. Cyesiology. 

a sign of p. Cyesiognomon. 

state of p. Gravidism. 

tubal p. Salpingocyesis. 

p. within the uterus. Hysterocyesis. 

p. in uterine cord of Fallopian tube. Mural gestation. 

uterine period of p. Uterogestation. 

a woman in p. Lochos ; Puerpera ; Gravida. 

care of woman in p., birth, etc. Obstetrics. 

care of woman during p. Puericulture. 

woman pregnant for first time. Primipara ; Primigravida. 

woman pregnant for second time. Bipara. 

woman pregnant for third time. Tripara. 

woman pregnant for fourth time. Quartipara. 

woman pregnant for fifth time. Quintipara. 

woman who has gone through more than one p. Multi- 
para; Multigravida. 

PREMATURE. See Labor, Age, Birth, Infant 

PREMONITORY SIGN. Signum precursorium ; Prodrome. 

PREPARED CHALK. Greta prseparata. 

PREPUCE. See also Penis. 

Synonyms : Acroposthia, Acroposthion. 
a calculus under p. Acrobystiolith. 
constriction of p. behind glans penis. Paraphimosis, 
any deficiency of p. Leipodermia. 
excision of p. Circumcision; Posthetomy; Abscissio 

prseputii; Posthectomy ; Preputiectomy. 
inflammation of p. Posthitis ; Acrobystitis ; Acropos- 

pertaining to p. Preputial ; Acrobystic. 
pertaining to glans penis and p. Balanopreputial. 
stenosis of orifice of p. Phimosis, 
plastic surgery of p. Postheoplasty. 

PRESCRIBING. Medicamentation. 



PRESCRIPTION. See also JJrug, Remedy, Symbol. 

Synonym : Prescript um. 
extemporaneous p. Magistral p. ; Formula magistralis. 
inert p. given merely to satisfy patient. Placebo, 
main ingredient of p. Basis. 

agent assisting p. Adjuvant ; Adminicule ; Synergist, 
agent correcting p. Corrective ; Corrigent. 
agent used as vehicle. Excipient ; Ochema. 
agent used as flavoring. Beneolens ; Aromatic. 
Words and phrases used in prescription-writing : 

according to age. Pro rata aetatis. 

according to requirement. Pro re nata. 

add. Adde. 

let it be added. Addetur. 

let it be administered. Adhibetur. 

against. Adversum. 

let it be applied. Admoveatur. 

at pleasure. Ad libitum. 

at bedtime. Hora somni ; Hora decubitus. 

bleed patient. Fiat venesectio. 

let it boil. Bulliat. 

let it be boiled. Coquetur. 

boiling. Bulliens. 

bowels being confined. Alvo adstricta. 

bread-crumbs. Micae panis. 

cautiously. Caute. 

let it be colored. Coloretur. 

let it be continued, Continuetur. 

due consistence. Debita spissitudo. 

daily. Quotidie. 

twice daily. Bis in die. 

thrice daily. Ter in die. 

from day to day. De die in diem. 

every other day. Alternis diebus. 

by degrees. Gradatim. 

as directed. Ad dictum ; More dictu. 

dilute. Dilutus. 

distil. Destilla. 

distilled. Destillatus. 

divide into equal parts. Divide in partes aequales. 

dose. Dosis. 



for two doses. Ad duos doses ; Ad duos vices. 

for three doses. Ad tertias doses; Ad tertias vices. 

in divided dose. Fracta dosi. 

a draught. Haustus. 

drop. Gutta. 

by drops. Guttatim. 

of each. Ana. 

equal parts. Partes sequales. 

in evening. Vespere. 

for example. Exempli gratia. 

right eye. Oculus dextrus. 

left eye. Oculus sinistrus. 

eye-wash. CoUyrium. 

ip to fainting. Ad deliquium. 

liter. Filtra. 

lowers. Flores. 

iuid. Fluidus. 
food. Cibus. 

ifter food (or eating). Post cibum. 
^before food. Ante cibum. 

gallon. Congius. 

^argle. Gargarisma. 
[let it be given. Detur ; Exhibeatur. 
'let it be given as directed. Detur et signetur. 
grain. Granum (pi. Or ana). 
gram. Gramme, 
one-half Dimidius. 
handful. Manipulus ; Pugillus. 
every hour. Omni hora. 
every quarter hour. Omni quadrante horse. 
every other hour. Alternis horis. 
after an hour. Horae unius spatio. 
injection by rectum. Enema, 
immediately. Statim. 
label. Signa. 
let it be labeled. Signetur. 
leaves. Folia. 

let there be made, or let it be made. Fiat, 
made skilfully. Fiat secundum artem. 
make a pill. Fiat pilula. 

make a pl^st^r. Fiat emplastrum vesicatorium. 
;' ^ 395 


make a draught. Fiat haustus. 
in usual manner. More solito. 
let a mixture be made. Fiat mistura. 
mix. Misce. 

mix and make. Misce et fiat, 
every morning. Omni mane, 
mouth-wash. Collutorium. 
in the night, Nocte. 
night and morning. Nocte manec[ue. 
note well. Nota bene, 
by number. Numero. 

ounce. Uncia. m 

ointment. Unguentum. || 

in small pieces. Frustillatim. 
pill-mass. Massa pilularum. 
let a pill be made. Fiat pilula. 
a large pill. Bolus. 

let the pill be gilded. Deauretur pilula. 
pint. Octarius. 
make a potion. Fiat potio. 
pound. Libra. 

powder. Pulvis (gen. Pulveris). 
quantity necessary. • Quantum sufficit (q. s.). 
repeat. Repetatur. 
do not repeat. Non repetatur. 
rub in. Infrico. 
the same. Idem, 
of the same. Ejusdem. 

shaking bottle first. Phiala priusquam agitata, 
to painful side. Lateri dolenti. 
spoonful. Cochleare; Cochlearia. 
strain. Cola. 

let it be strained. Coletur. 
dessertspoonful. Cochleare medium, 
teaspoonful. Cochleare minimum, 
tablespoonful. Cochleare magnum, 
let him take. Capiat, 
take. Recipe (R). 
teacupful. Cyathus these, 
that is. Id est. 

to inside of thighs. Femoribus intemis. 


for to-morrow. Crastinus. 

take to-morrow morning. Cras mane sumendus. 
to-morrow night. Cras nocte. 
to-morrow evening. Cras vespere. 
water. Aqua, 
pure water. Aqua pura. 
I distilled water. Aqua destillata. 

boiling water. Aqua buUiens. 
connnon water. Aqua communis. 

I frozen water. Aqua astricta. 
hot water. Aqua fervens. 
warm water. Aqua callida. 
river water. Aqua fluvialis. 
sea water. Aqua marina, 
spring water. Aqua fontis. 
by weight. Pondere. 
of which. Quorum, 
which see. Quod vide (q. v.), 
wineglassful. Cyathus. 
PRESENT STATE (applied to case history). 

Synonyms : Status pronsens, Conditio actualis. 

Synonym : Prelum. 

of abdomen in defecation. Prelum abdominale. 
strument to test sense of p. Baresthesiometer. 
iVENTION. See also Obstruction. 
p. of disease. Prophylaxis ; Synteresis. 
pertaining to p. of development of disease. Ectrotic ; 
PRICKLY HEAT. Miliaria papulosa ; Lichen tropicus. 
PRIMARY UNION. Union per primam intentionem. 
PRIVATES. See Sexual Organs. 
PRIVY. Latrine. 

Synonym : Radiohis. 
act of using p. (probing). Melosis. 
an ear-p. Melotis; Melotris. 
a grooved p. Ogmomele. 
p. without button or nut. Apyromele. 


granular p. Polioplasma. 

a kind of p. Sarcoplasm; Sarcoglia. 

p'ic molecule. Plasticule ; Plastidule. '• 

kind of movements which take place in cell-p. Ame- 

p. of cell nucleus. Karyoplasm ; Nucleoplasm. 

p. with nuclei scattered. Syncytium. 

p. around cell. Periblast. 

outer p. of a cell. Exoplasm. 
PROTRUDING. Exserted. 
PROTRUSION. See Hernia, Dropsy. 
PROTUBERANCE. See also Growtli, Excrescence, Spine. 

Synonyms : Tuber, Tuberosity, Tuberculum. 
PROUD FLESH. Granulations; Fungosity; Hypersar- 


PSOAS ABSCESS. Abscessus psoadicus. 


inflammation of p. m. Psoitis. 

PTOMAIN. See also Toxin, Poison. 
p. in decomposing tissue. Cadaverin. 
Table of a few important poisonous ptomains : 
of cod-liver oil. Asellin. 
of feces bacillus. Propylamin. 
of milk. Tyrotoxicon. 
of mushrooms. Muscarin. 
of peptones. Peptotoxin. 
of putrid fish. Gadinin. 
of putrid flesh. Cadaverin. 
of putrid yeast. Hexylamin. 
of streptococcus. Phlogosin. 
of tetanus bacillus. Spasmotoxin, 
of urine. Trimethylamin. 

Synonyms : Pubescence, Ephebia, Ephebosyne, Ephe- 

botes, Hebe, Gamomorphism (adjs. Hebetic, Ephe-., 

bic, Puberal). 

boy at age of p. Ephebus. 

girl at age of p. Epheba. 

the dry cough of p. Cynobex. 



insanity of p. Hebephrenia. 

science of youth and p. Ephebology. 


I Synonym : Episeion. 

without hair on p. Impuberal. 

operation of dividing p. Pubiotomy ; Symphysiotomy. 

tumor in region of p. Episeioncus. 

PUERPERAL INSANITY. Maieusiophobia. 

PUERPERIUM. See also Labor. 
convulsions during p. Eclampsia. 
fever during p. (puerperal fever). Lochiopyra. 

PULP (of Tooth). 

Synonym : Pidpa dentis. 

PULSATION. See also Heart, Pulse. 
Synonym : Pidsatio cordis. 

exciting p. Pulsific. 

violent p. of heart. Palmus; Cardiopalmus ; Palpita- 


Synonyms : Pulsus, Sphygmos. 
absence or weakness of p. Acrotism ; Acrotismus. 
doul)le beating of p. Dicrotism. 
p. with double beat. Pulsus dicroticus; P. dicrotus; 

P. duplex, 
art of diagnosis, etc., by p. Sphygmotechny. 
equal p. Pulsus aequalis. 
full p. Pulsus plenus. 
hard p. Pulsus durus. 
intercurrent p. Pulsus intercisus. 
irregular, jumping p. Pulsus caprizans; Pulsus fusalis. 
p. of irritation. Pulsus acriticus. 
instrument for recording p. Sphygmograph ; Sphyg- 

moscope ; Pulsimeter. 
large p. Pulsus magnus. 
low p. Pulsus humilis. 
scarcely perceptible p. Pulsus formicans. 
pertaining to the p. Sphygmic ; Sphygmical; Sphyg- 

art of predicting by p. Pulsemantia. 
26 401 


granular \). Polioplasma. 

a kind of p. Sarcoplasm; Sarcoglia. 

p'ic molecule. Plasticule ; Plastidule. ^ 

kind of movcinents which take place in cell-p. Ame- 

p. of cell nucleus. Karyoplasm ; Nucleoplasm. 

p. with nuclei scattered. Syncytium. 

p. around cell. Periblast. 

outer p. of a cell. Exoplasm. 
PROTRUDING. Exserted. 
PROTRUSION. See Hernia, Dropsy. 
PROTUBERANCE. See also Growth, Excrescence, Spine. 
Synonyms : Taher, Tuberosity, Tuherculum. 

PROUD FLESH. Granulations; Fungosity; Hypersar- 

PSOAS ABSCESS. Abscessus psoadicus. 


inflammation of p. m. Psoitis. 

PTOMAIN. See also Toxi7i, Poison. 
p. in decomposing tissue. Cadaverin. 
Table of a few important poisonous ptomains : 
of cod-liver oil. Asellin. 
of feces bacillus. Propylamin. 
of milk. Tyrotoxicon. 
of mushrooms. Muscarin. 
of peptones. Peptotoxin. 
of putrid fish. Gadinin. 
of putrid flesh. Cadaverin. 
of putrid yeast. Hexylamin. 
of streptococcus. Phlogosin. 
of tetanus bacillus. Spasmotoxin, 
of urine. Trimethylamin. 

Synonyms : Pubescence, Ephebia, Ephebosyne, Ephe 

botes, Hebe, Gaynomorphism (adjs. Hebetic, Epht 

bic, Puberal). 

boy at age of p. Ephebus. 

girl at age of p. Epheba. 

the dry cough of p. Cynobex. 



insanity of p. Hebephrenia. 

science of youth and p. Ephebology. 


Synonym : Episeion. 
without hair on p. Impuberal. 

operation of dividing p. Pubiotomy ; Symphysiotomy. 
tumor in region of p. Episeioncus. 

PUERPERAL INSANITY. Maieusiophobia. 

PUERPERIUM. See also Labor. 
convulsions during p. Eclampsia. 
fever during p. (puerperal fever). Lochiopyra. 

PULP (of Tooth). 

Synonym : Pulpa dentis. 

PULSATION. See also Heart, Pulse, 
Synonym : Palsatio cordis. 

exciting p. Pulsific. 

violent p. of heart. Palmus ; Cardiopalmus ; Palpita- 


Synonyms : Pulsus, Sphygmos. 
absence or weakness of p. Acrotism ; Acrotismus. 
double beating of p. Dicrotism. 
p. with double beat. Pulsus dicroticus; P. dicrotus; 

P. duplex, 
art of diagnosis, etc., by p. Sphygmotechny. 
equal p. Pulsus aequalis. 
full p. Pulsus plenus. 
hard p. Pulsus durus. 
intercurrent p. Pulsus intercisus. 
irregular, jumping p. Pulsus caprizans; Pulsus fusalis. 
p. of irritation. Pulsus acriticus. 
instrument for recording p. Sphygmograph ; Sphyg- 

moscope ; Pulsimeter. 
large p. Pulsus magnus. 
low p. Pulsus humilis. 
scarcely perceptible p. Pulsus formicans. 
pertaining to the p. Sphygmic ; Sphygmical; Sphyg- 

art of predicting by p. Pulsemantia. 
20 401 


rapidity of p. Tachycardia; Pyknocardia ; Pykno^ 

regular p. Pulsus normalis. 
science of p. Sphygmology. 
slow p. Pulsus tardus ; Pulsus rarus. 
slowness of p. Bradycardia. 
small p. Pulsus parvus, 
soft p. Pulsus mollis, 
supple p. Pulsus elasticus. 

tracing made by sphygmograph. Sphygmogram. 
descriptive treatise on p. Sphygmography. 
undulating p. Pulsus incidens Solani. 
variation in rhythm of p. AUorrhythmia. 
venous p. Pulsus venarum. 

oscillation in upward curve of p.-wave. Anacrotism. 
progressive decreasing p. Decurtate p. 
sharp-tailed p. (reminding of a mouse's tail). Pulsus 

p. which gives idea of emptiness in arteries. Pulsus 

p. with deviation after each fourth beat. Pulsus quadri- 

p. with feeble beat during inspiration. Pulsus para- 

p. which strikes finger to a small extent in breadth. 

Pulsus striatus. 
one beat of p. for every two heart-beats. Hemisystole. 
p. sometimes strong, at others feeble (reminding of a| 

saw). Pulsus serrinus. 
p. which beats in pairs. Pulsus bigeminus. 
p. with deviation after each third beat. Pulsus trigemi- 
The following adjectives are likewise used to describe 
different kinds of pulse-waves : 

in which dicrotism is wholly absent. Monocrotic. 

with excessive recoil. Dicrotic. 

with all three waves unusually distinct. Tricrotic. 

with three breaks in the rise. Anatricrotic. 

with more than two rhythms for each heart-beat. 
Poly erotic. 



with aortic arch falling below base line. Hyper- 

repeated in line of descent once. Catacrotic ; twice, 

Catadicrotic ; thrice, Catatricrotic. 
imitating movement of a worm. Vermicular. 

PULSELESSNESS. Acrotism ; Asphyxia. 

PUNCTURE. See also different organs, Incision, Wound. 
Synonym : Acupuncture. 

p. of cavity of body (as chest, abdomen, ear). Para- 

a deep p. Bathycentesis ; Bathystixis. 

pertaining to an exploratory p. Acidopeirastic ; Akido- 

p. of abdomen. Laparocentesis. 

p. of chest. Thoracentesis; Thoracocentesis. 

p. with hot needle. Ignipuncture. 


Synonym : Pupilla. 
absence of p. Acorea. 
contraction of p. Myosis. 
equal diameter of p. Isocoria. 
dilatation of p. Corectasis; Mydriasis; Corodiastasis ; 


I displacement of p. Corectopia. 
double p. Diplocoria. 
examination of the p. Pupilloscopy. 
abnormal form of p. Dy scoria. 
formation of artificial p. Coremorphosis. 
instrument to make artificial p. Corectome. 
instrument for measuring diameter of p. Pupillom- 

instrument for measuring distance between centers of 

»two p's. Pupillostatometer. 
instrument to measure p. Corectometer. 
measurement of p. Coreometry. 
obliteration of p. Synizesis pupillse ; Coreclisis ; Coro- 

operation of making artificial p. Coreplasty. 
having more than one p. Polycoria. 
spasm of p. Hippus. 



PURGATION. See also Evacuation, Defecation, Stoi 

Synonym : Catharsis. 
agent producing mild p. Eccoprotic ; Laxative, 
excessive p. Hypercatharsis. 
gentle p. Minoration ; Eccoprosis. 
excessive p. (or evacuation in any sense). Hypei 

matter voided by p. Catharma. 

PURGATIVE. See Cathartic, Laxative. 

PURIFIED. Depuratus. 

PUS. See also Pus-corpuscle, Pus-germs, Pustule, Muci 

Abscess, Suppuration, different organs, parts, fluids 

body, as Blood, Urine. 
bloody p. Sanies, 
a circumscribed cavity containing p. Abscess ; Phle^ 

coloring-matter in blue p. Pyocyanin. 
yellow coloring-matter in p. Pyoxanthose. 
discharge of p. Pyorrhea, 
suppression of a discharge of p. Ischopyosis. 
p. in anterior chamber of eye. Hypopyon, 
formation of p. Pyesis; Pyosis; Diapyesis; Suppi 

tion; Pyogenesis; Pyopoiesis. 
unfavorable to formation of p. Antipyic. 
healthy or laudable p. Pus bonum; P. laudabile; 

nutritivum ; P. verum. 
malignant p. Ichor ; Pus malignum ; Pus corrosivum. 
mixed with p. Mixopyus. 
consisting of mucus and p. Puromucous ; Mucopurulent 
collection of p. at navel. Empyomphalus. 
pertaining to p. Pyic ; Purulent, 
producing p. Diapyetic ; Pyogenic ; Pyophylactic. 
resembling p. Pyoid ; Puruloid ; Puriform. 
agent arresting secretion of p. Pyostatic. 
mucus-like substance in p. Pyin. 
p. too thick to flow. Archepyon. 
the collection of p. in inflamed tissue. Maturation. 
Chief varieties of p. are styled : Blue, Curdy, Ichorous, 

Laudable, Sanious. 




p. of blue pus. Bacillus pyocyaneus. 

chain coccus form of p. Streptococcus pyogenes. 

grape coccus form of p. Staphylococcus pyogenes. 
PUSTULE. See also Pus, Blister. 
Synonym : Pustula. 

formjitiou of p. Pustulation. 

agent causing formation of p. Pustulant. 

pustular and crusted. Pustulocrustaceous. 

small p. Psydracium. 
PUTREFACTION. See also Putrid. 
Synonym : Sepsis. 

agent to counteract p. Disinfectant. 
PUTRID. See also Putrid fever, Fetid, Odor, Breath. 

arising from p. matter. Saprogenous. 

l)ecoming ]). Saprogenic. 

entrance of p. substance into blood. Sapremia. 

living on p. matter. Saprophilous. 

organism which develops in p. substance. Saprophyte. 

a toxin from p. tissues. Zymoid. 
PUTRID FEVER. Sapropyra. 
PYLORUS. See also Stomach. 

inflammation of p. Pyloritis. 

painful spasm of p. Pyloralgia. 

plastic operation upon p. Pyloroplasty. 

resection of p. Pylorectomy. 
PYROSIS. Cardialgia. 

QUACK. Mountebank ; Saltinbanco ; Charlatan ; Empiric ; 

Quacksalver ; Medicaster. 
Phrases : 

of sufficient q. Quantum sufficit. 
of necessary q. Quantum libet. 

of q. at discretion. Quantum placeat; Quantum 



QUICK. See also Rapid. 

the art of curing q'ly. Tachyiatria. 
the art of operating q'ly. Tachytomy. 
QUICKENING. Animatio foetus. 
QUIET. See also Soothe. 

Synonyms : Placid, Imperturbed. 
QUINCKE'S DISEASE. Angioneurotic edema of phar 


Synonym : Quinina. 
study of derivatives of q. Cinchonology. 
systemic effect of q. Cinchonism. 
QUINQUAUD'S DISEASE. Folliculitis decalvans; Acn« 

QUINSY. See also Tonsils. 

Synonyms : Tonsillitis, Tonsillitis phlegmonodes, Oi 
nanche tonsillaris, Anghia tonsillaris. 
QUIVER. See Tremor, Spasm, Twitching. 
QUOTIDIAN. See Malaria. 



inability to pronounce letter r. Rhotacism ; Pararhota- 

Synonyms : Hydrophobia, Lyssa, Lyssa canina. 
pertaining to r. Lyssoid. 
morbid fear of r. Lyssophobia. 

bite of mad dog producing r. Lyssodegma ; Lyssodexis. 

Synonym : Phylum. 
development of r. Phylogeny ; Paleontologic evolution, 
mixture of r's by marriage. Miscegenation, 
offspring of mixed black and white r's. Mulatto ; Quad- 
roon; Octoroon. 

Synonym : Raphanns. 
disease due to eating wild r. Raphania. 


RAGE. See Insanity, Delirium. 

RAIN-GAUGE. Pluviometer. 

RALE. See also Auscultation, Murmur. 
Synonym : Khonchus. 

crackling r. Crepitant r. ; Rhonchus crepitans. 

small moist crackling r. Subcrepitant r. 

crackling and unequal r. Rale redux ; Rale de retour. 

gurgling r. Rhonchus trachealis. 

r. of a hollow metallic sound. Cavernous r. ; Rhonchus 

low pitched r. like sound of snoring. Sonorous r. 

wheezing, whistling r. Sibilant r. ; Rhonchus sibilans. 

like the sound produced by blowing across the mouth of 
a bottle. Amphoric r. 
RAPE. Stuprum ; Stupration ; Violation ; Vis illata 


r. and sudden. Fulminant ; Siderant ; Foudroyante. 

r. dissection. Tachyotomy. 

r. speech. Tachyphrasia ; Logorrhea. 

r. pulse. Pulsus celer ; Tachycardia. 

r. respiration. Tachypnea. 
RASH. See Skin, Mucous membrane, Eruptioii, Nettle- 
RASP. See Scrape. 
RATTLING. See Rdle. 
RAVING. See Delirium. 

RAY. See also X-ray, Light, Sun, Sunburn, Sunstroke, 
Reflection, Refraction. 

emission of r's. Radiation. 

certain alteration in character of light-r. Polarization. 

measurement of rotation of polarized light-r. Polarim- 

emitting luminous heat-r. Incandescent. 

rotation of r's of polarized light. Circumpolarization. 

inflammation of brain caused by sun's rays. Helien- 

r's of sun that produce chemic change. Actinic r's. 

convergent point of r's passed through a lens. Focus. 


RAY FUNGUS. Actinomyces; Cladothrix. 
RAYNAUD'S DISEASE. Peripheral symmetric gi 

grene; Sphaceloderma. 
REACTION. See also Beflex. 

exhibiting both acid and alkaline r. Amphoteric. 
READ. See also Aphasia. 

inability to r. Paralexia. 

ability to r. with inability to comprehend. Dyslexia. 
REASON. See also Mind, Idea, Insanity. 

inability to use mind to r. Dyslogia. 

lack of r. (unreasonableness). Alogia. 

RECOMPOSITION. Metasyncrisis. 

RECOVERY. See also Cure, Relapse. . 

r. from a disease. Convalescence ; Anastasis. 
r. of strength after a disease. Analepsis. 

RECTUM. See also Anus, Hemorrhoid. 

Synonym : Litestinum rectum. 
around r. Perirectal. 

bloody discharge from r. Archorrhea ; Arcorrhagia. 
morbid dread of r. disease. Rectophobia. 
hernia of r. Archocele. 

inflammation of r. Architis ; Proctitis ; Rectitis. 
inflammation of connective tissues around r. Paraproc 

ocular inspection of r. Proctoscopy, 
ocular inspection of r. and lower colon. Proctocolonc 

speculum for examination of r. Rectoscope. 
solid medicine for introducing into r. Suppository, 
nutritive injection into r. Enema ; Clyster, 
prolapse of r. Archoptosis ; Archecptoma ; Rectocelej 

Exania ; Prolapsus recti ; Procidentia ani ; Proctocelej 

Procoptoma; Procoptosis. 
pain in r. Rectalgia ; Proctalgia, 
at side of the r. Ischiorectal, 
stricture of r. Rectostenosis ; Ankyloproctia; 
constriction of r. Archostenosis. 


operation of excision of r. Proctectomy. 

operation of incision of r. Proctotomy ; Rectotomy. 

operation of incision of bladder through r. Rectocys- 

operation for stone through r. Proctocystotomy. 

operation of suturing up r. (fixation of r.). Procto- 
pexia; Rectopexia. 

operation of suturing of wall of r. Proctorrhaphy. 

operation of suturing of r. to coccyx. Rectococcypexia ; 

operation of forming permanent opening in r. for stric- 
ture. Rectostomy. 

Phrase : 

through the r. Per rectum. 

RECUPERATION. See Recovery. 

RECURRENCE. See Relapse. 

RED. See also Color, Color-blindness, Blood-corpuscle 


Synonym: Ruber. 

condition in which objects appear r. Erythropsia. 

having a r. color. Erythroid. 

morbid fear of r. color. Erythrophobia. 

growing r. Rubescent. 

r. coloring-matter in autumn leaves. Erythrophyl. 

r. neuralgia. Erythromelalgia. 

r. substance of retina. Erythropsin. 

agent to make skin r. Rubefacient. 

r. skin due to plethora. Erythrosis. 

easily stained r. Erythrophile. 

passage of r. urine. Erythruria. 

RED-BLINDNESS. Anerythroblepsia. 
RED GUM. Strophulus. 
REDNESS. Rubor. 
REFLECTION. See Refraction. 

r. of light or sound. Anacampsis. 

laws of r. Catoptrics. 

Synonym : Actnm reflexnm. 

pertaining to r. action. Diastaltic. 


pertaining to r. action of muscle. Myotatic. 
attended with r. activity. Reflexophile. 
tendon r. Myotatic r. 

REFRACTION. See also Eye, Vision, Light, Reflection, 

Rays, Lens. 

Synonyms: Refractio, Photocampsis. 

study of eye r. Dioptrics ; Anaclastics. 

r. by means of reflected image. Retinoscopy ; Pupillos- 

rays of light accurately brought by r. to a focus on 
retina. Stigmatism. 

determining r. of eye. Dioptometry. 

equal r. in both eyes. Isometropia. 

condition in which r. of eye differs in different meri- 
dians. Astigmatism (q. v.). 

normal r. of eye. Emmetropia. 

person with normal r. of eye. Emmetrope. 

abnormal r. of eye. Ametropia. 

error of r. in which only near objects are seen (near- 
sightedness). Myopia; Dysphotia. 

error of r. in which focus falls behind retina (far-sighted- 
ness). Hypermetropia. 

error of r. due to old age. Presbytia ; Presbyopia. 

unit of refractive power of r. lenses. Diopter. 

not subject to r. Aclastic. 

unequal r. of light. Aberration. 

error of r. with apparent distortion of objects. Meta- 
REFUSE. See also Sediment. 

Synonyms : Debris, Residuum. 
REGENERATION. See also Generation. 
Synonyms : Anagenesis, Palingenesis. 
REGISTER. See Voice. 

REGISTER (of Deaths). 

Synonym : Tabula mortalitatis. 


r. of food. Rumination (q. v.). 

REICHMANN'S DISEASE. Gastroxia nervosa; Gastro- 





REIL (Island of). 

Synonym : Insula cerebri. 
REISSNER (Membrane of). 

Synonym : Membrana vestibularis. 
RELAPSE. See also Recurrence. 

Synonyms: Recidivum, Palindrome, Palindromia, 
Neochmosis, Epidrophe, Anaptosis, Morbus iteratus, 
Morbi reversio. 
occurrence of a r. of a disease. Recidivation ; Recru- 

RELAPSING FEVER. Febris recurrens. 

RELIGIOUS INSANITY. Entheomania ; Demonomania. 

REMAINS. See also Corpse. 

Synonyms : Residuum, Debris. 
r. from destruction of organic tissue. Detritus. 
REMEDY. See also Drug, Medicine, Cure, Treatment 

Synonyms : Aeos, Ayitimorbific. 
science of r's. Acology. 
an alterative r. AUeotic ; Eutrophic. 
r. which assists another. Synergist ; Adjuvant, 
r. opposing another. Antagonist, 
r. to cure all diseases. Panacea ; Catholicon. 
r. used to satisfy patient, not to cure. Placebo, 
r. that cures rapidly. Achariston. 
r. acting mysteriously. Amuletic. 
a secret r. Nostrum ; Arcanum, 
r. of many virtues. Polychrestus. 
pertaining to r. which does neither good nor harm. 

a mild r. Antipathic, 
r. which relieves disease without curing it. Enantio- 

pathic ; Palliative, 
r. producing radical cure. Eradicative ; Heroic ; Hola- 

a powerful but slowly acting r. Potential, 
r. to prevent the taking or development of disease. 

Prophylactic; Synteretic; Ectrotic ; Diasostic. 
r. curing a special disease. Specific, 
r. which can be substantiated for another. Succeda- 




REMEMBRANCE. See also Memory. 

imaginary r. of things which never occurred. Pseud- 
REMISSION. Epanesis. 

artificial r. of lost parts. Prosthesis ; Prothesis. 
r. of fractured bone. Diaplasis. 
artificial r. of eye. Prothesis ocularis. 
REPRODUCTION. See also Birth, Fecundity, Pregnancy,\ 
Labor, Sexual power, Generation, Genital organs. 

Synonyms : Generation, Genesis. 
pertaining to r. by budding. Gemmiparous. 
periodic desire for r, in animals. Nisus. 
fertility in r. Eugenesis. 
duct of a gland of r. Gonaduct. 
pertaining to r. Reproductive ; Genesial ; Genetic ;j 

absence of power of r. Agenesis ; Agenesia, 
science of r. Genesiology. 
spontaneous r. Archebiosis; Archegenesis ; Partheno- 
r. of lost structure. Anagenesis, 
r. by commerce of the two sexes. Amphigony ; Gamo-| 
genesis ; Digeny ; Digenesis ; Epigenesis ; Syngene- 
r. without union of opposite sexes. Agamogenesis. 
theory of r. from the sperm-cell, the ovum being only 
accessory. Spermism. 
REPTILIAN HEART. Cor biloculare. 

Table of resemblances in Color, Appearance, Consistence, 

Structure, etc. For resemblance in shape or form, 

see Shape : 

r. air (gaseous). Aeriform. . 

r. albumin. Albuminoid. 

r. an alkali. Alkaloid. 

r. an animal. Zooid. 

r. blood. Hematoid; Hemoid. 

r. bone. Osseous ; Ossiform. 

r. brain. Cerebroid; Encephaloid. 




r. bran. Furfuraceous ; Pityroid. 
r. brick-dust. Lateritious. 
r. cancer. Cancrifonn; Cancroid, 
r. cartilage. Chondroid. 
r. catalepsy. Cataleptiform ; Cataleptoid. 
r. a cell. Cytoid. 
r. chalk. Cretaceous, 
r. a chancre. Cliancroid. 
r. cheese. Tyroid. 
r. cholera. Choleriform. 
r. chorea. Choreiform; Choreoid. 
r. consumption. Phthisic ; Phthinodes ; Tuberculous, 
r. a corpse. Cadaverous, 
r. a cretin. Cretinoid, 
r. a crystal. Crystalloid, 
r. a cyst. Cystoid. 
r. death. Thanatoid. 
r. dentin. Dentinoid. 
r. a dwarf. Nanoid. 
r. eczema. Eczematoid. 
r. epilepsy. Epileptoid. 
r. epithelium. Epithelioid, 
r. fat. Steariform. 
r. feces. Fecaloid; Feculent, 
r. ferment (organized). Zymoid. 
r. fish. Ichthyoid, 
r. flesh. Sarcoid, 
r. garlic. Alliaceous, 
r. gelatin. Gelatiniform ; Gelatinous, 
r. a gland. Adenoid, 
r. glass. Hyaline ; Hyaloid ; Vitreous, 
r. glue. Colloid; Glutinous, 
r. a gumma. Gummatous, 
r. hair. Capillary; Trichoid. 
r. a head. Cephaloid. 
r. honey. Melleous; Melligenous. 
r. horn. Ceratoid; Corneous; Keratoid, 
r. ice. Glacial, 
r. ivory. Ebumeous. 
r. jaundice. Icteritious ; Icteroid. 
r. lattice work. Cancellous ; Cancellate. 


r. lichen. Lichenoid. 

r. lime. Calcareous. 

r. locomotor ataxia. Tabetiform. 

r. lupus. Lupiform. 

r. lymph. Lymphoid. 

r. man. Anthropoid. 

r. marasmus. Marasmoid. 

r. metal. Metalloid. 

r. milk. Lacteous. 

r. a mite. Acaroid. 

r. a monster. Teratoid. 

r. mucilage. Mucilaginous. 

r. mucin. Mucinoid. 

r. mucus. Muciform; Mucoid; Myxoid. 

r. muscular tissue. Myoid. 

r. a nevus. Nevoid. 

r. nerve or nerve-substance. Neuroid. 

r. nystagmus (movement of eyes). Nystagmiform. 

r. opisthotonos (backward movement of the body). 

r. organic tissue. Histoid. 
r. pap. Pultaceous. 
r. pitch. Piceous. 
r. poison. Toxicoid. 
r. a polypus. Polypoid, 
r. prurigo (itching of skin). Pruriginous. 
r. pulse. Sphygmoid. 
r. pus. Puriform; Puruloid; Pyoid. 
r. rice. Riziform. 
r. a root. Rhizoid. 
r. saliva. Sialoid. 
r. a scale. Squamous, 
r. a scar. Ouloid ; Uloid. 
r. a scirrhus. Scirrhoid. 
r. skin. Dermoid; Dermatoid. 
r. skin epidermis. Epidermoid, 
r. a sphacelus (necrotic area). Sphaceloid. 
r. spleen. Splenoid. 
r. a sponge. Spongoid ; Spongiform, 
r. starch. Amyloid, 
r. stone. Petrous. 




r. sy(;osis. Sycosiform. 

r. syphilis. Syphiloid. 

r. tetanus. Tetanoid; Tetanifonn. 

r. a tubercle. Phymatoid. 

r. typhus. Typhoid; Typhous. 

r. an ulcer. Helcoid. 
I r. vaccinae. Vacciniform. 
^ r. a wart. Verruciform ; Verrucoid ; Verrucous. 

r. water. Aqueous. 

r. wax. Cetaceous; Lardaceous. 

r. a worm. Lumbricoid. 

RESERVOIR OF PECQUET. Receptaculum chyli. 
RESIDUE. Residuum. 


Synonym : Besina. 
resembling r. Resinous ; Resinoid. 
yellow r. Resina flava. 
RESPIRATION. See also Chest, Expiration, Inspiration, 
Breath, Air, Auscultation, Suffocation. 

Synonyms : Anajmevsis, Anapnea. 
cessation of r. Apnea, 
difficult r. Dyspnea ; Anhelation. 

difficult r. from accumulation of mucus. Mycodyspnea. 
difficult r. relieved by upright position. Orthopnea, 
dynamics of r. Pneodynamics. 
favoring r. Anapnoic. 
instrument to measure r. Pneumometer; Pneometer; 

Spirometer; Pneumatometer ; Respirometer. 

I device to measure air-currents in r. Anapnograph; 
instrument for use in artificial r. Spirophone ; Pneophore. 
instrument for recording r's. Spirograph ; Pneograph. 
measurement of air in r. Pneometry ; Spirometry, 
noisy or sonorous r. Stridor ; Stertor ; Cerchnus ; Cerch- 
nasmus; Cerchnoma. 
pertaining to noisy or sonorous r. Stertorous, 
normal (easy) r. Eupnea. 
rapid r. Polypnea ; Tachypnea ; Ecphysesis. 
science of r. Pneumatology. 
stupor with upright r. Narcorthopnea. 


REST. Acinesia; Anapausis. 
RESTLESSNESS. See also Movement, Tremor, 
Synonyms : Dysphoria, Adasta, Jactitation. 
RESTORATION. See also Replacement, Recovery. 

r. of health. Rehabilitation; Reconstruction; Reor- 
ganization; Regeneration; Metasyncrisis. 
RESTORATIVE. Analeptic. 
RESTRAINING. See also Prevention. 

Synonym : Inhibitory. 
RETENTION. See also Suppression, and various func- 
tions, secretions or excretions. 

Synonym : Retentio. 
r. of placenta. Mazalysis; Mazischesis. 
r. of menstruation. Menoschesis. 
r. of urine. Ischuria, 
r. of blood in uterus. Hematometra. 
RETINA. See also Eye, Refraction. 

Synonyms : Membrana amphyblestroides, Neurodes, 
Neuro lem ma, Neuro meninx. 
red substance in r. Erythropsin. 
atrophy of r. Neurodeatrophy. 
green coloring matter in r. of eye. Chlorophane ; Chro- 

detachment of r. Ablatio retinae, 
funnel-shaped r. of eye. Retina coarctata. 
incision of r. for edema. Hydrodictyotomy. 
inflammation of r. Retinitis ; Dictyitis. 
inflammation of r. and choroid. Retinochoroiditis. 
inflammation of r. in kidney disease. Retinitis albu- 

inflammation of r. with formation of pigment patches. 

Retinitis pigmentosa, 
inner layer of r. Membrana limitans. 
outer layer of r. Ectoretina. 
deepest layer of r. of eye (Jacob's layer). Bacill 

pain in r. of eye. Neurodealgia. 
sarcoma of r. Glioma, 
spot of distinctest vision on r. Fovea, 
central yellow spot of r. Macula lutea ; Foramen centrals 


RETRACTION. See also Spas7n, Contraction, Stricture. 
r. of edges of wouud. Anastole. 

RHEUMATIC GOUT. Arthritis deformans; Rheumatoid 
arthritis; Osteo-arthritis. 


* Synonyms : Rheumatismus, Rheumatosis (adjs. Rheu- 
matoid, Rheumatismal, Kheumatismoid). 
acute r. Rheumatopyra ; Rheumatismus acutus or in- 

chronic r. Rheumatismus Mgidus, habitualis, invet- 

eratus, or longus. 
gonorrheal r. Rheumatismus gonorrhoicus or hlennor- 

local r. Merorrheuma ; Rheumatismus localis, partialis, 

or membrorum singulorum. 
ptiin of r. Rheumatalgia ; Dolor rheumaticus; D. ar- 

thriticus; Crymodynia; Rheumatodynia. 
List of rheumatisms according to anatomic location : 

r. of abdomen. Rheumatismus abdominis; Celior- 

r. of arm. R. brachii. 

r. of back. Lumbago ; R. dorsalis. 

r. of chest. R. pectoris ; Pleurodynia. 

r. of the face. R. faciei or larvatus; Prosopor- 

r. of heart. R. cordis. 

r. of hip. R. femoro popliteus. 

r. of intestine. R. intestinalis ; Enterorrheuma. 

r. of leg. R. cruris ; Scelorrheuma. 

r. of limbs (extremities). Acrorrheuma. 

muscular r. R. muscularis. 

Synonym : Costa (pi. Costfc; adj. Costal), 
space between r's (intercostal). Mesopleura. 
having broad, r's. Laticostate. 
cartilage attached to r. Costicartilage. 
knife to cut cartilages of r. Costotome. 
flQating r's (false r.). Costae fluctuantes; Costse spuriae. 
pertaining to floating or false r's (or any incomplete 

part). Mendosus. 
27 417 


the head of a r. Capitulum. 

pertaining to the r's and their cartilages. Chondro- 

resembling a r. Costiform. 
a small r. Costellum. 
without r's. Decostate. 

The following are common compound words relating to 

ribs and other parts which are self-explanatory : CostO'j' 

chondral; -clavicular; -scapular; -sternal; -vertebral] 

RICE. Oryza sativa. 


Synonyms : Morbus anglicus, Rachitis, Rhachitisl 
Rhachitismus, Articuli duplicati. 
r. of adults. Rhachitis adultorum ; Mollities ossium. 
RIDGE. See Crest 
RIDS. Menses (q. v.). 
RIGA'S DISEASE. Cachectic aphthae. 
RIGGS' DISEASE. Pyorrhoea alveolaris. 
RIGIDITY. Stiffness; Inflexibility; Rigidness. 
RIGOR MORTIS. Necronarcema ; Rigiditus cadaverica. 

Synonym : Annulus. 
in the form of a r. Annular. 
RING-FINGER. Annulus ; Digitus annularis. 

Synonyms ; Tinea, Serpigo, Tinea tondens, Tinea toi 
surans, Poi'rigo decalvans. 
oriental r. Tinea circinata tropica. 

r. as applied to abscess or ovum. Maturation. 
RITTER'S DISEASE. Dermatitis exfoliativa infantum. 
RIVER-WATER. Aqua fluvialis or fluviatilis. 
RIVINUS' GLAND. Glandula sublingualis. 
RIVOLTA'S DISEASE. Actinomycosis. 
ROBUST. See also Fat, Strength. 
Synonyms : Eusarcus, Corpulent. 




ROKITANSKY'S DISEASE. Acute yellow atrophy of 

the liver (q. v.). 
ROLANDO (Fissure of). 

Syuoiiyin : Sulcus centralis. 

ROMBERG'S DISEASE. Progressive facial hemiatrophy. 

ROOT. See also Teeth. 

Synonym : Radix (adj. Radical), 
r.-bearing. Rhigophorous. 
r. -eating. Rhizophagous. 
r. of nail. Radix unguis, 
r. of nose. Radix nasi, 
r. of tongue. Radix linguae. 
ROSENBACH'S BACILLUS. Bacillus saprogenes. 
ROSENMULLER'S FOSSA. Recessus pharyngeus. 
ROSE RASH. Roseola. 
ROSSBACH'S DISEASE. Gastroxynsis ; Hyperchlor- 


iOTTEN. See Degeneration, Decomposition, Putrid. 
^OUGH. Scabrate; Scabrous. 
ROUGHENING. Scabrities. 

Synonyms : Rotundus, Globosus, Orbiculatus. 
name given to organ or muscle which is r. and long. 

Synonym : Lig amentum teres or rotundum. 
peritoneal pouch surrounding r. 1. in inguinal canal. 

Canal of Nuck. 
operation of shortening r. 1. for retroverted uterus. 
Alexander's operation. 

ROUND WORM. Nematodes ; Oxyuris vermicularis. 

RUBBING. See also Chafing, Massage. 

Synonyms : Defrication, Friction. 

study of r. organs. Dysteleology. 
RUMBLING. See also Ear, Intestine. 
Synonym : Bombus. 




r. of food. Merycism. 

any work on r. Merycology. 
RUMP. See Buttock. 
RUN-AROUND. See Whitlow. 
RUPTURE. See also Hernia, different organs. 

Synonym : Hernia. 
RUPTURE (in sense of Fracture or Tearing). 

Synonyms : Buptura, Ruptio, Abruptio, Abruption, 

r. of an abscess. Rhegma. 

r. of artery. Diruptio arterise. m 

r. of liver. Hepatorrhexis. * 

r. of nerves. Neurodiastasis ; Neurectasis. 

r. of uterus. Hysterorrhexis ; Metrorrhexis. 

r. of vessels, walls, or of an abscess. Rhegma. 

r. of vessel or organ. Rhexis. 

r. of tissue without surface lesion. Druse. 
RUST. Rubigo. 
RUSTLING. See also Edle. 

Synonym : Fremitus. 
RUST'S DISEASE. Tubercular cervical spondylitis. 

ergot of r. Secale comutum. 


imperfect pronunciation of letter s. Paralambdacism. 
SAC. See also Pouch. 
Synonym : Saccus. 

Synonym : Sacculus. 
lacrimal s. Saccus lachrymalis. 

Synonym : Os sacrum. 
with a broad s. Platyhieric. 
with a narrow s. Dolichohieric. 


pain in s. Hieralgia. 

situated near s. Parasacral. 

juncture of s. and ilium. Sacro-iliac sjriichonclrosis. 
SAEMISCH'S ULCER. Ulcus serpens corneas. 

SAINT VITUS'S DANCE. Chorea; Tarantismus ; Paral- 
ysis vacillans. 
SALIVA. See also Salivary ducts, Salivary glands. 
Synonym : Sialos (adjs. Sialine, Salivary). 

a lack of s. Asialia ; Aptyalism. 

agent promoting secretion of s. Sialogogue; Ptyalo- 

drug used to lessen secretion of s. Antisialic. 

presence of calculi in s. Sialolithiasis. 

excessive flow of s. Ptyalism ; Sialism ; Salivation ; 
Sialozemia; Sialorrhea. 

excessive flow of s. due to mercury. Sialozemia mer- 

a starch converting ferment of s. Ptyalin. 

ferment of s. converting starch into sugar. Diastase. 

dextrin formed by action of s. on starch. Erythrodex- 

mixing of food with s. Inviscation. 

resembling s. Sialoid. 

secretion of sweet- tasting s. Melitoptyalism. 

suppression of s. Sialoschesis. 

inflammation of s. d's. Angiosialitis. 

a s. g. Sialaden. 

inflammation of s. g. Sialadenitis. 

tumor of s. g. Sialoncus. 
SALIVATION. Ptyalism. 
SALLOWNESS. Ochriasis. 


Synonym : Sal. 
baker's s. Ammonii carbonas. 
common s. Sal communis ; Sodii chloridum. 
Epsom s. Magnesii sulphas. 


s. of lemon. Potassii oxalas. 

Prestou s. Ammonii carbonas. 

Kochelle s. Sodii tartras. 

sea s. Sal marinus. 

s. of tartar. Potassii carbonas. 
SANARELLI'S BACILLUS. Bacillus icteroides. 

Synonym : Arena. 

meningeal tumor containing s.-like material. Psam- 

Synonym : Balneum arence. 

treatment by s.-b. Psammotherapy. 

P. hematocele. 
SANITARY SCIENCE. Hygiene; Hygieology. 
SANTORINI'S CANAL. Ductus pancreaticus acces- 

SANTORINI'S CARTILAGES. Comicula laryngis. 

s. pigment. Melanosarcoma. 

form of round-celled s. Sarcoma alveolare. 

gland-like round-celled s. Sarcoma lymphadenoides. 

granulation-like round-celled s. Sarcoma globucellulare 
SAUSAGE-POISON. Allantotoxicon. 
SAVILL'S DISEASE. Epidermic eczema. 
SAW. Serra. 

SAW-SHAPED. Serrated; Serratiform; Dentate. 
SCAB. See Cicatrix, Crust, Healing, Scale, Scalp, Scar, 

Skin, Slough. 

Synonyms : Acariasis, Agriopsora. 

destroyer of parasite of s. Acaricide. 
SCALD HEAD. Favus; Tinea; Porrigo. 
SCALE. See also Layers, Skin, Scaling. 

Synonyms: Squame, Squama (pi. Squamce), Lamina. 



covered with s. Lepidote ; Lepidodes; Squamous; 

forming s. Lepidoplastic. 

overlapping of s. Imbrication. 

s. of skin. Desquamation; Ecdysis. 

sebaceous cyst of s. Wen. 

applied to s. covered with dandruff. Furfuraceous. 

blood-tumor of s. in new-born. Cephalhematoma ; Ab- 
scessus capitis sanguineus neonatorum. 

parasitic disease of s. with crusts. Porrigo ; P. favosa ; 
P. larvalis ; P. decalvans ; Tinea capitis. 

small pustule of s. Achor. 

scurf or scales of s. Dandruff. 

tumefied s. of new-born. Caput succedaneum. 

muscle moving s. Occipitofrontalis. 
SCALPEL. Scalpellum. 
SCAPULA. Omoplate; Scapulum. 
SCAR. See also Cicatrix. 

s. following burn. Eschar. 

overgrowth of s. tissue. Keloid. 

formation of s. Epulosis. 

promoting formation of s. Epulotic. 

resembling a s. Ouloid. 

Synonyms : Scarlatina, Febris rubra (adjs. Scarlatin- 
ous, Scarlatinal). 

resembling s. f. Scarlatiniform ; Scarlatinoid. 
SCARPA'S TRIANGLE. Trigonum femorale. 
SCATTERED. Sporadic. 
SCHLEMM'S CANAL. Scleral sinus; Sinus venosus 


SCHNEIDERIAN MEMBRANE. See Nose, membrane of. 

SCHOENLEIN'S DISEASE. Purpura rheumatica ; Polio- 
sis rheumatica. 


SCHWANN'S SHEATH. Neurilemma. 



SCIATICA. Ischialgia ; Osphyalgia ; Osphyalgema ; Is- 

chias; Ischiagra. 
SCIENCE. See subjects of which science treats, as Cli- 
mate, Treatment, Pregnancy, Life, etc. 

excision of portion of s. Sclerectomy. 

inflammation of s. Scleritis; Sclerotitis. 

Synonyms : Raspatio, Curettage. 

instrument for s. Abrasor ; Raspatory ; Curat. 

Synonyms : Lymphatism, Struma. 

scrofulous skin. Scrofuloderma. 

scrofulous tumor of skin. Scrofulophyma. 

scrofulous ulceration. Scrofulelcosis., 

SCROTUM. See also Testicles. 

Synonyms : Osche, Bursa testium or virilis. 

calculus of s. Oscheolith. 

cancer of s. Oscheocarcinoma. 

dropsy of s. Hydroscheocele. 

hernia of s. Oscheocele ; Scrotocele. 

hypertrophy of s. Oscheochalasis. 

inflammation of s. Oscheitis ; Oschitis ; Orchitis. 

plastic operation on s. Oscheoplasty. 

pertaining to s. Oschial ; Scrotal ; Oscheal. 

swelling of s. Oscheoncus. 

purulent tumor of s. Empyocele ; Oscheopy edema. 

blood tumor of s. Hematoscheocele. 

dilatation of veins of s. Varicocele. 

muscular contractile layer of s. Dartos. 
SCURFY. Furfuraceous. 
SCURVY. Scorbutus. 
SEAM. See also Suture, Line, Ridge. 
Synonym : Raphe. 

SEA-SICKNESS. Mai de mer; Kinetia; Naupathiaj 
Nausea navigantium, marina, or navalis. 

SEAT. Buttock; Nates. 

SEAT-BONE. Ischium. 




,T (of Disease). 
Synonym : Focus sedes. 

SEA-TANGLE. Laminaria. 

SEA- WATER. Aqua marina. 


Synonym : Pimeladen (pi. Pimeladenes). 
increase of s. g. secretion. Seborrhea ; Steatorrhea ; 

pertaining to disease of s. g. Steatopathic. 
Affections of s. g. are : Acne sebacea ; Tinea amiantacea ; 

Tinea asbestina. 
SECOND SIGHT. Deuteroscopy. 
SECRETION. See also Discharge, Excretion, and various 
secretions, as Milk, Bile, Sweat, Saliva, Semen, etc. ; and 
organs of secretion^ as Kidney, Stomach, etc. 

Synonym : Secretio (the secretion itself, Secretum). 
abnormality of s. Parasecretion. 
reabsorbable s. Recrement (adj. Recrementitial). 
any affection with altered s. Diacrisis. 
checking s. Freno-secretory. 
agent to check morbid s. Catastaltic; Astringent; 

any disorder of s. Parachymosis. 
diseases of s's. Paracrises. 
excessive s. Hypersecretion. 

abnormal or excessive s. Hypercrinia ; Hyperecrisia. 
diseases marked by excessive s. Lysiplasta. 
increasing the fluidity of s's. Attenuant. 
morbid increase of quantity of s. Chymozemia. 
pertaining to s. Secretory ; Secernent ; Excernent. 
small s. sac or cavity. Follicle (adj. Follicular), 
recurrence of s. Palirrhea. 
suppression of a s. Ischesis. 
suspension of s. Acrinia. 
an excessive white s. Leukomatorrhea. 
description of organs of s. Diacrisiography. 
vicarious s. Secretio vicaria. 
SECRET REMEDY. Nostrum; Medicamentum secretum. 



SECTION. See Abdomen, Post-mortem, Cesarean sectiont 


Synonyms : Sedimentum, Hypostasis. 
bran-like s. in urine. Sedimentum urinae pityroides; 

Furfuraceous s. 
"brick-dust" s. in urine. Lateritious s. ; Sedimentum 
urinae latericium. 

SEED. See Semen. 

SELF-ABUSE. Masturbation {q. v.). 

SELF-CONTROL. See Abstinence. I 

SELF-INFECTION. Autoinfection. 

SELF-POLLUTION. See Masturbation. 

SEMEN (pi. Semina). See also Seminal vesicles, Sperm-cell. 
Synonyms : Sperm, Gonos (adjs. Spermatoid, Gonoid, 

abnormal condition of s. Dyspermia. 

a bad condition of the s. Cacospermia. 

blood in the s. Hematospermia. 

defect of s. Spermocrasia. 

discharge of s. Spermatism. 

discharge of s. without copulation. Spermatorrhea; 
Spermatozemia ; Gonacratia; Spermatoclemma. 

involuntary discharge of s. at night (nocturnal emission). ? 
Spermatorrhoea dormientum. 

slow discharge of s. Bradyspermatism. 

discharge of unproductive s, Azoospermorrhagia. 

non-emission of s. Aspermatism. 

ejaculation of s. Gonobolia. 

carrying s. Seminiferous. 

excessive secretion of s. Gonozemia ; Polyspermism. 

essential fecundating element of s. Spermatozoon ; Sper- 
matocyte; Gonoljlast. 

introduction of s. Insemination; Semination. 

producing s. Spermatopoietic. 

resembling s. Gonoid. 

the secretion of s. Gonepoiesis ; Spermatogenesis ; Sper- 

augmenting secretion of s. Gonepoeticus. 



defective secretion of s. Dysspermasia ; Oligospermia. 

suppression of s. Spermatoschesis ; Ischospermia. 

substance found in s. Spennatin. 

s. in urine. Spermaturia. 

volatile principle in s. Aura seminis. 

SEMILUNAR BONE. Os lunatum. 


Synonym : Meniscus. 
inflammation of s. c. Meniscitis. 

SEMINAL GRANULES. Granula seminis; Spermato- 

SEMINAL VESICLE. See also Semen. 
Synonym : Gonecyst. 

inflammation of s. v. Cystospermitis ; Gonecystitis. 

suppuration of s. v. Gonecystopyosis. 

tumor of s. v. Gonecystoncus. 
SENILE DECAY. Caducity. 
SENSATION. See also Subjective sensation, Touch, Pain, 

Pleasure, Numbness, Taste, Hearing, Sound, Light, Color, 

Perception, Cold, Warm, Temperature, Fever, Anesthesia, 

Body, Understanding. 

Synonyms : Esthesis, Sensus, Sensatio. 

increased acuity of s. Hyperesthesia; Oxesthesia; 
Hypersensitiveness ; Acro-esthesia. 

altered s. Paresthesia ; Nosesthesia. 

production of altered s. Esthesiogeny. 

a burning s. Accensio ; Mordication. 

common center of s. Sensorium. 

conveying s. Esthesodic. 

s. of crawling on skin. Myrmeciasis ; Formication. 

diminution or obtundity of nerve-s. Paresis. 

disagreeable s. on touching velvet, peach, etc. Hapto- 

dulness of s. Obtusion ; Dysesthesia ; Bradyesthesia. 

endowed with s. Sensible ; Sentient. 

8. of good health. Euphoria. 

extreme morbid s. in extremities. Acroparesthesia. 

instrument to test s. Esthesiometer. 


itching or stinging s. Odaxesmus. 

s. of falling asleep of limbs. Obdormition. 

numbness of s. on one side. Hemiparesthesia. 

erroneous localization of s. of touch. AUochesthesia ; 

s. at one point felt elsewhere in body. Synesthesia. 

dulled s. on one side of body. Hemidysesthesia ; Hemi- 

increased s. of one side of body. Hemihyperesthesia. 

loss of s. Anesthesia (q. v.). 

a morbid s. Cacesthesia. 

s. of motion and position. Kinesthesia. 

numb s. of muscles. Myonarcosis. 

normal s. Euesthesia ; Eupathia. 

description of organs of s. Esthesiography. 

pertaining to s. Sensorial ; Sensitive. 

s. as of pricking with needles. Akanthesthesia. 

science of s. Esthematology. 

s. as if things were larger than they are. Macro-esthe- 
SENSE. See Mind, Consciousness. 
SENSE (of Existence). 

Synonym : Cenesthesis. 
SENSORIUM. Estheterion. 

SEPSIS. See also Poison, Blood-poisoning, Putrefaction, 
Putrid, Infection. 

s. arising within body. Endosepsis. 

pertaining to s. whose origin is obscure. Cryptogenetic. 


s. of nose. Septum nasi. 

a little s. Septulum. 

s. between muscles. Septum intermusculare. 

s. between ventricles. Septum ventriculare. 
SEQUELA (pi. Sequelce). See Disease. 
Synonym : Acoluthia. 

SEROUS MEMBRANE. See also Membrane. 
Synonym : Serosa. 
any inflammation of s. m. Hydrymenitis ; Serositis.1 



u^eneral inflammatiou of s. m. Polyserositis, 
lining membrane of vascular s. m. Endothelium, 
small openings of lymphatics in s. m. Stomata. 

SERUM. See also Blood, Edema. 
diminished s. in the blood. Anhydremia. 
formation of s. Orrhosis. 
separation of s. from blood. Hematorrhosis. 
local accumulation of s. in cellular tissue. Edema (q. v.). 
general accumulation of s. in cellular tissue. Anasarca. 
any inflammatory effusion of s. Hydrophlegmasia. 
How of s. Orrhorrhea. 
containing mucous s. Mucoserous. 
pertaining to s. Serous ; Orrhoid. 
normal tension (percentage of NaCl) in blood-s. Iso- 

excessive tension (percentage of NaCl) in blood-s. Hy- 


SERUM TREATMENT. Serotherapy. 

SETSCHENOW'S CENTER. Reflex inhibitory center of 

SETTING ON EDGE (said of Teeth). 
Synonym : Hehetudo dentium. 

SEWAGE. Residui cloacarum. 

SEX. See also Sexual act, Sexual desire, Sexual gland. 

Sexual intercourse, Woman, Sexual perversion, Sexual 

pervert. Sexual power. Sexual reproduction. Genital 

organs, Reproduction, Testicle, Semen. 
Synonym : Secus. 

cell producing the elements of s. Gametangium. 

combined s. in one individual. Gynandria; Gynan- 
drism; Hermaphroditism. 

compatibility in two persons of opposite s. Eupareunia. 

pertaining to the same s. Homosexual. 

pertaining to both s'es. Bisexual. 

one who has genital organs of both s'es. Hermaphro- 
dite; Gynandrus. 

one who has genital organs of both s'es, but with male 
predominating. Gyanthropus; Androgynus. 


one who has genital organs of both s'es, with feniulc 
predominating (female hermaphrodite). Androgyna 
generation without difference of s. Monogony. 
uniting both s'es. Androgynous. 

SEXUAL ACT. See Sexual intercourse. 


Synonyms : Ardor venereus, Libido sexualis, Amative- 
ness, Concupiscerice, Aphrodisia, Carnality. 
absence of s. d. Anaphrodisia (adjs. Anaphrodisiac, 

excessive s. d. Furor amatorius; Erotomania; Erotico- 
mania; Lagnesis; Lust; Salacity; Lechery; Hyper- 
aphrodisia ; Lasciviency ; Lubricity, 
pertaining to or possessed of excessive s. d. Amative ; 
Carnal; Concupiscent; Erotic; Lustful; Salacious; 
Libidinous; Prurient; Lecherous; Lascivious; Vene- 
excessive s. d. in male. Satjnnasis; Gynecomania; 

excessive s. d. in female. Nymphomania; Hystero- 
mania ; Cytheromania ; Furor femininus ; Estromania ; 
Furor uterinus. 
stimnlating s. d. Erogenic ; Erogeneous ; Aphrodisiac. 

SEXUAL INTERCOURSE. See also Sexual desire, Sexual 
organ. Copulation, Prostitution. 

Synonyms : Coitus, Coition, Cohabitation, Lagnea, 
Pareunia, Amplexus, Amplexatio, Venery, Conven- 
tus, Conjugium, Fidutio, Copulation, Copula car- 
nalis. Concilia corporalia. 
crisis of the act of s. i. Orgasm, 
incomplete s. i. Onanism; Coitus reservatus. 
painful s. i. Dyspareunia. 

SEXUAL MATURITY. Puberty; Gamomorphism. 

SEXUAL ORGANS. See also Genital organs. 

Synonyms : Gonades, Genitalia, Organa genitalia or 
female external s, o. Pudendum (pi. Pudenda) ; Vulva, 
male external s. o. Penis ; Testes. 




Synonym : Genocatachresia. 

s. p. where intercourse is between near relatives. Incest. 

s. p. between women. Lesbian love ; Tribadism ; Sapph- 

s. p. in which gratification is found in connection by 
anus. Sodomy; Pederasty; Pedication. 

s. p. where gnititication is found by mouth. Irruma- 
tion; Buccal coitus. 

s. p. where gratification is produced by flogging. Flagel- 

s. p. in which will of one person completely overpowers 
that of another. Passivism. 

s. p. in which pervert delights in being degraded or 
humiliated. Masochism. 

s. p. in which individual delights in performing cruel 
acts. Sadism. 
I^Bl p. where orgasm is excited by sight of sexual inter- 
vKt course. Mixoscopia. 

^^K. p. in which subject adores the clothes, etc., of object 
'^■^ of his love. Fetichism. 

s. p. where orgasm is excited by rubbing against clothes. 

s. p. with violation of dead bodies. Necrophilism. 

one who indulges a s. p. consisting in licking the vulva. 

female pervert guilty of taking penis into mouth. Fella- 

female who practises tribadism. Fututrix. 
- one who indulges a desire to witness sexual intercourse. 

SEXUAL POWER. See also Puberty, Menopause, Ster- 

alisence of s. p. Impotency ; Invirility ; Acratia. 

SHADOW TEST. Skiascopy. 
SHAPED. See also Forin, Resembling. 

Following is a thesauric table of resemblances in shape 
or form : 
bacillus-s. Bacilliform. 



bead-8. Moniliform. 

beak-s. Rostrate. 

bed-s. Clinoid. 

berry-s. Bacciform. 

boat-s. Scaphoid; Navicular. 

bow-s. Arciform. 

bundle-s. Desmoid. 

club-s. Clavate; Clavellate; Claviform. 

condyle-s. Condyloid. 

coin-s. Nummiform ; Nummular. 

comb-s. Pectinate. 

cone-s. Conic ; Conical ; Conoid. 

crab-s. Carcinoid. 

crescent-s. Semilunar; Meniscoid. 

cross-s. Crucial; Cruciform. 

crown-s. Coronoid. 

crow'sbeak-s. Coracoid. 

cube-s. Cuboid. 

cup-s. Arytenoid; Calyciform ; Cotyloid; Scyphoid. 

cylinder-s. Cylindric; Cylindroid. 

disk-s. Discoid. 

ear-s. Auriform. 

egg-s. Oval; Ovoid. 

elbow-s. Anconoid; Olecranoid. 

fan-s. Flabellate ; Flabelliform. 

feather-s. Penniform. 

fiddle-s. Panduriform. 

flask-s. Lageniform. 

force ps-s. Forcipate. 

ganglion-s. Gangliform. 

gland-s. Adeniform. 

grain-s. Sesamoid. 

grape-s. Aciniform. 

s. like bunch of grapes. Botryoid ; Racemose ; Staph- 

Greek letter J-shaped. Deltoid. 
Greek letter J-shaped. Lambdoid. 
Greek letter T-shaped. Hyoid. 
Greek letter ^'-shaped. Sigmoid, 
heart-s. Cordate; Cordiform. 
s. like hinge-joint. Ginglymoid. 


hook-s. Ankyroid; Uncinate; Unciform. 

horseshoe-s. Hippocrepian ; Hippocrepifonn. 

kidney-s. Nephroid; Reniform. 

lattice-work-s. Cancellous. 

mushroom-s. Fungiform; Fungoid. 

myrtle-leaf-s. Myrtiform. 

nail-s. Onychoid. 

uet-s. Retiform ; Reticulate ; Retecious. 

network-s. Plexiform. 

nipple-s. Mamillary; Mastoid. 

olive-s. Olivary. 

palate-s. Palatiform. 

papilla-s. Papilliform. 

pear-s. Pyriform. 

peg-s. Styloid. 

pine-cone-s. Pineal. 

ring-s. Annular; Cricoid. 

rod-s. Bacteroid; Bacterioid; Bacilliform. 

roof-s. Tectiform. 

root-s. Rhizomorphoid. 

rope-s. Restiform. 

roimd-s. Circular. 

sac-s. Sacciform. i^ 

saw-s. Serrate. 

shield-s. Thyroid ; Scutiform ; Clypeate ; Clypeiform 

sickle-s. Falciform; Falcate, 
sieve-s. Ethmoid; Cribriform; Coliform. 
sphere-s. Spheroid, 
spindle-s. Fusiform. 
spiral-s. Helicoid. 
star-s. Asteroid. 
sword-s. Ensiform ; Xiphoid. 
teeth-s. Dentate, 
tendril-s. Pampiniform, 
thread-s. Filiform; Nematoid. 
tongue-s. Glossoid. 

teeth-s. Dentate; Dentoid; Odontoid; Odontinoid. 
top-s. Turbinate, 
tree-s. Dendritic ; Dendroid, 
varix-s. Cirsoid; Variciform ; Varicoid. 
28 483 


vessel- or duct-s. Vasiform. 
\vel)-s. Arachnoid; Areolar; Reticulate, 
wedge-s. Cuneiform; Sphenoid, 
wing-s. Pterygoid; Aliform, 
worra-s. Vermiform. 
SHAKING. See Shock. 
SHAKING PALSY. Paralysis agitans. 
SHARP. See xieute. 
SHEATH. See also Membrane. 

Synonyms : Lemma, Cortex, Vagina. 
SHEDDING. Desquamation; Keratolysis. 
SHIN-BONE. Tibia. 
SHINGLES. Herpes zoster; Zona. 
SHINING. See also Clear, Light 

Synonyms: Niiid, Nitidous, Scintillant 
SHIVERING. See Chill. 

Synonyms : Rigor, Horripilation. 

Synonym : Neuroparalysis. 
brain s. Concussion, 
sudden s. Cataclysm. 
SHORT. Brevis. 
SHORT-CHESTED. Stenothorax. 

Synonyms : Retractmi, Contraction. 
sudden s. of a disease. Jugulation. 
SHORTNESS OF BREATH. See Breathing, Suffocation. 
SHORT-SIGHTEDNESS. Myopia (adj. Myopic); Dys- 

SHOULDER. See also Shoulder-blade, Shoulder-joint. 
inflammation of s. Omitis. 
rheumatism of s. Omodynia. 
space between s. Metaphrenon. 
Synonym : Scapula. 
pain in s.-b. Scapulalgia. 
prominent process of s.-b. Acromion. 



Synoiiyins : Cotyloid cavity, Acetabulum humeri, 
liout of s.-j. Omagra. 
iiiflaininatiou of s.-j. Omarthritis. 
neuralgia of s.-j. Omalgia. 

SHRIVELED. See Atrophy. 
Synonym : Marescent 

SHRIVELING. Kraurosis. 

SHUDDERING. Horripilation. 

SICK. See also Disease, Illness, Menstruation. 
Synonym : Aegrotus. 

SICKLE-SHAPE. Falcate; Falciform. 

Synonyms : Aegritudo, Malady, Disease (q. v.). 
general sense of s. Malaise ; Dysphoria. 
SICKNESS (Monthly). 

Synonym : Menses (q. v.). 

SICK STOMACH. Nausea (q. v.). 

SIDE. See also Body, Right, Left, Anesthesia, Paralysis, 

Sensation, etc. 

Synonym : Latus (adj. Lateral). 

alike on both s's. Symmetric; Homotypic; Isopleu- 

belonging to opposite s. Contralateral. 

lying on s. Decubitus lateralis. 

toward the s. Lateral; Laterad. 
SIEVE-LIKE. Conform. 

SIGH. Suspiration; Mychmus. 
SIGHING. Mychthismus. 
SIGHT. See Vision. 

SIGN. See also Symbol 
Synonym : Signum. 

, SIGN-LANGUAGE. Mimography. 

|t SIGNS. See also Abbreviations, Symptoms. 

'■ 435 



Synonym : Argentum. 
staining of skin by internal administration of s. Ar^ 
riasis; Argyria; Argyrism; Argyrosis; ParachrcBa 
lapidis infemalis. 

SINEW. Tendon (7. v.) ; Ligament (ry. v.). 

SINGERS' NODULES. Chorditis tuberosa; Trachoma 
laryngis; Pachydermia laryngis. 

SINGLE VISION. Monoblepsis. 

SINUS. See also Canal, Cavity, Frontal sinus, Antrum of 


Synonym : Absconsio. 

frontal s. Sinus frontalis; Metopantron. 

cavernous s. Sinus cavemosus. 

coronary s. (dura). Sinus circularis. 

lateral s. Sinus lateralis. 

maxillary s. Antrum Highmorii. 

inflammation around s. of brain. Perisinusitis. 

straight s. Sinus perpendicularis. 

petrosal s. Sinus petrosus. 

sphenoid s. Sinus sphenoidalis. 
SIZE. See also Hypertrophy, Atrophy, Dilatation, Coh- 

traction. Thick, Thin, Growth, Increase, and different 

parts and organs, as Head, Limb, Foot, Face, Heart. 
Synonym : Magnitude. 

increase in s. Macrosis ; Hypertrophy (q. v.) ; Auxesis. 

diminution in s. Atrophy (q. v.). 

having body of abnormally large s. MaQrosomatous. 
SKELETON. See also Skull, Bone. 
Synonyms : Sceleto, Sceletum. 

articulated s. Sceletum artificiale. 

s. united by ligaments. Sceletum naturale. 

having complete bony s. Holosteous. 

portion of s. surrounding notochord. Chondroskeleton. 

s. of vertebrates. Endoskeleton ; Neuroskeleton. 

s. of invertebrates. Exoskeleton; Dermoskeleton. 
SKIN. See also Wart, Blister, Coryi, Boil, Abscess, Tumor, 

Lice, Embryo, Pore, Black-heads, Fetus, Albino, Com- 
plexion, Eruption, Scrofula, Chafing, Crust, Scales, 


Goose skin, Skin-grafting, Skin diseases, Sensation, Anes- 
thesia, Sweating, Hair, Nail. 
Syuouyms : Pellis, Cutis. 

beneath s. Subcutaneous. 

through s. Percutaneous. 

on the s. Epidermic. 

on the s. deprived of epidermis. Endermic. 

under the s. Hypodermic. 

absence or defect of s. Adermia. 

pertaining to defect or absence of s. Adermic; Apel- 

agent to beautify the s. Cosmetic. 

agent to destroy s. Escharotic. 

agent that reddens s. Rubefacient ; Epipastic. 

collection of air under the s. Pneumaderma ; Emphy- 

atrophy of s. Dermatrophy ; Dermatrophia ; Atropho- 
derma; Atrophia cutis. 

neurotic atrophy of s. Neurodermatrophia. 

transudation of blood through s. Hemodiapedesis. 

dilatation of blood-vessels of s. Telangiectasia. 

permanent dilatation of blood-vessels of s. Nevus (q. v.). 

blueness of s. Cyanosis; Lividity; ParachrcBa caeru- 

bony formation in s. Osteodermia. 

bronzed s. Cutis aena ; Cutis aerea. 

slough or scar of s. following burn. Eschar. 

burning sensation of s. Mordication. 

calcification of s. -tumors. Cryptolithiasis. 

the external cellular structure of s. Epithelium. 

condition of s. attended with absence of color (pigment). 
Achromatosis ; Achromodermia ; Albinism ; Para- 
chroea leucosis. 

absence of color of s., particularly in spots (piebald s.). 
Achromasia ; Achroma ; Vitiligo. 

discoloration of s. Hematochrosis ; Parachroma; Para- 
chromatosis; Icteritia; Parachrea; Dyschroa. 

discoloration of s. from bruise. Denigration ; Ecchy- 

excessive secretion of coloring-matter of s. Hyper- 



darkening of the color of the s. from medicine, et 

healthy color of s. Euchrea. 
deficiency of coloring-matter of s., etc. Leukopath^ 

constriction of s. Dermostenosis. 
sensation of crawling on s. Formication. 
cyst of s. Dermatocyst. 
any deficiency of the s. Leipodermia. 
delicacy of the s. Leptochroa. 
description of s. Dermatography. 
abnormal development of s. Scytomorphosis. 
poor development of s. Adermogenesis. 
any s. disease. Dermatonosus ; Dermatosis (pi. Deri 

loses) ; Dermatopathy. 
s. diseases in which there is no elevation. Acarpse. 
constitutional s. disease. Dermapostasis. 
dry, fungous disease of s. Dermatomycosis ; Dermal 

phytosis ; Epidermycosis. 
s. disease of nervous origin. Neurodermatosis. 
s. disease with lack of pigment. Achromatosis. 
any pustular s. disease. Ecpyesis. 
any ulcerative s. disease. Elkodermatosis. 
science of s. diseases. Dermatology ; Herpetology. 
dissection of s. Dermatotomy. 
dropsy of s. Hydroderma. 
dryness of s. Xeroderma ; Dermatoxerasia. 
edema of s. Hygrodermia. 
effusion in s. Ecchysis. 
small elevation of s. Papule ; Papilla, 
emphysema of s. Aerodermectasia. 
gangrene of s. Necrodermatitis. 
pertaining to glands of s. Acrotic. 
an excrescence on the s. Ecphyma. 
formation of s. Cuticularization ; Cutification. 
fungus ulceration of s. Mycosis, 
a genus of fungous organisms in the s. Achorion. 
any fungus growing upon the s. Dermatophyte, 
abnormal growth from s. Epiderma. 
having fair s. and black hair. Leukomelanic. 



Callosity; Callus. 
Dermorrhagia ; Hematopedesis ; 

hardeuing of the s. Cornification ; Keratosis; Sclero- 
a hardened spot ou s. 
hemorrhage from s. 

hemorrhage into cutis of s. Purpura (P. simplex; P. 

haemorrhagica) ; Haemorrhcea petechialis. 
horny condition of s. Keratoderma; Keratoma, 
hypertrophy of s. Hyperdermatosis. 
hypertrophy of papillai of s. Pachylosis ; Pachulosis. 
inflammation of s. Cutitis; Dermatitis; Dermitis; 

Cytitis ; Scytitis. 
any simple s. intlanmiation. Haplodermitis. 
intlamraation of s. and cellular tissue lying beneath s. 

inflammation of both s. and muscle. Dermatomyositis. 
inflammation of veins of s. Dermophlebitis. 
vesicle in s. Pompholyx. 
injection of fluid under s. Hypodermoclysis. 
hypodermic injection under s. Dermenchysis. 
instrument for excising s. Cutisector. 
instrument for measuring sensitiveness of s. Algesim- 

instrument to illuminate s. Phaneroscope. 
an irritant to the s. Amyctic. 
itching of s. Pruritus; Prurigo; Gargalus; Gargalis- 

a loosened and pendulous condition of the s. Dermato- 

outer layer of s. Epidermis ; Ecderon ; Cuticula ; Cutis 

inner layer of s. (true s.). Corium; Derma; Enderon; 

Cutis vera. 
middle layer of s. Rete mucosum ; Corpus mucosum. 
pertaining to administration of medicine through s. 

Endermatic; Endermic. 
a muscle-tumor involving s. Dermatomyoma. 
white-s. negro. Leucsethiops. 
neuralgia of s. Dermalgia ; Dermatalgia. 
a neurosis of s. Dermatoneurosis. 
poor nutrition of s. Adermatrophia. 


disordered nutrition of s. Heterodermotrophy. 

extreme sensitiveness of s. to })iiin. Algesia. 

papule of s. Papula; Exormia. 

a vegetable parasitic s. disease. Dermatomycosis. 

a vegetable parasite of s. Dermaphyte. 

animal parasite of s. Dermatozoon (pi. Dermatozoa). 

pertaining to s. Dermic; Dermal; Dermatic; Cuts 

piebald s. Leukoderma ; Vitiligo, 
pigmentation of s. Chloasma, 
deficiency of pigment in s. Albinism; Achromaj 

Achromadermia ; Leucoderma ; Alphosis. 
abnormal pigmentation of s. Chromatosis. 
black pigmentation of s. Melanoderma ; Melasma, 
a general pigmentation of s. with moles. Acantho£ 

pigmentation of s. due to vegetable parasites. Chrome 

excessive formation of s. -pigment. Hyperchroma ; Hy^ 

predisposition to chronic s. diseases. Dartrous diathesis 
redness of s. (rash). Exanthem ; Erubescence; 

throsis; Rubefaction; Rubedo; Erythrodermia. 
resembling s. Dermoid ; Dermatoid. 
sallowness of s. Ochriasis. 
scaling of outer layer of s. (moulting). Desquamation] 

overlapping of scales in s. -disease. Imbrication. 
sebaceous secretion upon s. Smegma, 
morbid increase of s. secretion. Dermatorrhea. 
lack of sensation in s. of extremities. Acro-anesthesia.] 
loss of sensation in s. Anesthesia, 
accumulation of serum under s. Edema {q. v.). 
shedding of s. Keratolysis. 

softening of s. Cutis laxa ; Dermatolysis ; Dermalaxiz 
softness of s. Pannosity. 
staining of s. with silver salts. Argsrriasis. 
smoothness of s. Leiodermia. 
smooth-s'ned. Leiodermatous. 
spot on s. Macula. 

red spot on s. Stigma ; Molops (pi. Molopes). 


spot of blood under s. Petechia (pi. Petechice). 
specialist in treatment of s. disease. Dermatologist, 
plastic surgery of the s. Dermatoplasty, 
group of s.-lesions marked by sweating. Hydroa. 
swelling of s. due to vasomotor neurosis. Angioneur- 

thickness of s. Pachyderma ; Pachydermia, 
pertaining to thickness of s. Pachyhymenic. 
tumor of the s. Dermatoma. 
having warty s. Helodermatous. 
having a white s. Leukochrus ; Leukochroos. 
congenital white patches on s. Leukoderma ; Leukas- 

mus ; Leukopathia ; Achroma cutis, 
condition in which tracings or writings made on s. will 
remain. Dermographism ; Autographism. 
wrinkle of the s. Corrugation, 
crinkling of the s. Crispation. 
laving yellow s. Xanthous ; Xanthochroous. 
rellow^ pigmentation of s. in caries. Xanthosis, 
lisease marked with yellow tubercle of s. Xanthoma ; 
Xanthelasma ; Vitiligoidea. 
lorbid yellow coloration of s. Xanthopathy ; Xantho- 
[Following are the chief particular diseases affecting the 
skin : 
s. d. accompanied with abscess. Phlegmon, 
bullae on s. and mucous membranes. Pemphigus, 
rare s. d. with formation of bullae. Epidermolysis. 
s. d. marked by red specks due to dilatation of blood- 
vessels. Angiokeratoma. 
s. d. produced by friction. Intertrigo, 
hemorrhagic s. disease. Peliosis; Purpura hsemor- 

disease of s. with hypertrophy of cellular tissue. Ele- 
s. disease marked by induration and thickening (hide- 
bound skin). Sclerodermia ; Scleroderma; Der- 
matosclerosis ; Sclerema; Scleriasis. 
s. disease due to mites. Acariasis. 
disease of s. with papular eruption and itching. Pru- 



catarrhal inflammatory disease of s. with itchinj 

an inflammatory s. disease with solid papules. Lichen, 
inflammatory s. disease with large, flat pustules, etc 

s. disease with hard, spongy pustules. Pessima. 

inflammatory disease of s. with pustules. Impetigo. 

disease of s. with scale formation. Psoriasis. 

scaly disease of s. Pityriasis. 

a congenital scaly s. disease. Ichthyosis. 

endemic disease of s. due to poisoning l)y maize. Pel- 
lagra ; Ergotism ; Lepra asturiensis. 

inflammatory disease of sebaceous glands. Acne; 

tubercular ulceration of s. Lupus. 

vesicular s. disease. Herpes (q. v.) ; (adj. Herpetic). 

s. disease marked by formation of wheals. Urticaria. 

SKIN-GRAFTING. See Grafting. 

Synonyms : Anaplasty, Dermoplasty, Dermanoplasfy, 
Dermepenthesis, Epidermization, Transplaiitio cntis. 
s.-g. from patient's own body. Dermato-autoplasty. 
s.-g. from another person's body. Dermatoheteroplasty. 


Synonym : Cranium. 
within the s. Intracranial, 
partial or complete absence of s. Acrania. 
relating to base of s. Basicranial. 
pertaining to s. and brain. Craniocerebral, 
a cartilaginous s. Chondrocranium. 
congenital fissure of s. Cranioschisis. 
congenital fissure of s. and spine. Craniorrhachischisis. 
congenital longitudinal fissure of the s. Diastemato- 

fracture of s. with depression. Effractura cranii. 
pertaining to half the s. Hemicranic ; Hemicranial. 
having an incomplete s. Atelocephalous. 
inflammation at base of s. Basi-arachnitis. 
instrument for sawing out circular piece of bone from s. 

instrument for cutting the s. Craniotome. 


instrument for crushing the fetal s. Basilyst; Basio- 

tribe; Cranioclast; Cephalotribe ; Cephalotryptor. 
measurement of s. Craniometry, 
science of measurements of s. Cephalology. 
operation of crusliing the fetal s. Basiotripsy ; Cranio- 

clasm; Cranioclasty ; Craniotomy; Cephalotripsy. 
operation of partial excision of s. Craniectomy, 
operation of section of s. from before backward, forcing 

out one side. Hemicraniectomy. 
plastic operation on s. Cranioplasty. 
surgical puncture of s. Cephalocentesis. 
trephining the s. Cephalotrypesis. 
having boat-shaped s. Cymbecephalic ; Scaphocephalous, 
having conical-shaped s. Acrocephalic. 
having a short s. Brachycephalic. 
having a long s. Dolichocephalic, 
having a broad s. Platybregmatic. 
having a narrow s. Stenobregmatic ; Leptocephalic. 
having a high-pointed s. Oxycephalic, 
having a large-sized s. Macrocephalic ; Megacephalic. 
having a small-sized s. Microcephalic, 
having medium-sized s. Mesocephalic. 
science of character reading from information of s. 

Phrenology; Craniology; Cranioscopy; Craniomancy; 

congenital ossification of s. sutures. Craniostosis. 
estimation of sound conduction of s. Craniotonoscopy. 
structures covering s. Epicranium. 
study of s. Craniology. 

cellular bony tissue between tables of s. Diploe. 
rachitic thinning of s. Craniotabes. 
person with thick s. Pachycephalus. 
abnormal thickening of bone of s. Pachycephaly. 
posterior point on (occipital protuberance). Inion. 
foremost point on s. Antinion. 
point on s. at base of nasal spine. Acanthion. 
median point of naso-frontal suture, Nasion. 
point at the middle of the supra-orbital line. Ophryon. 
point between eyebrows. Glabella, 
point on s. behind ears where parietal, occipital, and 

temporal bones meet. Asterion. 


point on s. near root of nose, where frontal, lacrimal, 
and superior maxillary bones meet. Dacryon. 

point in middle line between two frontal eminences. 

top of s. Vertex. 

back of s. Occiput. 

front of s. Sinciput. 

SKULL-CAP. Calvarium. 

SLEEP. See also Sleepless, Sleep-walking, Coma, Insom- 
nia, Narcotic, Hypnotism, Stupor. 
Synonyms : Sopor, Sommis. 

agent to prevent s. Agrypnotic ; Anthypnotic ; Anti- 
lethargic ; Somnifugus. 

agent which produces s. Soporific ; Hypnotic ; Carotic ; 

artificially produced s. Hypnosis. 

abnormally deep s. Torpor; Stupor; Stupefaction. 

form of deep s. (named in order of degree). Sopor; 
Coma; Lethargia; Cams. 

form of deep s. in which individual, nevertheless, seems 
to be watchful. Coma-vigil; Agrypnocoma; Per- 

sudden, short attacks of deep s. Narcolepsy; Cata- 

morbid desire to s. Hypnolepsy. 

morbid lack of s. Insomnia ; Egregorsis ; Agrypnia ; 

falling asleep of limbs. Obdormition. 

s. produced by drug. Narcosis. 

complete narcosis. Holonarcosis ; Narcoma. 

pain which recurs during s. Hypnalgia. 

imperfect or partial s. Hypohypnosis. 

preventing s. Egertic ; Somnifugous; Anthypnotic; 

producing s. Lethiferous ; Hypnotic ; Hypnagogic ; Hyp- 
nogenous; Hypnic; Soporific; Somniferous; Soporif- 

producing stupor-like s. Carotic. 

profound s. Cathypnia ; Cathypnosis. 


science of s. Hypnology. 

talking in s. Somniloquism. 
SLEEP-WALKING. Noctambulation ; Paroniria ambu- 

lans ; Somnambulism ; Noctisurgium ; Hypnobatia ; Noc- 

tisurgia seleniasis. 

SLEEPY DISEASE. Narcolepsy. 

SLIME FUNGUS. Mycetozoon (pi. Mycetozoa). 

SLIPPERY. See Smooth. 

SLOUGH. See also Gangrene. 

Synonym : Sphacelus. 
. of burn. Eschar. 
JLOUGHING. Sphacelation ; Necrosis ; Gangrenosis. 

Synonym : Lentis. 
s. in development. Altricious. 
JLOW PULSE. Pulsus tardus ; Bradycardia. 
JMALL INTESTINE. Intestinum tenue. 
JMALLNESS. See Atrophy, different parts. 

SMALL-POX. See also Coiv-pox, Chicken-pox. 
Synonyms : Variola, Variola vera. 
black s.-p. Variola haemorrhagica. 
s.-p. without eruption. Variola sine eruptione. 
secondary eruption sometimes following s.-p. Vaccinella. 
slight form of s.-p. modified by vaccination. Varioloid, 
the inoculation of s.-p. Variolation ; Variolization. 
inoculation to protect from s.-p. Vaccination, 
pitting of skin which occurs in s.-p. Umbilication. 
form of s.-p. with eruption running together. Confluent 

form of s.-p. with eruption scattered. Discrete s.-p. 

SMELL (Sense of). See also Odor, Putrid. 

Synonyms : Olfaction, Osphresi% Osphrasia. 
absence of s. Anosmia; Anodmia; Anaesthesia olfac- 

abnormal acuteness of s. Hyperosmia ; Hyperosphresis ; 
Oxyosphrasia ; Oxyosphresia. 


lo})e of brain for sense of s. Rhinocephalon. 

a bad s. Baryodmia. 

association of color sensation with s. Chromesthesia. 

diminution of s. Hyposmia. 

instrument to measure s. Osmometer ; Olfactometer. 

illusion in regard to s. Pseudosmia ; Parosmia. 

instrument to test s. Odophone ; Osmometer. 

perverted sense of s. Parosmia ; Parosphresis. 

having highly developed organs of s. Macrosmatic. 

subjective sense of bad s. Cacosmia; Baryodmia. 
SMOKERS' DYSPEPSIA. Nicotianic dyspepsia. 
SMOOTH. See also Head, Hair, Skin, etc. 

Synonyms : Glabrous, Lubricous. 
SMOOTH-HEADED. Leiocephalus. 
SMOOTH LEPROSY. Lepra ansesthetica. 
SMOOTH WART. Verruca glabra. 
SMUT. Ustilago. 

SNARLING MUSCLE. Levator labii superioris. 
SNEERING MUSCLE. Levator labii superioris alaeque 


Synonyms : Sternutation ; Ptarmus. 

agent causing s. Sternutatory ; Ptarmic ; Stemutament ; 
Errhinum; Errhine. 

proxy sraal s. Sternutatio convulsiva. 

Synonyms : Stertor, Rhonchus. 

breathing with a s. sound. Rhonchal; Stertorous. 
SNOW-BLINDNESS. Niphablepsia ; Niphotyphlosis ; 

SNUFFLES. Coryza ; Coryza syphilitica. 

Synonym : Sapo. 

Castile s. Sapo castiliensis ; S. medicinalis. 

common s. . Sapo vulgaris. 

conversion into s. Saponification. 

green s. Sapo viridis, 

of nature of s. Saponaceous. 

soft s. Sapo mollis. 



SOAP LINIMENT. Linimentum saponis. 
SOB. Singultus. 
SOBRIETY. See Abstmence. 
SOCIAL EVIL. Prostitution. 

state of absence from s. Solitude ; Isolation. 

l)aiiisliiiieut from s. Ostracism ; Proscription. 

morbid dislike of human s. Exanthropia ; Apanthropia ; 

love of human s. Philantliropy ; Humanitarianism ; 

SODIUM. Natrium. 

SOFT. Mollis; Pultaceous; Malacoid. 

SOFT-BODIED. Malacosomous. 

SOFT CANCER. Cephaloma. 

SOFT CHANCRE. Ulcus venereum molle. 


Synonym : Mollify. 
an agent that s's tissue. Emollient. 


Synonyms : Malacia, Malacoma, Malaxia, Mollescenee, 
Mollification, Malaxis, Malacods, Mollities. 
s. of bone. MoUities ossium; Osteomalacia; Malacos- 

s. of brain. Malacosis or Mollities cerebri; Cerebro- 

s. of cataract. Malacocataracta. 
s. of fetus in idero. Maceration. 
s. of heart. Malacosis or Malacia cordis; Cardiomala- 

s. of liver. Malacosis hepatis. 
s. of muscle. Malacosarcosis ; Myomalacia. 
s. of kidney. Nephromalacia. 
s. of retina. Amphiblestroid malacia. 
s. of skin. Malacodermosis. 
s. of stomach. Malaxia ventriculi; Malacogastrosis ; 

s. of uterus. Malacosis uteri. 


SOFT PALATE. See Palate. 
SOFT TISSUE. Parenchyma. 
SOFT-VOICED. Malacophonous. 

pertaining to s. Telluric. 

Synonyms : Centrum communis, Cerebrum abdominale. 
paralysis of s. p. Abepithymia ; Anepithymia. 
SOLE (of Foot). 

Synonyms : Flanta (adj. Plantar) ; Planta pedis. 

love of s. Apanthropia. 
SOLUTION. See also Liquid. 
Synonym : Liquor. 
liquid menstruum for effecting s. Solvent; Menstruum, 
substance with great power for effecting s. Solvine. 
SOMNAMBULISM. See Night-walking. 
SOOTHE. See also Soothing. 

drug or agent which s's. Calmant ; Calmative ; Anetic ; 
Sedative; Palliative; Mitigative; Lenitive. 
SOOTHING. Odinolyontous ; Palliative ; Anodyne ; Deleni- 

SOOT CANCER (Soot wart). 
Synonym : Cancer scroti. 
SOOTY. Fuliginous. 

SORE MOUTH. Stomatitis ; Cancrum oris. 
SORENESS. See also Touch, Pain. 

Synonyms : Parapsis acris, Teneritudo. 
SORE THROAT. See also Throat, Pharynx, Tonsils, Lar- 
ynx, etc. 

Synonyms : Cynayiche, Angina, Dolor faucium. 
putrid s. t. Cynanche maligna. 
SOUND. See also Hearing, Auscultation, Ear, Murmur, 
Noise, Voice, Beflection. 

Synonym : Sonus (adj. Sonorous). 
a bellows s. Sonus foUis ; Bruit de souffle, 
a blowing s. or murmur. Rumor sufflans ; Flatus ; Spi- 




a sensation of s. excited by one of the other senses. 

color perception produced by s. Pseudochromesthesia ; 

Phonopsia ; Echophotomy. 
emission of s. from genitals (bladder or vagina). Edeop- 

sophy; Edeopsophesis. 
instrument to magnify s. Megaphone, 
instrument to hear s. of muscle contraction. Myophone. 
s. produced by muscle contraction. Myocrismus; Myo- 

having a musical s. Canorous, 
pleasant s. Euphony, 
unpleasant or harsh s. Cacophony. 
science of s. Acoustics, 
a splashing s. Clapotement. 
SOUND (in sense of Healthy). See Health, Normal, 

Mind, Insane. 
SOUR. See also Acid. 

Synonyms : Acerhitous, Acidulous, Acetous, Acetose, 
process of becoming s. Acescence. 
SOURNESS. Acor; Acidity. 
SOUR STOMACH. Pyrosis ; Acor ventriculi. 
SPACE. See also Opening. 

Synonym : Spatium. 
small, hollow s. (anat.). Lacuna. 
small s. between organs (pores). Interstices, 
arachnoid s. Cavum subdurale. 
intercostal s. Spatium intercostale ; Mesopleura. 
interlabial s. (vulvar fissure). Rima pudendi. 
interosseous s. Spatium interosseum. 
ischiorectal s. Fossa ischiorectalis. 

SPACIOUS. Extensive; Capacious; Uncircumscribed. 
SPADE-BONE. Scapula. 

SPANISH FLY. Musca hispanica ; Cantharis vesicatoria. 
SPASM. See also Convulsion, Lock-jaw, Throat, Uterus, 

Synonyms : Contracture, Tic, Choreic tic, Spasmus, 
Entasia, Entasis. 
29 440 


agent used to counteract s. Antispasmodic ; Antispas- 

agent producing s. Convulsant. 
causing s. Entatic. 
a circular s. Gyrospasm. 
continuous &. Tonic s. ; Entonia; Tetanus; Entasii 
s. with alternate relaxation and contraction. Clonic sj 

Clonus; Clonospasmus. 
s. of facial muscles. Tic convulsif. 
general s. Holospasm; Synclonus; Synclonesis; Spj 

mus universalis, 
violent s. Convulsion ; Paroxysm. 
s. occurring during labor. Eclampsia. 
s. of larynx. Laryngismus stridulus; Spasmus glol 

s. of muscles preventing speech. Aphthongia. 
s. of neck muscles causing rotatory movement of head. 

Tic giratoire ; Tic rotatoire. 
morbid tendency to be thrown into s's. Spasmophilia. 
nodding or salaam s. of children. Eclampsia nutans, 
treatise on s's. Spasmology. 

s. beginning in small area and spreading. Protospasm. 
s. of muscles of one side. Hemimyoclonus. 
rigid s. in which trunk is thrown back and arched 

upward. Opisthotonos. 
s. of muscle which bends the body to one side. Pleu- 

disease whose main characteristic is tonic or clonic s. 


SPAYING. Oophorectomy. 
SPECIALIST. See Physician. 
SPECIFIC. Nosocratic. 


instrument to measure s. g. Litrameter. 
instrument to determine s. g. of fluids containing water. 

SPECKLED LEECH. Sanguisuga medicinalis. 

SPECKS (Before Eyes). See Spots {Before Eyes). 

SPECTACLES. PerspeciUum. 



SPECULUM. Catoptron. 

SPEECH. See also Voice, Vocal cords, Articulation, Lan- 
guage, Larynx, Pronunciation, Stammering, Words, 
Write, Gesture, Ventriloquism, Aphasia, Obscenity. 

Synonyms : Lalia, Locution, Prolation. 
ataxia of s. Ataxophemia. 
brain center for s. Broca's center, 
inability to comprehend s. Acatamathesia. 
confused s. (mcoherency). Divagation; Delirium; Lal- 

lation; Anacoluthia. 
confused s. of central origin. Dysphasia, 
confused s. from employing useless words. Embolo- 

phrasia; Embolalia; Embololalia. 
defect of s. Dysphrasia; Olophonia. 
a structural defect of s. Dyslalia. 
defective s. due to cleft palate. Asaphia. 
defective s. due to muscular involvement. Aphthongia ; 

Alalia; Laloneurosis ; Anarthria. 
any defect of s. due to nerve disease. Logoneurosis. 
any disease of s. Logopatby ; Lalopathy. 
a drawling s. Angophrasia. 
excess in s. (loquacity). Polyphrasia; Hyperphrasia ; 

excess of s. in old people. Leresis ; Lerema. 
harshness of s. Baryphonia. 
imitation of s. by gestures. Echokinesis. 
inability to imitate s. or gesture correctly. Amimia. 
frequent use of letter 1 in speech. Lallation. 
frequent use of letter n in speech. Nunnation. 
loss of s. Mutism. 

loss of s. from defective articulation. Alalia. 
loss of power of s. from cerebral lesion. Aphasia ; Aph- 

thenxia; Asemasia. 
loss of s. from defective memory. Apraxia ; Amnesia ; 

Amnestic aphasia, 
loss of power of s. from motor trouble. Aphemia. 
loss of power of s. from peripheral trouble. Aphonia. 
loss of s. due to muscular lesion. Aphthongia. 
loss of s. from mental incapacity. Alogia. 
clear memory with loss of s. Logoplegia. 
muttering s. of severe illness. Mussitation. 


nervous affection of s. Laloneurosis. 

use of obscene s. Coprolalia. 

paralysis of organs of s. Laloplegia. 

inability to 'arrange words into sentences of s. Acata- 

phasia; Ataxaphasia. 
rapidity of s. Logorrhea ; Tachyphrasia. 
slowness of s. Baryglossia; Baryphonia; Barylalia;* 

Bradyphasia ; Bradylalia. 
disturbance of s. with repetition of words. Cataphasia ; 

Echolalia ; Echopathy. 
abnormal s. from malformation of vocal organs (harsh 

speech). Olophonia. 
inability to effect whispered s. Apsithyria. 
misuse of words in s. Cacology. 
s. of words not intended. Heterolalia ; Heterophemy. 
SPELL. See Attack, Epilepsy, 
SPERM. Semen {q. v.). 
SPERMATIC CORD. See also Spermatic duct. 

dropsy of s. c. or testicular tunic. Hydroperididymia ; 

dropsy of s. c. w ith varicose veins. Hydrocirsocele ; 

Hygrocele ; Hygrocirsocele. 
collection of fluid and blood around s. c. Hydrohemato- 

inflammation of s. c. Funiculitis. 
inflammation of sheath of s. c. Perispermatitis, 
operation of resection of s. c. Angioneurectomy. 
SPERMATIC DUCT. Vas deferens ; Spermiduct. 

SPERMATOZOON (pi. Spermatozoa). See also Genital 
organs, Semen, Spermatic cord, Duct, Fluid. 

Synonyms : Spermatoid, Spermatozoid, Zoosperm. 
formative s. Spermatogonium. 
mass of incipient s. Spermatosphore. 
protoplasm of s. Spermoplasm. 
loss of vitality in s. Azoospermia. 
SPERM-CELL. See also Semeyi. 

Synonyms : Spermatozoid, Gonohlast. 
absence of s. c. in semen. Azoospermia. 
. disease of s. c. Spermatopathy. 




SPHENOID BONE. Os sphenoidale. 
SPHENOID SINUS. Sinus sphenoidalis. 

SPINAL CORD. See also Spine, Brain, Medulla oblon- 


Synonyms : Medulla spinalis, Myelon, Medulla verte- 

congenital absence of s. c. Amyelia (adj. Amyelous). 

absence of brain and s. c. Amyelencephalia. 

any morbid alteration of s. c. Myeleterosis. 

atrophy of s. c. Amyelatrophy ; Myelatrophy. 

brain and s. c. together. Myelencephalon. 

central canal of s. c. Syringocele ; Myelocele. 

abnormal dilatation of central canal of s. c. Syringo- 

connective tissne of brain and s. c. Neuroglia. 

cysts in s. c. Syringomyelocele. 

imperfect development of s. c. Atelomyelia; Myela- 

any disease of white substance of s. c. Leukomye- 

any disease of s. c. Myelopathy. 

any disease of gray matter of s. c. Poliomyelopathy. 

disintegration of s. c. Myelodiastasis. 

congenital doubling of s. c. Diplomyelia. 

dropsy of s. c. Hydrorrhachis. 

morbid enlargement of s. c. Myelauxis. 

fissure of s. c. Diastematomyelia. 

collection of fluid around s. c. Hydromyelia. 

gliomatous tissue in s. c. Gliomatosis. 

hemorrhage into s. c. Hematomyelia ; Myelapoplexy. 

hernia of s. c. and membrane. Myelomeningocele. 

hyperemia of s. c. Myelyperemia. 

inflammation of s. c. Myelitis. 

inflammation of anterior horns of s. c. Poliomyelitis; 

inflammation of s. c. from exposure to sun. Heliomye- 

inflammation of lumbar s. c. Ischiomyelitis. 

inflammation of dorsal s. c. Ixyomyelitis. 


hemorrha<^ic infinnnnation of's. c. Hematomyelitis. 

iiifhinuiiiitioii of fihrou.s tissues of s. c. Leukomyelitis. 

iiiHaniinatioii of i^ray matter of s. c. and brain. Polio- 

membranes of s. c. Meninges. 

relating to s. c. membranes. Meningorrhachidian. 

membrane lining canal of s. c. Ependyma. 

monster without s. c. or brain. Amyencephalus. 

neurasthenia of s. c. origin. Myelasthenia. 

referring to nerve impulses sent out from s. c. Ecstaltic. 

pain in the s. c. Myelalgia ; Rachiodynia ; Rhachialgia. 

paralysis from s. c. Myeloparalysis ; Myeloplegia. 

pertaining to s. c. Myelonic ; Myelic. 

protrusion or hernia of s. c. Myelochysis ; Hydror- 
rhachis; Myelocele; Spina bifida. 

puncture of s. c. for dropsy. Hydrorrhachiocentesis. 

sclerosis of s. c. Myelosclerosis. 

softening of s. c. Myelomalacia. 

tubercular growth of s. c. Myelophyma. 

tumor of s. c. Myeloma. 

cystic tumor of s. c. Myelocystocele. 

tumor of connective tissue of s. c. Neuroglioma. 

tumor of blood-vessels of s. c. Angioglioma. 

wasting away of s. c. Amyelotrophy. 
SPINAL IRRITATION. Rachialgia ; Rhachialgia ; Notal-' 


SPINAL MENINGITIS. See Cerebrospinal fever. 

SPINE. See also Back, Vertebra, Coccyx, Spinal cord. 
Synonyms : Vertebral column, Bachis. 

hemorrhage into canal of s. Hematorrhachis. 

animals having a spinal column. Vertebrata; Verte-. 

cleft s. Spina bifida ; Rachischisis. 

curvature of s. Rachiocampsis ; Cyrtosis ; Cyphoma ; 
Rachioscoliosis ; Scoliosis; Kyphoscoliosis. 

curvature of s. with forward convexity. Lordosis ; Lor- 
doma; Ithylordosis. 




curvature of s. with convexity backward. Kyphosis; 

Rachiokyphosis ; Ithycyphosis ; Gibbositas. 
lateral curvature of s. Rachioscolioma ; Scoliosis, 
any disease of the s. Cacorrhachis. 
defective development of s. Atelorachidia ; Atelorrha- 

instrument for measuring curvature of s. Rachiometer. 
instrument for opening s. Rachitome ; Rachiotome. 
incision into s. Rachiotomy. 
pain in s. Rachialgia ; Rhachialgia; Rachiodynia; 

pain in lower end of s. Hieralgia ; Coccyalgia. 
pertaining to s. Spinal; Rachidian; Rhachial; Rha- 

effusion of water into spinal column. Rachiochysis. 
Divisions of s. (named from above downward) : 

Cervical; Dorsal; Lumbar; Sacral; Coccygeal. 
SPINE (in sense of bony projection). 
s. of Henle. Spina supra meatum. 

» anterior superior iliac s. Spina iliaca anterior superior, 
anterior inferior iliac s. Spina iliaca anterior inferior, 
nasal s. (frontal bone). Spina frontalis or nasalis. 
nasal s. (superior maxillary). Spina nasalis anterior. 
s. of palate. Spina nasalis posterior. 
s. of pubic bone. Tuberculum pubicum. 
s. of scapula. Spina scapulae. 
s. of sphenoid. Spina angularis. 
s. of tibia. Eminentia intercondyloidea. 
SPINTHERISM. Photopsia; Spintheropia. 
SPINY. Acanthoid. 
SPIRIT. Spiritus. 
SPIT. See Saliva, Sputum. 
SPITTING. See Expectoration. 

s. of blood. Hemoptysis. 

Synonyms : Splen, Lien (adjs. Splenic, Splenetic, 
Lienal, Lienic). 
congestion of s. Splenohemia. 
conversion into s. tissue. Splenification. 
description of s. Splenography. 


any disease of s. Splenopathy. 

displacement of s. Splenectopy. 

enlarg;emeut of s. Splenectasis ; Megalosplenia ; Spleno- 

excision of s. Splenectomy, 
surgical fixation of s. Splenopexy, 
hernia of s. Splenocele ; Lienocele. 
hyperplasia of s. pulp. Splenadenoma. 
incision of s. Splenotomy. 
inflammation of s. Lienitis ; Splenitis, 
inflammation of capsule of s. Perisplenitis, 
like s. Splenoid. 
becoming like s. Splenization. 
obstruction of s. Splenemphraxis. 
splenic leukemia. Splenemia. 
pain in s. Splenalgia ; Splenodynia. 
detached portion of s. Lienculus. 
prolapse of s. Splenoptosis, 
science of s. Splenology. 
softening of s. Splenomalacia ; Lienomalacia. 
supplementary s. Splenculus ; Lienculus. 
suturing of s. to outside of body. Exosplenopexy. 
tumor of s. Splenoma ; Splenoncus. 
ulceration of s. Splenelcosis. 

SPLINT. Assula. 

SPLINTER (of Bone). 

Synonym : Ossls fragmentiim. 


Synonym : Spongia. 
resembling a s. Spongoid ; Spongiform, 
full of pores like a s. Spongiose. 
s. charred and powdered. Spongia usta; Carbo spon- 




geny; Autogenesis. 

Synonyms : Cochleare, Cochlearia. 
a tea-s. Cochleare parvum or minimum. 


a dessert-s. Cochleare medium, 
a table-s. Cochleare magnum. 

Synonyms: Spora, Sporula, Sporum, Sporus. 
ciliated mobile s. Zoospore. 
formation of s. Sporulation. 
portion of fungus bearing s. Sporophore. 
producing s. Sporiferous ; Sporogenic. 
reproduction of s. Sporogony. 
delicate lining of wall of s. Endospore. 

SPOT. See also 8km. 
Synonym : Macula. 

t state of being s'ted. Maculation. 
•OTS BEFORE EYES. Muscse volitantes; Scotomata; 
Scotasma ; Scotodynia ; Visus muscarum ; Maculae ante 
oculos volitantes. 
'RAIN. Stremma; Distortio; Subluxation. 
'RAY. See also Poivder. 
Synonyms : Atomize, Nebulize. 
s. apparatus. Nebulizer; Atomizer; Comminuter; Va- 

Synonym : Ver. 
relating to or occurring in s. Vernal (as vernal con- 
SPRING FEVER. Eronosus. 
SPRING WATER. Aqua fontana or fontis. 

Synonym : Inspergation. 

SPUTUM. See also Expectoratio7i, Mucus, Cough. 

Synonyms : Anachremptum, Emptysma. 

Synonyms: Strabismus, Anorthopia. 
s. with eye drawn inward (convergent s.). Esotropia. 
s. with eye drawn outward. Exotropia. 
s. with eye drawn upward. Anoopsia. 
instrument to measure s. Strabismometer. 
operation to relieve s. Strabotomy. 


STALE BREAD. Mucida panis. 

ST. VITUS' DANCE. See also Chorea. 

Synonyms : Chorea, Ballismus. 

Synonym : Stadium. 
s. of commencement of a disease. Invasion ; Accession. 
s. of decrease or abatement of disease. Anesia ; Anesis ; 

Catabasis; Minithosis. 
s. of increase of a disease. Anabasis. 
s. of radical increase in disease. Metabasis ; Crisis. 
s. of sudden decline of disease. Lysis. 
s. of greatest acuity of a disease. Acme ; Apogee ; Fas- 

s. gait. Titubation. 
STAGNATION. Hypostasis. 
STAIN. See also Red. 

substance capable of absorbing acid s. Acidophile ; 

Oxyphile (adjs. Acidophilic, Oxyphilic), 
capable of taking basic s. Basophilous. 
susceptible of taking more than one s. Polychromato- 

easily taking a red s. Erythrophile. 
taking only one s. Monochromatophile. 
taking eosin s. Eosinophilic. 
STALK. Pedicle; Pediculus; Peduncle. 
STAMMERING. See also Pronunciation, Lisping. 

Synonyms : Dyslalia, Mohilalia, Mogilalia, Balbuties, 
Dysphemia, Psellism, Psellismus, Battarism, Battal- 
s. as if from dread of using voice. Lalophobia. 
STANDING. See also Walking. 
difficulty in s. Dystasia. 

form of hysteria marked by difficulty in s. and walking. 
Astasia abasia. 
STARCH. See also Starch-granule. 

Synonym : Amyliim (adj. Amylaceous), 
alcohol from fermented s. Amyl alcohol, 
conversion of s. intosugar. Amylolysis (adj. Amylolytic). 


s. converting ferment of pancreas. Amylopsin. 

ferment converting s. into sugar. Diastase. 

the formation of s. Amylogenesis. 

like s. Amyloid. 

product of malt upon s. Maltose. 

producing s. Amyliferous ; Amylogenic. 

soluble s. Amylogen. 

substance in s. colored red by iodin. Erythrogranulose. 


outer covering of s.-g. Amylin. 

outer part of the s.-g. Cellulose, 

inner part of the s.-g. Granulose. 

STARVATION. See Abstinence, Appetite, Hunger, Food. 
Synonym : Inanitio7i. 

STATE. See Present state. Constitution. 


morbid dread of s. Kleptophobia. 

insanity with mania for s. Klopemania ; Kleptomania. 

insane dread of thieves. Klopsopliobia ; Kleptophobia. 


Synonym : Caulis. 
s. or attachment of a tumor. Pedicle ; Peduncle (adj. 

STENCH. See Stinh, Smell, Odor. 

STERILE. Ablastous; Unproductive; Infecund; Impo- 
STERILITY. See also Fecundity, Sexual power. 
Synonyms : Agenesia, Dysgenesis, Infecundity. 

s. of female. Atocia; Aphoria; Acyesis. 

s. of male. Azoospermia. 
STERNUM. See also Ensiform cartilage. 
Synonyms : Os xiphoides, Pectus. 

congenital absence of s. Asternia. 

depression just above s. Fonticulus. 

near the s. Parasternal. 

pain in lower segment of s. Xiphodynia. 

upper segment of s. Manubrium. 

middle segment of s. Gladiolus. 


lower segment of s. Ensiform cartilage. 

space between s. and spine. Mediastinum. 

Synonym : Echometer. 

wooden single piece s. Acouoxylon. 
STICKING PLASTER. Adhesive plaster; Emplastnii 

adhesivum; Sparadrapum. 
STICKY. Viscid; Viscous; Mucilaginous; Tenacious; 

STIFF. See Corpse. * 

STIFF JOINT. Ankylosis; Contractura. 
STIFF NECK. Cervix rigida. 
STIFFNESS. See also Erection. 

Synonyms : Rigidity, Inflexibility. 

s. of body after death. Rigor mortis. 

s. of limbs. Acampsia. 
STILL-BORN. Natus mortuus ; Partus emortuus. 
STIMULANT. See also Alcohol, Tonic. 

Synonyms : Fortifiant, Analeptic, Incentivum. 
STIMULATION. Incitatio. 

influence that is opposed to s. Contrastimulus. 

doctrine in regard to the opposing of s. Contrastimu- 
lism ; Rasorianism. 
STING. See also Itching, Sensation. 
Synonym : Aculeus. 

producing a s. Odaxetic. 

having a s. Aculeate. 

STINK. Fetor. 

STINK-NOSE. Ozena. ' 

STITCH IN THE SIDE. Pungens lateris dolor. 

STOMACH. See also Stomach-pump, Stomach-ache, Diges- 
tion, Gastric juice. Pylorus, Nausea. 

Synonyms : Gaster (adjs. Gastral, Gastric), Ventric- 
abnormal acidity of s. Gastroxia ; Acidities ; Gastrox- 




affection of s. with burning sensation and eructation 

(heartburn). Pyrosis, 
absence of digestive power of s. Achylia gastrica; 

Anadenia ventriculi. 
pertaining to blood in s. Hemogastric. 
pertaining to large cells in peptic glands of s. Delo- 

congestion of s. Gastremia ; Gasterangiemphraxis. 
contraction of s. Gastrostenosis. 
dilatation of s. Macrogastria ; Gastrectasis. 
any disease of s. Gastropathy. 
deficiency of HCl in s. Achlorhydria. 
excess of HCl in s. Hyperchlorhydria. 
exploration of s. with light. Gastrodiaphanoscopy. 
fluid of s. digestion. Chyme (q. v.). 
disordered state of functions of the s. Gasterataxia. 
hernia of s. Gastrocele. 
hypersecretion of s. Gastrosuccorrhea. 
inflammation of s. Gastritis. 

inflammation of mucous membrane of s. Esogastritis. 
inflammation of areolar tissue of s. Linitis. 
catarrhal inflammation of s. Mycogastritis. 
irritation of s. Gastrerethisia ; Gastrerethismus. 
relating to interior of s. Enterogastric. 
pertaining to s. and intestine. Gastro-enteric. 
pertaining to liver and s. Hepatogastric, 
disorder of s. and liver. Gastrocholia. 
vicarious menstruation by s. Gastromenia. 
motor activity of s. Prochoresis. 
paralysis of s. Gastroplegia. 
pertaining to s. and omentum. Gastro- epiploic, 
insufficient nerve-tone of s. Agastronervia. 
operation of making fistulous communication between 

s. and duodenum. Gastroduodenostomy. 
operation of making fistulous communication between 

s. and intestine. Gastro-enterostomy. 
operation of stitching fold in s. for dilatation. Gastro- 

plastic operation on s. for hour-glass contraction. Gas- 
operation of uniting cardiac and pyloric ends of s. for 



hour-glass c(3iitractioii. Gastrogastrostomy ; Gastro- 

operation of opeiiiug s. and bowel through abdomen. 

operation of resection of s. Gastrectomy, 
operation of incision of s. Gastrotomy. 
operation of suturing s. to abdominal wall. Gastropexy. 
' pain in s. Gastralgia ; Gastrodynia. 
pain in s. relieved by taking food. Gastralgokenosis. 
pain in s. and intestine. Gastro-enteralgia. 
perforation of s. Gastrobrosis ; Gastrodialysis. 
prolapse of s. ' Gastroptosis. 
softening of s. Malacogaster ; Gastromalacia. 
splashing sound heard in dilatation of s. Clapotement ; 

Succussion; Clapotage. 
sound heard in auscultating or percussing s. Gaster- 

echema; Gastrechema. 
stricture of s. Strictura ventriculi or pylori; Gastro- 

treatise on s. Gastrology. 
ulceration of s. Gastrelcobrosis ; Gastrelcosis. 
washing of s. Lavage, 
weakness of s. Gasterasthenia. 
ejection of wind from s. (belching). Eructation, 
ascription of all disease to s. Gastricism ; Gastropyra. 
upper orifice of s. Cardia. 
lower orifice of s. Pylorus, 
region in front of s. Epigastrium. 

STOMACH-ACHE. Gastralgia; Gastrodynia; Morbus 
stomachi or ventriculi. 

STOMACH-PUMP. Antlia gastrica. 

STONE. See also Bladder-stone, Gall-stone. 

Synonyms: Calculus, Lithos. 
agent to expel or dissolve s. Antilithic; Lithagogue; 

cough with expectoration of s'y particles. Lithobexis. 
fetus turned to s. Lithopedion. 
fetus and membranes turned into s. Lithokelyphope- 

formation of s. Lithogenesis. 


causing formation of s. Lithogenous. 

s. in kidney. Nephrolith; Lithonephria. 

formation of kidney s. Nephrolithiasis. 

s'y concretions in lung. Lithophthisis. 

operation for kidney s. Nephrolithotomy. 

pain due to kidney s. Nephrolithocolica. 

resembling a s. Lithoid; Lithous; Calculous; Calcu- 

voiding small s's in urine. Lithuresis. 
s. concretion in uterus. Lithometra. 

STONE-CRUSHER. Lithotrite. 

STONE-POCK. Acne (q. v.). 

STOOL. See also Feces, Defecation, Diarrhea, Dysentery, 

Bowel, Rectum, Purgation. 

Synonyms : Dejection, Sedes, Ejecta, Egesta, Excreta. 

agent causing dark or bilious s. Melanagogue. 

evacuation of black, tarry s's. Melena. 

passage of bloody s's. Hematochezia. 

the matter forming the s's. Diachorema. 

partial or unnatural s. Abevacuation ; Apocenosis. 

straining at s. with rectal pain and spasm. Tenesmus.' 
STOPPAGE. See also Obstruction, Constipation, Stricture. 
STOPPING. See Restraining. 


process of making or becoming s. Orthosis. 
STRAIGHT-JACKET. Camisole; Inducula. 

excessive s. Paratonia. 
STRANGULATION. Auchenosphinxis. 
STRAWBERRY MARK. See Fort-wine Stain. 
STRENGTH. See also Muscle, Energy, Activity, Tonic, 
Synonyms : Rohor, Sthenia, Vis. 

of equal s. Equipollent. 

of unequal s. Anisosthenic. 

innate or spontaneous s. Idiosthenia. 

agent to increase bodily s. Roborant ; Analeptic. 

having great bodily s. Megasthenic. 

having moderate bodily s. Mesosthenic. 


instrument to test muscular s. Ergostat ; Dynamometer. 

instrument for measuring loss of s. Asthenometer. 

lack of s. Acratia ; Adynamia ; Asthenia. 

muscular s. Myodynamia. 

nerve s. Neurodynamia. 

s. incident to mature manhood. Virility. 



Synonyms : Dilatation, Ectasis. 

excessive s. of a part. Parectasis ; Parectama. 

act of s. limbs or yawning. Pandiculation. 
STRICTURE. See also Urethra, Stomach, Rectum, etc. 
Synonyms : Coarctatlo, Strictura, Stenochoria. 

division of s. Stricturotomy ; Coarctotomy. 

instrument for cutting s. Stricturotome. 

process of dissolving s. by electricity. Electrolysis. 

instrument to dissolve s. by electricity. Electrolyser. 
STRIKING. See Percussion. 
STRIPED. Striated. 
STROKE. See Sunstroke, Lightning, Apoplexy, Paralysis, 

Attack, Massage. 
STRUCTURE. See also Form,, Shape, Tissue. 

alike in s. Homeomorphous ; Homologous. 

different in s. Heterogenous; Heterologous; Hetero- 

defective or imperfect in s. Cacoplastic. 

a deviation in type of s. Anomaly. 

indeterminate in s. Anhistous. 

study of tissue s. Histology. 

pertaining to a translucent s. (such as cast). Hyaline. 

without definite s. Amorphous. 

STRUMPELL'S DISEASE. Pyoencephalitis. 

STUMP. 8ee nho Stalk. 

irritable s. Cicatrix membri truncati irritabilis. 

STUPIDITY. Asynesia; Hebetude; Ablepsia; Obnubila- 

STUPOR. See also Asphyxia, Coma, Narcotic, Sleep. ■ ■ 
Synonyms : Coma, Cams, Narcosis, Lethargy. 


agent producing s. Stupefacient. 

mental s. with insanity. Stupemania ; Narcomania. 

producing s. Narcotic ; Lethargogenic. 

pertaining or of nature of s. Carotic. 

s. produced by narcotic. Narcoma. 

spasm accompanied with s. Narcospasm. 

in a state of s. Comatose ; Lethargic. 

s. with breathing in upright position. Narcorthopnea. 

s. not to be overcome by will. Lethargy. 

STUTTERING-. See Stammering, Lisping, Pronunciation. 

STYE. See also Eyelid. 

Synonym : Hordeolum. 
SUBCUTANEOUS. Hypodermic. 
SUBCUTANEOUS FAT. Pamiiculus adiposus. 
Synonym : Echos. 
highest degree of s. s. Hallucination. 
s. s. of flying. Levitation. 

*s. s. of color or light. Phose. 
s. s. from pressure on eyeballs. Phosphenes. 
s. s. of light. Photopsia. 
s. s. in amputated part. Pseudesthesia. 
s. s. of shadow. Aphose. 
SUBSTANCE. See also Structure, Tissue, Organ. 

Synonyms : Substantia, Materia. 

Synonym : Suecedaneum. 
pertaining to a s. Succedaneous ; Succcenturiate. 

SUCKING. Myzesis. 

SUCKLING. See also Milking, Weaning. 

SUDDEN DEATH. Mors subita or improvisa. 

SUET. See Fat. 

Synonym : Sevum. 
having quality of s. Sebaceous. 

SUFFERING. See Pain, Anxiety. 

Synonyms : Dolor, Passio. 
SUFFOCATION. See also Breathing. 

Synonyms : Asphyxia, Piiigma. 
30 465 


dread of s. Pnigophobia. 

sense of s. Angina ; Dyspnea ; Anhelation. 

SUGAR. See also Sweet. 
Syiiouyin : Saccharum. 

s. obtained from beechwood. Xylose. 

s. iu the blood. Glycemia ; Glycohemia. 

excess of s. in the blood. Hyperglycemia ; Melitemia. 

candied s. Saccharum candidum. 

caue-s. Saccharum; Saccharose. 

coal-tar s. Glucidum ; Saccharin. 

formation of s. Saccharification. 

fruit-s. Levulose. 

s. of gelatin. Glycosin. 

grape-s. Glucose. 

instrument to measure s. in urine. Glycosometer. 

instrument for determining amount of s. iu solution. 

liver-s. Glycogen. 

maple-s. Saccharum canadense ; S. acernum. 

s. of milk. Galactose ; Lactose ; Saccharum lactis. 

containing milk-s. Lactinated. 

malt-s. Maltose. 

muscle-s. Inosite. 

raw-s. Saccharum non-purificatum. 

presence of s. in sweat. Saccharephidrosis. 

presence of s. in urine. Glycosuria ; Diabetes mellitus. 

presence of milk-s. in urine. Lactosuria. 

presence of fruit-g. in urine. Levulosuria. 

Synonym : Suicidium. 

insanity with impulse for s. Mysozoia. 

morbid impulse to commit s. by drowning. Hydro- 

Synonyms : jEstas, Tempora cestas. 

s. disease. Estinol. 

occurring in s. and autumn (as malaria). Estivo- 

pertaining to s. Estual ; Estival. 

SUMMER COMPLAINT. Cholera infantum. 



SUN. See also Sun-bathing, Sunburn, Sunstroke. 
Synouym : Sol (adj. Solar), 
inflainmation of spinal cord due to s. rays. Heliomyelitis. 
morbid fear of s. rays. Heliophobia. 

SUN-BATHING. HeUotherapy ; Heliosis. 
SUNBURN. See also Freckles. 

Synonyms : Ephelides, Erythema coloricum. 
SUNSTROKE. See also Heat. 

Synonyms: Insolation, Coup de soleil, Helionosus, 
Ictus solis, Seiriasis. 
inflammation of brain due to s. Helioencephalitis ; He- 

SUPPORT. Sustentaculum. 

Synonyms : Abolition, Suspension. 
s. of bile. Acholia ; Ischocholia. 
s. of any normal discharge. Ischocenosis. 
s. of lochia. Lochioschesis ; Ischolochia. 
s. of menses. Amenorrhea ; Ischomenia ; Menocryphia ; 

s. of milk. Agalactia; Ischogalactia ; Galactozemia. 
s. of a mucous discharge. Ischoblennia. 
s. of pus discharge. Ischopyosis. 
s. of semen. Ischospermia. 
s. of urine. Anuria ; Ischuria ; Uroschesis. 
s. of voice. Aphonia ; Ischophonia. 

SUPPURATION. See also Pus, Abscess, different parts, as 
Joints, Kidney. 

Synonyms : Ecpyesis, Empyesis, Diapyesis. 
promoting s. Diapyetic ; Ecpyetic. 


Synonyms : Adrenal, Paranephros, Glandula suprare- 
nalis (pi. Renes succefituriati). 
inflammation of s. c. Paranephritis, 
liquid extract of s. c. Succus glandulae suprarenalis. 
dried extract of s. c. Glandulae suprarenales siccatae. 

Synonym : Superficies. 
having many s's. Polyhedral. 


away from the s. Entad ; Centripetal, 
toward the s. Eccentric; External; Ectad; Centrifugal, 
whitening of any s. Leukoplakia. 
SURGEON. Chirurgus. 
SURGERY. See also Operation^ Treatment, Cure, diffei 
eut organs and parts of body. 

Synonyms : Chirurgia, Metachirisis, Metachirisnu 
Chiriatria, Chirixis. 
part of s. relating to fractures. Agmatology. 
s. of the horse. Hippiatry ; Farriery ; Veterinary, 
military s. Chirurgia militaris. 
operative s. Acidurgia ; Aciurgia. 
plastic s. Morioplasty ; Anaplastics ; Anaplasty, 
plastic s. of nerves. Neuroplasty. 
restoration of lost tissue by s. Anaplerosis. 
branch of s. treating of artificial replacement of lost 

parts. Prosthetics, 
branch of s. dealing with the correction of deformities. 


Synonym : Armamentarium chirurgicum. 
science of s. i. Acidology. 

SURGICAL OPERATIONS. See Operation, Excision, 
Incision, Grafting, also different organs and parts. 


having s. (predisposition) to disease. Epinosic. 

SUTURE (Anatomic). 

Synonyms : Crena, Nesis. 
s. between parietal and frontal bones. Coronal s. ; 

Sutura arcualis or frojitalis. 
s. between the two parietal bones. Sagittal s. ; Sutura 

s. between temporal bone and parietal. Squamous s. ; 

Sutura squamosa lepidoides. 
s. between occipital and parietal bones. Lambdoid s. ; 
Sutura lambdoidalis. 
SUTURE (Surgical). 

Synonym : Sutura, Nesis, Ligature. 
instrument to guide a s. Linagogue. 



continuous s. Sutura continua. 
quilled or compound s. Sutura composita or clavata. 
twisted s. Sutura circumvoluta. 
SWALLOWING. See also Food, Eating. 

Synonyms : Deglutition, Ingurgitation. 
s. of air. Aerophagy. 

difficult s. Dysphagia ; Devorandi difficultas. 
inability to swallow. Aglutition; Aphagia; Acatapo- 

pain on s. Odynphagia, 
remastication of swallowed food. Rumination; Mery- 


Synonym : Marsh. 
pertaining to s. Paludal ; Marshy. 
SWEAT. See also Sweat-bath, Siveat-gland, Sweating, and 
different parts, as Foot, Arm-pit. 

Synonym : Sudor (adj. Sudoral), 
carryings. Sudoriferous; Hidrophoros. 
formation and excretion of s. Hidrosis ; Hidropoiesis. 
abnormal secretion of s. Paridrosis ; Ephidrosis. 
act of secreting s. Sudation. 
condition of urea in s. Uridrosis, 
producing s. Sebiparous; Sudoriparous; Hidropoietic. 
SWEAT -BATH. Sudatory; Achicolum. 


Synonym : Sudoriparous gland. 
any disease of s.-g's. Hidronosus. 
disorder of s.-g's. Sudamina ; Miliaria, 
inflammation of s.-g's. Hidrosadenitis. 

SWEATING. See Sweat. 

Synonyms : Perspiration, Sudation, Sudatoria, Hidro- 
sis, Diaphoresis, Ephidrosis. 
agent to produce s. Hidrotic; Hidroterium ; Diaphor- 
etic; Sudorific, 
agent to produce gentle s. Diapnoic. 
agent to check s. Anaphoretic ; Antisudoral; Antihy- 

black s. Melanephidrosis ; Sudor anglicus niger. 
bloody s. Hematidrosis. 



blue s. Cyanhydrosis. 

s. of one-half the body. Hemidiaphoresis. 

s. ill unusual portion of body. Hidroplania. 

colored s. Melastearrhea ; Chromidrosis. 

deficient s. Hyphidrosis ; Anaphoresis ; Adiaphoresis ; 

defective formation of s. Anhidrosis, 
relating to disturbance of s. Hidrotopathic. 
excessive s. Desudation ; Hidropedesis ; Hydropedesis ; 

Hyperidrosis ; Hydrorrhea, 
fetid s. Bromidrosis ; Osmedrosis. 
excessive and fetid s. Bromohyperidrosis. 
fever with profuse s. Hetodes; Hydropyra; Hydro- 

general s. Panhidrosis ; Panidrosis. 
local s. Meridrosis. 

vicarious menstruation through s. Menidrosis. 
s. of a milk-like fluid. Galactidrosis. 
phosphorescent s. Phosphoridrosis. 
slight s. Hydrotium. 

suppression of s. Ischidrosis ; Oligidria ; Hidroschesis. 
treatment by inducing s. Hydrosudopathy. 
yellow s. Melinephidrosis. 

SWEET. See also Sugar. 

Synonyms : Saccharine, Melliferous. 
to render s. Edulcorate. 

SWEETBREAD. Pancreas. 

SWELLING. See Tumor, Edema, Dropsy, Goiter, Node, 
also different parts subject to swelling, as Feet, Breast, 

Synonyms : Tumor, Extuherance, Intumescence, Epip- 
lerosis, Tumefaction, Turgesceiice, Parabysma, 
agent to remove s. Discutient. 
s. due to blood effusion. Hematedema. 
dispersion of a s. Discussion, 
a diffuse s. Anthorisma. 

s. due to fluid collection. Anasarca; Edema; Tume- 




s. due to abnormal nutrition. Hypertrophy, 
a s. caused by water. Hydroncus. 
SWINGING. Vibration; OsciUation. 
SWOLLEN. See also Swelling. 

Synonyms: Tumid, Turgid, Tumescent. 
SWOON. See also Fainting, Collapse. 

Synonyms : Syncope, Animi deliquium. 

Synonym : Symholum. 
List of symbols used in prescriptions : 

recipe (take tbou). R. 

grain (granum). gr. 

scruple (scrupulum). 9. 

dram (drachma). 3. 

ounce (uncia). %. 

pound (libra), ft. 

minim (minimum). w\,. 

pint (octarius). O. 

gallon (congius). C. 

Synonyms : Competentia memhrorum omnium. 
pertaining to s. of body. Homotypic ; Isopleural. 

SYMPATHY. Sympathia; Sympathetismus. 

SYMPTOM. See also Diagnosis, Disease. 

Synonyms : Symptoma, Signum, Indicium, Index, En- 

aggregate of s's. Complexus ; Syndrome. 

differential s. of a disease. Signum diacriticum. 

good s. Eusemia. 

increase in s's of a disease. Exacerbation. 

s. which precedes outbreak of a disease (precursory or 
premonitory s.). Prodrome; Prodromus; Prodroma 
(pi. Prodro7nafa). 

science of s's. Semeiotics. 

study of s's. Semeiosis. 

succession of s's. Cycle. 

a treatise on s's of disease. Symptomatology ; Semiol- 
ogy; Semeiography ; Endeictology ; Symbologica; 




s. denoting inappropriateness of a given remedy. Cen- 

acconi})anying s's. Concomitant or accessory s's. ; Signa 

continuous s. Acmastic s. 

s. occurring in cycles. Cyclic s. 

serving as s. of death. Necrosemiotic. 

s. of fugitive or floating character. Fugacious s. 

s. alike in origin. Congenetic s. 

s. peculiar to and characteristic of a disease. Pathogno- \ 
monic s. ; Signum conjunctum ; Signum morbi essen- I 

s. sudden, severe, and rapid. Fulminant s. 

SYNCOPE. Anencephalemia ; Defectio animi or mulie- 

SYNOVIAL FLUID. See also Anee. 
Synonym : Synovia. 
deficience of s. f. Asynovia. 
mucin found in s. f. Synovin. 
producing s. f. Synoviparous. 

SYPHILIS. See also Chancre. 

Synonyms : Lues (adj. Luetic) ; Cachexia venerea, 
Protean malady, Morbus aphrodisius. 
affected with s. Syphilized. 
indirectly associated with s. Parasyphilitic. 
syphilitic affection of brain. Syphilocerebrosis. 
any disease due to s. Syphilopathy. m 

copper-colored eruption of s. Syphionthus ; Syphilion- ^ 

any eruption of s. Syphilids (pi. Syphilides) ; Syphilo- 

derma (pi. Syphilodermata'). 
scaly eruption of s. Rupia. 
morbid fear of s. Syphiliphobia ; Syphilophobia. 
generation of s. Syphilogeny ; Syphilogenesis. 
growth due to s. Syphilophyma. 
hereditary s. Syphilis ingenita. 
hospital for syphilitics. Syphilicoma. 
inoculation with pus of chancre. Syphilization. 
s. of newborn. Syphilis neonatorum, 
primary s. Syphilis primigenia. 


resembling s. Syphiloid. 

science of s. Syphilology. 

secondary s. Syphilis secundaria. 

stages of s. Primary, secondary, and tertiary. 

inclination to attribute symptoms to s. Syphilomania. 

treatise on s. Syphilography. 

tumor due to s. Gumma (pi. Qummata) ; Syphiloma 

(pi. Syphilomata). 
soft tumor or excrescences due to s. generally found on 

surface of genital organs or rectum. Condyloma (pi. 

Condylomata) ; Dermophymata venerea (pl.J. 

SYSTEM. See Constitution. 



Synonyms : Cauda (adj. Caudal), 
having a t. Caudate, 
having a long t. Macrocercus. 
toward the t. extremity. Caudad. 
without a t. Acaudal ; Acaudate. 

TAILOR-MUSCLE. Sartorius. 


TALMA'S DISEASE. Myotonia acciuisita. 

TAPE-WORM. See also Worm, Parasite. 
Synonym : Taenia cestoda. 
morbid fear of having t.-w. Teniophohia. 
order to wdiich tape-worm belongs. Cestoidea. 
segments of body of t.-w\ Proglottides, 
mature t.-w. Strohila. 
resembling a t.-w. Tenioid. 

agent to destroy t.-w. Teniafuge ; Tenifuge; Tenicide. 
ensemble of symptoms due to t.-w's. Teniasis. 
Varieties of tape-w^orm : 
broad t.-w. Taenia osculis, prima, tenella, or vulgaris 

Bothriocephalus latus. 
beef t.-w. Taenia mediocanellata. 
t.-w. of do2:. Taenia echinococcus ; Hydatid tenia. 
^ 473 


long t.-w. (pork-worm). Taenia solium, cucurbitana, or 

humana armata. 
immature t.-w. Cysticercus cellulosse or tenuicollis. 

TAPPING. See Puncture. 
TAR. Pix liquida. 

Synonyms : Gustus, Sapor, Flavor, Sapidity. 
abnormal acuteness of t. Hypergeusia. 
abnormal dulness of t. Hypogeusia. 
association of color sensation with t. or other sensations. 

defect or loss of t. Ageusia ; Ageusis ; Ageustia ; Anes- 

thsesia gustatoria or lingualis. 
having t. Sapid. 

sensation oft. Gustation (adj. Gustatory), 
perversion of sense of t. AUotrogeustia ; Parageusis. 
perverted sense of t. Dysgeusia. 
producing t. Saporific. 
without t. Insipidity, 
biting to t. Mordant, 
sour to t. Acrimonious, 
strong to t. Pungent ; Piquant, 
savory to t. Palatable ; Delectable. 

TAY'S CHOROIDITIS. Choroiditis guttata senilis. 

TEACUPFUL. Cyathus these. 

TEAR. See Rupture. 

TEAR. See also Tear-duct, Tear-gland, Tear-sac. 
Synonyms : Lacryma, Lachryma, Dacryma. 
absence of t. Adacrya. 

agent causing flow of t's from eye. Dacryagogue. 
albuminous material of t. Dacryolin. 
• excessive flow of t. Dacryorrhea ; Lacrimation ; Stilli- 
cidium lachrymarum. 
habitual overflow of t. Epiphora, 
alternate t. and laughter. Dacrygelosis. 
flow of bloody t's. Dacryohemorrhea ; Dacryhemorrhy- 

sis ; Lacrimatio sanguinea. 
flow of purulent t's. Dacryopyorrhea. 
morbid condition of t's. Dacryalleosis. 


calculus in lacrimal apparatus. Dacryolith. 

formatiou of lacrimal calculi. Dacryolithiasis. 

Synonyms: Lacrimal duct, Dacryosolen, Lachrymales 
canaliculi (pi.), Ductus lachrymales (pi.). 

cyst of t.-d. Dacryops. 

division of t.-d's. Lacrymotomy. 

eminence at upper end of t.-d. (tear papilla). Punctum 
lachrymale ; Papilla lachry malls. 

inflammation of t.-d's. Dacryosolenitis. 

instrument to cut t.-d. Lacrymatome ; Syringotome. 

obstruction of t.-d. Dacryoma. 

stenosis of t.-d. Stenochoria. 

ulceration of t.-d. Dacryelcosis. 

Synonym : Lacrimal gland. 

inflammation of t-g. Dacryoadenitis ; Dacryadenitis. 

pain in t.-g. Dacryadenalgia. 

bard cancer of t.-g. Dacryadenoscirrhus. 

Synonyms : Lacrimal sac, Dacryocyst. 

cyst of t.-s. Dacryocele. 

inflammation of t-s. Dacryocystitis. 

instrument for cutting t.-s. Dacryocystotome. 

mucous discharge from t.-s. Dacryoblennorrhea ; Dacryo- 

dropsical distention of t.-s. Mucocele. 

pain in t.-s. Dacryocystalgia. 

puncture of t.-s. Dacryocystotomy. 
TEETH. See Tooth. 
TEETHING. Dentition. 
TEMPER. See also Mind, Mania. 

excessive t. Acracholia. 
TEMPERAMENT. See also Constitution, Predisposition. 

normal t. Euchrasia. 

peculiarity of t. Idiosyncrasy. 

marked by peculiarities of t. ' Idiocratic. 

TEMPERANCE. See Abstinence, Alcohol. 



TEMPERATURE. See Heat, Fever, Warmth. 
Synonym : Temperatura. 
of equal t. Isothermal ; Synothermal. 
automatic instrument to maintain constant t. Thermo- 
instrument for measuring t. Thermometer, 
instrument for registering t. Thermograph, 
abnormal acute sense of t. Thermohyperesthesia. 

Synonyms : Regio temporalis, Crotaphos, CrotaphuSf^ 
Tempus (pi. Tempora). 
pertaining to the t. Temporal; Crotaphitic. 
TENACIOUS. Lentous. 

Synonym : Terido. 
descriptive anatomy of t. Tenography ; Tenontography. 
inflammation of t. and sheath. Tenosynovitis; Teno- 

inflammation of t. and cartilage. Inochondritis ; Tenon- 

titis; Teinophlogosis. 
inflammation of sheath of t. Thecitis. 
operati(jn of cutting t. Tenotomy, 
ossification of t. Tenostosis. 
pain in a t. Tenodynia ; Teinodynia. 
pertaining to a t. Tenotic. 
uniting divided t's by suture. Tenorrhaphy; Teno- 

tumor of a t. Tenophyte ; Tenontophyma. || 

treatise on t's. Tenontology. m 

sheath of t. Peritendineum. 
TENDON OF ACHILLES. See Achilles tendon. 
TENDON REFLEX. Myotatic reflex. 
TENON'S CAPSULE. Orbito-ocular fascia. 
TENSION. See also Muscle, Spasm, Stretching. 
quality of t. Tonus, 
normal t. of blood-serum. Isotonia. 
exhibiting abnormal degree of t. Epitonic. 

substance used for sea-tangle t. Laminaria digitata. 
substance used for sponge t. Spongia praeparata. 


TERMS. See Menses. 
TERROR. See Fear. 
TEST. See Testing. 


Synonyms : Orchis, Testis (pi. Testes) , Testis virilis. 

absence of t. Anorchism; Anorchismus. 

cyst of t. (Malassez's disease). Spermatocele. 

descent of t. into scrotum. Orchidocatabasis. 

fluid collection around t. Hydrocele. 

fusion of t. Synorchism. 

inflammation of t. Didymitis ; Orchitis. 

inflammation of tissue around t. Periorchitis. 

plastic operation on t. Orcheoplasty. 

operation of suturing up of t. Orchiorrhaphy ; Orchido- 
pexia; Orchidopexy. 

pain in the t. Didymalgia ; Didymodynia ; Orchialgia ; 
Orchiodynia ; Orchioneuralgia. 

pertaining to t. Testicular; Orchic; Orchitic. 

relaxation of t. Orchidatonia. 

removal of t. Emasculation ; Castration ; AUeosis ; Evi- 
ration; Orchiotomy; Orchotomy; Orchitomy; Orchec- 
tomy; Orchidectomy ; Orchidotomy. 

person with removed t. Bacelus; Eviratus; Thladias; 
Thlasias; Thlibias; Eunuch. 

distention of t. with semen. Gonoscheocele. 

swelling of t. (or of knee). Gonocele. 

tumor of t. Orchidoncus. 

malignant tumor of t. Sarcocele. 

hard, cancerous tumor of t. Orchioscirrhus. 

retention of t. in abdomen. Cryptorchidism; Cryptor- 
chism; Enorchismus. 

individual with undescended t. Cryptorchid; Cryptor- 
chis; Testicondus. 

person with one t. (ridgling). Monorchis. 

person with more than two t's. Polyorchis. 

person having three t's. Triorchis. 

hard tumor of t. Porocele. 

co-existence of ovary and t. in an individual. Hermaph- 
roditism; Hermaphrodism. 

wandering duct of t. Vasculum aberrans testis. 


muscle which draws up t. Cremaster. 

conical vessels ascending ironi t. Coni vasculosi. 

serous coat investing t. Perididymis ; Tunica albu- 

small body lying above t. Epididymis. 

Synonym : Docimasia. 
t lung of new-born. Docimasia pulmonum. 
t. of medicines. Docimasia medicamentorum. 
t. oi' poisons. Docimasia venenorum. 
TETANUS. See also Spasm, Muscle, Bacillus. 
peculiar grin in t. Risus sardonicus. 
resembling t. Tetaniform ; Tetanic ; Tetanoid, 
t. with body curved forward. Emprosthotonos. 
t. with body curved backward. Opisthotonos, 
t. with body curved to side. Pleurosthotonos. 
toxin of t. Tetanotoxin. 
TETTER. See also Herpes, Ringworm, Eczema. 
THICK. See also Thick-headed, Thickening, Skiji. 
Synonyms : Crassus, Pachytic. 
a t. clot. Crassamentum. 
THICKENING. See also Cirrhosis, Enlargement, Hyper- 

Synonyms : Inspissation, Pyknosis, Incrassation, Scah-\ 
a t. of the juices. Pyknimasia. 

drugs t. the bodily humors. Pyknimastica ; Pyknotica. 
THICK-HEADED. Pachycephalous ; Pachy cephalic. 
THIGH. See also Leg, Hip, Hernia. 
Synonym : Femur (adj. Femoral), 
pain in t. and hip. Merocoxalgia. 
space between t's. Perineum ; Mesomeria. 
THIN. See also Wasting. 

Synonyms : Macilent, Acnisos, Liposarcous. 

Synonym : Res. 
natural t. Res naturales. 
unnatural t. Res non naturales. 

THINKING. See Idea, Mind. 



THIRST. See also Thirst cure, Thirsty. 

Syuoiiyms : S'ltis, Dipsa, Dipsos. 
absence of t. Adipsia ; Aposia ; Hydro-adipsia ; Dipso- 

sis expers. 
a beverage relieving t. Adipson. 
excessive t. Polydipsia ; Dipsosis ; Dipsosis avens ; Sitis 

intensa or morbosa. 
intense t. Anadipsia ; Hydromania. 
tending to quench t. Adipsous. 

THIRST-CURE. Dipsopathy. 

THIRSTY. Sitiens. 

THOMSEN'S DISEASE. Myotonia congenita. 


Synonym : Ductus Pecquetianus. 
commencement of t. d. Receptaculum chyli; Cisterna 
THORAX. See Chest. 

Synonym : Acrostethion. 
THORNY. Acanthoid. 
THOUGHT. See also Idea. 
Synonym : Noema. 
producing metabolism as a result of t. Ideometabolic. 
arousing activity of a gland by t. Ideoglandular. 

THOUGHT-TRANSFERENCE. Telepathy; Telesthesia. 
THREAD-WORM. Oxyuris vermicularis. 
THRILL. Fremitus. 

THROAT. See also Pharynx, Larynx, Vocal cords, Thy- 
roid gland, Goiter, Mouth, Swallowing, Tongue, Tonsil, 

Synonyms : Isthmos, Isthmus. 
upper part of t. Fauces, 
bleeding from t. Isthmorrhagia. 
any inflammatory disease of t. Cynanche; Isthmitis; 

Angina; Faucitis; Isthmopyra. 
having a large t. Macropharynx. 
pain in t. Isthmodynia. 
paralysis of t. Isthmoplegia. 
relaxed t. Resolutio faucium. 


sore t. Angina ; Cynanche ; Dolor faucium. 
spasm of t. Isthmospasm. 
treatment of disease of t. Aucheniatria. 
ulcerated t. Fauces ulcerosae. 

Synonyms : Pulsatile, Sj)liygmodic. 
t. pain in temple. Sphygmocephalus. 
THROW UP. See Vomiting. 

THRUSH. Aphthae ; Stomatitis aphthosa ; Muguet. 
THUMB. See also Hand. 

Synonyms: Pollex, Hallux. 
spasmodic inflection of t. Antichirotonus ; Antichiro- 

eminence at base of t. Thenar, 
eminence opposite base of t. Hypothenar. 

Synonym : Scutum abieum. 
relating to t. c. Thyreoid ; Thyroid ; Thyroideal. 
THYROID GLAND. See also Goiter. 

Synonym : Glandula thyroidea. 
condition due to absence of t. g. by excision. Ecthyrosis. 
condition due to absence of t. g. from general cause. 

Athyrea ; Athyria ; Myxedema ; Cachexia strumipriva 

or thyreopriva. 
enlargement of t. g. Goiter ; Gongrona ; Thyreophyma ; 

inflammation of t. body. Strumitis ; Thyreoitis ; Thy-j 

inflammation of capsule oft. g. Perithyroiditis, 
operation of excision of t. g. Thyroidectomy. 
incision of t. g. Thyroidotomy ; Thyrotomy. 
tumor aflfecting t. g. Thyreocele ; Thyreoncus ; Bron^ 


Synonyms : Os Tibia, Cneme, Cnemis. 
abscess of head of t. Brodie's abscess, 
broadness of t. Platycnemia ; Platycnemism. 
having a broad t. Platycnemic. 
inflammation of the t. Cnemitis. 
pertaining to the t. Cnemial; Tibial. 


TIC. Neuralgia spastica facialis; Facial neuralgia; Tic 

TICK (common). Acarus domesticus. 
TICKLING. See Itching. 
Synonym : Titillation. 

Synonyms : Temp us, Chronos. 

occurring out of t. Heteroclironic ; Heterochronous. 

occurring at equal intervals of t. Isochronous. 

occurring at same t. Contemporaneous ; Synchronous. 
TIN. Stannum. 
TISSUE. See also Cell, Blood-cells, Connective tissue, 

Cellural tissue, Fat, Flesh, Fibrous tissue, Tumor. 
Synonyms : Textus, Tela, Histos. 

abnormal t. Heterogenous; Heterologous. 

development of abnormal t. Heterology ; Heteroplasia. 

destruction of t. Histolysis; Metamorphosis regre- 

destruction of t. eating away. Phagedenesis. 

agent that softens t. Emollient. 

anatomy of elementary t, Merology. 

microscopic anatomy of t. Histology. 

extravasation of air in t. Emphysema. 

conversion of t. into black mass by death. Anthraco- 

serving to build up t. Mitoplastic. 
• any cell which goes to produce soft t. Malthoblast. 

soft cellular or connective t. Parenchyma. 

crushing of t. Histotripsy. 

pertaining to dead t. Necrogenic. 

death of t. Gangrene ; Mortification. 

death of t. in mass. Necrosis. 

molecular death of t. Necrobiosis. 

description of t's. Histography. 

disintegration of t. by morbid action. Erosion. 

dissection of t. Histotomy ; Hyphotomy. 

dissolution of t. CoUiquation. 

dissolution of organic t. Histodialysis ; Histolysis. 

eating awav the t. Exedent ; Rodent. 

excess of redundance of t. Hypergenesis. 
31 481 


a production of t. Hyperplasia. 

extravasation of fluid in t. Effusion. 

collection of fluid and air in t. Hydropneumatosis. 

formation of t. Histogeny. 

promoting formation of healthy t. Euplastic. 

hardening of t. Induration; Sclerosis (adj. Sclerotic). 

growth of horny t. Keratiasis. 

hypertrophy of t. on a part. Hyperanabolism. 

formation of new t. Neoplasia. 

a new t. formation. Neoplasm; Tumor (q. v.). 

pertaining to new t. Neoplastic ; Neoblastic. 

pertaining to displacement of normal t. Heterotopic. 

pertaining to t. resembling the normal. Homologous; 

pertaining to t. not resembling normal. Heterologous; 

Heteroclite ; Heteromorphous. 
pertaining to nutrition of t. Histotrophic. 
operation to restore lost t. Neoplasty, 
restoration of diseased t. Metasyncrisis. 
rupture of t. without surface lesion. Druse. 
softening of t. Maceration, 
any morbid softening of t. Malacia ; Malacosis ; Mal- 

study of t. shape. Histomorphology. 
study of development of t. Histonomy. 
study of minute changes in t. Histopathology. 
study of t. function. Histophysiology. 
study of t. structure. Histology, 
transformation of one t. into another. Metaplasia, 
wasting of t. Hypercatabolism. 
Varieties of tissue : 

cartilaginous t. Tela hymenochondrodes. | 

connective t. Tela cellulosa (also called Reticulated, 1 
Filamentous, Laminated, Cribriform, Porous, Areo- 
lar, Cellular, or Conjunctive Tissue). 

erectile t. Tela erectilis. 

fatty t. Tela adiposa. 

fibrous t. Tela fibrosa. 

horny t. Tela comua. 

inodular t. Tela inodularis. 

t. constituting ligaments. Ligamentous or desmoid t. 


organic t. Tela organica. 
sclerous t. Tela sclerosa. 

t. forming pulp of tooth. Phanerophorous or pliane- 
rogenous t. 

TISSUE-CHANGE. Metabolism {q. v,), 

Synonym : Tabacum. 
pertaining to t. Nicotian, 
alkaloid of t. Nicotin. 
constitutional effects of t. Nicotinism. 
TOBACCO HEART. Nicocardia. 
TOE. See also Nail, Finger. 

Synonyms : Digit, Dactyl, Ortillus, Digitus pedis. 
the great t. Hallux (adj. Hallucal). 
adhesion of fingers or t's. Dactylion ; Dactylium. 
having abnormal flexure of t's or fingers. Clinodactylous. 
bone of t. Phalanx (pi. Phalanges), 
inflammation of t. Dactylitis, 
phlegmonous inflammation of t. Panaris, 
abnormally long t's or fingers. Macrodactylia. 
shaped like a finger or t. Digitate; Dactyloid. 
having abnormal shortness of t's or fingers. Brachydac- 

condition of having supernumerary t's. Polydactylism. 
condition of having t's united (or webbed). Aschisto- 

dactylism; Syndactylism; Fissipalmation. 
TO-MORROW. See also Prescription. 

Synonym : Cras. 
TONGUE. See also Lips, Speech, Taste, Tongue-tie. 

Synonyms : Lingua, Glossa. 
congenital absence of t. Aglossia, 
one born with t. absent. Aglossus. 
blackness of t Nigrismus linguae ; Glossophytia. 
poor development of t. Ateloglossia. 
any disease of the t. Glossopathy. 
state of having double t. Diglossia. 
enlargement of t. Glossauxesis ; Megaloglossia ; Macro- 

glossia ; Lingua propendula. 
examination of t. Glossoscopy. 
diagnosis })y examination of t. Glossosemiotics. 


hemorrhage from t. Glossorrhagia. 

inflammation of* t. Glossitis; Glottitis. 

inflanmiation of half tlie t. Hemiglossitis. 

instrument to register movements of t. Glossograph. 

mucous membrane of t. Periglottis. 

operation to restore frenum of t. Chalinoplasty. 

operation of suturing the t. Glossorrhaphy. 

operation of excision of t. Glossectomy ; Glossosteresis. 

pain in t. Glossalgia ; Glossodynia. 

paralysis of t. Glossoplegia ; Glossolysis. 

plastic surgery of t. Glossoplasty. 

point of t. Proglossis. 

relating to t. and teeth. Linguodental. 

shaped like the t. Lingual ; Lingulate ; Linguiform. 

situated within the t. Entoglossal. 

situated under t. Sublingual ; Hypoglossal. 

a small t. Linguetta. 

spasm of t. Glossospasm. 

pertaining to under surface of t. Ranine. 

swelling of t. Glossocele ; Paraglossa ; Glossoncus. 

having thick t. Pachyglossous. 

treatise on the t. Glossography. 

cystic tumor beneath t. (frog-tongue). Ranula. 

any vegetation on the t. Glossophyte. 

bone at root of t. Hyoid. 

elevations on t. Papillae (varieties, P. jilifonnes, P. 

fungiformes, P. circumvallatce). 
muscle of t. Lingualis. 
muscle extending t. Hyoglossus. 
reflection of mucous membrane of t. to base of mouth. 

Frenum or Frenulum linguae ; Glossodesmus. 
vertical partition of t. Septum linguale. 

TONGUE-DEPRESSOR. Linguae detentor; Glossocato- 

TONGUE-TIE. Ankyloglossia ; Lingua fr^nata. 

TONGUE-TIED. Elinguid. 

TONIC. See also Stimulant. 

Synonyms : Rohorant (pi. Rohorayitia), Tonoticus, Cor- 




TONSIL. See also Quinsy. 

Synonyms : Tonsilla, Tonsilla palatina, Antias, Amyg- 
dalum (pi. Amygdala), Paristhmium (pi. Paristfi- 
calculus of t. Amygdalolith. 
disease of t. Amygdalopathy. 
enlargement of t. (hypertrophy). Tonsillae intumes- 

inflammation of t. Amygdalitis; Tonsillitis; Paristh- 

suppurative inflammation of t. (quinsy). Cynanche 

tonsillaris; Tonsillitis phlegmonodes. 
a form of chronic inflammation of t. Lycodes ; Lycoides. 
inflammation around t. Peritonsillitis; Peri-amygdal- 

instrument for removing t. Amygdalotome ; Tonsil- 

operation of removal of t. Tonsillotomy; Amygdal- 

pharyngeal t. Luschka's t. ; Tonsilla pharyngea. 
any swelling or tumor of t. Amygdaloncus. 
TOOTH, TEETH. See also Toothache, Tooth-file, Tooth- 
pick, Tooth-powder, Tooth-wash, Tooth-pulp, Tooth-root, 
Tooth-socket, Gums, Dentition, Enamel. 

Synonym : Dens (pi. Denies) ; (adjs. Dental, Odontic), 
absence of teeth. Anodontia. 
not having teeth. Edentulous ; Edentate ; Nodous. 
an abnormality of the teeth. Odontopathy. 
second appearance of teeth (second dentition). Met- 

third appearance of teeth. Hyperodontogeny. 
around a t. Peridental ; Periodental. 
set of artificial teeth. Maxilla cum dentibus artificialis ; 

atrophy of teeth. Odontatrophy, 
bearing teeth. Odontophorous. 
bony structure of t. under enamel. Dentin ; Odontele- 

breaking of a t. Odontoclasis. 
chattering of teeth. Odontosynovismus ; Crepitatio den- 




formative cell of t. Odontoblast. 

pertaining to lime-producing cell oft. Calcigerous. 

preparation for cleaning teeth. Dentifrice. 

cutting of teeth. Dentition ; Odontiasis. 

decay of the teeth, Odonteuros ; Odontonecrosis ; Caries 

dentium ; Odontosphacelis ; Odontosphacelismus. 
deformity of teeth. Odontia deformis. 
pertaining to development of teeth. Odontogenic ; Den- 

destruction of enamel of t. Odonthyalophthora. 
extraction of the teeth. Exelcysmos. 
the filling of teeth. Odontoplerosis ; Obturatio dentium. 
a fissure in a t. Odontoschism, 
having form of teeth. Dentiform, 
grinding of teeth. Odontoprisis ; Stridor dentium. 
growth and development of the teeth. Dentition ; Odon- 

tophyia; Odontosis; Odontogeny, 
hemorrhage from t. socket. Odontorrhagia, 
inflammation of teeth. Odontitis, 
inflammation of lining membrane of teeth. Endodont- 

inflammation of structure around t. Parodontitis. 
instrument to scrape teeth. Odontoglyph. 
irregularity of teeth. Odontoloxia ; Odontoparallaxis, 
correction of irregularity of teeth. Orthodontia. 
looseness of the teeth. Gomphiasis ; Agomphiasis ; Odon- 

toseisis ; Odontoseismus ; Dentium vacUlantia. 
loss of the teeth. Odontosteresis. 
pertaining to molar t. Mylic. 
outgrowth from t. Odontosteophyte. 
pertaining to porcelain t. Odontoceramic. 
a petrified t. Odontalite. 
having t.-like processes. Dentate ; Serrate, 
resembling t. Odontinoid ; Odontoid, 
science of disease of teeth. Odontopathology. 
science of study of teeth. Odontology, 
great sensibility of teeth (tooth-edge). Odontamblyog- 

mus; Odonthemodia. 
a set of teeth. Odonthercos. 
shedding of deciduous teeth. Exuviation, 
a small t. Denticle. 




splitting of a t. Odontoschisis. 
the art of straightening a t. Odontorrhosia. 
stmnp of a t. Dentis fragmentum relictum. 
a t. surgeon. Odontiater ; Dentist. 
surgery of teeth. Odontiatria; Odontotechny ; Den- 
tartar of teeth. Odontia incrustans ; Odontolith, 
transphintation of teeth. AUotriodontia. 
treatise on disease of teeth. Odontonosology. 
treatment of t. Odontotherapy. 
wearing away of teeth. Odontotripsis ; Abrasia den- 

presence of t. in abnormal places. AUotriodontia. 
having lack of correspondence between opposite t. 

having upper teeth broader than lower. Hypanisogna- 

having upper teeth narrower than lower. Epanisog- 

having different kinds of t. (as incisor, canine, etc.) in 

same individual. Heterodont. 
having t. obliquely placed. Loxodont ; Loxodontous. 
having t. of same size and shape. Isodont ; Homodont. 
having many or supernumerary t. Polyodont; Multiden- 

having two rows of t. in a jaw. Diodoncephalic. 
having t. in two successive sets. Diphyodont. 
having large teeth. Macrodont ; Megadont. 
having small teeth. Microdont. 
having slender teeth. Leptodontous. 
having white teeth. Leukodontous. 
having yellow teeth. Xanthodont ; Xanthodontous. 
canine t. Dentes angulares, canini, columellares, cus- 

pidati, laniarii, or oculares. 
cement of t. Odontochalix. 
pointed crown of t. Cusp (adj. Cuspidate), 
enamel of t. Odonthyolus ; Dentium indumentum vitre- 

um; Dentium cortex or niter; Crusta adamantina 

teeth of first detition (primary or milk t). Dentes lactei 

or temporarii ; Deciduous teeth. 


teeth of second dentition. Fixi dentes. 

incisive teeth. Dentes ctenes, dichasteres, incisores, pri- 

mores, rasorii or tomici. 
a niohir t. Momiscus ; Mylodus. 
molar teeth. Mylacri; Momisci; Dentes bicuspidati, 

buccales, clavales, or maxillares. 
inner and posterior cusp of lower molar t. Entoconid. 
space between teeth. Diastema inter dentium. 
wisdom-teeth. Dentes sapientise, opsigoni, or sophro- 


Synonyms : Odontalgia, Odontodyyiia, Dentagra, 

Odontagra, Odontharpaga, Dolor dentiuyn, Odontia. 

agent to relieve t. Antodontalgic ; Antiodontalgic. 

TOOTH-FILE. Odontorine ; Lima dentaria. 

TOOTH-PICK. Dentiscalpium. 

TOOTH-POWDER. Dentifrice; Odontotrimma. 


Synonym : Odontomys. 
cavity of t.-p. Antrum dentale. 
inflammation of t.-p. Pulpitis ; Endodontitis. 
removal of diseased t.-p. Odontotrypy ; Odontrypy. 

Synonym : Rhizodens. 
bony substance covering t.-r. Cement, 
layer of bone around t.-r. Pericementum, 
pivoting an artificial crown upon t. Rhizodontropy. 
caries of t. Odontorrhizophthisis. 
surgical puncture at t. Rhizodontrypy. 

Synonyms: Alveolus; Odontobothrinm. 
inflammation of t.-s. Odontobothritis, 
inflammation of meml^rane of t.-s. Periodontitis, 
hard tumor of t.-s. (alveolus). Epulis. 

TOOTH- WASH. Dentilave. 

TORPOR. See Sleep, Energy, Strength, Illness. 
Synonym : Aiiergia, Malaise. 




TOUCH (sense of). See also Sensation, Anesthesia, Skin, 
and difierent parts. 

Synonyms : Tactus (adj. Tactile), Taction, Haphe, 
abnormal sense of t. Hyperselaphesia. 
abnormality of t. Paraphia. 
deficient t. Anaphia ; Anhaphia. 
diminution of t. Amblyaphia. 
any disease of t. Haphonosus (pi. Hapho7iosi). 
any disorder of t. Parapsis ; Dysaphe. 
to explore by sense of t. Palpate, 
excessively developed sense of t. Hyperaphia ; Tactus 

expertus or eruditus. 
erroneous localization or impressions of t. Allochesthe- 

sia ; AUochiria. 
measuring of t. Haphemetry. 

relating to measurement of sensation of t. Diaphemetric. 
sensation of pain to t. Tactus dolorificus. 
painful t. by bodies not ordinarily painful. Haphalge- 

paralysis of sense of t. Apselaphesia. 
morbid condition of t. in which one object is felt as two. 

disagreeable sensation of t. produced by certain objects 

(as peach skin). Haptodysphoria. 
soreness to t. Parapsis acris ; Teneritudo. 
inability to distinguish form and character of substance 
by t. Astereognosis. 

morbid fear of t. persons. Haphephobia ; Mysephobia. 
TOUCH-ME-NOT. Noli me tangere. 
TOUGH. See also Hard, Hardness, Toughness. 

Synonym : Tenax (adj. Tenacious). 
TOUGHNESS. Tenacity. 

TOURNIQUET- Torcula- Torculum ; Tornaculum; Pre- 
lum arteriale. 
TOXIC. See Poison. 

TOXIN. See also Poison, Ptomain, Sausage poison. 
any t. of milk. Lactoxin. 
pertaining to t. from putrid tissues. Zymoid. 
presence of t's in blood. Toxinemia. 



Synonym : Canalis antm(E. 
iucision iuto t. Tracheotomy. 
TRANCE. See Stupor, Coma. 

Syuonynis : Ecstaey, Eclipsis, Catalepsy. 
TRANSFERENCE. See also Change. 

t. of disease from one part to another not contiguous. 

Metastasis ; Metachoresis. 

TRANSFORMATION. Metamorphosis. 

TRANSFUSION (of blood). Metachysis; Exotichemato- 

TRANSLUCENT. Diaphanous ; Pellucid. 
TRANSPORT. See Delirium. 

t. of organ or tissue. Heterotoxia ; Heterotopia. 

t. of an internal organ. Situs transversus viscerum. 

t. of blood through skin. Hemodiapedesis. 

TREATMENT. See also Cure, Drug, Remedy, Massage,\ 
Medicine, Physiciayi. 

Synonyms : Therapy, Therapeutics, Acology, lasisy 

lateria, latreusis, latreumology. 

t. of disease by use of air. Pneumatherapy ; Pneumato- 

therapy; Aerotherapeutics ; Aerotherapy. 
t. by air and water. Aerohydropathy. 
t. by administration of extract of animal organs. Or-j 

ganotherapy ; Opotherapy, 
t. by means of l)acteria. Bacteriotherapy. 
t. by baths. Balneotherapy, 
t. by use of bile. Choletherapy. 
t. by bicycle-riding. Cyclotherapy. 
t. by blood. Hematoposia; Hematotherapy. 
t. by massage of bones. Osteopathy, 
t. by climate. Climatotherapy. 
t. by cold. Crymotherapy. 


t. by flaggellation. Mastigosis. 

t. by deprivation of food, by fasting (hunger cure). 

Limotherapy ; Peinotherapy ; Nestiatria. 
t. of disease by friction. Anatripsis. 
t. by grapes. Botryotherapeutics. 
t. by use of heat. Thermotherapy. 
t. by inhalation. Anemopathy. 
t. by inunctions in axilla. Maschaliatria. 
t. by massage. Metacheirismus ; Massotherapy. 
t. of disease by means of metal rods drawn over body. 

movement t. Kinesia. 

t. by passive motion. Kinesitherapy ; Kinesotherapy. 
milk t. Galactotherapy. 
t. by mud-baths. lUutation ; Pelopathy. 
t. by music. Musicotherapy. 
t. at ocean or seashore. Thalassotherapy, 
revulsive t. Antilepsis. 
t. by sand-bath. Psammotherapy. 
t. by use of serum. Orrhotherapy. 
t. by sweating. Hydrosudopathy. 
t. by sunlight. Heliotherapy, 
t. of disease by vapor. Atmiatry ; Atmidiatrics. 
t. by water. Hydrotherapy; Hydropathy; Hydriatria; 

t. by use of whey (whey-cure). Orotherapy. 
t. by the application of wood. Xylotherapy. 
absence of t. Atherapeusia. 
expectant method of t. Naturilism; Physiotherapy; 

t. by law of similars. Homeopathy. 
system of curing by opposites. Allopathy, 
imitating nature in t. Hippocratism. 
t. of disease by inducing another to neutralize it. Heterop- 

t. of disease by administration of its own products. Isop- 

t. by increasing doses. Anatherapeusis. 
t. of disease unscientifically. Empiricism, 
t. of disease by unskilled person. Emphytiatreusis. 
TREE OF LIFE. Arbor vitae. 



TREMBLING. See Temor. 
TREMOR. Bee also Palpitation. 
Synonym : Trepidatio. 

absence of t. Atremia. 

t. from alcohol. Tremor potatorum ; Delirium tremei 

excessive t. Hypertromus. 

t. from fright. Pavitatio. 

t. from poisoning by metals. Tremor metallicus or m< 

t. produced by motion. Intention tremor. 

nervous t. of muscles. Amyostasia. 

Synonym : Trepanation. 

instrument to perform operation of t. Trephine. 

instrument to depress dura after t. Decussorium. 
TRIANGLE. Trigonum. 
TROCHE. Trochischus. 
TROUSSEAU'S DISEASE. Stomachal vertigo; Vertigo" 

e stomacho Iseso. 
TRUNK. See also Body. 

Synonym : Holmus. 
TRUSS. Perizoma; Amma. 
TUBAL PREGNANCY. Salpingocyesis ; Graviditas tu- 

baria; Eccyesis tubalis. 
TUBE. See also Eustachian tube, Fallopian tube. 
Synonym : Tubum. 

through a t. Per tubum. 

vacuum t. used in a;-ray. Crookes' t. 

t. from ovary to uterus. Fallopian t. ; Oviduct. 

t. from pharynx to tympanum. Eustachian t. 

convoluted t. of kidney. Ferrein's t. 

looped portion of uriniferous t. of kidney. Henle's t. 

t. for intubation of larynx. O'Dwyer's t. 
TUBERCLE. See Tuberculosis and different organs. 
Synonym : Tuberculum. 

epithelioid cell found in t. nodules. Platycyte. 

Synonym : Morbus tuberculosus. 

any tubercular disease. Phymatosis. 


t. from inhaling particles of lime. Calcicosis. 
P t. of lung. Tuberculosis pulmonum ; Phthisis pulmonale. 

constitutional condition attending t. Dyscrasia tuber- 

acute t. of lung (galloping consumption). Phthisis 

science of t. of lung. Phthisiology. 

t. of lymph-glands. Scrofula ; Struma ; Strumosis. 

serum used in treatment of t. Tuberculin ; Paratoloid. 

the small tumor of t. Tubercle ; Tuberculum. 

spreading of t. Tuberculization. 

pertaining to t. Tubercular; Tuberculous; Tubercu- 
lotic; Phthisic; Phthisical; Phthinoid. 

TULPIN'S VALVE. Ileocecal valve. 

TUMOR. See also different parts, Hernia, Swelling, Can- 
cer, Cyst, Corn. 

Synonyms : Neoplasm, Emphyma (pi. Emphymata). 
agent to remove t. Discutient. 
black-colored t. Melanoma, 
pertaining to a coiled t. Eiloid. 
diseased state marked by growth of t's. Oncosis, 
dispersion of a t. Discussion, 
gelatinous substance of some t's. Meliceria. 
greenish colored t. Chloroma. 
instrument to measure the size of t. Oncometer, 
a kind of malignant t. Lupia. 
science of malignant t's. Lupiology. 
pedunculated t. Acrochordon. 
science of t's. Oncology, 
calcification of skin t. Cryptolithiasis. 
stalk or attachment of a t. Pedicle ; Peduncle. 
List of t's according to location or composition : 

t. filled with air. Aerocele. 

t. in axilla. Maschaloncus. 

adipose t. Lipoma steatoma ; Tumor lardeus. 

t. composed of blood-vessels. Angioma; Hemangi- 
oma; Telangiectatic t. 

t. produced by extravasation of blood. Hematocele ; 
Ecchymoma; Hematoncus; Hematoma; T. san- 



bloody t. (developing under scalp of new-born)^ 

Cephalhematoma ; Cephalhaematoma neonatorum ; 

T. capitis sanguineus, 
t. of bone. Osteoma, 
osseous t. developing in bone. Endostoma. 
t. in medullary cavity of bone. Enostosis. 
t. protruding from bone. Exostosis, 
t. of brain membranes. Meningocele, 
brain-sand t. Psammoma ; Acervuloma. 
t. of brain containing water. Hydro-encephalocele. : 
t. of cartilage. Chondroma, 
t. containing cartilage. Enchondroma. 
t. of cheek. Meloncus ; T. genarum or malarum. 
congenital mixed t. Teratoma. 

any t. made up of connective tissue. Desmoneoplasm. 
connective-tissue t. from single tissue. Histoid t. 
t. consisting of connective tissue and with alveoli lined 

with epithelial cells. Carcinoma, 
t. of embryonic connective tissue. Sarcoma; T. car- 

t. of connective tissue of brain and cord. Neuro- 

t. made up of cysts. Cystoma ; T. cysticus or tuni- 

encysted t. containing serum. Hygroma ; T. cysticus 

encysted t. containing cholesterin. Cholesteatoma, 
t. of endothelial cells. Endothelioma, 
t. in form of excrescence with pedicle (fig- wart). 

Ficus ; T. ficosus. 
fatty t. Lipoma ; Adipoma ; Liparocele ; Steatocele ; 

fatty scirrhous t. Liparoscirrhus. 
fibronucleated t. T. fihronucleosus. 
t. consisting of fibrous tissue. Fibroma; Fibroid; 

Desmoma; Inoma; T. desmoides or fihrosus. 
fibrocellular t. T. fihrocellulosus. 
t. of ganglion. Ganglioma. 
t. containing a gelatinous substance. Colloma. 
a glanderous t. Farcinoma. 
t. of glands. Adenoma. 


t. of abnormal gland tissue. Hetero-adenoma. 

t. composed of granulation tissue. Granuloma ; Aces- 

fibrous t. of alveolar process of gums. Epulis. 

hard t. Scirrhus. 

any horny t. Keratoncus. 

t. of intestine. Enteroncus. 

t. of intestine and omentum. Enterepiplocele. 

t. of kidney. T. renalis ; Nephroncus. 

t. of liver. Hepatoncus; Hepatophyma. 

t. of lymph-glands. Lympliadenonia ; Lymphadenec- 

t. of lymphoid tissue. Lymphoma. 

marrow-like t. Myeloid t. ; T. myeloides. 

milk t. Galactocele. 

t. of mucous tissue. Myxoma ; Collonema. 

cystic t. of muscles. Myocyst. 

t. of muscle tissue. Myoma. 

t. of muscle and fibrous tissue. Myofibroma. 

t. of muscle and fat tissue. Myolipoma. 

t. of smooth muscle tissue. Leiomyoma. 

t. of striated muscle tissue. Rhabdomyoma. 

t. of navel (containing omentum). Enterepiplom- 

fatty t. at the navel. Liparomphalos. 

fleshy t. of neck and shoulder. Nasta ; Nata. 

t. resembling neuroglia. Gliomia. 

t. of nerve-tissue. Neuroma. 

t. resembling an organ. Organoid t. 

t. of ovary. T. ovarii ; Oaroncus. 

t. of papillse of skin or mucous membrane. Papil- 
loma ; T. villosus. 

t. of parotid gland. P. parotidis. 

pearly t Cholesteatoma. 

t. of prostate. T. prostatas. 

pustular t Blain. 

sand t Psammoma ; Acervuloma. 

Idood t of testicle. Hematoscheocele ; Hemoscheocele. 

purulent t. of scrotum. Empyocele. 

soft brain-like t Encephaloid. 

t. of spinal cord. Myeloma. 


cystic t. of spinal cord. Myelocystocele. 

syphilitic t. Gumma. 

tarsal t. Chalaza ; Chalazion. 

t. composed of tooth tissue. Odontoma. 

cystic t. in umbilical hernia. Hydromphalocele. 

t. of extravasated urine. Hydrocelodes. 

t. of uterus. T. uteri ; Metrophyma. 

t. of vagina. Colpocele; Coleocele. 

serous t. of vagina. Hydrocolpocele. 

vascular t. Hemorrhois ; Nevus ; Angioma. 

t. caused by worms. Helminthoma. 
Other varieties of tumors, the names of which are more J| 
or less self-explanatory, are : m 

Adenoid (glandular) ; Anomalous ; Cavernous ; Cellu- 
lar; Colloid (glue-like); Dendritic (tree-shaped); 
Dilatation ; Erectile ; Fibrocalcareous ; Fibrocystic ; 
Fibromuscular ; Flat; Floating; Fungus (cauli- 
flower); Granulation; Infiltrating; Laminated; 
Nacreous (pearl-like) ; Lymphoid; Malignant; Med- 
ullary (soft) ; Mixed ; Neuralgic ; Polypoid ; Pedun- 
culated; Papillary; Pulsating; Retention (cysts); 
Tendinous ; Transition ; Villous ; Warty. 

TURBINATED BODY. See also Nose. 

Synonyms : Turbinal, Os convolutum, Concha naris 
(pi. Conchce narium). 
instrument to remove t. b. Conchotome. 
small space at posterior end of t. b's. Posterula. 
operation of removal oft. b. Turbinectomy. 
upper t. b. Concha superius. 
middle t. b. Concha medius. 
lower t. b. Concha inferior. 

TURCK'S COLUMN. Anterior pyramidal column of cord. 

TURNING (obstetric operation). Version. 

TWIN. See also Pair, Monster. 
Synonym : Gemellus. 
a. t. Monodidymus. 
t.-like. Bigeminal. 

TWIN BIRTH. Ditocia ; Ditopus. 

TWISTED. Circumvoluted. 



TWITCHING. See also Spasm, Tremor, St. Vitus' dance, 
" Picking the bedclothes,' ' Contraction. 

Synonym : Palmus. 
morbid t. Subsultus. 
t. of tendons. Subsultus tendinum. 

TWO-HEADED. Dicephalous. 

Synonym : Membrana tympani. 
incision of t. m. Paracentesis, 
incision of posterior fold of t. m. Plicotomy, 


Synonyms : Febris enterica, F. enteromesenterica, F. 
iiitestinalis ulcerosa, Ileodicliditis. 
clumping of bacilli in Widal test for t. f Agglutination, 
substance causing agglutination. Agglutinin ; Paralysin. 


ULCER. See also Ulceration, Abscess, Caries, Chancre. 

Synonyms : Ulcus, Helcoma. 
a cancerous u. Carcinelcosis ; Ulcus cancrosum. 
acrid discharge from u. Ichor, 
thin, bloody, purulent discharge from u. Sanies, 
eating (or phagedenic u.). Phagedena; Ulcus phage- 

dsenicum ; U. depascens ; U. ferinum ; U. obambulans ; 

U. exedens. 
rapidly growing u. Cancrum. 
an u. of kidney. Nephrelcus. 
indolent u. of leg. Ulcus cruris, 
a malignant u. Cachelcoma. 
vicarious menstruation from an u. Menelcosis ; Helco- 

pathology and treatment of u's. Helcology. 
resembling an u. Helcoid. 
u. resembling honeycomb. Faviform u. 
a running u. on head of infants. Achor (pi. Achores). 
a superficial u. Anabiosis ; Corrosion ; Erosion. 
syphilitic u. Syphilelcus. 
32 497 


treatment of u's by skiii-gmftiug. Helcoplasty. 
11. healed at top but not at bottom. Ulcus hypulum. 
pertaining to u. that eats in. Rodent; Phagedenic; 


Synonyms : Helcosis, Elcosis, Diahrosis, Dieresis. 
pertaining to u. (ulcerative). Helcotic. 
u. of bone. Caries. 

u. of breasts. Mastelcosis ; Masthelcosis. 
u. of hemorrhoids. Hemorrhelcosis. 
u. of intestine. Enterelcosis. 
u. of kidney. Nephrelcosis. 
u. due to leprosy. Leprelcosis. 
u. due to syphilis. Syphilelcosis. 
u. of stomach. Gastrelcosis. 
u. of uterus. Metrelcosis. 

UMBILICAL CORD. See also Navel. 

Synonyms : Funis, Funiculus umbilicalis. 
pertaining to u. c. Funic ; Funicular ; Omphalic, 
division of u. c. Omphalotomy, 
inflammation of u. c. Funiculitis. 
instrument to cut u. c. Omphalister. 

UMBILICAL CYST. Hydromphalus. 


Synonym : Omphalocele. 
u. h. distended with blood. Hemat omphalocele, 
cyst contained in u. h. Hydromphalocele. 

UMBILICAL REGION. Mesogastrium ; Regio umbilici or 

UMBILICUS. See Navel. 

UNDERSTANDING. See also Mind. 

a morbid dulness of the u. Acatamathesia. 

UNFRUITFULNESS. ^ee also Sterility. 
Synonym : Acarpia. 

UNHEALTHY. See also Poison, Disease, Toxin, Conta- 
gion, Infection, Injurious. 

Synonyms : Insalubrious, Unhygienic, Deleterious, 
Morbific, Noxious. 



UNION. See also Adhesion, Articulation, Combiiiation, 

Artery, Wound, Joint. 

Synouyms : Connexio, Conjanctio. 

u. of bones. Symphysis. 

u. of bones by muscle. Connexio ossium carnosa. 

u. of cartilage. Connexio cUrtilaginea synchondrosis. 

u. of finger (web-finger). Palmature. 

u. of fingers or toes. Syndactylism; Symphysodacty- 
lia; Aschistodactylism. 

u. by ligament. Connexio ligamentosa. 

having u. of toes (web-toes). Palmiped. 

u. by conjunction. Inosculation; Anastomosis. 

morbid u. of parts. Synechia; Hapantismus. 

formation of compound by u. of elements. Synthesis. 
UNNATURAL. See Abnormal, Deformed, Appetite, De- 
sire, Mania. 

UPPER JAW. Os maxillare superius. 
UREA. See also Urijie. 

Synonyms : Carbamid, Amid of carboxyl. 

condition due to presence of u. in blood. Uremia. 

presence of u. in blood. Azotemia. 

doubled u. Biuret. 

instrument to measure u. Ureometer. 

u. in sweat. Uridrosis ; Sudor urinosus. 

increase of u. in urine. Azoturia. 

Synonym : Ca)Hilis urinarius. 

calculus in u. Ureterolith. 

incision of u. Ureterotomy. 

incision of u. through vagina. Colpoureterotomy. 

inflammation of u. Ureteritis. 

inflanmiation around u. Peri-ureteritis. 
URETHRA. See also Penis, Bladder, Ejaculatory ductSj 


Synonym : Iter urifice or urinarium. 

morbid discharge from Uo Urethorrhea. 

paunch-like thickening of wall of u. in female. Ureth- 

escape of gas from u. Pneumaturia. 

hemorrhage from u. Urethorrhagia. 


inflammation of u. Urethritis. 

specific inflammation of u. Gonorrhea (q. v.). 

instrument for examining interior of u. Urethroscope. 

instrument to clean u. Katharophore. 

obstruction of u. Urethremphraxis. 

abnormal opening of u. upon under surface of u. Hy- 
pospadia; Hypospadias. 

abnormal opening of u. upon upper part of penis. Ana- - 
spadias; Epispadias; Epispadiasis. 

opening of u. on side of penis. Paraspadia. 

pain in u. Urethralgia. 

spasm of u. Urethrospasm. 

stricture of u. Ankylurethria ; Urethrostenosis; Con- 
strictio urethras. 

incision of u. for stricture. Urethrotomy ; Coarctotomy. 

incision of opening in meatus of u. Porotomy; Mea- 

instrument for incising meatus of u. Meatome. 

instrument to measure opening of u. Meatoscope. 

plastic operation upon u. Urethroplasty. 

dilatation of u. to remove stone. Lithectasy. 

removal of stone in bladder by dilating the u. Litho- 

external opening of u. Meatus. 

vascular tumors at external opening of u. Carunculae ; 
URINAL. Urodochium. 

URINARY ABSCESS. Abscessus urinalis or urinosus; 


Chief varieties are : 

Hyaline, Epithelial, Granular, and Waxy. 
URINARY ORGANS. See also Ureter, Bladder, Urethra, 
Genital organs. 

Synonym : Organa uropoetiea. 
diseases of u. o. Ureses. 
URINATION. See also Urine. 

Synonyms : Miction, Micturition, Uresis, Urorrhea, 



desire for ii. Libido urinse. 

continuous desire for u. Uresiesthesis. 

copious u. Hydrodiuresis ; Diabetes ; Polyuria. 

disordered u. Paruria. 

difficult or painful u. Dysuria. 

one affected with difficult u. Dysuriac. 

abnormal frequency of u. Pollakiuria. 

inability of u. on account of atony of the bladder. Ac- 

extremely difficult and painful u. Strangury; Urinse 

stillicidium ; Urodynia. . 
slow u. Bradyuria. 

URINE. See also Urea, Urine (constituents of), Urina- 
tion, Cast, Stone, Blood, etc. 

Synonyms: Uritia, Omiehma. 
alkalinity of u. Alkalinuria. 
carrying or containing u. Uriniferous, 
cloudiness of u. Nephela (adj. Nepheloid). 
abnormal coloring of u. Chromaturia. 
blue color of u. due to indican. Urocyanosis. 
colorless state of the u. Achromaturia. 
white-colored u. Albinuria; Chyluria. 
chief coloring-matter of u. Urochrome. 
diagnosis from examination of u. Uromancy. 
discharge of u. through abnormal passages. Planuria. 
medicine increasing flow of u. Diuretic ; Emictory. 
examination of u. Uroscopy ; Ouroscopy. 
effusion of u. into areolar tissue. Urechysis. 
incontinence of u. Anischuria; Enuresis; Uracratia; 

milky u. Chyluria; Galacturia. 
pertaining to u. Urous ; Urinous; Urinose. 
presence of u. in other than urinary organs. Uro- 

phosphorescence of u. Phosphoruria ; Photuria. 
collection of u. in pelvis of kidney. Hydronephrosis. 
poisoning from extravasation of u. Urosepsis, 
passage of u. colored with purpurin. Porphyruria. 
passage of red u. Erythruria. 
urinary sand. Uropsammus. 


secretion of u. by kidneys. Uropoesis. 
excessive secretion of u. Polyuria ; Diuresis, 
temporary cessation of secretion of n. Urodialysis. 
excessive secretion and discharge of u. Urorrhagia. 
scantiness of u. Oliguria; Oliguresis; Hypourocrima ; 

suppression of u. Anuria ; Uroschesis ; Nephranuria. 
science of u. Ourology. 
science of analysis of u. Urinology, 
passage of shreds of membrane in u. Meninguria. 
high specific gravity of -u. Baruria. 
scum or film on surface of u. Epistasis. 
hydrometer to ascertain specific gravity of u. Urinom- 

eter; Urometer, 
voiding small stones in u. Lithuresis. 
instrument to measure sugar in u. Glycosometer. 
standard of toxicity of u. necessary to kill a kilogram 

of living substance. Urotoxy. 
tumor due to efi'usion of u. into scrotum. Urocele ; Uros- 

tumor of extravasated u. (resembling hydrocele). Hy- 

vessel to receive u. Urinal ; Urodochiuni ; Matrass, 
testing the freezing-point of u. as measure of renal suf- 
ficiency. Cryoscopy. 
Terms to denote the presence of various constituents in u. : 

acetic acid in u. Diaceturia. 

presence of acetone in u. Acetonuria. 

albumin in u. Albuminuria; Leukuresis. 

presence of alcapton in u. Alcaptonuria. 

presence of amebie in u. Ameburia. 

excessive amount of ammonia in u. Ammonuria. 

presence of blood coloring-matter in the u. Hemo- 

blood in the u. Hematuria. 

blood-corpuscles in u. Hematocyturia. 

presence of white blood-cells in u. Leukocyturia. 

chylous blood in u. (due to filaria). Hematoehy- 

globulin of blood in the u. Globulinuria. 

presence of bile in u. Choluria. 


biliary pigment occurring in u. Urobilinuria. 

calcium oxalate in u. Oxaluria. 

carbolic acid in u. Carboluria. 

excess of carbohydrates in u. Carbohydraturia. 

bloody chyle in u. (due to filaria). Hematochy- 

presence of cylinders in u. Cylindmria. 
presence of cystin in u. Cystinuria. 
presence of fatty acids in u. Lipaciduria. 
fat in the u. Lipuria ; Adiposuria. 
excess of fibrin in u. causing coagulation. Fibrinuria. 
foreign matter in the u. Allotriuria. 
presence of H^S in u. Hydrothionuria. 
presence of hyaline matter in u. Hyalinuria. 
presence of inosite in u. Inosituria. 
presence of mucus in u. Blennuria. 
presence of phosphate in u. Phosphaturia. 
black pigment in u. Melanuresis. 
presence of peptone in u. Albuminosuria. 
pus in u. Pyuria. 

presence of lithic (uric) acid in u, Lithuria. 
sugar in u. due to lactation. Galactoglycosuria. 
presence of fruit-sugar in u. Levulosuria. 
presence of milk-sugar in u. Lactosuria. 
deficiency of urea in u. Anazoturia. 
increase of urea in u. Azoturia. 
excess of xanthin in u. Xanthuria ; Xanthinuria. 
excess of water in u. Hydruria ; Hydroresis. 
The following adjectives are used in connection with 

urine : 
having an animal odor. Jumentous. 
having a bran-like substance. Furfuraceous. 
containing bile. Icterical. 
containing much calcium phosphate. Rickety, 
clear and colorless. Limpid ; Hysteric, 
containing certain coloring-matters (purpurin, etc.). 

clouded by flocculi suspended in it. Flocculent. 
discharged in fevers. Febrile. 
luminous. Phosphorescent, 
milky. Lactescent. 



containing mucus. Mucilaginous. 

containing sugar. Saccharine. 

containing thread-like substance. Filamentous. 

which colors both red and blue litmus. Amphoteric. 
Abnormal urinary constituents : 

Albumin ; Serum a. ; Globulin ; Hemi-albumose ; Pep- 
tone ; Glucose ; Acetone ; Cystin ; Hemoglobin. 
Normal urinary constituents : 

Urea ; Uric acid ; Hippuric acid ; Creatin ; Creatinin ; 
Xanthin ; Hypoxanthin ; Guanin. 


u. with wheals and blebs. U. bullosa. 

u. with colored wheals. U. pigmentosa. 

u. with wheals rapidly disappearing. U. evanida. 

u. from drugs. U. medicamentosa. 

u. in which lesions are grouped. U. conferta. 

u. in form of papules. U. papulosa. 

u. associated with purpura. U. hsemorrhagica. 

u. due to sea-bathing. U. maritima. 

u. with small red tubercles. U. porcecellana ; Essera. 

u. with persistent nodes. U. tuberosa. 

UTERUS. See also Uterus (Neck), Decidua, Fetus, Preg- 
nancy, Menses, Placenta. 

Synonyms ; Metra, Hystera, Ager naturce. 
absence of u. Ametria. 
anemia of u. Metranemia. 
around the u. Peri-uterine, 
atony of u. Metratonia ; Hysteranesis. 
atrophy of u. Metratrophia. 
poor supply of blood to u. Ametrohemia. 
calculus in u. Hysterolith. 
contraction of cavity of u. Metrostenosis, 
connective tissue around u. Parametrium, 
dilatation of the u. Metraneurysm ; Metrectasia, 
discharge from u. Hysterorrhea ; Metrorrhea, 
discharge from u. after labor. Lochia, 
whitish discharge from u. Leukorrhea ; Menstrua alba 

Hysterorrhoea mucosa, 
black discharge from u. Metromelanorrhea. 
any disease of u. Hysteropathy. 



displacement of u. Metrectopy; Metrocampsis ; Hys- 
terelosis ; Hysteroloxia. 

displacement of u. forward. Anteroflexion ; Antero- 
version; Anteflexion. 

displacement of ii. backward. Posteroflexion ; Postero- 
version; Retroflexion. 

displacement of u. laterally. Lateroflexion ; Latero- 

displacement of u. obliquely. Uterus obliquus ; Metro- 

distention of u. with fluid. Hydromectasia. 

enlargement of u. Metrauxe; Metroperissia ; Hyster- 

congestion of u. Metremia ; Metremphraxis. 

excessive contraction of u. Metrypercinesis. 

restraining contraction of u. Epechontocic. 

flexion of u. Metroscoliosis ; Uterus flexio. 

presence of gas and serum in u. Physhydrometra. 

audible escape of air from u. Hysteropsophy. 

hemorrhage into u. Hematometra. 

slight, persistent hemorrhage from u. Metrostaxis. 

excessive menstrual hemorrhage from u. Menorrhagia. 

non-menstrual hemorrhage from u. Metrorrhagia. 

hernia containing u. Hysterocele. 

hernia of u. Metrocele. 

imperforate or impervious canal of u. Metratresia; 

inspection of u. Metroscopy. 

inflammation of u. Metritis; Uteritis ; Hysteritis; 

inflammation of u. attended with bleeding. Metritis 

inflammation around u. Parametritis. 

inflammation of u. during pregnancy. Metritis gravi- 
darum; Puerperal metritis. 

inflammation of u. after labor. Lochometritis. 

inflammation of substance of u. Idiometritis ; Paren- 
chymatous metritis. 

inflammation of lining membrane of u. Endometritis ; 
Emmetritis ; Metrhymenitis ; Inflammatio catarrhalis 




inflammation of lining membrane of neck of u. Endo- 

inflammation of veins of u. after labor. Lochometro- 

instrument to give douche to u. Metroclyst. 

instrument to examine u. Metroscope. 

instrument to incise u. Metrotome ; Hysterotome. 

instrument to measure contraction of u. Metrody- 

instrument to measure cavity of u. Hysterometer. 

instrument to measure displacement of u. Kinometer. 

inversion of u. Metranastrophe ; Anastrophe uteri. 

collection of liquid and gas in u. Hydrophysometra. 

collection of lochia in u. Lochiometra. 

mental disorder, reflex from u. Hysteropsychopathy ; 

mucous flow from u. Metroleukorrhea. 

collection of mucus or water in u. Hydrometra. 

the mucous lining of u. Metrophlegmymen ; Endo- 

eversion of lining membrane of u. Ectropion uteri. 

thickened mucous membrane of u. in menstruation or 
pregnancy. Decidua; Caduca. 

inflammation of lining membrane of neck of u. Endo- 

any nerve disorder from u. Metroneurosis ; Hystero- 

operation of enlargement of opening in u. Hystero- 

operation of Cesarean section through u. Hysteroto- 

operation of excision of u. Hysterectomy; Metrec- 
tomy; Metrosteresis. 

operation of excision of wedge-shaped piece of'u. Cunei- 

operation of fixation of u. to abdominal wall. Hystero- 
pexy ; Ventrosuspension. 

operation of incision of u. Hysterotomy ; Uterotomy. 

operation of excision of mucous membrane of u. Endo- 

operation for prolapsed u. Episiorrhaphy. 


operation of removal of body of u. for fibroid. Hystero- 

operation of removal of muscular tumor of u. Myo- 
mectomy ; Myomotomy. 
operation of removal of u. and ovaries. Hystero- 

oophorectomy; Castratio foeminarmn. 
pain in u. Hysteralgia ; Metralgia ; Metrodynia ; Hys- 

pertaining to affections of the u. Metropathic. 
pertaining conjointly to u. and ovary. Utero-ovarian. 
abnormality of position of u. Flexion; Version, 
pregnancy in the u. Hysterocyesis. 
paralysis of u. Metroparalysis, 
prolapse of u. Metroptosis ; Prolapsus uteri ; Hysterop- 

complete prolapse of u. Procidentia, 
accumulation of pus in u. Pyometra. 
presence of pus and gas in u. Pyophysometra. 
movement of replacing retroverted u. Basculation. 
rupture of the u. Metrorrhexis, 
excessive sensitiveness of u. Metryperesthesia, 
situated near u. Parametric, 
abnormal smallness of u. Metronania. 
stony concretion in the u. Lithometra. 
study of the u. Hysterology. 
softening of u. Metromalacosis ; Hysteromalacia. 
spasm of u. Hysterospasm ; Hysterotrismus. 
painful spasm of u. Menorrhspasm. 
speculum to examine u. Hysteroscope. 
suture of u. Hysterorrhaphy. 
swabbing out u. Ecouvillonage. 
the top of the u. Fundus, 
tumor of u. Metrophyma; Hysteroncus; Hystero- 

tumor of u. and vagina. Metrocolpocele. 
ulceration of u. Metrelcosis; Metrocace; Hysterel- 

Abnormal forms of uterus : 

double or blind u. U. bifidus. 

double u. due to arrested development. U. bilocu- 
laris, bipartitus, duplex, or septus ; Dimetria. 


heart-shaped u. U. cordiformis. 

one-horned u. U. unicornis. 

two-horned u. U. bicomis. 

u. in which fold of peritoneum divides uterovesical 
pouch into two shallow depressions. U. bicornis 

u. with separate development of sides and non-coales- 
cence of ducts of Miiller. U. diadelphys. 

Synonym : Cervix uteri. 
small cyst of u. n. Nabothian cyst, 
folds in mucous membrane of u. n. Plicae palmatae. 
inflammation of lining membrane of u. n. Endocervi- 

repair of u. n. Trachelorrhaphy; Hysterotrachelor- 

operation of turning of u. n. into bladder. Hystero- 

UTTERANCE. See Speech. 
UVULA. See also Palate, Cleft Palate. 

Synonyms : Uva, Cionis, Staphyle, Columella. 
amputation of u. Staphylotomy, 
abnormal elongation of u. Staphyloptosis; Uvulap- 

tosis; Staphylodialysis ; Cionoptosis; Uva descen- 

enlargement of u. Staphyledema, 
excision of u. Uvulotomy ; Staphylotomy ; Cionectomy ; 

inflammation of u. Staphylitis ; Uvulitis ; Cionitis. 
near the u. Peristaphyline. 
pertaining to u. Uvular ; Staphyleus. 
swelling of u. Staphyloncus. 
instrument for amputating the u. Uvulatome ; Ciono- 

tome ; Kiotome. 
slight inflammation of u. Hypostaphylitis. 



VACCINATION. See also Smallpox. 

Synonym : Fasteurism. 
V. of cow with human virus. Retrovaccination. 
VAGINA. See also Hymen, Vulva. 

closed condition of v. Atresia, occlusion, or imperfora- 

tion of V. ; Elytratresia ; Colpatresia ; Elytrostenosis ; 

dilatation of v. Colpeurysis. 
abnormal dryness of v. Colpoxerosis. 
rubber bag to dilate v. Colpeurynter. 
first entrance of penis into v. Defloration, 
examination of v. Tactus vaginalis ; Exploration, 
flow from V. Colporrhea ; Leukorrhea ; Elytrorrhea. 
gangrene of v. Colpocace. 

gangrene of v. after childbirth. Lochocacocolpia. 
hemorrhage or blood-collection in v. Hematocolpos. 
hemorrhage from v. Colporrhagia ; Elytrorrhagia. 
hernia or tumor of the v. Coleocele ; Elytrocele ; Col- 

hyperplasia of v. Colpohyperplasia, 
incision into v. Colpotomy ; Elytrotomy. 
incision into bladder through v. Colpocystotomy. 
inflammation of v. Elsrtritis; Colpitis, 
inflammation of bladder and v. Colpocystitis. 
inflammation of muscles of v. Myocolpitis, 
inflammation of structures around v. Perivaginitis; 

Paracolpitis ; Pericolpitis, 
introduction of penis into v. Intromission, 
mucous collection in v. Mucocolpos, 
thickening of mucous membrane of v. Colpohyper- 
operation to close v. Colpocleisis. 
operation to close v. by sutures. Colporrhaphy ; Kol- 

porrhaphy; Elytrorrhaphy ; Hymenorrhaphy. 
operation of suturing of sphincter of v. Colpodesmor- 

Cesarean operation by opening the v. Gastrocolpot- 

omy; Gastro-elytrotomy ; Laparo-elytrotomy. 


any plastic operation on v. Colpoplasty ; Elytroplasty. 
plastic operation on perineum and v. Colpoperineo- 

pain in the v. Colpalgia. 

pain, spasm, and hyperesthesia of v. Vaginismus, 
polypus of V. Elytropolypus. 
cotton pledgets used in v. Tampon; Nascal. 
prolapse of the v. Colpoptosis ; Elytroptosis ; Kysthop- 

tosis ; Kysthoproptosis. 
protrusion of bladder into v. Colpocystocele. 
pus in V. Pyocolpos. 
rupture of the v. Elytroclasia. 
speculum to examine v. Gynecatoptron. 
suppurating tumor of v. Pyocolpocele. 
swelling or tumor of v. Elytrophyma. 
a serous tumor of v. Hydrocolpocele ; Hydrelytron. 
removal of uterus through the v. Colpohysterectomy. 

VAGUS NERVE. Pneumogastric. 

sinus of V. Sinus aortse. 
VALVE. See also Vieussens^ valve. 
Synonyms : Valva, Valvula. 

intestinal v's. Valvulae conniventes. 

mitral v. Valvula bicuspidalis. 

pyloric v. Pylorus. 

tricuspid v. Valvula tricuspidalis. 

inflammation of ileocecal v. Ileodicliditis. 

stenosis of v. of heart. Cardiostenosis. 

semilunar v's. Valvulae semilunares. 

VAPOR. See also Gas, Air, Odor. 
V. of breath. Halitus. 

conversion of a substance into v. Volatilization ; Vapori- 
exposure to disinfecting v. Fumigation ; Suffumigation. 
giving off of vapor from the lungs. Exhalation, 
instrument to measure v. tension. Manometer, 
a noxious v. Mephitis (adj. Mephitic). 
readily converted into v. Volatile. 

conversion of solid substance into v. and then back into 
solid by action of heat. Sublimation. 



VAPOR-BATH. Estuarium. 

SyDooyms: Cirmcele, Circocele 
V. with hydrocele. Hydrocirsocele. 
V. of tlie navel. Cirsomphalos. 
resembling a v. or varix. Cirsoid. 
VARICOSE VEIN. Varix; Phlebectasia. 
VASCULAR. See also Vessel 

Synonyms : Angeial, A7igeid. 
VASCULAR NEVUS. Angeiectasia vascularis 
VASCULAR TISSUE. Angeienchyma. 
VASELIN. Petrolatum. 

Synonym : Fornix. 
V. of palate. Palatum durum. 
V. of pharynx. Fornix pharyngis. 
VEGETABLE. Legumen (adj. Leguminous). 
VEHICLE. Excipiens; Menstruum. 
VEIL. See also Palate. 
Synonym : Velum. 

VEIN. See also Blood-vessels, Capillaries, Varicocele, 

Synonym : VeMa (adj. Venous), 
death by entrance of air into v. Aerhemoctonia. 
concretion in v. Phlebolith. 
description of v's. Phlebography, 
destitute of v. Invenose. 
dilatation of a v. Varix (adj. Varicose) ; Phlebectasia ; 

dislocation of v. Phlebectopia. 
excision of v. Phlebectomy. 

inflammation of eye with swollen v. Cirsophthalmia. 
instrument for excising varicose v. Cirsotome. 
hardening of coats of v. Phlebosclerosis. 
hemorrhage from v. Phleborrhagia. 
inflammation of v. Phlebitis. 
inflammation of outer coat of v. Periphlebitis. 


inflammation of inner coat of v. Endophlebitis. 

inflammation of middle coat of v. Mesophlebitis. 

lancet for opening v. Phlebotome. 

a little V. Venula. 

swollen V. about navel. Cirsomphalos. 

opening v. Venesection. 

operation of opening several v's at once. Neronian phle- 
botomy. J 

V. not paired. Azygos. '^ 

plexus of v's. Veniplex. 

plugging of V. Phlebemphraxis. 

rupture of v. Phleborrhexis. 

science of v's. Phlebology. 

V. of skull carrying blood outward. Emissarium. 

enlarged spermatic v. Varicocele ; Cirsocele. 

sphygmographic tracing of v. Phlebogram. 

excision of swollen v. Cirsotomy. 

resembling swollen v. Cirsoid ; Variciform. 

thrombosis in v. Phlebothrombosis. 

turgescence of v. Phlebismus. 

union of v's. Anastomosis. 

inflammation of uterine v. after labor. Lochometro- 

innermost coat of a v. Interna. 

middle coat of v. Media. 

outermost coat of v. Externa. 

VEIN-STONE. Phlebolith ; Angiolith. 

VENEREAL. See Venereal wart, Genitals, Sexual desire, 
Syphilis, Masturbation. 


VENEREAL WART. Condyloma. 

VENOUS HUM. Murmur venosum ; Bruit de diable. 


Synonym : Ventilatio. 
disease due to poor v. Ochlesia. 

VENTRICLE. See also Brain-ventricles. 
Synonym : Ve^itriculum. 
v's of heart. Ventriculi cordis. 


pertaining to both auricles and v's of tieart. Atrioven- 
tricular ; Auriculoventricular. 

v's of brain. Ventriculi cerebri. 

V. of larynx (Morgagni). Ventriculus laryngis. 
VENTRILOQUISM. Heterophthongia. 
VERMIFORM APPENDIX. See Appendix (Verviiform). 
VERTEBRA. See also Spine. 
Synonym : Spondylus. 

cleft of arch of v. Spondyloschisis. 

section of an arch of c. Spondylotomy. 

operation of removal of posterior arches of v. Lami- 

pertaining to V. Spondylic; Vertebral; Racbidian. 

accessory processes of v. Anapopbysis. 

spinous process of v. Acantba. 

first cervical v. Atlas. 

second cervical v. Axis ; Epistropheus ; Mascbalister. 

transverse process of a v. Diapopbysis. 

articular process of v. Zygapopbysis. 


Synonym : Vertebrata. 
The vertebrates are: Pisces (fish); Amphibia (frogs, 
etc.); Reptilia (reptiles); Aves (birds); Mammalia 


Synonyms : Dinus, Circumgyratio. 
abnormal v. Vertigo a stomacho laeso. 
auditory v. (Meniere's disease). Vertigo ab aure laeso; 

Labyrinthine v. 
a variety of gastric v. where objects seem to circulate. 

V. with impaired sight. Dinus scotoma; Vertigo tene- 

useful to relieve v. Dinic; Dinical ; Antidinic. 
pertaining to v. Vertiginous ; Dinic ; Dinical. 

VESICLE. See also Skin. 
Synonym : Vesicula. 
having or bearing v's. Lendigerous. 
characterized by v. formation. Herpetic. 
33 513 


V. with serous contents. Phlyctena. 
small V. Phlyctenule; Phlyctis; Phlysis. 

VESSEL. See also Blood-vessel, Lymph-vessel, Arteries, 

Synonyms : Vas, Vasimi (pL Vasa), Vasculum. 
area full of v's. Area vasculosa. 
around a v. Perivascular, 
compression of v. with wire. Filopressure. 
tissue covering v's. Adventitia. 

flask-like dilatation of a v. Ampulla. i 

operation of folding incised v. upon itself. Perplica- 

to furnish v's to a part. Vascularize. I 

inflammation of v. walls. Perivasculitis ; Vasculitis, 
junction of v's. Anastomosis; Osculation, 
lining membrane of v. Endangium. 
inflammation of lining of v. Endangeitis ; Intimitis, 
pertaining to v. Vascular. 
producing v's. Vasofactive ; Vasoformative, 
relating to nourishment of v's. Vasotrophic, 
of shape of v. Vasiform. 
a small v. or canal. Vasculum (ex. Vasculum aber- 

Chief kinds of vessels are as follows : 

afferent v. Vas afferens. J| 

efferent v. Vas efferens. ^ 

absorbent v's. Vasa absorbentia ; Vasa resorbentia. 

capillary v's. Vasa capillaria or serosa. 

chyliferous v's. Lacteals ; Vasa chylifera or lactea. 

exhalant v's. Vasa exhalantia. 

hemorrhoidal v's. Vasa sedalia. 

lymphatic v's. Vasa hydragoga or lymphatica. 

meningeal v's. Vasa meningea. 

milk-carrying v's. Lactiferous or galactophorous v's. 

nutrient v's (of blood-vessels). Vasa nutrientia or 
nutritia ; Vasa vasorum. 

spermatic v's. Vasa capriolaria. 

VIDIAN NERVE. Nervus canalis pterygoidei, 




VIEUSSENS'S VALVE. Valvula cerebelU ; Velum med- 
uUare anterius; Membrana obturatoria ventriculi 

ViaiLANCE. See Wakefulness. 

VIGNAL'S BACILLUS. Bacillus buccalis minimus. 

VILLATE'S SOLUTION. Mistura adstringens et escha- 


Synonym : Acetum (adj. Acetous). 

acid of V. Acetic acid. 

preparations of v. Acetica. 

V. of blood-root. Acetum sanguinariae. 

V. of cantharides. Acetum cantbaridis. 

V. of opium. Acetum opii. 

V. of squill. Acetum scillse. 
VIOLENT. ^QQ Acute. 
VIRGIN. Parthenus. 

VISCERA (sing. Viscus). See Orga^i, Abdomen, Chest. 
healthy condition of v. Eusplanchnia. 

VISCID. See Glue. 

VISION. See also Blindness, Color-blindness, Night-blind- 
ness, Saoiv-blind7iess, Light, Refraction, Eye. 
Synonym : Visus. 

equal acuteness of v. in both eyes. Isopia. 

unequal acuteness of v. in the two eyes. Anisopia. 

excessive acuity of v. Oxyopia; Galeropia; Galer- 

lessened acuity of v. Amblyopia ; Amblyopsia ; Amau- 

estimation of acuity of v. Eidoptometry. 

defect of v. due to unequal curvature of cornea. Astig- 

cloudiness or dulness of v. Nephelopia; Meropia; 

disorder of v. Paropsis. 

apparent distortion of objects to v. Metamorphopsia. 


double V. Diplopia ; Ambiopia. 

double V. affecting each eye. Amphodiplopia. 

crossed double v. Heteronymous diplopia. 

V. of one eye better than the other. Monoblepsia. 

failure of v. due to old age. Presbyopia. 

fiilse V. Parablepsis. 

far V. Hyperopia ; Hypermetropia. 

contraction of field of v. limited to one quadrant. Tet- 

fixed spot in field of v. Scotoma. 
measurement of field of v. Perimetry. 
sensation of sparks in field of v. Spintheropia ; Spin- 

therism; Scintillation, 
illusion of v. Pseudoblepsis ; Pseudopsia. 
impaired v. due to lead-poisoning. Molybdamblyopia. 
instrument to measure acuteness of v. Photoptometer. 
instrument to measure axes of v. Haploscope. 
instrument for measuring double v. Diplopiometer. 
instrument for measuring field of v. Perimeter ; Planim- 

eter; Diopsimeter. 
a tendency of lines of v. to parallelism. Orthophoria, 
deviation of lines of v. (visual axes) from the parallel. 

Heterophoria ; inward, Esophoria ; outward, Exophoria ; 

upward and inward, Hyperesophoria ; upward and 

outward, Hyperexophoria. 
multiple V. Polyopsia ; Polyopia, 
pertaining to naked-eye v. Macroscopic. 
V. only for near objects (near-sightedness). Myopia, 
normal or perfect v. Emmetropia. 
pertaining to normal v. in both eyes. Orthoptic. 
V. defect where objects appear enlarged. Megalopsia. 
perversion of v. in which objects appear preternaturally 

light and clear. Galeropia ; Galeropsia. 
a perversion of v. in which one ol)ject is seen as three. 

perversion of v. in which objects appear blue. Cyano- 

perversion of v. in which objects appear red. Ery- 

thropsia; Erythropia. 
perversion of v. in which objects appear yellow. Xan- 



perversion of v. in which specks appear before eyes. 

Myiodeopsia ; Myiodesopsia ; Muscae volitantes. 
painful or defective v. Dysopsia. 
pertaining to v. Visual ; Optic ; Optical, 
weariness of V. (eye-strain). Copopsia; Copiopia. 


Synonym : Rhodopsin. 
regeneration of v. p. bleached by light. Rhodogenesis. 
property of eye to regenerate v. p. bleached by light. 


VITAL. See Life. 

VITREOUS HUMOR. See also Vision. 

Synonyms : Hyalisfos, Hyalistus, Corpus vitreum. 

white exudate in v. h. simulating true glioma. Pseudo- 

presence in v. h. of particles which give illusory sensa- 
tion of sparks before eyes. Synchysis scintillans; 
Spintherism ; Spintheropia ; Muscae volitantes. 

inflammation of v. h. Hyalitis ; Hyaloiditis; Hyalo- 

puncture of v. h. Hyalonyxis ; Hyalonixis. 

membrane surrounding the v. h. Hyalomeninx. 

prolapse of v. h. Hyalodeoproptosis. 

softening of v. h. Hyalodeomalacia. 

VITRIOL. Acidum sulphuricum. 


Synonym : Biotomy. 
painful V. Sentisection. 
painless v. Callisection. 

VOCAL CORDS. See also Vocal organs, Singers' nodules. 
Synonyms : Chordce vocales or resonantes, Phono- 
inflammation of v. c Chorditis. 

VOCAL ORGANS. See Larynx. 
Synonym : Organa vocales. 
diseases affecting v. o. Phonica. 
any disorder of v. o. Phonopathy. 

Al 7 


VOICE. See also HpeecJi, HoavHeness, Whisper, Pronun- 
c latio n, Veutriloquwm. 

Synonym : Vox (adjs. Vocal, Phonetic, Phonic;). 
al)normal condition of v. Heterophonia ; Faraphonia; 

normal condition of v. Euphonia. 
disease of the v. Phonopathy; Phononosus (pi. Pho- 

double tone of v. from diseased larynx. Diphthongia. 
instrument for recording vibration of v. Phonauto- 

loss of V. Aphonia ; Obmutescence ; Vox abscissa, 
loss of V. during day. Hemeraphoixia. 
modification of v. in speaking, etc. Inflection; Accent. 
V. due to nasal obstruction. Rhinolalia clausa. 
V. due to abnormal patency of nose. Rhinolalia aperta. 
melodious, flexible quality of v. Lygismus. 
ringing quality of v. Lamprophony. 
loudness of v. Macrophonia ; Hyperechesis. 
roughness of the v. Trachyphonia. 
having a hoarse v. Melamphonous. 
having a soft v. Malacophonous. 
emission of v. sound (speech). Phonation; Phonosis. 
science of v. sounds. Phonology ; Phonetics, 
tone of the v. Intonation, 
goat-like bleating, bronchial sound of v. Egobron- 

chophony; Egophony. 
uniformity of v. Monotonia, 
upper register of v. Falsetto ; Vox capitis, 
weakness of v. Hemiphonia; Leptophonia ; Ischo- 

weak V. of last stage of cholera. Choleraphonia. 
VOLT. See Electricity. 

VOMITED MATTER. See also Vomiting. 
Synonym : Vomitus. 

VOMITING. See also Vomited matter. 

Synonyms : Emesis, Anabole, Anacatharsis, Vomisse- 
agent causing v. Emetic ; Vomitory, 
allaying v. Antemetic. 



black V. Melanemesis ; Vomitus niger; Vomito neCTO 

V. of blood. Hematemesis ; Vomitus cruentis. 
V. of caseous matter. Tyremesis. 
excessive v. Hyperemesis. 
V. of feces. Copremesis. 

having fecal (stercoraceous) v. Merdivomous. 
futile effort at v. Vomituration. 
mania for v. Emetomania. 
morning v. Vomitus matutinus. 
V. of mucus. Blennemesis. 
science of mechanism of v. Emetology. 
v. from sea-sickness. Vomitus marinus. 
simultaneous v. and purging. Emetocatharsis. 
V. of watery material. Hydremesis. 
a wasting away due to v. Emetatrophia. 

VORACITY. Polyphagia; Bulimia; Addephagia; Lyco- 
rexia ; Fames canina. 

VULVA. See also Vagina, Urethra, Genital organs. 

Synonyms : Cunnus, Hiatus, Navis, Pudendum, Pu- 
dendum muliebra. 

contraction or narrowing of v. Episiostenosis. 

disease of v. with hardness and whiteness of mucous 
membrane. Kraurosis vulvae. 

gangrene of the v. Cacocolpia. 

hemorrhage from v. Episiorrhagia. 

incision of v. in childbirth. Episiotomy. 

inflammation of v. Vulvitis ; Episeitis ; Episioitis. 

plastic operation on v. Episioplasty. 

protrusion of v. Episiocele. 

spasm of V. Vulvismus. 

surgical closure of v. Episioclisia. 

blood-tumor of v. Episiohematoma. 

eminence just above v. covered with hair. Mens vene- 

lips of V. Labia pudendi ; Labia majora ; Labia minora. 

opening between lips of v. Introitus vaginae. 

posterior junction of lips of v. Fourchet; Fourchette. 




WAHOO. Euonymus. 
WAIST. Cingulum. 
WAKEFULNESS. See also Sleep. 

Synonyms : Insomnia, Pervigilium, Vigilia, Egregor- 
sis, Ahypnia, Agrypnia. 
agent to produce w. Agrypnotic ; Egertic. 
intense w. Egersis ; Ahypnosis. 

form of coma with wakefulness and delirium. Coma 
vigil; Agrypnocoma. 
WAKING. See Wakefulness. 

sensation of numbness on w. Narcohypnia. 

Synonyms : Ambulation, Deamhulatio. 
adapted for w. Gressorial, 
w. as opposed to creeping. Gradient, 
involuntary backward w. Opisthoporia. 
difficulty of w. Dysbasia. 
inability to walk or stand erect. Basophobia. 
inability to walk or stand in the normal way. Abasia 

lameness in w. Claudication. 
tendency to take quicker and quicker steps in w. Fes- 

sleep-w. Hypnobatia; Somnambulism; Noctambula- 
tion ; Noctisurgium ; Paroniria ambulans. 

WALKING TYPHOID. Typhus ambulatorius. 

WALL. See also Membrane, Septum. 
Synonyms : Miirus, Septum. 
pertaining to w. Mural ; Septal. 
w's of a cavity. Parietes. 

WALNUT. Juglans. 

WALTERS GANGLION. Ganglion impar. 

WANDERING. See also Floating kidney, Floating liver, 

Synonyms : Aberrant, Migratory. 
w. vessels. Vasa aberrantia. 


WANDERING ERYSIPELAS. Erysipelas migrans, am- 
bulans, or erraticum. 

WANDERING OF THE MIND. See also Aberratio7i, De- 
lirimn, Mind. 

Synonym : Aherratio mentis. 

WANDERING PNEUMONIA. Migratory pneumonia; 
Pneumonia migrans. 

WARDROP'S DISEASE. Onychia maligna. 
WAR FEVER. Typhus fever. 
WARM BATH. Tepidarium. 
WARM-BLOODED. Hemathermous. 

WARMTH. See also Heat. 

Synonym : Calor. 
agent causing sensation of w. Calefacient; Calorifa- 

condition of growing w. Calescence. 

WART. See also Excrescence, Warty. 

Synonyms: Ecphyma, Verruca, Condyloma, Pomis, 
w.-like. Verrucous; Verrucose. 
w.-like excrescence occurring on tongue, eyelids, etc. 

Sycoma; Ficus. 
an indolent w.-like growth usually at anus or external 

genitals. Condyloma (pi. Condylomata) ; Condyloma 

w.-like growth on palm or sole. Myrmecia. 
moist or bloody w. Acrothymium ; Acrothymion. 
a pedunculated w. Acrochordon. 
tending to remove \\. Ectylotic. 
having a w'y or tuberculous skin. Helodermatous. 

WART-POX. Variola verrucosa. 

WASH. Lotio. 

WASHED SULPHUR. Sulphur lotum. 


Synonyms : Ablution, Lavafio. 
agents used for w. Abluentia; Detergents. 




WASTING. See also Atrophy, Emaciation, Consumption, 

Synonym : Syntexis. 
pertaining to w. Marcid ; Marescent. 

WASTING PARALYSIS. Paralysis atrophica. 

WATER. See also Thirst, Liquid, Fluid, Bath, Moisture, 

Water-bed, Water-bath, Water-brashy Water-closet. 
Synonym : Aqua. 

deficiency of w. in blood. Hypohydremia. j| 

excess of w. in blood. Hydremia. i| 

cleaning by w. Ablution. 

collection of w. and air in tissue. Hydropneumatosis. 

containing w. Hydric. 

not containing w. Anhydrous. 

pertaining to decomposition of w. Hydrolytic. 

w'y diarrhea. Hydrenterorrhea. 

distention by w. Hydrectasis. 

evacuation of w. Hydrocenosis. 

expelling w. Hydragogue. 

disease attended by fear of w. Hydrophobia ; Rabies. 

flow of w. Hydrorrhea ; Hydatorrhea. 

formation of w. in body. Hydatogenesis ; Hydrogenesis. 

instrument to determine specific gravity of fluids con- 
taining w. Hydrometer. 

instrument to estimate w. in milk. Lactometer ; Halim- 

living in w. Hydroid. 

mixing of w. with substance. Dilution. 

excessive secretion of w. from mouth. Hydrostomia. 

removal of w. from substance by intense heat. Dehy- 
dration; Ustus. 

radicle of w. Hydroxyl (OH). 

saturation with w. Hydration. 

w. in the skin. Hydroderma. 

stream of w. directed against a part. Douche. 

washing out of an organ with w. Lavage. 

treatise on nature and use of w. Hydrology. 

treatment of disease by w. Hydrotherapeutics ; Hydro- 
sudopathy; Hydrotherapy; Hydropathy; Balneo- 
therapy ; Hydriasis. 



any w'y tumor. Hydatoncus; Hydatidoma ; Hydro- 
cyst ; Hydroma ; Hydroncus. 
excess of w. in urine. Hydruria ; Hydruresis. 
collection of w. and air in uterus. Hydrophysometra. 
collection of w. or mucus in uterus. Hydrometra. 
vomiting of w'y material. Hydremesis. 
ammonia w. Aqua ammoniae. 
boiling w. Aqua buUiens. 
camphor w. Aqua camphorgs. 
chlorin w. Aqua chlorini. 
cold w. Aqua frigida. 
common vv. Aqua communis, 
distilled w. Aqua destillata. 
dill w. Aqua anethi. 
frozen w. Aqua astricta. 
hot w. Aqua fervens. 
lime w. Aqua calcis. 
medicated w. Aqua medicata. 

mineral w. Aqua mineralis ; A. salubris ; A. soteria. 
pure w. Aqua pura ; A. depurata. 
rain w. Aqua pluvialis ; A. imbrium. 
river w. Aqua fluvialis. 
rose w. Aqua rosse. 
sea w. Aqua marina, 
spring w. Aqua fontana. 
warm w. Aqua calida. 
well w. Aqua putealis. 

WATER-BATH. Balneum marise. 

WATER-BED. Cubile hydrostaticum. 

WATER-BLEB. Pompholyx; Pemphigus. 

WATER-BRASH. Pyrosis. 

WATER-BRAIN FEVER. Acute hydrocephalus. 

WATER-CANCER. Cancrum oris ; Noma. 


WATER-CURE. Hydropathy ; Hydrotherapy. 

WATER-POCK. Varicella. 

WATER ON THE BRAIN. Hydrocephalus. 




Synonym : Liquor amnii. 
bag of w's. Amnion. 
WATER-WHEEL SOUND. Bruit de moulin. 
WAVE. See also Pulse. 
Synonym : Undulation. 
w.-like. Undulatory ; Vibratory, 
instrument to measure w. motion. Kymograph. 


Synonym : Cera (adj. Ceraceous). 

w. in the ear. Cerumen. 

excessive w. in ear. Ceruminosis. 

composition with basis of w. Cerate. 

w.-like degeneration. Ceroma; Amylaceous or larda- 
ceous degeneration. 

w.-like state of a membrane. Cerosis. 

yielding w. Ceruminal. 
WAXED SPONGE. Spongia praeparata. 
WAXING AND WANING PULSE. Pulsus insiduus. 
WEAK. Invalidus; Abelbaeos. 
WEAKNESS. See also Weariness, Paralysis, Fainting, 


Synonyms : Debility, Infirmity, Enervation, Lassitude, 
Hyposthenia, Asthenia. 

w. of the aged. Geromarasmus ; Caducity. 

extreme w. Hyperasthenia. 

tending to correct w. Antasthenic. 

w. of mind. Noasthenia. 

w. of muscles. Myasthenia. 

slight w. of muscles. Hypatonia. 

w. on one side. Hemiparesis. 

w. of speech. Hemiphonia. 
WEANING. Delactation ; Ablactation ; Infantem a lacte 

WEARINESS. See also Weakness, Fatigue. 

Synonyms : Lassitude, Fessitude, Fatigatio, Languor. 

Synonyms : Tela, Textum, Pa.nnus. 

w.-shaped. Areolar; Areolate; Arachnoid. 





Syoouyms: Syndactylism, Syndadylia, Aschistodadyl- 
ism, Falmature, Dadylion. 
having w.-f. or web-foot. Syndactyl ; Syndactylous. 

Synonyms : Syndactylism, Syndactylia. 
having w.-f. Palmiped. 

WEB-PENIS. Penis palmatus. 
WEEPING. See also Tear. 

Synonyms : Lacrymation, Ploratio. 

chronic w. due to affection of eyes. Epiphora. 

w. of bloody tears. Dacryhemorrhysis. 
WEIGHT. See also Specific gravity. 
Synonym : Fondus. 

having w. Ponderable. 

increase of w. Accrementition. 

increasing in w. Ingravescent. 

instrument to get w. of organs after death. Necrometer. 

instrument to get w. of infant. Pedobarometer. 

WEIL'S DISEASE. Acute febrile icterus; Infectious 

WELL. See Health, Recovery. 

WEN. Sebaceous cyst ; Steatoma. 

WERLHOFF'S DISEASE. Morbus maculosus Werlhofii; 
Purpura hsemorrhagica. 

WERNICKE'S DISEASE. Polio-encephalitis acuta hsem- 

WET. See Moist. 

WET COMPRESS. Epithema liauida. 

WET CUP. Cucurbita cruenta. 

WET DREAM. Pollutio nocturnale ; Nocturnal emission. 

WET NURSE. Nutrix lactans. 

WETTING THE BED. Enuresis noctuma; Nocturnal 

WHARTON'S DUCT. Ductus submaxillaris. 

WHARTON'S JELLY. Substantia funis. 




Synonym : Pomphos. 

disease characterized hy w's. Urticaria. 
WHEAL-WORM. Leptus autumnalis. 
WHEAT. Triticum. 

WHEEL OF LIFE. Zoetrope ; Phanakistoscope. 
WHELK. lonthus; Acne (q. v.). 
WHIPPING. Flagellation. 
WHISKY. Spiritus frumenti. 

inability to w. Apsithyria. 
WHITE. See also Whiteiiess, White-haired, White-leg, 

Whites, White Sivelliiig, Color, Bleaching. 
Synonyms : Leukous, Alphos, Alphoides. 

agent which turns thing w. Leukogene. 

a w. blood corpuscle (q. v.). Leukocyte; Hemameba. 

an excessive w. secretion. Leukomatorrhea. 

having a w. skin. Leukochrus. 

congenital w. patches on skin. Leukoderma. 

having w. teeth. Leukodontous. 

a w. skin negro. Leucaethiops. 
WHITE-HAIRED. Leukotrichous. 
WHITE-LEG. Phlegmasia alba dolens. 
WHITENESS. Leukism ; Alphosis ; Etiolation ; Albinism. 
WHITENING. Calcium carbonate. 
WHITE OF EYE. Sclerotic. 
WHITES. Leucorrhea ; Leukorrhea ; Colporrhea ; Elytro- 

blennorrhea ; Medorrhoea vaginae ; Medorrhoea uteri. 
WHITE SWELLING. Tumor albus; Tubercular syno- 
WHITE'S DISEASE. Psorospermosis foUicularis. 

WHITLOW. Periphalangeal cellulitis ; Panaris ; Onychia ; 
Paronychia ; Panaritium ; Reduvia. 

WHOOPING-COUGH. Pertussis ; Catarrhus ferinus ; Bron- 
chitis convulsiva; Morbus cucuUaris; Tussis quinta, 
convulsiva, or clangosa. 



WHORE. Prostitute (q. v.). 
WHORES' COLIC. CoHca scortorum. 
WHORLED. VerticiUate. 
WILDFIRE. Erysipelas. 

Synonyms : Pertinaeity, Contumaciousness. 
excessive w. Hyperbulia. 

WILKS' SYMPTOM COMPLEX. Pseudoparalytic myas- 

WILL. See also Hypnotism, Sexual perversion. 
Synonyms : Volition, Conation, Velleity. 
absence of w.-power. Abulia, 
abnormal action of w. Parabulia, 
under control of the w. Voluntary, 
impairment of w.-power. Dysbulia ; Hypobulia. 
loss of w. with mania. Abulomania. 
causing movement by the w. Psychomotor. 
influence of one w. over another, as in hypnotism. Neu- 

lack of harmony between w. and muscles. Incoordina- 
counteracting acts of w. by inhibitory volition. Equili- 
WILLARD'S DISEASE. Lupus vulgaris. 
WILLIS (Circle of). Circus arteriosus Willisii. 
WILLIS'S NERVE. Nervus ophthalmicus. 

WINCKEL'S DISEASE. Acute epidemic afebrile hemo- 
globinuria neonatorum with icterus. 

WIND. See Gas, Air, Flatulence. 

WIND-BLAST. Coup de vent. 

WIND-BROKEN. Asthmatic. 

WIND-DROPSY. Emphysema; Tympanites. 

WINDOW. Fenestra. 

WINDPIPE. Trachea; Weasand. 

WINDY. Flatuosus; Ventosus; Flatulent. 




Synonym : Vinum (adj. Vinous). " 

w. of antimony. Vinum antimonii. 

barley w. Cerevisia. 

white w. Vinum album. 

sherry w. Vinum xericum or xerense. 

red w. Vinum rubrum. 

port w. Vinum portense. 

champagne w. Vinum campanum. 

wormwood w. Vinum absinthiatum. .S 



Synonym : Ala (pi. Alee). 

w. of nose. Ala nasi. 

w. of sacrum. Pars or Ala lateralis. 

w's of vomer. Alae vomeris. 
WING-BEARING. AUferous; Alate. 
WINGED INSECT. Hymenopter. 


Synonyms : Palpebration, Connictation, Mication. 
abnormal frequency of w. Nictitation; Blepharism; 
WINSLOWS LIGAMENT. Ligamentum posticum Wins- 

WINTERGREEN. Gaultheria. 
WISDOM TOOTH. Sophroneticus. 
WITCH-HAZEL. Hamamelis. 
WITHERED. See also Atrophy, Emaciation, Wasting. 

Synonym : Marc^cent. 
WOILLEZ'S DISEASE. Acute pulmonary congestion. 
WOLF-MANIA. Lycanthropy. 

WOMAN. See also Sex, Sexual desire. Sterility, Birth 
Labor, Menstruation, Milking, Uterus. 

Synonym : Mulier. 
any disease peculiar to w. Gynecopathy. 
study of disease of w. Gynecology, 
morbid fear of w. Gynephobia, 
fondness for w. Muliebrositas. 


hatred of w. Misogyny. 

pertaining to w. Gynecic; Gyneceous; Gynecian. 

pregnant w. Mulier plena. 

state of puberty of w. Muliebrity. 
WOMB. See also Uterus. 
WOMB-PASSAGE. See Vagina. 

Synonym : Lignum. 

having w.-like texture. Ligneous. 

devouring w. Ligniferous. 

application of w. to treatment. Xylotherapy. 
WOOD-TICK. See Tick. 

WOOL. See also Wool-fat, Wool-sorter's disease. 
Synonym : Lana. 

like w. Lanate; Lanose; Floccose. 

covered with w. Lanigerous. 

w. -bearing. Eriophorous. 
WOOL-FAT. Lanolin. 
WOOL-SORTERS' DISEASE. Anthrax ; Pustula maligna. 

WORD. See also Speech, Language, Name. 
Synonym : Verba. 
mania with regard to w's or names. Onomatomania, 
relating to w's used in art. Technical, 
science of w's used in art. Technology, 
use of excessive number of w's. Logomania. 
use of w's not intended. Heterolalia ; Heterophonia. 
pertaining to written w's. Logographic. 

WORD-BLINDNESS. See also Speech. 

Synonym : Alexia. 
WORD-DEAFNESS. See also Deafness. 
Synonym : Aphasia. 
w.-d. combined with word-blindness. Aphemesthesia. 

WORM. See Wormy, Parasite, Tape-worm, Flesh-worm. ^ 
Synonyms : Helminth (pi. Helmiiitha), Scolex, Vermis 
(pi. Vermes), Entoparasite. 
pertaining to w. Verminous ; Helminthous. 
condition of being affected with w's. Vennination; 
34 529 


nervous fear of w's. Helminthophobia. 

class of flat vv's. Platyelmia ; Platyelminthes. 

class of round- or thread-w's (flukes). Nematelmia ; 
Nematelmintha (Cestoidea; Trematoda). 

any w. with a thorny head. Acanthocephalus ; Echino- 

class of solid w's. Sterelmintha. 

peculiar w.-like motion observed in esophagus and intes- 
tines. Vermicula*4on ; Peristalsis. 

remedy to expel w's. Vermicide; Anthelmintic; Ver- 
mifuge; Teniacide. 

round-w. Ascaris lumbricoides. 

shaped like a w. Helminthoid; Vermiculate; Vermi- 

tape-w. Taenia; Tenia (of the class, Cestoda). 

thread-w. Oxyuris vermicularis. 

long thread-w. Trichocephalus. 

disease due to presence of a genus of thread-w. Doch- 
miasis ; Ankylostomiasis. 

treatise on w's. Helminthology ; Scolecology. 

tumor caused by w's. Helminthoma. 

w's endowed with suckers for adhesion and imbibition. 
Trematoda (Monostoma; Distoma). 

WORMIAN BONES. Ossa Wormiana; Ossiculse sutur- 
arum; Ossa intercalaria or triquetra. 

WORMSEED. Chenopodium. 

WORMWOOD. Artemisia absinthium. 

WORMY. Helminthous. 

WOUND. See also Ahr anion, Injury, Scar, Grafting, 

Synonyms : Vulnus, Trauma. 
flow of blood from w. Hemorrhage, 
causing w. Vulnerating. 
keeping a w. cool. Flabellation. 
cut-throat w. Vulnus perfosso jugulo. 
dressing of w. with air excluded. Anaeroplasty. 
strip of cloth to dress w. Bandage, 
pledget of cotton to clean w. Dossil, 
packing of a w. with gauze or lint. Diamotosis. 


gun-shot w. Vulnus ex tormentorum piUs ; V. sclope- 

healing of w. (union or adhesion). Conglutination; 
Coalescence ; Coaptation ; Henosis. 

agent useful in healing w. Henotic ; Epulotic ; Vulne- 
rary; Congelativa (pi.) ; Congelantia (pi.). 

perforating w. Vulnus perforans. 

making a w. by cutting off a slice. Dedolation. 

punctured w. Nygma. 

a w. of nerve. Neurotroma ; Neurotrosis. 

punctured w. of nerve. Neuronygmus. 

poisoning by a dissection-w. Necusia. 

ragged w. Rhachus. 

retraction of lips of w. Anastole. 

science or description of w's. Traumatology. 

simple w. Vulnus simplex. 

superficial w. Vulnus in summa came. 

unclean condition of w. Acatharsia. 

WREATH. Spirem. 


Synonyms : Ruga (pi. Rugce), Rhytis, Rhachus^. 
pertaining to w's. Rugous; Rugose; Rutidose; Rha- 

the formation of w's. Crispation ; Corrugation ; Rhyti- 

dosis ; Rugosity, 
removal of w's. Erugation. 
tending to remove w's. Erugatory. 
drugs which remove w's. Tetanothra. 
WRISBERG'S CARTILAGE. Cartilago cuneiformis. 
WRISBERG'S GANGLION. Ganglion cardiacum. 
WRISBERG'S NERVE. Intermedins. 


Synonym: Carpus (adj. Carpal), 
cyst of w. (in tendon-sheaths). Ganglion, 
large bone of w. Capitatum ; Os magnum, 
pain in the w. Carpagra. 
movement of w. or hand in delirium of fever. FloccU- 

lation; Floccitation ; Carphologia. 
excision of the w. Carpectomy. 


any bone of the w. Carpale. 

bones of the w. Scaphoid; Semilunar; Cuneiform; 
Unciform ; Trapezium ; Trapezoid ; Os magnum ; Pisi- 
WRIST-DROP. Carpoptosis. 
WRITERS' CRAMP. Graphospasm; Mogigraphia; 

WRITING. See also Writers' eramp. 

art of w. Ars scrih^ndi. 

w. made by an ataxic. Ataxiagram. 

w. done backward. Retrography. 

bad w. Dysgraphia. 

device by which w. is done by blind persons. Nocto- 

insane desire for w. Graphomania. 

insane desire for w. poetry. Metromania. 

inability to express ideas in w. Agraphia ; Paragraphia. 

pertaining to words in w. Logographia, 

study of hand-w. Graphology. 
WRY-NECK. Torticollis ; Caput obstipum. 


X-KNEE. See Knock-knee. 

Synonym : Roentgen ray. 
disease from misuse of ^-r. Roentogism. 
instrument to make examination by x-y. Fluoroscope ; 

finished printed x-r. picture. Skiagraph; Radiograph; 

Roentograph ; Scotogram. 
instrument for recognizing fine shading in x-r. picture. 




YARA-SKIN. Elephantiasis. 

Synonyms : Pandiculation, Oscedo. 

act of y. Oscitation. 

imitative y. Mimochasmesis. 

tendency to y. Oscitancy. 
YAWS. Frambesia; Pian. 
YEAST. See also Ferments, Fungus. 

Synonym : Saccharomyces cerevisice. 
YELLOW. See also Yellow fever. 

Synonyms : Flavus (-a, -urn), Flavescent, Xanthic 

y. and black. Melaxanthous. 

marked y. Icterine. 

y. coloring-matter of })lants. Xanthein. 

y. skin. Xanthoderma; Xanthochromia. 

having y. skin. Xanthous. 

morbid y. color of skin. Xanthopathy. 

disease marked by y. tubercles of skin. Xanthoma. 

y. pigmentation in cancer. Xanthosis. 

y. spot. Macula lutea ; M. flava. 

y. sweat. Melinephidrosis. 

having y. discoloration of teeth. Xanthodontous. 

y. vision. Xanthopsia. 

y. substance formed by action of nitric acid on proteid. 
YELLOW FEVER. Fehris flava. 
YELLOWS. Jaundice ; Icterus. 
YOLK. Vitellus. 
YOUC. Scabies. 

YOUNG. See also Infant, Child, Offspring, Age. 
Synonyms : Juvescent, Juvenile, Juvens. 


Synonym : Adolescence. 
state of perpetual y. Agerasia. 
pertaining to y. Ephebic ; Neoteric. 
science of study of y. and puberty. Ephebology. 




morbid z. in any pursuit. Zelotypia. 
ZINC. Zincum. 

Synonyms : Zo7ia, Zona arcuata, Perizoma. 
little z. Zonule. 

sensation of a z. about a part. Zonesthesia ; Strangul- 

Synonym : Zonula eiliaris. 
inflammation of z. of Z. Zonulitis. 






925 Walnut Street Philadelphia 


Fuller Building', 5th Ave. and 23d St. 9. Henrietta St, Covent Garden 


^HAT the degree of excellence obtained by the Saun- 
ders publications is a high one is evidenced by the 
fact that in every one of the 190 Medical Colleges in 
the United States and Canada, Saunders' text-books are 
used as recitation books or books of reference. In the 
list of recommended books published by 172 of these 
colleges (the other 18 colleges do not publish such lists) 
Saunders' books are mentioned 2644 times. These fig- 
ures really mean that in each of the medical colleges in 
this country an average of iS}i of the teaching books 
employed are publications issued by W. B. Saunders & 
A Complete Catalogue of our Publications will be Sent upon Request 


The American 
Text-Book of Obstetrics 

Second Edition, Thoroughly Revised and Enlarged 


The American Text=Book of Obstetrics. In two volumes. 
Edited by Richard C. Norris, M. D. ; Art Editor, Robert L. 
Dickinson, M. D. Two handsome imperial octavo volumes of 
about 600 pages each ; nearly 900 illustrations, including 49 
colored and half-tone plates. Per volume: Cloth, ^3.50 net; 
Sheep or Half Morocco, ^4.00 net. 


Since the appearance of the first edition of this work many important 
advances have been made in the science and art of obstetrics. The results 
of bacteriologic and of chemicobiologic research as applied to the pathology 
of midwifery ; the wider range of the surgery of pregnancy, labor, and of the 
puerperal period, embrace new problems in obstetrics. In this new edition, 
therefore, a thorough and critical revision was required, some of the chapters 
being entirely rewritten and others brought u]) to date by careful scrutiny. 
A number of new illustrations have been added, and some that appeared in 
the first edition have been replaced by others of greater excellence. By 
reason of these extensive additions the new edition has been presented in two 
volumes, to facilitate ease in handling. The price, however, remains unchanged. 


Alex. J. C. Skene, M. D., 

Late Professor of Gynecology, Long Island College Hospital, Brooklyn. 

"Permit me to say that ' The American Text-Book of Obstetrics ' is the most magnifi- 
cent medical work that I have ever seen. 1 congratulate you and thank you for this superb 
work, which alone is sufficient to place you first in the ranks of medical publishers." 

Matthew D. Mann, M. D., 

Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology in the University of Buffalo. 
" I like it exceedingly and have recommended the first volume as a text-book for our 
sophomore class. It is certainly a most excellent work. I know of none better." 

American Journal of the Medical Sciences 

"As an authoritj', as a book of reference, as a ' working book ' for the student or prac- 
titioner, we commend it because we believe there is no better." 


Text-Book of Obstetrics 

Third Edition, Thoroughly Revised and Enlarged 

A Text-Book of Obstetrics. By Barton Cooke Hirst, 
M. D., Professor of Obstetrics in the University of Pennsylvania. 
Handsome octavo, 873 pages, with 704 illustrations, 36 of them 
in colors. Cloth, $5.00 net ; Sheep or Half Morocco, $6.00 net. 


Immediately on its publication this work took its place' as the leading text- 
book on the subject. Both in this country and in England it is recognized as 
the most satisfactorily written and clearly illustrated work on obstetrics in the 
language. The illustrations form one of the features of the book. 
are numerous and are works of art, most of them being original. In this 
edition the book has been thoroughly revised. New matter has been added 
to almost every chapter, notably those treating of Diagnosis of Pregnancy, 
the Pathology of Pregnancy, the Pathology of Labor, and Obstetric Opera- 
tions. More than fifty new illustrations, including three colored plates, have 
been introduced. 


British Medical Journal 

" The popularity of American text-books in this country is one of the features of recent 
years. The popularity is probably chiefly due to the great superiority of their ilhistrations 
over those of the English text-books. The illustrations in Dr. Hirst's volume are lar more 
numerous and far better executed, and therefore more instructive, than those commonly 
found in the works of writers on obstetrics in our own country." 

Bulletin of Johns Hopkins Hospital 

" The work is an admirable one in every sense of the word, concisely but . omprrhrn- 
sively written." 

The Medical Record, New York 

" The illustrations are numerous and are works of art. many of them «Pr"!"'?/"' ''l^ 

B first time. The author's style, though conden.sed. .s smgularly clear, so that '« "* "^^" 

> necessary to re-read a sentence in order to grasp the " As a 'X:,"?;!^ Hi?I.^ hlk 

modern text-book on obstetrics should be. we feel justified in aflirmmg that Dr. Hirst . b.K,k 

is without a rival." 


GET A ^^ • ^ r. „ THE NEW 


Illustrated Dictionary 

Second Edition, Revised 

The American Illustrated Medical Dictionary. A new 

and complete dictionary of the terms used in Medicine, Surgery, 
Dentistry, Pharmacy, Chemistry, and kindred branches; with 
over loo new and elaborate tables and many handsome illustra- 
tions. By W. A. Newman Borland, M. D., Editor of ''The 
American Pocket Medical Dictionary." Large octavo, nearly 
800 pages, bound in full flexible leather. Price, ^4.50 net; with 
thumb index, ^5.00 net. 

Gives a Maximum Amount of Matter in a Minimum Space, and at the 
Lowest Possible Cost 


The immediate success of this work is due to the special features that 
distinguish it from other books of its kind. It gives a maximum of matter 
in a minimum space and at the lowest possible cost. Though it is practi- 
cally unabridged, yet by the use of thin bible paper and flexible morocco 
binding it is only l^ inches thick. In this new edition the book has been 
thoroughly revised, and upward of one hundred important new terms have 
been added, thus bringing the book absolutely up to date. The book con- 
tains hundreds of terms not to be found in any other dictionary, over 100 
original tables, and many handsome illustrations. 


Howard A. Kelly, M. D., 

Professor of Gynecology, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore. 

" Dr. Dorland's dictionary is admirable. It is so well gotten up and of such conve- 
nient size. No errors have been found in my use of it." 

Roswell Park, M. D., 

Professor of Principles and Practice of Surgery and of Clinical Surgery, Uniziersity 
of Buffalo. 

" I must acknowledge my astonishment at seeing how much he has condensed within 
relatively small space. I find nothing to criticize, very much to commend, and was inter- 
ested in finding some of the new words which are not in other recent dictionaries." 


Diseases of Women 

Third Edition. Thoroughly Revised 

A Text=Book of Diseases of Women. By Henry J. 

Garrigues, a. M., M. D., Gynecologist to St. Mark's Hospital 
and to the German Dispensary, New York City. Handsome 
octavo, 756 pages, with 367 engravings and colored plates. 
Cloth, $4.50 net; Sheep or Half Morocco, $5.50 net. 


The first two editions of this work met with a most appreciative reception 
by the medical profession both in this country and abroad. In tliis edition 
the entire work has been carefully and thoroughly revised, and considerable 
new matter adtled, bringing the work precisely down to date. Many new 
illustrations have been introduced, thus greatly increasing the value of the 
book both as a text-book and book of reference. In fact, the illustrations 
form a complete atlas of the embryology and anatomy of the female genitalia, 
besides portraying most accurately numerous pathologic conditions and the 
various steps in the gynecologic operations detailed. .The work is, through- 
out, practical, theoretical discussions being carefully avoided. 


Thas. A. Reamy, M. D., 

Professor of Clinical Gynecology, Medical College of Ohio. 

" One of the best text-books for students and practitioners which has been published in the 
English language ; it is condensed, clear, and comprehensive. The profound learninK and 
great clinical experience of the distinguished author find expression in this book in a most 
attractive and instructive form." 

Bache Emmet, M. D., 

Professor of Gynecology in the New York Post-Graduate Medical School. 

" I think that the profession at large owes you gratitude for having given to the mcdicttl 
world so valuable a treatise. I shall certainly put it forward to niy classes as one oJ the l,cM 
guides with which I am familiar, not only with which to study, but for constant . ..nsnit..ti..n». 

American Journal of the Medical Sciences 

" It reflects the large experience of the author both as a clinician and :' •;•/''.••;;'■;"';;' 
comprehends much not ordinarily found in text-books <>"/y»*=^'' <'«^,, ' '^^.^n „wl of 
>he most complete treatises on gynecology that we have, deahng broadly with all pha«ri of 
the subject." 

saunj)/-:a\s' hooks on 

Text-Book of Gynecology 

Second Edition, Thoroughly Revised 

American Text=Book of Gynecology : Medical and Sur- 
gical. By lo of the leading gynecologists of America. Edited 
by J. M. Baldy, M. D., Professor of Gynecology in the Phila- 
delphia Polyclinic. Handsome imperial octavo volume of 718 
pages, with 341 illustrations in the text and -^Z colored and 
half-tone plates. Cloth, ^6.00 net; Sheep or Half Morocco, 
^7.00 net. 


This volume is thoroughly practical in its teachings, and is intended to 
be a working text-book for physicians and students. Many of the most 
important subjects are considered from an entirely new standpoint, and are 
grouped together in a manner somewhat foreign to the accepted custom. In 
the revised edition of this book much new material has been added and some 
of the old eliminated or modified. More than forty of the old illustrations 
have been replaced by new ones. The portions devoted to plastic work have 
been so greatly improved as to be practically new. Hysterectomy, both 
abdominal and vaginal, has been rewritten, and all the descriptions of oper- 
ative procedures have been carefully revised and fully illustrated. 



The Lancet, London 

*' Contains a large amount of information upon special points in the technique of gyne- 
cological operations which is not to be found in the ordinary text-book of gynecology." 

British Medical Journal 

" The nature of the text may be judged from its authorship; the distinguished author- 
ities who have compiled this publication have done their work well. This addition to 
medical literature deserves favorable comment." 

Boston Medical and Surgical Journal 

" The most complete exponent of gynecology which we have. No subject seems to 
have been neglected . . . and the gynecologist and surgeon, and the general practitioner 
who has any desire to practise diseases of women, will find it of practical value. In the 
matter of illustrations and plates the book surpasses anything we have seen." 


Diseases of Women 

Fourth Revised Edition 

A Text=Book of Diseases of Women. By Charlks B. 
Penrose, M. D., Ph. D., formerly Professor of Gynecology in 
the University of Pennsylvania ; Surgeon to the Gynecean Hos- 
pital, Philadelphia. Octavo volume of 539 pages, with 221 fine 
original illustrations. Cloth, $3.75 net. 


Regularly every year a new edition of this excellent textbook is called 
for, and it appears to be in as great favor with physicians as with students. 
Indeed, this book has taken its place as the ideal work for the general prac- 
titioner. The author presents the best teaching of modern gynecology, un- 
trammeled by antiquated ideas and methods. In every case the most modem 
and progressive technique is adopted, and the main points are made clear by 
excellent illustrations. The new edition has been carefully revised, much 
new matter has been added, and a number of new original illustrations have 
been introduced. In its revised form this volume continues to be an admirable 
exposition of the present status of gynecologic practice. 


Howard A. Kelly, M. D., 

Professor of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore. 

" I shall value very highly the copy of Penrose's ' Diseases of Women ' received. I 
have already recommended it to my class as the best book." 

E. E. Montgomery, M. D., 

Professor of Gynecology , Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia. 

'■ The copy of ' A Text-Book of Diseases of Women ' by Penrose receive*! to-d«v. I 
have looked over it and admire it very much. I have no doubt it will h:t-- -^ 'i--"- tale, as 
it justly merits." 

Bristol Medico-Chirurgical Journal 

" This is an excellent work which goes straijfht to the mark . . . The book may be 
taken as a trustworthy exposition of modern gynecology." 


Modern Obstetrics 

Modern Obstetrics : General and Operative. By W. A. 

Newman Borland, A. M., M. D., Assistant Demonstrator of 
Obstetrics, University of Pennsylvania ; Associate in Gynecology 
in the Philadelphia Polyclinic. Handsome octavo volume of 797 
pages, with 201 illustrations. Cloth, ^4.00 net. 

Second Edition, Revised and Greatly Enlarged 

In this edition the book has been entirely rewritten and very greatly 
enlarged. Among the new subjects introduced nre the surgical treatment of 
puerperal sepsis, infant mortality, placental transmission of diseases, serum- 
therapy of puerperal sepsis, etc. 

Journal of the American Medical Association 

" 'I'his work deserves commendation, and that it has received what it deserves at the 
hands of the profession is attested by the fact that a second edition is called for within such 
a short time. Especially deserving of praise is the chapter on puerperal sepsis " 

Davis* Obstetric and 
Gynecolog»ic Nursing* 

Obstetric and Gynecologic Nursing. By Edward P. 
Davis, A. M., M. D., Professor of Obstetrics in the Jefferson 
Medical College and Philadelphia Polyclinic ; Obstetrician and 
Gynecologist, Philadelphia Hospital. T2mo of 400 pages, illus- 
trated. Buckram, $1.75 net. 

This volume is designed for the obstetric and gynecologic nurse. Obstetric 
nursing demands some knowledge of natural pregnancy and of the signs of 
accidents and diseases which may occur during pregnancy. Gynecologic 
nursing requires special instruction and training. Ihis volumes presents this 
information in the most convenient form. 

The Lancet, London 

" Not only nurses, but even newly qualified medical men, would learn a great deal by 
a perusal of this book. It is written in a clear and pleasant style, and is a work we can 


Schaffer and EdgarV 

Labor and Operative Obstetrics 

Atlas and Epitome of Labor and Operative Obstetrics. 

By Dr. O. Schaffer, of Heidelberg. From the Fifth Revised 
and Enlarged German Edition. Edited, with additions, by J. 
Clifton Edgar, M. D., Professor of Obstetrics and Clinical Mid- 
wifery, Cornell University Medical School, New York. With 14 
lithographic plates in colors, 139 other illustrations, and iii pages 
of text. Cloth, ^2.00 net. In Saunders* Hand-Atlas Series. 

This book presents the act of parturition and the various obstetric opera- 
tions in a series of easily understood illustrations, accompanied by a text 
i treating the subject from a practical standpoint. 

American Medicine 

" The method of presenting obstetric operations is admirable. The drawings, repre- 
senting original work, have the commendable merit of illustrating instead of confusing." 

Schaffer arid Edg'arV 

Obstetric Diagnosis and Treatment 

Atlas and Epitome of Obstetric Diagnosis and Treat- 
ment. By Dr. O. Schaffer, of Heidelberg. Frojn the Second 
Revised German Edition. Edited, with additions, by J. Clif- 
ton Edgar, M. D., Professor of Obstetrics and Clinical Mid- 
wifery, Cornell University Medical School, N. Y. With 122 
colored figures on 56 plates, 38 text-cuts, and 315 pages of text. 
Cloth, ^3.00 net. In Saunders' Hand- Atlas Series. 

This book treats particularly of obstetric operations, and, besides the wealth 
of beautiful lithographic illustrations, contains an extensive text of great value. 
This text deals with the practical, clinical side of the subject. 

New York Medical Journal 

•' The illustrations are admirably executed, as they are in n" ■ < •'— - " '''»'^';^- i|"^ | J^ 
text can safely be commended, not only as elucidatory of the pi- vpounaing ine 

scientific midwifery of to-day." 


Four Epochs of Woman's Life 

The Four Epochs of Woman's Life : A Study in Hygif:ne. 
By Anna M. Galbraith, M. D., author of '' Hygiene and Phy- 
sical Culture for Women. ' ' With an Introductory Note by John 
H. MussER, M. D., Professor of Clinical Medicine, University 
of Pennsylvania. i2mo of 200 pages. Cloth, ^1.25 net. 


In this instructive work are stated, in a modest, pleasing, and conclusive 
manner, those truths of which every woman should have a thorough knowl- 
edge. The subject is discussed in language readily understood. 

Birmingham Medical Review, En|(Iand 

" We do not as a rule care for medical books written for the instruction of the public, 
but we must admit that the advice in Dr. Galbraith's work is in the main wise and whole- 

American Year-Book 

Saunders' American Year=Book of Medicine and Sur= 
gery. A Yearly Digest of Scientific Progress and Authoritative 
Opinion in all' Branches of Medicine and Surgery. Arranged, 
with critical editorial comments, by eminent American special- 
ists, under the editorial charge of George M. Gould, A. M. , 
M. D. In two volumes. Vol. I. — General Medicine, octavo, 
715 pages, illustrated; Vol. II. — General Surgery, octavo, 684 
pages, illustrated. Per vol. : Cloth, $3.00 net; Half Morocco, 
^3.75 net. Sold by Subscription. 


The contents of these volumes is much more than a compilation of data. 
The extracts are carefully edited and commented upon by eminent specialists, 
the reader thus obtaining also the invaluable annotations and criticisms of the 
editors, all leaders in their several specialties. 

The Lancet, London 

" It is much more than a mere compilation of abstracts, for, as each section is entrusted 
to experienced and able contributors, the reader has the advantag^e of certain critical com- 
mentaries and expositions . . . proceeding from writers fully tiualified to perform these tasks." 



Schaffer and Norris' 

Atlas and Epitome of Gynecology. By Dr O. Schaffer. 
of Heidelberg. Frotn the Second Revised and Enlarged German 
Edition. Edited, with additions, by Richard C. Norris, A. M., 
M. D., Gynecologist to Methodist Episcopal and Philadelphia Hos- 
pitals. With 207 colored figures on 90 plates, 65 text-cuts, and 308 
pages of text. Cloth, ^3.50 net. In Saunders Hand-Atlas Series. 

American Journal of the Medical Sciences 

" Of the illustrations it is difficult to speak in too high terms of approval. Thev are so 
clear and true to nature that the accompanying explanations are almost superfluous We 

commend it most earnestly.' 

Hirst on Diseases of Women 

A Text=Book of Diseases of Women. By Barton Cooke 
Hirst, M.D., Professor of Obstetrics in the University of Penn- 
sylvania. Handsome octavo volume, magnificently illustrated. 
/// Preparation. 

This new work of Dr. Hirst's will be on the same lines as his Text-Book 
of Obstetrics. The wealth of illustrations will be entirely original from 
photographs and water-colors made especially for this work. 

Webster's Obstetrics 

A Text-Book of Obstetrics. By J. Clarence Webster, 
M. D., F. R. C. P. E., Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Rush 
Medical College, in affiliation with the University of Chicago, etc. 
Handsome octavo volume, finely illustrated. In H'eparation. 

This is an entirely new work by an eminent teacher of wide experience. 
The book will be thoroughly practical and the text magnificently illustrated. 


American Pocket Dictionary Third Revised Editioi. 

The Ami':rican Pocket Medical Dictionary. Edited by W. A. 
Newman Dorland, A. M., M. D., Assistant Obstetrician to the Hos- 
pital of the University of Pennsylvania ; Fellow of the American Acad- 
emy of Medicine. Over 500 pages. Full leather, limp, with gold edges, 
#1.00 net; with patent thumb index, ^1.25 net. 

James W. Holland. M. D., 

Fro/essor of Chemistry and Toxicology , and Dean, Jefferson Medical College, 

" I am struck at once with admiration at the compact size and attractive exterior. 
I can recommend it to our students without reserve." 

Long's Syllabus of Gynecolog(y 

A Syllabus of Gynecology, arranged in conformity with "American 
Text-Book of Gynecology." By J. W. Long, M. IJ., Emeritus Professor 
of Diseases of Women and Children, Medical College of Virginia, etc. 
Cloth, interleaved, ^i.oo net. 

Brooklyn Medical Journal 

" The book is certainly an admirable resujiie of what every gynecological student 
and practitioner should know, and will prove of value." 

Crag(in's Gynecology Fifth Revised Edition 

Essentials of Gynecology. By Edwin B. Cragin, M. D., Pro- 
fessor of Obstetrics, College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York. 
Crown octavo, 200 pages, 62 illustrations. Cloth, ^l.oo net. In 

Saunders'' Question- Conipend Series. 

The Medical Record, New York 

"A handy volume and a distinct improvement on students' compends in general. 
No author who was not himself a practical gynecologist could have consulted the stu- 
dent's needs so thoroughly as Dr. Cragin has done." 

Boisliniere's Obstetric Accidents, Emerg(encies, and 

Obstetric Accidents, Emergencies, and Operations. By the late 
L. Ch. Boisliniere, M. D., Emeritus Professor of Obstetrics, St. Louis 
Medical College ; Consulting Physician, St. Louis Female Hospital. 
381 pages, illustrated. Cloth, ^2.00 net. 

British Medical Journal 

" It is clearly and concisely written, and is evidently the work of a teacher and 
practitioner of large experience. Its merit lies in the judgment which comes from 

Ashton's Obstetrics Fifth Edition, Revised and Enlarged 

Essentials of Obstetrics. By W. Easterly Ashton, M. D., Pro- 
fessor of Gynecology in the Medico-Chirurgical College, Philadelphia. 
Crown octavo, 252 pages, 75 illustrations. Cloth, ^i.oo net. In 
Saunders' Question- Cofnpend Series. 

Southern Practitioner 

■'An excellent little volume, containing correct and practical knowledge. An admir- 
able compend, and the best condensation we have seen." 


iifii^DING SECT. JUL ii 6 1063 




Barton, Wilfred Mason 

A thesaurus of medical 
words and phrases